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PostSubject: The Grimmest   The Grimmest EmptyThu Jul 18, 2019 10:48 am

A long time ago in the Witch Province, before the Reality Village, a Vampire and a Witch met in the Darkness Lands. The Vampire and the Witch were mortal enemies at first, however at the time when the two were going to kill each other, a bounty hunter from the Shinigami came to destroy them. Without much they could do, the two teamed up to kill this bounty hunter and hid from Shinigami's wrath deep in the Darkness Lands. They came to terms with each other and decided not to fight, only focus their power on destroying Shinigami itself. With that vow in their hearts, the two created a massive mansion within the Darkness Lands that none had ever come in contact with.

During their time together, the Vampire and the Witch fell in love, or rather fell in love with each other's hate for Shinigami, and they began to procreate. There were a total of seven children; five girls and two boys. These children resided with their parents within the mansion undisturbed, happily training to fight against Shinigami. These children had both the power of Vampires and Witches, therefore making the girls into Blood Witches whilst the two boys became Vampire-Incubus hybrids, both harboring magical powers in addition to their vampiric ones. The eldest of these children was named Grimnis Valparaiso von Dhampir, and under the consent of his father, the Mansion would become his to rule. However, he did not accept this mansion. He did not accept the training that his father and mother were trying to give, as he wanted to grow stronger on his own and make a name for himself by himself and left the Dusk Village altogether. Now, this Vampire has come to the Chaotic Village to hone his skills and try to get revenge on Shinigami and the Dusk Village. And so, as it is written, it shall be.
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St. Troix
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PostSubject: Re: The Grimmest   The Grimmest EmptyThu Jul 18, 2019 11:14 am

Grim 1: Seeing My Sister

Grim made his way to the Darkness Lands. It had been quite a long time since he had been there. He was only here in secret, and why he was there was never to be found out. He hid in the crevasse of a building, waiting silently for someone special.

A Vampire Witch enters a dark grungy building. The room was hollow, the air was thick. Every strand of hair on her skin rose to the cold presence she felt so long ago. "Hiding as usual, I see."

Before he knew it, Grim was greeted by the one he was there to meet; his dear sister. He only hoped that no one else from the family was there with her.

"I'm not hiding... I just don't want to be here."

He didn't want his family getting any bright ideas and trying to take him back to the mansion. He made up his mind and he was sticking to it, no matter what.

"... So you say you've strayed away from the family as well?"

The Vampire Witch chuckled at the thought of her even having the privilege of leaving the family. "No, unlike you, big brother I could never run from my family; I just feel the need for a little... How you say... Reformation within ones self." She paces the floor in conversation, wondering why her brother has called for her. For as long as she could remember, Grim has dreaded their home and dreaded their family. Under no civil circumstance would he have returned. "So why?" She wondered. "You should understand more than anyone; how one can randomly decide to change everything they've grown to know in a blink of an eye... But that's beside the point, why have you summoned me?"

Grim turned away from her, looking up at the pitch black sky before him and placing his hands behind his back as she spoke, listening to every word.

"And how do you know that I am not simply making a reformation with myself by my absence? Our motives could be completely the same."

Once he said that, he quickly turned around and briskly walked toward her, almost as if he had become excited by the very thought of it.

"And that IS exactly why I am here, as are you! We have been in contact all of this time and you have told me how you feel... It seems that we have a very similar thought process about these things, my dear sister. These problems we have with our family. So why not look for a little reformation together, I say. Does it not make sense to you?"

He turned back around, seeming rather calm now.

"However, let me make this perfectly clear; I am NOT leaving the family. I just choose to do things in a different way and cannot accept their way as my own. I want to stand on my own, away from their views. That is all I mean by my actions."

The Vampire Witch turns away from Grim, wondering how she could ever have similarities to "That babbling fool". However, deep down she knew that he was right; the need for change in the family had become overdue. She didn't quite agree fully to his methods or rather his 'way of thinking', but she knew that this was a task she could not do alone; there was no room to be stubborn. "... Sigh... Alright, how do you plan on achieving said goal, Dear Brother?"

Grim was pleased to see that his dear sister had come around, now understanding his views on the situation. He could see it in her. A certain fiery passion burned brightly in his eyes, almost able to illuminate these wicked Darkness Lands.

"Sister... My methods may seem unorthodox and perhaps even confusing at times, however I have thought this through thoroughly... And it can work if we cooperate. I want revenge for our two fallen sisters, and I feel as though this can be done through destruction of the Dusk Village!"

Just the mention of the Dusk sparked something dark in Grim's heart. He held an enormous amount of animosity for this place for what they've personally done to his family, and as such they must be punished.

"... As we are, it seems, we will not be enough to even scratch the Dusk Village at all. We have undergone special training each in out own way, though we are still young and have not had as much exposure to power as the rest of our brethren. So, Sister! We must collect souls and consume blood until our power dwarfs that of ANYONE in the Dusk that stands in our way! Do you understand?"

As he spoke, he drew his sword, the Crimson Edge, and took a position as if he were ready for battle with his sister, herself. He must have something in store for them both.

"As our first assessment of power, we shall do battle just to ensure that we are not rusty in our skills. This can be a refresher for the both of us. Now, come, sister! Draw your weapon!"

Excitement quickly rushed throughout the Vampire Witch's body from her brothers words of challenge. It had been a long while, since she fought someone as peculiar and provoking as her brother. For years, She often wondered how her brother spent his new life; particularly, how has he spent his time training. This was a perfect opportunity to find out. "I thought you'd never ask."

The Vampire Witch cuts her left hand, turning the blood flowing out of it into a beautiful Iridium sword. She then grabs the sword with both hands; standing in a fierce battle pose, she awaits her brother attack. "Now come at me dear brother; show me what has become of your 'Reformed' power."

Waiting patiently for his dear sister to ready herself, he laid eyes on her beautiful silver sword. It looked as if it were made of platinum, but he could quickly tell that this was not the case.

"A beautiful weapon, my dear. Let's hope that it is as strong as it is beautiful... And that you are, as well!"

With a swift, blurring motion, Grim had entered the fray, swinging his crimson sword about with might and precision. He aimed for the torso, the shoulder and the leg to avoid any vital injuries to his sister. Though they were both Vampires, the regeneration process is slow when the wound comes from enchanted weaponry. Though Grim's slashes were accurate, he never took his eyes off of his sister's eyes, his own glowing a piercing red.

"Oh, dear brother, this sword is so much more!" The Vampire Witch collides her sword into Grim's, defending herself from his next hit. She flips over him in a still motion allowing the blood from her wounds to shower over him. At that instant she began using blood change technique, turning every drop of blood that hits the air into fire.

She managed to evade the latter of his strikes, though he could tell that the sword made contact at least once or twice with her body. Its special ability kicked in upon impact, draining a small bit of her life into itself, but not too much to be noticeable, as the blade didn't have too much power yet.

In any case, the blood that spattered through the air quickly changed into flames at his sister's will, which at first shocked Grim and made him wince at the flame's heat. Though, because he was a special kind of vampire, the heat didn't effect him all too much beyond that point. To quell the flames that threatened to harm him, he would just have to use his own flames.

"Impressive... But let's see how you like the burning Red Flames of the Body!"

Grim concealed himself in his cloak with a quick motion of both of his arms, and in that motion large blood red flames were slung from the tips of the cloak to meet with his sister's. Though the flames seemed similar, his were minutely different from hers, and these two flames could battle it out until one of them fell silent. Grim seemed to be covered by the violent action from the flames, so it was hard to make him out through the flames.

"What the...?!?" The Vampire Witch was amazed at the sight of her brother's flames as it flowed out in full force. "The power; the warmth!" it all made her blood boil over into a sight of pure bliss. Her blade's scream scorched the air ready to kill. She often missed the brawls she used to have with her brother; no one could never excite her in battle like he could. She became a bit nostalgic, but that wasn't gonna stop her; she didn't wanna loose to him.

"OOOH dear brother, I see Chaos has done wonders for your flames, but you know, too much heat can kill you... So how about we cool down." The Vampire Witch turns her flames into an wave of water to put out her brother's flames. She quickly ran to the top of the wave turning the tips of it into a wooden substance she could ride on to him. With her sword in full grip she anticipates what her brother will do next.

What a predicament. It seems as though the same blood that Grim tried to absorb with his fire changed into that fire's weakness, destroying it from the inside out. 'Well done, to say the least, sister.' With his Flames of Blood extinguished, Grim no longer had the cover of the wavering flames to hide behind... Not that he needed them any longer, as he was already gone. Behind his sister he would appear from the shadows, having moved silently through the dark while she was distracted by his flames. With one silent, yet swift shot, he made a slash at her back with high hopes that this would connect.

"Not bad at all, sister."

He was impressed so far and partially regretted trying to slash at her back, as if more of her blood spilled, it could be used as a greater weapon. Oh well. He was very willing to take such a chance with her, anyway. It would only make the battle more fun.

Surprised by his actions, the Vampire Witch quickly jumped away from Grim. She soon realized that she's loosing entirely to much blood. Mesmerized with battle, she failed to see her recklessness. Grim walked right passed her and she didn't even notice. She was upset that she let him get by, yet, she loved that he could without her feeling it.

"Well Grim, I must say your power has grown splendidly. I'm really enjoying this game we're playing. However, it's time we get a little serious before i'm drained. Don't you think?" The Vampire Witch turned all the substances she made (with the exception of her sword) back into blood. Absorbing her blood back, Most of her wounds started healing. She quickly ran towards Grim, swinging her sword with full strength and precision. She aimed vertically across his torso.

With a complete misunderstanding of her words, Grim nodded to her, taking a step aside out of the way of her attack, most likely making her fall since she swung with such strength and missed.

"You are absolutely right! Our time for playing is over. We must get serious."

He started to walk away from her, cape fluttering behind him in the process, yet all he could do was gaze blankly into the abysmal darkness before him.

"... I want to find the ones who killed our sisters. I want to find the ones who ordered them to do so. But most importantly, I want to find the leaders of this village and take them down by my own hands!"

He turned back to her dramatically to see if she was on board with his plan or not. She was the only one who really did respect his wishes and who supported him, even if not in the exact same way he wanted her to.
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PostSubject: Re: The Grimmest   The Grimmest EmptyThu Jul 18, 2019 11:28 am

Grim 2: Hopefully Not A 'Grim' Encounter

After the increase she had suffered in her manna, the Fire Witchling felt the need to enhance the fury and abilities of her flames. She heard of a Shinobi who lives in a lands completely immersed in darkness who possessed flames with powerful abilities. The Witchling used her Magical Concealment ability to hide her presence from the creatures that inhabited the lands of darkness. She had heard that he often doesn't make his time in a place known as the scarlet mansion. Having found it location in the depths of the Darkness Lands, she would find herself outside his door. "This must be it... A little menacing though..."

The door quickly swung open, the giant gateways to the grandiose mansion letting out the thick smell of blood and the heady feeling of arcane magics. Those who lurked within, the Vampires and the Witches, immersed in the most powerful of magics that there were seemed utterly docile here tonight on this grim, black night.

Before Elara stood a man, that of which seemed no older than his teens or early twenties, yet wrapped in most intricate and regal of garb, as well as a signature cloak. His presence seemed filled with an unknown feeling of hatred, which soon calmed upon seeing that it was but a Witch and not a Shinobi.

"... Ah. It is a witch. Be lucky that it were not someone of a less level head that came to greet you, for my brothers or my sisters... They would not take too kindly to this sort of abrupt intrusion."

He took a gloved hand to his neck lace, adjusting it ever so slightly. Looking upon this girl with eyes that stared deep into her essence, he crossed an arm across his torso for leverage of his other, which rested upon it to have his face lean on the knuckles.

"What is it that brings you here, witch? No one dares visit the Bloodrose Mansion holding no fear, not even witches from the outside. State your business at once."

He seemed stern, yet polite about his manner of speech; he must have rather refined etiquette.

As the door swung open and sent the wave of smelly blood and stinky magic, the Fire Witchling would cover her nose... Being that it was very sensitive to both supernatural and regular smells. She desperately wanted to say how much he stunk to her but that would be rude and she really needed a favor from him... Assuming he was Grim.

"Then I suppose I should thank you for your quick response," She said in reply to the statement about him answering and not his sisters. As he asked of her business her ears would twitch as did her tail. "Well... I've come seeking a man by the name of Grim... It is said that he holds a flame that is able to do numerous and incredible things... I seek him out to ask that he assist me in advancing my own flame magic."

She dropped her hand to her side... There wasn't much reason in holding it for the scent penetrated even her hands so she would just have to bear the smell.

Grim raised his brow slowly, tapping a finger to his chin, contemplating her explanation. She indeed was in search of him, but how did his name even get out to the public? Perhaps the residents of the Scarlet Mansion were more popular than he realized...

"Yes, I am he. You seek out the knowledge of my Flames of Eternity? Well, magic or not, they aren't something anyone but I can master. I think your efforts were a bit wasted. Didn't you think about how my flames would be signature to me? I don't quite understand what you wished to train, anyway."

He tapped his foot on the ground, trying to figure it out for himself.

"If you can explain to me what it is you want in a more feasible fashion, then perhaps I can assist you. Go on."

"Okay... Well it's said that one of your flames has the ability to cast powerful illusions upon those it touches... My magic... The flames are naturally magical flames and have the ability to take on various forms that are in conjunction with my will... Basically they do pretty much whatever I will them to do... Thing is, I want them to have illusion powers but... I Don know how to do so." The Flame Witchling hoped this explanation was a bit clearer. She needed help awakening her Flame power to create illusions by means of touching their target.
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