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 Tamashii no Kyoumei :: Backup

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The Phantom
Grimnir, the Phantom :: Ebony Fearchrysm; Dark Keeper of the Kurogami
Grimnir, the Phantom :: Ebony Fearchrysm; Dark Keeper of the Kurogami

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PostSubject: Tamashii no Kyoumei :: Backup   Sun Aug 16, 2015 1:27 pm

Because the Phantom felt like there was something awry in the City, he was somehow compelled to gather his ranks. In that, he would touch down first (after 'Flickering' in) on the grounds still fresh and moist with blood; Valparaiso's 'Rue, The Warrior's Wasteland.' This was where the most recent spirits of the deceased from all realms were going since *'Valparaiso' was a 'Lawless Land' and basically just absorbed the souls of every place that lost lives. Everyfuckingwhere.

*'Valparaiso' as a territory is SUPPOSED to be LOGICALLY used for as a 'Lawless Land.'

Therefore, when the Phantom got back and touched down on them, since he was not only within this Lawless Land, but also influencing it, encompassing, protecting and embodying it at that very moment, he would also, at that very moment, in the name of Mispy (no, not really; in the name of the Phantom) claim 'Valparaiso' as his own territory. He would forge it to look like the Dusk of Old, which it should have IMMEDIATELY become upon his Touchdown anyway. Now, at any given time, the Phantoms could not only congregate from here, but also collect from here. So, however many spirits have died in any and all universes have come and congregated here to be picked from as deemed fit by The Phantom, himself, and his men. Such is that Decree.

"Sweet, out the JAM~!" now he could move onto those bodies, since that ENTIRE situation was actually pretty much handled now. The Phantoms now had an infinite supply of Spirits at their disposal, and there would be a Factory set up here in their honor. Mechanica's Factorial City, whenever that got done, and it would be where Tabitha could keep her Robot Army, or something. So, since that battle was over; Crisis Averted, Threat Handled. Peace. *Flicker*
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The Angels


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PostSubject: Re: Tamashii no Kyoumei :: Backup   Sun Aug 16, 2015 3:33 pm

No sooner had the Spirits been Conquered would the countless, completely and literally innumerable, ever growing number of Spirits that were being brought to the Veritas through Valparaiso begin their march. This was the 'Will of the Spirits,' which was the collective of All Spirits combined as one, which was this entity as a whole; The Great Soul Chain, as it would be called. They would start by joining up with the legion of the Phantoms, and then eventually sending themselves into the bodies of the Valparaiso Denizens.
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Souzenryoku of Water; Blue Flame of Eternity :: Crystal Rain of the Crystal Shell
Souzenryoku of Water; Blue Flame of Eternity :: Crystal Rain of the Crystal Shell

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PostSubject: Re: Tamashii no Kyoumei :: Backup   Mon Aug 17, 2015 5:39 pm

The waters followed the Phantoms in their wake, shooting through the city anywhere a Phantom was after immediately resonating with them. At that moment, anything else that they would Resonate with would also become part of the Shinsanity of Water and cause the waters to come down and settle the flames, whilst also connecting to them and merging with their influence. With that, the blazing city should have come back to its cool Midnight Bleue, and all the Dusk should have fallen quiet again as the waves passed over to cleans and wash the land clean.

*This Post Establishes The 'River Styx,' Known As The 'Lake Of Fire,' Why And How It Exists And What Its Function Is.

**End Of The Line
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Valparaiso Denizens


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PostSubject: Re: Tamashii no Kyoumei :: Backup   Sun Dec 04, 2016 12:52 pm

Some Valparaiso Denizens in the area looked around to see what was going on.
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PostSubject: Re: Tamashii no Kyoumei :: Backup   

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Tamashii no Kyoumei :: Backup
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