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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

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 The Tyranophant; Ty-kun

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The Tyranophant
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
The Tyranophant

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The Tyranophant; Ty-kun - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: The Tyranophant; Ty-kun   The Tyranophant; Ty-kun - Page 2 EmptyThu Jul 25, 2019 5:55 pm

First topic message reminder :

The swirling mass of pure will that birthed this creature into existence all died down and were drawn into the very spirit of this being; a connection to Tigen and Tensei that bound the both of them as well as all that was below the Seventh Restriction into a single perfect being; this was Tyranophant, the Will of the Veritas, itself.

A Djinni by nature, it was given the task of releasing the Shinsanities out into the world into their respective places, one of which was already out; Taomin, the Kazegami. That meant that he had Six More to deal with.

"Aw, dude... What the friggin hell, man? Took you guys long enough. Yeesh." He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. "Nah, I'm just fucking with ya. But hey, thanks for making me. Definitely needed that to happen. Got some shit to do, ya know?" Though he was an extension of them that had lesser power, he was an extension of them nonetheless. And that being said... He was also an extension of Tsuki, even though they were not directly connected at the moment, nor was her Seventh Restriction self birthed into this world yet.

"Yeah, I'll catch you guys later. Just holler if you need me. I'll be back to claim my Fountain when I get done with business, ya know?" But before he left, he had one request of them... "OH! And uh, could you be so kind as to uh, get started on Tsuki? You know if you want to bring her into existence, then so do I. And everyone below us, too. Ya know?" It was just how they were... That's all there was to it.

"Yeah, but that's all. Don't feel like it's like, something you gotta do immediately, but you know, I just wanted to put that out there. But yeah... Ciao."

With that, he would flicker out in the same fashion as a fizzling flame, not unlike how Tigen warped so often. He would appear outside of the clock tower, where he would begin his journey across the Dawn to place the Shinsanities in their respective shrines.
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The Tyranophant
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas

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The Tyranophant; Ty-kun - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Tyranophant; Ty-kun   The Tyranophant; Ty-kun - Page 2 EmptySun May 03, 2020 10:28 am

Tyrant 24: Eight Hands Of God

"Finally," Ty-kun, the Tyranophant's voice echoed throughout open space, "My Friggin Spirits Are Back In Alignment."

Of the constellations in the sky, the form of the actual being himself twinkled into form, with satellite stars serving as accessories to adorn him in his constellar form.

"That Means All My Elemental Powers Are Back, Including The 'Eighth Element', Which Is All Of Them." Now Ty-kun, the Tyranophant, could play with the Eight Hands of God again, since their Spirits were back in the Seven Temples and the Eighth Hand was actually his own personal Temple dedicated to containing the energy of all of the other elements -- Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Plasma (Spirit), Darkness and Light.

"Now I Get To Fuck Around A Bit As God Of The Veritas," he chortled, even though he'd been doing that and could do that anytime he wanted. "Man, I Wish I Used These Babies On Orochi When I Had To Get The World Serpent." Fortunately, Dragon God Ty-kun was the Crystal Dragon God and a Djinn, so the battle ended in his favor.

"Now Let's See... What Do I Want To Do First...?"

He had to meditate on that using the Teachings of the Buddha, of whom Ty-kun learned of the Eightfold Path from in the first place in order to achieve the Eight Hands of God.

"I Need To Brush Up On The Eightfold Path," he decided. "I'll Practice With My Own Spirits And Aethereal Elemental Powers."

"Uh, The FIRST Thing You Need To Do Is Take Me Out To Tea," said an unknown girl's voice. An intricate pattern appeared before the Tyranophant and created an Ice Seal, which broke open to reveal Triere, his daughter of the 7th Restriction. "Or Something Like That," she said mockingly, knowing that there was something else that she had in mind.

"Maybe Teach Me About The Eight Hands?"

The Tyranophant was pleased that his youngest daughter from the future had come to learn about the Noble Eightfold Path, since she was the one to inherit the Eight Arms due to what happened with the 7th Restriction. She was the only child of the 7th Restriction, and the branch between the 7th and 8th Restrictions for the other two children -- the eldest, Chroma/Tabitha and the middle child (who, surprisingly, is younger than the Future Daughter, Triere), Trinity.

"Aight, Kid," The Tyranophant said with a chuckle, "Since I See You've Been Doing So Well With Everything You've Been Working On, And Excelling As Usual, I Will Teach You The Eightfold Path."

The Seven Spirits of the Tyranophant were also the Seven Spirits of the Veritas, and also thus the Seven Spirits that were passed down through the family. "Each Of The Seven Spirits Make Up Your Elemental Chakras," He said to her. "Though They Come From Me, They Are Also Part Of The Family. Each Member Of The Family Has Access To The Seven Spirits And They Each Are The Utilities For The Seven Chakras That One Must Learn To Command." The Tyranophant kept explaining about the family's Seven Spirits and how they related to the Family as well as to himself, including to how they were passed down from each family member.

"Your Sister, Tabitha, Is One Of The Family Spirits, And Is Actually Passed Down Through The Third Eye, Which Is Why She Is Only Able To Reach The 6th Restriction, And You, My Little Angel, Are The 7th Restriction."

Triere was more powerful than Tabitha for a myriad of reasons, and in another realm, she was flexing her power.

"I Have Seen You Utilize The Power That Was Given To You, My Child, And I Am Pleased With How Far You Have Grown. You Are The Head For A Reason, Though You Are The Youngest And Also Not The Son. You Have The Greatest Power Because You Are The Crystal Child -- The Only One Who Is Able, As My Heir, To Achieve The 7th Restriction. The Eightfold Path Will Help You Understand The 8th Restriction, Where You, Your Sisters And Even Myself All Bind Together."

This was only the first part of the explanation, but it had to deal with history of the family and the spirits. "The Tensei Spirits, Which Have Been With Me Since Birth And Also In Our Ancestors In Different Forms, Are The Seven Spirits That You Must Learn To Tame, Inclusive To Your Sister, Who Doubles As A Childhood Version Of Myself When I Was Younger." Yes, she was a female, but the Tyranophant saw himself as a female when he was a child, and though he knew he was a male, he secretly saw himself as a female -- thus, is what Tabitha was.

"Now, Don't Tell Anyone That, Because It's A Secret. Tabitha Holds All Of My Personal, Private Secrets For A Reason, And Is The Eldest Because She Is A Special Part Of My Being. That Is Where Her Place Is In All Of This, And Yours Is This."

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The Tyranophant
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
The Tyranophant

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The Tyranophant; Ty-kun - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Tyranophant; Ty-kun   The Tyranophant; Ty-kun - Page 2 EmptySun May 03, 2020 10:45 am

Tyrant 25: Rainbow Bay

The Tyranophant opened a Dimension Gate portal from the Veritas and entered the Rainbow Bay, which he had become fond of, though there were some technicality mishaps due to the Tyranophant never revealing his true form. "Uh, Hi," said the man of crystalline silver hair, vest adorned with the collar popped up, "... The Name's Ty. I Come From The Veritas. You Might Know About My Wild Side, Taomin. She Gets Loose Sometimes And Makes A Mess..." He rubbed the back of his head like he were sorry about something...

The Tyranophant made a sort of tired, yet exaggerated face, shrugging his shoulders. "I Just Said I'm Ty. The Tyranophant If You Want To Get Formal. Of The Veritas. My Home Dimension. I Dimension Hop, Looking For Interesting Things To Do With People." The people here really were wary about anyone from another dimension, even though this place was a refuge for people from other existences. Ty-kun kinda liked it, but didn't expect not to be liked. "Uh... Do Whatcha Like, I Guess...?" He rubbed the back of his head as if he'd had a long day.

The Tyranophant didn't realize that his voice was booming at all, and forgot that it did that. "Uh, yeah, sorry," he said in a lackadaisical fashion. "Myep, my title and realm mean next to nothing to anybody. It's become a thing." He shrugs one more time, slipping his gloved hands into his pants pockets. "Thanks for noticing my hair, though. Changes colors when I assume different forms." He flipped his hair, which seemed to defy gravity by hovering lightly in the back, though still managed to cover a single eye. "Thanks for the welcome. I appreciate it, even though you already know me."

The Tyranophant nodded slowly, rubbing his neck. "Chyeah. I'm Taomin. Uh, rather, Taomin is me. So is Magnus Ignis, if you even met him..." Ty-kun kinda trailed off at the end... "Yeah, they are pieces of me. The Spirits of my Seven Chakras." He really didn't want to have to explain it, but would if necessary. "Tao's my Heart." Ty-kun kicked back, closing his eyes. "I'm a free spirit. What can I say except 'Sorry For The Mess'?"

The Tyranophant coughed. "Did it make you uncomfortable to find out that I'm actually a guy, and one of my Spirits is a female? Or that I even have Spirits that are my Seven Chakras in the first place?"

The Tyranophant opened his single visible eye halfway, its crystal blue hue shimmering as Aenrich spoke. "Well, ain't nothin' ya can't fix by askin, if you're interested."

The Tyranophant nodded his head casually, smirking crooked. "Chyeah, call me Ty. Ty-kun, if you like. It's what I go by back home. Other than the Tyranophant. Which does mean something, thank you!" A light laugh escaped. His eye closed. "Why not take a load off and relax a bit? You seem a bit... Uppity." Ty-kun made a sliding motion with his hand, "Chill." His rigid smile became soft and warm, especially since he was at peace. He thought of his Water Spirit for such a serenity over him.

The Tyranophant waved it off, basically kicked back in the chair and nearly asleep, himself. "Nah, you're cool," he said pretty straight forward, giving a thumbs up. "But what's with the lack of sleep? Meditation helps. Trust me, I do it all of the time."

The Tyranophant understood where Aenrich was coming from. "Aaaaah," said he, "I'm actually similar in that respect." Ty-kun rubbed his neck like it ached, "Dealing with yourself can be quite the pain..." Naturally, he spoke of himself, but his words were general and could be applied to any situation -- such as Aenrich's. "I used to do the same thing when I researched things... One of my Spirits is a Scientist."

The Tyranophant got started, "Hours. Days. Weeks. Months. Years. All of it kept in the Veritas. Part of it is the Veritas. Part of it is myself. Other parts are other dimensions and the like." He rubbed his nose with his finger, "I've dealt heavily in researching everything that the dimension I destroyed had to offer, plus things from other dimensions, as well. Makes the Veritas a very rich place."

The Tyranophant noticed how quiet Aenrich was. It seemed like it was pretty awkward for Ty to talk about the Veritas and such around him. Perhaps, because he'd never been there, Aenrich had no opinion of it and therefore had no words. Understandable. Still, a good inquisition never hurt anyone. "Why so quiet, chum? Too tired to talk with me?"

The Tyranophant stretched a bit, yawning. "Nah, filters are for my other Restrictions. Hell, I'm mad I even still have any Restrictions on me in this form, anyway." Though, Aenrich's words did not fall on deaf ears. The Tyranophant knew that speaking of matters of the Veritas to those who did not know of it was ultimately fruitless. He also was aware that speaking too informally was impolite. So, he straightened himself up and cleared his throat, saying, "I'll do my best, though."

The Tyranophant coughed, totally forgetting that he actually did let that slip out. "O-oh. Right. Sorry." Ty-kun didn't really think of the fact that something like that could be seen as intimidating, even though he definitely should have. Seems like this place had him a little more relaxed than he thought. "Yeah, but I'm not a bad guy," Ty said, also reaching for pizza, "I just have baggage. As everyone does." He took a bite of one of his favorite foods and moaned a bit.

The Tyranophant walked around the dining area outside with his hands in his pants pockets. He looked around at the atmosphere, then up at the sky to the sun, wincing a bit as he narrowed his eyes to it. He then took a seat, knowing there was food ever present -- and one of his favorites; pizza! Picking a slice, Ty, the Tyranophant, pleasantly devoured the thing whole, munching on the sauces. "Man, I'm still not trying to scare the locals," he said to himself, laughing a bit. "But it's a different place around here when you're alone," he'd say, grabbing another slice of pizza.

The Tyranophant adjusted himself in his seat and continued to awkwardly munch upon the pizza before him. "Um..." The shyness kicked in pretty swiftly and he kind of got nervous, but somehow he managed to speak up. "Hi..." said the Tyranophant, "... The name's Ty." He wiped his hands and put his gloves back on, adjusting his vest soon after. "I hail from the Veritas, and have come here to like... I guess, vacation?" He was not entirely sure why he kept coming to the Bay nor why he stayed, but he'd made some friends here and it wasn't a half bad looking place, by any means. Why not stay and chill for a bit, right?

The Tyranophant smiled nonchalantly, laughing slightly, still rather embarrassed. "Well, um..." Extending a hand for a shake, he firmly gripped the bear paw and did his best to wrap around it with his whole hand for a hearty shake. "... The Veritas is its own dimension that I created, and it exists in its own dimensional space," the Tyranophant said. "I'm the Tyranophant of the Veritas, if you want to get technical. Which makes me a very important person, uh, if the name didn't give it away." He chuckled dryly, then looked about with shifty eyes. "Aaaanyway, just call me Ty. It is very nice to meet you. And if you'd like to see the Veritas, I can open up a Dimension Gate to a part of it, if you like." Dimensional travel was no issue for one from the Veritas, even by normalized standards.

The Tyranophant was interested in the banter. "No, no, go on," he insisted. "Some of it sounds like things that are familiar to me, both from my dimension and other dimensions." He rolled his eyes and smiled. "I've been around." Still smiling, Ty would continue on, "And that was a good guess about the heirophant tyrant! That is EXACTLY what I am! Hahahaha." He was THE Superpower of Superpowers in the Veritas Government. But that was neither here nor there, for it was truly just a feature of the Veritas. It meant little to nothing in other realms as of present, but one day, it would have some influence, Ty thought. "Tell me though, what are those things you uttered? I would like to compare and see if they equate to my translations of them." The Tyranophant seemed giddy, his knees rubbing together underneath the table.

The Tyranophant said, attempting to mimic, "A thu...erge?" He hoped he got it right. "I've only heard the term perhaps once and never had the chance to ask, for I was split up into my elemental forms when I first arrived here. Now, my entire being has come together and each of my elements are back in their alignment in my body, thus giving me my form." Ty beamed. "Will you please explain, Manny? I love exchanging wisdom." The Tyranophant hoped that he was not coming off too tyrannical, as he often seemed to be to people most of the time on accident.

The Tyranophant nodded his head, knowing now what he was speaking of. "Ah," he returned to Manny, saying, "We call them 'Archsages' in the Veritas. In one of my lower forms, I am an Archsage Witch Doctor. It's all part of being the Tyranophant, though." Ty chuckled, leaning on the table nearer to Manny. "So what about you? You say you used to practice? And you're seeking to return, as of late?" Ty was very much interested in one of similar taste and likeness to him.

The Tyranophant chuckled to himself, figuring things to be similar with he, himself. "Yeah, I know the feeling," Ty said with another dry chuckle. "I ran a village and a school once, both of which were terrorized and partially destroyed by malevolent forces of which I hadn't the power to fully quell back in that day." Those were simpler times, but were also more fun times. "Now, no one even comes to visit. After all I did for that dimension, they turned on me after I did everything in my power to protect the people!" Now he was getting all worked up. "They didn't even appreciate all of the things I did. The sacrifices I made to myself just so they could have fun without a care. And now, all the space is going to waste." Even with all the conquest, the Veritas was a lonesome and expansive place, being a whole dimension.

The Tyranophant sighed heavily. "Bah, I'm sorry," he said solemnly, "I'm just ranting about my terrible past on my way to becoming a Tyranophant at all." He shook his head, sighing again. He took interest in Manny's story, and again leaned in closer, anticipating more. "Is That So?" The Tyranophant inquired dubiously, formally intrigued with Manny's past as an archsage... As well as his capability as one.

The Tyranophant sighed deeply, pushing himself back from the table. "If That Is Truly Your Wish..." The Tyranophant uttered in disappointment, eyes glazing and gazing off into the distance, glowing a bit as they glimmered in the sunlight. They sparkled like crystals and were just as blue. Yet, something about them seemed feral. The pupil was narrow, like a reptile. But, the Tyranophant seemed docile. He flipped his hair from over his eye and let it fall back over, spilling forth like a waterfall over his face.

The Tyranophant's eyes shimmered. "I See..." His voice echoed throughout the air. His pupils flickered. He was very disappointed that he wouldn't be learning more about his friend and was holding back the feelings of disheart and melancholia about himself, as he sometimes did when things didn't go his way. The Tyranophant was actually more prone to get sad about something not going well for himself than to get angry about it, and in his dimension, he was babied for it. "But You Make A Very Good Point, And I Respect That," Ty would admit, shaking his head. "Though I Must Ask, Are You Any Good At Anything In The Mystic Arts As Of Now? I'd Love To See How Adept You Are!"

The Tyranophant was already impressed, liking the ideas of what Fleshcraft could accomplish just by name and observation alone. "Ah, I Know How To Do Something Like That, Except I Rearrange My DNA. It's Called 'Anatomia', And Gives Me Full Control Of My Body." The most he'd used it for was to absorb other DNA into himself and make his dragon wings larger than they actually were, or utilize his dragon wings at all, in fact. It wasn't noticed before, but when the light hit just right, the crystalline, transparent image of large draconic wings protruding from the Tyranophant's back and arcing over his head, creating a distortion around his body. His voice continued to echo as he spoke. "This... Does Not Terrify You, Does It?"

The Tyranophant sighed deeply with relief, suddenly becoming overjoyed and clasping his hands together, saying, "Oh, Great God, I'm Not Horrific!" It seemed like to Ty, a prayer had been answered, and he was blessing the moment by closing his eyes as he clasped his hands together. "Now I Will Not Be Seen As A Threat To Anyone Any Longer." He opened his eyes to gaze upon the tentacles, lowering his wings before his face, which were completely transparent and visibly able to be seen through. The Tyranophant smiled and waved, saying with a distorted echoing voice, "I'm Also A Crystal Dragon Which Resembles A Tyrannosaurus Rex. Hence The Name, Tyranophant." He coughed. "And I liked Tyrannosaurus Rexes when I was a little Ty-chan."

The Tyranophant didn't feel so alone in the universe anymore after hearing the explanation come from Manny. It was like he was speaking the same language as Ty in terms of Anatomia, and could replicate anything under the conditions that either of them needed met for such to occur. "You've Made Me So Happy..." he'd say, thoughtlessly extending his wings, which created a whirlwind around the area. "Oh, My..." The Tyranophant retracted his wings and they blended into his vest. He sat there for a moment, then continued the conversation. "Yes, I Am Able To Accomplish Such Feats In A Similar Fashion. I've Even Passed It Down As An Art Of My Clan."

The Tyranophant, inspired, noted these uses for the mastery of this fellow and added it to his own repertoire of things to utilize the Anatomia for. Though it already had most of those uses naturally, it was only available through the direct bloodline of the Tensei clan, and not to everyone that lived in the Veritas. However, they possessed capabilities to do the same, and would if given the order by their ultimate superior -- the Tyranophant. "Mine Anatomia Was Used For Battle And Regenerative Or Transformative Purposes, As I Enjoyed Contorting Or Mangling Mine Body Recklessly In Those Years."

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The Tyranophant
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
The Tyranophant

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The Tyranophant; Ty-kun - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Tyranophant; Ty-kun   The Tyranophant; Ty-kun - Page 2 EmptySun May 03, 2020 10:52 am

Tyrant 26: Ramiel And The Divine Priestess' Curse

The trio of hostesses and the mistress, herself, all seemed quite invested in the tellings of Ramiel. It warmed Serulenia's heart and made her smile kindly, closing her eyes to think about her own family. They weren't as simple as it seemed Ramiel's were, but sometimes, they wished it so. The simpler things in life bring the most pleasure, people say, and Serulenia knew this well because of her 'children' -- her servants.

"Truly Wonderful," Serulenia commented, nodding her head to Ramiel. "Your Family Sounds Lovely, And You Sound Like A Splendid Father." Serulenia quieted her smile, closing her eyes sternly. "It Would Have Been A Shame To Lose You." Hopefully, her words could reach him about being less reckless in the future. Even if he was in a realm of Gods and Goddesses that could revive from the dead, there was never a guarantee -- "Some Who Die Here Do Not Get A Chance To Revive, And Instead Are Sent To Our World's Hell, Where They Cannot Escape Until They Atone." The Veritas was a complex universe -- a complex dimension, even. "Though, I Find It Best Not To Dwell On The Past So. You Are Here With Us Now." Serulenia opened her eyes sternly, interjecting with a "But..." before continuing on, "You Should Really Consider Who You Have To Come Home To Before Chasing Tails."

Naturally, Tao had nine, and each had their own reality, so that was a difficulty in and of itself.

By now, everyone seemed to have finished their tea -- be it first or seconds -- and Echo was off again.

Lavis' interest was more than piqued by the interesting, yet mundane life of Ramiel. It sounded similar to how things went around Serulenia's Enchanted Palace for she and the girls. "Well, now, that was a riveting story," Lavis said. "Though, my Mistress is certainly correct about your life. Why, just look at yourself!" The bespectacled maidservant adjusted her glasses and gave a sharp glare at Ramiel. She extended a wing out to his formerly mortal wound and the damage to his armor, putting emphasis on it with the tip of her feathers, "You are a wreck! And you are willing to simply function in this fashion?"

"Lavis," Serulenia scolded, "He's Told Us His Reasons. No Need To Have Him Repeat Himself."

The maidservant bowed deeply, retracting her wing, "Yes, Mistress."

As for hearing more, "I Am Perfectly Fine With The Exchange Of Banter," Serulenia remarked. "You Tell Me A Bit More About Your Homeland And Its Heritage; I Tell You A Bit About Mine." Serulenia chuckled a bit, "Though, Perhaps Not In This Form..." Ramiel had yet to see the other elemental Spirit Gods and Goddesses that were of the Veritas' nature, nor to whom all of them belonged. He would be quite shocked, however, most likely. Yet, it would explain how each of them functioned as beings in their coexisting ecosystems, if he even dared to care so deeply.

The rabbit looked at the leaves in the bottom of his cup. "My relationship with my wives is open. One actually enjoys seeing me with others. The other is unfortunately easily compelled. Thankfully none that have since I've known her realize they did, and treat her with respect."

He felt over the damaged scale. "A guard defends a way of life, and mine is protecting freedom of others. I hold my guard to that, too. We protect the freedom of everyone in the Bay."

He shrugged, "I guess I can tell you a bit about the Bay. I mean, beyond it being a resort town. There's this force.. or entity that is there. It brings in people from across times and worlds. Sometimes it's those that are in danger, or need refuge for other reasons. Others because they have skills we happen to need at the time."

He looks up at the moons. "It's a place of second chances. That's how I see it. It's a sanctuary as well. I think the same force that draws people in also is what has the wards up that keep most from harm." He sighed and looked down. "When I first arrived, the wards were weakening. It was a rough time, I was among the better of us when it came to medicine. Then more people started settling, and it... breathed new life into the place and the wards grew stronger. But that made the bandits more eager. They think we have untold wealth to have such protections."

Serulenia was astounded to hear that there was another place that was similar to the Veritas. Not particularly 'astounded', per se, but relatively awestruck that they existed. Normally, the Home Worlds of others were particularly secluded to their own omniversal nexus, but this place seemed to have properties like the Veritas in terms of harboring wanderers and the like.

"I See," Serulenia said with a stern look on her face, "That Is A Very Good Place. The Place That You Come From." The story of their struggle was a bit troubling to the Water Goddess, but she understood. The Veritas had its own issues in the past... Which presently left it barren of newcomers.

"If There Is Anything That We Can Do For You And Your Home World, Please Let Us Know. Our Powers Are Still Great Even Beyond Our World, And No Matter The Stipulations." Some Worlds had Laws that were restrictive, but the Thirteen Restrictions made it so that the Tensei could interact on any level... Even if they didn't always want to.

He smiled, "Thank you, but we have well enough in hand, with the aid we get from the Barony, Amy, and a small number of extremely potent mages. And then there's... Jovan, I think he... it... calls themself."

He pauses, unable to explain. "I fear the day that... thing goes hostile. I don't think there's anything that can stop it, unless it wants to be stopped."

The hair on his neck stands on end.

He tries to clear his head, "So... what are the thirteen restrictions? I know I met a number of them."

Somehow, Serulenia knew that this was going to happen eventually. She sighed heavily and closed her eyes, awaying her servants back to the Enchanted Palace.

"It Is Time," she said in a voice that seemed like at least seven different people, many of them men.

Serulenia swirled with an aquatic aura, which whipped around her body as if ensorcelled. She was ascending from her rank in the 6th Restriction to the 7th -- where the God of all of these Gods and Goddesses resided; the Godfather. The aura splashed upward and around her body, completely engulfing her before glowing brightly...

Bursting out of the bubble of water that surrounded Serulenia was -- firstly, a man; secondly, the 7th Restriction, who ruled over the Veritas. The Tyranophant. He was dressed rather casually, wearing nothing but a vest with a scarf and pants that also served as shoes, all having a rigid line streaking down the middle. His hair was gray, like an old man, and long, but floated behind his head as it flowed. Some covered a single eye, leaving only a crystal blue orb staring out.

"Yo," he said a bit lackadaisically, "I'm The Tyranophant, God Of The Veritas." He smirked. "Uh, Not Like My Seven Chakra Spirits, Though, Which Taomin And Serulenia Are. Family Spirits That Make Me Who I Am. They Are Part Of Me As A Person, And Helps You Understand Who I Am."

The Tyranophant went on. "Each Of The Seven Spirits Of My Seven Chakras Have Their Own Worlds -- We're In The Water World -- And I'm The God Of Them All." He kinda dug in his ear a bit, flicking his finger as he spoke so casually for calling himself a 'God'. "All Of Them Are Me In My Elemental Forms, As I've Been Saying." Hopefully all of this was making sense now that he explained his chakras and their respective Gods and Goddesses.

"As For The Thirteen Restrictions... Those Are For Me To Unlock Or Restrain My Power. I Created Them Because I Became Too Powerful And Everyone Was Complaining... And I Foresaw My Power Running Rampant With My Psychic Powers... And, Well..." The Tyranophant shrugged his shoulders. "Here I Am, In My 7th Restriction, Watching Over The Veritas. Oh, And Before You Ask, Higher Restrictions ARE The Veritas -- 8 Is The Universe, 9 Is The Virtual Information, 10 Is My Perfect Form, 11 Is My Full Potential, 12 Is My Free Will And 13 Is My True Self."

He placed his hands in his pockets, hovering above the ground. "So You Like Me, Huh? Hahahaha, You're A Cutie, Friend! I'm Glad We Went Through What We Did, Because I Can Get... Emotional Sometimes." He sniffled jokingly.

Ramiel tilted his head a bit, this was... God?

He spoke up, "Well, I guess I like parts of you. Others not so much."

There was something still keeping the rabbit on edge. It wasn't the Tyranophant, nor anything around them. It was like there was a line that drawn itself across the entire current realm, through the rabbit.

He didn't seem to realize it, just on edge. Then the "line" vanished, and almost instantly the rabbit's tension receded.

"So... the first six restrictions are... elemental in nature? I know of the fire monk Ignus, of course Tao, and more recently Serulenia... Then again, I remember Tabyrnth being the first restriction... and he was... information?"

The Tyranophant smiled at his friend, happy that he remembered anything at all about him. His hair swayed in the breeze of the atmosphere as he took a deep, cleansing breath. The first thing he said would be, "First, Call Me Ty Or Ty-kun, Rami." They were friends on several different levels. They even kissed. There was a level of brotherly love that went passed the normal bonds of kinship or friendliness that the Tyranophant felt made it okay for him to speak to him that casually.

"Second," Ty-kun added, "The Elemental Versions Of Myself Are All Of The 6th Restriction Collectively. They, Combined Form Me -- 7th Restriction. They Are My Emotions As Well As My Elements, And They Each Have A Place In My Body." It was a good thing that Ramiel brought up the Magnus Ignis, as well, for that led Ty-kun into his next point. "There Are Times Where I Must Center Myself To Keep From Letting My Emotions Run Wild And Have My Chakras Misaligned, See. Normally Has To Deal With Tao And One Known As 'Titane', The Earth God. Those Two, I Have Trouble With Because Of My Emotional, Free-Spirited Heart And My Less-Than-Grounded Nature As A Person." The Tyranophant was more of a 'Third Eye' and 'Crown' type person, which were the ones who aligned the other chakras... along with Serulenia at the Sacral, of course, since his natural element is Water.

"The Tabrynth Is My Brain's Name, And Serves As A System For The Whole Veritas," Ty-kun said. "There's A Grand Tabrynth -- Which Is Information -- At The 9th Restriction I Can Turn Into Which Is The Brain Of My Larger Avatar..." He rubbed the back of his head, floating gently. Ty-kun hovered over toward the waters of the Oasis of Serenity, looking down at his reflection. "The Veritas Is My Body. My Family Makes Up Parts Of My Body, But The Versions Of Myself Are Just Me And Not My Body Parts." Hopefully that made sense. "My Seven Spirits Are Also Me, But They Are Spirits From My Family's Former Curses That I Tamed And Embedded Into Myself, Thus Taking My Family's Generational Curses And Turning Them Into My Actual Chakras -- Hence Why They Are Both Myself And My Family." Taomin and Nyake were a prime example. Nyake was Ty-kun's mother's spirit, but Taomin was actually Ty-kun as a female.

"I've Also Got A Wife Who Had To Undergo The Thirteen Restrictions, Three Daughters And A Son Who All Have The Restrictions Placed On Them, But Combined, We All Lead Up To..." Ty-kun finally looked up, way beyond the moons -- of which the Third Moon, the Green one, was in passing -- and up into the very stars. "... Our One Overgod, Which Is My True Form. All Of My Creations Back As Me." Ty-kun in the 7th was aware that he was a creation by his 13th Restriction self, just as all the Veritas was, and all the Veritas Dimension was he.

"I Hope This Wasn't Too Much For Ya, Pal," Ty-kun said, swiveling around in the air, hands still in his pockets, "Because Now You Know The Truth About The Veritas." It was a bit troublesome when people found out that the entire dimension was his body and how vast it was, considering the universe was comprised of omniverses called 'Moons', and there was a 'Moon' for each of the Thirteen Restrictions -- an omniverse made specifically for holding back Ty-kun's power.

"But Yeah, I Rule Over The Veritas PLANET. My 8th Restriction Form Rules Over The Veritas UNIVERSE. My 10th, The Veritas Omniverse, And The 13th, The Veritas Dimension." Ty-kun chuckled. "I Even Have My Child Version And Elder Version Of Myself Running Around Here, Too..." He thought fondly of Ty-chan and Ty-sama...

"Call Me A Narcissist If You Want, But I Had A Lot Of Power I Had To Split Up. Trust Me, I Was Undefeatable. Then One Day..." Ty-kun paused dramatically, looking down to the ground solemnly, "The Fire Nation Attacked." At that, he burst into laughter, kicking his legs about as he hovered in midair. "BYAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, That One Never Gets Old!" He swiftly regained his composure and coughed, saying, "But Yeah, I Destroyed The Last Universe I Lived In During My Awakening And Created The Veritas Out Of Myself. Heh." It was an embarrassing story. "Everyone Tried To Stop Me, But They Were Too Weak, Even Though They Were The Strongest The Universe Had To Offer And, Well... Their World Was Obliterated By Me When We Had A Fight." He coughed again. "Hence, 'Tyranophant'. Tyrant Heirophant." He didn't like being a tyrant nor tyrannical except only sometimes, and people often feared him even back then for his insanity.

"So, What's All This Mean Ta You, Rami? That's My Story."

Rami put his fists to the sides of his head and pulled them away as he spread his fingers. "Pyew!"

He shook his head, "That's... heavy. And... I wonder how lonely that is, existing in a universe that is almost only you, alone. I mean, without your family from before, and the different versions of yourself now... I think you kinda had to do it that way, or something similar. I think anyone would end up batshit insane if they had only themselves to live with."

He felt a mix of emotions now saddled with that glimpse of knowledge. Mostly out of sympathy for the overall condition. He didn't put a lot of hope into Ty's warm demeanor, he'd seen first hand people that put on a happy, carefree front, but were just doing it to mask a crippling, soul-devouring loneliness.

Ty-kun's visible eye shimmered when he heard Ramiel's words, the crystal blue ocular looking as if it had just witnessed a phenomenon. On his chest, there was a green light that suddenly shone -- the same color green as Taomin's eyes and markings, as well as the Heart Chakra, itself. "Rami... I..." Ty-kun didn't know that anyone could ever feel for him like that, since he was always dealing with people who were from the last dimension who escaped before it was deleted. He put a hand up to his chest where his Heart was, knowing that what he went through as Taomin was true and for real. That made him smile.

"I'm... Happy You Understand," The Tyranophant said, turning away from Ramiel in a tsundere fashion, and even blushing a bit. He hadn't met the other Spirits of Ty-kun, so he wouldn't understand why Ty-kun's reaction seemed to distant. Yet, there was a clear light glowing at the top of his head, emanating like a halo. "... The Others... Never Understood Me. They Just Tried To Damage The Veritas Out Of Spite..." There was a level of deserving that the Tyranophant had coming to him for destroying someone else's dimension, but the reason behind it was because they literally made him the enemy when they were the ones trying to destroy him for awakening at all! Mostly because they couldn't, or had done so and theirs was not as spectacular. "... But Hey, We're Brothers, Alright?" The Tyranophant turned and gazed Ramiel deep in the eye, straight into his soul, "And You're Very Much Welcome To Do As You Please In The Veritas, As I Said. Hell, Bring Your Friends, If Ya Like! I Don't Mind A Nice Visit." He reclined midair, finally taking his hands out of his pockets and folding them across his chest. "I'll Greet Them As My Whole Self, Not My Broken Up Pieces." He chuckled.

The truth was, Ty was indeed lonely. Soul-wrenchingly lonely. It could be seen in his eye and heard in his voice, even if he said nothing about it. Yet, he did. "... It Does Get A Little... Lonesome Around Here, At Times..." At that moment, a violet third eye opened up atop his head, gazing at Ramiel. "By The By, I Am Psychic, So I Can Read Your Thoughts And Feelings." His chest was still glowing green, but there was a smile on Ty-kun's face worth a million bucks now. "And Thanks For Helping To Tame Tao. It's... What My Heart Needed." That loneliness... That isolation... Everything Taomin spoke of were the Tyranophant's true feelings, as well. "So Thanks, Sweetheart~." Ty-kun winked and smooched at Rami from afar, snickering a bit afterward.

"When I get back, I will let others now, but I can't compel them. Parts of you have already left an impression, both good and ill. Also... they'd need a way to get here. The Bay's nexus doesn't send people off, only allows them to return to their homeland if they hold it in their mind. Except for a couple individuals, whose homes are either grossly unsafe or non-existent anymore."

He paced around, meandered really, as he puzzled on the issue. "I might be able to find my way back here now that I've been here, so I might be able to guide a few, and they a few more, but that method's really not reliable. No real telling for us what causes it."

"I Can Open Up A Dimension Gate Anywhere!" Ty-kun said. "As Long As I Am Present, I Can Certainly Do That." It was getting into the Veritas from the outside without an escort that was difficult. But that wouldn't matter if Ty-kun were there.

"But..." he said reluctantly, wondering about the 'ill' impressions that he knew he made, "... Do You Think That They Will Accept Me?" He hovered upright now, placing his hands back into his pockets, but turned his head away from the rabbit, gazing off into the pool of water forlornly.

Ramiel let out a sigh. "I can't know if they would. I'm not omniscient. The most I could do is put in a good word for you. You could also try to apologize, as yourself. But I can't make any guarantees. Some people, once they've made their mind up, that's it."

He hops overhead with a half twist to face Ty-kun when he landed. "There's also another thing, most mortals and even immortals I've known aren't up to interacting with a god. Or even fragments of one. Especially if it's a god that is foreign to their beliefs."

He reached out and dared to touch, putting his hand on Ty's shoulder. "I'm not saying it wouldn't work. It's just you'd be working against a stacked deck. If you do go there, the best course of action is to not take it personally. Make your earnest attempt to show them you just want some friends and/or visitors, and let them choose for themselves. Then give them space and time."

A myriad of emotions welled up in the Tyranophant as he was spoken these words by his rabbit friend. Not only was he upset about the prejudice, he was displeased with the thought that there was no way to have them be understanding about it by meeting someone in person and getting to know them. It made him feel worse that they wouldn't listen to the Captain of the Guard, of whom they sought protection. His words should have held much validity... Yet, after remembering the experiences through the Tabrynth, and also some sleuthing in the 2nd Restriction -- Tear Lacrimoso -- Ty-kun was aware of how they treated certain strangers.

They couldn't even deal with the hovering thing.

"UGH!" Ty-kun groaned, a fire in his belly welling up and his stomach turning red, "That's So RACIST!" The area around them began to contort and deform from the pleasant Oasis to a volcanic region; the grass on the ground withered and the land became cragged, the water dried up whilst the land deformed into that which was something like rock hills, and where the Enchanted Palace once was, a volcano erupted from the earth -- all in the Tyranophant's anger. He'd warped reality around them to take them to the Fire Realm of the Veritas, which was more or less desert and volcanic plains. The temperate weather did not seem to shift, though the environment did. "They Don't Even KNOW Me! And, What, Because I'm A God -- A God That EARNED His Godliness, By The Way -- They Are Just Going To Treat Me With Prejudice Right Off Of The Bat? I Remember Going There In My 8th Restriction Form And The Only Person I Could Really Socialize With Was That Ecatael Person." If Ty-kun didn't have a wife, Eca certainly would be a perfect candidate.

When Ramiel put his hand on Ty-kun's shoulder, the flames in his belly calmed and the redness coming from the pit of his stomach subsided. The land, too, shifted to a more hospitable location for them; the ground crystallized and sparkling, shimmering blades of grass sprouted up in waves all around, fluctuating with a rainbow of colors. The sky became vivid with color like aurora, yet the night still held its darkness, and the stars seemed to light up the several Moons at different distances from the location they were in now. The volcano disappeared along with Ty-kun's anger.

They were in the Crystal Garden; Sanctum Crystos, a land of Peace.

"Well, You Do Have A Point, Pal," Ty-kun said, wrapping his arm around Ramiel's shoulder in reciprocation to his camaraderie, "It Cannot Hurt To Try. Even If They Might Be A Little Racist." Honestly, Ty's feelings were hurt just thinking about it, and some of the crystal in the distance cracked a bit, but quickly reformed -- much like Ty-kun's feelings.

"But A Little Help Would Be Nice," Ty-kun chuckled, shaking Ramiel a bit in a friendly fashion whilst they were in embrace. "I Mean, I Wouldn't Mind."

That tantrum shook Ramiel enough to make him cringe, but as quickly as he calmed, Ramiel recovered.

"Eca's a sweet one. I know her well. I can try to contact her, if she knows you well, she could speak for you as well. Perhaps her words might carry more weight than mine, since she's a far more powerful being." Eca was actually a former paramour of the rabbit's. He'd even seen her real form that hid under the starlet persona she enjoyed walking around in.

"As far as racism and prejudice, Unfortunately they are a thing in my world. If my world has real gods at all, they're nothing but aloof and ambivalent, at best, down right malicious at worst. Because a truly caring and just god would not allow the evils that happen every day, or let the cruelty that some inflict on others just happen. My world is not a constructed perfection. It is riddled with flaws, and I am but one man that tries to keep a tiny sliver of peace and respite for others." He steps back and opens his arms, "I do it because it makes me happy to see others have a chance. Because I know that one of us isn't as strong as many of us. I accept that some don't appreciate it, think I'm just a bunny that humps at anything that moves." He sighs, "They're free to think what they want. I don't want to be told I should believe, and I'm not going to force anyone to believe as I do. I won't be a hypocrite like that."

"Well, God Bless..." said the Tyranophant, hearing the compassionate words of his bunny friend. "You Really Meant What You Said To Me, Huh?" He nearly couldn't believe it, after his finding out that he was not only a man but also married and also the God of the World that they were on, but there were also more Versions of himself that were both more powerful and also comprised of the entire Universe as well as several Multiverses that existed also as Gods over the others yet again after being God of the World.

Maybe there was hope.

"We're Really Friends? You Can Be Friends With Me? Because I Want To Show You A Lot Of Things That I Can Do That Are Really Fun." There were already God things that Ty-kun could do as the Tyranophant, and he wanted a reason, in all true honesty. "You Can Say Anything And Do Whatever You Like Here, Brethren," The Tyranophant insisted as he raised his arms up casually, the grass shimmering in sync behind him, halo spinning a bit and spilling light from itself.

It seemed that Ty-kun was excited about the prospect of using his powers to grant Ramiel's every whim whilst he were within the Veritas. Why would he not? "You've Already Met My Mother. You've Yet To Meet My Sister." Ty-kun winked and insisted upon 'Ecchi'. He chuckles.

He made a puzzled face, "Why can't we be friends? I mean if you didn't like me, I'd have been sent back into the Bay or annihilated... and if I didn't like you, I'd have already asked to leave." It was sound logic in Ramiel's mind.

As far as wishes and whims, for now he kept those to himself. He knew Ecatael, after all. And in his world, wishes tended to find ways to go against intention. Granted, Ty was likely very different. But past experience is all Rami had to go on. But there was one thing that piqued his curiosity. "Sister?" He asked, raising a brow.

"I Thought I Said We Were Friends Already!" Ty-kun shouted, somewhat confused, "Why Did You Think We Couldn't?" It made no sense to Ty-kun as to why Ramiel would suddenly speak out like that, but it was not anything that was bad, so Ty-kun only got confused.

"Yes, But My Sister Is Also Connected To The Mother Spirit In Nyake Through The Living Shadow." Ty looked off to the side, looking around a bit, "Then Again, It Is Also Still Just Me In A Different Version Of Myself." He remembered Ramiel saying something about taking many wives. "Maybe My Sister Could Be Involved With You. Because I'm Married And She Is A Reincarnation, But Shares A Soul With My Daughter."

That was already probably too much to handle right now. The whole Sister-Daughter type thing. "It's The Free Will Of What I Would Be As A Female, But Is Just A Spark. It Shares Four Souls, And One Of Them Happens To Be My Sister By Reincarnation In The Gene Pool. The Others Are Myself, My Daughter And Herself, As All Three Of Us Together Plus She, Herself -- Thus Making It The Physical Incarnation As A Daughter, Even Though The Consciousness Changes Between Mine, My Sister's, My Daughter's And Hers."

"I was meaning to explain that I agreed we're friends. Sorry."

He was trying to piece together the intricate web of personas and the imagos incorporated into Ty. "If you want me to meet your sister, please, by all means, I would like to meet her. Should I be on my best behavior?"

"Yeah, But I Feel Some Type Of Way About It All Because She's My Daughter, Too." It would be weird to watch his own children suddenly be set up with Ramiel. They were bros and everything, but that didn't mean that there weren't lines to be drawn. "Beyond That, She Has A Temper And Is Devoted To God," Ty-kun looked up, eyes shimmering, "Like We All Are."

After a bit of silence, Ty-kun chuckled. "Maybe It Would Be Best For Just Us To Spend Some Time Together?" Ty-kun really wanted to know Ramiel's mortal wishes, since the purpose of the God of a Planet was to protect the planet and also grant wishes to deserving people. "You Sure You Don't Want Me To Grant You A Wish?" The Tyranophant asked again, "Because That's Like, My Job, Other Than Keep The Planet From Danger."

Ramiel shrugged. "Honestly, the only part of you that I've had a real interest in is Taomin."

At the offer of a wish, the rabbit got quiet for a moment again. He slowly shook his head. "I've nothing I want to wish for. The only wishes I could make right now would be frivolous or ignorant. Maybe both."

There was something eating at the rabbit, and even he didn't know exactly what it was. It was manifesting itself as a mild headache for now, which he was dismissing as just holding onto a bit too much new information. Which was why he was starting to seem withdrawn and maybe a touch boring.

This was inevitable. Ramiel was mortal, and thus had only mortal issues to think of or worry about, as well as those sorts of experiences. He was not a God -- nor a lonely one, at that -- and thus did not understand what it meant for one to be willing to grant his wishes with a blessing or to want to accompany him whilst he travelled, which normally would be seen as a high honor, coming from the God.

"Well, I Respect Your Will To Not Be Ignorant On My Property," the Tyranophant laughed, smirking a bit, "But I'M Ignorant On My Own Property, Sometimes." Then again, he could always restore whatever was destroyed -- just like he could if and when something else attacked -- but it was the principle of the matter of not destroying things that it really got down to. "Look, I'm Going To Level With You..." the Tyranophant sighed heavily, "I'm Bored As Hell. A-and It's Not Because Of You, See. It's Because, Well..." He extended his hands, expressing the vast amount of space that there was not being used, but still sitting there waiting to be utilized, "The Veritas Is Empty. I've Got Spawn Of The Generic Race Of People That Come From My Own Genes, Yes, But They Are Just The Equivalent Of The 'Human Race' On My Planet. They Inhabit The Multiverses And, Well, They're Still Just Me."

When it got right down to it, the Tyranophant, culmination of most of the beings of the Veritas as one entity, was bored with being by himself.

"It's Definitely Me," he said, patting Ramiel on the back, "Not You. And I Hope Your Head Feels Better. I'd Fix That For Ya, But It's Rude And Intrusive, I've Learned, To Use Your Powers On The Unwilling." Yes, there were a lot of 'God' rules that went with being a God. "Interacting With Mortals In That Way Is Not Exactly The Proper Demeanor For Gods, Usually, Unless They Are Tricksters... Or Just Evil. And As Much As I Love My Tricks, I'm Not Evil." Though, there was a time when he was a villain, but that's how that other universe got destroyed -- The Lost World.

"Aaanyway, I Just Want To Do Something. Anything, At This Point. But It Isn't About Me," Ty-kun said, looking Ramiel in the eyes, "It's About You! It's About The People Who Come To The Veritas Either To Visit Or To Make A Home! THEY Are The Ones I Am Here For, Too, As The Gatekeeper Into The World! I'm Not Just Supposed To Fulfill My Will And Whims -- I'm The God. Part Of My Rules, Laws And Jobs Are To Actually Fulfill Mortal Wishes, Or Divinely Intervene And Such." Ty-kun rolled his eyes, "There's A Lot. But Again, I'm Like... A Djinni." That was the best way to put it. "In Fact, I'm Called The Crystal Djinni. So, I'm Supposed To Grant Wishes. But Someone Has To Rub The Proverbial Lamp."

Hopefully this was all making sense and not sounding selfish, because Ty-kun had been seen as selfish in the past.

"But Enough About Me," Ty-kun finally said, ceasing his rambling, since Ramiel was already stuffed in his brain with information, "What About You? I Can Tell Something Is Bothering You. I Cannot Impede On Your Free Will To Withhold It From Me, Nor To Keep Me In The Dark About It, But I Can Decipher It Using My Godliness." Ty-kun was indeed omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, as well as omnibenevolent -- hence why we were here. The thing about those things came down to free will and choices made that effected how they functioned at any given time. It was those it effected, not the one who bore the power, that made the difference... And not too many people knew that about Gods and Goddesses.

Thought on it a bit more, and whatever was eating at him grew. It turned into a heaviness in his heart.

Then it hit him like a truck. He thought of his father. The earlier talk about his family planted that seed.

He pulled his lips tight. "The last time I saw my dad was about five years ago." He started to explain. "The last time I saw him alive... I was eighteen. When I left to join the Leapers. I was 32 when he died. The last he ever heard about me was from the Leapers after I deserted." He lowered his head. "That's nagged at me ever since. I never knew what he thought of me after that. Mom told me he was still proud of me... but that's what moms are supposed to say, right?" He took in a deep breath, "It's a big taboo where I'm from, to try to reach beyond the veil."

He closed his eyes. "I'm not asking for him back, he lived his life and deserves his rest. I just can't help but think that he thought poorly of me, because he didn't know why I did what I did." He returned to staring at the ground. "I don't know why this decided to push its way into my head right now. I'm sorry. This is dumb."

This brought trouble to the Tyranophant's soul, since he saw that his dear friend was feeling down due to his history. Ty-kun, too, had historical issues that haunted him to this day, but as a God, they were all corrected. The only thing that was left of those issues were memories that he reflected on sometimes... Something like Ramiel was doing now.

"Your Father, Hm?" the Tyranophant asked, concerned about the well-being of Ramiel. "... So You're Concerned About His Thoughts Of You Before He Died..."

The Tyranophant thought.

"... I Can Use My Power To Channel His Spirit. Hell, I Could Bring Him Back From The Grave, Like I Did You, But It Is Ungodly To Tamper With Life And Death So Haphazardly." The Tyranophant shrugged. "The Best I Can Do Is Channel Him, And Perhaps Enchant Something So That You May Speak With Him If You So Choose At Any Given Time." The Tyranophant was a very caring person, despite his title and destructive history. When he cared about someone, he meant it.

"I Can Even Take You To The Spirit World," the Tyranophant insisted, knowing that was an option, "Because That, Too, Is A Way To Contact The Dead Without Raising The Dead." The Tyranophant did understand why reaching to the beyond was taboo in some realms, but fortunately for Ramiel, the Veritas freely allowed spirits and contact with spirits as one saw fit.

Though, Ty-kun was really more concerned about why Ramiel thought that his thoughts weren't valid. It bothered him a little that Ramiel felt like this. "Hey," Ty-kun said, "Don't Think That Your Thoughts And Feelings Are Dumb. Everything Is Important, I Have Learned Through Experience. Even Your Tiniest Thought Or Feeling Triggers Something Greater... Like A Light Switch. Something Small Can Become Something Big, Or Might Be Disguising Something Big, So It Is Best To Fully Search The Mind, Body And Soul For Your Thoughts And Feelings And Deal With Them Accordingly. This Is What I Do, And It Keeps Both My Head And My Heart Clean." Maybe the small words of wisdom would resonate with Ramiel's soul and have him see the importance of his thoughts and feelings.

Ty-kun pat him on the back, attempting to console him. "And If You Ever Need Anything Else, I Will Be Here For You." He smiled, chuckling, "Even If It's Just A Day Out With Tao!"

Ramiel wiped his eyes. "I still feel stupid... it's not like it would change anything."

His vision of the afterlife was apparently static. "But thanks."

Why wouldn't he make that wish? "Maybe... just ask?"

"Hey, Hey, It's Okay," the Tyranophant said in a comforting tone, "I Know How Emotional It Can Be To Suffer Death And Have Unspoken Words Or Unfinished Business. That's Why There Are Proper Channels For That Without Disturbing The Dead." Ty-kun knew a lot about a lot, but his omniscience seemed to be limited to only what was being dealt with at the time -- by choice, of course, to maintain full, undivided focus.

"We Can Be In The Spirit World In A Snap," Ty-kun said, literally snapping his fingers and flickering the both of them into a realm that was made of pure plasma. There was nothing anywhere but plasma of all forms, and the entire realm radiated with pure energy and nothing else. It was more 'static' than Ramiel realized. "See? Wish Granted. Now All We Have To Do Is Locate The Energy Signature Of Your Father Using Your Own -- Since You Should Give Off Similar Vibrations -- And Then Have Your Souls Synchronize So That You Can Hear His Deepest Thoughts And Feelings About You." The Tyranophant had been teaching about the Soul for years, so this was nothing new -- just unexpected. To think, he'd have the chance to explain a Soul Synchronization again to anyone outside of the College. "Should Go Just Fine."

Now, Ty-kun knew that in order for one to enter the Spirit Realm one needed to be made of Plasma. Spirits were plasmatic beings, like fire, and are very powerful electromagnetic condensations that are formed from the biorhythm of a being during its life based on brain waves and heart rate. Therefore, Ramiel's mind had to be strong enough to maintain a Spirit Form and his heart had to be strong enough to produce the chemicals necessary to be ionically charged. "I Hope You Don't Mind Ionization, Because That Is Definitely What We Had To Do To Get You Here." The Tyranophant stepped forth, kicking off of literally no physical plane of anything in the pure plasmatic world, yet parted the plasma before him like water. "Follow Me," he said grimly, knowing that if Ramiel were to have his ions absorbed into the Realm, he would be stuck there as a lost Spirit.

Though, the Tyranophant could just get him out of his plasmatic mishap should such occur, but the point of the matter was for his Spirit form to stay intact using the brain waves from his mind and chemicals that came from his heart. "Try To Steady Yourself And Stay Stable, No Matter What You Hear Or See -- Some Spirits Are Negative And Like To Give Others A Negative Charge, Which Could Disassemble You." All they needed to do was find the wavelength that was Ramiel's father's, and they could begin their own exchange. Ty-kun only hovered in the midst of the plasmatic Spirit World using his natural exuberance to force away weak forces, as not to accidentally blow away and scatter Ramiel's particles in this space. That would be hell if he didn't know how to recollect and reassemble himself as a Spirit. "I Presume You Have Never Been In Spirit Form Before?"

Ramiel found himself now just a 'glob' of plasma, held together by will alone. To say he was freaked out was a bit of an understatement. Of course he'd never been in spirit form before, and didn't know what to do. He was already starting to disperse, which made him panic and lose focus, creating an accelerating feedback loop. It only took a moment before he was lost to the realm.

"Super Star," the Tyranophant bade out, the charges of Ramiel equalizing via a resonance that harmonized each of the protons and electrons that he was comprised of and reset their charges to something extremely intense, withdrawing with a clench of the fist the particle makeup that was made of Ramiel. They would bind together via resonance alone with each other in harmonization of Ramiel's brain waves and biorhythms -- partially sustained by the Tyranophant.

That meant that the realm, itself, was part of the Tyranophant's energy source, and this being had control over its own energy source. All of the souls harmonized on their own away from the area where the Tyranophant released his Presence, once again leaving only Ramiel within the aura of emptiness around them keeping the plasma at least a yard or so away.

Such was the vacuum of such particles of Ramiel collecting together.

"Please Try Not To Get Killed Again," the Tyranophant begged as he floated closer to Ramiel's collecting charges, waiting to lean upon them when he rematerialized based on his vision of himself and what he believed he was in his heart instead of the original.

Or, proceed with the original Ramiel reforming to Ty-kun leaning on his shoulder, talking to him.

Ramiel, once reformed, would be the original. And with Ty holding him together for a moment, the rabbit could 'feel out' how to do it himself, though not with the ease that his friend had. For Rami, it was not an insignificant effort, but he could manage it now.

"I'll try not to..."

Ty-kun chuckled. "Don't Worry. Things Like That Happen More Often Than You Would Think." The Tyranophant smiled at the reformed Spirit Ramiel. "That's Why We Gods Have To Have The Power To Do Things Like That, Or Else There Goes Your Spirit, And Then Your Soul."

Ty-kun now had to fulfill the wish of Ramiel, which was to see his father. For that, the Tyranophant needed several things...

"I Will Need To Know Where He Died And How He Died So That I Can Connect Your Spirit Directly To His."

Ramiel looked around, then rolled his eyes. "Why did I do that? It's not like it's here... He died on the family farm, of a heart attack. It's about 4 miles south of Cactus Ranch. It's in western Kasuria, on Furrae, same plane as the Bay."

"Go It," the Tyranophant said, locating the dimensional coordinates for the Dimension Gate to open up to. He extended a hand and a small spiral unfurled outward into a larger opening -- a portal -- which revealed the terrain of the family farm of Ramiel Brisbane. There, in that spot where his father had been buried, is where his Spirit would be contacted from beyond the grave without disturbing the peace of his rest.

Ty-kun knew that he'd have to explain about the Spirit Realm and how to channel a Spirit as a Spirit, since it seemed that he had little knowledge about such arcane things. He seemed the type to stay away from it, in all honesty. "Here's What You Do," the Tyranophant said, "Using The Power I Am Using To Sustain You Here In A Collected Form, I Need You To Concentrate Both On The Image Of Your Father -- So That He Can Sustain An Image When Contacted -- And The Feelings That You Have For Your Father." The Tyranophant pointed to the site of the death, where the Spirit first expired, and said, "Because He Died Of A Heart Attack, His Body Was Still Intact. That Makes That Much Easier For Him To Sustain An Image After You Connect With Him, Since His Electromagnetic Waves Should Still Function The Same Way." Ty-kun smirked, placing a hand on Ramiel's back, "Now To Channel Him, You Have To Project Your Energy Toward The Grave Site And Charge The Area With Your Electromagnetic Current. The Chemicals That Comprise His Spirit Will Come Together And Formulate As Both You And He Remember, Sustained By Yours And His Electromagnetic Wavelengths Sustained By The Mind And Heart, Which Comprise The Spirit." It was basically like electrifying the Frankenstein's Monster.

"Now, The Only Thing About This Is," the Tyranophant warned, "If You Lose The Connection, His Spirit Will Return To Being Electromagnetic Chemicals Again. We Could Always Reconnect, But It Is Best To Leave Mortal Spirits Alone Lest You Keep Them Fulminated For Too Long And They Do Not Return To Rest Because They Have Too Much Energy." Spirits were little more than chemical makeup of the flesh, so this was all a level of chemistry and alchemy than anything. "I'm The Medium, But My Power Is Great, So It Can Overcharge. Don't Take Too Long, But Don't Be Afraid To Release Your Feelings. You Don't Want A Weak Connection." Ty-kun smiled, giving Ramiel a few pats on the back.

"Now, Go Have A Chat With Your Pops, Champ." The Tyranophant pointed into the portal, ready to assist Ramiel with conducting if necessary.

Rami had to connect and charge his father's body? He did so in the way that made sense to him, he reached into the ground. He felt the charge start to flow, and guided it up out of the ground.

"Dad... Dad... Are you there?" He called out to the forming energy. It pulsed in response, but there were no words yet. He kept on adding his energy to the mass as it took form. This felt a bit ghoulish to Rami, though.

The mass became more person-like, taking on a masculine shape. It was broad in shoulder and lean in muscle, with proud lapine ears. It was a head shorter than Rami, but the were distinct similarities between the two.

"Dad?" He asked once again, and the figure looked at him. "Who are you?"

Ramiel gasped. "Your son, Ramiel. You're Reginald Brisbane, yes?"

The figure nodded, "Ramiel.. Primes damn, son. You finally got some meat on ya!"

Ty-kun watched as the whole event unfurled, smiling contentedly with a sort of kiddish look on his face, yet with eyes that teemed with empathy. He was happy to see this sort of reunion and be part of it, for he could feel what they were feeling without them feeling what he was.

He didn't want to disturb the two of them as they spoke, but he did wish to introduce himself to his friend's father. Would have been better to do as Tao, though, he thought, but that chance was long gone. Ty-kun didn't even know if Ramiel's father noticed him.

The Tyranophant said meekly, "Hi, I'm Ty-kun, Sir..." before chuckling nervously, putting on his kiddish smile again out of embarrassment. He was an introvert and very shy, despite his sometimes tyrannical and exuberant nature when alone or with people he trusted.

Still, he did his best not to interrupt beyond introduction. He waited on his friend to get his wish accomplished, also not trying to eavesdrop on the conversation even though he was right there. He simply made his presence absent for the time being, saying, "I'll Let You To Your Own..." and fading away slowly.

The Tyranophant was still there, he was just absence, itself, and would return to his presence being present when Ramiel was done.

Reginald looked at Ty-kun, puzzled. He'd never seen a human or anyone human-like in his life. Rami had to interject, "He helped me get here, to talk to you. I'm not dead, yet."

Reggie nodded, and looked a little more at ease. "So, you finally came home. I'd offer you a cuppa tea, but well..." The elder rabbit looked at his grave, "...Yeah."

Rami nodded back, showing even more family resemblance in the little mannerisms, going all bobblehead when talking being one of them, "Yes. I should've done it sooner, but after the news... this was the first chance I had. I didn't because I was scared. I was worried what you'd think of me."

Reggie shook his head. "Ain't nothing wrong with being scared son. It's howya react to it. Hells boy, your mom 'n I were shocked when we were told you deserted, and tried to cover it up... apparently your little nurse friend ratted on you. Turned out she was your boss's girl." He shuffled a bit, "Why'd ya do it son? Before you left, you'd have never just left a job half finished. So I know you had a reason. Will ya tell me?"

Rami nodded, "It might be a long story there, pop."

Reggie laughed, "Ain't like I don't have time!"

The Tyranophant was pleased that the conversation was going well, even in his absence. He was not eavesdropping, however it was quite difficult to remove yourself from an area that was completely yourself. The only things that existed in this space at this time were Ramiel and his father. The Tyranophant, having taken on the form of absence itself, was only absent in the present area and not completely. For that yard or so that was being maintained as a distance between the Spirit World's plasma and Ramiel's Spirit, Ty-kun's absence remained to maintain the borders.

The faint image of Ty-kun's upper torso faded in above the area, looking as if his lower half were attached to the absence, itself, whilst his presence remained outside of its boundary -- even if still connected to it.

It was all just a means of giving Ramiel and his father some privacy.

Rami cursed under his breath. "So that was a waste of effort. I honestly can't blame her." He shook his head. "Okay, you know I was at the City on the Sea. We'd gotten an alert about a slave that had gotten loose, and was reported as dangerous and possibly rabid."

Reginald frowned. Rami nodded, "I know. Place had no laws about it. One more reason I hated the place. But... I found the escaped slave. She wasn't dangerous, or rabid. Just very, very hurt. Beaten to within an inch of her life. I took her to the medical post to get her proper care. Helped Nurse Hass set her broken wrist and take out her spleen, because it'd ruptured. Not sure how she didn't die from internal bleeding. But I... couldn't leave her. She'd just get handed over to the bastards that beat her before, and pretty sure they'd have beat her more. So I took her and ran, hid on another ship heading out to a far port. I had to get her away from those people." Rami kept himself composed, but it wasn't easy.

Reggie hugged his boy. "I understand. It wasn't an easy choice, but it sure sounds like the right one there."

Rami closed his eyes, "Sometimes I still question if it was."

His father let go, "Whatcha mean, son?"

The younger rabbit sighed. "I couldn't take care of her, Dad. She started getting sick, and never got better. I couldn't get the right antibiotics, my own injury was just as badly infected... In the end.. I didn't save her... she should have died that night, but I turned it into several months of suffering. Because I was acting like an idiot."

The elder shook his head, "Maybe you were, I wasn't there, I can't tell you. But your heart was in the right place, and you know it."

Though the Tyranophant was not listening to the conversation, he could feel the electromagnetic wavelengths of the two Spirits intermingling and causing emotions, along with exchange of words. Ty-kun could not help but to feel certain emotions because of Ramiel's story, and without being able to hear them, he wondered what they could be talking about. All Ty-kun felt was compassion, sorrow, pain and love, which meant the conversation was taking some emotional dips and turns.

"It's A Good Thing He Got To Talk To His Father," the Tyranophant said aloud, his voice -- though soft -- echoing throughout the Spirit World.

His curiosity nearly got the better of him, as he wished to peer down into the absence of his presence and present himself once again, however he refrained and let the rabbit spirits continue their conversation. But, Ty-kun would want to know all about it later on, which could be done verbally by Ramiel or psychically by himself, since he was a master psychic.

Seemed like their charges were getting a little bit too loaded, though. Had to make a note of that, since putting Ramiel's father back to rest would be more difficult the more energy he was given to remain in Spirit form, thanks to the 'Super Star' technique that Ty-kun used before. Nowhere near impossible, just... Maybe a little more than either rabbit would want for the other. They seemed pretty easy-going and loving, so the Tyranophant wasn't trying to make much of anything difficult for his friend and his father, including this wish that was being granted.

So he waited patiently, hoping that his friend and father were well.

Ramiel continued, catching his father up to at least the time that he passed. This made the old man rather proud, actually.

"Just take care of your mother. I can't imagine it's been easy for her. That said... How do I, yanno..."

Ramiel looked puzzled. He pulled back his energy slowly, but his father was still there. "I'm not sure, Dad..."

The Tyranphant snapped his fingers and the connection between the two beings was severed instantaneously. "There You Go~!" Ty-kun shouted helpfully. He didn't want to go back into being a presence from his absence until it was time to actually do the handiwork, but he felt the need to go back down suddenly when the two wills of the father and son wished to part at the exact same time, charging their frequencies simultaneously for the Tyranophant to feel through his connection between the two of them -- as he had been doing the entire time.

After that, he had to put Ramiel's father's Spirit to rest so that he would return to his natural charges when his particles returned to their stasis.

Ty-kun channeled the vibrations in his connection to both Ramiel and his father and individually repulsed them from each other in a fashion that would cause the one to part ways with the other in an old fashioned kind of way. The charged particles of Ramiel's father sustained by the Tyranophant were lain gently down, the energy animating them being withdrawn back into Ty-kun, and the Spirit being put to rest.

The Dimension Portal closed immediately afterward.

"..." The Tyranophant was speechless at first. "Heavy, Huh?" he asked, not having heard a thing, yet felt all of the tension and compassion within whilst he was without, whilst he was transporting himself back in.

His Presence remained, keeping the plasmatic entities of Spiritual Energy from sucking in his friend, of whose wish was just granted.

"I'm Glad You Got Your Wish." Ty-kun felt like it was better to know what his father thought than to be left in darkness that might cloud his mind in honorable combat instead of be motivation for him to continue forward. "If There Is Anything Else You'd Like To Do, Please Just Tell Me And It Will Be Done, My Friend." Ty-kun wouldn't even ask about how the conversation went.

He would wait for Ramiel to tell him.

Ramiel hugged Ty, and muttered his thanks.

It was truly a load off his mind, one that didn't settle on him often, but it did.

"I'm not sure what to do now. Is there anyplace in particular you want to show me? Preferably in my normal body again?"

Reciprocating the hug, Ty-kun pat Ramiel on the back one more time before saying in a jolly tone, "Yeah, I Do Have A Place I Want You To See!" This time, their bodies would be intact, and in fact, Ty-kun was about to exit the two of them from the Spirit Realm in a short while. "It's The Realm Of The Gods," Ty-kun went on, snapping his fingers and opening up a Dimension Gate to where this realm was located.

What was on the other side of the Dimension Gate was beautiful; it was a blended scenery of every type into one location and where one could visibly see the passage of energy in all its forms. It nearly looked unstable, like an illusion, but held its form completely sturdily the more one observed it. It was Pulchritude, the Omnipotent Realm.

Mountains rolled across a vast scape, whilst waterfalls and rivers rushed along them. The grass was so green that one would think it to be the first of its kind, and the clouds rolled along the skyline billowing over the horizon. There were several rainbows and the ground resembled water that one could literally walk on. All of the elements of nature seemed blended together here.

Ty-kun introduced it as "Pulchritude; The Beautiful Afterlife -- Realm Of The Gods." He outstretched his hand for Ramiel to enter first, saying, "After You, My Friend!" and going on to add, "Your Body Will Return To Normal Once You Enter, And You'll Be Like A God Whilst You're There." Part of why Ty-kun wanted to show Ramiel was because he wanted to see what he would be like as a God. Ty-kun thought it to be an interesting notion. "Oh, And I'll Change Forms, Too -- Into One Of My Higher Restrictions; The 10th, Where I Am In My Complete Form. However, I'll Be In My Elder Version Of Myself." He shrugged. "I Have A Child Version Of Myself, An Adolescent Version (That's Me), An Adult Version And An Elder Version. In The Omnipotent Realm, That Is Where My Elder Version Resides, So I'll Change Into My Elder Form."

Ramiel hesitated momentarily at the mention of becoming godlike, even if just temporarily. He did step through though after mentally steeling himself. If Ty was 'listening' to Rami's mind, he'd know now that the rabbit actually didn't like having power. The mantle of being Captain of the Guard was taken quite begrudgingly, and even more recent, the mere mention of him being the Bay's de facto leader had put him off.

The beauty of the realm was, however, breathtaking. To him, the place lived up to the root of the name.

Ty was aware of Ramiel's thoughts and feelings in more than one way, and as he passed through the Dimension Gate, his crystalline hair became long and sleek, rolling down his back like a waterfall. Around him, a translucent robe made of the actual reality of this realm folded itself neatly around him like a kimono, crystallizing itself as such once Ty-kun went through. Now he was Ty-sama, his Elder version, though he didn't look as much aged as he did distinguished. It was his demeanor that seemed to change the most, being an 'old man' now.

"Hahaha," Ty-sama laughed heartily, flowing over the water with the kimono that covered his feet, much like Tao, "It Seems From Your Feelings That You Don't Truly Know What It's Like To Be Godlike." Ty-sama smiled warmly, letting his crystal blue eyes close simultaneously, "It Has Nothing To Do With Power At All. It Is Merely A State Of Being At Your Greatest Potential, To Sum It Up." That meant that whatever Ramiel could achieve was open to him, and also plenty of other things that he wished to achieve for himself -- for this realm granted wishes, as well.

Ty-sama extended a hand out above one of the flowing rivers and swirled it, pulling it straight from the ground and wrapping it around his hand until it compressed and became an apple, of which he took a bite. The river flowed normally afterward. "Thy Will Be Done Here, To Put It Simply." Whatever Ramiel willed, it would be so for him whilst he were here, and his wishes would come true to his desire. Ty-sama hovered lightly into the sky, his proportions enlarging to match the mountains the closer he got, until he was so large that he actually sat atop the mountains as though they were a well-crafted throne; legs folded, hands in lap -- the traditional Japanese style of sitting respectfully.

"The Point Of Being Omnipotent Beyond Helping Others Is Purely For Fun!" Ty-sama stated rather exuberantly, looking up to the stars that speckled the sky whilst both the sun and moon hung high in the air, blending day and night with vivid aurora. "Relax Yourself And Enjoy Yourself. Some May Come Here And Go Power Mad, But I Do Not See This In You -- You Have Godlike Qualities In Yourself Already As Is, And I Am Certain That Such Things Will Honor You And Magnify In This Realm Over All Else." Ty-sama took a bite of his apple, which faded away after the initial consumption; back into particles of dust, from whence it came.

Chewing, Ty-sama placed a hand on one of the mountains like an armrest and leaned on the other in his lap, drawing his enormous face close to Ramiel, whose proportions were still the same as when he entered. "Control Is Key," Ty-sama said, his wisdom seeming to teem whilst he an elder -- more so than when he was an adolescent Ty-kun. "No Matter What You Want To Do, Simply Do Not Lose Control." After seeing what happened to people like Taomin and Nyake when they lost control over their Godliness, it should have been an experience already embedded within the bright bunny which would keep him from following in their footsteps.

Ty-sama smiled kindly, his long hair spilling over his neck and into the river, becoming one with the river, and flowing downstream as he gazed at Ramiel with his gigantic eyes. Ty-sama seemed interested in what Ramiel wished to do, and also what he did not want to do -- something about the omniscience made both ends of the spectrum vital for knowledge rather than just one or the other, since all information went into omniscience.

Hopefully all of this was not too much for Ramiel to take in, and he be overwhelmed by the realm around him and its lack of restriction.
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Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
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Tyrant 27: Ty-chan's Vengeance

Resting at the core of the Master Control unit of the Veritas was the Origami Crystalmoon, Ty-chan, reconfiguring to best suit its new existence as part of the Veritas' operating system, like his 9th Restriction forms. Being Tymon's memories and history, he saw things differently than the current Tymon, who was older in the present day. Ty-chan was still not satisfied in this type of vengeance, and as such that restlessness was felt all over the Veritas. The very Crystal Tree itself would shake violently as its core glowed a bright red.

It was Ty-chan's wrath.

"Play..." Ty-chan's voice echoed throughout the cosmos, "Play...!"

Ty-chan opened a great deal of Dimension Portals and began to interact with the worlds on the other ends of them, trying to find something interesting to do. But they all seemed empty.

The core reddened.


It seemed like Ty-chan was getting impatient, and was going to go trifle with the Lost World in order to satisfy himself. Yet, there was still naught but much that Ty-chan could actually accomplish from within the Veritas. Ty-chan would have to go out and invade other realms to find this satisfaction.


Ty-chan's core was struck with intense pain, which caused the Origami Crystalmoon to contort and transmogrify sharply, extending spikes from itself randomly as Ty-chan thought of Bunnybee and what was lost in the fire. All of his hard work that he put into Bunnybee, as well as all of his other creations, was gone and up in flames. The only things that were left were the things that Ty-kun created...

... But Ty-chan wouldn't give up the controller that easily.

"Master Control..." Ty-chan said, ready to give another order so that he could ease his pain and find an answer to his calamity that would actually stick. So far, not even other worlds helped. "... Master Control, Find A Way To Ease My Pain Of Losing My Childhood." Ty-chan was no longer who or what he once was without his childhood drawings and ideas. In fact, he was feeling lonely in the Veritas without Bunnybee. Even if Bunnybee was there, it was like she was missing her old spark that made her who and what she is. Ty-chan couldn't deal with it.

"Bunnybee Future...!!!" is what he cried out when Master Control finished calculating with he inside of it. That was the only way. "... But Still... Still..." The core flashed a bright red, piercing itself with its own light, "... Not Like The Original..." Ty-chan wept tears of blood from within the core of the Master Control unit of the Veritas, which caused the entire Veritas to start trembling.

It was as if the entire Veritas were going to cry.

The Tyranophant flickered into the area beyond the Master Control Unit -- the Crystal Pyramid -- watching as Ty-chan prepared to have an episode.

"Holy Shit..." the Tyranophant said, "... I Never Thought I'd Have To Do This To Myself..." Not to mention, Ty-chan was a higher Restriction than the Tyranophant was, and they were both the Tyranophant, which meant his special rule over the Veritas applied to Ty-chan, too.

Even so.

"YO, TY-CHAN!" The Tyranophant yelled out from the other end of the Master Control Unit, "Give It A Rest Already. You Already Know..." Ty-kun looked down, disheartened, "... What The Truth Is..." He lifted his head with a somewhat frustrated look on his face. "And Don't Make A Scene, Either! I Don't Want To Have To Get Rough With You..."

The Tyranophant would whoop his own ass, if need be, just because he was getting out of line -- as he was accustomed to doing with several mindfucks and other things he did to himself when he was younger. "I Still Remember All Of That, Even If That Laser They Got Me With Has My Head Still Fucked Up A Little Bit..." Ty-kun ran his fingers through his crystalline hair, it sparkling in the light. "Just, Chill Out And We'll Figure Out What To Do With The Veritas..."

Ty-chan wasn't having it. He didn't even hear Ty-kun speak. He was already lost in the Insanity.


Hysterical, Ty-chan started to release his energy as wildly and viciously as possible, screeching from the depths of the tree "ABSOLUTION..."

The entire Veritas halted at Ty-chan's cry.


At that moment, the entire Veritas released a pulsation from itself that was the equivalent of the wave of angelic wings, which spread from the Crystal Tree and shone with a light that was so magnificent, it would wipe out all life as they knew it just from the vibration alone. It harmonized with every wavelength that there was to spread its magnanimity and magnify itself upon release, wiping away anything that was of a lesser wavelength the instant they shone.

The Veritas was in very much serious danger, and it was because Ty-chan was unhappy. He had more control over the Veritas than most any other version of himself. Only one of his Four Faces could withstand him. "My Wings..." Ty-chan said, the Crystal Tree starting to transform into Ty-chan, himself, before the Tyranophant.

The aspects of the Veritas -- the Dawn, Delta, Dusk and Dream -- were all harmonized with Ty-chan during his transformation, and both it and everyone within made his titanic form. They would go on believing that they were living their normal lives, but in reality, they were making up Ty-chan's gargantuan body like cells. They were inside of his crystalline body, and were not effected at all by the life-threatening shine of his wings. They wouldn't even know a cosmic battle were happening if not for the Crystal Tree speaking. Yet all knew not to interfere with the Tensei or the Creator, and they were all fully aware of who it was.

"I AM AN ANGEL!!!" Ty-chan screamed, his wings out and his eight arms gripping each of the eight moon of the Veritas and letting the ninth moon of the Veritas serve as his core whilst the tenth moon came about him to protect him as an impenetrable shield and indomitable weapon. If Ty-kun survived the hit, he would only find that the enraged Ty-chan was gathering his energy in each of the moons of the Veritas, including the tenth, which surrounded his entire body as a giant bubble.


The Tyranophant braced himself for impact of the opening of Tensei wings -- just as strong as ever, just like the old days as Khrona. "An Empyrean Calamity Right From The Get Go? Yeesh..."

Fortunately, Ty-kun could resonate with any and all wavelengths and thus did so the moment he was hit, causing him to become one with the vibration instead of be wiped out by it. This set the stage at the 10th Restriction and raised his power, but it blew him back quite a ways away -- he was several lightyears away from Ty-chan, who could still be visibly fully seen as if he were only hundreds of feet away.

"You Forget The Seventh Moon Is Mine, Or Somethin'?"

The Seventh of the Eight moons that were in Ty-chan's Eight Arms was the Lawless Land that strictly belonged to the Tyranophant, Ty-kun. As it gained energy, so did Ty-kun.

"I Won't Even Get Big With Ya," Ty-kun said to Ty-chan, "But I AM About To Give You A Reason To Cry!!!"

Raising his hand up, the Tyranophant said, "I'll Make You A Deal -- If You Win, You Can Be The Tyranophant, And I Will Simply Be Ty-kun. But If I Win, You Give Me Control Over The Master Control Unit Again And Let Ty-sama Handle Everything." The energy that was being created by Ty-chan using the Seventh Moon would be drained into Ty-kun for power, instantaneously allowing the Tyranophant to use his techniques without charging, unlike Ty-chan, who was the one charging.

"If You Do Something In The Past, It Effects The Future, You Dumbass!" the Tyranophant could almost laugh at Ty-chan right now for not thinking that through, but he had to maximize on using his technique now.

"TREMBLE!!!" the Tyranophant commanded, the entire Veritas Universe supporting Ty-chan shaking like a snow globe. The Tenth Moon acting as a barrier before Ty-chan should have become weakened by the technique, and Ty-kun dashed at warpspeed toward the likely weakened barrier of the Tenth Moon.

He had to get through the Tenth Moon to get to Ty-chan.

Ty-chan pouted, hurling the Seventh Moon at Ty-kun as he approached the Tenth Moon barrier.

"SHUT UP!!!" Ty-chan shouted out loudly, seeming offended, "I've Still Got Nine Out Of Ten, And You Forget, I Have Higher Restriction Absolution! So..."

The very same wings that shone before would glow again, this time with a myriad of colors instead of just one bright light. "Hallowed Vibrance!" Ty-chan called out, releasing an enormous blast from the wings that was the same color as the crystalline wings were. The wavelengths of the blast undulated the waves in space and would cause Ty-kun -- who had resonated with the wavelengths -- to become only as powerful as the wavelength that he was harmonized with.

"That Will Slow You Down!" Ty-chan said with a wink as he laughed maniacally. Ty-kun wouldn't be able to break through the Tenth Moon's barrier around Ty-chan if his wavelengths were weakened and fluctuating. Instead, the very solid, sturdy wavelength of the barrier would keep itself erected, even as it was shaken a bit and weakened by the initial power of Ty-kun being on par with Ty-chan's temporarily, until Ty-chan used his last technique to change the vibrations in the air deliberately to weaken Ty-kun as he approached.

He would hit that barrier like a fly on a car.

Ty-kun smirked, seeing Ty-chan act rashly by throwing his Moon at him.

"Did You Even Think About That?" Ty-kun asked as he simply caught the Seventh Moon with his feet, riding it out all the way as it was thrown until he applied some force to his feet and slowed the speeding moon to a halt. The Seventh Moon began to rotate with Ty-kun on it, and it began to generate ungodly amounts of energy. "This Is Not Only MY Moon, It's The LAWLESS Moon. Meaning, Rules Don't Apply To It At All, Unless I Say So."

As the unstable wavelength of light came in great fluctuations to Ty-kun, he felt himself shift in power several times before he, himself, stabilized the wavelength using his power and the energy being created from the Seventh Moon.

For making a mistake, Ty-chan would suffer Absolute Punishment.

"ABSOLUTE PUNISHMENT!!" Ty-kun shouted, kicking himself off of the moon as the Tensei Seal appeared on its ultraviolet surface and shot straight for the Tenth Moon barrier to break it.

The second Ty-kun got an opening, he would say, "ANTI!" which would create 'Non-Energy' wherever Ty-kun wished, with his target begin the spot where the Seventh Moon hit the Tenth, locking its energy and nullifying it so that it could not be recovered and Ty-kun could fly at warpspeed straight into the fray with Ty-chan instead of having to deal with the Tenth Moon as a barrier.

If all went as planned, the barrier would be broken and the hole wouldn't be able to regenerate -- at least not until Ty-kun got through it, that is.

Ty-chan was not surprised by his elder self's resourcefulness, even though he was at the clear disadvantage. Ty-chan was well aware not to underestimate himself or take himself lightly, but sometimes, Ty-chan simply could not focus on his goals because he wanted to test something out.

"Hmmm..." Ty-chan muttered as the Seventh Moon smashed into the Tenth Moon, and the Absolute Punishment; Anti, causing it to lose its ability to have energy at all.

"You Made A Mistake, Too," Ty-chan would say with his Hyper Perception activated, "By Trying To Fly Into A Field Of Non-Energy!" As soon as Ty-kun flew into the Non-Energy zone, he would give it energy again, and thus the barrier would reform -- only this time, he would be inside of it with Ty-chan. "You Know What They Say..." Ty-chan said as his eyes gleamed red, "I'm Not Locked In Here With You..." He licked his lips with anticipation, "You're Locked In Here With Me!!"

"Absolution: Threads Of Fate; Absolute Final Wonderland."

The Enigmas smoked up around Ty-chan, pouring out of a crystalline halo which appeared over his head and filled up the internals of the barrier with a world of Ty-chan's complete and utter creation, down to the very fabric of its space and time.

Woven around Ty-kun using the nine moons, he would be taken into the Absolute Final Wonderland where he was fighting Ty-chan and he lost the battle.

Thus, Ty-kun would essentially lose the battle as soon as he was near Ty-chan in the fray and caught in his Absolute Final Wonderland, simply because that was the Reality that was created around him at the time.



Ty-kun was already swallowed up by the smoke creating the Absolute Final Wonderland. He may have made it passed the barrier and was able to fight Ty-chan up close, but he made a Reality where Ty-kun lost, and in all honesty, being trapped in a reality where you already lost the battle as part of the battle was something that most would find exceedingly frustrating.

Not the Tyranophant, however, who lived up to his self-given name and title.

"Well, Ty-chan, You Think I've Lost, But You're Forgetting Something Important Here..."

The Tyranophant's eyes suddenly turned pitch black and he outstretched his arms out at the World which was created around him that was subjugated to Ty-chan's will and said, "Absolute Punishment; Doom Revelation."

At that exact moment, starting from the Tyranophant outward, pitch black nothingness would sweep across the land as a type of resonance with the wavelengths of all that was created, down to the very fabric of its space and time. Ty-kun would use the meta of being himself in the future to know how Ty-chan constructed the fabricated space and take it apart the exact same way -- starting backwards.

"If I Only Lose Because I'm Here, I'll Just Not Be Here, Kid."

The Doom Revelation was so powerful because it resonated with every wavelength their was, including those that made up realities, so an alternate reality would only serve as an annoying prison for about a few moments.

"And, If I Already Lost, But Only In This Reality, Then As Soon As This Reality Is Gone, It Will Not Have Counted Because The Reality Was Both Fake And Destroyed."

The pitch black darkness crawled up the entirety of the realm and eventually eroded it around Ty-kun, revealing that his loss was only in the moment and not completely nor totally fully. Thus, the battle raged on.

The Tyranophant did not cease with the Doom Revelation, however -- instead, he used the Absolute Final Wonderland he resonated with to become part of his own reality, where he not only didn't lose, but the reality where he did does not exist anymore. Whilst he was within that black sphere, he could not lose to Ty-chan because that reality was gone now and being used as fodder for Non-Energy, which would erode the rest of Ty-chan's offenses and defenses soon enough. The Doom Revelation may eternally destroy and fix itself with the energies of other things, as long as the are within the Presence of the Tyranophant, to whatever degree that Presence may be. Anything within the Presence can be destroyed and used as a sacrifice to return his energy, meaning the more energy Ty-chan had at his disposal, the worse the Doom Revelation was going to become... Until Ty-chan was no more.

"ACK!" Ty-chan cried as he saw his Absolute Final Wonderland crumble before him by his own hands again. "No..."

He really felt like he lost, but only in the future, which was now the present.

And presently, his adolescent self was coming toward him with his energy erasing ability, 'Doom Revelation', which continually grew by destroying energy and leaving 'Non-Energy' in its place, meaning as much energy as there was being output was as much as would be comprised of the Doom Revelation.

"HALT!!!" Ty-chan cried, ceasing the flow of energy between the energy he was charging and the Non-Energy that was feeding from it. There should have been a stasis field surrounding all of the Doom Revelation, keeping it from expanding because it not only could not touch energy, energy could not be transferred to it at all. So the Non-Energy would be contained, along with Ty-kun, in the 'Halt'.

"That Would Have Been Really Cheap," Ty-chan said, expanding the radius of the Tenth Moon to a larger size than before. "But I'm Going To Get Rid Of Your Absolute Punishment With Absolute Zero!"

That said, Ty-chan's eyes turned pitch black and he grew a wide, insane smile.

"Absolute Zero; THE END!!"

Another layer to the 'Halt' barrier was created around Ty-kun, only this one was the darkest of black. It was the embodiment and value of the 'End Of All Things', and would bring an end to the Non-Energy as soon as it was touched, forcing the Doom Revelation to end as soon as it was released from stasis.


Ty-chan knew that 'The End' brought whatever it touched to its finality in whatever way, shape or form that may have been, and in this case, it would bring an end to the technique. It bore no energy, but served more as a fault line, so it could not be destroyed nor bypassed -- it was literally the essence of 'The End Of All Things' in the form of a malleable technique.

Ty-chan was a genius.

Ty-kun couldn't believe this. Not only was he stuck in a barrier that kept all of his energy from getting out and other energy from getting in, but it was also laced with another barrier that would end his Non-Energy the moment it made contact, causing all of its values to return to zero.


"... Okay, Kid..." the Tyranophant grumbled, extending his hands, "You Asked For It!"

Ty-kun was in a touch situation, actually, and wasn't able to escape. The nullification of the transfer of energy could only be harmonized with at its own level -- which Ty-kun did -- but the moment he did, his Non-Energy resonance would be halted because of the stasis field. Not to mention, immediately afterward, it would come to an end.

But those were risks that had to be taken.

So, the Tyranophant let his Doom Revelation resonate with the neutral nullity of the stasis field around him and then fall into its own end, using up all of his gathered Non-Energy to cancel out 'The End' and free himself.

"PHEW," Ty-kun sighed, both relieved and tired from having to deal with Ty-chan. "At Least I'm Free..." he muttered, calling forth the Seventh Moon to stand atop of again. "This Time, Though..." Ty-kun said to the Ty-chan that dwarfed his little Seventh Moon, "I'M GONNA MAKE IT HURT!!!"

The Tyranophant flicked a wrist, crying out, "Absolute Punishment; Destiny Bond!" and chains shot from everywhere imaginable -- even from imaginary space. They bound up the entire universe together by the interconnectedness it all shared in its harmony and traced it up and down, essentially BECOMING the very link that tied them all together. With that, the Tyranophant threatened, "I Will Cut These Chains Right Now And Sever All Energy From Going To You, And You'll Be Just As Powerless As I Almost Was In That Realm You Made For Me -- Except This Time, In The Veritas And Not Some Reality I Made Up."

Ty-kun thought for a second.

"... Wait..."

He waved his hands around, peering up from the Seventh Moon, which seemed to be the source of many of the chains and shackles, "YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!" He coughed. "Anyway, You Know The Deal; Anything That Gets Cut Off Stops Working And Loses Its Power." Ty-kun crossed his arms, nodding profusely. "I'll Say That's About Checkmate, My Boy." Ty-chan should have been SWARMING with chains -- not to mention the entire universe, itself -- and he should have been wrapped up by these swarms of chains just from being gridlocked by everything else connecting to each other instantaneously.


Ty-chan was in trouble, and he knew it now. This 'Absolute Punishment' was nothing to play with. He'd get cut off from the Veritas and his various power sources if Ty-kun even so much as wiggled his nose. With the threat of damn near instantaneous persecution at execution threatening him, Ty-chan was ready to give up.

But then he sat and thought. He was having fun now. He wasn't bored and he was actually getting over the whole Bunnybee thing... for the moment.

So he decided against giving up and instead continued to fight, just for fun!

"Absolution; Cosmosis!"

The split second Ty-chan had to get away from Ty-kun is what he used to cause a cosmic mitosis which divided the Veritas Universe into a side where Ty-kun's chains were and where Ty-chan wasn't, and one that Ty-chan was in, with all his power still intact.

"HALT!!" Ty-chan cried out again, creating a barrier of nullified energy transfer between them so that the two now divided universes could not come back together -- it was like a split-screen television.

"Hmmmmm..." Ty-chan thought, gaining power as he did so. He waited on his side of the Veritas Dimension without the chains whilst charging power, thinking as he did so. It almost seemed like thinking WAS how he charged power. "... Calculation..." he muttered under his breath, raising his eight arms up into different positions. He was going to try to wipe Ty-kun out with this next one.

Ty-kun sighed heavily, watching helplessly as in the split second he needed to disconnect Ty-chan it was not only lost, but so was Ty-chan. He grumbled under his breath, frustrated that Ty-chan, the younger version, had so much power, but also knew why that was so. It was because he created everyone, including the elder version of himself. They were equal in power, but Ty-kun was a lower Restriction. That meant that he was equal to Ty-chan -- and actually, greater than him, because they were even on two different levels.

"Quit Acting Like A Little Bitch," Ty-kun said to Ty-chan, thoroughly frustrating himself trying to entertain this child. "Now I See Why Nobody Plays With You-- UGH!!"

Ty-kun hurt his own heart by insulting Ty-chan.

"D... Dumbass..."

He shook it off.

Either way, as it stood now, Ty-chan had his own side of the Universe and Ty-kun had his own side, and neither of them were able to transfer energy between each other. But Ty-kun intended to do something with all of the energy he just connected with all of his chains, and he focused that energy into the karmic cycle of the Universe that he was in, giving it more power. Essentially, he was going to create a larger and more powerful universe and manipulate it to merge with Ty-chan's.

"Absolute Punishment: Anti; Antilife."

Again, energy could not be TRANSFERRED across the barrier, but it could still be met with energy, to a certain degree. And so, using 'Antilife,' Ty-kun could cause that barrier to come to the end of its life by opposing its very existence energy-wise, neutralizing the nullification of energy transfer by ending its very lifespan -- not unlike what Ty-chan tried to do to the Doom Revelation with 'The End'. Generally the same concept, only on a different target and in a different fashion.

Once Ty-chan's Universe was open, Ty-kun would wrap his around Ty-chan's so that they would merge back together and have the Veritas as one whole again -- and grant Ty-kun access to Ty-chan.

Meanwhile, Ty-kun merely hovered his Moon closer to the border, letting the imaginary space behind it blend with it whilst actual space came crashing at Ty-chan's universe like a tidal wave.

Ty-chan was in trouble again, since his 'Halt' barrier was once again diminished. "Man, That Move NEVER Works." Not that he would know except through Ty-kun, who used it before in a battle with someone else and it didn't work.

Suddenly, Ty-chan was hit with a wave of space that was like a tidal wave, shaking his own universe as he drew energy for it. It was trying to blend back with the first reality, but Ty-chan wasn't going to have it.

"ABSOLUTE FINAL WONDERLAND!!!" he cried, causing the entire Universe that he was in to become one of his 'Wonderlands,' and thus under his complete and utter control. It looked like the Tenth Moon -- which it was -- and because of that, it could utilize the Tenth Moon's malleability to become any weapon or utility possible. So, to combat the tidal wave of space from the alternate universe trying to crash into his, Ty-chan would extend spikes from his own Absolute Final Wonderland, puncturing the universe of Ty-kun.

When the spikes touched the universal energy, Ty-chan shouted, "ABSOLUTE ZERO; ZEO GRANDE!!!"

Wherever a spike stabbed into Ty-kun's belligerent universe, a black hole would be created, of which would expand as part of the Zeo Grande, which ate all forms of energy and continuously expanded until there was nothing left. So many Zeo Grande punctures would cause Ty-kun's universe to be swallowed up by the black holes speckling it in a matter of instants, leaving him defenseless to Ty-chan's Absolute Final Wonderland -- which would be the only universe left.

The Tyranophant was getting royally PISSED about how Ty-chan could just get out of EVERYTHING with SOMETHING. "Man, Was I This Annoying To Fight In The Past?"

Not that the Tyranophant had time to talk about it; his Universe was being swallowed up by several black holes all working at hyperspeed. He'd have no more energy left.

"Absolute Punishment: Anti; Antithesis."

After saying that, the black holes would stop, then begin to swirl in reverse. By the power of 'Antithesis' -- which utilized the opposing power or force against another -- the Tyranophant was able to create more energy using his ability to stop the energy that was being destroyed. They would not only repair Ty-kun's universe, they would also continue to give him energy, which allowed Ty-kun to attack with the same black holes -- which were white holes, now.

"Absolute Punishment; Doom Revelation!!"

The white holes would begin to resonate with Ty-chan's 'Absolute Final Wonderland', causing them to be unified. However, once they were, the white holes that were spewing energy in the surpluses were now spewing Non-Energy -- the same thing that Ty-chan was running from before. Now, however, there were generators of Non-Energy all around and soon, the universe of Ty-kun would be filled with Non-Energy, which he could command.

Ty-chan's Absolute Final Wonderland should have been shattered once again by the Doom Revelation, and would soon come for him.

"HALT!" Ty-chan cried regally as the Absolute Final Wonderland was eroded and erased by the Non-Energy of Ty-kun. The Non-Energy still could not pass through the barrier of no energy transfer without first resonating with its wavelength, and before that happened, Ty-chan prepared himself.

His angelic crystal wings began to glow brightly once again, as did his halo, and he licked his lips in anticipation...

Ty-kun sighed again. "I Already Know What You're Up To -- I'm The Future Version Of You." It was still quite the pain in the ass, and through the meta, Ty-kun had to be ready.

So, he harmonized and neutralized the wavelength of the null energy transfer field one more time and prepared for Ty-chan's seemingly large attack with something of his own, letting the Non-Energy take over in erosion of the barrier.

"Reaper Blade..." the Tyranophant called, summoning a pitch black scythe, "... Yin."

All he did was raise his scythe and prepare for whatever Ty-chan was about to do, letting the Non-Energy continue to eat away at his Universe after the barrier was eroded away.

"HEY, THAT'S CHEATING!!" Ty-chan said, since it didn't work backwards like that. He had to just use psychic powers or know himself well enough to know what he was going to do next, and -- in such a situation right now -- needed to quickly alter his strategy.

He would have to use a different technique than he planned and it had to be on the spot so Ty-kun couldn't see it coming.



The universe that was being eroded and eaten away by the Non-Energy would suddenly seem to fight back on its own, Ty-chan's wings and halo releasing a powerful and vibrant light that forced the universe to expand with the power of a big bang. The Creatrix was an ever-creating energy and entity simultaneously, allowing for Ty-chan -- who made himself a Creatrix in his free hand -- to infinitely create whatever he wanted, be it real or unreal; imaginable or unimaginable. Such was the beauty of Absolute All.

"NOW I CAN MAKE WHATEVER I WANT!!" Ty-chan screeched happily, maniacal laughter overwhelming him as he figured out how to completely wipe out Ty-kun's Non-Energy. The Creatrix in his Seventh Hand would serve as a placeholder for itself as Ty-chan hovered closer to Ty-kun... Yet he was wary of that black scythe that was summoned.

The Creatrix would create an exact opposite of the scythe and Ty-kun in order for them to do battle with each other.

Meanwhile, Ty-chan continued to pour out energy, letting his Creatrix handle things from here.

Ty-kun sighed one more time, explaining, "Doesn't Matter; I Can Still Take It Away." The Creatrix, itself, once it was manifested as an entity, was its own target and weak spot -- something that Ty-kun could aim for after he dealt with his polar opposite.

"Oi, Bro," Ty-kun said to the other Ty-kun, "Return To One."

Ty-kun reached out to his opposite and absorbed him into himself, because all versions of Ty-kun's self came to an absolute oneness at some point, and as long as he was capable of synchronizing with the Opposite of himself, he could absorb it into himself -- since it was a part of himself.

Just like any Ty could do. Ty-chan would have known that if he went through the Thirteen Restrictions already, instead of just remained at Ten. But that was how he was made... He would never be able to without just going into the Eleventh Restriction first, which was where all Ty's versions of himself ended up... Which, in retrospect, was why Ty-kun knew that he could absorb an opposite version of himself, even if they were opposites. "Duality Means Nothin' Ta Me, Kid." Seemed like Ty-chan had a lot of learning to do, still, since this battle wasn't over yet.

"And I Still Ain't Swung My Scythe, Neither," the Tyranophant added, taking that moment to bring his blade across the cosmos, slitting it in half. It was able to absorb Metaessences, making it useful for absorbing the very 'Essence' of the Creatrix through its power conflicting with the Black Scythe of Death. "Now, That Creatrix Is Gonna Bust Soon, Because I've Got It's Power, And We're Both Going To Burn Out." Granted, Ty-chan had several Tensei Moons powering him and Ty-kun only had one, and he was already tired from having to pull all sorts of shit out of his ass just to fight Ty-chan, but it was actually both necessary and worth it.

"The Black Scythe Can Cause Death To Anything, Including The Creatrix, And I've Already Absorbed Its Power To Infinitely Create. So I Infinitely Create Death From My Black Scythe And It Wiped Out Your Creatrix By Overloading It With Its Same Power Used As An Opposing Force."

It was essentially what Ty-chan tried to do to Ty-kun, but better, because he didn't try to create another version of himself.

"I Know You've Got More Power Than That," the Tyranophant admitted, "But Aren't You Bored Yet? I Know I'm Getting Tired Of Babysitting..."

Ty-chan's Creatrix was all too quickly busted just as it appeared simply because Ty-kun was more prepared. This did not sit well with Ty-chan, who also did not like to lose when he played around -- even though he didn't mind taking losses.

"Uuuuunnn..." Ty-chan thought, still gaining power, "... It Is Getting Kinda Boring. It's Still Fun, But It's Also Boring."

Ty-chan thought some more as his universe was getting eaten away at.


It was just a mind trick to get him to stop wanting to do something. Even though Ty-chan no longer really cared about whatever it was that was bothering him before, he was now upset with himself for trying to use a mind trick on him.


Now, Ty-chan was mad again.


An explosion of pure power burst from Ty-chan and the nine moons that he held in his possession, releasing a magnanimous force which would literally take away any and everything that was within its presence and sign it over to Ty-chan. That meant the Universe, the Scythe, the Non-Energy and whatever else Ty-kun had stacked up on his side of the field would suddenly succumb to the grasp of Ty-chan, with a large cosmic hand made of his Universe, itself, snatching with a great and powerful force.


The moons spun viciously in Ty-chan's hands as he output enough power to literally snatch someone else's universe from them and also their energy and whatever else was there with it in one fell swoop. The wave of the Rapture rolled over the cosmos and took in whatever it could, leaving no room for Ty-kun to have anything at all.


"And, There It Goes..." The Tyranophant said as he watched his younger version of himself both power up and confiscate pretty much everything everywhere, returning the field to his dominion. "Nobody Tried To Trick You At All, It Was Just A Humble Suggestion."

With a pain in his ass, Ty-kun sprung into action about the Rapture and counteracted with something that he wasn't supposed to have to utilize on himself -- the Dark Insanity.

"No..." Ty-kun fought, keeping himself from the horrid thoughts of the Dark Insanity, "... I Don't Want To Kill Myself..."

He looked up at Ty-chan's Rapture happening all across everything and could do little to nothing to stop it, except already exist as a version of Ty-chan. "Well, You Sure Got Me. You Took Over Everything, Including The Lawless Land."

Ty-kun smirked.

"Oh, But Wait, I'm Still You, Right? And... The Lawless Land Is Still Rule-Free, Right? Meaning..." Ty-kun put a finger up to his mouth, mimicking pondering, before pointing, "YOU Don't Actually Have Control Over The Seventh Moon As I Do, Even If You Did Take It! As Long As I'm You, You'll Never Get My Moon!" Ty-kun was still in this, somehow, but now... He had to face the wrath of Ty-chan with all of the universe and possibly the dimension at his disposal, whilst Ty-kun only had his tiny little Seventh Moon as a speck before Ty-chan and the rest of the Veritas.

What could he do against the Rapture? It had already taken away his abilities. The answer was... Destroy it from the inside out.

With Ty-kun still swallowed up by the Rapture, he had his ability to synchronize his wavelengths with the Rapture, itself, and gain everything that it did as it was collecting, which would once again equalize his and Ty-chan's power. But, even if their powers were equalized, Ty-kun had fewer to work with than Ty-chan because of how the Rapture ability functioned. It had already taken up an immunity to the techniques Ty-kun used before -- such as Non-Energy and the Death Scythe -- so utilizing those was out of the question.

Ty-kun would have to utilize the Rapture in reverse to snatch everything away from Ty-chan all in one fell swoop. It would function, but he needed a lot of energy to do it... Fortunately, he had just enough due to the synchronization he'd done with Ty-chan via the Rapture ability in order to avoid its effects.

"You Lose, Ty-chan," the Tyranophant said, recalling the Rapture ability to strip literally every ounce of anything from Ty-chan right in that splinter of a moment. The boy should have been totally drained, all of the Moons should have returned to Ty-kun's possession and the reigning Tyranophant would remain the Tyranophant.

All of the energy drained would go into Ty-kun's astral body, which would wrap around the Origami Crystalmoon with its hands, bringing it back into the Veritas after the energy had been stripped down to the bare nothingness.

Ty-chan, unable to respond to his own attack backfiring on him, had all of his energy stripped from him by his elder self resonating with him on the same wavelength -- which Ty-chan did not see coming.

"Awww..." the Crystal groaned, "But I Was Having Fun..."

Eventually, the Crystal fell into a deep sleep, having been worn out by all of the fun that was had. Safely landing in the hands of Ty-kun, the Tyranophant, the rest of what would be done to Ty-chan was left up to him. However, Ty-chan was no longer in the Master Control Unit of the Veritas and now served as his own independent organism, just as before.

Ty-chan was just lonely as an independent organism; the Crystal did not have any means of relief. Now, however, that did not matter, for he was tamed and tired.

The Crystal shifted its form back into the young version of Ty instead of its true form as a Crystal that harbored Ty's memories -- sleeping, still. Whatever Ty-kun did with Ty-chan would be what happened with him in this instance, until he either woke up or had another purpose. This outburst seemed to be out of repression of some sort. Fortunately, the Tyranophant would not allow such to happen again, and if it did, it was because Ty-chan was once again being neglected or bored.

The very tired Tyranophant carefully put Ty-chan back in its slot within the Veritas as the Tenth Moon's Core. With Ty-chan subdued and ready to go back to his original purpose, the Tyranophant could continue with watching over the Veritas.

The Crystal Tree returned to normal, its support being the actual space that made it up. All of the Veritas was saved.

"Heh, Well, Looks Like I Checked Myself Quite Well," Ty-kun said, waggling his finger at himself. "And Don't Be A Bad Boy No More, Ty-chan!" Ty-kun warpspeed darted across the cosmos and insert the Origami Crystalmoon -- Ty-chan -- into the core spot within the Tenth Moon. All the while, the other moons would fall back into place along the Crystal Tree, Ty-kun guiding his inclusively.

He hopped off of the Seventh Moon and sighed one last time. "What A Hassle..." he said, walking along the Seventh Branch of the Crystal Tree.
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The Tyranophant
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
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Tyrant 28: The Veritas; A Challenge To Itself?!

Within all of the intergalactic travel that Overlord Tensei -- the Overlord of the Veritas -- had to do, he rested sometimes by returning home in his Seventh Restriction; the Tyranophant. When he returned this time, however, he noticed that there was a revolt going on in the Veritas. Not that he didn't know, but he noticed it even more so now that the scale had escalated from just the Depthsroot up to the Dream. It was going to take more work to resolve those conditions than anything else, since, the Veritas was equipped with numerous gifted individuals who were not Tensei.

It was they against the Tensei, and Overlord Tensei, who was over all the Tensei was able to command the Tensei he chose for himself to take on some of his lesser forms, such as the Tyranophant or Ophiuchus, depending on the location. Those Tensei were especially selected by Overlord Tensei to be part of his hive mind when he split himself up because they would return to Overlord Tensei in the Eighth Restriction and give him greater power. With every Tensei that hit the Seventh Restriction, they would be considered Ty, himself, using his Polylocation ability. The Ophiuchus clones were just that -- clones of the Fifth Restriction. Both were littered throughout the Veritas in order to keep the peace.

But that wasn't enough. People just sought to become stronger than the Seventh Restriction versions of Overlord Tensei or were so ashamed by their defeats that they turned to Sin. The Royal Family that ruled over each of the lands had to take action in their respective locations in order to reestablish peace in the Veritas.

"Hoboy," said the original Tyranophant, "I NEVER Wanted To Come Home And See Myself Like THAT." The Godfather of the Veritas was exclusive -- none else could be the Tyranophant. "All It Does Is Waste My Power And Fuzz Up My Vision..." he muttered, watching the Seventh Restriction clones do battle with the non-Tensei of the Veritas. "Yeah, No, I Don't Even Feel Like It. I've Already Used Up A Lot Of My Energy In Space Dealing With The Omniverses." He scoffed, "I Need A Break."

All of the Seventh Restriction clones of the Tyranophant were drawn together to form the Crystal Angel, whose form and image were that of the Tyranophant's -- save for wings and a halo as well as garb. This was Teus, the God of Light. Though the Seventh Restriction was used to form Teus, he, himself was only of the Sixth, since the clones of the Tyranophant were significantly weaker than the original. They could only collectively amount to his Sixth Restriction form of his image -- Teus, the Crystal Angel.

"They Are Too Weak To Hold Off The Entire Veritas Continents Attacking Them, Even If They Are My Spawn. They Will Need Assistance From The Royal Family That Ruleth Over Whichever Nation," Teus said. His illustrious wings fluttered about as he hovered before the Tyranophant. He would then assimilate with the Tyranophant and replenish his energy.

Once the Tyranophant was feeling up to snuff again and rearing to go thanks to Teus' healing through consumption of the other Tensei, he would have to contact the Trunade in order to accomplish his goals. "Uuuuuugggh, DAUGHTER!!!" he called out to his beloved Crystal Goddess, "Launch The Assault."

An intricately made seal of ice etched itself before the Tyranophant, shattering like glass after it was finished weaving its sign into the air -- an Ice Portal.

"No Freakin Way, Really!? I Get To Lead The Attack?! Way Awesome!"

Triere was the strategist and tactician that had command over The Tundra, which was part of the Tenth Moon as one of the Tensei Artifacts. "We'll Get To Show Them What Real Gods And Goddesses Can Do, Won't We?" Triere snickered to herself, lowering herself into her Fifth Restriction form so that she could get the party started with the Veritas. "I Can't Wait To Think Up And Use A Battle Strategy Against The Civilians. It Will Be So Rad." Triere seemed a little too happy about having the chance to blow up the residents of the Veritas.

"I Will Do My Best, As Usual, Father," Triere said as she was enveloped in a light that shifted her into her Fifth Restriction form, Shiniere, The Me-ou.

After shifting into her Fifth Restriction form, Triere -- as the 'Me-ou' -- descended into the Veritas from the Trinity Plane and into the Delta, where she ruled over. From there, she would contact her sisters.

Meanwhile, the Tyranophant went off to take care of his station -- the Lawless Land -- and retain his status as God there, as well. He needed to make sure that the Valparaiso Denizens were kept in check because they were a sneaky, crafty bunch that could slip through the cracks into some secrets they shouldn't. He sprouted his draconic wings, which were made of crystal, and took a single flap, sending himself warpspeed to the Lawless Land.
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The Tyranophant
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
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Tyrant 29: The Veritas War; Lawless Land

A warpspeed gleam of light hit the Seventh Moon ground hard, leaving a spiraling gaping hole in the clouds of the Reversal Plains. The impact shook the entire moon, and alerted everything alive of the return of the Tyranophant, God of the Veritas -- including the Lawless Land.

"Son Of A BITCH," the Tyranophant groaned, "I Do NOT Feel Like Fighting Scrubs And Peons All Damn Day In Like, All My Forms." He rolled his eyes and sighed heavily. "But I Guess I Should Do Something If They're Trying To Revolt Some More. Might As Well See What They've Come Up With This Time." The Valparaiso Denizens were pretty much always trying to find a way into or to overthrow the Veritas, and they had some pretty clever little schemes in their day.



Some Valparaiso Denizens show up.

"Sup Dawgs," said the Tyranophant in a singsonging fashion, "You Lost Or Somethin?"

"Nah, Son. We know who you are, and we're homies." These particular Valparaiso Denizens seemed a little more grisly than the last time they were seen by the Tyranophant when he opened up 'Tymonland' right on the Lawless Land grounds after first establishing a hotel service. "We do what you say, dawg, and it's because we know that you can kick our asses. Nah mean?"

There were, of course, Valparaiso Denizens that were fighting against the Tensei, as they knew about the revolt to be greater than the Tensei. They showed up afterward.

"OH, IT'S 'THE TYRANOPHANT', IS IT?" a larger one said in an obnoxiously loud and aggressive fashion, "Well, guess who boutta be the new Tyranophant up in this hoe, eh?" He smirked big and wide, flexing a little as he stood before the clearly shorter and less bulky Tyranophant that was allegedly 'God' of the 'Lawless Land.'

This Valparaiso Denizen was going to change that.

"Fuck Shit Up!!!"

A radical distortion in the spatiotemporal superposition of the target suddenly becomes a break in the faultline of reality, shattering it to bits with an explosion.

"Shit Fucked Up."

The Tyranophant looked around. "Anyone Else Wanna Fuck With Me, Eh?"

The Tyranophant looked around. "KING WRECKS!!!"

Ty's Presence unleashed a sliver of its power and becomes a monstrous tyrannosaurus of pure Will, which glared down the remainder of the Valparaiso Denizens. It had wings like that of a dragon, but the body of a tyrannosaurus.

This was only Ty's Presence, and nothing more. Just his being PRESENT unleashed power from himself that shaped itself to his Will.


The large man whose reality was literally blown to bits by the Tyranophant was disposed of and seen no more. There was not a trace left of him.

There were, however, other challengers.

"We don't wanna DIE," they concluded ultimately, wishing to see better days in the Veritas, "But we also kinda wanna be GODS, too." They almost seemed cheeky in their approach. "So let's duke it out, Tyranophant, in a tournament!"

"Fuck THAT Shit," he said.

"Fuck Shit Up."

A radical distortion in the spatiotemporal superposition of the target suddenly becomes a break in the faultline of reality, shattering it to bits with an explosion.


"Just do SOMETHING against him!!" someone said, calling forth their powers, "I can't STAND that he's just blowing people up and we're not even able to hit him!"

It was more appalling that he had a technique called 'Fuck Shit Up' and it was actually that complex.

"Take this!" the Valparaiso Denizen shouted, shooting a powerful beam out from the hands that took up a large area.

"KING WRECKS!" The Tyranophant bade again, sending his Presence shaped like the draconic tyrannosaurus out to combat the beam. It opened its mouth wide, caught the energy in its mouth and condensed all of it into a ball, sucking some out of the Valparaiso Denizen as it was withdrawn.

It crushed all of that condensed energy with its jaws alone.

"Now." The Tyranophant calmed down enough to talk. "Do You STILL Want To Fight?"

Devastated and drained, the Valparaiso Denizen that fired the beam would become tired. His Manna was depleted.

The other Valparaiso Denizens looked around, searching for someone who thought they were strong enough to take on the Tyranophant knowing he could just blow them out of reality with a flick of the wrist.

There were none.

Still, someone had to try.

"I'll go," a young man with a strangely elegant flare called out from the crowd of people. He looked much more capable than the others, for some reason, but was always known as someone who was quite reserved among the Valparaiso Denizens. He never really got into anything rough with anyone, like some other Valparaiso Denizens did. "I think that if I can make him tired or weak, you all can finish him off," he declared, powering up as he did so. He waved his hand and a cutting force shot from it that was too fast for the eye to see, aimed right for the Tyranophant's throat.

Ty-kun scoffed. "Tremble."

A mighty force that causes particles within its influence to vibrate at a high speed occurred and threw off the aim of the jugular shot by causing the hand and the space around it as well as the earth under it to tremble a bit.

"Doesn't Take Much To Dodge A Hit," Ty-kun said with a country, western accent, "But It Does Take Skill To Hit A Target."

Suddenly the eyes of the Tyranophant turned feral and he lunged forward, King Wrecks also doing so in a similar fashion. The enormous tyrannosaurus dragon lashed its jaws out at a high speed, ready to crunch the opponent whilst they recovered from the tremor. The jaws of this monstrosity could easily take down, 10 or 20 thousand of them in one swipe, as it was massive.

The maw of this beast would be met with the raw power of a pressurized force that emanated from the now flying Valparaiso Denizen. It saved the city and the Valparaiso Denizens from being crushed.

Just then, some of the other Valparaiso Denizens began to learn from the Tyranophant how to use his powers their own way to the extent of themselves.

A large, amorphous bear overshadowed one of the Valparaiso Denizens, whilst an eagle overshadowed another. They were doing as he did and causing their Presences to become something tangible.

"Fuck THAT," Ty-kun said, "Shark GOD!!!"

The Tyranophant's Presence took on a different form instantaneously besides the first form that was the tyrannosaurus rex dragon, and it liquefied the area where it was about to appear. It was an enormous megalodon shark with a maw that was open, careening past the Seventh Moon and taking a large scoop of a chunk out of it as it grazed over the land, crunching down on several Valparaiso Denizens.

A lot of people were defeated.

But the Valparaiso Denizen with the amorphous bear surrounding him would shift his presence to become a barrier, as not to be crushed. The one with the eagle did the same thing. The flying Valparaiso Denizen would once again release a powerful force that should pry the mouth of the beast open.

He simultaneously made use of his dead comrades and sucked in their souls, growing in Spiritual Energy. This gave him more strength and determination to use his powers to defeat the Tyranophant, even though things already looked grim. "We must work together using the power of our combined forces to overwhelm his Presence. Then, we can storm him!" The three survivors teamed up and combined their powers into some sort of powerful force that burst out of the artificially created shark.

Despite the efforts of the mighty copy of what the Tyranophant was doing, Shark GOD was also a self-transformation technique -- since he, himself, was the Shark God.

Dashing through the air like a warpspeed jet, he slashed through the Presence of his targets with a quick dice of his fin blade on his body. "Shark Boss..." the Shark God bade as he created a pool of water beside his foes like a portal and had it shoot forward in the shape of a shark mouth, clamping down on the exposed Valparaiso Denizens and chewing on them like a chew toy.

"Is That All You Have To Offer?"

Before anything else got out of hand, a very sharply dressed figure with a fine hat and clothing appeared from the City of Valhalla. "Now, wait a minute, son..." He chuckled a bit, "I'm here to buy you out. Ten googolplex." That word alone would get anyone jumping. "I just so happen to be a wealthy man who is interested in your property. I can afford that price for this land. I want all of it, the title and the entire Veritas."

The Tyranophant knew that all this guy was going to do was turn the Veritas into something that it wasn't and not utilize its fullest potential. The price was okay, but not the heart.

"Unless That's Startup Money, That's No Dice, Friend," said the Tyranophant. "You'll Just Use The Veritas For Something That It Shouldn't Be Used For And Turn Everything Into A Lifeless, Soulless Shell Of What It Used To Be." The Tyranophant was very familiar with Greed and those who possessed money. "Besides, You Can't Buy My Title, Guy," the Tyranophant attested firmly, "You Can Only BE It."

That was the Tyranophant's final answer.

"Besides, With That Kind Of Money, You Could Go Buy Another Universe. Seems Like About The Right Price For An Entire Universe. For A Dimension, Though, You're Aiming WAY Too Low." The entire DIMENSION was worth more than ten googolplex dollars.

"So, Let Me Ask You," The Tyranophant finally said, slipping a hand into his pocket, "What Do You Want To Do Now? Fight Me And Have Me Kill You, Or Take Your Money To A Different Dimension?" If the Veritas was worth so much, though, the guy might actually settle for residence there. He could buy a nice house anywhere he wanted and even start his own business. As long as he didn't try to renovate anything.

The man, flabbergasted at the fact that the Tyranophant did not take the money despite being approached by a prestigious figure who could buy other universes with his money.

"Then," the man said curiously, itching to invest, "What if I hire someone that is stronger than you are?"

He raised his thick brow upward at the notion, as if he knew someone and was just waiting for the Tyranophant's reconsideration. "I've been to plenty universes and I only pay good money for the extra special ones," the finely dressed man said, "So I'd suggest you take my offer before I DO Hire someone that is stronger than you are."

Yessir, there was going to be a new Tyranophant in town, and it was going to be this big-timer here.

The Tyranophant scoffed. "What Makes You Think I Would Wait For You To Do That?" As it stood, the Tyranophant could easily 'Fuck Shit Up' again and cause this wealthy man to lose his fortune.

Even so, the Tyranophant was itching to let off some steam. "Alright, I'll Fight Him," he said, smirking sinisterly. "But If I Win, You Give Me That Startup Money." The Tyranophant extended his hand for a binding, consecrating handshake.

The wealthy man shook the Tyranophant's hand and said, "Done!"

Immediately afterward, he would contact someone from his communication device and say, "That ten googolplex is yours," rather ominously before hanging up the device.

Before too long, a gleaming man appeared from a warp. He was dressed in a superhero costume marked with a P.

"I am Powermad," he said, "And harness every superpower there is. I seek power over everything."

Powermad immediately used 'Invincibility' to become impervious to everything right off the bat. Then he used his Reality Warping powers to distort reality around the Tyranophant until it bled into him, forcing him under the subjugation of whatever Powermad wished due to control over reality around the Tyranophant and it being attached to him through the bleeding into him. He was going to trap the Tyranophant in a realm that only he controlled and hold the Tyranophant captive.

"Absolute Final Wonderland!" The Tyranophant commanded as he tore into reality around himself with his Presence and sealed him in a protective barrier of Reality -- his own. This negated the effects of the Reality Warping and gave the Tyranophant dominance over a set area of Reality that was around him.

Now, this being the Lawless Land, Tymon the Tyranophant had the meta on his side and knew that his opponent made himself invincible. This made him wonder how he was going to strip that down off of his opponent so that he could actually do damage.

"Anti," he called out, which became 'Non-Energy' all throughout the power source that caused 'Invincibility' in Powermad. The 'Non-Energy' would be equal to the amount of energy it took to be invincible. Non-Energy was the absence of energy something similar to antimatter, but instead is literally harnessing no energy at all.

"Anti-Invincibility," the Tyranophant bellowed, the Non-Energy counteracting all of the Energy that was causing 'Invincibility'.

"Now Then, Time To Wail On Ya," the Tyranophant said, cracking his knuckles. He expanded his 'Absolute Final Wonderland' to consume the Reality that they were in, making the Lawless Land bound by the Law of the Tyranophant simply from it being his reality they were in, alone.


At that moment, the Tyranophant disappeared and became an enormous apparition of an upper torso of himself towering over Powermad and ready to use a technique that would render him powerless instantaneously; "Antithesis!"

When using 'Antithesis,' all forces and powers become the opposite of any force that goes against the user's own. It becomes and creates the opposite force of that which it faces, nullifying it out or destroying it completely on a Conceptual or Meta level.

It could counteract virtually any type of Energy, Force or Power that existed. It could learn and adapt just as easily to any type or form of such things, ensuring the nullification process.

Now, Powermad was not only not invincible anymore, he was also powerless -- literally.

"Looks Like All Your Powers Are Gone, Buddy. Better Skeedaddle On Home With The Bamillionaire Over There Before I Really Make You Feel Bad."

The Tyranophant's eyes gleamed.

Powerless, Powermad was ashamed of his crippling loss at the very beginning of the battle.

"How strong..." Powermad started to say, trailing off as he fell to his knees, "... How strong are you REALLY?"

By this time, the rich man was turning to the Tyranophant's side, joining the other remaining Valparaiso Denizens that were still alive. After that display, he was not going to go against the Tyranophant, but in fact, would help him out.

An advocate of the Tyranophant -- who was one of the Valparaiso Denizens from earlier -- came to the aid of his Godfather and took care of recruiting the very rich man.

Powermad simply cried.

"Hell, Even I Don't Know How Strong I Am," the Tyranophant admitted. "But I Do Know That I Want To Find Out, Just Like Anyone Else." He looked up into the stars, his eyes twinkling.

Finally, he understood that determination everyone had against him, and couldn't wait to actually utilize his own to find out the true extent of his limits.

"Well, I Guess That Mean That The War Is Over." The Lawless Land was secure. The Tyranophant no longer had to worry about any skirmishes with the Tensei that were in Valparaiso nor his own life being threatened because of being a Tensei. "The Lawless Land Is Clear." The 'Absolute Final Wonderland' bubble shattered and released the area, the Tyranophant appearing in his humanoid form upon the surface of the Seventh Moon, in the midst of the Central City of Valparaiso; Valhalla, City of Ruin.

"I S'pose That's It."
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The Tyranophant
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
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Tyrant 30: Back At The Bay

The Tyranophant hovers into the Rainbow Bay from the Veritas via Dimension Gate portal, into an area where it seems that there are two close friends -- possibly lovers -- rolling around on the shore, close to the water. Instinctively, he cried out, "Hey you're getting close to the--" but by the time he spoke, it was too late. They were drenched. The man with crystalline hair and crystal blue eyes, a clump of hair over one, would place his hands in his pocket and hover nearby.

The Tyranophant blinked, his tired eye lazily gazing off to the side as he scratched a cheek with his finger. "Uh, that ain't it. Seen it. Just... Was tryna warn ya that you were gonna get wet..." His eye returned to the two, the Tyranophant snickering a bit. "Looks like you've taken care of that, though."

The Tyranophant chuckled a bit. "Yeah, I know. Ain't like I ain't been there before-- Please don't splash me."

The Tyranophant waved a hand nonchalantly, saying monotonously, "OMFL, please don't." He seemed to be putting no effort into anything that he was doing, even speaking. Yet, he wanted to be polite. "Yeah, sorry if I... Uh... Interrupted, but uh... Might as well know who I'm talkin to, yeah?" He put his hand back in his pocket. "You all are...?"

The Tyranophant eyed Ife as she made a move toward the water... "O.M.F.L., Please don't." He shook his head. "Anyway, I'm the Tyranophant. But hell, you can just call me 'Ty'. Nice to meet the both of you." He waved at them nonchalantly, somewhat lazily, still hovering over the sand. He turned and noticed that someone appeared in a blue light, and he analyzed it with his Hyper Perception. "Huh. Another new face..." Ty had been here once or twice, each time having met new people. He knew them, but they didn't know him, for they knew not the secret of those from the Veritas... Yet.

The Tyranophant could see that the two, uh, 'playmates' were off to their own doings, so he went off to see who it was that appeared. "Catch ya later, girls," he'd say as he floated toward Desiree. "Uh, hi there," the crystal haired man said, "How ya doin?"

The Tyranophant kinda saw something coming out of the dirt over there and sorta... Looked at it a little bit, wondering if he should interact with it. "Uh, hello... Guy," Ty would say before sitting down at the table where Desiree was. "Yeah, nice ta meetcha. I'm the Tyranophant of the Veritas. But just call me 'Ty'."

The Tyranophant kinda observed what was going on. Seemed like he got tired of talking, but he didn't want to be impolite, yet again. "Sooooooo," he said kinda casually, "What brings ya here, Desiree?" After asking, Ty noticed that the new person was observing HIM. He kind of chuckled. From an outer appearance, Ty had long, floating crystalline hair that trailed off in the back like a ghost's tail, and a clump over one eye. He wore a blackish gray vest whose collar went up over his mouth. His pants and shoes were one thing.

The Tyranophant looked around and saw that there was another new person and he sighed heavily. "Wooow, I really don't want to introduce myself a third time... But I also don't want to be an asshole. Kinda already did that, though." It didn't look like anyone was paying Ty any attention except Desiree, anyway. Still... "I know nobody asked and nobody probably cares, but the name is Ty, the Tyranophant. Uh. So yeah." He kinda looked awkward, turning to Desiree. "Glad you're on a vacation of sorts. I can call this that, too, kinda... I'm nowhere near from this dimension."

The Tyranophant was happy that no one thought that he was some stuck up asshole from another dimension. He got that a lot because of his chill demeanor. "Yeah? Nice to meetcha, Essan. Pemba." Ty's smile was hidden mostly by his vest collar, but the edges of it were still visible. He turned to Desiree. "So, what's your dealio, Desiree? I know a lot of people aren't from here, but not everyone likes to talk about it. I'm tryna get ta know people, still." He shrugged.

The Tyranophant's brow raised, though his eyelid remained lowered. "Festivals, you say? What kind are we talkin? Oh, and it's great about your family. Always good to have some support there." Ty's vest collar hid his pleasant smirk. He was actually happy to make conversation. Getting out of the Veritas sometimes was a nice little break for him. "Glad you're here," he added.

The Tyranophant nodded his head. "I've seen my share of stars born and die. I spend a lot of time in deep space and in Otherworlds. They really are a beauty." He chuckled. "Hell, someone from my dimension is the seed of a star, born of it since time immemorial, and eternally birthed from one if he should fall. But he eternally looks like a child. It is only recently that he became an angel serving as one of my Seven Spirits." The Tyranophant smirked. "Hope you meet him one day, though he is not much for emotion." Ty leaned back in his chair, relaxing some. "I'd like to go to one of those festivals... If at all possible."

The Tyranophant smiled. "Yeah, well let me know, Desiree, and I'll definitely join you. Maybe one day I can show you my dimension." Ty sighed and reclined, his ghost-like crystalline hair trailing behind and blending into the reality of this realm, giving him a live feed as to what was going on without asking -- something like a psychic, which he was. He saw the commotion going on and decided not to get too involved. "Chill," is all he said to everyone, as if giving advice, closing his visible eye...
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The Tyranophant
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
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Tyrant 31: Rainbow Bay; Tsubaki, The Desert Swan

The Tyranophant passed through a Dimension Gate, which opened up nearby, his crystalline hair shimmering as it refracted light. The wispy tail of the hair dark vested man with pants that extended into shoes seemed to blend into the reality of this realm. A clump of hair was over a single eye, yet his other tired, crystal blue eye was visible, unlike his mouth, which his collar covered. "... Tsubaki, what are you doing here...?" he asked Desert Swan.

Desert Swan watched the interaction between the two across the way before her 'other' name was called out by the one that she knew little about save for his status in the Veritas. "Oh! It's you! Will you take me back to the Veritas? I got stuck here when I was going home..."

The Tyranophant's tired eye glazed over to the Lopunny, a light chuckle escaping his covered mouth. "Aah, a Pokemon... Haven't seen one of them in a while. Heh." Before he dealt with one of his favorite Pokemon, he had to deal with one of his lost children stuck in this alternate dimension. With a snap of his gloved fingers did he cause a Dimension Gate portal to open up right into the Khoya Village, where Desert Swan hailed. "Yeah, yeah, don't get lost again, Tsubaki. You should be at school, anyway." Once Desert Swan had a way home, Ty looked to the Lopunny. "I share memories with her, she doesn't with me. I hope you don't want to 'Hello Throw' me. Haha."

Desert Swan's eyes lit up as she saw a portal to salvation, right where she needed to be. "OH, THANK YOU! I promise I'll go back to the school after I am done. Pinky swear!" Desert Swan turned to her friends and waved at her friends, saying, "Goodbye! Nice to meet you all! Maybe I will be back one day!" before she stepped into the Dimension Gate.

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The Tyranophant
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
The Tyranophant

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Tyrant 32: At The Bay Again...

--- After Dealing With Tsubaki ---

The Tyranophant was keen on the fact that someone was sizing him up. He said and did nothing except pass a stare with his Hyper Perception. It was around then that Belamy Parish appeared -- someone who met Taomin. "Hey, I know you," Ty would say to Belamy. "But... You don't know me. Not in this form, anyway. You met my Heart Spirit, Taomin."

The Tyranophant's eyelid lowered. "If I were Tao right now, maybe you'd remember." The tired Tyrant Heirophant kicked back and chilled. He seemed perpetually tired, for one reason or another. "So, what's your case, Zoe Deringer?"

The Tyranophant closed his eyes. "I'm psychic."

The Tyranophant kinda made a noise, or something. "Eh, it technically wasn't IN your head -- it was OUTSIDE of your head..." He shook his own head. "Chill." The Tyranophant could read wavelengths, and brainwaves were no exception. Thought emanating from the head flowed outward as people thought. He didn't need to be invasive. "In another form of mine, I've been spoken to many times about invading heads. So don't worry your pretty little one." He sighed heavily, really hoping everyone could chill.

The Tyranophant opened his visible eye halfway with half effort, it gleaming red for a split second as he said, "Chill," once again before it returned to crystal blue in the next instant. "Upsetting the waves is bad vibes, man. I can feel that." His eye grazed over to the Lopunny, who was communicating with him with her thoughts. "By the way, the Lopunny says that her name is 'Potts'." Ty sighed at Belamy, finding this all to be a bit more effort than he was willing to put in right now. "I'm the Tyranophant. Call me Ty."

The Tyranophant smiled a bit under his collar and his crystalline eye shimmered. "What a cutie," he'd say, halfway returning a hug with a single arm. "I'd catch you if I could, Potts."

The Tyranophant both understood and didn't understand the frustration of Zoe. It was because when he wasn't worked up, he was a naturally chill person that liked the vibes to be mellow and cool. When they got intense, so did he. He became tense, and his already perpetually tired self did not need any unwarranted stress. His eye gleamed red, growing brighter and brighter, until he heard the thoughts of the Lopunny, wherein which his eye snapped back to her as its normal crystal blue. He would also relax. "Ah, got a trainer already? Figured as much. Wouldn't have guessed who, though. Hahaha." He smirked, closing his eyes again.

The Tyranophant made a wavy motion with his hands. "I read the waves, maaan. As long as you're releasing a wavelength, I can decipher it." That was neither here nor there. "Guess you guys don't get too many psychics, huh? I remember this game I played called 'Golden Sun' where you had to secretly read people's minds without consent or knowledge all throughout the game."

The Tyranophant shrugged. "Eh. She was checking me out." The Tyranophant was more than casual about the entire situation, mostly because of what he was like when he was worked up. He wasn't the 'Tyrant' Heirophant for no reason. "Eh, but whatever. Give the girl my regards. I'll uh... Be back another time, or whatever." A Dimension Gate opened up behind him and he slipped in without changing position. "Oh, and nice to meet you both. Hope we meet again."

The Tyranophant's final word to them; "Chill." With that, the Dimension Gate closed, and he was back in his homeworld.


The Tyranophant entered through a Dimension Gate from the Veritas and into the Bay, floating down feet first from above. His gloved hands were in his pockets, and his mouth was covered by his vest. The tired crystal blue eyes of the Tyranophant glanced over the area once or twice as he descended, catching eye of a new face he'd not seen before. His long, crystalline hair being the last to depart the dimensional portal, the Tyranophant reclined in midair and lowered himself into a seat. "Well, hello there..." he said somewhat gruffly. He noticed that she had her sights set on something and her attention was elsewhere. He turned his head to see, as well.

The Tyranophant quirked a brow, then rubbed the back of his head, his long hair floating freely in the air as he did so. "Eh, I've been here long enough," he said nonchalantly. "I drop in from time to time from out of my dimension for a little R&R, and most times, I find it in this cozy little place." The Tyranophant coughed a bit, clearing his throat and lowering his hand back into his pocket. "I suppose introductions are in order, since I've never seen you before... And I know you haven't seen me." He was humanoid in appearance, a clump of hair over one of his crystal blue eyes whilst the rest hovered freely in a long, straight bundle. He wore a blackish-gray vest that bore a high collar zipped all the way up to his nose with matching pants. "I'm the Tyranophant. But you can call me 'Ty' for short."

The Tyranophant smirked a bit, the corner of his mouth visible from under his collar, "Baroness, eh? Quite a title to ya." He noticed her patch, eyeing her thoroughly. "Tyranophant is my title. It means 'Tyrant Hierophant'. I may not be much in appearance, but I'm quite the big deal in my homeworld. As I'm sure you are where you're from, Miss Mossy." Ty closed his eyes. "So what brings ya? And what were ya looking at, anyway? Seemed like there was something that caught your eye, but I didn't quite catch it, myself."

The Tyranophant chuckled to himself, opening an eye to take a gander. "The ole sluttery, eh? Heh heh, can't blame the guy. We've all got 'needs' and whatever." Ty kicked a leg up over the other. "Scholar, you say? Must be knowledgeable, obviously... But what exactly are you looking for him for, anyway? He know something you don't, or something?" Ty's casual and informal tone seemed to not be fitting of his title as a Tyrant Hierophant, but one should not judge a book by its cover.

The Tyranophant nodded his head slowly, closing his eye equally as slow. "Uh huh. I see... Seems important. I know how that goes." He made a disdainful face, then suddenly got up from where he was sitting and looked at Mossy. "It might be of interest to me, too! Haaaaa!" He laughed out loud a little, then sighed heavily. "... That's a joke. Don't feel like you've gotta spill your whole life's work to me, or anything," Ty would say, waving his hands in front of him. "But..." he added, "I cannot say that I'm not curious. If you're willing to talk, I'm willing to listen."

The Tyranophant kinda waved it off lackadaisically with his hand. "Maaah, alright, alright, I won't pry. Just wondering, was all." Leaning back a bit, the Tyranophant reclined in the air again and he hovered in place before Mossy, once again kicking up a leg over the other whilst placing his head on his knuckles lazily. "Well, I can't say I've got anything that comes to mind off of the top of my head, but... Why don't you just tell me something you find interesting? Or!" He snapped his fingers, eyes brightening, "Better yet, we can exchange info! I've got some pretty interesting things under my belt, you know." Snapping his fingers again, a Dimension Gate -- which was a dimensional portal -- opened up underneath him, revealing the Veritas literally under him. "See?"

The Tyranophant smiled warmly and made a pleasant face. "Yes, I did. Thank you for asking." His tone and demeanor seemed to change formally at the sentiment, and he went on to say, "This entire dimension is my doing. It is sustained by me in my various forms and is meant to be a place for all peoples from all realms to come and find solace and hospice." He would look below and an array of colors beyond that of the rainbow emanated from the alternate dimension, revealing to the naked eye a miniature version of the entire dimension located on a single large plane in an endless void. "It is known as 'The Veritas'. This is the entrance. It looks small, but that is so one can choose a location before entering the depths of the realm, themselves."

The Tyranophant would have offered Mossy a visit to the Veritas, but he figured that people here in the Bay didn't take too kindly to it, as they hadn't been doing so when Ty visited in his other forms secretly or when his relatives from his dimension passed through. Some took a liking, others didn't -- but that was to be expected in the nature of things. Yet, the Dimension Gate closed, and the Tyranophant continued to hover lazily in the air. "Anyway, that's my world. I'm more than just a Tyrant Hierophant, but I wouldn't want to bore you with the details." His eyes drifted to the side a bit, then back to Mossy. "So, what's your story, Mossy? Other than your private research and your name, I don't know about you." He was genuinely interested.

The Tyranophant raised his brows. "Aaaah, so you are befitting of your title and crest. Glad you're not a figurehead, like some people." Ty couldn't stand them. "Seems to me that you're quite experienced in what you do. I wouldn't doubt it, but it's simply good to see. You have no idea how many 'grand' people I've dealt with that turned out to be... Less than such." The Tyranophant shook his head, floating upright and gently landing on the ground with a light tap. He placed his hands in his pockets and said, "You're... Older than you look, aren't you? No offense, really, I'm just asking."

The Tyranophant laughed lightly, enjoying the perspective of the lovely lady. "I certainly agree with you there," the Tyranophant said heartily, "Before I created my dimension, I lived on a planet with other people who ruled over it with me... Though, my territory was an alien space -- an isolated reality -- we joined together with that planet and governed it. After destroying their dimension and leaving them in shambles, several centuries of their time have passed and they still hate me... But they dare not raise a hand against me or the Veritas. As much as it is a living station is it a battle station. I AM the Veritas, and I am more than fully equipped." Ty snorted a bit, triumphantly, at that. He noticed that Mossy evaded his question, but he didn't pursue. He was definitely a 'Tyrant'.

The Tyranophant was confused, cocking his head to the side. "Why do you say that-- OH, I didn't explain how those people on that planet tried to kill me, did I? I just explained how I reacted to them. Yes, I grew very powerful in order to sustain my land and my people merely leeched off of my power, becoming lazy and weak parasites, whilst the other nations conspired against me. Basically, for me trying to save the planet from doom, the planet turned against me; the rulers wished to take the glory of saving the planet and my people wished to feed from my power forever and do nothing for themselves. So I made my own dimension and left them... And the effect of my leaving is what destroyed the dimension. It couldn't be sustained without me," he explained.

The Tyranophant scratched the back of his head. "Yeah... I'm no Tyrant for no reason, but... I was and still am benevolent, despite my tyrannical engagement with my former friends and peoples. It was my benevolence that made them seek to take advantage of me, but my power intimidated them... Especially because I did not use it." Ty shook his head, sighing, then stuck his hands in his pockets hard and deep. "Man... I wish it didn't happen that way, I truly do, but... It was my life, or theirs." He looked away, down to the ground, as if he were feeling regret. "... I'm sorry. I'm simply going on, now. Don't mind me. I hope my tragic tale hasn't hampered our acquaintanceship. I like to make friends, and I'd like to be one." The sincerity in his voice was genuine.
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Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
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Tyrant 33: Post-Apocalyptic War Pt. I :: Dimension Gate

After Tymon's vacation turned into a banishment simply because of his heritage, his name, his power, and his people, Tymon took it and the final parting words of the one who banished him as a declaration of war. "Prepare Yourself..." Tymon uttered, his voice booming across the dimensions now that he was back in a place where power wasn't stifled by the essence of something else. "I Will Show You What's Worse Than The Trifling Things That Were Done Before." Since he was banished from their dimension, Tymon was going to banish THEM from OTHER dimensions -- with force. "The Insult Is Forever Etched Into Your Will And Way, And I Will Slap You Back In The Face As You Have Slapped Me." Tymon was much different than he was when he was on the Lost World...

Opening a Dimension Gate large enough for the planet to see, Tymon closed his eyes and took a meditative position, allowing himself to freely manipulate the Veritas as an extension of himself. Underneath him, a Crystal Lotus blossomed and took him into its petals as if like a throne, wherein which he sat. The back of his head became bulbous, crystalline, and was aglow with many colors. The superego of Tymon grew to the point where it looked as if he were harboring a gigantic globe like a crown -- The Thirteenth Moon; Shin Shinseitsukiyomi.


Tymon required his absolute focus in order to accomplish this task, and he wanted everyone to see it happen. He would not move from his spot, but everything would move around him for him. Able to see all of the Veritas in the back of his head -- the entire dimension -- Tymon immediately allowed himself to undergo the 'Thirteen Restrictions' in order to break down the process of reprimanding the Lost World for the war that they had unknowingly started.

Tymon did not move nor speak any longer, he merely radiated light and became exceedingly bright, sitting upon his lightly spinning Crystal Lotus.

The bright light emanating from Tymon's form was none other than his Free Will flaring up around him, engulfing him completely and expanding across the dimension before the Lost World's very eyes. His bulbous head was now shaped like a crystal pumpkin, and it was about as large as the actual gigantic gaping hole that he created as a patch between the two dimensions. His body aflame and aglow with numerous colors, he became his 'Twelfth Restriction', Tigen, whose colorful flaming body surrounding Tymon became synchronous with all of who he was and what he willed. "This Is The Shinseigami's Will..." Tigen spake, his normally aloof and light voice now serious and filled with bass.

"... Dimensia Ripper..." It almost sounded like Tigen was a bit reluctant to say these words, but being the Shinseigami Tymon's Free Will and not simply his own self, they needed to be unified in what their wills were in order for the Thirteen Restrictions to remain maintained. Therefore, Tigen sucked it up and reached inside of the Lost World's dimension, raking his now claw-like fiery hand across the visible space beyond the planet -- something that they could physically witness and nothing too large for the planet to comprehend. After tearing through the dimensional fabric of the Lost World, it became weak, and the dimensional energy would soon erode and cause the dimension to collapse upon itself. "By The Time This Tear Reaches The Ends Of Your Dimension," Kairo Tigen started to say, "Your Dimension Will Meet Its End Once Again Like In Times Of Yore."

Kairo Tigen withdrew his hand and placed it at the edge of the Dimension Gate, gazing through the hole with large, triangular eyeholes in his crystalline head, waiting for the 'Eleventh Restriction' of the Thirteen Restrictions to come forth.

As the Free Will of Tymon tore open a hole in the Lost World's dimension, he, in his Eleventh Restriction form -- the Allmaster -- would hover through the growing tear as a being of crystal, but wearing casual clothing like that of any normal house attire. He bore sweatpants and a sleeveless shirt, looking like he'd just gotten out of bed. "Yaaaawwwn," he said sarcastically, "I Thought I'd Never Get To Play With You All For Real Again." Rolling his eyes, an ever present smile remained on his face as he called out, "Absolute All; Absolute Final Wonderland."

The Allmaster -- formally known as 'Kairo Tensei', and informally as 'Ty' -- cast his hand out over the planet of the Lost World and from his fingertips, several 'Crystal Threads' extended, wrapping around it like a spider's webbing. The entire planet would be wrapped in a crystal substance that would keep them from interacting with the outside world and also bind them to a reality that was all Tymon's own. The Lost World would quickly come under his control without them being able to stop it from happening, and the residents there would not be able to interfere with the dimensional rip that was growing larger and larger before them -- but they'd be able to see it.

Ty explained to them from beyond the 'Absolute Final Wonderland', "I Am Going To Use You All For My Purposes, Since You Have No Manners And Have Mistreated Me So. This Is A Declaration Of War, And I Intend To Take Your Entire Dimension From You Just As I Had Done Before." Though the smile on his face seemed casual and soft, the Allmaster was serious. "I Have Started By Trapping You In My Reality. You Will Believe That You Are Immune To These Effects, But Just As Before, It Will Prove To Be Your Undoing To Ignore Both Me And What I Am Doing To You." Ty was setting up for something bigger and better than they could ever expect, and it started with their ignoring him. That was to be EXPECTED of them in order for this war to go as he planned.

"Now Then, I Will Place My 'Kairo' Crown Upon Mine Head And Deal With You In The 'Tenth Restriction' On Down, Weaving You Further Into MY Reality That You Seem To Believe You Can Escape." After speaking these words, around Ty would come a dark cloak and upon his head, a great headdress that denoted his formal appearance in the 'Tenth Restriction' -- Kairo Tymon.

Now that the 'Absolute Final Wonderland' was applied, there was no stopping Kairo Tymon, the Grandmaster, from his conquest of the Lost World's universe. "Your Planet Is But A Speck To Me," the cloaked Tymon in the large headdress, which now created several halos around it, would speak; "I Am After Your Entire Dimension." Absolute Final Wonderland is Universal Power that applies Universally in the same manner in all Universes, even if there are different laws, rules, realities, or configurations -- it still applies to the same logic and is fully flexible and adaptable. When applied, it allowed for Kairo Tymon to not only sustain himself and his existence on its own, but harmonize his power with other universes and completely take them over just by being within them. It is also able to create various Otherworlds such as alternate Universes, Realities, Planets, and even Omniverses as seen fit, or bind all of them together as a singularity. All of these 'Otherworlds' can be captured in any amount of their vastness or minuteness. Kairo Tymon is able to readily use the power of any of his Absolute Final Wonderlands and anything that is within his Absolute Final Wonderlands at any given time, and is sustained infinitely by them, as they are to him. It is the power to Create, Control, Capture, and Destroy Worlds of various proportions, even to the largest and most numerous degree, such as a Universe with hundreds of millions of planets inside.

"Universal Affliction," Kairo Tymon commanded, embedding himself in the Lost World's universe, fading away as he did so. "I Will Be A Curse And A Blight Upon You; A Plague And A Damnation Worse Than Hell Itself." Unified with the universe, Tymon could use his Universal techniques as he saw fit in a way that was detrimental to the health of the dimension... Essentially increasing the tear at an exponential rate. "That Tear Leads Directly To The Veritas," spake he from the entire universe, "I Forgot To Mention. That Will Be Relevant Later On."

Somewhere deep, deep in the Lost World's universe, Kairo Tymon now existed as the universe itself. He could feel everything in it, and closed his eyes to do so. As he did this he would become virtual -- because this world, the Lost World, was also a virtual world. Becoming virtual meant descending into his 'Ninth Restriction', Grand Tabrynth, which would deal with all of the technical means of subduing the universe. Kairo Tymon merely faded away, one with the macrocosm, and ready to influence it as he wished.

The universe started to churn. It made many digital sounds as if it, itself were digital. There, eyes would open somewhere in that universe, followed by a wide and devious smile that fit upon a holographically converging face. This was the head of the Grand Tabrynth, which was the ruler of all things virtual. "Your Little Virtual Reality Will Never Come To Be As Long As We Live! I Will ALWAYS Be There To Thwart You!" The disembodied holographic head manifested holographic hands that were hovering nearby, and would begin disrupting the actual data of the virtual world that the Lost World existed in by disturbing the depths of their universe. "Let's Start With The Stars In The Sky," Grand Tabrynth suggested.

Extending his hands out to the nearest star, Grand Tabrynth grasped it and compressed it, turning it into a Neutron Star instantaneously. The hyper compression process sucked in several solar systems just from the galactic vacuous force, creating a large disturbance in the flow of the universe. "Now, Explode!" Grand Tabrynth released the star and forced it to explode into a supernova pretty much instantaneously, wiping out a large chunk of that section of the universe. "I'll Have To Get My Extra Hands In Order," Grand Tabrynth said. "But Not Before I Deal With A Little Digital Workings Of Mine Own..." The hologram would, after causing the universal disruption, follow the wavelength of the explosion and send a digital wave riding upon it, that which would override the coding of the universe so that it would become Veritas territory.

"With The Expansion Of The Dimensional Rip Right Before Them And This Digital Wave Changing The Universe Into A Part Of The Veritas, The Entire Dimension Will Soon Be Completely Disrupted In Its Course To Do As It Does And My Doings Will Be The Doings That Manifest Instead Of Theirs!" A bit of a mouthful to say, it was simply saying that Grand Tabrynth's digital wave would turn the Virtual Reality that was the Lost World into the Virtual Reality that was the Veritas. One might think that destroying their own territory was harmful, but in fact, the more destruction that there was across the dimension, the more of the Veritas it became and the less of the former dimension it would be. There would be no harm done to the Veritas by this tyrannical conquest, for everything destroyed was not part of the Veritas, but of the Lost World. Therefore, more destruction meant more Veritas territory.

"Now Then, Time To Go Back To Them Since I Have Consumed Their Universe And Made This Virtual Reality A Virtual Reality." Their little realm was nothing more than data, and as data, it would be manipulated digitally. Grand Tabrynth summoned 'The Ultimate Keyboard' to his digital hands and began clacking away at it, whilst also summoning the 'Eight Arms Of Tabrith' that was his 'Eighth Restriction form.

As the Grand Tabrynth took the reigns of all things virtual, the digital wave that was spreading across the Lost World's universe and rapidly changing it into the Veritas' universe would sprout eight hands in eight different directions of the explosion, each forming out of and simultaneously riding the digital wave. After going so far, the digital wave died down and the eight hands grasped onto the nearest planets that were within whatever galaxies that were within the universe, stretching as far as they wished to be at the time. They were so far apart, the galaxies could fit other galaxies inside of themselves and the space between them, but they still worked in unison as if one force.

Suddenly, the hands crystallized and sprouted arms from their wrists that all shot through the universe at a high speed -- faster than light -- into the convergence point of an astronomical crystalline body that also formed from the shoulders on. The head was that of a familiar face to the Lost World -- Tymon's alter ego, Khrona Tensei. This was the 'Eighth Restriction', Overlord Tensei. Smiling, the gargantuan crystalline form gripping planets within other galaxies would withdraw each of them and place them within the solar system of the Lost World's main planet, using their electromagnetic fields to tamper with the planet that was now crystallized in a cocoon. These planets would be orbited around the main planet regularly, letting their universal forces bear down upon the planet and its inhabitants and disturb them as the workings of the universe beyond their solar system continued to go on.

Now, after all of this seemingly random destruction and calamity that befell this poor, Lost World, this was only the work of the first restrictions from the top down. Now at the 'Seventh Restriction', the version of Tymon that ruled over planets -- the Tyranophant -- was formed from the disturbances caused by the electromagnetic forces that were being used to essentially disrupt literally anything and everything that went on in the Lost World. "Oi..." the Tyranophant said, "This Is A Lot Of Work." He shrugged. "This Is War, Though, And I'm Going To Teach Them Some Manners, As I Said Before." The Tyranophant, who looked like Tymon in a vest and some zigzag printed pants, would hover ominously over the Lost World.

"I'm Gonna Fuck Your Shit Up," he said blatantly, looking over to the dimensional rip, "Every Single Day Of Your Fucking Lives." He chuckled. "Now, I Will Rule Over This Planet With A Titanium Fist As I Capture More And More Of Your Territory." It was almost time to start messing with the actual planet, itself... But the universe had to be on lockdown, first. "Since I'm Here In This Form, It Means I've Taken Over The Universe," the Tyranophant said. "Next Is Taking Over The Isolated Planet In Isolated Locations." He snapped his fingers and said, "FUCK SHIT UP!!!" It was one of his techniques -- 'Fuck Shit Up', as it was called.

The dimensional tear IMMEDIATELY became large and gnarly, winding around the cocooned planet and creating a halo of ripped reality right around it, which was the Veritas' influence over the planet. The Tyranophant closed the Dimension Gate -- for, the tear in reality served as a Dimension Gate -- and hovered close to the planet. He seeped through the crystalline barrier and snapped his fingers again as he hovered ominously over the planet. "TAO!!!"

Taomin, who was one of Tymon's Seven Spirits -- his Female Version of himself -- appeared in a gale force storm that blew all across the Lost World's surface, passing through buildings, knocking people over and bringing about clouds that would cover the sky. This was one of the 'Sixth Restriction' beings that made up who Tymon was, and he only needed one to deal with the Lost World.

"You're Gonna Pay For Not Letting Me Have My Fun!!" Tao snarled, the wind itself that was this female huffing and puffing throughout the land. Taking over the skies, Taomin, the boisterous wind, circled the planet several times as a mighty gust, causing natural disturbances and the like as she did so.

This was her purpose, for now, and after taking over the entire sky, she stilled, as if she weren't there.

Once the interior of the planet was captured, one of Tymon's -- or, Khrona's -- lower restriction forms could manifest; the 'Fifth Restriction', known formally as 'Ophiuchus' and informally as 'Shinrona'. The golden haired man in the pitch black attire chuckled softly as he appeared from thin air -- the air that was Taomin -- and hovered close to the ground. "Listen Close, Now," said he, "I Am Going To Open Up Several Realities Here And Deal With You Accordingly In Every Single One Of Them. Everything Anyone Is Doing Will be What I Am Going To Involve Myself In And I Will Be Keeping Tabs On What You Do, How You Do It, When, Why, And How." Shinrona snapped his fingers and several alternate reality Dimension Gates opened up all across the Lost World. "Now Then, If I've Said All I Needed To Say..." Shinrona opened up the palm of his hand and in it, the Pumpkin Head would appear. "... Pumpkinhead...?" He threw the Pumpkin Head out before him and let Pumpkinhead, the 'Fourth Restriction', manifest.

There was a groan, gruff and mighty, which came from the bowels of this Pumpkin Head that was flung out from the hand of Shinrona of the Fifth Restriction. Gathering energy from all around, the Pumpkin Head extended a dark shadow -- Nightshade, its Living Shadow -- from the bottom of it, shaping a neck down and a large, towering body of what looked like a shadowy scarecrow with massive arms and legs. "Grrrrrrrhhhhhh!!!" This was Pumpkinhead, the 'Fourth Restriction'.

Pumpkinhead narrowed his eyes. "... Again...?" he said as he pulled from his back a giant butcher knife that served as his weapon of choice, "I Thought I Taught Them A Lesson Last Time..." Slowly and begrudgingly, Pumpkinhead walked toward one of the realities that were manifested across the Lost World. "Hhhhh... I Suppose I Will Finish The Job..." By those words, he meant with the descent into the 'Third Restriction', which extended from the dark shadowy substance serving as Pumpkinhead's body before he departed, leaving the residue as a black goop.

Gurgling, bubbling, and ultimately growing from goop was the body of Tomon, the 'Third Restriction'. This was a version of Tymon that was able to multiply itself infinitely from the cells of his body. Though lower on the food chain, he was still nothing to mess with, even if he was the laziest of all of Tymon's forms.

The black bubbling goop would boil over into his form; a gray-skinned man wearing black clothing, bearing giant dragon wings. This form of Tymon looked like the Khrona of olde when he first created him, only with black hair. "This... Doesn't Look Like It's Going To End Well," Tomon said, not really feeling the same type of malice as the higher restrictions did. "Eeeeh. I Know What I Gotta Do." He shrugged his shoulders and began to replicate. One after another, Tomons would divide into more and more of each other, until there was a Tomon for every alternate reality that was going on in the Lost World.

"And, Making Room For The 'Second Restriction'..." The original Tomon -- known formally as 'The Forbidden One' -- took the liberty of descending into his lower restriction form of 'Tear Lacrimoso', who harbored the Spirit of Tymon within him. This made him the true Tear from the true Tomon, and not a copy. The copies could not descend or ascend the Restrictions, as they were just part of the large body that was Tomon, but only the original could ascend or descend the Thirteen Restrictions -- which he did.

In a bright white light, the original Tomon became a white-haired man donning a black jacket the same as all of the other Restrictions, which seemed to be the signature of Tymon, himself. Tear, the 'Second Restriction', stood before the Tomons that were entering the alternate realities and giggled lowly to himself. "Now I Can Test Out My Mechanica, Too..." he uttered. "I'll Use Them As My Guinea Pigs... My Pawns. Teeheehee~!" Tear laughed a little, then snapped his fingers, causing an armada of 'Mechanica' --- Servicemen, specifically, which were all modeled after Tear -- to fall from the dimensional rip that ringed around the Lost World. These Servicemen would all fall into random places, being controlled by the one Tear Lacrimoso, the original, in the same fashion as the Tomons were by the original Tomon.

Since all of the Servicemen were Mechanica and were not Flesh, they also could not ascend nor descend the Thirteen Restrictions, despite looking exactly like Tear, save for their officer hats. Thus, the 'Second Restriction', Tear Lacrimoso, after finally invading the entire planet with Mechanica, would begin his descent into the 'First Restriction' -- Tabrynth.

Tear's body was consumed by a bright glow yet again after the Mechanica were summoned, and after the light died down, who would be in the spot of Tear was a purple suit wearing professor that had a dark black scarf around his neck. His hair was as violet as his suit.

"Preparing For Planetary Conquest," Tabrynth said, controlling the Mechanica with his mind. "I'll Be Assuming My True Form For This." There was a black crystal in the chest of the purple suit, and when activated, it withdrew the entire body of Tabrynth into it, now assuming this 'true form' of Tabrynth -- that of a hovering black crystal. His form was variable, and he was not limited to one form at a time. Instead, the black crystal that was Tabrynth would create digital copies of himself in his original form, -- which was different from his TRUE form, mind you -- Cleff.

The 'Cleffs' were known now as 'Chomao', and the 'Chomao' would be spread out along the Lost World the same way as the Servicemen and Tomons were, serving as little navigators for the all of them whilst Pumpkinhead and Shinrona went for the big guys. Taomin kept the planet within Tymon's reality, the Tyranophant ruled over it, Overlord Tensei commandeered the universe and kept the planet under a constant pressure, Grand Tabrynth facilitated all such events from deep within the universe on his keyboard, Kairo Tymon was one with the universe that he was destroying and capturing, Allmaster Ty was watching over from the Veritas, Tigen was exacting the will of Tymon, and Tymon, himself, was controlling everything and everyone.

Thus ended the first part of the Post-Apocalyptic War; the hostile takeover.
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The Tyranophant
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
Father Time, the Godfather :: Crystal God; The Keeper of the Veritas
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Tyrant 34: Post-Apocalyptic War Pt. VIII :: Crystal Planet

From that moment forth, the clouds would turn to flowing crystal, and down from it would float a man in a vest and some zigzag print pants, crystal hair connected to the reality of that realm and also over one of his eyes. It was him -- Taomin's next form of the Seventh Restriction -- The Tyranophant.

"Aight, That's About Enough Of That," The Tyranophant said as he descended upon the Lost World. "Yeah, Huff Asstral King? I'm Taking Over Your Planet, And I'm Gonna Do It Doing Cooler Moves Than You." The Tyranophant had been ITCHING to 'Fuck Shit Up' for a LONG while, and, as it was one of his favorite techniques, he was going to do it. "So, Tell Me How You Wanna Get Fucked," he said in a gruff and unruly voice, as if holding back some malice, "Slow And Painful, Or Fast And Hard?"

It didn't matter; he might do both.

A black mark appeared on the ground near The Tyranophant, and spiraling up from it would be the one known as 'Karu', sent here on a mission to destroy. Being the best destroyer there was, The Tyranophant was perfect for her to assist and simultaneously learn from. "This Is Our Father," the dark shadow within his shadow said to the girl rising out of it, "And Your Next Task Is To Assist Him With Our Endeavors At War."

When Karu was fully emerged, the shadow within the shadow disappeared, leaving only Karu standing in the shadow of The Tyranophant.

Karu, the Incarnate Of The Insanity, a girl wearing nothing more than a T-shirt and jeans and sporting some unkempt, but straight, reddish-brown hair would stand in the shadow of The Tyranophant... The one that her Spider Queen called 'Father'. "Father...?" Karu uttered to herself, "Then that means he--" She understood really quickly who 'The Tyranophant' was. "F... Father..." Karu said lowly, looking downward and clenching her fists tightly, as if restraining herself, "... I'm here... To help..."

The Tyranophant turned his head to Karu who stood in his shadow with a malicious sneer. "Eh?" was all that came out of his mouth at first, but soon, that sneer turned into a wicked smirk. "Heh."

He placed his gloved hands in his pockets, closing his crystal blue eyes and hiding his mouth underneath the collar of his vest. "Well, If You're Here To Help, Then Just Sit Back And Watch Your Old Man Work!" He began to cackle madly as he hovered over that Asstral King and his puny planet, watching his weak old attack with a souped up name. "Cute," he mocked, "Wanna See What I Can Do?"

Immediately, he slipped his hands out of his pockets at a malicious, blinding speed, clenching his fingers tightly as he literally tore through the dimensional space around him with just a movement. "FUCK SHIT UP!!" And with a flick of the wrist, there it was -- a radical distortion in the spatiotemporal superposition of the target suddenly became a break in the faultline of reality, shattering it to bits with an explosion. The explosion wiped out the two weak ass attacked that could barely sustain facing each other and shook the whole universe as the faultline broke, making its dimensional structure that much weaker.

"I Am The Tyranophant," he said to everyone, "Don't Forget It."

Karu gazed in awe at the destruction that move The Tyranophant just did caused. For the first time, her eyes widened with admiration, and her mouth curled into a similar wicked smirk. "Fuck Shit Up...?" she muttered under her breath, looking at her hands, which would suddenly begin to glow with an energy that was known to her as 'Nature Destruction', "... I can do that."

How she really, truly wanted to.

She'd seen this technique, 'Fuck Shit Up,' and also the magnitude of it across the cosmos. Hell, she felt it chill her soul just being near it and watching it shatter two techniques AND the realities AND dimensions around them with just a single swipe. She REALLY wanted to do THAT technique, specifically, and it was well within her power.

"Teach me," Karu said with determination to The Tyranophant. "I want to learn."

As Karu and The Tyranophant bonded, the crystal clouds that covered the entire planet became dark once again, this time because of a malign shadow and not because of the clouds, themselves. There was an astronomical black spider-like woman curled around the planet, poking her beautiful head of luscious black hair through to gaze down at the weaklings dealing with what they think is Famine. Torrents of her abysmal hair spilled over to flood the area with darkness that trapped them all inside of the dark mind of Tabitha, who was this enormous spider-dragon that clutched the planet ever so tightly. "Daddy, Watch Me! I Can Make Fools Of These Tools!"

The sky became a stained in a deep crimson red at the eye of Tabitha gleaming with anticipation, her body eclipsing the entire thing, isolating the redness to the interior of the dark clouds. There suddenly became an endless sea of eyes blooming from every blackened space, blinking their eyes in an unharmonious style. "KYAHAHAHAHA!!!" Tabitha cackled as mouths appeared to accompany those eyes. They all laughed in unison, yet as a cacophony of discord at the little ones below and their puny, feeble threat. Tabitha was much greater a darkness -- the Great Darkness that loomed over the Lost World before. "Just Like Old Times, Ain't It? HEEHEEHEEHEE!"

The Tyranophant saw the crystal skies darken again, then redden to the eye of Tabitha, the Great Darkness. "Yes, That's Real Nice, Sweetie. Keep Up The Good Work, Dearest Heart!" he called out to Tabitha as he watched the results of his show-stopping technique, awaiting the outcome from the two chumps that were duking it out. It was then that Karu asked him to teach her how to 'Fuck Shit Up'. The Tyranophant gave a wicked grin.

"So, You Wanna Learn To 'Fuck Shit Up', Eh? Heh Heh, Cute Kid," he said. "Well, Since You Have All The Power To Do So Right Now, All Ya Gotta Do Is Focus That Power Into The Faultlines Of Reality, Then Use Your 'Nature Destruction' To Destroy That Reality's Faultlines. Sound Easy Enough?" The Tyranophant chuckled, wanting to see Karu in action, himself.

That's when he noticed a rather annoying presence of a traitor-hero whose name has long since been wiped out from the Veritas and changed to match that of the Lost World's new reality. That old 'Tamura'. "Still Just As Defiant As Ever," The Tyranophant noted, "But I Like That In 'Im, Because I'd Be BORED HALF TO DEATH IF HE WEREN'T LIKE THAT!! HAHAHAHAHAAA!!"

The Tyranophant knew that if he wanted to continue his works here on the Lost World, he'd have to do it from a macrocosmic scale... Which meant ascent to the Eighth Restriction. "Karu, Practice To 'Fuck Shit Up' On These Two Losers And Tabi, Continue Being The 'Great Darkness' Until They Submit. I'm Going To The Eighth To Deal With Little Mister Traitor."

With that said, The Tyranophant rose up into the sky, his body losing color and beoming more crystalline. His hair -- which was attached at the end to the reality -- withdrew him into the seams of their universe and caused a great flash once The Tyranophant hit the borderline of the atmosphere. For a moment, the clouds parted in their entirety the same way as they'd done when he'd appeared, though this time, there was a gigantic bluish translucent crystalline figure peering down at them, several planets and celestial bodies in its Eight Arms as it looked at them. This was the Eighth Restriction -- Overlord Tensei.
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