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 Piercing Fate

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PostSubject: Piercing Fate   Piercing Fate EmptySat Jul 06, 2019 6:56 am

"I always knew that I was a weapon."

"I came from a small, unknown region from a long line of weapons; Rapiers to be exact. Ever since Medieval times, my fathers and mothers have been Rapiers, though during this generation, is seems that tradition was broken."

"My mother married a drill weapon."

Sting is a Drill Rapier, and can shift between Drill or Rapier, or combine them both to make an extremely slim drill blade on a rapier handle that can turn like a drill but still work as a rapier.

"He was a nice man, but it seems that the effects of his genes and my heritage created me, a Drill Rapier. My blade is still slim like that of a Rapier, though now it is more solid and curled... Like that of a drill. I find it quite useful, since it allows easier piercing."

"Piercing. Let's talk about that."

Sting's Piercing Soul allows him to use a special ability called Soul Pierce, and is also highly corrosive to all substances. This means that he can basically pierce through any sort of wall of soul energy, or pierce straight into the soul itself without touching the body or harming the body. It also allows him to basically pierce through all hardened substances, so long as the Piercing Soul is active.

"A signature soul ability of my family has been the Piercing Soul, an ability that allows me to pierce straight into someone's soul and pluck it from their body, bypassing physical harm to them, but leaving them dead nonetheless. This ability was only enhanced from the Drill Rapier that I was, allowing me now to drill straight through some of the toughest material. My family was a special sort of rapier able to pierce through thick armors, though I am able to pierce through 12 inches of steel... with a good, hefty sum of drilling."

Sting's Soul Bind, which is another ability of his, allows his wavelength to curl around that of others upon physical contact or when they come within range of his soul and makes them unable to use Soul Energy or use Soul Abilities.

"Now, I came here to this Village to collect souls, for it seemed to be my purpose... To become a Divine Being and pass on what I know to the weapons striving to be in that position. I felt it was too dangerous for someone like me to be wielded by a Maestro, so I just decided that I would work alone."

"It seems that I can change my body parts into either a Drill or a Rapier, so I am not confined to just being a full Drill Rapier..."

"I wonder if it will be useful to me in the future."

"No matter."

"I have to collect souls."

"I have to get stronger and..."

"I must continue my family's good name."
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PostSubject: Re: Piercing Fate   Piercing Fate EmptySat Jul 06, 2019 6:56 am

Sting 1: Testing Our Skills

Sting was just starting to get accustomed to the Village of the Reality after coming here from a faraway land. It was his first time out and about ever since he'd gotten there, since he had not ventured into the nearby terrain. He was so used to the sheltered life of his noble family, but he did not wish to ride their coattails in his efforts to become great and extend his family name. He wished to do that all on his own, by his own power, and hopefully be accepted by his entire family of Rapiers.

As he thought about the troubles between his lineage and the family, he failed to notice a set of twins nearby, who were minding their own business.

The first twin leaned against a tree, inhaling the forest-y smell of the place. It smelled so nice. 'Ready, Twin-chan? This is our first fight in like, forever~.'

The second twin, sitting in the shadows of the same tree, snorted. 'You don't have to use telepathy when we're so close. And it's not our first fight, dumb ass.'

The first twin looked sincerely hurt at the second's words. 'Twin-chan, your so mean. I was just saying that. Of course I know. I'm not dumb.'

The second twin's brow furrowed. 'Whatever. Just shut up until someone comes.'

Sting happened to be passing by, enjoying the scenery and the overall nature of this place, despite his cold and sharp demeanor toward most things. His arms were crossed across his chest and his eyes were closed, so he did not see the two until he decided to stop and examine the area. There, he saw them... He was within speaking distance, so it was only natural to say "Hello." That's all he seemed to say as he examined them both.

The first twin smiled rather largely, waving at Sting. "Hello! Who're you?" she asked, pushing away a strand of purple hair that drifted into her face.

The second twin glared at her sister angrily. The little ditz was so aggravating... But still, she couldn't hate her completely... Right? Her voice would betray her anger, so the second twin just used telepathy to speak to the stranger. 'Hey there, stranger.'

Sting bowed slightly towards the two out of respect, his sharp mind noticing that one of them had spoken to him through telepathy. The voice was different from the one who spoke, so he knew that it was the short haired girl that must have spoken through his mind. "I am Sting. I would care to know the names of you two lovely maidens." Sting stared at the second twin with his cold and piercing eyes, then nodded to her in recognition to her telepathy, since he could not use it himself -- though if she could indeed read his mind, she would know this anyway.

The first twin curtsied back, smiling largely. "My name's Laila Kitamura, Sting-kun! And this--"

'I can introduce myself' the second twin snapped in the first's head, causing her sister to go silent. Saluting to Sting from her sitting position, the second twin finally spoke. "And I'm her twin sister. Lola Kitamura. Nice to meet you, I guess..." she said, nodding as she skimmed over his thoughts.

"And!" the first said, sill smiling, "We were wondering, would you consider having a little brawl with us, Sting-kun?"

Sting fell silent for a moment, thinking over the situation... He was not experienced in fighting women, even for friendly spars, and even so, he was a weapon anyway. He had no clue what they did. Though, a battle is a battle... For his family's name, he could not pass up battles. "If you insist..." From Sting's hand protruded a long, glowing rapier blade that took shape, then stopped glowing in a flash of white "... Then I shall oblige." He humbly awaited the two to prepare themselves, his facial expression unchanging. Hopefully they would not be shocked that he was a weapon, himself.

"Great!" the first twin exclaimed. In a flash of purple light, she had become a spear. She floated in mid-air, waiting for her sister to grab her.

The second twin sighed and grabbed her sister from the air, tightening her grip around the spear. She ran at Sting, leaping into the air when she was few feet from him. She pointed the spear head downwards and started to fall towards Sting. A blow like this would leave heavy head damage if he didn't move...

The first twin started to charge her telepathic energy, and the spear glowed a faint purple, seemingly starting to hum...

Sting was first surprised to see one of them change into a weapon... Perhaps they were both weapons? Though, it isn't rare for one sibling to get weapon blood and the other not. No matter, it was time to do battle.

Sting quickly slapped the spear away from his head with his rapier hand as he darted behind the second twin upon her landing, swiftly turning back around to slash at her at a high speed with his rapier. He seemed to keep his other arm warily hovering around his chest, clenched tightly into a fist.

The twin whipped around quickly, holding the spear in a blocking position as Sting released his series of blows.

The humming from the blade grew louder as the twin attempted to block the jabs, and eventually the spear exhaled a giant wave of psychic energy, blasting back anything too close to the twins.

Inhaling sharply, the twin charged at Sting again, aiming the spear for a gut hit. Regardless if it hit or not, she would follow through by crouching down and shoving the spear straight up, aimed at his face. "Sword Break," she whispered. Almost instantly, sword blades shot out from everywhere in her skin, each sharp point shining in the sun. She was rather close to Stings legs, so wether or not he moved would result in whether or not his legs got slightly impaled...

Being forced back, Sting's other hand near his chest swiftly moved toward his stomach, changing into a drill and spinning to block the spear once again. As the twin crouched, Sting kept his eyes on her, spinning backwards a bit and saying "Heavy Spin..." His drill spun quite violently and loudly, instantly whipping up a powerful tornado of sheer soul energy and wind to push both twins away to leave him unscathed. His drill abruptly stopped spinning once they were a good ways away and Sting stood there, ready for the next attack. His drill began to spin once again, however quite slowly.

The second twin grinned, the swords retracting into her body. 'He's a weapon too, I'd presume'.

'Well, that explains the hand,' the first replied.

'Yeah,' the second said as she stood were she was, pondering for a moment. Then she let go of her sister, the spear hovering for a second. Then it flew on it's own towards Sting as the second twin remained were she was.

The spear floated closer, quicker now. She jabbed herself quickly at Sting multiple times.

The second twin started to glow purple, humming lowly like her sister had been. The aura-like glow seemed to spread out slowly as the humming became louder...

Sting, being quite swift with his rapier, parried each slash from the spear with his own weapon, then cried, "Spiral Funnel." His drill once again began to spin violently, only this time glowing with soul energy that shot out in the form of slicing blades from every direction, trying to cut the spear twin and her soul directly, hopefully to have her back off. It would be difficult fighting two people at once, though... A nice experience nonetheless.

As for the second twin... Sting's rapier hand began to glow, "Piercing Fate." He stabbed his rapier through the air and from it extended a long, thin beam of his soul energy that would try to stab at the twin and throw her off with whatever she was doing until he got close.

"Shield..." as the second twin uttered the single word, the purple aura exploded into action. A dome-like barrier appeared around the spear, quickly adjusting to the size of it, blocking the hits coming from outside with the psychic power that surged through the aura. Raising a hand, the twin spoke again. "Bend." The aura went to work again, swarming the Soul Energy beam, shielding it from going any other way than the exact direction it came from.

The first twin exhaled sharply. 'Thanks, Twin'. She began twirling herself around in quick circles -- windmill-like -- and her Soul Energy started to creep out of the shield, the deeper purple spinning around with her like a sharp, deadly windmill...

Moving quickly, she aimed herself at Sting, headed towards his shoulder.

Sting saw the spear coming at him, and quickly he shoved his drill at her, using a special ability of his, "Soul Bind," and retracting his rapier. A coil of his soul wavelength wrapped around the spear and squeezed her soul energy useless, unable to be accessed.

After binding her, Sting quickly left her, running toward the secondary twin. Once close, his sword began to glow once again, and he began jabbing at her at a blinding speed quite repeatedly; "Rapier Machinegun." Being stabbed with this would not only allow him to pierce through her shield if she had one up due to the fact that the rapier blade was charged with his Piercing Soul, but it would also drain soul energy from her and into Sting.

The first twil wailed like a child in the other's mind. 'Twin-chan! Help!'

The second twin furrowed her brow, concentrating. 'Sorry. Nothing I can do at the moment, I'm afraid'. With that, she took down the shield immediately, the purple aura staring to retract towards her. She held out her hand and it morphed into her weapon form. It only was from the blade-up though, so it didn't show the hilt or the chain. It did look like a crab claw, however, with the small blade jutting out just below the sword.

And that's exactly how it would be used.

As Sting began jabbing, she dropped to the ground on her stomach, and stuck the claw up, clasping around his weapon. "Soul Rupture..." the twin murmured, a stream of her Soul Energy flowing into Sting like a deadly poison. If it succeeded in getting in, It would force all of his Soul Energy out of his body at once... leaving him devoid of it for however long.

Unfortunately for Sting, his rapier was caught... But unfortunately for the twin, she would not be able to move, either, since she had him locked. His rapier curled around her claw, forming the Drill Rapier and ensnaring her weapon completely.

As for the drill which was his other hand, well... He didn't need soul energy to attack with melee attacks. Sting's drill spun violently once more, a large wind being whipped up from it, and he swiftly shoved it in the general direction of the girl repeatedly, using the Soul Bind to have his wavelength curl around her soul, just as it did to her sister, and seal away her soul energy for however long. Now it seemed as though all three of them could not use any soul energy. Great.

As the drill came at the twin, a chain emerged from her shoulder, and the end part of the chain -- which could be used to connect blade to shoulder or like a scorpions tail -- snapped out, deflecting the jabs from the drill. The twin smirked. They were all Soul Energy-less now... Only to fight with weapons.

But they still has something Sting did not have.

Psychic powers were not part of their Soul Energy, and therefore they still had access to them. She closed her eyes, focusing through the tail part of the blade to defend any further attacks with Sting's drill.

"Spear". The call came from across the field, were the first twin stood, her spear form relinquished. The purple psychic energy began to charge around her, and she nodded to her sister.

The second twin smiled, understanding. "Sword," she muttered, the same energy charging around her.

Eventually, there was a total of twenty purple psychic spears hovering around the first twin, while 20 swords dangled above Sting and the second twin. The two sisters spoke in unison, starting their attack.

"Target heat signature locked. Target confirmed. Attack... Commence".

The spears around the first twin began to spin in circles like deadly windmills, quickly zooming towards Sting. The swords started dropping randomly, bouncing off of a teleketic barrier when they neared too close to the second twin.

Sting was in a predicament once again... Although, he did have something up his sleeve, still. Soul Energy was different from an actual Soul Wavelength, which conducts the Soul Energy in a sense.

If the barrier was up around the second twin, his Piercing Soul would easily stab through it, since he was already wrapped around her arm, anyway, but to commence with his next attack, he would need to be closer... So he pulled her close, changing his drill to a drill rapier and having the blade coil around the girl's waist whilst also changing the soles of his feet into a drill. He stared deeply into her eyes for a second or two, a chilling and seemingly emotionless gaze piercing straight through her, quickly saying "Beautiful," spinning at the maximum speed of a drill on his foot to use her as a shield from the psychic attacks. Most likely she could counter such a telekinetic force, or she would be hit by it, and if not that, the speed in which they were spinning would surely have the sheer force of the wind generated to push these psychic spears away, hopefully.

Hopefully the twin was still conscious, because from the G-force of such an incredibly fast and abrupt rotation in that amount of time should cause her to black out, if not worse...

Regardless, Sting retracted his weapons and let the second twin spiral off at her sister, calmly stopping, but standing warily and on his guard, unaffected by the incredible speeds in which he just spun.

Narrowing her eyes, the second twin halted each of the blows, stopping the psychic weapons in mid-air. She breathed in sharply as Sting's gaze sent a shiver down her spine. Her eyes widened as she was spun around at such speeds, concentrating hard not to lose her consciousness.

The first twin squeezed her eyes together, using her telepathic connection with the second to put a barrier around her mind, concentrating to keep her conscious.

Managing to stay awake thanks to her sister, but couldn't control her spinning-out-of-control-ness towards her sister, the second twin's mind was still shaken from the spinning...

The first twin outstretched her arms, two purple psychic-arms outstretching towards the second, grabbing her by the shoulders and holding her firm until her head stopped spinning. The first twin held out her hand, the psychic-arms disappearing, and nodded to her sister.

The second twin nodded back and changed into her weapon form. She floated over to her sister's hand. The scorpion-tail part of the blade flicked around furiously, the chain on it stretching and growing while the claw-like blade clicked together a few times.

The first sister thrust the second forward, the scorpion-tail blade outstretching towards Sting, glowing with a faint psychic aura. Inside the blade, the second twin began to chant...

Sting spun elegantly one time, ducking down to avoid the blade, but sticking his Drill Rapier hand into the chain and spinning it, entwining the chain with the drill. He then tried to forcefully yank the chain out of the first sister's grip, but even if that didn't work, he would still begin using his Rapier Machinegun and stab at her at an incredible speed, having his Drill Rapier charged with his Piercing Soul -- which was an ability, not soul energy. He was focusing his Piercing Soul wavelength into his Drill Rapier just in case either of them had a shield that he would need to break through. He did not stop his insanely fast onslaught of stabs, however.

The three of them battled on until the wee hours of the night, each of them becoming more and more satisfied with the skills of the next. They all grew together and ended up finding out through battle that they could be friends. So, Sting made his first few friends with those twins that day and came out victorious in battle, chalking it up to his prestigious heritage as a rapier. He was more than pleased with himself, yet his facial expression did not express it beyond a very soft, slight smile. A smile he kept on his face all the way home.
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PostSubject: Re: Piercing Fate   Piercing Fate EmptySat Jul 06, 2019 6:56 am

Sting 2: Shinigami's Educational Program

Shinigami, one of the most powerful beings, was busy giving a speech. He'd summoned all of the Soul Weapons and Maestros to the schoolhouse that he was about to open and was going on about what it was supposed to do and what he intended to do, as well.

Sting, the Soul Weapon, walked in nonchalantly, his rapier extended from his palm for some reason. It retracted quite sleekly and he placed his hands in his pockets, staring at Shinigami and saying nothing to anyone.

A notorious kid ran onto the scene behind him. He was always late... But he had his Soul Weapon with him.

Likewise, a strange young lady with mystical light power flashed into the area. She looked around at all the people.

The Enigma preformed one of his flashy entrances, forming from a portal that was instantly created from the ground. He was seen holding a very particular staff that the glass orb on the top was glowing various colors.

Khrona's brother as well as his Soul Partners -- who were also his attendants -- flash into the area, both the attendants clinging to Khrona's brother's legs. "Sorry we're late..."

Eventually, more and more people showed up, and a large crowd gathered around Shinigami. After that, Shinigami looked around, figuring that everyone was here. Any who weren't would hopefully be informed. "Ahem... I Am Very Grateful That You All Have Come Here..." Shinigami began, sounding both formal and authoritative, "And To Start Off This Important Meeting, Let Me Just Say... WHAT'S UP WITH YOU~!?!?" Shinigami gave the V-sign with his 2 fingers that were part of his amorphous robe, then began to float around playfully.

"You All Who Are Or Wield Soul Weapons Must Be Educated On How To Collect Souls Properly, As Well As How To Utilize Your Own And Ultimately Keep The Balance Of The Flow Of Souls In Order." Shinigami said a mouthful, but he continued after a short pause, "The School Is Specifically Made To Train, Teach And Hone Your Soul Weapon, Soul Energy, Soul Abilities, And Much, Much More! This Will Assist You All Greatly In The Road To Becoming Divine Beings!" Those who did not know about the aspect of becoming a Divine Being, Shinigami would explain to them thoroughly in a classroom setting.

"I Entrusted The Power Of These Soul Weapons To Khrona And His Brother, However Because They Are The Leaders Of This Village, They Couldn't Effectively Teach Everyone About The Special Abilities Or All Of The Great Perks Of These Weapons, Or Even Any Soul Abilities." Shinigami shook his head, shrugging his shoulders as he sighed, before perking up again and continuing. "And So, I Decided To Help Out By Having The School Open Up! Besides That, I Know More About Them Than Those Two Put Together, Right Khrona-chan~?"

He waved at them.


Shinigami then calmed down a bit.

He sighed. "Well. Now That The Introduction Is Out Of The Way... It Is Of Dire Importance That You Come To School And Hone Your Abilities... Mostly Because Very Few Of You Will Stand A Chance Against The Threats To Come That Can Only Be Defeated With The Soul..." Shinigami paused again, looking down toward the crowd a bit sullen. "A Falshin Is Upon Us. A Demon God. He May Be The Most Threatening Thing To You At The Moment. If We Allow The Falshin To Roam Free, His Evil Will Spread Throughout The Land And Corrupt All Of Your Souls, Making You All Wicked As Well. You Will Become Soul Hungry Fiends With No Control Over Yourselves, And Ultimately, You Will Possibly Become Evil Falshin As well..."

Shinigami stopped, hoping that everyone understood what he was saying. This school was more important than just their education about themselves -- it was about how to keep the balance and order of souls stable between the worlds.

"I Would Stop This Threat Myself, However After Building The School And Dealing With... Private Affairs... My Soul Has Become Weak, And I Need A Lot Of Time To Recover." Shinigami sighed. "Anyway. We Must Stop The Falshin Before This Insanity Spreads And You All Become Corrupted In Your Souls. You All Must Attend This School, Or At Least Make Frequent Visits To Hone Your Skills, For This Is What Having A Soul And Soul Weapon Is About. As Long As You Do Not Fall To The Evils Of The Falshin... Because If You Become An Evil Soul..." Shinigami's voice became deep and demonic "... Then I Will Deal With You MYSELF."

He suddenly smiled and became friendly.


The notorious kid and his Soul Partner waited for that one dumb person to ask.

The Enigma's eyebrow rose when the Shinigami was happy. It sickened him, yet the mention of a Falshin sparked the Enigma's ego that this was a dangerous task indeed. "None from me..."

One of the attendants of Khrona's brother looked to Shinigami, smiling, and gave a childish giggle as see motioned her finger up and down to his movement. The other puffed her cheeks, clinging to Khrona's brother's leg looking very agitated.

Attendant: "Why is this old fart barking out orders when he can't do anything himself!?"

Khrona's Brother: "Hey!! Mind your manners... This is Shinigami and you will show him respect."

Attendant: Fine... Hmph!!

The attendant puffed her cheeks some more and crossed her arms.

"I'm good with this," said the elite Chaos ninja. His Soul Partner and Spirit Partner came out into there spirt forms looking around at the people around him.

Shinigami looked around. "Huuuuh... No Questions? Well, I Hope All Of You Will Be Attending This School Soon!" After that matter was settled, Shinigami did have one more issue to address, "With The Exceptions Of Khrona, His Brother, The Leader Of The Deep Village, Tear, And Sting, You All Should Find Out What Your Souls Are Attributed To, Whether It Be A Feeling -- Like Khrona -- Or An Object -- Like Tear. The Teachers Of This School Will Be Myself... And Of Course, The Divine Beings And Their Maestros. Khrona, His Brother, His Brother's Attendants, Misery, Despair, And Tear, Have Fun Teaching You All!" Shinigami waved at them and chuckled heartily, having assigned them right on the spot. "Alright! Let's Start This Off With A Passion!"

Shinigami melted into himself upon the ground, which led straight to his office. Immediately afterward, the gates opened, revealing the entrance to this magnificent school.

The Chaos elite was the first to speak up, saying, "Well, you haven't gotten any training lately, so you wanna go?" His Soul and Spirit Weapons nodded as they walked towards the entrance of the school.

The Enigma walked forward towards the school, using his staff as a cane for some reason. What injured the Enigma was a mystery also.

Khrona sighed "... I get the feeling that I'm gonna be the one to look at all of these souls..." Khrona shook his head, beginning to walk into the school, Misery and Despair right behind him.

Misery: "I can't wait to whip this load of bastards into shape..."

Despair: "Oh, what melancholy bliss that will be spread throughout the gloomy academy hallways~!"

One final straggler would appear quite late to this whole event; she had been busy watching people and things through the Water Mirror in her leader's Castle. She watched a bit of this meeting from there but then decided it best to be there in person, she departed from the castle and soon after arrived. "Geez I hope I didn't miss much..." She began looking around, hoping to find a way to gather up any information that she had missed... She would have to tell her leader -- the second leader of the Deep -- about this little gathering later.

Suddenly, an intense blast of random information from earlier in the meeting shot the girl SQUARE in the brain. It was Khrona sending out a psychic blast since he had known that she had come. He was sharing the info of what happened earlier, everything that Shinigami said, also with an added note 'Next time you're late, there will be repercussions.'

The lass was hit with this flood of information suddenly, and it left her a bit confused and stupid... It also left a weird tingly feeling...? "So that's what happened...I wonder what those repercussions would be..." She thought on it briefly and decided it best to not discover what these repercussions would be. "... On second thought... Nevermind..."

Sting had no time for such silly antics and childish gimmicks. He was ready to uphold the name of this school, this village and this nation in the same fashion he'd done his own family name. He swiftly made his way into the quarters of the new school to inspect them so that he may see if they were in tip-top shape for both himself and the others. It was something that he did naturally, even if it seemed rather tenacious. Sting really did strive for excellence, despite what his cool and relaxed demeanor might say otherwise. Therefore, Sting took his time inspecting the palace of a school and heeded the instruction of his superiors as he did so.

That was the sum of his day.
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PostSubject: Re: Piercing Fate   Piercing Fate EmptySat Jul 06, 2019 6:57 am

Sting 3: Seems I've Become Bored Again; Come Entertain Me!

A roaming ronin lay in a grassy field as his angelic familiar floats around the field in circles.

"Hey, rest a while, won't you?"

Angelic Familiar:" I can't! It may seem weird, but this is rather fun!"

The ronin flicked his hand as though to say 'I don't care'.

Sting walks into the area coolly and collectively, barely opening his chilly, piercing eyes to stare at the one closest to him; the ronin. Sting, being the quiet and straight to the point type said to him, "Hello. You want a battle, right?" His hands stayed in his pockets.

The ronin would stand up and begin to dust himself off. As he is doing so, the angelic familiar would fly into Sting's stomach by accident, then land on the ground. The ronin quickly ran over to him, picked him up, and put him on his head.

"Are you okay...?" He looks at Sting, "Wow, I'm so sorry... Oh by the way, I'm a ronin, and yes I'm looking for a fight." His enchanted blade appeared in his hands.

Sting's eyes stared at the angelic familiar, letting out a small "... Hm." His piercing gaze then looked back at the ronin. "If it is a battle you want, let us get straight..." a long rapier blade jutted out of his palm, gleaming brightly and shining at the tip, "... To the point." Sting would then wait for the ronin's move, eyes unblinking and chilling to even look at.
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PostSubject: Re: Piercing Fate   Piercing Fate EmptySat Jul 06, 2019 6:57 am

Sting 4: A Duel

An alchemist sat atop a large stone pillar in a grass plain filled with small hills. All over the area, stone pillars like the one the alchemist sat on where tipped over and destroyed. They might have been the remnants of some ruins from long ago.

Sting briskly walked into the area, hands in his pockets, giving a sharp and chilling stare at the alchemist, piercing, as if peering into his own soul. He stopped, watching the alchemist and saying nothing but "Hello."

The alchemist looked down at the man that appeared and although the man's eyes where a bit scary to him, the alchemist waved to him with a smile. "Hello there..."

Sting continued to give his chilly stare, unblinking. "What are you doing here?" Sting wasn't big on small talk, nor talking much. He enjoyed getting straight to the point.

"Well I was just sitting here hopping someone might pass by and maybe give them a fight." The alchemist tried to give back the look that the man was giving him but it only made his face look funny. "Would you like to spar with me?"

Before the alchemist could finish his sentence, Sting's rapier blade was already jutting out of his palm and pointed at the alchemist. His cold stare was lessened by a colder smile that quickly turned back into a frown as he said, "Gladly. Your move, sir."
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PostSubject: Re: Piercing Fate   Piercing Fate EmptySat Jul 06, 2019 6:57 am

Sting 5: Evaluating Waves

Sting was becoming notorious around the Reality Village recently -- as per expectation. He encountered many foes and bested them all, befriending some and leaving others to their losses. He definitely knew that he was carving his name into the heart of this village and would soon be seen for the nobleman that he was and bring glory to his family name in this region, as well.

Though pleased with himself in his current condition, he did recall that there was something important for him to learn in the school that the Shinigami recently opened. Sting did not hesitate to make his way back there, but was definitely ready to take on anyone who should so pass him by in the midst of ding so. He certainly loved a good challenge.

By the time he made it into the school, it seemed like there was a class that was already starting, and Sting was just in time for it. He did not wish to be tardy, for that might tarnish his record and besmirch his family's name. He could not have that, as a nobleman, even if he was by himself in this village and establishing honor all on his own. He attended the class seemingly run by Shinigami, himself, and sat upright at attention, awaiting the lecture. It seemed like it was a 'Battle' class, which Sting knew he would excel in. So, he watched the battles commence in what seemed to be a reinforced gymnasium, waiting to be called out. Otherwise, he continued to watch.

Shinigami reappeared in one of the Battle Rooms, a wide open space that looks heavily reinforced. He drops a person from out of his cloak, saying, "Now, New Student... You Will Have To Fight One Of My Students. Just Wait, I'm Sure One Of Them Will Show Up... Eventually...!!"

The new student got up from the ground and brushed himself off. "Those men in black did tell me to expect the unexpected when I meet you. I guess they where right." The new student sighed and waited with Shinigami for a student to show.

Sting idly walked through the door, leaning against the doorway's entrance with a foot up on the door as well, his signature chilly and piercing gaze greeting the eyes of Shinigami and the new student. "... I assume a battle is about to begin here. May I be the next challenger?"

Shinigami turned "Oh! Sting! Another Weapon! Well, New Student, You Will Be Fighting With Sting. The Battle Is Simple; Both Of You Will Fight Until The Other Cannot Or Until I Say Stop. Ready? Start Whenever You Are Ready!"

"Ahh... A fight? With him?" The new student gave out a sigh as anchor fronts protruded from the top of his wrists. "I hate that we had to meet like this but it's nice to meet you Sting."

Sting nodded. "Likewise." He dashed at the new student abruptly, a blade popping out of his palms. Once he was close enough, he jumped over the new student, stabbing at him rapidly from above with both hands moving at incredible speeds before landing behind him.

The new student brought both of his anchor arms up to completely shield himself from the stabbing above following their moving path. He released his guard once the stabbing stopped and turned to Sting that landed behind him to slam into him with extreme force and release a blast of energy at a point blank range, blowing Sting away. The blast of energy took the form of a shark and followed Sting's path after being blown away, threatening to bite him with its razor sharp teeth that would rip his flesh.

Sting implanted a rapier into the ground after being hit, the flimsiness allowing him to be flung back at the newbie with twice the speed and force. His other hand became a drill then, swirling extremely fast, the vacuum and power from it destroying the shark completely -- then he continued for the new student. "Destructive Drill." The space around the drill began to warp and twist in a spiral, just as the drill was. If it touched the student, he would be twisted like the drill was before quickly snapping back and being forced a long ways away with a great and powerful force.

The newbie swung his hands into the air and from underneath him soul energy shot up from out of the ground launching him into the air and leaving a blast of soul energy for Sting to run into, and at his speed it'll be hard for him to stop.

The soul energy would become distorted and shattered once coming within range of Sting. Sting then stopped, staring at Wave in the air.

"Heavy Spin."

He raised his drill and it began to spin, instantly creating a tornado from it that would suck in everything, including the new student. Sting then readied his Rapier, because once the newbie came in close, he would use his Rapier Machinegun lined with soul energy, meaning that every time he would touch the student, his soul energy would be ruptured and depleted along with his wavelength.

The student cocked back his arm, it twists around and a coating of soul energy formed around his body.

"Take this!!"

The newbie punched his spinning hand at the tornado and released the soul energy around it making a soul energy tornado of his own spinning in the opposite rotation of Sting's. The two tornadoes clashed and canceled each other out.

The new student would then cock back both of his arms and restored the missing soul energy coating to his other arm before twisting them like before. The newbie would then punch his fists forward in Sting's direction repeatedly in a blurry rapid barrage that would create the illusion of he having multiple arms. The souls energy around the student's arms would be released, again creating tornadoes of soul energy formed out of his fists. So in addition to the punches it would look as if a horde of tornadoes where coming at Sting's direction.

Sting had something for this.

To prevent being hit by the multiple punches, he would simply use his Rapier Machinegun to continuously counter with a rapier blade moving at the same speed, if not faster, and then to finish them he would use his "Rotary Winder..."

This would be useful for this situation because of the fact that if the newbie's arms were flimsy enough to extend that far out, then they must be flimsy enough to be curled into the drill at their base, meaning that once they got close, both arms would instantly wrap around the drill and be stuck like gunk. The tornadoes should then have no effect, and if they did, a drill would shoot out of Sting's back and front and counter them with spinning, both in opposite directions.

Now, since the newbie's arms were wrapped in the drill, Sting had full ability to use the "Soul Bind!" technique. A binding curl would wrap around the new guy's soul, hindering him from using Soul Wavelength and Soul Energy. Now since that was over... Sting cocked back, most likely pulling Wave with him and unraveled his arms, so they would shoot back and smack him in the face.

Shinigami sighed, putting up his hands, "Alright, Alright... Settle Down You Two..."

But they didn't seem to be listening.

Shinigami got a little angry now, "... Hey... Hey..."

They weren't listening.

Steam shot from Shinigami's eyes and nose "OSHIOKIYO!!!!!" He SHMACKED THE SHIT out of the both of them, sending them both flying into walls with blood spewing out of their heads in a comical fashion "... New Student! You Have Passed! GOOD JOB!" Shinigami gave the thumbs up before folding in on himself, signaling that this was over.
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Sting 6: Meo Makes Her Way...

Sting was recovering from his interaction with Shinigami. The punishment that he received simply for being as excellent as he could and showing up the new student was still hurting him in more than his body... It hurt Sting in his soul. The nobility of himself and his family had not been tarnished even once since he'd gotten to the Reality Village, yet somehow this new student messes that up in the eyes of one of the most powerful and prestigious beings that walked the earth. Though Sting did not show it, it definitely burned him up inside and he was very displeased with himself and the one who brought this fate upon him. The new student.

Yet, as Sting was ruminating about his personal matters, a soul -- the soul of one named Meo -- would be sent to the gates of the school from far beyond the outskirts. The soul was sent to where Maruze, the caster of the soul, thought that it would be easiest to find a sword user to bestow the knowledge of his Sword Magic onto. Meo, the carrier of this Sword Magic would have to find someone... Quickly. "Alright... The school, the place where weapons and humans fight as one... Just gotta find a sword. Alright, Meo! Let's look!" She floated around the gates, knowing that the inside was too big to search. Someone should come... Someone...

Sting just happened to be walking along, about to go into the school to find someone to train with. "It's... Been a while. I have been away, but now I am back to hone my skills..." Before he walked in, he felt the presence of someone, or something... But he saw no one. He looked all around, rather annoyed, before finally saying, "Who's there...?"

Meo would make herself apparent before Sting, then clear her throat. "... Um... Hi there. I'm Meo. You don't know me or my father, but I need to bestow some of his power on a Sword User because I want his power to live on even after he does not. Are you a sword user who I can bestow this Sword Magic to?"

Sting quirked a brow "... You're a soul, I can tell... I wonder if I can eat you..." He then paid attention to what she was saying. "Sword Magic? Sounds... Useful. I'm a Rapier. That's a type of sword. I want it. Give me the Sword Magic, if you please... I'll figure it out for myself."

Meo was a bit weirded out that Sting was so quick to say yes, but it didn't matter.

Meo: "Yes, a Rapier will do nicely... Now, hold still while I embed this Sword Magic into your soul... Naturally, it will be different from my father's but the way you use it will be the same. And NO, you CAN'T EAT ME."

Her hands began to glow, the tiny essence of the Sword Magic floating in her hands. She placed it on Sting's chest, letting the Sword Magic flow directly into his soul, allowing it to sit and embed itself, making it a part of him now rather than just a bestowed ability. "... There. It should be done. My work here is done, so I'll be one my way now. But, as my last wish while in this world... I want you to stay pure and do the Sword Magic justice. Don't let evil take you over and fight with a valiant honor for what is right. Alright? You probably will never see me again, for I have already moved on to the other realm, but... Please. Do that for me..."

She began to fade away.

Meo: "I am Meo... Daughter of Maruze, the Dividing Enigma. Never forget that... Please..."

She disappeared into the wind, moving on to the spiritual realm.

Sting closed his eyes "Fine. I promise you, Meo. I am Sting, and I vow that I will do the Sword Magic justice and fight with honor..." As she faded away he walked into the school. "... Now... To figure out how to fight for justice..."
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Sting 7: Lonesome...

Sting, a surly young man bearing nobleman's clothes and a frigid disposition, would be wandering around the Pale Forest all alone, yet somehow accompanied by the spirit within him, Meo. He felt her spirit within him; her very soul was sharing his body. He didn't really know if she was actually there, since she did state right before she disappeared that they would probably never meet again, but Sting... he just wanted to be certain what he felt inside was real. His starlight eyes gazed down forlornly at the petrified ground of the Pale Forest as Sting, himself, mulled over his various thoughts and feelings about having such great power entrusted to him. He already bore the weight of his family name as noblemen upon his shoulders, and now the lost spirit of a renowned honorable samurai's daughter wished for him to take the responsibility of her father's techniques and safeguard them?

It was all so much for the young one.

Slumping upon one of the pale, dead trees, Sting looked to his shoes and touched his chest, feeling for Meo with his own soul in order to communicate with her. "I wish I could master all of your father's sword magics..." he would say to her.

"It is alright," Meo, the friendly soul of the daughter responded, "You will need to be of a high level to master such things, anyway..." As he was, Sting was just now learning about the Sword Magic. There was no way he would be able to master all of them, or even one of them, in such a short time. However, to Meo, it was cute to hear him want to. "Just... Don't worry about it," she would say with a comforting tone, seeking to soothe the oscillating soul with her own.

Sting sighed, sitting down on the ground and pondering how he could get stronger... And fast.

Suddenly, from the depths of the forest, there was a light laugh.


It seemed to echo throughout the forest, yet had no clear depiction of where it originated.

"If that's all you seek, then I can surely be of some assistance to you, dear boy..."

Out of the dense fog of the forest came a medium-sized figure wearing an eccentric sort of attire; he bore a violet vest embroidered with many dangling tassels and white, puffy sleeves that extended nearly completely over his hands and a white garment that drooped down to nearly his ankles from behind suspended around his waist by four straps acting as a codpiece. Upon his legs he wore black thigh-high armored boots with a golden buckle upon them, thoroughly covering what would be exposed skin from the thighs down. He flipped his long, elegant, beautiful, shimmering silver hair from over his shoulder and revealed his glistening blue eyes to the young one to whom he appeared -- This man was Kuja.

Kuja's eyes shone their light-blue hue, sparkling deviously from the distance as he made his way closer. "It doesn't seem like such magics are difficult at all, you see... And if you want some help, I will comply."

Sting was a bit startled by this man, for his appearance was both beautiful and intimidating at the same time, leaving Sting feeling rather inadequate in his presence... but overall, continued listening to the words coming from his mouth. "You... Heard what I said?" Sting said with a tinge of regret in his voice for speaking aloud at all, "... And you say you can help?"

"You would have to be a powerful magic user to do that, you know..." Meo would chime in, already suspicious of this strange man who just so happened to appear out of thin air at such a convenient time. In her soul, she knew it was a bad idea to trust him, but she could tell that Sting wanted to because of the power that this man exuded.

Meo only hoped that she could keep Sting from making any poor choices because of her father's burden on him...

Kuja chuckled heartily to himself, amazed at the stupidity of this boy.

"Why, of COURSE I can help! Why would I say it if I did not mean it, boy?" Kuja continued to laugh to himself for a short time before he composed himself thoroughly and flipped his hair, adjusting himself and his face so that he appeared as serious and stern as he actually was when speaking. "And obviously, I am quite the powerful mage. My magic surely exceeds all who may be on this planet at the current time. Hmhmhmhm..."

Kuja flipped his hair again, this time running his fingers through the strands whilst smiling devilishly at Sting with narrowed eyes. "All you have to do to achieve such an awesome magic is..." Kuja paused, for dramatic effect, pouching his lips cutely, "To sign this contract." A contract would manifest itself in Kuja's hands, then unfurl before of Sting. "Sign your name there, and the magic is yours..." Kuja would say slyly with a pleasant smile upon his face.

Sting, who was merely trying to achieve such a power extremely quickly, did not read the contract at all and signed it haphazardly. He thirsted for the power that this man could give to him... The power that he could use to keep his family name great all by himself throughout the land. With this type of power, elegance and grace that this man exuded, he would be able to truly flaunt the noble name of his family with just his presence, as his predecessors did. Then, he would be seen highly -- as he was supposed to -- by all of his peers and superiors, and they would understand him finally.

Once Sting had written his full name down on the paper, however, he felt something odd coming over him... Sting was forced into changing into his weapon form -- the Drill Rapier -- most definitely against his own will. He also could not change back, either, no matter how hard he tried. He knew immediately that it was all because of the contract... and he felt foolish for signing it, especially without reading it at all. It was so unlike him. In fact, he hadn't been feeling like himself for quite some time. Perhaps it was all of the thoughts about his family name getting to him more than before.

Not that it mattered now.

Meo's soul would also be forcefully ejected from Sting's body, flowing into the air and near Kuja, as it seems the contract also referred to she, as well.

"Bwah?!" Meo cried, beginning to disappear, "Oh no! Sting! What is going on? At this rate, I will surely disappear! Help me!"

Yet, her words were for naught, for Kuja was directing the show, now.

Kuja laughed out maniacally, grasping the soul in front of him and locking it in a sort of containment barrier, warping it 'elsewhere,' as he picked up the drill rapier in front of him.

"Hahahahahaha... Perhaps you should have read the fine print, hm? Ah, oh well. It is surely the fate of a fool."

Now, not only did Sting NOT have all of the Sword Magics he so fondly doted over... But also, he'd become Kuja's own personal weapon. And as an added bonus, Meo, the daughter of an esteemed high-ranking official of the Reality Village, was his captive soul meant to guide him around the land, since the contract kept Sting from speaking, and held Meo as a prisoner until broken out.

"What a wonderful day it is today..." Kuja noted, walking blissfully through the dead woods of the petrified forest, "And now, the opening act has started..." He laughed to himself again, this time more composed and filled with lightheartedness. "Onward! For once the opening act is finished... My play can truly commence." Kuja would say, walking off into the unknown of whence he came.
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