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 Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei

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Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei   Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei EmptySun Jul 07, 2019 6:36 pm

Plague of Insanity; Cries from the Depths of the Heart

... A very small child exists here in this realm, no more than three or four years of age. Solitary in every sense of the word, he sits in almost total isolation from the world outside, far too uninterested in playing with other children and much too young to leave his abode alone... His room is his life and his sanctuary... Back when that child still knew the meaning of happiness and sanity...

A typical house in a typical town, where everyone did as they pleased and lived in a peaceful existence in their blissful ignorance. All of them like children, they maintained a certain level of peacefulness in their lives that pertained to their own personal gains and benefits. The same was the case for the only child that remained ever isolated in his room, just as happy as a clam. Though the child was able to maintain his own happiness during these years, the child's parents had a tendency to leave him completely alone in that house, claiming to 'go to work' or to 'be back later', or even 'just to go have some fun outside of the house'... Fulfilling their personal desire for happiness, as was custom. Of course, the child knew nothing more than that, waiting for what seemed to be everlasting nights and eternal days for his parents to return home. A child of this age had no sense of time, almost akin to a young pup, though clearly would grow out of this in time. The cyclical absences started off slow, these 'outings' only lasting the weekends and nothing more for quite a while, becoming the routine that the child adjusted himself to. At the beginning of the next day at the very bright morn would his parents return to their beds, recuperating from the night before. He yearned for the dawn to come every day, only so he could see their faces once again after them being gone for so long.


Soon, this cycle rather swiftly stretched from weekend to weekday in no more than a month's time, and those weeks became became a month, and that month, several more... Until the child saw his parents so seldom... He was convinced that he lived in that household all alone...

And he grew lonely.

And he grew depressed.

And he discovered... His first Melancholy.

Being nowhere near of age to exit the prisonous house of his own will and having no one within to interact did his forlorn eyes gaze longingly outside his window at the other children at play. The child all too soon was gripped by the shadows of his own heart... Which now donned a thick coat of pitch black.

Forbidden... From leaving this lonely hellhole.

To cope with his inner turmoil, he sat alone in a dark corner, always waiting for his parents to return, whenever they did... Be it in a day or in a week, or even as long as a month, he waited... And it consumed his heart further, that blackness.

As the years rolled on, the child matured physically, as was natural, yet mentally... He remained imprisoned in stasis; always waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Forever waiting. This begrudging patience continuously ate away at his mind and his soul, and as a result, the child became less and less interactive with any living being, including his parents, silently beckoning for seclusion. With the heady feeling of being forsaken weighing heavy on his very essence, he lost dependence on the love, care, and attention from his parents and from other living beings far sooner than most children his age. As such... He locked himself in his dark, pitch black quarters for hours on end, rarely sleeping, eating, or doing much of anything... Except for basking in the loneliness of his dark dwelling. The neverending darkness of his room worked in tandem with the morose Melancholy held deep within and, slowly but surely, resulted in his loss of stability... Though, somehow, despite all that, he was able to successfully confine such powerful darkness deep within him, and to the outside world, he appeared quite normal in most ways, so no one ever knew.

Already, a master of deception... So young...

The child's parents, however, finding it more and more troublesome to care for this child as well as foster their own selfish needs, made a rather hasty decline into poverty without their poor boy's knowledge. It seemed as though their own unfortunate, greedy luxuries and their most grotesquely conceited life choices were finally catching up to them... Slowly, but surely...

Before much longer, their house became a wreck; in complete shambles, barely able to sustain the three of them... The boy's parents decided to do something to get money quickly... Anything that they could...

A stroke of luck befell them on their trying times, for they found an ad in the papers requesting for children to be tested on in exchange for a hefty sum of cash. Naturally, the first thing that was thought to do: Donate their poor, broken child. They knew little to nothing of the facility they were so quick to sign their 'precious' child over to, yet it seemed to be quite a refined, rather state-of-the-art laboratory in the middle of nowhere; top secret and unknown to generally everyone. How they came across it is still unknown to this day... It was as if an act of God that they found such a well-paying, mysterious facility, which seemed to just pop up out of nowhere...

In that lab, a rather odd looking scientist of the name 'Dr. Z.', as he wished to be called, inspected their boy to see if he met the requirements for his research. The doctor held a handsome sum of green in his pasty, gray claws, finding the 'patient' to be the perfect 'subject' of his 'test'. In exchange for such fine greenery, the boy was meant to be kept in the lab at all times, the parents being allowed to see him every so often simply for visitation rights, but the new custodian... Was this scientist.

And of course...

Those money-grubbing hounds agreed with no hesitation, ignorant of the true nature of their actions and clearly blinded by the glimmering viridian in their twinkling eyes. Yes, twas only to sustain a roof over their heads, but... What use was it, if their 'beloved' wasn't with them?

Did they really care?

It didn't matter to their sweet, loving son, who was quite happy to oblige if it was for his family and well being... He was fully aware that he only took up space, so he might as well be put to good use for them, since he already failed so miserably as a son, apparently.
And so, with their final goodbyes and false parting love, the boy watched as his parents walked right out of the door... Wondering when -- or if -- they would ever return...

But the boy's parents, with an appetite for green still not satiated by the pawning of their son, found yet another easy fix for their high-roller demands -- turning to a life of crime.

The child's mother found herself at the corner of every street of the central city, making it her business to know the names of every man, woman, and creature she came across, until her name was wrapped in the glitz and glamour of the streets, as well. His father was more subtle, becoming part of a notorious gang of crooks with the most violent 'family' in the country. Naturally, their endeavors had the two rolling in green as plentiful as the grass itself.

So, everything was fine, now...


... Right?

A paradise for them, as they called it; everyone had everything they wanted, and, on a lesser note, the family was sustained by the constant flow of cash. There wasn't a problem in the world that money couldn't solve. They were on eaaaasy street.

Until one fateful day.

The day that the parents were allowed to take their son out of his brutal custody to spend time with them. Oh, how long he waited for this glorious, wonderful day... How he missed them so... How he longed to see just how happy he was making them with all the pain and suffering he did endure...

But what did it amount to?

His father brought him along to meet the new 'family' today on this day, but to his dismay, this family was not one of warm welcome and loving embrace.

They had been given an assignment today to execute a hit to the 'family' across town. With no regard for his son, they went about their business as if he weren't even there; father included. Neglected even when right before his face... All he could do was beg to come along in a desperate plea to spend at least a sliver of time with his paternal figure. Without so much as a second thought, the man drew a pistol and placed it in his innocent son's hands, giving the signal to follow him. He did as he was told, with a desperate smile on his face...

At least this was some sort of bonding time with dear old dad...

His father was one of the top dogs in this syndicate, making him also one of the most notorious target to his enemies. During their travels through the city, he said not a single word to his son, only keeping watchful eye of his surroundings in enemy territory. After such prolonged silence, the boy thought that maybe he could say something simple to his dad... Like he was enjoying their time together, or that he loved him... Perhaps, if he hadn't said anything... Hadn't tried to give his father any term of endearment... That man would still be alive today. The mistake of uttering a single word drew his father's attention away, and in a split second, bullets soared through the night sky and right through his softened heart just as quickly as the guard was lowered for his son. Blood spattered from both ends of the wound, one side to the pavement and from the other, onto his son's horrified face. Falling atop the boy was his son's only saving grace, as the two assailants hadn't seen him at all. The boy had no choice but to fall over and let his father's weight nearly crush him, but he knew to stay silent and still. He heard their footsteps draw near, fearing that his life would meet a premature end. It was only by the grace of God himself that bullets flew from the abyss and straight through the skulls of the two assailants. He had no clue where they came from, but was grateful for their almost uncanny timing.

That entire ordeal tainted his mind, loosening his grip on this world he hated so much...

The boy pulled himself from under his father's heavy corpse and merely gazed down in repressed horror at that face... Something in him snapped. Still well within his senses of reality, he made his retreat back to the headquarters of his father's colleagues. Luckily, they spared the poor boy, for they seemed to sympathize only with the loss of his father. As a token of their kindness, they took him to his mother, who was working the corner nearby... The boy had not known this, but she was pregnant, and had been for quite a while, and now. She was showing quite clearly now, allowing him to piece this information together for himself in his head.

So... Why was she still doing this...?

Before long, his mother gave birth to a child, his baby sister, whom he vowed that he would protect and love forever alongside his mother. Finding only a sliver of sanity and happiness through his baby sister, he never left her side... Ever. This was good, since his mother couldn't take the baby out on the job. The job that he hated so.

Once the day came that he was to return to the laboratory, he wished for his mother and sister to accompany him. He tracked his mother to her station and found her with a rather eccentric and flamboyant man who harbored a violent disposition. From what he could make of his insane babbling, she wasn't doing very well in her line of work anymore. Things didn't look like they were going well, so the boy thought it best to simply leave with only his sister and let his mother be, though he didn't trust that brightly clothed man. There was something off about him. Either way, he turned and started off toward his house, ready to make the phone call to the scientist to come pick him and his sister up.

It only took a few moments, just a few steps for his world to crumble yet again, for the sound of a blunt object smashing against solid bone resounded down the street and into his innocent ears. He swirled around quickly to take a look at what happened, hoping with all his heart that what he was hearing didn't have anything to do with his mother... That the blood curdling screams and cries of pain, spattering blood and broken face didn't belong to the last parent he had in his life. But, just as all things unfortunate that seemed to plague his life, she was the victim of such a crime. By the hands of her pimp, he watched his mother die. Death by impalement of the skull, even. The last he remembered of such a situation was the diamond studded cane covered in blood, glistening in the light as the man eased his way off into the darkness of the streets. The boy's mind fell to pieces that day, and so too would his heart, if it weren't for his dear, sweet sister... The last thing he felt he could love. The very last piece of his family.

Boy: 'Well. At least there is still you... My family.'

That night, the scientist came to collect his specimen. He was informed of what happened to their parents and under legal contract, the boy and his sister were signed over to him for foster care, giving the scientist full custody of the two of them now. Another child added to his worries. The scientist hated children and only saw them as tools of research, so having to care for two did not make him happy in the slightest. If not for their potential as experiments, he would have surely left them to die on the cold streets with their mother.

His first order of business was to test the usefulness of the infant. Almost immediately, he found that there was something rare about her that was imperative to his research, and this brought joy to his tired, twisted heart. However, things weren't as easy as the scientist thought it to be, for the girl was widely incompatible with every single experiment he attempted with her. Though she was a rare flower, she was completely useless to him. In a fit of rage, the only thing the scientist could do with the useless infant was destroy her; dropping her straight to the ground headfirst and stomping on her head. If he could not make use of her rarity, then she was completely useless.


That was it. All the boy could take. The sound of his final beloved family member hitting the pavement only just so recently as his parents' death was enough to send him over the edge. From there on, his mind, heart and spirit shattered to pieces... Pieces that could only be put back together by the works of complete and utter insanity. Only moments after, the boy's body abruptly and rather acutely shut down. His brain would not function. His heart would not pump. Life refused to take form in his quickly chilled, paling body. The last thing he could remember was an undying thirst for revenge against that scientist... All before he slipped into a coma that lasted several years.

Everything was lost... His sanity... His love... His family... All lost in the abyss.

Of course, the mad doctor would not lose his greatest subject so easily. Free to experiment on him at will now due to his coma, he worked tirelessly to bring this boy back to this world, knowing that there was still a shred of hope just as long as he had the right equipment. To save him, the scientist's goal was to make him the ultimate being; a lifeform far greater than any human or deity imaginable. With all the research that had been done on this subject and the exceptional compatibility this child had with the other tests that had been run on him before, such a feat was well within his grasp. And so... The mad scientist got to work.

Those years of his subject being comatose allowed for him to tamper with him undisturbed, and the first thing he had to do was to fix his brain. Clearly malfunctioning from shock, he completed a sort of illegal neurosurgery, granting the boy superb intelligence and the capacity to use the full amount of his mind openly and freely. Next, his body, which was worked on meticulously until this superbrain could control and alter his cells and DNA at will, even whilst the boy was in his comatose state. To maintain this control, he had to replace his blood with a super blood created to function in direct correspondence with the superbrain. This blood was black and rare, and as such was deemed the 'Black Dragon Blood', a conduit for the control of  the superbrain's flow through his body in tandem with the newly enhanced physical prowess of his body's functions. Finally, the mutation. To ensure that all of these things worked to their maximum potential and in total harmony, it was very important that he undergo transmutation from various animals; most being reptiles, amphibians, birds, and even prehistoric creatures such as dinosaurs. The result of such created very large, awkward black dragon wings upon the boy's back, which was a curious, though very interesting reaction indeed. When the process was complete, the scientist was beyond ecstatic to see if all things were in working order with his greatest creation. Naturally, the final check was to ensure that the being could actually live... And though it took an immeasurably amount of electrical power drawn from the very heavens, the strike of lightning bore just enough power to shock him out of his comatose state and charge not only his brain, but the rest of his body with the incredible electrical surge. His very soul had been recharged here on this day, and life flowed through his cold, now grayed skin. His now white hair stood on end as light was brought back to his black eyes. The scientist had done it... This child had become... An ungodly mutant-superhuman hybrid.

A 'Frankenstein's Monster'...

Boy: 'Is... Is that all?'

The boy's jolt back to this world did not come without his intent from years before, to the scientists dismay. He remembered all that happened before, able to recall those memories of his past due to his incredible brainpower. Yes, he was aware of all the changes done to his body; what he had become, almost instantly as his mind searched the neurological workings and nerves of his body. He could feel his entire body under his absolute control, and even if he was not fully aware of just how much control he had over it. The enhancements to his superhuman brain gifted him psychic powers, though they lay dormant within him because of his lack of understanding. With those thoughts circling around in his head, with all the analyzing he had to go through... Questions and Answers for all such possibilities and outcomes... 'What will they think of me?' 'How will I function in this world?' 'Will I be accepted?' 'How?' 'Who?' 'What?' 'When?' 'Why...?'

Boy: 'Am I... A monster?'

These questions... These neverending questions... These malicious and dark thoughts... Horror... Terror... Dread... Insanity... They all swirled endlessly in his cracked up superhuman mind, still attempting to adjust itself to this world. The only thing that the doctor could not fix about this boy... Was his complete and total Insanity, something that his superhuman brain had a great deal of trouble fixing, itself. And so... The unstable superhuman went on a vicious rampage, totally wiping the laboratory off the face of the earth in his fit of rage and uncontrollable power. Blinded by his own destructive nature, he did not execute his target, and the scientist escaped widely unscathed. At that moment, his main objectives was to rid the world of that scum and all others like him... Revenge.

Of course, that's how all the stories start...

Isn't it?

As the boy took his first steps outside in God knows how long, he saw for himself a world completely different from the one he once knew... Something that seemed like it could only be real in a dream, yet his superhuman mind let him know that this was nothing of the sort; completely and utterly real. This realm that looked to be so fictitious and was heavily implied by everyone that he knew was merely works of fantasy was just as real as his powers were...

Perhaps... The world before was the dream...

And now... The boy had broken free to a world of infinite possibility.

This is the beginning...

The Genesis of Khrona Tensei.

End Prologus

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Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei   Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei EmptySun Jul 07, 2019 6:59 pm

Prologue; The Reality

After waking up from what seemed to be a delusional dream, the young boy, Khrona, was scared and alone, seeing his entire world shifting around him. It was like to him, he was seeing everything for what it was truly for the first time, and it terrified him of what this world truly was. Many people called this delusory state ‘Insanity’ or something of the like, but he could not help but believe that this world that he woke up to was the world that was real the entire time and the one he came from before was the one that was fake. Thus marked the beginning of Khrona, the orphaned super child.

From the days of youth, Khrona lived in isolation. He sat in darkness by himself most of his life, saying nothing and barely interacting. Everything that happened to him when he was a child stayed with him in his mind and in his heart even after he escaped from the doctor that turned him into a superhuman monstrosity... One with enormous black dragon wings attached to his back, pale gray skin, snow white hair, and freakish powers to alter his own DNA. As such, Khrona stayed in isolation from everyone and left himself in his own reality by himself in a dark place that no one could find him -- just like when he was a child: 'Solitary Alone Time' is what he called it. Little did he know, this was causing him to go insane; more insane than he was from the trauma with his family and childhood.

Yet, by the tender age of fifteen, Khrona decided that it was time to venture out into the world on his own... And boy, had it changed. The home he knew was now an isolated reality that hovered between dimensions, randomly connecting to other realities through portals that allowed him to visit other worlds. "Is this... My reality...?" he said to himself, not yet knowing that he was also an incredibly powerful psychic that manifested this isolated reality... With some help, of course. Khrona did not know it, but the family that he had was a lie. His true family existed elsewhere, and his half-brother was one of his first relatives that he came to know of. With exceptional mystical powers, Khrona's brother assisted in controlling Khrona's rampant reality warping abilities and stabilized the 'Isolated Reality' that they lived in, simply known as 'The Reality'. With the two of them working together and different beings popping up from everywhere via the open portals to other realities, this is how the two of them established the 'Reality Village'.

Eventually, Khrona decided to go off on his own. The 'Reality Village' was getting too congested for him and he was beginning to panic. So he took off on his own into the badlands, near the edge of the 'Isolated Reality'. Something in his soul brought him to this place -- a barren wasteland with but a single dying tree arcing over, looking as though it were about to snap and fall. Khrona found solace in this and sat in the spindly shadow of the tree.

For hours, he remained there, head in his lap and knees up to his chest. It was only until a demon girl found him by himself in the badlands that he actually started to open up. He thought she was very attractive, though she was older than he was.

Her name... Misery Des Gloomi.

Misery was a girl who was looking for answers... And souls. Everything in her life was a drag and a bore; nothing seemed satisfying. She was alone in a world of idiots and weaklings and wanted to kill herself... Until the day where she met Khrona. She was fascinated in Khrona... Mostly by his demeanor and how unstable he was. In order to attempt to have him prove himself to her further, she challenged him to a battle. She explained to him what a 'Soul Weapon' -- a Living Weapon -- was and wanted to see if he was able to wield her, since they were drawn together like this and she was without a 'Soulmate' to wield her in battle. Misery was impressed by how much he could actually handle himself -- and her -- in battle, which she soon found out was just the same in bed -- which she’d never ever experienced before, giving him even more of her respect as a succubus.

They connected via their own shared insanity, and with that, became quick friends and great partners, then eventually rather intimate and extremely loyal lovers. She may have been one of the only people that Khrona actually considered a friend after the family incidents, but that was only because Misery swore her life to stay by Khrona’s side -- because she loved him with all her heart, unlike anyone she'd ever met or known, even her own family. She embarked on a quest with him to help him get revenge and unlock his untold true power. She wished for the same within herself; to find herself completely and fully and unlock her own untold power... Show everyone what happens when they mess with her... Her main wish is to just be alone with Khrona and everyone else can go fuck themselves and die. All she needed was her family and her love, both of which were Khrona now.

For a while, Khrona and Misery were the dynamic duo everyone came to love and fear. The insanity that they shared with each other in their very souls bonded them together, but made them terrifying to be around -- especially with Misery's temper.

One day, Khrona and Misery were out looking for souls, since the both of them fed on souls. As they searched, they came across a destroyed settlement that was outside of the Reality Village and out near the outskirts. They inspected the destroyed land to find only a female who looked about the age of Misery lying down in the rubble, smiling sadly. This was Despair A La Discord; she would become Khrona's second partner.

She explained herself to Khrona and Misery, who were intrigued enough to listen.

Despair was rejected everywhere she went -- even though she was so very nice and kind -- due to her constant doom and gloom personality, which tended to make others depressed around her, even to the point of death. She had a tendency to repel people due to her unconscious Soul of 'Rejection' and caused despair upon anyone she came in contact with due to her 'Despair' in her soul. She was unaware of the powers of her soul, which led her to turmoil and a sort of depression, unable to figure out why she kept making others around her that she tried to be nice to so very sad and depressed.

After meeting Khrona, who was not rejected or despaired by her for some reason -- most likely because he had already gone through that -- she was so very happy for this, however her depressing demeanor did not fade. She was still very kind and helpful, but also kind of a downer. When Khrona found her and saved her from the wreckage of a city destroyed by her soul, he was able to freely bypass her 'Rejection' and was able to save her from herself, gaining her love and respect the same way he had done Misery before. Though Misery was jealous at first -- since she figured that she should be the only one for Khrona-- eventually she and Despair vibed well and she gained a respect for Despair's elegance and grace, so the two became just as good of lovers as they were to Khrona, successfully completing the triad of unbreakable love between the three of them. They all loved and respected each other equally, which was why their bonds work -- though both Misery and Despair loved Khrona more than they loved each other, and Khrona loved those two equally.

It took some time for others to get adjusted to both Khrona and his partners, but eventually most people came to love them. Khrona had to work with Despair as to not have her soul reject or kill people with despair, but after some hard training with bonding exercises and a lot of patience, Despair was able to learn to understand her soul and became a useful asset to Khrona and Misery in battle. Both were 'Soul Weapons' and they could shift into the form of specific weapons to help Khrona battle. With his nature in battle and eccentric interactions in social situations, Khrona was known by the alias 'Reaper's Insanity' and 'Reality's Insanity' for a very long time, which was a symbol of status, power and affection by he and his compatriots -- even though he did not associate with any of them that much and preferred to live secluded in a dark pit by himself. In these days, he was a young leader of the Reality Village that knew very little of what to do, yet everything always seemed to work out in the end. This is the story of those days of the Reality Village... In Khrona's eyes. From the eyes of the 'Reality's Insanity' himself.

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Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei   Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei EmptySun Jul 07, 2019 8:21 pm

First Reality; Boooooored.

Some time after the Reality Village was established by both Khrona and his brother, there was an insistence upon a spar between the two of them, just for the fun of it. Their very first battle. Khrona, who was adorned in an all black skintight attire accompanied by a black coat that seemed to comfort him, awaited in an immense open field for his brother's arrival, an endless spiral of dark clouds looming drearily overhead. His partner, Misery, who wore an all black, but skimpy attire that showed much of her toned midriff and succulent thighs, stood next to him, smirking.

Misery: "You just wanna fuck a bitch up, don't ya?"

She coolly leaned against one of his gigantic wings as Khrona started to encase himself in his other one, shadowing him from the bright sun he seemed to cower from and hate. "... I never got to play with others as a small child... I just want to..."  His eyes lost their focus, looking off in different directions as his head twitched violently, then stopped. "Play...."

Moments later, Khrona's brother, an upcoming mage in the world bearing a mystic robe and casual pants strolled into the area with his hands in his pockets, walking upside down in the air. He had a cocky smile on his face and looked like he was ready to have some fun.

Khrona's Brother: "Yo, Khrona! Misery!! What's up?"

Khrona looks to his brother, eyes coming back into focus as if forced by his brother's happy-go-lucky voice, and Khrona waved slightly, backing up a bit to maintain distance.

Khrona: "Heya brother..."

Misery didn't seem to turn to him, her black hair with white highlights covering her face, but she smirked and addressed Khrona's brother with a shout out to him, "Yo..! You here to spar with us?"

The upside down brother fell to the ground, landing on his feet right side up.

Khrona's Brother: "A spar, you say? What do you think?"

Suddenly, a young looking girl in a priest-like attire flash stepped into the area the moment she was beckoned for with a wave of the hand, and she jumped on Khrona's brother's back happily. This was his magisterial attendant.

Attendant: "That sounds fun~!" *wink*

Khrona nodded slowly, hair drooping over his face and shadowing it as Misery started to change into a clear light with a blackish tint to it, this light shaping itself to her 'Sword-Scythe' form in Khrona's hands.

Khrona: "Come on, Misery..."

Misery completed the transformation, the scythe part of her weapon form short and the sword part of her weapon form long as to maintain a sort of balance. Khrona struck a weird stance, twisting and contorting his body in such a way that he seemed boneless, waiting for his brother to prepare himself.

Both Khrona's brother and his attendant clapped and smiled at them as the brother said to Misery, "Wow, you already have transformation down! I'm impressed." The attendant said to Khrona, "Yes, and your stance is flawless!"

Khrona's Brother: "Attendant, you ready?"

Attendant: "Yes, let's do this!"

With the blink of an eye, the attendant assumed a form of complete light, taking on her weapon form as the 'Sword Gauntlet', which Khrona's brother promptly strapped to his arm.

Khrona's Brother: "Your move, my friend."

Khrona nodded, reluctantly saying, "Thank you..." almost so lowly that his brother couldn't hear it. With just a small flap of his massive dragon wings, Khrona shot up high into the air like a speeding rocket and hurdled back downward at an incredible speed, spinning Misery profusely. As he descended upon his brother, he swung an individual wing lightly in front of him, sending swirling and destructive gusts of powerful wind at the mage to throw him off his feet whilst also keeping himself afloat.

Khrona's brother looked to Khrona and fused his feet to the ground, negating the power of the gusts of wind. Then, with a lightning quick slash at Khrona, a huge bolting wave of lightning is launched at him, trying to zap him out of the sky. The force of the lightning broke through the wind and dispelled the swirling destructive gusts with the vacuum.

Huge wings flapping before Khrona, one slaps away the lightning with ease, innately 'Absorbing' a bit of its power into Khrona to use this element of lightning to his advantage. Suddenly, as he hovered in the air, Khrona's body burst into a fit of pure intense electricity, which would then spread from his body to his weapon as well, electrifying Misery in the same way. Using this new 'Absorbed' power to his advantage, Khrona became electricity itself and jolted past his brother like a bolt of lightning. In the flicker that was Khrona, he left in his wake a slash at the speed of lightning at his brother's back with an electrified Misery.

Misery: "Hey, Khrona! Don't give me too much lightning, or I might get hungry and eat it!"

Khrona droned, "Yes, Misery..."

Khrona's brother only smirked as he called upon the power of the wind to condense the air behind him and block the powerful electrical slash with a vacuous explosion. He then warped above Khrona, calling upon his mystical power more to contort the air under him into a large fifty yard wall of diamonds. That large diamond wall fell from the sky and down on Khrona whilst at the same time his brother pushed off of it to fly higher into the air and increase its crushing power.

But, to Khrona's brother's dismay, Khrona's wings outstretch above him and crashed into the crushing diamond wall, holding it in place so that it did not crush his frail and delicate body. Much like before, simply by touching the diamond, he Absorbed a bit of its composition into his DNA before he flapped his wings simultaneously and forced the entire thing off of him and away from the general area. After Absorbing a piece of the diamond, Khrona expelled the power of 'Lightning' he once had in the form of electrical vomit. The electricity crackled in the air as it was expelled so ferociously from Khrona's mouth, yet that lightning simply dissipated into nothingness as it reached too far outward. Once it was all done with, Khrona's wings and body started to harden even more, crystallizing into the shape of the gem he just took the DNA of; diamond.

Khrona: "Misery... Do you want to... 'Merge'?

Misery: "So soon? What, getting tired of holding me? Do what you gotta do, Khrona."

Khrona's skin on his hands, though hard, solid and tough like a diamond, would somehow stretch out to engulf Misery, pulling her into his body completely. Moments later, Khrona's massive diamond wings started to alter their shape as well, gurgling and bubbling in a grotesque manner. One wing bubbled up into the form of a Sword, whilst the other gooped over into the form of a Scythe, just like the weapons Misery was. Now, with his wings being both as hard as diamonds and sharp as blades, Khrona extended them out toward his brother and slashed them both across the sky, sending at him huge flurries of sharp diamond shards that twinkled like snowflakes in the sun's light.

Khrona's brother, using the power of his manna, would simply wave his hand and let the diamond shards alter themselves into the air itself, and soon enough, nothing but a gentle breeze that blew past his face. Then, he pointed his finger down at Khrona from above, conjuring a large sum of energy into that single point.

Khrona's Brother: "Imprison."

The collected sum of that energy took the form of a small glowing point upon the mage's finger, and when enough energy was collected, he fired off a powerful beam toward Khrona with the power to petrify whatever stood in its way.

Afraid of being hit with such an attack, Khrona was unaware if he could absorb something like that and survive. So instead of absorbing the beam, Khrona stretched his wings, which then strip themselves of their diamond form and twist their way back into the shape of normal wings, and he simply flapped his wings hard. The force of him flapping his wings propelled him away from the impact site so fast that not even the resulting explosion that the beam would have made could catch up to the speeding black streak. During his uncontrolled hurdling through the air, Misery talked to him from the inside of his soul and straight into his head.

Misery: "Hey. Let's synchronize, huh? It could only do us good here..."

Pondering that notion, Khrona finally lands those several thousand meters away, skidding across the ground and scraping his face, skin and everything else on his frail body across the ground on landing. Yet, what would have killed most people had no effect on Khrona, and he simply bent backwards from the ground, pulling himself upward like a snake slithering to attention. With his head now almost touching the ground, though his feet were standing straight and solid, Khrona opened his mouth and excreted the diamond within him in the form of a gem, which he then balanced on his tongue for a moment, before he let it fall down to the ground.

Khrona: "I don't want to... Yet."

With that question answered, he looked up to see the swaying grass above his head, gently drifting in the now calm breeze. Moments after, his feet merged with just the single blades of grass below his shoes, and by merging with that one blade, Khrona became one with all of the grass in the entire field all at once. The grass would then turn gray to match the color of his skin, right before it shot up around him, creating a large barrier of sharp and hardened grass blades around himself. Once he knew he was protected by the grass barrier, Khrona stood upright and lowered his hand to his side, where Misery would rip from the flesh of his hands and back to normalcy, being a weapon separate from Khrona's own merged body. When he felt her handle reach the center of his hands, he would grip it tightly and focus only on Misery's soul.

Khrona: "Soul Synchro..."

And the bond between their souls started to synchronize... Growing stronger and stronger, more powerful with each revolution...

Watching all of that happen in a grotesque manner, Khrona's brother simply walked over to Khrona from so far off, his slow steps carrying him several meters in what looked like flashes, turning all of the blades of grass into bubbles in his wake. Any blades of grass that touched him would simply become bubbles as he walked, until he neared Khrona.

Khrona and Misery highly doubted that his brother could control someone's 'Soul Energy', and with the power of their souls resonating to this degree, the next attack would be the finisher... Khrona took his blade in hand, concentrated all of his and her insanity into the very blade itself, causing it to distort the atmosphere around it with its burning, intense insanity.

Khrona: "ZERO SANITY!!!"

And with a single slash of the sword of Misery, the blade released an awesome shockwave of sheer and utter insanity that distorted and ripped apart everything that was in its way. Be it the grass or the bubbles, they were drawn into the insanity and distorted to the point where they could not be distorted anymore, and simply imploded upon themselves. Even the ground below this shock wave suffered the same destructive fate, and quite possibly, Khrona's brother would as well. After releasing so much insanity, Khrona could only stiffen his wings and fly away. There was no more reason to fight. He got what he wanted, which was to release some of his inner insanity.

This battle was over.

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Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei   Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei EmptySun Jul 07, 2019 8:47 pm

Second Reality; Lookin' For A Shapeshifter

After his battle with his brother, Khrona went off somewhere in the Reality to be alone. He had released all of his inner frustrations in the form of the 'Zero Sanity' technique, and left his brother with only that to deal with. After dropping Misery off at their home, Khrona landed in the 'Cool Breeze', -- one of the dimensional Portals of the Reality made up of open plains -- and he came across a very unusually lucky surprise...

A wild 'Shapeshifter' came up to Khrona and transformed into him, staring him in the face.

Khrona was amazed at how a being that had his same power as him was also able to transform into him. He was not afraid of this 'Shapeshifter' as he normally was of everything else, but fascinated by its ability and wished to learn about it some more. "Hm... let's see..." To test his theory about this transformable creature, Khrona merged his body with the grass under him and took on its shape, now being the very grass itself.

The Shapeshifter was completely shocked at the power of Khrona, for he was another being that looked nothing like this Shapeshifter, yet was able to transform just like it could. After observing what Khrona had done, the Shapeshifter simply copied and took on the same form, transforming into the same grass as well.

Khrona's thoughts on this creature seemed to be correct, as it would simply change into whatever it saw Khrona change into. Exploring this theory even further, Khrona emerged from the grass and located a nearby tree, which he started to merge his body with as well, only to pop his head out of the side to stare at the Shapeshifter as if saying 'Your turn'.

And of course, the Shapeshifter did comply, copying Khrona's actions by first transforming back into its pink, gelatinous form, and then assuming the form of the exact same tree that Khrona merged with, poking its head out of the other side to look at Khrona in the same way Khrona looked at it. 'Your turn'.

Once again amazed at the power this creature held within, Khrona understood just what he had to do with this Shapeshifter. "Sooo... you transform? That's fun..." Knowing he wanted to befriend this creature, Khrona shakes his head like the branch of a tree, and out drops a monster capturing capsule from his hair. Yes, his hair. And he watched it roll away from him in the grass. "Aw... I need that..."  Emerging himself from the tree, Khrona bended over and picked up the capsule, now looking over to the Shapeshifter to see if it would transform again.

The Shapeshifter, as Khrona suspected, simply changed back to it's normal form as a pink, gelatinous blob. Feeling comfortable with Khrona's surprisingly gentle and kid-like presence, the normally timid Shapeshifter slushed its way right up to Khrona's feet with a smile on its face and introduced itself to him, silently.

Shapeshifter: "..."

Khrona picked up the capsule, taking note of the Shapeshifter's courteous behavior and questioned whether or not he should open this capsule.  "I... I think this is how I'm supposed to do it..."  Khrona opened the capsule at the Shapeshifter and simply grabbed the Shapeshifter, which welcomed him to do so. Khrona had put the Shapeshifter in the capsule so that he could transport it to his house easily. And so, he and this Shapeshifter went off back toward the main part of the Reality Village.

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PostSubject: Re: Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei   Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei EmptyMon Jul 08, 2019 6:07 am

Third Reality; Everyone In Here Now! Mission Time!

Shortly after Khrona befriends his first Shapeshifter, he is called by his fellow leader -- his brother -- to come to his office so they may discuss a rather important issue. When he arrives, however, he sees that he is not the only person that was called by the mage, and now two higher ups of the Reality, along with a leader from the allied village of the Depths are all in attendance. This is a difficult situation for Khrona...

Khrona's brother sits quietly at his desk in deep thought, patiently waiting for everyone else called there to show up. It wouldn't be long, he knew, so he could wait there so quietly easily.

The first person to show, of course, would be his other head of the village, Khrona. Walking into the office with his wings folded down, they were so tightly packed that they looked as if they were not even there on Khrona's back at all. And of course, right beside Khrona is Misery, whose hands are in their pockets coolly and casually. She speaks for him, saying just what he's thinking without him having to say it at all.

Misery: "What's up?"

When Khrona enters the office with Misery by his side, his brother looks to Khrona and crosses his arms.

Khrona's Brother: "Something has come up and we need to take care of it before it gets bad."

Only moments after Khrona's brother said this would a higher up Elite show up in the office, happily whistling random songs and flying around the office casually, asking Khrona's brother, "Need somethin'...?" This Elite wore a strange mask upon his face and rather gaudy clothing.

Khrona's brother looks to his Elite, a little agitated that he asked that right after he answered Khrona, and he would close his eyes, arms still crossed. "Yes, but let's wait until everyone gets here so I don't have to repeat myself."

And that was when the second Elite showed up, as if following right behind the first. He was wearing the typical 'Reality Village Elite' attire, which consisted of an adorned robe, gloves, and boots.

Elite #2: *Yawn* "What's so important that I get a call from the leader himself?"

Khrona's brother put his feet up on his desk, now becoming more relaxed since all of the Reality members he needed were finally here. "We have work to do. Now then, take a seat." With a wave of the hand, he made four red and white chairs next to everyone, that fourth one for the leader of the Depths, if he shows. "Now let's get to business. There is a dark aura I feel that must be checked and taken out. I fear if we wait too long and let it manifest, we'll be doomed."

The first elite continues floating around, ignoring the seats purposefully.

Elite #1: "So why don't we just destroy the damned thing...?"

The leader of the Depths -- the Sound King -- finally converged into the office with his trusty guitar in hand and began to speak. "I was here visiting and I hear about a problem? Is that right?"

Khrona's brother immediately greets the leader of the Depths with a warm welcome, quite pleased that he was able to attend this meeting. "Depths Leader! Glad you could make it! We could use your help." Khrona's brother then looks to the flying elite, now talking to him. "If it was that easy, I would do it myself, but this thing is in another plane of existence. The only way we could get there is to be in different dimensions at once."

Elite #2: "So what do we do to destroy it, and what's our reward~?"

Elite #1: "Shut up you dolt..."

The first Elite ignores Khrona's brother and analyzes the new guy, influenced by him already. "So you're my new mentor, eh?" The Elite looks at the guitar. "Ahh! I see!! May we conduct a melody of souls clashing for all to hear?" He holds out hand for handshake with the Depths Leader while flying upside down...

Elite #2: "Such an asshole. I should shoot you right now, punk!"

Khrona's brother says, a little irritated, "We'll discuss that later. And both of you, chill! For now, there are three different dimensions. Each one has a different guardian that has a key. We need those keys to get to their leader. So let's make teams."

The leader of the Depths looked at the random person floating upside down and disregarded it, for he had seen FAR weirder things. "Hmmm, sounds like it might be fun." He shook the hand of the first Elite before responding to Khrona's brother, "Call me anytime you need to, I could always use a bit of extra work... Now, on to the business of these keys..."

The second elite stares at the Depths Leader, feeling a little bad about what he did. "Sorry for being so inconsiderate..." He pulled out fist and holds it up to the leader of the Depths, "Pound it!" he says as he smiles.

After that, Khrona's brother stands up and walks around to the other side of his desk, putting his hands in his pockets casually, ready to make the teams. "Let's see here... Sound King and Khrona, you'll take the 'Wise Claw' dimension, Elites #1 and #2, you'll take 'Sage's Paradise', and I'll take 'Sun's Flame'. You all ready?"

Elite #1: "Dammit! Why am I with this amateur...? *sigh* Fine, tell me where to go and who to hurt..."

The Depths Leader, in response to Elite #2 says, "It's alright, I don't mind, it's nice to meet you -- ALL of you." The Depths Leader listened as Khrona's brother spoke before responding, "Hmm, this sounds fine with me, I'll be ready in a bit."

Elite #2 says to Elite #1, "Even though we have our differences, let's work together for our leader, kay?" He puts out a hand for a handshake.

A serious look comes to Khrona's brother's face as he turns to the first Elite, "Your attitude is why he is your partner for this mission. If you don't get your act right and if you two don't work together then you'll both end up dead. You're an Elite, start acting like one." Khrona's brother loses the serious look and slowly walks toward the door, "The areas are already corrupted and the guardians will be waiting for you." He turns and faces everyone. "Let's move out."

Elite #1, after being scolded, scoffs at it all and signals to the second Elite. "Let's go." He gets into racing position and says, "Gimme a map or something so we can race..."

Elite #2, smirking, said, "Race? I don't rush!" He hopped on his skateboard. "Let's roll!" He stuck out his tongue jokingly.

Khrona's Brother: "Okay, let's move."

Elite #2: "Lead the way. See ya, Khrona and Sound King!"

Khrona was feeling a bit uneasy with so many people around the entire time... He didn't see anything but a lot of people crowding around him, making his stay here more and more uncomfortable. "Brother... Can I... Take my leave now?" His voice was strained and low, as if trying to hold something within him back, but was failing. His wings began to unfold from his back, growing larger and larger, more menacing every moment they unfolded, and his eyes lost their focus...

Misery: "Sh-shit! Calm down, Khrona! This meeting is over, right?!"

Khrona hadn't noticed in that entire meeting that it was over now and that everyone was leaving. He was too wrapped up in his own uncomfortableness. As everyone left, though, Khrona became more calm, and his wings start to fold back inward, as if averting a disastrous crisis.

Khrona: "I guess we should go..."

Misery sighs in both relief and tiredness, "Okay, let's go."

As they left, a strange energy was felt; no one knowing what it was, the Enigma -- an enigmatic Elite of the Depths that the leader hailed from -- had heard the whole conversation from under the floor, and he knew he'd have to show up somewhere to help out before someone dies... Yet hoping nothing of the sort would happen. He melded back into the floor behind the leader.

And everyone headed to their individual missions.

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PostSubject: Re: Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei   Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei EmptyMon Jul 08, 2019 4:16 pm

Fourth Reality; Khrona, Time For You To Train Me

Before Khrona embarked on his mission, he was asked by one of his Elites for some private training lessons so that he could get stronger before he went on his mission. Khrona obliged and met the Reality Elite at the old 'Battlegrounds' of the Reality Village.

The Reality Elite waits in the training ground seven, saying, "This is a huge lake." One of his 'Soul Partners', who was a female that wore a cowgirl uniform, spoke up and said, "This doesn't make sense! How are we supposed to train here?" The Reality Elite then drank the water, gaining the water element, then his two partners -- the second of which wore a police uniform -- transform into elemental boots. The Elite walked on the water and waited for Khrona.

A large gust of wind blew throughout the area as Khrona flapped his wings gently and landed on the ground. Misery was on his back. She jumped off.

Misery: "What do you want?"

Partner #1: "Hey Misery, what's with all that attitude? We just wanted to train with Khrona."

Partner #2 giggled.

Misery got one of those annoyed anime veins on her head and looked at the Elite's partner, "Alright, you want some training?" Misery's arm turned into a scythe. "Let's train. Khrona, how about we show them?" Khrona nods his head, grabbing Misery before she changes into her 'Sword-Scythe' form. Khrona took a strange position. "You make a move..."

The Reality Elite breathed in some air and began eating it, gaining the wind element. He flash stepped behind Khrona and did a backflip.

Partner #1: "She probably didn't even see us coming!"

Khrona flapped his powerful and gigantic wings lightly once and sent the Elite flying.

Misery shouts at them, "Don't you know Khrona's wings are more powerful than anything you can ever imagine? Huh... Such fools."

Khrona spun around and looked to them again, suddenly on the grassy part outside of the lake. "Are you having fun yet...?" Khrona bent backwards, touching the ground with his head and merging his hair with the grass. The grass was now part of Khrona's hair. He did not attack, however...

As Khrona was turning around, the Reality Elite was already running back to the fight. As Khrona fused his hair with the grass, the Reality Elite ran with lighting speed into a baseball slide heading for his face.

A 'Chaos Clone' -- a being born of pure Chaos from the realm of Chaos -- wandered in, as they have a tendency of doing, and watched the fight as it progressed.

The grass around Khrona shot up and grabbed the Reality Elite, wrapping around his body and stiffening so that it cut him up a bit. Khrona then lifted his head up as more blades of grass shot out at the Elite from Khrona's head rather than the ground.

"Looks like the Elite's getting whooped. Maybe I should help him," the Chaos Clone says as he draws his gun and takes a shot at Khrona's head.

Khrona slapped away the bullet with his wings, making it fly back at the clone's head.

Misery: "Stay out of this, or you'll face death in the worst way! This is training!!"

The Chaos Clone pulled out his sword and deflected the bullet with it. "Fine, I'll just enjoy the show then." He then sat down and just continued to watch.

Partner #2: "So cool!"

The Reality Elite grunted then chanted, activating his 'Elemental Field'. The elemental field that originated from his body broke through the grass and also cleared it off the ground. As it got bigger, it created a huge dome with the Elite and Khrona still inside. Since the element the Elite controlled was air, it was the only thing in the dome. The air in the dome stiffened, making it harder to breath, and also making it impossible to leave without the Elite allowing it. "I guess you'll be running out of air soon..."

Partner #1: "So serious already?"

The Reality Elite said to the Chaos Clone, "You idiot, I can't let you leave the elemental field or Khrona might escape, and that'll ruin my plan completely!"

Khrona's eyes lost focus and he began to twitch insanely. "Such a closed place... Makes me uncomfortable..."

Misery smirked in her weapon form. "You've done it now..."

Khrona raised Misery as he lets go of his merge with whatever grass was left "Soul Synchro..." Misery and Khrona's souls began to synchronize, making their HUMONGOUS merged soul be shown, the soul being so big that it was bigger than the dome "Insanity Resonance! Zero Sanity!!" Khrona slashed the sword part of Misery, which created a huge wave of insane energy which distorted and broke the dome. If the Elite was hit, his body would twist and curve with the energy from the sword, but it would not kill him.

The Reality Elite jumped out of the way.

Partner #2: "..."

Partner #1: "Hey, she's gettin' serious..."

Reality Elite: "Alright, finally!"

After seeing their huge soul, the second partner goes into a psychotic sense and says, "You idiots! Bigger souls only means a bigger feast!! Partners, let's destroy them!!" Then the first partner and the Reality Rlite get serious. "They show theirs, so let's show ours!"

All: "Soul Symphony!!!"

The Elite became covered in light armor which was made of his partners, and their souls can now be seen. A multicolored soul was above them slightly smaller than his, allowing him 'Elemental Choice'.

Reality Elite: "I choose Lightning."

Around the Elite, a lightning aura shows up and in lightning-like speed, he was in Khrona's face with a roundhouse kick.

"So glad you care, but this is just getting interesting," The Chaos Clone said, then flew away to let the two fight.

Khrona is intentionally kicked in the face, however once contact is made, Khrona absorbs the Elite's element of Lightning from his body.

Misery: "Haha, what a bad combination! You do know that Khrona can absorb what he touches, right?"

Khrona bent backwards and slithered through his own legs, before wrapping his wings around himself. He looked like a wheel. "Misery... Merge..." The skin on his hands stretched and engulfed Misery into himself, so when he began rolling towards the Elite at lightning speed, various scythes and sword blades were jutting from his wings.

The Elite jumped to the side and the gauntlets transformed into 'Devil Pistols'. He shot both at Khrona with lightning still infused so the speed was really fast.

Khrona's wings easily deflected the bullets, and with Khrona having absorbed the lightning, Lightning would not effect him at all. He just continued to roll towards the Elite.

Misery shouted at him "Is that all you've got? Maybe next time we'll teach you some useful techniques!" She smirked and cackled in her weapon form.

Partner #2: "Hmph."

The Reality Elite's leg then goes flying up with out his command, "Partner!!"

Partner #1: "Don't worry, she's got this."

As Khrona and Misery rush towards them, the Elite eats some air, gaining that element and rushes with fast speed and blocks the blades on its handle with his foot.

The two weapon partners glare with an evil look, saying, "Is that all you have to offer in your synchro form?"

Partner #2: "Twisted Evil!"

Misery sighed. "We're holding back just enough not to kill them, and they want us to bring it up a notch?" She smirked. "Can't deny them the satisfaction..." The blades all over Khrona begin to glow as he plows straight through the Elite after he was temporarily stopped by the Elite's foot. Khrona unfolded himself from his wings and launched into the air. His wings were still covered in various scythe and sword blades. "Condemnation Resonance..." The soul around them grew larger and had changed to black...

The Reality Elite then shot some static to the ground, causing the area except the lake to go into a full on blaze. He ate some of the fire, but it didn't stop the grass from catching fire. Then he changed to double bullets and said, "Black is a terrible color for a soul, especially for one that big." Then he shot bullets at Khrona, and before they made contact, they imploded around him so he couldn't absorb them.

Khrona's resonance was ready. He made a huge flap of his wings which made the bullets fly back at the Reality Elite, right before flying close to the ground. "REAPER SLASH!" Khrona slashed at the Elite, however multiple giant scythe blades seemed to slash at him with Khrona's one slash. Khrona then flapped his wings once so that he flew upward back into the sky.

Elite: "Neo Change!!"

The Reality Elite then casted his 'Neo Powers' to control gravity and make all the scythes and Khrona extremely heavy, slamming him into the ground.

Khrona merges with the ground, his entire body disappearing. Scythe Blades begin to shoot up from the ground as well as sword blades, covering the entire field in an endless amount of scythes and swords. Khrona waited. If the gravity was intense, the Elite wouldn't be able to move and would have to get stabbed. If he weakened gravity to get out of the way, Khrona could and would strike.

Elite: "Ohh nuts, that's where your wrong."

'Neo Change' was now cast into the Elite's armor, making it impossible for him to get effected, but besides that, time to lose. He casted 'Lunar Orichalcum' into his bullets and he jumped upside down while spinning and started shooting everywhere, not only destroying the scythes and swords, but also to hit Khrona.

Khrona's wings sprouted from the ground, larger than ever, and flapped intensely, making everything around them blast away effortlessly, including the Elite. Nothing would be able to get back so long as Khrona's wings flapped. The water was even starting to fly out of the lake, as well as trees getting knocked over. Fortunately, Misery's scythes and blades were merged with Khrona, and that meant Khrona could reform the blades at will if they were broken, so long as they were still merged. Khrona's insanity intensified and the blades grew higher and higher into the sky.

The Reality Elite yawned, saying, "This is so effortless." The gravity field went away, "Plus I got all the training I need." They then desynchronized and he puts hand out for handshake.

"You did better than I expected Misery. Good match." The Elite's first partner puts her hand out for a handshake.

Khrona unmerges with the ground as Misery unmerges with him, too. She refuses to shake the cowgirl's hand, however. "Tch. I ain't gonna shake no one's hand... But yeah, you did good." Misery leapt on Khrona's back and flew away unscathed and unharmed, as if nothing happened.

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Fifth Reality; A Call To the Alpha (Part 1)

A long time after the mission was complete and the training with the Reality Elite was done, Khrona, as he is known to do, flew silently through the skies of the Reality patrolling like a watchful hawk -- or maybe a crow. He didn't like interacting with people, so being places where he could be alone is crucial. Misery and Despair were with him, of course. He then noticed someone familiar in a dense forest of the 'Battleground' and goes to interact with them, for once, of his own free will... as if called to battle by the itching of his soul Perhaps, by stroke of destiny? This person turns out to be the legendary 'Lone Wolf' himself...

The Lone Wolf, a man who was also an arctic werewolf, walked into a dense forest area and awaited the best this village has to offer. He was wearing a sleek jacket and comfortable pants with snow boots. His partner, a Familiar, was behind him simply watching the battle.

Khrona floated down from the sky, flapping his gigantic wings very lightly to minimize the great winds that came from them. Misery and Despair, who were wearing their normal clothing, -- Despair bearing her elegant long dress -- jump off of his back.

Misery: "Yo."

Lone Wolf: "Hello. I come of my own accord to greet this new village on behalf of the Nightmare World."

The Lone Wolf drew his weapon and awaited a response.

Khrona's head kind of twitched a bit. "You... Want to fight me?" His head drooped sideways and his eyes rolled to the back of his head, then came back down after a while from the side of his head.

"Oh, Khrona! Don't be that way..." Despair said as her dress wraps around him and pulls him in for a hug, making him get a little calmer. Despair had the power to control her dress at will.

Misery: "Yeah, calm down Khrona. It's just a fun welcoming spar, nothing too bad."

Khrona looked to Misery and Despair, straightening up. "Well.. I suppose..." His wings stretched out, releasing another large gust of wind. "Welcome to the Reality Village..." Misery changed into her dual Sword-Scythe form and Despair changes into her 'Explosive Straight Razor' form whilst Khrona took an awkward, backbreaking stance.

The Lone Wolf did one handed signs and icy petals flowed around him wildly. They stopped abruptly, suspended in midair. He then swung his weapon in Khrona's direction and the petals blazed towards him at a high speed, ready to pierce him through.

Khrona lets out a gentle flap of his wings and he sped straight into the petals. He flung his arm in every direction, slashing the shit out of each petal with his straight razor that Despair had taken the form of with extreme precision and accuracy, even for the speed he was going. He then flapped his wings moderately harder than before and let out an intensely powerful wind which almost splits the ground a bit, making him go faster towards the Lone Wolf. Once close, he did a smash with Misery using the Scythe side of her, flipping her around so that she is facing her Sword side and then made a powerful thrust at the Lone Wolf.

The Lone Wolf slashed at the thrusting sword with his weapon, pushing himself back, away from it and its wielder. He then did hand signs and more petals emerged from the air, swirling around him violently. He jumped high into the air and flipped forward, drawing the petals into a swirling storm of icy doom behind the blade of his weapon. He swung the weapon down on Khrona, the petals following the blade and swirling into him as well.

Khrona took a great flap of his wings once again and blew all of the petals -- and possibly even the Lone Wolf -- away with the intense wind. He aimed his straight razor up at the sky, looking at the Lone Wolf through its reflection through one eye and with the other he looked at the petals and launched a missile from the opening at the tip of Despair.

Misery: "Khrona, perhaps it would be better to merge with me right now... You may need a free hand."

"Yes... That would be delightful..." Khrona's mouth twitched a bit as the skin on his hands wrapped around Misery's form, then pulled her in completely as if she were never there. "Noooow... I want to play with something pointy..." His wings suddenly spurted large sword and scythe blades which jut from the backs of them. "Pretty... pointy... shiny..."

The Lone Wolf flew into the air and regained his balance.

Lone Wolf: 'Hmm... Wings. Not yet.'

He sheathed his weapon and begins doing hand signs, calling a thick mist to form around the forest -- too thick and vast to just blow away. The mist hid him completely from sight as he continued his hand signs. A slight twinkling was heard through the mist...

Khrona became uneasy in the mist. "... Mist...?" He began to shudder violently, bending backwards. He lets out an intense and insane scream before straightening up, "SOUL RESONAAAAAANCEEEEE!!!!"

Misery: "Wait, shit, Khrona!?"

Khrona's eyes darted in every direction, but both eyes never looked at the same thing at the same time. All of the swords coming from his wings began to take a demonic shape. "INSANITY RESONANCE!!!" Khrona began to slash Despair around crazily just throughout the air.

More twinkling was heard in all directions, followed by a slight crack, then growls. From the mist jumped four wolves of ice headed straight for Khrona in four different directions. The twinkling was heard continuously.

Khrona encased himself in his wings and when the wolves got close, he opened them at a great speed and shouted "ZERO SANITY!!" A huge shockwave of insane 'Soul Energy' shot from each of the sword blades, however not the scythe blades... Though it was still a lot of shockwaves all together. They wolves would be distorted and shattered upon touching any of the shockwaves.

The wolves all shatter leaving their dust to the mist. The twinkling sound grew louder and louder until it all stopped. The mist began to swirl wildly, almost as if a tornado was forming right above it. Thick hands of ice protrude from the now frozen ground and grab hold of Khrona's legs, holding him firmly in place. Not only one pair, but more like twelve, each hand bigger and stronger than the last piling on to Khrona's legs as the mist continued to whip around.

Khrona aimed Despair at the arms, having her fire missiles and grenades at the arms until they were blown off completely. Of course, Khrona's legs were blown off in the process, which had Khrona unleash a bloodcurdling scream. He smiled, grabbing his legs with his wings and stuck them back on using his Merging abilities. He checked to see if he was okay, then, without a second though, he used "Insanity Pressure!" Khrona's soul enlarged to cover the entire area. The air became condensed, making it hard for it to move and breathe for the both of them, and in fact making it quite hard for the mist to thrive as well... Well, as long as they were in his soul, at least. Since the air was thicker than the mist now, the mist could be compressed towards the ground, and in fact it was so Khrona could see. He was feeling a bit calm now, even if it was troubling to breathe. He wasn't ready to make another attack yet, however.

With the air compressed, it revealed thirty six bright shining orbs surrounding Khrona in a dome formation, one circle of eight halfway sticking out of the ground and another row of seven above that, closer to him, six above that and closer to the center in that fashion until the top where there was one orb right above the Lone Wolf. The orbs illuminated the area, leaving it so bright it was as if Khrona was surrounded by white, all sides beaming constantly.

Lone Wolf: "Let's begin."

Multitudes of icy needles, the same density as the ice orbs themselves, begin shooting from the orbs at lightspeed, being transmitted through the air by the technique.

Khrona swiftly encased himself in his wings. Hopefully, the glare from the light on the blades would have some effect on the Lone Wolf, but it was quite unknown if it actually would. The needles hit Khrona's wings, but they barely did anything. Khrona's wings were stronger than many many things.... Many... Many many... Many things... Many. Khrona's blades stopped glowing with the Soul Energy light, for his Resonance with Misery had faded on his own accord. The air in the field was also back to normal. He was now beginning to synchronize with Despair... "Soul Synchro..." From in side the protective encasing of his wings, his soul expanded, however now instead of a reddish color, it was kind of purplish. "Despair Resonance..." The area around Khrona began to rumble violently and the blades from his wings began to expand slowly.

Lone Wolf: "Heh..."

Now that the air was back to normal, the mist rose again, yet it lost its wet feel and began to burn slightly. Its cold feel only adding to the rest of the intensity, the Lone Wolf inhales deeply. The air is held for a moment in his lungs until they begin to freeze themselves. Clones of himself move to each of the other spheres of ice, each inhaling as well. They all release the air -- now dropped to Absolute Zero -- at Khrona at lightspeed.

Khrona's teeth began to chatter. "It's... It's cold... I'm freezing..." Khrona did not want to freeze. So, what he did was absorb some of the ice from the Lone Wolf's earlier ice onslaught into himself, giving him the characteristics of the ice in any way he saw fit... Lucky for Khrona. His body became ice cold, yet Khrona felt fine with it. He was no longer freezing, yet he was still cold... If that makes sense. The synchronization with Despair was larger, the purple soul around him grew larger too. "BLACK RAIN!!" Khrona's soul shot a missile into the air, and the sky was black and purple. Huge spheres of despair began to rain from the sky. They crashed down at a high speed, destroying whatever they touched. They were about six feet in radius and flaming with Khrona's soul... Energies. Khrona did not seem to move from his spot, still.

The Lone Wolf did hand signs in the orbs, creating a strong electric charge within each sphere. The electrical charges go from each sphere to the thirty five others, creating a large three dimensional grid of pure electricity inside the entrapment. The electrical charges grew strong being within such close range of each other, exponentially increasing each others' power. The cycle of power increasing continued until the charges were six hundred thirty lightning bolts between the orbs in every direction. The Lone Wolf grunted in intense concentration to hold up the bolts.

Khrona gasped. "M.. Misery... What's that noise...?... It's not in my head, and I know it... WHAT IS IT!? WHAT!?!?"

Misery said, "Well... It's the crackle of electricity..." Swiftly, all of the blades shot back into the wings so that the electricity would not be attracted to that metal and whatnot. Misery then unmerged with Khrona. "Khrona... You know that I have a taste for the elements... Why don't I just eat the lightning?"

Khrona pondered, realizing that this was a good idea. The sword part of Misery did eat, if you will, elements. She was kinda hungry for something spicy and shocking. "Alright, Misery... It's... CHOW TIME..." Khrona opened his wings wide, Misery now in her Sword form only. The sword extended outward to a great length, seeming not to stop until she was about three times longer than she was originally. Khrona flapped his wings, which were now glowing a gray color, so that some 'Rejection' soul energies would surround Khrona where he flapped and create the impenetrable 'Rejection Shield' so that if any stray bolts would come near, they would be instantly REJECTED. Misery tried to absorb the electricity... As long as one lightning bolt hit her and it was connected to the sphere, it would drain all of the electricity from each of the lightning bolts and whatever else they were connected to.

The Lone Wolf ceased the electricity and all stood still. The light continued to beam as the mist continually fogged the area.

Lone Wolf: 'Troublesome...'

The Lone Wolf did more hand signs and the temperature inside the sphere dome instantly dropped to Absolute Zero. All molecular activity stopped as he walks from the back of one of the spheres as not to be frozen himself.

Lone Wolf: 'Hmm...'

Khrona continued flapping his wings, having the Rejection Shield form all around him in a dome-like fashion. The temperature would be warmer and stay the same in there for a little while, but... Misery and Despair were still quite cold now. They could feel the chill even through their steel. Misery retracted into the safe confinement of the Rejection barrier.

Misery, shuddering, "Um... K... Khrona... Can you at least make me eat some ice so I don't have to feel this cold, either? I mean, seriously... I think I see my fucking nipples here..."

Despair added, "Yes, but, in a non vulgar sense... I am quite cold, too... But then again if I conceal myself in my dimensional dress-cloak completely, I will be alright... Perhaps you shouldn't wear such skimpy clothing, Misery...

Misery: "Hey, watch what you say, bitch! You think I won't come out of this weapon form right now and kick you-- *a chilly wind passed by her* KHRONA! ICE! PLEASE!"

Khrona nodded, "Yes, Misery..." His hand had become encased in a thick layer of ice, and Misery halfway came out of her weapon form long enough to eat it off of Khrona's hand until all the ice was gone and only his hand was left. Misery reverted back into her blade form, which was now clear and covered with icicle spikes. "OOOOH, that feels so much better... Thanks, Khrona."

Khrona began to resonate with Despair, however this time the resonance was a larger purple...

The temperature continued to drop past Absolute Zero, mist now seemingly frozen in time. Everything but the wavelength inside is frozen where it stands or floats. The Lone Wolf continued doing hand signs.

Though everything is frozen, the soul continued to grow larger and larger. The resonance was only becoming stronger. Even if Khrona was frozen, it would not kill him due to the fact that he had absorbed the ice from earlier and could now withstand the coldest of colds. The soul was now larger than the dome of orbs now, seeming a bit unstable. Khrona's eyes shifted around; for some reason, they were not frozen. More 'Black Rain' shot from Khrona's soul, this time two times larger than the ones before and falling at a faster rate... Also, when they made impact, they would explode with a fiery depressing Despair Soul Energy that bore a diminishing wavelength. There were a lot specifically aimed for the dome of orbs, however, and most likely would destroy them if contact was made.

The spheres exploded and dissipated into the ice, suspended as chunks of shining destruction in the void of Absolute Zero now expanding without the ice to contain it. The Lone Wolf began backing away, making sure to stay right on the edge of Absolute Zero, never touching it, always watching...

Khrona's soul whips up again, however now it is a dark purple... This was Khrona resonating with the Rejection Soul of Despair. Even if they could not move, their souls were still active. The Rejection Soul also had some special Soul Resonance abilities... Such as the 'Dark Repel'. Khrona used the 'Dark Repel' to force himself and his weapons out of their frozen slumber. The 'Dark Repel' would make the frozen status of Khrona and his weapons repelled from his body, you could say. As long as he had that 'Dark Repel' active in his 'Rejection Resonance', he would not be able to be frozen... The Absolute Zero would still be there, it just would not effect anything within Khrona's soul... The only problem was that it hindered his speed a bit.

Misery: "You can't like flap your big ass wings and shoot straight outta here?"

Khrona: "My wings are moving too slowly to fly..."

Misery: "Just give small and light gusts!"

Khrona flapped his wings very slowly, making him fly some feet before stopping again.

Despair shouted, "Oh, I know!" Khrona aimed Despair behind him and Despair proceeded in firing several missiles randomly while Khrona flapped his wings. The force from the missiles and Khrona's wings would easily force him out of the Absolute Zero field. Khrona was launched far out of the Absolute Zero, and that's when he changed his course. He took flight, aiming directly at the Lone Wolf. His Soul Resonance had faded by now, and he wrapped his skin around Despair so that he could Merge with her. As Khrona flew closer to the Lone Wolf, his wings suddenly unleashed hella missile launchers, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and bazookas of the sorts to cover them, as well as his arms and stomach. Khrona proceeded in firing a nonstop barrage of explosive weaponry at the Lone Wolf before taking back into the skies.

Misery: "Well, this guy seems to be giving us some difficulty... But it still isn't anything we can't handle. Heh heh."

Despair: "Ah, he is doing quite well... The Nightmare World must be very powerful if one of their Elites can take on Khrona for this long..."

Khrona began to ponder on what the two were saying...

The Lone Wolf slashes at the explosives coming at him, sending a maelstrom of icy needles at them, detonating them before they reach him. He then looks to the sky, eyes fixated completely on Khrona and his weaponry.

The Lone Wolf: "Hmph..."

A grim smile comes across the Lone Wolf's face, his energy finally being stirred to a strange freezing boil. He did quick one-handed signs and wave after wave after wave of icy petals formed around him, multitudes in number. The petals then formed around his back -- a tight and strange formation, but idly there. He spun around in an epic fashion, almost pushing away a cape that isn't there, and tendrils of ice were unleashed from his back, speeding towards Khrona, barbed edges shining, razor sharp to the touch, steaming with icy coldness.

Khrona's eyes swiveled around violently, not looking at a specific target. It may have seemed like it was a bad tactic, but for some reason, Khrona's accuracy skyrocketed. Despair began to glow gray. Khrona again began to slash about violently, however this time when he made slashes, he not only did not have to make physical contact with the needles, but they exploded. Another special ability of Despair's soul. Khrona's eyes suddenly jerked downward to stare insanely at the Lone Wolf. Khrona's frown deepened and his face scrunched. His wings outstretched as far as they could go and Khrona flapped them as hard as he could. Since Khrona was behind the Lone Wolf and the temp change was in front of the Lone Wolf... Didn't it make sense to try to push him into it with the wind from Khrona's wings? Even though Khrona was high in the air, the wind from his wings seemed to make a large imprint in the ground, almost making a crater from the force. Most definitely the Lone Wolf would fly unless he had something to bound him.

The Lone Wolf: "Heh..."

Being blown into the field, the Lone Wolf quite simply parted the Absolute Zero field, letting him fly through with no problem. He slid across the ground for a time before his weapon is unsheathed and he slowed to a stop. The Lone Wolf then stabbed it into the ground, calling many curved panels of ice around him, forming a lotus to hide him from sight. Energy oozed from it, pulsating wildly.

Khrona floated downward to the ground... Despair and Misery then transformed into their human forms.

Misery: "Khrona? What are you doing?"

Khrona: "... You two... Must attack him... With your souls separately. You got it...?"

Misery and Despair gasped. It was a great plan.

"Hell yeah! I see where you're goin' with this..." The back of Misery's left hand changed into a scythe, which went all the way down her forearm from her hand. Her right palm jutted a large and long sword from it. "Let's go."

"You are most wise, Khrona... It is depressing that I did not think of it myself..." Despair's fingers grew razors that ran down the length of them. Despair's shoulders, as well as the lining of her dress gained long razors as well. Despair's palms dug inward to release a type of launching hole. These holes were also on her shoulders right under the razors and running down her back. Two were on her floating disembodied bat wings. "I hope we can do our best to bring as much despair as possible..."

All three of their souls grew large; Khrona's a blackish pale purple, Misery's a reddish black and Despair's a grayish violet. Time for the three to work as one separately.

(End of Part 1)

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Sixth Reality; A Call To The Alpha (Part 2)

Inside the lotus, flashes of light could be seen. Much movement could be seen from the inside and the energy oozing from it pulsated strongly. Inside, the Lone Wolf did a couple hand signs.

Lone Wolf: 'An introduction is called for...'

Khrona outstretched his wings fully and that is the signal for Misery and Despair to begin. Misery ran straight at the lotus at a fast pace, while Despair floated. Khrona gave a large and powerful flap once they got close, the winds from it aimed in such a fashion that both of them would be forced up from the ground and high into the air. Before they got that far off of the ground, they were quite within range of the lotus. As Misery rose up into the air, she spun with her sword hand outstretched. "Insanity Pressure!" The pressure SOLELY around the lotus became condensed and quite heavy, trying to crush the ice crystals. As Despair rose into the air, she began to fire an insane amount of rockets and missiles from her body at the ice lotus, in an attempt to blow it up. The air around it would only condense more, even after the lotus was brought down by either the two weapons or by the Lone Wolf himself. Both Misery and Despair were high in the air now, and Misery was kept afloat by Despair's dress-cloak outstretching. They awaited another signal from Khrona.

The Lone Wolf emerged from the frozen earth below Khrona, directly in front of him, ice falling from the Lone Wolf's body. The only thing separating their bodies was about a half inch of space and his weapon was pressed to Khrona's throat, softly enough to lay there without cutting, but hard enough so if it is moved it would leave a deep gash, right across his throat. The Lone Wolf looked right into Khrona's eyes as icy tendrils as dense as his crystal spheres reached from his back and up from the ground itself to enrapture Khrona's wings, immobilizing them and start to freeze them as well. The Lone Wolf's breathing had become intense and ragged. Behind him, the ice lotus began to shrink from the pressure being applied to it.

The Lone Wolf: "I think this battle is finished..."

Khrona's eyes twitch insanely as his eyeballs dart about quickly and without focus. His insane soul grew extremely large around the Lone Wolf as the effects of getting close to Khrona start... Hallucinations. Not only that, Khrona had still had the ice that was absorbed from before, meaning he could just take in more ice from his wings and add to his iciness. By now, the Lone Wolf would not be able to see Khrona. He'd only be able to see severe hallucinations of who knows what, most likely rendering him mentally paralyzed, in a sense. Khrona took the chance to flap his icy wings and blow him away again, only this time with large ice shards coming at him in the process, since Khrona's wings were ice now. It was so very lucky that Khrona had absorbed that ice before, or else his wings would be frozen...

Despair wrapped herself in her cloak, warping down back onto the ground. It was time for her to use her Rejection Soul in action. She launched hella missiles from her body, however they were glowing with an odd energy... And they were fired at the ground. Once they exploded, there was a large glowing part of the ground. These were manifestations of her soul on the ground, and since it was the Rejection Soul, it would force everything away from the glowing spaces... Most of them were aimed for the Lone Wolf's general area.

Misery started to fall from the sky without Despair's cloak holding her up, and while falling, she decided to change into her scythe form temporarily... She angled herself in such a way that the wind would carry her near the Lone Wolf, and then she could strike...

As the Lone Wolf hallucinated and flies backwards, a very large hand of ice bursts forth from the ground and encased him completely, effectively staving off Khrona's ice, blocking Despair's missiles, and shielding from Misery's scythiness. The Lone Wolf's hallucinations are left for whatever for now since he couldn't move from inside the hand. The lotus of ice had since been pressurized into the ground and is invisible to all. Khrona, however, was now bleeding profusely from the throat, being rash and flying off without taking care to remove the blade before he knocked the Lone Wolf away. The gash was deep and ran fully -- fatal.

Khrona was indeed bleeding his discolored blood, but he was not one to die easily from blood loss or even some fatal injuries to his internal organs. He simply pinched the wound and it began to seal itself self up. "You saw me reattach my legs, so what made you think I couldn't seal a wound...?" As he spoke, blood gushed out, however it was then reabsorbed into himself by his hands. He rotated his head one hundred eighty degrees one way, then the other way, making sure his head was still functioning. A smile appeared on his face. "Now... MISERY. DESPAIR. CHAIN SYCHRO!" Misery transformed back into her human form with her arms still as weapons before all three of their souls became linked together as one big gigantic, massive supersoul. Khrona shot out a large and lightspeed laser from his eye using the Despair Soul's 'Glare Of Woe', which was a beam that could pierce through the heaviest armors. Misery stood her ground, expanding her weapon hands to great lengths. Despair warped a great distance from the Lone Wolf, but was in his path, so he drew ever near to her. She expanded her dress to a great length and used Misery's Insanity Soul to once again use Insanity Pressure to make all of the air coming from her cloak extremely pressurized.

And with that, the hand of ice -- composed in the same fashion as the Lone Wolf's spheres -- refracted and magnified the laser into one large field of the laser's destructive power, all encompassing and still moving at lightspeed. The Lone Wolf's hallucinations continue inside the hand and it stays quite firmly in the ground, deeper than imaginable.

The laser would have to hit Khrona, however it would not do as much as the Lone Wolf may have wanted. Khrona screamed from pain, but then used Despair's Rejection Soul so that he could use... 'GET THE FUCK OUT'. The remaining lingering blast would be forced away from him and at the ground as a large sphere expanded outward farther and farther. It was always a perfect sphere, and as it expanded outward, the ground cracked into the shape of the sphere, making a crater that grew ever larger. Naturally, if the Lone Wolf touched it, he would be forced back, too, and with the power of the 'Chain Synchro'; it could grow to very... Intense sizes. The laser blast did not leave Khrona unscathed, however... But he was still able to continue. Such is his power. Perhaps it was time for him and his companions to bring out the big guns? Maybe literally for Despair... Speaking of them, Misery and Despair ran for it, trying to stay out of the way of that sphere of rejectionness.

The Lone Wolf disappeared into the ice of the hand, falling down into the ground through the ice. As the rejection expanded and pushed the ground into a sphere around Khrona, it revealed a panel of ice, thick as fuck due to its deepness in the ground and the Lone Wolf's newest technique creation, the 'Ice Titan'.

It is quite thoroughly rooted into the ice now dense enough to hold itself very well against Rejection, only being slightly driven into. The 'Ice Titan' roared with icy fury as it pushes against the Rejection itself, trying to force its way through to Khrona.

The Titan and the Sphere collided as the two try to force their way through each other.

The Ice Titan trapped Khrona in its mighty icy clutches and slammed him into the ground... Hard... Holding its hand over his body, pinning him firmly to the ground. In an icy splendor, the Ice Titan roars, an absolutely chilling wind flowing through the area, frost forming on Khrona's body. Freezing or not, the frost was still there. The Ice Titan then began to glow brilliantly, just like the 'Crystal Ice Spheres'. With that, from his body the Lone Wolf emerged at lightspeed, slashing through Khrona with the weapon laced with the Lone Wolf's blood. He goes clean through Khrona's torso, the force of the slash dragging out some of his inner organs, splattering them many places, and end up in the ice on the ground.

Khrona's body splattered everywhere. "Gaaah... Despair, help me put my pieces together before I die..." he said a bit nonchalantly, like this has happened before... In fact, it has. Despair warped closer, concentrating her Rejection Soul so that the Ice Titan would not be able to get in again. Since it was actually her soul, it would be more powerful and sturdy than if Khrona was using it without her, even with the Chain Synchro. She assumed shoving organs back inside of his torso and then putting the top and bottom together closely so that Khrona could merge back with his body. Once that was done, he stood up. He and Misery were already on the same thought. Even though Misery was hella far away, they were gonna do the same thing. They both said simultaneously, "Soul Ripper," and at that same time, huge soul scythe blades shot up from the ground in random places. A touch to the Ice Titan would rob it of its life, its animation, and cut it to shreds in an instant. Khrona was very close to the Titan, so it would be easier for him to use the 'Soul Ripper' on him than Misery, but then again Misery just did hers for backup. It would be wise for the Lone Wolf to get out of there, since the scythes were basically everywhere. Despair sure as hell did, floating up in the air. The scythes began to slice up the ground at a fast pace, looking like shark fins in water.

The Lone Wolf transmits himself once again, this time upwards slashing through Khrona straight upwards through the head and flying into the sky.

Bloodshed. Khrona was split in two, however still being well within the range his skin can reach out to merge, it swiftly grabbed, connected, and resealed Khrona so that he was back into shape. "You haven't a clue how to kill me... You could say, neither do I..." His eyes dart about violently. "Do you want me dead... Or are you testing my abilities...?" Khrona's eyes rolled to the back of his head "Testing... Testing... Testing... TESTing... They did tests on me... Experiments... I could do nothing... You're testing on me, too... Test? Yes... Test... It's my turn to give the tests... My turn to make experiments... TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSST!!!" Khrona screamed out, his soul now becoming unstable. Misery's smile widened as her eyes dimmed. "Aw, hell yeah! He's finally going insane! Now he's serious. I was waiting for this for so fucking long!!" Misery's soul grew larger, as did the scythes, slicing the Ice Titan to bits since it didn't seem to try to avoid them. The Lone Wolf, who was in the air was most likely near or next to Despair, since she was LITERALLY above Khrona when the scythes were coming from the ground, and when the Lone Wolf did that ariel slash maneuver, it would be only natural for him to be near her. Her dress outstretched very far and released hefty amounts of her Rejection soul energies, which went past the Lone Wolf... She was attempting to encase him in a box of Rejection, so that no matter the attack, it would always come back at him and hit him. Khrona's unstable soul -- the soul of Fear and Insanity -- had begun to use its abilities. Khrona's soul had not been actually used the entire fight, and it was about time it was. Khrona let out another scream, his soul shooting out from all over as large hands and tendrils. Some of them were going towards the Lone Wolf while the rest just whipped about and smashed up the ground. They made the ground severely uneven and rigid, as well as distorted in some ways.

As the Lone Wolf moves at lightspeed past Misery, Despair, and that big ass dress, he headed towards the sun, the air pressure around him dragging just enough oxygen with him to make the trip there and back. The Lone Wolf began spiraling through space with the help of 'Cosmic Ark' to move a gravitational field around him.

Khrona, seeing him fly into space, had no idea what will happen next. The arms around him shoot back into his body and Despair floats down. "... Rejection?" Khrona was too lost and out of it to respond with a certain answer. Despair changed into her straight razor form and the Chain Synchro breaks. Misery decides to keep her distance still, retracting her weapons. Khrona screams again, "SOUL RESONANCE!!!" Despair and Khrona's souls resonate greatly. "REJECTION RESONANCE: DARK FORCE!!!" Khrona's entire body begins to glow with a strange purple light...

The Lone Wolf reached the sun finally and as physics depict, his trajectory bent around it. Normally, he would have flown straight to the other side of the system, but with the 'Ark Of The Cosmos', -- or, 'Cosmic Ark' -- he continued around the gravitational field and headed back towards the Reality, now plummeting through the atmosphere, protected by the low air pressure around him from the heat of reentry. He finally reached Khrona and slashed at him with all his might, adding to the already horrible force of lightspeed impact.

Khrona's body instantaneously matches the power, fueled by the Rejection Soul's power and the Soul Resonance. Naturally, from this impact there is a cataclysmic explosion and a huge crater in the ground, yet Khrona was virtually unharmed from it. It did require a lot of soul energy to even use that, however, and it was quite draining. Usually, Khrona would force a person back with two times the force of the first shot, however due to... Circumstances, he did not. He released his 'Dark Force' from around his body and came back to his senses... Or well, he came back to whatever senses he had beforehand. Misery ran to the explosion, ready to see what happened. She was all excited and overjoyed and shit. Khrona stood there with Despair in his hand, looking at the Lone Wolf, flying up to the edge of the crater.

Misery, a bit disappointed, "Shit, no one died? That sucks." She sighed, walking over to Khrona.

The Lone Wolf flew to the edge of the crater and barely caught his balance as he landed, stumbling slightly... His right hand trembled from the recoil of that last attack.

"Damn. I lost..." the Lone Wolf said as he turned to Khrona in the crater and smiled. "It seems I need more strength. Thank you." His weapon dropped from his right hand, now unable to hold it any longer. He picked it up with his left and sheathed it. His partner floated over to him.

Partner Familiar: "So, you find what you were lookin' for?"

Lone Wolf: 'Yes, I have.'

Khrona nodded, a small smile appearing on his face. "I hope you enjoy your stay..." Khrona proceeded in vomiting up a large shard of ice.. That was all of the ice in his body being expelled, leaving him with no control over ice in his DNA anymore.

Misery jumped on his back, "Aaaah, don't get all pansy on me, now, Khrona!" She looked to the Lone Wolf from the corner of her eye. "You're pretty strong, guy. You come back sometime and we'll give you a fight worth fighting, ya got me?"

Despair turned back to normal and she bowed to the Lone Wolf. "It was a horrid delight to face you in battle... It was an honor, sir... It pains me greatly that we must part." Despair floated back onto Khrona's back.

Lone Wolf: "I'll be sure to return... After I discover a power like yours... Then we shall see..."

For the first time in... History, the Lone Wolf laughed in delight as he headed onto his partner's back with a damn near broken arm. They fly off to further explore.

Khrona looked down to all of this destruction. "... My brother will fix it." Khrona flew off into the distance with no real thought of where he was going or why.

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PostSubject: Re: Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei   Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei EmptyWed Jul 10, 2019 4:29 pm

Seventh Reality; Khrona, Need To Talk

Much time passed between the rather heated altercation between Khrona and the Lone Wolf, which not only formed a bond, but also respect between the two of them. With nothing much to do but sit and be alone, it wasn't until his dear brother called him to his office to speak on some sort of urgent matter... That Khrona made a move.

Khrona's brother waits for Khrona to show while sitting at his desk and his attendant sat on the edge of his desk. "Could you sit in a chair?"

Attendant: "NO!!"

The attendant then puffed her cheek.

Khrona walked in with Misery and Despair by his side.

Misery: "What's up?"

Khrona's brother looked toward Khrona and Misery. "Hello," he said as his attendant got off the desk and ran over to Misery to give her a hug.

Attendant: "Hi, good to see you."

Khrona's brother snapped his fingers and two chairs were made from air in front of his desk and a serious look came to his face. "Please take a seat, we need to discuss something."

Khrona reluctantly sat while Misery instinctively plopped and leaned back in the chair, kicking her heels up on the closest thing to her she could find... Even if it happened to be Khrona -- while Despair sat on the floor. She seemed to not like chairs much. "What is it...? What's going on...?" Khrona asked.

The attendant floated behind Khrona's brother's chair and put her hands on his head as he said, "I've sensed a great dark power in our village. I... I can't even comprehend the amount of evil... Anyway we have to take action."

Khrona frowned, his eyes dimming, "I... Sensed it too... But I thought it was just me..." He sighed, his head drooping. He fell to the floor, face first, his body twitching every now and then and his wings expanding a little bit. "What... What are we to do...?"

Khrona's brother rose from his chair and walked over to Khrona to help him up. "We must take action. This power can't be ignored."

Khrona took his brother's hand with a wing, being pulled up. "Well... what are we to do, brother...?"

Misery: "Kick some ass, is what we do."

Despair: "So brutal, aren't you...?"

Attendant: "Misery is right, let's beat them until they're black and blue."

Khrona's Brother: "You're right we need to stop this aura before it grows stronger."

Khrona nodded, but then noticed that one of the auras was gone. "Hey... There's one that just disappeared out of nowhere... How do we stop it...?"

Khrona's brother shook his head. "I don't know, but for now, we need to build up our strength."

Eva -- a powerful witch -- warped into the room floating above Khrona and his brother, a smile coming to her face, "Hehehe so you two are the rulers here..."
She moved her head around as she examined the room, "Nice place you got here."

Khrona's wings spread out, knocking down several things, "Wh... Who are you?"

Misery readied her arms as they change into scythes.

Despair eats a cupcake.

Khrona's brother looked up at Eva. "Damn... They're here already."

Attendant: "So this is the dark aura you were talking about?"

Khrona's Brother: "Attendant, get away from her!!"

The attendant floated away from Eva.

"And no, I sense that she is only half of the evil." Khrona's brother's hand started to glow blue... Just in case.

Khrona nodded, his head and eye twitching and his teeth chattering. "Y... Yeah... But we don't know where the other one went... I felt the presence and suddenly it was gone..."

"Hmmm." Eva floated over to Khrona's brother's desk and sat on it's edge with her legs crossed. She then started to think, "Hmmm so someone else is here besides me... How troubling."

Khrona was getting a bit anxious, "Shshshould we attack? She's right here..." Khrona's body stiffened.

Khrona's brother rose off the ground, standing straight up. With a carefree look on his face, he looks to the intruder. "You got a name?"

A wicked smile came to Eva's face as she answered proudly, "I am Eva the Dark Angel, and I intend to raise up some hell around here." She started to laugh manically.

Khrona's head twitched a bit, "We... We won't let you do that! Right, brother?" Khrona's head turned to his brother ever so slowly, making various loud clicking sounds as if that of a machine.

"No we won't. Attendant!!" Khrona's brother's attendant warped next to him and changed into her weapon form whilst Khrona's brother took an offensive stance looking straight at Eva, "Khrona, ready yourself!"

Misery and Despair quickly change into their weapon forms and Khrona aimed Despair at Eva while having Misery ready to make an attack or counterattack if necessary.

Eva: "Now, now, boys; think before you act."

Bats fly out of Eva's body and out the window. They all form into a huge ball of dark energy above the entire village.

Eva: "Would you risk your village to kill me?"

Misery: "Hell yeah. Get it crackin'!!"

Khrona shook his head, looking to the ground. His wings lower and fold back up "No, Misery... we wouldn't..." he sighed as the two change back to normal.

Despair: "What a depressing aura of despair..."

Khrona's brother started to get angry and growled, lowering his blade, "What do you demand?"

Eva: "Hehehe demands. Lets see, hmm... I demand you all die slowly."

Eva warped out of the office to her home and the huge ball of dark energy falls toward the village.

Despair wraps her cloak around Khrona and Misery and they instantly appear outside "Chain Synchro!" All three of their souls synchronize, then combine into one big ass huge soul larger than the ball. The ball stops completely "Brother... It would be appreciated if you... Make this into bubbles...?"

Khrona's brother snapped his fingers and turns the dark ball of energy into a small walnut. Now angrier than before, he pounded his fist on the table, breaking it in half. "Who does she think she is? Our Elites can go and try to find Eva. Khrona, I fear we have some dark times ahead."

Khrona nodded his head, moving back into the office, "We... We don't even know what the other one can do... And we might have some trouble with that one in general..." Khrona falls into a fetal position.

Khrona's brother's attendant turned back into her normal form and floated over to his desk. With a blink of an eye the desk is fixed and she sat on its edge.

Attendant: "So now we have to find the other one."

Khrona's Brother: "That's the plan."

Khrona nods slowly. "But how...? It seems that she can hide her soul and therefore mask her energy and power... It will be impossible to find her unless she releases the protection of herself..."

Many small snakes creep in through the window, the door and underground, trying to climb up everyone's legs and dig into their skin with their spiral energy heads.

Khrona's brother senses the snakes and turns them into air. He started to look around the room, "Where did they just come from?"

Khrona shook his head, "I don't know... But they felt like the same evil that I sensed before it became hidden... Perhaps these are one of the abilities of that person?"

Khrona's brother stopped searching and turned to Khrona. "You might be right. This is going to be a problem." He sighed.

Despair's cloak wraps around Khrona partially. "I... I will do something. As a leader of this village, I must..." Misery stood close as to get wrapped in Despair's cloak, too. Khrona twitched insanely and his eyes roll to the back of his head "Something... Will be done..." All three of them are consumed by Despair's cloak and they warp off.

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Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei   Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei EmptyMon Jul 29, 2019 9:49 am

Eighth Reality; Requesting Khrona

After some time passed between the attack on the village by the threat of evil, there was a call to arms for many of the members. One of the more recent members, the Lone Wolf, had just recently received his 'Soulmate' -- a 'Soul Weapon' made specifically for one's soul -- and inquired the one person he had the closest, even if still rather distant, relationship with in the entire village. Khrona.

The Lone Wolf walked into the office with his Soulmate by his side and knocked on the door, awaiting a response.

Soulmate: "Why are we here?"

Lone Wolf: "Because... I wish to know more about our connection."

Soulmate: "Why not just ask me?"

Lone Wolf: "If you haven't told me by now, I would assume you don't know yourself."

The Soulmate laughed lightly before hanging on the Lone Wolf's arm, "You're right I guess."

Khrona randomly appeared from out of Despair's dress cloak, which warped him, her, and Misery into the office.

Despair: "Oh, you are that boy from before... Is there something you need....?"

Lone Wolf: "Yes. I would to like information on my... Connection with this woman."

The Lone Wolf motions to his Soulmate hanging on his shoulder with her eyes closed.

Soulmate: "Oh, do we really need an explanation?"

Lone Wolf: "Yes, I do. The power I feel from you is unreal... I want to use that strength to its fullest..."

Soulmate: "Humph. Fine then."

The Soulmate held on tightly to the Lone Wolf's arm as they stood and awaited the explanation.

Khrona looked to both of them, able to see both of their souls clearly. It seemed that they were unable to see souls as of yet. "Misery... Would you explain to them, please...?"

Misery nodded. "Yeah, yeah, okay. So. Obviously you cannot see the souls of others right now. Everything living has a soul, each soul is unique to a person, however there are some souls that can get very near to another soul and seem to connect with one another. This is best shown with a weapon and a 'Maestro', or 'Soul Partner', if you will. If you are able to lift a weapon, then your souls are on the same path. You two seem to be connected on more than a physical level, in which your souls are connected, too. This could cause a Soul Synchro..." Misery paused for a moment, then looked at them, then continued "Look at each other. Concentrate HARD on each other. If you try to concentrate on this special wavelength, you'll be able to feel each others' souls, as well as see them." Misery waited.

The Soulmate looked up at the Lone Wolf, still holding on to his arm and he looked down at her, not out of negative intention, but because their height difference mandates it. Their eyes met and for a moment, there is nothing more than the connection that they have been feeling before. A few more moments passed and nothing more than that. He blinked and something around them pulsated. Her eyes changed color to an odd shade of blue.

Misery nodded. "Alright, now within all of your lovey shit, you should be able to see an aura around each other, most likely in the form of a sphere, however souls will have specific designs that actually depict them from all others. Take our souls for example... Khrona's big ass soul over here adds to its hugeness with those huge ass wings... But I doubt you'd be able to see a soul like his instantly... Either way it goes, seeing or even sensing someone else's soul is called Soul Notation."

Soulmate: "Heh, jealous."

Their gazes continued to connect and the area pulsates even more. The shade of blue in her eyes turned black and a dark blue aura began to swirl around them. The Lone Wolf looked around and he saw one around Khrona, Misery, and Despair. His heightened senses now linked these auras to a scent, recognizable to him before, but unexplainable.

Soulmate: "Can you finally see it?"

Lone Wolf: "Yes, I can..."

Misery nodded again. "Alright, now that you have the ability of Soul Notation, it should be quite easy for you to see power levels and sense the abilities of souls and whatnot. Now, how's about I explain to you about soul energy and the Soul Synchro? For once, everyone has Soul Energy. Some people's souls have special abilities and hidden powers that are usually only accessible to certain people, like there are few who can transfer their Soul Energy through their bodies and use it as a very powerful melee attack. Khrona, Despair, and I have other abilities with our souls, such as the ability to create hallucinations, the ability to reject and repel all objects, and the ability to deteriorate souls, just to name a few. Whatever ability you have, you should try to figure out how to hone and master it. Now, for the Soul Synchro... It's when both of your souls synchronize with each other and give you a great power, and unlock techniques only accessible through Soul Harmonization, usually involving the weapons' techniques or Soul abilities. The weapon can use the Soul Synchro techniques with or without a partner, depending on experience, power and level. Usually Soul Angels -- such as Despair and I -- are limited to this, but there are others. Now, Lone Wolf, you're gonna need to take hold of your Soulmate and try to synchronize with her. Got it? Everyone's synchronization is different, and always leads up to a resonance. Sometimes the weapon may even change shape..."

Lone Wolf: "Alright. Are you ready?"

Soulmate: "Of course."

The Lone Wolf grabbed her hand and she changed into her scythe form, staff in hand. The Lone Wolf closed his eyes and began to feel her strength in the scythe.

Misery nodded again. "Good. Now try to focus your soul's wavelengths into one another. You should feel something like electrical power surging throughout your body, as well as the emotion of each of you..." Misery was impressed, and glad that they were learning so fast. That was to be expected of them, however.

Lone Wolf: "Electricity..."

The Lone Wolf remembered his training from his master and began to let his energy flow through him like the electricity his master taught him. It pulsed and resonated against his Soulmate's energy, now the two mixing in the both of them. A slight aura built around them, -- deep, dark blue -- flowing from them like a small flame burning on all sides of them.

Misery clenched her fist, "Good! Good! Let your souls harmonize to no end! Feel each other! Become one in body, mind, AND SOUL!! Let each other amplify your power to no end! Feel this power and USE THE SOUL SYNCHRO!!" Misery was getting excited. It had been a while since she actually TAUGHT someone about souls and weapons. Despair was getting quite excited, too. Her gloomy eyes seemed to brighten just a bit. A smile grew to Khrona's face, "Once he masters his weapon... He will be more formidable than before..." Misery smirked and looked at Khrona from the side of her eye, "Don't think we won't give him a fight to remember. By the time we fight again, we and they will have more power than before..." They both looked back at them, seeing their souls synchronize.

The synchronization grows into a small sphere around them. The sphere swirls and the temperature drops around the office. The shadows of Misery, Despair, and Khrona begin to waver in the cold and are slightly drawn to their aura.

Soulmate: "...lf? L..olf? Lone Wolf?"

Lone Wolf: "I can hear you."

Soulmate: "Good. I think we're finally completely connected."

Lone Wolf: "Indeed... We shall go together..."

All three of them smiled. "It looks like they've done it. The Soul Synchro. The Soul Harmonization will come another day..." Misery crossed her arms, feeling a bit happy that she has taught another person of the Soul Synchro and the Soul Partners and whatnot. Khrona's small smile turned into a large and disgusting frown. His head began to twitch a bit, "There's... Something here... But at the same time... It's not..." Misery and Despair could feel it, too, but it was very faint...

The space in the office began to distort as a figure seemed to appear out of nowhere. It was a moderately tall and masculine man in tattered pants. The man looked to all four of them. He kept his distance, for the office was fairly large, and he began to speak, "I am 'The Immortal'. I am one of the dark forces of this village. I felt a strong soul resonance here and I felt it was of my place to take that strong soul for... Special purposes." Oddly enough, the man seemed to cast no shadow... And was unaffected by the cold.

The Lone Wolf felt a malevolent force and instinctively, without hesitation, he swung his Soulmate at 'The Immortal'. This sent a blasting pulse of Soul Energy throughout the room, breaking the wooden desks and bookcase and sending the chairs flying.

The Immortal seems unaffected to the greatest degree. He just stood there in the same position that he was in before the Lone Wolf attacked, "You try to strike an immortal? Have you no meaning of the word? I will harvest your soul, boy..." The Immortal thrusted his hand outward as a large ice ball flew at the Lone Wolf at a high speed. The Immortal still kept a distance, however, oddly enough...

Fate, a child-like being with a supernatural aura, warped into the room between The Immortal and the Lone Wolf with his hands in his pocket. He turns and face the Lone Wolf. "The Lone Wolf of the Nightmare right? My master seems to not like you. So I'll be taking you out."

The Lone Wolf held his left hand towards the ice ball and it shatters into petals.

Lone Wolf: "I... Am no... BOY!!"

He lifted his Soul Weapon into the air and she pulsated.

Soulmate: "I'm ready!"

The Lone Wolf swung her down with a monstrous force, sending chilling winds through the office and headed right into Fate's head. When she hits the ground, spires of ice erupted forth in a path directly headed for The Immortal and Fate if they survived. Another pulse of Soul Energy flowed through, further damaging all wooden objects in the vicinity

Fate flash stepped out of the way of the attack and appeared next to the Lone Wolf. He infused his pointer finger with a lot of energy and pokes at the Lone Wolf's temple. With his finger fused with hella energy, his finger would rip through the Lone Wolf's skull like tissue.

Spires erupted all around the Lone Wolf and through Fate's hand and arm in the least, going straight through and stopping the approach. Many more spires erupted at Fate's body now being held by the arm in place. The temperature in the room dropped drastically and the Lone Wolf's breathing became deep and ragged.

Soulmate: "Lone Wolf, calm down, please. I can't focus if you're impulsive like this."

He looked to Fate at his side and a strange energy boiled up inside of the Lone Wolf.

The spire impales Fate. "Fool." He opens his mouth. From Fate's mouth climbs out another Fate and pushed off the other and now real close to the Lone Wolf. He continued to do what he was going to do before and tries to poke the Lone Wolf with his finger. Since Fate was so close and moving fast, he should hit the Lone Wolf.

Khrona calls Misery and Despair closer to him.

Despair: "Should I put up my Rejection Soul..? It seems that it will end in devastation..."

Khrona: "I think I left the insane on at my house... Let me just go fix that."

Khrona slowly walks to a wall, breaks it down with his wings, then walks the fuck off to let the Lone Wolf do what he will.

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PostSubject: Re: Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei   Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei EmptyFri Aug 28, 2020 10:02 am

Ninth Reality; The Lone Wolf And His Soulmate

With God knows what going on with the excursion between the Lone Wolf and the strange immortal man from before, some days passed with Khrona having not made contact with anyone. On the day he finally decided to come out of his hidey-hole, he would, strangely enough, yet again be faced with the Lone Wolf and his female Soulmate, as if destined to keep running into them. Khrona was in between the folds of reality floating around aimlessly with Misery and Despair when he caught sight of the two of them training.

The Lone Wolf entered a barren field with his Soulmate by his side. They stopped and looked at each other for a moment before she became the scythe and he picked her up, striking a stance with her. Her soul synchronized with his and he began training. He swung the scythe through the air in a high arc and it gleamed in the moonlight. Its weight was perfect and he brought it around his back to his left hand, slashing it perfectly through the ground and leading it back to his right, spinning it fiercely behind him. The Lone Wolf tossed the scythe into the air slightly and did hand signs, calling petals before him. Then he caught the scythe with a spin and cut into the petals, sending them in arbitrary directions

Lone Wolf: "Partner…"

In a large swoosh of blackness, Khrona, Misery, and Despair appeared from her extended cloak, which reverted back to normal when they’re totally there. “Training, huh…? What’s this all about, Lone Wolf…?”

The Lone Wolf continued spinning and slashing through the air and ground with his soul weapon, casting ice petals and shooting them in different ways and curves.

Lone Wolf: "I need to perfect our technique… The Immortal reminded me of that…"

Khrona nodded. “Ah… I see… Would you like some help? I and my weapon partners will insist, since we have a great understanding… We will do to your will and help you.” Khrona smiled a bit, but then it turns back into a frown.

Despair sat on the ground. “Ah, what a depressing aura fills the air… It soothes me…”

The Lone Wolf slid the blunt edge of his soulmate’s blade across the ground in a circular motion, moving it behind his back and transferring it to his left hand lead. This stopped the flow of ice and changed it to an electrical charge. As he slashed through the air, it left trails of electricity behind it, arcing in many different directions.

Soulmate: "Would that help?"

Lone Wolf: "I must decline. This training must be done with us alone to acquire the most comfortable understanding…"

Khrona nodded. “I understand… But I do insist on watching. I can give some helpful tips… Like how to concentrate your soul into parts of your body or your weapon…”

Out of Despair’s hand came many straight razors merged together in the shape of a small fan. Not only will it cut the air, but it will cool her off at the same time! Totally random, but whatever.

Misery smiled at them with a face of anticipation for what they’re gonna do.

The Lone Wolf switched his Soulmate effortlessly around his back to his right hand, but instead of bringing it to the front, he began twirling it very quickly. The electricity surrounding the blade changed from yellowish white to icy blue. "First technique… 'Petal Waltz'." The Lone Wolf stepped forward and propelled himself into the air, swinging his Soul Weapon wildly around, floating higher into the air and releasing electrified petals of ice. The arcs created swirling snowglobe type effect. At the end of the slashes, the petals floated around idle for a moment. The Lone Wolf spun and knocked the petals into the ground, a perfect circle slash making a perfect circle on the ground with the petals. He then fell to the ground, causing freezing electricity to ravage the inner circle in a blast of fury. The ice and electricity fade and he continued slashing at the air.

Khrona looked to Misery, and they both look to Despair, nodding in approval.

Khrona: "Seems he’s doing pretty well…"

Misery: "I wonder what would happen if he attached the petals to his weapon…"

Despair: "To shoot out petals when he slashes, or leave a trail of petals when he slashes?"

Misery: "Dunno how he’d use it. Just like to see it happen."

All three nod and look back to the Lone Wolf, who had continued his slashes.

Lone Wolf: "Frozen Shock."

The Lone Wolf thrusted his Soul Weapon’s blade into the ground and icy spires rose up in a violent glory in a path towards a tree. He then ripped the blade back through the ground to his right side and a crack was heard as lightning rose from the ground and destroyed the ice spires.

Misery smirked. “It seems as though he’s getting the hang of focusing his Soul Energy into his attacks… He definitely seems like--”

Khrona finishes her sentence, “--Legend material… There is no doubt about it. I wonder if he knows how to transfer his soul into inanimate objects yet… It isn’t that apparent… Nor is it easy to do...”

Despair looked to Khrona. “Should we teach him?”

Khrona shook his head. “Let him… Do his own thing for now. He’ll learn in time, be it by our account or his…”

The Lone Wolf's Soul Weapon pulsated once as his eyes set on the shadow of a tree. He jumped through the air, spinning on his side.

Lone Wolf: "Shadow Stop."

He slashed into the shadow and the wind blowing through did nothing as the tree is now petrified and paralyzed.

Lone Wolf: "Simple… 'Shadow Slicer'…"

Their souls synchronized together and he slashed through the shadow, almost as if cutting it down, although not to his surprise, all it leaves is a cut into the back.

Soulmate: "I think we’re good."

They -- Khrona, Misery, and Despair -- all nod in agreement. “He is quite ready,” they say in unison.

Khrona walked over to the Lone Wolf, but kept a protective distance to preserve his sliver of sanity. “Lone Wolf… Have you disbanded from the Nightmare World as of yet…?”

The Lone Wolf swung his Soul Weapon behind him back and into the air and she transformed back into her normal form, then fell next to him, leaning on his shoulder, like usual.

Soulmate: "Nightmare?"

Lone Wolf: "Yes, my homeworld… I’m just a visitor here right now. But no, I haven’t. Why would I?"

Khrona extended his wings quite far… The area around the Lone Wolf and Khrona was engulfed by Khrona’s 'Insane Soul', making them both see some crazy hallucinations. Khrona’s body began to stretch at the torso, similar to a snake, towering over the Lone Wolf. His movements were elegant, yet creepy… He moved as if he were one with the air himself. His voice became quite ominous and echoey, as they were encased in what seemed to be nothing but darkness. Khrona’s eyes glared down at the Lone Wolf, his head rotating upside down “We... We would enjoy your presence here… Break off with the Nightmare... You would be much more appreciated here… There is only so much I can teach you while you stay at another world…” The entire dark area seemed to have spirit hands that wavered out of it, but they were not malicious, but tantalizing… “Join this village, Lone Wolf…” Khrona’s pointed, claw-like fingers gradually increased in size, waving around the area like smoke “Exit from the Nightmare… and enter the Reality.” Khrona outstretched his overly large hand as the darkness suddenly exploded with a sunlit sea, they both seemed to stand on top of the water… Which was flowing in all directions at one time.

The Lone Wolf laughed slightly, now developing a sense of humor possibly. "All of these are nothing but tricks of the mind. For exiting from the Nightmare as you suggest, putting us into one, outside of reality is quite an intricate way of working against your own goal..." He inhaled deeply as he awaited Khrona’s response.

Khrona stopped. His soul became restless and unstable. The hands became malicious, but only for a moment. Khrona’s soul then seemed to get smaller and the hallucinations all go away… But the only thing is, Khrona’s body still seems to be ill proportioned for some reason… That was NOT a hallucination. The effects of his DNA altering did extend that far as to where he could do such things to his body. Khrona bent backwards, his head poking out through his legs to look at the Lone Wolf. “Is it not of your liking to stay here? My soul… Felt as if it was necessary to make a point…” Khrona flopped over, rolling slowly away from the Lone Wolf and standing up. “Perhaps… A different approach is in order?”

Lone Wolf: "Perhaps… If you just made the offer without the mental stimulation…"

Soulmate: "Did I just miss something?"

Khrona’s eyes darted off in random directions, then focused on the Lone Wolf for a second before Khrona slammed his head into the ground. “Many apologies…” Khrona began to rise up slowly, his arms becoming limp, in a sense. “May I ask you to join the Reality Village?” he humbly bowed, plowing his face deep into the dirt once again.

The Lone Wolf looked at Khrona and became slightly disturbed. "Yes… Will join the Reality if it will keep you from doing that to yourself…" He forcefully lifted Khrona to his feet and brushed him off while the Soulmate knelt to the ground and began brushing herself off.

Khrona nodded and gave a small smile. “Thank you… You will be greatly appreciated here.” Khrona turned. “Misery! Despair! Let us depart…” Despair had suddenly and instantaneously appeared beside Khrona with Misery, wrapping all three of them in her cloak and warping off in a black shroud of something.

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Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei   Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei EmptyFri Aug 28, 2020 10:03 am

Tenth Reality; KICKIN IT UP! Time to Get Serious!

Not much time had passed between the official induction of the Lone Wolf into the Reality. In fact, Khrona, Misery, and Despair had just left from that area through the dimensional portal located within the underside of Despair’s dress, and were currently heading home between the folds between reality, flying high in the sky out of sight. They were feeling accomplished about acquiring a new member to their ranks… When they noticed on the outside, someone in the sparring area that was relatively close by to the 'Training Field'. Because they were interested in his power, they would look into who this was and what he was up to, coming out of the folds of reality and into sight in midair…

A man sits in a field, leaning against his sword, Adagio.

Strange Man: "Hmmmmm… Who’ll show up this time?"

Khrona flapped his wings gently, releasing a great wind from them as he finally came to a land. Misery and Despair jumped off of his back.

Misery: "Yo."

The man looks to the three and smiles.

Strange Man: "Hi… You must be the amazing Khrona and his Soul Partners I’ve heard so much about."

Misery smirked. “Flattery won’t stop me from kicking your ass.”

Despair smiled and bowed with a woeful expression on her face. “It is nice to meet you… It would be less depressing if I knew your name…”

Khrona nodded, staying silent.

Strange Man: "Ah…how rude of me. I’m Ishida."

Despair nodded. “It seems as thought you know of my two friends, so introductions are not in order… How woeful…”

Misery: “Huh. Not like your name is important to me, boy. Let’s get this show on the road.”

Khrona nodded once again, remaining silent.

Ishida chuckles slightly. "Goodness… So hasty!" He stood up and gripped Adagio, still in the ground.

Khrona looks to Ishida and examined him. “Hm… Expert…” Khrona floated backwards. “Misery and Despair will be your opponents. I will sit this one out.” Khrona sat down and looked from the distance.

“Alright, now I get to do this shit myself. Despair, you got my back?” Misery’s right hand changed into a very long sword as the back of her left hand jut out a long scythe that extends to her forearm.

“Most definitely, Misery…” Despair's fingers were then lined with razor blades, as well as her shoulders and the lining of her dress. Large holes opened up on her palms, under the razors on her shoulders and down her back, and across her chest.

Ishida: "Hmmmm… This should be interesting. A two-on-one, sounds fun."

The holy energy he possessed wrapped around him.

Misery waved her sword. “I could make this one-on-one and still whoop your ass--”

Despair interrupts, “Now, Misery... Don’t go spreading those bad thoughts on people... I actually would enjoy this battle… Don’t let me wallow in depression on the sidelines…”

Misery scoffed, “Fine. You have the privilege of going first, boy!”

Ishida smirked and spun Adagio. "Very well!" He rushed at Misery full speed and swung Adagio at her ribs as he spun and shot a holy energy bullet at Despair.

Misery easily blocked with her scythe hand and forced Ishida away with a slash from her sword hand. “Is that it? My turn. Zero Sanity!” She dragged her glowing sword hand across the ground, releasing her 'Insanity Soul' energies at Ishida fast in the shape of a large projectile shockwave that seemed to distort everything it touches; air and ground alike.

Despair held up a finger and the bullet split, but not only that, it turned a dark purple and deteriorated after splitting on her razor bladed finger. Her 'Despair Soul' had dispelled the effects of the holy energy by filling it with Despair Soul Energy. Despair aimed her hand at Ishida and fired a large and fast missile from her palm in his general direction.

Ishida tossed Adagio in front of him and it spun rapidly, creating a holy energy shield to block Despair’s missile. However, he still got hit by the shockwave from Misery. As he flipped through the air, he shot a wave of holy energy at Despair, pushing him further back. Kai created a holy energy wall behind him to stop his movement as he shot holy energy needles at Misery.

Misery waved her scythe hand and all of the needles coming toward her turn black and dissipate. “Grim Slasher, bitch!” Misery raised her sword hand, dashing at Ishida. “Now, Blade Of Misery!” Him blocking or trying to counter the blade would result in the energies, power source, and life being converted and absorbed into herself.

Despair simply, but swiftly swirled around, her cloak rearing up. The bladed parts of her cloak were charged with her 'Despair Soul', making the wave cancel out once contact was made. “Isn’t it dreadful to have to fight leader Soul Angel weapons…?”

Whilst Misery and Despair were sparring with Ishida, Khrona stood awkwardly in an open field, awaiting someone to spar with. It was time to test the ability of the residents here…

Terror just happened to be walking by and saw Khrona standing there, so he approached him.

Meanwhile, another resident, Albel, waited to see if Terror was gonna leave so he could see if he could train with Khrona. ” Terror hurry up and leave already.”

Seeing nothing of interest, Terror opened a portal and left the area.

Suddenly, Knightmare walked in and sat down. “I’m just here to watch and won’t fight.”

Khrona looked to Albel and kept a distance. “Hi…” He didn’t say much else, just waited for a response.

Albel: "Yo whats up Khr--

Albel's Soulmate then covers up his mouth and says, “Hey Khrona!!!” really loudly.

Knightmare focused the ice energy into his hand and formed an ice fist and stared at Albel. “Leave my fight now or else.”

Khrona stared at all of them, suddenly becoming really irritated with their petty squabbling. “Okay, I have NO FUCKING CLUE what’s going on here, soooo… I say, fuck it. BATTLE OVER!!!” With that, he swooped over to the battle between Misery, Despair, and Ishida off in the distance and picked up his weapons mid-battle, carrying them off in a huff. Seemed like everyone doing too much had gotten to him and made him too unstable to deal with it, so he needed to leave immediately. With that, the battles were done and each of them were left to do their own thing whilst Khrona, Misery, and Despair disappeared in the skies.

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Eleventh Reality; Reya, Come…

Khrona had been dabbling in and out of the Portals to other worlds again, this time connecting the dimension from the Reality to one of the allied realms, the 'Sky Garden', where all of the mythical and mystical avians live. He’d recently become very good friends with the 'Bird Of Paradise', ruler of the 'Sky Garden', and asked her of a very big favor. With that, he would call out to one of his most skilled villagers, Reya, to come meet him in the 'Sky Garden' for a special mission…

Khrona stood in front of the portal to the Sky Garden with Misery and Despair by his side.

Reya came through the portal, dragon hovering by her side, and an unnatural wind blowing around her. “Huh… What a delightful place….” she murmured, taking in her surroundings. She noticed Khrona. She bowed slightly. “Khrona-sama. You called?”

Khrona nodded. “You… Have been chosen for a special mission… It requires you becoming one of the Elite of this village…” Khrona looks to her “A Legend.”

Misery kicked her legs up, sitting on one of Khrona’s overly large wings. “Yeah, but to get this power, you’re gonna need to have a little chit chat with the 'Bird Of Paradise'… She’ll give you great power.”

Reya blinked. “A Legend? ….What an honor…” She grinned. “I shall do what I have to do. Simply show me to this, ‘Bird Of Paradise’. ” The wind swirled through her pink hair, sending it everywhere. Reya frowned. “Knock it off, Aeros…” she mumbled.

Aeros: "My apologies…"

The wind whispered to her.

Khrona’s eyes were not laughing, if that metaphor even makes sense. His eyes darted over to the left and then up to the sky. The largest bird of all of the birds, a whopping four hundred thousand feet in height and width seemed to circle the large bird cage. Its wings are mystical and colorful, yet also clear and transparent at the same time. “That.. Is the Bird Of Paradise. It will give you great power… If you impress it. If you do not, it could be… Devastating.”

Reya’s eyes shined with wonder. “Ah, such a beautiful creature… In which manner shall I impress one of such beauty?” She said, assuming she probably had to fight something.

Khrona looked to her. “You must fight… It.” The Bird flew downwards, hovering above the ground without flapping its wings. It spake, though its voice was ominous and echoed throughout the cage eerily, but at the same time beautifully.

Bird of Paradise: "This… Is the girl you spoke of, Khrona?"

Khrona nodded at her, pushing Reya closer to the bird.

Bird of Paradise: "My child… My power is far too great for her to fight me. I will allow her to fight one of my many avian spawns. Fildrina!"

A bird that was VEEEERY small compared to the Bird Of Paradise, yet veeery large compared to Reya flew in. It was red and orange and it burned with a fiery passion. Wind seemed to swirl about it.

Bird of Paradise: "Fildrina is a powerful fledgling of mine… Made from my element of fire… If this girl of yours, Khrona, can take on Fildrina and win, I will grant her great power…"

Khrona nodded, looking to Reya. “Start.”

Reya was enchanted by the Bird’s voice. How magnificent it was. Shrugging it off, she acknowledged the other bird, Fildrina. She nodded. “As you wish..” The dragon flew backwards, staying out of the fight for now. The wind around her materialized into a staff made of onyx and silver. “Aeros… Do your best...” she instructed to her staff. Reya felt a mental nod from Aeros. “Let’s go, then. Rising Wheel.” Several 'Wind Wheels' appeared around Reya, each half the size of Fildrina. Each leaked a poison gas. Reya put on her gas mask, and one appeared on the dragon, and Khrona, and his Soul Partners too, just incase. The wheels where spinning at a high speed, the poison gas oozing out of them.
They each started to roll towards Filidrina. They circled the bird, going around repeatedly until the wheels were but a blur…

Fildrina flapped her powerful wings, releasing a large blast of concentrated wind which seemed to blow away the wheels with ease, as well as the poison. Fildrina was both a Fire and Wind elemental based bird, so it would be tough to use wind effectively without her able to counter it. Fildrina continued to flap her wings, making now fiery wind swirl out and engulf the area.

Despair raised her Rejection Soul around Khrona and Misery, and the power of the Rejection Soul was to literally reject anything and everything coming towards them, keeping them safe from both the poison and the fire and the wind. They all took off their gas masks.

Reya grinned mischievously. “Mmm… How do to this?” She held Aeros in front of her, the staff and her herself glowing a dull gray. “Wind Cutter”. Slicing the staff repeatedly into the air before her, air currents were created heading towards the swirls of wind-fire. They cut in between the blasts of air, swirling around the room until the bird's large wind had been diminished to a calm breeze. “Tornado,” Reya muttered. A giant tornado, a bit more than half the size of Fildrina, rose in front of Reya. It spun, releasing more poison gas. It spun towards the bird, slowly gaining in height. The wind around the bird spun at unnatural speeds as Reya placed her trap…

Fildrina breathed out a white hot flame, of which had some purification effects in it, eliminating the poisons of the tornado.

Bird Of Paradise: "Fildrina is a phoenix… Her white flame is a flame of purification, so your poisons will be nullified..."

Fildrina shoved her face straight through the tornado, suffering whatever small cuts she had to so that she’d stab her large, sharp beak into the ground. She was trying to stab into Reya with her beak, but in the process she let out a crapload of flames through her nostrils, making her beak a red hot burning... Fire… Drill peck... Beak.

Reya sighed. “Really? I’ve used my poison bombs for nothing?” Reya said, holding a few gray bombs in her hand. She shrugged. “Oh well...” and the bombs disappeared from her hand. Being a nimble and lithe person, Reya easily dodged the pecks without getting a serious burn. “Ah, you’ve fallen right into my trap…” The winds swirling around Fildrina started to take form. There were five copies of Reya, each positioned around the bird.
Three around, one below, one above. “Tornado. Become Kaze.” The tornado Fildrina was pecking at Reya through suddenly hardened into a clear stone. The wind could be seen moving within the stone, and yet it was solid. Reya put her hand forward, and her clones followed her movement. “Wall…” Reya instructed. In front of her, and all the other clones, rose a wall of 'Kaze', trapping the phoenix inside. There were no holes except where the hands touched the wall, but those would seal when the hands were removed. Though Reya had no intention of doing so. “Tornado,” she commanded. Her clones all repeated her command. From all six holes in the Kaze-Cube, a tornado like the last brewed, all headed quickly at Fidrina. “What will you do now...?” Reya murmured.

The Bird of Paradise nodded. “Hm… She is doing well, Khrona…”

Fildrina, a bit pissed, began to shoot out various fires from all of her wings at once. They were hot enough to melt the stone in a matter of minutes. She also spewed various lavas, so when the stone did melt, not only would it be lava, but there would be more spewing from Fildrina’s mouth. When the stone finally melted, Fildrina emerged from the stone and flew high, making a maelstrom of fire burst from her body. While in the air, she began dropping flaming feathers that pierced through the skies like arrows, falling in Reya’s general area.

Reya blinked. “What to do, what to do?” she murmured, scratching her chin. Feathers? Doable. Lava? Possible. In a short time period? Nada. Reya snapped her fingers, a smile lighting up her face. “That’s juuuust right~! Psycho Space!” A purple swirling matter engulfed Reya, and everyone else. After the matter was done its work, Reya,
Fildrina, Khrona, his Soul Partners, and the Bird Of Parasise were inside a different dimension that wasn’t really a dimension at all. Reya chuckled, clapping her hands. “Oh, It worked. Wonderful~!” She held Aeros before her, concentrating her energy. “Cyclone Storm!” Reya called, as six twenty foot tall cyclones rose. They spun towards the feathers, sending them flying anywhere but near Reya. “North Wind!” She ordered. A freezing wind started to swirl in front of Reya. It stayed there for a moment before it spread across the dimension, freezing the lava that came from the phoenix. Reya chuckled. “Oh ho ho! Yes, yes yes! It worked!” She grinned. “Ah, you must be wondering how that was accomplished so very easily, no? 'Psycho Space' doubles wind power, and cuts the power of all other elements in half~! Delightful, yes?” She then closed her eyes, focusing her manna. “Scarecrow On A Stick!” In a flash of gray, a worn out scarecrow appeared before Reya. It looked up at Fildrina with it’s glazed stare. The bird was instantly paralyzed. The scarecrow's hat stiffened, as it stood upright. It started spinning around and around, faster and faster… Until it launched itself in the air, the point tip of its hat headed for Fildrina. Reya smiled. “Come on…”

The Bird of Paradise was not fond of this 'not dimension', but it would be allowed for the moment.

Fildrina may have been paralyzed and on the ground, but that did not mean that she could not attack. Since Wind power was doubled here, Fildrina would just have to focus on the Wind element. Fildrina forcefully molted some feathers and breathed out a heavy wind, only for it to be strengthened by this 'not dimension' place. The feathers were also wind feathers which seemed to disappear while falling. They traveled along the wind current and helped control the wind, so once Fildrina’s wind made contact with the other wind, it merged together to make a SUPER CYCLONE being controlled by her feathers. Of course, if Reya was hit, it would do massive damage, but if she found a way out...

Reya gasped slightly. “Oh ho ho..? What might this be?” Her head tilted down, the shadows of her head hiding everything but one gleaming green eye. “Aeros”.

"Yes…?" came the reply.

Reya: “Use IT.”

There was a pause.

Aeros: "Understood."

The winds swirled around Reya and her staff violently, glowing random colors. Blue. Orange. Pink. Green. Her staff then materialized once more into Aeros.

“North,” he whispered. The blue winds swirled around Aeros, until they took a form. Before them stood the old North Wind, his winds cold and bitter. “South.” The orange winds swirled around Aeros until they took form as well. Before them stood the vain South, her winds sharp and hard. “East.” The pink winds swirled around, and in time, took the form of another… They became the fair and kind East, her soft winds calming and healing. “West.” The green winds swirled around, taking the form of the last wind God… West. He stood there in all his glory, his winds deadly and hot as fire. Aeros and Reya’s eyes turned gray, and a connection was established.

“Connection… Complete,” their voices echoed. “Combinations… Begin.”

The winds all swirled at once as the four winds swirled around the dimension, and finally reached there destination. South and East entered Reya, her body turning into a silhouette of orange and pink lights. East and West entered Aeros. His body became a silhouette of green and blue lights. “Soul Harmonization… Started.” Their voices echoed around the dimension, oddly robotic. Suddenly Reya and Aeros returned to normal, but their eyes had changed. Each had a different colored eye. Reya had an orange and a pink instead of green eyes, and Aeros had a blue and a green instead of black eyes. Reya outstretched her hand as Aeros returned to staff form. The staff began to morph, the opening at the top growing wider until the two sides were fairly distanced. “South. North,” Reya muttered. A blue and orange orb of energy began to form in the center of the opening. She held the staff in front of her, aiming the opening at the oncoming winds. A blast of blue wind was released from the staff, headed towards the winds. It swirled around the other winds, it’s icy cold freezing the winds until they looked like a cyclone of Kaze. The orb was now completely orange, and growing bigger… Until it fired a blast of orange winds at the cyclone of Kaze. It sliced through the Kaze-Stone, cutting it to very tiny pieces. An orb of blue and orange materialized back in the staff as Reya redirected the staff at the paralyzed phoenix. “Frozen Wind Cutter,” Reya said, her voice still echoing. A blast of orange and blue wind was released. It instantly became many Kaze-Stones in a crescent moon shape,
The edges razor sharp. It sped towards the phoenix, while the scarecrow was still advancing…

The Bird of Paradise had seen enough, and Fildrina was already trying her best. Such a good little fledgling. She’d be more powerful if she were a full grown avian. “Enough…” Echoed throughout this non-dimension from the Bird Of Paradise. A swift wave of her wing returned everything to normal, a great power adept only to the Bird Of Paradise… 'Neutralization'. The winds had been calmed and the dimension had been… Non… Dimensioned and the bird closed her wings. “You have done well in combat, child… Khrona, I believe that… What do you call it...? Legend position belongs to this one.” The Bird extended its long neck downward at Reya. “And now to teach you a certain trick of the trade adept to us avian species… A special wind ability.” The Bird opened her great, large wings once again and her clear feathers began to twinge and tremble. A wind engulfed Reya, feeding her the intense wind powers of the avian species. “A powerful ability which allows you to combine my strength into yours… The holy, icy winds of 'Fimbulvetr'…” The wind stopped flowing around Reya and the bird closed her wings once more. “May you return once again, child…” The Bird began to fade away, somehow.

Khrona released the Rejection Soul from around himself and looked to Reya, pointing to the portal. “Alright, we’re done here… It’s time to get back to the village…”

Reya blinked as she felt the power surge through her. She bowed to the Bird as it began to fade. “Thank you.” She straightened herself, and then scurried after Khrona. “Coming, Khrona-sama!”

And with that, the portal would close behind the two of them.

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Twelfth Reality; A Bored Insanity. Crazy Fight Of Entertainment?

Khrona was down flat on his face, completely bored. His tiny grip on sanity was surely fading, especially since he was bored. Whoever came along had better be prepared for him. Misery and Despair patiently sat beside him, and Misery said, “Ah… He’s going crazy again. What fun.”

Khrona's brother and his magisterial attendant warped into the area and looked to Misery and Despair. “Is he ok?”

Attendant: "HI!!!"

Khrona rose up, his eyes not looking like they were focused. He bent backwards, trying to see things straight. Everything was in inverted colors to him. He swirled around, looking at his brother and his brother's attendant from upside down. “Who...? Why…? How…? Begin…”

Misery and Despair sighed. “We’re sorry for this, guys,” they said in unison.

Khrona quickly pivoted around to face normal as Misery and Despair changed into their weapon forms. Khrona’s soul became apparent, and it was large and unstable, growing ever larger as his insanity increased.

Khrona's brother's face got serious as he faced Khrona. “Attendant!!”

Attendant: "Right!!"

The attendant changed into her weapon form and Khrona's brother’s soul and spirit pressure level the area. “Khrona get a grip.”

Khrona’s eyes darted from left to right, up and down, then southwest to northeast, then back down to southwest and slightly up northwest, then at his brother. “Grip...? Grip… What does that mean…?” He gripped Misery tightly, turning her from her sword side to her scythe side. “Grip… Grim…? Grim Slasher!!” Khrona darted at his brother, but it seemed that Misery was not moving… Oh, but indeed she is moving. She was moving at practically the speed of light, so fast that the eyes could not comprehend. She was slashing in front of Khrona nonstop at his brother whilst Despair was ready in his other hand…

“Tsk.” Khrona's brother turned into air and the slashes missed him, then he turned back into himself right under Khrona. He grabbed Khrona’s hands while his attendant turned back into her normal self and delivered a powerful punch to Khrona’s stomach.

A light breeze wafted into the air. It was Khrona's brother’s girlfriend's eyes and ears. She had promised Zita that she wouldn’t let anything happen to him.

Khrona winced, but his skin wrapped around his brother’s arm and slammed him into the ground, then released him. Despair glows and slices the ground in between them, creating a 'Rejection Wall' between the both of them. Nothing goes through and everything is forced back. In fact, Khrona's brother would be automatically forced backward, as well as Khrona. The Rejection Soul wall was made specifically so that things could not and would not get close.

After being thrown to the ground, Khrona's brother warped above Khrona and kicked at him with his legs being spiraled by soul energy whilst his attendant gave Khrona an uppercut which would knock him right into his brother’s kick.

As the two near, Despair released a wave of her Rejection Soul, sending them both flying in the opposite direction of whence they came. Khrona then aimed Despair at the attendant and spun Misery above his head, shooting countless missiles at the attendant and readying Misery for… Something…

The attendant turned back into her weapon form and returned to Khrona's brother’s hand as he floated in the air looking down at Khrona. Khrona's brother made his 'Erebea Armor' around him and his attendant and he made two elemental clones of fire that flew at Khrona, slashing at his shoulder while his brother started to gather manna.

Khrona’s shoulders were protected by his almost impenetrable wings, which block and then force back the clones with a power that was unknown to them. The incredible winds that were coming from the wings would hopefully put out the fire by robbing them of heat and stable air. Misery was still aimed at Khrona's brother, spinning. “Insanity Impact!” Khrona gripped Misery and her blade form is aimed at his brother. Above him, a giant glowing soul energy sword crashed down at a high speed and upon contact, it would drain his brother of his energy; all of it if he was hit directly with it. Not only that, it would explode. Khrona fell backwards and onto the grass, his tongue extending out of his mouth and onto a blade of grass. His tongue then merged with the grass.

The 'Erebea Armor' and Misery’s sword canceled each others’ draining powers, however the armor around the attendant absorbed the explosion. Khrona's brother floated down to the ground and looked to Khrona. “Are you okay now?” The manna he had gathered was still with him.

Khrona gave a crazy smile. “Is this okay? What is the meaning of… Okay?” His body began to expand outward, his skin slipping through every blade of grass, then consuming it. “Are you… Okay?” Khrona’s skin liquefied, as did the rest of his body and sunk into the ground. Misery and Despair were also merged with his body, so they were down there, too. The ground began to rumble as Khrona’s gigantic face was seen in the ground, still smiling and eyes still darting off swiftly in random directions.

Khrona's brother floated off the ground and into the air.

Khrona’s smile faded, turning into a disdainful frown “Come back... Don’t leave the Khrona… Or you will suffer Misery…” Misery’s sword form shoots up from the ground high into the air in the multitudes “… And DESPAIR!!!” Missiles launch crazily from the ground, being hidden by the infinite amount of swords jutting from the ground. The missiles would explode all at different times.

With sonic speed Khrona's brother dodged the swords and missiles. However, if he would get hit by a missile or hit by one of the explosions, it would be absorbed by his armor and added to the energy he was still gathering.

Khrona’s ground face twitched. “The armor… It ruins… What my thoughts... What do… Armor... Armor... aRMOUR... Ar... MOR...?!!!!! GAAAAHHH!!! SOUL RESONANCE! REJECTION SOUL!!!” The soul grows larger, then turns a slight blackish crimson color. Khrona had several nullification abilities at his command that would take out the armor with ease… One in particular that had yet to be used…

The armor on Khrona's brother gets rendered useless, but he then transfered the armor from his attendant to himself and continued to gather energy. “Khrona, come to your senses!”

Khrona shouted once more, “REJECTED!!” A large, omnipotent stamp made of soul energy stamped out on his brother’s armor in big red letters 'REJECTED', nullifying its effects completely. Khrona’s soul was going down, however. Something was wrong. Khrona was breathing heavily all of a sudden and his eyes rolled to the back of his head. He had unmerged with the ground, as well as Despair and Misery, who changed back into their human forms. Khrona’s breath slowed.

“K… Khrona!!” His brother flew down to the ground and he ran over to Khrona on the ground and crouch down next to him. “This is bad.” He put his hands on Khrona’s chest “Heal!!” He used all the energy he had gathered into healing Khrona. Hopefully now he would be okay.

Khrona opened his eyes, still breathing slowly, but now the wounds from battle gone. “Thank you… Brother… But…” Despair wrapped her dress around Khrona and Misery. “… I’m so freakin hungry.” Despair lifted Khrona into the air and Khrona waved “Thanks for getting me out of my… Insane daze… Lack of food and horrid boredom are not a good combination for me…” Khrona passed out from hunger and Misery sighed. “I knew this would happen… ALWAYS happens… Damn. Sorry for your trouble, guy.” Despair sighed, too. “That was a dreadfully entertaining battle… I do hope we can do it again sometime… When hunger does not rear its horrid, ugly, deformed, woeful head…”

Khrona's brother laughed and tensed his hand a bit, letting manna flow throughout it. "Hey, don't just call me 'brother' anymore... Call me..." Khrona's brother stuck his thumb into his own chest triumphantly, giving a goofy grin, saying, "Mage!" He felt as though he was such an experienced mage now, it should be his title.

And so, from that day forth, Khrona's brother was known as 'Mage'.

Khrona kinda nodded his head or whatever, barely conscious... And then he and his partners all warp off somewhere via Despair’s cloak.

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Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei   Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei EmptyFri Aug 28, 2020 10:08 am

Final Reality; Dropping By…

It had been quite a while since Khrona, the one of the leaders of the Reality, had interacted with one of his best pupils, Reya… In fact, it hadn’t been since she received the blessing of the Bird Of Paradise that they’d done too much together, considering how much of a recluse Khrona was. However, in her good spirit and nature, Reya decided to pay her beloved leader a visit to his deep, dark pit of Insanity to pay her respects and simply show a bit of friendly kindness…

Reya looked down into the pit where Khrona lived, estimating how deep it was. “Heeeeeello?” she called down into it. White wings sprouted from her back, as she slowly lowered herself into the pit. “Khroooona-sama? Yoo-hoo, anybody down here?”

As Reya went deeper and deeper into the pit which seemed to go on forever, the darkness and insanity aura would increase. By now, she would be seeing horrible, grotesque hallucinations… In fact, there was Khrona… And another Khrona… And many many Khrona’s with glowing eyes in the darkness. They all pounced at Reya and proceeded in ripping her body to shreds and absorbing her insides with their tongues… However it was a simple hallucination, so nothing REALLY happened. The hallucinations would increase exponentially the deeper she went…

Reya shrieked, “Eeeek! Khrona-sama!?” A helluva lot of wind came streaming down the pit, forming a cocoon around Reya, shielding her from the hallucinations. Frightened, she kept going down the pit at a slow and even pace. “Erm... Khrona-sama? Are you there?”

Again, the hallucinations became more and more intense, this time one huge, gaping mouth devoured her instantly and the tongue drained her of all of her insides. Spikes shot out from the inside of the mouth at her flesh, piercing through it, then stretched it out to a great length and wrapped it around the tongue. The tongue secreted an intense acid that burnt the remains of the skin to nothingness… But again, this was just another hallucination. She was getting closer… But still, insanity filled every corridor of this path.

Reya screamed, watching her body being ripped to shreds…. Until another wind came down the pit, circling Reya, giving her small cuts. ”Huh…?” It was Aeros. He circled around Reya, giving her more cuts. Reia looked down at herself, seeing that she was all there…Aeros had snapped her out of her hallucination. She huffed, out of breath. She continued down the pit with Aeros. “K-Khrona-sama?” she called, not sure that he was even there…

Reya ran into a door, now. The door was not apparent or able to be seen, especially not through the darkness, but it was there all the same. There was a small whisper that came from the door, only able to be heard because there was an utter quietness in this pit… No kind of noise or sound whatsoever. The whisper said, “Who’s there…?”

Reya grinned as she heard Khrona’s voice. “Its me! Reya!” she said, re-introducing herself.

Khrona whispered once again, “What is it…?” He said no more.

Reya smiled. “Just dropping by. It looks like you don’t get many visitors,” Reya stated, though she had a pretty good idea of why. “I brought you a present, too~!” Reya said as more wind came down the pit, starting to materialize into the present.

Khrona’s skin could be heard seeping from out of the cracks of the door “Thank you… What is it?”

Reya grinned as the present materialized. It was kinda big, so she kept it behind her for now. “You like chocolate?” Hopefully he did. If not, she had a backup present…

Misery opened the door. “Chocolate? Gimme that shit.” Khrona’s eyes could be seen gleaming in the darkness, looking quite crazy and sinister, as well as Despair’s. Misery made the ‘grabby hands’ anxious about the chocolate. Khrona wasn’t fond of eating much.

Reya gave Misery a nervous grin. “Kay, but don’t eat it all by yourself…” She brought the present in front of her. It was a life-sized chocolate sculpture of Misery, Khrona, and Despair. Reya grinned. “I had a lot of spare time on my hands, and hey, everyone loves chocolate!”

Misery swiped the chocolate. “OH SHIT. THANKS. Can you make some more later so we can keep those petrified in time forever in here? It’s really nice looking in here and we really need statues…” Not like anyone could actually SEE what was inside, since it was darker than black behind the doors. Khrona did not seems to be fond of lights, though Misery and Despair could see perfectly through the dark, as could Khrona, making lights pointless.

Reya smiled. “Yah, sure~!” She peered through the doorway. It looked awfully dark. How could they see anything in the first place?

Despair appeared from the thick darkness. “Is there anything else you need, Miss Reya? It would be our pleasure to give you any miserable thing you desire…”

Reya blinked. “Well, uh, no, not really. Just thought it’d be nice to visit, you know?” she said, grinning. “But I suppose I shall leave now…” Reya smiled and waved at Misery and Despair, because she could actually see them.

Both of them waved back, Misery drooling at the chocolate. “Bye…” Khrona said in the darkness. The doors closed ever so slowly… There was an ear shattering scream and a huge mouth ate Reya once more, however once it did, she appeared back at the top of the pit.

“Bye~!” Reya said before the hallucinations started again. She sighed as she was at the top of the pit once more. She walked away, smiling. Now hadn’t that been… Interesting?

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Book 1; The Reality Of Khrona Tensei
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