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 The Huntress, The Devourer: Estelle Albatross

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Estelle Albatross


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PostSubject: The Huntress, The Devourer: Estelle Albatross   Sat Feb 13, 2016 8:57 pm

Name: Estelle La Raposa Albatross
Age: Physically 20; Unaging
Legendary Art: Exotic Artisan (Able to cook and eat the body, mind, and spirit of any enemy she kills to gain their strength, abilities, and memories. Grows stronger as she does and only gives temporary abilities and limited flashes of their memories until strengthened.)
Elements: Varies; Primarily Water

From birth to age 6, Estelle was raised as a huntress and a cannibal. She was apart of a clan of all female warriors, reminiscent of the Amazonian, however, within a dimension where men were all but extinct. In this regard, women evolved to be able to reproduce with each other through sexual intercourse without the need for penetration.

At the age of 7 Estelle was a master huntress and was given her first pet, a human boy, the age of 15. She was told to rape the boy and engrave her personal symbol into his flesh. As she laid with him, she felt an immense power from him and saw flashes of other worlds where men and women coexisted.

It turned out this boy was no human, nor was he a 'slave'. He was Reiji Kusanagi, the son of a being heralded as 'The God Slayer'. He would tell Estelle that he was simply within her dimension because it interested him. What also interested him was slaying every single living person within that plane of existence except for Estelle herself.

After watching her entire reality taken from her, Estelle attempted to attack Reiji, but instead found herself engulfed in flames. The flames did not burn, instead giving Estelle a taste of what that type of power felt like.

Estelle's already confused morales fell even further when Reiji showed her how unacceptable her own dimensions rules were compared to others. Estelle questioned herself and soon drifted to wanting to commit suicide. Instead, Reiji showed her the good in the world around her too.

Conflicted on what was Reiji's goals wth this, Estelle begged him to show her more in exchange for letting him have his way with her. Reiji simply replied that he already had with just this.

Over the course of the next few centuries, Reiji sent Estelle into different dimensions and tasked her with treating every dimension in the same way she was raised. In each, everyone held her in different regards. Some cultures revered her as a Goddess, while others called her a cannibalistic witch and killed her on occasion.

For the past 200 years, Reiji has let Estelle choose her destinations. It just so happens she chose the Veritas.

(To Be Continued)
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The Huntress, The Devourer: Estelle Albatross
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