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 The Divine Priestess Taomin

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Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia

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The Divine Priestess Taomin Empty
PostSubject: The Divine Priestess Taomin   The Divine Priestess Taomin EmptyFri Jul 12, 2019 4:56 pm

Taomin... A girl from a family of a long line of priestesses. From the day she became of age, she learned under her mother the ways of a priestess, the Divination of her heritage. Her family was not like normal priestess families, however, for they made deals with the spirits and demons, themselves. If they were to forsake their priestess ways, evil would take over their bodies and change them, corrupt them... Demonize them. For the majority of her life, Taomin spent all of her days loyal and faithful to her priestess ways, all up until her 18th birthday...

When she became 18, she began to question her priestess lineage and heritage. She began to wonder what she was doing this for, what the purpose of it was... Why it even mattered. It was that moment that she gave up her ways as a priestess. Sooner than a week's time, she began to change for the worst, a powerful and high-ranking demon being promised to corrupt and become one with her body, mind and soul, making them one. Once this evil took over her body, she lost almost all sight of the ways of her priestess heritage.

To keep her from reverting back to her normal self, her evil and new demonic will manifested into an evil sword with two blades on the hilt, able to flip downward to become a double-sided blade and able to flip back up to normal as if it were still a two bladed sword. The demon twin sword's name is Makkani, the manifestation of Taomin's evil and darkness to seal and hold her goodness in place.

In addition to this, the demon merged with her became her own Living Shadow, which was both its own sentient being as well as a controlled part of Tao's own body. With her Living Shadow, Taomin no longer casts a real shadow, and her Living Shadow is incapable of casting a shadow, as well.

Once she had locked away all of her holiness and goodness of her former self, she began the slaughter. She killed off her family fast, quick and in a hurry, making sure that none of them used their adept Divination to revert her back to normal, since only a talisman from the holy family is the thing that can make Taomin normal again. After that was done, she licked off the blood from her face and blade, smiled and went on her way, the final part of her transformation being complete; her black eyes turning a bright red for eternity.

This was when she left her former home and became a nomad. As she traveled, she found out the extent of her demonic abilities. These ranged from her incredibly physical capabilities to Taomin the potent control over shadows and darkness as well as demons to get what she wanted. She used these key abilities to proceed with killing people and stealing at will. All those she fought with the darkness or shadow element seemed to have no effect on her whatsoever, for all of the shadows and darkness just made her stronger, most of which was to feed her blade. No other sorts of divinations besides ones from her family were even able to effect her, making exorcising the demon from her literally impossible. Tao also has some adept abilities in summoning and controlling evil spirits at her will, and various other spiritual abilities as well, due to her being a priestess/druid. Her manifestation of evil was getting stronger.

Before becoming demonized, Taomin was a sweet, religious, holy priestess-in-training who was very kind to everyone and everything, sporting very high moral values and very high respect for all things. She was very dedicated to her family and the values and traditions they held. However, because she forsook her family heritage, a very powerful, high ranking demon was allowed her body, which changed her into the complete opposite of what she once was. She started to become twisted, demented and destructive. She lived only for entertainment of herself (mostly parties), the slaughter of other living beings, and sexual activities with anything that will have her. Her cruelty combined with complete sadism made killing for her easy, and she became a bloodthirsty serial killer. She is now a conceited, cold-hearted bitch with no real cares for anyone or anything except for herself. Not to mention she's a buck wild horny teen who craves the attention of males... Then most times whoops their asses after she gets what she wants. She takes joy in demoralizing people and committing sinful acts of all kinds, and has a personal appeal to seducing and tricking people into her own wiles. Though she has the capacity to work with people, she rarely does it, and usually works alone. Because of her heritage, however, she has a special liking for any sort of Traditional Japanese foods, and tends to become docile at even the very mention of these foods. She also seems to have a high respect and liking for people like her or (some) people that are more powerful than she is, so long as they seem cool. In short, she will do damn well anything she wishes to get what she wants, whether it be blood, sex, entertainment, or just the screams of those she hurts.

From a first glance, she looks like your typical, rambunctious, voluptuous teenage girl. However, upon close inspection, she has many other, demonic qualities to her that no normal teenage girl should have.

She stands at 5'11, with the hair on her head giving her an extra 2 inches, making her actual height about 5'9. Her long, black, unkempt hair is very spiky, wild and crazy, just like her personality. It reaches down to about her thighs. In addition to it being long and crazy, thanks to her demonic power, Taomin has the ability to potently control every strand of her hair, thus allowing her to alter stiffness and hardness as well as longness at will. As such, she can potentially make every strand as sharp as a blade instantaneously.

Tao's eyes are very special, being a priestess. She is able to see pure energy and it's 'code' as text; letters, runes, glyphs, symbols, etc. Using this, she is able to learn the 'code' of whatever it is 'Divinated' by her and broken down into its most primary form, where she can then learn what makes it and then inscribe it on things. With these eyes, she is able to manipulate any form of energy and put the pure essence of that energy into her Talismans (or whatever she inscribes the words into) and imbed that pure energy essence into other things through that medium. Her eyes, originally black, have become a piercing red thanks to her demonic attributes, intensifying her original ability to see the supernatural, metaphysical and spiritual entities of the universe. Also, with this redness, her eyes also became very perceptive, allowing her to see slight changes in light and in the atmosphere, as well as allow her to see easily in pitch blackness. Some of her teeth also became extremely sharp and pointed, useful for ripping flesh from very tough substances, which only accentuates her new, bloodthirsty nature.

As a whole, Taomin tends to wear nothing but skimpy, slutty clothing ever sense being demonized. She wears a very low cut black baby-tee which hugs her large breasts, showing off cleavage as well as her stomach. She also wears very tight, extremely small, black booty shorts that accentuate her ass quite a bit, leaving barely anything to be desired. Her boots are odd, slightly plushy looking, cushioned, oversized, red cosplay boots which hang loosely halfway between her shins and ankles. Around her wrists, she wears two red magical cuffs. Originally, these cuffs were golden Holy Cuffs, but were tainted once Tao was, and altered themselves once she became demonized, becoming red. They are completely indestructible and are imbued with great power, as well as the ability to repel things from their presence on Tao's will when struck. She wears all black and red all the time, being apparent in her shirt, shorts, shoes and arm cuffs.

On her face and body, there are scattered, yet symmetrical, blood red markings on her body. She has 2 long, tiger like red stripes on her cheeks, one on either side, the same stripes being on her shoulders and her calves. A squiggly looking mark makes a ring around her midsection on her stomach, right across her belly button and around to her back. These markings are one with her skin and are found to glow a piercing red at times, as well as her eyes. They are also known to grow when she is feeling surges of emotions or being overwhelmed by the demon in her.

Though Taomin is accustomed to wearing her extremely slutty clothing, because she is still a priestess (though now demonized), she still sports a Kimono at times where she summons things. However, her Kimono is demonic now, being completely black with red, evil marks on it, staying true to her strictly black and red attire. While wearing her Kimono, she has a bit of control over it, being able to extend and stiffen her sleeves like blades or whips in the same fashion of her hair. Also, she may stiffen up the entire Kimono as a sort of super-armor, making her even more resistant to stronger attacks that her remarkable strength would not be able to take. This is because her Kimono is made out of both demonic threads and her own hair, giving her that control. Otherwise, it is simply a normal Kimono.

Due to her demonic attributes, not only the appearance of her body has changed, but her physical capabilities, as well. Her skin, though it is soft and smooth, is actually extremely durable and not easily pierced. Her skin and bones are able to take the sharpest blades and most destructive forces without being broken or cut through at all, giving her great durability and defense. Her speed also improved to drastic levels, allowing her to run at more than breakneck speeds, to the point where she is invisible. In addition, her movements in general are so quiet that even at full speed, a pin is able to drop in an empty hallway and be the only thing heard. Her physical brute strength increased as well, allowing her to punch through boulders and rip through steel with her blade effortlessly. Not only this, but she has extreme agility and balance and is very acrobatic and flexible as well. Lastly, her vocal cords have become extremely powerful, and she also seems to have extremely potent control over all aspects of her voice. As such, she can create massive, powerful, concentrated pure sound waves from her mouth that decimate and obliterate everything in their way. She is also known to create eerie noises that mess with the perception of those who hear the noises, sort of like making illusions. It is said that her own physical capabilities increase even more drastically the longer and brighter her markings get.

Tao also has her Demon Mode and Full Demon Mode. In Demon Mode, her red markings all over her body glow and allows her resistance to elemental attacks to increase, making their effects quite lessened. Like fire. She won't be burnt easily, if at all. Lightning... She can take a few direct hits from lightning and still keep going practically unharmed. Her need to breathe lessens as well, meaning she doesn't need air to breathe for long periods of time. Her speed and strength also double as well, as well as the power and speed of her talismans. Her body becomes extremely durable, more so than before. Normally, Tao can take a direct cut from a sword and have it only do a tiny scratch, however in her Demon Mode, the cut would feel like a pillow, depending on the power it was slashed with. It's not impossible to penetrate her skin, just really hard.

Full Demon Mode is even more crazy than the Demon Mode. Tao's Living Shadow becomes her body, making Tao herself a living shadow. Now, just to be clear, you cannot control a living shadow because it has a mind of it own, and you cannot control Tao when she's in the Full Demon Mode with the shadow on her because of the fact that there are 2 minds and 2 wills allowing her to move, meaning that it would then take double the power and control to make them submit, which would be quite hard already. She is a completed being and now shares all powers her Shadow once had alone. Now. Her markings still glow through the shadows Her sword elongates to twice its size and instead of just absorbing energy, it absorbs everything it slashes at, even an entire person. Tao also becomes able to open up the Demon Door and summon hte Forbidden Temple at will, which is very bad. Also, spiritual hands that will instantly destroy you if touched are at her command as well. Lastly, she can eat and control shadows and darkness at will, even changing herself into it, as well as drown out all light around her. So if light comes around her, it instantly nullifies, regardless of power. Her Living Shadow takes the form of a flying skull with a variety of abilities by itself. She also has chains she can use at her disposal and Makkani has split into two distinct swords with two distinct powers.

The Demon Messenger is the a form only taken when Tao is bestowed with the Eyes and Ears of the Devil, being spectacles and earphones respectively. Bestowed upon her by the demon that has control of her soul, wearing these causes her body to take on a drastic change, even to the extent of changing her appearance to one that is slightly more demonic. Her eyes are set ablaze (more so her left eye), her head sprouts demonic horns, she is donned with a jacket and all of her attributes become black and green instead of black and red. The Eyes of the Devil allow Taomin highly advanced perception and reactionary time, incinerating and vaporizing eye beams, total control over green flames and skulls and the ability to see chakra, disallows genjutsu of the eyes and finally, heightened intellect. The Ears of the Devil increases all of Taomin's normal physical attributes, as well as the ability to distinguish any sound from any other, or totally block out sounds she wishes in the first place. It also disallows the use of genjutsu of sound, and discerns anything and everything around her for exactly what it is in a way only her heightened intellect can decipher. The both of these legendary demonic weapons are bettered by Taomin consuming souls, however.

Being a master of Demonology as well as Divination, Taomin has the ability to summon demonic entities as well as holy entities if she really needs to. The stronger ones usually need time to prepare and some actually have seals that need to be broken... Otherwise, she may summon them via Talisman.

Eventually, Taomin gained the ability to summon the Door of the Damned, which is basically something that will attack with the demonic soul hands of... doom... and stuff... and claw at your soul... and try to rip it from your body and bring it to hell... And stuff. The hands are infinite, and there is no way to close the door once opened, unless Tao herself is stopped from keeping it open. She is also able to summon up the Forbidden Temple, which is able to lock foes in an alternate reality for eternity with almost the same method, however instead of hands, it warps the realm that they are in and alters it to the realm of the dead, then sucks everything in. Sometimes it may just eat your soul and leave the lifeless body. Her talismans, tainted with evil, are her only weapons other than her sword. Ah, good times... And on a side note, her exorcisms now work both ways for evil entities as well as holy entities...

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Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia
Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia

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The Divine Priestess Taomin Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Divine Priestess Taomin   The Divine Priestess Taomin EmptyFri Jul 12, 2019 5:01 pm

Feral 1: Plaaaay with Taomin~! Come oooon~!

Taomin sits next to a tree, loving the forest scene. "Ah... The forest... Just like I used to remember... Haha. I remember that one time I tore that sum'bitch down to the ground..." She snickered to herself.

Recently, things had slowed down in terms of her daily pleasures. She hadn't slaughtered anyone, she hadn't partied, she hadn't had any sex recently... Things were just too plain and simple. Ever since she killed her entire family and destroyed the village and forest that covered it, Taomin had been on a mindless, pleasure-seeking rampage to fulfill her carnal desires in the world after being possessed by the powerful family demon. Her Living Shadow extended from below her feet, stretching upward from the soles of Taomin's shoes and upright before her, smiling deviously.

"Tao wants to play."

Taomin licked her lips. "But where do we find a place to play at, Shadow?" Tao inquired her evil demon. Taomin got up from where the tree was and started to walk through the new forest that she'd entered after destroying her homeland.

Eventually, Taomin came to find a village that existed in between realities -- called the 'Reality' Village -- and thought it to be cool. She only discovered this place because her Living Shadow dragged her in the direction of the most powerful sources of negativity that could be found, and there seemed to be a lot coming from this place that existed in between realities. It was invisible to them at first, but after crossing a certain barrier, they were in.

That's when Tao found out that there were plenty of antagonists who were wanted throughout the Reality, and there were rewards for killing them. Somehow, Taomin managed to rationally talk to the leaders about joining the village, since she felt some powerful presences running around within. They agreed to let Taomin reside in the Reality Village, and Taomin vowed to take down those who were strong as a test to her own might and for fun.

This was the beginning of Taomin's days.
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Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia
Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia

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The Divine Priestess Taomin Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Divine Priestess Taomin   The Divine Priestess Taomin EmptyFri Jul 12, 2019 5:20 pm

Feral 2: Death Wish - Any Takers?

Some girl sat in an area surrounded by tall grass, the wind got caught in her hair and gave a slight breeze. She smiled as she touched her wounds. She had got them bandaged up once more, she had double the strength the second time around so it wouldn't be so bad. She was looking for a fight. She needed to get strong so what better way then to live on the edge of life and dead.

Some Girl: "..."

Taomin flashes in as a blur of red and black, her red eyes gleaming "... Yo." She scowls a bit, scratching the back of her head.

Some Girl: "Hi."

The girl looked at her wrist, she picked up her sword and she held it in front of Taomin.

Some Girl: "The Angel of the Airs... Is Light itself. The light that reside within my heart."

That girl unsheathed her sword and she took her stance. "Your move."

Taomin brought her sword, Makkani, the evil twin blade into her hand, licking the two blades protruding in the same direction from the handle, "Whatever~! I guess I'll just have to..." She pulled out a talisman from her cuffs, holding it ready, walking slowly toward that girl, ready for anything.

The girl pulled out her katana, she threw it into the air -- the water molecules that were being moved out of the way were drawn to the sword. The water molecules were stripped from the oxygen within the area of the sword. She crossed her hands over one another. She took out the water molecules from the oxygen in the area surrounding Taomin. The water that now rested at her feet, connected rapidly together created a ice spear, as the other water molecules connected with the ones directly across from her body. So basically two spears shot up toward Taomin aiming to stab her in her chest.

Tao's eyes gleamed as she slightly leapt into the air, flipping one of the blades of her double bladed sword downward to the opposite side to make it a double sided sword and spun it at a high speed, placing a talisman on it from her cuff, which was a Water Talisman. Therefore it absorbed the water element, meaning that once the sword broke down the ice, it would then absorb the ice into it and store it for energy within the infinite depths of it. Tao landed, turning her sword back into the double bladed twin sword side so that she could hold it like a normal sword again "Hm.. Well. That was slightly annoying." She walked slowly toward the girl some more, the original talisman still in her hand. She sighed "Let's see what else you can do... Before I show you what I can do..." She smirked again, eyes gleaming quite brightly.

Some Girl: "I can't really say anything cool at this moment so here I go."

She stopped to laugh at herself but she quickly charged forward. The girl quickly leaped into the air, "Tora!" a chunk of earth ripped itself from the ground and began to mold itself into a large bat. "Earth Lotus!" The bat's body was covered into small lotus flowers, the center had small sharp like rocks within them. This girl raised her hand into the air and the petal fell onto the battle field. As the bat flew higher the petals grew heavy. The gal smirked as the bat swooped around to grab her. She landed on it back carefully, the petal turned into sharp spikes that were all aiming at Taomin; thousands of them. She would either have to destroy them all which would be difficult or try to climb out of the shower of sharp spikes.

Tao smiled, flipping the talisman that was already in her hand. It was a Barrier talisman. She placed it in front of her, it 'sticking' to the air, signaling that Tao was protected. The barrage of spikes would all hit the invisible barrier around Tao right now and when the onslaught was over, the talisman dissipated, since it was one of those 'one time use per talisman' sort of ones. "Aw, dammit. I hate fliers... Looks like I'm gonna have to take this to the sky... SHADOW!!" Tao's shadow peeled up from the ground and bursted into a 3 dimensional shadow of Taomin with gleaming red eyes and markings identical to Tao's. "Here, take this Possession and Explosion talismans... You know what to do with them." Shadow nodded, giving a wide, gleaming smile, absorbing several talismans into itself before shooting straight up into the air like a geyser, past the clouds... Tao, herself readied her sword, staring at ole girl. "Demons... Go forth." Taomin scraped her sword on the ground, slashing in the direction of the girl and from the scrape came several translucent, dark, orb-like demons with gaping mouths all barreling at Aya. Tao kept a defensive stance, just in case...

But in the end, the girl was too injured to continue. "GAH!!" she cried, as Taomin and her Living Shadow watched Some Girl get torn to shreds by the dark orb demons.

"GYAAAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!" Taomin laughed, as the Living Shadow's markings glowed with power.

"But, that wasn't enough for Tao," Taomin said to herself, her Living Shadow retracting down and peering over Taomin's shoulder; a wide, bright, toothy grin was on its face and its eyes flashed red as Taomin had another thought. "Let's go fuck someone else up, yeah?! BYAAAHAHAHAHA!!"

Taomin's Living Shadow nodded obligingly and returned to the ground, waiting for Tao to go feed it more Negativity -- which it consumed.
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Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia
Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia

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The Divine Priestess Taomin Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Divine Priestess Taomin   The Divine Priestess Taomin EmptyFri Jul 12, 2019 6:58 pm

Feral 3: A Calm Fight

Some other girl would been seen standing in an area surrounded by lush, green grass and the sky quite clear above her. She would await an opponent, her glasses sliding off her face.

In a blur of red and black, Taomin appears, flipping her wild, long and spiky hair from out of her face, red eyes gleaming and a mischievous smile on her face. "Well, well, well! What do we have here?"

The girl would turn around to Taomin and look straight up, speaking lightly and unsure, "Um... H-hi, would you care for a battle...?"

Tao cackled a bit before she eyed this girl up and down, "You want a fight, do ya? Heh. Where I come from, no one ever asks ME for a battle..." She turned her head a bit, muttering under her breath, "but then again, no one from where I came from is left... heh heh heh..." She turned back to the girl. "If you're ready to go... Then let's go." Tao drew her double twin bladed sword from its hilt on her waist, a hand on her hip.

Some Girl: "Okay, h-here it goes..."

After those words, her eyes instantly slit and her body ceased it's shivering, but instead she entered a more concentrated stance. She put up both her hands, open palmed as she began to seize control of the air particles and molecules around her. She began thrusting her palms continuously toward Tao, sending thousands of air blasts and slicing winds toward her at incredible speeds trying to rip her apart. Since it was air, it was of course invisible... And the girl's eyes were fixated on Taomin's every move.

Tao smirked. "Dunno what the hell you do, but let me take some precautions..." A black talisman shot up into her hand from one of her cuffs, a shielding one. She flung it in front of her and a barrier around her formed. Naturally, the blasts would cease movement when they made contact with the shield, and once the barrage was over, the talisman dissipated.

Tao was now on the move in a blur of red and blackness, her feet moving so silently that is was as if she weren't there anymore. She threw several more talismans at the feet of the girl, however they had the writing of 'JOKE' on the front of them. On the back, however, was 'Explosive', meaning that they were explosive talismans that would... well... explode on Tao's command. However the explosion would be delayed because of Tao having 'JOKE' on the talisman. They would all explode at the same time, hopefully engulfing the girl in flames.

The girl would emerge from the explosion in the sky, waving her hands about, creating a shield of air protecting her from the explosion. Her glasses no longer on her face, but in her pocket protector on her chest, she was able to see every movement made by Tao thanks to her X-Sight, and the girl would locate her as well. She would appear on the ground in a kneeling position via extreme speeds with her fist hitting the ground. The girl made various concentrated explosion of Black Flames appear all around Tao and manipulated the air particles around the explosions to give them a pulling sensation, making them suck Tao into the many explosion all around her with great force hoping to either pull her into incineration or even pull her apart.

Tao laughed, "Is that all you've got?" Her demonic strength allowed her body to stay intact quite a long time, even with such suction, and even allowed her to move freer than most would under such conditions. She threw up some talismans into the air and watching it get sucked in, however not burning. They were Yield talismans, making the suction as well as the fire completely and utterly stop. She emerged burnt area, looking quite unfazed. "Alright... Now, let's see... What can I do...? Oh. Yeah. This." She stabbed her sword into the ground, more specifically, her shadow, and her shadow expanded across the area, making huge spikes shoot up from everywhere her shadow was covering, which was right now 30 feet, however it continued to expand, making more spikes.

"De Hasta... " were the words the girl uttered whilst she stuck her fist into the ground, ceasing the molecules in the ground and creating a giant gaping trench that stretched for about a mile. Keeping the shadow from around her, it only made the shadow sink into the ground. The words she uttered were the incantation for her spell which would drastically slash the reaction time of the person casted on which -- happened to be Tao. The girl then ceased control of water molecules in the air around Tao and harden them making them into large shards of ice that would begin pelting at her from every angle possible at greater speeds, trying to pierce, slash and stab her.

Tao may not have had the reactionary time to respond, however Tao's living shadow did, and being a living shadow, it could move at will... and peel itself up from the ground. It bypassed the hole and attacked the girl by stabbing upward with spikes. Now, since the shadow originated from Tao, it was around Tao and could freely protect her. As the water molecules tried to stab at Tao, her shadow wrapped around her and forced them off of her. The shadow also grabbed a talisman from off of Tao and pasted it on her... It was a Seal talisman, meaning that it sealed the spell that was on her, and only that spell that had been cast. Tao cracked her neck, "What, you thought those talismans were only for attacking purposes? Heh... Heh heh. Now, let's go." Tao pulled another talisman from her cuff, which was a water talisman, meaning it would absorb the ice and any attacking water molecules to gain power. She pasted it on her sword as he shadow unwrapped her, still pursuing to attack that girl. Tao ran at the girl, a talisman in hand and sword in the other. She was crouched lower to the ground than usual, running across her shadow, which allowed her a slightly... different movement, as well.

The girl would change the air between herself and the shadow spikes into a wall of cold plasma, protecting her from the attack. She then knelt on the ground, her hands outward as she began to shoot out strings of her Manna only visible through molecular vision, which would try to attach to Tao's molecules going towards her at extreme speeds. The girl would await Tao's attack, ever vigilantly watching her movements along with keeping an eye on her shadows as well -- secretly keeping something in store.

The next step Tao took made her sink into her shadow quite swiftly, however she continued moving, avoiding the strings, but not because she knew of them -- because that was her original plan all along. Still, if the strings were to touch her shadow, she had something in store... Tao's shadow had by now made several bends and turns all across the area, even through the air, since it had previously peeled itself up from the ground. Tao popped up from somewhere near the girl slightly, slashing at her with her sword, however since there was a wall of plasma between the two, there was only one thing the sword could do to make contact; absorb the plasma! This sword absorbed most any energy, so it would not be a problem. The talisman that was on it before had gone, however. Taomin placed two talismans on the sword after sinking back into her shadow... A Seal talisman and a Shield talisman. Tao flung several of every talisman in her shadow, now, as well. Tao's shadow seemed to be heading toward the sky, taking Tao there with it for some odd reason. Every so often, an Explosion talisman would shoot from the shadow randomly at that girl to keep her busy while Tao stayed on the move.

Some Girl: "None of that..."

Once Taomin came in close contact, she would get bombarded by billions of strings constructed by the girl's Manna. This girl would then manipulate Tao's arm, making her miss the wall of plasma. The Girl then attempted to send a pulse of her Manna down the strings in an attempt to erase her via particles and molecules whilst trying to rip Tao apart with super powerful strength -- even with her super powerful demon body -- due to her ability to change the molecular structure of her muscles. She was dumb strong... and powerful enough.

Tao felt something wrong with her, though it would be easily fixed through a few talismans... However, she couldn't move her arms to get them. "Fine. SHADOW! Seal!!" The shadow of Taomin pulled out several Seal Talismans and placed them over Tao's body, nullifying the affects of the strings on her for as long as the talismans were on her as well as sealing up and repairing any damage done to Tao so far by sealing up her molecules. Tao now made several slashes at the girl since she was so close and the strings had no effect, absorbing the Plasma Wall and hopefully slashing the girl enough to absorb her energy as well. Soon after, Tao was shot upward into the sky by her shadow, which jutted from the ground to carry her, having several of every talisman sink into her shadow...

Since Tao was half way sunken into her shadow to begin with therefore being merged with it, being erased molecule by molecule would have allowed the shadow to react by then filling itself in Tao's place as each molecule were to be torn from her, and these manna strings would not be able to touch Tao's shadow due to the sole fact that it was not made of molecules, yet it could hold a physical shape since it is alive and flexible, and even then, the shadow pulled out a healing talisman to place on Tao's body so that her actual form would very slowly take shape once again.

So, in the end, Tao keeps her shape and ensues with what she was doing when she realized that the strings were touching her, which is indeed why she called her shadow and yadda yadda yadda... *SPLORTCH!*

Some girl is dead.

"Man, what trash," Taomin said as she severed her prey, "She had good moves, but she couldn't take a hit." Taomin smirked, then melded back into her Living Shadow, which drew itself inward to a point and then plopped itself out of existence.
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Feral 4: Battle For Taomin. Come on!

Taomin walked along the side of the beach, scowling at this new place she had come across "Ugh... I hate this place so much... Why the hell didn't I stay back in my old forest? Or hell, even the temple within that forest tainted by my--" She coughed a bit, hacking loudly and very... well... in a way that looked like it hurt "... SHIT. Where did that come from?"

An angel warps in and stands next to Taomin. "You Okay?"

She looked over to the newcomer, scowling; "Damn straight I'm okay. Who the hell are you?" She drew her sword. "Ahhh... Another one, I would assume, eh? Heh... A guy, this time. Hey... You... What's your name?" She smiled deviously, wrapping her arm around him just slightly, rubbing a finger up and down his back, putting away her sword.

Angel: "Uuuuuuum... I'm an angel. What's with this chick? And you are?"

She licked her lips a bit, pressing her chest up to the angel, "Who am I? Let's find out..." She wrapped a leg around him. "Heh heh... Taomin. What brings you here?"

Angel: "...Uh ... I... Shit... What did I come here for? Oh yeah, I was just wandering around when I saw you."

Tao laughed a bit, slapping him on his back a few times, talismans flying from her as she heartily giggled. "Just happened to see me, huh? Good stuff... Well. I happen to see you now and I like what I'm seeing..." She slapped him on his chest just a bit, pulling him closer with her leg, "So... What so happened to... 'interest' you in me, eh? What is it you want from me... Boy? And state yourself FULLY... I would looove to know..." She patted him just a few more times, then stroked him a bit...

Angel: "I don't know... Just seeing you here alone seemed a bit odd... Thought you could use some company. ... This girl is something else..."

Tao smiled, eyes gleaming, "Angel, eh? Heh heh... Cute. Reminds me of the folks of old..." She stroked his chin and gave one push to push him away, her demonic strength most likely making him go back some feet. "Well. It was nice meeting you, but um, I came here for a battle. You can consider it won already. I've placed an unnamed amount of Sealing Talismans onto and into your body, most of them seeped straight into your source of power and energy, meaning you cannot use or muster up any sort of energy or abilities whatsoever, ya dig? They should wear off in a couple of hours, but um, right now, I'm feeling pretty good about myself. Sayonara, Angel. Next time we meet, I'll make it a little bit more fun... In ANY way you want..." Her eyes gleamed a burning, demonic red once again, she smiled, winked and disappeared with a blur of red and blackness, leaving no trace that she was there.
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Feral 5: Ranking Tao

Taomin randomly... ran.. somewhere. She looked around. "... Where the hell...? Well shit. I just came here and don't know where I am. What the hell am I supposed to do? Ha. I'll just sit, or something." She propped herself up against one of the trees in the area.

An orb almost see-through appeared floating in a spot randomly a few yards in front of the lazy sitting girl. The appearance seemed to look like raging water that was disturbed, moving rapidly, seeming to not having a chance to escape. The inter-center began to hold a blue glow within it. The glow would grow and intensify, suddenly engulfing the entire watery orb. It was frozen solid. But something was moving in the center -- a shadowy cloth moving in the center also -- yet the orb was frozen; how could this happen? Within seconds the frozen orb dropped to the ground, shattering and sending the ice shards everywhere around the field. The shadow substance gathered together to form a figure. The figure was indeed the Enigma with another flashy entrance. He would stand facing the girl, an oxygen mask in one hand over his mouth. He moved the mask away from his mouth, placing it on his side as it would disappear from his hand. He looked at the girl and smiled. "Greetings, I'll be your proctor if you are looking for a ranking exam." he told the lazy girl.

Tao stared at the guy, confused. "... The hell? Ranking exam? For what? What the hell would you be ranking me for, anyway? As a matter of fact, why the hell WOULD you rank me? SOMEONE BETTER ANSWER SOME QUESTIONS AROUND HERE. I keep hearing talks of Genin and Chuunin... What the hell are those? Ninja?" Tao smiled. "Whatever. Ranking exam? That's what you call this thing? I don't know what the fuck the repercussions are for this, but hell, I'll do this little 'ranking exam' you're talkin' about." Tao brought out her twin bladed sword, switching it to the double sided sword mode, one of the sword blades flipping down like a switch blade.

"Fucking great... Someone who asks too many questions, and is a bitch... God let's hope I have brain cells left before the match is over..." The Enigma held his hands out in front of him as they began to deform into a smoke-like strange way, orbs seen. As the arms of the Enigma deformed into a smoke substance, four rather large ghostly hands appeared behind him all rotating strangely. "I'll give you the starting move..." The large hands appeared to have telekinetic and distortional energy surrounding the ghostly figures of them.

Tao smiled, her demonic markings all over her body gleaming once before dimming again. "Sweet. Alright, alright... Let's get this show on the road." Tao would stab her sword into the ground, bringing it up in an upward slash from the ground towards the Enigma. Some orb-like demons with gaping mouths shot out from the slash in an attempt to devour the smoke ball things. Naturally, they would be kamikaze sort of demons that were disposable and would die for Tao, so it was fine to use them as scapegoats. Tao then pulled out five Talismans, each of them different, and held them in secret like some sort of... poker game. She took a stance, her shadow elongating...

One of the leaders of the Deep looked at Taomin from the air, and the Enigma who was ranking her. She wanted to see how this genin would do, seeing that she had a powerful dark aura similar to her own. "Hmm, let's see how she is..."

The Enigma looked at Taomin and her beaming slash that was incoming towards him. Using the energy from the hands behind him, the ground in front of him instantly shot up. Being rather thick, it would serve as a wall for the kamikaze demons. After the attack was over, the rock returned into the ground. The Enigma would then swing his ghostly gas like arms which flailed the dark orbs in the purple smoke at the ground which caused a fissure to occur. The weight of those orbs were unknown but within the smoke their density was lost, but with any contact with anything would receive the full throttle of the orbs.

Tao smirked, jumping high into the air. Now, Tao could not fly and would have to come back down sometime... Or, perhaps not. She flung a talisman which then floated in mid air and she landed on it. "Barrier." It was a barrier talisman, obviously, however instead of a sphere or dome barrier, it was a flat barrier that Tao would be allowed to float on like a hoverboard. "Since I'm up here... Why don't you do a little bit of dirty work, Shadow?" Tao's Living Shadow began to move on its own, zipping across the surface of the ground at a high speed, looking for other shadows to absorb. It would find any and all other shadows to suck in... except for the proctor's, for some reason. Then it would go into hiding, camouflaging itself as some random inanimate object. Tao pulled out HELLA talismans from her cuffs and threw them, all of them flying downward like darts to the ground and before making impact, exploding around the Enigma's general area. Tao's Barrier talisman would not go away until it was hit by something, meaning she could stay in the air for quite a while. She had her sword gripped tightly in case of attack.

As the Enigma saw the shadow moving on the ground, it reminded him that he could, too materialize through objects. However, he didn't know what those talismans possessed, so naturally the Enigma stuck with his normal moves. Yet he had three curses, but only two seemed appropriate to use at the moment. Motioning the hands to close in on himself, they did so, leaving an after trail of where they were showing their speed. From this, the hands' palms faced outside as the other side faced the Enigma's body. This was to maximize his curse attack. As the large ghostly hands started to form a green faint layer on the outline, within seconds, the green energy became a more electrical appearance.  "Curse Spell!" the Enigma managed to say while thinking of something dying, which made this curse jutsu work. Now anything that this touched would burst and disappear from reality, in a way. If a living thing would touch this, they'd instantly die. Yet the Enigma wasn't aiming to kill the rankee. In fact, he never killed someone within ranking processes. Now, the greenish flames burst through the air, splitting into several more flame-like energy in a flame's appearance. They moved rather quickly, which made dodging this attack deadly -- only blockable -- and whatever was used to block the curse jutsu would, like anything else besides living things, burst and disappear. This green energy flew at the falling talismans and collided with mostly all of them making them turn to dust. As some of the green energy managed to bypass a few talismans, they disappeared and continued towards Taomin. The Enigma was chuckling from the inside of his hand like barrier; the hands would not loosen from their barrier like state.

Tao abruptly stopped in midair, making the barrier on her feet face the oncoming attack and block it. Naturally, because of its power, it should break through quickly, but Tao had enough time to continue to dodge. She cartwheeled downward, slapping talismans of the Barrier class so that she could keep on cartwheeling downward without falling and losing balance. Tao's living shadow zipped about and grabbed Tao, sucking her into the shadow. The shadow then spat up Tao halfway, making a mirror image on the ground as a shadow. "Now for some fun." Tao pulled out some talismans, as did the shadow, and they were thrown in the exact same way, however the talismans spread in different places -- some were underground due to being thrown by the shadow. They were mirroring images. Tao focused on the Enigma now...

Since the hands wouldn't loosen the grip of the barrier they made to protect the Enigma, and when the talismans would collide with the hands, they would slowly disappear and reappear within a matter of seconds; it was like an undying comrade to help you in tight situations. Naturally as the talismans from all angles collided with the hands they would instantly explode, yet the Enigma, not wanting to get in the mix of the explosion that would also happen within the barrier, moved the smoke to the sides as they would spray through holes made from the explosions on the hands. The ghostly hands fell and shattered into purple like glass. However it would then later reform and shape into the hands again but it would take awhile. "Hm... You're quite good..." The Enigma would now stick to his basics like lifting debris from the shattered ground that the talismans would have made and explosions from other rocks earlier in the battle. These rocks would then fly at Taomin at various directions and speeds ranging from fast to slow for some reason. The Enigma would then be seen charging a energy within his palms.

Tao swiftly changed images. Now, technically, the actual Tao was the shadow and the Shadow had taken Tao's place above the surface of the ground instead of on it. "Cool, huh?" The shadow, having no definite form, expanded its body and wrapped around the rocks, shooting them back at Unknown with Talismans attached to them, these talismans being Seal, Barrier and Explosion. If they were to hit, it would be bad for the Enigma in a way, and if he attacked it, then at least the barrier would stop the attacks until it got to him. Tao then reverted back to normal, being spat out by her shadow. "Ha. I do take pride in that, guy. And now..." Tao flung a talisman at a tree. "Live." The tree suddenly came to life, growing an evil face and its branches becoming claws. It was now a demon tree. It spat out Will-o-Wisp balls at the Enigma, which had a very special ability that normal Will-o-Wisp balls would not have. The tree's roots tried to wrap up the Enigma's legs, as well.

"I still don't know what these talisman things do... Seems dangerous... I think I'm done with her ranking..." The Enigma released the energy in his gas like hands -- which turned out to be another curse jutsu -- which burns anything into nothing. Since the energy was charging within Unknown's gas like smoke hands for quite a handsome amount of time, the energy wouldn't be released as mere beams unless he wanted to later, but he would release the energy as a sphere around him, expanding and destroying everything within his position of getting near him in a twenty foot radius. The talismans and the rocks would turn the dust within a matter of seconds. The the tree branches would either decay into dust and travel throughout the entire tree or repel away after a root or something got obliterated. The hands of Unknowns that were destroyed from earlier reformed and were recreated around Unknown. His hands would now return to normal than the smoke like appearance.

Tao pouted. "Yo! What's the matter! I thought we were fighting here!" She tapped her foot, moving toward Unknown in a blur of black and red, "What's the big idea?"

"Your ranking exam is now at an end... I have the necessary observations that I needed to see what rank you are... You did quite well...." The large hands disappeared also right after the Enigma's speech. "Now... Good day, Taomin..."

Tao cocked her head. "Eh? It's over? What did I get? Super fantastic awesome bitch, or some shit? Wonder what the perks of this 'ranking exam' are..."

The Enigma looked at the girl and smiled, nodding his head. He knew his Leader and Taomin would hold some similarity. "Jounin. Jounin is your rank; they are given to tough people, and you're one of them..."

Tao smirked. "Good shit. That means I can make all the weak peons bow to me, right? Heh heh... Let me go fuck with em right now... Thanks, guy. I'm not from here and I don't know what all this shit actually means, but if I get to beat people, I'm gonna do it. Later." Tao took off silently in a blur of black and red.

The Deep Leader looked down, intrigued, at this display of power the young one possessed. "Hmm, she seems promising, In more ways than one. Hehehe.~" She would disappear in a flash of silvery, something.
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Feral 6: Third Bout; The Angel & His Spirit vs. Taomin

The angel from before floated in the air, his spirit spiraling around him as they await their opponent.

Angel: "... Tick tock..."

Spirit: "You're really trying to strengthen yourself?"

Angel: "... Indeed..."

Tao happened to be in the area... When she noticed someone here. "Oh? Who could this be...?" She walked closer, ready for some mischief, when she noticed that it was... Someone that she already knew. "Haha. You. Angel, was it? Heh heh heeeeh... I remember you. Good times, huh? Good times..."

The angel's face, showing no emotion, looked to the familiar girl. "... Taomin... Correct? How are you?" A purple aura swirled at his feet as he spoke.

Tao smirked, stretching a bit, her clothes becoming tighter on her than normal. "Ooooh, I'm just fine. Yeah, ever since the last time we met up, I have just been soooo... Booored..." She licked her fingers a bit. "I could always use some entertainment, you know~!"

The angel brushed his hair away from his face as he closed his eyes. "... Entertainment... I hope you mean a battle..."

Taomin laughed a bit. "Hm. I told you last time after what I did to you that I'd give you a battle... Unless you'd like that to happen to you again~?" Some talismans appeared in Tao's fingers and she smirked.

A smirk crossed the angel's face, then quickly faded. "... I don't like repeating mistakes... Spirit, Form..."

The spirit comes to the angel's hand as his eyes glow purple.

Tao's eyes gleamed with a demonic light. "Spirits? You think of using spirits on a demonic priestess? You may not make the same mistakes... But you sure do enjoy making new ones." Tao brought out her twin bladed sword, Makkani, and four Talismans to be held between her fingers. "Whenever you are ready, hot stuff."

Angel: "... Unity..."

That minute, he thrust his spirit into his chest, a tremendous and unusual amount of abnormal energy exerts itself through out the battlefield.

Angel: "... I like this feeling... Time to see what I can do."

Tao sighed, "Are you quite finished? I'm gonna commence in whooping your ass now." Tao flung a talisman into the air, and without a trace, it seemed to disappear. A second later, an endless barrage of talismans rained down from the sky, exploding once they made contact with something, lighting up the whole field quite quickly. Tao just held her blade over her shoulder, ready, still smiling.
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Taomin sat in a forest on a tree branch, reminiscing on her old village that was hidden deep within the forest... She remembered seeing some sort of dog demon... with white hair... and a big ass sword... What was it, InuYa-- She quickly turned her head. She was from that period, after all, but her memory was shot on how she got HERE. Fuck, this was weird. Better take it out on some random peon, then.

A militant official's face poked out of the trunk of the tree in which Taomin sat. "Looking for a fight?" he said rather hoarsely, "I'm happy to oblige." He grinned as a loud clink was heard somewhere in the distance, something like metal hitting metal. It was hard to tell where it came from with all the trees in the way.

Tao stood, placing a talisman on herself, "Fine. But don't blame me if something happens to you." She smirked, then in a blur of black and red, she was gone. She didn't make noise or leave traces of her presence when she ran, so finding her while she was running would be hard. The trees didn't rustle. The grass didn't flatten. The wind didn't blow when she ran at such a speed. The only way for the military man to know where she is was to actually see her. Secretly, she was placing several talismans on every tree she passed at an insane rate.

Submerging himself back into the trunk, the Lieutenant could see the girl perfectly through each of the trees she touched. His face protruded on each one she passed. "Where are you going... Girl?!" Ahead of Taomin, the trees began to interlock their branches creating a solid five foot thick wall of wood. The same would be happening on her right side forcing the girl to either turn back or go left. Again the clank of metal was heard in the distance. "Don' blame me huh?" the man's voiced echoed as if all the trees in the forest spoke, the path behind Taomin slowly began to close up.

Taomin snickered. "Wherever the hell I want to go. Got a problem with it? Take it up with these fiery explosions." Tao had placed on each of the trees a Seal talisman -- which obviously sealed all abilities, and naturally, would lock the Lieutenant inside of the tree for as long as the talisman was on -- and an Explosion talisman. So, not only was the man locked in a tree until the talisman wore off or got destroyed, he was also gonna explode. All of the OTHER talismans on the trees were Explosion talismans, you see, and when fire comes in contact with a tree, well... It's not pretty. Of course, having this set up from the start, but not expecting the military man to go into the trees, Tao had placed a Barrier talisman on herself, meaning that when all of these explosions went off, the invisible barrier dome would keep her protected as she ran. Naturally, if powers and abilities were sealed on all of the trees, the man SHOULDN'T be able to do a thing with them, making Tao's passage quite sweet and simple. The entire forest ignited, Tao's crazed laughter being heard in the background.

With the trees blown to smithereens, seemingly with the Lieutenant 'inside', nothing but flames licking chunks of bark and splinters of wood fell as they rained all around Taomin. Though the bases of the trees were gone... Their roots remain. "You didn't honestly think that'd work did you?" The trees in the surrounding area began to regrow at an abnormally fast rate. The Lieutenant stepped out of one just beneath Taomin completely unscathed, cracking his joints he flicked his wrist sending all of the thousands of burning wooden debris Taomin had created back at her from virtually every direction. "You destroy my forest...I will show little restraint toward you." With that, the earth around the Lieutenant rose into a granite dome.*

Tao scoffed, letting her Barrier Talisman around her do the work until everything was gone, it dissipating. "Gah... You bitch. You're gonna be really fucking annoying." She pulled out some Siphoning Talismans, EARTH written on them in Kanji. They all floated as she threw them, connecting into a whip of talismans. She flung it, whipping at the granite dome, whatever earth it did touch would be absorbed into the talismans as pure energy, making the granite all weak, or if she continued to hit it, the granite would quickly disappear. She then pulled out four talismans, placing them between her fingers of her free hand.

The Lieutenant silently descended upon Taomin from above. Under cover of the dome, he used immersion on a tree root to shift his position into a large chunk of wood that bounced off of Taomin's barrier. He was on her like a falcon on a rabbit, the detached blade whipping toward the back of her neck like a viper. Since her attention was elsewhere, namely destroying the decoy dome, it'd be difficult to completely dodge the attack.

Being a demon, Tao was very aware of her surroundings, especially when she had other means of seeing... Something grabbed the blade, ceasing its movement from touching Tao's neck; it was her Living Shadow. Tao's red eyes gleamed as she slapped a Seal talisman on the blade, sealing the Lieutenant's power as long as he held it. Not to mention, it's not like he could get it off. Tao's talismans were sealed with more than just sticky paper, you know... He would have to wait for the Seal talisman to wear off itself before he could take it off, or destroy it by other means. The whip talismans broke off and fell to the ground; since they were earth talismans and the ground was earth... They would begin to absorb the very ground. Eventually all of the trees in the area would have to fall. Now it was time for the four talismans in her hand... One Earth talisman, one Plant talisman, one Seal talisman and one Explosion talisman. She drew her double bladed sword, flipping it like a switchblade so that one of the two blades on the hilt would go to the opposite side of the other and become a double sided blade instead of just a double blade. She pasted these talismans on her sword, giving it all of the abilities of the talismans, plus its own abilities. She smiled, as well as her Living Shadow before it pasted itself back on the ground, condensing itself near Tao's legs. "So, guy... You wanna try anything else?"

The Lieutenant didn't care about the blade... At all. It was another set-up. Since his body was still moving toward Taomin, the chain behind the blade whipped forward viscously and erratically clipping Taomin on her neck, like a noose. "Tectonic Plating! Lead!" The Lieutenant curled into his ridiculously heavy lead boulder passing Taomin as he headed for the ground...except he never reached it. Since Taomin had stopped the blade by whatever means she had, it was left suspended where it was . This made lead weight Lieutenant pull the chain around Taomin's neck so that it would be instantaneously crushed and snapped. The boulder swung beneath Taomin like a pendulum.

To any normal person, their neck would have been crushed and snapped, but thanks to the demonic strength of Taomin, all it did was made her gag. "Gh!... Gah..." She swung the Lieutenant around on her neck, having the chain get off of her neck, and with the help of her shadow, it came off. The shadow's hand held the chain as Tao sent several Sealing and Yielding talismans up to it, a few sticking on the chain to keep it from doing anything and the rest crawling up at a fast pace, headed for the Lieutenant. If a Sealing talisman got on him, he would have no way to do any attack other than physical hand to hand, and if he got a Yield one on him, he wouldn't be able to do anything. The shadow then let go of the chain, hoping the talismans would do their work. Tao scoffed, her red markings and eyes glowing, "You're really pissing me off to no end..." Her sword flipped back into its normal position and she stabbed it into her shadow "Shadow... You know what it's time for..." It began to create an aura around her... somewhat like that of a lava lamp... The shadow flowing upward and into an oblivion of shadow above Tao. She began to mutter something, talismans of each kind floating around her body, at least three of each...

The spear shaft slipped from its slot in the boulder, leaving it to be dealt with by the talismans for now. It served its purpose for the moment and would be retrieved later. "HAH!" Because of the Lieutenant's weight, he quickly went toward the ground, but decided to break apart his shell for the next course of action. The lead formed into balls the size of 9mm bullets, swarming in the tens of thousands, maybe even in the hundreds of thousands. Landing in a nearby tree -- one of the ones he regrew earlier -- keeping both eyes on Taomin, the lead bolted toward her at break neck speeds easily reclaiming the spear and weaving through the talismans. The balls went for every portion of Taomin's body from nearly all possible angles except one... The blind spot just above the right of her head. Meanwhile, the Lieutenant had once again disappeared.

Tao was surrounded by floating barriers of all kinds, therefore meaning that there were at least three Barrier talismans and three Yield talismans about, as well as three Earth talismans, meaning the bullets would never get through. If the barrier didn't stop them, the earth would absorb them, and if the earth didn't absorb them, the yield would DEFINITELY stop them. Not to mention there was a Space-Time freezing talisman that Tao had, so three of them were out, too. Basically, Tao was surrounded in almost the ultimate defense. It only took one, and that was an Earth talisman to devour the bullets whole. Tao's talismans then spun around her body quite violently, as it seemed the summoning was done. "My evil... My Shadow... My corruption... My demon... I transfer your power into this blade to unlock and forever open... The Door of the Damned." She stabbed her sword into the shadow, a large door appearing in front of her and on the ground. Both doors had giant mouths as their entrance, and when these mouths opened, a seemingly infinite amount of demonic, spiritual hands shot out of them. Even if the Lieutenant had disappeared, these hands locked onto his soul, and would forcefully rip it from his body if they were to even brush past his body, leaving it lifeless. Naturally, not all of them tried to go after him, however. Only all of them from one door. The other door had some stay near Tao, just in case he came back so that they would have quick access to his body. Tao's eyes had almost fully become red and her red markings continuously glowed on her, yet she still kept her arrogant smirk on her face while exerting so much power.

"Do you...even know where you are? Who you are fighting?" The Lieutenant's gruff voice sounded from every direction, the forest was oddly silent. The earth had stopped getting absorbed and the trees returned. The lead balls instantly froze where they were, unaffected by the talismans as they kept their distance. Whatever the Earth talismans devoured only multiplied the lead balls. He wasn't that foolish. The Lieutenant had uncovered his left eye in the midst of confusion, in fact it was before he even attacked; it was when he broke out of tectonic plating. Since his special eye technique was always active, it cast the entire area under a genjutsu... The lead balls included, which is why they multiplied. Hell, half of them probably weren't there to begin with. "Tectonic plating. Diamond." A woman's voice rang out soon after the Lieutenant's. The lead balls seemed to liquefy and merge together, turning clear forming a white diamond sphere around Taomin and her talismans. It could have been the crystallization of the diamond that distorted Taomin's vision but it seemed like a half dozen of the Lieutenant and some strange woman appeared around her. "We will give you one chance to concede."The woman's tattoos glowed a deep red.

Tao scoffed, her voice a bit demonic now, "Huh... Give ME a chance to CONCEDE? Ha. You do not know the likes of whom you are dealing with..." All of Tao's talismans connected to her body and sword, as did her living shadow, wrapping around her, yet her natural markings on her body gleaming a bright red, still, as did her eyes. "If the door doesn't work..." One of the doors then closed and disappeared "... Then perhaps the Forbidden Temple will..." Tao's blade began to resonate, releasing a piercing screeching sort of noise, and even within the genjutsu, the space around changed. A special ability that the Forbidden Temple did was altering the space of things around it so that things appeared in its location, so technically, it was not being summoned, but a portal was opened up to it, stretching space out around it, therefore once inside of the spot where this Temple was, the genjutsu would wear off. The Forbidden Temple... One of Tao's most powerful abilities. Its doors opened, and it began to suck in anything and everything around it. If the Lieutenant touched the slowly growing space that Tao was now within that harbored the Forbidden Temple, then he would be quite quickly sucked in and trapped in another realm for eternity... Or until Tao got him out.

"Do you?... Nocturne" It was in that instant, the second form of the secret eye technique was activated from both the Lieutenant and Mother's eyes... But since it was difficult to tell where it originated from it seemed to come from everywhere due to the refractions in the diamond; they practically magnified them as well making the light bleed through the thickest of skin. The reaction time to prevent such a maneuver was just shy of impossible. The light completely washed over everything within the sphere, as well as everything outside of it. It resembled a mini-sun and assuredly increased the strength of the Lieutenant's genjutsu fifty fold had Taomin managed to avoid eye contact. That being said, the space that Taomin's temple distorts, remains stable as it under the influence of genjutsu -- which also proves to disable permeation of the sphere via the Lieutenant's choosing. The sucking power that the temple produced would also prove to be quite null due to the construction of the sphere. When pressure or strain is applied to a single part of the sphere -- or any curved surface -- it evenly distributes that force or energy throughout the rest of its surface area. The only thing it would do is spin leaving the Lieutenant to once again vanish.

Even with its intensity, this light could not harm Tao. Her darkness drowned it out, even with such intensity. Light was nothingness to her in this state. Her markings continued to glow... They seemed as if they bled through her shadow that had become her body... And Tao's sword... Tao's sword, which had elongated to double its length, it was hungry. It needed to feed to keep its strength, and when it fed, it fed on any and all energy. Tao slashed her sword about the diamond sphere, having it cut by devouring what the sword touched quickly, then the rest of it getting sucked in like a chain reaction. Tao merely stood in front of the temple, awaiting the Lieutenant now.The Door of the Damned, it was still up. The Forbidden Temple, its spacial portal was still expanding, though because of the genjutsu, it was not distorting, but the portal to the realm in which it was in, that was still expanding. She would flush him out eventually. The Door released more Soul Hands, each of them hovering around a tree, just in case the Lieutenant was in one of those. If a hand touched him, it would destroy him almost instantly. Within a second, his entire body would explode or be rendered and ripped mercilessly. Tao laughed, her pointy toothed smile shining from the darkness of the evil shadow that she now was.

Lieutenant: " the Land of Nocturne."

The area Taomin floated in began to distort as if the color had been drained from the scene. It didn't take long before things appeared in shades of gray. Everything soon started to look like everything else. It was quite easy to lose ones bearings if they weren't careful. The Lieutenant appeared above Taomin, carried in the arms of Mother, the two of them were seen quite clearly even though a bright light shone behind them. The weren't fact nothing had a shadow. This explains why the Lieutenant didn't appear silhouetted. Shadows didn't exist in Nocturne...and neither did Taomin's living shadow. Anything comprised of her shadow element; gone. The jutsu the Lieutenant used was his specialty specific, light was only a vessel in which his abnormal energy travels, meaning she fell into it as soon as it was SEEN. "You may not realize it...but you've been put to sleep. Look at yourself." Mother pointed at Taomin. She would appear quite normal. Her demon mode would be dispersed here due to the lack of any and all shadow. The Lieutenant's jaw dropped as an orb of light began to form in front of it. "Red Shift." From mother's fingers shot ten beams of light, five went down while five went up, the beams quickly wove into a globe containing Taomin and her summons yet again. This time however, the lasers were more intense due to the all the photons in the area. The spirit arms would immediately be diced into oblivion, while the temple pulled the light toward Taomin from all directions; it was actually working against her in this case and only accelerated her demise. Because of the nature of red shift, the lasers would quickly converge onto one point condensing into a red giant.

Tao scoffed, "Puh-lease. This is gonna get annoying. Light absorbing talismans are in order..." She held up five talismans... two being talismans that absorbed light with -- light being an element and Tao had elemental talismans of all kinds -- so when the beams would come near, they would get absorbed into the talismans. Two more were Yield talismans, which stopped everything that they touched completely until they wore off. Naturally, she tried to throw them at the Lieutenant and Mother. The final one was a Barrier Talisman, though it would only activate once Tao was in real danger. She stood in front of the Forbidden Temple. "I dare you... Come close to me. This temple will deal with ya."

"You don't know when to give you." Mother sighed as she saw the Lieutenant in the corner of her eye. She smirked and said... "PRIMAL LIGHT!" The ball of light the Lieutenant had been charging flashed a deep blue and disappeared. In fact all of the light seemed to have disappeared. However this was not the case at all. The light simply became invisible, reverting into a highly concentrated ultraviolet light. Taomin's talismans quickly began to curl under the radiation dosage burning away to dust not long after. The light could not be stopped, nor seen by any means. The radiation soon tore at Taomin's flesh, it would bubble and burn as if it had been baking under the suns rays for decades. It didn't stop there unfortunately, the redshift beams had already converged and condensed into a red giant by now. Though it couldn't be seen, it grew to a massive size, completely overtaking the temple and gate in mere seconds.

Tao's flesh began to bubble, but it was no big deal since she was in her Demon Mode, which didn't require her shadow, but was more powerful than the normal Tao. Tao's body was extremely durable. "Tch. Let's do this, then." Tao stabbed her sword into herself, using it to absorb the rays that hit Tao's body, since the sword ate and absorbed energy. Radiation, being a sort of energy, was not exempt. With that, so long as the sword touched Tao, the radiation would have no effect on her body, and if it did, that's what more talismans were for, and due to the sword, they couldn't be burned until they left Tao's touch. Tao drew some, placing them on her body, but they quickly sank inside of her body as well. Light Absorption, Sealing and Barriers. The Temple, being a spirit, technically, in a sense, could phase in and out of this realm at will. The door, however, could not. The most it could do was close. If the door was taken, Tao still had her temple. "Anymore tricks up your sleeve, or should I just find another way to get rid of it?" She tapped her foot, not even seeming to be trying to attack them anymore. She had talismans for damn near any occasion, and so long as the radiation had no effect on her body, she could use them.

Whether or not Taomin could absorb energy didn't matter, she was being poisoned inside and out. That sword of hers would end up the same way... However, it probably wouldn't get the chance. If Taomin was indeed absorbing all of the energy and light in the area -- since Nocturne is practically made of the stuff -- the following explosion would take place within her body. A massive shockwave emitted from Taomin's general area. It was hard to tell where it came from due to the scale; and since it was invisible it made it even more difficult. What was known is that the rate in which the energy was unleashed was no doubt quicker than it was taken in. That said the Red giant would spread over the thirty mile radius at light speed. The properties of the attack easily obliterating Taomin's Door as well as her insides on a subatomic level. This amount of energy would not be containable by any means, not even the Lieutenant or Mother could stop it. Its a replication of an act of nature; a supernova.

Tao was still standing near the Temple Door, and the Temple also had the special ability to warp space, which is how it appeared when Tao summoned it. As such, it could alter and warp the space quite quickly in and around Tao due to the fact that she was so very very close to it and its power only increased as things got closer to it. It would alter the space in which the explosion was happening within Tao and place it in another space in the area, thus leaving Tao safe for the moment. Next was to save Tao from the explosion. Due to its spacial warping, it could alter the course of the light by again altering space around it, once again leaving it and Tao safe. The final thing, just in case Tao were not safe... Tao herself would use more talismans, these being Yield and Seal talismans, placing them inside of herself to Yield the radiation from getting into her and Seal the effects of the poison and whatnot. She also used some Seal talismans to seal her sword onto her body temporarily to make sure it didn't fall out or get pulled out or anything, and so that the wound she sustained would be closed. Tao laughed a bit, "You want to get rid of the Temple, huh? Well. There is always one way to get rid of it... Get inside." She simple pulled out more talismans, holding them threateningly and smirked, tapping her foot near the doorway to the alternate realm within the Temple.

"We're not going anywhere." The Lieutenant's mouth had closed by now and his muscles had become noticeably lax. Fatigue was starting to set in. "If it's a spiritual connection... Then maybe a spiritual medium can remedy this situation." The Lieutenant glared at Mother. "Don't look at me with those eyes young man!"The Lieutenant snorted at her remark. The Primal Light would last for about 3 more minutes until it disappeared. The two disappeared from view. Since the second part of the secret eye technique had been activated a while ago, the two where practically drenched in abnormal energy. That being the case... They were now invisible. What were they up to now?

Tao's sharp toothed smile was able to be seen, "Don't try it. I really don't suggest it." She could hear extremely well... Demonic attributes increased all of her senses by a hell of a lot as well as reflexes Besides that, she WAS an ex-priestess and current demonic priestess-shaman. Spirits were her specialty, and as such, she had talismans to deal with them. As for the light... "Hm. Maybe an Opposite Talisman for this. I just want to see what happens..." Tao flung the Opposite Talisman, and the special ability of the Opposite Talisman was indeed to transform things into their opposites. THUS, the light would change into shadow. And with Shadow being unable to exist, the light from the Primal Light would be null and ultimately gone. Tao snickered, "Sweet." She drew yet some MORE talismans, these being spirit related. "Becoming a spiritual medium will only end badly, ya know. I've totally got an Exorcism, Condemnation and Soul Swap talisman right here. I'm tellin' ya, don't do it..." She continued to snicker as she talked, pasting the Soul Swap talisman on the Temple just in case.

Even as the light was forced back to normal, just shy of the time primal light time limit, the Lieutenant was still unseen. As far as either of them knew, light made no sound. It seemed the Lieutenant was using Nova burst to get around. However, something more troubling arose. As the light returned to its visible state, masses of light orbs appeared on the Temple, around Tao, and the immediate area between where the Lieutenant had been floating and where Taomin stood. All of it seemed to have been gathering since the light turned invisible, otherwise the amount that appeared -- around the eight hundred thousands -- wouldn't have gotten there otherwise. What Taomin didn't know, was that Mother was more than a mere spirit...but a goddess. The Lieutenant came out of his burst with spinning whirlwind kick to Taomin's abdomen. Even if the kick misses the after effects of the Nova Burst would also have to be dodged by Taomin.

Taomin blocked the kick with her hand, but there was a different effect in which the Lieutenant would not be planning. Tao had a talisman on her palm... This talisman happened to be the second Soul Swap talisman. Two weren't needed, but to specify the two souls that were being swapped, it was usually best to put one on the target. Upon grabbing the kick, the talisman would get stuck to his leg and thus, the Soul Swap would happen. The sword still attached to Tao would absorb the energy from the Nova Burst, since the innards of the sword were abysmal, which explained why it could change its size, summon up spirits, demons, shadows, and absorb energy. The Lieutenant would be swapped with the Temple, thus making him succumb to Tao's will, since she was the sole ruler of the Temple and he was merely trapped within the physical being of the temple. As such, Tao could summon and.. well... Eliminate him at her will. And that's just what she did. "And now, the binding spirits that have connected the Temple to this realm... Heh... I bid you adieu. Once the bond is broken, you can't come back on your own. See ya!" The temple would quickly disperse, most likely taking the Lieutenant's soul along with it. Now, what happened to the body of the Lieutenant, you ask? Well, that's simple. The Temple is a spiritual entity within itself. It generates, sucks in, traps and binds spirits and souls and such, meaning that any one of the spirits it had in its disposal or that it was comprised of would switch places with the Lieutenant's soul and inhabit his body. Naturally, there was still Mother, if she planned on continuing, but then again... even a goddess can fall from grace. Tao whipped out some more talismans and cackled insanely.

"Too perfect." Mother would say coming into view. The Lieutenant was sent forward as more of a sacrifice than anything. He full well knew the repercussions of his actions and planned to be caught in the beginning. Much like Taomin's temple, Mother operated on a different dimensional plane, being a goddess she is forbidden to be on the planet in her true form. Coming out of the Nova burst would naturally spread abnormal energy, of course it was absorbed by the sword inside Taomin. But it was also covering the temple. In fact it was planted inside the temple due to the Lieutenant's soul being there. It's because of these facts that Mother could track where the Lieutenant, Taomin, and the temple were no matter where they went. Mother knew a few things about dimensions too. Mother chuckled a bit as she did various hand signs. "The following procedure is quite delicate... Excuse me." Using the abnormal energy planted inside the temple, it reacted like a virus and would begin rapidly spreading and breaking the spirit down. It was much like a similar technique used by the Lieutenant on occasion...called Abnormal Breakdown. With this happening within the temple itself, the Lieutenant would be the one controlling the temple, and the one controlling him was Mother. As for his body, she naturally already had domain over that through his eye. The body would immediately reject any soul that tried to claim it. To make matters worse, Taomin wasn't exactly safe either. She had "absorbed" quite a bit of abnormal energy herself ever since she got to Nocturne. It simply lay dormant in the light that encased it. Since she was absorbing the stuff within her own body, she would be forced to undergo the same fate as her temple. Abnormal energy having the natural tendency to eat through matter among other things in this case as well, it destroyed the talismans the physical properties of the talismans and spread throughout as well. If anything, you could also call this a soul swap... Or a soul destruction perhaps.

Unfortunately for Mother and the Lieutenant, the Temple being broken down released its void-like vortex innards that maintained all such spirits that had been collected or conjured over the years. "Heh... Now you've done it..." Taomin said as the Temple started to crumble. It literally sucked in EVERYTHING in the area with the strength of a black hole -- Mother and all her Abnormal energy inclusive -- with Taomin's only escape being her Living Shadow. "Sayonara, bitches..." Taomin said under her breath as the entire area was infinitely engulfed by the ever expanding void of the breaking down Temple. It would stop eventually, but not anytime soon. Not that Tao cared; she was already gone -- and so were her opponents.
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Feral 8: You're Outta Ya Vector, You Zetta Sons-A-Digits; Come Fight Me!

In a blur of blackness, Tao silently made her way to this new area, literally making no noise. She smirked and her markings flashed a bright red for a moment as she stared at this... Kid. "I wonder..." was all she said, smirking deviously, grabbing hold of a talisman and her sword.

The child stood back and turned to the mysterious figure. He didn't see her come in nor did he hear her... He didn't need to; he felt her body warmth. "Hi, nice to meet you." He just stood there, not moving a muscle...

Tao snickered. "Meh, whatever. The hell are you doing here? Never seen you, never heard of you... Not that I care much, but... Still." She stretched, pulling out her sword, her breasts perky and plump, jiggling as she stretched. She poked out her lips and sighed, "Yeah, so. I'm kinda... bored. Fix it?" She pulled out the talismans she had her hand on, talismans of... mysteryyyy!

The kid turned to see the eccentric young woman. He quickly noticed her assets. 'Nice pair,' he thought as he scratched his head nervously. The child then created 12 spheres of rotating lunar energy around him. "Shall we begin?" the boy said as he created several huge bear traps made of pure shadows that quickly flew toward Taomin...

Tao scoffed. "Shadow..." Suddenly, eyes gleamed open on her shadow, as did a pearly white smile. It peeled itself from the ground, opening its mouth and detaching itself from Taomin momentarily, devouring and absorbing the shadows that came to it. It then reverted to normal, feeling satisfied. "Ha. Now I'm ready. I think my Living Shadow has gotten some energy, eh?" The shadow's face appeared, and its head peeled from the ground again, Tao petting it like a pet... Well, like a partner entity to her. She flung a talisman at the kid, an Explosion Talisman at that, thus it would explode on contact with something. Tao held five more talismans in her hand, just in case, stabbing her sword into the ground until she needed to use it.

The kid smiled. "Living Shadow eh? I hope he likes the taste of light. Because thats what he'll get If he gets in my way," the boy said as all twelve spheres intercepted the talisman and even after the explosion the kid didn't move one centimeter; the spheres continued there wild rotation and circling of the child. "Come on step it up."

Tao started to laugh hysterically. "Really? Do you want to bet? And for your information, my Living Shadow is a SHE, bitch. I dare you to try anything with light... Go on." Tao flung four of the five talismans she had in her hand, three of them being Sealing talismans and one being a Light Absorption talisman. Naturally, if the Sealing Talisman hit those spheres, that ability would be sealed until the talisman disappeared, and if they hit him, they would seal the first three abilities he attempted to do. Lastly, if the Light Absorption hit, it would... absorb the light. If it hit the boy, it would start to absorb the light within his body. Tao plucked her sword from the ground and looked to her shadow. "Hey... Shadow..." The shadow began to expand in front of her, becoming wide around her and around her immediate area. Tao stabbed her demonic sword into her shadow, the red parts of the blackened twin-blade glowing. After that, all Tao could do was smirk, her red markings glowing, as well as her red eyes...

"Bitch..." the kid said as he lifted his palm listlessly; "Shining Finger!" the boy said as he grabbed each talisman with his right hand and crushed each one of them in his palm. "I don't like you or that shadow." Suddenly a pure sphere of lunar energy appeared on the ground before the child. "Half Moon Salto!" he cried as he kicked the soccer ball shaped sphere toward Taomin that grew in size with each second that was based on moving with great speed and rotation. The kid then leapt into the air, "Lunar Devastation!" In an instant several hundred rays of light slammed down in Taomin's general area...

Tao sighed, quickly flipping out two talismans; "Barrier." Unfortunately for her, Barrier talismans dissipated after use, so they were one time things. That's why she always made a WHOLE LOT OF THEM! As the blasts would hit the barrier around Tao, it would weaken slightly, because repetitive hits weakened it, but it took a LOT to destroy the Barrier. If they were to break through, that's what the second talisman, another Light Absorption talisman was for. It would take in all of the light and store for energy. The Shadow would then spread across the ground even further, the blade of the sword BURSTING out of every nook and cranny of the shadow in every which way, the blades reaching high into the sky, protruding from the shadow. As such, Tao pulled out ten talismans now, placing two within the shadow and one on her sword. She left the other seven in her hand, just waiting to make a move.
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Feral 9: Oh My, It's Been A While...

Tao leapt through trees, completely silent, only appearing as a blur of black and red, barely able to be seen. She was bored. VERY bored. And when Tao was bored, that always meant mischief. Or violence. Heh heh. Finally, she stopped on a tree branch for no apparent reason, sighing "Uuugh. There's nothing to do. Nothing to kill. Nothing to destroy... Just a damn forest." 2 Explosion talismans floated upward from off of Tao and flew off into some trees, igniting and exploding them, making them burst into flames and... well... Be destroyed. "How boring..."

A strange ninja would appear on a tree branch in a tree opposite from Taomin. "Yo"

Tao turned, then smirked. "'Sup, guy?" She drew a few talismans, then stretched, breasts jiggling as she did so, perking up a bit. "Wanna fight, or some shit?" Tao also drew her twin bladed sword, holding the handle of it to point the sword at the ninja. "Who the hell are you, anyway?"

"I'm a shinobi. And sure, let's have a little fun. What is your name, by the way?" the shinobi would draw his sword while saying this.

Tao snickered a bit, "The name's Taomin. Heh, not that it's of any importance, guy. What IS of importance is..." Tao's Living Shadow on the ground moved toward the shinobi's tree silently, trying to consume it and him in one big gulp, naturally it would also eat any and all darkness within him upon contact because of its powers, "... What I plan to do to you. Hahaha..." Tao threw numerous talismans into the air, making a wall of sorts that extended all the way to the ground. The talismans pieced together to make this wall were totally random, so any one of her talismans could be in this wall... or all of the same one.

As the Living Shadow moved toward the shinobi, he would jump off of the tree and then open his wings, floating in the air away from the wall. "Sorry, that shadow thing won't work as long as I have my special eye technique."

The ninja would then point his hand toward Taomin even though she was behind a wall of talismans. Although, the ninja would then disappear using flash step, moving at lighting fast speeds. He would then appear a few feet behind Taomin and then release a large wave of lighting toward her back. Since he did this so fast and also did it in front of the talismans out of Taomin's view she would most likely be completely off guard.

Taomin was most definitely zapped, for she was off guard, but it was all good. Because of her demonic strength and the extreme durability of her body -- despite how little she wears -- a jolt of lightning wouldn't do too much damage. It felt like a tiny shock to her, and most of the lightning would be absorbed into her element eating twin bladed sword she was carrying. "That it, guy?" Her head quickly spun around and she released an operatic screech from her mouth, sending out horrific and destructive sound waves directly at the ninja from a close range. With such a force, she threw a few talismans from her wall into her screech as well to make them fly at the shinobi while he hopefully was off guard now from the hindering sound blast, but even if he wasn't, she would jump backward off of her branch "Shadow..." Her Living Shadow finished consuming the tree, since it was still energy for it, then finally formed into a giant, engulfing all of the talismans from the wall, Tao standing on top of the shadow. Its eyes were glowing red and its teeth gleamed brightly despite its darker than black body. Tao snickered a bit once again, literally patting herself on the back, "I wouldn't suggest another back attack, if you know what's good for ya. But hey, it's not like you can attack from the front or sides, either. Hahaha!" One of the blades of her sword flipped downward so that it looked like the double sided sword rather than a sword with two blades on it. 'Yay for flipping blades!'

As the sound wave came toward him and hit him, he would be completely unaffected since he always used super high frequency sound waves all the time. The ninja would then begin to dodge and cut though the talismans moving toward me and land on a tree branch looking at Taomin and her Living Shadow. "Hmmm no attacking from the front, back, or sides then....."

He would then sign and use Shadow Pit causing a large pit to open under Taomin's Living Shadow hopefully sucking them both in. I would then sign and again and point my hand toward the pit, causing a large wave of lighting bolts to rain down from the sky aim for the pit to trap Taomin between the deep pit and the lighting.

Taomin laughed as the shadow was unaffected. In fact, from the darkness of the pit, the shadow began to absorb its darkness "Really? Attempting to trap a shadow in a pit where no light enters? Heh heh heh... Dumbass." As she said this, lightning would fall toward her, since she was the tallest thing in the forest right now, but the Shadow would raise its arm, the lightning bolts reflecting off of it for some reason. Why? Because one of the talismans it had engulfed was a Barrier, meaning that it would become a Barrier when in use. Unfortunately, those were one time use talismans, so once it was gone, Tao would have to put another one in the shadow... But, then again, she put several Barriers in the wall, so it was all good. "Your lightning is gonna piss me off... Maybe I should just absorb it." She stuck her hand into her shadow's head, pulling out an elemental talisman, an electricity one, at that. As such, it would absorb and store electricity within itself for Tao to convert and use to her will. "Now..." She stuck the talisman on herself, and waiting for more electricity to come. The only way to get it off was to destroy it or forcefully take it off, both of which were difficult, ESPECIALLY if the talisman was on Tao herself. As for the pit below, just for precaution... "Seal it." The shadow stomped, a few Seal talismans touching the outer ring of the pit, forcing it to seal itself up completely. Wouldn't want anything to happen unexpectedly for Tao, huh? The Shadow's already raised hand would then randomly spew up a LARGE number of talismans into the sky, all of them being Explosion talismans. Tao groaned at it, "Hey! Don't overdo it! That was like, more than half of them! Watch how many you use!... But I do like your thinking. Heh. Brace yourself, guy." Naturally, what goes up, must come down. The Explosion talismans would rain down violently, exploding everything they touched, and naturally, if cut they would explode as well. Tao cackled insanely at the sea of explosions that was now going on, her shadow paying close attention to the ninja while she cackled.

Ninja: "Explosion one; too interesting."

The shinobi would draw one of his other blades while sheathing away the first at the same time. He would then jump and move toward the explosion talismans while his new weapon began to glow bright red with energy.

The blade would glow even brighter and then transform in to a large black spear that seemed to surge with a strong amount of heat.

With quick speeds, the ninja would then begin to slash though the explosion talismans with the spear. Although as soon as they exploded the fire from the explosion would be absorbed into the spear causing the explosion to now be a strong burst of wind which really had no effect on the ninja since he was used to dealing with high and strong air pressures. After a while, he would then slash though the last explosion talisman and would be floating high in the air, gripping his weapon, which was glowing red and emitting smoke from the tip of its blade. He would then point the blade toward Tao and lightning crackled around his arm that held the large black spear.

Ninja: "Flame Bolt."

A large bolt of red lighting would then explode from the spear and rocket toward Tao and her Living Shadow. Although it was lightning, unknown to Tao if she touched it or tried to absorb it, the powerful and hot fire mixed with the lighting would continue toward her, badly burning her.

Tao's demonic markings on her body began to glow. "Makkani, my demonic twin blade... Use your elemental absorption to rid me of this horrific mixture..." She stabbed her blade into her shadow, then her shadow engulfed her. The blade of the sword would then jut out of every part of the shadow, extending to great lengths, including into the sky where the ninja was. Naturally, Fire and Electricity were still elements, thus they were able to be absorbed into the blade, and with the shadow manifesting the blade to great lengths and all around its body, the entire shadow was now just an absorbing conduit. But the best part is, it wouldn't be absorbed into Tao or her shadow... But her sword. The sword was the main thing absorbing the elements now, being used as a lightning rod and an insulator to trap heat and such. Tao cackled, a small portion of her upper torso coming out of the shadow once the sword blades retracted "Heh. I don't know what the hell Jutsu or any of that shit is, but it doesn't seem like I need it! You 'Shinobi' are worthless! HAHAHA." Tao's shadow would engulf her once again, then spew out numerous Seal Talismans to try to seal the shinobi's power.

The ninja would begin dodging the seal talismans as he drew his first sword although second weapon is hit with a seal and is turned back into a blade and he would sheath it back. The ninja would then grip his sword and the blade glowed black with demonic energy. He began to slash though the talismans, the demonic energy eating away at their energy, destroying them and their sealing affect. He would then sign and a large wave of razor sharp feathers would pour from his wings and sky dive down toward Tao, trying to break though the shadow covering her trying to stab her in multiple areas on her body.

From inside of the shadow came several clumps of sharpened hair, that hair being Tao's hair to combat the feathers. They would slap away and tangle the feathers, since the hair was extremely thick, sharp, durable, and basically all around better than steel. If that didn't work, a Force talisman could always be used to forcefully push away the feathers, which was all around better than a Barrier talisman since Force talismans push away things rather than just protect and deflect. Tao emerged fully from her shadow, shaking her head "Tch. This is annoying. I'll cover this land in nothing but my shadow. Consume it all, my Living Shadow. Grow in power so that we may become unstoppable to this... joker." In a blur of black and red, Tao was suddenly back on top of the head of the shadow, which now became formless, falling to the ground and spreading like a sea, sucking in whatever trees it could so that it could expand. The sword was still stuck into her shadow, as well. Tao grabbed hold of the handle of it and closed her eyes, her red markings glowing brightly now. She was using her demonic priestess powers... She was going to do something big now. There was no more time for silly games. "Shadow... Attack while I summon the door... And watch how many talismans you use, you don't have that many left. I'm pretty sure you have no more than one of each left in you, and while I do this, I must have complete concentration..." There was a horrific and disgusting groan that echoed throughout the land as the shadow continued to expand. It was still aware of the shinobi and started to flare up around where Tao was presently, small orbs of the shadow flaring up and floating around her as her body continued to glow brighter. A priestess robe formed around her from her shadow as well.

Ninja: "Hmmm so you need to complete concentration? Well that can change."

Staying high in the air, the ninja would then bust out his guitar while instead of sheathing his sword, it would begin to float around his body. He would then strike the guitar with much force releasing a large sound wave that would rocket toward Taomin trying to ruin her concentration and burn a hole in her ear drums. The ninja would also mix the sound wave with a telekinesis blast so it would be more of a mental attack and stronger, making it easy for it to pass though her Force talisman and Barrier talisman since this was not a physical attack but a hearing and mental one. While this was happening using his telekinesis he would have some remaining trees rise from the ground and then rocket toward Taomin from multiple directions.

Tao, being smart, was standing in her Living Shadow, and her shadow, having a mind of its own and also being smart, would quickly suck Tao under and bring her up in a different place, away from the blasts of telekinesis and sound and shit. Naturally, the sword came with it. Really, did you think that Tao would just stand there and take that? Well, she probably would have if she weren't standing on her ever expanding shadow, but TOO BAD. Luckily, it didn't take much for her to summon up the door, unlike with the temple... That took some doing. "Now, Door of the Damned... The Demon Door... I summon you... Open to the gates of the condemned spirits... and let them run free. Obliterate his soul!" Out of nowhere, sprouting straight from the ground came a gigantic door that looked like a face, the teeth retracting and opening up the gate to the realm of the condemned spirits. The hands of the spirits shot out infinitely, all lashing toward the shinobi in every which way, even touching one of them could rip apart his soul and/or body. "Once it is opened... It cannot be closed... Heh heh heh heh!"

As the arms of the spirits move toward the ninja, he would lightly smile as his guitar disappeared and a new weapon and the first sword would appear in his hands. "Hey Taomin did you know that a Spirit Weapon is used to slay and purify spirits. But at the same time demonic energy eats and destroys them so what would happen if I used both?"

He would then grip the two blades and spiritual energy would surge from the new weapon and demonic energy would surge from the sword. As the hands got closer I would then begin to spin and a large twister would form made of demonic and spiritual energy. As the hands touched this twister they would disappear ether being purified or destroyed and absorbed into my body for more power. The twister would then begin to expand hitting the ground and the demonic energy would eat away the shadow energy covering that part of the ground and continue to build in power to destroy or absorb every spirit hand that came close enough. Also the winds of the twister began to try to pull Taomin into it. If they sucked her in, she would ether be badly cut and thrown somewhere far, or inside and have to face God knows what is on the inside of this savage twister. Also this twister was made up of demonic and spirit energy so it could not be absorbed by any element absorbing talismans.

Tao hissed, her markings glowing brighter and... expanding? Her hair flared up quite a bit and her teeth became a bit sharper, the canines elongating a bit "Grrr... You're really pissing me off!! Let's see how you fare... Against my Demon Mode... NO, Better yet, my shadow has absorbed MORE than enough power for it... GO. FULL DEMON MODE." The Living Shadow would start to rumble and bubble, compressing itself around Taomin before finally expanding into a giant Taomin... Except she was completely black, except for her markings and eyes, which still glowed a bright red all over her body. Her sword would grow 2 times larger than it was before, but now... Something was different. It began to just start sucking in natural energies... 'That's right.'

In Full Demon Mode, the blade was not limited anymore. It could absorb whatever it slashed and use it for fodder. What a horrible thing to happen. Right when the shinobi found a way around Tao's Talisman and Sword absorption. 'Pity, really. It probably would have worked if I hadn't gotten pissed off.' Tao looked at the door "If we can't pull you in... Perhaps we can suck you in..." The hands would retract, then the door would unleash a mighty roar, sucking in everything it could with a boundless suction and a mighty vacuous power. One of two things would happen. Tao would slice through the tornado at great speeds and take all of its energy, or the door would suck in the tornado and seal it in condemned realm.

Or, alternatively, since Tao's talismans had more than double their power due to Full Demon Mode, she could use a Force talisman to force the tornado to cease... Or in fact force it into the door. 'Let's try that.' Taomin shot out a Force talisman on the side of the tornado to push it straight into the powerful suction of the door, the Force talisman also weakening the tornado since a tornado is nothing but a force -- even if it is energies going around, they are still driven by a force.

Then finally, the gigantic black Tao could due away with this shinobi... The blade could now eat everything... including entire beings, such as a person like him. "Prepare to meet your doom..." Tao raised her sword, it elongating even more, storing up some sort of power, hundreds of just random talismans coming from her body and pasting themselves on the sword...

The ninja would pull himself from the twister before it is forced into the door and would then have his shadow tie him to the ground so that he himself would not be forced in. He would then look at the large black full demon Taomin with amazement, although as he looked at it his blade would begin to shake and surge with demonic energy for some reason. As Taomin lifted her sword, the ninja would dig his feet deep into the ground and then launch himself very high into the air above Taomin and her sword. He would then point both his blades toward her and a large amount of lighting, demonic, spiritual, and telekinetic energy would form into a large ball between the two blades. The ninja would then release the ball in a large powerful beam of energy. The lightning in the blast would draw the blast toward the sword that was being held in the air like one big lightning rod. Although the lightning would be absorbed when it hit the blade the other mixtures would then begin to take over. The spiritual energy would act as shield toward Taomin's demonic energy. The telekinetic energy would cause physical and mental damage, while the demonic energy would drain her of mostly all of her energy if the blast hit the sword.

This is what Tao had expected... Which is why she covered her sword in a great number of talismans beforehand. At LEAST one of each of them. It was the perfect defense. She would bring down her sword, combating the ball of numerous energies, however, the end result would not go as the shinobi planned... Far from it. As the talisman covered sword hit, numerous things began to happen. The lightning would indeed be absorbed, but the Exorcism and Condemnation talismans would take effect to destroy the spiritual and demonic energies. Tao is a demonic priestess, and before that, was a normal priestess. It is only natural that she keep some exorcism talismans and such on her... Even if she can't exorcise herself, for some reason. Finally was the telekinetic energy. A good old fashion Force talisman mixed with an Opposite talisman should do the trick. The Opposite talisman would change whatever it touches into the opposite version of itself, whether it be from Solid to Liquid or Gas, Fire to Water, or Energy to Force. Telekinesis is technically a force, but a force from the mind, and as such, if it just became a normal force due to the Opposite Talisman, the Force Talisman could easily combat and cancel it out. That takes care of THAT thing... Now, back to the shinobi. Tao's blade continued down on him, ready to cleave him in two, as well as other things due to the talismans, and Tao, being her own shadow... Well. She'd kinda wanna eat his shadow as well. It was right there, just holding him down. 'If she ate it, it wouldn't be all that bad... Right? Oh well. Back to ultimate fuckupness.'

As the blade came crashing down the ninja would have his shadow release its grip, causing the force of the door to pull him forward out of the way of the sword. He would then then have his shadow tie him back down as he was now right under Taomin's left leg and would point his hands toward her. "Six Rods Prison of Light!!"

This would then cause 6 wide and large beams of light to be summoned from his hand and then slam around Taomin's midsection who should be completely off guard since one, her large size made it hard for him to be seen and second, the power from the sword slamming into the ground would create a lot of dust and smoke to cover him. When these large beams of light hit her they would cause her to be unable to move any part of her body including the parts that were not struck by the beams. As soon at the beams were fired the ninja would then flash step multiple times till he was a very far distance from her.

In normal circumstances, Tao would have to counter with an attack, but as of right now, there would be a bit of dodging in order here. First, because long ago, at the near beginning of this battle, Tao pat herself on the back; in doing that, she placed a dormant talisman on her back, just in case she needed something for the future. Being in her Full Demon Mode and as such, merged with her Living Shadow, and the Shadow's ability to manifest talismans that Tao put within it anywhere on its being, once the shinobi attempted to do this, the Living Shadow would act, placing the talisman that was on Tao's back onto her midsection where he was attacking. Since the Shadow and Tao saw through different eyes and still had 2 different minds, if Tao was off guard, the Shadow wasn't necessarily. The talisman that Tao put on her back was a Yield talisman, and as such, when it came back up to combat the attack, it would use its Yielding capabilities to yield the attack temporarily. Then, once Tao noticed what was going on, she could dodge accordingly, making her way around the attack, cheesing triumphantly, and finally, the Yield talisman would dissipate, allowing the attack to finish, missing Tao completely. "Screw your clash!!" And Since the shinobi was gone from the immediate area the instant they were fired, he couldn't do much about it, right? Tao sighed, bringing the blade back up once again "Well. Again, you have failed. But again, good shit. You almost got me good that time! But let's see how you do against this..." The Demon Door closed momentarily, but still stayed active. The next thing that would come up was... The Forbidden Temple. Because Tao was in Full Demon Mode, the Forbidden Temple could be easily summoned, as well as the Demon Door, and even better, both at the same time. The only problem was the power usage... But she had so much power from absorbing shit that it didn't matter. She shrunk to about half her size, yet the sword stayed the same size. The gargantuan spiritual temple hovered in the middle of the battlefield, distorting space and time around it severely. It even distorted color. Everything was monochromatic; black and white. Tao snickered, "Now. Do you want to face me, the Door AND the Temple, or will you just quietly DIE?" Tao knew the secrets of the Forbidden Temple... As well as the secrets of the Door... She lightly tapped her sword on the Temple, leaning on it nonchalantly.

Although being so far way, the ninja would only spit on the ground from Taomin's comment. He would then sign and a little surprise would then rise from the ground under Taomin. When he appeared under her while she was bigger he would leave my shadow creature under her; compressed, so it would not be seen. So now erupting from under her would be two large dual sided scythes trying to stab her on both sides. At the same time extra arms would shoot out from the shadow creature's body and try to stab her. While this was being done from, far a way the ninja would be charging energy.

Again, Tao was unaware, but it didn't matter. Once the Temple was summoned, space and time started to become distorted in a set radius around it, though not affecting Tao because she was the sole controller of this temple. As such, when the scythes would jut out, they would move extremely slowly, so slowly that they didn't even make contact with Tao. Tao was still large when she summoned the Temple, and it was only after she had done it that she became half her size. Tao picked up her sword and sighed, "... I wonder if a grandiose explosion will settle you down... Or perhaps a wide scale time freeze? Or, what would be even better... A wide scale, full power, total seal on all of your powers... Ha. How about we see before my Full Demon Mode runs out, eh?"

Yeah, it had been a while since Tao absorbed anything... But it wouldn't matter if she could finish this soon. As such, numerous talismans began to form and merge together; all of them Seal talismans. Because of this, they started to form a massive Talisman that would continue to grow to epic proportions so long as Tao continued to put Seal talismans on it. She planned to make it as big as the sky to make escape damn near impossible. She held her sword ready, even the Seal talismans from the sword flying into the great multitude, but just those. Some Seal talismans as well as others were on the Temple, and she threw some on the door as well, just in case the shinobi felt the need to try something clever... "Try anything... I dare you... Flash warping will become pointless if you enter the altered space and time of the Temple, the domain where it rules, and I rule it. You cannot hit me. You cannot hit the door. Just watch as I form your demise out of tiny pieces of paper..." The shadow creature could do nothing as well, for Tao left that to be dealt with by the space and time of the Temple.

And if it DID try something... Well. Let's just say that it shouldn't, for the fact that if those doors to the temple open... It won't be pretty. Whatever goes in DAMN sure doesn't come out, and Tao was the only thing that couldn't go in it here... 'Heh.'

Seeing the time around the shadow creature stopped, the ninja would move back some more. Having dealt with someone who fights with time energy before, he would be completely on guard. Although after a while he would land on a clean patch of ground and slowly begin to sink into his shadow. "Hmmm, don't try anything I think I will take that advice and bid you farewell for now. But I am someone who leaves with a bang."

The ninja would then crack a large smile as he completely disappeared into his shadow and then leave the area. Although as he leaves, while frozen in time, the shadow creature would then begin to glow and then in a second would explode, releasing a large wave of energy and also sharp objects. This would be a fail safe ability of the shadow puppet creature if it were ever stolen from him.This was not really used to kill Taomin, but distract her as he left the area.

Tao scoffed knowing the blast is coming, but letting her shadow take care of it, as well as the arbitrary flying seal talismans to subdue the blast. Soon after, the Temple would return the space it stole, thus making itself vanish and return to whence it came. The Door of the Damned would sink back into the ground, as Tao's living shadow unmerged with her body, reverting to its form as the shadow that followed her on the ground. Her markings reverted to their normal size, however they were still glowing quite brightly, as were her demonic, blood red eyes, "Heh heh heh... Not the kind of victory I wanted, but still a victory. Haha. His power seems to... Suite me quite well. Next time I meet him..." Her signature, devilish smirk spread across her face, the talismans detaching and returning to her body, her sword reverting to normal as well, "... I will consume." Tao started walking in an arbitrary direction, in the mood for some more mischief, mayhem and overall, FUN. "... Time to party." She snickered to herself, dashing off completely silent in a blur of red and black.
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Feral 10: Should We Bother Rebuilding?

Tao would spew herself out of her own Living Shadow, just showing up here to show that she was alive "Ooo, la de dah! Some stuff goin down over here or what? Is it a party? Hot damn, I love parties... And this type of destruction makes me wanna go wild!!" She threatened to lift her shirt...

Khrona coughed, noticing his sister -- Megaera -- but saying nothing "Well, you see... As you all know already, your village is... Well... Dying. Now, this would most likely be discussed between myself, my brother and the leader of this Village, but um... They aren't here right now SO, I'm gonna ask you since I see a Master and an Elite here... How about we connect the Reality and the Deep Village together, eh? Not only could people from the Reality help repair your broken shit, but you'd have access to our wonderful stuff~! Cough solongaswehaveaccesstoyours coughcough BUT YES. We could share our resources, our abilities, our land, and help each other out~! I mean... We would LOVE to share some of our prosperity with you, and wouldn't you enjoy having it~?" Khrona smiled big, his head twitching a bit. "SO, whadda ya say~?"

The Master looked at the strange man, kind of dazed at the moment. After hearing Khrona out, the Master closed his eyes and let out a sigh. "Thats the best option right now, and I'm all for it. Although the leader hasn't responded on such a thing, if he didn't show up once the village got attacked, he won't show up now." He opened his eyes, looking at the Expert ninja, then glancing at the Elite. If they had anything they wanted to say, this would be the best time.

The Expert would nod in agreement with Khrona's proposal since the Master was right, this would be the best option right now for the Village and its Villagers.

The Elite would look at the others and nod. "I'm fine with it, as long as no funny shit happens. If the arrangement goes through, then you may use what you wish from the Deep. Resources, items, special services, even one of our leaders' personal entourage of prostitutes. Okay maybe not the prostitutes because, well, they're all dead. But, you get the point..."

The King of Darkness would walk in from seemingly nowhere with his head held slightly down in his scarf. He looked around. "SO you're... Going to rebuild the junk heap... Well I mean it wasn't before all this... But now that it is a junk heap... What else could you do with it? A junk heap can only become a different version of the same thing." He didn't know pretty much anyone here too well. Khrona being a small exception. But alas the Dark King spoke out confidently to the crowd eying them under his red tinted shades. "Hmm How odd that a leader is missing... Hmm not, however, unpredictable... The leaders of this land have been nothing but disappointments; One did activate a black hole here and all... And now that the carnage is lifted and there is a new hope for rebuilding... the other one in charge is no where to be found. Eh?..."

The master looked at the new comer, sighing at his words. "You must be the King of Darkness. I've learned about you through our leader's old memories. Not many fond ones though..." The master turned away from the Dark King, looking at everyone else. "Now that We have a somewhat majority vote of the leftover villagers, I guess we could merge the villages." He didn't take into account much of what the Dark King said, only because he didn't feel like his opinion mattered much on this occasion.

The King of Darkness raised his hand like a gun and pointed it at road and just said, "Dead... I'm just kidding, of course, but I do feel like doing that to people who snuff me or act like anything told to them by someone as terrible of a shinobi as the female leader could even be close to the truth." He gave a small dark laugh but his face seem to show his amusement.

"Now let me ask you this... Do you people really think merging with the Reality is anything different then just joining them all together to make a big reality town...? Without independence the Deep has nothing, for all has already been stripped. You're the mockery of the shinobi world as it stands already and now you're going to decide to run along to the Reality for aid like the very obedient dogs you've become. Dogs who cannot fend for themselves. Dogs who cannot stand up on their feet... Dogs who need to beg for a treat." The Dark King flicked his hand around and a literal dog treat appeared in it. "Take from my banter what you will, but I'm telling you this now... If you can't stand up on your own feet... Like you have not been able to save yourselves up unto this point... Then you will always be a village of cowering mutts who will scrape to get by under unfit leaders... Begging for table scraps from stronger villages." With that he simply turned and tossed the dog treat over his shoulder and began to leave the vicinity just as he came.

The elite merely chuckled at the Dark King's statement. Mainly because he was just stating the obvious as if it were some well kept secret. The neat little scenario the King of Darkness painted for them was precisely the 'funny shit' the elite had mentioned minutes ago. However, as the elite also said earlier, he became less enthralled with the Deep, choosing to pursue his own agenda instead. Which is why he even considered Khrona's offer in the first place. The thought of there being a possibility to gain access to resources that were not available to him before is what piqued his interest. The well being of the Deep as a whole came in second to his own curiosity. The elite closed his eyes for a quick moment, reading the timeline. "Sure, thank you for that Dark King. Very inspirational speech. Now if you'll excuse us..."

"I'm leaving big guy... But if you ever order me around again... I'll find a way to literally make you eat your words, eh? Wouldn't that be a sight. If you get hungry, I brought the snacks... Let Khrona balance it on your nose, it'll be a cute trick if you wear a headband like a real live ninja, eh?" The Dark King gave a small wave and dissipated into the portal. His motives were unclear. Why he showed up was probably just to pique his own curiosity or just to take a look at what their Village had become. He didn't much care what anyone thought of him at this point so he was just doing whatever he wanted to do.

As the King of Darkness left, the master, shrugged. This guy obviously had personal problems, so the master let him talk and get whatever off his chest. 'Hope he feels better.' "Looks like our leader was right not to have fond memories of that guy..." The master looked out to the village once more, walking towards the edge of the building. "I'll go fetch our other leader real quick, excuse me." Road leapt from the building top into the depths of the Deep.

The elite merely rolled his eyes at the threat, not paying it any mind. He waved his hand and the five remaining paths of the elite appeared on the roof of the large building. All of them wore nearly identical hooded cloaks. "I guess we wait then? Boring. I'll be ground level." The elite said as the six paths leapt of the roof of the building and landed on the ground. The six of them began to fan out, walking through the ruins of the village but maintaining a close enough proximity.

Khrona hid the Scooby Snax as Shinta left, making them dissipate behind his back, "Weeeeeell... That was a fun little chat~!" But what he was really thinking was... Khrona would spread his wings, making a wink to his little sister, "Since you all are so for it, all that is left is to get my brother to help and we'll have this place up and running in no-time~! Feel free to go into the Reality while construction ensues... Even though we have hella antags just running around BUT WHO CARES!? Most of them have gone into hiding..." Khrona waved, flapping his wings once, releasing a huge, earth shattering gust for the light flap he had done, disappearing in a black blur.

A weaker ninja watched as everyone left, thinking she may as well leave herself. She disappeared in a bolt of lightning, probably going to go train some more.

Megaera would come out from hiding, "... This is exactly what I hoped wouldn't happen... I did not want to go to the Reality for any needs... Since my brother is the leader there... He will only give me special privileges and such, which I do not want... Ooooh..." She fluttered her wings a bit, starting to walk off. "... What am I to do now...?"

Tao would lower her shirt, pondering a bit, "The Reality Village, eh? Hm. Wonder if that shinobi guy lives there... Got a vendetta on him... Better check this place out to see if it suits me. Heh heh." Tao would slip into her Living Shadow, which would then go off in some arbitrary direction.
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Feral 11: Let's Find That Shinobi... Teehee.

Taomin would again be dashing through the forest, seemingly for no apparent reason... As she got deeper, she began to slow down, the black and red blur becoming visible now, "Oh Shinobi... Where are you...? I want your life... My shadow is a little hungry." Tao stopped arbitrarily, then leapt into a branch, squatting down like a frog.
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Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia

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Feral 12: Getting Back Into Shape; Angel vs. Taomin

The angel sits in an open field, chains of light draped around his neck. Staring at the sky, he awaited a good battle partner. "Man... It's been too long since I've been in a good fight."

Tao would smirk, licking her teeth from the shadows of a tree. She would move silently in a blur of black and red, appearing right over Kai, legs spread over him, "Sup, guy. Remember me?" She would snicker to herself, posing suggestively.

The angel would smile, eyes closed. "How could I forget? You're that Taomin girl." he'd open his eyes to look at her, sitting up as the wind would pick up. "I take it you're not here for conversation."

Tao's demonic eyes gleamed as she bit her lip, "Of course not. I came to do baaad things to you..." She would take a few steps back, winking at him. "Care to find out what~? I'm sure they'll make you quite... Happy. Heh."

The angel stood up as his weapon drops to the ground, still around his neck on a long ass chain. "I'm not sure whether to be interested or terrified." The angel chuckled a little as he tilted his head, seeing what Taomin would do.

Tao scoffed, "What, are you saying you don't want it?" Her smirk quickly turned into a frown, a sort of miniskirt kimono with overly long sleeves appearing on her body "Well, let's see what my talismans have to say about that! I'll seal your pants to your waste so that you'll never use what's in 'em again!!" She would pull out five talismans for each hand, jumping high into the sky and flinging them down at the angel, all of them being Explosion Talismans. Her shadow would move into the smoke...

The angel would jump back, opening up a lost seraph in front of Taomin and in front of the tags. The tags would go in and come out the one in front of Taomin, closing in on her. Spinning his weapon, the angel would toss it at her, hoping to make it wrap around her leg. Sending massive amounts of celestial energy through it, it would explode if it got in contact with Taomin.

Tao sneered, snapping her fingers to dispel the Explosion talismans, thus making them useless. "Got some new tricks, huh? Well, I guess you might remember some of mine..." She pulled out more talismans, flinging three Seal Talismans at the Lost Seraph, wondering if they would seal the Lost Seraph up... Then she would place three on her leg where the weapon was heading for, allowing it to wrap around her... However, instead of surging celestial energy into her, it would seem to be ineffective. Why? The three talismans she placed on her leg were as follows; A Force Talisman, A Space-Time freezing Talisman, and finally an Energy Absorption Talisman, just in case they didn't work. The Force talisman would keep it from touching her, but still allow it to wrap around, keeping it distant from touching her leg with a strong force, then the Space/Time freezing talisman to freeze it in place so that the weapon couldn't move at all. And lastly, the Energy Absorption Talisman just in case those didn't work and it needed to absorb the celestial energy before the talisman would be destroyed. Tao would then take that time to call back her "SHADOW!!" which would slither from the ground and engulf her, pulling her into itself to hide her and keep anything else from happening in the sky.

The weapon the angel used would vanish and reappear in his hands. "Heh, you and those talismans..." He'd spin the weapon again and toss the kunai end at Taomin, hoping to hit her arm. He would warp to the ground and charge a spot with celestial energy. He'd slide under Taomin, shooting celestial energy needles at her before jumping back into the air and floating on celestial energy. His left hand began to shine bright as he stored chakra into it. He'd dash at Taomin and reappear above her, dropping a heel down.

Tao's eyes narrow, her sleeves having long, thick and sharp claws protruding from them, however the claws seemed to be wrapped in talismans... A thick layer of talismans. "Yeah, well I've thought of some new ways to use my talismans... Wanna see?" She would swipe swiftly at the kunai like a cat, her claws wrapped in the Absorption Talismans so that they could absorb the celestial energy within themselves to keep in store for later and Tao's right claw would be wrapped in Sealing talismans. Tao would throw some Absorption Talismans at the angel as he would slide under, but purposely missing so that they can go into her shadow, which is always under her unless stated otherwise, and that would latch to the angel unknowingly, beginning to eat away at his energy with the Absorption Talismans. As the angel would appear above Tao, trying to drop the heel down, the Living Shadow, which was attached to him, would move toward the region of his foot, causing it to freeze in mid-air, while the rest of his body would be forced to stay upward due to the fact that the shadow was keeping him up. Tao laughed, "Well, let's see how you like this!" Tao would begin to slash repeatedly at Kai with her Absorption claws and Sealing claws, trying to suck out and seal all of the energies in his body with every strike, the Living Shadow dropping from his body as Tao began to slash.

Being stopped in midair, the angel would look under himself to notice Taomin coming at him with a flurry of slashes; he'd spin his weapon rapidly to block the slashes -- no energy charged into it. He'd use the momentum from Taomin's attacks to propel himself into the air. "You're a crafty one, no doubt." The special eye technique of the angel would activate, giving of a goldish glow. He'd close his eyes as he shot a few celestial energy bullets out to the sides, letting them hover. Analyzing the next few possibilities, he'd close his hand and the bullets began to fire towards Taomin. Eyes still closed, he'd burst back and spin, slashing out a wave of celestial energy so fast, the pressure behind it would be enough to at least knock Taomin back if she was in the path.

Tao cocked her head a bit. "... I wonder if I can do that..." She would hold her hand up to the bullets and fire talismans in the same fashion, combating most of, if not all of the bullets. If some were to pass through, a swipe of her claw would get rid of them. Then came the giant wave... 'Hm...' "Shadow..." She gently said, her Living Shadow wrapping around her and taking her within its confines, then moving across the ground and out of the way of the blast. The shadow would then shoot her straight up in the direction of the angel, where Tao would be spinning with her talisman claws like a tornado, right at the angel, once more.
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Feral 13:Tao's Stop At The Tavern... Thinking...

It had been a while since Tao got out. She had been basically keeping to herself in the Forbidden Temple, which was in a separate space and reality than this one, explaining why no one had seen her. Though she had homicidal thoughts, there was nothing to slaughter. How boring.

"No party, no slaughter, no nothing. Ugh. How boring could this place get? There's not even a guy like that angel to seduce... Hmph. How long have I been gone...?" She sat at a barstool and kicked her legs up on the counter, flipping off the barkeeper if he had anything to say about it.

A snake-charmer would enter the Tavern and would take a seat at the bar and order a glass of water. He was told to look for someone named Taomin but had no idea where to start looking. He would get his glass of water and would begin to think of how to find the one known as Taomin.

Tao began to lean back, looking rather bored. "Come OOOOOOON. Isn't there anything to DO around here? Man... I don't even know what happened to that shinobi..." Tao lazily glanced over to the snake-charmer, making note of his odd appearance.

"Hey. You. What's your name, guy?"

Snake: "Hissss."

Snake-charmer: "I am just a snake-charmer, says my pet."

Tao quirked a brow, then squinted her eyes at the snake. "Why the hell can't you talk for yourself, snake boy? Doesn't your mouth work?"

Tao adjusted herself in her chair so that she was now directly facing the snake-charmer.

Snake: "Hisss."

Snake-charmer: "That is really not any of your business, is it? Says Tim."

Tao's hair flared up as demonic, pointed teeth showed in her snarl at the snake-charmer. "What was that, worm!?" She drew her blade and stabbed it into the counter threateningly, her demonic markings beginning to glow. "How DARE you speak to me like that! You must wanna die, huh?!" Her nails began to dig DEEP into the table, almost clawing through it as she glared maliciously at the snake-charmer and his snakes...

Snake: "Hisssss."

Snake-charmer: "You know such angry out bursts are very unladylike, says Rick."

The snake-charmer was a very dull person so he did not scare easily and did not sugar coat things to make people happy.

Tao hissed back at the snake-charmer, "UNLADYLIKE?! Hmph. I'll show YOU a lady..." She stretched a bit, arching her back and letting her breasts poke out toward the man. She raised a leg and placed it over the other very slowly, then cutely played with her hair "... Hmph... I remember a time when I was always ladylike.." Her markings on her body began to slowly stop glowing, becoming less and less apparent. She stared at the snake-charmer, flipping her hair. "... This ladylike enough for ya?"

Snake: "Hissss."

Snake-charmer: "Not Really, says Tank."

The snake-charmer would simply rest his arm on the bar and would take a sip from his water and would wait for the girl to cover herself as she was not going to get a reaction from the dull snake-charmer.

Snake: "Hisss."

Snake-charmer: "What is your name by the way? asks Ace."

Once the snake spoke, Tao's eyes flared with rage once more, and her markings grew long and glowed bright once again. "Hmph! What's it to ya, you jerk!? Why, I oughtta kill you..." She pulled her sword out of the bar, flipping it in the air and catching it by the handle a few times. She had now changed her positioning once more, her legs spread wide open and her breasts still poking out, but now with a scowl and rage in her face rather than slight calmness.

Snake: "Hisssss."

Snake-charmer: "This is a waste of time we need to locate the one known as Taomin, says Tim."

The snake-charmer would then stand up paying for his drink before he would turn and begin to walk out of the Tavern leaving the girl to sit by herself with her breast exposed to the whole Tavern.

Tao gasped at what he said, her Living Shadow springing to action and blocking the exit. She would slowly get out of her chair and out of nowhere, she would be seen in her demon priestess attire, which was her signature red and black kimono "... You were seeking... Me?" The sleeves of the kimono extended well over her hands, even hiding the sword, partially. Tao pointed the sword to the snake-charmer as the Living Shadow loomed over him "... What do you seek of me, snake-charmer?"

The snake-charmer would be a little shocked but would not show it as he could now see that this girl was a priestess.

Snake: "Hissss."

Snake-charmer: "I was looking for you to learn more about exorcism abilities, says Ace."

Tao gasped "Exorcism!? Hmph." Her voice became low as the shadow slowly lowered itself, "... I haven't done a proper exorcism since before I became a demon... Now any sort of exorcism I do usually comes from my inverted talismans and seals and such..." Tao lowered her sword... She was starting to remember the past... in the Edo period.. Not that she enjoyed remembering the day when she became like this. "... Hmph. Whatever. I can still use my priestess powers to exorcise things. But why the hell would I help you? What can you give me, guy?"

Snake: "Hissss."

Snake-charmer: "What would you want in return? Asks Tim."

Tao smirked, "What I want would be... Your life. Your soul. Your essence. Your life force. Like most, I doubt you'll be willing to give that up without a fight, hm...?"

Snake: "Hisss."

Snake-charmer: "What makes you think that would even be a thought of giving away? Asks Tim."

Tao laughed insanely, now hiding her face with her sleeve, "I don't expect people to just GIVE it to me... That's no fun.. I love the chase..." Tao snickered "... Hm... But for you, I MAY be able to give you another option... Depending on how badly you want to learn some exorcism.."

The snake-charmer snake would be about to speak but he would hold up his hand which would silence it in an instant and the snake-charmer would open his mouth and speak for himself. "I am very serious about learning exorcism."

Tao's smirk suddenly became a stern stare, "... Very well then. Regardless, you will still need to sign yourself over to me for this to work correctly..." Tao pulled out a very rare blank Talisman, in which it was used to write new magical divinations or damnations or any sort of new magic that came to mind... "Sign your name in blood on the blank talisman."

The snake-charmer would stare at the blank Talisman for a few minutes thinking over what he was about to do. He would then bite one of his fingers and he would then write his name on the blank Talisman.

Once the snake-charmer was complete, the talisman seemed to disappear. "You are mine, now. This talisman has been imprinted on your very soul and being, becoming one with it... The same exact talisman is also within my grasp, as proof that your soul belongs to me..." Tao's eyes started to glow bright red as she said this, before swiftly dying down "... Now... Let us begin. Come with me, pet." With that, the Living Shadow would engulf the both of them, seeming to implode on itself, as it was actually warping to another location.
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Feral 14: To Exorcise A Demon... Or Angel... 101.

The Living Shadow would manifest itself here, spitting out Taomin and the Snake-bearer, then resuming its place as Taomin's own shadow. "... We must be here. In a forest of great density and great power... It is unorthodox for us to be outside of a training ground, but this is where we must be..." Tao's voice had changed since hearing the Snake-bearer's plight... It seems as though for once, she was truly serious.

Snake-bearer: "So were shall we begin?"

Tao held a finger up, signaling for silence. She raised a talisman, which would summon a low-ranking demon... A lowly spirit. It would be released from its seal and hover about the area, glaring at the Snake-bearer with cute eyes.

"This demonic ghost... It is very low ranking.. It is easy to exorcise... To exorcise something, you must first find what binds it to this world, get a lock on it, and then erode it with opposing forces, or whatever plagues the demon... Some demons cannot be stopped alone with just power."

Snake-bearer: "So I have to talk with the demon and figure out why it has not passed on."

Taomin glared at the Snake-bearer "... Do what you must..." She squinted her eyes and fell back. The demonic ghost flew toward the Snake-bearer and extended its extremely long arms and claws.

Spirit Demon: "Mmmmmrrrrrmmmm...."

As the demon moved toward the Snake-bearer he would draw his Life-Link Weapon which would activate and cause the Snake-bearer's hands to glow a light green color. This would cause his hands to become intangible and one of the Snake-bearer's gauntlets would go though the demon's head causing it to stay in place. He would then close his eyes as he connected with the demon, and after a few minutes, the Snake-bearer would then open his eyes, looking at the demon. "I see what binds you to this world but your soul shall no be free rest in peace." The Snake-bearer would then swipe his intangible hand though the demon's head which would cause the demon to harden and then break apart into dust. Although from the crumbling demon would then appear a soul that would then float up into the sky and disappear showing that the soul had been exorcise and passed on to the next world.

Taomin nodded. "... Good. You are already making progress. You must first deal with the root of the spirit and its attachment to this world." She would slowly clasp her hands together, which were concealed by her kimono, as her hair began to flare up a bit "Now, we will see how you do with something larger and more powerful and unstable... The stronger the demon, the stronger the bind to this world, and the harder it is to exorcise..."

Suddenly, a seal appeared under Taomin, glowing rather brightly. "... A... G... A... R... E...S..." she would rally off, the letters glowing as she named them.

"Open your seal and bring yourself into this world... AGARES..." With that, the seal shattered and an intense power shot up out of it, revealing a gigantic old man riding a monstrous crocodile.

"... The demon who makes all runaways come back... and all who run stand still... causing earthquakes and teaching languages... and the destroyer of both supernatural and temporal dignities.... The demon lord, Agares..."

Agares glared at the Snake-bearer through his thick hair, his crocodile gnashing and thrashing about violently. He did not say a word, but merely looked at him "He looks unfit... He shall perish beneath the rocks of this earth..." Instantly, the ground parted under him and tried to suck him in, then close itself so that the Snake-bearer would never be seen again.

As the ground opened up under him the Snake-bearer would release a burst of soul energy that would shoot him into the air, avoiding the opening ground. In the air, The Snake-bearer would sign causing the snakes wrapped around his body to release a large wave of fire from there mouths that would shoot toward Agares. Although this would only be a distraction because just as the fire was released the Snake-bearer would seem to disappear and would then reappear behind Agares at blinding speeds. His arms and gauntlets would still be intangible as he would drive both his gauntlets though the old mans head. Although knowing that this was a stronger demon the Snake-bearer would add a large amount back of power to his thrust causing lighting like energy to crackle around his arms and the spikes that were on the large arced band behind him that connected his two gauntlets. This would cause the light green energy from the gauntlets to flow though out the old man's brain stopping any type of movement or thinking. The Snake-bearer would then pour his soul wavelength though Agares looking though and into his soul to understand what binds him to the world. After a quick minute he would then re-open his eyes understanding what needed to be done to exorcise Agares. The Snake-bearer would seem to move his arms though Agares head as if looking for something and would then stop as he would then grip and pull something inside Agares' head. The sound of a chain breaking would then be heard before Agares body would glow and it would turn to stone crushing the crocodile as the stone crumbled leaving the crocodile trapped under a rubble of rock. He would then appear in front of the crocodile and jab one fist though its head exorcising it like he did it's master causing it to turn to stone and crumble into dust.

Tao nodded, the seal that bound Agares to this world breaking, "... You are learning quite fast. Do you think you have the hang of this ability...?"

Snake-bearer: "Yes, I seem to be getting better at using this ability every time I use it."

Tao nodded. "You are getting better, you say? Well then--" Suddenly, Tao's eyes became insanely red as a demonic smile curled on her face, "... Yo, slave. Training session's over. You're as good as I feel like making you today. Any complaints about that?"

The Snake-bearer would not say anything back seeing Taomin's change in tone and personality.

Tao scoffed, "GOOD. Now, get out. And whenever I call for you, slave... Wherever you may be... You WILL be here by my side!!!" With that, Tao sunk into her living shadow, which would then flip the Snake-bearer off before it implode-warped away.
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Feral 15: Yo. Taomin's A Little Bored...

Tao, as usual, was seen up in a tree, bored out of her mind. No sexual fun, no bloodshed, no sadistic violence, no NOTHING. God. Everything was so boring around here. She might just go take a murderous vacation, one day... Just because she's gotten ever so bored.


Twin Witch #1: "Must you yell, child?"

Twin Witch #2: "We're right here. No need to yell, child."

If Taomin payed close attention to the field, she would notice the two witches who were no longer cloaked. They stood back to back as the first Twin Witch held an umbrella that shaded them both from the sun. Oh how they loathed the sun and the warmth it provided. Only darkness could satisfy them, which may be why they came to Taomin.

Twin Witch: "We were always here, watching you."

Taomin scoffed. "CHILD? HA. I think not... You two must be bat-shit to come to me like that! Hmph!"

She stood up in the tree, peering down at them, and in a blur of blackness, she was already out of the tree. She leaned against it, sneering at the two and giving them death-stares out of the corner of her eye. "Whatever the reason why you've come here, the reason you're gonna STAY is because I'm bored. Satisfy me, witches!!"

Taomin could tell they were witches just be looking at them. Being a priestess (even though demonic), she had some encounters with supernatural beings like this all of the time... And had to eliminate them accordingly. Though, since her turn to evil, perhaps her take on witches these days might be a little different...

"Satisfy?" The twins curiously asked in unison. The second blushed and hid her face behind a spell book as the first spoke aloud.

First Twin: "Sorry to disappoint, but we do not like you that way."

Second Twin: "I..."

The first shrugged of the second's act of embarrassment without a second thought. Once she removed her hand from the umbrella, it continued to float on it's own, giving the first the chance to finger out a spell.

Tao scoffed, squinting the eye that was facing the two, saying nonchalantly, "Shadow..."

From under her, her own shadow began to wiggle and move on its own. It suddenly expanded across the ground, and at the top, peeled off of the ground and arched over, grasping its massive hands onto nearby trees and glaring menacingly at the two. This was Taomin's Living Shadow... To show them that this was a fair fight; not two against one, but two against two. Tao sighed, "Look, even if you can't satisfy my needs in that way.. You can satisfy my lust for bloodshed, right?" Tao tapped her hand on her shadow a few times, and from it shot out numerous talismans at the Twin Witch. These talismans consisted of Sealing Talismans and Barrier talismans to protect the Sealing Talismans until they reached their mark.

Tao would then quickly draw her twin bladed sword and stab it into the ground, seeming to be waiting for the two witches...

The second twin opened her spell book and sealed the magic floating around her within the book. Her face looked flushed as she nudged the first's shoulder.-

Second Twin: "Y-you know.. I could, satisfy..her--"

"Just focus for now, sister. We can, deal with your needs later," the first said in a nonchalant tone. She murmured an incantation and from her spell book formed a tornado, which expanded onto the field, sucking in the talismans and compressing them into nothingness. Needless to say Taomin could also be sucked in if she was not careful. The second too began to recite a spell, creating four binding spheres around herself.-

Second Twin: "Fine, Onee-chan.."

Her attention then diverted to the twin blade carried by Taomin. The Twin Witch tilted their heads in opposite directions as the first twin spoke. "We don't do... Physical, fighting."

Second Twin: "Not at all."

Taomin smirked hearing what the Twin Witch said, now noting that she should go after her. "No physical fighting, huh? Then you're at a disadvantage."

Tao looked at the tornado, then grounded her feet using her demonic strength, as not to let it suck her up. She took a deep breath and let out a melodic, yet extremely powerful, operatic yell in the direction of the tornado (like Ring Ring from Pucca). The sound waves from this were so powerful that it should cause the tornado to either be forced into another direction, or stop altogether. Naturally, if not, Tao always had a Wind Absorption talisman up her sleeve.

Next, her Living Shadow would expand upward, then arc over the area to block out the sun. Taomin would then make a sensual face, looking directly at the second twin, licking her lips and poking out her chest by arching her back a bit. The red markings all over her body could be seen glowing in the darkness that the Shadow created. "My... This battle is already getting me kinda hot... I didn't think it would make me like this so soon... I hope you don't... take advantage of my vulnerability~?" She would pull her sword out of the ground, then stab it into the ground once more, making a very loud and sensual moaning sound. Her red eyes stared lovingly at the second twin, totally ignoring the first...

The sound waves did nothing but make the tornado bigger. The first twin rigged the eye of the tornado with consuming magic, so as outer energies or forces came into the tornado, they were consumed. She then scowled at Taomin's comeback, although she couldn't help but giggle afterward. Being looked down on, felt so right.

First Twin: "Say what you will... Sister!"

The second twin seemed to have taken a liking to Taomin, for some reason. It may be because of her negative atmosphere, or her natural figure, that moan, who knows. What the first twin did know was that Taomin seemed to want her sister's attention, something the first would have to deal with. Somehow.

Second Twin: "I'll be sure to take advantage of you--"

The first twin reached over and groped her sister's breast, causing her to let out an exhausting moan and close her eyes. The first twin began to see what was going on. Taomin was using the second twin's love for the female anatomy to take advantage of her. How low, yet, so ingenious.

First Twin: "Sister, listen to me. Don't fall for her, or else who knows what will happen."

Second Twin: "But..ah~."

First Twin: "Yui... Do as I say."

Second Twin: "Y-Yes..."

The first twin's tightened grip managed to subdue the second's negative mind, even if only temporary. Now, with the second twin's focus slightly regained, she sent forth one of the binding spheres. It floated harmlessly, for now, as the first summoned her talking pumpkin headed umbrella, to her hand.

First Twin: "You casted away the sun? I must thank you. It was so annoying, and now,"

Second Twin: "Darkness will be greater."

First Twin: "And greater it shall."

The negative flow from the twins increased and expanded into the earth.

Taomin sneered at the first twin, quickly throwing out two Yield talismans to release a powerful energy to try to stop the tornado and sphere completely, freezing them where they were.

"Twin Witch Sister... I can't hold back anymore... If I don't have your satisfaction... Your glorious pleasure, soon...Then I might... Just..." Her tight pants started to slip a little bit, revealing her thong and she began to pull her also extremely tight shirt down a bit, which caused her breasts to perk up. Being already so very voluptuous and large, it was quite a sight to behold. She began to sweat a bit, moaning a bit more. She arched her back, letting her head fall back to look up to her Shadow... In which her facial expression changed drastically. She stared menacingly at her Living Shadow, as she knew that the darkness it had created was just an extension of itself. Taomin's Living Shadow did not cast a shadow. It was absorbing the light. Tao's sword, Makkani, was a sword that absorbed energy, and being stabbed directly into the Shadow gave it the power to do so as well, thus it would absorb all energies that it came in contact with. So, in short, the Twin Witch was just within Tao's shadow right now, and the Shadow would arc around them and close up in a dome-like fashion, sealing all of them in.

The inside of the Shadow was an endless abyss. If they tried anything, it wouldn't matter. Tao could exit at any time, but not the Twin Witch. Tao continued to moan and pant, rubbing her hands up and down her stomach, and her markings glowing ever brighter. "Mmm... Twiiiiiiin..." Tao would say lovingly, flinging some talismans into the 'sky.' They immediately disappeared, being absorbed into the Living Shadow and giving the giving it the properties of the talismans. There were five; Sealing, Exorcism, Siphon, Yield and Barrier. Each could be used at any time to any intensity whilst within the Living Shadow. Tao only continued to do naughty things by stroking her sword blade. Maybe sexual arousal made her smarter...?

As the talismans released energy to stop the tornado, it was only a matter of time before the consuming energy in the eye of the tornado began to consume once more. Sooner than later the power from the Yield talismans were consumed, but by this time, the tornado was gone. However, the energy was still there, drifting around in the now confined area, which because of Taomin, is a closed off area. Everything inside was being drained of its energy, becoming weaker by the moment. While this went on, the second twin's calfs were rubbing against each other as she looked to be holding something in. She was reaching her limit however, and gripped her sister's arm.

Second Twin: "Nngh...I can't take it, Sister."

First Twin: "Gah, you idiot."

The second twin was quickly becoming useless, and this act of idiocy was surely pissing off the first. She had the darkness to work with, fortunately, and the negative energy she spread through out the earth was not for not.

First Twin: "Bind, Mirror Bind, Repulse!"

The binding magic and mirror binding magic bound and repulsed each other again and again inside of the ground filled with negative energy, causing a repulsion effect. This repulsed the living shadow from the surface of the ground, keeping the dome-like shadow from actually completing the dome. However, from these openings, the repulse energy kept anything besides the Twin Witch from getting out. Because it was repulsing, the effects of the Living Shadow couldn't do anything to it, and it was still expanding.

First Twin: "Sister, I need you to--"

The second twin had fallen to her knees into a mysterious liquid with her face looking flustered. The first couldn't help but facepalm.

First Twin: "Ugh, I'll do it myself. Spike Orbs, Data Spikes, Drill Spikes."

Dozens of orbs appeared around the twins and hundreds of spikes grew on each of them. The orbs began to expand as well as the spikes on them. The spikes began to spin rapidly, producing an extremely loud noise on the field. Nothing could be heard, not even the spells the Twin Witch recited next.

Twin Witch: "Repulsion."

The spikes would then become coated with repulsion energy, slightly different from the repulsion energy running through the ground. The spikes then shot off in all directions, drilling through the darkness and repulsing energy all along the way.

First Twin: "Laces."

The first twin had laces of binding energy on the ends of only six spikes, trailing them as they traveled. The twins are the only two who can defy their repulsion, which was how the first was able to do what she did. They could have attached more laces, but the first twin can only do so many on her own, and the second was better at binding magic. These drills would repulse multiple holes into the dome by rejecting the darkness itself the moment they were faced by darkness, escaping from the dome the instant they fired Spike drills even trailed toward Taomin at a high velocity.

Second Twin: "Chloe, I..."

First Twin: "Nevermind it, sister. Now--"

The first twin opened her spell book, which radiated a blue type of energy.

"So, because I forgot what I was doing completely, I'll just say this..."

Living Shadow would not be able to be repulsed due to the fact that one of Tao's Talismans within it was a repulsive talisman, releasing nothing but repulsing forces from itself. Naturally, two repulsive forces would cancel out and do nothing. Thus, escape would be definitely difficult for the Twin Witch, even if there was such an opening. Also, Tao's sword, which was inside of the Living Shadow ate any and all energies it came in contact with, making it an awesome sword. Thus, if Living Shadow was combined with it, then it would gain such properties as well. So, since Tao slipped out.... She would be subject to begin to go into her Full Demon Form, the process coming very quickly since she was basically at full power.

"Because I don't remember what the hell I'm doing, I would say, I'm going dead in with something new planned. When my memory goes, I get pissed off. And now it's time to reap the benefits of such a manner of mine. I hate. To. Forget."

As the Twin Witch sat in the darkness, their mirror binding magic would keep away any adverse effects from them. As one of the two used mirror binding to repulse, canceling out with the current repulsion, the second would do the same to actually repulse the darkness, slowly progressing toward their escape. While they used these spells, They began to chant in unison, probably aiming to summon something extremely powerful.

"... Uuuuhm. I dunno what to do. I can't really start this up again. Sowwy."

So, retracting her Living Shadow, Tao said to them "... Tch. You're boring. Come back when you're more fun," and started to sink into her shadow. Though, before being completely engulfed, her piercing red eyes started to glow brightly, and she winked at the second twin and blew a kiss, then finally allowed herself to sink completely in and went away.
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Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia

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PostSubject: Re: The Divine Priestess Taomin   The Divine Priestess Taomin EmptyFri Jul 19, 2019 1:54 am

Feral 16: A Visit To The Hospital...

It had been a long walk from that dark pit to this hospital... Malojos was unfamiliar with this entire place. She was dead... She knows she died by the hands of Misery, Khrona's weapon... So how did she come back to life?

As she entered the hospital doors, her third eye opened, allowing her to see anything and everything. She just happened to choose to see events from the past. She viewed the process of Khrona thinking about her, then also him imagining her in his sleep... It seems as though his power had skyrocketed since her death. Kh. If only that curse were still on him... "... So he accidentally thought me up? Ha. Infidel. I'll have to kill him to make sure he doesn't kill me again.. I just don't know how..."

She passed through the hallways, spectating some doctors and nurses and shit, and decided that this would be a perfect place to hide out for a while. "... Heh. I know. I'll be a nurse here... The Red Nurse."

Malojos' three eyes gleamed momentarily, a wave of unknown substance pulsating throughout the entire hospital in a heartbeat. Her third eye closed for the moment, and Malojos opened up a slit shaped like an eye. A portal. She stepped through and immediately came out on the other side clad in all black with some splotches of red all over.

She was now indeed the Red Nurse. Because of the pulse sent before, Malojos had complete and total control over the minds of all of the doctors and nurses and stuff, therefore, no one would know anything. "... Now... We wait..."

By a sheer stroke of uncanny, Taomin happened to be inside of the hospital at the time of Malojos' mind control wave thing. She was visiting to see if anyone had any sort of spare soul she could feed to her Living Shadow. And so, once she was subject to the Mind Control, Tao felt a little strange... Her power seemed to increase drastically... She could feel it. The demon inside of her got stronger as well... Everything about her rose beyond their normal limits. Even her Living Shadow was so much stronger than before.

A demonic smile curled across her face and on her head, a tattoo of an eye that was red, just like the rest of the markings on her body, appeared and started to glow the same red color that her markings did all of the time. There were some perks to this mind control, it seemed.. And Tao liked them.

".. Heh. I think that the Red Nurse needs some patients... Well. Let's send them in."

In a blur of black and red, Tao was gone.
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Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia
Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia

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PostSubject: Re: The Divine Priestess Taomin   The Divine Priestess Taomin EmptyFri Jul 19, 2019 2:00 am

Feral 17: Wanting To Face A Challenge

A loooong ways in the distance, a new enemy was approaching... An enemy rarely seen, but extremely deadly all the same. The demonic priestess Taomin, but now with a new power thanks to current events... She wasn't herself, but at the same time, she was. Even though she was nowhere in sight of the battlefield, she could see everything via the glowing red eye tattoo that was on her head.

"... Heh heh heh... A couple of patients for the Red Nurse... Coming right up."

She continued to walk a bit closer, whipping out a talisman... It didn't look like her normal ones on black paper with white incantations on them... No... This one had red writing on black paper. The power of just one was immense now.

She started to chant something under her breath, further increasing the power of the talisman so that it could surely hold the power of both of them... Since the tattoo on her head also told her the limits of their power combined, and so, with a simple chant, she could surpass both of their limits and trap them.

A hero would calmly look over to the girl who would appear and would not show any emotion what so ever for some reason. Seeing the girl draw a talisman he would simply turn and create a set of hand signs in a millisecond and a wave of calm energy would simply flow around him; not a second later the hero would disappear, somehow warping out of the area via strangely the calm energy flowing from his body. Although through the wind the hero's voice would echo though the area for the parasite girl he was fighting to hear. "Once again are fight had been intruded on so I'm done until we meet again you can deal with this girl if you want." The voice would then disappear along with the hero who was no longer in the area miles and miles away from the parasite girl and Taomin.
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Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia
Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia

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Feral 18: After The Exam

The patient disappeared all at once as a giant red butterfly exploded in a five hundred foot blast taking the upper part of the hospital with it.

Seeing as how he didn't release any butterflies before the reverse summoning he couldn't return, but he'd escaped for the time being.

The blast would only be absorbed by the eyes surrounding the window, now knowing his power signature for easy location, and thus, the hospital was safe.

Malojos frowned. He got away. But this only meant that he was going to be hunted down ruthlessly. "... Hmph. Taomin."

From the depths of her own Living Shadow, Taomin appeared, arms crossed and markings glowing brightly.

"... Yes, Red Nurse...?"

Malojos gave Taomin the abandoned bandages and didn't say a word after that. She just gave that certain 'You know what to do' look. It was either bring him back or kill him. Whichever one came first.

Tao grabbed the bandages, which would quickly turn black and have red-written seals appear on them, letting them become talismans for her to use. Tao smirked, as she loved to kill things... And hunt things down. And doing them for Malojos was rather... Fun. 'Heehee.' She sank down into her Living Shadow without a word.. She'd find him, and any other patients for Malojos...
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Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia
Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia

Posts : 1564
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PostSubject: Re: The Divine Priestess Taomin   The Divine Priestess Taomin EmptyFri Jul 19, 2019 5:44 pm

Feral 19: How 'Bout A Little Warm Up?

In the distance, a figure would slip out of the shadows, barely clothes and with markings gleaming red all over her body. She laid her eyes upon the ensuing battle and snickered to herself.

"... Ha ha... Does someone want a trip to the hospital?"

She pulled out one of her talismans, which seemed to be severely powered up more than originally, as it was glowing both black and red instead of just black. A Sealing Talisman. Taomin threw it into the sky above the area where the two were fighting, sealing them in a massive dome, unseen to their eyes.

"And now, Shadow..."

Taomin's Living Shadow, which had also received a massive boost, would slither across the ground... Slowly and inconspicuously... Making its way toward the prey.

"What the hell? This isn't right..." the first contender said, his surprised expression aimed toward the weird teenage girl who showed up on the field. Her chakra level wasn't only higher than his opponent's, but it was also higher than his own. Also, going by the dome that was created, she wanted to fight him, or them, for whatever reason. With a clasp of his hands, the fighter released the genjutsu that he had on his opponent. Ever since he was hit by that explosion, he was in a genjutsu, which was why everything he did was of no affect to the contender. Even now, his drilling rotation flew in an arbitrary direction. "Hey, you... I'mma have to deal with you some other time, but now... it seems we have a new, and stronger threat." This was directed toward the samurai, but he was talking about Taomin. Hopefully, the samurai would comply and they can both take on this shadowy looking girl. "Don't think you won't get your ass kicked 'cause your a women! What the hell are you doing?"

Realizing what was done to him, the samurai stops his rotation and looks at him, the realizes that there is another player in the game. "I hate genjutsu. But that can wait for now." Focusing on the area with his secret eye technique, the samurai notices the girl's massive chakra flow, and how her chakra flows into her shadow and it moving towards him and the mimic contender. "Looks like we have a problem. Our little friend here is having shadow issues." The samurai throws a couple of his metal stars at the shadow to check its speed.

Tao shook her head at the comment from one of them. She licked her lips and flipped her unkempt, wild hair.

"You really must not know who I am, little boy... Just be lucky that you need to take a trip to the doctor, or else I'd kill you where you stand!"

Tao took one step, then disappeared in a blur of black and glowing redness. Her speed was so fast, that she would look like a blur even if they did have enhanced vision. Her steps were light and made no sound, despite how fast she went, and she left no trace of her movement. The grass did not move, the air did not change. She was virtually silent in all ways.

Finally, ten talismans surrounded the both of them, and one was placed in front of the shurikens. The talisman in front of the shurikens would forcefully suck them inside of itself and then implode, bursting into nothingness. The other talismans surrounding the men would explode violently in a massive fashion, covering more than half of the dome. By this time, the Living Shadow had already covered a majority of the ground within the dome.

Tao reappeared on top of the Living Shadow, giving her devilish smirk to them both, and her demonic eyes glowing a piercing red, as well as the rest of the markings on her body.

"... Heh heh heh... I dare you to see what happens when you touch the edges of this dome... I just want to see your faces. Don't resist me, fools. Let my Living Shadow consume you..."

The mimic observed and witnessed the fate of the lone shuriken tossed by the samurai. It was ineffective in almost every way, either that or these talismans possessed an ability to suck in anything. No matter, his next course of action was already set. Just as they were surrounded by talismans, a C-1 clay bird flew by the samurai and mimic, himself. Without a sign of warning, they both exploded with a flurry of pseudo flames, and while they would both be slightly injured by it, the purpose of this move was to merely blow the two out of the way at a high enough speed to avoid the talisman explosion. Fortunately, no matter the talisman, the explosion couldn't be tampered with by this shadow witch. "Tch, I would have preferred not to have to blow myself up to dodge an attack, but I had no choice... Hey, you! Can you see her location with your special eye technique?" In a large poof around the mimic, he was instantly surrounded in about six clay birds, all ready with something in store for this shadow bitch. He flew around cautiously, looking around for anything suspicious, being sure to stay weary of the dome that magically surrounded them all. He could probably get out, but he wouldn't feel satisfied till he found something out first. "If you can track her, then I can try to blow her out of the sky. She may have high chakra levels, but an explosion is an explosion. If it hits you, it's gonna hurt, heh.."

The samurai quickly catches himself from the explosion and scans the area with his secret eye technique; even if Taomin doesn't make a sound, she can still be seen. He spots her right below the two of them. Sis bright eyes are just as piercing as her red eyes. "She's right below us. and make sure to be careful of the ground its fully covered in shadows. and i'm getting a weird feeling about this dome." He noticed how her moves were light and swift but no matter where she was he kept his eyes on her, and figured his weapons were just right for this fight.* "And trust I remember how those little guys pack a punch. Haha, we just gotta make sure that she stays still."

Tao smiled, showing her vicious, pointed teeth. She could hear them as they spoke, since her hearing was very keen, not only because of her demonic power, but because of the insane enhancements she was given by a special someone. At this time, her shadow, covering the ground below them completely, opened up piercing red eyes as well, and a large hole started to appear in the middle of the Living Shadow. Tao started to chant something in a distorted voice very quickly, the markings on her body glowing a brighter red than before and her hair flaring up violently.

Tao threw ten talismans at the edges of the hole, all of them sticking to the hole perfectly. The real writing on the talismans started to glow as brightly as her markings did, and instantly, there was a powerful suction ten times that of the planet's own gravitational pull coming from this hole.

"Learn your place before I SHOW you what it is!!"

She flung another talisman as the Sealing Barrier, and the barrier's sealing attributes increased by double. This was to ensure that escape was hopeless. She readied her sword and her fan, in case they were more elusive than she... deemed.

"Che, comin' here all cocky and demanding... Shut up you bitch!" the mimic said with a fiery tone. This girl just wouldn't shut up, and her overconfident attitude was pissing him off. A few of the birds flew down toward her, and as they did the mimic made a fire seal with his hands. "Fire release: Combustion!" The clay birds would instantly catch fire as they plummeted toward the shadowy witch. Because they were burning with pseudo flames, the suction didn't effect them at all. Before getting within thirty feet of Taomin, they poofed into larger, six foot versions of themselves, homing in with the aid of the samurai's direction. Even if she evaded them, as long as the samurai pointed out her direction, they would surely follow. Meanwhile, the bird the mimic was riding began flapping its wings with greater force to avoid being dragged down into the hole. "Heheh.." One of the birds exploded, but it was unlike any of the previous ones. It looked like it simply dispersed before reaching Taomin, breaking down. The purpose behind this would be a mystery to both the samurai and Taomin, but regardless, the other birds continued their blazing assault toward the girl.

While the mimic had the witch preoccupied with the explosions, the samurai took the chance to stab through the shadow's eye, slightly draining the area about a ten foot radius of all energy.

Tao shook her head at the sorry attempts by both of them to subdue her. Her Shadow, which still had the hole open, would reveal the hole to be an artificial mouth of it, leading directly to the hospital. The mouth of the Shadow would totally consume the flames, but in addition to that, because the samurai leapt off of the mimic's bird, he would be instantly consumed, as well.

"One down..."

The 'inside' of the Shadow would be a portal directly into the hospital, which is where Tao intended to keep them. The samurai's draining capabilities would be voided compared to Tao's power, because of how boosted she was, and because of her original higher power than him, making him such an easy target.

She looked up to her next target, the portal of the Shadow opening up again.

"You're going to join the same fate as your friend... But here, let me give you a little help!"

Her eyes gleamed for a moment, and the Sealing barrier started to shrink gradually. Soon, the mimic would be forced into the hole whether he liked it or not. And if he still resisted... Heh. Well, Tao could get a little rough, then...

Much to Taomin's dismay, these flames couldn't be consumed. Hell, nothing could tamper with them, especially once they got started. The bitchy witch got a little too comfortable, assuming that she could just easily suck in the pseudo flames and because of this, she was caught dead center in an explosion of C-3. Sure, she was a higher rank, but any way you slice it, if you get hit by a C-3 explosion, it will burn you to cinders. As for the samurai, well, he never leapt off one of the birds... maybe Taomin was hallucinating? Whatever the difference, she made yet another misconception, because the samurai was nowhere near the bird, which blew up on Taomin. The other one would also begin to home in on her, trying to give her a second helping. "Heh...cocky whore. That's what you get for underestimating me!" the mimic said, making another fire seal. His chakra was a little below half, but he still had plenty of fight left in him, since he didn't take any damage this entire fight, even before Taomin showed up. "Get out of there Afro Sam! Fire release: Flare Blitz!" The barrier they were all in continued to shrink, but the mimic's bird continued to flap its wings while the remaining three birds flew around him, and the mimic stood there on it with a content look on his face. He didn't seem scared or intimidated by the sealing barrier and shadows. Actually, he grinned. What did he have up his sleeve? Does it have anything to do with the dud from earlier? Only time would tell. "Heh, looks like someone is so petty that they would fight against two beginners who exhausted good portions of their energy to fight each other..."

In the distance, a passing supernatural being walks into the training ground deeper only to see three people fighting and having a big battle in a barrier. So the only thing he could do was sit up in a tree and watch the fight with the hooded guy and hot looking girl waiting to see what happens next. "I hope they blow up the ground more."

The samurai floated up from the hole unaffected by the gravity due to his special metal tools. As he arose he started spinning throwing his special metal stars at the talismans and at the shadow to dispel the tags and drain the shadow more. "Nice try, but you don't need wings to fly," he said with a smirk as he streaked towards the double sealing talismans atop the dome.

With Tao's cockiness and misconception of the situation, she was not particularly expecting the massive explosion to ensue, nor the samurai to not be eaten.

'The Shadow was SUPPOSED to lift off of the ground, but it SEEMS as though I didn't make that perfectly clear, so it didn't happen. Fuckers.'

Once consumed by the explosion, Tao was launched easily through the air and outside of the dome, stabbing her twin-bladed sword, Makkani into the ground to pull herself up. She seemed to be rather battered from it, but because of the insane boost from her 'master's' magical enhancements to her, it didn't do as much as expected. She stood, as if shaking it all off, and the markings on her body began to elongate and glow a brighter red.

"... You all are really pissing me off now... Screw doing this the easy way... You're either going to the hospital... Or meeting your doom! SHADOW!!!!"

The Living Shadow instantly slid from its current position, making the ground under them safe once again, however now pulled its upper torso from the ground and loomed over the dome as a whole. Tao was entering her Demon Mode. Before she finished, however, she stuck her hand inside of her shadow, and from the top of the shadow, a barrage of nothing but Sealing, Explosion and Yielding talismans. The Sealing ones would seal the power of what they touched, blocking the entire use of chakra and energy in general, while the awesome Yielding talismans would stop the space and time of whatever they touched, and if they did not touch anything, they would stop space and time around whatever was near them. Naturally, the exploding talismans were just... Explosive.

Because Tao's talismans were her own, they could pass through the barrier that Sealed off the exits with ease, entering and filling the dome with said talismans. There would be many violent and vicious, contained explosions, and the samurai's metal wouldn't do anything about it since an explosion is an explosion, going by the logic of the mimic, and as for the mimic... The same thing applies. In fact, there would be so many explosions, the dome would not be able to contain them all as it was, and was therefore forced to expand due to the explosive power.

As for Tao, who was in Demon Mode, she pulled out her hand and immediately grabbed her twin-blade, starting to chant something incoherent and extremely fast once more, however it was much different than the first time. Some sort of aura started to radiate from her body, glowing as bright a red as her markings. Something was coming.

"Che, definitely a witch. Took a C-3 and she's still moving around..." The mimic looked into his pouch, and he was half way out of clay. Things were getting a bit hectic, and while he could easily make more clay from whatever carbon based was around him, he decided against it. He grabbed the samurai by the afro and meshed him into the ground which was as soft as clay. "Earth release: Hiding mole technique." 'This is ridiculous. With the way things are now, that witch has the upper hand,' the mimic thought to himself. He and the samurai both instantly submerged about a kilometer under ground, avoiding and being unaffected by the explosions quite easily. Hiding mole tech works in physical or meta-physical so they were all good, and with the ground being safe, it was a perfect opportunity. Once under ground the bolted away from the immediate area, and Hide left a C-4 clone of himself to catch and explode with the other explosions, making a blast strong enough to vaporize everything within the barrier, including the yield talismans and sealing ones. Because the explosion had pseudo flames, they weren't going to be stopped or tampered with by the damn talismans. "Tch, We couldn't win the way we are now... and I'd feel bad if I just left him there..." The continued on until they reached the main streets of the tri-village alliance.

Tao scoffed, the explosions being contained by the barrier. Once they all passed, her barrier faded and she rolled her eyes in frustration.

"... Every time I fight some bitch, they always run away! It never fails! Shit, I can't finish nothin..."

Suddenly, the third eye tattoo between Tao's forehead started to glow. She was being spoken to by another, now.

Malojos: Taomin! What is taking so long? I told you to bring people to the hospital! I will not wait forever! I'm watching you...

Truthfully, Tao had forgotten that she had the Evil Eye of Malojos on her head. Technically, she had some of Malojos' power. This meant she could track whatever the Evil Eye had seen to the ends of the earth... Mainly, the mimic and samurai.

"Yeah, I know, shut up! I'll get someone soon..."

She'd get back to them later. It was time to find a new target... Tao's Shadow retracted down to the ground, then consumed her, warping her elsewhere.
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Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia
Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia

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PostSubject: Re: The Divine Priestess Taomin   The Divine Priestess Taomin EmptyFri Jul 19, 2019 6:54 pm

Feral 20: In Need of Speed Training

In the distance, far away from the area that they were fighting, even farther than where the samurai was, Taomin would appear from her Living Shadow, her markings on her body glowing a menacing red.

"Mmm... I think it's time to go to the hospital..."

Tao released a black and red talisman from her arm, the Talisman floating in front of her. A Barrier Talisman. With a wave of her hand, the Talisman activated, causing a massive dome of invisible, powerful force to appear around the entire area, causing two brothers, the samurai and a technician to be trapped within against their will and without their knowledge.

"... Just try to escape.."

She stepped through the Barrier, as only she could, and would make her way toward the battlefield, drawing her double bladed sword, Makkani from its sheath. Her Living Shadow slithered back down to pose as a real shadow once again as Tao walked. She drew another Talisman, this one being an Explosion Talisman, then flung it at a high speed to the area that the brothers and technician were fighting. Once it reached their vicinity, with contact to anything or not, it would cause a massive and forceful explosion between the three of them, trying to severely injure them.

"Three new ones... and one of the little curs from before... What a catch, what a catch indeed. Heh."

Noticing the talisman right before it exploded, the samurai's eyes widened. "Not her again." The samurai expanded his field of vision and noticed that they were in one of her talisman barriers. Once he realized that, the samurai focused on finding her or her shadow's location.

The technician, not paying attention at all, stood there contemplating what he would do for speed training now. He had already wasted energy fighting the damned vermin ... wait ... what`s that noise? An explosion! He couldn't turn around in time to see the explosion so he just started to run in the opposite direction of the way it was expanding, jumping from the ground to the branch of the tree he was looking at before the explosion took place. "DAMN IT, DAMN IT, DAMN IT!!!! ALL I WANTED WAS SPEED TRAINING!!!!" He cursed his bad luck and turned around to see if the vermin had made it out of the explosion, oh how he hoped that they would be blown to smithereens. It`s save him the trouble of killing them later when he stronger. Though something perplexed him, where the hell did the explosion come from?!?!?!?!

After getting a fix on her location, the samurai jumps and joined the three that were attacked. "We need to get outta here. I'll explain all of what happened after we get out, but for the most part we need to leave now."

The elder brother felt a strong aura appear in the forest, and it shot something their way. He quickly put up a barrier around him, and his brother. This avoided most of the damage, while the elder brother was looking around for the aura. "Brother we have a strong aura in the area we must be careful," he said worried

Younger Brother: Yeah I can tell from that attack it threw at us

Then he released his barrier and they followed the guy that came to warn them. "Hey guy, I sense another aura deep in the forest, and theirs seems to be a barrier of some sort around the area," he said while trying to find more details.

"Why the hell should I believe you, eh?" the technician yelled from the tree he was standing in, cursing that the vermin weren't destroyed by the blast that had just taken place. Seemed like the blind looking man with the fro and the vermin could sense something that the technician could not; he looked around, but there was no aura and it seemed to be no danger, just exploding ground and stuff like that. No big deal, maybe someone miss calculated an attack nearby and it landed where him and the vermin were. The technician jumped down from the tree and placed a hand to the trunk of it, leaning against it afterwards. "Besides, if it's what the vermin say then there`s no way to get out. I`m sure the barrier is to keep us in." The technician wasn't an idiot, he could tell that much from just what the man had said and the vermin had 'sensed'. He sighed and took a seat on the ground, closing his eyes. He needed to think before he did anything.

Samurai: "There's always a way out. Now come on before it's too late."

The samurai would sync his chakra with the earth below them as he would place his hands on the brothers by their shoulders.

They liked the guy that wanted to save them from dying and gladly followed his order. "The other guy just wants to get himself hurt or killed," they said in unison.

Younger Brother: "So is their anything we can do?"

The technician opened one eye before finally feeling the power that they were feeling, it was definitely a ways off, at least that's what he could feel out. He stood and looked up at the sky. "No change," he whispered to himself, trying to think about the barrier that the power source had put up, according to the vermin and the samurai. The technician sighed and walked to the group, his arms folded and his face showing that he wouldn't cooperate as much as the vermin seemed willing to. "Fine, since you all are so scared of whatever this thing is, then I'll help you escape." Whatever it was, it couldn't be that bad, there were four of them and they all were exceptional in something, at least that`s what the technician hoped. If worst came to worst, one maybe two of them would get injure through out the fight, and that was all that he could predict from the amount of power that was emitting from whatever was coming.

Samurai: "Good. I'll be sure to explain after I get you all out."

Putting his hand on the technician's shoulder, all four of them sunk into the ground like it was water and moved off underground into a safer location.

As Tao seemed to be taking her time getting to her prey, she noticed that the one from the other time was helping the fresh meat... To escape. She realized then that this was a Barrier talisman, not a Sealing talisman, thus they weren't all encased in an isolated area closed off from the outside world... It was just your typical, insanely strong, run-of-the-mill barriers around the field. Well... She felt shitty.

"... DAMMIT. I forgot my fucking Sealing Talisman... Hm... Next time... Next time. There will be no escaping next time... Not even through the ground."

What was good was she knew the chakra signatures of everyone she encountered, thus, she would be able to track all of these guys to the ends of the earth. That was good. Well, she knew where they were...

"... And knowing is half the battle..."

Her Living Shadow expanded under her feet and she started to sloooowly slip into it, eyes burning their demonic red.

"... The demon priestess is coming..."
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Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia
Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia

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PostSubject: Re: The Divine Priestess Taomin   The Divine Priestess Taomin EmptyFri Jul 19, 2019 7:04 pm

Feral 21: Hey, I Want A Chomao

Taomin strolled on up in the Chaotic HQ, seeming to not remember what happened to her beforehand, for some reason.

"Eh. What a dinky place. Whatever, lemme just get my Chomao and go. Helloooo? I want a Chomao!"

Cleff appeared before Taomin seeming rather displeased. "... Which Chomao do you want, witch? And what color a Omnidex?"

Taomin sneered, not liking how this guy called her a Witch... But quickly got over it.

"Eh. I want a fox, ya hear? And a Black and Red Omnidex."

Cleff hesitantly went over to the computer, inputting the data, having the Chomao and the Omnidex realized.

"... Here. Your Chomao... And your Omnidex... Take your belongings and begone. Evacuate the premises immediately."

Cleff turned, having nothing left to say.

Taomin grabbed her Omnidex and sneered.

"Yeah, whatever. Come on, Tsao-Rin."

Immediately, she knew that was her name and followed behind Taomin... Tsao-Rin was her name. "Ha, like the similarities there?" Tao and Tsao walked out.
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Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia
Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia

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Feral 22: Investigating The Manor

A slit appeared before Malojos, opening up in a vertical eye shape. Once this happened, the demonic priestess Taomin stepped foot out of it, her power instantly being felt throughout the entire manor. It was much, much, MUCH stronger than her normal power thanks to the boost by Malojos, among the other things that Malojos had given her.

"... Yo, Witch of the Evil Eye, these are my targets, right? You want their souls, right? I got you."

Though Taomin didn't seem any different, the mind control that Malojos had didn't change personality, it just altered the thought process and morals of the person controlled so that they willingly (to an extent) worshiped Malojos. Yeah, it was that powerful.

"Mmm, they seem pretty delicious, anyway. So, which one of you fuckers is first? I've got a blade that lusts for the taste of your exotic blood... Mmm, and me too, actually."

She shuddered as she felt an orgasmic chill throughout her body at the thought of their blood.. Especially the dragon blood of Chroma, the godly blood of the demigoddess and the poisoned blood of the tainted. "Exotic shit we've got there... Delicious."

The demigoddess ignored the lackey, though she was sure that her soul would fetch a hefty amount, but that was besides the point. The bigger issue at hand was, what really really obvious weakness did the witch have that even Khrona couldn't figure out? It was up in the air but she needed to see how she behaved in battle first. Trial and Error... the ninja way. "So, how about you guys take care of the lackey... There's no way this witch can just own all of us. Someone has to figure out what her weakness is; everyone has one," said the demigoddess, a bit more serious now. She always flipped the script in the heat of the moment.

"Um, yes I can, sweetie. Let me show you."

In a snap of the fingers, thousands of eyes would open up on the floor, ceiling and walls, all of the eyes being different sizes.

"Wanna see what REAL evil does?"

Each of the eyes would glint and a millisecond later, there would be a pure explosion of the largest form that would consume the entire building, literally breaking it down and devouring it, removing its essence upon taking the full effects of the blast. The explosion was so intense that it even did the same thing to the very air, which left a sense of emptiness in the area. Malojos had taken them to her realm of the Evil Eye.

"See, just right there, you three would have been owned without knowing that the fuck just happened to ya. I just LET you three survive cuz my lackey was bored and, well... Shit, I wanna see you dance. Now, if you'll quite excuse me, I'm gonna sit right here and watch. And don't try anything brazen, ergo stupid, godsend. I can see everything and you MIGHT just make me a tiny bit less lenient. Now, Taomin, give them a tour."

Malojos closed her eyes and yawned, placed a hand on her cheek and leaned over on her elbow, smirking the entire time. She hoped that this would be entertainment enough for her.

Taomin nodded, showing a pointy-toothed smile as the markings on her body and the eye tattoo on her forehead starting to glow extremely brightly. She drew her twin bladed sword, Makkani from the hilt and slapped on a talisman or three on it, dashing at the three of them at an ungodly speed that would even be able to overwhelm the demigoddess. Malojos' power wasn't anything to play with, as the display beforehand should have made them all realize. With a swipe of her sword, she aimed to hit all three of them in one good strike, and as such, do severe damage to them in all fashions.

Chroma: "Yeah, but from what I heard, she is still a witch of great power... so she shouldn't be taken so lightly, I think. We all need to cooperate very well to win this battle. I'm sure I can locate a weakness if I can just get a good lock on her soul or mind or something..."

As they spoke, though, there was an explosion that happened so fast, Chroma didn't really get what happened until after the fact. The raw power that came from Malojos was a bit... startling to Chroma.

Chroma: "She... Is the one that almost bested my father?!"

She definitely understood why as of now, however... But did this mean that her mother had this witch's power at her disposal and just refused to use it? Why? What could be the use in having the Witch's magic and not doing anything with it? She'd have to inquire that if she got home...

From Malojos taking the three of them to her own world so very quick without Chroma even blinking was also rather impressive, but she knew that her father did it best... and soon, she would, as well. But now, she needed to fight, for the lackey seemed to be ready for action. She was already all up in Chroma's face before Chroma knew what was going on... She was just that fast. Wow, why was she so fast? Chroma had to rely on pure insane instinct to get by this one. As she swiped her sword, Chroma bent backward almost completely into a bridge before coming back up and flapping her wings, letting her fly into the sky.

"... I want to see if my Black Dragon Blood can take that sword, but... I don't know about those Talismans on it... I don't want to risk it."

Chroma figured that this battle would be difficult if she didn't activate her Soul Reception, her highly advanced and upgraded Soul Perception. She really would need it and she was happy that she learned it. But she didn't attack... She just looked at Taomin and tried to read her... see what was going on, that is.

Tainted: "I agree with Chroma. This is not a normal super strong opponent, this is a witch and with her abilities not fully known yet. It would be best not to take any chances."

The tainted one would be saying this manly because of the explosion that just happened which left him completely stunned because of the explosion's speed, which was too fast for even the his perception to perceive in time to take action. The tainted would then look around quickly when they were taken into Malojos realm and would curse under his breath because in one instant Malojos had not only showed a display of her power but also given herself field advantage. Before the tainted could begin to think about possible solutions to escape this realm Taomin would already be in front of him attacking. While not ever meeting her in person he had heard quite a lot about Taomin since she is a member of his Village. So while the tainted could get passed the sword with no problem, he knew he could not come in contact with the Talismans because of their various abilities. As the sword was swung toward the tainted one, in one instant he would have his body -- which went into poison form quite sometime before he arrived at the location -- to split in half horizontally so the sword would go right though him without actually touching him. The tainted one would then melt down into a puddle of poison on the ground after the sword moved away and move a good distance away from Taomin before reforming into human form.

Tainted: "Taomin: Jounin of the Dusk; most known for her Talismans because of their various abilities which can assist her physically and energy wise, hinder her opponents , or weaken their abilities' effect on her. We have to take her out before we deal with the Witch or Taomin can just lend support to make the fight harder."

To get a better understanding of Taomin's abilities the tainted decide to give a little test to see what she could do on the most part. He would make a few hand signs causing his hand to turn into poison before touching the ground. Suddenly from around him would appear long tendrils of poison with steel sharp daggers of hardened poison at the end. These tendrils would then rocket toward Taomin at fast speeds trying to stab and bind her before injecting her with a powerful sedative if she were grabbed or stabbed. Although the tainted one would not keep his hands on the ground, he would stand back up as his weapon's crystal would appear from her holster and begin to glow and flux with soul energy charging for something while he would stand on guard ready for anything that might happen.

By talking shit, which is what the demigoddess does best... you can get the opponent to to reckless shit that severely gives clues about their powers. No need for fancy shmancy soul perception. She had to keep frontin' like she wasn't fazed but didn't want to push the witch too far that she might actually kill them. The explosion occurred, TJ had a gut feeling that this was just a display of her power so she kept her standoffish heir about her until they were transported into this place, just fuckin' great... she also had a gut feeling that she wouldn't be able to leave. But she did notice a couple things about the witch. "I make explosions that big all the ti--" Just then, some bitch rushed past her. She saw it coming, but didn't have the speed to react to it at all luckily she was headed for Chroma who seemed to be doing just fine. She signed to herself, letting out a pulse of power with its completion. She headed for Taomin now, average speed, nothing special... but something else was occurring.

So, three very bad things were about to happen to the group all at the exact same time, so pay attention.

Taomin's sword connected firstly with the poison coming from the tainted one. Now, there were three talismans on her sword, one for each of them. The one for the tainted was a Sealing talisman, which, in a flash, kept him from using any forms of his poison abilities just by coming into contact with the poison released by him, sealing his powers for the time being. Therefore, no more poison. That's one out of the way. Not only that, the energy absorption-conversion ability of the demonic twin blade allowed it to take in the pure energy of the tainted one's current poison and use it for power to increase its own by a great deal.The Seal talisman on the sword dissipated.

Next, the demigoddess and Chroma were about to have a little exchange, themselves. Literally. The next two Talismans on the sword were the Explosion and Exchange talismans, and with the highly upgraded power coming from both Malojos and the energy just absorbed, the explosion would be swift and large, and everything within the explosion would change positions, as now the Exchange talisman would come into play. Taomin tried to harm all three of them with the initial force and power of the explosion, though when the explosion cleared, Taomin would be in the place of Chroma in the air, Chroma would be in the place of the tainted, the demigoddess would be in the place of where Taomin once was, and the tainted would be where the demigoddess once was, with the demigoddess now aimed at the tainted and Chroma not looking at anything in particular.

Now, for the finale, Taomin pulled out her rarely seen Black Demon Fan, which was directly connected to the Evil Eye. One of the reasons why Malojos chose Taomin as a lackey, because she already had a direct connection to the Evil Eye. There was an eye on the fan, the Crimson Eye, no doubt, that was eying the three of them. It started to draw in power from this new realm, itself... Something was about to happen while Tao was in the air.

The demigoddess was indeed switched, it wouldn't happen again now that she knew how it occurred, it also seemed that these talismans were one time use. Whatever the case, thanks to her enhanced vision she was already preparing a Gravity Hammer for Taomin once the explosion occurred which would hopefully Slam Taomin on the ground with Crushing Telekinetic Force and Gravitational Pwnage... The force of which doesn't need to be described, it's a demigoddess. After heel dropping her air for the gravity hammer this caused crimson diamond spikes to shoot up from the ground to meet Taomin to skewer her accordingly. All the while something else was coming.

Chroma was a bit overwhelmed by the initial exchange of she and her teammates as well as Taomin herself, yet afterward, Chroma quickly located Tao again and activated her Hyper Reception once more. "... She's going to use something big, so, I don't think you shoul--"

Well, it was too late, the demigoddess had already begun to attack... And it wasn't like Chroma was going to stop it or anything. The two of them had fought before... naturally, when Chroma was much weaker, but they had still fought all the same, and she recognized that Gravity Hammer ability that she used again. Well, perhaps if Taomin was caught off guard, she could do something to help out the situation... Wait, that's it! She knew what to do, she just needed to wait until Taomin attacked... She hoped that her other teammates didn't think she was just being useless... Chroma kept her eye on Taomin, unblinking... waiting to see the next attack.

Since the demigoddess was using such a locked on attack on Taomin, the tainted one was able to duck under her, avoiding her attack with out any harm to himself. Although once avoiding the attack, the tainted had to quickly stand up and take his gas mask off since he could not use his poison abilities for a while the mask would only cause problems. The tainted would then watch as the demigoddess attacked and would decide to attack as well, pulling out a purple sphere that would glow in his hand. He would throw the ball toward Taomin as the demigoddess would activate her Gravity Hammer causing the ball to also be affected being pushed down with Taomin. As soon as it would hit the ground -- which would be rather quick due to the Gravity Hammer -- the ball would explode in a large wave of deadly poison which could stop Taomin from breathing. Just because the tainted one's poison from within was sealed did not mean he did not have back ups for how to poison his opponents.

Just as quickly as the Gravity Hammer was launched, a sphere of talismans encased Taomin upon activation, as if Taomin had already known that the attack was going to be launched. When the Gravity Hammer made contact, it made no damage to the talismans, but instead seemed to strengthen them, as the demigoddess had great power and that specific attack's great power was now within the talismans.

"Puh-lease. I mean, you're joking, right?"

Naturally, Taomin's incantation was done by now, however before she triggered the attack, she noticed poison in the area... 'Hm.' He had conventional ways to use poison instead of just using his own.. 'God, this guy REALLY likes poison, doesn't he? Whatever, though.' Taomin held up her fan, whose crimson eye was glowing brightly, then twisted it slightly, all of the talismans swirling and slapping themselves onto the fan, totally covering it in every way, save for the crimson eye on it. To away the poison, she simple waved the fan gently, which would release a powerful, destructive, slicing wind several times as powerful as the demigoddess' Gravity Hammer. Even though the Gravity Hammer's force and power was absorbed, once the power behind it came under Tao's control, it would be powered up thanks to Malojos' Evil Eye magic that she was already powering up Tao with. Therefore, not only would the poison be LONG gone, but the three twerps would more than likely be forced away as well, feeling the full effects of a wind many times stronger than the demigoddess' attack.

"Ugh, get off my back and let me just kill you already. I hate little annoying kids who think they have power..."

Taomin sighed, letting off the attack she initially started... the Crimson Eye of the Crimson Eye Fan. The stored energy, plus the power of the energy absorbed by demigoddess allowed this next attack to be quite large and deadly. The Crimson Eye glinted, firing a crimson beam from itself. The initial beam seemed to be tiny and weak, however once it made contact with something... ANYTHING, the explosion would be gargantuan, causing the entire area to be fully engulfed by it, and probably a large portion of the outside as well. Taomin floated slowly to the ground afterward, the third eye on her forehead glowing again.

This is what Chroma was waiting for. When Taomin fired the attack, Chroma would use her Thief ability, the Ability Steal, to literally take the ability of Taomin for her own. Therefore, the beam was no longer threatening, as it was stripped from the area and now gone, not being able to make contact with the ground or anything.

"I knew the Hyper Reception would come in handy..."

Chroma placed her hands in a diamond formation aimed at Taomin, a red eye appearing in the diamond part of it. It charged up energy, just as Tao's had, then she would fire off the same beam with the same power and all that other good stuff in hopes of obliterating Taomin.

Since Chroma was able to stop the explosion, she was able to give the tainted time to pull out a few scrolls and open them releasing, his puppet summons, one of which now had the appearance of a normal wolf with multiple tubes and containers all dripping with poison place throughout its body. The tainted one would move his fingers at fast succession and the two puppets would disappear in blurs appearing and disappearing every so often as they moved closer toward Taomin; after a moment the hound puppet would completely disappear for sight. The humanoid puppet how ever would appear a few feet in front of Taomin with four arms now and clap all for of its hands together which would them launch toward Taomin like rockets. Although as the hands moved closer toward Taomin the hands would separate causing a large amount of wire to appear between the hands. This wire was not only very dense and durable it was also very sharp and at the speed the hands were moving right now to wire could slice though a mountain like butter. The hands would move off in different directions away from Taomin but this would only cause the wire to expand further leaving less room for Taomin to dodge as these wires where moving closer toward her aiming to either cut though her or wrap around her cutting her in multiple places and holding her down. These wire where also unknown to Taomin covered in the tainted one's energy so if she was caught or cut by these wires she would be affected by his puppet master ability turning her into a motionless puppet. "This is only the start! You will become part of me or my collection soon enough."

As the tainted one said this their area would appear to turn a little darker as a large green light would become noticeable behind Taomin. This light would be coming from the hound who would have a large amount of energy building inside of it causing its body to glow green but also expand quite a lot. After a moment one of the six containers on it back would shatter and from the hound would release a large orb of energy which would rocket toward Taomin at such speeds that it would disappear for and instant and appear a few feet in front of her about to hit her. Should Taomin or anything organic on her person touch this orb, it would become infected with a deadly poison which would rot the object or body till it became a puddle of poison. This would also be even harder as with Chroma's beam and the tainted one's orb moving toward Taomin at the same time when the beam exploded, the orb would be mixed into the explosion expanding the range of the poisonous effect of the orb.

The demigoddess crossed her arms and didn't particularly do much. As it seemed Chroma had it handled, as if she knew what Taomin was going to do before she did it. So... it was whatever to her at this point. Perhaps Chroma should be more aggressive in voicing her perception shit than making everyone else but her look like dumbasses, but it didn't matter. The demigoddess assumed she wanted to take the matter into her own hands. All the demigoddess did was sit back and gather soul energy, she was surprised that her gravity hammer increased the power of her attacks that much since that wasn't her MAX version gravity hammer. This made her feel better about the whole thing. "You know, Khrona's-kid... if you can read minds and shit, instead of making the tainted one and I look like fuckups and making yourself look like a beast, why don't you tell us what she's going to do? Unless you want to fight her by yourself," the demigoddess said as she observed, she had her guard up just in case of course. But it seemed that she was useless as of now.

Taomin scoffed, her beam ability being taken from her on a whim like that.

"This is some bull."

She didn't seem all that mad about it, though. In fact, she didn't seem to do anything about the oncoming attacks at all. There was a gleam from her third eye and all of them, regardless of what they were or what they did, would simply not touch or harm Taomin. They would simply go around her. All of them. Though, afterward, Taomin groaned in terrible pain, her knees buckling a bit.

"Gh... Damn, it takes that much power from me...? Ah, whatever. Still enough to beat you weaklings."

Taomin licked her lips and stood up, sword in hand and perfectly fine... for the most part.

"Eh? Read minds? So the hat-wearing one is psychic, huh? Too bad that shit doesn't work on us with the Evil Eye! I don't know how the fuck you knew I was gonna attack before... Well, I was charging it for a bit... But yeah, reading the future and my mind and shit won't work so long as this eye protects me, bitch!"

The eye gleamed for just a moment as Tao started to laugh.

"Aaaah, but enough with the silly games. Let's see how you do about this..."

Tao grabbed several talismans, about twenty, then immediately started to fold them up into paper airplanes. She threw them across the area and they would fly, trying to scope out the three of her targets and take them out...

Chroma knew what she was doing, yet her teammates thought she was doing something else.. It kinda made her feel a little bad that they thought she was stealing the show. She was just trying not to attack blindly since they were... She had learned from experience that attacking blindly like that only got her beaten. In fact, it was partially because of that fight with the demigoddess Chroma had a while back that did it... and the fight with the Soul Weapon as well... whom she still needed to fight again before she became a Soul Angel...

"... Sorry! I can't read minds that well anyway... At least, not at a distance... I was trying to read her soul and... Hm. I dunno, I guess I was thinking more about making an opening for you guys..."

She was honestly a little flustered about what to do at this point... It made her a little sad. Her psychic powers were decent, but weren't up to what they could be yet... She'd have to go through intense training later on. She sighed heavily, forgetting the danger that she was in.

The tainted would sigh as he would motion his fingers causing both of his puppets to reappear next to him and the humanoid one would then be de-summoned and replaced with another puppet in a large cloud of smoke blocking it from view of others. However suddenly from the smoke would appear twenty five pillars of wood which would branch out around the area quickly. These pillars would then branch out into large trees which would form around the paper airplane containing them so they would not get near Takai or the others. Also just in case the branches would be laced with explosion tags causing large explosions to completely destroy the paper airplanes instantly hopefully before their affect would be able to take affect. As the smoke from around the tainted one, he would completely disappear; there would be a puppet standing in front of him with its hands in the form of a normal hand seal. This was the tainted one's puppet other human puppet with the ability to use wood style and some other surprises the tainted one had saved for latter. Although the other five extra branches would then begin to rocket toward Taomin trying to bind her and stab at her with their very dense thorn. Although while doing this to keep Taomin busy for a moment the tainted one would turn toward Chroma who would be losing attention on this battle. "Well then hurry and figure out some opening if that's what would plan to do because I don't plan on wasting any of my collection on half though up openings."

"Hey... being reckless is the fastest way to know how your foe fights!" the demigoddess said with a smirk on her face. It was contained recklessness, but only to fools it would seem like blind attacking. She used her amateur mind reading abilities on Chroma. But, she signed now... Taomin was far too versatile and was being boosted by this eye power for any of this individual attacking to work. The demigoddess pressed hear hand to her heart and synched her minds with Chroma and the tainted one so now they can share their thoughts which was being protected by a number of different various dangerous things just in case anyone tried to probe. By reading their minds she understood their souls and tied their minds eyes together via her soul wavelength, giving Chroma the opportunity to transmit information via their chained soul wavelengths to the group for more organized fighting. demigoddess' 'child soul' was a playful one and amped the power of whoever she was synching with, giving Chroma a bigger boost in predicting. All of the above happened the moment the demigoddess pressed her hand to her heart. She was just that cool

"There... now we can fight better I think. Hopefully this works. It's obvious she doesn't run out of Talismans and this eye shit is giving her power. We can't cut her off from it, but we can make her exhaust it. I can charge in seemingly blindly! Chroma can be the one to have the surprise attacks with that stealing power that she does while the tainted one doesn't give her any openings with his plentiful puppet attacks!" All the while, the demigoddess was slowly drawing the sword out of her back, she was going to soul synchro.

As her paper airplanes hit the trees, numerous things would happen. One, the trees would not explode. Why is this? Because Taomin had put a few Yielding Talismans in those paper airplane bunches, which could totally stop anything that they were attached to. True, normally it would only be one thing, however because of the power boost Malojos was giving her, it just stopped all of the trees just by hitting one. Therefore, the branches wouldn't be able to extend and her paper airplanes could fly about as needed.

"Yaaawwwn... Booorriiiing. Don't you fucking children know that your life is on the line? Or is this shit not REAL enough for you yet!?"

Taomin would snap her fingers and her talismans would converge together into a gigantic paper airplane. There were Sealing, Explosion and Condemning Talismans in this bunch that converged together, and Taomin let the plane speed toward the three of them, who were behind the trees, but she knew damn well the gargantuan explosion that was going to occur when that giant airplane talisman hit those trees was going to take out the whole area.

Almost immediately after doing that, Taomin viewed what the littlest one was doing. Now, Taomin's 'Evil Eye' on her head was a blessing from Malojos, thus, not as powerful as the true one. So, she incidentally could not view the demigoddess' thoughts or the thoughts of the others... She knew Malojos could, but.. She didn't have time to ask her what they were doing. Besides, Tao liked to fight in any conditions and under any circumstances. So, when the small one placed her hand to her heart, Taomin could see the wavelengths of the three start to increase drastically thanks to the evil eye. Normally, Tao can't see that.

"Hmph. I didn't even think I'd have to use this, but you kids are really annoying... SHADOW!!!"

The room instantaneously grew dark. The walls, ceiling and floor on Tao's side was darker than black itself. Two burning red eyes opened up behind Tao, several times larger than her own body... It was her famed Living Shadow finally come out to play.

"... Get these kids out of my sight, Shadow."

The eyes of the shadow closed and it would slowly creep down the ceiling, walls and floor, consuming them, in a sense. If the three of them would be trapped by the Living Shadow, they would be devoured by it or eternally trapped in its infinite innards of nothingness. Her Shadow hungered.

When the demigoddess said that, Chroma felt slightly better about the entire ordeal... But at the same time, the crisis was still at hand. Though, she suddenly felt the souls of the demigoddess and the tainted one simultaneously... A Chain Synchro? Initiated by the demigoddess? Why didn't Chroma think of a Chain Synchro...? That would have been nice from the start.

Whatever the case, what was done was done, and now Chroma had to do her part. She nodded, eying Tao once more with her Hyper Reception.

Chroma: 'An attack is coming...'

Naturally, that was all Chroma could tell from using her Hyper Reception at this point in time, but she was aware that it had something to do with her Talismans. Perfect. The talismans turned into a paper airplane and, without a doubt, Chroma would use the Ability Steal again to steal away the use of three of her Talismans, since they were technically combined as one attack. The Explosion, the Sealing and the Condemning talismans.

I've taken out her main arsenal of Talismans, I think! Those exploding and Sealing ones are out of commission! I don't think she has anymore for attacking purposes...

Of course, Chroma didn't know for sure yet, but was definitely sure that Tao was crippled... Or, so she thought until that gigantic Shadow came. Chroma wasn't exactly sure of how to fight this thing... It was a shadow, after all... So she would simply float up into the air a bit and conjure up some of the Talismans... the Sealing Talismans... And threw them at the Shadow, trying to stop it or do... shit, something to it!

"Understood let's end this," the tainted one would say this though the Chain Synchro as he would quickly hold his arm out causing his weapon's crystal to finally appear from its holster glowing with energy which she has been storing up for a while. Suddenly though everyone's soul they would begin to hear a song which was the crystal's Finale song which would increase all abilities temporarily for everyone. The tainted would then touch the ground with the weapon's crystal in his palm causing the ground under him to glow greatly. Suddenly from under the Living Shadow would appear a giant cross shaped star in the middle of where it was and it would release a large amount of powerful holy light that will cause Holy Damage to the shadow which should be very affective because of the shadows property. Also because of the ability boost from the crystal the cross shaped star would instantly expand reaching Taomin's location as well trying to cause some massive damage.

"Thank you for the talisman thing Chroma! Now if you'll excuse me, I'll deal with the shadows, draw her complete attention and either of you deliver some critical strike. Watch out for more talismans. Soul Synchro!" Or at least attempt to deal with the shadows, the demigoddess was going to have to use her strongest ability, she plunged her sword in the ground while the shadow was slowly encroaching upon them. She had been charging up this whole ordeal since the battle began the invisible shielding presence fused with everyone's souls that the chain synchro created making a giant armored astral figure that seemed so big that it was going to burst out of this realm! It was invisible to all of those who couldn't see chakra, or soul energy... but she figured Taomin could. These armored figures were Guardians and two other unknown individuals that just had different colored armor that the demigoddess herself had never seen before, and can only be possibly brought out in a chain synchro. Besides that, this move was called... "Guardian's Embrace..."

These three massive astral armored figures each possessed an entirely different power, and would be amplified by the demigoddess' own ability to 'influence events' and with her flame ring now lit -she can degenerate anything. Especially things that normally cant be destroyed. Like shadows. The Guardian -- the figure behind the demigoddess -- possessed the power to weaken everything that came closer towards the group to a point where she can 'influence it'. As such, the shadow was weakened (or Taomin was) to a point where the demigoddess can influence the shadow to be targeted by physical attack. It was then where she would plunge her dual swords in the ground and unleash a cleansing dome of Flame super chakra pwnage energies outwards that would either combat the approach of the shadow, or destroy it because it was weakened so damn much. At the same time, the figure behind Chroma would press his hands to the ground and use one of Chromas abilities that she used on the demigoddess way back when which had gotten stronger since then hopefully -- The Holy Verdict -- that would fire a vertical beam of pwny deathy concussive deathy death would manifest around Taomin who was 'influenced' to be in range of this attack which is why it was brought to her instantly. It was just a move that the demigoddess hoped to stress her out with. NOW, the pwnage figure behind the tainted one had the power of adaptation, it synchronized everyone temporarily with the power to adapt to the next attack that Taomin used. It was a one time move, and one time only... this would give the tainted and Chroma the edge they needed to land a critical blow of death. The demigoddess had to stand still, because if she moved all the figures behind her would correspond, but she was no means off guard. Her plan, in essence was to plainly overwhelm Taomin while Chroma and the tainted worked on something that would potentially take her ass out! The real fight was the witch.

Taomin growled violently at the insolent attacks by the three children...

"... Stealing my Talismans, Shitty ass holy attacks and grimy ass deathblows... GodDAMMIT! I'm gonna regret having to do this..."

Taomin's marking started to glow a bright red, as did the third eye tattooed on her forehead. She crouched down and touched her shadow with her finger, the eye tattoo appearing dead center of the Living Shadow as the two other eyes of it opened up. Just then, all of the attacks, regardless of what they did, what power they had, what their potential was, how much power they had or anything, it all was forcefully moved away from the area Taomin and her shadow were in. The power of Invulnerability granted by Malojos...

"... Gh..."

The strain was starting on her body.


Taomin's eyes started to dim as she gripped her ribs tightly, the pain becoming extraordinary.


Taomin had used too much of the Invulnerability given to her by Malojos to protect her from this attack, and now the repercussions of it caused her to deplete her power and suffer the intense pain that came with using it in excess.


With that, Taomin fell down, powerless. Her Living Shadow wrapped around her body, doing nothing more.

--Major Time Skip--

Where Taomin's body had been wrapped up by the Living Shadow would be where Friday appeared after being given her command.

"Black Friday..." she repeated, raising Taomin up and drawing her shadow into her own. From there, Friday and Taomin would temporarily fuse together whilst Friday proceeded to do her business upon the planet. She would immediately disappear, and all of the planet would be swallowed whole by the Black Friday. It would be contained in T.'s hand, yet be buried with him, as well, to only recur when his Spirit awoke from slumber in the future and came back to collect his Body from the Past, which should have already fully matured into exactly what was necessary for him to be as he is in the future, and successfully connect the time-space loop. From there, Kujata would be laid to rest inside of the planet as the Seed of the Veritas, the Spirit of Truth, that would grow to become the Veritas and pick up Friday the Third from the planet in the future. Until then, Taomin would be in Friday's care, to be a messenger of when Friday, herself, was coming. At that moment, she would disappear with Taomin, and the rest of the events would play out naturally from there between she, T., the planet and the Veritas to come.

Friday: "Now... It Is Time For 'The Phantom' To Rise..."

Those were the last words she said, bestowing her power over the planet to him.
From that moment, the Manor would be haunted by the Malfortuna, as well as The Phantom, and the house, as well as all within, would belong to them. The curse on 'Mahi Manor' would be broken in the future only once it became 'Manor Malfortuna.'.
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Feral 23: Rai Vs. Taomin

Being rather bored these last couple of months, Taomin hadn't been doing much at all. She sighed, hands behind her head as she walked.

"Shit. There's nothing fun to do around this place anymore. No one to kill. No one to fuck... UGH! This place SUCKS!"

She walked past Rai, not even paying any attention, lost in her own thought.

Rai: "Hi there!!"

"Ugh, you wanna die? I hate people that are so damn chipper..."

Taomin was already annoyed by the presence of this person, even if she wasn't paying much attention to her. But... Perhaps she'd make a good little slaughter for the day. Let's play along for a while.

"What the hell do you want, huh?"

Familiar: "What I WANTED, miss, is to spar with with you. Though now I'm having second thoughts... What do you think Rai?"

Rai: "I honestly don't care. But, since it's been a bit since we've fought someone, why not?"

Familiar: "So what do you say, nameless?"

Taomin scoffed, flipping her long, spiky, ebony hair. A scowl appearing across her face, she gripped the hilt of her twin-bladed sword, Makkani, and plucked it from its twin-sheath accordingly.

"Look, I don't spar with anyone. I only fight. When I fight, I fight for blood. So if you're lookin to die, then I've got your 'spar' right here!"

Burning eyes set agleam, she dashed forward in a blur of black and red, sword unsheathed and already damn near cleaving through Rai in little but a second. The Demonic Priestess had need for the soul of this innocent creature... And a taste for her blood.

Rai: "Alright..."

Feeling the blade connect made Tao's skin crawl with sheer joy. Her blade hadn't tasted blood in a long while and neither had she. However that certain-kill strike had certainly not killed her foe, only wounded her.

"Tch... Lucky."

Taomin was blinded by the gas in the air, jumping out of the cloud as quickly as possible. She looked upon her black and red blade only to see black and red blood upon it. She was going to lick it off, however decided that it was best not to... She had heard stories of those with the 'Black Blood' around the Dusk and would rather not be caught up in all of that. She whipped her blade beside her, any liquid upon it splashing unto the ground.

"Don't think that I'll let you live next time I hit you."

Taomin stomped the ground hard, creating a large crater in her area, raising her sword with both hands and making a large slash in front of her, the very force of the blade splitting the gas in two parts, revealing the path to Rai. She saw Rai complete hand signs, then the clones appear. Tao would not stand for this foolishness.

"Ugh, clones? I hate it when people do that... Alright, alright. Let me see you bleed!"

She whipped out two talismans from the side of her skin-tight shorts, flinging the blackened papers at the two clones. They were Explosion Talismans and would, naturally, detonate on command or on contact. Whichever one meant that the clones would be destroyed. If the clones insisted on dodging, Tao would just allow them to detonate at will. She threw a couple different talismans in a triangular fashion below her feet, twirling her blade around.

"You running away? Come on, I just want your soul! And your heart!!"

Rai: "How naive."

When the talismans were inside of the ink, she could have detonated them then and there, but decided against it. Instead, the talismans came back at Taomin, deactivating as they reached her hand, catching them between her two fingers.

"Is that how you wanna play...?"

Her teeth began to grind as she looked at the talismans... Stained with her ink. Wonderful. She whipped out a different talisman this time, a Sealing Talisman, and stuck it into the ink-stained Explosion Talismans. Once activated, Rai's control over her own ink would be sealed, causing her to be unable to use her ink as long as the Sealing Talisman was active or intact.

"You're the naive one! Especially if you thought that I, a talisman expert, wouldn't know what the fuck INK looks like!!!"

The ink in front of Tao should have fallen straight to the ground now, being nothing but a large puddle between the two. With their little 'divide and conquer' scheme brought out in the open, Taomin turned around and waved her hand, walking in the other direction. On the ground, the three talismans set up from before would slither across the surface and below the three clones, following each of them. All three were Barrier talismans, which would generate extremely powerful barriers of pure force around the three moving targets and most likely encapsulate the all of them within these three respective barriers. She wasn't gonna take the chance of figuring out which one of them was the real one; she was just gonna destroy them all!

"Really? Is that ALL you have to offer? You aren't even a threat! You're a joke! Ahahahaha!"

Taomin turned her head to the side, her eye fixated on the three of them to see just what they would do about this... Or if she could just kill Rai right here and now.

Rai: ~My ink...~

Peering from the corner of her eye, Taomin couldn't help but cackle maniacally at the feeble attempts of Rai and her clones to break such potent barriers from patented talismans.

"Hahahaha! You're soooo fucking stupid! You just DESERVE to die, don'tcha!?

The barriers of force were far stronger than Rai would expect, even with the constant pounding away at them. The final one that had been avoided before would still slither about, following closely behind the final clone. Yet again, it would try to encapsulate it as well to ensure the complete and total capture of Rai and leave her with no way out. At that moment, Tao started to walk ever so triumphantly and arrogantly toward her captive.

"My, I don't even know what to do with you... You look so tasty... I could have my way with you or kill you... Or just eat you whole!"

Taomin snapped her fingers, her Living Shadow springing into action. It spread across the ground, past the ink, then under the two within the barriers, demonic red eyes awakened within the pitch black darkness that was its body.

"This is my shadow. It's been veerrry hungry recently... I think I'll let it eat you! What do you say?"

If the other clone wasn't captured by the barrier, Tao would have to give chase with much haste...

"Well well well, look at this. It seems that I'm caught in quite the ordeal, WOULDN'T YA SAY!!"

Rai: "I don't know it looks like that's not my decision to make. So what IS it going to be, huh."

Familiar: "Stop this! Stop it all! No one was supposed to be killed in this fight, it was supposed to be a simple spar!"

Rai: "Get out of here Heri, this I don't need you interfering in this matter."

Familiar: "Please... stop this..."

Taomin licked her lips, almost... no, most definitely aroused by the words of this girl. She knew how to party... That was apparent. Maybe Tao had found a new use for her other than cannon fodder...

"You're damn straight it isn't. But hell, I'm one that's always up to some more fun. You're a pretty... Fun girl."

When Hira got in the way, Tao's sexual smile quickly reverted back to an unsatisfactory scowl, her shadow coming betwixt Hira and Rai, forcing Hira away with a great push.

"Seems as though your little friend can't swing the way we do, though... Might as well kill her, huh?"

Finally nearing Rai, Tao looked her straight in the eyes, as if looking for something... Before the barrier around her fell and the talisman dissipated. Yet, she was still atop Taomin's shadow, which was still very hungry.

"Since I like you so much... I'll not only spare your life, but take you under my wing, huh? Together we can rock this planet... Shake it down for all its worth! Have all the men... and women... we want, all the souls, all the blood, all the death and destruction! Just saying it gets my mouth watering..."

Rai: "No, we'll leave her out of this. It's no fun killing weaklings, right? Besides, she might come to her senses and be of some service."

Familiar: "Oh, that does sound nice. All that power over such a world as this one."

Rai: "So what did you have in mind first, hm?"

Drool slipping down the side of her mouth just a bit, Tao turned her head slowly to Rai as she stepped on her shadow, then walked a tiiiiny bit closer to her... Before her shadow wrapped around her ankles and Tao thrust her palm to her neck.

"Well... What I had in mind was... That if you fucking double-cross me you'll be dead before you can even utter an explanation..."

The red markings on Tao's body, as well as her burning red eyes, began to glow very brightly as she gripped tighter around Rai's tender neck.

"As we speak, there are thousands of demons and talismans coursing through your very body right now... Your blood, your soul, your mind... All working for ME. If it turns out that you aren't being true to me... So help me, will all of that go off and tear every last bit of your existence up to shreds."

Tao turned her head to Hira.

"That goes for you, too, miss goody-goody! She'll die! And then, so will you..."

When it seemed like Tao was going to completely crush Rai's throat, she let her go, Tao's shadow reverting back to a more 'normal' looking form under Tao's body. Tao sheathed her sword and picked up her talismans, not wanting to waste paper nor incantations. Even if she had a limitless supply, that didn't mean NOT recycle them, right?

"And for the record, yes. It is fun killing weaklings. When they try to run, that is."

Tao placed her hands behind her head again, letting out a great yawn.

"... Meeeh... What're we gonna do first, huh...? Well what were you doing before I came along?"

Rai: "We were walking around looking for someone to fight with, nothing too important, why?"

Tao scoffed, placing her hands on her hips, fiddling with the hilt of her sword, wondering if she should just go ahead and kill this girl... That was always fun. It didn't matter what she did at this point, since Rai was under her thumb... Maybe somewhere down the line. Maybe she could help her out... Or maybe she couldn't.

"Spar, huh...? Lucky no one crazy came around and tried to kill ya, right...? HahahaHAHAHAHA!"

Taomin yawned, scratching the back of her head.

"Well whatever you were doing or wanted to do is done. It's about what I wanna do now. So uh, you're gonna go get me some souls... Some bodies, ya know? Gonna go kill things for me. You have a problem with that?"

Tao licked her lips, her eyes narrowing and her eyes set agleam once more... Anticipating her answer.

Familiar: "..."

Rai: "I have no problem with that at all but why do you need them? And better yet, why do you need me to get them for you? Couldn't you just get them easily yourself?"

Taomin clenched her fists, flicking her sword slightly out of its sheath, her shadow flaring up behind her as her hair strands stiffened out of sheer anger. The atmosphere around Tao became satanic, a red aura flowing around her body like a demonic fire.

"... Why... Do stupid people ask... such STUPID questions!? What does it matter what I need them for!? I told you to do something so all you need to do is DO IT! And the next time... I have to say anything to you about back talk.."

Tao clenched her fist tighter, and at that moment, Rai should have felt her soul, her organs, her bones and her mind begin to compress in a rather painful way. This was Tao's final and only warning.

"Now, if I haven't made myself clear already... GO!!!"

Tao loosened her grip, the atmosphere and her shadow returning to normal.

"Besides... I've gotta make a stop to see a... Er... 'Friend' of mine..."

She spoke, of course, about the Snake-bearer, whom she hadn't seen in quite a long time. Though he was an interesting fellow, he was a dead fellow, as Tao had pledged to kill him next time they met. And once she found him... That's exactly what she'd do. And take down anyone else in her way, too.

Rai: "Lets go..."
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Feral 24: Training With A Dragon

After disappearing from the store, an affliction would appear in the training grounds he would then possess a dragon, slowly digitized out of it...

After the dragon was possessed, the affliction erupted with darkness spreading it to his arms and legs making it easier to move.

The dragon shot 2 fireballs out his mouth.

As the fireballs came the affliction signed and a dark wall erupted from the ground and from his left hand shot out five dark bullets

The affliction made the dragon breathe in deeply then release blazing fire just like a flamethrower.

Some ways away, though still visible to the eyes of the two in the area, a fox would appear. This fox was no ordinary one... Her silver fur sleek and glimmering, making it look as if she had a mysterious glow in the light. She stood there watching the two, her eyes unwavering and her arms crossed across her chest... Waiting for the right moment.

The dragon hurried as he released a flamethrower of his own acting as a fire wave...


The dragon looked at the fox in the distance almost completely ignoring the affliction the natural battle instincts had kicked in...

The mysterious fox had finally caught their eyes, but probably only the nose of the dragon rather than his feeble eyes. Once she was noticed, she stepped forward silently, as if showing the two that she were their opponent now. For what reason this was, a mystery, just like the mystical fox before them. As she stepped upon the grass below, it seemed to grow just a bit, resonating with this fox's spiritual power, just as all of nature would. She closed her eyes for merely a moment, quickly and sharply opening them to stare at her opponents, a ring of sharpened, glowing leaves manifesting themselves around her body, swirling as if some sort of leaf shield... The battle had begun.

Affliction: "Go get her boy."

The dragon would walk slowly to the fox until he came to a stop about 10ft away from her as he shot three fireballs towards the fox but also being aware of a counter attack...

The fox, Tsao-Rin, did not stop walking toward them. In fact, her keen eyes saw the infernal blast coming toward her, about 3 of her 10 leaves going to work on it. With a few slashes faster than the normal eye could comprehend, the fireball would become nothing more than a puff of flames, burnt away with the wind. The leaves had sliced through it in several different places, forcing the fireball to 'fall apart' one would call it, and the flames to disperse before making impact. Though she lost those three blades in the process to the searing flames, she still had seven more at her disposal, and she didn't seem to be ready to back down. Perhaps they could make her uncross her arms this time?

The dragon released four fireballs as he began running towards the fox but with weights it slowed him down quite a bit but he kept on running his claws then erupted with fire which could destroy small boulders, then attempted to claw at the fox wildly...

Tsao-Rin watched the next assault of fireballs come at her, the dragon trying to overwhelm her with flames instead of strike her down with one, but the simple animalistic dragon did not realize... She could make more of those leaves. But she did not. As each fireball came to her, she raised a leg up, one of her leaves coating the sole of her paw-foot like a shoe's sole. The second the first fireball entered her kicking range, she kicked it away with speed rivaling her own leaves; a blurred and fluent motion as she repeated the process for all four, the all of them heading off in different directions and bursting into flames. She shook her head, speaking directly to Affliction...

"... Your dragon is poorly trained..."

That said, he had come in with a Dragon Claw attack, which would be skillfully and thoughtfully evaded by the fox in several blurred motions, almost as if she were a hologram, herself. But no, a swift kick was delivered to the dragon, with power trying to send him flying into the air, where the final three leaves would follow him, aiming to slice right through him.

The dragon would be kicked in the air but not far since he had weights on him and for the leaves as they were coming for him he performed his wild scratch attack completely ripping the leaves to shreds with his claws he would then land on the ground causing a small tremor... He shot out 2 layered fireballs which detonated on contact which cause moderate damage and if caught in the blast radius the fox would be burned...

Tsao-Rin narrowed her eyes to the Affliction, though kept her sights on the dragon before her. Seeing it land, she could tell that he was very powerful, but lacked the skill and coordination necessary to fight someone of her caliber.

"Truly the creature of strength within our kingdom..."

Naturally, she referred to the kingdom of animals, as the power of Strength was within reptiles and Speed within foxes. Upping the power of his attack, the Fire Grenade came forth toward Tsao-Rin, but she had yet another trick up her sleeve. She walked toward it, letting one arm fall to the side dramatically as leaves formed around her.

"Illusion Switch..."

And again, in another fluid motion, it would seem as if she and the dragon had warped into each other's spots, the fox continuing walking as if nothing ever happened. Now the Fire Grenade was aimed at the dragon, which, with his weights still attached, he should find a hard time evading. Staring back at the Affliction, Tsao-Rin readied her next attack, turning slowly toward the dragon though her eyes stayed locked on the affliction.

"... I'll turn your dragon into meat..."

Being transported the dragon would notice his own attack coming for him he knew with these weights he wouldn't be able to dodge it quicker enough so he fired at the ground in front of him while jumping backwards at the same time propelling himself backwards using the force of his own attack avoiding the grenades.

Tsao-Rin averted her gaze from the Affliction and back to the dragon, whose insolent words inspired her to speak yet again.

"You are foolish for not allowing your master to assist you... For you alone cannot defeat me."

She hopped into the air, fazing out in a blur and just as quickly reappeared in front of the dragon using her spinning kick with the speed and power of a tornado. She intended to hit the dragon and sling him, if she were able to. She only laughed at the feeble dragon.

"Hmhm... I bet you can't even evolve, can you?"

The dragon was interrupted by the kick being slung to affliction and as he was affliction caught him stopping his path of travel he then put him down on the ground as the dragon was shaking off the pain from the kick.

Tsao-Rin narrowed her eyes, displeased with the two of them as a unit. She turned around, shaking her head.

"I don't even know why I waste my time with you two... I should have killed you both from the start..."

Her paw started to glow with a dark flame, sinister and altering from red and black... Dark chi, it seemed.

"I sense dark powers coming from her"

The Affliction said as his dragon then also began to glow red as he floated in the air IT WAS TIME... some type of digital red aura covered his whole body hiding him from sight the aura then took the shape of a red egg it then grew in size as the dragon yelled....

The egg then exploded letting out a bright light that could blind everyone in the area for a short time.Wiping off his eyes the affliction then looked up at the dragon surprised by how much he changed he then spoke.... "Whoa man....he's huge."


He lifted his huge claw pointing it at the fox with the weights still attached to them good thing they was adjustable.....

Tsao-Rin didn't seem to be fazed at all by the evolution of this creature. He was still wild, he was still unkempt and he was still an oaf of a dragon that lacked any discipline or training at all. He would lose this battle, and would lose it only faster when she evolved as well.

"... What a fool..."

Raising her burning red paw up, the flames consumed her body and became a dark light around her filled with malicious intent.

The evil flames that encased her body began to scorch the land around her, the dark chi forming her into a rather evil being, the complete opposite of the kitsune's more holy transformation of kyuubi. Engulfed in these darkened flames, the fell to all fours, her body starting to morph into that of a larger fox-like beast, her single tail splitting into that of nine. Around her neck, a cursed item began to form, before finally the dark flames exploded off of her body, leaving this energy only around her paws and at the tips of her tail. The black and red flames that burst from her body now formed several demonic will-o-wisp-like creatures nearby with menacing faces. She was...

"... A Youko..."

She stood there, gazing at the giant dragon with the wild spirit, but her mind was honed so intensely that she could even see his fighting spirit burning within. Her spiritual power began to flare now as well, rivaling the spirit of dragon giant as the grass that grew to her dark chi now began to wither and rot, as was the power of this being of destruction and decay.

"... You will not survive..."

The Affliction began to sense dark energies coming from her so powerful that it almost surpassed his own. He then looked at his dragon just standing there he didn't waver it was as if he waited and expected the fox to evolve. It was sure to say that the dragon's personality had changed. He looked at the Youko, although he didn't say anything he also sensed this creature's power but he couldn't back down not yet at least he then took 1 step forward as flames began to ignite in his mouth as he shot out a scorching burst of flames from its gut with thunderous might towards the youko...

The Youko didn't even give them the privilege of a slight glance as the flames came to engulf her. With her mind alone, the flames would twist and distort around her body, leaving her completely unharmed by the powerful blast. When it was done, her eyes opened, her head turning off toward the horizon.

"... I am the harbinger of destruction and decay. Of ruin and misfortune. Pure bad luck befalls all places I walk."

She took a few steps forward, disappearing in a streaking blur of fire, only to reappear right in front of the dragon and his Affliction for just enough time to say something else.

"... This presence you feel... The foreboding aura of your utter demise... That is my power."

In another streak of dark flames, she was gone, and now all that was left with them was her destructive presence, which should make their knees buckle, their minds cringe, and their bodies weak.

Some ways behind them, she appeared again in but a single second, eyes gleaming with dark power just once.

"... Come, Blazing Spheres."

And just as quickly as she called for them, a distortion of the atmosphere caused these will-o-wisp-like balls of evil flames generate around her, concocted from her own spirit, mind and flames of her body into sentient beings that she could control. At blazing speeds, they were launched at the two hopefully unsuspecting fire-fodder, ready to blaze straight through them and burn their minds, bodies and even spirits to ash.

"What the...." the Affliction said as he saw the Youko distort the flames before they could even touch her by then he knew the dragon and him was out of their league and as she appeared in front of them he continued his sentence saying... "Fuck."

After she disappeared and after hearing her words he could sense her power behind him so he quickly turned around as the dragon was stunned just by the sheer speed of this youko let alone her power. As the affliction saw those flames he knew him or his dragon couldn't defend against it with exerting most of their energy so he did what a normal person would RUN AWAY...

Before the flames could even make contact he quickly clapped his hands together as dark clouds spreaded and covered him and dragon and as the flames hit the clouds the Affliction was gone, but the dragon -- which had been decayed by the darkness and fire -- still remained, half-dead.

The affliction fled the scene at the mental power of the Youko, clearly ill-prepared for what she had to offer.

"I will be back for you all... Next time... And perhaps I will achieve my highest form..."

She looked up to the sky, which darkened at her glance. Her feet flared up and she darted off into the sky, running strictly on air. She was the Digimon able to move as a streak through heaven itself. She was heading back to Taomin...
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The Divine Priestess Taomin
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