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 Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei

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Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei  Empty
PostSubject: Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei    Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei  EmptyTue Feb 18, 2020 6:20 pm

During the midst of the Dark Days, where everything and everyone from the Reality was just now starting to make a comfortable convergence on the new planet that welcomed them peacefully into their alliance, Khrona would be getting adjusted to all of the new things, people, and his own Awakened form. His mind was connected to the Reality in a way that he'd kept secret from everyone for quite some time in order to ensure the safety of them all as they were transported everywhere. Though he had the Reality in his mind thanks to the Portal that connected them, this would only seep into the planet they landed on once the Reality had taken root. With that, Khrona spent most of his time trying to get better situated and find his place on this new planet with all these new, but unique, and interesting individuals that thrived on this planet... Yet, it would lead to the darkest days both worlds had ever seen... When the Evening hits... And the light of the Reality starts to fade...

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Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$
Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$

Posts : 692
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Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei    Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei  EmptyWed Feb 19, 2020 5:23 am

First Eve; Training with Khrona

Khrona continued to do his best to keep watch out for the new threat to the Alliance and the peace between them whilst also maintaining his regular duties as a leader. He and his brother -- though mostly his brother -- interacted with some of the other villages that existed outside of the Tri-Village Alliance, one of which was the Deep. Recently, it had grown into the 'Rising,' and the leaders that they'd grown slightly more accustomed to were now on much more friendly terms once the initial suspicions about them were cut through. Khrona still remained wary of them, however, considering that they were still incredibly shady... But was always kind and respectful, as they had never done anything to prove that they were not upstanding people, and he would treat them as such. With this, he was called out to train by one of the leaders and he went to engage her in order to make relations more comfortable.

The female leader of the Rising stood in a empty field, waiting for the Reality leader, Khrona, to come. She would like his assistance with something.

Khrona materialized into the area, his eyes narrowed and locked onto the Rising leader. "... What is it you wish of me?"

She shivered a bit at Khrona's appearance, then looked back at him. "I wish for you to help me learn... How to use soul energy." She bowed a bit, then got back up, giving Khrona a sharp look.

Khrona closed his eyes, his hand seeming to dissipate from his body and rematerialized instantly in front of the Rising leader. He merely touched her head for a moment before his hand rematerialized back into its initial position. "Hm. You do have the blood of a weapon within you... So you can learn soul energy, though you won't be able to learn much... Huh. I will teach you. Well, not me, but one of my weapons..." Khrona snapped his fingers, a cloak unraveling and revealing Despair, whose cloak-dress had warped her into the immediate area. Misery was nowhere to be found, however.

"Hello Khrona, what a dreadful day it is today, huh?... I love it ever so much...!" She turned to the Rising leader. "Hello there... Are you feeling miserably joyous today...?" Despair bowed, smiling a sweet smile with dreary eyes looking up at the Rising leader.

The leader smirked and walked towards Despair. "Yes, today is wonderfully dreary, thank you for asking." She held her arm up and bit her wrist, causing some of her blood to spill. "Blood of a weapon? You mean this?" She held her bloody arm out towards Khrona.

Khrona sighed. "Yes, in a sense... The blood of a weapon as well as a little bit of fine tuning allows one to be able to transform into weapon form, or at least partially if not fully, since I assume you are working alone."

Despair smiled at the Rising leader and looked back to Khrona. "She is a dreadfully lovely lady, Khrona... She makes my dying, miserable heart smile." Despair then looked toward her again. "Ahem... If you will please assume partial weapon form just as I do? It would be appreciated..." Swiftly, glowing white energy formed into several razors blades all over Despair's body; on her fingers, on her forearms, on her shoulders and the hem and lining of her dress. She only assumed her partial razor form, since assuming the explosive artillery weapon form wasn't necessary. From her palm, various large razors shot out and formed into a fan in which Despair could fan herself with as she waited for the Rising leader.

The Rising leader held her bloody arm as well as her other arm out, and they would flare with white energy. After the dazing energy, two butcher like blades -- being the guillotines -- would have been morphed from what was her arms. She then swung one of them mildly, sending a sharp but gentle breeze towards Despair.

Despair nodded. "Great... So you are a guillotine? Don't see many of those... No matter. We'd better get this started then, huh..." Despair retracted her palm blades back into herself and then proceeded to speak again. "Well... Where to start...? Your soul energy comes straight from your soul and is guided by your wavelength... It can be used to attack or defend and takes on properties of yourself, though most times it can be manipulated in any way you wish... But for example, my soul is of two properties; Rejection and Despair, and therefore my wavelengths as well as my soul energy have to do with rejection and despair. Watch closely..." Despair's finger blades suddenly began to glow a purple-ish gray color, which was the color of her Despair soul. "The natural ability of my Despair Soul and energy is to corrode and eliminate things through making their will to exist disappear..." Despair looked to a tree far away and made a slashing motion, the tree falling as if it had been cut by Despair directly. Despair had a natural ability to cut things in the distance without touching them, but eventually after the tree fell, it withered and then disappeared. "See? A soul shows who you are... What your personality is... Very few people can have two soul personalities, though somehow, Khrona, Misery and I all have two... What is your soul's personality?"

The Rising leader stood and began to think, one hand turning back to normal as she placed it on her chest. It was kind of a sudden question for her, since she was filled with Dreadful memories and pain when she was controlled by her ex-partner, but now, she was residing at cold-heartedness... Or so she thought. "Dread... I feared being completely consumed by my ex-partner. I wanted to just push him away, and have the cause of that fear cease to exist. But once I got my original mind back, I felt empty, like there is a void inside of me." She was unsure if she answered the question or not; she was only speaking what was true.

Despair cocked her head. "Dread...?" She turned to Khrona, since he was the one who could see souls well without trying, since Despair was basically lazy as hell right now. Khrona indeed saw much Dread in the leader's soul... It was indeed a Dreadful Soul. It somehow reminded him of Despair and her Despair Soul... How similar those two weapons are... Despair got the message from Khrona and turned to the Rising leader. "Well... Your soul is filled with wonderful dread... That's so great... Just like my joyous despair... Well, anyway. It is time for you to test out your Soul Energy to see what its effects are... Since you aren't a Soul Angel, though, your abilities won't be all that good... Haha, but then again, you cannot really do much since you are not of our village, unfortunately... Sigh. What disgusting fate." Despair lowered her head, coming back up after a while with dreary eyes. "Anyway. Let's begin. To use Soul Energy, you must tap into your soul and use your own wavelength, your Dread Wavelength to guide your energy straight from your soul... Your wavelength is your medium... Your soul is your power..."

Khrona stared at his fellow leader. She had a moderately sized soul, as he could see from the medium sized dome of energy around her invisible to the rest. He then looked back into her chest at her soul. It is a soul that does not adapt to other souls easily or frequently, but is instead larger than most and may end up devouring the soul of the partner if she had one... It was a good reason that she was alone.

The Rising leader would stand with her eyes closed, hand on her chest. She began to try to understand how to tap into her soul with her wavelength. As she focused, her heart began to pound, each beat echoing through out the area. Along with the heartbeats, a power discharge erupted from her body perfectly in sync with them. The discharges grew stronger and stronger, and the atmosphere around her began to break down; as it did, the molecules of everything effected by this would be repelled from the Rising leader, leaving her a pulsating, beating, destructive mess. Her eyes burst open, and her red pupils were revealed, distorting the area around her. Then from out of the blue, she began to release tears from her eyes -- black tears. As the tears fell, they would float around her instead of reaching the ground. She clenched her head in pain, then all of the sudden a massive explosion of her soul energy would take place, repelling the things around her quite the distance. Along with repelling, her soul energy began to break down the substances and objects in the area as she began to suffer from more mental distress. Her emotions got the better of her, hence the black tears; she could feel the power going through her, but she wasn't able to control what was effected by her soul energy at the time. She hoped for Khrona to be safe, for she didn't mean any of this; she simply got lost in her horrific memories, and that fear mixed with her anger of hating fear, caused her dread to overtake her mind at the moment.

Khrona could see what was going to happen... And there were two things that could be done; One, Despair could go in with a dome of her Rejection around her and drain Rose of her Soul Energy, or two, Khrona could surge his soul energy through her and temporarily paralyze her soul and make her inaccessible to her soul energy... Or, actually, how about a bit of both. "Despair. Rejection around her. Now." Khrona's eyes gleamed as Despair did as she was told, creating a dome of Rejection around the Rising leader. Since nothing could actually TOUCH the Rejection, even the Rising leader's soul would be confined to that dome, and, well, because of the difference in power, would be neutralized. Khrona then stood up and outstretched his wing, focusing his soul. He materialized closer to his fellow leader who was confined in the dome and he raised a hand, being a safe distance away from the Rejection as to not get forced back, himself. "Long Distance Soul Purge." His hand suddenly crackled with his soul energy, looking somewhat like clear electricity, and he forced it at the Rejection dome. It stopped due to the natural force of the Rejection, but since it was an energy of that magnitude, it eventually broke through and shattered the Rejection and shocked the Rising leader directly in her soul. If she were still conscious, she would be quite tired. "Well... Seems she needs to show more control over her emotions..."

Misery spoke up in the background, "AHEM. Look who's talking, Khrona! If I remember correctly, a year ago before this boring 'sanity' stuff, you couldn't control a damn emotion about yourself, you fucking insane bastard, you!"

Khrona sighed. "You are correct, Misery, and soon I will return to that... Oh, what fun I did have like that..." Khrona then looked to the Rising leader. "Naturally, with that you won't be able to train more with your soul energy... At least not right now. You can go and practice, yourself, later, or perhaps come back to me sometime. But right now, there is nothing that I can do while you are in this state." His eyes gleamed again and he and Despair made their way back to Misery.

The Rising leader's eyes snapped open, black lines of dried tears were on her face. She stood slowly, bearing some pain from her shattered soul energy. "Ugh... Soul energy... I should check myself before trying this again..."She understood how to use her soul energy now, but couldn't control it well, showing some signs that practice is needed. She would try her best to shrug off the pain, and then gave a slight bow to Khrona, but it was silent. She would fade away shortly afterwards.

Khrona looked back at her, eyes gleaming one last time after seeing her bow. Misery and Despair came close to him as he outstretched his wings a great length, wrapping around all three of them in their entirety, and with a large gust of wind from his wings, Khrona materialized off back into his pit. It was nice to help out someone with soul energy. He always enjoyed it.

It didn't take long for Khrona and the gang to grow bored again after their training session with Rising leader. Instead of staying at the Pit for too long, they decided to go back out and have a little bit more fun before going back home for good.

Khrona stretched his wings out a bit, laying on top of a rock in a gigantic cave. This spacious cave reminded Khrona of his own home, his Pit, though even though the darkness in the cave was enough to make normal people unable to see what was in front of them, Khrona's pit was darker, and his eyes had adjusted to the darkest of darknesses. He could see perfectly in this cave. He turned his head to the side and noticed several tunnels, and out of boredom he flapped a wing ever so gently to make some wind blow throughout the cave and make several eerie noises. It was comforting.

Khrona's brother would float into the area, smiling, as he always did... The sound made from the tunnels gave him the chills. "Khrona, please, for the love of God, stop that... That sound gives me the heebie-geebies."

Khrona looked up. "Ah... Brother... Here to cease my undying boredom, is that it?" Khrona's voice echoed throughout the cave. His cornea's gleamed green for a split second "I was waiting for someone of a high stature... Who would have guessed that it was my own partner?" Khrona stood up, outstretching his wings, which naturally made the wind blow through the tunnels to make that noise once again. "Prepare yourself, brother..." Khrona's soul began to expand slowly, slowly, slowly out from his body as he stared fiercely at Maze with a dark looking face, unchanging.

"Always straight to the point my friend..." His brother's body would start pulsing out waves of energy. "...Let us do battle once again." He would twirl the Onyx blade around in his hand as he lowered himself to the ground, his body still pulsing energy. The energy would spread through the whole area, making rocks in the area and the cave behind Khrona shatter.

Psychic energies of all kinds started to flow around Khrona as his soul continued to expand slightly from its natural thirty foot radius that it covered. Khrona waved his hand and a red wave of psychic energy shot out at his brother. Since it was red, it represented Khrona's anger, and therefore had the property of heat. The heated psychic blast shot towards his brother at a high speed, melting rocks and such instantly on the way towards him. Khrona did not take his eyes off of his brother.

The water vapor in the air would be drawn together forming a large ball of water that Khrona's brother would shot at the psycho heat ball of Khrona's. The two would collide and a smokescreen of steam would be made from the collision, which would spread through the whole area. With everything harder to be seen, he would point his finger at his known location of Khrona, and would float upward into the air firing multiple 'Prison Rays' at Khrona.

Khrona, using his Hyper Perception to see clearly, continued to stare at his brother. As the 'Prison Rays' were fired, Khrona countered with a psychic blast that was purplish and somewhat like lightning. It would hit and cancel out the Prison Rays with its own force. Khrona cocked a wing back and flapped slightly, making a large gust of wind that would curve around his brother's area, picking up the smokescreen that was in the area and thicken it by compacting it into a tornado of slicing winds around his brother. The tornado was quite powerful. Khrona used this time to start to increase his soul's power... He stood there, still locked on his brother's position, waiting...

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Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei    Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei  EmptyWed Feb 19, 2020 8:45 am

Second Eve; Forced to Come Back...

It was another normal, regular day of Khrona doing regular leader things in his office, quietly going over things that needed to get done and excited to get ready to leave and go do his own things. Yet, as his own excitement grew, it seemed to attract the excitement of another scenario elsewhere...

Maruze and another Expert assigned to him were forcefully shot through Khrona's window, Maruze and most likely the Elite bracing themselves for impact. Maruze crashed, rolled a few times and caught himself on the wall, staring at Khrona, looking quite wiped.

The Expert, having worse luck than Maruze, didn't hit the window, but the wall. His body was forced through the wall of Khrona's place, and his body skipped a few times, landing mere inches away from the parallel wall. He would stagger as he tried to get raise his upper torso up, but then noticed Khrona in the room.

Khrona merely stared at the two, who both looked quite beaten up. Truthfully, he didn't need to ask what happened due to the fact that he could just read their minds, but... Might as well, since it's the polite thing to do. "... I see you both have gotten your asses whooped. Please explain."

The Expert staggers a bit, but manages to make it to a knee. He hung his head kind of low, ashamed of his loss. "You see, Khrona... Um, Medusa had sent us back here with her powers. We were able to handle her, for a while, until that... Falshin, came along..." He seemed out of breath, stopping occasionally in his statement.

Khrona nodded. "Well. I am a bit disappointed that the Falshin has returned... But all in all, it is somewhat of a good thing. Now we know his location and we can go destroy him. The problem is just Medusa. He cannot be teamed with her, or else they will be damn near unstoppable... However..." Khrona looked into both of their minds and saw what Medusa had done. She was powered up severely; too strong for them to even think about beating her... It was lucky that they survived. "... You two did manage to get out of there alive, as well. That is actually a great achievement for your ranks, to get away from such a powerful deity and a Falshin... Huh. I believe this calls for a promotion, do you not think so?" Khrona laughed slightly, waving his hand so that the Seal of the Elite came upon their clothing. "... Ha. To commemorate your ranking up, I also have something for the occasion... I had just confiscated twenty souls a little while ago. Perhaps you two can split them so that you can become Soul Angels quicker--" Khrona then noticed that the Expert had no weapon partner. "... You do not have a Soul Partner, do you? Hm... What a predicament..." Khrona gave Maruze his ten souls and stored the others elsewhere.

The Expert was surprised about the promotion, and it certainly made him crack a smile. But, weapons? Despite his time there, he was confused on the matter of having a 'living' weapon. "Soul Angels? Hmm, I'm sorry to say this, but I lack a lot of knowledge on the subject. I'm not sure how that weapon process works..."

Khrona squinted his eyes. "Hm... Well. I will share the information with you at a later period in time. That is, if you wish to receive one. You know where to find me when you decide. But, as for right now..." Khrona's eyes gleamed green for a moment "Begone..." He glared at the two before finishing "... Reality's new Elites."

It hadn't been too long after Khrona sent his two new operatives off that one returned to his office door.

He came after a few hours of rest, unable to sleep due to the phrase 'soul energy' running through his mind. He was a Reality ninja, but he never used soul energy, yet was strangely always fascinated by it. Khrona and Maruze -- two soul energy experts he had fought in his months as a resident of the place -- had very unique abilities with this. Also, the new Elite had found Khrona's companion, Misery, quite attractive, and wanted to know more about life forms that were weapons. He waited patiently at the door.

The ground under the Elite opened up and pulled him under with the floor wrapping around him like tendrils. They would spit him up on top of a chair inside of Khrona's office with Khrona staring intensely at him upon his arrival. "The door was stuck," was all he said. Misery, who stood next to him alongside Despair, had her mouth gaping with awe.

Misery: "... Okay... SO... What you are telling ME is... You have the ability to alter the fucking DNA and cells of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, sometimes without even TOUCHING IT, but instead you choose to OPEN A HOLE IN THE FLOOR instead of FUCKING CHANGE THE DNA OF A DOOR? ARE YOU SHITTING ME?"

Khrona glared at Misery before turning his glaring eyes back to the new Elite. He said to Misery "... Yes. It's fun." And then started to talk to the Elite "... So. You are back here for your partner and a lesson on Soul Energy, I presume, hm?"

Misery was trying hard not to go psycho ballistic for Khrona's insanity... But then she thought... Maybe it's returning to him... And it made her smile.

The Elite would simply listen to the amusing argument taking place, and would quietly wait until the talk was over and Khrona asked his question. "Yes, if it is okay with you." The Elite tapped along side his chair, looking around the room.

Khrona nodded. "Hm... Soul energy... the energy that comes straight from your soul guided by your wavelength... Soul Wavelength... Both guide to soul energy and a connector to one's soul and the soul of another... Soul... A force inside of you that grows in power as you hone it, giving you more untapped and unknown abilities... All of these are crucial when having a Soul Partner. These partners can only be wielded when your souls match, meaning that both of your souls must attract each other and your wavelengths must flow on the same biorhythm. Once this is achieved, you may even begin with... Soul Synchro... But we will speak on that later." A book appeared in front of Khrona as he opened to the extremely large index. "So. What weapon do you want? I will see if it is available and if your souls will go well with each other... I can see souls, and people who go to Shinigami's college can learn to do it to, if they become adept enough... It is called Soul Perception..." Khrona coughed "But enough of my ramblings on. Go on and choose."

The Elite thought for a bit, trying to think of one that would go well with his natural abilities. Scythe was to overused for him, as well as a sword. He thought maybe a gun; it would work well with him, but it wasn't his style to carry one of those, yet it would be the person who was a gun, so maybe he could make a small exception to his morals. "A gun weapon..." The Elite was waiting to see how this process went; it may be very well exciting.

Khrona's eyes widened a bit. "... Oh... a gun... We don't usually get too many people who ask for guns... However we do have a wide variety of guns... Is there a specific gun that you want, or should I pick one for you...?" Khrona stared at the Elite, then looked through the book at a high speed... There were very few that he would be able to use. None matched his wavelength, but some DID happen to be closer to his wavelength than others... If he worked hard, he would be able to use them well, but it depended on which one he chose...

The Elite's face began to look a bit... stuck, for lack of a better word. He had little knowledge of guns, but he did know how a pistol worked and what its limitations were... "Um, a... Pistol. Magnum... Gun. Sorry, I barely know that many guns..."

Khrona opened the book. "Hm... We have three magnums, however two are twins and must be used at the same time, which would be near impossible for you and the other... Well, the other just would not connect with your soul." Khrona turned some pages. "As far as pistols go... We have quite a few. There are four who will match your soul in at least SOME way; two being female, one being a male, and the final one being an animal. The animal seems like its soul would be able to connect more with yours than the other three, however I figure that is just because it is a friendly animal, though the other two will work just as well." Khrona looked up to to the Elite. "So... Which one will you choose?"

"A... Female...The animal may be more compatible, but having a human mind will be of more assistance... Oh, and can't forget thumbs." The Elite was feeling a bit down now, seeing as rarely anything would fit his nature. Hopefully this could change with some training.

Khrona looked down at the book. "Female, huh..? There are two with slight compatibility. Which one will you choose? One is quiet, yet harsh, and can shoot faster than a normal pistol as well as has the ability to maneuver her shots throughout the air, but they are exceptionally weak shots. The other is loud, yet nice and hyperactive, shooting at a normal rate, but with the ability to corrode things slightly... Though she can only shoot in a straight line, regardless of any and all outside forces... She only shoots directly straight. Which one will you choose...?"

The Elite thought for a quick minute, but knew right away that the harsh and quiet one was the one. It was similar in a few ways to his personality; they would get along great, maybe. "The quiet one... What's her name?" He sat curiously, waiting for an answer.

Khrona looked down at the book. "Hm... Her name is Miya. If she is truly the one you want, I can bring her here..." Khrona waved a hand and a giant door opened that lead to nothing but space... It was almost like a portal of some kind. Miya came out from the portal silently, eyeing her supposed new 'partner' up and down. Khrona looked at the two. Already, their souls were at least... ATTEMPTING to match, but were not doing so well. 'Sigh.' It would be a rough ride for the Elite. "Here she is... Get acquainted. You will need to become close if you want to use her."

The Elite's eyes widened at the girl, and his eyes became quizzical as she stared at him. "Hello, Miya. I hope we will be able to get-"

Miya: "Who are you, before you forget to tell me?"

"I am a new Elite of the Reality." She seemed quite straight forward, all of which he didn't mind, although he did feel as if he made a fool out of himself. He walked over to Miya, and held his hand out, and Miya would shake it.

Khrona nodded. "I would ask if you would try to wield her, but with where your souls are now... I doubt you would be able to lift her, or hold her without something horrid happening to you... Your hands might burn because she may heat up, but only to you, or she may become the heaviest thing in the universe. Regardless, I would suggest training first. Emotional training. And when you think you are ready, physical training... And if you care to learn about Soul Synchro..." Khrona's eyes dimmed. "... Then come see me again."

The Elite would nod at Khrona's words, then let go of Miya's hand. "Okay then. Thank you Khrona... Miya, wanna go to one of the Reality's nice not-so-hot spots?

Miya: "'Not so' Hotspot? Like where? Cause I'm confused."

Elite: "Mmm, I was thinking maybe the graveyard, or some other-"

Miya: "The graveyard sounds nice. What will we do there?"

Elite: "Well, um, I didn't have that all planned out..."

She began to pout at his foolishness. "Don't try to take me somewhere without a plan! Let's just go back to your house."

"Heheh, my bad. And sure, we can do that." The Elite would leave out with Miya.

Khrona nodded, then continued with... whatever the hell he was doing.

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Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei    Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei  EmptyThu Feb 20, 2020 8:31 am

Third Eve; Let's Get This Over With...

It was yet another day of doing leader business, when a kid that Khrona had seen wandering around made his way to his office.

The kid waited in the building, tapping his foot...

Khrona's wing passed through the area, and for a moment or two, the kid became two dimensional and sixteen bit, just like an old video game character, before reverting back. "Is there something you want from me? It would be rude if I looked into your mind to figure it out..."

"Looking into my mind would probably give you a headache with all the complex thought." If you call a gerbil running on a wheel complex... "I would like a Soul Partner"...

Khrona heard what the kid said in his mind and laughed, but then retained order within himself by consciously controlling his emotions. "Ahem. So. A Soul Partner, you say? Hm..." Khrona looked the kid up and down. "... Are you... Of this village? Any village? I cannot give a partner to a drifter, you know..." Khrona began to tap his foot. "... If you join a village -- any village -- you will be able to get one, but if it is not this one, you will be restricted in a few ways..." Khrona stared at him. "... So...? What is your decision?"

The Kid: "I started out in the Reality so I'll stay in the Reality."

Khrona nodded. "Fine. A Reality Elite you are, then." Khrona gave him the seal of approval. "Now, are you familiar with the soul partners and their abilities and whatnot? It would make things easier if you were, and you could go straight to picking your weapon..."

"Yeah, I had an animal one." A tear formed as the kid remembered his fond memories of Okami...

Khrona's memory then sparked. "Ah, Ah yes! I do remember! It is surprising that I would not remember you... I guess I forcefully flushed my memory of that with my awesome mind powers..." Khrona shook his head. He was a bit fatigued from this entire day. "So... What weapon do you want? I will see if we have it in store and if you are compatible with it..." A book appeared in front of Khrona and he awaited a response.

Kid: "A yo-yo?"

Khrona smiled a bit. "A yo-yo? Huh? Haha... We BARELY have anyone who uses yo-yos, as well as barely any yo-yos... They are quite rare since no one uses them as weapons much anymore... Ha." Khrona looked through the book. There were ten yo-yo partners, each of them equipped with several different blades and such. "Okay, there are three that are fully compatible with your soul... The yo-yo with the buzz saw blades, which can spin forever without being retracted, but only reaches about five or six feet from the user and the length cannot be changed... A normal yo-yo with a string that is infinitely long, but it is weaker, and a yo-yo with drills on its sides which has a string that reaches about fifteen feet, but it is very slow. Now, which will you choose?"

Kid: "Describe the string on the second one to me. Is it like a normal old string?"

Khrona laughed. "Of course it's a normal string! The second one is a normal yo-yo with an infinitely long string...! However, do you mean can it break? If you mean that, then no. Soul Partners are unable to be destroyed in any shape or form while in weapon form... Well, at least the weapon is not. The soul of the weapon inside would most likely get hurt if you use it recklessly, but no, the string, nor the yo-yo, will ever break... by ANYTHING."

Kid: "I'll take contestant number two then... Kidding! Soul Partners aren't weapons or items to simply be exchanged, they're human."

Khrona sighed. "... This is how it's done, boy. We match up two people by how their souls would react with each other. If you were at Shinigami's college, you MIGHT not get this much leniency... Well, I guess that Shinigami is pretty lenient... But, oh well. It's not like we keep them caged up. They ache for partners, and those who don't -- like Sting or Tear -- go on and fight alone, and we let them. Weapons have lives, too, and we know that, but through that large door there is how we get to them. It is a portal for them to get here easily. Is that clear?" The large door opened and a long haired girl came out who seemed to be quite nice.

"Hello! It is very nice to meet you!" She said to the kid.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah... Lazy bum." Kid looked at the girl, her aura very plain, yet somehow mysterious... "Ummm, and you are?"

Girl: "Aschen."

Kid: "... So Khrona, are we partners now?"

Khrona sighed. "Well. Can you wield her without any sort of ungodly side-effect? If so, your souls are stable and... Then yes."

"Umm, let's see..." She transforms into a yo-yo and the kid began to walk the dog. "Wait for it..."

Khrona kept waiting for it to do something, but apparently, it was a distraction. Khrona immediately sent the kid's goof ass out of his office with his new toy and went about his work. Once he was done, he went out for some relaxing time to himself...

Khrona yawns, sitting in a field that was nothing but plains as far as the eye could see. His two weapons, Misery and Despair slept behind him, for they were bored and basically there to cheer on Khrona. Khrona stared off into the dark clouds that filled the skies and blocked out the sun. His kind of place.

The new Elite of the Reality and Miya, his Soul Partner, walked onto the area after feeling an immense energy. It turned out to be Khrona, which neither of them were surprised.

Miya: "Khrona, hi. It hasn't been as long as I would have wanted it to be."

Elite: "Yo, Khrona-san."

Khrona did not turn to them, however stared at them with the corner of his eyes "Ah. You two. I did not foresee you two coming here... Though I have been distracted lately." He looked at their souls, seeing a stability within them... Good. "So... How is it going with your partnership? Are you able to wield her well yet?"

Elite: "Heh, I don't think I have tried yet..."

Miya: "He is afraid of the effects that may happen if our souls are not compatible."

Elite: "Urk, I'm not afraid, but we should both decide on when to try it. Sounds fair?"

Miya: "It does, so let's try it here, against Khrona..."

They both locked their eyes onto Khrona. Miya would walk closer to her partner, and would be engulfed in a black energy type substance, condensing down to the shape and form of a gun. It fell right into his hands, being a bit heavy. But, he had never used a gun before; he didn't know if it was natural, or because their souls were not yet compatible. He would hold it in one hand as his hand would glow with the same energy released from Miya, then he pointed it in Khrona's direction.

Khrona sighs. "Well. At least you can use her. The weight is not supposed to be there. A Soul Weapon is supposed to be weightless unless the partner or weapon wants otherwise... However, since your souls are connecting a bit, the weight isn't that much and she is still usable. Good job. Sooner or later, when I revert to insanity, we will have an actual weapon battle in which I will be able to use Misery and Despair over there..." Khrona turned to the two sleeping girls, smiling a bit. "How I miss it..." Then turned back to the Elite. "If you are quite ready..."

The Elite would smile a bit as Khrona's remark, seeing it as a compliment in a way. "Heh, it would be nice to have a weapon battle with the old insane Khrona." Soul energy would be surged into Miya and charge, forming soul energy shots mostly. He glanced over at Misery, finding her slumber to be cute in a way. He was wondering how this battle would turn out, so he would plug in his headphones, listening to 'Paramore' to concentrate better. Dark energy would rise from his shadow and begin to coat his body at a moderate speed. "You wanted a battle, Khrona?"

Khrona nodded. "This will be both training for you and it will be battle relief for me... But I shan't go easy on you... Or, at least, not too easy on you. Now..." Khrona outstretched his wings as far as they could go without him altering their DNA, making an eighty foot wingspan. He yawned, a bit tired, himself, then slammed a wing on the ground with moderate power, creating a gigantic earthquake that split the ground in several directions, making the ground shoot up around the Elite.

As the earth bursted upward near he Elite, he would dash skyward, kicking waves of chakra and wind from his legs, dicing the earth pieces before they neared him. A sphere of wind quickly formed around him and as it did, he went into a rotation along with it. The dark energy on him would mix into the sphere of wind, and he would then extend his leg sending a massive, wide wave of dark energy infused with wind covering a fifty foot radius at Khrona. With the constant spinning, the wave had immense amounts of momentum behind it, and its speed was great, being very hard to dodge. He would then force the same force of wind pressure to his front, stopping his rotation and the sphere of wind. "You ready Miya?"

Miya: "I was ready the moment I became this weapon."

The Elite would fire six consecutive rounds of soul energy at Khrona in addition to the wave from earlier. They were probably about a a fourth of a second away from the wave. As he shot, he dashed backward, hopping off of the air to stay afloat.

Easy pickings for Khrona. Khrona took the same wing he slammed the ground with and focused some psychic energies through it, waving it once the chakra dark energy wind wave attack came in close, canceling it out, and then, not even a second later, "... Soul Cords..." An invisible whip of Khrona's wavelength shot from his hand and whipped around, striking every bullet of soul energy and disintegrating them into nothing. Khrona's eyes were locked onto the Elite, unblinking. The Soul Cords then retracted as he sharpened his finger and slit his own wrist "It's been a while since I've even used this Black Dragon Blood as a weapon... What fun." Khrona flicked his wrist slightly, a huge tsunami of black blood shooting from it, it sharpening and hardening at the top to stab at the Elite while the bottom was still liquified and formless. Khrona's wound sealed almost instantly due to the his regenerative abilities and Khrona's own DNA and cell regeneration abilities.

Elite: "Tch, he cancelled those shots easily..."

Miya: "That's Khrona for you; a soul mastermind. I don't think I'll be of much use here..."

"Don't say that, we'll find a way." The Elite continued dashing backwards in the air, buying himself some time. He would form a ball of wind in his free hand, and at the speed he was dashing, it would gain more wind along the way due to the wind passing him by. The ball of wind was filled with his rupturing chakra. Once he traveled about one hundred forty meters, the ball was roughly six times its original size, being twenty feet wide. He would have a small portion on the front of the wind sphere open, releasing a highly pressurized beam of rupturing chakra forward at the tsunami. He would then leave the sphere stationary in the path of the tsunami to continue the beam while he and Miya dashed upward, projecting off of air for more speed -- enough speed necessary to dodge the tsunami. The rupturing chakra would reconstruct its way through the hardened tsunami tip, leaving a small hole in it, ripping straight through, right to Khrona attempting to do the same, unless it was worn out by then. While higher in the air, the Elite would form a sphere of wind around his hand, and condense it into the gun barrel. Miya would have it explode as soon as he shot the first of ten shots at Khrona from above, using the explosion of wind to give the bullets extra speed and hopefully penetrating power. They were coming down at Khrona, so gravity would also speed them up. The aura around the Elite would begin to thicken as he began to sweat.

Khrona cocked that same wing back so that he would cover a large area with this next attack, then quickly swung it around in a large flap, wrapping himself around in it at the same time. The incredible force from this flap was enough to push away the wind and the beam, as well as spread his tsunami throughout the area in a huge amount of now raining black blood. Khrona then quickly dissipated from the immediate area using his own sort of instant transmission, leaving the bullets to miss him. He was now hovering slightly over some cracks in the ground that he has made earlier. A large portion of that tsunami had covered and filled these cracks mostly, and on Khrona's command, hardened as well as began to sink into the underground, spreading fast through the moisture of the soil and getting absorbed with the grass through their roots via the natural symbiotic nature of the blood and Khrona's own command, turning the grass black wherever it was being contaminated, and it was spreading fast... The remaining droplets of black blood were spread throughout the ground, ready to strike whenever Khrona gave the command to. The entire ground was completely booby trapped... Now it was time to booby trap the skies. Khrona merely made his way into the sky, staring at his Elite. He was more so curious on what he would do rather than curious about attacking directly right now... Khrona's wings spread out once again, however once spread and arced, they stayed in place as Khrona kept focus on the Elite...

The thick aura coming from the Elite kept him from being touched by the black blood. He held his other hand out, and threads of dark energy, strands of sound from the wing flap made by Khrona, threads made of condensed wind, as well as his own rupture chakra would weave together from all over into his hand, forming his scythe. "Miya how are you holding up?"

Miya: "I'm fine, just do what you do. I'm of no use; my shots are ineffective."

"I told you to stop that! You're powerful! I just need a way to show it." Taking a deep breath, the Elie would start slashing his scythe everywhere, sending dozens of waves of darkness all over the field in seemingly random directions. As he did this, he began to sweat more, and the sweat was black, rolling all over his body, making him completely black -- engulfed in dark energy. His eyes turned to a gleaming yellow as he locked them on Khrona. "Still, dark energy--" The waves of dark energy going everywhere would stop, floating in mid air. He took Miya and began rapid fire, shooting all one hundred twenty four of the dark waves around the field. As he did this, the bullet of soul energy would embed into the center of each wave. The dark energy would begin to swirl around each bullet, creating one hundred twenty four balls of dark energy with a soul energy core. "Homing fire!" The dark energy balls would blaze towards Khrona, using Miya's properties to maneuver through the air to track to Khrona. Each ball would explode on impact, but as they traveled, for some reason the soul energy shot was drawing in the dark energy, giving it a warped distorted look -- also bigger. The Elite then charged another shot, and shot is scythe blade. He wasn't paying much attention to the soul energy shots, but Miya may have noticed them. The shot on the blade created a massive ripple effect of sounds, sending thousands of sound waves across the field with a high enough frequency to deconstruct many different substances and objects. "Ripple effect." Since it was raining, sound would ripple into and amplify off of each drop of falling black blood, turning the thousands of sound waves into millions, becoming more dangerous. Dodging would be difficult since they stretched across the field. This was in addition to the dark balls.

Khrona smirked. "Impressive..." Khrona's eyes gleamed a bit as a variety of psychic energies engulfed his wings. Khrona encased himself in his wings... Next step, Khrona wrapped his wings in the Soul Cords... Final step... "Soul Dragon..." Khrona's wings grew at least three times their original size, still wrapped around him as a head came from the middle. The barrage of attacks coming at him... Khrona knew how to deal with them. The compressed psychic energies and his wavelength as well as a lot of soul energy was ready to go... The large dragon monster thing then gave out a blood curdling screech " PIRYEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!" and all of the energies around Khrona were released in an instant, letting off an astronomical sized explosion mostly of Khrona's soul energy as he opened his wings. The sound that the dragon made was not actually a sound within itself, it was Khrona's Wavelength resonating through the air imitating a sound, filling the area so that his attacks could go a wider range and he could eliminate more things in the area. There was no telling the range that this explosion covered, but the mixture of psychic energy, the soul wavelength of Khrona and finally all of that soul energy PLUS all of it flowing along the lines of Khrona's wavelength that had been screeched out by the dragon was... Well... Enough to say that the area and beyond was covered in this explosion. The Soul Dragon and Soul Cords had the ability to drain and deplete both chakra and soul energy, so it was a double threat. From the blinding light that covered the area, the only thing that was able to be seen were the blackened eyes of Khrona, before the light faded and everything was able to be seen. Khrona sighed. "... This is pretty fun." His black dragon blood continued to spread throughout the ground, contaminating it further...

The Elite slashed his scythe beneath himself, creating a wave of darkness below himself. As he saw Khrona charging up so much energy, he would ride the energy wave like a snowboard through the air. The dark sweat on his body would solidify for the upcoming attack, and this solid substance on his body would cause him to sweat more, constantly adding to the layer on his body, making it stronger and stronger with each passing moment. "Miya, I want you to maneuver your shots to Khrona okay?"

Miya: "Can do."

She saw what her partner was doing, and she acknowledged the fact that he had plans, some which could make her stronger. She was starting to trust him, knowing he had something planned. Wings of dark energy sprout from the Elite's back -- two sets -- and he begins to charge soul energy into Miya as they grew larger. Once the Elite heard the dragon screech, his eyes widened, and he shot hundreds of shots as he made handsigns in his other hand. After his frenzy of shots ended, the wings were now about thirty feet wide, and would flap forward with immense force into a wrap, covering up the Elite. As the soul energy shots maneuvered through the explosion of energies, it would begin to absorb the energy that wasn't soul energy, mainly the energy from his sound attacks and dark energy moves that were forced back by the explosions. They grew in size as they absorbed these energies, and continued to Khrona with increasing speed and power. The Elite's wings began to break away due to the sheer force of the explosions, and the fact that they were losing chakra, making them break faster. "*cough*Crap..." Tera would inhale deep, closing his eyes. His legs and arms began to glow with his rupturing chakra. Right before his wings broke completely, he opened his eyes, and began to lash and kick at Khrona. Waves of condensed chakra and wind would slice into the explosion, cutting through it trying to reach Khrona. This was also cancelling out the portion of the explosion going at him, meaning all around him the explosion would continue outward. He continued without cease, causing himself to sweat more, making the layers of darkness on him that were being destroyed constantly regrow like a cycle. Out of the hundreds of condensed rupture waves going at Khrona and clashing with the explosion in his area, only about six made it through to the end, flying at Khrona slower than they originally were. "*huff*huff* Miya..."

Miya: "Got it!"

Some of the bullets going at Khrona died out before they reached him, leaving about twenty total out of the hundreds. Six u-turned to the waves flying at Khrona and embedded themselves into them, absorbing their power before returning to Khrona with even more force and speed. The Elite hadn't stopped attacking even while the explosion was going on, which in turn he wasted a lot of chakra, but this way Khrona would have less time to react to the attacks. The dark energy on him would turn to liquid, dripping away, revealing the original, tired Elite. But still, Miya was charging with soul energy, and wind was picking up around him.

From the Soul Cords that had been wrapped in Khrona's wings, in the explosion, they would have come out as a horrifically intricate web, meaning the straight-arrow bullets would be destroyed long before they could even make their way to Khrona. Next thing was the rupturing chakra... What to do about that? The Soul Dragon opened its large mouth and simply devoured the rupturing chakra, since the Soul Dragon ate chakra and soul energy alike. Though, Khrona was still fairly new in using the Soul Dragon and because of that, he could not keep it as long as he wanted. The dragon dissipated in an explosion of glass like soul energy, leaving Khrona's eighty foot wings at their normal size. "Looks like you are getting better with Miya... And getting quite the workout, yourself... Hm. Well. I will see how much I can push you, I guess." Khrona made his wings grow and grow and grow, slowly, but surely, having them try to engulf the entire sky with their blackness. As this process was going on, Khrona continued to stare at the Elite, tapping a finger out of a bit of impatience as to his wings engulfing the sky.

Miya: He wants you to come..."

Elite: "He wants me to fight him? But... What should I--"

Miya: "Stop it. You'll find a way, I'm sure of it."

The Elite's eyes widened as Miya said these words of encouragement. It's what he had been saying to her this whole time. Embarrassing for her to have to tell him, but he was glad. She believed in him, and he wasn't going to let that falter. His hoverboard appeared beneath him in an explosion of darkness. He got on it and blazed at Khrona, breaking the sound barrier. He would spin as he blazed towards Khrona, and right before he got within twenty feet of Khrona, he stopped -- just instantly stopped -- lashing his fist forward with copious amounts of pressure and momentum behind it -- and of course speed. "Mach Rush-Infinity." The wind projected from the fist was condensed enough to burst titanium, and before he knew it this projection of wind was about one foot away from Khrona's chest. Now for the pickup. All the wind that the Elite shredded straight through would come down on Khrona with force equivalent to that of an ocean condensed to take up only a mile. The force of the punch itself sent the Elite backwards about fifty feet, and then he threw a second lash of his arm, only Miya was in his hand. He fired at the tip of his arm's extension, sending the bullet at Khrona with more speed than the first fist, and the projection of air it created forced the ocean like force to speed up, making it more lethal. Khrona's wings were extremely long now, so bringing them in to block would be almost impossible, I think. That second shot sent the Elite back another fifty feet, and more wind would pick up around him as he prepared another stance.

Khrona had Hyper Perception, which allowed Khrona see just about to the speed of light if not further... At least while he was sane. And Khrona's reactionary time was incredible as well, due to his speed that he had in this sane thought process. His hand was more than a blur, almost invisible as Khrona lashed his arm out and caught the fist and forced a surge of psychic energy into it to shoot the Elite back... Though, Khrona did not know that the Elite would be firing that gun. It was true, Khrona could not bring his overly large wings in to block, and Khrona was indeed hit with the bullets, which gave him a good blow... However... Unfortunately for the Elite, he had let Khrona's wings engulf the sky. Even with those bullets, Khrona did not move or falter. It would have taken a hell of a lot more for that. Regardless, Khrona glared at the Elite, signifying something serious was now at hand. "You have done well... I commend you for hitting me one good time... And with such a combo, bravo... But as you can see, my wings have taken over the sky. I will now show you what the power of this leader is. Since I do not want you to die, I will use a small fraction of this power. Behold." Khrona's eyes turned black once more, and with a small flap of his sky covering wings... There was silence. Complete and utter silence. Fora few seconds, there was no air. There was a vacuum that filled that entire area that basically forced all of the air in the area straight at the ground, most likely taking the Elite with it. After that moment of silence and serenity, there was a gigantic explosion of the compression of the ground. The ground had compressed about one hundred feet downward as far as the eye could see. Not only this, but Khrona's black dragon blood from before was forced up in a pressurized geyser sort of way, and it came up from every empty crack that had not been compressed -- it even broke through the weakened areas with so much force that it shot almost as high as Khrona's wings. The black blood would then burst, bend, whip, stab and solidify around the entire area, stabbing and destroying what it may whilst coming from the ground. Khrona retracted his wings in what seemed to be a second after the intense and most epic... Damnitude of the situation. Khrona merely stared at the Elite, awaiting to see how much he had been effected by that, crossing his arms over his chest.

As the Elite felt the massive pressure effect him so unexpectedly, he was instantly forced to the ground -- hard. He was struggling to get up, but remembered Khrona had black blood all over the ground -- on and under; he couldn't stay here if he wanted to live. Being on the ground, he seeped into his shadow at the speed that the force was pulling down. Now being apart of the ground as a shadow, he was able to hear what was coming up where, and would begin to swerve and weave around the spikes trying to stab him and the force trying to vaporize him at the speed of light. This was a technique he saw fighting Khrona's brother's wife, and once he learned to use his shadow then, he made sure to try this move out. The shadow then weaved and dodged its way all the way to Khrona's shadow, connecting with it. Half of his body came out Khrona's shadow, cut up some and burned in some spots from the black blood and geysers trying to destroy him. He was breathing heavily, and pointed Miya at Khrona's back with both arms, shaking because of the immense compression. He had a clear shot, but felt too tired to force himself against this force of compression. He didn't want it to end like their very first fight, when the Elite was willing quit because he was tired, when he knew he could have went on. Fighting against this tired feeling, Miya felt lighter -- extremely lighter -- so light that it was only slightly easier with dealing with this force.

Miya: "A clear shot!"

"Right!" He pulled the trigger, releasing one last soul energy packed bullet at Khrona's back.

Khrona had continuously had the Elite in his sights, due to him being locked onto his soul, which would move with him as a shadow. Before Khrona knew it, his shadow had been caught by the Elite. That brought a smile to Khrona's face, even if he couldn't move from his spot. He noticed how fatigued the Elite was, yet how well his soul was working together with Miya's soul... At the moment, if they really wanted to, they could have achieved Soul Synchro... Ha, not like they had the energy to. As the Elite fired his shot, Khrona could have done something to stop it... He COULD have... Whether it be his natural wavelength flowing around his body within a thirty foot radius of him, his Soul Cords, or just shifting to the final strength of the Soul Dragon that he had left, he could have done something. Yet, he didn't. For the Elite's efforts, Khrona gave it to him to get the final shot. Into Khrona's back, straight into it, the bullet of soul energy drove into him eventually to disappear in a burst of smoke from the force. Khrona's back was smoking from the shot, and with that, Khrona turned around, still staring at the Elite. He dissolved in midair, reforming in front of the Elite as he materialized above until he was fully down on the ground. "... You have done well. I was right in making you an Elite and giving you a Soul Partner... I did have doubts, but the way you used her was a sight to see. Good Job." Khrona smiled just a bit, before realizing... Misery and Despair must have gotten fucked UP. Khrona coughed, looking in the distance...

Misery emerged, hair frizzed a bit and clothes quite tattered, revealing MORE of her body than what she originally used to show "... Okay... What the mother FUCK just happened here?" She stared at all of the destruction. "... Oh, Khrona got in a fight again. YOU DIDN'T WAKE ME UP, YOU BASTARD? ALL I GET TO SEE IS THE REMNANTS OF WHAT I WOULD ASSUME WAS A PRETTY BADASS BATTLE. Goddamn... Shit... I mean, every fucking time I... UGH."

Despair coughed up some dust, smiling with her gloomy expression plastered on her face. "Oh, Khrona...! You are done? Did you have a gloriously horrible time...~?"

The Elite's shadow dissipated, revealing him from the remnants of it, covered in shears of dark energy. Miya turned back into her human form, and began to help him up.

Miya: "Are you alright...?"

"*cough* Somehow... You were great Miya. Couldn't have done this without your help."

Miya: "You should save your breath and rest, fool. Besides, you were able to show me how strong I can be, and that I could be even stronger... Thank you."

She would then hug is wounded body while he chuckled in some pain. He looked over at all the yelling and cursing, only to find Misery, revealing enough to make the Elite pass out all the way now.

Miya: "Huh? Come on, wake up... Wake up!"

She began to slap his unconscious body in the face, trying to wake him up, but was all a failed attempt. She would bring his arm over her shoulder, and began to use herself as support, taking the Elite somewhere -- probably the mansion -- but he was too beat up for that. She turned to Khrona, and bowed slightly as the Elite also did.

Khrona nodded his head to them, compelled to say, "You know, I could just--" He stopped and thought about it. Maybe it was better for them to go off together with those wounds rather than Khrona heal them. It would be an experience and increase their bond... Khrona couldn't help but remember way back when, meeting Misery and Despair as they walked off...

Misery: "Next time you get into a battle, WAKE ME THE FUCK UP--"

Khrona: "Misery... Despair... Look at those two... Misery, you remember when we were like that, don't you? That Miya girl is just like you... Just without the violent attitude and impulsive swearing."

Misery: "FUCK YOU."

Khrona: "Exactly. Ah, what it is like to start out on the journey of a weapon..."

Despair: "Perhaps he should go to the college...? Shinigami would take him and have him train... It is better that he train in that institute rather than alone or just with you."

Khrona: "... That... That is actually a good idea. Hm. I will have to have Shinigami enroll him... In fact, I will make it known to Shinigami that he must open the school to those with weapons. He would love that. He always enjoys new people... But, it's better to do that on a later date..."

Misery looked down on herself. "... Woah, shit. Khrona, my tits are hanging out...I barely have any clothing left up here and it's kinda cold... It's not like I wear a bra... So, wanna fix up my clothes?"

Khrona scoffed, beginning to walk. "Hell no. Secretly, I'm enjoying that." Khrona smiled a bit, staring at Misery from the corner of his eye.

Misery smirked. "Heh, you wily dog, you. You're liking that jiggle factor, ain'tcha?" She jumped up and down a bit playfully, laughing crazily.

Despair sighed, smiling and staring at the two with dark eyes. "Oh, you two and your cute vulgarity... Perhaps we should make our way home now...?" Despair threw her dress over all of them and wrapped it up, warping them back to Khrona's pit.

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Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei    Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei  EmptyThu Feb 20, 2020 11:10 am

Fourth Eve; Just Because, I Guess

Things were moving pretty slowly ever since the Alliance formed, probably because everyone else was still getting accustomed to the new environment. Khrona found himself in a nice little groove of being able to help people out and keep himself sharp at the same time, regularly visiting the Battleground everyday in order to train and help others train, as well. Part of his duties as a village leader, after all. His relations with Misery and Despair, as well as they with he and each other were going very well ever since they found the Innocence, which seemed to be the cure to all three of their problems. Khrona was even becoming more outgoing and confident, which the Fear that was powered also by his Insanity and prevented him from expressing accurately before. Everything was looking up for these close pals... The love triangle.

Khrona waits in an open field with his two partners waiting in the background, cheering for him since they cannot be used by him themselves.


Despair: "Bring a joyful bleakness to the soul of those you face...!"

"Rahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am Batman!" A random person laid down at Khrona's feet face down.

Khrona stares at the... person, a bit disgusted. "... Who are you?"

"A crackhead ... Oh, you mean my name? Ummmmm, I believe it's... Um, Kemuri?" He stands up and places a blunt in his mouth then lights it. "You want to smoke too?"

Khrona sighs. "Never... Drugs do not go well with me. In fact..." Khrona's wing slapped the blunt over to the next continent "... They don't do well around me, either. State your business."

Kemuri pulled another one out and blew smoke in Khrona's face. "To see how bad I can get my ass kicked."

Khrona's eye twinged for a moment, and the entire line of smoke ignited , exploding the blunt and all of the smoke that had just gone down to his lungs. "Really...? That can be arrange-- No. Not from me..." Khrona looked over to Misery. "Yo. Misery. You like beating the shit out of things, right? Get over here, this guy wants to get the crap beaten outta him."

Misery stood up happily, crackling her knuckles "Oh, HELL YES. I'm gonna beat the living FUCK outta this druggie--"

"Well, that doesn't seem very nice," Despair interjected. " He doesn't seem like he wants to fight, does he...? We should let him live his wondrous and miserable life in peace... Maybe he just wants a hug...?" Despair said slightly lovingly, yet with sad tone.

Misery: "Dammit, Despair, why the hell can't you just beat shit until it dies, like the rest of us? Always have to go around hugging shit and saving puppies from being stepped on and whatnot, WHAT IF I JUST WANT TO SKIN A KITTEN OR SOMETHING? Shit. I should be able to punch a raccoon if I want to... I mean, goddamn..."

Khrona sighed. "You know that you didn't use the same animal twice within your... Nevermind, Misery. Deal with that shit within your own mind..." It seems that the group was starting to bicker upon themselves about the situation...

"Secret Technique: Kousei... Regeneration!" Kemuri stood there as his body healed. He pulled out a bag of crack and sniffed it the popped a few pills of X, then injected morphine into his leg. "Dudeeeeeeee... Is that all?" With crackhead speed, he shot five hundred balls of lightning at all three of them. "Dude... Who's is going to fight me...? I'm getting bored."

Khrona noticed something... He turned to Kemuri "Hm... You have Regeneration, hm? Hmhmhm... Then that changes a lot. Misery. Beat him until you get tired. He can regenerate himself."

Misery jumped up. "HELL YES! And I don't wanna hear any bullshit from you, Despair, you sit down and... I dunno... Sulk... Happily... OR WHATEVER THE HELL YOU DO." Misery's sword blade and scythe blades shot out of her body, but then she remembered that the scythe blades cause instant death due to her Condemnation soul... So she retracted them in a shining white light. Instead, she would just use her sword weapon. "Alright. Let's see here..." She walked toward Kemuri and raised her sword, which was jutting out of her hand and it began to glow with soul energy. "Just because I need to deplete your chakra... Insanity Impact!" She slashed her sword downward and suddenly, swords made of Soul Energy continuously rained down on Kemuri, locking onto his soul so that they would make contact, and when the swords made contact with anything they depleted chakra and also they exploded with soul energy that would drain chakra completely. She hoped he would be pierced and sliced and diced by these swords... Oh, how she wants to pierce his flesh.

All the lightning was redirected by Misery and hit Kemuri and fried him horribly before he had a chance to attack. The voltage would either fry him or stop his heart. Getting hit with five hundred balls of lightning WILL DO MAJOR DAMAGE. "Hehehe, oh shit. *vomits*"

Khrona's natural ability to absorb and merge with the DNA of whatever he touched allowed him to basically suck in all of the lightning into himself and not get effected, but regardless, he wouldn't have been effected that much due to him not really needing his organs and his black dragon blood that was coursing through his and his weapons' veins. Khrona just siphoned the lightning that would hit Misery and bring it into himself, since he absorbed the lightning before and was now immune to all forms of electricity. As for Despair, she could handle herself... She had Rejection, which she would use to well... Reject any and all attacks that were to come her way, since she wasn't going to fight, just sit there, so basically, she was untouchable. So basically... Everyone came out fine. Now, to have a little fun... "Misery. Go in for an attack. I just want to try something with him for a second..."

Misery nodded, flipping her hair a bit. "Fine, Khrona. Heh... The little bastard tried to fry me... Hahaha... I'm gonna rip his throat out... And eat his soul!" Misery jumped into the air and did another barrage of her "Insanity Impact!" making more draining swords of soul energy fly down at Kemuri at an incredible speed...

While Misery was doing this, Khrona was on the ground... Playing around with it. He increased the amount of skin he had, making it all slip through his feet and into the ground, merging with the ground so that he was one with it. even though he was still standing in the same position, it seemed as though nothing had changed. Now he had absorbed lightning and merged with the earth. Not more more he could do for the moment, or was willing to do. This was Misery's battle, he was just support... But anyway. He began to focus on the ground and send some energies through it. If Kemuri were to stay on it, Khrona would be able to grab him at any given moment and prevent any regeneration due to the fact that Khrona could decrease the amount of DNA and cells he had a hell of a lot faster than he could reproduce them. Now, to wait.

Kemuri jumps high in the air due to the crack he was on. Then he ripped his limbs off and threw them at the weapons raining down on him. Due to the morphine he was on, he could grow back limbs and due to the crack, regeneration was uber fast. Then he pulled out a blunt to replace the X pills.

Growing frustrated with the crackhead, of whom he wasn't even sure who ALLOWED to just be... Walking around and shit, Khrona would go elsewhere in the Battleground in order to get away from the guy without utterly killing him. It seemed like his emotions had gotten more intense and difficult to control; a side effect of a great increase in power in a short period of time. He needed to clear his head.

Khrona sits atop a mountain, staring off into the canyon below him, looking to both sides of it and seeing the walls, then faaaaaaar off, miles into the distance, a mountain in the exact same position as the one he sat on. Misery and Despair, his two weapons, sat beside him gazing at the dark and gloomy skies.

The Enigma appeared, with a fuchsia purple like energy spinning into the air, from starting as a sphere slowly being crushed into the air, deflating. As the deflating was occurring, strings rapidly formed, latching onto the ground. The Enigma, moment's later, formed from the large sphere of energy. "Ah, Khrona... It's been quite a long time..."

Khrona nodded. "Yes... It has been, Enigma..." He stood. "Except now, I am sane... Though I am slowly becoming insane once again due to the Falshin's re-arrival..." Khrona shook his head. "But... Those are Reality ninja problems. You would know nothing of these matters." Khrona turned to the Enigma, his face stern and bleak. He materialized in front of the Enigma in an instant. "I assume you are here to cure my boredom? And allow me to use whatever little sanity I have left...?" Khrona crossed his arms as Misery and Despair watched from a bit higher than the other two were, oddly quiet.

The Enigma merely smiled knowing his friend was now sane, but only a slight smile since he was slowly going into the more complex insanity. "Hm... You don't look very bored, but hey, I'll lift you from it, if needed of course..." The giant sphere that was deflating was still rapidly spinning as the Enigma stood somewhat behind it. Since it was quite high, the spinning didn't affect him; the string like wires still enveloped into the readying of some sort of attack -- maybe to rip the rock from where they stood -- but from the bit of talk even made the strings more time to travel downwards to use their attack more quicker.

Khrona could see what was going on with his mind due to his psychic abilities, knowing the strings were going down... And all he could do was smile. "Well. Let's begin." Khrona outstretched his wings as far as they could go normally, which was about eighty feet, then finally slammed them into the ground, making a large earthquake as well as cracks deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep into the ground -- mostly under the Enigma to try to rupture the ground under him to keep him from standing correctly without the ground falling in on him. In case it didn't work, Khrona sent a psychic pulse through the ground to shatter the weakened ground under them, floating upward after that. Misery and Despair shrouded themselves in some of Despair's Rejection just in case stuff got... Nasty. Khrona was feisty lately.

The Enigma's string still in the ground was merely creating a wall of telekinetic energy, which was holding distortion energy. As the earth would shake in the ground, the distortion was reshape the rock into a liquid state allowing the frequency of the quake to bypass through. Since Khrona also sent a pulse into the ground, the collision of the two telekinetic energy's shattered and sent the ground into pieces into the air. Knowing Khrona would fly into the air from his wings, the Enigma used the rest of the sphere of telekinetic energy to stretch out more strings and attach them to airborne rock which was where the Enigma would then moment's later leap onto. The collision and the shattering of the ground was unaffected to he Enigma thanks to his body able to materialize into objects and such. As a platform of rock, rather large, where the Enigma was standing on had thousands of strings protruding from the edges and sides catching all other rocks airborne and dragging them along the way. The Enigma, lifting his hands, would make the rocks attached to the strings lash into the air at Khrona. The Enigma's body materialized into the platform rock could move the rock with ease.

Khrona's eyes narrowed. As each rock was lashed at him, upon impact it hit him and barely effected him due to his black dragon blood, almost shattered because of the density and hardness of it, and then Khrona's skin attached to each of the rocks that touched him. Khrona rearranged the DNA and made them into more Khrona's, but no, they were not your normal run of the mill clones... No, they were literally more manifestations of Khrona that were shaped from his own skin and blood and therefore were technically Khrona. Horribleness was about to ensue. The Khrona's circled the Enigma, floating around him randomly, and since each of the Khrona's shared Khrona's soul, they had the same soul abilities as he did. They all began to release psychic energies and whatnot from around them as the original Khrona continued to stare at the Enigma.

Since the strings were connected to the rock it held telekinetic energy which the large platform would break in the middle. This done, the Enigma lowered the platform, having it being placed below the Khronas. As the rock platform split into two separate parts, they would repel from each other, rising on a diagonal trail, until suddenly standing straight opposite of each other. With this, the Enigma -- floating in the air, the strings in his hand, his arms spread apart -- would then attract and force the rock with telekinetic energy to pull the rock together easier. The wall like rocks would then fly towards all the Khronas attempting the crush them with the two walls colliding into each other. The Enigma had a strange energy moving around his body.

Each of the Khronas did nothing but repel and instantly destroy the rocks with an incredible psychic pulse, as well as cancel out the Enigma's telekinetic strings if they got near them. Just then, each of the Khronas then stood thirty feet away from each other. After this, the Khronas began to rip off tiny chunks of their skin, which would reform back to normal swiftly. The Khronas then threw the meat slabs and they became Khronas as well. This process would be continued, technically doubling all of the Khronas in the area within the minutes. Twenty... Forty... Each of them standing about thirty feet away from each other; some in the air and some on the ground. However, once there were eighty, they stopped, staring at the Enigma still, releasing psychic energies as well as soul energy. Each and every one of the Khronas stared at the Enigma, unblinking.

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Fifth Eve; A Stroll In The Snow

Khrona had just gotten done with the Enigma and continued on his way to his office. During this time, however, his eye was caught by a rather intriguing person that crossed his path... He couldn't pass up engaging someone so interesting.

An ethereal being would be seen walking around with his hood on in a frozen winter wonderland, the snow coming down hard. He simply awaited an opponent to accept his challenge.

Khrona materialized into the area, Misery and Despair along with him.

Misery: "Snow...? Seriously!? I hate the snow so much..."

Despair: "Come on, Misery...! It's the symbol of death... A melancholy and depressing, yet uplifting matter, wouldn't you say..?"

Khrona noticed the hooded ethereal. "Hm..? Someone out here in the snow...? Never would have guessed it..." Misery and Despair sit down, Despair making a bubble of Rejection around the two to keep them warm as Khrona still stood outside of it, unaffected by the cold due to... Well... Several reasons.

The ethereal would stop in his tracks as he turned his head and appeared several feet away from Khrona, his hood unwavering even with the blistering winds. "Would you care for a match...?"

Khrona quirked a brow. "Hm. You sure are to the point. Alright. I could use another battle." Khrona's eyes narrowed as he locked onto the ethereal, seeming to do nothing but stand there. Misery and Despair watched in the background.

Misery: "Oo, another battle? This'll be good!"

The ethereal, knowing a lot about Khrona, would be surprised that he wasn't yelling at him, or throwing around death threats. The ethereal smiled and appeared about twenty yards away. "Ready when you are..." he'd say as his dojutsu glowed through his hood...

Khrona nodded. "Well. Better get this snow out of here. I am not fond of these snowy sorts of plains." He raised one wings and brought it across himself with a moderate amount of power. Suddenly, all of the snow in the area was simply brushed away by an incredible wind, the wind so powerful that it seemed to leave no trace of the snow, either, and even pushed away the clouds that were whipping up such a blizzard. The temperature was still cold, however. "Ah... Much better... All of the fluffiness strains my eyes..." There were several large cuts and huge gashes on the ground from Khrona's wind, since when he flapped his wings and made winds, slicing forces also came out from them. Khrona took this as his own turn. He wasn't one to dash into random attacks such as this. He looked down at the ethereal's feet, snickering a bit.

The ethereal's body would flicker before reappearing in the sky, avoiding the wind slices that were going for him. "And off we go..." he'd say, shaking his hands as if they were wet. "Genesis Requiem..."
His body begins to fizz before he disappeared and reappeared closer, a little ways behind Khrona, shooting little beams of plasma at his backside. As the ethereal reappeared on his left flank the same distance away shooting another set of plasma beams, he'd continue this process over and over until there are beams coming at him from all possible angles -- including above him. All this is done in under two seconds as each beam is faster and larger than the last.

Due to Khrona's Hyper Perception, he can see all of these beams coming at him as well as where the ethereal being continues to disappear and reappear, and since Khrona has exceptional speed and reactionary time, this would be quite easy for him. As each beam of plasma came at him, he merely moved his body is such a way as to always have them miss, and if an explosion would ensue, he would have his psychic energies keep him from getting hurt by them with a force greater than the initial force of the explosions. Since Khrona could bend and stretch as well as alter his body in any way instantly, this was not a problem to avoid the beams. Next, he flapped his wings again with moderate power, forcing away everything around him, even stopping and forcing back the plasma beams that were coming at him due to his power, and if the ethereal were to keep in distance of Khrona, he would be forced away quite the distance as well. "Huh... Now, let's see if I can do this right..." Khrona slit his own throat, it reforming instantly after dripping black blood into his hand. Khrona only needed a drop. He flung it into the atmosphere and it seemed to disappear, but no, it spread. Each and every molecule that made up that one drop was now in the air, and if everyone knew how the black dragon blood worked, it could harden to any density and make itself just about impenetrable, and Khrona could control it to resist any sort of temperature to keep it from freezing or evaporating, and lastly... It would be used as a weapon. This was something Khrona had never done before, he had never used the black dragon blood on a molecular level, however it would be most effective. If the ethereal were to get touched by any of them -- which were all around -- he could be cut, stabbed, pierced, or something by the black blood and ultimately rendered by them. And in case he could spot them, since Khrona had total control over this black blood, he could just make more via DNA making and cellular acceleration.

While Khrona was forcing everything away from him, the ethereal would simply fly toward him at an accelerated speed and force through the incredible force of his wings with sheer power. The ethereal indeed would be able to see the black blood particles via his dojutsu. He would coat his body with a skin tight layer of crimson flames that just so happen to be his unique fusion flame, which has the ability to burn through anything starting on a molecular level, protecting the ethereal from the blood and making contact with him fatal. He then warped above Khrona about a foot away, bringing his blade down upon his head in the form of a giant hammer, it breaking The sound barrier by the second, increasing in strength and force; burning with the crimson flame, the hammer being in tongue's distance.

Khrona, able to see the ethereal's attack coming -- once again, with the Hyper Perception -- he could use his ultra defined reflexes to block, which he did, putting up his wings and coating them in psychic energy as well as stiffening his black blood. Though, he basically only needed to put up his wings, since they were strong enough to block the attack themselves alone, but he wanted to make sure that he kept his balance and the force of the attack didn't move him at all, since a sudden and abrupt stop would hopefully leave the ethereal open. Sadly for this ethereal, he was too near to Khrona, and Khrona's Soul -- which the ethereal was within range of -- would start with its ability "Soul Merge." Now, instantly, Khrona's wavelength was merged with the ethereal's. From here on out, the ethereal would not be able to move out of thirty feet of Khrona's radius, even if he were to warp. It was impossible. If the ethereal indeed could warp out of this dimension, his soul would not be brought with him, and would instantly kill him. He was trapped within thirty feet of Khrona at all times now, regardless of speed and power. Now, Khrona did not need his eyes to fight, since his wavelength was one with the ethereal's soul. He closed his eyes now. "Soul Purge." A current of Khrona's power would surge straight through the wavelength, instantly blasting the ethereal's soul. This would most likely drop his attack power severely as well as chakra, and not only this, hopefully surprise him enough to be stunned for a moment or two as well as rid him of that crimson flame. Khrona could use the Soul Purge at any time instantly since the ethereal was locked in his wavelength. Now, another fun ability of Khrona's; "Soul Cords..." Many invisible strands of Khrona's Soul -- which, by the by, was invisible to all who did not have Soul Perception -- would shoot from his body and make a webbing first around the thirty foot radius of his soul, and with that, if the ethereal touched one of those cords, his energy source would be drained and sucked into Khrona, being converted into Soul Energy in the process. Khrona laughed a bit, turning to open his eyes to look to Misery and Despair, then closed them, turning back to the ethereal.

"None of that..." Once the hammer didn't burn clean through the wings like they were supposed to, the ethereal knew something was amiss. He would then make the hammer and the flames combust in an deadly and dangerous explosion of crimson flames, propelling the ethereal away and hopefully catching Khrona in the explosion entirely, burning the fuck outta him hopefully... The ethereal then looked at Khrona with a smile upon his face as he summoned his next weapon to his other hand, crackling with energy... The ethereal then took a stance...

Khrona's engagements with his old and new interesting colleagues were nice, and just what Khrona needed before he went off to his office to do his business as leader. He was happily in the midst of work when suddenly, he found that one kid at his door again...

The kid simply walked into Khrona's dominion whilst walking the dog with his yo-yo, Aschen.

Aschen: "I'm transforming back... I'm a weapon, not a toy."

Me: "Yeah, yeah, yeah."

She emerges in puff of blue smoke and smacks the kid on the back of the head.

Me: "You're not the first to go upside my head."

Aschen: "And I have a feeling I won't be the last."

They continue searching around for Khrona...

Khrona materializes into the immediate area. "... Yes...? I assume from you being here, you wish to take part of my team, am I correct?" Misery and Despair stood behind him, oddly quiet for a change...

"Yes... I would like to. Wait, have you seen Aschen?" The kid looked around for her and saw a little quivering yo-yo on the floor. "I so would've done that if I could." He just give her a look and she regains her composure and transforms back, hiding behind the kid. "Yes Khrona, we would like to join Team Psychotic..."

Khrona was surprised that the yoyo that he assigned to the kid was afraid of him... Seems as though a lot of people were afraid of Khrona... Dunno why. He glared at the two. "Well... If you wish to take part of my team, you must first go on a mission... A mission to collect some souls... Will you be partaking in this, or will you not?" He stares at them unblinking, awaiting an answer.

"Sure I'll do it... No matter what," the kid would say with a bold, unwavering look. His scarf floated in the wind, even though they were not outside...

Khrona smirked slightly. "Good. Your mission is clear with one purpose; go to the bridge that connects the Reality to the sky and eliminate a vile demon that is spreading around evil throughout the sky. Any souls you collect along the way are yours, but you give that demon's soul to ME. Understood?"

"Why would I want a demon's soul? Hehe. I'll go do your dirty--" Aschen nudges him. "-- I mean I'll go do your mission." The kid departed...

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Sixth Eve; Seeking Khrona Or His Brother

It was a very important day in the Reality. Why? Because the newest civilians who had come to do their extensive research. The Twins, Kev and Kris Smith, were coming to make a proposal with the village leaders based on their research. Naturally, whom they would find ready to escort them was none other than yours truly...

They walk into the building and await one of the Reality's leaders.

Khrona materializes into the area. "... Yes...?"

Kris: "Hey bud!"

Kev: "He doesn't know us yet Kris."

Kris: "I know but I couldn't help it."

Kev: "Knock it off... Hello Khrona, we would like to know the Reality's policy on people who aren't ninja."

Khrona coughed. "Bud...? Have I met you...?" Khrona had not seen their faces before... And his mind was clouding up, making him unable to see into the future as well as people's minds... Well. At the moment. Must mean the insanity is coming back sooner than expected. No matter. "Well... We don't have much of a policy... You're welcome to stay if you wish... I guess..."

Kev: "Well is there a place for us to live without the chance of impending doom?"

Khrona could not help but laugh at that, even with his ability to control his emotions consciously via brain power, he could simply not hold back such laughter. "Are you mad? The only way for that to happen is if... Hm... There IS no probability of that happening, unless you live in Despair's soul of Rejection eternally. A gigantic mountain-like structure... A World Eater... If I am correct... Has eliminated the homes of any ninja who would want to live in this place and is still there, you can't live in the Witch Province or the outskirts of town... It would be suicide for you to live with me... Perhaps my brother...? Or... Perhaps... We can get your own little domicile constructed? It depends, however..."

Kev: "Our own place would be nice."

Kris: "Your brother's house was fun too..."

Kev & Kris: "We'd like our own house."

Khrona sighed. "Is there anything you can do that will be beneficial to the village? If not, you will get nothing. Besides that, what sort of house do you think you would want? Though, I doubt it would be protected... For long..."

Kris: "Well Khrona, we can build anything with the right tools, and we are from the future, so we have great knowledge of things to happen."

Khrona's mind was a bit hazy right now. Khrona needed no tools to make what he wanted... He just needed knowledge of its DNA and its cellular structure. He sighed. "What is it you will need, then? I am sure I can provide anything."

Kev: "All we need is a place, a great supply of different metals and tools with which to bond and separate them."

Kris: "And a pool."

Kev: "Yes a pool would work as well."

Khrona nodded. "That is fine. All will be provided... and you will receive..." Khrona touched their heads and they all materialized to a different area.

As the pressing matter of establishing the Lab for the Twins had gotten under way, Khrona could sense the urgent energy of someone entering his office and made haste back to meet with him... A fine and helpful shinobi known as 'Silver.'

Silver had a particular glint in his eye as he walked through the council office doors, hoping to see one of his new leaders roaming about somewhere...

Khrona seeped upward from the ground, staring at Silver. "Is there something you need...?"

Silver: "Yes... I think it's high time I got myself a weapon I can truly rely on... A Soul Weapon if you will."

Khrona's eyes gleamed. "Soul Partner...? Hm... You are quite capable... But is there a specific weapon that you want? I will see if those are still available and if it matches your wavelength..." A book larger than the Chinese phonebook appeared in front of Khrona.

Eyeing the book, although upside down to Silver's view, he noticed one that particularly appealed to him... "... How about this one?" It bore the name Progenitus, even the upside-down description already vastly appealing to Skye...

Khrona looked down at the book. "... Him? Well... He becomes a frying pan... His soul is slightly flexible and should be able to work well with you... Is this the one you wish for?"

Khrona then realizes that he was looking at the weapon below Progenitus, which was Lulubell the frying pan. "... Ah. My mistake. Hold on... Ooooh. This one, hm? Well, yes, it seems as though your wavelengths are quite stable together... This is surely the one you want, is it not?"

Confused at first but now relieved, Silver eagerly grinned. "Of course, this one will do perfectly..." Somehow, he already knew that he would have tons of fun with this new weapon...

Khrona nodded. "Alright. I better bring him in." A large door opened and revealed a portal of complete and utter blackness. From this blackness, a person walked out of it, standing next to Silver.

The man who came out was fairly dark, a stark contrast to Silver's usually bright demeanor. He was a few inches shorter than Silver, and seemed even bothered or annoyed to be out in the open as he stepped through to see his new master. Opening his hand to display raw power, Silver took that as a sign of greetings for the otherwise silent man.

As Silver shook Progenitus's hand, he immediately changed into his weapon form. Apparently he wasn't terribly fond of being out in the open in human appearance... He seemed to grow along Silver's arm, forming a held, katar-like weapon with two blades going down the forearm, and a third in the center much like a spear.

Khrona nodded. "Well. You two have bonded fast. Just do not let your wavelengths waver or falter... Or else you will not be able to use him anymore." Khrona closed his eyes. "Now, it is up to you... You may either leave, Learn Soul Synchro here, or go to Shinigami's college and enroll there to learn how to use your weapon better... Though it is up to you."

Silver: "Well, he doesn't seem to be getting out of this form anytime soon... And still hasn't even said a word... What would you recommend?"

Khrona thought about it... "Hm... Most just learn the Soul Synchro here, however there is a limit to what I can teach them in one sitting... Shinigami's school is made specifically for teaching people to use weapons, since my brother and I are too busy to go in depth... My suggestion would be to go to the college, however I heard that Shinigami was going to gather up everyone with a weapon at once... Though I am not really sure what he is going to do."

Silver: "Yeesh, a school... Was never too fond of those settings. Eh... Is it possible to just get basic tutoring now and then again from time to time, one on one?"

Khrona quirked a brow. "Tutoring...? Hm... Perhaps... If that's what you really want. Don't know how effective it will be, though, it is your decision."

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Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei  Empty
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Seventh Eve; Zesu... Come To Khrona

Things were finally picking up in the Reality that was now pretty snug and integrated into the planet peacefully and fully. With this, all sorts of newcomers started to show up, but one of whom was especially interested stood out much more than all the rest...

Khrona sits in his office, fingers interlocked, awaiting his ninja to come to his office...

Zesu's sensei, Oneoera, received the request in a letter to meet with one of the leaders of the Reality. They both then left out of their dojo during their little afternoon training session and headed out to the council building to meet up with the Reality leader, Khrona. Once they got to the appropriate place, Zesu and Oneoera were guided up to the office of the leader, Khrona. The master and the apprentice bow to him with full respect as they remain quiet until Khrona spoke to them about why he asked for this young student to come here.

Khrona nodded to them both, acknowledging them. "I have called you here for two reasons... One; I am in need of more members of my team, Team Psychotic. And two; I need a mission to be... Carried out. Will you be able to oblige to either of these, if not both, Zesu?" Khrona awaited an answer.

Oneoera put up a hand for Zesu to remain quiet for the time being not to make a hasty choice, the panda-bear sensei then lowered his hand down as he begins to speak to Khrona, having a couple of questions to ask him. "Before we answer to your request, I would like to ask for a few questions answered. My first question is about the mission. What kind of rank mission are we talking about? I know that my young student is improving with his abilities and made a bit of an impression for a few people. However, I still have a bit of concern about my pupil being in peril. My second question is about the team. Please disregard me and take no offense, Mr. Khrona. Would your team be able to help shape up Zesu into becoming more within himself and to balance himself out in not only strength, defense, and technique, but also to realize to himself how he can become a defender for the village and learn much about the teamwork?"

Zesu then raises his hand up to stop his sensei from speaking anymore before he rambles onto many other minor questions that may confuse Khrona. "Sensei, those are the only two questions that you just need to ask for now."

Khrona's expression did not change. He merely spoke out unto them. "This mission... Is a collection of souls in the Graveyard in the outskirts of the village... I need a specific soul of a being there; a skeletal necromancer that has been reviving some of its brethren from the dead. I care not what you do with the other souls if you are to accept, just bring me that one." Khrona then cleared his throat "As for the team... I am quite capable of teaching Zesu these things, and a lot more. Not only will he be balanced in the mind, but in his soul, which I am adept at honing. To be of the Reality is to be of the soul. You shan't be forgetting that soon." Khrona's eyes squinted a bit, a smile growing slightly on his face. "So... What do you say?"

Oneoera begin to look at Zesu and speak to him calmly, but sincerely for the moment as the decision was mainly his own choice. "It's your call, apprentice. The leader speaks nothing more but with great dignity along with a request as well. You can either take the mission and leave out the team request, do it the other way around, or both. However, keep in mind that this will also help you out within your training in teamwork, solo, and tactics." Zesu looked at his sensei with a bit of sincerity within himself as well and nods at him. He then looks back at Khrona and puts his fist on his palm, bowing down to him with respect and gratitude as he accepts both the request. "I'll accept both of your requests to join in your team and take apart of your mission, my Lord. However, I do got one thing to ask of you. When you said that I can do whatever I want with the souls, what do you mean by that?"

Khrona smiled. He absolutely loved speaking about souls. "You... You don't have a Soul Partner, do you? Haha. No wonder. If you receive a Soul Partner, you may have it devour the souls of the tainted so that you can power it up to become a Soul Angel... If you wish to have more information on these Soul Partners and souls, feel free to ask..."

Curious about this so called 'Soul Partner' Oneoera begin to speak to Khrona, asking him about what its about and so forth. "I know that you're a very busy man, Lord. However, what you said intrigued me. Tell me, what is it about Soul Partners and souls? If you can be descriptive towards it or short and simple if you like. Seeing that smile on your face shows that you're quite the sage of this."

Khrona snapped his fingers, having his two Soul Partners, Misery and Despair, warp into his office via Despair's dimensional dress. "These... Are my two Soul Partners, Misery and Despair. Due to my turn from completely insane to completely sane, I cannot wield them until I become insane again, since we all relate to one another because of insanity, which is how our Soul's wavelengths get on the same biorhythm."

Misery: "Gooooddamn... Another Soul Partner explanation? Well, shit, Khrona, how many people do you have to inform?"

Despair: "... Oh, I would love to be of assistance to you, Khrona... I will woefully accept anything you plan to have me do for the disheartening demonstrations..."

Khrona sighed, continuing his explanation, "... So. A Soul Partner is a former human who has weapon blood inside of them, making them able to transform into a full weapon, half of a weapon, or even sometimes, multiple weapons.. Misery, Despair, if you will be so kind...?"

Misery scowled. "Fine. I guess I'll turn full weapon and you can turn half, Despair..." Misery began to glow white, taking the form of a pole with 2 blades on either end; one a scythe blade and the other a sword blade. Misery was a dual swordscythe weapon. A gleam appeared in the blade of the scythe, suddenly the reflection of Misery appeared in the shine of the blade. "Yeah, this is my weapon form. Like it? You'd better."

Despair nodded to Misery "Well, I guess it is my turn... Such a wretchedly fun thing to do all the time... How I love it..." From Despair's fingers protruded razor blades, as well as on her shoulders, forearms, and the hem and lining of her dress came razor blades. On the palm of her hands as well as all down either side of her spine, and across the exposed part of her chest were small holes that looked like they were able to fire explosives... Which they were.

Khrona continued... once again... "As you can see, they are both double weapons. Misery being a Sword and a Scythe and Despair being a Straight Razor and a variety of Explosive Artillery weapons. They sometimes will only take the form of one of these weapons instead of both. Anyway, the only way to wield a Soul Partner is to have your Soul become one with theirs, which is only acquired by feeling the other's soul, becoming one with them, acting in unison and feeling in unison. If your wavelength bond is strong enough, you may achieve Soul Synchro... Which I would love to demonstrate, but alas, unable to wield my weapons, I cannot for the moment. I will return to insanity soon enough, for this sanity I have been feeling is only temporary... Anyway. Soul Synchro is constant feedback and amplification of the soul through a weapon and back into you several times over. That is another special ability of having a weapon, your soul's power will increase quite a bit. There are several different resonances that can be unlocked in due time... But, yeah. There are several abilities that come with having a soul partner, such as the ability to transfer your Soul Energy through your wavelength and through your weapon for stronger blows and long distance attacks, or having abilities such as Soul Perception -- which I have -- which can see anyone's soul at any given time, so that you will know the power and size of one's soul. The more powerful and large the soul, the more powerful the person. One more thing, your partner may become a Soul Angel if you are to collect a number tainted souls and a supernatural soul, which is a task within itself. Becoming a Soul Angel will prove you to be an extremely powerful technician and show that you have a powerful Soul Partner..."

Khrona reached under his desk and pulled up a book "If you care to have a Soul Partner, I have a list of weapons and which ones are available... Sword, Axe, Bomb, Scythe, you name it, it's probably in here... I cannot promise availability, but it will be in here."

Zesu and Oneoera was amazed from learning about the Soul Partners and their hidden abilities since it was something completely new to the both of them. The sensei was in deep thought of it all as he wondered if Zesu had obtained a Soul Partner, then maybe he can teach his young apprentice about the dark arts and tainted accommodations of the Zui Quan. However, it would seem too risky to teach the young one that kind of forbidden fighting styles and tactics of the Kekkei Genkai, since he then all of a sudden remembered what happened to his last apprentice on that cruel, sad day during the training. Nevertheless, if Zesu was able to obtain the Soul Partner and fuse within himself into it, then there may be a slight possibility of success towards the forbidden training. Oneoera closed his eyes as he let out a slight panda growl from the harsh memories while looking down at the floor, speaking calmly towards Khrona. "Mmmmmm... Sounds interesting. A Soul Partner that sync and intervene with the matchmaking partner to become such a powerful combination of sorts. The possibilities are endless, but nevertheless that doesn't mean to be completely reckless on your attacks. Zesu, it's your call still. I would recommend it for your training, Kekkei Genkai, and your fighting styles. Who knows, maybe you'll be able to finally find yourself in one piece of you have a Soul Partner."

Zesu then looked at his sensei for a brief moment while he was speaking and then looked back at Khrona with a calm, yet sincere look on his face into accepting the terms and regulations of having a soul partner. "Tell me, leader of the Reality. Is there anything in the book that has some gauntlets, with either or both leg and hand gauntlets included?"

Khrona sighed. "Gauntlets, huh? Well, Gauntlets usually are twin weapons that each would represent one fist, however one with one ability and the other with another ability... Similar to a lad who had Fire and Thunder, twin elementals who were gauntlets... But leg gauntlets as well? It would already be quite difficult to wield two weapons, even if they are the same and are twins..." Khrona eyes Zesu up and down, examining his soul. "... Though, I do believe there are some gauntlets in here that are compatible with your soul and would allow you to use them with ease..." Khrona flips to the Gauntlets section. "There are only one pair of leg gauntlets, which have the elements of Light and Dark, but we have several fist gauntlets that are compatible with you... Wind and Water, Earth and Fire, and finally, Thunder and Ice. All of the others are either a higher level than yourself or are two that do not come from the same lineage and therefore do not have similar wavelengths that can match your soul... So, you must choose, the legs or the fists, and if you choose fists, which ones?"

Zesu was given a choice between one or the other. Either way he'll need to advance into his training some more in order to obtain any results within him. The young apprentice decided to think of the two decisions for a bit as it seemed like an very hard decision of choices. All of a sudden, a lightbulb shines above his head as he gives out an random look on his face. Zesu began to speak out his decision towards the choices. This may throw Khrona out of hand completely from the decision since it may be possible for him hearing that kind of answer. "On second thought, I don't want either one of them. Instead, how about you choose any kind of weapon for me. It can be anything of your imagination, from a gaunlet to a frying pan. Hell I'll go for a toy gun or a fork for that matter. I wouldn't mind it at all."

Oneoera tilts his head in great confusion from what Zesu just said as he gives out an 'what are you talking about?' kind of look. All he could do was just a facepalm from hearing such stupidity coming out of his student. However, there is always an kind of fighting style and martial art out there for any kind of weapon. So whatever Khrona choose for him, he'll teach his young student how to use it.

Khrona's eyes light up. "Well... That's a... Quite a wide variety of weapons..." Khrona skimmed through the book once. "There are approximately three thousand weapons that would go well with your soul... However, the absolute BEST one that you will grow fastest and master easiest is..." Khrona turned a few pages. "... AHA! Here she is! Venize, the water pump. She comes off a bit strong, however she means well. Will you be happy with this water pump? She generates her own water and attached to the arm to pump out soul energy in blasts like water. She can be quite draining because of this... Do you want her?"

Oneoera did an double facepalm from hearing the recommendation weapon that would suit him best since throughout his whole lifetime. There was NO POSSIBLE WAY for an martial artist into using an water hose as an weapon. However, like his past sensei said: 'Any weapon can be used into a fighting style as long as the user is in sync within himself and the weapon.' This also gave Oneoera a perfectly good idea into creating an fighting style of his own and testing it out on Zesu to learn as well. Instead of having an shocked and pissed off look on his face, the panda-sensei had an excited look instead. Zesu clapped his hands together seeing that this kind of soul partner and weapon can turn out to be quite enjoyable towards himself and let out an big grin. "That's looks like some pretty nice choice you did there, my Lord! Not only that, but she's quite an looker as well~!" He'd let out an seductive growl from it but then gotten hit by his sensei for his foolishness with an bamboo cane.

Khrona nodded. "Alright. I bet she looks better in person rather than the picture." Khrona waved a hand and a door appeared. It opened up and a girl came out...

Once the door opened to reveal to them his new Soul Partner, Zesu just looked at her with such amazement, an beautiful person like her as a weapon of a water hose? It sounded more crazy that you might expected. Zesu suddenly gave out an wolf whistle from seeing her in full vision, until he got hit by both his sensei and smacked by her as well. Venize blushed and bowed to him to apologize for what she did.

Oneoera was, in fact, surprised himself as well. He bowed down for both himself and Zesu to fully introduce and apologize for his young apprentice misbehavior. "Sorry for his rude behavior, madam. He's not the brightest person in manners yet as he is still trying to learn how to find himself."

Venize laughed softly and quietly from hearing what Oneoera said. She then began to speak out with an soft voice, but also had a bit of an excited and cheeky type of style as well. "Heehee, it's ok. My name is Venize and I hope that we can become the best of buddies and fighting partners as well." She bowed once more with a happy look onto her face as Zesu did the same for himself as well.

With Zesu taken care of and sent on his way, one of the members of Team Psychotic showed up with some questions for the leader, Khrona.

The sound and darkness using Elite and his Soul Partner, Miya, walked into, well, where Khrona usually holds his group sessions -- if any -- waiting for Khrona. He wanted to ask where to go obtain more souls to strengthen Miya.

Khrona materialized into the area with Misery and Despair close by. Khrona's eyes gleamed in the darkness. "... Is there something you need?"

The Elite looked over at Khrona, about to speak, until Miya intervened, and spoke for him.

Miya: "He would like to know how-- No, mainly I wanted to know how to collect more souls. To advance myself to Soul Angel some day."

Elite: "Yeah... What she said..."

Khrona quirked a brow. "You want souls? Hm... That is a doozy... Right now, it seems as though most all of the problems going on with the Reality are being 'dealt with...' " Khrona then remembered something. "Oh. Wait. My apologies. There is something. Something that may be useful in collecting souls. There is a sky being way up at the top of The Bridge. It is a bit powerful, but it is possible that it is worth more souls than most. This being seems to have manipulation over the weather and has been making irregular weather patterns in the Reality. It does not seem to be much of a mission, however if it were to get angry and create some sort of super storm, that would be bad. Go investigate before it gets out of hand."

Miya would nod her head to show understanding. "Count on us Khrona, we'll stop that entity."

Elite: "One fight after another."

Miya: "Stop your complaining! Now come on, we have some souls to collect."

Elite: "*Sigh* I gues-- Gugh!"

Before he could even finish, Miya was dragging him by the scarf out the room, and for the Bridge.

Things had been going very well for a while now and everyone seemed happy and comfortable with each other, from what Khrona had seen, and this only soothed him and put him at ease. He believed that things would only get better from here. Yet, something was still troubling him deep down... Something about the entire Alliance as well as the people that were part of it... That paranoia started to feed his Fear, and simultaneously, his own Insanity, once again...

Khrona returned to his Pit of Insanity, feeling the insanity shoot straight up his soul. "Ah... What good times... This insanity is returning to me... Sanity is nice, but I missed insanity so..."

Misery smiled "Wait... This means... You're comin' back, Khrona? You're gonna be insane again!? FUCK YES!!"

Despair clapped. "Oh, what a bleak and joyous occasion~! How we have missed you! We've kept everything the same for you, Khrona~!"

Khrona nodded. "I will try my damnedest not to revert to total insanity... Perhaps I can keep half of my sanity and half insanity so I may at least use you all again and return to my pit without... Side effects." Khrona raised his hand. "Well... This is it... Insanity, return to my lost soul... Fill the hole that used to be completion..." Insanity surged through Khrona's body. He could feel it again. His power. His eyes became glazed and twitchy. He grabbed one of his arms. He spoke with a soft voice, sounding somewhat like it would snap at any second "Ah... This is what I remember... However... I still feel sane, in a sense. I have control over what I'm doing... Sort of..." Khrona smiled, eyes darting about "Yin... Yang.... Mode? Sanity... Insanity... Form?" Khrona snickered a bit, grabbing his two weapons. "Let's go... Down there... Into darkness... Into insanity... Into the depths of... My soul..." Khrona tried to instantaneously transmit himself down there... Yet it didn't work. Khrona didn't have Instant Transmission anymore since his mind wasn't fully accessible. He also couldn't control his emotions anymore... He still had power over every aspect of his body and every kinesis or psychic force there is, but he couldn't instantly transmit or control emotions... Oh well. His speed had severely increased. He would be moving past the speed of sound due to pure insanity and brainpower. He zipped down to the bottom of the pit silently, opening the door at the bottom of the darker than black pit. His eyes gleamed, twitching a bit. "Welcome hoooome..." He said, closing his door, the sound echoing throughout the pit.

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Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei  Empty
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Eighth Eve; A Formal Challenge To The Very Earth

Though Khrona was all for the peace and harmony, he felt like there was something about him missing... Something he grew to love and that he'd found himself attached to, as well as through Misery and Despair, within the Insanity. Knowing that it was no good to return to complete Insanity like he was in the Reality, he assembled a 'Yin-Yang' mode that allowed him to keep the powers of his Sanity and his Insanity at the same time. This gave him a great deal of control on one hand to match his great deal of power on the other. However, he needed a way to prove that he was in control of this power... And one way he knew was to fight a man of great legend on this planet... The Earth's Advocate; The Earth King.

Khrona stood tall in a mountainous canyon, yet it could be called a valley due to the flowing stream and the miles of grass. He looked up to the cliff above, the peaks of the mountains nearby. He was looking for someone... "Come to Khrona... Earth King." Misery and Despair sat on bed of flowers somewhere nearby.

Misery: "... Ew. What are these disgusting little beings?"

Despair picked up a flower and it withered; she smiled drearily. "Why, these are flowers, Misery. Aren't they just so horridly wonderful?"

"Oh shit... Did someone call me?" The Earth King would be directly behind khrona, looking up at the sky gleefully, drifting off to sleep and noticed some random thing making flowers die when it touches them.

"Could ya stop with the insta-touch death? My wife is gonna kill me..." He would continue looking up at the sky, taking in the beautiful scenery, when he realized that it was this particular individual that called his name.

"So yeah..." The Earth King would stand up, yawn, stretch, shaking the entire canyon violently. "You called? You don't look familiar..." He would then scratch his head because he was seeing triple; they might be ghosts or ZOMBIES!!! But the Earth King won't be scared because he has to look cool.

Khrona did not turn around. "Of course... I do not look familiar. We haven't met. I am Khrona. One of the leaders of the Reality village. I have looked into the minds of several people and you, sir..." Khrona turned around. "Seem to be the one who would be the best challenge for me. I have been searching for a worthy opponent for quite a while now..." Khrona would then look to Despair and Misery.

Despair: "Oh, mister... Um... Earth King? Is that your name? I am humbly sorry for destroying these beautifully horrible flowers... They were just so drearily delightful that I simply had to pick one..."

Khrona sighed. "Well. Sir Earth King... Will you accept my challenge?" Khrona's wings outstretched, releasing a powerful and forceful wind throughout the entire valley just by moving a little bit.

"Oh..." The Earth King would commence picking his ears, yawning a bit more before actually waking up, using the expansive gust of wind as a pick-me-up. "The Reality village? I fought your partner a while back; whooped his ass. I would only assume that your power is equal to his if not stronger? But yeah, sure, let's go... I don't mind. I'm out of practice anyway." The Earth King would then being to inhale and exhale, the entire canyon -- if not the world -- begins to shake with an extreme intensity.

Khrona could feel the power. "Defeated my brother, have you...? Neither of us have ever finished a battle with each other... I hope I can be of a sufficient challenge to you." Khrona's eyes then locked onto him. "And so, let us begin." Khrona's wings folded downward as he released a powerful and swift force of psychic power at the Earth King's general direction, which would in turn allow Khrona to loose some psychic energy from all over himself so that he would be able to notice if something were coming in his blind spots. Misery and Despair were surrounded in Rejection due to the fact that stuff might fly.

"You fought the Sky King, right?" The Earth King would preform various earth bending motions, turning the entire canyon into silver diamond instantly; it would then scatter across the battlefield and would crackle crimson. The Earth King would then appear on another pillar in the canyon completely avoiding the blast of psychic energy while the silver diamonds in the air begin to collect forming circular objects of sorts.

Khrona turned to the Earth King, staring at his new position. "Yes, I have... I would have defeated him if it were not for... 'The Void.'" Just saying that made Khrona's blood boil... Speaking of blood, Khrona slit his own wrist, black blood dripping out. Khrona waved his hand and a tsunami of black blood shot out from his wrist, making the canyon fill with his own Black Dragon Blood. The blood intensified in density and parts of it hardened, stabbed through the diamond pillar that the Earth King stood on, trying to pull him in. Khrona merely floated upward and stood above the blood, his wound healing almost instantly. If the Earth King were to fall, the blood would harden into spikes under him and try to impale him.

"Oh God... I forgot to throw in the red stuff." The Earth King would facepalm as he suppressed the black blood's assault with his telekinetic powers, keeping it from breaching him and his various diamond structures anymore than it already had. He then snapped his fingers and the entire canyon would crackle with crimson sparks as he filled the canyon with cosmic energy; it would attack the very existence of the black blood and use its matter deletion properties to remove the black blood from the canyon. The circular objects in the sky would become something similar to magnifying glasses, forming a dome all around Khrona. "Your Rejection soul... I heard it can be overpowered. But no one has done it yet... Allow me to be the first." The Earth King would then preform various earth bending motions as he moved the entire globe under direct sunlight, preparing for the piledriver technique.

Khrona laughed a bit. "My Rejection? I believe you mean my weapon partner, Despair. I have no Rejection soul... Though, I would enjoy seeing this..." The Black Dragon Blood that had been released from Khrona was gone, however Khrona could easily make more by cutting himself, due to the fact that he could create and alter DNA at will... Perhaps it would be used more than Khrona normally did in battles. He looked at the magnifying glass above the area. The sun had no effect on Khrona. Khrona had such precise and awesome control over every aspect of his body that he could even control his temperature, the way he felt things, the way things effected his skin -- the works. Besides that, the black blood running through his veins would negate most heat effects with Khrona's control over it. "And... Let's see.." Khrona used his Instant Transmission ability to materialize near the Earth King. He would then try to use a Soul Purge on him, making a powerful smack at him with his wing charged with his own soul energy. If it hit the Earth King, it would make an explosive force that would shoot him back to the ground as well as rupture his chakra pool a little bit, making the ability to use techniques a little off. If Khrona did this multiple times, using jutsu at all would be impossible, and possibly other abilities. Khrona's wavelength flowed all around his body in case the Earth King retaliated...

The Earth King would still be looking in the direction Khrona was as the diamonds filled the clouds above; the sky itself began to crackle with a crimson intensity. As Khrona appeared next to the Earth King, he would be doing one handed handsigns with his free hand. Khrona's strong wing smack's force would be pretty much nullified thanks to the Earth King's mastery of telekinesis, but since he appeared so close he would be held in suspended animation for a bit. It did manage to push the Earth King back a foot or two, but the telekinetic energies would protect him from direct contact. "Let's see if she can take this..." He would extend his right arm towards Khrona, still looking skyward, continuing his handsigns, and would fire an earth cannon at Khrona at point blank range. The blast itself is half the size of the planet and would be orbited with several hundred spheres that would warp to its target if it were to survive; the concussive force of the initial beam is just as strong as the spheres... And if the Earth King shot it at the planet, it would be a crescent.

Khrona nullified the telekinesis with his own psychic abilities, which were damn near unmatched in any way while he was sane. There was no psychic force that could hold Khrona down. Next would be to get that earth cannon out of the way... And since Khrona's Soul was all around him and already powered up, this would be quite easy and useful. "Soul Dragon!" Khrona's already extremely large wings began to glow with soul energy and soul wavelength, wrapping around Khrona. Just wrapping around Khrona, it was as big as a mountain, and the dragon's head appeared out of Khrona's back, releasing a blood curdling screech. Since the earth cannon was energy, and the Soul Dragon devoured energy of all kind as well as nullified energies by transmuting Khrona's soul wavelength intensely throughout things, not only would the beam be extremely weakened due to the Soul Dragon just TOUCHING it, but anything ELSE would be devoured and converted by the dragon into Soul Energy for Khrona. Unfortunately, Khrona could not use his weapons right now, but if insanity took him over during this fight... He might be able to. The Soul Dragon, since it is so near to the Earth King, would try to slap him with the wings; touching him would seal his chakra among other abilities by sending wavelength and soul energy through the very core of his body. The spheres came then. The Dragon coming out of Khrona's back began to slap at them, their force powerful enough to shatter the attack with very little effort. Khrona seems to have mastered the Soul Dragon well. Khrona began to store up psychic energies within his body... He needed to use big things... Biiiig big things....

"Time to press the deletion button..." The Earth King would snap his fingers and it would begin to rain like small red globs like it was a hurricane... This was RED matter, a manifestation of the cosmic power. Its natural ability is to delete matter and anything it comes into contact with, which includes anything that takes up space, or anything that is brought on the physical plane that can clash with anything else. This includes psychic fields, energy manifestations, various domes of energy, or even air if he willed it. It deletes anything it touches... So at this point, the Soul Dragon would be erased instantly upon the Earth King snapping his fingers. He would then flare his arms outwards forcing Khrona back an extreme distance with the sheer force of the Earth King's muscles as he waited for the magic to happen.

Khrona's Soul Dragon was gone, however since it was made of his wavelength and soul energy, it would be able to come back again. Khrona indeed flew back, but midway, he began to fly in the direction that he was thrown. Khrona had an idea... Normally, he fought long distance, however for this battle, it seems as though he would need close range... He instantly transmitted down near Misery and Despair. "Soul Merge." Khrona swooped past them, merging his soul with theirs. This was part of a looong and elaborate plan. Khrona then placed random particles of his skin in the air, leaving his DNA and whatnot everywhere in the atmosphere that Khrona passed. Khrona was not planning on stopping his movements for a while...

"There is no space... Erasure awaits you." Another horrible ability of the RED matter was to delete traces of whatever it had previously deleted throughout the cosmos, so if it deleted a tulip it could delete all tulips everywhere in the cosmos. All the rain needed to do was touch Khrona once and it was over... But since Khrona scattered his DNA into the plain air he made it all too easy for the Earth King. He would hold his hand out in the midst of the intense rain that Khrona seems to dodge rather swiftly and let the rain drops hit Khrona's skin particles that he scattered... All that's left was a series of handsigns and ultimate erasure would be his doom. The Earth King would begin his handsigns, staying put, letting Khrona go about his elaborate plan; it wouldn't help. The process had already begun.

Khrona spread his skin particles for a very good reason... Just in case this happened. Since Khrona's ability was to change or alter DNA of anything and everything in any way -- especially himself -- he would change the DNA of his skin particles to... Well... Not anything having to do with him anymore. Spacial. He changed the DNA completely so that it was not his anymore. That was part one of his original plan... The only reason he changed it so that it wasn't his anymore because it was quickly perceived to him that it was this red matter attached to it. Yes, now it was something... Else. Of intense and ultimate power. Erasing this power would be bad for the Earth King. Khrona continued to fly. Misery and Despair warped off somewhere via Despair's cloak... But no, they hadn't warped... They had been absorbed into Khrona's Soul temporarily, making the Rejection gone. Another part of this elaborate plan... Khrona continued to move, just spreading his particles and letting them get rained on. Soon he would have to make his way back to the Earth King... And that's when he would strike.

Since the Earth King had a really good gut feeling that this would happen, the Earth King would manifest the altered DNA of Khrona in front of him, since the Earth King was the master of carbon... Which is his primary Kekkei Genkai trait. It would take only a mental thought for him to manifest a skin cell identical to khrona's body by copying the carbon signature he has, if he were to go about changing it... It would change along with it allowing the ultimate erasure to ensue. But just to make sure that this works, the Earth King would also have the now manifested RED matter link all the traces of black blood in the world to khrona, him having the black blood in his body would make the erasure happen once the Earth King's handsigns were complete and he activated the jutsu, so the red matter would delete the black blood and Khrona along with it; it was a chained erasure that was foolproof. "You have one last chance before you and everything that has to do with you gets instantaneously erased from every plane of existence that you dwell upon." With his handsigns complete, the Earth King's eyes would flame an intense crimson as he looked at Khrona directly in the eyes.

"Alright. Master plan ends a little early, but it's still able to be gone through with." Khrona would not TECHNICALLY be erased, you see. When Khrona makes parts of himself come off, he, unlike normal people, gives these pieces parts of his soul. "Now, check this out." If Khrona's soul is within every single particle of skin that he has released, then that means that when the Earth King placed the particle in front of him, he was within the natural thirty foot radius of Khrona's Soul and thus, technically, at any given moment, Khrona could do any one of his Soul abilities. "Now, watch closely." Khrona's soul has Misery and Despair inside of it. Khrona has the ability to alter reality to his will via two special Kekkei Genkai abilities, meaning if Khrona wanted to, he could and would get rid of the red matter on any or all of his skin particles. Now, if that's gone, Khrona can use Misery and Despair's souls, which are within his -- which is near the Earth King -- and use a little bit of all of their souls to take down the Earth King. Please note that with Khrona's brain processing speed, this could be almost to the very nanosecond instant. Rejection to keep the Earth King in, simultaneously fused with Despair to keep the Earth King unable to use powers while within this soul; Fear, to weaken any and all power quite drastically and severely; Insanity, to rupture space in the area of the Rejection and alter it to the will of Khrona even further than it already had; Condemnation, to... Well, that one's just a threat since it kills any living thing instantly. So, upon the instant the Earth King brings Khrona's skin particle near him, he basically was trapped in all ways.

Now, an alternate Reality, just in case.

Red matter, being a substance that is NOT only possessed by the Earth King's Kekkei Genkai because it is a substance of the universe, it means it is not specifically only linked to or accessed by the Earth King's Kekkei Genkai, meaning that Khrona could alter its entire makeup and make it null, turn into it himself, erase it from himself at will and other things. That would make the Red Matter's abilities null over Khrona if Khrona could alter what it was made of, making him free of the bind of himself being erased. Then that's when Khrona would go on and proceed with all of the soul destruction to the Earth King.

An alternate Reality, just in case.

Red Matter is connected to Khrona's blood indirectly and skin particles directly. Khrona's ability to absorb anything and everything that physically touches any part of him would allow him to absorb and nullify the properties of Red Matter into his very being, meaning then he could use Red Matter against the Earth King... And then possibly go ahead with all of his soul devastation to the Earth King.

An alternate Reality, just in case.

Cosmic power is within the area. It is also is a substance possessed by other beings, meaning it is not only accessible from or to the Earth King's Kekkei Genkai. It can be absorbed by Khrona, giving him temporary control over it and therefore become able to change the reality of the situation instantly, since that's something the cosmic power can do, meaning that the Red Matter would be gone and Khrona could use his soul abilities on the Earth King.

An alternate Reality, just in case.

Taking something from the Star Trek kingdom just as Red Matter is from, which should therefore be legit, Khrona could make all of his skin and anything attributed to himself at the moment as well as space and possible even the reality around the Earth King into Corbomite, which sends any and all lethal and destructive forces back at their attacker, regardless of what they are. Meaning then that the Red Matter would turn on the Earth King, as well as ALL of his other abilities and destroy him. Therefore, once again, no matter what the Earth King did, it would turn against him and attack him, even if it meant himself attacking physically, meaning then that the Earth King would have no sort of refuge, since he wouldn't be able to use anything, and if he were to try to change it, it probably wouldn't. Also, if the Red Matter DID NOT get forced back on him, well, if he tried to erase Khrona, it would reverse and end up erasing the Earth King instead. "Perfect counter, non?"

An alternate Reality, just in case.

The cosmic power allows the ability to open up parallel universes. Also is a substance possessed by other beings, meaning it is not only accessible from or to the Earth King's Kekkei Genkai. Just being around the Earth King would allow Khrona's ultra potent psychic abilities to open up alternate universes solely because the cosmic power is basically universal to other realities and can connect to them, and it being out automatically allows other beings to come to and from other planes of existence, meaning that Khrona could bring out an Earth King from another plane of reality and absorb it into himself, and by destroying Khrona would mean that the Earth King would be destroyed too, since all substances related to Khrona would end up being erased -- meaning the Earth King would ultimately erase himself upon erasing Khrona.

An alternate Reality, just in case.

Khrona makes every part of his DNA some different known object or being within the universe, meaning that if the Earth King wiped out Khrona, then the entire universe would get wiped out as well.

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Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei    Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei  EmptySat Feb 22, 2020 12:44 pm

Ninth Eve; Group Meeting

The Reality Village had recently made peace with a nearby planet that their Isolated Reality could converge with, and had done so just a short time ago, allowing for inter-reality trade and communication. The residents of the planet seemed a bit primitive compared to those who lived in the Isolated Reality of the Reality Village, but such was to be expected from those who hadn't ever experienced an entire reality floating in between realities suddenly appear and merge itself with their planet. Many people from many of the other nations came to investigate the Reality Village as well as the entire Isolated Reality as a whole, seeing as they had only minimal interaction with it as they were playing with traversing reality and stumbled across it that way.

Regardless, it had been some time since Shinigami had pondered the idea that he had during one of his assignments that he issued out to the Reality Villagers. In fact, that single instance is what brought all of what he was about to present on -- it was a new school! The Reality Village needed to understand the reasons why they were reaping souls as well as the balance of life and death, so Shinigami took his time to establish a school made specifically for that purpose. Therefore, he wished to gather all of the Reality Village together before him that he may introduce the new school which would be opening up on account of Shinigami's thoughtfulness.

Shinigami stood out in front of the gates of the school, awaiting all of the Reality Villagers out there who were interested in learning the arts of the Soul. He figured that Khrona and his brother were doing well, but there were new problems arising that only he and they could fix via Shinigami and his direct education. Hopefully, they showed up... Shinigami already called anyone who used the power of the Soul or who had a Soul Partner, so anyone who fit that criteria was expected to come.

Khrona materialized into the area with Misery and Despair -- his Soul Partners -- by his side, holding his head slightly. "Ugh... Getting close to this place is making my head hurt... Gah... No matter. I will just have to endure for now." Misery and Despair stood silently next to him, staring at Shinigami.

The Sun King, who hailed from the Sun Kingdom -- one of the nations of the planet -- would walk straight to the school gates from the desert, holding out his Soul Partner -- which he had gotten from the Reality Village -- and shaking him into his human form. He hissed, and the Sun King just closed his eyes as he waltzed in.

Sun King: "What's this about then...?"

Dark Sound -- a resident of the Reality -- and his Soul Partner road in on his hoverboad, landing right next to the Sun King as they waited. They, too, were curious about what was going on.

A high ranking Chaos Ninja flash warped into the desert looking around at everyone, recognizing Khrona and the Sun King, but not the other two. "Is there a problem here?"

In a cool and eerie breeze, Maruze's presence was known, his hair flailing in the wind. He was a wandering samurai with a Soul Weapon known as Waru, his sword, which was in his hand. However he, for the first time in an extremely long time, assumed his normal form of a demon about half of Maruze's height.

Waru: Eh? What could be going on here?

Maruze stayed silent.

Tear -- a Soul Weapon, himself -- appeared from a puddle of liquid that randomly appeared on the ground. It then got absorbed into himself. He had used his Soul Transmission to transfer his body to this place via his own soul. He sighed, staring at Shinigami and the gathering crowd, "This is going to be a most dreary announcement, I would presume. Huh. How I could come to weep..."

A leader of the Deep faded onto the scene, looking around at the not so familiar faces. She only recognized Khrona, and wondered why the hell an elite Chaos shinobi was here. "Hmm, Khrona, what's going on?"

Sting, another Soul Weapon, walked in nonchalantly, his rapier extended from his palm for some reason. It retracted quite sleekly and he placed his hands in his pockets, staring at Shinigami and saying nothing to anyone.

A notorious kid ran onto the scene. He was always late... But he had his Soul Weapon with him.

Likewise, a strange young lady with mystical light power flashed into the area. She looked around at all the people.

The Enigma preformed one of his flashy entrances, forming from a portal that was instantly created from the ground. He was seen holding a very particular staff that the glass orb on the top was glowing various colors.

Khrona's brother as well as his Soul Partners -- who were also his attendants -- flash into the area, both the attendants clinging to Khrona's brother's legs. "Sorry we're late..."

Eventually, more and more people showed up, and a large crowd gathered around Shinigami. After that, Shinigami looked around, figuring that everyone was here. Any who weren't would hopefully be informed. "Ahem... I Am Very Grateful That You All Have Come Here..." Shinigami began, sounding both formal and authoritative, "And To Start Off This Important Meeting, Let Me Just Say... WHAT'S UP WITH YOU~!?!?" Shinigami gave the V-sign with his 2 fingers that were part of his amorphous robe, then began to float around playfully.

"You All Who Are Or Wield Soul Weapons Must Be Educated On How To Collect Souls Properly, As Well As How To Utilize Your Own And Ultimately Keep The Balance Of The Flow Of Souls In Order." Shinigami said a mouthful, but he continued after a short pause, "The School Is Specifically Made To Train, Teach And Hone Your Soul Weapon, Soul Energy, Soul Abilities, And Much, Much More! This Will Assist You All Greatly In The Road To Becoming Divine Beings!" Those who did not know about the aspect of becoming a Divine Being, Shinigami would explain to them thoroughly in a classroom setting.

"I Entrusted The Power Of These Soul Weapons To Khrona And His Brother, However Because They Are The Leaders Of This Village, They Couldn't Effectively Teach Everyone About The Special Abilities Or All Of The Great Perks Of These Weapons, Or Even Any Soul Abilities." Shinigami shook his head, shrugging his shoulders as he sighed, before perking up again and continuing. "And So, I Decided To Help Out By Having The School Open Up! Besides That, I Know More About Them Than Those Two Put Together, Right Khrona-chan~?"

He waved at them.


Shinigami then calmed down a bit.

He sighed. "Well. Now That The Introduction Is Out Of The Way... It Is Of Dire Importance That You Come To School And Hone Your Abilities... Mostly Because Very Few Of You Will Stand A Chance Against The Threats To Come That Can Only Be Defeated With The Soul..." Shinigami paused again, looking down toward the crowd a bit sullen. "A Falshin Is Upon Us. A Demon God. He May Be The Most Threatening Thing To You At The Moment. If We Allow The Falshin To Roam Free, His Evil Will Spread Throughout The Land And Corrupt All Of Your Souls, Making You All Wicked As Well. You Will Become Soul Hungry Fiends With No Control Over Yourselves, And Ultimately, You Will Possibly Become Evil Falshin As well..."

Shinigami stopped, hoping that everyone understood what he was saying. This school was more important than just their education about themselves -- it was about how to keep the balance and order of souls stable between the worlds.

"I Would Stop This Threat Myself, However After Building The School And Dealing With... Private Affairs... My Soul Has Become Weak, And I Need A Lot Of Time To Recover." Shinigami sighed. "Anyway. We Must Stop The Falshin Before This Insanity Spreads And You All Become Corrupted In Your Souls. You All Must Attend This School, Or At Least Make Frequent Visits To Hone Your Skills, For This Is What Having A Soul And Soul Weapon Is About. As Long As You Do Not Fall To The Evils Of The Falshin... Because If You Become An Evil Soul..." Shinigami's voice became deep and demonic "... Then I Will Deal With You MYSELF."

He suddenly smiled and became friendly.


The notorious kid and his Soul Partner waited for that one dumb person to ask.

The Enigma's eyebrow rose when the Shinigami was happy. It sickened him, yet the mention of a Falshin sparked the Enigma's ego that this was a dangerous task indeed. "None from me..."

One of the attendants of Khrona's brother looked to Shinigami, smiling, and gave a childish giggle as see motioned her finger up and down to his movement. The other puffed her cheeks, clinging to Khrona's brother's leg looking very agitated.

Attendant: "Why is this old fart barking out orders when he can't do anything himself!?"

Khrona's Brother: "Hey!! Mind your manners... This is Shinigami and you will show him respect."

Attendant: Fine... Hmph!!

The attendant puffed her cheeks some more and crossed her arms.

"I'm good with this," said the elite Chaos ninja. His Soul Partner and Spirit Partner came out into there spirt forms looking around at the people around him.

Shinigami looked around. "Huuuuh... No Questions? Well, I Hope All Of You Will Be Attending This School Soon!" After that matter was settled, Shinigami did have one more issue to address, "With The Exceptions Of Khrona, His Brother, The Leader Of The Deep Village, Tear, And Sting, You All Should Find Out What Your Souls Are Attributed To, Whether It Be A Feeling -- Like Khrona -- Or An Object -- Like Tear. The Teachers Of This School Will Be Myself... And Of Course, The Divine Beings And Their Maestros. Khrona, His Brother, His Brother's Attendants, Misery, Despair, And Tear, Have Fun Teaching You All!" Shinigami waved at them and chuckled heartily, having assigned them right on the spot. "Alright! Let's Start This Off With A Passion!"

Shinigami melted into himself upon the ground, which led straight to his office. Immediately afterward, the gates opened, revealing the entrance to this magnificent school.

The Chaos elite was the first to speak up, saying, "Well, you haven't gotten any training lately, so you wanna go?" His Soul and Spirit Weapons nodded as they walked towards the entrance of the school.

The Enigma walked forward towards the school, using his staff as a cane for some reason. What injured the Enigma was a mystery also.

Khrona sighed "... I get the feeling that I'm gonna be the one to look at all of these souls..." Khrona shook his head, beginning to walk into the school, Misery and Despair right behind him.

Misery: "I can't wait to whip this load of bastards into shape..."

Despair: "Oh, what melancholy bliss that will be spread throughout the gloomy academy hallways~!"

One final straggler would appear quite late to this whole event; she had been busy watching people and things through the Water Mirror in her leader's Castle. She watched a bit of this meeting from there but then decided it best to be there in person, she departed from the castle and soon after arrived. "Geez I hope I didn't miss much..." She began looking around, hoping to find a way to gather up any information that she had missed... She would have to tell her leader -- the second leader of the Deep -- about this little gathering later.

Suddenly, an intense blast of random information from earlier in the meeting shot the girl SQUARE in the brain. It was Khrona sending out a psychic blast since he had known that she had come. He was sharing the info of what happened earlier, everything that Shinigami said, also with an added note 'Next time you're late, there will be repercussions.'

The lass was hit with this flood of information suddenly, and it left her a bit confused and stupid... It also left a weird tingly feeling...? "So that's what happened...I wonder what those repercussions would be..." She thought on it briefly and decided it best to not discover what these repercussions would be. "... On second thought... Nevermind..."

Once the painfully long meeting was finished, Khrona, who was still slightly tired from the transitioning into a new reality, still remained in a state of unrest. Though he was slightly drained, he still wanted to do something fun, especially after the tiresome meeting was done. So he headed out to find someone to play with for a little while.

Khrona sits in an open field, nice and grassy, with various trees surrounding this open plain... Forests. His two soul partners of which he cannot use sat down on the ground next to him

Misery: "Why do you bring us here if we don't get to fight? I mean, it's fun seeing you whoop ass and all that, but... I get lonely sometimes. Hurry up and get back insane, will ya? Or at least a little bit insane so you can at least use ONE of us?"

Khrona: "Patience, Misery... I will return in time... Perhaps I may even keep my own sanity as well as slight insanity, so I will be able to use you two again..."

The female leader of the Deep appeared on the field in a burst of flames, about fifty feet from Khrona. Her dark aura went about like it always did as she looked over at Khrona." Oha, Khrona. I haven't seen you since the mini training session. Looking for a battle, or something?" She unsheathed her weapon and pointed it at Khrona with a smile on her face and her red eyes gleaming. Her aura became more ecstatic.

Khrona smiled, his eyes a bit glazed and twitching "Ah... It has indeed been a while. A battle? Yes, I do require a battle... Or, I should say, Misery and I..." Khrona's eyes gleamed as he glinted at Misery.

Misery: "Well, Despair, he's gonna use me this time.. Better luck next time! Let's fuck her up, Khrona..."

Despair sighed. "I wouldn't want to inflict pain on her... She's dreadfully nice!" She sat down, Rejection around her just in case something happened.

Khrona outstretched his hand, Misery leaping backward, transforming into her Sword Scythe form mid air and Khrona grabbing her "Ah, how good it feels to use a weapon again... Such insanity... Such sanity... What fun." Khrona stared at the other village leader, tapping the ground with Misery. "Let's gooooooo..." His head twitched a bit as the smile got a bit wider.

The Deep leader giggled as the whites of her eyes began to turn back. Her weapon would go up in silver flames. "Sacrifice." The weapon was now in its awakened state, and a void opened up behind her. Out came her familiar from that void, and as the Deep leader took its chain in hand, the void would close up. She would let go of the weapon and have it orbit her body, charging with several different energies; Plasma, dark matter, and so on. "It's been a while, since I used my familiar. I hope this will be fun..." The familiar pulsated a massive burst of pure plasma through the area as several black arms would spawn from the ground all around the field and stretch and rush at Khrona, attempting to beat him down. The arms are made from the distorted energy inside of the familiar, and they distort what they touch.

Khrona examined the arms in the field, making a quick note of them and what they were made of. "Hm... Heh... Heh heh..." Khrona's eyes gleamed as several mixtures of psychic energies shot out from around him as well as his own Soul Energy. Due to the effects of the Soul Energy and the abilities of each of the different, potent psychic energies mixing together and flowing from Khrona at the same time would make the Distortion Energy around Khrona utterly erased by becoming distorted itself, and when distortion becomes distorted, it should ultimately become nothingness. Not to mention, you can't distort a force anyway. Khrona raised Misery. "Now.. Let's see what I can do with her... Like old times... Zero Sanity." Khrona's wavelength shot out around the field like a spiderweb and Khrona slashed Misery, releasing a powerful blast of Soul Energy that shattered or erased what it came in contact with. With Khrona's Wavelength guiding it, the huge blast would then become multiple huge blasts that would spread across the field in a very slim spider web sort of fashion, hopefully trapping the Deep leader from all sides and therefore fucking her up a bit.

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Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei    Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei  EmptySun Feb 23, 2020 2:45 am

Tenth Eve; Wandering Around

The engagement with the female leader of the Deep was a good one; enough for Khrona to have felt significantly drained  for him to be at rest. It ended with him going home because he was tired from everything else he had done that day and finally feeling tired enough to rest easy. She helped him to vent rather well. The next few days, Khrona continued to get adjusted to the people of the planet and attempted to help those of the Reality to do the same, only to find himself -- as he randomly perused the Bridge that connected the Heavens to the Earth -- face to face with one of his most powerful adversaries, greatest rival beyond his brother and soon to be dear and close friend.

The Demon King walks down the incredible long bridge. Three orbs float around his body while he travels down this lonely road. "..."

Khrona materialized into the area, his two weapons Misery and Despair hovering next to the Bridge. They seemed to be coming with him everywhere lately, even though he couldn't use them. Khrona felt a presence that wasn't of his village and wasn't familiar... Something extremely powerful. He saw someone on the Bridge which led into the sky. "... May I ask who you are and what brings you here, sir?"

The Demon King lifts his head to meet the voice he heard. "... I'm just wandering around. Hoping to find what remains of myself. And you are?" The Demon King's body could feel the immense amount of power radiating from this person and the three spirits that floated around begin to spiral in an erratic fashion.

Khrona's eyes narrowed as a very small smile appeared on his face. "I am Khrona. One of the leaders of this village of Reality." Khrona was wondering what the Demon King meant by 'finding himself...' Perhaps looking into his mind could assist... But that would be impolite to search through the memories of others.

The Demon King laughs to himself, since he too had the power to dive into the minds of others. However the Demon King was as polite as Khrona. "I dont mind, but be warned; I don't know what you'll find." The Demon King feels an odd presence emitting from the two blades that followed Khrona and his Demon Blood began to stir. "I can feel it..." The Demon King places his right hand over his eye, trying to calm the lust for combat in his body.

Khrona noticed something about this man... There was some sort of power flowing through him that Khrona did not know about... Perhaps it was dangerous. Perhaps it could be a threat to the village. "Is there something wrong... Sir?" Khrona's eyes darkened and his head lowered, his wings outstretching a little, creating a gigantic and powerful gust just from moving a tiny bit.

Misery and Despair watched from the distance. "Oh shit. I can see their souls... Both powerful and I think something might get fucked up. Yo, Despair... Put up some Rejection." Despair nodded, raising a hand to put some of her Rejection soul around them, which would force away anything and everything regardless of what it was... But then again, that was a given.

The Demon King stretches his right hand, his face hung low as a symbol of him giving in to the inevitable. "I don't know you that well." A weapon melds into the Demon King's right hand and the red orb floats over to his left hand. "So I plan to get to know you..." The Demon King places the spirit of fire into the weapon and sets his blade to his side. "... They only way I know how!" The Demon King voice was stumble on every other word as if he had snapped or something.

Khrona chuckled a bit, his eyes gleaming just a little. "Fine... Then let's get this started with a passion." Khrona flapped his wings with a moderate power, creating a forceful wind as powerful as three F5 tornadoes. Khrona used his adept and unmatched psychic abilities to control the wind to compress itself so that it would only hit the Demon King, so if it did hit, it would hit him with the force of three F5 tornadoes all at once. Khrona stood there, then, awaiting a response from him...

The Demon King lifts his hands together towards the sky and waves them down creating a cross-like assault in the sky. With the fall of the Demon King's arms comes a great force of wind; telekinesis. The combination of these elements plus the Demon King's new and improved Chakra allowed him to send three thin streams of wind into the tornadoes. The stream of wind would travel though tornadoes at an ungodly speed in the opposite direction, weakening them from the massive amount of Demon Chakra being released into the core with ever completed cycle. Once the stream reached the top it would be so much Demon Chakra inside the vicious tornadoes they would crumble to mere gusts by the time they got within five feet of the Demon King. "Reminds me of ... Him." With the tornadoes out of the way, the Demon King begins to run towards Khrona. His pace was steady and cautious.

Khrona nodded. "Hm. So, you have this sort of power, hm...?" Khrona stomped his foot, the Bridge erupting with his own skin through the cracks, intensified by Khrona's control over his DNA and the black dragon blood running through them, making them extremely durable and extremely hard. Some of the skin would try to wrap around the Demon King while others would whip at him. Khrona's skin that was surging through the ground would then break up the bridge under where Zeik was standing on, hopefully without him noticing, and tred to impale him with the bricks with incredible power. Khrona's Hyper Perception would allow him to see if the Demon King made any sort of movements... So Khrona was fine. Khrona sent psychic pulses through his skin to try to halt, crush and force the Demon King back as well.

The Demon King's mind may have been clouded by all the past events but his ability to fight was still at its peak. The Demon King, microseconds before Khrona made his move, jumped into the sky. He could feel some 'force' pushing him back down, but with a simple thought, he would repel this 'force' with his own psychic prowess. It wasn't easy over powering Khrona's psychic powers but the Demon King made it all look easy. His dojutsu was the key. It had saw Khrona coming a mile away allowing him more than enough time to jump out of the way. The skin that the Demon King would assume was  chasing him would be dealt with by his blade. He was hacking and slicing away at anything coming near him and anything he didn't have to cut was simply dodge by some cool aerial maneuver. The Demon King's body temperature begin to rise as he was getting ready to, as they say, 'heat things up.'

Khrona hadn't taken his eyes off of the Demon King for a second, still staring at him up in the sky. Khrona flapped his wings again, this time releasing a power so strong that it created a vacuum and erased all of the air in the atmosphere for a moment, hopefully pulling the Demon King down close. Khrona then used his instant transmission to make his arm punch into the sky, appearing behind the Demon King instantly to try getting him in the back, in which Khrona would use the Soul Force, which was able to rupture the soul and weaken as well as rupture abilities involving chakra and the soul, and possibly even some natural abilities. Due to Khrona's adept control over the soul, it would be more devastating than normal, and the explosion of energy that it made would be more powerful as well, however seeing the Demon King's power made Khrona think that it wouldn't do as much damage as he wanted... Repetitive hits would be the key.

The Demon King's eyes still doing their justice allowed the Demon King to pivot around and counter the soul punch with a seemingly equal punch of his own. The Demon King wasn't an idiot so he never made any contact with the fist directly. Instead he allowed enough Demon Chakra to coat his fist and when he thrusted his fist at the soul punch it would be a collision of forces; of course, the explosion following behind such a collision was the larger problem. The Demon King was sent barreling towards the ground into a gridlock spin in his decent, in the hopes of preventing khrona from knowing his next move. The Demon King's Demon Eyes would become active the moment he passed by Khrona. Their eyes should have met but it wasn't for sure. The Demon King stops a few feet from the ground and looks up to Khrona wondering if he had caught him in his Demon Eye. "Did I get him?"

Unfortunately for the Demon King, Khrona never looked people directly in the eyes. If he did, he would unwillingly destroy their minds via constant psychic energy and power that flowed through his eyes. Not to mention that, Khrona's mind was so air-tight locked with his soul, an unknown amount of psychic energy and insanity that no sort of genjutsu, mind control, illusion, or ability of the like or falsehood of reality would effect him in any way. Khrona always kept his mind protected more than anything else on his body. As long as he had his mind and his soul, no matter what happened to his body, he would be fine. Since the Demon King had gotten so close, however, he was in a bind. Khrona's Soul's radius of influence almost always was thirty feet from his body automatically, not to mention Khrona had Hyper Perception, allowing him to see at the speed of light, and Khrona's brainpower knew when to react for whatever speed everything was going, making his reflexes impeccable. Once the Demon King entered the wavelength, Khrona said, "Soul Force," and shot his wavelength through, which would shoot the Demon King a great distance away by shooting his soul straight through the Demon King's being; his soul, his chakra pool, his energy source. His abilities should be shaken a bit, as well as his orientation from that. Khrona then held his hand out, a great deal of energy circling it...

"Ugh." The Demon King notices Khrona hadn't fallen to his knees in fear, meaning Khrona wasn't caught in the Demon King's dojutsu. The Demon King could feel his chakra being disrupted by an unknown force, but didn't worry about it. Demon chakra specialized in dealing with anomalies of the sort. "Khrona... What are you looking for?" The Demon King had been asking this question a lot recently. He had hoped that in battle he would find the answer. "... I... Don't know anymore." The Demon King feels his body coming back to normal and dashes off back to the sky. He didn't want to attack Khrona, he just wanted to be on an even plane. However he kept his distance. He didn't wish to be hit with whatever it was Khrona used on him last time.

Khrona squinted. "What am I looking for...? What are you looking for...? Purpose...? Your soul...? Identity...? All of the above...? This battle... I hope it gives you answers rather than just mindless destruction." Khrona had just gotten serious. Khrona instantly transmitted himself into the sky, expanding his wings to a great amount, covering the entire sky in the blackness of his wings as far as the eye could see, also making his wings that much more powerful. Khrona's soul began to swell around his body, his wavelength expanding... thirty feet... forty feet... Khrona began to send his soul energy through his wings... "I would advise you not to go too close to my wings..." Naturally, Khrona was now immobilized in the sky due to the fact that his wings covered the sky, but Khrona could fend for himself in one position... He hoped.

The Demon King hangs his head down for a moment before snapping to. "I can't answer those question either." The Demon King had no idea what it was he was supposed to find... Or if he was even supposed to be looking for anything at all. The Demon King looks to Khrona now floating in the sky, blackening everything. The Demon King didn't feel like having to go blind, so he switched from his Demon eyes to his Oblivion eyes. The prowess of these eyes had yet to be obtained since he rarely used them. He just knew they saw what no one else could. "... I should get serious now, huh?" The Demon King, having finally exhausted his own want to talk, calls for both the fire spirit and a samurai spirit, making each one of them enter one of his blades. He held them both at his side now, entering Spirit Control; he was finally ready for real battle. "Right here." The Demon King preps his commonly used catch phrase and flies towards Khrona, his body covered in a thin lining of Demon chakra and his eyes glowing an ominous black that can be seen even in this darkness. The Demon King begins to swing his blades at Khrona, launching thousands of thin needles shaped forms of Demon chakra. The needles wouldn't be deflected by sheer wind or other forces like it, since they drain chakra at such an exponential rate, with the Demon King's new increase in Chakra Potency.

Khrona saw them coming via Hyper Perception, as well as the Demon King. Now, Chakra and Soul Wavelength were different. Soul Wavelength is always a force, as well as Soul Energy, they are just forces that can take the shape of energy, unlike Chakra, which actually is whatever it is -- which is why Khrona would use his Soul to get rid of the Demon chakra rather than pure psychic force or wind. "Soul Purge!" He would force the Demon chara away, since the Soul Wavelength also ruptured energy that came in contact with it. Khrona rarely used chakra, anyway, though he had a lot, just in case of emergency... Khrona's Wavelength was flowing throughout his wings which covered the sky, meaning he could do everything he needed to at any distance... And so, he did this; "Soul Force!!" There was a huge pulse throughout his entire body. This pulse then began to shoot down a nonstop barrage of Soul Force in the shape of lightning bolts, even though they were invisible -- not that it mattered since the Demon King could probably see them right now. If he were hit, they would hopefully force him away. Khrona then started to focus Soul Energy into his wings, which would then illuminate the area in an eerie bluish rainbowish glow of energy, a little bit whitish at the same time. As the Demon King neared, Khrona lashed out his hand at him charged with Soul Energy and Soul Wavelength. If he touched the Demon King, he would use one of his most troublesome close contact Soul Wavelength abilities...

The Demon King's needles would of course be deflected since they had no power over the soul when outside of a body. He didn't try to boost their power, either. He had more important matters to deal with. The Demon King's oblivion eyes in their current form could see all things living and all things dead. Since energy is a source of life, seeing the beams was no problems to the Demon King. He would begin flying around the beams, yet still approaching Khrona. "Breakdown." The Demon King had finished his infamous quote and was ready for his big finish. Still dodging the invisible beams, the Demon King would pull back his fist and yell, "OVERSOUL!" He thrusted his fist towards Khrona, unleashes the spirit of fire at the floating Khrona. As the Fire spirit flew towards Khrona trying to cleave him in half with his searing hot claws, the Demon King would try to dodge the punch Khrona had in store for him. Unfortunately he had miscalculated and had to block the punch with the samurai spirit. The Demon King flew towards the ground, but recovered quickly.

Khrona sighed. "Such power... Yet, not knowing the extent of mine..." Khrona literally tore himself in half; organs, bones, blood and all being exposed as the Spirit of Fire flew past. "... Is encumbering." He then quickly stuck himself back together as if nothing happened "The Sky King attempted to cleave me in half... Into tiny pieces... He succeeded, and yet..." Khrona looked up to his wings "He failed." Hopefully one of the Soul Force bolts coming from above would strike the Demon King now that he was stationary. Khrona's wings were now charged with Soul Energy and Khrona's Soul Wavelength... Khrona's soul continued to expand... Seventy... Eighty... If the Spirit of Fire were to try an attack from behind, it would be stopped by Khrona's wings, which now covered his entire upper torso's back due to their largeness.

"Are you shit--" The Demon King jumps back from one of the soul beams and looks to Khrona. "I will not be overwhelmed. That's my job." He makes a few bending gestures and holds his hands above his head, forming the pentagram. It would act as an umbrella from the beams while the Demon King got ready for his follow up attack. The Demon King's arm would begin to glow and the symbols of the pentagram would appear around his arms. The pentagram would move to behind the Demon King's back, but the soul beams would strike him. The beams would bend around the Demon King and crash into the ground away from him. The Demon King's swords would float around him as red energy is charged into his right arm. " Exe--" The Demon King's body now radiating with Chakra begins to distort the area around him. The ground begins to rise, the water up under the bride boils, and what part of the sky that isn't covered by Khrona's wings give off a faint hit of red. "EXECUTE!" A large red beam rips though the battle field headed towards Khrona. The symbols of the pentagram swirled around this beam, acting as guides, ensuring that it hit its target without problem.

Khrona saw what was coming. Hyper Perception made it seem like it was coming at super slow motion speed, and Khrona's brain processing could make him react to anything regardless of speed with extreme precision. Khrona was however, stuck. Unable to move. Immobilized. The only thing there was to do... Was to... "Release the power... Of my wavelength... The power of my wings... Upon the earth... " Khrona knew he wouldn't be able to dodge... He deduced that from the beginning.. So it was only natural to use one of his very rarely used and extremely powerful abilities... "Rapid Eye Movement." When Khrona went into Rapid Eye Movement, he could literally change all reality within a thirty foot radius of himself indefinitely, meaning that while Khrona was sleeping, he could change reality to his whim. Khrona's eyes moved extremely fast as the beam neared, and once it was close enough, Khrona altered the Reality of the area, making the beam seem like it was on the opposite side of Khrona to begin with, since Khrona's wings were in the sky and thirty feet away from his wings was still technically thirty feet away from Khrona, and therefore, the beam would go straight into space and miss Khrona completely due to his ability. It wasn't like he could move or anything. Khrona now had to hope that The Demon King couldn't move it and curve it around to go BACK AT Khrona from behind while he was attacking. There was a large and resonating sound in the air. "... It's complete..." Khrona's wings twinged just the tiniest bit, a huge gust of wind forming a tornado at their slight twitch. Khrona flapped his glowing wings fully now, creating a force so powerful that all EVERYTHING under his wings was forced down into the ground, and even the ground was forced down down down so far that it actually created a new canyon about one thousand feet below its original land elevation for as far as the eye could see... The vacuum from such a force literally made all air disappear for a split second, making everything completely and utterly silent. Everything was compressed down, hopefully the Demon King along with it. Oh, but Khrona was not done. Once his flap had released all of the wind and force, Khrona's eyes locked onto the Demon King. "SOUL..." Khrona's wings crackled a bit with Soul Energy and his wavelength "FORCE!!!!" All of the energy in his wings, all of it, forced down upon the ground, Khrona's wavelength forcing the ground down even more, pressing down on it so much that it could not support the wavelength of Khrona and shattered, then continued to deteriorate into smaller and smaller pieces. Khrona backed up such a power with also psychic force, making it even more of a threat. The ground for miles and miles was now gone, revealing only the center of the planet. Naturally, Khrona thought that this was a bad idea to open fire up to the Demon King, but hopefully the wavelength that Khrona just sent down ruptured the Demon King's chakra so much that using Jutsu would be impossible at the moment. Khrona's wings then retracted as he stared at his destruction "... Most pleasing..."

The Demon King's arms were already positioned above his head, allowing him to form his Demon sphere. Making full use of his Demon force, the Demon sphere was formed at near light speed, preventing the Demon King from getting swamped by the tremendous power of the soul force. The Demon sphere would release so many waves of Demon chakra alone it would weaken not only Khrona's body, but it would also weaken the force of the Soul force, making it easier for the Demon King's ever growing Demon sphere to over power Khrona's souls force. The two forces now collide causing a spectrum of swirling colors.

Khrona smiled sinisterly, his eyes glazed and twitching "... Fine... Fine... Let me show you... The power of the Soul Synchro... MISERY!!!" Khrona lashed out his hand, it stretching out and whipping onto Misery's face. Misery was a bit shocked from such a sudden movement, however when Khrona pulled her toward him, she quickly shifted into her weapon form, which was a double sided Sword Scythe; a sword blade on one end, scythe blade on the other. Khrona twirled her a bit. "It's been a while... Since I've used my weapons... With the growing insanity in the atmosphere and within my brain... It feels good." Khrona's soul was surging throughout the area. Even if it did not effect the Demon King, it was still surging along the atmosphere, which overall, was a bad thing, due to his adeptness in controlling the wavelength and the Soul Energy he was about to do. "Diversion." Khrona raised Misery's sword side, "... Insanity Impact." Khrona brought the blade down and instantly, thousands of giant blades of Soul Energy appeared near the Demon King, trying to stab at him. On contact, they exploded, and on contact, they drained all known energies of a person, whether they be soul energy, chakra, or so on. They would drain it until it was depleted. Instead of making them appear from the sky, Khrona could instantly make them appear anywhere due to the fact that his wavelength was spread around the field from that giant Soul Force. Khrona then began to store power within his own soul. "Soul Synchro..." Hopefully the Demon King would be distracted long enough with the thousands upon thousands of blades to let Khrona synchronize fully with his weapon... A strange energy began to flow around Khrona and Misery, as well as Khrona's soul projection expanding on the outside of his body -- which indeed shows his power the larger it got.

"DEMON," the Demon King's Demon sphere had finally reached maximum power. The size of his Demon sphere would increase to one eighth of the size of the the planet; it also only took a fraction of a millisecond for this sphere to be formed. The force of this growth would create a ripping shock wave to rip though out the battle field. This shock wave would tear though the entire village killing any shinobi from lack of chakra who at an Expert level. This would have been the fate of the Reality had it not been for Khrona's barrier. However instead of killing the village the Demon chakra that was ripping though the battle field would drain any and all lose energy. Water would be converted back into Chakra, trees would wither away until they too became chakra; all happening in mere milliseconds. It would seem as though the Demon King was safe. There was so much Demon chakra around the Demon King, no other energy could get within fifty feet of him without being instantly absorbed into his Demon sphere.

Khrona saw this thing coming... It would be too much to use the Rapid Eye Movement again... No, he was exerting too much energy into the Soul Synchro... There was no way to stop it using his psychic abilities alone... Khrona could always Soul Swap himself and the Demon King... But that would require breaking of the resonance... And he did not know if that would work at the very moment. There was always... Despair. Yes, Despair. He could always Soul Merge with her, making him able to travel through her Soul and out of harm's way... Or a Soul Null, which would instantly seal the Demon King's powers with Khrona's own Soul maxed out at full power, since Khrona's soul overpowered the souls of everyone when it was at full power... But that would require physical contact... Which Khrona could not attain right now, since his Instant Transmission was gone due to his insanity... Well... There was one more thing... "Godslayer..." It was quite lucky that Khrona had chosen Misery over Despair in this situation. Misery bursts into one huge glowing sword with several scythe blades jutting out of her, and then her blade twists itself in a helix-like fashion. Misery's soul combined with Khrona's was so powerful that it released itself outside of them both, creating an unstable wavelength that distorts and shatter the very air around them instantly. Now, while in this form, Misery's scythe could rip through space as the sword distorted it. Khrona slashed Misery downward, screaming "INSANITY DEATHBLADE!!!" ripping through the space in front of him, making a huge, gigantic gap of empty space; then the Sword that assisted in this rip began to distort it and made it swirl, making a huge suction sort of ability with the power of a black hole, if not stronger. This was Khrona's only chance at the moment, unless he delved further into insanity...

The distortion would begin absorbing the Demon King's Demon sphere. This was a double edged sword. It would get rid of the Demon King's Demon sphere but it would cause it to collapse upon itself. Within seconds the Demon King's Demon sphere was completely absorbed and the Distortion would collapse upon itself, releasing a time shattering wave though the battle field. "Now what?"

Misery's blade exhausted, the Soul Synchro, Godslayer depleting. Took a bit of a toll on Khrona, but... He had done his job. ".... Have you done enough? It seems we are quite evenly matched... Your destructive urge for battle... Is it filled? Do you still crave more?" Khrona closed his eyes, awaiting an answer. Naturally, he had energy to keep going, but the main purpose of this battle was to keep him at bay... So nothing irreplaceable got destroyed in the process.

"I have had my feel." The Demon King looks around for his Spirit of Fire. "Mind moving so I can get my spirit?"

Khrona nodded. "Go right ahead." He made passage, throwing Misery in mid air as she changed shape back into her human form, sitting in Khrona's hand.

Misery: "Heh. Khrona copping a feel on me, huh? Sly bastard, I knew you couldn't resist these curves."

Despair laughed, floating over to Khrona and Misery. She waved at the Demon King. "Khrona, he seems so woefully nice... I think I shall thank him for his company..." She spoke up a bit, "Um... Mister.. Um... Mister... Hm... What's your name, again?"

The Demon King's spirit of fire comes from absolutely nowhere and floats behind him in his ball form. "... Hmm." The Demon King looks up to the girl and pieces together what she said. "... Oh, I am the Demon King."

Despair smiled gloomily "Mr. Demon King! Thank you for some dreadful fun...!"

Khrona smirked, dropping Misery after groping her ass a bit. "Demon King. You are... Quite the fellow. Such power can only come from one of high status... Are you... Perhaps... A village leader?"

Misery fell, snarling at Khrona. "Watch your dick, you scrawny fuck... I'll chop it right off."

They exchange demonic gazes before Khrona looks back to the Demon King.

The Demon King turns to face the floating Khrona. "Yeah... I'm the leader of the Chaos," he struggled to say. He was unsure if he deserved to hold such a title.

Khrona noted such hesitance in the Demon King and was compelled to say, "... Is this why you were roaming about in the Reality... Looking for 'yourself?'" Khrona floated a bit closer to him, Despair floating down near Misery.

"I'm not sure what I'm looking for..." The Demon King may have settled his lust for combat, but his insecurities were at an all time high. He was still pretty lost after the events in the Chaos. The loss of his wife, the time lost with his kids, and turmoil of his village; all these things made the Demon King feel as though he did not deserve the title 'leader.'

Khrona could see what was troubling the Demon King via his mind, and even his emotions, which weren't well hidden... Well... At least not from Khrona. Khrona could see the truth... That of the very soul. "... So much has happened, hm? This will pass, Demon King... These feelings will pass..." Khrona turns. "Though, you are considered a friend here. You are welcomed to the Reality, so feel free to visit anytime... Whether it be a favor of villages, or just a battle... We are here." Khrona came a little closer to him. "Is there anything you need right now...?"

The Demon King looked at the odd swords then back to Khrona. "Not right now." He now, ready to make his leave, touched the ground and fades from sight.

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Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei    Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei  EmptySun Feb 23, 2020 4:20 pm

Eleventh Eve; School of Soul

After the encounter with the strange and distraught, but very powerful and deep leader of the Chaos, Khrona was summoned to the school of soul by the Shinigami in order to help out with teaching classes and other things, since Khrona, himself was the best student and teacher that had ever come into or walked out of the school. Therefore, being the best person to teach others, he would be spending a bit of his time there every so often to assist both the Reality civilians and the planet's shinobi about how to access and utilize their Souls and the energy that came from them, which was a completely new and foreign alien energy to the people of the planet.

Khrona sighed, sitting on a chain with a Shinigami Skull faced theme. "So... I guess I'm gonna have to see these people's souls... Well. At least if they become Soul Angels, if they have special soul attributes, they will get superb abilities..." Khrona turned to Misery and Despair "... Guess we really do need everyone we can get, huh?"

Misery: "Feh. Whatever. Doesn't matter to me."

A shinobi walked into the classroom, his familiars closely behind him. He wanted to learn all he can with his soul weapons, so he decided to see what it was. At first, seeing that Khrona is the teacher, he knew that it had to be something cool like. "Khrona! Man, how's it been?"

A light elemental walked in with her weapon, interested to see what this soul thing was about. She looked around the classroom, keeping quiet.

The Enigma entered the place as he walked with his staff, still giving off powerful glowing colors that seemed to change every few seconds.

Khrona smiled a bit at the shinobi. "Hey. It's been a while, hasn't it?" Khrona then saw the other two come in. He wasn't going to keep them waiting. Anyone else would come in later. "Well. First off, none of you have the Soul Perception ability, like I have... It can be taught to you so that you can see the souls of others and their natures, but that's for a different class. This class is to learn what your souls and the benefits of it are. Your soul is what defines you. Your being. Your life. Your personality. Your abilities. They all come from the soul. And a healthy soul resides in a healthy mind which resides in a healthy body. Now... Who is first?"

"I will go," the shinobi saying as he approached Khrona with his familiars behind him.

Khrona nodded "Alright... You are going first? Let me peer into your soul..." Khrona's eyes gleamed, the area turning dark. Everything became black except for the Soul that resided within the shinobi's body. "Hm... Your soul... Your soul..." His soul pulsated quite a lot. It was large and trying to get bigger. "This soul... It is quite big... From what I can decipher, it is the Soul of Willpower. It is big, it will not stay down and it will not give up, making it a formidable soul. There are special abilities that can be attained once reaching the Soul Angel level, such as overpowering the souls of others and more. Also, you will show great prowess in learning Soul Wavelength abilities, such as Soul Purge, which shoots your wavelength into people to rupture their own. These abilities will be quite powerful if used correctly. Quite a formidable soul." Khrona nodded "If you wish to learn Soul Wavelength abilities, tell me." Khrona looked up ."Who is next?"

"HELL YEA I WANT TO LEARN TEACH MAN!!!" One of the shinobi's familiars snickered at his childish behavior as the other tried to look cool.

Khrona laughed "Alright. Let's go. " Khrona peeled off a piece of his skin, sharing his soul with it and using his DNA to make an exact other Khrona, not a clone, but a perfect... Khrona. The Khrona said "Let's go." Grabbing the shinobi and instantly transmitted to a new room. Khrona looked at the others. "Well? Who is next?"

The Enigma walked forward noticing the light elemental not approaching Khrona to go next. The Enigma didn't want to waste time and just stand, he wanted to do something. Unnoticeable that he was limping and leaning his weight on his soul weapon, his staff still flashed various colors from the glass orb. "I'll be next I presume..."

Khrona nodded "Alright. Here we go." Again, everything became dark except for the souls to Khrona. There was something floating... Something powerful and destructive... A normal sized soul with destructive capabilities, the wavelength barely staying within the soul. "Hm! Wow... I haven't seen this in a while... The Catastrophe soul. A soul that can bring destruction where the wavelength reaches. Not only can your wavelength reach long distances very well and easily, but it can cause massive damage that most would not be able to comprehend. Incidentally, if there was a soul weak enough and you gained enough power through your partner becoming a Soul Angel... You could potentially destroy someone's soul with just a hit. Your wavelength holds promise that must be controlled, or else it will run wild and you MAY become a Falshin... And if that happens, you don't want to deal with me..." Khrona's eyes narrowed. Khrona's soul overpowered that of everyone else's... So it was a done deal.

The Enigma perked his head from this description. This made him smile, but becoming a Falshin wasn't on the Enigma's agenda, or right not now at least. "Is it possible to help teach me how to keep it at bay from overwhelming?"

Khrona nodded. "Yes... I can teach you to suppress that wavelength, which would in turn allow you to suppress the wavelength of others as well... Soul Suppression..." Khrona did the same thing he did while he was with the shinobi and did it to the Enigma. "Come." They materialized off.

The light elemental walked out of the room with her weapon.

The Enigma materialized with Khrona to learn Soul Suppression.

A werewolf walks in with a dog in spirit form because he wanted to see what kind of soul partner the dog was.

Khrona stared at the werewolf. "The light elemental is first..." As she walked away, Khrona pulled the light elemental close, staring into the depths of her soul... It was bright... And omitted an oddly... nice aura. "... Hm. Okay. This is... The Positive Soul. This souls bleeds optimism, this wavelength able to cure even the most troubled of people just by transferring it into their souls. It also will increase your ability to use Soul Synchro as well as shorten the time to use it with your weapon. I would suggest learning the Soul Synchro, since you never did learn it..."

"We're next, right?" The shinobi from the Chaos village had been taken by one of Khrona's DNA clones to one of the other rooms inside of the school, where they would undergo personal training. Here, he would be taught about each of the things that were necessary for him to be learned immediately via his own soul.

Khrona appeared in the new place with the shinobi with him. "When I am done in the other room, my soul will reconnect with me, as well as my body." Khrona sighed. "Now... Are you ready?"

Shinobi: "Mhmm. I'm ready to learn if you're willing to teach."

Khrona nodded. "Alright. Let's do this, then. First off, you have to tap into your soul. You know what your soul IS right now, however you do not know its power. You must close your eyes and focus in on your very being. What is yourself. What is everything you are made up of. Your soul. Feel it. Look into it. Let it flow through your body like your very blood."

The shinobi began to focus on what makes him who he is, what drives him to do what he can in situations that seem impossible to others but as a challenge to himself, and that's the will to fight no matter what it takes. His body glowed with soul energy as he continued focusing on it.

Khrona nodded. "Yes... Good... Now, I will teach you an ability that will allow you to surge it out of you in a dome-like fashion. With your level of control, it may only go a few feet out of you, but with practice you will be able to make it go further... It's called the Soul Bomb."

Focusing his soul energy to mix with his own chakra, the shinobi thought about what Khrona had said as the shinobi unleashed his soul energy to form a dome of soul energy that stretched about twenty feet long around his body. The shinobi opened his eyes to see what he has done. "Wow, a new line of defense."

Khrona nodded. "Yes, it is quite useful. I figured you should learn the abilities that involve huge surpluses of your soul energy before you learn the ones that need large concentration of it because of your soul being big and want to expand everywhere. Now that you know HOW to do it, it is time to teach how you can utilize it... A wavelength is a force and can repel most, if not everything coming its way as long as it is of an equal or larger force itself. I will start with smaller things just to see how much you can take and gradually get larger and heavier. Alright? It also depends on timing, since the Soul Bomb is a split second surge. It is not lingering or lasting. So timing is also key." Khrona made two small balls of black blood in his hand, hardening them. "Are you ready?"

"Sure, I'm ready." An aura of soul energy surrounds the shinobi's body signifying that he is ready.

Khrona nods. "Once we finish this Soul training, I will have to teach you about Soul Energy... Though I doubt you will be as adept with it as you will be with Soul Wavelength." Khrona threw a ball into the air. "Fire one." It shot at the shinobi at a moderate pace and force, and soon after Khrona flung the other one up, it stopping in midair and then flew at the shinobi at the same speed and force.

The shinobi braced him self as the soul aura started to glow. He then made another dome of his soul energy, this time looking more capable of of holding off strong attacks like this one. As the bombs of blood hit the dome, it starts to crack but quickly regenerated.

'Hm. So it's going well.' "Perhaps this time I will try with something larger and with different timing, since the blasts only last for a second or two." Khrona made three large balls of black blood and threw them all, each at different speeds and forces. "Let's see how you handle this."

The soul aura around the shinobi glowed an intense white and so did his eyes. As the shinobi lifted his hands, they leaked with soul energy. "Soul Bomb!" With that, a dome of soul energy stretched out quite rapidly to around a hundred feet. It was remarkably tall in height. As the blood bombs hit the dome yet again, this time it would not crack at all. The soul dome ceased as the shinobi kneeled on one knee, panting.

Khrona stared at him. "Hm. Your power continues to increase... That is a good perk of the Willpower soul, however it is quite draining... And your control is getting better. You must continue to practice. But now it is enough of exerting your soul... It's time to see how well you defend it rather than your body. I am going to send a small portion of my own wavelength into you. My wavelength overpowers all others when used at full force, so a tiny bit should be just enough to match yours. You must overpower it and force me away from your soul using this wavelength. Can you manage?"

The shinobi took a couple of breaths before standing back up again. "I... I must."

Khrona could see his soul expanding a bit. "Ah yes... Your soul will not let you stand down. Alright. Here I come." Khrona stared at the shinobi, getting near him. Khrona's soul overlapped the shinobi's, making him technically within Khrona's soul. "Soul Force." Khrona concentrated as to not send too much at the shinobi, however a little would go a long way, since when using the Soul Force through a part of the body, it creates an explosive impact of wavelengths when it connects with a foe. Khrona lashed his fist out at the shinobi; the second the punch would connect, Khrona's wavelength would be shot into the shinobi's soul. The shinoni literally had less than a second to react to this. Khrona couldn't make a wavelength go any slower, at least not when it was direct contact like that. The shinobi would have to try.

The shinobi's eyes glowed white again as the aura returned, this time pulsating as Khrona's soul energy was rejected from his body and back to Khrona with a little of the shinobi's energy with it as well. "Was that... The power of wavelength...?"

Khrona nodded. "Yes...Yes it was. Already you have learned two abilities... The Soul Bomb and how to shoot your wavelength into people if they attempt to touch your soul. Two powerful abilities. Would you care to go on, or would you care to rest your soul for a while? It is quite draining."

"Give me about a minute." The shinobi took some deep, calming breaths as the white aura came about yet again. "Ok, I'm ready. What's next?"

Khrona closed his eyes. "There is one more thing I can teach you right now... The Soul Force. The Soul Force can be customized in different ways to make it your own... Such as one variation of a student at this college... The Big Wave. Forcing the soul wavelength into someone from behind unexpectedly to make them unable to counter. The Soul Force forces your wavelength directly into the souls of others, rupturing wavelength, soul energy and even chakra." Khrona opened his eyes. "It requires extreme concentration to focus a large soul into a part of your body. If it is an explosive wave, it will not do much to the actual soul. Soul Bomb will not work here."

Shinobi: "I've gone this far. I am not turning back now."

Khrona nodded. "Alright. Now, you know the power of your soul, correct? Now try to focus it to a part of your body... Any part you wish to attack with."

The shinobi, focusing again on his soul of will as the aura around glowed stronger, it then all manifested around his right hand. "Ok now what?"

Khrona laughed. "All you need to do is keep it manifesting in your arm and then attack me with it. Do not worry, no matter how hard you hit me, I will not be affected. At full power, my wavelength will overpower that of everyone's and I can instantly match the wavelength of anyone, making it have no effect on me. Now, come at me and I will assess the power you possess."

"If you say so." The shinobi took a stance as the energy around his hand glowed more and pulsated. "Soul Force!" The shinobi then made his way to Khrona and gave a punch to the jaw at Khrona, releasing the soul energy along with it.

The Soul Force connected, making the explosion of Soul Wavelength, however it was different. It seems to have done nothing to Khrona; his head snapped backward. Once the punch was finish, Khrona's head snapped back without wounds. "Yes... That was it... You seem to have enough power to do damage, though I would go about training it on your own. And for further advice, hitting anywhere on the body will send the wavelength to the soul, however the closer you are to the actual place the soul is, the faster your wavelength travels. You know? Take that advice to heart." Khrona closed his eyes. "This is all I will be teaching you for now. Soul Bomb, Soul Force, repulsion of wavelengths... Use them well."

"Will do." The shinobi thought about something. "Where do I go now?"

Khrona cocked his head. "Hm. This is a predicament... Shinigami hasn't updated the Mission List yet, so I doubt there are any soul hunting missions up... Is there anything you wish to learn while inside of the school? I would suggest to go practice your Soul abilities to help master them further..."

"I will but I'd like to learn more about soul energy as well as training those two." The shinobi pointed at his familiars, who have been watching the entire time.

Khrona nodded. "Yes, yes, another day. You mustn't overwork your soul. Your soul may be one of willpower, but even willpower does not stop your soul from draining. If you work it too much, you may destroy it yourself, as well as your body and or mind. Remember, a healthy soul resides in a healthy body, which possesses a healthy mind."

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Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei    Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei  EmptySun Feb 23, 2020 5:27 pm

Twelfth Eve; My Personal Finale

Khrona's teaching at the school went rather well, however he eventually needed to get back to his own office in order to deal with the natural duties that came with running the village. He was naturally a very kind and charitable person, wanting to do as much as he could for his village for as long as possible in the best way possible... Though he found interaction with others very difficult, which also put stress on him as a leader due to his sometimes complete isolation, even if he was always doing everything he could for the village and the people. Eventually, though, one of his very best, Silver, came to him with some rather troubling news.

Silver walks in hastily, head in his hands and annoyed at his situation after encountering so few underlings at his boot camp 'order.'

Khrona's brother, once again out of his office to get coffee at the coffee machine, sees Silver come in. "Yo Silver... You look steamed."

"I'll be frank with you, your ninja stink." He walked over to a nearby chair and sat, quite cross with the turnout. "Perhaps even unsalvageable."

Khrona's brother sighed as he walked over to a chair that was across from Silver's, setting his coffee down on on a nearby table. "I take it the boot camp didn't go well?"

"I had... Three people show up. None of them looked even remotely interested in the urgency they were under." He stood now, much more calm. Hands in his pockets, he sighed. "I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ditch this place early. Perhaps we'll run into each other sometime else."

Khrona's brother calmly took another sip of his coffee. "I see... Well then Silver, I wish you safe travels wherever you go now." Khrona's brother stood and starting walking toward his office. "I need to talk to Khrona about this... I fear if this keeps up... Reality will be no more."

"Eh, do what you will. Hopefully we'll see each other ally-to-ally and not refugee-to-host." With that, Silver strode right out of the offices, straight for the slew of abandoned homes that was the Nightmare.

Khrona pokes his head through the door along with Misery and Despair, all three of them smiling quite devilishly. Khrona began to snicker, their faces growing dark except for glowing eyes. "We heard everything, brother..." Khrona said, his snicker turning into a crazed giggle. "... I think we have the greatest way to straighten our ninja up... And straighten them up fast...." They all started to laugh at this point, quite insanely...

Before long, one of the Reality's upcoming shinobi, the poison user -- a rather strange and quiet fellow, like Khrona once was -- had shown up in the office soon after Silver had left. Khrona's brother left the dealings thereafter to Khrona, who became serious once it was time to take care of such business.

The poison shinoni walks into the large building with a familiar on his hand. He walked to and office door and the familiar would knock on it with its little hands.

The door to Khrona's office opens. "... Yess...? May we help you...?"

The poison shinobi's mouth would not move but the familiar would then begin to talk. "Hello I am Mono and this is my master. He is new to this village and he wanted to learn about Soul Partners. May we come in to the office?"

Khrona smirks, nodding. "Yes. Come on in. Have a seat."

The puppet would then bow and the ninja would walk in and sit in a chair. "Well before we begin may my master learn you name sir?"

Khrona frowned a bit. "Khrona. Now you want a partner, huh?" A large book appeared in front of Khrona as he peered into the soul of the poison ninja. " Huh... That kind of soul, huh...? Alright. There are two weapons that are compatible with you, and only two. These are finger claws and a marionette handle. Choose one."

Mono: "Well do you think we could look through the book first Khrona-sama? My master was hoping to find something outside his normal element to surprise his opponents."

Khrona laughed at the fact that he wanted to look through the book ."HA. HAHAHA. NO, BOY. Do you not understand? The only way to use a weapon is to have a compatible wavelength with it. Those who do not have compatible souls or soul wavelengths cannot even TOUCH a weapon in weapon form. Those two are the only ones that will allow you to wield them without problems... However there are four more that have slightly good wavelengths with you. You would be able to hold them, however there might be some painful side effects among using them until your souls grow to bond with each other... These weapons are a flamethrower, a pendulum, a whip and a bell. The effects of these may vary, however I can say that they will not be pleasant... Your hands may burn upon touching them. The wavelengths of you both may go haywire and shock you, or cancel each other out, hindering from learning Soul abilities... The weapon may not do any damage, and may be as dull and harmless as a pillow... Or the attacks that you do to an enemy may only happen to you. The possibilities are endless. So, will you choose from the ones that best suit you or will you choose from the other four?"

Mono: "Well those are bad side effects but my master came to this village to become stronger, so we will pick the pendulum."

Khrona smirked, giggling a bit insanely as Misery and Despair gave their gazes of evil at him. "Suit yourself... Don't blame me if something... Happens to you..." Khrona snapped his fingers, the door appearing that acted as a portal to anywhere and from anywhere, meaning that wherever this Pendulum Weapon was at the given moment, she would appear. She walked out from the midst of the abyss, staring at the poison user.

Weapon: "Hello! It is nice to meet you. So he will be my partner Khrona-sama?"

Khrona nodded. "Yeah. That's him. Now, go on and try to bond. Do not use her, however. Not until you two actually have bonded just a bit. As much as I enjoy the suffering of others..." Khrona shook his head. "You must not die."

The weapon partner would nod and she would begin to walk toward the poison shinobi... Although, she would then trip on her dress and then fall on her face. She would then sit up and begin to wipe her face, a few tears would begin to form in her eyes.

Weapon: "Oh this is so embarrassing! My first time meeting a partner and I fall flat on my face..."

The poison user would walk over to her and he would then crouch down and lift Mono up to her. "Don't cry! Just because you tripped does not mean my master thinks less of you, so don't cry. Smile."

The poison ninja would then stand up and he would then hold out his hand to help his partner stand up. The weapon would then smile and then grab his hand and she would stand up." Thank you both..."

Khrona smirked a bit. "... So, it's starting already.." He turned to Misery and Despair. "Once those two bond enough, they will be great together..." His smiled then turned into a frown as he looked at them both. "... However if they stray from each other at any time, they may not be able to connect wavelengths again, making the weapon useless to him..." Khrona closed his eyes. "Let's hope that doesn't happen..."

Weapon: "So why don't you say something yourself instead if having Mono-kun always talk for you."

Mono would then move closer to the weapon partner and look her up and down. "Wait, you don't think of us as one person?"

The weapon would then smile and put her finger on her chin as she begin to think. "Well sure. Mono-kun may be on your hand and you seem to have a different personality. So to me you two look and act like the two different people. Is that okay?

Both Mono and his master would look at the girl with shocked looks on their faces. "Yes that is fine th..." Mono would slump down and the poison shinoni would then open his mouth to say two words. "Thank you."

The weapon partner would smile as Mono rose back up and rubbed his head as if he had just passed out.

"Aw, touching..." Khrona said a bit halfheartedly. "... Now get out." They were all ejected from Khrona's office via a powerful psychic force.

Khrona continued about his business throughout the day, finally becoming rather late in the afternoon. It was about time for him to head home, when suddenly, someone else came rushing in at the last minute, as sometimes people do.

The light elemental walked into the council building hoping for a mission to go on.

Khrona smiles, his eyes fixed on the light elemental as she walks in. "Well well well... Hello there, little elemental. I assume you wish to ask something of me?" Misery and Despair were seen in the background, idly chatting.

The light elemental turned to face Khrona and smiled back. "Yup! I was wondering if you would assign me a mission?"

Khrona nodded. "Ah, yes... A mission... Perfect timing. I want you to collect twenty souls. From the Graveyard. It seems that you do not have any. Also, there is a special item in the graveyard that will assist you in your Soul Synchro... If you care to learn it when you get it. It's a necklace. Retrieve it and collect twenty souls from the graveyard. Will you go through with it?"

Light Elemental: "Um... Can I bring my partner with me?"

Khrona smiled, a bit happy that she asked. "Yes! Yes! Of course! Bring whoever you will! The more, the merrier!" Khrona gave a thumbs up to her. He seemed to be in a good mood at the moment.

Light Elemental: "Cool~... But I just have a quick question... What's the use of collecting souls if I don't have a soul weapon...?"

Khrona's eyes widened a bit. "Erm... You don't have one? I could have sworn..." Khrona checked his book. "... Shit. Goddamn... Fuck..." He closed the book, smiling. "WEEEELLL... UUUUM... HERE'S YOUR LUCKY DAY! Prepare to get a weapon of your choosing! With your soul, any weapon will work for you! Congrats! Now pick one, ANY one from the book." The book appeared in front of her, listing several weapons as well as things that don't look like weapons but can be used as weapons... Household appliances... You name it, it was in this book of Soul Partners.

Light Elemental: "Can you turn my gunsword into a soul weapon? Although my gunsword has a released form?"

Khrona sighed. "Uuuum... You see, that may be a problem. The only way to turn a normal weapon into a Soul Weapon is... Well... First we need a person who wants to become a Weapon. Then we need to melt down the weapon and find a specific soul, then mix the soul with the melted down weapon and let the mixture surge through the one who wants to become a weapon and HOPE that both of your wavelengths are compatible... Unless you, yourself become the weapon. But other than that, you would have to find someone you are truly compatible with to become a weapon... Then go slay a creature with a special soul. But then again, maybe Zita has an extra soul laying around somewhere..."

Little question marks appeared around the light elemental's head. "Nevermind. Can I turn a spork into a soul weapon?"

Khrona laughed. "You can, but again, as I said, you would still need a special soul as well as someone who would care to become such a weapon. Unless you want a spork weapon partner from the book... In fact, I might even have a Gunsword in the book... Either way, which one do you want? The spork happens to be a floating baby chicken and the gunsword is a guy in his human form."

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Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei    Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei  EmptyMon Feb 24, 2020 4:58 am

Final Eve; Khrona vs. Brother; A Fight Of Unknown Possibilities

After dealing with his daily duties as a village leader, Khrona was on his way home. He, however, was stopped by his partner leader -- his own half brother -- who was also greatest rival, co-creator and friend. The two of them, whenever they had the urge to throw down, always did so in the greatest way possible... And even Khrona couldn't turn down an offer to have an epic with his rivals~!

Khrona's brother awaited his leader partner, Khrona, to show. His attendant and his sprite familiar clung to his arms, trying not to be blown away from the raging winds of the desert they waited at. His scarf flapped in the wind, covering his mouth, while his attendant and familiar tried to hide themselves behind him to block the wind from getting in their faces.

Sprite: "Ah!! I'm scared!"

Attendant: "Man why did have to pick a fighting ground that was SO DAMN WINDY!!"

The God of Destruction that was temporarily sealed in Khrona's brother's body started to laugh. "OOOOH, THIS FEELS DAMN GOOD. How long was I out, kid?" He looked around. "... Shit. Stuff's changed a bit. Where the hell are we? What are we doing here?"

"Is that you? I was wondering what happened to you... Anyway, don't worry, you just sit back and enjoy the show. I'm going to be fighting that brother of mine."

Khrona materialized into the area "... Brother," was all he said. Khrona peered into his brother's soul. 'Hm... There is something else in there... Something more powerful... An extra soul? Hm... Hard to decipher...' Khrona's eyes twitched and he gave a delirious smile. "Heh... Misery. Despair." Khrona's two weapons smiled evilly, Misery changing into her weapon form and into Khrona's hand. Despair sat off in the sidelines.

Khrona's brother sensed Khrona's soul energy in the area and waved him. "Yo! Khrona!" His attendant and familiar wanted to wave, but couldn't, for if they did they would get blown away. "That's Khrona, God of Destruction. My brother."

The God of Destruction stared at Khrona. 'That scrawny ass fucker there? He looks like a pansy! I'll even tell him that.' The God of Destruction shouted through Khrona's brother's mouth, "HEY. YOU. YOU LOOK LIKE A BITCH. DOES HE LOOK LIKE A BITCH?"

Khrona was surprised. "What?" Khrona's soul began to flicker around him "Brother... There's something in you... Something bad..." Khrona gave an insane smile. "And I'm gonna get it out. I'm gonna shmack the soul outcho mouth." Khrona's wings spread and Misery became doused in Soul Energy.


"Whoa!! Khrona, wait!" Khrona's brother slowly started to back away as his attendant and familiar climbed and sat on his shoulders.

Attendant: "Hey Khrona what are you thinking!?"

Sprite: "Oh... Um... Hi... M... Mr. Khrona..."

Khrona's eye twitched a bit as he set up a pathway for Misery's attack via his own wavelength "... Zero Sanity." Khrona slashed his blade, releasing a gigantic wave of Soul Energy from it; being guided by Khrona's wavelength, it could travel in any direction instead of just straight and it would then surround his brother from all sides. A perk of being sane yet insane at the same time... Too bad he couldn't use both of his weapons.

"Whoa... Khrona, hold on a second!!" His brother sidestepped the incoming wave and then flew into the air when it surrounded him, his attendant and familiar clinging to him so they wouldn't fall. "Guys, I think he wants to fight."

Attendant: "No shit Sherlock! This is Khrona after all."

Sprite: "What's that suppose to mean?! Mr.Khrona is a kind, gentle man.

Khrona's Brother: "... Do you even know who you're talking about?"

Khrona's insane smile grew larger "Broooootheeeer... Let me get that thing out of you... I just wanna cut your soul open and suck it out! I'll get the evil out... Even if it means..." Khrona giggled. "Death." Khrona raised Misery once again. "Insanity Impact!!" Thousands of Soul Energy Insanity blades shot at his brother from all around; if one touched him or any of his abilities, they would drain and deplete his energies and powers and leave him helpless -- not to mention that they exploded on impact -- meaning that their energies would spread with the explosion. Khrona then outstretched his wings, flying into the sky, high up, his wings stretching and stretching, further and further, trying to engulf the sky in their blackness. Soul Energy as well as Khrona's wavelength began to surge through them, just a bit, however...

Khrona's brother's jaw dropped at Khrona's incoming attacks. "Holy..." He snapped himself from his awestruck surprise and pounded his fists together, creating a large barrier of flexing soul energy around himself. The blades would clash with the barrier and drain it of it's energy, then explode, but exploded a ways a way from Khrona's brother thanks to the barrier. He took a sigh of relief but it was short lived as he saw Khrona flying at him. "W... Wait a second, what do you mean death?!" Khrona's brother looked to his attendant and familiar.

Attendant: "What...?"

Sprite: "... You ok?"

Khrona's brother realized that Khrona was targeting him only and a bead of sweet fell from his cheek. His attendant and familiar floated off of his shoulders looking worried at him. "Holy... Crap... He's trying to kill me..." Khrona's brother sighed. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Khrona's brother bellowed out as he flew away as fast as he could.

Attendant: "*facepalm* Dumbass."

Sprite: "Oh dear..."

Khrona laughed, then pointed Misery at his brother. "... Insanity Pressure." The air condensed in his brother's area, making him fly extremely slowly and made it extremely hard for him to breathe. Khrona's wings then covered the entire sky as far as the eye could see, however, to prevent his brother's escape, his wings outstretched downward as well. Psychic energy as well as Soul Energy and Soul Wavelength shot through Khrona's wings, filling them completely and glowing a rainbowish whitish blackish color, covering the atmosphere with this color. The psychic energy would prevent his brother from warping out of the area since it was so strong. Khrona's charging was almost complete "Where are you going... Broooother...?"

Gasping for air, Khrona's brother would take the condensed air formed around him to is fist and flew down. "C... Come on Khrona... L... Let's talk about this." The condensed air in Khrona's brother ruptured, becoming more and more dense.

The God of Destruction scoffs. "GODDAMMIT! What is this guy? He's got the power of a World Eater or something... Maybe even stronger." He smirked. "COME ON, KID! Stop runnin!" The God of Destruction made Khrona's brother freeze, unable to move. The force of them both moving in different directions made his body unable to move.

Khrona locked onto the now stationary brother of his, a bit confused "... Erm... Uh... SOOOOUL... DRAGOOON!!!!" Khrona's wings expanded to four times their size now, which could be seen from practically all the villages as Khrona made a smack at his brother from all sides, trying to close him in with his wings. Just in case, the Dragon head that spurted from Khrona would then bite at him to deplete all of his energy as well.

"Damn you, God of Destruction!!" Unable to move, Khrona's brother took both hits head on, draining his energy.

The God of Destruction laughed. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Well, look who has run out of power!!! Well. Lemme just have at your soul... And your body... Give me dominio--" The God of Destruction suddenly felt something. He felt himself losing power as well. "... Wha...? What...? WHAT THE HELL?" Those were the God of Destruction's last words as he lost all of his known power, falling into a slumber, trying to regain power.

Khrona's brother chuckled to himself. "Haha, he drained both of us you fool... Oh no." In Khrona's brother's mind, his soul would grow and latch on to the God of Destruction's soul that was drained of power and weak. Khrona's brother's soul would quickly overpower the God of Destruction's and swallowed it with in Khrona's brother's own soul. His body would begin glowing, crackling with a black and purple energy. Strong gusts of wind were made and the ground under Khrona's brother became a large crater. The light began to fade and around Khrona's brother floated two blue and purple hand like shoulder pads. "What is... This power...? I... I feel so... Good."

Khrona's wings retracted, reverting to normal "... Hm?... Huh?... ... ... Um?" Khrona cocked his head a bit, holding Misery loosely. "... Well. That was fun. I had fun. Did you have fun? We should do that again sometime..." Khrona floated down and grabbed Despair, who had been watching the whole time, and started to fly off. "... Nice shoulder pads~!" Khrona was gone with the wind now.

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Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei  Empty
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Book 4; The Eve of Khrona Tensei
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