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 The Shining Light;Linomaru Hugo

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PostSubject: The Shining Light;Linomaru Hugo   Tue Feb 02, 2016 7:37 pm

Name:Linomaru S. Hugo



Blood Type:A

Ht/Wt:6'2/205 lbs,


Kekkei Genkai:Gentai/ Nitos Void

Elements:Light release

Skill-Job:Red Mage


Soul Partner(s): Nese and Nitos

Soul weapon form:Nese(Katana,Ice Katana,Soul Calibur, Heaven Keyblade) Nitos(Katana, Hito sowrd,Mito sword, Sito sword, Trinity Cannon, Trintiy Gauntlets[Trinity Speedster form])

Soul Renonsence: Obtained

Death Scythe:None

Souls:Nese(95) Nitos(67)

Bio: Born from the ashes of destruction was born two boys.... brothers, one would be consumed by the very DARKNESS that took their home away and the other was Linomaru.

Raised in the outskirts of the Veritas, Lin and Jin had always been together they were truly close. One day Linomaru ventured through the forest in which he and his brother never went into. There he saw the gates of the Veritas.

Linomaru walked into the village where he met a young boy, this boy became a good friend of Linomaru's he began to visit Linomaru and his brother and they would play for hours on end. Linomaru and Jinomari had then joined the Academy and their lives changed from that moment on.

The two brothers became rivals they always wanted to one up each other. Jin had the upper hand though, he had obtained the Hugo clan's Kekkei Genkai. Gentai ,Well a his version of it. For the next 3 years Linomaru trained and learn jutsu, Mastering hand seals and he obtained his Gentai as well.

The rivalry between the brothers lead to them hating each others guts. Lin became more focused on his social life he and his friend played all day and went to so many places, Lin had become what was meant for him. The brothers soon graduated the Academy.

Accepting his headband Lin vowed on that day to become the worlds greatest ninja and replenish his clans name in the history books of the reality village.

Lin had by that time met Nese.(Read Nese Bio in Soulpartners section)

Lin's life as a Ninja.

Linomaru wasn't the youngest on his sqaud, he wasn't the most skilled either he was just a regular shinobi genin, he had gone on mission and had a 89.9% completion rate not bad for a team of four ninja. He soon got a taste of reality when he fail his first chunnin exam. From there he got better and better.

The Reality had now become the Dusk after the Kages of the Vescrutia fought and won a never ending battle with Unicron. Maze created a village from the ashes of two great villages.

One day after training with Nese he went to go meet his friend who was now Sannin of the village.. Maze.. at the Tavern. While they chatted Lin's eye was caught by a girl who had walked in, he was enamored by her, it was love at first sight. Their eyes locked in a forever lasting gaze. But Lin said and did nothing he was to nervous. A few days had passed and the girl was on Linomarus' mind ever since he had first seen her. He would be on the training grounds when he ran into her, some how Lin had pissed the girl off and the fought nearly killing each other. But just as Lin was about to finish her. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and said "I win." instead.

The introduced herself as Kira, she became Linomaru;s new sparring partner. She became a Chunnin before Lin did. But they could hide the boiling passion they had for one another, so Lin summed up enough courage to ask her out on a date.

Lin had gotten to know Kira over the 2 years they dated, soon they would marry and move into the Mahi Manor in which Kira had beaten head Witch Zita for in a bet. Lin and Kira lived in the Manor for 3 years as a happy married couple. Then the Soul reapers attacked forcing them both into battle where Kira died right before Linomaru.

Lin was traumatized. He had lost all hope. Kira was his life she was all he truly had. To make matters worst Lin had found out the night before they were called to battle his wife of three years was now 4 months pregnant with twins.

Her death wasn't easy for Lin to get over to this day he still yearns for her touch, but it will never be the same. Lin didn't eat much Nese had to make sure he stayed alive so she would force him to eat and drink to keep himself up. But Kira's death changed something in Linomaru, it change him overall.

During his months of sorrow Lin had visions and flashes of Kira's death, and the mad man who was the cause, but one day while Lin looked at the stars and the moon he met 'The Eldars.'  of the Gentai the creatures in which the first Hugo clan member(s) of the North obtained the Gentai from. Lin had then trained under them learning the true ways of the Hugo clan. They gave him a new identity in the world they dubbed him, The Clan's final Hope, Their "Shining Light".

Lin then fought his brother one last time where tthe Eldars trapped his brother inside the Gentai, Causing a darkness to brew inside Linomaru unlike anyother. His mind body and soul went out of whack His justu, soul abilities and spells didn't work or they became weaker. Lin then would seek the help of Khrona. Khrona showed Lin how to defeat the DARKNESS which tainted his soul. Lin then was rewarded by the Eldars with new abilities for his Gentai for beating the Darkness. The people of the world of Juden called Lin " The Shining Light" He became a God to them. His mind, body and soul had not only returned to normal but they got stronger, giving Lin the ability to travel through the 1st dimension. There Lin had created a justu which Many called "The Heaven's Blade", which is a white lighting attack that 'Purifies' its target(s). Lin then took his Jounin exam and passed thanks to the help of Khrona.   

The eldars had told Lin that his children where alive. Lin wondered how was this possible... The Eldars told him that A hugo child is born through the love and passion of the two people. They wanted to give the man what he most desired. They felt he would need them in the end. They told him that he was a clone of the child of Juden and Tiku ichimo, Lao Jang Hugo.

Lin's children had went through the same thing. The Eldars gave them Life and Lin had to find his children, but some way they found him, from word of mouth on the planet.

Shortly after becoming a Jounin Lin had found his daughter a witchling named Tasha. She was a witchling rised by two eldar citizens in the southside of the Veritas. They kept her powers a serect from the world. Until she met Lin. Their power attracted one another. She knew then who he was and he her. A few months after she came, a young boy came to his aid to help him defeat Linomaru's Brother's Evil energy, Jinomari.... The boy claimed to be his son, he called himself, Tsuka. The battle was shortly over after the boy appeared.

The boy then explained how he came to be. Say once Lin and Tasha met they pulled him in. Constantly appearing in his dreams, calling to him. He said the two of them were things he could never forget. So he trained his whole life to be as strong as them. Now he finally got the chance to show them.

Lin had a family now.
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The Shining Light;Linomaru Hugo
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