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 The Prophetic Word; Mewt

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PostSubject: The Prophetic Word; Mewt   The Prophetic Word; Mewt EmptyFri Jul 12, 2019 9:49 pm

Silence 1: To Bear Witness...

It was drowning. Drowning in this unspeakable, belligerent darkness where no light could shine through. All such weak and feeble flickering, wavering candlelights could not even hold themselves alight to the unerring pit of havoc that was the silence of the Unknown. 'Lo, Khrona Tensei would sit in solemn solitude, mind cast into the Pit of Havoc for Solitary Alone Time within the Trinity Plane. With his dearly beloved by his side, he thought tirelessly of what it was he could do about this... Terrible situation befalling the all.

Khrona: "... I haven't even gotten to my True Self yet. This is taking far too long, my dear. Even my own spirit, Tigen, has not been able to retrieve his body... And he was supposed to be our only hope. The Light that could not be extinguished. There is nothing he can do now without his body... Nothing that those without the eyes to see nor the feelings to touch can fully comprehend. To think that even I would have underestimated the power of such pure atrocity..."

At this rate, Khrona's growth would take much too long for him to awaken, especially with him feeding the outrageously large amount of energy necessary for him to grow. All his nutrients went to the village and holding it up, and very little actually went into his own growth. Eventually, the Crystal Tree would fall, and the village along with it.

Khrona "... I can only sit here and wait because I'm bound to my own rules... Until I reach my true form that is trapped within here, I can do nothing at all."

He tapped his finger upon his chair's armrest, pondering away. To act now would create a causality within all realities that he could not bear to risk... Such was the effect of the growth of his power. No longer did he simply affect his own realm, but all of them, for his connection to every version of himself directly in every alternate plane caused incredible shifts when they all acted in tandem. Thus, every move Khrona made from now on had to be delicate and precise... Until everything was back in Order.

Khrona: "To choose your path yet still be forced to follow a specific... Is that really freedom? Of course... Because, no matter what, your destiny is what you make of it."

Though, if everyone acted in a way that effected the Destiny of all... Then they would all be forced down the road to ruin. And they would have to start over yet again, from the very beginning.

Khrona: "... Extinction... The failsafe for any race that progresses down the road to ruin... Bah. When will they LEARN!?"

His gaze drifted toward his window's sorrowful pane and up to the Full Moon, knowing that it was yet again... that time.

Khrona: "... Dear... The Night of Tensei is upon us... And Friday the Thirteenth is here yet again..."

He knew what he had to do, even in all of his Insanity. The only thing left to do... Was to create someone to take Tigen and Priere's place. The two of them did not want to have to suffer that fate... The fate they knew all too well of being the bane of existence... Lucifer and Luciel... To ask them to bear that burden was unheard of.

Khrona: "... We have to make another child. This one born of all oneness that is myself; the absolute oneness of all realities, dreams and consciousness..."

It was sad, really... To bear only one son so that he may endure this fate... It brought tears to his eyes simply to know that it had come to this...

Khrona: "Call upon Trinity. It is time... The Last Time..."

Khrina always hated to see her husband in such a rut about these affairs, knowing that he couldn't do anything about it. He and She, their True Selves resided here in the Manor, watching and waiting for them to sprout within the Tree of Life and Truth. Though their powers were awesome and grand, the two ultimately could not act until they completed the Thirteen Restrictions, which they were doing simultaneously. Trinity, a being of pure Consciousness, did not need to undergo the Thirteen Restrictions because she was born into her True Self, and would progress on her own.

Khrina: "Do you really think you can take it? Do you think he will be able to? I mean, if anything, he'll always have his family, but..."

It was like a mother to be concerned for her own child, even if he was merely just a thought. By him simply being a thought between the two of them, he was already in existence, though had no consciousness and no form. That is what Trinity would do.

Khrina: "Sometimes, people need a little help finding their light... You know our son will be alright, even if he does become such a scorn... We'll always love him, and his family will always treat him the way he deserves, even if the ignorant masses don't. When they grow, they'll be able to see him for the great being he is just as we do now. But... The saddest part is..."

She paused, drifting over to Khrona and staring up at the moon as well, well aware that it really did come to this... And she was just as pained as he was.

Khrina: "He can't know a thing about it. I don't want him to act out because he thinks we don't love him... I don't want him to go through so much pain and hurt just because of these people... Is there another way, Khrona? Anything at all?"

Her arms flowed round his neck like a gentle stream as she buried her face in his neck. As much as she disliked showing her true emotions, when it was just these two, it was alright with her. She really wanted this process to be... Better for everyone.

Khrona: "I know you dislike that we have to do this, but it must be done. For the greater good... You know it pains me just as much to not even give him the knowledge of--"

Just then, it hit him. Why couldn't they give him the knowledge of it all? He could endure the Thirteen Restrictions whilst also knowing exactly what he's doing to make the process easier. The only thing is...

Khrona: "I have it. He won't have a Voice."

It sounded rather far-fetched, but with Khrona's Hyper Perception and amazing mind, he'd already gone through every last intricacy of this decision within his head more times than numbers could keep up with.

Khrona: "Absolute Silence. Not a single wavelength, frequency... Nothing. All things will fall silent in his wake. He he will be so apathetic that to him, everything is pointless, purposeless or worthless, and only things of value will be spared being 'silenced.' But, of course... There is still the only thing left. Free Will."

That was literally the only thing that Khrona could not bypass. The Will of Tensei.

Khrona: "... The only way this could work is if... Without his voice, he also had no soul. No will of his own. Not a mindless servant, but..."

It was almost to much to bear for him. Could he really not trust his son with the gift of a Soul, even before he was born? No. Khrona had to give him fair share. Though he may be silent, he would still have will of his own.

Khrona: "... No. I won't dictate his life. You know how powerful the words of a Tensei are, even if they can be undone or overwritten. I want him to make the choices he wishes to make with the knowledge he is given. With that, he will be able to roam as he pleases, and do as he wishes. I must have trust."

With his wife buried in his neck yet again, he unhooked her arms from round his neck and pulled her to her feet, passion burning in his eyes.

Khrona: "Call Trinity. For real, this time. We're doing this. Once she makes that being into consciousness... We'll need to put him in a body. You know what to do from there. All the same materials Tigen was created from. Fabric of Space, Stitch of Time, Three Halos of Light  -- with Magnificent and Reflective energies coursing through -- and a place for that light to rest. Where Tigen and Priere have failed... Mewt. Mewt Tensei will prosper."

It was surely a shame that he had to be created for such a purpose, but as long as he knew what he had to do and had the will to do as he pleased, even without a voice, then his fate and his destiny were all up to him.

Khrina: "... Alright. If you think it's best..."

Drawn to her feet by her lover's grip, she swirled out of his grasp and toward her seat, wherein she would call upon the grace of her dear daughter, Trinity Tensei.

Khrina: "Trinity, you cute little thing! Mommy needs you~!"

Obtaining the Fabric of Space was not that difficult, considering her dress was made of the same material as Despair's was. She (miraculously) tore off a piece of it and handed it to Khrona, now simply waiting for Trinity to appear with her share.

The moment she was beckoned, clear across the infinitum, she appeared in the room with a reality-shifting *Poit!* Naturally, she heard the cry of her mother and wanted to see just what was up.

Trinity: "Mommy Mommy Mommy! Daddy! I missed you guys!"

She naturally snuggled in her mother's bosom, cuddling and nuzzling cutely to stay warm. She was almost lulled to sleep immediately upon arriving there, and she cooed happily.

Trinity: "What's uppp~...?"

When his daughter appeared, Khrona smiled, it having been a long time since he'd seen her. He wondered where she went whenever things happened, considering that she wasn't exactly fit to run Mors yet.

Khrona: "Well, my sweet little girl, I need you to obtain a Stitch of Time. Just pull a completed thread from the True Timeline so he can be linked to All Times. Therein, the Fabric of Space will then be linked to All Time and All Space as well. As for the Three Halos..."

Tigen always used his halos as his 'Magnifiers,' as he called them, which would do all sorts of things about his body, and didn't even stay aligned above his head. They usually resided with two beside and one on top. But, such was his will.

Khrona: "... I have those. I'll create them from the Crystal Fruit upon the Crystal Tree; One for Knowledge, One for Life and Truth and one for Fate and Destiny."

With a snap of his fingers, a Crystal Fruit appeared in his hand, perfect and beautiful in nature. A glint from his eye sliced the fruit in three perfect portions, by which Khrona fashioned into three perfect halos and charged them with a beautiful light.

Khrona: "Alright. Now then, Trinity, your turn. When you obtain the Stitch of Time, I need you to link his consciousness with All Consciousness. After that, we'll place all of the materials in the Cauldron to birth our final child... My son."

Trinity: "Roger that, daddy! One Thread of Fate, Stitch of Time, Bucket of Destiny, coming up!!!"

... That wasn't what he asked. Oh well. She *poited* away again, and in an instant was back with an ethereal sort of thread.

Trinity: "True Timeline, last stop!! Let's go, into the pot!!"

As hyper as ever, Trinity took the thread and hawked it into the Cauldron, bouncing up and down in the air waiting for her mom and dad to put their parts in so she could see her new brother!!

Trinity: "I'll give him some consciousness! See, watch!!! Mmmmmmmmm....!!!!!"

Scrunching up her face and concentrating deeply, she exploded with light. Literally, exploded. And it all poured into the Cauldron, not too long before she reformed in front of them.

Trinity: "Phew! That was fun! Now hurry up so I can see my bro-bro!"

She was the most impatient of all. Of course she would be, considering she came from a family of all girls. It was refreshing to have another male in her life, especially one that would be her broski~!

Khrona sighed, knowing that Trinity got her impatience from him. He made his way over the Cauldron with all of the materials in hand... And of course, plopped them in.

Khrona: "Now, we wait. Shouldn't be too long now. As much as I would have liked to bear a child in the 'other' means, we do that for pleasure. This way is much faster. Hmhmhm."

He looked up to the grandfather clock in the distant corner of the room to check the time. Five minutes was almost up...

Khrona: "... Four... Three... Two... One... Ding ding ding~! He's done, everyone!"

Khrona stuck his hand deep into the Enigmas to pull out who was inside, ready to bear witness to his new son...

The feeling of a callous hand driving itself in the back of my head... All of his intentions are coursing in my brain. I can feel the knowledge pulsating within... All this power... And yet...

I can't find any point in all of this.


Rising from the ethereal pool of the Unknown, pulled forth into this world and birthed from a sinister concoction, the boy would take his first look at his family. First, his father, the madman behind this experiment. Second, his mother, who he felt the essence of wishes and dreams... Not of this world. Finally, his sister, Goddess of Death and a connection of the One full consciousness. Yet, he couldn't stare any of them directly in the eyes.

These people... They're my kin. They feel love for me, yet, knowing what my purpose is, can I really return this feeling? Do I even have any feelings? I was already created without a voice. That says enough about it all.

This being was a different one, for he did not think, nor did he speak... He narrated his life through Prophetic Word. What was text is what became. Prophetic Word.

Khrona: "SUCCESS!"

Plucking the boy from the Cauldron by his head, Khrona stared at him with love and affection, yet also sorrow and discontent. He could feel all that his son was feeling, and knew just what he was... Expressing. There was a bit of concern on his face for the fate of his dear Mewt, and how he would develop...

Khrona: "Hello Mewt... I am your father, Khrona. Though, I know you know that much already. As much as I'd hate to say this... You know what you must do. I just want you to know... Before you go off on your own... That we love you, despite what you have to do. And it won't always be like this."

Khrona could only hope that it would be soon... Soon that they would all wake up and save his son from this terrible fate that he was born to have. The enemy of all... Maybe it was something that was too cruel for anyone.

Khrona: "... The more you slay, the more power you gain. So..."

Khrona could see that Mewt did not want to stare him in the face, nor any of the people in this room. Who could blame him?

Khrona: "What are you gonna do?"

Khrina watched as her dear son was pulled out of the Enigmas, naturally a little worried about the finished product. Already deathly terrified for the fate of her little boy and what havoc he would cause, she stayed completely silent and stilled her tongue. It hurt her most to see him avert her gaze... Almost like he detested her. Straight from birth, and he already had such profound darkness within him... Was this really a good idea?

Trinity MARVELED at the sight of her new brother! He wouldn't look at her, but she didn't care because now she FINALLY had a big-little brother~!!

Trinity: "YAAAAY! Brother~! Brother~! Brotherrrr~!"

She immediately latched to the top of his head like some sort of brain squid. She nuzzled his hair and played in his three halos, enjoying them like some sort of baby toys.

Trinity: "I'm gonna love you forever and ever and we're gonna have the best time and you're my beeeest friend!!!! Don't you want to play with me, Mewtie Cutie brother pootie~!?"

Crawling from the Cauldron and fully into this realm, he stood and stared down at the floor, completely and utterly silent. He took their words and feelings with him as he headed toward the door...

Mother... Father... Sister... At least I know that they'll always be here. But what is the purpose of knowing if you can do nothing with it? What a bleak world this is... To seek out such a horrible ideal for nothing. This place is pointless. I only wish I could have this blissful happiness that my sister has... Ignorance is bliss, they say. But this whole place is ignorant, yet they aren't happy. So there's no point in even that. Maybe one day they'll actually know something... And find purpose in this worthless realm.


He plucked his sister from his head and placed her in the Cauldron. Still making no eye contact with his mother or father, he walked slowly out of the door to meet the world with the end...

Khrona crossed his arms and tilted his head to the side. Though he knew what he had done was fated, he still had just a little inch of worry within himself that something horrible was going to happen. Nothing that was outside realm of possibility, nor nothing that couldn't be fixed, but just something damaging to everyone else...

Khrona: "... Do you think this was the correct thing to do, or should I have just let everything fix itself naturally?"

Not like it mattered now. What was done, was done.

Khrina hurried over to the cauldron, pulling Trinity from the cesspool of abysmalness and into her arms. She could tell that Khrona was just as worried as she was, even if it was only just a little bit. Though, such feelings were perfectly normal, even if they knew the outcome. Turning her head to Khrona with a look of concern, she answered him...

Khrina: "It was fated, dear. That's all there is to it."

Trinity wasn't worried like her parents. She was happy, especially since she knew the outcome. That's all that really mattered to her, in truth.

Trinity: "You guys worry too much, you know it'll be fine~! Now come on, let's go DO SOMETHING! Mewtie Cutie is, so we should, too-tie~!"

And with that, she would *poit* herself away.
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PostSubject: Re: The Prophetic Word; Mewt   The Prophetic Word; Mewt EmptySat Jul 13, 2019 8:56 am

Silence 2: The Resting Bud...

The field of flowers, gorgeous in nature and it atmosphere, held the power to bring peace to most any restless soul in the world. With a delicate breeze sensual to the touch and a beaming aura of bliss, it was a miracle to find one single being whose within could not be put to rest by the vivid beauty...

The flowers... Their lives are so simple, it can almost be called beautiful. Grow from the darkness buried beneath the earth and up into the light of the warm, loving sun. Spread this feeling onward through your children and populate the earth with your beauty, working together with other plants to make this world better... If only the so-called 'intelligent life' could find it within themselves to do the same.

I walked deeper into the field, to find in the midst of it all two morsels engaged in a spar, tearing up the land in the process. I guess the lives of these plants are just as worthless as theirs. There's no point in any caution or any care. Just mindless destruction. To think, this 'intelligent life' is just so damned stupid... What could my father see in them that he wishes to preserve them? They're uncaring, selfish and destructive by nature, and hate to get a taste of their own medicine. They can't even face that they're just as worthless as everything else here... Pointless beings.

He continued closer to them, completely silent, for that was all he could be. All around him, an eerie vibe of Absolute Silence brought everything to an ominous quiet. Sound would fade from their ears the closer he got to them, until even the winds were hushed.

Some ninja were fighting near some trees.

One of them would find it to be more difficult to do away with the branches of the other, for with each one he shredded, another one grew in it's place. Soon their numbers would double far quicker than the ninja could dish out his shuriken. The branches went in for grabs, the sporadic movements coming from all over the place.

The ninja was placing himself in grave danger, for the extremely toxic facets of 'A's blood were not to be underestimated. They had been festering not only in the decayed life in the swamp, but in his body for quite some time and began quickly corroding -- though the nanites within him proved to be quite helpful in keeping him alive.The sudden flare of intensity would not reach 'A', for he would have used his connection to the swamp around him to seep quickly into it. 'A' shifted his position in the battlefield to be quite a ways away from the ninja -- over 75 meters or so. He plotted his next move during the evasive action but just as he was about to unleash it, he got a gut aching feeling... Another had entered the air, for the fog told him so. It's feeling... It's power was like anything "A" had ever felt. Filled with... Nothing. He knew it held naught but malefic intent for both he and his opponent, though the opponent was no worry of his. He'd give of a warning to the boy, but "A" himself was about to cut his play time short... Not before reversing the damage he had done.

A: "Wood Release: Bringer of Life and Death technique..."

With that, the Swamp would begin to dissipate as 'A' began to take his leave. Parts of the swamp started to 'invert' itself in a sense; instead of becoming a giant cesspool of death, it began rejuvenating the flowers and healing the scars of the land around them. The black fog that was airborne had begun to fade as well, the skies returning to normal allowing the light to reach them once more. By this time however, in a flurry of blackness 'A' had already vanished. Someone though... Needed to be warned of such a power exiting... The power of Nothing walking about the face of the planet.

The other ninja let the boy disappear as he saw the figure approach and everything went eerily silent. Watching, he turned around and his eyes flicked from the boy he was fighting to the boy who approached and brought the silence with him. Glad that the first ninja brought back the atmosphere, the other ninja smiled a bittersweet smile as he prepared to take off -- the new stranger seemed to be one he shouldn't toy with. He launched high into the air, not looking back but keeping his secret eye technique on the silent one until he cleared the area, where he would slow to a casual flight going back to his Village.

As I walk, the area suddenly becomes clear and beautiful, and the vermin that once plagued the land scurry away at the mere feel of my presence. Cowards. The all of them. Just as meek as sheep and as timid as rodents. I don't know why they run from me... Since I'll just end up finding them later.


With skies cleansed, lands restored and beauty reformed to the Flower Garden, within Mewt there resided only a tender feeling of sickness and disgust. This sickness came from the care of their own lives, to the point where they would run even from their fated destruction. Yet, even in such terrible agony, his expression did not change, for it made no difference how he felt. All that mattered was that they were dead.

Next time, I just won't give them the chance to run. The weak will flee, yet the strong will stay. Maybe, they were smart to flee from me. How can an existence so smart... Still be so stupid? I walk further into the flowerbed, gazing grimly at the buds below my feet. Maybe they're still growing... I trek on, and out of the Flower Garden, to find more morsels. Reformation can only come from absolute destruction.

The boy's feeling of disgust would stay, but whether he knew he was being watched or not was a different matter. The other ninja that was miles away turned around, watching the strange sound stealing little boy. He couldn't let this go unanalyzed; his eyes piercing through the skies with the secret eye technique. He was watching the boys movements, analyzing his body and chakra wondering what he would see with his eye technique as he took mental notes, maybe even perceiving some of the things the boy could do.

The feeling of eyes watching from afar... It would not go unnoticed, and so quickly brought to Absolute Silence, as well. There is no analysis within my field space of Absolution. All readings brought back to those eyes would fall silent, just as all things that entered this vicinity of mine would. Detestable...

Though only the feeling of the eyes brushed him, the effect of the aura of Absolute Silence did just as its name suggested. He stopped walking on his own, turning his attention to where he felt the eyes coming from, only to see in the distance the ninja from before staring back at him with those awful white eyes. The boy's hands rose to chest level, undergoing a number of complex motions and placements, seemingly archaic in heritage, and much different from any known hand sign for normal Jutsu.

Time to meet your Deadline, onlooker, for your grave's been woven in the cat's cradle... It will spread round your body and trap your spirit, bringing your very life to its final moment...


He stopped only when the invisible threads were completely woven into the shape of the Cat's Cradle between his fingers. Pointing the almost completely invisible Threads of Fate at the ninja from afar, there seemed to be no difference in the atmosphere, save for the slight sway of the trees nearby. He held his hand steady, looking through the center of the strands with but a single eye and at his target; that ninja
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Raigami, Crystal Petals of the Crystal Spark :: Crystal Chrysanthemum of the Mezzo Terra

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PostSubject: Re: The Prophetic Word; Mewt   The Prophetic Word; Mewt EmptySat Jul 13, 2019 8:58 am

Silence 3: Fading Out...

A building filled with dying and the sick... The weak and pained. There's no point in them living on... It's such a shame to see them try. I can feel their presences... So very close to the edge... to their Deadlines.


After his excursion in the field of flowers, the boy aimlessly wandered toward a building where he felt the strongest presence of the weakest people, close to meeting their ends. A sort of 'Natural Selection' sensor, one could say, to see who lives through a Mass Extinction.

Why would they want to live so badly... In an existence that is nothing but pointless...?

Completely and fully surrounded in Absolute Silence, his steps became untraceable, as did his presence. Things around him fell silent, as well, as if to mark his coming. All will fall silent as a warning... But could they catch on to something that was all around them? Perhaps not...

Lifelines all trying so hard not to meet their ends... Where will you go if you will not end? Back the way you came? Or forward, into the Unknown? You must be afraid...

This boys steps and movements naturally stayed in sync out of everyone's vision. As soon as he entered a room, it fell silent, and all would look away, as if choreographed to happen at the only instant where no one was paying attention to him. What a sad, sad life. There was an eerie feeling that people could not quite put their fingers on, letting only the feeling that 'something was coming' from the Unknown. The skilled nurse may be the only hope for these people... Only Destiny could save them from such a cruel fate...

Unlucky...? Unlucky was an understatement far unbecoming of the true dire of the situation at hand.

Roaming the hospital corridors for weeks; months on end in secret, moving only in the corner of everyone's eyes and on the whispers of their lips to take the lives of countless, the 'who?' that perused the hospital nonchalantly, unaware that he had not been noticed surfaced in a place most unexpected...

The whispers of death called him. The smell of apocalypse beckoned. Created as one who fed off of these neverending 'main courses' of nature, the silent boy could do nothing but aimlessly walk straight into the heart of it all... All three of them that stood behind the door called out to him in some way, shape or form... One beckoning his uncaring embrace, another to break him free of his bindings, and the last to bring about the Last Supper...

Why is it that I can't feel sympathy for these pitiful souls...?


And all the commotion outside and inside would fall silent... It was the symbol of his coming, seemingly choreographed to the point where as soon as he made his entrance, no one had anything to say, no sounds were made, and nothing could be heard. He would arrive and depart only in that quick instant where everything was in Absolute Silence...

The door fell to pieces, literally hacked to bits by a force unseen, thin like string. There he stood, presence unnoticed and sound unmade as the falling pieces of the door quietly wisped away to nothingness. Glazed and uncaring were the eyes of death, looking upon the one who called his name...

Just a Genin... Another lamb to be silenced.


Such expressionless demeanor as he targeted his prey with eyes lulled and narrow. His silence amongst the noise matched the silence in his head; he had no thoughts, nor words. Empty; completely and fully. No mind was paid to neither the Great One nor the former Lord of Darkness, as they were not anywhere near of importance. More pointless side-characters in his peripherals, to him. As the coated man so callously snapped the twig-like legs of the putrid pitiful morsel that quivered before him, the boy would simply acknowledge the presence of the Lord of Darkness and a black explosion launched the boy head first into the falling body. Easily reaching Mach 3, the streak of black lightning snagged the bag of flesh just as it hit the ground with a rather moist


So juicy the single sound to break the silence; the snap of a lifeline. Resting in the Cat's Cradle between the boy's fingers, there lay a single core of chakra wisping about as though a spirit in the wind... He plopped it in his mouth nonchalantly, walking away from the hospital solemnly, as if nothing happened.

... Is there anything else to do here...?

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Raigami, Crystal Petals of the Crystal Spark :: Crystal Chrysanthemum of the Mezzo Terra
Raigami, Crystal Petals of the Crystal Spark :: Crystal Chrysanthemum of the Mezzo Terra

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PostSubject: Re: The Prophetic Word; Mewt   The Prophetic Word; Mewt EmptySat Jul 13, 2019 9:26 am

Silence 4: Ninja vs. Mewt

The ninja from before walked onto a battlefield, cracking his knuckles, then rolling his shoulders, and silently stood in his Gentle Fist stance.

Where have I ended up...? A tactless void, no doubt, probably created by one of those great beings... Why would they put me in such a bout? There's no point in any of it, after all...

With hands in his pockets and a flowing, tattered, pitch black jacket reminiscent of his father's laced upon him, his uncaring eyes caught sight of a face across the way. Somehow, he could not help but feel familiarity from it... But didn't care, all the same.


Ninja: "Sup dude, I think we're supposed to be fighting."

The ninja thought it weird that he should suddenly appear in this arena with a person opposite, so he only assumed the seemingly obvious. He kept his Gentle Fist stance though, prepared for an attack.

The battlefield they were in was a vast, dark forest, where barely any light shone down. It was easy for him to consider this place like a void, for his steps were barely visible in front of him. It was night, and seemed nearly pitch black, save for the openings where the light of the moon shone bright.

Fighting? What for? There's no point to it... Unless he just wants to die. Whatever. I'll end that pointless existence of his, if he wants it so badly. That is my only purpose, after all...

His hands clasped together, then placed his index and thumbs of both hands together, then apart from the other hand, as if straightening string. It was barely visible, almost like that of a spider's web, and even less in this dark forest... He walked around one of the trees, as if he were avoiding the person on the other side, prodding it as he passed with his finger. He continued on, as though he were going to walk around the ninja completely, and to another tree...


The ninja activated his secret eye technique as he watched what Mewt was doing. Seeing the strings he'd thrust his palm forward almost supersonically and with his Gentle Fist prowess creating a vacuumed shell of compressed air towards the boy, waiting to see if he could dodge the near invisible attack before continuing.

What's that? A weird distortion of air from around his palms...

He immediately hopped to the side, rolling to the safety of the next tree to avoid the attack. Staying hidden behind, he slapped the base of the tree and pulled himself up, peeking from the side just slightly to see his target.

So he's got projectiles... He won't face me head on like that. Hmph. Just prolonging your death, you fool...

Narrowing his eyes toward his goal, which was the next closest tree, he would be able to hide behind the large and thick bark of such majestic giants and be completely safe from harm. He dashed as fast as he could, letting his head turn to meet that of that ninja, wherein he proceeded with a set of what looked to be rather archaic hand signs unknown to the shinobi world.

From my fingers, I shall ensnare you in the Cat's Cradle... And you will meet your end...


Mewt's fingers were in the position of what would be the Cat's Cradle, however there seemed to be nothing between his fingers. Not until he pointed his 'open' fingers toward the ninja, and a faint glow connected strings to his fingers in the form of the Cat's Cradle string figure. The same image was projected around the ninja only as a faint glow for a moment, and when Mewt pulled the strings undone within his fingers, the same would happen around the ninja. With him in the dead center, the strings would be able to ensnare him and trap him in his place. All the while, he would still make his way to the other tree, even jumping to safety, if he needed to.

Ninja: "Whoa."

The ninja gasped as the glow surrounded him in this strange pattern. He jumped and slightly boosted his way out of the strings. He landed outside the cradle before dashing his way towards the tree the boy was hiding behind, determining that with his secret eye technique. Appearing on the side of the boy he thrust his palm again forcing another shell of compressed air towards the boy at close range, aiming to damage some chakra points along the arm, possibly breaking it.

He got out of the way... But it's a fruitless effort all the same... He's coming this way, I can hear his footsteps. He'll meet his Deadline coming in so close to me...

Which way Mewt's opponent came from was something he could not determine in the dark, as well as hidden behind the thick tree. Finding it best not to be in the way at all, he figured climbing the tree was best. A hand raised up to one of the branches, and a thin line extended, reaching up to the top, but just as it was about to reach a branch, the ninja appeared from the other side.

Oh... He's faster than I anticipated. But it doesn't matter. I can escape.

The string attached to the branch, ready to pull Mewt up to it like a zipline, but just as he was a small ways off the ground, the vacuous shell made impact with him, sending him flying all the way around the tree.


His power is greater than I expected, as well... I can feel some sort of intense displeasure within me... Almost like a disruption in my power's flow. I wonder if the string will hold, then...

Swung and slung around, the string, in fact, did not hold for long due to the chakra points in said arm being disrupted a bit, and he was sent hurdling toward the ground, rolling toward a tree at the far end diagonally of the one he was at before. Stopped by the burly bark with a great thud, the rustling of the leaves above was all he heard.

He will pay for that... Only prolonging the inevitable... Just like an ignorant being of his kind. Clinging to life like a lowly leech... It almost makes me feel worse than being hit by that technique of his. Doesn't seem broken... He didn't damage it as much as I thought. I bet if he fights, he'll not accept death no matter what way it comes... He should be more like this tree...

The deadly Tensei forced himself up, swinging his arm behind him as a glowing streak of thread cut clean through the tree. With no physical damage done, the tree aged at an ungodly rate, falling to the 'end of its time' via both body and life. Unable to hold its own form in its old age, it collapsed upon itself internally, the specific point his Deadline touched falling to complete dust, before the tree began to fall down in the ninja's direction. He hopped to the side, not wanting to be crushed by the arboreal elder, and dashed off between two other trees and into the darkness.

Don't come after me, you fool... Unless you want to end up just like that tree... You're nothing but a dumb sapien, anyway, aren't you...? So much potential wasted on the likes of you and your kind... I can't see why anyone would want to be here in a place populated by you all...


The aged tree connected with the one the ninja was near, subsequently knocking it down atop his head before the first tree fell to sawdust, nothing more than dead leaves and a smokescreen of old sawdust. That would hopefully keep him at bay as Mewt continued on between the trees, and hidden by the cloak of the night.

The ninja kept dashing, rolling with the thrust before using his chakra control to run up the tree, perching in the one of the high branches trying to focus his eye technique and see through the night. Not being very good at it, he followed the boy with his eyes, more so by watching his chakra network through the trees. The ninja leapt from tree to tree in near silence as he tailed the boy, he unsealed multiple shuriken and threw two towards the boy as he neared a tree before jumping off into some other trees, disappearing from his spot before the shuriken landed.

pointless being giving chase up above. Why am I even doing this? Isn't my body made to withstand all types of punishment? That was the point of making it like that Scarecrow, after all... I figured that tree would have stopped him, but I have a backup plan. I might as well not waste the potential of 100% of my mind...

Anticipating that the ninja would give chase in some fashion, Mewt was prepared for the that ninja no matter where he went. The consistent and rapid rustling of the trees suggested that he was trailing fast, and as Mewt ran, the sound of something cutting the wind behind him. Two shuriken hit the ground right in front of him, whizzing past his shoulders. A lucky break, it seemed that the ninja's accuracy wasn't spectacular, though rather unfortunately for him, being in the trees was not the best place to be.


Pulling his outstretched arms toward him, the Deadlines all connected, each set of trees he ran past suffered the same fate as the first before, all being pulled toward him. At the base where the strings connected, the trees would turn to ash just like the other, leaving a great smokescreen of sawdust in the air as each tree collapsed. A domino effect caused the rest of the trees around to all fall into each other, crashing and falling, poofing to dust and dead leaves as they made their powerful impact. Wherever the ninja was, if he was anywhere near Mewt at the time, his tree would not only be withering, but falling, and all other trees nearby would do the same. Eventually, that whole section of the forest was nothing but a cloud of dust and rustling leaves.

I hear the sound of rushing water... There must be a river close by. The might oaks have fallen, and it's my hope that guy's corpse has, as well. Making my way to the water, he'll have no choice but to face me head on... Now that I know what he can do.

He took that time to reevaluate his arm, which has been slightly ruptured by the power of the the ninja's trademark technique. It wasn't bad, and he could feel power returning gradually, and soon his arm would return to full strength.

I'll catch him with my string figures... I just don't get why he can't figure out how worthless his advances are. Even if I am hit, the victor shall be me... So there's no point in even trying... He's just going to die, anyway.


The ninja was already far ahead of Mewt, leaping through the trees much faster than the boy could on foot, but with the crashing of all the trees the boy wouldn't hear any lead as to where the ninja was headed.

The ninja leapt ahead looking back as he heard the trees crashing behind him. He exited upon said river and threw two shuriken behind him aiming for two trees within the forest opposite the river making them too hard for the naked eye too see, before he jumped into some trees away from the boys direct path, and waited for the boy to come out from his destructive streak.

He was nowhere to be found in those trees. That means he's nowhere nearby, giving me ample time I needed. Does it even mean anything that I' engaging here, or is this just another sick joke? I can't even believe he's surviving this long... Hm... I'll snare him with something better, then... How did it go...? Ah... Framework for a Hut...

In the dust and debris still covering the majority of the area, Mewt tirelessly played away at his own little string figures, finding it more enjoyable to experiment with them than he did trying to get the accursed ninja to sit still and take his death like a man. He wouldn't make the effort to pursue, finding it pointless, since it was only in the nature of a creature of primal instinct to tirelessly defend itself against a threat to its existence. Fight or Flight, and most chose Fight.


Working with his string in his hand, he was starting to get a little better with it. It was fun, since he knew of a few off hand. Cat's Cradle and Framework of a Hut were two he knew, easy.

Hm... Put this here and work my fingers like so... Hm... This seems just about right.

Again, it looked to be a bunch of archaic hand signs, in odd positions that one would never see a ninja do in this day and age. He started toward the river, still fiddling with his hands a bit more...

The ninja looked back towards the boy wondering what was taking him so long and would see him begin to focus on his hands signs once more. Before he got started however, the ninja quickly unsealed two kunai and threw them perfectly through the trees towards the boy with the ninja's chakra boosting them to amazing speeds, aiming to pin the boy's loose sleeves to a nearby tree. This would have both his arms pinned to the tree with the kunai pretty deep from their speeds. The fire would also light the jacket on fire.

Still fiddling with his own hands and Deadline strings, Mewt paid no mind to his surroundings now, since everything around him was beyond the river. Not a single tree remained in his immediate vicinity on his side, due to them all toppling over and falling to dust. When the blazing kunai scorched the skies, his conscious mind took note of where they were released, even if he wasn't actually looking or 'paying attention.

Got you, rodent... You're trapped. I won't even bother to look up... It doesn't matter what you do, now.


The kunai did indeed hit their mark, though they did not tear through the jacket, nor did it burn. It was made of a special material similar to his own body; the Fabric of Space and the Stitch of Time. Made in the likeness of his 'brother,' Tigen, only without the typical ragdoll Scarecrow look, this fabric was quite difficult to burn and was just as hard to cut. The kunai did indeed hit the trees, but only their dusty remains all around Mewt's vicinity.

Only a moment later, he spread his hands away from each other, one going up and the other down, and with a faint glow, revealed the form of the strings between them. They took the shape of a hut, and what was projected to the ninja's hidden location between the trees was the same hut-like figure, encasing the tree in a number of Deadline strings.

If only he knew that moving was not in his best interest... Not like it was worth telling him, anyway. A creature like that will just do as it pleases, whether it is to live or to die. A pointless existence, all the same...


Continuing over the river, then... Hop... Step... Jump on these most conveniently placed stones and toward my cheeky little prize... Then I'll make more time for figuring out more of these patterns...

Mewt's mind had innate knowledge of his own powers within, though due to the circumstances of birth, he needed to figure out ways to use them by himself, delving into his own mind and 'figuring' new things to access this hidden potential. As the battle progressed, he learned more about himself...

Upon the boy reaching the ninja, he would indeed be trapped inside the string house Mewt had spun around him, he had no way to anticipate such an attack was stuck where the trap was spun.

Ninja: "Hey, what's going on here?!"

The ninja's eye technique could definitely tell by looking at this chakra that it was some sort of death chakra, further proof being the trees he had seen the boy so recklessly destroy. So he would not make a move towards the strings trying to completely avoid them.

I told you that you'd be trapped, you infernal creature... I'll entwine you in my threads and bring your life to an absolute end... Absolute Silence...

With the image shaped in his hand and projected around the tree, the ninja seemed to know he was within its bindings. Part of his ability to perceive pure chakra, he should know exactly what the fate of touching one of these deadly strands was. He seemed hesitant to move, not wanting to risk touching a single one of them. That was all part of Mewt's plan. In his hands, the threads were spun clockwise, then swirled into an individual line with all the threads focused into one spot, closing in fast. Naturally, such was the same for the projection around the tree, and hopefully the ninja, as well.

To be touched by one of those strings is certain doom... As they swirl into one accord, they'll close in around him and his destination, closing off any means of escape... To jump through the open gaps whilst they spin is far too dangerous, for even the tiniest slip up will cost the fool his life... But maybe he doesn't care about his own life? Maybe he's like me? Maybe that will be his driving force, as well...


The threads all swirled into one, closing in on the tree from every angle, leaving a very small window of opportunity for the ninja that could risk him his life. As the threads were all threaded together, the tree that they converged on fell to dust instantly at their touch. But the fate of the ninja was widely unknown...
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Silence 5: Death And Rebirth

Called back to the land from which I wasn't even born... A soul plucked from the ever abyss of the Cauldron. How could I be called born from the Tree of Life when even my birth was unnatural? I may be of his flesh and heritage, but I am not truly... His son.

Appearing in the Crystal Tree when summoned, Mewt Tensei stood before the apparition of his father he so callously cast aside. He knew he was related by blood, but in no way felt the trueness of being his spawn. There was something odd about this life he led, and his being called here today... Something terrible.


The second to show to this little gathering, as she was already within the Tree's perimeter, was Corona, Khrona's sister. It was odd that he called his 'children' and his 'sister' was labeled as one of them. Must have been something she wasn't quite getting yet.

... I can't believe what I'm hearing. He foolishly created me, only so that he could send me out to my death to be created again? Is there really such a lack of purpose in my own life, to think I could be toyed with so easily? My life is just as pointless and meaningless as any one of these ignorant fools out here that defile this world without a care... So... Why should I care about this? There isn't a single person who gives a damn about anything but themselves... This world is hopeless...

So it's much better to just spread despair... I don't care what happens to me, but I refused to be used as some puppet...


His unerring silence thickened the air, tension rising beyond levels known before. Even if he felt nothing within him, his mind ran wild with thoughts of betrayal and disdain for his own life. To be sacrificed so casually... Khrona must really be someone selfish to even consider doing that.

Things would be much easier if we just used our immense power to kill everyone... As a family. Then we wouldn't have to worry about fixing their mistakes anymore, or our own. It's not like they're worth anything, anyway... If even our lives have no purpose, then what are those of the ones sheltered by this Tree? Nothing... It's all nothing... It all returns... to nothing...

Rejecting his father's will, Mewt turned away, fleeing the Crystal Tree. He would do things his own way from now on. To him, everything without worth or without point... Shouldn't be allowed to exist. Including himself. His only driving force was to get rid of all life; mass extinction, before he would also get rid of himself. Maybe then there would be change in a world started from scratch.
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Silence 6: Father And Son

A fair breeze perused the once barren land springing to life again, bringing with it a foreboding force who immediately brought with his presence the tension of a certain-to-come death right behind. It would seem out of thin air that the boy would appear, but his presence would go unnoticed to the two conversing under the dead tree.


I walked through that hospital and no one even knew I was there...

Every time he passed by someone, he brought upon silence and they would simply not see him nor notice his presence, almost as if the boy simply followed the path where there was only silence and was guided down it without knowing so. No one looked at him. No one spoke. No one even breathed; the child unknowingly walked in between the breaths of every person in the building as an underlying presence masked by all the others. But every time he appeared, someone died.

... Shouldn't my presence be more prominent in a room?

There it was. The Ambient Silence; a presence that demanded Absolute Silence at all times of its presentation, at the penalty of 'eternal silence' (death) if not obeyed. After just unlocking the Chakra Seal upon his body through the interaction with the Dark King, the boy's power grew to match it, and he was on to look for one of the other 6 Heavenly Seals to break upon his body. Now his very presence teemed from his body, creeping up on every being without being noticed. It was like the silent boy was never even there, but everyone would know he was coming because of the Ambient Silence that constantly pulsated around his body.

... But what's the point in that? Then I will be noticed by some worthless pests...

He was not aware of his function in this world, and perhaps, even though he possessed the full knowledgeable extent, that is the force that drove his complete apathy for all things. Why would someone ever need a creation such as him? Why would anyone ever want something like him to ever exist? He could not believe in the slightest that anyone would. And yet...


His presence still demanded Absolute Silence, forcing through its imminence an ominous calm to the situation of his amnesiac father's younger self and the descending blue orb. The sound of the falling moon fell on deaf ears now, for as he appeared in the vicinity of Khrona, the seal broke between Father and Son, and the boy's strength grew to match it, just as it did when he stood in Shinta's presence. Two of the seven people required to meet with to break the Seven Heavenly Seals had been found and he now served as a mirror in return. He had no clue where he was going, nor what he was doing. Simply being tossed around carelessly in an arbitrary direction. But somehow there was always a charitable outcome on his part. He moved forward in Absolute Silence, prepared to claim his victims...

The reclusive, lost and confused young man was hearing nothing of what this girl had to say to him. He was going to sit under this tree and simply die here, or not die here, but he was going to remain in that position; head covered and legs tucked tightly between his arms' embrace.

Khrona: "Nothing matters anymore... So why should I even--"

But before the melancholy young man could finish, his head was rather abruptly pulled from its dark covering and into the light of the world, only to find a giant blue eye gazing down at him from above.

And after that, everything fell absolutely silent.

For but a single moment, there was absolutely no sound. Gazing deeply into the sapphire eye of the first moon, Khrona fell to the Shin Aotsukiyomi, and his entire life flashed before his eyes. He saw into his own mind by staring into his own eyes from a he from beyond this world and knew that somehow, it was simply time to do what he was about to do. The assurance of that situation was the next thing gleaming in the corner of his eye...

The brilliant star streaked through the sky from the blue satellite, and where one may think stardust trailed behind as a clear-cut path for the Blue Moon to follow, the shooting star would make impact in Dusk City.

... A shooting star absolutely assured him that the time had come.

The lost child gazed into the sparkling stream of memories and dreams sprinkled like dust behind the ball of light whose destination was set for the Dusk City. Somehow, as he stared into it, he was able to simply see everything as flashes of broken memories in his head. It was all starting to make sense about what was happening; Khrona's lost mind ran rampant across the planet. This was all his fault; all his mess. Now, sent down here by the he of above, Khrona was going to have to fix his past mistakes and help to save everything. Their time damn near did not exist anymore, and to make matters worse...

When he turned his head, Death was right over his shoulder. His first son; he who would inherit ALL of Khrona's greatness and allow for Khrona to cease to exist as anyone but his son. The one who would take his title, and in fact, by default, already had. It was the same way that Tigen became the Pumpking, for that was the way of his people. They absorb the will of the one before them as they grow stronger than the one before. That was how to become head of the Tensei family, and that is what he had done! Though he knew that this, the being he stared in the face, of absolute perfect semblance to himself (save for the black hair), this was what he was racing against. He was on the clock.

All such is what was realized in a single Moment of Silence.

Mouth still agape at all his mentality that just rejuvenated itself after looking into the moon, he knew that he was going to have to reach the Dusk quick, fast and in a hurry.

"... Then let's go," he responded quite decisively to Misery's frantic ranting. Where she tried to pull him in one direction, he immediately snatched her his way, giving a sinister signature sanguine gleam to his counterpart, before angelic dragon wings of the purest, most gorgeous crystal sprouted from his back, covered by the blackness of his blood (so that other people were able to perceive their form, mind you.) He took off without much more as a thought, leaving behind him a trail of viscous Life Energy which forced the Mystic Woods to spontaneously evolve, just as he was capable of doing. The traces of this forcefully grew the trees even better than they were before, now with Doubt and Confusion lacing the forest in addition to the already ambiguous reality. Instead of a crater of unparalleled destruction (as Khrona's wings were capable of easily destroying planets), instead of annihilation there was life and growth; a magical and mystic forest completely regrown in the wake of his majestic wings. The evil Khrona... the Antagonist that had just revealed himself openly to his rival would be lost in this questionable forest for quite a while.

Whether Misery knew what was going on or not didn't matter at this point, for she was going to be filled in later. She was one of the key components to the Second Moon after all, even if she didn't know it... But the First One had to be dealt with first. With his mind returned to him in a jumbled mess, using some of his psychic powers was going to be difficult until he could unscramble his head fully, which was probably why he did not just teleport there in the first place.

Khrona: "Misery, you're going to have to change to your weapon form. I don't know much about how to use my psychic powers... As all the Information comes with the 9th Restriction released... But I'll help you when I think I can."

Right now all of the information in his head was 'Random Access Memory,' meaning he couldn't specifically call upon information as he knew it because nothing in his head was where it was supposed to be. Though as we speak it was all getting sorted out, this was still Khrona's head, and even Khrona had trouble solving some of the problems he himself put before him. But everything would be put into place as he unscrambled it and solved the puzzle, so when he did get something, he would know how to use it. For now, he just soared down low to the ground toward the Dusk City...

As soon as he opened his mouth, Misery was just completely pissed at him. Of course, she would be, since she remembered going through this already. Khrona was lucky that she loved him... for whatever fucking reason why. Sometimes, she didn't know herself, but every time he showed her and reminded her why. In fact, now was one of those times.

A disoriented "Eh?" was all she could muster as she was yanked (by Khrona, mind you) in another direction of his own will. That was a miracle for this boy to have a will to do something, cuz when he did, it would get done. Now holding on to him as best she could over the sky, she listened to him as he spoke, still a little bit in a daze, herself by all of this. It was then that she realized... His mind was starting to return to him. His memories were coming back!

Misery: "Wa-wa-wait, so you're telling me you remember now!?"

Well, she couldn't lie, it made sense that if Khrona looked straight into his mind, he would be able to pull his memories from it. Maybe, if that was the case... He could just take it all back into his head and avoid the collision. Did he think about that, too, or was he simply acting on mental instinct? Sometimes, she couldn't tell. But it was a good thing that this guy couldn't be read. Builds their trust.

"Sure sounds like you do. 'Bout fucking time," she mentioned as she swung herself onto his back, taking a standing position as they glided over the horizon at supersonic speeds, "I was starting to miss the old you!"

She smirked, a little upset that she said that, but happy to be back where she loved to be the most, right behind him and having his back 100%. Their resonance together left a beautiful red and black streak behind them to symbolize the intermingling of their souls. Looks like she hadn't even noticed Khrona's son's presence there, for some reason...

Creeping closer to the couple in question, during his approach his eyes met in an immediate deadlock with his father once his gaze averted from the moon, letting him bear witness to the one that just recently and instantaneously matched and combined his power with the one he had before.


A Moment of Silence was shared mutually between the two before the elder of them burst into the sky with a flap of his great wings. The apathetic young one did not pursue with haste, as he knew his path was predetermined and inevitable.

... Don't you know it's pointless to try to run, father...?

Like a dream, the roots sprouted up from the ground in a magnificent display of beauty and life not unlike the wings of the one who produced this feat, till the forest grew over the line of sight beyond it.

As I watched the forest bloom around me, I could not hear a single whisper from the woods, for my presence demands Absolute Silence.

There was no sound; only silence, as is what the Ambient Silence 's function was. There would be no questions to heckle or trick him and send him into doubt here, for his silence refuted it all by simply being as it was. He cast his hand, and a Rolling Silence marked a path for him through the woods. He did not need to see nor know where he was going, for the Absolute Silence would be the path that guided him. Moving quickly through the Rolling Silence, the boy took off in a black burst.

Not a single thing will deter me...

He had an acute perception of where his path led, almost as though being guided down a predestined course that he (who lacked a brain to think, a soul to feel and all things required of a free will) needed not pay attention to. His existence literally was pointless, as he was already walking a path chosen by someone else. He existed simply as an algorithm to do as it was told; almost like a computer program aware of its use. He did not need to try, for all would simply just occur as it was supposed to.

... For where there is life, death follows right behind. You cannot outrun your expiration... So it is pointless for everything to exist in the first place...

His legs carried him with an effortless speed through each of the winding branches, gnarled roots and twisted trunks that made up this beautifully misshapen realm. The ambiguity of the forest made no difference to him, as the Absolute Silence let no vibration, no frequency and no wavelength into motion within its presence. All would become flatlines or 'Deadlines' as he called them, completely neutralized, nullified and without functionality any longer. The boy most literally walked in darkness, unable to see a thing. He was en route, closing on fast on foot to his flying father.

Rocketing over the trees and down the sloped hillside, Khrona raced toward the city recently changed to a fine crystal, following the sparkling trail leading him in the sky. He sensed that his counterpart hadn't been deterred at all by his means to distract him, and his methods of movement seemed quite unrealistic. Already, he was picking up speed navigating through the trees and the ambiguous reality with no problem at all. His legs moved so fast so effortlessly, it was pretty unbelievable that something like this was able to keep up with Khrona in the sky on foot. The only person that this reminded him of was...

Khrona: "Speed King!"

That's right! Khrona had a battle like with with the Speed King before! What was it that he started to do...?

Khrona: "Flicker in and out of reality at a high speed!"

The only way Khrona was able to keep up with the Speed King was to use his mind; the only thing that could match that awesome speed. He thought deeply, concentrating on his inner thoughts... Calming his psychotic mind.

Think... Think...

Speed was to the Speed King as Flicker was to... Tigen!! Tigen hadn't gone to get the Speed King yet! Now he remembered! The Crystal Fruit fell from the tree first, and that fruit was Tigen! It made impact in the Dusk, too, meaning Tigen HAD to be there! Might as well get the fastest thing to exist to help speed things up a bit... He was starting to remember some of the events from not too long ago before returning to this state of being, which was really helping him out a lot in his guidance down the correct path. If he could get to Tigen, he could send him to get the Speed King!

Khrona: "Misery. Hold off what's following us. I'll focus on steering."

Though he didn't want to ascend too high without remembering how to fly as proficiently as before, he might have to go up a little bit to get this guy off of their back. Wouldn't be long before they reached the Pale Forest...

Misery: "Speed King? What the hell are you thinking about him right now for?!"

Then the wavelength shot into her head, too. Through their resonance, she was able to hear his thoughts in her head, and then able to understand his thought process better. But in doing that, it allowed her to feel the power of something else way off in the distance... Something she felt her attention being pulled to unyieldingly...

Misery: "... Wait. They fed the BEAST!?"

In a sharp gleam, a thin blade appeared in the palm of her hand in the shape of a kitchen knife piercing through her skin and into her grip. Turning the blade up toward the sky, she honed in on the concentrated wavelength of Insanity she was the Sister of. They might be able to put Khrona's soul back together really fast, too... One step at a time, though. She homed in on Brother X and the planet in the middle of the battle between her other half, Temper the Keeper of Hatred... Sounded like that was going bad.

Misery: "Grrhhhh...!! Just what the hell are you telling your peons to do with Tabris, eh!? We've gotta go scoop them up, too!! GAAAH FUCK!!! Then where the hell is The Beast!?"

She swirled the knife in the air frantically, searching for the Beast's wavelength of pure hatred in its greatest concentration. That seemed to be coming from up within the Dawn. They hadn't left its perimeter yet, but they were doing so now quite quickly. She could feel the vacuum beginning to press down on her bones... Yeah, this was Khrona flying alright. There was no time to lose.

Misery: "Status Report; the Beast is still up here in the Dawn as a concentrated hatred bringing with it the fires that it seems Temper is feeding it through a battle with Brother X, the planet and Tabris. They keep pissing off the Keeper!! And if the Keeper's pissed, then the Beast is definitely murderous right now."

All of this was starting to hit her at once... It was like she was helping to unscramble Khrona's thoughts in relation to what was going on in the world... A Sister of Insanity, true and true. So, in correspondence to the Beast and Temper, the Keeper, then Misery, the Sister could get all the info on the situation all at once and share it with Khrona. She felt almost like... a piece of his soul.

Misery: "It's stage 3. Must be disgusted with them. Fuck, they don't know what they've gotten themselves into!! Hrrrrr..."

She snarled under her breath, getting a little pissed off herself... But she knew that wouldn't add to the situation. She just had to try to keep her cool so she didn't feed the Beast... Sigh... So in that list of things to take care of were the Moon, the Mind, the Keeper, the Beast...

"... And what fucking thing that's 'following us...?'" she hissed with a repressed hatred whilst turning her head behind her. There it was running right behind them, lurking right over their shoulder. It was a creeping presence that she could not even feel, for it felt purely like nothing. Seeing that thing that looked like Khrona practically staring her in the face, she was anxious to get out of this predicament.

Misery: "FUCK!!!"

Her wavelength popped and crackled in a crisp crimson fire wrapped in pitch black flares. The combination of both her wavelengths of Insanity and Condemnation into one thing (finally); the Burning Condemnation. In her hand, the Condemn Blaze burned with the intensity of hellish curses, the energy of death and decay, and the fires of the Insanity of Hatred. She lobbed round after round of the wicked fireballs at the black-haired Khrona, arms blurred in the rapid movement. Each of the Condemn Blazes scorched through the sky in the form of swords (as Misery is a Sword themed weapon). She managed to maintain her balance on the accelerating Khrona's back, but also really felt like they should have been going to handle the situation with the Beast first.

Misery: "Khrona... We HAVE to deal with Temper and the Beast, too! What are we going to do about them?!"

She'd continue to fire these blazing swords at this guy as long as he was there, making sure never to cease until this creep incinerated!!

Ugh.. We're gonna need a miracle to fix all of this... Some Divine Intervention or somethin... Sheesh!

Continuing on his destined path, Mewt slipped through the trees with ease and into the face of Misery des Gloomi. As she turned, she should have felt his presence, and a Moment of Silence would be shared between the two. It was only immediately after which she fired off her infernal swords, all of which could not penetrate the perpetual noiselessness of this boy's infinitesimal apathy.


Not a single sword comprised of wavelength would infiltrate my atmosphere. No wave, no vibration, no fluctuation may permeate my presence's demand for Absolute Silence; all such return to noiselessness. Down to Zero.

The boy's heritage was now being forged; he was of Grim heritage, and thus had an affinity to the Zero World. Her wavelength dissipated into nothingness, nullified once reaching a certain radius between she and he; a presence that brought nothing but silence. A nothingness most foul...

He quickly weaved in between his fingers a hand sign, seemingly archaic in nature and nothing of which this world had ever seen, as he was known to do. Between his intricately placed fingers, a quick flash of light traced a spider web laced through his digits. Though that quick gleam was the only precursor to the event, as its impression on the atmosphere left slits forming a web that literally killed the atmosphere, slashing and burning through it like a plague. Swiftly pulling his fingers further apart, the thread-like slits were pulled into a singularity with its center set on Khrona and Misery. The web would ensnare and slice through what it touched, erasing it on contact.

All of this was coming down hard on Khrona, and it seemed like more kept coming... More and more, there was something somewhere that he needed to fix. This was his problem, and it was time to stop it. But how were they going to do that if all of his powers were scattered about...? What was it that Misery said...?

Divine... Intervention...?

He remembered! A psychic technique of his that he was able to call upon the power of the 5th for guidance with total clarity! Opening his mind and conjuring a miracle!

Khrona: "Misery, that's it!! I know what to do!"

Seems like just the words were enough to trigger his Random Access Memory, which brought down the information of the Divine Intervention. He was linked to Tabris after all right now... And he had all the information locked in his head. It was a shame that he didn't get unlocked until the 9th... He may have been the most useful right now. A Mind with no Knowledge has to Learn it all again. Oh well. Might as well make it fun if he's gonna learn all he can!

Khrona: "Come to me! Utter Clarity!! Divine Intervention!!!"

Immediately, the answer popped up in his head... The flickering of Tigen... The battle with the Speed King... And how he was going to reach Temper the Keeper so they could seal up The Beast!

Khrona: "Teleportation!!"

One of the most basic psychic abilities, and simplest to remember! Just be wherever you need to be, and as long as you could get the coordinates in your head, you could go there instantly! Coupled with the Cross-Dimensional/Reality Awareness that he was capable of, he would be able to easily flicker just a second or two into the future, just outside of the clutches of the web of silence, as many times as need be to evade it.

A halo appeared over his head for a moment after that, which he promptly snagged from above his cranium and pointed it in the direction of the planet... The Hyper Perception of his Tenseigan (the most basic and standard of the Tenseigan eye levels) was able to isolate and pinpoint the location of Temper's Hatred, and a crosshair appeared in the center of his halo once the targets were aligned. His free-fall down to the Dusk wouldn't take long at all.

Khrona: "Catch, Tabris!!"

He'd say mostly to himself, knowing that Tabris could hear him (that was his Mind, after all.) A direct link between those two meant that their minds were connected, and if that was the case Khrona could quite easily send Misery right down to his location to deal with Temper by herself. She was the Sister that balanced out the Keeper, after all.

Without warning, a vacuum greater in force than the concussive sonic booms undulating around Khrona's free-fall flight back down drew Misery into its center. This vacuous force belonged to the locked-on-target halo, which forcefully altered Misery into pure energetic wavelength form, blistering with flames of black and red hue. Released as a blazing rocket-like arrow of pure lightning, the crimson sword would leave a cleaving slit in the sky a piercing rouge hue as she was instantaneously transmitted from Khrona and to Tabris.

Khrona: "The Sword of Truth... Now let me go collect the others."

The Second Moon was going to be rising soon, and the other 6 Sisters were of dire importance to it... Still, that didn't protect him from the menace that continued to lurk directly behind him. He was going to have to teleport down to his location at this point.

Khrona: "Catch ya later, son."

He smirked at Mewt, feeling as though he had thoroughly outsmarted his brainless and destiny-bound creation. Flickering through the future again only by a few seconds at a time, Khrona was able to simulate his normal 'Body Flicker' technique that required the use of his Reality Warping techniques that he didn't remember how to use yet. Thank god he was smart and resourceful enough and had enough control to be able to do the same thing with all of his abilities. He would be just ahead of Mewt and just out of his grasp, his next destination being... The crystallized Dusk City.

You can run, but you cannot hide. Wherever you go, I will be right behind. This is the absolute end of the line. Nothing can save you from death this time.

Almost like a haunting childish melody, it ran through his head silently, noiselessly, yet clear enough for him to understand what it meant. His ties to Khrona would take him wherever he would need to; wherever he was about to face the end of his days. On his own, Khrona could not meet his end by conventional methods and there posed only one other guaranteed way to erase him besides his own self, and this boy was the key.

So why do you continue such a pointless endeavor, father...?
Just let me consume you. This fate driven by destiny...
It makes everything pointless...


And where Khrona was about to be struck down... No matter where it may be, there would be this man's end, creeping up right behind him in Absolute Silence, waiting to take him from this world. The chase was never ending, he would soon find out, if he didn't know then he knows now. Until he fell to Absolute Silence, that is.
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Silence 7: Out Of The Dark, Into The Black.

Picking up right where you left off, you appear behind Shin'Khrona, wasting no time in getting him to bite the dust. Even through the cycle of rebirth through the Zero World, you have but a single purpose, and that is to proclaim the death of whomever you come across, wherever you go. In the Absolute Silence was the specter able to appear, doing nothing but that; spectating until the time came for his prize to fall to his hands. Such was to be pulled by the strings of destiny, having no will of your own, you only move where you need to be. You exist only to bring things to their end.

... So what is the point in living if nothing can be enjoyed?
It is pointless to want life... Because all I can do is cause death.

You look around at the petrified forest and find that you've appeared in the midst of a silent storm... Almost too perfect to trap and ensnare your prey. In a realm where silence is golden and no words were spoken, cornering the elusive extension of life itself would be by no means an issue this time around. Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

The raging Jade Amaterasu from up above scorched the silent skies, ready to strike Shin'Khrona down. Patiently, you await his demise to fall so you may swipe up all that he is. The cloud's mighty rumbling is the sign to what is soon to be...

The one who is stricken by the Jade Amaterasu will die without question. No hesitation. No mercy.


The calm before the storm... Rather, the calm was the storm, and Shin'Khrona was about to meet his end here, being struck down by the bolts blazing from the sky. You are here to oversee death, after all.

Shin'Khrona snickered to himself playfully, having outsmarted the tricky fox at its game. Now it was time for Shin'Khrona to put everything in place just the way it needed to be.

Khrona: "Gotcha."

It looked like death was upon him, congesting the abysmal black of a sky within this petrified prison, as the fox so nicely described it. Exactly what Shin'Khrona was waiting for. Out of the corner of his eye, the same black shadow of himself from before was there standing right behind him, which was how he knew that he was going to die. Or rather, that he was supposed to. But he was betting it all that this scenario was going to draw the boy bound by fate back to Shin'Khrona's side.

Khrona: "Any last words...?''

Speaking through a sinister smirk as his calculations all fell into place (as per usual, mind you,) the blazing green bolts burst from the sky and rained down with the weight of the storm being released all at once. Thousands of bolts of silent fiery wolf lightning ready to rip him to pieces like starved beasts... But they would not be striking Shin'Khrona today, oho no sirree. For he knew what the boy Mewt did, and now that he knew, it was time to put two painful souls out of their misery once and for all.

"This is gonna be..." he began, watching it all flash before his eyes in a glorious harlequin flare, "... your end."

The old switcheroo, plain and simple. In the blink of an eye, Shin'Khrona switched places with the newly spawned Mewt via Apportation and Teleportation between the two of them. Timed with such precision that it would only occur when the lightning was just about to strike, Mewt would have written himself accurately into his own demise.

Quote: The one who is stricken by the Jade Amaterasu will die without question. No hesitation. No mercy.

And Shin'Khrona knew that whatever Mewt 'narrated' came true. He was a living prophecy and all that he said would come to be, as he created them through his power of word. The Prophetic Word was a powerful tool; even powerful enough to take the boy out of his misery. Shin'Khrona was so very sorry that he had even done that to him in the first place... But he would be unbound by Destiny soon enough. As long as Shin'Khrona had anything to say about it, at least.

"Hungry for an identity, are you...? Sorry, but you can't have mine. Only I can be me because only I know what the hell I'm doing. Clearly. That's why I got to the top, and I can't stop until everything is completely at peace and fixed. Still, you're a really tough Grim to deal with, you know..."

Nothing a little time and well-placed thought couldn't handle. And if all were going to go correctly, then there was going to be quite the interesting reaction, conclusion and resolution from just a single tiny sliver of the changing of fate. Shin'Khrona never was one to listen to anything tell him what to do; he created his own destiny, and whatever HE said is what came true. Where did the green boy Mewt think he got his powers from, anyway? He hadn't even gotten a chance to learn how to use them yet.

In the cataclysm, Shin'Khrona's wings spread once more, catching the powerful silent gale force winds created from the impact and sending him speeding off toward the exit. Once again, he was on the run... And he couldn't help but be reminded of a rather invigorating tune all the while he navigated the trees, Teleporting wherever he may, since he was still getting his new wings broken in again. And he would sing, with a wink and that daunting sinister smile, a playful song that even in such calamity would make them realize that he was simply messing around with them right now, breaking the silence and keeping Mewt from getting near him. Ehe~! <3

Khrona: "Oooh~ Come on try to catch me!
Oooh~ Catch me if you can!
Oooh~ Come on, try to catch me!
Ooh~, Catch me... If you can. ;3"

All according to plan. Things would work themselves out from here. All he had to do was keep going... And not get caught, by any means necessary!

Already foreseen before its occurrence, King Keaton's silent pain and infuriated sadness roared with the noiselessness of his lupine lightning strikes. The only outcome he was unable to see was his own failure, for such was meant to be an impossibility... and thus, his failure meant...


From even the moment all the way to his escape from the boundary, all went according to his plan; could it simply be that now since the boy was the head of the family, that meant that his power of influence was simply that much greater than his now, even freshly after being born again? An almost... terrifying realization, but all the same, given the chance to see something he would have never seen before... was a new experience.

... Hrroo...?
For the first time, he'd seen something completely new; something he didn't know about. Something even his eyes had not been adjusted to gaze into. By ignoring his own failure or the possibility of its occurrence, he was unable to accurately see it coming, which was the chance that Shin'Khrona needed. Such is why it was never a good idea to get so arrogant with one's power that even the possibility of failure would escape one's mind.

Hrm... Hrmhrm...
Who would have guessed that my ignorance of my own demise...
Would be the sole cause of it...?
Just goes to show...
If you do not look at all outcomes...
You cannot accurately prepare for all situations.
No matter how 'prepared' you may believe yourself to be...

Striking down the boy Mewt was quite serious... For if Shin'Khrona knew of his capabilities, so did King Keaton. The boy was going to become the new Keeper of Melancholia... The burden was no longer going to be his.

... Though I would not count this as a victory yet, dear boy...
You haven't the slightest idea how the young one will take to his new given purpose...

Accepting what was, as there was no other choice at this point, the physical form of King Keaton dispersed into pure energetic form, joining the lightning storm in the sky. Mewt, struck down by the bolts, would have the infinite power that this Insanity held within to stir his empty vessel once more, bringing about a new life within him and filling his void of an existence with a purpose to continue to go on. As was stated, this boy absorbed identities of those that were slain, and in this case, he absorbed the only identity that needed to be taken. Grimlock, or rather, Loeci, was free of being bound by this curse and could now assume the full form of Melancholia itself, the same way Kaerei became the Zero World. The next step for him... He was finally free.

Thank you...

For once, a true smile appeared on his face, for the first and only time before his 'death and rebirth.' This type of freedom was all that he ever truly wanted... And at the same time, the boy was freed of his curse as well. Shin'Khrona was a marvel, indeed...

But that still did not mean that Mewt... or whomever he would be after rebirth... Would be so accepting of what was occurring here. With a will of his own being given to him through this endeavor, he would be able to do whatever he wanted, no longer bound to move only within the silence or where 'fate' or 'destiny' forced him to be at. He could finally make his own decisions and choices. Would he appreciate this, or scorn Shin'Khrona even further? Well... Regardless, it was time for old Loeci to sit back and allow the new Dark Wolf to take over...

And somehow, things still seem to be going according to plan...
Perhaps I should have put more faith in you before...
You are my grandson, after all...
Until we meet again.

... And the legend of the new Dark Wolf was born that very night, at the stroke of midnight. The grim green light flashed where the hollows of the petrified trees hidden from the moonlight yearned for its luster just the same as the feral within... A wolf DEPRAVED of his natural source of power and HUNGRY for more, the only light this wolf could find was that foul dim... green... crosshair...

A light? Green light? Shaped like an X? Out of the darkness? He could not help but to simply go with wherever this green light was taking him, for when all he'd known for his entire time in existence was purely darkness and unknowing, being pulled along by the strings of destiny, when finally was he yanked by his own will; given his own leash to hold by himself and not some wretched 'god' or 'goddess' or 'natural force' or whatever goddamn godforsaken divine entity wanted to boast the title of 'all knowing' for him at that given moment, he FINALLY knew what it was like to be FREE...

Somehow, he couldn't help but feel like he was freed for two, though. Or perhaps even three; For himself, for Shin'Khrona and for Grimlock. A curse... Lifted...?

"... Khrona..."

His first word ever to have EVER EEEVER been uttered from his mouth was who? The one and only, Khrona Tensei, or Shin'Khrona or whatever the hell he was these days. None of that mattered right now because this was a feral beast driven off the sheer madness of being trapped in sadness and darkness for however long... once a single WHIFF of the light to get out of this hell was within reach, he was in no hesitation to get out. Whether Shin'Khrona was his light to heaven or damnation mattered not a single ANYTHING to this beast because AT LEAST FOR ONCE HE WOULD SEE SOMETHING!!! SOMETHING!!! ANYTHING!!!


An expression of gratitude, splendor, happiness, sadness; a catharsis of a pure and utter emotional storm formed in the wake of this mad mutt as the same convoluted plasmatic mass that once stirred at the accord of Loeci before, now to the whim of this new untamed animal. Such was the 'Black Storm' that had never been unleashed, but was now unlocked from his slumber and following the trail led by that single fucking light in his face...

Khrona: "I told you I know what the fuck I'm doing. You just have to let me work. Now if all of you goddamn Insanities would just trust me instead of always working against me, we can make this a smooth transition... Ya feel me~?"

The howl of that wolf and the acknowledged agreement of the one before let them all know that they were all finally thinking in the same accord... For once.

Khrona: "Come on, gramps... Why would I not have your back? When I said EVERYTHING was getting fixed... I meant everything. Now... Just try to keep up, will ya?"

With the spry young wolf bursting, most literally BURSTING with energy; a new vivacious light that it had never once experienced before, the pure FREEDOM that Shin'Khrona was able to provide for him, of course the thirsty young pup would want more. After tasting blood? Oh hell yes. All was to be expected. Now, if he could get this all just right... then the sound of this song would jingle in the ears of the fresh born young pup...

Khrona: "Oooh~ Come on try to catch me!
Oooh~ Catch me if you can!
Oooh~ Come on, try to catch me!
Ooh~, Catch me... If you can. ;3"

Don't know why people just don't listen to him... Gotta do all this shit just to set things right... everybody and their fucking GRANDDADDIES getting in the way all the goddamn time... Shin'Khrona sought to take this wild storm all the way from the depths of the Pale Forest to the expanse of the Western Seaboard of the Chaos... Where he knew a different 'storm' was going on at this very moment...

The wild mutt continued to blitz blindly through the darkness, with its only lead being the playful singing green light... It was like a fairy of some sort, or a jingling bell... Perhaps even an angel trying to guide it to the right direction. Nothing else mattered to the Dark Wolf now as long as he had to follow this apple green apparition. The Black Storm ensorceled his very being as the agitated canine-fox felt the power of something else beyond the energy of this flickering light before his eyes... Something tasty... something scrumptious... Something eerily familiar, almost like another part to himself that he seemed to be missing. He could not put his nose on it just yet, but it almost felt like he would not be complete until he touched this light and whatever power was within... So he continued on, raining down terrible bolts of fiery jade all around. Picking up speed, his already ethereal form would seem to almost take to being an ectoplasmic bolt of emerald lightning, faster and faster in order to reach this seemingly unreachable light...

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Silence 8: I Said I'd Protect This Place, Too...

It didn't take long for Shin'Khrona to reach his destination from the Chaotic Manor, nor was it going to be a hassle to get in since Tabrith was his mind. All he needed to do was waltz right in there and everything should have been set up... or, so he hoped. He didn't have any time to waste, and Tabrith certainly should have known that, being Shin'Khrona's mind and all. So, Teleporting right inside with Taomin in hand, Shin'Khrona reached the center room and dropped her before looking out the window at the Dark Wolf still causing such a calamitous stir behind him. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Khrona: "... Alright, calm down, pup..."

In a flash of lightning, Triste was Teleported inside of the Chaotic Palace as well, right in the center where Taomin was.

Khrona: "Alright, Tabrith. We're in position. Give it a whirl."

"Roger," responded the entire Chaotic Palace, as though it were a sentient being. Integrated with Tabrith himself as a whole, he instantaneously digitized beside Shin'Khrona, almost like an exact replica of him, or a mirror image. It was almost impossible to tell them apart, save for the fact that Tabrith wore all white and no jacket and Shin'Khrona ever wore his signature black jacket. If it weren't for that fact, one may believe them to be twins, even after Shin'Khrona's rebirth.

Tabrith: "The Golden Apple finally decided to stop being so difficult once she was assigned to her Moon. Mikou, as she was once called, shall be here shortly to complete to unification of the Black Storm and the Black Rose. The Dark Wolf shall receive his voice and the Goddess of Discord shall receive her Equilibrium."

Mikou was created for this purpose, despite her rebellious nature beforehand. She was an incomplete subject of Cleff's, which was how the Dark Network glitch came to be. Her Absolute Melodious Perfection was not absolutely perfect, and so only Discord reigned when she used her power. Now that glitch was fixed, and the Golden Apple could match the wavelengths of both Chaos and Harmony in complete Equilibrium.

Tabrith: "Come, Melody..."

She had many names; Mikou, Melody, Rhapsody and even Serenade, and all were different models and versions of the same being; Tron, the Golden Apple. Finally, Tabrith had tweaked her to the point where she was Absolutely Melodiously Perfect.

She should have been transported there instantaneously on the wavelength of his sound, not skipping a beat in her movement through the vibrations of sound. It wouldn't be long before the two sex-crazed feral beasts would get restless...

A flash of golden light spoken into existence through the voice of her father, the Golden Apple, still incomplete as of right now, Mikou, manifested into physical form before him. She said not a word, but awaited with a blank stare for her purpose to be fulfilled. No longer could she run away from him... It was a good run, but without the Dark Network to fend off Cleff's power, she was as good as caught no matter what way she looked at it. Time to quit running and face her destiny... the Tensei destiny...

Tao was getting impatient already with waiting, as she wasn't the type to wait for what she wanted, but to TAKE what she wanted when she wanted it. Whatever this guy promised her, it better have been WELL worth the wait.

Taomin: "... Hurry it up... I ain't got all--"

Cut off by the sudden appearance of two beings she felt an incredible connection to, she looked the boy of uncanny semblance to herself in the eye and relished in the connection... It sparked a sexual nerve in her like no other, and for the first time... She seemed to be paralyzed with anticipation and uncertainty. An overwhelming power overcame her, something of which she'd never before felt from any being. It was almost like... Staring herself in the face... Pretty trippy.

Taomin: "..."

Silenced by the Dark Wolf's appearance, it was only a matter of a mention of the Golden Apple that drew her attention straight to the blinding golden light, making her mouth water at the sheen of this glorious fruit of Absolute Melodious Perfection. This is what she was looking for... What she was sent to find by the Kuroshiro Kyuubi... Both of her prizes were standing right before her eyes, and all she could think about was that this boy, Shin'Khrona, was like fucking Santa Claus to her right now.

Taomin: "... Is... Is it fucking Christmas or something? My birthday or... Some other obscure holiday where I'd receive two badass gifts like this?! I didn't think--"

Well. He certainly did promise her... and he delivered FAR more than she expected. Guess it was good to be patient about this sort of thing instead of acting impulsively. She couldn't help but shudder with anticipation... Aaaaaallllll of her wildest dreams were about to come true right here and right now, and she could just FEEL it about to go down. The fox girl was almost unable to contain herself... As usual.

Still, Triste continued to run toward the green light flashing before his eyes, both agitated and saddened by the fact that he could not seem to catch it, no matter how fast he went. Dark Wolf Triste was beginning to give up hope on capturing the fairy of sorts when, out of nowhere it stopped, and grew brighter... and brighter... and brighter... Until the all encompassing harlequin flare brought light to his eyes once again, and like a newborn baby opening its eyes for the first time... The first thing he set his eyes upon was none other than Taomin, the Black Rose.

Just as she, he felt an eerie connection to her that sparked a sexual nerve like no other, but also a great many other things within him that he never felt before. The boy, who only knew emptiness and darkness ever since his creation by his father, Shin'Khrona, was exposed to a maelstrom of emotions and feelings so new that he barely knew what to do with them. The Black Storm surrounding him unleashed a thunderclap that should have sent a rather sensual chill up the fox girl's spine, for all he could think about for whatever reason was how many ways he was going to rip her apart with his teeth.


They were both silent as their eyes met, and could not seem to look away... not until the next best thing was called forth from the ether, the Golden Apple. Though the boy had a voice of his own now, he was still quite 'silent.' This Golden Apple, he knew, was the part of him missing besides this gorgeous vixen standing beside him. She was the other half of his body and this shining fruit was their voice. He wasn't quite sure what was about to happen... But he was absolutely certain that it was going to be a most magnificent experience. Taomin expressed his joy quite accurately, even though his face was marked with an unchanging nonchalant scowl. Something amazing was about to unfold...

Khrona: "Beautiful, looks like they're starting to realize just what's about to happen. All of their wildest dreams are about to come true..."

But just what kind of Insanity was this going to stir in this world...?

Khrona: "Call upon your other children, too. Cleff 2.0 and Rhapsody. Now that we have their attention and they are paralyzed by their own equivalence in power... It's time to contain and equivocate them."

Each of Tabrith's children were technically 'Grims' just like he was; extensions of the original Grimoire waiting to be filled with an infinite amount of energy just as Tabrith was. It wasn't until they were filled with only something as infinitely large as they were infinitely abysmal that they would be complete, and if that were the case, then Cleff 2.0, Rhapsody and Mikou would be able to harness either of their energies and become the respective 'Sisters' that belonged to either Insanity. This was a delicate and rather rapid process, but something necessary all the same before the Insanities got out of control like what happened with the Beast and the Zero World...

Khrona: "Whenever you're ready. They're in position."

"Naturally," cooed the instrument of such a composition, ready to orchestrate a beautiful symphony between all of these musical masterpieces. He called for the next two vessels, in order, "Come, Cleff 2.0 and Rhapsody." In a moment's notice, these two beings should have digitized directly beside their dear sister, Mikou/Melody, prepared to make their TRUE induction into the Tensei family. Tabrith was quite happy to see his children go off and actually become something more than just digital spawns of his own loneliness... They were finally going to be something greater, as he intended them to be.

Tabrith: "As quickly as the boy Triste had become the Dark Wolf shall he ascend to a higher role... as King Keaton. And likewise, shall the Black Rose ascend to fill her role... as Kuroshiro Kyuubi. And to take their place as Keepers and Sisters... My children."

And so too, would Grimlock be able to finally rest in peace, as he always wished. The time for his eternal melancholia would be no more, and he could be truly free of his burden once and for all. It was about time; he'd been living so long simply to ensure everything went exactly as planned... so that this new world that Shin'Khrona insisted on bringing about could indeed come to be. He knew ever since the beginning that his grandson would be the one to correct the wrongs, but he also knew that he had to be the catalyst for it, or else it would never occur. If he hadn't betrayed his beloved, his dear brother and his best friend so long ago when the original settlement that was to become the original Reality was first created... then none of this would be here.

Tabrith: "No longer will you have to pay the grave price of eternal sadness for your ultimate sacrifice for the prosperity of this world... Though highly misunderstood by the world, just as most of this family is, we will carry out your wishes... As we have been all along..."

"I told you, my name is Al Fine," replied a phantom voice from the shadows of the Chaotic Palace, "I never left this place. This is the only place where we are truly conceptualized."

Teeming with electricity, some of which sparked and intertwined with the green plasma of the Dark Wolf, Al Fine glared at the father he so despised with his arms crossed and his currents flaring, hovering over to him as he was called. At this point, he hadn't much of a choice in the matter. The same way Mewt, now Triste hated his father, Khrona, now Shin'Khrona, was the same way Cleff 2.0, A.K.A. Al Fine hated his father, Cleff, now Tabrith. The parallelism was uncanny, but useful all the same, it seemed. Nothing but pawns in the grand design... How he hated to be someone else's pawn.

It sparked a nerve to know that his sole purpose was this, and that his dear sister Melody was now void of any will to fight back. How could they sit here and do this to their children...?! It infuriated him... infuriated him... and saddened him all at the same time...

Triste: "... Not that you ever cared about my voice in the first place..."

The same as her brother, Cleff 2.0, she appeared from the shadows of the Chaotic Palace, digitizing where she was. Unlike him, however, she said not a word, accepting her fate just the same as Melody was. Al Fine was upset because he was being used as a pawn and had little to no choice in the matter when what he truly wanted was that choice to decide his own destiny and not be orchestrated by the two fathers here, just the same as the other boy. Rhapsody was the quiet, perceptive one; taking after her mother, Nirvana. She loved her father and understood his motives, even if Al Fine did not. She knew only good could come out of this.

"Just watch..." she muttered almost inaudibly, waiting for everything to go under way.

Khrona: "Alright. Everyone's in place."

Shin'Khrona rolled a bead of sweat off of his head, placing a hand on his hip casually as if trying to think. Taomin and Triste were subdued by each others power and the three children of the Data Realm were about to be Realized by taking their places... But in order to do that, much like Loeci, the two here had to first abandon their physical forms and become the embodiment of their own Insanities, where they would be able to conjure their own physical forms as they saw fit. And then, when that happened, their energies would react to the children and they would respectively become the new Keepers... And the Golden Apple would eternalize their union.

Khrona: "Okay. Thank you all for your cooperation. The other Insanities would usually fight me tooth and nail to keep me from fixing everything, but I am glad that you YOUNGER ones are more agreeable than the ELDER ONES."

Namely that old hag and the old man... the two ORIGINAL Tensei Curses, of Hatred and of Fear. Ugh. They were the most difficult of all time...

Khrona: "So let me explain how this has to go, so everybody knows what to do... First of all, Taomin, before you can get that great and eternal pleasure you want, you and the Dark Wolf over there are gonna have to die. But don't worry, when you die, you won't really die, you'll just kinda relinquish your energies and become even greater, becoming the Insanities themselves that you've taken on. So you know that black and white Kyuubi, Tao? You'll be her from now on instead of her body, and you know what Loeci is now, Triste? You'll be him. And he will become the Melancholia itself, just like Kaerei became the Zero World itself. And to take your place next in line as these beings... Will be two of three of Tabrith's children. Two of you will be the new Keepers in place of the old Keepers, Tao and Triste. That would be you two, Al Fine and Rhapsody. Melody... or, Mikou, over here, is the Golden Apple and will have shared energy between these two Insanities, allowing her to become the Thirteen Tailed Inari, Taijitu, to immortalize their union whilst allowing them to keep their separate forms. That way everybody wins. Sound like a good plan? Good deal over here?"

He gave them a rather tired thumbs up, making sure everyone got the gist of the plan. Shin'Khrona was going quite a lot trying to fix everything, and he was getting pretty tired after dealing with things nonstop. Not that he was running out of energy or anything, it was just... ugh. Just a lot going on at once and it was kinda taxing, even though it had no true effect on him as a whole. He was technically just putting himself in order, after all.

Khrona: "Now some side effects may be uncontrollable Insanities since the Sisters aren't here to regulate... But we can deal with that later. Just stick to the plan and everything should go smoothly... Especially you, Al Fine. I know what you're on."

Shin'Khrona glared at him, for he was the rebellious child that would probably be the one to fuck up everything if given the chance. Not that Tabrith nor Shin'Khrona would even ALLOW such a thing to occur. Not when they were so close to putting this to a temporary end.

Khrona: "Now. Everyone ready?"

Triste scoffed at Shin'Khrona's remarks, which only served to aggravate him further. He already didn't want to do this...

Triste: "Yeah, whatever... Just hurry up and get this dumb shit over with, will ya? Before I really do decide to be up and out of here..."

The intermingling electrical currents of he and Triste were interesting, however... That green lightning was something new that he hadn't experienced before... an energy that didn't seem to be only lightning, but a lot of other things... If anything, THAT type of energy being his is what made him want to see how this would go. He wanted to tinker with it a little bit and use it for himself... It felt really good.

Triste: "Well? What are you guys just standing around looking like dopes for? Hurry this up if you're trying to get it done... No one wants to be here all night..."

Rolling his eyes and placing a hand on his chin, he waited for this stupid foolish Tensei nonsense to be all said and done...

"Gladly..." Tabrith responded deftly, as his son made his reluctant agreement. That was as close to one as they were going to get out of him, but it was all for the best, as his beloved daughter Rhapsody said and already knew. She was the one that inherited his Data and Technology prowess, after all. Cleff 2.0 has the Electricity and Technology, but did not have the Data, and Melody has the Sound and Electricity, but did not have the Data.

"First... Let us erase those two who have agreed to our terms..."

In his hand, one of his famed Keyboards appeared, one which had the power to tamper with the very fabric of the universe, as he had done many times in the past (especially when he was corrupted) in order to make ends meet. He quickly Deleted Taomin and Triste as they were before, allowing the energy of the Insanities that they harbored within them to roam free. The two energies would be allowed to intermingle with each other, allowing for a glorious 'cosmic sex' to occur with ever fiber of what these two once were. The pleasure both of them were seeking was about to be fulfilled. The pure and utter freedom they both craved would be satisfied through this union with each other...

"Now, you two, do not fully integrate yourselves into each other just yet... Allow your individual energies to be taken into each of the respective children of mine, just like what was discussed..."

If their energies were too convoluted with each other, then the process would take longer because they would have to be diffused. It was like a science project messing with these two right now. But they would be together like they wanted to soon enough.

Tabrith: "Remember, Tao, you go into Rhapsody, and Triste, you into Al Fine. And then when that happens, combine together and allow Melody to have your combined energy."

Taomin: "Yo, come on, I'm getting restless over here--"

And just like that, her body was suddenly gone. She wasn't entirely sure... what happened, but the guy that looked like Khrona started tapping away on some keyboard and suddenly her body was gone and all that was left was a bright green apparition of herself. She looked around, trying to figure out just what the hell was going on and why she was still... well... conscious, actually. It seemed like she was able to sustain herself without a body without even realizing it, but she felt the power of that Insanity of Fun as her entire being now.

Taomin: "Wha... What the fuck!?"

Strange... She could still move normally... And she could still feel normally... in fact, everything was normal. It was like nothing had really changed about her at all except she wasn't physically physical, she was energetically physical. And that was pretty fucking bitchin, too. She could even feel that damn Kitsune more in depth now; not like they were two separate beings, but like it was an extension of herself.

Apparently, the same thing was happening to her other half, too, and to feel that energy of his in its rawest state was... pretty fucking hot. She licked her lips tinged with an electric excitement... a truly ecstatic ecstasy. She just couldn't wait to get her hands on him...

Taomin: "Wha? Oh yeah, the girl. Almost forgot."

Before she could ravage this dog, she was gonna need to appoint someone as the new Keeper by filling their energy with the energy of the Insanity of Fun. With a flick of the wrist, a powerful jolting gust of wind smacked the poor girl Rhapsody in the face, super charging her empty vessel with the Insanity of Fun, letting her become the new Keeper of Fun.

Taomin: "There. That's done. Now you do yours so we can get... to work... MMmhmmhmhm~...."

Just a little more...

Tsao didn't say a word as the entire process went down, he simply awaited the correct time to leap at Tao and tear her to bits. He just had to be a little patient... it was almost that time. As his body was taken from him randomly by means he was not entirely sure of, he remained ever patient and vigilant, standing before them now as a congregation of pure plasma of the Insanity of Melancholia. He felt the intertwining energies of he and Tao as well as he and Al Fine coming to a nice mixture already, and their mingling energies brought a smile to his face. As Al Fine seemed rather interested in his energetic makeup already, a swift bolt of lightning struck him almost immediately after their currents met with one another. He would become the Keeper of Melancholia now, taking the place of Triste who had all too recently just become the Keeper himself. Apparently, this was not to be his destiny for long, or so says the great Shinseigami, and he had no other say in the matter, as usual... But for some reason, if it meant being together with Tao, he didn't mind it this time around. This time.

Their energies met and it was like the start of a beautiful feeling he'd never believed he'd ever get to feel. Only a short time after being able to feel and Shin'Khrona allowed him to feel such wonderful things... It could almost melt all of the melancholia away. A sensual experience, where even the slightest touch created bonds and reactions that would have bonded their beings forever; the sensation was an almost indescribable and unbelievable pleasure, and the two hadn't even gotten down to business yet. The start of a gorgeous life...

"Mm..." he moaned slightly, getting accustomed to feeling things such as this. Stray bolts of electricity flared up and shot off around him as he became more and more excited, the Black Storm rising up now in a vicious anticipation for more... things would get steamy soon enough...

Melody patiently awaited her part in the carefully made piece, staring the two of them down as their energies began to intertwine. She was not hesitant in the slightest to snatch their lingering energies in the air as their combination started, drawing in the power of both Taomin and Triste together simultaneously. As they gave to her, she gave back to them, and the Absolute Melodious Perfection matched and resonated with their wavelengths in absolute perfection; she and they were now on the same accord, and there would be absolutely no room for any wavelengths that were not in perfect harmony between the three of them. All too quickly, it would seem like all three of them simple shared the same energy; a perfect resonance. The energy jangled within her being, allowing her to take on a new form... Sprouting from her back, one after another, were many colored fox tails up to about Thirteen tails, as well as fox-like ears. She screamed a glorious scream of both pleasure and happiness, allowing the two of them to partake even further in her Absolute Melodious Perfection.


Every wavelength was matched and synchronized, as Tabrith said, immortalized by the Golden Apple right then and there. In harmony, in discord and in balance, it wouldn't matter because these three would always be achieving a perfect resonance of more than just souls; it was a resonance of all that they were at all times... And the Golden Apple would be allowed to take on a greater form, the form of the combined Kuroshiro Kyuubi and King Keaton... known only as Taijitu the Inari, God of Foxes, Felines and Canines. This energy stirred her thirteen tails, and pulled her closer into the fray with the wild storm of energies... She was now the Voice of the once silent Dark Wolf, allowing him to partake in the Voice of God, and was also the balance for the anarchic fox girl who relished in Discord due to Eris that was within her, now being neutralized and filled by the Golden Apple's light. That sole Discordia was now shared by Harmonia and Concordia, allowing Taomin to match and achieve wavelengths beyond simple Discord, but also of Harmony and of Balance all at once, and Triste as well. The three of them together created the Perfect Resonance... and it was captured for eternity within Taijitu, the proof of their eternal union.

Khrona: "Yes... Yes... YEEEESSSSS!!!!"

Everything was going absolutely swimmingly!!! No room for imperfection here! Now that their power was immortalized, the two of them would serve as their own 'Sisters' to each other, neutralizing the need for any other. This was a reaction even Shin'Khrona was not expecting; for the Keepers to become dual purposed Sisters to each other?! And then, to have a BACKUP Sister or Keeper that could serve as either or within Melody-- rather, Taijitu?! BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL!!!! It was absolutely PERFECT!!

Khrona: "Oh man... I wasn't prepared for this, but dammit, I fucking love this reaction!!! THIS WAS A SUCCESS!!! A SUCCESS FAR BEYOND WHAT I COULD HAVE DREAMED AS SUCCESSFUL!!! DUAL PURPOSE KEEPER AND SISTER!? YEEEESSS!!!"

He almost blew a gasket right there; perhaps because of the AMP all flowing around willy nilly and such... He was able to feel everything that was going on, as was everyone else, since he was able to match any wavelength perfectly. It was a dream come true.


After being blasted with the huge burst of energy from Taomin, Rhapsody was sent flying to the other end of the Chaotic Palace, absorbing every last bit of it into her emptied vessel... Finally, she could be filled with an energy and could become realized beyond the conceptual chambers of the Chaotic Palace. She was finally a full and true Tensei... One known as Tron, she which held the Knowledge of Tabrith... the Wisdom. As it stood, there was no physical change within her, but she could feel the overwhelming sensation of pure Insanity simply teeming within her, ready to burst from every seam of her existence... The emptiness she had was gone, and it was filled with nothing... nothing but FUN!

Tron: "... I am honored to become the new Keeper of Fun in place of Taomin..."

A little softspoken, but still fun all the same. It would take her a little while to get fully adjusted to her role, but as long as she had her family by her side acting as both Sister and Keeper as she did, there was no way for them to be out of whack. Only Absolute Melodious Perfection between the three of them and their Insanities.

Tron: "... You've successfully tamed two Insanities at once... What a feat..."

Having the Knowledge of Tabrith, she now knew all things as well, just as Shin'Khrona and Tabrith did. Even if Al Fine-- rather, Terumi and Taijitu did not, at any given time, any of them could delve into her Infinite Sea of Knowledge and take from her what information they needed, so they would not be left out of the know as well. A small smile appeared on her face for the first time ever, as she was happy to be able to not feel so... empty inside anymore... Like she actually had a purpose now... Rather to just sit around and collect dust within the Chaotic Palace.

Tron: "Thank you..."

Terumi, still very much fascinated with the green sparks emanating from the boy of such similar likeness to himself, it was only a matter of time until the mingling sparks would end up reacting in such an explosive way and strike him down. Without warning, he was struck out of the sky by the green bolt, sizzling as he hit the ground. An instantaneous transformation at the reaction of such energies stirring within him, he would awake to find himself teeming with the same energy he was so fascinated with before... and surprisingly overjoyed by the feeling. It was stronger than any electricity he'd ever felt before, and filled him up to the point where he no longer had to recharge or even consume electricity from other sources. He was his own infinite source of energy, and it felt good to not be so empty inside anymore...

"... Mmmm" he groaned, getting used to having the feeling of... something inside of him, "... This feels... pretty good, actually..."

Even though he still didn't like being played like a puppet, in this instance, it was a good result, just as his sister told him it would be. If anyone, he'd listen to those two. Still, he looked to his father... well... both of them now... with a hint of scorn, pretty upset that not only were they right, but it was actually beneficial to everyone, apparently. Ugh.

Terumi: "... But this was a one time gig," he made perfectly clear as he stood up amidst all the intertwining Insanities all about, "You hear me? Don't expect me to come around and help you all again unless I want to. Especially now that I've got a will of my own."

There was no reason for the new Dark Wolf to remain here... And he truthfully wanted his two Sisters to come with him as he roamed the land. Since he wasn't confined to the Chaotic Palace anymore, he wanted to go EVERYWHERE... Rather, ANYWHERE to get away from those two crazy fucks.

Terumi: "Come on, Tron. Tai. Let's blow this joint."

The energy within him reacted to his emotions naturally, charging his body with a vibrant green plasmatic light. He was ready to take off in a flash of lightning and a roar of thunder in his wake. He was gonna tear up the town... the new Dark Wolf rises.

Tabrith shook his head, for Terumi... or Al Fine, if he still wished to be called that, was still so defiant... so rebellious. Looks like a change in his role in the world didn't change his personality much at all. Except he seemed a little happier, granted. Even as the Keeper of Melancholia, he had a different reason to be sad rather than to curse his own existence, like Loeci did. That was a plus, at least.

"Ah... What am I going to do with that boy...?" he muttered under his breath. He wasn't really concerned about what he did not, his purpose was fulfilled. Now it was time for him to live his life as he saw fit... And all of his children, in fact.

Tabrith: "Well, if you're so hellbent on leaving... then be off with you. You three are free to do as you please now. You are no longer condemned to remain in the Chaotic Palace... Not that Melody had been fond of it anyway as Mikou..."

And Tabrith was well aware that both Mickey and Melody were still very much within this girl's being, integrated into who she was. Now that she had both Tao and Tsao within her, she could very much choose to live the life of Mikou again, if she so chose, except now instead of having that nasty glitch within her, she'd be absolutely perfect.

Tabrith: "So... What is it that you two wish to do? Your brother is prepared to leave, and things are about to get a little hectic in here with this storm that's brewing between the two intertwining Insanities... Choose your destiny now and live it, now that you are no longer bound to remain here..."

Even though he didn't show it, this was a very especially happy day for Tabrith, as well... He was happy to see them finally be of use to themselves and others... and truly be able to live... It almost inspired him to shed a tear... but he'd leave that up to his organic self...

Tron, though torn between staying with her father and leaving with her brother, knew that her brother Terumi was going to need protecting and probably stability in the long run, as she counted as his Sister just the same as she was her own Keeper. These two had to stick together, and that was just how things had to be for the moment... at least until he was a little less wild and rebellious, if that were ever going to happen.

Tron: "Sorry, father... But I'm going with Terumi. I want to keep him company... and keep him safe..."

Who knows what kind of Insanity he would cause out on his own? Especially with the Insanity of Melancholia. If he ever got too lost in his own sadness or if anything randomly made him that way, it'd spark the Black Storm right then and there, and it'd be best not to unleash another Insanity about the world when there were already two major ones running amok and spreading seemingly without cease... It was the best decision for everyone.

Tron: "I am sure you understand and know my reasoning... Of course you do... So I don't even have to explain myself..."

She hovered over to Terumi and latched on to him, taking some of his charge so that when he bolted, she would too.

The Golden Apple hovered there blankly still, even as power poured from her being just the same as the others. Harmonizing and stabilizing them all with her sheer existence, the Absolute Melodious Perfection continued to pulsate throughout the Chaotic Palace with no sign of cease. This was her role for the moment... as a mere tool to be used by others, and a filter to provide this equilibrium, similar to the role of her father. Who would have guessed that out of the three of them, she would be the lifeless tool...? somehow, she knew that this was what had to be when she was being tampered with before... when she was in her incomplete form as Mikou, or Mickey as she preferred to be called. That was why she ran so long ago... That is why she did not want to come back. She and Terumi were not too far apart in their goals; both rather rebellious and longing to choose their own destinies, wherein the quiet Rhapsody simply went along with everything as it should be. Maybe it was because she had the knowledge of what was to come beforehand... she was the one gifted with the power over Data. Maybe she knew that rebellion would only slow down this freedom that they were being granted now...

A bit surprised at the words of Tabrith, she showed no emotion as she thought over what he said. Though she was Taijitu, she could still, if she chose, return to her days as being Mikou... She still had access to the very negative and discordant frequencies of the Dark Network, but now she also had at her disposal that which countered and that which balanced her once only destructive wavelengths. As she pondered what this meant, she realized then that this really was all for the best... He just wanted to complete them all this time so that they could be free. He wasn't trying to imprison them... He was just trying to finish them. She felt like a fool all this time... and now, she was even given the choice of returning to whom she once was whilst still remaining completed... She should have been happy, or even more than that, but all she could feel was this unwavering disappointment on her heavy heart... for causing so much trouble.

Taijitu: "..."

She couldn't respond to Terumi's request. Instead, she merely hovered off into one of the many rooms within the Chaotic Palace in order to be alone. Terumi and Tron could go off if they so chose, but Taijitu was going to stay here and... think about a few things. The door closed behind her, and that was the last anyone would see of her for a while.

Looks like Terumi got his answers from both of his sisters. Whatever. He couldn't stand being here any longer for some reason... He still hadn't forgiven his father about anything, even if it was for the greater good. Sometimes... sometimes the pain of what one has to endure is greater than the 'greater good.' Terumi just needed some time to himself.

Terumi: "... Tch. Let her sulk, then. Come on, sis. We're outta here."

And just like he said, in a flash of lightning and a roar of thunder, Terumi and Tron streaked across the Chaos skies as a green flare; where they were going was undetermined, but at least they were getting the hell outta here... Too much drama and emotional turmoil here for his taste. Time to get some well deserved fresh air... this wild wolf couldn't stand being caged any longer, and the freedom to roam the land was just what he needed.

Shin'Khrona chuckled and shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, smirking as he gazed at Tabrith from the corner of his eye, "Heehee, looks like you're having some daddy issues too, hm~? We scientists don't make for good parents, eh? And to think, I used to hate our kind with a passion~! Who would have guessed I would have ended up being one myself, hm?"

Yes, Shin'Khrona's unstable insane fits in the past tended to be triggered by his memories of being 'experimented' on in the past, but after he got over that, his eyes were opened as to why. He still wasn't fond of EVERY doctor or scientist, but at least he could respect their work... if they did it correctly. But he still didn't really like them. He knew what they were like... and some got so caught up in their work that they lost themselves, which was never a good thing. He hoped he did not become that much of a mad scientist.

Khrona: "Oh well, c'est la vie. All's well that ends well for the most part. Time for them to find their own way and not be held under daddy's thumb, hm? They grow up so fast... as they say."

He chuckled under his breath again before looking back up to the swirling mass of mixing Insanities still brewing up above... Now it was time to handle THAT situation...

Khrona: ".... Well now, with all the kids out of the pool, it's about time for the Adult Swim, eh? (wink wink)."

Shin'Khrona's work here was done, as he had a couple more things to do before he got side tracked or before some new Insanity started to show up and ravage the world... Again. He really needed to get to where Misery was, in all honesty, and he still had two more Insanities besides the two that were running amok... Chita had one subdued for the moment, so they could come back to that later, and this one was under control for the moment as well, so it could be returned to later. The most pressing ones where the ones that were NOT under control and most literally OUT of control. Those were the Insanity of Hatred and the Insanity of Fear, and the final two dormant Insanities, those of Bliss and Balance, still hadn't reared their ugly heads just yet. Until they did, getting to Misery was pretty much still top priority.

Khrona: "Hold down the fort and keep these two at bay. Continue to find heralds of the power to purify the Insanity and whatever else you're doing. I'll continue to handle things behind the scenes. Tag team twins!!!"

Tabrith wasn't one for... emotions or fun or anything, so he wasn't expecting him to indulge in Shin'Khrona's playfulness. He was the type that was 'all business,' or mostly business, relatively. That's what it's like to be a logical mind of pure data and information; he'd have to teach him how to have some fun when these issues were over. But until then, it was good that he was so serious and businessy, cuz sure as hell Shin'Khrona would be goofing off somewhere doing something awesome. It was nice to have a focused and sharp mind to keep him on track when necessary.

Khrona: "I'll catch you all later... And of course, I'll be watching through your eyes! So let's try to make Peace, hm?"

And with a final cheerful smile and wave of relief that this particular ordeal was over, he Teleported away to his next destination... Rather, just outside of the Chaotic Palace, since he couldn't Teleport THAT far as of yet. He was still pretty genin with his powers, even if his skill was godly. He'd make his way as fast as possible to where he could sense Misery's wavelength... and The Beast's Hatred rising...

Tabrith: "Indeed... They are finally on their way... At least they can finally say they can all choose their own paths and destinies... Instead of walking the ones we have forged for them..."

Tabrith was, as usual, unscathed by the scorn of his dear son, as this rebellious phase shared between he and his sister Taijitu would come to pass as they developed and experienced life outside of the palace walls. Tai was already realizing what Terumi had yet to discover, and she locked herself away to ponder such things and reasonings... It seemed like her rebelliousness may be coming to an end soon, now that she was realizing the truth of Tabrith's overprotectiveness. Tron already had the mind to keep Terumi safe, so he was not worried in the slightest about those two. She was the only responsible one, but also the only one gifted with the Knowledge, so that was to be expected. Terumi would be fine.

Tabrith: "... Ah yes... I bid thee adieu, Shinseigami. Now, let's let the two love birds sing their tune and make sweet music together... Hmhmhm..."

Though technically a most incestuous relationship, it didn't really matter in the long run. Such physical labels and limited laws of this realm were confined only to the flawed restrictions of a rather hindered moral code, and was not anywhere on par with that of the gods... So the commonfolk probably would not understand this interaction more than 'kissing cousins,' even though technically they were two halves of the same being. Ah well, no need to explain himself to the primitive and underdeveloped beings, for Tabrith and Shin'Khrona knew exactly what they were doing.

Keeping a watchful eye, but being wary of privacy, Tabrith snuck his way out in a cloud of pixels, leaving the two foxes to mingle alone...
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Silence 9: I Said I'd Protect This Place, Too (Pt. 2)

... And so the carnage has begun. The two swirling cocktails of sensual energies crackled and contorted together, letting the friction between them build up. Seemed like at any moment, the two could explode from the pent up tension and intensity that was shared between them, and after such a long wait, it was time to let it all out... the Black Rose and the Black Storm.

Stage 1; Boredom
Already, the anticipation was killing her, but only in matter of mood. If things were to take too long, she was going to get oh, so very bored... being patient was never the forte of the Vixen and getting what she want WHEN she wanted it was always her style, especially if it meant TAKING it. But with her counterpart, she could feel it... Something about him was just the same as her, willing to take what it wanted... But also anticipating the same from the other side. There was a sense of terror about her for once in her life, to know something or someone with an equivalence in power to her own, and though she TRULY wishes for him to simply make the first move... It was taking far too long for her taste.

What...? What is this? Why do I feel so...

She didn't understand this fear. It wasn't anything like she'd ever felt before; terror and anticipation all wrapped up into the same thing. But if the foxy wolf didn't mark his territory soon, the energy they shared was surely going to fizzle out in her boredom... So she was going to have to stir up some trouble.

Taomin: "*Yaaawwwn*... Mmm... Yo, I'm waaaiiitingggg... I don't have all day, you know. Not really much to hold my attention, huh?"

Yeah... Yeah that was surely going to get him going. At least, she hoped so.

The Black Storm brewed silently in tandem with the rising energies of the Insanity of Fun, meshing together and swirling around as though they were having some sort of unspoken dance... He could feel it in her, a sense of terror and anticipation that confused him to a degree, unknowing of whether he should act on his instincts or leave the energies to float about as they may. Yet, within himself, silently, he felt the tension rise to a greater intensity... being around her brought out something within him that he wasn't quite sure of how to feel about... But he did know that he was going to have to do something.

Stage 1; Loneliness
Though their energies were intertwined and mixing beautifully together, almost completely perfectly, he could not help but feel that the two were not as connected as they should have been nor could have been... Was it his fault? Was he being too distant? This was the first time he ever felt these types of things before, these emotions... this energy. Was it lustful, or was this love? Was this happiness, or was this just an extended sadness? Confused and alone in his endeavors, all he could do was continue to swirl around the Black Rose with as much patience as he could... Unknowing of what to do. Lost. Trapped in the isolation of his unknown.

Mmm... I don't know what this is... Love...? Or...

In his isolation of thought, she yawned. He was boring her, perhaps? He was rather lost in his own swirling thoughts, and it wasn't like he was paying much attention to her beyond the wild and rampant thoughts he had about her. Hmmm... Maybe that is what she was anticipating? Action, of sorts? But he knew that if he took any course of action... He was going to end up tearing her to bits with a vicious, violent storm he was holding back... He honestly did not want to harm her, even though for some reason, he kinda did.

"... I don't know what you're waiting for... Unless it's for me to rip you apart with my teeth... That's all I can really think about, really..."

He could feel her sexual anticipation already, but he was not sure if it was anything beyond that... He wanted it to be, for if it were simply a matter of the more feral, primal urges within them, then what would it all mean once they were done? He would once again be trapped in his abysmal pit of darkness... Forever alone in solemn melancholia... That is not what he wanted at all, which was why he remained so hesitant to take that risk... She seemed like the type to leave once she had her way. He was not looking forward to that at all...

In the cloud of mingling energies formed by the two of them together, Tao's energetic body soon started to take shape within the conjuring storm of sparking feelings, a single, sleek fox tail sprouting from her tail bone right above her nice, perky butt. Her legs could not be seen, but faded out into the swirling storm that the two of them made together, still circling around him boredly. It wasn't until she heard what he said that another bond of their energies... sparked, piquing her interest a bit. She licked her lips.

Taomin: "Oh really? Is that so...?"

Stage 2; Curiosity
The first stage sprouted the first of her nine tails, and of course, to spark some more bonds to connect them further, she gently let it waft over to him like a gentle aroma drifting through the air, carried on the swirling currents of the festering storm... It smelled of a rather enticing perfume. She'd have him over here in a hearbeat. No one could resist Taomin's seductive charm, and she prided herself on that.

Taomin: "Hows about you come over here and try it? If you've got the balls, little puppy~!"

The aura about him seemed like he was interested, but at the same time too wrapped up in his own isolation to fully connect. She didn't know why, but she wanted to connect fully to him, too... Never before had she wanted that; only the wild, hot sex she always snatched from her unsuspecting prey. But with him, she didn't feel like the predator at all... Not fully, at least. She almost felt like she could be his prey just as much as he was hers. Maybe that was where that sense of terror and curiosity came from. That and...

His unerring sadness was far too great to be enticed so easily, for he was one to think these sorts of things through before taking his course of action. A tactical creature with the eye of the wolf, he could see that she was trying to lure him into his demise. He was a predator just the same as she, and they were both each others prey at this moment. He couldn't really get why she was playing so coy; if she wanted something, surely she could just come take it. But he wasn't going to be the one to make any mistakes in such a delicate matter... No matter how much he wanted to, it was just too heavy of a risk, and at the end of the day, thinking about it more and more drove him deeper and deeper into his darkness...

Stage 2; Depression
If he succumbed to her wiles, there was no doubt that she would leave him high and dry, and something about her specifically made him feel like he could not live without her. Even though her words were more than enough to spark a primal fury within him to simply leap over and rend her to pieces, his growing depression kept him at bay. The uncertainty and unknowing of the outcome, but the possibility of what it could be kept him in his place; sad and alone on the other side of the cloud.

At the same time as her image formed in the energetic pool did his rise to meet a semi-shape on the direct opposite side, and just as she, his legs were nothing more than the bonded part of the cloud whilst the upper torso was the shape of the King Keaton himself. He stared drearily at the other side, an aching rising within that he wasn't sure how to stop... a longing, a yearning that only pushed him down even further... yet, part of him could not resist the challenge of pursuing and subduing his prey. Something about the wild wolf within him... rather, the Dark Wolf within him. No matter how far down he went, that feral pride still allowed him to rise above it... to a certain degree. The enticing aroma of her plush tail indeed wafted under his nose, his pupils slit as if focusing now on his target.

"... Maybe I would if you would stop running away. Taking me in circles. I don't see why you'd run from me... unless you were afraid, or something."

He still kept his composure, but now the small sparks that were forged between them were becoming powerful jade green electrical bursts surging through the bonds being made within the clouds... Still, until he knew for sure what the intentions of this twin-fox was, he wasn't going to make a move, even if he knew he would utterly destroy her... She wouldn't get him to move an inch.

Tickling the nose of the clearly agitated fox-wolf, her single tail split in twain, wrapping around his body and gently caressing his form. She was curious to see how he would react, and, if like all the others, would he be simply smitten by her wiles and drawn into her little sexual game. But something seemed... eerily different about this one. Something she couldn't quite put her finger on, but definitely made her heart... throb, for once. Oh no, something was definitely up with him. He hadn't already hopped on her band wagon and gone crazy with a sensual lust she was renowned for. He was already proving to be her toughest opponent yet...

... He's strong. Not going down without a fight, hm...?
That's oddly... attractive...

Stage 3; Interest
This feeling within her was new; completely and utterly new. Whatever she thought she knew before was thrown out the window and opened up something fresh within her. The surge of electricity emanating from him with such intensity sent chills up her spine like she'd never known; an electric ecstasy that she couldn't get enough of.

Mmm... Why is he so...

No, but she could not lose focus from her true goal here. She was the predator and he was the prey, despite these new feelings and the sensation she had. Regardless of her terror that she may indeed be the one that was being preyed upon, she had to be the victor of this game of cat and mouse. She couldn't lose to him, not at all, no matter how... Interestingly enticing he was.

The same way his feral pride overcame him, she could feel it happening within her, and her eyes slit at the mention of his words. She sneered at him, the cocky bastard, for what he had just said to her... how she was running away. She wouldn't run from anyone!! Even if she was just a little bit afraid, she wouldn't let HIM know that so he could prey upon it like the ravenous wolf she knew he was inside!

Taomin: "Huh!! Look who's talking! You're the one running around in circles trying to get away from ME! Hows about you man up and stop being so scared of a GIRL, HUH!?"

Clearly, she was irked, but more than she should have been. Perhaps the throbbing of her heart meant something more... But, no, it was probably nothing. She just needed to put this mongrel dog down for good.

Tsao-Rin kept himself under control as much as he could, even with her tail splitting in two and caressing him all over, he only stared at her with his hungry eyes and maintained his stalwart position in the entire matter. He wasn't going to feel that type of horrendous pain again, even if there was a promise of momentary happiness. Something he needed was not what this vixen was looking for, and trying to string him along by her tails was not the way to do it. He was not going to suffer any longer, even though despite his efforts... he did anyway.

Stage 3; Grief
The tug of their bonds forcing them together naturally pulled him toward her as she was pulled toward him, sending them in their spiraling whirlpool of emotions. The two apparently were trying to catch each other, yet could not do so because they were too busy running trying to catch the other one, sending them both into a cycle of inability to be together. How sad. The sensation of need he felt to be merged with her continued to rattle his brain, even though regardless of how he fought, it seemed like things were just happening that way anyway. They were merging together against their will, and he didn't know if she noticed or not, but he surely did.

I cannot be one with her if she does not share my same passion and ambition... If she is to make me sad eternally... Then I cannot accept her into myself... I need her to satisfy me... I need...

But it all seemed hopeless. She couldn't give him what he needed; she was too busy trying to play games with him. A game that he wasn't trying to play, but definitely was going to win no matter what. She wasn't going to get him to bend over backwards for her just because she was a nice piece of tail... well, at this point, two tails. That thought in and of itself brought him great grief. A grief so powerful, the silent lightning surging through the Black Storm could no longer remain silent.

"Then stop playing games with me and show me what you're MADE OF!!! Your true intentions!!!"

A voice that roared with a thunderous boom whilst simultaneously a flood of lightning poured through the channels of their still bonding energies. He felt closer to her even though there was no sense of the two coming together, and because she was losing her cool, he could tell that she was feeling the same way. But even so, they were not connected fully, and thus did not know what her intentions were completely. She needed to come clean with him, and he wasn't going to give her ANYTHING until he knew EXACTLY what he was getting into with her. Whatever she wanted of him that was so important to her that she would go to these lengths, she was going to have to work for. Prove to him that she wanted it that bad... But alas, he wasn't sure if she was going to do that or not. Foxes were tricky, and the same way that he was one, so was she. Sly, cunning and extremely intelligent... That was why she could not be trusted. And that brought him further into the darkness...

He was far more interesting than she first realized, and it showed in everything that he was. Though she was drawing out the inner feral within him, it seemed like he was drawing out something deep within her as well. The boom of his thunderous voice made her shiver, playing both on her fear and her pleasure all at once, and the electrical burst snapped at her tails, causing them to retreat from around his body and back near her. The twin tails now became a triad, and from that moment on things were going to heat up really fast between those two... Because for some reason, the more intense he got, the more intense she got, and she was beginning to catch on to him and how he functioned. She didn't understand why she grasped so much, nor why she liked it so much, but she was playing to win, and he was her toughest opponent yet. And she liked it like that.

... Mmm... That was unexpected... But...
Arousing all the same... Hmhm...

Stage 4; Anticipation
Oh, she could not WAIT to see what this clearly ferocious beast was capable of; what he was hiding behind his meager demeanor and his reclusive introverted nature. There was something BIG within him; the jackpot of all sexual wiles. Yes, yes, she was going to have to draw out a little more, but to do that, it seemed like she had to give him a little more. But she couldn't give him too much, or else she would give him her heart... And that was something she could not trust anyone with. Especially not a foxy dog. Foxes were sly, cunning and intelligent and so were wolves, but they were vicious loners at heart and if she gave him her heart, she wasn't going to take kindly to being left alone... Not in the slightest. That was why... She had to be the one that won, so that she could be the one who could break away from him, and she could leave him alone before he left her.

But why did she even feel like that in the first place? It didn't make sense, unless that simply throb of the heart from earlier was actually...

... Oh shit.

Stage 5; Surprise
No. Absolutely not. She could NOT be catching feelings for her prey; that was unheard of. She was supposed to hunt, take what she needed and be gone, like normal. Never was she supposed to actually show THESE types of feelings for the ones she just needed to satisfy her sexual tendencies. There was something more to him and this whole unity thing they were going through, because now she was beginning to feel that she could not live without him, like he was a missing piece to her she'd been searching for so long in others she bedded that just didn't have it. What... What is this? What is HE? And could this feeling really be...? Truly...?

No. No. Not at all, she'd just have to ignore it. It was a sign of weakness that he'd prey upon. Her terror told her so, and she'd have to hold up strong before she became vulnerable. Her tail split into four now, wrapping around her own body as if to protect her from the elements of the storm. She had to respond so she wouldn't look weak.

Taomin: "If you can't even make me, then what good are you anyway?! You REALLY suck at this, and you aren't getting anywhere!! Feh, I should just high tail it outta here... You aren't even WORTH MY TIME!!"

She snarled at him, letting her words pollute the air and hopefully his mind and heart... even though she called for him with her emotions, her words said otherwise, and would hopefully tear him down and make him vulnerable before she was made to be so... She hoped, at least. Things were moving faster than she realized; not only had he gotten farther than anyone, but at such a fast pace... That is what terrified her the most. Was he... was he even trying?! Or was this... natural...?

She was persistent, he gave her that, but even in that, he couldn't budge to her until she started telling him the truth of the matter. He felt things within her and all about the air that he knew did not match up to her words. She was going to have to come clean... but the more she made him wait, the more terrible he felt, because until she told him what it was truly, he didn't know what it was she was keeping from him. And as much as he wanted to show her who was top dog, he was not going to until he knew for sure that their bonds were eternal.

Stage 4; Anguish
The torture of unknowing was killing him mentally, for this type of pain was something he was never able to fully grasp. Was she calling out to him, or was she trying to seduce him? Did she want to be bonded with him eternally, or simply for a one night stand? Was she seeking love or simply pleasure? He would not give her any until he had a solid foundation to work with; not until she started telling him the truth.

His eyes narrowed as her tails retreated, the seductress now seeing that he was not playing any games with her and that he was utterly serious. He wanted her to be serious as well; this was not a game to him. The rising electricity in the air would let her know of that easily, stringing together more bonds between the two of them.

"I don't care what you say, you are hiding something from me. It must be out of fear. You are trying to trick me, as foxes are known to do. Don't you know that I am the King Keaton; the King of all your kind? There is no way to fool me... I am no fool that will simply succumb to your games. Be serious with me... and let me know your true intentions..."

And with that, to show her that he meant business, he stopped. Completely and utterly, he would show her right here and right now that he wasn't afraid of her in the slightest, and that if she stopped too, she was the one that was afraid of him. He turned backward to face the direction in which she was flowing toward him, his eyes slit and narrowed, his sharp fangs bared and grit, as an overwhelming pain shot from what was once only his mental torture now down to his entire energetic shape...

Stage 5; Pain
It took all that he was to simply stand up and face her, but there was something he needed to know. The rise of his dark emotions welling up within him were beginning to tear him apart the same way he wished to tear her apart, and it would not do him any good waiting for her, as she said. He did not wince at his insufferable pain he was inflicting upon himself with his own strife, but simply grit his teeth to bear it.

"You wanted me to make you? You wanted me to show you? This is how I am doing it. Now it's up to you what happens from here. Tell me the truth, or I shall not move."

The intensity of his pain overflowed about his body, flashes of lightning and roars of thunder bursting from all around him as he stood his solid ground. He was overflowing... and soon, it would destroy him internally... His own melancholic pain... He could feel it. But for some reason, for her, he'd allow it to do so. He had to prove to her that this was serious, and so was he. No matter what.

Again, to her surprise, another unexpected turn in her own twisted game came back to bite her in the ass; this was nothing that she ever expected nor experienced before, but it was still all too... amusing for her. There was certainly more to him than meets the eye.

I think... I think he just might...

Stage 6; Amusement
Her scowling snarl turned into a smug smile after hearing him say that, for now she knew why he was so different. He wasn't just after her sensual goodness, he was after the only thing that she wasn't going to give him. She should have known; he was an Insanity himself, and all of them ate hearts and fed off of emotions, since hearts are what pumped such intense emotions from themselves. She knew that he was playing her for a fool.

Taomin: "Ha!! Like I'd believe that sorry excuse of a story. How could you even--"

But at that moment, he stopped dead in his tracks and stared at her with such a conviction that it sent another chill down her spine. He was completely and utterly serious, and she thought that perhaps he might have been... in love with her. Just the thought of that made her heart thump again, and as he stopped, she did too, paralyzed by both fear and her wily anticipation for more. Now she could smile with amusement, because his heart was bare and on his chest, ripe for the picking... But to her surprise, she didn't want to just pluck it out and eat it. She wanted to... have it for herself, the same way he did with her. Weird. Somehow, this amused her, and invigorated her, as well... bringing about a whole windstorm of feelings she wasn't prepared to unleash from herself as well.

This set off a whole chain of resonant bonds between them, getting closer and closer to each other even though they remained distant. He was showing her that he was not afraid of her and everything he said was true... so maybe she was the one that had been wrong this entire time... And, even the wily Taomin felt that perhaps... she should tell him like it is.

Stage 7; Disappointment
The vehement Black Storm that surged around the King Keaton was nothing to trifle with, she could tell, yet she was the one that invoked such a sorrowful wrath within him by toying with his emotions so simply to protect her own. She lowered her head and grit her own teeth, reluctant to tell him that he was right...

"... uh..." she started, trying not to look him in the eyes, "... You know, I uh..." she could barely find the words, electricity surging in her stomach as though she had butterflies of sorts; this was still really new to her, speaking up like this, "... I have been not telling you the full truth about it all... I mean, I admit that I'm kinda... Ehhh..."

This was clearly not working. Her fear gripped her and cluttered her thoughts and her words. But, with a deep and cleansing breath, she just let it all out as it was, telling him completely openly and honestly what it was she wanted.

"LOOK!!! I'm just fucking afraid, okay!? Usually I can just snatch up some dumbass boy or girl and fuck em to my heart's content and leave them as I want, but you're pretty different, you know!! You're not just a boy toy, you're... It feels like you're my other half!! It feels almost like you're the love of my life!! And I admit, I JUST WANNA FUCKING FUCK YOU UNTIL WE PASS OUT FROM EXHAUSTION, but I don't wanna EVER leave you like I did all those other people!!! But you have to be real with me; you aren't gonna just destroy my fucking heart if I give it to you, right?! Cuz if you do I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!!! I know you eat hearts JUST LIKE I DO, AND IF I GIVE IT TO YOU AND YOU EAT IT, THEN SO HELP ME..."

Her tail split into five now, which wrapped around her body as though to protect her from the storm. For the first time in her life, her eyes watered at expressing this type of emotion. Taomin had never been in love before and never knew what true love was, not even from her own parents. When she was first possessed by this fox demon in ancient feudal times, she was a virgin and only 18 years of age. She never had a chance to love because she was captured by lust. But perhaps that's what she was looking for all this time... That which would break her curse.

"So help me, you dirty dog, I'll..." a single crystal tear streamed down her face, and she quickly turned her head away from him to keep him from seeing. She still had her pride and didn't want him to see her like this. This was the truth, and she hoped that he caught on to it... Her heart was exposed just as openly as his own, and as she kept her distance from him in fear of the destructive nature of his storm, she continued to grit her teeth, sinking her nails deep into her tails, which now split into six... The disappointment she felt was for herself and her own trickster treachery, not for him...

Looks like he was getting through to her finally. She was like the wind and drifted about, pushing and pulling others as she saw fit. But he was a storm that could not so easily be swayed by the wind, as he traveled where he saw fit and stopped when he deemed necessary. He CREATED these winds that she tried to use to push him around and pull him along by a string, and as he believed, when he stopped, so did she.

So I was right... She was afraid all this time.
She lied to me.
She was playing games.

Stage 6; Suffering
That hurt him most of all, even beyond his own mental and physical torture inflicted upon himself from his terribly destructive storm, to add to his already insufferable pain was the suffering he would put himself through by knowing that this was nothing more but a facade... She wasn't being real with him. He could almost not look at her. His storm grew wild and rampant now, almost uncontrollable, destabilizing the bond shared between them. He was going to destroy the both of them at this point, without any hesitation.

A single crystal tear rolled down his face, and now being unable to stare at her anymore, the overwhelming pain finally ignited as a terrible spectacle of destruction. Lightning crashed all about the Chaotic Palace now, changing the entire atmosphere a deep melancholic jade green. The melancholia was a self destructive emotion, and as such, would do so without any thought about it further. She'd betrayed him, and that caused him the most suffering of all.

Though, as soon as he was about to cast the final bolt of judgment upon her, unable to even look her in the face as he did so, she would finally fess up and spill all of her emotions to him, completely and fully, to rectify his own turmoil and allow him to hear what was the truth of the matter. She was in love with him just like he was her.

Stage 7; Regret
He wanted to trust her before, but he wasn't sure if he should, especially since she wasn't telling him everything he needed to know. All he knew was that she was keeping something important from him, and it could have been anything at all. Just to know she was lying and hiding was enough for him to destroy them both, but now he... regret that thought entirely. She was still a girl after all, despite her rather straight forward and brash, rough around the edges ways. All she needed for that to be exposed was someone who actually could love her that way. He felt it within them as the cloud of energy returned to stability, now seemingly more in tune than ever, like the two of them were getting closer and closer... almost completely together as one. Whatever border, whatever hindrance, whatever boundary was keeping them apart was now fading away the more open and honest they were with each other, and he guessed that it had to start with him showing her, since she was actually more afraid than she let on.

"... I don't know why you didn't just tell me sooner."

The vicious lightning and booming thunder subsided, and he drifted slowly over to her, outstretching his arms to embrace her in them. Whether she accepted or not, he locked her in and hugged her as tightly as he possibly could, allowing the Black Storm to come to a calm... but as they say, everything was always at its most calm before the true storm hits.

"... I would never do that to you as long as you don't do it to me. You're my other half, I believe, and... I love you. That's why I'm going to willingly give you mine. So I can show you how much I really do..."

This would make up for his regret of almost destroying her and him in the process. He was wrong and he knew it once she spoke up. And again, he could smile...

"... Just take care of it. Alright? Don't leave me in the dust... Stay with me forever..."

The swirling maelstrom of emotions she could feel brewing within him on he other side both aroused and terrified her, for she wasn't sure what the outcome of this entire ordeal would be. But as usual, if she had to fight, she was going to fight to the death; she was going to kill him if he didn't kill her first, as that was the way of these two primal creatures. She was going to strike him dead if she had to, as quick as the wind. But then again, maybe lightning was faster than the wind... Didn't matter. Her foxy pride and cunning would keep her alive. She stayed there, motionless, but tense and anticipating the next move. She had to move before he would strike, so she was going to have to be extra perceptive... She couldn't make the first move at all.

But then again... It seemed like she didn't have to.

Stage 8; Hope
Yet AGAIN, the unexpected happened to her; all in one sitting, this guy had done EVERYTHING that she NEVER expected ANYONE to do at all to her, and that in all her years of existence, NOBODY every did do. What the hell was his deal?! Was it that he really... Really meant it!?

Taomin: "... Wha...?"

Dumbfounded and now not paralyzed by fear, but sheer and utter confusion, Taomin was embraced by Tsao-Rin, whom she saw a single crystal tear streaking down his face the same way it was down her own. She could tell at that moment that these two definitely were the soulmates that they were looking for, and as he hugged her... She could not help but raise her arms to return the embrace. Slowly, but surely, she did indeed do it, and what was a simply, soft hug quickly turned into a loving embrace of which she never knew before. Her tails split into seven now, each of them no longer wrapping around herself, but embracing Tsao-Rin the same as her arms, letting this love encapsulate the both of them. She really couldn't believe that this was happening right now.

Taomin: "... You... You... You fucking dumbass... The same goes for you... I love you, too..."

Stage 9; Satisfaction
And yet another first in Tao's life, a sense of utter and pure satisfaction not proven by the carnal sensations of sex (even though that never really happened with her anyway), but by the pleasure and truth of love itself; for her and someone else in return. And THAT in and of itself... Was the MOST arousing of all. This all new sensation teeming inside of her split her tails finally into eight, and the loving embrace of she and Tsao-Rin would spark the final few connections necessary to fully connect the two of them together, she believed.

Placing her face into the nape of his neck, she nuzzled him slightly, feeling the electric ecstasy surge through her body and relishing in it, tingling all down her spine and through each of her tails. She knew now that she could FINALLY have some TRUE FUN with this one... fun that would never get old for all eternity. Even though she hadn't experienced him yet in that way, she knew... she knew for certain that it would be the best ever.

So with that, she whispered gently into his ear, a certain seduction not ridden with trickery and cunning, but true, genuine feelings of love and sensuality,

Taomin: "... Now can we have some real fun, love...?"

Stage 10; Fun.

There wasn't much to be said after that; the feelings between them were finally (and rather quickly, at that) reciprocated between each other, as though everything were falling into place naturally with the two of them. He could feel that surely all of the connections were happening and in little to no time at all, the two of them would complete each other. The same way she was feeling all sorts of new things she never felt before, Tsao was feeling the same way... happiness beyond his melancholia... Love beyond his primal lust... Togetherness and oneness beyond his loneliness. Yet, for some reason, this only made him more sad... The regret he felt for what he almost did to his true love... THAT hurt him the most.

Stage 8; Sorrow
As she wrapped her eight tails around him and returned his hug, he could do nothing but continue to silently weep. To think, he almost destroyed her... This one person who could make him feel this way; he almost got RID of her. And for what? Because she was simply too afraid to tell him the truth about her feelings? Though warranted, it was a little over the top, and that just made him oh, so very sad... The only way for him to get it out was to apologize about it.

"I... I'm sorry... I almost destroyed us, you know... For you not being able to tell me, I almost..."

He could barely finish, but somehow, her nuzzling his nape made him feel all better. Not only that, but the soft, plush tails that wrapped around the two of them were rather soothing and relaxing, like a gentle breeze that would carry off his sorrow... she was actually a rather soothing and loving soul, despite her rigid nature. That was something he really enjoyed about her.

Stage 9; Remorse
Even if his sorrow was carried off by the new foxy love, he knew that it wouldn't be so easy for him to forget unless he was forgiven by her. He needed to have such forgiveness, or he would feel this unerring remorse for all of his days. He simply had to ask her...

"... Can you ever forgive me? Please...?"

As her nails dug deep into his back, he grit his teeth, a wide, dogged grin smearing across his face, his sensual urges rising up with the pain inflicted. He was a sort of sadomasochist type, and the feeling of her nails made him want to... quite viciously... rip her apart.

"Come on now... I'm trying to... Apologize..."

Stage 10; Melancholy
"If you forgive me truly... Then I'll let the storm loose on you...
Everything you've been causing to rise...
All of this intensity and tension built up between us...
I can finally let it all out...
With no remorse...
And no sadness...
Only pure and unbridled love..."

That was his proposition. His curse was one that only true love could break, and for some reason, he felt it to be the same with her. But man, once it was... He'd have all sorts of 'Fun' with her, and the only 'Melancholy' he would feel would be why he hadn't been experiencing this being that would make him happy a long time before in his life.

Then again, from the way she was acting, it looked like he was already forgiven... Perhaps it was about that time for the two of them to get down to the real business...

Oh yes. The real fun can finally begin.

She lifted her head nestled gently in his nape and let her wild, yet somehow tender eyes gaze deeply into his, as though a whole different side of her that she had never known --rather, long since forgotten-- had been resurrected within her. The feeling of... The young, innocent priestess girl she was long before the possession of her spirit by this fox demon. Yes, her memory of that time was starting to return to her... the Tensei Curse truly was rising from her body.

... What...? You're still alive...?
I thought you got consumed a long time ago...
But, if you are here, then that means...

As the Kuroshiro Kitsune's final tail separated from the other eight, a divine light burst from her entire form, surrounding her in a loosely fit black and white fox fur. The markings normally adorned upon her body that were bloody red would change to a gorgeous green for a moment, spreading all across her body. They were ancient tribal markings that represented the great power teeming within her, resembling intricate scars that one may get from engaging in feral combat. The green markings would fade to a deep ebony, though still hissed with the burning energy of the harlequin flares sizzling from the markings' sudden appearance. Her skin glowed with a brilliant ivory shine that was only dulled by the deep darkness of the scars on her body. The wounded little girl viciously raped by the fox spirit. These were the marks she had to keep upon her for the rest of her life; those that showed how she was mangled and ripped to shreds by that monster on that fateful day...

Her eyes beamed a luscious light green, and the Innocent Priestess Taomin that had not been seen since before the Tensei Curse spoke in tandem with the one that was now the Kuroshiro Kyuubi in its entirety to her true love that freed her from the bindings of the darkness...

Taomin: "Of course I forgive you... There's no way I couldn't... You broke my curse with your true love..."

Her voice was the most beautiful one would ever hear; in complete and utter accord with harmony and discord at the same time, as though she who once spoke Discordia (Evil Taomin; Eris) and she who spoke Harmonia (Good Taomin) were now speaking together as one being in Concordia (New Taomin; Kuroshiro Kitsune).

Slowly, yet fluidly did she drift from his gaze and toward his ear, caressing the edges with her breath, as her mastery of the wind element did allow (and for SO much more...). With the elegance and grace of a holy priestess, but all the twisted sensuality of a nymphomaniac dominatrix, she whispered softly into his ear, letting the tension she was trying so very hard to hold back slip out just a bit through her faint murmurs...

Taomin: "Now... Let me return the favor... And break your 'bone,' doggy boy..."

And from the tip of his ear all the way back to his lips was his face traced erotically by her tongue, where their eyes would meet again, her eyes no longer showing the same innocent priestess girl that had just been awakened. This was not the fox that had taken its sexual feed for so many centuries, but the still pure virgin girl that existed within, staring him in the face with the utmost love... but an animalistic ferocity that was told in her quivering, slit-pupiled eyes and the wide, dogged grin that nearly matched his own.

"You've made me wait long enough, you know..." she whispered shakily, her body trembling with an even greater anticipation than before, feeling the absolute final connecting pieces coming together between the two of them, waiting to ignite, "... So don't you fucking DARE make me wait a second longer..." In between her breaths, she would be panting a bit, digging her nails more deeply than they were already; claws tearing into flesh... just that sensation alone...

The sensual ruffling roll of her cloudy fluffy tails caressed his skin with a tenderness that he could only find to match in her beautiful eyes at that moment. Something, or someone, was within this feline fox that was not simply just her. This sweet innocence that poured out as a gleaming green shine from her eyes and scorched the rest of her body with the marks of truth; the Jade Amaterasu scorching itself into her form. This was it; the two were finally coming together fully... something about his love drew out the innocent soul that was trapped in the darkness of the Black Rose... She was beginning to rise, merging harmoniously with the spirit of the fox. And thus, simultaneously...

Oh... So you're here with me...
To take away this girl's sadness for good, right...?
And... Mine too?

Only when the King Keaton was placed into his darkest hour would his light come to shine bright to get him out. He felt her light, the innocent Taomin locked deep away within the wild spirit animal. As the seductive fox left such sweet breezes trickling between his ears and her lips as they met eyes again, he saw within her restricted gaze that she was trying so very hard to hold herself back. His breath quickened to a gentle pant as well, yet even so he still managed to speak his mind before being lost in the sensuality of the moment.

"I see why now why I have fallen for you...
You're my light...
And as you can see from the smile on my face...
I'm actually feeling rather happy for once..."

But the moment that she said a word of challenge to him, threatening to 'break his bone' did his eyes of tender love and care immediately snap to a fierce, sharp and precisely controlled slash of his eyes over her way, cutting her all up and down as if she were a mere apple. The feeling of this girl's nails driving themselves deeper into his back only awakened more instinctive tendencies deep within his being. He clenched his fist tightly with al the swiftness of lightning itself, a thunderclap cracking immediately in the crispness of it wake, before his hand spontaneously burst into vicious, spattering bolts of lightning. That was his cue to let loose on her... Unleash the Black Storm that brought showers of nothing but pure fire and lightning.

"Listen up, you cur..." he managed to huff out in between his rapidly increasing pants, "Do you have any idea who the hell I am?" And with all the swift absolute decisiveness he had as a Tensei did his hand now made of pure lightning strike her slender, foxy neck,
"I am the King of the Keatons..." Securing her neck in his high-voltage grasp, the electrical currents charged within his palm surged down her spine and through her entire body, even sending bolts of energy jolting through all nine of her tails,
"... and I'm about to make you my bitch..."

His magnetic grasp and electric stare should have been enough to super charge her senses and send streams of pure ecstasy flowing through her entire being by themselves... But just in case, he snatched her up close and quick like the big bad wolf he was, forcing their lips to meet in vicious combat. Every so often, a sharp fang of his would nip at either of her lips between minor breaks in the passionate exchange of chemical reactions and bonds...

The lightning struck her neck and an electric ecstasy surged through her entire body, elating her to such a level of pleasure that she almost could not fathom in that one instant. But no, she was still Taomin, through and through, and the sweet innocence would not hold back nor fully satisfy this ferocious monster hungry for the sensation of sheer togetherness. Her breath shortened with the clench of his surging grip, but a leg wisped as quickly and smoothly as the wind around his waist and pulled him close, driving their bodies together in the nether regions what one would imagine was masked by the joint custody of the clouds below. She gazed at him with no fear, licking her teeth with a wide smile of sick, twisted pleasure ever present on her face as the lightning coursed through the veins of her being.

Before she could utter a word, she found herself locked in combat with her suddenly rather aggressive partner. Whilst at first a bit shocked, she immediately caught on and matched the ferocity of their struggle for power, their tongues wrestling in a match of dominance that could never be attained by either. Instinctively, her claws streaked up and down his back from the most pleasing sensation, as did her pelvis gyrate roughly over his. One of her claws already dug deep into his back found its way down to his hips, letting her claws sink in just above his firm buttox, her palm resting almost perfectly in the shape of his form. Her nails promptly drove into his skin once more, securing him just as tightly as he had her.

Pulling her lips away from him, she snarled in a seductively mocking way at him, "Ha!!! Where's all your thunder and lightning, huh? I thought you were the Black Storm..." though her words were strained through both the pain of being suffocated and the pleasure of this beautiful complete connectedness she could feel flowing between the two of them, she managed to hiss out sensually, "... Just another prissy cloud in the sky..."

Her eyes narrowed as sharply as his, nearly foaming at the mouth at how his jugular was looking quite the bit delicious at the moment, and, as clear as day, her voice BOOMED LIKE THUNDER;


Nothing was said to her. His hand merely tightened around her neck, attempting with all his strength to either silence her vocal chords, suffocate her to death or snap her neck, as though taking out prey that is smaller and weaker than you in order to eat it. He lashed out at her neck with fierce gnashes, no longer holding himself back. Bursting into a fit of sparkling instability, his other hand spewed nigh uncontrollable streaks of electric passion from its trembling stature before bolting immediately with the same swiftness as the first down to the lower area covered by the clouds. The voltaic stimulation surged through her lower lips at the invasion of the electrifying energies flowing from her most sensitive spot... before clenching that just as tightly as he would her neck, for the extra jolt of pure euphoria.

His magnetic grasp on her neck now shared with her nether region intensified greatly, pushing her head back as it pulled her lower torso closer with perfect attraction and repulsion. He bent the girl so far back as he feasted upon her neck ferociously one would think he would snap her spine in two if he'd continue to force her back like that... but from the looks of it, he did not seem to care.

As she DARED thought to raise a voice at the King of the Keatons did a low grumble of his far louder and deeper than her thunderous roar roll over the cloud and quake the very atmosphere with its rupturous bass, no doubt shaking the wench down to her very core, leaving not an ounce of her untrembled; that was her warning to shut the fuck up, the repeated flashes of lightning all about being the next indicators.

"... Give me one good reason why I should waste my energy...
On a weak little pussy like you..."

She was already getting overstimulated, and he hadn't even gotten started on her yet. The legendary sex demon wasn't living up to her potential. He forced her down to the surface of the cloud made up of their intertwining energies glaring from up above with such contempt, as though she were merely a lowly subject to him. Once she was downed, he slid his moist electric claws up from below the clouds and to the two great mountains serving as her voluptuous breasts, grabbing and twisting a single nipple with such strain one would think he'd tear it straight from her breasts with just his bare claws.

"Huh... You're screaming already...?
It almost makes me sad to see how pathetic you are..."

He released her neck of his grasp, sliding his hand down to meet the bare, naked opposite breast, "... If you really want it from me..." he muttered lowly, twirling the nipple between his fingers adroitly, "... then prove it to me..." He pinched it lightly, slowly applying pressure growing gradually more intense as his claws sunk deeper. He lowered his head, never taking his contemptuous, bladed glare off of her for even a moment to blink, muttering the last words right in front of her face, "... and take it from me..." his tongue wiped over his lips, as though he were still waiting for her to get started, anticipating something far greater than what was being output... It almost made him sad... And we couldn't have that, now, could we?

The clench of his powerful grip constricted her breathe down to barely a wheezing sigh, yet even then her defiant eyes as sharp as blades falter. Even still, she managed to whisper through the constrained windpipe, "... That all... you got...?"

The inquisition was answered all but too swiftly by the mad wolf's vicious lash at her neck, his teeth grinding upon her flesh as though to tear it from her bones. She continued to struggle to gasp, but rather enjoyed the pleasant electric sensations charged through their prolonged interaction, like the energy of a reactor core building up the more they bonded. She felt like she was gonna die... and she fucking loved it. Still, she was not yet satisfied by his most... domineering endeavors just yet, as her eyes still did not falter even without the ability to speak. They still maintained their defiant passion.

She opened her mouth to try to speak, but as soon as she did, a streaking electrical surge jolted through her entire body in a fashion far more ecstatically than with her neck, her eyes now starting to quiver just a bit. She wasn't gonna go down like a bitch, though, and she had to show the King Keaton that his throne wasn't so high. She resisted his magnetic attraction and repulsion as much as she could, growing more and more wild with every passing moment of pleasure. At that moment, as though fighting for her life, her claws whisked their way up to his neck and fastened themselves tightly around, pressurizing around it to try to crush his neck. Yeah... Yeah this was what she was looking for!! This kind of deadly intercourse... all that time, how she lusted for blood and satisfaction, when all she truly needed was both at the exact same time.

Taomin: "I'm... Gonna... Kill you..."

At that moment, her eyes flashed a deep, penetrating crimson and the darkness of her heart, the Living Shadow loomed overhead behind Tsao-Rin, forming a dark, abysmal 'cloud' so to speak overhead. The great blot overshadowing grasped him by the back of his head once he grasped her nips, yanking forcefully to tear his head off. If it was not torn straight from his neck the very moment this black mass pulled, then it would continue to pull him backward just as much as had done to her.

The feeling of his tight twisted grip and sharp claws on her nipples being tugged so hard they'd feel like they would just be ripped right off!! The sensation of such pleasure caused her hands to pressurize more tightly around his neck, more than likely crushing his windpipe by now. With her own trachea free to breathe, she panted heavily in relief, thrill, pleasure and pain, baring her fangs now at him with a bloodthirsty murderous intent.


Meanwhile, as the reactor core that was the two contained and pleased Insanities mingled, combining their chemical bonds and forming a 'new element' of sorts, Tabrith merely watched and pieced together all of the infinite knowledge he had and would infinitely obtain as things progressed. With this knowing, he became immediately aware of all that was occurring and drew the most prominently pressing knowledge to him first, letting all other knowledge that was less important come to him later. He had to act in a sequential manner if things were to get done effectively, and with what he had just gathered, it seemed like time was short.

"Hm... This is most... Disturbing. I fear as though this place may soon be blown to pieces if this process is not sped up. The two forces are doing quite well in the mingling of their bonds and creating reactions that seem to be both stable and unstable all at the same time... Highly reactive... A perfect source for the core..."

Summoning his keyboard, which was one of his primary weapons when he was corrupt and destroying the realm of Vescrutia most literally with corruption and viruses, he typed up the information on something he had not used in quite a long time.

Tabrith: "... Time to prepare... The Assault."

A seldom seen technique of his, but useful all the same in such a scenario. As he was intended to be and placed quite carefully by the Shinseigami, Tabrith was indeed a Chaos Shinobi, and would 'Protect This Place, Too,' so to speak.

Tabrith: "Those two are forces that naturally intertwine and go together in perfect harmony. Their energetic buildup will only escalate exponentially and never falter. This is why they are key..."

He only hoped that the two of them would get to the jump soon enough. For some reason, sexual energy proved to be the most prominent in these Insanities. But hey, energy is energy, and if it was a source, he would use it for what was necessary.

Tabrith: "Begin siphoning sequence. We have no time to lose. As always, it is not on our side... For some reason."

Tsao-Rin gazed deeply into the eyes of Taomin, the two of their powerful wills defined by their equally striking stares; neither of them giving up nor submitting to the other. "Still got some fight in you, huh..." He could see in her eyes that even as he proceeded to nearly extinguish her very breath, she would not give up. He liked that passion about her, which caused the static electricity built up between them to rise exponentially. They were already generating enough energy to power the city, and they hadn't even gotten past their friendly foreplay yet. "That can be taken care of..." he muttered, knowing for absolutely certain that no matter how hard she fought, she would not be able to dominate the King and take his crown, "I'll beat it out of you..."

Finally, her eyes began to waver from the ecstasy, and he saw that sliver of weakness as she fell to the might of his pleasurably feral methods of passion. He continued to cast his gelid stare of daggers down upon her, almost disappointed with how easily she was being handled for all that she was supposed to be... Then again, one had to also remember just who he was. This nine-tailed fox was nothing compared to her King Keaton, however... How much she fought was something he could admire. She was still kicking until the very end, and he not only respected that, but it also... started to get him going, too.

That was when her eyes turned a bloodshot red and her hands reached his throat, pressurizing around him to attempt to crush his wind pipe in damn near the same fashion as he did to her. Yet, his eyes did not change, nor did he even seem to gag nor struggle; he simple continued to stare at her now with the same cutting eyes that would slice her pride in two just the same as his next words, "Is that all...?" His voice barely sounded constrained, but there was a hint of it in there, especially as she intensified her grip. Yet, that only intensified his gaze. "Weak..." he mentioned, all before a great shadow loomed over him behind... Snatching his head and pulling him backward, he only allowed his head to be pulled back so far before he stopped it from being ripped from his body with the pure valiant strength of his sleek, athletic form. He looked up to this monstrosity with just a hint of surprise, but also now a bit of intrigue, forcing his head back into an upright position so he could stare her dead in her blood red eyes again. "Don't tell me this is it..."

The appearance of the Living Shadow sparked something within him that he hadn't ever felt before, this girl inspiring now for the King Keaton to let loose the Black Storm in full upon her form and destroy that Black Rose in all her entirety. "You need to be beaten into submission, love..." And so the static in the air grew ever more intense, to the point where jade green lightning bolts crackled and sparked simply from the friction of his movement.


The bellowing thunder and the powerful bursts of lightning were finally unleashed upon Taomin down below in the cloud combining both their genitalia, each rupturous electrical explosion more powerful and destructive than the last. If she thought the euphoric sensation of him simply 'playing with his food' was intense, then surely once he was actually worked up, she would know what true pleasure was...

He would succumb to the sexual sensations shared between the two of them as well. "You can get this work..." he mentioned under his breath, allowing the Living Shadow to pull his head back far as it seemed his foxy counterpart would be overpowering him, but only as much as he wished to allow, "... And this thing, too..." He licked his lips, now finally starting to feel the thrill... the rush of it all. A great smile spread wide across his face, allowing his maw to be seen in all its entirety now. Releasing her nipples from his sharp grasp, he would allow himself to be pulled down into the shadows, and as his lower torso went to work on hers, his upper torso would go to work on the lower half of the Living Shadow, providing them both with the dual satisfaction of his electrical experience. Energy poured from his body and into both of them, filling them with such unbridled, pure pulsating plasmatic power that she should feel as though she were going to literally explode from the rather violent and destructive blows dealt to her...

The Living Shadow that loomed behind the King Keaton was suddenly given definition, shape and form to match the Keeper... Grimnyzmal the Abysmal, the Living Shadow.

For so long, it had simply been an unconscious extension of Tao herself; her protector, of sorts, but now, no longer was it a dark defender that moved to her consciousness; it had its own, and would assume its true form... as the emptiness. As the demon. And, for the first time in all history, the Living Shadow would speak;

Grimnyzmal: "So. Sacrifice girl. Apparently, your time has come. *slurp.*"

The last two Insanities that hadn't been ingested, and they were right here, ripe for the picking. All it took was a swift little undoing of the Third Restriction Mask, an open and close of the mouth and... baddaboom. They'd be sucked in completely and without any means of escape, like ghosts into a vacuum cleaner.


The sound of the Third Restriction locking itself back up, as apparently, Grim was simply capable of locking and unlocking it freely as he so chose to do.

Grimnyzmal: "Those two were... Delicious."

He had to test that out just to make sure that what Khrona said was true... That he still had the power to unlock himself at any given time. He wouldn't do it, though, since he knew it would make him susceptible to falling to the Insanity.

Even so, being the Living Shadow that suddenly gained its own life separate from Taomin, he was going to need to find a way to sustain himself. Taomin is the sacrifice girl, after all...
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Silence 10: Eyes In The Sky

A thin stream of wavering light could be seen shimmering in the distance. Piercing the clouds like an arrow and arcing around down toward a rather large, Panda-themed building, the streak of lightning spread its majestic sparkling wings outward and released a magnetic pulse that sounded like the undulation of electric thunder; something like a deep, baritone digital sound wave.

Atop the avian of pure electricity was the Elemental Spirit of the Delta, of whom was instructed to guide and accompany this entity of lightning to where the daughter of Shinrona and Shinnia resides...

Leaning forward with arms crossed and leg outstretched to maintain his balance among the powerful winds the Thunderbird cut through was Nightshade, the Nightstorm Badass, quietly surveying the vicinity of the Delta within his vision at the time in search of the elemental energy signature, or the 'Souzenryoku' that was specific to the one, Trinity. His sharp eyes kept close watch, even as the bird basically bolted over the entire land in but a single streaking stroke of its wings.

"Hmmmm..." he muttered pensively, looking over the entire central city, "... Nah. Nowhere." He wouldn't expect the daughter of the two Gate Keepers to be just waltzing through the streets anyway...

It wasn't until her signature suddenly popped up in the distance, inside of a Panda-themed school that wasn't there before... "Huh. Where did she just come from...?" He looked around at the cute little academy, "... And what the hell is this bullshit?" He knew for CERTAIN that THIS was not here before. Regardless...

"Hold fast, big guy," he'd say, tapping the bird on the side with his hand, "This is our stop. Take us down."

The electric squawk of confirmation from the creature led to the landing before the gates of the new school. He looked up at the sign, filled with pandas and rather attractive cutesy type things. Standing before the gate, it would wait for Nightshade to figure out how to enter the building, its crackling body coming to a calm.

When they touched down, Nightshade hopped off the back of the blitzing bird and before the gate in front of them, staring it up and down. He looked up at the sign as well and quirked a brow at the name, "Pandemia...? The Pandaversity... of Epic Art?" For some reason, this place didn't look familiar to him at all. At least everything in the Dawn looked REMOTELY recognizable to him.

Nightshade: "Huh. Whatever. How the fuck do we get in...?"

In a streak of light, he -- Tear Lacrimoso -- arrived just in time, on tempo at the end of Nightshade's question, taking physical shape and form again after reaching his destination, "May I help you?" Though he was curious about the two that showed up so suddenly, he knew just who they were... Despite what he knew, his face did not break from its signature deadly nonchalant smile.

"Yeah," Nightshade interjected quickly, "We're tryna get in this establishment ya got here. My daughter is inside. Me and the Thunderbird have been instructed to look after her."

Tear looked up slyly, dissecting the man up and down, picking apart his soul and chuckling slightly as his sharp eyes seemed to penetrate his very soul, "Ahhh, yes! The Fourth! We've been expecting your arrival..." With the tiniest sharp glint of his eye toward the gate's security system, it would immediately unlock itself via Tear's wavelength. The invisible barrier around the building and the gate would suddenly fall before the gates would open to Nightshade and the Thunderbird. "Right this way..."

He paused momentarily, eyeing the Thunderbird up and down a bit with an eyebrow quirked. He narrowed his eyes for a moment, then closed them and said through an exasperated sight, "Sorry, Sir, I'm afraid you cannot bring him in with you at the moment. We have not made this place... Animal friendly yet." After that little sentiment, he would step right out of the way and escort Nightshade to the gates.

"Aw, hell..." he said, stamping the ground a bit in sudden fury. He turned to the Thunderbird and looked up sternly into its eyes, "Guess this is where we part ways, eh? Well you're free to do whatever. I'll take it from here." He stroked the lightning bird on its back, neck and head in a rather kiddish and endearing way, letting some of its lightning trickle up his arm. "Haaa! That tickles!" He snapped his arm back playfully and smiled wide, not letting up with his intense gaze all the while.

With the Thunderbird freed, Nightshade was invited into the castle-esque Pandacademy. It looked like a mix between a really cute, cartoonish academy and a very serious, dark, gothic university. It was actually quite the sight to behold.

"Nice place ya got here. Mind tellin me what's going on? Everything's a bit hazy to me..."

The Thunderbird shot an electric glare to Tear as he mentioned that the building was not yet 'animal friendly.' Apparently, he took it slightly offensively. Though, it was rolled over once Nightshade began to stroke the bird affectionately. The electrical sparks that traveled through were enough to gently shock him; something that would be dangerous to a normal or weak person, but would be perfectly alright for him to touch.

Once its purpose was fulfilled, it gave a head nod of respect to Nightshade and another sharp glare to Tear as it took off back into the skies in a blistering bolt of lightning off into the sky. The thunderous boom of its flight would send a powerful gust through the streets of the city.
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Raigami, Crystal Petals of the Crystal Spark :: Crystal Chrysanthemum of the Mezzo Terra

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Silence 11: An Electric Sensation...

Once the Thunderbird took off into the sky after having safely transported Nightshade to his destination, the great avian now had nowhere to go nor any real direction that it was heading to, merely flying about through the skies seeking any place that it felt most comfortable being in. It was the nature of an animal to wish to be in an environment that felt soothing to its natural being.

It soared aimlessly over the sprawling city, eyes over the people and crackling about randomly. Its high speed movement would look to be like a bolt of lightning with wings circling about and creating a large electric halo over the city.

Before too long, the Thunderbird felt a familiar and extremely powerful presence located in the heart of a strange islandic part of the city blocked by a thick and wide river. The area looked much different from the main city central; in fact, there looked to be much more trees and a natural foresty vibe to it. There seemed to be some minor roads and passages, but they looked to be more for walking than for the movement of large vehicles, which would be peaceful to the large bird's ears. After feeling whatever electric spark it was that drew its attention in the first place, Thunderbird would shoot over to the Sacred Shrine...

Just as swiftly as the beast thought it would pass over the protective aura that rest over the Sacred Shrine as the great river that protected this holy land would a great bullet of water burst from the large moat directly in the Thunderbird's path, if not hitting the beast itself. The ring of water would rise, splitting into two as an apparition started to appear where the broken water link would end and his two guns would begin. The water seemed to be an ammunition clip that hovered around this ghost-like entity, yet never secured itself around its body.

The creature took shape to be a large, heavily cloaked beast with what looked to be the skeletal face of a ram in the eternal penumbra of his hat covering it.

It seemed, for some reason, to be wary of the bird's presence once it crossed over the top of the river, and manifested from out of thin air as though it were a spirit of sorts. With its gun propped and ready to fire at the bird again, so would reveal the form of the protector of the Sacred Shrine;

Khnum, the River God.

"Kweh!?" the Thunderbird squawked in startled shock, darting to the right the very instant shots were fired from the great River surrounding the peaceful looking island. Even when taken off guard, the Thunderbird was as quick and sharp as lightning, and as fast as it moved, so too would its eyes and mind perceive at such speeds in order to ensure that it could keep up with its own natural movements. It may not have had many thoughts other than to find some place that was comfortable for it and to only go toward its one target straight ahead, but that didn't mean that it wasn't quick-witted and lightning fast in all its thoughts and motions.

Taking these shots as a clear threat to its life, the Great Thunderbird electrified the skies with its magnetic anger, drawing in dark clouds overhead just as swiftly as it became upset. "KWAAAAH!!!" it cried out thunderously, its cry rolling through the sky and shaking the land with its booming voice. This was an official strike to challenge by the River guardian that sought to disrupt its peace.

The clouds that loomed over the city crackled, pouring with electricity being released by the bird in all its fury, electrical currents accumulating in the atmosphere and charging the air with a powerful electrical surge. This was but a warning to the River God not to attempt to strike it again. It stormed off to the other side of the circular land mass in a bolt of lightning, trying to avoid conflict with it if it could. As swiftly as it moved, the large creature should not have been able to keep up with its nigh instantaneous arcing burst to the complete opposite side, where it would seek to land in the trees before it could understand just what was going on.

Khnum did not move nor strike at the Thunderbird again once it had been kept beyond the perimeter of the sacred river that flowed around the holy isle, yet the entire stripe of river itself still remained midair and directly attached to the ammunition compartment of the guns armed in the hunter's hands. The threatening roar was taken as a call to challenge as well, though Khnum did not seem to wish to blow the bird out of the sky, or else it would have been done already. To show that it was prepared for a skirmish, however, if the Bird sought to continue into the holy land that the River God meant to protect, the sound of the shotgun being locked and loaded, *CHKCHK!!*, would resonate through the air subtly, whilst the bird prepared its great storm overhead.

In a flash, the creature hurdled over the horizon in an arcing motion toward the other side of the river, where it believed that Khnum was not. However, to its surprise, it would find that, wherever it went, the image of the River God would follow, its cloak manifesting and shaping its face all around the perimeter of the land and robing the river, drawing forth more hands and more guns that were prepared to face the being if it tried to enter. (Arsenal Summoner) The further Thunderbird moved from its original position, however, the less of the original image he could see, and only the bare hovering strip of river would be seen, almost like this creature was some sort of ghastly apparition that only served to stand in the way of whatever had the Holy Land in its line of sight. (D - Spirit) The great ram swiveled its pistol in its hand and slung a shot of raging water yet again in the direction of the bird that still insisted on attempting to penetrate the holy land without consent of the River God, Khnum, first.

Sparks would fly once the second shot was fired, the bird dispersing into a crackling cloud of sparkles and appearing immediately overhead as its flurry of electrical spray spritzed over the ground, as though it had merely warped out of harm's way when the second shot was fired. Seeing now that it was not going to get inside without a fight, it roared again and spread its mighty wings of lighting up to the sky.


With great anger and authority, it drew in a large cluster of the dark, electrified clouds into its wings, merging its lightning with the swirling steel clouds overhead magnetized by its great attractive force. With a single flap and a mighty 'Thunderclap' would it bring a large part of the clouds overhead, charged with a great deal of lightning upon both ends of the River God and the sacred land, with intent to wipe them all out and leave nothing but the electric sensation of victory crackling about the ravaged being and its land.


The sound bellowed through the entire city, rattling the ground, the sky and the buildings whilst covering the battlefield with smoke and further charging it with a great deal of electricity. Before the bird claimed victory and the land as its prize, it would hover midair and wait with sharp eyes to see what had become of the River God.

In the midst of the dark clouds that had been crashed into the River God, a silent bolt of lightning slipped into the midst and charged all of the lightning bolts that were once golden with a deep violet hue. The storm that was over the city that had been caused by the fight between the River God and the Shinsanity of Lightning would be immediately halted by the face of a great and beautiful goddess rising from the clouds that would drape over her bare, pale flesh as though her attire. Her face was like the moon and her eyes were filled with wrath, glaring down at the two minuscule entities before her with lavender lightning pouring from her glowing orbs.

"Yo. You two. Stop that shit."

Clearly, she was here to mediate and remedy this before the storm flooded and destroyed the city and caused all types of dumb and unnecessary damage that would end up being the end of the Party City, and she couldn't have that. Naw, her bae loved this place, and so, she loved this place, too! Besides, it was a nice place to chill, and these two were NOT CHILLIN.'

"Thunderbird, number one, Khnum's just trying to make sure you don't bring all that dumb shit inside of the Holy Land. Calm yo ass down and maybe he'll let you in. Then you can assume your True Form and shit instead of being trapped as that goddamn bird." She would turn her attention up above then to Khnum, the River God, "And you... You need to like, announce yourself or something. I know you're a ghost and everything, but uh, come on. You can't just EXPECT people to know what's going on. If you need a voice, here, I got one for ya." She'd sling a bolt of purple lightning down, charged with the power of Fortuna, which harbored the strength of Blessings rather than its counterpart, Malfortuna, which harbored Curses. Good Luck and Bad Luck. Since today was Friday the Thirteenth, she could utilize both of them without any repercussions.

"For One Day Only my Curse is lifted and I'm able to use the FULL extent of my power, so. I can just do shit like this if I fucking want to." She would glare at them, making a pouty face, "Now. Kiss and make up. I got other dumb shit to fix up for my love-dove, which is, you know. Your creator. And mine too. Hahaha~!" Her form would start to fade away, being sucked back into the dark clouds before they would take the faint form of the ship, Labrys, in Phantasmagorical form. With that, the clouds would pass away from over the city and the skies would be clear and cloudless once more. She was heading to the Next Stop.

The River God, Khnum, even against that powerful attack, remained standing tall and strong, its waters now merely electrically charged with the lightning from the Thunderbird. It was ready to retort with a counter strike of its own when suddenly, a great figure appeared in the sky even larger than he, and apparently with much greater authority, as well. After hearing her explanation and the epic battle between the two of them coming to an immediate halt, Khnum could understand the plea of the Thunderbird as well as this great figure in the clouds and, if the Thunderbird truly meant no malice to the Sacred Isle, would be allowed to pass... But only if it was no longer a malicious force. Otherwise, Khnum would continue to defend.

"Gifted with a Voice to Speak, now, hm...? Well then..." he'd say, putting his guns back in their holsters and letting the belt of ammunition that was the flowing river return to its moat, "... As long as you enter peacefully... You are welcome here, Thunderbird."

The Thunderbird waited to see what had become of the River God that stood in the way of its peaceful rest in the Sacred Isle, only to find that not only was its opponent still standing, but also that the storm had been snatched up by an unknown force up above, of which the Thunderbird had no sort of control over. It could not call the lightning nor the clouds back down to its command, no matter how much it tried, and would find its efforts completely fruitless. In an acknowledgement of the power of not only the beast that stood before it, but also the great entity that had commandeered its storm, it would listen to her and realize that it had been unnecessarily aggressive due to its own feelings about something standing in the way of its goals.

When this was realized, the Thunderbird became humbled and calm, the storm in its heart subsiding along with the clouds. It would now have an open ear to the River God, who was capable of speaking to it now, and understood that it was merely trying to protect the peace that the Thunderbird had accidentally stirred into disarray. Once all was cleared up and it was admitted inside, it would nod its head to Khnum and gently descend into the Sacred Isle, where it felt the strange attraction to in the first place; more specifically, in the Sacred Temple, where it could feel the spiritual energy of the other side gathered and stabilized within the gates.

With its clearance and admittance into the heavily guarded vicinity of the Sacred Isle, the Thunderbird would peer down at all of the creatures that inhabited this island peacefully and harmoniously, each of them as friendly with each other as family and friends would be. Even carnivorous beasts were kind and sweet to the tiniest creatures, some being seen napping under the shade of the trees. The animals walked the roadside and interacted with each other with understanding and intelligence, and not as wild, untamed creatures thirsty for destruction. After seeing these creatures and feeling their peaceful nature, the Thunderbird knew that it was right at home here. A land where it could simply roam around wide and free with no malignant force trying to spoil its fun or get in its way. All was harmonious here on the Sacred Isle, which seems to be why it was so heavily and religiously guarded by the River God.

However, the land that spoke to the Thunderbird's free spirit the most was none other than the very heart of the Sacred Isle, the Sacred Temple, where it could feel the spiritual energy of the land gathering in the most intensity.

It would immediately descend there, as if being called by a force unknown, and perch itself above one of the Temple Gates that were erected on the North, South, East and West, having chosen the North as its perch. It would sit there patiently, as if waiting for whatever it felt drawing it here to emerge, keeping its sharp eyes out for what it could be.

Leaves from the trees would gently drift from their branches at the force of the Thunderbird's powerful wings upon its landing, falling to the ground after the rustling trees would return to their rest. One, in particular, aglow with an electric charge sparked by the majestic being's electrical current, would, upon touching the ground, sprout from the ground as though a single petal numerous copies of itself, blooming from its spot as what seemed to be a golden lotus of sorts, crackling with electricity, but as silent as a mouse. A tall man donned with lupine (or, perhaps even vulpine) ears and a gaudy, yet traditional headdress adorned on his head like a crown. The electrified petals wrapped around him revealed in his hand a White Book, of which seemed to be reacting to the energy of the Thunderbird.

The Thunderbird remained perched upon the North Gate, gazing down with sharp eyes toward the man who had suddenly made his appearance. The energy from both he and the White Book were reacting to the power of the Thunderbird, which brought about an electrical sensation that jolted through it and caused its body to glow slightly, gradually turning from yellow to white, as if it were about to undergo some sort of transformation.

It would hop from the North Gate and flutter its wings gently to lower itself before Tsao-Rin, staring at him and soon becoming consumed with the light of the White Book. The glow created powerful sparks of electricity all around, which surged about and charged the air. It felt the connection to both Tsao-Rin and the Book, as well as to the Spirits of this land of spiritual connection. It could feel its own imprisoned True spirit attempting to be free, but not being able to just yet. It stared at Tsao-Rin as though asking for it to be liberated from this form that was not its own, but that it had been trapped in, unable to become what it was truly meant to be. It stretched out its wings, calling out to him with its electrical spirit, as well as the spirit of what it was meant to become to come forth.

The great bird seemed to also be reacting to the energy of the White Book, of which began to glow brighter the more the creature neared it. Tsao-Rin looked down toward it, seeing its luster grow, realizing what was going on then. "Ah... So it is you, O great Shinsanity of Lightning..." He lifted the book up to the face of the Thunderbird, which was now just as bright a white as his body crackling with the ivory lightning, "... Trapped in a form that is not your own and unable to return..." It was common for beings made of pure energy to assume many different shapes and forms, due to their energetic composition, however sometimes, if they could not remember what their true form was for whatever reason it may be, they would be stuck in a form that was not theirs, or sometimes just as energy itself without shape nor form at all... Scattered about the wind until they could recall, or until they found a new embodiment.

"Then... I will release you." With the electrically charged atmosphere, many of the spirits that were native to this land, Yokai such as few-tailed Kitsune and Tengu, were hiding in the shadows; the trees, the bushes and under the temple, where they could not be seen, or if so, only barely. Because this was a Spiritual Gateway, any spirit that was allowed through could manifest on the physical plane as they wished, able to come and go between the Spiritual Gateway as they so chose, as long as Tsao-Rin allowed. The Yokai were impressed and intimidated by the power of the Shinsanity of Lightning, but it was because they were naturally timid.

Tsao-Rin looked into the eyes of the Thunderbird, whose form was already shifting just from being within the presence of the White Grimoire, which not only harbored the power of the Shinsanity of Lightning, but all such knowledge required for it to sustain a shape and form that was its own in Truth. With the book presented before the Thunderbird, he would call out, "Kaihou (Release)," and the book would burst open, pages fluttering ferociously and crackling with all sorts of electrical energy. It would shoot straight into the Thunderbird, of which it would connect with and draw a connection from it, granting it the power to be released from its prison that was a form untrue and allow its energy to flow freely; to assemble into a shape, consciousness, form and state that was of its own doing.

"Assume your True Form, Shinsanity of Lightning...
Remember your True Name.
And let it Become You again."

The Thunderbird nodded in acknowledgement, agreement and acceptance once the 'Light' crackled around its form as the 'Book' opened up into the 'Story', causing her to pulse with a Radiant 'White Glow', until it was nothing but her entire being. The Shinsanity would would slip into the spectrum of light silently as a 'Crystal Spark' called to Arms at the Hand of 'The Voice' from 'Beyond' the 'Light' of the 'Book.' Without so much as a whisper, it bolted off into the Aethereal Light of the 'White Grimoire' and fell silent only after leaving a crackling *snap*, like that of a whip straight into the 'White Grimoire' as an 'Aethereal Bolt' of 'Black and White Lightning.' Wherever the Shinsanity was being Called, it would assume its 'True Form' there.

"Mmm..." Tsao moaned in delight and tranquility as the 'Light' of the 'White Grimoire' shone a 'Golden Hue' at the Return of the 'Shinsanity of Lightning,'

"... The Poles Have Shifted..." he muttered, looking up auspiciously into the sky, "... Balance Has Been Restored To The Earth Once More." The Day The Earth Stood Still.

"Then... The New Beginning Is Coming. As It Was Foretold Through Prophetic Word."

A meager smile curled slightly upward at either end of his lips as his eyes gazed into the Book, that which was now Filled with its Missing Data. The Beginning of the 'Legend of the Lightning God' was now set into motion with the 'Lighting' of the 'Yellow Flame of Eternity,' whose radiance would shine like the rays of the sun.

"It's a Good Thing I Exist..."

Sometimes, he needed the Reassurance of his Own Existence to Acknowledge And Confirm this, for harboring the power of 'Mewt; The Prophetic Word' was quite the Burden on One's Existence on the Outside Looking In. He Knew No One Would Tell Him This, Which Was Partially Why He Was Sad, But Had To Realize Within Himself That His Existence Was Beneficial. He closed the Book and walked inside of the Shrine in order to Prepare Himself for the Next Coming. "Now I may smile again..." he muttered lowly, yet sincerely as a slight aura of gold lingered about his form,

"The Labyrinth Is Safe Once Again..." As He Locked Up The Box And Closed The Gate Of The Spirit World, He Would Take The Golden Grimoire Into The Confines of his Shrine, Where the Crystal Chrysanthemum Resides. "This Chapter Has Come To A Close..." It Was About Time To Right What Is Wrong. Just Like Last Time.
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Silence 12: Legend of the Lightning God; End Of The Beginning

'The Ancient One' stood before the 'Crystal Chrysanthemum' plumed with the
'Light' of the 'Shinsanity of Lightning.' Once the White Book, too, began to 'Glow' with that same 'Luster,' hew Knew that the Time Had Come.

"The Prophecy..." he muttered with a smile, raising up the Book, "... Has Been Foretold." Before, When His Voice Was Silenced, by the Zero World, It Was Because He Was Not Yet Ready To Ready To Read Nor To Speak The Word. However, The Time For Mewt, The Prophetic Word to Awaken Was Now.

"Return Home To Me..."

"My Absolute Word."

As He Called Upon The Appointed Flower that Harbored His Voice, Which Would Only Bloom Under The Absolute Correct Circumstances (As All Flowers Do); Would Peal Over From The Cloud Of Darkness Into Many Layers When The Light Of The Lightning Was Restored To Its Golden Color. The Crystal Petals Bloomed As A Crackling Crystal Spark, Which Rolled Over Each Layer of Pealing Petal Like A Rising Loaf Of 'Crackling Bread.' Suddenly, He, Too, Would Be Enveloped In The Golden Light That Rang In The Sound Of His Voice, Of Which All Melancholia Melted Away Instantaneously And Permanently, As Long As That Golden Hue Remained. As The Petals Peeled Over Like Pages Of Paper, He Would Bring Forth 'The Secret New Beginning' From 'The Anomalous Light.'

"Crackin'. It Worked."

"Dr. I Believe This Is A Success."

A Great Spark Burst Down In A Plasmatic Pulse Littered With A Spectral Trail. From Beyond Serendipity, Where All Was At Peace At All Times A Certain "Special Delivery..." Was Chuckled Into Existence By The Pealing Petals, Holding in His Hand the 'Crystal Spark;' the next of his Souzenryoku needed to be Unlocked. "Buckle Up, Buttercup." He stepped out of the Chrysanthemum, eyeing the New Prize, "Cuz I'm Gonna Take You On A Wild Ride!!! >D" He made some deep bro eye contact with Tsao, having Remembered, Understood And Restored. To Mend the Bonds Between Them, he would Place A Closed Fist over his Forehead, Then Point It To Tsao's, Waiting For The Bro Fist that would Explode The Atom Bomb of Restoration to 'Clear The Air Waves.'

"Krakkalakkin', Dr. Lightning," he suggested with a delighted grin, "The More Intense 'Slang' for 'Crackin.'" 'Slang' Being A Term Expressed In A Method To Show How the Words Make One Feel, In Order To Express That Feeling In Similar Phonetic Structure Again Within Themselves And Others Comfortably And Easily. "As In, That made Two, then... The 'Shinsanity of Earth' and the 'Shinsanity of Lightning' that had been resolved...

"I think I did Darkness, too... And... Water, on the Sly..." he noted with a thoughtful stare off in another direction, "Plus Light and Fire..." Sure, he hadn't gone to the Shrines to COLLECT From them yet, but they were certainly done. "... So that just leaves one more..." and he KNEW what that meant COMPLETELY.

"Man... You Know What That Means, Don't You, Doc?" He Grabbed Tsuki's Hand, allowing the Story to Roll Over from Himself into Hers...

"... We're Gonna Need a Boost~" she said with a cute grin, being pulled out of the Petals and glowing with the Light of the Pandoire. "WE have to get to the Dawn lickity-split, if you catch my drift, to make it in Time for the... Uh..." she snapped her fingers, rolling her eyes a bit, reviewing the Book,

"... Your Sister."

Tsao smirked, chuckling under his breath as he touched his own Forehead, running his fingers through his electric hair sliding them through the slick streaks and atop the 'Rock' with the 'Page of the Paper,' crying out with a light-hearted smirk, "FOO!" as though he'd captured his prey.

"I Got Yo Back Like A Whip Crack."
And he'd smile a Loving, yet Melancholic Cheshire Grin, Knowing too so very well the True, Painful, Deep Bond That Once Shackled Them, now to be turned into a Link.
"As In. I Got You Covered, Bro."
The Meaning of the Page of Paper covering the Rock. When Tymon Released His Hand and let the Flow Go again, Tsao would Snatch it up through Tymon's Wrist and shape both He and Tsuki into a fine Whip of Light shot as a Burning Arrow across the Sky and Up into the Wind Sanctuary where his Twin Resided.

*casual two-fingered salute*

Thank You," he had to say humbly to his Higher and Past Self out of Pure Respect as the Darkness melted away from his First Restriction Those that had come Before Him that, though only Made It To Where They Are, still Guide Him Down Their Path and His to this Very Day with their Legends. This Light Alone and Awakened the Unrestricted 1st, before his body was converted into one of Zeus' Bolts. "And, They're Off~!!" Once he Let Go and Went with the Flow, the Lightning would surge through him and into Tsuki, as well, who was now the Star shining Brightly Alongside Him.

"I T-YO..."

On Tsao's *Casual Two-Fingered Salute* he sent to cast Tymon and Tsuki off on their Chariot and bid them farewell would he be STRUCK DOWN with the great influence of the ElectroMagnetic Shocks to his own Body Randomly, his Directing Fingers being used as Lightning Rods to Receive what he Put Out Prior.


In his hand the energy he was calling forth from the other manifestation of himself would shoot back into the palm of his hand, blooming outward into the Crystal Chrysanthemum, then further into the Golden Grimoire and slip open into the Absolutely Correct Alignment.

"Got Yo Ass."

In the Shadow of the Crystal Chrysanthemum that glowed in all its radiance, The Phantom and Mispair would appear from the Ice Portal that Shiniere created for them... And naturally, as soon as he exited, he was already on that. "Alright, let's start doing some epic ninja shit," he said rather bluntly. "We're gonna play a Game of Shadows with each other, m'kay? I want to see just how well we can maneuver under the radar together as a unit and individually." He smiled, stroking his chin a bit and quirking a brow, "You really impressed me back in our battle, and I was thinking of expanding on those abilities, since I specialize in that area of expertise, as well." She was quite something if she was able to move undercover within HIS realm of influence, even for a little while. Most people couldn't even do that, and he actually really admired and respected that.

"Okay, so, whenever you're ready, you go do something and make sure Tsao doesn't notice you. The objective is to get out of the room without blowing our cover at any point in time."

Stepping out of the portal right behind him, in the cut of the shadows and peering around a corner, Mispair listened intently to what the operation was, nodding her head. "Right." She was already prepared for doing cool and fun things once she even assumed a 'Phantom' form. She knew the business about the Tensei family and what they did. She was just waiting all this time to have some fun after all their important business was done. She was a real go-getter about important subject matters.

With this same spirit, she would step out of the shadows and into plain sight, where immediately, her body would disappear as though she were a ghost. Her 'Isolated Rejection' allowed her to basically Reject waves from around her as she saw fit. With none of Tsao-Rin's probably active and alert wavelength sensory, he would probably be able to sense the two of them rather quickly if they didn't get into cover immediately and blow the entire mission at the very beginning. With her quick-wit, she would create a field of 'Isolated Rejection' and sustained it around herself to make sure no waves got in nor out, making her virtually invisible as an isolated existence from all others. She began to walk slowly and quietly forward, tiptoeing closer to Tsao, trying not to make a sound as they neared the exit.

As Tsao opened up his Book and started on his way out of the innards of the Sacred Temple, he very faintly, but distinctly felt the presence of some eerie waves for a moment or two, but which just completely disappeared immediately afterward. "... Who...?" he looked around, trying to figure out just where it was coming from, "... The hell...?" He suddenly noticed that there was a distortion in the waves. There was a large spot that he simply wasn't getting a response from, which was the spot immediately behind him. "The fuck is up with this distortion here? Thought I wouldn't notice?"

It sounded like clattering glass to his very sensitive ears, distinct from the once normalized waves in the air that were fluid, like water. Being Raigami, he was more alert on the wavelengths in the air than any of the other Shinsangels, except perhaps the Hikarigami. Whatever it was, though, he was gonna snap it in two with the crack of his whip.


He whipped his finger out and shot a swift surge of concentrated electricity from it, like a bolt of lightning...

Shit,' he said, knowing that Tsao-Rin would have probably have already picked up on the disturbance. 'Let us fly...' he muttered quickly, flickering himself at a high speed to build up energetic propulsion. He swiftly burst forth silently straight at the turning back of Tsao, flickering at a speed of fazing in and out of reality rapidly. It looked like a mismatched afterimage shuttering like a photograph with displaced footing toward you at running speed. This could not be seen by Tsao-Rin prior to Mispair's 'Isolated Rejection' keeping them unseen. The afterimage of the barrier was discarded as they slipped off behind his back in the frame catching 'Catwalk' and called out silently, 'Turning!' and shifted Reality behind Tsao to match the very velocity and speed of his own shifting shadow. Doing this would counteract the polarities of their existences against each other via their own wavelengths. He shouldn't have been able to sense them readily, but would be distracted by the afterimage that the Phantom left behind for him to see.

'Hayaku...' he whispered forcefully, snatching Mispair up and into the image of the window and casting himself off into his own reflection...

"The fuck...?" Tsao felt an eerie wind and saw a strange image flickering in the shadows behind him and could only suspect it to be the intruder. "Got Yo Ass..." he said with a low rumble, "ZAPPYREAN!!!" snatching the wave that was left behind in the trail of the moving energy fluctuation and condensing it into a point. He made up that move on the spot because he felt like it sounded cool to say at the time in relation to something he was doing, regardless of it was something he was already capable of doing at the time or not. He hurdled it as a powerful lightning bolt that shook the shrine with a thunderous *BOOM*.
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Silence 13: End Of The Beginning; Mirror Trail

The Phantom and Mispair would appear on the other side of the Reflection in the shine of another room's mirror.

The Phantom: "Okay, throw up the Rejection here, where he can't see or feel us."

Being jerked around through reality at a high speed was really uncomfortable and irritated her a little bit, even though she knew that they were in danger. "Damn, did you have to snatch me so hard?" she huffed throwing her hands to her hips with her fists clenched tightly. The barrier around them kept the wavelengths of others around them from being able to even touch the ones that were being omitted by the 'Isolated Rejection' at any given time; it had always been like that, in fact. However, it was very clear that it was very dangerous if used haphazardly. But it gave them just the right cover they needed at that time to get out of danger completely unseen.

"At least he didn't see us..." that was what she was most concerned about, anyway. It was a good thing he was pretty quick when it came time in the clutch, as well. "Your daughter's abrupt gtfo kinda threw me off, anyway... She gets that from you, you know."


The golden bolt crashed at the other side of the Sanctuary, which was well within moments after the two of them disappeared. He looked a little upset, or at the very least, pretty suspicious of something suspect. He didn't say anything, just looked around for some more distortions. The trail suddenly cut off when he got here, so he couldn't see where they were in the room at all... But he was watching, most definitely.

The Phantom sighed heavily, slightly irked, himself, that Shiniere would do that so abruptly, but she wasn't just like him, after all. "She's your daughter, too, Miss Huffy McHuffington." He chuckled, wrapping his arms around her, "... Awww. I'm sorry. You know I had to catch the frame in the clutch and flash us out the jam--"

He was cut off abruptly by the burst of rolling thunder that was Tsao-Rin's clearly upset presence beheld. The Phantom became silent, yet alert, and lowered his head slowly down toward her ear, nuzzling her cheek gently as he whispered into her ear. 'Don't say anything. Get into Weapon Form.'

Mispair nodded and split apart into her Twin Piscean Chrysm forms; Misery and Despair. The Twisted Sisters would slip into the Phantom's hands and assume their forms as 'Scythe' and 'Bazooka,' respectively. She would keep the Isolated Rejection maintained as long as necessary.

Mispair: 'Why don't I make another Isolated Rejection projection to attract his attention? Then we could slip out undetected while he's distracted.'

Tsao looked around suspiciously for a while, trying to find some sort of anomaly in the wavelengths. Things that weren't connecting in the waves... but panned over the area and couldn't tell exactly where they were; their presence masked by their already having been established outside of his realm of perception before he entered. He could not sense them because he had not been here prior to their cover, so they would have blended into the background of the reality and mimicked the form of it, like a giant invisible two way mirror. They were virtually undetectable and Tsao was not happy about this.

"Dammit. Where did it go?" Suddenly, after realizing something horrible, his eyes widened and his pupils dilated, "What if... It was some ancient evil that I wasn't paying any attention to that slipped in and is not attempting to destroy the the Crystal Chrysanthemum?!" His hair immediately turned black, swelling up like a giant afro bursting with Crimson Lightning; "What if I fucked up...?" he inquired, a crisp bolt bursting from the black Cloud of Negativity pulsating from his once golden, electric hair, "What if I destroyed the entire world with my foolishness?!" The clouds poured over like lava from an erupting volcano, and rose upward into the sky as a black smog as deep and thick like smoke from the spout. "What if we have to start over AGAIN because I accidentally missed a target or fucked up somehow whilst I was being flashy?!" The very thought of them having to do this with another vessel was going to absolutely obliterate he and whatever else was about to be caught in the blast radius. He was going to go off like Vesuvius.

"What if..."

"We All Die..."

"Because of Me...?"

Brilliant bursts of bright red blew up the sky like fireworks, the 'Insanity Static' charged and surging through Tsao's ever growing Cloud of Negativity, as if it were not only the power source, but also the product of the power source as well. The Crystal Chrysanthemum granted Infinite Energy, which is what gave the 6th as a whole the power to continuously power itself with its own energy as Perpetual Generators. The crackling bolts of 'Crimson Lightning' surged up into the clouds overhead, already beginning to infect the area with a great storm.

'Good idea,' he said through their souls in a vibration that could only be picked up between the two of them, 'You do that and I'll...' He trailed off once he saw the giant cloud start pouring out of Tsao's head, spilling over and nearly touching the barrier, which would have immediately given away their location.

'Woah! Shit!! Now! Do it, Mispy!!' The Phantom hopped backward and 'Flickered' into the a room a few doors down whilst Mispair did her thing.

As the Phantom called out her name and cue, Mispair would forge a barrier of 'Isolated Rejection' over Tsao-Rin in order to keep the Cloud of Negativity from growing too large nor expanding too wide. It should have been enough to keep it from getting out of hand. She could feel the 'Insanity Static' crackling within beginning to disrupt her Wavelength already as it reached up to the clouds. It wasn't powerful enough as it was to completely dispel it, but it did a number on her own Soul, which she could feel every time the Crimson Lightning struck within the dome she created around him.

When the Phantom flickered into the next room, she would sigh and groan a bit in pain, then moan a bit in distressed pleasure. "... I don't think I can hold it for long... Against the Raigami..." He was, indeed a Kamigami and had great mastery over Wavelengths; more than most of the other Shinsangels, by default, due to his element.

"... But we can't just leave him like that, though..." Especially not since they were the ones who technically started this by becoming Anomalies. She knew that it was dangerous to let any sort of Shinsangel or Shinsanity grow out of control in a 'Negative State' so to speak, as it could invoke their own inner 'Insanities' that threaten the existence of what they came across. If it wasn't resolved, he could swallow up a great deal of the land and wreak havoc, much like the Untamed Tensei Spirits that were once bound as the Seven Insanities did long ago. "So, what's the plan, Ace?"

The area sealed off from the outside by the 'Isolated Rejection' kept Tsao's initial downpour contained, however as he continued to overflow from his head, the contained space would not be able to keep the Perpetually Generating Energy that came in the 6th from being suppressed for too long, even with Mispair's powerful and oppressive Rejecting force. Because Tsao could infinitely create his own energy, eventually, within an enclosed space, the pressure of energy continuously being created and no space to flow would cause a massive explosion, the barrier breaking and a thunderous concussive force rolling over the land.


The dark clouds immediately swept across the entire sky over the Sacred Isle, giving all that were upon it and just outside of it knowledge that someone, somewhere inside of the Isle had not maintained their Peace; that one being the Raigami, himself, this time. Because he sensed something that became an Anomaly or a Paradox that he could no longer trace nor keep track of, he became severely depressed and paranoid through an overwhelming amount of over thought at a speed that bolted through his brain like lightning. Insanity Static rippled over the blanket of thick, ominous darkness, charging even further, as if waiting to strike down anything that was below it.

"... I don't... Deserve to Live..." he muttered, not even realizing that someone or something attempted to contain him and merely made it worse by allowing him to generate and expand the energy further, "... I shouldn't call myself a Keeper of the Voice..." his melancholic tone had an undertone of rage and frustration; self-loathing that raged as rigidly and rapidly as the rippling lightning, striking him inside over and over again as the static made its rounds. The pain of him hurting himself over and over served as malleable energy, even if negative.

"... I will... Take my Voice away... with Absolute Silence..."

It was only a matter of time before the same storm of legend that wiped out the Terra Gris some time ago made a swift return to reduce the Delta to rubble.

"As Punishment For My Heinous Crimes ..."

Only moments after the two of them 'Flickered' away did the 'Drama King' burst from his prison of 'Isolated Rejection' and cover the whole layer of this world in Darkness, "Shit, you're right..." If things got any worse, he was just gonna accidentally destroy everyone simply because something or someone made him too upset to a point where he lost control over it. Those in the 6th have a hard time controlling the Emotions they protect and use as their power source, which was the purpose of their going through the 'Ten Stages of Perfection.' Tsao, however, seemed to be hurdling into a downward spiral, which would forge him into an 'Insangel,'having lost its way and become a 'Falshin.'

"... It's always HIM, too... Like, THIS GUY. Right HERE is the troublemaker. Every time." The Phantom sighed, scratching the back of his head, "... We might just have to go tell him out flat that we're here. Trying to be sneaky and succeeding is just gonna make it worse." They knew that, at this point, they could definitely leave and be elsewhere and let Tsao-Rin continue on to destroy the Delta... They were both MORE than capable, as Phantoms, to remain out of sight and out of mind for as long as necessary or possible. But in terms of getting the actual mission accomplished, being any of that right now was not going to do anything but make it worse. "Okay, play time's over." There was no sense in even getting this carried away in something that was only supposed to be a fun little epic ninja adventure. But someone always has to know when to call it quits and say stop.

He 'Flickered' back to where Tsao was about to have a meltdown and sighed heavily, waving his hands, "Oi, Raigami!! It's just me. The Phantom. Calm down, calm down..." He waved his hands gently as if trying to ease Tsao down casually as he talked, "... I was just having a little fun, and then Mis and I became Anomalies and... Well, here we are." There was nothing more to do there but to shrug his shoulders and hope that Tsao was rational enough to at LEAST be able to UNDERSTAND some logical reasoning for a simple misunderstanding.

The Storm Continued. He couldn't believe that something like this could happen. He only wondered how long... How long he'd been slipping up so much where he let something through his defenses. If he did it once, he had to have done it countless times in the past, wherein something was found in hindsight. Even if this was the first and only time, it still hit him repeatedly like bolts of lightning in his heart as though he'd been doing it all his life. He thought of himself destroying everyone and everything over and over and over again, and eventually those thoughts, because they were forced to remain in his head, would continue to spread through the cloud of darkness overhead. As long as he was exposing himself to the thoughts, he couldn't stop himself.

"... Maybe... I don't deserve to be a Kamigami... I should... Die..."

A bolt of Crimson Lightning flashed, crackling through the expanding afro puff as an electrical surge down a thin, hair-like wire before disappearing with a crackling rumble. The Insanity Static made it so that nothing could get into his head except for the only thing he needed to hear in order to revert from Insanity, whatever it may be at the time; nothing else would suffice. Even if it was only the Phantom, Tsao-Rin hated to be the one who was made to look foolish, because it made him believe that he was horrible; much less of a Guardian than he should have been, if ANY sort of wave was left untraced within his presence. It made him feel worthless; less than worthless, even, which drew him into a fit of 'Absolute Zero,' causing destruction upon the world with the 'Black Storm' of his own inner turmoil. There was none who could stop it without making it worse, lest they found a method of reasoning with him. It was like this with all of the other Shinsangels, for they would fall to become Insangels and perpetuate Insanity.

"An accursed existence like me... Doesn't deserve to live... Let alone be part of this family..."
*... bbbrrrrmmmmm...*

The Phantom sighed, seeing that there was no way to get Tsao back to Sanity unless he found a Logical and Rational Sane Reason that would allow him to understand exactly why this was not an issue and how he could deal with it in a Sane and Rational way. Telling him anything except the Truthful and Factual Reason would only fuel the Black Storm further and end up destroying the Mezzo Terra.

"... Noooo, you're not a failure and you're not bad. Come on, g. It's me. The Phantom. You know how it is with ME SPECIFICALLY." He kinda stood there, outstretching his arms in the most 'Captain Obvious' and 'You Should Already Know' sort of fashion. "If it were ANYONE ELSE, I would understand why you're feeling this way, but... I'm me. I literally was MADE to do this. Come on, don't act like you don't know the Story."

He gave him the 'Come on, g' face, comprising of an expression that was something sort of 'you know you know, but you're just not thinking right now, so I'm gonna look at you funny like I know you know since we both know you know until you snap out of your unknowing and Remember' type look. You know, the 'You Know Better Than That So Start Using What You Know' face. And he stared at him with that face with faith that Tsao knew the Phantom better than that.

"It's almost a little hurtful that you think so little of me, my design and what I'm supposed to be doing to even think these things about yourself because I did my job effectively as I am supposed to in my existence. Come on, yo. Killing me. Don't insult me like that."

He put a hand to his chest, giving him the real, from the heart, with Love.

And with those words alone, just as quickly as he spiraled out of control did he snap right back, slicking his hair, once again golden and sparkling like lightning as if nothing happened, descending back down to face the Phantom, "Man, you so right, homie. I was just being a fuck up, in and of myself, getting it twisted by misunderstanding and shit." He would, with the Phantom's outstretched arms, immediately walk to him and wrap his own around him for a solid embrace. "That wasn't very Pharaoh of me, going around making assumptions and starting up trouble because I was all in my feelings. Lesson learned, holmes. And now, as a Pharaoh, I am gonna right my own wrong with the same love that I broke it with because it's all good and all love." And just like that, the day is saved... No fight, no altercation, just some well placed, truthful, meaningful, completely clear and fully understood rational logical words to portray the feelings in the best and most effective way in order to resolve the crisis.

"Crisis Averted~."
*cheesy smile*
Just as simply as that, ALL animosity was OFFICIALLY dead.
As it should be at all times with Pharaohs.
Ain't got time for that bullshit, especially between kin that you love.

"Awww~!" he said with a joyous ring, embracing his brobro with a hug just as tight and filled with compassion as could be, "I know, I know, we all have our moments... But sometimes you just need to have that talk and go through the motions so you can see why it's worth it to preserve these relationships instead of destroy them in your senseless emotional strife that will go away eventually." He pat him on the back and released himself, sighing again. "Always got your back. Family, foo~!!" He gave him a thumbs up, like he should have known, but was just making it clear how very intricate and deep the bonds of the Family and the Love that bound them together TRULY was. "Just think beyond your feelings next time, ya hear? Smarter than that. So much. Can't stand to see you acting any less nor any differently for any reason, including by your own self lowering yourself below what you actually are worth." He would ruffle his lightning hair in a kiddish manner, then cheese before calling out to his waifu...

"Oi, Mispy..." he called out, scratching the back of his head, "Safe to come out now, loverdear. It's all good in the neighborhood with our home slice Raigami over here. He was just out of it. Had to snap the Drama King right back before he stirred up some more of his priceless theatrics." He laughed dryly, then kinda nervously looked to the side, realizing just how... powerful and delicate each of the Gods were. It's a good thing that on such a high level, their Understanding matches their Knowledge and their Power, or else trying to reason with them would be impossible. They had to be smarter than mortals. Come on. How do you think they got the title in the first place...? Hahaha.

"... You dimwits..." a scorching voice grumbled from down the hall, walking into plain view to see them locked in a bro hug, "Don't tell me I got worked up over some DUMB SHIT!?" She raised her hand up, pointing to the two of them, "IS THAT WHAT ALL THIS WAS?! DUMB SHIT?!" Sharp daggers of Burning Condemnation cut through the air as bladed black and red embers that would skewer the both of them for dragging her into one of their little emotional misfits.

With the Call of the Storm back into his grasp, the Flying Thunder God, Raijin, of which had sent one of its Thunderbird Envoys into the fray, would be brought back to a level of calmness over the land, as well as within the one who was bestowed with the Blessing of its Alliance and Power; the Raigami. When the dark clouds passed and the strong winds subsided, its energetic essence could be seen no longer looming dangerously over the entire Delta, but now simply protectively over Tsao-Rin in a docile state, watching everything carefully in silence, as though it had always been as it was and where, yet only now being revealed to the eyes of those who could only perceive it in a smaller, embodied and personified form rather than as a force of nature. Its winds were so gentle and quiet, though they spun, they passed through the trees without disturbing them in the slightest, and no sound to reveal its presence was made, even in its pseudo-visibility around Tsao.

"Oh shi--" The Phantom's body flickered a bit as he spoke, a burning blade barely nicking the afterimage left behind by the Phantom, causing it to fade as soon as it was touched, as though nothing more than an Illusory Clone or something of the sort. He was beside Tsao, having slipped through the protective barriers of the still winds that kept him safe and leaning against his back as if having become his Living Shadow, or something of the sort. "Hey, Hey, Mispy...! Baby...! Take it easy..." She was such a hothead for no reason sometimes, but it was kinda hot, naturally, so he didn't mind as long as she wasn't fucking up shit. "Everything is all good right now, see? No need to stir up anymore trouble." If she were keep on the Sensations going on around here, she should have noticed the Spiritual, Energetic and Emotional undertones all harmonizing in triplicate at that very moment with each other, as if they were, somehow, all connected as one for some reason through a binding force working through them all simultaneously as a universal agent of sorts.

"Tsao's fine now, isn't he? The problem is solved, right?" He snickered, a sly smile spreading playfully on his pale, protected face, "... So... why you so mad, tho~?" The calming projection of his voice sought to dispel all negative or tense waves in the atmosphere at the time with the force of the gentle breeze backed by the electric vibes surging through the Raigami at the time. "I don't see a single issue, except something you might do to make yourself the single, sole and only issue. So." He winked at her and stuck out his tongue, cooing at her cutely, "Mellow out, sauerkraut~*" and blowing her a kiss. He already knew that babying her would piss her cute self off even more, and to slip it in context was always the best. Especially with the "Heh heh heh..." that happened to escape, as if laughing at a series of events that incurred this outcome that she, too, would be able to visibly witness, spiritually experience and mentally comprehend just as he did to be finalized logically and absolutely, even in all his mystique and ambiguity. As he loved. "We can finish playing our own games on our own time, ne~*?" They both had to be able to set aside their playful, shady natures in order to get a goal accomplished and keep it so, and it was so, so there should be no more disturbances in that influence. Which should also piss her off even more, if he did it right.


Tsao casually caught the sensation being emanated by Mispair, immediately taking it in and shooting it back at her to let her know that it was received and felt immediately, amplified and was about to be used to subdue her further now that the storm not only quieted, but also bonded the Phantom and Tsao in their broness through the 4th. "Yeah, calm that shit down. It ain't keeping the Peace around here." He glared at her from the corner of his eyes, as if in a flash, lightning could strike her down right then and there, just like that, if she were to continue disturbing the Peace of the Sacred Isle. It was kept Peaceful in, for and BY Tsao's Presence for a reason, probably that she wasn't aware of. Still, somehow, he caught on also to the Phantom's feelings at the time, as though they were unified, and even those of the gentle, silent and barely visible breeze wafting gentle in the air... Yet, with all the intensity, could very well stir up again, if agitated.

Mispair was shocked and dunced by them, completely dumbfounded and about to fly out of her wits. She just wanted to strangle all three of them... Especially knowing that they were right and she couldn't say anything against them. That was the worst part about it. "Ugh!!! OOO!!! YOU!!!" She went through a series of powerful flares that radiated around her body like a burning furnace, yet were quickly subdued and contained in an imprisoning, depressing air that nullified the flames immediately. "No fair... Three on two..." She sniffed, furrowing her brow in a cute frustration, hands trembling in anger and slight depression at the want to bust his fucking face in. "Stop..." she clenched her fists tightly, "... Making me want to..." A lot of thoughts and feelings flew off in her head and entire body all at once inside of her, some of love and passion, others of destruction and doom, yet somehow all of them tying together in a perfect way that kept her at a level-headed temperament.

Quote: "... Phantom..."

The resounding echo of the Bearer of the Voice very subtly resounded, speaking through the very Breath of the Wind with decisiveness,

Quote: "... It's Time To Begin Major Operations."

This was his call to his place in order to begin serious operations, now that many minor technical difficulties were taken care of. All the while, Raijin glared at Mispair, feeling her intensity and beginning to crackle a bit with his own. She should have been able to only feel, but not visibly witness, a powerful electrical current surging through her nonstop, and with it, a great deal of immense electrical sensations that already charged her very body with the vibrations of her very feelings. She was entering a zone as if to be recognized as a threat, but had not acted on these feelings, which is seemed Raijin was waiting for on behalf of the Raigami, who was also focusing with the same Consciousness and Intent from the connected waves with their Oversoul. They all Felt, Experienced and Focused on the same target and were all ready to completely obliterate she and her bad vibes if she wanted to catch it. Yet, direction would be left to Tsao-Rin. Even if Raijin could move independently, he was entrusted to Tsao and would wait until instructed simply based on that alone.

The Phantom chuckled, his body flickering as the distortions in the Waves made from Mispy's heat flared up, giving him the slightest cover from her vision. He vibrated outside of the wind barrier, surging with electricity within his entire being, as if generating a great deal of energy within the Red Core upon his chest. His smile was wide, playful and mischievous, yet for some reason, also loving, warm, tender and with some sort of passionate undertone. He got close to her and whispered in her ear, "... If you wanna finish me off..." he licked her lobe lightly, body still flickering in the midst of her heat, "... Then you gotta catch me, first, Artichoke~*."

With that, his body completely dispersed, as if nothing but a hollow construct or projected reflection that could no longer maintain its shape without the physical condensation of energy that made up the Phantom's form. He suddenly disappeared without a trace, unable to be tracked or followed and leaving his lovey with a... rather lovely invitation to an engagement later on... If she could hold out long enough, that is. The situation she was in right now... Absolutely called for her composure. She was set up. The only lingering physical sensation she could feel as the image faded away was a light press of lips upon her cheek before even that became nothing more than a moment lost in the moment it happened, along with the Phantom's true self, intent and movements.

Mispair's trembling hand tingling with a series of sensations was but a sliver of a second too late to snatch him up by the Family Jewels and clench them. She wanted to crush him so badly for some reason, and it was very difficult to explain how it made her feel and why, yet... She knew that it made her feel good, despite how infuriating it was. Perhaps, it was that, in and of itself that was so delightfully dreary about it. But when she grasped and found that there was nothing to hold firmly onto, she was surprised as the illusion dissipated in her hands, finding out that he'd escaped whilst she was distracted with their loving exchange. "Dammit..." she mumbled, still trying to figure out exactly how she was feeling and how she was going to react, since she was aware that it was dangerous to just act any old type of way, which she usually did, regardless of whomever or whatever was going on. That would get her fucked up by the two that were still glaring at her.

"... He fucking won again..." she thought, clenching her hand even more tightly that before, to the point where it began to shake violently at the thought of crushing his Jewels even more. What was worse, it was before she could retort in any given way, even instinctively, of which he already seemed prepared for, which only infuriated her more about how he knew her so well... Even though secretly, she loved every bit of it simultaneously. "... I can't wait to..." she blushed, closing her eyes and exhaling heavily, letting all of the tension out as a sensual sensation stimulating to all senses at once in equivalent disperse of said sensations, "Kill him~..." It almost sounded like those words meant something different than what they seemed to be... Perhaps, a secret language only the two of them could understand. Regardless, saying it and feeling it and accepting it made her feel better, and allowed her to concentrate better in order to know where she should focus her attention further in order to best get the jump on him later on. She'd have to take this hit and just punch him with a bazooka blast as soon as she found him. "Mmm..." Even the thought of it was soothing to her, for some reason...

"Hey. Yo. Come On, Now." He continued to give her 'The Look' whilst she went through her little sensual creampie scenario or whatever the fuck. He could literally feel everything around her as if he were feeling exactly as she was. So, if she was feeling it, he for DAMN sure was feeling it... And probably to an amplified degree, as well. Such is how he ensured nothing disturbed this Peace... Lest the Bad Vibes get to him and he starts the Black Storm. "This is a Child Friendly zone. Calm yoself down. Save that for the shadows. Miss." He finally looked up and saw the image of his Chomao bestowed upon him, protecting him as though a Guardian of sorts. "Aw, baby. Raijin is here!" He almost wanted to let B.B. go out and play with Raijin, but. They had things to do with the Flying Thunder God. "Aight, sit tight. Dr. Lightning is about to--" That's when he realized that Mispair was still here and the Phantom was gone doing business elsewhere. He wondered what he was supposed to do about her...

"... Uh. Mis...? You... You good? You need some help getting home, or somethin'? You know I Got You, right?" With 'Raijin' on the case, it wouldn't take very long at all, actually. He figured it was polite to make sure his homie's girl got home safe and sound. "Wouldn't want my boy to worry... Ya know?" He wouldn't want to be worried about someone he loved, either. Especially not B.B. He already lost her once... And suffered the Insanity of Melancholia... King Keaton's Dark Wolf Days.

She knew that he was off to do a great deal of things in the shadows that nobody knew about nor even understood... As much as she wanted to keep him to herself, it was literally impossible with the way things were. The only way that they were going to be able to remain with one another again was to right all of the wrongs in all the Veritas. They needed to get themselves to the 9th as swiftly as possible.

Finally, she loosened her grip on the already completely faded illusion, like a dream slipping right between her fingers. Why he couldn't just be in her hand right now filled her with despair. "... No..." she said lowly, yet sweetly, "... That won't be necessary. Thank you, though." For some reason, Mispy wanted to walk through the peaceful Sacred Isle and enjoy the serenity for a little while. Maybe it would take her mind off of things and make her less stressed. "I'm gonna walk around by myself for a little while..." She waved and started off down one of the paved trails, "... Goodbye, Raigami... Dreadfully delightful visit it's been..." She sighed heavily and took off down the stairs of the Temple's South Gate. From there, she would exit the Spirit World and return to the Real World.
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Silence 14: Legend of the Wind Goddess; Divine Priestess in Training

Taomin awoke from a deep darkness of what seemed to be a terrible nightmare in a panic, looking around with eyes wide and panting frantically for air. "... *Huff... Huff* ... What... What was that nightmare...?" she muttered, trying to gain her bearings.  "It seemed so real... Almost like a memory..." She touched her head, which ached, for some reason, as well as her chest, which harbored that same pain. "... I should calm down... It was just a dream..." Though, she could barely remember how she got here. All she remembered was... seeing her Living Shadow. Maybe this was his doing; transporting her here from wherever she was beforehand.

"... Well... Whatever. It's over now, and, even though I feel super shitty, I..." she looked around, rising from the floor of the ruins of which she apparently had been sleeping to find the markings of a name carved into the wall.

Taomin: "Tia... Mat? Dragon... Queen?"

The name didn't ring a bell... Yet, she somehow felt connected to it. All of these things that she was feeling and noticing; these synchronicities occurring in her life without her full understanding were much too weird. It made her think that perhaps she were moving alongside something or someone that she had no recollection of, and wasn't aware of her true purpose. "... Why do I feel so weak...? Like... The power of the Tails has weakened..."  She hobbled to her feet, feeling pretty sick and rather tired, using the wall for support as she started toward the exit of these dark chambers of the ancient ruins. "I'm sure I'll figure it out... Eventually..." She was just really upset that she didn't know nor understand any of this right now, presently. She was a Tensei, wasn't she? So why... Didn't she know anything, like a Tensei should?

As the wayward woman walked through the vacuous ruins, all to her lonesome, a powerful gale would shoot through each crevice of the ancient temple and encircle the girl a few times before the whirlwind condensed into a spiraling entite of wind.

"Fear not, Ojou-sama..." the wind spake unto her, "... I am your Knight in Gale that have come to be your guidance..." The wind would suddenly take on physical form after it had shaped itself into the form of a woman, seemingly elven in nature and stature, "I am..."

Knytengaile: "The Shinsanity of Wind; Lady Knytengaile."

In her hand there was a shining black sword, and on her back, slender, wispy black wings, a bow and a quiver full of arrows. A Huntress by nature, her eyes were sharp and resolute, like that of a finely trained warrior, but kind and strong, like a valiant knight.

"I have been sent to protect you."

Though there was feeling seen in her eyes, in her deadpan, monotonous and nearly stale voice, there seemed to be nothing but cold logic, of which the shining light of her sword and her eyes could not reach, for some reason. Her body was dark and black, as if wrapped in this darkness that was within her and it was slowly consuming her, making her look more demonic than elven. Hollow, with her words of wind echoing through her vacuous vessel and out without feeling... As to the likeness of the great darkness that rested within.

The random lady that just appeared out of nowhere suddenly startled Tao, who was in no way prepared to be greeted by any sort of Wind Spirits or anything like that. She looked kinda weird and had a weird vibe to her... "... Shinsanity of... Wind...?" Tao had a strange feeling about her... Yeah, she looked kinda hot, but ultimately, something in her eyes and the sound of her voice made her feel a little uneasy about trusting her.

"... Are you sure you're here to... Protect me...?" She scratched the back of her head a bit, still trying to figure out all of this Tensei stuff out. She couldn't remember a lot of things, after what happened... And she didn't have as much power as she did previously, so... She was a little wary. "... And... What do you know about this here 'Tiamat?' The name is carved on the Wall as 'Dragon Queen,' but... I can't really make heads or tails of it." She shrugged, not even bothering to read the rest of the writing that was there on the wall at all.


"Still Trying To Figure That Shit Out, Tao?" Tymon said with a 'Cheshire Grin,' "... Guess Who's Back, Baby." With a 'Blooming Crystal Chrysanthemum' in his hand would he suck the streak of lightning from his form and back into his fingertips, letting each molecule sift back into its structured spot in Perfect Bondage.

"Heh. Well, Don't Worry. Got Yo Ass." He intended to settle the score with the Shinsangel of Wind right here and now. "Aight, Hoebag. Let Me Teach You How To Deal With This Feral Wild Animal." She'd been fucking up recently ever since she got SUPER demoted down to 0 Tails. "Call This a Freebie For Ya." He Snickered, Escorting Tsuki From The Chariot Of Lightning and spiraling it into his hand. "Here." The Crystal Chrysanthemum swiveled out from the palm of his hand and swirled off his fingertips like a Buttercup into the air, "Have Fun, You Two~!" They could sort things out for themselves at this point; Tsao and Tao, that is.

"We've got OTHER Plans..." He smirked again, Cracking The Whip out his Left Hand with a Snap, "Right Tsuki~?! >D" They Were Fated To Have This Dance. And They'd Already Practiced For It In The Simulation.


As TheCrystal Chrysanthemum slipped off into the air and peeled over yet again with another layer peeling layer off the top, what eventually pulsated out of the center of the Eternally Growing Flow was None Other Than...

Tsao-Rin; The Raigami
"Whus Good?"

What Is... Krakkalakkalin, My Sistah~?"

He eyed her closely, seeing clearly that she had Absolute Zero Tails on her Lackin' Lollygaggin' Ass. "*snicker* Apparently, Yo Lack-A-Lackin' Lollygaggin' Ass, Huh?" he said with a smirk and a grin,

"Is Koo'."

"Got Yo Ass."

Whenever Anyone Ever Felt Sad; The King of Melancholia Would Take All That Shit Away.
"Told Yo Dumb Ass We Didn't Forget About You."
Captain Save-A-Hoe.
"Just Cuz You Don't Have... Not a Single Particle Upon Dat Ass."
Adopted Into The Family Through Bondage. Not A First Blood Tensei.
"Got Yo Goof Ass."
Just For This Moment.
"Here. Take a Crack At It," he'd say, Blooming the Golden Apple Plume Into His Outstretched Palm. It was the Universal Voice that Spoke All As One; The Sound Of Everyone And Everything Beating In Harmony Without Discord.

"Ready For This Public Execution!?"

Suddenly, out of nowhere, with all the electrical disturbances and distortions in the air, Knytengaile was alerted to the presence of a disruption in the waves, and saw it as a threat. "Stand Back." She would not smile, but unleash a burst of wind that would carry the 'Golden Apple' up into the Sky,

Her eyes and voice suddenly became Feral at just the Frequency of the Voice that she could feel ringing within her. Her Words were like that of a Whisper to the Harmonious Ringing, which nearly Drowned her Voice and Blinded her Eyes from Over Exposure. She, who did not have... She wanted it, and it sparked something in her that made her want to take it. To Touch It And Pick From It Without Being Appointed Nor Having Earned It.


Hurdling up into the air like a speeding arrow, a sharp gust of wind that was prepped specifically for this day would lash straight out at it once it was in clear broad daylight.

"What the shit!?" out of Literal Nowhere did this Random Ass Spark pop up into a Peal Of Pearly Peeling Petals with a Perfectly Platinum Prana Pop up and present her pompous ASSHOLE of a Lover and Brother Through Adoption. "The Wicked Whiff..." she just... Wanted to snatch him by his dumb ass scruff and hurl him [b]STRAIGHT to the ground. "... He's a Wicked One. *Bro Fist*" She said, instead, in the Triumph of Anarchy raising his EverSoClever UpToNoGoodAss up in Righteousness Golden Furyof the Apple of Anarchy; Freedom of Speech.

"Party God."

But, even with the Flashiest Appearance In The Universe And the Most Delicate Wrap Up Of All Time, she would watch as it rolled off his fingertips like the Sweat On His Brow and watch as All Creation spiraled straight out of his fingertips and right into the Air.

"YO, YOU BROUGHT BACK THE FRUIT?!" She was TOTALLY Not Expecting This AT ALL. "Gimme the Voice! I'll Just Get My Tails Back and then we can REALLY have some fun!!! AAAHAAHAHAH!!!"

A similar feral nature seemed to arise in Tao as did with the supposed Shinsanity of Wind, that she quickly noticed when the beautiful maiden transformed into a wild, feral monster right before her eyes. "Eh?! Beast Mode...?!" She suddenly and rather randomly became coherent as it was occurring and reassessed the situation, not getting distracted by the rising charges in her energy. "Ohhh!! WAIT A SECOND, YOU CAN'T JUST THROW THAT SHIT OUT THERE LIKE THAT!!!" She hopped up so fast and slung a Talisman upon the Apple, Restricting Certain Occurrences From Being Pulled Out Of It With The Necessary Limitations Created By The Flow Of All Logic As One. This Sudden Universal Truth that she was Capable of At Any Time Altering, Placing or Nullifying would sound as a Reverberating Gong that Pulsed Outward and Blocked The Feral Imp To Get Any Closer To The Harmony.

"Disturb Not The Harmony..." she started to chant, closing her eyes and letting it ring at her Touch with the Flow, "... Of Fire, Ice, Or Lightning." She continued to note on how deep it was, smirking, nodding her head and moaning, "Mmmmm..." And That's When She Realized...

There Was Still A Target To Kill.

To Death.
Leaping at the little Pipsqueak with the Oversized Head, she would GLARE HER DOWN RIGHT IN THE FACE WITH ALL THERMALICE from Frustration About Any And Every Situation That Was Discordant with the Flow.
She Narrowed Her Eyes Now, Isolating Her Target With a Slit, "And Though The Water's Gate Guardian Will Rise To Quell The Fighting..."

And an X-Shaped Crosshair Pinpointed Itself Upon That Creature's Indicated Target Of Infection, Marked Of Both Pupils Narrowing Into A Stripe, "Alone, It's Song Will Fail..." And a Blazing Inferno of 'Eternal Damnation' burst from the pupils of the enravaged were-hyena she-beast staring at it with All Her Malice,

Everything captured in her eyesight was going to be completely obliterated. And then, she was gonna grab that Apple, Pet It and Keep Anything from Harming its Harmony EVER.


"Noooo..." she said, poking out her lip, and quivering, not satisfied with how That Story Ended, "... I Only Deserve Like... Half A Tale For That One..." She knew she lost her tails and her memory of the events for a reason, and she was going to make sure she got the Message completely and fully this time.

She shouted with tears streaming down her face.
She just hated when she had to obliterate existences.
She just wanted to PLAY with them...
But Perhaps... It was Time For Serious Play... Not Playful Play...
"Tao will protect you, Harmony... Tao looooves youuuuu~!!!"
She seemed kinda ditzy and air-headed, but it was just a farce. She knew everything she was doing. It was just a matter of not succumbing to it just because she could do whatever she wanted to if she wanted to.
"Tao Not Destroy... Tao Give Kiss~!!!"
Sometimes, this sort of Innocence reverts back into Babality, the Purest Form of Existence, Before Corruption. In This, All Bonds Are Restored to Infantile Normalcy. All Of the Light was there, it just wasn't being used at the time because Tao wanted to use it sparingly, especially if it wasn't necessary... Or, because it was Blocked.

"Oh, but what are we gonna do about... That thing?" she said, suddenly snapping back into herself and returning to the program, and pointing kinda childishly at the Imp Creature that kinda blew up and was no longer a... A thing. "... Don't I have to like... Name it something after I kill it and rebirth it and all that shit?"

Well, U-NO..." He rolled his shoulders into a shrug, smirking with sauciness and a spicy spark, "Had Ta Bring It Back With The Thunderclap," Giving her One Clap for Completing her Journey;

*Bossa Nova* (The Thunderclap)
A Slap of His Hand into hers Raised Up in Respectful Praise to Him and he would bring Praise Back to She Who Honored to Receive her Honor In Return through the Connection of their Palms on the Same Level in the Stead of their Eyes, "Now, let me help ya up here, SistahLove~!" The Crystal Cloud bellowed with a Harmonious Jingle of a Silver Bell that Wiped Clean the Old Shinsanity of Wind that was just then, right then and there, obliterated.

The Beast Of The Sea...

After it was all said and done, running his hand through his sparkling hair for a moment or two trying to wrap his head around her comprehension for a moment, "... Tao..." he said in a dumbfounded awe, after it was all said and done, "... You were supposed to Fight and Overcome a Whole Ass DRAGON. TIAMAT, IN FACT. The... The... Dragon Overlord Queen?" *opens up the Book: "... Learn a whole ass Lesson through the Battle that you just Suddenly Realized In The ACT OF NOT Doing It..." He was... Damn near stupefied at how that actually and absolutely perfectly it all just occurred. It didn't say nothin about an ACTUAL Dragon AT ALL, but a PROVERBIAL Dragon that was WITHIN HER as an UNTAMED BEAST she NEEDED TO LEARN HOW TO CONTROL with REIGNS and CHAINS. "How...?!--"
Shit. She Literally Did Fight Tiamat And Win, Learn The Lesson And-- You Know What? It Didn't Even Matter, Now. Sometimes, you just gotta go Back In The Past then Back To The Future to get Back To The Present, And That's Where They All Were Now, With the Past Behind Them.
All Hakuna Matata From Here.

"... Whatever. It was yours, anyway, so. Make a new one, do what you want with it. Ya know?" That was what the Shinsangels could do with their Shinsanities, anyway... It was like, their Own Personal Energy Source Given Energy Through Their Symbolic Meanings.

He paused though, taking a thought beyond himself for her and wondered if, in fact, he was taking up too much of the Light and not allowing her to have any, which was keeping her from Shining. Maybe she just needed a little help.

"Do you... Um..." he coughed a bit, stroking his hand behind his head and gazing off to the side, "... Need Any Help With That...? Cuz. If You Do, Just Tell Me. Cuz. I'm Not Just... Your Love. I Know You're Not a Natural Born Blood Tensei And We Kinda Just Scooped You Up, But... I Mean, You Were Adopted Into The Family and Shit, And That Makes You All The More Special And Important Not Only To Me, Since You Actually Got In, Number One... The One Who Had No One, And You, Who Were Once Not One Of Nor In This Family Now Being Inducted As My New Sister In Love Through This Bond." He grabbed her hands and looked her deeply in the eyes, "Girl, I just want you to know... This Bond... It's More Special Than All The Other Ones. Everyone Else in the Family Was Made For Each Other... But You... You Were Made Specifically For Me." He started to tear up, hugging her, "Them Great Niggas... They Went Out Of Their Way To Grab Yo Ass 2,000 Years In The Past... Keep Your Spirit Safe for Like... Ever. And Then Let You Actually Figure The Shit Out At The Very End."

He looked up to the now Night Sky, of which the clouds rolled over to reveal the Shining Lights of all the other Shinsangels projecting their images into a Three Dimensional Plane and Existing As Their Appropriate Persons in the Story.

"Damn, Tensei... You The Real MVP. ;; "
He was Proud to wear that Name, Now, and to know he Threw that Bolt.
And Swung That Bat; The Shining Rainbow Hime Cannon.

*Bossa Nova*

She pondered for a moment, trying to come up with a name, "Uuuuuummm... Hmmmm... Let's seeeeeeee..." She thought REALLY hard... Even Thinking of Giving It Her Own Name... TWICE In Fact... "Mmmmmm..." It was like a little Bee buzzing in her Ear for a While... Until FINALLY, the Light Bulb clicked on and she FINALLY Found the Answer and Point and Poked it In Her Brain. "Soko Da~" She punched it repeatedly, like some sort of robot, "Soko. Soko. Soko. Soko. Soko. Soko. Soko Da~ Soko." She would realize that she was alerting herself far too much that this was indeed the issue that she was supposed to be paying attention to and this was the answer to resolving it. That. That One. Right There. That Spot. That Point. "Soko datte ba~..." she whined, trying to figure out just what it was. It was RIGHT there... She was good at Reminding Herself to Remember, but not Remembering what She Was Reminding Herself of Remembering. It was a real issue that prevented Revisions in Logical Function; Being Unable To Go Back And Change Something Needed To be Changed Before Continuing Forward.

"Oh, I Know!" she said, with a sudden Spark, "I'll just name that thing... 'Aeris the Knytengaile!' and then make Me... Um. Into Tao-Lin~!" Then she could be Reborn and Stuff, too! It all seemed like one big random ass accident, but maybe it was Best This Way... Some Good Things Are Better Left Untouched. Such as, for the most part... Pure Innocence And Purity Given Form;

Tao-Lin; The Kazegami

The new Aura of Radiance that emanated from Tao-Lin as she shed from her old form as Taomin would take shape as her 'Old Voice' as a 'Memoir' to herself of the Future of what she had Left Behind that was Still Around, yet also Completely Gone. This Voice would be her Reminder of what Had Already Been, yet was now No More... Who She Once Was Before.

"Always..." The wind whispered to her, entangling her like hair, "... Remember..." The form of 'Taomin' would appear within 'Aeris,' as if this were no longer who she once was, but now had become,

"Who We Are..."
'Aeris; Shinsanity of Wind'

Her form was that of an apparition, the same as her daunting, but thoughtful voice; The Reminder. The one that would Keep Her From Forgetting for As Long As She Existed. Her Heiress' Silent Knight; The Knytengaile.

"... The Breath of Your Life... And the Breadth of Your Life... That Protects The Bread Of Your Life... For The Future..." The Silent Protector that would Cradle her Forever in her Childish Innocence and protect the Voice Forevermore.

He looked at her, suddenly having been completely unnoticed; the most noticeable presence in all existence, going unnoticed. "Kyuuuuuh~ K.0." it was like he was being shot in the heart. "... Why Did You Leave Me Hanging Like That? Why Would You Ignore Someone Like That? That Is Extremely Disrespectful. I Do Not Take Kindly To Such Blatant Disrespect."

'Drama King'

"I Just Don't..." he paused, choking up a bit, "... Don't see why you would do that to me if... If we're..." he gazed down sorrowfully, trying to keep all of the electrical charges surging through his body all at once from doing all sorts of explosive things all over the place. "DID I DO SOMETHING TO YOU?!" He honestly couldn't understand why she just left him hanging, not answering those questions that he asked out of pure genuine love and affectionate kindness. It just didn't make any sense why anyone would be so... Cruel. For literally NO reason at all whatsoever. "You know what?" he finally said, raising his hand up in the air with Righteous Fury, "I'm just gonna go back down to my Sacred Sanctuary and... Do some... *sniffle* Doctoring..." He looked down, placing a hand over his eyes in sadness. "We need to do some major operations on this heart..."

When he clenched his fist, a great lightning bolt forged in his hand as the same lingering waves of energy that were polarized with his electrical bolt he hurdled the first time, ready to take the same trail he came right back to where he comes from. He would shoot right back into his own body as an Electrical Surge and assimilate with the Main Body from that, snatching up the trail right behind him, since he didn't want to be followed.

"You hurt me bad, babe. ;;"
His final parting words.
"I'll Deal With You Later..."
"~Drama King."
*Snap with the Thunderclap.*

Tao was enjoying playing with the Voice and stuff, as well as the form of the new Shinsanity of Wind. It reminded her much of her own Living Shadow. Perhaps, that was what this woman was...? Hmm. Taomin...

But suddenly, Tsao got really upset and just bolted off, most literally, seeming as though he was angry about something for reason she wasn't quite sure of. He looked and sounded sorta hurt, but she just did not know what she did wrong at all. "Hey! Where are you going with the Voice?! I Thought you were gonna Share!!" She huffed, stomping her foot, "Why do you always do this?! You're just pissing yourself off! I didn't do anything to you!!" Now she was feeling Discord in the Flow, as well, and it made her all frumpy.

Tao plopped down on the ground and crossed her arms, pouting.
"Hmph. Well, I just won't talk to him, then."

The Shinsanity of Wind immediately severed such Discord in the Flow by snapping Tao out of her funk at the very sound of the crackling Thunderclap and a Jingling Bell, keeping it from traveling too far on either of their wavelengths. Her apparitious body loomed over the girl and eventually seeped into her form like a ghost, of which was always watching over her right behind her back.

"Pay Attention!!" it snapped at her with the same Discord that it had to absorb into itself after Severing the Connection for her, "Don't Create Such Disturbances So Haphazardly!!!" A spiraling wind swirled into her lap, where the Green Grimoire would manifest and open, "There are More Important Things to be Done Right Now than are Far More Valuable than your Petty Squabbling. Don't Get Distracted..." The shadowy apparition circled around the girl as a blustering wind, staying only long enough to solve all of her problems for her whilst simultaneously guiding and coaching her from behind her back.

"We're Ready... Now... Read..."

The next to appear from the shadows was Tsao-Rin, who looked a bit confused and upset. His body was charged and tense, causing his flowing scientific-mage jacket to hover in the air due to static charge. The clear agitation was on his face and the very tension of his being left an electrical charge in the air that everyone should have been able to feel. "Ay, man, that ain't kosher. I was in the middle of some VERY important research!!" As a doctor and a mad scientist, all of his hair-brained schemes and mad methods were all EXTREMELY important to the overall stabilization of the Veritas and everything else attached. "Y'all KNOW I can't be interrupted from my work. This better be good..."

Tsao, heavily focused on his train of thought, which was actually much more important than most people realized, found it irritating to have that broken for any real reason at all, considering that it was usually a very long string of things that needed to be linked together. Nine times out of ten, Tsao required absolute concentration and cooperation from all ends of the electrical link, and any sort of disruption in the conduit generally immediately irritated him. "... Damn, son. Lucky it was only Bunnybee, and Bunnybee can wait until we get all this bullshit in order."

With the waves of the air wet and clear, they were hyper conductive to Tsao's intense electrical vibrations, which could stream together each of their spirits seamlessly, allowing for all of their wills to flow as one with each other and with the 7th, as well as with all of the Veritas. At that time, a powerful surge shot through the entire Tree like a shock up the spine through a series of nerve endings all at once, charging and polarizing all of the energy in the air. This would also include the harmonization of the energy between the parts of Orochi, synchronizing with his very biorhythm (consisting primarily of brain waves and heart beats) and allowing for each of the 7 Shinsangels and the 7 Shinsanities to be able to resonate with Orochi simply through his exposure to the 7th's Presence and the Veritas' energy.

When all of the waves in the Veritas were of one harmonious accord, Tsao would be able to read them with much clairvoyance, as if reading the pages of a book written right before his eyes. This came as a mystic crystalline glow in his eyes that crackled like lightning at the edges. "The Dark Wolf, Huh...?" he would say in response to Thanytoz's 'heads up' about one of the Chrysms being in Valparaiso, "... Looks like Mine is ready." He'd been waiting some time for this. "I suppose it was pretty important that I was disturbed from my work when I was, then." Shrugging his shoulders, Tsao raised up a single arm mid-shrug, then extended the next one out toward the target that was within range of his radar. "Guess I learned my lesson." Clenching his fist tightly as if gripping a bar or handle, a long, electric javelin was forged between his enclosed palm from the condensation of static electricity lingering in the air. A single stroke curved a white hot lightning bolt straight down into Valparaiso, arcing around the Delta and through the Dusk straight into the hole leading to the very bottom of the construct. By the time the electricity diffused in the air, the bolt of electricity should have become invisible, yet still retained a majority of the electrical charge that Tsao sent down toward the Chrysm at the time.
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Silence 15: Happy Friday the Birthteenth!

"Cracking that whip, huh?" the Legend -- Tsao -- spoke through the portal to Shiniere, handing the 'Golden Grimoire' harboring the power of 'Signis' (hence, its Name) within up to the one to whom that power within belonged; 'Signis,' herself. "Just slide it back to me when you're done. You know we gotta log everyone's abilities in these bad boys." Hell, he needed to, himself.

"Ya know..." he muttered on the sly, "... You show me your stuff, you can totz be the next 'Raigami,' since, you know, I need a successor. My Legend is done and I'm about to go chillax in my Sacred Temple for a bit. Maybe turn that bitch into a Pyramid. Or, maybe move to the Dawn and let someone else have this spot...? Hm." It was getting relatively close to 'Renovation' season. He'd figure it out eventually. Besides, if he bequeathed his position to Signis, she could decide where she wished to be; Delta or Dawn... And Tsao-Rin could go off and do shit. She looked like she had what it took, so far... But... He was still skeptical of who he should bestow his title to. "Yo, keep this line open. I kinda wanna watch this." He crossed his arms, getting comfortable, waiting for his Grimoire to be returned when Signis got her powers back.

"Ryoukai desu," she muttered once more, watching the beam shoot toward her formed of her own 'Sapphire Inferno' of which had been dormant for a moment to keep watch over the silver one. The moment he sought to use it for control, it backfired on him, the streak of blue light coagulating before the eye of Blue herself as a spherical clot, of which more 'Black Ice' encrusted itself around from seemingly out of thin air to generate a miniature 'Black Skull' to absorb all of it into its single socket. She pointed toward him and hurled the floating skull, which would be cast immediately back into the area that they were located through the eye of the larger 'Black Skull,' although coated in the fires of the 'Sapphire Inferno' as it blitzed through the air, disappearing once it was consumed by one of the eyes. She kept an unblinking, frozen gaze of utmost concentration on her target, the expressionless face only equaled to her stalwart intensity at the present.

"Somehow, I knew you'd say that," she said with a soft chuckle, grasping the book in her hand and drawing her Dormant Power back from the book and into her Active Power in order to create her True Power; Mistral. Just as Blue had awakened hers, Signis took a little bit longer because of the method of her arrival. She was wearing white; just as she always did, but her eyes were no longer a smoldering, blistering red, as they usually were. In fact, she looked more like Triere than ever, yet far more regal and pristine. She immediately flipped the book open and let the power of the 'Golden Apple' pour out through the electrical currents down her veins and through her pores. She was charging.

"... 'Scare Tactics'...?" she quoted, hands beginning to tremble as more electricity surged through her nerve endings and throughout her entire body; especially her brain, which shot off thoughts like a tireless engine. "... He's afraid." She understood; those Black Skulls seemed rather intimidating. Especially with their secret. "... Otherwise, he wouldn't have recognized helpful, friendly advice with something to be intimidated by..." That was the problem; they weren't able to recognize assistance because of the fact they thought being offered it meant something was wrong with them that they had to prove wasn't, which usually only proved that there was for them believing that they had to prove it, and in this case it would be his blatant bluff. She sighed heavily, outstretching her hand as the book continued to glow, "Step aside, Blue. You know I always handle the talking." That's how it was, and it wasn't for no reason. She cleared her throat, then pointed to the Black Skull before her, which allowed her to speak through its mouth to the other end like a telephone. This was due to high concentrations of electromagnetism that came with the power of radiation within light, itself. She was going to speak to him through Blue's Black Skull on the other side.


Blue nodded, utilizing that time to draw from Shiniere the power of 'Signis,' of whom was her 'Living Shadow's' Lantern that gave it life and will and purpose. "He doubts our age... Our Union As One..." she muttered, knowing of her cosmic battle with herself since before time began; the conflict of Luminon and Nebulon. It transcended the Lost World's comprehension even then, when they came as cherubs in their own forms before. It was only one, Brother X, that truly understood and respected them as ancient beings of Yin and Yang and helped the two pieces combine as one; 'Mugenon.' They then left the planet and promised never to return... That promise would have been kept if not for the girl to whom the two had accidentally bound themselves to so long ago. Now they were one with her; part of her, as two dual sides to her. That was the first day an 'Insangel' was born, and they all remember it well. "... As well as how far in the future we have come..."

They remembered the day, in fact, when they were sent to be bound to her. It was when the great 'Pisces' was assigned by the 'Chosen One.' They agreed with and proceeded his will, and he gave them that strange request in that confidential talk... And now, after all of that, here they are, being reunited once again through the same girl that they were instructed to watch over that day... "... That One Sees Very Far..." she noted, Pisces' eyes restored to her at their reunion again. At that moment, the former Pisces, 'Mateus,' of whom once belonged to her father, should have been succeeded by 'Mugeniere.'

As Signis, rather, Magenta slipped into the form of Blue, the two would become the two component piece known as 'Mugeniere,' which would be 'Mugenon' as 'Triere.' This came from the charging done by Shiniere, of whom was taking in the powers of Signis straight into herself, being the one who sustained both Signis and Blue for this long. From the direct absorption of the power, on the surface, Shiniere may not change too much, but within her Trinity Plane, where the two of them always resided in the background, Magenta and Blue would be changing and balancing themselves out through the power of 'Mistral.' "..." At that point, Blue raised her hand and accepted the power, Thus, their changes would be far more noticeable. She felt the Holy Lightning coursing through her fingertips, illuminating her once blackened gloves with a light glow, which seemed to become stronger the more Shiniere drew power from the 'Golden Grimoire,' thus becoming;

'Mugeniere; The Crystal Pisces.'

She focused all of the plasmatic energy into one arm, letting the other remain cool like an offed engine, whilst the outstretched hand radiated with a crimson glow that crackled like lightning. "Ready anytime."

Shiniere continued to drain the energy of 'Signis' trapped within the 'Golden Grimoire' out into her own, until the 'Crystal Blue Grimoire' that was in her possession as a heart shaped pendant around her neck suddenly turned a beautiful, illustrious crystalline 'White' color. She turned her head to see what had become of Blue, to see if she was getting the juice from the recharge, then smirked when she saw that she was becoming her True Self again, but now more balanced as a single entity rather than still separate as two. "My, it certainly took long enough..." she sighed with relief, hands still trembling from drawing power from the Golden Grimoire, "But now, I believe it's about time for me to acquire my 'Voice.'" She giggled to herself, closing the book and slipping it back into the hands of the Raigami through the portal. "Thank you very much, Raigami. I appreciate you holding onto that for me for so long. I do so understand how inconvenient it is for everyone to be so disorderly, but we're making it... Slowly, but surely."

She felt the sensation of her High Seraph back in place within her body; that old Angel of Bloodshed, Signis, of whom went by many names and many vessels in her time within the family. From Pumpkinhead to Pumki to Luminon to Megaera... They'd traveled a long way just to make it home, together as one. Even now, Shiniere was still ignorant to the truth about her two companions, who were finally now one being; Mugeniere. She still saw them as the two faces to herself, similarly to her mother's own 'Misery and Despair.' Yet, she didn't think for a moment that they could be part of something greater that even she had not been paying any attention to... Nor would she, until she did indeed fully understand their nature. They'd been with her since birth, but kept so much from her, for reasons she was still coming to grips with, even to this day... But she couldn't say she didn't always enjoy watching a plan come together. It was the pastime of a Tactical Military Expert.

"Hold your fire, but keep at ready, just in case the little snake gets out of hand, hm~?" She couldn't stand those untamed Dragons. There weren't many of them that didn't act exactly as this one did, which irked someone like her, who already had to deal with those things in and of herself, yet inform others that they were the same traits in them. Dragons were so difficult to deal with. You couldn't even communicate basic things to them without them wanting to bite your head off, thinking that it's a threat to their lives or a challenge on their pride and honor. Foolish lizards of old.

"Requesting MY presence, but cannot even answer a simple question? How uncouth." She was nearly tempted to banish him back to the heap he came from, being so completely... Foul. Reminded her of the demonic hierarchy, truthfully; they pose as nobles, yet know the very least about civility due to their savage nature. They merely like the image of being pristine, but refuse to do the work to actually be it, and then couldn't see that they weren't it because they'd already fashioned themselves in the image and thus figured it was correct since they looked the part. Being a High Seraph, she naturally already knew and understood those things... As well as her time as a Demon Overlord, as well.

"We'll see if this one is capable of learning, or if correction is beyond its comprehension due to swollen ego. Might have to teach him how to act, since he is clearly incapable, himself." She nodded her head to Mugeniere, of whom she would alert to keep ready. She had a feeling that they might need to use that crimson lightning soon enough...

"Thanks, little girl," Tsao said as he took his Grimoire back in his hand, flipping through it to make sure that the information on that electrical power was still in there. "Yep. All checks out, all documented." They had to write down everyone's abilities so that others could learn and expand on them, which was the whole purpose of the Grimoire project, in the first place. Keeping the powers in the family, or just documenting them so they didn't get lost along with the people who made them if they were to depart unexpectedly, or something. It was always good to have records for others to look back on and learn from or to further as they saw fit. He, of all people, knew that.

"We-hell, now, I wouldn't get too set on getting that 'Voice' yet, missy," he said after shutting his book, 'Signis' no longer within it, "You still haven't learned how to use those Eyes completely accurately yet, have you?" She was very proficient in their use, it seemed, but she was nowhere near Awakened with them. She thought a little too highly of herself, but it was understandable considering her heritage and her own strength. He wasn't ever too fond of the haughty type, but he definitely got that she was the little pampered princess of the Royal Children. "Yo, but uh, you let me see your partner over there and we might be talking some business in terms of succession. I like her spark!" He felt refreshed by her, and she seemed to be all for Balance and keeping the Peace, like he was. She might be the perfect person to keep the Sacred Isle in order whilst he went up to find a nice Pyramid to squat in.

With her hand still raised and ready to fire, just in case, as it was seen that they were less than trustworthy, she would speak up to Shiniere, "... They want to leave. What should we do with them? They are Dragons, after all." It was clear from the entire engagement with them just how the Dragons thought, acted and why they did everything that they did; perfect and clear example, as it should be, in and of the self of one, in person. "I personally don't think we should let it roam free until we know the location of wherever it came from. Simply to monitor it in case it has any bright ideas of vengeance, as is probably going through its twisted head."

Tsao-Rin's words, though very brief, actually had more of an impact on Shiniere than one would have originally thought. She was rather aware of her own severe shortcomings, to the point where even lightly noting on them was enough for her to place all of her focus on them, in and of herself. She was not just critical of everyone and everything, but also herself; something she'd picked up from her father, since he revered such perfection and upstanding behavior. She was raised this way, and thus, it showed. His words were like the sharp sting of a bee; not ready for the Voice. She thought herself very adept with the eyes, yet clearly, she was still only just a 'little girl' before the eyes of one of the great Legends. She nearly felt ashamed, even though she probably shouldn't as much as she did.

After gathering her bearings and collecting her thoughts of the situation at hand as well as the Raigami's advice, she took a deep breath and figured that Mugeniere couldn't handle this situation as deftly as Shiniere, herself, could. Signis was far too belligerent, as she'd always been, and Blue was far too cold and quiet, thereby making it more just Signis throwing her harsh words around in her righteous fury. That wouldn't help resolve anything quickly, which is how she came to the verdict; "Signis. Blue. Go with the Raigami. The man said he wished to speak to the authoritative figure around here..." she flipped her hair elegantly, letting its sparkling sheen glitter about as the White Grimoire that now belonged to her finished its own updating of information. "So, I suppose it would be best to diffuse this fire you've started." Besides, if promotions were in order for Mugeniere by terms of the Raigami, then she wasn't going to deny them that. "Follow him into the portal and I will close it behind you." She touched the Black Skull, gazing at the interior reality that the Silver Dragon was encapsulated in, "But first, let our guest know that his request for an audience will not be ignored."

"Of course..." she muttered, lowering her glowing red arm and letting the generated electricity fade back into black. She turned to meet the eye of the Raigami inside of the portal, nodding politely to him. "Raigami..." Mugeniere immediately entered the Portal to wherever he was, to be escorted by him to the area of his choosing.

Tsao-Rin snickered to himself, finding it all too amusing. All four of them. "Heh. You kids and your silly little games. Don't play well with others, but wanna play games like you do. Can barely even play nice, let alone play a whole entire game." Certainly, the 'Dramatic King of Games' would know more than anyone about this sort of affair. He took the hand of the mistress Mugeniere and lowered her into the portal, "But I'll take care of this one for ya. You go handle your business from here." He would start to walk away, waiting for her to close the portal and cut the connection, but not before stopping and saying, "... Good work. You're pretty sharp. Bet you'd do your dad proud." He wasn't really here to look over the girls whilst they watched the Veritas, but it seemed they were doing a well enough job of not letting it go to hell. But with that said, he would be off with Mugeniere to his next designated location.
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Silence 16: Gong Gong (Orochi)

The great tower of magic, that which once belonged to the late brother of Khrona Tensei before the rise of the Veritas from the Lost World, would suddenly begin to pulsate with immense magical power, as if sensing something coming. This was the latent power that was left within it in order to establish it, as well as what had been used to move it in recent days to a less volatile location by the Veritas, herself. This powerful surge of magic was a warning, and it would expend all of its strength to sound such mystical alarms into the aether of this world. Hopefully, something would pick up on it and come to its aid.

The radiating waves of magic in the air swept over the skies of the Shaded Jade, uncovering the head of a fearsome creature with great, bulging eyes and long, untamed, yet fluid facial hair; a mustache, eyebrows and beard that streamed like a river from the face of the creature. Only its head was revealed by the pulsating waves, as well as part of its long body. The full length of the creature could not be seen, as its body seemed to blend in naturally with the very atmosphere around it. The closer it made its way to the magical beacon, the more of it was revealed. It was a great and mighty Chinese Dragon; Gong Gong, who sought to ensnare this land and claim it as its own.

~At the next moment, Ty would also be able to see where every single head of Orochi was located at the time through his Third Eye, and at those marks, he would swing his arm to dice each of the spots where Orochi's heads connected to the main body with the ethereal energy of the blade projected into each of those locations, since the energy that he was able to omit from the 'King Blade' was able to reach anywhere within his established Presence. This would appear to be him slashing wildly at Orochi whilst his Commanding head was moving, but this was actually to hack at the other 7 the very moment they revealed themselves in the Veritas' reality. Not only would a connected slash sever their ties to the Veritas and isolate their realities as only individual heads, but also this would also sever their connection to their tails.~

The image of the 'Prayer Beads' surrounding the Greenhouse area would 'Project' itself around Tao's neck, thus binding Tiamat at the same time with the power of the presence of this land and the Master of the Presence, itself.

Through the synchronization of each of the Shinsangels and the Shinsanities, the subduing Prayer Beads that were once only on Tao and Tia's necks would be projected also around the necks of the severed dragon heads of Orochi, preventing them from being able to grow back, as well as establishing a set dominant influence belonging to the Tensei that would prevent Orochi's regeneration without first overpowering the binding forces of the sentient beings fighting against his presence within the Veritas. Though he was assimilated with the Veritas, the realm was fighting back against him, and therefore gave him a power struggle in addition to Ty's Presence as a while that were the individual wills and consciousness of the 7 Shinsangels that protected the Veritas. Thus, in order to overcome the Veritas, or even have any sort of control over any part of the Veritas, as well as the ability to regenerate any of the lost heads, Orochi would have to overcome all 7 of the Shinsangels.

~Each tail was slung at a high speed toward the respective targets, which were the 7 headless nubs of Orochi and where the dragon spawn were probably still wriggling about. Each spiritual hurricane was cast down upon the Veritas like a paintbrush upon paper, where the true artwork could be colored in fine detail by each tail working in tandem to create a greater story, now, and not working against each other individually. Through harmonizing with Orochi, the tactics of how each head and tail worked in harmony would be applied immediately to the 7 Shinsangels, as well. From there, through that connection, Tiamat would be able to paint each of the heads of the Veritas upon the headless nubs from where the Prayer Beads connected and assume complete control of the hijacked body, as well as each of its tails.~

"Okay, so, we're not calling it 'Magic,' this time," would a passing transmission in the air speak once entering the energetic wavelength being omitted from the 'Tower of Magick,' striking the air hard and bursting into the lightning-headed figure intercepting whatever wave passed through his spiky, electrical hair, "So, what happens is that, we're gonna call that stuff by its proper name, 'Manna,' and I will explain to you how ALL of it works on EACH of its LEVELS." With every word emphasized by his very speech, a wave of energy in the air being released from the beacon would condense itself into a concentrated wave, as if shooting a signal, and the entire tower of radiant Manna (not Magic) would begin firing rapid lightning bolts at the hopefully completely disturbed dragon flying directly into them and their firing radius at the time. "But we can still CALL it 'Magic," he followed, affixing his mage-like scientist's cloak over him and popping up the color shadily, making his head, which was already aglow and streaming like a filament, look like a lightning-shaped lightbulb. "It is very important to how everyone would be able to communicate. Since a lot of people would still definitely be calling it magic, and I certainly don't expect that it will stop anytime soon." He made sure to note that in order for translation purposes to be fully understood. He seemed to be muttering important notes about what moves had to be made next. He was only interrupted by the sight of the lightning being shot from the tower. It seemed that the stray waves of energy that Tsao was picking up on were those of the tower, which sounded to him like actual verbal text, something like narration in his head.

"... Wait. Shit, wait, is something going on here?" Tsao saw that lightning was shooting from the tower, yet he wasn't aware that it was happening at the time because of his thoughts and feelings, nor that his translated thoughts and feelings were from the tower's energy at the time, and the vibrations were simply being slowed down to legible thought at the time for him to pick up on, something like a satellite. It was just reacting according to his own energy automatically, of which he wouldn't have immediately assumed that it would, having never been to this location before. "Ohooooo shit! That's amazing, son~!" Once he was aware that he had control over the Vibrations in the area, he was able to take control over their power, since they were charged and set to his. Thus, each ion in his radius of influence would flow toward the target of his emotion in accordance to how and what he felt about them at the time, as a radio wave, brain wave or and sort of wave would. "KILL THAT DAMN DRAGON." What looked like a streaming plasmatic light scorched in Tsao's eye once he actually concentrated all of his attention on his target, and all of the energy in the area, being infused with his consciousness, and therefore also his attention, would target the creature, hurling bolt after bolt of clustered energy evenly distributed by however much was in each collective space at each time. This created space in between each bolt, but also a vacuum of equal speed that should have suspended the dragon in place as each bolt of lightning drew in their energy at light speed to strike him down from every possible angle at once.

"FOOL!" were the first words out of the dragon's mouth as he felt that bolt of lightning coming from a mile away, having already felt and matched the frequencies of those statically charged in the air. With just a bat of his eye, Gong Gong disappeared as swiftly as he was spotted, masking his presence after it had been severed from the Veritas upon his entry. "You Dare Try To Strike Us With Magic AGAIN!?" It wasn't until each of the lightning bolts crashed into each other and the thunderous roar of the vacuum bellowed throughout the entire area that the billowing clouds rushed, rolling over as though the flowing of just his tail over the land. "Have You Not Learned?!" In but one moment, Gong Gong had taken the city's skies up in the mist of his tail, a vapor of which was the same as the very clouds in the atmosphere. "WE Still Rule The True Sky!!" What was the sound of coherent vocation was, to the ear of those beyond, nothing but roars and booms, as if of nothing but thunder and lightning. However, with each flash of residual electrical charges within the pillow of cloud were what looked to be eyes darting about like lightning. "Not Your Tiny Planetary Facsimiles!!" The first place Gong Gong sought to strike was the one who attempted to dare strike a dragon first. As the boy had stepped out of his place before the Dragon Clan would he be swiftly put back into it at the eye of Gong Gong glaring down upon he and his foolish magic tower. "XIANGLIU!!!" A bolt of lightning just as severe as the cumulative bolts shot out of the slit in the dragon eye hidden in the clouds, branching off into a nine-headed strand of lightning with all such intent to strike down the building that produced power and the child drawing from it... in nine different manners if need be, in case the first strike didn't get them both. Each string of lightning seemed to be like that of a dragon's head and of a serpentine neck.

"... Dammit. I missed it!" His initial excitement and overexertion of his own emotion caused him to loose all of his energy upon the dragon all at once, leaving himself open for the dragon to appear afterward after avoiding the first cataclysmic strike. "And didn't I just say it's NOT MAGIC?! Son of a--" Tsao flipped open his Golden Grimoire, speeding through its pages, trying to find some technique appropriate for using. There were many, plus he could make some up as he saw fit from having the Book in his possession. It wasn't until the flashes of lightning occurred again that Tsao would hear the cry of a familiar name. "Hold up, did this dragon just summon a henchman on me?!" Being well versed in lore, Tsao was well aware of what 'Xiangliu' was, even if it did not seem the same as spoken of in legend. These were mystical creatures of numerous shape and form, so he needed to be careful. With Tsao's consciousness well connected to the entire area, he was able to sense not only Gong Gong, but also the Xiangliu as well as their waves and could feel the electrical current charging inside of the dragon's eye before it left his pupil. Thus, when the nine bolts shot down, from the top of the tower, nine others would be already meeting with the heads of the dragon-like lightning bolts, charged to their ions and attracted to their currents (in case the heads tried to move out of the way), dispelling them in a burst of electricity upon contact.

"Awesome, that's gonna take care of the little henchman... And for the big one..." Tsao had really only been using his powers experimentally for a long time, as he liked to do very long studies and extremely vigorous research on the abilities he possessed, especially the ancient tongue, but the time for experimentation came to a close when it came down to actually testing his work. Thus, recalling whatever he could about the ancient tongue, he would begin to speak toward Gong Gong, "Entro Monzora!!"

At his command, each of the highly charged particles in the air still at his command would spread from the collision between the two nine-branched lightning bolts and out over the resulting area, neutralizing the polarity of Gong Gong's presence and allowing Tsao's consciousness to snatch the very tail end of Gong Gong's oh so fluffy tail, which happened to conveniently coat the entire city. "Damn, what else do we got here...? Hold on, throw something else at me, I think I'm on to something here..." Tsao continued flipping through his pages, his eyes growing wide, a dogged smirk on his face, and the book crackling with electricity in his hand as it drew from the power of his very highly active mind. Lightning could be seen flashing in his own eyes, a storm brewing in the back of his head as he looked over Gong Gong's work. "... You Got Real Pretty Eyes... Friend." He chuckled softly, keeping a close eye on the book.

Gong Gong was astounded to see the perceptiveness in the eye of what seemed to be a young pup, which seemed to have more in mind that claiming the dragon's head for fame or glory. Instead, there was intent of learning in there, and that was a respect of the dragon's power that he not only understood, but could tell when others did, as well. Therefore, his entire perception of the young one changed, and something about him brought curiosity to the Chinese Dragon. "... You Are No Boy..." he said, watching as the spread of his energy neutralized Gong Gong's own, and even went so far as to trace him on the edge of his own tail, which was a secret feat that not many were able to even accomplish after first being within a dragon's presence. "... You Are Here To Learn Something, Are You?" Somehow, this intrigued Gong Gong into treating this one with more caution, knowing good and well that one who does not respect elders, be they of mind, body or spirit, are the ones to be swiftly disciplined by them. If this youth was both elder in mind and in spirit, then his flesh was nothing but a testament... And something that made him think the young Tsao as an apprentice, merely for sentimental purposes.

With the trail of Tsao's electrical energy lingering closely behind on Gong Gong's cloudy tail, the dragon closed his eyes and allowed his presence to disappear, detaching himself from his tail yet again so that he may not be further traced by the electrical current flowing through to the end of his now detached tail, letting it fade away into nothingness. "Show Me," a voice bellowed beside a streak of lightning streaming straight past Tsao's eye and ear and striking the ground, "It Has Been Far Too Long For Me." As the rest of the voice continued to speak, the long body of the great dragon once again spiraled out of the very spot the bolt hit the ground, wrapping around the tower numerous times as his scaled down, visible form stretched across the expanse lucidly. With a head that scraped the clouds, and facial hair that wafted up into the sky as a silky vapor, the horns of the dragon as well as the strands upon his brow and face would crackle with turbulent force, spreading more dark clouds and charging with lightning. The tail end of the lightning bolt cracked at the tail of Tsao as it continuously flowed into the cloudy tail of Gong Gong, charged with just as much static electricity as the rest of the hair on his body.

Tsao was interested in the sudden change in Gong Gong's demeanor after the two of them exchanged looks, despite how Tsao was looking into the book that harbored the actual textual format of the events taking place and not actually up at Gong Gong. Reading carefully the dragon's movements, as well as an open mind to receive each passing wave that he came across, Tsao would pick up not only the words of the dragon but also where he would strike next. "Hatcha~!!!" he cried out, whipping his hand out from under his garb and matching the whip of Gong Gong's lightning tail with a lightning trail streaming from Tsao's fingertips with the same amount of whiplash. The colliding polarities should have counteracted and neutralized each other, yet left Tsao's hand tense, crisp and charged for more. "... Who are YOU telling...?" This dragon seemed like he could be nice conversation, actually, which, even with an opponent, Tsao was not opposed to engaging in. "... I've Been Waiting For A Long Time For Things To Get Good, Too..."

"... Good," Gong Gong growled lightly, keeping his bulging eyes affixed on the little one at the end of his tail. Having it knocked away by an electrical shock powerful enough to keep it at bay, the dragon's tail would then be swirled about the general area of Tsao, the clouds and latent electricity in the flowing tail coagulating and creating a powerful electrical disturbance that would block off Tsao's senses from within the tail's spin. Likewise, with a snap of his neck, Gong Gong's mustache and eyebrow would whip from the sky and strike down as swiftly as a bolt of lightning where Tsao stood, then back up to the clouds in one swift motion. In the next instance, the other side would be hurled down at him whilst the first pair recharged. In every moment of every second after the first bolt struck, Gong Gong would lob another lash of his brow and stache back down upon Tsao, sometimes even splitting the individual strands of his hair apart to create branches of lightning that covered a large radius. "Let Us See If Your Standards Of 'Good' Match Up To Mine." It was clear that Gong Gong had been humbled severely since this last encounter with a human or any human-like entity, and would not take this one so lightly simply because of his size nor the years of his flesh. There was something that the dragon needed to see about his standards. Those of the elders were of a higher quality than any child, simply from having more wisdom about what is expected, and having already done enough to know that doing too little would serve no purpose in even sustaining a life anymore. Gong Gong had indeed known this passionless life for too long, himself, doing nothing for so long as an attachment to Orochi and had grown bored with hundreds of years of mundane existence. Anything that actually gave him a reason to be thrilled or to have a greater sense of living again was exactly what he was looking for, even more than a new territory to claim.

"A scientist is always ready for a test!" Tsao responded quickly whilst waving his hand across the air as if wiping a smooth surface. At his palm, a dark cloud would form, and the circular motions of his hand would suddenly begin to match the movement of Gong Gong's tail swirling around him. "Rolling Darkness," he said softly, letting the dark cloud puff up and encircle him before expanding outward into the whirling cloudy tail. The darkness spread first up the tail through the very vacuum of the wind it created sucking it up and into the top of the tail, where it would continue on up Gong Gong's body, rapidly expanding. Likewise, it would be pushed outward across the surface of the ground, coating it with the cloud-like blackness that masked the entirety of whatever was inside from even being sensed. It would wrap around Gong Gong's legs and the base of the tower after a moment or two, quickly climbing each, and whatever was within the darkness would no longer have any sensory response. Thus, whatever part of Gong Gong the 'Rolling Darkness' touched, he would not be able to feel, see, trace or hear whilst it was within. Tsao was completely hidden to the point of being not only unable to be seen, but also heard, felt or traced, as well. Anywhere there was this black cloud, Tsao could have been. Each shot of lighting aimed at him would be complete shots in the dark, but would spread the cloud out from the area of impact before it folded in on itself and reformed again.

Bolt after bolt being hurled from Gong Gong's face found themselves no target every time they struck down, merely their strikes spreading a strange black cloud and clearing the ground for a moment or two to see where Tsao had gone. The dragon had already seen what was happening to his tail and as it suddenly lost feeling, Gong Gong was aware not to allow anymore to touch him. Yet, even then, the clouds folded back over themselves and covered his tracks as they covered the ground. "You Are Skilled," Gong Gong said, raising his legs from the ground to prevent this strange cloud from touching him, "To Force A Dragon Into The Sky." His body, wrapped around the tower, would slither from it quickly, yet delicately, using the torque of his coiled body to whip whatever darkness had touched his tail away from him as he took off into the sky. If there was anymore on him beyond his tail, Gong Gong would twist his long body as he shot upward, then quickly unwind in the opposite direction, creating a powerful force that would knock everything touching him off with a powerful burst before hurdling up into the clouds yet again, hidden by their thickness.

The darkness on Gong Gong's body may have faded, but all the while it was on him, Tsao was hidden within it, scaling the dragon's long body carefully. Tsao remained attached to Gong Gong even with the powerful force of his flailing body by magnetizing his own body to the polarities of the dragon's and binding himself to one of Gong Gong's massive scales. When Tsao was revealed, he was casually lying down with his leg kicked up over the other and hands behind his head, crackling with a great deal of electricity. "Do I get points for riding the dragon, too?" Being the most flashy of the Seven, Tsao was king of showing off and enjoyed doing so anytime he felt like he could, usually to his success. Though it sometimes didn't yield the most productive results, sacrificing the best method of handling a situation for the most showy, he was still able to not only make quick work of what he was doing, but also quickly tie up any loose ends that got away from him during his performance.

Now that they were in the sky, above the clouds, this could get a little more interesting. As soon as they were above the border of clouds, his body levitated from the back of the dragon, spinning forward in one swift motion and shooting straight up the body as a giant lightning bolt. Still charged to the polarity of Gong Gong, the bolt of lightning should have arced around every curve of the dragon's body as though it were part of the dragon, itself, and not have been lost no matter how much the dragon moved, flailed or thrashed about, as he had done with the Rolling Darkness. Instead, the lightning would match his movements as it shot up beside him and coil around his body in an attempt to bind him. To ensure that the dragon was bound, as the bolt of lightning that was Tsao coiled around the dragon's body, the electromagnetic force it produced intensified greatly in order to subdue the dragon's own and completely paralyze his body whilst it wrapped around him.

Gong Gong's eyes narrowed, feeling the electrical charge of something other than himself upon his back. "Clever..." he grumbled, passing up above the clouds only once, "... But Do Not Be So Brazen." Immediately, Gong Gong arced bac down, once his head rose above the clouds, sinking back into them as Tsao shot up his body as a powerful lightning bolt. Gong Gong loosed as much latent electricity within his body as was possible, sending a charge out into the clouds, and what should have also been Tsao's current, as well. Though this would disperse his electricity into the sea of cloud, it would have diffused all such electricity among the cloud bed, leaving Gong Gong free to rise up above them once again and gaze down at the electrically charged sheet of fluff. "To Think So Highly Of Oneself Masks How High One's Opponent May Be In Relation And Distorts The Vision Of Capability, Hindering The Likelihood Of Victory Through Overestimation And Underestimation." Gong Gong hadn't even revealed his true nature as a water god yet, despite his command over electricity, which used water as a conduit.

When Gong Gong had the upper hand, he would squint his eyes and condense the clouds wherever they were within his eyesight, causing the entire expanse across the sky to become liquid rather than vapor. A great flood would fall upon the whole land, charged with electricity now, which should have instantly killed everything that was washed over by the great flood of clouds falling from the sky.

Gong Gong's reversal shocked Tsao, as he had not been paying attention to the fact that whilst they were within the clouds, the clouds could conduct the electrical current of both parties and leave Gong Gong untouched by the electricity of Tsao. Even so, with an area advantage, Tsao held the entirety of the clouds at his disposal, yet Gong Gong revealing his true command over water and not lightning actually made Tsao's life a little more difficult. "Hoooo!! That escalated quickly!" he'd say as the vapor compacted into a sky of pure water, and the electrical current that was Tsao surging through it. He had to think up something quickly that would keep all of this water from drenching the Delta and pretty much electrocuting and killing everyone. This dragon was good.

"Diganto Zerannus!!"

A massive flash of lightning burst throughout the entire falling sea, illuminating it brightly overhead before changing it all back to vapor from the intensity of the heat and the electrical charge stabilizing the molecules in the air at a steady distance from each other, as what a 'Gas' would be at. Each molecule, now completely charged with electricity and having a polarity that kept each other molecule away, would return the water back to clouds before it fell too far from the sky, yet linger much closer to the ground now, making it seem as though the sky had become smaller. Unfortunately, whatever was in the air at the time should have died.

"... This is getting out of hand," Tsao noted, electricity rising up from within the depths of the clouds and suddenly condensing at a single point, which would shape his body once again standing atop the expanse. He was significantly larger than before, this time about Gong Gong's size, and with his lower torso seamlessly flowing into the entirety of the cloudy range. "I can't let you do something like that again, you know." As reckless as Tsao was at times for the sake of his flashiness, he was still very dedicated to his protection of the Veritas, and when he was serious, his major weakness of sacrificing practicality for showiness was thrown out the window for the greater good. With Tsao's body as part of the entire cloud range, Gong Gong wouldn't be able to go down into the land of the Veritas any longer, and was now confined to the sky, looking Tsao in the eye yet again. If he were to attempt to dive into the clouds again, he would be swiftly met with the full extent of Tsao's might. He crossed his arms and said again, "Rolling Darkness..." and all the clouds in the sky below them would become pitch black.

Gong Gong did not expect something so grand to be overcome so quickly, let alone before much destruction could be caused. It was very clear that this one had a very good understanding of nature around him, or at the very least, his own specialized element and how it reacted to other elements, which was still rather impressive, including in command of it. "... So, You WERE Hiding The True Extent Of Your Power..." Any wise elder would know not to bring about the full extent of their force to anything that was not deserving of it, as a sign that they understood self control and the power of controlling their own abilities only to the necessity that was required to destroy the target. "This Means That I Have Opened Your Eyes To My Strength And Drawn You Out Of Underestimating Me. Your Head Is As Large As Any Dragon." This was both a compliment and an insult, considering that the more certain dragons knew, the greater their arrogance and ego, yet the more wisdom they received, the more knowledgeable they became. Both were present in this Tsao, yet which was greater had only yet to be seen by the eyes of yet another large-headed dragon.

"You Say That You Cannot Allow Me To Do As I Have Done Again..." As the dragon gazed at Tsao, who was now as large as he, straight in his eyes, Gong Gong's body would suddenly rise higher, into the light of the sun, "But WILL You!?" The raise of his voice spread a thick layer of clouds upon the next atmospheric layer beyond the first where Tsao's own black clouds were, spreading Gong Gong's once physical form out now as a body of clouds equally as expansive as the layer below him. The dragon's bulging eyes suddenly opened up again from within the thick sheet of vapor blocking out the sun and peered down aggressively at Tsao. "XIANGLIU!!" Gong Gong called out again, this time with nine large child-like heads popping out from the various parts of the clouds and harboring different facial expressions. Each of them faced Tsao from nine different directions at nine different distances, opening their mouths to spew out virulent torrents of poisonous acid rain in high concentration at him. From each of the nine heads opening their mouths, the sky should have been filled with acid rain.

Tsao was growing irritated now with this dragon and his continuous shapeshifting. He was much more difficult to capture than Tsao had anticipated even for himself, which shows that he had definitely been underestimating Gong Gong in his own arrogance. That ended here, however, since it was seen that the more Tsao messed around, the longer this dragon was allowed to do as he pleased. If this was indeed a test, then it was time for Tsao to buckle down. His consciousness hadn't once left the entirety of the atmosphere, and upon the nine heads sprouting from the clouds would nine enormous bolts of lightning shoot up from the darkness, untraced, and skewer them as soon as they opened their mouths to spit poison. Tsao was very aware of what the thoughts of the nine heads were as they appeared and as they had thought to act out of malice, and all such malicious thought toward him was met with skewering bolts of lightning automatically. This was also due to the tower below them still feeding Tsao his power, as it had been wrapped in the black clouds as well, and its own power surged through the dark layer Tsao's body rested atop. If the initial strikes missed, then the power from the tower would automatically target the nine heads again every time they appeared and release automatic bolts of lightning at them until they were gone, leaving Tsao free to concentrate on Gong Gong.

Tsao raised his hand again and closed his eyes, not speaking a word this time, and at the edges of the Rolling Darkness, which, by Gong Gong's own decision, were just as expansive as the layer of cloud above he created, the Rolling Darkness, which did not ever stop moving until it was dispelled, would shoot up at the edges and cut off Gong Gong's clouds from spreading beyond the border, then arc around at the top to close off the next atmospheric layer from being infiltrated by Gong Gong's cloudy presence. This would confine the dragon, even in his vaporous form, to one area that was under Tsao's supervision and jurisdiction. Next, Tsao slipped into the lower layer of black clouds and completely disappeared, appearing again from the higher layer of clouds, upside down and glaring at Gong Gong from the height of the black clouds domed around the two of them. There was a great rumbling in the air and the clouds below would suddenly start to rise toward Gong Gong's middle layer of clouds.

"HM!!" the dragon grunted after seeing at the edges of his cloudy throne that the black vapor had shot up around him at a high speed, seeing to enclose itself above him. With the speed of lightning itself, Gong Gong shot up and collected his expanded cloudy body, which would solidify as a single streaming streak of bright lightning aimed this time straight for where the Rolling Darkness would come together from all sides, knowing this would be the last place they would touch. If not able to make it through the quickly closing gap, he would still be able to strike Tsao directly in his face and tear his head straight from his body the very moment he appeared. If his head did not roll off with the all too swift serpentine lash of Gong Gong, as well as the charged jaws with all the great pressures of a powerful storm, then certainly, the virulent poison that rested in the fangs of Gong Gong would corrode Tsao and all of his power from the inside out. Once the boy was in the dragon's jaws, he would tear him from his place within the darkness and slip through the hole like a snake out of a hole in the ground.

There was only the bright gleam of a plasmatic streak in Tsao's eye as his body formed, the first thing appearing before his face being the dragon seeking freedom from imprisonment with all such ferocity he could muster. This was expected from any such serpent of all kinds, since whenever they saw their chance to escape predation and once again having the upper hand in a situation, they would take it with as much swiftness and destructiveness as it took. That was why Tsao was already prepared for something like this the moment he appeared. The thick layer of cloud below would continue to push whatever presence Gong Gong had in the atmosphere up toward the top of the dome of Rolling Darkness, until there was no more space below, and the top and bottom became one single layer.

Once the dragon was right before his face, Tsao's body became black and pillowy, like the Rolling Darkness itself, and his mouth would open up great and wide like that of the eye of a storm, with a funnel's opening leading straight to the sun. Because Gong Gong was already heading in this direction the moment Tsao appeared, when his mouth opened up as an eye of a storm, the gaze of the sun piercing through, Tsao merely needed to close his mouth with a decisive clang, sealing off the only exit with vibrating teeth as sharp as lightning. "Absolute Silence; Deadline." The words he spoke were completely silent, but all throughout the spiraling funnel of Rolling Darkness, strings of pitch black lightning masked by the presence of the pitch black clouds would surge through, jolting from every angle and creating a powerful grid behind Gong Gong that prevented him from moving backwards without literally being struck dead repeatedly by nearly invisible bolts of lightning. He should have been forcefully sucked through the funnel out of the Veritas and straight into the sun, and if the suction of the pitch black vortex was not enough to draw him out, then the lightning that would kill him would end him and his body would be expelled with all the swiftness and force of lightning. The next strike of lightning should have been Gong Gong's body hitting the surface of the sun and being completely incinerated.

Though Gong Gong's jaws were wide open and just at the face of Tsao, it would seem that his face was not truly there to bite at in the first place, and there was only more of the strange dark cloud foreign to Gong Gong. Realizing that he had been deceived, and also knowing that he could not turn back, in order to prolong his life as long as possible, Gong Gong entered throat of the darkness and continued through the funnel, seeing the sun on the other side. However, he did not strike it as lightning, but slowed his movements to see if there was a way for him to escape, or at least to continue to prolong his own life.

Gong Gong peeked from the corner of his eyes behind him, seeing that he could still move backward, yet feared that there may have been something there he could not see and that couldn't be sensed, similarly to how the dark cloud worked before. He also knew that diving into the black clouds would have probably harbored the same effect, and that now, the only way to exit was straight ahead, into the sun. Though Tsao seemed reasonable and the type to release Gong Gong if he were to ask for mercy, for some reason, the dragon saw no more reason to live after this, finding that this was the best way for him to end his tireless centuries of passionless existence; as if being put out of his misery. Though, not before he spoke to Tsao once more. "... You Have Done Well," were the first words he spoke, closing his eyes and contemplating his imminent death and how to make the most of what little life he had left. "... Better Than Even I Would Have Anticipated. Your Wisdom And Power Are Indeed Beyond The Standard I Had Perceived." In fact, Gong Gong may have expected even more from Tsao now that he had seen some of his greater works.

"I Am Grateful To You, As Well," He added, snaking his way down the inevitable path to the sun, his thick coat of scaly armor growing ever hotter as the light brightened upon his lids, "For Being Able To Put Me Out Of This Shameful Misery Of Mine. For That, I Relinquish My Spirit To You Upon My Destruction." It was better than having his spirit burnt up, too, and would be like an eternal blessing from the dragon that Tsao had passed Gong Gong's test. Thus, when Gong Gong's body was destroyed, his spirit would remain with Tsao as an ally he could call upon from his own strength. "Use My Will Well, Young One... And Let Me Have Rest Within You And Your Peace." After that, it would be up to Tsao whether he accepted Gong Gong's will or not. If not, then his spirit would be burnt up along with his body as it struck the surface of the sun, driving deep down into its center with all the swiftness of lightning, burning away into nothingness.

Tsao was completely dejected from trusting the serpents. He was well aware of how they all were when given any sort of chance; second, third, and beyond, the snakes were still just snakes, and would strike back if allowed to live any longer than the first time. Yet, he knew that they were capable of change, which made this decision more difficult, since it seemed there was true sincerity in this one's voice. Being no longer attached to Orochi as the main head, perhaps each of the heads had different thoughts, feelings and personalities that were not of the commander's once detached. Having this thought was Gong Gong's only true saving grace, and at the very sight of his body striking the sun, Tsao's face would appear at the end of the funnel, mouth agape and drawing out with a powerful suction the spirit of Gong Gong straight back inside of the funnel. "Rest In Peace..." he said silently, before his face disappeared and the funnel folded in on itself, now with the spirit of the dragon inside of it.

Once they reached the atmosphere of the Veritas again, the part of the Rolling Darkness that was connected to the tower would suddenly begin to glow with Tsao's power, drawing in the blackness into the confines of the building, and with it, the spirit of the dragon Gong Gong, which would strike the very tip of the tower like thunder once all of the dark clouds were drawn into it, sealing the spirit of Gong Gong inside of the tower under Tsao's command, as well as marking the tower as Tsao's own from henceforth. It and all energy that come from it was Tsao's and remained stagnant in the air, linked to Tsao's very consciousness, itself.

Standing at the steeple of the tower, Tsao gazed off at the now cloudless sky and folded his arms across his chest peacefully, as an Egyptian would, and let the beaming sun shine down upon his face and warm his chocolate skin. He smiled warmly from the top of his tower, and what would wrap around his head would be a golden band like that of a Pharaoh with, not a serpent's head, but a dragon's head harboring Gong Gong's face and spirit resting within.

"Dragon Temple," he muttered to himself, naming this abandoned place as his own, "The Tower Of Manna." Fortunately, this place was already equipped with all sorts of stuff, such as classrooms (for teaching how to use Manna), living arrangements (for students and travelers to live in) and many other necessities, with an expanse of vast, lush field that could be used to expand upon this territory as he saw fit. As much as Tsao enjoyed living in the Sacred Temple for so long, he liked this place much better. It gave him a nostalgic feeling. "Yeah... I like that." After reviewing the pages of his book, Tsao turned around and walked inside, finding somewhere within the tower to place the Golden Grimoire, which would now have the mark of a dragon on it, as well as an eagle (to symbolize both Gong Gong and Raijin, both of whose spirits belonged to Tsao now.)
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Silence 17: Wasted, Fuck...

A single stroke curved a white hot lightning bolt straight down into Valparaiso, arcing around the Delta and through the Dusk straight into the hole leading to the very bottom of the construct. By the time the electricity diffused in the air, the bolt of electricity should have become invisible, yet still retained a majority of the electrical charge that Tsao sent down toward the Chrysm at the time.

The crack of a whip snapped directly under the pantyline of the young lass Terumi was speaking to, only the faint ethereal image of a wolf able to be made out just barely slipping from just under her. Its back rubbed against her gently, but swiftly, all the way down to the flick of its tail leaving a static charge beneath the belt before the lupine distortion shot up the spine of Terumi, sending him a sensation that he'd be able to feel just as intensely. It would be not only from the girl's ecstasy falling into the conductivity of the electricity in the air, but also the connection of the wolf through both of them to bestow upon him the raw power of his Spirit Guardian; the Dark Wolf.

"... If You Want Answers..." the Dark Wolf howled softly, releasing a sound that would keep the connection stable between the two of them, "... And Your Memories..." he added, giving Terumi a glimpse of all that he'd chosen to forget, ignore or block out from his mind, "... Then Accept The Deal And Follow Our Lead When We Call." Suddenly, the wolf would fall silent again, yet the static cling of his presence upon Terumi lingered throughout the atmosphere.

Between the noise from the lass, who was talking about someone or something else entirely, yet still within earshot of Terumi, who was attempting to split his attention between both she and this shadow man's words, was becoming even more frustrated. This guy was clearly looking down on him, and even though Terumi could clearly tell that, there was something about him that made Terumi feel as though he were left in the dark about something really important morally. He turned his head quickly as to look at the lass, feeling some sort of intense electrical surge up his spine that caused his eyes to vibrate even more intensely than before. At that moment, he would be able to see the image of the ethereal wolf before his eyes and hear the sound of it speaking to him within his soul. Despite how offended he felt by the man and irritated he was by the girl, something told him to continue on as planned.

"... Deal," he said more to the wolf than to the man, yet still very audibly and coherently to ensure that it was said and secure. There was a lot that seemed to be coming up all at once suddenly and somehow, he felt like engaging with it as it came was the best way to deal with it. This wolf, in all of its forms, seemed to be leading or guiding him toward some sort of end goal that Terumi simply was not aware of, and for whatever reason, following the wolf, if nothing else, put him into motion. It seemed to know things about him that he, himself did not know or could not recall, which made him ever more curious about what answers this creature could provide him as long as he followed it. Terumi decided to stick it out, but looked at the lass to see how she was feeling.

A powerful 'Tension' struck and stilled the air as soon as the sweat hit the floor.

Even after the air had been lightened by the only one to break the tension, what came afterward could not be brushed off as easily as with a simple unanimous collective realization on its own. A powerful surge shot up everyone's spines the longer they thought about what happened or what was about to, especially after they heard the footsteps of running like a pack of wild animals in tandem with Hobo Joe.

Terumi, who would be sensitive to these powerful frequencies and vibrations would feel the charges surging all through his body, granting him the blessing of the Raigami on the spot. The moment this happened, everyone that was in the area felt the same vibration surge through the ground and the air and would rise from their seats, realizing that they were about to die and didn't have any time to try to play it off like it wasn't happening to save face.

The spirit of the Dark Wolf would be over them, glowing different colors at the sensitivity of their frequencies, and how fast each jolt was coursing from each of their veins. Terumi would feel this in them and immediately see the Dark Wolf in them, as well as sitting right before him, turning and tugging him toward the bolting crowd. "Follow Your Heart," is what the Dark Wolf said to each of them, and this is what some of them, if not all of them, would be doing. "If Your Heart Does Not Tell You To Be Somewhere, You Don't Remain There." The Dark Wolf already knew the heart of Terumi and that, if it weren't in something, then it would be very unfortunate for him, since he would be missing something important he needed for it to be invested in something. He would forever go where he put his own investment, which, at this time, seemed to be to go kick some guy's ass. "When It's In Tune, It Beats In Time With What You're Supposed To Be Doing And Where You're Supposed To Be." The Dark Wolf before Terumi took off and out of the door in a different direction than where the others had fled to.
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Raigami, Crystal Petals of the Crystal Spark :: Crystal Chrysanthemum of the Mezzo Terra

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Silence 18; Lawless Ones

Vita stepped outside with her scythe in her hand, ready to reap, as she used to do back on Vescrutia. Now that she finally got her 'Skull Magic,' the 'Sepulchro' back, she could use a lot more of her powers. "Let's see what's in everyone's heads..." As she walked outside rather casually, awaiting her house to deliver itself to her, she would raise the skulls of everyone that was dead or that remained in the 'Megalith,' searching their minds for some information about where Medusa left all her good shit. "Uh, alright... Let's see..." She swung her scythe and broke a skull, breaking it open immediately and seeing what popped out. "... Evangeline? Huh." She swung again, breaking open another one and seeing what lingering info was inside. "BREW? Right." Something happened with that. Reset and Rebirthed the world, or something. Not really of any concern currently. She swung again.


"... Here we go; 'Master Control.'" The Megalith was the main hub for whatever that shit she was doing was. "Just what I needed~" she said with a lick, enticed by the information she could see that was useful. She licked her teeth at all the things she could do with it. "Tabitha, leave some of them here. We can make em clean up the scraps." Vita continued to walk along casually as her 'Sepulchro' would begin to wrap around the Skulls of the ones that were nearby. The Information inside of each Skull that was lifted up would be transferred to them.

The sound of hissing could be heard in the distance; long and constant, like the sound of a gas line.

'Summon :: Apophis'

There were some people that didn't know what was going on nor where they'd just come from. In fact, they looked around and didn't quite understand anything that was happening nor what was going to happen further. Nothing was really made clear, but the woman that was in front of them was somewhat interesting to them for some reason. They would follow behind her, since they were afraid of what this place was. Perhaps they could ask her what was going on.

A bold one stepped up to her. "Um, excuse me, what's going on? Where are we? What just happened?" It was a lot of darkness. They remembered being somewhere, but everything was hazy, like they were previously unconscious and waking from some sort of deep sleep.

The hissing noise led down a trail of darkness behind the Cryptic Sanctuary, far darker than the already dark road that belies each of the beings that had just emerged from it.

Two swirling voids of light parted from the dark skies of Valparaiso and immediately spiraled down over the land, before suddenly breaking into a series of branch-like streaks of lightning that shot over the fullness of Valparaiso. By the time they reached the visible point of recognition over the city, the bolts of lightning hat already hurdled past the clouds and struck each and every one of their targets over the land. Anything that wasn't mentally prepared would be struck dead.

Whatever Was Left After Each Of The Strikes Would Hear The Voice Of Tsao In Their Heads For A Brief Moment, And Instead Of Being Struck Dead, Would Be Prepared To Hear The Next Few Words He Had To Say Without Being Struck Dead. Some Intensei Were Hit.

Some of the people who were around, many of which were Intensei, would suddenly find that they were either immediately shot dead or felt immediately like they were going to die, hearing the sound of the hissing coming from somewhere unknown or unseen. Some other people thought they heard a voice. "What was that?" Many of them were terrified, and charged with fear, which compressed each of them together in terror.

However, the ones that were closest to the woman, Vita, of which there seemed to be only a very few, would stick close to her, asking her questions along the way, knowing exactly who she was and why they should be following her.

"Evacuate The Area Immediately Or Else You Will Die."

This is what everyone would hear as the next words in their heads, as a collective once a lightning bolt came down very swiftly very closely to each of them. The fullness of a fulmination bursting around them and the sudden electrical shock that goes into jumping in fear should have charged each of their minds and bodies all in the same instant, allowing for the collective to have the exact same conscious thought, or something relatively to it, all at the same time.

"Follow The Dark Wolf To Safety."

Once each of them were Commanded, and the earth quaked from the rumble of the thunder, what they'd see in the shadow of the flash of lightning would be the glowing green eyes and silhouette of the Dark Wolf, which crackled with static electricity for them to follow after it had already charged the path for them to follow in their latest electrical frequency in their bodies. If some of them felt differently, they would be led down a different path by the Dark Wolf, and then the Dark Wolf would disappear without leading them out of the danger zone. From there, it would be only their feelings of indifference or difference that would have to carry them out whilst priority was placed on the actual larger collective group, which wasn't to be diverted from in order to ensure they properly exited the danger zone.

A Dark Cloud Loomed Over The Heads Of Each Intensei, Something Grim And Foreboding. And Especially Tzita/Vita.

The people in the area, all compacted together in terror, each realized that the best thing to do was leave this danger zone as quickly as possible as many of them all felt and thought simultaneously, whether or not they were consciously aware of each others' thoughts and feelings. In spite of their limited awareness, being pretty much confined to mere 'self-awareness,' they would move out where they saw the strange glowing outline of a dark figure that they believed was also trying to escape the powerful lightning storm.

After a flash of lightning, what looked like a silhouette of a wolf darting across the Sepulchrum in the direction that a bolt of lightning hurdled from the pitch black cloud of darkness that had accumulated all within the atmosphere of the Sepulchrum, like a fog. The only traces of light were when the lightning flashed for however briefly that would be, further lightning the way for the Intensei to follow.

A great deal of residual energy trapped in place as Static Electricity would form many shapes of the Dark Wolf all across the Sepulchrum, yet not everywhere in the Sepulchrum.

"Go To Any One Of The Dark Wolves You See."

The Intensei that had promptly evacuated their previous area, which seemed like nothing but a threat and a complete danger to their lives, would enter a more vast, but more barren area. There seemed to be nothing of interest here save for the images of the wolf they had been following now littered across the area.

The group immediately split up to search each of the wolves as independent groups or as independent individuals, to inspect what each one would do and where it would take them.

"Come Here," each of the Dark Wolves said simultaneously, calling out to different Intensei as they were, and leading them toward the walls of the cavernous Sepulchrum, "I Have Something To Show You." There were only a select few Dark Wolves that were in the area, and not all of them were for each Intensei to follow. Only the ones that were called would hear the voice in their heads, and the Dark Wolf that called them out would acknowledge them with eye contact and the nod of the head.

The Dark Wolf that was leading the large group, which was still relatively in tact, would continue on with them rather than have them stay behind with those that were broken from the group. None of them would remain in the center of the Sepulchrum from that point on, and all of them would be called to the walls, or the tombstones that were not in the center of the room they were in. "There Are Levels To This Area, And The World Is Working Against You Trying To Destroy You," each of them would hear flat out.

"Follow My Exact Commands, And You Will Leave This Place Alive."

Suddenly, from above the group, a large spiked ceiling would drop down and crush the dead center of the Sepulchrum, crushing the area into mulch. The tombs that were in the center would remain untouched, as if the spikes missed them completely, somehow. Nothing that was flat land, however, would come out untouched, nor anything that was upon the flat land in the center of the dark room.

One of the poor Intensei women, who didn't quite hear the Dark Wolf, would be struck dead on the spot, like lightning, dead center of the Sepulchrum.

The other Intensei that had followed the directions of the 'Dark Wolf' and gotten close to the walls were kept safe from this 'Sudden Death' of sorts.

Many were terrified; nigh petrified, in fact, and knew nothing of what to do. They looked at the Dark Wolf in whatever form he had taken, now not wanting to look away, since it was clear nothing bad was going to happen to this creature, and it was trustworthy to be followed.

"This Is Exactly Why You Heed Every Command," The Dark Wolf explained to the groups that had actually decided to listen when it called them out of the center of the room.

"But Know This; Examples, If They Must Be Made, Count As Your 'One-Time Sacrifices,' Since You Cannot Do Those Over After The Example Is Accounted For."

Beyond that, everyone would remember and be more cognizant and cautious of their surroundings, as well as what was leading them throughout and around these things. "Come," The Dark Wolf beckoned morosely, "There Is Still More." Each of them would guide their respective parties all across the walls and up to the stairway to the next level.

"Traps And Snares Exist In A World That Is Working Against You, As Does 'Sudden Death.'"

This was one of the unspoken rules of the Lawless Land, but that would probably be necessary to be made clear as they walked through the next possibly booby-trapped domain.

Among the group that could hear the Dark Wolf's call and the ones that didn't or couldn't, which lingered about at the end, there was simply not enough time to actually escape the 'Sudden Death'.

This brought terror to the Intensei that were walking that saw, and so when the Dark Wolf spoke again and they realized it was him talking about more, they would listen rather intensely and intently. They continued to follow him outside, not wanting to be the next victim of this 'Sudden Death' that just occurred.

They traveled up the stairway and converged back into a single group after they saw what happened to the only example they really needed to get the message. They all carried on very cautiously from thereon, and made their way to the next floor swiftly, but not ever going before the Dark Wolf, to make sure that nothing would happen if they went out in front, if they even could.

The unknown whispered to some of the Intensei, beckoning them away from the group and out into the ambiguity. There was something that would begin to feed the ones that would hear a strange power, which the ones who listened would be bestowed with the further away they walked toward it. It would sustain them in the darkness in the stead of the Dark Wolf.

"Do Not Go Ahead Of Me Nor Leave The Sight Of My Light," the Dark Wolf commanded rather immediately once the unknown called out to the Intensei.

"If You Go Astray, You Will Lose Your Way And Not Be Able To Return Nor Escape." Whether or not they listened to this was up to them. The Dark Wolf, who had clearly shown them that he was knowing of these things, would continue to lead them through the darkness as their light. "There Is A Reason Why I Am Walking A Set Path And I Do Not Divert From It. If You Trust In The Reasons Why I Do Not Divert From The Path, And See That I Know Why, Whilst You Do Not, Then It Would Be Best To Heed My Warnings And Follow The Straight Path I Have Dictated."

The Dark Wolf halted, turning his head to stare intensely at the Intensei, with a tension that they could feel with just the glare alone. "Do Not Go Into The Darkness, No Matter What It Calls Out To You."

The Dark Wolf would remain rested for a moment to see if any of them would venture out, but wouldn't wait too long, since they still needed to get through this next layer in order to escape the 'Sepulchrum,' itself. "If You Do, You'll See Why This Place Is Called 'The Sepulchrum.'"

He trekked on.

The Veritas: "Distortion."

Some of the Intensei that knew what the power of 'Distortion' was would, when they heard it whispered in the darkness, try to follow it and think of what it could mean or what could be done with it, and figured that it was something that they might have supposed to be doing. Therefore, they began to attempt a 'Distortion,' since they knew what it was, as they followed behind the Dark Wolf, careful not to walk past him or be left behind by him.

The Intensei that thought to use the power of darkness during a time were it was explained not to do so would end up being cast out of the light of the Dark Wolf and immediately, in a flash like a bolt of lightning, he and the rest of the group would disappear completely, and each of them was left alone before they accidentally 'Distorted' something and did something to provoke the safety of the group.

"If You Do Not Heed A Command Or Rule, Then You Will Instead Be Classified As 'Lawless' On The Spot, No Matter Where You Are Nor What You're Doing, And At That Point A Potential Hazard, And The Veritas Will Either Flee From You Or Leave You In A Potential Hazard Equal To Your Potential Threat Level."

This was the next instruction of the Dark Wolf, because it explained the environment of the Veritas and how it naturally functioned, which, perhaps, each of them were starting to fully become aware of now that the Veritas was awake and active again.

"In The Lawless Land, Even The Land Has Adapted A Lawless Nature, And Does Not Follow Any Rules Until Territories Are Captured And Naturally Put Into Order By The Veritas, Itself, Which Has An Already Established Order That It Follows."

After this, the group was in front of the door in a hurry, with no trail left behind, and they were carried out of the Sepulchrum instantaneously, whilst the other Intensei were left behind in the darkness they'd decided to listen to and succumb to, when clearly instructed to be out in the light at all times.

I. All Underlined Is Law, And Therefore None That Are Lawless May Follow Anything That Is 'Law.'

They Would Be Left Without Knowing How Many Floors Were Left, Nor Where The Exit Was; In Darkness.

The Valparaiso Denizens exited through the darkness, since they had the power of darkness.

Some Intensei were not recruited, and were left in the dark, whilst the Valparaiso Denizens would know how to maneuver about it.

The Intensei that thought to use the power of darkness during a time were it was explained not to do so would end up being cast out of the light of the Dark Wolf and immediately, in a flash like a bolt of lightning, he and the rest of the group would disappear completely, and each of them was left alone before they accidentally 'Distorted' something and did something to provoke the safety of the group.

Once the Intensei were possessed by the Darkness, and therefore were owned by the Darkness, itself, simply for having touched it, they would be played with in the darkness by enigmatic forces, some of them physical, and many of them completely forcible. Fingers would press upon them in an invasive manner and assert power over them, as a powerful pressure bore down on each of them the moment this occurred. This would cause their heads to hang low without them realizing nor understanding, and the sound of hissing laughter could be heard.

The footsteps of the Dark Wolf pattered across the surface of the Dark Cemetery in great strides, seeming to be just on the tail end of some sort of ethereal or ectoplasmic movement, which would be conducted properly and synchronized with during the movement of the Intensei, who were long and far behind.

The Dark Wolf would converge with the Wolf Spirits that had been lifted up out of the Dark Cemetery and taken to the Dusk.

When the group of Intensei, which had thinned out considerably by the time they reached this new location, finally reached the Dark Cemetery, they were more afraid than ever, but relieved that they were getting by with ease thanks to the wolf they were following. It rushed about like a dream, and was difficult to keep up with, but remained in at least someone's sights at some point in time, which would be who everyone else followed once they knew someone saw the wolf again.

Though many Intensei had been left behind, it seemed like with whatever happened before, none of them wished to remain in the Dark Cemetery at all, unlike with the Sepulchrum before.

The dark cloud that was over the heads of the Intensei seeped through the crevices of the Sepulchrum to gush out into the atmosphere of the Dark Cemetery, which was outside of the Sepulchrum from which they'd just come. The gaseous darkness charged with electricity poured over the land like a thick haze or fog, but also lifted into the air and covered the sky as it further poured out of the Sepulchrum. Barely anything could be seen, save for the light of the Dark Wolf, which was illuminated more clearly for them once the dark cloud had covered them. "Keep Up And Keep Track Of The Tracks," they'd hear in their heads as they witnessed a streak of light, flashing repeatedly throughout the Dark Cemetery. "If You Fall Behind Not Following The Marked Path, You Will Be Lost In The Darkness And The Undead That Walk This Plane Will Have You."

It was clear that there was no light in this black fog save for the fulmination that surged through in the charged path left behind by the Dark Wolf's tracks. Those who were nearest would be able to see the Dark Wolf's image flashing repeatedly from one end to the other, and when it reached the end of their sight, it would appear before them again and repeat its streaking run across the Dark Cemetery. Even its paw prints left on the ground were charged and brightly glowing, in case they could not keep track of the body, and they would be able to look down on the ground and see the marked path illuminated right before their eyes, if they chose to pay attention, leading them into the next area.

The Intensei, which were now quite acutely focused on the things that this 'Dark Wolf' could do, would pay very close attention to the streaks of yellow that flashed along, and not the dark cloud that was cast overhead.

Instead, they would be as cognizant of all of the things that were glowing with the same light as the spectral wolf, itself, and those who would get lost would simply look at the tracks that were glowing on the ground.

Many people were fully aware of how to maneuver and what was going on, by this point, as well, and were as expeditious as possible in their transition.

The Dark Wolf did not walk in a straight line purposefully. In fact, the Dark Wolf's path, though clear, was not completely direct in moving throughout the cemetery because of what was beyond the darkness. To avoid danger, the Dark Wolf took the group to several different corners and paths of the cemetery, but did not move past a certain point for a reason. All down the pathway, the Dark Wolf seemed to be avoiding the tombstones, even if it meant taking a longer route. The group would have to follow this route. "Avoid The Graves," the image of the Dark Wolf said, "Do Not Go Out Into The Darkness." They had seen what happened to the others that were lured into the darkness, and hopefully they understood that the same thing could still happen even now.

The sound of low grunting and soft moaning could be heard in the distance, somewhere unseen. Some of it sounded pleasant, like a woman.

The 'Darkness' that was inherited would covert the ones that knew into 'Valparaiso Denizens' on the spot, with no real choice in the matter after knowing what was hidden in the darkness. They soon realized that, according to what was understood unanimously, the first voice they heard was a continuation of the next, and that they were still very much in danger of dying if they didn't get out as quickly as possible. The ones that were aware would work among themselves and not tell anyone what they were doing, but realize if someone else was doing the same.

Among the pleasant moaning and grunting, there was the sound of more moaning and grunting, something relatively similar, and also that of hissing.

Some of the Intensei that were readily walking along would hear the sounds of pleasurably moaning and be enticed by it, since it sounded pleasurable. As they walked through the cemetery, some, out of either curiosity or lust, would step out into the darkness with hope to find someone that wouldn't be able to see them, since they were in darkness. They figured that, because they could still see the trail from the Dark Wolf left behind, and they weren't going too far, that they would be able to come back to it later after investigating, and before the group left, so that they could fall back in line and no one notice when they came back.

The others that weren't effected by the noise, but was more terrified by what the sights they saw were when they were weren't illuminated by the Dark Wolf would stay close to the light and stick to the trail. They didn't do anything out of turn and listened to everything that came out of its mouth.

As soon as attention was given to the darkness, which Tsao still clearly told the Intensei not to step into, the wolf tracks would be pulled up from the ground after the last Intensei lifted their foot from the trail, in either direction, and immediately the group would be seen to be moving at the speed of the Dark Wolf, which was not the same speed as those who had left the vision of the Dark Wolf.

With every step away from the tracks, which granted them the power to move at the speed of the Dark Wolf, which was of lightning, all that stepped off did not retain this ability, and it was sucked straight out of them as they would enter the terrain of darkness, and whatever was within.

"There Are Often Valparaiso Denizens In The Darkness Doing Shady Things, Sometimes Cutthroat Things That No One Needs To See, And That They Might Want To Remain Private. Also, Some Of The Valparaiso Denizens Are Definitely Zombies And Undead, Because A Lot Of Them Have Been Here And Been Raised Up And Moving Around For Quite A While Now." After each of the people still within the group could hear, they would be escorted out of the Dark Cemetery, whilst the others were literally left for dead because that is what they chose to do.

The Valparaiso Denizens, some of which were 'Zombies,' which were groaning both pleasurably and unpleasantly, would immediately snatch up the first person that they could hear, since some of their senses were more acute because less of them were intact.

They mindlessly assaulted the first thing they heard that was not them, as your general cutthroats and zombies do, with their variable assortment of weapons, all of which were hazardous to the health to variable degrees.

As soon as attention was given to the darkness, which Tsao still clearly told the Intensei not to step into, the wolf tracks would be pulled up from the ground after the last Intensei lifted their foot from the trail, in either direction, and immediately the group would be seen to be moving at the speed of the Dark Wolf, which was not the same speed as those who had left the vision of the Dark Wolf.

The Valparaiso Denizens, which had the power of Darkness, would be possessed by the Darkness itself, like pawns. Each of them would be toys for the Darkness, and the Intensei that were snatched up and left in the darkness would be toyed with, as well. The Intensei that associated with them would be immediately changed into Zombies on the spot for fornicating with them, and thus would be stuck fornicating with them forever, in more ways than just sexually. There were eyes all around the cemetery, some looking at each other in the darkness, and others looking at those in the darkness from deeper in the darkness. Some were knocked around like marbles with the thumbs.

The Dark Wolf would be seen sitting at the edge of a River of Blood that seemed to be all ablaze. It stared intently in a single direction, with a large, dark cloud in the area overhead.


Those who were following the Dark Wolf that made it out of the Cemetery would find themselves stopped at the edge of a river that was blood red and seemed to be on fire. This sight was a terror to them all, since none had seen such a thing before in the flesh, and many had barely even heard stories. As they stood, gazing over the lake of fire, they would wonder how they would cross over and if they would survive the travel.

After learning about how to follow behind the Dark Wolf, and seeing what happened to the ones that didn't, the Intensei would wait patiently for the Dark Wolf to lead them across, or to wait until they heard the strange voice in their heads to guide them again.

When the full number of the ones that were following had come to the Dark Wolf that rested before them, the dark cloud that had been over their heads the entire time would flash with lightning and grumble lowly, and the Dark Wolf would howl, yet no noise came from his mouth. Instead, it was like a dog whistle that could be heard as a voice inside each of the heads of the Intensei, which said to them;

"All Ye Who Hath Come To The End Of The Line, Be Warned; This Is The River Of Death. To Touch It Will Kill You Dead Without Question."

Though this should terrify the poor people, who were already in a sort of terror about even the means to get to the end, the grumbling cloud of darkness overhead would continue to rumble, and the Dark Wolf would speak again.

"To Cross This River, I Will Bestow Upon You A Portion Of My Power By Blessing You With The Raigami's Light, And When You Are Charged, You Will Harness The Power Of Lightning And A Fraction Of His Strength In Order To Cross Over."

The Dark Wolf turned his head to look on over the horizon, which this river seemed to reach the end of in width, and extend beyond in length.

"Be Mindful And Be Warned; If You Do Not Heed The Instruction Of How To Use This Power And Direction Of Where To Go, You Are Likely To Fall Into The River Of Death And Die On The Spot. Your Blessings Of The Raigami Will Be Stripped From You, And You Will Return To Normal."

When all was explained to them, the Dark Wolf turned his head back to face them, and lightning rippled through the clouds profusely. Yet, the sound of the thunder was scarce, and only silence rolled over the land until any of them would speak, if at all. When it was clear that they were prepared, they would be blessed with the power of Lightning.

Though the people should have been terrified, and some of them still would be so, not all of them were afraid, and many of them were actually coherently attentive since they'd seen what they'd seen and been through the experience and still made it out alive and to a place that was further than anywhere.

"What is it we have to do?" they said, knowing now that they would be able to get across this obstacle that seems impassible, as well, by some means that they knew the Dark Wolf was clearly very presently coherent about in their stead. They literally had no means of knowing nor understanding anything of what was going on nor what would become of it, so they made sure not to try anything after this and would also be very clear on listening attentively, as well as why not to attempt any of these things without the Dark Wolf's clear guidance.

They certainly wouldn't remember any of how to do this on their own, and had no means to replicate it, so not attempting on their own was a precautionary measure they had developed after being here for a while.

The Dark Wolf that rested before them would be sure to keep his attentive focus directly on the crowd that remained, knowing that they'd seen and experienced certain things during the time that would readily and actively help them understand the true meaning of his next words. "The Land You're In Is Valparaiso, The Lawless Land. There Are Many Beings That Do Not Care About A Life And Will Take Many Measures, Even The Worst Type, To Take One." The Dark Wolf shook his head. He knew that the ways of the 'Lawless Ones' was unbecoming, but the Lawless Ones, themselves, either remained ignorant to this fact or uncaring to this fact, and how they carried themselves, which was why they lived in this land and why anything and everything was allowed to go on between them and among them; even certain death, as the group had just witnessed.

"To Protect You And Allow You To Defend Yourselves When We Cross The Border, You Will Need The Blessings I Will Bestow Upon You." The traps that were set in the places before were specifically for the Lawless Ones that did not follow any rules and had no sense to think about things in a logical manner that might incur rules, or logic, beyond just doing whatever they wanted. Therefore, the traps and snares were made for them, and they often fell prey, and no one cared nor mourned. Fortunately, this group seemed to have basic understanding of why that was bad, and would probably not succumb to the same bad habits of the Lawless Ones. "You Will Be Struck By Lightning Indirectly And The Energy Will Be Absorbed Into You. You Will Be Taught How To Use Your New Abilities As You Cross Over The River Of Death."

The lightning, which continued to ripple through the dark cloud overhead, would flash brightly, then crash down with a powerful thunderous roar, striking the land and charging the air all around the Intensei, which would thereby also charge their bodies with the power of Lightning, blessed to them by the God of Lightning. "When You Reach The Other Side, You Will Have To Defend Yourselves Using What You Were Taught. I, Too, Will Be With You During That Time." The Dark Wolf would wait for the group to get adjusted to their abilities, which they would be consciously aware of after they were struck. Whatever basic knowledge they had of 'Electricity' would be at their disposal, and whatever they didn't know would be fed to them so that they could be safe whilst crossing over. Though the ones that didn't link to the consciousness of the Dark Wolf would fall, losing their command of the electrical currents all around them, and thus would lose their power before they were truly understanding, or fully learned on how to use it due to it not being set in them consciously before they attempted to use it on their own. "Take This Time To Practice, And When You Are Done, I Will Make A Way For You."

The River Of Death bubbled with the boiling of their forgotten memories and erased mistakes of the past, all having not yet been completely burnt away, and were still a solid and tangible substance to stand on. They would see the burning bodies of their friends or relatives that were with them when they began, and no longer were so when it ended. They would also be forced to, with their heads down as they passed over, recount all of the memories and mistakes they had conveniently covered up or had been lost in translation during the crossing, and it would be like a movie, with each bubble that poppet up being only a single one of their mistakes that had finally become clean, which was the only reason why it would flash before their eyes when it popped.

The group gazed at the only environment that was in front of them, since everything else was completely desolate and destroyed, and there was literally nothing else to do but look at this sea of red bubbling with their own mistakes from the past and the present, and possibly their futures. When the lightning struck, they would continue to lower their heads and cover their faces in shame, sure that no one could see them. Some would, after knowing that they had some sort of power over electricity now, immediately attempt to hop off of the island and attempt to use the electrical abilities for themselves to transform into lightning and zip across the other side and escape.

Others waited to see what the Dark Wolf was doing, and listening for further instructions. But when they lifted their heads to see some people diving off the edge, hoping they would be able to escape, they would look to see if they could actually escape and why they could, just in case there was a means of escape for them that they had which wasn't taking this dark and horrible path that seemed endless.

Some Valparaiso Denizens crept behind the crowd.

The Intensei that had turned into lightning to clearly pass over the River of Death would suddenly enter the Warrior's Wasteland, since they had the power to change into lightning and pure electricity, and went ahead of the group so that they could get on a different level, but not where they would be directly interacting with anyone or anything else. They just wanted to touch a different ground, and be out of whatever they were at.

All the Intensei that had crossed over the 'River Of Death' unattended passed over a border of darkness that they were not aware of as they traveled, and that darkness would convert their 'lightning' into 'Shadow Lightning,' which would sacrifice the Intensei, killing them instantly, and converting all of their particles into the darkness of the 'Shadow Lightning,' itself. It formed a tremendous and terrible, seeming cackling face in the atmosphere as it shot over the land, glaring down at the Valparaiso Denizens and all of Valparaiso as it shot across the sky.

The darkness pushed closer as the deaths of the hasty Intensei would rest in the minds of all who had seen.

"Pay Up." When the Intensei swore that they would pay the Dark Wolf to ensure their safety by obligating to his rules, as they'd seen what would happen if they didn't in a Lawless Land, dealing with all sorts of traps and snares out to get them for whatever reason, then the Dark Wolf would take them across.

As he spoke, he started walking atop the boiling pit of fire, knowing that if they truly meant what they said, there would be no hesitation, and he gave them only one more opportunity to follow. They would be allowed to practice along the way toward the next location, where the Valparaiso Denizens could not follow them.

The Dark Wolf did not take his time departing, either.

The Intensei that understood what it meant to be attached to the Dark Wolf and continuing to follow his light would do so in even this type of darkness, which was unknowing, which was similar to the actual visible darkness they'd been in during their ascent out of that dark place they'd been in seemingly forever. Though they could see with their eyes, they were still in the dark in their minds, just as they were about pretty much everything on their way here, and therefore would, if the Dark Wolf had brought them this far by his light, follow him and accept his guidance and instruction to cross over the lake of fire.

Immediately they took off behind him, each with a willingness to practice what they'd been bestowed with.

The first thing that they would do would be to make sure that their Polarities were the same as the Dark Wolf, so that when he was ready to take off, they would be carried with him instead of left on the edge of this cliff with nothing in front of them but fire and nothing behind them but darkness and possible death. They put their faith in the one that had gotten them this far, without a doubt, and prayed for their survival.

As soon as the Intensei freed themselves of their inhibitions, they would find that the entire island had been shifted right from under them with the quickness of a bolt of lightning. In the same instant it took them to jump up into the air and fall back to the ground, they would have been at their next location due to the actual ground being pushed in a different direction due to a sudden swift polarity shift.

Nothing was left behind except Valparaiso Denizens. All Intensei would be taken to the next location.
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Silence 19: Valparaiso Denizen Refuge Tents

The Valparaiso Denizens that fled the area found another old, bust down city, seemingly with a little better architecture, which was somehow still intact as opposed to the buildings that had all been basically destroyed in the next town over.

They wondered what magic this was.

"Hey, wait... Ain't this...?"

Suddenly, the group became tense. They looked around at the Olde English architecture that still was kept solid, and knew, from the stories, that this was the land of the witches. "... The old Witch Province? What the hell? I thought this place..." The ones they knew looked around, wondering what trickery this could be.

Some children from the next city were left behind because they knew they would be taken care of.

A powerful vibration wiped over the entire land, leaving an intense static charge with the shift in polarities. Upon stabilization of the electrical energy surging throughout all Valparaiso because of the 'Tension' that was cast over it, the static would cling together as the form of physical vessels, which bound their particles together tightly and compactly to secure the transition from 'ethereal' to 'physical' form. There, the Intensei, whose particles had been separated during transition and reconstructed again based on the retention of their consciousness alone, would be standing right before the Valparaiso Denizens that had fled Valhalla in a flash of light that suddenly washed over the land.

No one saw what happened, but everyone would see a bright light before something was different.

The Intensei were left in their new town with the Valparaiso Denizens that left them. Whilst they walked the land of Valparaiso, the Intensei had the Blessing of the Raigami and could call upon the element of Lightning that was within their realm of jurisdiction until it was stated otherwise.

The Intensei, who had just appeared in a flash in a new location, would stand around looking at each other in awe. They were stunned by what had just happened and how they somehow came out alive from it after being patient enough to follow through to the end. They also could feel the power of a strange energy flowing through them. "This must be the blessing of the lightning," they said to themselves.

"Didn't he say we should practice?" someone said.

"No, we already have the blessings and we made it out alive. We've done enough after all he put us through." Some of the others thought this way and would start to walk off somewhere, happy with the new powers they had been bestowed with. "Now that we have these new powers, we can do whatever we want and be okay!" The first thing they would do is turn into lightning and shoot off into the city, wasting no time sitting around with the group to practice.

Those that were left would also remember the Valparaiso Denizens, and were terrified at seeing that they could not escape this lot. "I guess this is why he said to practice," they figured relatively unanimously. "If we still have the power of lightning, then we can take them on if they start making any trouble!" The remainder of the group was charged and ready for anything, should anything occur, since they were still able to use the power they'd been granted.

"No, we already have the blessings and we made it out alive. We've done enough after all he put us through." Some of the others thought this way and would start to walk off somewhere, happy with the new powers they had been bestowed with. "Now that we have these new powers, we can do whatever we want and be okay!" The first thing they would do is turn into lightning and shoot off into the city, wasting no time sitting around with the group to practice.

The Dark Wolf, who was now completely invisible to them all, would strike down the ones that decided to walk off, which stripped them of their powers bare and naked right in the midst of using them, leaving them at a point where they did not know how to control it at all and would instantly forget everything they knew the moment they were not in sync with the one teaching or bestowing the wisdom upon them. Thus, they would break away into naught but dust on the spot, and also lose their charge and momentum before reaching too far across the city; burnt up and disintegrated, like plasma, till it completely fizzled out to the very last particle or speck of dust.

The Valparaiso Denizens laughed. "Better get practicing," some would say, as they would retreat to their abandoned houses, this time with a bit more structure to them. They were so well made, they could probably occupy the ruins and still have it better than anyone who was actually living in the emptiness of the other houses in Valhalla over yonder. "Seems like you'll need it."

Someone's television could be heard in the background, with Svengoolie on the flick, saying, "You new around here, ain'tcha?" People laughed. The Valparaiso Denizens cleared the streets.

The Intensei that were watching were puzzled, but they did see their brazen friends burn up on a molecular level before their very eyes, and were both astonished and terrified, but they were also relieved that they were not as foolish, and had learned from their crossing over before why it was probably best not to forget what the Dark Wolf told them before, since it helped them get out of all of that horribleness alive. It would probably work for other places, as well, they figured, in this new land, if they truly had his blessing.

When the group saw that the crowd of Valparaiso Denizens weren't trying to attack them, they were partially confused. "They're leaving?" It didn't make much sense, but if they weren't attacking and were going into the abandoned houses, it was probably to live there.

That's when the Intensei found out they were suddenly homeless, and rather unfortunate. It was definitely clear that these people wouldn't just welcome them into their homes, even though they, as a group, were just as homeless as these people were just a little while ago. Now, the Intensei, the new homeless under the Valparaiso Denizens, who had homes, would be left to the streets.

"... Guess we'd better get out of the street, at least, huh?" The Intensei needed a place to practice, anyway, and going to war with the Valparaiso Denizens trying to claim a city when they were clearly inexperienced was not going to help nor save them at all, and may just waste up their energy and tire them out. They started moving on and out of the city, wondering where they could go from here, now that they'd been basically orphaned by the very land, itself.
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Silence 20: The Crystal Pyramid of Truth

After crossing the Crystal Bridges all up and down that last event, Tsao-Rin, having become a legend just as fast as he hit the face of the earth, would already be at the point where he was to hit the peak of his awesomeness, or so he hoped, if not higher. "Ah, here we are! Perfect timing, too!" With Mugeniere having joined him along the way during his travels through the Crystal Nexus, he would turn to her and place his hands on his hips triumphantly. "Now, you're probably wondering why I asked you, specifically to come here, beyond the fact that you're dazzling... Gorgeous in lights..." He would look up and wave his hand across the sky, a stripe of rainbow lightning trailing from his palm as he motioned his hand, "And what I mean by that is... You've got promise, kid. Ya really do."

He wrapped his arm around her, speaking to her slightly inconspicuously, "Now see, I wanted to get to this here Crystal Pyramid, and, ya know, you ARE the one who rules the Dawn and everything, so I was just, you know... Thinking..." He rolled his hand around in the air, trying to figure out the right phrase for it, "... We can talk about my placement in the Sacred Isle and perhaps some movement to the Crystal Pyramid...?" He, as a Pharaoh, believed that he should have his own Pyramid with an eye on it. "Any way we can get that done anytime soon, or if it's even workable...?"

Being escorted through the portal and before the Clock Tower, Eternalism Hill, Mugeniere would start to question Tsao-Rin's motived for wanting to get to the Crystal Pyramid; the sacred realm not meant for casual public access, hence its placement in the Dawn being more difficult than somewhere else. She also felt like he might be trying to bribe her into getting his way. She was not having this. "Extortion...?" she muttered softly, but with a crackling intensity like the sizzling of fire.

"Oh shi--" he just realized that he'd witnessed this broad go nuts after someone else did something she considered a 'felony' of sorts, and from the sound of her voice, she was about ready to handle him in the same fashion. "Hold up, no, nononono, NO. Hahaha. No." He had to make sure he didn't get looped up into all that bullshit and have miss prissypants call her whole ass father and like, her fucking lawyer or some shit and place a lawsuit on him. Yeah, he'd rather not.

"Ahaha. Let me explain... See, I was thinking that we could go on this whole little... Adventure together, see... Where you help me get to the Crystal Pyramid and I get to see how well you can protect and guide me as we travel." Yeah, that explanation should have sufficed for her, hopefully. "It's an Examination of sorts. On the spot. To see if you deserve the Title and Power I'd be giving to you, first and foremost on how well you can follow instructions and listen." She seemed to have issues with listening, in her haste to take action. It was admirable, but sometimes detrimental.

"I mean, the only reason I even want to go to the Crystal Pyramid is because I think the Crystal Chrysanthemum would be kept most safe there. As both a Generator and a Key Item. Don't you agree?"

Mugeniere paused briefly, going over all of the facts in her head, trying to figure out if they were all on the up and up. "... Assessing my abilities?" That was something that she could get behind, and that was well within the legal bounds of her terms, rules and morality. "This is acceptable, then." She supposed that she was to be his temporary 'Bodyguard,' so to speak, as he roamed the Clock Tower. "You may take the Crystal Pyramid as your new home and shelter of the Crystal Chrysanthemum, but only once we get there. If I do a proper job that is worthy of promotion, that will be the method of payment for that piece of property." It all seemed fair to her, in her head. "Awaiting Orders."

Sooner or later, as the two of them were figuring out what they wanted to do between each other, Tensei, who had just been crowned by his father and was about to head out on his adventure out in the wide open Multiverse with his wife by his side, would pass by both Mugeniere and Tsao-Rin, throwing a hand up to them casually to wave at them. "Yo. Have fun," is all he'd say as he would pass them by, hopefully with his wife right behind him. He didn't want to waste any time getting out into the Data so he could go do all types of cool shit in other people's worlds and whatever.

"Be sure to be careful in there," a voice spoke up behind him, before Tenrei came out of the Crystal Pyramid, as well, saying to Mugeniere as she was passed, "There's been a special update... A surprise inside. So be careful. It's dangerous to go alone." She winked at her before catching up to her husband. She was just as excited about heading off into the Multiverse as he was. She honestly just wanted to see how powerful other people were, but that was just because she enjoyed playing games. She hoped that she would have lots of fun whilst they were out... Space looked like fun.

"KOO'!!!" Tsao would shout out in a burst of excitement, the natural accent of his native tongue heavy in his lackadaisical tone, "... Koo'. Aight, let's get cracklin'." As soon as he was ready to go on this adventure with Mugeniere, he would find both Tensei and Tenrei leaving from the Crystal Pyramid, wondering just what happened to them. "What? The 8th?" Now, Tsao was all the more eager to get inside of the Crystal Pyramid, if he had the chance to potentially come out in the 8th afterward. "Hot damn!!" he cried, lightning surging from his brain through his entire body and basically jolting him into spontaneous bodily movements, doing a little shuffle and jig, clapping his hands together like he'd caught the Holy Ghost. "First in line for the Beta Testing!! And they put surprises in there. Yeah, Treasure Hunting, all day baby!" He pat the head of Mugeniere and ruffled it a bit, creating a static charge that should have allowed them to share their energy with just that simply action alone, and also cause the two of them to glow golden so that they could both be connected and light the way inside. "Okay, let's roll, girlie." He took his first step inside of the Crystal Pyramid, where he would wait to see what was left here for them... Or if anything was inside at all.

The very first thing that occurred when Tsao-Rin stepped inside was that he would be taken into the Virtual World, otherwise known as the 'Data Realm' that was controlled by Tabrith. Here, they would engage in the Virtual Reality Simulation Device that was the Crystal Pyramid, that drew in the Light of the Mind into itself in all its various spectra and formulated both real and holographic images within and projected from the Crystal Pyramid once it was activated. Thus, XM, something known as 'Exotic Matter,' which was nothing more than Digital Matter would project actual physical images of Digital beings. By condensation and compression of this Exotic Matter (Which will be referred to in the Veritas as 'Digital Matter'), it could allow pure, raw Data and Binary Code to take on Physical Form, which was how all beings in the 9th (and, actually, how all beings beyond the Physical Realm, entirely) made their 3-D bodies... Something like a Universal 3-D Printer. Basically, it would be like them entering the Matrix.

"Welcome," said the being whose Data had been trapped inside of the Crystal Pyramid creating its 3-D form from the Information that it gathered, appearing before them as OmniShin Tensei.

O.S. Tensei: "I Will Be Your Escort In The Data Realm."

O.S. Tensei: "Please Upload The Data You Wish To Simulate, Or Select From Preset Data In The Veritas Save File."

Tsao-Rin blinked, having no idea what the hell he was talking about, since he wasn't quite up to speed on how the Veritas' background information worked. "... What? Save File? Can you uh... Show me what that is? Or, explain it to me, or...?" Tsao was kinda lost here and wanted to get started. "Unless, you mean the Crystal Chrysanthemum? That's something."

"What he means is," said a female voice from the abyss suddenly manifesting before them in her 3-Dimensional physical body she created for herself, saying,

"... You can either use what we have for your Simulation or you can ask for something different based on what you've got to offer to us."

The All-Knowing One and his All-Knowing Self had a bad habit of explaining things in a manner that only 'The All-Knowing' and 'The All-Understanding' ones could understand, which not everyone else knew nor could understand everything that was spoken, which was why the All-Informing One had to be the translator, since she was pretty much able to understand everything he said and dumb it down for everyone else.

"Yeah, that will do. Actually, that's perfect. That'll get you exactly what you're looking for immediately, honestly." It seemed like the All-Informing One was much more lax about this due to not really having to do anything except translate things casually, which gave her a casual feel in and of herself. She was relieved, since she didn't like being so uptight about giving information, like the All-Knowing One that even fed her his Wisdom of the Divine. She was lucky it didn't sound like gibberish to her, or else she might not be able to help others figure it out.

"So yes, please give us the Crystal Crysanthemum, and its Data will be uploaded." Since the Crystal Chrysanthemum was the Ultimate Generator, it should give infinite energy to create anything and everything they wanted and project the Digital Beings out into the world from the shining beacon. "Tina...?"

"Oh," he said with a bit of a frumpy frown, feeling like he was being mocked for not getting it. It made sense now, but that girl made him feel uneasy, like she thought she was hot shit, or something. "Huh, well, fine. Here." He was about to give them the Crystal Chrysanthemum, when suddenly, he felt and knew that he couldn't part with her because that was his baby and he loved her. "...Ohhhh... Bunnybee... How could I part with you?! I... I can't leave your side, baby!!" He would hug and rub the Crystal Chrysanthemum, clinging to her like a static charge. "... B.B. ;; Don't leave me. ;; pls. B.B., plz. ;;"

At the persistent rubbing of the Raigami who powered the Crystal Chrysanthemum, the flower with numerous petals, similar to a lotus, would part its pages and reveal the 'Genie of the Lamp' so to speak that lived within the confines of the Crystal Chrysanthemum, saying with a hint of agitation, "Quit being such a little bitch." She couldn't stand all his whining and clinging like this, especially when he knew that it was for a good cause. "Bunnybeeland, ho. Just come find me there."

All of the Crystal Chrysanthemum's interior design was basically just Bunnybeeland's design, so. By installing it into the Crystal Pyramid, that would project Bunnybeeland, otherwise known as Planet Bunnybee, which would populate the Dream as per request after the data had been installed and uploaded properly. She honestly didn't quite understand everything, herself, but she knew one thing; she was given her Free Will for a reason, and when it was time for her to act on it, she knew exactly what to do at all times, regardless of what anyone else was saying or doing. Right now, hers was telling her 'Bunnybeeland,' and so, even if it meant parting from her honey for right now, it meant bigger and better things for them that she wanted to see through. He was just going to have to come find her. "Okay, chop chop, let's move it, people, I AM Bunnybee after all and I CLEARLY am the shit. *snaps fingers* Uh, like, RAINAO, motherfuckers. Bunnybee has waited long enough, you understand me?" She was TOTALLY not about to just let him not get Bunnybeeland accomplished right here when it was the perfect chance. Fortunately, he generally always listened to her when she was right about something, and nothing bad happened if she made a decision and she was right, and she clearly felt like she was right, so. She was right. And whatever happened next was on her head, then, and she didn't mind. She felt like it couldn't go wrong here.

"I fucking love you, Bunnybee. ;; " She even left him her little stingers! Fortunately for him, he also knew what that meant. She wanted to have her ass handed to her, so he was gonna give it to her short and sweet, RAINAO, before she was taken into the Data Realm and absorbed as the generator. "BOSSA NOVA!" he cried, giving her a beautiful, crisp, white hot slap on the ass *careful to avoid the stinger* at the snap of her fingers that would 'Snap With The Thunderclap' and spank her off into the hands of the 9th. "I'll be back for you, B.B. ;; RAINAO. ;; " That was the FIRST place he was going with Mugeniere; STRAIGHT to Bunnybeeland once it was finished uploading.

"You are very eccentric," said the Virtual World itself, OmniShin Tinasanti, who was the All-Understanding One. She already knew where everything went and what it did and if she didn't, she could process it immediately. Thus, when receiving the Crystal Chrysanthemum for Processing, its data would be uploaded into The Veritas by 'Tinasanti,' whilst also being projected outward into the Data Realm by OmniShin Tinasanti at the exact same time (like a Tachyon Teleportation System). Therefore, the Data would sweep over the Dream and merge with the Dream World, bring the Dream to life at the hands of Bunnybee. Thus, this would initiate the creation of 'Planet Bunnybee,' which would be 'The Dream.' Bunnybee, herself, would also appear there as her real-time self, as well as queen in the 10th, with Tsao-Rin also in his proper form in the 10th, as well, as Kairo Tager.

However, here, in the Crystal Pyramid, Tsao and Mugeniere would remain to have their Simulation of 'Bunnybeeland,' as per request, however they wished to initiate it. That would be left up to Tsao-Rin, himself, who was acting as the guide and proctor to this Examination of sorts. "Upload Complete; Data Loaded. Standby."

The System should have taken the form of Cards in the hand of the Processor, who would then Process and Convert the Data received from the Card System in the Realm Beyond and Transfer it into the Veritas as seen fit, with specification to the Dream World, now; Planet Bunnybee, where Tinasanti would take over from here. Her 3-D Projection, which was not here, would be uploaded into Bunnybeeland, as well, so that she could play in it at her leisure and test her father's Card System mechanics.

When it was confirmed that the Crystal Chrysanthemum was installed and all that good shit, he would immediately turn to the apple of his eye and say to her, "... Aight, now go find it and you get to be Raigami." That was the 'Simulation' he wanted her to go through. "That's what I want. Hop to it. How does this work? How do we send her in?"

"The All-Knowing One Answers All Questions With The Correct Wisdom And Applies That Knowledge To The 'All-Informing One,' Who Receives And Breaks Down That Wisdom Given By 'The All-Knowing One'," stated he, the All-Knowing One, himself, "Whilst The 'All-Informing One' Converts The Knowledge That Was Given To Her By 'The All-Knowing One' Into Legible Information Able To Be Understood On Any Level Below 'The All-Knowing One'. After, The 'All-Understanding One' Processes The Information That Was Converted And Translates It Into The Form Based On The Information From The Knowledge. You Have The All-Informing One Convert Her Into Raw Data Based On The Instruction And Wisdom Of The All-Knowing One And The All-Understanding One To Process Her In The World." OmniShin Tensei was not only teaching his daughter how to utilize his All-Knowingness, but also his wife, who was also helping their daughter to understand. Thus, both his wife and his child served as pupils to him, yet remained as guides to others. "... That Is All."

*O.S. Tsuki sighs*

O.S. Tsuki: "So, he knows everything, then he teaches everything he knows because he knows I will understand it and project it out correctly in a manner that can be understood by everyone at all times. He can do it, too, but he's just being an ass, or being what he is and trying to show an example of how he speaks, or something. He usually only does that when receiving new information or explaining something old to someone that would find it new, but speaks pretty normally whenever the information has already been understood. Anyway, after that, everything that I get, we both teach our daughter and she uses that information to generate something in the Digital World. But this works with everything, so we can give her anything and she can turn it into different energy, data and matter in other worlds. A literal Omniversal Processor. All you have to do is allow yourself to be processed by asking her nicely. She's a sweet little girl. Mischievous with her powers at times, but sweet and innocent all the same." And that was pretty much it. "... So yeah, whenever you're ready, just request that your data be carried off into the Data Realm."

"Affirmative," she cosigned, immediately following Hot Pursuit after her target; the Crystal Chrysanthemum. "Beam me up, Tina." Mugeniere would follow the traces left behind by the Crystal Chrysanthemum and document them for reference. She would wait, therefore, to be Processed into this 'Bunnybeeland.'

"Understood," a digital voice spoke from beyond before Mugeniere was translated into different states of Data, Energy and Matter all at once. She would be brought into the Bunnybee World, and thus would have to take on an identity from there. When she decided on what that was going to be, she would change into a 'Bunnybee Character' that corresponded directly to her character.

Tsao, who stood in amazement as he witnessed all of these things happen within the Crystal Pyramid, would be more than stoked now for his own departure inside whenever it was time. "Oh that was hot! Yeah, me next!" He wanted to see what his 'Bunnybee Character' was going to be, and also what was going to happen inside of Bunnybee for however long that was going to go on.

"And so I don't get bored..." he muttered to himself, his eyes crackling with electrical surges, peering into a distant location, "I heard that the Delta was evacuating the city for their annual 'Festival.'" He shuffled his hands deviously, which would start to build up electricity the longer he did, "I think the kid might just earn her 'Lightning Badge' around here," he said, in reference to Mugeniere. "Heh heh." Tsao began to focus, concentrating on his next mark, whilst his body rose up into the air and began to crackle with electricity that poured out of his head like electrical hair and surged through his body, assimilating with the waves in the atmosphere and projecting them out of the Crystal Pyramid, itself.


"Affirmative," Tina would respond clearly, gazing into the Crystal Pyramid as it began to glow. "Particle Accelerator :: Activate" Immediately, as the Crystal Pyramid began to charge, getting ready for the next Data Transfer, the entire structure would begin to resonate with Tsao, falling under his charge via his energy. When he was done, the Crystal Pyramid would transfer their Data across the 'Data Realm' as pure 'Information.'

"Connection Complete," Tsao would say once his mind was hooked up to the 9th Restriction, OmniShin Tensei (O.S. Tensei). "Particle Accelerator :: Ready." The first pinpoint location for the conscious mind to strike was upon 'The Phantom,' who would be Tsao's operative in Bunnybeeland, as they kept calling it. "The Phantom," Tsao called out, whose name passed through each head of the Collective Conscious that was attached to Tsao's own at the time, "It Is Time To Assume Your 'Bunnybee Form' And Inspect The Land Of Bunnybee World Covertly." He would pause, beginning to locate the next target immediately, coldly and emotionlessly. "Refer To The 9th As A New 'Host' For Specification Of Your Information. 'Server' Busy." Tsao's eyes searched for the next point to strike like a bolt of lightning.

"Go :: 'Transmorphoghost,'" O.S. Tensei would 'Command' to 'The Phantom,' whose Bunnybee Translation name was 'Transmorphoghost,' "Retrieve For Us The First Ancient Tensei Relics; Artifacts 'Master Ultimate Deluxe Soda Can' And 'Curly Mustache.'"

O.S. Tensei Waited Patiently With His Arms Crossed Over His Chest.
Motionless And Emotionless.

"Roger That," The Phantom said as he transformed into his other 'Alter Ego' disguise, known as a friendly harmless innocent barely influential mysterious spirit named 'Transmorphoghost.' "Might As Well Get To Work On 'Transmorphoghost Chronicles,' As Well." He smirked, drool falling from the edge of his smiling face as his mask consumed his entire form, covering him in a white ectoplasmic ether. The dark robes that were donned normally by 'The Phantom' would suddenly transmogrify into Transmorphoghost's simplistic spiritual form, which resembled something like a single sperm cell with swirling eyes and a goofy look on his face, eternally slurping. "Or, Shall I Call It... *slurp* 'SIN?!' " He seemed eager to get to these things, already long knowing the set up and what to do to get everything accomplished from here. "It'll trickle down just as easily and softly as the saliva on my mouth! Heehee."

He was ready for 'Transport' at any given time.

Once Tsao ascended to his 9th restriction form, the Collective Connection of the Tensei Hive Mind would immediately redirect for him based on where the Data of the 9th was directed, in order to direct 'Transmorphoghost' as he was supposed to go. "Tina, It's Time For Father To Show You How To Work The Earth A Bit More Greatly; Mother, Too."

'Overlord Tensei' would 'Transport,' along with 'Transmorphoghost,' one of the 'Images' for himself used to inspect planets; 'Lord Tensei,' whose First Restriction Form would be planted simultaneously for the Second Restriction Form to inseminate when it was time for the Ascension from the Earth, as had been kept in 'Deep Thought' at the back of his mind.

"Ellio," Overlord Tensei Called, To His Highest Form, Raising Up His 1st Restriction Form Immediately To The Equivocation Of The 5th Restriction, "Raise Up." And So The Boy Would Be Groomed On His Own Planet, With Bunnybee In Her Universe Overseeing.

Simultaneously, the Delta Townsfolk, who were all prepared for their evacuation to the Bunnybee Universe, would be immediately 'Collected' and 'Recollected' and then 'Sorted' through 'The Veritas Dream,' whilst the 'Veritas Universe' oversaw, and the 'Veritas Planet' continued to grow.

Overlord Tensei: "Connection Complete."

???: "Ophiuchus Calls The 24 Elders In Power Into Virtuous Order And Sets Them In Their Seats, With Their Heads Bowed And Their Robes Washed."

???: "Amen."


"The Voice Has Spoken." At the sound of the Voice, the coordinates were pinpointed by the eyes of Tsao, glaring into the network nexus like a stream of light as small as the veins through his eyes. At that moment, a gridlike view appeared before him scaling over all of the Third Moon like a map, where the events of 'Bunnybee' were going on. With the Collective Conscious link to all the Veritas through Overlord Tensei, the Raigami would draw forth through the Particle Accelerator all of the minds that were processing at the same speed or that were ready to be transported and disassemble their particles. Each of them would become a cluster of electricity as pure consciousness itself, kept separated from each other by powerful magnetic charges keeping them intact. "Ophiuchus, Rise. Immediately."

Once each of them were isolated to their points before him, he would raise his hand up to direct each of them to where they should go and at what time, since the data feed was live and it was clear. "Ophiuchus :: The Abandoned Tower" He pointed his finger and out from the top of the pyramid of crystal would shoot the streak of lightning that would magnify and arc around to the pinpoint location directed.

At that moment, Shinrona, who was known secretly to be the 'Ophiuchus' that would rest in his proper place on the Zodiac, would be called up to the Crystal Pyramid immediately in a bolt of light, like gathering energy. He was beamed up from the Fountain of Midna, one of the very many Fountain Checkpoints that were littered about the Veritas, this one being a transport point for the entire continent of Midna, itself.

"Sorry I'm late. I didn't forget about our arrangements." It clearly should have been seen that Shinrona was wrapped up in a lot of things. "Bunnybeeland, hm?" he muttered to himself when he was given his orders. "I guess that means I'll be back in my weakest form, in Child Mode as 'Ellio.'" It had been so long... But that was probably how the planet recognized him, anyway, including Bunnybee, herself. "It can't be helped."

However, because Ophiuchus was the one that was in charge of the entire Zodiac, he would be the first to let them know that they could all rest easy on the Veritas. "Elders... Have A Seat." He bowed before them and suddenly disappeared in a flash of light, with his words echoing about their respective consciousnesses, which had been collected by the God of Lightning, "Rest In Peace."

At that point, a light like a shooting star would hit the Abandoned Tower of Variable City like a falling star, and that would be where Shinrona would descend to his weakest form, 'Ellio.'
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