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 The Divine Priestess Taomin

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Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia

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The Divine Priestess Taomin - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: The Divine Priestess Taomin   The Divine Priestess Taomin - Page 2 EmptyFri Jul 12, 2019 4:56 pm

First topic message reminder :

Taomin... A girl from a family of a long line of priestesses. From the day she became of age, she learned under her mother the ways of a priestess, the Divination of her heritage. Her family was not like normal priestess families, however, for they made deals with the spirits and demons, themselves. If they were to forsake their priestess ways, evil would take over their bodies and change them, corrupt them... Demonize them. For the majority of her life, Taomin spent all of her days loyal and faithful to her priestess ways, all up until her 18th birthday...

When she became 18, she began to question her priestess lineage and heritage. She began to wonder what she was doing this for, what the purpose of it was... Why it even mattered. It was that moment that she gave up her ways as a priestess. Sooner than a week's time, she began to change for the worst, a powerful and high-ranking demon being promised to corrupt and become one with her body, mind and soul, making them one. Once this evil took over her body, she lost almost all sight of the ways of her priestess heritage.

To keep her from reverting back to her normal self, her evil and new demonic will manifested into an evil sword with two blades on the hilt, able to flip downward to become a double-sided blade and able to flip back up to normal as if it were still a two bladed sword. The demon twin sword's name is Makkani, the manifestation of Taomin's evil and darkness to seal and hold her goodness in place.

In addition to this, the demon merged with her became her own Living Shadow, which was both its own sentient being as well as a controlled part of Tao's own body. With her Living Shadow, Taomin no longer casts a real shadow, and her Living Shadow is incapable of casting a shadow, as well.

Once she had locked away all of her holiness and goodness of her former self, she began the slaughter. She killed off her family fast, quick and in a hurry, making sure that none of them used their adept Divination to revert her back to normal, since only a talisman from the holy family is the thing that can make Taomin normal again. After that was done, she licked off the blood from her face and blade, smiled and went on her way, the final part of her transformation being complete; her black eyes turning a bright red for eternity.

This was when she left her former home and became a nomad. As she traveled, she found out the extent of her demonic abilities. These ranged from her incredibly physical capabilities to Taomin the potent control over shadows and darkness as well as demons to get what she wanted. She used these key abilities to proceed with killing people and stealing at will. All those she fought with the darkness or shadow element seemed to have no effect on her whatsoever, for all of the shadows and darkness just made her stronger, most of which was to feed her blade. No other sorts of divinations besides ones from her family were even able to effect her, making exorcising the demon from her literally impossible. Tao also has some adept abilities in summoning and controlling evil spirits at her will, and various other spiritual abilities as well, due to her being a priestess/druid. Her manifestation of evil was getting stronger.

Before becoming demonized, Taomin was a sweet, religious, holy priestess-in-training who was very kind to everyone and everything, sporting very high moral values and very high respect for all things. She was very dedicated to her family and the values and traditions they held. However, because she forsook her family heritage, a very powerful, high ranking demon was allowed her body, which changed her into the complete opposite of what she once was. She started to become twisted, demented and destructive. She lived only for entertainment of herself (mostly parties), the slaughter of other living beings, and sexual activities with anything that will have her. Her cruelty combined with complete sadism made killing for her easy, and she became a bloodthirsty serial killer. She is now a conceited, cold-hearted bitch with no real cares for anyone or anything except for herself. Not to mention she's a buck wild horny teen who craves the attention of males... Then most times whoops their asses after she gets what she wants. She takes joy in demoralizing people and committing sinful acts of all kinds, and has a personal appeal to seducing and tricking people into her own wiles. Though she has the capacity to work with people, she rarely does it, and usually works alone. Because of her heritage, however, she has a special liking for any sort of Traditional Japanese foods, and tends to become docile at even the very mention of these foods. She also seems to have a high respect and liking for people like her or (some) people that are more powerful than she is, so long as they seem cool. In short, she will do damn well anything she wishes to get what she wants, whether it be blood, sex, entertainment, or just the screams of those she hurts.

From a first glance, she looks like your typical, rambunctious, voluptuous teenage girl. However, upon close inspection, she has many other, demonic qualities to her that no normal teenage girl should have.

She stands at 5'11, with the hair on her head giving her an extra 2 inches, making her actual height about 5'9. Her long, black, unkempt hair is very spiky, wild and crazy, just like her personality. It reaches down to about her thighs. In addition to it being long and crazy, thanks to her demonic power, Taomin has the ability to potently control every strand of her hair, thus allowing her to alter stiffness and hardness as well as longness at will. As such, she can potentially make every strand as sharp as a blade instantaneously.

Tao's eyes are very special, being a priestess. She is able to see pure energy and it's 'code' as text; letters, runes, glyphs, symbols, etc. Using this, she is able to learn the 'code' of whatever it is 'Divinated' by her and broken down into its most primary form, where she can then learn what makes it and then inscribe it on things. With these eyes, she is able to manipulate any form of energy and put the pure essence of that energy into her Talismans (or whatever she inscribes the words into) and imbed that pure energy essence into other things through that medium. Her eyes, originally black, have become a piercing red thanks to her demonic attributes, intensifying her original ability to see the supernatural, metaphysical and spiritual entities of the universe. Also, with this redness, her eyes also became very perceptive, allowing her to see slight changes in light and in the atmosphere, as well as allow her to see easily in pitch blackness. Some of her teeth also became extremely sharp and pointed, useful for ripping flesh from very tough substances, which only accentuates her new, bloodthirsty nature.

As a whole, Taomin tends to wear nothing but skimpy, slutty clothing ever sense being demonized. She wears a very low cut black baby-tee which hugs her large breasts, showing off cleavage as well as her stomach. She also wears very tight, extremely small, black booty shorts that accentuate her ass quite a bit, leaving barely anything to be desired. Her boots are odd, slightly plushy looking, cushioned, oversized, red cosplay boots which hang loosely halfway between her shins and ankles. Around her wrists, she wears two red magical cuffs. Originally, these cuffs were golden Holy Cuffs, but were tainted once Tao was, and altered themselves once she became demonized, becoming red. They are completely indestructible and are imbued with great power, as well as the ability to repel things from their presence on Tao's will when struck. She wears all black and red all the time, being apparent in her shirt, shorts, shoes and arm cuffs.

On her face and body, there are scattered, yet symmetrical, blood red markings on her body. She has 2 long, tiger like red stripes on her cheeks, one on either side, the same stripes being on her shoulders and her calves. A squiggly looking mark makes a ring around her midsection on her stomach, right across her belly button and around to her back. These markings are one with her skin and are found to glow a piercing red at times, as well as her eyes. They are also known to grow when she is feeling surges of emotions or being overwhelmed by the demon in her.

Though Taomin is accustomed to wearing her extremely slutty clothing, because she is still a priestess (though now demonized), she still sports a Kimono at times where she summons things. However, her Kimono is demonic now, being completely black with red, evil marks on it, staying true to her strictly black and red attire. While wearing her Kimono, she has a bit of control over it, being able to extend and stiffen her sleeves like blades or whips in the same fashion of her hair. Also, she may stiffen up the entire Kimono as a sort of super-armor, making her even more resistant to stronger attacks that her remarkable strength would not be able to take. This is because her Kimono is made out of both demonic threads and her own hair, giving her that control. Otherwise, it is simply a normal Kimono.

Due to her demonic attributes, not only the appearance of her body has changed, but her physical capabilities, as well. Her skin, though it is soft and smooth, is actually extremely durable and not easily pierced. Her skin and bones are able to take the sharpest blades and most destructive forces without being broken or cut through at all, giving her great durability and defense. Her speed also improved to drastic levels, allowing her to run at more than breakneck speeds, to the point where she is invisible. In addition, her movements in general are so quiet that even at full speed, a pin is able to drop in an empty hallway and be the only thing heard. Her physical brute strength increased as well, allowing her to punch through boulders and rip through steel with her blade effortlessly. Not only this, but she has extreme agility and balance and is very acrobatic and flexible as well. Lastly, her vocal cords have become extremely powerful, and she also seems to have extremely potent control over all aspects of her voice. As such, she can create massive, powerful, concentrated pure sound waves from her mouth that decimate and obliterate everything in their way. She is also known to create eerie noises that mess with the perception of those who hear the noises, sort of like making illusions. It is said that her own physical capabilities increase even more drastically the longer and brighter her markings get.

Tao also has her Demon Mode and Full Demon Mode. In Demon Mode, her red markings all over her body glow and allows her resistance to elemental attacks to increase, making their effects quite lessened. Like fire. She won't be burnt easily, if at all. Lightning... She can take a few direct hits from lightning and still keep going practically unharmed. Her need to breathe lessens as well, meaning she doesn't need air to breathe for long periods of time. Her speed and strength also double as well, as well as the power and speed of her talismans. Her body becomes extremely durable, more so than before. Normally, Tao can take a direct cut from a sword and have it only do a tiny scratch, however in her Demon Mode, the cut would feel like a pillow, depending on the power it was slashed with. It's not impossible to penetrate her skin, just really hard.

Full Demon Mode is even more crazy than the Demon Mode. Tao's Living Shadow becomes her body, making Tao herself a living shadow. Now, just to be clear, you cannot control a living shadow because it has a mind of it own, and you cannot control Tao when she's in the Full Demon Mode with the shadow on her because of the fact that there are 2 minds and 2 wills allowing her to move, meaning that it would then take double the power and control to make them submit, which would be quite hard already. She is a completed being and now shares all powers her Shadow once had alone. Now. Her markings still glow through the shadows Her sword elongates to twice its size and instead of just absorbing energy, it absorbs everything it slashes at, even an entire person. Tao also becomes able to open up the Demon Door and summon hte Forbidden Temple at will, which is very bad. Also, spiritual hands that will instantly destroy you if touched are at her command as well. Lastly, she can eat and control shadows and darkness at will, even changing herself into it, as well as drown out all light around her. So if light comes around her, it instantly nullifies, regardless of power. Her Living Shadow takes the form of a flying skull with a variety of abilities by itself. She also has chains she can use at her disposal and Makkani has split into two distinct swords with two distinct powers.

The Demon Messenger is the a form only taken when Tao is bestowed with the Eyes and Ears of the Devil, being spectacles and earphones respectively. Bestowed upon her by the demon that has control of her soul, wearing these causes her body to take on a drastic change, even to the extent of changing her appearance to one that is slightly more demonic. Her eyes are set ablaze (more so her left eye), her head sprouts demonic horns, she is donned with a jacket and all of her attributes become black and green instead of black and red. The Eyes of the Devil allow Taomin highly advanced perception and reactionary time, incinerating and vaporizing eye beams, total control over green flames and skulls and the ability to see chakra, disallows genjutsu of the eyes and finally, heightened intellect. The Ears of the Devil increases all of Taomin's normal physical attributes, as well as the ability to distinguish any sound from any other, or totally block out sounds she wishes in the first place. It also disallows the use of genjutsu of sound, and discerns anything and everything around her for exactly what it is in a way only her heightened intellect can decipher. The both of these legendary demonic weapons are bettered by Taomin consuming souls, however.

Being a master of Demonology as well as Divination, Taomin has the ability to summon demonic entities as well as holy entities if she really needs to. The stronger ones usually need time to prepare and some actually have seals that need to be broken... Otherwise, she may summon them via Talisman.

Eventually, Taomin gained the ability to summon the Door of the Damned, which is basically something that will attack with the demonic soul hands of... doom... and stuff... and claw at your soul... and try to rip it from your body and bring it to hell... And stuff. The hands are infinite, and there is no way to close the door once opened, unless Tao herself is stopped from keeping it open. She is also able to summon up the Forbidden Temple, which is able to lock foes in an alternate reality for eternity with almost the same method, however instead of hands, it warps the realm that they are in and alters it to the realm of the dead, then sucks everything in. Sometimes it may just eat your soul and leave the lifeless body. Her talismans, tainted with evil, are her only weapons other than her sword. Ah, good times... And on a side note, her exorcisms now work both ways for evil entities as well as holy entities...

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Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia
Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia

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The Divine Priestess Taomin - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Divine Priestess Taomin   The Divine Priestess Taomin - Page 2 EmptySat Jul 20, 2019 8:33 am

Feral 24: Training With A Dragon

After disappearing from the store, an affliction would appear in the training grounds he would then possess a dragon, slowly digitized out of it...

After the dragon was possessed, the affliction erupted with darkness spreading it to his arms and legs making it easier to move.

The dragon shot 2 fireballs out his mouth.

As the fireballs came the affliction signed and a dark wall erupted from the ground and from his left hand shot out five dark bullets

The affliction made the dragon breathe in deeply then release blazing fire just like a flamethrower.

Some ways away, though still visible to the eyes of the two in the area, a fox would appear. This fox was no ordinary one... Her silver fur sleek and glimmering, making it look as if she had a mysterious glow in the light. She stood there watching the two, her eyes unwavering and her arms crossed across her chest... Waiting for the right moment.

The dragon hurried as he released a flamethrower of his own acting as a fire wave...


The dragon looked at the fox in the distance almost completely ignoring the affliction the natural battle instincts had kicked in...

The mysterious fox had finally caught their eyes, but probably only the nose of the dragon rather than his feeble eyes. Once she was noticed, she stepped forward silently, as if showing the two that she were their opponent now. For what reason this was, a mystery, just like the mystical fox before them. As she stepped upon the grass below, it seemed to grow just a bit, resonating with this fox's spiritual power, just as all of nature would. She closed her eyes for merely a moment, quickly and sharply opening them to stare at her opponents, a ring of sharpened, glowing leaves manifesting themselves around her body, swirling as if some sort of leaf shield... The battle had begun.

Affliction: "Go get her boy."

The dragon would walk slowly to the fox until he came to a stop about 10ft away from her as he shot three fireballs towards the fox but also being aware of a counter attack...

The fox, Tsao-Rin, did not stop walking toward them. In fact, her keen eyes saw the infernal blast coming toward her, about 3 of her 10 leaves going to work on it. With a few slashes faster than the normal eye could comprehend, the fireball would become nothing more than a puff of flames, burnt away with the wind. The leaves had sliced through it in several different places, forcing the fireball to 'fall apart' one would call it, and the flames to disperse before making impact. Though she lost those three blades in the process to the searing flames, she still had seven more at her disposal, and she didn't seem to be ready to back down. Perhaps they could make her uncross her arms this time?

The dragon released four fireballs as he began running towards the fox but with weights it slowed him down quite a bit but he kept on running his claws then erupted with fire which could destroy small boulders, then attempted to claw at the fox wildly...

Tsao-Rin watched the next assault of fireballs come at her, the dragon trying to overwhelm her with flames instead of strike her down with one, but the simple animalistic dragon did not realize... She could make more of those leaves. But she did not. As each fireball came to her, she raised a leg up, one of her leaves coating the sole of her paw-foot like a shoe's sole. The second the first fireball entered her kicking range, she kicked it away with speed rivaling her own leaves; a blurred and fluent motion as she repeated the process for all four, the all of them heading off in different directions and bursting into flames. She shook her head, speaking directly to Affliction...

"... Your dragon is poorly trained..."

That said, he had come in with a Dragon Claw attack, which would be skillfully and thoughtfully evaded by the fox in several blurred motions, almost as if she were a hologram, herself. But no, a swift kick was delivered to the dragon, with power trying to send him flying into the air, where the final three leaves would follow him, aiming to slice right through him.

The dragon would be kicked in the air but not far since he had weights on him and for the leaves as they were coming for him he performed his wild scratch attack completely ripping the leaves to shreds with his claws he would then land on the ground causing a small tremor... He shot out 2 layered fireballs which detonated on contact which cause moderate damage and if caught in the blast radius the fox would be burned...

Tsao-Rin narrowed her eyes to the Affliction, though kept her sights on the dragon before her. Seeing it land, she could tell that he was very powerful, but lacked the skill and coordination necessary to fight someone of her caliber.

"Truly the creature of strength within our kingdom..."

Naturally, she referred to the kingdom of animals, as the power of Strength was within reptiles and Speed within foxes. Upping the power of his attack, the Fire Grenade came forth toward Tsao-Rin, but she had yet another trick up her sleeve. She walked toward it, letting one arm fall to the side dramatically as leaves formed around her.

"Illusion Switch..."

And again, in another fluid motion, it would seem as if she and the dragon had warped into each other's spots, the fox continuing walking as if nothing ever happened. Now the Fire Grenade was aimed at the dragon, which, with his weights still attached, he should find a hard time evading. Staring back at the Affliction, Tsao-Rin readied her next attack, turning slowly toward the dragon though her eyes stayed locked on the affliction.

"... I'll turn your dragon into meat..."

Being transported the dragon would notice his own attack coming for him he knew with these weights he wouldn't be able to dodge it quicker enough so he fired at the ground in front of him while jumping backwards at the same time propelling himself backwards using the force of his own attack avoiding the grenades.

Tsao-Rin averted her gaze from the Affliction and back to the dragon, whose insolent words inspired her to speak yet again.

"You are foolish for not allowing your master to assist you... For you alone cannot defeat me."

She hopped into the air, fazing out in a blur and just as quickly reappeared in front of the dragon using her spinning kick with the speed and power of a tornado. She intended to hit the dragon and sling him, if she were able to. She only laughed at the feeble dragon.

"Hmhm... I bet you can't even evolve, can you?"

The dragon was interrupted by the kick being slung to affliction and as he was affliction caught him stopping his path of travel he then put him down on the ground as the dragon was shaking off the pain from the kick.

Tsao-Rin narrowed her eyes, displeased with the two of them as a unit. She turned around, shaking her head.

"I don't even know why I waste my time with you two... I should have killed you both from the start..."

Her paw started to glow with a dark flame, sinister and altering from red and black... Dark chi, it seemed.

"I sense dark powers coming from her"

The Affliction said as his dragon then also began to glow red as he floated in the air IT WAS TIME... some type of digital red aura covered his whole body hiding him from sight the aura then took the shape of a red egg it then grew in size as the dragon yelled....

The egg then exploded letting out a bright light that could blind everyone in the area for a short time.Wiping off his eyes the affliction then looked up at the dragon surprised by how much he changed he then spoke.... "Whoa man....he's huge."


He lifted his huge claw pointing it at the fox with the weights still attached to them good thing they was adjustable.....

Tsao-Rin didn't seem to be fazed at all by the evolution of this creature. He was still wild, he was still unkempt and he was still an oaf of a dragon that lacked any discipline or training at all. He would lose this battle, and would lose it only faster when she evolved as well.

"... What a fool..."

Raising her burning red paw up, the flames consumed her body and became a dark light around her filled with malicious intent.

The evil flames that encased her body began to scorch the land around her, the dark chi forming her into a rather evil being, the complete opposite of the kitsune's more holy transformation of kyuubi. Engulfed in these darkened flames, the fell to all fours, her body starting to morph into that of a larger fox-like beast, her single tail splitting into that of nine. Around her neck, a cursed item began to form, before finally the dark flames exploded off of her body, leaving this energy only around her paws and at the tips of her tail. The black and red flames that burst from her body now formed several demonic will-o-wisp-like creatures nearby with menacing faces. She was...

"... A Youko..."

She stood there, gazing at the giant dragon with the wild spirit, but her mind was honed so intensely that she could even see his fighting spirit burning within. Her spiritual power began to flare now as well, rivaling the spirit of dragon giant as the grass that grew to her dark chi now began to wither and rot, as was the power of this being of destruction and decay.

"... You will not survive..."

The Affliction began to sense dark energies coming from her so powerful that it almost surpassed his own. He then looked at his dragon just standing there he didn't waver it was as if he waited and expected the fox to evolve. It was sure to say that the dragon's personality had changed. He looked at the Youko, although he didn't say anything he also sensed this creature's power but he couldn't back down not yet at least he then took 1 step forward as flames began to ignite in his mouth as he shot out a scorching burst of flames from its gut with thunderous might towards the youko...

The Youko didn't even give them the privilege of a slight glance as the flames came to engulf her. With her mind alone, the flames would twist and distort around her body, leaving her completely unharmed by the powerful blast. When it was done, her eyes opened, her head turning off toward the horizon.

"... I am the harbinger of destruction and decay. Of ruin and misfortune. Pure bad luck befalls all places I walk."

She took a few steps forward, disappearing in a streaking blur of fire, only to reappear right in front of the dragon and his Affliction for just enough time to say something else.

"... This presence you feel... The foreboding aura of your utter demise... That is my power."

In another streak of dark flames, she was gone, and now all that was left with them was her destructive presence, which should make their knees buckle, their minds cringe, and their bodies weak.

Some ways behind them, she appeared again in but a single second, eyes gleaming with dark power just once.

"... Come, Blazing Spheres."

And just as quickly as she called for them, a distortion of the atmosphere caused these will-o-wisp-like balls of evil flames generate around her, concocted from her own spirit, mind and flames of her body into sentient beings that she could control. At blazing speeds, they were launched at the two hopefully unsuspecting fire-fodder, ready to blaze straight through them and burn their minds, bodies and even spirits to ash.

"What the...." the Affliction said as he saw the Youko distort the flames before they could even touch her by then he knew the dragon and him was out of their league and as she appeared in front of them he continued his sentence saying... "Fuck."

After she disappeared and after hearing her words he could sense her power behind him so he quickly turned around as the dragon was stunned just by the sheer speed of this youko let alone her power. As the affliction saw those flames he knew him or his dragon couldn't defend against it with exerting most of their energy so he did what a normal person would RUN AWAY...

Before the flames could even make contact he quickly clapped his hands together as dark clouds spreaded and covered him and dragon and as the flames hit the clouds the Affliction was gone, but the dragon -- which had been decayed by the darkness and fire -- still remained, half-dead.

The affliction fled the scene at the mental power of the Youko, clearly ill-prepared for what she had to offer.

"I will be back for you all... Next time... And perhaps I will achieve my highest form..."

She looked up to the sky, which darkened at her glance. Her feet flared up and she darted off into the sky, running strictly on air. She was the Digimon able to move as a streak through heaven itself. She was heading back to Taomin...
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Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia

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The Divine Priestess Taomin - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Divine Priestess Taomin   The Divine Priestess Taomin - Page 2 EmptySat Jul 20, 2019 9:45 am

Feral 25: Soul Excursion

The Dracozombie had succumb to the effects of Taomin's talisman, which had taken complete control over the zombified creature with ease, as the potency of her powerful talismans was nothing a simple delinquent zombie could deal with. Technically, she had control over it in the first place, as it was the spirit of a dead dragon brought to flesh, and the demon priestess did have dominion over the spirits.

She appeared atop its back, seemingly unaffected by the grotesque plagues of its body for some reason or another, and simply laughed devilishly at the defunct Snake-charmer above, who had so much trouble with it.

"Hahahahaha! Soooo, we meet again, Snake-charmer... And this time it seems like you've got a few fancy new tricks, huh? Hahahaha!! That's a laugh. Well, like I said before when I tried to train you; I'm here to kill you now. Don't you just love it when encounters with someone come back to bite you in the ass? Ahahahaha! Looks like the snake's been snaked! HA!"

The Zombie Dragon groaned loudly, readjusting itself below. The zombified snakes all slithered nearby, becoming more uniform, as a testament to Tao's control over both them and the forcefully tamed dragon.

"Don'tcha just love my little pets? They're to die for!"

She winked at him seductively, though that sexy wink was filled with nothing but malicious intent and the will to kill.

The Snake-charmer would land on the ground releasing a light shock wave from his landing to push back any near by gas as he landed. He would sense the motionless Dragon Zombie and would hear someone standing on top of it. While at first not knowing who it was upon hearing her speak he knew full well this was Taomin.

Soul Partner: "Please, he would never let you kill him...Then again from what I hear he never really payed attention to anything you had say."

At the Soul Partner's bold words, Taomin scoffed, sneering down at the two and now filled with rage.

"... Puh. Like I even care about you little wimps, anyway. You probably didn't listen because you knew you couldn't master my training, you lazy ass!!"

The Zombie Dragon reared up, roaring loudly once again. Tao knew all about the Balloon bombs under the ground and knew that the Snake-charmer could not fight underground anymore, thanks to the control of the Zombie Dragon, so that was always a plus. The snakes on the ground started to mobilize, slithering around his general area trying to bite him and zombify him as well, so that he could be under Tao's control just like all the rest.

"And don't think that cheesy little Soul Weapon's gonna help you out. I've got something for that bitch, anyway!"

The Zombie Dragon started to flap its stiff wings about, spreading around the Zombie Breath gas lingering in the air and trying to make it cover the area the Snake-charmer was in yet again, in case the snakes didn't work. Seemed like if he was gonna beat Tao, he'd have to fight the dragon... and vice versa.

As the snakes tried to bite the charmer in a quick exhale he would release a wave of fire which would form a ring of protection around his general area burning any snakes that tried to come near him. As more gas moved toward him, he would create a very strange hand sign and his body would begin to glow with a gold colored chakra that would flow out of his body in into the sky. This release of energy would release a constant shock wave that would push bake the gas once more. Once reaching the sky the energy would cause black clouds to appear over the area. After a moment 4 large snake that where at least forty times bigger than the Snake-charmer would erupt from the black clouds like meteors from space. These snakes where powerful creatures which he called Inspired. All four snakes would release powerful roars which shock the whole area. Instead of trying to attack the Dragon Zombie head on the four serpents would open their mouths and would release a wave of large fireballs toward the Dragon Zombie trying to completely engulf and consume it.

Looks like shit just got real this time. The snakes burnt away and the charmer releasing such power, Tao was interested to see what he had in store for her. She looked up, watching the 4 large serpentine creatures fall from the sky and smirked.

"Finally... I thought you were just gonna pussyfoot around all goddamn night!"

Her demonic pupils narrowed into slits in her excitement, her irises gleaming a burning red color as she pointed up at the raining fireballs, and the Zombie Dragon complied. The same powerful white wind as before was released from its mouth upward at all of the flames as a whole, trying to blow them away or at least off course. To ensure that they didn't push through, Tao pasted an extra Talisman of Strength onto the back of the Zombie Dragon, thus fortifying and intensifying its attack. The rather powerful wind gust suddenly burst outward as a massive destructive force rivaling that of an F3 tornado now. With the power to rip to shreds most things that came in its way and the effects of it, the Dragon aimed to take down the serpents with this wind as well.

As the powerful wind moved toward the serpents pushing back their fire two of them would roar as they would bite each others tails creating a large ring. The two serpents would then begin to spin in a circle at high speeds creating a powerful twister of their own which would move downward toward the powerful wind gust of the Dragon Zombie. The power of both attack would knock each other of course sending them to random spot in the area causing massive destruction to those sections of the area. The two serpents would stop spinning and in an instant all four would open their mouths and would release powerful energy beams down toward the Dragon Zombie. Each beam alone could destroy a small mountain to the Dragon was dealing with something four times stronger than that.

The clashing attacks were spread about, the destruction going on throughout this graveyard becoming grand rather quickly. Taomin could see that these four snakes were not going to be easily dealt with by this slow, rotten dragon, and her theory was only proven with those beams that came down.

"Shit... Looks like I'm gonna have to give this sucka up! Sorry, big guy!"

She leapt off of it in a blurred motion, the beams piercing through the dragon's already halfway destroyed body and destroyed the creature completely, leaving not a trace of it but its soul. Taomin landed on the ground nearby, eyeballing the soul before the dust from the attack even had a chance to clear.


She shot back toward the soul in a flash, grabbing it and landing in all but a second, then made her way back around to her original spot. By then, the dust had just finished clearing and there would be absolutely nothing left. Tao dangled the soul around in the air, even though the Snake-charmer couldn't see it, and licked it seductively.

"Well, well, well~! This soul you've worked soooo hard to get is now in MY possession, Hebi! And it looks like its worth quite a hefty amount... What's this, ten? Fifteen? Hahahaha!"

Without so much as a second thought, her shadow's mouth rose from the ground and consumed the soul completely, having Tao's soul count now rise to 15 and the charmer's stay right were it was.

"Hahahahahaha!! Even if you've gotten rid of my dragon, I still have the upper hand over those wretched snakes of yours, you know! They're weaklings compared to my own power."

She pulled out a couple talismans from what seemed to be the side of her skin-tight booty shorts, wiggling the paper about in a taunting fashion.

"I know you can't see it by that lady ate the soul of the dragon," the Soul Weapon would inform the Snake-charmer about the status of the soul because of the simply fact he could not see. He would stand silent for a moment and would then actually begin to speak himself. "Well the assignment was to destroy any threats to the cemetery and that mission was taken care of there is no reason to stay here and waste time." He would whistle with two of his fingers and on of the large serpents move move down and pick him up off the ground. The other serpents would then disappear back into the clouds as the one the Snake-charmer was sitting on would fly out of the area leaving Taomin by herself. Just like last time his personality would keep him from becoming frustrated by Taomin in anyway. The Snake-charmer had simply come here to do his assigned assignment from the academy and it was done.

Half shocked by the charmer's personality, Taomin grit her teeth and started to grind them as he went away. He was such a fucking stiff.

"... Huh. Whatever. Mark my words... I'm gonna kill you... No matter where you go..."

Tao put her hands behind her head and started to walk off out of the graveyard, as if nothing happened.
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Feral 26: The Fear...

A thick puddle of black goo lay unexplored near the outskirts of the Chaotic Village, its bubbling mass inviting to the curious of minds.

Taking a walk around the Chaos, a territory seldom explored by the murderous, possessed young girl, she took quick note of the goo that lay bubbling on the ground.

"... Ew... What the hell is that?"

She was originally going to pay it no mind, considering she wished to spill some more blood, but it was just... one of those weird things that couldn't be passed up, no matter how hard you tried to. Keeping her distance, she eyed it curiously... Knowing that it could belong to any shinobi and might not be a random phenomenon.

"I hope that wasn't alive at some point... Bleh."

"You don't understand the term 'living'," said the bubbling pile of black goo, that was now bubbling more rapidly while slowly taking a more human like form. It was evident this was no natural phenomenon by now and even more evident than that, was that this mass of black goo belonged to the furious sword of the Chaos... The Weevil. "Do you?" He said, having finally taken his full form. His limbs were dripping with the same goo as before, but that was rather common for the weevil... he was the weirdest kid alive.

Watching this mass of glop form into a kid made Tao shudder with anticipation for what was to come. He seemed interesting, even in his words... And she wondered just how much it would take to kill someone like him.

"Yeah yeah, 'Life is given and life is taken away' or some bullshit like that, right? Even though I like it better when I'm the one taking it away!"

She took hold of the hint of her twin-bladed sword, Makkani, which was sheathed in its double sheath. She smiled at him devilishly, her elongated, pointed canines visible. The red markings on her body resembling tattoos all pulsated with a crimson glow for a moment, as did her eyes, before they dimmed back to their original color.

"Something tells me you're gonna try to teach me, right? The 'value of life' or some other crap? Well if you value yours... I wouldn't try."

She winked at him with eyes full of the same anticipation, opening her mouth just enough for her tongue to pass through her teeth and lick them... She was excited.

"Teaching mongrels the value of anything is a waste of time, I have far more pressing matters to deal with," he said, flinging his right arm in a horizontal fashion, the likes of which would cause a thick string of black goo to extend and threatening to strike Tao if she wasn't paying attention.

The weevil was known for being short of words, though his Queen had already told him speaking is the easiest way to manipulate man, so practice was in order.

Quick on the draw, a talisman was already hovering in the air in front of Tao just as the weevil released his goo, all much faster than even a skilled shinobi's eyes could follow. The talisman was that of Barrier, creating an invisible shield in front of Tao that arced over her to protect all sides, save for her back. The goo's impact would most likely cause it to slowly slip off, having nothing truly to stick to.

"Tch, mongrel, am I? Hardly!"

This interesting dude had made Tao mad... Insults to her weren't a joke, for she was quick to anger and even quicker to slit a throat. Now, she was fighting mad.

"I know the way I wanna live my life, and I've been doing it for many centuries now! I kill the weak and best the strong, as both fall prey to my hunger for bloodshed and souls! I live only to party, to fuck and to KILL! I only hope I'll get a taste of all three of them with you!!"

Plucking the floating talisman from the sky with the same speed used to place it, in a blurred vision she was above the weevil. Many more Talismans were fired down below her, those being Explosion Talismans, all which would detonate whether or not they hit the weevil or came in contact with anything, as they did so on command. Tao would land some ways away behind him, twirling her sword, now unsheathed, in her hand.

Instinctively, the weevil would wrap his body in the same goo that he had once used as a weapon, the goo -- or 'creep' -- would harden to a near indestructible state; stopping the explosion from harming the boy with ease.

"Yea, I know the credo mongrel. I live my life the way "I" see fit, because thats all that matters," the weevil said, as the 'Creep' slowly dripped from his body now ready to take its more lethal stand in the battle. The creep, severed as a multi use weapon for the weevil, acting as a weapon, a shield and an insect when anger or agitated; fire was typically the way to piss the creep off, but explosions were always as good.

The creep, now a screaming living blob organism, quickly dug into the ground. Naturally Taomin would be able to feel the tremble beneath her feet, unless she were too self observed to notice that.-

"I hate people like you. You so blinded in what you want...that you never LEARN! You make men of ambitions look like children, allow me to show you the difference in our goals." The weevil had already seen his monster into the ground below, no doubt to arise when he needed it most, now all he had to do was finish setting the trap.

The weevil would take off towards the girl, extending his arm mid dash to form a giant axe made of the same black substance as before. As he drew near, he would swing the sharped weapon at the woman's torso, cleaving her in half life a knife through butter.

The boy's voice was filled with malice now... Oh, how she loved that. She had riled him up, something she always loved to do before delivering the death blow to her victims. The negativity he exuded... it tasted good. She licked her lips watching him drip... his goo sinking into the ground. As he came forth, Tao waited. The axe was swung, clearly aimed at her torso yet touching nothing, as Tao was already off the ground with a hop in the air. Seeing things almost in slowed motion, the very moment the axe was below her body, she placed the Barrier talisman she used earlier on her foot, stomping downward with incredible force to bring down both herself and the axe into the ground, hopefully staggering the weevil, who was attached. Seems she had reason not to touch this goo head on.

The force of impact caused the ground below to shoot up below them, now malformed as if miniature mountains were shaped just from collision. It was clear that she had a strength that belonged to no ordinary woman, nor any ordinary shinobi... The demonic strength that came from within only held true to everything she did. She looked him square in the face with her glowing demon eyes, that sadistic, sharp smile still well laced upon her face.

"Or maybe I just know more about what I really want more than anyone ever has!"

With a hand on her hip and the other on her sword, she took a swing not at the weevil, but the air in front of him. From the arc of the swing came a sharpened blade of sheer darkness aimed right at his face. Aiming to take his head clean off, Taomin kicked off of the axe and the Talisman, exhausted of power, dissipated as she flew backward once more. 'Your move, weevil.'

Tao would land on weevil's Axe, no doubt slamming the large weapon into the ground, though the boy seemed unfazed by this. The weevil was no human boy, he shared the blood and DNA of the insectoids, and with that came many perks.

The black goo slammed into the ground with a mighty thud, the hardened material stayed true to its form until the insect code order it otherwise. The goo quickly swept from one arm to the next, shifting through the weevil's body and forming a large black fist in record time.

"Always TALKING!" he yelled, just before throwing the punch of the ages towards the Tao who was dangerously close to the boy of rage. The fist he made was easily twice the size of their bodies, that plus the power behind the weevil's insectoid punches would surely break through the black sword strike and break any number of Tao's bones. "Never listening."

Feeling the leverage of the axe leave her, once Tao swung her sword she realized it was a mistake. Taking the greatest amount of reflexive power there was within her to cancel her strike, she whipped her sword back to a defensive position and placed her other hand on the back of the blade to keep it steady as impact was made between the two great, black forces. The hit, clearly powered by a force stronger than the boy's own, matched Tao's demonic strength, yet because of her positioning still sent her flying backward in the air.

She never took her eyes off of the weevil, absolutely loving what he could do with that gook. Though the force of collision itself would have probably shattered and staggered a normal foe, it did nothing to Tao but send her backward. She skidded to a stop, now whipping her blade down to the side of her, cutting right through the air.

"I'm sorry, what~? Did you say something~!? All I could hear was the sound of your eminent screams!!!"

Taking off again in a blur of black and red, Tao had circled around the weevil in but a moment, talismans trailing the ground after every step she took. It was clear that this goo was his weapon, and rather sturdy at that, if not indestructible, possibly like Tao's sword. So, that meant that even he was protected from the immense strength flowing through her... But was it enough? As soon as she finished laying the last talisman down, Tao jumped high into the air, sword overhead, and came down upon the weevil like a meteor, aiming to cleave through his body with strength rivaling said meteor. In her mind, Tao was only thinking about how much of a fucking good time this was... And how she wanted to torment him... The fact that he wasn't afraid made her want to do it all the more.


She screamed, as she came down.

The weevil stood amidst the woman preparations shaking his head, it were clear she had no intention of listening to what he was saying but that's what he had expected from her in the beginning.-

"...Don't piss me off wench!" he said with a murderous yell, calling forth the massive Creep monster he had allowed to go AWOL beneath the surface of the planet. The black blob, emerged from the ground, its mouth open to the sky, intent on devouring everything in its path...sadly the only thing it would be able to eat would be that wench.

The weevil himself, would have used that time to relocate himself. He never showed his true speed to his foe, moving in a blur only when they were distracted. Though the record has shown the weevil to be full of surprises.

"Crush her," the weevil yelled from the safety of a distant tree. Unbeknownst to the girl, the moment she got within the right distance of the monster, the entire blob would go stiff... reaching that near indestructible density it had shown so many times before.

Falling from the sky, Tao was shocked and amazed to see this creature come from the ground, but that shock only lasted for a moment.

"Ha, so you finally decided to show your face, huh? That's all-fucking-right with me! SHADOW!!!"

As she was about to land into the gullet of the black beast, another black monstrosity showed itself, the eyes of Taomin's shadow on the ground suddenly gleaming a blood red. With Tao watching the weevil move, extremely surprised that he could move that fast, the Shadow arced over the Creep like a dome, making a safe spot for Tao to land on. Where the weevil's location was, Tao flung a stiffened Talisman once more, it activating the moment it hit the tree. Instantaneously, Tao was there, standing atop the small piece of paper as if she had warped there on her own. Her smiled never fading, she playfully bit the air as if denoting she wished to take a bite out of the weevil and spoke.

"Aw, running away from me? It's alright, EVERYONE DOES! I have a few people on my list I've been playing 'Tag' with for years! And now..."

She took her sword with both hands, making an incredibly fast and powerful slash with an enormous arc.

"You're IT!!"

The slash would tear the tree apart, damn near causing it to fall to nothing but shreds with that one attack, and hopefully the weevil would have experienced the same. Falling to the ground with a great thud, she took one hand off of the sword, a talisman in waiting...

On the other side of the field, from the very moment Tao had used her placeholder talisman to bring herself to the weevil's location, the Shadow had imploded in upon itself, following behind her and reappearing below her feet, leaving the monster to the talismans. As if set on a timer, the talismans all activated the second Tao left, each generating a barrier of complete powerful force to encapsulate the Creep, even from below the surface, as one talisman had done nothing but strengthen the other and the other strengthening the next to create a super prison from which it was hoped that this creature could not escape.

The weevil didn't waste the chakra trying to break the creep free of the Tao's hold, instead he gave it the go ahead to go ape shit and explode. Forcing her to burn unnecessary chakra trying to contain an explosion of that magnitude, or watch the weevil set up yet another of his traps.

"I don't get the metaphor," he said, lifting his index finger to stop the blade and its destruction from befalling on his body. Naturally the slash would have obliterated any normal shinobi, but like I said being the insect's champion came with its perks.

His skin, naturally rivaled that of diamonds in density and he could easily increase that at a whims notice, that plus his presence over the cloud flame made him a walking one man Army, Tao would have to expose a weakness in the weevil if she wanted to best him.

"Though, I'll try things your way...Tag was it?" he said with a sinister gleam on his face. The boy of the insects clasped his hands together, summoning one of his 'charges' from his ring. His hands glowed with a purple and green hue, before a violent and destructive ripple went across the area.

The 'ripple' was that of an omnipresent sound wave, stretching out for miles and resonating with nearly everything in its destructive path. Tao, once again playing dangerously close to the weevil, would be at the mercy of the weevil's might unless she had a talisman strong enough; yet even still, the weevil had taken that into account when he released his destructive wave. Making sure the sound wave could break a barrier fifty times that of the ones she had previously used.

Containing the explosion wasn't going to be the most fun thing to do in the world, however it was arguably the best. The explosion of great proportions was halted by the force of these talismans, the strain of doing so very clear. But thanks to the weevil's next attack, that would be meaningless.

Though her sword was caught betwixt his hands, Tao still drew the talisman she needed to keep herself safe. Once the ripple was released, like a chain reaction, the Talisman was activated. A Siphoning Talisman, the sheer power of the weevil's impressive attack would hit it and cause the remainder of it to be sucked in, the force of this talisman doing so causing the two of them to blow away from each other. Taking in the sound wave as pure chakra, it was returned to Tao as a great boost in her own for keeping that explosion at bay. A great effect that this specific talisman had that most who possessed draining abilities did not was the fact that it was like a filter, giving Tao only the pure chakra and nothing of the weevil's trickery, even though this also cost some power to do. Feeling almost completely restored, the talisman harboring the bad energies within from the weevil would dissipate, taking those energies along with it.

Having touched down on the ground long ago, Tao was a bit pleased to see that this guy was coming around.

"Sooo... Stopped being such a stiff, have ya? I like it! Now show me how much you TRULY wanna kill me, why don'tcha? I can feel your malice already bursting from your skin! Ahahahaha!"

Tao stabbed her sword into the ground now, her hair starting to flare up... A great deal of power was surging through her, causing her markings to glow once more, as did her eyes. The glow artificially created a large red aura around her, letting the world know that it was coming...

The weevil wasn't very pleased with Tao's methods of removal, he should have known she had a talisman for everything but that was a mistake he would not make twice.

"Thats the difference between you and I, I don't kill the weak," he said, igniting his ring once more this time using the effects of the cloud on himself rather than his weapons or explosions. It was a minute boost, but in the hands of the weevil it would seem infinitesimal.

In a blurred motion, the weevil would appear directly in front of Tao with his fist cocked back once again severely enlarged by the black goo known as creep. He aimed to deliver a mighty uppercut to the wench's chin, sending her sailing into the sky and breaking every bone the comically huge fist would hit. Unfortunately for him, he had to lose his skin's thickness in this transformation but he was certain his blinding speed and Tao's distraction would lead to success.

Still prepping for her large attack, numerous talismans started to flow around her, spiraling around her body upward into the air as Tao listened to the weevil and laughed... Her sinister, haughty laugh.

"Well, in my eyes, the 'strong' you've come across are weak! You can't even kill me, goop guy~!"

Seeing the ignition of the flame was a blatant warning to Tao not to play around, and that was all too reassured by his speed now... Almost faster than even Tao could keep up with. Almost. Abruptly stopping the generation of power within, the fist made contact, yet once again with the blade of her sword and, as before, sent her flying into the sky. She flew a lot further up this time, snickering all the way.

"Huh... That time, that kinda hurt a little."

Of course, she was talking about the impact. It was impressive to actually deal damage to the very lightly clothed cretin, as even the sharpest blades and the strongest forces had trouble knocking her off her feet. She did tank a number C4 explosions with no problem once before.

"Well, guess I'd better return the favor one million fold!"

Doing an unnecessary flip in the air, about 100 talismans would be already in the air in a circular fashion, creating a very geometrically correct circle of talismans in the air as she fell, following her. Targeting a very, very large portion of the area, the talismans began to glow a bright red before releasing an immensely powerful crushing force down upon the area, creating a massive crater that would leave an impact several hundreds of feet deep and wide in the ground, aiming to crush the weevil into it.

Whilst that was going on, she continued to increase her power from where she left off, now starting to chant...

The force fell onto the weevil like the pressure of God, hunching his back over and crippling into the deep crater much like Tao probably imagine it would, though the boy of rage made no sounds of agony or even looked as if he were in pain.

"Weakness has no quarter in my heart," he spoke calmly, which was rather shocking considering the circumstance he was in. Tao was still headed this way, her body flying towards the weevil with her ridiculous sinister gleam, it were as if she came here to die in his mind.-

"...Come my SWARM!" he yelled rather loudly, completely ignoring the pain his body was under and summoning an immense amount of power to break the hold the gravity had on him. Once his chakra output was high enough -- which was damn near instant may I add -- the weevil would begin to release a slurry of parasitic bugs the tiny creatures of rage came bursting from his body, ready to ravage Tao like locust to crops. The parasites knew one thing under the weevil's control; destruction. The tiny creatures took to the skies, their number completely beyond calculable and their blood-lust defiantly unquenchable...they were going to tear Tao limb from limb if she didn't do something.

The parasitic insects were self adapting creatures, meaning simple methods of disposal would only work for a moment, the bugs mind were connected, sending singles to the others to preventing them from meeting the same fate as the one before them, how would a ruffian deal with an evolving species.

His power was great to be able to take down the Talismans like that. Tao was assured of that. But now, it would seem that his real power was coming forth; power over the insects.

"So... You're the guy, huh...?"

Indeed, Tao had heard of the weevil before, but only as the ruthless killer harnessing the infinite insect army. Now she knew exactly what to do. She continued to chant, the talismans behind her disappearing once the weevil overpowered them, but another flew from her body and under her feet. Another Barrier talisman, in fact, that stopped her motion midair and allowed her to stand on what would seem to be on the air itself. The swarm came... and Tao waited for them. Chanting. All the while she did, her shadow rose from the ground once more, creeping its way closer and closer to the sun, simultaneously blocking out its presence with its sheer massiveness. The Shadow had become astronomical in size... But why for such small, seemingly unimportant insects? Because Tao knew the stories of the bug man well... Even if she didn't know him.

"Now, my Shadow... Open the gate to infinite demise! Have the legendary 'undefeated' swarm fall prey to what its like to TRULY die! All of you, come... The Door of the Damned is opened. It welcomes all creatures."

Without much warning or notice, Tao's garb had changed significantly somewhere along the lines during the chanting process, now to a more traditional Priestess appearance... Long, flowing red kimono with sleeves that cover over her arms. It flowed gracefully in the wretched winds as the shadow dug into itself, in the center of its own chest, and tore open the door to infinite demise that Tao spoke so fondly of and had such free control over... The abyss inside of this door was filled with nothing but redness and blackness, the epicenter seeming to be absolute nothingness. The door stood so wide, so grandiose in size that it seemed that nothing could fill it. Yet what would come from it but a powerful suction, meant to bring every last speck of them inside of it at once.

"And if those insects are unwilling... Make them come in."

From that epicenter with no end now came a ghastly, black arm that seemed to hold no true form of matter, like a wraith itself reaching out to beckon those unfortunate enough to be near. It aimed for the parasitic insects and it aimed for the weevil, planning to grab them all in one fell swipe and lock them within the doors with only one entrance... and no exit.

The weevil had been keeping tabs on everything that was going on, his mind was connected with nature as he himself trained to accomplish such. With such, he could detect the slightest shift or disturbance in the air, giving himself a type of 'precognition,' he wouldn't know what was happening exactly but he was fathoms more prepared then Taomin had expected.-

"My swarm, become my sword of rage and vanquish this foe," he said, swiping the tips of his fingers across the wind as if he were carving out a specific design, the purple light of his ring flame burning brightly on his finger.

The parasites, or the 'swarm,' were following his every move like a conductor and his orchestra, each swipe seemed to command a different section of the swarm, allowing him to avoid the large hand and aid them in setting up their next maneuver. "Your barriers will crumble, that arm will be devoured and once you lose hope and succumb to the fear... I will put an end to this miserable existence you call 'life.'"

The weevil wasn't just maneuvering his insects to keep them safe, he was setting them up to fulfill their duties; unfortunately for Taomin, she wouldn't realize this thanks to her rage and the darken sky she had blessed the black creatures. The parasites had completely surrounded the area, there was no section not under the 'dominance' of the Swarm, though the door of doom, the barrier and the arm of destruction was very present, they were trivial to the swarm.

The parasitic bugs on top of their hyper intellect and powerful seals, had another gift... chakra drain. The parasites lived off chakra, feasting on the weevil's chakra as a means of survival, but eating the same thing made them restless, they loved the taste of others life force and they had a feast above before them, one they were ready to dig their little teeth into.

Each of the millions upon millions of tiny parasites would 'connect' to one another via a thin purple light streaming from their abdomens, instantly activating the most power chakra drain ever performed by the weevil. The likes of which forcing, no ripping the chakra of the barrier, the door and the arm from their sources. The thin purple light would grow in brightness with ever passing second, symbolizing that this was the tip of the ice berg for such a powerful chakra drain.

Taomin and her entities, would be under direct influence of the chakra drain, no matter where they ran to, how deep they burrowed or how high they jumped, every inch of the battle field was under the weevil's watchful eye and powerful jutsu. Naturally the barrier and the arm would be the first to go, seeing as they where the closest to being pure chakra, it made them easier to devour the door most likely would just sit there until Taomin died, however its influence would be drastically reduced so long as the weevil maintained his influence.

It was so that Tao experienced the power of the parasites first hand; their presence had surrounded her area and without much knowledge, her only warning being the same glow she saw between them as she did on the weevil's finger, would the insects begin to drain the power at a rapid rate. Of course, they seemed to be focused on the power of her Talisman first, causing her to fall, then secondly, the hand. However, the hand would not be so easily consumed as they would have preferred. It merely ceased momentarily, disallowing it to take them into damnation, but allowing Tao a frame to react before the drain was then focused greatly on herself.

"... Alright. No more playing with these little pests... I'm fucking MAD!!"

The demon sword he possessed, Makkani, suddenly altered its shape to that of a weird, black Japanese fan, a single crimson eye on its center... A symbol that Tao was granted power of her former employer, even after she died... Malojos. As a gift, Tao intended to use its power wisely to get rid of these insects here and now. She merely allowed the eye to look up at the bugs, scanning every minute detail it needed to give to Tao as she fell. Suddenly, she stopped her falling and began to hover down gently, now upright in the air. By now, the insects would have completed consuming the hand and were going to focus on Tao... But that was exactly what she needed. The moment they did, her body was covered in thousands upon thousands of layered talismans, each stuck to the next which was stuck to her body... And all of them were Sealing Talismans.

With the parasites draining power the way they were, they were forced to drain the energy of the Sealing Talismans whilst they were active as well as equipped to Taomin, leaving them absolutely no way to get out of their own demise... With so many Sealing Talismans, they were to first match the power of the parasites's drain, then surpass it to ensure that not only would their link to each other be sealed away, but their link to the Ring Flame as well as their link to their master; the weevil. The bugs were sealed completely from the weevil's use, any and all of them. They would fall from the sky like newly dead flies, the Talismans on Tao's body dissolving away as each one fell... One for each, it almost looked like. The Door of the Damned abruptly closed, as Tao had no intention of wasting the remainder of her energy keeping it open. Her sinister smile and evil eyes were still staring at the weevil... That, and the crimson eye on the fan.

"Well, I took up a shitload of energy doing that... Probably the equivalent of a number of summons at my disposal... But ya know, hey... I don't mind as long as I can say I took out those fucking bugs. Those were Sealing Talismans on me that they had the mistake of draining. So not only are they sealed from you; but you're sealed from them. Plus, all of their abilities are sealed as well! What say you to that, bug boy? Well... Not like you can use those bugs anymore, huh~?"

Taomin snickered to herself, her Shadow now returning to normal. She let out a huge, exasperated sigh of sheer tiredness and fulfillment before her fan returned to being the twin-blade. Her garb also returned to the normal tube top and skin-tight booty shorts she always wore as well. She almost seemed like she was tired enough not to be a hype anymore, but still had enough energy to fight if the weevil came at her. In any case, she was taking a breather just to watch the guy. See his reaction.

"How ya like them apples?"

The weevil's hand continued to flicker with the purple light of his will, though his expression was hidden from view he was beyond pissed, not only was Taomin still resisting the inevitable, she was trying to seal away his family; though try was the operative word here.-

"Foolishness," he said, allowing the power of the cloud ring to increase the parameters of the seal all of his parasites shared. Naturally the weevil's insects would be prone to 'adverse' effects from devouring other shinobi's chakra, but the seal his father gave his parasite bugs prevented that. The seal made it so, elements and other harming energies alike were nulled, unless the seal was over loaded...which they may have been, had the weevil not used yet another of his charges to prevent such.

A mighty burst of his chakra and charge of his cloud ring, took the parameters of the parasite's seal to several times what they were capable of before hand, not to mention they weren't fighting on their own, they were a hive mind species, they worked as one to better the 'hive' -- ergo, the weevil. Over loading one seal would be impossible as in this state, their seal, mind, power was one.

With the seal intact and the bugs still hungry, the chakra drain would continue...forcing Taomin to expunge even more of her chakra against the menace himself.

"The swarm will not be defeated by such simple means...give in to the fear..then die," he said, while slowly crossing his arms.

Looks like the weevil absolutely needed those insects to function in this fight, which caused Taomin to grow even angrier. Already a bit tired from using those seals, seeing now that he'd keep them alive by any means necessary only meant that she was now fighting against the wrong target... The same way he tried to overload her with a drain, she was going to do exactly to him. With her voice low and almost inaudible due to her severe anger, she knew what she had to do to steal the battle to her favor again. Her head lowered, her grip tightened around her sword... Her pointed teeth grit so tightly that she spoke through them, almost impossible to open her mouth.

"... Shadow..."

Knowing already what Tao wished of it, the Living Shadow expanded across the ground incredibly swiftly, covering up the entire area of the battlefield and even further in a little more than a moment. Tao released several thousand more talismans into the Shadow itself, and instantly a great deal of the chakra she lost was restored, and was continuously so. They were a combination of several talismans, though it was clear that some of them were both Draining Talismans, now absorbing lingering chakra in the air, from the ground, atmosphere and even attempting to rip it from the weevil himself, if he were to touch the ground... Yet, he'd technically have no choice, as the Living Shadow would then just absorb his energy by using his own shadow as a medium to it. The same went for the insects. Because the Shadow was not just siphoning their energies, but the ones of loose chakra from attacks as well as that of the ground and the atmosphere, her Draining talismans within the Shadow continued to stay intact, having a great deal of energy.

The second predominant number of talismans within the black body of the Shadow were the Sealing talismans. Yes, she was still 'trying,' as the weevil had stated before, because she knew she could do it with the right conditions. She was going to. She was going to seal this fucker up good and tight. Alone. The weevil and his bugs would know what that word meant today on THIS day. To be utterly alone, cut off from each other in every way possible. Tao made that her new mission.

Finally, the last type of talisman that was within the Shadow was the Curse Talisman. This talisman was more focused on those seals that the parasites had, but also at the weevil's flame, which he even still, had a dwindling amount of charges yet. The Curse Talisman worked in various ways, though this time, it was intended to curse the very existence of these things, causing them to do nothing but harm what they intended to help... The crutches would become hindrances, as they should be. She intended not only to cause the flame itself to backfire on the weevil, but the seals to overwork and kill the parasite bugs.

And just when you thought it was over, it was not. Her Shadow was just as hungry as before, longing for a tasty soul. With but a single munch, the weevil's soul would be forcefully ripped from his body inside of the demonic, malevolent world that was this being's stomach... Made completely of negative energy that was Tao, all of her hate, her evil, her violent manner, destruction and the like. The more she hated the weevil, the faster he'd die inside of The Shadow. And all it needed to do was open its mouth.

"Lets finish them now... Shadow."

Apparent that she didn't take kindly to that fucking annoying flame, the Shadow's eyes opened, the piercing red crimson slits that they were covering a great deal of 'land' easily. The entire area began to rumble uncontrollably, as if it were splitting the very earth itself as its enormous maw opened up, ready to consume everything in sight. With Talismans still active within its body, plus, the though of Tao putting even MORE in there, she was ABSOLUTELY NOT going to allow them to be snuffed out by the power of the flame, the power of the bugs nor the power of the weevil. That was already what was in her mind.

The weevil's eyes still hidden behind his black shades and comforting hood began to glow with the purple light of his dying will flame. He had taken Taomin to be done, but if she insisted on struggling against the swarm so be it.

The curse seal targeting the seals on the parasite bugs would, like stated before, have no effect. The weevil had already amplified their capabilities and with each individual seal now "connected" forming a "network" their was little to no hope of "removing the seals effects"

The draining seal would also not meet its full desired effects, draining the lingering chakra in the air and such was possible of course, but the talisman would be battling the effects of the "Parasitic Network" which had utterly locked the area down and was also draining "every" bit of lingering chakra, along with Taomin, the shadow, and the talisman. So, Taomin wouldn't have received all of her chakra, though she would have received some of course, as the lingering chakra was no longer "free," the talisman would be battling through the chakra drain of the parasites, though possible, it would prove difficult and time consuming and considering the circumstances, time was defiantly a factor.-

"Hmp, you're struggling...."

-He said, just before clenching his fist and allowing his body to be engulfed in the purple Aura of the cloud flame. The weevil let out a battle cry like no other, roaring at the peek of his lungs like the wrathful child he was;From this sudden release of rage, came a devastating release of his stored power.

The battle roar the weevil let out, called forth the peek of his cloud flames power; releasing a wave of destructive cloud energy out for miles, the energy being that of the cloud would "feed" on everything it devoured, increasing its power, durability, chakra draining potential and over all destructive capabilities. This would mean, the explosion would devour the weevil's parasitic network, Taomin's shadows and everything else so unfortunate to be hit by the weevil's Rage.

The weevil was known to pull his punches in order to conserve his natural pathetic chakra pool, however with his recent genetic changes his chakra pool was no longer lacking, but he still remained true to his conservative fighting made the look on his opponents face all the more beautiful, when he exposed his true capabilities.

The great Maw trying to devour the weevil's soul would have to battle through the "weevil's Rage explosion," which easily devoured his bugs despite their network seal set up, though this was only possible because of the massive release the weevil used in order to subdue both his friends and his enemies all in one blow.

The two forces combated each other now, the drains at a stalemate for quite some time. Tao was trying to drain energy from them whilst they were trying to drain energy from her, but it was going nowhere. Deciding to up her power, Tao turned her attention to the weevil, who was now glowing with nothing but purple.

"... F--"

It was too late by then. The attack was released. As the attack came, her shadow did nothing but retract and encapsulate her body, taking the brunt of the attack for a moment before disappearing completely. It had seemingly imploded on itself, but that was not the case at all. The Living Shadow had taken on quite the drain from the attack, leaving it weak... Though, with it being fueled by Taomin's negativity, it could keep going as long as necessary... As for where the two were, they were within the recesses of the Living Shadow, which was inside of Taomin's pitch black heart...

Shadow: "... It is time."

Taomin: "... I figured as much... We haven't become complete in a long, long time, Shadow..."

Shadow: "He is worthy of it, it seems... And as such, it is time for him to face a noble death..."

Taomin: "He played on my fuck-ups, but I won't fuck up again!!"

When all had calmed, piercing red slits appeared in the shadow of the weevil himself. It was using it as a medium to return to the area, by which the blackened form of Taomin would emerge behind him, those red eyes now her eyes.

"... I'll admit, I haven't had a challenging battle like this in a good, long fucking time..."

Her body seemed almost formless, as if she and the Shadow were one thing now; a completed being. Her left arm burst forth from the shadows as a massive, pitch black blade, shogun armor upon her shoulders far larger than the body could handle and burning with blackened, shadowy flames.

"... Hell, I'll even admit that you overpowered my defenses and talismans, something barely anyone has been able to do..."

Her other arm, taking the form of a massive black gauntlet clenched as another sword formed around her chest. Seemed to be that Makkani the twin-bladed sword had split into two separate swords now.

"... But I will NEVER admit defeat... Not that easily, bug boy!!"

Finally, the shadows constricted around her body, taking the form of her clothes and her boots, as well as a large skull burning with redness and fury within. Many chains loosely hung from her body as she was now completed; She was in Full Demon Mode.

Vanishing in a cloud of darkness, she appeared instantly before the weevil some ways away, allowing him to see her completed form. She raised her sword and pointed it to him, her body seeming as if it were born anew.

"So bring me ALL of your hate and your anger!! I want to taste it!!"

The weevil had expected Taomin to avoid his jutsu completely, it made devouring everything else in the area all the easier. Though the weevil received a minimum of the chakra back from what he ate, the perk was devouring his own parasitic bugs, making sure he could use them once their number replenishes...should the fight go that much longer.

Once the cloud of destruction faded, the weevil would appear to be in hyper mode; easily his strongest transformation... yet the flame on his head disappeared and he returned to normal. "...I must have used to much already." It were around this time that Tao would surface, the hairs on the weevil's body stood up a fraction of a second before Tao actually made her appearance; however, the weevil would have no need to defend himself as Tao wasn't ready to attack, it would seem that she was growing weary from the fight as-well.-

"Don't you dare insult me in my face wench, Of course you are having a challenge you are facing the swarm and there is no threat like US."

-He said drawing his Spirit Weapon and pointing it towards the girl, who was now tightly clothed in her black attire. The weevil himself had to admit he was enjoying their little battle, but he would never admit or speak such things; that would be to show weakness, and we know how the weevil feels about weakness.

The purple hue the weevil was famous for, starting circling his blade; it wasn't the cloud flame as his ring was lighting, but he was defiantly about to do something.-

"Blind them in the haze of fear...!" From seeming nowhere, a thick vapor would slowly befall the battle field; naturally it would take a few moments to cover the entire battle field in the "mist," but what did that matter removing the mist without defeating the weevil was next to impossible and finding the weevil in a mist filled with an army of god knows what, each sharing the same chakra signature as the boy of rage himself, it was an inevitable fate waiting for Taomin who would be just inches from the mist,where the weevil and his army lay in wait.

Now sharing the minds and chakras of both beings as one completed thing, Tao was feeling a shitload better than she was before... And now she could think with both minds as one.

Shadow: "The spectacles..."

Tao: "Fuck yeah..."

The mist rolled in, Tao's eyes unable to see through its thickness, but could see the chakra signatures of the weevil... All around. She knew not which one was the real him, but knew he was there. The Spectacles of the Devil would help her discern.

The mist was closing in slowly but surely, and before long glasses manifested themselves upon Tao's face. They not only increased her perception beyond what even a highly skilled shinobi could tell, but it allowed her to see through the trickery of the mist and see everything clearly as if it weren't there... But she did need to be wary of it, even still. The Spectacles not only increased perception, but intellect... giving her a new perspective on how to fight.

"In this form, the talismans' power act as one with my body... As does my shadow..."

The mist suddenly rolled around Tao in a specifically set radius, as if something were forcing it around her... She had activated the power of the Force Talisman from her body, thus allowing her to generate this force with ease on a whim. It was much more... free than with talismans. But wait, she thought... perhaps she could do more outside of the talismans... The paper... Had become obsolete.

"... Witness today, the creation of a new technique of the Demon Priestess... Absolute Incantation..."

Tao took hold of both of her swords, pulling the second one from its sheath and out into the open. With a number of quick, decisive slashes, the space in front of her would be carved from the power of the swords, leaving its imprint in the very atmosphere. An incantation that she usually writes on her talismans was now able to be written on anything and everything, thereby allowing its effects to flow limitlessly.

"... Explosion."

The seal suddenly disappeared, integrating with the air itself. Abruptly, everything would begin to explode around the area in rapid succession, as if everything was being carpet bombed for a couple of minutes. Simultaneously, the ground became black once more, as when Tao's Living Shadow had covered it... She was set up. Hopefully, the explosions did a number on the mist and anything within this mist... But with the spectacles upon her, Tao would be able to handle whatever came her way efficiently rather than brutally, as she did before.

The weevil hiding deep within the midst, kept constant watch of everything going on in, around and outside of the mist. Taomin, was keeping the mist away from her by means the weevil didn't need to name, it were true that the creatures in the mist couldn't leave their "home;" however, it were also true that the mist could not be removed, blowing up everything in the mist from the outside was a feat dreamed impossible.

The mist was literally an ecosystem and a vast one at that, there were creatures waiting in depths the weevil himself had yet to explore, with abilities and defenses to high to be crushed by random or precise explosions; in order for Taomin to defeat the weevil she would have to find him, in his home land...the wild.-

"You seemed so eager to tear me to pieces, yet now you put distance between us in the face of a battle you were unprepared for," the weevil said mockingly, from seemingly everywhere around Taomin. Tao was now surrounded by the mist, with the exception of the given area protected by her "force" talisman. The weevil had no need to rush the girl to her death, he knew the longer she stayed out their the more fear she would gain of his cousins (the insects) not to mention the more time he had to hatch the insectoids.

The vile mist spread past Taomin's now hardened face, her brilliant green eyes following the very wafting of the cloud before her analyzed it and its contents with the assistance of the Spectacles of the Devil. Her eyes went back to the weevil, whom she may not have been able to see through the mist, but was able to feel the presence of the largest part of himself; or rather, the one with the strongest feelings. That was Tao's target and she intended to break through anything to get to it.

"My newest technique..."

She waved her sworded hand about the air and created a talisman inscription betwixt it and the atmosphere itself. Without warning, the weevil should have been able to feel a great pressure pushing in on his very chakra signatures within the atmosphere, keeping even at a still the insects' absorptive powers. Taomin's talisman of Absolute Sealing. It was only to keep his power not from consuming hers... keeping it at bay.

"... But I like you. You and I share some things that I can see much more clearly with the Spectacles of the Devil upon my face..."

Part of her wanted to lower her weapon, but the other wanted to dash straight into the mist and smelt him into her own sword...

"... You and I can do big things around this place... Get more done in less time. Heh."

The weevil's senses were directly connected to the mist at this point, his body feeling the energies key in on him like missiles;though despite the energies intent on killing him, Taomin seem less aggressive for a moment.-

"You're delusional!" the weevil said, leaping from a tree and placing his hand in-between himself and the force headed his way. His hands illuminating the mist with faint glow of his Aura, as he worked to stop Taomin's force.

Naturally the weevil expected there to be some sort of trickery in Taomin's attack, so the parasite bugs were aiding in eliminating any "foul" play. "WE can accomplish nothing but destruction together."

Sensing the parasites within, Taomin collapsed the force inward whilst using said force to propel herself upward into the air and past the rolling mist, where she would come eye to eye with the weevil in the tree.

"Isn't that what we want!? To destroy every ignorant being on this planet!?"

She waved her sworded arm across the air and the afterimages of her slashes in the air formed the kanji of the Absolute Incantation again, trying to keep him in that place yet again.

"Just think about it for a moment or two... Aren't we alike in this way? We want the same goals.. Travel to the same goal together."

Taomin posed logic, and wasn't exactly the type to ever insist a pairing up with anyone... This rare occurrence shouldn't be passed up.

The weevil was just about to do away with the Taomin, when He heard his queen's whispers in his ear; "My Son, This child is speaking truth." The weevil hesitated for but a moment, listening to his Queen's words as though they were the air he breath; however, she had taken him amidst. Wanting to take in a human in their claims, what was the queen thinking? "What?!..." Though just as quickly as his mind doubted his Queen, the understanding came flowing through. Immediately realizing this woman was tied to his fate, he shuttered to think of what lie in store from here on out...though it didn't matter to the weevil; his will was too his Queen.

"My Queen says you make sense, tell me...why do you want to remove the ignorant?!" he bellowed from behind the Force Taomin had sent his way a post ago, the weevil and his bugs were still holding strong...had they just paused their fight?

Taomin finally revealed her smile, dying from being so serious. She was more than ecstatic to find that they shared the same views.

"Because all they do is spread and grow. Then we've got another ignorant bastard born in this world as a child for us to slay..."

She could feel his pressure wearing down on her and warily toward the goals... The real goals in life. Maybe the both of them could find retribution. Heh.

"So... What do you say? I don't want to have to kill you. You're too important."

The clashing of their forces created surges of power condensed into the shape of electrical bursts all about. They stood at a stalemate, equally matched.

"Silence!" the weevil exclaimed as he shattered through the force of Taomin, her words carried weight but who was this wench to the weevil; just five seconds ago he was trying to kill his queen was agreeing with the wench. "My importance is of none of your concern, Taomin!"

The weevil clenched his fist calling forth the insects of the mist, from seemingly all angles came larges pincers,darting through the blinding mist, it was the "grip"

The pincers belonged to a creature known as the grip, its massive crab like claw could easily shatter the strongest of metals or barriers; the insects of the mist used chakra as well-

The swarm of insects drew toward Tao with great power, able to break through the magic of her talisman by some means. The result did not cause her alarm, but she faced the weevil directly, holding up one of her hands. A large glowing Kanji formed in the air as the gruesome insects drew past her face and her hands, though none of them actually touched his body. A powerful explosion occurred, thereby blowing away every single thing in the area to the utmost cell. The insects, and the weevil, whose face met with the kanji head on, should have been blown away, having been right in his face.

"Absolute Explosion..."

Nothing should have survived that explosion, save for Taomin, who was protected in this form by her Shadow being one with her. It was the only way to prove a point to the boy; to overpower him completely.

The results of the Absolute Explosion were infinitesimal, by the time the explosion died down the mist would be gone, the scenery would be in ruins and the weevil would be standing unharmed; saved by the Queen herself. "Listen now weevil, your fate and this girls fate are tied...both of you will follow me." The Queen spoke her words with the utmost of badassery, she commanded Taomin as if she had been an underling of the insects; there was nothing for the girl to decide fate was calling both of them.

The Queen, the weevil and Taomin would all suddenly disperse into the ground and reappear within the Hive Cluster,here the story would continue from there on.-

Taomin was not expecting someone to actually save the weevil, but after viewing this woman with the Spectacles of the Devil, Tao knew all that she needed to know about such a girl. She was the only one who would do such a thing for this boy... the weevil. Her resolve was enough to leave the bloodthirsty Tao without want to slay her, for she was flowing on the same vibe as Tao was.

"Fine. Lead the way."

No sooner had she uttered those works did she fall to the ground, transported to the Hive Cluster.
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Feral 27: Big Beetle...

After the meeting with the weevil -- which proved to be more stimulating than Tao had originally anticipated -- she made her way to the underground, looking for a specific creature she had been researching a little bit. It just so happened to be a legendary insect.

The bellowing of great wings buzzed through the air, as the insect Taomin was looking for hovered over the underground skies with a small dragon in its mouth, mangled and bloodied. It had a scar upon its face from seemingly many battles past, showing it was a seasoned and possibly mentally unstable insect.

Its body shone with an odd, metallic coloring and its hair was black, rather than the normal. It landed right before Taomin, staggering, and falling to the ground. It had been previously injured. It could barely move.

The large insect crashed down to the land, heavily wounded, but still alive and ripe for the taking. From the looks of it, this one had been battling a herd of dragons and took one as its lunch. Cute.

"Tsao-Rin. Let's get this big bug."

In a blazing streak of flames from the sky, Tsao-Rin, the Youko, had appeared next to Taomin, already ready for battle.

Tsao-Rin: "It is so weak... This will not take long at all."

She'd start this battle off by dashing right at the giant beetle, body ablaze with how much speed she put behind her movement, and created several blazing fireballs around herself to burn this creature the very moment she came in contact with him.

Though weakened, the silver beetle was still a seasoned battler, and its destructive instinct always got the better of it, giving it the power to fight no matter what condition it was in. It rose to its feet the best it could, the blazing inferno that was the Youko heading its way. Blood gushed from a now visible wound in its stomach as it lifted its great pincers. It moved its head in such a way that the puny Youko would indeed fly right in between then, where it would bring them together at blinding speeds, aiming to slice right through her. Because of how powerful its pincers were, being ten times more powerful than diamond, it would be able to cleave through her in a heartbeat.

If not for her perceptive eyes, she would not have known that this creature had reared up for attack, and as it opened its pincers wide, she had to divert her own attack to escape the destructive power that were these great pincers. She dove downward at a blazing speed, hitting the ground around its feet on all fours and bursting from her blazing cloak.

Tsao-Rin: "He is swift..."

Taomin: "You want me to get in this? I'm all for it, if I get to capture him!"

Tsao-Rin: "No... I can do this on my own. Even at this level."

Her body ignited once more, and this time she ran around to the rear. Hopefully it was hard for this monster to move, considering all the damage it had taken, and that turning around would prove too much for it to handle, thus giving her the upper hand. The streak of flames leapt up into the sky and tried to dash at the silver beetle from behind this time, though this time aiming at the large hole in its body.

Missing his target, the great insect quickly spotted her near his feet, lifting one up and slamming it down in order to crush her, but finding her speed too swift for him, she escaped. He turned his head to follow her until he couldn't anymore without turning completely around. He tried to by moving his legs little by little, but in the end it only caused him to fall down in pain, more blood gushing out. It lowered its head, as if it was barely conscious, and started to flail one of its arms about wildly, more blood gushing out. This creature was already at its limit.

But, it still foresaw the attack from behind, and as such, started to flap its mighty wings, creating a powerful gust of wind that hopefully blew back the Youko once more and prevented her from attack. That was the only thing this creature could pull off right now. It tried to lift itself up with its pincer arms, struggling, wobbling, trembling... It was astounding how it was able to still fight them so effectively whilst so injured. But it wouldn't last for long like this; not if it kept missing and moving around.

Just when she thought she got the drop on the silver beetle, its mighty wings were set abuzz, and it snuffed out her flames and blew her back to the ground.

Tsao-Rin: "Curses! This has gone on long enough! Great Dragon of Flames, come forth!"

Her 9 tails spread, the flames on each of them rearing up and combining into one above all of the tails. There was a huge manifestation rising up, taking the form of what seemed to be a dragon's head. That head shot off toward the silver beetle, its body being formed as streaks of flames behind it, and it opened its mouth in an attempt to consume the silver beetle. If it were hit, then the flames would burn its body and harm both its mind and its soul, and hopefully that would be the end of it so that Taomin could take this thing for herself.

The silver beetle insisted on still trying to fight back, flapping its wings violently again to blow away the flames of the dragon... But it proved useless. It was in too much of a weakened state right now, and exerting so much energy in such a fashion only caused it to fall, blood rushing out of the open wound through its abdomen. It was barely able to move now, and the flames would take its body totally ablaze, even being able to feel this burning sensation in his very mind and soul. It was a short battle, but this injured creature couldn't go on anymore, and as such, it would not resist anymore. It was surrendering to Tao not of choice, but because it lacked the consciousness to do otherwise. It was hers. However, being on the verge of death, it should be tended to quickly, lest this lucky break become a waste.

Tsao-Rin was relieved that the silver beetle had given in like that. It gave her experience whilst also guaranteed a new, powerful ally. But one question puzzled her...

Tsao-Rin: "Why did you want a silver beetle?"

Taomin, fumbling with the Omnidex and all of its new age technology she wasn't familiar with, pointed the thing at the silver beetle and pressed a series of buttons, none of them being the one she needed.

"Ugh, stupid... Oh. Oh yeah. Because of this guy weevil. I'd been looking for a new creature to have and after fighting with him, this one caught my eye."

She finally pressed the correct button, which in turn shot a beam at the silver beetle and started to break it down into nothing but data, which would be sucked into the Omnidex thoroughly.

"Heh. I can't wait to show the kid. I think I'll name this guy the Grand Duke. Haha. Yeah. That sounds badass."

When he was done converting into data, she took a look at him, finding that the Omnidex was assisting in repairs of its body, since this was like a hub for digital creatures.

"... But it'll be a while before he can actually do anything. He's gotta heal up."

She looked at the small dragon's body that was still here and shook her head.

"Pity. Would have been nice to have one of those, too."

Once the silver beetle was taken into the Omnidex, the dragon that was within its jaws started to move a little. It was still alive, but barely conscious, and it was more critically wounded than the silver beetle was. Thankfully, it hadn't died yet, and was still able to speak.

Dragon: "Please... Please help me..."

Though its vision was blurred, it had seen what Tao had done to take that silver beetle out of its misery, and the only way for his life to be saved was for the same thing to happen to it.

Dragon: "Take me... That device... It can heal me... Please..."

It weakly raised an arm up, barely even able to maintain it for more than a moment before it dropped down. His eyes were coming to a close and his head was becoming harder to hold up. Death was close.

Dragon: "I'll... go with you... Just don't... let... me..."

He was starting to pass out. He couldn't speak anymore. Tao best make her decision quick and hasty, before this dragon's body turned back into data.

Taomin smiled and licked her lips.

"Chance, much?"

The dragon she wished to achieve was hers, by its consent. She held up her Omnidex to it and the same beam connected with it, breaking down its body into the Omnidex. She looked at it, and as he said, he was in much worse condition than that silver beetle. He definitely needed to heal up.

"Heh. Two for one special. I like that type of deal. Come on, Tsao-Rin. We've gotta show the others the new recruits..."

Tao hopped on Tsao-Rin's back, and in a blazing streak of flames they had vanished.
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Feral 28: Finding The Catalyst

The Queen and the children emerged from the Nydus Network deep in her "kingdom." She walked across the black grounds of the hive cluster and settled herself elegantly into her throne.

Queen: "Hello girl."

The Queen said nonchalantly as she overlooked the woman. She had seen her skills in battle with the weevil, as she was in constant view of everything the weevil saw and thought.

Queen: "I do not make requests nor do I expect to repeat myself to either of you. Both of you have something very important to do, there is a woman on this planet who is not what she appears to be. You two, will work together and find her I can point you in the direction...but that is as far as my help goes."

The Queen's words pissed even the weevil off, working with this woman was something he refused to do.

"I will do no.." Before the weevil could even fathom finishing his sentence, his body was flying though the corridors of the Hive. The queen had never expected Orca to do something as foolish as deny his queen, but a little attitude adjustment would be fine.

She flung his body around until she felt in his mind that he understood what and why this needed to be done. If his brain was too small to understand these goals, then he would die a fool; something he knew he would hate.

"Is the idiot in you dead yet weevil?" the queen said as she tossed the boy's body beside Taomin. Though the queen didn't expect the girl to disobey; she figured a little intimidation never hurt.

Tao, now out of her battle-ready form due to the circumstances, merely sat back and enjoyed the show. This place was a little dank and dark, but it wasn't anything she couldn't vibe with. Watching all of the destruction going around made her a bit happy, especially since it was to bring her goals to an understanding to the boy. She snickered every time his body made impact with an object, almost laughing at his pain. When all was finally done, she took to both of her feet, as one had been leaning on the wall the entire time, and she turned her head down to meet with Orca.

"Guess only she can do it best, huh? I definitely tried to show you the same thing, but what the hell ever."

She looked up to the queen with an arrogant, yet delighted smirk, as a sort of way to say 'thank you' for making Orca see what she was trying to say.

"So... You're into this deal, hm? What's your deal, huh, uh... Girl?"

The queen wasn't surprised to see Tao enjoy her lesson, in fact, it were the only reason she hadn't resulted to the same lethal force for the girls quick and silly tongue. "Quiet, the noisy bird is the first to be feed to my children!" the queen exclaimed as she waited for the weevil to pull himself together, his figured was severely twisted... The weevil was always this stubborn.

Queen: "As I was saying weevil before your insufferable interruption, you two are going to find this creature, subdue it and bring it here."

The queen shifted her legs around a few times while she was talking. She found it difficult to be comfortable in her chair for some reason. "Live, in the morning."

The weevil stood very still as the queen gave them his orders, his face writhing in rage and hatred for the current situation; he was resisting the price of his pact at such a rapid degree. "Yes my queen," he said, turning his face and letting out a light yet ferocious snarl. Working with this woman, was bothering every insectoid cell in his body.

She swung her head over to face the queen, a half smirk on her face to show her nonexistent enthusiasm, and she started off toward the picture to get a better look at it.

"Kill that thing, huh?"

She spat from the side of her mouth onto the ground and kicked a heel up over the other foot. Her hands whipped down to her hips as she shifted all of the weight onto one foot.

"I ain't a mercenary for hire, but I'll do you a favor and help out with this... Thing. I'll try not to kill it, but I don't come with a guarantee."

Her hand rose to her face as she inspected her fingernails casually.

The queen kept her laughter to herself, the girl had the right attitude if she was taking up this mission; but neither the weevil or Tao knew what they were about to face.

The queen's psychic prowess, extended through her existence of devouring, had grown to lengths few thought possible;and now she had located the one of the most feared catalyst in the omniverse, the queen wasn't going to pass this opportunity by.

"Lets see if that smile returns to the Cluster," the queen said with a sinister chuckled, her duel toned of voice making the moment all the more creepy and yet oddly seductive.

Tao only wanted to make sure she got this type of thing done. She was all for death and destruction, but she was also ready to have some fun in some different ways, too.

"Well where is this other girl located?"

That was the only missing factor... Unless they were meant to find out on their own? That was simply dead.

Queen: "The Golgotha Catacombs, there you will find the lost one."

The queen waved her finger around giving distinct orders to the insects and other creatures around. Tao would have no clue what just happened, but a large shift could be felt through out the entire hive.

"Weevil, I don't think I need to stress how important this is? Or do I...?" The queen didn't wait for an answer, why would she? She could read minds and the weevil didn't have a choice in the matter and she knew he knew that. "The tunnel beneath you will lead to the heart of the Catacombs, you may be encounter some opposition...kill it. Now leave." The queen was done talking, she would more then likely answer any question in the same way she answered the idiot within the weevil; though all were welcome to try.

Taomin didn't pay much else than the location mind in her head. Hell, she didn't even wait for the weevil and his queen to get finished. She merely snapped her fingers, releasing a great and resounding distorting sound that echoed upward into the faces of the weevil and the queen. Her shadow followed her prints and motions exactly and merged with the darkness below, already growing in power. Taomin did not look back a single moment before she made her impulsive move.
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Feral 29: Deep In The Catacombs

The weevil and Taomin would emerge inside the deepest cluster of Golgotha where the distinct stench of death was at its greatest, bones lie around the caves murky dank walls.

"...Death is in the air," the weevil said, taking a good sniff with his nose to get a feel for the place; there was a distinct power source not to much further ahead along with the natives... Taomin and the weevil would have a fight just getting to the creature in pursuit.

"Don't go slowing me down wench..." the weevil said, taking further steps int the cave hoping to get this mission over with as quickly as possible.

Falling straight into the smell of dead pleased Tao's senses; her whiff of the air making her mouth water a little bit.

"Yep, and I'm loving that!"

She showed her wide, crooked smile and pointed teeth, feeling the power source deep within the power source surging with energy. She licked her lips and started up walking the moment Orca did.

"Slow you down? Haha! Don't make me slaughter you..."

She placed a hand on the hilt of her sword sheathed in its double sheath and continued forward. Whatever was in here was going to be quite the meal for Taomin today...

"Silence, I was ordered to work with you... Not listen to your voice," the weevil exclaimed while shivering from the thought of listening to Taomin's annoying voice for the rest of his life.

"..Now, lets get this over with," he said as he continued into the catacombs, he wasn't sure what would happen next... But his hairs were standing straight, which was never a good sign.

As the two proceeded down this obviously cursed and vicious land, they would hear a faint sound. Not to far off into the distance, the weevil and Taomin would hear, oddly enough, the gentle snoring of a woman. She must have been no more than a couple hundred feet away. However, they should be warned. The sound coming from that woman caused the very catacombs to shake and shiver...almost as if the foundation itself knew the woman the voice belonged to... And was terrified.

Turning back wasn't an option, but maybe they should have thought this through a little.

Taomin felt it, too; that feeling that made the weevil's hairs stand on end. However, the woman knew no of the word 'fear,' as it did not exist in her vocabulary, nor in her body or mind. The tingling feeling she felt from the very apparent snoring of a woman caused her to feel a rush of excitement, most pleasurable and pure... The same which she felt from fighting the weevil. Knowing that whatever this was exuded the same presence, she couldn't stop herself from investigating further.

"... Oooo! There it is... I just wanna... I just wanna...!"

The growing sensation of that would-be fear almost caused Tao to climax, yet she stopped it by placing a hand quickly on her pelvis and clenching tightly, her teeth gritting as a huge smile slithered across her face. A bloodlust was rising within her as well. This had to be her.

"Come on, wimp! I wanna get close and personal with this thing... Heh. Maybe see if it'll put up a nice fight before I take it down."

The fearless woman edged on without hesitation, waiting for the weevil to come inspect as well.

The weevil's senses were heighten to a point that he could feel the emotions of any being near him; he felt what Tao man was experiencing, though at the point of climax he was lost. Orca, a boy who lived in the wild, had never been with another woman... Hell he didn't think they did anything but complain or scream in times of peril. He had never heard of mating, or sex, or anything of that nature. He may not have even experienced the desire to be with a woman, considering how much hatred he shared for weakness; however, this woman's lust for danger and peril was showing the weevil a side of women he could come to love.-

"Silence! I don't need you distracting my focus," he said, picking up his pace and moving deeper into the Catacombs. He didn't want to fall behind Tao and he was in dire need to finish this mission... He was starting to get a troubling feeling.

The two proceeded down the catacombs, braving whatever it was that lied in its belly. They would come to see that walking further, mitigated the sound of the snoring -- as if the closer they got toward the woman, the more aware she became of them. Soon the snoring would come to a complete halt, and Orca and Tao would be standing in what used to be an.

The walls, the ground, and everything within sight of this hidden place seemed to have been worn and torn from previous struggles. Claw marks and craters decorated this forgotten ruin, blood tainting the once pure waters of the beautiful fountains, and fallen warriors lay scattered across the land -- their bodies ripped open, and eaten.

In the very center of this sturdy alter, laid a beautiful woman. She was bare in her skin, her chests covered by her abundance of hair and fetal positioning. Her eyes were closed but she snored no longer, was she still resting? Was this the woman of prophecy that the queen spoke of?

The mountains of skulls and the corpses floating about the pools of blood would say so.

The very instant the snores of the creature within became silenced, Tao's lust for this thing grew ever stronger. The ecstatic eyes of ecstasy lay now upon the sleeping beauty tucked blissfully away in the morbidity of her own feeding grounds. It was simply too good to be true.

"If this bitch doesn't wake up and take me, I'm gonna have my way with the little--"

Tao paused and studied her surroundings. The bodies. The blood. The markings. All of it proved that this girl was incredibly dangerous; the baddest of the bad, just like the weevil and Taomin. Her sword, the Twin Blade Makkani touched the ground filled with pools of blood, drawing them and their power in; the souls of the long lost dead and the blood that was spilled as well, taken right into the stomach of the ever hungry sword of evil.

"Delicious... So much left to clean up. Looks like someone doesn't like finishing her food."

Eyeing out the scraps, she spotted an infant, probably brought along with no intention of getting harmed. The most perfect and delectable of foods, her Shadow plucked it from the ground and placed it in her hands, and Tao would sink her long, saw-like pointed teeth into the flesh of the head of the baby like it was an apple, taking off part of the skull upon taking a bite. That was when the woman started to rise.

"Oho? Looks like the little one's awake. What did that woman say she wanted us to do with this fine piece of ass? Kill it? Maim it? Torture, perhaps...?"

Sucking the blood from her teeth so that it wouldn't stain, Tao picked her sword from the ground and twirled it in her head, prepped and ready to spill some blood.

"You ready, pipsqueak?"

The weevil looked at Tao and the nude woman with disgust; they weren't eating food, this was filth.
However, his view on food and filth weren't important. The queen's orders were all that went through the weevil's mind, nothing else.

"A warning! My queen request your audience and so you are coming with us, clean yourself up and walk peacefully." The weevil spoke his words as commands, because to him there was no other way. This girl, regardless of name, origin, and power... Was coming with him.

The weevil was known to ignore all obstacles and focus primarily on his goal; the bodies on the floor were invisible, the baby being eaten was invisible, the nude woman herself as invisible. She was just a piece in this mission.

Woman: "..."

A vicious snarl was heard where the snoring once was. It was a horrific growl indeed, the intensity of it bouncing off the crumbling walls, rumbling through the entirety of the Catacombs.

However, the woman remained in her fetal positioning unmoving and unwavering. It would seem as if the weevil's words had fell on deaf ears, until there was some sort of movement sensed about her. Her back was the first thing to rise off the ground, but it seemed as if she had been strung up by something -- almost as if she were a fish being reeled in by an invisible hook.

She floated a few feet off the ground, her neck snapping in several grotesque directions before she settled her stare at the two intruders. Her eyes were bare, as if she had no soul burning behind them.

"Aahhhhhhhhhh..." She opened her mouth, an ominous howl slowly crawling past her jaws. It was almost as if she were trying to communicate with them, but lacked the knowledge of how to do so. Her hair hung over one of her hollowed eyes, allowing one to only peer into one of them..

Then, a crack appeared on her delicate forehead. It was a fine red line of blood that trickled down her nose and dripped from her chin. Soon, that tiny crack would grow into a ever growing gash that covered her face. Blood was spilling from her skull and if one looked close enough, they could see fingers prying themselves from inside her head. In the next moment, a sound most grotesque would screech about -- the figure ripping itself free from the beautiful woman by peeling her in two parts. Soon, a new woman would step forward from the husk as if it were a second skin. It was a parasite woman, and they had just caught her in the middle of eating.

Her appearance was even more pleasant than the woman before; mimicking her long hair, beautiful figure, bare skin, and gorgeous face, she could have been mistaken for the more attractive twin. Regardless, the parasite woman looked down upon the two. Blood of the woman was splattered along her body here and there, and she was licking her fingers clean of her mess. Her repulsively long tongue wrapped around her fingers one by one, sucking all the residual crimson from under her razor sharp nails.-

"..." She said nothing. She sucked her tongue back in her mouth, smacking her lips with anticipation. Her stare looked alluring more so than menacing, almost intoxicating. It was the parasite woman subtly altering reality and trying to shift their interests. It was progressive, so it wasn't incredibly strong, but it was stealthy so they probably wouldn't have noticed it. It was a natural effect of her gaze, sort of like a secret eye technique.

Tao, of course, was sucked into her allure from the very get go, almost forgetting her mission for a good ass bitch.

"Heh, sorry kid, but you just don't have the know how for this part. I can't even finish this mission unless I get a good piece of her!!"

Tao licked her teeth back with anticipation, her tongue almost bleeding under the pressure of the wipes across her shark-like teeth. The weevil was no longer a concern, as he held no sexual appeal to this woman. Right now all she wanted to do was fuck the shit out of anything right now, anything at all... And that would be this parasite woman. She walked up to her fearlessly, her aura of sheer pleasure rising as she approached, almost catching a 'gasm just being near her. Tao's bloodlust rose.


She got into the parasite woman's face and grinned her down, her eyes piercing through the reality warping ability with perfectly cleared vision. Just her knowledge of her seeing through it reflected in her eyes as she looked right into the face of terror. Taomin was highly pleased. Highly excited.

"I'm going to fuck you. Plain and simple. You're either gonna fight back, or you're not. Either way, it's going to happen, so get that pussy ready."

It seemed almost like the primal obscenities she spew would never end, she was so horny and prepped to go. Her shadow dripped and fluctuated like water, her sword was tense in her hands.... Mmmm, just a pleasure fest all around.

The weevil was almost confused as to why he had come here, he wasn't obvious to the woman's allure;but he surely didn't care about women. He ignored all desires of self and only focused on his queen's orders. He was about to snap Tao back to reality when he realized... She wasn't being controlled, this was just how this mad woman acted.

She wasn't stupid, she was reckless without a care in the world. Confident in her own power lacking all traces of the word fear. It was something the weevil had only dreamed of seeing in a person, let along a woman.

"...I've seen this," he said, taking a step to the left and positioning his body exactly how he saw it in his dreams. He felt like he was acting out a story for a moment. "...This... This is the day I cried."

His words flew from his mouth without even asking them to; he had no idea why he had just said that -- surely he must have been wrong. The weevil never cried, never grew weak, never felt anything but anger... For as long as he could remember. Even his sadness was expressed in the form of anger.

This was all too confusing. He wasn't sure what the word fuck, pussy or crying meant to him... Everything was stupid right now.-

"..Can we just bag the wench!" he said, allowing the parasitic bugs to fall from his sleeves and spiral around the immediate area. They consumed all the flesh in the room, whether it be a baby, a woman or a man. In but a moments notice, only Tao, the parasite woman and the weevil would remain in this cave.

It was a show; his bug's mastery and a warning to the parasite woman to simply follow along. Though if his dream was correct she would do no such thing and in fact he knew that... So why would he act on an outcome he knew the ending to? The weevil was beginning to ponder reality.

The parasite woman smirked...

With Tao basically in her face, the parasite woman's incredibly long tongue would roll out of her mouth ever so slowly, her venomous saliva dripping and corroding the bare battle field the weevil just created and dripping into Tao's shadow, probably enticing her even more. The slimy bastard then began to gently caress Tao's neck, slowly moving up to her insidious smile and lips. Her tongue would leave the greatest burn marks, peeling her flesh with its sensual strokes but also instilling within Tao an ecstasy like no other -- a euphoric trance that would normally leave any one completely paralyzed. However, Tao was no normal woman. If anything, the venomous saliva would probably just excite her.

The parasite woman also slid her free hand up Tao's thighs, her soft and curious fingers finding their way up and through Tao's clothes. She phased her hand through her panties and dress and got straight to business. If Tao was actually strong-crazy-horny-stupid-badass enough to actually fuck her, then the parasite woman wouldn't hold back. She was a sexual deviant from an entirely different world.

However... The parasite woman was still hungry...

What Tao would come to realize -- if she could pry her self from that delectable and horrific piece of ass -- is that she and the parasite woman were no longer in the parasite woman's alter or the Catacombs at all for that matter. She had brought them to an entirely different dimension. Here, Tao would only be able to leave if she could bring the parasite woman to her sexual breaking point... And no one has ever been able to last that long against that World Devouring sexual monster.-

"..You can try.." Is what the weevil would hear... from the parasite woman? But how? She must have personified her savage personality and her calm personality and divided them- allowing the former to fuck Tao into oblivion an entire dimension away while the latter would devour the weevil here. The parasite woman would appear a few feet in front the weevil, her perfectly sculpted body slowly walking toward him.-

"But I've eaten entire what chance do you have?" she said smiling, revealing her other worldly fangs inside her jaws. Suddenly, the parasite woman would release an incredible euphoric moan that would bring her to a halt and echo about the Alter. She was still connected to the version of herself that was with Tao, and could feel every iota of pleasure and pain that the two shared... Taomin wasn't going down easily... The parasite woman liked that.

The other version looked back up at the weevil and would begin to build up chakra in her mouth, salivating.

'Oh fuck yes.'

Seemed as though the three of them had charged each other with a flurry of a horrendous display of emotions. There was sadness and happiness and anger and confusion, lusting, sensual play, sex and utter vile sado-masochistic pleasure. All three of them were simply hungry. Hungry for more of each of the other, in some form or another. The weevil was curiously hungry about the parasite woman and Tao's personalities, whilst Tao was pleasurably hungry for more of the parasite woman's sweet, sweet sexy loving... And the parasite woman, feeling the same as Tao, was also hungry for everything at the same time. Such a charge... Such a surge... Tao had never felt this around any group of people in her life.

"Maybe you'll finally be the pleasure I've been looking for, since centuries ago..."

Even her smirk was sexy. But Tao damn sure returned one of the same level of hotness. Her saliva felt warm and soothing to Tao's skin, which was demonically reinforced for the sake of things of this nature. It felt like normal saliva to her, simply rubbing up and down her neck. She bit her bottom lip, wanting to moan already... but not until she made the parasite woman scream.

"But where you need to put that tongue... Is where your fingers are trying to get to."

She grabbed Val's hand and forced it right up, biting her lip until it started to bleed her tasty demonic blood.

"... You wanna eat me? You wanna taste my blood? I can see it in your eyes... I want you, mother fucker. I'm going to have you."

Tao wasn't oblivious to the change in reality. In fact, she rather preferred it. She wanted this isolated space... So that the weevil couldn't object to anything she wanted to do. So that the weevil couldn't save the parasite woman from what was about to come. Tao slid her hand up the parasite woman's waist, her light, completely correct touch able to stimulate every sense in the parasite woman's twisted body, up to the point where she'd get to her bare breast. Giving it a long, lovely squeeze and a terrible twist of the nipple to the point where it would feel like she'd tear it right off, Tao's other hand lightly caressed the parasite woman's neck the same way her tongue did her own neck.

"... So sit down and take it."

This was the calmest Tao had ever been, but there was a conviction like no other that came from her voice. It was almost like her convicted voice itself was what grabbed the parasite woman's throat tightly and shoved her onto the bed of nails that was her Living Shadow below the two. Yes, the Living Shadow even made it to this dimension, as it had to exist everywhere Tao did, and for the perfect atmosphere, too.

It was time to get to work... 'Hmhmhm...'

Being the insane mess that she was, the parasite woman would have no issue in screaming and yelling. She was going to do so any way, but Tao just gave her a reason. She squealed with a tormented pleasure while Tao had her way with her, the parasite woman never really got the chance to play the less dominant roll during sex, so when Tao portrayed the ambitious gusto to do so, she would let her... To an extent of course. She would finally get the chance to appreciate being fucked instead of the other way around.

Tao would feel no resistance when she choked the parasite woman and pressed her firm and delicate body against the deadly fangs of her living shadow. She moaned at the point of contact, her blood spilling out of her back and splattering all over the living shadow- seemingly paralyzing it in time so it wouldn't stop giving Val this delicious pain. However, the parasite woman wanted more... She would then assist Tao in her endeavor, using her own hand and ferociously going to town on herself. The intense pleasure forced her knees to clench, clamping Tao right between her thighs- this would trap Tao in a bent over position, allowing the parasite woman to silence her own cries of twisted ecstasy by forcing her tongue down Tao's throat. A very passionate, yet horrific kiss. The parasite woman's razor sharp teeth would no doubt meet with Taos, causing a messy, bloody exchange -- the crimson liquid would start to trickle down their lips and smear all over their faces.

While the parasite woman was getting her feel, she didn't want her new found lover to go home disappointed. Behind Tao, the parasite woman would create what would look like... A male clone. His overall appearance looked like an inverted copy of Val, his body the spitting image of the feminine wet dream... And he was packing all types of heat. He approached Tao with an urgency like no other, gripping her waist and hair as if he were taking the reigns of a bucking mustang. With the strength of a man who could bend reality with a flex of his muscle, the parasite male would position himself behind and inside the demon girl, and begin thrusting with shattering passion. This otherworldly sex would cause this dimension to rip the sky in two, reflecting the parasite woman and Tao's delve into euphoria like a giant ceiling mirror.

Oh, the sensation of the sound of screams... The sound of the moans! It was the wondrous melody she only heard when she slaughtered a village; when she made blood rain from the sky! Yet, the sound was so much sweeter than the screams of death, as the parasite woman's enchanting shriek only beckoned Tao to give her more.

"That's how you like it, huh? But let me show you what you'll love, bitch!!"

Tao, even in the midst of her own lusting love, noticed the parasite woman going to work on herself. That only meant that Tao wasn't giving her enough; to know that her pleasure needed to be satisfied by herself... She needed something in there. Her hand that so tightly strangled her swan-like neck shot down with utmost urgency to Val's hand, ripping it from its warm shelter and forcing it up above her hand, deep into the nail-like extensions of the Living Shadow.

"I'm the one that's gonna take care of--"

Before she could finish her sentence, Tao was already locked in the most vile, passionate kiss that had ever formed to exist in this plane of reality or the next; her already spilled blood sliding down the parasite woman's throat, the contact of their sets of sharpened teeth only adding the guzzling effect to Tao's mouth the same as the parasite woman's. Trying to sustain dominance even in the kiss, their long, grotesque tongues wrestled it out in either of their mouths, moving back and forth violently in their devilish embrace. The sex of their tongues was almost as good as with their own bodies, one could argue.

Locked in place now by the parasite woman's silky legs, Tao didn't even mind being bound to this position... It was one of her favorites, especially since she was on top. When it seemed like it could simply get no better, someone grabbed Tao's hair and waist from behind without her knowing.

"Fuc-- Weevil!?"

No, it couldn't be. He was simply a boy and had no place in these matters, no matter how much she wanted him to join in. His mind wasn't as ripe and willing as theirs, so by taking joined sight with her Shadow from below, she could see the gorgeous -- no, ABSOLUTELY gorgeous -- body of the man that looked like the spitting male image of the parasite woman. Oh, this girl was good, good indeed... great... great... fucking... AMAZING!!


An ecstatic scream like no other filled the entirety of this realm, at the exact same time the skies split in two. She was reaching her climax, if she hadn't already... it was so hard to tell when everything felt like it was made in heaven... and the muscles in her body tightened; her sharp, claw-like nails digging deep into the flesh of Val, until they reached her very bone.

"Ngghh... SHADOW!!!"

It took almost all she had to scream out the name of the Shadow and not the parasite woman, but Tao couldn't let herself be taken over by the parasite woman now, no matter how perfect she was. This man pounding the daylights out of her from behind, and the parasite woman below, no mortal woman would be able to endure this at all, regardless of how kinky they were.

The Shadow, with its name called, knew how to react in this sort of situation, as it was a metaphysical extension of Tao, herself, and thought the way she did. Though where the blood trickled was paralyzed and stuck in place, -- not that it minded-- down below was just fine. Without much of a warning, Tao 'satisfied' the parasite woman in the way she wished to before, as she would feel something shoot up to her very stomach from down below, all the way up in there, filling every empty space. The weapon of the devil herself found its way to the parasite woman's gateway to hell, and it entered like they were meant to be. Over and over and over, just as fast and as powerful as the parasite woman's double, if not more so. The extent of this orgy would go down in history... The dance of demons of the bed.

With each passionate pound of the flesh, resounding from Tao and the male parasite clone, the original parasite woman would coo and moan with an elevated understanding of ecstasy. She was still using her own hands to strum and pleasure her own passion fruit. Her ferocity was disgusting- with barbaric lust, she proceeded to stick as many of her fingers inside of her that she could, furthering her approach of a climactic finish.

She could even feel the euphoria experienced by her inverted clone. His large muscles using every ounce of it's sexual, otherworldly being to fuck Tao into an infinite, sensual nightmare. It flexed it's body with each thrust, grunting here and there as it was also overcome with sexual desire.

And all of that was before Tao struck back...

The parasite woman and her clone would completely freeze for a moment's minute. Their eyes lighting up in a blissful, glossy gaze as Tao and her shadow began to switch up the game, without even switching the position. The shadow's arrival would undoubtedly slay the parasite woman and her sexual appetite. The next moment, she and her clone released a demonic shriek that would quickly crescendo into a an angelic coo of the flesh. The parasite woman and her clone began to speed up their paces by great leaps. The clone would begin pounding behind Tao that it would soon begin to shatter into what looked like poly-colored glass. The parasite woman was no longer able to keep the construct of the clone, nor this dimension for much longer -- she had reached her climax, and her juices would begin oozing and dripping out of her. Coating her hands and her legs, and probably even Tao too.

The dimension would soon fall as Tao and the parasite woman finished their orgasm.

It was almost time. Tao could feel the tension growing within the parasite woman, and Tao herself started to tighten at her opening, knowing that the climax was right around the corner. She tried hard to keep it in, lunging both of her hands toward the parasite woman's neck and squeezing with intent to snap it, digging it deep into the spiky bed underneath. The parasite woman would find Tao's hole clenching tight enough to rip his manhood off if things kept going the way they were going, several juices of her own collecting along with the parasite woman's very many. But Tao still had one more trick up her sleeve...

"Nnggh... NNNNNNGH!! ... Sword... Give me this... Sword...!!!"

Ripping one of her hands from the parasite woman's neck, she would strain herself getting the Twin Demon Blade, Makkani from its sheath on her waist. This was because there was so much primal, sensual pleasure ensuing that her brain could not even subconsciously think about moving her body parts toward anything but the parasite woman's body. Yet, somehow, with all of her strength and the knowledge that she would finish the parasite woman off right here, right now made her able to grab hold of this hilt and unsheath this sword.


Tao cried out in a submissive pleasure, feeling herself slipping only a little. That sword moved ever slower toward the parasite woman's opening, ready to be forced right in alongside the Shadow, who was doing his job well. She slowly let the tip of the sword rest upon her clitoris for maximum stimulation.


Now she was getting in motion. With her other hand, she would release it from the parasite woman's neck, reaching over to the side of her hip, where there lie a lone talisman, freshly scribbled on and active, ready to go. Upon close inspection one would see that it was a Sealing talisman. Tao slowly allowed her sword to enter into the parasite woman at the same time Shadow did, only using the sword to fit and slice apart everything down there, mixing blood with the other fluids flowing around down there. Tao would force it deeper... and deeper... and deeper some more, threatening to touch the g-spot with the razor sharp tip of the sword. Only inches away, Tao would thrust just a little more... a little harder... and they would connect. The sword and the parasite woman's spot would connect, most likely sending Val in a frenzied state of the greatest climax of all time. And Tao still was not done.

"Let's not... Waste this moment, huh!? SEAL!"

And finally, the very moment she knew the parasite woman climaxed, Tao would slap the Sealing Talisman upon her head to seal up her nerves in that spot; in the state of climaxing. So now it would feel like one really long, really fantastic orgasm of the highest caliber that you can't control nor stop from happening... And the parasite woman would stay in this state of euphoric goodness until the Talisman was deactivated by Taomin. This might be the end of the battle in the bed...

Tao's defeat of the parasite woman caused for her to return to this dimension, only to find the weevil facing off with a giant head of the parasite woman's. The parasite woman would remain on the ground, stuck in an orgasmic cry of immobilization. The giant parasite woman head that was facing the weevil in the original dimension began to crumble and shatter. This was their time to strike, because if the parasite woman regained her composure, she would definitely fire that cannon from her giant head above.

Feeling much more than accomplished, Tao was pretty worn out as well... She was a sexy, lustful fiend, granted, but there was no lust stronger than that of the sex demon herself. She bit her lip, still thinking about it, and giggled sexually to herself, loving the taste of her own blood.

"Look at her there, still so fucking hot... I think I could go for round two..."

But the parasite woman was clearly unconscious. This wasn't about Tao's priorities right now... This little trio had their own ambitions, and the parasite woman was now part of them. So, to ensure that she didn't wake up nor regenerate her power, Tao placed a large number of Sealing Talismans on the parasite woman's body, in rather provocative places, as well, I might add. Still panting from the hot adrenaline rush in her body, she turned to the weevil, whom she could now witness in this dimension.

"... So. Mission accomplished, or what?"

The monstrosity of a head above would now fully disperse thanks to Tao's talismins. The parasite woman's cries ceased as she lay. She damn near looked normal when she slept...

The weevil stood to his feet, his yellow eyes shifting around with a clear sense of nervousness. His heart was racing; who was this woman...? And why hadn't the queen warned him of her capabilities? He couldn't help but feel outmatched in power... Hell, she made him cringe... But, sleeping, she was no monster; she even inspired sympathy from the frozen heart child of nature.

He made his way to the girl, nervous if this were a trap... But still moving regardless. The weevil had failed his queen and himself by falling to fear and if it weren't for an unforeseen circumstance... He would have been dead.-

"... The queen will be most displeased to know of this, but at least we have what we came for," he said as the woman's body fell into the ground, traveling though the Nydus Network on a direct course back to the Hive cluster.-

" Tao?" he he himself fell into the Nydus network beneath the surface of the planet. The weevil had to return to the Queen, Tao knew where the hive was and could venture there if she pleased.
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Feral 30: Deep In The Catacombs; In Tao's Soul

A jar would appear on the ground between the three of them; Tao, the weevil and the parasite woman. Inside it housed a crimson red essence with beady eyes that moved around vigorously trying to crack the jar with no avail.

"Hm... like a pawn," the jar would speak aloud. The energy waves it was emitting were of the most sinister. He didn't know if the three around him could hear him at the moment. But if so he might need to be more blatant.

The jar floated into Taomin's hands. Nothing more.

Shadow: "Finally... It's time."

As if turned by an unknown force, Taomin spun around to find an odd, sensually empowering jar hovering toward her hands... It stimulated her sexual drive vigorously, and her very Shadow began to quiver with anticipation.

"Huh...? What's this... Mmm~~... Feeling...~?"

Her Shadow wrapped around her hands, as if joining her in the grasp of this jar... Just its very touch was... Pure ecstasy.

"Mmmmm~... It's like an eternity of nothing but war, violence and beautiful bloodshed has been trapped in this tiny, tiny jar..."

The hole that she couldn't fill... This lust that she loved so much... Yet, for nothing in particular... Perhaps whatever was inside of this jar could quell her lust. In unison with her shadow, she twisted the jar open.... and her Shadow stared with a hungry anticipation.

Shadow: "We'll finally be complete... This is what we've been waiting these many hundreds of years for..."

This very moment. The Shadow always knew.

Once the seal had been broken by the chosen one, all the energy would spill out into the vicinity, practically flooding the catacombs with its presence -- but it would quickly swell up and manifest itself into one being:

The Crimson Rider;

The Red Demon;

The Chaos Bringer;


He looked at Taomin and nodded in approval; he could sense the lust within her to bring about an era of chaos and conflict upon this world. A fitting beginning for this new age of power.

Red Horseman: "You... Taomin, the herald of war. Wishes to transcend the power of chaos bringer and reign down a fiery era of cleansing change upon all those who dare to witness. Your friends have also been chosen but you will be the first to show them the way to their proper ascension."

With that, he touched Taomin's heart, tribal markings would appear over her chest bestowing upon her powers like she never would have imagined prior to this day.

Their objective was clear.

Shadow: "Yes... The mark of Chaos... It's finally complete!"

Tribal markings all across Tao's body resembled the ones that were normally on her; the tiger-like stripes on her face, shoulders and thighs, and the swirling stream of red across her torso. Now, they extended all down her body, stripes, swirls and curls of pure and utter crimson that matched her own blood red markings, as if extending them...


It was far too pleasurable for her... All of this sexy... Beautiful... Glorious...


This was the piece of her that was missing for so long. This piece of her heart, her body, her soul, her mind that she could never ever figure out... She was the Goddess of Chaos, and her Shadow...

Shadow: "Nyaaaaaa..."

The Shadow swirled and whorled into Tao's hands as an X appeared across her chest. This huge mass of blackness that was formerly her shadow now became a small black cat in her hand with a ribbon and skull on its neck... And it smiled devilishly up at her.

Nyake: "Good to have you back, Tao... And here, I thought that your parents made the wrong decision making you the 'chosen one' to harness my power... 2,000 years of being sealed is a long time, nyaa~!"

Taomin finally understood everything now. This demon that she was promised to... it was just a piece of herself that had manifested into pure and utter chaos, since she was raised in pure and utter harmony and purity. Her opposite... was a Goddess of Chaos... Since in her childhood, she was a pure angel.

"... Oh, this is gonna be fun..."

She stared the Red Horseman square in the eyes and licked her lips seductively...

"... I guess I was just a piece of you that you lost, huh? Ahahaha! And here I just thought I was losing my mind, when I was the one that was lost to begin with! AHAHAHAHA! Fucking HILARIOUS!"

Hysterical, even. This was going to be... fun.

Red Horseman: 'Yes...'

He observed the transformation take hold. The Rider's power already expanding on what Taomin already had it was a beautiful thing really.

Red Horseman: 'We'll be in touch. However I bring you a prophecy...Beware The White Dragon, The Great One who brings light to all those stuck in darkness. Whose power can touch those without the need of fingers; whose strength is that of an unexpected source.'

After that, the essence that filled the catacombs disappeared.

A river flows right into the soul of Taomin, striking her Demon square in the heart. This river, an embodiment of the True Godsend, Rei Tensei, would channel that demon straight to the depths of hell. It was finally time for it to be released.

???: "Alright, my dear, your time is up. Eris, it is time for the girl to return to her former self... Er. More or less."

Whether she liked it or not, this was happening. Such was the power of the Family Bond.

???: "This family demon... the Sex Demon that has plagued you... We're returning it back to its confines. But, worry not, you two, for you will still have access to it... And she'll return to her original form as that little feline from 2,000 years past... Nyake, I believe she called herself?"

Charon was well aware... Besides, little Taomin never got to experience things on the 'brighter' side of life, since that demon of discord had always been within her. Now, she could access it whenever and however she wanted.

Charon: "Consider this, a blessing... Where the demon once controlled you, dear girl, you shall now control the demon, able to summon its power and cleanse yourself of it at any given time. Now come, Eris. It's time for you to go home.Don't worry, we've got some family down there for you this time, so you won't get so lonely. She's passed your test, and you have failed to destroy her."

This was all so complex... What a family.

He pointed at the flowing river, her passageway to her former home.

Charon: "Shall we, fair goddess of discord and sex?"

The conscious grip she had on this girl... It was true that in all her time having possessed Taomin, she failed to completely consume her soul. It was simply too pure of heart, just like her parents said so long ago. Though this angered the Goddess/Demon of Chaos and Sex, she was, actually, quite thrilled to know that she'd be able to traverse both the planet and Hell any time she wished, have her own body on this plane of existence, have her own powers and still have Taomin whenever she wanted.

Eris: "Nyaaa... This deal isn't half bad. I knew you wouldn't leave family in the dust, even if I did take this pure girl's soul. Hmhmhm... Nya. Fine, I'll give it a go. Besides, I looooove chaos..."

Eris... Or, Nyake... Would willfully slip out of Taomin's soul, letting the girl regain full control over herself, yet around her neck, a little skull would dangle; that which would harness all of the power of Eris for Tao to call on any time she needed. Her Shadow (since that, too, was part of Eris) would take the shape of a tiny black cat with purple eyes and a purple ribbon, that which held a skull identical to that around Tao's neck.

Eris: "Alright... Let's get this show on the road, then... I'm finally free from my 2,000 year sentence, and I'm kinda ready to have a little fun around the town, so can you, like... Hurry the 13 moons up a bit? I really wanna go wreak some havoc with this girl!!"

Though pure of heart and soul, Taomin was still a badass... She was just gonna be nicer to people now. There wouldn't be too much of a change in her personality except that she wouldn't be trying to fuck people all the time, and probably wouldn't curse as much. Either way, Eris took her sweet time flowing down the River Styx, and down to Hell where she belonged, able to traverse this realm and the next, and any other as she saw fit. Wherever there was Chaos and Discord... She'd be there.

Charon applauded her new resolve, in a bit of wonder to see how much Nyake had changed over the course of 2,000 years. She used to be such a bitch.

Charon: "Ah, wonderful! Beauteous, even! Now then, let us run along. We are still running a might behind schedule, my dear. We'll be off, then."

The Ferryman took hold of Eris' hand, giving her a simple kiss upon her lips... It seemed as though formerly, she was the great Pumpking's wife, and this was her new form, just as Charon was his new form. It was nice that they would be together again...

Charon: "... This is my fault to begin with, so take it that atonement as the Ferryman for a little while should suffice in paying off my crimes. I surely did tamper with the sanctity of ALL dimensions with my petty hatred for some of my children, when ALL my children were my own... I just could not stand the form that you wished to give them... Cacti. Why could they not all be Pumpkins? Bah, no matter. I like my children for who and how they are..."

He sighed. He was going to have to go get them... Thorn, Toge, Karasu... His neglected children. Pumpkinhead, Tigen and Pumki were already on this realm, but his others would have to be ferried here... Eventually.

Charon: "... I'll redeem myself, dear. I swear it."

With that, the two of them would float down the River Styx and straight to hell, where Charon would drop off Eris and flow back to Manor Alexandros to give his son, Loeci his turn in the matter.
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Feral 31: Returning To The Hive

No sooner than the cargo's arrival, the weevil would make his return as well. Curious as to where his queen was, the weevil began wandering around in search of the queen.

The hive was quiet, not even the insectoids seemed to be around and active.

"I have returned... My queen," he spoke aloud, allowing his voice to echo through the hive; but, nothing responded back to him. The Hive was empty and the queen wasn't around.

Such was odd from his queen; never did she venture far from the Hive. Her presence kept the insects in control; but, with the insects also missing -- were they attacked while the weevil was away?

Rising from the ground, the parasite woman remained motionless. Tao's seals covered her from head to toe, preventing anything short of a snore to leave her body.

It wasn't long after they arrived that in a burst of evil wind the demon girl would appear next to them, as if she'd been there the entire time. She had ventured on her own, forced by the hand of the Tensei into their foolery... Only to return to a state of Restriction. This was not as much a problem for Taomin as it was her demonic alter ego, Eris, better known as Nyake.

Tao's appearance was nothing short of... Awkward for such a situation. She no longer stood as the headstrong horny badass she once was, but as if she were a virgin pure of heart, body and soul. She smiled at the weevil and the sleeping parasite woman, finding her to be rather adorable!

"Hello again, everyone! Sorry for what happened before..."

She bowed to them deeply -- more so, the conscious weevil -- and showed no fear nor discontent for the way things were, even if her demeanor seemed less than... Dark enough to associate with them now. Still, she possessed no shadow, for that rested soundly in her arms in the form of... a Black Cat? It opened its eyes and swirled up Taomin's neck and face to the top of her head in a flash, those piercing purple eyes harboring the darkness that once ran rampant in Taomin. This cat was the pure embodiment of pure evil; her other half, weakened by the curse of the Tensei.

Nyake: "Nyaa... Do not worry about this girl's appearance now. Due to some things happening with Khrona and the Tensei clan, my powers have been weakened..."

Nyake hated how her family worked. She was always getting the short end of the stick. First, she's sealed away as punishment for some indefinite amount of time, next she's living within a girl for a thousand or so years and now, her power is being bound by a limit she doesn't even need.

Nyake: "However, my power has no influence over her innate capabilities as a priestess, so her divination is still intact, hence why the sleeping beast still rests. She can still be of some use until I am at my full strength and can become one with her again as the single being we are meant to be."

Taomin, bowing once more, "I won't be a burden, I swear! Please be nice to me!" Even if she lacked the personality of one due to her 'dark side' being forced into submission, she was still the same cold-blooded, horny, badass killer she was once before. A minor setback. She bowed to the weevil continuously, feeling as though she needed to be rather apologetic for her actions.

"I promise to do my best to make things work out as planned!"

Nyake sighed heavily, barely able to deal with this sort of girl. She was going to get on her nerves, just like she did 'before she was tainted by evil' or whatever her parents called it. Feh.

The weevil's head took a slow and steady turn, the girl before him smelled like Taomin; but, she wasn't alone. The woman, who had first showed Orca that women could be attractive, was now repulsive.

"What is that?!" He asked... Pointing with to the cat with his cringing nose. She was bubbly and cheerful, giggling and happy... What a putrid stench she carried with her ways.-

"Never mind that... Taomin, search this building... Something has happened here in our time away," he said. Turning his back to the conversation no sooner than he finished speaking. His queen was missing and he demanded an answer.

Nyake hissed at the weevil, narrowing her eyes and sending an evil glare his way. She couldn't help but want to kill that boy... and every last one of his insects.

Nyake: "... I'm your ticket to making this girl bearable again."

She dashed back down Taomin's back and into her feet, where her Living Shadow would return once more. Nyake was done here.

"Yes, sir, weevil!"

She saluted him cheerfully, darting off without worry or care. She was much slower than she was before, her movements no longer in blurs, but she was still pretty nimble on her feet for someone who lost such demonic ties to power.

"I really hope I find someone... I want to tear them apart with my teeth~!!"

Still both ravenous and sadistic, even in such... 'cheer.' At least Nyake could handle that. Nothing changed except her optimism and her attire... but that could be handled swiftly as long as Nyake practiced breaking through the accursed Thirteen Restrictions. When she reached a certain point, she remained quiet and stealthy, a series of Explosive Talismans already in her hand in preparation for anything that was to come... And a grin of anticipation wide spread on her face.

The weevil made his way over to the queen's throne. The spiny chair showed signs of distress and finally, blood. It was certain; something had happened here.

"This doesn't make any sense..." His eyes narrowed down to a glare. Observing the stains of blood brought about flashes of what could be. Seeing his queen assaulted without her knight to defend him crushed the young weevil's pride. How many times could he fail in one evening.

He decided to distract his mind. Dwelling on what could be was near pointless right now, so he took to the parasite woman, making his way over to the curled up and naked princess of sorts. She was the last order the weevil received; the least he could do was make sure that went correctly.

So he took the girl over to the throng, allowing her to rest awkwardly in the chair of his possibly late Queen.

She quietly moaned in her sleep, laying only half way on the extravagant throne...

The dynamic duo -- Taomin and Nyake -- scoured the cluster hive as silently and diligently as possible, taking precautions around every corner, every crevice, every opening. Each time, their eyes casually skimmed the floors for evidence of any sort of trail or track left behind that wasn't natural. Since this place was widely new to her, she set down a talisman paper in each portion of the cluster she'd been in, as to not have to backtrack. She repeated this process until the entire place had be scavenged from top to bottom, and the results concluded that there was no one here.

Nyake squinted her eyes in suspicion, finding this lack of evidence a tad bit unsettling, and purred suspiciously, "Nyaa... No one. Yet, I cannot help but feel as though someone has been here..." Her eyes found themselves tracing the floor once again, and even the walls and ceiling. However, this place was still quite the unfamiliar area, and they didn't know what it looked like before they got here. Thus, finding any differences in appearance would be pretty difficult for them.

The peppy, yet sadistic girl dropped her head to look to the floor, staring her Living Shadow square in her feline slit eyes, blinking in a sort of air-headed confusion. She cocked her head to the side and inquired cutely, "Maybe we should tell the weevil? Maybe he feels uneasy about this, too? Besides..." Her eyes closed happily and a wide grin spread upon her face yet again, "... I wanna go mess with that sexy seductress again~!!"

Gleeing up and down with a slight hop of anticipation, Nyake could only release an aggravated sigh as she closed her eyes and said, "Whatever, you foolish preppy girl... Just stay focused..." and the shadow fell silent.

Tao, now even more excited than ever, jumped higher into the air, giggling giddily like a little school girl. She quickly dashed back to the throne room, her excitement on the rise with every step she took, only to come in and find the sexy seductress upon the throne still asleep and the weevil seeming to be in a silent fit of self-loathing and confused frustration. It was hard to see him like that... Especially when the only thing she wanted to think about was repeatedly raping the parasite woman in her sleep.

"Ummm..." she started, eyes drifting to the parasite woman as she continuously tried to focus on the weevil, "... I didn't find any traces of anyone here... But..." her index fingers prodded together, eyes snapping back from the parasite woman to the weevil, then drifting back to the parasite woman again. She paused, almost forgetting what she was trying to say, then quickly remembered before the silence became 'awkward,' "... But Nyake feels like there's something up with this place... Like someone's been here anyway. What do you think about it?" Her fingers prodded faster. She really did want to have another round. That was the best sex she's had so far, and definitely intended go through much more...

The weevil figured the girl would come back with such an answer; he was beginning to see a running trend here. Often did the weevil leave his fate in the hands of someone else, but how could a knight fret over such a matter.

Since his birth the weevil was been at the mercy of chance. With his parents' untimely demise, to the incident that landed him in that forest. Since then he has gone from one fool to the next, one master to another. Each one shaping his life, but never sustaining and enriching it.-\

"..You are right. This is nothing short of suspicious, I will investigate personally. Do not touch this girl, she is specifically off hands," the weevil said as he turned his back to the resting parasite woman and placing his hands against the living floor that made up the hive cluster. Each fiber of the hive was a living organism, such was the way of insectoid existence.

While his hands were against the floor, the weevil began releasing his beetles into the fleshy mass known as the Nydus Network. This would allow him to view what happened here through his insects. It was difficult to perceive message from them as bugs did not talk or give pictures. No. The weevil would have to perceive the information from the light vibrations his bugs used to communicate, but first they had to go find the information and that would take time. "..."

Taomin huffed to herself and stomped a foot, crossing her arms in disappointment. "Humph! Alright, fine..." she'd say reluctantly. She really did want to have another go...

Nyake: "... You make me sick."

Taomin puffed out her cheeks and continued to stamp in place, rather decidedly upset with both Nyake and the weevil.

"Well I don't care! Besides, sex would have been much more pleasurable if we were back together, Nyaa."

She was sure that the parasite woman and the weevil would agree.

Nyake: "... You're a nympho."

And Tao was surely proud of it. Taomin gazed upon the parasite woman's gorgeous hot bod with glazed eyes, so very ready to have her way with it again... But she promised the weevil that she wouldn't touch her. That was a drag. Though, a bright idea popped into her head, and while the weevil was distracted playing with his bugs, she slipped just a little bit closer to the throne...

"Heehee... He may have said not to touch her..." she'd say quietly, a leg rising up and over the armrests of each side, like a strap that would keep the parasite woman in her place. She pulled herself up the other side, resting her knees on each armrest with her thick thighs spread wide open before the parasite woman's unconscious face. "... But he didn't say anything about not touching me..." she'd say, slipping a hand down her tight and cozy pants. She'd stare at the parasite woman passionately from above, and whisper sweet nothings to herself, starting on her little bit of 'fun...'


The weevil suddenly shifted his attention in what would seem like an arbitrary direction. His nostrils open wildly as he sniffed about the hive, his hair were jittery-something was happening.

In an instant the weevil took off through the hive, darting through the corridors as if he knew what he was looking for and where to find it. His heart was racing, he knew he had found the clue he was looking for.-

"Wha--" is all he said cutting the corner and looking to the ground, his eyes couldn't fathom what he saw.

What the weevil saw was the remains of his fallen queen, her body was no longer as he remember it. No. She was that of an infant, a larvae if you will. Purple tendrils wigged about her foot long body, the only recognizable trait of her old appearance was the mark of her tribe glowing atop of her forehead.

How the Queen of insects made it this far from her throne with no limbs or eyes were but a few of the questions this young soul would have.

"Weevil... You returned..." the larvae spoke in a tongue only an insect could perceive.

The weevil knelt down and took his queen in arms, her body was not fitting of a queen. She was but a child to their race now, but why the weevil wondered; however, his questions did not supersede his queens orders.-

"I brought back the girl..." he explained with regret in his eyes. Having just barely made it back to his queen alive, only to view her body in infancy; it was a show of his weakness, something he was tired of confronting. It was pathetic to say the least. Always at the knee of another, always at the whim of others.-

"What... Now?" the boy asked, ignoring his own thoughts and directing his focus to the whim of his queen alone. Something he did often, something he was beginning to view with scrutiny.

Seeing through the eye of an insect wasn't something words could explain, but for the first time, with no sight at all, she believed she could see much clearer.

The queen had always known that the weevil would be the child to lead her tribe to greatness, but now she saw the flaw in her teachings. Never had she told the boy to think for himself; not one spec of his actions were for his own gain.

However, she hadn't the time to right the fullness of her wrong and with little energy to speak. Right now, all the queen could muster was but one sentence. She would have to convey to the boy a lesson that would stick with him. "Weevil, my son, the girl will lead you... Nevermind. Hear my final words weevil and know that I mean them well." The pace of the wildly waving tendrils began to slow, the life she knew was fading and with it a new future could be bound.-

"And ever we fight on..." Her final words seeped into the weevil's center and her body dissolved into a pinkish liquid, which was almost instantly absorbed into hive.

The weevil slowly rose to his feet, the feelings he shared with the queen were nothing short of maternal. She was both his mother and his queen, both of which were now gone.

No clear answer explained her untimely demise and no words would ease his brewing hatred for this land, his first thoughts were of the Demon King. This was his land, he must have raided the hive... But unfortunately his couldn't pin this on his hated foe.

The Demon King's stench wasn't anywhere near this territory; in fact nothing seemed out of the ordinary... Other than the queen's death.

Yet in his darkest hour, the weevil found hope. His eyes turned to the girl, the parasite woman; the reason he left in the first place. The queen had great hope in finding the mystery woman, but she never quite explained why. She took with her the reason and purpose of this woman, but the weevil had an idea as to how to get it back.

"TAOMIN!!!!" he yelled, storming through the hive on a fast track to the throne where the parasite woman lie in rest. As he awaited her response, he observed the girl quietly.

With the weevil darting off down the corridors of the hive, Tao could get a little more intimate in her endeavors atop the unconscious parasite woman. Every passing moment proved blissful to her, staring so longingly at this sexy lifeless lovely between her spread legs. Her thighs tensed as her head drifted back, breath quickening...

"OoOoOh parasite woman...~! Wake uuuupp...~!"

Several times, the thought to ignore the weevil and rape the parasite woman in her sleep crossed the sweet little girl's mind... And as time passed, she grew closer and closer to pursuing this goal. Her other hand slid up her shirt, twisting the nipple of one of her voluptuous breasts tightly between her fingers, as her hand down below ever hastened in its efforts.

"Wake your ass up so I can make you my bitch...!!!"

Nyake's ears twitched hearing Tao speak so fiendishly, especially after Nyake's significant decrease in power that also diminished a lot of their former bond. Somehow, the sweet girl was starting to sound a lot like the old Taomin, the one where the two were complete.

Nyake: "Nyaaa... Interesting... It seems like when the devil girl is horny, then her horns really show..."

Good to know for the future... Perhaps that could hasten the return of their bond so that she could return to power. Already, the power of sexual pleasure coursed through Nyake, too, feeding her energy that made her body grow slightly.

Nyake: "... Mm... Yes... So it is true..."

However, the power influx was minimal at best, as it seemed that Taomin could only do so much on her own. Hmmm...

Tao crept closer to the parasite woman's face, licking her lips and breathing heavily as her lips neared her neck... The sensation of physical contact would make her want to bite into her neck if she did it... But how could she resist?

She whispered gently to her beloved, "I'm going to make you fucking scream when you wake up... Scream bloody fucking murder..." and slowly, she'd begin to slip her pants down--

Weevil: "TAOMIN!!!!"


And all too quickly, that Sex Demon vanished completely, and Tao hopped from the throne and to the side, pretending like she hadn't been there in the first place. Her fingers were wet and dirty... but she licked them clean with her tongue, eying the parasite woman from the corner of her eyes as she did so, even biting her fingers slightly as she did.

'... I'm gonna fuck her up... and down.'

Tao was so giddy.

"... Um... So what is it, weevil?"

As the weevil observed the sleeping beauty, his nose began to detect scents he wasn't familiar with, but didn't quite understand. The weevil, raised in the wild, knew nothing of a woman's body.

To him, they were just another being, just as inherently stupid as their male counter-part; however, as an insect, his senses were keen and the scent of... Something was in the air.-

"Taomin... Listen to me," he said, turning to face the girl. He didn't quite understand what was going on in her head, nor did he understand the shifting voices and names. The woman was strange, but useful none the less. However, the parasite woman, was no longer a mere woman and her important in the weevil's life caused for protection to the utmost. "I do not know what a bitch is, but I do not like the sound of it. We -- you and I -- have preparations to make for the parasite woman's awakening. So I will say this simple; do not touch her."

Fear tactics and threats was pointless with this woman, so the truth was all he had. His menacing glare stared into her eyes and there she would know exactly what the weevil was saying. "That is the ONLY rule you have to follow in order for us to... Remain civil."

The weevil sounded really serious about this, and it seemed important that Tao should not touch the parasite woman. Her disappointment grew beyond compare, and the only way she could express such a thing was to poke out her bottom lip and pout. Twiddling her fingers, her eyes watered, and the sound of faint sniffling could be heard.

"Okay..." she cried softly, sniffles following right behind. Like a little kid, she places her hands behind her back and twisted back and forth innocently with her head down, but sad puppy dog eyes looking at the weevil. "I guess I'll just seal it up, then..."

Nyake: "NO, YOU FOOL!!"

Nyake leapt at Tao's head and latched onto it tightly, whispering in her ears, "Whatever you do, do not seal it off... If we're ever to assume our complete form again, you need to be sexually stimulated..." This was starting to sound like a bad ecchi anime, but nevertheless, it was a fact about Tao. She was a Sex Demon far worse than a succubus could ever even fathom, and this type of stimulation would revert them to their old self. "... For now, just listen to him... When we leave this hive cluster, we will find our targets to snatch up..."

Tao nodded her head slowly, rubbing the tears from her eyes. That made her feel a little better, but... Damn she wanted to take the parasite woman for another ride.

Still sniffling, she returned her attention to to the weevil, her voice recovering, "*Sniff* So... What are we gonna do...?"

His eyes shifted about; dealing with Taomin was sure to be troublesome, but, she seemed different. Normally the priestess was sardonic and laced in wordy fury, listening to no one but her own desires. Yet, now with no more than a warning she took heed to the weevil's words.

"Listen, we all hunger for certain things in life. If you need... Food, we will find it; but, first I ask that you put your appetite aside so that we can move forward. There will be plenty, Taomin," he said, softening his glance only to show consideration to her feelings. If she considered his words, then he would have to consider her troubles. "Now, we need to get the parasite woman to the basement... We will be waking her up soon and she is certain to be hungry."

From the sound of it, the weevil's intentions were of great importance, and the scolded Taomin heard both his and Nyake's words of restraint. For the moment, such was a necessity, and Tao could do nothing but oblige them both, nodding her head profusely in acknowledgement to his words.

"Okay... I'll be good..."

Nyake, on the other hand, had intentions far different from the insect boy; to her, this was all about returning to true oneness with Tao so that they could function as a unit again. That would take some doing, and so far, the only lead she had was that sexual pleasure drew forth the binding demonic connection. Though she felt as though the parasite woman was the one who could unify them and return Tao to normal, as long as the weevil insisted they did not touch her, there was nothing that she could do.

'We will see just how long this goes on...', Nyake thought, seeping into the floor and returning to being the Living Shadow of Tao. Right now, she simply needed to... Watch.

The weevil's next orders were to bring the parasite woman to the basement, but... Tao found that to be a bit problematic if she wasn't to touch her. One of her hands shyly drew from behind her back and nervously into the air, beckoning the weevil's attention with the accompaniment of a slight chirp, "Um..." her voice quivered with uncertainty, doubting if she should even bring it up, "... If I can't touch her... How'm'I gonna bring her down...?"

She could use her hair, but even that counted as her 'touching' the parasite woman, so she was at a loss here. Her other hand behind her back joined the first, as both connected before her chest prodding the index fingers together like a child, awaiting the answer.

Resisting the urge to strike the girl, the weevil turned his face and took the parasite woman into his own arms. He hoisted her over his should, taking care to not bruise her vessel.

He figured it was for the best that Taomin didn't touch the parasite woman, with her childish personality and blissful ignorance of context, the best she could do was nothing but what she was asked. "Why... You... Just follow me and explain to me how your talismans work exactly?"

Tao playfully stuck out her tongue, looking up at the weevil with her head lowered, eyes wide and glistening like water. Guess she wasn't going to get her wish right now...


The weevil handled the parasite woman by himself, but still Tao blissfully followed behind him, quickly getting over whatever hint of sadness she felt before. Without that overwhelming malignancy in her soul, even though she was missing half of it, she was still pure and innocent; without darkness. This would make her Divinations much more potent at the cost of her demonic enhancements.

"Oh! Oh that's an easy one!"

She skipped off in front of her tense acquaintance, happily explaining how her talismans worked to him.

"You see, I'm a Priestess, so I call upon divine power from myself or the gods using myself as a medium, then I transfer the power into special seals, inscriptions and runes that I can write on whatever I want! It's just easiest to write on paper... Like so~!"

Without so much as a thought, she flipped out a thin strip of paper from seemingly nowhere, words etching themselves upon the slip in a small shine of light.

"When the power has been inscribed, that power and whatever it's been touched becomes a tool of Divination that I can use however I wanna, depending on what I've inscribed into it! And the best part is..."

With a blurred flick of her wrist, the paper shot from her hand like a dagger into the wall, and another shine happened before the inscription seeped through every portion of the wall, then disappeared.

"It's transferable! Whatever it touches can have that power put into it, too, as long as the original is touching it somehow! I can make an inscription for aaaanything I want, as long as I know how to write it on stuff!"

The way Tao saw raw energy was different from other people... As a priestess who dealt with seals and inscriptions, energy in its purest form looked to her like ancient text; words, glyphs, symbols and runes that she could read to figure out what type of energy it was.

"It all looks like spelling to me... Spells. Heehee. So when I break it down to its most basic form, I'll figure out how to write it down and then I can write it on other stuff! Isn't that cool~?"

With a snap of her fingers, the talisman's etching ignited, becoming volatile to its own self through its deactivation and destroying itself, taking the power it had within with it, and relinquishing the energy it had transferred into the wall.

"Why did you want to know, anyway, weevil...?"

He hadn't much knowledge on things of this nature; magic wasn't his forte, but he was aware of facts and alchemy. Human transition and evolution were not limited to magic alone, there was a science to everything.

Yet, he didn't seek this information to shape forth new power seals or anything of that nature. No. What he needed was a rune, or talismans that capture the essence of the insectoids.

What the weevil needed was beyond him at this moment, but he had an idea of what he needed to do. Taomin was a priestess, adept in the arcane traditions of magic, while the weevil was an insect hybrid, forged through the assimilation of the insectoid's genetics.-

"I'll need the information to kill you later," he said as a joke, though he forgot to laugh and carried forward with his thoughts and his pace. There were many stairs before them and getting to the basement where the bulk of the hive slept would take some time.

"No. It's difficult to explain at once, but can you forge new runes... Or are you forced to use the ones already present in your arsenal?" he asked, furthering their conversation, knowing that with the right answers he would be able to show Taomin his vision soon enough.

"K-kill me...?" she whimpered, eyes growing large and glossy. She couldn't tell that it was a joke at all, but played it off like one and quickly returned to being chipper and ditzy.

"Hahahaha! You're mean, weevil!!"

She stuck a tongue out playfully at him, no longer saddened by his wish to kill her for whatever reason. Maybe she was just a little dense; too carefree for her own good.

Even so, the weevil asked more of her, seeming interested in her power for whatever it was that he was thinking. Well, if he asked, might as well tell~!

"Yeah! I can definitely make new ones! I just need a sample so I can Divinate it! Then it'll be broken down into its purest form and look like writing to me! Then all I'll have to do is write it on stuff."

This whole ordeal had a whole 'Pinky and the Brain' feel to it, with the happy-go-lucky attitude of Taomin and the serious, plotting attitude of the weevil. A match made in heaven.

"... But... What's the plan, weevil~? Somethin' I gotta Divinate, or something~?"

The weevil and Taomin maintained their pace; with each flight they passed the hiss, screech, and caw of the insectoids could be heard even louder. They where nearing the core of the hive.

"... I would be lying if I said I knew off hand exactly what we needed to do; my queen is dead and all I have are her dying words. No answers, no leads... Just resolve. What I ask of you shouldn't pose too much risk, at the beginning; but, no this... I plan to walk a path paved in destruction. This world... It needs to see itself," he said without so much as an eye turn or glance at Taomin. They were allies, nothing more. He didn't expect her to understand his resolve or his motives, but, if she were to help him, he would have to share some things.

"I will get you the samples, but divination is not my goal. I do not need to see a future, or event; I will walk myself into that. What I need is to harness a gene within my race. Can that be done?" he asked aggressively, his tone shattering any idea of friendliness between the two. The weevil didn't have time for games and shared no of the desires of human, unless destruction was their desire.

"Well... I..."

Cut off by a hiss of the creatures writhing about this cluster, Taomin couldn't seem to grasp what it was she was going to say. When she opened her mouth a second time to speak, she was indeed cut off again by the sound of another...

Nyake: "Nyaa... Rest assured, we certainly have similar views..."

The Living Shadow rose from its slumber upon the floor again, spiraling about Tao's body into the solid manifestation it could manage itself in at such a 'low' power; the form of the tiny cat, Nyake.

Nyake: "... She is capable of isolating the gene... Despite how the girl has made it sound, the Divination holds great potential... Once a sample is 'Divinated' and broken down, its very being can be etched into the very being of whatever she wishes..."

The weevil's hostile tone made Tao pout, but her other self, the one contained within this cat, spoke his language. She hadn't forgotten their time before...

Nyake: "Your goal can be achieved as long as we have the sample. I'm sure that's all that needs to be established of this matter..."

Seemed like if they wanted anything done, Nyake was going to have to speak on behalf of Tao, since she was much too... Clumsy to speak for herself in a fashion that would not agitate their acquired ally.

The weevil and Taomin finally reached their destination -- or at least the parasite woman's. He stood between the door and a brief conversation. He knew going into the den wasn't the best option, but the parasite woman was his secret weapon.-

"I can get you samples, but first I'll need you to remove these seals off this beast. After I close the door," he said with stern intensity, expecting the different tone in Taomin's voice to understand the severity of the situation without fully comprehending the in's and out's.

In haste the boy flung open the door, tossing the sleeping beauty into the den of the insectoids. The hisses, caws, and such grew louder as they considered this to be a feeding experience and in truth they were correct.

The insectoids had lost their Queen; soon their 'hive,' mind mentality would begin to shatter and from that would breed madness. A madness the weevil sought to quell with some added help.

Before the door closed shut, a few of his parasitic bugs slipped their way into the fray. They were to be his eyes, as Taomin was going to seal this room up. "Wake her up... And lock them in. Bind this door to both body and soul, meaning no flesh nor spirit can pass through."

"... Kay..."

Tao could tell that there was a lot of importance on this, and she lowered her head solemnly because the weevil remained so cross with her. Prodding her fingers together as Nyake swirled up to her head, the cat whispered in her ear...

Nyake: "... Taomin. Pay close attention and bind these doors completely once you remove the talismans. If you do this correctly, the girl will wake up, and--"

Taomin, joyously, "SHE WILL!?"

Nyake, staggered, "Ny-Nya-- ... Wait, hold on, Tao, I--"

But she was already too excited to contain herself. She was gonna get some of that sweet parasite woman action when she woke up, and tear her apart this time! Ooo, just the thought of it gave her chills~!

When the weevil threw her in, Taomin already had a very long strip of talisman paper ridden with runic incantations all embedded in the strip. With the doors shut, Tao snapped her fingers, dispelling the seals upon the parasite woman, which slowly fell off like paper with old tape attached, no longer containing any influence within. Only a moment later would she hop to the top of the door and paste the long strip down the crease. When she reached the bottom, she thrust her palm into it with a slight "Hah!" and activated the Sealing Talisman; heavy duty since it was such a long strip of paper, and thus meaning extra protection. The glyphs spread through the entire door in one quick pulse, the ancient letters glowing slightly before completely disappearing, assuring that they were precisely and completely embedded in all that was this door.

"Okay, Done~!!" she said with a wink and a smile.

Nyake: "... *Sigh*..."

Once the papers fluttered elsewhere and her body was bare and free once more, the parasite woman's almost seizing eyeballs flared open. The talismans slipped off like sticky notes, but their effects on the space-parasite left lingering detriments on her faculties. She was dazed, to put it simply.. Her vision blurred and her reaction time suffered because of it..

However.. Her hunger remained, an ever prevalent reminder of her wretched existence. "..."

???: 'Heh. I knew you'd come in handy one day...'

The two most foul beings that ever graced the land were now separate forces, divided by a wall of completely sealed Divination that only one could dispel... and that poor, naive girl would no sooner be overcome by the fires of Insanity. She was coming home to the family.

The Insanity: 'Eris.'

Within, the Insanity of the maddening insects were about to spawn a new accursed breed of creature... One that was trapped by Taomin's seals. There was no escape; she was completely boxed in with the Insanity. Taomin was about to get her Insanity... The Insanity of Anarchy. And it was about to hold the parasite woman in and utterly rape her.

The Insanity: 'Hmhmhm... HUAHAHAHAHA!!! He's lost his mind now... thanks to his brother and his wife... And so, all other Tensei must 'lose their minds' as well... But all other Tensei are prepared for that...'

Regardless, the 'Sapien Serpent' would be called to penetrate the bound the parasite woman, over... and over... and over... and over. Just as Taomin would have always wanted.

The Insanity: "... Merry Christmas. You got your wish. An infinite sex toy. HAHAHA!"

There was no stopping Tao now, nor the Insanity. Taomin was let loose given all the power she could ever need. She would be an end to this village... An Insangel's storm.

The Insanity: "Now go be free, Eris. Show this Chaotic Village the meaning of astral chaos, if you please?"


By all things mighty, she had been having a hard ass time controlling her fucking lust for this mighty fine bitch. That sexually tense Insanity and built up frustration was about to pour out in the multitudes... Cuz Tao could have had sex with the parasite woman FOREVER. And it was going to give her power.

Nyake smirked, wondering what had taken them so long, "Nyaaahahahaha... Bringing me back to the Swamps, hm? I thought you were going to be late for your payment..." Nyake, a Lilim trapped in such a weakened state, had to have a full connection to the girl she captured. She was one of the first to lose her soul to the swamps... Long time ago. Feudal era, right around.

Nyake: "I know a samurai that owes me something, too... Maybe he can get in on the deal..."

On the other hand, Taomin was far too utterly pleased in everything that was transpiring here. For all this time, she thought that she was going to be forgotten. She knew that she was part of this family. Now that shadowy black spot where her soul should have been, where only this Neko's shadow... Would be filled with the image of the eyes gleaming from the black pits of the Zero World... The evil eyes of what always leered and lurked from her shadow. Taomin was about to release it... This pent up frustration...

"Eris, the Black Rose..."

Stage 1; First Tail: Boredom
She grit her teeth as a primal fury overcame her, elongating the feral markings and ancient symbols carved all over her body, her claws, her canine teeth... She was gonna go nuts, and a smile remained plastered all over her face. She was from the feudal times of a certain dog demon, after all. She suffered the possession of the Inari, the ruler of the Fox Spirits, which had not matured into a full Kyuubi... And it was one of the Spirit Sage's pets that she managed to contain in a pipe. In fact, the demon that this small cat 'Nyake' transformed into was none other than Black Rose, for Nyake's true nature as Eris was nothing more than a placeholder for another of the Keepers of Insanity looking for a bit of fun.


The bestial cries burst from around her body, horns protruding from her skull. She not only was embracing her Insanity... But also, the power of hell... That which Nyake was siphoning from the Zero World. This allowed Taomin to assume her form as the Demon Messenger she was meant to be, a form she had only even been graced to behold in the battle prior to all these events with the weevil. Her Absolution, Absolute Incantation, would certainly be of great use to the Swamp witch...

Tao took a position on the ground, like a jaguar prepared to pounce upon its prey... She wanted it. She wanted that hot, vile jaguar sex again. She missed it so much... And she was about to go take it. She was bored to death, bored to death waiting for someone to give her that type of pleasure! That type of fun! That type of excitement again!! She was going to get it back again, even if she had to take everyone's soul to find it. Was she about to get flicked? She wanted to know that freedom, just like Tigen did... Hell, Tigen knew the struggle of trying to find something to remedy this boredom. Even if she would wipe out every soul in the process in the midst of her sexual suction. She always was the sex demon that lived inside of the Tensei family... Scorned. Shunned. But now...


The Insanity of Anarchy... This was the beginning of the Oni's rampage. All she needed now was to find her Golden Apple... Melody. The one with the perfect voice; the voice that rang and proclaimed all such harmonies and discordance in perfect pitch. With that, she could resonate on any level and have sex with everyone... All the time. Her moans~! Ohhohohoho... The MOOOANS! Tao was getting wet just thinking about it. Be they moans of pleasure or screams of terror and discomfort, Taomin didn't care~! It would all just sound like music in the air, a symphony of screams to stimulate her body!

She couldn't wait. She had to find that Golden Apple, and fast. She took off in a blur of speed, her demonic prowess having returned now, the beating of the drums calling her name. She could hear the somber beats summoning her with their booming bass resonating with the Insanity within her... Like a father calling a wild and reckless child home the only way he knew how. Those that stood at the western seaboard facing the Living End... Her new prey.


In her place, she left her Shadow to attend to the Insanity within... To the parasite woman.

In her daze, the silhouette of a blazing shadow with a menacing gaze penetrating the darkness should have befallen the sight of the parasite woman. The creature looked at her, so tender, so juicy, so... delicious. That was always the trigger word. She wanted to tear her apart with her teeth.

"I said I was gonna tear you apart when you woke up..." said the Living Shadow, licking its malevolent lips with its long tongue. Soon its shape would alter from the normal form it assumed, allowing its body to harmonize with the Insanity flowing all around. It shaped the Living Shadow into the nine-tailed beast, The Kuroshiro Kyuubi, Black Rose.

Energies of Red and Green poured from this black and white vixen's form, energies of the wind and of the Insanity flowing in synchronicity. Literally a cocktail of wind teeming with utter energetic presence. The parasite woman was now trapped inside of a place sealed off in every way, shape or form and trapped with the ruler of fox demons, who seemed pretty hungry for some real action. It wasn't like the Sister was going to come any time soon... Hmhmhm.

"..." The parasite woman's nostrils flared a few times, taking a thorough analysis of her surroundings and current situation. Her senses immediately recognized the scent of the accursed culmination of energies as the creature whom joined her in quite the hellish sexcapade, the likes of that had re-written any prior karma sutra protocols regarding twisted, sensual euphoria. Originally the space-parasite both welcomed and provoked said act(s) of violent cardinal impurity, but her insatiable appetite was the most prominent sensation awaiting her once she awoke from Tao's spellbinding slumber. Her gluttonous hunger was known to demand precedence over vast serving of her decision making..

... But her technique and instinctual ferocity would not suffer nor tarnish as a result of it. She was breed into a species of parasites and predators, all of them acclaimed as the apocalyptic reckoning of their respective dimensions. Space-parasites were notorious throughout the multiverse and the umpteen realms of existence that were adjacent or arbitrary.

The parasite woman straightened her posture, undaunted by the bellowing gale flexes of power bolstering from the amorphous cluster fuck of shadowy fabrics. She flicked her dark locks of hair from obstructing her cold, onyx colored peepers. Crimson ooze stained her flesh from head to heel, commuting to her image as some blood crazed, mobile slaughterhouse that crawled its way from Beelzebub's cellar.

"Come and get me..." She mocked. Oddly enough, not one diabolical development or spontaneous spike could be detected from the parasite woman's chakras. Nay, not a single caveat of a supernatural contingency to attribute to the vile, femme fetal. Nothing but a wink, a smirk, and a finger wag that dared her assailant to encroach closer.

Predators of such alpha superiority were never supposed to play with their food, but she was the youngest after-all. She had to discover her own truths...

The great deity circled its prey, eyeing the creature up and down with dark intent and a malevolent canid grin upon its maw. The tasty morsel that she was, a succulent piece of tender meat to chew on, was a nice treat to rip to pieces.

"I'm going to fuck you up," the circling fox god boldly mentioned, holding back its raw feral might in just that wide, quivering cheshire grin. It was her Keeper's, after all.

Tracing that same circular path with a bit more fervor, her anticipation grew alongside her appetite for the delicacy prime material that stood before her here. Absolutely delicious.

"And you've brought this upon yourself. Because once I sink my teeth into you..." she growled with a repressed pleasure spiced with just a hint of passionate fury, "I'm never letting go. Heh heh."

She already let Tao get a taste of her. It was time for the rest of the meal... They weren't even done with the appetizer yet. The great vixen's single tail flickered in the helix of Insanity and Wind that orbited her form, converging and splicing as they may. The calligraphy brush was getting ready... the Mighty Pen...

Absolute Incantation (Absolution); Leshura't the God Slayer.

One of the set of two; Twin to its counterpart, L'ashuraht, the sword-drill formed from the Asura. Although symbiotic kin to each other, the weapons were indeed very different; one was to create and the other, to destroy. Guess which one the calligraphy brush is...?

Wisping its way into physical form through the intertwining energies was said calligraphy brush, easily larger than the average man in size. In a flash of light, its form shifted to the shape of a beautiful staff; a Buddhist staff known as a Khakkhara, this one harboring all 12 rings and a 13th ring as a halo hovering above the center of the staff. It was typical of great Kitsune and Youko of all kinds to obtain staves for their practices. This one would be used especially for this beautiful abomination of a being... She could barely wait, or even think of what move to make, letting the rational mind of a civilized being flee from it; embracing the madness of a fucking fox god. It would all simply unfold from there.
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Feral 32: Stay A While And Listen...

'There... The heart...'

'Red... Like Roses, right?'

'Paint the town red... Just like you did in the feudal times of old.'

From the sky, a single green beam bolted from the sky in a blur of sinister wisping green light, different from the clashing bolts overhead in the clouds. This was a newly awakened demon that had not known her true power in such a very, very, very long time... Before them, Taomin, now having unleashed the power of the Insanity, stood atop the Living End, completely unharmed by its normally adverse effects on the soul. Only a blistering blur of green and a shimmering sharp after image of the same likeness could be seen cleaving straight through the magmatic energies spewed by the newly transformed hero.

Two legends. Though not in title nor rank anymore, their power was still nothing to be reckoned with. The elementalist was a master before and the hero's training allowed him to fell the great Titan, nothing short of a master-level experience. Nothing that Taomin couldn't wipe off the face of the planet with a few well-placed vicious assaults, she knew, as long as they were up for some fun. With her connection fully restored to the demon, she was allowed to always be in Full Demon Mode, where she would assume the form of the Demon Messenger that donned the Eyes and Ears of the Devil. They were worn as spectacles and earphones respectively, which gave her a bit of extra oomph and edge in this form.

She smiled at them, absolutely adoring the sheer pleasure of all that transpired in only a well-placed and timed event. She licked her lustful lips lightly, eying her two men up and down with a tinge of sexual sedation surging up her spine. Euphoria; that tingle of pleasure...

"Hello boys..." she purred with a low, beckoning tone, "... Here to show me a good time...~?"

Taomin raised her black blade to her curious tongue, licking gently the ungodly sharp edge of the blade. Her tongue would begin to bleed, yet her eyes rolled to the back of her skull at the metallic taste in her mouth... Sick, twisted pleeaaazzzuuureee...

Carried on a silent wind all the way from the Bleak Grotto to the Western Seaboard, Shin'Khrona felt the presence of a rather... 'fun' Insanity of his, and one of his favorites due to the 'favors' she was capable of doing for people. This was an entirely different beast that lived within him... a foxy sex demon that he rarely if ever allowed to see the light of day. Oh, this one. A piece of Shin'Khrona that was always looking for a twisted, good time, ever since the day she was realized. Taomin. This insanity of fun was about to meet for the first time her twin, another piece of Shin'Khrona that needed her type of sedation in order to keep them BOTH in check. The two of them together would create a power untold, as they were the interchangeable twins of the Thirteen Tailed Inari. Many moons were going to rise and fall all at once... only after the Second had come and gone. Their union would be the beginning of it.

Using his mind to keep himself steady in the air, Shin'Khrona eased its effects on is body in order to let his wings have a chance to attempt to fly on their own. He still needed to break that function in... now was probably not the best time considering the circumstances, but it was better now than never. The strength of his psychic power holding himself steady in the air lessened, and his wings flapped gently. Still harboring the same ungodly strength they did before, even the tiniest flap could knock down an entire forest, let alone keep him sailing over the sea that parted below him. It wasn't flying as much as it was gliding, but it kept him going.

Khrona: "Alright... I can feel her presence... I'm gonna have to scoop her up..."

Just like the former Dark Wolf, Loeci, Taomin was going to be changed into the Insanity of Fun and become the new Kuroshiro Kyuubi. That is, if Shin'Khrona's plan went smoothly. He had his own agenda here, and it was one of the first steps in ending the Insanities... Tabrith was handling the others. All Shin'Khrona had to do was find the Keepers and if he was lucky, the Sisters, too. The Insanities were spurting from both of them as we speak, but if he calmed just one of them, then they could go find and balance out the other. Then it would only be a matter of getting rid of the Insanities lingering about, for the spread would cease if the Keeper and the Sister were working in harmony.

Turning back to look at where the new Dark Wolf was, Shin'Khrona prepared to snatch up Tao whilst she was occupied with her... sexual favors, as usual. A Nihility Opening appeared before him and behind Tao, Shin'Khrona extending his hand into the hole and snatched her up by her collar, pulling her through as he flew. For the moment, she was simply the Keeper, but there needed to be someone to take her place. These Insanities were going crazy doing whatever they wanted, and Shin'Khrona seemed to be the only capable party of keeping them in check and in order... that is why he came back, after all.

But now, it was time to convince one of the most reckless of all, Taomin, to get her shit together before the Dark Wolf came. And he knew just the way to do it...

Khrona: 'Taomin. Don't be alarmed or go ballistic or anything. You want a good time, right? I'll make sure you're satisfied for all eternity...'

That should have easily been enough, and it was true, too.

Khrona: 'I'm going to make it so that you can feel the pleasures of sex at all times. I know that's another source of your power. Trust me, you're part of me. And I know another part of me that uses that same sexual energy...'

A promise of eternal satisfaction should have piqued her interest, knowing her... and himself. Shin'Khrona was actually quite the sexual deviant, hence why Taomin existed... and Misery could vouch for it. Hmhmhmhm...

Khrona: 'So, whaddaya say? We have a deal?'

The hero and elementalist were doing their own thing fighting that horrible plague of a creation in the distance... He'd have to leave them to that, he guessed. At least Tao wouldn't be bothering them. He waved at them with his other hand, then continued on toward his destination, where the Dark Wolf was sure to follow.

Boy, were those boys looking like mighty fine toys to play with... Just like all the other weak little wimps around this world. No one could satisfy her the way she needed, even the parasite woman had failed to fully and truly quench her sexual appetite any further than what they had, and the proof was how Tao craved more. When satisfied, her lust would come to a close and become nothing but sexual fun rather than a rambunctious THIRST. Still, no one was able to do such a thing, and she was beginning to think there was no one strong enough to do so at all. Didn't mean slapping some people around wasn't gonna be a means of temporary solace... as usual.

Yet in but an instant, the fox-driven sex demon was snatched up from behind and into the hands of someone that felt very familiar... Like herself, but almost like there was more to him than that. It was a weird feeling that stirred a horrendous sensual anticipation within her, lips already moistened by her wandering tongue...

"You... I think I remember you..."

Something about his energy was... rather delicious. She wanted to take him for a test run... He might be the one that'd put her in her place, she believed. The way he was talking to her almost assured her of it.

"Looks like you're talkin' my language from the get go, boy... Show me whatcha got, if you even got anything to show!!!"

Tao was always one to take up a challenge, especially a sexual one. She knew she would not lose no matter who her adversary was when it came to sex. That was how confident she was in her skill. Wherever she was being led, with the promise of a fucking good time, there was no way she'd pass this one up.

The wild mutt continued to blitz blindly through the darkness, with its only lead being the playful singing green light... It was like a fairy of some sort, or a jingling bell... Perhaps even an angel trying to guide it to the right direction. Nothing else mattered to the Dark Wolf now as long as he had to follow this apple green apparition. The Black Storm ensorceled his very being as the agitated canine-fox felt the power of something else beyond the energy of this flickering light before his eyes... Something tasty... something scrumptious... Something eerily familiar, almost like another part to himself that he seemed to be missing. He could not put his nose on it just yet, but it almost felt like he would not be complete until he touched this light and whatever power was within... So he continued on, raining down terrible bolts of fiery jade all around. Picking up speed, his already ethereal form would seem to almost take to being an ectoplasmic bolt of emerald lightning, faster and faster in order to reach this seemingly unreachable light...

Shin'Khrona smirked. Seemed like both of the foolish crazed beasts had taken the bait. It was time to put these two sex-crazed halves back together as the one whole they should-- rather, they NEEDED to be.

"Good girl..." he'd mutter to Taomin, and simultaneously, looking back to the thirsty hound, "... Good boy..."

Though they were both foxes, one was more feline in nature and the other, more canine in nature. Both of them together would create that thirteen tailed fox god, but first he needed to take them both to the only place in the Chaos that was perfect for such a reunion... among other things necessary for their respective completion... the Golden Apple still needed to complete these two empty vessels...

"Onward... to the Chaotic Palace... Tabrith, I hope you've got the rogue snatched up and prepared... She is the key to their connection, after all..."

So, Shin'Khrona continued with Tao in hand and Triste en route toward the Chaotic Palace, waving goodbye to his good friends the hero and elementalist as they dealt with that horrible Insanity brewing. They could take him, surely.
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Feral 33: I Said I'd Protect This Place, Too...

It didn't take long for Shin'Khrona to reach his destination from the Chaotic Manor, nor was it going to be a hassle to get in since Tabrith was his mind. All he needed to do was waltz right in there and everything should have been set up... or, so he hoped. He didn't have any time to waste, and Tabrith certainly should have known that, being Shin'Khrona's mind and all. So, Teleporting right inside with Taomin in hand, Shin'Khrona reached the center room and dropped her before looking out the window at the Dark Wolf still causing such a calamitous stir behind him. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Khrona: "... Alright, calm down, pup..."

In a flash of lightning, Triste was Teleported inside of the Chaotic Palace as well, right in the center where Taomin was.

Khrona: "Alright, Tabrith. We're in position. Give it a whirl."

"Roger," responded the entire Chaotic Palace, as though it were a sentient being. Integrated with Tabrith himself as a whole, he instantaneously digitized beside Shin'Khrona, almost like an exact replica of him, or a mirror image. It was almost impossible to tell them apart, save for the fact that Tabrith wore all white and no jacket and Shin'Khrona ever wore his signature black jacket. If it weren't for that fact, one may believe them to be twins, even after Shin'Khrona's rebirth.

Tabrith: "The Golden Apple finally decided to stop being so difficult once she was assigned to her Moon. Mikou, as she was once called, shall be here shortly to complete to unification of the Black Storm and the Black Rose. The Dark Wolf shall receive his voice and the Goddess of Discord shall receive her Equilibrium."

Mikou was created for this purpose, despite her rebellious nature beforehand. She was an incomplete subject of Cleff's, which was how the Dark Network glitch came to be. Her Absolute Melodious Perfection was not absolutely perfect, and so only Discord reigned when she used her power. Now that glitch was fixed, and the Golden Apple could match the wavelengths of both Chaos and Harmony in complete Equilibrium.

Tabrith: "Come, Melody..."

She had many names; Mikou, Melody, Rhapsody and even Serenade, and all were different models and versions of the same being; Tron, the Golden Apple. Finally, Tabrith had tweaked her to the point where she was Absolutely Melodiously Perfect.

She should have been transported there instantaneously on the wavelength of his sound, not skipping a beat in her movement through the vibrations of sound. It wouldn't be long before the two sex-crazed feral beasts would get restless...

A flash of golden light spoken into existence through the voice of her father, the Golden Apple, still incomplete as of right now, Mikou, manifested into physical form before him. She said not a word, but awaited with a blank stare for her purpose to be fulfilled. No longer could she run away from him... It was a good run, but without the Dark Network to fend off Cleff's power, she was as good as caught no matter what way she looked at it. Time to quit running and face her destiny... the Tensei destiny...

Tao was getting impatient already with waiting, as she wasn't the type to wait for what she wanted, but to TAKE what she wanted when she wanted it. Whatever this guy promised her, it better have been WELL worth the wait.

Taomin: "... Hurry it up... I ain't got all--"

Cut off by the sudden appearance of two beings she felt an incredible connection to, she looked the boy of uncanny semblance to herself in the eye and relished in the connection... It sparked a sexual nerve in her like no other, and for the first time... She seemed to be paralyzed with anticipation and uncertainty. An overwhelming power overcame her, something of which she'd never before felt from any being. It was almost like... Staring herself in the face... Pretty trippy.

Taomin: "..."

Silenced by the Dark Wolf's appearance, it was only a matter of a mention of the Golden Apple that drew her attention straight to the blinding golden light, making her mouth water at the sheen of this glorious fruit of Absolute Melodious Perfection. This is what she was looking for... What she was sent to find by the Kuroshiro Kyuubi... Both of her prizes were standing right before her eyes, and all she could think about was that this boy, Shin'Khrona, was like fucking Santa Claus to her right now.

Taomin: "... Is... Is it fucking Christmas or something? My birthday or... Some other obscure holiday where I'd receive two badass gifts like this?! I didn't think--"

Well. He certainly did promise her... and he delivered FAR more than she expected. Guess it was good to be patient about this sort of thing instead of acting impulsively. She couldn't help but shudder with anticipation... Aaaaaallllll of her wildest dreams were about to come true right here and right now, and she could just FEEL it about to go down. The fox girl was almost unable to contain herself... As usual.

Still, Triste continued to run toward the green light flashing before his eyes, both agitated and saddened by the fact that he could not seem to catch it, no matter how fast he went. Dark Wolf Triste was beginning to give up hope on capturing the fairy of sorts when, out of nowhere it stopped, and grew brighter... and brighter... and brighter... Until the all encompassing harlequin flare brought light to his eyes once again, and like a newborn baby opening its eyes for the first time... The first thing he set his eyes upon was none other than Taomin, the Black Rose.

Just as she, he felt an eerie connection to her that sparked a sexual nerve like no other, but also a great many other things within him that he never felt before. The boy, who only knew emptiness and darkness ever since his creation by his father, Shin'Khrona, was exposed to a maelstrom of emotions and feelings so new that he barely knew what to do with them. The Black Storm surrounding him unleashed a thunderclap that should have sent a rather sensual chill up the fox girl's spine, for all he could think about for whatever reason was how many ways he was going to rip her apart with his teeth.


They were both silent as their eyes met, and could not seem to look away... not until the next best thing was called forth from the ether, the Golden Apple. Though the boy had a voice of his own now, he was still quite 'silent.' This Golden Apple, he knew, was the part of him missing besides this gorgeous vixen standing beside him. She was the other half of his body and this shining fruit was their voice. He wasn't quite sure what was about to happen... But he was absolutely certain that it was going to be a most magnificent experience. Taomin expressed his joy quite accurately, even though his face was marked with an unchanging nonchalant scowl. Something amazing was about to unfold...

Khrona: "Beautiful, looks like they're starting to realize just what's about to happen. All of their wildest dreams are about to come true..."

But just what kind of Insanity was this going to stir in this world...?

Khrona: "Call upon your other children, too. Cleff 2.0 and Rhapsody. Now that we have their attention and they are paralyzed by their own equivalence in power... It's time to contain and equivocate them."

Each of Tabrith's children were technically 'Grims' just like he was; extensions of the original Grimoire waiting to be filled with an infinite amount of energy just as Tabrith was. It wasn't until they were filled with only something as infinitely large as they were infinitely abysmal that they would be complete, and if that were the case, then Cleff 2.0, Rhapsody and Mikou would be able to harness either of their energies and become the respective 'Sisters' that belonged to either Insanity. This was a delicate and rather rapid process, but something necessary all the same before the Insanities got out of control like what happened with the Beast and the Zero World...

Khrona: "Whenever you're ready. They're in position."

"Naturally," cooed the instrument of such a composition, ready to orchestrate a beautiful symphony between all of these musical masterpieces. He called for the next two vessels, in order, "Come, Cleff 2.0 and Rhapsody." In a moment's notice, these two beings should have digitized directly beside their dear sister, Mikou/Melody, prepared to make their TRUE induction into the Tensei family. Tabrith was quite happy to see his children go off and actually become something more than just digital spawns of his own loneliness... They were finally going to be something greater, as he intended them to be.

Tabrith: "As quickly as the boy Triste had become the Dark Wolf shall he ascend to a higher role... as King Keaton. And likewise, shall the Black Rose ascend to fill her role... as Kuroshiro Kyuubi. And to take their place as Keepers and Sisters... My children."

And so too, would Grimlock be able to finally rest in peace, as he always wished. The time for his eternal melancholia would be no more, and he could be truly free of his burden once and for all. It was about time; he'd been living so long simply to ensure everything went exactly as planned... so that this new world that Shin'Khrona insisted on bringing about could indeed come to be. He knew ever since the beginning that his grandson would be the one to correct the wrongs, but he also knew that he had to be the catalyst for it, or else it would never occur. If he hadn't betrayed his beloved, his dear brother and his best friend so long ago when the original settlement that was to become the original Reality was first created... then none of this would be here.

Tabrith: "No longer will you have to pay the grave price of eternal sadness for your ultimate sacrifice for the prosperity of this world... Though highly misunderstood by the world, just as most of this family is, we will carry out your wishes... As we have been all along..."

"I told you, my name is Al Fine," replied a phantom voice from the shadows of the Chaotic Palace, "I never left this place. This is the only place where we are truly conceptualized."

Teeming with electricity, some of which sparked and intertwined with the green plasma of the Dark Wolf, Al Fine glared at the father he so despised with his arms crossed and his currents flaring, hovering over to him as he was called. At this point, he hadn't much of a choice in the matter. The same way Mewt, now Triste hated his father, Khrona, now Shin'Khrona, was the same way Cleff 2.0, A.K.A. Al Fine hated his father, Cleff, now Tabrith. The parallelism was uncanny, but useful all the same, it seemed. Nothing but pawns in the grand design... How he hated to be someone else's pawn.

It sparked a nerve to know that his sole purpose was this, and that his dear sister Melody was now void of any will to fight back. How could they sit here and do this to their children...?! It infuriated him... infuriated him... and saddened him all at the same time...

Triste: "... Not that you ever cared about my voice in the first place..."

The same as her brother, Cleff 2.0, she appeared from the shadows of the Chaotic Palace, digitizing where she was. Unlike him, however, she said not a word, accepting her fate just the same as Melody was. Al Fine was upset because he was being used as a pawn and had little to no choice in the matter when what he truly wanted was that choice to decide his own destiny and not be orchestrated by the two fathers here, just the same as the other boy. Rhapsody was the quiet, perceptive one; taking after her mother, Nirvana. She loved her father and understood his motives, even if Al Fine did not. She knew only good could come out of this.

"Just watch..." she muttered almost inaudibly, waiting for everything to go under way.

Khrona: "Alright. Everyone's in place."

Shin'Khrona rolled a bead of sweat off of his head, placing a hand on his hip casually as if trying to think. Taomin and Triste were subdued by each others power and the three children of the Data Realm were about to be Realized by taking their places... But in order to do that, much like Loeci, the two here had to first abandon their physical forms and become the embodiment of their own Insanities, where they would be able to conjure their own physical forms as they saw fit. And then, when that happened, their energies would react to the children and they would respectively become the new Keepers... And the Golden Apple would eternalize their union.

Khrona: "Okay. Thank you all for your cooperation. The other Insanities would usually fight me tooth and nail to keep me from fixing everything, but I am glad that you YOUNGER ones are more agreeable than the ELDER ONES."

Namely that old hag and the old man... the two ORIGINAL Tensei Curses, of Hatred and of Fear. Ugh. They were the most difficult of all time...

Khrona: "So let me explain how this has to go, so everybody knows what to do... First of all, Taomin, before you can get that great and eternal pleasure you want, you and the Dark Wolf over there are gonna have to die. But don't worry, when you die, you won't really die, you'll just kinda relinquish your energies and become even greater, becoming the Insanities themselves that you've taken on. So you know that black and white Kyuubi, Tao? You'll be her from now on instead of her body, and you know what Loeci is now, Triste? You'll be him. And he will become the Melancholia itself, just like Kaerei became the Zero World itself. And to take your place next in line as these beings... Will be two of three of Tabrith's children. Two of you will be the new Keepers in place of the old Keepers, Tao and Triste. That would be you two, Al Fine and Rhapsody. Melody... or, Mikou, over here, is the Golden Apple and will have shared energy between these two Insanities, allowing her to become the Thirteen Tailed Inari, Taijitu, to immortalize their union whilst allowing them to keep their separate forms. That way everybody wins. Sound like a good plan? Good deal over here?"

He gave them a rather tired thumbs up, making sure everyone got the gist of the plan. Shin'Khrona was going quite a lot trying to fix everything, and he was getting pretty tired after dealing with things nonstop. Not that he was running out of energy or anything, it was just... ugh. Just a lot going on at once and it was kinda taxing, even though it had no true effect on him as a whole. He was technically just putting himself in order, after all.

Khrona: "Now some side effects may be uncontrollable Insanities since the Sisters aren't here to regulate... But we can deal with that later. Just stick to the plan and everything should go smoothly... Especially you, Al Fine. I know what you're on."

Shin'Khrona glared at him, for he was the rebellious child that would probably be the one to fuck up everything if given the chance. Not that Tabrith nor Shin'Khrona would even ALLOW such a thing to occur. Not when they were so close to putting this to a temporary end.

Khrona: "Now. Everyone ready?"

Triste scoffed at Shin'Khrona's remarks, which only served to aggravate him further. He already didn't want to do this...

Triste: "Yeah, whatever... Just hurry up and get this dumb shit over with, will ya? Before I really do decide to be up and out of here..."

The intermingling electrical currents of he and Triste were interesting, however... That green lightning was something new that he hadn't experienced before... an energy that didn't seem to be only lightning, but a lot of other things... If anything, THAT type of energy being his is what made him want to see how this would go. He wanted to tinker with it a little bit and use it for himself... It felt really good.

Triste: "Well? What are you guys just standing around looking like dopes for? Hurry this up if you're trying to get it done... No one wants to be here all night..."

Rolling his eyes and placing a hand on his chin, he waited for this stupid foolish Tensei nonsense to be all said and done...

"Gladly..." Tabrith responded deftly, as his son made his reluctant agreement. That was as close to one as they were going to get out of him, but it was all for the best, as his beloved daughter Rhapsody said and already knew. She was the one that inherited his Data and Technology prowess, after all. Cleff 2.0 has the Electricity and Technology, but did not have the Data, and Melody has the Sound and Electricity, but did not have the Data.

"First... Let us erase those two who have agreed to our terms..."

In his hand, one of his famed Keyboards appeared, one which had the power to tamper with the very fabric of the universe, as he had done many times in the past (especially when he was corrupted) in order to make ends meet. He quickly Deleted Taomin and Triste as they were before, allowing the energy of the Insanities that they harbored within them to roam free. The two energies would be allowed to intermingle with each other, allowing for a glorious 'cosmic sex' to occur with ever fiber of what these two once were. The pleasure both of them were seeking was about to be fulfilled. The pure and utter freedom they both craved would be satisfied through this union with each other...

"Now, you two, do not fully integrate yourselves into each other just yet... Allow your individual energies to be taken into each of the respective children of mine, just like what was discussed..."

If their energies were too convoluted with each other, then the process would take longer because they would have to be diffused. It was like a science project messing with these two right now. But they would be together like they wanted to soon enough.

Tabrith: "Remember, Tao, you go into Rhapsody, and Triste, you into Al Fine. And then when that happens, combine together and allow Melody to have your combined energy."

Taomin: "Yo, come on, I'm getting restless over here--"

And just like that, her body was suddenly gone. She wasn't entirely sure... what happened, but the guy that looked like Khrona started tapping away on some keyboard and suddenly her body was gone and all that was left was a bright green apparition of herself. She looked around, trying to figure out just what the hell was going on and why she was still... well... conscious, actually. It seemed like she was able to sustain herself without a body without even realizing it, but she felt the power of that Insanity of Fun as her entire being now.

Taomin: "Wha... What the fuck!?"

Strange... She could still move normally... And she could still feel normally... in fact, everything was normal. It was like nothing had really changed about her at all except she wasn't physically physical, she was energetically physical. And that was pretty fucking bitchin, too. She could even feel that damn Kitsune more in depth now; not like they were two separate beings, but like it was an extension of herself.

Apparently, the same thing was happening to her other half, too, and to feel that energy of his in its rawest state was... pretty fucking hot. She licked her lips tinged with an electric excitement... a truly ecstatic ecstasy. She just couldn't wait to get her hands on him...

Taomin: "Wha? Oh yeah, the girl. Almost forgot."

Before she could ravage this dog, she was gonna need to appoint someone as the new Keeper by filling their energy with the energy of the Insanity of Fun. With a flick of the wrist, a powerful jolting gust of wind smacked the poor girl Rhapsody in the face, super charging her empty vessel with the Insanity of Fun, letting her become the new Keeper of Fun.

Taomin: "There. That's done. Now you do yours so we can get... to work... MMmhmmhmhm~...."

Just a little more...

Tsao didn't say a word as the entire process went down, he simply awaited the correct time to leap at Tao and tear her to bits. He just had to be a little patient... it was almost that time. As his body was taken from him randomly by means he was not entirely sure of, he remained ever patient and vigilant, standing before them now as a congregation of pure plasma of the Insanity of Melancholia. He felt the intertwining energies of he and Tao as well as he and Al Fine coming to a nice mixture already, and their mingling energies brought a smile to his face. As Al Fine seemed rather interested in his energetic makeup already, a swift bolt of lightning struck him almost immediately after their currents met with one another. He would become the Keeper of Melancholia now, taking the place of Triste who had all too recently just become the Keeper himself. Apparently, this was not to be his destiny for long, or so says the great Shinseigami, and he had no other say in the matter, as usual... But for some reason, if it meant being together with Tao, he didn't mind it this time around. This time.

Their energies met and it was like the start of a beautiful feeling he'd never believed he'd ever get to feel. Only a short time after being able to feel and Shin'Khrona allowed him to feel such wonderful things... It could almost melt all of the melancholia away. A sensual experience, where even the slightest touch created bonds and reactions that would have bonded their beings forever; the sensation was an almost indescribable and unbelievable pleasure, and the two hadn't even gotten down to business yet. The start of a gorgeous life...

"Mm..." he moaned slightly, getting accustomed to feeling things such as this. Stray bolts of electricity flared up and shot off around him as he became more and more excited, the Black Storm rising up now in a vicious anticipation for more... things would get steamy soon enough...

Melody patiently awaited her part in the carefully made piece, staring the two of them down as their energies began to intertwine. She was not hesitant in the slightest to snatch their lingering energies in the air as their combination started, drawing in the power of both Taomin and Triste together simultaneously. As they gave to her, she gave back to them, and the Absolute Melodious Perfection matched and resonated with their wavelengths in absolute perfection; she and they were now on the same accord, and there would be absolutely no room for any wavelengths that were not in perfect harmony between the three of them. All too quickly, it would seem like all three of them simple shared the same energy; a perfect resonance. The energy jangled within her being, allowing her to take on a new form... Sprouting from her back, one after another, were many colored fox tails up to about Thirteen tails, as well as fox-like ears. She screamed a glorious scream of both pleasure and happiness, allowing the two of them to partake even further in her Absolute Melodious Perfection.


Every wavelength was matched and synchronized, as Tabrith said, immortalized by the Golden Apple right then and there. In harmony, in discord and in balance, it wouldn't matter because these three would always be achieving a perfect resonance of more than just souls; it was a resonance of all that they were at all times... And the Golden Apple would be allowed to take on a greater form, the form of the combined Kuroshiro Kyuubi and King Keaton... known only as Taijitu the Inari, God of Foxes, Felines and Canines. This energy stirred her thirteen tails, and pulled her closer into the fray with the wild storm of energies... She was now the Voice of the once silent Dark Wolf, allowing him to partake in the Voice of God, and was also the balance for the anarchic fox girl who relished in Discord due to Eris that was within her, now being neutralized and filled by the Golden Apple's light. That sole Discordia was now shared by Harmonia and Concordia, allowing Taomin to match and achieve wavelengths beyond simple Discord, but also of Harmony and of Balance all at once, and Triste as well. The three of them together created the Perfect Resonance... and it was captured for eternity within Taijitu, the proof of their eternal union.

Khrona: "Yes... Yes... YEEEESSSSS!!!!"

Everything was going absolutely swimmingly!!! No room for imperfection here! Now that their power was immortalized, the two of them would serve as their own 'Sisters' to each other, neutralizing the need for any other. This was a reaction even Shin'Khrona was not expecting; for the Keepers to become dual purposed Sisters to each other?! And then, to have a BACKUP Sister or Keeper that could serve as either or within Melody-- rather, Taijitu?! BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL!!!! It was absolutely PERFECT!!

Khrona: "Oh man... I wasn't prepared for this, but dammit, I fucking love this reaction!!! THIS WAS A SUCCESS!!! A SUCCESS FAR BEYOND WHAT I COULD HAVE DREAMED AS SUCCESSFUL!!! DUAL PURPOSE KEEPER AND SISTER!? YEEEESSS!!!"

He almost blew a gasket right there; perhaps because of the AMP all flowing around willy nilly and such... He was able to feel everything that was going on, as was everyone else, since he was able to match any wavelength perfectly. It was a dream come true.


After being blasted with the huge burst of energy from Taomin, Rhapsody was sent flying to the other end of the Chaotic Palace, absorbing every last bit of it into her emptied vessel... Finally, she could be filled with an energy and could become realized beyond the conceptual chambers of the Chaotic Palace. She was finally a full and true Tensei... One known as Tron, she which held the Knowledge of Tabrith... the Wisdom. As it stood, there was no physical change within her, but she could feel the overwhelming sensation of pure Insanity simply teeming within her, ready to burst from every seam of her existence... The emptiness she had was gone, and it was filled with nothing... nothing but FUN!

Tron: "... I am honored to become the new Keeper of Fun in place of Taomin..."

A little softspoken, but still fun all the same. It would take her a little while to get fully adjusted to her role, but as long as she had her family by her side acting as both Sister and Keeper as she did, there was no way for them to be out of whack. Only Absolute Melodious Perfection between the three of them and their Insanities.

Tron: "... You've successfully tamed two Insanities at once... What a feat..."

Having the Knowledge of Tabrith, she now knew all things as well, just as Shin'Khrona and Tabrith did. Even if Al Fine-- rather, Terumi and Taijitu did not, at any given time, any of them could delve into her Infinite Sea of Knowledge and take from her what information they needed, so they would not be left out of the know as well. A small smile appeared on her face for the first time ever, as she was happy to be able to not feel so... empty inside anymore... Like she actually had a purpose now... Rather to just sit around and collect dust within the Chaotic Palace.

Tron: "Thank you..."

Terumi, still very much fascinated with the green sparks emanating from the boy of such similar likeness to himself, it was only a matter of time until the mingling sparks would end up reacting in such an explosive way and strike him down. Without warning, he was struck out of the sky by the green bolt, sizzling as he hit the ground. An instantaneous transformation at the reaction of such energies stirring within him, he would awake to find himself teeming with the same energy he was so fascinated with before... and surprisingly overjoyed by the feeling. It was stronger than any electricity he'd ever felt before, and filled him up to the point where he no longer had to recharge or even consume electricity from other sources. He was his own infinite source of energy, and it felt good to not be so empty inside anymore...

"... Mmmm" he groaned, getting used to having the feeling of... something inside of him, "... This feels... pretty good, actually..."

Even though he still didn't like being played like a puppet, in this instance, it was a good result, just as his sister told him it would be. If anyone, he'd listen to those two. Still, he looked to his father... well... both of them now... with a hint of scorn, pretty upset that not only were they right, but it was actually beneficial to everyone, apparently. Ugh.

Terumi: "... But this was a one time gig," he made perfectly clear as he stood up amidst all the intertwining Insanities all about, "You hear me? Don't expect me to come around and help you all again unless I want to. Especially now that I've got a will of my own."

There was no reason for the new Dark Wolf to remain here... And he truthfully wanted his two Sisters to come with him as he roamed the land. Since he wasn't confined to the Chaotic Palace anymore, he wanted to go EVERYWHERE... Rather, ANYWHERE to get away from those two crazy fucks.

Terumi: "Come on, Tron. Tai. Let's blow this joint."

The energy within him reacted to his emotions naturally, charging his body with a vibrant green plasmatic light. He was ready to take off in a flash of lightning and a roar of thunder in his wake. He was gonna tear up the town... the new Dark Wolf rises.

Tabrith shook his head, for Terumi... or Al Fine, if he still wished to be called that, was still so defiant... so rebellious. Looks like a change in his role in the world didn't change his personality much at all. Except he seemed a little happier, granted. Even as the Keeper of Melancholia, he had a different reason to be sad rather than to curse his own existence, like Loeci did. That was a plus, at least.

"Ah... What am I going to do with that boy...?" he muttered under his breath. He wasn't really concerned about what he did not, his purpose was fulfilled. Now it was time for him to live his life as he saw fit... And all of his children, in fact.

Tabrith: "Well, if you're so hellbent on leaving... then be off with you. You three are free to do as you please now. You are no longer condemned to remain in the Chaotic Palace... Not that Melody had been fond of it anyway as Mikou..."

And Tabrith was well aware that both Mickey and Melody were still very much within this girl's being, integrated into who she was. Now that she had both Tao and Tsao within her, she could very much choose to live the life of Mikou again, if she so chose, except now instead of having that nasty glitch within her, she'd be absolutely perfect.

Tabrith: "So... What is it that you two wish to do? Your brother is prepared to leave, and things are about to get a little hectic in here with this storm that's brewing between the two intertwining Insanities... Choose your destiny now and live it, now that you are no longer bound to remain here..."

Even though he didn't show it, this was a very especially happy day for Tabrith, as well... He was happy to see them finally be of use to themselves and others... and truly be able to live... It almost inspired him to shed a tear... but he'd leave that up to his organic self...

Tron, though torn between staying with her father and leaving with her brother, knew that her brother Terumi was going to need protecting and probably stability in the long run, as she counted as his Sister just the same as she was her own Keeper. These two had to stick together, and that was just how things had to be for the moment... at least until he was a little less wild and rebellious, if that were ever going to happen.

Tron: "Sorry, father... But I'm going with Terumi. I want to keep him company... and keep him safe..."

Who knows what kind of Insanity he would cause out on his own? Especially with the Insanity of Melancholia. If he ever got too lost in his own sadness or if anything randomly made him that way, it'd spark the Black Storm right then and there, and it'd be best not to unleash another Insanity about the world when there were already two major ones running amok and spreading seemingly without cease... It was the best decision for everyone.

Tron: "I am sure you understand and know my reasoning... Of course you do... So I don't even have to explain myself..."

She hovered over to Terumi and latched on to him, taking some of his charge so that when he bolted, she would too.

The Golden Apple hovered there blankly still, even as power poured from her being just the same as the others. Harmonizing and stabilizing them all with her sheer existence, the Absolute Melodious Perfection continued to pulsate throughout the Chaotic Palace with no sign of cease. This was her role for the moment... as a mere tool to be used by others, and a filter to provide this equilibrium, similar to the role of her father. Who would have guessed that out of the three of them, she would be the lifeless tool...? somehow, she knew that this was what had to be when she was being tampered with before... when she was in her incomplete form as Mikou, or Mickey as she preferred to be called. That was why she ran so long ago... That is why she did not want to come back. She and Terumi were not too far apart in their goals; both rather rebellious and longing to choose their own destinies, wherein the quiet Rhapsody simply went along with everything as it should be. Maybe it was because she had the knowledge of what was to come beforehand... she was the one gifted with the power over Data. Maybe she knew that rebellion would only slow down this freedom that they were being granted now...

A bit surprised at the words of Tabrith, she showed no emotion as she thought over what he said. Though she was Taijitu, she could still, if she chose, return to her days as being Mikou... She still had access to the very negative and discordant frequencies of the Dark Network, but now she also had at her disposal that which countered and that which balanced her once only destructive wavelengths. As she pondered what this meant, she realized then that this really was all for the best... He just wanted to complete them all this time so that they could be free. He wasn't trying to imprison them... He was just trying to finish them. She felt like a fool all this time... and now, she was even given the choice of returning to whom she once was whilst still remaining completed... She should have been happy, or even more than that, but all she could feel was this unwavering disappointment on her heavy heart... for causing so much trouble.

Taijitu: "..."

She couldn't respond to Terumi's request. Instead, she merely hovered off into one of the many rooms within the Chaotic Palace in order to be alone. Terumi and Tron could go off if they so chose, but Taijitu was going to stay here and... think about a few things. The door closed behind her, and that was the last anyone would see of her for a while.

Looks like Terumi got his answers from both of his sisters. Whatever. He couldn't stand being here any longer for some reason... He still hadn't forgiven his father about anything, even if it was for the greater good. Sometimes... sometimes the pain of what one has to endure is greater than the 'greater good.' Terumi just needed some time to himself.

Terumi: "... Tch. Let her sulk, then. Come on, sis. We're outta here."

And just like he said, in a flash of lightning and a roar of thunder, Terumi and Tron streaked across the Chaos skies as a green flare; where they were going was undetermined, but at least they were getting the hell outta here... Too much drama and emotional turmoil here for his taste. Time to get some well deserved fresh air... this wild wolf couldn't stand being caged any longer, and the freedom to roam the land was just what he needed.

Shin'Khrona chuckled and shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, smirking as he gazed at Tabrith from the corner of his eye, "Heehee, looks like you're having some daddy issues too, hm~? We scientists don't make for good parents, eh? And to think, I used to hate our kind with a passion~! Who would have guessed I would have ended up being one myself, hm?"

Yes, Shin'Khrona's unstable insane fits in the past tended to be triggered by his memories of being 'experimented' on in the past, but after he got over that, his eyes were opened as to why. He still wasn't fond of EVERY doctor or scientist, but at least he could respect their work... if they did it correctly. But he still didn't really like them. He knew what they were like... and some got so caught up in their work that they lost themselves, which was never a good thing. He hoped he did not become that much of a mad scientist.

Khrona: "Oh well, c'est la vie. All's well that ends well for the most part. Time for them to find their own way and not be held under daddy's thumb, hm? They grow up so fast... as they say."

He chuckled under his breath again before looking back up to the swirling mass of mixing Insanities still brewing up above... Now it was time to handle THAT situation...

Khrona: ".... Well now, with all the kids out of the pool, it's about time for the Adult Swim, eh? (wink wink)."

Shin'Khrona's work here was done, as he had a couple more things to do before he got side tracked or before some new Insanity started to show up and ravage the world... Again. He really needed to get to where Misery was, in all honesty, and he still had two more Insanities besides the two that were running amok... Chita had one subdued for the moment, so they could come back to that later, and this one was under control for the moment as well, so it could be returned to later. The most pressing ones where the ones that were NOT under control and most literally OUT of control. Those were the Insanity of Hatred and the Insanity of Fear, and the final two dormant Insanities, those of Bliss and Balance, still hadn't reared their ugly heads just yet. Until they did, getting to Misery was pretty much still top priority.

Khrona: "Hold down the fort and keep these two at bay. Continue to find heralds of the power to purify the Insanity and whatever else you're doing. I'll continue to handle things behind the scenes. Tag team twins!!!"

Tabrith wasn't one for... emotions or fun or anything, so he wasn't expecting him to indulge in Shin'Khrona's playfulness. He was the type that was 'all business,' or mostly business, relatively. That's what it's like to be a logical mind of pure data and information; he'd have to teach him how to have some fun when these issues were over. But until then, it was good that he was so serious and businessy, cuz sure as hell Shin'Khrona would be goofing off somewhere doing something awesome. It was nice to have a focused and sharp mind to keep him on track when necessary.

Khrona: "I'll catch you all later... And of course, I'll be watching through your eyes! So let's try to make Peace, hm?"

And with a final cheerful smile and wave of relief that this particular ordeal was over, he Teleported away to his next destination... Rather, just outside of the Chaotic Palace, since he couldn't Teleport THAT far as of yet. He was still pretty genin with his powers, even if his skill was godly. He'd make his way as fast as possible to where he could sense Misery's wavelength... and The Beast's Hatred rising...

Tabrith: "Indeed... They are finally on their way... At least they can finally say they can all choose their own paths and destinies... Instead of walking the ones we have forged for them..."

Tabrith was, as usual, unscathed by the scorn of his dear son, as this rebellious phase shared between he and his sister Taijitu would come to pass as they developed and experienced life outside of the palace walls. Tai was already realizing what Terumi had yet to discover, and she locked herself away to ponder such things and reasonings... It seemed like her rebelliousness may be coming to an end soon, now that she was realizing the truth of Tabrith's overprotectiveness. Tron already had the mind to keep Terumi safe, so he was not worried in the slightest about those two. She was the only responsible one, but also the only one gifted with the Knowledge, so that was to be expected. Terumi would be fine.

Tabrith: "... Ah yes... I bid thee adieu, Shinseigami. Now, let's let the two love birds sing their tune and make sweet music together... Hmhmhm..."

Though technically a most incestuous relationship, it didn't really matter in the long run. Such physical labels and limited laws of this realm were confined only to the flawed restrictions of a rather hindered moral code, and was not anywhere on par with that of the gods... So the commonfolk probably would not understand this interaction more than 'kissing cousins,' even though technically they were two halves of the same being. Ah well, no need to explain himself to the primitive and underdeveloped beings, for Tabrith and Shin'Khrona knew exactly what they were doing.

Keeping a watchful eye, but being wary of privacy, Tabrith snuck his way out in a cloud of pixels, leaving the two foxes to mingle alone...
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Feral 34: I Said I'd Protect This Place, Too (Pt. 2)

... And so the carnage has begun. The two swirling cocktails of sensual energies crackled and contorted together, letting the friction between them build up. Seemed like at any moment, the two could explode from the pent up tension and intensity that was shared between them, and after such a long wait, it was time to let it all out... the Black Rose and the Black Storm.

Stage 1; Boredom
Already, the anticipation was killing her, but only in matter of mood. If things were to take too long, she was going to get oh, so very bored... being patient was never the forte of the Vixen and getting what she want WHEN she wanted it was always her style, especially if it meant TAKING it. But with her counterpart, she could feel it... Something about him was just the same as her, willing to take what it wanted... But also anticipating the same from the other side. There was a sense of terror about her for once in her life, to know something or someone with an equivalence in power to her own, and though she TRULY wishes for him to simply make the first move... It was taking far too long for her taste.

What...? What is this? Why do I feel so...

She didn't understand this fear. It wasn't anything like she'd ever felt before; terror and anticipation all wrapped up into the same thing. But if the foxy wolf didn't mark his territory soon, the energy they shared was surely going to fizzle out in her boredom... So she was going to have to stir up some trouble.

Taomin: "*Yaaawwwn*... Mmm... Yo, I'm waaaiiitingggg... I don't have all day, you know. Not really much to hold my attention, huh?"

Yeah... Yeah that was surely going to get him going. At least, she hoped so.

The Black Storm brewed silently in tandem with the rising energies of the Insanity of Fun, meshing together and swirling around as though they were having some sort of unspoken dance... He could feel it in her, a sense of terror and anticipation that confused him to a degree, unknowing of whether he should act on his instincts or leave the energies to float about as they may. Yet, within himself, silently, he felt the tension rise to a greater intensity... being around her brought out something within him that he wasn't quite sure of how to feel about... But he did know that he was going to have to do something.

Stage 1; Loneliness
Though their energies were intertwined and mixing beautifully together, almost completely perfectly, he could not help but feel that the two were not as connected as they should have been nor could have been... Was it his fault? Was he being too distant? This was the first time he ever felt these types of things before, these emotions... this energy. Was it lustful, or was this love? Was this happiness, or was this just an extended sadness? Confused and alone in his endeavors, all he could do was continue to swirl around the Black Rose with as much patience as he could... Unknowing of what to do. Lost. Trapped in the isolation of his unknown.

Mmm... I don't know what this is... Love...? Or...

In his isolation of thought, she yawned. He was boring her, perhaps? He was rather lost in his own swirling thoughts, and it wasn't like he was paying much attention to her beyond the wild and rampant thoughts he had about her. Hmmm... Maybe that is what she was anticipating? Action, of sorts? But he knew that if he took any course of action... He was going to end up tearing her to bits with a vicious, violent storm he was holding back... He honestly did not want to harm her, even though for some reason, he kinda did.

"... I don't know what you're waiting for... Unless it's for me to rip you apart with my teeth... That's all I can really think about, really..."

He could feel her sexual anticipation already, but he was not sure if it was anything beyond that... He wanted it to be, for if it were simply a matter of the more feral, primal urges within them, then what would it all mean once they were done? He would once again be trapped in his abysmal pit of darkness... Forever alone in solemn melancholia... That is not what he wanted at all, which was why he remained so hesitant to take that risk... She seemed like the type to leave once she had her way. He was not looking forward to that at all...

In the cloud of mingling energies formed by the two of them together, Tao's energetic body soon started to take shape within the conjuring storm of sparking feelings, a single, sleek fox tail sprouting from her tail bone right above her nice, perky butt. Her legs could not be seen, but faded out into the swirling storm that the two of them made together, still circling around him boredly. It wasn't until she heard what he said that another bond of their energies... sparked, piquing her interest a bit. She licked her lips.

Taomin: "Oh really? Is that so...?"

Stage 2; Curiosity
The first stage sprouted the first of her nine tails, and of course, to spark some more bonds to connect them further, she gently let it waft over to him like a gentle aroma drifting through the air, carried on the swirling currents of the festering storm... It smelled of a rather enticing perfume. She'd have him over here in a hearbeat. No one could resist Taomin's seductive charm, and she prided herself on that.

Taomin: "Hows about you come over here and try it? If you've got the balls, little puppy~!"

The aura about him seemed like he was interested, but at the same time too wrapped up in his own isolation to fully connect. She didn't know why, but she wanted to connect fully to him, too... Never before had she wanted that; only the wild, hot sex she always snatched from her unsuspecting prey. But with him, she didn't feel like the predator at all... Not fully, at least. She almost felt like she could be his prey just as much as he was hers. Maybe that was where that sense of terror and curiosity came from. That and...

His unerring sadness was far too great to be enticed so easily, for he was one to think these sorts of things through before taking his course of action. A tactical creature with the eye of the wolf, he could see that she was trying to lure him into his demise. He was a predator just the same as she, and they were both each others prey at this moment. He couldn't really get why she was playing so coy; if she wanted something, surely she could just come take it. But he wasn't going to be the one to make any mistakes in such a delicate matter... No matter how much he wanted to, it was just too heavy of a risk, and at the end of the day, thinking about it more and more drove him deeper and deeper into his darkness...

Stage 2; Depression
If he succumbed to her wiles, there was no doubt that she would leave him high and dry, and something about her specifically made him feel like he could not live without her. Even though her words were more than enough to spark a primal fury within him to simply leap over and rend her to pieces, his growing depression kept him at bay. The uncertainty and unknowing of the outcome, but the possibility of what it could be kept him in his place; sad and alone on the other side of the cloud.

At the same time as her image formed in the energetic pool did his rise to meet a semi-shape on the direct opposite side, and just as she, his legs were nothing more than the bonded part of the cloud whilst the upper torso was the shape of the King Keaton himself. He stared drearily at the other side, an aching rising within that he wasn't sure how to stop... a longing, a yearning that only pushed him down even further... yet, part of him could not resist the challenge of pursuing and subduing his prey. Something about the wild wolf within him... rather, the Dark Wolf within him. No matter how far down he went, that feral pride still allowed him to rise above it... to a certain degree. The enticing aroma of her plush tail indeed wafted under his nose, his pupils slit as if focusing now on his target.

"... Maybe I would if you would stop running away. Taking me in circles. I don't see why you'd run from me... unless you were afraid, or something."

He still kept his composure, but now the small sparks that were forged between them were becoming powerful jade green electrical bursts surging through the bonds being made within the clouds... Still, until he knew for sure what the intentions of this twin-fox was, he wasn't going to make a move, even if he knew he would utterly destroy her... She wouldn't get him to move an inch.

Tickling the nose of the clearly agitated fox-wolf, her single tail split in twain, wrapping around his body and gently caressing his form. She was curious to see how he would react, and, if like all the others, would he be simply smitten by her wiles and drawn into her little sexual game. But something seemed... eerily different about this one. Something she couldn't quite put her finger on, but definitely made her heart... throb, for once. Oh no, something was definitely up with him. He hadn't already hopped on her band wagon and gone crazy with a sensual lust she was renowned for. He was already proving to be her toughest opponent yet...

... He's strong. Not going down without a fight, hm...?
That's oddly... attractive...

Stage 3; Interest
This feeling within her was new; completely and utterly new. Whatever she thought she knew before was thrown out the window and opened up something fresh within her. The surge of electricity emanating from him with such intensity sent chills up her spine like she'd never known; an electric ecstasy that she couldn't get enough of.

Mmm... Why is he so...

No, but she could not lose focus from her true goal here. She was the predator and he was the prey, despite these new feelings and the sensation she had. Regardless of her terror that she may indeed be the one that was being preyed upon, she had to be the victor of this game of cat and mouse. She couldn't lose to him, not at all, no matter how... Interestingly enticing he was.

The same way his feral pride overcame him, she could feel it happening within her, and her eyes slit at the mention of his words. She sneered at him, the cocky bastard, for what he had just said to her... how she was running away. She wouldn't run from anyone!! Even if she was just a little bit afraid, she wouldn't let HIM know that so he could prey upon it like the ravenous wolf she knew he was inside!

Taomin: "Huh!! Look who's talking! You're the one running around in circles trying to get away from ME! Hows about you man up and stop being so scared of a GIRL, HUH!?"

Clearly, she was irked, but more than she should have been. Perhaps the throbbing of her heart meant something more... But, no, it was probably nothing. She just needed to put this mongrel dog down for good.

Tsao-Rin kept himself under control as much as he could, even with her tail splitting in two and caressing him all over, he only stared at her with his hungry eyes and maintained his stalwart position in the entire matter. He wasn't going to feel that type of horrendous pain again, even if there was a promise of momentary happiness. Something he needed was not what this vixen was looking for, and trying to string him along by her tails was not the way to do it. He was not going to suffer any longer, even though despite his efforts... he did anyway.

Stage 3; Grief
The tug of their bonds forcing them together naturally pulled him toward her as she was pulled toward him, sending them in their spiraling whirlpool of emotions. The two apparently were trying to catch each other, yet could not do so because they were too busy running trying to catch the other one, sending them both into a cycle of inability to be together. How sad. The sensation of need he felt to be merged with her continued to rattle his brain, even though regardless of how he fought, it seemed like things were just happening that way anyway. They were merging together against their will, and he didn't know if she noticed or not, but he surely did.

I cannot be one with her if she does not share my same passion and ambition... If she is to make me sad eternally... Then I cannot accept her into myself... I need her to satisfy me... I need...

But it all seemed hopeless. She couldn't give him what he needed; she was too busy trying to play games with him. A game that he wasn't trying to play, but definitely was going to win no matter what. She wasn't going to get him to bend over backwards for her just because she was a nice piece of tail... well, at this point, two tails. That thought in and of itself brought him great grief. A grief so powerful, the silent lightning surging through the Black Storm could no longer remain silent.

"Then stop playing games with me and show me what you're MADE OF!!! Your true intentions!!!"

A voice that roared with a thunderous boom whilst simultaneously a flood of lightning poured through the channels of their still bonding energies. He felt closer to her even though there was no sense of the two coming together, and because she was losing her cool, he could tell that she was feeling the same way. But even so, they were not connected fully, and thus did not know what her intentions were completely. She needed to come clean with him, and he wasn't going to give her ANYTHING until he knew EXACTLY what he was getting into with her. Whatever she wanted of him that was so important to her that she would go to these lengths, she was going to have to work for. Prove to him that she wanted it that bad... But alas, he wasn't sure if she was going to do that or not. Foxes were tricky, and the same way that he was one, so was she. Sly, cunning and extremely intelligent... That was why she could not be trusted. And that brought him further into the darkness...

He was far more interesting than she first realized, and it showed in everything that he was. Though she was drawing out the inner feral within him, it seemed like he was drawing out something deep within her as well. The boom of his thunderous voice made her shiver, playing both on her fear and her pleasure all at once, and the electrical burst snapped at her tails, causing them to retreat from around his body and back near her. The twin tails now became a triad, and from that moment on things were going to heat up really fast between those two... Because for some reason, the more intense he got, the more intense she got, and she was beginning to catch on to him and how he functioned. She didn't understand why she grasped so much, nor why she liked it so much, but she was playing to win, and he was her toughest opponent yet. And she liked it like that.

... Mmm... That was unexpected... But...
Arousing all the same... Hmhm...

Stage 4; Anticipation
Oh, she could not WAIT to see what this clearly ferocious beast was capable of; what he was hiding behind his meager demeanor and his reclusive introverted nature. There was something BIG within him; the jackpot of all sexual wiles. Yes, yes, she was going to have to draw out a little more, but to do that, it seemed like she had to give him a little more. But she couldn't give him too much, or else she would give him her heart... And that was something she could not trust anyone with. Especially not a foxy dog. Foxes were sly, cunning and intelligent and so were wolves, but they were vicious loners at heart and if she gave him her heart, she wasn't going to take kindly to being left alone... Not in the slightest. That was why... She had to be the one that won, so that she could be the one who could break away from him, and she could leave him alone before he left her.

But why did she even feel like that in the first place? It didn't make sense, unless that simply throb of the heart from earlier was actually...

... Oh shit.

Stage 5; Surprise
No. Absolutely not. She could NOT be catching feelings for her prey; that was unheard of. She was supposed to hunt, take what she needed and be gone, like normal. Never was she supposed to actually show THESE types of feelings for the ones she just needed to satisfy her sexual tendencies. There was something more to him and this whole unity thing they were going through, because now she was beginning to feel that she could not live without him, like he was a missing piece to her she'd been searching for so long in others she bedded that just didn't have it. What... What is this? What is HE? And could this feeling really be...? Truly...?

No. No. Not at all, she'd just have to ignore it. It was a sign of weakness that he'd prey upon. Her terror told her so, and she'd have to hold up strong before she became vulnerable. Her tail split into four now, wrapping around her own body as if to protect her from the elements of the storm. She had to respond so she wouldn't look weak.

Taomin: "If you can't even make me, then what good are you anyway?! You REALLY suck at this, and you aren't getting anywhere!! Feh, I should just high tail it outta here... You aren't even WORTH MY TIME!!"

She snarled at him, letting her words pollute the air and hopefully his mind and heart... even though she called for him with her emotions, her words said otherwise, and would hopefully tear him down and make him vulnerable before she was made to be so... She hoped, at least. Things were moving faster than she realized; not only had he gotten farther than anyone, but at such a fast pace... That is what terrified her the most. Was he... was he even trying?! Or was this... natural...?

She was persistent, he gave her that, but even in that, he couldn't budge to her until she started telling him the truth of the matter. He felt things within her and all about the air that he knew did not match up to her words. She was going to have to come clean... but the more she made him wait, the more terrible he felt, because until she told him what it was truly, he didn't know what it was she was keeping from him. And as much as he wanted to show her who was top dog, he was not going to until he knew for sure that their bonds were eternal.

Stage 4; Anguish
The torture of unknowing was killing him mentally, for this type of pain was something he was never able to fully grasp. Was she calling out to him, or was she trying to seduce him? Did she want to be bonded with him eternally, or simply for a one night stand? Was she seeking love or simply pleasure? He would not give her any until he had a solid foundation to work with; not until she started telling him the truth.

His eyes narrowed as her tails retreated, the seductress now seeing that he was not playing any games with her and that he was utterly serious. He wanted her to be serious as well; this was not a game to him. The rising electricity in the air would let her know of that easily, stringing together more bonds between the two of them.

"I don't care what you say, you are hiding something from me. It must be out of fear. You are trying to trick me, as foxes are known to do. Don't you know that I am the King Keaton; the King of all your kind? There is no way to fool me... I am no fool that will simply succumb to your games. Be serious with me... and let me know your true intentions..."

And with that, to show her that he meant business, he stopped. Completely and utterly, he would show her right here and right now that he wasn't afraid of her in the slightest, and that if she stopped too, she was the one that was afraid of him. He turned backward to face the direction in which she was flowing toward him, his eyes slit and narrowed, his sharp fangs bared and grit, as an overwhelming pain shot from what was once only his mental torture now down to his entire energetic shape...

Stage 5; Pain
It took all that he was to simply stand up and face her, but there was something he needed to know. The rise of his dark emotions welling up within him were beginning to tear him apart the same way he wished to tear her apart, and it would not do him any good waiting for her, as she said. He did not wince at his insufferable pain he was inflicting upon himself with his own strife, but simply grit his teeth to bear it.

"You wanted me to make you? You wanted me to show you? This is how I am doing it. Now it's up to you what happens from here. Tell me the truth, or I shall not move."

The intensity of his pain overflowed about his body, flashes of lightning and roars of thunder bursting from all around him as he stood his solid ground. He was overflowing... and soon, it would destroy him internally... His own melancholic pain... He could feel it. But for some reason, for her, he'd allow it to do so. He had to prove to her that this was serious, and so was he. No matter what.

Again, to her surprise, another unexpected turn in her own twisted game came back to bite her in the ass; this was nothing that she ever expected nor experienced before, but it was still all too... amusing for her. There was certainly more to him than meets the eye.

I think... I think he just might...

Stage 6; Amusement
Her scowling snarl turned into a smug smile after hearing him say that, for now she knew why he was so different. He wasn't just after her sensual goodness, he was after the only thing that she wasn't going to give him. She should have known; he was an Insanity himself, and all of them ate hearts and fed off of emotions, since hearts are what pumped such intense emotions from themselves. She knew that he was playing her for a fool.

Taomin: "Ha!! Like I'd believe that sorry excuse of a story. How could you even--"

But at that moment, he stopped dead in his tracks and stared at her with such a conviction that it sent another chill down her spine. He was completely and utterly serious, and she thought that perhaps he might have been... in love with her. Just the thought of that made her heart thump again, and as he stopped, she did too, paralyzed by both fear and her wily anticipation for more. Now she could smile with amusement, because his heart was bare and on his chest, ripe for the picking... But to her surprise, she didn't want to just pluck it out and eat it. She wanted to... have it for herself, the same way he did with her. Weird. Somehow, this amused her, and invigorated her, as well... bringing about a whole windstorm of feelings she wasn't prepared to unleash from herself as well.

This set off a whole chain of resonant bonds between them, getting closer and closer to each other even though they remained distant. He was showing her that he was not afraid of her and everything he said was true... so maybe she was the one that had been wrong this entire time... And, even the wily Taomin felt that perhaps... she should tell him like it is.

Stage 7; Disappointment
The vehement Black Storm that surged around the King Keaton was nothing to trifle with, she could tell, yet she was the one that invoked such a sorrowful wrath within him by toying with his emotions so simply to protect her own. She lowered her head and grit her own teeth, reluctant to tell him that he was right...

"... uh..." she started, trying not to look him in the eyes, "... You know, I uh..." she could barely find the words, electricity surging in her stomach as though she had butterflies of sorts; this was still really new to her, speaking up like this, "... I have been not telling you the full truth about it all... I mean, I admit that I'm kinda... Ehhh..."

This was clearly not working. Her fear gripped her and cluttered her thoughts and her words. But, with a deep and cleansing breath, she just let it all out as it was, telling him completely openly and honestly what it was she wanted.

"LOOK!!! I'm just fucking afraid, okay!? Usually I can just snatch up some dumbass boy or girl and fuck em to my heart's content and leave them as I want, but you're pretty different, you know!! You're not just a boy toy, you're... It feels like you're my other half!! It feels almost like you're the love of my life!! And I admit, I JUST WANNA FUCKING FUCK YOU UNTIL WE PASS OUT FROM EXHAUSTION, but I don't wanna EVER leave you like I did all those other people!!! But you have to be real with me; you aren't gonna just destroy my fucking heart if I give it to you, right?! Cuz if you do I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!!! I know you eat hearts JUST LIKE I DO, AND IF I GIVE IT TO YOU AND YOU EAT IT, THEN SO HELP ME..."

Her tail split into five now, which wrapped around her body as though to protect her from the storm. For the first time in her life, her eyes watered at expressing this type of emotion. Taomin had never been in love before and never knew what true love was, not even from her own parents. When she was first possessed by this fox demon in ancient feudal times, she was a virgin and only 18 years of age. She never had a chance to love because she was captured by lust. But perhaps that's what she was looking for all this time... That which would break her curse.

"So help me, you dirty dog, I'll..." a single crystal tear streamed down her face, and she quickly turned her head away from him to keep him from seeing. She still had her pride and didn't want him to see her like this. This was the truth, and she hoped that he caught on to it... Her heart was exposed just as openly as his own, and as she kept her distance from him in fear of the destructive nature of his storm, she continued to grit her teeth, sinking her nails deep into her tails, which now split into six... The disappointment she felt was for herself and her own trickster treachery, not for him...

Looks like he was getting through to her finally. She was like the wind and drifted about, pushing and pulling others as she saw fit. But he was a storm that could not so easily be swayed by the wind, as he traveled where he saw fit and stopped when he deemed necessary. He CREATED these winds that she tried to use to push him around and pull him along by a string, and as he believed, when he stopped, so did she.

So I was right... She was afraid all this time.
She lied to me.
She was playing games.

Stage 6; Suffering
That hurt him most of all, even beyond his own mental and physical torture inflicted upon himself from his terribly destructive storm, to add to his already insufferable pain was the suffering he would put himself through by knowing that this was nothing more but a facade... She wasn't being real with him. He could almost not look at her. His storm grew wild and rampant now, almost uncontrollable, destabilizing the bond shared between them. He was going to destroy the both of them at this point, without any hesitation.

A single crystal tear rolled down his face, and now being unable to stare at her anymore, the overwhelming pain finally ignited as a terrible spectacle of destruction. Lightning crashed all about the Chaotic Palace now, changing the entire atmosphere a deep melancholic jade green. The melancholia was a self destructive emotion, and as such, would do so without any thought about it further. She'd betrayed him, and that caused him the most suffering of all.

Though, as soon as he was about to cast the final bolt of judgment upon her, unable to even look her in the face as he did so, she would finally fess up and spill all of her emotions to him, completely and fully, to rectify his own turmoil and allow him to hear what was the truth of the matter. She was in love with him just like he was her.

Stage 7; Regret
He wanted to trust her before, but he wasn't sure if he should, especially since she wasn't telling him everything he needed to know. All he knew was that she was keeping something important from him, and it could have been anything at all. Just to know she was lying and hiding was enough for him to destroy them both, but now he... regret that thought entirely. She was still a girl after all, despite her rather straight forward and brash, rough around the edges ways. All she needed for that to be exposed was someone who actually could love her that way. He felt it within them as the cloud of energy returned to stability, now seemingly more in tune than ever, like the two of them were getting closer and closer... almost completely together as one. Whatever border, whatever hindrance, whatever boundary was keeping them apart was now fading away the more open and honest they were with each other, and he guessed that it had to start with him showing her, since she was actually more afraid than she let on.

"... I don't know why you didn't just tell me sooner."

The vicious lightning and booming thunder subsided, and he drifted slowly over to her, outstretching his arms to embrace her in them. Whether she accepted or not, he locked her in and hugged her as tightly as he possibly could, allowing the Black Storm to come to a calm... but as they say, everything was always at its most calm before the true storm hits.

"... I would never do that to you as long as you don't do it to me. You're my other half, I believe, and... I love you. That's why I'm going to willingly give you mine. So I can show you how much I really do..."

This would make up for his regret of almost destroying her and him in the process. He was wrong and he knew it once she spoke up. And again, he could smile...

"... Just take care of it. Alright? Don't leave me in the dust... Stay with me forever..."

The swirling maelstrom of emotions she could feel brewing within him on he other side both aroused and terrified her, for she wasn't sure what the outcome of this entire ordeal would be. But as usual, if she had to fight, she was going to fight to the death; she was going to kill him if he didn't kill her first, as that was the way of these two primal creatures. She was going to strike him dead if she had to, as quick as the wind. But then again, maybe lightning was faster than the wind... Didn't matter. Her foxy pride and cunning would keep her alive. She stayed there, motionless, but tense and anticipating the next move. She had to move before he would strike, so she was going to have to be extra perceptive... She couldn't make the first move at all.

But then again... It seemed like she didn't have to.

Stage 8; Hope
Yet AGAIN, the unexpected happened to her; all in one sitting, this guy had done EVERYTHING that she NEVER expected ANYONE to do at all to her, and that in all her years of existence, NOBODY every did do. What the hell was his deal?! Was it that he really... Really meant it!?

Taomin: "... Wha...?"

Dumbfounded and now not paralyzed by fear, but sheer and utter confusion, Taomin was embraced by Tsao-Rin, whom she saw a single crystal tear streaking down his face the same way it was down her own. She could tell at that moment that these two definitely were the soulmates that they were looking for, and as he hugged her... She could not help but raise her arms to return the embrace. Slowly, but surely, she did indeed do it, and what was a simply, soft hug quickly turned into a loving embrace of which she never knew before. Her tails split into seven now, each of them no longer wrapping around herself, but embracing Tsao-Rin the same as her arms, letting this love encapsulate the both of them. She really couldn't believe that this was happening right now.

Taomin: "... You... You... You fucking dumbass... The same goes for you... I love you, too..."

Stage 9; Satisfaction
And yet another first in Tao's life, a sense of utter and pure satisfaction not proven by the carnal sensations of sex (even though that never really happened with her anyway), but by the pleasure and truth of love itself; for her and someone else in return. And THAT in and of itself... Was the MOST arousing of all. This all new sensation teeming inside of her split her tails finally into eight, and the loving embrace of she and Tsao-Rin would spark the final few connections necessary to fully connect the two of them together, she believed.

Placing her face into the nape of his neck, she nuzzled him slightly, feeling the electric ecstasy surge through her body and relishing in it, tingling all down her spine and through each of her tails. She knew now that she could FINALLY have some TRUE FUN with this one... fun that would never get old for all eternity. Even though she hadn't experienced him yet in that way, she knew... she knew for certain that it would be the best ever.

So with that, she whispered gently into his ear, a certain seduction not ridden with trickery and cunning, but true, genuine feelings of love and sensuality,

Taomin: "... Now can we have some real fun, love...?"

Stage 10; Fun.

There wasn't much to be said after that; the feelings between them were finally (and rather quickly, at that) reciprocated between each other, as though everything were falling into place naturally with the two of them. He could feel that surely all of the connections were happening and in little to no time at all, the two of them would complete each other. The same way she was feeling all sorts of new things she never felt before, Tsao was feeling the same way... happiness beyond his melancholia... Love beyond his primal lust... Togetherness and oneness beyond his loneliness. Yet, for some reason, this only made him more sad... The regret he felt for what he almost did to his true love... THAT hurt him the most.

Stage 8; Sorrow
As she wrapped her eight tails around him and returned his hug, he could do nothing but continue to silently weep. To think, he almost destroyed her... This one person who could make him feel this way; he almost got RID of her. And for what? Because she was simply too afraid to tell him the truth about her feelings? Though warranted, it was a little over the top, and that just made him oh, so very sad... The only way for him to get it out was to apologize about it.

"I... I'm sorry... I almost destroyed us, you know... For you not being able to tell me, I almost..."

He could barely finish, but somehow, her nuzzling his nape made him feel all better. Not only that, but the soft, plush tails that wrapped around the two of them were rather soothing and relaxing, like a gentle breeze that would carry off his sorrow... she was actually a rather soothing and loving soul, despite her rigid nature. That was something he really enjoyed about her.

Stage 9; Remorse
Even if his sorrow was carried off by the new foxy love, he knew that it wouldn't be so easy for him to forget unless he was forgiven by her. He needed to have such forgiveness, or he would feel this unerring remorse for all of his days. He simply had to ask her...

"... Can you ever forgive me? Please...?"

As her nails dug deep into his back, he grit his teeth, a wide, dogged grin smearing across his face, his sensual urges rising up with the pain inflicted. He was a sort of sadomasochist type, and the feeling of her nails made him want to... quite viciously... rip her apart.

"Come on now... I'm trying to... Apologize..."

Stage 10; Melancholy
"If you forgive me truly... Then I'll let the storm loose on you...
Everything you've been causing to rise...
All of this intensity and tension built up between us...
I can finally let it all out...
With no remorse...
And no sadness...
Only pure and unbridled love..."

That was his proposition. His curse was one that only true love could break, and for some reason, he felt it to be the same with her. But man, once it was... He'd have all sorts of 'Fun' with her, and the only 'Melancholy' he would feel would be why he hadn't been experiencing this being that would make him happy a long time before in his life.

Then again, from the way she was acting, it looked like he was already forgiven... Perhaps it was about that time for the two of them to get down to the real business...

Oh yes. The real fun can finally begin.

She lifted her head nestled gently in his nape and let her wild, yet somehow tender eyes gaze deeply into his, as though a whole different side of her that she had never known --rather, long since forgotten-- had been resurrected within her. The feeling of... The young, innocent priestess girl she was long before the possession of her spirit by this fox demon. Yes, her memory of that time was starting to return to her... the Tensei Curse truly was rising from her body.

... What...? You're still alive...?
I thought you got consumed a long time ago...
But, if you are here, then that means...

As the Kuroshiro Kitsune's final tail separated from the other eight, a divine light burst from her entire form, surrounding her in a loosely fit black and white fox fur. The markings normally adorned upon her body that were bloody red would change to a gorgeous green for a moment, spreading all across her body. They were ancient tribal markings that represented the great power teeming within her, resembling intricate scars that one may get from engaging in feral combat. The green markings would fade to a deep ebony, though still hissed with the burning energy of the harlequin flares sizzling from the markings' sudden appearance. Her skin glowed with a brilliant ivory shine that was only dulled by the deep darkness of the scars on her body. The wounded little girl viciously raped by the fox spirit. These were the marks she had to keep upon her for the rest of her life; those that showed how she was mangled and ripped to shreds by that monster on that fateful day...

Her eyes beamed a luscious light green, and the Innocent Priestess Taomin that had not been seen since before the Tensei Curse spoke in tandem with the one that was now the Kuroshiro Kyuubi in its entirety to her true love that freed her from the bindings of the darkness...

Taomin: "Of course I forgive you... There's no way I couldn't... You broke my curse with your true love..."

Her voice was the most beautiful one would ever hear; in complete and utter accord with harmony and discord at the same time, as though she who once spoke Discordia (Evil Taomin; Eris) and she who spoke Harmonia (Good Taomin) were now speaking together as one being in Concordia (New Taomin; Kuroshiro Kitsune).

Slowly, yet fluidly did she drift from his gaze and toward his ear, caressing the edges with her breath, as her mastery of the wind element did allow (and for SO much more...). With the elegance and grace of a holy priestess, but all the twisted sensuality of a nymphomaniac dominatrix, she whispered softly into his ear, letting the tension she was trying so very hard to hold back slip out just a bit through her faint murmurs...

Taomin: "Now... Let me return the favor... And break your 'bone,' doggy boy..."

And from the tip of his ear all the way back to his lips was his face traced erotically by her tongue, where their eyes would meet again, her eyes no longer showing the same innocent priestess girl that had just been awakened. This was not the fox that had taken its sexual feed for so many centuries, but the still pure virgin girl that existed within, staring him in the face with the utmost love... but an animalistic ferocity that was told in her quivering, slit-pupiled eyes and the wide, dogged grin that nearly matched his own.

"You've made me wait long enough, you know..." she whispered shakily, her body trembling with an even greater anticipation than before, feeling the absolute final connecting pieces coming together between the two of them, waiting to ignite, "... So don't you fucking DARE make me wait a second longer..." In between her breaths, she would be panting a bit, digging her nails more deeply than they were already; claws tearing into flesh... just that sensation alone...

The sensual ruffling roll of her cloudy fluffy tails caressed his skin with a tenderness that he could only find to match in her beautiful eyes at that moment. Something, or someone, was within this feline fox that was not simply just her. This sweet innocence that poured out as a gleaming green shine from her eyes and scorched the rest of her body with the marks of truth; the Jade Amaterasu scorching itself into her form. This was it; the two were finally coming together fully... something about his love drew out the innocent soul that was trapped in the darkness of the Black Rose... She was beginning to rise, merging harmoniously with the spirit of the fox. And thus, simultaneously...

Oh... So you're here with me...
To take away this girl's sadness for good, right...?
And... Mine too?

Only when the King Keaton was placed into his darkest hour would his light come to shine bright to get him out. He felt her light, the innocent Taomin locked deep away within the wild spirit animal. As the seductive fox left such sweet breezes trickling between his ears and her lips as they met eyes again, he saw within her restricted gaze that she was trying so very hard to hold herself back. His breath quickened to a gentle pant as well, yet even so he still managed to speak his mind before being lost in the sensuality of the moment.

"I see why now why I have fallen for you...
You're my light...
And as you can see from the smile on my face...
I'm actually feeling rather happy for once..."

But the moment that she said a word of challenge to him, threatening to 'break his bone' did his eyes of tender love and care immediately snap to a fierce, sharp and precisely controlled slash of his eyes over her way, cutting her all up and down as if she were a mere apple. The feeling of this girl's nails driving themselves deeper into his back only awakened more instinctive tendencies deep within his being. He clenched his fist tightly with al the swiftness of lightning itself, a thunderclap cracking immediately in the crispness of it wake, before his hand spontaneously burst into vicious, spattering bolts of lightning. That was his cue to let loose on her... Unleash the Black Storm that brought showers of nothing but pure fire and lightning.

"Listen up, you cur..." he managed to huff out in between his rapidly increasing pants, "Do you have any idea who the hell I am?" And with all the swift absolute decisiveness he had as a Tensei did his hand now made of pure lightning strike her slender, foxy neck,
"I am the King of the Keatons..." Securing her neck in his high-voltage grasp, the electrical currents charged within his palm surged down her spine and through her entire body, even sending bolts of energy jolting through all nine of her tails,
"... and I'm about to make you my bitch..."

His magnetic grasp and electric stare should have been enough to super charge her senses and send streams of pure ecstasy flowing through her entire being by themselves... But just in case, he snatched her up close and quick like the big bad wolf he was, forcing their lips to meet in vicious combat. Every so often, a sharp fang of his would nip at either of her lips between minor breaks in the passionate exchange of chemical reactions and bonds...

The lightning struck her neck and an electric ecstasy surged through her entire body, elating her to such a level of pleasure that she almost could not fathom in that one instant. But no, she was still Taomin, through and through, and the sweet innocence would not hold back nor fully satisfy this ferocious monster hungry for the sensation of sheer togetherness. Her breath shortened with the clench of his surging grip, but a leg wisped as quickly and smoothly as the wind around his waist and pulled him close, driving their bodies together in the nether regions what one would imagine was masked by the joint custody of the clouds below. She gazed at him with no fear, licking her teeth with a wide smile of sick, twisted pleasure ever present on her face as the lightning coursed through the veins of her being.

Before she could utter a word, she found herself locked in combat with her suddenly rather aggressive partner. Whilst at first a bit shocked, she immediately caught on and matched the ferocity of their struggle for power, their tongues wrestling in a match of dominance that could never be attained by either. Instinctively, her claws streaked up and down his back from the most pleasing sensation, as did her pelvis gyrate roughly over his. One of her claws already dug deep into his back found its way down to his hips, letting her claws sink in just above his firm buttox, her palm resting almost perfectly in the shape of his form. Her nails promptly drove into his skin once more, securing him just as tightly as he had her.

Pulling her lips away from him, she snarled in a seductively mocking way at him, "Ha!!! Where's all your thunder and lightning, huh? I thought you were the Black Storm..." though her words were strained through both the pain of being suffocated and the pleasure of this beautiful complete connectedness she could feel flowing between the two of them, she managed to hiss out sensually, "... Just another prissy cloud in the sky..."

Her eyes narrowed as sharply as his, nearly foaming at the mouth at how his jugular was looking quite the bit delicious at the moment, and, as clear as day, her voice BOOMED LIKE THUNDER;


Nothing was said to her. His hand merely tightened around her neck, attempting with all his strength to either silence her vocal chords, suffocate her to death or snap her neck, as though taking out prey that is smaller and weaker than you in order to eat it. He lashed out at her neck with fierce gnashes, no longer holding himself back. Bursting into a fit of sparkling instability, his other hand spewed nigh uncontrollable streaks of electric passion from its trembling stature before bolting immediately with the same swiftness as the first down to the lower area covered by the clouds. The voltaic stimulation surged through her lower lips at the invasion of the electrifying energies flowing from her most sensitive spot... before clenching that just as tightly as he would her neck, for the extra jolt of pure euphoria.

His magnetic grasp on her neck now shared with her nether region intensified greatly, pushing her head back as it pulled her lower torso closer with perfect attraction and repulsion. He bent the girl so far back as he feasted upon her neck ferociously one would think he would snap her spine in two if he'd continue to force her back like that... but from the looks of it, he did not seem to care.

As she DARED thought to raise a voice at the King of the Keatons did a low grumble of his far louder and deeper than her thunderous roar roll over the cloud and quake the very atmosphere with its rupturous bass, no doubt shaking the wench down to her very core, leaving not an ounce of her untrembled; that was her warning to shut the fuck up, the repeated flashes of lightning all about being the next indicators.

"... Give me one good reason why I should waste my energy...
On a weak little pussy like you..."

She was already getting overstimulated, and he hadn't even gotten started on her yet. The legendary sex demon wasn't living up to her potential. He forced her down to the surface of the cloud made up of their intertwining energies glaring from up above with such contempt, as though she were merely a lowly subject to him. Once she was downed, he slid his moist electric claws up from below the clouds and to the two great mountains serving as her voluptuous breasts, grabbing and twisting a single nipple with such strain one would think he'd tear it straight from her breasts with just his bare claws.

"Huh... You're screaming already...?
It almost makes me sad to see how pathetic you are..."

He released her neck of his grasp, sliding his hand down to meet the bare, naked opposite breast, "... If you really want it from me..." he muttered lowly, twirling the nipple between his fingers adroitly, "... then prove it to me..." He pinched it lightly, slowly applying pressure growing gradually more intense as his claws sunk deeper. He lowered his head, never taking his contemptuous, bladed glare off of her for even a moment to blink, muttering the last words right in front of her face, "... and take it from me..." his tongue wiped over his lips, as though he were still waiting for her to get started, anticipating something far greater than what was being output... It almost made him sad... And we couldn't have that, now, could we?

The clench of his powerful grip constricted her breathe down to barely a wheezing sigh, yet even then her defiant eyes as sharp as blades falter. Even still, she managed to whisper through the constrained windpipe, "... That all... you got...?"

The inquisition was answered all but too swiftly by the mad wolf's vicious lash at her neck, his teeth grinding upon her flesh as though to tear it from her bones. She continued to struggle to gasp, but rather enjoyed the pleasant electric sensations charged through their prolonged interaction, like the energy of a reactor core building up the more they bonded. She felt like she was gonna die... and she fucking loved it. Still, she was not yet satisfied by his most... domineering endeavors just yet, as her eyes still did not falter even without the ability to speak. They still maintained their defiant passion.

She opened her mouth to try to speak, but as soon as she did, a streaking electrical surge jolted through her entire body in a fashion far more ecstatically than with her neck, her eyes now starting to quiver just a bit. She wasn't gonna go down like a bitch, though, and she had to show the King Keaton that his throne wasn't so high. She resisted his magnetic attraction and repulsion as much as she could, growing more and more wild with every passing moment of pleasure. At that moment, as though fighting for her life, her claws whisked their way up to his neck and fastened themselves tightly around, pressurizing around it to try to crush his neck. Yeah... Yeah this was what she was looking for!! This kind of deadly intercourse... all that time, how she lusted for blood and satisfaction, when all she truly needed was both at the exact same time.

Taomin: "I'm... Gonna... Kill you..."

At that moment, her eyes flashed a deep, penetrating crimson and the darkness of her heart, the Living Shadow loomed overhead behind Tsao-Rin, forming a dark, abysmal 'cloud' so to speak overhead. The great blot overshadowing grasped him by the back of his head once he grasped her nips, yanking forcefully to tear his head off. If it was not torn straight from his neck the very moment this black mass pulled, then it would continue to pull him backward just as much as had done to her.

The feeling of his tight twisted grip and sharp claws on her nipples being tugged so hard they'd feel like they would just be ripped right off!! The sensation of such pleasure caused her hands to pressurize more tightly around his neck, more than likely crushing his windpipe by now. With her own trachea free to breathe, she panted heavily in relief, thrill, pleasure and pain, baring her fangs now at him with a bloodthirsty murderous intent.


Meanwhile, as the reactor core that was the two contained and pleased Insanities mingled, combining their chemical bonds and forming a 'new element' of sorts, Tabrith merely watched and pieced together all of the infinite knowledge he had and would infinitely obtain as things progressed. With this knowing, he became immediately aware of all that was occurring and drew the most prominently pressing knowledge to him first, letting all other knowledge that was less important come to him later. He had to act in a sequential manner if things were to get done effectively, and with what he had just gathered, it seemed like time was short.

"Hm... This is most... Disturbing. I fear as though this place may soon be blown to pieces if this process is not sped up. The two forces are doing quite well in the mingling of their bonds and creating reactions that seem to be both stable and unstable all at the same time... Highly reactive... A perfect source for the core..."

Summoning his keyboard, which was one of his primary weapons when he was corrupt and destroying the realm of Vescrutia most literally with corruption and viruses, he typed up the information on something he had not used in quite a long time.

Tabrith: "... Time to prepare... The Assault."

A seldom seen technique of his, but useful all the same in such a scenario. As he was intended to be and placed quite carefully by the Shinseigami, Tabrith was indeed a Chaos Shinobi, and would 'Protect This Place, Too,' so to speak.

Tabrith: "Those two are forces that naturally intertwine and go together in perfect harmony. Their energetic buildup will only escalate exponentially and never falter. This is why they are key..."

He only hoped that the two of them would get to the jump soon enough. For some reason, sexual energy proved to be the most prominent in these Insanities. But hey, energy is energy, and if it was a source, he would use it for what was necessary.

Tabrith: "Begin siphoning sequence. We have no time to lose. As always, it is not on our side... For some reason."

Tsao-Rin gazed deeply into the eyes of Taomin, the two of their powerful wills defined by their equally striking stares; neither of them giving up nor submitting to the other. "Still got some fight in you, huh..." He could see in her eyes that even as he proceeded to nearly extinguish her very breath, she would not give up. He liked that passion about her, which caused the static electricity built up between them to rise exponentially. They were already generating enough energy to power the city, and they hadn't even gotten past their friendly foreplay yet. "That can be taken care of..." he muttered, knowing for absolutely certain that no matter how hard she fought, she would not be able to dominate the King and take his crown, "I'll beat it out of you..."

Finally, her eyes began to waver from the ecstasy, and he saw that sliver of weakness as she fell to the might of his pleasurably feral methods of passion. He continued to cast his gelid stare of daggers down upon her, almost disappointed with how easily she was being handled for all that she was supposed to be... Then again, one had to also remember just who he was. This nine-tailed fox was nothing compared to her King Keaton, however... How much she fought was something he could admire. She was still kicking until the very end, and he not only respected that, but it also... started to get him going, too.

That was when her eyes turned a bloodshot red and her hands reached his throat, pressurizing around him to attempt to crush his wind pipe in damn near the same fashion as he did to her. Yet, his eyes did not change, nor did he even seem to gag nor struggle; he simple continued to stare at her now with the same cutting eyes that would slice her pride in two just the same as his next words, "Is that all...?" His voice barely sounded constrained, but there was a hint of it in there, especially as she intensified her grip. Yet, that only intensified his gaze. "Weak..." he mentioned, all before a great shadow loomed over him behind... Snatching his head and pulling him backward, he only allowed his head to be pulled back so far before he stopped it from being ripped from his body with the pure valiant strength of his sleek, athletic form. He looked up to this monstrosity with just a hint of surprise, but also now a bit of intrigue, forcing his head back into an upright position so he could stare her dead in her blood red eyes again. "Don't tell me this is it..."

The appearance of the Living Shadow sparked something within him that he hadn't ever felt before, this girl inspiring now for the King Keaton to let loose the Black Storm in full upon her form and destroy that Black Rose in all her entirety. "You need to be beaten into submission, love..." And so the static in the air grew ever more intense, to the point where jade green lightning bolts crackled and sparked simply from the friction of his movement.


The bellowing thunder and the powerful bursts of lightning were finally unleashed upon Taomin down below in the cloud combining both their genitalia, each rupturous electrical explosion more powerful and destructive than the last. If she thought the euphoric sensation of him simply 'playing with his food' was intense, then surely once he was actually worked up, she would know what true pleasure was...

He would succumb to the sexual sensations shared between the two of them as well. "You can get this work..." he mentioned under his breath, allowing the Living Shadow to pull his head back far as it seemed his foxy counterpart would be overpowering him, but only as much as he wished to allow, "... And this thing, too..." He licked his lips, now finally starting to feel the thrill... the rush of it all. A great smile spread wide across his face, allowing his maw to be seen in all its entirety now. Releasing her nipples from his sharp grasp, he would allow himself to be pulled down into the shadows, and as his lower torso went to work on hers, his upper torso would go to work on the lower half of the Living Shadow, providing them both with the dual satisfaction of his electrical experience. Energy poured from his body and into both of them, filling them with such unbridled, pure pulsating plasmatic power that she should feel as though she were going to literally explode from the rather violent and destructive blows dealt to her...

The Living Shadow that loomed behind the King Keaton was suddenly given definition, shape and form to match the Keeper... Grimnyzmal the Abysmal, the Living Shadow.

For so long, it had simply been an unconscious extension of Tao herself; her protector, of sorts, but now, no longer was it a dark defender that moved to her consciousness; it had its own, and would assume its true form... as the emptiness. As the demon. And, for the first time in all history, the Living Shadow would speak;

Grimnyzmal: "So. Sacrifice girl. Apparently, your time has come. *slurp.*"

The last two Insanities that hadn't been ingested, and they were right here, ripe for the picking. All it took was a swift little undoing of the Third Restriction Mask, an open and close of the mouth and... baddaboom. They'd be sucked in completely and without any means of escape, like ghosts into a vacuum cleaner.


The sound of the Third Restriction locking itself back up, as apparently, Grim was simply capable of locking and unlocking it freely as he so chose to do.

Grimnyzmal: "Those two were... Delicious."

He had to test that out just to make sure that what Khrona said was true... That he still had the power to unlock himself at any given time. He wouldn't do it, though, since he knew it would make him susceptible to falling to the Insanity.

Even so, being the Living Shadow that suddenly gained its own life separate from Taomin, he was going to need to find a way to sustain himself. Taomin is the sacrifice girl, after all...
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Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia

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The Divine Priestess Taomin - Page 2 Empty
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Feral 35: First Branch; Hand of Mentality

And the First Hand would Rise, as instructed, beginning to Weave the 'Wind Sanctuary' into reality, spinning it as though thread from one of eight fingertips. So such began the 'Legend of the Wind Goddess, Taomin.'

The legend goes...

"This One belongs to Me..." it said, masked by an abyss from which only its eyes and teeth could be observed.

???: "This is our contract. Our Agreement, sealed by the Voice of God. In the Blood of the Child. She does not belong to you. Remember this. You did not bear this child. WE Bore this child. It is sacred. It belongs to us. Do not ever Forget this."

The two people standing before this dark gateway offered their child to the great beast, that which seemed to harness the snout of a fox, but the ferocity of a dragon. It was hard to make out in the darkness what this monster truly was. Regardless, the pact was made between they and the dark creature, and it was sealed in blood as marks all over the girl's body.

???: "On her Eighteenth Birthday, she will be Sacrificed to Me, whether she is prepared or not. If she is unprepared to receive this power, the Insanity of it will cause her to go mad and destroy all in her path. Prepare her for this day, or it will mean your ruin."

He remembered that day rather vividly, for some reason... It'd been quite the long time, actually... Much longer than Eighteen fucking years. Two thousand, more like... He'd been waiting for this broad to grow outta her shit. Legit. From Lilith to Eris to Nyake to Taomin. Every single goddamn time.

Living Shadow: "... Man. I hope she's ACTUALLY gonna do it RIGHT this time... How long has she had that fucking Insanity inside of her? Damn." He tapped his foot a tad bit impatiently, wondering where the hell she could be...

"I'm right here," a disembodied voice said, swirling 'round the dark-robed man in a powerful whirling wind. Each of the whips of wind that lashed about were like the tails of a fox, and when the whirlwind condensed, it would be in the form of a beautiful vixen; a well endowed, tender, and savagely clothed woman. "... You act like the inheritance and the covenant could be broken, or something. When I overcame the Insanity of Fun that was the Kuroshiro Kitsune, I would return to you. That was the pact, right?" Granted, that was made over 2,000 years ago before she was born, as she was to inherit the power of the Tensei Spirit Animal from birth, but her lack of power to control the great beast led her to... an extended time in a feral state of being. "... You act like I'm proud of how weak I was." She crossed her arms and furrowed her brow, putting strength and power above most things; save for cunning and fun, as were traits of the fox. "Don't rush me... These damn Tensei animals are a bitch to get under control..." That is to say, before she became the new one; as was part of the pact when she was prepared to be collected by it. "... Regardless of how long it took, I'm here now, aren't I?" She rolled her eyes at him, knowing why he was impatient, but not wanting to gratify her own weakness any further. "Let's just get started now, huh?"

He shook his head at the impetuous girl, who still, to this day, seemed to clown around and lollygag like everyone just had time to be waiting for her to get done playing her silly games. "Next time, stop playing and actually work on getting stronger, and we won't have to wait another millennium for you to get your act together." Thanytoz was the overseer of all of the Tensei Beasts, being the 'Living Shadow' of them all, regardless of who or what they gave the name to each of their individual fragments of his being. He was, so to speak, a sort of 'Father' to all of them; from him, they all were born out of the darkness, just as he had been from the Darkness that were his mother and father, Lilith and Allsgrim. Now, he was the both of them and the 'Father of the Tensei,' and in that, he needed to have these beasts on a tight schedule... Especially for those like Taomin.

"Now. It is about time for you to take your place in the Wind Sanctuary and hone your Divine Skills that have been purified from their demonic possession. If you do not learn to utilize this new level of skill, how do you expect to be a sufficient Wind Goddess of the Shrine?"

Of course, being the LAST one to find her place in the world, even though she was one of the FIRST to receive her power, he needed to take SPECIAL care and guidance of Tao. "We've been going through this since the Feudal Era. Even though I've been protecting you, you're one to abuse this power for your own fun and games, and bloodthirsty maliciousness to win at all costs. Though you may have calmed down..." He inspected her soul with his eyes, finding that she'd grown very weak, even in spite of her newfound purity, "... You are still more than inept because you failed to actually practice, like the rest of our brothers and sisters. Now is the time for you to shape up, you know."

"Yeah, whatever DAD..." she mocked with a roll of her eyes and a scoff under her breath. She wasn't trying to hear about any of her shortcomings; she was already very much aware of them on her own without someone blabbering about them all day and night as soon as she got here. Being the most rebellious due to her duty of guarding the 'Golden Apple,' she was free to basically do anything she wished. She just lacked the control of herself to actually do so, and that's what really irked her. She had this great power, but continued to fuck it up for herself and everyone else, and she didn't really understand why nor how, when she was just doing whatever her free spirit told her to; just like everyone else was allowed to do. Yet, for some reason, she was the one getting the talking to. "I've BEEN shaping up... How do you think I even got here? You know we're not allowed to even touch the power of the 'Voice of God' until we've gotten past our Insanity... So, I don't wanna even hear it."

She turned away from him, whipping her long, wild jet black hair in his face as she started on her way from the Hand of Fate and toward the Wind Sanctuary, where she was supposed to apparently be practicing some sort of... Something, or whatever. She wasn't even sure what she was supposed to be doing... Not that she really cared. She more or less just wanted to go wild and have fun again. All of this boring stuff wasn't really all that important, since she was basically free to do whatever she wanted. Why would anything be important beyond that, right? "Maybe YOU are the one that's being too serious here... Lighten up, why don'tcha, Dark One?" She snickered to herself turning her nose up and placing her hands on her hips as she continued to walk off.

The man crossed his arms, thoroughly displeased with not only her demeanor, but her mindset, in general. She was still quite ignorant of her place, even if she was free to do whatever she wished... It did not mean that she was supposed to. He was hoping that her 2,000 years of destructive rampage and finally learning to tame the Kuroshiro Kitsune would have taught her something about control, since the Kitsune was one of the more rambunctious of the Spirit Animals, but it was clear that she had not, even to this day. She hadn't learned anything of respect, of self-control, nor of consideration for others, and with a power like that, not understanding those key principles would cause more Discord than they would Harmony. She would abuse the power of the Golden Apple and it would, in the end, destroy all that crossed her path by her altering what was SUPPOSED to be with whatever she WANTED to be. She lacked both good judgment and balance of Harmony and Discord for the sake of her own selfish fun, and it was apparent in all that she was.

The whipping of her hair in his face was the last straw, considering that he was merely trying to help her and keep this place from being destroyed by the reckless actions of an ignorant girl who believed she had all the answers simply because she was swift of mind and cunning of tongue. "... Wretched girl..." he muttered, his eyes gleaming a signature sanguine, before her very shadow would wrap around her body and bind her legs, the vicious 'Shadow Hands' snatching the darkness she held in her Mind and her Heart and binding her by them (Haunter). As long as she harbored these Dark Thoughts, Dark Feelings and Dark Intentions, she would be able to be gripped by the 'Shadow Hands' at any given time and be bound, unable to escape the grasp of the Dark Hand of Thanytoz. He was not the God of Darkness for no reason, and those who harbored it within them were immediately under his dominion.

"Know your place..." he muttered to her, stretching her shadow out under her and creating an isolated 'Zero World' area under her, to keep her from escaping further, if she thought to attempt. "... With Great Power comes Great Responsibility... And it is quite clear to me that you are still nowhere NEAR responsible enough to handle the great power you have been gifted. (7:07)" The Shadow Hands wound up her body, clutching her Heart and her Mind in their hands, forcing the Darkness that she harbored within them both to spread to the most important parts of both, "... And until you Learn your Lesson... You are Forbidden from the use of the Voice, nor most of your power in general." He raised his hand to her face and, with a decisive grip, crushed her Mind and Spirit in his grip, shattering the pieces of her Mind and her Heart and scattering them about the Infinite Darkness that they harbored within. (Memory Crush King; The Wood, The Return, The Dark.) "With the Light of Knowledge stripped from you, you are forced to Start Over from Level One... And regain all of your Wisdom on your own from the very beginning. The Shadow Hands will not let go of your Memories and your Heart until you overcome them with the CORRECT answer as to why you should NOT abuse the power of the Golden Apple to create Discord haphazardly merely to get your way."

It was clear that she had forgotten who bestowed this power upon her in the first place, and if she chose to abuse it, then it would be taken away. (Deoxys) If she were let to roam free with that sort of attitude, it was completely certain that she would go destroy the balance of this world and incur insanity that she was not able to comprehend she was capable of inducing... And he would, as usual, have to come and not only clean it up, but take the punishment of harboring the Insanity... Even if he could quell it within himself on his own. "Go now. Wander this land aimlessly as a helpless child of Broken Heart and Memory until you piece everything back together with both Wisdom AND Understanding." When she was ready, her power would be returned to her, and she would be able to take her rightful place that she seemed to be unable to find in all her range of freedom. "Perhaps, being caged like a wild animal will tame you properly. Now Fall, into the Shadows..." He dragged the young Taomin down, slowly, into the Zero World, glaring at her with the utmost disgust and disappointment in his penetrating glare, piercing her straight in her soul, so she would know this pain forever, eve if she didn't comprehend why as of yet; as a reminder. "Out of my sight..." His voice seemed to harbor a hint of pain and remorse, hurt by her thoughts and actions as well as her blatant, severe ignorance. He couldn't bear to even look at her anymore, despite the fact that he absolutely had to. These things were hurtful to look at, to understand, and to feel. She did not realize the true power of the Family Bond just yet... nor to the extent that she hurt herself and those connected to each other through it.

With that, she'd be transported immediately to the Wind Sanctuary, where she would begin her life anew without memories of her abilities. She would have all the information of who she was and retain the events that occurred, but bits and pieces would be scrambled, blotted out by a thick darkness, or so ambiguous, she would be unable to recall completely. It was time for her to begin again.

He closed his eyes now, reflecting on his own actions and feelings, ready to reprimand himself rather harshly for being so callous and strict, despite how necessary it was. He never enjoyed it, and it was hurtful to not only watch, but to know that he had to do to those he cared for, loved and cherished so deeply that did not know the same. "Hmph. Why are all of them so recklessly destructive...? Perhaps, they were given power far too early..." he pondered this, wondering if he were wrong in bestowing this great power to the Tensei, if they were just going to abuse it as they did. He could not help but to blame himself, and if the destruction of the world were to occur, whose head would it be on but the man who granted each of them their power they were too irresponsible and reckless to use in the first place? He lowered his head in solemn, deep thought, before walking off into the darkness and disappearing. He needed to think about if what he had unleashed upon the world was right or not... It tore him up on the inside, regardless of how strong and bold he looked on the outside. It was because of his great love that was overshadowed by his dark demeanor that no one could see nor understand why he did nor said the things that he did, nor why they should not do the things that they did. (7:27) However, he had hope for them... And that only came out of the love they could not see, hidden in the shadows...

"... One day... I hope they all will see clearly..." he muttered from the shadows, a Crystal Tear streaming down his face before he completely dissipated and returned elsewhere through the shadows, "... How much pain and torture they bestow on themselves, the Family... and their loving Father."
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Feral 36: Legend of the Wind Goddess; Divine Priestess in Training

Taomin awoke from a deep darkness of what seemed to be a terrible nightmare in a panic, looking around with eyes wide and panting frantically for air. "... *Huff... Huff* ... What... What was that nightmare...?" she muttered, trying to gain her bearings. "It seemed so real... Almost like a memory..." She touched her head, which ached, for some reason, as well as her chest, which harbored that same pain. "... I should calm down... It was just a dream..." Though, she could barely remember how she got here. All she remembered was... seeing her Living Shadow. Maybe this was his doing; transporting her here from wherever she was beforehand.

"... Well... Whatever. It's over now, and, even though I feel super shitty, I..." she looked around, rising from the floor of the ruins of which she apparently had been sleeping to find the markings of a name carved into the wall.

Taomin: "Tia... Mat? Dragon... Queen?"

The name didn't ring a bell... Yet, she somehow felt connected to it. All of these things that she was feeling and noticing; these synchronicities occurring in her life without her full understanding were much too weird. It made her think that perhaps she were moving alongside something or someone that she had no recollection of, and wasn't aware of her true purpose. "... Why do I feel so weak...? Like... The power of the Tails has weakened..." She hobbled to her feet, feeling pretty sick and rather tired, using the wall for support as she started toward the exit of these dark chambers of the ancient ruins. "I'm sure I'll figure it out... Eventually..." She was just really upset that she didn't know nor understand any of this right now, presently. She was a Tensei, wasn't she? So why... Didn't she know anything, like a Tensei should?

As the wayward woman walked through the vacuous ruins, all to her lonesome, a powerful gale would shoot through each crevice of the ancient temple and encircle the girl a few times before the whirlwind condensed into a spiraling entite of wind.

"Fear not, Ojou-sama..." the wind spake unto her, "... I am your Knight in Gale that have come to be your guidance..." The wind would suddenly take on physical form after it had shaped itself into the form of a woman, seemingly elven in nature and stature, "I am..."

Knytengaile: "The Shinsanity of Wind; Lady Knytengaile."

In her hand there was a shining black sword, and on her back, slender, wispy black wings, a bow and a quiver full of arrows. A Huntress by nature, her eyes were sharp and resolute, like that of a finely trained warrior, but kind and strong, like a valiant knight.

"I have been sent to protect you."

Though there was feeling seen in her eyes, in her deadpan, monotonous and nearly stale voice, there seemed to be nothing but cold logic, of which the shining light of her sword and her eyes could not reach, for some reason. Her body was dark and black, as if wrapped in this darkness that was within her and it was slowly consuming her, making her look more demonic than elven. Hollow, with her words of wind echoing through her vacuous vessel and out without feeling... As to the likeness of the great darkness that rested within.

The random lady that just appeared out of nowhere suddenly startled Tao, who was in no way prepared to be greeted by any sort of Wind Spirits or anything like that. She looked kinda weird and had a weird vibe to her... "... Shinsanity of... Wind...?" Tao had a strange feeling about her... Yeah, she looked kinda hot, but ultimately, something in her eyes and the sound of her voice made her feel a little uneasy about trusting her.

"... Are you sure you're here to... Protect me...?" She scratched the back of her head a bit, still trying to figure out all of this Tensei stuff out. She couldn't remember a lot of things, after what happened... And she didn't have as much power as she did previously, so... She was a little wary. "... And... What do you know about this here 'Tiamat?' The name is carved on the Wall as 'Dragon Queen,' but... I can't really make heads or tails of it." She shrugged, not even bothering to read the rest of the writing that was there on the wall at all.


"Still Trying To Figure That Shit Out, Tao?" Tymon said with a 'Cheshire Grin,' "... Guess Who's Back, Baby." With a 'Blooming Crystal Chrysanthemum' in his hand would he suck the streak of lightning from his form and back into his fingertips, letting each molecule sift back into its structured spot in Perfect Bondage.

"Heh. Well, Don't Worry. Got Yo Ass." He intended to settle the score with the Shinsangel of Wind right here and now. "Aight, Hoebag. Let Me Teach You How To Deal With This Feral Wild Animal." She'd been fucking up recently ever since she got SUPER demoted down to 0 Tails. "Call This a Freebie For Ya." He Snickered, Escorting Tsuki From The Chariot Of Lightning and spiraling it into his hand. "Here." The Crystal Chrysanthemum swiveled out from the palm of his hand and swirled off his fingertips like a Buttercup into the air, "Have Fun, You Two~!" They could sort things out for themselves at this point; Tsao and Tao, that is.

"We've got OTHER Plans..." He smirked again, Cracking The Whip out his Left Hand with a Snap, "Right Tsuki~?! >D" They Were Fated To Have This Dance. And They'd Already Practiced For It In The Simulation.


As TheCrystal Chrysanthemum slipped off into the air and peeled over yet again with another layer peeling layer off the top, what eventually pulsated out of the center of the Eternally Growing Flow was None Other Than...

Tsao-Rin; The Raigami
"Whus Good?"

What Is... Krakkalakkalin, My Sistah~?"

He eyed her closely, seeing clearly that she had Absolute Zero Tails on her Lackin' Lollygaggin' Ass. "*snicker* Apparently, Yo Lack-A-Lackin' Lollygaggin' Ass, Huh?" he said with a smirk and a grin,

"Is Koo'."

"Got Yo Ass."

Whenever Anyone Ever Felt Sad; The King of Melancholia Would Take All That Shit Away.
"Told Yo Dumb Ass We Didn't Forget About You."
Captain Save-A-Hoe.
"Just Cuz You Don't Have... Not a Single Particle Upon Dat Ass."
Adopted Into The Family Through Bondage. Not A First Blood Tensei.
"Got Yo Goof Ass."
Just For This Moment.
"Here. Take a Crack At It," he'd say, Blooming the Golden Apple Plume Into His Outstretched Palm. It was the Universal Voice that Spoke All As One; The Sound Of Everyone And Everything Beating In Harmony Without Discord.

"Ready For This Public Execution!?"

Suddenly, out of nowhere, with all the electrical disturbances and distortions in the air, Knytengaile was alerted to the presence of a disruption in the waves, and saw it as a threat. "Stand Back." She would not smile, but unleash a burst of wind that would carry the 'Golden Apple' up into the Sky,

Her eyes and voice suddenly became Feral at just the Frequency of the Voice that she could feel ringing within her. Her Words were like that of a Whisper to the Harmonious Ringing, which nearly Drowned her Voice and Blinded her Eyes from Over Exposure. She, who did not have... She wanted it, and it sparked something in her that made her want to take it. To Touch It And Pick From It Without Being Appointed Nor Having Earned It.


Hurdling up into the air like a speeding arrow, a sharp gust of wind that was prepped specifically for this day would lash straight out at it once it was in clear broad daylight.

"What the shit!?" out of Literal Nowhere did this Random Ass Spark pop up into a Peal Of Pearly Peeling Petals with a Perfectly Platinum Prana Pop up and present her pompous ASSHOLE of a Lover and Brother Through Adoption. "The Wicked Whiff..." she just... Wanted to snatch him by his dumb ass scruff and hurl him [b]STRAIGHT to the ground. "... He's a Wicked One. *Bro Fist*" She said, instead, in the Triumph of Anarchy raising his EverSoClever UpToNoGoodAss up in Righteousness Golden Furyof the Apple of Anarchy; Freedom of Speech.

"Party God."

But, even with the Flashiest Appearance In The Universe And the Most Delicate Wrap Up Of All Time, she would watch as it rolled off his fingertips like the Sweat On His Brow and watch as All Creation spiraled straight out of his fingertips and right into the Air.

"YO, YOU BROUGHT BACK THE FRUIT?!" She was TOTALLY Not Expecting This AT ALL. "Gimme the Voice! I'll Just Get My Tails Back and then we can REALLY have some fun!!! AAAHAAHAHAH!!!"

A similar feral nature seemed to arise in Tao as did with the supposed Shinsanity of Wind, that she quickly noticed when the beautiful maiden transformed into a wild, feral monster right before her eyes. "Eh?! Beast Mode...?!" She suddenly and rather randomly became coherent as it was occurring and reassessed the situation, not getting distracted by the rising charges in her energy. "Ohhh!! WAIT A SECOND, YOU CAN'T JUST THROW THAT SHIT OUT THERE LIKE THAT!!!" She hopped up so fast and slung a Talisman upon the Apple, Restricting Certain Occurrences From Being Pulled Out Of It With The Necessary Limitations Created By The Flow Of All Logic As One. This Sudden Universal Truth that she was Capable of At Any Time Altering, Placing or Nullifying would sound as a Reverberating Gong that Pulsed Outward and Blocked The Feral Imp To Get Any Closer To The Harmony.

"Disturb Not The Harmony..." she started to chant, closing her eyes and letting it ring at her Touch with the Flow, "... Of Fire, Ice, Or Lightning." She continued to note on how deep it was, smirking, nodding her head and moaning, "Mmmmm..." And That's When She Realized...

There Was Still A Target To Kill.

To Death.
Leaping at the little Pipsqueak with the Oversized Head, she would GLARE HER DOWN RIGHT IN THE FACE WITH ALL THERMALICE from Frustration About Any And Every Situation That Was Discordant with the Flow.
She Narrowed Her Eyes Now, Isolating Her Target With a Slit, "And Though The Water's Gate Guardian Will Rise To Quell The Fighting..."

And an X-Shaped Crosshair Pinpointed Itself Upon That Creature's Indicated Target Of Infection, Marked Of Both Pupils Narrowing Into A Stripe, "Alone, It's Song Will Fail..." And a Blazing Inferno of 'Eternal Damnation' burst from the pupils of the enravaged were-hyena she-beast staring at it with All Her Malice,

Everything captured in her eyesight was going to be completely obliterated. And then, she was gonna grab that Apple, Pet It and Keep Anything from Harming its Harmony EVER.


"Noooo..." she said, poking out her lip, and quivering, not satisfied with how That Story Ended, "... I Only Deserve Like... Half A Tale For That One..." She knew she lost her tails and her memory of the events for a reason, and she was going to make sure she got the Message completely and fully this time.

She shouted with tears streaming down her face.
She just hated when she had to obliterate existences.
She just wanted to PLAY with them...
But Perhaps... It was Time For Serious Play... Not Playful Play...
"Tao will protect you, Harmony... Tao looooves youuuuu~!!!"
She seemed kinda ditzy and air-headed, but it was just a farce. She knew everything she was doing. It was just a matter of not succumbing to it just because she could do whatever she wanted to if she wanted to.
"Tao Not Destroy... Tao Give Kiss~!!!"
Sometimes, this sort of Innocence reverts back into Babality, the Purest Form of Existence, Before Corruption. In This, All Bonds Are Restored to Infantile Normalcy. All Of the Light was there, it just wasn't being used at the time because Tao wanted to use it sparingly, especially if it wasn't necessary... Or, because it was Blocked.

"Oh, but what are we gonna do about... That thing?" she said, suddenly snapping back into herself and returning to the program, and pointing kinda childishly at the Imp Creature that kinda blew up and was no longer a... A thing. "... Don't I have to like... Name it something after I kill it and rebirth it and all that shit?"

Well, U-NO..." He rolled his shoulders into a shrug, smirking with sauciness and a spicy spark, "Had Ta Bring It Back With The Thunderclap," Giving her One Clap for Completing her Journey;

*Bossa Nova* (The Thunderclap)
A Slap of His Hand into hers Raised Up in Respectful Praise to Him and he would bring Praise Back to She Who Honored to Receive her Honor In Return through the Connection of their Palms on the Same Level in the Stead of their Eyes, "Now, let me help ya up here, SistahLove~!" The Crystal Cloud bellowed with a Harmonious Jingle of a Silver Bell that Wiped Clean the Old Shinsanity of Wind that was just then, right then and there, obliterated.

The Beast Of The Sea...

After it was all said and done, running his hand through his sparkling hair for a moment or two trying to wrap his head around her comprehension for a moment, "... Tao..." he said in a dumbfounded awe, after it was all said and done, "... You were supposed to Fight and Overcome a Whole Ass DRAGON. TIAMAT, IN FACT. The... The... Dragon Overlord Queen?" *opens up the Book: "... Learn a whole ass Lesson through the Battle that you just Suddenly Realized In The ACT OF NOT Doing It..." He was... Damn near stupefied at how that actually and absolutely perfectly it all just occurred. It didn't say nothin about an ACTUAL Dragon AT ALL, but a PROVERBIAL Dragon that was WITHIN HER as an UNTAMED BEAST she NEEDED TO LEARN HOW TO CONTROL with REIGNS and CHAINS. "How...?!--"
Shit. She Literally Did Fight Tiamat And Win, Learn The Lesson And-- You Know What? It Didn't Even Matter, Now. Sometimes, you just gotta go Back In The Past then Back To The Future to get Back To The Present, And That's Where They All Were Now, With the Past Behind Them.
All Hakuna Matata From Here.

"... Whatever. It was yours, anyway, so. Make a new one, do what you want with it. Ya know?" That was what the Shinsangels could do with their Shinsanities, anyway... It was like, their Own Personal Energy Source Given Energy Through Their Symbolic Meanings.

He paused though, taking a thought beyond himself for her and wondered if, in fact, he was taking up too much of the Light and not allowing her to have any, which was keeping her from Shining. Maybe she just needed a little help.

"Do you... Um..." he coughed a bit, stroking his hand behind his head and gazing off to the side, "... Need Any Help With That...? Cuz. If You Do, Just Tell Me. Cuz. I'm Not Just... Your Love. I Know You're Not a Natural Born Blood Tensei And We Kinda Just Scooped You Up, But... I Mean, You Were Adopted Into The Family and Shit, And That Makes You All The More Special And Important Not Only To Me, Since You Actually Got In, Number One... The One Who Had No One, And You, Who Were Once Not One Of Nor In This Family Now Being Inducted As My New Sister In Love Through This Bond." He grabbed her hands and looked her deeply in the eyes, "Girl, I just want you to know... This Bond... It's More Special Than All The Other Ones. Everyone Else in the Family Was Made For Each Other... But You... You Were Made Specifically For Me." He started to tear up, hugging her, "Them Great Niggas... They Went Out Of Their Way To Grab Yo Ass 2,000 Years In The Past... Keep Your Spirit Safe for Like... Ever. And Then Let You Actually Figure The Shit Out At The Very End."

He looked up to the now Night Sky, of which the clouds rolled over to reveal the Shining Lights of all the other Shinsangels projecting their images into a Three Dimensional Plane and Existing As Their Appropriate Persons in the Story.

"Damn, Tensei... You The Real MVP. ;; "
He was Proud to wear that Name, Now, and to know he Threw that Bolt.
And Swung That Bat; The Shining Rainbow Hime Cannon.

*Bossa Nova*

She pondered for a moment, trying to come up with a name, "Uuuuuummm... Hmmmm... Let's seeeeeeee..." She thought REALLY hard... Even Thinking of Giving It Her Own Name... TWICE In Fact... "Mmmmmm..." It was like a little Bee buzzing in her Ear for a While... Until FINALLY, the Light Bulb clicked on and she FINALLY Found the Answer and Point and Poked it In Her Brain. "Soko Da~" She punched it repeatedly, like some sort of robot, "Soko. Soko. Soko. Soko. Soko. Soko. Soko Da~ Soko." She would realize that she was alerting herself far too much that this was indeed the issue that she was supposed to be paying attention to and this was the answer to resolving it. That. That One. Right There. That Spot. That Point. "Soko datte ba~..." she whined, trying to figure out just what it was. It was RIGHT there... She was good at Reminding Herself to Remember, but not Remembering what She Was Reminding Herself of Remembering. It was a real issue that prevented Revisions in Logical Function; Being Unable To Go Back And Change Something Needed To be Changed Before Continuing Forward.

"Oh, I Know!" she said, with a sudden Spark, "I'll just name that thing... 'Aeris the Knytengaile!' and then make Me... Um. Into Tao-Lin~!" Then she could be Reborn and Stuff, too! It all seemed like one big random ass accident, but maybe it was Best This Way... Some Good Things Are Better Left Untouched. Such as, for the most part... Pure Innocence And Purity Given Form;

Tao-Lin; The Kazegami

The new Aura of Radiance that emanated from Tao-Lin as she shed from her old form as Taomin would take shape as her 'Old Voice' as a 'Memoir' to herself of the Future of what she had Left Behind that was Still Around, yet also Completely Gone. This Voice would be her Reminder of what Had Already Been, yet was now No More... Who She Once Was Before.

"Always..." The wind whispered to her, entangling her like hair, "... Remember..." The form of 'Taomin' would appear within 'Aeris,' as if this were no longer who she once was, but now had become,

"Who We Are..."
'Aeris; Shinsanity of Wind'

Her form was that of an apparition, the same as her daunting, but thoughtful voice; The Reminder. The one that would Keep Her From Forgetting for As Long As She Existed. Her Heiress' Silent Knight; The Knytengaile.

"... The Breath of Your Life... And the Breadth of Your Life... That Protects The Bread Of Your Life... For The Future..." The Silent Protector that would Cradle her Forever in her Childish Innocence and protect the Voice Forevermore.

He looked at her, suddenly having been completely unnoticed; the most noticeable presence in all existence, going unnoticed. "Kyuuuuuh~ K.0." it was like he was being shot in the heart. "... Why Did You Leave Me Hanging Like That? Why Would You Ignore Someone Like That? That Is Extremely Disrespectful. I Do Not Take Kindly To Such Blatant Disrespect."

'Drama King'

"I Just Don't..." he paused, choking up a bit, "... Don't see why you would do that to me if... If we're..." he gazed down sorrowfully, trying to keep all of the electrical charges surging through his body all at once from doing all sorts of explosive things all over the place. "DID I DO SOMETHING TO YOU?!" He honestly couldn't understand why she just left him hanging, not answering those questions that he asked out of pure genuine love and affectionate kindness. It just didn't make any sense why anyone would be so... Cruel. For literally NO reason at all whatsoever. "You know what?" he finally said, raising his hand up in the air with Righteous Fury, "I'm just gonna go back down to my Sacred Sanctuary and... Do some... *sniffle* Doctoring..." He looked down, placing a hand over his eyes in sadness. "We need to do some major operations on this heart..."

When he clenched his fist, a great lightning bolt forged in his hand as the same lingering waves of energy that were polarized with his electrical bolt he hurdled the first time, ready to take the same trail he came right back to where he comes from. He would shoot right back into his own body as an Electrical Surge and assimilate with the Main Body from that, snatching up the trail right behind him, since he didn't want to be followed.

"You hurt me bad, babe. ;;"
His final parting words.
"I'll Deal With You Later..."
"~Drama King."
*Snap with the Thunderclap.*

Tao was enjoying playing with the Voice and stuff, as well as the form of the new Shinsanity of Wind. It reminded her much of her own Living Shadow. Perhaps, that was what this woman was...? Hmm. Taomin...

But suddenly, Tsao got really upset and just bolted off, most literally, seeming as though he was angry about something for reason she wasn't quite sure of. He looked and sounded sorta hurt, but she just did not know what she did wrong at all. "Hey! Where are you going with the Voice?! I Thought you were gonna Share!!" She huffed, stomping her foot, "Why do you always do this?! You're just pissing yourself off! I didn't do anything to you!!" Now she was feeling Discord in the Flow, as well, and it made her all frumpy.

Tao plopped down on the ground and crossed her arms, pouting.
"Hmph. Well, I just won't talk to him, then."

The Shinsanity of Wind immediately severed such Discord in the Flow by snapping Tao out of her funk at the very sound of the crackling Thunderclap and a Jingling Bell, keeping it from traveling too far on either of their wavelengths. Her apparitious body loomed over the girl and eventually seeped into her form like a ghost, of which was always watching over her right behind her back.

"Pay Attention!!" it snapped at her with the same Discord that it had to absorb into itself after Severing the Connection for her, "Don't Create Such Disturbances So Haphazardly!!!" A spiraling wind swirled into her lap, where the Green Grimoire would manifest and open, "There are More Important Things to be Done Right Now than are Far More Valuable than your Petty Squabbling. Don't Get Distracted..." The shadowy apparition circled around the girl as a blustering wind, staying only long enough to solve all of her problems for her whilst simultaneously guiding and coaching her from behind her back.

"We're Ready... Now... Read..."

--- Minor Timeskip ---

With as long as it had taken for Taomin... Or, rather, now, Tao-Lin to get her act together, she was now threatened with Death. The Angels of Death would suddenly appear around her, each donning black wings and eyes hell bent on the destruction of her foolishness. She was still defiant and would be taught very swiftly what came of this.

"O, Foolish Girl, We Have Been Sent Here To Strip You Of Your Old Ways And Kill Your Wicked Heart That Knows No Order. You Have Wasted Too Much Time, And Now, Your Time Is Up."

And So Tiamat Awoke. And She'd Brought Her Father With Her.

"Two Thousand Years And They Still Cannot Tame Thee, Taomin? Or, Are You Waiting For Your Birthday Present?" She did still have that birthday curse on her that she had since her 18th Birthday when she lost her protection. Fortunately, Tao-Lin was the finished product of all of that. However... He was displeased that it took 2,000 years and his coming to have to stare her in the face that she would get her act together. If she didn't start straightening up real quick, she certainly wouldn't be getting anything for her birthday. That is what Ty DID know about his dear Daughter.

The 'Doom Revelation' Spread Across The Land As A Fierce Clear Beam Of Energy; A Crystalline Laser From A Both Known And Unknown Presence. As It Set, Each In The Presence Of The Revelation Should Have Known What Was Coming For Them Soon. Yet, The Black Winged Ones Took No Fear In What They Knew Approached. They Had To Reason To Fear Death When Protected By And From Its Will Through Life Itself. An 'Anti-' Had Appeared, And That Should Have Brought Sudden Stir To The Eldest Daughter About What That Meant For Her.

The 4th 'Tank Barrel' Shot struck the marked End Point of Ty-kun's travels, which would be where Teus would be governed to watch over. He would deal with Tao and teaching her a lesson about the using the Voice for destruction. She and Tsao. From the shining light of the Marked point would come the Image that the Presence brought; a holographic projection of Ty known as 'Teus Tensei.' When the 6th became the 7th, both Teus and Ty would come together. That was all the time that Tao had, if she would even be able to endure Teus.

A glowing light, completely transparent, rose from the ground like the living dead, yet bright and filled with a resplendent sheen. The body was like crystal, yet particles were stabilized like an chamber of stagnant energy. The sinuous drapery rolling off of his form like the clouds in the sky kept the body of light in polarized stasis, like lightning crystallized in time. This was his angelic form, serving as the host of his soon-to-be-present presence. Lifting his hand up to cast the finger of judgment lifted the Crystal Cloud around the Crystal Angel, swirling round to his fingertip in a mystic haze. Only the darkness of his multi-haloed head eclipsing the light of his shining rings atop his head could be seen clearly, for the rest of his body remained as this crystallized lightning. This was the Messenger of the 'Doom Revelation;' the soul of Ty that brought it forth from the polarity shift in the planet with his entrance alone.

As soon as he lifted, a whistling arrow whizzed at his heart immediately upon his rise in order to shoot him down. Tia was already aware of Tao's foolhardiness. "Foolish Girl! Did I Not Tell You To Read?!"There was no time left for her to teach her. Whatever she had in her arsenal was going to have to simply be enough for the Angels of Death and their Death Army. She lifted each of her nine tails and spread a covering over them with the tips dipped in the fine colors of this reality. After painting over them with strokes of her several calligraphy brushes, Tia and her younger, Tao, would have time to correct such an egregious oversight. "You Are The Dragon Queen! If You Do Not Read About Your Own Place In Life, How Can You Take It?" Fortunately, she had power over the Voice, and her words were just as colorful as her nine tails. But in her 6-tailed form, she was still youthful beyond her years, even after two millennia. Yet now was her coming of age ceremony, and she wasn't even prepared. Training would have to be swift; overcoming her own foolishness as an obstacle was still very real a threat. She had been taking on the name of 'Aeris' for a long while in order to attempt to educate Tao of her place in the Story, but now it was too late and her Dragon Heritage was starting to flourish outside of her control. It was like that for most of them recently, actually.

The Crystal Angel continued his rise, the wind from the arrow coming to a gentle calm once it reached the stabilizing light of his crystalline gowns of glowing cloud. She was already running, because she knew what would happen the moment the 7th got to her. Teus was merely the projection of his coming. Wherever Tia and Tao ran to, they could not escape from the radiant presence of Teus. She had nowhere to run that the light that resided in the Voice did not also reverberate in. He would show her the power of the presence soon enough.
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Feral 37: Divine Priestess In Training; The Dragon Queen

The tribal youth strode away upon all fours, panting profusely as she was hurdled off with the gust of her nine tails that fluttered in and as the wind behind her. She was no longer in the Wind Sanctuary anymore, but it was clear that she was suddenly in danger. Her natural primal instincts kicked in immediately, even if she didn't know what she was doing nor what danger she was in specifically. She found it difficult to concentrate in the heat of danger. The impending feeling of a presence nearby kept her alert and her eyes sharp. All she knew was that right now, it was best to keep running. The Spirit that was whispering to her all this time told her to maneuver in this manner, and she would not disobey her tactical savagery.

The man felt her shifting through the terrain, running just past him in the heart of the forest. She was moving in his territory, after all, and apparently wasn't aware that he had been there. Probably just another haphazard movement from the feral one. It wasn't to cause any alarm. As long as she remained unaware, then this shouldn't take very long. The target was sighted.

Tao paused when she sensed something in the arid air. She called for a fan of her tails veiled over her form to clothe herself with numerous coats and cloaks of reality over her bare naked body, exposed to the eyes of someone somewhere for only a brief moment.

Because The Area Had Already Been Sealed Off By The Shinsanity Of Fire And Made Clean Through The Sacred Fire's Binding Presence Like Those Of Prayer Beads Over The Bordered Greenhouse Area, Taomin Would Have Her Realities Isolated And Be Unable To Escape The Contained Chamber, Regardless Of What Alternate Realities She Made For Herself. She Was Isolated, And The 'Douma' Hovered Around The Air At The Silent Command From Their General. Life Would Become Still Soon.

With nowhere to run now, Teus would handle Tiamat and Titus would be left to deal with Tao. However, the lingering presence of the light, the very heat of the radiance itself, would hold fast and remain ever-present among the area that was taken up completely by it. There was no area here that hadn't been touched by the Sacred Fire from the Dragon King's breath. The first and only shot needed had consumed the trees and all other such burnt offerings, leaving the tropical heat wavering about. The only trace of Teus would be the constant iridescence that glimmered only when he was around, and not at any other time. This was how others knew when he was near, even when he was completely transparent and unable to be visibly looked upon by eyes lacking any Light. Therefore, in his Silence, Tao and Tia would be fully isolated in the now sacred forest.

The image of the 'Prayer Beads' surrounding the Greenhouse area would 'Project' itself around Tao's neck, thus binding Tiamat at the same time with the power of the presence of this land and the Master of the Presence, itself.

"What?! No fair, I-- Shit." Tao knew the moment she spoke that she really blew it. She said she wasn't going to say anything this time. They would be able to catch her easier if she spoke to them. Yet, just as soon as she uttered her words, the beads were already wrapped around her neck and sealed. A Diviner had little defense against another Divination, unless theirs was stronger. Tao was not prepared for a fight against the presence right now. It was just going to be a hassle. Without the power of the Voice, she knew that this was going to be a difficult situation to escape. She didn't know what she's gotten herself into this time, but she was ready for it... And honestly, it seemed like everyone else was, too. She was starting to second guess herself about being so silent for so long, though... That inactivity is a killer. "Whatever. It doesn't matter. Nine tails says I'd take all of you out!!! Right here, RIGHT NAO!!!" Each of her tails fluttered about wildly in a mad manner, the flustering fury brushing up a breeze that bent all of the trees. "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?!?!?"

Titus had been watching patiently all along from the sidelines, ensuring never to lose sight of the elusive Kazegami. With her power to alter reality so effortlessly via the nine tails, she could have been anywhere or anything she wished, making it a stroke of sheer luck that she would think to come to the place already sealed off by the Angels. That made his job just a little bit easier.

"It's over, Tao," he said with a charcoal growl, "... Nowhere left to run." Though her power to Create and Erase was formidable, when isolated to a point where her reality alterations didn't matter (or could be matched and overpowered), Tao wasn't much than just really difficult to deal with. Her real prowess lied in her animalistic manner and savage demeanor, regardless of the Divination that came to her naturally. Even Titus didn't feel like exerting the force of his own strength to have to hold her down right now, which could become a hassle if she gets overly aggressive. It was time for negotiations. "We just want to feed you, Tao. That's all." The thirteen foot man stepped closer to her slowly, hands up, cautious not to make any sudden movements whilst Tao was all riled up. "... No one wants to hurt you."

"Feed... Tao...?" The raging she-beast suddenly opened her ears to the red giant, finding his words to be most pleasing. "... I'm listening..." she muttered, her tails suddenly coming to a standstill. She knew what it meant for it to be 'feeding time,' and a savage smirk sprawled upon her tribal marked face. "Come closer, red guy... Tao is... *slurp* ... Interested..." With a single sharp claw, she beckoned him closer to her, mouth beginning to salivate...

At least she was coherent enough to listen. That was all that Titus needed from her. If she were allowed to succumb to her more savage primal instincts instead of maintaining her civil (or, pseudo-civil) manner, then things could get hairy. This would be his test, too, to see if he could control his fire when dealing with the nine-tailed fox girl. He continued on toward her, slowly, cautiously and with as much temperance as he could muster. "... Good. That's very good, Tao. So, listen very closely, and we'll tell you how to go about hunting your prey this time." He made sure that his steps were light, despite the greatness of his weight, and kept a cool, level head. "We'll let you do it on your own, this time. But first, you must know where you have to go and what you must do, otherwise, you won't get your food." As long as she had a target, Tao was the most skilled and effective warrior, but without something to focus on, she was nothing but a wild and untamed animal. "Teus... Have your little chat with her."

The glistening iridescence suddenly shimmered around Tao, its gleaming translucent vibrations wrapping her in the undulations of the echoing sound of an ambiguous voice, of which would also be present in her Prayer Beads. It said to her, "Tao. How you must feed is to connect each of your Tails to their respective Tales through the Seven Shinsangels. You will feed on our power and it will fill you eternally." Tao, being the Heart, needed to connect to each of the other Emotions in order to ensure that each of them maintained balance and harmony, and that they were all feeding her the energy she needed, and vice versa. "That will connect the first Seven of your Tails, and the Last Two are to go to the two of the 7th. You already have your Tail as the first. You must now connect to Titus and I for the next 2. Then, you shall have Three Tails, and therefore, 3 sources of power to feed you. After that, you must find the last 4 in the Veritas and connect to them. Then, you will never go hungry again."

"No need to look," an estranged voice called out from the abyss, "I've already swept over the land and gathered the remaining forces." The figured that belonged to the disembodied voice rose from the shadow of the light projected by Teus, in his own image, yet without a shred of the same light that was cast from Teus at all times. This was the Dark One, Thanytoz, who looked exactly like Teus, save for a completely different attire of robed darkness and a pale face that was opposite the colored pigmentation of Teus' own. He appeared beside Titus, a distance away from Tao, rising slowly to ensure that she was not startled into a frenzy.

Three other shadows appeared nearby belonging to Tsao-Rin, Triton and Titane, the three that had recently become Legends in the completion of their legendary tales. Thanytoz knew that the assembling of the Legends was in order here. "Gentlemen..." he said, the 7 now all gathered in a single area, "... I believe we have Business to discuss..."

The next to appear from the shadows was Tsao-Rin, who looked a bit confused and upset. His body was charged and tense, causing his flowing scientific-mage jacket to hover in the air due to static charge. The clear agitation was on his face and the very tension of his being left an electrical charge in the air that everyone should have been able to feel. "Ay, man, that ain't kosher. I was in the middle of some VERY important research!!" As a doctor and a mad scientist, all of his hair-brained schemes and mad methods were all EXTREMELY important to the overall stabilization of the Veritas and everything else attached. "Y'all KNOW I can't be interrupted from my work. This better be good..."

Triton rose from the dark portal, having felt through the waves of the darkness he had been transported through to feel the vibration that Thanytoz had seen with his Third Eye. He sensed the creature shifting through the waves and immediately lifted his hand to the air to call peace to the static in the air. "... He is correct... There is no time for any bickering..." Triton's eyes remained closed as he allowed the flood of wavelength to settle upon his shoulders like his fine kimono, to the full extent that it would settle peacefully upon his mind and his soul to level out and clear each of the waves. At that moment, it would be clear to all of them the presence of the invader and the complete scan of its location, informing all who had passed through the darkness and who Thanytoz had gazed into the Third Eyes of the exact energetic presence of the full body and power of the target in question; Orochi. "... We Have An Intruder..." he muttered with the utmost calm, pressurizing the Presence of the 7th in the waves to stabilize the air waves in order for the clarity and synchronicity to harmonize between all of their souls all at once, even from such a great distance.

Titane emerged from the darkness feeling more than disdainful, in and of himself, no longer being able to flirt with that hot girl that had just recently slipped away from him due to that flood. He was actually really pissed about that. "Omfg, nooooo. That hot giiiiiirl." Sighing heavily, but being revealed to all of the things that were far more important than said hot girl at the time weighed heavier on him than his own ignorant Bliss. "... This is more important, isn't it?" Now, knowing that the Bliss of the greater structure was compromised, Titane was aware that the Earth was not in a state of contentment and therefore possibly heading into peril. The full understanding of what this 'Orochi' was and why it was so dangerous eluded him, but he knew that if it was causing so much disarray, then it had to be important and he simply had to fall into place as necessary. His malleable body of clay suddenly hardened and altered its shape to become slightly larger and more lean, as if the tension in the air dictated the natural state he had to take and adapt to, if necessary. "... Well, I'm ready any time. Just let me know what I gotta do."

"Indeed," Thanytoz spake up immediately afterward in agreement with both Triton and Titane, ready to clarify all that was being kept in the dark which needed to be revealed, "With that passing wave, not only should Tao be calm, but also Titus be cool, and allow for each of us to be able to resonate on the same wavelength as per setting of myself and Triton." Thanytoz' head snapped quickly over to "Tsao," calling for his attention and understanding of his role in the grand scheme of things. "You must unify our wavelengths all at once, and Tao must be allowed to attach us to the Tails. From there, each of us shall be hurled toward our respective destinations where the Seven Heads are to deal with them simultaneously, whilst also being anchored together through Tao to ensure that we all maintain our connection to each other within, no matter what may occur otherwise." Thanytoz, being the Pumpkinghead, was the one that generally called all of the shots, as the shadow of the 7th, who had the same authority as the light of the 7th. "With the stabilization of the 7th's Presence in the Veritas, each and every one of the 7 Shinsanities should be flowing naturally as the Elements of the Realm." That means that each of the 7 Shinsangels of the 7th should have been able to call upon their respective Shinsanity Elementals to help them in the fray as the natural energy flowing throughout the atmosphere of the Veritas at all times. They were both omnipresent and sentient, and therefore were the collective energy of each respective elemental consciousness and will as it wished to manifest or was accessible to be manifested by the gods and goddesses that ruled over them.

"By the way, Tsao... One of yours is in our domain in Valparaiso." The Chrysms that belonged to each of the 7 Shinsangels were extremely important, as well, and to miss an opportunity to connect to one usually meant connectivity issues later on down the line. "You might want to pay attention to that."

Tsao, heavily focused on his train of thought, which was actually much more important than most people realized, found it irritating to have that broken for any real reason at all, considering that it was usually a very long string of things that needed to be linked together. Nine times out of ten, Tsao required absolute concentration and cooperation from all ends of the electrical link, and any sort of disruption in the conduit generally immediately irritated him. "... Damn, son. Lucky it was only Bunnybee, and Bunnybee can wait until we get all this bullshit in order."

With the waves of the air wet and clear, they were hyper conductive to Tsao's intense electrical vibrations, which could stream together each of their spirits seamlessly, allowing for all of their wills to flow as one with each other and with the 7th, as well as with all of the Veritas. At that time, a powerful surge shot through the entire Tree like a shock up the spine through a series of nerve endings all at once, charging and polarizing all of the energy in the air. This would also include the harmonization of the energy between the parts of Orochi, synchronizing with his very biorhythm (consisting primarily of brain waves and heart beats) and allowing for each of the 7 Shinsangels and the 7 Shinsanities to be able to resonate with Orochi simply through his exposure to the 7th's Presence and the Veritas' energy.

When all of the waves in the Veritas were of one harmonious accord, Tsao would be able to read them with much clairvoyance, as if reading the pages of a book written right before his eyes. This came as a mystic crystalline glow in his eyes that crackled like lightning at the edges. "The Dark Wolf, Huh...?" he would say in response to Thanytoz's 'heads up' about one of the Chrysms being in Valparaiso, "... Looks like Mine is ready." He'd been waiting some time for this. "I suppose it was pretty important that I was disturbed from my work when I was, then." Shrugging his shoulders, Tsao raised up a single arm mid-shrug, then extended the next one out toward the target that was within range of his radar. "Guess I learned my lesson." Clenching his fist tightly as if gripping a bar or handle, a long, electric javelin was forged between his enclosed palm from the condensation of static electricity lingering in the air. A single stroke curved a white hot lightning bolt straight down into Valparaiso, arcing around the Delta and through the Dusk straight into the hole leading to the very bottom of the construct. By the time the electricity diffused in the air, the bolt of electricity should have become invisible, yet still retained a majority of the electrical charge that Tsao sent down toward the Chrysm at the time.

Titus had remained silent and solemn, crossing his arms once he was aware that the situation was at a stable ground and that Tao wasn't going to get out of hand. That meant that neither did he in order to subdue her, and they all could speak civilly, as he wished. "Mm." He was happy to find that everything was coming together, as well as his own stability, and that none of the energy generated about was causing him any disturbance. He was able to feel the emanations of all such energy through its levels of entropy, and as long as there was none within him then he was as what a controlled flame would be at all times. "See, Tao? Your feed has been brought to you, and you still get to hunt." Titus relished in happy endings and resolutions to conflicts in the proper manner. This produced the least amount of entropy in the atmosphere as well as within himself, keeping both he and the Veritas at a stable temperature systematically. "Aren't you glad you didn't run this time?" He smiled warmly at her, feeling and showing no sense of malice nor threat, despite how the entire ordeal was, more or less, a lesson to she and all of the other Shinsangels. He was pleased with this outcome. "Do you know what you must do now?"

The image of the 'Prayer Beads' surrounding the Greenhouse area would 'Project' itself around Tao's neck, thus binding Tiamat at the same time with the power of the presence of this land and the Master of the Presence, itself.

Through the synchronization of each of the Shinsangels and the Shinsanities, the subduing Prayer Beads that were once only on Tao and Tia's necks would be projected also around the necks of the severed dragon heads of Orochi, preventing them from being able to grow back, as well as establishing a set dominant influence belonging to the Tensei that would prevent Orochi's regeneration without first overpowering the binding forces of the sentient beings fighting against his presence within the Veritas. Though he was assimilated with the Veritas, the realm was fighting back against him, and therefore gave him a power struggle in addition to Ty's Presence as a while that were the individual wills and consciousness of the 7 Shinsangels that protected the Veritas. Thus, in order to overcome the Veritas, or even have any sort of control over any part of the Veritas, as well as the ability to regenerate any of the lost heads, Orochi would have to overcome all 7 of the Shinsangels.

"Of course I know what the fuck to do," Tao barked, tensing up her tails and harmonizing with the fox spirit that lives inside of her, "I'm not stupid. I'm just horny and BORED." Each tail flexed as tightly as Tao's body, crouched over in rare form and ready to pounce. "Come on. You know when I'm actually SATISFIED, these things go by real smooth. Heh heh..." She licked her lips, eyes becoming just as feral as the huge smirking grin on her face. Her body trembled with great anticipation, but she kept her arms restrained, knowing that it was best to let her Tails do all the work here. "... Kitsune are able to transform... And mine transformed into Tiamat." If Tao's scavenger eyes were geared correctly, and her sight, through the Third Eye of the 7th were seeing correctly, that should have meant that Tia was already well attached to the body of the dragon, making hunting it from there all too easy. "Yeah... This one's gonna be good eats... isn't it, fellas?!" When each and every one of Tao's tails were connected and functioning properly, not only was she at full power, she was also balanced out by each of the equally powerful energies of the entities that existed alongside her to balance out her raw power. She giggled madly, her claw-like tribal markings all over her body glowing suddenly, showing that she was converting into her nomadic hunter-gatherer mentality, of which she, as a wild and savage creature, followed the laws of strictly as a lifestyle.

"Order Up..." the cunning fox girl uttered through restrained snickering, as if laughing at how she would engage this next plan of attack, of which she excelled at. At that moment, her Tails should have been synchronized not only with all 7 of the Shinsangels, as well as each of the 7 Shinsanities, but also with the headless nubs of Orochi, of which each of the 7 Shinsanities and 7 of the Tails should have immediately been able to establish control over. With the Prayer Beads not only subduing the power of Orochi, but also concentrating the power of Tao be focusing it into where it needed to be, the 9 tails that were one with the entire Veritas would, immediately, be able to take over control of each spot where the heads were as well as collectively attack the Commanding head. At that point, all 7 Shinsanities, as well as the 7 Shinsangels themselves should have been able to commandeer the entire body and attack the main head as a unit, giving him no control over the entire body, but only his single remaining head. This should prevent any thoughts and actions of reconnection or further regeneration. As a Diviner, Tao could seal the wounds of each of the Orochi heads with a 'Yield' Talisman, and would swiftly draw out 8 and scatter them toward the wind...

A swift wind from a passing Presence swept over the land, the gust whirling hard, yet in a concentrated manner among each of them. Six swirling tornadoes arced up from around their respective bodies and over to Tao's, converging as a maelstrom of pure power at her spine, something like Tails. Each of the respective energies between all of them were not only drained, but painted upon the spiritual winds by the colors of their spirits themselves, joining together as a rainbow of their collective elements and respective colors corresponding to each tail; Red for Titane, Blue for Triton, Orange for Titus, Yellow for Tsao, Violet for Thanytoz, Violet for Teus, and a 7th hurricane bursting from the nexus of tails coming together; Green, for Tao.

The 6 spiraling tornadoes lifted from the ground, encompassing each of the entities in their entirety, each tail-end tornado tip suddenly looking to be like a calligraphy brush and the tails of a fox. The head of the Fox appeared over Tao's, as if having been always watching over her in her spirit, and now, too, watched over the others as one of the eldest Tensei Spirits. It looked that finally, the 2,000 year curse was lifted truly and was not going to return this time. The Kyuubi had been imprisoned for far too long so long ago, and even Tao, 2,000 years ago, was not capable of fully harnessing its power. It required several generations of family to break a Generational Curse. The Discord in her ears finally settled... Both in mind and in spirit. The final Tail, which belonged to Tao, herself, would be swept last, only once each of the others were in place.

~Each tail was slung at a high speed toward the respective targets, which were the 7 headless nubs of Orochi and where the dragon spawn were probably still wriggling about. Each spiritual hurricane was cast down upon the Veritas like a paintbrush upon paper, where the true artwork could be colored in fine detail by each tail working in tandem to create a greater story, now, and not working against each other individually. Through harmonizing with Orochi, the tactics of how each head and tail worked in harmony would be applied immediately to the 7 Shinsangels, as well. From there, through that connection, Tiamat would be able to paint each of the heads of the Veritas upon the headless nubs from where the Prayer Beads connected and assume complete control of the hijacked body, as well as each of its tails.~
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PostSubject: Re: The Divine Priestess Taomin   The Divine Priestess Taomin - Page 2 EmptyMon Jul 22, 2019 2:19 pm

Feral 38: Tiamat

The winds of the Avisora Paradisia, which were once docile and serene, would suddenly come to a stir. This would seem to be nothing but the shifting of the currents, yet the powerful winds blew the clouds in the completely opposite directions, bringing with them the orbit of each of the hovering islands in the sky. The swirling seemed to nearly be that of a cyclone forming.

From the reversed winds and thickening clouds came the enormous horned head of a beautiful woman. Her eyes were easily enough to watch over the largest of the floating islands with ease. The rest of her body, as supple and gorgeous as any fine woman, lay naked on the plush clouds like a bed, until reaching the 'tail,' which became like that of a grand serpent; Tiamat, in all her rare form. It was unclear just how long her body below her womanly form was, as it was hidden by the thickness of the clouds. She puckered her lips as if kissing the air, swirling around casually and bringing all the currents of the wind, and thus, also, the floating islands, with her.

~At the next moment, Ty would also be able to see where every single head of Orochi was located at the time through his Third Eye, and at those marks, he would swing his arm to dice each of the spots where Orochi's heads connected to the main body with the ethereal energy of the blade projected into each of those locations, since the energy that he was able to omit from the 'King Blade' was able to reach anywhere within his established Presence. This would appear to be him slashing wildly at Orochi whilst his Commanding head was moving, but this was actually to hack at the other 7 the very moment they revealed themselves in the Veritas' reality. Not only would a connected slash sever their ties to the Veritas and isolate their realities as only individual heads, but also this would also sever their connection to their tails.~

The image of the 'Prayer Beads' surrounding the Greenhouse area would 'Project' itself around Tao's neck, thus binding Tiamat at the same time with the power of the presence of this land and the Master of the Presence, itself.

Through the synchronization of each of the Shinsangels and the Shinsanities, the subduing Prayer Beads that were once only on Tao and Tia's necks would be projected also around the necks of the severed dragon heads of Orochi, preventing them from being able to grow back, as well as establishing a set dominant influence belonging to the Tensei that would prevent Orochi's regeneration without first overpowering the binding forces of the sentient beings fighting against his presence within the Veritas. Though he was assimilated with the Veritas, the realm was fighting back against him, and therefore gave him a power struggle in addition to Ty's Presence as a while that were the individual wills and consciousness of the 7 Shinsangels that protected the Veritas. Thus, in order to overcome the Veritas, or even have any sort of control over any part of the Veritas, as well as the ability to regenerate any of the lost heads, Orochi would have to overcome all 7 of the Shinsangels.

~Each tail was slung at a high speed toward the respective targets, which were the 7 headless nubs of Orochi and where the dragon spawn were probably still wriggling about. Each spiritual hurricane was cast down upon the Veritas like a paintbrush upon paper, where the true artwork could be colored in fine detail by each tail working in tandem to create a greater story, now, and not working against each other individually. Through harmonizing with Orochi, the tactics of how each head and tail worked in harmony would be applied immediately to the 7 Shinsangels, as well. From there, through that connection, Tiamat would be able to paint each of the heads of the Veritas upon the headless nubs from where the Prayer Beads connected and assume complete control of the hijacked body, as well as each of its tails.~

"Thanks, Tia~!" Tao screamed out to her Tensei Spirit, which was the Kyuubi (Nine Tailed Fox) that was designated to watch over her for 2,000 years. As the Spirit of the Wind, it was the very air itself and was the atmosphere of the Veritas, and therefore freely altered it as was seen fit. "AWRIGHT, now I've got 7 whole tails that can just do whatever the fuck they wanna do..." Tao would say as she wriggled each of them about, and each of the other Tensei got into motion. "And they work, too... So that means..."

~Realizing the amount of power she had over the entire Veritas simply by herself, Tao felt, for some reason, a sense of responsibility to take her duties as a Priestess seriously and finally responsibly take care of these exorcisms correctly came over her. She understood her role as a Priestess, as well as why she failed at driving this curse away for 2,000 years. "... Tao has been a bad Priestess... Nyaa..." She sniffled a bit, suddenly feeling remorse for having put so many people through generations of torment at her expense, especially as a rampaging demon, including to her family. "Tao was not prepared at 18, as was promised... But... Tao is ready now..." She did not understand what it meant to be a Priestess before, and was very swiftly swallowed whole by the very powerful fox spirit that tormented her family that sacrificed her to it. She suddenly remembered that they had no choice but to give her up, and even now, she was prolonging a curse that had been going on for far too long. Therefore, in order to completely break the curse of the nine tails, she would take her place in life as the Priestess she was supposed to be and paint delicately with each of the tails as thought they were calligraphy brushes. "... Tao must have control, too..." She crouched over onto all fours, maintaining balance, then lifted her hind legs up into the air, as if ready to pounce. At that moment, each of the essences of the 7 Tensei, including herself, which were within each of her tails, would be able to be used to her will. Each tail brushed upon each land of the Veritas and spread upon the canvas one of the chosen guardians to protect the land from danger. The enormous tornadoes serving as her tails would suddenly stop swirling and disappear in the wind suddenly becoming calm, and immediately afterward, Tao, herself, vanishing.


Tao took control of all of her 7 Tails at the exact same time and linked together each and every one of the 7 Shinsangels and 7 Shinsanities through the body of Orochi, and then immediately fought back against Orochi's power as well as prevented him from having any form of control or eligibility to establish or regain control over his pilfered body and tails. "Now that just leaves the head, right Tia?!" The head of Tiamat, though it belonged to the dragon, was a title that Tia, Tao's Spirit, had named for herself at the time before the true physical flesh of 'Tiamat' appeared. Therefore, 'Tia' was the 'Spirit of Tiamat' whilst 'Tiamat' herself was the actual Original Being that Tao had embodied the spirit of, and now faced in terms of the actual body. Tao, already having the Spirit of Tiamat inside of her, would be able to actually fight the dragon herself now for control of the body, title and authority over all that Tiamat was as Dragon Queen. "Tao is gonna make a 'Wind Goddess' worthy story this time!!!" She was also going to have to paint over her old work, since it wasn't very good, in her eyes. It was fortune of being a Scribe, like her twin was the Narrator.

*Note: Because the Tensei are also writing the story, some of them have special specific powers to influence the actual story itself.

The severed head, wailing at the pain of being cut from the original body, would simply take off into the sky with its long neck becoming its tail. She took the form of an enormous wyvern, with her arms serving as the dragon's talons, and large leathery wings spread wide upon her velvet smooth back to help her glide. Tiamat's upper torso, all of which was like that of a beautiful and enticing woman, would disappear into the thick of the clouds, her tail slithering silently into the smokescreen.

"WHHHHHHere are YOU going?!" the wind called out, trailing the tail and parting the smokescreen of cloud before the wyvern woman could slip off. When Tiamat's body was revealed, her spirit, which was already part of Tia, who was already part of Orochi's original body, would sprout a new head from where the Prayer Beads were, which were only restricting Orochi's power and not the Tensei's once they commandeered the body. The head was one with the very atmosphere, and in the direct line of sight as Tiamat, disembodied, ferocious eyes and a wide, feral smile would appear in the air, with the teeth gnashing closed threateningly. "We haven't even had any fun yet..." the disembodied face growled, as if both with anticipation and restraint, "You didn't think I was done playing just because I stopped talking, did you...!?" The voice in the wind rang like a series of bells going off harmoniously, as if laughing in unison "How Naive~!!" The feral face remained tense and savage, looking as though it were hungry... thirsty... and perhaps, even a little anxious.

Tiamat, feeling insulted by the snide remarks of the presence in the wind around her, would begin to gather chaotic power within herself in her rage. "Foolish Entity! Both Chaos And Creation Bow To My Whim!" With raw chaos, Tiamat would emanate a powerful destructive force that would wipe away any form of order in her area that was not her own. The clouds would be stripped from their place and replaced with utter destructive energy, whilst also the very atmosphere would become distorted and grotesque, looking as though it were about to fold in on itself and shatter any minute. This should have been painful to an atmospheric being, who was one with the very atmosphere and Tiamat would be destroying. "Who Do You Think You Are? Defiling The Dragon Queen!?" With a single flap of her wings, each of the floating islands under her should have been knocked out of place, and possibly destroyed by the massive distortions of pure chaos disrupting their orderly existences, threatening to crush them completely.

"FOOLISH ENTITY!!!" a voice rang and repeated as an echo like the sound of a chorus of golden bells in the wind, "I AM YOU!!!" The chaotic energy coming from Tiamat's body would immediately be met with counter discord, of which, instead of combining with the original discord as most normal elements would do when faced with their same element, would begin to destroy the discord with alternate discord. Chaos was so chaotic that it had the power to bring destruction to even itself, having no sort of order to agree with its own existence. Inevitably, if the Chaos was not all unified, it eventually destroyed itself and resolved itself, becoming Order. In this case, it was about whose discord was greater.

"GODDESS Of Discord," the voice spake out decisively, the shrieking cry of which held enough power to ultimately halt or destroy Tiamat's chaotic energy from spreading behind her own personal space. Discord grew heavy in the air, and the skies would become inverted; all that was light would become dark, and all that was dark would become light. This inverted the coloration and shading of the entire atmosphere where Tiamat was present. "And both a MUSE and a SCRIBE!" Seven lofty fox tails, like those of calligraphy brush tips, manifested around Tiamat, asserting the 'Power of Creation' over her in tandem with the 'Power of Chaos' that they both shared. The distorted face in the wind never stopped smiling, even as its voice reverberated through the air over and over. "What hope do you have without your body? It belongs to ME now!!" No matter where Tiamat went, Tia was able to see with the eyes of a larger body lurking over the entirety of the Veritas rather than just one land, as well as remained as an entity connected to the Veritas. There was no escape and no winning for Tiamat... But of course, the fun of the chase.

"AND SO WILL YOUR HEAD!!!" With the flap of Tiamat's wings, the atmosphere suddenly parted, as if a deity were opening its mouth, and a powerful vacuous force would extend around Tiamat's length as a giant swirling black tornado, as the voice cried out "NIGHT IN GALE!" The parting in the atmosphere drew in all of the chaotic force into a funnel, no longer securing the air in place as it was, which led to a vortex of complete and utter chaos invoked by Tia, herself. All of Tia's chaos would combat against Tiamat's chaos, which would either end in both being destroyed or one giving in over the other. With Tiamat in a gigantic tornado of pure concentrated discord, it would disrupt and distort everything around her until it inevitably was destroyed. "RUN FROM ME!!!"

"Huh! Why Would I Claim Something Like You? Get Away!" Tiamat loftily swirled her body in the opposite direction, creating this time instead of discord, her own atmosphere that was isolated from the Veritas', even if existing in the same space. Since this Discord was only meant to destroy Tiamat's Chaos, with a firm enough Creation, then the established atmosphere should have been completely unharmed. Tiamat would bring order to the rampaging discord that was around her and claim it as her own. This would put an end to the effects of the tornado. "I Do Not Run From Peasants..." She flicked her tail snootily and cast a vortex of Creation powerful enough to cancel out the Discord of Tia over the entire tornado, which should have caused both to be destroyed whilst Tiamat's own atmospheric isolation all her own remained both in the Veritas' perimeter, yet outside of the Veritas' control.

Though Tiamat claimed that she did not run, the fact that she was in an alternate atmosphere was just the same as running in the eyes of Tia, who could clearly tell that the air around them was not the same. It thereby became a target for the entire atmosphere of the Veritas, which would always know exactly what its own territory felt like. "Hahaha... Silly girl, don't even know when you've lost." Since Tiamat's isolated atmosphere was not of the Veritas, that meant that it could be expelled from the Veritas without any form of waste. In took only a few strokes of each disembodied tail around Tiamat's space to blot her out of the Veritas and keep her from returning, like filling the crack inside of brick with mortar. Dungeons, traps, puzzles, monsters, planets and all such other things were confined now in that one space, and the tails would continue to paint. Tiamat would be lost in a parallel universe made by the Veritas with all such complete intent on destroying her if she turned against it or tried to add onto it, so she was pretty much a prisoner to be used as the Veritas saw fit.

"YOU GET AWAY!!!" The blaring sound of the shriek was like that of a siren, yet brought forth an intense pressure that would keep Tiamat's atmosphere from encroaching or returning into the perimeter of the Veritas, whilst Tia looked on from the other end. "Oh, wait... You already DID." After that, the very words of Tiamat, which would be echoed eternally by the wind the very moment Tiamat attempted to enter the atmosphere, would resound through a cacophony of contemptuous and haughty laughter. "Why Would I Claim Something Like You?" it said, taunting Tiamat to attempt to enter a realm she'd already, as a Creator, banished herself from with her words alone. "Why Would I Claim Something Like You?" it said again, laughing, boasting and antagonizing. Tia's face could be seen in the distortions of the atmosphere, dying of laughter, and repeating herself endlessly at Tiamat's foolish words. "Why Would I Claim Something Like You?" Because the entire space around Tiamat's atmosphere was painted over by Tia's tails, not only was she still trapped, but all of the energy she had to use to attempt to expand her area at that point or create anymore was confined to a finite area that was dictated by the Veritas, which she had already claimed she had no part of. "Why Would I Claim Something Like You?" It was the worst mistake; to come to a land you were seeking to conquer and then decide, of your own words, to exclude yourself from it.

"Why Would I Claim Something Like You?" Tia thought, at this point, that Tiamat could be used to train Tao... And resolve that mess with her story originally. That was always a thought. But right now, to continuously haunt this dragon for her haughtiness was on the list of 'Fun' things to do. "Why Would I Claim Something Like You?" Tia smiled with anticipation for more. She loved when she got the chance to make a foolish person look more foolish, and at that, to intensify it to the point of eternal recognition, and possible shame, for their mistakes.


Tia's tails were already hard at work fabricating a whole new isolated reality as an extension of Tiamat's own isolated space, of which if Tiamat tried to expand upon or exit from, she would be met with the HIGHEST form of resistance from every single creation that every single tail had made, as well as Tia, herself, sitting on the outside of this isolated space, inside of the Veritas, laughing maniacally.


Technically, Tiamat was defeated, and to go any farther from here was just for fun.

"Do You Want To Play Again~?"

"Hm... What?!" Tiamat, in her own space, would suddenly notice that beyond her atmosphere, there were things going on in the Veritas to attempt to close her in. "I've Lost NOTHING!!" She cried, her face darkening and her composure immediately being lost. Pure chaos overtook Tiamat, and through all of the creation that Tia was creating, the Dragon would hurl herself into, completely destroying anything that was in her way, including her own original isolated space. The more Tiamat destroyed, the more powerful she would become, and with layers upon layers of Creation by Tia to destroy, by the time she exited, Tiamat should have been able to take down the entire planet and any satellites on her own with the power of chaos alone. Anything that stood in her way whilst she was pure Chaos would fall into Chaos and either become under her command or destroyed by it. All Order would fall into Chaos around her and the extent of her energy. Boundaries were broken. Dungeons smashed. Assaults failed. Planets destroyed. Even the elements, nor the universe itself could hope to stop her rampage. All would be brought into absolute chaos.

Tiamat's tail would knock the cosmos out of place with a single swipe, causing the Created space to become feeble and weak, making it easier to destroy. With her claws, she would rend the fabric of space and time from off the tapestry of creation and rip them to shreds like a schoolgirl with a poster of her boyfriend on the wall after a breakup. The screeches from her mouth would shatter atmospheres and whatever layers there were. All Tia had done was given Tiamat free roam to gather her destructive energies by doing what she did best; destroy things for more power. Tiamat was growing stronger, and it was because this foolish Tia thought it best to attempt to contain her. Now, when Tiamat broke free of the confinement, she would be free to wreak the same havoc she had done to what was trapped within this isolated space to the Veritas... Tia, specifically.

Tia continued her nearly childish laughter and mischievous taunting until she felt the energy of Tiamat shift suddenly. "Hm? Struggle?" Tia's savage smirk widened, her eyes becoming fierce and sharp, like her teeth. "Eeeexcellent..." Whenever a prisoner struggled, it meant one of two things; torture or death. Tia's face disappeared suddenly, but in the midst of Tiamat's destruction of the isolated space(s) created by the tails, the face would appear out of nowhere, screaming with the highest frequency of discord, "IT WAS ALL FAKE!!! HAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" Everything would suddenly crack and shatter to pieces, taking everything inside of it, including Tiamat, with it. The discord would become so great, it destroyed itself, unable to even maintain its own existence any longer, and eventually be resolved as Natural Order within the Veritas once again, as it had been before Tiamat appeared and before Tia messed with it. With Tiamat having no claims to the Veritas, and the Veritas already having expelled her and her ties to it, once the isolated realities were gone... So was Tiamat. Without question. "So foolish..." Tia scoffed snobbishly, the savage smile still on her face, "Pay Attention Next Time!!!" She went about her day laughing crazily in triumph, pondering whether she'd bring back Tiamat for Tao. "HAAAAAHAHAHAHAA!!!!"
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Feral 39: Orochi

~Upon Orochi's commanding head's neck would appear Prayer Beads made of the collective 7 Shinsanities as the wills of the 7 Shinsangels of Ty all working in harmony against this force to completely commandeer the body and seal off control through each of their Presences beyond his neck. This would secure that each of the heads were cut off from each other as well as the body, and that command of the body and tails would no longer belong to Orochi nor any of his 7 heads, but to the 7 Shinsangels and the 7 Shinsanities, as well as to Ty, who had command over each of them as part of his entire individual being.~

Tia, the Shinsanity of Wind, of the Shinsangel Tao, took her place around Orochi's neck, subduing his power and blocking it with her own. She gazed at her Father with a stern, severe look, as if of acceptance, or the seeking thereof.

Tao had the exact same face as Tia as she gazed at her father, straight in his eyes, through those of her Tensei Spirit Guardian. Without hesitation, she would say, "I wanna fight alongside you..."

~Realizing the amount of power she had over the entire Veritas simply by herself, Tao felt, for some reason, a sense of responsibility to take her duties as a Priestess seriously and finally responsibly take care of these exorcisms correctly came over her. She understood her role as a Priestess, as well as why she failed at driving this curse away for 2,000 years. "... Tao has been a bad Priestess... Nyaa..." She sniffled a bit, suddenly feeling remorse for having put so many people through generations of torment at her expense, especially as a rampaging demon, including to her family. "Tao was not prepared at 18, as was promised... But... Tao is ready now..." She did not understand what it meant to be a Priestess before, and was very swiftly swallowed whole by the very powerful fox spirit that tormented her family that sacrificed her to it. She suddenly remembered that they had no choice but to give her up, and even now, she was prolonging a curse that had been going on for far too long. Therefore, in order to completely break the curse of the nine tails, she would take her place in life as the Priestess she was supposed to be and paint delicately with each of the tails as thought they were calligraphy brushes. "... Tao must have control, too..." She crouched over onto all fours, maintaining balance, then lifted her hind legs up into the air, as if ready to pounce. At that moment, each of the essences of the 7 Tensei, including herself, which were within each of her tails, would be able to be used to her will. Each tail brushed upon each land of the Veritas and spread upon the canvas one of the chosen guardians to protect the land from danger. The enormous tornadoes serving as her tails would suddenly stop swirling and disappear in the wind suddenly becoming calm, and immediately afterward, Tao, herself, vanishing.~

Unsheathing her signature sword, Makkani, the dual-blade, The Spirit of Tao took a single slash of the final head of Orochi directly where she was connected to it, severing her own connection from him as though she were a lizard shedding its tail... With she as the tail. The same wind she appeared on would be the one revealed cleaving clean through the neck of Orochi's commanding head. "Father."


~Tao took control of all of her 7 Tails at the exact same time and linked together each and every one of the 7 Shinsangels and 7 Shinsanities through the body of Orochi, and then immediately fought back against Orochi's power as well as prevented him from having any form of control or eligibility to establish or regain control over his pilfered body and tails. "Now that just leaves the head, right Tia?!" The head of Tiamat, though it belonged to the dragon, was a title that Tia, Tao's Spirit, had named for herself at the time before the true physical flesh of 'Tiamat' appeared. Therefore, 'Tia' was the 'Spirit of Tiamat' whilst 'Tiamat' herself was the actual Original Being that Tao had embodied the spirit of, and now faced in terms of the actual body. Tao, already having the Spirit of Tiamat inside of her, would be able to actually fight the dragon herself now for control of the body, title and authority over all that Tiamat was as Dragon Queen. "Tao is gonna make a 'Wind Goddess' worthy story this time!!!" She was also going to have to paint over her old work, since it wasn't very good, in her eyes. It was fortune of being a Scribe, like her twin was the Narrator.~

Having complete control over the entire body of Orochi save for the main head, Tao, herself, would manifest in the exact spot where the Shinsanity of Wind had appeared, with her 8th tail already prepared to connect to the 7th and for Tao to draw her strength from it, as well. With that, she should have been able to connect to the 7th, herself, and bring up each of the other Shinsangels into the 7th as well. Her sudden sense of responsibility also instantly helped her to realize the most effective method of using the fullest extent of her abilities, especially through what she was told about the connection between all of them. She was hoping her father would accept her help... and Tao as his daughter, as well as Dragon Queen, next in line for the throne. She seemed like she wanted to make up for her mistakes and her slacking off recently. Hopefully, it showed in all of her diligent work.

"Wind Legend, Sweetheart," Ty would say immediately, correcting his daughter as he needed to do when she, and anyone else, for that matter, was incorrect, "... You've Been The Wind Goddess For Quite A While Now." He was pleased with her work, it seemed, since he was recognition both she and her work, as well as what she was bringing to the table for dinner, so to speak. "However, You Have Been An Extremely Troublesome Daughter To Your Father. You Shall Still Be Punished." Striking his fingers with a simple snap, Ty-kun called forth a rather fitting throne for himself to rest upon whilst he watched over his daughter, no longer insisting upon taking this as his responsibility to deal with Orochi, but to deal with his daughter. "... Face The Dragon King And Prevail." Ty kicked up a leg over his knee and struck a match, lighting what looked to be a cigar, of sorts. His eyes lulled over the land, keeping watch over Orochi and immediately beginning to assess his daughter to see if she was worthy, in his eyes.


Orochi narrowed his eyes, seeing that he hadn't been as clever in infiltrating this land as he previously expected, yet still drew great rage and malice from the fact that he'd been even exposed to such a foul up in his plan. "... I See You Were More Readily Equipped Than I Anticipated..." he growled, dropping to the air after being successfully cut off from all other angles, "But This Means Nothing, And It Was Already Very Clear That You Knew This." The branches of trees like great veins sprouted from the severed head of Orochi, creating a leg like that of a mountain, and more on their way to stabilize his landing.

"For I, Dragon King Orochi, Am Here For Your Daughter!"

As was tradition, Yamata-no-Orochi was to take yet another helpless daughter as his own, and this one so happened to be daughter Veritas. This was to have been another planet added to his collection of virgin daughters, yet this one was prepared to receive a Dragon King. That was unexpected, to say the least, considering how new this one was. "A Mere Wean," he cried, feeling the breast of the earth with his mighty claw gripping the pastures, "But Worthy Of Our Seed Nonetheless." He looked Ty in the face and sneered, letting his macrodinosaurian form snake around the vast expanse of the empty terrain like it were his body lying with a naked woman. "Surprising That She's Worth Even That Price. Isn't It?!" With a quick brush of his newly formed tail would Orochi away the small girl and her 'oh so powerful' father and assert himself casually over the Veritas from the top down, claiming her as his own.

Meanwhile, Orochi would close his eyes and seek to reconnect with his other heads, knowing that even if they were not of the same body any longer, they would still be able to remain of the same mind as long as one thought to link the others telepathically. Therefore, Gong Gong would be the first and help to bring the other heads out of danger and serve as a hub for each of them to come back together, wherever they were, whilst Orochi focused on linking them so that they may return to oneness inside the land that separated them.

"What did you say about my daughter?!" Ty snapped out immediately, catching all of what happened right before his very eyes on his very land with his very daughter, Tinasanti, the Veritas herself, whose birthday had just passed. She was a new realm, yes, but had developed rather well, as Ty could very clearly see Orochi inspecting for himself. "You Dare Disrespect My Daughter And Myself In My Own Home?" He put out his smoke, clenching his other hand tightly as if suppressing some sort of great rage, "... In FRONT Of My Face?!" And the snake had the audacity to look Ty in the eyes as he did it. There was nothing left to say.


A macrodinosaurian T-Rex, forged of the pure spark of his nerves becoming tense and as long and obtuse as the very Dragon King, himself, sprang straight from Ty's throne as fast as a bolt of lightning and snatched Orochi by his casually lingering tail before it would dare to lay its filthy self upon the Veritas, or any of his daughters, for that matter. "Happy Birthday, Daughter. Kill This Damn Ass Orochi With Daddy's Present Fighting Alongside You." Ty snapped his fingers again, shaking his head and picking up right where he left off, lighting his smoke again and placing it in his mouth whilst pointing leisurely over to the general area that all this dumb shit just so happened to be going on. "Fuck 'im Up."

The jagged teeth, as rigid as the form of the bolt itself, would pierce deeply into the scaly flesh of the serpent and either hurl him up off of the ground and into the air or tear off his tail and savagely beat him with it in a tyrannical rage. Tinasanti, the Veritas herself, would be able to utilize this energetic entity on her own as a natural force of nature of the Veritas, something just the same as what one would see as a tornado or a thunderstorm. After that, though, Orochi had Ty's full and undivided attention. Better believe that much. Hopefully, Tao's, as well, since this was still her battle, even if Orochi had taken it to a whole different level of personal.

"Of Course. Father." Tao hopped upon the back of the wonderful present that he had given to her and immediately took in a deep breath, knowing the time had come.


Her savage primal scream could be heard echoing through the atmosphere as the King Wrecks handled Orochi.


Immediately, from all around Tao, an enormous tornado would burst into existence out of literally nowhere, filled with utter pitch blackness. The entire area confined within this black tornado was sealed off immediately, being sectioned off as 'Sacred Land.' The Priests and Priestesses were those who administered the Battle Of The Gods, knowing all of the rules of the Spiritual Realm and what it is like to look upon Spirit and God. Therefore, Tao, as a Priestess, was able to mark 'Sacred Land' for the Spirits and the Gods as their designated territory to settle their cataclysmic battles between themselves without getting others involved that were unnecessary or out of bounds. This would keep all things contained to this area.


With that done, the black tornado, being made of the 7 other tornadoes Tao controlled, would begin drawing in something from beyond. Simultaneously, the eighth tornado spoken of earlier would suddenly swirl around Ty on his throne, as if either drawing power from him or giving power to him. Perhaps both.

Whilst the ceremonial preparations were in order, Tao immediately sharpened her focus on the target still at hand, of which she had to help Tina apprehend whilst the 7th moon was being handled delicately. "You Dishonor My Family!!" Tao unsheathed her signature dual blade, Makkani, and pointed it directly at Orochi's head, riding the King Wrecks.


Every slash of Tao's bloodstained dual-edged twin-blade was like a blur in the wind; a stroke of the brush on the calligraphy paper of her soul. And whatever was the target of her most horrible scorn, it would be diced to pieces. In her eyesight, that only target was the sniveling serpent that dare try to claim the land in the face of the Family that owned it. She did not blink once, nor show any sign of enjoyment. This time, there looked to be only intense focus and high concentration... As though she had the truest intent to completely kill her target here and now.

Nine enormous roman columns fell from on high, completely surrounding the area swirling with the tornado. Each column harbored a different energy and a different color; Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Violet, Indigo, Black And White. They stretched deep into the Veritas.

"Connection Complete," Tina registered, concluding that the time had come for the Seventh Moon to rise and for her Seventh Arm to be freed from its Seventh Restriction. "Code Triple 7; Kaihou." The shining Ultraviolet Moon would begin to spin, rising up overhead into the atmosphere of the Veritas, releasing all of its residual energy from the 7th Restriction out into the entirety of the land. This would secure the Presence of the 7th in all its entirety being in and of the Veritas as well as the Veritas, itself. The light of the 7th Moon shone down upon the consecrated stadium, where the light of the Presence illuminated the battlefield.

"Shin Shigaitsukiyomi."

Orochi, whose tail was snatched by the jaws of the energetic dinosaur of equal proportions, would disconnect it as soon as it was bitten into. At that point, Orochi would raise one of his arms to stop and grab his own tail, snatching it out of the mouth of the entity and back into his own hands. "Hmph! Defend This Territory As You May, But..." Orochi paused for a moment, finding many columns appearing around the area and a large moon appearing overhead where they were destined to do their battle. He hissed at them, saying, "Hm!! What Sort Of Nefarious Set Up Is This!?" In his distraction, his neck was slashed at by the girl riding the dinosaur several times, though did not sever his head from his new body. Instead, what would occur is, the blood that Orochi spilled would splash onto the land and create several clones of Orochi in a human form, his cells shifting and regenerating, as they do when his head or tail were cut off. He backed his neck out of range of the strikes, letting his blood spill where it may without getting slashed at any longer.

"Did You Think I Would Allow You To Continue!?"


Whatever it was that they were doing, Orochi would interrupt them and ensure that it didn't come to completion. With his blood spilled and changing into human clones of himself, a flood of Orochis would rush toward Ty, who was so carelessly not paying any mind to Orochi. "You!! Do Not Take Me So Lightly!" The army of Orochi clones would quickly surround his throne, with a handful at a time skillfully and expertly conducting a series of attacks in a like-minded manner.

Meanwhile, with his tail back in possession, Orochi would attach it back to his body, letting his cells regenerate and his tail to remain attached again. The wounds he suffered from the slashes of the neck were also healed. With his clones at his feet and his main body glaring the dinosaur and girl down, he hissed again and released a terrible toxic venom from his gaping mouth, a torrent of which would corrode the very energy it touched, which should have covered and nulled the entire King Wrecks just by touching it alone.

Ty-kun clenched his fist tightly and slammed it on the arm of his throne, letting the hatred surge through his strike and out into the land, knowing it can be made good use of later. All that hatred.

By the time Ty-kun was done with his conversation with someone who had called him in the Veritas, and his attention was now fully back on the battle at hand, he would find himself surrounded by some weak-ass clones that were probably just cannon fodder or something lame like that to attempt to prolong his weak ass life. Fortunately, his clenched fist was still on his throne, trembling with power. "Oh. My. Fucking..." He couldn't believe that this damn serpent just wouldn't get out. He was such a nuisance.

"TREMBLE!!!" Ty cried, letting the hatred that spread throughout the land wash over his immediate area and wipe out the clones in one great wave of power. The force would break away their particles, causing them to vibrate at such a rate that they became unstable and no longer able to maintain a physical form. Since all of the clones were coming at him and the wave of power was released from his throne, they should have all been wiped out immediately. "Why the hell won't you just DIE ALREADY!?" He was getting really irritated with this entire scenario, barely even wanting to continue any longer. If it weren't for the Seventh Moon rising, which Ty was already aware of what that meant, his hatred may have consumed him whole.

"Oh shit... Is that... Bae~? <3"

Finally... She was coming to him. If there was one person that could always put him in a good mood, it was his lover. With the rise of the 7th, their connection should have been complete and her power supply should have been hooked up and feeding from the Veritas (as well as Ty-kun) itself, rooting and ingraining her. "We've got the whole fam here to whoop your ass, Orochi. I hope you know you won't live for too much longer." Ty-kun rolled his eyes, muttering under his breath, "Good fucking riddance..."

Tao, in her great focus, did her best to hack Orochi's head to shreds, but it seemed like his neck was too thick for the blade to cut all the way off. In addition to this, he had some sort of regeneration ability which healed his wounds and made his blood into clones. Even so, Tao already knew what needed to be done, and did not skip a beat. "Yield!" she cried, hurling a slew of 'Yielding' Talismans from her hand and straight toward the toxic venom approaching. Once they were within range, the talismans would activate and cause everything in their surrounding area to come to a complete energetic halt, allowing nothing within their space or under their influence to move. They surrounded the flood of poison and halted it in place, as well as its effects, ensuring that it would no longer be effective at all.

"Tina..." Tao called out, rubbing the head of the beast she was riding atop, "... Get Me Close." She was already well aware of what needed to be done about Orochi where they could kill him for good. He wouldn't be interrupting the ceremonial rites of the 7th Moon, nor any of the perfection of the 7th. Tao kept her focus and waited for Tina to get her an opening.

The powerful energy resounding from Ty was a sign of not only the 7th Moon, but also the 7th Restriction, as well as what was promised between Temari and Ty. When the 9 columns connected in the planet and rooted her to all that it was, the black tornado would become crystal clear. The Black and White columns would glow together once Temari revealed herself standing at the very top of the 7th moon, as if she were waiting to gracefully descend.

"... Yes," she said in a deadpan tone, looking quite tired and half dead, "... It Is I. Bae." For her, speaking seemed strained. She hadn't had much energy and was about to die, which was why she was feeding so much from Ty all this time. But now she had enough strength to move. Normally, she would drain him just to be in motion for a moment, which was killing them both, but now that the 7th moon had come to stabilize and harmonize their energies, she could be hooked up directly to the Veritas and draw energy from there, just like Ty did. "... Didn't You Say You Had Something To Do...?" she said, her dry and dull voice suddenly growing into something more positive with the more energy she absorbed, "... Bae?" There were some things that Temari wasn't accustomed to yet since their union, but it was fine because it seemed like a term of endearment, of which she would return exactly as she received.

"... You Must Be So Sick And Tired Of Dealing With This Serpent..." Kicking off from the top of the moon, Temari, dressed rather casually and modestly in her white gown, would float down toward Ty-kun with her wings spread and her body glowing white, like the 8th Pillar. "... Let Us Handle It From Here." She smiled at him and landed with her legs right around Ty's neck, as usual, with her upper torso resting at the crown of his head, gazing off into the distance in a dreamy, far off manner, yet still with clear intent and focus on Orochi in spite of her casual expression. "... Right, Tina...?"

"Affirmative," Tina immediately reassured Temari, handling the King Wrecks with her Crystal Threads. "This Will Allow Us To Beta Test The Argus Card System." Tinasanti raised One of her Seven Arms into the air and suddenly drew energy from within herself. "Meta Formation" she cried out, aligning all metaessences in the area to the energetic formation she wished at the time out of her own energy. "Shark Tank." Immediately, the ground that Orochi sought would become like water at the passing of Tina's hand, and in that water would be nothing but ravenous energy lurking in the deep, waiting to rise up and strike down Orochi on the solid surface. If he fell into the water, it would inevitably do nothing but rip his body to shreds, like sharks with fresh meat.

"Now Commencing Encroachment," Tina said again, moving the King Wrecks. The macrodinosaurian energy construct of electricity would take a single step atop the water and its voracious electrical intensity would spread throughout the entirety of the watery surface as well as the deep, magnifying the strength of its energetic power, gaining control over the field and using the water as a conduit for its energy. King Wrecks howled with power, roaring with the ferocity of a feral reptile before hurdling like a streak of mountainous lightning straight for Orochi with mouth agape. Striking as fast as lightning itself, the creature's jaws would come down on the body of Orochi, whilst from within the water, numerous other electrical Tyrannosaurus heads being conducted in the currents would rise from the water in variable locations around Orochi and do the same thing, ready to tear Orochi's entire body limb from limb from every angle and to have its way with his flesh.

Orochi burned with rage once he saw the moon falling from the sky as well as reinforcements on their end coming into the fray. "So, You Needed To Call For Backup To Deal With Me?!" The grand dragon suddenly sprouted wings as though through some sort of instantaneous genetic mutation, taking to the skies and casting a shadow upon the land that could blot out the moon. Unless the King Wrecks could fly, it should have missed completely once Orochi took off into the air. "Too Weak To Face Me Alone?!" Orochi huffed, the beating of his wings pressuring the air and preventing anything on the ground from being able to take off into the sky after him. "I Will Have Your Daughter, Your Land And Your Wife!!" Even with Orochi's clones wiped out, the Dragon King himself was more than enough.

Being wary of the one that he called 'Daughter,' Orochi would search for her and stretch his long brontosaurian neck down upon the land as his body remained elevated in midair. With his head alone, he would sweep his own gaping jaws over the land at the measly ones, mouth gargling with toxins. One puff of his dragon breath would ignite the entire atmosphere, including where his virulent poison lingered in the air, once they connected, blowing away all of the talismans and each of the beings on the ground that walked within it. The fiery explosions went off like fireworks, never ceasing even long after Orochi had cast the first spark into the poisoned air. The poisonous fire was tainted with the toxic energy and would be harmful to them, especially upon attempting to absorb it. This would hurt even the large body, Tinasanti, by harming the Veritas' land mass and atmosphere.

"You Leave My Family And My Homeland Now!!!" Tao shrieked at Orochi from atop her pet's back, having used the vacuum of Orochi's take off to trail his tail in the wind, latching onto it once the King Wrecks got close. Even if the King Wrecks missed its attack, Tao, the Wind Goddess, who was atop it, could easily move as fast as the wind would carry her legs on the passing gale force wind. She shot straight up Orochi's spine in a blurred motion and would ride the dragon's neck all the way down the length in one swift motion, legs spread for balance as her body quivered at the speed of her movement. The very wind upon Orochi's back and pressed upon his body upon take off were the same as the Wind Goddess herself physically being in contact with him. "Seal!!" she cried, sliding right off the tip of Orochi's head and into the air again just as soon as she touched him, turning around to see all of the 'Sealing Talismans' aligned all up and down Orochi's entire length; Head to Tail and right at the Spine. "Tao's been doing that one since the Fox Spirit first came, nyaa~!" she would flip a few times, wary of one of the heads of the King Wrecks rising from the surface, which was now a giant body of water, and land right at the crest of the skull. Orochi should have been completely bound and subdued, down to even his energy and regeneration. In the wake of the passing wind that was Tao's movement, all of the poisonous haze would be trailing behind her and coming as a shroud over all of Orochi's body, where the explosions from his flame igniting the gas would only go off around him and not on the ground. "Tina!!"

Once Tao called again, Tinasanti would suddenly come into motion, the energy around Orochi's body condensing in the atmosphere in the form of a hand. Whilst in the haze of his own cloud of smoke as well as surrounded by the Veritas' energy, the condensation of such a pressurized force should have been all-encompassing and therefore would grip Orochi's body like a hand with a toy and squeezing tightly for security. "Confirmed," Tina would say once she has a full hold of Orochi's entire body, which should have also been bound by the talismans, "Target Contained."

When it was ascertained that Orochi was gripped and held completely in place by Tina's hand, she would raise the head of the King Wrecks in the water, as well as the entirety of voluminous body from the neck down as part of the massive dinosaur's own. King Wrecks, charged with electricity that surged through the entirety of the aqueous form that now towered over even the grand Dragon King, would open its mouth again to fully consume Orochi and crunch on he, his flesh, his blood and his bones with jagged teeth like pillars of lightning skewering him over and over whilst he was chomped upon like a chew toy. Orochi's body should have been completely obliterated whilst King Wrecks bit into it, deteriorating more and more as the teeth ground it to bits, like one thoroughly chewing and breaking down their food.

Ty couldn't believe that this damn dragon just wouldn't shut up. Just like all those other ones. Yap yap yap and not even saying anything. Just boasting or trying to make themselves look powerful and imposing and whatever, but not actually really doing anything to back that up. Contradicting themselves all day and night to try to make themselves more puffed up. It would be a different story if they were actually putting some money where their mouths were, but in the end, they were just all talk, like this damn Dragon King. Just trying to piss Ty off. "Stop Hatin'. You're the one who summoned the FUCKING ARMY OF CLONES, Orochi. >>;" With just his words alone, Ty's Presence would neutralize all of the negative energy in the air and ensure that whatever poison or toxic energy was present, it was suppressed and nullified with Ty's output of his energy from his technique 'Stop Hatin.'

With Orochi dealt with, Ty returned his attention to his lover, looking up to her as she rested herself atop his head. His body, as well as the 9th Pillar, would begin to glow black and harmonize with the White energy in a Yin-Yang sort of manner. This would establish the full connection of Ty, Temari, the 7 Shinsangels, 7 Shinsanities, the Veritas and the 7th Restriction between the all of them. Ty said in response to Temari's remark earlier, "Nah, we can just cool it and let Tao and Tina handle this from here. If you want to get a shot in, be my guest, but this is her Rite of Passage, too." He lifted his hand up to her face and stroked it gently... delicately... looking into her eyes passionately and with pleasure to see that she was finally able to recover from her deadly and terminal illness thanks to being hooked up to Ty and the Veritas. "... Besides, you look too beautiful tonight, Tsuki-chan, and I just want to spend some time with you..." Ty would touch the back of her ear, stroking it tenderly and pressing his thumb to her earlobe, lightly pulling it and Temari's head down to his face. "... I'm glad you're doing so much better now, Bae..."

Ty would gingerly press his lips upon hers, kissing Temari upside down, letting the transfer of their energies be sealed in a Yin-Yang manner through the connection of their lips. Once their lips and energies were bound with the kiss, what started off gentle and tender would suddenly escalate as Ty forced his tongue into her mouth intrusively, wrestling her own tongue if it had to, whilst he indulged in the health and prosperity of both he and his dearly beloved. His hand upon her ear would shift to the fullness of the side of her face to guide, as well as bring it closer to him with a bit more security. After expressing his love in the best way he knew how, he would unhook their jaws and finish the exchange with a light peck, saying after, "... You know I be missing you when you're not by my side on the throne..."

"I'm Glad You're Better, Too..." Temari would say, blushing a little bit as her lover stroked her behind the ear. She could tell in the way he touched her that he meant it, and that he was overflowing with emotion, even if he was being more gentle about it. She was similar and felt the same way, and wished to return that same affection to him; balancing out the energy. "... No Longer Dying To Save Me..." From the 0th to the 6th Restrictions, there was an imbalance in energy between the two of them because neither of them could level out how much energy they were supposed to give or take from each other, which caused the both of them to be drained all the time and also drain the other without replenishing their energy. This took a toll on Temari first, who had less energy, but needed more to keep herself sustained, and ended up hurting Ty, who had more energy, but never enough to spare to fully encompass two very powerful people simultaneously, which drained his life. With the coming of the 7th, that was corrected, and so would all energetic imbalanced beyond that. Whilst she was recovering, Temari was brushing up on the Tensei Clan lore, making good use of her time out of commission.

"... Tear His Spine Out..." she's say with a soft allure and a loving tone, which masked all of the belligerent hatred and complete seriousness she felt for the snake that was getting in the way of their time alone. "Save It For Me... Before We Grind His Bones..." she'd say again before her head was led down into a deep and passionate kiss. At first, she simply submitted to it and the love behind it, but as Ty became more aggressive, so did Temari, taking it as a challenge. Her tongue wrestled with his for dominance, and though a fruitless effort in terms of the two, with the lingering electricity of Ty's ferocity charged in the air as the King Wrecks, it made the connecting energies all the more vibrant. She bit his lip as he attempted to pull away, as if beckoning for more, yet with eyes as sharp as steel, as if asserting some sort of form of competition. She glared at Ty, saying, "This Is Punishment Enough" before she wiped her mouth, knowing that Orochi was watching. After what he said about 'taking Ty's wife,' this is what he deserved. Watching all of his plans and words come to the opposite of their intended effect and backfiring absolutely completely through the combined efforts of the entire family, including Temari, herself, who was part of this family now, as well.

Orochi looked on with his neck low to the ground and his body way up high, sealed in a position of what would be a bow and forced to watch his enemy and his wife engage with each other intimately before his very eyes. Orochi's rage knew no bounds, yet the seals on his body prevented his expression. Even amongst his haze, he could no longer utilize his biogenetic abilities due to the seals, and was soon captured by the very planet, herself. "Curse You..." Orochi grumbled before his body came to full paralysis, sealed by the talismans. From there on, he was hurled into the mouth of King Wrecks and broken down into fodder. Such is the end of Orochi, the Eight Headed Serpent. Victory belonged to the Veritas.

After the grueling battle against the self-proclaimed 'Dragon King' and prevalent victory belonging to the Veritas, Tao, the solemn warrior Goddess of the Wind, would touch down before the Godfather's throne, bowing humbly to him, with her arm upon her knee and the other touching the ground. "Father," she began, looking up to him, "We have defeated the great threat of the Dragon King, Orochi, and reclaimed the Veritas and our Family's honor." She looked up to him with bold, shining, animal eyes. "I hope this has pleased you, Honorable Father." Ty-kun was the 'Father Of All' here, hence his title as 'The Godfather.' Tao sought further acceptance and favor in his eyes, so that she may receive his blessing. She had worked very hard to make him proud thus far.

Though Ty was enjoying his lovey-dovey time with the bae, he could see that his daughter, Tao, was eagerly seeking both attention and affection, and would have to cut his own time with his lover short for the sake of his daughter. "Hold up, Bae," he'd say, pulling away for a second, then turning his attention to Tao.

"Daughter," he commanded, his voice and demeanor suddenly changing from something casual to a more dominant and fatherly tone, "You Have Done Nothing But Please Me And The Family. Your Honor Is Restored Among Us, As Well As Your Dragon, Tia, Tamed. As My Heart, You Shall Have Your Heart's Desires As I Have My Heart's Desires. I Give You My Full Blessings, Daughter Tao." The 7 that were Ty-kun's children, despite their respective roles in the Family being different for all that was Below Ty-kun, all had their place inside of Ty-kun, which was why all were his Children. Tao, who was Ty-kun's Heart, seemed more than resolute in her feelings, which showed Ty that she was ready to receive her Godfather's blessing.

"Because You Have Faced The Threat Of The Veritas And Prevailed," he began, stretching out his right hand and placing it upon her head, "I Give To Thee My Secret Pirate Crew; The Black Sand Pirates, Of Which You Are Now Leader Of. You Have Full Use Of The Family Airship, Labrys, To Do As You Please Throughout The Veritas. My Daughter, The Dragon Queen That Has Slain The Dragon King, Orochi, Shall Now Be The Head Of The Pirate Crew And The Protection Of The Family Treasure Within The Airship, Labrys." Ty-kun kept his most prized treasures in the Pharaoh's Labyrinth, which was his interdimensional airship, Labrys. Tao would now be that dragon that was Ty-kun's Heart and protected the Forbidden Treasures located deep within. "Go Forth And Be Fruitful In The Veritas, My Daughter." He smiled at her, then ruffled her already wild and spiky black hair endearingly, most pleased with Tao and all her work thus far. She really made up for all her wild and crazy mistakes from before during Ty-kun's absence.

Tao would wait until her Father had given her the fullest extent of his blessing before she would express her excitement, which was building from the very moment he named her leader of his secret pirate organization. "HOT DAMN, REALLY!?" she shouted, losing her serious tone for her normal voice. Her nine tails flicked and flailed about, pounding at the ground violently. "AWWWWRIGHT!!!!" She already had hella things in mind for what she was gonna do. She rose to her feet and stuck out her hand, pointing off to the distance, speaking her mind as her heart ran over with her joy and pleasure.

"First thing's first, now that I'M running the show, I'mma call the 'Black Sand Pirates' the 'Trunade,' because of those assholes that forgot about me and didn't want to be the 'Trunade.' It was my name, so nyeh! MINE MINE MINE MINE MIIIIIIIIINE!!!!!!!!!" She remembered her time on Vescrutia vividly, and really wanted a group called 'The Trunade,' which would be the 'Black Sand Pirates' that she'd come to command. Since those other guys didn't want to be the Trunade, Tao would definitely have the Trunade. "Next, I wanna have a code name for the leader. Uh. Uh. THE BLACK CUBE. Yeah. That's it. Nyahahaha!" A catty smile spread on her face as her slit eyes glared off into the sky triumphantly. She'd found favor in her father's eyes and finally made a good name for herself rather than remaining a fuck up that only destroyed things. As much as she liked going wild and crazy, she liked being in her father's favor much more. "Oh, and Tao has to, uh. Uh. FIX WHAT TAO DID WRONG!" She'd been very lazy recently in her time with Tia, who was trying to teach her to be more serious. Tao figured it was good to listen to Tia from now on, since Tia had done nothing but good for Tao, even when allowing her to use the power of the Voice simply to destroy things and get her way. Tia deserved just as much honor and respect as Tao right now, and Tao would make sure of it. "And uh. What else must Tao do? Uuuuuh." She turned around immediately and leapt at her father, licking his face and kissing him a lot. "THANK YOU A LOT!!! TAO LOVES YOU A WHOOOOOLE LOT!" She smiled, letting her tails flicker around wildly.

Ty-kun would look on at the ambition of his daughter with loving kindness and a warmed heart, pleased that she'd not only learned her lesson on her own, but had also grown from it, and also tamed herself... To at least the necessary degree. She was savage and thick-headed, but she had a good heart, which, at the end of the day, with the correct instruction, would lead her to victory. It wasn't until she pounced on him that he would become somewhat irritated, but still remained understanding to her. "Augh, dammit, Tao!!!" Her licks and kisses were more than accepted, but it was just... A lot? He would grab her and restrain her immediately, before rising up and kissing her on the forehead. "There. I love you, too. Now g'won and git, girl." He would turn her around so that she could direct all that explosive and uncontrollable Heart energy AWAY from Ty, so that she could do what she needed to do on her own now. Since Ty-kun could watch over the whole Veritas now, he didn't expect any trouble from the Seven. He sighed with relief, slumping down in his throne.

"Yeahuh~!" Tao said with a singsonging voice, "LET'S TEAR IT UP!!!!" She crouched down on all fours, as was customary to her, and slapped her tails on the ground, which would each spin and burst as a powerful tornado that shot her at the speed of sound right toward the King Wrecks, which was given to her as a pet. "KING WRECKS!!!!!" she called out, hurdling up its spine. With her pet giant electric T-Rex, she would mount herself atop its head and take off on the wide open plain. The thundering stomps of the dinosaur's feet echoed in the land like a storm, and eventually, its feet would disappear mid-run as the elemental dinosaur gained speed. Eventually, its entire body would shoot forward like a bolt of lightning, until only its head was visible, and the rest of its body trailed behind as a long and giant lightning bolt the size of an actual T-rex. It looked like a lightning dragon shooting across and illuminating the sky. Tao, riding on the head, would guide it toward wherever she would be off to next, to do whatever the fuck she wanted. The Heart of Ty-kun soared into the heavens.
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Feral 40: Green Heart; Assembly

In an empty field in Valparaiso, a white light washed over the area and claimed the land that was barren. The white light would soften to a lower vibration; a dimmer glow, which rested over the set area with a green color. This area, claimed by the Crystal Heart from afar, would be a resting place for its vessels.

"Gather," the vibrations would emanate, and, all over the land, those that were part of the Crystal Heart would be drawn to the land that was bathed in its green aura.

Vita L'sia appeared in the area that was colored completely green, where she felt the pulsations of the Crystal Heart resting. "This is it." She knew that this was where they needed to be brought. "Here, Girls," Vita summoned, calling the Fae to her presence, as they would probably instantaneously or spontaneously appear. "We can talk here." The Fae had never been here before, and neither had Vita, but the Crystal Heart that called out to her rested here, and so this was where they would speak about what was going on more covertly.

The Witches that were in the Olde Witch City had been following Vita for a long time. Though they could use all sorts of methods to get to the desired destination, the fact that they'd been waiting so long for Vita to tell them what was going on was really starting to bother the Fae. "What's with all this jumping around? What happened?" They were getting their panties in a bunch. "We've been left in the dark all this time and now we need some answers!" So many things were happening now that they hadn't been exposed to in what seemed like eons. This much energy and liveliness hadn't been around them for quite some time, else they would have already been around it and using it for their sustenance and natural fodder. The Fae were starved just like the land was of its life essence and energy, so there was never much movement nor interaction, until Vita showed back up in town, that is. They were curious what all these things were that went on around them that Vita seemed to know about that weren't being told.

When the congregation of the Crystal Heart had gathered, the voice of it would speak gently to them on the green emanations that filled the land, which would also fill the minds and hearts of those who were here. "I Have Brought You To This Land That You May Be Commanded By A Greater Force," The Crystal Heart would speak to them, "For I Am Not Here To Govern You, But Simply To Pass You Along As I Also Pass On To My Own Works." The Crystal Heart, like many Aethereal beings, was constantly in motions and ever spreading its energy. As long as it was beating, it was in motion, even when it was resting.

The womanly voice said, "The One That Is Coming After Me, Who I Have Summoned With The Vibrations Of The Crystal Heart, Will Lead All Of You Who Are Of The Crystal Heart. This Will Be The Land Where You Will Congregate." The Crystal Heart spoke mainly to Vita, who was under direct command of the Crystal Heart, and not to her Fae, which the Crystal Heart was already aware were only temporary, and only following Vita. "There Are Many Areas In This Land I Have Brought You To, All Of Which Are Your Own Choice In Dealing With. Whatever You Decide From Here Is Up To You, But What My Purpose Was, Which Was Only To Bring You Here, Is Complete." Thus, the Crystal Heart's vibrations slowly faded, and each of them were left to speak as the rest of the realm was set up.

"DIEEEEE!!!!!!!!" the sound of a primal screech, one which was the voice of a woman, blasted the area as a powerful burst of wind, as if a giant had just started blowing air on the entire area with concussive force. "I'M GONNA FUCK YOU UP!!! HAAAHAHAHA!!!" A whirlstorm blustered throughout the area, knocking around everything that was in the green-tinted area at the time. "NYEH NYEH!!! IT WAS A TRAP!!!" Rain suddenly poured from the sky like the salivation of the mouth overhead. "AND A MIGHTY TASTY ONE AT THAT!!!" The little Fae that were in the area were looking delectable, and Tao, the Wind Goddess that had been summoned to this area, was thirsty for them. "I'M GOING TO DEVOUR YOU. I'M HUNGRY." A sharp claw like a bolt of lightning shot down from overhead to skewer a helpless Witch that happened to have moseyed into the wrong part of town, poking around in something she had no business in. Whichever one was struck would immediately be plucked into the sky just as fast as the sharp bolt hit the ground, and only the smoldering crater was left. All of it looked like a blur and a flash of light.

Blood poured out of the sky like rain, then, so did many other bolts, as well as maniacal cackling that stirred the discordant and turbulent winds.

"HO SHIT!" Vita cried out as she saw one of her girls get struck down right beside her. "IT WAS A SETUP!" She didn't even see it coming. Then again, the Crystal Heart had betrayed her in the past, considering who she was. "Goddammit..." She was tired of getting caught up in the Tensei traps and shit. "Let's scram!!" Without a second thought, Vita took off running, only for her chain-lock broom scoop her up after the first several steps and shoot her out of the area at a high speed. The girls knew how to get out. They were big girls. They knew what this was.

The Fae shrieked in terror when one of their own kind was struck dead. They nearly panicked, but followed the Head Witch out of the territory. They disappeared instantaneously once they reached a certain point in flight, streaming on the various Manna in the air. They would reappear somewhere else as a congregation of energy after they dispersed.

Tao cackled maniacally, letting all the pixie dust fall from her sharp fangs like blood all over her territory specifically marked out for her. "Nyeeeeh! Got me the taste of Pixie Sticks in my mouth now. Grblah." Now that Tao had a taste for Fae, and she was feeling a bit of a deficiency in some areas that were lacking in her life, like members of her territory, she would decide to go out and seek them on her own. Whichever ones weren't devoured would be taken back to this area after she departed if she could acquire them.

The bloodthirsty salivation that poured from Tao's mouth like rain would continue to shower the entire area with water and the storm of her rushing to and fro all about wildly creating a vapor that spread over the land like a curtain. The sound of thunder and the crash of lightning were the storming movements of Tao over the skies of Valparaiso as she searched out some prey to be both her next meal and in her assembly. Every time one of her paws struck the cloud's top like the ground, a stream of bolts of lightning would crash down in that area and strike the entire land with 'Terror' on the spot. When she heard the screams, that would be when she'd sink her claws into them and devour them just like with that pixie girl. No one would ever see her coming. Her maniac, seemingly crazed laughter was blotted out by the crashing of the thunder, yet also added on to it simultaneously.
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Feral 41: Wind Legend 1; When The World Remembers...

After the incidents with invaders seeking to enter the Veritas and defile the land, Tia, the very essence of the Wind itself would manifest back in her holy place in her dragon form; a swirling wind of faint distortion and streams of cloud encircling the floating Sky Sanctum of the Veritas and keeping it protected with her presence. Tia had been waiting patiently for Tao to stop goofing off so that she could receive the last bits of her memory and learn her place as an inheritor of Creation. She needed to recount her history and learn her final lessons, as Tia had insisted before Tao was to be reprimanded by her Father and the invaders from other worlds attacked. Though the cloud dragon's face could not be seen, faint partings in the clouds resembling eyes would loftily loom all around the land blocked off by the vaporous body of the Dragon Queen, Tiamat. Rolling clouds like gaseous limbs would lay loosely over the constructs and architecture of the land, passing only as the presence did, as if walking ethereally.

"Where is that lazy girl?!" Tia nearly screeched as she paced, lightning crackling slightly between the parting of the clouds like the mouth of a dragon, "Did she not learn her lesson before, when Orochi attacked seeking to claim the Veritas as his own? Or when her Father scolded her for goofing off? Is she still thick in the head and fluttery of heart?" It seemed like it, as most who listened to their hearts were. Yet, it was important for your heart to be speaking a good, responsible and important message to you through your feelings and not inviting you or urging you to do things that were not so. It seemed like she, like many others, had not learned how to control that heart fully. "How terrible it must be for her to be anyone's daughter."

"Hmph. I'm right here, ya know," Tao said, unveiling herself from under a flickering multi-layered distortion. "Don't be so hasty, Tia!" Tao would say with a savage smirk on her face, the air around her flickering a bit and making her image like a mirage, "I was BORN ready for this, you know, and I've been waiting aaaaall my life to finish this damn ceremony." Tao had been stuck 18 for like 2,000 years now with none of her descendants or members of her clan able to tame her Spirit and the Curse that came with it. Now that she was finally home free, she wouldn't do a thing to mess this up. "Whatcha got ta eat, Tia~!?" Tao's eyes were vicious, like a monster, and her teeth were sharp, like fangs, but her body was poised, like a person, and tense. She trembled a bit, licking her lips with anticipation.

"Making Up Lost Time:
Is Done With Greater Impact;
With The Time Given" - Restoration.

"When Spirit Is High:
The Soul Has Been Made Pleasant;
And Showers Blessings" - Heart.

"To Hit Hard And Fast:
In The Most Sweetest Of Spots;
Will Fell The Target" - Blow.

"Securing Itself:
The Roots Of The Tree Clench Tight;
To The Chunks Of Earth" - Grab.

"Vines Fall From Branches:
Slender And Stringy Like Rope;
Snapping Like Ivy" - Whip.

"Roots Dig Into Soil:
Like Nails Sinking Into Flesh;
To Tear Up The Land" - Drill.

"The Feel Of The Grass:
Soft As The Soil Where It Grows;
May Tickle The Skin" - Brush.

"Powerful Tension:
Squeezes What Is Between It;
With A Crushing Grip" - Bondage.

"Vivid Vibrations:
And Their Concussive Power;
Level The Surface" - Spread.

"As Hard As The Head:
Yet As Soft As The Bottom;
Is The Earth's Texture" - Surface.

"Observing The Land:
With The Pathway Between It;
Is Like An Invite" - Lead.

"Soft Nihility:
Stillness From Neutrality;
Stasis Via Doom" - Ominous.
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Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia

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Feral 42: Wind Legend 2; Breath Of Life

"As The Wind Passes:
The Buds That Can Feel The Breeze;
Also Hear The Voice."

Covering Myself:
By Restricting My Feelings;
Is A Blessing, Too - Adjustment.

"The Spirits Align:
When The Lampstands Are Alight;
With The Holy Flames" - Ignite.

The Voice That Speaks Truth:
Is The Bird Of Paradise;
Whose Throat Is Most Clean" - Tigen.

"Lasting Impressions:
Come From Deeper Connections;
Bearing Strong Impacts" - Force.

"The Mountainside View:
Is Comprised Of The Two Peaks;
Up From The Valley" - Observe.

"Lift Up From The Ground:
What Lays Low In The Valley;
Waiting To Arise" - Vague.

"The Nature Of Heat:
Is To Rise Up With The Flame;
And Snuff Out The Cold" - Advice.

"The Path Down To Earth:
Is Filled With Rushing Rivers;
And A Lush Forest" - Notice.

"When The Cold Passes:
The Warmth Of The Atmosphere;
Will Heat The Body" - Note.

"Feeding The Umbra:
Generates A Penumbra;
That Increases Depth" - Dark.

"Much Like The Water:
Light And Darkness Intertwine;
In Surface And Depth" - Wisdom.

"Image Is Useful:
Though The Truth Is Much Better;
When Cast In The Light" - Appearance.

"Like Many Others:
I Like To Carry Myself;
With Certain Appeal" - Beauty.
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Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia

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Feral 43: Wind Legend 3; The Trunade

"The Sky Treasury:
Is Filled With The Spoils Of War;
From All The Conquered."

"Those Who Will Come Back:
To Those Who Cry Out To Them;
Have A Special Bond" - Blessing

"Just A Single Dip:
Will Reach Fully To The End;
And Fill The Edges" - Depth

"When There Is But One:
That Is The Source Of Delight;
If The River Stops..." - Sphinx

"The Distributor:
That Has All The Offerings;
Does Not Have To Give" - Sphinx

"One-Sided Appeal:
Feels The Same To Anyone;
Don't Get It Twisted" - Sphinx

"At An Advantage:
Those With Nothing To Offer;
Will Lose Interest" - Sphinx.

"To Achieve Desires:
Having Greater Attraction;
Draws In The Target" - Sphinx

"Sealing Of The Lips:
Leaves A Lingering Silence;
Yet, Other Lips Speak" - Sphinx.

"To Take And Not Give:
Uncovers An Appetite;
The Mouth Will Proclaim" - Sphinx

"Without An Answer:
Revealing Something Greater;
Is Not Possible" - Sphinx.

"Darkness Is A Plague:
That Swallows Up What Is Light;
And Leaves A Shadow" - Ignorance.

Cleansing The Darkness:
Comes From Purifying Light;
That Exposes It - Tip.

"What The Dark May Hide:
The Light May Be Seeking Out;
To Uncover Truth" - Lecture.
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Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia

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Feral 44: Wind Legend 4; Eternal Dusk

"The Dusk Of Nightfall:
Rests Upon The Floating Isle;
Set To Fall From Grace."

"With Such Interest:
In The Arts And Poetry;
A Sample Is Left" - Feint.

A Faint Glimpse Of Light:
Is Still Potently Blinding;
To One In The Dark - Advance.

Distance Is Noticed:
As Rational Formulas;
All Calculated - Notice.

"Silence Is A Voice:
That Speaks As Many Volumes;
As The Length Of It" - Isolation.

"For Too Many Times:
The Surface Has Been Perceived;
Through Tainted Lenses" - Experience.

"Sincerity Is:
Truth Of Sensitivity;
Without A Cover" - Meditation.

"To Cry With The Eyes:
Is The Same As With The Voice;
As Well As The Heart" - Glimpse.

"When Moisture Collects:
After Gathering Itself;
It Reflects Your Face" - Patience.

"Pieces At A Time:
Particles Accumulate;
As Pools Of Water" - Fluid.

"Tears Of Solitude:
Drop From Above In The Sky;
Like The Waterfall" - Cold.

"Like A Pleasant Breeze:
Is A Nice Conversation;
That Settles The Air" - Serenity.

"The Eyes Of A Child:
Seeing No Competition;
Only Unity" - Subtle.

"If You Care To Dance:
Then The Stage Will Be Set Up;
For A Graceful Step" - Move.
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Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia

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Feral 45: Wind Legend 5; Balance

"The Humble Calling:
Of A Stable Foundation;
Rests At The Center."

"To Fight The Coldness:
The Warmth Of A Soft Embrace;
Has The Best Results" - Tender.

"Within Elegance:
There Is An Intimacy;
That Comes From The Grace" - Stroke.

"Like A Mushroom Cloud:
The Great Tree Reaches The Sky;
All Leaves Trembling" - Length.

"Stretching Its Branches:
The Tree Greets The Morning Sun;
With A Warm Embrace" - Magniloquence.

"Sprouting From The Earth:
Spreading Wide And Growing Tall;
Is The Dense Oak Tree" - Tower.

"Gaze Into The Pools:
Deep Into The Soul's Iris;
To Find Out The Truth" - Visual.

"Fragments Of Night Air:
Preserve Single Instances;
Like Drops Of The Rain" - Note.

"The Pure Sensation:
That Passes By Perception;
Is The Stroke Of Art" - Brush.

"The Natural Flow:
Becoming Of The Expanse;
Is A New Canvas" - Art.

"If I Should Behold:
More Lovely Divinity;
It Will Be Returned" - Spirit.

"Elegance Is More:
Than Only The Scenery;
But All Within It" - Beauty.

"The Mind May Be Cold:
Like The Edge Of A Sharp Blade;
But The Heart Is Hot" - Heat.

"What Was Once Unknown:
And Thought To Be Disfigured;
Is Now A Straight Path" - Connection.
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Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia
Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia

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Feral 46: Wind Legend 6; Ancient Chinese Secrets

The Grand Master's Art:
Is The Secret Of The Heart;
Of All Creation."

"An Intense Spirit:
Will Burn With A Holy Flame;
That Is Filled With Love" - Beacon.

"The Gates Are Opened:
For One Who Is Most Noble;
The River Will Flow" - Fluid.

Breaking Barriers:
Shatters Rough Land To Pieces;
To Tenderize Soil" - Curl.

"Once An Earthquake Hits:
The Terrestrial Forces;
Can Rupture Closed Walls" - Feeling.

"When The Earth Is Stiff:
Two Land Masses Colliding;
Make A Seismic Wave" - Tension.

"By Stepping Forward:
One Shows More Initiative;
Than With Just Waiting" - Advice.

"Drenched By The Water:
The Wet Kiss Of The Dewdrops;
Leaves Pleasant Droplets" - Blessing.

"A Vast Waterfall:
That Poureth From Clouds On High;
Are But Drops Of Rain" - Presence.

"Let's Work Together:
To Build Up The Successes;
Of Your Heart's Desires" - Company.

"To Unknowing Minds:
The Path Is Invisible;
Due To Alignment" - Watchers.

"To Set Into Place:
The Final Puzzle Pieces;
Makes A Clear Picture" - Alignment.

"Time To Hit The Road:
The Special Delivery;
Is Prepped To Be Shipped" - Treat.

"The Moves Have Been Made:
For Public Execution;
Texas Funeral" - Set.
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Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia
Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia

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Feral 47: Wind Legend 7; Skybreeze Homes

"The Many Layers:
Of The City's Atmosphere;
Are In Cloudy Veils."

"The More Souls Ignite:
And All Flow With Purity;
The Bigger The Lamp" - Resonance.

"Beyond Visuals:
Personal Experience;
Is Shared In Between" - Connection.

"Soft Inspiration:
Rolls Over The Mental Form;
As The Hand Does Shape" - Caress.

"As Vast As The Sky:
Is The Extent Of Pleasure;
That Wafts Throughout It" - Stroke.

"A Whisper Of Clouds:
Is A Warm Invitation;
To Rest Upon Them" - Ambiance.

"The Song Of The Wind:
Is The Harmony Of Breath;
Passing Through The Sky" - Atmosphere.

"I Have Noticed You:
And The Fruits Of Your Labor;
Both Are Of Appeal" - Presence.

"For One To Have Fun:
It's Best To Avoid The Blade;
That's Between The Lips" - Tongue.

"Punishment Is Harsh:
But The Blessings Are Divine;
For One Who Repents" - Tender.

"I've Got A Surprise:
For The Eyes Of Beholders;
A Real Flashy Show" - Observe.

"I Have Seen The Tree:
And How To Clip The Branches;
Time To Make Some Moves" - Move.

"Lamenting Humans:
And The Ways Of Their Ages;
Troubles Mine Spirit" - Longing.

"A Restless Stasis:
Both Screaming And Yet Silent;
Neutralize My Breath" - Meditation.
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Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia
Kazegami, Crystal Wings of the Crystal Force :: Crystal Garuda of the Avisora Paradisia

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Feral 48: Analyze


Taijitu and the Argus departed deeper into the Veritas.

There was a flash of bright light for a brief moment over the Crystal Ridge at a checkpoint that was created by the Veritas through the Argus, specifically for Taijitu, who stepped out of the light, to rendezvous at. "Hoo~!" She cried with an exasperated sigh. "Yeah, can't wait to see what the new design looks like. We'll get 'er done." Honestly, Tai was upset she couldn't participate in the breakdown procedure. That was actually tons of fun. "Yeeeeeeaaaah, well, I guess I ought'r go finish sprucing up, then, while I'm up." It made no difference to her if she did what she had to do in her Male Form or in her Female Form. Whichever was convenient at the time is what she'd use, as usual, usually. "It'll save me a buttload later when I'm ready to sit down somewhere and not get up at all. BAHAHAHA!" Too bad she was more serious than she was laughing. "M'kay, but to perfect my li'l ducky here... We're gonna need to start up the other Clock Tower." Of course, 'Daddy's Little Angel' should have already been on that, but her ass was probably frozen somewhere and not moving, like her punk ass mother. "Cripes, those two, I swear..." Tai shook her head. "Well, at least they both listen to Daddy. Heh. Heh heh." Tai licked her lips sensually, then nodded her head.

"... These guys best be careful," she muttered to herself in reference to the residents of the Veritas and the foreigners that were frequenting the land, "They don't want me to whip out my dick." Surprisingly, if that actually happened, Tai would immediately turn into her true form as a Male and remain that way, dick in hand. It would be the most treacherous sight, but damn it all if it wouldn't be funny and pretty sexy at that. "... I'm tempted. But." There was a certain level of 'follow-through' that had to be done here and now, so shifting back into her Male form was not the move until she had made the full run through. "... Gotta play it cool." There was no place cooler in all the Veritas than the Crystal Ridge. Cold as the arctic and with crystals littered about like ice, Tai could keep herself real gelid making these next moves.

"Yo, Tina," she said to the Argus, "... Daddy's boutta make some moves." Tai brushed the tip of her nose with her thumb. "Cover me, yeah?" She walked off toward the Clock Tower of the Dawn, which was the sister Clock Tower to the Dusk. If the Dusk Clock Tower was destroyed, then the Dawn Clock Tower was still intact and could transport people directly to the Dawn if (and when) the Dusk had to be demolished and all the temporal shit was done to it until it was replaced. Fortunately, that was in the design plan from the beginning, as were many other triggers in the Veritas no one except the Royal Family (the Creator and Head, especially) knew about. "Gonna show you a few tricks and when I do, I expect you to use em pretty much immediately." Taijitu trekked off across the crystalline expanse, nearing the prominent Clock Tower of Crystal nearly identical to the one in the Dusk, save for some prominent distinguishing features. "Lock up behind us, would you, doll? And uh, when I get in and do what I gotta do, make sure you get into position. I've got something even better for ya when I get back to where I need to be." She raised her hands up into the air and spread them out as if reading a headline, saying, "Dimensional Fantasia." She chuckled to herself, snickering slightly at the end before slipping her hands back into her pockets. "They gon' learn t'day." She left it at that and moved on.

As Taijitu made her way to the clock tower of the Dawn, the Argus continued to 'Analyze' the fullness of the Veritas as a planet. "Calculating Coordinates," the voice of the Argus droned, pinpointing target locations for progressing the fullness of the setup and reconfiguration of the Veritas, which was done every so often until all was set and all would sit, including the Argus, itself.

I. The Dusk was in the midst of recalibration. Whilst in a state of temporal flux, it was like a large blot upon the planet, but when it stabilized again, the rest of the planet should have also been stable and therefore the land would be peaceful and none of the residents would know there was a great and powerful shift, even if they directly witnessed the results of it.

II. The Delta was more or less stable as it was, yet would require more attentive focus than either the Dusk or Dawn due to the fact that Pandemia was the World Power that had authority over the whole planet and no longer just the Delta. Therefore, a station for overseeing the Delta was something of target focus.

III. The Dawn was already being adhered to in terms of the kindling of the Seven Spirits of the Veritas, which were in the image of the Seven Spirits of the Father of the Veritas, whose Seven Spirits were in the image of God. By passing down these Seven Spirits and kindling them in each descendant, God, Himself, would also be allowed to rest in the fullness of the Veritas whilst also all the inhabitants of the Royal Family and the Veritas, itself, would have perpetual renewable energy. The elements of the land would be set in stone, and the energy to power the Veritas (which no one knew was weak without the Spirits). Then the Goddess of the Veritas could truly begin her royal rule.

Otherwise, there was nothing else that was necessary to be observed nor analyzed by the Argus until it was time to transition beyond the boundaries of the planet and leave it to cycle naturally as it would, as it was written.

There was no time to lose. Girl Tymon was at it again, this time with Ty-chan -- Baby Tymon -- at her side, under her arm. She was running like she had somewhere to fucking go. "We're hauling ass, Baby," she said to Baby Tymon, which was handled with care the best way a Tymon (male or female) knew how. "Start up the 'Argus Card System' on the double. Tina can take me to the Pharaoh's Labyrinth so we can spread out the goods." This was no laughing matter. Father Tymon -- The Tyranophant -- Otherwise known as 'Ty-kun,' was real serious about getting back into formation properly, and she knew why.

"Okay, Tai..." she mumbled, trying to keep focus as she studied the land and searched for where Tina was, "... Keep your wits about you..." She slapped her face a bit with her free hand, then gazed intently through her fingers after pressing them upon her face with the last slap. "In a rush, but... Something important..." There was more to this than only what she was doing, and there was someone she needed to tip off whilst in motion. "Fuck it..." Taijitu said, shaking the thought out of her head. "I'll just let Tina do it." Surprisingly, it was actually Tina, but for the sake of the story, Tai was just going to mind her business with Ty-chan like Ty-kun said to do, already knowing what Ty-kun would do if it didn't go off without a hitch. He wasn't having it, and was probably off somewhere laughing because he secretly knew that it was Taijitu who was late and not in the right spot. She coughed.

"TY-CHAN, DO SOME COOL SHIT!!!" Because she knew that Ty-chan (And All Other Variations Of Tymon) listened to each others' commands and also translated everything they were speaking to and through each other perfectly, "ULTRA BADASS!!!!" Randomly screaming out things that invigorate the soul, something like the traditional breaths of the monks, was commonplace among them all when they were stimulated in really any manner at all. "ARGUS CARD SYSTEM!!!!" She hurled Ty-chan high up into the air at top speed and let him do what he do, since she already knew. "It's about to get really 'Card Games On Motorcycles' around'chyea." She smirked with anticipation, biting her tongue with restraint. There was a lurid look in her eyes as she glazed over the land, still running at top speed and searching for any sign of Tina, the Argus.

"FUN!!!" Ty-chan screeched quietly, throwing his hands out into the air as he was hurled straight up through the sky. His crystalline composition began to reconfigure immediately and took on a different form more suitable for dealing with the next string of events properly and most efficiently.


-Argus Card System-

His form instantaneously became indefinite and indistinct, assimilating back with the full integration of the Veritas beyond the System, taking command of the entire thing through the Grand Tabritha, which was the Operating System of the Argus Card System.

='Argus Card System'=


"FORM 1"
Whatever was randomly generated by Ty-chan spontaneously would be inserted into the Veritas instantaneously where and as he desired immediately, and could also be used as a vessel for him to utilize as his own, as he'd done with the White Rabbit before.

After calling out a first form for himself and assigning it somewhere in the Veritas from the outside in, like a designer, the randomized generator of secondary, tertiary and extraneous or miscellaneous forms would string themselves together automatically. During that time, the entirety of the 'Argus Card System' should have been completely stocked whilst Ty-chan returned his attention to assisting the escape of Taijitu (Girl Tymon) until it was necessary for him to observe the 'Argus Card System' again. "Tina!" Ty-chan called out to his daughter, of whom the 'Argus Card System' was made for initially, "Setup Complete!" When she heard this, she should already have known what to do from there. "Enjoy Your Birthday Present!" This was a specially wrapped gift for her from her Father, along with the restoration of the rest of the Planet Veritas. She would once again know an abundance as she once did.

Meanwhile, Ty-chan, himself, actually had greater motives than all of them together, and was also optically focused on those things through the Argus whilst he was completely dominating the entirety of the Veritas in his Original form prior to any transformations or attachments that were given through the Randomized Generator. "Mission Complete..." he grumbled with restraint of anticipation, sounding as if he were holding back malice, "... Proceeding To Next Target." He'd officially 'Done Some Cool Shit' and also organized for Taijitu to be carried off into her proper destination (as by his own designs from when he created her) through something he created long after her, which she was going to need to get familiar with rather readily whilst Ty-chan's greater focus was on something greater than all of them at the present. His acting ahead would also make for proper routes and leverage or advantage for Tai along the way as a natural byproduct of his own doings otherwise beyond her. "Regain My Attention When You Need Me." Ty-chan, who had created all there is and ever was and hadn't made it to the Veritas had authority over all creation, itself, and needed to deal with 'All Creation' as an 'Itself' in private.

"Sweet," said the Argus, whose voice could be heard projected over the full expanse of the Crystal Ridge by the Tensei Family. "Full House." Tina was ecstatic at this and that she was being left with the Argus Card System to entertain herself with as she sorted and assorted the information dealt to her through the 9th Restriction all throughout the Veritas. Now, O.S. Tina, herself, could participate actively in the Argus Card System in a similar manner to how Ty-chan functioned beyond the Veritas as a whole. She would set herself up as 'Ruler' and begin distribution immediately. "Thank You, Father Tymon!" She was delighted with her gift, and it was already installed into the planet and came with customs. It was everything a girl could dream of. At the sight of it, which filled up every one of her eyes at once with Ty-chan's randomly generated formulae, the Argus immediately shifted all her attention toward operating it.

-Argus Card System-

Before she was fully consumed by the Argus Card System and its dynamics, she still had one eye on Taijitu, who was hurrying along signaling for a lift to get to her location. "Yes, Mother Tymon," O.S. Tina responded obediently, beginning to generate what was most convenient for what Taijitu would need at the present moment. The Crystal Threads of the Veritas suddenly became visible after shifting in alignment slightly over the area, intertwining into a network that let upward and off the planet by their interlocking bridges.

='The Veritas'=


"Follow This Crystal Nexus To The Pharaoh's Labyrinth." From there, Taijitu should have known what to do.

"Thanks, Tina!" Tai shouted once the Crystal Nexus converged to another Point in the Veritas to an exact specification among its expanse. The Crystal Nexus had to lead all the way out to the Dimension Gate, which was basically a door straight inside, to the right member of the Family. "We're actually on a roll... Heh. Noice."

Because all the legwork it would take to reach the top by foot would waste way too much time, even though on any other day Tai would have loved enjoying the scenery, she needed to get going back to the Black Sand Pirate Ship quick, fast and in a hurry. "TAOMIN~!" She cried out to Tymon's Heart, by her full name, so she would know that her Master called her (which was only another variation of herself). Taijitu hopped into the air midstep and let a great breeze brush by right under her jubilantly juggled breasts. "Take Momma Home!"




The passing wind licked between the tits of Taijitu almost malevolently, helping her secure her hands upon her bosom. She'd have sworn the brush of those just as voluptuous would have smacked them about, jostling them between the vacuums of the passing fluster.

The vacuous current pierced upward as a slowly opening funnel that drew everything in its wake up with it and straight into its lingering trail. The silent gust sucked Taijitu up and out of the Crystal Ridge with great force, securing her throughout the vacuum of space without losing her to it in transition. Tao's tailwind attached to her tail suspended Tai all throughout as a means of Transportation whilst Tao, the Goddess of Wind, passed through and over the Veritas just once at her command.
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