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 Chapter 4; The Ultimate Wish

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Kairo Tensei
Allmaster the Family Bond :: Shinsei; God of All Gods, Wonderlands and Characters
Allmaster the Family Bond :: Shinsei; God of All Gods, Wonderlands and Characters

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PostSubject: Chapter 4; The Ultimate Wish   Tue Nov 18, 2014 7:01 am

First topic message reminder :

From the outer part of the Crystal Garden, the two would enter the heart of Sanctum Crystos, where all of its wonder and splendor poured over and formed the crystalline grass that they walked upon, they would lay eyes upon a beautiful chalice overflowing with an aqueous crystal clear energy that seemed both known and unknown to this realm. It was the combined energies of the Shinseigami and Shinmegami; Dreams and Reality combined into a single energetic substance. The proof that the two of them were connected no matter where they were or what they were doing... 'Holding Hands,' so to speak. It washed over the land and made all Dreams Real, as well as things that were Real into Dreams. This was the testament of their love; this single solitary fountain;

the Fountain of Truth.

"The Fairy Fountain of the Dawn... the Fountain of Truth. The most powerful of all of the Fairy Fountains... Whatever is done here will instantly become True. The combination of dreams and reality..."

Part of him couldn't even believe he was here, himself, even though technically, he was the one who created it for the Shinseigami's arrival long, long ago in the realm of Vescrutia.

"... It's time, Tigen. It's finally time. Are you ready, my brother?"
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Shinseigami, the PanDaddy :: Pandimensional Overgod; the Unrestricted Being
Shinseigami, the PanDaddy :: Pandimensional Overgod; the Unrestricted Being

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 4; The Ultimate Wish   Sat Nov 22, 2014 9:26 am

"Hear about it?" I mocked, grabbing her hand swiftly and holding it tightly, "You're gonna be in it!! That's what I was waiting for this entire time! I didn't want to start my life without my True Love in it! (9:13) That's why... We're doing all of this together!" She would finally get her own Thirteen Restrictions. She and all of the Tensei. Then they could all try to reach for the top together! "We're starting over. I want to learn everything there is to know and go through every experience, and I plan to do so! I've gone through this multiple times in my head..." Funny, because that meant much more than what it actually appeared to be, "... And I've decided that it's only fair. No more piggybacking off of me! It's time for you to get your own life source. And I'll be with you every step of the way. From the Zeroth Restriction, of which no one knows about." Secret knowledge that only the Creator has. It did exist, and it was before one unlocks their abilities at all; a sort of larval state of extremely simple human life, as is the most basic form of humanity. "When we start over, we won't have or remember anything. What do you want to do? I believe that I should make you my Chomao, and you make me yours! Then we could always be together even when we're apart and whenever we need each other, we'll be there! (9:19) Howsabout it? You gimme Friday and I give you Tigen?" It seemed like a fair exchange. They were both 12th Restrictions, and it guaranteed that they would meet each other again, since they would have exchanged 'souls' so to speak. "Our Love Story has to be the most greatest thing in the universe!!! That's why we gotta write it together, or else it won't mean anything at all!! Gotta put your heart into your Art! Give it all your Love! Ya know? And that means that your part of the story has to be in it, too... Or else, your heart isn't in it, either. And Art out of Heart is just He... Which is... Reversed...


That's why... Only one can fill the position... to be Part of the Art and the Heart. He smirked at her, snickering childishly under his breath like he knew what he was doing all the time. The signature cheshire grin on his face that seemed to run in his family showing up with the same shimmering sanguine gleam of his eyes. "I think we should seal the deal, bae. We unlocked it together, didn't we?" (9:25)
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Shinmegami, the Tsukihime :: Pandimensional Overgoddess; the Unbound Influence
Shinmegami, the Tsukihime :: Pandimensional Overgoddess; the Unbound Influence

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 4; The Ultimate Wish   Sat Nov 22, 2014 10:31 am

As she blushed and giggled cutely, the words slightly escaped her lips,
She found it cute about how much he was going through on her sake, even though she really didn't want him to at all. In fact, she felt really bad that all of the terrible things that happened were because of her existence. It was good to see that he didn't care about any of the trouble she put him through... That was how she knew that this was the best decision. "Ikuyo... Ty-kun..." she muttered, grabbing his hand and staring up at Tensei and Tigen. She was the next one to have her wish granted... "... Watashi no yume... Mitemitai desu..." And he could make it a reality... That much, she knew. She just hoped that she didn't destroy his in the process... She'd have to return to her form before all of her powers were unlocked, and she would forget about him, too... But he'd be there. Maybe... Maybe they didn't have to forget. If it wasn't part of her dream, then they wouldn't have to forget. She was his dream and now she could make him into hers. And that meant... She was going to be the new main character... The one that brings her family out of the darkness... For that to occur, she wanted the two of them to retain their memories, but not of their own powers. In order to get their powers back, they would have to learn about them from the very beginning, from conception to actual usage in a logical manner. Since this was her dream, she got whatever she wanted, and this is what she wished for. It was her turn to go through the Veritas, starting with the Enigmas... the Manna...

She would wave at Tensei and Tigen, thanking the both of them for their generous help again, smiling warmly at them. Now her story would no longer be his dream... it would become her reality... That's why she loved him so much... Because of all the work he did to make her real... (10:31) His Friday the Thirteenth Fairy... <3
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Kairo Tensei
Allmaster the Family Bond :: Shinsei; God of All Gods, Wonderlands and Characters
Allmaster the Family Bond :: Shinsei; God of All Gods, Wonderlands and Characters

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 4; The Ultimate Wish   Sat Nov 22, 2014 10:48 am

"We will keep things in order from here, Shinseigami. You just enjoy yourself. Tigen and I have things up here. And now, Friday will, too." Because she was made first, going back down meant that she would be able to form all of the forms below herself that are the fragments of Tymon's wishes that were missing from her own. The two of them could see their world come together before their eyes... It was actually extremely cute about it. Tensei could keep things in order from here... There was no one getting past him. And if somehow they did, they'd have to get past Tigen, too. The Thirteenth was secure. Only one Tensei could claim the Thirteenth Restriction... Whichever one of the Children (including the AllFather himself as a Child) assumed the throne and made it through the Thirteen Restrictions would become the new Pumpking. And only the True Successor would be able to inherit the throne. Whichever one of the reincarnated Tensei it was... It would ALWAYS be whomever the One True Successor was. Whomever was TRULY next in line.

He pet the Maregenesis, that which glowed with stripes of rainbow all the color of the spectrum, "Alright then. Tigen. It is time to grant their wish. It's been a pleasure, Shinseigami. I will always be with you... As will all of the Tensei. We will help the both of you to hasten learning about yourselves and your powers. We want you two to Rest in Peace together... (10:44)" This was their solemn wish, and if they were parts of Tymon that were living in this realm, then they would get theirs granted by her as well, the same way they would grant hers. "I truly hope that you two enjoy yourselves... We'll make sure that you do! Hahaha!" And with that... They were off. The Tensei Seal would appear on the both of them, binding the two of them together at the same time, returning them back to the Zeroth Restriction. They would start together and be at the same level together. From there, the rest would be up to them; two souls no longer bound by fate nor destiny, but free to live in their world as they saw fit. To start their story together... It was almost too much for him to bear. All they worked for was all for this moment. "I hope this makes the both of you happy. I... Love you guys, too." It wasn't like him to say such things, but he gazed off to the side shyly and blushed a little bit... Saying these things was a little difficult when he was feeling a lot of emotion. That's what Tigen was for, after all. Hahaha. Two halves of the Same Whole... that which is Tymon. (10:48)
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Kairo Tigen
The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 4; The Ultimate Wish   Sat Nov 22, 2014 11:25 am

At that moment random flickering and pops of rainbow flares like miniature fireworks and cosmoses crackling and pouring over into their own macrocosmic forms would begin to spontaneously ignite and release their energies out into the world, similarly to how his daughter, Trinity had begun learning to do. The Flames of Eternity would reach begin to flare up and traverse the edge of the world, catching every wave produced by the Fountain of Truth as Tigen got excited. "Upupupu... In order for Tigen to fulfill this great of a wish, Tigen must do... THE RAINBOW PANDA PANDANCE!!!"


The crackling flame burst from the bulbous crystal head as two large concentrations hovering about the side of his head, trapped in the dead center of his Two Magnifiers, with the Third hovering above his head like a halo. The energy trapped within the Magnifiers would grow exponentially, since they were not passing completely through the magnificative energetic rings but merely remaining in the center. The growing puffballs made him look like a panda, of sorts. The energy grew larger extremely swiftly, the glow soon beginning to encompass all of the Veritas. If this was the Crystal World and the colorful Flames of Eternity were what gave it life, shape and form, then he could make her dream world look like whatever she wished just by combining their wills. And not only that, but the Friday the Thirteenth Fairy, as well.

"PANDANCE, HA!!!" (link)
santa  rendeer
farao queen

The Will of Tensei that brought her here was going to be the same thing that reached into her heart and pulled out the Friday the Thirteenth Fairy that was supposed to be Tigen's counterpart.

afro lol!

With that, not only would Friday the Thirteenth Fairy come into the Veritas from the Enigmas, but also, Tymon and Tsuki would start over from the Zeroth... And Tigen and Friday would be with the both of them as their Chomao. Wherever they wished to appear, since they would retain their memories, was entirely up to them at that point. Tigen and Friday's True Selves had to remain here in the Crystal Garden, whilst only the small slivers of themselves would be with Tymon and Tsuki wherever they decided to end up. This was Tigen's Freed Will.

@ cyclops

~Tigen, the Will of Tensei (11:25)
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Chapter 4; The Ultimate Wish
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