The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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 First Restriction; Vita

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First Restriction; Vita Empty
PostSubject: First Restriction; Vita   First Restriction; Vita EmptySun Jun 10, 2018 4:12 am

First Restriction: Skull; Restriction of the Mind

First level of her Graviso Sepulchro where she uses only a limited amount that is confined to 'Skull' or 'Death Magic,' inherited from her father's 'Shini Energy,' is the most primary form of the entire 'Graviso Sepulchro' that is Tzita's Magus Art. It is unlocked in her 'First Restriction' and is her primary means of fighting whilst in it.

Sepulchro; Skull Magic

The Skull Magic, also known as Death or Shini Magic, was passed down from her father, Xi-Ta, who reigned as the original Lich King. The Skull Magic evolved into Shini (Death) Magic when she accepted the Shini Bones of her father (Who took on the form of Skelette) and the remainder of his power into her own, granting her access to both his power whilst also increasing her own. His bones were made of the Shini Energy, which is a mainly black energy surrounded by green and/or purple colored outlines. It is a volatile substance that sucks out the essence of life and brings about the darkness of death in any way, shape or form. It was the prize of the Lich King, and served fathoms times better than sheer Necromancy, having all of its traits and more. The green and purple energy that outline the pure dark energy are what contain the 'Death' or 'Shini' Energy within, isolating the pure essence of death and molding it to any shape and form the user sees fit. The green and purple glow surrounding the black parts are extremely stiff and hard, able to cut through various substances with little effort whilst the black death energy inside seems to be quite aqueous, able to take the shape and form of anything. In a technical sense, these can be created from anywhere on her alleged 'body,' just the same as her Chains. Shini Energy is ALMOST virtually indestructible and the green and purple energy around it allows the Shini Energy to ALWAYS AND ABSOLUTELY stay in that form of energy. It is literally impossible for Shini Energy to be converted by any other energy, making it have the ability to shirk off and/or rip through dark/matter, or even a star with little effort, however if hit with enough force, it might shatter. It gives Zita absolute control over this energy.

Skull Magic
Powerful and deadly magic that is directly linked to Death, Curses and Skulls, having a wide variety of effects as well as great power. Zita's Skull Magic is only attainable when she switches her form, which then nullifies her abilities with Chains and Locks, EXCEPT for the Master Lock ability, which she can open up a portal to with her scythe. At any given moment, Zita can summon floating skulls as her new 'familiars' in this form, in a sense. They explode to her will and are mostly used for attacking. Though it is powerful, not much is known about the Skull Magic or how it works, fully... So it is best to be careful.

Death Claw: Learned from Shinigami and edited a bit. Black claws in the shape of skulls fly out of Zita and work as extra arms. They can rip off skin, crush skulls or even steal souls, and they are quite powerful, as well.

Death Cannon: A large skull appears on Zita's arm and shoots out a beam made out of death and curses. Quite fatal if hit by it, could put you on the very last strand of life you have.

Death Cannon; Triple Fire: A huge skull appears on Zita's hand and shoots out a beam from the eye holes and the mouth made of death and curses.

Death Blast: A concentrated, spiraling beam of death.

Skull Beam: Skulls are summoned that will shoot beams from their eyes or mouths. Upon being touched, they explode.

Skull Bazooka: Launches skulls at an extremely high speed that explode in a grand fashion.

Head Bang: Creates a giant, magical skull made of nothing but magic and force. This giant skull aims to smash down on the opponent and then explode. If it misses the first time, it will continue to try smashing them until it gets them, and then it... explodes.

Skull Bash: Summons another gigantic skull, this time with powerful rocket boosters that power its flight. It is extremely durable and hard, able to break through diamond with ease. It will launch itself at the foe and then try to ram into them and explode.

Skull Meteor: A huge, meteor sized skull flies down from the sky, making a huge explosion once it makes contact.

Skull Bomber: Shoots out a barrage of skulls from hand or body, which them explode on contact. They can also fly about like missiles and lock onto targets, homing in on them.

Skull Rain: Summons skulls from the sky to rain down nonstop, making massive and consumptive explosions when they are to make contact with something, hopefully obliterating it on contact.

Head Shot: Fires a bullet from her finger in the shape of a skull that instantly locks onto the center of the head of an opponent. If it is not deflected, it will penetrate through the skull no matter how thick or tough it is and then explode.

Skull Splitter: A devastating attack that even on slightest impact to the head will instantly split the skull in two.

Skull Crusher: Grabs someone's head and forces energy into it that crushes the skull.

Deadly Rain: 1) A skull is thrown out that with either shoot out a nonstop barrage of deathly magic or explode covering a huge radius or 2) Zita slams her scythe into the ground and has magic shoot straight up from the ground. If that misses, the magic will come back down for a second try, this time covering double the area.

Death Impact: A large force of magic shoots from above the foe at lightning speed from the sky that tries to impale them devilishly. The force is so powerful that it can impale straight into the center of the planet.

Skull Barrier: A huge barrier of magic in the shape of a skull similar to Shinigami's. It can be used to crush people at will, as well.

No Man's Land: Creates skulls all over the ground that engulf the ground in a sea of skulls. THe skulls can then attack by biting and sucking out energy, exploding, or even ramming into the foe.

Cursed Skull: A skull condemned with a powerful curse transfers this magical curse onto any foe it wishes in the area, placing this curse on their very minds and souls. Not only does this curse weaken them and their abilities, but it also hinders their body in a lot of ways, and is able to cause fatal internal problems.

Burning Skull: Creates floating skulls burnt by a cursed flame that if touched, will also bring the curse down to the target. The flames of the skull cause all abilities and powers to be sealed, as well as the use of any weapon the target might have, thus making them near useless. Also, when they are destroyed, the skulls explode in a grand manner... Even the explosions carry out this curse.

Binding Skull: Skulls with bandage-like things attached the them appear and try to wrap up the foe. If they get the foe, all of their abilities will be sealed as well as their ability to move (even warping.)

Dark Wipe: Zita concentrates magic into the head of someone to wipe their memory of some things, or even steal information from them.

Dark Drain: Steals the memory of the foe via a skull that appear near them to drain them of the ability to remember anything. If you look into its eyes, it nulls your chakra output.

Dark Mind: Erases the mind of someone via magic.

Mental Block: Nullifies the use of all abilities that involve the mind via magic.

Conscious Siphon: Steals the consciousness of foe via a skull that appears near them to drain them of the ability to stay awake.

Death Glare: A skull appears that glares at the foe, paralyzing them instantly upon eye contact.

Dummy Head: A skull appears in front of Zita. This skull is an exact replica of the skull inside of her foe, meaning it has the same properties and is linked to it in every way, like Voodoo. Zita cannot do anything to it, but if anything happens to the skull, the same will happen to the foe's skull and... well... You know.

Skull Hammer: Scythe changes into a skull hammer that can crush bones with the slightest touch.

Condemned Decapitation: Uses her scythe to cut the head of a foe clean off. It disregards shields and natural abilities as well as other things, making it able to go through just about any defense or energy, however it is quite easy to dodge. If it makes contact, the head will not be able to regrow or be able to be put back on (unless it was never attached in the first place.)
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First Restriction; Vita Empty
PostSubject: Re: First Restriction; Vita   First Restriction; Vita EmptySat Jul 07, 2018 7:29 pm

Zita was formally pissed off now. "Fine. This calls for... That Zita." Her broom came down, turning into a key. As the Makai needles came down, Zita put up her Black Shield, the shield made of anti-gravity to deflect them. This anti-gravity happened to be a lot larger than Zita usually did for some reason, however... She placed the key within her unlockable lock contained on her waist and with that, the chains around her waist broke, the lock opening. That being done, Zita's appearance began to change a bit. Her hat became short and pointy, lined with razors, the lock changing into a skull that would be put on her hat; her dress becoming skimpier and showing a bit more cleavage than before, which surprised even herself that it was possible, her gloves becoming poofy and claw-like, extremely sharp and durable, and finally, the key changing into a long handle, a scythe blade protruding from it. Zita's pupils were glowing now, since the 'other Zita' had been released.

Zita looked at Zeik who seemed to be still playing "Goddamn, I'm happy to be out again... But you're gonna pay for what you're trying TO DO TO MY SEXY BODY!!!" The Anti-Gravity was released from her body, but in its place came the metallic locusts "LOCUSTS! DEVOUR EVERYTHING!!!" Zita's Animal Theme was parasites, and these parasites were metallic and were not invincible to heat in any and all shapes or forms, meaning they could sleep on the sun or thrive in temperatures below absolute zero. It didn't matter what temperature there was, they were immune to it. And these parasites ate all energies... But what happened when Zita went into her other side of herself? They became locusts that instead of ate energy, ate EVERYTHING. Space, Time, Energy, Solids, whatever it was, they would eat it, and Zita had an infinite amount. The locusts would devour the needles, not being effected by their heat, obviously, but also began to eat the space around them. Zita's scythe grew to horrific lengths "I don't need any fucking magic to be on par with you! I AM ZITA! I'M BETTER THAN THE OTHER ZITA BITCH. She knew she needed me! SHE CAN'T DO SHIT WITHOUT ME!! NOW GET THIS FUCKING SKY OUT OF MY FACE!! It's too bright for my TASTE!!" Zita's scythe scraped the sky, all of it ripping, then opening up to be a black hole that literally was the sky now. Zita's scythe created black holes. And with the locusts eating the spa--... well, the everything... existence... around the area, soon, the black hole would be the only thing, except for, of course, Zeik and Zita... But thinking about it now, how would that work out?

Even if the locusts were gone, the places they destroyed still remained "This place is gonna crumble if we finish. But I don't really give a damn, quite frankly." Zita did feel a bit of her soul getting drained, and in the sky, she saw... Lightning. "... Tch. Fine. Gotnna get rid of that, too. You and your fucking lights." Zita's scythe just continued to grow larger and larger, seeming to have no end to it. Zita then took a big slice, the place becoming halfway consumed in a black hole. Zita's scythe created black holes on whims. And in fact, Zita could control these holes "Continue to expand. Leave NOTHING in the sky!" The black hole expanded, this time covering up the entire sky "I WON'T LET YOU DRAIN ME! YOU'LL FALL INTO THE BLACK HOLE! And with my Skull Magic-- ..." Zita paused. Her Skull Magic. It was ingenious. The one ability that no one would be able to get around. "Dummy Head." A skull then appeared in front of Zita. Whose skull? Zeik's skull. Or, perhaps one would say, a Voodoo version of his skull. Whatever happened to this skull would happen to Zeik's. Now, Zita, herself couldn't do anything to it, for it was her magic, but this field had become surrounded in a black hole, correct? Zita smirked "Come get your head. Before it is destroyed." Zita grabbed the Dummy Skull, floating nearer and nearer to the Black Hole. If you're wondering how Zita made the Dummy Skull... Well, let's just say that Zeik had already technically touched Zita and exerted enough power for her to do so. Zita kept her eye on Zeik, though, because she knew he was fast, but with her Target Seal, she'd be able to see him coming from anywhere, and with that storm being taken care of by the ever expanding black hole, Zita would be fine... For now. She gripped her still extremely large Scythe, just in case she needed to react and use it, surging her Sealing Abyss and some of her own wavelength through it in case a certain... ability was needed to get rid of him fast.

Zita scoffed, eying some random object in the distance "As much as I wanna get my third strike... I have something to attend to. Peace. Oh, but uh, have fun with your head." Zita swirled it around and launched it in the direction of sharp rock at an incredible speed, like that of a bullet. Naturally, if it hit, the skull would shatter, as well as Zeik's skull, and if not, then the skull magic would disperse because quite frankly... Zita was out this bitch. She cut open a hole with her scythe and jumped in, using the black hole like a portal and it closed behind her.

Zita merely used her Black Shield, the anti-gravity forcing away the air easily "Hm. You know, you're kinda making me mad. But don't you worry. I'm gonna show you..." The key that Zita's broom had become finally entered the indestructible lock on her waist, turning ever so slowly before it finally came to open. Once it opened, there was a large amount of energy that shot out of it, most of it looking very deathly. Blackness in the shape of a skull engulfed Zita. Zita's hat became shorter, yet lined with razors, her dress became a bit skimpier than before (though not that much), the lock around her waste turned into a skull and flew onto the side of her hat, her gloves became large and claw-like and sharp, and from under her hat, there was one gleaming eye with a keyhole pupil, the other covered with hair. The key that had just unlocked the lock expanded into a staff, Zita grabbed it and put it on her shoulder after twirling it a few times, an extremely large scythe blade protruding from it, a cute little skull face on the handle connecting the handle to the blade. Zita gave a devilish smirk "Holy fucking hell, I thought I'd never get out. Haaah... It's been too damn long. Fucking locks... fucking chains..." Zita glared at Tera with her one revealed eye, posing a bit like this....

"Ah, this Skull Magic has been dormant for so long... Wonder if I still remember how to use it? Heh heh heh..."

Zita then began to talk to Tera "So, I'm guessing you pissed me off enough to turn me back into my other self? Sweetness. Now, I hope you know, you're not gonna live. And if you object, then uh, might wanna hurry your ass up." She gripped the scythe tightly.

In this form, Zita excelled in speed, rather than in her other where she excelled in flying. Yes. And her perception and reflexes even without her Target Seal ability were phenomenal. Besides that, her scythe was on her shoulder, making easy access to her back, so once the Tera came at her, she merely swung her scythe, creating a rip through the air that was a black hole, destroyed the Tera then immediately closed. "Little punks. You need to know who you're dealing with..." Zita snapped her fingers, waving her hand a bit as a nonstop barrage of skulls poured down from the sky as if they were rain. "Skull Rain. I would suggest you put up a shield or something, cuz I'm about to light up the field with Death." as each skull made impact, it exploded, and with all of them exploding ,the explosion's radius got larger and larger and larger, until there was no space not covered in the Death magic of the skulls. Zita twirled her scythe nonchalantly "Now, where's the little fuckers go...?" She stabbed her scythe into the ground, an odd energy flowing through it...

Zita laughed, naturally her own explosions not effecting herself, mostly because of the energy that it was made of, the death energy. "Runt. This is gonna be bad for you. Sealing Eye; Sealing Sight." A thin beam of energy shot out of Zita's keyhole pupil wherever she was looking, which happened to be at that barrier. When hit by the Sealing Sight, automatically, whatever it hit was sealed in another dimension. Even the air and space around the beam was getting trapped in said dimension as it traveled. Zita was the only one who could open and close this dimension, unless someone had some sort of dimensional energy or something (coughcoughREFERENCEcoughcough). Once making contact with the screen, in a second, the entire thing would get sucked into the dimension, as if it never existed. "Cuuuute. But it sucks. Now, to demonstrate something that doesn't suck... Well, it does, but not in that sense." The odd power emanating from the scythe before was a large and... well... utterly extreme power that was about to eliminate the area. Zita slashed her scythe, creating a thin line of blackness in the ground... This thin line suddenly and without warning expanded into a greatly large hole... In fact, a Black Hole. What else? Zita imbued some Gravity Magic within the Black Hole so that its suction, already unparalleled, would become that much stronger... And lastly... "Sealing Eye; Sealing Abyss." Zita's scythe began to glow green, transferring power from her Sealing Eye within itself, the ability of the Sealing Abyss. She stabbed the scythe into the side of the pit of the Black Hole, making it lined with a green energy. This meant that if Tera got in, regardless of what he did, he wouldn't be able to get out. Passing through the lined green part would definitely seal every bit of his power. The black hole and gravity would ultimately suck him in and destroy him, and if he tried to control the dark energy in the area under the lined green part... Well, then his Dark Energy abilities would be sealed as well. There was no stopping this black hole... And to Zita's will, it could and would expand. All that could be heard was maniac and evil cackling.

Zita could do nothing but laugh "Really? You think the Sealing Eye is this easy to get around?" See, the thing about Zita sealing something was that once one thing of one energy was sealed, all of the same energy would be sealed, hence why Tera could not use ANY of his sound abilities from earlier. So, even one bullet getting sealed would mean that all Soul Energy that Tera had would also be sealed, meaning that the bullets would in turn be sealed as well, even the ones coming at her. Besides that, he scythe was still feeding power, meaning that it could intensify the black hole and sealing techniques at will... Though, with his Dark Energy being the only thing left, it was kinda not good to keep a black hole open. Zita pulled her scythe out, the hole closing. "Well. Guess it's time for the other stuff... Soul Reap...? Soul Condense...? Soul Crush...? Soul Seal...? Ha. All seem quite good." Zita's scythe, able to change its size, became grotesquely and menacingly large and long "... Or, maybe I'll just fight you with this. I can take little runts like you." She flexed her claws, darting off into the air at a high speed, her Target Seal and now her Soul Perception active. Luckily she was friends with Maze, or a lot of these Soul Abilities would not have been accessible... Her keyhole pupil gleamed brightly...

Zita was locked onto his soul, so even through darkness, she could see his exact location. As for his rupturing wavelength "... Soul Protect." Now, Soul Protect was meant to hide the presence of the soul of a witch by coating it with powerful magic. But Zita planned on using that ability for a different reason this time. Since her soul was coated in magic, that would mean that his wavelength would have to go through the magic first before it could reach Zita's soul, which would take a lot, since she was the Head Witch, the most powerful witch. Now, for that darkness... "Locusts...?" If Tera remembered, or if he had ever seen, the before Zita had energy eating metallic parasites... But the alternate Zita had everything eating Locusts. They ate everything in the most literal sense. They devoured the darkness, but without light, what would be filling the space between? They would. There wouldn't be a space that they wouldn't fill after eating the darkness, meaning none of it would be coming near Zita anymore. "You wanna play, huh? Let's see how you play without your soul. Soul Condense." Zita grabbed her scythe, slashing it through the air, tearing through the locusts and the darkness, however once it touched the darkness, it began to condense Tera's Soul Wavelength, meaning that now he wouldn't be able to get it to go long distances, if he could even use it at all. She made another slash "Soul Seal!" This time, if this slash were to hit, it would seal his Soul Wavelength, Soul Energy and Soul Resonance altogether, which would leave him with nothing but... Darkness, right? The Locusts could always take care of that. Whether they had to eat darkness, space, light, whatever, they would eat it until they were destroyed.

Again, a bad move for Tera "Sealing Abyss." Since the darkness was touching Zita, and the Sealing Abyss allowed Zita's Sealing Eye technique to surge throughout her entire body, that meant that the darkness touching her would be sealed from Tera's usage, meaning that all of the darkness in the area would dissipate and everything would normalize and Zita's Soul Protect would keep her from sustaining much damage. "Now you literally have nothing left, am I right? I've sealed your sound, your darkness, your soul energy and possibly your wavelength. What else is there?" Zita sighed "Well, not much else. Better just rip your body apart then. Or perhaps shatter your skull. Hell, I could do a lot of stuff. Oh, how very fun..."

Tera was right, Zita's Soul Protect couldn't protect her from the rupturing chakra... But Zita still had her Sealing Eye abilities, one called the Sealing Bomb, an explosion of her Sealing Eye technique at an incredible distance, and once something touched it, just as with all of her sealing abilities, it was sealed, so the rupturing effect of his chakra would be sealed away. Now, as for the Dark Energy thing... That would be a doozy. Zita didn't have her chain's and locks now, so she couldn't wrap it up and lock it away. Unlike the Sealing Eye, Zita's Locks and Chains could seal away one individual thing instead of everything. "Hm... Well. I could always use the Dummy Head..." A skull appeared in front of Zita. A Voodoo Skull. This skull, a perfect copy of Tera's. How can she use this, you ask? Well, All Zita needed was a touch from Tera, physically or nonphysically, I.E. through his Chakra? Although Zita herself could not do anything to the skull, she could always throw it at that big ass thing coming down at her and have it be utterly destroyed, making Tera's head destroyed along with it... "Hey. Want your skull to be destroyed?" Zita put up a shit load of Anti-Gravity around herself, holding the skull within her hands to take the attack.

(It's not a doll, it's a skull, and it has no power to be surged into it. It's just a voodoo skull. Meaning whatever happens to it happens to your skull. You should. Fix it. It's made out of Zita's magic, but the only way it is linked to you is by locking onto the energy that you attacked Zita with. Like a normal voodoo... Object. An object from the person that makes it work... Right? Might need to edit, but I kinda figured you would, but I was in a rush and couldn't explain the effects...)

(... Damn you! I will think of something! In fact, let me go mix and match now!!)

Zita sighed "Fuck this shit." Naturally, her Anti-Gravity and Soul Protect would hold out for at most, a minute. She did put up a LOT of anti-gravity. Well. It was time for her to use some hit and run shit. "Sealing Sight." The Sealing Sight, one of her 'oddball' Sealing Techniques, which instead of sealing abilities completely, it locked something into a different dimension. (I'm slightly pissed I didn't use this before, because I'm a lazy dumbfuck that didn't want to look at the Magic List. Gawd, I feel dumb.) The entire darkness... thingy... Would be sealed in a different dimension, naturally one that Tera wouldn't be able to access, the Sealing Dimension. BUT ANYWHO. If that didn't work, it was time to shift her gravity. She shifted it to something so intense, that she would shoot halfway to the center of the planet in an instant. The skull that was with her, you ask? Well. That might just go with it. Gravity was getting intense down there... And yes, Zita was getting a little hot, but she tried her damnedest to keep what little remained of her Anti-Gravity up to keep the heat and the lava out. Now, if Tera wanted to attack her, he would have to go through the ground, meaning he would have to be in this dimension, meaning also that he would feel the effects of the voodoo skull, meaning also that his skull would melt if Zita dropped it in (but since we are in the battles, we can't kill each other. XD ) Zita sighed "... Little bastard. Better be lucky I can't-- ... Or perhaps, I'll just go back to how it was before. He's already sealed, and I ain't doin SHIT without my chains and locks..." The scythe became a staff again... "Time to reseal... Fuck. I don't know when the hell I'll get out again... But whatever. To show this bastard up..."

(I'm not sure if I read it incorrectly or something, but I know that... I'm confused. So, I think I should say stuff so you can explain what you did to me better. Cuz I'm reeeaaally confused. Zita isn't in another dimension, she just shot a beam from her eye that puts whatever it goes through in her dimension, which would seal it there. Nextly, Zita isn't influenced by gravity whatsoever. She's basically immune to it, hence why she can enter and exit black holes with ease. Also, your influence on gravity might be great, but that's only natural gravity, that wouldn't involve magic, meaning nothing about Zita would be influenced by the gravity you just happen to be influencing. Let's see... Zita's under the planet now. Naturally Zita being protected from what little anti-gravity she had left because if there is no gravity, the force of lava hitting her would be very low, so it would be like reaaaally hot pillows and they wouldn't do much to the anti-gravity. And the skull isn't connected to any sort of energy. Only and I mean ONLY Tera's head. That's what Voodoo does, you know. You can't voodoo energy~! And... What else...? Well, that's basically it.)

(Yeah, the beam seals things in another dimension, which would, now that I think of it, indiscriminately close the wormhole as well, if I'm not mistaken, making the Dark Energy be sealed in the Sealing Dimension, and no, not Dark Energy in its entirety, just this high concentration of it. Naturally, if you were in it, you would be in said dimension, too. And the Voodoo Doll is not using energy, it uses energy to find the person who first USED the energy, so it may then lock on to the skull. Whatever it can use that comes directly from the target, it uses so that it may lock onto the skull. It has no special powers other than destroying the skull of the one who it has locked on to, so every time you enter back into Vescrutia, it re-locks on, since you, yourself haven't changed and the target hasn't changed, either. Does that make more sense? Or do I have to go into more detail? Even if your chakra is sealed, it is still within you, and stuff.)

(... Naaaw, you were still confused. Alright, I have to explain further... Basically, everything would just normalize if Zita shot it with the Sealing Sight beam. And she wouldn't cease to exist, anyway, she would only go into the Sealing Dimension, which was her own dimension, which she could get out of at any time since it is her own dimension. And Dark Matter allows things to exist, so it would be perfectly normal for it to be sealed in another dimension and be fine, am I right? If Zita seals something, it's only what the beam touches, nothing else. If Zita seals water that the beam touches, it doesn't mean that all of the water in existence would be sealed. Only the water that Zita shot. Do you get me? And Zita can't seal her own power with her own technique. The beam is basically just a teleporting thing. The thing that seals is the dimension, hence being sealed in the other dimension. And even if what I said changed nothing, it would still seal you in the sealing dimension due to the sole fact that you were connected to the darkness via the wormhole. Nooow, do you get it? I'm not sure if I can explain it anymore.)

(Oh, when I said that, I just meant the giant wormhole that was spewing the darkness stuff and all the darkness in the way or near the beam. And it's not too big, but it's big enough. It's a varying size that only grows to how much power Zita exerts into it, unlike the Sealing Beam which is always the same size unless tampered with... ANYWHO. Would Zita just not... Be... In... existence..... and stuff... Even if I have told you this, or does something change? I have something for both.)

(Aw, you should know by now that I don't just let things happen. Muahahaha. But I'm tired and can't think to my full... stuff that makes me... do good.)

Zita sighed "Man. Haven't been to the Sealing Dimension in a while... Heh. Might as well take advantage of the situation. Goddamn Dark energy can only be stopped with Chain magic. Might as well..." Zita put the skull on her waist, locking it with her Scythe that had become a key once again, the skull quickly turning into a lock and chains wrapping around Zita's waist, the extremely large chain cuffs around her arms and legs once again, hat becoming long and zig zaggy, and key changing back into the chain/lock broom. She snapped her fingers, exiting the Sealing Dimension on her own. "Well. I'm sure the other Zita was happy to make her way out, but it seems she needs my chain magic once again. Hahaha, I'm back in control~!" A good thing about Zita's chains and locks was that she got the ability to lock up open things... Meaning that wormhole. Hopefully Tera was still in it. All she needed to do was use her "Heavy Lock" And that wormhole would be locked up and closed, a large green lock symbol appearing on it before it just closed up. Zita sighed, some chains slithering around her body "Seems as though I nor the other side of me overpower the other... But I wonder if one day we can work together...?"

Zita scoffed "DAMMIT! My ONE trump card and I can't even use it... FUCK." Kham's voice sounded odd in her own realm "... Hm... I don't wanna admit defeat, but if I come out, I will be defeated... Hrrrm... Unless..." Zita got a wicked smile on her face... The other side of Zita... The one which had the scythe.. the one that could open up giant rips into the realm all on its own with just slashes... Heh. Perfect. "Oh. Well. I'll try something else, hope that's okay with you~?" Zita's keyhole pupils gleamed as a key manifested in front of her "... Dark Release..." The giant lock chained on her stomach would have the key enter it and turn, opening it, as only that key could open it. Once that happened, she changed into her... Sealing Form, or Skull Form, also known as... Alternate Zita!

Zita would wave around her scythe "HEY. You know what I can do with this scythe, hmmm~?"

Zita laughed "The hell's a Cosmic Hell? In my world, there is no hell! Cuz in there, it IS hell! And you know what else is hell? The fact that I can make as many portals to there as I WANT in this form!!" She raised her scythe, quickly making a gigantic slash with it, opening another portal, this one actually as large as the slash, thus the radius of the 'guidance of matter and energy' was a lot further as well. She would have a skull appear high above Kham, it falling down and before making impact, exploding with Skull Magic, also known as death energy. Zita would sit on the opening of the Master Lock like it was a hammock "And uh, guy, even if I do lose..." Her keyhole pupils would gleam as that dark expression stayed on her face "I'mma give you one hell of a fight. Or, at least, I'd hope so." She would fall back into the rip, about to use some new... 'tactics' that might work... Hopefully.

Another rip would open up elsewhere on the field, even though the first had not closed yet. From this rip came Zita's parasites... Rather, her metallic locusts, since the metallic parasites became metallic locusts when she was in her Alternate Form, gaining the power from just eating all energies to being able to eat literally everything they could. Just then, Zita would throw out the Dummy Head, which was a Voodoo head of Kham's skull, meaning whatever happened to it would happen to him... And Zita, herself, cannot do anything to the Dummy Heads that she makes, which pisses her off, but... Her Locusts surely can do whatever the hell they want to it. Though, the Dummy Head will only work in the same realm that Kham is in, so that was the only reason she had to fling it out of her own Realm... And her rules only affect things that come into her realm, which Kham was not in. As such, the locusts would go for a mad dash at the voodoo of Kham's skull/brain/etc. Another slash would appear out of nowhere, and locusts would be shooting from there, as well... Another slash would appear, and more locusts would come out... and so on... and so on... She was going to fill the whole area that Kham was in with just... her everything eating locusts. The more that came out, the less there was to eat, meaning that they would be eating a lot faster...

As more rips formed, no bugs would come out, yet Zita shouted out "... LIKE HELL. I want to have some fun, ya know? It's been a while since I've done any of this shit... So, I'm gonna have me a merry fucking time." Another rip would open and this time, her Sealing Eye energy would shoot out in the form of IMMENSE blasts, due to the Master Lock realm amplifying her power... Simply because she willed it. Now, from all of the rips, which there were a massive number of, which basically circled the entire area so that these attacks would HOPEFULLY hit Kham and seal his abilities... Unless he had more abilities. As this happened, Zita made a few more finishing touches with the rips, now the entire area was basically full of them so that she could attack from anywhere at any given time.

Zita scoffed, since the blasts did not stop the sound coming from Kham... Though, she did have an ability that could do such a thing, since it even sealed space and time around it... Though, it was very tiny... OH WAIT, she's in her own realm. She can do whatever she wants and make whatever she wants happen. The sound coming from Kham would sound like classical music, naturally losing all of its effects once it reached the Master Lock's portals. Zita knew nothing of the flames, and as such, not knowing about them, they did not exist in this realm. Anything Zita did not know about, wasn't aware of, etc. did not exist. And if Kham informed her, it was DAMN sure that she would keep it nonexistent! "Stalemate? Most definitely. But still, I'm not fully back in my groove, ya know?" She would make one last final, huge slash, and with that, all of the portals to the Master Lock realm would connect, basically making a sphere around the entire area as of now. The combined rips and portals making one large dome around Kham would mean that the 'guidance of matter and energy' would HOPEFULLY pull him into the Master Lock realm, and as such, lock him there. "I WILL put this realm to good fucking use, dammit!!" If the 'guidance' didn't work, naturally, the dome would start to close in on him...

Zita, being the master of her own realm, already had the flame thingies set. They did not exist in her realm. Thus, while in this place, they did not work in her body, since as soon as the sound from Kham came into the Master Lock realm, the flame became nonexistent, as explained before. It can only be reiterated so many times that anything Zita says in this realm goes. If Zita wants something gone, it's gone. If Zita wants to make something happen to herself, it happens. No flamey thingy for Zita, mostly because of the fact that even though she heard it, the effects would STILL only work in the realm Kham was in, which was not her Master Lock Realm. "The only way for me to defeat you is to get you in here... And the only way for you to beat me is to get me out there... Any altercations I do to my powers in here would be nullified once coming out of there, so I can't do any of that... And any powers you do will be nullified upon coming in here... Doesn't seem like this is gonna work unless one of us comes in or out, huh...?" Zita pondered, sealing up her Skull Form and reverting to normal "... So... How's life?"

Her eye dimmed, a scowl appeared on her face as her entire face darkened. The other Zita was talking now "Or I COULD just whoop your ASS..." Several chains jutted out of Zita and surrounded the area. Just in case Tera happened to start moving again during her naturally quite brutal assault... Or in case the gun became a human again, it was up to Zita to lock them up in every single way. "Nerve lock." Zita touched several places on Tera, so even if the paralyzing ability of the Sealing Eye wore off, his nerves would be locked, meaning he couldn't move any places where Zita touched. "Chain Down..." A chain wrapped around Tera, which could suck out chakra/soul energy, etc. as well as hinder the body from doing anything further, slamming him into the ground... And finally..."HEAVY LOCK." He was smacked in the head with a lock that would be placed upon his mind, making thinking sort of impossible for the time being. "Now... To finish... this... up.." Gravity shift." She intensified the gravity quite greatly around him, and without his abilities, he would have no way to repel the force of gravity this time. "Dance of the Chains.. of Despair!" Ooo ,mixing two abilities into one! How fun! Chains shot from the ground under him and from Zita almost infinitely, stabbing, impaling, ripping him... and then flinging his body somewhere, waiting for Zita's magic to wear off whenever she felt like releasing it... But naturally, he wouldn't be dead because of this being a random battle... Cough cough... "Well. That was fun. And the other side of me got to come out for a while... though she was almost useless--" a chain wrapped around Zita's neck quite fast and Zita scoffed, smirking. She hopped on her broom and glided off, laughing hysterically, like any typical witch.
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