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 Grimnyzmal The Abyzmal

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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas
Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

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PostSubject: Grimnyzmal The Abyzmal   Grimnyzmal The Abyzmal - Page 2 EmptySun Jul 07, 2019 12:24 pm

First topic message reminder :

Grimnyzmal; The royal Archcount of the Devourist kind. There are very few of his kind, as they are born from the essence of a black hole, and their internals are that of a miniature black hole. As such, Grimnyzmal eats anything and everything, basically just devouring matter. Grimnyzmal is a being that was created to devour things, just as his creator, a black hole, is meant to do. He has eaten his share of planets, matter and beings, however he is never satisfied... Until he found the quaint planet that he rested on.

Originally, he thought he would just devour the planet as he had done so many others, but... a thought crossed his mind, impulsing him to stay and research who lived on this planet and what organisms inhabited this planet also. He must feed on the inhabitants of planets to grow ever stronger, and then eat the planet itself. He has eaten countless planets and many galaxies. He's evil, cruel and merciless, but that doesn't mean he's not respectful, generous and royally honorable. It is believed that when a Devourist dies, since it happens so uncommonly, they create an immense black hole with their stored up black hole energy which is rumored to have secret planets of the Devourists on the inside... that is, if there is a way to get in without dying.

Grimnyzmal wears nice, formal attire; a black suit with dark purple, thin stripes, a crimson tinted black shirt under it. He wears a necktie that is in the shape of a mouth (and actually is a mouth), and he wears snazzy pants. On the kneecaps of these pants are mouths that open and close at will. He has 2 large spikes on the waist of his pants. He wears dress shoes with mouths on them, too. He has sleek hair that goes downward and is tinted black, then white. He has 3 large spikes of hair that jut randomly from the side of his head like cowlicks all the time on his right side. Grimnyzmal also wears special gloves with a mouth with two mouths intersecting to create one mouth. He absorbs things with his gloved hands.

He has a demonic scarf made from a highly dense energy from his world. His scarf is called the World Eater. The World Eater has mouths on each end of it, and the tips of the scarf ends are fashioned into points so that they become claws. His scarf is immune to fire and virtually unable to catch on fire. He may also spontaneously create more scarf ends at his will with mouths on the ends of those, too. His scarf covers his mouth and part of his nose most of the time.

Grimnyzmal bears an eternally open third eye which naturally shoots out powerful energy beams that explode on contact. The other special abilities of this third eye are being able to see the invisible, able to see through deceiving tactics/illusions or weather (shadow clones, mist, etc) and being able to breakdown speedy people so that when they move so fast that they disappear, his third eye can see every move they make, almost like clairvoyance. Also, his third eye allows him to see great distances that he is not at, like he'd be able to see a fly buzzing in a place 10 miles away clearly as if it were in front of him.

He's not a speedy one himself, but what he lacks in speed, he makes up for in strategy and defense. He may defy gravity of all kinds allowing him to fly, walk up the side of buildings, and stand on nothing in midair. Grim is also unaffected by black holes and their matter destroying abilities, seeing as he was made from one. As a side note, Grim can travel through special black holes that he creates like portals.

If Grim were to die from a physical attack that opens flesh (Like cutting or fire or somethin like that.), then all of the matter the black hole inside of him has eaten would explode, creating a giant sized black hole that would suck in things until it is stopped, or until it dies out.

Grim has Alticord, his floating piano of discord. Alticord is a floating piano that may manifest itself in any space Grim pleases. He plays songs of discord that are horribly elegant and beautiful, that shows his talent. Whoever is to hear this music till the end becomes mad with insanity and can only be controlled by Grim and only do as he tells them. He usually uses Alticord's power as a backup if he cannot eat their souls and control them, however, he does enjoy the melodies he plays on Alticord ever so much, and will sometimes play for fun.

Grim wields an extendable cane called Lordemeire and a top hat with a mouth on it. Now, Lordemeire is a normal cane that can extend itself out to a distance of about 33 feet. Usually it's used for pole jumping and quick slashes, since it's pointed at the end. At the top there is an orb in the shape of a mouth. The mouth shoots out energy beams just as Grim's third eye does. And as for the tophat.. It's another mouth added to him for devouring, and serves as a pocket dimension within the mouth hole.
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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas
Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

Posts : 517
Join date : 2014-11-02

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PostSubject: Re: Grimnyzmal The Abyzmal   Grimnyzmal The Abyzmal - Page 2 EmptySat Aug 03, 2019 10:06 am

Craving 24: Night's Wings Insanity Brings; Feast of Blood

The night was silent; the sky clear and moon of crescent nestled comfy in its own pocket in the sky. Though narrowed by the natural phase that the moon was known to take, it still remained unusually large on these quiet night. Faint traces of clouds brushed over its rays as the wind carried them across the sky, still unnaturally noiseless. This was a quiet that one only experienced in horror movies.

With all in the night at peace (even if unusual), there remained no mishaps and no cause of alarm anywhere despite all such hell that went on everywhere else. One would think that their world weren't in peril with the way these residents of the Mezzo Terra slept so soundly...

In the distance, only a single dim flash of crimson and the low rumbles of the residue of an impact broke this tranquil night's peace, and soon to follow would be the peace-seekers that sought to quench this calm with calamity and insanity. Moments later, the faint sound of numerous unsynchronized crinkling could be heard, the sound rising softly every so often as moments passed. From the horizon, a grim scene; a black undulation consumed the sky in the distance. It was thicker than any dark cloud and retained such darkness that even the light of the moon could not shine a light of illumination upon the form of this amorphouse mass in the sky.

Eventually, the faint crinkling became heavy, discordant beats; the sound of leather whipping against the air in a frenzy. The shriek of nails grinding a chalkboard soon caught up to the leathery whips, bringing forth a dismal symphony of discordant sounds. Soon, the frenzied mass would consume the sky over the Mezzo Villa...

When the skies became darker than the night itself, red lights speckled the once ambiguous mass of undulating black, two sets at a time. With no light save for the gleaming dots illuminating the skies, it was still unclear what this umbral congregation was, but whatever it could be, huge globs of it poured down from the sky like night rain...

Diving toward houses, buildings, and other constructs about the quiet city, the black blobs crashed through rooftops, windows and doors relentlessly, like bloodthirsty demons. Those who were on the street for whatever reason were carried off silently in the night, already dead before they could fully realize what was occurring. Eventually, that silent night air was filled with the sound of bloodcurdling screams and the smell of bloodshed all about. This terrible night raid could go on all night, until the entire city was dry of all traces of life.

As the grim night continued, the falling shadows continued to snatch random civilians from the comfort of their homes or off the street, if they intended to dwell this late at night. One crashed through the rooftop of a small house near the park, where a newborn infant was just rocked soundly to sleep in her mother's arms, the father peering over her shoulder. A robe of darkness covered the home as the lights flickered violently due to destroyed circuitry. Between each of the swift flickers and flashes, there were only three sounds; the first of a screaming newborn, the second of rending flesh, and the last... splattering blood upon the walls. There were no sounds afterward, save for the robe of darkness wiping the walls dry, leaving only dried bloodstains upon departure.

In another section across town, a group of teens hanging out late near a common recreational center skipping their curfew finally decided to walk home after a nice night of hanging out. To their dismay, they chose the wrong night to be out on the street... Not that it mattered, where they were as long as they were in the Mezzo Villa. Without even the thought to look up to the sky, all four of them were picked off one by one, carried off into the sky as a mangled mess in the jaws of darkness.

Already, one fourth of the city was lifeless... And the numbers kept rising steadily by the minute.

After a failed communication to the Dusk, and the extreme short-handedness he had on his end, he knew that he was going to have to do most of the heavy-lifting on his own... Even quite possibly at the cost of his own life.

"... How crude, to ignore a call from a comrade in peril. The school just may have to close down after this..."

He closed his eyes and sighed, shrugging his shoulders.

"No matter. Can't find good help these days..." he'd say jokingly, chuckling to himself. Perhaps it was to lighten the mood about what he was going to face out there alone. Alone...

He smiled that signature deadly nonchalant smile just one last time, prepping himself to rise and go.

"Oh well. At least it will be beautiful..."

A single tear rolled down his smiling face as he looked up to the ceilingless ceiling of the Death Room. Only moments later would he glow with an eerie grayish-blue light, changing into the form of a pure wavelength and zipping through buildings carried on the wavelength of light to the Mezzo Villa Central.

Once he reached the dead center, he crashed into the ground like a bolt of lightning, regaining his form upon impact. Turning his head toward the sky, he found himself crying for a dark sky as he looked into the evil abyss up above.

"... First, an attack on the old school that I had to handle alone... Then, an attack on the city I have to handle alone... I wonder how many people actually care about the well being of this place?"

He wondered how they'd feel if it were destroyed... Or if he should even be the one out here right now defending it from destruction. Unlike them, he cared quite a bit for this place. So perhaps that was why he protected it. Was that really the reason why those that didn't care could go on carefree? Because the people who did care always cleaned up after them? It was an odd cycle, really. Maybe those that did care would have to stop caring...

"... Well. Not this time," he'd say under his breath, concentrating on resonating his wavelength. With his wavelength resonating with the wavelength of light in the air, it wouldn't take too long for it to reach every end of the city, allowing him to initiate his next technique.

"Impenetrable Bubble."

An old favorite he used to protect himself, this would be the first time he'd use it on such a... Large scale. The giant bubble of his wavelength encompassed the Mezzo Villa, though granted at great strain to his own soul wavelength for such a hasty resonance.

"Mmn... Nnh... Ah. No problem..." he'd now isolated the blackness above from what was already within the city, which lessened the problem to a considerable degree. As long as he could maintain his wavelength, he could keep more from coming in and those within from going out, however... How long could he hold out, was the question? Expending such wavelength constantly around an entire city as a whole would be taxing for just one person, even if it was Tear. He didn't have long.

The bloody feast continued without interruption for quite a while, clods of the darkness coming down to feed and then flying back up into the mass. It steadily caused the Mezzo Villa population to decline. It was not until the efforts of Tear that the dark cloud's drop was stopped, and only the few that were within would still continue to feast. There weren't more than ten or twenty as a round estimate, though when it was revealed that the others up above could no longer feed, they went into a vicious frenzy.

The great black cloud then swarmed upon the barrier of the bubble, pressing its combined weight upon the exterior. Thirsty for blood and hungry for flesh, the identity of this large cloud was revealed to be terrifying Blood Biters; man-sized bat creatures that knew only their insatiable appetite for blood. Just one could drain a couple of full grown people before becoming completely full, and for whatever reason, they were in a state of pure craze. Though part of it contributed to their sudden disconnection from their food source, they seemed to be this mad before they arrived. Perhaps they just hadn't eaten in quite a while and needed to feast as a unit.

Nevertheless, the mad bats all pressed down on the Impenetrable Bubble, scratching, biting and crashing into it in a unified (yet still rather discordant) attempt to break through. The combined pressure would shorten Tear's life expectancy by one extra post.

In the meantime, within, the Blood Biters continued about their business, picking off random morsels and draining their blood, paying Tear no mind within. Nearby, the sound of rending flesh could be heard down a narrow alleyway, however...

The Impenetrable Bubble definitely lived up to its name, remaining erect even under the weight of the crazed Blood Biters. Though Tear could maintain it with such pressure being placed on his very soul, it was taking a larger toll than expected on him.

"Gh... Ah... is this what it feels like...? The feeling of death...?"

It was closing in on him, his Wavelength, the more the Blood Biters pushed. Still, it was the least he could do to get rid of however many possible while he was still here. His ears caught the sound of a Blood Biter nearby, and though his main lines of attack (his Wavelength) were weak from upholding the Impenetrable Bubble, he still had the Hundred Handers Taijutsu fighting style, plus the diamond from Kham he wore around his neck as a pendant. Those would be more than enough.

Even though using his wavelength as an attack would do a number on him, using any of the Soul Notation variations wouldn't be too bad. He decided upon using his most advanced strain, the Soul Scan, due to the limited amount of time he had to complete this. He pinpointed his target to an alleyway nearby, and on his feet, his belt sanders coated his soles allowing him to skid across the ground without moving his legs, unless to bend his knees to maneuver. He moved at high speed, as if he were in a car or other wheeled vehicle, and turned sharply once he reached the corner.

"100% Maximum Punch..." he muttered, swiveling around to gain a bit of torque and spun. The momentum would definitely have enough power to punch a hole straight through the Blood Biter's body, killing it instantly.

*Crik... CrrrK... CrAcK... Cur-Krk!!*

The sound of bones cracking and flesh rendering as the alleybound Blood Biter tore out a poor boy's jugular, gnawing upon it ravenously. Even bone marrow was sucked dry by the flying leech. It remained preoccupied by its feeding, till it heard with its superb hearing the faint sound of something grinding in the distance. Its ears twitched and turned about, pinpoining the location in no time just as Tear turned the corner and began to spin. One good flap of its wings sent it high into the air, a nasty screech into the air following its ascent. In only moments, those that remained within the Impenetrable Bubble all came flocking to the man with the largest source of energy to feed on. There were much more than anticipated; about fifty of them, as some had been hiding within the broken houses and out of sight. They all converged on that location, perching atop the buildings of the alleyway with sinister smirks and smiles plastered on their gruesome mugs. They'd tear him apart in no time flat.

Up above the bubble, the others were getting restless; their hunger rising steadily. No matter how much they tried, it seemed that they were not going to enter the Impenetrable Bubble even if they pushed and pressed and clawed and gnawed. Realizing this, they all hovered upward all at once, converging back into the abysmal black cloud they once were. They were enfuriated by this barrier, and would either have to destroy it or migrate to another location... For their final efforts, each of them released one of their high powered Deadly Screeches focused on that single barrier, the high frequency of one being enough to liquefy or shatter a solid object with short exposure... What could the sound of hundreds of thousands, or perhaps even millions of them do all on one target? Hopefully, destabilize the wavelength with their discordant sound to the point where it could no longer remain erect, and of course collapse upon itself so they could feast once again. The wretched sound completely filled the air outside, and those outside the Impenetrable Bubble could hear it for miles... All the way in the Dusk, even. Almost like a terrible omen...

Meanwhile, within, all fifty of the Blood Biters dove down at the open Tear in the alleyway, easily filling up his areas of escape within the narrow pass. They came from all sides; about, in front and behind, since those were he only places such a slender alley could provide as means of escape.

The spinning Tear just missed the targeted Blood Biter with his punch, rotating his belt sander soles the other way to brake himself to a stop rather quickly.

"My..." he muttered to himself, "... I should have expected a creature with such keen hearing to hear my revving sanders as I approached..." Sneaking up on a Blood Biter was almost impossible, anyway, even if some of them were blind as bats.

Before long, his one target became many; about fifty in a matter of moments, many more than he expected to deal with initially. He needed to work fast if he intended to save the Mezzo Villa from further demise. It was a pretty good thing that these cowardly beasts became frenzied when hungry, or else he might not have any chance of making it all across the city to kill fifty bats individually. At least right here, right now, as they all converged on his location, he could take them all out in one go.

With his signature deadly nonchalant smile back upon his face, the first Blood Biter that neared him (be it from above, behind or in front) would find themselves kicked square in the face by a revved up 100 Ton Kick of his Hundred Hander style. The Belt Sander sole of his foot shot his foot up into the air (either backward or forward depending on the location of the Blood Biter) with such speed and force, it would feel like 100 tons slamming them right in the face. The momentum could carry his entire body all the way around back to its initial position on the ground, giving him a wide arc overhead, behind and in front with just one crescent kick. No matter what, at least one of them was going to be dead from such a forceful blow to the head.

In that same motion, whichever Blood Biter came from the opposite direction, he'd gently land upon their back and kick off gracefully into the sky, sending the one he stood atop crashing down into the ground, most likely with all its bones shattered from the kick and from hitting the ground. He'd continue hopping atop Blood Biters and kicking off of their backs in the same manner, facing any oncoming threats with his Fist of a Hundred Hands technique, a flurry of about 100 high powered, skull-crushing punches in a matter of seconds. This was only to clear a path to the rooftop and not to actually destroy all of them. At most, he would have guessed he took down 15 of them with just that, but that was the maximum and not the minimum.

Tear just about made it to the top and through all of the vile man-sized bats. As soon as he was about to make a break for the top, the vile screeches of those up above the Impenetrable Bubble distorted his wavelength severely, putting a great deal of strain on his soul. Gripping his chest and curling, Tear fell back down to the ground, concentrating to maintain the barrier above the city. He landed directly on one of the dumpsters in the alley, falling into it once he broke the lid. Even with those screeches, he had to keep the Impenetrable Bubble up... He had to make sure this place was safe.

It didn't take him long to regain his composure, even if he still felt the intense strain, he persevered. He hopped out of the dumpster before the bats realized where he was and what was going on and would rev his sanders on his feet and roll out into the street, still clenching his chest.

This may be the end for me... oh well... I do hope that Mors is well taken care of in my absence...

Grim thoughts filled the already happily melancholic man's head of his own demise. It was to the point where he almost did not realize the sudden strain of his soul lifting gradually, as if something, or someone, was reinforcing it. The sound of cracking ice crystallizing gradually over his city-wide barrier drew his attention up to the now open sky to see this icy wavelength of someone he hadn't seen in quite a long time...

... Is that wavelength...?

He didn't know where she was or how far away she was, but he read that wavelength to be the same quiet little girl he trained only a bit in her brief time at the school before she left. It was that girl, Perura, though it seemed in her long time of absence, she'd grown much stronger.

"Ah... So perhaps I am not the only one who cares for the well-being of the city... Though, I mustn't speak too soon; who knows what goals she could be protecting? Hmhm..."

His first thought was to trace where the source of the Wavelength was coming from, but before that, it was probably smarter to resonate their wavelengths since his own was flexible enough to match most others and reinforce the Impenetrable Bubble in a way that would ensure their efforts were combined together.

"Soul Chorus..." he muttered again, initiating a resonance between both of their wavelengths up above. The flexibility of his Liquid Wavelength combined with the hardness of the icy wavelength of coldness that Perura had would surely work wonders. Still, there was a lot of damage Tear's soul had taken already... It might have already been too late for him.

Once the frenzy of bats swooped down all at once on their target, the blind creatures would find that their initial assault was not as effective as once thought. The calm and collected Tear's individual assault proved enough to dispatch 15 of the Blood oncoming Blood Biters as said, but the others trailed right behind him. He seemed to fall right into the claws on the Blood Biters as he fell, yet upon closer inspection, he slipped right through and into the dumpster below. They all flocked to it, banging and bashing at it in an attempt to open it, and from their size, it wouldn't take long before they destroyed it. Suddenly, Tear burst from the top and out into the street, and of course the Blood Biters followed suit.

As they chased him down the street, the infuriated beings released numerous Deadly Screeches. At everything that the concentrated supersonic waves hit, a solid object would fall to pieces, losing its structure at the sound. Any buildings blasted in the way would fall to pieces at their base, threatening to flatten Tear and/or crush him in the process. It would not take too long for them to catch up to him during their flight, and when they did (if his body were still intact), they'd swoop down from above and attempt to carry him off.

Outside the Impenetrable Bubble, the Blood Biters found their collective efforts working until the barrier began to freeze over. The feel that its structure no longer weakened brought the attention of the dark cloud over to the oncoming madam outside the bubble's limits; Perura. Though she was only one girl, each and every last one of the voracious creatures wished to claim her as their delicious prize, and so all would converge upon her position (since she was the only available morsel outside.) This alleviated the pressure from the now fortified dome, but now... Perura had a flurry of Blood Biters wide enough to claim the city's skies all coming for her... What would become of her?

Tear hurried as fast as his sanders could take him toward the edge of the barrier to meet with the one whose wavelength fortified with his own. He felt her wavelength coursing through him now, the reciprocation of their souls allowing the resonance to stabilize. With that, he was able to pinpoint just how far she was away and what her current situation was, despite how he needed to focus on his own.

"Drat," he muttered, turning his head slightly to look from the corner of his eye, "They are surely gaining on me..." Their vicious sonic screeches blasted the base of buildings nearby and the towers fell inward upon the city streets. "... And it does not seem like they are too happy, either."

Though his life was in danger from the falling buildings, he could indeed use them to his advantage, as well. The keen eyes of the seasoned tactician paved out a pathway within the falling debris to speed him through and possibly trap the Blood Biters under the falling building, if he was swift enough. They probably would only fly as fast as they needed in order to get to him, so if he moved faster, then so would they. They were already quite hot on his tail, their talons nearly snatching the collar of his jacket. Of course, this had to work, or else he'd suffer one of three tragic deaths right here and now. So, he crouched down low when he neared the first falling piece of debris and hopped atop the boulder before it reached the ground, rolling along its surface till he reached the edge. Two more smaller rocks were falling, which would not provide him much aerial support, but would serve as quite the devastating bullets to impale any of the Blood Biters that followed. Hopping to the first one, the moment it touched the sander on his foot, it would shoot backward whilst propelling him forward only so slightly, sending the rock speeding through the air and into the flurry of bats. The same would occur for the next one he landed on, till on the third rock, it was too large for his sanders to launch, and ended up being his rock of stability.

By his point, the building was damn near at his head, and he had a couple more bounds to go before he reached the clearing point. It was falling much faster than the debris itself. There was nothing left to do but jump through one of the windows.

And, a perfectly executed hurdle through one of the windows into a tilted room served Tear well as to escape the crashing skyscraper, but he did not stop moving at all for even a moment; crashing through walls, doors and pillars in order to get a little higher up as the building came crumbling down. He continued this until he saw in front through a series of windows another building falling down beside this one, and perhaps his savior. if the Blood Biters weren't stupid enough to follow him into or under the building, then they'd surely appear on the other side ready to sink their teeth into him. Though, he didn't expect that type of intelligence from a crazed creature. He gracefully leapt out of the window of the falling tower near the end of the building, letting it totally fall to pieces as he skated across the side of the one nearby, which was falling just the same. Of course, rolling over the smooth surface of the side of this falling building would be much more of a breeze than crashing through walls, furniture and debris before it reached the ground, so he neared the building's edge without too much interference.

He was curious as to what happened to the Blood Biters through such an escapade, but did not worry too much about them, for Perura on the outside was his main concern now. The crazed Blood Biters would definitely follow him if any were alive, and he needed to make sure she was safe getting into the Impenetrable Bubble. She would be able to pass through easily since she and Tear were resonating, so that wasn't the issue at this point; it was merely what the swarm outside was going to do. He touched the street once more and continued rolling off, now almost at the very edge of the Impenetrable Bubble.

"Just a little more..."

It wasn't long after that which he saw one of the Blood Biters land before him, causing him to screech to a halt. This one was not like the others; it had a familiar presence, and was oddly coherent... Though geared to attack, he saw one of the other Blood Biters below his feet, and realized it could not have been one of them. This was... An ally? Closer inspection of his energy, and Tear recognized who this was; the man who destroyed the old building in a crazed state of searching for 'Death.'

"Hm? What? How did you get in here?"

He wasn't surprised that someone of such reality distortion power before would be capable of entering the Impenetrable Bubble; he probably used a portal of some sorts to enter. A flaw in its design, no less something these Blood Biters were unable to do, thankfully.

"Ah, nevermind that! You wish to assist in ridding these monstrous beasts of the city? Sure. Your debt will definitely be repaid."

Perhaps it was a good thing that this man destroyed the building before... If he didn't, there probably would have been no reason for him to be here now. And quite possibly, Tear would be dead soon.

"Take over with that as you wish; I will tend to an acquaintance of mine nearby! She may be in grave danger beyond the barriers of the Impenetrable Bubble... I have only not resorted to using a large scale attack because I did not wish to destroy the city in the process. If this city weren't a factor, I could have easily wiped these things out a while ago."

He felt that to be crucial information, just in case the strange man wished to resort to something... large to get rid of the ones outside.

"I thank you for this... Deeply, I do."

The angered bats did not give up in their bloodthirsty frenzy of a pursuit of Tear, tailing him closely even as he sped up to outrun them. One was knocked out of the sky by the flying rock, falling to the ground, but the others continued on without hesitation, chasing him up into the building. To their dismay, as Tear predicted, once they followed upward, a vast majority of them were crushed under the falling skyscraper's weight, with only two surviving. They hadn't gone under the building before it crashed, and so simply flew above the debris and followed Tear.

However, with a more powerful energy source having appeared from seemingly nowhere, the last two Blood Biters halted their pursuit of Tear and now focused their attention on the Dark King, who just instructed Tear to go ahead. They swooped down without hesitation to sink their fangs into the Dark King as he unleashed each of the keyblades, ready to suck him dry of all his energy.

Outside, the black cloud of bats swarmed around Perura, creating a thick fluttering haze of leathery wings and screeches of all different pitches and volumes right in her ear. They claws and gnawed at her body, yet could not penetrate the surface of it. Her blood was safe from their fangs for now. However, this did not hold true for her energy. And, when figuring out that their poor bruised fangs could not penetrate, they merely latched on with their teeth and began to drain her chakra pool, thirsty for her energy. Others squawked and squabbled in an attempt to get their share, though it was clear that she would not be able to feed the entire masses before she was sucked dry.

With the weight of the world so to speak off of Tear's shoulders and passed on to the unlikely the Dark King, Tear continued on toward the outskirts of the barrier, toward the White Queen. He exited just as she slowed the swarm, around her, and no longer having to suffer withholding his own wavelength, he could simply repulse those that were in his way with powerful flexes of his wavelength. Their distant resonance allowed for him to open up a pathway straight to her without having to physically touch any of them, making a clear escape for them.

"Miss Perura," he said coolly, as though none of such were occurring at this very moment, "I do thank you for your assistance. Both you and the fellow now protecting the city were the most unlikely of help to me..." He looked at her, flashing his signature deadly nonchalant smile once more. It felt so good; he was missing it in these trying times. Feeling more alleviated, it was alright for him to show his calm demeanor once again and keep his 'cool' as one would say. He extended a hand to her, as though to escort her out of the black mass of vampiric devastation, "Shall we? It would be best to combat these things from within a safe environment, wouldn't you say?" Still so courteous, even if he didn't know the outcome of what was going to occur thus far. He simply waiting till she took his hand... If she did... Before he would jet off into the stronghold again.

The ravenous man-bat creatures found the energy of Perura to be quite the filling appetizer for them, feasting more and more upon it with much impatience to gather more... Yet to their dismay, this served as their final course prior to their own demise. They all clamored around her only to be slowed to almost a halt by the harsh cold omitted from her counteractive shriek to their own. Those that were immediately within her vicinity indeed froze over, and to the confusion of the ones in the back tried to get a bite of the girl, they all flew into a frenzy of madness for their own hunger, being unable to exit through the clutter of their frozen brethren. They all spread from that moment, trying to find any and every way possible to invade Perura's space and feast upon her sweet chakra... And in fact, when Tear showed up, they sensed his energetic levels as well and flocked over to him. It looked just like a big cloud of pure darkness tried its hardest to completely envelop them and suck them dry.

Yet, on the inside, things went about almost similarly. To face the Dark King were very few, who protected the sanctity of the city. Once they latched onto his sweet and powerful chakra sources, they were immediately met with a 'Zeus Cannon' to the mouth, literally exploding them from the inside out, letting their blood and guts paint the pavement. At the loss of his own arms, he quite brutally ravaged the minor threats... But his main priority to keep those outside of the city where they were was going well with the barrier erect. Still... The problem now remained of how to get rid of these monstrosities? Or could they rid themselves of these monstrosities, was the better question. The dark clouds seemed abysmal, the creatures quite innumerable in their numbers. If the Blood Biters did not take a toll on their energy reserves just from their collective consumption, surely the ridding of them would all the same.

Just as quickly as the black mass migrated would it be returning to the fray of the battle, following behind it, a rather shadily dressed man bathed in ebony; head to toe, with only his eyes uncovered by a piece of clothing. Menacing and slender, narrowed to the point where it would seem they'd cut down all they looked at, the jolly Grimnyzmal continued to stalk his prey in the night.
Juicy morsels~!"he cooed softly in delight, using a gloved hand to pull down just what covered (and protected the world from) his gaping black hole of a mouth. Simply opening his mouth created an intense vacuous force, a pocket of air so great, it would seem capable of halting time itself with the pull of its suction. Such wavelengths as light and sound found themselves distorted to the point where they could not escape the calling of the darkness of his abysmal gullet, waiting to be hopelessly consumed and changed into nothingness. It should have been as simple as a quick and decisive *slurp~!!**

During his preying upon his feast, however, he noticed a rather familiar energy signature nearby... Almost like a part of him he was tied to in some way, but separate from who he was now. Even through the madness of his hunger, he was able to scope out things like that... For now. He wasn't completely off his rocker yet, hungry to eat everything that got in his way. No, it hadn't gotten that bad... Not yet. With some of his rational mind still intact, the dark cloaked man saw it best to see this óther part of him' to see what could be done about this...

After his lunch, of course, of course.

"Perhaps... This power belongs to that man... It's been so very long since I've been able to truly talk to that old chap..."

He seemed to be looking forward to it... The rational part of him, anyway.

"Quite", he slipped out through a muffled belch. It seemed like he was satiated for the time being and was very capable of reasonable banter. The meeting of he and this fellow whose signature resembled that of the good sport 'Vash' was a most... Blissful reacquaintance, for some reason. He seemed to quite easily settle with this man's presence... Almost like it was part of his own somehow, even though they were two separate beings. Twins, per chance?

"Please excuse my intrusion. I have just been so... *soft belch* ABYZMALLY hungry... I've been trying to learn to control myself a little better... It is rather unbecoming."

Even now, he spoke rather forcefully through his teeth, as if holding back some sort of wild, crazy beast back with every fiber of his being. A mad dog... No... A Dark Wolf, perhaps? His stomach snarled with a ferocity only more treats and delicacies could satiate, but was hushed by the sheer nirvana of this finely dressed, shadowy man's control over himself. For now.

"... Excuse me. Ahem. And in my travels, I have noticed that you seem... Exceedingly familiar. Like you and I are connected in some sort of way, shape or form, if that makes any sense to you. I'm sure this must all sound dreadfully eerie, especially from a hungry stranger..."


Oh my... It was getting testy again. He wouldn't be able to resist it... Her... or any of it for all too much longer if it got so upset. Perhaps, more food...?

"Ah... Pardon me... Really. I'm just a tad bit hungry after all... May we speak a bit?"

Ah yes, so very long ago, as his last parting will, did the one born of the Nothing relinquish a piece of himself to be born again from that nothing from whence he came... Even if only a sliver, twas enough to survive and grow again.

"Ahahaha... Yes, quite! I remember that, indeed... No hard feelings, however. I came to consume this planet and this galaxy as is nature of my people. He was there to stop me, as I anticipated someone would do. I did give you all fair warning, after all!"

He chuckled to himself, literally holding no animosity toward this new man, his clan nor his predecessor. Though abysmal was his black hole of a stomach, so was his kindness, his love and his gentlemanly manner. With a humble bow of his head, he let out a solemn "I apologize for my intrusion," before lifting his head back up to face the man of no fear for him. It was good that someone did not fear him, for Grim enjoyed idle banter such as this. It was quality time that made him feel more connected to others.

Now, his power may have been quite... Slight in comparison to what he would be if given his full potential, but he was still quite the threat to be feared all on his own. However... He could not help but think that having the rest of himself would satiate his hunger. Or, at least give him the power to control it, whether he was in a state of constant starvation or not. He was trying to help himself not to act on it, and this man may have been the key. The Grim was quite the nice guy, of course, regardless of his destructive tendencies. Tearing down fate was something he was all for accomplishing, if there was someone here who sought the same purpose. He saw this world for what it was back then and did not wish for it to be consumed. Somehow... He felt like all of the madness occurring... Was his fault.

"I did not have the chance to grow powerful enough to consume universes, like my dear elder brother," he began, his black scarf, World Eater, shaping into the form of a rather elegant decor stool under his rear as he sat, "However, that power within me has risen significantly thanks to my ties to my family... As well as the Insanity lingering about, and all that I consumed. When I eat, I naturally gain the power of what I devour." Raising a single gloved hand, a slit appeared straight down the middle of his palm, unveiling a sharp-toothed mouth raising a teacup and saucer on its tongue and into his fingertips before sealing itself completely. Much like the man that stood before him, the Insanity about did not bother him at all, for even if it did strike that terrible craving in his stomach... All he would do was eat whatever came his way, and that would be the end of it. Just the same as this man could do with his clan's rather choice natural ability.

"Tea?" he offered gingerly with a smile hidden under his scarf, as another cup spawned in the same manner from his other hand. Whenever he had conversations, he always enjoyed doing them over nice, hot cups of Antimatter Tea; a home specialty. He enjoyed some before with the former Kage of the original Nightmare upon his arrival; Kham Michio, who was at that point, Mahk-X. Grim fairly warned the man of his intentions to destroy the planet, and they chatted about it like gentlemen over the same Antimatter Tea. He was quite the kind fellow, when genuine kindness was shown to him. Perhaps this bloke was the same.

But, his stomach did grumble and growl even still, hungry for more... More... That city was starting to look rather tasty in the eyes of the hunger-crazed man... it, and all who were within it. He immediately took a sip of his tea to calm himself. As long as he had something... He would be fine.

"... Ah... Rest assured, if the rest of me is returned, I will no doubt have enough control to halt this foul hunger in its tracks. That is... until I need it to rise again."

That was the theory, at least. Instead of his stomach controlling him as it had done so often in the past, he would finally have full control over it. However, he knew this type of transaction would probably not come without a price...

"... However... I am sure you probably wish something of me in return? It is alright if you do, I surely do not remind repaying you."

Grim was rather pleased to see that this man was not greedy nor too demanding in his requests, and in fact, his request seemed all too delightful in the three eyes of the gentlemanly figure. He nodded his head solemnly with a rather deeply rooted smile on his face, though granted hidden primarily by the black scarf, one would be able to faintly see two slender points perking up from below the scarf as indicators of his rather gleeful expression. He licked his teeth gently under the scarf's guise, before gritting his teeth together quite tightly; enough where the words he next spoke were through his teeth themselves.

"Ah yes... A most delicious proposition indeed... How could I refuse such fun? We will certainly have a most wonderful time, my good man!"

He quite earnestly, yet still calmly and humbly accepted the emblem, immediately placing it into his Third Eyes that was, always had and always would remain open at all times. Injecting it right into the pupil without as much as the slightest flinch, the emblem was now in safe keeping right inside of that Third Eye of Grimnyzmal's. Without blinking, the emblem disappeared, though the symbol of the Void Village shimmered and gleamed in his pupil in the light.

"My..." he started, his power returning to him in oceanic waves bit by bit, "My, my... How..." still speaking through his teeth, as if straining to keep his mouth shut, he opened his teeth only slightly in order to place his tongue betwixt his sharp fangs, poking at it with the needle-like points, "... Invigorating a feeling..." Every wave, every pulse felt like a joyful ecstasy he hadn't known for oh, so very long... How good it would be to be whole again. "Mmm..."

His two horizontal eyes narrowed at the Dark King now, their fierce and sinister gaze rather unfitting for his kindly demeanor and exquisite manner. It almost looked like he wished to simply gobble the man up right then and there. Of course, the man held a self-control over himself and his own power that only intensified the more power poured back into him. Though he was feeling more and more ravenous within, it was becoming easier and easier to hold it back. To let it build. Fester. For the right moment to let that frightful monstrosity out of the darkness and into the light...

"... Again, thank you ever so much, my good man. Whenever you need me, you know how to reach me. I will appear out of thin air to come to your aid. It is the least I can do after you have been so generous to me. I will be sure to stop by soon and get accustomed to it."

That great, infinitely abysmal strength... How he missed it so. Why, if he weren't so refined, he may indeed just go swallow someone or something whole just for the hell of it. Maybe. For old time's sake.

"Well, cheerio and all that, mon frere, as I bid you adieu."

Grim's final act before his departure was nothing but a swift and decisive embrace of the rather dashing man standing before him; the only way he could accurately express his utter satisfaction in the matter.

"But remember, out of thin air will I be there when the Void calls for me... Hmhmhm."

Luckily for him, his obligation to his family was going to be resolved by the time things got too intense he believed, so there would be no splitting of his attention, and if there just so happened to be, it was quite doable. Though with that hearty, but rather devious chuckle did he literally fade away into nothingness, as though he'd never been, there to begin with.

"Now, if you'll excuse me..."

And with that, he was gone elsewhere.
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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas
Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

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Craving 25: A Thank You Present~!

The man garbed in complete black stood poised and proper upon one of the highest surrounding crystal bridges around the Veritas, a clear view of the realm in his sights. It was time for the two 'bodies' to return together as one... The shadow and the light would come together as once...

"... Finally... The Feast will begin...
Everything will return to my body...
For the Last Supper..."

Lifting a sleek gloved hand up to his scarf, he pulled it down just slightly, revealing his unnaturally sharp, vampiric and widely animalistic fangs.

"I've been SO very hungry...
I thought he was going to let me starve..."

Shinta, who remained a friend to Grimnyzmal ever since their talk in the Mind's Void so long again, was also the one who helped to save the Veritas from the Horseman and the Insanity when the time of crisis was in need. It was only natural that he be given proper tribute...

"To fill an eternal void...
Let us give to him an infinite creation!!"

As the Keeper of Fear, Grim was knowledgeable about the Voids and how to solve them; it wasn't much of an issue, truly. Where there is infinite empty space you fill with all things infinitely. The Veritas and the Void would become as one through Grimnyzmal's bond with Shinta... and all would fall to equivocation.

It took but a wide gape of his mouth and a gentle inhale for vacuous force far greater than any mere black hole drawing the ENTIRE realm into the Void all at once, leaving only Absolute Zero where the realm and all was connected to it would lie. The image of the Veritas rested upon the tongue of Grimnyzmal as though some sort of crystallized gem... And with a decisive gnash of his teeth like prison bars closing and locking would the crystal shatter to pieces between his teeth.

And, like a good sport, he pulled up his scarf and went about his business, returning to the Void, where his dear friend could take things from there.

"Double for your trouble, my friend.
For all the thankless work you do.

"So you are finally relinquishing your title as Lord of Terror and become one with the Absolute Zero...? It seems as though there is a new Keeper of Fear...

And you know what happens when an old Keeper is succeeded..."

She licked her lips, as though she'd been waiting all this time for this moment. She and he were going to become one entity entirely. All voids would come together and be as one...

"We are in need of a sister...
I know someone who is on probation..."

The Zero World, as she once was, is now the Veritas as a whole, and he who would take her place as the Zero World, the only one that was able to master it and become one with it... completely. The new Arbiter of Souls, Allmaster; he who would ascend to the 11th Restriction as the two of them combined. He who had control over all souls in the Veritas and the Veritas itself. He was its body, and she was the world itself... the two were one in Zero... What a most pleasurable sensation... For once, she was pleased and happy about something, no longer stuck in the Zero World by herself.

"Mmm... I'm so happy you've decided to come home...
I have missed you...
Now the two of us can be together forever...

Now that she had nothing to fear anymore, she could direct all of the tumultuous terror upon the rest of the world as she saw fit to bring her feed. The apparition of a black cloud swirled around his neck, mimicking the Crystal Cloud formation that was once worn by the late Shinchrona. It, merging with his scarf, World Eater, served as an eternal constant connection to not only this world, but Absolute Zero in its entirety. A black molecular cloud... what one may even call a cloud of nebulae.

"Shall you have the Judgemaster seek out the new sister and call upon the other three of four Grand Masters to your aid for the Last Supper?"

The seamless integration with the Zero World, and simultaneously, the Veritas as a whole, happened in nothing more but a quick bite to eat. Lovely. Wiping his mouth politely after his meal, he looked up and all around him, cutely petting the now sentient apparition that always existed within his confines since his conception. This was his wife from another life, having been waiting so many lifetimes just to get to this point where the two of them could be together again.

"Now, now, no need to be restless... Things will all be as they should soon, my sweet. In the meantime, I believe that calling for the Last Supper would be a splendid idea! Though I'm no longer famished, I still do enjoy the taste of such treats..."

Though the Zero World did have quite the point in the fact that there was no one to fill the place of the Sister... But that was a rather simple solution that had already worked itself out beforehand.

"Ah, I believe I know exactly the girl to play the part..."

Yes, none other than the Death Goddess herself... the new Shinigami, Trinity. To complete a family of death, where the Keeper passes Judgment and the Sister casts Judgment, then the two parents would BE such Judgment...

"All's grim in Allsgrim...

And, in all but a moment, as if smitten by some unknown weight weighing heavy on her being, bringing all such value to she who was once Absolute Zero, she would experience the Absolute All of the Shinseigami, Shinmegami and Shinigami all as one; the Red Moon striking and fitting rather nicely into the emptiness to absolute perfection. No overlap and no misalignment; all values were in equivocation, thus erasing the Zero World completely. It was filled to the brim with the combined efforts of the Trini-T... Completing the rising moon that was about to engulf them completely.

"Looks like... It is about that time...
Where I finally return to value..."

As Grim took on the entire Zero World for himself, he, too, would be able to feel the power of the Trini-T flowing within him, and the heart that now beat within the chest of Kaerei would now beat within him, too. Two voids filled together at once.

"But I'll always be with you within you...
Like I always wanted to be...

She was already within him, the Pandora's Box... This man in and of himself, the Allmaster, was as it was said, master of ALL that there was. As the God of the Veritas that now existed as his entire body, he had absolute and total control over everything that went on within, for he was at the 11th; the highest restriction one could obtain before becoming a Freed Will, where such laws and jurisdictions did not apply anymore. That was already one step closer to erasing the Insanity.

Passing on all of her crafts, knowledge and powers to her dear child of prophecy, Grimnyzmal, he who would save the Zero World and break the curse, would such be lifted from the woman and she would be allowed to become a new world entirely; a world woven by her son's equivalent, Khrona.

"Finally... I may be born again from you three...
Thank you... Thank you...
Thank you..."

And with that, Kaerei would merge completely with Grimnyzmal, allowing him to become Thanytoz, and for the old Zero World to become the new Veritas; Tinasanti the Trini-T. Father, Mother and Child as one entire reality in its entirety. Their form was more majestic than anything one had ever seen. This was the Octogod, he who wove together reality like a meticulous spider, yet whose arms flowed as lucidly as an octopus' tentacles; the Eight Arms of Tabrith and their Eight Hands of God that would hold up all the Veritas.

"Alright. Let us start.
It is time.
To seal the Insanity for good."
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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas
Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

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Craving 26: The Final Wake... I'm Hungry

His eyes burst open without true knowing of how he got to where he was nor what he was doing prior for a moment, but looking around, the man could see that he was back in the Allsgrim Manor. Eerie.

"Hmm. This is strange. I could have sworn that before I was at the Crystal Tree..."

He scratched the back of his head in confusion, eying his surroundings once again. The scarf protecting his mouth (from consuming everything around him) flicked about like a tail, the sentient object wrapping around its partner's body as though it missed him quite a bit.

"Mm? World Eater, what on earth has gotten into you?"

Moments later, he rose from his chair and felt the annoying sensation of hunger stirring in him again. Though he was perfectly capable of controlling himself these days, and technically did not need to eat, he just liked the taste of things and wanted a treat.

"Mmmm... I'm hungry... Hmhmhm..."

An intoxicating sensation to this man, his hunger was nothing to mess around with. It made him wild... just as a few other secret triggers did. However, he couldn't quite understand what it was he had a taste for, really. It was a... really weird taste in his mouth, but he knew it well...

"... In... Insanity?"

World Eater popped up really fast, wrapping around his face much more tightly at the sound of it. Seems like that was the key right there.

"Mmm... Quite. Well then, if that is what I have a hankering for..."

His once calm eyes and demeanor changed in a heartbeat, his eyes narrowing to slits that could tear straight through one's soul. The eyes of the predator, and everything was his prey. But his target, specifically, this time...

"... Itadakimaaaaassuuuu..."

As God of the Veritas, he knew all the happenings that were going on, hovering above the entire land, hidden within the Enigmas. Thus, he was let to know just what Insanities were where and at what level of concentration. One of them was about to get crunched...

His body began to fade, like an apparition of sorts, flickering in and out momentarily before disappearing silently, without a trace. Wherever he wished to be, he would be, and that place would be... Wherever it is he sensed this active Insanity.
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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas
Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

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"Not gonna happen," a dark, but rather mellow disembodied voice spoke out. Teeth appeared first from out of nowhere, wide and bared, before the rest of the body formed from the void. With just a glance, he looked at the two and knew that they were weaklings. No threat. "I don't have time to play games right now, so don't even bother to do anything about this." He shrugged his shoulder casually, knowing that there was nothing that could be done, in the first place. A slit opened up on his palm as he passed by, drawing in all of the lingering Insanity in the area, and with the current dying down of the larger source of Hatred, it wouldn't take longer than a second to strip the floating flaming girl of her plague.

"Ugh... Next...?"

Without skipping a beat or even bothering to look over at the two, he lowered his hand once all of the Insanity (no matter how minute) was drained, continuing to walk until his body started to fade out in the same way as it faded in when he appeared. If they even noticed him walking, it would be a surprise, since he was a presenceless being and could only be noticed if he were seen with one's own eyes. Fading from existence, he would reappear wherever his appetite for Insanity took him next...

The blazing inferno of hatred in her soul, her fury in the name of righteousness and punishment, would suddenly come to an extremely abrupt halt, as though all of her burning will had been consumed by a passing presence. Whatever it was, on the winds of change, she couldn't help but notice that her power was gone... And so was her hatred.

"Wha... What...?" She didn't know what happened, but afterwards, she felt completely cleansed. Something about the shining lights of this area... This rainbow of light was beautiful and soothed her soul. "... This light... Reminds me of the Goddess..." Upon her mind, the light of memory would shine as she gazed into the rainbow spectacle all around her. It hadn't much meaning to her before, but now as she looked to it and felt the radiant energies that simply poured from the glamorous crystalline stage. At that point, she remembered the Goddess.

"... What was I... About to do...?" Corona fell to her knees, tired, confused and a little dazed about the situation and how it was about to play out. "What... The hell came over me all of a sudden...?" She looked up to the lights again inquisitively, "And why does this light seem so familiar and soothing to me...?"

"No, don't--" she muttered, being hugged by Cynza anyway due to how tired she was after that draining engagement. "Ugh... Nevermind. I know why everything happened the way it did." She would lie there, sighing, agitated slightly by the fact that this was occurring right now. "... I need to take you and drop you off somewhere immediately." She couldn't BELIEVE she actually agreed to escort this girl to a place of safety. She'd better find one quick.

"Awwwww~!!!" Tigen cooed cutely, watching the two of them make up (sorta) after undergoing the trials of Insanity. It seemed like his efforts in taking Pumpkinhead from the Valley of Water worked, with some help from the Water Goddess, that is. The Insanity had been thoroughly quelled, and wherever there were trace amounts, it seemed like the Keeper was going around and rounding them up, getting ready for the grand finale. "Tigen is excited about this one~! Looks like we're really gonna save the day this time! Hooray~! Hooray hooray~!" As the Beach Disco continued on, he would see the young Tensei Girl, having been newly transformed by Tigen's Freed Will of Shinsanity. Her memories should return to her soon, since now there was no more Insanity left within her. Tigen didn't have to worry about the Insanity catching anyone in the Dawn anymore, so he could finally rest easy and deal with Pumpkinhead in peace.

"Aw, well, looks like the show's over. Goodnight everybody~!!" The holographic projections made by Tigen's light in the crystals would wave at Cynza and Corona, as would the wisping rainbow flame that had been protecting them the entire time. "Byebee~!" he said lovingly, warping away, leaving only the crystal and the great deal of chocolates that were piled up around the shoreline and stage. Seeing the Keeper meant that it was about time to get everything in order... Tigen was EXTRA excited this time~! "Teeheehee~! Yes~!"

At that moment, to get Cynza off of her, Corona's body ignited and burst outward, forcing the girl off of her. She would spread her wings and push herself up with a great force whilst simultaneously quelling her flames. She watched in curiosity and amazement as the rainbow light show suddenly just streamed off elsewhere, returning this shore to the lifeless crevice it was. "Wait!" she called out, reaching out for the light... She seemed connected to it somehow and wanted to know in just what way.

But alas, it departed, taking the life from this area as it did. All fell to silence and returned to its normal color and she lowered her hand slowly, as though her only ticket to any answers had left. She didn't want to ask her brother... (or, was he her 'Father' now...?) for any help. She told him in her past life that she wanted to do things on her own and she was sticking to it. If he could do it, then so could she. She respected the Family Bond and everything and certainly loved her brother very dearly, but his efforts were a lot of trouble sometimes... Clearly, from all the Insanity running amok.

The cleansing light of the rainbow washed over her clouded mind and returned her memories to her, lifting the dark affliction from her once it was drained, thus allowing her a connection straight to the Goddess again, just like in her previous life, of which she had almost forgotten.

'Goddess of Fury...? Is... Is that you...?' In all truth, she hadn't heard from the Goddess in quite some time; not since she was still calling herself 'Megaera,' in fact. But maybe, Megaera was that Goddess of Fury within her. Or maybe... There were more pieces to herself that she just didn't know about. Regardless, the Goddess within her spoke to her with great magnitude and resonance in her heart and mind, 'Yes, young one. I am indeed the Goddess that has lived within you ever since your conception. I have been the one keeping you pure. The connection between us was severed when you were reborn. The only way for you to reconnect it was to remember that it even existed, which has now come to be.' Corona thought deeply on the matter, piecing this information together slowly. It was all making sense, even if it was a little. She was connected to that light somehow. 'As you grow stronger and learn more of yourself and your family, so does our bond. As of now, I can barely give you any of my strength, this connection being so weak... But the first step in returning to grace is to give yourself a name for yourself that you will uphold with righteousness and divine justice.'

"A name? Again?" She scoffed, rolling her eyes, "Fine. Tetra. I like the sound of it, anyway." She was really getting fond of the name Corona, too... Though, it did sound a lot like her brother's name... She did not want to live in his shadow. That might have been everything this way about. She couldn't stand being treated like she was weak, or a child, especially by him. She wanted to be seen as an equal and as a capable individual that didn't need help. The name 'Corona...' It was too much like his. "Yeah. A name change was necessary, now that I think about it." 'Then, Tetra, it is,' the Goddess mentioned to her.

After the little talk with the Goddess, Tetra would find her connection fading, the light in her eyes growing dimmer and dimmer as time progressed. 'It looks like our time is up. The connection is fading. At least you know that is exists. Before I go, I want you to know something important; When you discover what my True Form is and our connection becomes stronger, I will become one with your weapons, Vengeance and Jealousy. They will become bound to your soul and thus, to me, strengthening our connection to each other. After that, I--' rather abruptly, the connection would fade, and the light that was within Tetra's eyes would as well, letting her now see only Cynza... The worst person she could POSSIBLY be looking at right now.

"Hello? Goddess? Goddess?" No response. "... Crap. How am I supposed to do that...?" She narrowed her eyes in a sort of agitated disbelief, still not wanting to have to look at Cynza's face. "Don't tell me..."
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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

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Craving 28: The Re-Awakening

Passing through the land, guided by the presence of the growing Insanity, Grim appeared randomly above the waters and felt the colds, unfeeling presence that was the greatest of the Seven Insanities. Even in its weakest state, it already consumed an entire land mass.

"Damn, this is Balance at stage one? Good thing I ain't gotta go hard on him at stage Ten, then. That woulda been annoying..."

He shrugged his shoulders. "Whatever. Itadakimaaaasu." Then opened his mouth and proceeded to suck up all of the Insanity of Balance in one quick *slurp!* it didn't seem to care either way, and what was it gonna do? Say 'no' to the God of the Veritas? Wrapping this one up quick fast an in a hurry.

When the water was drained, he shut his mouth tight and began to fade away just as quickly as he appeared. The Magnus Ignis was still cooled, but at least it no longer was overflowing with Apathy. How the fires became rekindled was not his concern.

*burp* "Alright, on to the next one..." He muttered as he faded out completely.
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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas
Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

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Craving 29: The Family Business...

After having his fill of the Insanity, Grim appeared where he felt the next one festering... Bringing his new little 'friend' along for the ride. They would both appear in Valparaiso, just a little ways away from where the lass was. He paid her no mind, though.

"Alright, girl... You survive the transition? Hahahaha."

When the Chu bit the lass' hand, the Poisonous Disease natural to the rodent's genetics seeped into the lass' arm and began to numb it, freeing the Chu's hand. The poisonous disease would spread slowly, paralyzing the lass' nerves as it gradually traveled up her arm. (3 posts until full poisoning) The Chu jumped back and rubbed her arm, which was now hurt far too much to be used. Though quick and cunning, the Chu was physically fragile. Jumping back frantically, the Chu noticed that the lass was immobile and immediately took advantage of this. She kept her distance, but circled around the lass, waiting for a chance to strike...

Grim smirked at the smart-mouthed hottie next to him, eyes slit like a jungle predator and tongue wiping across his sharp vampiric fangs with a certain resistant voracity that could easily be heard in his voice as he spoke, "Watch it, or else you might be my next meal, little girl. *Slurp* I am pretty fucking hungry still..." And it wasn't like she was making it any easier for him to hold back when she was pissing him off so thoroughly.

But, she was right about the Insanity he ingested... Though his Void was supposedly infinite, to the point where not even swallowing the entirety of the Veritas AND the Source of the Insanity itself satiated him completely as he previously THOUGHT it would, the Insanity within him seemed to be... festering, after being quiet for so long.

"Shit..." he grumbled, his teeth chattering like a wild, hungry wolf trying to hold back its appetite, "... Is the Insanity... Actually...?!"

Perhaps it was kinda bad for him to swallow it all up all at once. He may have been God of this world, but he was still... only part of the 11th Restriction. The Insanity reached up to the 12th. Without Khrona, he just might...

"... Fuck... *grrr... Rrrmmmgh...* ... He fucking warned me, too..."

One hand clenched his stomach whilst the other shot to his face, an eye peeking out from between his pinky and ring finger. It didn't seem like he was in pain, but was actually... In a state of pure ecstasy, from the smile on his face. It was at that moment that his eyes once white with the light of good overflowed with the red of the Insanity, blood pouring from them in a surplus.

"Oh... But it feels so good...!!! Man... Man!! I haven't felt this fucking good..."

As the blood gushed from his eyes and spattered upon the ground, the red pool easily became a black hole in little to no time flat, overflowing and consuming the entirety of the ground. Fangs protruded from the infinite abyss, up as tall as some of the buildings, as though the entire immediate area for a couple blocks were about to be swallowed whole in a maddened frenzy.

"... Since I ATE THE VERITAS!!!"

Still, he seemed to be holding back... Perhaps, this little slip of Insanity was not going to cause a complete revert... but what was certain was that Tifa, the lass, the rat, the Hotel and all the buildings within the radius of that specific area of Valparaiso... Were about to be swallowed whole, never to return.

Waiting patiently for the events to transpire as they did, Zita kept that wretched annoyance known as 'Sinskin' in place 'right where she wanted her' out in the streets of Valparaiso. With the chain wrapped around her legs, the lass wasn't going anywhere, and the very moment she felt the presence of the Insanity release a burst of madness outside, she knew that everything was about to spin right together the way she intended.

"Fufufufu... This'll teach Khrona to leave me with a stupid brat~! Since we're in Valparaiso... His authority doesn't mean a thing. Only strength does."

She raised her hand casually, as though she were not worried in the slightest about the shitstorm that was brewing outside, merely wrapping the building in a cluster of her chains and placing a lock on them that would nullify the consumptive might of Grim.

"So that means, if the little shitstain dies, Khrona can't say shit to me about it~! Ohohohoho~!" Looks like the family genius didn't run on just the Tensei's side. Ever up to no good...

With that said, the chain that was wrapped around the lass' legs would immediately snake its way up and around her body in its entirety, and several Locks would appear upon each of the chain links, locking away the lass' mind, nerves, chakra and everything that would allow her to even be able to function. How she detested that girl...

"Hmhmhm... I'd go outside and watch, but.. I don't wanna be eaten, myself, in all honesty..."

She wasn't gonna deny that Grim had power that exceeded her own, so even in Valparaiso, she would be fighting a losing battle against him while he was like this...

"Besides, I'd rather not waste any energy on him. Even if I can win, that's just unnecessary. Hmph." The building rumbled and quaked with the calamity going on outside, and yet it did not move from that spot, for her chains had it secured. So, as she waited her burden to finally be gone for good, she took another couple puffs of her crystal skullpipe... and snickered again.

"Free~! Free~! Free~! Heehee~!"

Tifa scoffed, as she was prone to do, and turned her head away, smirking just as he did, "Yeah, yeah, shut the-- Huh?" She felt something malicious rising within him... Something that brought her great strength, but at the same time... A horrible, terrible feeling.

"This... This is...!!"

She looked at what was going on and saw the ground become blackened as his eyes overflowed with blood... She knew this could only be...

"... The Insanity..."

Backing away slowly, she grit her teeth and clenched her fist, scoping out the area. All she saw was the girl in chains and a rat, but as the black ground expanded, she saw chains rise and wrap around an entire building... Radiating the same aura as the ones around the girl. At that moment, she became all too pissed at who she KNEW was behind this now.

"... Fucking..." she paused, clenching her fist tightly before instantly voiding herself out of the area without much of a second thought,

It was Zita. Her fucking mother. As the chains were about to seal up the entirety of the Forbidden Hotel, Tifa voided herself inside just before the lockup, staring her fucking mother square in the face.

"YOU!!!" she screamed, slamming her hands on the counter in a controlled fury, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?!? YOU'VE BEEN HARBORING AN INSANITY INSIDE OF YOU!?!?! YOU KNOW THAT..."

She paused, realizing now that she was trapped inside of the hotel with her mother... "... Shit." Voiding herself out wouldn't work here, and she knew that... At least, not while those chains were active. She immediately calmed down (surprisingly) and cleared her throat.

"... Old hag... What the hell are you doing...?"

With nowhere to run from the assault of the Allmaster, he whose reign was more absolute in the 11th Restriction than any that existed in the 10th, the consumption of the building as well as the Chu and the lass was issued without hesitation. All such things would immediately be erased from existence and returned to Zero at the hand of the Allmaster himself, God of the Veritas. It would be as though they never existed, and never would again. The Chu and the lass were no more from henceforth.

Game Over

Thorough consumption of less than satisfying morsels complete, the teetering Grim waged war within himself on continuing to consume the remainder of the lawless land and controlling his hunger even longer; something of which he believed he'd been capable of doing from the start.

"Mmm... Tasty, but... Nowhere near full..."

His hand upon his face gripped tighter, nearly drawing blood as his long, sharp nails dug into the side of his face over his eye that peered through the fingers. 'Fight back, dammit...' he thought, trying to close his mouth.

"I thought... *grrp...* I thought that I was full before... Don't... Don't tell me that it's... Gotten even larger...!?"

To even have that thoughts seemed inconceivable. Was there literally no way to stop this thing inside of him from growing? Even after being filled to the brim and to completion, it still found a way to expand. And yet, even now, he could not understand why... Was it because of the Insanity? Even that should have served as a means to fill it up, at least... Unless it was what was the cause of this hunger was, and it wasn't filling space, but making room...

"Ghhhrrr... But I am the new Keeper after all... *BELCH* So I gotta... Gotta keep it together..."

Looking around he saw that the girl was gone now. Where she'd gone, he didn't know, but wherever he Void was, he'd be able to come through with as much ease as she was able to slip in and out of the Voids of other places.

"Let me find that girl... *gurp*... Ugh... Let me find... Something to eat..."

So, with much haste, did he void himself out and appear wherever Tifa was, easily bypassing the chains of Zita due to his sheer overbearing power, and the fact that Tifa was already inside of the hotel, so it served as a channel for his movement, anyway. Sprouting from thin air, he stood between the both of them, staring Zita in the face and immediately sensing the Insanity within her. And he smiled.

*SLURP* "Just what I needed... Something to actually satisfy my appetite... The sexiest treat of all time..."

Without ANY hesitation whatsoever, he opened his mouth before Zita's face and, in a since gulp... Sucked out the Insanity of Fear that was within her, drawing it into himself and leaving her Insanity-less. And that was the end of that.


When Chita appeared inside of the Forbidden Hotel, the giddiness of the one sitting behind the desk skyrocketed. It was good to see her dear REAL daughter again, and in such a helpless state, no less, in a lawless land... Things were gonna get real for her really fast now.

"Ehehehehe... Might wanna watch your mouth when you're in my territory with such low power..." she muttered through the smoke rising from her lips, "... But it seems like you already realized your predicament... No means of escape, cuz you're too weak to defy my power here..."

The chains were already locked up tight and the area was completely sealed off. This girl was gonna get the asswhooping of her life. And there was nothing that was gonna stop that...



She saw him appear right before her eyes out of thin air, and a sudden chill overcame the Mistress of Fear. The same terror she was capable of instilling in others with the Insanity of Fear within her was now coursing through her very body as a chill of utter horror to look upon the crazed face of the King of Nytoz... and God of the Veritas.

"Wha... Wait... You... Why...!?"

Before she could utter a sentence, the extraction was already complete. The vile Snake that slithered around inside of her existence, that which was known once as Medusa and Kaerei as a single entity; the envoy of the Zero World... It no longer inhabited her body in the slightest. Zita had returned to normal.

"... Fuck," was all she could say, knowing now that the jig was up. Without the Insanity of Fear inside of her, she was no longer capable of exploiting the benefits of the Tensei lineage... nor of the Judgemaster. "... Very fucking fuck."

After consuming the Insanity of Fear, that made all of the lingering Insanities that weren't already dealt with... well. Dealt with. They were inside of the Allmaster, locked away for good. And yet, even if they weren't out wreaking havoc among the Veritas (and Vescrutia, for that matter,) that didn't mean that they weren't internally messing with the Allmaster himself... And this new addition only added to his problems of restraint.

"Hhhhh..." he hissed, eyes barely open as he glanced over both Zita and Tifa, no longer interested in either of them, "... I need... more..."

The both of them being void-harboring entities, they would do nothing to fill him. What he needed was something large... Something powerful. Something that harbored the power of a planet, or a galaxy... Maybe even a universe. Something large enough in power that it would fill his ever hungry stomach.

The vampiric man gazed halfheartedly up toward the roof, sensing the power of something greater drawing in power up above... Something far greater than anything that inhabited the land of the Dawn. A growing power that was all too familiar...

"... H... Him..."

Without uttering anything else, Grim voided himself out and towards the great power source rising up in the Dawn, over the Terra Gris.
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Craving 30: Grand Examination; Onward! The Quest Begins!

After arbitrarily leaving her Mother and Father, Trinity zoomed casually down the street without a worry nor care, not even paying any heed to those that were probably a little scared at her causing such a scene with her carefree flight. Still, after flying for so long, she simply had to stop and wonder...

"Wait... Where is Trinity going, again...?"

She still did not have the location of her target. She lost her bodyguards. She barely knew how to use her powers... And she was in the middle of what seemed to be a dark and secluded alley in the middle of the night. Yeah... This didn't look good at all.

"Aww... Did Trinity fail...?"

On the dark upon the wall, three bloodied slits appeared, their glowing bright red trickling down the shadowed bricks as though blood were painted upon the very wall itself, spattering open to the shape of three sinister shining eyes. Accompanied by a wide bloody grin equal in rouge, a loud, resounding *SLURP* echoed through the pitch black alleyway...

It didn't take much time for the Distortion Moth to carry Matsuo to the Jade Moon from the Crystal Nexus once the path was set and he was able to hold a solid footing on the air. Wherever this wavelength had taken her inside of the Moon, she ended up atop one of the buildings overlooking a dark alley with a brightly shining little girl glowing in the darkness, as well as some bloody marks etching themselves in the shadows behind her. The Distortion Moth pointed frantically down at the scenario below and turned to Matsuo, "There! This is what I was feeling! This is where the feeling ends! This! Here! Down there!" It seems as though she still felt a sense of urgency about it. "I sense danger!!"

Got a lock on him...

Her Father's voice spoke directly into Trinity's mind, where she would be able to hear him in her entire being.

Trinity, Daddy's gonna teach you how to use your powers by sending you these cards. First, you need to restrain him so that he is at a lower power level, and becomes easier for you to fight. Remember what Daddy said about the Mask?

Hopefully she did, because he needed to explain how these cards were gonna work for her.

These cards are made of Energy... or Chakra... or Data... or... Whatever. Anyway, Daddy is gonna send them to you with specific information, one at a time, and you have to use the information within the card as you see fit. Daddy will send them one at a time, and you can use it as much as you like until you want a new card. When you want a new card, the old one will disappear, but you can use the card however you want to; Equipment to your Body, special Powers, whatever. This will teach you how to Form Jutsu and stuff. If you like a card, you can absorb it into yourself and keep it, and it will become your Jutsu. However, whatever form you absorb it in is the ONLY way you can use it from that point forth, so make sure to play around with a single card often before you settle on something, alright sweetie?

Even if she didn't fully grasp it, though she should, being Khrona's child, she would have a chance to try the concept hands on.

These cards are made of Daddy's essence and energy, so whatever piece of myself I have to sacrifice, I'm giving directly to you in the form of a card. Don't worry, I can just make more and regenerate, so sparing a fragment of energy to give to my daughter is alright with me. I can make infinite energy.

She probably didn't care about that stuff, but it was necessary to explain, regardless.

I'm sending you your first card. Use it wisely.

In front of her, a single card appeared in a puff of flame, harboring the symbol of the Fire Chakra on it, shaped like a burning sphere. This was her test card, to see how well she worked with the Fire Chakra Nature.

Make Daddy proud in your first battle, love!!

Unsuspecting and completely oblivious to what was going on around her, Trinity didn't even notice the thing that appeared behind her. It was like it had no presence at all... Something her wavelength couldn't pick up on! Not that she was that good at doing that, anyway...

"Whaaaa!?!?" she cried out in a dramatic confusion, turning her head to where she heard the voice coming from. "Oh, it's you!! Trinity was wondering where you went! Teehee~!"

She was actually pretty relieved to see that it was him, still not aware of whatever it was that was lurking in the shadows. As happy as a clam, she clasped her hands together joyously as cute little pink hearts rose from all around her body, as one would see in an anime... Though, actually happening due to her mind's inability to keep its thoughts contained when she got emotionally excited.


At that moment, her happiness returned, and with it, so did the Voice of her Father. She listened quietly to his instructions, figuring it was important, stopping him only once within the break of his speech to point out the obvious perp in front of her.


Her father said something about the Mask, of which she remembered (only after he said it) that she had. She pulled it out and looked at it, wondering how she was gonna get it to touch him. Naturally, before she could start going off on that train of thought, the Fire Card appeared before her in a puff of flame, and she gawked at it in amazement as her eyes widened in awe.


Eyes blazing with the same burning flare as the card they stared at, she grasped the card energetically in her hand once her Father gave his last sentiments and let her imagination Fly Away.

"With this card, given to Trinity by Daddy's Love," she spoke from the heart, somewhat rhythmically in tune with the music as she began to spin and move her body in variety of exaggerated motions and poses fitting of a 'Mahou Shoujo,' "Trinity calls upon the Nature of Fire to make..." reaching the peak of the music, she thrust the card up into the air and let the energy confined within be released as...


And, as like before, a multitude of contained explosions of all different varieties popped and burst all around her, not really having a target, but doing about as much destructive damage as normal sized fireworks. This illuminated the dark alleyway, but didn't do much else except make a lightshow and a lot of noise. She was sufficiently entertained by the explosions, however, and hovered in them, kicking her feet wildly as she spun around.

"Heeheeheeheeheeheehee~!!! Pwetty~!"

The eyes crying crimson tears and the mouth dripping drool of blood hit the pavement and blackened, as though the darkness of his shadowy form. Hesitant, at first, as though he were trying to keep himself controlled through an inner turmoil, he muttered during the ramblings of Shinity, "I'm..." An arm outstretched slowly, shuddering violently as though something were attempting to hold the dark hand back from touching the girl... But, as the strange man leapt in between he and the girl, he retracted his arm and his ear to ear grin fell to a most disdainful slit-mouthed frown.


Gargling the message through the blood overflowing from his lips, his frowning mouth opened up wide to reveal to shining abyss of pure red that he would soon have gobbled the valiant Matsuo up whole into... If not for the random disturbing crackling and pops of fireworks brightly going off behind him.


The vampiric overlord rejected the light of these fireworks, cowering momentarily within his robe of darkness, as such an event was surprising and caught the senseless abomination off guard. Clearly, he was not in his right mind, and didn't know what he was trying to do. Or, maybe...

"... Huh ...? What is... This Light...?"

Contemplating amongst himself, a sliver of rationality returned to him, as though remembering something long forgotten.

"It seems... Familiar, somehow..." And yet... "Guhrk!!! GRRHHH... *ggrrhhghhghhrrhhhhhHHH!!!!*"

Retreating immediately into the void, he appeared on the other side of Trinity opposite of Matsuo, no longer interested in him.

"That light... GIVE IT TO ME!!!"

He threw his abysmal robe over the girl, ready to swallow her up whole, and her light as well, with the darkness that served as another mouth-like gateway to his black hole of a stomach. All in the wake of his robe would be consumed and erased without hesitation, of whence they would not ever return.

Fluttering about in a panic, the Distortion Moth was unsure of how to react to this sort of situation, save for her instinct of running away or shrieking violently. Though, just as she was about to, Matsuo was already off into the fray. She didn't know anything about organized battle, but did know that once she saw Matsuo and the girl he was apparently trying to protect in danger, she would be quick to react without a though about it. Swooping down in a flash, she scooped up both Matsuo and Shinity and left waves of Distortion in her wake that altered the light slightly, leaving hazy afterimages of the two where they once were, hopefully being a sufficient distraction for the shadowy man to think they were consumed. With the velocity of her dive bomb down, spreading her wings allowed her to glide right back up without having to flap once, and reach the other building in one good swoop.

"Are you alright? We should run away. He is a predator. Predators are scary. They will try to consume us. We should run away."

Though her thoughts were swift, they were simple, and fitting of what a moth would care to do in a situation such as this; create a diversion to open up an escape, and then escape.

"Let's go! Let's escape! We can escape! Let's go!"

She tugged on Matsuo, trying to pull him hard, like she did before when she brought him here. She didn't worry much about the girl, having no established connection with her, like she did with Matsuo.

"Hurry, before he notices!"

In the midst of all of her fun, it wasn't long before Trinity was scooped up randomly by some weird flying creature. It was super fast and really pretty! "Oooo~!" she cooed, hovering atop the building once she was released by the Moth's grip. In all her fun and awe, she hadn't even realized that she dropped the Third Restriction Mask when she got yanked by the Distortion Moth, leaving it in the after image left by her lingering distortions for the big shadowy guy to eat up, just like her father wanted. "Wha?! Uh oh... Trinity dropped the Mask..." She peered curiously over the edge of the building to see where she dropped it, but...

... She heard Matsuo say something along with the frantic screeching of the Moth that she didn't quite understand. "What? We're done alweady?" She pouted, poking her lip out and gazing up at him with big, sad eyes "But Trinity wanted to pway some more..."


The sound of the robe of darkness swallowing up the two delicious morsels before him... Rather, their afterimages, at this point. Less than satisfying, indeed, but nothing short of something, at least. Though, what he didn't know was that the Third Restriction mask was hidden within the afterimage of the girl, left unexpectedly for him to consume without much restraint. And, of course...


A binding force came over him immediately, drawing the void back inside of him and sealing his sharp fangs shut tightly. The blackness that covered his body was sucked back into his mouth as well, returning the pale-gray color to the vampiric overlord's skin.

"Eh!?" he muttered through his grit teeth, trying his hardest to open his mouth, "What the hell is going on...?" He could feel the power of the Void and the Insanity within being locked up securely by the Third Restriction Mask. "Ugh... So it was a trap, huh...?" Not to say that he didn't have a hand in getting himself caught in it, purposefully. He snickered, "Not bad... I got got..."

However, this didn't mean that they were out of the dog-house just yet. Even if restrained, the Insanity within could still seep through... Just in smaller doses, much like how the Allmaster could still use his power, but only on a smaller scale. His eyes grew small and his body trembled, turning black completely for but a few moments in order for a disgusting ooze to pour from his being and onto the ground. Pools of Antimatter surrounded him as he fell to his knees, trembling and trying desperately to hold back the Insanity, now that he was restricted enough to have some sort of control over himself.

Though try as he might, the Antimatter did indeed slip out and before he regained full composure, as shown through his body returning to its pale gray again, the Antimatter rose up beside him and took the shape of vile monstrosities... Monsters of the Insanity.

It seemed as though after consuming the lingering energy left by the Distortion Moth, the Insanity shaped its own broken creations from the residue, becoming some sort of vile, twisted monster... a Tainted Distortion Moth.

There were two that hovered beside him, rising up to find the source of their energy; the original Distortion Moth. Being made of Antimatter, once they came in contact with Matter, it would be destroyed. The sickening deep buzz of their wings sounded like the low hum of a fighter jet flying overhead, with faint cracks and sudden jerks in the noise to create an eerie and discordant screech every now and then. The beating of their wings created chaotic distortion around them, which further warped the look of their broken bodies and torn faces.

They lunged at Shinity, Matsuo and the original Distortion Moth, pursuing them as they fled to the building, and would do so if they insisted on fleeing further.

'Excellent' a voice spoke out to Trinity, 'He's been contained. Good show. But watch out; envoys of the Insanity are on your trail. If you need anything, be sure to ask Daddy for a new card, alright, my precious gem?'

With his regards and warning to Trinity (since the mission wasn't done just yet,) he would then speak to the subdued Grim, of whom he could now speak directly to without the Insanity grunking up the signal.

'I see you had some fight in you. That's good, though. Regardless, you had to be restrained, and I know you know why. Now listen to me very carefully; The Insanity will not fill you nor feed you. Even if you are the new Keeper, you must RESOLVE the Insanity, not HARBOR it. You must know of Peace and Clarity, of TRUE Sanity, the Shinsanity, in order to be the proper Keeper.

The only way for you to do this is to find your Mechanical Mind and your Infinite Soul. When all three of you come together, you all will complete each other. Thus, you, the Hollow Vessel will be filled and hungry no longer, and free to use the Void and the Insanity as you please with no negative repercussions on your end.

Your mind is My Mind, as we are one and the same. This means, you must venture forth and find Tabrith, who will complete your Mentality and ensure your Mind is not hungry. Seek out Tigen if you wish to fill your Vessel with the energy of the Soul, that which will fight against the Seven Insanities with the Seven Flames of Eternity that make up his form. With that, all three of you will come to completion and be free, and thus will end the Third Restriction... And you will be able to relieve yourself of the mask.

After that, we can begin working on the Fourth. Are we clear?'

Since the Body was now back on track, and had known the Insanity just as the Mind and the Soul did, all Khrona needed to do was guide all three to their meeting point, have them link together and... Boom. Fourth Restriction, unlocked.

'Even though you are Restricted, the Insanity still has means of pouring out from you, as you can see with the monstrosities you have unwillingly just created. This is an urgent mission. If you do not hurry, it will continue to consume you while you are weakened. Whilst restrained, you do not have access to your Black Hole nor your Void powers, but you still can use your special Anatomia over matter and antimatter, known as 'Anatomia Materia,' which is signature to only you. Knowing this, this is what the Insanity is trying to take control of. Learn to harness the use of your ability to instantaneously create and destroy matter and not your ability to consume everything. Remember, you are the God of the Veritas, and this means that you are not just supposed to destroy, but also to create. Learn that Creative nature within you. Harnessing the Anatomia Materia will help you. Such is the purpose of the Restrictions.'

Nodding her head profusely, the Distortion Moth quickly snatched up Matsuo and took to the skies. Before long, she noticed the discordant buzzing of something that sounded like a sick Distortion Moth. She turned her head briefly and saw the two vile creations hovering behind them, chasing them down without much of an interest in anything else. They were frightening, even to the Distortion Moth herself, and she shuddered, using that fear for her life as inspiration to fly faster. But, Matsuo was indeed rather heavy, despite how strong she was... She did just carry him all the way up to the Jade Moon not too long before.

"Those things are scary. We have to find a place to hide from them! How do we get rid of something like that?"

Her only thought was to release another Distortion Wave and see how that effected them. "Cover your ears," she shouted as she began to vibrate her wings faster. A wave of pure distorted atmosphere propelled them further and left a trail for the hideous beasts to fly into, hopefully slowing them down with the distorted space, giving them more time to gain some distance in addition to the initial propelling boost of her wings.

"What do you think we should do?"

Though it was probably best to fight, she was the type to run unless provoked. The decision was Matsuo's, now.

Grim wasn't exactly happy to hear that his power was being restrained, but, like Khrona said, he knew exactly why, and couldn't really complain about it right now. Just had to roll with the punches.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah... I hear ya, I got everything. Just gotta go find Tabrith, right? Easy. I know exactly where that guy is..."

He had a few questions, but since he was going to see Tabrith, anyway, he could just wait until he got there.

"I'll fix everything. Then we can get the next moon rolling."

He scratched the back of his head, chuckling nonchalantly as he gazed tiredly off into the sky where the Distortion Moths roamed, "... Gonna have to keep that sort of thing in check, though... Before we have more of those things running around here... Guess that means I'd better hurry."

First things first, he was gonna get out of this Moon. He immediately evacuated the Jade Moon, which would project him straight to the Chaos, where the other Tensei resided.
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Craving 31: I Said I'd Protect This Place, Too...

The Living Shadow that loomed behind the King Keaton was suddenly given definition, shape and form to match the Keeper... Grimnyzmal the Abysmal, the Living Shadow.

For so long, it had simply been an unconscious extension of Tao herself; her protector, of sorts, but now, no longer was it a dark defender that moved to her consciousness; it had its own, and would assume its true form... as the emptiness. As the demon. And, for the first time in all history, the Living Shadow would speak;

"So. Sacrifice girl. Apparently, your time has come. *slurp.*"

The last two Insanities that hadn't been ingested, and they were right here, ripe for the picking. All it took was a swift little undoing of the Third Restriction Mask, an open and close of the mouth and... baddaboom. They'd be sucked in completely and without any means of escape, like ghosts into a vacuum cleaner.


The sound of the Third Restriction locking itself back up, as apparently, Grim was simply capable of locking and unlocking it freely as he so chose to do.

"Those two were... Delicious."

He had to test that out just to make sure that what Khrona said was true... That he still had the power to unlock himself at any given time. He wouldn't do it, though, since he knew it would make him susceptible to falling to the Insanity.

Even so, being the Living Shadow that suddenly gained its own life separate from Taomin, he was going to need to find a way to sustain himself. Taomin is the sacrifice girl, after all...

"Tabrith," he mentioned nonchalantly, belching a little bit, "Tell me about the last step of the Third Moon. I know that Taomin, the Sacrifice, is supposed to be used... But she's a Devourist, like me. An empty vessel in need of the Mind and Soul. Speaking of which..."

Might as well cut straight to the chase...

"You already know the jam. I need you and Tigen to return to me so we can finish the Third Moon off smooth. But I know something important about Tao is necessary. Fill me in, would ya?"

The Reactor core had generated just enough power from the two mingling Insanities before Grim showed up, granting Tabrith with enough energy to launch 'The Assault' as he saw fit, quite a number of times, actually...

"My... I was hoping to use those two as my power generator for a bit longer, but... It seems that I have more than enough energy from them as it is. It was fun while it lasted."

Tabrith chuckled, not at all bothered by the outcome, despite the terrible situation that they were all in with the Weaponmaster still running rampant. Luckily, Taijitu, the Thirteen Tails, would be the one to face that monstrosity, with the Assault right behind it.

"You are the new Keeper, so this is for the best." Tabrith already knew what the deal was, considering his direct link to Khrona and all incoming and outgoing information and data that there is and that becomes. He was never not in the know about anything involving the Tensei. Ever.

"I will answer your question swiftly due to our lack of time. Taomin is the Sacrifice for the new Goddess; your Goddess. She was predetermined even before her birth, and gave herself up willingly for the sake of this day, as well as by her ignorant parents fearful of the Fox Demon that they kept fed all those generations, waiting for the 'True Sacrifice' to appear. Possessed by one of our Family Spirits, the Kitsune took hold of Taomin's and made her do its bidding, leaving the girl as an empty vessel devoid of anything but a lust for blood and sex. Taomin has been the Fox's puppet all this time."

Though tragic, the story of the Priestess Taomin, it was nothing short of absolutely true. That specific Tensei spirit had been keeping her for quite a long time, waiting for the day of liberation for all Tensei from the vile curses of eternal emptiness and insanity.

"Unifying with her original spirit, she has become the Kitsune itself and abandoned her original physical form, though retained her physical appearance as it once was. Even so, she was still not whole, for her spirit itself was already missing a component. That just so happened to be the other half of the Fox Demon, another ancient Tensei Spirit known as 'King Keaton.' The two, the Fox and the Wolf, used to be one being known as the Inari, the Thirteen Tailed Beast... But were separated for being too powerful. Tao and Tsao together created Taijitu, which is technically their completed form. She has been immortalized with their dual energies, and thus, the two of them will remain complete through her, and thus the Inari lives on within her, allowing for Tao and Tsao to be eternally connected, even as separate entities."

This meant that at any time, the Thirteen Tails could be conjured from Taijitu, and the Fox and the Wolf would be able to go their separate ways, remaining as separate Insanities, but eternally combined.

"They may complete each other, but they are not whole as they need to be. It is similar to how you felt when you consumed the Veritas... A sense of completion for the moment, which humbled you, till your stomach grew larger to accommodate. The same is with her. Unlike the other Insanities, those two are two halves of a single whole, and because they were once ONE being, but were split into two, the entity as a whole is missing a component. Therefore, their strength separated is of Two Insanities, but combined, they are still but one being, and that being itself is incomplete without the Shinmegami. Taomin, as long as she harbors her Living Shadow, is not complete. She needs an infinitely growing energy source to fill the shoes of the Living Shadow and place her darkness at rest. Only the Light of a Flame of Eternity, much like you. Her body is to become the body for the Shinseigami's wife, whilst her energy is to remain as the Insanity of Fun. That is the sacrifice she made long ago; to be the chosen entity for this day."

Grimnyzmal, being part of her Living Shadow, as well as the link to ALL of the Grims/Devourists/Voids that existed inside of EVERY Tensei had to be informed of how to fill them all up, including his own.

"... You seek out Tigen to fill Yourself, but like Taomin and Tsao-Rin, Tigen himself is not complete without his Brother and Sister. This means that Taomin's empty vessel is still able to be used..." Tabrith pointed, a body materializing before him, "... As the new vessel for the Shinmegami. To fill her void, you must first fill yourself with the Light of Both Flames of Eternity; Tigen and Pumpkinhead. Because you are the void of ALL Tensei, YOU must consume and assign to said void in existence, as with all the others. He will be her protector, just as Tigen will become yours. When Pumpkinhead has filled the Living Shadow's emptiness, and the Shinmegami's soul filling her Vessel, Taomin will then need but only one more component; a Mind. That is where I come in. I will merge with her and become a nexus for all Tensei minds together, so all may partake in my knowledge to fill their heads, just as it has filled my once empty vessel. All Tensei knowledge will be shared between all Tensei, corresponding to their levels of power and such. This means that all you have to do to complete the Third Moon now is find Pumpkinhead and Tigen, consume them, and bring Tao's hollow vessel to the Shinmegami."

This may have been a lot to take in, but since Tabrith was now part of Grim's mind, it didn't really matter. He would retain the information.

"Know this; the Vessel was created specifically for you and all things that you want and need. Her existence was predetermined. The Shinmegami and Shinseigami are together in Peace, but are not Together in Truth, where they must have all components of themselves filled and placed accurately within the lower levels, as we are. They are working their hardest to bring everything into order from the top down and bottom up, wherein they will be together in all ways, shapes and forms in every aspect of their existences in all, rather than just in one. Her destiny was predetermined. Being sacrificed, not only without consent, but willingly with her spirit, she chose to give herself up just for you. You should be grateful; for many centuries, she has roamed around looking for you, killing all who got in her way trying to fill her emptiness. She's been waiting just as long as you. Where you consumed worlds, she consumed blood."

Even so, this wasn't the end of Tabrith's rather long-winded explanation of the entire complex scenario. He couldn't wait for things to become simple again.

"This is not all; When you two return together, the two of you will have intercourse and she will birth a child of crystal, whom will harbor the soul of the Sister where the two brothers will inhabit both of your empty bodies. Right now, the girl lost between dimensions is waiting for a way to be rebirthed into this world, and you two will be the ones to do so. The Tensei family will return to balance and alignment once you two are dealt with, so please, make this run quite expeditious. We've all been waiting a long time to return to order, and I know you must have been looking for a long time for your love. The Veritas is not your wife; this one is. The Veritas is simply your paradise."

"... Fuck..." was all he could say, being bombarded with all types of knowledge and shit. Useful, always, but still just... A lot all at once. It certainly cleared up a lot of the black holes that were in the Tensei lore right now, as was to be expected from the all-knowing Book of Tabrith. Luckily for him, now he would be all-knowing, too, having officially bonded with Tabrith through their interaction.

He snatched up the girl's body, using the Anatomia Materia to convert her solidified matter into particles, then drew her into his body.

"So... This time, I'm gonna be filled up FOR REAL, right? And have my sexy delicious wifey? I thought it was that Void girl, but... She ain't on my level. No matter how much of a badass she is, she just is not there."

All of this Tensei nonsense was just so damn fucked up. Who would have thought that undoing an entire existence of family fuck uppery would be so difficult?

"... Sigh... Just go eat the two Flame brothers, fill her Living Shadow with my presence of one of them, then give her body to the Goddess so she can fill it up. Then the Fourth Moon happens. Simple enough, I'd say."

If that was all, he could leave Tabrith be and get on with it. He was pretty anxious to not have to worry about himself any longer. This had better not be another wild goose chase...

"Wait, will I still have my Void powers if that gets filled up? You know it comes from me, right?"

"You will know of True Control, which is what you do not have currently. Your stomach expands without your own control over it, and thus, the more you try to fill it, the more it grows on its own. Such is the issue with the Devourists; even if you fill yourself up once, your stomach grows larger. Such is what happened to your brother, the original Keeper of the King Keaton and of Pumpkinhead. Grimlock."

Unfortunately, Grimlock was not the one to reform. He was simply meant to be the catalyst that awakened Khrona, the Eschaton, who was the true Chosen One of the Tensei family.

"However, unlike him, you can learn of self control. His mastery came from control of others, yet he could never fully understand himself. So, his Void got the best of him and consumed him. Now he is nothing but the very essence of Melancholia itself."

A tragic fate, but it was brought upon himself.

"When you learn to control yourself, you will be able to expand and contract your Void at will, giving you the power to enlarge it to any height or shrink it back down again. This is when you will know completion. So, yes, you will retain your power, but what you consume will no longer be necessary to fill you, it will just be something to be erased by you."

Knowing already that the Third Restriction limited his power of the Void, Tabrith was going to have to take him to where he needed to go.

"Tell me where you wish to go and I will transport you there. I know that the Insanity within you will run rampant if you release the Restriction placed upon you for too long. You will need to resolve those issues, as well. Never you mind about that, however. Those that exist in the 6th will handle that. You worry about the 3rd and getting to the 4th. Your time in the 11th will come again, just as mine in the 1st and the 9th."

There was a lot of hopping around, but it certainly kept people off the scent of what was going on. A complex family, indeed.

"Tigen and Pumpkinhead are currently somewhere between the dimensions. Would you care for me to transport you now?"

"Sucks about what happened to Broski." Grim shrugged his shoulders. If he did it to himself, then hey, that's what happened. All he was concerned about right now was finishing this moon so things could be peaceful again.

"But yeah, wherever Tigen and Pumpkinhead are, take me to them. I wanna get this done quick, fast and in a hurry. I mean, we're all Tensei here, and the faster one of us completes a job, the faster everyone gets what they want. So. Let's get this show on the road."

He waited for Tabrith to transport him wherever he needed to go. He had Taomin, has the last two Insanities within him (thus completing all Seven Insanities) and now just needed the two flames... He couldn't wait for when he could control the void and not be hungry, too. That was always something to look forward to. Heh heh heh.

"As you wish, Allmaster."

Without any hesitation, he would immediately transport Grim to the location between dimensions that Tigen and Pumpkinhead resided... And he could communicate with them there.

Meanwhile, Tabrith needed to have a discussion with Tai about the Thirteen Tails... Before the Weaponmaster reared up again. The Village of the Chaos needed some protection. The Living End was also still sufficiently running rampant... And that needed to be stopped, too.

"Sigh... Such a mess. Tai? Are you prepared to come out, yet?"
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Grimnyzmal, the Pumpkinghead :: Crystal Reaper; Dark Legend of the Veritas

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Craving 32: The Hunt...

After his long discussion with Tabrith, The Abyzmal was transported to this eerie lack of space between the dimensions...

"Huh. This place seems familiar..."

Another void. Go figure. Wonder what's supposed to fill this one up...?

"Allllrighty..." he said, seeing the expansion of a great red flame in the distance, "... Guess that's the place I need to go to. Since it's the only thing here."

He casually walked himself over to the blazing inferno, scratching the back of his head, "Uh... Tigen...? Pumpkinhead? Gonna need you guys' help. Orders from the top."

"Tigen wasn't finished giving you your lesson, Pumpkinhead!!! MOU!!" Tigen puffed out his cheek childishly and crossed his legs whilst hovering in the air, "Tigen's gotta show you how to travel at warpshattering velocities!!! Tigen believes that if you hurls yourself reaaallly fast, like Tigen does when Tigen starts flickering, you could just bash through dimensions with your body and hop through the portals~! Just like what you did there, only... FASTER~!!"

Tigen thought it was a really good idea. Something he'd probably need, too. Pumpkinhead was never one for coordinates, since he didn't have the power to use Dimensional Energy as well as Tigen. But it didn't matter because that wasn't what his purpose in the matter was.

"Try it~! Tigen wants to see if it helps!!! DO IT QUICK, WHILE YOU'RE PISSED. HAYAKU, HAYAKU!!" Tigen flailed his arms up and down in front of him cutely in anticipation, wanting to see Pumpkinhead do it, cuz it'd probably be cool. Tigen always thought his Onii-chan was uber awesome, even though he didn't think that highly of himself, for whatever reason. Always so lost in his own despair...

His temper was getting the better of him already. He didn't want to be so pissed at Tigen for his antics, but dammit, they just really pissed him off to the point where he wanted to punch him square in the face. He loved his brother, but he would just too a little too much sometimes.

"Tigen... I appreciate the thought but--" But as usual, there was no stopping Tigen from doing what he wanted and getting what he wanted. He had always been like this. Tigen got everything he wanted. "... Dammit..." He clenched his fist, furrowing his blazing brow.


He raised the Fist of Fury, his right hand of doom that was launched at smoldering speeds at that big round crystal head of his. Or rather, it would have... If he hadn't stopped himself and turned at the last moment. For some reason, he had become capable of redirecting his rage at the last moment by pulling his fist back and swiveling his burning body around to face where the voice of a stranger suddenly came from, as well as gaining a bit more torque with his extra spin. The burning knuckle crashed through the Void they wandered in, sending Pumpkinhead hurdling through at indeed... Warpshattering speeds, as Tigen instructed. The two of them were basically connected at the head, even though they acted of their own will, they were still two fragments of the same being. That meant that whatever Tigen figured out, Pumpkinhead would get it, too. And so, without so much as a second thought, almost as though he were Tigen's little puppet or something, he shot through, the sound of the dimensional structure shattering apart like glass resounding in the empty atmosphere as Pumpkinhead 'warped' through.

Just as swiftly as he disappeared would there be a large crack in the dimensional structure near the newcomer, shattering immediately to send the blazing fist of destruction directly toward his head. Whatever it touched would be destroyed without question. The only thing the Abyzmal would be able to hear was a soft, but threatening whisper that sizzled through the crackles of the flying flame tell him but one thing;


At that very instant, as Pumpkinhead was about to lash out at the Allmaster in his uncontrolled rage, a sudden clarity would overcome Tigen's flaming rainbow body, merging the colors to become crystalline and clear; the legendary 'Clear Flame' that came over him in times of dire desperation. (Kinda like Avatar state.)

In that very same instant of Rekindling the Clear Flame would his own burning fist cast in a brilliant shimmering silver flame would warp immediately to the exact location where it would perfectly intersect with and glove the blazing fist that was about to strike down the Allmaster in unrighteous fury. The Hand of Pumpkinhead would come to a complete and rather decisive halt, the palm remaining as unmoving as his fist now was.

"Pumpkinhead," a voice spoke out with rather strict authority, "Control yourself. I'd figure that you'd know better right now." The sheer tone of voice and command of the situation in utter decisiveness could only have belonged the the original Pumpking that still lived on inside of the new; Shinsei, their father. "You disappoint me, son. Right now, you are imbalanced. You were brought here by me working through your brother. You almost cremated the one that is here on duty for the Fourth Moon." Through Tigen's eyes, Shinsei would look upon the Allmaster and know that the time now had come; something his children had been ignorant of for their entire existences was about to unfold. The final homecoming.

"Are you done?" he inquired quite casually, unflinching from the Beast's burning outburst. It was almost as if he knew what were about to occur and that he wasn't going to be harmed, even though he was technically on a lower restriction. As Allmaster, he was capable of going toe to toe with anyone here, and he certainly wasn't afraid to. Even if his powers were being restricted, when it came to consuming an Insanity, he was allowed to release the restriction and swallow it whole. Pumpkinhead almost got himself consumed. "Feh. I would have thought you'd have that bloodhound under control by now... Shin." There was a certain sort of familiarity in the voice of Grimnyzmal now, as if he were close to this silvery being in some sort of way. Despite his relations to Tigen and Pumpkinhead, the one 'Shinsei' was something else entirely, even if bonded to the new Pumpking. He was privy on the goings on of the Tensei Lore, after absorbing the knowledge from his dear brother, Grimlock. "I have Wisdom and Power, now. All I'm missing is Courage. I need my soul back together, pronto."

He scoffed, brushing Pumpkinhead aside and walking straight toward Tigen... rather... Shinsei, that brought the only light of creation into this empty abyss, "It's time to collect. I'm sure you thought that you were able to escape, but... No matter how long you try to prolong it, it must happen. The Hole must be filled completely, and you know how to do it." He wasn't gonna put it past him, in all honesty, but... "I'm gonna need them to Fill the Abyss."


That was all he could feel at that moment as he showed but a single moment of weakness before his father. Though Pumpkinhead may have held the power to destroy all in his path, that did not mean that he was not supposed to control who and what he unleashed his wrath upon. If he went around destroying things just because he became inflamed, he would not be able to exist alongside anyone. All would burn to ash merely from being in his presence. His fist trembled in the palm that glowed with the shimmering silver light of the gods, genuflect before the great deity that humbled him so. On his knee, not because his power was matched, but because of his respect for he who taught him so well. He would not allow himself further embarrassment nor shame before the eyes of his father, "... Forgive me..." he requested with deep lament.

He uttered nor moved none more after his lesson was learned. He felt it proper to reflect deeply on his decisions... He was merely just upset that he hadn't the slightest idea what all of this was about, nor why the scorn of the family's existence would dare show his face before them in this sacred realm. Their interaction in the New Realm was tolerable, but in the Original Realm? None but the Light were supposed to enter here.


So many things were going on at once that he did not understand. First, the Insanity... then Tigen... then Himself... Ever since Tigen was crowned as the Pumpking... Somehow, it was bothering Pumpkinhead more than it should have, even though he'd already come to terms with Tigen on the throne and at the crown.

'... Maybe it is because he knows control...?' The thought of this only shamed him further. It had always been like this... And that was always why he was so pissed. 'How could I have been... Such a fool...?'

The stern Shinsei nodded his head to his son, whom he could see still knew very well of the self-discipline he was taught, even if there were lapses every now and then. "You are pardoned, my son. Do not be too hard on yourself. It is more difficult to control something you do not usually have to hold back." He released his hand, which would immediately wisp back into position on the spectral flickering body, "But your true herculean strength will come when you realize how much power it takes for the one who can destroy anything and everything in his way... Not to. Or to the most minimal and precise extent as possible. Where Tigen must learn to be precise with what he creates... You must learn to be exact about what and how you destroy things." He knew very well of the nigh uncontrollable temperament of his son, as he had seen it often.

"... If you do not learn to balance yourself, son, you will never be able to taste the righteous might of my flame and become purified of your affliction. You are no longer the Keeper of Insanity in the same respect as you were before..." He lowered his head, then turned his attention back to the persnickety Allsgrim of youth, "... And that is why he is here... *chuckle* I see you've been reborn, Grim. And yet, as the king of all those empty shells waiting for their souls, you don't have any vessels prepared, now do you?" Shinsei was the spirit of the original Grim, Allsgrim, when they first split apart. Though Shinsei filled the empty vessel that once was the original Allsgrim, it seems like one of his sons, Grimnyzmal, has taken his place. "As above, is below, huh...?" These two would be playing the 'Mirror Game' until all was actually accounted for and there was equal payment on both sides. That meant that one of these two would have to go. "If the images in the Mirrors don't match, something is wrong somewhere..." Shinsei folded his arms and closed his eyes, "So, it's time for you to retrieve your soul and end this Devourism madness for good, yes? Let's just hope one of the other ones don't take your place as King again before we can give them their rightful souls back."

He turned his head to his distraught son. It was a shame that he would have to go through so much so soon... And the worst part of it all was, he knew nothing of its existence, nor that it was going to occur from the day he was born. He sighed, "My son... It is time for you to know the truth. I deeply apologize for keeping it hidden from you for this long, but you were very naive and reckless when you were younger." He rose from his throne, walking very slowly toward their side of the abyss, placing a shoulder on his knelt son and helping him to his feet, "This one belongs to you. He is the only extension of the grand design that does not receive a light of his own... That is because this spot has been reserved for you. You, your brother and your sister, being all sparks split from my original light, must all return to the same source again. Think now, son."

He chuckled lightheartedly, slapping the both of them on the back, "The two of you were not supposed to know about this, which is why you've been sent in so many directions without being informed. Grimnyzmal was a vessel that was created before Khrona, and yet Khrona inherited Tigen as his soul. Yet, that vessel was a part of him. If it wasn't Tigen's flame that was gonna fill him up... Whose did you think it could have been, with all three of you being descendents of me?" He chortled loud and mightily, his booming voice instilling a sense of threat in his amusement, to just a certain degree. He still followed his 'Iron Fist' beliefs, even if they were adopted by his eldest son, Pumpkinhead. "It is a rule that to prove that you are fit for your Destiny, you do not know of it, but are tested by it at all times. If you fulfill the correct path to your Destiny, you will be led to the Point of No Return, where all shifts for the greater and you align with yourself. You have come far, and you even helped your brother when knowing of his mission and not knowing your own. Your deep turmoil has been from feeling inferior, useless and without purpose... However, you were left unknowing, just as your brother. Think, Pumpkinhead! Don't you remember how I forbade you from telling him ANYTHING about what was going on after you left and he lost his memory? The same applied to you..."

"After careful consideration, and after what I just saw now about how far you've come and how proud it is to say that as a father, I may call you my son..." he looked to Grimnyzmal, nodding his head in acceptance, "BOTH of you, my sons..." It felt... Eerily heartwarming to accept those that existed in the Zero World as his descendents, despite how he scorned and hated them all this time. He was the one that caused this entire Tensei mess, and all of his children were suffering for it; hating each other without purpose only because of their ignorance to their darkness, nor that they are the lights that fill it. If Pumpkinhead were to have destroyed his body out of his own hatred, he would have condemned himself to being a lost soul for all eternity and eventually spawn as the new Insanity of the clan; the dark light that destroys all it touches. Then, they would have all had to start over again... "... When I saw you lash out like that, I saw part of myself in you... Well, of course, how could I not, right? Hahaha. Though, joking matters aside, I saw the side of me that I used to be... The Pumpking of the Iron Fist that ruled the dimensions with a hand of destruction and a reign of terror... Not because I was evil, but simply to inspire fear in the darkness to ensure it did not rise up against me... Little did I know, this hatred I spawned for them seeped into you and ALL of my descendents... that is known as the Insanity. Though it no longer exists inside of me, it still has remnants inside of the others. However, the new Keeper of Insanity that you see before you is about to crown you as the new Keeper... The one who keeps all of this raw power under control at all times and uses it for good. I trust you will be able to handle this immeasurable responsibility, despite what I saw only moments ago." He stared his son in the eyes and nodded with reassurance, clenching his shoulder firmly to show the affirmation of his belief in him, "You can do it. You are my son, of course. Remember who you are and where you come from... And all will be well in the darkness. I promise."

With his sentimental speech out of the way and Pumpkinhead prepared for his coronation, he returned his attention to the Vessel that would become the first true container for Pumpkinhead. It was time to abandon those scarecrow bodies and burning essences and get some physical forms made of flesh and bone. He felt confident that he was composed enough not to destroy his own vessel with his own might. And, since now Shinsei knew how things were supposed to go, he could trust the vessel not to destroy and completely consume the light that was his son, either. This was how the 'Body and Soul' functioned as one. "I presume, Allmaster, that you have all of the necessary requirements for this transaction, then? As the God of the Zero World, you know all transactions must be equivocated. Otherwise, I wouldn't be standing here looking at you right now!" He laughed again heartily, feeling inspired by the part of himself that was Tigen to be in a slightly less serious mood. Though, Tigen was going to have to learn to take many things seriously, as well... Which was why this transaction was about to occur as it did, if all the proper pieces were now in play...

"Oh, so it's him? Figures. I kinda liked his spark. Don't think your other one would have matched this body, ya know?" It was true that Grim didn't know anything about anything that was supposed to happen about any of this, but it seemed like because of the information he was given before, as well as what he'd already learned about how everything worked, he was actually pretty okay with this outcome, if it would fill him up for good. "Yeah, got all Seven Insanities and the Sacrifice Girl. Didn't bring any vessels, though... Nobody... Told me about any vessels except the one that's supposed to be my wife. What's all this, then?"

Honestly, he hadn't had any time to practice using the power of his Anatomia yet... So he wasn't too privvy on how he was supposed to create material constructs yet. "More shit that you didn't tell us, I presume? Ugh. Fucking... Family heritage. Not saying anything about anything so we can fill our destinies properly and shit. Ugh. How annoying..." Yet, for some reason, he felt inside of him a sort of resonance with Pumpkinhead... Could it have been that part of Tigen that he consumed... or the Insanities themselves...? Maybe it was all of it, and they were screaming for their missing parts. Weird.

"Well, glad to have you around... Pop. Guess since you and him got back together, you're my father now for real, huh? One and the same. Guess that makes this the same for me and you, huh, Pumpkinhead?" He snickered, making light of it all only because he was feeling the warmth coming from this scenario, too. He couldn't help but love the part of Shinsei that was his father, Allsgrim, as well as the new part of him that was the original Shinsei. "What do you wanna do with these Insanities, eh? I was told to bring all Seven to you."

Utterly confused and in complete disbelief, for once in his life, he felt the ever present anger ever blazing upon his form lighten for a moment, igniting with sparks of silver. He did not move nor say a word, but the color of his flame was able to tell quite a bit about how he was feeling; that was a trait he never understood why he hadn't mastered. It seemed like his flame was always red... And perhaps, what his father said was the reason why. That imbalance...


As he further explained the story, Pumpkinhead remained stoic and quiet, yet his flame became much less intense. When he was certain that his honorable father was done speaking, he proceeded with his thoughts on the matter.

"Father, I deeply respect and appreciate your sentiments, but after what I did, I... I do not believe I am truly ready to... For..."

He furrowed his brow, the silvery strands of ember growing dark and black, crimson swirling about his form in a chaotic storm once again. "I'm still much too early to be taking anything equal to my Honorable Father in grandeur... I... Not until I become balanced, and am able to do things pleasing to the sight of your eyes at all times." The sheer thought of it was... Maddening. Infuriating. To the point where he'd almost wish to shed tears.

"I must respectfully decline this offer. Until I am balanced."

This was his honorable decision made before the eyes of his honorable father.

"I want to set things right, not keep making things worse... Please..." he turned his head away, ashamed, yet again, not even feeling worthy to be seen in his Father's presence, "... I will not be a disappointment to you again..." At that moment, Pumpkinhead's flame grew dark; a deeper Nightmare Rouge than ever before. It almost looked like it was no longer fire that burned around this being's body... Twas like torrents of thick, rich blood rose to take the shape of something that only resembled a burning skeleton in form. Like a large bloodstain on a bathroom wall, the mark of his presence remained imprinted upon the pitch black voice around him, almost seeming to sear it into the shape of a liquid around him. It was melting; the bloodstain was eating away at it. Slender cracks of porous vapour wisped about the infinite abyss... It looked as if the realm itself had begun to bleed, in more ways than one, at that.

"I know you know it, too...

He stared at the Abyzmal being before him and could only look upon him with hatred, for some reason. Being attached to that... Thing... KNOWING that it was part of him... It made him utterly detest it, himself, and worst of all... his father. The hatred wouldn't stop growing...

"THIS THING IS LIVING PROOF OF MY UTTER DISGUST!! HOW CAN YOU EVEN LOOK AT ME WHEN I CAN'T EVEN--" He paused, staring at the creature in horror. The thought of it being himself made him want to wretch. It poured from his body, as though his very existence were hurling up massive, unstable chunks of negativity in large doses. The wavelength of his flames became unstable.

"Is... What is this, father...?! IS THIS... THE FULL EXTENT... OF THE INSANITY!?!?" A discordant hum filled the air, as though a siren wailed from the bowel's of an insect's low buzz. *Silent Hill siren sound, but with insect wings beating low to slightly drown it out* The pure dissonant bass that suddenly frequented this space seemed to be sending this place into a horrendous hellstorm. He was spiraling out of control and couldn't find his way out of these terrible, horrible thoughts about everyone and everything. All of these thoughts that didn't make any sense, yet at the same time were perfectly understood. Everything he ever thought was a lie, but true all at the same time. And to top it all off, after the way he acted out before his father, all he could think was...

'Have I no shame...?
Where did I go wrong...?
When did I stray from my Father's teachings...?'

Lost in his own madness and confusion, the swirling inferno that was the Great Pumpkin continued to grow larger, spiraling further and further out of control, as though his flame of negativity were drawing in and utterly incinerated all things that they came in contact with. The would would begin collapsing upon itself.

'Why is... All of this happening...?'

In all his turbulent turmoil, it all boiled down to one completely self-consuming question that blazed with the fury of his all-consuming flame. It would destroy him from the inside out, and outside in; and everything around him.


Somehow, Shinsei felt as though things would turn out this way... somehow. It was not because he did not have faith nor pride in his son, as he seemed to deem it, but because he felt that his son would not have such in himself for the exact reason that he was feeling. It was all very clear before the eyes of Clarity that existed in Shinsei, who was made of now only pure Shinsanity. Though he understood the plight of his son, it ached him to watch him suffer so much torture and turmoil based on his own inner conflict. "Son..." he muttered, even under the vicious maelstrom that was occurring from his emotional explosion, "... One thing I thought I taught you... Was not to question your father." He closed his eyes, furrowing his brow solemnly, "Now, I have learned to accept them as part of us, and that is what they are. We complete each other and uphold a delicate balance in this universe. To test whether we are capable of harnessing the highest power... We are given the test of Control. If you do not pass your test of Control, you will end up doing just what you are doing now and misuse the power, destroying everything around you." Part of him knew that speaking this way would only shame his son more, but he hoped that within him, that shame would discipline him further... to NOT take things any farther than they had already gone and grab the reigns upon himself before it was too late. To know that he was already wrong, and instead of being more wrong and bringing himself and everyone around him more shame than if he stopped where he was. When already feeling shameful, why incur more in oneself by continuing to do that which makes one so ashamed? He had to be educated, or else he would continue to fall into the despair of unknowing.

"Part of the Vessel's job is to restrain your power so that you can learn control. Part of your job is to make sure the Vessel is doing what it should be doing at all times. If you are leading it astray, it will follow your lead... That, or, it will lead you and you will simply cause destruction. A burden on it more than it is on you."

The 'As Above, Is Below' was a pretty serious thing when it came to cosmic balance... And within, one must be stable in order to maintain stability of everything else around. "How can you learn to control your power if you cannot even find a way to restrain yourself as you are? The way for you to find your balance is to take on the Insanity completely and fully and learn to control it all. Don't keep succumbing to it, my son!" Watching him spiral out of control before him, threatening to destroy all that bound this world and probably a few over was not becoming of his son. In fact, it seemed like regression.

"I do not want to believe that I made the wrong decision in choosing you, but you decide whether I did or did not! I saw something in you that you do not see within yourself, my son!!! Maybe when you find out what that is, you will know your peace and accept your destiny!!!"

The voice of Shinsei was firm and strict, even amongst the destructive force. He did not yield in the slightest to such a disastrous display, but merely watched helplessly as his son began to choose willingly to walk into the path of Insanity.

"Don't... Make the same mistake I did..." he said finally rather tenderly, showing a bit of heart to his son before closing his eyes to quiet his own fury. It hurt him to watch the same thing play over again before him; it was as though he were reliving it all... All those countless, numberless lifetimes of darkness... loneliness... being without Light nor Love in all his expansiveness... An emptiness that grew too large to bear and swallowed his light whole. The only part of him that existed, he could see... Through the eyes and experiences of the original Insanity, as well as through Allsgrim. He could see them all coming together as one in tandem with his own knowledge, stringing together how all three of them played a part in each of their own demise, as well as the others... And all he could think was...

"It was... Me... I started this... And I seek to finish it. Looking at you, I see the same ignorance I once held within myself; a light that did not know the dark, and thus became corrupted by that unknowing. I did not rule with an iron fist because I was powerful... I was afraid that whatever it was that had the same strength as me was hiding away somewhere that I could not see, and at any given time, if I did not strengthen myself, it would come to destroy me. That is why I became as strong as I am now. I did it out of Fear. That gave birth to that world... I made it. I created it. That disgusting slop is part of me."

If to save his son from the torment of Insanity... He would righteously step down before him and show him his own weakness. Perhaps, that is what he needed. To know that his 'perfect father' had a weakness to begin with... Fear of the Unknown.

"... I admit that I was wrong at that point in time. Though I am eternally grateful for all that it has brought me, if I had not been wrong at that one point in time, I never would have had any of you. I never would have become the powerful, great flame you see before you. If not for my weakness, I would have NO STRENGTH!!!" His growth was based on his own ambitions not to lose to the darkness; though his intentions were good, his execution of the matter was completely wrong, as was his reasoning. There should have not have EVER been anything that he did not know, and splitting himself in two split his memories, as well. The Birth of Unknowing itself... To have no clue what is going on, what will happen or what just did. For once in his life, he knew Fear; an all powerful force that was supposedly unable to be matched was suddenly able to be overwhelmed? The only force that could do so was... "I stood in my own way and I made myself strong. My mistake was not seeing nor accepting myself nor that darkness as part of me in my own Unknowing and Fear. I see how it has afflicted my family for generations, and though I ached and pained for it to stop, because of how it hurt not only me, but them to such an extent... I could do nothing but watch them, if that was of their own will. So... My son..." He paused, bowing his head and lowering himself to one knee, "Please... It would bring me great honor if you will respectfully accept my blessings. Though I understand and accept your reasons why you feel as though you should not... I humbly request that you try to see why I, the one who already went through this, would advise you otherwise."

"Taking in all of the Insanity will make you equivalent to my awesome power. Don't you see...? If you learn to master the great crippling weakness... Your strength will be revealed to you. And you will be the strength of the ENTIRE clan! That's why..." Though he was no reigning Pumpking anymore, he was still quite the royal, high and upstanding figure, and a subconscious part of Tigen's essence in its entirety. For him to kneel and bow before his son with respect... Hopefully, this gesture would be enough to get through to him. "... This Moon was created just for you. As a Birthday Present."

"Woah... What the...?" In all his time, the Grims were never allowed to enter Dimension; even the part where technically, they should have been free to roam. To see things like this occur was actually pretty amazing to a newcomer... Despite how freaky it all was. Even so, something inside of him twinged when he saw the Great Pumpkin start to flare up uncontrollably. Something inside of him reacted in tandem with this fleeting, rising feeling, his body starting to lose its shape and form for some reason.

"Wa... Wha's happni to e?" The deep blackness that the Third Restriction Mask had been holding back suddenly grew too powerful for the mask to contain, breaking free of its bindings and unleashing the endless nonexistence that was the Zero World pouring from his form, consuming his physical shape and not only mirroring, but completely matching the destructive force of Pumpkinhead's own meltdown. It looked as though two cosmic forces were attempting to tear each other apart, each of them attempting to become a singularity at the same time with the same amount of strength. A Supermassive Black Hole vs. A Universal Implosion.

Staring at that hideous, disgusting glow that wasn't even the light of fire... or anything holy anymore, watching it flicker and consume everything around it, he couldn't help but be reminded of such things, himself.

"Is that... Me...!?"

The same sick disgust that Pumpkinhead felt for him would be felt within him, and it would begin to destroy his physical form. Where on Pumpkinhead's side, everything would be burnt to a crisp, everything on Grim's side would be consumed and reduced to nothingness. They were at war inadvertently.

"Why...?!" He gargled in confusion, not understanding this reaction. Was is being induced by Pumpkinhead, or simply because Pumpkinhead was doing what he was doing? Were these two really so closely connected wherein if one reacted a certain way, the other would do the same inadvertently? Maybe... That was how the Insanity bound them together.

"Urrrghhh!!!!" he gargled again, seeming to be regurgitating something... With the Third Restriction Mask broken, and the rising Insanity within Pumpkinhead, the ones within Grim drew strength from him and caused his form to destabilize just long enough to slip out and where the largest power source of the Insanity was. Such is how that fickle, power hungry source functioned in order to thrive and survive.

The shapeless black void congregated in that single point, now showing what its original shape was; ambiguous chaos. It harbored no light and thus, did not glow, and did not know what its true form looked like anymore. At that point, the full extent of all the collected Insanities would hurl themselves straight into the fire, which would increase all of the strength of each Insanity, as well as the accumulated Insanity infinitely. "No... STOP!!!" But... It was already too late...


After having been silenced for quite the extended period of time, it was about time for the Insanity to rise up again... Within the unstoppable force that was this Bloody Pumpkin, yet again. Now, he would not be a mere puppet, but BE the Insanity itself. These two would become one and the same.


The Insanity had been ITCHING to fuck something and someone up for quite a long time after being contained. With nigh full power restored, he was easily able to outmatch the Allmaster. Shinsei, on the other hand... Might be a problem.

"Father... I... I..." He was losing himself; his shape, his form. His conscious mind. It was being lost to the ambiguity of the chaos... To the enigmatic destructive random force that was the Insanity in all its might. It seemed to simply snatch him up out of nowhere and bring this great weight upon him, that which he felt may even destroy himself. Like a Raging Demon imprinted on his back that he would have to carry with him for the rest of his days. The weight of this knowledge... of this understanding... of himself and everything around him, as well as the depth of this entire ordeal now. This, in and of itself was causing him to destabilize.

"This... This doesn't MAKE ANY SENSE, Father... I... How could you... How could... We...?!? I...!!?!?!?"

His eyes grew wide with an overflowing amount of understanding, that which seemed to be too much for the poor soul to handle at the time as it came unto him. He refused to accept what was the truth, and that, in and of itself, was Insanity. It corrupted everything it touched by trapping him in such denial, forcing his body to become unstable. Now, to match what it is he believed of himself, and what thoughts were coming into his head thanks to the full, unencumbered force of the Insanity pressing down upon him, he was shaping himself into something else entirely... He looked over toward the ambiguous mass of darkness, trying to piece together his own shape and form from looking at that. It seemed to be mimicking how his body was moving... He gazed in horror at what he saw, terrified to see such a creature being him.

"Is that... Me...?"

It was only then that he fully heard and understood what his father said and meant, seeing how everything only became worse as things progressed on dwelling in that animosity. All of the negative things made his stomach churn... It felt sickening. Like a plague... Inside of him...

'... What could he possibly see inside of me...? All I can see... Is that ugly thing staring back at me.... Copying me... Showing me what I look like... That hideous--'

He winced, part of his flames were starting to deteriorate, that black substance seeming to try to take it in. At that moment, Pumpkinhead's thought changed about the scenario at hand. As he saw his father bow to him on one knee, he could almost say that it was like a dream come true for him... For he always sought out his Father's approval and wished to be perfect in his eyes. To know that even he, himself messed up in the beginning was enough to give Pumpkinhead strength in his weakness... Something he would come to temper with time.

"... You... Believe in me that much, Father? I almost feel ashamed that I did not believe you in the first place. Forgive me..."

At that moment, the flames cooled, simmered, down to a gentle crystalline glow, almost as though nothing had happened. He took shape and form again, standing up strong and proud with the mark of the Insanity burning around his body, the crystal flame taking on a darker, completely black color... Save for streams of purple ember flaring from the cosmic compression that was his newly tempered body. A hardened skeleton sealed each of the Insanities within the seven points on his body, aligning to his Chakras... Once they were aligned and secured, they would spread to the seven points on his body; Hands, Feet, Chest, Pelvis and Head, then secure themselves tightly in these seven spots upon his body.

"I will not fail you again. That has been my resolve for my entire life; not to fail you. If this is my destiny, then I will take it and walk proud and strong with it, with my head held high from now on. I will bear the Insanity and overcome it completely, just as I have done now. If my flames can destroy anything... They can even destroy the Insanity... and themselves, along with it, if need be."

He pat his father on the shoulder, then immediately proceeded to help him to his feet, staring him eye to eye with the flames of Insanity swirling about his form, but the Eyes of Clarity shimmering crystal clear in the midst... That part of his father that rested within him. He made sure to make direct eye contact with his father this time in order to let him know that not only was he sure, but that he could be trusted... And that he truly did 'see' with the same vision as he did. Despite how he looked, he still saw what was correct and would use his destructive might for such.

"However, before you crown me... I want to prove myself. Not to you, but to myself... That I actually know of this control..." He stared at Grim, now not with disgust and scorn, but with acceptance and humility, prepared to conquer the Insanity together with his Keeper, "You. I'm ready to go."

Once the flames died down and Pumpkinhead stopped having a meltdown, Grim's form started to return to its normal shape as well, no longer hindered by either Insanity nor the Third Restriction mask. In fact, he almost looked damn near like his old self again... Only, significantly younger.

"... My. That feels much better, I must say. I feel rather refreshed and cleansed right proper, I must admit. Good show, dear boy."

Being emptied of the Insanity left him as he was before, only this time without that insatiable appetite. After retaining his original form and becoming settled and shaped, like the blazing man that stood before him, he would wait for the signal that Pumpkinhead was ready and lock eyes with him, nodding his head.

"Indeed. It is about time that we come back together. Now I see why you are one step ahead of me... You did something I could not. And that was, in spite of my own Insanity... Control it. I guess that's why I need you inside of me... To keep us under control. Don't think I can do it without you, old boy!!"

He laughed to himself, letting the whole ordeal roll off his back like water. He knew what the Insanity was like and of SOME of the events that were supposed to have unfolded from their coming together. However, what would become of them once they did become one... Had yet to be seen.

"Well then, off we go. Right proper." Grim opened his mouth, allowing the FULL Insanity that was now the ENTIRETY of Pumpkinhead's being to be absorbed into himself, where he would feel the flames rising to meet every single crevice of his form. With that, his body would become charged and his hair would take on a silverish color, now lustrous and vibrantly pouring out a beautiful white sheen that seemed to flicker about like energy, despite still being solid hair. It was as if the blackness that had once consumed him was being filled, slowly, but surely. Transitioning between a multitude of colors that were the colors of Pumpkinhead's flames, they would finally return to their crystalline silver color as Grim's robes took on a different form, as well. A large, skull-shaped core burning red and blazing with insanity appeared on his chest, pouring out the vicious red flame. This was Pumpkinhead.

World Eater, his Scarf, soon enlarged to encompass now only his neck, but also his arms, too, being worn as pauldrons that resembled hands, the same way the Scarf Tail resembled a hand with a mouth on it before. Now, there were three different arms extending from his scarf; two of which covered his shoulders and the final one covering the back of his neck and spine. He slipped his hands in his pockets and breathed in deeply, feeling all of the Insanity as well as the power it had, but somehow, even in embracing it, remaining calm... Well. Relatively.


It was usually impossible for a Grim to feel too much feeling, being empty on the inside and only hungry for everything around him, but feeling Pumpkinhead... The Insanity... Hell, FEELINGS in general... brought him great strength.

It was as though all of the elements of the universe were in the palm of his hand, ready to be controlled to his own will. Up, down and all around; he felt within him a Fire that burned hotter than the sun, Water larger and more clean than the ocean, Wind more refreshing and brisk as an uplifting tailwind and a solid foundation of Earth that was more magnificent than a mountain. There were many other elements at play, such as Light and Dark and things that came from mixing all six of these elements together in different combinations, however, in their Basic and most Primary form, they were of these Six Major Elements. He'd mix and match them as he saw fit.

"So... This is what I was missing out on, fucking with my Devourism powers all day, huh? Man... Even if I can still use em, I don't think I really wanna if I can do... ALL TYPES OF OTHER SHIT NOW!!"

Clearly, despite Pumpkinhead's restraint, it seemed like his Vessel seemed to want to go crazy... As expected for one who harbored the Insanity. At least it was a controlled, tempered sort of 'going crazy' and not malignant and destructive. Even so, he would probably have to get this under control, and when the 4th Moon rose... He was probably going to get 'Masked.' Again. Not that he really minded, but until then, he might as well live it up.

Once Pumpkinhead was all sealed up tight, he would be able to travel anywhere he so chose throughout each of the Voids that connected (or disconnected) the worlds, slipping out from the darkness at any given time in any place he saw fit. A luxury of being able to exist there without being swallowed up by it. Eventually, he would fill the role of the Living Shadow and no longer cause it to be a 'Shadow' in the light of his flame. That was the plan, anyway. Hopefully, he would abide by it and not let the Insanity consume him, despite how his Vessel wanted to cut loose a little bit, after having that mask on him for so long.

He stretched and yawned, tired, and getting all of the elemental energies completely flowing through his body, then turned to his former counterpart, who now stood before him as something more than what he once was; no longer a counterpart, but a father, and had to inquire, "So... What do we do about the Sacrifice Girl? How's that supposed to work, eh? Is there like... A thing that we have to do, or... Does this like, take care of itself? Please say it takes care of itself." He was hoping he was gonna say that, but knowing how this fucking family worked, he probably was gonna have to go do some OTHER outrageous task... But, there's no harm in hoping, right?

With all the faith that he had in his eldest, even in his time of utmost despair, Shinsei did not falter in his belief. Despite how horrendous he looked, he had to suffer his own Insanity on his own and overcome it on his own. This was the only way for him to know of his true strength.


Waiting the maelstrom out patiently, even when the storm seemed like it would destroy the realm Shinsei fought so hard to protect... He allowed his afflicted son to make the choice. Destroy everything and everyone he loved INCLUDING himself at the expense of his own self destructive hatred and confusion... Or to come to peace with it within himself and understand the Will of Tensei that was his father. When Shinsei opened his eyes next, he would find his son as he remembered, staring back with shining eyes of crystal and with a tempered flame burning with the controlled, concentrated might of the Insanity.

"... You sought a way to make me proud... Without knowing that being who you are as you are has been making me proud since I laid eyes upon your growth. Reflect on yourself, son. See how far YOU have come. Do not worry about me or the family, for you already carry us within your heart. With this, you must do for you with the righteousness of the Family name. Do your will as though we all were with you, for that is what we are and always have been."

These were his final words before Grim decided to take Pumpkin head into himself. With a gesture of love the former Pumpking never found himself weakening his persona of being powerful and stoic to do for ANY of his offspring in the past, he pulled his son close and hugged him tightly, letting the crystal flames engulf and combine with him. Pumpkin head was back.

"I love you, my son... My first born. My pride and joy. Don't ever forget. You know what makes me proud and do it naturally. So go. Right the wrongs of this world with an iron fist... Just like your old man. Do it not to instill fear, but return and maintain righteousness upon the land."

And with that, he'd be drawn into the Void, ready to be reborn into this world, as well.

"I believe in you..." He muttered to himself, his faith unwavering. He was the one who would erase the Insanity once and for all. Tigen, rather, Khrona was the first to ever CONTROL it completely, and even figured out a way to completely purify it... But the purification process? That was best left up to a soul a bit more... Aggressive than the usually happy-go-lucky Tigen. That boy would have to learn to become strong from his elder brother, when his brother found that strength within himself.

At that point, Grim went through a rather massive change. The sheen of his fair, despite the black of his cloak, told Shinsei that now he was no longer empty, and wouldn't be much so forevermore, as long as Pumpkinhead continued to produce enough energy to satisfy him. Despite how the two of them were powered off of the Insanity, their practice of being controlled would discipline them... Or, rather, Pumpkin head would.

"... Well. Seems like it is just us now, eh, Grim? Something we never before thought would occur, but the only scenario that will solve this dilemma." Of course, he was expecting the fellow, who held the same determination as the other, to longingly seek for his partner... And, it was about that time, too.

"You must seek out Corona... Or, I believe she has become 'Tetra' now after being washed of her Insanity of Hatred... And extract the Goddess of Fury that lives within her. This is one of the missing fragments of Pumpkinhead himself; the part of him that served as his Righteous Fury. That girl... Is not supposed to exist."

Just like there were missing pieces of some of the Tensei, where their souls were supposed to be, occupied only by the dark outline known as a Living Shadow, there were fragments within other Tensei that were supposed to fit into these Living Shadows... The souls that were misplaced throughout the countless eons of Shinsei trying to get this entire ordeal correct. If only he'd known that in order to fix all that spawned from him, he first needed to fix himself, he would have done so originally. Part of him did know, but like his son, his hatred, fear, sadness and such all got the best of him. That was how the Insanity was born; birthed of the negativity of Shinsei and Allsgrim at once... To create a being that worked for neither side and sought to merely destroy everything. It was a being that was not good nor evil, for alignment made no difference to it. Its only purpose was to cause spontaneous random occurrences at its will, be they fortunate or unfortunate. It knew nothing of law, for it defied them, being part of Shinsei. It knew nothing of fairness, for it only lived for itself. With no real way of being able to know what this thing would do nor how it would react to any situation at any time, the unstable being was locked away... But naturally, when one locks something away instead of dealing with it, it festers and grows until is breaks out... And it grew smart enough to understand that it, being Shinsei, had the power to connect to his offspring and rose up within them. Even now, for some of the new Tensei that were not born of Crystal... They could still stir this being within themselves and create a new Insanity at any given time. This is why only Thirteen Tensei were allowed to exist; among all Thirteen, once the Insanity was purified in all of them and they all returned to Shinsei, the family would no longer be afflicted by the Insanity. It would cease to exist, only becoming the controlled version... The raw primordial power of Shinsei himself; Shinsanity.

"... She was given life through the sole strength of this fragment of Pumpkinhead's missing Righteous Fury alone, which was why he was desperately seeking her out before. She is the one that is meant to be his matron, as she is the missing part of him he needs. Once the Fourth Moon rises, it will be their time to act. They both rule the Amber Moon of Punishment, as both Angels of Divine Punishment and Righteous Fury and as Keepers of the Insanity or Hatred. You two must find her and put her in the Sacrifice Girl's vessel. Her Living Shadow will be filled with Pumpkinhead's spirit, and he will become her protector, watching over his wife eternally in spirit. You, being the Vessel, merely keep both of these pieces of Pumpkinhead together... By being with her."

Shinsei glared at Grim sternly, crossing his arms once more, becoming far more serious than he had been before, "... This was all done for you, All master. Because you are also spawned of me, you also deserve completion and happiness, and through you, so too will Pumpkinhead know this happiness... Of someone that can love him."

Pumpkinhead was nowhere NEAR in tune with his feminine side, like Tigen was. Even though it game him a mighty masculine manner, it made him decidedly aggressive and unnaturally destructive. Imbalanced. Tigen was the same way, having too much effeminate spiritual energy that overshadowed his masculine, but now he had that balanced within him.

"When he knows the true love of someone who can accept him for who he is and not as a monster, he will become much less callous to the world. He will know of kindness and sympathy, things that, perhaps, only the effeminate energies are capable of teaching a man."

Naturally, Shinsei, in all his unknowing before, COMPLETELY split up ALL of his feminine energy when creating his wife, leaving none for himself. The two of them were unbalanced, and because there was no feminine energy in him any longer when he split his soul into Shinrei, he could not understand her, and vice versa for she to him. The two of them needed an equivalent, balanced amount of both within each other to be able to fully understand the other's point of view. Without the capability to access this point of view, they did not see eye to eye... Which resulted in the generations upon generations of pure... Mess.

He sighed heavily, the thought of it all almost overwhelming to have to remember and almost live through again... But it was all getting solved. Almost to an end.

"... Seek this girl out at the rise of the Fourth Moon. The Insanity will be dealt with by Pumpkin head, so you needn't worry about that. All you have to do is find the girl and get her soul inside of the Sacrificial Vessel." It seemed simple enough, and probably was, compared to everything they went through last time... But just because they completed a moon did not mean that the next would rise. Every Tensei had to be in the position of power to accept their course of destiny; to take on their moons without failing. If they proceeded too quickly and a Tensei was not at the brink of maturation, they would surely fail. Overcoming the Insanity was a sign of maturity for each Tensei... Which was why once it was overcome, they grew so much to match the power of what they'd learn to control, granting them 'Shinsei' status in the family.

"Though, you are now the one that is meant to create vessels, All master. You are the one that rules the realm of Devourists. You are their God and they are your containers. You must learn how to create them using your special Anatomia. This moon... Is more about training the two of you and preparing for what is to occur when the 5th arises... That is why it may seem like such simple tasks to endure for such a long period of time." That should have been the indicator... That the 5th moon would be something more grand than all 4 of the previous combined. His serious expression did not waver in the slightest.

"... You also will not be maintaining that form for long, I hope you know... When the time comes for the Fourth Moon to rise, the Shinseigami will hatch from you and ascend to the 4th and you will be left to master your Anatomia in the 3rd. You're serving as the new incubator this time. So I'd suggest that you enjoy the use of the 4th restriction elements while you can... You'll have to master the use of them when you return to the 3rd, limited by the Restriction you are meant to govern. Your body will become one with the Veritas and Pumpkin head will become the next awakened spirit for the Veritas. Where you will bring the motionless body that is this entire realm movement, he will continue to feed it power, as the first releases spirit of the Second has done. The Fourth unlocks the next spirit, the 6th unlocks the last that belong to the regions of the Dawn. The Eight binds them all together and the Tenth executes their will. The Thirteen Restrictions were designed to function in perfect order... As long as all do as they are supposed to."

Granted, it was all a lot of information, but it was crucial, nonetheless. Though there were Tensei that knew bits and pieces of the future, as well as many who knew the entirety of the past, only Shinsei, the Shinseigami and the Omnipedia knew the ENTIRE story and everyone's roles in it. The other Tensei were, more or less, just being directed by these higher forces.

"Does all of this make sense to you, Grim?"

Once Pumpkinhead was embraced by his father, the warm good of the Shinsei overcame him as he hugged him back. This was the first form of affection he ever felt from his father, or anyone... Even Tigen had not ever touched Pumpkin head... At least, not to where they were reciprocating any feelings.

"I... Love you... Too... Father."

These words and feelings were new and strange to him. Despite how he knew in his heart his love for his father, outwardly expressing it seemed... Abnormal. Yet, comfortable, for some reason. Whatever it was, he took those feelings with him, now as a crusader of righteousness rather than senseless destruction and vehement fury. He would not fall to the shadows... To the darkness... To the Insanity... He would be better, stronger, greater than his father, as his Father seemed to see that potential in him and Pumpkinhead trusted it completely now. Though... Faith and belief were not proof, and as he was drawn into the Abysmal Zero World... He would make his way to the place where he would prove this faith and belief to be true. This is where he would find his Truth... This was his test to see if he could make that faith and belief into pure, raw evidence of his capabilities; of what his father saw. He would be a Living Testament, his entire existence BEING the evidence of that faith and belief.

"And I thank you, with all my heart.
I no longer have any regret... About my being born or my continuing to exist"

With that, Pumpkinhead would find himself back in the realm he pledged his allegiance to, in arms with their burning leader... The Chaos.
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