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PostSubject: Sengoku   Sun Feb 21, 2016 5:27 pm

Name: Sengoku
Weapon: Katana/Rifle hybrid
Length: 5 foot bladed length

Sengoku is a hybrid weapon that crosses the modern day firearms, with a Japanese, samurai-styled twist. The sheath is designed to form fit the blade, but where the guard and sheath meet, is a trigger mechanism that when pulled, fires the blade out at a rate of a traditional rifle bullet. Ginos combines this usage with his strikes and has the arm power needed to prevent his limb from being torn off, or shoulder dislocated from such recoil and power.

When the blade is absent from its hold, the sheath mechanizes further and turns itself into a rifle which can be blind fired at will. Bullets fired from this gun work like a traditional firearm and can pierce armor and other bodies relatively easy, given they are humans with no special augmentations. The gun itself generally has no recoil, well none that can be felt by the samurai at least.

Sengoku can draw upon Ginos' ability to manipulate the very air and wind around him. He uses this to extend the reach of his blade, to create a multitude of strikes around him while only ever striking once, and much more. Bullets are further enhanced to the point of where their stopping power and acceleration are enhanced to provide a more lethal form of projectile, while drop distance, and opposing winds are lessened to an extent they're no longer factors. The wind enhancements on his sword strikes and bullets provide a form of offense against stronger opponents who'd normally resist conventional weaponry.
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