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 Tigen; The Dimension's Keeper

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Kairo Tigen
The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
Kairo Tigen

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Tigen; The Dimension's Keeper Empty
PostSubject: Tigen; The Dimension's Keeper   Tigen; The Dimension's Keeper EmptyMon Feb 18, 2019 1:37 pm

Tigen's Story

Dimensia; the very first created dimension which was the basis and creator of all others, and still continues to create dimensions to this very day. This is Tigen's home... The realm of the Dimensional entities which have dominance over all dimensions and the energy of dimensions, the Scarecrows. There are two types of Scarecrows; the Cacti and the Pumpkins. Tigen, our friend, is a Pumpkin. He lived a wonderful life in his dimension, secluded from all other dimensions as it was impossible for anyone to enter other than Scarecrows. He lived in peace. However, one day, Tigen's father grew very weak, and his great dimensional power weakened, as well. As such, his excess power allowed a gigantic, galaxy sized Inter-dimensional Wormhole, also known as the Godspace, to appear. Dimensia was under a great threat of being destroyed. The entire realm and the Scarecrows were going to be obliterated in their entirety because of this ungodly power... And so, the children of the royal family, who were Tigen and his brother, Pumpkinhead, were sent out of this dimension so they may hone their dimensional energy controlling abilities and not only rebuild their dimension but seal the wormhole that is destroying it. Due to the Godspace draining all of the dimensional energy in Dimensia, it is impossible to warp out once inside of it, thus, if Tigen and Pumpkinhead were to return without the proper power, they would be destroyed with no means of escape. Therefore, they only have one chance and must train until they think that they have enough power. Though Pumpkinhead knew the goal, Tigen did not at the time. His memory was wiped entering a random dimensional field, leaving him not knowing his race, his purpose, or his home. Pumpkinhead was forbidden from telling Tigen this truth before he realizes himself because of Tigen's mental instability. So, Pumpkinhead kept quiet as they traveled dimensions. They have traveled through many dimensions and come across many things that have helped them, and now there is this one. Naturally, now Tigen knows everything, ya know.

Tigen is a puppet-esque, inter-dimensional being with a pumpkin head, who is a little over 7 feet tall. Tigen's head, the most important part of his body, is a black pumpkin with carved features similar to that of a Jack-O-Lantern. On it are triangular eyes and a carved mouth, however no nose. The eyes and mouth change shape as Tigen feels other emotions, and therefore, their immediate shape is not particularly definite, however for the most part, Tigen's mouth remains hidden on most occasions. The body of Tigen is made of a special type of fabric from another dimension that sports a durability that is similar to a mixture of metal and elastic, thus making it very hard to rip, tear and puncture, but also making it very smooth, soft and stretchy, to an extent. It can be called a more efficient version of 'skin,' if you will. Within the body of Tigen are no traces of organs, bones, nerves, muscle, or even a brain. There is nothing within except a sort of fluff from another dimension, as well. Thus fluff, being from an alternate dimension, does not work on the same plane as the ones here would. It regenerates itself continuously at an incredible rate as to instantly fill its current container, namely, Tigen. They regenerate by constant and simultaneous, exponential multiplication. Once the fluff reaches the boundary of its container, it becomes up to Tigen to decide if it is to continue to expand or not. The body and the fluff regenerate also depending on the Dimensional Energy of the area, able to take it in and duplicate the felt and fluff, and as such, if Tigen looses a piece of his body, he may regenerate the part gradually. The arms, legs and body are completely sewn together where the joints would be on a normal human body, therefore making artificial elbows and knees and such for Tigen to freely move his limbs. The stitches are kept together purely by Tigen's own will, and as such, he may take apart and stitch up his body parts at any given time he wishes, allowing all of his body to disconnect. His head is the only part of his body which is never truly attached, but actually rests in the place where a head would be, safely in place cuddled in his scarf. Tigen's hands are claw-like, but are easily hidden by his gloves. His feet are pointed at the tip, but are also covered by boots. The final aspect of Tigen's anatomy is his own will, his very life, also known as his Living Flame. The Flame inside of Tigen's head works similarly to a brain, save for the physical aspects of the brain. It literally transports Tigen's own will through his entire body and anything in Tigen's possession at all times. It allows him to see, and, like all flames, USUALLY -- but not always -- needs air to breathe. It keeps memories, emotions and personality, and as such, each of these change with a different color flame that Tigen has. Also, because it is a flame not from this dimension, it is unable to be controlled by mere fire manipulators, at is is not only Tigen's entire will and therefore has dominance, but also it is not like normal fire in some key aspects.

Because Tigen is a Scarecrow, he does not wear normal clothes, but rather, tattered, old, worn cloth of sorts. On his head, he sports a large, zig-zaggy, pointed, tattered black witch's hat, which generally covers the top of his head down to his triangular eye sockets. Around his 'neck' and mouth, there is an over-sized, pale-orange scarf that covers the bottom part of his face, predominantly his mouth. This scarf, which is made of a fabric from another dimension, however slightly different from Tigen's own body, can stretch and contract, change its size and shape, and morph itself into other things at will. It is generally used as a third arm, as that is the shape that the scarf is made. It works just like an extra limb, and Tigen moves it around effortlessly. In addition, it has an alternate dimension of its own within itself, which is called by Tigen the 'Storage Dimension.' This dimension is where Tigen keeps all of his extra belongings that don't reside in Tigen's own created dimension. Over Tigen's body, he wears a long, worn, tattered shirt that looks as if it has been sewn up many times over. The most noticeable and significant stitching is around his chest and back, which is in the shape of an X across the entire thing. It is made out of a weaker alternate dimensional fabric than Tigen's body and scarf, however it is still incredible durable. The only thing it does not have is the regenerative ability, but it is easily fixed by Tigen's 'will sewing.' Adorned on his and on his hands are normal looking, puffy, dark gray gloves. Though these gloves look normal, they were specially made to harness insanely high amounts of energy of all kinds, therefore making them extremely resistant to just about any sort of energy. On his feet are matching, puffy, dark gray boot-shoes, which actually are made of the same material and thus, have the same purpose. They allow Tigen to 'step on' high amounts of energy of all kinds, but is technically redundant since Tigen floats and does not touch the ground ever unless unconscious. Also, floating above, and to either side of his head or body are his Magnifiers, which also are made of and come from a special, other dimension. They are shaped like little floating rings with energy flowing through their center constantly. They are indestructible in every sense of the word, therefore making them physically invincible. They are about the size of Tigen's head, perhaps a little larger, and they constantly generate pure Reflective and Magnification energies through their centers.

Tigen's personality is constantly fluctuating. He has no true set personality, and thus, can be depicted as 'Totally Random.' However, his general personality can be summed up better than random, being as though he loves his family and home very much, he appreciates all friends and acquaintances that he meets. He will do most anything for chocolate, and also loves to play and be free, not tied down by anything, not even of this world. As such, he doesn't even have a set place to live. He absolutely despises confinement to the highest degree... He has a high sense of justice and morality for what HE thinks is right, -- not so much what other people think -- and believes in Free Energy. Tigen also tends to be rather oblivious and spacey, it would seem, however most times he has a sense of what is going on in a situation and knows more than he lets people know. He also tends to be a bit of a joker most times, loving to play with people in cruel, but majorly non-lethal ways. He also loves to sport the knowledge of what lies in other dimensions, alternate realities and other timelines because of his ability to warp from these 3 things -- and more -- at will, but will keep most things secret. Because of his high emotion and, for the most part, inability to control them, he has Multiple Personality Disorder, to a degree, and is emotionally unstable. Each of Tigen's flames -- which denotes another emotion -- has an alternate personality, but unlike most cases of MPD, he can retain everything that happens, but doesn't really CARE about what happens when another Tigen takes over, most times. He seems to get angry very easily and HATES when his body is damaged or when people undermine him. In addition to his mental instability, he is an amnesiac. His only memory of his own world and his people used to be a sword that was given to him upon leaving, and had no memory whatsoever of why he left and where this place is, but he was damn sure that he would find it one day. Now, because of recent events, he knows about his home dimension, his brother and what is going on, and aims to save his home dimension by gaining enough power. He still has no recollection of his 5 other siblings nor his mother and father, though.

Logs of Tigen's Journey

After Tigen learned two of his most powerful Liquid abilities, Alphus Liquidus and Omegigas Liquidus, Tigen had started to realize somethings about himself. During his acquisition of the Omegigas Liquidus, Tigen had attached the Bucket of Destiny to himself which caused him to go temporarily insane and unleashed one of Tigen's hidden power flames; The Clear Flame. After the Clear Flame came to Tigen, he began to remember things about his past, though they were very small snippets that were blurry and unclear. He didn't mind it. His brother, Pumpkinhead, also told him not to mind it -- wherever the hell he was.

Tigen soon reached the rank of Elite after a long and grueling battle with the Sky King, in which Tigen helped him train with his big ass sword. Soon after the battle, in which Tigen was COMPLETELY drained of energy by letting off a final attack, Liquid Exodus, Tigen had been asked to join the Sky King's team of 'The Preventers'. Tigen thought about it and soon afterwards accepted the offer after like... Some days of thinking.

As a reward for Tigen gaining the Clear Flame, becoming part of 'The Preventers' and getting 2 of his most powerful abilities, Tigen had been rewarded with his brother's weapon. It was an extremely large butcher knife named 'Pumpkin Carver', which had speed that surpassed that of a normal sword by an uncountable number.

A short period after being part of The Preventers, his rank went up as well. This gave Tigen a whole new perspective of the Nightmare World entirely. He also began to unlock a power deep within him that he did not know was there... The power of Nightmares. This was when Tigen could change into his Nightmare Scarecrow forms, though the only one he's really reached was the 1st, which was in a battle with the Dark King, one of the only people to actually defeat Tigen in combat. Tigen learned a life lesson from that battle... In addition to these nightmare forms, Tigen's flame turned a color that was equal in power but stronger in effect to the Clear Flame's... The Nothing Flame. In his Clear Flame mode, he almost acquired the power of the Nothing Flame, but it was far too powerful for Tigen to even comprehend, and thus resulted in him reverting back to a normal flame color. Tigen vowed not to use the flame again.

A long ways down the road, Tigen came to the Sky King for assistance in seeing what happened to his homeworld, since he had started to remember more clearly. He was then introduced to Kitten, who aided him in getting the Sky King. They both agreed to combine their power with Tigen's so that they could go to the past and have a first hand look at Tigen's beautiful, yet mysterious homeworld; the world of the keepers of Dimensional travel and that of all dimensions... The land of Dimensia. It was then that Tigen saw for himself the interdimensional wormhole that started to break and deteriorate Tigen's land, and also explained why Tigen and Pumpkinhead had to leave and were not allowed to come back until they had a sure-fire way to eliminate this black hole of interdimensional doom. It was still expanding over the homeworld, slowly eating its material makeup, however not destroying it, but converting it into more energy to fuel itself and make itself grow. Some would say that it was alive. They went back to the present before they were unable to return and parted ways from there. It was then that Tigen was told about the Dark King and how he had absorbed a certain fiend's abilities into himself. Tigen went to the Dark King's house and asked for assistance, but was promptly denied due to the resignation from the village. This left Tigen sad and in a struggle of what to do next... Was there anyone else to help him in such a crisis?

On a side note, Tigen had gained some new cute friends for himself along the way of him being an Elite, and some new abilities and weapons. He received a sword from the Overlord of the Netherworld, naming it Munashiigen for its adeptness with the abilities of Dimensional Energy. He also received a few new Pumpkin abilities from a battle with a feline with extremely powerful manna who assumed the shape of a human witch. He endured an extensive and intense battle with a small, yet noble figure who was a Meta Knight, who may or may not have unknowingly taught him some things about the way of the sword and speed. Soon after, Tigen got his first buddy, Primordial Chaos, who was originally just controlled by Tigen with a well placed Liquid Control, but now actually has grown fond of Tigen and who he is. The next buddy was a psion who loved Tigen unconditionally from the point of capture. Tigen loved her back in the same way, and they connected with their emotions, making a harmonic bond though they had just met. The newest member was a Grudge who Tigen could relate to, from the woes, pain and hatred of the thing that killed his people, how he will not see them again for a long time, and revenge for their deaths. With an emotional connected that was more dreary, yet still as powerful as his with his psion's, Rinna, Tigen calmed the Grudge's murderous intent... At least, to Tigen. Tigen also unknowingly gave the Grudge a love for carving pumpkins.

As of being on the moon, Tigen went under some personal training trying to master his Nightmare Scarecrow formes. For some reason, something went wrong and caused his flame to be corrupted with nightmares. The valiant Shirozuma came to stop this. After a grueling battle between the two, Tigen took on the final Nightmare Forme, which was definitely the most powerful. He and Shirozuma fought long and hard, and though Tigen did not want to fight Shirozuma like this, and Shirozuma did not want to kill Tigen, the corrupted flame had control over Tigen's body and thoughts, making him fight with devastating tactics. This new flame... An evil flame with the ability to summon nightmares of all kinds... The Nightmare Flame came to be.

Soon after the battle with Shirozuma, Tigen got a house; a large Liquid and Dimensional orb that hovers over the Eastern Sea, which seems to have no end on the inside. It warps during the day and comes back during the night. Tigen threw a housewarming party which seemed to be a big hit, showing Tigen's popularity. Afterward, however, Tigen went up into his quarters to see his dear brother; Pumpkinhead, who was in no real mood to hear from Tigen. He immediately forced Tigen out of his room and Tigen fell asleep after talking to his lamp, Pumpikkus. Tigen's little buddies downstairs could feel something was wrong with Tigen, and with some great ideas from the maneater, Hiun, they all decide to go upstairs to see Pumpkinhead, however it only goes for the worst... Pumpkinhead ends up beating up Tigen just a bit, however after this, Tigen is tired of Pumpkinhead blaming him for these things and flings him into the Dimensional Pool in his house, which leads to the Chaos World. Pumpkinhead somehow found his way to the Reality World, but still is in the Chaos at the same time. His power is not as full as it used to be, hell, it wasn't before he was flung, but now he quests to get his power back.

Tigen has acquired the power to destroy the astronomical interdimensional wormhole that threatens to eliminate his dimension, yet does not possess the personal strength to do this. This power he has received can control, tamper with, parry and destroy a black hole as well as create reverse black holes (not white holes, just reverse black holes) via... a vacuum cleaner. He wished for this and it was given to him by a dimension hopper. This vacuum cleaner has the ability to 1) suck in chakra/energy from wherever it is facing and whatever is within its gaping capacity (which indeed goes a very long way.) 2) Creating gravitational collapses spontaneously depending on how much energy it has, 3) Reverse the effects of black holes that point in its direction. It will prove to be very useful, though not really useful to Tigen unless up against black holes, ya know?

Another thing Tigen wished for was his scarf to have magical abilities like that of the late Grimnyzmal, the Devourist of the Black Hole. Tigen did inherit these abilities and uses them in different ways and such, but his scarf became very weak. Tigen figured out a way to concentrate his energies into his scarf as he fought, making it not-so-weak anymore. Regardless, eventually the power returned to his scarf, giving it double the power of the arm-strength of Tigen, as it was before.

One more thing that happened to Tigen was in his own house... He was locked in his Dimensional Pool, and the intense dimensional energy caused all of his flames to split and take on their own bodies, though they were made of energy of the color of the flame that resided in them. They wondered how they were all going to get back into the Main Body of Tigen that was lifeless at the moment, since they would not be able to survive if they left this place without a body as a host. You could say that these were Tigen's... Souls... And it seems as though Tigen has quite a few souls. They got into an argument out of panic, rage and conviction that one was right and the other was not, but that seemed to be the catalyst of an important event for Tigen... The main body suddenly spat out the 3 super flames; The Clear Flame, The Nothing Flame and the Nightmare Flame. These took the forms of an energy Tigen as well, and they mounted themselves on huge podiums that randomly bursted from the pool and surrounded the largest podium. Each podium was reserved with the names of the super flames, and the largest one had 'Dimensional' on it. The power from the super flames invoked the other flames to merge with with the main body, and enlisted in Tigen getting a new super flame and one of the most powerful; the Dimensional Flame... But the Dimensional Pool did not see Tigen fit to acquire this flame yet, and submerged back into the dimensional goodness that was the pool, giving Tigen's other 3 super flames back to him. He was expelled from the pool not to summon the Dimensional Flame until Tigen had gained sufficient power to control it. Soon enough.

Tigen also seems to be finding... The darker side of himself recently. That battle with Shirozuma was not the beginning and end of the Nightmare Scarecrow. Tigen used this on Ether, in which he almost ended up killing her... and that is when the Nightmare Flame began to act on its own, acting as a second voice to Tigen. Tigen ended up sparing Ether's life and acquired various Nightmare Energy abilities, but it seems this new Nightmare Flame is eating away at his thoughts and purity, slowly turning him into a nightmare himself... Unless this flame is controlled or purified, it will consume him in its nightmarish grip.
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Kairo Tigen
The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
Kairo Tigen

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Tigen; The Dimension's Keeper Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tigen; The Dimension's Keeper   Tigen; The Dimension's Keeper EmptyMon Feb 18, 2019 1:55 pm

Dimension 1: Tigen Wants To Be Ranked! Yay?

Tigen hovered slightly above the ground, awaiting some higher ranked person to come rank him.

A light wind blew through, rattling the leaves of a nearby tree. Shirozuma then appeared in the wind passing by standing on a branch with a smile. "You sure you're ready for this...?"

Tigen nodded his heavily covered head. "Yes, Tigen feels ready." He outstretched his arm, allowing his blade to warp into his open hand. Grasping, he opened his other hand as a ball of liquid energy began to take shape in it.

Shirozuma leapt from the branch and lands on the ground, giving Tigen a friendly smile then. He then placed his left hand gently on the handle of his 'Reverse Blade' and rested his other hand by his side. "Alright then. Let's begin."

Tigen returned a smile... Though, because of his scarf, it could not be seen. "Tigen shall try Tigen's best..." He flung the ball effortlessly at his ranker, floating in a sort of zigzagging direction to his right.

Shirozuma leapt in the air above the ball and grabbed his blade. "Well you have no reason to hold back my friend. NOW GO ALL OUT!" Shirozuma drew his blade at what seemed lightspeed sending a deafening 'Dragon Shout' down towards Tigen.

Tigen would immediately launch backwards, attempting to bide time as Shirozuma's 'Dragon Shout' was sent. He would have his three floating 'Magnifiers' come together in unison, one in front of the other, aimed at Shirozuma's attack. "Liquid Barrage! Magnification, x2! x4! x16!" He shouted, firing a dozen weak liquid balls through the 'Magnifiers', quickly making the twelve liquid balls double in power three times over. They would be used to block Shirozuma's Dragon Shout, but hopefully some would make it through and hit Shirozuma himself.

Shirozuma disappeared from the air, appearing on the ground instantly. "Interesting..." Shirozuma, holding his 'Reverse Blade' in hand, disappeared to the front of Tigen and force-palmed him in the air. He then swung his blade simultaneously three times, sending three Dragon Howls towards Tigen in midair.

Tigen was easily forced into the air, taking a little time to recover from such a swift hit. "Gh... Speedy..." Tigen's Magnifiers returned to their stationary positions hovering around Tigen. They quickly began to lock simultaneously in front of him, trying to stop the Dragon Howl things. Only one was able to be deflected, as the rest hit Tigen out of the sky. "That's no good..." Before Tigen reached the ground, he flipped himself over, continuing to hover just a few inches above. Just then, a purplish ball of liquid appeared in his two hands and a moderately larger one appeared in the palm of his scarf... Arm-hand-thing. All were launched at the ground: Two around Shirozuma, one directly at him. The two that bursted and stuck to the ground began to rise, poison flowing through them as they whipped around at Shirozuma's feet.

Shirozuma leapt in the air avoiding both the ball coming towards him and the substance that spread on the ground. In midair he withdrew his sword, then held his arms crossed with his hands at his shoulders. "Ya gotta step it up some kid. Breath Of Knives!" Shirozuma began flinging his arms as if throwing daggers, sending a barrage of slices of air raining down on Tigen.

Tigen quickly wrapped himself completely in his scarf thing, spinning himself as fast as he could on the spot. His Magnifiers rotated around him, also, only going up and down as they did so, spinning as fast as he did. That created some type of reflection shield that could protect and deflect from all angles. Some of the air was reflected back at Shirozuma, double power due to magnification. Once done with that, Tigen unwrapped himself, only with his left arm missing. That was the arm with the sword, which had been warped behind Shirozuma for a quick cut. "Warp Slash! Cut to pieces!" With that, Tigen's right hand began to form some liquid again...

Shirozuma took a slash from behind, then brought his blade to clash with the blade behind him. "Now we're getting somewhere." He smiled as he pushed the blade downwards towards the ground spinning, then faced Tigen as he withdrew his Reverse Blade. "Now let's see how far we can push you." Shirozuma disappeared from the sky to the ground instantly and snapped his fingers, sparking a flame, his eyes closed, still smiling. The flame then forms 'Batosai' as Shirozuma gripped it in an underhanded fashion. He then opened his eyes, their color changed to a fiery red as his 'Fire Spirit' was released. "I advise you not hold back! GUN FLAME!" Shirozuma slammed 'Batosai' into the ground, in turn creating fiery bursts from the ground towards Tigen in a line, making the sound of gunshots.

Tigen's pointed sockets widened, then narrowed as the flames came to him. His left arm now warped back into its socket as his Magnifiers began to lock into each other, one on top of the other. Tigen immediately attached the three linked magnifiers to his right hand, already charging a good amount of energy, aimed it at the ground, and... "Liquid Floor! x16! Spread and destroy!!" His liquid energy was not water, but it still had some qualities of it. A large sheet of liquid energy engulfed a set radius on the ground, putting out the fires. "I'm not holding back at all!" Some of the liquid began to expand upward, forming liquid spires and whips, all appearing from the ground randomly and going back down to attack Shirozuma.

Shirozuma was smacked by a couple whips while dodging spires. He let out a laugh as he continued doing flips until he was out of the radius, a red mark across his face from a whip that caught him off guard. "Good." Shirozuma waved his hand through the air as a flame followed. He then pointed his hand forward, and began firing blasts of fire from his hand, flying through the whips and spires, making their way towards Tigen as Shirozuma leapt in the air, his free hand covered in a blue flame and Batosai covered in flames as well.

Tigen was in a sort of dilemma now. He could only use the liquid that had been sheeted over the ground for the moment, and if he were to try to block, the radius would shrink, making his range shorter... Oh well. Things must be done. Tigen moved his hand upward, energy following and flowing straight upward. The thick liquid only covered Tigen's general area now. The barrage of flames would weaken certain areas, burning through to Tigen. Tigen had to endure the fires and keep concentration... And there still seemed to be enough liquid to create liquid spires for extra protection. Hopefully those would stop Shirozuma's oncoming attack if the liquid in general did not.

Shirozuma started his decent landing on the ground and cocking back his hand covered in blue flames. "Buster Howl!" Shirozuma struck the wall of liquid, burning through it quickly. Piercing through the liquid defense. Shirozuma pushed his hand further aiming for Tigen's abdomen. Tyrael then speaks in Shirozuma's mind.

Tyrael: 'You know you left yourself completely open, Shirozuma.'

Shirozuma: 'Of course. I'm seeing how he handles the situation.'

Tigen could not hold the rest of the liquid afterwards, so it dispersed itself everywhere, leaving Tigen open. Of course, Tigen was burned quite badly, but he could hold out and give some more good hits. He hadn't used up a whole lot of power thanks to his Magnifiers, so now he's have to use them to the fullest. Tigen jetted off backwards, Magnifiers now unlocked from his hand. Tigen grabbed the sword with both hands, letting the liquid energy engulf the blade. The Magnifiers then spread vertically as Tigen slashed downward with a "Liquid Wave! Triple x2!" Not only once vertically, but another time horizontally, and another time diagonally, and once more in the opposite diagonal direction, magnifiers responding accordingly. "Tigen's lucky Tigen's body is that of a puppet's, for the most part... Tigen doubts humans could suffer such a hit and still be able to move as freely as Tigen can."

"Maybe... Then again, not every human is the same." Shirozuma smiled as he began leaping back, dodging each wave that was thrown towards him. The last slash cut through the back of his cloak, nearly missing his legs. "Well that was a close one."

Tigen may have been exerting a little too much energy, but, it was still time to press on! More barrages of attacks! His left arm warped again, along with one Magnifier, up to the sky, 'Liquid Sword' thrusting downward into the center of the Magnifier, creating a large blast of liquid to go down to Shirozuma. Then, the process was repeated, both the 'Liquid Sword' wielding arm and Magnifier teleporting and thrusting from the left, from the right, from above again...! Oh, hell, almost every direction, really, as the other two Magnifiers began floating in a large radius around the area in which Shirozuma was the center. From his scarf, he used his "Liquid Barrage! Chain Reflection Magnification!" to shoot a final multitude of medium sized liquid balls at the two Magnifiers, which then magnified and reflected the liquid at Shirozuma from many directions, too. "Tigen hopes this works... Tigen's never done so much before... How much longer can Tigen hold out?" His brightly lit green, triangular sockets soon dimmed to a faint blue...

Shirozuma smiled as the barrage of attacks came in his direction, his eyes beginning to glow a dim red. Lifting up Batosai in front of him still underhanded, he then dismissed the blade in a flame. Shirozuma clasped his hands together, causing a barrier of flames to ignite surrounding him. The liquid struck the flames, some making it through until the flames are completely dispersed. "Well that's not good." Shirozuma calls Batosai back to his hand and begins deflecting the liquid attacks in the same fashion as deflecting beams.

Tigen couldn't continue to force anymore energy from himself. That one attack got him bad, and he needed time to put himself back together. Everything of Tigen's abruptly ceased, leaving an eerie silence for a few moments. His arm teleported back into its socket and his Magnifiers hovered back to their initial positions floating above and beside Tigen. His arm scarf wrapped around his wound, his sockets flickered from green to blue and back again every few seconds. "So... How did Tigen do?" he asked a bit wobbly.

Shirozuma's eyes began to turn back to their normal hazel brown color. He smiled as he walked up to Tigen and pat him on his back. "You did well kid. Congrats. You are now a Standard. Well done."

Tigen does some type of exaggerated hovering backflip, falling down onto his head due to his instability. "Er. Yay! Tigen feels proud!" An energy suddenly began flowing around Tigen, not liquid, but dimensional. "Tigen will... Never forget you, Shirozuma!" he said as a small, light blue burning fire teardrop streaked from one... Eye carving socket. Tigen then interdimensionally warped elsewhere in the village.
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Kairo Tigen
The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
Kairo Tigen

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PostSubject: Re: Tigen; The Dimension's Keeper   Tigen; The Dimension's Keeper EmptyMon Feb 18, 2019 2:15 pm

Dimension 2: Tigen's Feeling A Bit Bored...

Tigen hovered a bit laxly over a river, awaiting anyone who wanted to fight.

A brown gift box with green tree silhouettes unfolds near the river and a dimension hopper appeared. She grinned behind her now light blue mask and looked at Tigen. "So, lookin' fer a fight eh? Feel like havin' a go with me?"

A ninja appeared from afar watching the battle with a metal creature next to him.

Tigen began to float upward, nodding his pumpkin head, sword warping into his hand thereafter. "Let us begin!" Tigen unleashed a "Liquid Barrage!" immediately after finishing, floating off to the side as he did so.

The dimension hopper grin and toss up a warp box. The box opens, swallowing the liquid and shooting them back out randomly. She crouched down at the bank of the river, digging her fingers into the ground. "Desert Extension." She pulled her fingers out and sand spilled from the hole. "It's not polite to just attack a lady yanno," she laughed and pulled out her spear from her bag. "Now, lets begin." The heat in the area rose as the river began to lower as it's filled with sand.

Tigen looked at her with sort of questioning look in his eyes. "It's not? Tigen wasn't aware of that... But... A battle is a battle, through and through!" Tigen waved his hand around a few times, then clenched it, having the liquid be dispersed and dissolved. He was not aware of the heat rising, since his head was filled with a ghostly flame! Tigen wrapped his long hand-scarf around his left arm and his sword as his right arm shot a few "Liquid Death!"s through a Magnifier at the opponent, to increase their deadly poison, size, and power.

The dimension hopper dodged to the right, falling on the ground, and rolled back up. She reached into her bag and pulled out the 'Super Sandals'. 'These should come in handy.' She hopped into them and pointed her spear out. "Super Sandals~!" She took off running towards him, the increased heat powering her next attack. She concentrated the heat in the air around her hands and spear. "Inferno's Yari!" Right as she's in front of him, she jumped into the air, bringing her now flaming spear down towards him and releasing a stream of flames.

Tigen's three floating Magnifiers floated above him, taking and reflecting the flaming spear attack. Tigen jetted diagonally upwards higher into the air, unraveling his arm, which was now gone. His arm had warped behind her, slashing at her repeatedly. "Warp Slash!" The three Magnifiers then began to float around Tigen's opponent, rotating up and down faster and faster around her. She could still move, though they would follow her and move in that same pattern.

She didn't flinch as her flames were redirected at her and absorbed them back into herself. The dimension hopper growled as she's hit by the slashes and increased the heat around her. The wind began to pick up speed around her and she sent fire into the swirling wind. She flexed her power to force the wind away and push back the objects surrounding her. "Firestorm Armor." The mix of fire and wind begin to solidify, taking in debris from around the battlefield. The extreme heat began turning the sand particles into strong panels of glass. The dimension hopper floated there and rubbed her chin. "Another warper huh...? This should be interesting." She pulled out three 'Pandora's Gift Boxes'. "I'd like to introduce you to my 'Pandora Gift Boxes'. Weapons of my own creations. Each holds a dimension of its own and what comes out is unknown even to me, so I hope you like surprises!" She threw the boxes up as she finished her sentence. The boxes enlarged and opened, releasing whatever may be inside.

Tigen's Magnifiers and left arm were forced away from her, but had come back to him afterwards. When Tigen heard the word 'dimension' he could only thing. 'Is she... One of Tigen's own? She doesn't look like Tigen, but... She can do some stuff with dimensions. Maybe Tigen has found someone that is from Tigen's home...' Just then, the boxes all exploded. Tigen's Magnifiers, now rotating extremely fast around him, had blocked a lot of damage from him, -- especially when it was unexpected -- but did not prevent the force of the explosions from pushing him backwards. He flew, bouncing off of the ground every now and then in a comical manner thanks to his Magnifiers, and then began twirling and spinning every which way until he hit a tree... And by that time his Magnifiers had stopped rotating. A little jarred at first, Tigen recovered and began to float over the trees a little shakily, but still in a good condition. Sure, his tattered, oversized, stitched shirt was on fire, but he quickly put it out. With that all done, Tigen figured that distance was the key, so... "Liquid Expand! x2!" He expanded some liquid through a Magnifier, just to give it distance and power, and proceeded in whipping it around at the dimension hopper.

She groaned as she saw the tiny number six on two of the boxes, knowing what was coming. The explosions knock into her and, despite her shield of glass, flames, and wind, she shot towards the ground at incredible speeds. As she fell, she touched the tattoo on her stomach. "Hangetsu No Goudou: Bennu!" Large wings of energy appeared on her back right as she hit the ground, taking most of the impact. She hopped up, her shield shattering around her, and flew back into the sky away from the large ball of liquid. The force of the wind from her wings knocked it back as she ascended and circled around. She did a few hand seals and began coughing. After a few coughs, she exhaled a large cloud of ash and spread it across the battlefield and down on her opponent.

Tigen stared up at the sky, not knowing what was going on. Tigen didn't need to breathe -- he had no organs or eyes... So this ash made no sense to him. Ah well, the time for confusion is over. Tigen raised his blade to the sky, both hands touching it, wrapping it in liquid. "Liquid Sword! Liquid Expand!" The now liquid blade stretched out to the sky, a mere three times longer than the original blade -- which wasn't too long to begin with, only half Tigen's size, and Tigen's just about seven feet, not including the hat. Tigen slashed the sword at the dimension hopper, trying to slice her wings or something to get her out of the sky.

She used the abilities of the Super Sandals plus her own speed in the sky to dodge the attack. "Heh heh..." She flew higher and clicked her teeth. The ash still lingering on her mask acted like a wick on a stick of dynamite and traveled towards the rest of the ash. The battleground soon lit up in an explosion as all that the ash touched went boom.

Tigen would soften the sword, swiftly bending and shaping it through some Magnifiers like a snake, but at the same time wrapping it around himself to put out any fire coming at him. Still, he was forced upward by the explosion, but he had a quick way of making the resulting fires not effect him. "Yay liquid!" After the explosions, Tigen would spiral at the dimension hopper, still wrapped in his shield of liquid, but once in range would slash, shouting, "Liquid Wave!" And one layer of this shield would be blasted in a kind of dome-like all around direction.

The dimension hopper braced herself, watching as the liquid came at her. "Armor Of Wind!" The wind current around her changed into a sphere around herself and her wings wrapped around her, merging with the wind. The temperature around her began to drop to below freezing. The combined weight of the energy and the now freezing water particles trapped in her armor drop her to the ground. The shield is still hit with the liquid and the force of it sends her quicker to the ground, but it doesn't make it past the shield as it freezes. The moment the dimension hopper hit the ground, she summoned three sand clones and she tossed up four 'Warp Boxes' around Tigen and she and her clones all jump into one, themselves. "Warp Box Barrage!" They shot out of the boxes, wind swords formed around all their arms, and sent shockwaves of cutting wind at Tigen.

Tigen's left arm would instantaneously warp a long ways away from the original spot, still holding the sword of liquid. The thing was, the sword was still in liquid form, still operational, and still wrapped around Tigen. With a swift slash in an odd direction somewhat upward but to the side at the same time, Tigen launched himself in his liquid sword veil out of the way of the barrage, but was swung around in such a fashion that on every revolution, Tigen could hit the dimension hopper if she was in range. Large liquid spikes shot from the veil, making this liquid sword look more like a liquid mace...

The air around the dimension hopper and her clones remained freezing, so as they came into range, the spikes froze. They sent shockwaves of wind out, shattering them. As they drew closer, the liquid continued to freeze and they continued to shatter it with shockwaves. The dimension hopper pulled her arm back, the clones doing so as well, and sent out a powerful rush of cutting wind towards Tigen.

Tigen's scarf arm would wrap fully around himself so it would weaken the blows of the cutting wind, since Tigen could do nothing else at the moment. His arm would warp back into its socket, and the scarf would forcefully swash around, repelling anymore oncoming wind cutting slices. Right then, Tigen's sword reverted to normal as Tigen came in with a quick slash towards the dimension hopper. His jack-o-lantern eyes had become a sort of reddish color... He was preparing for a special ability that was natural to him.

The dimension hopper's clones and she controlled the wind around them to clash with their repelled attacks. She noticed his sword turned back to normal and grabbed one of her clones, using her to stop the stop the attack. The dimension hopper looked at Tigen's eyes and raised an eyebrow in confusion at the change. The clone began leaking sand where the sword connected and the dimension hopper slammed her palm into her back, turning the sand into spikes. Flying higher, she tossed the clone into Tigen and she exploded, the sand spikes all flying toward him.

Tigen's three Magnifiers would quickly hover to his front, flying around crazily to magnify and reflect some of the spikes back at the dimension hopper. The ones that would make it past, however, Tigen would cut up... It was just sand, right? Tigen's hand would begin charging, liquid flowing around it in an eerie manner. His eyes stayed red, burning a bit brightly. It was not time for the ability yet... Instead, a thick disc of liquid formed under his palm. "High Density Liquid, Liquid Cutter!! Magnification, x2!" What a devastating combination. Not only would the very fast liquid disc be MAGNIFIED, it would become more durable and harder to destroy. He launched the disc through one of his now rested Magnifiers, increasing its size to double. Tigen held out his finger, moving it to where he wanted the disc to go... But then, he held out his other finger, and his disc split into two. One headed at the dimension hopper, the other... In some other direction. That's a great benefit to liquid -- splitting!

The dimension hopper separated the sand as it came to her and it trickled to the ground. She watched as Tigen created the liquid disc and her own eyes began to change color. Their clear gray color began to change to a vibrant purple whilst the whites of her eyes turn teal. A teal aura of energy also formed around her as she dropped her bag. The energy fluttered as a flame would and suddenly erupted. As the discs came toward her, she didn't move. "Extreme Heat..." The mark on her stomach glowed as her body burned from the intense heat. The discs near, but don't make contact as they evaporate. The dimension hopper sent an intense glare at Tigen before flying higher, as close to the sun as possible. The heat from the sun fueled her and kept the flames around her going. The wings on her back increased in size and the gusts of air coming from the flapping turned into miniature tornadoes due to the increased force behind it. Despite the increased power, she didn't attack. A force took over her mind and as she spoke, it is not her voice coming out. It was the voice of a more mature and powerful being. "What do you intend to do now child? This battle has dragged on long enough and all we've witnessed is your ability to manipulate liquid. Tell us we have not wasted our time in fighting you."

Tigen's eyes returned to their normal bright green, hearing the voice of this person. "Tigen was just looking for a bit of fun.. Nothing more. If you are done, Tigen can take Tigen's leave..." Tigen would disperse the liquid in the air, nodding his head to her in a kindly fashion, Magnifiers returning to their initial stationary positions floating above and beside Tigen. He'd float over the tornadoes, strong dimensional power forming around him. "Anything else to say, miss? Tigen had fun! Fuuun! You made Tigen have fun. Heheheheh... Get your comments out before Tigen takes a leave!" Tigen had started to teleport...

The dimension hopper finally grabbed ahold of the being in her mind and pushed it away. Her eyes revert to gray and the flames around her die, leaving faint burn marks on her skin and clothes. She noticed the pumpkin man going away and tilted her head in confusion. "Hey! Where are you going? The battle's over...?" She scratched the back of her head, shrugging before waving goodbye to Tigen and wagging her tail. "Well, whatever just happened, it was a good match~. I'll see ya round Mr. Pumpkin~!"

Tigen waved his hand, smiled, -- though it cannot be seen under his scarf -- and continued to dimensionally warp into another part of the village.
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Kairo Tigen
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The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
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Tigen randomly flailed his sword in various directions, eyes flashing different colors. "Fight Tigen! WOO!"

A ninja warped in and stretched. "Bring it."

Tigen threw his sword up into the air, trapping it in a bubble of liquid to keep it in place. His Magnifiers floated below him as he immediately does his 'Liquid Floor' technique. Tigen dispersed the bubble and let the sword drop into the liquidity.
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Kairo Tigen
The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
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Dimension 4: Open To All

The Demon King sat and awaited almost any villager.

Tigen would warp into his presence, saying, "Tigen... Would like to test Tigen's strength against you, Mr. Rank Higher Than Tigen's!"

The Demon King turned to the new face. "I can tell you're gonna piss me off."

Tigen's eyes immediately darkened to a black flame. "Perhaps that would set a better mood for the battle, wouldn't you say...?" Tigen's sword warped into his left hand as his right hand had a bit of liquid energy flowing around it.

The Demon King put his hands behind Tigen's back. "Act as you please. Your attitude towards this battle will only effect you and your well being." The Demon King pulled his hands back to plain sight, revealing 'Dragoon'. "Well, you may have the first move. I'd hate to win without you ever attacking."

Tigen nodded, eyes still black with the flame. His three Magnifiers would lock in the palm of his arm-scarf, and his large, towering arm-scarf would begin firing large liquid balls through the Magnifiers "Liquid Warp! x2! x4! x16!" The giant liquid balls would then warp by themselves in various random directions of the Demon King as Tigen jetted off backwards.

The Demon King began to run towards Tigen, dodging the balls of liquid at will. "Go there." The Demon King began to fire hellfire bullets at Tigen with his right 'Dragoon' whilst shooting any oncoming liquid balls with his left 'Dragoon'. "Here I come!" The Demon King drew near Tigen while shooting at both him and his balls of liquid.

Tigen's Magnifiers unlock from his hands and started rotating around him swiftly. Tigen shouts "High Density Liquid! Liquid Wave! x16!" Tigen waved his left hand and his sword-wielding hand and launched a wave of liquid energy through his Magnifiers to increase power. "This dense liquid should fizz out your fire and have enough power to hit you, too..." The tidal wave of liquid energy would surround him from all sides, just in case. With that done, his arm-scarf wrapped around his arm with the sword...
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Kairo Tigen
The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
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Dimension 5: Tigen Must Master The Bladed Liquid Techniques!

Tigen would raise his hand to the sky, hovering above a vast, deserted forest. A small concentration of dimentional energy would form into his hand, then warp his sword into it. Tigen would grasp his sword firmly, slashing it around in the air a few times to get a good feel with it. "Alright. Time for Tigen to begin!" His flame turned into a bright, determined red as he jetted downward into the forest depths. He held his sword with both of his hands, concentrated a decent amount of liquidity into it, therefore forming his "Liquid Sword! Cut and destroy!" He would chop down trees as he flew profusely, elongating and contracting his sword when necessary. He flew in a straight line, turning for nothing. His speed in cutting increased exponentially, as did his speed in flying. He chopped straight through to the end of the forest, flying upward once he finished. He stared at his marvelous creation... which was basically splitting the forest down the middle. "Haha, clean pathway. Now that the blade has been used enough in liquid form, it is time to increase the liquidity..." His grip tightened and the sword's liquid form began to become larger in height and width. "High Density Liquid Sword!"

Tigen flailed the sword in a certain way, then stopped moving altogether. His flame had become dim. He concentrated on the sword very hard, flame becoming brighter and brighter the more he did. He slashed the sword, jetting off at high speeds into the forest, cutting at least five trees at a time in a single slash as he did. The same as before, Tigen increased his speed, but since the blade was larger and heavier, he could not increase his cutting speed "Tigen must finish... Tigen must take it to the limit!" Tigen sliced and cut as fast as he could with the sword, slowing down a bit so he would not slip up and fall or hit a tree himself. He cut through to the other end of the forest now, gazing at his new creation... Which was just another line down the forest, only double the size than the first. "Tigen's doing well... Just a little bit more power, and..." Tigen increased the liquidity and the density of his sword, almost so much as though it was weighing him down to the ground. He could barely lift his overgrown liquid sword now.

Tigen's eyes burned brighter, so much that the red flame actually spurted from his triangular sockets a bit. Tigen flew at a moderate pace towards another bulk of trees, cutting down at least ten at a time during every slash, now. He flew slowly and his slices were tortoise-fast, but hell, he was cuttin' down like ten thick ass trees! Tigen seemed to be taking his sweet time cutting down this line of trees... It took him a good twenty minutes to reach the edge of the forest just hacking away instead of two. Tigen dragged his blade across the ground, spinning faster and faster during every revolution. Tigen then lifted his blade as he spun, cutting down a whopping thirty trees within the sword's radius! Hot damn. Tigen had trouble slowing down and stopping, but hell, he did it... After five minutes of spinning. Tigen's sword still returned to the ground as he continued to drag it out of the edge of the forest. Tigen used all of his might to fly up to look at his new creation, but dammit, IT WAS DONE. He gazed at it, seeing now that it was a line three times bigger than the first with an even larger dot at the bottom. "Holy hell, an exclamation point! " Now Tigen had to master the techniques... Powerful techniques. He had enough charged liquid, it was dense enough, and it was powerful enough for a few different good attacks. "ALRIGHT, LET TIGEN LEVEL THIS ABANDONED FOREST!" Tigen concentrated even HARDER on the liquid, and it began to flare on the blade. Tigen's eyes bursted with fire, as his arm-scarf wrapped around the hilt of the blade, too. Tigen lowered the blade and screeched, "ALPHUS LIQUIDUS!!" And with that, the blade shot directly into the ground, seemingly in an endless abyss of liquid. The blade suddenly became very light to Tigen. He dragged his sword across the forest from the sky and it destroyed not only the trees, but split the ground in the process. Tigen continued dragging the blade until it had gone to the other end, leaving nothing but now rich soil. Nothing more. Tigen's blade returned to its normal size, though still in liquid form, and he raised it over his shoulder, eyes dimmed. "Gyaaah... Tigen still has another one to do... And that one used up so much of Tigen's-- WOAH, WOULDJA LOOKIT THAT? THAT'S ONE BIG ASS CREATION RIGHT THERE." Tigen cackled in the air, falling backwards in the air a few times. He then became very serious suddenly. "Last technique for today. Mastering the Toukai Slash!!"

Tigen's magnifiers suddenly began to spring to action, hovering around Tigen like there was no tomorrow. Tigen's liquid sword was still flaring, though it was just at normal size. Tigen struggled to brighten his eyes, but in the end, he got them to a minimal brightness. He really was almost out of power. One quick blast would have him good. Tigen raised his blade with all three hands and began focusing a bit more liquid into it. 'Toukai Slash' was not near as powerful as the 'Alphus Liquidus', but hell, it could finish off this already falling apart forest. Tigen's Magnifiers then locked onto the sword, enhancing its power by sixteen times. Tigen flew downward at blinding speed and with ferocious power, slashing downward towards the ground. "TOUKAI SLASH!" was shouted right before making impact, which was a silent impact. Tigen did not touch the ground. The sword did, slipping into the ground making no noise whatsoever. With that, the Magnifiers blasted off from the sword, jutting into the ground just as the sword did. Suddenly, three small shockwaves of liquid headed from the blade and through the three Magnifiers, creating three large shockwaves headed in three different directions. While still in the ground, the Magnifiers switched to different places, and the process was repeated. After doing this about three times, the Magnifiers then returned to the sword as the large chain of shockwaves had reached the ends of the forest. With that, Tigen let out the final blast of the 'Toukai Slash', which basically filled in the gaps from each of the liquid shockwaves, resulting in one large blast of liquid in the shape of a T. Tigen raised his blade, flame almost extinguished, and flew ever so slowly to his seeing point. He witnessed no forest, nothing at all. Only a large T in the middle of what used to be the forest's center. "Haha... T is for Tigen..." Tigen's flame had finally gone out for the moment, as he spiraled toward the ground. As an unconscious defense mechanism, he warped out of this now barren place, back into a comfortable spot where he could recover unharmed. Go Tigen, Tigen rules and um... Dude, Tigen just leveled a whole freakin forest.
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The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
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Dimension 6: Tigen Would Like A Rank Up!

Tigen tipped his hat down, eyes glowing an extra bright green and he summoned his sword. "Tigen really needs a bitchin' name for this sword..." Tigen would say to himself, waiting for another ranker.

An ethereal man would appear in the green opening with his headphones around his neck and arms in his cloak, smiling. "Are you sure you're ready?"

Tigen nodded his head, readying his sword. "Ooo, Tigen has another ranker! Hooray! Don't hurt Tigen too badly, okay?"

"Sure." The ethereal man smiled as he twitched his nose, making a TOWER of blue and white fire erupt from under Tigen almost instantly.

A surprising blow from below, Tigen would be engulfed in fire for a second or two, but his Magnifiers would spring into action as of now. They orbited around Tigen at high speeds, creating a shield to reflect the fire from Tigen. He bursted through the tower, shaking it off. "Hm. That was good. Tigen wasn't expecting that!" He coughed out a bit of smoke not from his own flame in his pumpkin head. Whatever on him was on fire, he would put out with a bit of liquid energy. Tigen flew to the sky, dashing backwards somewhat swiftly as he let out a blast of "Spiraling Liquidity!" at the ethereal man from afar. His arm-scarf wrapped around his sword wielding arm in the process, however...

The ethereal man easily dodged the blast as he looked in Tigen's direction and white hot fireballs formed around him from the heat in the air, then began shooting at Tigen continuously at blinding speeds without cease.

Tigen's magnifiers, again having to reflect the blasts did so, only back into each other for a while until his armscarf unwraveled and revealed that his left arm was gone. A "Warp Slash!" had been initiated, and the sword arm would cut at Jace from behind, which would hopefully stop the barrage of fire at him. Tigen wouldn't be able to hit all of them back at each other. With that, he used his arm still attached to him to use a "Liquid Wave!" to put out any fires that would still be coming onto him and then flow directly at Jace.

*I slide to the side at great speed as I look at the arm hit the ground as itt bursts into blue flames that can't be put out by normal water jutsu as the arm begins to melt as I look at the incoming blast as I jump back and evade it*


*I look toward you and the flames begins to move even faster as I form a giant hand of white and blue flames to materilize around you and attempt to grab you and horribly burn you*

Tigen, in pain because of his arm, would instantenously warp over near it and pour liquid from the Bucket of Destiny on it. Tigen doesn't use water, Tigen uses liquid energy. It has properties of water, but is not water. Tigen would try to save his arm and connect it back to himself now. Luckily Tigen could still use it, since Tigen did not have skin or bones. "Ooo, Tigen's pissed now! It will take Tigen so long to repair this arm!!" Tigen's flame blackened and his triangular sockets began spurting a great deal of fire. Tigen warped the Bucket of Destiny away as his magnifiers randomly flew around the area almost unable to be seen, they were going so fast. Tigen flung his sword into his scarf's hand and then flew into the air, having his arms detach from his body and fly around the area, also, launching really large liquid balls everywhere as they flew, every one of them blasting a magnifier and being magnified and reflected back at Jace. His body and head, however, made liquid focus into the sword, making a "Liquid Sword!" He would continue to focus as much liquid energy into the sword as possible while still controlling his magnifiers and arms. It was a tough process, indeed, but hell, Tigen was pissed about his burnt arm.

*I begin smiling as I easily dodge the liquid blasts comming my way as I begin my way toward you*

Hey cool, you have fire and you can warp, hopefully you can do something with it.

*I then flick my finger toward you maflame king a giant shocwave of Fire rush toward you while the arm quickly rushes to you*

Tigen planned to do something with his powers. He usually did not use his warping and has yet to use his fire on anyone during battle... However. These things might be needed. Tigen would make his magnifiers and arms stop randomly, Then focus on Jace. Tigen would use his "Liquid Wave!" with his Liquid Sword to either put out fire coming towards him, or just prolong its arrival. With that, he had a chance to dodge, which he did. He flew backwards, to the right, then up a bit. Tigen then did a "Liquid Barrage!!" using his hands and not only the magnifiers in his normal x16... But more. "x2! x4! x16! x256! x65,536!!" Magnified that much, the small liquid balls became OVERLY IMMENSE. Just going through his magnifiers 5 times made them that big, and they were all aiming at Jace. There were about 10, which was the lowest number he COULD do with a liquid barrage. "Tigen never magnified that much before... Maybe, if Tigen..." Tigen had a thought, but it would have to come later. He focused even more liquid energy into his sword, making it larger and larger...


*I smile as I create two immense hands of fire to form infront of me to clap creating a Monsterous Shockwave of heat to be shot everywhere evaporating the immense liquid balls as I turn around and look at you*

But careless...

*I close my eyes and smile as I create fireballs to continuously ravage your body at immense speed*

Tigen would be hit by a few of them first, for he was caught off guard, but then he would recover by spinning his Liquid Sword and smacking them away. Of course, since Tigen himself was not NEARLY as fast as his magnifiers, he could not get them all, and he would be hit every so often by them, but nevertheless, it was better than having them all hit at once. Tigen then bursted out of that barrage and began flying around nonstop. He then had his magnifiers orbit around Jace so fast that they could not be seen. Again, his hands would launch a "Liquid Barrage" from afar, only this time nonstop at Jace. Tigen, being one with his hands and magnifiers even when they were not near, could time his liquid balls to hit the magnifiers on the inside without even thinking every time, so all of the liquid balls from the barrage would be magnified and hit Jace fast "Heh heh heh.. You thought you were the only one who could do something like that.. Tigen can do something similar, too..." He said, focusing more energy into his already very large sword.

*I smile and since im faster than your magnifiers beyond belief I jump straight and grab every single magnifier as I increase the heat around me to evaporat every single liquid ball shot at me*

Guess I can try this out

*I put all four magnifiers infront of me after I coat them with muteki crystal as I reach down my shirt and reval the eye of dashi* Eye of dashi* An already giant lightning bolt is shot through all four magnifiers taking the size of a meteor lightning bolt rushing toward you at lightning speed*

Tigen would have his magnifiers warp back in front of him "Eh? What's this crap on them?" He had no time to think of that. Quickly, Tigen would warp himself beside Jace, fire burning green. He'd pull down his scarf, revealing his mouth and blow a sweet green fire at him... and green fire meant sleep fire. Of course, this fire was painless, it would just put Jace to sleep.

*if you would have read my jutsu list you would know that that "crap" was Muteki Crystal and since you fooloshly tried to reflect my Thunder meteor with the Muteki crystal around the magnifier, the magnifier was used against you and only magnified the thunder meteors strength shocking the shit out of you leaving you barely alive*


*I smile as The fire swirls around me and then around my fist as it changes into blue fire as I punch you in the chest so fast that it breaks the sound barrier sending you flying far and far leaving a path of destrutcion in your wake leaving you breathless*

hmm, I think that was decent.

*I rub my chin*

Tigen, in a good amount of pain would kind of lie there for a moment, burning for a few seconds before the fire went out on its own. Since Tigen doesn't breathe, (or have any internal organs to DO so...) he would float up a bit shakily, almost falling a few times "Buu, you keep on burning Tigen's body up. It'll take Tigen forever to fix this... Just give Tigen the rank, if you please?" Tigen would kind of be playing with his burnt arm, flailing it randomly and thinking what he would use to patch it together...
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The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
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Dimension 7: Tigen must train without magnifiers! Anyone wanna help?

Tigen's magnifiers fall to the ground, stacking ontop of each other and become sealed with liquid energy "Anyone want to help Tigen?"

*i walk in and pull off my shades*
sure, it seems like fun

Tigen's eyes lit up "Alright! Let the training begin! And thank you for your time, sir." Tigen's sword warped into his left hand and Tigen held out his right "Well, come at Tigen, then!"

*i call seiken to me*
alright...dont disappoint me!
*i jump in the air and come down with a vicious slice*

Tigen flips his blade into the hand of the scarfarm thing, slapping his hands on the ground fast and jetting backward, leaving a trail of liquid "Liquid Floor!" The liquid expands to cover a large area, then makes a few whips come out of the liquid.

*i jump back, away from the whips and throw seiken*

Tigen forms all of the whips into one large one, slapping the seiken away from Tigen, then the large whip spurts liquid spikes from it, then stabs at Kai.

*seiken comes back to me and i proceed to slice the spikes*

As the spikes were sliced, Tigen would explode the liquid altogether, not only creating a nice bit of force, but turning the liquid into miniature Liquid Balls. Tigen would then close his hand, having all of the dispersed liquid to come in at Kai simultaneously, but in return, the Liquid Floor left.

*Crimson Cureges wraps around me and bursts away, knock the attack back*

Tigen held his sword tightly with his scarfarmthing, turning it into the "Liquid Sword!" Tigen's sword bursted with liquid and Tigen began to spin... but not only spin, but revolve a good distance around Kai. "Liquid Wave!" The wave of liquid energy flowed freely from the spinning blade and would attack from all around due to Tigen's orbiting aroun Kai.

*i jump in the air to try and avoid the attack*

Tigen would continue spinning, only aiming the sword upward now in the direction that Kai was in. Once the wave had stopped, Tigen focused some more liquid into the blade, making it bigger.

*i spin rapidly*

Tigen would raise his now larger and more powerful Liquid Sword to the air and would dart at Kai, slashing at him with great speed with little effort. The other training paid off. Tigen would leave his 2 real (enough) hands free to use liquid, in which case, he would begen to wrap his fists in liquid.

*i collapse to the ground and pour seinaruinto it*
*i throw seiken at tigen*

Tigen would be hit by the seiken on account of him being distracted by slashed and liquid charging, but made a general recovery after being knocked back a bit. Tigen then tried to do something a bit difficult. He tried to do 3 liquid powerups, one after another. "High Density Liquid!" was the first, in which all of Tigen's liquid became more powerful and more durable; "Liquid Expand!" was next as his liquid sword began to lose its shape and began to bend and swirl and cut at Kai at random; and lastly "Liquid Fist!" although he could not make a large enough fist on both hands because he was concentrating on the sword, he had enough liquid due to the High Density Liquid. Tigen would then punch at Kai and slice at the same time, leaving no time to spare in between attacks.

*as i take the attacks, seiken bursts into seinaru bullets and shoot at tigen*

Tigen tried to stop the bullets by bending the form of the sword around him, but a lot still managed to get past beforehand. They would hit him, cutting a bit through his already tattered shirt, causing him to wince a bit in pain... But he could take it. With such a close range, Tigen could do two really good attacks... Tigen held out one of his fists and bent his liquid sword around (not touching) Kai, and said "Liquid Needle!" Very slender, long needles then jutted out from the sword in all directions, and since it was around Kai... it would be painful for him. Not only that, Tigen's right hand exploded with liquid, which would create a moderate force able to knock someone back a short way. That would eliminate his liquid fist on his right hand...

*as i take the attacks, i fly back and smash into a tree*
tch...this nice...this is what i needed
*i pour seinaru into the tree, call my bow, and rush at tigen. before i get too close, i dash to the side and shoot a concentrated seinaru arrow*

Tigen would grab the Liquid sword out of his armscarf hand while simultaneously spinning the large armscarf so it could smack the arrow off course into another direction. With that done, the armscarf would wrap around Tigen's left hand, and Tigen would float backwards at a high speed, immediately stopping about 40 yards away. He would unwrap his scarf from his arm to find that it was gone. That's right, Tigen had done "Liquid Warp!" Nope, not Warp Slash, but Liquid Warp. With that, his Liquid Fist charged arm would warp behind Kai and punch and once again would explode the liquid energy. Ofcourse, in the meanwhile, Tigen was focusing more liquid into his blade, making it larger...

*i fly into the air after the blast*
*i call ryu and hayate to me and throw them both at tigen*

Tigen's arm would warp back into its socket, and as the two weapons were thrown at Tigen, Tigen would grab his own blade with both hands and slash randomly in all directions around him, also slapping them away with his sword "Mmm. You're helping Tigen pretty well! Tigen has found so many ways to deflect attacks without using magnifiers! But don't try anymore throwing stuff... Tigen has ways to take care of that!" Suddenly, Tigen would stop slashing, sword down at his side, still being held with both hands. Tigen would get as close to the ground as possible, then fly at mach speed at Kai, liquid blade dragging across the ground "Liquid Wave!" He would unleash a large wave of liquid energy right in front of Kai, flying up into the air when he was in front of him.

*i block with a seinaru shield and get blasted from the attack*
*i rush at tigen and throw a vicious fire uppercut and follow up with a spinning hook kick*

Tigen would be caught off guard by this, getting hit by the uppercut, however once the kick came around, Tigen's armscarf would block and grab his leg, wrapping around it pretty tightly "Aw. Tigen's got you now, Kai." Tigen would slam his blade on Kai's head, not cutting him, though, and ram him into the ground with his new move, "Toukai Slash!!" With that, the liquid shockwaves would most likely force Kai backward, unless he had something up his sleeve.

*the tree with seinaru shoots thousands of razor sharp petals at tigen*

Tigen would finish up his attack on Kai, unaware of the petals coming at him. A lot would start out cutting him, but after Tigen figured out what was happening, he began spinning the liquid blade to cut/repel the petals. Tigen would then focus a lot more energy into his blade, making it at least 2 times larger and wider than he was. It was so large, he had to hold it with all 3 of his hands. "Hm. You don't mind if Tigen tries out a move on you, do you? Tigen's never done it on a person before!"

*as i slowly force myself to my feet i point ryu to the sky*
be my guest...i havent done this on a person either. RISOLUTO!
*a pillar of seinaru form in the sky and drops towards you*

Tigen's eyes turned black and the liquid sword began to glow a sinister hue. "ALPHUS LIQUIDUS!!" Tigen's blade would grow to a seemingly infinite length, stretching far beyond the clouds, unable to be seen. With so much energy stored into it, the sword could basically cut through anything with ease, now. It was as light as air, giving Tigen the ability to wave it around as if it were nothing. Tigen's sword would clash with Kai's pillar, hesistating a bit to slash... but ultimately, Tigen's blade possessed much more power from so much charging and therefore would slice through it after a while. Tigen's blade would then pierce the ground, making no noise and cutting the earth like it was water. "Tigen won't try to hit you directly, so you won't be hurt too badly, kay?" Tigen would move the blade in Kai's directly, initiating a very quick slash across, making the earth split like moses separating the seas. Hell yeah, that's a bitchin image, right?

*i jump to the side but is still caught in the attack*
*i drop to one knee* more...if we continue, im gonna get seriously hurt
*i stand up and look at you*
*i put my shades back on* i see why
*i walk away*

Tigen's blade would return to normal andTigen would hover low to the ground "Eh? Now you see what? Come on, tell Tigen!" he would float around anxiously before realizing he needed to thank Kai "Oh, and thanks for training with Tigen! Tigen would be happy if you came again sometime!" Tigen bowed in the air as his magnifiers returned to their resting floating positions near Tigen.

*i wave as i continue walking*
just let me know, i'll be around
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The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
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Dimension 8: Vanna vs: anyone new I never faced

*I await in dark catacombs of a place filled with spider webs everywhere, the temperature is cold and damp.*

Tigen warps into a place unknown, confused as to why he'd even think to go there "Eeeeh? How the hell did Tigen get here..." He'd look to Vanna "Ooo, a new guy! Hey, guy! Let's fight!" Tigen's blade would warp into his left hand in a readied position.

*I materialize into the ground.*
*I the distant a shake was made. Closer it got. Then a figure showed, A giant spider.*
*The spider lunges towards you and the spider webs grow rapidly in the air, and small spiders sprout from the ground.*

Tigen would hover above the tiny spiders almost not even knowing they were there, since he never touched the ground. He'd dodge to the right of the giant spider, hacking at it furiously before slamming his hand on his three magnifiers, which then slammed onto the wall "Liquid Floor! Liquid wall!" Tigen would shout, covering the entire walls and floor in liquid energy. He'd remove his hand and await the next attack "Eee, where'd you go?"

*The small spiders start eating the liquid chakra, most of the liquid energy starts to get absorbed into the webbing then disappears.*
*The Spider jumps and sends webbing at you and it's needle on his bottom sticks out and jots towards you.*
you can't kill this regrows it's self...

Tigen forces what's left of the liquid at the web to take it down, or at least move it from the direction of Tigen. Tigen's magnifiers begin orbitted around Tigen extremely fast to block and reflect the spider's needle "Ch... Tigen doesn't like these spiders.. Tigen should get rid of them." Tigen raised his puppet-esque arm, the one wielding the sword, and had it warp to a different location. He would mutter "Liquid Sword..." before it left, however. In its unknown place, he would have it store liquid energy. Tigen still had 2 hands, just not a sword. Tigen would then raise his normal hand, have a magnifier locked into the palm, and shoot out a "Liquid Cutter!" to slice at the spider at a very fast speed.
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Kairo Tigen
The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
Kairo Tigen

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Dimension 9: A Fight Please...

I sit atop a plain black gift box, playing my guitar. A sandstorm rages across what used to be a bright field but is now a dead desert. The broken chain cuffs on my wrists chime furiously as the chain thrashes about. My gray eyes are narrowed above my mask as I stare at the horizon, awaiting a strong challenger.

Dimensional energy would swirl and focus in on one spot, distorting the space and time flowing around that certain area a bit for a few minutes... And with a small explosion of a dimensional burst, then an implosion, Tigen had appeared, once again, before an opponent he had met before. His eyes lit green stared upon her as he hovered over the sand a bit "Why, hello there, again, miss. Funny meeting you here." With another small, focused burst of dimensional energy, his sword would warp into his hand. "Shall we have another battle, then? Tigen is quite ready."

I don't make any move of acknowledging him as I continue playing my guitar. After a few seconds, my eyes glance up, a dark and tempestuous gray as if there was another storm inside me, imitating the sandstorm around us. I stare at him for awhile before looking back at the horizon. "...I'm sorry...I have no desire to fight you again..."

Tigen's eyes dimmed to a dark blueish color "Aw... Tigen was looking forward to another fight... Hm, perhaps if someone else comes, can Tigen fight with you? Tigen would make a great partner, don't you think?" Tigen waved his sword around, then pointed it out triumphantly, hovering in a circle afterwards

"I suppose...If no one shows up quick enough though, you may have yourself that battle." As I speak, my grip on the guitar's neck tightens.

Tigen nodded his head, falling backwards in the air into a comfortable 'I'm on the couch watchin TV' poses, floating across the desert.

One of my claws snag a string on my guitar, snapping it. I growl and stand tossing it into my bag. The gift box I sat on shrinks to the size of my eye and pops up, landing in my bag. I turn to Tigen, my patience worn out. "Alright, let's go."

Tigen smiles, though it's hidden "Hee hee! Tigen will have a fun rematch with you!!" Tigen would raise his hand to the sky "Tigen has some new moves, too!" and shot out a single beam of liquidity, which spread about 20 meters in radius. Not too big. It began to rain down liquid energy spikes at high speeds from the sky at Sadi.

I look up at the spikes of liquid, already pulling a gift box from my bag. The box expands as I hold it above my body. Any spikes that would've made contact are sucked into the warp box. It folds in on itself, disappearing from my hands while another one similar to it reappears behind him. It shoots those spikes out, but due to the sandstorm, it gains a layer of sand around it, making it stronger and sharper. As those rain down on him, I jump up above him and inhale deeply. After sucking in enough sand and air, I release the force with great power, sending the blast of sand and air at you. As it nears, I take control of the air current and the sand inside it. The added chakra in the wind causes the sand particles to start sparking and due to the large amount of it, the mini-explosions increase greatly. "Exploding Wind Fiasco!" The wind current heading towards him, begins erupting in explosions which the storm just keeps intensifying.

Tigen would have his magnifiers spring into action, having the spikes magnify and reflect on all 3 of them, only it made a trail so that it would bypass Tigen and go back to Sadi. Yay for angles! "Heehee, did you forget about Tigen's magnifiers?" Though he had taken care of these spikes, Tigen had nothing to doabout the explosions. Bad for Tigen. He was blasted backward, but made a quick recovery, bouncing off of the sand and immediately flying to the sky. After the finishing spikes, Tigen's magnifiers would return to him an create a line diagonally. Tigen slashed his sword, saying "Liquid Wave!" and a large wave of liquid energy would flow from the sword and through the magnifiers at Sadi.

I bite my thumb and touch the mark on my stomach, my chakra wings sprouting from my back instantly. My wings flap powerfully, launching me further into the sky and away from the reflected spikes. As I soar higher though above the wave, I toss a warp box above me and fly into it. Another warp box appears directly behind Tigen and I launch out of it. I pull my spear from my bag in a slash and strike at his back furiously.

Tigen would be stabbed in his back a few times, but nothing too much to handle. He winced, detaching his head and arms from his torso so that would be all that Sadi would be hitting. His body would warp away afterwards and his hands would being attacking. His left would slash at HER back now with the sword, while the right would do a liquid barrage at her back. Tigen's body would warp to the head, reconnecting to his head. He would rub his back with his third hand, his scarf hand "Buu, that smarts..."

My wings automatically form a shield around me, protecting my back from the slashes, and the air around me heats up. As the liquid hits the heat, they clash, leaving nothing but steam. I drop down a bit, quickly spinning back around to face the hand, and axe kick it. My wings send out another powerful gust and I control the air to go around Tigen. The sand within it begins sparking once more. "Exploding Wind Fiasco!"

Tigen's arms would warp back into their sockets after being kicked, and of course, as the explosions... exploded at him this time, he had a plan. Tigen's magnifiers orbited around him at mach speeds, leaving him shielded from the explosions, HOWEVER... Tigen positioned himself so that the force of the explosions would burst him down to the ground. On his way down, he would have his magnifiers all lock into each other and then lock into the palm of the armscarf. Tigen of course had control of his flying once he was near the ground, since he was so high up in the air and he was an adept at it (since he never really touches the ground ever to begin with...). He would stop on the dime as he was about to hit the ground and have his armscarf use the "Liquid Floor! x16!" That would be basically a 16 foot splurge of liquid energy covering the ground for about 40 meters, now, and 16 feet of liquid was damn good for Tigen, seeing as he controls the flow of it. Tigen would then do a combination attack. His magnifiers would disconnect and Tigen would send many "Liquid Cutters!" through them. They would be magnified, but they would not be aimed at Sadi. There were 6 in all. With that done, Tigen would raise large whips from the liquid, also not aimed at Sadi, but aimed at the liquid cutters. They would then fuse with each other, making makeshift liquid yoyo's (kinda). NOW the whips would attack Sadi, using the discs at their tips to cut at her, too. To prevent evaporation, Tigen's liquid would continuously reinforce itself from the Liquid Floor. Unless Sadi's heat could evaporate the liquid entirely in one go, they would continue to stay intact.

"Armor of Wind." The wind begins to spin around me, collecting sand. Soon, the armor turns into a ball of sand around me. The heat from my wings reinforces the insides of the shield by turning into a thick, strong barrier of glass. The top layer of sand continues to grab more from the air, making the ball increase in size without stopping. As the whip/discs hit the barrier, destroying the sand, more just packs back into the gaps. I sit in the ball and pull out a cake box. I take a slice of cheesecake and eat it while I think. 'That liquid down there could be a problem...I don't want to have to use such a big attack so soon, but might have to...' I growl as I finish my cake and pull a box from my bag. It folds down to the size of a flea and disappears. It reappears outside the barrier, still small and opened up towards Tigen. I take a larger box from my bag and it stretches alongside the inside the ball, reflecting the images the tiny box was sending it.

Tigen would continue having the liquid cutter whips bash at Sadira's barrier, but in the process, Tigen would warp a very long way off. Tigen would then raise his hands from that place and have ALL of the liquidity shoot straight up in the tipped form of spikes. Not only that, when the liquid reached a peaking point, Tigen would say "Liquid Wave!" and have it crash down as a tidal wave of spiked liquid energy. Tigen would then summon the Bucket of Destiny, fly back closer and suck in all of the liquid instead of dissapating it. Tigen would store all 40 meters of his liquid in this tiny, tiny bucket. Not only that, Tigen dipped his sword into the bucket, saying "Liquid Sword!" The sword had drained every last bit of the extra liquid in the bucket that wasn't there initially to become as powerful as him charging it for about 10 minutes (that's basically 2 turns, mind you). Tigen would warp the bucket away, raising his double sized sword, still sending more liquid into it. His magnifiers would begin orbiting around him again for a few special attack...

I watch him prepare for attack and stand up inside the ball. The air around him begins to subtly change its flow. The sandstorm also seems to be focusing around him as it seems to rage more where he is. The wind then picks up and begins to catch the sand particles as it closes in on him. Soon, the area begins erupting with explosions around him though not as strong as before. I continue watching the scene from inside the barrier, my hands moving with the wind and my eyes narrowed in concentration as I control it.

Tigen's magnifiers would continue orbitting, shielding him from these explosions, maybe knocking him around a bit, but in a general sense, he was okay. Tigen would then begin to spin himself, shouting out "Liquid Vortex!!" and become engulfed in a swirling liquid... thing inside of his magnifiers. The swirling liquid would then expand and hit the magnifiers, and since they were orbited around Tigen in a spherical way, they would magnify the swirling liquid into swirling liquid coming out from diagonally, forward, backward, vertically and horizontally... Basically from all sides. The liquid would continue swirling and swirling, each in an own vortex for each direction completely separate form the others, swirling in different directions and different ways. The liquid would begin compacting sand, then making the sand soggy, then leaving it as a clump on the ground. It would continue until the sandstorm had no sand or until it subsided. Tigen would then focus all of the vortexes into one big giant one that would launch violently at Sadi.

I watch as he creates the vortexes and shrug. So the explosions didn't work, ah well. Such is life. I pull out a warp box and jump into it as his attack comes, leaving the barrier still floating. I reappear in the sky, my wings unfolded to their full length. They glow as they take in heat and the area becomes drier and hotter than it was already. Dark clouds begin forming above me as I do a few handseals. Loud thunder resonates over the battlefield, but instead of the expected rain, the clouds become overtaken by flames. I wait until the sky over the battlefield is covered with the clouds and my eyes glow. "Phoenician Rage!" Funnels of fire begin touching down and soon the tornadoes are ravaging the desert. The intense heat begins sucking all moisture from the air turns the sand flying through the air into shards of glass. I flap my wings, sending the shards away from me and towards Tigen.

Tigen's liquid vortex was now stopped, as were his magnifiers, though they were now floating in the direction the glass was coming. They stopped and reflected some, but not all. Some got through to Tigen and cut into his felt, ripping his threat a bit. It was nothing that couldn't be sewn back together later. A little pain was all. Tigen would focus more energy into his sword, making it even larger. The moisture from THAT couldn't be dried, not as long as he kept feeding it liquid. Besides, now was the time for FIRE. Tigen's eyes switched to a bright green color as he swiftly darted at Sadi. His magnifiers would circle in front of him as he quickly pulled down the scarf covering his mouth and blew into them a green flame... The painless, soothing flame that induces sleep almost instantly, through all three magnifiers. That would make it a really BIG flame.

I move my arms in front of me causing the sand and wind to form a wall in front of me and block the flame enough for me to evade it. I jump into a nearby fire tornado and use it to travel up to the clouds. From there, I control the swirling flames to go after Tigen. After I make sure the tornadoes know what they're after, I summon an Emperor Bird of Paradise. The bird lands on my shoulder and I protect it from the heat of the clouds as it restores my chakra.

Tigen would use his "High Density Liquid!" to keep it from drying up as fast when he would use it. As an added bonus, Tigen would dash head on at the fires, magnifiers in front of him. He would then use his "Spiraling Liquidity! x16!!" through all 3 magnifiers, making it larger than her fire tornado things. He would put ever last one of them out with his Gigantic Magnified High Density Spiralling Liquid Energy. Tigen would then fly near Sadi again, eyes a deep purple, and since the heat was so intense around her, the flame got larger on its own, practically bursting through his eyes. His magnifiers would once again fly in front of him as he'd blow the Purple Poison Fire, larger than the Green Sleep Fire at Sadi once again, only even making contact with this fire would give her a nasty poisonous burn that would spread.
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The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
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Dimension 10: An Easy Battle

*I sit in a barren feild waiting for someone....anyone to fight her*

Tigen warps into the barren field, sword in hand "Eh, such a dull looking place..." He readies his sword.

*I look at you with a "I dont give a shit about anything anymore" look. I sigh and stand up, then stare at you silently awaiting your move*

Tigen hovered there silently, flame in his pumpkin head turning black "Such a horrid looking person... Tigen is usually nice and content... But when Tigen looks at you, the flame turns black.." Tigen's sword suddenly burst with liquid energy "Liquid Sword... Liquid Barrage!" He'd slash the sword, and in the direction he slashed a multitude of liquid balls shot from it in a wave-like way at Kumiko.

*I sigh as my look softens. I crouch down to the ground and hop over the wave of liquid balls then appear in a flash in front of you as I attempt to kangaroo kick you in the face*

Tigen would be kicked in the face, only for his head to pop right off and float/spin backwards. Tigen's body, however, still near her, would have an arm grab her and fling her off somewhere in the distance, followed by a swift "Liquid Wave!" from the sword. Tigen's head would then reconnect itself to the body and he as a whole would fly up into the sky, flipping the sword into the scarf's palm.

*I fly through the air but use the wind around me to catch me as I fall gracefully back to the ground. I crouch down low to the ground as the wind whips violently around me, deflecting the liquid wave. The wind then attacks you since you are in the air and knocks you back towards the ground as water raises from the earth in large towers aiming to hit you as you fall to the ground*

*Flies in onto a tree top.*

A genin...vs. a chunin?
this will be worth watching.

Tigen's magnifiers would instantly spring into action, deflecting the water at Kumiko. Tigen was accustomed to high winds, so they did not effect him too much anyway, since he was always floating, never to touch the ground. Tigen would then slash his sword at her once again, using his "Liquid Cutter!" in her general direction. About 3 discs were fired, and they would follow her at Tigen's will. Afterwards, Tigen would begin flying around the area extremely fast, focusing energy into his sword.

*I stretch out my hand and reabsorb the water sent at me. I then bolt up towards you jumping on the disks sent after me as approch you. I use my speed to keep up with you and when I catch you, I stretch out a foot to trip you and then send a fist covered in chakra at your head at the same time hoping to flip you into the wind tunnel slowly forming below you*

Tigen would disperse the liquid disc she was standing on before all of that would even happen, seeing as he controlled where and what the discs went and did. The others would disperse as well, leaving no way for her to get to him. Tigen would then randomly warp high into the sky, hands wrapped in liquid now "Liquid Claw!" He's shout as the liquid around his hands formed into large claws. He would then have the claws weilding the blade, not his physical hands. With that done, he would stretche the claws, thrashing the one with the sword about randomly at Kumiko while the other would claw at her... and just for fun, to prevent her from climbing up his liquid, he's make spikes of liquidity jut out from all over the stretched liquid arm of the claws. The sword continued to feed on liquid...

*I use the wind covering my fists to nullify the spikes on the liquid as I grab on to the arms and swing upwards at you kicking you in the head again. As I swing the wind eats through the liquid, dispursing it. After I kick you I jump ver you and boot you from behind into the wind tunnel previously created, which is now much larger than it was before.*

Tigen would warp away from her booting him into the wind tunnel, which would leave her plummeting into it. He doubted that it would work, but whatever. It'd buy time. The liquid sword returned to his hand. He'd shout "High Density Liquid!" making his liquid now virtually unable to be broken through, unless it was his will. Tigen would then wrap himself in his scarf, spinning quit swiftly, along with his magnifiers spinning and orbiting around him. "Liquid Death... Liquid Barrage!" Tigen would launch several poisoned Liquid Balls through his magnifiers nonstop, making them bigger, more powerful, more poisonous, and deadly to the touch. Not only that, if they were to be bursted by him, they would linger about and not leave. There would be nowhere for Kumiko to stand on or anything after a while, and Tigen had enough power to keep doing that for a LONG time.

*I fall into the wind tunnel and float above the ground with it and use it to deflect the liquid balls as I start spinning inside. I send streams of wind towards you and it hits your magnifyers, increasing its size and intensity. The magnifiers show small cracks on them from the extreme winds...*

Tigen had stopped his liquid barrage of poisoned liquid once it seemed like there was enough covering the area, just bursting and sitting there, stuck. Tigen's flame would turn green as he said "Are you really trying your best? Does Tigen have to give you a free hit?" Tigen would be randomly hit by one of the wind streams, knocking him back while he was boasting, but right afterwards, his magnifiers sprung into action and magnified and reflected all the wind streams coming at him, just as they were meant (and going) to do to any attack that was not Tigen's. Tigen would focus more energy into the sword and his armscarf began to wrap around the arm weilding the sword...

*I stop all the wind going in all directions, both at you and at me. I then just float there for a second*

Ok, I'm not in the mood to fight you won anyway.

*I start to float gently off the field*

Tigen sulks a bit as his sword turns to normal and warps away "Buu... Oh well. Bye, person of whom I do not know! Feel better, kay?" Tigen would then warp himself away to a place unknown.
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The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
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Dimension 11: Tigen: Attempt to blend in with the locals..

Tigen sits alone at the end of the bar on a stool, which he rarely did, thinking the thoughts 'Uhhh... What's Tigen supposed to do here...? Tigen sees a guy serving people... Should Tigen serve too...? Okay, okay, act cool, just sit at your stool and say nothing to anyone... Good plan, Tigen! Blending in is easy! ONE POINT FOR TIGEN!' He would smile happily to himself, humming a triumphant tune for his 'win at life.'

*I walk in and nod a hello at Tigen. I then walk up to the bar and ask for a drink. I grab a drink in each hand and walk over next to Tigen. I smile at him then hand him one of the drinks as I sit down next to him.*

Hello, Tigen. I thought you might enjoy this.

Tigen stared at Kumiko, carved eyes burning a happy yellow "Oh, hi there miss um... um... You told Tigen your name, right...?" Tigen pondered, staring at his glass "Oh, for Tigen? Why thank you!" Tigen would have drunken it.. If Tigen had somewhere for it to go. Tigen had no organs, and alcohol would make Tigen's head explode with fire. Literally. That'd be a problem, a random pumpkin headed puppet being spurting large amounts of fire randomly. Tigen would grab the drink and sit on it, giving a quirky smile in return. Though... STILL no one could see Tigen's smile under his scarf. "Mm.. That's some good... beverage."

*I laugh nervously as I try to remeber if I introduced myself or not*

Oh, sorry I'm Kumiko. Its nice to meet you Tigen.
What brings you to the tavern today?

*Walks in the door and walks over to Kumiko and Tigen.* *To Kumiko* Hey Kumiko! *Notices Tigen* Hey I'm Keiko Kazuye... May I ask who you are?

Tigen randomly bursts into the air "TIGEN IS BLENDING IN WITH THE LOCALS! YAAAAAAY!" He would then hover down slowly to his seat, picking up his ass-glass and placing it on the counter, spilling it. "Ooops. Tigen will get that." He would spread his liquid over teh spilled beverage and have them lock together, making them one. Tigen then raise it, leaving the area dry and clean, and threw it at some hobo. Tigen then saw someone new, thinking 'Oh crap, another person! TIGEN MUST BLEND WITH THIS PERSON, TOO! HOO-AH!' Tigen then stares at Keiko, saying "Hi! Tigen is pleased to meet you! Tigen is Tigen. Who are you and what's up?"

My name is Keiko Kazuye... It's nice to meet you too.

*I laugh at Tigen, not in a bad way, but in a "This guy is funny" way.*

Tigen your fun ^^

Tigen's flame turns a calm blue color as he stares a bit more chilled at Keiko and Kumiko "Thanks, Kumiko. Tigen appreciates the compliment. How do you know Keiko there? And besides... Are you going to assist Tigen in operation 'Blend in With The Locals?'"

Well Tigen... I don't really fit in here either. If that makes you feel any better.

Sure Tigen I'll help you, just tell me what you want me to do.

I'll help too. ^^

Tigen would look the place up and down, identifying people and things in it. "Okay, Keiko, you can be part of Tigen's plan, too, if you want. It's foolproof! You are to sit here and not associate with anyone, but we'll copy what they do!" Tigen looks over and sees someone hit the Jukebox a bit. Tigen, tring to fit in, warped his sword into his hand and gave a battlecry "AURAAAAHHH!" Tigen would slice the crap out of the Jukebox, randomly shouting "DIE, FIEND" and "THOU SHALT BE CUT DOWN, KNAVE." as his flame burned an intense red. He'd then come back to his seat and sit quietly like nothing happened, looking proud of himself again. "Though this plan is so perfect, Tigen will accept ideas for more plans."

It isn't normal to break into Shakespeare, Tigen.
But on the subject...

Lady Macbeth:
We fail!
But screw your courage to the sticking-place,
And we'll not fail. When Duncan is asleep--
Whereto the rather shall his day's hard journey
Soundly invite him--his two chamberlains
Will I with wine and wassail so convince
That memory, the warder of the brain,
Shall be a fume, and the receipt of reason
A limbeck only: when in swinish sleep
Their drenched natures lie as in a death,
What cannot you and I perform upon
The unguarded Duncan? what not put upon
His spongy officers, who shall bear the guilt
Of our great quell?

--Macbeth, By: William Shakespeare--

Tigen cocks his head a bit, unknowing to whom Shakespeare is "Uuuum... M'kay. Tigen doesn'tknow who Shakespeare is. But... Tigen's blending quite nicely, right"
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The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
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PostSubject: Re: Tigen; The Dimension's Keeper   Tigen; The Dimension's Keeper EmptyTue Feb 26, 2019 9:59 pm

Dimension 12: Tigen must test out some new techniques on people... Assistance?

Tigen hovers next to the forest, waiting for someone to assist in his training.

*A clone walks in*

I have a bad feeling about this....
What is it exactly that you need?

Tigen stares at Kumiko "Oh, it's you... Tigen just needs to try 2 new moves Tigen's been working on. You just need to battle me. You're helping, right?" Tigen would hover upside down, questioning her.

*I laugh slightly at you as you hang upside down.*

Sure, I'll help you, I'm not sure what good I can do, but Ill give it a shot.

*I stand smiling at you waiting for you to do something*

Tigen float rightside up "Woo! How fun! Now, get ready..." Tigen would spread some liquid across his back and allow a liquid whip to form from it. He would immediately dart at Kumiko, whipping the small whip at her randomly.

*I begin to jump over the extentions of the whip as if it was a jumprope.*

Tigen was playing along, too, letting her jump over and going "1, 2, 3, 4... Jump over Tigen's rope some more!!" Tigen would then randomly make another one come out "Ooo, how about 2?"

*I laugh happily as I begin to Double Dutch slightly sloppily.*

Tigen laughed a bit, suddenly becoming very serious as the two whips would whip at Kumiko violently again, accompanied by two more "ROAAAAR!!" Tigen shouted, eyes burning red.

*I jump over the violently whipping whippy things as I start spinnign to jump over all of them*

Tigen flailed about randomly, eyes turnin a bright green again "Okay, okay okay! Time for Tigen to try this out..." Tigen focused a lot of liquid into the whips covering his back... they began to grow "Eeee... Orochi no Ekitai!" The whips suddenly bursted into snake-like heads, still whipping around like whips. "Tigen needs 4 more snake heads for it to be the Orochi snake... Ah well. Lets see how well Tigen can control them!" Tigen then tried to have them bite at Kumiko, but they ended up slamming their faces at her like whips still.

EEK snakes!

*I jump up above the snake heads and hover for a second before gravity wins and I fall back to the ground. As the snakes try to attak me I attempt to catch them but its like tryinng to grab a wet bar of soap because they keep eluding my grasp*

Tigen would attempt to make the next 4 snakes, being successful quickly. The problem didn't lie in making the snakes, it was just controlling and combining them... "Just try to avoid Tigen's snakes as much as you can while Tigen tries to control them! DOWN, MURDEROUS BEASTS!!" Tigen had control of 2 heads, as the stopped thrashing about violently.

Ok, I'll do what I can!

*I start hopping around the snakes again and jumping arbitrarily*

Tigen gains control of 3 more snakes now, attempting to mesh them together "Just a few more..." The snakes would try to wrap around Kumiko and bite at her, now. They were about the size of small dragons, now, too, so yeah.

*I attempt to dodge the snakes bt get caught and tripped by some of them allowing the rest of them to wrap up me*


*I try to break through them with weak amounts of wind as I attempt to get up but i slip on a liquid snake and fall down again*

Tigen would get control of all of the snakes except the one wrapped around Kumiko "Dammit... Tigen needs the last one for the Orochi no Ekitai to work! Tigen will make you obey..." The snake would loosen its grip, slowly unwrapped from Kumiko in a long duration of time. The snake would then merge with the others, making a liquified version of Orochi, the eight headed snake god. "Woot! Tigen did it! NOW, TO SEE THIS POWER!" Tigen would have each of the heads grab a tree and rip it from the ground with ease, ramming straight into the ground, exherting sheer power. The liquid snakes would then disperse as Tigen sighed heavily "Whooo... Now just one more move, okay, Kumiko? Can you handle it?"

*I stand up and look at you*

Sure, I can try.

*I laugh as I look on in awe at te destroyed trees*

Whats next?

Tigen thought about it a bit "The next move Tigen is trying to master is... The Reflection Distortion. Tigen will need you to throw attacks at Tigen, and Tigen will try to trap them in the Distortion sphere, okay?" Tigen readied his hands in a 'Kamehameha' position, looking very serious and concentrated.

*I look at you still slightly playfully, but a bit more serious as I grab a few kunai charged with wind chakra t you*

Do you need help, Kumiko?

Tigen would create a spinning sphere in his hands, a small one that he would move around to capture one of the wind kunai things... The other would hit him, making him lose a bit of concentration, but overall, it was all good. "Tigen must keep up concentration..." The kunai began to distort itself, looking like the reflection in water "Kh... This is TOTALLY harder than Tigen is making it look..." His flame started bursting from his eyes as he finally disintegrated the kunai in the Distortion sphere. The sphere then imploded on itself. "Keep em comin, Kumiko! And Keiko, too, if she wants to help!"

SWEET! *Hand signs* DARK STYLE: ABSOLUTE DARKNESS JUTSU! *Darkness spread throughout the field.*

Tigen blinks, unable to see anything but what the flame he has lights up around him "ooo, fun, DARKNESS! Wonder if Tigen can distort this.." Tigen would make another sphere, trying to grab darkness in it... collecting some, it would fail to be distorted and broken, being placed back into the initial position "Buu. There's too much for Tigen to get with a small sphere... So muuuuuch..." Tigen would flail upside down, unable to see now.
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The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
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PostSubject: Re: Tigen; The Dimension's Keeper   Tigen; The Dimension's Keeper EmptyWed Feb 27, 2019 2:56 pm

Dimension 13: Tigen's new move mastery... Omegigas Liquidus!

Tigen would appear at an abandoned beach, staring directly out into the sea, floating a bit over the sand. "Hm.. Tigen has mastered the destruction technique of the sword, Alphus Liquidus... But Tigen has not mastered the other 2 moves... Zero Dimensia, the dimensional destruction technique and Omegigas Liquidus, the final liquid attack... What to do...?" Tigen pondered, his flame turning black, showing his seriousness. "Hm. Tigen must master Omegigas Liquidus for now. Zero Dimensia is too elite for Tigen at the moment. Tigen does not possess the energy nor the skill to do such a technique as Zero Dimensia right now..." Tigen would raise his sword, dimensional energy swirling around it, then flying into it, allowing it to warp to another place. "The sword is not needed for this..." Tigen outstretched a hand, more dimensional energy swirling around it, then exploding from it, revealing the Bucket of Destiny. The Bucket would begin floating on its own, floating behind Tigen. Tigen would smear some liquid energy along his back, the bucket would connect with the liquid inside of it. Tigen and the Bucket became one, providing him with almost limitless liquid energy. Next was the charging of such a large attack. Liquid energy began seeping out of Tigen's stitching and he began shaking. "Damn... Tigen didn't know that so much liquid energy within Tigen would start to... leak out like that..." Tigen began to use the Liquid Claw. The claw was about 10 times the size of the normal size. "Holy crap... That's what the Bucket of Destiny does to Tigen's liquid...?" Tigen's body soon started being wrapped in the liquid energy. The claw reverted to a normal size as the liquid spread and engulfed his body. Tigen was seen in the middle of it, flame seeming to burst from his sockets... He pulled down his scarf, a flame exploded from his mouth as soon as he did that, but was stopped by the liquid. Tigen had too much energy and power to handle right now. He could barely move. He'd have to get rid of the Bucket, or he may destroy himself with the liquid. "Okay... Tigen will just have to use what Tigen has already..." Tigen tried to disconnect the Bucket, but it had something else in mind.

Tigen would try to move his arm, but it was futile. He could not move his physical body at all. He could only move his liquid and fire. He would force the bucket off of his physical body, but the Bucket stayed connected by the string of liquid. Tigen's body began spurting out spikes of liquid randomly, all of them bending and expanding not of his own will. Tigen screamed, flame dimming a bit. He managed to move his hand to grab the Bucket, but he was still not in control enough to pull. The spikes forced the Bucket away. Tigen's flame erupted violently from his eyes and mouth, all sorts of colors. Tigen was forced into a spinning frenzy of liquid spikes and fire, as he started to lose consciousness. Tigen managed to get his flame hot enough to evaporate the liquid, burning to the string of liquid connecting the bucket to his body. The string evaporated as Tigen screamed in a sort of pained and insane way. All of the liquid around him immediately dispersed and fell to the sand. It did not merge with the ocean or the sand, it just... sat atop of the sand. Tigen's fire cooled, back into his head, still black, but extremely dim. Tigen hadn't even tried the move out yet, and he had already done so much. He could barely fly. Panting, he managed to escape from his mouth "Can Tigen really do this...? Tigen is... so tired..." The flame then changed to a different color... or could you really call it a color? It was clear. The flame had changed clear. The liquid on the sand suddenly became lively, slowly floating back up and revolving around Tigen. Tigen said nothing. He seemed to be conscious, but not like his normal self. He pulled the scarf back above his mouth, then swayed his hand upward gracefully. The vast amounts of liquid followed his command and went upwards as well. Tigen did this without much effort at all. Usually controlling that much liquid would take a lot of concentration for him. Tigen thought 'What is going on? What is with this flame? Tigen feels very serene... one with the liquid... all liquid... Was it because of the Bucket...? Or is this Tigen's true power...?' Tigen held a finger up, and the liquid all centered to that finger, jutting straight outward from it, creating an extremely long, yet extremely thin Liquid Needle. 'Tigen could never do this with a normal liquid needle.. Never make it so large... so long... It takes too much concentration...' Tigen waved his hands elegantly, the liquid needle shooting into the ocean. Tigen did another Liquid Needle with his other hand, also shooting it directly into the sea. 'Maybe.. Maybe Tigen can use Liquid Cover...?' Tigen tried to use his Liquid Cover from just the liquid needles... and in fact, it covered an amount of the sea only attainable by the magnifiers... Speaking of the magnifiers... 'Tigen's magnifiers... Where are they?' they were nowhere to be seen. They had become Tigen. Instead of floating magnifiers that were part of Tigen on the outside, they were now part of him on the inside. 'Maybe that's another reason why Tigen isn't using so much power... This Clear Flame... The Bucket of Destiny... How can Tigen do this again? Tigen doesn't even know how it happened this time...' Odd that Tigen only thought and did not speak. No matter. Tigen still had a vast part of the ocean covered.

Tigen opened his hands now, the water spread accordingly. Tigen raised his hands upward and the liquid flew upward as well, with the ocean in it. Tigen could see the ocean floor. It wasn't that impressive since he was so close to shore, but if he could do that out in the middle of the ocean, oh boy would THAT be something. 'Hm. Tigen can do so much... all because of one little fluke...' Just then, the flame changed to yellow. All of the liquid dispersed into nothing. Tigen fell to the ground headfirst, hurting his pumpkin head. He was managing to stay conscious somehow. "Tigen... Tigen can't do that again... Any longer and Tigen might've..." Tigen closed his eyes. He managed to get up, walked over to the edge of the sea and fell once again. "Tigen just needs to rest... and ponder how Tigen will use this Omegigas Liquidus..." Tigen thought to himself... He went into deep thought as he regained his energy. His magnifiers plopped out of his back randomly, falling to the sand. 'The Omegigas Liquidus... How did it go again...? Tigen must... Focus energy into the palm... The palm is the key for this technique... Tigen must have utter concentration... Tigen must charge the liquid for a high period of time... Tigen must focus all liquid energy into one shot...' As Tigen thought about all of this, he began to float unknowingly. He floated into the air, eyes still closed. His hand was outstretched 'Take aim...' his fingers tightened. 'Make sure no other energy is being used...' Any and all remaining liquid energy from Tigen had ceased. 'Focus into the palm...' The Liquid Claw had been initiated. 'Charge... Gain Power... become one with the liquid...' Tigen charged liquid for an hour. 'And... RELEASE.' "OMEGIGAS LIQUIDUS." The claw forced an extremely large singular beam of powerful liquid energy into the center of the sea, creating an extremely large explosion. Such an explosion ruptured the sea, creating a tsunami from all directions... Except, after only going a few yards, the tsunami began going backwards... The beam had... Sucked it up. The second part to the attack after the explosion, the draining of anything that was caught in the beam. It really was the final attack, thereby earning its name "Omegigas Liquidus...." Tigen stared in awe at what he had done, regaining a lot of energy from the beam draining the tsunami it cause. The beam stopped abruptly, Tigen fell once again, only this time on his ass. "... Woah... That's what it does? Seriously, what WERE Tigen's ancestors..?"

Tigen stared into the ocean, looking at it with a dumbfounded look on his face... and then he realized that he should be proud. He had mastered 2 of the most powerful moves known to his race... whatever they were. There was still more to do, but that's all Tigen needed for the time being. "Wait... Tigen just thought about it... WHO IN THE HELL IS GONNA LET TIGEN CHARGE FOR LIKE, AN HOUR?" Tigen stood up, then floated, eyes burning with redness and whatnot. "Hm. Tigen will just have to charge for a shorter amount of time and do a smaller blast... It'll be less powerful and not as large range... But whatever. It should still get the job done, right?" Tigen pondered more. He then began to think about the Clear Flame, since he had figured out what to do about the Omegigas Liquidus. "What was that Clear Flame...? How can Tigen get that back? Tigen will have to figure that out next time. Tigen must rest now. Next time for Tigen's training... Mastery of the Clear Flame and the Zero Dimensia!" Tigen fell backwards back into the sand, going into a deep slumber...
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The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
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PostSubject: Re: Tigen; The Dimension's Keeper   Tigen; The Dimension's Keeper EmptyWed Feb 27, 2019 5:41 pm

Dimension 14: Nice way to vent. (in 2-D's)

*I stretch in a large meadow counting as I go.*
1, 2, 3, 4...

Tigen warps in out of nowhere "Oooo, Hi, guy!" He'd hover a few feet above the ground.

*I look at the floating stranger.*
I guess you'll fight with me?

Tigen's sword warps into his hand "Sure! Tigen always has fun battling! Heheheh!" Tigen would start off the battle, then. A bit of dimensional energy flowed through the sword and warped it behind Fubuki for a quick slash, while Tigen would immediately launch a "Liquid Cutter!" through a magnifier at Fubuki. The sword would warp back into his hand after the slash.

*Not being able to stop the slash from behind, my converter orb warps from my cloak into the path of the sword, blocking the slash.*I dodge to the side with my cloak open, and half of the liquid cutter was dodged and the other half went right into the cloak.*

Hm, a battle of dimensions huh?

*I open my cloak and the portion of the liquid cutter that went inside my cloak flies back at you with greatter speed.*

Tigen gazed in amazement "Ooo, dimensions, too? Tigen must round up all the dimensional users one day... that'd be fun..." Tigen said laxly. The cutter would fly back at Tigen at greater speed, but the great thing about them was that they moved in the direction Tigen's fingers wanted them to, unlike most of his liquid attacks. He would point upward, and the cutter would fly up through a magnifier. Since it was already at x2, it would go to x4 power, speed and size. Then he'd point forward and down back at Fubuki.

*I look up at the incoming cutter.*
relly didnt see that coming...
*I burn step into a roll and barely get out the way.*
*Once I regain my footing from the roll I throw a fire strom all in Tigens direction while flash stepping backward, still propelling balls of fire around you. While the fire strom heads at you, my converter orb snuck above you and aims a blast of wind at you from above as well.*

Tigen's magnifiers orbit around him at almost unseeable speeds, reflecting it all right back at Fubuki, magnified to x2 power. "Nyaaah. You'll have to do better than that to hit Tigen..." Tigen's magnifiers would stop suddenly, all lined up aimed at Fubuki. Tigen would unleash a "Liquid Barrage" through all of them, x16, making the giant balls blast at his general direction in addition to his own fire at him.

*I don't stop my fir strom, I continue punching while making the fire stronger, which it turns to lightning. The lightning collides with some of the balls of liquid and fire.*
*As I continue this, my converter orbs come out my cloak and all begin to release large amounts of wind, causing each one of them to make a wind vortex (about 15 ft high 4 ft wide) and I make them spiral around me. The disperses anything about to hit me. I stop with the punchiing.*

That was a too difficult to dodge, your good.
*I send one of the orb vortexes at you at emense speeds as I continue having the other 2 orbit me. I burn step around to the side of you, about 10 m away from you, and I shoot several blast of fire into the vortex, creating a fir tornado, heading at you. the fire tornado is slightly bigger than the wind vortex.*

Tigen raised his hand, Bucket of Destiny warping into it randomly. The small bucket would suck in all of this coming at him and store all of it in another dimension "The Bucket of Destiny hold great power..." Then would launch it all back at Fubuki, having the Bucket warp away. Tigen could have easily done something to avoid it, but The Bucket of Destiny was feeling lonely.

*I see the fire tornado rush back at me.*

come on orbs...
*I fuse my 3 converter orbs together and they absorb the fire tornado. I then seperate them again so now each orb has a bit of the fire tornado in it.*

hmmm, frontals attacks are useless to some extent.
*I have 1 orb continue to orbit me with a vortex of now fire wind. I have the other orb make a gun with the fire energy and then I have it randomly orbit the field, periodiclly shooting bullets of wind at you. since the bullets are wind, they get caught in the fire gun, turning into bullets of wind and fire. I punch the ground, making my pyre charge, cracking the ground sending a fissure staright toward you, while the gun is firing every 6 seconds from a different location.*

Watches in awe at the two dimensional weirdos

Tigen would reflect the bullets at Fubuki with the magnifiers everytime he was shot at. With the distance and Tigen's adeptness with his magnifiers, he could instantly pinpoint the direction the bullet was coming from and have a magnifer reflect it. Especially if it was every six seconds. Tigen isn't stupid, he'd totally catch on. As for the fissure, Tigen would completely ignore that. He never touched the ground, therefore making a fissure useless. Tigen just watched the ground shake "Oooo... Fun... Tigen wants to make the ground shake!" He'd use his "Halloween Liquidity!" and launch it through another magnifier to make its power and speed x2 at Fubuki.

*I look at the halloween liquid fly at me.*
the fissure doesn't have to actually hit you.
*The incoming halloween hits against my orbiting converter orband begins swirling inside it. at the same time, I have flames spout out the fissure where tigen is.*
thats called pyre eruption.
*I defuse my 2 converter orbs and they continue shooting at you, one shooting wind and the other fire, every 3 seconds, one is 1 second behind the other. I rush at tigen with my vortex still orbitng me and I throw a sonic barrage as I get closer to you. Dodging the punches and bullets coming from anywhere every 1 second techinically would prove difficult because you have to focus on so much at the same time.*

Tigen would have his magnifers swiftly float downward and deflect the flames at Fubuki "Eee, that was close. Tigen doesn't like being burnt.." As for the bullets, Tigen would be shot at by them, bullets making a few holes in him while his magnifiers were occupied. Tigen's flame turned black, and Tigen summoned his sword, wrapping a lot of dimensional energy around it. "Dimensional Sword!" It became dimensional energy as Tigen warped off, avoiding the barrage, right next to one of the orbs, slashing at it "Dimensia Ripper!!" He'd rip a hole into another dimension, sucking the orb in quickly then sealing it up. "That's one."

*before the orb seals completely, I have it materialize into my cloak.*
damn, that was close.Since half of it was sucked in, I could still have it warp from diemension to dimension back to my cloak. But a blade battle huh?
*I stop my barrage and pull my sword Nothingness from my cloak. I add chakra into it and form it into the shape of a claymore. I stop my other orb before tigen gets to it and has it warp back into my cloak. My other orb is still orbitng me.
this won't end well, Your gonna have to teach me to make a dimenasional blade...
*I flash step at tigen and throw a swing at you.*
It looks cool!

Tigen used his sword to block the attack, since the Dimensional Blade gave him more unnatural speed and strength that was better than the Liquid Blade's or that of the magnifiers "Heh. Tigen might be able to teach you once Tigen figures out Tigen's self." He'd easily fling Fubuki away with a quick thrust, then Tigen's magnifiers would lock onto the hilt of the Dimensional blade "Hm. You said sword fight, huh? Then Tigen won't use the magnifiers to block... Just to enhance the blade. Heh heh." The blade's power and speed then increased x16. Tigen made a slash at speeds incomprehensable to the naked eye straight at Fubuki from a long distance away. Yeah. Now he was just that fast.

*knowing I couldn't block such speed, I increased the size of my blade, to compensate for the fact it wouldn't make it in time.*Knew this wouldn't end well.
*I use the force of the blade to repell myself off from clashing with your sword. I use my focus, increasing my strength, speed and endurence x10.*
Now, here I come.
*I focus fire into my blade now and I blaze around the field with my burn activated(to make my body hover) and I use red dance at you from all angles, whilt closing in closer after every swind, increasing the blasts pressure(think hollow ichigo).*
This might overwhelm you.
*My vortex is still orbitng my body and I send another converter orb out just to be prepared for what comes up.*

Tigen stared, flame burning black still "Overwhelm Tigen? No." Tigen spins, sword ripping into another dimension in the shape of a pumpkin mouth "Dimension Eater!" The dimensional mouth around Tigen would eat the waves of fire quickly, then seal back up. Tigen also would jet upwards saying "Synchro!" as he did so. Now his liquid abilites were synchronized with his dimensional ones. "Tigen must teach you of the Dimensional power. Liquid Wave! Dimensia Ripper!" Tigen would slash his sword in a 360 degree wave, magnified by x16 since his magnifiers were locked with the sword, making the wave slice through the dimension in a wave-like formation and also try to suck in Fubuki, including his converter orb and his vortex, plus maybe him if the rip would hold long enough without being sealed.

*I try to blaze away from the rip. I warpp my orb back into my cloak and as I struggle to leave I think.*
I got one shot at this.
* I charge with my sword in hand and while I'm forcing myself away from the rip I throw my converter orb into it. and since a dimension is openng inside a dimension because my converter orbs have dimensions inside of them, the rip starts to light up and then it self implodes right next to tigen and me, sending us flying in opposite directions.*

Tigen would flyyyyyy awaaaaay... But it really didn't matter since Tigen could warp. He would warp next to where the exploded Fubuki was, dimensional sword in hand and his body kinda charred "Tigen can do that again... And Tigen gets the feeling that you can't. So. Would you rather be trapped in another dimension for a while, oooor... Are you done venting?"

*I hit the ground.*
Heh. hahaha! yeah I guess I'm done. I could try to go inside my cloak, but I need to master it or I wont know where I end up! you win, but this was a fun and educational battle for me!
*I stand up and material from my cloak froms a converter orb.*
you are good with dimensions, could you teach me how to warp.*I look at the orb.* I cant warp like you, but I would be able to warp-* A thought crosses my mind.* yeah! I think I found out how to warp. But I would still like to train with you. no one in this village would be able to help me and my dimensional abilities, so.*I slightly bow to Tigen.* Please, can you train me?

Tigen's sword returns to normal and his flame turnes yellow "Hm. Tigen should wait until a rank up. Tigen will have more dimensional abilites then, you know. And... Maybe you should rank up, too. Tigen could teach you fun stuff if you get a higher rank." Strong dimensional energy began flowing around Tigen "Well, see ya!" a small implosion/explosion made Tigen warp away.
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The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
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Dimension 15: From shisho Tigen I challenge thee.

Transforms hexicon into ds lite and plays ouendan, whilst waiting in the forest.

Dimensional energy surrounds the area, Tigen random bursting out of some "Eh? Tigen was challenged? Hee hee hee! A new person! Tigen will battle!" His sword would warp into his hands "Make your move!"

Transform hexicon into sword and gaizes at the dimensional energy "Show off"Creates some melecular rifts and tosses some hexicon pages into them "just gettin ready".

Waits impatiently focusing all of his energy for a reaction to any situation

Tigen would slam his hands on the ground, magnifiers under them "Ready? Liquid Control! Liquid Floor!" The liquid would go underground, then spread out under a thin part of the ground. Tigen would be able to control it now and the opponent would not be able to see how far it was or when or where liquid would come up. Tigen then made his "High Density Liquid Sword!" To make the sword into you know, Liquid. He did not do anything with his Liquid floor yet. He just waited.

"Objection" Knowing tigen would do this i created the molecular rifts and filled them with pages that transform into kunai and launches them at you before you can complete your liquid floor.

Tigen did not need to complete the underground liquid floor. With the liquid control, Tigen could have it spread without directly using it. Haha. Take THAT. Tigen would immediately jet out of the way, having his Liquid Sword ready, chopping down a few trees at random.The liquid would then shoot up randomly under Shisho as extremely large spikes.

"crap" I use my awesome agility to try to dodge gets grazed by a few " Play times over" cloak turns blue. Jumps straight for Tigen with a vicious combo and lands on a tree afterward changing its structure so its really tall now. Stands on guard

Tigen's bright, green flame spewed brightly "Naaaah, serious already?" he said flying backwards, warping before hitting a tree... and being hit by a combo "Nyeeeeh! You'll have to do better than that to hit Tigen!" Tigen would spread the liquid into the tree roots from underground, draining their liquid from the roots and leaving them to wither and die, along with the one Shiso changed. With that, Tigen's liquid became deeper and the radius became a lot wider, plus a lot more powerful. "Spiraling Liquidity! Liquid Needle!" A large geyser of spiralling liquid would jet straight up at Shisho, spikes jutting out and rotating around to cut like blades. Tigen would then fly back up straight into the sky and stare down at the dead forest.

"what a baka move" Predicts this and transforms hexicon into a huge shield. also launches five kunai at him after deflecting the liquid. Lands on feet exhausted and starts to charge emmense energy with shield in hand.creates a molecule rip in shield and tosses in a hundred hexi pages.

Tigen would be hit by 3 of the 5 kunai, as his armscarf would slap away the other two. Speaking of armscarf, Tigen would have it wrap around him completely, and Tigen would spin. With this spin, Tigen would drill outward randomly in some unknown direction. Tigen muttered something that was unable to be understood as he spun, and randomly he stopped spinning. His arm with his sword was gone. Not only that, a large rumbling began. The liquid energy shot straight up as needles, then afterwards began to curve at the ends to prevent Shisho's escape and to engulf him in the liquid. What Tigen said was Liquid needle and Liquid wave, plus a little bit of Warp slash. Shisho being confined in that liquid would hinder his movement, just as water would, and the density of it would prohibit it more. If he were to try pulling out anymore of his most likely wet book paper, it would take him an uber long time. Tigen's arm, however, which appeared inside of the liquid, could move through it like it was air. The liquid sword would begin slashing at him and cutting at him. If he wanted to go to the book, he'd have to get cut a lot. If he wanted to block the slashes, he couldn't use his book. What a good combination. Tigen happily flew into the large and tall liquid... tankish.. thing and then out, just for some fun.

"Chukles" as long as shisho is physically touching something that isnt alive he could alter it. The book still in shield form is still in hand, and i decrease the density of the liquid energy drastically. I escape with some cuts here and there uses tigen as a stepping stone and launches himself high in the air "Ninja weapon's rain" the molecule rip opens and a hundred sharp objects rain down on tigen. Now tired as haill proclaims"dont think i can contiue this way"

-_vash watches the fight from quiet a bit of distance away he bordly watches the two try and out win the other . he sat there and thought of a few old memories _-

Tigen would grab hold of him with his armscarf as he used him as a stepping stone. Tigen was always aware of who was within his personal space, and since his armscarf was behind him, it could be done. So Tigen would fly up with him as he did his weapon thing.. But then again, if it was coming towards Tigen and Tigen was connected to Shisho... Wouldn't thay aim for him? Exactly. Just as they were about to make contact, Tigen warped back into the liquid, reconnecting his arm. He would warp in the Bucket of Destiny and suck in the liquid, just to save for later and not be wasteful. Shisho may be able to alter Tigen's liquid, but no matter what, Tigen can control it. That's all that he needed.

"Nice thinking" But No matter how many trickity tricks you have i still have a shield. Dodges a view of the ninja weapons and absorbs a few back into the rift and gets hit by a few. enough of this shield nonsense transforms shield to marumasa. starts spining and goes straight for tigen.

Tigen's flame instantly blackened, a sinisterly wicked and insane pumpkin grin was suddenly carved (not literally, I just didn't want to say smeared) onto his face. "Seems as though Tigen has the Bucket of Destiny out... hm?" The Bucket of Destiny would warp in the direct path of Shisho as he was spinning, having him be instantly trapped in another dimension... Specificly, the dimension of eternal liquid. Anyway, the Bucket would warp faaaaaar far away and shoot Shisho out like a cannon straight into the ground. It would then warp back to Tigen, and then warp away.

While being launched and spinning to the ground. I try to stick my sword in the ground to absorb some of the impact.It doesnt work out that well. im on the ground change my hexicon in to a ds "Your a good level past me I just wanted to test my mettle I gracefully accept defeat" I was out of energy from all that molecule rip and the liquid energy alter wasnt easy.

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Dimension 16: Tigen wants to fight someone new.

Tigen folds his arms as he hovers over the forestvwaiting for a new challenger to appear.

*Lands in from above and faces his opponent.* Yoh..

Tigen eyes his opponent up and down, flame burning green "Oooo, Tigen's never seen you before! Tigen shall give you a good battle, then!" He would uncross his arms, raising a hand to the air, sword warping into it. "Whenever you're ready, guy."

Hmph, very well. *Materializes his two arm-blades and holds them up in an X-position. From there he sends a flaming X flying towards Tigen*

Tigen casually falls from the sky, having the flaming X miss him, magnifiers rotating around him a bit fast. As Tigen neared the ground, he began to start flying again. He would begin flying toward Ig at a face pace, and once close, he spun and unleashed a "Liquid Wave!" through a magnifier in Ig's general direction.

Dissolve... *The area around Ig intensifies in heat, almost like a flaming aura around him. The intense heat turns the liquid energy into harmless steam, flowing in random directions based on the wind.*

Tigen flew past him after using his wave, then gradually began to fly upwards again "Eeeeh...? More heat? Tigen had trouble with this before... Oh well. Tigen knows how to handle it." Tigen flew into the forest depths. His magnifiers touched the ground, all three of them and Tigen said "Liquid Floor! x16!" the liquid would flow through each magnifier, x2, x4, then x16. It would cover the whole floor of the forest in liquid energy. It was a small forest, mind you, so it wasn't taking up that much energy to do, especially since the little liquid he did use was magnified. Now here was the fun part. The liquid began wrapped around the trees. Not all of them, HA. HELL NO. That would take hella concentration. Just a few trees here and there. Tigen would then let up and fly randomly through the trees, waiting for his opponent to come into his liquidy forest.

I see, you absorb energy from trees and such.. right? Well then, simple solution.

*Ig snaps his fingers as a large wave of fire devours the trees that are left, leaving nothing but ashes and a boiling forest floor.* That should all dissolve in time..

Tigen's flame burns red "Tigen wants this forest! Do not destroy Tigen's forest!!!" Tigen would tighten the liquid around the trees that were left that he had his liquid surrounding and would suck water from them, turning the water into liquid energy for himself. The trees were left dead, making him the one who destroyed the forest, really... But whatever. He dispersed his liquid floor, flying straight up into the sky. He held his hand up and had his 3 magnifiers lock into his palm "Liquid Rain! x16!" The sky was covered for about 80 yards with liquid. The liquid spikes began plummeting down like heavy rainfall, piercing through everything they hit.

Simple. Excalibur.. *Millions of wind shards surround Ig and take the hits from the rain droplets. After the downpour is done, they all charge in a swirling mass towards Tigen.*

Tigen would be cut up some by the wind, but his magnifiers would quickly go into action and deflect the rest back at him "Nyaaah.. You think a little wind is going to stop Tigen...?" Tigen's sword warped into his hand from out of nowhere, and Tigen wrapped his armscarf around it...

*Chuckles to himself as he takes out his shirasaya and holds it out in front of him.*

"I am the bone of my sword..."

Tigen would unwrap his arm, revealing it was gone. He'd done his ever so popular "Warp Slash!" Tigen's arm would proceed in slicing at Ig's back quite a few times before warping right back into the socket. Tigen shouted "Liquid Sword!" and his sword then became liquid. He focused energy into the sword.

*Blocks each of the blows without turning around, sword behind his back.* Not bad..

*Launches a fume dragon from the ground at Tigen's feet, in attept to swallow him whole.*

"Steel is my body, and Fire is my blood..."

It would be effective, if Tigen was even near the ground. Or, if Tigen ever touched the ground, really. Now that it was done, Tigen could see it coming. His magnifiers would lock into his hand as he'd release a "High Density Liquid! Liquid Cutter!" A high density liquid cutter magnified by x16 would effortlessly blast through the dragon, putting it out. Tigen's high density liquid could BARELY be evaporated by intense heat, and x16 would make it almost impossible to be evaporated. That's what we call a combination, children. The sharp disc of liquid would hit the ground, then Tigen would move it at Ig, cutting through the ground with ease like a buzzsaw. Tigen continued to focus more energy into his sword, and it became larger...

*Ig launches his own large, spinning disk of fire, and the two projectiles meet and cancel each other out. Ig still stands in the same spot he entered on.*

"I have created... over a thousand blades..."

Tigen finally comes close to the ground, but does not stay in that position. He slams his now very large, high density liquid sword into the ground and flies toward Ig at high speeds, dragging his sword along with him. Right before collision, the magnifiers all line up vertically in front of Ig, and Tigen darts straight up, unleashing a powerful "Liquid Wave!!" from the sword, through the magnifiers, and finally at Ig. As Tigen is still in the air, he focuses more energy into the sword... It grows more.

*Attmepts to block the wave, but is hit by it and sustains heavy damage.*

Hm.. not bad...

*His eyes glow orange, and he flies into the air and hovers.*

"Unknown to Death... nor known to Life...."

Tigen would outstretch his giant sword, now too heavy and large to hold with one hand. He would grab it with his other hand, now. He would spin... and spin... and spin... and spin... His magnifiers would rotate around him extremely fast as he spun, until finally, he's let out a "Liquid Vortex! Liquid Cutter!" The vortex would burst fromTigen covering a great length. The outside of the liquid tornado vortex thing had liquid buzzsaws flowing around it, and there were some covering the eye of this vortex like a semi-open mouth with buzzing, sharpened teeth. Tigen would slowly have this vortex move towards Ig, random Liquid Cutter's bursting out from their buzzsaw state and out into the disc state, then back into the vortex and into the buzzsaw state again. Tigen continued to spin, gradually making it faster and faster.

*Ig snaps his fingers as Excalibur works on dulling each of the chainsaw like blades, and he spins the reverse direction of the vortex, eventually having it dissipate again. He takes out his revolver and shoots a large blast of fire towards Tigen...*

"I've withstood pain to create many weapons...."

Tigen would continue spinning, nonetheless, his sword was dense and heavy enough to keep him flowing in the same direction, he was now just slowed down a bit. With the flames coming towards him, he would release a 360 degree "Liquid Wave!" to put out the revolver's fire. Tigen's 3 magnifiers randomly interrupted Tigen's spinning by forcing the blade to a complete stop abruptly, since Tigen could not do so himself with such a heavy blade in an instant. Hell, it's take him a good 2 minutes to slow DOWN to a speed he could stop at. This sudden stop made his head jerk in the wrong direction, but it swirled back into the normal position. Without a second thought, Tigen would focus more energy into the blade, then, grabbing with all 3 hands, he'd raise it up and bring it down hard in midair, having a "Liquid Barrage!" flow from his sword at high speeds and of 3 times power of normal liquid balls. He also muttered "liquid warp..." and they would warp one at a time from in front of Ig and reappear at him from all sides.

Too wet, blegh...

*Ig intensifies the heat in the battlefield once more, and even creates a wall of fire around it to ensure complete evaporation. He puts up a small shield of fire as well..*

"Yet those hands will never hold anything...."

Tigen's flame turns a blue cold and a chilling wind passed out of his eyesockets. Tigen would have two magnifiers hold his sword by placing them on the tip and the end of the sword. Tigen needed his great speed now. He'd dart at Ig at breakneckspeeds, pulling down his scarf and fly over him, then orbit around him blowing a freezing blue flame at his fire. His cold blue fire would collide with the normal fire and cancel it out, thus leaving Ig open. A continued blue flame assault would hopefully freeze him, since the air around him had already been rapidly cooled by the blue fire in the first place.


*Ig's shortsword meets Tigen's blows, as the world around him shatters. Instead of the old battlefield is an area covered with endless barren field, and millions of blades stuck in the ground. Gears are turning in the background, almost like a factory.*

Ya waited too long, friend.. now you're in my dimension. *Takes out a sword standing in front of him and extends it.* This is the true Excalibur blade... I'm sure you can imagine how powerful it is. *Lunges at Tigen with the legendary sword glowing golden.*

Tigen darted backwards fast to weaken the impact of the blow, but still he was hit nonetheless. Tigen flew backwards a great distance, but in the air, he would instantaneously warp near his sword, floating unsteadily from the attack, flame dimmed. He held the spot where he had been hit "Another dimension? Ha. Tigen is the master of dimensions." His flame would turn black as he grasped his sword, magnifiers spinning in front of him. Tigen warped high into the air, since he had no time to try flying by himself with this blade. The magnifiers fused into the Megafier, and Tigen focused all power on the immense liquid sword "Tigen waited just long enough... ALPHUS LIQUIDUS!" the sword suddenly became unspeakabley large and as light as air. It pierced through the ground like it was nothing, making no noise on contact. Tigen dragged the blade across the ground to destroy the blades that were in the area Ig was in, cutting through the whole damn thing like water. Silence as he struck. "Let us see if Excalibur can withstand Alphus Liquidus..." Tigen would bring the blade directly at Ig now fast, like the grandurous sword were his own limb.

*The blades that were destroyed simply re-materialize, and the ground sews itself back up. Ig's Excalibur blade simply pushes the long sword aside and he closes in for a quick slash at Tigen's torso.*

Surely you don't mean to try and overpower this famed sword of ancient lore? That's just plain foolish..

Tigen laughed a bit sadisticly "Alone? Of course not. You think the Megafier is for nothing?" Tigen would block the slash, being forced back yet again, but to his own advantage. The Megafier flew in front of him. Tigen shoved the seemingly endless blade through the Megafier, increasing its already awesome power x256. That should be enough, wouldn't you say? Tigen and the Megafier would spin in a synchronized state, then begin to rotate in the small sphere(ish) of space, trying to cover everyplace possible with the sword.

Tch. *Ig hold out Excalibur, blade aimed at blade, as Excalibur cuts clean through Tigen's enormous blade.* Think about physics and leverage here.. a blade that long can't possibly stand on its own without severe delecacy.

Tigen's blade would be cut through, then immediately would stick back together with itseld "Tigen knows this... Tigen is not stupid... But what of a liquid blade, mind you?" Tigen would cease spinning, cutting at Ig a few times at a fast pace.

*Ig this time grabs the blade with his bare hand and snaps it in two. He rushes in with Excalibur and makes several thrusts at Tigen with it.* That sword's too magnified to be usable anymore, Tigen...

*Ig takes Excalibur and cuts right down the middle of Tigen's blade, eventually meeting him right at the hilt.* I keep telling you, not gonna work.

*Ig makes a quick slash at Tigen's legs and torso*

Tigen's Megafier would instantly force Ig backwards, seeing as he was trying to cut right into the hilt. Tigen himself was behind the Megafier "Heh heh heh... Tigen would suggest that you try to go around, if you can... Tigen's magnifiers are indestructable, and the Megafier is an increased version of their power." Tigen's blade would begin reforming from the bottom up, and would eventually cut Ig if he didn't get out of the way of the middle.

Simple. *Ig leaps into the air and is carried surther upward until he can't be seen anymore. After about 5 minutes, he falls in a drill-like fashion, Excailibur extended towards Tigen's head.*

Tigen's sword now reverted to its normal form, non-liquified and small as Tigen pointed the Megafier upwards. With that, Tigen's bodyparts split, The Megafier could hold Ig off long enough for Tigen to do this... He spewed his black flame through the Megafier as Ig made contact, and given that it was most likely a direct hit and the flame was a mixture of all of Tigen's flames (except White and Clear), a variety of status ailments should have fell upon Ig. Freezing, Sleep, Poison, and intense Heat. Heat and Frost would not go well together, in general, so... yeah. Deal with that. Tigen's bodyparts then warped in random places around this... place they were in and the Megafier finally broke back up into the 3 magnifiers.

Haven't had to use this in a while... Blackfire! *Black and purple flames shoot out from all sides of Ig as they absord the rainbow flames directed towards him. Blackfire consumes them and adds them to their own might, and they pour and burn swiftly towards Tigen.*

The fire would miss, seeing as Tigen was already gone. The 3 magnifiers would reflect even the now joined fire back at Ig. His voice was heard in the distance "Hahaha, where are you looking? Tigen is not there anymore! Come find Tigen!... Or maybe Tigen will find you?" An arm would appear in a 10 meter radius of Ig shooting a Liquid Barrage and then warping elsewhere.

This is rediculous.. *Launches himself upward and surveys the battlefield from a bird's eye view.* Hmph, do know that you're still in my realm, boy.

Bladeworks, scatter! *The millions of blades begin to fly in random directions each spinning, slashing, cleaving and hacking away at anything that makes the slightest movement, save for Ig himself.*

Tigen would warp his bodyparts back near Ig, reconnecting "Baaaah, Tigen forgot about those! So pointy, they'd carve Tigen's most precious head right up!" He's hide behing Ig, then realizing that Ig was the enemy, Tigen would fly backward, magnifiers orbiting around him, grabbing his sword. "You tried to trick Tigen with your foul tricks, good sir! Tigen shall not fall for it!" Tigen's flame would begin to flicker brightly, then lowly and Tigen realized something "OH. OHOHOH. TIGEN'S GOT CHOCOLATE GOING ON THE OL' LIQUID STOVE AT HOME. Do you want to wrap this battle up or go on and say we can finish it later?" Tigen flailed and swirled, panicing a bit.

Egh.. I'll be here, but go get your chocolate, that was somehow being cooked in... liquid. Yeah. I'll let you out and back in, but don;t run out on me now.

Tigen nodded, floating upwards, a great amount of dimensional energy swirling around him as he said "Good! Tigen wasn't done with you, anyway! But Tigen will totally share some chocolate when Tigen gets back." With a great explosion throughout dimensions... and a pass through the 15th dimension... Tigen warped back into his house.

Tigen randomly warps back in, face covered in chocolate. Seems he used the Bucket of Destiny to bring some chocolate with him... "Tigen is back and ready for action! Have some chocolate before we fight again if you want, but Tigen shall not lose!" Tigen continued stuffing his face with chocolate, wondering where the hell it went since he had no organs or bones or muscles...

*Looks in disbelief as Tigen stuffs his face like a 3 year old, thinking "Is this guy seriously my opponent..?" He calls forward Bladeworks and commands them to resume their flying and spinning actions they started before Tigen left.*

Tigen flew close to Ig as Tigen would finish off the chocolate, mumbling "Liquid Expand..." and the rest was incoherent. His flame would turn blue as the liquid came out... however... the liquid was omitting a strange type of fog from it... It would flow directly at Ig, though making contact might be bad. What he had mumbled was "Property of Liquid Nitrogen." With that, Tigen could freeze Ig on contact with a high concentration of this stuff. Though using other liquid properties that weren't the properties of water were extremely hard to do for long periods of time... But hell, Tigen hoped that this wouldn't take long. His magnifiers would orbit around him, as Tigen was thinking of something good to do next..

Excalibur! *The blades knock the muttering Tigen away from me, and sends him falling back down into the rushing steel below. Other shards of Excalibur spin around in front of me in small vortex-fashions, blowing away the meyserious fog..*

Tigen would warp back to his position before making contact with the steel, magnifiers still orbiting. Tigen would spin, blowing a chilling, freezing flame through the magnifiers as he did so. Not only that, but he raised his armscarf's hand up into the air and shot a "Liquid Wave!" through a magnifier, still having the properties of Liquid Nitrogen. A giant liquid nitrogen wave. The beauty of having control over liquid energy.

*Raises an Eclipse bubble around him, negating and absorbing some of the energy used. The buble grows suddenly and shrinks again, like a strong pulse to bounce Tigen back into the rushing steel. Ig commands the blades below to start slicing and hacking in a direction now; they all aim for Tigen himself this time.*

Tigen would bounce into the blades, but he made his magnifers orbit in such a way that he would hit the tip of the tallest one sword and bounce off of it using the deflection ability of his magnifiers back into the sky."Tigen's magnifiers reflect, magnify and deflect attacks. They are indestructable. Do you really think Tigen makes them act randomly? Tigen always has a purpose for their actions. A plan." The property of Liquid Nitrogen was gone now, but it had a good run. Now Tigen mumbled to himself "If Tigen can use the Omegigas Liquidus.. maybe..." Tigen's 3 hands became surrounded in the "High Density Liquid Claw! Liquid Control!" Lastly, Tigen would have the Bucket of Destiny warp into his hands "Tigen will never go out without using all abilities to their full potential..." Tigen then began draining some energy from the bucket and charging some in his claw. Dimensional energy began to flow around him as his magnifiers slowed...

Feh, persistent... *Materializes Gamuza in his hands, yet it is much more elaborate and deadly in the bladeworks dimension of his..*

Tigen smirked, flame turning black as the Bucket of Destiny floated in front of his face. He had enough energy for a small attack, but with magnifiers, it would be as powerful as a normal one... heheh... All that was left to do was wait. Maybe even focus some more. Never could be too careful. Tigen would wait, having his magnifiers stop completely, return to their initial positions and totally focus on Ig... Their focus was Tigen's focus. No matter what, Tigen had a plan in the bag.

*Throws Gamuza up into the air as a silent Lanzador Verde, waiting for the opprotune moment. He then grabs another shortsword, looking sharp, curved and swift..*

Tigen's black flame started to spurt through his triangular sockets as he focused more power. He would ever so slowly begin to float closer and closer to Ig... His pace was like. Uber slow, though. All that was seen moving were the claws getting bigger as he did this. The bucket continued to float in front of his face. "Tigen is waiting... If Tigen gets close enough, Tigen will attack.."

*Ig makes a smirk, and seems to disappear in a blur. He reappears right behind Tigen and makes a slash at his back with the sword he picked up. After stabing, he disappears to another location several feet from him.*

Tigen would warp on contact with the blade, since he had saved his dimensional energy from earlier for that. With that done, Tigen would reappear beside Ig after the moment he had stopped and claw at him, from really close, still storing power. He had enough power, but he still needed more to carry it out. More dimensional energy swirled about as the Bucket and his magnifiers kept their positions..

*Tigen clawed at him, but Ig wasn't even there by the time he made the slash. Instead there were now 4 clones of Ig right in front of Tigen, all with their blades drawn. In one voice they all say:*

This is Mugen, in Infinity Blade. It's the fastest one ever crafted, even enhancing its user's speed and agility, as you can see now.

Tigen nodded "Tigen has something for you... Liquid Control..." Tigen's magnifiers would begin orbiting around him again at speeds that almost cannot be seen "You want speed? Tigen will give you speed. High Density Instant Liquid!" In Tigen's impenetrable shield of magnifiers, Tigen would be safe and able to spontaneousy create liquid slashes anywhere he pleased and that his hand would make the shape of. Tigen would slash quickly, and an instant sharp slash of liquid would cut at Ig in the direction Tigen had cut out of nowhere at him. Tigen would continue focusing energy into his claw, still awaiting the right moment...

*Ig signals with his finger as a large battleaxe blocks the liquid slash, and directs more blades and Excalibur particles to hit Tigen's claw.*

Right before his claw was hit, Tigen would move all of the liquid energy into one single hand, which was not the one that Ig was aiming for. Of course Tigen's hand would be cut and chopped a bit, but the magnifiers made sure things would not get too bad and Tigen would have to sew it back on AGAIN... gosh. "Heheheh! It's just about ready..." Tigen would warp in the Bucket of Destiny and place his claw in the endless dimension at the bottom of the bucket, for protection. Tigen still had a little bit more to do. Tigen shouted "Synchro! Liquid Dimensional Sword!" and his sword gained a lot of energy, merging to be Liquid and Dimensional. With that, Tigen could slice through this dimension into another one. His slices would also become unnaturally fast and powerful, as that is what the Dimensional Sword's effect was.. or, one of them. Tigen warped a little bit off behind Ig and his clones, but not too far for him to not be able to attack with quick blows. Tigen outstretched his sword, 2 magnifiers alligning at the tip, the other ready to deflect anything Ig might have coming "Dimensional Liquid Vortex! x4!" An immense tornado of dimensional energy and liquid seemingly exploded out of the sword and through the magnifiers, covering a hell of a lot of space in between. The big ass funnel would begind sucking things into the dimensional part and the Liquid part would keep it sustained instead of sealing up a few seconds after being made. "Your speed will not determine if you are sucked into the liquidy vortex of dimensional doom! It will suck in everything! Hahahahaa! You will go far into the Dimension of Pain!" As Tigen did this, high flame finally started to dim more. Using Dimensional and Liquid energy at once took it out of him, and even with his draining from the Bucket of Destiny, it still did not rejuvinate his tired body, just his liquid. If he didn't defeat Ig soon, he just might go unconscious, himself...

*Watches as the Bladeworks dimension is all but destroyed, wondering what to do about this pseudo-black hole.*

Ugh, I hate using this move.. so draining. Kurohitsugi! *The vortex is taken in by a large black coffin, the dimension of Ig's imagination. The coffin disappears, leaving nothing left but the same battlefield that he and Tigen started fighting on.*

Tigen.. *panting, obviously drained* Whadya say we call it a draw, huh..?

Tigen looks to him, feeling a bit weak, still floating in the air. "You know, Tigen could very well use Omegigas Liquidus on you right at this moment and steal your remaining energy and replenish it to myself..." Tigen glared at him now, flame still dim and black "But..." The Bucket of Destiny warped away and the liquid and dimensional energy around his sword and hand dispersed. His flame turned green "Tigen is a nice guy, so Tigen is gonna call it a draw and go someplace else, m'kay? Bye bye~" Tigen flings Ig a bar of chocolate that he made earlier and saved as dimensional energy swirled around him "Tigen plans on battling you again, but don't think Tigen won't finish you next time, okay~?" Tigen warped from out of his sight.
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The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
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Dimension 17: Anybody....

*I sit atop of a huge building crosslegged strumming my guitar waiting*

*I sigh out of impatience as I dangle my legs off of the building as I continue to play*

Tigen warps in out of nowhere "Hiya! Tigen is here!" He flails around randomly, floating in the air.

"you know shes looking for a fight tigen.. ,"
-_vash portals in with a blank expression._-

Tigen floats upside down, staring at Vashy "Tigen knows. Tigen can fight well! Wanna see?" Tigen floats rightsideup and his sword warps into his hand.

"umm. sure your the chunnin Tigen Im supposing..Show me what you can do."
-_vash did need someone else for his team so he thought seeing him fight would be be a good way to judge this one._-


*I get up and stretch as I Mach hop infront of you and draw my blades at brakeneck speeds and use kuzu ryusin with Oran chakra surging through my blades*

Tigen would be hit with this attack, though a bit after impact Tigen warped far away "Buu. Speed is your game? Same here." Powerful dimensional energy surged through Tigen's blade "Dimensional Sword!" Tigen's magnifiers orbited around him at the same speeds that she came at him with "Liquid Wave! Liquid Needle!" A large, spherical blast of Liquid energy shot through the 3 magnifiers simultaneously, gaining more speed and power as large spikes jutted from it at random places.

*I Mach kick down into the building to next floor dodging the giant liquid balls and spikes as I look up to the hole I just made as I clap my hands and use Orans Might attempting to make a piller of Oran chakra erupt from the ground so big it enugulfs the building your standing on and you yourself at great speeds*

Seeing as Tigen wasn't standing and he was still under the protective orbiting of his magnifiers, the chakra would not touch him, but be reflected from his magnifiers. The magnifiers would them force it farther from him until it was totally gone completely "Pyaaa... Tigen should get this done fast, or else it will be bad!" Tigen warps to the bottom of the building and slammed his hands on the magnifiers and then the building "High Density Liquid Wall!" Liquid would swiftly wrap around the whole building... what was left.. Preventing escape due to its density. Well, you could escape, it'd just take a hell of a long time to swim through. Tigen would then say "Liquid Barrage!" And the floor Kay-no was in would be shot at with a multitude of liquid balls aimed right at her directly from the Liquid wall.

Well, This a rather odd..

*Kay would say rather lazy as she maneuvered her body to dodge the volley of Liquid balls using her flexibility quickness and things of that nature.*


*Kay would say as she would disappear from the floor she was on and reappear on the top of the building as she vibrated her molecules at mach speeds making her temperarily intangible as she jumped through the Liquid Wall as she fell from the huge building to the ground as she soildified herself and looked at the Liquid Covered Building with her hands on the Hilt of her blades mocking a certain Someone*

Tigen frowned "Eeeeh... Tigen should try harder? Synchro! Liquid Wave! Dimensional Eater!" Parts of the liquid wall would shoot out fast volleys of Liquid waves synchronized with Dimension Eaters. Even if they didn't make impact, their powerful vacuum-like presence should slow her down in the air and maybe even suck in some of her chakra. As for the finale, The whole liquid wall peeled from the building in a wave like format, dimensional energy then engulfing and sucking in with powerful force. This wave wouldn't last long, but hell, if it made direct contact... boy would THAT suck.


*Kay Would moan and complain about the work that had to be done to dodge the move, She then coated her body with Buryoki giving her the same effects and powers of Buryoki making her use the vacuum like presence against tigen and instead of slowing her down and sucking her toward the attack, it would instead Speed her up and repel her away from the attacks as she dodge the volley of Liquid balls with even more ease as she unsheathed her blade at speeds that that would create a giant slash wave of Buryoki mixed with Oran Chakra to cut through the wave of Liquid and head straight for Tigen at monsterous speeds*

"you best not lose . ... if you are to be my apprentice.. Both of you seek me out when this fight is done."
-_vash said walking away now from the fight_-

Tigen's three magnifiers sprung into action at mach speed, taking on the attack, then instantly reflecting and magnifying it with double the power and speed back at her "Guarding, Dodging and Speed are Tigen's specialty! Nothing gets past my indestructable magnifiers!" All of Tigen's liquid would disperse, and Tigen's magnifiers began to orbit around him once again as he raised his sword "Dimensional Eater!" He slashed his sword all around him at blinding speeds, due to the Dimensional Sword making his slashes quicker and more powerful, leaving big dimensional rips as he cut... although these did not seal up after a while. No, they were just there, large dimensional rips that would suck in anything that wasn't Tigen. "Tigen dares you to come down here in the dimensional deathtrap! If you try anything, they'll instantly drain your chakra! Haaahahahahahaha!" Tigen began laughing, flipping upside down in the air.


*Since kay had on her Buryoki coating the Dimension eaters would have no effect on her which mean it would not suck her in and instead of instantly taking her chakra it would continuously revive her chakra. She then entered inner peace as she mach hoped infront of Tigen and since mach speed was nothing compared her speed she would easily see the magnifiers as she then attempted to use Zero beats on tigen when she saw an opening in the magnifiers*

Tigen wasn't paying attention to what was going on, as he was still laughing... he had started thinking about other things as he kept on laughing... Like the time he blew up a kitty... and the time he flooded that building... yeah, good times. BUT, Tigen was hit with these punches, sending him flying backwards. To avoid more damage and an impact, Tigen's magnifiers continued to orbit around him, causing him to bounce instead of slide and not get hurt. He abruptly stopped when he could, magnifiers now flying around the whole area randomly in different places. He did not know where they would go, but he knew their locations when they went there. He flew towards her at a high speed. His dimensional blade became a normal sword again "Liquid Sword!" And just like that, it had become liquid. He'd focus energy into it, flying upward and past her. Now he wasn't aiming for her. He flew around the buildings just about as randomly as his magnifiers did. Now for... an attack! Woo! "Liquid Barrage! High Density Liquid Cutter! x16!" Tigen flailed his arms about 48 liquid cutters flew from his hands in random directions. At some point in time, they would all hit a magnifier. Tigen made sure of that. He could never miss his magnifiers, no matter how fast they or he was going, or how much of a split second he had to connect an attack to them... unless acted upon by an outside force, of course, of course. "Slicing pinball! Yaaay!" The liquid cutters would slice through everything they came in contact with as Tigen continued to fly around randomly. Everything he was doing was so unpredictable and so unorthodox! YAY FOR BEING DIFFERENT.


*Kay would say getting tired of Tigen she would be mindful of the cutters that are going around destroying things as she put her hands on the hilt of her blades and entered beykotsa as she prepared to end the match*

Tigen abruptly stopped in midair, all of his cutters happened to be coming towards him. The flame in his pumpkin head turned black, and the magnifiers instantly flew in front of him, forming the Megafier. "Liquid Control!" All of the Liquid Cutters hit the Megafier at the same time, making them fuse into a huge, super powered, cut through anything gigantic liquid cutter. The Megafier magnifies things to x256... and all of them had already been magnified x2 due to hitting a magnifier at least once... and there were 48... 48 x 2 = 96... and 96 x 256 = 24,576. Holy shit, that's a lot of power and speed. The cutter covered the size of about 3 football fields. Although, for something to be magnified that much AND for it to be fused together AND for Tigen to have used the Megafier all so fast... hm... That would leave him with very little energy. Tigen fell to the ground, only hovering above it a little bit. "Phew... such hard work... Tigen needs to rest... go to a spa... or something." The magnifiers split as the superpowered giganto mecha speedy Liquid Cutter sliced through everything in its path. Even if it did not hit Kay-no, it would surely make an impact thats resulting force should do SOMETHING.


*Is what Kay would say as clouds would suddenly fill the sky and a uber lightning bolt the size of the sears tower would shoot from the sky at an undodgable speed and through the Giganto Cutter of liquid leaving a huge gaping opening through the middle and it then struck kay. Since kay had on her Buryoki skin she used the lightnings speed and quickly zip through the opening made by the Lightning bolt into the sky dodging the huge cutter as she used her buryoki to stand on the clouds and watch the after math of the cutter*

That was close..

*Kay would say as she stretched and pointed at you*


*After saying that Lightning bolts the same size as before would attempt to strike and ravage your body everywhere moving at speeds that far surpass your own over and over and over without cease hopefully ending the match*

Tigen's bodyparts detached from his body before the body was hit by the lightning. Tigen's head and arms would warp in different locations, in an attempt to confuse Kay-no. Tigen's head suddenly disappeared from the warping bodyparts. It was back at the body, with a white, purifying flame glowing in it. A gentle blow of white fire surrounded the body, making it healed and usable again. The body would join in with the warping head and arms. Since Kay-no could not predict where Tigen would warp (and neither could Tigen for that matter) she couldn't hit him with another lightning bolt. "Tigen... still needs more energy though... Tigen only has enough left to warp. Damn Megafier... Bucket of Destiny!" He summoned it, still warping. The Bucket warped from the dimension Tigen left it in, the Storage Dimension, also where Tigen leaves his sword... heh heh... And of course, Tigen's bodyparts would be sucked into it. The bucket shook and rammed into things in a cartoony style, before FINALLY warping behind Kay-no and shooting Tigen out like a cannon "TIGEN IS RESTORED." He'd hit her, because well, with warping that fast and cannon blast at such a short range... It was inevitable. The Bucket's work was done, and it left the field, helping to save the day again. We salute you, Bucket of Destiny. Upon contact, Tigen would release a "Liquid Fist!" punch at speeds close to Kay-no's, since the Liquid Fist was a powerup that allowed Tigen's punches to go faster as well as an attack. Yay.

*kay would get hit the punch but just as she would get hit an arm of Oran chakra would erupt from her back and grab Tigens face shocking his face with 900,000 volts of Oran chakra which is already stronger than regular lightning . That many Volts of Oran chakra is enough to kill almost anything*

Tigen's face would be shocked, however, due to his scarf that acts as a third arm always covering most of it, as a defense mechanism, it would have liquid energy guide most of the chakra into the tip of the scarf where the palm was and have it be released from there. Tigen's pumpkin head still exploded from the top, making his hat fly up all 3 stooges style, then back ontop of his head... which now had a hole in it. The flame was still safe, that's all that mattered, really. Tigen exploded the fist of liquid energy on Kay-no, then warped out of her reach "Myaaah. Tigen's gonna have to find another pumpkin head now... It can be done. A quick trip to the Dimension of the eternal Pumpkin Patch and Tigen will have a new head in no time!" His armscarf was singed and black, instead of its normal orange. "This'll need some washing... Liquid Control..." Liquid energy wrapped around the armscarf, which actually, now that I think about it would be beneficial to Tigen in the long run. Tigen needed to finish her off, or next time she might get the flame. He focused a lot of energy into his sword, Dimensional energy flowing around him, magnifiers orbiting at wicked speeds...

Uh huh..

*I then create a small bubble of buryoki around the flame as I use the bubble to extinguish the flame by depriving it of oxygen and since I don't know if the flame is special or doesn't need oxygen due to lack of posting this would work as I attempt to make strings of the Buryoki attach to your body*

*I appear from nowhere and sit to watch the almost over match between Kay-no, and Tigen.*
"Um...This battle's fate was set when he entered, she I predict will win..." *I thought to myself*

Tigen became woozy. He didn't know what was happening "Gyaaaah... Is Tigen dying..? Tigen will be back for you... The flame... the flame... Tigen should've gone to full power.. That would've been good.." The remaining flame turned red, the flame of heat. Since the heat was so concentrated and could not escape, it burned through the bottom of Tigen's pumpkin and into the rips in his body from the punches. The breeze would keep it still ablaze, but Tigen could not move if the flame was not in the correct place, in his head. The only thing that could be done was a warp. Tigen fell to the ground, along with the magnifiers and the warp initiated, sending him into the Dimension of the Eternal Pumpkinpatch

*Kay would stretch as she brushed herself and cracked her neck as she waved to lukas and mach hoped away*

*I disappear*
"That was a good show.."
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Dimension 18:  INTENSE TRAINING SESION!!! All Lower Ranks (Below sannin) COME!!!

*Shiro stands in an open field with wind passing through the grass as he awaits everyone who would show.*

The point in this training is a mass battle with basically everyone against me. Who wants to try their luck?

I DO!!!!!! * i jump from the air and land next to you* What's this Round 3 of the never finishing battle?

The thing is it won't be just you. I said mass battle. Which means EVERYONE. lol. I'm basically doing what Zeik is doing, Just... Not as Harsh. XD

that as t may i'll wait for the others i guess then.

Alright then. Anyone else? This is open to everyone! Below my level. I mean come on. How many chances do you get to gang up on your sanin in a training session?

Tigen warps out of nowhere, waving at Shiro "Tigen remembers you! The guy that ranked Tigen, huh? Yay for trainiiing~!"

*The clouds blacken and the wind blowing across the field forms into a tornado*
We accept your challenge...*multiple voice can be heard from the roaring wind*

*i walk in*

4 volunteers. That's good. But I want one more to start.

Aiyu sat in a tree. "Need one more"

And now we have our starting line-up. Now for anyone who still wishes to join this lil' training. Feel free to jump in at anytime.

*Shiro faces everyone as he cracks his neck and his playful smile now on his face.*

Everyone ready?

Aiyu lined up. "... Sure"

*i put my shades in my pocket*
hell yeah
*i look to everybody and smile*
lets do it guys

*Shiro takes in a deep breathe, then letting it out slowly, he relaxes his left hand on teh handle of his reverse blade still in it's sheath. He closes his eyes and still smiling he speaks.*


*i yawn as my body begins to make cracking noise* Yea im ready, as i see you are as well *zangetsu apears aas a regular katana as i strike a stance* Everyone let's go.

*i call ryu and hayate*

Aiyu pulls out her katana at the ready.
She give a warm smile of true honesty. She charge toward the enemy aiming for the torso.

*i warp in a couple miles back*

This might not go too well... Eagle Scope!

*i place the scope to my eyes and get a perfect view of the session*

ok then we gotta work together on this. Kai try to distract shiro with somethin flashy, Meijinhada, use somethin to assist in helping kai. Tigen and Aiyu what the hell kinda of powers you can do?

got it!
*i jump over shiro and shoot countless balls of seinaru*

"Ice and water attacks" she leaped into the air and sat on a mere branch to dodge an attack that might be thrown her way.

Tigen looked to Akarui with a happy, green flame "Weeeelll... Tigen can do... um. THIS." His flame would immediately blacken. Tigen would fly into the air, mangifiers aimed to Shiro "Liquid Ball! x16!" The small liquid ball would go through a magnifier... x2... another... x4... another... x16, aimed at Shiro.

What ever the fuck that, keep doing it. as for you Aiyu i want you to combine your ice and water and form mulitiplue needles into the sky and keep them there and for the awter needles harden them with you ice.

*His eyes still closed, he breathes in again, then exhales.*

Here we go.

*His eyes shoot open the gleam of his reverse blade is seen instantly as he deflects the liquid and seinaru balls. Then in a flawless and flowing motion, he takes his blade and swings it 5 times sending a deafening Dragon Howl to each of his oppenents. The one heading for Aiyu cuts teh branch she's setting on catching her off guard, the others continue their paths towards every.*

*i grunt as i flash step towards the dragon holw dodgeint t while jumping in the air as i make mulitple air slashes that form into many discas they all head towawards shiro.

"Shit" Aiyu felt the breaking ice, she'd began to fall but she quickly reinbursted her little stair branch, she places a barrier around herself while executing the plan.
Aiyu touched the tree turning it into ice, the branches reached out to the clouds.
She stood at the very top, she perfromed a few hand seals. Particles from the clouds began to form around her hand, she extracted some water from herself and began to turn the water into ice, she pulled out a few needles and dropped them into her hand. The ice formed around it and they became hard blades of ice with the needles inside them.
"Lotus blades of ice"(need to put this on my jutsu list -.-)
She waited with ease.
"Say when"

Tigen would detach his arms and head from his body, and they would all go in separate directions to avoid the Dragon Howl. A magnifier would stick with each of his broken parts. Since Tigen was told to continue the onslaught of Liquid Balls, what was better to do than a Liquid Barrage, right? He would disperse the giant liquid ball, so it would not accidentally hit his teammates, and he woulc fire a few waves of "Liquid Barrage! x2!" at Shiro with each of his hands in different directions.

*i jump in the air and shoot more seinaru balls infused with fire. i then pour seinaru into the ground*

*Smiling, Shiro does a series of backward flips avoiding the wave of attacks he was taking, his eyes then shooting towards Aiyu. Then stepping sideways he disapears leaving teh pile of dust rising form where he stood, then apears behind Aiyu instantly.*

Hey there.

*He then force palms her out of the tree and leaps out of it into the air in Akurai's direction gripping his reverse blade.*

damn...hes fast
*seinaru works its way into the air above shiro and attempts to slam him down*

Aiyu grabbed the ball of the ice, the needles digging into her skin.
She landed with ease, but she hit the ground to quickly she stubbled as she rose to her feet.
"..Fine have it your way". Aiyu threw the ball into the air, aiming a kunai directly at it to unleash the attack. She broke the core thousands of needles every where.
"Lotus Blades of Ice...release"
She used her shield of ice to protect whomever needed it.


*Being caught off guard by Kai's seinaru, Shiro is pushed back towards the ground. His body is then struck by the needles of Aiyu's attack. A puff of smoke apears as the body turns into a log from a simple substitution jutsu, Shiro being no where to be seen.*

Aiyu took a deep breathe, she sunk to the ground feeling her charka drained. She held a kunai in her right hand.

Tigen's body would warp close to the arms and the head, then reconnect. "Maybe Tigen's Magnifiers can help..." Tigen would have his magnifiers reflect and magnify any needles coming towards him, only back into the sky. The needles would double in power and size.

*i look around*
stand your ground people. be ready for whatever.
*i put crimson cureges around everbody, defending them*

Aiyu stood to her feet, she touched a near by tree only turning half of it into ice. Her strongest attack uses up the most of the charka and she felt thirsty.
She reached into her pouch and pulled out some water.

She gulped down the water and threw her pouch o the ground she could see the barrier around her. She waited at the ready.

Tigen would look to Aiyu "Um... Tigen just reflected some ice into the sky. You might want to take care of that before they come down and someone gets hit, you know."

*Wind shifts through the area flowing past everyone covered in Kai's shield. As the wind passes Kai, Shiro apears behind him, his eyes changed to a light blue color, his Water Spirit now released. Doing a quick combination of seals, he places a hand in front of his mouth.*

Cloud of Ice!

*He blows as a frozen wind pressing forward freezing any surface it touches. Those covered in Kai's shield become encased in a orb of ice as hard as steel.*

Ice skating aanyone?

what the hell?
*i attempt to break the ice(seeing as how i was in my shield to)*
how the hell did he do that?

Aiyu placed her hand to the sky turning the ice in the sky to water.
She also turned the ice that was holding her in a ball to water as well.
(My computer freezes so bare with me)
She looked toward Shiro, she danced across the ice, her katana in hand.
Aiyu released her teammates as well.

Tigen notices Kai and warps near him "Tigen will burn you out!" Tigen's flame turns red, the color for power, for black would give Kai status ailments as well as break him free. Tigen would blow fire through his magnifiers x16, which would be just about hot enough to melt through the ice as hard as steel. If not, it should make it feeble enough to break from easily. Tigen would finish up and fly off back into the sky.

*I raise the air pressure warming the field and melting Shiro's ice around Kai consequently growing the tornado to an F5.*
Not so fast.. *the wind howls. 4 wind clones emerge from the whirlwind and take a stance*

Aiyu leaped into the air.
"Sorry guys gotta go do something" she smirked as she left.

*i shake myself*
ok...that was uncool
*i stab my blades into the ground as they gather seinaru from the stars. i call seiken to me and shoot a seinaru bulletat shiro*

*I do a handsign and shoot fireballs in the air and in a second instant I jump in the air and and using charaka I punch the fireballs making it rain fire on shiro*

*One of my clones converges in front of Shiro and explodes at point blank range as he is struck by Terry's fireball*

Awww... I was having fun. Ah well.

*Shiro stands his ground taking the impact of the explosion. Brushign himself off, he see's Aiyu leave the session and laughs a little inside. His focus back on Meiji's tornado, Shiro holds his arm perpendicular to his body as a frosted mist forms, creating Atomisk in his right hand. Then taking the scythe, he swings the blade downward and strikes the ground, a massive shock makes boulder sized rocks rise breaking the tornado up as it cancle's the winds pathways. Then bring Atomisk back in the air, he leaps in the air as crystal like ice needles begin to suround him.*

whats he planning?
*i jump into a tree and call my seinaru whip into my free hand*

Tigen would come down, into the tornado with the rocks in it. Tigen would shout "Liquid Vortex!" and have a tornado of liquid synchronize with Meiji's tornado. The liquid parts of it would push the rocks out of the way.

*The tornado's strength falls but continues, but the wind merges with Tigen's liquid and forms into a massive wind dragon that rushes you viciously at a blinding speed, needles bouncing of its hard scales as it heads straight toward you*
...go...*The other 3 clones dart towards the heavens, air pressure dropping*

Liquid would also flow up through the dragon "High Density Liquid!" The liquid was now more durable and more powerful, giving the dragon the extra boose it needed. Not only that, Tigen said "Liquid Needle!" and spikes of liquid would jut from the dragon all over. "Combination, woo~!"

*The 3 clones, now high above Shiro, use Gravity Trip to hold him in place as the oncoming dragon prepares to ravage his body*
Yea, combos are sweet!

Didn't see that coming. Well time to switch!

*Shiro's eye dart from blue to a emerald green. He smiles as his body takes the full force of the dragon, then turning into a spiral, he uses Rapid Spin to brush off the liquid needles and break from the hold of Meiji's clones. He then turns his body to a head first dive and speads towadrs teh ground still spiralling likea bullet. He hits the ground hard creating a small crater from the force of the impact. As he stands, his hand is gripped around the handle of Genesis as he pulls the massive blade form the ground.*

Haven't used this in a while. This will be great for this training!

*He then stomps the ground, glacier sized rocks rise high into the air. The he begins punches the rocks with one hand making spires carve form them and shoot towards Meiji and Tigen simultaneously.*

Heh...*the 3 clones merge into one dodging a few spires*
HAHAHA! ICE FIGHT! *The clone uses point of impact as droves of boulder sized hail collide with your glacial spires. Meanwhile, the real me converges beside Tigen using Iron gauntlet to shield him from the pwnge*

Tigen would have all three magnifiers swirl in front of him, taking the spire blast head on. Luckily, his magnifiers were indestructable, but... they still were not enough to keep Tigen in place from such a powerful attack. As the spire kept driving into them, Tigen had an idea. "Magnifiers, fusion! Transform... Megafier!" The three magnifiers then merged into a giant magnifier, dubbed the Megafier. It would launch the spire back at Shiro with x256 force. Once reflected they would instantly split back into their separate 3 magnifiers. "Woo... That took a good amount of work outta Tigen.." He hovered a bit tired, but caught his breath (even though he doesn't breathe or have the organs TO breathe XD) quickly.

*Watching the spires collide with the hail, Shiro looks to his side seeing the spire Tigen launched back in his direction. Smiling he looks back to the sky for the boulder sized hair coming his way.*

Leap frog anyone?

*Then, he leaps in the air, landing on top of the spire Tigen sent back at him and runs its length flawlessly. He then leaps from the spire letting it crsh into the ground and begins a series of Kingdom Hearts' jumps (like Sora and riku in KH2 the final battle.) hopping from one boulder of ice to the next. Because of Meiji's condition, Shiro leaps in the air doing a combination of seals.*

Time for a classic! Ice Dragon Jutsu!

*Then in midair, an enormous dragon of ice forms and begins its path towards Meiji.*

*the seinaru whip wraps around shiro's leg as i attempt to slam him into the boulders*

*As the dragon continues its path towards Meiji and Tigen, Shiro gets whipped towards one of the boudler sized hail. Sticking out his hands, he hits the boulder with his palms pushing it in Kai's direction on the ground.*


*i wrap the whip around the hail and launch it back*

Tigen would warp out of the way of this attack, near Shiro, in fact. Meiji could handle himself. Tigen's flame was green as Tigen blew his sleep inducing fire through 2 of his magnifiers, making it huge. It didn't require direct contact to put people to sleep, anyway. SO there.

*Shiro still in the air is caught by Tigen's flame, the effect of it making his reaction tiem slow down dramtically. Being in his condition, Shiro turns his body to the side nearly missing the hail flying only inches away from him as he then decends towards the ground landing on his feet. He drops down to one knee trying to ignore the effect of Tigen's fire.*

This is not good.

*In an attempt to by him time, he does a quick combination.*

Ice Crystal!

*4 walls of ice raise from the ground slowly and then form a box-shaped barrier around him. Shiro's hands still clasped together feeding chakra into the barrier to keep it as dense as an adamant wall.*

*i charge a massive amount of chakra to my hand and turn it into fire. i then proceed to unleash punch after punch on the barrier*

Tigen would float down to the box, staring at it. "Wonder if this can corrode..." Tigen's magnifers alligned in formation of a straight line at the box, and Tigen said "Liquid's Corrode! Spiralling Liquidity! x16!" He shot 2 spiralling blasts of highly acidic and corrosive liquid through the magnifiers at the same time, making it come out as a x32 blast. Hopefully with the force of the spiralling liquid, the power and the extremely high acidity, it would corrode or at least weaken the box soon. How soon, dunno, but at least soon.


*The block suddenly bursts into shards of ice that all begin to float idle around Shiro, making Kai punch through the air as well as Tigen's acid melt some of the shards it touched. He does another combination ending with his hands clasped.*


*The shards of ice then fire in every direction, Kai within pointblank range, then others heading towards anyone within their pathes.*

Tigen would control the Liquid's Corrode so that it would instantly melt whatever came his way and then add onto his liquid. That being done, the Liquid's Corrode would suddenly stop. Tigen began to make his magnifiers orbit around Shiro to try blocking his escape as well as make his own attacks magnify and reflect back at him. Tigen would come in close and blow a green fire at him once again, still trying to put him to sleep "Tigen might have to kick the flame up a notch to put him to sleep..."

*I appear in the air and land on my converter orb.*
Yes! looks like I can travel dimensions through my orbs now.
*I look down at the intense fight.*
oooooooh, this looks fun, I'll watch.
*I shape my orb into an oar and lay on it while watching the fight.*

*i took the attack, taking some heavy damage*
ugh...that wasnt the brightest of ideas
*i gather seinaru into my hand and shoot a massive beam of it at shiro*

*I swing my brush in front of me*
Infinite CUT! *A large horizontal cuts the dragon in half and travels down its length towards Shiro*
A very....persistent....opponent. *8 wind clones appear beside me*

*Shiro takes Atomisk in hand and begins spinning it to deflect the needles reflected by Tigen's magnifiers. Turning to side, Shiro let's the beam of seinaru strike him in his back, forcing him to his knees, then he does a combat roll sideways to avoid Meiji's horizontal cut. Hearing his comment, Shiro looks in teh air and smiles, one eyes closed from the beating he was taking.*

Well.. I was the one who doesn't give up so easily.

*His eyes shine witht he blue color, as winds begin to pick up speed, flurrys of snow begin surround Shiro in a small and calm swirl. He stands and holds the scythe with its stem against his back, the blace idle above him.*

Though when you've been through what I've been through, then being persistent kinda comes along.

*Smirking he disapears in a flurry of snow, another on swirling behind Kai instantly as Shiro's fist appears force palming Kia forward, the minature snow storm progessing.*

Somebody help me keep him busy! *the wind catches Kai and gently sets him back down*
*Me and my clones converge, my arm appearing below you aiming for a swift uppercut. A clone surrounds us at a considerable distance as he creates a powerful wind tunnel confining our battle.*

Tigen raises his hand and flails like a 3rd grader "OOO OOO OOO! TIGEN CAN HELP! LIQUID FLOOR!" Tigen slammed his hands on magnifiers, then the ground, and it became engulfed in a sea of liquid in a set radius. Everyone who WASN'T SHIRO glareglareglare.. would be instandly pushed to the top of this liquid by liquid hands. "Nooow... Liquid Barrage! Liquid Cutter!" 6 liquid buzzsaws came up from the liquid floor and aimed for Shiro like mad sharks. As they neared, 2 would pop out of the liquid like normal Liquid Cutters and fly at Shiro, while the other 4 remained like buzzsaws.

*i gp flying forward, face first. i manage to roll and slam into a tree. i pour seinaru into it as the leaves proceed to shoot at shiro with intense speed*

*3 clones appear outside the wind tunnel doing handsigns while another 4 surround them; hands above their heads*

*Shiro's eyes turn to a crystal blue as his smirk continues. The flurrys of snow continued to circle around him in a whirlwind effect as the ground around him began to frost, being covered in ice as he stood still. Then, swinging Atomisk, he sends a frosted wind with below freezing temperatures to clash with the leaves and liquid. The atttacks all being frozen continue towards Shiro as he turns the scythe in the same swinging motion to burst the leaves and liquids.*

You guys don't mind if we cooled down a bit do ya..?

*He lifts his hand as a orb of the frost mist swirled around in front of him. He then thrusts the orb forward still spiraling, shooting kunai's of ice in all directions, speciafiacally aimed to strike the air clones of Meiji's.*

*I make a handsign and I shoot fireballs in all directions also*

Did you forget I've isolated this area? *Shiro's kunai clash with the wall of the wind tunnel and are swept into the sky*
One of my strongest techniques...*the air begins to sucked out of the area as a giant rift tears through the sky above us, revealing the blackness of space*
None of you will be able to survive here for much longer. *dirt and other debris begin to float into the air*

Meij......what are you doing?
*I start to dodge random debris in the air*

This is...*a trees are ripped from the ground as the vacuum gets stronger*
a DEAD SPACE *a loud screeching is heard as the air is whipped off the planet, Terry's flames distinguishing*
How will the mighty Shiro fair this one?! *I burst toward my comrades at astonishing speeds absorbing them in a oxygen rich hardened globe of paint to keep them alive*
SHOW ME!! *I stop next the wall of the wind tunnel and push the globe through to the other side releasing my comrades*
I need you all to do what you can to set fire to this wind wall. *I avert my attention back to Shiro*

Allow me.

*Shiro smiles as he closes his eyes. The whirls of snow flurries die instantly.*

Call me crazy... But eh... Who knows... maybe I am...

*He opens his eyes, the pupils now a fiery red, the flicker as though they were flames themselves. He then lift his hands as Tyrael's voice speaks in his mind.*

Ty- You sure this is a good idea Kazuma?

Nope. But hey... I've been through worse. Besides. This is training.

*He smirks as he closes his eyes, flames begins surrounding his body (Dragon Install), Then lifting his right hand, his fingers held together. His wings of fire form on his back as he snaps his fingers causing the flames surrounding him to combust randomly, small explosions ripping through the air towards the wall of wind.*

It's time for the final test... Here goes nothing.

Tigen would spring into action~! Seeing as he was a being that could thrive in any environment, even dead space, he would not be effected in the same way everyone else was "Eeee... If they're gonna die, maybe Tigen needs to fix this dimension up..? Hey! Can Tigen seal up that dead space if you all start dying? It won't be difficult! Tigen's Dimensional abilities cover the opening and sealing of Dead Space!" Tigen would call out ot everyone as if something this intense were not going on.

No...none will be dying today. *i fall backwards into the wall your flames extinguishing as quickly they come*
No oxygen here remember. *the wind howls as the void begins to seal up, the 4 clones joining the wind tunnel* will have it soon enough. *the top of the wind tunnel begins to close and take the shape of a cone*
NOW!! *the cone of air collapses upon you with 8Xs the force of gravity, your own flames igniting the air as the rest of the clones(3) join the now domed shaped air wall thing and explode with a concussive force of 128 tonnes of TNT.*
WOOOH...Beat that!

Tigen's flame does not extinguish completely. If that happens, he dies. Besides, it wouldn't extinguish in this space. How do you think Tigen goes into other dimensions if his flame could go out so easily? He wraps dimensional energy around it that leads to the Dimension of Eternal Flames, just to keep it alive. Tigen waves his hands, not knowing how Shiro's gonna get out of this one "Tigen doesn't know whether to watch, or to join in!" The Bucket of Destiny warps in filled with chocolate, and Tigen munches like he's in the theaters.

*The winds disperse as everyone is back in the plain outside of nightmare. Shiro is seen laying on the ground, his cloak shredded from the force of the attack. He laughs as he speaks aloud, wincng from the pain.*

Good job my friend. You've earned it... I can't even move to use Genesis. *sighs* ah well. Good training everyone.

*I collapse as well from all that chakra use*
*sigh*...that was one of the best matches I've had in a loooong time. too bad it wasn't a ranked one.

Tigen pouts "Awww... Tigen was having fun still!* He floats upside down, still full of energy "Well, it was fun while it lasted. Time for Tigen to go~!" He warped away to places unknown. Seriously, how did people contact this guy?
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Kairo Tigen
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The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
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PostSubject: Re: Tigen; The Dimension's Keeper   Tigen; The Dimension's Keeper EmptyWed Apr 03, 2019 9:55 pm

Dimension 19: Dimension Training!! Tigen, Fubuki, and Sadira!

*I walk up to a meadow, clear with few trees, and has a nice temperature in the area.*

Alright! this seems like a good place.

*I have my 4 C.O's warp around the field whiling waiting for the other 2.*

Tigen warps into the scene "Hi hi! What's up, Fubuki~?"

Our training is whats up. I brought the book Spacial Collapse with me just incase you wanted help with something.

I walk into the area, for once like a normal person. My artic camo is opened above my head, despite the weather, and held in the slot inside my hoodie made for it. "'Ey you two~."

Tigen waves at Sadi, ignoring what he heard about the Spacial Collapse somewhat "Hm? What was that Fubuki? OH, TRAININ. Okayokay, lets see what we can do!" Tigen points to Sadi and warps behind her "Teehee, Sadi will teach first. GO GO GO GO GO!" Tigen eats some chocolate in the back.

Hey Sadi!

Wanna help as well? Maybe we could all benefit from practicing with dimensions right now.

*A C.O materializes into my hand instaneously due to the constant dimensional energy emitting from my cloak, which is warping...I just wanted to go indepth.*

Is there a way for me to warp with out the orbs?

As soon as he warps behind me, my chakra instinctively flares out to burn him. I look at him over my shoulder. "You may wanna be careful...I seem to be kinda edgy. Get too close and you'll be fried pumpkin." I tap my chin. "Lesse...What can I teach ya that you might not know already...How about creating territory?" I look back to Fubuki and frown in thought. "It depends...I mean, I can only warp because that trait was given to me. The boxes are just a medium. I guess, if we can get you going without needing a medium to transmit the energy to warp into, you'd be good. Hear what I'm sayin?"

*The C.O in my hand materializes back to my cloak.*

Okay. I won't use them. How excatly does one pin point were to transmit energy?

Tigen nods his halfway burnt pumpkin head, which would be healed by the white flame "Oh, yes. Tigen warps without a medium, but that is also because it is the way of Tigen's people... whoever they may be BUT ANYWAY. Tigen is naturally able to leap through dimensions at will... Tigen could try to say how Tigen does it, but..." Tigen floated higher into the air, lying down in a position like he was on a couch

"Um...Good question..." I tap my chin. "Well, fer me, I basically imagine the spot I'm bout to go through is my gift box...fer instance." I hold my hands in front of me as if holding a box. The air above my hands begins to wave as though the space is being distorted. When I move away, the air is still shaking, but in the shape of a box. "Ya see...But because I considered it like I would a box, it's only that shape." I stick my hand through it and it comes out on top of Fubuki's head, ruffling his hair. I withdraw my hand and close up the portal. "Eh...Did that even make sense?"

*I stand focusing dimensional energy (or trying) to my hand. the chakra orb on my hand glows a dim yellow.*

Okay, lets try.

*I hold my hand out, and so far the area infront of my hand looks like heat waves in a savanna, showing the space is begining to become a bit distorted.*

I clap excitedly. "Good job! Now let's see a portal there~!"

Tigen warps near him and stares at it "Oooo! Pretty!" Tigen clasped his hands together, mesmorized by this distorted air like he hadn't seen it before. Damn easily distractedness. He saw large miasmas of this kinda energy in certain dimensions.

*I continue to release energy, feeding the little distorted area with dimensional energy, causing a rip big enough to put you hand in.*


*I put my hand inside, and it comes infront of tigen's face.*


"Great! Now try making it big enough for you to actually go through."

*I continue releasing energy into the rip. This energy was felt before, I noticed everytime I warped, this surged me some, inducing a shock of some sorts.*


*While dimensional energy is still being released, I add a bit of lightning chakra to it, only a surge from my hand though, not much.*

Come on!!

*The rip begins to grow in size now, once it reaches the size of my body, it collapses.*

Damn!! Almost had it!!
*I begin surging dimensional energy from my hand again.*

Tigen stares at him, then at his cloak "Hey. Try using some dimensional energy from your cloak. Tigen uses the dimensional energy from parallel universes and the dimension Tigen is already in, but since you have that cloak, you should be able to use the energy from there. WATCH TIGEN." Tigen raises his hand and dimensional energy begins to swirl around it, and instantly his sword appears. "Tigen connected the dimensional energy into the dimension Tigen keeps the sword and the dimensional energy of the 3rd dimension to make a portal easy for the sword to travel through! Ya know~?" Tigen flings his sword into the air and grabs it with the armscarf, twirling happily "Dimensions~"

I look at Tigen from my peripheral and stick my tongue out at him behind the mask. "My dimensions could totally pwn your dimensions."

Tigen flails his sword randomly "Mnyaaah! Nuh uh!" Tigen floats around Sadi form a distance not to be flared at and then he would warp next to Fubuki. "Teeheehee."

*I look at my cloak.*

Draw energy huh?

*I grab a bit of my cloak in one hand and with the other I focus the dimensional energy forward again. This time, the dimension grows to half my size with out the lightning.*
This could work!

*I focus more dimensional energy, and it grows to a 5 ft height. But it collapses again.*

What am I missing!?

*I see Tigen behind me.*sigh*

Tigen thinks about it "Just... Keep practicing. You don't seem very stable. STABLIZE THE DIMENSION. Three key things... Releasing, Drawing Energy, Stablizing. Find a way that suits you to stablize it. Then you'll be okay~! Dimensional rips are like a house. Without a stable beam in the middle to balance it out, it will collapse... Or something~" Tigen floats around to a place where his hand can be seen clearly.

*I let go of my cloak.*


*My cloak begins emitting dimensional energy.*

*with the cloak releasing the energy and having a dimension inside itself, I can release a constant flow of it without running out. I now drag my hand infront of me, making anywhere my hand was to look distorted. The rips stayed this time.*

I might be able to do it now.
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Kairo Tigen
The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
The Thirteenth Flame :: PumpKing; God of All
Kairo Tigen

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PostSubject: Re: Tigen; The Dimension's Keeper   Tigen; The Dimension's Keeper EmptyMon Nov 02, 2020 11:03 am

Dimension 20: Tigen shall practice with the weapon of his brother! Pumpkin Carver! Someone assist!

Tigen warped into his very own training area... It was another forest to level "Hee hee! With Tigen's brother's weapon, maybe Tigen will learn one of his Pumpkin abilities! Heehee!" Tigen warped an extremely large black carving knife into his hand. "Heee! Sweet! As long as I get it back to him later, Pumpkinhead won't be mad! Tigen really wants to master the Pumpkin Carver... using the Pumpkin Carver!" Tigen flailed around, slicing Pumpkin Carver around.

Fubuki warp from a converter orb that was in the corner of the training area.*
hey tigen, I would love to help a friend, I might benefit as well!

Terry appear back to back behind Fubuki*
So this guy is Tigen huh?

*I look at terry.*
hm? Your gonna watch?

No I want to meet the guy Tigen that I heard so much about.

good luck with that.

*I jump on the wall and hang like upside down using charaka*

Tigen swings around his brother's weapon at amazing speeds "Eeee! Pumpkin Carver is soooo awesome! Okay, Fubuki, lets begin!" Tigen raised the Pumpkin Carver and moved towards Fubuki at a blinding speed, slashing once. However, with that one slash, it was revealed that it was actually 20 slashes split into 4 different directions. "Ooo, so fast! Tigen's brother is SO cool for making this~!"

Hey watch it!!!!!!!
Terry fall from the ceiling dodging your slashes*

Tigen raised the knife once again "Buu, you could join in, you know. The more, the merrier!"

Fubuki flash step backwards a bit before I warp to a converter orb about 10 ft away.*

What!? It seems you use that well, why train??
*I pull out nothingness and my chakra surges into it. I swing it in all directions with insane force, sending chakra waves all in Tigen's direction.*

Tigen floats up into the air, avoiding the chakra "Tigen can swing a sword, you know. Tigen cannot use the signature move of this weapon, The Pumpkin Carver or combine it with dimensional or liquid energy like Tigen's normal sword. That is what this training is for!" Tigen would warp down to him without warning and give him another unnatural lightspeed slash, which would again turn out to be 20 different slashes.

Fubuki turn to the direction of the slahes and focuses more chakra to my sword, causing it to grow in size and blocks some of the slashes, since I couldn't dodge them all.*

Then...I will practice with my sword as well!

*I focus lightning into my sword.*

Now, While your fighting to train with pumpkin carver, I'll fight to train with lightning!

*I release small but quick bolts of lightning from the tip of my sword at Tigen, while warping 2 converter orbs from my cloak.*

Tigen would allow Pumpkin Carver to absorb these blows and then quickly slice at Fubuki to release the lightning with a 20 cut lightning hit "Hoho, Tigen is getting good! Now, if only Tigen can put in some liquid energy..." Tigen would try focusing liquid energy into the Pumpkin Carver, only for it to be immediately dispersed. "Ugh, damn brother! Why are his weapons so hard to synch with?"

Fubuki focus lightning to my sword and slash threw the incoming lightning.*

Maybe it's cause I fused some chakra with my previous assault....
*I stab the ground with my sword, and then I release my electric nergy, causing lightning to shoot out the ground all in Tign 's direction and under him.*

Terry look as the lightning comes for me*
Shocked this isnt going to be good.
*I get shocked*
UGHH!!!!! Good shoot.
You caught me offguard.

Tigen is shocked also, but it was like he wanted it to happen "EEEE, it hurts, but it feels good at the same time..." Tigen's flame began turning black... though Tigen wasn't serious. What was this? Tigen slashed the sword about 4 times at Fubuki, giving him like... 80 different slashes. Lets just say 1 slash = 20 more supersoniclightspeed slashes with the Pumpkin Carver.

Fubuki shroud myself in my cloak, and all slashes that wound up hitting me, went into the cloak since it is surrounding me now. 2 of your slashes fly out at you from a converter orb below me, and I Drop my cloak from around me and blast a bolt of lightning to the sky, and a bolt of lightning from the sky comes down at you as well, only the bolt is now bigger and more "shocking."*

Tigen's magnifiers spring into action, all 3 of them reflecting the lightning over into another direction.. COUGH TERRY COUGH. "Tigen will try the Liquid Sword again..." Liquid begins to wrap around the knife, holding for a few moments as Tigen concentrates more.. but again, it disperses. "It isn't smooth and easy to handle, like Tigen's sword..." Tigen floats backwards, then flies at Fubuki at a high speed and delivers another slash.
Terry shake off the first shock and look as the magnifiers are looking in my direction*
This definitely is going to be good if I get by this.
*I throw a dagger at one of the magnifier hoping it would break*

Fubuki shape the chakra around my sword into a Nanatsusaya no Tachi (7 bladed sword) and I swing rapidly to match your swings, One slash cuts my arm.*

*huff* I need to speed up...*I use my focus and all my abilities increase x10 then I charge at you delivering 14 slashes, at this time I surge lightning into my sword to fuse with the chakra.*
Terry look as my dagger bounces off the magnifier*
Shocked Crap! They must be indestructable.
Tigen your as good as I have told.
*I burst with high speeds and lay a scroll that places water around Tigen and I stand a couple of feet away from Tigen*
Come on you stupid magnifiers. HIT ME!

Tigen would block Fubuki's slashes, but at the same time would deliver more unseen slashes as the blades collided. "Tigen doesn't know HOW Tigen makes this blade go so fast... It just does!" The lightning would shock Tigen a bit, but it was nothing that couldn't be shaken off. Tigen was used to a lot of lightning due to storms in the dimension switches. Tigen's magnifiers instantly lock onto Terry and begin orbiting around him to prevent his escape. Unless he was superfast and could go through small openings, he would be forced back into his original spot by the magnifiers. Tigen had a "Liquid Warp! Liquid Barrage! x16!" Form inside of the magnifiers, and 12 liquid balls reflected and magnified off of the magnifiers on the inside and then all simultaneously blasted Terry "Do not underestimate the magnifiers! Now, to try this one last time.... only a little differently..." Tigen tried to form the Pumpkin Carver into the Liquid sword but this time, he started from the top instead of the bottom. There was a big difference. Starting from the smalled point of the knife would ensure a good buildup of concentrated while Tigen would get to the widest point, and therefore he would be concentrating hard enough to keep it sustained instead of it dispersing easily. The Pumpkin Carver became liquid "HELLZ YEAH! Tigen has mastered the Pumpkin Carver turning into liquid!Now, lets see something else... Liquid Control!" Tigen was then able to bend and stretch the blade to his will. "Liquid Barrage!" Tigen slashed once and 12 liquid balls would come out... however, since the minimum for the liquid barrage was 12 per slash and Tigen always delivered at least 20 slashes per 1 slash... 12 x 20 = 240. 240 Liquid Barrage Balls aimed at Fubuki. "Eeee! Tigen's getting good! Next, the Dimensional sword, and then... the Pumpkin Carver!"

Luucky me huh. Tigen thought he had me but Terry kick off the weights off my ankles and get through the small opening kicking Tigen in the back of his head.* I wasnt underestimating them I was trying to see what they can do. Dont underestimate me Tigen. I may be onlly a genin but I am fast.

Tigen's head would fly off, however the body would slash at Terry with the knife once, forcing him back. Tigen's head would get wrapped in the armscarf, then unwravel randomly "That was mean, Terry! Tigen will make you pay!" Suddenly energy began flowing into the knife... Not liquid.. Not dimensional... something else.
Terry stand there making a handsign*
I think I made him made.

Fubuki can't even see Tigen because of this massive amount of energy. Luckily, since my speed is increased x10, before taking to many hits(estimate, took about 30, but Focus also increases my endurance.) I pulled my cloak around me, and any of the liquid balls heading at me would go into my cloak, enterring a different dimension. Once the barrage was over, I let my cloak go back to my back.*

Thats insane....but...
*I warp my other 3 orbs out (4 out in total now) and 2 flaot around me, and one flies at you.*
Now you have to dodge!!

*The orb flying at tigen would begin releasing all of the liquid balls that went in my cloak at him, I knew Tigen can control them, btu 1 I was hoping some were fast enough to hit him anyway and 2 I only did the cloak shoud because it was my only option, at the time that is. I throw open my cloak, and meteoriotes fly out my cloak at Tigen as well, about 60 meteoriotes(there only aboyt 10 in each though, since there meteoriotes.) Some of the meteoriotes caught fire due to the blinding speed they were traveling since they only stored up energy in the dimesnion, and leaving that dimension released that energy, blasting it at break neck speeds.*

Tigen can tell wherever his liquid is, or at least while he has the Liquid Control done. As they come back, Tigen does a "Liquid Warp." Right before they hit Tigen, they warp away from him. 120 of them were sent and merged to make 60 at Fubuki's meteorites, having them cancel out on impact... and as for the other 120... well, 60 were sent to Terry, 60 would appear right above Fubuki and blast him from above. "Tigen's takin on two at once! Good!" As the liquid balls were raining down on Fubuki, Tigen would deliver a slash to him, that odd energy still in the knife. It wasn't ready yet. "Tigen feels it coming... Pumpkin Carver... you're almost there!"
Fubuki throw my sonic barrage, colliding with all the liquid balls. once the balls of liquid were gone I look at Tigen.*


*I focus a soft flame to one hand and a strong flame to the other and Fire X Burner right at tigen. The X Burner is increasing speed with every amount of distance covered.*

Tigen's magnifiers weren't doing anything, really, were they? It was only natural for them to defend against this attack, right? The 3 magnifiers hit it in the middle, then shifted a bit to reflect it back. To go along with magnification of power, speed and size and the fact that it became faster with distance, it should be extremely difficult to dodge, right?

I definitely made him mad.
Terry dodge and move through the water waves and make a green rasengan in my left hand*
Hey Tigen! This is for you. You better not let get through these waves or you will regret it!!!
*I dodge 30 of the waves and I get hit by one of the waves, but I get up and continue to dadge the rest*
Tigen I am getting close. You better think fast.
*I get about a couple of feet away from you*

Fubuki continue to release more fire, making it harder to reflect, since I am continuing to apply fire and pressure. I take my sword in my other hand, and blast a Lit Beam, and it mixes with the X Burner, causing more power and pressure against your magnifiers.*

Since Tigen's magnifiers were unphased by temperature, heat would be no problem... though pressure might push them away. SO, the best thing to do is to use... The Megafier! The magnifiers all fuse into a giant one about 2 times the size ofTigen and then continue reflecting fire magnified at x256 power easily. Then the Megafier would swiftly force itself closer to Fubuki, making it harder and harder to dodge his own fire. And harder to see through the fire. Tigen warped behind Fubuki with this fire as a distraction and would slash at him many many times. The Megafier would then angle itself so that the fire would reflect and hit him instead of bouncing back at Fubuki. "Tigen needs.. something hard to cut! Tigen feels the power!"

Fubuki still hover in the air, cofused why tigen did so.*

..........Oh well, this is training for his pumpkin carver, I wanna see how he gets himself out..

*I watch as the sonic speed X burner and Lite beam head at Tigen.*

*knowing that tigen was distracted by fubuki's attack Terry sneak in behind him and strike him with my green rasengan and quickly move away and watch for his reaction*


Fubuki warp the C.O to catch the rasegan.*

No terry! I wanna see tigen stop this...

*The rasegan is inside my C.O.*

As Tigen's Megafier continues reflecting the fire away from him, Tigen gets enough energy in the blade "Greaaaat!" The magnifiers split and Tigen slashes at such a speed that it cuts through the fire and puts it out without Terry or Fubuki even seeing it. "Hoyeah. This thing can cut through fire!" Tigen forgot that it was still in its Liquid Sword form, anyway. Better not try that again without it.

Hmmm, your liquid can cut threw fire?

Fubuki hold out my sword and blast a Lite beam from the tip, sending it straight for Tigen.*

What about lightning?

Terry: Can I have my rasengan back?
That was kinda rude stealing it like that.

Fubuki C.O opens and shoots rasegan back at terry, since dimensions can't had people things.*

Tigen disperses the liquid and slashes at the lightning this time, cutting it straight down the middle into opposite directions right before the energy of the knife dies out "Hee! Lookie there! It can when Tigen uses the Pumpkin Carver technique!"

What the hell?
Terry barely catch it*
You could have warned me you were going to shoot it at me.
*I hold the rasengan in my hand*
You think you can make a distraction Fubuki so i can strike?

Fubuki: So pumpkin carver cuts throw energy?
Unless....terry. can he cut threw rasegan?
Terry whisper to fubuki*
I dont know thats why i asked for a distraction so i can do my new move

Lets see then..
Fubuki surge lightning into my sword and sling it into the ground, causing pillars of lightning to shoot out the ground, as well as destorying half of it.*

Avoid the lightning and go...thats the most I can do for you now.

Tigen puffs out his pumpkin cheek, slashing, reflecting and warping at/from lightning with ease "Buu... Well, Tigen is good enough with the knife if Tigen can use the Pumpkin Carver Technique" Tigen would slash at a final lightningbolt, still sending it in a different direction as he slashed downward, as it should be.

This should be interesting. If this backfires just know i will rebound myself behind you somehow for defense.
Terry start burst at Tigen avoiding the lightning. I make my silver rasengan my right hand. still avoiding and dodging lightining I fuse the two rasengan making a massive rasengan. I slam the rasengan against lightning to store some of fubuki's lightning in the rasengan.*
Here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*I continue to burst toward Tigen to hit him in the face with my rasengan infuse with fubuki's lightning, but as i reach Tigen's face I disapear and hit him in the hip with my rasengan making fly in the air and as he flies in the air I thrust the rasengan into his hip some more.*

Tigen's body would fly off of Tigen as it made contact "Oh, Terry. Such a comical thing!" Tigen's head would blow the green flame of sleep at Terry as his puppet-esque hip was being driven into. His body would warp under his head as the flame made contact and Tigen's body and head reconnected "Nighty night~!" Tigen then noticed he could have easily just shoved Terry backwards with the back of the knife 20 times. "Aw, dammit..."

Fubuki look at disappointed Tigen and Terry who is falling to the ground.*

Tigen, what else do you need with pumpkincarver?

Good Move!
Terry continue to fall*

Tigen floats around in a ball, bursting himself out after a while "WEEEELLLL... Not much. The Pumpkin Carver is Tigen's brother's only weapon that is so easy to use... AND IT'S BITCHIN, RIGHT? Basically, Tigen would now need to use the actual Pumpkin Carver technique frequently... But that will come with battles. SO. BOTH OF YOU, THANKS FOR YOUR HELP! Maybe take Terry somewhere before he goes unconscious. Tigen's gonna... Go do something or something. Kay?"

Okay, see ya around then.

Fubuki create a small distorted area and begin adding lightning to it. the dimensional rip grows, but then collapses.*

*I just walk off instead.*
Terry slam to the ground making a huge crater*
What the hell was that?

Fubuki stop and turn around.*
Terry get up from my crater with blood coming from my left shoulder and right leg*
You showed no attempt to catch me.
I have a fragile body here.

Oh, I though you would regain balance before you hit the ground, sorry.~

But no pain no gain right....

Fubuki look at Upset Terry.*

Tigen begins to warp away "Make sure he doesn't fall asleep randomly. He might become a pain if you can't warp him somewhere..." Tigen totally warps away back to his 'apartment' now.

Oh shut up!
Terry toss a rock at Fubuki then i pull some medical tape from my side pocket and makes 2 clones and they wrap up my wounds*

Fubuki tilt my head and dodge the rock.*

I said I'm sorry! how was I supposed to know that you would jump that high in the sky and not have a landing plan!

besides, wouldn't your clones have the same injuries you do?

Terry: they do but their clones. they cant feel pain. forget it. dont you have a sippie cup to get back?

Shuut Up!!
Fubuki cross my arms and begin to walk off.*

hahaha........go sippie cup!!
Terry poof away*
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