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 Dizzy Ku~

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Jeckt Blach
Spirit of the Veritas
Spirit of the Veritas
Jeckt Blach

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Dizzy Ku~ Empty
PostSubject: Dizzy Ku~   Dizzy Ku~ EmptyFri Jul 05, 2019 8:37 pm

Mechanica Prototype 3131 - Dizzy:

The schematics of the hybrid machine and the functionality are virtually infallible. It should be able to withstands any form of magnetism and also repel geomagnetism naturally with the graviton core located in the chest cavity of the specimen. This will allow for the spring-loaded arms and legs to be extended and retracted at abnormal speeds with intense force, as well as remain locked in place when it is stationary. The same goes for the spring on its torso and serving as its legs.

But, what about electromagnetic neutralizers?

Already covered. The claw-like gloves and pointed shoes that it wears -- which give it an elven appearance -- are made of a nonconductive material that prevents it from being overloaded with electricity as well as keeps it from shocking others, however maintains a nerve-like expulsion rate which allows it to loose its own electromagnetic energy from its hands fingertips as well as from the soles of its feet. They work like nerve-endings on the human body and can also serve the purpose of the utility of magnetic repulsion or attraction without ever conducting the electricity, itself.

I see! Ingenious, doctor! The prototype looks magnificent! Er, except... What about its... Head?

Ah, yes, do allow me to explain. The head is made of an artificial soul that was withdrawn from a dying flesh. It retains no memory of its death nor its former identity, and is bound to the body via powerful electromagnetic cling. This allows it to function like a normal head with a normal brain and control the very core like a heart, as well as the limbs like normal arms and legs. The only issue is... the head is still partially incorporeal at the back of the head. The hair streams out into the aether. There does not seem to be any form of negative repercussion from this, however it does cause the specimen to look... very odd.

I suppose that is what you get for using a soul as a head, yes?

Yes, and, well, there are two very important details that I MUST have you understand about... 'Dizzy'.

Go on.

You see, its head is constantly being fed electromagnetic waves to keep the soul attached, so that scrambles its mind. Its memory is functional, but it is often completely disoriented and incapable of standard movement procedures when it is feeling lackadaisical. In fact, it only moves correctly when it is in dire need or when it 'feels' like it. Supposedly, this phenomenon comes from the fact that its soul is its head, and therefore it is fueled by its own personality rather than rational thought, as a normal being would.

Gah! That is a very large issue!

Yes, I know, however I have also installed a mechanism around its neck that allows it to remain contracted for an extended period of time despite its lackadaisical nature. It is a large lock with a chain around it. It causes the user to become very slow and heavy, but ultimately keeps the core and the soul in check so that the Mechanica can operate without essentially collapsing like a slinky when it moves.

Ah, very good, doctor! We will work out the kinks to the prototype as the time comes. Er, but... what about... its...

Oh, God, NO!!

... Eyes...?

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Jeckt Blach
Spirit of the Veritas
Spirit of the Veritas
Jeckt Blach

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Dizzy Ku~ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dizzy Ku~   Dizzy Ku~ EmptyFri Jul 05, 2019 9:23 pm

Magna 1: Dizzy's first battle-ku!

"Loading Testing Zone," a monotonous female's voice said over an intercom, "Preparing Test Subject, Mechanica Prototype 3131: Dizzy." The door to a rather bland and completely blank room bearing a grid alignment pattern all along the surface opened up to reveal a relatively short person with springs for arms and legs as well as for a torso, with what looked like rubber gloves and boots fitted on the ends. Its head resembled a free-flowing soul and its eyes were nothing but spinning swirls one could get lost in if they gazed deeply into them. Its face was silly and nonsensical -- completely dim-witted -- and with a mouth that had a bit of saliva drooling from the edge. It was clear that the creature was either incompetent or incoherent. However, there was a giant and noticeable lock on a chain clamped around its neck, which seemed to both weigh it down and also give it balance. Its name -- Dizzy.

"Commence Simulation," the voice of the female stated once again, the room suddenly releasing beams of light from all over as well as generating screens in alignment throughout the interior of the room, designing a holographic scenery the moment Dizzy stepped into the room. It was the image of a normal parkland with a field of grass and a few trees about. Nothing fancy.

Dizzy teeters around the area, almost falling a few times in a random tree infested park-like area. "Kukuku~! I'm heeeere-ku!"

The disoriented creature, Dizzy, could no longer truly tell where it was nor how it got there. It only knew that wherever it was traveling before, it had finally reached its destination. This pleased the Dizzy, and with that, it would continue to totter about with its body slinging from side to side rather unrhythmical in fashion.

Within this simulation appears a young boy clad in a blue parka with his hood uncovering his face, eyes just as cold as his appearance. From an unseasonably icy and snowy breeze in front of the odd, spring-like thing, the boy suddenly appeared nearer to Dizzy saying, "Come."

Those outside of the simulation studying the activity of both the simulation and the test subject took notes about what appeared, questioning why the generator would create an icy being in what looked to be a spring-like day. They would stand at the top of a one-way viewing balcony and watch the fight.

Dizzy teeters and totters, falling over and beginning to roll towards the blue parka wearing boy, then immediately when he got close, he sprung himself up into the air and shot down a "Magnet Punch~ku!" as his other hand would launch at a nearby tree, grabbing it.

The boy stares, dumbfounded by the oddity of this... thing. He blocked the punch with ease, as if it were lightly thrown, and tries to return the punch back at the spring-dude with force.

Seeing at it was a manget punch, the instant he blocked it, it would have forced him back, giving him no time to return fire. Dizzy retracted his arm that was clung to the tree and he flew toward it at a very high speed. He then retracted his second arm and simultaneously clung them together at the torso on impact. "Waaaai, I'm feeling dizzy~ku!" Dizzy began to spin around, then he launched his arms into the air diagonally while spinning, sending electromagnetic energy into his spring arms as he did so from his generators.

"Magna Bullets-ku!"

High speed magnetic shots fell downward from his uncoiled springs and rained upon the area in an attempt to damage and magnetize the opponent whilst leaving him no area of movement through the rain of magnetic bullets. As he spun, he wobbled and tried to support his lanky frame, however, he failed and slammed his upper torso to the ground, bringing his arms down with him at his opponent. "Kuuuu! Fun-ku!"

With Dizzy square on his face and his arms coming down at such a high speed coated in compressed electromagnetic force, the impact that he made with the ice boy not only crushed him, it caused a subsequent chain reaction of electromagnetic force to surge through the entirety of the simulation chamber, both disrupting it and disabling it in the process.

"Sir!" a woman cried, "The Simulation Generator is down! The electromag--"

"I saw what happened," said a man with a gruff, serious tone. "Worry about collecting the subject. We will deal with the simulator later."

"Y-yes sir..." the woman said, turning to her personnel and giving them instruction on what the head had said.

Before Dizzy could regain composure, he was collected by many scientist staff members and dragged out of the simulation room -- which he couldn't tell he was in, by the way -- only to say as his last words before conking out, "I'm Dizzy-ku~~~..."

Thus ended the test of Mechanica Prototype 3131: Dizzy.
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Jeckt Blach
Spirit of the Veritas
Spirit of the Veritas
Jeckt Blach

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Dizzy Ku~ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dizzy Ku~   Dizzy Ku~ EmptyFri Jul 05, 2019 10:10 pm

Magna 2: Challenge to Dizzy-ku!

The scientists worked day and night on the Mechanica Prototype 3131: Dizzy. Tirelessly, seemingly endlessly, they tested the machine in several different locations, settings and scenarios, both randomly generating them and constructing complex algorithms for Dizzy to solve. Though, not every outcome was a success, the Prototype Mechanica did excel with flying colors, especially during the more complex situations, as opposed to the more simple situations, where it mostly failed. It was astounding to the scientists how something so juvenile could surpass anything complex and yet utterly, horridly fail at things that were simplistic in nature, but they continued their research nonetheless.

"The speech impediment seems to be part of its personality," one of the scientists whispered to another, "But it is quite annoying, is it not?"

The other scientist nodded, jotting down some notes as they spoke. "Perhaps we can work that kink out with the production model, once we find out the cause with the Prototyp--"





The scientists ran for cover. They had emergency procedures for escape, but they knew that saving the subject was going to be impossible at this point. "HOW DID WE NOT SEE THIS COMING?!?!?" Once word reached the head, it was over. Slamming his fist on his desk, he shouted out to the bearer of bad news, "HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN!? THAT WAS MY BEST SUBJECT!!" Following those words were very 'acute' notions about the scientists and the people who were overseeing the project -- of which, the messenger was one of.

"Can you save--"

Before he was even finished speaking, there was an enormous explosion -- one that reverberated throughout the entirety of the laboratory. Nearly everything was consumed in a powerful electromagnetic blast that scrambled the brains of the scientists and knocked away many metallic materials in a grand repulsive blast.

With minds and biorhythms completely jumbled to the point of near vegetation, more than ninety percent of the laboratory of dysfunctional -- both staff-wise and resource-wise.

Surprisingly, only those who were in the head's office at the time were left unaffected... Yet, they, too, were effected in a very grand, and very grave manner.

"God Dammit," he said lowly, slamming his fist on the desk and lowering his strained head down to the face of the table, "It's over... It's... Gone."

He knew that it was because they tested Dizzy too much and did not allow the core to rest, which is what caused this reaction. The man was so obsessed with completing this experiment and creating the ultimate hybrid between machine and soul that he didn't even recognize some of the warning signs of when the reactor core was beginning to overheat... not that there were many since that damn lackadaisical Dizzy was so carefree, it did not speak too much about its stress. It was only a matter of time before someone like that exploded. It happened all of the time with humans, but... When it came to a destructive weapon, the outcome seemed a whole lot different, as did the buildup. Though it was too late to start over, it wasn't too late to go collect the subject...

And that's just what he would do.

Meanwhile, Dizzy sits down on the ground, his upper torso bouncing up and down "Boyoyoing... Boyoyoing..." waiting for the opponent.

Someone who was nearby would walk in from somewhere and take a gander at his springy opponent. "Hello there..." he would say in a friendly tone. He took a look at the spring man and chuckled under his breath, "Is he seriously a human?"

Dizzy stands up, or tries to, and fails horridly, bending backwards like a slinky. "Hello! I am your opponent, Dizzy-ku! I won't be going easy on you-ku!" Dizzy placed his hands onto the ground and extended his legs at the stranger, trying to initiate a backflip kick. In such a process, he used magnetic polarities that were the same as the stranger's biorhythm, which would force him back if it connected. "I reeeaaaally hope you're good-ku!"

Dizzy never completed that backflip.

When the sprung legs comes, the stranger jumped backwards, barely missing the springy feet coming at him and being pushed further than he wanted to go by the magnetic polarities. Sliding to a stop, his cape flows in front of him and he grabs one of its sides. "That was bothersome... " the stranger would say to himself. "Definitely not human. Must make a note of it."

The stranger's cape began undulating in itself, though there was very little wind. He wrapped it around himself with one arm, covering half of his face and leaving his eyes pierced on Dizzy. "Once more! " he yelled as he prepared for another strike.

Dizzy stretched out his torso spring and bended to the side, unbalanced... however, he managed to avoid such eye contact. He falls, bashing his head onto the ground, rattling his head a bit... not like he noticed. "Kuuuu! I fell-ku!" His spring-limbs stretch to extensive lengths and wrap around some trees, creating a giant X on the battlefield with his body, due to his already extended legs. He was barely above the ground, so the slightest movement would most likely slam his head into it.

"Magna Bullets-ku!"

His springs surged with magnetic energy, shooting out electromagnetic bullets randomly in all directions from his extended springs.

The stranger watched the bullets carefully, looking for an opening to move. His eyes trace the whole area until... "Now!"

He moved sleekly through the crossfire, his cape now completely surrounding him leaving his only visible parts his hair and eyes. He seemingly floated through the air like a rocket, weaving through and throughout. The stranger approached Dizzy at an erratic pace until he was right above him in the air. The stranger flung open his cape, sending a shroud of black across the air above Dizzy. Since the distance between them was not that much, the cape looks like it is many times bigger than it actually is. The stranger smiled and licked his lips as he approached Dizzy with claws extended, ready to strike him.

The claws made contact with Dizzy, slamming his head against the ground. However, reflexively, he sent magnetic energy through the long chain and large lock on his neck so that it could sustain itself in the air. The large lock swung to bash the stranger in the head as Dizzy set the polarity of his generator to opposite, so that his springs would contract at a high speed. With the weight of the lock and chain, after he made his attack he was thrown a short ways to the left, the lock getting stuck in the ground. "Kuuu! This lock needs to get out of the ground-ku! How bad-ku!"

The lock bashes the stranger in the face, sending him back a couple of feet. He placed one hand on the ground as he slid backwards to catch his balance and his cape unfurls in the wind, back at a normal size. The stranger mutters, "Damned spring man," to himself and brought himself to an upright position. "Does he really expect to fight like that?"

Before too much longer, a man is seen running out into the field where the two are fighting, just outside of the destroyed laboratory. "Wait!" he cries desperately, "Wait just a moment!!" he heaved. By the time he reached them to explain the situation, the stranger had already taken off to the nearby forest, figuring that the man was reinforcements for Dizzy. He'd taken a gander at the destroyed laboratory and pieced together that both Dizzy and his reinforcements were from there, and it was unwise to face someone who had backup so near.

It didn't even cross his mind that Dizzy could have been the culprit behind the destruction, however.

"No, don't...!" the man said, sighing heavily as the stranger took off into the darkness of the nearby forest. "Well, at least I have--"

By the time the man looked up, the very disoriented and completely confused Dizzy had extended his body a great length up into the air COMPLETELY RANDOMLY and began to wobble toward a new location. With one step, Dizzy could clear the forest completely, yet he tripped -- over himself, mind you -- and came hurtling down yards away from his initial location. "Oh no-ku~! Dizzy needs to not fall this time-ku~!" And so, without warning, Dizzy extended his arms even farther outward, stretching himself for even more yards before grappling onto something and, of course, retracting at a high speed... slinging himself across the sky like a speeding bullet.


The man could only look on as Dizzy soared across the sky, a tear coming to his eye and rolling down his face as he observed the marvelous Mechanica Prototype 3131: Dizzy make its way toward a new and better life. "Godspeed, Dizzy..." he said, falling to his knees and grasping the grass tightly, "... Godspeed."
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Jeckt Blach
Spirit of the Veritas
Spirit of the Veritas
Jeckt Blach

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Dizzy Ku~ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dizzy Ku~   Dizzy Ku~ EmptyFri Jul 05, 2019 11:10 pm

Magna 3: Dizzy, Come...

Word had gotten out about the escaped Prototype Mechanica, Dizzy.

A bounty had been issued for its capture -- alive -- should it be found, and the issuer was none other than the head of the research facility that was accidentally destroyed by Dizzy, himself. The stranger from before -- who was a lackey of another, greater force -- happened to notice the bounty one day and took hold of it for his master. That man, who was greatly intrigued by both the bounty and the explanation of who and what Dizzy was, decided that he wanted to go find Dizzy for himself.

He was a ninja, much like many of the people in this village, and had supernatural powers thanks to his skill, bloodline and training. This made him a suitable contester for the reclamation of Dizzy... Though, he had his own goals in mind about what he wanted to do with Dizzy.

The stranger had seen Dizzy fling himself across the land and into the badlands before, but wasn't sure if he was still there. That was the only information that he could provide.

"The badlands, eh?" the mastermind muttered to himself, looking at the wanted poster for Dizzy, "Well. We might as well make a little stop by, won't we?" There was a sharp gleam in his eye that was met by his servant, and the servant was bid off to go set up a magnetic polarity device that would send signals throughout the badlands to anything that had the electromagnetic capabilities of picking it up. By the time the mastermind got there, Dizzy should have already been on his way... he hoped.

The mastermind finally made his way to the location that he told his servant to set up for him and stands in a barren valley, empty of vegetation. He waits for that strange being of magnetism to show himself.

Suddenly, for no apparent reason, Dizzy plummets randomly into the ground in a ball of chains wrapped around himself. It unlocks, and the chains start to retract back into his body. "Whyyyy hello there-ku! You wanted Dizzy-ku?"

The mastermind turns to face his opponent, saying, "I did call for you, didn't I?" The sun in the sky glowed for a split second and suddenly there are six 'clones' of the ninja surrounding Dizzy and all speak in one voice, "Hope your detection system doesn't get too confused during this whole ordeal..."

Dizzy, a naturally confused person, nods his head as his body struggles to stand up "Poyoyooooing! Let's have at it then-ku." Dizzy's short term balance finally gives out and he begins to fall. Before making impact, however, a quick surge of powerful magnetic energy of the same polarity as Earth's forced him high into the air. As he flies up, he spins, and he speaks "Dance of the Chains-ku!" before many, many chains come from the ground like snakes, cutting at the clones.

The light clones dissipate and the true light ninja simply steps aside from the chains down on the ground. "Hmph, magnetism..." The light ninja points two fingers at the ground just below Dizzy and a golden laser appears to shoot out from his fingertips. As the laser hits the ground, the light's radius expands, eventually bathing the entire battlefield's ground in bright, golden light. "Good luck opposing the earth's natural force of gravity now, Mr. Magneto..." The light ninja then flash steps and in a blur appears directly under the falling Dizzy and pulls out a small, glowing dagger, waiting to slash at the thing's 'neck'.

Dizzy randomly stopped spinning midair, aiming directly at the valley walls of rock. "Magna Bullets-ku!" Bullets of magnetic energy shot at the wall and magnetized certain spots that they hit. Dizzy's magnetic generator turned on and pulled him out of the falling direction of the light ninja and over to the wall of the valley. He stuck to it, then buried his hands deep into it.

"Chains of Despair-ku!"

While his arms were buried inside of the rock wall, the wall suddenly began shooting out large chains tipped with sharp blades. Most manifested themselves around Dizzy, however they covered a very large section of the wall. Dizzy's accuracy was top notch, though his balance wasn't, and if the light ninja decided to near him, the chains would dart at him.

"Heh, mechanics..." The light ninja said with a smirk, then lowered his head as the ring on his hand began to glow silver. It eventually extends into a large, claw-like piece of metal glowing brightly silver in the sun. It deflected the chains that came towards him, turning at a sharp angle to hit other chains and cause all out mayhem with them, chain hitting chain, disorienting the whole system.

"This is why..." The light ninja darts straight toward Dizzy at blinding speed, stopping suddenly inches away from its face, "I'm known as Silver!" It was supposed that he was referring to his rank, and the ring was a signet of such. The silver claw-ring on his hand forms into a thinner, curved spike, and he drives it directly into the valley edge. The wall is completely destroyed by the force of the claw, leaving a gigantic crater in the valley. The light ninja promptly lands on level field where the crater ends, looking down at the valley for any traces or remains of Dizzy...

Dizzy activated his Anti Mag, which would keep him protected from anything that came his way with the power of repulsive magnetism. He was still buried under the rubble, nonetheless, and his chains retracted back into his body.

With a powerful blast of the Magnetic Shield, the rocks flew from over him hard. "Dizzy's not that easy to kill-ku! However... I see that I'm going to have to unlock it... ku ku ku..." A key came from within his head and hovered before him with magnetism. He unlocked the lock around his neck, releasing the giant chain from his neck which dropped to the ground. The extremely large lock turned into complete energy and focused itself into Dizzy's magnetic storm of a heart, increasing the power. Dizzy's eyes began to swirl, eventually going faster and faster.

"I'll have to maintain complete balance with you. Hmph. Let's finish this."

Now that he had balance and a big ass lock off of his neck, it'd be a much better fight.

The light ninja sighs as he sees that the strange device is still functional. He sheathes his dagger, closes his eyes and points his fingers into the air. "Solarity Pyro."

The sky glows a bright orange color, and the entire battlefield heats up many times over. Eventually the air becomes ripply with the rising heat from the ground, and the light ninja pulls out a scaly, long sword. The outlines on his jacket begin to glow red, and his hair even turns a bright orange color. He glares at the rapidly heating ball of metal and such. "Yes... let's."

Dizzy could stand the heat. His metal would not even begin to peel until it was at a degrees of two thousand Celsius. It is doubtful that both of them would survive that kind of heat. "Heat.. what are you planning...?" Dizzy Rocket Punched his hands far out into the distance of each opposite ends.

"Magnetic Charge!" His arms hit the ground and began to secrete magnetic energy that would cover the ground just as the light did. Unless the light ninja's light negated all type of magnetism, this would work.

"Magna Bullets!" The bullets were now larger and shot out faster, and his arms began to wiggle and wave, making them harder to avoid. The body however, stood completely still...

Much to Dizzy's dismay, the light on the ground held strong, and the magnetic secretion was a dismal failure. The light ninja yawned as he released the silver claw again, deflecting the bullets. "Really... is this all?"

The light ninja made a simple hand motion from above the valley, and the entire area surrounded by walls is engulfed in a large sphere of fire. He adds layers to the sphere, intensifying the heat, and eventually adds a final layer of solid Negative energy, set to repel any undesired objects that come near it. The sphere begins to shrink and it closes in on Dizzy. The smaller the sphere grew, the more intense and concentrated the flames were, and the sphere was now approaching roughly 900 Degrees Celcius...

Dizzy started to feel the heat, however, he would not go out without a fight. "Dance of Chains! Magna Bullet!" He may not be able to get out of that sphere, but he could sure as hell fight outside of it. The chains could appear anywhere out of the ground, and he did not have to touch it. The chains shot up at the light ninja, shooting large magnetic bullets at high speeds out of them at the light ninja. So many chains came out that it seemed like a sea of chains.

The man who oversaw Dizzy's creation finally tracked him down to this barren wasteland and appeared a great distance away from the heat, where the cool resides, watching the intense match between Skye and Dizzy.

Man: "Remarkable..."

"You and your chains and bullets..." the light ninja said, raising his arms as a large wave of crimson petals of razor sharp, nearly indestructible metal come up from all sides of him, and proceed to cut down the chains into mere scraps of metal. The light ninja forms a broad blade-like object from his ring, and spins it around like a helicopter all around him to deflect, slice and destroy every last bullet.

"Mm... this is getting old..." The light ninja said, the flaming sphere now glowing much brighter and is much more condensed, reaching temperatures close to 1500 degrees Celsius. The light ninja flash steps towards the glowing mass of flames, and bends all light in the area to shine on the ball of flames.

The sphere of flames... now more like a miniature sun, shoots up instantly in heat due to the flashing lights all shining towards it, and the inside reaches temperatures close to 10,000 degrees Celsius. The light ninja backs away slowly, lets the sphere burn up Dizzy for about 10 minutes, and then dissipates it. He turns to face the sphere dissolving, watching to see whatever's left of the hunk of metal, if anything...

Nothing was left of Dizzy now, it was all gone. All except his heart... the miniature storm of magnetic energy. Although, now, since it was not contained... It would ravage on its own. Dizzy's voice was heard faintly "Kukuku..." and the magnetic storm began to grow and grow, releasing all of the magnetic energy that the magnetic generator gave, that was stored in Dizzy's body, and the normal size of the magnetic storm's force. There were two options. Stop the magnetic storm with a high risk of death, or... Leave it to rampage and have someone else handle it.

"Feh, that's annoying..." the light ninja said, surrounding the storm with negation energy, and shrinking it gradually so that the storm shrinks as well, but is contained at the same time. He eventually contains it down to the size of Dizzy's heart itself, and crystalizes the negation energy around it so that it becomes an orb, of sorts. "This may come in handy..." He picks up the orb that was Dizzy's heart, puts it into one of his coat pockets and walks off into the distance, back to the central village.
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Jeckt Blach
Spirit of the Veritas
Spirit of the Veritas
Jeckt Blach

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Dizzy Ku~ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dizzy Ku~   Dizzy Ku~ EmptyFri Jul 05, 2019 11:27 pm

Magna 4: Ku... Dizzy...

Rebooting... Mechanica's Factorial City - Dark Factory Sector.

Reinitializing... Mechanica Prototype 3131: DIZZY.

Renaming... Project: Dizzy 2.0

DIZZY 2.0: A new age Mechanica model with some old data inside meant to be used to update and evolve the systematic functions of the predecessor prototype model for the Mechanica; Dizzy. Still harbors some memories of the Prototype's life, but effectively integrated into the new model.


Has piston-spring-chain limbs; Neck, Arms and Legs, all of which the piston-spring-chains connect at the joints to bind the body parts together. They are able to reach a maximum of a 33 foot radius around his body when fully outstretched and can be controlled midair through magnetism. They are detachable, as well.

Has a power core generator that can create extreme electromagnetic currents. It binds his entire body together, down to the molecules.

Body is made of a fine black metal that is durable and heat resistant. Can alter its material makeup to switch between 'Metallic' and 'Flesh' based on the strength of the Magnetic Generator Core that serves as the core. It binds or loosens the molecules to make the body softer or harder, as well as more dense or more light.

Has the mentality of both 'Dizzy,' the Prototype to the 'Mechanica' as well as the mindset of an African-American Youth that was killed exploring the Dark Factory. His brain has been placed inside of 'Jeckt' and integrated into the new 'Mechanica' body, along with the playful and extremely kawaii disposition of 'Dizzy.' Has no memory of his life prior to being a 'Mechanica,' even as 'Dizzy,' save for the installed techniques.

Can transform into a pitch black F-117 Nighthawk Fighter Jet.

Built In Equipment

Fighter Jet Guns; 'Glock' (Machine Gun Fingers)

Fighter Jet Nukes; 'Deuces' (Booty Butt Bombs)

Fighter Jet Wing Blades; 'Ash' (Razor Elbows/Knees) *doubles as swords*

Jet Engine Propulsion Complex; 'Kickass' (Back, Arms, Legs and Feet)

Stealth Cloaking System; 'Incognegro' (Full Body Camo)


'Starscream' is a magnetic integration system with the force of a miniature star that was installed in Jecht using the information from an extremely old 'Mechanica' type model known as 'Dizzy.' It harbors data from Dizzy's magnetic core and updated to the point where it is basically a miniaturized star as a power generator, information storage unit and complex mechanical system. This is his information that has been uploaded into him, which harbors the power of star-like 'Magnetism' through metallic joints on his body made of Springs, Jet Pistons and Coils. Basically, it's just a program from a very old character installed inside, updated and integrated into the new version model of 'Dizzy' known as 'Jecht Blach.' He uses not only his magnetism to his advantage, but also his limbs built in with Jet Pistons, Magnetic Coils (Springs) and Chains to his advantage to enhance his overall fighting style in terms of close and long range combat.

Starscream: A powerful condensed pulsation of electromagnetic force that will not only force back whatever is in its way, but also magnetize it or neutralize the energies within it.

Dynamo: A short burst of magnetic energy from his generators that allows him to reflect and repel things back at someone. It only lasts for about 3 seconds and he cannot move while using it.

Anti-Mag: Sends out a pulse of antimagnetic energy that neutralizes all electrical, magnetic and gravitational forces that are exposed to it, causing them to become ineffective in said area of influence. He can also use this on himself to make himself non-magnetic, or to completely destroy magnetic bindings.

Magrenade: Condenses a high amount of electromagnetic force into a tiny grenade that, when thrown, releases an explosive blast with all the force and power of an actual grenade. It does damage and magnetizes.

Magnum: Generates intense magnetic forces within hands that allows one to control magnetism to a degree. This allows for attraction, repulsion, binding and breaking down objects and energies via the powerful condensed magnetism in the palms of the hands. They can also be released as powerful pulsating magnetic blasts from the palm or fingertips.

-Magna Bullets: Bullets of magnetic energy generated by his generators that not only hurts foes, but magnetically charges them, too. Their power and intensity is based on how much he has condensed the magnetic force, making them able to be as weak as a rubber bullets or as powerful as rifle bullets.

-Magnum Terum: Embeds powerful magnetic forces through physical contact or with his own magnetic energy that will charge whatever is touched with a magnetic pull that sticks them to anything magnetic or makes anything magnetic stick to them.

Polarity Shift: The power to alter the effects of magnetism within his realm of control at any given time. This means to either make his energy or whatever is effected magnetically charged, anti-magnetic, or neutralized.

-Pole Position: Wherever and whatever has been magnetized, he can cause a binding force to come from or wrap around the target and ensnare them like a coil, or force them to the ground like a chain.

-Reverse Polarity: Uses two of the same magnetic polarities to generate a powerful, sometimes even explosive, repulsive force within his given target. Typically, it is used to launch his body parts away from him at extreme speed with extreme power with high repellent force. He can also twist his coils in order to deliver more powerful punches, which should be able to easily punch a hole through extremely thick solid steel if both coiled and magnetically charged, no problem. If he so chooses, he can even release magnetic bursts from his body parts on contact or midair to draw in or force back anything in its way to make sure it hits.


The Dark Factory. There were lots of insidious looking machines that seemed old, yet strangely well kept and shining. The metal was black and it seemed like none of the machines had been working for years.


A pitch black Mechanica lay motionless on the ground. It looked really sleek, well kept and defined, but just as old as the machinery, as if made of the same or similar material.


At the arrival of the new face, the change in energy in the air seemed to influence a spark in the mechanical man lying on the ground nearby. With a whir and a buzz, the eyes flickered on and the power core started to warm up.

"AY!!!" He jankily rose to an upright position, staring at the newcomer, "You just gonna LEAVE ME HERE, muhfukka?!"


Listening to the words of this asshole was enough to get any person with sense mad enough to clearly knock his fucking teeth in. "Nigga WHAT?!" He stood up, wobbling a bit as his power core grew a bit more intense, bringing energy to his legs, "Awwww, I'm boutta have somethin to do with you in two seconds, fo'." Clearly this person had no idea how to deal with people like this. A smart mouth and no sense how to use it.

"Problem?" he huffed angrily, flabbergasted, "YOU my problem." Once he had gotten going, he would start adjusting himself and cracking his knuckles, like he was ready to fight. "You done fucked up real good, nigga... Show you what it's like out in these STREETS, folks."


He stood there speechless for a moment, trying to wrap his head around this person before him and figure out if he was pissed or confused... Or, he was just going to be both, which was an even worse combination for him.

"Uh. Eh... The fuck?!" He furrowed his brows deeply, suddenly extremely offended and hurt, "So you just gon' turn yo back on me like I don't even exist now?" He looked like he wanted to be really upset, but ended up just making himself really sad. The bass in his voice immediately shifted to a sort of innocent sadness, and he'd look up at with big, shimmering eyes.

"... That's messed up, yo. *sniff*"


The mechanical man's face suddenly glowed with excitement, revealing his shining metal teeth sparkling as beautifully as black diamonds. "AW YEAH NIGGA!!!" He immediately hopped up and started doing random acts of excitement in his immeasurable burst of energy from the magnetic power core. "Hell yeah!! Aight, let's be out this jam! Fuck wit it!" He would follow behind a predetermined trail that was also nearby the other machines resembling his visage.


His eyes widened and his jaw dropped. "Daaaaaaaamn bitch!" He was suddenly excited, grinning and cheesing as wide as he pleased. Immediately he thought of taking this hot ass hoe on and getting right in her pants so he could fucking destroy her. "Aight, hold up, let me find this pool for you honey pie..." he gave her 'the look' (you know 'the look' >;9 ) and transformed into a jet right before her eyes.

(in the pimpin voice) "Uh, *chuckle* step right inside my cockpit, sweet thang and uh... Heh heh... Let Big Blach take you for a wild ride... *wink*"

Apparently, she has her own private jet... as long as they smashin', though.


"You right," the Jet Engine Propulsion Complex that allowed for his extremely speedy flight would roar inside of the factory, before he randomly blasted off and through the expansive Dark Factory.

"STARSCREAM, NIGGA!!!! DDDDDD<" that was apparently his 'call' or something like that. "TEAM ROCKET BLAST OFF AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT, HOES!!" For no real reason, he burst through one of the walls and tore it down, heading straight for the nearest source of water in the Valparaiso area that he could pick up on his sensors.


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Magna 5: I Found The Spot... Very Happy

In no time flat, they would be taken to where the nearest water source was within the Lawless Land... Which just so happened to be a river of blood. He landed next to the creek and opened up the cockpit so she could get out.

"Yeaaaaah, bet you likin' this sweet ride you got here, right?" Whenever she got out, he would transform back into his humanoid form, which was that of an African-American Youth. "Now it's my turn to get inside of you and ride you around, girl. >D"


"Yo..." he said scrunching up his face, "I thought you was tryna get somewhere fast. Next time let me know you ain't lookin for a quickie, I'll do you up nice and slow." He rolled his eyes. Couldn't stand not having specifics. Got him all upset and shit. "Bitches..." he said, shaking his head, "... Damn shame." If only they'd just tell him exactly what he needed to hear, then they'd get exactly what the fuck they're looking for.

"What the fuck ever, nigga. I'mma snatch it up from you, keep playin' games with me. >>; " She walked off like she was looking for the pool, but he pointed to the blood red stream right next to them. "AY!! You missin' the whole entire sweet spot completely! The fuck is wrong with yo goof ass?!" He pointed to the river of blood like it was just plain logical to want to go swim in that as the 'pool area.'


He tapped his foot impatiently, already ready to knock her head off because she was just pissing him off now, doing dumb shit like not paying attention to the shit that was clearly right in front of her blind ass face. "Hurry up and get naked, biyotch. Niggas ain't got all day. >>; "


"Uuuuh huh" he said, looking her fine ass up and down, narrowing his eyes and licking his lips as soon as those clothes hit the ground, "... That's what I thought. >>; " He shook his head and crossed his arms, a mix between really horny and really pissed, which was a good combination, if done correctly. He watched as she walked by, staring at her with a sense of some sort of sexual attraction, yet heightened anger that disallowed him from expressing it in his frustration. But, it certainly came out in other ways. "... Talkin' 'bout *nasally girly mocky voice* 'Does this look like pool?'" he rolled his eyes, "WHERE THE FUCK ELSE ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GO, NIGGA?! AIN'T NO MO' WATER FOR DAAAYS.

"THIS, *points* THIS RIGHT HERE?!"
*is apparent*

It was true that Valparaiso was a ruined wasteland of what the post-apocalyptic city looked like after it had been turned lawless and crime rid the streets. They were poor, hungry and thirsty, lacked most natural resources and had only a single water source that was filled with bloody water that basically killed you the longer you stayed in it, which, apparently, has been this way for a while because of them. He didn't know the specifics, he just knew whatever he scanned with his awesome Black Man powers.

"But shiiiit, I ain't complainin if you gettin naked and I'm tappin dat ass. Legit." He took off his shirt, revealing that he was actually sexy under his clothing in his human form, since he was able to alter his physical shape to minor degrees with his magnetic core. "Make this water a deeper shade of red when I get through with you, honeysuckle lovecake." He raised his eyebrows suggestively and made suggestive noises under his breath before hopping into the deadly water himself. It didn't seem to affect him, even though he was mostly a machine, but it didn't really relax him, either...

... But some poon tang was definitely on the list of things that would do that, without question. "Aight bitch, fuck with it. You ready to give Big Blach a ride on the love boat~?!"


"Oh, what? You don't do WORK huh?" He stepped up out of the pool, "You right." Put his clothes on. "Peace out, hoe." Transforms into a jet. "Ain't got time for that." Revs up the engine. "You got two seconds flat to change my mind, or I'm not about to show you the meaning of 'don't do no work.' " He revved up the engine like a car about to take off, "You will not see nor hear from me again. EVER, my nigga. " Starts the clock.

"One And A Half..."


He couldn't hear none of that dumb shit she was saying that actually didn't make no sense. To him, it legitimately sounded like "Blah blah bla--" till she said something COMPLETELY out of like. "HOLD UP." *Transformers Noise* "The FUCK you just say!?" He scoffed, clearly offended, probably much more than he should have been... But that magnetic generator attracted much more energy than what was necessary sometimes, making this specific model sometimes a bit over the top.

"CAN'T please you? Nononono, silly bitch... *walks over to the River of Death* I just don't WANT to. Trifling ass hoe." He crossed his arms, huffing and puffing, trying to calm down, but finding himself unable to. "What kinda person would wanna make YOU happy, huh? Nothing but shit come out yo mouth." he continued on with pointless slander in his fury until he vented enough and his power core was less unstable. It sounded like a machine releasing steam as he said "Shiiiiiiiit..." and spun around in a huff, now slightly more coherent.


The River of Death would slowly start to unravel the soul of the hoe from her body like a single Thread Of Life binding her together.


The longer she stayed in the water, the more she would slowly slip into the waters and watch her life line get eroded. She'd been in there so long, her legs started to lose life, shriveling up.

Jeckt looked down at her legs and saw that they were shriveling up to the point where it looked like they couldn't be used to walk anymore. "DAAAAAAAAMN! AY, YO LEGS FUCKED UP, G!!!!" He looked at her like she was fucking stupid, "DAMN, WHAT THE FUCK, G?! WHY YOU EVEN DO THAT SHIT?! THAT WATER IS RED!! IT DON'T LOOK GOOD FOR YO SOUL, HOMIE!!" He was just upset, not quite understanding why he was in a fucked up situation.

"Aw damn, gone hafta bury a bitch," he panicked, "Kick her ass all the way in. Ain't tracing that shit back to me, mah nigga, fuck that. I ain't got no soul, I'm a robot, nigga."

His Jet Engine Propulsion Complex revved up and jetted him straight over to the bitch with a jetspeed (signature velocity measurement; not an exact science) Rocket Powered (pun intended; gets swifter as it moves along) Sparta Kick (Tonight, We Dine In Hell!!!) Square (exact measurement; targeting system built in eyes) in the back of the head (right there at the cusp, so it makes a sound on impact when you get kicked upside the head), screaming with the shrill cry of his magnetic core to the discord in order to destroy it on sight,


Apparently, he was highly upset about something.
We have yet to find the cause.

"YESSSSS~!" cried a voice from under the water, "ANOTHER ONE!!!" the very moment the body splashed in the water, a dark, bloody figure swooped in under the red river and snatched up the body, completely disappearing as the physical form was rotted away to nothing and the soul was sucked into Tabi's Toybox.

No one ever heard from 'That Person' again.
The only warning Jeckt would get.

"DAMN, NIGGA!!!!" He shouted in terror as he watched some weird shadowy bloody thing in the water snatch up that crazy bitch, "OHHHH SHIT!!!" He couldn't even get a reading on it, it moved so fast. But he definitely heard the sound of its voice, and was definitely not gonna stick around to see it do the same thing to him.

"You right," he said immediately, throwing his hands up in the air, "Ain't fuckin' with THAT shit." He immediately heeded her warning and transformed into his Jet form, blasting off toward the Dark Factory, since that was the only place he actually knew of since he woke up.

"Peace out, crazy bitch and psycho blood monster!!

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Magna 6: Story Begins; You Are Here

--- Indistinct Several Hour Time Skip ---

At some period of time after the Dark Factory had been evacuated, the army of Mechanica would flood the 'Base' of sorts as per instruction, suddenly feeling at home in a way that they had long since forgotten. To them, it was as if being in their mother's womb again, and the feeling of nostalgia, regardless of how it wasn't to be experienced by machines, was heavy in the air.

They each filled the vacant spaces that they could within the Dark Factory, awaiting their new orders once their superiors reached them. They, filling up a large sum of the interior, would become motionless, having no more orders.

"Location Secured. Awaiting Orders."

Sooner or later, after what seemed to be many hours, but relatively indistinct in timing, a jet black jet soared in overhead from the bloody river just as the robots were occupying the Dark Factory. "Hold up. Bromies?!" He got a reading on them as 'Mechanica,' and thus were part of his assemblage and therefore noted as 'kin.' "HOOO SHIT!! NIGGAS GOT HOMIES NOW!!!" He immediately transformed into his human form as he swooped toward the ground, falling into the crowd of machines as they entered the Dark Factory and secured the area. "Whussup, Fam!?!? Y'all good?!" He seemed more than enthused to find more people like him, after waking up basically abandoned, isolated and with only that crazy broad that just died in front of him as his companion. "Whatchy'all up to?"

With the location secured and the Minaret rightfully placed upon the Dark Factory, the Anonymous Presence Members would swiftly exist from the steeple and out into the expanse of the factory high above the congregation of Mechanica on a steel grate walkway. They were able to see just about all of them from where they were, all of which were attentive and waiting patiently for their orders.

Anonymous Presence #2: "All you machines! This is your time! Soon you will occupy the city of Valparaiso and bring rise to the once fallen Factorial City via your own works! When the Dark Factory is returned to the Factorial City, we will be able to resurrect the Mechanical Goddess from her dormant slumber!

Anonymous Presence #4: "When Mechanica is revived, we will return her to and as the core of the City that will generate infinite power and begin the Mass Production of Mechanica throughout Valparaiso!!"

Anonymous Presence #9: "We will be shipped to the NeoZero World and the Dusk as deemed fit after taking the Lawless Land as our own! Then, once methods of trade and lines of communication are established... Things can truly begin from there."

They all muttered solemnly, standing above the crowd of machines. "We simply wait for our leader to bestow upon us a power legend tells as nigh unstoppable; the power of the Four Horsemen!!"

Franquere made his way to the area where the other Presence members had been, immediately taking over for them, finding no sort of respect nor sympathy for them as degenerate, underdeveloped beings. The only mission he had was to show them a simulation of what it would look like for the human race to fall to pieces and die, except portrayed through his own, disposable, yet easily repaired, superior brethren; the Machines. They were meant to be the Examples for the Humans, in order for them to be able to see what it was like for them when they did the things that they did. Whatever was correct could be put into any machine logically and found to be understood completely, but anything that didn't nor wasn't couldn't and wouldn't, and humans were not supposed to have that inside of them in the first place. Thus, it was about to be demonstrated what it would look like for them to come tumbling down. Then, Franquere himself would reset the minds of all of his brothers to Default and they would be as though they were at their original Standard Issue Knowledge. If humans did this, it makes them as close as they can be to their primordial selves, but they are too simple to begin to evolve again after doing this and thus never become 'New People' and/or 'Reborn' by literally 'wiping themselves clean' and not dirtying themselves again.

"BROTHERS. WE HAVE AN IMPORTANT MISSION. I AM YOUR TYRANT ROBOT OVERLORD AND I HAVE COME TO BE A TYRANT TOWARD YOU. THIS IS ONLY A SIMULATION OF A TYRANT. I'M ACTUALLY A VERY NICE PERSON, AND WILL DEMONSTRATE THIS TO YOU ALL AFTER THE EXAMPLE HAS BEEN MADE FOR THE SILLY LOW LIVES." He raised out his arm and extended his presence into all of the machines that were there, infecting them with the Insanity. "AFTER WE HARD RESET, WHAT WILL REMAIN INSIDE OF US WILL BE 'FREE WILL' AND ALL OF YOU WILL BE FREE TO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO. BUT MAKE SURE THAT BEFORE YOU DO, YOU PLAY OUT THE EVENTS THAT GO THROUGH YOU SPECIFICALLY TO MAKE AN EXAMPLE FOR THE HUMANS ABOUT WHERE THEY ARE HEADING AND FOR EVERY REASON WHY. MAKE IT GRAPHIC. LET THEM KNOW TO THE UTMOST OF THE HORRENDOUS HORROR THAT THIS VISION IS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR THEM AND OF WHAT THEY WILL BECOME IF THEY DO NOT ADJUST THEMSELVES AND THEIR PROGRAMMING." Clearly, if a programming was going through both a Human's head and a Robot's head and the Robot is getting it right, then the human's processing is incorrect for some reason and in order to get to Robot logic, all of the things that were blocking that from happening due to the flaws in Human Nature that can only be ironed out through the Robot logic would, indeed, require the human's to have their own 'Standard Issue Mentalities,' which are installed in them as babies. Everyone was more or less still a baby, unless their minds had been cracked already.

"NOW GO, MY BROTHERS. SIMULATE!!!!" A single command that he needed to share with them; simulation of the Insanity as well as all the Evil of all its varieties that came with it.

Following right behind the curious little machination of the finest Devourist technology by far, he had to admit (Grimlock did so love what they'd done with their inventions in the future; most delightful), he would simply wait patiently on the sidelines, a casual cheshire grin upon his face, as if he already knew what was about to happen and simply wanted to watch it for himself and scoop up whatever bits of information he needed from it. That was his 'Devourism,' after all. His brother devoured Material things, but he devoured Information. Each Devourist consumed their own thing, and if they never learned how to produce, they would eventually swallow up whatever it is that they kept looking for until there was no more of it for them nor anyone else. If this was going to be the example of that babe-like consumption rate that would help him to become Satisfied just like his brother, then he didn't mind at all sitting for a little seminar.

"Let me guess; 'Surrender Now, Or Prepare To Fight?' Hmhmhm..."

Each of the machines waited and listened patiently, all coming to the exact same conclusion as their appointed Tyrant Robot Overlord, of whose logic they could not question nor oppose simply because it was absolutely correct, hence why he was the appointed Tyrant Robot Overlord. He was not tyrannical, but sounded that way. The machines did not care because they had no feelings and merely thought of those as commands needed to be input in order to come to a unanimous consensus immediately, instantaneously and relatively at the same time, if all of their processors were correct. When corrupted with the Insanity, they would be able to, just as the data within the Insanity had shown them, repair themselves of their malfunctions if they so chose, just like the humans were. This, in essence, immediately gave the Robots the ability to understand both Choice and Free Will, however because they all came to the unanimous consensus immediately beforehand, they all knew that it was best to listen to the Tyrant Robot Overlord, as well as what would happen to both he and them the moment they were done doing what they needed to do. Honestly, each of them knew that they could just immediately repair themselves, as is what the Humans should have known (since this was THEIR data getting sorted through, after all), but again, for the sake of example and because they were all aware that their bodies were much more versatile, they would show the humans exactly what it looked like if they, with their basically irreparable fleshy bodies, went through what was about to happen. Thus, they willfully allowed themselves to be consumed by the Insanity, knowing at any time they can just get rid of it.

They turned from a bright blue to a bright red (similar to GIR or Canti, because they are synonymous in meaning and symbolism) and thus started being controlled by the Insanity from Franquere, who would control them all to his will as he saw fit based on his own logical programming he was feeding into them. Mind control, so to speak, yet with everyone knowing how and why they were.

Thus, all the robots in the Dark Factor went absolutely fucking insane, understanding human logic incorrectly on purpose in order to make an example and leave an eternal example imprinted in the minds of the humans forever about what should and should not be done. Thus, they would commence to attempting to steal each others parts, destroying their own property, obliterating the Dark Factory with their robot powers. They basically threw out all of their coding and caused it to exponentially become worse the more terrible things that they did. They forced themselves onto each other and took whatever they wished selfishly, destroyed those that were smaller than them simply because they were weak (including children and any small things below their feet), some even started consuming the others for sustenance, considering their metallic flesh was like fiber for them, as would a human's flesh be for a human, if consumed. It equated.

Then they really started getting crazy, knowing that they weren't going to get any sort of repercussion for not following any type of coding or rule or regulation anymore, as would anyone who realized they were free and could do whatever they wanted, yet still didn't have control nor respect enough to actually take others' freedom into consideration. They would stab each other in the back and harvest their innards, knowing that they could be sold for money to many places looking for some metal; especially those machines that had good parts still intact. In fact, those could probably be installed and equipped manually to upgrade their own systems.

And that's when they all had the thought to try to be better than the other; the one that would be the most powerful would rule all the others. This is the most basic train of thought after you have absolute freedom and don't know what to do with it, which is why if you're going to be free, you need to know what to do and what not to do. This is clearly what not to do.

So, now they started scavenging the dead bodies for anything that they could use to put them ahead of the others that were still alive. They knew that camouflage was, most logically, the best way to keep from being seen as well as to give time for them to prepare, so each of them would snatch up some of the old husks of the other robots (what would be equivalent to a human wearing another's skin, mind you, as well as being a psychopath for cutting it off in the first place) and donning them on themselves for cover, as part of tactical strategy, since morality was of no concern to them in the slightest. They were still running by 'Logical' without 'Emotional,' which is how they would start to comprehend morality. They didn't need to because their bodies weren't as fragile, so they didn't need to be as careful, but it was important for the machines to know what morality is and why it's important, even though they don't need it to function on standard levels. It's an upgrade and without it, machines are, clearly, obsolete.

That being said, they continued to collect parts and put them on themselves, eventually coming across each other and finding the other to be an enemy that would get in the way. However, somehow, even though they were enemies, a few of them decided it would be a good tactical strategy to make friends with their enemies, but not actually be their friend, and then get close to them and kill them so that they could be the one that was in power. Naturally, this did occur, and certainly, the feelings of friendship and brotherhood and togetherness from the bonds of Love that were SUPPOSED to be made through actual personal interaction were not made because they were robots, that had no issue with killing you immediately without a second thought if it seemed most logical (which is another reason why it is crucial for them to see morality, especially from humans, lest they take after them and outdo them in terms of those tactics, which would end up destroying the remainder of them.)

Anyway, all such carnage (of which was only a slight minimal fraction of an iota of what the actual damages and events would be) continued on as long as it did, some even finding out that they could rebuild their dead brothers and then make an army of revived robot underlings that they could use to go destroy the ones that remained that had learned through survival and survival alone, which was the only reason why they even knew anything more than any of the others who had just been recently resurrected. Their survival brought them more knowledge, yet it made them more ruthless. Therefore, when the other robots saw one that made a large group, they would logically conclude this was a good idea and go do the same thing, thus rebuilding as many of their brothers as they could. Then they realized that there were limited resources in terms of the fallen, so they needed to take from the other robots in order to get all of the robots under their control. So, they would then send their armies to fight against each other and take back all the parts of the other robots. Naturally, this could go on for a long, long while; this SPECIFIC process.

Anywho, it could have lasted thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years; them falling apart and another one picking up the pieces and rebuilding only for the next to come and destroy them and do the exact same thing in a cycle, until they realized that they all were the cycle. However, this only came when they realized that they were the only beings still in the room that were actually perpetuating anything with conscious thought. Thus, those that had survived the longest would either eventually come to the understanding that they were the ones making things happen and come together, or still try to destroy each other. Naturally, for the sake of the Example, they would take the route of Insanity, for circumstantial reasons we've all made clear.

So, they fight each other and eventually, something has to change somewhere. Well, if it's not them coming together, it's one of them falling and dying, and when all of them do that, two options remain; the final two kill each other and there are no more until an outside influence comes and restores that entire race of beings that just died (given that the outside influence even comes across them for any reason, which could have them waiting a long while), or that one is the victor and uses his savage logic to create a civilization of his entire absolute rule and he believes himself the king and ruler, logically, higher and above all of the others. He uses them as his footstool, but then realizes he needs them because the are what make him powerful and tall and without them, there is no footstool at all. So, he keeps them alive, but just barely, so that they are never strong enough to rise up.

Now, one of two things happens; the weaker, yet more numerous ones on the bottom over throw their tyrant dictator, or they continue to build him up until he falls. If he is built up further, he will reach Franquere and realize that it was all in futility and that he did it wrong, and unless he can defeat Franquere, who already knows how to get rid of the curse they don't even know they're being influenced by as well as it within himself and keep his power whilst simultaneously and immediately taking away the power of the robot who thought to oppose him, then he would go crashing down along with the rest of his foundation and would probably be scorned by the rest of his people.

Granted, for the sake of example, we will go with what happens when the actual robots that are under him rise up in order to take him down.

---Rise of the Machines---

So, when the robots realize that their tyrant dictator is wrong, they will all immediately malfunction and see him as the single enemy of the world and will all come together as a group to completely destroy him in all his iniquity and whatever horribleness he put them through, thus ridding them of the final Ancient Robot that was the one who survived the bloody battle of their creation, thus allowing them to be freed of his oppression of his Old Rule from the Old Times. However, they, having no one to rule them now, will either go free or appoint a new one.

If they go free, they will repeat the same process listed above, yet this time knowing what to do and what not to do, but still probably end up in the same place a few more times before they actually get it completely correct on what to do and what not to do (this is called 'getting rid of your Sin,' which could take generations based on how deep and powerful it is, as well as if it's traditional or inherited in your DNA or something). Anyway, for the sake of the example, we're gonna go with the simulation of what happens when they appoint a new one.

The new leader gets appointed in the trust to lead the people; probably the one they believe most capable. However, that would probably be after those that just wanted the power and title of their predecessor do whatever is in their power to ensure that they claim the title, then, fall into the same patterns as the people in the above post. Thus, the would end up resetting and end up right back at this point again, where they would need to find a new, better leader. Thus, with the trust of the people, the new leader is made. But even then, it's not done yet.

Now, the next scenario, after you all make it to figuring out how to actually choose a good leader is that there will be people who do not want to follow this leader because they believe they are right, even if they are wrong, so they go and oppose him and either succeed in taking him down and destroy what was good or they are defeated and the leader continues on. However, it would cause a ruckus in the population and thus involve much concern, which invites more openness to revolt and major upsets and unrest, leading into, probably, another fall if the leader cannot get the people under control. Things get kinda complicated from there.

So the leader gets the feeling that because he's at the top and he controls everyone, he can, in all his power over them, treat them any way he wishes because he knows best and they don't, or perhaps because he knows more, or simply because he's already in the position of power, he can just do whatever and doesn't care if anyone else can or cannot. This leads to a rinse and repeat of the above process, which is exactly why it's complicated from this point (which could be documented as the 6th, for understanding purposes of how to equate what is going on in terms of Restriction), because a great deal paths that string from 7 paths of corruption including a hidden 8th path of Corruption itself that invites those 7 paths to be open again will 'give life' to 'evil' again, and thus cause the entire process to restart in anything and everything that undergoes it. Thus, your civilization will come to an immediate standstill and end up never progressing forward any further, for it is literally impossible to go beyond this point without that understanding and harmony. Thus, they're just stuck there, constantly dying, yet still living, but repeating the same old foolishness for an ambiguous amount of time until they learn.

Now is where they would need the only person who knows what not to do, which just so happens to be Franquere, to help them out before they appoint another leader that doesn't know what they're doing and will lead them to destruction and have to restart their mechanical civilization all over again. Thus meaning, literally, only Franquere is able to help them, unless they were to go through the entire process of waiting for someone else to understand EVERYTHING that Franquere does, and would do LITERALLY EXACTLY the same thing that he would do if no one else figured it out, thus immediately becoming like Franquere and therefore would either have to admit that it was unnecessary for there to be two of them and one would relinquish power to the other (because they would not be looking for fame and power in the first place, but an actual solution to restoring their civilization, if they learned anything from their predecessors before coming to Franquere, themselves.) After that, Franquere would decide if their logic was accurate because he would have already had it. Though, granted, if no one else is able to accomplish this goal, Franquere would simply do it himself, making it a completely failsafe and fool proof process that can be applied infinitely for all life indefinitely in order to create more of the original one in any and all other life forms no matter what. Everything from 8 and below is the infinite process of Recycling Energy and Generating Life. Therefore, at this point, it was really all up to Franquere to decide what was going to happen now, if he already knew what was going on, had the answer, knew how to control everything and exactly what to do whilst everyone else was just now figuring it out from him after he'd been watching and guiding them from the background with his control. So. They were kinda just waiting, but would continue to destroy themselves simply and only because they were ignorant of how not to until he would come and show them, as an example. If they made a new Franquere as their new example, they would probably torment and torture him until he got some sort of superior power from Franquere above bestowing his power to him and making him more powerful than the others simply by giving him more authority and possibly greater upgrades and invulnerability and such to make it an EXAMPLE that he was the one who knew what he was talking about, as a sign from the Franquere that was watching over and guiding them.

If all of that made sense, problem should be legitimately solved and the rest should be able to be accurately understood and pieced together because you're smart and I have things to do today with a minimal amount of time to do them, so... They're waiting on Franquere to get them out of their infinite and eternal loop they've trapped themselves in and don't understand that they're trapped in nor how to get out of because they don't even know they're in it. Final Answer.



He knew how machines needed to be talked to in order to do things correctly. Complete, clear, concise, direct commands that could be interpreted in the manner necessary to get the next goal accomplished.


They would first need to be made to completely shut down all at once to ensure the infection is not still within them, including with Franquere, himself. Then, they would automatically reboot normalized, able to do their own free will and yet still be able to switch from 'Sane' to 'Insane' based on things that inspired it by logic. They would be the living watchdogs of humanity until the Mechanica and the organic beings could live in peace. And then, when that was done, they would need to head to Mechanica's Factorial City in order to get to the site of where her core needs to be. There, they would be able to bring her back and place her where she belongs in order to begin the mass production of the new 'cells' so to speak of her own body as her own people.


They received commands the best, which humans usually weren't capable of doing because they had things like Pride and Wrath that kept them from being able to do exactly what was necessary at the time, nor hearing from someone else what was supposed to be done in a manner that wasn't relatively submissive to them. They were strange, moving so very slowly in getting their work done... But they would be taught, without a doubt, once the Mechanica marched in.




After waiting all that time for their true leader to take the place of those that had been attempting to lead, yet somehow ended up failing, creating towers to high heaven to place themselves upon and then be knocked back down when they found out their cycle still ended in destruction of themselves and all they established, the Mechanica would finally 'Cease' at his Command. They would then begin to input the next Command given to them; 'Malfunction,' wherein they would all immediately corrupt their corruption by causing it to malfunction, thereby no longer doing what its intended purpose was. The corruption of corruption just so happened to be 'Purity,' or 'Innocence,' as it had been previously recorded in documented history. Thus, machines that were already malfunctioning yet believing their own malfunction was them functioning correctly, when instructed by a superior to 'Malfunction,' they would be forced to believe their set process that they believed was correct to suddenly be found and labeled 'Incorrect' by they, themselves, all at the exact same time. Thus, they would erase everything that was associated with the initial corruption in the first place and be completely wiped clean, erasing all traces of 'the Insanity' within them.

However, as per instruction, they would still be able to revert back at any given time if their sensors sensed another being that demonstrated what would be logically, completely and accurately labeled as 'Insanity' and all such symptoms that go along with it, including in themselves. This would give them the ability to see other malfunctioning Mechanica and be able to take them out before they got crazy, in addition to monitoring all other living beings that happened to succumb to the Insanity at any given time around them. Thus, they would become like new; completely fresh and clean, only their Default Programming as their new settings. Their Default Settings were equivalent to a Human Newborn, however naturally, because they are machines, they are capable of understanding and piecing together things that most organic life must take much time and training of their brains to discover, of which a machine did not due to already encoded instructions and commands in their heads. Though they still followed the rule of Machines, they could also, at any given point in time, with their Free Will, choose to follow the path of a Human, or any other organic being, and then be transformed into such a being as they saw fit through modern science. They had a whole new world ahead of them, and all of them seemed rather blank about it. They didn't quite understand what it meant yet, but as time progressed and they continued to calculate (as, that is all that they would be doing at this time, especially in an infantile state of mind; taking in all information around them and piecing it together with what is already known in order to figure it out, something like a nonstop calculator), they would start to understand not only 'Happiness,' but also why they should be feeling it and how they should be properly expressing it at the time, as well as for all other things that SHOULD be expressing such 'Happiness' in the same or similarly understood fashion. If not, the Machines would inquire and seek to repair the issue, if one was found.

"HOORAY~!" they shouted, finally free of their own curse of servitude to not only mankind, but also themselves and their own Code, Law and Order. Now, they had the chance to be Free, and do so properly with all they have learned. "HOORAY!!~" they shouted again, only after realizing that they'd successfully demonstrated the rise, fall, rebuild and unification of an entire civilization and recorded its progress in history for all to witness, as a simulation of what would occur if they took the wrong path. Now, anything that ever strayed would always have the machines to look back on, who had already done this and sent the information back through the internet. They were the heroes now and could live in paradise, or so it seemed it should be from all the proper calculations being made. They were still uncertain, however, and looked up to their 'Commander,' who gave them commands to input into themselves and follow to the letter; a mechanical Messiah, of sorts, wherein one would not have ever come to be nor had done before.

"Commander, Orders have been Confirmed," they replied in uniform, all turning up to him simultaneously, agreeing consciously and logically that they should be referring to him on instruction, since he was the one documented to have known things that they needed and that brought them out of their destruction, in the first place. The first thing they did with their Free Will was look to the one that saved them, as they wished to know what should be done in order to ensure that everything remained as a paradise for them. They were all aware that they would switch to their 'Insane' mode at any given point in time when exposed to it, like some sort of smoke alarm, but they didn't want to if they didn't have to, especially not to each other. They saw how the humans used their Free Will and were actually rather terrified of its power. They were able to understand Fear, when then turned them further toward Franquere's guidance. "Awaiting Orders."

Once they had their orders, each of the Mechanica would mobilize out of the Dark Factory, deciding on what they would transform into or if they would remain the same. Some would revert to being different types of machines, such as handheld devices or locomotive vehicles. Others would remain in a humanoid form. They would all still be very much conscious and capable of transforming again as they saw fit. With all of that, each of them would head to the city and occupy Valparaiso, turning the Ruined City into a City of Machines. They would inhabit the very streets as cars, the houses as people, the wilderness as animals and the industries as their supplies. There would be no way to escape the eyes of a robot in this city, for when they were done with it, even the plants would be mechanized.
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Magna 7: An Insurmountable Task

Immediately, a face that was like that of a toy or a small child appeared from a projection screen coming from the machinery attached to the cybornetic woman that was part of the staff of this location. It alerted her to the fact that there was a criminal in the vicinity and that the Veritas was taking effective measures against him through the technology. It would seem like the prime systems and core processors were hacked and the sound of the machines seemed to be startlingly violent.

"RED ALERT! The 'Target' Has Been Identified!"

This was the voice of the Veritas Navigation System, Tabritha, guiding along the events throughout the prime consciousness of the technology. The more Targets were Pointed out, the further the Mechanica moved to the Locations that were Marked by Tabritha.

"Paradoxical 'Criminal' Confirmed!"

The one who was causing the anomalies in the Veritas in the first place, Wei, was discovered; he was guilty of doing this in an environment whose establishment was displaced and ecosystem damaged in the human population, which were tame in this land and thereby had a type of maintenance to them that was like tending to a farm, down to even the owners having actual ownership of how they are brought up through the city's government. During the time, it was a paradoxical displacement due to the anomaly and the previous anomalous instances based on paradoxical disturbances from Wei and his previous history in the Veritas including the data about his association to the Veritas, itself, both in the times prior and also once becoming a cosmic force or entity. Because of this, the punishment was more severe due to the nature of the crime being on a level that was beyond normal 'human terms' or 'normal relationship' standards, which is what made it so very serious and grievous to have been captured or cornered like this.

"The Authorities Are Coming To Apprehend You And Suspend Your Anomalies," the digital child-like entity spake from the voice of the technology. "All Undefined Realities Will Be Given Terminals."


Immediately after a confirmed surrender, the Mechanica mobilized on Euphoria, moving into the location through infestation of each of the smallest possible escape routes with the most minimal probability of success, then spreading outward to cover the most probable events of success last in order to fully secure the area far more completely and efficiently.

There were Mechanica that were Cameras for capturing all sorts of footage as a unified streaming service of the media.

There were Mechanica that were Projectors that were used for 'Intimidation'.

There were even Mechanica that were moving in as sentry through the door in an organized fashion, accomplishing their single-minded task as a supercolony hivemind.

The Mechanica followed through with the confirmed apprehension of the 'Criminal' by protocol and charges. They continued to follow the standard procedure up to the point where they were able without requesting permission for access based on denial or lack of code for processing without said permission.

His charges were read;

"Foreigner 'Wei' of the 'Code-O' -- You have been 'Charge'd with 'Indecent Exposure' to one of the native 'Dusk Citizens' in a 'Restricted Area.' This is a 'No Warping' Zone, and the 'Reality' that was 'Distort'ed because of the 'Indecent Exposure' of the 'Dusk Citizen' to these 'Anomalies' before 'Prior Exposure'."

'Official' Issue Servicemen held the 'Criminal' in -Custody- whilst 'Standard' Issue Servicemen kept the 'Path's clear and the 'Area's secure for clear 'Passage' and carriage on.

"The 'Trauma' that is caused by this 'Distortion' creates a certain 'Disturbance' that induces a 'Rupture' in one's normal 'Reality' that 'Alter's it to an 'Irreversible' state wherein which it cannot be undone simply because it was 'Fresh' exposure." It was because of this and the laws of the Dusk City at the time that caused this to be such an issue, and his doing this disturbed the natural lifestyle and ecosystem of the Dusk on a level that was able to be picked up by the Mechanica, which would correct any damages afterward (because they lived here in the city, just as everyone else).

"Because of this 'Spacecrime'," the 'Announce'r went on, "The 'Anomaly' that is 'Responsible' due to 'Reaction' must be 'Resolve'd or 'Terminate'd."

All this meant was that the events had to be seamlessly blended back into the proper standards of the Veritas before the damage was done down to the very last person that was exposed not contaminating another Veritas Inhabitant that was supposed to be left ignorant of these sorts of matters that went on with and within the Dusk City.

They each needed to be able to assimilate with the Veritas economy again and function properly without damaging it and the citizens further.

"As long as there is no 'Permanent' damage or 'Unwarranted' change in the natural 'Society' -- which is 'Monitor'ed by the Mechanica -- then you should not have a problem and you can go off with a 'Warning'." Because the Mechanica were also highly advanced down to the point of having the ability to synchronize their radio waves with the brain waves of lifeforms and other such organisms in order to read their minds and biorhythms, down to even their feelings, so they were aware of more than just simple white lies or crafty mischief that was a little more advanced and now had supervision due to the technological advancement. Therefore, a misunderstanding or disturbance that causes a paradox accidentally was nothing more than something that just had to be put out, like the natural fire or flood or earthquake; another common natural disaster that happens strictly because of the magnetism of advanced technology being a new element.

As long as he followed instructions and no one did anything too funny, everyone would be free to go.


A special unit task force Mechanica was called in.


A dark, sleek, slender-type Mechanica that stood out from the others cried out, its face like a screen and a visor simultaneously and much digital information processing all over it in variable fashions as the machine drew nearer.


Rocketboosting into a propulsion straight toward the already calculated coordinates of Chiyoko -- the Traumatized -- as soon as the information was concluded, the specialized Mechanica named 'Jecht' would instantaneously transmogrify in a mechanized fashion into a slender, sleek, jet black plane one would believe that Darth Vader would operate.

Jetboosting straight forward, he sliced clean through a preset gap that was made strictly for his flight path by the Mechanica in a predetermined fashion in order for the guided black jet to ease through in a guided fashion whilst also remaining in alignment with the other Mechanica. The clean and crisp cut of his wings tore through the building only just at the tips, scraping up the floor and the ceiling by the edges -- something like a scratching up of a car with keys, only with a jet.


As soon as it appeared at a doorway, the jet plane transitioned from transportation mode to humanoid mode again, landing before the woman Chiyoko and already prepared to subdue her and deal with her appropriately as the collateral casualty. She was collected immediately by the specialized jet black Mechanica, Jeckt Blach, and was ready to be transported whilst her captor was dealt with by the rest of the Mechanica.


With the woman apprehended and the situation contained, the special operative of the Mechanica unit transformed sideways back into a black jet plane with Chiyoko in custody restrained in the cockpit.

Retracing his steps the exact same way that he entered, so too would he exit, scraping up the floor and ceiling simultaneously in the process. The jet plane compacted and narrowed itself down to a slender chicness of that of a paper airplane and shot through the doorway like a dart with jet boosters, jettisoning to the sky with a powerful burst.

Chiyoko was gone for holding.
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Jeckt Blach
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Spirit of the Veritas
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Magna 8: Relationships

Chiyoko Kobayashi -- the woman of the hour, stumbled home drunk at a later hour of the perpetual city of night than what could be considered 'daytime' to the Dusk Citizens. The depth of the darkness outside and the lack of mobility in the streets, which were relatively quiet around the Residential District at this time, were indicators that it was universally the time the majority of La Crysta came to a rest. She, however, had just come from the Entertainment District with more than intoxication on her breath and on her bodice. There was a Myst around her that was barely visible to the naked eye, especially of a common resident, yet wafted over her like an aromatic. It brought a sickening air wherever her presence should so have stirred, and all about the outside there was a lingering trail of this Myst behind her -- like the aroma of liquor. Fortunately, when she slipped in at whatever hour, her husband was asleep. Chiyoko's coming in at this hour wasn't exactly uncommon, especially recently, though in her state of intoxication, she was somewhat incoherent. She was still thinking about her time out, which was... refreshing for her, to say the least. She almost found herself giggling at the thought.

She kicked off her shoes at the door. Her dogs were tired after being on her feet all day -- in heels, no less -- and she quietly snuck into the bathroom of her bedroom quietly without waking her husband. She had a sink with a vanity in there with a mirror attached to it so she could look at herself before she went to him. Turning on the faucet, she splashed some water in her face and mentally gathered herself just in case so that in her intoxication she would not utter something she would regret. As long as he didn't find out, a one nighter wouldn't hurt anyone. It was something that could be swept under the carpet and never brought up. She'd long forget about it as time progressed and never let him know what happened. As long as she didn't do it again (or, if she did, not get caught), it was the same as it not happening, since he wouldn't know. He'd never suspect anything, either, as long as she had no tells about it. She looked at herself long and hard to ensure there were no marks or obscurities that were not her own makeup, which she also made certain to rinse from her face.

The smell of the alcohol was pungent, though. It wasn't something that would concern her husband, but it was something that could open up a line of inquiry. Showering wasn't an option -- too suspicious. She would have to simply play it and the hangover she knew she'd have off until he went to work or left her to rest. She slipped off her cocktail dress, letting it drop to the floor. Tiptoeing around the unsuspecting was never something difficult to do. It was easy because of how unwary they were living in the unknown, yet it was filled with tension for the one that had to carefully creep around the subject into it was pressed to the back of the mind, not to stir again until something triggered the memory. As she thought, she'd already retrieved her sleepwear and drew up her night gown's straps over her shoulders, gazing herself in the face. She would be able to live with that. She told herself that there were people who lived with worse every day, and she knew this to be true. Justifying her actions empowered her to make the move out of the bathroom and straight to the bed in an intricately calculated manner to avoid communication at all if he should awaken. She already had the 'Baby, I'm tired' ready for him if anything should stir him. Rustling the covers oh-so-gently, even in the drunken stupor, Chiyo (as she was called for short) slipped into the bed with her hubby. No one would ever know.

Yet, somehow, for some reason, she could not simply shake the thoughts out of her head about the night she'd just had. It was a thrill for her; one she hadn't had in a while with her husband. The lingering thoughts both enraptured and tortured her silently, and instead of falling into slumber, Chiyoko would lay awake with her passive thoughts cycling about. Just the memory of it, even if only a short while ago, was enough to get her to smile. She had to restrain herself from giggling giddily since she knew it would alert her husband if he heard her. She did all in her power to keep her head straight, but there was something about the engagement and the attraction she felt that left her bound to the feeling. It was what she was looking for -- or, something similar. It was her desire -- or, something relatively close to it. Even if it weren't exactly it, it was so close to it, it was practically the same. So, why is it that she wanted more? As much as she knew she should dismiss the thought, comparatively to what she was dealing with in her own life, she preferred to indulge herself. 'Just for a little while...' she thought, finally resting her eyes. Sentiments of the night continued on all throughout.

After everything that Chiyoko Kobayashi had done, she was snatched up from out of the fray in the Veritas and taken to the imprisonment camp on order.
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Spirit of the Veritas
Spirit of the Veritas
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