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 Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei

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Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei   Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei EmptySun Mar 01, 2020 6:22 am

After a hellstorm of destructive might by the latest and greatest enemy they had at that point in time, the leaders and elite of the planet gave their all to fight their universal oppressive force bearing the weight of its magnitude upon them. They had acquired the upper hand, even with all the blatant destruction upon the planet, and it seemed like the Darkness that made the Dark Days what they were finally came to its peak... The climax. And what would rise from the ashes of the Darkness of Master Control and into the Night of Rebirth was... The Village Hidden In The Dusk.

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Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$
Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$

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Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei   Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei EmptyMon Mar 02, 2020 6:48 am

First Night; The Great Destroyer Cometh Finale

With Master Control contained and each of the most powerful forces the planet had to offer; Prime Order, the universal counterpart to the great Master Control; the combined fusion efforts of the Earth King's daughter; Tigen and Pumpkinhead, as Tigenhead; and finally the Earth King, the Demon King and the Dark King as a unit, each of the three strongest forces would make their assaults with everyone else (including Khrona) doing what they could to make sure the three main fused forces hit their mark and destroyed their target.

There would be a flash of light as one of the legends of the Twilight would appear -- in a smaller form than before, but still in Everlasting Storm Mode -- back in this sector of space, having long before left, blasting off at close to or at lightspeed, and gotten away for a while. He wasn't helping much, so why be a hindrance? Yet he was watching and now he had come back, perhaps when most needed. As he appeared, he kept his distance, now focusing his energies towards those who were fighting for the planet. Almost instantly, his healing abilities would be stretched out to them, making them surrounded by healing auras which would help stabilize them from injury and heal them. His chakra would also flow to them to give them a boost, as well as some of the Everlasting Lightning, which would act as raw power to use to add to their attacks and also increase their speeds many folds. Though some wouldn't need it, it would help in some way, he was sure. The everlasting lightning would also be added to Prime Order the most, giving him some shielding from attacks and also some power to his attack. Since everlasting lightning was undying lightning, it would definitely do some damage if used right... Hopefully it would help. The Twilight legend would now shoot around space, moving at maximum speed, making sure to stay out of the way of the combatants as well as using his super quick reflexes to dodge anything that was shot towards him.

A flicker of light would appear in the distance, this ever growing flicker of red light would seem to be heading right towards the heat of the battle. "Time to kick this shit off!" The Demon King had flown his mech off into the distance to try to recover a little bit of his chakra and heal one of his arms. Piloting a mech with one hand was way too hard. "Earth King, sorry I'm late." The Demon King would continue his flying with his arms swept back. The mech was holding a beam saber made entirely of hellfire. The sword was about half the size of a skyscraper. "Here I go!" The mech would boost right above Master Control's head, his beam saber of hellfire hung over his head ready to swing. "I go!" The Demon King would swing the saber down with full force. The average beam saber can cut through any metal and now with this one's hellfire boost... Master Control was surely in over his head.

Tigenhead would smile wide under his scarf, his three carved, pitch black eyes narrowing at Prime Order's words. "Oh, Tigenhead thought you would never ask..." In Tigenhead's hands would form a ball of utter blackness, space seeming to distort around it -- or rather, the dimensions were. Tigenhead would bring both hands above his head, making a large orb... Of a pure dimension. Yet at the same time, it wasn't a dimension, but a shattered dimension. It was a little of both... Being a continuous dimension of a shattered dimension, damned forever to be reformed, but everything within shattered... It was the dimension of shattered dimensions. If Tigenhead could make it big enough, he might be able to suck Master Control into it completely, and perhaps eat the huge dimension of shattered dimensions for nourishment, because it still was a dimension... In a sense. If Tigenhead could get Master Control into this, he would most likely be utterly... Destroyed. Just because he would have no dimensional structure, thus he wouldn't exist... Or, that's what Tigenhead would like to think. And to speed up the generation process... Tigenhead would have his five magnifiers magnify the power... And since they were larger than normal, their magnification scale was different. Now it went times ten, times one hundred, times ten thousand, and so on. As such, using all five at once would end in the total magnification being times one quadrillion. Thus, the ball would grow exponentially of exponentially, and hopefully within a few minutes, would be half of Master Control's size, which would be enough -- or so he hoped. As such, if he had the size about right, he would have to throw it at Master Control and close it up quickly so that it didn't suck in anything or anyone else and shatter them... "Just tell Tigenhead when to stop making it... Big... And stuff... And to throw it..." Since Tigenhead was going to use most of his power to make this thing expand and keep it from sucking up people, he had only one chance and didn't want to waste it if Master Control somehow got out, so he figured it was best to just wait until everyone like... Immobilized him and got out of him and shit like that. Yeah... Even though he could just fix their dimensional structure and they would be okay, buuuut... meh, it's complicated.

The Earth King's daughter would gaze upon the scene as the shadow water transformed into millions of shadow familiar clones; she only had to land a fatal blow on the real one in order for the damage to link to Nara. But now, the real one was hidden amongst all the fake ones... What a predicament. The girl backfisted a clone that tried to run up, which destroyed all the clones behind it due to the after shock. She tried to hold up the barrier as long as she could so she could have time to think of a plan of attack. Her mind drew a blank... Was this the end for her? To be drowned in a sea of clones? What a lame death... She wasn't going. "Fuck this shit..." The girl's eyes were set a blaze as wings of that same fire sprouted from her back. She dug her hands into her hips and pulled out phoenix feathers and began swirling them. Then the barrier fell... The clones started swooping in like a tide of destruction and chaos, the floating Laguna Blade that was acting sentient for now swung in a wide arc, decimating the clones in its wake. It still wasn't enough... The Earth King's daughter lobbed a couple hundred phoenix feathers at designated clones while the Laguna Blade attempted to defend her from direct attack from the clones. It helped until the clones became too plentiful, but the Earth King's daughter's plan of attack was almost through. She continued stabbing the clones with her phoenix feathers. She was suffering intense injury, getting stabbed by katana after katana, but she persevered until she let out a backlash of concussive flaming force. She then snapped her fingers and the clones exploded in a fiery glory, destroying the inside of Master Control entirely, and the real shadow familiar's damage would link back to Nara. She then gazed upon Nara and flew to his location like a flaming comet gripping the Laguna Blade; she was going to end him while he was off guard.

Nara had not thought to separate himself from his shadow familiar, as he usually does when he sends him in for combat, because he thought that he would be safe amongst the numbers. Unexpectedly and to his demise the Earth King's daughter eradicated all the clones and blew up the inside of Master Control, but she was suffering fatal injury as well. The psychological damage suffered from the girl's phoenix flames would cause him to grip his head and collapse on the ground in agony... The pain was immense. What was this power locked inside of her? Definitely wasn't that damn cosmic power that he was preparing for. He regained his composure and stood panting heavily. Now was the time to retreat.... It was pretty much over. Friendship prevails... "She really is Kham's kid... I thought I had her with that little bit." Nara sidestepped the girl's onslaught at the risk of suffering more burns while preforming handsigns. He then slammed his hand on his shadow and retreated with his ninja partner to the shadow realm... But he first syphoned the powers of the matrix from his partner to the mind of Master Control, so he can power his dojutsu with it... Which is what he needed to use if he wanted to win.

The Earth King's daughter slid to a stop and noticed that Nara and his accomplice retreated... Oh well, at least she could finish up in here and help on the outside. She was still mad though. "Damn..." She slammed the Laguna Blade into the ground and exploded everything inside of the core she was in with a dense concussive flame, no doubt this flame being the psionic fires of the phoenix residing within. She then reached in her pocket and took out something that Master Control gave her when she returned the Earth King to the core. It was a piece of his spark, allowing her technological modifications of the highest degree. She pressed the button and transformed. "I guess I'll go now..." The girl's astral wings floated a bit, and she appeared outside of Master Control with everyone else about to land the final blow; she was going to stab the Laguna Blade in the back of Master Control's head along with the Demon King fueled by the phoenix flame.

Khrona's brother put his hands toward Master Control and with his satanic like voice spoke, "O power that lies at the root of all creation, O memory inscribed in ages past, hear my call and arise before me..." Four planet sized balls of energy, representing the four elements  -- fire, wind, earth and water -- appeared around Master Control. As Khrona's brother changed his pose, the balls would circle around Master Control for a moment, then stop, getting bigger during the process. "Ancient Catastrophe!!!!" All the four balls of energy will unleash their fury onto Master Control in the form of large hellish beams coming in all around him. He powered down his normal self after using this attack... Breathing heavily. "This is true power..."

In the midst of all this bullshit, Master Control would laugh to himself. He was a bit mad that the two final Zetsumei members escaped, but he had what he needed to end it all right here and now. His core was destroyed, but the energy of the matrix remained fueling one of the strongest eye techniques in the world for activation. Using the powers acquired, Master Control crafted his own dojutsu with the ability to rewrite history as one sees fit and effect everything in front of the user's field of vision. Unfortunately the only one that would be exempt from such power is the Earth King's daughter, but Master Control will deal with her by himself. "DIE, FOOLS!" Master Control elbowed Prime Order in the face, freeing him from the headlock. His eye flared open; every inch of him pulsed with a dojutsu symbol similar to the Earth King's, and then it happened. Master Control rewrote history as he saw fit. The attacks launched by the the planet's members happened to hit themselves, obliterating them in the worst way possible -- except for Tigenhead, who never made it to the scene. Now everyone floated in space unconscious, the Demon King's mech destroyed and him floating in space; Tigenhead defused, Khrona's brother devolved, and the Twilight legend fell unconscious. Master Control then shoved his hand through the core of Prime Order, gripping the Earth King, letting Prime Order die without a power source. At this rate, there was nothing that they could do. Victory was his.

"Earth King..." Prime Order would get stabbed through the heart and let his universal sized body land in the arm of Master Control. He would drift in and out of consciousness as he attempted to hang on to life; the energy of the matrix was dying... There was no hope. If the Earth King survived then Prime Order would as well, but nothing survives the grip of the great destroyer. "Hang on!"

The Earth King would get stabbed through the core of Prime Order only to appear in space in the planet sized absolute grip of Master Control; he forgot to factor in the dojutsu, one of many absolute powers in the universe. His body hung in the grip of Master Control; this was the end. "D... Do... Dojutsu..." The Earth King shot out a mental burst towards his daughter, the only conscious party in the area. Perhaps she could help, but with the rewinding of history meant the rewinding of Master Control's energy... His stamina was replenished. It was over.

The Earth King's daughter didn't know what the fuck happened. She was about to stab Master Control in the neck and the next thing you know, he teleported elsewhere and everyone was KO'd. She felt an energy sign of her father and looked in the distance, that big ass mech that was keeping Master Control in a headlock was about to die! "DAD!!!" She flew in that direction looking like a blue flaming comet and readied her blade, she would try her best to finish the job that everyone started, but she herself was running low on energy and suffered a lot of wounds from Nara.

"Traitorous wench..." Master Control would say as he backhanded the Earth King's daughter elsewhere with his free hand with as much of his force as he could muster in 0.000003 seconds. He then stared intensely at the dying Prime Order and Earth King on the other end on his arm. "When I absorb your spark... Together we will create the universe in my image!" Master Control slowly proceeded to clench his grip and absorb the matrix of leadership; he wanted to savor this moment -- this was his finest hour. NOTHING could stop him... NOTHING.

A space fighter ship flies in shooting at Master Control, causing slight destruction; suddenly a figure emerges from the fighter and the ship transforms. The figure lands in the massive space and lights a cigarette, takes two puffs, and throws it at Master Control. "Only trash would try to control everything..." He waves his hand at his transformed fighter ship, commanding it to keep assaulting Master Control while he makes his way toward Prime Order and the Earth King.

The Earth King would look up lazily from within Master Control's grip as he sees the figure come in with his smoking habit and transforming ship. 'Who the hell is dude!??!?!!' As long as he is helping...

The lasers shot to Master Control's arm would do enough damage to cause him to let go of his grip on Prime Order and the Earth King, causing them to float about in space. Master Control growled to himself as he turned around and smacked the jet elsewhere with sheer force of might and presence. "I am officially pissed off... Look.... I can kill you now or later; you decide." Master Control outstretched his wings and crossed his arms, waiting for this individual's response before he began killing the remains of whatever was left.

"Well..." The man appeared next to what he thinks Master Control's ear is. "It's all a matter of opinion... If you try and kill me now, it'll just be easier for us to win, but..." The man appeared where he was before, walking towards the Earth King. "If you choose later, then I'll have enough energy to salvage parts from you after we're done here." He appeared next to the Earth King and Prime Order. "So what will it be?"

"Before I murder you and every ounce of your very being..." Master Control cracked his knuckles... He was going to enjoy this. "Tell me your name. Let's just hope this is not a joke employed by the Earth King and the gang." He flexed his wings, activating his various powers obtained, turning himself gold.

"Lombardi, and the light show isn't impressive." Lombardi pressed a button on his watch and his space fighter jet comes back. "Give him the box." The ship looks to Prime Order and hands him the box.

The Earth King catches the box and shoves it into himself and returns to the big guy... Apparently, this was the final piece of the matrix that they needed for everything to be complete. 'SWEET, we win! But in order to make it seem like we were still in danger, I will frown...' "I'm going to ask you who you are later..." The Earth King would turn into a wispy blue sparkling ball and shoot towards the big guy at God knows what speed.

Prime Order catches the Earth King and fused him with himself, reviving him in every way shape and form. He then begins to harness the essence of everyone in the area, fusing them with his spark, making him brand new. "Thank you... Valerio Lombardi." Prime Order brandishes a sword of the matrix and points it at Master Control. "The time is nigh... Master Control." The Earth King appears above the head of Master Control and attempts to smite him accordingly.

Master Control growls heavier... He was beyond mad now; the missing piece of the matrix... He should have known. Yet, he refuses to lose. He brandishes gauntlets made out of his acquired powers and blocks Prime Order, the powers from the matrix of leadership burning through the dodecagram. "THE FUCK?!?!?!" Master Control attempts to blast the living daylights out of Prime Order at point blank range with an epic golden cannon.

"The ancient power of teamwork permeates all powers formed against it... It is the supreme power in the Universe, stronger than the power that created life itself. With this matrix..."
Prime Order slams Master Control on the head and both of them disappear, engaged in an intense display of hand to hand combat and finishes Master Control off with a blast of epic blue energy. "I will light our darkest hour..." Prime Order turns around and walks towards Valerio Lombardi.

Master Control would clash all his his powers with the uber blast and swim his way back to Prime Order across time and space, his body tattered and beaten to a pulp... The matrix would peel away his armor and his skin, exposing his matrix. He would then appear in front of Prime Order with his fist at the ready. "We shall go together!" Master Control would attempt to punch the shit out of Prime Order with this last breath.

Prime Order would clash his punch with Master Control's. "Together... We will make a race so that one day we can be as peaceful as the shinobi of this planet, but we are not ready. We have a lot of learning to do." Prime Order would shove his blade up the chin of Master Control and remove his head, absorbing the matrix and fusing it with himself... Crafting a new essence of power. Master Control would disintegrate accordingly but his spark would remain. Prime Order would grip it in his hands and eject the Dark King and the Earth King from his being, also reviving everyone and everything with a blast of the matrix from his pure good being. "Thank you all... You strength of will has shown me the way; I will make a race of people like me, who will model the good morals of people I see before me." Prime Order would bow, waiting for the others to speak.

The Earth King would float around in space and look at the galaxy... 'Goddammit, we lost. But we won! But we lost at the same time. At least Master Control is gone and Prime Order poses no real threat. BUT WHO THE FUCK IS VALERIO LOMBARDI!?!' So many questions. "No problem boss man! Just make sure you keep Master Control in check... And fix the damages? I'll help out if I can." The Earth King would scratch his head and sniff... 'This dude smells a lot like the Space King...' "So... You must know, I have an assload of questions."

Valerio would be seen turned around smoking another cigarette a short ways away. "We'll talk soon, just after I talk to the person in charge here... Can you point them out to me?"

"DADDY, I THOUGHT YOU GOT VAPORIZED!" The Earth King's daughter would appear close to her father, attempting to squeeze him in every way possible after powering down from her mechanoid form. She didn't care about much now.

When the Earth King's daughter hugged him, her grip would almost break his back. 'She's getting pretty strong... I can tell. "Hey pretty girl! What's shaking? Now let daddy handle business." The Earth King would then turn around to the new dude.

"You mean like leaders? I'm the residing leader of the Twilight village... So I would be the man in charge, but if you mean current God of the cosmos? You would have to talk to Prime Order." The Earth King would motion to the big guy...

Valerio finished his cigarette. "Well, no need to bother a God, but since you're in charge here, I've done what I needed to... Feel free to ask any questions you might have for me."

The Earth King would sit down on space, staring intensely at this individual. Now was the time to ask questions. "OKAY!!!!" The Earth King then starts choking... 'Can't breathe in space...' But he preformed a couple handsigns, opening his lungs to such small amounts of oxygen. "Who the fuck are you...? You smell like the Space King. He's dead. You have some degree of cosmic power, and you smoke a lot... Talk, mister."

Lombardi: "I smell like him, hmm...? Still copying me, I suppose. I'm Valerio Lombardi; I enjoy Italian foods, I love my family and I do enjoy my smokes. How about you sir?"

"So, let me get this straight... the Space King... Has a clan? But I thought he didn't? I'm going to mind fuck myself at this rate. Whatever..." The Earth King would rise from his comfortable seat of space and extend his hand to shake dude's. "I'm the Earth King, but I took upon the name 'The Advocate' because I don't have a soul. I'm an empty shell... But somehow I still have emotions. It's weird. Anyway... That's my daughter." The Earth King would motion to his daughter, who is combining stars and dancing in the sparkles and such. "Daughter of the Goddess of the planet, who is my wife. You and I are similar in a way, but I can't put my finger on it... Whatever. Nice to meet you..."

Lombardi: "Nice to meet you too, and hello daughter of the Earth King. Although he left the family, I can't help but still love him... My younger brother, that is. I can see the similarities... You seem to be a natural born leader."

"No matter how hard I try.... I find myself back into positions of leadership. But I am the Advocate for the planet, a secret group of planet protectors who protect the galaxy... And I might get fired." The Earth King turned to the disaster stricken planet and sighed. "But yeah... Shit happens sometimes. So he's your younger brother? "

Lombardi: "Yeah, we've never gotten along; he didn't approve of our family's business, so he left the planet and ended up here, doing whatever he did here. I don't know. So have you ever heard of the mafia?"

The Earth King was about to say, 'Yeah of course, my knowledge of the cosmos lets me know everything about everything in the known universe,' and explain to dude what it was, but he stopped... Apparently this mafia business was not in the known universe... Where was this guy from?

"Surprisingly... No. You mean like drug cartels, Alcopone, 'Say hello to my little friend' type shit?" The Earth King scratched his head...

His daughter would stop playing for a little bit... She got bored really fast, so she scattered the stars about the sky. Her eyes then flared open as she received a signal from her mother who was helping fix the planet; she wanted to go help too. Daddy can talk to the sexy smoking man... "Hey dad? Mom's calling me! Can I go back to the planet and help people? There are a lot of explosions and stuff! Mom's worried sick..." The Earth King's daughter appeared in front of her dad and hugged him before touching the transforming module that was bestowed upon her by Master Control. She transformed again in to her mechanoid state. She then appeared in front of the face of the other giant mech, Prime Order. He was really nice... She felt comfortable just being around him. "Maybe we can meet again some day!" She waved and kissed him on the fore head and took off towards the planet like a comet to earth.

Prime Order smiled; he was listening to the conversation between the two intensely. Of course he knew who Valerio was and where he came from and what the mafia was; it was intriguing for the Earth King to react to him in this way. Valerio meant well. "I sense... Promise in the young one." Prime Order turned and saw the Earth King's daughter fly towards the planet... He then turned around towards the planet's fallen warriors and waved his hand across the cosmos. "Now is not the time for you all to perish... For the fault of your lives is my own. Revive with the power of teamwork; let your ongoing alliance fuel the fire for future generations -- there will be many challenges that are doomed to come your way. But through teamwork, you will overcome them." Slowly, but surely, everyone and everything decimated by Master Control would eventually come back to life. Prime Order sat and waited as he fed his life energy across the cosmos.

The Demon King, having had no impact in this battle whatsoever, notices the Earth King talking to some dude. "Is that the Earth King??? Yup, that's him alright... Kinda short though." The Demon King would pilot his mech over to where the Earth King was, hoping to get some info on what just happened.

Well, somehow, Khrona and his two weapons got through all of this -- though they barely did anything... Damn computer problems... -- But in the end... Shit, as long as Mr. Roboto was out of the picture, it was alright. Misery, who had died but was now brought back, and Despair, reverted back to their normal forms, hugged Khrona.

Misery: "... When I was gone... That was some freaky shit. I was like. In non-existence... And it didn't feel right."

Khrona: "Waitwaitwait.. How could you FEEL if you didn't exist? HOW COULD YOU KNOW IF YOU DIDN'T EXIST?"

Misery: "... Don't ask questio-- TIGEN. HE SENT ME TO THE... NON-EXISTENCE DIMENSION?"

Khrona: "... Who in the hell is Tigen and why do you know about him?"

Despair: "All's well that ends well~! Even if we got defeated horrifically, our planet was destroyed to some extent, we probably have a shitload of crap to do when we get back, the antagonists in our village probably still survived somehow, Misery was destroyed for a little while, we barely did anything and everyone was totally just wiped out by a giant God-like machine and revived by a better God-like machine. Isn't it miserably wonderful...?"

Khrona and Misery would sigh and say simultaneously, "... Just... Just go, Despair..."

Khrona would look at his brother, warping over to him. "Well, that was fun, right? But yeah. I'll beeee... Getting back to our village now... SEE YA!" He'd forcefully High Five his brother and then have Despair engulf he, Misery and herself in her cloak so that they would warp back to the planet.

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Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei   Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei EmptyMon Mar 02, 2020 9:56 am

Second Night; Should We Bother Rebuilding?

Most of the damage from Master Control had severely impacted the village of the Deep. Though each of the villages, in their own respect, were harmed during said event, -- except the Reality, which still existed as its own isolated reality, even in its attachment to the planet -- none had received as much damage as the Village Hidden in the Deep. They, being the only Village to not partake in the defending of the planet, were the ones who had their home the most ravaged, thinning their numbers severely and leaving everyone in ruin. Each of the leaders were at their wit's end, as were the surviving elites. That is, until a certain someone eventually came into the picture...

One of the legends of the Deep manifested on top of the leader's building. He stood overlooking the ruins of the Deep. Again. Mostly everyone here is dead, so rebuilding would probably do absolutely no good. Where the hell was the leader? He can probably rebuild some shit and make this place look at least half way decent. At any rate, the Deep Legend didn't really care. Apathy had gotten the best of him, so he just decided to wander the rest of the planet....

An earth golem would rise from the earth and appear behind the legend, dusting himself. Being outside the village looking for another trainer to help him with his moves, the golem was able to avoid the destruction that destroyed the village. He would slowly look around and the completely destroyed village before turning to the Deep Legend. "Ummm, Senpai is there anyone left in the Deep alive besides us and our leader?" The golem would mention the leader only because he himself could not imagine him being killed from the blast.

"I doubt it. Most of the shinobi here were killed as a result of the Sun King and and the Queen Of Roses. Looks like Master Control wiped out a few of the survivors," the legend stated before casually looking around. "If things don't get better for us soon, we might have to leave the village altogether."

The golem would look around once more and release a heavy sigh. "Man, so The Village Lost in the Deep really is dying."

"Dying indeed. Something should be done," another Deep Legend said as he faded in behind the two. He felt his efforts go to waste, as the village got destroyed after he helped rebuild it a second time. He looked at the two, recognizing one of them. "I know a few things about you through the Queen of Roses. She trusted you, and I'll partially do the same. As for you--" the second legend looked at the earth golem. "It's nice to see some people who still care, only I'm not sure if we have enough people for this to be a village here anymore. Where the hell is the leader?"

Earth Golem: "Nice to meet you as well, but man were is our leader when you need him?"

"If he hasn't shown up now, he could be dead. He is human after all." The second legend looked off towards the desecrated village. "What should we do about this place and its people...? You live here, so I'll let you decide."

The earth golem would slightly sigh as he once again glanced over at the ruins of the village. His dojutsu would also activate as he looked through the whole village, seeing nothing but destruction and a few fallen villagers. "Well I feel we should rebuild. But then again, you have to take into account the lack of villagers as well as the massive damages." The earth golem would rub the back of his head, completely unsure of what to do about the village.

The first legend would sneer, folding his arms underneath his cloak. "I think, I should just put this place out of its misery by paradoxing the whole ruins. Quite frankly, I'm tired of having to babysit this village. Hell, this pathetic planet and its pathetic 'shinobi' are becoming tiresome to fuddle with. I'd rather go back home to the Psion home planet, but, I'd have to fuckin' deal with the my enemy. And I'm not strong enough to kill him... Yet."

The second legend looked out towards the village, taking both of their opinions into account. "We could simply scatter the villagers to neighboring villages. At least then they'd have somewhere to go."

A surviving villager leapt to the top of the office, seeing all three shinobi, only one of which is familiar. She had a few cuts and bruises from the attack on the village. "So, there are some survivors..."

"That would be the best option for the villagers. Better to make sure they have a home. But what about you two? Where are you going to go?" The earth golem would then turn and notice Etsuko land. "Well looks like another survived the destruction. Hello there."

Khrona would then walk up politely. "Heeellooooo? Deep village peoples? Khrona has a proposal~!"

Megaera walked toward this little meeting as well, seeing as though she felt the presence of her brother about. She was doing nothing but going to say hello... But then she noticed all of the people "... I wonder if this is a meeting of sorts..." She decided to hide instead.

Earth Golem: "Reality Village Leader Khrona! What kind of proposal could you have for us?"

Tao would spew herself out of her own Living Shadow, just showing up here to show that she was alive. "Ooo, la de dah! Some stuff goin' down over here or what? Is it a party? Hot damn, I love parties... And this type of destruction makes me wanna go wild!!" She threatened to lift her shirt...

Khrona coughed, noticing his sister, but saying nothing. "Well, you see... As you all know already, your village is... Well... Dying. Now, this would most likely be discussed between myself, my brother and the leader of this village, but um... They aren't here right now SO, I'm gonna ask you since I see two legends here... How about we connect the Reality and the Deep village together, eh? Not only could people from the Reality help repair your broken shit, but you'd have access to our wonderful stuff~! Cough solongaswehaveaccesstoyours coughcough BUT YES. We could share our resources, our abilities, our land, and help each other out~! I mean... We would LOVE to share some of our prosperity with you, and wouldn't you enjoy having it~?" Khrona smiled big, his head twitching a bit. "SO, whadda ya say~?"

The second legend looked at the strange man, kind of dazed at the moment. After hearing Khrona out, he closed his eyes and let out a sigh. "That's the best option right now, and I'm all for it. Although the leader hasn't responded on such a thing. If he didn't show up once the village got attacked, he won't show up now." He opened his eyes, looking at the earth golem, then glancing at the first legend. If they had anything they wanted to say, this would be the best time.

The earth golem would nod in agreement with Khrona's proposal, since the second legend was right. This would be the best option right now for the village and its villagers.

The first legend would look at the others and nod. "I'm fine with it, as long as no funny shit happens. If the arrangement goes through, then you may use what you wish from the Deep. Resources, items, special services, even the leader's personal entourage of prostitutes. Okay maybe not the prostitutes because, well, they're all dead. But, you get the point..."

The Dark King would walk in from seemingly nowhere with his head held slightly down in his scarf. He looked around. "SO you're... Going to rebuild the junk heap... Well, I mean, it wasn't before all this.. But now that it is a junk heap... What else could you do with it? A junk heap can only become a different version of the same thing." He didn't know pretty much anyone here too well. Khrona being a small exception. But alas he spoke out confidently to the crowed eying them under his red tinted shades. "Hmm... How odd that your leader Is missing... Hmm, not, however, unpredictable... The leaders of this land have been nothing but disappointments. The Queen of Roses did activate a black hole here and all... And now that the carnage is lifted and there is a new hope for rebuilding... The other one in charge is no where to be found. Eh?..."

The second legend looked at the new comer, sighing at his words. "You must be the Dark King. I've learned about you through the Queen of Rose's old memories. Not many fond ones though.." He turned away from the Dark King, looking at everyone else. "Now that We have a somewhat majority vote of the leftover villagers, I guess we could merge the villages." He didn't take in to account much of what the Dark King said, only because he didn't feel like his opinion mattered much on this occasion.

The Dark King raised his hand like a gun and pointed it at the legend and just said, "Dead... ... ... ... ... I'm just kidding, of course, but I do feel like doing that to people who snuff me or act like anything told to them by someone as terrible of a shinobi as your leaders could even be close to the truth." He gave a small, dark laugh, but his face seem to show his amusement. "Now let me ask you this... Do you people really think merging with the Reality is anything different then just joining them altogether to make a big Reality town...? Without independence, the Deep has nothing, for all has already been stripped. You're the mockery of the shinobi world as it stands already and now you're going to decide to run along to the Reality for aid like the very obedient dogs you've become. Dogs who cannot fend for themselves. Dogs who cannot stand up on there feet... Dogs who need to beg for a treat." The Dark King flicked his hand around and a literal dog treat appeared in it. "Take from my banter what you will, but I'm telling you this now... If you can't stand up on your own feet... Like you have not been able to save yourselves up on to this point... Then you will always be a village of cowering mutts who will scrape to get by under unfit leaders... Begging for table scraps from stronger villages." With that, he simply turned and tossed the dog treat over his shoulder and began to leave the vicinity just as he came.

The legend merely chuckled at the Dark King's statement. Mainly because the Dark King was just stating the obvious as if it were some well kept secret. The neat little scenario the Dark King painted for them was precisely the 'funny shit' the Deep Legend had mentioned minutes ago. However, as he also said earlier, he became less enthralled with the Deep, choosing to pursue his own agenda instead. Which is why he even considered Khrona's offer in the first place. The thought of there being a possibility to gain access to resources that were not available to him before is what piqued his interest. The well being of the Deep as a whole came in second to his own curiosity. The legend closed his eyes for a quick moment, reading the timeline. "Sure, thank you for that, Dark King. Very inspirational speech. Now if you'll excuse us..."

"I'm leaving, big guy... But if you ever order me around again... I'll find a way to literally make you eat your words eh? Wouldn't that be a sight. If you get hungry, I brought the snacks... Let Khrona balance it on your nose. It'll be a cute trick if you were a headband like a real live ninja eh? " The Dark King gave a small wave and dissipated into the portal. His motives were unclear. Why he showed up was probably just to pique his own curiosity, or just to take a look at what their village had become. He didn't much care what anyone thought of him at this point so he was just doing whatever he wanted to do.

As the Dark King left, the secondary legend shrugged. This guy obviously has personal problems, so he legend let him talk and get whatever it was off of his chest. "Looks like the Queen of Roses was right not to have fond memories of that guy..." He looked out to the village once more, walking towards the edge of the building. "I'll go fetch our leader real quick; excuse me. " He leapt from the building top into the depths of, well, the Deep...

The first legend merely rolled his eyes at the threat, not paying it any mind. He waved his hand and the five remaining paths of his legend appeared on the roof of the large building. All of them wore nearly identical hooded cloaks. "I guess we wait then? Boring. I'll be ground level," the legend said as the six paths leapt of the roof of the building and landed on the ground. The six of them began to fan out, walking through the ruins of the village but maintaining a close enough proximity.

Khrona hid the Scooby Snax as the Dark King left, making them dissipate behind his back "Weeeeeell... That was a fun little chat~!" But what he was really thinking was... 'DAMMIT, DARK KING. Didn't have to make it sound like that... But hell, they're still fine with it. ARIBA!!!!!' Khrona would spread his wings, making a wink to his little sister. "Since you all are so for it, all that is left is to get Maze to help and we'll have this place up and running in no-time~! Feel free to go into the Reality while construction ensues... Even though we have hella antags just running around BUT WHO CARES!? Most of them have gone into hiding..." Khrona waved, flapping his wings once, releasing a huge, earth shattering gust for the light flap he had done, disappearing in a black blur.

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Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Third Night; Requesting to Join

The negotiations between the ruined Deep Village and the Reality were under way. As they were completing the treaty for a unification of both villages, with the Reality extended its own isolated reality to encompass the Deep and their resources to restore their economy whilst linking it to their own, the Reality would rise up as a whole and rest itself atop the Deep in order to begin rooting itself to the destroyed village... And begin the construction of the Dusk Village; the combination of both Deep and Reality. Meanwhile, the village leaders still needed to take care of their own business beyond their political terms, which leads us to Khrona interviewing yet another very eager member for Team Psychotic.

A werewolf would appear at the headquarters of the one known as Khrona. He heard a lot about him, but never met him. So the werewolf decided to see if he is strong enough to join the team. "Hello, Mr. Khrona, are you here?"

Khrona's eye could be seen gleaming in the darkness. "Yeaaaah... I'm here... What is it you want, guy...?" Khrona seemed a bit more dismal than normal for some reason...

"Hi there. I'm a werewolf who would like to join your team, sir." The werewolf was kinda of nervous; he didn't know what tho expect with Khrona. He heard rumors thats he's insane but that couldn't be true.

Khrona snickered sinisterly, his teeth gleaming brightly in the darkness "Nyaaaah... Everyone has heard rumors about me... Hahaha. But they're all so true, guy..!" Khrona pulled him close with psychic forces. "You wanna join my team, eeeeh? People have been coming along recently... Myeheh. I guess you'd have to go through gruesome and strenuous tasks... Or just one really horrible one..."

Werewolf: "... ... ... ... I'll take one really horrible one please."

Khrona's grin became too wide to fit his face, his tongue licking his teeth ambitiously as his eyes started to lose focus. "Heheheheh... Alright. Alright. Horrible~?" Khrona grabbed the werewolf's face, his skin surging for a moment or two. He would then squeeze the werewolf's face tightly before finally releasing him and letting him fall to the ground. "I have something horrible for you... You must fight my daughter using none of your powers or abilities. Only your weapon. And even with that, you can use no abilities. You must fight on skill alone. And, the penalty for you using your abilities..." Khrona's eyes suddenly focused directly on the werewolf, insane psychic pressures pushing against his body "... An agent of mine is inside of you. A cell mutated into a miniature Khrona. If you even think of using your powers, the micro Khrona will attack you from the inside in any way he sees fit... Gooot it~?" Khrona snickered morbidly.

Holding his hand in pain, the werewolf would look up to Khrona. "If that's what I have to do, then I'll accept the task."

Khrona cackled. "Good...! Damn, I should have asked you to do it with one leg and with no arms... But whatever. I'll call my daughter in, now, then."

Werewolf: "Alright then... ... ... ... ... ... Wait, can I use my companion?"

Khrona pondered a bit. "So long as your partner requires no chakra, soul energy or any kind of other abilities or energy to use, go right the fuck ahead. You cannot use chakra, manna or soul energy. Otherwise, go right the fuck ahead with anything else you may or may not have." Khrona tapped his foot, snapping his fingers for his daughter, Chroma.

Chroma would appear in an instant, it seemed. How? NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW. Her hat wiggled a bit as she pulled up a sleeve to wave at the werewolf. "Hi there~! I'm sure we'll have a great battle! Please, go easy on me, though! I don't have that much experience..." She turned to her father, giving an insane stare and smile, one of darkness and evil, knowing damn well that she knew what she was doing... For the most part.

"I'mmmmm getting fucked up." The werewolf would let out a loud whistle, summoning his best friend --his familiar -- into the battlefield. He would have him in is full moon form, but he doesn't want to get disqualified for using a jutsu. "Riiight I'm sure you'll do fine even if if its your first battle". The werewolf would summon his weapon in her chain scythe form as the familiar gets into a fighting stance as well. "You may have the first move."

The God of Destruction scoffed, popping out of the Reverse Rejection Orb around Chroma's neck. "First battle? What the hell is this guy--"

Chroma would quickly shut Gig up by flailing him around uncontrollably, the sword he is now confined to being stabbed into the ground.

God of Destruction: "SHIT. The hell was that for!?!?"

Chroma merely glared at the God of Destruction insanely before one of the swords that the Goddess of Destruction was would also pop out of the Reverse Rejection Orb. Chroma would have the God of Destruction in the right and Goddess of Destruction in the left, pointing one at the werewolf. "Well... If you insist, good sir!" She would run toward the werewolf, looking a bit wobbly is she ran, flailing her two swords in front of her wildly and dramatically, screeching some noise.

"..." The werewolf would jump into the air twirling the scythe around and would then forcefully swung it to the ground, trying to hook the left foot of Chroma, thinking of a couple of strategies in his head while doing so.

Chroma, seeing the scythe blade coming from the side, would extend her own scythe blade from her body to combat it... But naturally, she would lose her balance from her wild flailing and bad footing, causing her to fall down. The scythe retracted back into her body...

God of Destruction: "... Woooow. What a display being shown for your father. Come on, Chroma! I've seen you do better than this!"

Chroma sighed, getting up and dusting herself off. "He's up there now, eh..?" She would point her hand at him, from the tips of the fingers, many tiny homing missiles would lock on and try to bombard and blow up the werewolf. This was a benefit of two of Chroma's three parents being weapons... 'Heh heh heh...'

"So many ways..." The werewolf would then twirl his chain scythe around his body as each of the bombs would then clash with the scythes, blowing up on impact as fragments of his metallic skin would show. He began to regenerate at a rapid rate. His regeneration factor increased when he was promoted. Now the werewolf headed towards the ground and punched the floor, creating a shock wave from the sheer force of the punch heading towards Chroma. He would then dash towards her, his chain scythe now in its ninja blade form.

Chroma gasped. "Regeneration? Dammit... I could SO nullify that if I touched him with my Death wavelength..." As she was busy speaking, the shockwave would force her up into the air. "GAAAAAAH!!!" How unexpected. Her floating wings expanded, showing that they were now in use and she would use them to hover in the air.

God of Destruction: "Yo... Kid... We should give this guy a challenge... Right?"

Chroma nodded, her sweet and innocent face fading as that dark, demented, twisted smile and stare grew on her face. "Yeah, You two... Let's do it..."

The God of Destruction's blade gleamed, showing his smirking face in the shine of the blade. "Aw yeah! I know that face anywhere! It's time to party!!"

Chroma's body began to glow white and black, the colors of her Monochromatic Soul of Life and Death... "Heheheheheheheheh... Better get rid of that Regeneration ability..." Holes opened up all across Chroma's body; on her cheeks, on her hands and the tips of her fingers, on her legs, on her feet, on her torso and on her back. She snickered a bit, the white glow around her fading into nothing but a black glow, as she was about to have her Death Soul Energy come into play... "Black Rain!!" In an instant, a nonstop barrage of explosives and missiles would shoot out of her body from every hole continuously, raining down on the area, making explosions of her Death Soul Energy. As such, if the werewolf were to get caught in these explosions, his Regeneration ability would become less and less potent, until it were finally nullified from use completely temporarily. Not only that, any other healing abilities would become null as well. As Chroma did that, the God of Destruction seemed to be storing up some energy within himself as well, a blackish reddish sort of energy that seemed to be the essence of evil energy itself. The Goddess of Destruction was storing up a sort of energy, too, absorbing the natural energies around her and into her blade...

"Broken." The werewolf, clearing his mind now, begins to rush about the field at a blinding speed. Putting his speed to good use dodging the one that comes his way, he uses his hearing to pinpoint where each one was coming to dodge effectively, the familiar doing the something as well. He looked towards the ones that he didn't dodge. It seems thats it's over for the werewolf.

"Smoke Bomb!" Suddenly a black smoke screen would go through the air as the werewolf stand, in the middle, waiting for the last possible second to dodge about from the attack. "What the hell? Did you get a new weapon mode?"

Weapon: "Yes! It also seems that some other forms have emerged as well."

"Well now would be a good time." She would then transform into a giant shuriken star as the werewolf  begins to twirl it in his hand. "Hmm." The werewolf would then rotate the shuriken at high speeds and would then launch it towards Chroma at a high speed, trails of earth head towards her from the speed of the shuriken as well.

Chroma raised the Goddess of Destruction. "Alright Goddess... Let's attack! Then we'll follow it up, God of Destruction!" Chroma would raise the Goddess, smacking the partner as she came, the Goddess' natural ability making the clash between both weapons explode grandly. 'Yay for Goddess' exploding slashes!' Using the explosion as a cover, Chroma would use the God of Destruction's power to increase her speed slightly, dashing directly at the werewolf, flying at him using her wings. She would try to bombard him with evil energy arrows from a close range rather than a long distance.

"Time for a come back." A chain would would sprout in the werewolf's hand as he began to dodge the series of arrows using his keen vision and reflexes, yanking the giant shuriken back towards me, which would then then go towards Chroma before actually returning to his side with twice the speed than before.

Chroma gasped. "EEK! Goddess! Your other five swords!" Just then, five more floating swords would appear, all looking similar to the first one that Chroma wielded. They were all the Goddess, since her weapon form was six ancient swords. One sword would stab through the middle hole of the giant shuriken to stop it, two more would clamp at its sides to keep it from spinning and explode on contact; hopefully the explosion hurting the weapon from within. Finally, the last two would fire powerful lasers from their tips, trying to push the soul weapon back a long distance and hurt her severely. Chroma was still staring at the werewolf, the holes appearing all over her body once again. "BLACK RAIN!!" Now, since she was closer, she had a better chance of hitting with it than from far away. The missiles filled with her Death Soul Energy and would all home in on the werewolf as well as explode all over the area. "He knows what the deal is." She would also slash violently with the God of Destruction, releasing a great amount of the energy arrows as well, once again. If the missiles didn't hit, the arrows sure would. Hell, maybe she'd get lucky and both would hit.

The werewolf's eyes would open, seeing the barrage of arrows again as well as missiles. If he could add chakra to his feet, he could dodge no problem. The familiar still was clutching on to him; it could still use its chakra but he thought it might have him be disqualified, so the werewolf did his best to dodge the arrows and missiles as he begin to show off with some acrobatic dodges. He spins away to dodge a blast. He would then get hit with an arrow and it exploded, but he somehow managed to get away from the rest... 'Goodbye Regeneration...' He brought back his chain as his soul partner turned into her chain scythe mode. "You ok?"

"I'm fine, just a little banged up is all." The werewolf would grip the handle tightly as he looked at chroma and got into a fighting stance, his eyes glaring at chroma waiting for her follow up.

Chroma shared the same insane face as Khrona did when he got serious, snickering in the same way, as well. "Am I doing well, Daddy~?" She said in a crazed way. She would raise the Goddess sword. "Goddess... Let's show him what our power has become in our training!!" The Goddess' five swords disappeared as she became one singular sword now, storing up energy and glowing brightly...

God of Destruction: "Woah... Gonna use the Calm Death, huh? Heh heh... I would assume you'd want to follow that up with a--"

Chroma: "Yes. That."

Chroma would let go of the Goddess of Destruction as she was charging energy, letting her float slightly above her, then she would put both hands on the God of Destruction. "On my command, you two..."

The werewolf would have the same glare in his eyes as he looked over at Chroma, trying hard not to let the chakra within his body rise. He kept them in check awaiting this move that Chroma was working on.

Chroma twitched. "Now, Goddess..." With that, the Goddess of Destruction would release a HUGE blast of energy that would shoot directly at the werewolf -- naturally upon impact with anything, it would explode -- but before exploding would release several more miniature energy blasts from the point where it had touched, finally releasing an overall GRAND explosion... And through all of this, Chroma had taken her chance to move with the beam, right alongside it, just so that she would hit the werewolf with the move she was using with the God of Destruction; Absolute Destruction. She figured that if he dodged the beam, she would be able to get him while in the middle of the dodge and proceed to immobilize him with a slash from the God of Destruction, as such was the special ability of the Absolute Destruction; temporary immobilization while the move was being completed, then proceed to hack him up at incredible speeds.

The werewolf began to twirl the chains of his scythe around his body and a circular ring is formed around him as he would stomp the ground, causing a hole to be made under him. As the werewolf would disappear into the ground, avoiding the blast, while underneath the werewolf was able to sniff out Chroma and would arrive behind her, readying to chop off her shoulder bone.

Chroma smirked. "Gotcha..." Her Black Dragon Blood would stiffen, and the werewolf would be within her Absolute Destruction blast. Chroma would make one slash, which would automatically immobilize the werewolf, thus making Chroma able to carry out this attack in its entirety. There were several slashes nonstop to the werewolf at an extremely high speed before one final slash to break away his immobilization and send him flying... No one is to get in the way of Chroma using Absolute Destruction, especially when you don't hit her effectively... She is Khrona's daughter. She stopped, hovering slightly above the air. She was a bit tired now. "I'm doing pretty... pretty well, huh Father?" She would breathe a bit heavily, but could quickly revitalize herself, if given the chance... That is, if the werewolf could retaliate quick enough.

The werewolf would do his best to dodge, but with no avail. He takes the blast and serveral slashes, showing many fragments of his metallic bones as he falls towards the ground, breathing heavily. "...I just had to pick the hard one. Is the test still going?"

Chroma sighed. "Father, I GUESS he passes. Myeh." Chroma sat down, breathing a bit heavily, but still looking controlled over herself. "He seemed to survive well enough without his shit... Good man!" Chroma smirked, her eyes becoming dark and evil "But werewolf, you ever try to take my body part off again... I will do worse than a measly old Absolute Destruction..." Chroma stood back up, turning her nose up, then walking near Khrona.

Werewolf: "Well you did take my regeneration ability, though. Wish I had a soul ability, though."

Khrona cackled insanely. "WELL. That all comes with time and training, guy. But, you heard the girl. Welcome to the team! BUM BADDA BUUUUUM~!" Khrona would touch his daughter, having her warp off somewhere... Most likely back home to his Pit.

The werewolf would smile and then would think about some things. "Um exactly how do you find out your soul power?"

Khrona sighed. "Hm. All you have to do is basically use your Soul Perception and determine what your soul is most like... Though it's better if someone who is adept in Soul Perception does it. Whatever your soul may be of... The one thing that truly describes you is what your soul will take the shape of. One thing..." Khrona sat down, prodding his fingers "... Woo...!" He was having fun.

Werewolf: "Well, I don't know the ability, so could you do it for me, Khrona-san?"

After the werewolf's induction into Team Psychotic and the merging between the Reality and the Deep, a strange energetic fluctuation occurred throughout the dimensions that opened up a dimensional portal that merged yet another reality into the already very susceptible open reality of the two villages joining together. Their dimensional vulnerability was only due to their openness with each other at the time, meaning that other realities could sneak in and get merged with the Reality whilst it was conjoining with the Dusk... And a great many Realities did... Two, in particular, which has great influence over many dimensions, just so happened to assimilate with the Reality and become one with it as it was becoming the Dusk in addition to Netherworlds and Zones... Worlds.

Khrona would be sleeping in his pit, ever so quietly and... sleepily, dreaming of whatever he dreamt of in that twisted mind... When suddenly, he heard a noise. "... Eh? The fuck is that...?" He said sleepily. He got up, stretched, and walked toward the sound. Eventually, he heard some uncanny laughter "... Doesn't sound like any of my girls... Someone's looking for an aaaass whooopiiiin~!" Khrona peeked around one of his corners aaaaand... BAM. THERE IT WAS.

A strange monster just floating randomly in his house. 'Well. Better subdue it.' "YOU. YOU THERE. PREPARE YOUR ASS FOR WHOOPING!!!"

The monster would turn around, then began to float away at an accelerated rate. As it flew, it turned around and pointed at Khrona, the floating ring around it hovering above it and surging with manna of sorts... Then finally, it would release an acidic secretion, making a large amount of liquid-like green energy spurt up and fill the hallway.

Khrona halted, slightly confused as to what this is. "... I've... Never seen anything like this before! What the hell is it!?" Khrona was a bit hesitant to attack this stuff, but he figured that the thing couldn't have cast anything that was that powerful... Or, more powerful that Khrona's Soul, rather. He released a weak pulse of his wavelength, making the entire pit rumble, as well as clearing the acid away. Khrona continued to pursue. He caught sight of the thing, remembering that his entire pit was surging with his soul. "... I don't have time to chase you... I just need answers! Now... Halt." Khrona's eyes gleamed and his soul wavelength shot through the creature, making it immobile and having it fall to the ground. That's when Khrona started to walk toward it, scoffing. "... So. What are you and what are you doing here... Thing? How did you even GET in here, eh?"

The creature suddenly began to talk "... Eck... One hit and I'm down, huh...? Whatever YOU are, you sure are powerful... You could probably take down a boss really quickly..."

Khrona shook his head. "Boss? What the hell are you talking about? Answer my questions..."

It nodded. "FINE. I am... A Vorptal. I am a species of dimensional entities... But you should know about that, right?" The vorptal looked around, noticing that this place wasn't exactly the same place it was before... Which was a little troublesome. "... Wait. Am I still in my dimension...? Hell, am I even in a World...?" It closed its eyes for a brief moment, then opened them. "... Mm... It feels like my Homeworld... It FEELS like my dimension... But there's something else... Something that is different about my dimension..."

Khrona sat down. "... What Homeworld? What dimension? And um... Why are you calling this planet those things? Not to mention... WHY ARE THERE MONSTERS HERE NOW!? Our normal monsters look NOTHING like you and never come INTO the village..."

Ring Leader's eyes got really big. "You don't know of my World OR dimension? Wait... THIS planet? I've never heard of this plac-- ... Maybe THIS is why everything is so messed up... I feel two other realms within this place... I guess this planet must be one of them and my Homeworld and dimension are here as well... But what of the fourth place? I really can't tell what this fourth place is... Or what happened... All I know is that there was a light and then... I was just here."

Khrona nodded. "... A light, huh?... It does feel like some powerful manna has been conjured up... It doesn't feel like the manna of my brother OR Zita, either... Hm..." Khrona would have to use his powerful mind to look into this... After about 20 minutes, Khrona would come to. "Ah. I see what's happened... It seems as though an unknown figure has merged your world and our world together... Or at least in the Reality Village, which is your current location on this planet. This magic came from two unknown books... But I saw something else with him that got taken away by a pumpkin... And the only Pumpkin that I know is... Tigen."

Ring Leader shook its head, trying to move its body. "Tigen? What's that? Is that a boss or something?"

Khrona sighed. "... No. He's... He actually resembles you quite a bit, only... Taller and with a pumpkin head. He might know something about this... I will call him now..." Khrona held up some chocolate and waved it around. "... Come and get it, Tigen..."

Tigen would warp in along with a Dimension Keeper, devouring the chocolate. "CHOCOLAAAAATE!!!-- Oh, Hi um.... .... ... Uuuum..." Tigen had trouble with people who he didn't FORMALLY meet. He met Khrona in a battle with a big god robot... He wasn't gonna remember Khrona like Khrona remembered him. "Hey yoooou~!" Tigen said, trying to play it off, "Whaaaat's up-- OOO. THAT GUY. RIGHT THERE. HE LOOKED LIKE TIGEN! TIGEN WANTS HIM, CAN TIGEN HAVE HIM? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEAAASE!?!?!?" Tigen began to warp around Khrona at a fast pace, seeming really hyper "PLEEEEEEEAAAAASEEEEEEEE!?!?" The Dimension Keeper stared in awe at the Vorptal, however... It was very shocking to see him.

The Vorptal sighed. "... He really does look like me... But I don't wanna join up with this hyperactive scarecrow..."

Khrona's eyes gleamed. "Heh heh heh... For your wrongdoings of coming into my house, your punishment is, you will be sentenced to stay with Tigen... FOREVER." Khrona laughed, making this so by binding the Vorptal and Tigen together through a special force... Now the Vorptal would have to do whatever Tigen said... FOREVER.

The Vorptal was suddenly able to move again, but he really didn't want to. "... Are you shitting me...? Ugh... Fine. I'll do it, then..." The Vorptal would float over to Tigen begrudgingly, hanging its head in sorrow as it was near Tigen.

"Next thing..." Khrona began, "... Tigen, what is this all about? What is this... Homeworld and... Dimension and... Why have these two-- Erm, three worlds been fused with the Reality Village and the Reality Village ALONE? I know it has something to do with dimensions, and you are the only expert on this subject..."

Tigen shrugged his shoulders. "Tigen dunno... This Dimension Keeper was in the library with some guy and BOOM, this happens... Tigen has no clue~!" Tigen smiled at the Vorptal, giving him a thumbs up! "Sorry Tigen can't help you... Guy... But... Tigen knows nothing!"

The Dimension Keeper then stepped forward, staring at Khrona. "I... May be of assistance."

Tigen gasped at the Dimension Keeper. "DIMENSION KEEPER. YOU CAN TALK!?"

The Dimension Keeper nodded. "Yes... I just choose not to. It is not fun. I prefer to be silent. I will only speak to give this information..." The Dimension Keeper shook his lantern "... There is a dimension... A dimension that is similar to this one, but also very different... Filled with monsters such as myself and the Vorptal... The Vorptal only comes from one part of this dimension, from the Homeworld... And there is a sister realm, which is connected to the Homeworld through one portal... But there are several other realms, as well. The Homeworld and dimension are connected, but... The other place that has been fused with this place, is not... It is the Otherworld. All Dimension Keepers are related... I have numerous brothers and cousins in the dimension, particularly the Homeworld and Otherworld. The Otherworld is slightly different from the Homeworld, however, for it is like a game or like a book, while the Homeworld is actuality. They are all very similar, hence why they are in the same dimension... But also very different... Only the Dimension Keepers and Chomao would know of this, you know... But I am sure that the Chomao know a LOT more than I do... This is just the gist... The Otherworld, the Homeworld and the dimension... If we had that book that I left in the library, I could tell you more... I was just a little homesick... But now, I guess I won't be anymore... These three realms have fused with this one. Congrats." The Dimension Keeper then fell silent once more, which would probably be for a GREAT portion of time, if ever again.

Tigen poked his own head. "Eeeeeh.... Dimension... Homeworld... Otherworld...? Meh. Tigen doesn't know. Sorry if we weren't of any help, Khrona-- OH. THAT'S YOUR NAME, KHRONA!!! WOOOO! TIGEN REMEMBERED!!!"

The Vorptal sighed, "... I think I'm going to die..." before Tigen, Tonberry and Ring Leader warped off elsewhere, leaving Khrona alone.

Khrona sighed. "... Well. That's about enough information that I needed for right now... I just need to find a 'Chomao' or whatever, and I guess we can figure this out... Eeeeh... But I don't know what a Chomao is... Oh, screw it. Better go tell my brother, Zita and Shinigami about this... In a formal meeting." Khrona wrapped himself in his wings, going to the council building.

Khrona would sit in his chair looking a bit concerned, Misery and Despair near him, trying to grasp what he just told them... Which was very hard to grasp, really.

Zita showed up, appearing out of a black hole looking thing. "Heya Khrona. What's... Up?" She cocked her head a bit, wondering where his brother was... and why Khrona was calling her here. Khrona and Zita never really spoke.

A portal would protrude out of the ground, showing Shinigami in it ."Hello! What's up, Khrona-san?"

Khrona's brother walked through the door, walking into the room and stood by Zita. "Sorry I'm late everyone."

Khrona cleared his throat. "Yaaay. Everyone's here. Now, for business... If you all haven't noticed, there was a large, wide scale change in the Reality Village in its entirety a little while ago... From what Tigen described, there were two large beams of light that shot the village and merged it with.... Another dimension." Khrona would wait for the awkward gasps, then continue. "Yes, yes, gasp. Anywho, the dimension we are merged with currently is a dimension from where Tigen's little... 'Dimension Keeper' friend has come from. The Dimension Keeper informed me about the separate realms of this dimension, or a few of them, rather, that are quite... Unique. The Homeworld and the Otherworld. They are twin realms, connected with each other, while this... Dimension realm they reside in is different, yet similar." Khrona would then wait for them all to take this stuff in... THEN CONTINUE. "Many new... Beings have inhabited the Reality Village. Monsters of these realms. I assume that other things are here as well; some things that are less malicious... I have foresighted the land and seen that there are certain 'classes' that have become of some random civilians. I'm not sure what they do or what they mean, but... They look cool...! Anyway. That is all I really know as of now... I do not know WHO merged our realms together or for what purpose, but I assume it would be one of our current antagonists, since this thing WAS placed on the Reality village... From what the Dimension Keeper said, a Chomao would know all there is to know about this sort of thing... So a Chomao would have to further our--"

Suddenly, through the window bursted a small creature. Fluffy, cute, holding a book and looking like an animal messenger... "Hello!" It said, "Someone call for a Chomao!?"

"Ahh~!" Khrona's brother ran over to the adorable creature and gave it a tight hug. "Oh my God, look at this thing! It just adorable."

The Chomao would flail a bit. "H-Hey! I know that we're cute, but I must explain this to you!" The Chomao would wriggle his way out of Khrona's brother's grip, then hold his book under his arm, clearing his throat. "Ah-hehehem. Well. You see... To explain further on the situation... Our dimension is linked through various realms that all of us Chomao know about. Whether it be the Homeworld, the Otherworld or the dimension itself and any of the other realms or continents in our universe, Chomao inhabit every place. We help out humans, monsters, or any other thing in our dimension. We're the guides!" The Chomao would flap his little wings, floating up onto the desk and opened his book. "Alrighty then. In this book is knowledge of our world. We call this book the Grand Grimoire. You all are... Shinobi, correct? Well, instead of shinobi, we have classes. Black Mages, White Mages, Paladins, Warriors, Thieves... You name it, we probably have it. This is our way of life. We slay monsters and such to keep our universe safe from obliteration, which it has come to a numerous amount of times... Realm by realm, there is always a different threat. Now, in all of these realms, we have summoning creatures that are extremely powerful... In the Homeworld, we call them Summons. In the other realms, they call them... Many other names." He turned some pages in the book, trying to look for the name, but he ended up getting side tracked by the Summons. "KUPO! Guardians! Here we go! They are powerful and omnipotent beings that are called upon by special means, such as with manna stones or something of the sort. If you are a summoner, you may embed their power within you so that you do not need the stones. Whoever summons these Guardians will have complete and utter control over what they do until their time is complete or until you run out of energy. Naturally, they cost a LOOOT of energy to conjure up, and even more to stay present. Normally, they can only stay out for one attack and then they return to whence they came until summoned again." The Chomao put a hand to his face. "Hm... I assume that whoever merged our dimensions plans on using the Summons to commit mass destruction, for their power is unmatched by most and is usually very wide scale... But that's only a Chomao's theory."

Khrona sat there, taking this all in, wondering how to get a Summon... What manna gems hold their power... And how to change into such a class of 'summoner' or whatever else there was. 'Heh heh heh...'

Khrona coughed. "So, Chomao, tell us more about these... Classes. And the gemstones, if you please..."

The Chomao nodded, turning some pages in the book "Hmm. Well, you see, the Classes are quite various with numerous abilities, powers and manna and such. The manna are very powerful and can be cast from a very long range, and most manna involve being a Black Mage, White Mage, Blue Mage, Red Mage, Summoner or others of the sort. The Black Mages consist of the dangerous, destructive magics such as Fire, Water, Wind and Earth, and their entire bodies are always covered, their faces are always blackened with darkness. The White Mages consist of healing and support magic like Healing, Protection and Resistance. Blue Mages consist of monster manna in which they must learn by sight, absorption, devouring, or however you plan on taking a monster's abilities. And lastly, Red Mages, which can learn both Black and White magic, however their magic is not as powerful, so they can only learn first class spells, such as Fire, Healing and so forth. I have informed you about the Summoners and such... There are too many classes to just LIST and rally off like this..." The Chomao thought for a moment "HEY! I have an idea! How about I just leave the book and let you all post it up for everyone to see! The monsters, the maps, the classes, the abilities, the gemstones, the weapons... Everything that you can use and see within this book is yours! And a better idea... I will stay here for your assistance! It's ingenious!"

Khrona wholeheartedly agreed with this. "Of course! It's perfect! And now each aspect of the Reality will know about it because all of the leaders are here! Wait, Chomao... Each of them will need their own Chomao, don't you think?"

The Choma pondered "Mmm... That's right... Hm! I know! Chomao always respond and appear when you blow the Chomao Flute! Here, each of you get one!" The Chomao threw a Chomao Flute at each of the people there, then blew his own. Just then, three more Chomao appeared. "Alright, these are my friends! Firstly, I never formally introduced myself ... My name is Chomao!"

The next Chomao introduced herself. "I am Charmy!"

The next introduced himself. "I'm Maoi."

The last introduced herself ."I'm Moni!"

Each of the Chomao bowed. "Happy to be of service!!"

Khrona smiled "Awwww, how cute~! CHOMAO STAYS WITH ME." He grabbed Chomao and patted him. "Oh, brother, before I forget... I went to the remains of the Deep Village. I wanted to 'merge' with them so that we could have access to their village and their resources as well as their shinobi and they ours... And also, while we fix up their village. I already made the arrangements, so do not even worry about it! We already merged! WAHAHAHA!" Khrona felt it best to tell them now that he made an executive decision. "From now on, we are no longer the Reality, but the Dusk Village!"

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Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Fourth Night; The Village Hidden In The Dusk

After what occurred during the merging of realities between the Deep and the Reality, as well as the World of the Grand Grimoire sneaking itself in the mix, it was time for the Village Leaders of the two groups to come together and officially organize and finalize the physical merge in person. There, they would discuss how the new village would work and just how the physical merging was going to go under way, now that the dimensional merging was more or less coming to a close. Fortunately for them, the reality and dimensional merging were already handled by Khrona on the sly, so all they needed to do was handle how it would work physically. With that, a strange new woman would call the leaders to the remains of the Deep in place of the Queen of Roses, and they would begin their meeting.

An android sat in the office with the ceiling half busted in, sipping on a cup of tea. She waited patiently for one the Deep's legends and Khrona or his brother to begin merging the villages.

Khrona's brother walked into office a bit dressed down then he normally was. He opened the door to the office to get in, but the door would just fall off the hinges. "Oh... I'm sorry about that."

Khrona yawned, lightly flapping his wings so that he could land... But the powerful gust from his wings utterly blew away everything. "... Aaaaah... HI THERE?" Khrona chuckled nervously. Misery and Despair reverted to their human forms, Misery shaking her head. "Well, um... We're here~!?" Khrona sat down on the ground, Misery and Despair leaning on him.

The legend of the Deep that was summoned walked into the office, not paying attention to the demolished room. He noticed Khrona and his brother and assumed they knew what this was about, so he sat down. The legend now turned his attention towards the new face. She was like a guardian of the Queen of Rose's mansion, but with her gone, what would she do now? "I assume this is about merging the two villages, is it not?"

The android scanned the room, and once she recognized everyone was there, she began. "Khrona and your brother, Leader of the Reality Village, and legend, Representative of the Deep, you wished to merge the villages into one, sharing all the other had to offer?" She then turned to the legend, seeming as if she had something to say. "I will let you know now that it is impossible for you to become one of the leaders of this new village, Deep legend."

"I'm fully aware of that," the legend said with his eyes closed. "So. how were you going to merge the villages?"

"We can take care of that..." Khrona's brother spoke up as he fixed his glasses, pushing them back up. "I'm sure Zita's -- with aid of my own manna -- could merge two the villages into one..." Khrona's brother faceplamed himself, realizing that the legend and the android didn't know who Zita was. "Zita's the head of the witches in our village. She's a powerful witch and a very close friend. I'm sure she'll help."

"I have recollection of Zita, the Head Witch in the Reality. She is a powerful entity, along with Khrona -- who both are what I consider dangerous." The android spoke nonchalantly, as always. She had a wide information network, but due to Queen of Rose'ss untimely 'death,' This connection had diminished, limiting what the android can gain knowledge on. "I could also assist in merging the villages. Although, when merged, what shall the new village be called?" she said right before taking another sip of her tea.

Khrona's brother though for a few moments, thinking of a name. "I got it... With the setting of the sun, the raise of a new eve... We will be know as the Village Hidden in the Dusk."

The legend reclined back in his chair, seeming to be at ease. He grinned a bit, possibly taking a liking to the name. "I like it. Now, apparently you all had a way to merge these villages without much difficultly?" Road said out to everyone. He didn't have anything in his arsenal to successfully merge two villages without collateral damage.*

"By altering and converting the data that each village contains, it should allow the villages to blend together without trouble, unless, Khrona or his brother thought of another way." The android had not used her data manipulating abilities for a while, so it was hard to tell if this operation would go as smooth as she said it would.

"If need be, I'll do it." Khrona's brother cracked his knuckles, smiling. "I could use Breakdown to make the villages merge."

Android: "That won't kill any of the villagers would it?"

Khrona's brother chuckled. "Haha, not if I didn't wish it."

"I see." The android stood up as a scope digitized onto her face. "Then let the construction begin."

Khrona's brother stood and floated out of the window and up into space.

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Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Fifth Night; Playing with Khrona

Whilst Khrona's brother and and the android took care of the physical merging of the Reality and Deep -- wherein Khrona had already done his part of the dimensional and reality merging of the Reality and the Deep -- he was feeling excited and wanted to play. So he would head on over to the Battleground to see if there was anything going on whilst he waited for the finalization of the physical merge to be done.

Khrona, Misery and Despair would lay back in an open field, bored out of their minds.

Khrona: "Whadda you wanna do, Misery...?"

Misery: "Fuck some bitches up. You, Despair?"

Despair: "... Well... I wish to... Fuck the bitches up? You, Khrona...?"

Khrona: "... Fuck bitches up. Okay, it's decided. We fuck bitches up. THE NEXT PERSON THAT COMES ACROSS OUR VISION--"

Misery: "Not your mental projected vision, Khrona."

Khrona: "... FUCK. Okay, well. Next person that crosses our path, we do battle. Good plan?"

Misery and Despair: "Yep."

Khrona nodded, feeling a bit sleepy, letting a bit of drool slip down his mouth "mmmyarp. Now, we wait..."

Misery: "FUCK."

As Khrona waited, a prospective young Beginner awaited his proctor for a ranking exam. He sat down on the rock planning his way around the area he has been chosen to fight in... Dense vegetation everywhere, rocks sharp over the edge that is hidden by moss and trees.

Khrona pops into the area. "Yaaaaaaaaaah. Hi there. Sup with yaaa?" Khrona pokes his own head a bit, looking lazy.

As the one seeking a proctor hears the the voice, he looks around confused, but then, as he is still confused, he feels his soul partner jump of of his shoulder and onto the ground. He then hears his feline familiar hiss at the location in which khrona's head popped up. Then, grabbing the small yet ferocious cat by her paws, he stood her up and made her wave at Khrona while he says, "Hiiiii," making her a little pissed off at me also.

Khrona would spread his wings slightly, making a huge gust of wind that bent every tree in the area and kicked up the ground. Khrona yawned as the trees returned to normal and he scratched the back of his head. "So, looking through your head, I assume you want a ranking exam, huh huh huh?"

Newcomer: 'Looking through my head...?' "Oh, you must mean something close to mind reading. And yes, state my mission and I will complete it. Is it a fight objective or what?"

Khrona snickered. "Your task is simple, young one... All you must do is... Fight my partner, Misery!" Misery would revert to her human form.

"...So, I get to wail on the little shit? Ha. Sweet." She cracked her knuckles, blades coming out of her body.

"Okay," the newcomer says as his soul partner transforms into her weapon form; daggers. The young one then tossed one in the air, catching it safely as he began to talk. "So do we start now or what?"

Khrona and Misery snickered, looking to each other as Despair became her human form, sitting down and expanding her cloak for Khrona to sit down on. Khrona gave a dark, twisted, evil smile, as did Misery. "Go ahead..."

"Okay." Wings of pure light feathers appear on the newcomer's back, a blinding light also appears. As a blinding effect takes place, he merges with the shadows of the surrounding area. Then, as he hid his chakra sensibility and his breathing, he would then sense Khrona's soul partner's chakra. He then threw the daggers at her through the shadows and if they missed, he would yank the chain, making the daggers fall back to him. He then would do this ten more times.

Misery scoffed, letting the blades jutting out of her body take care of the blades coming from the shadows. "Is that IT?" She would stomp on the ground, releasing the Insanity wavelength, which should thus disrupt and distort everything around it, most likely so much that the shadow couldn't be of use. Quickly after that, she would extend a HUGE sword blade from her left hand and scrape it across the ground, releasing a wave of insanity soul energy shouting "Zero Sanity!" It would fly across the ground, distorting and shattering everything that got in its way, which would also be the newcomer as well, if he did nothing.

As he is forced out from below ground, he sees Misery stab her sword in the ground while commencing with her attack. Seeing the immense energy of the attack, he flew high into the sky in a short amount of time, then as he was in the air, he closed his eyes for a short second while also changing up his breathing pattern. Then, if Misery was reading his chakra, she would sense a big disruption of his light chakra. Then, as he reopened his eyes, there is a big sword on his right hand and his wing were completely black, dark energy flowed through them. He then compressed his wings, making him fall at a high rate with his blade aiming for the ground. When he hit the ground, dark energy flew out of it, heading straight towards Misery.

Misery yawned. "Dark energy, huh? Like I don't get enough of that... Let's see how you like this..." Misery dashed off, turning into a blur, straight into the dark energy... However the dark energy seemed to part ways as she did so. Why? She was slashing her sword hand at an incredibly fast rate, the dark energy getting shattered by her wavelength and soul energy coated sword. Soon after, she would use her Insane Blade Impact, making numerous giant Soul Energy blades rain from the sky and shoot from out of her, which would drain chakra and energy and such, as well as deplete it from whatever they touched... And they exploded. The explosion also carried the properties of the swords, making the explosions deadly as well. Misery caught sight of the youth and suddenly leapt high above his head...

The tussle between Misery and the young newcomer went on for a while, which resulted in his failure of his exam, unfortunately. Whilst it was going on, however, another eager Dusk shinobi came in looking for one at the same time...

"Hum... What an interesting place..." a girl would say to herself, as she walked into the Reality Village. It was a place which she could get used to, if she decided to join it. Guess she would have to get a ranking exam first, just to see where she was. Her dojutsu activated as she looked around, waiting to see if she could find anyone, or if someone found her.

Despair pops in, Misery and Khrona nowhere to be found, oddly enough. She happily, yet gloomily walks over to the newcomer. "Well, hello there..."

The newcomer would turn to the lady. "Hello, My name is Tsumi Kento... Are you my ranking proctor...?"

Despair make a fan of razors in her hand, covering her face and waving slightly, giving a depressing smile, closing her eyes. "Oh, you are looking for a ranking exam, are you...? Well, that must be what brings you here... I will be dreadfully happy to give you a ranking exam, miss... Um... Your name, please?"

"Tsumi Kento..." she would repeat, wondering if the girl had some hearing disorder, or if I had just not spoken loud enough. "And what would yours be...?"

Despair, much like Khrona or Misery, didn't pay much attention. She had a different reason rather than being distracted too easily or just not giving a shit at all... She was just daydreaming most of the time, lost in her realm of happy gloom... "... Ah. I see. So, you are here for a ranking exam, I presume?... Hm. Tsumi Kento, is it?" Despair sat down, letting her wonderful dimensional dress flow outward. She didn't notice that she was asked for her name. "Alright, I guess I must introduce myself... I am Despair. It is terribly nice to meet you... For your exam, you may choose from the following... Fighting myself, Fighting some monsters, or Fighting one of our ninja..." Despair would wave her fan of blades before realizing that she had almost forgot the most important thing. "Oh yes, there may or may not be handicaps or hindrances depending on which one you pick..." She smiled, though her smile gave off a gloomy vibe.

"Well nice to meet you, Ms. Despair..." Tsumi would say, as she thought that this girl was a little strange, but that was ok. She liked meeting new people. "And I think I will go with... Fighting monsters... If thats alright with you..." she would say, smiling. She had never fought anything but a giant porcupine for training, so this might be fun. She would then clasp her hands together as she waited for the monsters to come. "I'm ready whenever..."

Despair giggled. "Alright... I will summon the monsters..." Her dress would abruptly expand over the area, and in an instant, retract back to its normal form, however three monsters would be standing beside her. There was one that was very small, the a Worm...

There was one of medium size, which was a Bomb...

And there was one of large size, which was a Plantoid...

Despair would point at the Bomb. "This is your Mark, or Target, if you will... You must get rid of the Bomb as well as the other monsters before the Bomb explodes... If it explodes, you do not rank up and may suffer a terrible death... Are you ready for your wonderful dreary combat?"

"Indeed I am..." Tsumi would say as she suddenly vanished, able to move at high speeds thanks to nerve manipulation. She would then reappear behind the monsters, not too close, but not too far away, as she started to unclasp my hands. As she did, kunai would be summoned out of the seals on her palms and wrists, and she started to throw them at the various monsters. Each kunai had a paper bomb rolled up on its handle, so that when it hit the monster or the ground, it would go off with a moderate explosion. Tsumi would continue summoning them and launching them at the monsters as she started to run around and around them, becoming a blur of motion that might confuse them. She continued to launch kunai after kunai.

At the moment that one kunai exploded, the Bomb would instantly begin to absorb the flames from the explosion, thus growing larger and more powerful. With each paper bomb thrown, the Bomb would eat and absorb the fire from it, continuously growing and growing. Because of the amount of fire it was taking it, it was already larger than the plantoid, which was already quite large. The worm would swiftly run toward Tsumi, attempting to keep up with her and spew its juice upon her as well. The plantoid stayed flying in the air, spewing out pollen where it thought Tsumi would go; if she were to go into it, the pollen would hinder her vision as well as harm her, causing her blindness do to the pollen which would collect around her eyes.

Despair would say to Tsumi "Oh, I forgot to mention.. The Bomb absorbs fire..."

"Oh, thanks..." Tsumi would say as she vanished again, now moving to another side as she hit the ground with both hands. Instantly, two things happened. First, the ground around and under the worm would suddenly sink in -- probably bringing the worm with it -- as also the ground that became soft under the worm would be filled with metal spikes so that the worm would be impaled either way. Now, the second thing that happened was that two porcupines would appear near her, very large, as they were the ninja porcupines that were summoned by her clan. Thus, as the petal monster started to spew pollen everywhere, there were a flurry of quills, five to ten feet long quills were shot in the flower monster's direction. Also, the porcupines would make quills suddenly explode up from the ground, trying to impale the flower monster from below. Now it was Tsumi's turn to get the Bomb. She would continue to move, then appeared in the air, making a Ion Field around her which would block out the pollen -- as more Ion fields appeared around her porcupines, protecting them too. Tsumi would then tap the seals on her hands as two kunai appeared. She then tapped the seals on her wrists and two scrolls appeared. She would tie an end of each scroll on the end of one of the kunai, as I then shot the kunai overhead of the Bomb, as the scrolls then stretched over it. I would then make a seal, as each of the seals on both scrolls exploded sending a large blast of water from each that would douse half the area in water, and probably the Bomb would get hit too. The scrolls would also be wet from this, yet still strong as they were now pretty resistant to flame. This would probably weaken the bomb, but Tsumi wasn't sure at the same time, as she then waited to see what happened when the water jets hit it.

As the water would weaken the Bomb severely, the worm would -- before being impaled -- release fire from its mouth on the Bomb, making a huge explosion; the Bomb absorbed the fire to become larger once more. The Bomb, now restored to the size it was before it was hit by water, would 'Grow' once more, now twice the size as it was before. Now it was so large that if it flew into the sky a little bit, it would cause an eclipse on the entire area. The plantoid would create wind, making a huge gust of wind flow from around itself so that it could push away all of the quills, then flew up alongside the Bomb. The Bomb would stare at Tsumi with malice, shooting its body down in a terribly high speed and high power, using its Charge ability. Naturally, it would incinerate everything in its way. It was so large and powerful now that it would do the damage of a Meteor, plus the fiery wave afterward... Perhaps the charge straight into the ground would be jarring enough for the Bomb to blow up... unless Tsumi did something about it.

Tsumi would watch as the Bomb started its attack run, already moving to block it. She would summon up five more kunai and five more scrolls as she whipped them across the field like before in a crisscross formation, then made a single seal. Instantly, from all the seals, from all the scrolls poured large amounts of water, and as they did, she would seal, creating a crater in the earth right where the Bomb was aimed as the water filled it up. The Bomb would be too close to redirect its path by now, that it would have no choice but to land in the body of water that she created. Tsumi would then be then pulled underground out of the way by the burrowing porcupines, then appeared further away just incase. As she was pulled, she would make another seal, as the heat from the Bomb would have already made quite a large area of clouds over head. Using the lightning already in them, Tsumi would cause a large collaboration of lightning bolts to fall on the already high up flower monster, who was just about point blank to the blast. As the Bomb would then fall into the water, Tsumi would cause earth to seal over the top, which would then seal the Bomb into the water, which would then cause it to steadily decrease in size and probably die a non-explosive death if she was lucky.

Tsumi was correct; the Bomb was too large and moving too fast to redirect its course or to even stop, so... In retrospect... The Bomb would fall into the water and fizzle out, becoming nothingness. At the same time, the plantoid would be zapped by all of the lightning. Since it was a sort of weak monster in general with not that many abilities or quips, it would basically just be zapped out of the sky.

As the monsters were all felled, Despair stood, clapping her hands "Oh my, dreadfully wonderful... I'm unhappily grateful to inform you that... You have indeed ranked up to a new level!... From henceforth, you shall be one of our miserably Special Jounin~! My, it would have been better if you hadn't given the bomb so much power beforehand... Probably gotten to Jounin, but... That does not matter at the moment! Congratulations..."

Tsumi would bow as she appeared near Despair. "Thank you very much... I have another request then... Would it be allowed to I joined this village? Since you have given me my ranking, I thought that I should become one of your shinobi....."

Despair chuckled gloomily. "Of course... The more, the merrier...! If you wish, I will directly train you... Though, I shan't be letting Khrona or Misery, my partners, interfere with my personal training... Teeheehee."

"Ok, I wouldn't mind being trained by you..." Tsumi would say, smiling as she waited for Despair to lead on.

Despair would wrap Tsumi in her cloak. "... Oh, but if you are going to be trained by me... You need to know the abilities of Soul Energy and Soul Wavelength... Thus, you will need to be going to the college..." Despair would then warp them both to Shinigami's college by engulfing them both completely in the dress.

"Ok..." Tsumi would allow herself to be transported off as she waited to see what Despair had in store for her.

Despair would warp in along with Tsumi into Shinigami-sama's office. "Shinigami-sama...? I have a new student for you to evaluate... Must I call you directly...?" Despair would move up to the portal and call into it. The portal began to ring like a phone.

Tsumi would walk around, looking at stuff as she watched Despair us a portal as a kind of communication device. "Who's Shinigami...?" Tsumi would ask, wondering who Despair was trying to get a hold of.

Shinigami's image would slither through the portal "Hi~. WHAT'S UP~?!?" Shinigami's large claws would pop out and wave at Despair and Tsumi "Despair-chan! Who have you brought here for me today, hmmm? I assume it is a new student looking for a weapon, eh?"

Tsumi would watch as she saw the image of the person... Or thing... appear. She would then bow in respect. "Shinigami Sensei... I'm Tsumi Kento..." she would say as she straightened and stood, waiting for whatever came next.

Shinigami would pat her on the head. "Awww, Tsumi-chan, hmmm~? You want a partner, right?" Shinigami wanted to get right to the point of this, since there were so many new students coming in as of late.

"Yes, please..." Tsumi would say politely as she folded her hands in front of her, waiting patiently.

Shinigami would cock his skeletal head to the side "Is there a specific sort of weapon that you think you'd work best with, Tsumi?"

"Well..." Tsumi would think for a moment, before answering, "I'm good with swords... Well, with most weapons... But best with swords... However, I think I would like to have a whip, too... So maybe a whip-sword...?" she would ask, wondering if this Shinigami had such a thing.

Shinigami cocked his head to the other side. "Hrrrm... A sword whip, hmmm...? I think I have something. It's a nice boy for you, too!" A giant door would appear and open up, seeming to lead to many places. A guy would start to walk out of the door, standing in front of Tsumi and nodding to her.

"Hey there..." the guy would say, his hands in his pockets, as he stood there watching Tsumi. "That's my weapon...?" Tsumi's eyes widened, suddenly realizing that Soul Weapons took on human form too. She continued to stare at him, as hers walked over to her.

"Wanna try me out...?" said the boy. Tsumi would continue to stare at him, then nodded. He would suddenly transform; a long green bladed sword fell into Tsumi's hands. As she whipped it around, the blade would split into sections and become like a whip. "Oh... This is nice..." Tsumi would say as she then made the blade sections form back together again. He partner transformed back into his human self. She would take her attention away from her partner as she forced herself to look at Shinigami. "Thank you, Shinigami-sensei... Is there anything... Special I should know about... Ah, him...?"

Shinigami chuckled a bit. "Well! How about you two try each other out, hmmm? You should go out and collect a soul for me."

"Ah... Ok... But where should we go...?" Tsumi would ask, her partner nodding, placing his arm around her shoulders, ready to walk her out of the place towards wherever they were supposed to go.

Shinigami cocked his head to the side, pondering. "Hrrrrmmm... I guess I'd have to give you an easy mission, wouldn't I...? Hummm... I know. I need you to collect three souls for me; The soul of an Ahriman, the soul of a Skeleton, and the soul of a Vice. You can find the Ahriman in the Darkness Lands, the Skeleton in the Graveyard and the Vice in the Land of Eternal Rain. Is that clear?"

Tsumi would bow with some difficulty, since her partner still had his arm around her. "Yes, Sensei... I shall be back with them shortly... I hope..." Tsumi would smile, then vanished with her partner, moving at blurring speeds.

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PostSubject: Re: Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei   Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei EmptyThu Mar 05, 2020 4:37 am

Sixth Night; Master Judge...

After messing around a bit and the Reality and the Deep finally coming together physically, the Dusk would be complete. The very moment the Dusk was complete, however, Khrona was already being exposed to the power of the Other Realm that happened to slip itself into theirs during their vulnerability... Through the methods of a very special and powerful Grimoire; one that harbored the entirety of that alternate dimension in all of the pages bound by its power.

Khrona, thumbing through this Grand Grimoire, as the Chomao insisted that he call it, came across something most interesting about the classes... He would turn to the sleeping Chomao beside him "... Judgemaster?"

Chomao would somehow hear this, his ears perking up and straightening. He rubbed his constantly closed eyes. "Wha-what?... Judge... Master...?" He shook his head, coming to a realization of what Khrona had just said "OH! Judgemaster! Yes, indeed! We need one of those here, don't we?"

Khrona nodded. "Yes, yes... Tell me about this 'Judgemaster,' if you will..."

Chomao jumped up on the desk, clearing his throat. "AHEHEHEM! WELL. YOU SEE. The Judgemaster is the controller of Laws and of Judges, having basically all power in the Homeworld. That is, other than the royalty. Basically, the royalty has almighty voice while Judgemaster has almighty power. The Judges go out and enforce the Law that is created by the Judgemaster and by the Judges themselves to be upheld and followed, that is... If people agree to the Oath of the Judges. Otherwise, their law is null, however the Judges bestow privileges to those who follow their order, the best ability being the ability not to die if the Judge wills it, and is around, that is. Otherwise, the Judges can basically strip anyone of their power and then render them useless under the power of the Judge. As such, Judges are everywhere. The Judgemaster may nullify all laws and deems who are the Judges and who are not, and there is usually only one..."

Khrona interrupted. "Alright, so, I can be the Judgemaster, right?"

Chomao coughed. "... Uh... I guess you can. All you have to do is harness the powerful energy of the Judgemaster and... There you have it. You will be the one and only, able to grant a fraction power to people to become Judges."

Khrona pondered. "... But what about my new fellow leader? I wouldn't want her not to be a Judgemaster while I am... I wish for us to have equal power, ya know?"

Chomao sighed, placing a paw on his face. "... Well... I do believe that a Judgemaster can bestow ANOTHER person with Judgemaster powers... Though, it's highly unorthodox..."

Khrona quickly placed his hand on the book. "And what do I say now? Or does it just... Happen?"

Chomao held the book as well. "... Just let the Judgemaster's power flow into you."

Khrona would concentrate, feeling a horrendous energy far greater than that he had EVER seen before flow into his body... Just then, Khrona's body would be engulfed in blackness of what seemed to be a loooong coat made of unknown, pitch black energies that fluttered and flowed into an abyss behind him, though looking quite formal on him. His collar would become puffy like that of a noble, a sword-cane umbrella would appear in his hand, and for finishers... A top hat.

Khrona: "Woah.. What is this...? Especially this... Sword Cane Umbrella thing..."

Chomao coughed. "This is what you look like as a Judgemaster. That is your Judgemaster sword, the most powerful of all Judge Swords. Your cloak, I assume is made out of some sort of antimatter provided by the Grimoire... I assume you can figure it out on your own... And I think the top hat is for style."

Khrona smirked. "... Khrona, the Judgemaster, eh...? Heh... Heh heh heh.. Thank you, Chomao. I'll be on my way now. I will call if I need any assistance..."

Chomao nodded. "Well, if you need to know more about the Judge abilities, go look at the list!"

Khrona nodded, then inquired some more. "... Hey. Can I have another job?"

Chomao would nod, once again. "Yes. To my knowledge, you may have a maximum of three, not including your Judgemaster status. Care to look through the book?"

Khrona nodded. "Hm. First, I'll be needing something involving a sword..." Khrona would look through at an accelerated rate, stopping on a page. "Ravager. Now, for something mystical..." Khrona would turn a few more pages "... Summoner. And lastly, something random..." Khrona would look around, smirking at the last one "... Puppetmaster." He already had good plans for that one.

The Chomao would shrug "Hell, why not?"

Khrona would touch the book, letting the powers of the Puppetmaster, the Summoner, and the Raptor surge through his body intensely. With a flash of light and a gleam from his eyes, he let his judge cloak shroud him. "Thank you, Chomao... Now, I'll be off..." He warped off.

Chomao shrugged once more, closing the book and going to sleep.

Khrona was the officially first person to accept a Class Change -- and with it, becoming the Facilitator of the Class Changes -- and be the new Judgemaster of the Dusk the very moment it was conceived. He made the rules, the laws and established the reality, thanks to the efforts of the Grand Grimoire that he had possession over, which was also one with their reality. Thus, when word got out that people could start acquiring and changing classes after Khrona tested it out, of course, they would begin to flood his doorstep... Starting with his own brother.

Khrona's brother knocked on the door to Khrona's new office. It had been sometime since he had seen Khrona and he wanted to say hi... And talk about the new things happening around the village.

Khrona's door would open, and to his surprise (not really), he would see his brother. "BROTHER, OLD BUDDY. It's been a while. Whatcha want? Even though I already know... Cough."

"Ello Khrona. Just thought I'd stop by, you know, to see how you're doing... Get a job change, ya know?" Khrona's brother said as he passed through the doorway and over to Khrona's desk.

Khrona snickered. "Ah, yes. Haven't heard much of the jobs from that Chomao, but it seems as though he can take care of such things." Khrona would whip out that Chomao summoner, blow into it and the Chomao would crash through the window and do a barrel roll, opening the book.

Chomao: "I am needed!?!?"

Khrona: "Yeah, you remember my brother, don'tcha? Well, seems he wishes to change his 'job.' Ya know?"

Chomao: "That's easy. Which job do you wish to become?"

Khrona's Brother: "I don't know how this really works... I guess I'm a Mage right...? I need to become more physical, so I'll pick being a Soldier."

Chomao: "Soldier, eh? Well, that's pretty good then! Alright, let's get started!"

Chomao would hold up the overly large grimoire, turning some pages. In a few moments, the pages would begin to glow quite brightly as a huge, powerful energy would shoot out of it, the light engulfing Khrona's brother completely. A few moments later, the lights would cease and the class of Soldier would be bestowed upon him. "... Now you're done! If you wish to learn the Arts of War like a Soldier, look at the list that we have of the Soldier's abilities!" Chomao would close the grimoire and flap his tiny wings, floating in the air. "Any questions?"

Khrona's brother's attire was completely different now. He had a small jacket with a hood, his clothing a tan color, his body crackling with powers. Khrona's brother's sight was blurry and he could barely see anything. Before freaking out thinking that Chomao had messed something up, Khrona's brother took off his glass. His sight was as clear as day. He smiled, crushing his glasses in his grip. "I could get used to this..." He turned back to Khrona and Chomao with his book activating his dojutsu. "There's no need, Chomao... I've learned all I needed." Khrona's brother smiled, turning his back to the two and made his way for the door, chuckling on his way out. "I'm off to do some training. Catch ya later Khrona and Chomao." Just as he made his way passed the doorway, he would vanish.

With the formation of the Dusk, there was a change in leadership based on fairness and the peace between the two villages. One representative Leader from the Reality would remain in office whilst another from the Deep would be placed as the co-leader, and all other former leaders would be relieved of their duties. After a heated debate, it would be found to be absolutely best that Khrona remain as one of the leaders and an android -- who took the place for the Queen of Roses -- to replace the former leader partner that had resigned; Khrona's brother. The former leaders of the Deep -- the male and female alike -- as well as Khrona's brother would thus be alleviated of their leadership duties and the relations between the two villages would be left up to Khrona and the android, the new Leaders of the Dusk. However, with Khrona's... 'Condition,' it proved to be far more difficult to get adjusted to a new face than it was to merge the two villages together, surprisingly...

Khrona would warp outside of his new partner's office, feeling a bit out of place to have a new... Leader. He had been partners with his brother for so long that having a new partner was like him starting all over... Reverting back to his shell. He lowered his head, grabbed an arm, then knocked on the door shyly, thinking, 'My fear... It's coming back...'

The door cracked open and the android's eye was revealed through the door. She caught a glimpse of Khrona, and spoke, "Khrona is your name, was it not?" She opened the door the rest of the way and walked by her desk. She bowed to acknowledge his presence, looking back up at him. She was cool and levelheaded as usual. "Did you wish to see me?"

Khrona averted his gaze from her, looking at the floor, but not even at her feet. "Yes... I... I... Just needed to...." His head began to twitch slightly as he backed out of the office "... Nothing..." His body turned extremely slowly, then he began to walk away...

"Wait, Khrona!" she cried outwardly, "What is it? Do you wish to become acquainted with me? I wouldn't hurt you."

Suddenly, several sword, scythe and razor blades would shoot from Khrona's body, filling the entire hallway. Misery and Despair's upper torsos were jutting out of his back, Misery glaring at the android while Despair simply did not look at her. Khrona stopped for a moment. "... Don't... Come Near... I'm sorry... It is nothing..." Khrona froze there, head twitching still.

The android noticed a head come from Khrona and it looked right at her. She then realized why Khrona may not want to associate with her. All the things he had were supernatural, and she had weapons of an exorcist. It became obvious as to why he would be frightened. "I see. I apologize. It seems we naturally conflict."

Khrona could hear her thoughts, knowing that she had it all wrong... If only she could read his mind... "... But... I wish..." Misery and Despair would stare at Khrona with a questioned expression on their faces. Khrona would lower his head. "... I'm scared..." He looked to Misery, then to Despair, and then they both looked back at the android.

Misery: "Look, lady. It's not your fault. You're new. Khrona doesn't warm up so easily to newbies. If you hadn't noticed, he's a little bit insane. Heh heh heh..."

Despair: "Yes, quite... We are his weapons... As our dreadfully wonderful lives go on, we all love each other more... We are connected in more ways than just our weapon and handler way... I'm afraid that you, on the other hand..."

Misery: "... You make his insanity come back. You make him scared. You make his soul unstable. Someone new in his village of equal power to him that he's never met or knows nothing about? HA. Laughable that you'd even consider making friends with us~!"

Despair: "... What Misery means to say is... We don't exit this village much... We've known everyone ever since the merging of the major villages... Khrona has warmed up to them all... But since you're new..."

Misery: "... Heh. Since you're new..."

"...Khrona's not used to me." Feeling something bypass her mental telepathic barriers, the android knew Khrona was in her thoughts. "I see," she answered. However, she began to think something else from what she said, knowing Khrona was going to hear it. "Your fear is natural. It's common for people to fear what isn't natural to their everyday lives. I can think of much to say, but I will say this: I hope to someday work my way to becoming an acquaintance of yours. I don't have friends, so I wouldn't think of forcing myself unto you." After standing silently for a few seconds, the android turned around and went back into her office.-

Khrona's eyes would dart in several different directions, hearing the android's thoughts... "... I don't... know..."

Misery: "... Heh. Do we kill her?"

Khrona started walking abruptly. "... No..." was all he said before he shrouded himself in his coat, warping elsewhere...

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PostSubject: Re: Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei   Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei EmptyThu Mar 05, 2020 4:58 am

Seventh Night; PROPHET!! REPORT~!

After the rather rough relations between Khrona and his new android partner, Khrona needed a way to keep his cool and continue about his business. He knew that it would be an issue for the new Dusk if the two leaders couldn't come together, and he knew it was his fault that they weren't. It weighed heavily on him because of how he felt about the village he loved so much... But for some reason, something about the android made him feel distant, afraid, and crazed. As of now, the two of them would simply have to run the village separately until he could get over his craze, which made him feel bad. Fortunately for him, his fun loving mascot of Team Psychotic was going to help him feel a whole lot better!

Khrona stood impatiently, awaiting the Prophet for his next assignment, since he knew that the Prophe had already accomplished his first task quite easily... 'Heheheheh. It was funny~!'

The Prophet would instantly teleport near Khrona, bowing slightly as the demon within him had lead him towards where Khrona was. The demon was really getting hungry from all that chakra. "Hello, Khrona-sama! What's up?"

Khrona violently pointed -- yes, violently pointed -- at the Prophet, screaming, "IT IS TIME FOR YOUR NEXT TEST, YOU WHELP!!!!! You have passed the 'Piss off my brother' initiation, and now it's time for teeest twooo~! YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT IT IS!?" He gave a grim smile, Misery and Despair's eyes gleaming in the darkness; Misery's looking demonic and Despair's looking depressing...

Prophet: "Ah... Sure...?"

Demon: "Oh boy... Here we go again..."

Khrona cackled insanely, walking unnaturally slowly closer to the Prophet. "For this next test... You will be taking advantage of fighting some of the new threats in our village now that we have been merged by this... Grand Grimoire dealy, or whatever they wanna call it. The monsters seem to be taking quite the liking to our environment... So yeah, you're gonna have to get some off of the Bridge. Yeeeaaah, I don't like them being so close to the inside of the village... I mean, I could go whoop their asses myself, but I figured it would be good for YOU to fight them~! There are three in all. Besides, you wanna collect souls, don't you~?" Khrona then remembered that the Prophet had no Soul Partner. "... Well. Nevermind. Just go kill them, okay? Then you'll have only two more tests~! Yaaaay~!"

"Um, Where will we find this Bridge...?" the Prophet asked. The demon asked, "And what kind of monsters will there be?" The two questions would ring out as they waited for Khrona to answer.

Khrona cackled loudly. "THE BRIDGE... It is right in the center of town, leading to the sky~! THE MONSTERS THERE!?... Oh, I dunno~! You'll just have to find out.. Won'tcha~?" Khrona snickered to himself.

The Prophet would roll his eyes as he bowed. "Alright, I'll be back once I'm done..." The demon interjected, "If we ever get done..." the Prophet would nod as he then vanished, instantly teleporting to the Bridge in the center of town, finding it with his mind first, so that he knew where he was going.

~Time Skip~

Some time later, the Prophet would instantly teleport in, looking around for Khrona, while the demon yelled annoyingly, " Weee're Baaaaack!"

Khrona would be playing with his lip, seeming rather bored. "Eh? You beat the Armstrong? So fast? Hm. You may be good enough for my team, then. Alright, well, the next test..." Khrona would tip his hat upward, "... Is very simple. You just need to choose a job. Here, Chomao will even be here with the book." Khrona would summon Chomao, having him shoot straight through the ceiling with a rather large book.

Chomao: "Someone's here to change jobs, I assume?"

Khrona: "Yep! Prophet, take your pick..."

"AH..." he cried, "I'll take..." The demon interjected, "Black Mage..." he would say, interrupting the Prophet. "But... AhgsbDopbos..." A large green hand of the demon's chakra would grab the Prophet's mouth, not allowing him to speak. "That's rent for making all the other decisions..." They would then wait to see what Khrona had in store for them.

Khrona's eyebrow quirked. "Oh? Black Mage? Good choice... Well. That's all good with me. Chomao, let him have it."

Chomao would salute. "Roger!" The book would begin to glow, shining on the Prophet, enveloping him in nothing but the pure manna of the book. "Naturally, if you want to change your appearance, you can." The manna would surge through his body before the light omitting from it would cease, as did the one from the book. "There. Black Mage, complete!"

The Prophet would feel the manna surge through him as he looked around. "Well, I feel better... And what can I do now?"

Khrona laughed. "NOTHING. YOU CAN DO ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, SHIT NOTHING." Khrona would tap his fingers on his desk, "... Yet. Until you complete the number of battles to actually LEARN how to use said abilities. Black Mages usually use the elements for their attacks, such as fire, water, wind and earth... And so on. You have experienced the Black Magic already when fighting Armstrong... A level two spell. Regardless, you would need a few battles to learn it. And what better way to learn than to SEND YOU ON YOUR ALMOST-FINAL-TEST?" Khrona began to clap for some random reason.

The Prophet would raise his eyebrow as the demon let out a yawning sound. "Why, thank you?" The demon said, "And you thought I was crazy." The Prophet would nod as he then waited for Khrona to give him specifics on what he was going to do.

Khrona snickered. "Alright. Because I want you to learn a lot, -- since it takes QUITE a bit of battles to learn all of the Black Mage abilities -- you're gonna go on a killing montage. Come back with no less than twenty kills, invading the Realm of Eternal Rain for your enemies... Kay? I will be accompanying you for... Personal reasons..." Khrona gave a demonic smirk. "... Shall we be off?"

"Sure..." the Prophet would say. "Not that we have a choice..." the demon added. The Prophet would shake his head as a portal appeared. He walked through it towards the location directed and left the portal open for Khrona -- more just to be polite, since the Prophet sure he could get there by his own means.

Khrona laughed. "Oooh, why thank yoooou~!" Khrona would exit through the portal as well, since he didn't want the Prophet's efforts to be wasted.

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PostSubject: Re: Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei   Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei EmptyThu Mar 05, 2020 6:05 am

Eighth Night; The Mafia

Khrona was in a good mood, feeling spirited and wanting to play a bit. He would momentarily leave his office and let his Chomao take charge over things whilst he went out to play a little bit, being attracted to a very powerful opponent that would soon become a very great and influential, though very mysterious ally...

A man in a suit sits on a park bench, smoking while awaiting an opponent.

Khrona would appear, his top hat tipped downward in the same direction a large clump of his hair was over one of his eyes. His visible eye would be staring insanely at the suited man, a sinister smirk slithering across his face. "... Hi there..."

After blowing an obscene amount of smoke out of Khrona's direction, the man would reply while putting out his cig, "Ciao. I am the Mafia boss. Would you like to battle?" he would say as he extended his hand for a shake.

Khrona snickered, taking a strand of his hair and flinging it into the smoke, then cut off his own hand and fling it at the hand of the mob boss, then reform his own hand. "Misery. Despair." In his hand, two weapons would appear, his SwordScythe Misery and his explosive razor Despair, and finally, his sword-cane umbrella would hover behind him. "Right then. Let's get started, shall we?" Khrona began to walk backwards a bit slowly...

"Sounds very good," the Mafia boss said. He thought, 'Regenerative abilities... I should be very cautious. He's not normal.' In a flash, his two sky pistols appeared in his hands and he was coated in sky flames as well. With one, he shot into the sky, causing it to rain storm flame shots in the immediate area, and the other, shot storm flame shots directly at Khrona while pouring rain flame into the ground in a wide array to cover the battlefield.

Khrona, using his Hyper Perception, would swiftly bend and mesh his own body out of the way in erratic fashions, which seem to give the illusion that he had no bones. "Hmmm... Seems like something is up with those flames..." As the rain started to come down, Khrona would open up his sword cane umbrella and use a great number of his psychic energies to change it into a rip in space, thus letting the raining flame thing fall into some arbitrary spacial hole. "Tut tut, looks like rain..." As the shots stopped, Khrona's umbrella would close and he would quickly spread his wings, lightly flap them, thus shooting him high into the sky and leaving a massive crater where he once was, getting out of range of that flame coming from the ground. "Well. This will be a grand old battle, won't it?" Khrona would start to focus on his soul, allowing it to expand farther than its natural thirty foot radius, thus meaning it was increasing and going to full power slowly... "Yo, Misery, Despair... I think it's our turn now. Let's give him a taste of insanity, shall we?" Their faces shone in their weapon forms, as Khrona had a certain glint in his eye. The hair he had thrown earlier had merged with the smoke earlier, thus meaning a part of Khrona had become gas, thus meaning it could move through the air and merge with the air at will... Thus also meaning, Khrona was technically IN the air, since he can precisely control his DNA, molecules, atoms, and cells to do anything he wishes... In a gentle breeze of air from behind the mob boss, there would be sharp, literal blades of wind coming made of Khrona's absent DNA. Khrona snickered. "Let the wind do the work... Until it's time for me to do the trick..."

After noticing the way Khrona dodged the mafia boss' attacks, his cosmic awareness would kick in and he would instinctively dodge the wind blades, while remaining on the ground to add cloud flames into the rain flames already stored throughout the ground. THE VOID would also join this mix, making the ground black with slightly pulsating shines of blue and purple. Using dojutsu fusion to utilize Khrona's brother's dojutsu with his own, the mob boss would learn everything about Khrona and his moves and capabilities. "This should suffice..." He would then clap his hands as to make hundreds of thousands of earthquakes happen in the air. These 'airquakes' would happen all at different but seemingly simultaneous times, each airquake releasing the dangerously destructive storm flame out a radius of ten kilometers from the point of impact from each airquake, destroying the all strands of Khrona's air DNA and making survival close to impossible for the real Khrona.

Khrona scoffed, swinging his Judgemaster Sword, A.K.A., his sword-cane-umbrella. Being able to defy all laws as well as drain whatever it can and lower the effects and powers of whatever came its way, Khrona figured that he could swing the Judgemaster Sword and nullify these abilities with these abilities all on his own. Naturally, if it didn't work, Khrona could always just warp further away. "Tsk, tsk... I'm gonna have to clean up that mess, huh?" Khrona would raise his hand. "... Alexandros... Come forth..." That being said, an IMMENSE mechanical monster -- so immense that the entire area was basically eclipsed by him just by his standing -- would appear behind Khrona, spreading its astronomical angelic wings, thus furthering the ecliptic effects.

Khrona laughed. "I wanted an excuse to use my new abilities~! I guess fighting gives me that excuse, hm~? Alexandros, give your holy Judgment..." The wings would close, encasing the entire village, however all of the feathers were aimed for this one specific area. In an instant, he would be lighting up the area with nothing but Ultima blasts; the most powerful manna attack there is, supposedly. Hopefully some would hit the mafia boss. Khrona would look at Alexandros, hatching an idea...

While Khrona was swinging around his sword cane umbrella thingy the storm flame whose effects were instant would have already begun to deteriorate Khrona's physical structure and any energy he was emitting, so while the judgemaster abilities would have stopped the airquakes, the residual effects of the storm flame that was still in the sky would start to completely destroy him. The second Alexandros appeared and started to use Judgment, the mafia boss would fall into THE VOID and so would everything else in the battlefield become encompassed by it, but since Alexandros is ginormous, the Judgment attack would still go through, only to be completely absorbed by the cloud flames the mafia boss mixed into THE VOID, which would propagate and swallow everything -- Alexandros and Khrona all in one fell swoop. "And to top it off!" The rain flame which was mixed inside of THE VOID shines and shoots from every direction throughout the endless space all focusing on Khrona and Alexandros, leaving no room to breathe, let alone escape; if hit, Khrona and Alexandros would be powerless beyond measure. But as a safety precaution, the mob boss would activate someone else's dojutsu, which would slow reaction time to the equivalent of a mental patient.

To hopefully avoid the Storm Flame taking its full effect, Khrona would expel his own soul from his body, thus making Khrona nothing but a mere soul, however still with all of his own abilities. Since Khrona can basically make anything his body via his DNA abilities, it wasn't a very big deal for him to switch. Naturally, the first thing he would go into would be Alexandros. And because of Khrona's mind, which could move to any processing speed at any time, plus the Insanity Static always moving throughout it which nullified any effects that happened to his mind, the dojutsu wouldn't work... Khrona, in Alexandros' body would have to use... the Nullification Card! It was a Judge's own special card that nullified anything and everything that came their way, though it was USUALLY only to get rid of the Anti-Judge ability. The card would appear, nullifying the rain flame and hopefully THE VOID, but it was kinda... Difficult... To understand what would happen if THE VOID was gone. If all else failed, Khrona could just alter space, time and reality with his mind, thus changing the reality of the situation to whatever he felt necessary. A very seldom used ability, but useful all the same! Naturally, it would only work for him and his specific area, so if he were to change reality to his will, it would become Khrona's own reality in that specific spot, meaning only Khrona's word would be law, since if it's specifically his own reality; that meant that it was his own rules...

Naturally since whatever the flames come into contact with, their effect immediately happens to the target, it meant that even though Khrona switched to a soul body, he would still be destroyed by the storm flame, before he could go into Alexandros... After this happened the rain flame would attack Alexandros, making him too weak to defend on his own, which would allow the cloud flame powered VOID to completely absorb him -- of course, any anti-absorption ability or other third party effects would be canceled by THE VOID's different energies. "Wow if this is how all of my fights are going to be then I better become more prepared next time."

As a final whim, Khrona would... Use the almighty Rejection of Despair to try to reject, nullify and erase everything. 'I dunno, I'm kinda getting lazy when I'm put into a corner like that. Get too lazy to think, ya know?'

Seeing how the storm flames are very pure in make up, they would completely destroy the Rejection soul upon impact, although the flames would have destroyed Khrona before he could even use it, anyway.

Khrona: "... Um... You bastard?"

Since the fight was over and done, the mob boss would reconstruct Khrona's entire being in an instant... Seeing how he had perfect knowledge of him, this was a simple matter. "Hey, you were amazing... I'd love to have you in my family." The mafia boss would walk toward Khrona and extend his hand for another handshake, this time to promote friendship.

Khrona knew that the mob boss knew that Khrona knew of him knowing about Khrona, so Khrona knew what Khrona had to do... Such was the power of Khrona's own brain, so Khrona needed information for himself. He would shake the boss' hand. "Family? Whassat?" Khrona was trying to absorb knowledge from the mafia boss after this...

Knowing about Khrona's abilities, the mob boss would simply create mental blocks on everything that wasn't related to the mafia and his family and whatnot, and let Khrona know all info about rings and the Mafia. "So how does it sound?"

Khrona poked out his cheeks. "... S'awright. Let's do it then."

"Good..." the mob boss would say, reaching into his pocket and pulling out both an 'S' Class ring along with a black box to match. He then handed it to Khrona and smiled. "See ya..." he'd say, warping off elsewhere to handle business.

Meanwhile, whilst Khrona was out engaging with the mob boss, acquiring the 'S' Class Mafia Ring and becoming part of the Mafia's Family, Chomao, would be handling business about the new dimension in Khrona's absence...

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Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei   Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei EmptyThu Mar 05, 2020 9:07 am

Ninth Night; Official Duties

With the new Class system granted from the Other Dimension going over so well, Khrona was swamped with work and was basically stuck in his office all day for a while filled with requests to give and/or change classes. It started off slow with his brother, but once word got out, everybody and their mothers were ready to see Khrona; the only person who would call upon power from this Other Dimension and bestow it upon them through the Compendium Storybook that he had at his disposal, harboring that entire dimension within its confines. Sometimes, it was tough being Exclusive... Regardless, Khrona finally made his way back to his office, this time, with his brother, yet again.

Khrona would uncover his brother, letting him into his office. "Right, now... Let's see about Chomao..."

Chomao was sleeping on the floor, using the Grand Grimoire as a pillow. "... Don't touch me... I kill you... ... I know all there is to know about all abiliti--"

Khrona would give Chomao a swift kick to the ass "Wake up~!!"

Chomao would bounce around the office a bit, screaming. Finally, he would land on the desk, holding the book. "... You bitch," he would say to Khrona, then look to his brother. "... Look who's back!"

"Y-ya... Hi Chomao." Khrona's brother grinned sheepishly.

Chomao opened the book. "... Anything you want outta this, or... what? Khrona keeps waking me up and I SWEAR, ONE MORE TIME. YOU HAVE ONE MORE TIME, KHRONA." He would point cutely at Khrona.

Khrona nodded, knowing the powers of a Chomao... "Right then, Chomao." Khrona snickered to himself, however... 'He's so squishy and fluffy~!'

Khrona's Brother: "Ok, I've made up my mind... Chomao, make me a Monk please~!"

Chomao would nod his head. "Your wish is my command..." Again, a bright light would shine from the book as well as around Khrona's brother, transferring the power of the Monk into his body, letting the essence flow through his veins. Eventually, the lights would stop and Chomao would close the book. "All done!"

As Khrona's brother came and went about his business, as usual, the next person in the flood would come soon after.

Skipping along the hallway to get to Khrona's office, Hatter hummed to herself. It was an odd tune that seemed broken and off rhythm, not quite sounding like anything, really... Reaching the door, the Mad Hatter's daughter stopped, straightened her jacket, then rapped on the door, her very best grin on her face.

Khrona's door creaks open, revealing Khrona rotating his head upside down in what seemed to be extreme boredom. He didn't seem to notice the Hatter's daughter at all. Drool was slithering down his face...

Hatter tilted her head to the side, almost positive he was one of her illusions. He seemed just like one... Striding boldly forward, she poked his forehead, hopefully stopping the spinning. "HI THERE~!!" she said, grinning.

Khrona's eyes popped open, a random wide, insane smile appearing on his face as he leapt up and shouted back. "HELLO THERE LITTLE GIIIIIRRRRL!!!!!" His head would twitch and turn, rotating back to normal, then finally his eyes would dart about in different directions before focusing on the Hatter's daughter. "What brings you~?"

She jumped back, a tiny bit frightened of how obviously insane her leader was... But quickly got over it, her own grin rivaling even his. "Just came for a viiiiiiisit~!! That... And... Well... I wanted to find out more about the Village in the Dusk... 'Cause, you know, it's all new and stuffs...." Twitch... "So yeah... Mister Leader-Man. Whatcha have to say about your village~?!"

Khrona's eyes dimmed as a devious smirk would slither across his face. "... I have nothing to say, but something to show..." Khrona's wings would expand, destroying his own office and most likely forcing Hatter back a little bit, even with just a gentle stretch. "Now... BEHOLD." The wings would wrap around the area the two resided in, casting images of the old Reality village... Their antagonists... The people... And so on for Hatter to see. "Doesn't it look lovely~?!"

Flipping backwards as he opened his wings, Hatter was slammed into the gust of air mid-flip, being blown back a few feet. Landing dazed and sprawled, Hatter peeked out from under the arm that was shielding her face, crimson eyes flickering as she watched each image. "... Wow..." was all she could say, her left eye twitching slightly. As she caught sight of the android leader and her Innocence weapon, Hatter scrambled to her feet, peering closely at the image. Pointing with a finger to the android's Innocence, she was careful not to touch his wing, itself. "What's that~?" She turned to look at Khrona's face, still pointing as she tilted her head to the side once more, utterly puzzled.

Khrona would turn to the image. "Hmmm~?" At that moment, the android's face would project all across Khrona's 'screen,' giving Khrona the jitters. His pupils became tiny, his face became warped, and his head twitched violently. His eyes began to dart in different directions rapidly, as well as twitch. The images on Khrona's wings became distorted and warped, showing numerous demonic sad faces, which looked similar to his own at the moment. "The android..." was all Khrona said before numerous spikes would jut from every direction from Khrona's wings, shooting about on the inside...

Now Hatter was convinced he was one of her illusions... What else could be so damn weird?? "Gyah!!" Alarmed, she backed up hastily from him and watched Khrona from the corner of his own office. "You have something against this... Android~????"

Khrona's wings would expand to their full length, blowing down the entire office and creating a wind pressure so powerful that it sank the entire building a few feet under the ground "The android is... I'm not... N-n-n-... Never..." Misery and Despair would pat him on the back, Misery saying, "Look, girl. We have some... Er... Problems with our secondary leader. If you like the village, stay here, but if you don't, then be gone." Despair would nod her head wearily, petting Khrona. Khrona would wrap his arms around Misery and Despair "... The android..."

Hatter crouched in her corner, trying not to be TOO strongly effected by the wind pressure. At the appearance of the two odd women, her eye twitched. 'Is one of them... PETTING Mister Leader-Man? Whaaaaaaaaaaat...???' "Er... Uhm... Ah... Yeah, I'll stay apart of this village~" she stuttered, eyes flicking to each of the odd characters. 'I must be going mad again...' "Oh, I'll just... Be going now..." And with that, she ran out the door.

The snake charmer from before would appear in front of Khrona's Office with his soul weapon sitting on his shoulder. He would then knock on the door and wait for it to open. Hisssss "Why are we here again?" asks a snake. "Because I have been hearing about these new things called jobs that will grant use new abilities," the Soul Weapon said.

Khrona's door would open. "Here for a job, eh? Haha. I was eavesdropping on your little chat~!"

Chomao would fly toward the both of them and pull them in. "Just choose from the book!" He would open to the Jobs page and await their decisions.

Both the snake charmer and his weapon would look though the book for a few minutes before the weapon hops off of the snake charmer's shoulder and would walk toward the Chomao. The snake charmer's snake would also look through the book, turning the pages after finishing. "I would like to be a Thief, Ravager, and a Dancer," the weapon partner would say. "What about you? Pick something useful." Hissss. "Beastmaster," said another snake. Hisss. "Assassin," said the first snake. Hissss. "Berserker," said a different snake.

Chomao gasped. "Oooo! What nice combinations!! Alrighty then, let's have at it!" He would hold the book up to them and it would begin to glow with several energies, wrapping around the two who asked for their jobs. The light would embed the energy of these jobs into their bodies for a few moments before it let up, the lights disappearing from them and the book. "Done!"

The energy would engulf the snake charmer and his weapon, and when the energy died down, the snake charmer would be wearing a brand new outfit that had a few new tools on it. He would then lift up his hand and from his sleeves and a wave of snakes would appear from then and would look the snake charmer up and down. Hisss. "This is some power," said the first snake again. The snake charmer would then look over and see that his weapon partner would also have gone under a new transformation, seeming to have grown up a little along with a new outfit, hair style, and color. She would look at her self for a moment before smiling. "I feel amazing, and look it too!!"

Khrona laughed. "Awww, isn't that cuuute~? Well, seems like you two are done here... Unless you have anything else to ask while you are here?"

Weapon: "Well, we where wondering if there were any soul gathering missions out right now?"

Khrona thought. "Eeeeeh... There was somethin' about somethin' goin' on in that Pale Forest, but... I can't really recall what it was... Or how many... Basically, you could be up against anything. You wanna risk it?"

Both the snake charmer and his weapon would stand and think for a moment. He would then tap his partner on the shoulder and give her a light nod, and she would smile and nod back. "We're up for the risk, Khrona-sama," she said.

Khrona's head fell back. "Nyeeeeeeeh. Okay then. Whatever it might be is in the Pale Forest, so go on and get to it."

Both the snake charmer and his weapon partner would bow before they would turn and walk out, heading toward the Pale Forest.

Some time had passed, but not too much; well within an hour or two, before Khrona's very own daughter came to see him at work.

Chroma would open the door to her father's office, yawning impatiently. "... I've been asleep for a LONG ass time.. And all this SHIT happens?"


Chroma: "Well... I wasn't asleep that long. Don't really know how long I've been asleep, but... Regardless... I WANNA KNOW WHAT THIS JOB SHIT IS. FATHER!!!"

Khrona would laugh a little bit. "Aaaah, my sweet daughter, come for a job, huh~? Figured that you would. Well, pick the job that you want, then, from the Grand Grimoire. Oh, Chomao~!"

Chomao would fly out with the book. "Here you go, Chroma! Look to your heart's content~!"

Chroma took the book. "Hm..."

God of Destruction: "BLACK MAGE!!!"

Goddess of Destruction: "... White Mage..."

God of Destruction: "DARK KNIGHT!!!"

Goddess of Destruction: "... Paladin..."

Chroma: "SHUT THE FUCK UP. Shit. I'll choose mine... You two can choose yours AFTER I'm done... Three a piece, right?"

Chroma would start to look through the book once more "Hm... Okay, I've got it. Morpher, Thief and Spellblade." She would hold up the weapon containing the God of Destruction. "Now, you."

God of Destruction: "FINALLY... Uh... Let's see here... Okay, Black Mage, Arcanist, and Dark Knight. Hell yeah, what a badass combination!"

Chroma would then hold up the Goddess of Destruction. "And you, Goddess~?"

Goddess of Destruction: "White Mage... Dancer... And... Elementalist."

They all would nod their heads in unison, these being their new jobs.

Khrona looked to Chomao, who was looking back at him. Chomao said, "... Err... Alright then... Hold on..." Light would shine from the book, engulfing Chroma and her two weapons, shining brightly and encasing them in the mystical light. After a few minutes, Chroma's light would stop, as would the book. "Whew... That one was a little more hefty than normal... Oh well. You've changed your jobs now," Chomao said.

Khrona would begin to speak before Chroma would, most likely, "And now, my dear daughter, I know you want to gain some abilities, so... I'm sending you out on a mission. Go out and kill twenty monsters... And bring their souls to me. You can still keep them, I just need to inspect them a little before you do... Ya know?" Khrona smirked.

Chroma scoffed. "Twenty monsters? Oh, Father. What do you take me for? Easy as pie! I'll be back soon! And after that, YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO TRAIN ME." Chroma would run out of the door, going off... Somewhere to find some monsters to fight.

Khrona sighed. "... That can only be my daughter. Hahaha. I'll train her well when she gets back... Heh. And I'll be quite happy when she gets back..."

Chomao laughed. "Letting people do your dirty work for you, oh, Puppetmaster?"

Khrona smirked. "You know it, Chomao! Why go get my hands dirty when I can just go have OTHER people do it for me~?"

Chomao snickered. "Deviant." He put the book on the ground and then returned to sleeping on it.

-- Time Skip --

Chroma would hobble back into her father's office "... Father... I've collected... Way more than twenty souls for you..." She would show him the souls that she had collected, falling to the floor, twitching.

Khrona smiled. "MY DEAR CHILD!!! You are... MAGNIFICENT~! You remind me of myself when I was your ag-- .... Wait... DAMMIT." Khrona would touch each and every one of the souls once, then give them back to Chroma. "Aaaand, now I'm done. Superb, my dear, superb~! Keep up the good work! You're on your way to becoming a Soul Angel~! Heehee~!"

Chroma sighed, slithering off. "You're too cruel, Father..." She began to laugh a bit. "Haha, that's why I love you, though~!" She slithered out of the door. "Oh, but you are damn well teaching me how to use my wings like yours... And some DNA stuffs. Ya know? That's what'll happen the next time we meet..." She inches off.

Khrona laughed. "How I love my dear child. She seems ready for the training of her mind, body and soul. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, and a healthy soul resides in a healthy mind. Hahaha. She's gotten the body down." Khrona snickered, then looked to Chomao. "... Hey. Misery and Despair never got their jobs changed, Chomao."

Chomao gasped "They didn't?! Well, let's change that right now! What Jobs do you wish to have, you two?"

Misery: "HA. Thought you'd never ask. Dark Knight, Warrior and Black Mage."

Despair: "Hm... That is difficult... Um... Perhaps... Sage, Machinist and... Geomancer!"

Chomao nodded, opening the book and allowing the mystical light to encase them for a few moments, and after they were engulfed for that time, the light would fade and they would have their new abilities, not changing in their appearance. "Done!"

Misery and Despair felt the powers surging through them, feeling quite good about themselves. Khrona laughed, calling them closer. "Weeeeell, looks like we're all set! Thanks, Chomao, for all of your help and support!"

Chomao: "No problem, Khrona! You should go battle so that you can learn more stuff!"

Khrona nodded, but instead began to lean back in his chair. "Battles will come to me. Heh."

Working through the rush of people seeking jobs, classes and missions, eventually, Khrona got a rare sort of request from a Drifter seeking information on the village. It wasn't everyday that they got people seeking to become members, so it was a... Delightful way to ease the stressful work day.

A man in a silver cloak with a dragon symbol on his back knocked on the door. "Hello?"

Khrona's door would open and the man would be forced into the office, only to be stared at devilishly by Khrona, Misery and Despair. "WELL HELLO THERE!! What brings ya?"

The man gets forced into the office."What the--" Mid sentence, the man looked up and saw all eyes on him. "Greetings Khrona. I am Terry. I am a Drifter as you can see. I seem to have drifted into your village. I was wondering if you could tell me about your village a bit."

Khrona stroked his chin. "Drifter, eh? Hmmm... Well, our village is WOOOONDERFUL. From the continuous monsters to hone your abilities, the multitude of random bad guys that seem to LOOOVE to congregate here, the WONDERFUL weapon training college and the supernatural beings, you'll learn to LOVE this place~!" Khrona would stretch his arm to Terry's head, showing him visions of the entire village. "What was once the Deep village is now combined with our village, which used to be the Reality and now is the DUSK VILLAGE."

Terry: "Yea... I am a Drifter. I kinda need someone train me. I was wondering if this village had anyone available to train me so I can hone my skill some more. I am already a Novice from my old village. So I already know the basics of combat but i wish to learn more. Can you train me? Ummm what did you say your name was again?"

"Khrona," he quickly said. "That's my name. Now... Your abilities will be limited unless you are to be joining our village, you know... Since I'm just gonna put you off with Shinigami in the college, heh heh heh... Our village basically focuses more on Soul Energy, the power that comes directly through the soul and is honed by the power of your Soul Partner, a living person or thing that can transform into an indestructible weapon. You see? We can train you... Though, at the current moment, we cannot do much for you, O drifting soul." Khrona tapped his fingers on the desk.

Terry: "A Soul Weapon? My soul only possesses one thing; the power of the silver dragon. But I never used him as a Soul Weapon. I always used him as an attack helper."

Khrona shook his head. "Hahaha. Dear boy, the dragon would not become a weapon... Not unless it undergoes many strenuous things to be transformed into a weapon and gain a physical form... You would be receiving a new 'friend,' if you will... Whom would become your Soul Partner. And you two would have to learn to fight side by side."

Terry: "I don't know. I never really thought about it. Who do you suggest?"

Khrona sighed. "... I don't exactly choose... I mean, I can, but it's usually best for the person to choose their weapon and such. Shinigami usually does this now, since I haven't in a while..."

Terry: "Where can I find Shinigami? I am kinda interested in this Soul Weapon thing.."

Khrona cocked his head. "Just go to the college, son! You can't miss it! It's near the outskirts of town, and its a giant building with a gothic appearance! Shinigami should let you in, kid!"

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Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei   Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei EmptyFri Mar 06, 2020 4:07 am

Tenth Night; Android Meets Khrona Again

It had been a long day for Khrona, dealing with all the people wanting to take part of the brand spanking new things that came from this random Grimoire that appeared out of seemingly nowhere from and as the compilation of an entirely alternate dimension. After a while, Khrona got time to rest from the flood and was now working quietly, as well as relaxing in order to relieve his stress. All was going well... And yet, there was still another exceedingly important and stressful matter he needed to endure before things could go smoothly in the Dusk, and that was... His co-leader.

She walked deep into the Inner City before coming across Khrona's office. She remembered her last visit with him wasn't a pleasant one, and Khrona didn't want to speak to her. However, she had something she wanted to know that she was never aware of before she left the Dusk Tower. She started by giving four well mannered knocks upon Khrona's door, now awaiting a reply.

The door would creak open slowly, and as it did, the office seemed to become darker and darker, until the door was completely open, the office being now completely pitch black... "What do you want...?" said a voice from the darkness.

Unsure of who was answering, the android simply bowed in respect of who answered. "I wish to discuss the numerous negative energies I sense through out the Dusk. Several are mystical, while a few are demonic." She didn't advance into the office, waiting to be potentially invited in.

A single glowing eye would open up out of the pitch black darkness, glaring at the android. There seemed to be a hint of fear and insanity in it. "Yes... B-b... But why would you come to me... About these matters? They've been here forever..." The eye would float around in the darkness, not taking sight off of the android.

She looked at the eye curiously, but the eye appeared in a purple color to her. "Because I knew you were intelligent, and assumed you knew what to do about these things. I'm sorry for not asking earlier, but would these happen to be normal to you? If so, then I won't indulge into these matters."

The eye would expand. "Normal...? Yes... It is... But... You don't need to know about... That... Find it out yourself... I don't... You seem... You scare me..." The eye would narrow, forming into a mouth now -- a sad one, at that. "Why are you so close...? Why are you here...? You want to know about them...?! Maybe you're one of them, huh...? HUH?!?..." The inside of the office began to distort, as the blackness suddenly would shoot out at the android in the form of a hand. "QUIIIIIIIIIIT IIIIIIITTTT!!!!!!"

She stared at the room puzzled, but brought her hand up to the black hand, dispersing the hand.-
"I, am appalled. I understand you dislike me, but to attack an ally and accuse them of being a villain is wretched. I wished we could set aside differences and deal with some of the problems this village holds, but if you wish to act like a new born baby, then I will ask no more of you," she said calmly. It was strange, she spoke with no emotion, but this weird sensation encompassed her. She looked stunned at what she said. "I apologize if I lashed out at you."

The darkness would cease for a brief moment, retracting. "... You... You wish me pain... I don't dislike you... No... Yes... I hate you. I want you dead. Kill kill kill kill die die die die kill kill kill die die kill die..." The darkness would soon fade, revealing Khrona, standing directly in front of her. "... I wish I could like you... But I'm scared of you... You look nice... And you feel disgusting..." Khrona's head would rotate upside down. "Why do you wish me misery...?" That being said, Misery would jut out of his wing, glaring at the android. "... Why do you wish me despair...?" That being said, Despair also jutted out of his other wing, giving a dark, gloomy stare at the android. Tears flowed from Khrona's eyes, however they were blackened tears... They seemed to be his black blood "I don't know... Who you are... Stranger. Danger..."

The android looked at Khrona with a dead glare, raising her hand to rest it on her shoulder. She could feel the intense glare of the beings that arose from Khrona piercing straight through her. "I am an android homonculus. We met before, only you came to me first. You are a very interesting person and I would like to ask you a question." Her hand came back down to her side as she closed her eyes. "When you hate me, how does it feel? I will never understand what you are going through, or feel what you are feeling. But, I want to at least be able to know how you hate me."

Khrona's eye twitched, then rolled to the back of his head. "... Do you want to see...?" He bent his spine backwards, outstretching his chest. With that, it would open itself up with a large and horrifying crack, black blood spewing out everywhere. That being done, a large orb floated out of his chest... It seemed very unstable and uncontrollable, yet at the same time, it seemed to be quite contented at the moment. "... My soul... But when I look at you..." His eyes would shift around for a few moments, then lock onto the android, the soul flaring up and becoming larger and larger, Misery and Despair arcing over even more to wrap their hands around the soul, many spikes jutting from and retracting back into the soul. The energy coming from the soul would wrap around them, twisting and morphing itself, changing its color from Red, Black, Purple and Gray, alternating quite swiftly. "Seeing you... Unsettles my soul... My being... Myself... My insanity... Your presence... I fear it... I fear you... And those that I fear, I must eliminate, so that I will not be afraid anymore..." Khrona's chest would then engulf the soul in a mouth-like fashion, closing itself up with many horrific noises, Khrona's body straightening up. Misery and Despair would finally fall from his wings, landing on their feet.

Misery: "That good enough for ya, girlie? I told ya before, it's nothing personal."

Despair: "We are deeply... Humble... Dreadfully... Morbidly... Tragically sorry that we cannot do anything about this.... Khrona must either warm up to you..."

Misery smirked. "Or destroy you."

"The people here, are indeed interesting," the android would say as her eyes opened. The emotion fear can change one so drastically, more so than she thought. It must be a powerful emotion. "Those who fear become what they fear most... I do not understand such a quote, although it was said to me by someone close to me. If there is nothing I can do, then I'll do what I can. I'll start investigating the negative energies about these parts then. Do you object Khrona?"

Khrona would hide behind Misery and Despair, slowly sliding back into his office. "... Medusa... The Spider Queen... Eva... Nebulon... Falshin..." Khrona would say, pausing for a few moments before continuing "... They are the big bosses... That I know of... So far..." He would finish, finally withdrawing into his office completely. Misery would look at the android. "... You should consider that a victory, girl. He's getting used to you, I guess." Misery would walk into the office as well, and Despair would give her gloomy smile to the android, bowing. "... Please, come back again..." She would said, closing the door.

The android would bow in return. "Thank you, Khrona." She then turned around to go back to her tower. She had missions to assign.

The meeting with the co-leader this time was a bit better than before, which made Khrona feel good inside, even if he was still a little shaken up on the outside. He would get over it soon. Knowing that the relations between the two village leaders were getting better was enough for him, right now. Slowly, but surely. Yet, it was still rather early in the afternoon and Khrona had more work to do before it was quitting time. Strangely enough, the seldom seen Head Witch, Zita, had stopped by for a visit...

Zita would knock on Khrona's door, hoping he could do something about her Chain familiar... It would be burdensome to have that big ass thing in her possession without a way to change its size...

Khrona snickered, already knowing what Zita wanted just from her being there, the door opening. "Alright, Zita... I just mind fucked you. And from what I have gathered, you wish for me to use my DNA powers to make it so that your newfound Chain familiar can have the ability to change to any size and become any and all Chains at will as well as also give you the ability to use the Chain's abilities, am I right~?" Khrona smiled.

Zita was a little dumbfounded, for she had forgotten about Khrona's mind powers. "Erm... Uh... Yes please!?" She would yank the Chain's chain, thinking of a name for him in the process... "Maybe Locke..."

Khrona merely touched the Chain, then Zita for a few seconds, then went back to his desk. "There. It's done. Now the Chain Chomp can change its size and become whatever subspecies of Chain it needs to be at any time, and you can, as well, and also control the Chain from anywhere at any time. So, now that you're all good and whatnot.. You can... Skeeeedaddle~!"

Zita laughed gleefully, testing this out by shrinking her Chain, Locke down to a size that could fit her palm. Locke would bark cutely, and she would attach him to her neck as a choker for safe keeping. As she left Khrona's office, she would seal the Master Lock dimension within Locke's mouth, so that not only would he be able to infinitely eat anything, but she'd have power over whatever was eaten... 'Muahahaha... How great for Zita...' She decided that now it was time to go play with Locke... In battle.

After such a weird and awkward request, Khrona found himself face to face with another random new member that had an even stranger request for him later on in the day.

Zan would walk in to the office waiting room as she waited for Khrona to tell her to enter the office.

Khrona coughed. "You may enter, random person of randomness!" With that, the door would open and she would be pulled in by an unknown force.

"Uh...How di-- Nevermind. Hi my Name is Zan but everyone calls me Z for short. I didn't give you my last name because I don't remember it well. I would just like to ask, can I join your village?" she inquired, blushing.

Khrona smirked, already taking a liking to her. "OH OF COURSE, LITTLE LADY~! My village is your village~! You are moooost welcomed to be here and... If you have any questions, be sure to ask me~! Any questions~?" He seemed a little more friendly than usual...

"Uh... Okay, well I'm not really understanding this Soul Partner thing, so can you help me?" she asked, blushing once more out of embarrassment.

Khrona cocked his head. "Eh? Soul Partner, eh? Hm. Well, it's basically a living thing that has the blood of a weapon in it, making it able to change into an indestructible weapon partner for you to wield and grow with it, amplifying the powers of yours and their soul so that you may do battle and achieve Soul Synchro to defeat your foes. That's basically just the gist of it. You'd want to get to Shinigami's college to get one and sign up for Shinigami's educational program. He is the master of Soul Weapons. He'll help you out and give you a weapon, if you want one~!"

"She has one, and my name is X." The man would walk in as he spoke. "Yeah, uh sorry. He doesn't like me talking to any boys about anything... Well, I wanted to know more about this 'Soul Sychro,'" she said, smiling. A large vein would appear on X's head showing that he is ticked with her.

Khrona snickered. "Aww, don't want boys talking to ya? Well, let's have you talk to my weapons, eh~? Both females~!" Misery and Despair would emerge from the wings of Khrona, Misery taking on her normally pissed look and Despair having her lost, depressed yet happy look.

Misery: "... Who the hell is this bitch, huh?"

Despair: "... Misery, weren't you listening...? This wonderfully distraught person here is.. Zan... And is looking to learn about... Soul Synchro..."

Misery: "Like that's our problem. Look, kid, we ain't got time for teaching. We have to do... Leader shit, or something."

Despair: "... I would be dreadfully happy to embark on such a morbidly delightful thing... to teach her... But if I can't... She may go to Shinigami's college...?

Zanika: "Wow, that was very rude... But what can you tell me about it and what is the purpose of all of this and where did the Dusk village come from and why was it created?... If you don't mind my asking?"

In the midst of their conversation, one of Khrona's villagers sent on a mission would report in, cutting off he and Zanika in order for Khrona to focus his attention on the more important issues about the status of the mission.

The snake charmer would appear outside of Khrona's office with his partner sitting on his shoulder. He would then knock on the door and wait for someone to answer the door.

The door would open and Khrona could be seen lying back in his chair. "Yeeeeesss...?"

The snake charmer would walk in and bow to Khrona as his partner fall off of his shoulder and would land in front of him to report in. "Greetings Khrona-sama!" said the snake charmer's partner, "Here we are, reporting that all monsters in the Pale Forest have been killed and the one that survived was run out."

Khrona snickered. "Well. All I need is to touch those souls for a moment, then you can have them... Good work~!" Khrona would extend his hand toward them and touch the souls via his own, draining small traces of what they used to be, then he would let go. "Alright, all yours. Seventeen souls."

The snake charmer would nod as his partner took her place back on his shoulder after she recollected the souls from Khrona. They would then bow and then begin to leave out, but one of the snakes would then stop him and turn him toward Khrona. Hisssss. "Thank you for the mission Khrona-sama. Until we meet again," said the snake. The snake charmer would then leave out of the office to go do things.

Once the snake charmer went about his business, Khrona would continue to talk about the village with Zanika for a while, informing her of everything she wished to know. Once they were done, there were some arrangements made for her specifically and she was sent on her way. In her passing, one of Khrona's most loyal shinobi, Linomaru Hugo, came to him to inquire on something.

Lin would walk into the waiting room of Khronas' office and wait his turn to speak to his leader.

Khrona was seen twiddling his thumbs in his office. "Mmmmm yeeessss?"

Lin exhales. "Okay, well I really don't know how to say this, so here it goes... I am Linomaru Hugo, a Novice in the Dusk Village and I wish to learn the ways of Manna... And I was hoping you could teach me or tell me who to seek out to learn..." Lin waits to hear Khrona's answer.

Khrona shook his head. "I can't teach you shit... And the Witches won't take anyone who isn't a female to learn... Your only hope is consulting the Grand Grimoire and picking one of the mage jobs, if you wish to learn manna so much. Otherwise, can't help you."

Lin: "Uh... One more question... Who is that, by the way?"

Khrona shook his head. "Not who, but what." He would pull out the Grand Grimoire, Chomao floating beside him. "You see, this is the manna of another dimension. Touch it, and you will receive the job you wish."

Linomaru would reach his hand toward Khrona's hand and attempt to touch the Grimoire.

Khrona sighed. "It's not that easy, kid. You have to say what job you want, first. Otherwise, it doesn't work."

"Okay... Uh Magician... I, Linomaru Hugo, wish to be A MAGICIAN of the Dusk!!!" Lin would reach his hand out once more for the Grimoire.

Khrona sighed heavily. "... Alright. What KIND of a magician are we talking? There are specific types of users, as stated in the book. Black Mage, White Mage, Red Mage... Et cetera and so forth. Some specialize in certain types of manna, you know."

Lin: "I'll be a Red Mage."

Khrona sighed. "Well, whatever floats your boat." Khrona would open the book to the Red Mage page, allowing the mystical light of the book to envelop Lin, focusing its powers into him.

"Wow, that is power... Uh, thanks Khrona." Lin would extend his hand for a shake.

Khrona didn't particularly like... Touching people, and so he wasn't going to shake his hand "Erm... Not to be rude... Well... Actually... Yes, to be incredibly rude... I'm not touching you. You've gotten what you want, now, be on your way~?" Khrona would force Lin out of his office with a mental blast, shutting the door behind him.

Finally, Khrona's long day was coming to a close. With the evening gradually making its way into the dusk, Khrona would use the remaining hours of sunlight to do one final task out in the Battlegrounds...

The Beginner shinobi from earlier on waits in an arbitrary forest for a proctor. His last proctor kind of disappeared right as the battle was getting good and that made him a bit mad, but he was understanding as a legend has many things to do. So now, he just waits for his second shot.

Khrona would appear out of what seemed to be nowhere, standing in front of the Beginner. "Hi," he said, with his two weapons, Misery and Despair, in his hands.

'Hells to the yes! A ranking!' "Hey, you're Khrona right? Then you can rank me! I don't think I'm a Beginner anymore and I want to move up in the world!" The Beginner spazzes out and begins flailing his arms wildly, showing his high levels of enthusiasm. 'Totally ready for some action!'

Khrona snickers sinisterly. "Hmmmm... I remember you... Well... I'll be able to rank you up, then... Hee Hee. All you have to do is hit me." Khrona signaled for Misery and Despair to sit this one out, Khrona taking some steps back, his eyes becoming dark and gloomy "Think you can handle it...?"

"Fine! Partner, you ready?

The Soul Partner of the Beginner jumps off of his head and the boy grabs him out the air, turning him into the ceiling fan he's known for. 'Time to play rough.' The boy activates his dojutsu and tosses his weapon with strong force. He draws wind from the air around him and causes a huge gust of cutting wind behind him heading straight for Khrona. He then draws chakra to his hands and feet, dashing off to the side slightly.

Khrona smiles. "Ooo, someone's coming off strong~! I like~!" Khrona waved a hand, his Soul Energy counteracting ceiling fan's, thus forcing it right back at him with double the force and speed as it came at Khrona. Khrona would then spread apart his molecules, thus changing him from a solid state to a liquid-like sort of state, slithering into the ground. Soon after, the ground began to rumble...

'Like that's going to help.' The boy catches his weapon very simply and tosses him up in a helicopter like fashion, letting him float upward. Then he stops running and begins spinning at a high rate, sending chakra in every direction around him. Using rotation, he grinds into the ground around him, pushing back the dirt and rocks. The boy smiles as the rotation grows and grows, burrowing into the ground further.

As he burrows deeper, the ground would seem to actually be moving away from him rather than him grinding it up... A devious smile continuously appeared in the ground, as Khrona had merged himself with the earth. In a swift motion, Khrona would open up all of the earth under Kero's immediate area, leading straight to the core of the planet, Khrona's smile still apparent in the grooves of the earth. There seemed to be a crackling of what 'seemed' to be electricity surging through the ground as well, Khrona giggling insanely to himself, staring down at the pit leading to the core.

The boy turns to the side as he spins and heads toward the wall, eventually rolling up it using his rotation. Khrona underestimated this kid. As he rolls up, he barrels toward Khrona looking down. 'Haha, looks like the ground is vomiting a blur ball. Gross.' "Here I come!"

Khrona laughed. "WRONG!!" As it was stated before, Khrona's soul was crackling throughout the ground. As such, by the boy touching the wall, a massive explosion of it would shoot him high into the air, most likely rupturing his chakra and such within him just a bit, since it wasn't all that powerful. Khrona didn't want to be TOO mean. But, since it seems he's been underestimated... 'Let's kick it up a notch. Take it to the limit.' Khrona would simply make a tiiiny flap of his wings, releasing a gust so powerful that it could and would compress the very air that the young boy was traveling in from all sides, in an attempt to suffocate him. 'Yaaaaay!'

The boy flies up and floats for a bit, about to be crushed. Then, his Soul Weapon comes back down and spins really fast to keep the wind from crushing Kero. While he's spinning, the boy grabs him and prepares for his next strike, charging a lot of chakra to his limbs.

Khrona frowned. "He's doing better than I expected... I guess that's doing quite well for him." Khrona would slit his own wrist, allowing Black Dragon Blood to spew out, and while doing that, it would shoot out in a Tsunami sort of fashion toward the boy, the Black Dragon Blood hardening a bit to make a terrible impact.

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Eleventh Night; Corruption... And Insanity.

It was late at night and Khrona had already been at home, resting in isolation whilst Misery and Despair did whatever they were doing. Khrona needed some alone time and told them that they could go do as they wished for a while so that they didn't disturb him and so they wouldn't be bored. Despair stayed behind, of course, wanting to care for Khrona from the distance, but Misery was all for having some late night fun... With a wicked, insane smile on her face, she would take her leave out of the Pit and into the night...

The snake charmer would nod as he slowly stood up and walked out of the HQ with his partner, causally sitting on his shoulder like she always does. Although while walking out, she would tap him on the head to get him to pay attention to her.

"I all most forgot to say thank you for protecting me. Looks like there is still a warm spot in that big scale covered heart of yours." The snake charmer would remain quite as he left but his partner would still smile, being able to understand everything from his soul, which she feels makes them closer than them simply talking.

Misery would appear from the darkness that was the depths of the Corruption building, and yet, she was alone... No Khrona, no Despair. She sneered at the snake charmer. "Yeah, whadda ya want?"

The snake charmer would turn and see Misery appear from the darkness and would wonder who she was. Hisssssss. "What do you mean? I never said anything to you," says a snake.

Misery sighed angrily. "Look, kid, you're obviously here for a reason. Spit it out already. I don't have all day."

Hisssssss. "I came here to join Team Corruption and that task has already been done so what business do you have with us?" asked another snake.

Misery had a questioned look on her face. "I dunno, you're the one who walked in here." Seemed to Misery like this guy thought he had walked out... "... You think you've joined already, you? Huh. Well. I wouldn't say that..."

Hisssss. "Yes, I have joined and was about to leave until you appeared," said a different snake.

Misery laughed a bit "You were GONNA leave? Well. You're NOT. You haven't joined until you leave this room. And this room is... Hm... Well, does it look like you can leave?" In an instant, the room was nothing but a cube of darkness, harboring only Misery and the snake charmer. She snickered.

Hisssssssssssss. "What are you up to?" the snake charmer would ask as his hands would begin to slowly glow with soul energy.

Misery sighed. "Oh, nothing... I just want you to get out of this room. Go on. Do it." She sat down in a comfortable position and waited for him to do such a task.

The snake charmer would touch one of the walls of black room and would then cock his fist back as it began to burst and explode with soul energy taking the form of a large snake. He would then strike the wall, releasing a large explosion of energy that would be pouring constantly, trying to break though the wall. Meanwhile his partner would appear next to Misery and would sit next to her, watching the snake charmer at work. "So what is your purpose for trapping us here?" she asked.

Misery twisted her hair a bit. "Eh? What? Oh, because it's funny! That's why! Hahahahaha!" Misery then looked at the snake charmer. "Not gonna get out that way, kid. I'd give you a hint, buuuut... Whatever. Okay, maybe I'll give you a liiittle hint... Think about it."

The snake charmer would stop his attack and would then look around and think to himself for a moment. His snakes would also begin to look around the area as they lightly hissed in his ears. Hisssss. "Is this nothing but and illusion?" asks the first snake.

Misery yawned. "I dunno. Is it? Seems pretty real to me. Seems to me like you can touch everything. Just think about it, guy." Boy, this was entertaining to Misery. She snickered once more. "You should probably hurry up."

Hiss... "Why do I need to hurry up? What do you have planned?" The snake charmer would be using his own words instead of a group translation from his snakes, which was a very rare thing to see. He would then turn and look at Misery with a very dark and cold expression that would cause his snakes to move off of his shoulders and body and move over to his Soul Partner. This was a sight to behold that the snake charmer was actually losing his cool and becoming angered due to being trapped in the dark cube which was like the cage he was trapped in for a few years. It caused a large amount of sanity to leave from him, causing him to fall to his knees for a moment to recollect himself and cool down.

Misery quirked a brow, then started to laugh. "Awww, losing your sanity? That's delicious, dear. Heh heh." Misery stood up. "And that's the main reason why I suggested you hurry up... The longer you stay in here, the more insane you become... But again, I will say, just think about it..."

Snake Charmer: "But that makes no sense! What will thinking do?"

Misery shook her head. "You still haven't figured it out yet, huh? Heh. You really are stupid..." Misery leaned against a wall.

The snake charmer would sigh as he would cool himself down and look around the walls, walking around in a square. He would lightly touch each wall and would then stop so he was standing a few feet away from Misery. "I think I understand now. This box we are trapped in is made out of your soul energy, so you're the one who can get us out."

Misery yawned again. "Mmmm... You're half right, guy. It's not just made of my energy... It's made out of insanity as well." That being said, three eyes of insanity appeared on each of the walls, the ceiling and the floor, all looking at Hebi. Misery smirked. "... You don't get why I'm doing this, do ya?"

Snake Charmer: "You are doing this to ether test my sanity or to see if I am really on the side of the Dusk village. I know when I first met Khrona he, for some reason, felt uneasy about me because of the fact snakes were all ways around me. Am I right or wrong?"

Misery scowled "Well, it's more so the first part. Hell, I don't care if you're loyal or not. Khrona is forced to care. I'm not. Heh heh." Misery got up, the eyes appearing in front of her. "Do you know why I'm testing your sanity, you puny little thing?"

Snake Charmer: "Is it just for fun to see if you can cause someone to go crazy?"

Misery laughed. "Well... Partially... But it's for an actual reason, as well... You use snakes, right? Heh. You ever heard of the snake deity Medusa? She's been playing with some insanity lately. If we're gonna have people to take this bitch down, they'll need to be highly resistant to insanity..." Misery turned her back, allowing the eyes to expand "... I'm already lost... Khrona's already lost... Despair is already lost... We're all lost in insanity. Hahaha. Isn't that fucking awesome?"

Snake Charmer: "So you are trying to build up my resistance to insanity so I can help with the taking down of the deity you just spoke of?"

Misery prodded her head. "Now you're gettin' it. But don't think I like you or anything. You just have a common interest with one of our enemies... I see it like this: if you 'team up' with the Snake Deity, you can lead us to where the other antagonists are. Khrona figured that Medusa would know where someone else is, don't you think?"

Snake Charmer: "Yes, I understand what you are saying. So you want me to pretend to join up with the Snake Deity to learn of the location of other antagonists?"

Misery smirked "Exactly. Lucky that you happened to use snakes, or else it would be more difficult... Because Medusa has these Snake Bombs, you see... Untraceable to most people, and they can detonate inside the bodies of anyone at any given time. They're made of manna, and she can do whatever she wants with them inside of their bodies. ... I figured that you, having snake abilities, would be able to HOPEFULLY rid a Snake Bomb from your body, if need be.. Then again, I'm not exactly sure. She's got powerful manna and a powerful wavelength. Even with your abilities, you can't just TAKE her out..."

"So do you have any other plans in store to raise my chances of surviving with Medusa or is this insanity training all you have?" By this time, the snake charmer would be sitting down, completely back to his normal emotionless appearance. His snake would then slither back over and wrap around him, looking at Misery for no reason whatsoever.

Misery laughed again. "This is technically all you need. You won't be fighting... You can hope. You won't last a second with Medusa. So. Have you figured out how to get out, yet? You still haven't done it."

Snake Charmer: "Well what I would figure would be to stay cool and not let the insanity take hold of my mind or body. By rejecting the insanity I reject the cube so it should not be able to hold me."

Misery shook her head. "You're only half right, once again, guy. Insanity is just within the room, not what the room is made out of... Again, I will tell you how to exit... Just think about it."

Snake Charmer: "You mean just think about exiting the room and I will be able to exit?"

Misery nodded. "Took your slow ass long enough. I swear, some people..."

"Well I never asked to be trapped in this." The snake charmer's partner would lightly giggle as she walked over and took her normal position on his shoulder. He would then close his eyes and take a few deep breaths before he began to think about leaving the black room and would then walk through the black wall, appearing outside the Team Corruption HQ. "Finally, we're out."

Misery scoffed. "Tch. He'd better not die. I wanna be the one to kill the bastard..." She would disappear without a trace, just as she came.

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PostSubject: Re: Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei   Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei EmptyFri Mar 06, 2020 9:54 am

Twelfth Night; Date Night

Later that night, probably nearing midnight, Misery was making her way in whilst Khrona was making his way out. She seemed suspicious about where he was going, and for some reason, she became extremely infuriated. She didn't say anything about it, though. She didn't know why she was so upset, but she knew that it had something to do with why Khrona was leaving out... She'd talk to Despair and see how she felt. The two of them would insist upon tagging along with Khrona, and of course, loving them both ever so dearly, he would comply happily and make his way toward the Tavern with the two of them on his back. He had prior arrangements made with the chipper girl he talked to earlier... For a date of some sort.

Zan would be standing outside the tavern awaiting Khrona to appear.

Khrona coughed, Misery and Despair sitting on his two overly large wings. "... What is it?"

Zan: "Well I just wanted to treat you to dinner is all. Seeing as it looks like you don't have a lot of free time, I just thought I'd catch you and treat ya with a nice, hot meal and evening."

Khrona was shocked. So shocked, that he actually dropped Misery and Despair from his wings.

Misery: "OW, you BITCH. The hell did you do that for?"

Despair would float down gentle. "My... That was rather unexpected..."

Khrona folded his wings and sat next to her. "... Well. Thank you. No one's ever really done this for me before..." Khrona smiled... Which was odd for him, but, whatever. "What is your name?" he could easily read her mind, yet he didn't want to at the moment... For whatever reason.

Zan would blush. "Um... Zanika Niyame... And what will you have? My treat," she'd say, still blushing at Khrona.

Misery got up, scoffing, then sat down somewhere next to Despair.

Khrona looked at the menu "... I don't exactly need to eat, you know... I'm not really human anymore. If I were to eat or drink anything, it would be purely for the taste, which, even that, I can replicate. Besides, I think it's just enough being here with you. You must have called me for something other than this...?"

Misery snarled. "Despair! Who does that girl thing she is, anyway!? Why doesn't he tell her that he doesn't need to eat, or even be here!? UGH."

Despair smiled. "Oh, what a morbidly cute thing this is..."

"Uh... Well... Uh... Ahem... I just wanted to tell you that... I'm... Uh... How can I put this...? Uh... Well, I'm just going to come out and say this... I am really interested in you... Like, really interested in you." Her face reddened. After she said this, X would be at the bar turning red with rage. "Are you fucking serious... This guy? Zan could do better," he said to himself but loud enough for Khrona's Soul Partners to hear him say this.

Khrona gasped. "EH!? Really? Interested in... ME? No one's been interested in me before, except for my two Soul Partners over there... May I ask why?"

Misery looked to X, scoffing, "The hell are you?"

Despair smiled gloomily. "... Hello, I am Despair a la Discord. Dreadful pleasure to meet your acquaintance.. Who might you be...?" she'd ask X.

Zan: "I don't know... I guess the way you are... Your eyes are what really interest me most of all and your hair, it's so pretty."

X: "My name's Xaver but you can just call me X and nothing more lady, got it?"

Khrona was a bit flustered... Was she flirting with him? Hm. It wasn't often that he left the village, or rather, any confining place, but it was nice that he left... This time... "... Really? I think you're pretty..."

Misery sneered "Xaver, huh? Well, wanna guess what my name is? I'll give you a hint; it's what I'm about to make your life full of." Misery cracked her knuckles.

Despair nodded. "Oh, X? What a horridly lovely name... Again, nice to meet you!"

Zanika would blush at Khrona's response and then say, "You're cute as well, and I would like to get to know you a lot better than I do."

X: "Let me guess; Hell or Misery? And you want to know where I got the name X? It's not because of my real name."

Khrona scooted close to her. "Really? You would? That sounds nice... I'd like to get to know you better, as well!"

Misery sneered. "Misery des Gloomi. Don't forget it. And not that I really care about your name, I assume you're gonna tell me anyway..."

Despair turned to X, keeping her gloomy smile on her face. "I would find it horridly lovely to hear the story of your name, X..." She waited with anticipation for the story.

As Khrona got closer, Zan couldn't help but look into his eyes and get lost in them, for they were so wonderful to her that every time she'd look at him, she would fall head over heels and would try not to get lost in his eyes... But this time was different; she couldn't draw herself away this time. "Beautiful."

X would have a very evil look on his face as he would say, "I got the name X because about four hundred years ago I destroyed forty five villages and on all the bodies I left the letter X carved on their backs,faces,arms,legs,and any where I could." He would begin laughing evilly.

Khrona flailed his arms around cutely. "Bwaaaah~!! Stop thaaat..." He was quite embarrassed... "Hmmm... You're part of my village, correct?"

Misery smirked. "Heh. That sounds pretty badass. I love a lot of bloodshed and shit. You're my kinda guy. I would do that... Hell, Khrona, Despair and I would massacre a whole planet if we had the chance... Hahahaha... We've gotta do that someday... Maybe if you aren't a candy-ass, you can come and kill things with us?"

Despair clapped her hands. "My, that sounds dreadfully delightful...! It is so nice to meet new people..."

Zan would be speechless for a moment, but would say, "Yes, I'm a Dusk shinobi." She would embrace him with a hug of her own and would be blushing. At the moment, she would listen to his heartbeat and his lungs take in air; she would feel a feeling she hasn't felt in a long time, but she didn't know what it was because she hadn't felt it in a long time. "Sounds like a plan, but only if I can leave an X on all their bodies and do away with their organs," X said with the same evil look on his face as before.

Normally, Khrona's blackened heart doesn't beat, and he doesn't usually breathe since he does not have to, but he gasped a bit once she hugged him. Normally, he would have gone crazy. He hates being touched by beings other than Misery, Despair, Megaera, Chroma or his brother, but somehow he felt differently for this girl. He was shocked, but then after a while, he slowly came to hug her back. "Eh... Eh?" He was thoroughly confused as to why he was hugging her, or letting her touch him, but he didn't really care at the moment. "Hey, if you're a shinobi of my village... You're gonna be under my wing from now on, okay?" He literally expanded his wings a bit and wrapped her around in them, smiling still.

Misery snickered. "Hell, if there's anything LEFT, you can do that... That is, if we don't need the bodyparts or organs for ourselves. You don't wanna know what we do with that sort of stuff... Heh heh heh..."

Despair nodded happily, yet drearily. "Oh yes, such horrible fun we have... My, I miss it..."

"So warm," Zan would say as Khrona's wings wrapped around her. She would look up at Khrona and see him smiling. "Wow, you have a smile that lights up the room," she would say as she blushed once more. "Let me guess... You guys save them and later when you get hungry you put them on the grill and cook 'em? Then ya eat them and when there's a human that you like and can draw yourself to save them so you eat them alive and listen to them scream at the top of their lung while you eat and eat them till nothing is left but bones and carnage, if they are lucky," X would say as drool came from his mouth and dripped to the floor below them.

Usually, Khrona's body is ice cold... His heart must be actually pumping blood this time around. 'Huh. This girl could do wonders.' "... So. Yeah. You and I are gonna be reeeaaaal close, okay?"

Misery started laughing. "Yo, guy, it sounds like you know how to party. Heh heh. I like that in ya."

Despair chuckled a bit. "What a terribly joyous occasion... Misery doesn't like too many people, you know..."

"Sure thing," Zanika said. She would then kiss Khrona on the lips to show that she thinks she understands by what he meant by 'real close,' but would then withdraw from what she was doing because she didn't know if he meant it 'like that'.

"Yeah this gonna be grea..." X would look over at the two and his face would turn red as he would say, "Do you dorks see what I see because I think I'm seein' things?"

Khrona pulled away at first, since he had never been kissed before... Not once in his life. Well, maybe occasionally by Misery or Despair in the privacy of their home, but... Still... Not by a stranger. He was happy about it, just not comfortable yet. "Teehee... Um... Thank you..."

Misery slowly looked over to Khrona and that girl, and suddenly a fiery hate burned in her belly "WHAT. THE. FUCK!?!?" Misery jumped up and ran over to them, but then ran back to X with a blade extended from her hand "And call me a dork again and I will KILL you!" The blade retracted into her palm and she ran over to split Khrona and Zan up. "YO, KHRONA, THIS TRIFLING WHORE TRYING TO MAKE A MOVE ON YOU? YOU KNOW I'LL KILL HER." Numerous scythe blades and sword blades jutted out of Misery's body, pointing at Zan. "Look, girlie, whoever you are, you can't TOUCH Khrona like that, GOT IT?"

Despair floated over to where Misery was making such a fuss. "Oh, my... Seems as though she likes Khrona... I did not expect it to go so far... How morbidly cute, yet saddening to the soul to see..." Even Despair was slightly jealous about this. In a flash, a wall of Rejection came between Khrona and Zan, which was produced by her, and Rejection forced away anything and everything that got near it. Despair made her way closer to Khrona, as well, giving a dark, saddening look to Zan.

Zan would be shocked and afraid at the same time as to how protective Khrona's Soul Partners are. She would say to both Misery and Despair, "Sorry, sometimes I can't control my feelings when I am around him... It's like he puts me in a trance and I can't help myself when he's in the same area as me... Well what I'm saying is... I might be in love with Khrona is all."

X would come flying over there to where everyone was totally pissed at what she just said "ARE YOU SERIOUS ZAN THIS...THIS...THIS GUY HAS WON YOUR HEART ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS LADY I THINK YOU HAVE LOST IT NOW!" he said, as red as an apple in the face, steam coming from his nose and ears, "And get those DAMN weapons out of her face before I rip them from your flesh."

Khrona laughed, for he enjoyed such random discord and chaos. "Awww, this is so cuuute. They're just like this because they've been with me so loooong. Don't worry, I love you guys~!" Khrona would hug Misery and Despair. "And you, too, Zan~!"

Misery sneered, some of her soul energy flaring up around her body, "Look, punk, I dunno who the hell you think you're talking to, but I will DAMN sure bring down this entire CITY if it gets rid of YOUR ASS."

Despair sighed. "What woeful sorrow this is... Before Misery destroys everything in sight, I believe we must be on our way now..." Despair's cloak would begin to wrap around Khrona and Misery "... Dreadfully nice to meet you both..." she would say, unsmiling and with woe all over her face.

Khrona glanced at Zan, sending her a thought with his mind, 'Any time you want to see me, just call, okay?' and with that, he and his partners were gone, warped away by Despair's dimensional cloak.

Zan would send him one final thought; "Meet me in the garden at midnight and we could talk a little more alone," and she would turn to X and say, "Nice one Hotshot, you'll rip them from her flesh... Slick one there."

X: "What's that suppose to mean?"

Zan: "You know?"

This would continue as they left the tavern.

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Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei   Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei EmptyFri Mar 06, 2020 5:02 pm

Last Night; Date Night Pt. II

Finally, it was midnight. Just as the two of them had arranged, Khrona would meet Zanika in the spot they agreed upon. He had been feeling a lot of new things because of her... He wasn't used to being loved by anyone except Misery or Despair, and he wasn't sure how to properly interact with others that loved him without hurting their feelings. He loved everyone, especially those that showed it to him, and would give it to them indiscriminately... To the dismay of his two dearly beloved partners. The three of them had quite the altercation between each other, even Despair getting unnaturally pissy... Yet, Khrona was rather perturbed by their lack of faith in not only him, but the bond of eternal and unbreakable love that the three of them shared. He quickly dropped them off at home, slightly upset, and made his way to the Flower Garden... Now substantially late for the date and in no sort of friendly mood.

Zan would be in the field with the red roses as she awaited Khrona to show. She would be looking at the moon; it was full, which made her hair more sparkly than usual, but it might be that new conditioner she was using that made her hair smell like cherries. She would call his name hoping he would hear her say it; 'Khrona,' she said in her head, hoping that he would catch on to her brain waves.

Khrona coughed, suddenly appearing in the area. "Hi there."

Zan would turn around and sees Khrona. She would hug him for a long while. When she was finished, she would say, "Hi... Did you come alone?"

Khrona scratched the back of his head, returning the hug slightly. "Yes, why do you ask?"

"No reason... Just wanted to be alone with you, is all." She would step back only to stare at him... "Sorry, I'm doing it again aren't I?"

Khrona snickered. "Naaaah, it's fine. I don't mind... Errr... Didn't you just meet me, though?"

"Yeah but I don't know why this is happening to me. This has never happened before... I guess this what they meant by 'Love at First Sight,'"she said before she turned to the moon. "Why are humans like this?" she asked herself.

Khrona cackled insanely. "Hell if I know. I'm barely human anymore. I barely retain the shape of a human. My skin is gray, I have wings... Among other things... I never knew what it was like to be a normal human. Only a mutant."

"You see, that is what makes you unlike any other person I've seen, Khrona! That's what makes me fall in love with you every time I see you... I can tell that you are special; that you are the one for me to possibly spend the rest of my life with... But only if you want to be with me... And if you don't, I fully understand why we can't be together," Zan said, still looking at the moon, but would then turn back to Khrona as she waited to hear his response.

Khrona shook his head. "Well, you're nice an all, but I don't know you well enough, yet. How about we spend more time together and I'll make decisions from there, alright? Believe me, you're way above most people already. I rarely, IF EVER touch anyone, and I've already given you two hugs. That's a life record."

"Well lets get started then... I ask the first question and you could answer if you think it's not too personal okay?" she said as she would blush at the same time. "..." She awaited Khrona's response.

Khrona was never fond of letting people get to know him, but he figured that it was alright for now. "It's gonna take longer than just this meeting, you know." But he assumed that she knew that. "Okay, go ahead and ask..."

"What do you like to do for fun?" she asked as she would look into his eyes.

Khrona cackled once more. "Weeeeeelll... I like do dive into pits of insanity, I like to do insane things, I like to do random stuff, and and and... Feast upon the souls of the weak... Do fun things with my Soul Partners... And... GO CRAZY ON EVERYTHING!!!! Oh, and fuck with peoples minds... and play with my daughter... And protect my sister... Youuuu~?"

"Err... Uh... Wow, interesting... I like to go to the zoo and kill all the animals and wear their skin as a fur coat... Heheheheheh," she said this with a very evil look on her face but would then turn back normal to ask another question. "What's your family like?"

Khrona, who had mentally blocked what happened to his past family, would be forced to talk about his immediate family. "Well, before... I had no family... Except for Misery and Despair, who have been with me for years... And then I made a daughter with the both of them using my DNA abilities... And then, finally, there is my sister, Megaera, whom I revived from the dead... And my half brother... What about your family?"

'Weeeellll... Err... Uh... I don't remember anything about them. I don't know my father's name nor my mother's. The last thing I remember is that I was in a car accident and I woke up in a hospital with needles in my arm, and I pulled them out, walked to a store I think was closed, and got some clothes and made my way to the villages and made a home for myself in the Dusk... Sooo I have no family for now... Heheheheh." Zan exhales out of embarrassment.

Khrona shook his head "Huh. I could easily give you your memory back... But that wouldn't teach you anything, now, would it?" Khrona sat down, allowing his flowing coat cape to spread across the area "Mmm. Maybe you'll be part of my family..."

Zanika would sit down next to Khrona and begin to blush as she said, "You really think so?"

Khrona yawned, leaning back. "Maybe, if I feel like it." He closed the eye that wasn't covered by hair.

Zan would look at Khrona and say, "Well what could I do to turn that maybe into a definitely?" She would lean back as well and look to the moon.

Khrona poked his head. "Mmmm... Meh, I dunno~! Guess you'd better figure it out." He would curl up and sigh.

Zan would look at Khrona and say, "You know what? Let's have some fun..." She would then stand up and take her head band off and let her hair down as she extended her hand for him to grab. "Do you trust me?" she would ask with her hand still extended.

Khrona didn't truly trust anyone, really, but he trusted her... ENOUGH, he guessed. "Yeah, I guess." He would extend his hand to hers.

She would pull him up and say, "See this is what is called the test of truthfulness..." She would look to the moon and then to Khrona. "... See, if you trust someone, you will be proud to give your life for them..." She would cut her hand with a kunai. "... And if you trust them enough, you will without a doubt shed your blood for them, and if you loved them you would share your blood with them." Zan pulls out a small tube and lets the blood from her hand dip into it. She would then hand the kunai and tube to Khrona and wait to see what he would do next.

Khrona laughed. "Awww, is that it? And I believe that you would be better off doing that the other way around..." Khrona flung the kunai somewhere, for his skin could not be cut by such a simple tool. His finger would sharpen and he would slit his own wrist, letting a bit of Black Dragon Blood seep out, then have it float in the air. "Because I am one with the Black Dragon Blood, it is me and I have complete and utter control of it. My DNA abilities only add to my control. Now, if you TRULY did want me inside of you..." Khrona would let one drop of Black Dragon Blood fall into the tube, letting it instantly contaminate and spread across Zan's blood, making it black as well. Khrona snickered, giving her the tube. "If you let my Black Dragon Blood contaminate you... It will give you great power... All you have to do is call my name and the Black Dragon Blood I am 'infused' with will act, serving as a barrier for everything within your body and keeping you from getting severely harmed by killing blows..."

Zan would look at the tube and would hesitate, but would say, "Khrona..." She would pour the blood on her cut and would wait to see what will happen... Soon she would feel his blood begin to contaminate hers as her veins would begin to turn black. You could see this all over her body, like an X-ray that was skin deep. When it was over, she would fall to the ground and say, "What just happened to me?"

Khrona laughed. "Oh, nothing. My Black Dragon Blood is within you, now. It's nothing really too bad... You'll get used to it once it continues to flow through your body a little more. It's really fun to have, I'll tell ya."

"So what can I do with it?" she asked as she stood to her feet. She awaited Khrona's response as she looked into his eyes.

Khrona sighed. "Well, it can duplicate itself and harden itself to almost any stiffness and hardness, as well as be used as blades or a shield or something... Also... It can heal wounds gradually... However, eventually, it may turn you insane..."

"I like insane..." Zanika would twitch as she said this, but would then look Khrona in the eyes and say "So now what Khrona? ... Are we together?" she would blush as she spoke to him, her eyes locked into his, the romantic tension rising, the sun beginning to rise as Zan awaits Khrona's response.

Khrona smirked, standing up, his coat flowing in the wind. "... Ha. No. I don't date."

Khrona gave a look to Zanika from the corner of his eye, keeping his insane smirk, gave Zanika a 'Thumbs Up', then shrouded himself in his cloak and warped off, just as the sun came up.

"What?!?" Zan would be frozen in embarrassment her eyes started to water, her knees begin to buckle, and she falls to the ground and starts crying. "... There you go doing that thing again Z... Always falling in love before you get to know the guys." She continues crying.

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Book 6; The Night of Khrona Tensei
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