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 The Laughing Hyena

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Alice the Inari :: Crystal Beast; The Thirteen Tails
Alice the Inari :: Crystal Beast; The Thirteen Tails

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The Laughing Hyena Empty
PostSubject: The Laughing Hyena   The Laughing Hyena EmptyMon Jul 08, 2019 8:37 am

Name: Sephiri Impisi
Origin: Africa (Setswana)
Height: 5'7
Weight: 143 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Variant

Sephiri, the Laughing Hyena, was born in Africa in the Setswana tribe. Her name, "Sephiri" means 'Hyena,' but more specifically, 'The Animal of Secret' in Tswana, while her last name, "Impisi" also means 'Hyena' in Swahili, however it also means 'the purifier,' considering that the hyenas purify carcasses by picking the bones clean. She was given this name because of the affinity she had to the hyena in her village, which raided the town every night until she was born, yielding to her laughter as if under her control. From that day forth, she was the protector of that village and the manipulator of the hyenas, even going so far as to call them with her laughter for their hunts against the will of her parents, even as a baby. She never cried; only laughed.

When she was a bit older, she joined the Hyena on their hunts, choosing to be raised by them over her biological parents because of her naturally animalistic nature, and hate to be confined. Her teeth grew sharp and pointed, like that of her hyena brethren, and her characteristics became more and more hyena-like every day, until she was actually sleeping in their den with them. She eventually left her human family behind and was adopted by her new hyena family, who continued to raise her in the wild by her choice. But she was not content in just Africa and wished to explore even more, being the adventurous and fun-loving girl that she was. Eventually, she and her three closest hyena companions -- who were also her guardians -- traveled across the land on foot to find out more about this world and to explore everything that it had to offer. Along the way, she started to collect the bones of the animals that she killed, finding them extremely interesting and compatible to her soul, as if she could still feel the spirit of the animal she ingested flowing within. Finding it disrespectful to leave the carcass behind, she took a bone from each species she killed and wore it as an ornament around her body.

Eventually, she came to find the Witch Province of the Dusk Village, sensing the 'spirits' of more animals there, not knowing that this was actually the animal attributes of the Witches. After spying on the witches and studying them in secret, she started to understand more and more what she was and how she got to be where she was now; she was a witch. A witch whose 'animal spirit' was that of the hyena; the purifier. From that moment on, she called herself the Laughing Hyena, still residing on the outskirts of the Witch Province, trying to master what she has figured her manna is; that of flesh and bone. During the time, she has become a sort of witch doctor that creates medicines for the sick secretly. Because of her inability to be affected by poisons, toxins, disease and viruses, she can consume anything and can taste the potency of all she eats, and makes very intricately made medicines for others, as she enjoys helping people. Though she is a Witch, she does not belong to the Witch Province and merely wanders around the wild lands aimlessly.

Sephiri's body works similarly to a normal hyena, as her teeth are meant to crush hard substances like rock and bone, and her stomach is able to digest literally anything. The bones of her teeth seem to get stronger the harder the substance is that she eats, and because her stomach can digest anything, she will consume anything to increase the power of her jaws and her teeth. The same way she an consume anything, she can regurgitate it as ell, even save something within a special pocket inside of her body which she can willfully choose to digest what is inside or keep it forever. Because she can ingest anything, she cannot contract an viruses or diseases, nor can she suffer the effects of any poisons or toxins. This gives her the ability to consume any animal, regardless of it was sick or poisoned by manmade toxins, as they wouldn't affect her. Her vocals are also very strong, as her laugh can be heard clear across the horizon, and possibly even farther. Being a lover of the hunt, she can run extremely quickly on her hind legs, and at the same speed on all fours, if not faster. Because of her incredible endurance, she can run for incredibly long distances for hours on end without getting tired, normally her prey is tired of running many many hours before she is, which is what made all o her hunts so successful. She is incredibly nimble and dextrous, as well as flexible, most of this coming from her movement in the while, giving her a strong and firm body. Her fighting style is a mixture of a feral sort of dog-like fighting with numerous styles of kicking, scratching and biting her opponent. While most may think she and other hyenas are very dirty, she is actually exceptionally clean, cleaner than most people think they are. Her enchanting green eyes are able to hypnotize people, or even instill fear within their very hearts. She can also release a pheromone from her body that instills fear as well, or even charm, love and mind-control, to a degree. Consuming the bones, flesh or blood of others restores her physical form as well as her magical power. Her sense of smell, sight and hearing are much more advanced than normal humans.

Her familiars are, of course, hyenas, however they tend to be hyena bones that are brought back to life and most times even given flesh form, however it is shown that she can do this with the remains of any being, as long as she has their flesh or their bones. Her skeletal familiars are able to rot and decompose the flesh of other living creatures and cause them to become bony as well, draining life from contact with them and causing life to wither away. This, however, is only used on aggressors, as they are also shown to be able to restore wounds with their tongues and blood. These hyena and bones have many other traits she has yet to discover, as well.

As suspected, Sephiri is able to change into a full hyena, much larger than any other, and when she does, her physical attributes become much greater, but more focused on her speed and strength. She is also able to take on a partial hyena transformation, known as becoming a werehyena.' in this form, she is much more dextrous than any hyena, having the flexibility and dexterity of her human form, while retaining the speed and strength of hyena form, however it is much more difficult to use, and she has not perfected this werehyena transformation as of yet. She is also able to take the form of pure bone, ridding her bod of flesh and organs to fight without worry of being injured, or even to disassemble herself and 'play dead.' But, like the werehyena form, this is very difficult to maintain.
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Alice the Inari :: Crystal Beast; The Thirteen Tails
Alice the Inari :: Crystal Beast; The Thirteen Tails

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The Laughing Hyena Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Laughing Hyena   The Laughing Hyena EmptyMon Jul 08, 2019 11:46 am

Bone 1: On The Hunt...

It turns out, as she was trying to keep up with the guy, she lost him... or got lost trying to follow him. A heated wind blew past her face, her short hair fluttering wildly behind her, spiked up a bit almost like the animal she was raised by. Her nose led her here, to the Ardent Road, where her next kill resided somewhere within.

"... Mm. We're getting closer..."

Her almost whispered words reached the ears of only her three hyena companions, which circled around her protectively. Crouching down high upon a ledge above the entrance of this burning hot land, she was reminded of her homeland and the African sun. Her eyes lowered down hypnotically, the hot highwinds blowing past one more time before she opened them and focused all of her attention on who or what creature would enter this land, or exit.

From amidst the burning hot rays of the scorching hot sun above the land, the ever poised Sword Mistress would be seen walking, her arms and back hunched forward. She absolutely loathed hot weather... she was more of a snow flower, herself but... It was her partner's idea to come here...

"God, it's so hot here... Of all the places to pick... Nice one..." she said sarcastically as a rather tall figure walked next to her, his frosty blue hair ruffling in the warm wind. He, for one, enjoyed the fiery area. It was a nice change from the feeling of frostbitten toes.

"Hey, you're the one who said you wanted to bond and get better acquainted and all that jazz... So don't spazz out because its not to YOUR liking, toots," he said, turning his back to her with his arms up in a 'whatever' position. The Sword Mistress rolled her eyes and looked over to see a half naked woman laying on the ground. She must have been in trouble... Anyone who would lay on the large heaping land of fire had to have some sort of issue, so the Sword Mistress made it a point to help.

Sword Mistress: "Pfft... Whatever... Hey! Excuse me, are you okay!?!"

The yelling of the new woman and her friend broke the dear thoughts of Sephiri about her homeland on the savannah, but by this time her three guardians had already intervened on the newcomers' unexpected arrival. The three wild beasts snarled viciously at them, licking their lips and gnashing their sharp, bone-crushing teeth. The menace of their barks and the way they lurched toward them seemed more than unwelcoming. Blood lust was steady in their eyes.

"Shh! Do you not understand the rules of the hunt?! You must be quiet or the kill will never come!"

Sephiri finally stood up and jogged to the three hyenas and the two they intercepted, patting her three beautiful creatures on their backs to calm their raging spirits.

"Buu... What are you doing here, anyway?"

"Ah! Bad dogs...! To bark at someone who was only trying to help your later... Most insufferable," the Sword Mistress said, gripping her blade as they snarled at her. The woman, however, seemed to calm their spirits, so the Sword Mistress loosened her grip. Her partner was still way over yonder minding his own.

"Soul hunting...? I thought you were hurt! That's why I ran over here... But regardless, it seems you're fine... Me and my Soul Partner over there were looking for some monsters. Seems you've come for the same? " the Sword Mistress inquired as she motioned for her partner to come. He casually did so.

Still stroking the backs of her precious friends, Sephiri looked up to the Sword Mistress and poked out her lip angrily; sort of like a cute pout.

"They are not dogs. They are hyenas. And one of the most important rules of the hunt is to stay still and quiet whilst searching for prey..."

She turned her head from the two newcomers, springing backward into a series of backflips with little to no effort at all, landing on her feet and turning back to face the edge of the ledge. She crept down low, her bare, slender stomach touching the face of the ground with no harm from the heat. Her three hyena friends snarled at the two before turning away and trotting over to Sephi, silently watching as well.

"Heehe! I'm gonna catch me a big one, you guys!"

She smiled at them and they smiled back, and all four of them snickered to themselves in a great attempt to keep themselves quiet. They were patient enough to be able to sit there for hours, if need be... Such was how hunts went back where she came from, sometimes. They had to eat somehow.

The Sword Mistress didn't really get this chick. She actually reminded her of someone she'd seen on a National Geographic, but what the hell, she might as well join her since five heads are better than one.

Sword Mistress: "Come on, we're going, too."

She went over by them casually, yet firmly placed her soft, delicate frame upon the sauna-like rock. She laid as her partner walked over and done the same, however reluctantly.

"Now the pack awaits the arrival of the herd," the Sword Mistress said, getting herself into gear. She was quite the hunter herself, she just kept it at a low profile these days, not wanting to stir the demonic force within her too much.

The two females and their respective partners would sit around in his hot area for around thirty minutes or so waiting for a monster to appear. However, soon enough, the silence of the area would be broken by a large rumbling sound which could be heard and felt all around the area. While it seemed the herd of monsters the two had been waiting for finally appeared, there would be no sign of any type of creature moving around nor toward them. Soon enough, the area would once again become silent like the calm before the storm. Suddenly, around the group would erupt three large scorpion tails from under the earth. The tails would then stab downward toward the group in a frenzy, trying to poison them.

She was lost in the music of the wild; the large stampede of monsters warned her that there was something coming, or that this was her chance to strike.


She peered over the edge, readying herself for the attack... When suddenly, she sensed another presence. Her instincts had kicked in, alerting her to another animal from below.


As the first stinger erupted, Sephiri sprung herself up from the ground with one hand and flipped backwards into the air. She landed on her feet, feeling the earth below and the vibrations of another creature coming fast. Yet another stinger rose up and to avoid this one, she leapt high into the air, spinning like a ball until she landed somewhere safe, beside the Sword Mistress. The other two tails seemed to spring up nearby the first, so she was out of the way. Her three Hyenas ran toward her, growling at the tails.

"Ah, the hunt begins! I hope you know how to handle yourself out in the wild! Waaaahooo!!!"

Feeling the sudden quaking feeling of the ground beneath her, the Sword Mistress immediately rolled out of the way, thus avoiding one of the stingers. As the others erupted, she hopped up and gripped her demonic blade, channeling her demonic blood into the blade. She greatly increased its sharpness and overall lethalness. "Stay back... I... I don't want you getting hurt..."

Her partner, shocked by her care for him, would blush a bit... He had been without the care of another in such a long time that he had forgotten how good it felt. Keeping up his cool guy attitude, he merely jumped back to let them deal with the tails.

The Sword Mistress would sign two sets of hand signs while she waited for the creatures to emerge. "Careful, lady these things mean business!" she said as she continued to sign after plunging her blade into the ground, pumping her demonic energy into the surrounding area.

While all of the tails missed their marks, not a single one would unearth to reveal what what was attacking the two girls. Instead, all the tails would begin to glow a bright red as they turned to face the two girls, easily following the sound of the movement through the earth. Suddenly from each of the four tails would release massive fire balls. These fireballs would quickly rocket toward the girls attempting to burn them to a crisp.

Sephiri was in no way startled or stunned by the tails releasing the fireballs, as she could feel the pure heat surging from them even from all the way where she was. Digging her toes into the ground, she tightened her fingers and lunged her hand forward, allowing her bones to spurt from her palm and out into the exterior, sharpening and then hardening to that of a rock.

She then flung herself toward the fireballs with her powerful legs, letting the dagger-like bones jutting from her palm slice clean through the fireballs that came toward her as she soared through the air. As she was landing, one of her loyal hyena rushed under her feet, where she would land standing firmly on his hard back. She hunched over a bit in a feral-esque position, as if ready to pounce again. Hopping off of her hyena toward the first tail, she tried to slice the tail clean off with a precise series of quick and decisive slashes with these sharpened bone protrusions. Hopefully, even if the tail moved or retracted into the ground, she would deal some damage before touching the ground again.

As the fireballs came forth, the Sword Mistress would release her first technique, which was her Water Clone technique, creating two clones of herself. After this was done, using the extreme sharpness of her blade to her advantage and her demonic energy, she sliced fireballs as they came towards her. Suddenly she and one of the clones darted off in a literal blur of speed, almost instantly appearing beside the tails. The Sword Mistress used her hyper acceleration to increase her speed and using her blades, would attempt to sever the tail whilst her clone wielding her other blade attempted to slice the tail off.

Sword Mistress: "..."

The clone that stayed behind had been signing the entire time and used her Water Release: Encampment Wall technique, which would cover the area in a large pool of water. She then stabbed the pool with her blade, instantly freezing it as the other tail came for her thus freezing the tail completely as well as whatever it was connected to below. Any spare water that wasn't frozen would've been sapped into the ground for later use.

As both girls moved in with their blades attempting to slice a tail on half each suddenly on both sides massive claws would erupt from the sand and block the blade. The creatures would then fully emerge from the sand and reveal to be three large and dangerous Sand Scorpions to face the two girls. As the large wave of freezing water moved toward the Sand Scorpions they would all look in the same direction and would all release powerful fireballs from their tails. This would make contact with the water and cause a powerful explosion quickly evaporate all the water as it was being frozen. The three Scorpions would then lunge toward the girls trying to slice them up with there giant claws.

While the scorpions were distracted by the water, Sephiri had latched herself onto one of the Scorpion's claws without him knowing. With her nails digging into its exoskeleton, bones shot from her knees and her palms to cling easier to the scorpion as her Hyena leapt up and sprang off of her back and toward the tail while it was distracted. Slashing at it, the hyena would attempt to sever the tail completely, as the other two Hyena would do with the other to Scorpions.

The Sword Mistress and the clone would be working in complete harmony using their advanced speed. Thanks to their bloodline technique, their speed was but a blur as they lunged forth through the air at the head of the Scorpions, attempting to plunge their blades into the the beast's skull whilst Sephiri dealt with the claws and tails. The clone would sign again releasing another wave of water, only this time, it spiraled around her. Releasing her demonic energy into the water, it turned a dark black. Soon after, signing once more, two sharks would erupt form the spiraling water wall aiming to devour the scorpion if the initial attack from the others didn't work.

With the combined attack of both Sephiri and the Sword Mistress, the three Sand Scorpions simply could not keep up with them. In just a moment the multiple slashes came crashing down on the Sand Scorpions, all three quickly cut down. Falling into the ground, the bodies of the Sand Scorpions would slowly begin to turn into sand, blowing away into the wind and leaving behind nothing but three souls.

The Sword Mistress, having succeeded with the help of the weird bone girl, would smile. She was pleased that they conquered these foes, but now it was time to go... they had 'other' things to tend to.

"Yoink..." the Sword Mistress said, using her speed to snatch up the souls, lift her partner and get out of that area completely -- leaving Sephiri alone and with nothing.

Sephiri stood there, slightly puzzled, having not even seen the souls of the creatures before the Sword Mistress and her partner took care of them. She was curious about both the scorpions and this person that she met, but she had to find the bones of this creature first so she could obtain Scorpion powers. She was excited~!

She immediately ducked down and searched for scraps of the bones of these creatures in the sand... But found nothing left behind. "Aww..." she whimpered sadly, standing up and turning around to see what became of the girl. She had long since been gone with those souls... Not that Sephiri really minded, anyway. She was more interested in the bones.

"Oh well... Come on, guys. Let's go somewhere else."

She hopped up, one of her Hyena familiars running under her to catch her as she landed in a seated position upon its back. The other two followed beside, hopping from large rocks down to a different location at a high speed.
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The Laughing Hyena
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