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 Corona Badlands General Bestiary

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The Omnipedia
Shincleff, the True Grimoire :: The Legend; Herald of the Veritas

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PostSubject: Corona Badlands General Bestiary   Sun Feb 14, 2016 3:34 pm

Basic Stage; Gecoal

*Profile Pic Here*

Basic Info
Genus: Ignis (Elemental)
Species: Drakon (Beast)
Classification: Reptile

Previous Form: None
Next Form: ???
Evolutionary Requirements: ???

Aggressive, Hostile

Threat Level: Low-Moderate
Combat Specialty: Physical
Habitats: Hot, Dry and Volcanic Regions


Elemental: Fire
Weaknesses: Water Element, Soft Underbelly
Resistance: Fire Element
Immunities: ???

Additional Info

Monster Info: A reptilian creature that is able to hover through the air and propel itself through the air using flare boosts. Intimidates threats by increasing the flares along its body to make itself more fierce and intense. Curls itself into a wheel and hurls itself at a high speed as a flaming buzz saw to fight prey. It can flare its 'embered' body parts to become more intense instantly, which increases its 'Threat Level.' It consumes coal to fuel its internal fire, and when it is hungry or weak, it needs to eat coal to refuel, or it will burn out.

Appearance: A fiery orange-scaled serpent with a charcoal underbelly. A trail of fire streams from its head to its tail, and it seemed to be as large as a small car. Embers burst from over its eyes as eyebrows and from the sides of its face as fiery sideburns.

History: ???

Purpose: ???

Additional Info: ???


List whether is Physical, Support, Non-Physical, Projectile or Dual/Multiple.

Burning Head - A head coated with embers on the face as sideburns and eyebrows.

Burning Tail - A tail trailing with embers as a burning whip.

Flare - Unleashes flares from body offensively.
Flare Body - Coats body in flares and tackles at a high speed.

Fire Spine - Curls into a fiery buzz saw and hurls itself at a high speed whilst spinning.


Soul Worth: 1
Item Dropped: Firehide
Extra Items: ???
Points (Festival of the Hunt): 1-10
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Corona Badlands General Bestiary
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