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 Kaerei, Spirit Of The Black Swamp Of The Damned

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Kaerei, Spirit Of The Black Swamp Of The Damned - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Kaerei, Spirit Of The Black Swamp Of The Damned   Kaerei, Spirit Of The Black Swamp Of The Damned - Page 4 EmptySun Aug 04, 2019 2:00 pm

First topic message reminder :

Kaerei's Myth
Kaerei... The demon spirit of the black swamp... Most who enter her swamp sign their spirit over to her... Predicting their death. Kaerei... Totally insane in the worst possibly way... psychotic shaman.... heretic... spirt. It is not known of where or when Kaerei actually comes from, for little is known about her as a person. No one lives to tell the tales of her, but those who do can say this... Her swamp is alive. It is under her control. She is the swamp, one with it... The Black Swamp of Damnation. The swamp seems to be a secret place that is only stumbled upon by accident, also why no one knows about Kaerei. It also is said to move to her own will, making it even more mysterious. It is unknown as to whether Kaerei herself is a spirit, whether she is a human, a frog or something else entirely... Or perhaps all of them. Her body, totally immune to acids and poisons whatsoever. No type of toxins or diseases can best her, which explains why she can live in such living conditions for such an incredibly long time. She has control over spirits as if they were part of her... And they just might be. All of the souls of the ones she's killed, and perhaps some that have just wandered into her power. She has control over all frogs, amphibians and reptiles whatsoever, and those not under her influence are quickly changed due to her... powers. In this evil swamp of hers, she also does... Voodoo. Those who do know of her, as few as they may be, know that she is the master of Voodoo dolls and rituals, making her one of business as well. The price for some of her voodoo magic is your spirit, however, making you a type of soulless being that works under her command. She also has a very wide selection of various poisons and acids, the most in the universe. These can be used for instant death, a fatal disease or... many other things of the like. Her purpose in this world is completely unknown, but she may just live her as a ferryman for souls... such is Kaerei, the dangerous, shamanistic heretic spirit of the Black Swamp.

Kaerei used to reside in the Nightmare Village, though wasn't really that active because of her secluded and psychotic nature... She used to work under the Earth King, who she referred to as her 'Diamond Master.' She seems to be taking her loner path again, following orders from no one but herself. That was the life she liked best. Under the control of her diamond master, however, she acquired Sage Mode, which is very powerful for her. She has the power to summon up unnatural energy which she can use to her will to increase her power by a great amount. Another thing she did under her 'Diamond Master' was kill one of her own in combat. It was a cruel and fatal death, but that was Kaerei's favorite kind, of course. Kaerei also fought in a battle against the Demon King, in retrospect, was never finished, and also fought against a team member of hers and accidentally changed her life. Kaerei accidentally stuck part of her spirit inside of the Aethereal via a Voodoo doll and it has manifested itself into another being entirely inside of her known as Kuiin. Kaerei only felt remorse because of what would happen if her former Diamond Master found out, but now that she is not with him, she will use this to her advantage to track down and kill the Aethereal, thus taking back the energy that is rightfully hers. Kaerei also senses a great insanity in this village of Reality... and she likes it. It fills her with a further lust for blood and spirits, and it is making her lose what little of her mind she has left... much like a few of the people in this village. As of right now, a black swamp has appeared in the Reality Village from seemingly nowhere surrounded by a thick, black mist... It is best that all do not check it out.

After some time alone, Kaerei was confronted by a deity. A snake deity, no less. She was going to kill her, however Medusa offered something that Kaerei needed... Soul abilities and Magical Lilypads and the Black Dragon Blood, as well as the ability to change into a Soul Weapon. Kaerei humbly accepted Medusa's gifts in exchange for Medusa being able to come and ask her for anything that she needed and for an Earth Potion... With that, Kaerei became A Weapon, however she had 3 weapons inside of her; A File, a Hook, and accidentally a Syringe. Those would be useful. With that, Kaerei became dormant once again, humbly mixing potions in her swamp... Until she thought about something. She wanted to have concentrated power. More speed. She was already quite speedy, but she was not blindingly fast. She needed to be smaller... Lighter... Nimbler (if that was possible) and sleek. This called for her to become smaller, a child, no less. While in her child form, or as she calls it, 'Tama Form,' Kaerei can move at unimaginable speeds that makes her invisible, not even a blur to leave a trace of her trail. Her hair is pony tails that she can use as blades, helicopters or stretch it out like whips or something. Her dress acts as a parachute now and when she spins, she can cut and poison things, since the dress is razor sharp and her entire body has poisonous and acidic toxins all over. Her gloves have the highest concentration of natural poison and acid, meaning that getting touched with her gloves was more than lethal. Her gloves were also extremely durable and coated with magic given to her by Medusa and some lingering magic that was used to change her, meaning that her gloves could not only deliver extremely powerful blows, but could also deflect various attacks and large objects and whatnot. Her fingers are also incredibly sharp, like that of a blade, though they may not look it. How very useful.

Kaerei's anatomy is very complex and detailed, compared to most others'. Her entire body is adapted to many conditions that normal people would not be able to survive, and works similarly to a conjunction of many, many different species of frogs in one. To start from the top, her hair is long, straight and silver, and as an adult, it would flow down all the way to her waist. As a child, it is made into two very large and unkempt pigtails on either side of her head. The strands of her hair are able to be sharpened, stiffened, elongated and controlled at her every will and whim, making them a weapon within themselves. Moving down to her eyes, they are very special, being able to see any sort of invisible object, any spirit/supernatural entity and able to trace and assess the power of these things. Her eyes are also coated in a special film that allows her to see clearly in any sort of water she swims in, no matter how dense, murky or dark. This also allows her to see through mist and hindering gases, hence why she can see clearly through her own. Kaerei's mind is virtually insane in all ways, leaving her to be a very deadly and misunderstood person. With a mind like that, she is typically an erratic person in general. Kaerei's nose is special, for she can smell specific fumes in the air released by living things. With these fumes, she can smell changes in emotion via chemical properties, she can locate movement of people anywhere within a certain distance, and she can decipher any other gases in the area that may not be noticeable to any other people. Kaerei's ears are very keen as well, only because she can pick up many different sounds and decipher them all at once. This assists her in pinpointing her prey. Kaerei's mouth is one of her most important features. Her salivary glands are specially made to produce acid and toxins, which her mouth is generally always coated in. The intensity of the acid and toxins increase or decrease depending on her emotions. Generally, these will break down whatever enters her mouth and destroy anything that will harm her body before it is able to enter her body. However, this links into her stomach acids being so incredibly powerful that Kaerei can consume literally anything, so it doesn't matter much. Back to Kaerei's mouth, she can regurgitate and instantly produce a seemingly infinite amount of acid or toxins right from there, using those for attacks. Her toxins are so powerful, that even 0.00000000000000000000000000001oz is enough to kill a skilled Jounin in the shinobi world. Not only that, but she can release foam from her mouth with the same property. In addition to this, her larynx and vocal cords are very, very, VERY highly adapted, allowing her to make almost any noise at any pitch or volume, be it a croak, a gentle and beautiful song, or just her raspy, froggy voice. Her croaks have enough power to shatter mountains if concentrated well enough, making her voice very powerful. Her croaks and calls can be made to sound like any frequency, be it the call of a bird, clicking of rocks, the trill of a cricket or anything. Kaerei's voice can make any sound on the sound spectrum perfectly, and thus this allows her to mimic people's voices, as well. Also, because she has so much experience in the art of sound waves, Kaerei can generate sounds that can relate to any of the senses, meaning she may be able to create illusions and trick the mind, turn off senses of others who hear her voice, etc. It depends on the reception. Finally, she is able to talk to animals, but more specifically, amphibians and reptiles, being able to control them with just her voice, making her even more deadly.

Kaerei's body is just as complex and detailed as her head is. Kaerei's skin is very smooth and extremely permeable, but is covered in films of very, very strong acids and toxins at all times, making sure nothing is able to penetrate her extremely permeable skin. Not only this, but her toxins and acids provide insulation and keeps her body temperature stable at all times, even through cold and heat. Her skin also allows her to absorb liquids and restore her own health by doing this, if she wills it. Lastly, she is able to change the pigmentation of her body at will, so she may alter her color to any color on the spectrum, even infrared or ultraviolet, making her totally unseen even to those who track by heat vision. This also allows her to mimic the image of whomever she has seen before to the very t. Her skin is also extremely stretchy, mostly in the cheeks for storing up acids and poisons. Using her stretchy skin and moveable, flexible bones, she can lodge herself into any crevice, no matter how small or tight. Though it is very stretchy and permeable, under special conditions, she can harden the liquid film around her body to fortify her skin, causing her to become rough and hard, difficult to harm, but then completely dry. Her skin is able to sense the most subtle of vibrations in the atmosphere, be it normally, in the earth, in the air or in the water, alerting her to threats or prey. Also, Kaerei has both lungs and gills, and has the ability to breathe through her skin, if she wants, as well as through the water with ease. Kaerei's skin also allows her great water resistance as well as the ability to float along water, or, if she truly wants to, to 'walk on water.' Kaerei's organs are also adapted to these acids and toxins. Kaerei's bones are extremely flexible and tough, almost to the point of that they are incapable of being broken. If they are dislocated, Kaerei is easily able to snap them back into place. Kaerei's blood and any other liquids in her body are made completely of the highest types of acids and toxins, as well as been infected by the Black Blood thanks to Medusa. There are so many acids and toxins in her body that there is literally no type of poison that can affect or harm her body, and if there is, her body is made to instantly adapt to and take control of it. Her body cannot physically be harmed by acid at all, and her insides are so strong that she can drink any type of acid as if it were kool-aid, as stated before, her stomach acids are strong enough that Kaerei can literally consume and break down anything that enters her body. Kaerei's legs are her most powerful feature, giving her the ability of insanely precise acrobatics, balance and nimbleness. Also, they are powerful enough to launch her high into the air easily, and deliver incredibly powerful kicks. Because of her powerful legs, Kaerei is also a lot faster than most people consider her. Her legs are also made for swimming, and she moves even faster through water than she does on land (which is still very fast.) Finally, Kaerei's tongue is insanely long, reaching to great lengths and is extremely sticky, as well as coated in the same poisons and acids as the rest of her body. It's used for multiple purposes. Lastly, with her mystical powers, she can alter her age to her own will.

Kaerei, as an adult, wears a mostly skin-tight shirt with oversized, long sleeves, however it shows a large portion of her belly. She also wears skin-tight pants that seem to be very stretchy and flexible, as a special attribute for maximum movement and mobility of her legs in any direction. These are for maximum wind and water resistance in the air and through the water, making both liquid and wind slide off of her easily. Kaerei wears special shoes that allow her to have extremely good traction, or alternatively, get rid of any traction she has on her feet, depending on what she wishes. Around Kaerei's ankles and waist are extremely stretchy, compacted flaps which extend outward into parachutes. This is to allow her to float down from high areas and delay fall-time in the air.

Kaerei, as a child, has an entirely different wardrobe than as an adult. Her clothes are still specially made to resist her acids and toxins, however they are a little less efficient in other aspects than her adult form. For starters, she wears a black, white and gray striped, sleeveless dress, which provides the same mobility for her legs and also acts as a parachute in place of the flaps that are on her clothes as an adult. Also, because her dress is sleeveless, Kaerei wears extremely large, rubbery frog-themed gloves, which allows her to touch things without burning them, just like her sleeves do as an adult. Finally, Kaerei does not have boots anymore, but now has typical slippers on. They still provide the same ability of having great traction or no traction, but are not really as comfortable. She looks similarly to these two pictures.

Kaerei, as a senior, generally has attire that resembles her original self, however looser and more tattered. She wears garb with the same immunities a her original clothes, only they are tattered and cover her entire body; arms, legs and face, making her look more like an evil spirit as none of her limbs are able to be seen. This garb is also able to negate the effects of heat, light and the cold to keep her totally and completely fine through any harsh conditions, as it is blessed with her mystical power.

Kaerei's attire is specially made to fit her acidic and toxic capabilities, as well as her extremely drastic living conditions. Therefore, her clothes are specially made so that no acids can burn through. To ensure this, they are also blessed with shamanistic and druid magics. To start off, she wears an incredibly large, rubber-looking hat that resembles a traditional Japanese Straw Hat with giant, menacing frog eyes on them. These Frog Eyes seem to be directly linked with Kaerei's own mind, allowing her to see through them and show emotions through those eyes. Those eyes also have incredibly potent, hypnotic power as well as many other hidden abilities, as well as some hidden spiritual properties. As a child, her hat has changed into a hood, sporting the same eyes, however now colored purple. There is no difference in ability, only appearance.

Kaerei, the mysterious hermit/shaman/heretic frog girl who is the center of spirits from the black swamp, giving her the alias 'Spirit of the Black Swamp.' She is a loner, usually only heard singing an ominously eerie tune when people pass through her swamp "Gekogekogekori... Gekogekori.." She kills most who come to the black swamp, giving it the name. A psychopath to every extreme, less than no outside contact with other people except when she takes a life. She is twisted, demented, insane and destructive to the extreme, though when she is not in contact with any living creature, she is extremely docile and gentle... Though still very menacing, creepy and vile. Kaerei also seems to be highly adept at explosives, too, most of these being bombs. She has integrated her knowledge of explosives into some of her attacks (Such as the Swamp Grenade or her Geko Geko bombs). Not much is known about her, other than that she is not of this world. Her personality remains a very large mystery, as are a great many other things about this Frog Spirit.

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.

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The Veritas
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Kaerei, Spirit Of The Black Swamp Of The Damned - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kaerei, Spirit Of The Black Swamp Of The Damned   Kaerei, Spirit Of The Black Swamp Of The Damned - Page 4 EmptyWed Aug 21, 2019 11:53 am

Croak 73: Land of the Red Sun; Amber Moon's Move

Without much warning, nor time to respond before she was shot off in some arbitrary direction as a speeding wavelength, she would appear at the Land of the Red Sun, which harbored the Amber Moon as its core power source. She stared at it and at the sun, finding something familiar about the two of them; almost like they were two different power sources as cores despite being a 'Sun' and a 'Moon' respectively.

"... That's weird,"she muttered, feeling the deep connection shared between the two separated spirits of the Pumpkinhead. The younger one, the moon, seemed to resonate with the Crystal Heart that she harbored within her, almost like they were two of the same components. She felt, inexplicably, drawn to it. "... I feel like... I feel like I know... I know what these two things are..." Despite being a Tensei and retaining her memories, she was left in the dark about anything that was outside of herself, meaning that she was not allowed to partake in the shared knowledge of the Family Bond yet. Due to this, she only had feelings about the Red Sun and Amber Moon, but did not know anything definite. That was why this was so damn difficult for her; everyone else was cheating. Knowing everything and not telling her straight out and shit. (7:07)

"It feels like... We belong together... Like... Missing parts of the same whole...?" She couldn't believe it. In her entire life, she hadn't ever been able to understand this sort of feeling. She thought it was a sexual attraction, but it felt like something different. She couldn't help but to be lost in thought about things that she was feeling inside but not quite understanding just yet. "... Man... When I look at this thing... I see a sexy redhead... Hahaha..." One with relatively nice tits... That didn't take any shit... A badass, like she was... "*hhhssssssshhh...*" she would begin to drool at the thought of her... before slurping it back up between her teeth like it hadn't happened. "Damn, why can't I find me a sexy bitch like that?"

When the time was right for her to awaken, Magna Signis, who retained her memory as Pumki, Corona (Megaera) and Signis, would groggily rub her eyes, as though she'd been sleeping for a long time. She could feel around her body a soothing chill, like the loving embrace of a very cold being keeping her heat from spilling over and destroying everything around her. She had awaken to see a beautiful land that was no longer barren by the blazing Red Sun, nor cast into the Blue Shadow. "... Blue...?" she muttered to herself, her consciousness slowly returning to her. "... Oh... What happened...?" Before she could even be gratified with an answer, a great hand attached to her and connected her immediately to the source of everything she was left in the dark about; Triere, her Insangel... Rather, a Shinsangel, now. Signis' awakening as Magna Signis was a testament to that.

"... Well now... Seems as though the Red Queen has been served, then..." she smiled happily, finding a sudden peace in being near Blue now, rather than being bitter rivals with her. Their age old battle had come to an end and they rested in peace with 'Priere.' Now, all that was left for them to do was to return home. "Hmmm... But who is this one...?" She inspected closely. The image of a beautiful young matron of about the same height and form as Tifa, though wrapped in flame and with a bulbous pumpkin head would gaze at her, inspecting the cavity where the Crystal Heart was being carried. "... Oh... There, I see now. Here to return the Heart to its proper place, then, and complete this Moon?" (7:47)

"What?" she said, as though being pulled out of a deep daydream about pumpkins and sexy red headed girls, "... Uh... Yeah, yeah definitely all of that. If you know how to get that done, I'm... I'm for it." She seemed mesmerized by this fire, and looking into it and seeing the shape of the same pumpkin head that had been dancing about her memory for quite a while was fascinating to her. For some reason, pumpkins seemed to be a recurring thing any and everywhere that she could find any relation to these two great bulbous red blots. In fact, with this one, she felt her stellar powers start to flare up a bit, and her hair become a blazing amber, similarly to the color of the burning Moon itself. "... Huh... He was right, then..." she said under her breath, not wanting to believe the words of that shady white haired guy. But, lo' and behold, he was right, and she could feel the missing piece of her that was this stellar power she had no control over previously rising up in tandem with the appearance of this girl. (8:08)

"Looks like it's about that time, then...?"

For some reason, fond memories of her father, Valerio Lombardi, came to her mind... The sensation filled her as the power of the stars escalated, almost like this was what the missing piece of her was that she'd been looking for... For so long, it was him. It was his birthday, after all.

"Ah... Happy Birthday, Pops," she said under her breath, proud to be wearing his name as an alias, even if she was a Tensei through and through now; L'sia and Lombardi only in spirit. (8:13) It was good that she would be able to receive his will in this way, and hopefully he would receive hers when she finally accepted control over this power and let it fill her completely, as the Light of the Crystal Heart had already done. She could feel his power coursing through her, and it radiated with the power of Magna Signis' projection. "Mmm... It feels warm, actually... Filled with love..." Who would have thought that, even from whatever planet he dipped off to, they were still connected? It brought a sense of serenity and peace to Tifa that she hadn't ever known as just 'Chita.' This was the Love that she had been looking for all this time from her Mother who knew nothing of it, herself. It was the L'sia curse, after all; rather, the Devourist curse.

... Even now, wherever she was, Tifa hoped that her 'mother,' who was now probably nothing more than her sister, was able to feel and understand this Love as well, considering that they were connected through the Crystal Heart, as Tifa made CERTAIN to do before her reincarnation as a full Tensei. (8:18)

At that moment, from her slumber, just as deep as what was undergone by Signis, Blue would awaken in her true form; a form that was, after being reunited with Signis in harmony, given Color and Light, shimmering with the light of the stars trapped in crystalline gems. They, the Lucicrystals, which drew from the power of the Queen of All Stars, Magna Signis, would be filled with the light of all of the elements and the celestial power of the heavens. Blue, who had the light shining on her now, would be revealed as 'Matrem Crysta,' a beautiful mistress that had merely undergone the alias of 'Blue' in order to keep tabs on everything going on from the shadows. She, being royalty, wasn't supposed to do this, but it was for the sake of the Shizukana Ao, her realm cast in the Blue Shadow, as well as for Triere, who was the overseer.

After the grand and epic battle with Signis once she became corrupted by the Insanity and used the power of the Red Sun to destroy her entire land, she threatened to do the same to the land trapped in the Blue Shadow. However, with the instruction of Triere herself, Blue was able to overcome Signis and keep her nice and cool until the time came for the both of them to awaken with their powers in harmony and no longer in opposition. With that, balance would also be found within Triere herself; her Fire and her Ice to counteract and yet work with each other. 'Blue,' who was classified as a 'Phantom' in her previous form, could actually bear to reveal herself in the light... And, like a glittering goddess adorned with gleaming gems, she was beautiful.

"... Signis...? You're awake...?" After feeling and seeing the awakening of Signis down below through a fiery manifestation that appeared before Tifa, Blue knew that it was time for her to act as well. She rose up slowly from the top of the Amber Moon and floated gently toward the ground, not touching it, but only hovering ever so slightly above just as she were about to touch down, not unlike the Shinsangel from which she hailed. "... That means that... the Dragon is here..." She, too, peered at the girl, Tifaret, and gazed at L'sia, the Crystal Heart. "... The Heart that was corrupted by the original Skull Girl... Zita... And which used her power over Skulls to run rampant on its own... It seems as though it's power has finally been tamed by a L'sia..."

Because of Chita, she did not walk down the same path as her mother and become the new 'Skull Girl,' harboring Skull Magic like her mother, who abused the Crystal Heart, did. Instead of becoming Black, the darkness melted away and revealed its true colors; just the same as Blue. Made of crystal, one was able to see what 'Crystalheart's' true nature was only after breaking through the thick layer of darkness and revealing the Light inside; that which was supposed to harbor the Light of All Stars. "This is... What we were supposed to return to..." She reached her hand out to touch Magna Signis, whose fiery silhouette matched what looked to be a mixture of Tifa and Blue together. "... You. Touch us. You're the final piece of our Trinity..." This was what she knew  for a fact. After the three of them touched, then the 'Mistral' would be complete. She didn't know her place, but Blue could see in the Crystal Heart that she was the one; that is why she bore it. The Keeper of Light... of Love.

The Crystal Heart felt the vibrations of the Queen of Stars pulsating from beyond the unknowing Tifa's chest, which started to bring the Light of Love that was the Crystal Blood to a boil. It became hot, seething with the power of the stars; the cosmos spiraling into a single point of activation. At that moment, from her chest, the great, long neck of the Dragon extended outward and up high into the sky, peering down at the giant Amber Moon blazing before it.

"... The Core..." she muttered, gazing down at Magna Signis, closing her eyes, "Mmm... It feels warm... I missed this feeling..." Yet, down below, there was something else; the Crystal Body. Both of these two Chrysms; Solchrysm and Lunechrysm, were two fragments of the Crystal Heart. "The warmth of the Blood... and the Flesh to contain it..." As she was, L'sia was nothing more than concentrated light itself. Though she could retain her form outside of the confines of the Crystal Heart's chambers in light form, she could not physically take on any shape beyond it without the Blood and the Body; that which were the Red Dragon, Carnage and the Blue Dragon, Frostbite. "... It's time to come home then, children..." She would extend her long, bronchial neck down from on high and meet the eye of both Magna Signis and Matrem Crysta, connecting the power of the Crystal Heart to them. At that point, they would be drawn into the Crystal Dragon and, in resonance, become one with her. At the same time would the Amber Moon be consumed by the great Dragon, letting its power fill the Crystal Heart.

"Ah... The boy inside of the Zero World... He has been waiting..." the Dragon murmured to herself, having watched Pumpkinhead struggle in painful misery. (5:52) Even now, he waited patiently and quietly in the background for his time to come. And that time was now. "That child has waited long enough..." Even though he was noble enough to allow others to go before him, it was decided unanimously by Serulenia and L'sia, on behalf of all the other Shinsanities, that he be brought back first. After ingesting the two pieces that would extend the Crystal Heart, L'sia closed her eyes, the Crystal Heart stripping itself from the Void Girl's cavity, "... And so has this one..." She knew that the two of them were the Lost Children that were confined to the Zero World's curse because there was no love for either of them before; yet now, through the workings of the Crystal Heart, that would come to pass. And so, with Magna Signis and Matrem Crysta bound as the same being, L'sia would take the power of Tifa, the bearer, and combine all of their powers... Whilst, simultaneously, putting the Fourth Moon in place where it was supposed to be.

Tifa, mesmerized by the pumpkins dancing before her in the flame, and the thought of that super cute redhead that looked pretty delicious to her, could barely hear the words of neither Magna Signis nor Matrem Crysta, for her visions of the Pumpkin were just too powerful to ignore. In her daze, however, the Crystal Heart seemed to act on its own, sprouting from her chest as a magnificent dragon made of pure light. "Woah... Crystalheart...?" She did not know its true name nor nature, since she was merely the carrier of it. She hadn't seen what happened that made this Dragon come out, but apparently, something went on with the Crystal Heart elsewhere that made it so powerful suddenly. She continued to watch in awe, unsure of what to do about it all, herself. Yet, somehow, it seemed like trusting in the Heart got things taken care of itself. She saw, as it consumed the giant Amber Moon and both the fiery apparition and the crystalline woman simultaneously, the vision of that redhead coming into fruition... And, at the same time, that Pumpkin power surging through herself.

"Gh..." she clenched her chest, trying to stop the light from pouring out, but instead, it seemed to start taking its own form outside of her chest. It didn't hurt, it just felt really weird... Like overwhelming power that she could barely control pouring out and running over. "Wha... When did you get so strong, Crystalheart...?" She wasn't sure what was going on, but she felt inside of herself a change occurring... Something powerful. Like all of the light that was within the heart was pouring into her whilst, at the same time, the Heart itself was giving itself its own form. She felt it; like a powerful Wavelength, and it would cause her hair to gain a shimmering silvery sheen; a luster that looked like pure light given shape and form. It completely encompassed her, allowing the Will of Tensei to fill her body as well as the energy of L'sia to merge with it and her Lombardi blood, immediately activating her celestial power and amplifying it to lengths she was not aware  that she could reach. This power would spill into the manifestation pouring from the Crystal Heart, where her power would be shared and linked to what was being formed...

"... Woah... Is this what Tear set me up for...?"

With all of the energy pouring from the Crystal Heart; rather, the Crystal Heart itself taking a new shape and form, the image of the young one that was the combination of the three women before would emerge from the light, her skin glittering brightly in the light of the Red Sun, floes of snow sparkling around her before they spontaneously melted. Brought from her patient waiting from the Hotspot in the Sun, she would stand before Tifa as a shimmering Shinsangel; the first of her kind, as she was the first of the Insangels previously. Her entire form lit up light a shining goddess of crystal, and once she was complete, her blazing red eyes opened up to peer at the one who kept her inside. With Signis and Blue, who were now Magna Signis and Matrem Crysta, returned to her vessel, as well as the missing component that was Tifa, Triere would return to this world as the great Crystal Heart itself; the Heart of the Veritas. No longer would it be that dragon, nor the L'sia themselves at all. It was now only Tensei, and that Tensei's name was Triere, the Judgemaster.

"Ah... Back in the mainland... Home, sweet home..." she said nonchalantly, like none of that spectacular shit that just occurred happened at all in order to bring her back in her completed form. In fact, she pretty much brushed it off as it was nothing, leaving Tifa to stand there and do... Whatever she was gonna do. "Huh? Oh, yeah, the Forgotten Hero's looking for you," she'd mention before minding her business and going about her business. "Okay, Perura... Your turn!" Where the Amber Moon's heat once radiated outward, after being contained inside of Triere, it would be cooled and leave only a gentle snow falling all around where the air became cooled exceptionally fast, even under the light of the Red Sun. (6:39) This snowfall in the light made a glorious rainbow appear through the sky, for it was supposed to be impossible for snow to fall in the Land of Great Fire. She, herself, was an anomaly, and creating many more spontaneously, as a signal to the forthcoming of a new day... A new Dawn.

"Let's start the New Year off right... Hmph. Of course it would be ME. I'm ME, after all." She flipped her hair, letting everything sift from the falling snow behind her, like opening a bottle of champagne and letting it sift all over the Dawn. The snow would eventually spread outward over the entire continent, and soon, would sift into the rest of the Veritas. All three of Khrona's daughters were finally where they belonged, keeping the land stable. She would be the end of the old Veritas and the beginning of the New Veritas; Triere Tensei.

"Absolute Final Wonderland."
And, on the mark of the rising Red Sun that would hit the glitter freeze, like confetti, the world would come together as the Tensei saw fit.

"It is done."
"Happy New Year, Veritas! Buahahaha!" <3

After the appearance of the Crystal Goddess, she who was the Judgemaster and the Heart of the Veritas, a portal would open and draw in Tifa, a hand reaching down and snatching her up before the portal closed off behind her. There, she would be taken to Hifen, the Hotspot in the Sun, where the Guardians of the Fourth Moon were to watch over the worlds from within their vacation home in the sun. There, the remainder of the awakening process would occur.

From the Crystal Heart born anew, the new vessel was born in place of the old; the Second Shinsangel, hatching from incubation. Like an eggshell, the Crystal Heart broke apart and released the second child. That which would be Pumpkinhead's vessel from now on. And, with the old Crystal Heart destroyed by the sacrifice giving herself up to the Light, the Crystal Heart took on a new shape, and in place of L'sia what would now be known as...

Pumpkinheart; the Crystal Heart.
"In this Town..."
"We call Home..."
"Everyone Hail to the"
"Pumpkin Song."

From the Pumpkinheart that formed from the Old Energy of the Crystal Heart after merging with the New energy of the Crystal Goddess was Magna Signis, who would soon take on physical form. Where her shape was originally just a burning flame, as all Lanterns were, with the new addition to the Crystal Heart, something better could be born; something of flesh. Magna Signis' hands shaped from the Light that took form all around the silhouette of light and crystallized before radiating a magnificent light that gave her entire form color and warmth. She smiled warmly, opening her eyes as the Pumpkinheart rested in her hands. The glow of the Amber Moon cooled around her and left her soft, fleshy form; the new High Seraph, Magna Signis.

"Hmhmhm... Happy Birthday, Nii-chan..."

She was happy to be reunited with her family where she belonged and to have a place in the family the same as her elder brother, Pumpkinhead. They two would find their place in this world and each become the guardians of the Fourth Restriction. All that was left was to take the Pumpkinheart to Magnus Ignis... And then the both of them would be connected to it.

"I've successfully captured Pumpkinheart, Triere... What shall I do with it? Shall we return it to Magnus so Nii-chan may take his form?"

"I will take it," Blue quickly interjected, lifting the Crystal Heart from Signis' hands in a glittering diamond dust gust of minuscule crystal gems of variable color. Pouring from it would be mystical crystals made up of tiny fragments of the Pumpkinheart, which would be quickly regenerated just as fast as the shards were broken apart. As they came together, they would form Matrem Crysta, whose light resonated and reflected Magna Signis' in an inverse, but completely balanced and equal manner. Her hair did not have the same lustrous burning glow as Signis, so it was cool and silver rather than warm and amber. Yet, her body seemed to harbor certain warmth that tinted her flesh in a balanced mixture of this color, making her physical form despite the entire area around her being ice cold. The dazzling gleam of the lights littered around her borne of the shimmer of the miniature gemstone Chrysms that she held power over resembled starlight winking and blinking in the night sky, the Red Sun coming to a deep cool.

A robe of twilight, almost like the night sky, or perhaps deep space would form from the darkness and wrap around her body, coating her in the same black shadow that once masked her form before as Blue. Yet, her face remained visible and filled with light, and the Chrysms continued to hover around her body.

"It would be best if I took it to him..."

Blue began a certain type of Resonance with the Pumpkinheart in order to amplify its power within her and begin to magnify the power of the Chrysms that were swirling around her, bestowing them with greater power from the elemental energies of the Crystal Heart. "Besides. This form is incomplete until the new Vessel is made for it from the remnants of the old Pumpkinhead. It is building from the energy, but is still weak." She could see from the cool blue flame that it was, so to speak, still extremely weak... Much to much to be powering anything. "Even if we bind its power to Magnus, he is not the one that is meant to bear it. He is supposed to be contained by it, the same way you are..." Matrem Crysta herself had to create the one that was supposed to be made of the Crystal Heart; Triere's new brother, the Second Shinsangel. Ultimately, she, being the Judgemaster, had the final decree, even over both Signis and Blue, given that they were only fragments of Triere. "What do you think is best, Triere?"

The bickering of Signis and Blue, even if it was meant to be helpful, did nothing but bring Triere's head into a tizzy. She maintained her peace, however, closing her eyes and furrowing her brow so that she could concentrate. She ruffled her hair a bit, trying to figure out the best course of action, and before too long, she knew exactly what needed to be done.

"Signis, you meet up with Magnus; Blue, you stay here," she said, crossing her arms, "Someone needs to watch over the Pumpkinheart and the other needs to transfer its energy. So since Signis needs to be reunited with Magnus anyway, I need you here, Blue, to keep it all under control in case sparks start flying." Interaction between two powerful cores, even if one was the Sun and the other was the Moon, meant that there was a possibility of the energies getting too unstable due to each of their magnanimous power over the stars, nature and elements. "Pumpkinheart is container of the Red Sun and Amber Moon, the primary power sources of the Veritas... But without all of its components from which to draw energy from, it won't have enough energy to power its part of the Veritas." She knew that it had to be protected and kept safe until it was time for it to be restored. "It must stay here. But since you two and Magnus are connected to it, if you two interact, then you will share in his power and he will share in the Pumpkinheart's anyway, which will restore its power faster. Once you meet with Magnus, Signis, the Fourth Moon should be complete." (4:44)

Once the Fourth Moon fell into place, then everyone could relax a little bit and enjoy everything being completely worked out. Hopefully.

It seemed that, even in their cooperative state, some old habits of theirs would die a little hard, for Signis and Blue were on edge; not about fighting each other, but about trying to help one another. Even so, Triere, as usual, came up with the best and most logical solution that settled everything immediately.

"That does make the most sense... Well then, I won't waste any time." She had the most important part to play, being the one who is the Fourth Moon and all. "Until you need me again, Triere," she remarked, dispersing into pure light and spreading across the Dawn. She would, after catching the wave of Magnus Ignis' energy spreading around the Veritas, trace it all the way back to him in order to waste no time in tracking him down and going straight to where he was. Though her energy lingered about the air, her physical form was no more, and would appear where Magnus resided.

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Croak 74: Vacationing~! (Limited Time Deal!!!)

As the young mistress called for Tinasanti, the portal that appeared between them allowed her to see what was going on in the Hotspot. The same sort of portal marked with the Tensei seal spread in the dimensional rip before his eyes, separating the mainland from the outskirts. "What do you wish of me?" she asked, images of her hands swaying in the wavelengths whilst her actual arms remained affixed in perfect harmonious tranquility, awaiting their time to move in the cosmos.

"Right where we need to be; Where I left my soul," she muttered to herself mostly, waiting to be reunited with Signis after so long... Blue was watching her the entire time and keeping her safe and cool, but now it was, apparently, time yet again to make these moves. "Yes, Tina. Please escort Perura and I to the Amber Moon, and assist the Forgotten Hero with connecting to whomever he wishes to see for whatever reason..." She rolled her eyes, then turned to Perura... And, the Forgotten Hero, too, actually, since he probably didn't know, either, "... It's 'Triere' now, by the way. I earned my mark. (7:17)" They probably wouldn't understand what any of that 'Tensei' logic was, but it didn't make any difference save for what her name was now. And now they knew. When Tina made the connection, she would exit.

However, before she left, she had to do one last thing... She hovered over to the Forgotten Hero, giving him a kiss on his cheek, "I love you, too. That's why, whenever you want to see me... Come to this place, and I will meet you here..." She knew what this was about, and she wanted to at least thank him in some way by letting him see whom he truly wished to see here. "At least I got to see you one more time... Like this, I mean." Next time they saw each other, she'd be looking at him through a different set of Tensei eyes... It was a shame that they didn't work out, though, honestly. But, they would always have Hifen. And he'd probably find someone better for him than she was, anyway. For her, this was closure. Now they could end on a good note and visit anytime. "See ya. It's been real." She gave him the 'Peace Out' sign cutely with her fingers, grabbing Perura's hand so that when the transfer occurred, they would simply be prepared to go together.

Once given her instructions, Tina would immediately collect both Triere and Perura from the Hotspot in the Sun and, at the same time, once feeling some direction from Tear, extend her hand to the Fourth Moon, where Triere and Perura wished to be connected to.

Simultaneously, she would look to the Forgotten Hero from the other side of the translucent seal and inquire, "Who do you wish to see?"

"As you wish," she responded clearly, pulling the strings on the grand Crystal Nexus and pulling from the end of the thread one that was tied closely to the Forgotten Hero; she whom he previously knew as 'Chita.' A portal opened up and dropped her from where she was previously, as if exchanging places with Triere on the spot. "Here is Tifaret C.Lombardi." After completing the connection, Tina would immediately close the portal until her services were needed again. With that, Tifa and the Forgotten Hero were left to do as they saw fit within the isolated realm. (6:59)

Without having any time to even comprehend what all had just occurred before her eyes, and even within herself, Tifa was taken elsewhere, yet again, as though she were just flung in another direction by Tear. Though, this time, it didn't seem to be Tear's doing at all. No, there was a difference in the way the energy flowed. She wasn't sure who that redhead was, nor why there were pumpkins involved, but something about it just... clicked inside of her. Like she knew some things that previously were being kept from her.

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
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Croak 75: Bataille d'Espace

"Update Complete," muttered Tinasanti after having finished inserting the Data into the Pandoire. All those of the 9th and Below would be able to update the Pandoire automatically simply by existing, and Tinasanti was the Octogod that was instructed to do so. "Data from Dimensia to the Dream successfully transferred to the Dawn."

With that, the Curse of Malfortuna brought on by Black Friday was broken Forever and For Good. This sent a surge of residual, purified energy down from the 13th all the way to the 9th, which would reach its central point of the 8th. That done, Tinasanti could continue as planned.

"Connection Complete," she would say absolutely, "Initializing Crowning of Shinrona and Shinnia; Altering Space."

Suddenly, in the midst of his flight with his daughter, Shinity, in attempting to teach her how to use the power of Genesis for herself, Shinrona would find himself shifted into different dimensional coordinates without his doing. He was brought upon the same Maregenesis that he rode into the Veritas on back in front of The Veritas herself, gazing up at the Octogod in slight shock.

"Oh, my!! Is it really that Time already?!" He chuckled, sighing with relief, "... Haha. I almost didn't notice, having so much fun with my family." He would look through the Eyes of the Maregenesis he had bestowed upon Shinity now, which would guide her in the path of her Father's Shadow, leaving behind all such necessary knowledge and information she would ever need to access with and through the Galaxy Pegasus she rode atop. "... I hope she will be alright... The very world itself just pushed her out of the nest and told her to fly..."

"That Aside..." said the Veritas, staring over to her Father with a smile, "You do know what must be done now, right?" Of course he knew. Why was she even asking Him such a question?

"Here is your crown again, Khrona Tensei. Welcome Back, Father." Tina would give Khrona his Crown, giving him a kiss on his cheek, "Thanks for teaching Us Everything We Know. And Now... We Will Make You Proud, Father."

Once the Crown that had been passed from the 13th, 12th, 11th, 10th and taken from the 9th by the hands of the 8th would Veritas Tensei place the Crown on her own 'Crown,' who was her Father that knew Everything... For, he was the Crown of the Family.

"Everyone Hail to the Pumpkin Song."

"Hahaha! Of Course, Dear Daughters!!!" He said with enthusiasm, humbly bowing in order to accept his Crown, "As you know, I am the Crown Jewel! Hmhmhm! 'Shinrona' isn't just an Honorific, after all. I am the True Crown; Khrona." With that, even he could assume his True form in the 8th, and assume his proper, rightful place in the Circle of Life. "The Promise..." he said with a loving smile, remembering the very day he made it, saw it and now... The fulfillment of it. And he remained silent with Joy and Peace as his body took on its new, 8th Restriction Form.


At that very moment, having established a connection between All Three Children, Shinnia would be pulled immediately from where she was, leaving the two Daughters to watch over and continue on from the Fifth Moon. From there, they would have to use their best judgment to make certain moves that would get everything where it needed to be in Time and Space in order to make it Reality, which would finalize their ascent into the 5th Restriction and allow them to Ascend.

"Altering Space"

Popping in just in time from out of whatever she was doing by the altering hands of the Octogod, she would be brought form her previous dimensional coordinates on the Fifth Moon, where she had been teaching their other two daughters whilst Shinrona was teaching Shinity. In that respect, all three of the Daughters were left alone at that point, where Shinnia and Shinrona would meet up with their Completed form, where they rose through the ranks and got everything together in their futures, wrapping everything up in the 8th Restriction, including the rejoining of the Broken Family into a single unit.

At first, she was a little shocked for it all to have happened so suddenly, but the way all of the events linked up was Absolutely Perfect. She smiled and watched the Transformation from the Crowning process, which would give those of the 8th a beautiful Blue color, much to her liking.

"Oho~? Looks like it's about that Time, huh..." she'd say with a cute cat-like smile on her face, as if she'd been anticipating this just as much as Shinrona had. "And, I you know what that means... Right, my dear~?" This was the most emotion she'd expressed openly for quite a while, now that she could See what was going to come next... And so could He.

"Yes, yes..." he muttered with a chuckle, taking off his own Crown and passing it to his Dearly Beloved, "... That was Perfect. Absolutely. Perfect." He would place it atop her head, allowing her to harness its power passed down from the 13th, 12th, 11th, 10th, 9th and now, to the 8th, where Shinnia would be able to ascend from the 5th straight into the 8th, where she was supposed to be.

"You got me, Vanilla-san." She was just right. Pulled the wool right over his eyes. Even he didn't see this coming, even though he did. It was beautiful; knowing and not knowing at the same time... For, that is what made the experience all the more worthwhile; the Journey. And now, even though they may have known what was to come, through their shared Experience together would it be Established and Binding, instead of just Said and Done. It was those Feelings and Invisible Energies that Bound things together, not the Physical Actions and Thoughts alone.

"I Love You, Tsuki-chan."
He would clear his throat, giving her 'The Stare,'
"And I Told You So."
Because she wasn't getting out of this without him saying THAT to her.

She would happily take the Crown off his hands and place it upon herself, where her hair would glow and change to a beautiful Green color, which is his favorite. It was to be this way because, well. Blue and Green are pretty much the same shade of color in Japanese, and so... Green is Blue and Blue is Green. Everything was a perfect match, even down to their exchange of favorite colors.

"... Yeah, Yeah..." she said, shrugging him off and making a cute shooing motion, "I Love You, Too." She would shoot him 'The Stare' right back at him,

"And Don't You Forget It This Time."

"I don't wanna hafta repeat myself."

She would promptly slap her hands together palm to back, as if insinuating 'Slappin a Hoe' or 'Collecting Money.' She then winked cutely at him and blew him a kiss.

Appalled and with mouth agape in awe, he would scoff at her and turn away from her playfully, smirking and crossing his arms, "Oho, is that right? It's Okay. I gotchu. Don't even worry about it." He would turn his back to her as well as his nose, stomping away from her in a huff. As soon as she blew him the kiss however, he would reach out from over his shoulder and snatch it in his hands, put it on his two fingers, place those two fingers on his lips and then return the favor with a two-fingered kiss, thrown outward and then split into the 'Peace'/'Victory' sign of his two fingers.

"Sayounara, Bitches~!"

From the Love she'd just given him, he'd have Spread that Love all across the Veritas, which was his Daughter, of whom had given him a kiss on the cheek earlier that he hadn't returned.

"Let's Wrap This Up, then! As a Family!!"
He would yank at Tsuki's chain, dragging her over to him as he would wait for the Finish,

Their daughter smiled, now feeling such emotions that had been learned and mastered in the 7th and were able to be connected to her now in the 8th through her Parents' Ascent/Descent. All was returning to Prime Order, and that meant Absolute Perfection Everywhere at All Times.

"I Love You, Two, Too!" She'd say, wrapping her arms around them and taking the Crown for herself, "Spiderman~!" she'd say, letting the Love Combination of her Parents form her True Self; Shinsei Veritas. And so, the True Veritas would be born under the True Union of the True Crowns of the Veritas; The Royal Family, Tensei.

"Say Cheese~!" And, in a flash, History was saved and the Data was Updated, to be sent to the rest of the World... The True Family in Peace.

"As Above..."
As it All Began...

"... Is Below."
And how it Begins...
"Rest in Peace."
"With Love."

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
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Croak 76:  Along the Crystal Bridges; From Dusk to Delta

Following Chroma and Krikor from the Dusk;

It didn't take too much time for them, traveling by shadow, to appear in the Crystal Nexus from the Dusk.

The light refracted upon the crystal ever so slightly, tinting all the atmosphere in an aurora that nearly resembled the northern lights. The bridges wound and coiled up, down and all around, yet each seemed to have their own individual pathways to each section of the Veritas. Many were marked with signs as to allow one to know just where they were going.

"Here we are. Edge of the Spectral Dusk; the Myst Continent. These are the Crystal Bridges, the branches of the tree that hold this world together. Wherever you're trying to go, it will show you the way and light up the path that you need to take so that you don't get lost. Unless you have some instantaneous transportation powers, you can't maneuver along the three continents without either going through the Dimensional Gateways or going up and down these Crystal Bridges."

Krikor looked over the Crystal Bridges, awestruck at their beauty. "It's...incredible," he said, looking at their various refractions. "My thanks again, Ms. Cheshire. I hope our paths cross again someday."

With that, a path lit up before Krikor. He took a deep breath and began following it, hoping it would lead to the Academy place that Cheshire had mentioned.

"Perhaps... Maybe without this mask on my face..." she said on the sly, prepping her shadow. But she knew what it meant for her to take off this mask... She did still need to work on that whole issue. But it would happen in due time, as her own story unfolded. "... Take care. Oh, but before I go... If you ever find yourself lost and in need of assistance... This world is alive. Call for the power of the World itself... Her name is Tinasanti, though we call her 'Tina.' If that's too much, just call upon the Veritas. That is the name of this world... The Veritas." She would see him off as the bridge was illuminated to his will, matching his wavelength in order to guide him to where he wished to go to.

"Good luck. And be careful. Try to take the safer paths, unless you wish to run into some of the creatures roaming around here."

She would wave at him, before disappearing in a ninja-esque blur. She had much work to do further in the Dusk.

As Krikor went about his way, he would eventually come to a large flatland of crystal, where many bridges connected on the large plane. Each of them went further up into the Delta, however, they would all go to a different point in the Delta; one of the outer regions that were connected directly to the Crystal Bridges. Eventually, he would hear a voice speak out to him, monotonous and partially digital, as though a computerized woman were speaking to him.

"Now entering 'Delta' region, the Mezzo Terra. Please choose your next destination."

"This technology is incredible, if it really is technology," Krikor thought, impressed by the magic and technology that made up this world. "I've never seen anything like this before." Not really knowing what to do next, Krikor said aloud, "I'm looking for someplace called the Academy. Can you give me directions there?"

"Please Wait..." the voice responded, calculating the paths that would be most efficient. After a moment or two of loading, one of the paths would go dark, whilst the other two would remain illuminated to illustrate that they would lead him to his destination.

"The pathways to the Mezzo Villa, the Central City as well as the Blossom's Steppe will inevitably lead you to your destination. The swiftest and most efficient route, given the variables of informative citizens to give directions, would be to take the path toward the Mezzo Villa, however the route through the Blossom's Steppe may prove to be the most peaceful. Currently, there seems to be an eerie storm over the city."

With those two pathways still illuminated before him, he would have the choice of taking either one.

"If you are in need of more information, do not hesitate to inquire. We are the Veritas; We know All about the Veritas that is Us. We are here to help with our extensive, complete and absolute knowledge. We know all. We answer all. There is nothing we cannot answer."

Krikor thought for a moment as to which path he would take. "What sort of storm is over the city?" he asked, wondering if he could do good for the people there if he were to go.

"Don't be hasty, Krikor," Ashcroft said in Krikor's mind. "If whatever's threatening this city is too strong, you will die. You can't do any good for anyone if you're dead."

"Asking for information never hurts, right?" Krikor thought back.

"A Lightning Storm," said Tina rather immediately, "Generated by a rare creature born of pure electrical energy. An Aethereal quintessence known as the 'Shinsanity of Lightning' that has taken form as a powerful 'Thunderbird,' one of the native creatures that roam this land."

She would immediately bring up a projection of what was occurring currently in the Mezzo Villa on another crystalline holographic projection caused by the refraction and reflection of light particles taken in from the atmosphere as though harboring data from beyond before concentrating the light into a visual before him, like shining a flashlight through a prism. However, instead of the colors coming out dispersed, they would instead come out as a movie in order to show the entirety of the events that had occurred in the Mezzo Villa.

"Although the largest concentration of the storm is over the Sacred Isle, the remainder of the city still seems to be enduring the residual effects. It is no more dangerous than a normal thunderstorm around the rest of the city, but the closer one is to get to the concentration at the Sacred Isle, the more dangerous it becomes. The Academy you seek of has shelter through a barrier that protects the school and is also very distant from the center of the storm and will provide viable protection."

When the movie was done playing, the light particles would disperse and return to being normal photons in the atmosphere.

"Will that be all?"

"Yes, thank you," Krikor replied. "Well, that was helpful," he thought to Ashcroft.

"Indeed. We must keep this being in mind if we have any questions about this new world," Ashcroft said. "So, which way are we going?"

Krikor pondered for a moment, then decided to take the most direct route to the Academy.

"Confirmed," the voice said, before isolating the route to the 'Mezzo Villa,' the Central City, "This is the most direct route; through the Central City. You will find the Academy to be the largest building in the city, equal in height to a tower across town. It is easy to spot from any point in the city."

Before him, a large image of what the school looked like; a cathedral of Gothic style architecture mixed with the typical structure of a University campus, assorted with numerous Panda themed details.

"This is Pandemia, the Pandaversity of Epic Art. This is your destination after you enter the city."

After clearly showing him what his target was, the image would disappear and the bridge would remain illuminated, to take him all the way to the Central City, of which was the only place where the bridge was actually connected.

"Good luck."

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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The Veritas
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Tinasanti, the Trini-T :: Octogod; Three Peaces of the Veritas
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Croak 77: Into the City; Nexus to Delta

Krikor's path up the Crystal Bridge would lead him straight to one of the gates of the Central City of the Delta; Mezzo Villa. The gates were open and inviting, however a dark storm loomed overhead, crackling maliciously with thunder rolling over and through the dark clouds every so often.

It did not seem as intense at the entrance, however, there was a slight possibility and danger of being struck by lightning or being in the destructive wake of lightning from traversing the city. The closer one got to the center of the storm, the more likely the probability of being hit. Even from here, Krikor would be able to see two large structures towering over all of the other buildings in town, both equally distant from the entrance.

Krikor looked up at the menacing sky as he followed the path closer to the Academy. "I do wish I wasn't wearing clothes made out of metal right now," he muttered to no one in particular.

"I hope you know what you're doing, Krikor," Ashcroft said. "This 'Academy' place could be nothing but a wild goose chase. I doubt anyone here would know about sanguimancy."

"But they have an entire institution devoted to beings like you and the rest," Krikor argued, following the path into Mezzo Villa. "They're the only lead we have." A rumble of thunder sounded off in the distance, and Krikor hoped his armor wouldn't act as a lightning rod anytime soon.

Tabitha, who had passed up Krikor on the bridges, due to not having to really walk and using her psychic powers to float, would have already known the location and destination of Pandemia, wasting no time in getting there. She did not fear the storm, for some reason, and in no time flat would have already been through the gate and moving toward the destination. She seemed to have no intention of stopping in the slightest.

She was, however, in the full vision of Krikor as she hovered through the storm; any lightning that came her way would be deflected (or, at least to the best of her ability) by an invisible psychic barrier around she and her sister atop her head. The rain rolled right off of it and gave way to its perimeter, like an invisible umbrella overhead. With their powers combined, it was a little more powerful, but to be able to endure a direct bolt of lightning? Well, at least they wouldn't die from it, if anything.

In her path, a lingering distortion was left behind as a sort of residual effect of her shield, which had the same effect as the barrier that remained around her. It was only barely visible to the naked eye as slight distortions, but it was a trail to where she was going, nonetheless. No rain fell on that path that it left behind. However, it would fade after so long and the rain would continue to hit the ground after the lingering barrier faded away completely in the wake of this strange girl.

Peals of thunder and flashes of lightning traced the dark sky, rippling through the clouds vividly overhead. The dark vapor grumbled with anticipation as the rain continued to pour. Eventually, bolts of lightning would strike down.

Because Krikor was wearing metal, he was more susceptible to being struck by lightning than Tabitha, who was not wearing anything metallic.

Upon Krikor, who had attracted the lightning with his metallic armor, a bolt would crash down within his vicinity, dangerously near to his general area. It was powerful and swift, leaving a smoldering mark upon the ground near his feet. It was dangerous for him to even be outside in the storm, and would be wise of him to find shelter somewhere quickly.

"Christ!" Krikor shouted as a bolt of lightning nearly struck him, the force of the blast knocking him backwards. He quickly got back on his feet, deciding to sprint towards the city. "Hopefully there's an inn or someplace where I can stay," he thought, hoping his luck regarding the storm hadn't worn out.

The crash of lightning relatively nearby caught Tabitha's attention rather easily, startling her not a bit, but definitely drawing her focus away from her path and to where the lightning hit, just out of curiosity. "Woah..." she'd say as the man started running off in an arbitrary direction, trying to shield himself from the storm. She wasn't too far away from him, and now that he had sprint into the city, he was relatively within earshot. She knew what he was doing and what he was looking for, even if he didn't.

"Hey. You," she called out, trying to get his attention, "... Follow me. I know where you need to go." She didn't say much else after that. It was taking a lot of concentration to keep her little brain leech of a sister from waking up and causing some trouble of her own, as well as to maintain a psychic barrier over their heads. Fortunately, Chroma was assisting with that, as well. She wouldn't say much else, but the little goth girl in the vicious storm, though ominous and dark, was definitely his only hope of finding any shelter without probably being struck by lightning before he could find any of the refuges that were around here. Hell, he might have accidentally ended up going further into it, since he didn't know the area. But, before she even waited for his confirmation, she started off in a different direction, hovering slightly off of the ground in order to maintain the psychic barrier and not have to use her legs.

The sky gurgled and grumbled again, lightning charging up within the clouds... Yet, it didn't seem as though anything were ready to strike yet. The rain continued to pour down heavily, regardless, soaking the already metallic man with the heavy rain. He was, in essence, a sitting duck for the lightning, especially if he were out in the rain for too long. Fortunately for him, some of the taller buildings had lightning rods to attract it to them first. But even so, the blocks were also littered with tall trees, which, too, were hazardous.

As he was running, Krikor heard someone call out to him. He looked in the direction of the voice and saw a woman levitating above the ground. Since there was no one else outside and no windows were open (as far as he could tell, anyway -- his vision was limited due to the torrential rain), he assumed that she must have been the one speaking. "Did that just happen, am I insane, or did that lightning bolt actually hit me and I'm dead?" he thought.

"Stop being so melodramatic, Krikor," Ashcroft snapped. "Of course you're alive. But how does she know where we're headed?"

"I don't know," Krikor thought, "but she's the only hope we've got." As he tried to catch up to her, he thought, "Any port in a storm. Literally."

When Krikor caught up to her, she would say, without opening her eyes nor turning around to even face his direction, "Sup." The psychic barrier acting as an umbrella would extend from over her and over his head, as well, keeping the rain from touching him as they floated along. "I dunno if I can stop lightning from hitting you," she said rather bluntly, "but we're almost there. Just a little ways up." She didn't at all seem bothered by the storm, the rain nor the lightning. In fact, to Tabitha, it seemed like she was using it as a means of strengthening her focus.

Krikor wasn't really sure what to say. "Thank you," he said, the psychic barrier over his head a welcome relief from the rain. "But," he continued while mentally asking Ashcroft to raise his body temperature slightly so he wouldn't be as cold as he was (no easy task being as weakened as he was, but Ashcroft came through), "how did you know where I was going? And why are you out in this weather?"

The thunder continued to bellow up above. If the two didn't get to where they were going soon, they may have to worry about more stray bolts. With Krikor so close to Tabitha now, it would be dangerous for her, as well.

"I'm psychic," she'd say rather immediately in a tone that sounded as if it could be sarcastic, but lacked so much in expressiveness and emotion that it could not be completely deciphered as to if she were actually serious or not. From the minor extent to which she was using her powers, it seemed as though she were telling the truth, but from simply her tone of voice and expression, it was hard to actually decide if that were the case. "I'm out because I am taking my sister to meet my other sister inside of the Academy. This has to be done as soon as possible because of some family business." By the time the two of them got into their idle chit-chat, they would be able to see the Academy over the horizon. "There it is," she said, pointing over to the large, foreboding gothic-style cathedral with cutesy pandas all over it; Pandemia. "Come on. We'd better hurry before some more lightning strikes." It wasn't too much father, actually; probably nothing more than a ten minute walk.

"Lead the way," Krikor replied. Not wanting to waste any more time, he made sure to keep pace with this new woman while trying to make conversation with her. "So, what's your name?" he asked, trying to start things off on the right foot.

"Tabitha," she'd respond quickly. She didn't have much to say in response to him, nor at all, really. However, she felt it might have been polite to introduce her sleeping sister. "The thing on my head serving as a hat is half of my little sister, Trinity. She's asleep." She would, without stopping, nor turning her head, raise up the doll in her hand to his face, "And this is Chroma." She didn't bother to ask of his name since she already knew, but figured it would at least be polite to acknowledge the fact that it existed. "... Tell me your name if you want to."

Krikor looked at the doll, then tried to think of a reason as to why this woman wouldn't look directly at him. He passed it off as no big deal in his mind. "From the way you said that, I take it you already know my name, what with your being psychic and all," he replied. "But regardless, my name's Krikor. Are you from around here?" he asked, trying to learn more about her.

"You could say that." They were nearing the gates of Pandemia now, safely, at that, which was a good thing. "I live in the Dusk, but technically, this world itself is my home." Naturally, anyone who lived on any planet would call it their 'home,' but the way she meant it was entirely different from the conventional thoughts of a planet being a home. As they approached the gates, she would insist on saying, "Yeah, I knew your name. But not because I'm psychic." She would leave it at that, pointing up ahead to the gates, "There it is. Come on. Let's get inside..." With no hesitation she would hover up to the Gates of Pandemia.

'Shinkaerei Veritas' is 'The Veritas,' the 'Planet.' Her Name is Tinasanti. All events, mechanics, energy and forms of matter are part of and dictated by the Veritas, known as Absolute Energy. She is learning how to sustain life using the power of her ancient spirit, the Lost Soul; Kaerei, to help guide she and her family toward Universal Harmony. She learns from anything and everything and sends out her doll form, Shina, to go interact with the world in more obscure ways than just the planet's occurrences. She has power over all Karma. The Myst is the Veritas' 'Life Energy'; Enigmas is the 'Creative Energy'.
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