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 Chocobocalypse; Angel of Valhalla

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The Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas

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PostSubject: Chocobocalypse; Angel of Valhalla   Fri Aug 21, 2015 4:56 pm

First topic message reminder :

Crystal Threads would spin into a Crystal Bridge that would guide Tenrei down into a secluded Chocobo Forest. Directly in the center where the trees were clear and the sun was shining down, Tenrei would be lowered gently via invisible threads whose only trace of presence were the shimmering sparkles that trailed from Tenrei's feet and all around her body as she descended into the clearing.

"Now arriving in Chocobo World; Chocobo's Forest."

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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Grand Duchess Tenrei
Tsuki, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas

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PostSubject: Re: Chocobocalypse; Angel of Valhalla   Thu Aug 27, 2015 9:45 pm

Sooner or later, Tenrei would ride up behind Tensei on her white steed, the White Chocobo, and hop off right beside him. "Hey, you deaf? Didn't you hear me?" It looked like he and the Gold Chocobo were digging for something. Being as sneaky as she was, she would immediately walk over and touch the Gold Chocobo, snatching up that power, too, disguised as petting it whilst the two were digging. "Whatcha looking for? Buried treasure?" There was a kiddish smirk on her face.
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PostSubject: Re: Chocobocalypse; Angel of Valhalla   Fri Aug 28, 2015 11:05 am

Eventually, after some time of digging, Mene the Moogle would return with the (as expected) completed Chocograph. "Kup-Kupo! Here is the map to the Chocobo Paradise kupo!" By the time Mene returned, there was someone else that was there with them. A woman that looked strange to this world, yet somehow, vaguely familiar. "Kupooo...? You must be the Rider of the Angel of Valhalla kupo." Mene would place the completed Chocograph in her hands, smiling at her. "Here kupo! This will take you straight to Fat Chocobo in the Chocobo Paraside kupo!"

Just as Mene began to speak on these things, Choco would cry out "KWEEEEEH!!! (Here it is!!!)" And completely dig up the special jewel encrusted treasure chest. There were gemstones of all different varieties, and a lock upon it. "Kweh! Kweh Kweh Kweh! (Here.)" Choco would push the treasure chest to Tensei, then say, "Kweh. (After you have reached the Chocobo Paradise, look for Choco's brother, Boko, who is another Gold Chocobo. He will take you to Fat Chocobo.)" After that, Choco would look to Mene. "Kupooo! You must open the treasure chest and retrieve what is inside kupo! Only that will attract Fat Chocobo's eyes kupo!"
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PostSubject: Re: Chocobocalypse; Angel of Valhalla   Fri Aug 28, 2015 11:09 am

*On the chest, there would be a note saying "You have my gratitude for finding all of the Summoner Gemstones for me so long ago. Now that I've had my use for them, you may have them back, little canary..."

-- Kuja.
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Overlord Tensei
Tensei, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas

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PostSubject: Re: Chocobocalypse; Angel of Valhalla   Fri Aug 28, 2015 11:36 am

Tensei jumped back a bit as Choco suddenly screeched out of nowhere. "Yeesh, pal, what is your--" By that time, he finally noticed Tenrei, of whom he'd been distracted from due to his engagement with Choco all this time. "Baby! You made it!" Then again, he was the one that was lost. "Well, uh. I made it." He shifted his eyes, scoffing. "... Ugh. We're just... Both back together again, okay?" He shook his head, letting Mene and Choco do their things as the jewel encrusted treasure chest was placed before him. Tensei immediately recognized each of the Summoner Gemstones that he had gathered for Kuja so long ago when Kuja invaded Vescrutia the first time, along with the Final Fantasy worlders. It seemed like this was Kuja's own repayment to him, and Tensei was happy about Kuja turning over a new leaf. He loved Kuja.

"Sweet. Look, bae. We're rich, bitch." He pecked off each of the jewels and tossed them to her, each one different and harboring a different Eidolon. "I'm already a Summoner, technically, so I can activate their power. But perhaps you could utilize them more, since you need more abilities and I already have more than enough... Including the powers of each Eidolon." Suddenly, his eyes became wide with an idea, and he would walk over to her and nuzzle her lovingly. "You know, I could be your own PERSONAL Eidolon~~!!! You can summon me anytime, baby~~!!" He loved showing public displays of affection to her when it was all cute and fluffy and all that mushy stuff. "Think about it, love, whilst I open this chest..." Tensei pecked at the treasure chest, which would, after he had extracted each of the jewels, open up immediately. With the 'LoZ Treasure Get' melody chiming in the background, Tensei remain wide-eyed as he looked inside of the glowing magical chest.

Elegant King of Reality; Overlord Tensei's Theme

Space-Time Reality Rondo; Overlord Tensei's Battle Theme

Veritas Brigade; The Seven Spirits Theme

Legendary Tensei Art of Truth; Absolution (Legendary Art)
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The Angels


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PostSubject: Re: Chocobocalypse; Angel of Valhalla   Fri Aug 28, 2015 11:46 am

Inside of the treasure chest would be three sacred items of the Fat Chocobo; the Unknown Summon Stone, Jade; the Tetra Master Card, Mog; and the Royal Fat Chocobo Heirloom, Gold Saucer. With these three items, Tensei would be able to prove to the Fat Chocobo that he was the Angel of Valhalla.

Soon after, a strange mist would emerge from the bowels of the chest, and immediately envelope Tensei and Tenrei., putting them into a deep sleep and turning them into pure consciousness. When they would awaken, their bodies would have been completely taken to the 'Chocobo's Dream World' for a special interview with the Fat Chocobo before entering his Paradise.
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PostSubject: Re: Chocobocalypse; Angel of Valhalla   

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Chocobocalypse; Angel of Valhalla
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