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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension (Tymon Nikia Bolton II's Website)

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 Grand Forge Peak

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PostSubject: Grand Forge Peak   Wed Oct 07, 2015 7:36 am

The one of the highest mountains in all of the Dawn, yet the smallest in range. It is a place known for its legendary weapons and the greatest forge in all the land. It holds magical properties, and hovers around known as the 'Lone Mountain Forge.' It is said to be able to mend any item to its original efficiency, or create any weapon, for a price. Legend has it that the Grand Sword that is this mountain belonged to the largest Gigas in history (besides Titan) who was felled in battle and became one with the earth, and ascended into the skies once he fell, taking the giant mountain along with him. His sword was the mark of his valiant battles.

During the time when the Avisora Paradisia was intact, a great Gigas walked the land who was second in size only to the god of the Gigases, Titan himself. He was a valiant warrior that protected the weak, and was known as a protector of the land. During a terrible battle between a great giant beast, the lone warrior was felled in battle, and his body became one with the earth. At his grave, his sword fell and became the landmark for the forge, and his body created a mountain with his sword as its peak. His spirit is the forge itself, and never stops burning as long as the mountain stands tall and proud.
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Grand Forge Peak
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