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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas
Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

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PostSubject: Grimnyzmal The Abyzmal   Grimnyzmal The Abyzmal EmptySun Jul 07, 2019 12:24 pm

Grimnyzmal; The royal Archcount of the Devourist kind. There are very few of his kind, as they are born from the essence of a black hole, and their internals are that of a miniature black hole. As such, Grimnyzmal eats anything and everything, basically just devouring matter. Grimnyzmal is a being that was created to devour things, just as his creator, a black hole, is meant to do. He has eaten his share of planets, matter and beings, however he is never satisfied... Until he found the quaint planet that he rested on.

Originally, he thought he would just devour the planet as he had done so many others, but... a thought crossed his mind, impulsing him to stay and research who lived on this planet and what organisms inhabited this planet also. He must feed on the inhabitants of planets to grow ever stronger, and then eat the planet itself. He has eaten countless planets and many galaxies. He's evil, cruel and merciless, but that doesn't mean he's not respectful, generous and royally honorable. It is believed that when a Devourist dies, since it happens so uncommonly, they create an immense black hole with their stored up black hole energy which is rumored to have secret planets of the Devourists on the inside... that is, if there is a way to get in without dying.

Grimnyzmal wears nice, formal attire; a black suit with dark purple, thin stripes, a crimson tinted black shirt under it. He wears a necktie that is in the shape of a mouth (and actually is a mouth), and he wears snazzy pants. On the kneecaps of these pants are mouths that open and close at will. He has 2 large spikes on the waist of his pants. He wears dress shoes with mouths on them, too. He has sleek hair that goes downward and is tinted black, then white. He has 3 large spikes of hair that jut randomly from the side of his head like cowlicks all the time on his right side. Grimnyzmal also wears special gloves with a mouth with two mouths intersecting to create one mouth. He absorbs things with his gloved hands.

He has a demonic scarf made from a highly dense energy from his world. His scarf is called the World Eater. The World Eater has mouths on each end of it, and the tips of the scarf ends are fashioned into points so that they become claws. His scarf is immune to fire and virtually unable to catch on fire. He may also spontaneously create more scarf ends at his will with mouths on the ends of those, too. His scarf covers his mouth and part of his nose most of the time.

Grimnyzmal bears an eternally open third eye which naturally shoots out powerful energy beams that explode on contact. The other special abilities of this third eye are being able to see the invisible, able to see through deceiving tactics/illusions or weather (shadow clones, mist, etc) and being able to breakdown speedy people so that when they move so fast that they disappear, his third eye can see every move they make, almost like clairvoyance. Also, his third eye allows him to see great distances that he is not at, like he'd be able to see a fly buzzing in a place 10 miles away clearly as if it were in front of him.

He's not a speedy one himself, but what he lacks in speed, he makes up for in strategy and defense. He may defy gravity of all kinds allowing him to fly, walk up the side of buildings, and stand on nothing in midair. Grim is also unaffected by black holes and their matter destroying abilities, seeing as he was made from one. As a side note, Grim can travel through special black holes that he creates like portals.

If Grim were to die from a physical attack that opens flesh (Like cutting or fire or somethin like that.), then all of the matter the black hole inside of him has eaten would explode, creating a giant sized black hole that would suck in things until it is stopped, or until it dies out.

Grim has Alticord, his floating piano of discord. Alticord is a floating piano that may manifest itself in any space Grim pleases. He plays songs of discord that are horribly elegant and beautiful, that shows his talent. Whoever is to hear this music till the end becomes mad with insanity and can only be controlled by Grim and only do as he tells them. He usually uses Alticord's power as a backup if he cannot eat their souls and control them, however, he does enjoy the melodies he plays on Alticord ever so much, and will sometimes play for fun.

Grim wields an extendable cane called Lordemeire and a top hat with a mouth on it. Now, Lordemeire is a normal cane that can extend itself out to a distance of about 33 feet. Usually it's used for pole jumping and quick slashes, since it's pointed at the end. At the top there is an orb in the shape of a mouth. The mouth shoots out energy beams just as Grim's third eye does. And as for the tophat.. It's another mouth added to him for devouring, and serves as a pocket dimension within the mouth hole.
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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas
Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

Posts : 517
Pisces Male Points : 776
Reputation : 1
Join date : 2014-11-02
Age : 28
Location : Living Shadow
Job/hobbies : Living Shadow

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PostSubject: Re: Grimnyzmal The Abyzmal   Grimnyzmal The Abyzmal EmptyFri Aug 02, 2019 8:02 am

Craving 1: I'm hungry...

Grim wandered about in a snowy, open plain. His stomach gave a mighty roar, signifying that he was damn well hungry. World Eater began to randomly devour snow and ground, gnashing its teeth. Grim had less sanity in his eyes, now. He twirled Lordemeire profusely, drooling a bit as he thought. He was gonna eat everything he could.

A random dimension traveler warped in behind grim by about thirty feet, saying, "You don't seem well. can I help you?"

Grim turned to the dimension traveler, World Eater covering his drool infested mouth. "Ohhh... Why yesss.. I am hungry..." Grim closed his eyes and shanked Lordemeire into the ground. World Eater smiled at... itself. One mouth smiled at the other.

"Whats with this guy?" The dimension traveler's channel openers materialized to his side, floating, ready for use. "I think coming here was a mistake." As he said this, he bolted around Grimnyzmal so he could station himself behind Grim. He charged his fist with energy and bolted in the opposite direction again, only this time a clone of lightning was created before he did so, and it bolted in the opposite direction of the dimension traveler.

As the dimension traveler darted off, Grim's eyes opened, looking a bit crazed. The third eye stayed on the real dimension traveler, breaking down his speed so that Grim could see whatever he did. As for the clone, however...

"Feed... me..."

Grim pulled out Lordemeire and shot an energy beam from it in front of the clone's path. If the beam did not hit, the resulting explosion sure would do damage. World Eater suddenly stiffened itself.

The clone was hit by the explosion, but it matters not. The clone exploded when it died, causing lightning to shoot everywhere and it created a minor crack in the ground. The dimension traveler appeared 20 ft away from grim's side, and he punches the ground with a chakra filled fist. this caused the ground to crack up, and these cracks would eventually reach grim, and he would fall in(about 20 ft deep). Once the cracks stretched to grim and the minor crack behind him began to widen, the dimension traveler places his other hand on the ground, and causes spikes of chakra to blast upward near grim. the spikes where infused with lightning chakra as well.

Since Grim could naturally defy gravity, these cracks were almost meaningless... Until the lightning began to come out of them. "Gyaaahahaha... I like shocking fodder... Consuming Ground, handle your business and DEVOUR." The cracks were suddenly layered with a black hole shaped like a mouth. Since the dimension traveler had already done the pleasure of opening the ground for Grim, the only thing left was to apply the black hole of which the lightning could not go through. Haw haw haw evillaugh. As a counterattack, Grim raised his hand and brought it across the air fast "Tongue Lash; Tombereau! Tongues, seek and destroy!" 3 whale sized tongues of seemingly infinite length shot from the ground, sharpened to perfection. They curled over and tried to stab at the dimension traveler and bring him under the ground with them. However, they were slow... so, yeah. World Eater's teeth began to gnash a bit faster, now...

Watching as Grim creates a black mouth on the ground, the dimension traveler started charging more lightning. Once he saw the tongues, he jumped into the air and all 6 C.Os followed. $ C.Os formed a lance made from wind, and they shot theirselves at the tongues at the same time, forming an even larger lance along the way before it crashed into the tongues. On impact, the lances exploded, sending blades of wind in every direction, slicing at the tongues(dont know if they can or not) and at grim. These C.Os remained stationary and continued this trend until the tongues ceased, meaning blades of wind would keep flying. The dimension traveler on the other hand left one C.O and blast stepped to get behind grim, still in the air of course. The dimension traveler began charging X Burner and before firing it, he made sure it aligned with the blades of wind flying everywhere. He blasted X Burner at Grim, and he knows that it might not hurt since its mostly fire, but this would push grim with just enough force into range of the extra C.O, which would smite him unknowingly with a lance made of wind and lightning.

The wind hit two of the tongues, and of those two, one was destroyed. The 2 remaining ones dug underground and waited; the damaged one attempting to recuperate and the well one blasting through the ground at the dimension traveler in the sky. As for the wind coming at Grim... "Such a naive attack..." The resting tongue sprung up and took the barrage of wind, so that Grim could use his next attack... "Bleak Damnation... waves aplenty... surround me and go forth." The black hole linear waves shot from Grim's body at high speeds and at a constant rate, consistently coming out 3 per second from all around. Grim was not trying to stop the fire, however due to these waves, he would do so anyway, destroying's the fire before it had a chance to get close. "It would be best to get out of the way, boy... Or prepare to be destroyed." Naturally, these waves did not stop until they hit something, so uh... yeah. Might wanna make note of that. The tongue that lashed at the dimension traveler, however, would be destroyed by this attack either way, regardless of if it hit or not.

The dimension traveler's cloak wrapped around the tip of the tongue as it came up at him, causing him to gain extra height. The wave would now hit the tongue, and with the cloak still holding on to the tongue, it lashed the tongue scrap at grim. The 4 C.Os blasting wind continued, now with a new target, Grimnyzmal. The constantly blasted huge lances of wind at him, and occasionally a lightning one(I will note when it comes up.). The other C.Os came back to the dimension traveler, and forged dual sword made from condensed lightning." He must know more about his abilities. but how...?". The dimension traveler slashed the dual swords in grim's direction, and Lite Chimeras came bolting out the lightning swords and they pounced at high speeds in Grims direction. if they were to contact him or anything along the way, the one hit would explode. One of them hits the tongue piece thrown at you, exploding and sending a shower of lightning bolts at you, and the other continued through the shower, and it grew in size with some of the lightning that merged with it. While this was going on, the dimension traveler began merging his swords, giving the new sword an appearance of a pure plasma lightning bolt.

Grim chuckled a bit, slurping up his drool "World Eater... It's time for your meal... Scarf up those annoying projectiles..." World Eater ends blasted from every direction, flailing in ways that were pretty crazy. The scarf end teeth gnashed and devoured whatever came their way; the tongue, the wind, the lightning... anything that was coming his way; devoured by World Eater. That's why it was called that. Yaaay. It mattered not if they exploded, for another one just popped out and resumed the eating, since regeneration of one took a bit of time. Grim's third eye still watched the dimension traveler closely... And while doing so, he made World Eater try to eat his orbs.

AS the dimension traveler watched the world eater had towards the C.Os, he made then materialize, thus warping back to his cloak, all but 2, which are still near him.*Now the time, since its not much that can hurt this guy. The dimension traveler then created 2 clones, one fire and the other lightning. All three of them pulled out a sword, but he charged mine with dimensional energy while the clones aimed at Grimnyzmal and fired two Lite Beams. Each headed for grim at breakneck speeds and he continued to charge his sword. Knowing that grim can eat anything, the clones tried to overwhelm him in size, since they don't know how big the world eater gets. If I were attacked, they would try to help me while keep one hand on the sword and the pure lightning sword from earlier would smite something...not positive though, but it will.

The Demon King would fall from the sky, looking at the on going battle from a safe distance. "Hmm."

While the beams came at Grim, he was not worried too much. "Gluttonous Drain!" Grim devoured everything near him, including the lightning. Truthfully, this would be a great time to attack, since he was open, but there was a big ass risk that his body would devour whatever and whoever got near. Grim continued devouring... just. Devouring...

Noticing the beams aren't working, The clones both grab hold of the lightning sword, and merge their being with it, since the clones were made out of elements. Once they merged with the sword, a giant 50 ft spear made of lightning with fire spiraling it was created. The dimension traveler places his feet on the spear, and kicks off of it, sending it downward at Grim, increasing in size due to the air. Once the spear hits the ground, it would cause a massive explosion on the area, he luckily got enough height to not be in range. His 2 C.Os leave my side and head to grims surrounding area, orbitting him while releasing strong wind currents, forming a wide vortex around you, so when the spear explodes, Grimnyzmal would be now trapped in a vortex of fire and thunder. The dimension traveler continued charging his sword with dimensional energy while in the air.

Unable to get enough time to escape, Grim was forced back by the explosion into the vortex. He showed some sign of being injured. "Stepping up your game, boy...? Heheh... Then maybe I shall, too..." Energy surrounded him and the vortex began to fade... "Proxima Alpha!" A huge explosion of black hole energy engulfed the area, leaving literally nothing where Grim stood. He walked up to the dimension traveler, raising his hand to the sky "Black Sky..." The sky turned into a black hole as far as the eye could see as Grim continued to walk through the sky up to the dimension traveler. Oh yeah... It was over now. However... Grim was feeling better since he had been eating...

The dimension traveler, now out of options, thinks that now is the right time. "Damn it, still not enough? this is my last try, I gotta push him back." His sword that he had been charging this whole time glowed a dark green, he raised it above his head and the dimensional energy in it being shooting out, showing the aura of the sword that stretched about 30 ft high. The dimension traveler let this energy loose and slashed downward at Grimnyzmal. This slash begin distorting the surrounding area, causing everything to shift some. The space could be seen getting ripped from the energy of the slash as it made its way to Grim. "Dimension slash!!!" The C.Os from earlier began creating another vortex. This was just in case the dimension slash didn't stop Grim. If it didn't stop him, the pressure from the slash would send him into the vortex and the wind in it would begin slicing at him. As for the black holish sky, the dimension traveler tried his best to keep a from standing and a C.O comes from inside the cloak to my back. It begins blasting as much wind as it could in the opposite direction of the black sky, to force my body to resist the black hole and pushing him downward, trying to balance it out.. The other C.Os come out as well and float about 10 feet above me, just in case.

Grim's hand was wrapped in black hole energy, now. As he dimension slash neared him, he punched at it with the Black Hole fist, breaking up a small part of it. However, due to a miscalculation, the other parts of the slash hit the rest of his body. At least he weakened it. It did a good deal of damage to him, pushing him back a bit, but not into the vortex. Something in that dimension that he just broke must be having horrible counteracting problems, now. Well, fuck your dimension. Since Grim was near the vortex, it began to pull him in, buuuuut... that all changed. Grim held his hands to the sky and it began to swirl, coming down a bit. Most likely Grim would have to get sucked into the vortex, however that would be a minimal price to pay to do what he was about to do...

After the slash, the dimension traveler was indeed weaker, and he watched the sky."No! Crap!...Whats he planning?" The other C.Os that he released just incase sucked on to his back and each of his limbs and they begin blasting large amounts of wind, darting him downward. The dimension traveler crashed into the ground and rolled off to the side, then looked back up at the sky."What is going on!?" Now the dimension traveler looks over at Grim nearing the vortex. He now has a mind set that if he stops Grim, this phenomenon would cease. So...He whipped out his sword, fused a C.O with it and slashed it, creating another lite Chimera. He then sends the chimera after Grim to knock him into the vortex, and the C.Os on the dimension traveler's person came together and began forming into something, something dangerous, but at the same time a bit obsolete. "This is my last shot, I must not screw this up!"

Grim's eyes widened, glowing with energy "It's too late, boy! Spiral down into his oblivion... Alpha Funnel!!" The spiral immediately darted downward and pierced into the earth in front of Grim, blocking whatever was coming towards him, more specifically, the Chimera. "Now... Expand and destroy!" The funnel slowly got bigger, the intensity rose... the gravitational forces began to pull stronger.

!! Not....good...*As the gravity increased, it became a lot harder for the dimension traveler to move. The C.Os from earlier grow a blackish color, and began emitting a green glow. It was a miniature black hole of about 7 ft. It wasn't anywhere as near as big as the funnel, but it was still powerful, and it was all ready made, so something must be done with it. I shift it in front of me for now. The vortexing C.Os near Grim materialize and reform in the air (I dont wanna say warped, but it was) of about 100 ft high and 100 ft away, were the force from the funnel would be weakest. While they were in the air, they began producing the opposite effect of a black hole, so they began just shooting anything out from the dimension within them. As a last resort, Grim's funnel pulled me toward the black hole I created with C.Os. I suck sucked in to the created black hole.(0_o) When ever something is sucked into a black hole, it goes to the center of it, which lies a big ball of energy and whatever else was sucked up, but thats not the case here. The dimension in my cloak and C.Os alike are connected, so with one sucking things in and the other blowing things out, the dimension traveler gets sucked into the black hole and gets blown out at the location of the orbs he had earlier sent in the air. Once out the way of the funnel, he watched as the funnel began sucking more and more things in and expanding.* This....I can't compete with this.....*He stood his ground over in the air, waiting for anything Grim was about to do. The black hole created by the ground begins colliding with the funnel before getting sucked in.*

But with a black hole having a black hole inside it, the dimension traveler knew it would eventually try to collapse on itself, causing an implosion on a .....whatever scale, but it would be powerful. This was only a theory, since the dimension traveler is familiar with black holes from reading the Dark King's book, but not familiar with Grimnyzmal's black holes.

Grim chuckled a bit, turning the funnel in the direction that the dimension traveler's black hole was turning "The bigger black hole always wins, boy. You honestly thought that you could compare to one that came from a black hole? Your minuscule one would just merge with mine if it rotated in the same direction, making it bigger." It expanded larger now "I'll take you to the pit of my stomach. Alpha Funnel, destroy him." The funnel tried to engulf the dimension traveler, slowly moving in closer and destroying things again.

The dimension traveler saw the funnel coming my way, engulfing everything in it's path. " Shi-" He didn't even finish his sentence, his C.Os blasted him with immense doses of wind, and combine with the dimension traveler's lite step, he might manage to escape. The C.Os attached theirselves to his feet, like jet boosters, and constantly blasted wind, and once again drastically sped himself up. "I should have left earlier....He is too powerful....Damn it!!." The dimension traveler took on last glance at Grimnyzmal before darting off. Once he knew he was out of the funnel's range or where the gravitational pull from it was weakest, he blasted away, looking like a blur in the distance. "Never again... Not now at least." This was said before he took his final leave.

As Grim saw the dimension traveler leave, the funnel became smaller and smaller, the hole that it made in the ground fizzled with a wicked amount of black hole energy that crackled like electricity. The hole was so deep, it almost hit the core of the planet. "My, my... Someone should fix that up." Grim said with a small grin on his covered face. "Hm. I may not have eaten him, but I surely did eat quite a bit of other things here... I am most content for the moment, I do not mind that I did not devour him. I guess I should take my leave as well..." Grim pivoted around, dusted himself off, then walked off into the sky-- Seriously, why does this guy always have to walk off into the sky?
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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas
Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

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PostSubject: Re: Grimnyzmal The Abyzmal   Grimnyzmal The Abyzmal EmptyFri Aug 02, 2019 8:06 am

Craving 2: The Archcount Requests Mithos To Come.

Grim walks out of the sky and down to the ground, standing in a field with ominously dark clouds rolling over. A strangely calm, yet evil wind blows throughout the whole field which happened to be an open plain. "Hm. He'd better show... It is rude not to be punctual..." He stares at a ticking pocket watch with spikes protruding from it, giving it an evil look. His 3 eyes narrow.

Grim's eyes widen "Ah, right on schedule... It's dinner time. It would be quite nice to set the table for me to feast, you know... Hm. It is quite unfortunate that the feast is you." World Eater's 2 mouths gnash together rapidly, drooling a bit. "Hm. But I am ever so fascinated with having my meals try to resist... It is amusing. Care to do so? As a royal gentleman, it is only natural I let you go first..." His third eye affixes to him and watches intently as the other two close.

People from all over the Village come to watch.

Grim's third eye had watched him closely, and with the little time Grim had and the little speed he had, he took a step backwards. As the spire shot up, he grabbed onto it with World Eater, being instantly launched into the air. While in the air, as he was about to fall, he stopped and began walking through the air as if he were on ground. "Now, that I've been a gentleman..." His eyes narrowed and World Eater thrashed about "Methinks it's time for my meal..." He held out his hand "Insanity Bite." A large, fanged mouth suddenly appeared before Mithos and tried to bite him him ravenously, teethe grinding like a chainsaw with every bite.

The hand did grab him, however it was useless "Soft threads... do your work..." The World Eater suddenly inflated and prevented the hand from crushing/wrapping around Grim. They were so thick and fluffy, it was just no good! With the hand off of him, the World Eater went back to its normal size. "It would be less troublesome to just devour you whole and absorb your matter... Consuming Palm..." He outstretched his hand and the 4 flapped mouth opened up, sucking in the energy cut things. They seemed pretty small, so it was easy to suck them in. They were instantly dissipated due to his black hole insides breaking up their matter. "Endless Scarf Drills..." World Eater bursted with hundreds of scarf ends that wrapped themselves into the shapes of drills. They drilled through the spires randomly, then at Mithos.

Seeing as the Endless Scarves technique allows World Eater to rejuvenate instantaneously once being cut, the energy beams seemed to be useless. The more cut, the more took their place. They continued to pursue Mithos, and as more came up, they began to merge together to make bigger drills that would shred through the spires surrounding him. Since Grim was more focused on Mithos than the biggest spire, he was hit with a few of the beams. "Ugh... Dammit." Still maneuvering his scarves, Grim turned his head and shot energy beams from his third eye at Mithos' energy beams, creating an explosion large enough to weaken more that would come closer with every one his beams hit. During, he sent a few towards the giant spire, which would in return cause it to explode, disintegrate, and collapse on contact. About 3 or 4 had to hit to take that thing down, however.

Grim's third eye broke down speed of the highest degree, making those 'invisible' swords clear to him. Think of it as the all seeing eye. Heh. As for the cuts, they could not match the scarves, as they rejuvenated instantly. It would be like they hadn't even cut the scarves at all. Heh. That fact being known, the scarves were still drills, however since they had still been coming out from World Eater, they kept fusing together to make bigger and stronger drills. These drills easily smashed through the hands, turning them into nothing but a pile of rocks. The World Eater then returned to normal, as the Endless Scarves and the Scarf Drill had been exhausted for the moment. Huh. "Oh, bother. Nevertheless, let us do this.." Grim touched the ground with his hands "Frangras..." Fangs shot up from the ground surrounding Mithos in the same fashion the earth did, however.... Going on in the inside of the dome... There were teeth jutting from the ground quickly and randomly, like a spike machine just going up and down really uber fast.

As the prism formed around him, he quickly got out by kicking through it. Not with a normal kick, mind you, with a Black Hole Kick. The kick destroyed the matter of this granite in the direction Grim was going and allowed him to continue. The foot now was not a black hole. "I know what must be done now. My stomach roars for you." He pulled down World Eater from his mouth. "Tongue Lash... Fangras..." The earth around them suddenly became a giant tongue, and the fangs bursted upward and enclosed them in a dome of teeth. The ground was tongue, the dome was thick. The last thing to do... Is to eat. "Gluttonous Drain!" Grim's mouth suddenly grew from a little piece of his face to more than half of it. The hair opened up and began vacuuming in Mithos. The mouths on his hands opened up and added to the power of their suction. The mouths on his shoes, the knees of his pants, and his supposed tie all opened up and sucked in, too. They had the suction of a black hole to the greatest degree. With the place closed off, there was no escaping. Not to mention, since Mithos was already in the range of his event horizon, there was literally no way for him, or anything to escape him.

Seeing as the third eye could break down even light speed, Grim could see where he moved, still. His hand became surrounded in a black hole, as the Black Hole Fist was initiated the instant Mithos even twitched. The millisecond Mithos used the blades, World Eater wrapped around him and held him down, then began to eat him and destroy his material makeup. If Grim is hit, it automatically meant that his potential energy and kinetic energy being controlled would stop being controlled, since the force of a cut would force him to move, and if he moved, he would be converting his potential energy into kinetic energy and that would allow him to work and... well... make him able to move. There is no way to apply force to something and not have it react with work. (Hell yeah! Thank you, physics class. <3) Also, just because you stop the gravity does not mean you stop the effects of the whole black hole. If the swords were still going, now, he'd risk being cut up some just to punch straight through them, destroying their energy, with the Black Hole Fist right into the body of Mithos. His body would not be able to sustain itself while a Black Hole crushed his insides. Grim stared at the dying Mithos, mouth as wide as it could be "You're barely enough to nourish me..." He devoured Mithos whole, his matter being fodder to his black hole insides.
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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas
Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

Posts : 517
Pisces Male Points : 776
Reputation : 1
Join date : 2014-11-02
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Craving 3: Having Fun With Grim's Power

Grim walks along the sky, World Eater flails behind him furiously due to wind, as he comes up across an abandoned village looking place. "Hm? Hm. It is most definitely abandoned. *Sigh...* Such ugly and unattractive old houses should be leveled... Or, eaten..." (note: Eating objects does nothing to his abilities like eating people does). Grim floated downward to the ground, as if gravity actually had a grip on him, and stood before a small house. "How about a bit of devour power? Quite..." His 3 eyes narrowed and he raises his hands to the air "Insanity Bite!" and a large row of fangs about the exact width of the house crashed downward straight through it, then commenced in grinding it. Planks and boards were seen flying, yet none actually hit Grim. Once the house was rubble, the fangs disappeared. Grim dusted himself off and shined his shoes "My, my... This work is quite dirty.... Lets not leave it for someone else to clean..." World Eater suddenly stiffen and stood straight up into the air; Grim's hair, hands, legs and shoes' mouths suddenly burst open along with World Eater's, and he pulls the scarf down from over his petite mouth, which then randomly expanded to about half the length of his whole head. All began to suck in the piles of rubble, using the Eat ability that he was ever so proud of. Nothing was left but a clean and smooth ground. "And what shall be next, I wonder...?"

Grim set his eyes upon a house that stood alone, very far away. "Huh. Must I really walk so far? Speediness and running aren't really my thing..." His head turned and aimed at the house really fast, shooting a beam out of the third eye at it, making it explode on contact into nothing but a fiery abyss of... fiery energy. Grim then turned to a row of houses "World Eater Assault!" World Eater grew to great proportions at the ends and one of them sliced straight through the whole row of houses, leaving their tops wobbling. "Scarf's Condemn!" The scarf ends of 2 were suddenly of the same amount as the houses, and as the tops of the houses fell, the scarves were there to catch them... and eat them. As for the lower parts of the houses... "Scarf Drill." The scarves wrapped up into the shape of a drill and drilled through the bottoms of the houses, grinding them up into dust. The dust was then collected and eaten. He then saw a lone apartment-like building right there. Just like. RIGHT. THERE. "Overbite!" A large row of fangs crashed downward much like the Insanity Bite did, but this time it continued... and continued to bite down instead of grinding the apartment up. Half of the apartment now stood. "Energy Bite should do the honors..." He held out his hand, and from it a large beam of energy was released, which then at the tip split into a mouth with energy fangs. The energy mouth ate through the building with incredible ease, leaving nothing but a clean pile of.. maybe a little glass and such, but Grim got that up with his Consuming Palm. He walked about for a bit and came across a large house, bigger than the others "Whoever used to live here must have been a highly respected person..." Grim looked at it up and down "... Devouring Fist." His hands took on the shape of glove-like torpedoes and he began punching with great power, hard enough to punch through the house, but actually move the part where he punched from under the house like a little block. "I'll finish this off with a Drill Fang..." The fangs shot from him again, spinning around and devouring the small house block things quickly. "I'm almost done already? Shame. I'm oh, so bored... and still a bit hungry.."

Grim now saw an oddly shaped house that was different from the others "Eh? Such a crude house sticking out from the others so much. It would be different if it were an elegant and regal house... But I'm afraid it must be leveled, like the rest of these houses. Cerberus Fangs." 3 huge fangs started to devour the house like 3 wild and rabid dogs. They ripped and tore away at the house, then at the rubble of the house, then at the ground that the house stood on, leaving a large imprint of teeth marks in the ground. They then disappeared "Oh, I do love feeding the Cerberus Fangs... They are always so.... entertaining." He noticed a final cluster of houses, only they were all in a circular type of row. It was quite odd, they looked like a cult of houses. "Why would houses be built to line up into a circle...? No matter. I'll destroy them nonetheless. Scarf Blade." World Eater's 2 ends wrapped themselves into a blade and began to cut at 3 of the houses that were in front of him, destroying them a considerable amount. "And now that I've made a pathway into the middle of this circle..." He walks into the dead center of all of the houses "Fangras!" He slammed his hands to the ground and fang-like spiked jutted straight through each and every one of the remaining houses, obliterating them on contact. "Last but not least, to get rid of this filth. I'll make it so no one knew I was here... Gluttonous Drain." His hair-mouth opened up wide and sucked in everything that remained from the whole village that he destroyed, leaving now nothing but a clear space that no one could detect something used to be there. His hair closed. "Ah, I think I'll be going now... I'm pretty full." That was a damn lie and he knew it, black holes don't get full. But whatever, he walked off into the distance, then began to incline and walk up towards the sky.
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Craving 4: Grim... This Is Your Time Of Ending

Grim idly walks into the scene, looking a bit nonchalant. "Why, most humble greetings to you, sir. How are you? Is there a particular reason you have summoned the Archcount of Devourists?" Grim's third eye narrowed and locked onto Nara, finding him suspicious. "Care for a cup of tea as we chat?" World Eater coughed up a regal looking teacup already filled with devilishly elegant tea. Cobwebs were seen on it.

Grim nodded and sipped his tea "Ah, yes, quite. It is no fault of mine that I live to eat." Grim finished his tea "I was getting quite hungry, after all..." Grim coughed a bit "Oh... *cough* You must excuse me... It seems that I'm having a bit of... Spacial Spit!" Grim coughed up some odd black blobs from his mouth that flew at Nara swiftly. Grim's third eye began to glow...

Grim smirks. His third eye had been affixed to Nara this whole time, making him able to break down his speed before the attack could make contact. Grim, being one that wasn't really speedy, took one step to the right, having the attack miss by just a bit. "Hm. Then I'd suggest you sharpen yourself, sir. As long as my third eye is on you, I can see whatever comes from you..." (big hint). Grim shot 3 energy beams from his eye at Nara's general area. One at him, the other 2 around him. Whatever they hit, they would explode with in an immense blast.

Grim is caught off guard by this, however it was within calculations. "Hm. So, I cannot move? Mm. Not that I need to." Under his feet, black hole energy manifested itself. "Consuming Ground... Devour these shadows." As the mouth began to open under him, the shadows poured in. The shadows could not exist in the black hole, since there was no light. In other words, the connection would be cut. The mouth continued to open slowly, and Grim stayed floating on top of it. "That was good, I admit. But try again."

Grim was blasted into the air by this dark energy blast. "Gh... Haha. I commend you on escaping my eye. However... That just means I'll have to kick it up a notch." He used his ability to defy gravity to walk across the sky. Grim looked to the sky. "Hm. It seems like I'll have to create a Black Sky..." Grim raised his hands to the sky, then swiftly brought them down to his side, having a black hole spread across the sky as far as the eye can see. "Whatever you were planning, I assume would be done now." The Consuming Ground mouth was now sealed, not because of Nara, but because Grim had closed it. It would take too much to use Black Sky and keep that open. "Now, my Black Sky... I beg thee to swirl." The black sky began swirling, focusing in one point...

Once again caught by surprise, Grim still had another way out... "Guh... I see how this is going to have to end... ALTICORD!" Grim's regal, yet fiendish piano suddenly manifested itself in front of him. "If you do not mind, I would not like to be erased. Do your business. Requiem." Alticord began to play a melody... Nothing happened as of yet. While this was happening, Grim would be able to regain his structure if he ate more things. Quite a useful technique he had could help him... "Gluttonous Drain!" All of the mouths opened on his body, and the one on his face grew to cover about a third of his head now. Grim sucked in everything that he could, allowing him to keep himself intact. He could keep this up until Alticord had finished the melody.

Grim's mouths close and the sky fades "Your mission is complete, you say? Ha. Then you should have no more business here, should you?" Alticord stops playing. Grim says under his breath "Sigh.. I was looking forward to using the Requiem..." Grim fixes his clothes as Alticord floats in front of him and World Eater forms into a scarf chair. "I'm too consumed in my music to notice you and try to consume you. Do you grasp what I am saying?" Grim closes his eyes, even the third, and begins to play devilish, yet soothing melodies.

Grim chuckled a bit and said softly "You underestimate me greatly, my good sir.." He continued playing, the sinister melodies echoing throughout the field. Grim makes his way off, still playing the wonderfully horrid tunes of Alticord.

A dark portal appears in front of grim it spins and fluctuates before the Dark King walking out in a white coat. He looks at the thing and his stern yet elegant look doesn't fade from his face.
He had heard about this guy. An wanted to see him first hand. He already didn't like the smell of him. "You're that devourer fool right?" the Dark King said looking slightly down being quite tall.

Grim continued playing the Alticord, however this time, a different melody... "Hm? Why, yes, I am the Archcount of Devourists; Grimnyzmal. Might I ask what you seek of me, sir? Are you here to be eaten, or would you care to have a friendly chat?"

Grim's eyes narrowed as he stared at the Dark King "Kind sir, I at the moment, I mean no harm. My belly is barely rumbling. I am feeling quite content, you could say. If I had any intentions of eating you at the moment, I most certainly would have let you know." The melody began to pick up in speed and in volume "Now, do you want to see how threatening I am, or shall we part ways now? I am enjoying the melody of Requiem ever so much... It is one of my favorites, mind you. Do you not just love it?" Grim closed his eyes, except the third, still on the Dark King, then sighed deeply as if intoxicated by the music.

The Dark King stopped and didn't even turn to look at Grim. He took a small sigh and said, "I didn't mean a threat to me, I meant a threat to the people of this village... Any of them... If I felt you were you would already be dead by now... I care not for your appetite... As I said if you wanted to eat me I am here free game... But If you so much as lay a finger on anyone I know in this village... The next time I see you wont be a pleasant experience for you. I'm Not as nice as the others in this village that are letting you walk and taint our soil... But it matters not what I think ..Just by looking into your eyes I can tell your destiny will end sadly." The Dark King opened another portal and walked into it leaving Grim behind.

Grim chuckled softly, finally finishing the tune. He said as if the Dark King were still there "Sir... That is a promise that I cannot keep." Alticord dissolved into someplace unknown "I do look forward to eating you, sir... I really do." Grim finally made his way off of the field. Slowly, but surely, back into the depths of wherever the hell he resides on this planet.
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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

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Craving 5: A Special Request From The Archcount

Grim walked to the doors he had been to once before, having a random memory of him knocking before... Don't know who remembers the thought of them knocking on a door, but, meh. He knocked on the door "It is I, Grimnyzmal, back from the dead, one could say." and awaited his answer.
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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas
Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

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Craving 6: An Epic Battle

Grim walks from out of the sky, brushing himself off a bit and clearing his throat. "Why hello there, sir, may I ask what brings you by?" World Eater begins gnashing about. Energy was suddenly stored in it "Oh... World Eater is feeling a bit feisty. Or hungry." He pets his scarf, which is drooling.

Grim's third eye narrows and affixes to Orochi "If that is what you wish, boy... Hmhmhm..." Grim stretched out Lordemeire and stuck it in the ground, placing both hands on top of the orb at the top. "If you really want to do this, I shall not stop you. You are just sooo lucky that I had quite the delightful meal beforehand..." Grim wipes off his mouth and licks his lips a bit.

Grim's third eye locked onto Orochi, and since it was able to break down his speed, Grim could analyze when and where the waves would be launched and give him the upper hand in avoiding them. Speed wasn't necessary when he had this ability! Ho ho! Grim avoided the 3 waves with ease as World Eater began gnashing furiously "Oho, it is time for this already? My, it's been years since I've stored power for this in you, World Eater..." Grim's eyes widened and World Eater began turning darker "I summon the immense power of the World Eater... The uber power of devouring the damnedest of the damned and the evilest of evil... Come forth and consume to your pleasure, Demon Devourer!" Yes, that energy stored in World Eater was not for nothing. World Eater turned black and was surrounded in energy that flowed in a demonic fashion. World Eater began drooling blood "Hmhmhm... It is a shame that I must use this on such a commoner... No offense to you, of course, dear boy." Grim bowed in an apologetic way as the new Demon Devourer form World Eater attacked with Endless Scarves.

The Dark King appeared into the field he didn't hesitate as he walked into the field he back handed Orochi into the same dark portal he had come to and the dark portal disappeared. Orochi would reappear in the Dark King's house .
The Dark King had sensed this presence immediately and even though he was just writing in his book he leapt up from his chair to see what was going on. "Sorry Orochi-kun but you're not being eaten today..." The Dark King simply smacks the scarves away as they come to attack. and looks bored over to Grim, as if saying "I said It would come to this ." without actually saying it.

World Eater retracted itself, but still using Endless Scarves "Hm? You again? My my, why did you interrupt my fun?" Grim stood straight "Bah, no matter. I was not hungry, but if you insist on being ever so rude..." Grim's eyes gleamed as the third eye now locked onto the Dark King "Then I'll have to make room. World Eater, continue your Demon Devourer onslaught! Scarf Drill!" The millions of scarves all aimed at the Dark King, trying to stab at him, however, Grim sneakily cut them off and made it look like they were still attached. He readied his feet...

The instant the Dark King left the ground, Grim was on the move. Grim would already be very far away by the time he was coming down. "Now... Let's see here... Mummify me, World Eater.. This dark energy he has... You will protect me from it." World Eater wrapped around him now, and since the Dark King was crashing downward, Grim might as well use "Consuming Ground..." The ground opened to a void of nothingness, or one would call a black hole. However, it seemed that this would not work on him, as it was swept up in his void. "Damn.. Seems I must not be so lenient with him as I was with the rest... So be it. Alticord, come. Play some nice battle music... Requiem, if you would be so kind." Alticord manifested itself near Grim, then disappeared and manifested itself again far behind him, playing a sinister melody. Grim would have to feed energy into it to keep it able to regenerate and remanifest itself... But he had enough to go around. Grim now raised his hand to the sky...

As Alticord was flicked, it broke up back into energy and manifested itself elsewhere, continuing the melody. "Ugh. This is his mind... I must use my Brain Eater and devour and destroy his brain if I want to live to eat again..." As the beam was coming at him, Grim's eyes bursted with energy "Don't mess with me! Power of the Requiem! Go!" Alticord played an extremely loud and hideous chord that would amplify the power of the blast. A giant mouth shot open from Grim's body and instantly shot a beam of black hole energy that was easily the same size, if not bigger than Zeus' blast. Yay for Alticord. Yay for Grim.

Grim was taken into the Dark King's Void.

Grim thought long and hard about this. Alticord manifested itself under him so he could play while he was thinking. "Hm... This is quite the difficult situation to get out of. I could attempt to leave my own mind... I would have to leave my body and World Eater here and my mind would be back to my origin through a special connection..." Grim played a chord "However, I do love this body every so much. Perhaps I should let it come." Grim stopped playing as World Eater coughed up a cup of tea. "My dear boy, which do you prefer? Either is fine with me. And would you care for a cup of tea while we wait?" Grim sipped the tea a bit.

Grim finished up his tea before his body went numb, and he closed all 3 of his eyes awaiting his impending doom. Once the Dark King spoke, Grim opened his eyes and replied "My good man, I do not fear death in its entirety. I find it a way to be at peace. In my death, my undying hunger shall finally be filled. I live only to eat. To destroy whatever comes my way and to grow in power eternally. Honestly, I prefer a quiet life in my mansion. If my purpose in life were not to eat and destroy, I would most definitely live that life here on this planet I was attempting to devour.... You all are most respectable, if I might add." A smile appeared across Grim's face, and he looked down at his sinking body "My mind... the space around it... is a literal piece of space I took from my home. As I am directly connected to that black hole hometown, I could send my thoughts through there and be reborn, however I will accept my loss honorably." Grim bowed his head at the Dark King and looked up at him "I would request you to be my last meal, however I doubt you would allow that. No matter. It was quite the pleasure doing battle with you, my good fellow. Farewell." Grim sad a bit disheartened under his breath "My thoughts and personality will consume you like a black hole..." As Grim said that, he sent one thought through the space in his mind back to his Black Hole origin. This thought was 'I want to live again in a life of peace and a full stomach...'

"Tigen's Here to Bring something from Another Dimension dessuuu~~~!!!" Tigen just leaves this right here so the Connection can be Complete. Desu desu desu dezu dezu dezu~!!

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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas
Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

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Craving 7: Let's Eat

From the ground appeared a super condensed black hole. This black hole did not seem to be malevolent, however, as it was not particularly sucking things in... No. It seems as though its suction power had been nullified by something... Or someone. From the infinite darkness came the darkest of beings; a man in a snazzy suit and slacks, seeming to be exceptionally well made, with numerous mouths covering his entire body; On the knees of his slacks, the palms and backs of his gloves, on his scarf and on his shoes. Even his snazzy necktie was a mouth. His Top hat had a mouth. His cane had a mouth. This was a rarely seen Devourist, and one of seemingly regal lineage. Twas...

"...Grimnyzmal, dear planet... Time for me to consume you. Please, and thank you."

Grim looked around with his 3rd eye, scanning this place. He could see through the ground... This was a cemetery, it seems. Perfect. The bodies of the dead would be decent nourishment for Grim until someone of the living were to come to aid him. "Rise, sleeping mortals, and face your second death; the consumption of your physical remains." Altering the gravity of the bodies, he made them rise. They seemed to be extremely decrepit beyond compare, but he did not care. The mouths on his body began to snap and snarl, as Grim was hungry...

Cross shaped mouths would open up on Grimnyzmal's gloves/hands to an extensive width, sucking in the remnants on the right side of his body with a great suction, whilst the left hand did the same thing simultaneously. After consuming them all, Grim brushed off his hands and adjusted his tie.

"... Hm. That was hardly filling. I am so hungry that I need something of flesh to satisfy my moment of hunger..."

Grim paused for a moment, looking at his hands ".. Then again... I am never satisfied." Grim would then twirl his cane, Lordemeire, tapping it on the ground a bit "Oh well. There is quite a bit of planet for me to cover, and I guess it would be best to eat everyone one at a time. That is how you get the best flavor..."

Grim chuckled to himself. "... Oh, but it would be ever so rude for me not to inform everyone of my wrong-doings. Mayhaps I shalt be on my way to the different places along this planet? Ah, quite..." Another black hole portal appeared under Grim, who would be sinking into it now. "Forward, to the closest province there is..."
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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas
Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

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Craving 8: Knock Knock Knock! Who Is There To Meet?

Grimnyzmal appeared in the Province... Perhaps it was the closest. He did not know. He did not live here. Regardless, he had come to make a little chitchat with the leader of this place. "I do hope the leader is a quaint fellow... I do dislike altercations when I am talking..." He closed his 2 eyes, the third one in the middle of his head seeing through the door. World Eater would stretch in front of Grimmy, a small cup of tea on a coaster slowly coming up out of it. Grimmy always had a cup of tea ready. He would grab it and begin to sip it gently.

Grimnyzmal chuckled, not entering the door. He would respond to the prophet with telepathy as well, saying to him "Ah, yes... But before that... May I come in, if you do not mind?" It was only proper to ask. Grim had not been invited formally, though the door was open, and as such, it was dreadfully rude to just walk in.

Grim could sense something a little demented about this thing... Which Grim was fond of. Grim politely stepped in, then formed a chair out of his scarves, continuing to sip his tea. "Ah, I do thank you for your politeness... And, would you mind if I played a tune on my piano...? It is rather quiet in here..."

Grim knew for a fact that if this thing's mind was slipping into darkness, then playing a tune on Alticord would further and assist it becoming mad and insane and dark... But also make it loyal to Grim.

Grim set down his tea "... Oh, yes. Quite. You see, I have just made my way to this planet in high hopes of consuming it entirely. However, after staying a small amount of time here, I have come to realize that I do not want to consume this planet whole without seeing and evaluating the people on it, first... So, I have come to your office to inform you and the other leaders of this, just so it won't come as a surprise. It is ever so dreadful when people do not tell you what is going on, wouldn't you say? It is truly rude..."

Grim would take another sip "... Ah, I do hope my hungry does not get the best of me... I might have to devour a few people.. I would ask whom I should devour, but being a leader, I doubt you would tell me, hm? So, dear boy, might I play my Requiem for you? And would you care for a spot of tea, as well? I promise I shan't be eating you. This is a friendly and non-hostile greeting, as I intend to make most of my appearances around here."

Grim chuckled, wondering what the Astral Body had... Done. But it didn't matter. "Alright then... I will consume them. I give you my word... However, I will still mention that my hunger does get the best of me, at times... And I just have to... Consume." Grim stood, as he had technically finished his business here. "Well, good sir, it was surely nice to chat. When I am done committing my acts of destruction, I do hope we may chat again. In fact, contact me at any given time if you wish for a simple chit-chat. I have other places to get to... I must inform everyone, you know." Grim would slowly walk out of the door, then bow before closing it. Alticord swiftly materialized elsewhere, afterward. Grim had not asked where to find the Eclipses... But, they would surely find him.
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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas
Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

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Craving 9: Onward, To The Light...

Grimnyzmal had just made his way to the next destination... The Sunlight Kingdom. This place was slightly reminiscent of his home planet, however a bit of a medieval feel to it... Not so much to Grim's liking. Regardless, he made his way to the doors, knocking politely and adjusting his tie, which proceeded to put on its best smile for what he assumed were the king and queen... Or something of the like.

Grimnyzmal smiled slightly, bowing as he saw someone "Hello, my good man... I am here to see the leader or leaders of this place? I am in dire need of a friendly word with them, if you please. Might I have your utmost assistance in getting in?"

Grim would bow to Skye, as he seemed to be the king, then to Jack, out of common courtesy, before creating a chair out of his scarf.

"I have come to inform you, and every one of the other nation leaders of my arrival. I have told one of the name... Ezekiel, it seems, and now I come to you, your highness. I am Grimnyzmal, a being here to devour all that you know. I was originally going to devour your planet whole, however I found interest and came to inspect it before devouring it. To investigate the people. Ah, though I come for a grim cause, I wish to make my stay a very pleasant one between myself and the rest of the residents here..."

Grim would notice Jack with his hand on the claymore, in which Grim would chuckle heartily "Dear boy, why not join in our conversation, hm? If it so pleases your king, I would very much enjoy your words. This is a friendly encounter, sir, and I feel as if there must be something on your mind... Sir king, do you not agree that he should be welcomed?"

Grim laughed "Oh, dear me... Yes, I have indeed come to obliterate you. But, instead of someone else warning you, I figure, why not warn you myself? It seems to be the best method, don't you think? It is rather annoying when you all get that surprise, Ezekiel said..."

Grim popped out a spot of tea from World Eater, sipping it for a moment, taking a deep sigh, then looking to Skye "... My good man, I also had a proposition by Ezekiel, since he has deciphered my only problem being my insatiable appetite... He figures I should eat these threats to this place that are called 'Eclipses,' or something of the like... Truthfully, I may consume anything and everything, but I cannot be filled, which is where the problem lies... Even if I am satisfied for the moment, I shall only get hungry again, and my appetite shall get the best of me in the most dreadful way... And I will have to consume the residents of this place. Tragic, is it not?" Grim took another sip, before he set the cup down on the saucer "Would either of you gentlemen care for a spot of tea?"

Grim noticed the woman who walked in, as it was quickly revealed that it was the queen, he stood and bowed, then seated himself once more "Ah, pleased to be in your extravagance, your highness..." He looked at the 3 of them, still sipping his tea and noticing that Skye was quite fond of it "Ah, a good brew, is it not? I will give you my recipe, though it is quite... Difficult to conjure up, with limited resources.."

Grim shook his head "Ah, but I wish not to digress from the current matters... Those of which are myself and those... Other beings. As much as I would enjoy to just consume a few simple trees and be on my merry way, I consume things based on their power as well as their life. Living things bring me more power and fullness than non-living things, as are beings with more power; hence why devouring an entire planet fills me enough until I reach the next one. If I am to visit here for a while, I might make residence until you are all wiped out, then I may peacefully consume this planet with no problem..." Grims eyes narrowed "However... I cannot have others playing with my meals. It is simply not good etiquette to play with food... And those who have not learned this must be taught, would you not say? It seems as though the delinquents that have invaded must be taught..." It seems as though the queen agrees with Grim on those terms, from her words... But the rest of what she said is what he had to comment further on.

"Ahem... As I have stated, I am a connoisseur of everything. I most definitely WILL consume you. Though, who is to say it will not be a time in which you will be at your end? I will admit, I cannot control my appetite, but if those 'Eclipse' are filling, I should be able to be filled until the end of your short-lived, human life... Unless, you are not human? Or have found a way out of the ways of time? Hm... Though, I doubt that is the point. I apologize if I am delving too deep in your personal matters..."

Grim frowned, closing his eyes... Except his third, all-seeing eye, which was always open and watching "... I will promise that I will try, but I cannot promise that I will succeed, as I have said to Ezekiel. It is my humblest apologies and thousands of pardons in advance, for I know there will be someone that will... Get the best of my stomach. But, I reiterate, you have my word that I shall not consume out of a conscious effort."

Grim then opened his eyes, which seemed to hold not malice, despite their devious and menacing glare. "Ah, well then. Let me give you my recipe... You will need numerous ground up herbs, nectar from a special flower from the Devourist planet, a drop of Antimatter (No more, lest you find your entire material structure disintegrating.), 3 lumps of sugar and purified water. Got all of that?"

Grim let out another hearty, yet polite chuckle, and afterwards nodding his head at Skye "Oh, dear me... Forgive me, sir king, for partaking in my amusement at your expense..." He took another sip of his tea, finally finishing it off; World Eater consuming the saucer and cup. "You two may be the ones I will enjoy the most, of the people I am here to see.." He cleared his throat quickly "Ahem. Though, I will tell you that my taste is not determined by the normal sense that you all have... My taste is considered on how filling you are. How much energy and power you have. The less power, the less filling and less tasty, to me... This gives a new meaning to the term, 'the more, the merrier,' wouldn't you agree?"

Grim closed his eyes, again, except for the third. He interlocked his fingers and sighed deeply "As much as I wish there was, there is no alternative, I am afraid... The only alternative is to stop my hunger, which is an impossible feat... My people's insides are made out of super massively condensed black holes. As you know, a black hole is a consumer of everything... I cannot survive without my innards, much like you all cannot survive without yours."

Grim retracted his scarf and stood, realizing that he still had a few more stops "Deepest apologies for my abruptness, but I wish to get to all of the major points of this planet while my stomach is... docile.If I were to be hungry whilst I was talking to leaders like yourselves... Hmhmhmhm..." Grim just had to laugh at the thoughts of it. "... I'm sure everyone would be after me. And the only way for me to survive would be to consume the planet whole..."

A small, black hole appeared on the ground. It had no suction and no matter destruction properties... It was merely a portal. "Adieu, your majesties... Please, feel free to contact me any time if you wish for simple chit-chat... But.. Please do not disturb as I feast. It's ever so rude..." And with that, he was gone.
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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas
Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

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Craving 10: Moving On

Grim had been wandering along, taking a small stroll along the way of the planet... He was rather enjoying this planet.. Shameful that he had to consume it. Before long, he noticed a girl that was crying. Why, what gentleman would he be if he did not go to assess the predicament?

"Why, hello there, madam... Might I ask, what is the matter?"

Grimnyzmal quirked a brow "... Mm? And whom, pray tell, might that be, madam? That is, if you do not mind me asking. I do not wish to intrude on your personal affairs, dear..."

Grim would close his yes, except for his third one, which constantly stayed open. He folded his arms across his chest, listening to the nature of the area and awaiting the girl's response...

Grimnyzmal's eyes opened slowly "... Disappeared, you say? Dear me. That is tragic..." Grim smiled slightly, as matter started to take a shape of something near him...

"Dear girl, would you mind if I played a requiem for your Fiancée? It is not to be rude, but rather to symbolize your strife and pain in the form of elegantly exquisite music..." The matter that was forming was Grim's floating, evil piano; Alticord. Grim would sit on a chair made of his scarves, awaiting the OK to play. Unknown to Luna, however, if Grim were to start to play this melody, Luna would slip deep into madness and insanity, under the influence of Grimnyzmal, thus being under his power for however long he deemed necessary.

"... May I?"

Grimnyzmal's smile faded a bit "... Ah. I see. Well, if I shan't be playing a requiem... Might I just play a tune? I will take requests..." Grim tapped the top of the piano a bit "... And besides that note, what might I do to assist you in your time of need, my dear?"

Grim nodded "... Ah. Yes. I know. Sometimes, those feelings may linger, and one may wish for them to stay for any number of reasons..." Grim's third eye suddenly twinged "Well. If that is quite all... Might I... Have a little snack? I am simply famished, and I would surely love to have something to eat..." The mouths on World Eater began to gnash and snap about violently...

Grim shook his head "... My, how unfriendly of you, madam... It is simply impolite to leave without saying anything... Even more rude not to answer my question..." Alticord, the floating Piano would materialize behind Luna, blocking off her escape.

"Now... Will you be willing to answer my question...?"

Grim chuckled to himself just a bit, Alticord beginning to play the terrible requiem of impending doom upon Luna, as Grim slowly made his way closer to Luna. "... My my, as much as I would like to oblige, madam... I simply cannot make any guarantees. For, you see, there is nothing else for me to eat here except for yourself... And I don't want to starve... Besides. You are in mourning. I can assist you in ending your pain for eternity... Please, allow me to provide a place of solace and fortitude from all things... Your feelings, your strife, your endeavors... Please, rest peacefully..."

Grim's scarf grew to massive proportion, the snarls of the mouths echoing throughout the area. The scarves would now block off the remaining exits, as Grim continued "... In my stomach..."

Grimnyzmal shook his head "You do not wish to become my nourishment? It's a shame that I cannot acknowledge your regards..." World Eater would snap at her, trying to bite at her arms. For some reason, Grim did not want to consume her whole.. Whatever his reasons, he still had them.

"Hm... It is shameful how this realm has no help for the young ladies of this land... Though, I do find it rather quaint here with no distractions from my prize.. Many apologies, dear..."

Grim chuckled again, his scarf retracting "Hmhmhmhm... Tis a game of cat-and-mouse you wish to play, hm? Ironic... For now the cat is the mouse on which I prey..." Grim followed behind, walking at a steady pace. His third eye allowed him to see any and all of the movements of the kitten, no matter how far she went. Eventually, she would tire, and Grim would be ready to strike, since he knew where she was.

Grim now began to laugh slightly to himself "Hmhmhmhmhm... Blackhorn makes himself known... It has been quite some time. It seems my plan has been a success, non? The cat-girl would hardly give me as much energy as I have already exerted. She was merely a lure for someone... Tastier."

Grim's third eye would lock onto Blackhorn, as Grim licked his lips "... How have you been, Sir Blackhorn?"

Grim frowned "Ah, how sharp-tongued you are for bringing up such a terrible demise for myself... Though, I must admit, that Dark King fellow was quite hospitable in my stay within his void... 'T weren't anything you should concern yourself with, though I humbly appreciate you asking..." Alticord materialized near Grim, now, as a dark tune was played on it by Grim's scarf, World Eater.

"Dear boy... You say you are in need of practice? Ha. I am a good sport. How about you spar with me, hm? Though, if my hungry gets the best of me... I cannot guarantee your safety, though I promise I will try my hardest to keep from consuming you... for the moment."

Grim's eyes gleamed for a split second, as he said "How brazen. Allow me to show you some manners..." From his 3 eyes came massive, swift beams of red energy that made intense explosions with whatever they impacted. During this expulsion of these beams, World Eater split into thousands of scarf tails, all aimed at Blackhorn; the mouths on World Eater gnashing ferociously. "Scarf Drill." Each of the thousands of World Eater tips would coil and spin around like destructive drills at extremely high speeds, lunging at Blackhorn accordingly.

Grim twirled his cane, Lordemeire, around a bit. Even the mouth of Lordemeire seemed to be anxious for another feeding... How tasty Blackhorn began to look, already...

Grim chuckled slightly "Really, you must not remember a thing about me, dear boy..." His scarf my LOOK simply like a scarf with mouths, but in the end, World Eater was actually fashioned out of extremely dense energy from his world and formed into a physical shape. Not to mention, he could change the overall hardness and thickness of World Eater at his own whim, so in the end, this was a losing clash on Blackhorn's part. Mass is minuscule if it is not dense enough to cut through. Thus, the drills would force the hatchet away and continue to Blackhorn at a high speed.

Grim raised Lordemeire, now, making several mirror-like teeth appear all across the field. They were sharp and pointed and scattered quite a bit... Grim made eat of his eyes focus on a different location, and made Lordemeire point in another direction, as well, then proceeded to fire more of those beams from his eyes and from the mouth on Lordemeire. Each of them would hit a mirror, being reflected all about the area at different times and in different directions, since it seemed that Blackhorn could cancel out his beams if he knew exactly where they were coming from. Grim figured that at least one of the beams should be able to hit Blackhorn, for if one was coming in the front of him, surely another would be coming from behind, above, or from either side of him, making them hard to predict at such incredible speeds they were traveling.

As Grim saw his beams getting absorbed, since they only had properties of light, and were not light themselves, Grim would shove each of his drills through the barrier and have them stop spinning once they destroyed the barrier, if the light had become physical to the touch. Naturally, if it wasn't, the drills could just pass through easily, and Grim would notice that, still making them stop.

The mirror-like teeth that floated about would come together as one, gigantic gleaming tooth and fall, trying to impale Blackhorn right then and there. The mirror-like tooth would reflect any light that Blackhorn may throw at it, so that was an impossibility within itself. Obviously, the sturdiness was demonstrated when it stood strong as Grim's beams hit it and they were not destroyed, so they could surely take a massive blast with ease.

Grim noticed the girl, grasping the ring with one of the scarf ends of World Eater. His third eye locked on Blackhorn, he would look to Luna with his other 2. "Madam, this seems to have come into my possession... However, if you wish for it back, you will need to have equal exchange... I am assuming your life is as precious to you as this ring?" The ring would sit in the closed mouth of World Eater, just waiting to see what the girl said.

Grimnyzmal let World Eater slither in front of him at a high speed, opening its mouth to where the ring was. Once Blackhorn made contact, Umbra would actually be within the mouth of World Eater, right where the ring was, and that's when Grim generated an internal gravitational force within the ring to keep Blackhorn from moving. "My third eye... The all-seeing eye... I can break down each and every one of your movements and perceive them all in speeds less than a second, dear boy... Such an attack is useless against me."

Grim smirked. "Also, I would not suggest trying to do anything too rash... If you move even slightly, this ring will be shattered. And it will be on your head. I am the one saving it by keeping it together with a gravitational force... In a technical sense, you have destroyed it, and will have destroyed it if you move... Or, even if I move." Grim was still looking at Luna as well as Blackhorn. "My, what a mess you have gotten yourselves into... I could clean this up in one fell swoop, if you two wish... " Grim chuckled for a moment, then answered Blackhorn's question ".. And for the record, I am not toying with her... I am negotiating."

Grim quickly disconnected that specific tail of World Eater from his body, then braced himself for the explosion by omitting a pulse of forceful gravity from himself... Trying to lessen the impact, since the explosion would be happening to fast for him to fall into a black hole. Grim was pushed back, but because of his immunity to gravity, he did not fall. He brushed himself off and gave a grim stare to the both of them.

"My, that was a tad underhanded, if I do say so myself... I did the nice lady a good for herself, attempting to assist her in getting over her lost lover... And I am reprimanded for it? My, what a twisted place this is... But, you two do not know the meaning of twisted until you have seen what a Black Hole can do to matter... Black Sky... and Consuming Ground." The sky, itself became a black hole, and the ground became a mouth with a black hole as the throat. The tongue was made of Antimatter. The sky as well as the ground pulled the entire area with intense suction of equal power, trying to rip the two apart.

Grim processed and analyzed the attack that Blackhorn had finally unleashed on him, creating a large, fanged mouth of some sort of energy to devour, convert and absorb the crescents as fodder. "Mmm... I can tell that he is most delicious..." Grim winced a bit... He was, indeed, quite hungry... He had done what he was trying NOT to do; exert too much energy while hungry. He sighed, snapping his fingers and returning the ground and sky to normal. He needed to conserve until he was absolutely sure he was getting a meal... Oh, dear... He'd best be moving on, then...
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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas
Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

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Craving 11: A General's Rank

Grimnyzmal would appear out of a black hole, glaring at the general deeply "... Hello there, dear boy... And what brings you out here on this fine evening...?"

Grim quirked a brow "Oh? Is that so? Well, let me be your opponent, dear boy! I am sure I can spar with you and prove a bit of a challenge... My, it would be all sorts of entertaining, would you not say?"

Grimnyzmal frowned "... That is what I want, dear boy... Hmph. What a rude being... I think I scared the poor chap... But regardless, I shall teach him some manners..." Grimnyzmal's third eye had traced the energy that the General used, so that Grim could track him to any place, anywhere at anytime. "You will learn the ways of a gentleman.. And if I cannot teach, I shall eat." Grimnyzmal walked off.
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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas
Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

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Craving 12: A Warming Citadel... How Quaint...

Grimnyzmal, making his way to the second to last place, would have arrived in the Citadel. This place reminded him of his grim house; in fact, it was extremely similar. He was the most comfortable here, of all of the places he had been so far. He adjusted his suit, knocking on the door, awaiting an answer..

Grim turned, locking his eye on the Enigma "... Ah, yes, my good man... I am Grimnyzmal, the Regal Archcount of the Devourist variety... I have come for a simple, friendly, harmless chit-chat with the leader of this place... I am assuming that is you?" Grim would bow, then rise and await the Enigma's answer.

Grimnyzmal sighed, adjusting himself, making a seat from his own scarf. One of the mouths on the end of World Eater, his scarf, would make a cup of tea come from it. "... Would you care for some tea, as well, sir?" Grim took a sip, awaiting an answer.

World Eater would extend over to the Enigma, releasing a cup of tea and a saucer, placing it down with a fancily folded napkin for when the Enigma was finished to wipe his face with. Grim would then close his eyes, all except the all-seeing 3rd, which was locked onto the Enigma, and he sipped his tea once more.

"Ah, yes... Well, I have come to inform you that I am here to obliterate this planet. Ah, yes, tragic, is it not? Well, do not fret, dear boy... This is why I am informing you. So it shall not come as a surprise. However, instead of just consuming the planet as a whole, I had decided to investigate the beings on this planet... It seems as though some of you are very tasty, and I have an insatiable appetite.. Otherwise, I would not be coming to inform you of this."

Grim paused, just to take another sip, then started back up "... Because it is only gentlemanly to let you prepare, I have come to tell you. And so, I shall be consuming those who I deem will fill me for vast amounts of time..." Grim finally opened his eyes, glaring at the Enigma in a friendly way "And so... I do not wish to consume you, for it is quite rude to do so, however, there is no other option for me. I do hope you understand."

Grim chuckled "Oh, well. I try to make this universe as pleasant as possible... I mean, really. Where is the honor and gentlemanliness in randomly attacking? That is utterly atrocious and pusillanimous etiquette, and it simply shall not be tolerated by me at all..."

Grim smiled slyly at the next question asked by the Enigma "... What deems as fit for consumption is... Everything. I can devour anything and everything. It makes no difference what it is. It is not polite to be picky, nor is it in my species' way to be picky. However, unlike you short-lived beings, our taste is not determined by our tongues... But by the power of our victims. If we consume something with a high amount of power, not only does it taste exquisite, but it also fills us for quite a bit of time... This is why my people tend to devour stars or planets, first... Simply because they fill us the most. However, I have come to the conclusion that eating things one by one may also prove to be quite... Filling. For the last place I was in had many people of high power... They could have probably filled me for eons..." Grim finished his tea, then wiped his face with a napkin "... Anything more, dear boy?"

Grim could see and feel the fear in the Enigma, and could not help but chuckle "... Be at ease, dear boy. Do not fear me, for this is a friendly chit-chat. You should feel fine..." Grim crossed his arms ".. Hmmm... The last place I devoured...? Nameless planet... Uninhabited, in fact... Some of the planets I have consumed had no sort of life on them... They are just large masses... But since they are so uninhabited, they provide little energy for me as a fully adapted planet... Such as this one." Grim sighed. "Yes... Anything else?"

Grim retracted World Eater, who was now flowing as if it were a normal scarf, the mouths gnashing about slightly "Hmhmhmhm... Ah, there is nothing else to say, if you have no further questions, dear boy.. Now, I bid you adieu, and I shall be on my way... My stomach is getting quite ferocious... I need to make my final visit brisk, lest I lose my bearings.." Grim would bow, sinking into a black hole that did not destroy matter nor had a suction to it. "... Oh, and if you wish to just idly talk to me in between meals... Feel free to contact me at any time... Hmhmhmhm..." Grim closed his eyes, except for the third one, which would be the last of his body to be engulfed by the black hole, which soon closed behind him.
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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas
Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

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Craving 13: An Aeon vs. Grimzy

Grimnyzmal would suddenly appear from the lava from a black hole, then step onto the lava. "Dear me, it is rather hot down here... You there. Boy. Did you wish for my presence, perhaps?" Grim would walk along the lava nonchalantly, then proceed to walk up the volcano until he reached the point where this Aeon person was. He would bow "Good day... Is there a particular reason why you called for me, and I do not know who you are?"

Grimnyzmal frowned, World Eater's teeth gnashing violently "... Hmph. Rude boy. Let me teach you some manners... Let me show you how to prepare a meal..." World Eater would extend to the fireballs, eating, converting then absorbing them, since World Eater, Grim's scarf, could literally not catch fire and was unaffected by all forms of fire and burning and such. "... Scarf's Condemn..." World Eater would then split into millions upon millions of scarf tails pointed at the Aeon.

A few thousand of them would shoot into the lava, compressing and condensing ALL of it within the volcano into a singular ball; the massive gravity holding it together making it grow smaller. Without warning, the ball of lava would change into Antimatter, which Grim could control so potently that he could control what matter it annihilated rather than it just destroying itself and anything around it instantly. Grim started to make the Antimatter ball grow.

The rest of the millions of scarves would lash at the Aeon, their claws and teeth stiff and gnashing violently, trying to tear off his skin straight from his body and devour his body little by little... So that he could feel the pain and punishment of improper etiquette.

Grimnyzmal sighed, for draining his power was useless. "Alticord..." Grim would call out, as his floating, materializing piano appeared behind the Aeon. "Grim Rhapsody." The piano began to play, and as it played, attacks came out of it. The first was the Black Hand Calling, summoned by playing the B key. From the piano came a massively condensed black hole in the shape of an ever growing hand, able to consume and destroy everything.

Grim smiled, knowing for a fact that he could traverse any black hole instantly. He would suddenly disappear, coming from the top of the hand, smiling. for he was out of the alchemy circle. The ever growing hand would begin to suck in anything and everything with a force so powerful, it lifted the ground and began to destroy the volcano, itself. The condensed Antimatter in the air would continue to grow larger and larger as well, and Grim's millions of scarves would merge into one astronomically large hammer coated in black hole energies. This was the World Crush technique "... I think it is time for me to eat. It is rude to miss dinner, you know..."

Grim sighed, noticing that the soul was gone from the body. It did not matter to him, for he could simply consume it all and any power that was within beforehand. Grim would open his mouth and completely consume and break down the body into his being, the devour the Antimatter, since that wasn't his own original Antimatter. The World Eater changed back into normal and Grimnyzmal closed his eyes, except for the third "... My. That wasn't very filling at all. Hmph." Grim would create a chair out of World Eater and begin to play Alticord, and they would accordingly lift off and fly off into the sky, Grim still playing a dark requiem for the Aeon... Laughing.
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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas
Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

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Craving 14: A Stroll Through Gardens Of A Pale Grey...

Across the way, Grim could be seen slowly traversing the flowers and such, seeming to be off to another location... He was hungry, no less, but had to be patient until he could find a decent meal. "Dear me... What elusive vermin infest this planet... Ah, but that is the sport of the game, non? It is improper etiquette to play with one's food... But this is a hunt. And surely, I can comply with the sport of the hunted..."

The heads of the Kingdoms came.

Grimnyzmal suddenly noticed the two girls interacting in the distance. Hmm... Perhaps they would be a good meal? Or, perhaps they would just be a good conversation... Knowing Grim, they could damn well be both. Grim slowly walked toward them both, bowing politely and saying to them in a respectful tone "Good day, ladies. What brings you both about on this fine day, might I ask?"

Grim quirked a brow "No family? Hm. How familiar. Ahh, but if only I could have a family... World Eater, Alticord and Lordemeire are my only family, now. Cruel, cruel fate... How delicious you shall taste."

Grim, too, had begun to ramble, but he caught himself "Ah, but I digress... I am here to see the flowers, as well... They remind me of the flowers that populate my realm.. Yet, these flowers have too much life to be those. How dreary... It makes me ever so happy." Grim then realized that he had not formally introduced himself, and so began to, saying "Oh, how rude of me.. Not introducing myself to you fine ladies.. I am Grimnyzmal, the Devouring Archcount." He tipped his top hat to them, bowing, and the top hat would smile with wicked, pointed teeth. "And you two are...?"

Grim politely put his tophat back on, twirled his mouthed cane, Lordemeire, then immediately tapped it on the ground "Ah, yes. That would be.. Wonderful. Well then, madams Hitomi and Tatsui... Let us be off." Grimnyzmal would await Tatsui's order, for he had no real lead in this group.

"Oh, here is a minute thought... How about a little bit of music whilst we stroll? Would it not be divine, ladies?" Grim would wait for their word, in which he would summon Alticord, his floating, materializing piano.
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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas
Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

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Craving 15: ... Feed Me, S'il Vous Plait?

Grimnyzmal had somehow made his way into this Valley of Mist, enjoying the dark and bleak surroundings that it held. He was, however, looking for some tasty morsel to devour... "Come one, come all... Let the Eternally Devouring Archcount consume and be merry..." Grim twirled Lordemeire, his cane, whose mouth was gnashing violently.

Grim's all-seeing third eye had already noticed the presence of someone in the area "Hmm...? Is it my meal time?" He would lock on to where the presence was, thus noticing this... dark thing. "Hello there. I am Grimnyzmal." He would say, bowing from a distance. "Might I ask what brings you here?"
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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas
Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

Posts : 517
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Craving 16: The Brothers Grim

A rune upon the ground summoned the regal man amongst its top, upon which he would step down and onto his throne, the body still sitting comfortable atop his cane.

"Such a fine vessel... It seems to have been vacant for quite a while. Such will be good for my younger brother to rise again..."

Grimlock would conjure up a series of rather familiar and old looking relics... A cane similar to his, except instead of a bejeweled top, the top was that of a sphere with a large mouth on it. A hat that also contained a large mouth with rigid teeth, a scarf harboring two ends with mouths on them, and a piano which materialized before him.

"Lordemiere... Alticord... World Eater... The soul of my brother."

With a wave of the hand, the body rose upright, as if standing on its own two feet. Grimlock then placed upon its head the top hat, in his hand the cane, and around his neck, the scarf, and a powerful transformation would start to ensue...

"Hmhmhm... My dear old brother... You'll be back to your old self in no time... Just like when you first came to this planet..."

Once the soul of Grimnyzmal; his accessories, touched the lifeless, soulless dead body of Kayden B., the binding of Grimnyzmal's soul to a new host happened almost instantaneously, bringing life back to the motionless body of the once useless human Kayden.

A thick, black, dark shadow oozed and slithered across the body's surface, connecting and interlocking like thread to take the form of a rather regal black and gray striped suit. On his knees and at the seam of his shoes, there were zippers to unleash the very nasty mouths that took shape between. Pure ivory silk gloves slipped onto his hands as well, in the midst of the palm being a vicious 4 flapped mouth on each hand, waiting to consume something... Anything at all. The scarf wrapped around the face of this man, letting no one see his mouth, yet only his three piercing red eyes. His third eye turned to meet with his brother's, as his two normal eyes closed only so he could humbly chuckle.

"... How did I know that my revival would come from the same person I came to this world for...?"

World Eater, his scarf, gnashed its teeth about violently, ever so hungry from their very long, very tiring nap. Grim could only pet the vicious scarf tails on their heads, knowing their pain.

"Patience, little ones. There is a feast afoot. And I do believe my dear, sweet brother is the one who has prepared the main course."

He opened his eyes to accompany his never closing third eye, which was still staring at Grimlock.

"Grimlock, my kin. How have you been?"

The revival of Grimnyzmal went off without a hitch. As expected, of course, Grimlock knew it would. Everything would go according to how he saw it fit.

"Ah, good show! I have never been better, my brother! It is so good to have you back! Ease my worry and tell me, are you alright? I know such a sudden revival to such an unfit body would be a little stressful on you. Are you hungry?"

Grimlock knew that his brother was always insatiably hungry, to the point where at times, he could not control himself, but adjusting to this body might cause his hunger to be that of a normal person for a little while, which would prevent him from consuming everything so soon.

Grimnyzmal's head throbbed a bit, as the last time he remembered being alive was in the Mind's Void... It was troublesome, as that world seemed to be oddly familiar to their own world...

"Just a bit of a headache... Nothing a bit of Antimatter Tea shouldn't clear up. My special brew, you know. I'm sure you remember."

World Eater formed into a chair under him as he started to sit, manifesting a teacup from the mouth on his gloved hand, as well as a saucer. In his other hand was yet another teacup made for Grimlock, and with Lordemeire, his cane hovering above, it would open its mouth and release special Antimatter Tea into the two cups.

"Just like you like it."

He offered his brother the tea, before contemplating on the other question asked. He closed his two eyes, as his third eye was always open, and he thought for a moment.

"I am a bit famished... But... Not on the level I usually am. Is this an effect of my summoning? Or the effect of this body?"

Grim took a sip of his tea once... Perfection. Still got it.

"Ah, so you are alright then? I'm sure that headache will clear right up once you get more adjusted."

Grimlock took the teacup and saucer, sitting down on his throne-like Kage chair, taking a sip of the tea.

"*sip* ... Ah! Perfection, as usual, brother! I do wish I mastered this recipe as you have. No one makes tea like you."

That was always something he admired about his brother. He was not a destructive fellow like Grimlock, he was more kindhearted than most... But he could not deny his heritage. A tragic fate.

"... Your dwindling hunger is part of the effects of this new body. Once you get adjusted, and your innards become a black hole and you are back to being a full Devourist again, you will have your normal hunger again. And by that time, I will have a divine meal prepared for us, my brother... A meal fit for kings! The power of several galaxies all compacted into one planet! It was like this place was made for consumption! Hmhmhmhm..."

He took another sip before placing the tea on the saucer, having had his fill for the moment. To save for later, he brought out his kerchief, briskly waving it over the teacup and having it disappear. Like Grimnyzmal's accessories, there were hidden mouths on Grimlock's as well; his pipe's opening was a mouth, his kerchief's crease had a mouth, and the jewel on his cane had a mouth.

"... However, more pressing matters... The guest of honor will be here soon, and my little facade of a Tournament has been exposed, as expected. I only needed enough time to revive you, and nothing more. However, we need to prepare for that arrival. Come. Let us decorate my old house. You'll even get to play old Alticord again!"

He stood up, walking over to his brother, politely outstretching his hand to him to lift him up from his seat.


Grim was contemplating the sound of that delicious meal... But, Grimnyzmal wasn't really all that hungry. It didn't sound appealing to someone that wasn't hungry. Huh...

"Well, alright then. Let us make our way to your old humble abode, shall we?"

Grimnyzmal never got a chance to see it, of course, but always knew it existed way back when Grimlock first set foot here so many centuries ago. Taking his brother's hand, he rose from his seat, his scarf, World Eater, affixing itself back to its normal shape and form as before.

"Alright then... Let us be off!"

He was rather pleased to be able to play Alticord again... Ah, music! How he loved it so. It filled a void inside of him that food never could, at times. He would be honored to play. But first, they would have to fix his brother's place up, no?
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Craving 17: All's Grim in Allsgrim Manor...

Returning home for the first time in an incalculable amount of time, Grimlock was here, with his home from the past exactly the way it used to be.

"Ah, here we are, brother! Allsgrim Manor, my humble abode. Looks just like our old home, eh old boy?"

He opened his arms wide and took in a deep breath, exhaling sharply as if taking in all of the old air from the past.

"And our guest of honor shall be here soon. Come. Shall we prepare for his arrival?"

Grimlock started walking inside of the extravagantly large manor, and off toward the front door, with his brother most likely right beside him.

Grimnyzmal walked right behind his brother, staring in marvel at the home that looked so much like their own in their own realm of existence; the world of Grim.

"It surely does look exactly like home. Nostalgic, truly, however my presence here is simply nostalgic as well."

He walked alongside his brother, knowing good and well what was about to ensue.

"Hm... Is he coming soon? We must talk before my appetite comes back... I am feeling a mite hungry..."

Grimnyzmal was getting adjusted to the body now, and also getting readjusted to this world. He was going to need to eat someone soon, there was no double about that.

Flinging open the doors to his glamorous abode, the black and gray atmosphere surely did leave a grim feeling. He was indeed right at home.

"Ah, home sweet home! It has been far too long since I have even set foot upon my old household! Grimnyzmal, dear boy! Let us set up for the festivities, hm?"

With a snap of the fingers, things started to fall into place around Grimlock; chairs, furniture, rooms, decorations, etc. would simply come to be, as if straight from Grimlock's memory and into their preset locations.

"Mmm... Nothing like a little spring cleaning, eh, chap?"

Grimlock seemed to take joy being in his brother's presence, and even seeing his old home again, for this was the most expressive he had been since he awakened Hades from slumber. He enjoyed seeing old, friendly faces, it seemed. He was a very sentimental man, despite his grim efforts.

Grimnyzmal, unlike his brother, seemed less enthusiastic about all of this. Yes, he was happy to see his dear brother and be alive again, but... He actually resided on this planet before without the intention to consume them purposefully. He had actually bonded with a few of these people and didn't want them to go away... Yet... His hunger was overcoming him.

"This place is astounding, brother. Kudos to your decorative taste and works. However, I must bring up another rather important matter... I am getting hungrier by the moment. What are we to do about this?"

Of course, Grimnyzmal would support his brother's goals because he loved his brother, but he would also have to bring up his own beliefs to Grimnyzmal soon enough. Though, it was highly likely that he already knew all of this, that much Grimnyzmal could see with his eternally open third eye.

Though the subject was negligible as of right now, Grimnyzmal was right; later this subject could get quite out of hand. Perhaps he could be satisfied right now.

"Hmm... Ah, I do know indeed how you can devour, my dear brother! Fill that stomach up with some of my captives still in the Colosseum! Perhaps some negligible ones should suffice. How about... Queensley, Selena (and the house she fights for) and Tomoyo? That should satiate that appetite for a while, hm?"

Grimlock could also finish renovating the house whilst Grimnyzmal was away, and perhaps that delightful guest of honor would show his face in the meanwhile...

"I will tidy up the manor and you can feast. I think it will prove to work out quite nicely hm? Of course, I would know, I've already deduced the calculations. Hmhm."

Rather foppish indeed about this arrangement, Grimlock took pride in the way he tidied things up. Though he wanted his brother's help quite badly, he needed to be fed, and that was all there was to it.

"Do you know where the Colosseum is, dear boy?"

This plan that Grimlock devised, as per usual, sounded completely flawless. If there was one thing he could applaud his brother for (over everything else), it was for his fine calculative skills on any situation to play out exactly as planned. Never a single slip up anywhere to date.

"That certainly sounds divine, dear brother. And yes, I do so happen to know where the Colosseum is. Accessing the memories of this body... The person before me certainly knew of it. Now, I will be off, my good sir."

Grimnyzmal nodded his head to his brother, walking over to Alticord and sitting upon his player's bench. Striking a single cord, he and his piano would be swallowed whole by a black hole, taking him straight to the Colosseum instantly.

--- Major Time Skip ---

A sheet of blackness cloaked the abyssal atmosphere of Allsgrim Manor, adding to the extra grim decorum that draped over the entirety of the household. The man in black gazed in a refined awe at all that had been completed... It seems as though Grimlock really knew how to tidy up.

"Mighty fine place you've got here, Grimlock, old bean."

He spoke to him as if he were just another citizen in this world. In truth, that is what Grimlock is; just another person doing things their own way. However, now was the time of action, as the 'time' grew nearer and nearer.

"... I already know you have been waiting for me."

There, sitting comfortably in a throne-like chair not too much unlike Khrona's own, was Grimlock, reading up on the final words in the Omnipedia he kept for so long.

"Ah! The guest of honor has finally arrived! And right on time, I might add! Hm, someone must be just as punctual as I! That is quite remarkable. Though, considering your means... The numbers... I can see why a fight between us is simply pointless."

Grimlock was well aware of Khrona's mastery over Numerology, and all of his other abilities as well. This is because the same abilities that Khrona shared, so did Grimlock. An odd connection, one might say...

"I have been waiting for you to figure out everything, and it seems as though you finally have. Kudos. You are the only one I expected to do such, considering just whose lineage it is that you stem from."

Grimlock knew quite a bit about Khrona... And in fact, everyone and everything currently on this planet, as well as the future and the past. He knew everything, just like Khrona did... But how?

"Hmmm... Relatives should be showing up at any moment now..."

As if scheduled on arrival after Grimlock's words, a black hole appeared beside his feet, bringing forth his dear younger brother, Grimnyzmal, from the darkness of the eternal pit. He played a certain Dirge upon his piano, Alticord, that set the mood for the room.

"... Hmmm, so it seems he's here... The guest of honor..."

Grimnyzmal smiled under his scarf, hastening the tempo of his rather dull dirge.

"Our father should not be too far behind..."

On a single whim, the final member of the Grim Trio manifested before them out of thin air; it seemed as though all of them had their own way of 'materialization' by their own thoughts. A special trait of this family tree.

"Ah, so it seems the guest of honor has appeared before my children... Wonderful. I was getting a little worried. Even though I already knew the outcome. Hmhm."

The most regal of all of these Devourists was here, and it seems like he has a plan.

"My apologies for being so late, but a certain someone wanted to hold me up... I simply needed to distract her, since I know her processing speed is a little on the slow side. Hmhm..."

Of course, she was already lagging so badly that she didn't even realize that Grim had already left their scuffle, and now she was trapped in her own perception of a battle. It was cute, really, how she wished to destroy all of the 'evil,' but she was so full of her own power, she was always holding her head too high..

"Now, the Realm of Devourists, the Negaverse, is trying to consume them. Of course, we all know that this is something that simply cannot be, no matter how hungry we all are."

Grim stared off to his children, Grimlock and Grimnyzmal, both of which were concerned about their insatiable universal craving.

"... And you, my dear boy, are the one who holds the power to the 'Keeper.' Do you still have the ring the originator of the Void gave you?"


Khrona kept the ring, even though he despised the Dying Will Flames. However, if he could grant this will to someone who has none for the sake of the universe... Then, of course he would grant it.

"So... I guess you three realize that it's just your time, huh? Sad that I have to see such wonderful relatives leave my side. I guess I was the only one born with a soul, eh? I'll thank my father for that one..."


No matter. Khrona slipped his hand into his darkness, pulling out the Jade ring, void of any will or light.

"This is it. The ring. You three ready to give it some will? We've got to hurry."

Khrona let the ring hover from his grasp and into the center of the four, where they all would start the second part of The Ritual.

"There we go."

Grimlock smiled, adjusting his glasses just a bit. The shine from them illuminated the room for but a moment. His sharp smile and nonchalant chuckle were the signals that he was ready.

"Well then! Let's get this how on the road, shall we? I'll begin!"

Each of them had a special skill that called for the completion of this Ritual, and the first was Grimlock and his power over the Boundary. He was the Grim that lurked in the shadows of the very edges of the Boundary, having traversed up and down, and all around the ENTIRETY of it. Though Khrona had the power of the Boundary on his side, he did not experience it first had, as Grimlock had.

"Dear boy, if you'll allow me..."

He held up the Grand Duke, his mahogany pipe, placing it right in his mouth and near Khrona. With a quick puff, he drew in ALL of the power Khrona had over the Boundary that tainted his being; the power of the Black Beast itself that had festered within his body. Though it was not harmful to Khrona in any way, it was indeed a necessity to draw in all the power of the Boundary. When such power was drawn in, Grimlock took the pipe from his mouth and held it above the ring.

"With the power of the Boundary, I relinquish all limitations... To erase the limits of the Boundary itself, and to allow for infinite growth and possibility..."

He tapped his pipe once, allowing all of that incredible power to pour into the very depths of the gem, which seemed remarkably receptive of these extremity. Of course, this needed to be first to release the limitations this Ring truly had, to ensure that it could maintain the rest of the unfathomable power it needed.

"... To ensure that the bond it has is unbreakable. Boundary, release."

And so, the ring shattered... And reformed, the power of the Boundary now harbored within. It would not shatter again.

"... Brother...?"

Grimnyzmal stopped playing for a moment, standing from his bench and up toward the Jade Ring. He looked to his scarf, World Eater, and unraveled it from his neck, wrapping it up in upon itself and sighing heavily.

"Sorry, old friend, but it is for the greater good..."

With a heavy heart, Grimnyzmal gripped his scarf tightly, charging it with all the power of the Void itself, known also as the Devourists power; Consumption.

"With the power of Devourists, let our wills be the essence that allows for this ring to harbor all of the potential of all things, with unlimited potential to draw in all things, even nothingness itself..."

He dropped the scarf atop the ring, the black hole swirling into the gem, turning it black for a single moment, before it changed to blue, and then back to green.

"... To ensure that its innards are unlimited... Consumption, release."

And so, the Ring now held the power of the Devourists, as well as the Boundary.

"... Father..."

The final of the three Grims, and by far the most destructive in his Devourism, Grim himself; father of the Devourist planet in the Negaverse.

He lifted a hand, gently collapsing his gloved fingers into his palm, save for his index, which pointed justly to the Jade Ring. He spoke,

"Flames of Eternity!"

And his finger ignited with a spectrum of light; color bounding around from one side of the color spectrum to the next in a matter of moments. This flame seemed familiar to that of the Scarecrow race, harnessing a rather similar energy to it as well.

"Grant this power to this ring, that this flame will combat and withstand all that get in its way with the will to keep on going. May it burn through the physical, the metaphysical, and even the natural and supernatural, this flame shall burn with the ever eternal will of love for others. Come, Flames of Tigen! Ignite this ring's passion with your eternal undying will-flame! Release!"

Tigen? No wonder. All of them knew all along. This was the day that Tigen was born. Khrona was the creator of Tigen. Grim looked over to Khrona, giving him a sharp glint and a nod of the head.

"I believe it is your turn now, my dear boy. I believe your soul is big enough for the four of us."

It was time.

Khrona nodded his head, Tabris appearing behind him like an overshadowing projection of himself. Their twin sanguine eyes glimmered and glinted at the same time, sealing the spark of the flame within the ring.

Together: Now, here comes the fun part...

Tabris progressively floated toward Khrona, his skin tingling and standing on end as if reacting to Khrona's skin, which was doing the exact same thing. When they were of close enough distance, their skins merged, and Khrona's body forced Tabris' inside of him, causing a drastic alteration in Khrona's body.

"... These parts of me... These things I tried to destroy... Forget..."

Tabris is a compilation of all of Khrona's most traumatic, repressed and forgotten memories, which Khrona made a pact with to never forget. Because of this, Khrona technically made a pact with himself that he did not accept, however because he is accepting this part of himself now, Khrona will never forget himself again. His one weakness was finally covered; fixed completely. The ability to wipe out his mind. However, since Khrona cannot forget himself and his mind will not be wiped out; he is immortal. He is exempt from dying. Thereby making him...

"A god. Who will soon break through the thirteenth dimension... Once I consume all of your data that you are willing to share with me."

The one thing Khrona figured out. If nothing is still something that makes up nothing due to the numerologic laws of this universe, even an empty void is comprised of numbers; the repetitious number 0. A black hole.

"And now, my dear family, whom have made it their mission to make this day possible..."

And Khrona's soul is big enough to fill all of them. For it will ever expand and grow to meet the desired power level of what it fights, matching wavelengths with its extreme flexibility. And so, his soul will grow to match the size of these infinitely growing black hole masses... And fill them, by first taking them in.

"Absolute Absorption."




And grabbing the Jade Ring, which was completed with all such energies of the omniverse, Khrona slipped it on his finger and faded away. He had to keep it safe... And he needed to run a few more errands before his big departure... Sigh. This was going to be rough.

-----Month Time Skip---

After all that had occurred across the planet in the time of a matter of a month, Khrona had done everything necessary to complete the Web...

"Sigh... I just get so tired sometimes... Of these damn people..."

He would faze into the grim manor of darkness, not too much different from his own, and place his seat upon one of the dark, elegant decor chairs in the room. And... He would sigh again.

"... They just wouldn't let us be, huh...? We're gonna have to hide out here for a little while... Ahahahah..."

He lifted his head and cricked his neck a bit, tapping his finger upon the smooth wooden armrest.

"... ... I wonder how they'll be when we get back, hm?"

It didn't matter right now. He was going to enjoy this alone time... Quite a bit. Hmhmhm... Some time to... Marinate on the knowledge...

Too, with her lover, did Titania manifest, from the shadows of nothingness but the will of her own, and with a wisp onto the lap of her hubby, Khrona, she would giggle and gently nuzzle; fawning over him cutely.

"It's not like we don't deserve some time to ourselves. Our children can handle things for themselves for a little while... And your dad's watching them, right?"

She yawned dreamily, lusting to fall into a deep slumber of romance with her partner, to sleep and let all such problems of the Dusk simply be washed away in a dream...

"I almost want to go out and play with them... But, in due time, right?"

She was also curious of how they'd be when they got back... But, more so, she didn't really care. She liked things like this... Just the two of them, in their cozy little grim manor.


Out of their heads and into their sight, their cute daughter Trinity appeared, still trying to get the hang of her powers.

"Mommy! Daddy! I finally figured out how to talk!"

As a being of utter light, she flickered about the dark room with no real purpose in mind, except to be with her two parents here. Technically, she and her mother did not have a physical form yet, and were simply careening around as wispy essences... That was because of her father's forgetfulness, as usual.

"The girl of your dreams and the ideal daughter are right here in your head, still! But you've gotta be the one to make it happen, rememberrrrr~?"

As a being of pure and utter consciousness... Remembering was definitely her strong point. Or, maybe not remembering, but... Just knowing.

"Come ooon! I've been waiting to have a body for a really, reeeaaally long time now, and so has mommy! And I know you want to ddo so in a way that-- Heehee, well. Nevermind that~! Just do it, Daddy!"

She was more than excited. The thought of her may have formed from Khrona an Nagase, the two strongest minds there were, but all the physical work had to be done by Khrona himself.

"The Ritual! The Ritual!"

She could barely contain herself.

At the sudden appearance of their beautiful daughter, she turned her head to meet her vision, smiling warmly at her. She looked back up to her husband and father of her child, nuzzling him a bit again.

"It is your birthday, dear. You know what you wanted, and so did we. Happy Birthday~!"

A quick smooch on the lips and she'd release her arms from around his neck, wisping over to her daughter's side, picking her up and cradling her in her arms.

"I already know you have a plan, mister. I just can't wait to see what it is."

She giggled, truly in a state of happiness to finally have all of them together like this... And she knew Khrona was happy, too. This was going to be the best birthday of his ever.


Like a bolt of lightning, the ancient Lost Weapon shot from the sky and down to Allsgrim Manor, and over toward Khrona, as if it were going to impale him. It was, none other than, the rightful weapon of the True Maestro, so that he could conduct the greatest Verse of all.

"It's time~!"

It seems like all the Tenseis were happy about this one... Oh boy, what was in store for this world if the Tenseis were happy about it? Hmhmhmhm... Watch and learn...

The appearance of his daughter was no surprise to him, as even without physical form, he could feel her presence from a mile away. She was part of his own DNA and mind after all, there was no way he wouldn't know exactly what his daughter was up to. Looks like she was just as prepared for this as he was, and so too, his wife.

"Awww... You guys shouldn't have. I love you two so much... This'll be the best birthday!! And I'll get to spend it with you all; the ones I love the most!"

Finally in an actual state of bliss, he'd be able to have all such things Realized. But first...

"Alright. If we're gonna get this Ritual started... We're gonna need weapons, Witch Souls and a Cauldron..."

Before he could finish, as quick as a bolt of lightning, the Lance did fall from the heavens and was plucked from its lightning-fast motion by Khrona's hand. Hyper Perception. Always active.

Gripping the handle of the lance, he twirled it and immediately struck the ground with it, calling forth from the bowels of Allsgrim the first Cauldron everto be created. The one that belonged to their ancestors...

"Here is the Cauldron. Titania, I'll need you to summon two Witches here... Eruka and Mizune. I'll call forth the weapons... Misery and Despair. And finally, the two souls... Titania and Trinity."

Khrona was going to be able to use his wife and his daughter as his two weapons... he was so freakin happy right now.

"Let's get this show on the road!!! Hahahaha!"

He sure did love these two.

She marveled at the sight of the Cauldron, having not ever seen one before... Nor had she seen one so archaic.

"Must be really powerful, having collected so much ether for so many years..."

She was an expert on magic, as she came from a magical world. She was a Baku, and not just any, at that... But the Princess of the Dream World. Queen of Dreams, they like to call her; mother of Fairies and Witches. It was just weird that someone other than herself... Could know quite so much about this type of ancient magic.

"... Alright, well, let me call up those two traitors... They've been long overdue for their punishment. A shame, too... I really like them."

With simply a snap of her fingers, the two witches, Eruka and Mizune, who worked for Medusa, would appear right before them. From there, they'd have to wait for further instruction from Khrona.
Author: Tron [ Tue Mar 12, 2013 7:47 am ]
Post subject: Re: All's Grim in Allsgrim Manor...
"Ge... Geko!?"

Pulled from wherever she was and whatever she was doing at the time, Eruka manifested before a strange man in black holding a lance, and... The... Mother of Witches!? Oh no. This could only mean one thing...

"I'M SORRYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Medusa made me do it! Geko! Don't start the Witch Hunt with me!!! I'm Sorryyyyyy!!!!"

She fell to her knees, pleading with all that she was that this didn't happen to her... She tried so hard to avoid this terrible fate... How? How could she, so easily be captured...

The Witch Trial... And the Witch Hunt. She was scared for her very soul.

In the same fashion as Eruka, Mizune would appear; all 5 of them in their combined form, in fact. She was just as confused as Eruka about all of this, until she heard her pleading for her life because of... A Witch Hunt?

"Chichi!!! You mean to tell me that they've started the Witch Hunts!?! And they're beginning with US!? No, please chichi! It was all because of Medusa! We didn't want to do it at all chichi!"

Mizune, truthfully, seemed a little less... Sniveling as Eruka, but at the end of it, she truly did want her life to be spared as well. Though, there was a Cauldron here... Perhaps they were going to pull an Arachne on them...

Khrona snickered to himself under his breath, trying his hardest to hold in his laughter at these two groveling before his feet. It was kinda cute, but also kinda sad, but always reeeaaally funny...

"Don't worry, *snicker* you'll be just fine."

Without much more information after that, he released Rei and thrust both of his hands at their chests, tightly as if snagging something more than just a handful of boob.

"This is your fate~!"

With great might, he would begin to rrrriiiiiiiiiip the two souls from the body, pulling with them all of the energy keeping them sustained... Chakra, magic, chi, all of it. He'd allow the limp bodies void of life and energy to fall helplessly to the ground, as he plopped each soul carefully into the Cauldron, pleasured by their pleading cries of remorse.

"Like music to my ears~~!!!"

He then plucked Rei from the floor and immediately stuck her in the cauldron, swirling and churning... Mixing and bubbling...

"Ah, the Tensei family... Angels of Doom is what they call us. Better watch out~! The Witch Hunt is here~! AHAHAHAHA!"

He was ecstatic.

Watching her father and mother work was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen! In tandem, they were moving like two synchronized souls, as they always had. Just seeing those two evil Witches get their souls ripped from their bodies was the most gorgeous thing ever~!!

"Heehee!! Daddy! I like it when you tear their souls out, Daddy! Are you gonna do it again!? Ooo, can I have the one with the laser beams? I like lasers, daddy! I want laser beams just like you, daddy!"

She admired her father's eyes, and definitely wanted to have laser beams eyes, too... That was another signature trait of the family. Laser beam eyes. Hyperactive little girl... She just really admired and loved her father, is all.

She bounced her way out of her mother's arms and over toward the Cauldron, staring down into its abysmal pit to watch those souls cower and lead for their lives. She laughed at them, fiding joy and amusement in their cries for help.

"Ahahahaha! You hear them screaming?! It's funny! Really funny! I wanna make people scream for their lives, too!"
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It was cute, his little girl getting so into this... Just like he used to, so long ago.

"Just be patient, my sweet little Trinity... You and your mother will have eye beams soon enough. Just watch..."

He snapped his fingers, Misery and Despair appearing from the Pit of Havoc; the very back of Khrona's head.

"It's time. It's time for you to give up your bodies. Misery. Despair. This is our last task together."

Misery, scoffing, "I've been waiting for this for like, ever. Truth be told, I thought you were actually gonna leave us out of it! I was gonna be so pissed at you!"

She smirked, placing a hand on her hip.

Misery: ... But I knew you would never do that to us. You love us too much.

She looked around, trying to figure out what was what. All too quickly, she figured it out.

Misery: Hahaha, okay, let's get this over with, huh?

Despair stayed completely silent in the background, but was smiling the entire way... She was going to come along, too... After all this time, she simply thought she would have been dropped. Rejected. But even so... Khrona proved her wrong every time. It was why she came along with him in the first place. So, she had no words to say... Merely accepted her fate.

Despair: ... We're all gonna go together... I'm so happy...

For once, she was just happy. Not negatively positive, nor positively negative... Just... Happy.

"... Well then, girls. It's sad to have to watch you go like this after all we've been through, but... Your souls are eternal. And you'll be with me through these two... Hahahaha."

Truth be told... He was gonna miss them. But at least now... They'd still be with him. Through his wife and child. But it still brought a Crystal Tear to his face... And that single tear was dropped into the Cauldron, causing its color to become completely and utterly clear.

"... I love you two."

With hands outstretched, he shot his hands into their chests and, just as with Eruka and Mizune, began to forcefully rrriiiiiiiiiiiiiip their souls straight from their bodies... And, with their last breaths, they would say in unison...

Misery and Despair: ... We love you, too, Khrona...


... And that was all she wrote.

Khrona took the two souls of his beloveds and plopped them in the Cauldron as well, as the physical weapon bodies that were going to be used for the creation the lifeless corpses of the four dead women and dropped them in the cauldron as well, letting them get nice and melty... Smelty, that is. Finally, he would stick Rei in and begin to mix again, till all were combined as one nice, smelty, mixture, ripe for these souls to choose their forms.

"Well, my love, an my daughter... It's time to complete the Ritual."

He held up Rei and pointed at them, and she would begin to shake, as if using some sort of ancient voodoo power on them... Such was the effect of The Ritual, after all... And Khrona began to complete a series of rather archaic hand signs; those that had never been seen before, just like with Nagase.

"I hereby release Nagase's soul from the bindings of the ancient Ritual and, hereby place under its effects... Titania and Trinity. So that we may be bound for eternity, as a prosperous family of love and happiness."

Under them, a great deal of runes and hieroglyphs appeared etched into the ground, as if they had already been there, burnt into the ground... It was the Mark of Tensei; the proof. He stabbed Rei into the dead center, sending binding stitches all up and down those runes on the floor, and soon through the Bond that Khrona shared with Titania and Trinity, sealing it in place with weird stitching of sorts. The Eternal Bond had been created... And, so too, the Mark of Tensei was etched into their very souls; all three of them. It would only hurt for a moment, and afterward, they'd feel completely at peace.

"Now... It's been complete. Now jump into the Cauldron and create your physical bodies."

He smiled at them, rather tired from completing such a... well... Immensely powerful task as to sever a bond and create an Eternal one. That was something that took a lot out of even someone like Khrona. Phew. But it was all for the best...
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She stood there patiently, watching in awe how her father worked. She didn't say a word, and was completely still for the entire process, marveling all the way.


When it was done, she could feel the sting of something in her soul, but it didn't really matter to her at all. She was just worried about...

"Yay! I know what I want! I know what I want!!"

Naturally, she was going to get first pick... She was his daughter after all.

"Ummm... Okay, I want... The eyes of Malojos! And... the sword of Misery! And... The Energy Beams of Mizune! The Mice of Mizune and... The Explosives of Despair! And the Despair Wavelength! And the Insanity wavelength!"

She seemed to have everything all picked out that she wanted. When that was done, she jumped into the Cauldron willingly, splashing around in it like a bath tub.

"WOOHOO! I'm gonna have so much fun!!"

She, too, was quite hapy that she and Khrona were finally going to be together in body, mind and so been waiting for this day... Ever since they first THOUGHT of conceiving Trinity together, she had been waiting for the day where the three of them would finally be able to... For, they did conceive her together, and now, it was time to do everything else that way, too.

"You're such a sweetie, doing all of this for your family."

She moved over to the Cauldron after her hyperactive daughter hopped in, and gave Khrona a big kiss on the lips.

"I know you've wanted this ever since we made her together. You always make a way, don't you...? It's something I've always admired about you, my love..."

Always finding ways to make her dreams come true... Even though she was the Queen of Dreams. Remarkable.

She took a look down into the pot and gazed into it, beyond Trinity's splashing, that is. She pondered deeply, knowing that there was more in there...

"... Alright. The Razors of Despair. Frogs of Eruka. Bombs of Eruka. Power of Serulenia. Scythe of Misery. Rejection Wavelength and Condemnation Wavelength."

With all of that, she took a step into the Cauldron as well, right beside Trinity, and smiled at her, then at Khrona. Then, she closed her eyes, and would allow Khrona to make them whole... Into physical beings.
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It was nice to see his two special girls so happy, and was more than happy that he also got a nice sweet 'bonus present' from Titania... Which he knew he'd be receiving 'more' of later. Heh heh...

"Well then, girls. Let's make it happen!"

He would stab Rei into the Cauldron and swirl a couple times, to let everything start to set into place within them, in accordance to what each of them asked for. Soon, the Cauldron bubbled up again... Frothing over until its magic spilled over the sides, folding in on itself and back up into them to completely cover them in the bubbles, till they were seen no longer.

"Mmm... Okay, so... One more thing..."

He plucked Rei out and tapped her on the edge a bit, then pondered to himself. He was missing one thin-- Ah. That's right.

"Black Blood."

He pricked his finger, allowing just a drop to fall into the concoction, causing the entire mixture to turn completely black for a moment, then settle back into its clear state. After that, it was completely and utterly... Complete~!

"Alright girls~! Time to pop out of the Cauldron, my sweet little Soulmates~!"

He was going to get to go on his journey again... This time, with his wife and daughter by his side. It was the best wish he could get; to go through life with these two. The greatest present. Life with them eternally. The Eternal Bond... One and only.

Bubble, bubble... Toil and trouble... From the froth, and on the double... Sprung forth the true form of Titania Tensei; Tsukihime and Queen of Dreams.

"Mmm... Mmmm~!"

Adorned in a gorgeous flowing dress, as if prepared for a wedding, and a body completely formed as opposed to her prior form, which had very little to no physical form, she smiled at Khrona, happily hovering to his arms and embracing him once more.

"... I can finally take physical form for you, you know..."

She winked at him provocatively, as if waiting for this very moment, as well. She was more than prepared for it...

"It's almost time for the Red Moon, too..."

She giggled...

"Shin Akatsukiyomi..."

"Isn't the Red Moon simply divine...?"

She always thought so... It was because of the color of those Twin Red Moons that she fell in love with so long ago. Red... Like the blood that they were going to spill... She could hardly contain herself...

"And we'll do it together... I'm glad you waited for me, baby~!"
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One step affter her mother, right out of the Cauldron's bubbling bath, Trinity emerged in her new form as well... Though hers was a bit less drastic of a change... She was covered in some sort of amorphous transmogrifying... thing that was now attached to her cute little body and tail. Were these her... Wings?


There were ten of them... Ten wings and one dragon tail. Hovering through the air cutely, she twiddled her little energy claws together, messing with what she could do with the powers she had now.

"Teeheehee... Heehee... I am Trinity Tensei! Destroyer of all! With my daddy and my mommy, we're gonna take down anyone in our way!! Right?!"

She cutely turned to them, hyped as always, and looked them square in the eyes with her cute little beaming red eyes... She got them from her father. Her mother did always say... that Trinity had her father's eyes.

"Can we go play now, huh? Can we, can we, can weeeee?! Pleeeaaase!? I dunno if I can control myself~!!"

She was shaking with anticipation! Excitement! Fun! In a similar fashion as her parents... Save for a few ways... Hmhm.
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After witnessing what seemed to be a most successful smelting process, both Titania and Trinity would emerge from the Cauldron as now physical beings; Weapons. It looked like everything was going smoothly from here on out.

"Oooo, looks like the process was flawless. And you say that it's time for the Dawn of the Red Moon? Oh, this is just stupendous."

He chucked Rei over to Titania, now, who seemed to want her turn with using her power.

"Make it count, love."

And Khrona kicked back and relaxed, waiting here for all that was to be accomplished.

"The Red Moon of Love... Hmhmhm..."

His eye glimmered as he stared out of the window and at that moon, watching all that Blue slowly drench itself in bloody red...

When thrown, she caught the lance just as easily as Khrona did before, already picking up on the Tensei sway. She twirled it around, a trail of gorgeous dreamy mist flowing around her.

"This home... With you, me and Trinity... A happy household with you two is what I want..."

She smiled softly to herself, looking up at the Red Moon, then over to the Twin Red Moons again, and her smile widened.

"I am grateful for the events that brought us here... But your emotions are gonna have to be tamed in order for this to happen."

She stopped twirling the lance, coming to a steady pause as she gazed her lover in the eyes... What she was going to do from here on was going to be a rather serious thing that she hoped she wouldn't have to do...

"... We're going to have to kill those emotions of yours. You can't have them imbalanced, and it's taking too long for you to get them back into a state of equilibrium because of everything that's going on in your life."

She was well informed of Khrona's 'condition,' it seemed... Probably because, as the combination of both Misery and Despair, she had been with Khrona since before time began, and knew just what would become of those powerful negative emotions whilst the positive ones were attempting to flourish.

"... I'm going to have to put them back inside of your head. Can you call them to me, please?"

This was going to be a process in and of itself, but... Hell. These two did anything for their love. Anything. That was how much they loved, to be completely honest.

Khrona snickered. He snickered to himself, trying to hold back his laughter...

"Heh heh... I can't bring em back once they're out. They're like... Thing 1 and Thing 2. When they're out, they're out. You gotta get em back yourself. I'll tell you a secret; if you kill them before they get to their 10th stage, they'll IMMEDIATELY go to the 10th stage on their own and return to my head."

So, that is to say... It would have just been easier to kill those little critters from the start. But some of them were necessary to develop the way they did... Khrona knows. Khrona always knows.

"So. Go get them. Love ya, babe. You're so sweet, doing this for meeee~!"

He blew her a kiss and winked, knowing good and well that she'd take care of this problem rather expeditiously. He knew how much she wanted to just be a happy family... So did he.

"By the by, the mouse and the frog were flukes. You're the real deal, miss night owl. You know with me, the third time's the charm. And you're lucky number 3~!"

He was happy that those two got what they deserved. Sadness... Pain... Suffering... Sorrow... It made Khrona just lauuuugh~!
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She nodded her head, swirling Rei again in her hand as a 'getting prepared' sort of stance.

"Yeah, so. When I get rid of those emotions, I'm coming for a piece of your mind. You know... Khrina?"

She knew that Khrina was Khrona's subconscious self... The twin. The girl version. The one who placed the Thirteen Restrictions on Khrona in the first place to keep him from destroying himself... That was the piece of her that she was missing. Khrona had both parts... Himself and Khrina. Titania was missing that one piece of herself... Which was that piece of Khrona. With Khrina in her head, perhaps Khrona would be at peace... With knowledge of everything that went on in her head. And she, his.

"... It would make it much easier to track those emotions of yours. Besides... I... Want a piece of your mind in me because... I love you. And want to share everything with you, just like you do me."

Maybe with Khrina out of his head and into hers, he wouldn't have to go through so much in his own mind anymore. Their minds would be completely and utterly synced through that. She'd know everything about him, and he would know everything about her.

"What do you say? You think you can trust me with your subconscious mind? To be Khrina?"

She only hoped that this would be the key to saving him... She only hoped.

... He chuckled.

"By all mean. I've been waiting for this for quite some time, you know. Ah, Khrina..."

Omnia was her name, and for good reason. She was everything to Khrona; everything parallel to himself. Thus, with the same knowledge of everything, including each other... They'd be the key to each others' subconscious, both of them being... Omnia.

"... So we're each other's Keepers, huh? Then by all means..."

The room became dark. Deep, deep down into the Trinity Plane, where Khrona's Mind, Body and Soul would connect as one, they would have to travel to the very back... the Pit of Havoc.

"Hope you're prepared, love. Hmhmhm..."

He closed his eyes and disappeared, and, as if the shadows of the darkness grabbed hold of her, she was taken deep down into the Pit as well... Oh, such Havoc would occur...

In a flash of light after being smothered by darkness, almost as if she blinked and missed everything, she was back in Allsgrim Manor, like none of that had transpired at all. But, she knew it did. She and he knew it did. Trinity may have been too busy doing her own thing, but between her parents, they knew.

"... That was a... Wonderful experience, to say the least. But now, it's time to get back to business."

She knew the next night had come... For the regal dawn of the Jade moon. Trinity's moon.

"... Alright, my sweet little angel... Here you go. It's your turn to have Rei."

She wisped over to Trinity dreamily, and placed in her hyperactive hands the weapon of mass destruction... Rei Tensei.

"Go on, my baby. Bring balance like you know balance should be brought here. Go make mommy and daddy proud."

She smiled at her gorgeous daughter, loving every single feature about her, from head to toe. She was a remarkable baby, and it was her time to shine as such. She knew everything that she was doing as a being of consciousness... She knew and understood. But could she control it? Hm... That was always something to find out...

"What mommy needs you to do is to go find all of daddy's emotions and put them back in his head, completely balanced, alright? If you see one, just count aaaall the way to ten and then snag it and put it in Daddy's head! You have all day to do it, so you'd better hop to it!"

She released Rei to Trinity's hands and... Smiled and waited. Wisping back over to Khrona, she giggled to herself... Maybe now they could have some alone time, too...~?

Her mom was right, she hadn't noticed a thing going on between her and her father. But it didn't matter when they got back, because when they did, it seemed like there was a special surprise waiting for Trinity...

"Oooooh, mommy, is this the stick daddy used when he put it in the big portal thingy? I get to play with it!?"

Her little hyperactive mind wrapped around only the fact that she was going to go have some fun... She was like a little fairy; like Tinkerbell, in fact, feeling only one emotion at a time.

"Hooray! Hooray hooray!"

The lance was placed in her hands, and she calmed herself only to listen to her mother speak, giving her instructions on what to do about everything. Looks like the situation was to help her dear old dad out a little bit with this one..

"Okie dokie~! As long as I get to go out and play!"

It was a big task to be put on someone like this, but she was the daughter of Khrona and Khrina... Hell, that just meant that she could do whatever the fuck she wanted to do, truth be told.

"Okay, count to... Ten! And then... Snag it! Then... Put it in Daddy's head! Easy! Easy!"

Jiggling with anticipation, her mother released the spear and let Trinity... Well, off to go on her own.


And without warning, she warped away. All hell was about to break loose...

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Craving 18: Tournament Battle: Crystall Queen

In the midst of the battle, easily opening the arena's top through a black portal, came the man whom this meal was so extravagantly prepared for... Yes, prepared for. Little Queensley and Crystall, as well as many others who so foolishly signed up for a tournament and let themselves become locked in a prison by the 'enemy.'

"My brother certainly knows how to prepare a meal, hm? Several courses, all hand picked in power just for me. He spoils me, he truly does."

The sound of a requiem played fluently from the piano just as black as the hole he came from. Alticord, the signature piano of none other than Grimnyzmal, a feared antagonist to the planet that had not been seen since the days of the original Nightmare. Well, the remnants of that nightmare were back now, children, so listen up good.

"Which one of you is Queensley...?"

His third eye, the only eye open at the moment, stared at both of them for a moment, before switching off to the other. After those brief moments of collecting intel on them, Grimnyzmal would find that the one on his right was none other than Queensley Coffin.

"Though sad that you must bid this world adieu, I've played a special requiem for yourself and your friends. Many apologies for what is about to happen, but I am simply hungry, you see..."

At the end of his sentence, he played the final cord of the first segment of the song.

"At the end of this song, my dear, your time will be up, I'm afraid. I do so hope you enjoy the song. I put all of my sorrow for what I have to do to you into it. Please, if nothing else, simply listen."

And he continued to play.

... G-flat... The wrong note. Grimnyzmal never missed a beat. Never messed up his songs. Not unless... Alticord was telling him he was doing something wrong.

"Ah... I must have been playing in the wrong Clef... Used the wrong Key... And thus, playing the wrong Song..."

He sat there for a moment, the Requiem falling into the darkness of his heart, only so he may play a happy melody.

"... No one is dying here today. I'm not hungry."

That melody... It was a nice little jingle. As if assuring him that he had done the right thing.

"... Ah, there we go. The Key I was looking for..."

He chuckled to himself. He had done it wrong the first time... But he was back to do it right. Grimnyzmal...

"I would suggest freeing yourself from this prison my brother has put you in. If you have not noticed, this space was created for you to grow. I wish you could understand that fully, instead of thinking he is evil... That we are evil... We only wanted you all to grow..."

G-sharp. That was the right Note. And, on that Note, Grimnyzmal would lower himself into an abysmal pit of darkness, going back to whence he came... Allsgrim Manor.

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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

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Craving 19: Stopping By

As the new girl set foot on the grounds of the rather large manor, a man would appear from a large mouth opening up from the ground, shrouded in blackness akin to a rather snazzy suit with a scarf wrapped around his face and neck to hide his mouth. A smile from under his wrappings and a friendly humble bow preceded his next words;

"Ah, a new customer! How may I be of service, my dear?"

His eyes, the only part of his face not covered by either hair nor scarf, widened only a bit from their naturally narrow and devilish slits upon hearing the name 'Khrona.' He didn't seem surprised, but... A little pleased to hear someone in the family had recommended someone to this place.

"... Well now, I am very pleased to make your acquaintance, Madam. As you may or may not already know, you may call me Nyto-Xim, or, Nytox, for short."

He took a short step to the side, extending his arm past himself and toward the glorious chateau before them; Maldoche Dolores.

"This is my home and personally run business; Chateau Maldoche Dolores. Here, I am looking for a great number of helpful contenders to provide service to my humble shop of sweets. You look to be most qualified judging from your etiquette so far."

He smiled, yet it was hidden under his scarf, yet again.

"Come. I will show you around inside, and explain to you how I can make you into a Witchling."

And so, he would begin to walk toward the doors of his Chateau, escorting the good lady toward the first room, where she would be shown the ropes.

Entering the doors of the cafe part of his manor, he would allow her to walk in first, catching her question as she walked by. It was something that was rather odd, yes, but nonetheless, accurate to ask, no matter how embarrassed she felt about it. It made him chuckle, actually.

"Hmhmhm... Now, now, my dear. No need to be sorry. Simply something that was on your mind, and I am more than happy to answer!"

With another hidden smile, he'd close the door behind them and, once more, escort the lass toward another part of Maldoche. As he did so, he'd answer her question.

"... I hide my face because I am rather reserved... I do not particularly enjoy revealing myself to others because, well... My former life here was that of a Grim. My people, as Grims, are known as World Eaters due to our insatiable appetite, that can only be stopped for a moment by eating people with great strength, planets, stars, galaxies... Even universes. It all depends on our level of power which is how we must be fed."

He stopped, turning abruptly to head toward a back room behind the cafe, where it seemed all of the pastries and sweets were. She was going to learn her magic here in this room.

"... My brother was one formerly known as Grimlock; the man who consumed entire universes to feed his awesome power, as did our father, Grim, who consumed dimensions to sustain his... I was the only one that did not enjoy consuming... And so, I vowed to stop. Our innards are nothing but black holes, and our souls are trapped within accessories we carry, as we are a rather regal bunch. My soul is contained within my cane, Lordemeire, and my piano, Alticord."

He paused now, turning around to face her, smiling once again.

"Though, after our reincarnation, our appetites have been satiated. Though we are still World Eaters, we are no longer hungry, and may use our powers as we see fit in other ways... It was formerly Devourism, but now it has become something... Greater."

He plopped a piece of candy in his mouth, and upon chewing it, a slew of magical essence burst from it, seeping from his scarf in an array of auras.

"... So these sweets suffice for me. As I have a sweet tooth. Which leads me to how you're going to become a Witchling... Through one of these magical sweets. It'll help you discover your Sway of Magic, and then, that magic will soak into your soul, until it is one of magical quality..."

It seemed very mystical and cryptic, in actuality, but it was fine. The lass would see why he was the ruler of the Witch Province soon enough... Even higher than the Grand Magistrate herself.

The girl's response was quite accurate for someone looking in on what this man had done in his life, and what he was capable of... Especially with the manner in which he presented himself. Even as that Grim of old, he was always so kind and pleasant... Kham should remember that. The Dark King, too. Fond memories he had of them, even if their goal was to destroy him in the past.


His eyes slowly came to a close, reminiscing about times past and what fun he had... He still had a part of him within the Dark King, and as such, they had an odd 'Bond' that was rather difficult to explain...

"... Mm!"

His eyes shot open, and he would return to what he was saying to the lass, before he became lost in his abysmal thought. His mind was as large as his stomach, they say.

"Ah, many pardons, I just so happened to misplace my thoughts at the time. I do apologize for my lack of attention to the matter. Now... Where was I?"

He cleared his throat, waving his hand across the table behind him, and an assortment of many treats, sweets and pastries making themselves available to the visage of the lass.

"Pick which one resonates with your soul the best, for that will determine what your Sway of Magic is. Your Sway of Magic is depicted by your personality and the type of person you are... For example..."

He pondered for a moment, wondering who he could use as an example for this... Zita, perhaps?

"Ah, yes! The Grand Magistrate! Her personality is overwhelmingly attractive and consumptive, to the point where she steals all attention she wishes from others like a sort of leech... Thus, her magic revolves around Gravity, Chains and Locks, due to that overwhelmingly attractive and capturing personality. Her familiars are Parasites of all kinds, which is noticed by her rather parasitic nature... Stealing the show any way she can, no matter who or what is in her way. Hmhmhm..."

It was funny describing her like that, as she had a generally good heart... But put it in the wrong place... And was just so lazy.

"This Sway of Magic, or, her personality, is exactly what her soul is like. That is how you define what your 'Sway' is; to find out who you are and what resonates with you. Finding one of these magical treats... Tarty tarts, as I like to sometimes call them... Will bring out the magic within you and assist you in figuring out what your own personal 'Sway' is. Afterward, you must simply eat and eat and eat until your soul is soaked with magic, and it is brought out in you enough for you to manipulate it to your will. Does that make sense?"

He was aware that such talk was a little bit... Complex for those who did not know about magic, but, that was what questions were for!

"... Any questions, madam?"

He took a good look at her selection, nodding his head in approval, as if a very good choice for a soul of her nature. Yet, he said nothing, only let out a humble hum.


With a wave of his hand, the other delicacies were banished, and the table was barren.

"Now, how did it taste? Describe it in vivid detail, if you please."

This candy that would be so resonant with her, the taste would assist in the description of her own soul, as it would begin to taste to her like something befitting of herself.

"Texture, flavor, sweetness... Things of that nature. Describe it all. How it makes you feel, how it makes your soul feel... All are necessary to know the Sway of your own Magic."

Once she knew all that this sweet treat was, the next step would come about... Making it and Naming it.

He continued to nod, as if taking in that surplus of information about the treat and pondering deeply on the meaning of it to the lass... Yet, she still wouldn't know how the magic of her soul would be affected by it. But this was a start.

"Good, good... Now that you know the description of this treat... I will need you to use what you know of it to create it in the way you see fit for yourself; built from the soul with the magic that it releases. Come. Let me show you..."

He took his hand, once more waving it across the table and clearing it completely, and in its place, an assortment of magical ingredients made for the use of creating the delicacy the way the lass saw fit.

"Because you are new to this, you must use your bare hands to create, and the magic will slowly be drawn out and placed into your ingredients, putting a piece of yourself into every bit of it till it fully pulls out the style of your magic. Put in everything you feel would give you the same sensation as before; as this type of creation comes from deep within. After you're done, you must see if it is to your satisfaction... And, if so, name it and eat it. After that, we will continue further."

She would become a Witchling soon enough, and would also have the power to practice her magic here at Maldoche Dolores. It would get her prepped and prim enough to engage her magic outside of these walls, until she was comfortable enough to actually create... Well, spells.

"Please, name every single ingredient you use, and how you use them to create your treat, for it will be sold in my shop and you will not only reap benefits of gold from service, but also grow proficient in using your magic the more of your treats you create."

Nytox watched carefully the lass' process of creating her treat, watching her put all that she was into the work. The green treats took the color of what could be either sour or sweet, or both, which was what she was going for. It definitely looked the part. Placing a hand on his well covered chin, he nodded his head yet again, which he seemed to do quite a lot. He was a thinker; an observer, andd it was only natural to notice everything that went on.

Eventually, she came to the final parts of creating her masterpiece, or... pieces, rather. They were cute, adorable little Gummy Bears. He smiled and chuckled happily at the sight of them, waiting for them to cool off so he may taste one as well, when offered.

"Thank you kindly! I don't mind if I do!"

So, with the utmost care, he took one and plopped it in his mouth, chewing it and tasting to see if it was how the lass described hers in the first place...

"Hmmmm... It seems to have a certain overwhelming sour taste, which soon turns to sweetness, like that of Green Apple... Chewy and gummy, and the alluring green makes you ponder till you actually take a bite. Thus, is this the flavor of your soul? Are you satisfied with your outcome?"

The sweet sensation in his mouth was quite pleasant to him... he loved sweets oh, so much. Naturally, owning a sweets shop.

"If you are satisfied with this, you may continue on to create more, till till you are comfortable making many more, and consume them until your Sway of Magic spurts from within you as your style of magic, reminiscent of the candies you create."

He watched the lass work on her little... 'Masterpieces,' and, though fervent in her works, she seemed to almost be... Missing the point of this assignment. Oh well, at least she was having fun. Her confections seemed to be that of the 'gum' nature... Sticky, with a hint of the sour and sweetness to it. Not bad. Sure, she was going just a tad bit overboard, but, it was good to have such vigor! He was impressed.

"Oho! Well done, Madam! However... You do realize that you will have to... Name all of these, don't you? Unless they are all part of the same delicacy, I take it?"

They were supposed to match that of her soul... He hoped that she had been satisfied with what she did.

"... Taste them. Describe them. Are you satisfied with your creations? If so, then let them bring out your magic and--"

Suddenly, from out of thin air, his dear brother Loeci appeared, holding in his hand something he hadn't seen in quite some time... Something he was happy, oooh so happy to see...

"The True Godsend... Loeci, does this mean that tonight is the night of my moon? Finally?"

He took Rei into his hands, his brother not saying a word more than what he needed to know. It was his Night of Tensei... The night of the Seventh Moon. Oh, how he was going to LOVE this...


He took Rei and pointed her at the lass, energy started to build up within her, and such energy should be felt resonating within the lass' soul, as if boiling her own magic a bit.

"That is something I cannot tell you, but you tell me. Are you satisfied with your treat? Has it revealed to you the nature of your magic? Do you know what it is? Do you have a name for it? And, do you think your treat will sell? What special property does it have that makes it... Well... You? Is it a healing candy? Elemental? What makes it... Special?"

He was ready to change her into a Witchling... If she were truly satisfied. Then, he would have to be off, for his Night was here, and the Seventh Moon would rise tonight... The Moon of Faith.

He pondered, stroking his chin...


Everything she said... Not only did it seem absolutely perfect in explanation, but he was sure that she knew how it related to her own personality as well... As such, her magic would take shape within her very soul, and she would be allowed the passage into Witchhood.

"It is perfect, my dear! I am very happy, very proud! As my first actual apprentice, you shall be under my special wing!!"

He placed a hand to her chest, smiling under his scarf...

"And now, I hereby announce you, a Witch! Rather... A Witchling!!"

He thrust his palm to her, jolting the magic dormant within her to explode outward and consume her very essence, transforming her from a normal shinobi to a magical Witchling... In some sort of 'magical girl' transformation that you see in anime and such like Magical DoReMi or something. Yes... Yes, quite...

"And with that done, my first order of business is to ask... What is it you want to do now, Madam?"

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Craving 20: The Ultraviolet Moon's Rays... Shin Shigaitsukiyomi

In his quarters in Maldoche Dolores, Nytox could finally reveal his true intention. All he wanted was for his family to get along and get what they wished for... He just wanted his family to be happy...

"The Tensei family is, as it is, falling to shambles... And the only person I know who can save it is..."

He closed his eyes, pointed Rei up to the sky...

"... Khrona."

He closed his eyes and shook his head, gripping Rei as tightly as he possibly could...

"... My moon is the moon of Faith. Khrona, I give my faith in your love and the love of your significant other, and your child... Your family and all that it is. I have faith in you... I have faith in us. We, as Tensei men, I give you my Faith..."

He held Rei up high... And for the ultimate act of Faith, he was going to do something he never thought he could before...

"... I will allow her to become Grand Magistrate. As my rule goes over even the Grand Magistrate's law... I will have Zita bless Titania... Er, Khrina, with power as Grand Magistrate!"

This was his decree... By the light of his moon.

"ZITA!!! I summon thee from the depths of HELL! It is time to make a BOND!!"

From a bursting plague off locusts, the Queen of Parasites revealed herself to be, from the pits of Hell which he had been banished. She scoffed, crossing her arms, even though she was happy to be back.

"... I knew I wouldn't be down there for long. Sucks that I'm gonna go back. But, whatever. I'll get over it."

She smiled at Nytox, shuffling her hands together... He was the revered ruler of all Witches, and over Nytoz itself. It was an honor to be in his presence, even as Grand Magistrate.

"Hmhmhm, so, I hear you wish to make a Bond with me...~? How I've longed for this day..."

She usually hunted for men that had power... the Demon King, the Mafia Boss, and now Nytox... Oh, boy, Nytox... His power would just be so... Juicy~!

"What is is that you want me to do, Master N~?"

He smiled at her from under his scarf, happy to see that she was so very willing to do whatever he wished...

"Ah, my dear, sweet Zita... I am relinquishing my power and giving it to Khrona and Khrina in good faith. As such, they shall be the new rulers of Nytoz, and Khrina shall become the Grand Magistrate! I feel as though they may mediate much better than I, and since I do indeed have your consent..."

He pointed Rei at Zita's soul...

"I want you, under the Contract that I have summoned you under, to go give your blessings to Khrina and crown her Grand Magistrate. Only after that shall I Bond with you."

He closed his eyes warmly... Almost as if threatening her very existence if she did not. Hmmm... A sticky predicament for the crafty Zita... Looks like she was finally caught.

Just like that, almost all of Zita's hopes and dreams were shattered right there before her face.

"You say WHAT!?!? After I tried so HARD to get rid of that little WITCH and her... GRRR!!!"

She couldn't even be happy for Khrona here because she just despised... Yes, TITANIA all that much. But, even so... Having a Bond with Nytox was still great, as his power through the Tensei heritage was far beyond something she could overlook... She might as well make peace with the Tenseis as she found a lover for herself...

"... Fine. I'll end the eternal battle that our ancestors past had started... Grimro and Grimlock... The former Grand Magistrate and your old brother. Hmph. I accept... And I grant my blessing to Titania... er... Khrina."

She could barely even BELIEVE that she even CONDONED this... But, at the end of it all, what did it matter? She had this title and wasn't gonna do anything with it... Might as well give it to someone who was gonna actually do good with it. She still did care for her little Witches... All of them.

"... She'd better treat my Witches right... And now, the spot of Head Witch is open again..."

She really wanted her daughter, Chita to maintain the status of Head Witch, but... It wasn't her right to decide anymore. It was all up to Chita.

"... I guess if another Witch Trial is held, we'll get to see who will be the Head Witch..."

And knowing Chita, she wouldn't pass up a fight. She only hoped her dear daughter won... Or, better yet, cared enough to compete...

"... Alright, Master N... What now?"

His heart was warmed to find her have such a change of heart... Even if it was forced upon her. Zita was the type that needed to be cornered in her bullshit to actually get her to do something, and if not, she'd continue on the path of 'I got away with it' forever. But now, there was nowhere to hide, nowhere to run, and her blatant hatred of Titania was no longer relevant.

"... This makes me very, very happy, Zita. Thank you."

So, with Rei charged with power... He released a huge bolt of energy straight into Zita's soul, which then shot back into his, creating a powerful, solid Bond between the two of them. He knew that was all she wanted in the first place... Other than a man to sleep with.

"... If it makes you feel better, I will find you someone. So you will not be so lonely. But right now, I must finalize your words..."

He pointed Rei to the sky again, the power charged within being that of the Grand Magistrate's blessing and power, as well as his own, with Faith backed behind it, shooting straight to Khrona and Khrina in Allsgrim Manor.

"... Use it well... Whip these Witches into shape, you two..."

Now, his Night was over, and he was going to have to give the True Godsend to the only human Tensei... Shinra.

"... He was a phenomenal man, that Shinra... To be born a pure blood human out of a family of superbeings such as ourselves... Of course, he was the chosen one to bear that child of his that has made all of this possible... That Khrona Tensei."

He turned to Zita...

"... Well. Back to Hell for you. Still have to atone, you know. Though, I will indeed be down to visit you, and I will summon you up here as necessary. Taa."

He blasted her soul back down to hell with Rei once more, banishing Zita from his sight... For the moment.

"Cruel, cruel fate..."

After, he'd make his way to Shinra. His night was tonight, after all. And this is the night where all such Bonds are finalized by Shinra's fortitude and might. His moon was an important one, definitely.
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Craving 21: The Silver Moon's Bonds; Shin Gintsukiyomi

Sitting right outside of the massive doors of Manor Alexandros, Shinra, Khrona's father, stared up to the sky, as all the other Tenseis seemed to be doing during this time, watching as the moon shifted in its color.

"... Shia... The True Godsend will be here soon..."

Shia: I am aware, Shinra. You're moon is one of the most important, you know.

"... I am aware, as well."

They were waiting for Nytox to appear from the skies... Nytox being his father.

"Father... Let me finalize the bonds of this world. Send me the weapon of our ancestors... Rei Tensei, the True Godsend."

As if answering his prayers, one of the twin Grims appeared from the skies, walking down from the moon on invisible stairs. In his hand, Rei Tensei, and it was extended to his son, Shinra.

"My boy... It is time... With all your might, you will finalize the important bonds between all those that have made them... Locking them for eternity, permanently."

He reached the end of the invisible stairwell, releasing Rei to the hands of Shinra.

"... My son. I am counting on you. This moon is more important than you know."

He nodded his head and, without a trace, he was gone. Shinra knew how important this moon was; he was the first of the special children.

Bowing his head to his father as he descended, Shinra humbly accepted the power of Rei, taking hold whilst listening to his father's words of wisdom.

"... Of course, father. I am aware of how important this is. I could never forget. Shia would never allow me to, either. Haha."

He gripped Rei tightly, feeling her power resonating with his immeasurably powerful chakra... It was a wonderful feeling.

"... Now. It is time."

As Nytox disappeared, Shinra stood to his feet, pulling Shia to her feet, as well.

"You will receive blessings from the True Godsend, Shia. Her blessings will allow you her power, just as all Tensei who find their Godsend do."

He pointed Rei at Shia, and she would begin to glow with a huge amount of energy.

"With the power of Rei, let our bond become eternal..."

The energy radiating from Rei was shot straight into Shia's soul, and then back into Shinra's, creating a powerful reinforced Bond that was just like the Eternal Bond Khrona created with Khrina. Such was the power of the Silver Moon.

The power... It flowed through them both with a heavenly might... They could feel its power overlapping something they had already done. Their love. Their trust. Their faith. Their strength with each other.

Shia: Ah, Shinra...

She could barely speak, letting this power being pulled down from the heavens overtake her, and he as well. He closed his eyes and simply felt the wavelength's reverberations within their souls...

"Mmm... So this is what it feels like..."

Yet, for some reason, Shinra could not help but wonder about Evangeline... She definitely had no such Bond with Shinra any longer, but he still remembered about their time together... And knew that as long as she lived, he was going to have to kill her.

"... When I am finished with my moon's task, we must seek out Evangeline once more, and kill her once and for all."

That was something he was absolutely certain. But, his mind was released of such thoughts... Duty calls, and all.

Raising Rei to the skies, he pointed her at the Silver Moon, allowing her some of his chakra to increase the potency of her own power. He took a deep, cleansing breath and called out to all that was celestial, to the bonds of the universe...


The Eoforce reared, expelling the incredible concentrated force as a beam of pure light; the wavelength of a Bond reaching the moon's surface, and reflecting from it to all other Bonds that have been currently established. As the moon of Fortitude, Strength, Patience and Finality, these Bonds would strengthen to the point of eternalization, thus becoming just as permanent as he said. To the world, it would seem as though the moon were glowing with the brightness of the sun for a moment or two, before they would feel that powerful heavenly feeling within their very souls and the souls of their partners just as Shinra and Shia felt between them.

So, when it was all said and done, he closed his eyes, lowered Rei, and took another deep, cleansing breath.

"... It is done."

He fell back to his seat, Shia standing right beside him, stroking his long silver hair. She smiled at him, giving him a soft kiss on his forehead.

Shia: Now all we have to do is wait for tonight, when the Sea of Knowledge comes to get Rei...

"Mmm... That accursed Cleff... or... TRON... I do not trust that creature..."

Shia: You're just old fashioned, is all. Lighten up; he... er... she... er... it will do just fine. I don't think it would ever do anything to try to destroy this planet.

... ... ...

Shia: ... Again.

They were all around when Cleff became corrupt and almost eliminated this world. It was... Terrible, to say the least. That being had so much power on this world... almost like a god, even in such a childish form...

It was scary how much power and influence it actually had.

"... I sure hope you are correct, Shia..."

Shia: Besides, Khrona has control over it. Nothing can go wrong. Have faith in your son. One of the lessons of this moon is Patience, right? Well, have the Patience, Fortitude and Strength within your own heart to trust that your son will come through.

He couldn't disagree with her words. They were so very true.

"... Alright. I will sit here and wait for that binaric being to show its face... I wonder what form it will take..."

So, again, they would sit and wait, staring up at that beautiful Silver Moon...

Just as he expected, in a sea of pure binary, overflowing from the infinite ocean of knowledge and information came crashing down on a ship of technological genius... Cleff; known now in the form of Tron Tensei!

"Ahoy, land lubbers! I'm here for my treasure! It's time for MY moon!"

Digitizing from atop the ship and down before Shinra, she extended her hand and cleared her throat.

"I believe it's about time I put an end to Khrona's suffering here. It's gonna mess up everything if he can't keep his thoughts in his head anymore! We don't want THAT to happen!"

In short, she knew everything. Though she was taking the form of Tron, she was actually just Cleff having evolved to the form of all knowledge and information. Now Cleff was just having fun... But even in fun, it was time for business, and even if this was the form Cleff had chosen, Cleff always knew just what needed to be done.

"So hand over the True Godsend, Shinra!"

Shinra looked down at the sea that fell before him... Like a flood of knowledge, he took in what he saw with tired eyes...

"So you've resorted to being a pirate, hm...? I guess it is more fun than sitting around and simply allowing the knowledge to flow into yourself. I am glad that you're at least having fun."

He smiled just slightly at Cleff, or Tron, and nodded his head at her request.

"Take the weapon. You needn't pillage from family, you know."

He extended his hand with Rei in his grasp, placing her within Tron's.

"Go soothe my boy's mind with your infinite sea. You're just as much a part of him and this family as any of us. You know that for yourself. You're the other fairy that stems from our souls... Other than the Friday the Thirteenth Fairy. So go. He still has turmoil, even now."

Shinra knew that at the end of the day, if Khrona's mind was left to create as it did, then whenever he got upset, he would unleash hell upon this world, being unable to hold back his own insanities... Be it through speech or through Realization, his thoughts were going to manifest, and that was due to the pact he had with Tabris... But that pact was old news, since he returned to oneness with his lost and forgotten memories. Therefore... Such a pact was simply a burden now, and not binding in any way.

"... You've come to terms with your memories, my boy... So release yourself of that useless Pact Price you've placed on yourself... It means nothing now but despair for all those you come into contact with... Your mind is sound without it, anyway."

She snagged Rei without a second though, though listened to Shinra's words as he spoke them... She knew all along, as did every other Tensei who knew what this fate was... They were close now, the moons were almost at their completion...

She turned her back, digitizing upon her ship of Knowledge in the sea of Information... and she sighed.

"... It is hard to see him like this sometimes. To know that the only thing really destroying him is his own mind..."

She shook her head, knowing that it was time to put all this knowledge she had collected within him, so that she could give him absolute peace... And cut away the effects of that accursed Pact Price.

"... To be forced to tell everyone everything... Whether they are ready to hear it or not... Not being able to keep your thoughts and inner feelings to yourself... He did it so he could interact with people better and hope that they would understand him, but... Now he just can't stop."

She chuckled sadly, smiling up at the Silver Moon.

"... Even Gods have to follow the rules and regulations of others, if they chose to accept them within themselves. That's what Free Will is all about. But for the good of the world... We've gotta shut his mind back up, before he throws the world into calamity..."

She pointed forward, turning her ship around, and on the Sea of Information, she'd cast off toward the Tree of Life.

"... Let's give him everything we've got! Literally!!!"
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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

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Craving 22: Absolute Perfect Harmony; Shin Omnitsukiyomi

Chroma had been waiting patiently for a very long time; With every passing moon, she would anticipate her own... With her eyes completely closed, she stared up to the sky at the moon, as if waiting for Tigen's signal...


A gleam from the cosmos just as bright as the glint of her father's eyes brought forth from the darkness of space a single beacon of hope; a blinding beam of light cast down from the heavens and into the outstretched arm of Chroma Tensei. It was, of course, the True Godsend, resting softly in the sleeve of her elegant kimono. Her slight, beautiful smile grew just a bit, her anticipations coming into fruition, now, like a dream come true.

"It is finally time for... the song."

She lifted Rei into the air, and began to ascend, herself, drifting slowly... Slowly... Slowly up into the macrocosm that seemed to beckon her so. All things had been harmonized for this exact moment... The moment where all Tensei were in harmony, and all things would accomadate such absolute perfection. The chorus of the angels was complete, and all were about to achieve the perfect Soul Resonance to generate enough power to call down her Father...

Khrona Tensei.

And the True Friday the Thirteenth Fairy.

"... Places, everyone... This song must be absolutely perfect if our resonant voices of perfection are to reach the ends of the omniverse, where these two reside outside of our very existence..."

That said, she tapped Rei against the moon, and called for attention... All Tensei had to be at attention for this to work.

"... Is everybody ready?"

0th Moon; Grimoire/Cleff/Tabrith

Immediately, ascending up at the tap of the moon, Tabris looked down upon the planet with gleaming red eyes, much like the form of his counterpart. From here, he could visibly see the Crystal Tree, and he shook his head solemnly, chuckling lightly to himself.

"... It'll grow soon. I guess since I was the one who called for the Night of Tensei this time..."

He placed his hands in his pockets, turning his attention back to the conductor, Chroma.

"... I would be the first to appear."

He started to hum, setting the tone for all Tensei to follow with Absolute Melodious Perfection...

"All together now..."

And with deep, decisive breath, he called for the Dawn of the Zero Moon...

"Shin Reitsukiyomi..."

From the bowels of his infinitely large stomach, his voice rang throughout eternity... Omnitranscendent Sound and Absolute Melodious Perfection created a reverberating wavelength resonating out to all such souls. This was the beginning of the perfect Soul Resonance. This sound traveled through the Family Bond, calling every Tensei's soul in accord... The summoning of the Final Moon; Khrona's Moon.

1st; Shinsei

"Ah, Grimoire, looks like the Prophecy is coming to be... Hmhmhm. Infinite Sea of Knowledge... Dead Sea Scrolls..."

He chuckled, manifesting from the fabled land of Dimensia, the First Dimension. He crossed his arms over his chest, his body, the Flames of Eternity, bringing light to the darkness of space, even brighter than the sun that tried so hard to match his glory.

"So it is written, so it shall be, and all that jazz, hm?"

Nevertheless, the tone had been set, and for all other Tensei to follow, Shinsei would come into perfect accord with Tabris, and sing his song as well, calling forth the power of his moon; the Blue Moon.

"Shin Aotsukiyomi..."

The Blue Moon took shape before him, harmonizing with the infinite abyss of the Zero Moon, which none could witness in its eternal blackness. They resided right next to each other, and the light of the Blue Moon gave light also to the Zero Moon, letting it take on the same shade of Blue. His Moon would come into perfect resonance with that of the Zero, and so, the Zeroth and First Moons were connected enharmonic.

2nd; Shinrei

Right beside her husband, manifesting from the tip of the True Godsend, her Flame of Eternity shone bright next to his, joining hands in the essence of love; for the correction of their mistake so long ago coming to be, and so too, these two to be together in all ways yet again.

"Through the love of those two which we reside... We two may finally sing as one... And also, our children... So that we may call forth The One..."

She smiled to her husband and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath, and from deep within her, her voice rang out like a dream, harmonizing in utter accord with those two before her, in perfect harmony, to call forth her own moon... The Red Moon.

"Shin Akatsukiyomi..."

The thought of such peace of mind, peace of body, and peace of soul for such an eternity put her weary self to rest... Khrona and Khrina... Their conjunction is what caused this to be possible. Each moon contributed to this finality, and, so too, would the Red Moon of Love that formed before Shinrei. Beside her husband's Blue Moon, the Red Moon manifested, and its light was taken into the visible Zero Moon. The Zeroth, First and Second were now here, and the Zero Moon now swirled with the twin colors of peace and harmony; Red and Blue.

"... Never have I or will I see anything more beautiful than what the Zero Moon shall become when all moons come into equivocation... The Equinox..."

She closed her eyes, letting her song resound in the souls of them all... The love of partners, the love of family, the love of all... It would flow through the Family Bond.

3rd; Trinity


From the randomness of somewhere, little Trinity appeared where she was needed, right beside the soul of her mother; Shinrei. She giggled to herself, vibrating at such a high speed that her body ignited in its form of the Flame of Eternity. There, she flickered all about, more than ecstatic to finally get to create her moon for one of the most important parts of the story!!!

"Hip hip HOORAY!!! Trinity's here to SAVE THE DAY! Let's bring some Equilibrium, Tranquility and Balance to EVERYTHING with my Jade Moon!!!"

She was just so cute.

But, even she knew the importance of this, and she calmed her free, hyperactive spirit... To the point where her Father's dark and twisted seriousness could be seen within her... So, on the wavelength of perfection, she called forth her Jade Moon, and sung out...

"Shin Hisutsukiyomi..."

Trinity's body suddenly halted, and she focused her own consciousness to stabilize and keep harmony and serenity to the powerful buildup of energy that was the resonance of these souls. She closed her eyes and all that hyperactive energy within her would be used to keep everything in utter, complete balance, even for those to come. This caused the Jade Moon to manifest beside the Red Moon, and the Third Moon would gleam just as green as can be. Such marked the creation of the Third Moon. Its light was taken into the swirling concentration of Red and Blue, letting that Jade Green into the mix. Somehow, the three colors did not meld, but harmonized in their swirling mass of concentrated energy.

The three moons swirled around their abysmal epicenter and... Resembled a Sharingan, of sorts... But it was far beyond that. It was nothing like it. But the orbit of the moons accelerated... Faster... Faster... Faster...

4th; Tetra/Pumpkinhead/Corona

... A bright flickering distortion twisted space between the other Flames, igniting the spark that was a newly birthed Flame of Eternity; Corona Tensei. Taking the place of her former, Pumpkinhead, she sighed heavily, her shining red wings lighting he rest of her body aflame with the Sacred Fire.

"... Pumpkinhead, once again, gave himself up for the greater good... He took my place in Hell as Atonement for me... And granted me his gift of being the Flame of Eternity..."

She closed her burning eyes, clenching her fists tightly at the thought of what he did... He was always so pissed because he was always sacrificing himself for the sake of the greater good...

"... I'll get you out of there, Pumpkinhead... Just you wait. You won't have to suffer anymore..."

Her words, echoing straight from her heart formed the Voice and the Will to sing her song... The song of the Amber Moon of Justice, Punishment and Retribution.


"Shin Kohakutsukiyomi!!!"

She pointed her hand up, and her Four Swords of Divine Punishment would appear before her; Sacred Fire, Divine Wind, Pure Water, Blessed Earth... Each of them focused their powers into a single point, creating the Holy Light in its purest form. It took the form of a single sphere, which Corona snagged from the midst of the tips of these four weapons and lobbed it right above the Zero Moon. The Fourth Moon of Amber glistened with a blazing light like that of the sun, orbiting around the sphere vertically rather than horizontally, like the other moons. Its Amber gleam was pulled into the center point, coating the entire Blue, Red and Green sphere with that light, till those colors were completely covered by the glow.

Her song that rang out to the heavens with her eternal burning fury lit each soul ablaze with the power of Justice... But, to temper this flame, she honed her fury, and focused it down to the harmonious wavelength through the Family Bond...

"... For Pumpkinhead..."

5th; Riviera (Will Explain Lineage Later)

(Riviera Only)

From the depths of the eternal River Styx, Riviera sprung like a soaring kite, and assumed her position right beside the other Flames.

"Allow me to bring some peace to such a vibrant flame... Calm..."

She closed her eyes and brought her hands to the center of her chest, a noise beginning to resonate from the depths of the flowing waters of death within her. It started as a low, calm, flowing hum...

"Lemori... Leshura..."

A mantra of calm... From her life prior. She still remembered, and would never forget something so important...

"... The Fifth Moon of the White Rain..."

She opened her eyes just barely, eyes gleaming pure white, and her song started to rage like the torrents of a powerful tsunami.

"Shin Shirametsukiyomi..."

White Rain... Tears cried from the ends of the universe; rivers upon rivers, for the sadness of the Angels of Doom... The River Styx that bend and curved from all points of life, allowing every soul to pass down to the underworld. She cried for them, the river of tears... Such is why this Moon is the White Rain.

"Lemori... Leshura..."

A lament for all things, and so between her centered palms it appeared, a pure white orb, aqueous in appearance, yet still maintained in its perfectly spherical shape. She let it drift off on the last hum of her song, riding along next to the Amber Moon before. It wrapped the Zeroth Moon, lit ablaze by the prior Moon, with its calming waters... Chilling this blazing sphere. Through the wavelength of the Family Bond, it did drift, and she continued to weep for the next moon to come...

6th; Taijitu/Taomin (Melody, Rhapsody, Cleff 2.0/ Trinity, Tabitha, Triere)

At her call, the mute mistress appeared on the wave of the song of White Rain, and opened her eyes to see the beauty before her... Incomplete, yes, but still magnificent to behold. A silent giggle escaped her mouth...

It was time for her to speak again since being blessed with the Three Voices, even if they did not belong to her. She opened her mouth, and the Voice of Harmonia, Discordia and Concordia whispered out into the cosmos, to where they would find the three daughters; Chroma, Trinity and Luci.

With her voice no longer restrained by the voices of her Tensei sisters, she could finally start to sing her beauteous song of Black Rain...

"Shin Kurametsukiyomi..."

The shadows of the White Rain, mirroring each and every dropped, took the shape of the Black Rain Moon, and right from the mouth of Melody herself. Her magnanimous voice brought forth this great moon of Atonement and Repentence, and she continued to maintain the tone that her father, Tabris created. The Moon traveled to the opposite side of the orbit of the White Rain moon, and together, they wrapped around the orb in a lovely liquid flow; like Yin and Yang flowing together on the waves of harmony.

This was the extent of her voice... The song of the Sixth Moon... She let all that she had resound in her song, and drift further on the Family Bond, making way for the Seventh to occur...

7th; Grimnyzmal/Nytoz

"From the darkness and into the light... A Grim has become a Flame."

His speech left his throat in a light chuckle, more relieved than anything to be here, of all places... Where the Flames of Eternity have gathered. With Zita condemned to becoming a Grim, and Chita wishing to stay below as the Body... That only left Master N as the new Flame.

"Well then. Allow me to join the chorus..."

He got right to work, clearing his throat and closing his eyes. He was more than grateful for the events that brought him here, to sing among the masses of the Tensei family as one of the Lights... A Lantern... A Flame. His unerring Faith depicted itself within his Moon, as not only a symbol, but an example for all Tensei to witness and maintain. This Faith that all things are possible, even what you believe is not. But to have Faith in the impossible is what makes that impossibility possible... That is why his voice was here to sing out loud his Faith in his family and all that they stood for... In his decisions, and in Khrona.

"Shin Shigaitsukiyomi."

An ultraviolet moon, to cast its rays to all things unseen, and make them seen by the light of pure and utter Faith and a prayer. He sang out loud and he sang out proud, his very being here a miracle in and of itself. Though he had many to thank, all such thanks would be placed in his song of harmony... In his spirit lies his Faith. And he witnessed it with his own two eyes under the revealing light of the Ultraviolet Moon.

Carried on from his wavelength, that spherical moon formed, its rays being taken into the blackness of the swirling white and black mass, tinting it purple, as the representation of darkness. A visible color rather than something invisible... Yin and Yang, Light and Dark; the dark now had its own light, and that light came from the power of the Truth, Faith and Love in tandem.

He cast his Moon now into the others, it taking position right beside the Black Rain Moon, yet opposite the Amber moon. This was to pave way for the next set of moons, which seemed to be of utter and dire importance to the finality of it all...

8th; Shinra/Shia

(Shia Only)

An unexpected essence appeared to join the Tensei chorus; not one of the original bloodline, but one married in through the bond of her husband, Shinra. 'Twas Shia the Godsend, a being blessed to Shinra to fight to the ends of time with. Little was known that he gave up his position as a Flame of Eternity for her, so that he may stay as a normal human body. He was a noble man all the way to the end, it seemed.

"Shinra... You granted me this gift by giving yourself up and staying as the man you made yourself to be... As your wife, your weapon and your partner, I will sing your praises till the end of time..."

Her words were just as melodious as her voice; it seemed as though she sang merely by speaking.

"To finalize and eternalize all such Bonds... With the Strength, Fortitude and Finality of the Eighth Moon... the Silver Moon..."

Outstretching her hands as if to join with the other Tensei Flames around her, she opened her mouth and let something more beautiful than what was just spoken flow out from the pits of her own heart and soul... The blessings of this moon.

"Shin Gintsukiyomi..."

With all the love for her husband, she took on the strength of the Moons prior, and let each and every bond be solidified, as well as each one to come under the perfect Soul Resonance of everyone under the Family Bond.

"With this strength... I will hold us together under the Silver Moon!!"

A silver sphere began to take shape before her chest, growing to match the sizes of the others, and was lobbed into the revolution outside the boundaries of the ffirst two orbiting rings of moons. It was starting to look like an atom now...

The Zeroth Moon, now resembling Yin and Yang, harbored now a silver crease down the middle... A binding substance that held them together in utter fortitude; their strength and bond with each other as permanent and final as it could be. Their eternal loop of trying to find each other had come to an end, and the silver lining between them was their knowledge that the other existed. This stability led them to the next moon...

9th; Deus (Will Explain Lineage Later)

(Deus Only)

"... Ah, crap. Looks like I got sucked into all this, too?"

With spring-loaded hands in pocket, he shrugged his shoulders, shifting around a bit trying to get adjusted to this new form...

"Whoever that 'Dizzy' guy was, his attributes are gonna take some getting used to... Man."

But, all that aside, Deus was here as a Flame of Eternity, so he rubbed his neck and got over how he got here and simply took it like a man and started singing.

"Shin Kamikazetsukiyomi... or somethin..."

He really didn't want to do this, but despite his tsundere attitude, he knew that he was a Flame for a reason, and it was because of what happened in Hell that one time... Tch. All for the moon of Understanding and Knowledge and Love and all that gook... But he still sang. He sang just as hard and as loud as anyone else, despite how much he tried to not be into it. The trick to his moon was, he understood it all. And he was assigned to this one because of all that it stood for... Knowledge. Information. Memory. Love. Understanding. And dammit, he wanted EVERYONE to know about it, no matter who they were. It would travel and resound to all the Tensei to let them know just what this was, as well... Just what lies in the backs of their minds. All the knowledge of their subconscious. All the information of the atmosphere. All the love hidden in the shadows of their existences... No matter who they were or what they acted like.

So, from deep within him, he sang... And pulled a single hand from his pocket, and in it, the winds of the cosmos blew, converging from every edge right into the palm of his hand... the breath of god; The God Wind Moon, right in his hand. It was an airy sphere, teeming with Mana... Ethereal in all ways.

"... I guess even I have a Voice to sing with... So, I'd better use it for something productive and join the freakin choir..."

He snickered, letting the God Wind Moon drift off to where the third orbit that the Silver Moon was in, protecting the inner two, as well as the Zeroth Moon. It took in the God Wind and, like a kiss from the almighty, it swaddled Yin and Yang with its love and understanding, to bring them even closer together under its powerful force.

"... Come on, guys, hurry it up... We ain't got all night, ya know..."

10th; Pumki (Luminon, Nebulon, Mugenon/ Triere, Blue, Signis/ Corona, Pumpkinhead)

Birthed of the essence of every star every known to be and become, formerly known as Luminon, he was reborn from each and every star's will, to conceive the true form of Luminon; Lumiel, under the name of Ruby Lumiere. Taking on this form to hide her presence as a Flame of Eternity did not bode well, as she was, naturally, summoned here on this night for this purpose...

"... Even I couldn't hide from my destiny..."

She sighed. She had grown so tired of being Luminon... Well, Lumiel. For once, just once, she wanted to be just someone who could have fun and not always be on duty.

"... But I know it's for the greater good... I'm probably preaching to the choir on this one..."

She smiled and giggled to herself.

"... Probably. *Giggle giggle*... Most DEFINITELY! Us Tensei have it hard out here!"

She stuck out her tongue and put up a single hand, with her index finger pointing directly at the Zeroth Moon's core... Retracting her tongue, her cute and fun face took on a more serious and righteous form, reminiscent of her former persona; Luminon. She opened her mouth and the goofy tone from before was no more, as it was time to sing among the choir, and bring forth the Liquid Crystal Moon...

"Shin Ekishoutsukiyomi..."

She waisted no time. Her song was powerful, yet calm, but completely decisive in nature, as all actions of Luminon were when she existed as him. Her finger concentrated a piece of energy from all such stars, into that singularity that was the tip, and with a light sparkling brighter than what would seem to be all things, she wrapped around it a coating of pure and utter Liquid Crystal, to cast this light out to all things in perfect harmony of every wavelength, traveling down the Family Bond just as absolutely as all the rest...

The light of each star, of each Flame was here, and she flicked the magnanimous Liquid Crystal Moon off into the third orbit along with the others, protecting the two inner rings. The Zeroth Moon took in the Liquid Crystal properties, coating itself with its cooling presence, right over the God Wind itself. It was completely transparent, like a window, or a protective seal keeping all that which was within it still ever within, not to have the crystal shattered from being solid, but to be malleable because it was liquid, never to shatter, never to break. This was the extent of the Tenth moon. With the Eleventh, they would almost have completion...

11th; Tigen

He had been standing on the moon for quite some time, waiting for his time to join in the chorus. With a giddy giggle and a goofy smile, Tigen warped over next to his little sister, Ruby and held out his hands.

"Finally... Tigen's turn! Alright, Eleventh Moon of of True Fire and Ice; of Light, Order and and Darkness merged into one, Tigen is gonna SING!!!"

He wasted no time and jumped right on the band wagon... It wasn't like Tigen hadn't been waiting for what seemed to be an eternity for this. He was the Flame of Eternity for Khrona, besides Shinsei himself. So, Tigen centered all the Flames within him, causing his own flaming body to become a burning spectrum of all light, all colors in one Flame, flickering and alternating between them all... His high vibrations and incredible wavelength took in the Family Bond with harmony, and he would begin to sing the praises of this Eleventh Moon...

Shin Shinhitsukiyomi~!"

At the call of this moon, in his hands would appear two spheres; one of complete and utter cold, and another of complete and utter heat, both burning at the complete end and complete top of temperatures; pure entropic completion going to the absolute hottest of hot and absolute coldest of cold. He started to pull these two spheres together, their very essences causing friction within the cosmos that shook the dimensions, till Tigen forced both the cold sphere and heat sphere into one glowing blue sphere lit aflame with all the colors of light around it... This moon resembled a Soul in appearance, its flickering wispy tail of color transcending normal light, and becoming completely clear... And, so too would Tigen. He was going into his Clear Flame form, as he had done before in the past... The perfect harmonization of all colors of light; Crystal.

He focused this sphere and pointed it at the Zeroth Moon, firing it from his hand at light speed. Instead of orbiting the Zeroth Moon like the others, it crashed directly into it, becoming one with it on the spot. It would encapsulate the Zeroth Moon within itself, and the Eleventh and Zeroth were 'one,' yet separate. The Liquid Crystal froze over, yet immediately lit aflame through the power of the true Fire and Ice moon, and it looked now like a completely crystallized soul with a clear crystal flame burning around it. The Eleventh Moon was protecting the Zeroth with all that it had... Taking the power of the Family Bond and strengthening its power as well... That flame was the most gorgeous fire, the most gorgeous Flame of Eternity he had ever seen... But there was still one more moon for this to be completed.

So, Tigen turned to the current conductor, Maestro Chroma and cheesed, giving her the V for Victory!!

"Come on, girl! Join the choir!! We've been waiting to hear you sing since forever!!!"

Tigen's song granted every Tensei crystal wings, sprouting from their bodies to amplify the glow of this beautiful flame across the macrocosm and beyond even that... They projected this perfect wavelength and perfect song so that EVERYTHING could hear the beauty behind it... Because they wanted to share it with every being. And with the arrival of the next moon... That would be possible. And Khrona's true form would be born...

12th; Tabitha (Chroma)

She smiled at the beauty of what was coming to fruition... The coming of the Crystal Tree of Life and Truth's true and completed form... These moons took on the form of the legendary Sephirot; the 10 Emanations of the Divine; all Divinity. With the Zeroth and the Eleventh as one, and the other ten moons orbiting, the symbol of the Tree of Life had been created in the cosmos, and its power was beginning to awaken.

"Hmhmhm... Father... Finally, you can awaken from your slumber... You've been asleep for so long... Lying in wait..."

She pointed Rei at the orbiting moons, halting them in their tracks in the exact points they needed to be.

"Well, no more..."

As each moon took its position, there was a buildup of a grandiose amount of energy... Beyond the number of man and even greater than what could be held in everything that this creation was... Yet, such energy was honed and focused into each moon, staying completely stationary; stagnant and without motion.

That is when Chroma dropped Rei and took her seat in the chorus, right next to Tigen, her body igniting with her own perfect Flame of Eternity, which looked exactly like her body as it was. She parted those two elegant lips and let her Voice ring, to call upon the Dawn of the All Moon... All moons coming together as one...

"Shin Omnitsukiyomi..."

The moon of Omnipotence, Everything, Anything, and Nothing... All as one. The moon of True Doom; before the True Apocalypse. And, she would sing out in accord with every other Tensei, seeming to keep all their voices in line at the very end... She was the lead singer, it seemed.

Her gorgeous voice, more beautiful than any other, connected each of the points of energy between all the moons with utter harmony and balance, letting their energies flow through the perfected wavelength of the Family Bond with ease, taking now the shape of the legendary Tree of Life's sigil; the true Sephirot.


Their harmonized energies would focus now to the Zeroth and Eleventh, as the Twelvth Moon, which was the connection of each and every moon, concentrated into that single point...

"Welcome home, Father..."

With all of this Divine power, from the center of the Zeroth... The Twelvth would overlap its power, and pave way for the Thirteenth to be born... The moon of Khrona Tensei himself.

13th Khrona (Tensei)

Finally... I've waited so long for this day... Thank you, my family... I love you all so very much...

That voice resounded gently amongst all things, as the Zeroth Moon suddenly began to vibrate violently. On the planet, the Crystal Tree itself would also begin to shake, growing larger and larger to meet the point that this Soul resided in space. From the crystal clear flames of this new moon, the Zeroth would take in all the other powers, and have enough strength to form the legendary Thirteenth Moon; the True, Complete Full Moon of the Tensei. The Pure Star Moon. So, that voice did speak out from within the newly created Thirteenth Moon, calling forth its utter completion by name.

"Shin Shinseitsukiyomi..."

Sprouting from the core, birthed of pure and utter crystal, the body that took in all vibrations; all light... All wavelengths. And this moon, this Thirteenth Moon that harbored all the powers of the others... This was his soul. The others, they were parts of his body; his chakra points. His power.

His body grew larger and larger, and so too, did the Crystal Tree, till it was large enough for the entire galaxy to witness Khrona sitting atop his tree in utter peace and smiling, the other moons floating around him and orbiting the soul that rested right in his crystal chest, shining so brightly that it caused his normally invisible body to cast the perception of Khrona himself unto everyone and everything...

Even to this day, Khrona had a thing for the flashiest of appearances. Some things never change. Hahahaha.

"Ah... It feels so good... To be free...

He opened his eyes and watched each of his little moons, his little chakra points, his little souls, his little families, his little everythings just hover about so calmly... And he smiled and he chuckled. A gleam of his sanguine eyes; Shin Zettai Omni Perception, cast his vision out to the expanse, to see where these points were to go next.

"... You all sound so beautiful... And, all in perfect harmony... Perfect accord... I love you all. But, we aren't finished just yet... This is only the Dawn of my moon. Nowhere near the completion.

He placed a finger to his chest, letting his Soul Wavelength cast itself out to each and every moon, like veins...

"Now that I am tethered... It's time for the true Friday the Thirteenth. Call forth the Bodies and let them cast these souls out into the expansive all of all, and let these moons grow into their own alls at the very edge of every everything... This is the end of the Night of Tensei! Insangels, Come Forth!"
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Craving 23: Salvage Mission; Night of Blood for Evacuees?!

The evacuated citizens of the Dusk had nowhere to go but up the Crystal bridges and out of the Dusk territory. All hell was breaking loose, and by executive order of the new Kage, they were sent away from all the terror and horror occurring throughout the city limits below. Parents and children, young and old, friend and stranger could look up from the escape route and over the horizon to see the madness thick in the city for quite a long time as the battle raged on. It would all look like a high concentration of redness; nothing more for them to see beyond that, it was simply to saturated.

Whispers of 'What's going to happen to us?' and 'Where are we going?' commonly popped up among the idle banter, but the stir of confusion and despair lingered heavy in the air. Almost enough where one could feel the hopelessness of the entire city as it rode past in the many modes of transportation...

... Yet even though they were safer than they were in the heart of the Dusk, they were not yet safe from the creatures that lurked about. As they finally began to pass by the Mezzo Terra of the Veritas, their whiff was caught by beings most insidious just over the city. The scent of despair was something favorite to the black cloud hovering over the horizon. It was large enough to blot out a substantial amount of the lingering red glow of the unseeable village. What was this intense red shine, and why was there now a black cloud moving their way...? There was an ominous silence amongst the masses as they stared at the encroaching cloud of darkness... The same feeling one gets right before someone dies.

The lingering feeling in the air was also felt by an unfamiliar presence that just so happened to be nearby. After all the commotion within the Witch Province and the slowly dying population of his dear little girls, he couldn't continue to watch his land suffer. Especially not when he opened such a lovely new confectionary treats shop just recently. He was going to have to collect some new ingredients for the next feast...

"... I have been rather hungry lately..." he muttered quietly to himself.

Then again, he was always hungry. Ever since he touched this planet, he had just been unbelievably hungry. Though that was the vice of his people, he was aware. The shadow of the dark cloud cast by the brilliant ruby rays upon the crystalline bridges dulled the intensity of the light, blending the atmosphere to a deeper, almost sensual rouge. The collective of creatures which poured into a single space at one moment in time was almost too much for him to bear. They just looked so very...


The trigger word. This Grim was no longer the same 'Mr. Nice Guy' he was when he was fed. Oh, no. This world had not ever seen him when he was truly hungry. The Dark King disposed of him too quickly. But now, as his seeming twin gazed at the feast on his side of the Mezzo Terra, the black-scarved man stared madly into the black cloud.





His eyes were fixated on the tasty morsels congregated in the black cloud. He could not notice anything else but those living beings that outnumbered the Dusk's citizens, eclipsing them from his view in the matter of 'quantitative' delight that would serve to at least assist in feeding him. He was just a little hungry, after all. Nothing this bat swarm couldn't satiate for the time being before he needed to feast again. The addition of the cold, callous metals of sorts carrying these individuals also diminished the 'qualitative' subject matter of them as well, so all around, the bat cloud seemed to be a tastier dish in the eyes of someone who was starving. They didn't even catch his eye (as it was clear in the post, he wasn't looking at them at all.)

Well at least the good people of the Dusk were safe somewhere else in a land ravaged by the Insanity instead of somewhere as unsafe as this. Things were about to get most devastating, anyway..

The original source of what led these wretched vermin here in the first place seemed to be nothing of a ruse, causing a major fluctuation in their reasoning for being here. If there was nothing so large to feast on, they needn't bother with continuing even farther down a fruitless path. Immediately, the energy sensing bats altered their swarm, beguiled by the power hidden by the abysmal nothingness that was the innards of the single living creature standing before them. It wasn't even close to a source of power for them, and was something their radars completely did not see.

It seemed inevitable to curve back around to regroup with the original cluster, tailing back to the Mezzo Villa through the snaking and winding crystalline branches that made up the Crystal Nexus. These creatures sought only a way to satiate their appetite; it was driving them insane.

"Wait," he cried softly in desperation to appease his stomach, "... I'm still hungry..."

Seeing nothing but the delicious capacity they could take up within him, even if ephemeral, was some sort of satiation for his unquenchable hunger. He didn't truly need to eat anything, having gotten over his familial curse of consuming everything simply because he was hungry and not because he needed to eat, but sometimes the cravings did come back... Twas part of his insanity... He was a glutton, to a degree, since eating was more of a treat than a necessity and he could sustain himself just fine if he never ate again. A rarity among the Grims, having 'broken free'of his consumptive curse, that did not mean the Insanity it brought on was cleared from his being. This Insanity was the insanity of the true Lord of Terror... He who was Fear... Rather, Grim the Reaper. Reason being; the longer he was forced to wait to eat, the more everything began to look even more tasty to him. This entire world's image was starting to form into many delicious tarty tarts and confectionary delicacies around him, as he was a sweet tooth after all.

Buildings in the distance started to look like mounds of chocolate drizzled wafers dipped in caramel, trees began to look like delicious peppermint lollipops... Hell, even the crystal started to look like flavored ice. His tongue gently passed over his lips --not that one could see over the scarf ever covering his pointy-toothed mouth-- and he merely sped off in a silent, black, flickering blur toward where he saw the mounds of blackness rising up. All the while, he murmured under his breath, "... Everything about this place is beginning to look more and more delicious to me..."

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Craving 24: Night's Wings Insanity Brings; Feast of Blood

The night was silent; the sky clear and moon of crescent nestled comfy in its own pocket in the sky. Though narrowed by the natural phase that the moon was known to take, it still remained unusually large on these quiet night. Faint traces of clouds brushed over its rays as the wind carried them across the sky, still unnaturally noiseless. This was a quiet that one only experienced in horror movies.

With all in the night at peace (even if unusual), there remained no mishaps and no cause of alarm anywhere despite all such hell that went on everywhere else. One would think that their world weren't in peril with the way these residents of the Mezzo Terra slept so soundly...

In the distance, only a single dim flash of crimson and the low rumbles of the residue of an impact broke this tranquil night's peace, and soon to follow would be the peace-seekers that sought to quench this calm with calamity and insanity. Moments later, the faint sound of numerous unsynchronized crinkling could be heard, the sound rising softly every so often as moments passed. From the horizon, a grim scene; a black undulation consumed the sky in the distance. It was thicker than any dark cloud and retained such darkness that even the light of the moon could not shine a light of illumination upon the form of this amorphouse mass in the sky.

Eventually, the faint crinkling became heavy, discordant beats; the sound of leather whipping against the air in a frenzy. The shriek of nails grinding a chalkboard soon caught up to the leathery whips, bringing forth a dismal symphony of discordant sounds. Soon, the frenzied mass would consume the sky over the Mezzo Villa...

When the skies became darker than the night itself, red lights speckled the once ambiguous mass of undulating black, two sets at a time. With no light save for the gleaming dots illuminating the skies, it was still unclear what this umbral congregation was, but whatever it could be, huge globs of it poured down from the sky like night rain...

Diving toward houses, buildings, and other constructs about the quiet city, the black blobs crashed through rooftops, windows and doors relentlessly, like bloodthirsty demons. Those who were on the street for whatever reason were carried off silently in the night, already dead before they could fully realize what was occurring. Eventually, that silent night air was filled with the sound of bloodcurdling screams and the smell of bloodshed all about. This terrible night raid could go on all night, until the entire city was dry of all traces of life.

As the grim night continued, the falling shadows continued to snatch random civilians from the comfort of their homes or off the street, if they intended to dwell this late at night. One crashed through the rooftop of a small house near the park, where a newborn infant was just rocked soundly to sleep in her mother's arms, the father peering over her shoulder. A robe of darkness covered the home as the lights flickered violently due to destroyed circuitry. Between each of the swift flickers and flashes, there were only three sounds; the first of a screaming newborn, the second of rending flesh, and the last... splattering blood upon the walls. There were no sounds afterward, save for the robe of darkness wiping the walls dry, leaving only dried bloodstains upon departure.

In another section across town, a group of teens hanging out late near a common recreational center skipping their curfew finally decided to walk home after a nice night of hanging out. To their dismay, they chose the wrong night to be out on the street... Not that it mattered, where they were as long as they were in the Mezzo Villa. Without even the thought to look up to the sky, all four of them were picked off one by one, carried off into the sky as a mangled mess in the jaws of darkness.

Already, one fourth of the city was lifeless... And the numbers kept rising steadily by the minute.

After a failed communication to the Dusk, and the extreme short-handedness he had on his end, he knew that he was going to have to do most of the heavy-lifting on his own... Even quite possibly at the cost of his own life.

"... How crude, to ignore a call from a comrade in peril. The school just may have to close down after this..."

He closed his eyes and sighed, shrugging his shoulders.

"No matter. Can't find good help these days..." he'd say jokingly, chuckling to himself. Perhaps it was to lighten the mood about what he was going to face out there alone. Alone...

He smiled that signature deadly nonchalant smile just one last time, prepping himself to rise and go.

"Oh well. At least it will be beautiful..."

A single tear rolled down his smiling face as he looked up to the ceilingless ceiling of the Death Room. Only moments later would he glow with an eerie grayish-blue light, changing into the form of a pure wavelength and zipping through buildings carried on the wavelength of light to the Mezzo Villa Central.

Once he reached the dead center, he crashed into the ground like a bolt of lightning, regaining his form upon impact. Turning his head toward the sky, he found himself crying for a dark sky as he looked into the evil abyss up above.

"... First, an attack on the old school that I had to handle alone... Then, an attack on the city I have to handle alone... I wonder how many people actually care about the well being of this place?"

He wondered how they'd feel if it were destroyed... Or if he should even be the one out here right now defending it from destruction. Unlike them, he cared quite a bit for this place. So perhaps that was why he protected it. Was that really the reason why those that didn't care could go on carefree? Because the people who did care always cleaned up after them? It was an odd cycle, really. Maybe those that did care would have to stop caring...

"... Well. Not this time," he'd say under his breath, concentrating on resonating his wavelength. With his wavelength resonating with the wavelength of light in the air, it wouldn't take too long for it to reach every end of the city, allowing him to initiate his next technique.

"Impenetrable Bubble."

An old favorite he used to protect himself, this would be the first time he'd use it on such a... Large scale. The giant bubble of his wavelength encompassed the Mezzo Villa, though granted at great strain to his own soul wavelength for such a hasty resonance.

"Mmn... Nnh... Ah. No problem..." he'd now isolated the blackness above from what was already within the city, which lessened the problem to a considerable degree. As long as he could maintain his wavelength, he could keep more from coming in and those within from going out, however... How long could he hold out, was the question? Expending such wavelength constantly around an entire city as a whole would be taxing for just one person, even if it was Tear. He didn't have long.

The bloody feast continued without interruption for quite a while, clods of the darkness coming down to feed and then flying back up into the mass. It steadily caused the Mezzo Villa population to decline. It was not until the efforts of Tear that the dark cloud's drop was stopped, and only the few that were within would still continue to feast. There weren't more than ten or twenty as a round estimate, though when it was revealed that the others up above could no longer feed, they went into a vicious frenzy.

The great black cloud then swarmed upon the barrier of the bubble, pressing its combined weight upon the exterior. Thirsty for blood and hungry for flesh, the identity of this large cloud was revealed to be terrifying Blood Biters; man-sized bat creatures that knew only their insatiable appetite for blood. Just one could drain a couple of full grown people before becoming completely full, and for whatever reason, they were in a state of pure craze. Though part of it contributed to their sudden disconnection from their food source, they seemed to be this mad before they arrived. Perhaps they just hadn't eaten in quite a while and needed to feast as a unit.

Nevertheless, the mad bats all pressed down on the Impenetrable Bubble, scratching, biting and crashing into it in a unified (yet still rather discordant) attempt to break through. The combined pressure would shorten Tear's life expectancy by one extra post.

In the meantime, within, the Blood Biters continued about their business, picking off random morsels and draining their blood, paying Tear no mind within. Nearby, the sound of rending flesh could be heard down a narrow alleyway, however...

The Impenetrable Bubble definitely lived up to its name, remaining erect even under the weight of the crazed Blood Biters. Though Tear could maintain it with such pressure being placed on his very soul, it was taking a larger toll than expected on him.

"Gh... Ah... is this what it feels like...? The feeling of death...?"

It was closing in on him, his Wavelength, the more the Blood Biters pushed. Still, it was the least he could do to get rid of however many possible while he was still here. His ears caught the sound of a Blood Biter nearby, and though his main lines of attack (his Wavelength) were weak from upholding the Impenetrable Bubble, he still had the Hundred Handers Taijutsu fighting style, plus the diamond from Kham he wore around his neck as a pendant. Those would be more than enough.

Even though using his wavelength as an attack would do a number on him, using any of the Soul Notation variations wouldn't be too bad. He decided upon using his most advanced strain, the Soul Scan, due to the limited amount of time he had to complete this. He pinpointed his target to an alleyway nearby, and on his feet, his belt sanders coated his soles allowing him to skid across the ground without moving his legs, unless to bend his knees to maneuver. He moved at high speed, as if he were in a car or other wheeled vehicle, and turned sharply once he reached the corner.

"100% Maximum Punch..." he muttered, swiveling around to gain a bit of torque and spun. The momentum would definitely have enough power to punch a hole straight through the Blood Biter's body, killing it instantly.

*Crik... CrrrK... CrAcK... Cur-Krk!!*

The sound of bones cracking and flesh rendering as the alleybound Blood Biter tore out a poor boy's jugular, gnawing upon it ravenously. Even bone marrow was sucked dry by the flying leech. It remained preoccupied by its feeding, till it heard with its superb hearing the faint sound of something grinding in the distance. Its ears twitched and turned about, pinpoining the location in no time just as Tear turned the corner and began to spin. One good flap of its wings sent it high into the air, a nasty screech into the air following its ascent. In only moments, those that remained within the Impenetrable Bubble all came flocking to the man with the largest source of energy to feed on. There were much more than anticipated; about fifty of them, as some had been hiding within the broken houses and out of sight. They all converged on that location, perching atop the buildings of the alleyway with sinister smirks and smiles plastered on their gruesome mugs. They'd tear him apart in no time flat.

Up above the bubble, the others were getting restless; their hunger rising steadily. No matter how much they tried, it seemed that they were not going to enter the Impenetrable Bubble even if they pushed and pressed and clawed and gnawed. Realizing this, they all hovered upward all at once, converging back into the abysmal black cloud they once were. They were enfuriated by this barrier, and would either have to destroy it or migrate to another location... For their final efforts, each of them released one of their high powered Deadly Screeches focused on that single barrier, the high frequency of one being enough to liquefy or shatter a solid object with short exposure... What could the sound of hundreds of thousands, or perhaps even millions of them do all on one target? Hopefully, destabilize the wavelength with their discordant sound to the point where it could no longer remain erect, and of course collapse upon itself so they could feast once again. The wretched sound completely filled the air outside, and those outside the Impenetrable Bubble could hear it for miles... All the way in the Dusk, even. Almost like a terrible omen...

Meanwhile, within, all fifty of the Blood Biters dove down at the open Tear in the alleyway, easily filling up his areas of escape within the narrow pass. They came from all sides; about, in front and behind, since those were he only places such a slender alley could provide as means of escape.

The spinning Tear just missed the targeted Blood Biter with his punch, rotating his belt sander soles the other way to brake himself to a stop rather quickly.

"My..." he muttered to himself, "... I should have expected a creature with such keen hearing to hear my revving sanders as I approached..." Sneaking up on a Blood Biter was almost impossible, anyway, even if some of them were blind as bats.

Before long, his one target became many; about fifty in a matter of moments, many more than he expected to deal with initially. He needed to work fast if he intended to save the Mezzo Villa from further demise. It was a pretty good thing that these cowardly beasts became frenzied when hungry, or else he might not have any chance of making it all across the city to kill fifty bats individually. At least right here, right now, as they all converged on his location, he could take them all out in one go.

With his signature deadly nonchalant smile back upon his face, the first Blood Biter that neared him (be it from above, behind or in front) would find themselves kicked square in the face by a revved up 100 Ton Kick of his Hundred Hander style. The Belt Sander sole of his foot shot his foot up into the air (either backward or forward depending on the location of the Blood Biter) with such speed and force, it would feel like 100 tons slamming them right in the face. The momentum could carry his entire body all the way around back to its initial position on the ground, giving him a wide arc overhead, behind and in front with just one crescent kick. No matter what, at least one of them was going to be dead from such a forceful blow to the head.

In that same motion, whichever Blood Biter came from the opposite direction, he'd gently land upon their back and kick off gracefully into the sky, sending the one he stood atop crashing down into the ground, most likely with all its bones shattered from the kick and from hitting the ground. He'd continue hopping atop Blood Biters and kicking off of their backs in the same manner, facing any oncoming threats with his Fist of a Hundred Hands technique, a flurry of about 100 high powered, skull-crushing punches in a matter of seconds. This was only to clear a path to the rooftop and not to actually destroy all of them. At most, he would have guessed he took down 15 of them with just that, but that was the maximum and not the minimum.

Tear just about made it to the top and through all of the vile man-sized bats. As soon as he was about to make a break for the top, the vile screeches of those up above the Impenetrable Bubble distorted his wavelength severely, putting a great deal of strain on his soul. Gripping his chest and curling, Tear fell back down to the ground, concentrating to maintain the barrier above the city. He landed directly on one of the dumpsters in the alley, falling into it once he broke the lid. Even with those screeches, he had to keep the Impenetrable Bubble up... He had to make sure this place was safe.

It didn't take him long to regain his composure, even if he still felt the intense strain, he persevered. He hopped out of the dumpster before the bats realized where he was and what was going on and would rev his sanders on his feet and roll out into the street, still clenching his chest.

This may be the end for me... oh well... I do hope that Mors is well taken care of in my absence...

Grim thoughts filled the already happily melancholic man's head of his own demise. It was to the point where he almost did not realize the sudden strain of his soul lifting gradually, as if something, or someone, was reinforcing it. The sound of cracking ice crystallizing gradually over his city-wide barrier drew his attention up to the now open sky to see this icy wavelength of someone he hadn't seen in quite a long time...

... Is that wavelength...?

He didn't know where she was or how far away she was, but he read that wavelength to be the same quiet little girl he trained only a bit in her brief time at the school before she left. It was that girl, Perura, though it seemed in her long time of absence, she'd grown much stronger.

"Ah... So perhaps I am not the only one who cares for the well-being of the city... Though, I mustn't speak too soon; who knows what goals she could be protecting? Hmhm..."

His first thought was to trace where the source of the Wavelength was coming from, but before that, it was probably smarter to resonate their wavelengths since his own was flexible enough to match most others and reinforce the Impenetrable Bubble in a way that would ensure their efforts were combined together.

"Soul Chorus..." he muttered again, initiating a resonance between both of their wavelengths up above. The flexibility of his Liquid Wavelength combined with the hardness of the icy wavelength of coldness that Perura had would surely work wonders. Still, there was a lot of damage Tear's soul had taken already... It might have already been too late for him.

Once the frenzy of bats swooped down all at once on their target, the blind creatures would find that their initial assault was not as effective as once thought. The calm and collected Tear's individual assault proved enough to dispatch 15 of the Blood oncoming Blood Biters as said, but the others trailed right behind him. He seemed to fall right into the claws on the Blood Biters as he fell, yet upon closer inspection, he slipped right through and into the dumpster below. They all flocked to it, banging and bashing at it in an attempt to open it, and from their size, it wouldn't take long before they destroyed it. Suddenly, Tear burst from the top and out into the street, and of course the Blood Biters followed suit.

As they chased him down the street, the infuriated beings released numerous Deadly Screeches. At everything that the concentrated supersonic waves hit, a solid object would fall to pieces, losing its structure at the sound. Any buildings blasted in the way would fall to pieces at their base, threatening to flatten Tear and/or crush him in the process. It would not take too long for them to catch up to him during their flight, and when they did (if his body were still intact), they'd swoop down from above and attempt to carry him off.

Outside the Impenetrable Bubble, the Blood Biters found their collective efforts working until the barrier began to freeze over. The feel that its structure no longer weakened brought the attention of the dark cloud over to the oncoming madam outside the bubble's limits; Perura. Though she was only one girl, each and every last one of the voracious creatures wished to claim her as their delicious prize, and so all would converge upon her position (since she was the only available morsel outside.) This alleviated the pressure from the now fortified dome, but now... Perura had a flurry of Blood Biters wide enough to claim the city's skies all coming for her... What would become of her?

Tear hurried as fast as his sanders could take him toward the edge of the barrier to meet with the one whose wavelength fortified with his own. He felt her wavelength coursing through him now, the reciprocation of their souls allowing the resonance to stabilize. With that, he was able to pinpoint just how far she was away and what her current situation was, despite how he needed to focus on his own.

"Drat," he muttered, turning his head slightly to look from the corner of his eye, "They are surely gaining on me..." Their vicious sonic screeches blasted the base of buildings nearby and the towers fell inward upon the city streets. "... And it does not seem like they are too happy, either."

Though his life was in danger from the falling buildings, he could indeed use them to his advantage, as well. The keen eyes of the seasoned tactician paved out a pathway within the falling debris to speed him through and possibly trap the Blood Biters under the falling building, if he was swift enough. They probably would only fly as fast as they needed in order to get to him, so if he moved faster, then so would they. They were already quite hot on his tail, their talons nearly snatching the collar of his jacket. Of course, this had to work, or else he'd suffer one of three tragic deaths right here and now. So, he crouched down low when he neared the first falling piece of debris and hopped atop the boulder before it reached the ground, rolling along its surface till he reached the edge. Two more smaller rocks were falling, which would not provide him much aerial support, but would serve as quite the devastating bullets to impale any of the Blood Biters that followed. Hopping to the first one, the moment it touched the sander on his foot, it would shoot backward whilst propelling him forward only so slightly, sending the rock speeding through the air and into the flurry of bats. The same would occur for the next one he landed on, till on the third rock, it was too large for his sanders to launch, and ended up being his rock of stability.

By his point, the building was damn near at his head, and he had a couple more bounds to go before he reached the clearing point. It was falling much faster than the debris itself. There was nothing left to do but jump through one of the windows.

And, a perfectly executed hurdle through one of the windows into a tilted room served Tear well as to escape the crashing skyscraper, but he did not stop moving at all for even a moment; crashing through walls, doors and pillars in order to get a little higher up as the building came crumbling down. He continued this until he saw in front through a series of windows another building falling down beside this one, and perhaps his savior. if the Blood Biters weren't stupid enough to follow him into or under the building, then they'd surely appear on the other side ready to sink their teeth into him. Though, he didn't expect that type of intelligence from a crazed creature. He gracefully leapt out of the window of the falling tower near the end of the building, letting it totally fall to pieces as he skated across the side of the one nearby, which was falling just the same. Of course, rolling over the smooth surface of the side of this falling building would be much more of a breeze than crashing through walls, furniture and debris before it reached the ground, so he neared the building's edge without too much interference.

He was curious as to what happened to the Blood Biters through such an escapade, but did not worry too much about them, for Perura on the outside was his main concern now. The crazed Blood Biters would definitely follow him if any were alive, and he needed to make sure she was safe getting into the Impenetrable Bubble. She would be able to pass through easily since she and Tear were resonating, so that wasn't the issue at this point; it was merely what the swarm outside was going to do. He touched the street once more and continued rolling off, now almost at the very edge of the Impenetrable Bubble.

"Just a little more..."

It wasn't long after that which he saw one of the Blood Biters land before him, causing him to screech to a halt. This one was not like the others; it had a familiar presence, and was oddly coherent... Though geared to attack, he saw one of the other Blood Biters below his feet, and realized it could not have been one of them. This was... An ally? Closer inspection of his energy, and Tear recognized who this was; the man who destroyed the old building in a crazed state of searching for 'Death.'

"Hm? What? How did you get in here?"

He wasn't surprised that someone of such reality distortion power before would be capable of entering the Impenetrable Bubble; he probably used a portal of some sorts to enter. A flaw in its design, no less something these Blood Biters were unable to do, thankfully.

"Ah, nevermind that! You wish to assist in ridding these monstrous beasts of the city? Sure. Your debt will definitely be repaid."

Perhaps it was a good thing that this man destroyed the building before... If he didn't, there probably would have been no reason for him to be here now. And quite possibly, Tear would be dead soon.

"Take over with that as you wish; I will tend to an acquaintance of mine nearby! She may be in grave danger beyond the barriers of the Impenetrable Bubble... I have only not resorted to using a large scale attack because I did not wish to destroy the city in the process. If this city weren't a factor, I could have easily wiped these things out a while ago."

He felt that to be crucial information, just in case the strange man wished to resort to something... large to get rid of the ones outside.

"I thank you for this... Deeply, I do."

The angered bats did not give up in their bloodthirsty frenzy of a pursuit of Tear, tailing him closely even as he sped up to outrun them. One was knocked out of the sky by the flying rock, falling to the ground, but the others continued on without hesitation, chasing him up into the building. To their dismay, as Tear predicted, once they followed upward, a vast majority of them were crushed under the falling skyscraper's weight, with only two surviving. They hadn't gone under the building before it crashed, and so simply flew above the debris and followed Tear.

However, with a more powerful energy source having appeared from seemingly nowhere, the last two Blood Biters halted their pursuit of Tear and now focused their attention on the Dark King, who just instructed Tear to go ahead. They swooped down without hesitation to sink their fangs into the Dark King as he unleashed each of the keyblades, ready to suck him dry of all his energy.

Outside, the black cloud of bats swarmed around Perura, creating a thick fluttering haze of leathery wings and screeches of all different pitches and volumes right in her ear. They claws and gnawed at her body, yet could not penetrate the surface of it. Her blood was safe from their fangs for now. However, this did not hold true for her energy. And, when figuring out that their poor bruised fangs could not penetrate, they merely latched on with their teeth and began to drain her chakra pool, thirsty for her energy. Others squawked and squabbled in an attempt to get their share, though it was clear that she would not be able to feed the entire masses before she was sucked dry.

With the weight of the world so to speak off of Tear's shoulders and passed on to the unlikely the Dark King, Tear continued on toward the outskirts of the barrier, toward the White Queen. He exited just as she slowed the swarm, around her, and no longer having to suffer withholding his own wavelength, he could simply repulse those that were in his way with powerful flexes of his wavelength. Their distant resonance allowed for him to open up a pathway straight to her without having to physically touch any of them, making a clear escape for them.

"Miss Perura," he said coolly, as though none of such were occurring at this very moment, "I do thank you for your assistance. Both you and the fellow now protecting the city were the most unlikely of help to me..." He looked at her, flashing his signature deadly nonchalant smile once more. It felt so good; he was missing it in these trying times. Feeling more alleviated, it was alright for him to show his calm demeanor once again and keep his 'cool' as one would say. He extended a hand to her, as though to escort her out of the black mass of vampiric devastation, "Shall we? It would be best to combat these things from within a safe environment, wouldn't you say?" Still so courteous, even if he didn't know the outcome of what was going to occur thus far. He simply waiting till she took his hand... If she did... Before he would jet off into the stronghold again.

The ravenous man-bat creatures found the energy of Perura to be quite the filling appetizer for them, feasting more and more upon it with much impatience to gather more... Yet to their dismay, this served as their final course prior to their own demise. They all clamored around her only to be slowed to almost a halt by the harsh cold omitted from her counteractive shriek to their own. Those that were immediately within her vicinity indeed froze over, and to the confusion of the ones in the back tried to get a bite of the girl, they all flew into a frenzy of madness for their own hunger, being unable to exit through the clutter of their frozen brethren. They all spread from that moment, trying to find any and every way possible to invade Perura's space and feast upon her sweet chakra... And in fact, when Tear showed up, they sensed his energetic levels as well and flocked over to him. It looked just like a big cloud of pure darkness tried its hardest to completely envelop them and suck them dry.

Yet, on the inside, things went about almost similarly. To face the Dark King were very few, who protected the sanctity of the city. Once they latched onto his sweet and powerful chakra sources, they were immediately met with a 'Zeus Cannon' to the mouth, literally exploding them from the inside out, letting their blood and guts paint the pavement. At the loss of his own arms, he quite brutally ravaged the minor threats... But his main priority to keep those outside of the city where they were was going well with the barrier erect. Still... The problem now remained of how to get rid of these monstrosities? Or could they rid themselves of these monstrosities, was the better question. The dark clouds seemed abysmal, the creatures quite innumerable in their numbers. If the Blood Biters did not take a toll on their energy reserves just from their collective consumption, surely the ridding of them would all the same.

Just as quickly as the black mass migrated would it be returning to the fray of the battle, following behind it, a rather shadily dressed man bathed in ebony; head to toe, with only his eyes uncovered by a piece of clothing. Menacing and slender, narrowed to the point where it would seem they'd cut down all they looked at, the jolly Grimnyzmal continued to stalk his prey in the night.
Juicy morsels~!"he cooed softly in delight, using a gloved hand to pull down just what covered (and protected the world from) his gaping black hole of a mouth. Simply opening his mouth created an intense vacuous force, a pocket of air so great, it would seem capable of halting time itself with the pull of its suction. Such wavelengths as light and sound found themselves distorted to the point where they could not escape the calling of the darkness of his abysmal gullet, waiting to be hopelessly consumed and changed into nothingness. It should have been as simple as a quick and decisive *slurp~!!**

During his preying upon his feast, however, he noticed a rather familiar energy signature nearby... Almost like a part of him he was tied to in some way, but separate from who he was now. Even through the madness of his hunger, he was able to scope out things like that... For now. He wasn't completely off his rocker yet, hungry to eat everything that got in his way. No, it hadn't gotten that bad... Not yet. With some of his rational mind still intact, the dark cloaked man saw it best to see this óther part of him' to see what could be done about this...

After his lunch, of course, of course.

"Perhaps... This power belongs to that man... It's been so very long since I've been able to truly talk to that old chap..."

He seemed to be looking forward to it... The rational part of him, anyway.

"Quite", he slipped out through a muffled belch. It seemed like he was satiated for the time being and was very capable of reasonable banter. The meeting of he and this fellow whose signature resembled that of the good sport 'Vash' was a most... Blissful reacquaintance, for some reason. He seemed to quite easily settle with this man's presence... Almost like it was part of his own somehow, even though they were two separate beings. Twins, per chance?

"Please excuse my intrusion. I have just been so... *soft belch* ABYZMALLY hungry... I've been trying to learn to control myself a little better... It is rather unbecoming."

Even now, he spoke rather forcefully through his teeth, as if holding back some sort of wild, crazy beast back with every fiber of his being. A mad dog... No... A Dark Wolf, perhaps? His stomach snarled with a ferocity only more treats and delicacies could satiate, but was hushed by the sheer nirvana of this finely dressed, shadowy man's control over himself. For now.

"... Excuse me. Ahem. And in my travels, I have noticed that you seem... Exceedingly familiar. Like you and I are connected in some sort of way, shape or form, if that makes any sense to you. I'm sure this must all sound dreadfully eerie, especially from a hungry stranger..."


Oh my... It was getting testy again. He wouldn't be able to resist it... Her... or any of it for all too much longer if it got so upset. Perhaps, more food...?

"Ah... Pardon me... Really. I'm just a tad bit hungry after all... May we speak a bit?"

Ah yes, so very long ago, as his last parting will, did the one born of the Nothing relinquish a piece of himself to be born again from that nothing from whence he came... Even if only a sliver, twas enough to survive and grow again.

"Ahahaha... Yes, quite! I remember that, indeed... No hard feelings, however. I came to consume this planet and this galaxy as is nature of my people. He was there to stop me, as I anticipated someone would do. I did give you all fair warning, after all!"

He chuckled to himself, literally holding no animosity toward this new man, his clan nor his predecessor. Though abysmal was his black hole of a stomach, so was his kindness, his love and his gentlemanly manner. With a humble bow of his head, he let out a solemn "I apologize for my intrusion," before lifting his head back up to face the man of no fear for him. It was good that someone did not fear him, for Grim enjoyed idle banter such as this. It was quality time that made him feel more connected to others.

Now, his power may have been quite... Slight in comparison to what he would be if given his full potential, but he was still quite the threat to be feared all on his own. However... He could not help but think that having the rest of himself would satiate his hunger. Or, at least give him the power to control it, whether he was in a state of constant starvation or not. He was trying to help himself not to act on it, and this man may have been the key. The Grim was quite the nice guy, of course, regardless of his destructive tendencies. Tearing down fate was something he was all for accomplishing, if there was someone here who sought the same purpose. He saw this world for what it was back then and did not wish for it to be consumed. Somehow... He felt like all of the madness occurring... Was his fault.

"I did not have the chance to grow powerful enough to consume universes, like my dear elder brother," he began, his black scarf, World Eater, shaping into the form of a rather elegant decor stool under his rear as he sat, "However, that power within me has risen significantly thanks to my ties to my family... As well as the Insanity lingering about, and all that I consumed. When I eat, I naturally gain the power of what I devour." Raising a single gloved hand, a slit appeared straight down the middle of his palm, unveiling a sharp-toothed mouth raising a teacup and saucer on its tongue and into his fingertips before sealing itself completely. Much like the man that stood before him, the Insanity about did not bother him at all, for even if it did strike that terrible craving in his stomach... All he would do was eat whatever came his way, and that would be the end of it. Just the same as this man could do with his clan's rather choice natural ability.

"Tea?" he offered gingerly with a smile hidden under his scarf, as another cup spawned in the same manner from his other hand. Whenever he had conversations, he always enjoyed doing them over nice, hot cups of Antimatter Tea; a home specialty. He enjoyed some before with the former Kage of the original Nightmare upon his arrival; Kham Michio, who was at that point, Mahk-X. Grim fairly warned the man of his intentions to destroy the planet, and they chatted about it like gentlemen over the same Antimatter Tea. He was quite the kind fellow, when genuine kindness was shown to him. Perhaps this bloke was the same.

But, his stomach did grumble and growl even still, hungry for more... More... That city was starting to look rather tasty in the eyes of the hunger-crazed man... it, and all who were within it. He immediately took a sip of his tea to calm himself. As long as he had something... He would be fine.

"... Ah... Rest assured, if the rest of me is returned, I will no doubt have enough control to halt this foul hunger in its tracks. That is... until I need it to rise again."

That was the theory, at least. Instead of his stomach controlling him as it had done so often in the past, he would finally have full control over it. However, he knew this type of transaction would probably not come without a price...

"... However... I am sure you probably wish something of me in return? It is alright if you do, I surely do not remind repaying you."

Grim was rather pleased to see that this man was not greedy nor too demanding in his requests, and in fact, his request seemed all too delightful in the three eyes of the gentlemanly figure. He nodded his head solemnly with a rather deeply rooted smile on his face, though granted hidden primarily by the black scarf, one would be able to faintly see two slender points perking up from below the scarf as indicators of his rather gleeful expression. He licked his teeth gently under the scarf's guise, before gritting his teeth together quite tightly; enough where the words he next spoke were through his teeth themselves.

"Ah yes... A most delicious proposition indeed... How could I refuse such fun? We will certainly have a most wonderful time, my good man!"

He quite earnestly, yet still calmly and humbly accepted the emblem, immediately placing it into his Third Eyes that was, always had and always would remain open at all times. Injecting it right into the pupil without as much as the slightest flinch, the emblem was now in safe keeping right inside of that Third Eye of Grimnyzmal's. Without blinking, the emblem disappeared, though the symbol of the Void Village shimmered and gleamed in his pupil in the light.

"My..." he started, his power returning to him in oceanic waves bit by bit, "My, my... How..." still speaking through his teeth, as if straining to keep his mouth shut, he opened his teeth only slightly in order to place his tongue betwixt his sharp fangs, poking at it with the needle-like points, "... Invigorating a feeling..." Every wave, every pulse felt like a joyful ecstasy he hadn't known for oh, so very long... How good it would be to be whole again. "Mmm..."

His two horizontal eyes narrowed at the Dark King now, their fierce and sinister gaze rather unfitting for his kindly demeanor and exquisite manner. It almost looked like he wished to simply gobble the man up right then and there. Of course, the man held a self-control over himself and his own power that only intensified the more power poured back into him. Though he was feeling more and more ravenous within, it was becoming easier and easier to hold it back. To let it build. Fester. For the right moment to let that frightful monstrosity out of the darkness and into the light...

"... Again, thank you ever so much, my good man. Whenever you need me, you know how to reach me. I will appear out of thin air to come to your aid. It is the least I can do after you have been so generous to me. I will be sure to stop by soon and get accustomed to it."

That great, infinitely abysmal strength... How he missed it so. Why, if he weren't so refined, he may indeed just go swallow someone or something whole just for the hell of it. Maybe. For old time's sake.

"Well, cheerio and all that, mon frere, as I bid you adieu."

Grim's final act before his departure was nothing but a swift and decisive embrace of the rather dashing man standing before him; the only way he could accurately express his utter satisfaction in the matter.

"But remember, out of thin air will I be there when the Void calls for me... Hmhmhm."

Luckily for him, his obligation to his family was going to be resolved by the time things got too intense he believed, so there would be no splitting of his attention, and if there just so happened to be, it was quite doable. Though with that hearty, but rather devious chuckle did he literally fade away into nothingness, as though he'd never been, there to begin with.

"Now, if you'll excuse me..."

And with that, he was gone elsewhere.
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Grimnyzmal The Abyzmal
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