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 Kaerei, Spirit Of The Black Swamp Of The Damned

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Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
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Kaerei, Spirit Of The Black Swamp Of The Damned - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Kaerei, Spirit Of The Black Swamp Of The Damned   Kaerei, Spirit Of The Black Swamp Of The Damned - Page 3 EmptySun Aug 04, 2019 2:00 pm

First topic message reminder :

Kaerei's Myth
Kaerei... The demon spirit of the black swamp... Most who enter her swamp sign their spirit over to her... Predicting their death. Kaerei... Totally insane in the worst possibly way... psychotic shaman.... heretic... spirt. It is not known of where or when Kaerei actually comes from, for little is known about her as a person. No one lives to tell the tales of her, but those who do can say this... Her swamp is alive. It is under her control. She is the swamp, one with it... The Black Swamp of Damnation. The swamp seems to be a secret place that is only stumbled upon by accident, also why no one knows about Kaerei. It also is said to move to her own will, making it even more mysterious. It is unknown as to whether Kaerei herself is a spirit, whether she is a human, a frog or something else entirely... Or perhaps all of them. Her body, totally immune to acids and poisons whatsoever. No type of toxins or diseases can best her, which explains why she can live in such living conditions for such an incredibly long time. She has control over spirits as if they were part of her... And they just might be. All of the souls of the ones she's killed, and perhaps some that have just wandered into her power. She has control over all frogs, amphibians and reptiles whatsoever, and those not under her influence are quickly changed due to her... powers. In this evil swamp of hers, she also does... Voodoo. Those who do know of her, as few as they may be, know that she is the master of Voodoo dolls and rituals, making her one of business as well. The price for some of her voodoo magic is your spirit, however, making you a type of soulless being that works under her command. She also has a very wide selection of various poisons and acids, the most in the universe. These can be used for instant death, a fatal disease or... many other things of the like. Her purpose in this world is completely unknown, but she may just live her as a ferryman for souls... such is Kaerei, the dangerous, shamanistic heretic spirit of the Black Swamp.

Kaerei used to reside in the Nightmare Village, though wasn't really that active because of her secluded and psychotic nature... She used to work under the Earth King, who she referred to as her 'Diamond Master.' She seems to be taking her loner path again, following orders from no one but herself. That was the life she liked best. Under the control of her diamond master, however, she acquired Sage Mode, which is very powerful for her. She has the power to summon up unnatural energy which she can use to her will to increase her power by a great amount. Another thing she did under her 'Diamond Master' was kill one of her own in combat. It was a cruel and fatal death, but that was Kaerei's favorite kind, of course. Kaerei also fought in a battle against the Demon King, in retrospect, was never finished, and also fought against a team member of hers and accidentally changed her life. Kaerei accidentally stuck part of her spirit inside of the Aethereal via a Voodoo doll and it has manifested itself into another being entirely inside of her known as Kuiin. Kaerei only felt remorse because of what would happen if her former Diamond Master found out, but now that she is not with him, she will use this to her advantage to track down and kill the Aethereal, thus taking back the energy that is rightfully hers. Kaerei also senses a great insanity in this village of Reality... and she likes it. It fills her with a further lust for blood and spirits, and it is making her lose what little of her mind she has left... much like a few of the people in this village. As of right now, a black swamp has appeared in the Reality Village from seemingly nowhere surrounded by a thick, black mist... It is best that all do not check it out.

After some time alone, Kaerei was confronted by a deity. A snake deity, no less. She was going to kill her, however Medusa offered something that Kaerei needed... Soul abilities and Magical Lilypads and the Black Dragon Blood, as well as the ability to change into a Soul Weapon. Kaerei humbly accepted Medusa's gifts in exchange for Medusa being able to come and ask her for anything that she needed and for an Earth Potion... With that, Kaerei became A Weapon, however she had 3 weapons inside of her; A File, a Hook, and accidentally a Syringe. Those would be useful. With that, Kaerei became dormant once again, humbly mixing potions in her swamp... Until she thought about something. She wanted to have concentrated power. More speed. She was already quite speedy, but she was not blindingly fast. She needed to be smaller... Lighter... Nimbler (if that was possible) and sleek. This called for her to become smaller, a child, no less. While in her child form, or as she calls it, 'Tama Form,' Kaerei can move at unimaginable speeds that makes her invisible, not even a blur to leave a trace of her trail. Her hair is pony tails that she can use as blades, helicopters or stretch it out like whips or something. Her dress acts as a parachute now and when she spins, she can cut and poison things, since the dress is razor sharp and her entire body has poisonous and acidic toxins all over. Her gloves have the highest concentration of natural poison and acid, meaning that getting touched with her gloves was more than lethal. Her gloves were also extremely durable and coated with magic given to her by Medusa and some lingering magic that was used to change her, meaning that her gloves could not only deliver extremely powerful blows, but could also deflect various attacks and large objects and whatnot. Her fingers are also incredibly sharp, like that of a blade, though they may not look it. How very useful.

Kaerei's anatomy is very complex and detailed, compared to most others'. Her entire body is adapted to many conditions that normal people would not be able to survive, and works similarly to a conjunction of many, many different species of frogs in one. To start from the top, her hair is long, straight and silver, and as an adult, it would flow down all the way to her waist. As a child, it is made into two very large and unkempt pigtails on either side of her head. The strands of her hair are able to be sharpened, stiffened, elongated and controlled at her every will and whim, making them a weapon within themselves. Moving down to her eyes, they are very special, being able to see any sort of invisible object, any spirit/supernatural entity and able to trace and assess the power of these things. Her eyes are also coated in a special film that allows her to see clearly in any sort of water she swims in, no matter how dense, murky or dark. This also allows her to see through mist and hindering gases, hence why she can see clearly through her own. Kaerei's mind is virtually insane in all ways, leaving her to be a very deadly and misunderstood person. With a mind like that, she is typically an erratic person in general. Kaerei's nose is special, for she can smell specific fumes in the air released by living things. With these fumes, she can smell changes in emotion via chemical properties, she can locate movement of people anywhere within a certain distance, and she can decipher any other gases in the area that may not be noticeable to any other people. Kaerei's ears are very keen as well, only because she can pick up many different sounds and decipher them all at once. This assists her in pinpointing her prey. Kaerei's mouth is one of her most important features. Her salivary glands are specially made to produce acid and toxins, which her mouth is generally always coated in. The intensity of the acid and toxins increase or decrease depending on her emotions. Generally, these will break down whatever enters her mouth and destroy anything that will harm her body before it is able to enter her body. However, this links into her stomach acids being so incredibly powerful that Kaerei can consume literally anything, so it doesn't matter much. Back to Kaerei's mouth, she can regurgitate and instantly produce a seemingly infinite amount of acid or toxins right from there, using those for attacks. Her toxins are so powerful, that even 0.00000000000000000000000000001oz is enough to kill a skilled Jounin in the shinobi world. Not only that, but she can release foam from her mouth with the same property. In addition to this, her larynx and vocal cords are very, very, VERY highly adapted, allowing her to make almost any noise at any pitch or volume, be it a croak, a gentle and beautiful song, or just her raspy, froggy voice. Her croaks have enough power to shatter mountains if concentrated well enough, making her voice very powerful. Her croaks and calls can be made to sound like any frequency, be it the call of a bird, clicking of rocks, the trill of a cricket or anything. Kaerei's voice can make any sound on the sound spectrum perfectly, and thus this allows her to mimic people's voices, as well. Also, because she has so much experience in the art of sound waves, Kaerei can generate sounds that can relate to any of the senses, meaning she may be able to create illusions and trick the mind, turn off senses of others who hear her voice, etc. It depends on the reception. Finally, she is able to talk to animals, but more specifically, amphibians and reptiles, being able to control them with just her voice, making her even more deadly.

Kaerei's body is just as complex and detailed as her head is. Kaerei's skin is very smooth and extremely permeable, but is covered in films of very, very strong acids and toxins at all times, making sure nothing is able to penetrate her extremely permeable skin. Not only this, but her toxins and acids provide insulation and keeps her body temperature stable at all times, even through cold and heat. Her skin also allows her to absorb liquids and restore her own health by doing this, if she wills it. Lastly, she is able to change the pigmentation of her body at will, so she may alter her color to any color on the spectrum, even infrared or ultraviolet, making her totally unseen even to those who track by heat vision. This also allows her to mimic the image of whomever she has seen before to the very t. Her skin is also extremely stretchy, mostly in the cheeks for storing up acids and poisons. Using her stretchy skin and moveable, flexible bones, she can lodge herself into any crevice, no matter how small or tight. Though it is very stretchy and permeable, under special conditions, she can harden the liquid film around her body to fortify her skin, causing her to become rough and hard, difficult to harm, but then completely dry. Her skin is able to sense the most subtle of vibrations in the atmosphere, be it normally, in the earth, in the air or in the water, alerting her to threats or prey. Also, Kaerei has both lungs and gills, and has the ability to breathe through her skin, if she wants, as well as through the water with ease. Kaerei's skin also allows her great water resistance as well as the ability to float along water, or, if she truly wants to, to 'walk on water.' Kaerei's organs are also adapted to these acids and toxins. Kaerei's bones are extremely flexible and tough, almost to the point of that they are incapable of being broken. If they are dislocated, Kaerei is easily able to snap them back into place. Kaerei's blood and any other liquids in her body are made completely of the highest types of acids and toxins, as well as been infected by the Black Blood thanks to Medusa. There are so many acids and toxins in her body that there is literally no type of poison that can affect or harm her body, and if there is, her body is made to instantly adapt to and take control of it. Her body cannot physically be harmed by acid at all, and her insides are so strong that she can drink any type of acid as if it were kool-aid, as stated before, her stomach acids are strong enough that Kaerei can literally consume and break down anything that enters her body. Kaerei's legs are her most powerful feature, giving her the ability of insanely precise acrobatics, balance and nimbleness. Also, they are powerful enough to launch her high into the air easily, and deliver incredibly powerful kicks. Because of her powerful legs, Kaerei is also a lot faster than most people consider her. Her legs are also made for swimming, and she moves even faster through water than she does on land (which is still very fast.) Finally, Kaerei's tongue is insanely long, reaching to great lengths and is extremely sticky, as well as coated in the same poisons and acids as the rest of her body. It's used for multiple purposes. Lastly, with her mystical powers, she can alter her age to her own will.

Kaerei, as an adult, wears a mostly skin-tight shirt with oversized, long sleeves, however it shows a large portion of her belly. She also wears skin-tight pants that seem to be very stretchy and flexible, as a special attribute for maximum movement and mobility of her legs in any direction. These are for maximum wind and water resistance in the air and through the water, making both liquid and wind slide off of her easily. Kaerei wears special shoes that allow her to have extremely good traction, or alternatively, get rid of any traction she has on her feet, depending on what she wishes. Around Kaerei's ankles and waist are extremely stretchy, compacted flaps which extend outward into parachutes. This is to allow her to float down from high areas and delay fall-time in the air.

Kaerei, as a child, has an entirely different wardrobe than as an adult. Her clothes are still specially made to resist her acids and toxins, however they are a little less efficient in other aspects than her adult form. For starters, she wears a black, white and gray striped, sleeveless dress, which provides the same mobility for her legs and also acts as a parachute in place of the flaps that are on her clothes as an adult. Also, because her dress is sleeveless, Kaerei wears extremely large, rubbery frog-themed gloves, which allows her to touch things without burning them, just like her sleeves do as an adult. Finally, Kaerei does not have boots anymore, but now has typical slippers on. They still provide the same ability of having great traction or no traction, but are not really as comfortable. She looks similarly to these two pictures.

Kaerei, as a senior, generally has attire that resembles her original self, however looser and more tattered. She wears garb with the same immunities a her original clothes, only they are tattered and cover her entire body; arms, legs and face, making her look more like an evil spirit as none of her limbs are able to be seen. This garb is also able to negate the effects of heat, light and the cold to keep her totally and completely fine through any harsh conditions, as it is blessed with her mystical power.

Kaerei's attire is specially made to fit her acidic and toxic capabilities, as well as her extremely drastic living conditions. Therefore, her clothes are specially made so that no acids can burn through. To ensure this, they are also blessed with shamanistic and druid magics. To start off, she wears an incredibly large, rubber-looking hat that resembles a traditional Japanese Straw Hat with giant, menacing frog eyes on them. These Frog Eyes seem to be directly linked with Kaerei's own mind, allowing her to see through them and show emotions through those eyes. Those eyes also have incredibly potent, hypnotic power as well as many other hidden abilities, as well as some hidden spiritual properties. As a child, her hat has changed into a hood, sporting the same eyes, however now colored purple. There is no difference in ability, only appearance.

Kaerei, the mysterious hermit/shaman/heretic frog girl who is the center of spirits from the black swamp, giving her the alias 'Spirit of the Black Swamp.' She is a loner, usually only heard singing an ominously eerie tune when people pass through her swamp "Gekogekogekori... Gekogekori.." She kills most who come to the black swamp, giving it the name. A psychopath to every extreme, less than no outside contact with other people except when she takes a life. She is twisted, demented, insane and destructive to the extreme, though when she is not in contact with any living creature, she is extremely docile and gentle... Though still very menacing, creepy and vile. Kaerei also seems to be highly adept at explosives, too, most of these being bombs. She has integrated her knowledge of explosives into some of her attacks (Such as the Swamp Grenade or her Geko Geko bombs). Not much is known about her, other than that she is not of this world. Her personality remains a very large mystery, as are a great many other things about this Frog Spirit.

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.

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The Veritas
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Kaerei, Spirit Of The Black Swamp Of The Damned - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kaerei, Spirit Of The Black Swamp Of The Damned   Kaerei, Spirit Of The Black Swamp Of The Damned - Page 3 EmptySat Aug 10, 2019 9:30 am

Croak 49: Long Time No See...


The croaky laugh resonated throughout the swampland, indistinct in its location. Where one may seem to walk forever forward into nothingness, it would take the Earth King only a few steps of trudging through the swamp to reach the center... On behalf of the Swamp Sage, herself, that is.

"If it isn't my old Diamond Master, geko geko... How long it's been since we've seen each other..."

As per usual, Kaerei sat stooped over the edge of her pitch black swamp; no reflection in the pool at all. Her small shack rested in the back of the dark fog. As always, her large, frog-eyed hat akin to that of a samurai's straw hat left a majority of her face in shadow...

"... To what do I owe this pleasure...? Gekori."

"Geekogekogekori!! Why, I am not quite as comfortable as yourself when it comes to exposure..."

Naturally, the shining, naked man trudging through the muck was something to behold and quite rare a sight within the Black Swamp...

"... Of course, that's why I seclude myself here... Geeekogekogeko... To avoid that kind of attention..."

Nay, she was not quite as bold as her former Diamond Master, preferring to stay hidden in the murk, in the haze and in the black of the swamp than to be outwardly seen as a spectacle for all to behold.

"... Though, you may feed my brain with the feast of knowledge as to why you have paid me a visit so very abruptly...? No one comes to the Black Swamp for no reason, I'm always aware..."

There was nothing here except for the Swamp Sage and her friends on the other side, doing as they may out of the line of sight of all others...

"So... You're now involved in this madness, too? Gekogeko..."

It would make sense, since the planet of the planet is being threatened in its entirety, as well as the sanctity of all else that existed. Their balls were in quite the vicegrip thanks to this family here... More so, Khrona.

"Of course I am aware... Just because I do not leave this swamp does not mean I do not know what goes on beyond the borders..."
The Earth King searched for the solution for this problem, picking the brains of the Tensei he could find. It was quite the wise choice to pick perhaps the two most knowledgeable; Tabris and Kaerei.

"Gekori... So you've sought the assistance of the brainchild, the Grimoire that holds all such knowledge of all things...? Heh heh... The fruit of knowledge, that boy is... Yet, you seek to know my menial methods of sustaining this situation, I presume...?"

"On my behalf..." she started slowly, "... I have constructed a creature to do my bidding... He shall face the burdens of the Second Moon as the Tensei in my place..."

Naturally, only filling the gaps to a situation that needed to be rectified in the first place. Kaerei wasn't going to get involved; that was the purpose of all that she went through. Now, she was merely one who helped the process come to a close and have things come to peace.

"Help...? Hahahaha, only if one goes into the depths of the Second Moon with my Voodoo Doll..."

Kaerei grew silent for a moment, still staring into her black swamp water. It was time to explain her role in this matter.

"... Geko geko... For what you give, you only get an equivalent amount in exchange. The same goes for if you receive; you must then give an equivalent amount. If there is nothing to give..."

She turned her head, giggling to herself in frog-like croaks,

"... Then there is nothing to receive. This is how my philosophy functions; give a penny, take a penny. No matter the outcome, I will be fine... Gekoooo... My existence is a choice I have decided to make, so I exist outside of your world, outside of your laws, outside of your territory... Gekori. I have no presence nor influence until given an equivalent amount of what I need to do out there... Do you now understand?"

The Voodoo Doll she created served in her place because it could, at least, prove to be a worthy sacrifice on her behalf... After all, she already gave her existence to someone else. Technically, to anyone except herself, she no longer truly existed. Funny how the Tensei worked.

"... Do you seek my assistance, my former Diamond Master...?"

Quite the plan indeed, and of course, the Swamp Sage was never one to turn down anyone who requested anything of her. But, as her outstretched hand beckoned what she would receive in return, she asked him,

"... And what will you give me in equivalence to what you wish me to do...?"

That was how it was; no loopholes, no convincing her otherwise, nothing. Twas only one way to get her to do anything, as this was how it deemed necessary for her to interact. Cannot maintain a life of Absolute Zero is not given anything.

"I can do anything, as many of my brethren are capable... But even in our omnipotence, we have rules established by our own selves, independent of the laws forced upon all others... Geko. Mine is, to maintain the balance of staying in this world... this swamp, the Zero World as its master, all things I do must equate to Zero... Or else, I cannot be here anymore. Do you understand...?"

As the Earth King was now, he could only be here, existing in a world where all equated to Zero because of her presence. She was one with this place. Anyone who stumbled in here could only either leave with a wish granted, leave with nothing gained and nothing taken, or become absolute zero and cease to be.

"... Such is why I cannot leave. I am confined to this swamp and cannot exist anywhere that holds 'value' without given 'value.' It is... perfect balance. Gekogekogeko..."

Therefore, to maintain herself outside, she would need to be 'given' value and 'take' value equivalent to what she was given. Thus... She needed payment.

"Gekooo... Quite the offer... However, unfortunately... That cannot happen."

She was already 'infertile,' so to speak, after bearing the three Grims; Grimnyzmal, Grimlock and Grimro, as well as her Lanterns, Tigen, Pumpkinhead and Pumki (naturally on different sides of the spectrum of light and dark as Rei and Grimnis), and assuming her form as 'Kaerei,' she was unable to bear anything else to the Tensei name.

"... I cannot bring something into the world. Technically, that would be yet another thing I would give to you... What reason do I need another child?"

Though, there was something...

"... Unless..."

... The catch...

"... You bring me a soul of equivalence to the child you wish for me to bear you. A soul needs a body... Where you grant me a fragment of yourself, is but a fragment enough? Geeekoooo..."

To bring about a child, she would need his soul. That, or...

"Or, all of your seed. Your manhood, your offspring... Shall belong to me."

"The soul first," she said outright, hand outstretched and never falling, "... A soul in which is equivalent to the strength of the Insanity as well as the overall potential of a child born of Michio and Tensei bound..."

Hence why she would have required all his seed. The unfathomable power of which a Michio-Tensei breed would uncover was beyond that of anyone that still existed... Only Khrona Tensei, the one who forcefully became head of the family, could even be classified as something so glamorous in sheer power.

"I cannot make the contract until I have the required materials... So, who have you prepared... Geko geko geko...?"

Did he know of someone of such strength? Perhaps, one of his own...

"Do you have a child already? Born of the gods whose soul is tender for the plucking...? Or do you have something else of such godly strength...?"

nothing anywhere. Such was being the keeper of all that is at Absolute Zero; the ability to return all to nothing came with this price of only being equated to the equal value of anything and everything necessary to return such to 'zero.' No one came into her swamp unless they spoke of business.

"... I make no moves until my deals have been finalized... Only then, will anything established become of any value..."

Nothing that occurred or that was spoken would be done, between either of them, until the terms had been finalized by both parties. Her deals were absolute, and must be made in absolute equivocation.

"Until this is fully sorted out... gekogeko... All that is said and done amounts to zero. It is meaningless..."

Such a cold-hearted wench she was, but when one requires nothing and wants nothing, that was what one had to be to maintain balance. The thoughts of the offers ran through her head, concocting their images in the pitch black waters below them, in order to visualize this potential contract.

"You request two children... Neither of which I need nor want of my own... To quell the efforts of the Insanity, am I correct? What a large payment you will need..."

Two souls, two bodies... ALL of which had to be strong enough to not only fight the insanity, but the bodies needed to be strong enough to maintain such powerful souls within them.

"... And in addition to that already hefty sum, you wish of me to unlock a power between you and I? For this, you have but a single Aura Stone to offer me..."

Weighing the proportions, one Aura Stone would definitely be nowhere near able to cut this deal. The Tensei heritage was renowned for being able to do individually what all of the Aura Stones together could do together, if allowed to reach their full potential as gods and goddesses.

"... Your payment is coming up very short... Nothing will be finalized until all is equal... Gekori... Payment in far in the negative on your end... Geeekogekogeko..."

"... I do not need overabundance of strength..." she said bluntly, cutting off his stir of her black waters. All returned to Zero with her disagreement.

"... I need absolute equivocation."

He would find his words silenced, for nothing would enter nor exit without her consent. It was one of the things Tensei enjoyed most in doing; creating or taking over other worlds that they commanded absolutely. Now the deal was indeed sweetened; it turned out that there was yet another addition to the deal... Her services outside the swamp.

"... You wish me to face my great grandson's wrath...? Then you must give me something else... So far, your total comes to... Two bodies, two souls and my services... What bodies do you have to grant me...? I will not take just any soul for such a process..."

This was nothing that she wanted, meaning that everything that the Earth King asked was only for his benefit, and so he was the only one that would pay this price. Two Aura Stones would do nothing for her, save for quite possibly being only parts of one body. He would need to dig deeper... and give her more. He did not seem to understand the gravity of what his requests were...

"... All of the Aura Stones together will serve to create either a single body or a single soul... You must be greatly underestimating the combined power of Tensei and Michio... gekoooo..."

And this was still only one thing taken care of. Such was the price.

"... You are still missing payment for three components... As well as my services... What else do you have to give...? Nothing will be finalized, and all will return to Zero until the values of both sides are equal..."

get something for nothing. The Earth King's Dojutsu would be lost permanently, his right arm would be lost permanently, and he would lose on aura stone in exchange for two children and her services only once. This sounded like the rather balanced tradeoff. Perhaps she could use that Dojutsu and arm for one of her vile concoctions...

"Geko? You say you have someone who can achieve the souls and bodies...? Then, get them... Unless you want me to do so for you... Which will cost you extra. Geeekogekogeko..."

She was always happy to help, as long as there was compensation...

Making deals with the Swamp Sage, I take it?

It wasn't surprising that Tabris already had access to this sort of information... That was his purpose, after all.

I would highly advise against this course of action. You never want to make a deal with her. My suggestion is that you cancel it all. However, if this is what your heart is content on, then the consequences will be as they are... My rebellious son and quiet daughter are yours for the taking.

They were of his creation and by his hand, so it was not unreasonable for their lives to be taken back by him. They were artificial. Perhaps through this, their artificial lives could be organic.

It would not take long to disassemble them, he merely needed to call their data back into the rawest form and convert it into what one would call 'souls' and bodies. They would quickly be digitized to the swamp, as allowed by Kaerei.

Again... I would highly advise against this... Do not say I did not ever warn you.

It was a shame that he did not trust her, however she also felt like he didn't truly know what he was getting himself into...

"Gekori... All that shall happen is that the deal shall take place, and all things that come after shall be results of the deal. Nothing more, nothing less. It is only if it is tampered with that such maladies will ensue..."

Her deals were fair to perfection. It was only a matter of if the Earth King were to forge an agreement to the terms that were discussed and agreed upon would things begin to unfold in the favor of which he wished...

"Do we have a deal?"


The cheerful, resonant croak echoed through her bayou, the souls of the lost beginning to harmonize in their mournful wails. Almost like... The bells that rang before someone's death. The moment the Earth King tried to leave her swamp, he'd find himself right back standing before her black waters. She was the lady of the black waters, after all...

"... Where do you think you're going to go...
Without paying what you owe?"

There was no '
The rune was forged however... Equalizing Zero. The energy of what exactly was unknown but the Earth King would have to investigate that and the Wings of Freedom soon.
', without the proper payment for such a transaction. The snake-like grin of the evil swamp witch, seemed to penetrate the foul black of the atmosphere, just because it glowed with so much vile, twisted pleasure.

Looks like the Insanity's getting a new body... Because that soul belongs to the swamps.

"Vectors... And all values... Return to this single point... Once they reach the very bottom..."

So. Now was the true test of skill and will; could the former student now surpass the original Master here? He should have been proud of her today on this day.

"So when any part of you gets stuck in here... It's only a matter of time before the rest gets stuck here..."

Why was she telling him this extra information now? Because it was a necessity only when they were bound to her world. Without the proper payment, someone couldn't exit this world. Everything needed to equal Zero; exactly how it was before you got back here, with equivalent exchange. In short, if you wanna leave, put everything back where you found it or be able to pay for it...

"So do you want the rune...? Or do you want to live...? Choose wisely..."

"When you get back..? Who said you were going anywhere?"

No, no, no, that's not how the Black Swamp worked at all, not even for someone of the Earth King's great stature. This was only because all values equaled Zero here, including the great and infinite strength of the mighty Destroyer. In Absolute Zero, that was all that number equated to; no matter how mighty, how infinitely powerful, or limitless one's strength may be... Absolute Value only amounts it all to nothing. So, when he brushed her off and went on his way, he'd find himself right back in front of her again, as if the deal hadn't been broken yet...

"... You want to leave...? You have to pay the price..."

It may have only been one version of the Earth King, but it was still a very real version of him nonetheless, and no matter what, his presence would lead him straight back to the Zero World eventually. Not that he could escape presently. He could attempt, but the only ways to do that would be to fight Kaerei and prevail over her, give her something, or destroy the Zero World. Just how would he go about transaction...?

No words were exchanged. Merely, a simple pull of thread once invisible before her face, glowing now with an aura of spectral light. One of the strings she was pulling...? The Threads of Life.


She hesitated not a single moment during his speech to cut his line; the connection he had to the Earth King as well as to Tabris. In fact, to everyone outside the Zero World. A piece of plastic given direction, but a vessel nonetheless... The wide, snake-like grin akin to the second evil boiling in the corrosive cauldron that serves as the tar-pits of Kaerei's Swamp Soul. Medusa. Festering, being consumed completely, slowly but surely. Those two tactical minds in one soul...

"Now that your line's been severed, you cannot escape and he can no longer give you direction... Gekogeko..."

The body should have fallen lifeless at that moment, yet if somehow it did not, it was still disconnected from the outside world(s), isolated entirely by a place untraceable.

"This is my world, now, not your world...
And I've got friends on the other side..."
They were a-comin'.

"Fun Fact..."

She'd say, the Earth King returning to her feet once again once the lines were cut. This clone of the Earth King was in no way able to flee from this demise, she knew, for he'd already made bonds with the Tensei... And there was one whom she was working in quite the cahoots with. The one pulling the strings behind this...

"... The Family Bond never severs between the family... Geko geko... Otherwise, they would have gotten rid of me and my Grim Children a very long time ago... When the curse first began! Geko geko geko..."

The Earth King had no clue of the inner workings of the Tensei heritage, and this was quite the good thing. She was the family demon. The family curse. That which effected everyone and everything connected. The Red Moon no longer belonged to her, but her veins still surged with that same blood, and those thin lifelines went all through the tree and any other Tensei that was of Grim heritage or harnessed the power of Absolute Zero. Khrona included. She made sure to get to him first, even if it was something so small, so that no one would be able to stop her.

"So stay your connection to that Grimoire's data, and we will see just how free you are with clipped wings... Geko geko..."

Another quick snippet at their call, and the bonds of Tabris and the Earth King were severed, the Wings of Freedom along with it. Though things are able to drift into this interdimensional black hole cesspool, but nothing could escape. The use of Absolute Zero is how Khrona severed the bonds between Zita and the Demon King after the Skullgirl was revived. And now he would continue to deteriorate even further the more he tried to resist and the more prolonged his exposure... Could he truly find a way out of Kaerei's madness? Even if he did, she was pulling far more strings than he realized right now... and it would catch up to him in the near future...

But the smile of the devilish creature did not fade, for already in a long and unstoppable process, her replacement would be on the way. She was getting too old for this job, anyway... It was time for someone younger and more spry to take on the family curse... One of the many beings that were going to make their way into the Zero World soon would not be able to exit without proper payment, and would indeed become bound to this world just as she. Or perhaps... Her corrosive soul would possess and eat away at the soul of whomever came down here. Hers was a soul most vile after all.

So she laughed. Stupid, crazy, senile, as the timeless old woman she was, this body now expired on her, too. The crazy Sage could only laugh as she made her final words slipping into a state of blank cognition...

"Pleasure doing business with you...
My former Diamond Master.

Who would be next to take her place? The Zero World wouldn't wait forever. In fact, it had quite the selection to choose from... And all the batshit insane, delusional old woman had to do now was wait. Wait and laugh. And laugh and wait. Put into motion, it would not cease; she was well overdue for a replacement anyway. The Zero World... Would not be pleased without someone to control it. It would rise up as a black ruin and consume everything, just as the abysmal stomach of a Grim would do. Such is where they were born; from abysmal darkness known as 'Nothingness,' something was found, and to it, something would return. She just had to wait for the proper procedure...

resonant laughs, the Fairy Queen now stood before her. She already knew what this meant; that her wish was going to have to be granted by Titania... And when Kaerei got out, not only would she be dead and a nonexistent force of nature, but also... This mess was going to have to be cleaned up next.

"... Where there is life, there must also be... Death. Kaerei, you've served your purpose in this place up to the point of your own severing of your own cognition. You are nothing now but a lifeless doll of the Zero World, a vacuum of pure nothingness."

She was the nothingness that would now suck up this world, just the same as Dimensia. Why was solving the Tensei problems always so apocalyptic? This was the second curse of the family; the Zero World, world of all that is Grim. It had ceased to exist.

"... Khrona... Help them..."

And of course, her wishes would be made reality as she looked up at the stars, the waters of the Black Swamp Springing to Life from the cesspool of Death and Decay. It was a real Hell down here. The Fairy Queen of Dreams, the Friday the Thirteenth Fairy sang up to the moon just as her husband once did for her... A prayer, of sorts...? A spell...? A wish upon a star...? To the one that got all the Luck Magic as she was left with Malfortuna...

"The Sandman's coming in his train of cars...
With moonbeam windows and with wheels of stars...
So hush you little ones and have no fear...
The man-in-the-moon he is the engineer...

The railroad track tis a moonbeam bright...
That leads right up into the starry night...
So come you little ones and run up the stairs...
Put on your ‘jamas and say your prayers...

Hush you little ones and have no fear...
The man-in-the-moon he is the engineer..."

Kaerei got her wish thanks to the Earth King... To simply cease to exist. Now what remained of a land purified of the family's demon was that demon lurking about upon the world. So a wishing station was erected nearly instantaneously, robed with dreams and stars sprouting from its center. A Wishing Well connected on the other side to the Fountain of Dreams. An easy access portal something similar to the Dimension Gate that existed at the base of the Crystal Tree. Titania was ruler of this Fairy Spring now; every fairy had one, and of course the Fairy Queen's had to be the most grand of all; a fountain literally pouring with her Phantasmagoria, essence of Dreams and Nightmares. Friday's bloodline trait.

We'll have to fill these blotches of nothingness somehow... What better way than with infinite sources of energy? Perhaps you can bring your Nightmare Energy Pumpking... To be the Djinni in my lamp...

A Fairy and a Djinni in union? Tigen and Friday; Flame of Eternity and Friday the Thirteenth. It was the only way... It would allow history to repeat itself. But the correct way this time. With both empty vessels filled for the greater good.

You know we have to finish this process as quickly as possible... The next moons will come swiftly...

The falling Crystal Fruit streaked silently through the sky bathed in light, like a star in the night air, shining from up above. It gleamed with all the colors of the spectrum, harboring a Spectral Wavelength that could only belong to the Crystal Godsoul, Kamitamashi. It was a wavelength that harbored all wavelengths, all spectrums of light, vibration and utter waves to ripple across the wavering constellations in the undulating 'waters' one could say.

Someone else had finally taken that old, haggard 'death woman's' place. But she wasn't doing it alone. The Crystal Fruit of Life was here to help her grant wishes; a Djinni in a lamp of spherical crystal that served as its head. Familiar, almost like how it happened back in Dimensia... Except this time...


This little Flame of Eternity spiraled into the Nightmare a long time ago, and ever since he did, things made such drastic changes. The same thing would happen as the comet passed through solid substances, phasing through them like a dream. The Magical Orange (Crystal Fruit) ignited in flame as a bulbous orb of light shimmering beside the Fairy Queen.

"Pheeeeewwww. That makes this a lot easier, huh~? Tigen is so happy to be FREE!!!"

The Earth King's chain of events, though originally seeming for the worst, became what was for the greater good of everything. His service to the family was strong in his bond. This Freed Will, Tigen Tensei, literally manipulating his own Degree of Freedom through each and every dimension he passed through as the Dimension's Keeper; the Pumpking. Ready to take his throne back on Dimensia. And what would occur... the Nytozpear would cease to remain the placeholder for Tigen's house and become the new Dimensia! Because it all started in the Nightmare...

"Another patch of nothingness filled up already~! This'll be easy at this rate!"

Titania's wish was being fulfilled. But not everything would be so peachy keen. But at least Tigen and Titania could say thanks to the Earth King; he's saved the day! The Spectral Wavelength of Khrona's soul cast out resonant ripples capable of neutralizing the Insanity, as it was indeed its own force. However, in doing so, the intensity of the Insanity that was within the Dusk was now transferred somewhere else... That same hatred that was within the city burning in an inferno from the Insanity's gaze was now being transferred to... another point where it existed, intensifying its power...

"Yes... Yes indeed," she noted to her husband's 'djinni' form. It was so cute and full of life, much like she in 'fairy' form. Friday the Thirteenth Fairy form, rather. She was with him through Trinity as he was with her through Tigen. Now that everything was starting to align, it was time to begin the true operation...

"... Tigen, my sweet... I will be needing your Omegafier... It is larger than this planet, yes? I believe we can get rid of this all in one go..."

The Omegafier's power was easily enough to send a single drop of Tigen's Liquid Energy through and have it come out still even larger than the planet itself. It was the most powerful magnifier he had at his disposal, and came from many transformations... But if given enough time, he would be able to achieve it and then, even a speck of whatever was sent through would be enough to cover the planet.

"... Hmhm. Our will shall be done... All for you, my love..."

She pointed out to the distance, as if reaching out to the boy that hovered close to her, his memory slowly collecting itself in his head. The moon that fell; she beckoned it closer with a sway of her fingers... The Moon Goddess would help his project along as much as she could, in all shapes and forms of herself, just as he was doing on his end. Now that they could both act... They'd achieve it.

"... Tigen. We're speeding up the process of the moons, and the Omegafier is key to the reckoning of this world... Will you please go through the necessary protocols to bring this about?"

Her darling husband already sent her the pitch... A sinker. It was her turn to swing the bat.



The sound of a little girl's hyperactive squeal trailed behind her instantaneous transportation, bursting into a resonant energy just powerful enough to keep her from destroying everything with her entrance. Only the faint sound of her voice assured the victory, altering the outcome of what was to be with only what she said. No sooner did the shrill cry of excitement banish her throat did a scythe spurt from her back and bat avaste the infinitissimo that was this Spectral Wavelength with what would be called a simple *Flick!* of the wrist. It was all a game to these twins, the Friday the Thirteenth Fairy and the Pumpking. They were still brother and sister after all, despite being parents and children. In the stead of her mother, she snagged the frame in between the ocurrence of events (as her counterpart, Tigen, was known to do) and fulfilled her wish and the wishes of both her mother and father as if it were her own. He would be sent sizzling clear across the sky and out of the planet's atmosphere instantaneously with ease. Should have been right about enough to make it to the sun...

... Though in her stealing of her mother's frame in order to change the probability absolutely to her own, this moved her timeframe of herself from when she was supposed to have her causality occur. Therefore, there was nothing filling the space in between before the cerulean orb bearing down on her with its mentally restrictive gaze.

"Uh oh..." the young Friday the Thirteenth Fairy cried, now having to live with this punishment that she created for herself. A karmic retribution for so casually altering probability? This was the new fate... for the moon to impact the planet much faster in the place of what was to be only a moment before... From the way things looked it seemed like the moon was going to steal the moment away...

... Not unless Fairy Queen Titania had something to do about it. Her wish was fulfilled right at that moment, far to perfectly synchronized with the events of her husband to ensure that all three of their efforts were accurately prepared to fall into the place of Trinity's mistake. Her finger was already prepared to combat the misfortune the Malfortuna would bring, allowing her wish to come true right at that very moment. Fortunately, all Tensei shared the same capabilities despite phenomenal relative difference in personal touch. Trinity was still quite young, and did not know how to accurately calculate her coordinates in the best way possible when she warped. She would have to learn from her brother to appear right on time. Tigen was a warping prodigy, after all.

All of their wishes were going to be granted all at the exact same time. All she needed was a single frame to snatch so she and her husband could make them come true. With the cerulean marble in set upon her finger, did she too *Flick!* it away toward Tabris... Where the Sword of Truth should have been meeting at the exact same time...

Trinity gazed in awe at her mommy's awesomeness, her eyes sparkling as her mouth hung wide.

"OOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHH!!! Mommy, you're almost as cool as daddy!!"

The Tensei gene was absolutely most dominant, so she definitely took more of a likeness to her father than her mother, even though she shared some expressly similar and undeniable qualities from her mother. Even so... It was about time for the Goddess of Death to get things under way as best as she could.

"Mmmm... Alright, mommy! Daddy wants me to do somethin or somethin, so um... Sowwee~!"

Though it didn't seem like Trinity REALLY cared all that much nor was ACTUALLY sorry about what she was about to to. She immediately latched herself to her mother's head like a brain-squid and began to suck out all of her consciousness and knowledge and stuff, allowing for the famed Tensei technique 'Absorption' to quickly draw out all that Trinity needed for the next set.

"We still love you, though! MUAH!"

She kissed her mumzy's forehead and smiled, starting to create from all of her mother's amazing super cool power a really cool and amazing being...

It's alright, dear, I already know...

Titania... Rather, Shinnia, at this point, closed her eyes and allowed her daughter to siphon her consciousness, slowly, but surely beginning to lose her mind to Trinity's influence.

"... Everything I do, I do for him...
For us...
The same way that he does..."

And with a smile on her face, she would let herself succumb completely and fully to her daughter's will, not only connecting their minds together the same way that Khrona and Trinity's minds were, but giving Trinity total control over all that was Shinnia's consciousness. Her powers, her knowledge, her being... All for Trinity.

"Just make sure...
To make your father happy...
I love you two, too..."

The combined power of mother and daughter; the Goddess of Dreams and Wishes and the Goddess of Death and Consciousness bonded together once Trinity attached herself to her mother's head, allowing for her to call into this realm a being of such grandeur that this world had previously never seen before; she who opposed the Judgemaster's Law with a Will that would never submit to something as feeble as this lawmaker's whim, his opposite, Grand Genesia, the Creation.

"... This is... Our strength combined...
Together, we can save him from the Insanity...
Or at least keep him halted for a little while longer..."

Rising from the beautiful waters of the lagoon that was now the Fairy Spring of Truth, bathed in all the waters' overflowing ethereal magical essence was what one would believe a being made of pure magic itself. Born of nothingness and sustained by its own consciousness (the combined powers of 'Consciousness' and 'Magic,') the Willmaster was created, and she was the bane of the Judgemaster, as was the Judgemaster to she. Counteracting forces that were supposed to work in tandem, yet were forced into opposition.

"... We must right the wrongs of the Judgemaster...
For in his Insanity, he will attempt to bring tyranny to this beautiful world we wish to create...
And this world cannot be run by tyranny, fear, rules and oppression...
It will stifle them and keep them from making any progress..."

And as was by her own Will that she dispersed into thin air, this being of pure Conscious Magic; Will itself. She would appear at the Tree of Life, where she was summoned by Tinasanti.

Completely consuming what was once Titania (well, Shinnia) and releasing her power as the Willmaster, who was the new Fairy Queen of the Fairy Spring of Truth (where she would be residing from now on), Trinity felt this power overtake herself as well, her mother's body withering away to ash once Trinity finished the absorption.

"Mou... It's a good thing you got reborn again cuz of Daddy! We can never die~! Now you get to be better and we can be a happy family again!!"

Even so, Trinity felt a huge drop in her once infinite power. Almost all of it was being focused on keeping the Willmaster in existence (since the Willmaster was her soul) and the energy that was normally used to sustain her body was at its most minimal. In short, Trinity (now Shinity) was nothing more than a Genin Goddess of Death.

"Ooohhhh... Mmmm... I dun feel so peppy like I used ta..."

She rubbed her head and tried to fly, but flying seemed to be pretty difficult for her now. She could only barely hover above the ground.

"Buu!! This sucks... Can't even... fly... *yaaawwwn*"

She was getting pretty sleepy... And, as she closed her eyes, she could faintly hear the words of her parents calling out to her in the back of her mind...

"Trinity... Come to me..."

"Mmmm..." she mumbled, dozing off, her physical form starting to disperse as she did, "... Mommy... Daddy... Trinity... Is coming... Mmmmm..."

She really missed the two of them, in all honesty. Without her own conscious effort, she would disperse and *Poit!* herself somewhere entirely new, into the realm of Deep Thought, where she was being called by her parents.
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The Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
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Kaerei, Spirit Of The Black Swamp Of The Damned - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kaerei, Spirit Of The Black Swamp Of The Damned   Kaerei, Spirit Of The Black Swamp Of The Damned - Page 3 EmptySat Aug 10, 2019 9:33 am

Croak 50: Toxic

The girl appeared just beyond the borders of the Black Swamp, wandering about the Omen Marsh as normal people would. It wasn't until she crossed the border between the Omen Marsh to the Black Swamp that she'd feel everything become far more... Foreboding. The air was thick with a black mist, the ground was wet with black muck and when she looked behind her... Everything of color was now replaced with more blackness of this Swamp. She'd crossed over to the other side, be it accidental or intentional, and now she would never leave unless by the means of...


She'd hear the croaky laugh resonate softly throughout the blackened trees, as if it were reverberating all around her... It was the laugh the maiden of the swamp made whenever another fool stepped foot into her territory, knowing that they could not escape.

Homura would have to find the source of this laughter, wherever it was in this Black Swamp of the Damned...

Come closer, child... Deeper into the swamp...

The voice spoke to her now from a realm beyond, beckoning her closer into the swamp. All she had to do was walk arbitrarily in any direction, and she'd eventually make her way to the center where Kaerei lay... That was the beauty about her swamp. No matter where you went, you could never escape, only walk right into Kaerei. She didn't seem to come here intentionally, which was always better than those who came here looking to strike up a deal. Now Kaerei could exploit her want to get out and use that as means for... a deal.

As long as the girl kept walking, she'd find Kaerei sitting at the edge of the black pool, staring into it crouched as she normally was over the side.

She smirked under the shadow of her hat, almost unable to bear the humor of that question. Her raspy laughs croaked from her resonant chest not unlike the sound of low, ominous drums playing faintly in the background. Was she lost? Hilarious.

"Geeeekogekogeko... No, my child...
I believe you're the little lamb that's lost her way...
Geko Gekori..."

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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The Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
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Croak 51: My...Home...

-The atmosphere was clasped in the usual cloak of insanity that coveted the very souls of the ones who resided near the aesthetic monstrosity that was Manor Alexandros. It was rich in the natural aspect of the mind that plagued every Tensei and those who were associated with them such as the being who now would be seen in the distance. Head hung low the ominous machination of various enigmatic forces would be seen with twin river of blood flowing like tears down it's makeshift pale cheeks. Hair like fine yarn birthed from the most richest of sheep would be seen sprouting and covering it's face. the only portion visible to those who could see in the thicket of the insane forces and the darkness that melded along with it. Eyes, he once held the most perfect set of eyes, lavender in their appearance able to entice woman and man alike but now only rested violet buttons that hid the rest of his humanity...the very last facet that it held if any at all.-

It's here...

-The thought traversed through it's begin slowly, savoring every last bit of what occurred so sparingly now. The creature reached the Grandest of constructs the benevolent Manor Alexandros. It's mouth loosely stitched together by bloody strings of the essence that bound it to this form. The light that emanated from the manner it caused a reflection in the pool of water near the glorious Manor...if one were to look close enough one who knew the lingering forces that were once a being loved by few, but one by even less. Then one would see that this horrid construct of dark magics was...

Allen Momoto...


-His words were broken as was both his will for it no longer belonged to him. Bound to whatever wishes the Frog hag desired of him. The things he treasured like his appearance and freedom were now no longer bound by his wanting. They belonged to her, but this was the price he-paid for the power to quell the demons that plagued those he loved. The great Edilon could recognize this child before him. He could sense the lingering means of the Tensei blood within his own Dawn blood that allowed him the passage. The manor knew this boy, this was his home as well. The Great door to the manor would open and In Momo went, but just why had he come here after so long?-

grand interior design of the many slowly. He wanted to savor this, every last memory he had in this place, though few because he rarely slept here -being the busy bee he was known for being- he savored and cherished that nonetheless.The light of this place warmed his stuffing but he could not feel it.Everything he once took for granted he missed oh so dearly.His connection to this land,it felt severed but in truth it was muffled over. He could scarcely hear the call of his other home in the Mystic Woods. What had he done? He had allowed the joys of the world to be taken form him. The comfort his once found in the songs of the lands were silenced. His connection to nature muffled over. He couldn't feel the warmth of Dawn within him, not even the dead cold of the Dusk.-

There was nothing within him,but the stuffing of his curse...

-Bloody streams flowed from him, he didn't even no why he was crying, if what he was doing could even be considered crying. The Greta power known as Alexander could feel this voided child but could d nothing to soothe him accept allow him to go the one place that could create the illusion of contentment for the soulless doll...passage to Khrona room...-

I gave it all for you...just as you have done for love...Khrona. If lying in your bed is the closet thing that I will ever experience to lying beside you in rest then...

-The gears of the great Manor went a turnin'. The Place would rumble at it's very Foundations causing the various machination of the manor to begin working once more, they creaked eerily at some points for it had been ages since they were last used. The white dapper ambiance of the Manor had begun to fall into total disarray as it was opened to the Darkness below it...the Pit of Havoc, the place where Khrona himself slumbered and preformed his deepest meditations. Perhaps here he could feel him. Hold the mental visage of Khrona in his arms. Perhaps here he could feel like the sacrifice he made for Khrona and the others was all worth while.-

- Of course Allen knew that there was no true bed within the Pit of Havoc, for it was just as the name suggested; A Pit. But what he meant was that if the pit was where Khrona was existed in his purest expression of who and what he was then it would be there that Allen would see him for what he truly was. Lying in his bed, festering in his madness. Allen wanted to see Khrona and what better place than where he once existed unbound by the laws that once did so. The pit's howling madness beckoned for the empty vessel to enter though this was only metaphorically speaking. IN actuality Allen no longer existed. His only means of retaining who he was was through the Dawn blood itself. His soul which held all that he was resided in Kaerei's amphibious hands.-

Alexander...Allow me passage there this once...

-The Great construct would heed his call but only because his Masters were no longer here and that He was the closet thing to such. The vehement abyss that was the Pit would be made available for his descent into it's Madness. Perhaps it would be there that Allen would find whatever ti was he was searching for. Of course Allen knew of the dangers of doing this but after one has been through the "changes" that he had been through he no longer feared anything nor anyone...he had no reason to.-

Thank you my friend...

-And so he allowed his body to hang over the Pit. The maddening screams of horrors' the like of which were unimaginable. Allen could though, yet he feared them none. Nothing within this Pit could conquer him, for he had nothing to Conquer; He himself was nothing.-

I can hear him calling me...he wants me to come down there...

-He said slyly placing his hands up to his patchy chest area. His mouth formed and eerie smile the likes that would send terrors into the bravest of hearts. The force of Khrona's screams caused his "hair" to flowing and ripple.-

Here I come, Are you ready my love?

-He whispered as he plunged himself into the Pit, letting his body sink into it's being, he left this plane to tend to a matter that was near and dear to him, When the Moon next arose, he would emerge or when she next called to him.-

And it is time...

Or so it is often said. Proper timing was key in some situations, no doubt, as the chain of events seemingly 'random' in combination fell straight into their proper, perfect places. Of course, as such occurred, many other events had to fall into their proper order, too...

Slipping through the darkness into what he would think the depths of the Pit of Havoc, Allen actually slithered his way back to his home, which was dying. If the Mystic Woods faded, so would the Dawn Blood of that land, and Allen along with it. How he'd fine himself in this forest would be beyond his knowledge, but his mistress watching from the world of Nothing indeed prepare him for what he needed to do... No reaching the Pit of Havoc today.

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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The Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
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Croak 52: Ribbit... Geko.

Emerging from the black puddle, Kaerei placed her new Kappa friend on the ground beside her, waking up Medusa along the way so that the Frog, the Turtle and the Snake could all speak in unison. These three ancient reptiles and amphibian needed to have a nice, long discussion about who was whom.

"Alright geko... Kappa... Medusa... It's time to figure this all out. Gekori."

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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The Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
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Croak 53: The First Melancholy; The Melancholy of Khrona Tensei

You wake up in a forest, once prosperous, but now a smoldering wreck. You have no idea where you are or what happened, but you know for a fact that you are alone. The still-searing crater you have awakened in shows signs of familiarity. You know this place... You've been here before. You are greeted by a mysterious woman.

Setting his gaze on this land, he could smell the burning still scorching from the impact of destruction. He could not help but feel this place familiar to him, but it was, in a way, a sort of Wonderland. Though the feeling of familiarity made him uneasy... Was this place Hell? It sure did reek of some sort of crisp creature.

But he wouldn't move an inch from his spot. There was only a single tree left relatively intact in the barren wasteland, and it was the one he sat beneath in the gripping shadow cast by the light of the sun. He simply left his head buried in his lap, trying to go back to sleep.

"This isn't happening..." he assured himself with sorrow. He did not want to believe that this place truly existed... This could not be the Reality, could it?

Plunging from the darkness and into the light, Allen would be revealed to a world not quite what he would have wished to see. This wasn't the Pit of Havoc he seemed so interested in infiltrating, but a place he should have felt particularly connected to... and it was dying.

A burning, hissing, sizzling pit of fire. One might actually think this was the Pit of Havoc with such intense heat polluting the air.

He would be able to see the other boy sitting under a tree with slender, claw-like branches appearing to hold the dark one in place like a caged crow captured by it. This is where it would all begin for Allen...

You see a boy in the distance sitting sadly under a single hunched, leafless tree. The sun is beaming down on him through the cracks of the branches. A bolt of crimson lightning shoots from the sky and ignites your body in an array of sheer burning red flames hot enough to drive one mad. You realize your form is not the same as it was before; you are no longer a Voodoo Doll, but a voluptuous woman gazing at an interesting figure. Your name is Misery Des Gloomi.

You will be hit by this attack.

"... Huh...?" he muttered absent-mindedly, refusing to lift his head, "I don't see anyone..." He clearly didn't want to. He was beginning to remember this place, even if he truly didn't want to. This world was like a horrible nightmare to him. He could hear the souls of the trees and animals screaming in his head, sufferings a hellish fate of incandescent flames upon his coming. He could see the faces that the forest spirits donned upon their tree trunks and the grass, all wiped away in the blistering heat. Why were these visions occurring...?!

"... Not even if I close my eyes or keep my head in the dark... I still see them... I still hear them scream..."

He shuddered, clutching his legs tighter. He'd never leave the comfort of this tree...

And once the sanctity of the contract was broken, would Allen cease to exist on the spot. He no longer existed to have a 'will' to break free with. Violation of the contract induced a rebuking of his power to Absolute Zero, where all values amounted to only Zero. Sad, but now even as a puppet he could not be anymore.

"You should have just let it happen... Your future would have been brighter...

The voice of the swamp sage croaking in the back of his cotton-filled head would be the last words he ever heard before he ceased to exist right on the spot. Now, he would not live as Allen Momoto nor as Khrona's main maiden, Misery. He was no more.

Through the struggle of the doll and his mistress, the former Allen Momoto's existence would be snatched up by the Zero World, leaving behind only the lifeless doll, now animated by nothing at all. It held no more power, no more life, no more will, no more motion; it was normal string and yarn.

However, with the impending strike before Allen's resistance, this lifeless doll's shape altered now as a red shard glowed within its chest. The physical form was not a matter, for it could be easily changed and rearranged upon contact. As it was written, the former Voodoo Doll body of Allen Momoto would become Misery Des Gloomi, full and proper, as if she existed here as who she was the entire time. Hair of yarn became beautiful locks of pitch black with tints of scarlet, two large, red horns protruding from her head. A hellgirl, one could call her; high class succubus with infernal power...

Not that she ever told Khrona this in the past.

She stood over him now as the trees began to grow, the Mystic Woods returning to a more natural form. This was the perfect place for him to spawn at, and she was sent here as his messenger because she was indeed the first girl he met in all of this. She was his boo.

"... Hey. Are you going to get up?"

Spontaneous appearance and retaining of memory; it was weird. She hadn't been here in a long time, yet it felt like everything was flowing fluidly since the day she became Titania. Individual control over singular parts of herself, just like he was able to. Only now, she was aware. But was he? It looked like he was lost in one of his little insane fits he gets in. Oh brother. No wonder she was sent here to help him. For a guy that can do anything, he sure was helpless sometimes, and that was his own fault. But what could he do, she was the same. That's why a man needs a woman and a woman needs a man.

"I don't want to stay here all day. We have things to do."

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
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Croak 54: To the Zero World... The Legendary Black Swamp

You knew all along...

The voice, which resounded all across this Black Hole was brought to the light; the place where no Tensei had ever gone, save for one, and was forgotten about. Waiting to be found... Biding her time until the right moment.

You were always fully aware... Waiting for this day... The Sacred Weapon... That which is the perfect culmination of all aspects of this world... You are everything put into one form... And you were waiting... To be picked up.

It made so much sense... Her choice of weapons... The File... The Syringe... The Hook... And she was in cahoots with Dr. Snakes... That damn witch, Medusa.

The both of you were even more aware than me... How can this be? Because you looked up from the bottom? The place I refused to look? And all things that have been brought to nothingness... Have been returned to you... YOU are the power of Nothingness itself, arent you!?

How could he have been so foolish?

... Return to me, sacred weapon... Rei Tensei.

And a light shone down from the heavens for the first time to meet with the Black Swamp, better known as the Zero World. He'd finally gotten to the bottom of it... The bottom of this fucking swamp... Absolute Zero. Zettai. Rei. Tensei.

... Geeeekogekogekogeko...

The resonance from the frog's croak...


... That laugh of insanity and prosperity...


Finally. It was time. She'd been waiting so long.

Shloop... splorch... Plooploopbliplip...

It began to bubble up and bubble over, the infinite black swamp water that belonged to the Zero World itself... No one knew where Kaerei came from. No one knew her real name... No one except for the original wielder of the great weapon... Tensei, himself.

When the black bubbles subsided, the very essence of the frog... snake... turtle... kappa... lizard... sage woman was in full view, with the light shining down on the very center of the swamp, where the trees were clear and the water seemed to have been waiting for this light's divinity to shine on this darkness.

"... I thought you'd never find me... Geko. The Lost Weapon of your family."

The original godsend... There was one for every Tensei, they all received their Godsends. It was only a miracle that Kaerei... Rather, Rei Kaeru... Rather... Rei Tensei was the original. And now, she was Khrona's.

"But, before you can wield me as the true Godsend... I must first be completely completed..."

Yes, despite all of her efforts, she was still incomplete... She had the Snake, the Lizard, the Turtle, the Kappa and the Frog, in addition to Witchery and Weaponry... Yet, she was missing one thing that belonged to Kuja... The Drill Rapier.

"Bring the weapon of the Great Composer to me... And use me then to conduct Instrumentality... As the Final Composer... The Great Conductor... The True Maestro... And finally create your Masterpiece... Geko gekori."

Of course she would be musically inclined... She knew the Frog's symphony all too well...

"With me, you will be able to create the most divine symphony of all time... Orchestrate this Masterpiece, Great Conductor, and Compose your family's Greatest Masterpiece yet..."

She was sitting on so much knowledge... And it was time for it all to spill out. The time has come. The beginning of the end of this song of insanity... It was time... for Instrumentality.


And the light encompassed all that was dark... All that was black, it would take in this power of the light, and they would come together as one... The weapon of the Light is the Dark. The greatest weapon to ever be created... to be harnessed by the greatest Maestro to ever compose...

"The one who conducts the greatest composition is the greatest Maestro. Together, we will rid ourselves of the other who wishes to compose a symphony of death... Kuja."

Ah... Khrona had come a long way... But it was time to not let the Dragon drag on... All beginnings come to an end only so a new beginning can occur... And so, too, would happen with Kuja.

"He does not know the meaning of our name... Tensei... The Heavenly Voice of God... Nature Born of Music... A Natural Occurrence... Nature Itself... Reincarnation..."

Khrona descended from on high, wherever the hell he was, in the beam of light, which soon turned black as he hovered gracefully down toward Rei... And he smiled, liking the black light much more than the white light. Wasn't as bright.

"Our very name... Tensei... It is eternal. It is nature itself, and will forever reincarnate... The Voice..."

The Insanity... Hahahaha. The Maestros.

"... I'd like to conduct an experiment. Our family is all up for trial and error... Fun and games... And experimentation. I used to fear it because of my own mental tricks... But no more. Doctor Snakes..."

Medusa. One of the greatest masterminds... She knew about this the entire time.

"... Shall I do to him what she has done to you? The greatest Absorption?"

With this, he would become... the Shinkishinji. Master of all Kishin. The True Key Truth of Love/Order/A Child.

Rei's resonate giggle filled the swamps with the symphony of melodious croaks and hums, as if the entire swamp had come to life at the mere sound of her voice.

"... Gekogeko... Consume his body if you wish, but be sure to leave his soul intact... He is more a part of this family than you may truly realize..."

She pointed to the deep pools of her black swamp, which would ripple and undulate until the picture of Kuja became crystal clear.

"... He is a lost soul that does not remember our ways... As we all once were... Reincarnation is the key, and his fated demise is almost at hand... Yet, not by ours..."

She waved her hand above the waters, which swirled to the form of another, who currently trekked on through the Omen Marsh nearby the Black Swamp.

"... The Lone Wolf; Fenri Lunaedge... Though he has left the ranks of the Dusk, he is still heavily linked to us... Geko..."

She pointed to the blind one, turning her head up to meet her eyes with Khrona's...

"... He will be the one to handle Kuja. Gekori. You will be the one to salvage his soul."

Such was the foretelling of this mystic; her powers only more potent than before due to her memory being restored. Her forecast of the future was nothing short of the absolute truth.

"... So... Lead the blind wolf here... And, perhaps for the exchange of more eyes to see, he will bring upon his services... Gekori."

She retracted her hand, and so too did the black swamp return to its normality. Standing at the dead center of this pool of death, she started to return to her normal crouching position...

"... Won't be long now before the family is back together... Geko gekori."

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
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Croak 55: Maybe A Tad Bit Lost.

With all that went on around the volcanic region, Kairo could only ignore and continue to trek up the steep slope of the largest volcano in the land... The one he went to before.


The obnoxious craft that plagued his sight in this area made him wince with anger at all the commotion that went on around it... From the chatter of the commander and the girl to the screaming of the injured telekinetic.

... Why is there so much noise... Today, of all days, where I choose to see the flaming beast again...?

Whatever goings on occurred out of his general area would stay as such as he reached the very top of the great fiery estuary... And he would stare into the belly of fire, the radiant glow of the blazing pool of lava casting a similar shine in his own burning pools.

"I have finally returned... Volcanon."

At the call of the name of legendary spirit of the volcanoes, the raging pit of fire began to boil and bubble...

"... I wanted to do this with her, but..."

He closed his eye not covered by his eye patch, furrowing his brow in utter disdain and frustration. As utterly self-loathing as he was, he knew that this was best... For this being was far too dangerous for him to put his dearly beloved in such peril. Clasping his hands together,, he completed a complex set of hand signs, focusing all of his magmatic chakra into alignment. With the final sign of the flaming Tiger, he thrust his hands toward the middle of the magma, calming the molten broth.


And with that, all would fall to silence...

... ... ...
... blub glub ...
...ub glub brub...

... And in a moment, the silence was slit as if a throat, the gurgling girth of the fiery mountain rising up like a glowering rubescent (ruby light) storm. The bellowing fire burst forth from its dormant prison and high into the sky, quaking the land and spreading tremors of heat through the skies, which also glowed with its rubescence.

"... It's finally time..."


The quintessence of this violent geyser resulted into the chain reaction of each and every other volcano in the range of the plains, all of which would converge their burning cores toward the crimson skies. There, the lava would become black, clouds of ash swirling about the converging lava sky pools.

"Volcanon, the great Volcanic Vulture..."

At the spread of his mighty wings, the roar of the ashen clouds and the lightning from the heart struck down around the mouth of his former prison, blasting away chunks of rock around the area. Kairo, standing tall and strong, unflinching at the might of the great beastly bird.

So, you've returned to me...

The blazing inferno that was this creature's eyes stared down into the hellish red that was Kairo's gleaming orb of utter hatred, looking to see if he was prepared for what was to come.

"... What is my task, great spirit...?"

The bird turned into smoldering gaze toward the Nexus, before shifting its attention back to his vessel below.

Rid my lands of that infernal creation... Need you assistance, I shall be such for you...

And, with a mighty, raspy screech, the rest of the clouds became as black as its ashen body, and the residual lightning crashed throughout the dry air... And it would rain black snow down upon the land.

Kairo fell silent... Pondering his next decision.

... Must I... Kill them? Then maybe... I'll summon the great Sage...

Eye of hatred in his heart, connected to the great ashen vulture, Kairo held out his hand, as if asking for the assistance of the great earth and the blazing fires... The Volcano that rumbled deep within his heart was going to emerge soon enough.

"... Volcanon..."

He took his first step from the edge of the border that kept him from hurdling into the cesspool of sloppy molta (molten activity) below. As if the grace of the very wind coming to his aid, the ashes would follow his footstep and provide a sturdy footing for him, granted, with some concentration of the flow of his own chakra.

"... Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Lightning... All Five primary elements at my command..."

He unraveled the papers in his pocket, that accompanied the dead, black rose that he kept forever always in that pocket... The one that he picked on that day... And, these papers, the Kelcifer Reports, were absolutely correct. He couldn't help but laugh... Laugh his fucking maniacal heart out.

"Ahaha... Ahahahha... AHAHA... AHAHA!!!"

His insanity bereaved him yet again, at how he was a failure, but no... He could finally see that he was no failure... But the perfect experiment.

"I thank you wholeheartedly, Kelcifer, who had risen me from the grave to find my TRUE long lost love..."

... Muzan...

Marcelle was a good substitute, but of course... She had to be destroyed, now that she helped him out so. He didn't want to break that poor girl's heart... So, he'd just have to kill her, instead. Maybe Muzan, too, just for the hell of it.

... The great Uchiha of the past sought me out at the Stones of Fate... And they will decide who the true victor is. And until then... I will take the knowledge they have given me... The ancient weapon of the Tensei... And this beautiful and absolute control I have over all of the elements...

He couldn't help but cackle... Cackle to his heart's content. He was going to destroy this world so he could find out the truth, it seemed. Looking into the eyes of a god... So too, would his power become godly...

I must look every Tensei square in the eyes... And I will copy their powers... For I share the same insanity within me...

His eyes made their way toward the black skies, his tongue sticking out to meet with one of the black flakes of ash falling so blissfully downward. It tasted fucking disgusting. So, why couldn't he stop smiling~?

"Because... Because~!"

He took a step forward, hand shooting upward to face the clouds as well, Crimson Lightning bursting, crackling from the dry atmosphere above. So, too, did Volcanon rise with a great and fiery *
* yet again, its thunderous magnitude able to rock even the great Nexus itself. He rose, from the ashes, not a phoenix... But a Vulture, ready to prey on his victims... His carrion... His meal.

"... Because I finally get to find out the truth. And that's what really matters!!! The TRUTH about my love!"

Hand signs flashed before his ever seeing eyes, and in his hands, would they correspond perfectly, almost as swiftly as they had flashed in his head. His Sharingan had rapidly accelerated to the next level... And was going to continue to do so, until it killed him, or until he figured everything out...

"... Erupt."

And, the vulture bore its beak pulling up a gargled mess of utter destructive force from the deepest bowels of its being... Pure, molten, scalding hot lava... That threatened to melt EVERYTHING in its path.

Only the truth... Can set me free... Can stop me...

From the skies, a spear bolted down from the heavens, as if God himself had lunged it from the sky to impale Kairo... Yet, instead of striking him and his volcanic monstrosity down, it would halt, right before him, as if asking for his hand. In its shine... the face of Kaerei. Or rather, just Rei.

"... It's finally time, Kairo... Gekogeko... It's me, the Swamp Witch... I am also the Lost Weapon of the Tensei... the Original... Take me in your hands... And feel the power of the gods surge through you..."

By touching Rei at this point, Kairo would be granted with the precious Voice of God, revered by the Tensei lineage for so long.

"... I expect you, the one who has no heart... To strike down those that have wronged you."

She smiled at the boy of the Red and Blue eyes...

"Take it..."

The weapon of the True Tensei... the True Godsend...

He had knowledge of this, but he was not sure why... Was it because of those members of the Uchiha clan...? The ones of old that spoke to him at the Stones of Fate so long ago? They granted him much knowledge before... Perhaps, he was supposed to do this...

"Yes... I will..."

Without hesitation, he grabbed the lance, not caring if it wasn't his power by this point. He was going insane, and the only way to stop his insanity was to get rid of EVERYONE in his way...

"I seek only the Truth... And if I cannot come to it... Then I'll BLOW UP THE PLANET!!!"

And so, with Rei in hand, he took to the skies... He was finally off, in a mad fit of rage.

The truth will set me free... will stop me...
And they were gone.

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
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Croak 56: The End; Rise of the Zero Moon, Shin Reitsukiyomi

The skies parted, pure, utter burning crimson, like fire itself were raining from the sheer fury of Volcanon's presence... and Kairo's insanity.

"I only wish I knew the truth..."

He shook his head, twirling Rei the Godsend in hand, a rather upbeat and melodious jingle ringing in his head. It was happy, as if the prelude to the freedom of his torment...

"I feel in my soul... That there is a lie being told... And if I can't figure out who or what it is... Then I'll just destroy everyone. Ah... What a pleasant ending to my suffering..."

Though, even the Uchihas of yore did not want this fate.

"Rei... Call forth the God Bomb.... Thanatos..."

And, having Volcanon purch upon those stones as if his stoop, they would begin to fill with the fires an magmas of fury... And all Kairo could do was laugh. It was finally going to end! It was finally going to end!
It was finally going to end!
It was finally going to end!


He was so happy... Pointing Rei to the sky...


"Hmhmhm... Of course... I have been waiting to use Thanatos for quite some time..."

Rei was prepared for this day... And, being pointed to the skies, a darkness that eclipsed the very sun itself, and beyond brought blackness to everything save for Volcanon's raging burning fires...


This bomb, it manifested from seemingly nowhere, and as it held itself up over the land, it would be directed as Kairo directed it.

"When you bring down the spear... So will the bomb. Are you ready... For the beginning of the end?"


A voice from the heavens proclaimed unto the lost souls below, ready to end everything that they were so willfully... To see the True Godsend used in this manner brought tears to his eyes; tears that doused the wretched flames of the great giant Volcanon and caused the skies to part yet again for the night sky to be seen. The Night Rain would douse their fury and confusion... And hopefully give new meaning to the lives that they had.

Is this really what you want? All of you? Is this what truly will bring you to rest? Death?

A ray of pure light cast down upon the great ecliptic God Bomb, recalling it to whence it came, back to the heavens. The grand staff of the great maestro, Rei the True Godsend, was being used by a boy who knew nothing of her great potential.

Rei. It is time for you to return to us. Your Night of Tensei has come.

And so the light cast down focused its power on Rei Tensei, drawing her out of Kairo's hands like a bolt of lightning. The lord giveth, and the lord taketh away, they say. Looks like Kairo wasn't ready just yet...

Poor, lost souls... Reconsider your decisions here and ponder whether you truly wish to leave this place... If so, then by all means. If not... Then find your purpose.

The light dimmed now, before fading away to nothingness, leaving only the light of the moon and the calm, soothing rains in its place... The bird of volcanic fury would not be able to withstand these sorts of rains for very long, and his fury would be drenched completely, lest he do something soon. But the voice from before... That was gone.

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
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Croak 57: The Blue Moon Cometh; Shin Aotsukiyomi

Within Dimensia, upon the old throne of the former Pumpking, Tensei seated himself pridefully, as if having waited for this spot for an eternity.

"Ah... It feels good to be here again..."

He extended his hand outward, pulling forth the True Godsend, his weapon from so long ago... Rei Tensei.

"You prepared Thanatos for me and everything... Awww, I love you."

He scooped the God Bomb from the tip of Rei as if it were but a single olive, swallowing it whole. It restored his Explosive soul to him...

"This is gonna be fun."

Floating up from the Stones of Fate, Rei returned to her former owner, waiting to be passed down to the new ruler. With the massive Thanatos hovering at her tip, Tensei swallowed the God Bomb whole with ease, leaving Rei bare.

"Looks like you've got your soul back. Now we just have to finish the rest of you, hm...? Put you back together again, right?"

There were Thirteen moons here... And he only had one within him. Every night, more and more of him would be completed, until finally, all the Tenseis would come to their full potential.

"Next on the list... Titania, correct? Hmhmhm..."

She pointed downward, toward Allsgrim Manor, where 'she' and Khrona were expressing their intimacy... They awaited this moment for some time, he was well aware. They were more than happy to give it to them.

"I shall strike them. Let the True Maestro wield me as his own, and draw power from you directly. I will be his instrument."

She knew that Khrona could use her much better... And as such, she might as well make sure he gets everything he wants here... Heh. The things she did for the love of their kids... and father.

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
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Croak 58: All's Grim in Allsgrim Manor...


Like a bolt of lightning, the ancient Lost Weapon shot from the sky and down to Allsgrim Manor, and over toward Khrona, as if it were going to impale him. It was, none other than, the rightful weapon of the True Maestro, so that he could conduct the greatest Verse of all.

"It's time~!"

It seems like all the Tenseis were happy about this one... Oh boy, what was in store for this world if the Tenseis were happy about it? Hmhmhmhm... Watch and learn...

The appearance of his daughter was no surprise to him, as even without physical form, he could feel her presence from a mile away. She was part of his own DNA and mind after all, there was no way he wouldn't know exactly what his daughter was up to. Looks like she was just as prepared for this as he was, and so too, his wife.

"Awww... You guys shouldn't have. I love you two so much... This'll be the best birthday!! And I'll get to spend it with you all; the ones I love the most!"

Finally in an actual state of bliss, he'd be able to have all such things Realized. But first...

"Alright. If we're gonna get this Ritual started... We're gonna need weapons, Witch Souls and a Cauldron..."

Before he could finish, as quick as a bolt of lightning, the Lance did fall from the heavens and was plucked from its lightning-fast motion by Khrona's hand. Hyper Perception. Always active.

Gripping the handle of the lance, he twirled it and immediately struck the ground with it, calling forth from the bowels of Allsgrim the first Cauldron everto be created. The one that belonged to their ancestors...

"Here is the Cauldron. Titania, I'll need you to summon two Witches here... Eruka and Mizune. I'll call forth the weapons... Misery and Despair. And finally, the two souls... Titania and Trinity."

Khrona was going to be able to use his wife and his daughter as his two weapons... he was so freakin happy right now.

"Let's get this show on the road!!! Hahahaha!"

He sure did love these two.

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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The Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
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Croak 59: We Have Found Peace...

"Don't worry, my love... I'm part of you, remember...? You made quite sure of that..."

The black goop spurt from her stomach, the corrosive substance eroding her innards and her flesh as it poured down her sinuous drapery of woven Dreams and Wishes.

"... We'll always be together... Because... That was your wish... Right? And I am the Queen of Dreams... I'll still make your dreams come true... Because of our bond... I am your... Friday the Thirteenth Fairy... Aren't I?"

Friday Malfortuna the Thirteenth; a girl born of Khrona's dreams who seeped her way into reality through the combined efforts of their opposing powers. Where one may believe a dream to oppose reality, it actually does coincide, and helps the reality to prosper by making the dreams come true... making them real. An owl on his shoulder the entire time, one could say; or perhaps a sword and scythe by his side. Such is the fate of Khrona, as he had seen when he accidentally created Serulenia and Malojos again from his dreams. It was why he didn't sleep, because when he woke up, something horrible was happening and he didn't know why. She knew because she was there the entire time, just as he had been with her in the Dream World. Their story wasn't over just yet...

"... Over your shoulder... Just... speak... and your will... is done..."

Her body continued to fade from Peace, now afflicted with a horrible contagion that could not be silenced by Peace, and so was cast from its lands immediately and down to... the Zero World. A black hand of condemnation pulled at her very soul, which now eroded the parts of her that could not come free. Until she purified this heretic sin within her soul, it was going to eat away at her being until she was just no more...

Cuz I've got friends on the other side...
And they're acoming...

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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The Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
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Croak 60: By Your Lead...

A realm where any and all equates to Zero. To absolutely nothing. Yet even still something was able to manifest this realm.Yet another facet of the overall things that did not exist. How as such a thing possible? To be with out being..a paradox of all that was and is natural. A bubbling pool of black sprung forth a well of nothing that came to be. And from it Momo would be made to "be"

Lets hope she doesn't keep me waiting to long...not that time is even a factor at this point.

He was out of the of the reach of all things.Time,space, the universe itself. What he had become was nothing at all, yet here he stood. How was this so? It was something the pulled his very thoughts. But then how was he thinking? Was this a dream? Was he still a doll? Things that needed to be expressed needed to be so soon. All he knew to be certain was that he nabbed the very existence of two beings. And caused them to become as he himself perceived himself to be...nothing...

Because of me...

The voice spoke out, as if synchronous with his thoughts. Yet, even his thoughts did not exist here; it was simply a mass of ambiguous nothingness, where all was one and one was all. The Zero World itself, now freed and becoming the one who ruled it in the first place. Kaerei... Rather, Grimnis. Or perhaps, even further back, Li-Grim? Or even further... Lilith herself. This was her world now, and now she was not only just a part of it, she was it. This was her black moon, the black womb where all things would return to nonexistence... If she could help it, that is.

The entire world spoke to Allen Momoto, who existed as an individual facet, somewhat similar to the singular planet that seemed able to manifest itself as a condensed nothingness within the expanse of nothing. Allsgrim, a planet named after her former husband, Grim, rather, Allsgrim. This was their world, but now... He was gone. Though her desires to bring him back did indeed lead her to this situation, it was for the best, as now the Zero World was free to move as an entity rather than stay stagnant. All thanks to one man... She was free

You only accumulated the small fragments of one of the beings left behind. He left a residue that you picked up... But will be traced back to him in time...

No one could escape the Zero World. the General may have been free now, but not for long, since the Zero World had his residue. It would become a plague upon his existence and threaten to take in the rest of him as well. A horrible torment, as though running from death that would appear all around.

However, one has been captured... the machine.

Another one to add to the collection. He was part of the nothingness, the nonexistence as well, and Tactical Arms' sole purpose would be to move and flow as the Zero World instructed, just the same as Allen Momoto. Things were coming together quite nicely...


So is this what I have been reduced to? A being of nothing? A servant of absolutely nothing?

He spoke into the all encompassing black void all around him. It was s lonesome thing, he knew now what had become of him. He had ceased to exist just as she had promised he would, but now he lived a curse, a fate worse than death. A slave to nothing, a being of nothing, but the fact that he was here, and the Zero hag of a world now held him meant there there must have been some value in Zero.

You mean this trinket?

He said lifting his right hand, and from it the void a hand would emerge, gurgling with the same black they existed in it would metaphorically spit out TAZ. Allen's gaze met not the robot but closed themselves. There was no point in having eyes open that need to be so in order to see the black, that was something that could be done with less the energy needed. He folded his arms. Her hair stood still in the black ambiance.

Yes... The value of a placeholder... Zero.

Allen seemed to very much misunderstand the power of the Zero World and Absolute Zero, nor the power he truly possessed. He held at his disposal one of the single most destructive force of nature that could exist. Something that could turn anything into nothing and make it become only a larger part of it. Where one would see extra zeroes in numeric figured? Placeholders for the next numbers of the next row sequence should climb. It was nothing but a placeholder for something else. And that power was awesome. Everything would become nothing...

That little trinket is important... Just is the dust you've collected. It belongs to one of those on the List...

The General's remains would lead the nothingness back to him, and inevitable consume him completely from the inside out. It was a vile evil even worse than the Insanity; something that should have never been allowed to uproot... Death was also a means of freedom, in some cases. Kaerei would have never died unless she did it to herself. She held the lifeline in her hand, yet could have no desire to kill herself. But now...

Geko... Gekori...

I see...

He was beginning to grasp it. The ability to turn all thing that were to something that was not. Any and all things through this force would equate to Zero. That means that nothing the existed served any purpose now, but to become a facet of this realm.


What purpose would this Lawn ornament serve that would make it important?

Hell what was his purpose in all of this for that matter? Was that her wish? To devour all things until nothing was left? There must have been a grand design in the making.

Or my true question should be...what is it that you wish to accomplish? ANd tell me of this list.

He said as his nose kept the scent of that beings dust in memory. He'd find him no problem when the time came to go hunting. Now he wished to know about this list...Because the thing that last lead to his downfall was his lack of question. Something he made sure not to do again when dealing with something of this caliber.

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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The Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
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Croak 61: The First Strike... Rise of the Lord of Terror

Only recently dispersing from the Desert Palace, the Insanity flickered in upon his throne high above the entirety of the Eternal Desert, staring at the expansive sands brimming with an accumulation of untold power. He knew what the secret of these sands were, and it was time to unleash them. The man who once lived in the Desert Palace... It was almost like he left things as they were in order for them to occur in this way.

"... The sleeping black beast of the Eternal Desert... Bound to the sands and buried under the granulated magic that is this terrain... Its only purpose to hold back one being only..."

That vile creature said to bring about the end to all that stood in its way...

"Omega Weapon. Awaken from your slumber..."

The Black Grimoire burst open with a surge of mighty magical force, pages sent aflay 'cross the covers in a vigorous storm. Ancient seals upon the book unlocked themselves, undoing many bindings that were placed upon the creature of the end. They could not destroy it; only put it to sleep, and that was only until someone else came along to wake it up. It was going to happen eventually... when it was time for the world to meet its end.

"Become one with me and my weapon of choice for destruction; the Deadliest Cannon known as The End of Days. Combine our powers... And let us be an unstoppable plague of death and absolute despair upon this ugly, yet beautiful world..."

There was almost a tinge of sadness in his voice... Quickly burned away by his passionate destructive fury, though even the fact that it was there...

"... The Lord of Terror awaits you. We must wipe this feeble existence off the face of the cosmos... And perhaps, to ensure it does not be reborn... Destroy whatever universes are connected to it. We will spare nothing. This accursed, sinful abomination... Must be put down..."

As the book continued to undo each of the many seals that served as the magical barriers that kept people out of the sands, the inherent magic that was dormant within the Eternal Desert soon began to rise... All beings born of magic or with the use of it should feel the pulsations of this insane magical force coursing through the veins of the world. The Eternal Desert held more sleeping magical power than any realized... This was only the beginning of the end.
Author: The Antagonist [ Wed Dec 18, 2013 9:55 am ]
Post subject: Re: The First Strike... Rise of the Lord of Terror
His Left Hand, that which harbored the power of destruction known as Absolute Zero extended outward toward the Eternal Desert, the Black Grimoire aligned in front of it. He called to his arm the Deadliest Cannon, The End of Days and pointed it down toward the raging sands.

"The power to bring all things to the very end of their allotted time to be... Bypassing all forms of regeneration, reincarnation and rebirth, to the point in your life where you must cease to exist... That power combined with the power of the bane of all things..."

Immediately, such power was drawn into the core of the Deadliest Cannon. A black fog seeped through the granulated magic and into the barrel, fusing their powers as one... The same way he'd done previously with the ultimate weapon of the heroes. They were almost what one would call the equivalent to the soul blades of Edge and Caliber, yet in their own respect. The ultimate weapon of all heroes and the final weapon as the bane to all things that opposed it.

Now, even the Black Grimoire itself was being absorbed into the Insanity. It was growing even further... This was no longer just Khrona's Insanity (rather, ALL forms of Insanity accumulated into one), but a being that had evolved the Insanity once again. He was simply...

"The Lord of Terror cometh to return this world to nothingness. Back to the Black Swamp with you..."

This process would be quick and simple.

"Äbsolute Zero; The End (of Days)..."

The power of this emptiness, this nothingness, this void would be all encompassing... All consuming, just as the stomachs of those that managed its power was. The Devourists, better known as the World Eaters, or even simply the Grims had come to this planet years ago seeking to consume it and bring it to its end. That never changed in the slightest, for their hunger had never been satiated.

But now...

An accumulation of pitch black converged into a central point, taking in every last drop of the Omega Weapon's essence from the Black Grimoire, which also seemed to fade away after this being done.

"The End of Days shall consume this universe as a cloud of pure darkness... the Zero World shall rid this world of its underdeveloped vermin once and for all. This cloud shall be known as the Grand Columbus!!!"

His other arm raised to meet the joint of the Deadliest Cannon prepared to release the storm of the Grand Columbus upon the Eternal Desert and begin this chain of mayhem and erasure... Another sheer mass of Zero World would be created to help erase it all. And there would be no coming back once you were taken. It was truly and simply, The End.

The power of Absolute All that surged from his Right Hand combined with the power of Absolute Zero, easily creating a sort of yin and yang effect within the blackness. The two forces would work together in perfect harmony, covering all forms of the spectrum in order to perfectly eliminate anything that came in their way. This technique, that which harnessed the potent power of both Yin and Yang to utter perfection was the Grand Devaste. The ammunition was set. Yet, he couldn't help but feel the need to add one more thing...

"Where flames of black and white shall scorch the land and erase all with their flames, what shall strike down all opposition will be the burning bolts of Insanity to skewer their very beings... Zephyr Kreuz, the Crimson Crucifixion."

A mere jolt of red crackled from his eyes and into the barrel of the cannon, finishing the final touches of what would be the cleanser of this putrid and foul land. These people... These places... This government... This world... It all simply had to go. They were all so vile and putrid, like watching a garden of sinful roses bloom. Setting fire to this befouled garden of Eden should return purity and sanctity to such a sweet land... Rid of those who besmirch its gorgeousness.

"Even if this beautiful planet must be taken along with it... All of these hopeless, useless and pitiful beings have to go."

It was prepared to fire.

"The first example to show these fools that I mean business... Erase this desert, Grand Columbus, and all who are in it."

Crackling, teeming, bursting with a vibrant red, white and black energies, the cloud of darkness remained as condensed ammunition just itching to be let loose. Once it was fired, there would be no stopping it until there was nothing else left. One by one, the land would be picked off, never to return. People would be erased on the spot, never to return. Those that could not grow... Were going to have to go.


A thunderous, malignant bellow that sounded like the mournful cry of a wounded god erupted from the snout of his infernal weapon of devastation. The time to 'play' with them was no more. Its entertainment no longer existed, and now this place served no purpose and had to be eliminated. Careening through the sky silently was a darkness that seemed to have no true presence, but was the literal lack thereof. In the sky, it would look like a pitch black cutout of what a giant storm cloud would have been placed.

"Hear my Hell's Whisper in your ears and quiver, Veritas... Planet. Wherever there is Insanity, that shall be a mark of the destruction. You will not survive..."

And all he could do at this point was simply watch. No one was going to be able to stop this now. Nothing could, now that the inhabitants of this world became so very hopeless... This Eternal Desert would be the first prize to be claimed as a trophy of his endeavors.

A convoluted mass of darkness... pitch black ruination seething with the power of Yin, Yang and all the Insanity in between, heralded by an entity that did not exist yet still was. All that it touched would become nothing... A spectacle and a sinister omen to behold, when one saw this cloud of indomitable perpetual darkness close in on their land, they would simply know that everything below was going to be erased. This was not only the last and only warning of the Lord of Terror, but also the promise of their demise.

The swirling abyssal airship of annihilation billowed through the skies as a rolling darkness, prepared to swallow up the Eternal Desert whole and leave absolutely nothing left. With the Black Grimoire harvested, there was no use for this place anymore... A waste of space and time, just like the rest of this world... Just like all of its people. A waste... And such waste would be collected and disposed of indefinitely. In a place where there is no existence, there is no waste of space because there is nothing there to begin with.

One could see spewing from its cut-out folds flashes of pure crimson, enough to bring light to the Desert of Darkness. For a moment, it all gleamed with a blood red hue, before a spiraling helix of Yin Flames and Yang Flames converged their black and white flares into a gorgeous, finely woven hellstorm of equivocation. All would return to Zero. All would burn away to nothing. Nothing would remain.

"Grand Devaste..."

In the midst of his descent, eyes clear and focused on the crystallized target below, the resident amnesiac continued to flicker about toward his destination. He could quickly make his way to the city and get some practice in with his newly remembered psychic techniques. He had enough at his disposal to easily quell whatever got in his way at this point.


Of course there was a catch. He wasn't ever going to make this easy for him, and Khrona's influence was fading...

"Mmm... At this rate... Everything will--"

Ugh, even if he had the mind, the memory was still pretty jumbled. How was he going to deal with that...? And even worse...?

How was he going to deal with the rolling darkness forming under him?

His flying wasn't that good during his lapse in memory, and even doing basic maneuvers was pretty difficult to conceive right now. This sick black blob folding over everything it touched was growing far too rapidly... He was just going to crash.

"... No..." he uttered softly in disbelief, "... You must be kidding me right now..."

How much shit was the Insanity really doing...?

Regardless, he still tried to pull up. He even began to flicker again, attempting to Teleport on the other side of it, but as it currently stood, he couldn't warp more than a couple feet in front of him. Would that really be enough to clear the cloud of darkness...?

"Come on... Teleportation!"

Try as he might to avoid the Grand Columbus, there was no stopping this boy from falling straight into the recesses of the flying Black Swamp. The Cloud of Darkness swallowed him up whole as he attempted to teleport around it...

He didn't make it.

Gekogekori... Come back to me... And remember everything, my child...
Into the Zero World you go...

And that was all she wrote.


Looks like he couldn't teleport far enough with such limitations on his memory. He'd fallen straight into that cloud of darkness, not even clearing it a little. Stuck in a void.

Back here again...

But, last he recalled, he'd never been here before.

This place seems familiar... This darkness seems all too inviting to my being...

Why was this world so familiar to him? It was an eerie feeling... Knowing and Unknowing...

Perhaps if I call upon... Divine Intervention again?

And of course, the moment he thought it, it hit him square in the head; all of his memory rolled back to him in a flood, almost like a Sea of Infinite Knowledge being sorted out in the correct fashion. Khrona remembered everything.

"... No... No, this can't... It can't be right!!! I'm... I'm a God!?"

His eyes narrowed, veering into the abysmal blackness that went on forever, watching the events of the Insanity flash before his eyes.

"That's... Is that ME?! I don't feel like I'm even consciously aware..."

Khrona's unconscious, the Insanity, did as it pleased, with no control and no reign. This was his fault, everything that was going on... He knew what the thoughts of the Khrona up above were and he also knew the pain of what he had to endure... With his memory restored, Khrona was able to connect with himself from his past life and his higher self all at once, allowing him to achieve a sliver of that power within the First Restriction.

"... Shinseigami Khrona Tensei... I understand... I... I didn't even know..."

Somehow, he couldn't help but think that this was all part of his grand master plan; the one that he not only came up with, but hid from himself in order to ensure it went about smoothly. That Shinseigami was a great one.

"Shin'Khrona... That's my name. Not my complete True Name, but the beginning of it... It will evolve as I do... Until I have set everything right."

Curling up into a ball, Shin'Khrona felt the pure, utter, abysmal loneliness that the Zero World had to offer... A realm of pure isolation from everyone and everything... He couldn't help but feel like he'd done this before... This feeling of...

"Despair... I know you're in here..."

Loneliness, anguish, sadness andDespair. Facets of a world that held nothing within it. A palace, a realm of absolutely nothing at all. It beckoned his name in it's nonexistent ambiance. It craved his very being. It knew this being,it had felt it's resilience hundreds of times before and knew that it must have it as part of it's nonexistent existence.Trough the rumbling black mass of darkness a swirling spire of unbound perpetual black would usher forth. It gurgled with a unpredicted vigor as it's shaped into a single being. Momo the Bloody, The Eclipse himself.

Wrought from the never ending depths of the Zero World he had come here to preform a task. His hair radiated through the blackness, emanating a soft lustful violet glow. His eyes an icy blue that upon seeing Khrona's frame shifted to a soft Crimson. So many mixed emotions surrounded this meeting. And as Khrona lied there ready to be engulfed by the Zero World Allen could not help but take a moment to admire the bodice of his love once more.

" you are once more...and here am I standing over you. And both times as they had come to pass you still cannot see me for me. time you will."

He walked over the black thicket of the Zero world gurgling beneath him with each step he took towards Khrona. He would kneel down placing each of his arm under Khrona's frame. A soft smile formed.

"How long has it been since I've held you this close? Ages, eons lost in time it seems to feel like."

He turned his back to the place that once was. A single tear fell into the black and became nothing as it did. Slowly he began to descend into the thicket of the Zero World.

"I'm sure she's down here some where, Despair has missed you, though not nearly as much as I. Come My love..."

"Let us find her...In the realm of nothing..."

With that they were devoured by the pit of nothing. And along with their departure facets of the black swamp vanished...


This familiarity, this presence within the infinite impresence, he could feel them all as one entite, yet he knew that Allen was nothing but a fragment of it now... of the Swamp Hag he promised Allen to so long ago. Hearing his words whisper into his mind, coupled with the flooding memory of his own abrupt remembrance, he saw before him not another piece of the blackness but the form that was the one who sacrificed himself to save Khrona. Someone who loved him just as much as the Sisters.

I'm so sorry... I remember everything...

Allen held him close, and Khrona felt his tears... embraced his sorrow. For Khrona, Allen sacrificed his own soul to the Black Swamp to become the pieces of the Red Moon for the Seven Sisters. Allen, by himself, was one of the sole saviors of this entire realm, and once again nothing but a person of the greatest loyalty to Khrona. He'd only seen such loyalty in times long since passed...

... No... I cannot ask you to help me any more than you already have. Now it is my turn to do something for you... To repay my debt to you.

A catharsis of Khrona's sadness, his love and his repentance all conglomerated into a single point within his eyes, streaming from his crystal orb as a single Crystal Tear. Rolling over his cheek and off his chin, it fell into stasis, solidifying and presenting itself before Allen.

... Perhaps this may be the first time I've seen it, but... I want you to use this. Use this and give yourself new life... As one of my own. A Tensei.

For some reason, even through all this unbearable hurt and pain of knowing everything that happened... He was still able to smile, just from knowing that Allen was still there. Being in his embrace was soothing... just because of what it meant right here and now.

At the call of his name he halted. Khrona's voice trekked within the Black ambiance like that of a soft captivating breeze. It locked Allen into place, causing a paradoxical feel of anxiety to emerge within him. The Swallow of the Zero World was Halted for but a moment...


He was awestruck he could only allow a chopped pronunciation of his loves name escape his lips. Allen looked down at Khrona's pale face. Albino-ques in appearance he could see the purity within Khrona when no one else could. Underneath everything ounce of black there was a sheet of white as glorious in it's luster as the winter's snow itself.

"You can't possibly be"

He said to Khrona. For ages now Allen had been inducted into the Tensei as a mere extension of their grand scheme of being. A mere addition to the overall picture. Allen never complained about his figurative ties to the Tensei, just so long as he was near Khrona blood and sweat never mattered. He was just starting to accept the fact that eh could never be apart of this world again. But here as it stood now, in the midst of this decaying black a single crystal tear could change that all. He could once again live life and whats more...He would be a important integrated facet of the Main master piece of the Tensei Clan. It was an honor, a loving,gracious gift that even in his wildest dreams he could not have hoped for anything better. Emotion swelled within him.

"Khrona, you shouldn't have. This is a gracious gift. I accept it with every fiber of what I once was..."

He stood there, surrounded and shrouded by nothing. Khrona locked firmly in his arms. The laws of everything that was logical held no reigns within the Zero World. It was a fantastic occurrence and Allen found his love or Khrona blaze into a level that was nonexistent.The Crystal tear was lifted by Allen through a bit of bloody maneuvering.Here in his hand he held the key to his salvation. The key to finally breaking free of his ties to the frog hag once and for all. He would not have to spend eternity as her doll any longer.

Shin'Khrona's eyes lowered peacefully, content with the outcome of this entire ordeal. Perhaps, through all that these two had been through, this was how this was supposed to happen. They say that good things come to those who wait, and Allen had been true to Khrona ever since he took them in. After first being inducted into the family, then being accepted as part of it, he was now truly becoming a Tensei. There would be a piece of Khrona within Allen forever more, being the sustenance for his existence. It was the only way to repay the one who saved Khrona's soul before; the only one who saved Titania from her fate.

"... Thank you. I feel like that's all I can say."

No. There was more. Khrona could say it with the utmost truth in his pure, crystal heart.

"That, and..."

Lifting his head to stare Allen square in the eyes reforming themselves from their bloody stitches, Khrona ran his hand through Allen's silky hair and pulled him close, lips pouched gently. A soft press upon the forehead poured all the gratitude and appreciation Shin'Khrona had for such loyalty even in these hard and trying times into and all throughout his shaping form, revitalizing his existence as something new.

"I love you, Momo."

No truer words were spoken. It was funny how these things played out... So long ago, they were going through this same process. That was how Allen became who he was today; that fateful day when Shabuto was changed into Allen by Khrona's hand. Now it was happening all over again. Allen had another chance at life, and not to be a slave of death...

Though, not even that love could exist in a realm of nonexistence... Those bonds formed here would be snatched away just as quickly as Allen's form took shape in the black mass. The black hand of the new embodiment of this world; she who once was its harbinger, yanked at the ankles of the embraced soon-to-be Tensei with the vehemence of a hungry soul seeking solace.

"You know the rules..."

With the Crystal Tear serving as his new soul, Allen was stripped from Khrona's grasp, with barely even a frame to get their final words in before the blackness sought to expel him. He was not capable of existing in nonexistence, and thus would be reborn.

"... Gekoooo... You'll take his place, my dear, sweet child...
He's been a wonderful placeholder...
For a prize like you...

With his memories and powers back, this new 'Shin'Khrona' would be the most useful in the endeavors of the Zero World... It was finally time for him to serve his time...

"... Ugh."

Disgusted by her wily ways, even NOW after she should have stopped meddling, SOMEHOW, she just wouldn't stop. Family or not, she was one of the first that needed to be purified immediately before she got out of hand. She held one of the remaining 6 shards, and there were still 6 more Insanities to deal with... This world could barely handle Khrona's first one, the Insanity of Hatred... It had them all in a stupor. If he didn't act fast, they'd be taken over completely by his madness.

Perhaps... Allen could have been one of his shining rays of hope again. He already was for so long. Shin'Khrona was almost hesitant to ask another favor of him...

"... MOMO!" he shouted at the last second, before he could get completely swept away, "I told you about my time as the Phantom... I need you to become a Phantom of the Veritas! The Bloody Phantom to help me save this world from demise!!" Phantoms... Phantoms would serve as his eyes and ears... Hopefully, his ghastly helpings hands at moving things along before the world was consumed.

"Do not reveal who you are to anyone! But look for other Phantoms... They will know! Find my daughter... Chroma! Find her again and go search for the shards of the Red Moon! Please!!"

He hoped that Allen got all of that before that abominable blackness took him away and spit him out somewhere in the Veritas... Shin'Khrona could only do this much until he dealt with the Zero World.

I hope I'm not too late...

He could feel it. The genuine sincerity of Khrona words reverberated through Allen's incoming being. Allen could feel the purity of Khrona's godly soul creating within his body life born again anew. His eyes no longer stitched creating. His flesh milky and warm once more. He could feel it, Khrona's touch. The softness of his lips, the tenderness of his care and affection for Allen. And with those magic three words. He lit the light of life within Allen's once nonexistent being once more. Allen bodice illuminated a furious violet light coupled with pink increments of love and red burst of compassion all wrapped into one glorious maelstrom of emotion.

Allen's eyes shed tears of utter joy and pure happiness. His emotions seeped from his tear ducts like flowing rivers of passion. But all too soon as it usually occurred between him and his love he was swept away some how. That meddling maggot of a woman. She always found a way to spoil a good moment. Allen wished he had the task of dealing with her, but even he knew the limits of his power even if others did not...


The hand of the Zeroworld he was no longer, but know he was being removed once more, a forced reincarnation. The CHild of the Zero world was becoming one with the cycle of existence once more. But Khrona had taken his place. He heard Khrona's words, He had already knew what Khrona would ask of him before he voiced his wishes. To undertake the Aias of "Phantom of the Veritas" To find others of the sort and find Chomra as well. Then off to gather the shard. He knew his task, as he was engulfed by the cycle he reached to Khrona.

You have my word....

That was all needed to be said. He knew that would make Khrona debacle with the Frog hag all the more doable, knowing that he could rest his worries within the very capable arms of Allen...

The Bloody Phantom of the Veritas...

Once the boy became a disciple of the mask, his expulsion was all too swift. Though the words of Khrona reached him, that was all there was to be done, and he would be released from his eternal prison.

But at what cost?

"Gekogeko... You still thirst to search for the shard?
Geko... The children of the Zero World still roam about...
They are more your spawn than mine, you know..."

A little more docile this world of nothingness seemed to be, assured that the capture of Shin'Khrona in this state was nothing short of absolutely secure. Should he fight, he shall fail, for he existed in a pool of his own spiraling Fear... AGAIN.

"How many times does this make, child...?
Is this the third that you believe so absolutely to be that of salvation...?
Geeeekogekori... You cannot stop the world from being consumed by your Fear...
You don't even know where the Keeper is...
And what can you do, stuck here as you are?
Even as the Veritas... I will soon swallow you whole.
And I shall be the Veritas... It shall return to Zero from whence it came."

The plan was flawless; from the Earth King's interference all the way until now, it was within Kaerei's ultimate form of calculation. With the Earth King's help in abandoning her physical form, she could continue to scoop up those feeble existences roaming about and make them her servants, just as the mechanical defect had become.

"Two of your Insanities running amok... It is more than enough for them to handle. In fact, I believe that two more are contained somewhere, waiting to unleash their havoc... The Insanity of Hatred faces the Destroyer... the Insanity of Fear shall consume for me in his hunger... the Insanity of Fun shall soon ravage the Chaos... the Insanity of Love walks the desolate plane of Valparaiso... What of the other three? The Insanity of Bliss and the Insanity of Melancholy... They still have not awakened, and you have not awakened the Keeper to keep the one of Serenity in balance...

Boy... You've already failed. Geeeekogekogekogekogeko!!!"

Part of her enjoyed watching her spawn suffer... But another part of her, lost in the existence... That other part wished for him to prevail. How could that exist in a realm of nonexistence? A single glimmer of hope...

Thank you, Momo...

He could never say it enough, and lowered his head in solemn solace for his brave and valiant efforts. Khrona could not let all of his work go in vain, nor could he let all of what he created fall.

"I may have been a bit too hasty in my decision making before... But my evolution is far beyond that of the prehistoric beings that roam the planet's surface. I am greater than I was last year, and better than I was only moments ago, even now. I'll prevail to right all of my wrongs... Watch me. I'll overcome my fear once and for all, here and now."

His eyes narrowed. For so long, he's tried to deal with these damnable darknesses that cloaked his heart, eating away at his emotions. Each of them created their own individual Sins to quell, and each time he stopped them, they rose up again. When the Insanities themselves awakened, the Keepers were created to keep them in check. Then, to keep the Keepers in line, the Sisters joined through the eternal union of he and Titania. Even they were not powerful enough to subdue them fully. It was going to take Khrona; Shin'Khrona to help deal with them too. Their powers combined could take on all of these ancient Tensei demons and bring them to Peace, where Khrona was now. It was part of the process of bringing all that he was to the Peace that his True Self found. Working from the bottom up...

"... You can't hide it from me... Your desire..."

Just like Brother X...

He learned from the best.

"You want me to succeed. There is a piece of you that does... Because that piece of you is me."

With the signature sanguine gleam of his piercing red eyes did he cut straight through the veil of darkness and toward the part of him missing from his soul.
The Red Moon shard!!!

"You remember the Hyper Perception, right? The most basic stage of the Tenseigan..."

He snickered, catching a glimpse of the glimmering garnet crystal in the distance. The only fragment of hope that actually existed. Despair A La Discord.


Locked. It was not going anywhere. A twinkling crosshair danced in the distance like a gleaming star in the cosmos of nothingness...

"Just like old times, huh? I know so much more than when I came to face you a year ago. You're coming to rest in Peace along with me."

Things that he learned from last excursion; The Beast was sealed in the Pit of Havoc's void and the Reaper was sealed in the Black Swamp's void. These were two places that had been purified... There was a pattern here.

"I'll find all of the Zero Worlds and purify them. Just you wait. I've already dealt with the one in my mind... That's how the Psycho Mesa was born. You are the one in my soul... That which became the Fountain of Dreams."

The Pit of Havoc harbored the Beast, and that had been purified from the Psycho Mesa, which was Chroma's spring to protect... The Psycho Mesa was always a desolate wasteland of Khrona's mind. Then there was the Black Swamp. Titania took the place of Kaerei, changing the physical manifestation of the Black Swamp into the Fairy Spring of Truth... which pumped its water into the Fountain of Dreams up above. That means, if Khrona remembered correctly, the next Void he was supposed to deal with was the one that harbored... the King of Melancholia...

"But first things first, to grab the next piece. Think you can keep up with me this time? I know I'm like surrounded in your bullshit," he snickered to himself, not blinking even once, "... But I'm pretty sure I can out-think anything anyone can throw at me. Even you. Hmhmhm~!"

Khrona with some confidence, huh? What a long way he'd come since his very introverted, awkward and insecure sense of being last time he was in this form. He was going through the change all over again.

"The Sky King can vouch for me... He's been a brother to me, too..."

When this Insanity first got started, Khrona was the one that tried to keep the sword from him. It was the Insanity of that weapon that brought Khrona his great strength, combined with the Sky King's pure awesomeness that helped give birth to the Khrona of then...

"But this is clearly no time for sentimentality. I've got a lost little girl to save from the clutches of her own Isolated Soul."

She put herself here by rejecting herself out of existence, and Khrona was bringing her back through the shard of the Red Moon; his and Titania's joined souls made through Allen's sacrifice. All was going well.

"You've already given me the locations; you know I can handle the rest. I bet that just pisses you off, doesn't it~?"

He winked, ready to tackle his fear head on this time with a sinister, yet goofy saw-toothed grin donned upon his face.
Go time.

"Geeeeeeekogekogekogeko!!!" it croaked from all about, amused by his sudden development, "Sit down and pay attention, boy... You may learn something..."

He still hadn't figured out just which of his dear 'Keepers' was indeed the true King of Melancholia... The Wicked Loeci. Almost like clockwork being kept in steady motion, the Zero World continued to spin the wheel... just as long as that boy had the will... Would he truly be the one that would save them, or would he fail this time facing a greater enemy? Since he grew, so did his emotions... They were more powerful than they were a year ago, as well. All connected to Khrona grew with him; perhaps he hadn't noticed this just yet.

"You have to stop the true Lord of Terror... He's already been afflicted with the hunger..."

There was a fine line between Khrona's pride and arrogance, and due to the natural regalia of his family (especially from Kaerei's lineage), his haughtiness may exceed the greatness of his mind. He might have still been a little green around the ears. It was time to observe more closely.

"Grimnyzmal... Consume him."

The entire Veritas would soon be fodder to Grimnyzmal the Abyzmal; Lord of Terror. Sucked away to become one with the void...

"Tick, tock..."
Time to start the clock.

"Ï'm not afraid" he said boldly, after already seeing what he needed to see within this world, "Because I've already found the single glimmer of hope here; Titania's Love."

No matter how much he continuously fucked up due to his Insanity, somehow, Titania always stayed by his side and helped him through. Hell, that's why those Sisters were there to help out Khrona's Keepers. Even now, as she was lost in the pits of Despair, she had home and that love within the shard showed it. Khrona couldn't let that go to waste... Not as long as she still had a sliver of love in her heart for him, it would always prevail over all the odds as long as he returned it. Thus, diving straight into the darkness was nothing to fear. This really was just like the last time he did this. Only he realized this a lot quicker now and didn't have to search for the answer.

All he could do was think of a single song that seemed to describe the oppressive force his Fear proved to have on him for so long, and now his new resolve to overcome it no matter the cost for this single shining star within the darkness. The hope that was this love. The Zero World wanted him to listen, but it was it that needed to do the listening for once... Shin'Khrona was perfectly in control this time, and nothing was going to deter him from his lover, his quest for Peace and the safety of the Veritas and all its people. He was finally reaching the final stages of his maturation... Finally.

His crystal wings spread from his back once more in a violent spurt, black ooze spewing from his shoulderblades profusely with no sign of stopping. The black liquid bathed the shimmering, almost completely invisible wings in a sleek black sheen, giving them a certain visibility even in the darkness of the same pitch. On these Black Crystal wings, he would soar toward what he knew was simply destiny at this point, leaving behind him a whipstorm of gale force winds helping to further his initial acceleration through the void. All the while, he sang this song... He just couldn't help it when it was stuck in his head...

Listen up, what can you hear?
Does my voice simply disappear?
Sucked away into the void, so empty and so dark?

This time limit meant nothing to him at all. He simply knew that he was going to succeed no matter what, for he was going to make absolutely sure of it. It seemed like a long way to go, even flying at such high speeds, but this would give him more of a chance to get reacquainted with his beloved wings arced over his comparatively minuscule frame. Like a sly eagle or a cunning hawk, once his eye was sighted on his prey, there was no escape.

If there is more to this world,
Then can I be certain at last,
That this spark burning within
Has some role to fulfill!!

Oddly enough, the lyrics seemed to match everything he was feelings and doing right here and now, and it was the perfect way to tell the hag how it was and how it would be. He only flapped harder and soared faster, a jet blazing through with the intent of slashing through this encumbrance with no hesitation and no fear whatsoever. Only pure strength of will and determination... and a shitload of trust for himself, the people who loved him, his love and his family; Titania and Trinity. They always came through for him... Hell, even Allen. All of their effort could not go in vain now. That is why ShinKhrona couldn't stop now for anything, and Fear could not make him hesitate or take his eye off the prize.

I was crushed by the longing welling up inside,
That I had just surrendered...
Without having touched the air above the ground in the endless sky!

Those times were so hard for him, but alas, they were no more. For once, Khrona was being decisive about matters such as these. Sometimes, you just have to go where your soul takes you, even without a reason why... You'll find it out later on. As they say, here's hoping... All of that is what made him Shin'Khrona this time around. The mark of the Truth; that it would all be done truly correctly this time and all would come to Peace...

His realization was far too late, for this 'Shin'Khrona' was already lost in the darkness of the Zero World. Even his single glimmer of hope that apparently shone bright in the swamp of pure pitch blackness, hope was not a guarantee, it was a belief. It was not certain that he would put in enough effort to prevail, and if he didn't... Even he could be swallowed up here and now.

"Oh dear... You've started up with that silly singing again..."

If all went well, the vessel would have already been en route to consuming the entirety of this world attempting to preserve itself eternally in crystal, ending Khrona once and for all.

"You have yet to even see the King the Melancholies," the disembodied feminine voice croaked from all around, "...You have little time before that dark wolf devours you whole."

The curses of the demons, the angered spirit animals that were passed down to the family for generations and generations still had their curses active. They power had been misused, and now it was time for the descendents to suffer. If the paranoia didn't capture him, then the sadness of the Dark Wolf's solitary conviction would. No one could overcome all of them. All those of the past who ever attempted to walk down the Seven Paths in the past indomitably failed and were trapped in the voids of each respective beast. Kaerei... whether she would admit it or not... Lost to the Fear of Allsgrim, the Reaper. The same way that Loeci lost to the Melancholia.

"Hush up and listen... Before you, too, are consumed."

To instill the Fear into his heart... He would know this same emptiness, as well. He wasn't anything more than a boy, still. It began to eat away at him from all around, now finally indiscriminate to his personal being existing there. It was almost like a swarm of innumerable bats had suddenly appeared all around and commenced to tearing away at him... Bats of Nothingness, gifts from the vessel above and his insatiable appetite. He would soon become one with the nothingness, letting it consume his independence within the fear of the unknown. He did not know what was in front of him, and not knowing should have shown him that fear of losing hope. No matter how far he flew, it seemed like he was not getting any closer to his destination; a far off distant dream that he'd never accomplish. Was he really making any progress, or was this all another trick? He wouldn't know for sure... For the ambiguous nothingness held no depth and no space, so movement was, inevitably, impossible. He would be decomposed without even coming close.

"That is the true fear... Unknowing..."

If he didn't know exactly what was going on, how could he find the means to counteract? It was impossible to escape such an absolute fear...

Just an old woman lost to the Fear... He couldn't let she nor any of those lost to the legendary Tensei curses sway his thoughts and feelings anymore; he was the HEAD of the family and was going to get rid of every last ailment that plagued his family for generations with his coming. He was the end of it all. He knew that Despair was in there watching, simply doing nothing but rejecting his presence, disallowing him from continuing forward. Whatever Kaerei was trying to make him and her believe, he'd already captured Despair and forced her to succumb to the fear, but her Rejection is what kept her completely isolated and still pure. As long as he could get to her before she ate through the impenetrable defense...

So I began to run!!
Because I feel it even now!
These sensations overflowing in the beating of my heart...
I say 'Carpe Diem!!'
Cause I am reaching for my goal!
we'll create our own tomorrows till this world is finally whole!!!

Shin'Khrona just needed to continue reaching out to her, and eventually she would come around and see through the darkness. He had to get in contact with the shimmering light. But how? He realized that no matter how far he moved or how hard he flew, he still seemed to maintain the same distance, as if he weren't moving or the shard were eternally moving away. There had to be a way for him to get out of this... To stop being stuck and to not get caught in the loop of Fear... He could not get discouraged. Even if it looked like things were going nowhere, steady progress was always progress. A wise man once said, 'be not afraid of progressing slowly, be afraid of not progressing at all." Though the process had been overwhelmingly slow, something in him told him that it was all coming to an end and that these horrific things needed to be conquered. These shards had collected. They wanted to be collected.

The answers I have found...
Will always burn within my soul...

Reaching out to that poor, lonely, isolated soul, Khrona stuck his hand out in front of him and deep into the thick, swampy black murk that existed all around him, trying to swim closer. It was so hard and so resistant to everything that he did; was this Kaerei or Despair working this Zero World against his favor? Perhaps it was a little of both of them...

The feeling of many vicious teeth gnawing away at his wings proved rather awkward... He could tell that nothing at all was doing anything to him, yet he was still feeling the sensation as though it were happening. Was it happening, or wasn't it? The ambiguity of nonexistence and the complexity of existing within such nonexistence made the thick emptiness a difficult foe to quash. He was being feasted upon by some unwelcome leeches. Recently deceased, it seems.

Time goes on, nothing will last,
I will not hold on to the past!
I will not waver again because I am afraid...

That's right... They're feeding off of his reluctance. His fear. He wasn't trying hard enough if they were actually succeeding in consuming him. Maybe this is why he wasn't moving... That was it. He was just gonna give it everything he had!! No more holding back! Otherwise, he was moving too slow!

No more doubt, no more regret;
No more things to make me forget,
That I am destined for more
And it's all in my hands!!

To make up for what he was losing here and now until he found a true solution to the problem, the material makeup of his existence continued to Manifest itself from solely his mind, as he was known to do so often in the past before he was able to potently control his power... Such is why Tabrith, Malojos, Serulenia, hell, even Omnia (Khrina) existed. If he could manifest full and pure living beings and Materialize other existences from where they were in the cosmos, he could do the same for himself with ease. Almost as if digitizing, Khrona's body separated its molecular structure with ease as mere pixelation, almost as if he were made of data originally to begin with. Being Tabrith had its benefits.

The pixelation of his body swerved through the murk much easier than his condensed physical form did, rolling through almost like a gas or pure form of energy unrestricted by the solidification of physicality. To freely alter his form yet constantly maintain just enough parts of him so precisely down to an atomic scale left him as a glowing gaseous glob of data snaking and maneuvering down the way toward the distant shard. With hope, this would surpass the consumptive nature of this world; as long as he continued to maintain all parts of him necessary through Manifestation and kept those atomic fragments separated, yet colonized to move as a single hive-mind, he wouldn't be able to be consumed gradually. No, a threat like this had to be extirpated all in one go.

I have traveled so far and learned so many things
By following your shadow...
And now I can see that it is only me
Who can seize my faaate...!!!

He felt her right there, right before her; so very far away, but so near at the same time. Was he making any progress traveling this way, or did he need another method to maneuver through the murky darkness? Whatever the case may be, he was going to do it, whether this method worked out for him or not. He couldn't hear the voice of Kaerei anymore... He only heard the song resonating in his head. How much longer... How much farther...?

The boy's mind worked quickly, though well within realm of calculation for the Zero World's influence. Despite his median effort to materialize closer to the shard, he still was not able to reach it. Just out of its grasp, it still looked like the shard was miles away from where he was. Still it remained rather troublesome that he would not simply fall to Zero; he was such a tenacious boy.

"Sometimes I wonder where you can find that will to go on...
Do you just make it up in your head and hope everything comes out okay?
Does it always go as you say just because you say it?
There are other wills that exist."

Now, even as he moved, it seemed like he was going in circles despite how he wished to go straight. There was nothing stopping him and nothing in his way, yet the absence of space being there kept him from progressing any farther than what the Zero World would allow. It seemed that in this world, the values of nonexistence could be picked and chosen to the will of the Zero World, meaning some things could not exist in one way and others, in a completely different but equally nonexistent way. Where there was nothing to stop him, there was also nothing for him to travel through... No way to move.

"Some may be weaker and may be easy to conquer...
Others may be strong and difficult to get through to...
Can you honestly say you're going to be able to do that alone?
However, you don't seem to be advancing.
What's stopping you?
Nothing's in your way, you know..."

Beyond his clear intention to survive the Zero World just long enough to achieve his goals, if the Zero World did not allow him to do so, the consumption process would become more swift and far more drastic on even a powerful mind such as his. The Fear WOULD consume him, just as long as he stayed in the dark long enough for it to do so...

And so, it did. Gradually, and indeed, exponentially, his breakdown made its incremental rise. Where his prolonged stay may have first only consumed one pixel or atom of his being, it would quickly rise to two at a time... then four... then sixteen... and so on and so forth. He would have to keep up the Manifestation process and use up more energy as the rising grain effect of the consumption checkerboarded its way up his pixelated being. It also made him easier to break down, since he wasn't a solid anymore and his bindings were so loose. A downside to leaving a physical form haphazardly.

"Soon... You won't be able to resist anymore...
And you'll be stuck here, motionless forever...
Paralyzed with Fear...
Only able to move when making an exchange...
Something you know for certain will be made equivalently under your watchful eye..."

It almost seemed like the Zero World spoke from a not-so-fond first-hand experience... Kaerei's memories were still vivid, for even her consciousness remained in a world of nonexistence. She was the sole thing making this entire realm sentient for the first time.

Continuing forward with his eyes locked and unmoved from his target, it still seemed like Shin'Khrona was not making any progress. Even though he was moving, he was moving in an orbit around the shard and could not seem to simply move as straight as he wanted to go. What was this foolishness? Perhaps the ambiguity of this darkness was something he shouldn't have underestimated...

But he knew she was there. Why wasn't she responding? Could she not hear him? He couldn't hear the disembodied voice of Kaerei anymore due to his conviction and the song synchronously playing in his head, however he still felt like somehow his presence was being consumed by the Zero World! Was his Manifestation not enough? He needed to up his output if he was even going to survive here. Things had gotten very critical for him very fast... But there was one way to get through this.

He has the power to control the Nothingness as well, but only to a very limited degree when just using his mind. Accursed Restrictions. He was going to be rid of them for good; he was already rid of those damn masks... Almost. This time, when he made the jump, ALL of him would be there, not just his true self. But that self was there to guide him... Perhaps that's why this song just wouldn't get out of his head. It was put there for guidance from up above.

"... I'm going to have to take this risk," he said with an almost remorseful certainty. He hated when he knew he was going to have to do something that didn't have a sure fire outcome. But sometimes, even he had to take the leap of faith.

"DESPAIR!!!" he cried out immediately, circling around foolishly in the blackness, "Can you hear me!? It's Khrona!!! Where are you!?"

If calling out to her didn't work, he might have been stuck for a bit. No matter where he went or what he did in this place, he couldn't keep himself from the adverse effects this world constantly had active all around his body. He was going to get erased fully sooner or later. Hell, at this point, Teleportation or use of the Nihility Opening might quite possibly be some key psychic powers he would need to make it through alive right now. Once again, here's hoping...

The N.O. channel opened up before him, right in front of the place where he was being blocked from. If it worked out correctly, the channel should have served as a warphole or simple portal for him to directly get in contact with the shard. But just in case...

"Ïf you can hear me, Despair, you have to stop rejecting everything!!"

If she was truly that isolated, it was because of the Rejection. She could keep herself perfectly fine and intact within the Zero World just from that wavelength alone. It could reject anything and everything as long as she had enough power to do so. If Khrona couldn't get through to her, then this was just the end.

"If only one thing, do NOT reject me!! I'm here to get you out of this darkness you trapped yourself in! I'm here to save you from the Isolation, just like when we first met!!!"

That's right... It was the same way he met Misery, too... He was alone, scared and confused by a tree and she happened to come across him and assessed him as strong enough to be her partner. And with Despair... She was an isolated girl that tried her best but ended up inadvertently rejecting everything, and only Khrona was able to get through to her when nothing else could. Let's just hope that still held true... If she really loved him...

"Despair!! Are you there!? DESPAIR!!!"

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.

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Quietly... Humbly... Forlornly... She sat in a cheerful sorrow within the darkness. A reddish-violet aura completely consumed her, blocking out the darkness, yet keeping the steady purple tint about her absolute area. She couldn't move... Trapped in a dome; a container of sorts. She didn't even want to move. There was no one around and nothing to see anywhere. She was the only thing that existed here, for some reason, and didn't even know how she really got here in the first place. Everything just... went dark one day when she was left alone.

She felt like she wanted to cry, yet no tears were shed. It was a lonely existence... Comfortable, to some extent, to simply sit here and be by herself, but so terribly, terribly lonely...

And in all of this, all she could think about was how she missed Khrona... and Misery... and Chroma... That was her family before she went. She didn't even remember when the transition between the darkness of the Pit of Havoc became this unfamiliar darkness all around her that she felt the need to constantly reject. It all seemed to happen naturally, the events flowing right into one another. But now she knew she couldn't escape, wherever she was. She wasn't in the Pit of Havoc anymore, otherwise Misery and Khrona would still be there...


That was all she could do at this point. How long had it been? Was time even still a factor? All such establishments for a set and sound reality were no more; it was almost like she was trapped in time, but time still kept going. It is relative, after all.

Giving up was more of a guarantee than a choice here. Even if her Rejection was capable of keeping her alive, she was a caged bird, trapped and with nowhere to go. Her dimensional dress could not get her out of here, for warping anywhere would send her into that unknown... And she didn't know what was out there. It was a bit terrifying, truthfully, so to keep herself absolutely protected from the unknown, she had to just keep on Rejecting everything... And live out the rest of her time here. At what cost, though? An eternal prison?

But... she did have hope in this hopeless situation. Despair normally was a positive pessimist; one who tried to make the best of the bad she saw in things, yet that ended up in her being a very depressing person to be around and bringing other people down when she spoke, no matter how politely and eloquently it was. A dark beauty that knew the bounds of sadness, but kept her head up with the eternal Despair that haunted her life due to that Rejection. Time and time again, it never failed... The only person who saved her from herself and this type of isolation so long ago was...

"K... Khrona?"

She raised her head quickly once she heard the faint sound of his voice, trying to find where it was coming from. It was the only thing she'd heard in God knows how long beside her own thoughts. She looked around, trying to hear what he was saying more clearly, but it seemed to be pretty garbled. How was he doing this?

"Where are you? I don't see you, and I can barely hear your lovely distressed voice..."

Just hearing his voice gave her faith, though. She rose up quickly, tracing the outline of her wavelength to find out just where he was trying to speak to her from. She could hear his words pounding at the barrier of her soul, yet unable to make it through completely. She was going to have to give him a hand.

Where the channel of the Nihility Opening opened up was right at the border of her dome, and that was where the could hear Khrona's voice. Immediately, she whisked herself over to the border in a wraith-like manner, floating gracefully over to the point, his words gradually getting more clear the less she Rejected them. She could almost make out...

"If only one thing, do NOT reject me!! I'm here to get you out of this darkness you trapped yourself in! I'm here to save you from the Isolation, just like when we first met!!!"

It really was him! She couldn't see him, but she knew that it was him any day! The memory of that fateful day rushed back into her head immediately, and she remembered it held many similarities to this moment she was in right now... He tried so hard to penetrate her wavelength and get through to her, but at the end of the day, it wasn't until she met him halfway that he actually got her to pull her out. She had to open up her impenetrable defense and let something in, and she knew Khrona knew about that very well... It was what they had in common, which was probably why he was literally the only person that could ever resonate with her besides Misery, and she could only do that because of the time the three of them shared together, using Khrona as a filter between them.

"I can hear you, my sorrowful dark hero... Are you really here to get me out of this darkness?"

It was like a miracle; a dream come true, even. If Misery were there, it would be perfect. She always believed herself to be the one that Khrona paid the least attention to and loved to a lesser extent... Sometimes, she even felt neglected by him... But to know that he just couldn't live without her and had gone to such lengths revitalized that hope within her, even amongst the Rejection and the Despair of her wavelengths.

She started to reach from her protective barrier toward the edge, but just as she was about to pass through to the other side and out of her comfort zone... She stopped, hand almost retreating back to the ruffles of her elegant dress. She was scared of what may lie out there... That it may have been a trick or a charade, maybe that someone was trying to hurt her or that this was all a lie; why would Khrona ever come back for her? It had to be... She feared whatever it was on the other side, and after being alone for so long, even though she was desperate to leave, she couldn't quite do it yet. Something was holding her back... The Fear was holding her back.

"I... I'm sorry... This is all I can do right now... Terribly sorry... But I'm afraid that this all may be a lie or a trick... No one truly loves me, remember?"

She did believe that at a time, Khrona loved her, but not enough to go looking for someone as unimportant as she. This had to be someone's cruel joke... Again, she was Rejecting what it was on the other side.

"I'm sorry..."

"Geeekogekogeko... You see?
Even she has a will just as strong...
Strong enough to resist you...
And now, your only hope at survival is gone...
You're mine..."

That was how things were going, thus far. Despair knew nothing of the gravity of both 'Shin'Khrona's' heart and his words right now; she didn't completely grasp the sincerity of his heart due to her isolation... due to the Fear. Even if she wasn't able to be erased, she was still enraptured by this world's grace... Fear the Reaper. And this time, it looks like her Fear would be the Reaper for the boy...

"It doesn't matter if it isn't you...
If one of the major pieces of the puzzle makes a mistake,
Then it may end up the same way, anyway!!!
Do you see now, you insolent brat?
Now do you know the Fear of not being in control of everyone and everything?"

He should have been coming to a rather rude awakening here and now; other people that he let in had a heavy effect on his life unless he pushed them away like his fearfully beloved on the other side of the impenetrable wall. He had to have an indomitable will and unparalleled resolve... Clearly, his quest for Truth and Peace would fall short unless he could get through to her. There was no way he possibly could... She already fell to the Fear.


... And when he thought Despair would come through for him, she dropped the ball, everything falling to pieces right before his eyes. He had no time to try to convince her with something logical, but he didn't know any other way to get this message to her. But there was a spark, a twinge of something that he felt the same way he felt between he and Misery when they were fighting together beforehand... It was the same thing; the Resonance of their souls that stayed tried and true even throughout this horrible turmoil! He felt it, and even if she Feared, he had to get it through. He wasn't going to just give up this time because a plan had fallen through; he may have been fragile like glass at times, but crystal can be the hardest material if made completely and utterly pure. It was time for him to toughen up a little bit and bite the bullet a little bit. Sometimes, for the greater good... You have to take one for the team.

"Dammit, Despair! Listen to ME! Don't listen to your fear and your doubt right now; that'll only fuel this horrible place and keep you trapped and me... Well, don't worry about me! I love you and always have! Please, just listen to me! TRUST me! BELIEVE me! Remember that I'm the only one who can resonate with you, and that means something special! Remember what it means to have a Soul Resonance, and feel that right now! Connect with me, and know that what I say is true beyond the wavelength of the words; listen to a wavelength that can never lie. One of Truth!"

He hoped that got through to her, because as he wasted his breath, he was wasting his time. He chose to solidify himself again so that she'd be able to HOPEFULLY see his face and know instead of seeing a mass of pixels... Hell, could she even see him through the Rejection? She was able to select just what was Rejected and what wasn't, and if she wasn't rejecting everything except the sound of his voice, then she definitely couldn't see him. But still... Faith. Faith. Faith. Faith. Even if he didn't know for sure, dammit, faith faith faith faith faith faith faith faith faaaaiiiiiitttth!! He had to remember that as he stretched his hand out into the Nihility Opening, trying to reach out to her...

Here's hoping...

... I listened to your words...
And I can hear them even now...
Cuz they echo in this memory that I hold deep in my heart!!!

I've found the reason why,
And I just know it's here to stay!

With his whole heart, he sang out to her, loud and strong, trying to pass on through the wavelength of his love and truth all of the hope accumulated within him; all the conviction he had to pierce through the Fear with ease. She'd done so for him before in the last bout; now he was coming to return the favor and show her that her love for him was not for nothing. Who would have known that Khrona was a hopeless romantic?

He would not stop stretching his arm and reaching for the reluctant Despair; no matter what, not until she was free.

The answer I have found...
Will never ever go away...

Her hesitation remained, and quite apparently at that. Despair's hand trembled with uncertainty, certainly unsure if she wished to proceed with a disembodied voice... No matter how familiar it may have been to her. The decision was a hard one and she was trapped in between, but this surely did seem to sound like her long lost love. He told her not to listen to the fear and the doubt, but that was so hard; to listen to something she could not see and could not trust for sure. Something that wasn't before her eyes and she had no proof of its existence or truth of its words. As it stood, it was simply someone outside spewing kind words... Perhaps, empty promises to trick her into leaving the safe zone. Nothing here was concrete... It was all an ambiguous mass of confusion to her!!

"How... How can I be sure? I need some way of knowing that it's you... or else, it could be anyone... or anything, for that matter..."

Knowing nothing of his situation on the other side, she only had his voice to go off of and couldn't even see past the violet walls of her barrier. There was a hint of urgency in the way the voice spoke, and that urgency is something she felt within her as well, but a decision couldn't be made from the information she had alone. They were at a standstill.

"... Really... I'm sorry, but there's no way I can trust you... I can't just believe blindly in something I am so unsure of..."

With Despair up at bat, it seemed to be nothing more than a swing and a miss, which would ultimately lead to Khrona or whomever that was on the other side to their demise. That feeling panged and jangled in her chest, jostling her heart and soul where they were affixed within her. It was weird; nothing, NOTHING could get into the heart and soul of Despair. It was too heavily guarded by the Rejection Wavelength produced by her Isolated Soul.

Her trembling hand migrated reluctantly to her chest, finding the words spoken somehow speaking to her on a deeper level than what was simply just words from beyond... But still, it wasn't enough for her.

Batting her beautifully tired, dark-ringed eyes, her gaze drifted off to the side as she gently caressed her chest... where her heart rested. She couldn't let herself go, but she somehow found it in herself to sing words she didn't even know...

All these truths revealed themselves
In a way that was so natural and warm...

Somehow, singing these things seemed to be the right thing to her at this point in time... No real rhyme or reason to it, other than it just felt completely right to her; like she was moving forward only because she was releasing this weird spontaneous song that popped up not from her head, but from the twinges in her soul... And it made her smile, even through her Fear and doubt. They were indeed unfolding in a way that was simply natural. Part of that was why she felt it was easier to believe in this voice; this song... And she continued expressing the way that she felt as truthfully as she could.

Those precious days with you
Haven't yet come to an end
And they will return...

Her eyes watered only moments later, her ducts filling with tears of a a profound joy that she only knew when she met Khrona and he was not Rejected by her and she was not rejected by him. Vividly, that image flashed in her head of that memory and its parallel to the situation right now; all of it seemed right. This certainty didn't come from her mind, but was coming from the heart and the soul, something that couldn't be so easily swayed by the Fear. Clenching her hand hovering over her chest with a rising conviction, Despair followed that feeling pulsating from within... Followed it all the way to the next step, and the next verse of a song she knew nothing about.

... So I began to run!
And I can feel it even now...
These sensations overflowing in the beating of my heart...

So true were these words in such harmonious synchronicity to the truth of her feelings, it was almost like she couldn't help but continue forward on a sure-fire path she knew was there even beyond the uncertainty and ambiguity. She was starting to trust in the bond they shared and feel it, letting the path be formed by the slowly rising resonance of their souls in a wondrous Symphony...

I say Carpe Diem!
Cuz I am reaching for my goal...
We'll create our own tomorrows till this world is finally whole...!

Slowly, but most assuredly, the clenched hand of Despair reached out toward where the voice came from, where she felt the resonance growing ever stronger. There was no doubt about it; this was Khrona. Even if she couldn't see him, she knew that he was there. It didn't take much but a memory and her own rise in conviction, but powerful all the same and necessary to get them out of this situation alive. She took a shot in the dark, and with her final sliver of hope, her hand slipped out of the comfort of her boundaries and into the darkness beyond...

The answers I have found...
Will always burn within my soul...

All Khrona needed to do now was to take her hand and pull her out of this isolated nightmare forever... Here's hoping.

"Gekori... Chaaaance..."

All according the plan. The boy drew out that pesky sliver of hope protected deep within, Rejecting the complete return to Zero. The present non-presence of the Zero World remained all around, and it only took a single slip into the darkness for it to snatch up its prey... Unlike Shin'Khrona, the girl was not able to regenerate portions of herself if she were snatched up. She was not of natural Tensei blood and did not have the power to rebirth herself without the boy's help. When her dainty little fingers revealed themselves, an unsettling force took her entire hand and ripped her from her barrier against her will. In only moments, she would be wiped away, no longer existing as anything but another Grim; another extension of the Zero World.

"You children are exceedingly simple and easy to manipulate...
I hope you didn't expect to get far with that feeble mind, boy...
Geko... Geko..."

For so very long, Kaerei had been able to get her will to be done through the Black Swamp, without having to so much as lift a finger. The same still held true now as her physical form was abandoned. Always had she been the Black Swamp; the messenger of the Zero World, but she wasn't its consciousness entirely until now. They were all too easy... It wasn't like she was one of the younger Tensei, who hadn't fully matured into their power yet; she was one of the two originals, and her level of control and knowledge of herself and her abilities outweighed the still growing weed... for now. If she were to allow him to continue to grow, he may actually sprout into more power than she... or even the original Pumpking. A disturbing thought, indeed.

Though Despair was being erased little by little, she wished to give Khrona no time to react and had to erase her on the spot. In order to stop this revival of the soon to rise Second Moon...

"Absolute Zero; Descruction"

When using ''Destruction,' what is hit will continuously be destroyed by its own self, by all energy, force and everything else around it until its value has become completely Zero and it is no more. From all around her, everything that existed would begin to destroy her, turning against her until her entire being was erased completely and she was no more. With herself being the only thing that truly 'existed' here besides Shin'Khrona, her own existence would soon be the sole cause of her own destruction. Her hope was lost, and so was his. It was tough to face, but he failed. All would return to Zero...

Yes...! She can hear me!!

The song was working, sustaining itself as the bridge of resonance through the Rejection. Shin'Khrona's wavelength was even able to resonate with Despair's Rejection, feeling the piece of him that lie within Despair through the piece of Titania that rested within him. It only took Despair's realization that there was some of Shin'Khrona within her to make it work. The Nihility Opening could connect through the Rejection and Khrona's hand could pass right through to Despai--


... Right out of his grasp. Where their digits almost locked in an intertwining of fingers, before a steady grip could even be maintained, something else snatched her up first. Why!? Why must everything torment him so?! Everything just wanted to make him work for it now. Make things more difficult than they had to be.

"... Dammit all to HELL!! You're PISSING ME OFF!!"

It was getting really annoying now. His family was annoying. He couldn't wait until all of this was fixed... Then his family wouldn't be such a fucking burden and a thorn in his side all the time. Just had to fix these fucking curses... Sigh... Fear...

But he did not retract his hand. His eyes remained deadlocked on his target, not missing a frame of movement between her position. The destination's coordinates were set in his head and now all he had to do was go there. The Nihility Opening was already prepared, and he still reached out to Despair with no intention of letting up. He had to keep moving forward until he got to her!!


That's it.
Soul Resonance.
Symphony of Souls.

Through this linkage amplified by the resonant bondage bridged by the wavelength of the song, Shin'Khrona's hand Manifested itself in the place of Despair's right hand, and her right hand would manifest itself in place of his. Apportation in conjunction with Teleportation allowed him to instantaneously switch the positions of two things in a seamless string of wavelength, almost like a download. And, with a Godspeed Thought process, it was far faster than an instantaneous exchange.

The Right Hand of God...
The Hand of Creation...
Opposite of the Absolute Zero...
Absolute All; Ain Soph...

Perhaps one of the best ways to get this horrendous nonexistence to back off from Despair in the shortest amount of time was to counteract its nonexistence with the existence of the Origin of All Creation. A glob of crystalline liquid globbed up in the palm of his hand, a Primordial Essence that merged itself with the Zero World and could control it at will. The technique Ain Soph had a quartet of derivations that allowed it to accurately protect the girl from the Zero World's Destruction. This power gave Shin'Khrona, and through Resonance, Despair, the power to control all things as one thing, or Ambiguous Chaos. All three of them were going to be destroyed at once, or the Zero World was going to call off the attack in order to save itself as well as the other two.


It was clever of the Zero World to snatch her up right when she was ready to trust; that's the best way to break someone's spirits, is to crush their hope as soon as they believe they've found a way out. But the same thing could be applied to the forces of such merciless peril, and Shin'Khrona was skilled in throwing people into the brink of absolute despair. She must have forgotten that he was the Lord of Terror. Speaking of which... He was going to need to get that Keeper of this accursed Fear...

What he was not prepared for, however, was the repercussions of using the Ain Soph would do to him when used to oppose the Zero World instead of used in conjunction with it. The effects of Destruction would effect all three of them; Shin'Khrona, Despair AND the Zero World at once. The Zero World would be filled up with Despair and Shin'Khrona, but at the same time the two of them would cease to exist. However, it would thwart Kaerei's plot completely, and all aspects of the Zero World would return to value. He wasn't even sure of what he was doing; Khronas from all around were helping to guide his hand when all seemed lost. A Khrona would never abandon another one in need. All he did know was, this feeling was terrible.


The pain of being erased exponentially, bit by bit, returned to him... His flesh burst from his tissue, tearing away like bits of fabric on a worn piece of clothing, exposing his bare muscle and parts of his skeleton. Still reaching out to Despair with her arm, he continued to increase the resonance. He didn't know how long it would be until he was erased or if the Zero World would give in... It was all a gamble, but something he had to take a risk of. Besides...

What's an epic battle without giving it all a chance?

The girl who hoped for the best after hearing the voice of her savior was in no way prepared for the peril that came soon after; the rapturous force of nonexistence stripped her of her protective deep violent protection and out into the blackness of nothing. She was able to see nothing except the nothing; that and the glowing light of Shin'Khrona, the only other existence able to maintain itself in the nonexistence. However, she wouldn't be so lucky. Without him, all she could do was reject its influence and had no other form of protection otherwise; no rebirth, no sustainability of her own will nor ability to manifest her own form with her own power, as Shin'Khrona was. She could feel this darkness closing in on her from all around, just as sinister as death itself... If this was what it was like to die, to simply be consumed by an enigmatic darkness and cease to be, she surely did not want to experience it.

Gradually, she could feel pieces of herself begin to deteriorate, being broken down and assimilated with the nothingness, ceasing to exist. She was losing parts of herself... her legs and her dress seemed to be the first things to go. This was a terrifying feeling; the feeling that there was no hope for her survival nor escape. She was unable to conjure any Rejection, for it would cease to exist if she tried to Reject the nothingness that she was already exposed to. Before, she produced the barrier of Rejection prior to her entrance, which kept her safe all the time she was within. Now, she was here fully and there was no hope.

So swiftly, everything this frail heart believed in was shattered to bits, and silently, she gave up on everything and everyone, willing to accept her dismal demise. She would no longer fight back; she would not struggle... Her Fear of being unable to escape paralyzed her and also destroyed her will to go on. She believed that this was the end of her, of her relationship and of her beloved... She could not trust his words when she was clearly forsaken by him.

... I feel so... betrayed...

That was all she could feel as she lowered her head, closing her eyes. This was the end for her, she knew it... And though she was afraid, though she was hurting beyond belief, and though she could not trust anymore, she accepted that this was the end for her.

... But the words of that song still echoed inside her soul. His voice and his sincerity...

... Well, at least I can smile one last time before we depart from each other forever...

Conflicting emotions of wanting to believe the earnest Shin'Khrona and not believing him due to the actions that transpired welled up within her, but she could see that he was trying... at least. But it was all over. They were done for. She was too afraid to accept his words fully, even if they made her smile. This was a good way to end it all...

... But I'll never get over how you betrayed me...
That's why I can't fight this...
I'm afraid that it will happen again...
I'm sorry...
I love you, but...

... But...
She wasn't dead yet. She was still talking, even after it seemed her demise was certain. Opening her eyes, she looked up and saw a hand raised up against the darkness, gleaming with a profound light of the Origin of All Creation. It shone so intensely that it forced away the Destruction from her form momentarily, keeping it at bay with constant Creation. This hand was not hers, but the hand of Shin'Khrona. He was actually coming through for her...? Why was he trying so hard to save her? She couldn't even trust him, and she'd already given up hope... Maybe that didn't matter to him. He was pretty selfish after all. Was that a good or a bad thing? Right now, it seemed to be the only thing keeping them together and keeping the both of them alive; moving forward. Him standing his ground and persevering, for once.

... Khrona...

Bound by the Fear, she couldn't move, but she certainly could find the strength to act, at least. She wasn't entirely sure about how his arm became hers, but she could feel hers as his. He always made a way, somehow.

Even if I can't trust you... I'll at least keep trying until the end.
At least we'll be able to go together...
That makes me smile...
A mournfully blissful experience...

Their souls were intertwined, and if that meant anything right now, then perhaps the Rejection she could not muster for herself could be projected through Shin'Khrona. A shot in the dark (literally), but always worth a try at the brink of destruction. It was better than not trying and having everything fall apart. She almost regretted giving up so easily when he was trying so hard. It hurt her... Though granted, not as much as the sudden pain of being destroyed by being created.

It appeared suddenly as a powerful grip, continuing to rip apart her structure from the very smallest fibers of her being, yet with the intense pain as if she were being ripped apart over and over and over again. Every molecule, every atom, every quark and beyond being ripped from her shot that unbearable pain through her entirety. This was real pain.

What would have been a wail of excruciating pain as she threw her head back was nothing more than a silent exasperation, as though she were breathing her last breath. But in it, a torturous whisper slipped from her throat and out into the darkness, through the pain and out to Shin'Khrona. If she was going to try... she might as well do it right now. For him and for her; for they and their future outside of nonexistence. So she spake it; Abysmal Rejection passed from her lips and through her right hand, casting a barrier of Rejection out of Khrona's own soul, which would protect him from the effects of the Destruction as well as the Ain Soph.. By doing this, the resonance between them should have also cast the same Abysmal Rejection unto Despair, as she and Khrona's souls were connected. Where it would have normally also had the same effect on the Zero World via the Ain Soph, because the Zero World was nothingness and had neither a soul nor resonance, it could not partake in the fruit of the Rejection's protection, leaving it only to wrap around Despair and Shin'Khrona to keep them both safe from the effects.

If it went well, then the Zero World would have destroyed itself by forcing itself to be created, and cease to stop existing anymore... Thus becoming a new existence. Though only theoretical, it would at least keep Shin'Khrona and Despair safe, whether it worked or not.

... The two had a fate that was sealed, as parts of them had already been sampled by the Zero World. Pieces of them were already lost, and even if Shin'Khrona could survive, Despair could not. Granted, as unexpected as it was that the boy would have used their bond so resourcefully, it wasn't anything that wouldn't be dealt with soon enough. They were going to be consumed, as simply as that.

"Geko... Even the power of the Origin of All Creation cannot save you...
From what has already begun..."

The Zero World felt no pain, it felt nothing at all, in fact. It simply knew that it was being compromised by the power of this Creation; making something within the nothingness. More fodder, it seemed to be. Even if the Zero World was taken out, there were still vessels harboring its intent, and it would be reborn through the lingering Insanity about, and both Khrona and Despair would be lost. There would be no way to save this world without them, as they were key pieces to this puzzle that no one seemed to be able to solve just yet. They were all ill-prepared, and even the combined hair-brained schemes of them all were nothing that could sufficiently cease the spread of all the Insanity that remained. This defender of Peace, this Overgod of this world would be no more, and all that would remain would be his Insanity. Just as she planned.

Though, beyond her expectations was that the girl of broken heart, spirit and hope would rise up to the words of the one she believed to betray her. She was able to overcome the Fear... It was only natural that the Sister was able to resist it, but it was also natural that the Sister would succumb to it, as well. Just the same as the Keeper. Luckily, they were without the Keeper and could not silence this darkness without it, even with the power of the Sister and the Overgod. This may have ended in a stalemate.

"... You two are still so fresh.
Even if you dispose of the Grand Columbus...
I am ALL of the Zero World, and this mere cloud is but a fraction of it...
You are aware of this, aren't you...?"

The dark cloud began to shrink, as with the Abysmal Rejection protecting the two within the containers, even the pieces of themselves that were snatched up by the Zero World were not going to be of any use in collecting them. This was why she was the Sister, after all... She was able to counteract the effects. Such is why the Sisters were created.

The nothingness filled up around them, returning the space that was once consume back to the Eternal Desert.

"Count this as a victory if you wish, poor children...
But the Fear will still spread...
Just the same as the Hatred already has...
And what's worse, the Melancholia still remains for you to suffer through...
Won't that be fun to endure, boy?

Perhaps it was giving this victory to them. Another sense of false hope that this wicked nonexistence was so proficient in stirring within people? Maybe... It would be glorious to watch them bask in their happiness... And when this cloud returned, to watch it all be broken again. If they even managed to make it that far... The Melancholies were a terrible fate that would befall Shin'Khrona, and it tended to be worse than his vices of Hatred and Fear... A depression that forced him into submission. Yes... Then the other Insanities could spread uninterrupted with him trapped in his own abysmal depression. It would be fun to watch him struggle.

"... This was interesting...
But even with this power, I am in no way worried nor concerned about your progression...
You will not prevail...

Those were the resting words they were left with as the black cloud dissipated completely and the Eternal Desert returned to normalcy. Whether it chilled them or not, the Zero World was still quite in motion... And would be for quite a while, the way things were going.

Reaching out into the darkness, both of their hands finally met. Somehow, through her Abysmal Rejection, she was able to reject the abyss that was this world of nothing that once kept them apart, distanced between each other indefinitely in a way that only their souls could find. Through the abyss, through the dimensions, through even the beginning of creation and the end of all, Khrona did not lower his hand until he reached out and touched Despair. And just like before, it only took a little bit of her reaching back for them to be complete...

Just like old times...
Only you...
And Misery...
Are my partners...

Thanks to Despair, all of this horrible black was beginning to fade. Finally. Shin'Khrona was sick and tired of floating around in that darkness taking wild shots in the dark. The combination of their powers, though without much thought, somehow ended up in divine synchronicity with each others actions. The resonance of the souls was a powerful thing, and their bonds had been deepened for the entirety of their time being together... From the first time they met all the way up until now. Through all of the death and rebirth Khrona endured, through all the history he changed and all the peril his family put him through, one of two things remained and always would... Despair A La Discord, one of his pair of beloved mistresses. Even with Misery, Khrona was not complete unless there was Despair. Titania was not who she was without both components, just the same as Khrona would not be who he was if any of his pieces were missing.

The Secret of the Red Moon...
Though Seven Shards there are to combine...
To whom are the two that truly make you complete?

There was a weird voice that kept speaking to Shin'Khrona through al of that mess... In fact, through everything that he was doing since he woke up not remembering anything. Even after he remembered, his head still buzzed with traces of uncertainty and unfamiliarity, like he wasn't sure what about his mind was true and what wasn't, even though he was now able to discern it all. The same almost held true for this moment... But he realized that this was a puzzle that couldn't be solved by his mind. This was something his SOUL had to figure out!! As the darkness faded and the raging dunes whirled around them, Khrona took hold of Despair's other hand and stared her straight into the eyes, finally figuring out the lesson in all of this.

"... Despair. You are no longer going to be one of the Sisters of Insanity. You and Misery... You two were the sole two beings that made up the whole that is Titania. I'm not sure if you remember, or if you even know what the hell I'm talking about... But know that you two are special. You two are two halves of the same whole, which is why you two are the only two that fit together in the missing piece of myself perfectly. Now, in order to fix this fucking moon..."

He knew it...

"I only need you two."

Maybe it sounded like a whole bunch of crazy talk, but truthfully, this was something that he was just figuring out himself. These two were beings greater than the Sisters... And that means that the Seven Shards that made up the Red Moon was a lie. It was only two. Despair was saved, he was protected and now it was about time for him to make his way to someone he hadn't seen in quite a long time.

*Sniff... Sniff...*

The Wicked Whiff of something foul; the next frame for him to catch down the path he needed to follow. He could smell the residue of that interesting lad lingering about in the grains... The one who just so happened to soak up some of the Insanity. A nice little sponge with a trail to follow right to where he needed to go.

"Thank god that foolishness is over... Despair."

Even though he was going to hate to say this, he knew it was right about that time... Ain't no rest for the wicked, as they say. But doesn't that mean that there is no time for rest for the good, as well? Only if they're in pursuit and always en route...

"... But I'm afraid I'm gonna have to part with you for a little while. I hope you can trust me when I say that I will be back. When I am, it will be with Misery, and you and she will become the Red Moon of my Soul."

The other Five of the Seven Sisters were still quite important, in the grand scheme of things... But not as much to the Red Moon as Shin'Khrona once thought. Sometimes, he believed he was leading himself on a wild goose chase. Then again, if that were the case, then those that were following him probably couldn't make heads or tails of the situation at all, neh? That's what made him laugh the most.

"Keep my Right Arm as proof. Just for a little while, I'll let you hold on to the hand of Creation, and I'll keep your arm... And whenever you need me or I need you, know that we're always holding each others hand. And I'll never let it go unless you're in it."

Misery was brazen and sure of herself, so she didn't need reassurance like Despair did. Especially since she was an extrovert, as opposed to Despair's naturally shy and introverted demeanor. He slipped her a passionate, yet swift parting kiss to remind her of all the importance she held to him, and at that moment, the girl should have turned to crystal, rather, a Chrysm that would symbolize her eternal place in Khrona's heart; one of the two Gemini Twins; the first of the Piscean Chrysms, Despair of Yang. Where Khrona was the Pisces, Titania was the Gemini, and their eternal bond would be symbolized by the crystal mistresses.

I'll use the Hand of Despair well if you'll promise to keep the Right Hand of God safe, alright? Then... We'll complete your set and truly free the Seven Sisters.

That meant... That two of them would have to take their place. Oi... Why did this all have to be such a fucking complex ass puzzle?! Is it really so hard to do!? Ahh... Oh well. This was for more than just Shin'Khrona or even Titania... It was for the entire Veritas, and for the planet. Even if they didn't deserve it.

"Be strong for me... Alright? I know you can do it; you've got the strongest defense to have ever existed. Hahaha."

That's my girl, alright...
Or, half of her, anyway.

Before the trail got cold, Shin'Khrona Teleported away, following right behind the recently departed Vanguard... Those two were WELL overdue for a nice, good, talk...

... To put it simply, she was happy that she let go of her Fear and believed in Khrona... It actually made things better and got them through the time of darkness. Though the words of the Zero World should have been unsettling, Despair was in no way worried as long as Khrona was on the case. That man always got what he wanted, somehow, some way, and it was always the correct way, too. Nowadays, at least.

His words were indeed confusing, but through their resonance, she knew them to be true. Somehow, on a deeper and more cosmic level, things made sense to her in a way her mind wasn't able to comprehend, but soon would, she felt. Sooner than she thought. She felt like if she went to Misery, she would get the answers to the questions she had about this... But she could tell from a twinge in Khrona's soul that he had to go somewhere to find someone. She knew where he was going somehow, but felt deep within herself... That he shouldn't.

"... Khrona, all of that is dreadfully wonderful, but I don't think--"

Before she could finish, she found herself locking lips with her lover for the first time in a very, very, very long time... It was a joyous feeling that brought tears to her eyes... Tears that soon turned to Crystal as did her body. A mermaid-like tail extended from the tattered remains of her dress, and soon that tail split apart into the remainder of her dress. The mermaid tail was proof that she had become a Piscean Chrysm and was now one of the two Gemini Crystal Twins. Sudden and a bit overwhelming, she was at a loss of words for the moment... And in that moment, her beloved was gone, already on his way from the faint trail he sought. Well, he did have her arm... She was going to have to guide him just a little bit...

"... I'll take you where you need to go... I won't let anything distract you, dear..."

From her hand on his, she cast forth more Rejection to repel anything that got in his way and protect him as he would guide him unknowingly down the path he needed to take... Hopefully he'd understand when he got there. But as of now, her top priority was finding the Keeper of Fear and Misery. She knew that stopping the Insanity all by herself was foolhardy.

With a wave of her dress, she wrapped herself within its folds and warped off through the dimensions to where she needed to be. Her dress always came in handy for things such as that.

"... Odd..." the Insanity noticed immediately as the dark cloud faded from its foreboding presence over that which was cursed to be its target, "... This desert should be a blanket of endless black by now..."

Something was amiss here. Nothing, most literally nothing should have been able to free itself from within the Grand Columbus. What was this presence that faced its power so haphazardly? A resistance able to free itself from the reigns of the Insanity... It could only be one thing.

"He's back, I see..."

It was only a matter of time that the poor being would be back from Peace, here to reclaim that which he left behind. The only part of himself where he decided to leave to the Insanity. But unlike the others, he did not fall to its powers... Of course not, he had all the same powers and knew how to use them the exact same way. Truthfully, he was the worst person to have back for the Insanity.

"But he will fall. Like all the rest. Give him time. Let him suffer the next Insanity... So speaketh of the Hell's Whisper..."

Sylpheed seeds planted in the wind took their place in the unfolding of history, generating the Hell's Whisper as was spoken. Woven in Destiny, the events would unfold for the boy to fall deep into the next of the Insanities; the Melancholies. Where Despair sought to protect him from whatever got in his way, she rejecting the 'Correct Path' for him to choose in order for him to take the 'Wrong Path' as he left. A form of altering history in a number of ways, casually, even, with just a whisper. That Rejection was not strong enough to stop something that it wasn't supposed to, a major flaw it always has possessed. Events outside of its Rejection jursidiction could easily deter the poor boy down a road of misfortune and unhappiness... Down the road to the Melancholies.

Once that was done, the Insanity returned his attention to the piece of his power, now missing from within him. "And where has that infernal sliver gone? The fragment was supposed to call upon this grand power and Consecrate this land in my name as his own." This land... It was not part of the Insanity yet. It was still a land merely overwhelmed by its influence.
"Why has he not conquered absolutely yet?!"

A sliver of the Insanity's energy was missing; swiped down that path that the boy Khrona intended to take. Well, not that it mattered. With him diverted from the situation thanks to the Hell's Whisper, he wouldn't be making it to Vanguard's doorstep. Outsmarting the Rejection, this Khrona would be the one looking for him, whilst the other was most kindly distracted...

... Thief...
Where do you think you're going...
With MY power?!

And so, the fire spreads... the Insanity traced Vanguard straight to the location of his apprentice, a string of history there for him to follow straight down the trail... As long as history, rather, his story flowed. It traveled everywhere it was taken.

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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The Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
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Croak 62: The Feast of Fools...

Immediately, the Insanity, atop his mighty throne, flickered over the Great Hollow of the Silver Earth, emanating simply from Vanguard's presence. Everywhere Vanguard ever was or will be, the Insanity would be as well; hovering over his shoulder. He and the poor accursed boy, the apprentice. Whether infected or not, the Insanity had its own will and own agenda, and all they did was literally invite it to destroy them. Everywhere that stunk of their presence... Would be wiped from this world. Starting with the Great Hollow and all that was within.

"... Grand Columbus."

Almost exactly the same way as it was done to the Eternal Desert before, would all such events unfold here. This Great Hollow would be just as it was named; a GREAT hollow in the chasm that was this world. This cloud of darkness would see to it. With the pesky meddling of Shin'Khrona trapped within the Melancholies, there was no hope for this world's survival at all.

"... Never...
Shall ANY cross me...
Or they shall be mounted upon a cross...
To show just whom they have

As the bloodied scream of the Insanity pierced the horizon and the ears of all the pesky ants below, one of the signature Crimson Crucifixes bolted down from the Enigmas as a smoldering rogue the skies had never once seen in their lives. A pure, utter blood red never before heralded by the spectrum of color; all belonging to this sheer HATRED that the Insanity held at this one specific point in time.


And again, this red lightning spattered, utterly speckled the sky in its furious might...


And once more, a hellacious fury expunged itself from the bowels of just the Insanity's upset stomach at how filthy these vermin were.They'd better HOPE that death could save them... Save them from the tortures that the Insanity was going to bring about them forevermore. The X-shaped crosshair was locked on Savvy's signature any and everywhere. And he'd better hope that he was gonna die.

TEST ME!!!!!!"

The resounding cry of the Insanity billowed throughout the Veritas... And the planet... And ALL existence. Not as a Hell's Whisper...

But as a Voice of God.

"Try me."

A convoluted mass of darkness... pitch black ruination seething with the power of Yin, Yang and all the Insanity in between, heralded by an entity that did not exist yet still was. All that it touched would become nothing... A spectacle and a sinister omen to behold, when one saw this cloud of indomitable perpetual darkness close in on their land, they would simply know that everything below was going to be erased. This was not only the last and only warning of the Lord of Terror, but also the promise of their demise.

The swirling abyssal airship of annihilation billowed through the skies as a rolling darkness, prepared to swallow up the Great Hollow whole and leave absolutely nothing left. With the Black Grimoire harvested, there was no use for this place anymore... A waste of space and time, just like the rest of this world... Just like all of its people. A waste... And such waste would be collected and disposed of indefinitely. In a place where there is no existence, there is no waste of space because there is nothing there to begin with.

One could see spewing from its cut-out folds flashes of pure crimson, enough to bring light to this abysmal crevasse. For a moment, it all gleamed with a blood red hue, before a spiraling helix of Yin Flames and Yang Flames converged their black and white flares into a gorgeous, finely woven hellstorm of equivocation. All would return to Zero. All would burn away to nothing. Nothing would remain.

"Grand Devaste..."

The rolling Cloud of Darkness that swallowed up the Great Hollow bit by bit only continued to spread uninterrupted, its spawns assisting in the consumption of the once proud and majestic canyon to turn it into a new 'Great Hollow;' a canyon of pure and utter blackness. A void, hollowed out from all things. As the cloud swallowed up this land, it retained its shape within the darkness, but its value was of nothing anymore, and all of it belonged to the Zero World's absolute control. The once clear blue skies were now pitch black, and the ground was outlines in a sinister deep purple hue reminiscent of the hazeous glow of the dormant spirits that rested in the once grounded Black Swamp. In no time, would this land be consumed, and as such, would all that was within... The Nothingness poured into the Earth Sanctuary, washing over it with a cleansing Flood of Darkness. And she who once could call her physical form her own, now simply the essence of all this world was, watched from all her influence spread through, hungry for the treasures that lurked within the Earth Sanctuary's bowels...

"Gekogeko... We shall all become one... One in Zero...
Absolute Zero..."

Still, the cloud extended further beyond the Great Hollow's borders as well, soon to consume all of the Terra Gris as a whole. It was only a matter of time before this darkness overflowed into the realm of the planet... They could barely deal with the first Insanity, so how would two fare for them? Only one way to find out...

Even this realm was falling all too swiftly under the Insanity's absolute control... And from the way the Grand Columbus was flowing, it would soon be entering the planet's atmosphere the same way the flames of Hatred did. More than perfect.

"Hmhmhmhahahaha... It's about time to abandon this form... Its power is far too fractional for me now..."

The Insanity no longer needed to dwell in the realm of Hatred, for now what this world needed to see was what true FEAR looked like... If they weren't all terrified enough already as it was.

"We shall indeed show them Absolute Zero... It is about that time.
However, I must go grasp the proper opportunities...

If the Insanity knew correctly, then there was a most 'vacant' position just waiting to be conquered by its absolute grasp... Something recently abandoned due to some rather 'unforeseen' circumstances. Granted, no matter what, all was in the Insanity's favor.

"These primitive fools know nothing...
That is why I will teach them...
They will know true suffering...
By my Absolute power..."

And with that, the clouds closed and the throne was no longer visible.

The Insanity would find an awful time receding its power of nothing from the space that the Terra Gris once occupied for in all it's absolute power an iota of resistance that debated it's control. There was an unequivocal remainder from the overwhelming nothing that seemed to threaten all of existence in it's tantrum of passionate fury and from the point of retreat over the shrine a dark spire erupted into being penetrating the very space that it occupied. From the boy within was the origin and with an electrical consistency the ground he stood upon flickered through whatever veil the empty flood offered.

The dark emptiness was swept aside at the rigidity of the apprentice's soul which fought the removal of himself from the plane of existence that he occupied upon the planet. The apprentice always was one to be very grounded, his soul was deeply embedded into the spacial surface of the planet and to swallow him up haphazardly was to choke on the stubborn material that made up his being.

"Cute little boy...
How futile it is for you to even struggle..."

The Zero World knew that all efforts this boy made against it were nothing short of useless once she spread all across the land. All he did was come to the surface so that he could witness it all happen first hand; a front and center view of how his world was about to fall to nothing. In a roll of the cloud of darkness, it formed to fit the shape of a sensual seductress' upper torso, her waist beyond her lower pelvis remaining as the ambiguous womb of nothingness where her legs should have been.

Though it is always entertaining to watch them try..."
It licked its lips, a strangely familiar arrowhead serving as the beautiful entite's tongue...

"There is no time to entertain children.
Absolute Zero; Nihilation..."

The flames that once ran rampant were no longer there, sniffed back into the Insanity's burning nostrils in a flash. What was left in the wake of this cosmic flares was Absolute Zero... A large Swamp Bubble of nothingness so large that it encompassed the entirety of the Terra Gris; it all belonged to the realm of Zero in nothing more than a mere change in mood by the Insanity. A robe of pure black rolled over the land with its Flood of Darkness with little to no effort at all, returning all it touched to a value of Absolute Zero, allowing for conversion and consumption of such low-value things to be instantaneous. Thus, the realm fell to Instant Black, cased and closed in a shell of non-being in a matter of a moment. Once the land was completely closed off from all angles, the Zero World would return this land to nothing in one fell swoop, leaving no room for any escape in all the once silver earth.

"... and Annihilation."

And with a mere burst of that bubble within, a quantum particle explosion confined to the closed off shelled area that was the Terra Gris would cause everything with value caught within it to destabilize at light speed, particles literally falling apart and withering away at the speed of light itself, until the value has returned to Zero. (Similarly to how Cloud of Darkness uses Aura Ball in Dissidia, only imagine that you're trapped inside of it before and after it explodes.)

Due the sheer and utter unstable severity of this Insanity, all should fall to Absolute Zero with the inability to maintain any structural stability. The explosion was all encompassing, leaving not a trace of the Terra Gris untouched by the Instant Black that was the Nihilation and Annihilation combined. The flood that was once slow now hastened at the resistance, returning all that opposed it to Absolute Zero as its explosive force of nihility poured into the Earth Sanctuary...

The cloud croaked out a thunderous undulation of a snake-like laugh, hissing and cackling in a wicked storm of its own essence, knowing that nothing of value should have survived. Everything that returned to Absolute Zero would become a larger part of the Zero World.

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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The Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
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Croak 63: A Flood of Darkness from the Black Swamp...

Pouring in unrelenting from the Great Hollow and encapsulating the Earth Sanctuary from the outside, it would only take a small infiltration of the innards of this Shrine to completely return it to Absolute Zero. There was no escape for those that resided within, for once the Zero World isolated its prey, they could not bypass its influence. Shin'Khrona had to learn for himself as he attempted to Teleport around it, but there was no going around it once it was closed off. No matter what sort of transportation those within had at their disposal; warping, teleporting, even already open portals, none would be able to exit and all coordinates would be cut off, only to returned to the value of Zero. The Earth Sanctuary was now the prisoner of the Zero World, caught in its grip, and there was no saving grace for anyone inside... Both outside and inside, there was no way for anyone to enter nor exit. This sanctuary would return to Zero as well. It was only a matter of time before the flood consumed everything...

...And the flood did roll through the depths of the Earth Sanctuary, utterly erasing everything that once belonged within its confines... continuing to surge onward into the bowels of the Earth Sanctuary and completely engulf everything...

This Sanctuary and all within are mine...
Trapped like rats with no escape...
Condemned to a most abysmal fate...'

With the Earth Sanctuary already isolated from the outside world, all within were completely and utterly trapped within, only to allow the Flood of Darkness to consume them completely. Pouring in from all around, the Nothingness of the Zero World erased everything of value that it came across, assimilating it with the Zero World's influence. Any and all connections to anything beyond the Zero World would be severed, being instantly reverted to Absolute Zero once the world closed off the Earth Sanctuary. Though there was still time to attempt to make a futile effort at escape (as it was inevitable that scared vermin would do in an attempt to save their own lives), they would find that any means of escape would be for naught; they were already closed off from the outside world. All coordinates would return to Zero. No portal, no teleportation, no warping, no transportation of any kind would get them anywhere beyond the borders of the Zero World's sphere. The only places they could warp to where the areas within the Earth Sanctuary that hadn't been already consumed.

'You shall become part of the world of Absolute Zero...
You shall move to the will of the Zero...
And help to return this world back to the Nothingness from whence it came...
Back into my womb...'

The clock was ticking.

... And in what seemed to be a flash-flood as bright as day would the realm fall to complete and utter Instant Black, the explosion leaving literally nothing within the confines of the Terra Gris. All would become Absolute Zero, most absolutely. Complete and total consumption.

"It all belongs to me now...
As it states...
You Keep What You Kill...
Geko geko gekori..."

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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The Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
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Croak 64: Time To Muzzle The Beast

After all of that, Vanguard has a run in with the Insanity.

Oh the poor Vanguard was trapped from the very moment he begun, for the real threat was never the flames of the two DE-stractions to keep the silly little boy's attention, but the Grand Columbus that slowly, but surely, had already claimed the entire Terra Gris as its own, even before the Insanity drew forth all his heat.

This means that already, Vanguard had been confined to the Zero World and all that he once was, well... it was nothing now. Equated to nothing. Meant nothing. Absolutely nothing. Even the poor Lich's Well of Power was within the full grasp of the Zero World's clutches, and already its value was reduced to Absolute Zero by the flood of darkness consuming the Earth Sanctuary in its entirety already.

"How cute to watch them struggle, isn't it, dear...?
That's always what makes the kill so much more delightful...

The Insanities all worked in tandem with each other, interchangeable and at the complete and utter will and whim of the Insanity itself, which everything that was in the Zero World was.

"And so, he of hurt ego...
Who cries out to the the line of time...
Now with nowhere to run and nowhere to go...
It's the end of the line and your life is mine..."

She chuckled seductively, merely flexing her nether region and aborting all that existed inside of her black womb all at once and erasing the rather cute little ant... With no hesitation at all.

"Absolute Zero; Final Omega"

Anything within the Zero World that had any energy, be it positive or negative, would find it crumbling upon itself, exponentially collapsing upon the own weight of its power at the source; Absolute Zero. The more powerful the source, the faster the collapse... Or, as they say, 'the bigger they are, the harder they fall.'

"Little boys always love to boast power...
But the louder the roar...
The weaker the lion...

She licked her lips, following by the Insanity's side, as it was about time to finish this silly little game with these puny, worthless creatures. The grand vacuum would simply move along, taking whatever she passed by into the Zero World for eternity...

Slits appeared all across the blackness, pinpointing the target already set by the Insanity previously and never at any given moment had it been taken off ever since Vanguard and the Insanity originally made contact. The wretched one who was on the Judgemaster's Blacklist... One of the kills for 'The Hunt...'

Absolute Law...

Consumed by the Insanity of Fear, the once valiant Judgemaster was now the most feared being in existence, save for the Zero World that it commanded and kept as its guardian and she who would keep it alongside him... The Elysian Sister, whom he had yet to decree. The connection he held to three suitors right off the bat gave him only but the need to utter a word to decree what was the Absolute Law and thus truth of this land. And at this point in time, the words uttered were...

Smite of Exile; Granbanish

Vanguard's fate was ultimately decided. A decisive and rather poignant rise and fall of his hand brought down the weight of the law of this land oppressing and suppressing all that Vanguard was, setting into play the Absolute Law of Banishment upon him. From that very moment, he banished whatever he wanted out of his reality with a grand and powerful smite. To ensure that he did not survive in this realm, the entire strains of history that once tied him to the Veritas (and well, everywhere else that the Insanity was, as it had already bound itself to all parts of Vanguard's history) were to be erased immediately. However, this was only ridding this world of his evidence. There was still more for him to ensure his exile was ABSOLUTE.


The secondary part of the Granbanish technique. Once the law was set and the target was banished, the final 'Exeternal' would send the target into a reality of the Judgemaster’s choosing and would place yet another Absolute Law down that would confine him there. This Absolute Law not only restricts it to one reality or dimension, but also that it cannot ever enter the Judgemaster's own. Until the law is lifted, it will be as though that target never existed nor had any influence wherever it was banished from, and will not in the future...

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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The Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
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Croak 65: A Thank You Present~!

The man garbed in complete black stood poised and proper upon one of the highest surrounding crystal bridges around the Veritas, a clear view of the realm in his sights. It was time for the two 'bodies' to return together as one... The shadow and the light would come together as once...

"... Finally... The Feast will begin...
Everything will return to my body...
For the Last Supper..."

Lifting a sleek gloved hand up to his scarf, he pulled it down just slightly, revealing his unnaturally sharp, vampiric and widely animalistic fangs.

"I've been SO very hungry...
I thought he was going to let me starve..."

The Lord of Darkness, who remained a friend to Grimnyzmal ever since their talk in the Mind's Void so long again, was also the one who helped to save the Veritas from the Horseman and the Insanity when the time of crisis was in need. It was only natural that he be given proper tribute...

"To fill an eternal void...
Let us give to him an infinite creation!!"

As the Keeper of Fear, Grim was knowledgeable about the Voids and how to solve them; it wasn't much of an issue, truly. Where there is infinite empty space you fill with all things infinitely. The Veritas and the Void would become as one through Grimnyzmal's bond with the Lord of Darkness... and all would fall to equivocation.

It took but a wide gape of his mouth and a gentle inhale for vacuous force far greater than any mere black hole drawing the ENTIRE realm into the Void all at once, leaving only Absolute Zero where the realm and all was connected to it would lie. The image of the Veritas rested upon the tongue of Grimnyzmal as though some sort of crystallized gem... And with a decisive gnash of his teeth like prison bars closing and locking would the crystal shatter to pieces between his teeth.

And, like a good sport, he pulled up his scarf and went about his business, returning to the Void, where his dear friend could take things from there.

"Double for your trouble, my friend.
For all the thankless work you do.

"So you are finally relinquishing your title as Lord of Terror and become one with the Absolute Zero...? It seems as though there is a new Keeper of Fear...

And you know what happens when an old Keeper is succeeded..."

She licked her lips, as though she'd been waiting all this time for this moment. She and he were going to become one entity entirely. All voids would come together and be as one...

"We are in need of a sister...
I know someone who is on probation..."

The Zero World, as she once was, is now the Veritas as a whole, and he who would take her place as the Zero World, the only one that was able to master it and become one with it... completely. The new Arbiter of Souls, Allmaster; he who would ascend to the 11th Restriction as the two of them combined. He who had control over all souls in the Veritas and the Veritas itself. He was its body, and she was the world itself... the two were one in Zero... What a most pleasurable sensation... For once, she was pleased and happy about something, no longer stuck in the Zero World by herself.

"Mmm... I'm so happy you've decided to come home...
I have missed you...
Now the two of us can be together forever...

Now that she had nothing to fear anymore, she could direct all of the tumultuous terror upon the rest of the world as she saw fit to bring her feed. The apparition of a black cloud swirled around his neck, mimicking the Crystal Cloud formation that was once worn by the late Shinchrona. It, merging with his scarf, World Eater, served as an eternal constant connection to not only this world, but Absolute Zero in its entirety. A black molecular cloud... what one may even call a cloud of nebulae.

"Shall you have the Judgemaster seek out the new sister and call upon the other three of four Grand Masters to your aid for the Last Supper?"

The seamless integration with the Zero World, and simultaneously, the Veritas as a whole, happened in nothing more but a quick bite to eat. Lovely. Wiping his mouth politely after his meal, he looked up and all around him, cutely petting the now sentient apparition that always existed within his confines since his conception. This was his wife from another life, having been waiting so many lifetimes just to get to this point where the two of them could be together again.

"Now, now, no need to be restless... Things will all be as they should soon, my sweet. In the meantime, I believe that calling for the Last Supper would be a splendid idea! Though I'm no longer famished, I still do enjoy the taste of such treats..."

Though the Zero World did have quite the point in the fact that there was no one to fill the place of the Sister... But that was a rather simple solution that had already worked itself out beforehand.

"Ah, I believe I know exactly the girl to play the part..."

Yes, none other than the Death Goddess herself... the new Shinigami, Trinity. To complete a family of death, where the Keeper passes Judgment and the Sister casts Judgment, then the two parents would BE such Judgment...

"All's grim in Allsgrim...

And, in all but a moment, as if smitten by some unknown weight weighing heavy on her being, bringing all such value to she who was once Absolute Zero, she would experience the Absolute All of the Shinseigami, Shinmegami and Shinigami all as one; the Red Moon striking and fitting rather nicely into the emptiness to absolute perfection. No overlap and no misalignment; all values were in equivocation, thus erasing the Zero World completely. It was filled to the brim with the combined efforts of the Trini-T... Completing the rising moon that was about to engulf them completely.

"Looks like... It is about that time...
Where I finally return to value..."

As Grim took on the entire Zero World for himself, he, too, would be able to feel the power of the Trini-T flowing within him, and the heart that now beat within the chest of Kaerei would now beat within him, too. Two voids filled together at once.

"But I'll always be with you within you...
Like I always wanted to be...

She was already within him, the Pandora's Box... This man in and of himself, the Allmaster, was as it was said, master of ALL that there was. As the God of the Veritas that now existed as his entire body, he had absolute and total control over everything that went on within, for he was at the 11th; the highest restriction one could obtain before becoming a Freed Will, where such laws and jurisdictions did not apply anymore. That was already one step closer to erasing the Insanity.

Passing on all of her crafts, knowledge and powers to her dear child of prophecy, Grimnyzmal, he who would save the Zero World and break the curse, would such be lifted from the woman and she would be allowed to become a new world entirely; a world woven by her son's equivalent, Khrona.

"Finally... I may be born again from you three...
Thank you... Thank you...
Thank you..."

And with that, Kaerei would merge completely with Grimnyzmal, allowing him to become Thanytoz, and for the old Zero World to become the new Veritas; Tinasanti the Trini-T. Father, Mother and Child as one entire reality in its entirety. Their form was more majestic than anything one had ever seen. This was the Octogod, he who wove together reality like a meticulous spider, yet whose arms flowed as lucidly as an octopus' tentacles; the Eight Arms of Tabrith and their Eight Hands of God that would hold up all the Veritas.

"Alright. Let us start.
It is time.
To seal the Insanity for good."

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
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Croak 66: Facing The Insanity; The Lord of Terror

After waiting so patiently for his dumbfounded siblings to respond to him, the newly reborn Khrona's gaze lackadaisically shifted over to the edge of the tree, where he could see the acts of the Insanity running rampant in both his realm and the one parallel; the planet. And sadly, though rather expectedly, very few, if any, were able to withstand the uncontrollable rampage that was this nigh unstoppable Insanity. He shook his head in shame, disappointment and grief for them as well as the two still standing dumbfounded in his presence, sighing heavily at the realization of WHY he was even back here.

... I really thought that you all were strong enough to do it.
Oh well. Even I am mistaken sometimes, when I put my hopes in the wrong place.
Bet on the wrong horses, you could say.

With the First Restriction broken free, he was to reach the Second quite soon, and with that would come the rising of the Second Moon. Though, not before he called upon the Twisted Twins...

I guess the weak-minded shall falter...
Anyway, no hard feelings, but get out.
I don't have anymore time to waste dawdling.
You've already set me back for far longer than necessary, and it was more annoying than helpful.
You did more harm than you did good, making the process go slower than what it should have been.
You guys either really don't get it or must want the Insanity to just run as rampant and free as it wants to.
Not only did you CALL me down here,
But also you FREED the Insanity from my grasp and let it roam free.
Thanks a bunch; at least before it was bound by the Thirteen Restrictions.
Now it's just a me that is free to do whatever it wants, but with no self-control, no discipline and no care for what gets in its way.
You all have done quite enough.

As he kept trying to tell them, he wasn't the enemy here. The two of them, and a vast majority of this world, had been doing this all wrong... So it was time to show them the way. Oi vey...

Still quite disappointed in those two would two of the Hands of God manifest before them in a position as though to flick them clear across the Veritas... Or, more specifically, OUT of the Veritas. Freeing his mind meant allowing it to be free and be FREELY linked to ALL THAT HE WAS, including the Veritas itself and the reality as a whole. Thus, he was just expelling them out of HIS mind.

As I said before, no hard feelings, but you guys are just getting in the way and making this process take longer than it has to.
And lord knows I don't wanna hear you gripe about it, either.
By the way, your positions should be quite useful for others who are going to actually, well... Do something with it for the people.
Think of this as a temporary banishment.
At least until I can finish fixing everything.

And so, with but a single flick of his two middle fingers would the two he called 'Brother' and 'Sister' be expelled from the Veritas, and their ranks in this realm stripped all in the same motion. Still a bit groggy, with a tired yawn he waved at the two of them, yet with a serene smile on his face. This little warm up was fun; just like old times. It was nice to see that they were doing well. He did miss them, and to know that they were safe was heart-warming... But now, was the time for business.

Byebee, sibs... Have fun on the planet.
You guys can come back when this place is finished, if you want.

They probably wouldn't, but meh. He wondered if he could even call them siblings anymoe... Probably not, as they were getting cut from the family tree, but they would always be like family in his heart. Even his blood brother, Maze, would have to be separated by blood from the Tensei... Sad, but true. Just like the Demon King's clan had been cut from the family, so too would the Khrona's brother's side of the family. Even Eva, for she was nothing but half of the true whole of Rei. He hoped the same would not befall the Earth King, for acts of betrayal seemed to be... rather common these days. But of course, if and when it happened, not even the Wings of Freedom could save him from being cut off at the root... Khrona had no time for parasites or leeches. Hell, he almost cut of Zita for being a parasitic leech, too, but... Right now, she was being watched. Hopefully giving her a second chance was not a mistake, because she'd be cut off too.

They were gonna be so pissed at him, as everyone who did not understand or only understood partially was currently, but he didn't mind nor did he care, for the end result would show them all in the long run. Everyone, like EVERYONE and EVERYTHING just kept INSISTING on getting in his way simply because they didn't understand. God, that was annoying. So annoying. They were just all keeping everything from GETTING there, which was the most bothersome part of all... But, people do fear change, even if it is for the better. If only they weren't so wrapped up in such negativity... such sin... and could learn to trust and love. So sad and disappointing, what he had to look at... That is why this change had to happen.

... But right now is the time for business.
It's about time for the Second Moon to rise.
I've been waiting a looooong time for this one...

And so, as if awaiting his two weapons of choice, did Khrona-- nay, Shin'Khrona, soon to be Shinchrona, allow his head to drift back, gazing up at the Enigmas above, and outstretch both his hands to either side of him. He ascended higher and higher, rather gently, but surely, until he was high above even the great Crystal Tree. An empty void circled around the tree where the Red Moon should be... And that was another void that would be filled all too soon.


As though on some sort of divine cue would the light of a vivid and beautiful aurora flow in an arc over his head, casting a spectral rainbow of such beauty that its iridescence could only have come from an intense light hitting a crystalline prism of sorts. The light crashed straight into his form, combining with it as though it were one thing and right into the hands of Shin'Khrona himself were the two weapons of choice; The Crystal Blade and Crystal Cannon known by no other names, Misery and Despair Tensei respectively. He felt the two of them in his hands again, the warmth of their life, the essence of their beings, as the being of the First Restriction assimilated into this one. Shin'Khrona no longer separated the First Restriction from the Second Restriction, as the two simply were one and the same now; he was awakened and the power of his soul could flow and shine with as much resplendent light as he pleased. He was whole again; with his Tree (still harboring his soul itself, Tigen, waiting for his return) becoming one with his mind again, it could flourish through all the Veritas... Khrona's mind could be spread to all those that needed the aid of Shinsanity against the atrocities that the Insanity caused about the land. Slowly, but surely, Shinchrona was going to regain control over his land... And now that his mind was clear, he just needed to tame the power of his soul with the strength of his mind that he found.

"It feels... so good to be back again..."

His hair flowed upward like streams of vaporous liquid, its color no longer the faint lavender or lilac it once was within the First Restriction, but that silverish-white sheen that it became the more power Shinchrona achieved. Twas long and flowing, yet still somehow covered one of his eyes, just like the old days.

But something was amiss with his form. It wasn't truly HIS form. Even though he looked like Khrona, and it was quite apparent that it was, this was actually still Linomaru Hugo's body.

"... Oh for God's sake... Now I have to go give him back his body, don't I? My body is the Veritas anyway, so I don't even kno--"

Actually, that was quite the dilemma. Tigen was his soul and the Second Restriction was all about unleashing the power of his soul. If Tigen had enough power to sustain the Veritas on its own AND was now all the stars in space, then there was absolutely no WAY that it would all fit in Lino's body. No offense, but it was just the truth. Shinchrona needed HIS body and HIS alone. Perhaps that would be the key to unlocking the Third Restriction. Hopefully, a straight away trail from here.

"... Well if I'm going to do that, I'm going to have to find Lino--"

Fortunately for him, the ever so perceptive Shinseigami left a trail of broken memories and dreams as a line of stars twinkling down where he knew the one holding his position as the Phantom was residing... Where he would be able to return Lino his body, get the mask of his Second Restriction back from his beloved daughter Chroma, and set everything right between everyone.

"... Well that was simple enough. Ready to go see our first born, loves? Sweet little Chroma... I can't wait to see how she's grown since her rebirth... Perhaps we can restore her memory and bring her back home, hm? I miss her quite a bit..."

Both Misery and Despair remained silent, in complete agreement with Shinchrona. Chroma was the only baby the three of them made together, since Priere was born in another parallel world and Trinity was born of Titania, their completed form before her death and rebirth. They all wanted to be a family.

"Well anyway, off we go. No time to dawdle."

With that, he followed the pieces of the shattered mind, picking them up along the way, as he blitzed off toward the Dusk on his Crystal Wings.
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Post subject: Re: Facing The Insanity; The Lord of Terror
Now then...

With no Shinseigami around to maintain any stability, the ENTIRE Veritas and all that it was belonged to the Insanity. And that being the case, it was time for them to see...
The Beast...

"Absolute Zero; Abyssus Las Betes."

The same beast that killed one of their kin... Pestilence...

The same nightmare that destroyed dimensions to relieve its stress...


... Were now the combined unstoppable flames that would wipe the planet right off the face of this side of the universe. Such a puny establishment... The Insanity's anticipation was FAR too great for these primitive apes to make a move... Every step they took from her was absolutely wrong.


The entire Veritas burst into flames, a single entite the cause of this ungodly conflagration of pure sinful hatred for all things. It was the true Bloody Pumpkin, no longer a Pumpkishin, but a Bloodred Pumpkinhead, the Shinkishinji now under the complete and utter jurisdiction of the Insanity ABSOLUTELY!

"And you... Go bask in your brother's light. Then show them the TRUE meaning of Ungodlinovae!!!
Yes, the two brothers battled it out already at every turn, erasing all of the other little mice that got in their way; like the clash of Mew and Mewtwo, the two Scarecrows would finally face in combat once again... Only this time, the Bloodred Pumpkinhead couldn't lose...

"All of it... Mine... Mine...

The Insanity was far too elated; there was no stopping him now! Nothing holding him back from showing them what true doom looked like! Time for some hellraising... And where was the other one...?

"Aha, and you there... Give the Dark King a very special present... Hmhmhm...
Tell him it's a gift...
For taking care of the 'PESTilence' for me...
Vermin always seem to find a way to scurry about beneath my rocks... Roaches and rats and other feeble pests that buzz around my fragrant power, and it's nice to have gotten rid of a few bugs with him."

That was two Insanities already instructed... Now for the others...

"Mmm... And Monkey King..."

Primalpha was already thoroughly affixed to and deeply rooted DEEP into the planet's veins already, creating quite the perfect bridge to keep them bound together... All that was left was to secure the bridge absolutely.

"Let's give that place the 'stamp.'"

Betwixt his index finger and thumb as they compressed together would be a slender, but very long cross shaped lightning bolt made of of pure Absolution;


Hurling the Crimson Crucifix at such a high vibration that it barely maintained its color, as the bolt crashed, the bloody red splashed, painting the entire jungle a deep Nightmare Rouge... In one stroke of the bolt, it was the Insanity's land, completely and absolutely.

"Now, we wait for for the REAL fun..."

Now that the entire realm was back under the control of the Shinsei thanks to the rise of the once missing Second Moon right in the nick of time, it was time for the first order of business; reclaiming the Tree in the name of the Trini-T.

"I hope you enjoyed your final kicks.
Because this time, we are going to get rid of you.
As we are, I know we cannot fully erase you...
But we can certainly seal you here in this tree and never let you out.
And return to being the Keeper of All Insanity."

As fluid as water, the Eight Hands of God all raised int the air simultaneously and fluxed through a series of rather archaic single-handed Mudra (hand signs/seals) the likes of which this realm had never seen before, only once ever done by Khrona himself in conjunction with the daughter of the Demon King in order to bring Trinity from the realm of Consciousness. A sacred nameless Tensei-Demon King technique that was able to bind or unbind any force that harbored equivalent power with an unbreakable seal forged by the blood of their clans, much like the Wings of Freedom forged between the pact between the Earth King-Tensei bond.

"Tabrith, ready on my command."

The grand conductor completed what one would believe thousands of ancient hand seals in a matter of moments, gazing down at the all too thirsty Insanity who had fallen into the great Octogod's web. He was a masterful maestro, as all of the stories woven by this great spider came together as beautiful masterpieces in the end, no matter how they looked. The Blue Moon, which still remained safely kept within Tabrith (thanks to Titania), was the final moon that needed to be put into place so that the Last Supper could be called.

"Naturally. Things are certainly coming full swing now, aren't they?"

He chuckled to himself, digitizing out of thin air in the orbital pattern of the other 13 moons. With his presence, the Lunar Cycle of the Thirteen Tsukiyomi were complete, and as such, Tinasanti would be able to create the seal of the Trini-T to subdue the Insanity.

"I'm in position. Anytime you're ready...
You know that even if we lock up the Insanity...
We still have to clean up all the messes that it made."

A simple sigh, shake of the head and shrug of the shoulder, as it wasn't really TOO bad...

"That is why I have already found some warriors who will bring Peace to this land and quash the remnant Insanities. At least there won't be anymore popping up randomly; only as extensions from the ones that are already currently active."

That was one issue solved; the random spawning of Insanity, which seemed to be the biggest issue. One could not stop something that randomly generated with no rhyme nor reason, as there was no true pattern to follow, nor any real way to keep it at bay. Thus, the randomness would be stabilized once the Insanity was back inside of its new keeper, which should be... Thanytoz. His inner void of insatiable hunger would finally be quenched, and he would become the new Keeper of All Insanity. A title he, along with his twin counterpart and sharer of all his power, should be able to maintain between the two of them within the Void.

"What a nice close to this chapter of the book...
I'll be sure to save your game as soon as the Insanity is sealed.
That's the real seal right there.

Once Tabrith was in place and the Thirteen Moons were in their completed lunar orbit around the Tree of Life, each of them would begin to glow with the power of each and every one of the Thirteen Restrictions, ready to place upon the Insanity the horrible restraint that ALL Tensei were to undergo when they were forced to start over from the very beginning.

Hands of Fate, Will, Wishes, Dreams, Reality, Destiny, Chaos and Harmony, pull and weave together the ultimate seal from the intricate web spun of all your divine splendor;

Ultra Badass.

Drawing strength from the Eight Arms of Tabrith and the Thirteen Restrictions at once, a slender crystalline light was formed as the hand signs were completed, creating a web-like seal all across the entire Crystal Tree through the connection of the 13 Moons, which served as marking points to draw the seal to perfection. Twas the Tensei Seal, the mark of the family the Insanity liked to use to brand his territory, now being used to BRAND him as their bitch. The Family Rune.

It turned out that as each of the hands flashed through their respective Mudra, they were silently weaving together strands of each of their respective hands into one single web-like seal; all that was Fate, Destiny, Will, Wishes, Dreams, Reality, Chaos and Harmony, each opposing yet intertwining and working together with each other. Where Fate and Destiny opposed each other like Light and Dark, like Yin and Yang would they work in tandem to spin and control so finely these energies, the hands mirroring each other on Tinasanti's body. This would occur the same way with the other 'sets;' Will and Wishes, Dreams and Reality and Chaos and Harmony. All such hands were necessary in creating the seal of such perfect, unrequited Absolute Balance.


A simple turning of each of the hands simultaneously placed the binding web spun from the Absolute Final Wonderland upon the Insanity and the entire Tree of Life itself, holding the Insanity and all that it was in place.


A snap of the fingers from each of the hands locked the Ultra Badass seal in place, and with it, the Insanity. The trap was all too perfect; leaving the tree shy of a vessel so the Insanity would think immediately to go infiltrate that in order to take over the entire Veritas. Though the tree was the swiftest way to get to the heart of the Veritas, it was also the most dangerous place to be, as it took all that you were to fill up the Tree completely. Therefore, because the Insanity was equal to the 12th Restriction and so was Tigen, the Insanity had the same amount of power as Tigen by default and thus could fully fill the tree entirely without collapsing upon its own power. The old 'bait and wait' technique.

"And We shall remain as the Insanity's Keeper for all days.
Until it has fully been purified and changed into Shinsanity.
This is an absolute of our land."

Thus, the power of keeping the the Insanity was bestowed to...

... This guy. The only one who can actually TRULY sustain this much Insanity and stabilize it, even though he was only in his Second Restriction still. It was about time for him to get to work on that, actually...

Appearing as a bolt of wavelength in the home base known as the Tree of Life, he stared up in awe at the once again formed Tinasanti, now with a greater power than when the three first combined their powers to create it the first time.

"... The Second Moon, the Red Moon of Love has risen. Shinnia, my beloved... Or, shall I say, Misery and Despair...? Looks like you two are up..."

Shinchrona looked up to the great deity looming overhead; a being that would rest within the Crystal Tree in his place as the combined power of he, Shinnia and Shinity as one so that the three of them could do as they pleased without being confined to the tree. Yes, a perfect plan, indeed. Tinasanti, the combination of their three respective powers, could hold the Insanity in check for a while. In the meantime, he was going to have to work on a way to actually purify this land before the Insanity grew strong enough to escape... The Judgemaster was already on its side, and the Judgemaster existed in the 10th Restriction, which outmatched Tinasanti in the 8th. He had to HOPE that this place wasn't going to get caught. But, by will of he, Shinnia and Shinity, none of that should have happened.

"Tinasanti. Call them. The other Grand Masters to protect this tree. The Judgemaster absolutely CANNOT come here, or else it'll all be over. All four Grand Masters are equivalent in power, so if you outnumber the Judgemaster, his Absolute Law will not be able to take effect or overrule any of what you do."

The fact that the Judgemaster technically was given the power to set into play all of the rules that would make the Veritas what it was made losing him to the Insanity all too unfortunate. Even Shinchrona was... a little bit scared at what might happen at this point.

"In the meantime, let me go deal with the Red Moon so I can free myself of the Second Restriction the same way I freed myself of the First. And Tabrith... Remember to put that Blue Moon back where it belongs. You know where it goes. We'll be needing the full extent of that knowledge later..."

Even though he just appeared, he wasn't meant to stay there long. Tasked with keeping the Insanity inside of him YET AGAIN, this time Shinchrona intended to ensure that it REMAINED there this time. He'd gone through all the necessary protocols to do so.

In another shimmering flash of wavelength, the apparition that was Shinchrona burst off into the Second Moon, where he was going to be in dire need of a new body soon...

"Of course, Shinseigami. Without question."

And yet again, Tinasanti completed a set of ancient hand signs with each individual hand, all stopping simultaneously after a few were complete.

"Assemble, Grand Masters untouched by the Insanity's embrace. It is time to defend this realm in the name of Peace."

A decisive clasp of all eight hands with each of their opposites would immediately bring them together... Those that were able, that is.

The first to answer the call, and quite possibly she who wished for the Judgemaster's safe return to stability the most, the Willmaster, and the Judgemaster's appointed partner and opposing force. Literally manifesting from nothingness (as the Magical property of Will was able to do), her entire magical form came together right beside the eight armed Octogod, Tinasanti, already prepared to protect this tree with her all.

"We have been established. It seems as though the Judgemaster has not come yet... Surely if one of his Absolute Laws is to be placed on this seal, there will be nothing you can do to prevent it from happening, since you remain in the 8th..."

Then the recently contained Insanity will be freed, after they just went through so much work to seal it away, too. Her Will would not allow for this, and she would fight him to the utmost until that Will of her expired. She and the Judgemaster could face off for as long as necessary and neither of them could ever falter, but as long as she was facing him, he was not undoing the seal on the Tree.

"But you know that our Will is always with you. It comes from you, in fact..."

Though that was a talk for another day.

"What of the other two Grand Masters?"

Tinasanti crossed two sets of its arms over its chest, folded its legs, then allowed for the other two pairs of arms to spread outward and hold their index fingers and thumbs together as though in a form of meditation, quickly tracing over the entirety of the Veritas with merely a thought to locate the remaining Grand Masters.

"... Grand Tabritha has been sealed by the Judgemaster's Absolute Law, and the Grand Excalibur has already been claimed by the Insanity. This means that there is only you, unless you undo the bindings of the Absolute Law by counteracting his force with your Absolute Will. If his Absolute Law was placed without justification, then it will be undone by your Absolute Will. However, as you know, if the Absolute Law is legitimate, then it will be much more of a hassle."

Tinasanti knew that to keep the Judgemaster from making such arbitrary laws and becoming an evil tyrant that the Willmaster had to agree or accept the terms of his laws, and if she did, then the law was permanently set in place. However, if the Judgemaster acted without her, then she would have the power to break his law as long as she saw a flaw in the reasoning it was used. Conversely, if the Willmaster simply did anything she wished without the Judgemaster's consent, then he could halt her by placing an Absolute Law. This was how the two of them worked in tandem to keep not only each other in check, but the Veritas as a whole. That was why the two had to be equal forces.

"However, I am certain that due to his actions induced by the Insanity, your divine Will shall prevail. Go to the Dusk and free those bound in stasis by the Judgemaster. There, you will find the Grand Tabritha. Take with you Tabrith, who harbors the First Moon so that she may be awakened from her dormancy."

Even if the Insanity had two Grand Masters under its control, so would Tinasanti when the Willmaster was done.

"Work quickly, for the tree will be vulnerable whilst you are gone... And I am unsure of where the Judgemaster will choose to show himself next..."

Harboring the Insanity of Fear, he was quite the terror... even for someone as grand and powerful as Tinasanti. The hierarchy of the Restrictions was what it was for a reason, after all...

"We see..."

There was no time to waste dillydallying, then. What she needed to do was probably not going to take too long, and to collect the Gamemaster would be most fortunate for the side of Peace. Slowly, but surely, their forces were rising and the Insanity was dwindling. With no way to continue its reign, victory seemed to be just within their grasp...

"... Things are looking brighter. We will be back swiftly once we save those souls from the Judgemaster's bindings. We will save him..."

She lowered her head, narrowing her eyes a little bit, her expression growing a bit more intense. The Judgemaster was not just her counterpart, but her twin force. Those opposing in nature, they were a single force like Yin and Yang, and when one was out of whack, the other could feel it and was harmed by it. Willmaster harbored strong feelings for the Judgemaster, which only made her Will that must stronger to save him.

"... He is... Very special to us, as you know. That is why when the Insanity took him over, this became personal."

Turning her head up to Tinasanti with utter determination and a face lacking her normal compassionate glow, the Willmaster dissipated into thin air, allowing her magical essence of Will to flare up in the Dusk.

Tabrith maintained a stagnant, seemingly expressionless smile upon his face as he awaited to be used yet again. His mission was simple right now, and that was to deliver the First Moon to she who was supposed to RIGHTFULLY harbor its power rather than he. She who would share all of the Shinseigami's Mind within her. Though she could not partake of the knowledge without the assistance from Tabrith, the potential of her mentality would simply soar.

"So things are finally beginning to stabilize, hm? That means that the moons should be moving in perfect order..."

Tabrith looked up to the sky, unable to feel the Shinseigami's presence coming from above anymore, and only felt his image projected within the new Shinchrona.

"Looks like you've finally given up on us, hm...? A necessary development... We can take care of ourselves now, as I'm sure you already could see. What you've put into motion has gained momentum, and won't be stopping anytime soon..."

Dispersing into data and following behind the Willmaster, Tabrith departed with only these last parting words...

"... When you return, this world will be ready.
We're going to make sure of that, this time.
You are still here with us...
That is why 'he' is still here..."

Only a phantom chuckle was left to wisp away in the wind...

... And just as quickly as that chuckle left the tree would the omnipresent silent laughter of the elegant seamstress that is the Grand Tabritha find her lack of presence taking its physical form from its leave of Hugo Manor, just as Tabrith was prone to do (harboring no presence able to be detected in the first place.) The passive trait left the counterpart combination everpresent yet without presence at all times, filling each others' presences as presented within the scenario. Eternal presents for infinite birthdays between the two of them.

My turn... Her implied communication needing no form of vibration nor vocalization insisted upon the land, instructing and inserting herself where Tabrith once was. Though the two of them were capable of communication this way, Grand Tabritha could not communicate with others around her, as she could only forge instruction where Tabrith could function between instruction and instructor. He was like an omnitranslation machine that could transfer information from Grand Tabritha straight into information for others to understand; language.

Tabrith, can you hear me? Launch 'The Assault' at the Ultimetia Energia blast conjured by Weaponmaster. It is time for the Thirteen-Tails to be born to protect the Chaos.

Her counterpart, Weaponmaster, was the Final and Ultimate weapon that could master and defeat all other weapons. This meant that it was the greatest weapon of all time, Grand Excalibur (otherwise known as the Xanadu), and the one who wielded it had the 'strongest weapon to ever exist.'

This being is being harnessed by the Insanity. Being the combination of the Ultima and Omega Weapons, it becomes something known as the OmegAlpha Weapon, which is the only weapon that is made to defeat everything in its way, no matter how strong an opposition it may be. No weapon can ever match nor cut down this weapon, and thus it may only be used by the Chosen One. If it rests in the hands of the Insanity, this means that at any given time the Insanity can escape from the tree and be virtually unstoppable.

Though the Judgemaster is supposed to decree righteousness and is capable of the use of the Grand Excalibur, due to the recent tainting of his once pure and divine absolute judgement, the use of this weapon could be abused as it was. The Game had to cease this clear abuse of this power within its territory, and such would be done through its divine messenger of its intent (as the Translator), Mechanical Galaxy Angel, Tabrith Cleff.

Call forth the Allmaster; the Chosen One.

The time has come."

The wavelength of the Shinigami filled yet another of the voids in this universe, bringing light back to the once barren area. The beacon's waves of light radiated from Mors below all the way to the Crystal Tree, where the true Tinasanti sat in meditation, awaiting its awakening and movement through this realm. Each of the Eight Hands of God holdings up the eight sections of the Dawn began to stir, as though energy from the heart was being pumped into the veins of this world; its roots. With each pulse, Tinasanti felt the combined intentions of Khrona, Tsuki and Trinity all moving in tandem, allowing for the Third Moon to rise from one of the now opening palms.

"Shin Hisutsukiyomi..."

The Jade Green Moon that marked the beginning of the Third Restriction had now officially risen.

"Now for the finishing touches to this masterpiece..."

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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The Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
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Croak 67: Final Memory Jump; Acquiring All the Answers

The two beings traversing the pandimensional plane that was Khrona's own Deep Thought would soon come to a dream-like aura the longer they drifted. As they drifted closer to it, its form would become more stable, and the aura would form the great Pandora itself; Tinasanti. With its eight arms flowing lucidly through the darkness in a fluid manner, the Octogod opened its eyes to set its sight upon the two chosen ones.

"... So you have finally arrived," it said as though anticipating their arrival, "... There is much you must be aware of. Much that must be done. The Thirteen Restrictions... Must be revealed to you further."

It seemed like there would be no end to this endless void with random bolts of crimson lightning flashing about. Though he didn't mind with how peaceful it was drifting with his lover, he was beginning to want some concrete results.


As he became more impatient, a hazy light appeared in the distance, that which drew the two of them closer to the ultimate goal.

"Oh, sweet. This must be it."

Drawing nearer and nearer, they would soon be able to see the face of this being that was Pandora the Octogod. Apparently, it had been expecting them, and it knew something about the Thirteen Restrictions. Excellent.

"... Well now, I am certainly game. If you have something important to tell, then by all means."

"The Pandora found us instead..."

It was to be expected, considering that it was the fusion of these two plus Trinity in perfect equivalent harmony. Even so, the question of where Trinity is still buzzed around in her head...

"... Can you also tell us where our daughter is, if you please?"

"All will be revealed," the great Octogod spake once again, "Though time is of the essence. The main source of all Insanity has been sealed within the Tree of Life, but its presence still runs rampant in the Insanities of the 6th Restriction. What must be done is that each of these Insanities must be apprehended as quickly as possible by you two and Trinity. As you go, you shall ascend up the ladder of the Restrictions until you have collected them all and returned them to your body, wherein you will once again ascend to the 7th.

We are the 8th Restriction. When the three of you all reach the Seventh Restriction, return to the Tree and you will ascend to the Ninth, wherein Tabrith will merge with us in order to allow your ascension.

However, we warn you that those of the 10th Restriction have fallen prey to the Insanity, and they are running wild just as those of the 6th. Only half of them. The other half are holding them off as we speak, but if they reach the tree, they will inevitably overpower us."

Though things sounded grim, there were certain factors that held leverage over the darkness of the situation.

"But do not fear, for you, Shinseigami, are a special case. Your mind, Tabrith, exists within the 9th, which you are directly connected to. It is unable to be corrupted by the touch of the Insanity because of you. The same goes for Tigen, which is your soul, which exists within the 12th. Because you have freed your mind and soul from the First and Second Restrictions respectively, they are completely purified. However, your body, which exists within the 11th, is still in danger of succumbing to the wiles of Insanity. Though he believes his appetite satiated, he is still not complete until the Body, Mind and Soul are joined back together in tandem. This means that you must complete the Third Moon's rise and fall before he is completely safe. At the end of the Third Moon, you will merge together and the Mind-Body-Soul Trinity will be complete, making you virtually impervious to the Insanity."

Khrona listened intently to the words of Tinasanti, taking all of the information in and storing it safely in his head. It was extremely useful and crucial information that was going to be needed for the next arc... and to stop those rampaging Insanities once and for all. But even as Tinasanti spoke, a few questions arose in his head.

"... These things you say make sense, but I have some inquiries of my own... Number one, who and where is my 'Body?' Number two, like my lovey said, what about Trinity? Where is she and what is her part in this? And finally, if Tigen is the 12th Restriction, why can't he just fix everything, and conversely, if Tabrith is the 9th, does that mean that these beings that are corrupted in the 10th can corrupt him, too?"

He turned to his lover, "You have anything you wanna add, hun?"

"Yes..." she muttered, thinking about the things that Tinasanti said to her, "Why are we all mixed up and out of order in the first place? How long will the True Insanity be contained within the Tree? How does this ascension of our respective Restrictions beyond the 3rd up to the 7th work? Where are each of the Insanities of the 6th and... Should we go talk to God before we leave?"

She believed that these were all rather key questions as well, as these would be important for the future. Hopefully this wasn't too much to ask.

"All shall be revealed," Tinasanti stated once more, "Heed our guidance very carefully. Because we exist in a higher Restriction than you do, we are able to see and experience things further than you are.

He who is your body is none other than the final Voidkeeper, Thanytoz. He has become Allmaster, and is known as 'Pandora's Box,' and is technically the God of the Veritas, solely and only. We, Tinasanti, are the Veritas wherein he is our governer. This means that if he falls, all below him shall fall, as well, and the Veritas will sink into Insanity from the 11th Restriction down to the 3rd Restriction. Currently, he is satiated, but he will not be for long if he begins to grow hungry again. His location is currently unknown, as he has slipped into the Zero World.

Your daughter, Trinity, is currently guiding the Willmaster. This means that her power is weakened severely due to her absorbing and projecting the consciousness of she who was once Titania in her final resting moments. Trinity has absorbed the power of who Tsukihime once was before her death and rebirth and is controlling her existence as the Willmaster, who is attempting to hold off the Judgemaster. Those two exist within the 10th Restriction. Because Trinity is weakened, she is vulnerable, but her conscious control over what was once Titania's will (which now exists as ONLY Trinity's Conscious Will) is still being controlled at the expense of her power cut. This means that, even as the Shinigami, she is so weak that she can barely reap. She will need guidance and training, and must be sheltered within Mors Academia until she is able to fight.

To help quickly restore her power, she may be taken to our Eight Arms are extended across the Dawn, holding it up as we speak within the Dawn via our Hands of God. Visiting each of these Hands will unlock a new power within her that will bring her back to your power level so that the Trini-T may exist in equivocation. If she is not of the same power as you two, there will be no harmony and no balance, and we, Tinasanti, cannot maintain our shape nor form, nor can we allow you to ascend to the 9th by merging with the Tabrith.

Trinity is also the guardian of the Third Moon, and her presence will cause it to Rise. The Insanity of the Third Restriction shall also rise along with the Jade Moon, which shall prove exceptionally dangerous for her considering that she is so weak. She must be watched over explicitly by the two of you. We are sure that you two will know what to do from there...

Calling for your daughter shall bring her to you, even here in Deep Thought, for that is the strength of the bond between you three. Being the catalyst of the Third Moon, that must be done first before anything else; She must cause it to rise.

Lastly, for you, Shinseigami... Tigen may be the strongest being there is, not only as Pumpking, but simply as your soul, but there is one that rivals his power... His darkness, which is his elder twin brother, Bloodred Pumpkinhead. Pumpkinhead is overtaken by Insanity and unless Tigen is able to free his brother of this Insanity and merge together with him, Tigen will be preoccupied with that scenario. He will not be at full strength, and his brother shall rival his power. Also, yes. If Tabrith is overpowered and corrupted by the strength of any of the higher Restrictions tainted by Insanity, he shall fall, as well, and he shall be disconnected from your mind until he is purified again by you."

With all of Khrona's questions answered, Tinasanti turned its attention to Tsukihime to answer hers.

"As for you, Grand Magistrate... The reason why we are all mixed up is because of the Insanity. It has brought about such catastrophic chaos and calamity that it has jumbled up our very essential being, and we are fighting hard to return to Peace; True Control. That is our ultimate goal, which shall thereby rid us of Insanity and change that being into Shinsanity completely and fully, which will wipe out all traces of Insanity for good. So, you must bear with us and simply 'put yourself back together,' so to speak. Then, this madness can finally, truly come to an end...

The Insanity will be contained within the Tree until it regains enough strength to break free or until one of the tainted restrictions higher than we come to free him. This is why those of the 10th are fighting to protect the Crystal Tree along with me, and why it is of dire importance not to let the Allmaster succumb to Insanity under any circumstances. Though the Insanity is drawing strength in order to free itself as we speak, it will take much longer since the Ultra Badass seal has been placed on him, giving us more than enough time as long as no higher power Insanities undo our seal.

The Ascension process works as follows; Once you unlock the Third Restriction, you use the power of your Mind, Body and Soul to create the power necessary to generate all energy, which is the 4th Restriction. After you master generating all forms of energy, you ascend to the 5th Restriction, which allows you to control all Reality to your will due to the ability to control all energy as you see fit. Then, you draw in the rampant emotional energies that are the 6th Restriction Insanities back into your form and tame them, thereby completing the 6th Restriction and ascending immediately to the 7th, wherein you three shall be in your 'Individually Perfect' forms.

Currently, the Insanities of the 6th reside in these locations; Hatred was within Nautilus Serulenia (Though has now been taken up to Dimensia with Tigen), Balance is within Magnus Ignis, Fear is within Terra Gris, Melancholia and Fun are within the Testament Palace within the Chaos borders (where Tabrith has them under control), Bliss is within the planet's amusement park (Armadillo Park) and Love is within the Zero World. As it stands, Tigen is handling Hatred, Akira Tsukishima is handling Balance (though backup may be necessary), Fear is currently not being pursued, Melancholia and Fun have been subdued, so they needn't be worried about, Bliss is running wild and not being pursued, and Love is being handled by the second Voidkeeper, Chita.

Therefore, Bliss and Fear seem to be the two that are not being currently dealt with, Love and Hate are being dealt with, Balance may need some assistance, and Melancholia and Fun are completely under control.

Also... Yes. It is always best to seek out the guidance of the highest of the high if you are ever lost. God almighty will always light your path. If you cannot seek him out, he shall seek you when he needs to."

These were the final words of Tinasanti. Its image started to fade away, meaning that its presence within Deep Thought was no longer necessary to them. All necessary questions had been answered and it was about time for the Octogod to depart.

"Remember what we said... This is all you truly need to know..."

And after that, it vanished back into the abyss, leaving the two of them stranded in the dark depths of Deep Thought once again.

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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The Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
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Croak 68: Grand Examination: Rise of the Jade Moon; Shin Hisutsukiyomi

Once Trinity jumped into the Jade Moon, she would fall through a white void for a while, drifting about.

Trinity, a voice called out to her, "This is your world given to you by your father. This world will become whatever you want it to be. Just wish for it, and it will be granted..."

Wherever they ended up now was all up to Trinity...


She clapped her hands together and smiled, unknowing that Erik was following behind her.

"If that is your wish," Tina said to her from beyond, "Then that is where I will connect you. Travel my webs and connect to their world, as it is pulled and merged in with yours. Enjoy."

And so, the realm within Deep Thought that Trinity's parents were in currently would be connected to through one of Tinasanti's cosmic connecting spider webs signature to the Octogod, traveling along the wavelengths and ensnaring the land in the crystalline thread. The planet would undergo a cocooning process, turning into some sort of chrysalis, before it was yanked from the abysmal creation realm of Deep Thought and pulled straight into the Veritas; that world became the Jade Moon, and so was Trinity's land to govern.

Before her very eyes, she would see the entire planet... rather, the entire unexplored omniverse that was created by her Father for her. Now what was once merely a Dream would become Real and merge with the Real World... The Jade Moon.

"This planet is still undergoing maturation, but it seems as though it is ready to hatch. What would you like to name your world?"

"Ooo~!" she squealed as she watched the connection process go under way. It was all pretty and cosmic and cool. "Heeheehee~! Can't wait~! Can't wait~! Miss mommy... Miss daddy..." It was only up to the point where the planet wrapped up tight in a transparent crystal one would think to be one of its many layers appeared before her and she was asked to give her realm a name that she promptly decreed "Earth!! That's what that place is already, isn't it!?" True as she may be, that wasn't its official name until given by she. Thus, that was what she deemed it to be. Her own planet that she could rule over!

"YAAAY!!! This is where Mommy and Daddy are, right!? Trinity wants to see them both~! Both of them together~! YAY YAY YAY!!!"

She continued to hover in space, waiting for Tina to do what its stuff~~!

From the outside of this world, Tina would guide both Trinity and Erik down to the planet Earth where Trinity's parents reside, as well as guide her parents to them. Afterwards, Tina spoke out to Trinity, "Young Tensei. Take this doll woven of the very fabrics of the dimension itself. This is your link to us whenever you need us." A small little plush toy would appear in her hands, strung together by many crystalline threads. "Two more shall be made for your Mother and your Father. Give these to them when you meet and may all three of you remain connected to us wherever you may be." Just then, two more similar, yet extremely different dolls would be sewn together by the Octogod and given to Trinity upon her departure.

"Now, go... Engage with this planet and cleanse it of its inequities...
That is the mission of the Third Moon..."

And with that, the Master Guardian and Trinity would be placed with Khrona and Khrina.

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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The Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
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Croak 69: Test Of Time

It didn't take but two quick flickers of light for Tensei to appear before the great Clock Tower, Tempora Aeterna, where Time was moving forward, backward and staying the same all at the same time. He remembered this place fondly from long ago...

"... Mm... Brings back memories..." he muttered to himself, reminiscing about the times. "... But. That's beside the point. If we're going to get them, we need Tigen here, too." Though it seemed like it was something difficult to do, considering how that Freed Will tended to wander... It was actually remarkably easy to get him to appear...

So, in his hand, he manifested a chocolate cake from the rainbow flames, holding it out in front of him, as though offering it to the Eternalism Hill.

"Oiii, Tigen... Itadakimaaaasu..."

And, just like his big bro, Tigen warped in with a flicker of flames as though he'd been there the entire time. "YOUUUU DID IIIIIT!!!" he exclaimed joyously, warping to and fro, "TIGEN KNEW THAT YOU'D DO IT, PUMPKINHEAD!! NOW YOU'RE BACK TO NORMAL AND TIGEN IS HERE AND WE'RE HERE AND WE'RE BOTH THE PUMPKING AND DAD IS SO PROUD OF US!!"

Tigen was just too hyped right now. Everything was simply AMAZING!

"AREN'T YOU HAPPY, ANIKI!?!?" Even in his excitement, Tigen's eyes caught sight of that beautiful, glorious, sexy... Deliiiiiicious CHOCOLATE~!



"Oh damn..." he sighed, forgetting that Tigen was literally a bursting ball of energy... Not just any energy, but a collection of all forms of energy across the dimensions as one entity. The Pumpking. Rather, the remainder of the Pumpking. Where Tensei was the head, Tigen was the... Everything else.

"Okay, Tigen, I need something very important from you. You and I have to return to one being. Granted, we can still maintain our separate forms, but we need to be linked. I've already connected back to Pumki, but the only way to create the Seven Shinsanities is for us to connect and go through this tower. We're going to speed up time."

The two of them together could blaze through Eternalism Hill like it was nothing. They needed to get to the Crystal Garden all the way at the top.

"When we get to the top, we'll have to embed our power into Tinasanti and bring the Shinseigami and Shinmegami forth from Peace and back down here to the Veritas." It seemed simple enough, but usually, these things were never just as simple as they seemed...

Tigen completely smashed on that chocolate cake, letting the rainbow flames that made up his existence (or rather, that were his existence) consume the cake like a ravenous, yet controlled flame. "What?" he muttered, as though he hadn't been paying attention, "Oh, yeah, yeah! Tigen knows! Yeah! COME ON, BROBRO! GATTAI DA~!" He always wanted to say that... And to be one with Pumpkinhead and Pumki again. He extended his hand out to touch the other, slightly taller rainbow-flamed figure, waiting for his big bro to grab his hand in return so that they could finally reunite and become the True Pumpking together; the Shinseigami.

"Isn't this exciting~? This is what we've both been DREAMING of since like... FOREVER~!"

"Yeah," he muttered fondly, slowly extending his hand to his brother, now able to do so without any form of regret or frustration. The two of them had come a long way since their departure from Dimensia when it was fall apart. Tigen was the chosen one to save it, but without Pumpkinhead to help him rule, he could not do so properly. However, Pumpkinhead himself had to be levelheaded enough to be able to harness all of Tigen's power as well as his own... But now, he, his sister and his brother would become one under the divine right of their father, Shinsei. (3:33) It literally was all of their dreams coming true.

"Thanks, Father," he muttered, knowing that this was possibly thanks to his guidance. "We'll take care of the throne for you. That is an absolute promise." With that, he grabbed his brother's hand and allowed their energies to course through each other, almost uncontrollably. The sheer magnitude of the overflowing energies collected from every inch of every dimension (since Tigen had consumed and become one with every star and every light and energy source that existed and soon would) was enough to even make Pumpkinhead wince from the sheer power. "Gh...!!! Tigen... You had... This much power collected within you...!?"

Not to say that it wasn't expected, considering that he was indeed the Pumpking for far longer than Tensei had been the Pumpkinghead, since getting the Insanity under control and purifying it into Shinsanity was a harder and longer process than he actually thought.

"Alright, Tigen... I've received your Will... The Will of Tensei... the Will of Everything... And now, it's time for the both of us to shoot straight to the top. Together. Like we were meant to do..."

He grasped Tigen's hand  tightly, letting his energy flow into his brother and Tigen's energy flow into him, exponentially increasing the both of their powers. Their flames would flicker brightly, seeming to want to engulf the entire Eternalism Hill.

"Let's fly away." For some reason, combining with Tigen gave Tensei the power to feel and create on a level that was far more heightened than simply he by himself. The Pumpkinghead overflowed with thought and creativity backed by the spiritual power of Tigen, which would create the Life Energy between the both of them that would soon be the completed power source for the Veritas in its entirety.


He raised his other hand and high, taking strength from his brother to create a Sacred Beast up above them, made of their combined energies; a great cosmic horse equipped with a great, blade-like horn, six legs lit ablaze with six of the seven colors of the rainbow with the final taking the texture of its tail of pure colorful ember. Its mane was long and fluid, almost like 'Liquid Energy,' but undulated as though it were made of flame. On its back, beautiful feathered wings that released fire like that of a phoenix's wing, dispersing into a series of colors both known and unknown to the rainbow. In its eyes, it was apparent that the Heart of Battle was within this horse's soul, for this was the great Sacred Beast it was supposed that Odin himself rode off into battle during the times of the Ragnarok. Certainly so, but now 'twas something more than that; it was now the steed of the True Pumpking; all the two of them had to do was ride it all the way to the top of this tower and plow through anything that got in their way. There was no time to waste for this.

"Ikuyo, kyoudai!" he could say with a smile, for once, to his dear younger brother. How he always wished and longed for the chance to do so in the past; it seemed like it was his only passionate desire to simply protect his brother for this long, yet he couldn't due to his own inner turmoil. With no more of that within his life, he could finally...

... he looked down to his brother's hand, and his smile grew three times its normal size, now becoming a full fledged saw-toothed smirk.
It was like a dream come true... For every last one of them. And he was going to make sure it was the same way for everyone connected to this realm. That's why... they acquired this much power in the first place. They needed this much power... In order to change the flow of the entire dimensional complex. (4:25)


The beyond beautiful steed scooped the two of them up and bolted off as a shimmering slit of silver trailing with the slowed down vibrations that was this crystal flame's trail of Shinsanity behind it. It was time to erase the Insanity from All Time.

"Haaaai~!" Tigen's voice rang like a melodious bell, holding out his Lantern Sword and lighting it aglow with all of their flames together. He always did have a horse that he rode that looked just like this one, way back when he first came to the Nightmare.

"Hey, Aniki," he questioned, severing the bordering fabric of Imaginary Space between all Dimensions that kept them separate from each other with the light of his sword, "Isn't this what happened when we came from Dimensia to the Lost World? Do ya think that before this place was the Veritas... It was Dimensia~?"

Tigen couldn't help but be reminded of the whole synchronicity of it all... oh, the irony. First, he was coming into this world from Dimensia to learn how to save his own... And then, he emerges from his saved world the exact same way as he left; only this time, out to save all the others.

"The Beginning and the End are the same, the Scenarios are just Different~!

Tigen cackled heartily, slashing his burning sword about like a deranged psychopath hacking things to bits with joy. His arm moved so fast, all that could be seen were the thin flaming slivers of consistently shifting colorful embers tearing away at this Spacio-Temporal barrier.


"Calm down, Tigen! Remember, we have a storyline to follow!" Tensei chastised, as he frequently did, being the elder brother and all, guiding the Maregenesis down the correct pathway. Didn't want Tigen to take it to some random dimension just warping; especially since this was open space and time. They needed to stay on track, for their time here was short, even with as much power as they had. He was the sound mind of the both of them and Tigen was the spirit. That meant, therethen, that the Great Mind and the Freed Will were back on the same accord... Together as one again. The Tensei

could be free... Reborn into this world cleansed of their own Insanity. (5:05)

"Don't forget that there is still Insanity in other worlds! We don't want to bring it into ours after we JUST got it all peaceful. This place is pure and without it any longer, because I purified myself. It doesn't exist here, but that doesn't mean that it cannot get back in. So please, try to be more careful about how much you tear apart... You never know what could be lurking beyond these dimensional barriers..."

Tensei would guide the trusty steed toward Victory, lighting the darkness of Space and Time around him so that all could see as a beacon of light that pulsated from the Dark Womb. Toward the Light... "This time, little brother... We're going to come out together... Like I intended in the first place." And that would be... the Birth of the Shinseigami...

"And to answer your question... Hell yeah. Remember, our Father lives within the three of us... You, Me and Pumki. That means, all three of us together are the True Pumpking..." And, where Tigen would start recklessly using his power to tear away at this fabric, as they spiraled, spun, bolted and jolted past the gears that moved time and the pillars that held up space, they'd travel what looked like a double helix structured constellation. They were gonna connect all the dots up this galactic cosmic DNA strand. Finally, Pumpkinhead had the power to Create as well...


At his command would he extend his hands, and all of the Eight Arms of Tabrith would sprout from his form, beginning to spin their crystallized threads as the Branches of the Crystal Tree of Life. At that moment, all Eight of the Arms of Tabrith would become active in order to weave together all of which that created a dimension.

This time, he would weave them all together as one... This time, the Tensei wouldn't fail this universe... nor their Father. He would make absolutely certain of that.

As he called for the Eight Arms,  They and their Moons that they carried would Rise all at once, harboring the powers of the Octogod; the Cosmic Spider known as Tinasanti. The culmination of the Sacred Trinity's Power all combined into one, it merged each of their arms ( 6 ) and spawned two more birthed of their combined power ( 8 ) to form this magnificent being known as 'The Veritas.'

"We are reborn... Yes... Connection Complete."

Now, it was about time to begin the weaving.

"Absolute Final Wonderland."

As the two of them streamed off into the abyss, like a sperm in a womb, their trailing energy would spread outward like a glowing web in the darkness, ensnaring the entire Veritas behind them. All of that which it was connected to and each who were connected to it, would the Crystal Threads of the Nexus ensnare the minds and hearts of the universes around them. They would take the threads of every dimension and bind them together with the roots from the Crystal Lotus's petals.

"We are the Three Peaces of the Veritas; Tinasanti. We seek to bind all worlds together with Peace, Harmony and Prosperity. Through this Test of Time, we will traverse one thousand years... into a time where all Insanity has been lifted from all worlds. Even if we must do it on our own... We will show you... The Power of Peace."

The hands swirled about, their movements like a sinuous dream, in circles, and circles, and loops, into infinity and beyond. Each of the Eight Arms juggled the Eight Moons between their hands, allowing the elemental energies contained in each of them to branch off into infinitely growing power sources of purity known as 'Shinsanity.' In their trail, the First would be born from the flares of the Maregenesis... As though the arms were crawling up some sort of cosmic web.

"Hands of Fate, Will, Wishes, Dreams, Reality, Destiny, Chaos and Harmony, pull and weave together all things into the ultimate seal from the intricate web spun of all your divine splendor;"

"Tensei Seal; Ultra Badass.

Drawing strength from the Eight Arms of Tabrith and the Thirteen Restrictions at once, a slender crystalline light was formed as the hand signs were completed, creating a web-like seal all across the Thirteen Moons, which served as marking points to draw the seal to perfection. Twas the Tensei Seal, the mark of the family that would BRAND ANYTHING it touched as their bitch. The Family Rune.

"Kaihou. (Release)"

With the sound of the Voice and the numerous orbs in each of the Hands of Fate, numerous Kanji seals of each chakra and the elements bound to it would appear on the surface as they would glow with their respective energies and power. The Eight Hands completed the release with a confirming pattern they made by moving their arms into a certain position, each different from the other, yet still in a patterned synchronicity that looked balanced and beautiful. Each hand formed a different Mudra and a Mandala would appear on the Hand of Fate. The Seal was unlocked, unleashing the Will of Tensei from Shinsei and the Shinsanity, spreading through each and every one of the Crystal Threads and to each of its branches, where it would begin to pour life into the Veritas in its entirety. And, the First Hand was instructed to rise.

'First Hand of Fate; Second Shinsanity of Fun: Kazegami.'

A dark presence lurked in the infinite darkness known as the Void, now connected to the Mind's Void thanks to the foolishness of the buffoons that consumed him and gave him access to this great power. Like a shark in the deep, it remained in the cut unseen, darting through the Unknown that was the remaining Zero Worlds; the Deep Sea that connected all Worlds. Its wicked, twisted voice could be heard gurgling in the back of the universe's throat, chortling its words arrogantly.

"So... You thought it was over...?"

A vile smirk appeared in the darkness that the webs sought to stretch out into and spread with light... rather, not just one... but a thousand vile, grotesque demonic smiles appeared all around them, hungry for Spiders and their little Threads.

"Still reckless, I see... Huahahah... Now those fools that absorbed me will know my accursed affliction, and it will continue to destroy them from the inside out! There is no stopping us! They fell right into my trap!

The creature appeared from the darkness, showing the True Face of Insanity... The one one the Twelfth Restriction. This was the last stand for them.

"... Still...

"DAMMIT TIGEN!!!" Tensei shouted, pointing at that horrible monstrosity that appeared before them now, "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU-- Goddammit..." As Sleipnir strode through the abyss, the ungodly manifestation known as the fucking Insanity opened its mouth and spoke words that he never thought he'd hear again... Talk of the Lost World. At that moment, the Pumpkinghead seemed to liven right the fuck up, all sorts of pissed that this was still occurring. Now, as he rode off into battle... He vowed to Destroy It.


He should have known that it was too good to be true... Now this monster was  ravaging the dimensions without them even knowing it, as well as making problems out in the universe again... Looks like the Dark King wasn't doing his FUCKING JOB correctly... "Ugh..."

Regardless of this fact, and probably all of the horrible sins that powered the Lost World, and therefore fed this Beast, Tensei had a way to at LEAST keep the thing at bay for a while.

"Tigen. I'm going to call forth the Weaponmaster, Grand Excalibur, from the Book. I need you to listen very, very carefully to me..."

He whipped out the Crystal Grimoire from the light of his flames and flipped open the book to the page about the Weaponmaster, the Xanadu.

"While I am calling forth the Xanadu, I need you to keep the Beast away from the Galaxy Pegasus. When I call out one of the techniques... I need you to execute. I'll be directing our intent to the Weaponmaster."

They were gonna need the God of All Weapons in order to make sure the Insanity didn't rise up again... Or get out.

"TINA! Seal up the gateway to the Veritas! Don't let this thing out of the Tower! Place the Tensei Seal on it!"

Last he checked, the Lost World was using A PIECE OF THE TENSEI as their POWER CORE. And, last that was checked... They banished the Tensei from that place. That means...

"Tigen. We have to go take our energy back from the Lost World. That will dispel the Insanity once and for all. Do not engage it if you do not have to. Just get to the Lost World and take back what belongs to us."

They wanted the Insanity... Now, they could have it.


"ROGER, ROGER!!!" Tigen shouted playfully in return, seeming to be absolutely psyched for this situation. "Hey, hey bro! It's like when we fused together and became Tigenhead for the first time! 'Member?!? You 'member..." He giggled and rubbed the back of his head, smiling under his scarved face, "... Hahaha... Yeah... Tigen's going now. Ittekimasu~!"

Without a second thought, he warped immediately to their Sun, which was still under his control since he consumed it and all the other ones quite a while ago...

"Heeey~! Insanity~!! GO BOOM!!"

The Shout of the Sun sent a powerful vibration like the sound of wind-chimes chattering and resounding in the depths of space, a shimmering wave of crystal omitting from the Sun itself. It was at such a high and harmonic vibration, others would not be able to hear it, but only feel and experience it as surges of pure and utter peace and harmony. Therethen, things would begin to happen in utter synchronicity in their lives, the sun's Light Waves carrying the pulsating Sound Vibrations unheard to the Lost Worlder ears. There would be a time of prosperity for them... For a short while.

This powerful wave grew stronger as it rolled over the cosmos, picking up speed and concentrating as it hurdled toward the great monster. "Magnifiers~!" Tigen's trusted and most useful weapon companions! They warped into the fray, all lined up in a row, where the condensing Crystal Force would pass through the first, its power being Magnified x2. Then, through the Second. x4. And through the Final. x16. Now, what was once a shimmering wave of distortion was a streaking bolt of silver wind, stars trailing from its tail. It burst like a bullet from the final Magnifier and straight at one of the Insanity's mouths, trying to get some Shinsanity in there so that it could be purified.

"Tigen's gonna use the power of the Lost World's prosperity as energy for the Crystal Force~! Shinsanity uses the power of Peace and Harmony and all that stuff~."

He prepped for another attach, this time splitting his Magnifiers into numerous, aligning them all in a row to form what would seem to be the barrel of a sniper-rifle if it were made of nothing but aligned crystal plates. Tigen would then begin to pull power from the Primordial Parallelatrix, Paraprysmia, which had been placed inside of the Lost World as its core by Primalpha.

"Sowwee, but we need to CLEAR THE AIR WAVES!! CLEAR ALL AIR WAVES~! Teehee~."

Even though this was actually quite the serious battle, Tigen seemed to be taking it far more lightly than perhaps he should have. Though, maybe that was a good thing...

"Confirmed. Executing Command."

Tina wriggled its fingers around, weaving together complex Hand Signs and Archaic Jutsu that surpassed the intricacies of time and space. Upon all of the exits of the Eternalism Hill would the Seal of the Tensei stretch from end to end, wrapping it and preventing exit, like the web of a spider.

With a final, decisive seal on all Eight Hands, which wove together their own single-handed Hand Signs, as well as the name of the seal, "Consecration," the seal would lock them all inside. None of them would be leaving until the Insanity was dealt with, for it was not allowed to escape.

"Perfect-Area Complete. Target Isolated. Awaiting Orders."

The Insanity raised a hand lined with a mouth, seeking to suck out the life essence of yet another lowly, worthless planet unfortunate enough to fall for its deception of grandeur in order to lure them into its belly, a nice, new one ripe for the picking... When, out of the blue, a resonant sound from behind shot into one of the mouths on its back, letting the heavenly vibration ring throughout its body. The arm it hit was immediately destroyed by the Shinsanity's purity, leaving whatever planet that was about to get consumed just as it was.

"GRAH!!! You disgusting little cretin!" It turned to meet the eye of Tigen, who was now the Sun of the planet that the Insanity was using as a host, "GRAAAAARRRGGHH!!! GET AWAY FROM THERE!! DO NOT TOUCH WHAT IS MINE!!! THIS PLANET IS MARKED WITH MY PRESENCE!!!"

It swam back toward Tigen like a monstrous galactic shark, tearing through any of the Crystal Threads made in the process and consuming whatever realms were unfortunate enough to be in its way at the time. Many waves of malevolent catastrophe rampaged the cosmos, inverting all energy that just so happened to be within its aura and undoing them until they were nothing but horrible masses of disgusting chaotic mess. From one of its mouths, it hawked up some of this Chaos that lived inside of the head of the Orion, hurdling Void Water at the accursed flame that possessed their sun. It would cancel out his harmonious waves with those of chaotic mass powered by Insanity itself.

That certainly bought him enough time. "Hell Yeah. Alright, Tigen, that's enough distraction. Time to get on to the real battle, then." Though the Insanity had consumed some of the threads and dispelled them, they would begin to sew themselves back together, especially since they were still being formed in the same fashion. Just because it slowed them down and pushed them back, it didn't mean that they weren't still moving.

"Wrap him up, Tina."
"'Crystal Prism.'"

The webs that would link onto the Insanity as it swam away would begin to draw energy from it, purifying any absorbed Insanity into pure Shinsanity, as though beginning to crystallize the beast as it was busy messing around with Tigen.

"Tigen?! Get the Primordial Parallelatrix and pull it out of the Lost World! They'll be out of a power source, but I have an idea!"

He slapped his hand on the book, which started to glow with the signature silverish crystal flame of the Will of Tensei, "COME FORTH, GRAND EXCALIBUR, THE XANADU!!! WEAPONMASTER, TO ME!!" And, after clenching his fingers upon the page, he'd pull out... The Holy Sword; the God of All Weapons.

"This time... When I make this cut... it will REMAIN PERMANENT."

He was clearly serious about severing his ties to the Insanity this time... Even if it meant leaving it somewhere else. Couldn't have moochers stealing his energy. They had to use their own. So, that would mean any energy of his leftover on Ves would be cursed with Insanity. It would not be Shinsanity. The energy that it had gathered was no longer that of the Tensei, but was that of the Lost World. Not to mention... They were gonna need a lot of energy to power their planet once the Paraprysmia wasn't doing it anymore.

"Good thing we hid that there, too... We're gonna need it..."

Sprouting from the book, the Xanadu took shape of the shining golden sword of legend. Embedded with the power of every weapon known and unknown to man, it would adjust automatically to fit the customization and attributes of the one who wielded it, for its versatility knew no limits. (11:22) This would be the Pumpking's shining weapon of choice as he rode upon his steed into the fray.

"Haaaaai~!" Tigen chanted, warping out of the sun and taking all of his light with it. From there, the Insanity Void Water would pass through each of the Magnifiers, its power being magnified x1000 times, splattering all over the Lost World and its sun, turning that realm into a beacon for Insanity... That would be concentrated only to their planet. In the meantime, Tigen warped to the core of the planet plucking from it the Primordial Parallelatrix Primalpha planted prior to, "Gochisousama..." thus effectively leaving the Lost World powerless and without a power source whatsoever. None of the power of Tensei would be left there; not even the core that was given to them. Because they were following the rules, the exile meant in all shapes and forms, including with Insanity. They were just taking back the part of it that was theirs and leaving the Lost World's own personal Insanity alone. "... Deshita~!"

"Wooooaaaaah, they sure got us a whole lot of energy, didn't they, Aniki? A whole bundle of it just waiting to be converted into Shinsanity~! We can use it for the Shinseigami, too~!"

Tigen looked at the Paraprysmia, staring in awe at the beautiful colors it omitted. "Uwaaaah~! Whaddawedowitit, brobro!? WHAT WE GONNA DO!?" He was anxious to get started, especially since things had escalated so quickly. He wanted to get to the top of the tower as quickly as possible and defeat the Insanity for good~! At least, when it came to the Veritas and anything that was connected to the Veritas. Which, after this, the Lost World would soon completely not be. Absolutely.

Though it was detestable that the little burning pipsqueak avoided the gurgling upchuck of the Insanity, at least the Lost World was now serving as a beacon for it, which meant that it would spread even further. And now, their sun was captured, as well.


Their sun was now an actual captured unit of the Insanity, as soon would be their very core. He was also aware of the threads connected to his back, that which was being taken as a source of power. He was also connected to Paraprysmia as well, which made it all the more easy to take these fools over if they sought such a challenge.

"Go. Dark Sun; Reality Eater!!" The Sun of the Lost World, no longer inhabited by Tigen, would grow dark and black...  Though, to them, it would seem normal, it would actually begin to eat away at reality around it, drawing all of it into the Insanity whilst leaving them with a fabricated reality that was nothing more than lies and untruth. This would manifest in the place where the Veritas once was, and it would come through the Deep Leader and her Dark Matter. Moirai, that which was formed in place of the Veritas, would thereby be cursed with feeding the Insanity its energy, and spreading it about the Lost World as a plague. They would be the Insanity's new power source... Instead of the Sun GIVING them energy, it would TAKE it away and produce a guise of giving them power, whilst actually weakening them all bit by bit.

"Don't you get it?! As long as these idiots remain attached... "I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT TO THEM!! AND THEY CAN'T DO ANYTHING TO ME!!! AAAAAHAHAHA!!"

But these two infuriating flames of Shinsanity... Seemed to be the only hope to stop the soon to be accursed planet's downfall...

"Huh. So you removed the power core?! ALL THE BETTER!! DARK SUN!!"

At the very heart of the Lost World, deep down in its core, where the Primordial Parallelatrix once was powering this planet, would now do the opposite... A new Dark Sun would appear at the very core, beginning to eat away at their energy from the INSIDE as well. For taking on the Insanity, this was their Punishment, for the law was universal. ANY AND ALL WHO TOOK ON THE INSANITY were subject to its torments. This just so happened to be one of them...

Now, their Sun and the Core would be one and the same, and both would begin to eat away at the planet and all energy it created, not allowing any to leave the radiation of the Dark Sun nor the Dark Sun that served as the core. All energy produced by the Lost World would be consumed before it could be spread out into the universe, successfully serving as fodder for the Insanity's growth.

"Game Over..." it muttered, returning its attention to the rainbow unicorn still streaming through the darkness. "YOU!!! Don't think that you've eluded me!! YOU WILL NOT LEAVE THIS PLACE!!!"

A crimson glint appeared in all of the eyes of the Insanity, targeting that fucking horse and the power source that the Insanity was still connected to... and the crystal threads that were attached to its back and cried out, "ETERNAL DAMNATION!!!!" The heated beams of crimson burned the threads away like they were paper, severing the connection of the Insanity with the Veritas and the Tensei themselves... All save for the Paraprysmia, which it was using as the target to destroy them this time around. Thousands upon thousand of illustrious scarlet beams charged with all the fury of this malevolent beast ravaged this space, tinting all of the blackness with the sickening red glow... What it touched would be erased from existence. Absolutely.

The Insanity moving before Tina, though chaotic and disorderly, worked out to the advantage of Tina, which would still execute its orders as commanded by Tensei.

"Crystal Prism," it repeated, raising the Eight Arms up and executing a complex number of Hand Signs, reaching at least a Thousand in a matter of seconds. As the beams of Eternal Damnation barreled through space toward the Paraprysmia, a large cosmic web formed a conversion barrier between the two spaces. Because Tina drew strength from Tensei, this power was on par with the 12th Restriction rather than its own, which was of the 8th, thus allowing for equivocation in power. The beams of Insanity that would pass through this Cosmic Conversion Web would immediately be converted into Shinsanity before continuing their course to the Primordial Parallelatrix unencumbered. (12:15.) Now, instead of destroying the crystal, it would feed it power that was equivalent to however much the Insanity placed in its hatred.

"Conversion Complete. Awaiting Command."

With his shining golden weapon, the Xanadu, in hand, he would wait and watch as Tina set up the Crystal Prism just the way he needed her to. Giving his energy to others in order for them to make use of it was nice. Unfortunate that the Lost World couldn't handle such a privilege. Such is fate.

"Don't you know by now, bro? We're gonna combine our powers and make it out of here at warpspeed! But first..."

Once the power of the Eternal Damnation was converted into Shinsanity to power the Paraprysmia, Tensei would take hold of the power core; that which held the energy of the Lost World, the Insanity and the Veritas... And would draw in all of the Tensei Insanity into it whilst leaving all Insanity that originated and was attached to the Lost World to remain there. As it should be. All of the Tensei Insanity would be contained and, with a hack of the Grand Excalibur, the the Lost Worlder Insanity and the Veritas Insanity would be disconnected, as would the Tensei, Veritas and all things connected to them with the Lost World. There was no more tie. No more bond. In fact... Now, there would only be isolation.

"Alright, Tina. Finish the job. 'Perfect Prison; Metatron's Cube.'" (12:25)

While she was executing that and sealing off both the Lost World AND Their Insanity in Isolation, where their Sun and Planet Core would consume them from the inside out and never spread to any of the other places around them, Tensei would give the Paraprysmia to Tigen.

"Now, take this and warp us to the end of this Timeline. This baby's got enough juice to shoot us straight to the top at warpspeed. Once Tina binds the Insanity and the Lost World, I need you to warp us out IMMEDIATELY. Understand?!" (12:30) He hoped so. He was counting on his little brother to do this one correctly... It was absolutely vital to their victory over the Insanity.

"You wretched...!!!"

The beast was far more angered than before, absolutely livid at being played for a fool by these insipid little candle lights. Mere specks of dust in this infinite space, being nothing but a thorn in its side ever since the beginning.


The mouths all over its body would open up as wide as they could, revealing countless black holes of varying proportions and intensities, none of which was exactly the same as the others. It was like they were all just hungry heads searching for their next meal, snatching it from wherever they could get it that would provide for them. And right now, these two were tampering with the energy of their host.

"Absolute Zero..." it grumbled, the deep distortions of baritone rattling the very fabric of existence itself within this void between the dimensions, "... Zeo Grande." The very sound of its voice was enough to begin the process of erasure. The great being became the very nothingness itself, its body becoming black; much darker and deeper than even the black holes that formed within its numerous mouths. It was a darkness of which even darkness could not escape, or even exist, for that matter... The pure embodiment of the Zero World, itself. Just its presence would begin to eat away at everything around it; space, time, reality, existence... It would all equivocate to Absolute Zero Value; Nothing. This creature, being a living embodiment of the pure Nothingness, would begin to expand across the omniverse, seeking to consume everyone and everything without any intent to torment them any longer. (12:52)

"If this is how it must be... I will return Everything... Into Nothing... Then, none of it will exist... And all of you will have lost...

"Metatron's Cube."

The voice of the Veritas rang in the darkness, a far more complex series of one-handed Hand Signs being executed in a much more strenuous order, but to completion, nonetheless. Once it was done, the Lost World, as well as the remainder of the Insanity, would be sealed away in the Perfect Prison known as Metatron's Cube, where nothing could escape.

Metatron's Cube was an omniversal seal designed so perfectly and intricately that it creates an infinite dimensional containment chamber that perfectly seals whatever is within its confines. It is meant to be able to seal any and all creation, and only absolute perfection is capable of exiting the confines of this cube. It is always utilizing all power to confine its target to absolute perfection, as that is its sole purpose, making so that any attempts to leave it once it is erected nigh impossible. It can counteract any power, force, or possibility to perfection and is constantly and eternally altering itself and all that it is to make it so that whatever is within not only cannot escape, but can never find the means to escape either.

Once imprinted on the prisoners, it would turn a sinister red coloration once the Insanity was contained inside, which would appear on the Lost World's Sun and Planet Core, as well.

This was the mark of the Insanity's new prison, as well as the Lost World's. Here, the Insanity would be contained, never to be unleashed upon any other dimension EXCEPT for the Lost World, where it could do so as much as it liked.

"Complete. Targets Imprisoned."

Listening closely to his big bro, he saw his cue to go warpspeed right as Tina locked up the Insanity and the Lost World for good. "MWEE!!! FINALLY!! ALRIGHT, PARAPRYSMIA!!! LET'S GO!!" Tigen would allow himself to be absorbed into the Paraprysmia momentarily, combining both his and Tensei's powers together and supercharging the Maregenesis, blasting it off in a single flickering glint all the way to the top of Eternalism Hill; the End of the Timeline. There, Tina, Tensei and Tigen would appear in the Sanctum Crystos.

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.

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Croak 70: Elegant Arrival


A spiraling combustion of colorful fire spontaneously ignited before them after having fizzling itself out, maintaining consciousness through the test of space and time consistently for their thousand year trial. Fortunately for them, Paraprysmia gave them enough energy to do that on the fly... Not that Tigen couldn't do it anyway~! Bwahahaha~!

"Phew. Tigen hopes all that Insanity trapped back there on the Lost World doesn't like, go into Soul Edge or somethin'. Tried to warn Z.K. about the Insanity... But nobody listens to Tigen, for some reason. ;; "

It's because Tigen is really annoying when he's not doing things that are entertaining. The pure childlike spirit that was his Freed Will made him a tad bit impetuous at times, like a child would behave. Though, when the time came for fun, he was definitely the one.

"Sooooo... What about the other... Six Shinsanities? I thought we were gonna... Do that like... Right back there... *cough*" Tigen shifted the carved triangles that served as eye-sockets in the crystalline pumpkin that now was his bulbous head toward the gateway that was the doorway back out, seeing the Tensei Seal, Ultra Badass, plastered upon it.

"Are we... Trapped here, or sum'n? Cuz... Tigen doesn't really KNOW what's going on... Tigen was just kinda, you know, having a blast and shit. >>; LET A PUMPKIN KNOW, PUMPKINHEAD. ;; DON'T LEAVE YA BROTHA HANGIN, BRO!!!" Tigen fell upon Tensei in a kiddish manner, hanging off of the tailcoats of his jacket and flailing about hysterically in a preachy manner.


"Oh... Thank God..." he sighed, falling upon the beautifully blazing mane of the cosmic steed he rode upon. "That was the most annoying thing ever. Let's never do that again, alright?"

Looks like they actually made it this time. That entire little 'Lost World' side-story had to come to a close sooner or later before they actually got onto the main event. "Looks like we stopped it from destroying Dimensia, Tigen. The first time we left, you got sucked up by the Insanity that plagued the planet and ended up being trapped on the Nightmare. You probably don't remember that part because you got amnesia from being swallowed up by the darkness and not knowing that you were the light. They searched for you. Grimnyzmal and Grimlock. But only one brother found you... And it just so happened to be the one who birthed Khrona. So, I guess you could say..." He pat his little brother on the head, sighing happily and thankfully, "You saved my life, kiddo. And without you, I wouldn't be who I am today. So thanks... otouto (little brother)." (9:29) It was true. If Khrona, the accident, had not occurred, then Pumpkinhead and Tigen would have not been able to resolve the Tensei Curse. "I owe ya big time for not leaving me and keeping on track with everything. That's why I trust you to take over with making the other Six Shinsanities. Any way you like em." Tensei ruffled the hat upon Tigen's crystalline pumpkin head a bit. "You deserve it."

This is what he truly believed, and he knew that Tigen would not succumb to the Insanity anymore, so he would not ever fall prey like he had done for these past thousand or so years, or however long it had been since that loop called 'Linear Time' forced them to endure. Yes, the Lost World had been a nice training and developing ground for the both of them, and now was their time to use what they learned for the best. "I'm pretty sure that much Insanity, without the Tensei Head, will eventually just fizzle itself out. We are the producers of Insanity, so eventually, it'll just destroy everything, including itself, unable to regenerate. It will exist for as long as life on that planet does, ever consuming. It will be known as... the Headless Horseman. The Other Four Horsemen were the omen to his arrival... They are now a Lost World." He lowered his head in respect, hoping that they find a way to free themselves of that monster. It certainly can be done... But only by whomever takes on and cleanses the Insanity from that world completely whilst it is isolated. They will be the true hero for having destroyed the last remaining shards of all the Insanity that ever existed. "But no, you're right about that Soul Edge. Man, that would really suck if the Headless One snatched that up. I... I wouldn't want to be on that planet for that to occur." He snickered. "Oh wait. I'm not." He couldn't help himself on that one. It was just fucking hilarious. (9:44)

It was beautiful that both of their consciousnesses were intact this time... And would remain that way, conjoined forever. If they weren't, they wouldn't have been able to do what they needed to do here. "... Now we can start on our story... We've been waiting a long time... Since the Beginning of Time, in fact... Or rather... Father has." He shed a single crystal tear, which would form to be the body of the Shinseigami, "... Alright, Tigen. Let's go get them."

"Tina," he called, turning around now to see the Eight Armed being, "Looks like you're back where you belong, too. This is where you were supposed to be in order to finish the connections. In fact, I believe the Second Hand is around here, somewhere! That must mean that a different story is going to be starting soon! Oh, how I love synchronicity~!" Looks like he still retained his natural royal haughtiness. "That means you may start on weaving that one at any given time you like. You are alleviated of your servitude to me... You could say. Ahahaha!"

Tinasanti, the Veritas itself, was that of the Eighth Restriction, which served as the Three Peaces of the Veritas that made up Tina, itself. This was the Lunechrysm, the Solchrysm and the Crystal Oversoul that bound them together. Tensei, Titania and Trinity, the Trini-T. "Tabrith, you stay here with Tina and be the infinite information of which it weaves from. Provide it with all information at all times to ensure that everything always occurs in synchronicity with everything else, no matter what it may be. This will iron out those wrinkles right proper..." This would mean that the stories would be spun seamlessly from its Eight Arms and come together in the middle; the Dawn, if all was done properly. "You are the Ninth Restriction, and she is the Eighth. Therefore, it will weave all scenarios that can be utilized for all the information it receives from you, and you must record all of these parallel scenarios and record your findings of each different dimensional reality in order to ensure you have ALL Information about EVERYTHING." That means they would have to cover every base on every dimension, plane of existence, reality, multiverse and so on in order to collect the maximum amount of information. Basically, taking in ALL data into the Data Realm. "Once you have collected all of the information you need, you will be able to eternally satisfy the Allmaster, who is of the 11th Restriction. That... Will be you. You are collecting all of this information in order to create your own image... Based on what Tigen and I want to look like combined as a single being. As seen here. This is what we want to look like. *points to the crystalline body made from the Crystal Tear* Understand?"

This would successfully complete the link of the Seventh Restriciton all the way to the Thirteenth, which would bring forth the Shinseigami. After that, the Shinseigami could bring forth Tsuki for himself, for he would be in the Thirteenth Restriction.

He closed the book, holding up Paraprysmia and the Weaponmaster, allowing them to take their own sentience upon the lands, "Weaponmaster, link with the Paraprysmia. I want this to be the Crystal Godsend that spawns all the Instruments that the Maestros will use to finely Tune this world! I want to be able to hear the sound of their souls singing in beautiful harmony! You think we can make this happen?"

"The Pleasure was all Ours, Pumpking. Preparing the Gods of Life and Death; Jinseigami and Shinigami." Tinasanti raised a leg, striking a pose as though it were a hindu god. At that point, the Three Peaces of the Veritas would spread outward and become the Gods of Life and Death of each section; Dawn, Dusk and Delta. Magna Signis would reign as Shinigami of the Dawn, (otherwise known as the Great Furnace) whilst the Jinseigami, Matrem Crysta, would hail as the Blue Phantom. These would be the two Chrysms that would form the Prysm to create the first Peace of the Veritas, Natsume no Nirvana, the Gate Keeper.

The Third Moon that Tina had been holding for Trinity all that time would be placed in the open vortex that was the empty void of the Death Room of Mors Academia. There, Trinity's Soul would be merged with the Realm of the Delta, where she would be able to exit from her Incubation Chamber known as the Third Moon. Upon her arrival, her Jade Moon would split into two, being the Jade Amaterasu and Jade Yomi, which served as the two chambers of the Jade Moon, which would thereby be the new 'Death Room.' Here, one would come to receive missions and their Instruments for battle. If one came for an Instrument, they would enter the 'Jade Amaterasu,' but if it was for Death, they would enter the 'Jade Yomi' section. There, she would reign as the 'Peace of the Delta,' with Tifaret as the Jinseigami and Tear as Shinigami.

Finally, the Blue Moon would be placed in the Dusk, with the smile of the Cheshire Cat on its face. It would resemble the moon after undergoing a 'Night of Tensei.' This would be their Jinseigami and Shinigami; Tabrith and Tabitha. Together, they would make The Archcount, Tensei Von Khrona, the Peace of the Dusk.

Here, Tina would be allowed to take its true form created of the new Three Peaces of the Veritas;


"Confirmed. Connection Complete."

With that, Tina would humbly escort itself off through the Crystal Garden, taking with it the Omnipedia to read and weave from for all time with the Eight Arms of Tabrith. From this, Tabrith, himself, could assume the form of the Allmaster; Tensei.

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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The Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
The Veritas

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Croak 71: First Branch; Hand Of Mentality

And the First would Rise, as instructed, beginning to Weave the 'Wind Sanctuary' into reality, spinning it as though thread from one of eight fingertips. So such began the 'Legend of the Wind Goddess, Taomin.'

"This One belongs to Me..." it said, masked by an abyss from which only its eyes and teeth could be observed.

"This is our contract. Our Agreement, sealed by the Voice of God. In the Blood of the Child. She does not belong to you. Remember this. You did not bear this child. WE Bore this child. It is sacred. It belongs to us. Do not ever Forget this."

The two people standing before this dark gateway offered their child to the great beast, that which seemed to harness the snout of a fox, but the ferocity of a dragon. It was hard to make out in the darkness what this monster truly was. Regardless, the pact was made between they and the dark creature, and it was sealed in blood as marks all over the girl's body.

"On her Eighteenth Birthday, she will be Sacrificed to Me, whether she is prepared or not. If she is unprepared to receive this power, the Insanity of it will cause her to go mad and destroy all in her path. Prepare her for this day, or it will mean your ruin."


He remembered that day rather vividly, for some reason... It'd been quite the long time, actually... Much longer than Eighteen fucking years. Two thousand, more like... He'd been waiting for this broad to grow outta her shit. Legit. From Lilith to Eris to Nyake to Taomin. Every single goddamn time.

"... Man. I hope she's ACTUALLY gonna do it RIGHT this time... How long has she had that fucking Insanity inside of her? Damn." He tapped his foot a tad bit impatiently, wondering where the hell she could be...

"I'm right here," a disembodied voice said, swirling 'round the dark-robed man in a powerful whirling wind. Each of the whips of wind that lashed about were like the tails of a fox, and when the whirlwind condensed, it would be in the form of a beautiful vixen; a well endowed, tender, and savagely clothed woman. "... You act like the inheritance and the covenant could be broken, or something. When I overcame the Insanity of Fun that was the Kuroshiro Kitsune, I would return to you. That was the pact, right?" Granted, that was made over 2,000 years ago before she was born, as she was to inherit the power of the Tensei Spirit Animal from birth, but her lack of power to control the great beast led her to... an extended time in a feral state of being. "... You act like I'm proud of how weak I was." She crossed her arms and furrowed her brow, putting strength and power above most things; save for cunning and fun, as were traits of the fox. "Don't rush me... These damn Tensei animals are a bitch to get under control..." That is to say, before she became the new one; as was part of the pact when she was prepared to be collected by it. "... Regardless of how long it took, I'm here now, aren't I?" She rolled her eyes at him, knowing why he was impatient, but not wanting to gratify her own weakness any further. "Let's just get started now, huh?"

He shook his head at the impetuous girl, who still, to this day, seemed to clown around and lollygag like everyone just had time to be waiting for her to get done playing her silly games. "Next time, stop playing and actually work on getting stronger, and we won't have to wait another millennium for you to get your act together." Thanytoz was the overseer of all of the Tensei Beasts, being the 'Living Shadow' of them all, regardless of who or what they gave the name to each of their individual fragments of his being. He was, so to speak, a sort of 'Father' to all of them; from him, they all were born out of the darkness, just as he had been from the Darkness that were his mother and father, Lilith and Allsgrim. Now, he was the both of them and the 'Father of the Tensei,' and in that, he needed to have these beasts on a tight schedule... Especially for those like Taomin.

"Now. It is about time for you to take your place in the Wind Sanctuary and hone your Divine Skills that have been purified from their demonic possession. If you do not learn to utilize this new level of skill, how do you expect to be a sufficient Wind Goddess of the Shrine?"

Of course, being the LAST one to find her place in the world, even though she was one of the FIRST to receive her power, he needed to take SPECIAL care and guidance of Tao. "We've been going through this since the Feudal Era. Even though I've been protecting you, you're one to abuse this power for your own fun and games, and bloodthirsty maliciousness to win at all costs. Though you may have calmed down..." He inspected her soul with his eyes, finding that she'd grown very weak, even in spite of her newfound purity, "... You are still more than inept because you failed to actually practice, like the rest of our brothers and sisters. Now is the time for you to shape up, you know."

"Yeah, whatever DAD..." she mocked with a roll of her eyes and a scoff under her breath. She wasn't trying to hear about any of her shortcomings; she was already very much aware of them on her own without someone blabbering about them all day and night as soon as she got here. Being the most rebellious due to her duty of guarding the 'Golden Apple,' she was free to basically do anything she wished. She just lacked the control of herself to actually do so, and that's what really irked her. She had this great power, but continued to fuck it up for herself and everyone else, and she didn't really understand why nor how, when she was just doing whatever her free spirit told her to; just like everyone else was allowed to do. Yet, for some reason, she was the one getting the talking to. "I've BEEN shaping up... How do you think I even got here? You know we're not allowed to even touch the power of the 'Voice of God' until we've gotten past our Insanity... So, I don't wanna even hear it."

She turned away from him, whipping her long, wild jet black hair in his face as she started on her way from the Hand of Fate and toward the Wind Sanctuary, where she was supposed to apparently be practicing some sort of... Something, or whatever. She wasn't even sure what she was supposed to be doing... Not that she really cared. She more or less just wanted to go wild and have fun again. All of this boring stuff wasn't really all that important, since she was basically free to do whatever she wanted. Why would anything be important beyond that, right? "Maybe YOU are the one that's being too serious here... Lighten up, why don'tcha, Dark One?" She snickered to herself turning her nose up and placing her hands on her hips as she continued to walk off.

The man crossed his arms, thoroughly displeased with not only her demeanor, but her mindset, in general. She was still quite ignorant of her place, even if she was free to do whatever she wished... It did not mean that she was supposed to. He was hoping that her 2,000 years of destructive rampage and finally learning to tame the Kuroshiro Kitsune would have taught her something about control, since the Kitsune was one of the more rambunctious of the Spirit Animals, but it was clear that she had not, even to this day. She hadn't learned anything of respect, of self-control, nor of consideration for others, and with a power like that, not understanding those key principles would cause more Discord than they would Harmony. She would abuse the power of the Golden Apple and it would, in the end, destroy all that crossed her path by her altering what was SUPPOSED to be with whatever she WANTED to be. She lacked both good judgment and balance of Harmony and Discord for the sake of her own selfish fun, and it was apparent in all that she was.

The whipping of her hair in his face was the last straw, considering that he was merely trying to help her and keep this place from being destroyed by the reckless actions of an ignorant girl who believed she had all the answers simply because she was swift of mind and cunning of tongue. "... Wretched girl..." he muttered, his eyes gleaming a signature sanguine, before her very shadow would wrap around her body and bind her legs, the vicious 'Shadow Hands' snatching the darkness she held in her Mind and her Heart and binding her by them (Haunter). As long as she harbored these Dark Thoughts, Dark Feelings and Dark Intentions, she would be able to be gripped by the 'Shadow Hands' at any given time and be bound, unable to escape the grasp of the Dark Hand of Thanytoz. He was not the God of Darkness for no reason, and those who harbored it within them were immediately under his dominion.

"Know your place..." he muttered to her, stretching her shadow out under her and creating an isolated 'Zero World' area under her, to keep her from escaping further, if she thought to attempt. "... With Great Power comes Great Responsibility... And it is quite clear to me that you are still nowhere NEAR responsible enough to handle the great power you have been gifted. (7:07)" The Shadow Hands wound up her body, clutching her Heart and her Mind in their hands, forcing the Darkness that she harbored within them both to spread to the most important parts of both, "... And until you Learn your Lesson... You are Forbidden from the use of the Voice, nor most of your power in general." He raised his hand to her face and, with a decisive grip, crushed her Mind and Spirit in his grip, shattering the pieces of her Mind and her Heart and scattering them about the Infinite Darkness that they harbored within. (Memory Crush King; The Wood, The Return, The Dark.) "With the Light of Knowledge stripped from you, you are forced to Start Over from Level One... And regain all of your Wisdom on your own from the very beginning. The Shadow Hands will not let go of your Memories and your Heart until you overcome them with the CORRECT answer as to why you should NOT abuse the power of the Golden Apple to create Discord haphazardly merely to get your way."

It was clear that she had forgotten who bestowed this power upon her in the first place, and if she chose to abuse it, then it would be taken away. (Deoxys) If she were let to roam free with that sort of attitude, it was completely certain that she would go destroy the balance of this world and incur insanity that she was not able to comprehend she was capable of inducing... And he would, as usual, have to come and not only clean it up, but take the punishment of harboring the Insanity... Even if he could quell it within himself on his own. "Go now. Wander this land aimlessly as a helpless child of Broken Heart and Memory until you piece everything back together with both Wisdom AND Understanding." When she was ready, her power would be returned to her, and she would be able to take her rightful place that she seemed to be unable to find in all her range of freedom. "Perhaps, being caged like a wild animal will tame you properly. Now Fall, into the Shadows..." He dragged the young Taomin down, slowly, into the Zero World, glaring at her with the utmost disgust and disappointment in his penetrating glare, piercing her straight in her soul, so she would know this pain forever, eve if she didn't comprehend why as of yet; as a reminder. "Out of my sight..." His voice seemed to harbor a hint of pain and remorse, hurt by her thoughts and actions as well as her blatant, severe ignorance. He couldn't bear to even look at her anymore, despite the fact that he absolutely had to. These things were hurtful to look at, to understand, and to feel. She did not realize the true power of the Family Bond just yet... nor to the extent that she hurt herself and those connected to each other through it.

With that, she'd be transported immediately to the Wind Sanctuary, where she would begin her life anew without memories of her abilities. She would have all the information of who she was and retain the events that occurred, but bits and pieces would be scrambled, blotted out by a thick darkness, or so ambiguous, she would be unable to recall completely. It was time for her to begin again.

He closed his eyes now, reflecting on his own actions and feelings, ready to reprimand himself rather harshly for being so callous and strict, despite how necessary it was. He never enjoyed it, and it was hurtful to not only watch, but to know that he had to do to those he cared for, loved and cherished so deeply that did not know the same. "Hmph. Why are all of them so recklessly destructive...? Perhaps, they were given power far too early..." he pondered this, wondering if he were wrong in bestowing this great power to the Tensei, if they were just going to abuse it as they did. He could not help but to blame himself, and if the destruction of the world were to occur, whose head would it be on but the man who granted each of them their power they were too irresponsible and reckless to use in the first place? He lowered his head in solemn, deep thought, before walking off into the darkness and disappearing. He needed to think about if what he had unleashed upon the world was right or not... It tore him up on the inside, regardless of how strong and bold he looked on the outside. It was because of his great love that was overshadowed by his dark demeanor that no one could see nor understand why he did nor said the things that he did, nor why they should not do the things that they did. (7:27) However, he had hope for them... And that only came out of the love they could not see, hidden in the shadows...

"... One day... I hope they all will see clearly..." he muttered from the shadows, a Crystal Tear streaming down his face before he completely dissipated and returned elsewhere through the shadows, "... How much pain and torture they bestow on themselves, the Family... and their loving Father."

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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The Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
The Veritas

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Croak 72: Second Branch; Hand of Destiny

As the next arm was instructed to rise, upon activation, it would begin to weave the story of 'Temari the Inari' and the 'Three Peaces and Spirits of the Veritas.'

At that moment, the updated information granted by Tina would induce the creation of the new Fifth Restriction Khrona, to be known as 'Tensei no Tabrith.' He smiled wide, the sharp toothed grin touching ear to ear.

"Ah... It seems like we've finally been Realized, hmmm...?"

"Yes... Certainly, with this new information, we Three Peaces shall be..." She paused, looking around as her body began to materialize, "... I do not feel Trinity's presence. Where is she?" Apparently, she had already been established, transferring herself from the Third Moon where she had been transported. She was not with them, and she was alone. Nirvana could hear her... Crying.

"... Our baby is sad," she said sternly, raising up her arm and pointing forward with conviction, winds starting to rise rapidly around her, "... Send the Thunderbird out as a scout." Behind her, a great large gate would appear, the world around her starting to rumble...

"Ahh...!" he sighed with a slight hint of excitement, raising his hand mirroring her own, "I was hoping that you'd say that... Hmhmhmhm..." His cloak fluttered about as their powers combined would unlock the great gate that appeared behind them, which would burst open with the roar of thunder. Sparks of lightning crackled from within, dark clouds pouring out like water in the beautiful crystal world.

"Go Forth... Great Thunderbird..."

As he spoke, he'd turn his head, calling forth one of the Three Spirits of the Veritas. He who would watch over the Delta...

"Nightshade. Fly with the Thunderbird and be the eyes that watch over my darling..."

As the gates were opened, crackling eyes of pure power sparked brightly from within, the black clouds billowing out slowly. From the murky haze of the dark storm clouds, a great bird shot through, wrapped in the sinuous shadowy robe for but a moment or two before it would be discarded to the atmosphere, unable to keep up with the speed of the mighty shining creature. The streak of lightning in the sky with wings of pure sparkling might left a thunderous vacuum in its wake, speeding off toward its target as instructed by those who released it from the great gate. It wasted no time in trying to find its target.

"Oiii... What a fucking pain..." he'd mutter, rubbing the back of his neck as he walked out of the gate, "... The hell? You want me to start doing some shit right after I JUST woke up? Man!!" He cricked his neck a bit, loosening up as he watched the Thunderbird take off, "... Shit. And you WOULD send out THAT thing for me to keep up with, huh? Fuck you guys." He flipped them off, but in a kiddish manner. He was a little rough around the edges, but wasn't a bad guy.

"Arright, arright, lemme get situated, then..." He slammed his hands on the ground and took a track runner's stance, planting his feet into the ground firmly, getting Ready. He breathed deeply, closing his eyes and propping himself up in a Set position. As he rose, his feet would crack the ground, a surge of energy coursing through him at that very moment, just to get his juices flowing in his body, "Aaaand..." when the Thunderbird was just about to be out of sight, his eyes shot open, "GO!!!" and his feet propelled him from his spot at supersonic speed, shooting him clear across the field with a roar of thunder just as loud and powerful as the one left in the lightning bird's wake. Though he was pretty far behind, he wasn't gonna lose the beast, at least.. And when he did, he'd hop upon it and ride it all the way down to the Delta.

"Sending out the Elemental Spirit?" she'd question, lowering her arm, "... A good choice, indeed. He is the Spirit of the Delta, after all..." She turned and looked to the open gate, watching as the dark clouds continued to flow outward, "... You should be heading to the Dusk soon. Take the Spirit with you... The Phantom." She spoke out as if calling its name, waiting for it to appear before Tensei no Tabrith.

"I will remain here and keep Peace in the Dawn. They of the Seventh will handle the Third Spirit of the Veritas... known as the Seven Shinsanities."

And so, from the gateway and into reality would be the last connecting piece of the 0th Restriction all the way to the 13th; the Second Restriction that was bound to the Mask... Spirit of the Dusk, Kamitamashii.

The black cloud that bore the Thunderbird would solidify and become his body; tight and firm, compacted of what was once pure ethereal energy and bound together with a mask as white as the moon, with the ears of a fox or cat protruding from under the hood that was the cape adorned upon his shoulders. It glittered with all the lights of the night sky, as though he wore the very night itself around his neck.

"Good... It's time to breathe some life into this place, huh? It's gonna need all of its Three Spirits to do that..."

The Phantom would turn to Tensei no Tabrith, letting his cloak assimilate with his, "Whenever you're ready, chief, we can head out to the Dusk. Got some work to do, now don't we? Haha!!"

"Yes... Indeed..." he muttered as the Phantom appeared before him, allowing their robes to connect at the seam. "You will be missed, Shinnia," he had to say, before taking the Crystal Oversoul of the Dusk into himself in order to transport them both at the same time, "Let us depart, then." With that, he would throw his robe around himself, spiraling into itself and into a singularity before it disappeared completely, warping out in its proper place within the Dusk.

As the dark cloud that were the two entites of the Dusk cleared the way, a beautiful crystalline creature stood glittering in the gateway, stepping down gently. Where its paw touched the ground, the ground around it would sprout beautiful crystal flowers, which would draw in some of its energy and begin to glow with color, taking on the appearance of a living flower. It would be filled with Life Energy, and thus, from Crystal, it would become an actual living being under the feet of the third and final spirit, which was to be the combined spirits of the Dawn; the Seven Shinsanities.

Behind it, the Gateway would close and crystallize, letting nothing else in nor out, for there was nothing else that was supposed to once the Third and Final Spirit of the Veritas was released. It stood there and gazed deeply at Shinnia, speaking not a word, but letting the diamond dust that encircled its form rise into the sky and speckle it with beautiful stars. It seemed to be awaiting her guidance.

The Thirteen Tailed Crystal Beast was the final to depart from the other side, having been formed by the bond between the Seven Keepers and the Seven Sisters joining together to quell the Seven Insanities and convert them into the Seven Shinsanities through such unity of Titania and Tensei. Though its essence had long since been festering in the gateway, it was nice to see that she had come out perfectly okay and now in a completed form rather than as a hazy apparition, as she had been upon her incubation prior to. On Vescrutia, she had not yet been formed completely, so the Veritas technically served as her birthplace... And her first steps were out of the gateway and to the side of Shinnia, the Peace of the Dawn. Each Spirit belonged with each Peace, that is.

"Temari..." Shinnia said fondly, though with a slight lack of emotion in her voice, "... It is time for us to watch over the Dawn. Only when you and Tyranophant find each other can you two create the Seventh Shinsanity together. He has already completed making three of the Shinsanities on his end... Temper, Taomin and Thanytoz. That leaves, for you, Primalpha, L'Sia and Tsao-Rin. Wherever you two decide to meet is where the final will be born; Triton. Then... the Keepers and the Alices may begin to move."

Temari heeded Shinnia's words, thinking deeply on the matters of the Veritas and how to maintain this Peace that they found in this world. Her union with Tyranophant would surely secure such a Peace, though naturally not without some hardship in between upon getting to that point. She was ready, however; ready for both the Dawn and the Veritas alike.

She stood there silently, feeling rather in tune with nature all around... So in tune, in fact, that she picked up on the wavelength of the Spirit of the Delta attempting to communicate with her.

"Shinnia. It is Nightshade. It seems as though he has safely touched down in the Delta, presumably having corrected all with the Trinigami...." Temari would fall silent for a while, meditating deeply as though having a conversation elsewhere. Before too long, she would open her eyes and speak once again.

"... He also wishes to open the Gate we just closed in order to bring creatures into the Veritas. I believe it is risky, however if we limit the amount, we can slim the chances of stray Insanity creeping in. We are without wildlife and that is quite the necessity..."

"Open the Gate?" she parroted in slight disbelief, "But have we not just closed it? And the risk of Insanity..." Though, it was true that she posed quite the clear argument about there not being a trace of life beyond the Tensei and perhaps a few wayward souls that found themselves lost in this haven between the dimensions.

"Though... If this agreement is unanimous... I will comply. But, only a few shall be allowed through..."

The Crystal coating over the gateway would suddenly shatter at the wave of her hand, as would the doors to the gate begin to creak open slowly, but surely, releasing now a lustrous white Myst from the inside. She would watch carefully what came through...

What came from the 'Out of the Dark' was none other than the most unexpected of occurrences; probably a 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% chance of this occurring ever, if that, yet, somehow, it did, as it did and it certainly did and there she was; Bunnybee Future, also known as 'Be'Alice,' the Crystal Child that came before her Time. She was of the Future, but did not have a Past. So she traveled to the Past to give them a Future. Every Crystal Child of every Generation did so; they were the connectors; the Links to the Past.

"Yeah... So I'm that baby that Shinsei was talking about... Um. And see, I'm here out of the Ambiguous Chaos because we kinda need to make something happen here and I'm the only one here in the 13th Restriction around these parts, so uh. I need everybody to listen up and do what I say from here on out. I need to write my story. It's due by midnight."

When the Sacred Text emerged from its slumber, the Great Guardian of the Crystal knew that the Promised Time had come.

"Shinnia. The Door. Quickly. Our time is at hand. Now." Her calm, but urgent demeanor proved that all were to stand clear for Temari's imminent departure. "Crystal Child... Rather... MY child... Climb upon my back... And I shall Bear you to your Father."

Temari smiled, happy that her part in all of this was the most important of all; bearing the child when it was born.

"Happy Birthday, Bunnybee.
We All Love You.
*Official Release!*

With no time to lose, Be' hopped up on the back of the beautiful Crystal Beast of the Legend. "Wow! It looks like everything is actually coming together pretty smoothly. That only means that all I have to do is to draw how I got here while I'm on Temari's back..." It was going to take some doing, but she felt like she could figure it out.

"Better stay true to the work and just do it all Manga style. Then eventually it'll just flow into me and I can make Bunnybee happen."

With this, she would effectively connect her Past, her Present and her Future all as one single thing in a single point in time. "I wanna be on the cover page~!" She squealed, slapping her face upon the Title of the 'Bunnybee Future' series she was gonna make. "It's gonna be as awesome as I was as Bunnybee. That's for damn sure." And that's because the main character would no longer be her, but her lover~!

Merry Christmas.

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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Croak 73: Land of the Red Sun; Amber Moon's Move

Without much warning, nor time to respond before she was shot off in some arbitrary direction as a speeding wavelength, she would appear at the Land of the Red Sun, which harbored the Amber Moon as its core power source. She stared at it and at the sun, finding something familiar about the two of them; almost like they were two different power sources as cores despite being a 'Sun' and a 'Moon' respectively.

"... That's weird,"she muttered, feeling the deep connection shared between the two separated spirits of the Pumpkinhead. The younger one, the moon, seemed to resonate with the Crystal Heart that she harbored within her, almost like they were two of the same components. She felt, inexplicably, drawn to it. "... I feel like... I feel like I know... I know what these two things are..." Despite being a Tensei and retaining her memories, she was left in the dark about anything that was outside of herself, meaning that she was not allowed to partake in the shared knowledge of the Family Bond yet. Due to this, she only had feelings about the Red Sun and Amber Moon, but did not know anything definite. That was why this was so damn difficult for her; everyone else was cheating. Knowing everything and not telling her straight out and shit. (7:07)

"It feels like... We belong together... Like... Missing parts of the same whole...?" She couldn't believe it. In her entire life, she hadn't ever been able to understand this sort of feeling. She thought it was a sexual attraction, but it felt like something different. She couldn't help but to be lost in thought about things that she was feeling inside but not quite understanding just yet. "... Man... When I look at this thing... I see a sexy redhead... Hahaha..." One with relatively nice tits... That didn't take any shit... A badass, like she was... "*hhhssssssshhh...*" she would begin to drool at the thought of her... before slurping it back up between her teeth like it hadn't happened. "Damn, why can't I find me a sexy bitch like that?"

When the time was right for her to awaken, Magna Signis, who retained her memory as Pumki, Corona (Megaera) and Signis, would groggily rub her eyes, as though she'd been sleeping for a long time. She could feel around her body a soothing chill, like the loving embrace of a very cold being keeping her heat from spilling over and destroying everything around her. She had awaken to see a beautiful land that was no longer barren by the blazing Red Sun, nor cast into the Blue Shadow. "... Blue...?" she muttered to herself, her consciousness slowly returning to her. "... Oh... What happened...?" Before she could even be gratified with an answer, a great hand attached to her and connected her immediately to the source of everything she was left in the dark about; Triere, her Insangel... Rather, a Shinsangel, now. Signis' awakening as Magna Signis was a testament to that.

"... Well now... Seems as though the Red Queen has been served, then..." she smiled happily, finding a sudden peace in being near Blue now, rather than being bitter rivals with her. Their age old battle had come to an end and they rested in peace with 'Priere.' Now, all that was left for them to do was to return home. "Hmmm... But who is this one...?" She inspected closely. The image of a beautiful young matron of about the same height and form as Tifa, though wrapped in flame and with a bulbous pumpkin head would gaze at her, inspecting the cavity where the Crystal Heart was being carried. "... Oh... There, I see now. Here to return the Heart to its proper place, then, and complete this Moon?" (7:47)

"What?" she said, as though being pulled out of a deep daydream about pumpkins and sexy red headed girls, "... Uh... Yeah, yeah definitely all of that. If you know how to get that done, I'm... I'm for it." She seemed mesmerized by this fire, and looking into it and seeing the shape of the same pumpkin head that had been dancing about her memory for quite a while was fascinating to her. For some reason, pumpkins seemed to be a recurring thing any and everywhere that she could find any relation to these two great bulbous red blots. In fact, with this one, she felt her stellar powers start to flare up a bit, and her hair become a blazing amber, similarly to the color of the burning Moon itself. "... Huh... He was right, then..." she said under her breath, not wanting to believe the words of that shady white haired guy. But, lo' and behold, he was right, and she could feel the missing piece of her that was this stellar power she had no control over previously rising up in tandem with the appearance of this girl. (8:08)

"Looks like it's about that time, then...?"

For some reason, fond memories of her father, Valerio Lombardi, came to her mind... The sensation filled her as the power of the stars escalated, almost like this was what the missing piece of her was that she'd been looking for... For so long, it was him. It was his birthday, after all.

"Ah... Happy Birthday, Pops," she said under her breath, proud to be wearing his name as an alias, even if she was a Tensei through and through now; L'sia and Lombardi only in spirit. (8:13) It was good that she would be able to receive his will in this way, and hopefully he would receive hers when she finally accepted control over this power and let it fill her completely, as the Light of the Crystal Heart had already done. She could feel his power coursing through her, and it radiated with the power of Magna Signis' projection. "Mmm... It feels warm, actually... Filled with love..." Who would have thought that, even from whatever planet he dipped off to, they were still connected? It brought a sense of serenity and peace to Tifa that she hadn't ever known as just 'Chita.' This was the Love that she had been looking for all this time from her Mother who knew nothing of it, herself. It was the L'sia curse, after all; rather, the Devourist curse.

... Even now, wherever she was, Tifa hoped that her 'mother,' who was now probably nothing more than her sister, was able to feel and understand this Love as well, considering that they were connected through the Crystal Heart, as Tifa made CERTAIN to do before her reincarnation as a full Tensei. (8:18)

At that moment, from her slumber, just as deep as what was undergone by Signis, Blue would awaken in her true form; a form that was, after being reunited with Signis in harmony, given Color and Light, shimmering with the light of the stars trapped in crystalline gems. They, the Lucicrystals, which drew from the power of the Queen of All Stars, Magna Signis, would be filled with the light of all of the elements and the celestial power of the heavens. Blue, who had the light shining on her now, would be revealed as 'Matrem Crysta,' a beautiful mistress that had merely undergone the alias of 'Blue' in order to keep tabs on everything going on from the shadows. She, being royalty, wasn't supposed to do this, but it was for the sake of the Shizukana Ao, her realm cast in the Blue Shadow, as well as for Triere, who was the overseer.

After the grand and epic battle with Signis once she became corrupted by the Insanity and used the power of the Red Sun to destroy her entire land, she threatened to do the same to the land trapped in the Blue Shadow. However, with the instruction of Triere herself, Blue was able to overcome Signis and keep her nice and cool until the time came for the both of them to awaken with their powers in harmony and no longer in opposition. With that, balance would also be found within Triere herself; her Fire and her Ice to counteract and yet work with each other. 'Blue,' who was classified as a 'Phantom' in her previous form, could actually bear to reveal herself in the light... And, like a glittering goddess adorned with gleaming gems, she was beautiful.

"... Signis...? You're awake...?" After feeling and seeing the awakening of Signis down below through a fiery manifestation that appeared before Tifa, Blue knew that it was time for her to act as well. She rose up slowly from the top of the Amber Moon and floated gently toward the ground, not touching it, but only hovering ever so slightly above just as she were about to touch down, not unlike the Shinsangel from which she hailed. "... That means that... the Dragon is here..." She, too, peered at the girl, Tifaret, and gazed at L'sia, the Crystal Heart. "... The Heart that was corrupted by the original Skull Girl... Zita... And which used her power over Skulls to run rampant on its own... It seems as though it's power has finally been tamed by a L'sia..."

Because of Chita, she did not walk down the same path as her mother and become the new 'Skull Girl,' harboring Skull Magic like her mother, who abused the Crystal Heart, did. Instead of becoming Black, the darkness melted away and revealed its true colors; just the same as Blue. Made of crystal, one was able to see what 'Crystalheart's' true nature was only after breaking through the thick layer of darkness and revealing the Light inside; that which was supposed to harbor the Light of All Stars. "This is... What we were supposed to return to..." She reached her hand out to touch Magna Signis, whose fiery silhouette matched what looked to be a mixture of Tifa and Blue together. "... You. Touch us. You're the final piece of our Trinity..." This was what she knew  for a fact. After the three of them touched, then the 'Mistral' would be complete. She didn't know her place, but Blue could see in the Crystal Heart that she was the one; that is why she bore it. The Keeper of Light... of Love.

The Crystal Heart felt the vibrations of the Queen of Stars pulsating from beyond the unknowing Tifa's chest, which started to bring the Light of Love that was the Crystal Blood to a boil. It became hot, seething with the power of the stars; the cosmos spiraling into a single point of activation. At that moment, from her chest, the great, long neck of the Dragon extended outward and up high into the sky, peering down at the giant Amber Moon blazing before it.

"... The Core..." she muttered, gazing down at Magna Signis, closing her eyes, "Mmm... It feels warm... I missed this feeling..." Yet, down below, there was something else; the Crystal Body. Both of these two Chrysms; Solchrysm and Lunechrysm, were two fragments of the Crystal Heart. "The warmth of the Blood... and the Flesh to contain it..." As she was, L'sia was nothing more than concentrated light itself. Though she could retain her form outside of the confines of the Crystal Heart's chambers in light form, she could not physically take on any shape beyond it without the Blood and the Body; that which were the Red Dragon, Carnage and the Blue Dragon, Frostbite. "... It's time to come home then, children..." She would extend her long, bronchial neck down from on high and meet the eye of both Magna Signis and Matrem Crysta, connecting the power of the Crystal Heart to them. At that point, they would be drawn into the Crystal Dragon and, in resonance, become one with her. At the same time would the Amber Moon be consumed by the great Dragon, letting its power fill the Crystal Heart.

"Ah... The boy inside of the Zero World... He has been waiting..." the Dragon murmured to herself, having watched Pumpkinhead struggle in painful misery. (5:52) Even now, he waited patiently and quietly in the background for his time to come. And that time was now. "That child has waited long enough..." Even though he was noble enough to allow others to go before him, it was decided unanimously by Serulenia and L'sia, on behalf of all the other Shinsanities, that he be brought back first. After ingesting the two pieces that would extend the Crystal Heart, L'sia closed her eyes, the Crystal Heart stripping itself from the Void Girl's cavity, "... And so has this one..." She knew that the two of them were the Lost Children that were confined to the Zero World's curse because there was no love for either of them before; yet now, through the workings of the Crystal Heart, that would come to pass. And so, with Magna Signis and Matrem Crysta bound as the same being, L'sia would take the power of Tifa, the bearer, and combine all of their powers... Whilst, simultaneously, putting the Fourth Moon in place where it was supposed to be.

Tifa, mesmerized by the pumpkins dancing before her in the flame, and the thought of that super cute redhead that looked pretty delicious to her, could barely hear the words of neither Magna Signis nor Matrem Crysta, for her visions of the Pumpkin were just too powerful to ignore. In her daze, however, the Crystal Heart seemed to act on its own, sprouting from her chest as a magnificent dragon made of pure light. "Woah... Crystalheart...?" She did not know its true name nor nature, since she was merely the carrier of it. She hadn't seen what happened that made this Dragon come out, but apparently, something went on with the Crystal Heart elsewhere that made it so powerful suddenly. She continued to watch in awe, unsure of what to do about it all, herself. Yet, somehow, it seemed like trusting in the Heart got things taken care of itself. She saw, as it consumed the giant Amber Moon and both the fiery apparition and the crystalline woman simultaneously, the vision of that redhead coming into fruition... And, at the same time, that Pumpkin power surging through herself.

"Gh..." she clenched her chest, trying to stop the light from pouring out, but instead, it seemed to start taking its own form outside of her chest. It didn't hurt, it just felt really weird... Like overwhelming power that she could barely control pouring out and running over. "Wha... When did you get so strong, Crystalheart...?" She wasn't sure what was going on, but she felt inside of herself a change occurring... Something powerful. Like all of the light that was within the heart was pouring into her whilst, at the same time, the Heart itself was giving itself its own form. She felt it; like a powerful Wavelength, and it would cause her hair to gain a shimmering silvery sheen; a luster that looked like pure light given shape and form. It completely encompassed her, allowing the Will of Tensei to fill her body as well as the energy of L'sia to merge with it and her Lombardi blood, immediately activating her celestial power and amplifying it to lengths she was not aware  that she could reach. This power would spill into the manifestation pouring from the Crystal Heart, where her power would be shared and linked to what was being formed...

"... Woah... Is this what Tear set me up for...?"

With all of the energy pouring from the Crystal Heart; rather, the Crystal Heart itself taking a new shape and form, the image of the young one that was the combination of the three women before would emerge from the light, her skin glittering brightly in the light of the Red Sun, floes of snow sparkling around her before they spontaneously melted. Brought from her patient waiting from the Hotspot in the Sun, she would stand before Tifa as a shimmering Shinsangel; the first of her kind, as she was the first of the Insangels previously. Her entire form lit up light a shining goddess of crystal, and once she was complete, her blazing red eyes opened up to peer at the one who kept her inside. With Signis and Blue, who were now Magna Signis and Matrem Crysta, returned to her vessel, as well as the missing component that was Tifa, Triere would return to this world as the great Crystal Heart itself; the Heart of the Veritas. No longer would it be that dragon, nor the L'sia themselves at all. It was now only Tensei, and that Tensei's name was Triere, the Judgemaster.

"Ah... Back in the mainland... Home, sweet home..." she said nonchalantly, like none of that spectacular shit that just occurred happened at all in order to bring her back in her completed form. In fact, she pretty much brushed it off as it was nothing, leaving Tifa to stand there and do... Whatever she was gonna do. "Huh? Oh, yeah, the Forgotten Hero's looking for you," she'd mention before minding her business and going about her business. "Okay, Perura... Your turn!" Where the Amber Moon's heat once radiated outward, after being contained inside of Triere, it would be cooled and leave only a gentle snow falling all around where the air became cooled exceptionally fast, even under the light of the Red Sun. (6:39) This snowfall in the light made a glorious rainbow appear through the sky, for it was supposed to be impossible for snow to fall in the Land of Great Fire. She, herself, was an anomaly, and creating many more spontaneously, as a signal to the forthcoming of a new day... A new Dawn.

"Let's start the New Year off right... Hmph. Of course it would be ME. I'm ME, after all." She flipped her hair, letting everything sift from the falling snow behind her, like opening a bottle of champagne and letting it sift all over the Dawn. The snow would eventually spread outward over the entire continent, and soon, would sift into the rest of the Veritas. All three of Khrona's daughters were finally where they belonged, keeping the land stable. She would be the end of the old Veritas and the beginning of the New Veritas; Triere Tensei.

"Absolute Final Wonderland."
And, on the mark of the rising Red Sun that would hit the glitter freeze, like confetti, the world would come together as the Tensei saw fit.

"It is done."
"Happy New Year, Veritas! Buahahaha!" <3

After the appearance of the Crystal Goddess, she who was the Judgemaster and the Heart of the Veritas, a portal would open and draw in Tifa, a hand reaching down and snatching her up before the portal closed off behind her. There, she would be taken to Hifen, the Hotspot in the Sun, where the Guardians of the Fourth Moon were to watch over the worlds from within their vacation home in the sun. There, the remainder of the awakening process would occur.

From the Crystal Heart born anew, the new vessel was born in place of the old; the Second Shinsangel, hatching from incubation. Like an eggshell, the Crystal Heart broke apart and released the second child. That which would be Pumpkinhead's vessel from now on. And, with the old Crystal Heart destroyed by the sacrifice giving herself up to the Light, the Crystal Heart took on a new shape, and in place of L'sia what would now be known as...

Pumpkinheart; the Crystal Heart.
"In this Town..."
"We call Home..."
"Everyone Hail to the"
"Pumpkin Song."

From the Pumpkinheart that formed from the Old Energy of the Crystal Heart after merging with the New energy of the Crystal Goddess was Magna Signis, who would soon take on physical form. Where her shape was originally just a burning flame, as all Lanterns were, with the new addition to the Crystal Heart, something better could be born; something of flesh. Magna Signis' hands shaped from the Light that took form all around the silhouette of light and crystallized before radiating a magnificent light that gave her entire form color and warmth. She smiled warmly, opening her eyes as the Pumpkinheart rested in her hands. The glow of the Amber Moon cooled around her and left her soft, fleshy form; the new High Seraph, Magna Signis.

"Hmhmhm... Happy Birthday, Nii-chan..."

She was happy to be reunited with her family where she belonged and to have a place in the family the same as her elder brother, Pumpkinhead. They two would find their place in this world and each become the guardians of the Fourth Restriction. All that was left was to take the Pumpkinheart to Magnus Ignis... And then the both of them would be connected to it.

"I've successfully captured Pumpkinheart, Triere... What shall I do with it? Shall we return it to Magnus so Nii-chan may take his form?"

"I will take it," Blue quickly interjected, lifting the Crystal Heart from Signis' hands in a glittering diamond dust gust of minuscule crystal gems of variable color. Pouring from it would be mystical crystals made up of tiny fragments of the Pumpkinheart, which would be quickly regenerated just as fast as the shards were broken apart. As they came together, they would form Matrem Crysta, whose light resonated and reflected Magna Signis' in an inverse, but completely balanced and equal manner. Her hair did not have the same lustrous burning glow as Signis, so it was cool and silver rather than warm and amber. Yet, her body seemed to harbor certain warmth that tinted her flesh in a balanced mixture of this color, making her physical form despite the entire area around her being ice cold. The dazzling gleam of the lights littered around her borne of the shimmer of the miniature gemstone Chrysms that she held power over resembled starlight winking and blinking in the night sky, the Red Sun coming to a deep cool.

A robe of twilight, almost like the night sky, or perhaps deep space would form from the darkness and wrap around her body, coating her in the same black shadow that once masked her form before as Blue. Yet, her face remained visible and filled with light, and the Chrysms continued to hover around her body.

"It would be best if I took it to him..."

Blue began a certain type of Resonance with the Pumpkinheart in order to amplify its power within her and begin to magnify the power of the Chrysms that were swirling around her, bestowing them with greater power from the elemental energies of the Crystal Heart. "Besides. This form is incomplete until the new Vessel is made for it from the remnants of the old Pumpkinhead. It is building from the energy, but is still weak." She could see from the cool blue flame that it was, so to speak, still extremely weak... Much to much to be powering anything. "Even if we bind its power to Magnus, he is not the one that is meant to bear it. He is supposed to be contained by it, the same way you are..." Matrem Crysta herself had to create the one that was supposed to be made of the Crystal Heart; Triere's new brother, the Second Shinsangel. Ultimately, she, being the Judgemaster, had the final decree, even over both Signis and Blue, given that they were only fragments of Triere. "What do you think is best, Triere?"

The bickering of Signis and Blue, even if it was meant to be helpful, did nothing but bring Triere's head into a tizzy. She maintained her peace, however, closing her eyes and furrowing her brow so that she could concentrate. She ruffled her hair a bit, trying to figure out the best course of action, and before too long, she knew exactly what needed to be done.

"Signis, you meet up with Magnus; Blue, you stay here," she said, crossing her arms, "Someone needs to watch over the Pumpkinheart and the other needs to transfer its energy. So since Signis needs to be reunited with Magnus anyway, I need you here, Blue, to keep it all under control in case sparks start flying." Interaction between two powerful cores, even if one was the Sun and the other was the Moon, meant that there was a possibility of the energies getting too unstable due to each of their magnanimous power over the stars, nature and elements. "Pumpkinheart is container of the Red Sun and Amber Moon, the primary power sources of the Veritas... But without all of its components from which to draw energy from, it won't have enough energy to power its part of the Veritas." She knew that it had to be protected and kept safe until it was time for it to be restored. "It must stay here. But since you two and Magnus are connected to it, if you two interact, then you will share in his power and he will share in the Pumpkinheart's anyway, which will restore its power faster. Once you meet with Magnus, Signis, the Fourth Moon should be complete." (4:44)

Once the Fourth Moon fell into place, then everyone could relax a little bit and enjoy everything being completely worked out. Hopefully.

It seemed that, even in their cooperative state, some old habits of theirs would die a little hard, for Signis and Blue were on edge; not about fighting each other, but about trying to help one another. Even so, Triere, as usual, came up with the best and most logical solution that settled everything immediately.

"That does make the most sense... Well then, I won't waste any time." She had the most important part to play, being the one who is the Fourth Moon and all. "Until you need me again, Triere," she remarked, dispersing into pure light and spreading across the Dawn. She would, after catching the wave of Magnus Ignis' energy spreading around the Veritas, trace it all the way back to him in order to waste no time in tracking him down and going straight to where he was. Though her energy lingered about the air, her physical form was no more, and would appear where Magnus resided.

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.

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