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 Ninja Tools and Equipment

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PostSubject: Ninja Tools and Equipment   Fri Nov 14, 2014 1:31 pm

Ninja Tools
Chroma doesn't use many conventional Ninja Tools such as Kunai and Shuriken, but instead uses short concealed knives, switchblades or daggers. To make up for this lack of weaponry, she has made sure to be versatile with her non-expendable weapons. She also has numerous special weapons one of, which is the Blowdart Gun named 'Spider Bite.' Her other weapons are bonded weapons that only she may use due to them being made from fragments of her old self.

The name 'Beautiful Night,' which has been given to her black Katana with a special silver lined edge that shines in the moonlight. It was extracted from her body from when she was a Weapon and formed into a normal weapon. It evolves as Chroma does, and tends to be her main weapon of choice, alongside the 'Grim Reaper.' This weapon can concentrate and draw in the power of Insanity from Chroma and within the atmosphere to induce Insanity and project Chroma's own insanity upon others, and possibly even throw them into genjutsu due to its nature. It can also split into 6 identical blades that Chroma can maneuver to her will, but at the cost of a steady drain of energy and the heightened susceptibility to her own Insanity, making it slightly dangerous.

Spider Bite
A special extensible blow dart gun with poisonous needles that cause immediate susceptibility to her Black Widow style genjutsu. The poison is capable of diluting the mind and the nerves. The dart gun itself can become small enough to be concealed within her palm or long enough to be equivalent to a sniper's barrel. This weapon was made from her original Weapon form as a Bazooka/Explosive Weapons and fashioned into a Blow Dart Gun. It evolves as Chroma does.

Doom Bell
A special bell weapon that can grow from the size of a normal bell to full size, which is about half of Chroma's height. It creates powerful vibrations and concentrated gusts of wind when it rings. She may also control the frequencies of sound to a degree, with a higher pitch meaning faster and more concentrated attacks, but generally weaker overall, whilst the lower tones being larger area and more powerful, but generally slower overall.

Grim Reaper
The name of her Scythe extracted from her body from when she was a Weapon and formed into a normal weapon. It evolves as Chroma does. It teems with the energy of Death, and those who touch it can feel the overbearing intent of killing and pure death all around them. Chroma may use this to play on people's fears of dying.

Silent Tears
The name of her numerous Razors extracted from her body from when she was a Weapon and formed into a normal weapon. It evolves as Chroma does. It teems with the energy of solitude, isolation and despair, and those who feel the woes of these blades find themselves depressed or feeling thoughts of despair. Chroma uses this to play on people's inner weakness.
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PostSubject: Re: Ninja Tools and Equipment   Mon Mar 02, 2015 6:44 am

*Note: Passed down to Tabitha from Pumpkinhead. She usually equips the Pumpkin Carver to 'iT.'

Pumpkin Carver
Pumpkinhead's first and main weapon for combat. It is the original blade forged especially for Pumpkinhead's use, and is much stronger and more potent than Tigen's copy of the Pumpkin Carver. The Pumpkin Carver is an incredibly large and powerful butcher knife used as a sword, its height being about 5 or 6 feet long. This blade holds incredible power and speed beyond compare, and can bring out one's hidden potential when in use. This speed is transferred into the slashes made by it. One slash may be seen by the eye, but in reality, 20 slashes from many different directions are actually being done... So unless you have lightspeed seeing eyes or something, the slashes will stay unseen to you. However, because Pumpkinhead has the original Pumpkin Carver and he has extremely great speed and performance with this weapon, the 20 unseen slashes become 100 unseen slashes. Pumpkinhead's Pumpkin Carver was made to adapt to Pumpkinhead's power consistently, unlike the copy, and is more versatile as well.

Signature Technique
Pumpkin Carver: The Pumpkin Carver activates its special ability, in which the blade becomes totally and completely invincible for a short period of time, also giving it the ability to penetrate and slice through ANYTHING (uber emphasis on the anything) by focusing the power of a shattered dimension into the single slash. The cost of activating this ability is stressful on the blade if used for long periods of time, so Pumpkinhead can only keep it active for about 30 seconds at a time before it has to recharge.
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Ninja Tools and Equipment
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