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 Artifacts and Relics

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Souzenryoku of Lightning; Yellow Flame of Eternity :: Crystal Spark of the Crystal Chrysanthemum

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PostSubject: Artifacts and Relics   Thu Aug 20, 2015 7:57 pm

Bunnybee is playing The Veritas and is looking for the Tensei Relics, which are Artifacts of her own homeworld, which just so happens to be the Veritas. They also help her unlock more mysteries of her own planet, which were kept within the Veritas, just like she was keeping mysteries about the Veritas inside of herself. She seeks to complete her mission, which, after taking over Earth, was to complete her own Story, which she is doing simultaneously.

Crown and Scepter: Relics of the Bunnybeean race and a set of powerful artifacts. Each is supposed to possess one of the twin Artifacts 'Blue' or 'Purple' orbs and the wielder is able to balance all aspects of one's self to achieve perfection through the power of Light (Blue) and Dark (Purple) respectively. They change effects depending on their formation. Because of this power, the 'Crown Jewels' as they are called, were separated, and the Crown and Scepter remain as Relics, themselves. They can also harness and enhance the power of any artifact that they are combined with. Their true power awakens when they meet with their Counterpart Artifact; the Master Gem. Both Prima-Bee and Queenbee are the Guardians of these Artifacts; the symbol of control, power and rule over planet Bunnybee.
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Artifacts and Relics
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