The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

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 Eighth Restriction; Fallen Angel

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Eighth Restriction; Fallen Angel Empty
PostSubject: Eighth Restriction; Fallen Angel   Eighth Restriction; Fallen Angel EmptySun Jun 10, 2018 3:27 am

Eighth Restriction; Destruction: Restriction of Power

Dark Magic Fallen Angel Zita

Last Component of Graviso Sepulchro.

Graveyard Havoc: A powerful, partially necromantic magic that allows the summoning of Shini Energy covered skeletons/puppets/corpses/dead that abide by the thoughts of Skelette. The majority of this magic, however, is a mixture of Shini energy and pure black necromantic energy. Skelette, itself, casts no shadow because its shadow is always being used within this energy, mostly just to guide the attacks with a lot more precision. In a sense, you could say that Skelette's shadow is within the attacks. Also, Graveyard Havoc allows Skelette to reanimate any dead thing, however it will be a zombie or another sort of undead creature and it will be quite susceptible to light and holy energy, despite whatever it was like before death, and they will be servants of Skelette eternally or else they will return to being dead. It may also summon up any sort of undead being almost instantly, as well as bring inanimate objects to life via the power of Necromancy. Lastly, it may siphon out the life and soul of things it touches using Necromancy for energy, or it may use Necromantic magics in general and that dark magic will absorb the life/soul for it.

Skull Magic
Powerful and deadly magic that is directly linked to Death, Curses and Skulls, having a wide variety of effects as well as great power. Zita's Skull Magic is only attainable when she switches her form, which then nullifies her abilities with Chains and Locks, EXCEPT for the Master Lock ability, which she can open up a portal to with her scythe. At any given moment, Zita can summon floating skulls as her new 'familiars' in this form, in a sense. They explode to her will and are mostly used for attacking. Though it is powerful, not much is known about the Skull Magic or how it works, fully... So it is best to be careful.

Death Claw: Learned from Shinigami and edited a bit. Black claws in the shape of skulls fly out of Zita and work as extra arms. They can rip off skin, crush skulls or even steal souls, and they are quite powerful, as well.

Death Cannon: A large skull appears on Zita's arm and shoots out a beam made out of death and curses. Quite fatal if hit by it, could put you on the very last strand of life you have.

Death Cannon; Triple Fire: A huge skull appears on Zita's hand and shoots out a beam from the eye holes and the mouth made of death and curses.

Death Blast: A concentrated, spiraling beam of death.

Skull Beam: Skulls are summoned that will shoot beams from their eyes or mouths. Upon being touched, they explode.

Skull Bazooka: Launches skulls at an extremely high speed that explode in a grand fashion.

Head Bang: Creates a giant, magical skull made of nothing but magic and force. This giant skull aims to smash down on the opponent and then explode. If it misses the first time, it will continue to try smashing them until it gets them, and then it... explodes.

Skull Bash: Summons another gigantic skull, this time with powerful rocket boosters that power its flight. It is extremely durable and hard, able to break through diamond with ease. It will launch itself at the foe and then try to ram into them and explode.

Skull Meteor: A huge, meteor sized skull flies down from the sky, making a huge explosion once it makes contact.

Skull Bomber: Shoots out a barrage of skulls from hand or body, which them explode on contact. They can also fly about like missiles and lock onto targets, homing in on them.

Skull Rain: Summons skulls from the sky to rain down nonstop, making massive and consumptive explosions when they are to make contact with something, hopefully obliterating it on contact.

Head Shot: Fires a bullet from her finger in the shape of a skull that instantly locks onto the center of the head of an opponent. If it is not deflected, it will penetrate through the skull no matter how thick or tough it is and then explode.

Skull Splitter: A devastating attack that even on slightest impact to the head will instantly split the skull in two.

Skull Crusher: Grabs someone's head and forces energy into it that crushes the skull.

Deadly Rain: 1) A skull is thrown out that with either shoot out a nonstop barrage of deathly magic or explode covering a huge radius or 2) Zita slams her scythe into the ground and has magic shoot straight up from the ground. If that misses, the magic will come back down for a second try, this time covering double the area.

Death Impact: A large force of magic shoots from above the foe at lightning speed from the sky that tries to impale them devilishly. The force is so powerful that it can impale straight into the center of the planet.

Skull Barrier: A huge barrier of magic in the shape of a skull similar to Shinigami's. It can be used to crush people at will, as well.

No Man's Land: Creates skulls all over the ground that engulf the ground in a sea of skulls. THe skulls can then attack by biting and sucking out energy, exploding, or even ramming into the foe.

Cursed Skull: A skull condemned with a powerful curse transfers this magical curse onto any foe it wishes in the area, placing this curse on their very minds and souls. Not only does this curse weaken them and their abilities, but it also hinders their body in a lot of ways, and is able to cause fatal internal problems.

Burning Skull: Creates floating skulls burnt by a cursed flame that if touched, will also bring the curse down to the target. The flames of the skull cause all abilities and powers to be sealed, as well as the use of any weapon the target might have, thus making them near useless. Also, when they are destroyed, the skulls explode in a grand manner... Even the explosions carry out this curse.

Binding Skull: Skulls with bandage-like things attached the them appear and try to wrap up the foe. If they get the foe, all of their abilities will be sealed as well as their ability to move (even warping.)

Dark Wipe: Zita concentrates magic into the head of someone to wipe their memory of some things, or even steal information from them.

Dark Drain: Steals the memory of the foe via a skull that appear near them to drain them of the ability to remember anything. If you look into its eyes, it nulls your chakra output.

Dark Mind: Erases the mind of someone via magic.

Mental Block: Nullifies the use of all abilities that involve the mind via magic.

Conscious Siphon: Steals the consciousness of foe via a skull that appears near them to drain them of the ability to stay awake.

Death Glare: A skull appears that glares at the foe, paralyzing them instantly upon eye contact.

Dummy Head: A skull appears in front of Zita. This skull is an exact replica of the skull inside of her foe, meaning it has the same properties and is linked to it in every way, like Voodoo. Zita cannot do anything to it, but if anything happens to the skull, the same will happen to the foe's skull and... well... You know.

Skull Hammer: Scythe changes into a skull hammer that can crush bones with the slightest touch.

Condemned Decapitation: Uses her scythe to cut the head of a foe clean off. It disregards shields and natural abilities as well as other things, making it able to go through just about any defense or energy, however it is quite easy to dodge. If it makes contact, the head will not be able to regrow or be able to be put back on (unless it was never attached in the first place.)
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Eighth Restriction; Fallen Angel
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