The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

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 The city of Thieves

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PostSubject: The city of Thieves   The city of Thieves EmptySun Apr 28, 2019 5:35 pm

The city of Thieves
The story takes place in the Slovenian desert. There two explorers names Martika and Nico were traveling. They have walk miles and miles and did not find anything, until one day they stumbled upon a ancient dome-shaped building. They thought it was abandoned did it first and as they look closely they realize there was a door. It was locked at first, then they broke in and what they say they couldn't believe. to their astonishment they found what I first look like a city filled with people. They just look amazed, they were people in houses cooking, children playing in the streets, stores, schools, everything you would find in a society. as they were about to ask the people where they were all of a sudden a man snatch a ladies purse then 10 seconds later somebody Robbed him. as that was happening somebody else got robbed and that person got robbed that person got robbed right back. It was unbelievable everyone was stealing from each other men stealing from women, women stealing from children, children stealing from Men they couldn't comprehend it. as they were about to leave a small child went and snatched martika bag full of equipment “stop" he said he ran after the little boy. They chase him until they finally caught up with him. And when he did he grabbed his bag back from the boy “Why are you all doing this to yourselves have you all gone mad” he asked in a very angry and authoritative voice “It the law here everyone steals from each other because that is law it's legal to steal” said the boy in a very innocent voice. As they look around they get deeper and deeper in the city until they find a castle surrounded by a force field. “I wonder who lives there” he said. A old man near them says that were the king lives “who”said Marika “The King of Thieves” said the old man. he is the ruler of the city and he has all of the city treasure “ treasure”said both Marika and nico “Yes many have tried to get in but none were successful”
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The city of Thieves
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