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 Book 7; The Destruction of Khrona Tensei

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Book 7; The Destruction of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Book 7; The Destruction of Khrona Tensei   Book 7; The Destruction of Khrona Tensei EmptyFri Mar 06, 2020 5:10 pm

The Village Hidden in the Dusk had been firmly established for a while now, along with each of the Other Worlds that had assimilated with the Reality and Dusk upon their merging into a single realm. The Dusk was prospering from the combination, which was all fine and dandy... However, in the flourishing of the new, large village... There were many shady and suspicious people from not only their world, but other worlds gathering in the shadows, not to mention general discombobulation between the villagers and the leaders with so many things going on at once. It seemed like things were starting to really take a toll on Khrona... And his once again rising Insanity from all of it.

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Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$

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Book 7; The Destruction of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 7; The Destruction of Khrona Tensei   Book 7; The Destruction of Khrona Tensei EmptySat Mar 07, 2020 4:51 am

First Destruction; A Cry of Insanity

Khrona finally appeared at home, Misery and Despair still quite thoroughly upset with him for messing with that Zanika girl, of whom he accidentally broke the heart of. He was saddened by this, since she was such a sweet girl and he really liked her... But only to Misery and Despair's further dismay. The two of them didn't understand why he was so attached to her, nor why he had any feelings for a stranger at all, considering he just met her and she was already talking about how much she loved him. Khrona was upset because he hurt her and he knew he did because he loved Misery and Despair so much, yet Misery and Despair only seemed to care that he was sad because he hurt someone he shouldn't care about. This caused horrible fluctuations of Insanity and tension to rise between them, causing Khrona to become unstable and all of them to be extremely upset with each other. These highly intense Insanity waves due to their fighting seemed to... Attract quite the strange, unexpected visitor at his doorstep...

The Parasite appeared at the pit of havoc. She was informed from various sources that the leader of the Dusk was insane. Hopefully he would be able to sympathize with her. She had the body given to her by the Dark King behind her. She needed to eat. And if Khrona could take off the collar, the Parasite wouldn't have to die. "... Khrona..." she said weakly. Her little voice echoed done the pit, hopefully reaching his ears.

A pit... Full of misery and despair... Full of insanity and fear... Full of what makes up the hearts of these pitiful creatures... What... Makes... Them... Tick? "Khrona... Am I... And you... Call forth to me... Because of why....?" the pit would answer the question... The darkness, pitch... The wails of sorrow... Apparent... The insanity engulfed everything...

"... help... me..." the Parasite said, falling to her knees. She understood that Khrona was one with telekinetic powers on par if not greater than the Earth King, himself. And that's saying something big. She hoped that he would be searching and probing her mind in search of answers to why the fuck she was in his house. The Parasite's life was ending. Her stomach was slowly consuming herself. Her insanity -- held down by the collar -- not present to help her deal with such a problem.

Khrona appeared... The darkness was him... His body expanded from it... Insanity was the darkness, And he was The Insanity... Laugh... Laugh... Laugh... "... Help...? Me...? You... Need... But why if Khrona knows nothing...? Khrona would make you happy...? NO. YOU WILL NOT BE HAPPY. NEVER AGAIN. DEATH... Is so beautiful... Embrace... Love..."

Pause. Khrona's body arched over... Over the entire area... Like a genie... "... Foooood..." Khrona... touched the Parasite... Just then, she became part of him... And Khrona will always control every fucking part of him to the tee. "You... Me... One... To be... Destruction." Khrona's head forced Insanity Static into the Parasite... Forced Chronokinesis into her... Forced Technokinesis into her... Forced... Telekinesis... Into the Parasite... Her brain should explode from overwhelming power... But being... Part of the Khrona makes her excluded... For now... Anything not of her original body... Destroyed. Expelled. Eradicated. Exterminated. Extirpated. Eliminated. It has gone EXTINCT...

The bond of Khrona and the Parasite... No more... They were separate once more... "... You. Is your feeling...? Your normality...? Everything...? Is good..? No more shall outer forces plague your tiny... Body..."

The Parasite was relieved from the plague of insanity. She was however faced down on the ground. Her body shook as her face rose up from the ground, her fangs were returned to her, her regeneration returned to her. She was back... Insane, and hungry. She looked to Khrona, smiling like she always did when she was hungry, yet she wasn't going to eat him. She turned her head all the way around and saw the body that was given to her by the Dark King. She appeared next to it and picked it up with her teeth. She looked back to Khrona; her eye's met with his. Despite him being in a genie-ish form. She grinned, her smile creeping up to her ears. She vanished in thin air, off to other things.

Khrona sighed... "It's over..." And disappeared...

Trying to take his mind off of what happened between he and his lovers, as well as that strange, attractive, imprisoned woman that he freed... Khrona made his way to his office to take care of leader duties and keep himself from going crazy or being too upset. He thought tirelessly of how to make things better between he and his lovers, which drove him further into madness... And yet, to his surprise, Zita came in with a baby wrapped in chains, breaking his thought process with her rude, conceited intrusion.

Zita would bust into Khrona's office with her chained baby, swinging her around violently "YO, KHRONA. MAKE THIS TRIFLING HEIFER ALL GROWN UP AND SHIT."

Khrona sighed, already expecting Zita back because he knew she was pregnant before she left the first time "... Fine. I'll just take the swinging baby and make her grow some... How many years old do you want her to be, now...?"

Zita stopped swinging the baby, then flung it on Khrona's desk. "Errr... Make her like, a couple hundred years old. I can't have her being one thousand, like me, ya know! That would be fucked up. Yeah, make her like, three hundred or something." Zita turned her back and waited for Khrona to complete her order...

Khrona's eye twitched as he started to make the baby age with the awesome power of DNA... But at the same time, he started to mess with the mind of the baby. Because of Zita's brazen attitude, Khrona felt that she must be punished through her own child... Khrona would split the personalities of the baby, thus making her have multiple personalities... And also, infesting her with the Black Dragon Blood. "Almost done, Zita... Now, when I am done, you must awaken the child by calling her name... Alright?" Khrona was just about finished. "Go on."

Zita turned around, looking at her wonderful child. "... Chita," is what she said, waiting to see what became of her beloved daughter~!

Chita would awaken, having no memory of what happened in the past three hundred years of her life "... Oh... Shit... What the hell...? Where am I...? What...? It's like I've spent the first three hundred years of my life in this office..." Not like she should know that. She looked at her arms, noticing some groovy looking black cuffs with green energy surging inside of them "... The hell?" They were an upgraded version of Zita's locks that she chained her up with. Seems as though Chita's natural manna upgraded them, and Khrona's DNA abilities had attached them to her body... Next, she looked at her body.... She jiggled her overly large breasts a bit, then stretched out and whatnot. She flicked her hair, wiggled her tail-- ... WAIT, WHAT? "... A TAIL?" Because Zita didn't take off the chain from Chita's body before she was aged, her DNA merged with the chain and made it a tail for her... How embarrassing. Chita sighed, finally standing up and jumping off of the desk. "... Alright... You're my mom. Yeah, I know aaaaall about you..." Seems as though Khrona gave Chita some info on Zita in the process... Oh joy. "Yeah, so... Where's my deadbeat daddy? I've got some shit to ask him... What's his name... Valerio, or whatever? I've gotta ask him some stuff. No, wait. Better yet. Just take me home." Chita flicked her... tail... the chain rattling as the blade on it tapped on Zita's shoulder, telling her to come on. "Oh yeah, but before I go... Thanks, Khrona." She winked at him, then exited.

Zita was thoroughly shocked. "... What a fucking MOUTH on that girl!? WHERE THE HELL DOES SHE GET THAT FROM? Hmph... Little bitch..." Zita smirked. "I can teach her well..." Zita turned to Khrona and winked, just like her daughter. "Thanks, again, Khrona~! You're so dependable~!" She turned to Chita, who was already halfway gone. "GET BACK HERE, YOU LITTLE WHORE." and left, as well.

Khrona snickered. "Happy to be of service, Zita... Hope to see you again, Chita... Have a nice day~." Khrona waited until they both left, then began to laugh menacingly.=p "... Let's just see how Chita turns out before I 'evaluate' what can be done with her... How many personalities did I give her...? Heh. Let's have Zita find out... That'll learn her for giving me such an attitude..." Khrona laughed once more, the door to his office closing.

Soon after, Khrona had yet another visitor. From what Khrona could tell with his psychic powers, he wasn't there seeking he, himself, but... Misery, for some reason. This made him thoroughly upset, figuring that Misery, being the bitch that she was, had gone off and done something whorish with some other dude to get back at him for the entire misunderstanding that went on the night before... Like she was cheating on him or something. Not wanting to bring that sort of mess into his work environment, he quickly switched places with her, unable to even look her in the face for what he thought. He'd let her handle whatever business she had with this serpentine fellow that Khrona was very suspicious of... And disappeared without a word, thought nor glance at Misery upon his departure.

The snake charmer would appear at Khrona's Office with his weapon partner sitting on his shoulder, as usual. He would then knock on the door hoping that he would be able to find Khrona's Soul Partner, Misery.

Somehow, Misery was alone in Khrona's office... Or so it seemed. Misery would open the door and stare at the snake charmer with a slight glaze in her eyes. "Yeah, whadda ya want?"

The snake charmer would simply walk into the office before speaking. Hissss. "When shall we head out to 'join' with Medusa?" asks a snake.

Misery was a bit shocked that he wanted to do this so swiftly... "Hmph. Do you really think you are prepared? What about your soul weapon? Heh. How will you hide the stink of the college on you? Huh?"

Hissssssss. "Well is it possible to leave my Soul Weapon here while on this mission with my Innocence Weapon. it will remove the presence of anything dealing with soul weapons due to its exorcising abilities," says a different snake.

Misery wasn't sure what an Innocence weapon was, but it sounded similar to the Innocence wavelength and Soul Energy... "Hmph. Sounds alright to me. But... I wouldn't leave just yet. I'd rather see how prepared you are... With a battle." Misery smirked, knowing that if he could prove a sufficient fight with her, then he would be able to fend for himself long enough to escape if he were caught by Medusa.

Hisss. "Fine," says the first snake.

Misery laughed maniacally "Alright then. Choose your location. Khrona wouldn't want me to destroy his office without his presence... Heh heh heh..."

Hisss. "Then how about the Dusk Sparring Range?" asks a different snake.

Misery yawned. "So boring. Whatever, let's go, kid." Misery slowly walked out of the door nonchalantly.

The snake charmer would silently follow behind Misery with his Soul Partner sitting on his shoulder.

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Book 7; The Destruction of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 7; The Destruction of Khrona Tensei   Book 7; The Destruction of Khrona Tensei EmptySat Mar 07, 2020 7:03 pm

Second Destruction; Snake Infestation

The last thing Khrona saw was Misery leave out with a smile on her face with that suspicious snake charmer, of whom Khrona barely trusted in the first place... And now even less since he saw one of his lovers leaving out with him. He couldn't believe Misery... She WOULD do something like this. He wasn't sure if it was to get back at him or if it was because she actually had feelings for him, but whatever the reason, it caused Khrona to become more and more unstable within... Yet, he contained himself as he returned to his office in Misery's place, two of his loyal elites popping in with an update on the severity of the security of the Dusk. He would have to put his lover's quarrel aside for now, for the good of the village... But it didn't seem very good for his soul.

The werewolf and poison ninja would come towards the office as the werewolf knocked on the door waiting for an answer.

The poison ninja would stand leaning on a nearby wall as he would wait for the door to open so they could speak with Khrona about their mission to Medusa's Lair. He would also be holding a scroll in his hands that had the word 'mission' written across it that would hopefully have all the answers Khrona needed.

Khrona's door opened. "Man. You look tired. Let's see how it played out by looking at your minds-- Wait, what's that? A scroll?"

The poison ninja would place the scroll on the ground and then open it and there would be a large poof of smoke. Standing in the middle of the room would be a human puppet that would be very normal since it was just a human puppet. The poison ninja's hands would glow and he would touch the back of the puppet, causing it to glow. He would be using his release ability, turning the puppet back into a living, breathing human who would fall on the ground out cold.

Poison Ninja: "This is one of Medusa's main guards that I captured. You should be able to get a good amount of information from him, Khrona-sama."

Khrona looked at the thing. "... Hm... Boy... This is no human..." Khrona lifted the unconscious being, and it was a Black Joker... Khrona traced it... "Thank you... I will be taking this atrocious thing off of your hands, now..." Khrona, himself, changed the Black Joker into a puppet and stored it 'somewhere' for his own experiments... Just maybe Khrona could make his own Jokers that did different things... And then, everything would be golden. "Anything else...?"

Poison Ninja: "No sir. All answers from the mission are all within the clown thing."

Werewolf: "Yep, and besides, all those different people attacked us. And, umm, there was someone there that was more of a threat than we were, supposedly."

Khrona's eyebrow was quirked. "Hmmm? More of a threat? To Medusa or to yourselves...?"

Poison Ninja: "It seemed to be a threat to Medusa because we were ejected from the building as the enemy seemed to be being summoned to another location."

Werewolf: "And, um, I kinda felt the presence of another as we were fighting Medusa and her goons. I felt some traces of insanity as well."

Khrona did not know of whom this could be... Insanity within the wavelength? Falshin? Perhaps Medusa had captivity of Falshin... Or maybe there was something else going insane... Khrona had been missing a certain shinobi for quite a long time, now... Perhaps it could even be him... Not like the werewolf would know the wavelength of that certain shinobi... Nor would he know the extent of Falshin's power... "... Very good, thank you... You two are excused. I will... Reflect on this and make my decision on what to do about it. Thank you..."

The werewolf would nod his head as he would exit the office, heading back towards Khrona's brother's house for some rest.

Meanwhile, Misery -- who was still fuming from the dispute between she and Khrona -- would make her way to the Battleground's designated 'Sparring Area' in order to test the snake charmer to see if he was able to go on this covert mission. She hadn't told Khrona about it at all, nor that the snake charmer was the guy she went out to meet the night before, but she didn't feel like she needed to since she was entitled to her own life and stuff... Just like apparently Khrona was when he went out to see that Zanika bitch that Misery SPECIFICALLY told him not to fuck with. So, she didn't care at all... Even if she was doing all of this because she really did care. She was hurting, but her pain came out as destruction of everyone and everything in her path. Hopefully, the snake charmer could withstand her relentless, murderous onslaught...

Misery made her way to the Sparring range... As she stated, it was rather bland and open... Really boring, for her taste. "Tch. Guess we'd better get this show on the road... Wonder if that guy could keep up...?"

The snake charmer would appear a few feet away from Misery, although his Soul Partner would not be with him. She stood a few feet away since he was planing to use his Innocence Weapon, which he would already have drawn. Hisss. "Ready when ever you are," says a snake.

Misery shook her head, smirking. "Right. Whatever then, short-life..." From her right palm, a long, large, black blade with a white stripe extended slowly outward, and from the back of her left hand down to the bottom of her forearm extended a large scythe blade of a similar look. "Don't hold back... Or else, you're done for." She leapt high into the air, waving her right hand at exceptional speeds, releasing numerous waves of Zero Sanity waves at the snake charmer, the large waves distorting and shattering the reality that they touched with their hefty sum of contagious insanity that they were made of. After releasing the last wave, she began to spin with her left hand outstretched, letting her Condemnation Soul surge through the scythe to deteriorate the air as well as infect it with her wavelength. This would also allow her to hover extremely slowly toward the ground so that she wouldn't fall fast.

The snake charmer would use his 'Inner Calm' ability to focus his center, allowing him to evade attacks a lot better. He would then begin to dodge the numerous waves of Zero Sanity. After avoiding the last few waves his body would flow with soul energy as he would then disappear in a blur of soul energy. The snake charmer would then appear a few feet away, under Misery, and would sign, causing from the mouths of the overall sixteen snakes on his body to shoot a wave of venom covered arrows that would actually cause double the normal damage to Misery because of his 'Hone Senses' ability, which would allow him to see critical points on Misery's body.

Because of Misery's Condemnation Soul Wavelength that was surging through the area because of the fact that she was deteriorating the air and replacing it with the wavelength, the venom would become subject to the effects of the Condemnation Soul and thus, deteriorate before they even got the chance to reach Misery. She stopped spinning on the dime, now facing the snake charmer, and released numerous arms of Insanity from herself that were made of her soul and wavelength, thus able to bring the snake charmer in and make him succumb to the effects of insanity directly.

Misery would point her sword to the snakes and their charmer and use Sanity Demise, which would make the air around them extremely pressurized... So much, that it would be able to crush their bones if she truly wished. Not only that, but it would be extremely hard to move. As she now fell toward the ground, she held up her scythe bladed hand, letting more blades jut out of the back of her hand to create a shield of sorts made of the scythe blades, able to cut through the snake charmer in an instant as well as deflect any oncoming attack he may have in store.

While the air pressure was strong, the snake charmer and his snakes would not have their bones crushed because the snakes had no bones to break, and with the charmer's body modifications, his bones could disconnect so they would not be broken. Although this would only be needed for a second, as the snakes around the charmer would then release large burst of wind mixed with his soul energy from their mouths, keeping the area around normal from the air pressure and the wavelength. The snake charmer would then grip the two gauntlets of and would go head to head with the arms of Insanity. With his 'Inner Calm' ability still active, he would begin to move around the arms, but because of the Sanity Demise which would still slightly affecting the charmer, he would not be moving as fast as before. Although the ability of his Innocence Weapon would more then make up for it. The twin skull gauntlets would begin to glow, which would cause both of the snake charmer's arms to glow the same white greenish light. This would cause his arms as well as the twin skull gauntlets to become intangible. The snake charmer would then continue to dodge the numerous arms of Insanity, slashing a few with the blades on his twin skull gauntlets and every time his intangible arms would pass though the arms, it caused them to rot away into dust. The snake charmer would then disappear and reappear behind Misery and would send the blade of one his gauntlets thrusting toward Misery. Not only could the blade pass though Misery's shield of scythes and cause them and her body to begin to rot -- since this was an Innocence Weapon -- if Misery was touched by it, being a soul weapon, there was a good chance that it could potentially exorcise her.

Misery smirked, fazing out before the gauntlets touched her. Using her ability to create illusions via her Insanity Soul, she made herself an illusion, and thus being touched, she would faze out. She would reappear behind him, using the Grim Influence to increase the gravity of the immediate area, trying to totally restrict his movement. Afterward, she would stab her sword into the ground, and the ground began to become more viscous... Because of the gravity being intense as of now, the snake charmer should be literally forced down into the very viscous ground and be drowned by it. Misery, however, could walk perfectly on this liquid-like ground. She would slide back, then do a backflip, and on the ground appeared numerous blades of soul energy that looked like shadows... The Insanity Impact blades. Normally, these blades appeared from the sky and rained down, but this time, they appeared on the surface of the ground in two dimension, ready to still use their same ability of exploding depleting all of the energy of whatever they touched or whatever their explosions touched.

Being pushed toward the ground, the snake charmer would fall with his gauntlets pointing toward the liquid-like ground. His intangible arms would go though the liquid-like ground and would disrupt the liquid-like ground where he would be landing, causing him to be on the ground dealing with the high gravity. The snake charmer would be in a ball of soul energy that would keep the liquid-like ground from engulfing him. He would then look up and from the ball of soul energy would erupted ten large snakes made of soul energy that would rocket toward Misery trying to hit and hold her in place. Although the snake charmer would also use his 'Ague' ability which was an attack that would slow down the movement of Misery severely.

Misery shook her head as she said, "Soul Merge." Her soul and the snake charmer's would then become one as the snakes barreled toward her, but being one with Misery's soul would make the snake charmer's soul energy deteriorate quite swiftly. Also, because Misery's soul was WAY more powerful than his, it easily overpowered his own with no effort. Next she said, "Soul Purge," and the soul energy snakes, which were now severely weakened, anyway, would be blasted away by Insanity and Condemnation wavelengths simultaneously. Also, now the snake charmer would have no way to exorcise Misery's wavelength because it was merged with his and slowly taking it over, therefore the Soul Energy ball that he was in would give out soon. Misery snickered once more. "Your soul and my soul are one. Guess who wins in the battle of who has the stronger soul?" Misery stored up great power within her own soul, getting ready to finish him off...

The snake charmer would be unable to move and would feel his soul begin to merge with Misery's. He would touch the ground. Energy would flow into the ground and from a few feet away would erupt a large snake that would move high into the air and would rocket toward Misery, releasing a large breath of poison gas that would try to engulf and poison Misery. The snake would continue toward Misery trying to swallow her whole while she would be dealing with the gas.

Misery laughed, and while not taking her eyes off of the snake charmer, she held her hand back and extended her sword blade, which would be spinning like a drill to blow away the gas, straight down the snake's throat. A few moments later, the sword would swell to epic proportions and explode out of the snake with no problem, retracting and contracting back to its normal size. "My soul is one with yours... And you are one with the snakes. I know where they are, guy."

Misery then stood straight, releasing the power she had stored in the form of a "Soul Purge." But this was no ordinary Soul Purge... This was an epic Continuous Soul Purge. The continuous Soul Purge would ultimately massacre the snake charmer's soul, body and mind all at the same time, continually and forcefully sending Misery's wavelength through him about one thousand times every few seconds. Thus, this should leave him with no power whatsoever, and leave him to drown in the liquid-like ground.

The snake charmer would cough up a large amount of blood being hit by the Continuous Soul Purge and he would then pass out, being consumed by liquid-like ground.

Misery cackled condescendingly. "Not even close..." Using an arm extended from her soul, she would pull the snake charmer out of the ground and return it to normal, unbinding their souls and dropping him rather harshly. "I'd suggest going to train some more... That exorcising ability there would do you well. Hopefully, you can hear me, you twit... Otherwise, I wouldn't suggest setting out just yet..."

The snake charmer would open his eyes after being thrown down to the ground and would look up at Misery after hearing what she said about training some more. Hisssss. "How should I train myself?" asked a snake.

Misery placed a hand on her hip, giving the snake charmer an 'Are you for real?' look. "Seriously? You still want to train with the condition you're in? Huh. Well. What do you have that can deal with Manna or Souls, huh? Just those gauntlets, or what?"

Hisssss. "Just the Innocence Weapon can deal with souls and manna," says another snake.

Misery sighed. "Well, if I can get around it without Khrona, I would suggest finding some other means.. Or strengthening it or some shit like that. Hell if I know."

Hissssss. "Are their any abilities you could teach or are you just here to tell me what I have to do?" asked a different snake.

Misery cleaned off her shoulder as if she weren't listening. "... I mean, I COULD teach you some things... But most of my abilities wouldn't suit the situation. Not to mention, they'd be a bit too advanced for where you are now... Now if you want to find someone nearer to your standards with sufficient abilities... You should go find... Er... Shit... What's her name...? Taomin. She's a priestess, or something. Great with exorcisms and shit like that, I'm assuming. We haven't seen much of her, but I'm sure she's... Around." Misery started to walk away.

The snake charmer would take note of the name, then would sink into the earth and disappear.

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Book 7; The Destruction of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 7; The Destruction of Khrona Tensei   Book 7; The Destruction of Khrona Tensei EmptySun Mar 08, 2020 1:06 pm

Third Destruction; Misery, Dancing All Alone

With the secret training session with the snake charmer and Misery attempting to kill him... She was still pretty pissed, having not released enough of her frustration. That guy was nowhere NEAR enough for her, to her disdain, knowing that Khrona was the only one who could actually handle her in such a fashion and satisfy her frustrations -- even if she was so mad at him that she didn't fucking want to go back to him at all. She scoffed and sneered, looking around for another opponent. She needed more bloodshed.

Misery sighed, walking through a random open field. "... What a drag. This place is so boring. How come there's no one's blood to spill...?" She sighed, having not been summoned by Khrona to battle in quite a while. She figured that it was time for her to find a fight on her own, then, if Khrona wasn't fighting.

The Earth King's daughter could be seen walking in a handstand across the field. She was well rested and wanted to see how far she had come with her abilities. She saw some random chick and decided to fuck her up a bit with her powers. She flipped forward, landing on her hands and waved with a smile on her face.

Misery scoffed. "Eh? Who the hell are you? A little kid...?" 'Somehow, this girl seems familiar... Don't know why... It was something about her wavelength... Oh well.' Misery didn't care. "... What are you doing here, anyway...?"

The Earth King's daughter flipped her hair out of her face before putting them behind her back. She continued to walk and smile. Using her sensitive soul energy powers, she had identified this person as Misery... Mr. Khrona's Soul Weapon. "I'm the Earth King's daughter, doubt you've heard of him. But that doesn't matter. You wanna fight, right?" She took out a small cube from her back pocket and nestled her feet deep into the ground.

Misery scratched her head. "Earth King...?" She couldn't remember who-- "OH. YES. EARTH KING. Khrona had met with him on a few occasions... A few scuffles and the Master Control dealy... In fact, you got your Soul Partner from Khrona before." Misery remembered... Her memories was her partner's memories. "Oh yeah. I remember now. Fine then, let's go. It's been a while since I've fought on my own... I wanna make sure that I'm not getting TOO rusty by myself." From her right hand extended an extremely long, large black sword. From the back of her left hand down to the middle of her forearm extended a long, black, translucent scythe blade. "Ready when you are..."

The Earth King's daughter smiled and gave Misery the thumbs up. She didn't want to use her soul abilities because she figured Misery would be all too familiar with them. So she would use them for a last resort. She opened her box, the storm flame swirling about her legs, manifesting to a pair of black boots with butterflies on the back. She brought her heel up for a heel drop... "OKAY!" She slammed her heel on the ground, causing a violent torrent of lava to erupt from under Misery surrounded in the storm flame. It was special... Amidst the confusion, the girl disappeared from sight.

Misery sighed. "Dammit... Dealing with the elements... And some other shit I don't know about... I HATE this." In a flash of blackness, Misery was in the sky. She had great speed and great jumping height... Too bad she had little to do about coming down. "Lava... I guess it can be gotten rid of right now... Zero Sanity..." Misery slashed her sword blade numerous times, releasing gigantic waves that distorted and shattered the reality that they touched, hopefully to distort and shatter the lava to get rid of it right then and there. Once she did that, she would find spots on the ground that she could land on so that she may jump high once again, if the Zero Sanity waves did not erase the lava.

The Earth King's daughter appeared behind Misery; the lava began to form around her in a spherical fashion, evading the projectiles. She aimed to clean Misery's shit with a swift kick to the back while the lava would counter her if she began to move elsewhere. She was still on her guard.

Misery smirked, knowing that the Earth King's daughter was behind her because of her adept Soul Detecting and Soul Perception abilities. "Soul Merge..." Misery said as she instantly fazed out. Because the girl was directly behind Misery, she was within Misery's own soul wavelength. Being within her wavelength made sure that Misery had the total upper hand. Once the souls were merged, only a higher power could detach them, and Misery, being Khrona's partner, had the power to overpower all other souls and wavelengths.

As to explain why she fazed out... Using her Insanity, she can create illusions... Whether they be herself or anything within her wavelength, but she can create them, make them real, or make them fake. Anyway, using Soul Merge meant that the girl's soul was combined with Misery's, therefore she could not leave her wavelength. Also, if Misery's soul gets effected in ANY way, so does the girl's soul. Misery, partially reforming as a sort of illusory wave, swiftly sent her Condemnation wavelength through the girl's soul, which is supposed to quickly deteriorate what it touches, I.E., the girl's power. Eventually, her soul would become weak, as would her power in its entirety. So, for the moment, Misery would stay an illusion to see what the outcome was...

So, the Earth King's daughter was about to follow through with her kick and sent Misery flying across the skies with epic force and power that gods envy and mortals fear. Why? Because of her always active 'Child's Soul' which leaves her invulnerable to manipulation and corruption because she controls the probability spheres affecting her entire being. This renders her independent of time and other things unless she allows it. But her soul is passively active. So Misery's attempt was null and void. Now she had a micro second to dodge this kick which was already applied to her back.

Even still, Misery had become an illusion upon the Earth King's daughter entering within her wavelength, and so she would still be kicking through an illusion, regardless. Since it seems that her soul was not accessible... Let's try her mind. Being within Misery's wavelength also meant instant access to the Sanity Shatter, which will lock up and/or shatter the minds of whomever is the victim of it, as well as allow Misery to look into their minds for an indefinite amount of time. If the girl couldn't think, she couldn't attack, right? Regardless, Misery would still be an illusion for 'experimental purposes' at this point... 'Let's check the mind...'

The Earth King's daughter stopped in midair and smelled the air. She didn't connect with Misery and decided that she had to find some way to purge her soul wavelength from her body. She remembered someone using some spells that he picked up, and she was about to replicated them. She didn't even notice the mental attack because her mind was constantly guarded by her sentient phoenix Al'Ar, which granted her powers. As a matter of fact, it was dangerous to enter the girl's mind, for a counter attack would be already in the works. "I hate illusions... It's not manly!" She pressed her hand to her heart, she muttered 'Soul Purge,' an ability to paralyzes the wavelength in the vicinity, because Misery's was around she began to manipulate the probability of her subconscious mind succumbing to the illusion. It was a slightly timely process... But it was in the works. She kept her guard up.

Unfortunately, because of Misery's intensely high powered wavelength, Soul Purge would not work on her, and instead, would be instantaneously matched and probably forced back automatically. Misery finally left the immediate area, letting her Sanity Shatter ability go away as she finally reappeared on a tree, or something. "... Not manly? I'll be damned if I'm a man..." She checked her pants, then grabbed herself inappropriately "All lady, baby!"

Misery scoffed. ".. Can't get rid of the mind, can't get rid of the soul... All that's left is the body." She smirked, pointing her blades at the young lady. "I guess that's my favorite thing to do, anyway!" Misery began to gyrate her arms, releasing massive amounts of Condemnation and Insanity from her body to contaminate everything that they touched... Thus making it easier for Misery to initiate attacks. She would jump off of the tree and into the air once more, now using her "Insanity Impact!" Just then, numerous gigantic blades of energy would fall from the sky, depleting the power of whatever they may touch and releasing explosions that do the exact same. Perhaps these could drain the girl's power...? Dunno.

The Earth King's daughter simply assumed that her Soul Purge worked. She still floated in the air and spun about towards Misery. She scattered drops of lava across the entire skies that were micro sized but avoiding the waves that misery shot. The girl, on the other hand, simply spun about in place, making a giant typhoon of storm flame that would surround both she and Misery, utterly eradicating all projectiles. The Phoenix storm flame was one of a kind; it was the storm flame on a cosmic scale -- any ordinary powers could not keep up with its might. The typhoon closed in on both of them, aiming to damage Misery.

Misery sighed, now releasing the Death Void. This would expand from her and bring the flame within the confines of this infinitely expanding, yet shrinking void of Condemnation, reversing the power of everything that gets sucked into it so that it can only damage itself until it is completely nullified within itself. Now, hopefully, the girl would be sucked into this contradiction herself so that Misery would not have to deal with more explosive attacks. Naturally, anything that went within her wavelength would be sensed, including the microscopic lava. Why? Because Misery was Khrona's partner. Being paired up with him so long allowed her to sense things even on a microscopic scale when within her presence, as Khrona could do with him mind, body and soul at once. Here, Misery can just do so with her soul. As such, Misery would isolate them within tiny micro boxes of Insanity, which was stated could absorb anything and everything it had to so that it could grow. Therefore, hopefully the micro lava would be gotten rid of that way. If not, Misery extended numerous scythe blades from her back and spun them at a high speed, the wind pushing everything away and allowing her to float in the air without having to fall, like a helicopter.

Since the storm flame can only be destroyed by a foreign storm flame other than itself, and since the Earth King's daughter's soul energy was tied to her and all of her abilities altering and nullifying the probability of Misery's attacks, even affecting her projectiles, her counter attack was null and void -- and aside from that, the girl's attacks were powered up due to her own internal amplifications. Did she think that her attacks would work in a different way? The storm flame is more than potent enough to destroy her very soul energy attacks. So the Earth King's daughter, on the other hand decided to use this as a perfect opportunity... She appeared outside of the closing typhoon while Misery was trying to remove it. "Let's see you get out of this one!" She kicked towards the typhoon and lava mixed with it, hardening it, turning it into a meteor sized dome of storm flame lava. This flame would degenerate the very mind of whatever it touched and since Misery was being so close, its heat would already be effecting her. The girl attempted to crush Misery with her lava bending kicks.

Misery noted that her abilities were failing her... This girl had too many power ups on her so swiftly... "... Are you fucking kidding--" It would seem as though Misery was done in, but long before then, Misery had ejected quite a bit of her soul energies through the gyration of her arms before she leapt into the sky. Thus, she could instantly transmute herself through there through her own soul... Thus, she imploded on herself, but at the same time, exploded outward in a different area, where the concentration of her wavelength was still large. She sighed. "I don't have many abilities... But surely they'll keep me from being toast. Hmph. I would hope, at least... Unless..."

Misery had an idea... Could this girl create her own reality? Hopefully not. Misery would swiftly spread her Insanity and Condemnation wavelengths throughout the area at a MASSIVE speed, as they had already congested enough to be spread instantaneously. If you can't hurt the foe, hurt the environment. "Grand... Cross." With that, an ASTRONOMICAL cross appeared and covered EVERYTHING on the ground with energy emanating into the sky. The reality of the ground would be destroyed upon being touched by the Grand Cross, thus making it non-existent anymore. Anything that touched this, other than Misery, would cease to exist by depriving reality of its ability to stabilize and thrive. Thus, the Grand Cross eliminated existences. Misery stood on the cross, which would hopefully begin to make the air, atmosphere, and so on non-existent anymore, and hopefully somehow hindering the Earth King's daughter.

'Agh...' The Earth King's daughter can unfortunately make her own reality; its one of her other Soul Abilities. She floated in the air a bit and exerted her soul wavelength manipulating the probability of her being unaffected by this attack to the highest possible degree. She can also influence events with the Phoenix Flames when they are applied to certain things. Since they flow through her, her combined wavelength mixed with the flames gave her the ability to affect the way reality affects her and everything associated with her. Now if she could just exert this influence on the attack then she would be okay, but she decided not to, for that would consume too much energy. She appeared in front of Misery preforming a single hand seal while laughing. "Is that all you got?" She then used one of her jutsu; she called it 'Astral projection'. Using the phoenix force, she can project a part of herself into other minds and paralyze their subconscious. These 'projections' are impossible to detect and be seen unless the individual has cosmic telepathy skills. Because the Earth King's daughter appeared at point blank, and she was projecting her self at a speed faster than light, avoidance was nearly impossible.

Again, this had nothing to do with the Earth King's daughter at the moment. Nope. Misery wasn't concerned with affecting the girl. Only getting out of the way. Because the reality was still under Misery's control, there was no point in the Earth King's daughter doing such a thing. Even if it doesn't affect her, it surely does affect Misery, and therefore, Misery's reality says that she's not in range of the attack. Like hell she's getting lightspeed mindfucked. I think NOT!

So, Misery would just continue to expand and strengthen the Grand Cross, still making everything except the girl that got in its way non-existent. "So... Girl... I doubt I can do this alone. I wanted to, but I doubt it. One by one my powers are failing me... And so, you think it would be better to call upon some other ones?" Misery created a ball via her own reality, throwing it up and down playfully. She wasn't gonna touch the Earth King's daughter. Nope. Not gonna touch her. "Let's play with this ball until something can be done, huh?"

The attack that the Earth King's daughter sent does not transpire on this realm, but between subconscious minds that she can traverse. All she needed to look at Misery and she could do this. Getting out of range of the attack would mean that Misery would have to be able to protect her mind, or stop the Earth King's daughter from looking at her... Which she was. There was no way to avoid such an attack by just mere distance movement, and technically Misery didn't even know the attack existed, so naturally she took the wrong precautions and was mindfucked accordingly, causing the Earth King's daughter to be able to influence Misery's subconscious and paralyze it, causing her to call off this attack and lie there like a mindless one at the girl's feet.

Because of being Khrona's partner, Misery was quite capable of moving with her own soul rather than with her mind. Since the attack was only subdued to a certain amount with the mind and not controlled with the mind, Misery the Grand Cross stayed. So, the soul of Misery would now take over the body and put the mind of Misery in that ball, away from the body... Then replace it with a new mind. Misery would then fling that ball... ELSEWHERE. So, everything was back to normal! And because of that minor moment when the mind was not controlling the attack, it expanded even more, though it exerted some power that wasn't necessary... Oh well. So yeah, Misery now made, yet ANOTHER ball. Just gonna play with that ball until she thinks of something new. Yep. Just gonna do that. If TJ tries to mind-rape her again, the process will repeat. FOR INFINITY. So, just gonna play with this ball.

The Earth King's daughter assumed victory was hers and left he vicinity.

Misery coughed, the Grand Cross lowering "... Weeeeeell. That was fun?... I think...?" She was rather confused. Oh well. Seems as though she still needed practice fighting by herself... Yeah. Let's go practice. She walked out of the area, whistling nonchalantly-- Then she realized that there was nothingness where she was walking and proceeded to ask Khrona to warp her out of there via mind... signal... Thing.

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Book 7; The Destruction of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 7; The Destruction of Khrona Tensei   Book 7; The Destruction of Khrona Tensei EmptyMon Mar 09, 2020 3:12 am

Fourth Destruction; Android Girl. Now.

Misery, who almost lost a fight to the Earth King's daughter, was now more pissed than ever. One, because she almost got beaten by a child. Two, because she was reduced to asking for Khrona's help whilst she was still completely pissed at him. And three, because she was still nowhere near satisfied in her frustration. All of these things combined plus being forced to be near Khrona made her wanna blow. Khrona was able to tell and knew that the best thing for Misery was always to let her vent and give her space until she felt better, and despite how upset he was with her... He figured that since they kinda had to be around each other right now, he, she and Despair -- who was also silently upset, but not letting anyone know -- could go blow off steam and hopefully fix the dissonance between the three of them. It didn't make any of them happy, especially not Khrona... and all he wanted to do was to have all three of them be loving and happy again. So with that, he would have to face one of his fears in order for the three of them to progress forward...

Khrona waited in a desolate place, seeming void of everything but empty and open land; the wind eerie and ominous. Khrona's eyes stared directly in front of him, seeming completely blank but also extremely focused at the same time. One arm was clenched to the other one. "Android girl..."

Misery and Despair, in their weapon forms, hovered beside Khrona, Misery inquiring "... Khrona, what the hell are we doing...?"

Khrona: "We're... Going to fight the android girl..."

Misery: "Doesn't that bitch make you all crazy and shit? Hell, look at your face right now. You're damn near insane just thinking of her! Not that I'm complaining, mind you."

Khrona: "... Without confrontation... There is no advancement..."

Despair: "Ah, yes... Words terribly well spoken, Khrona... If you do not face your fears, there will be no way to overcome them... It is tragically nice to see you doing such a horrid thing..."

Misery: "... So, what you're telling me is... All this pent up insanity and aggression you have, you are just gonna... Unleash on this newbie leader? And we're gonna go ALL OUT? Heh... Heh heh heh... That sounds like good shit to me!"

Khrona would grab Misery and Despair in his hands simultaneously, bringing them down to his side, outstretching his wings slowly, making a powerful and large gust of wind shoot out and spread for miles, the sound echoing throughout the air "... Where aaaaare youuuuuuuu.... Aaaandroooid giiiiirrrl...?"

The android girl from before strolled across the area, noticing Khrona had been expecting her. She was left pondering why he would, seeing how much he despised her, but felt it must be something important. "Khrona, so you were calling for me? How may I assist...?" She grew skeptical of his wings, as well as the sound resonating through the air. She scanned the field before putting on her pair of Innocence gloves.

Khrona pointed Misery at the android, Misery's face appearing in the shine of the sword blade. "You. Khrona's facing his fears now. You either fight now... Or shit goes wrong. That is all you need to know."

Khrona's eyes would drift in two different directions, his eyelids becoming heavy. His head would begin to droop over to the side a bit as a wicked frown slithered down his cheeks. Bringing Misery down to his side once more, his eyes fixated on the android girl, his Hyper Perception now in play. His soul and wavelength -- which he did not know if they were or were not apparent to the android girl -- would begin to expand around him from their original thirty foot radius, showing his power increasing slowly. There was a powerful wind that would be forced from him because of the power of his soul expanding. Unless the android could see, it would only look like an ominous and strong wind. Khrona's wings expanded as far as they could (on their normal wingspan scale without alteration), which was about eighty feet. Finally, his frown turned into an insane smile and his eyes, though one was hidden under his hair, gleamed brightly. "Aaaaandroooooiddd..." He said in an ominous voice, which would somehow travel throughout the land, as if only moving by Khrona's reality and his will...

Seeing the soul of Khrona's expand, the android analyzed it. She wasn't fazed by the ominous feelings, clenching her fists as her gloves illuminated Innocence. "How vague, but I will do what I must." She would quickly dash back consecutively until she was about a hundred feet from Khrona. While she dashed, her binary vision scanned and made note of all energies, objects and effects about the field. In the space where the android previously was, diamond pillars jutted from the ground and trail quickly towards Khrona.

Khrona snickered. "Diamond... How reminiscent of... My brother..." In fact, in Khrona's first battle against his brother, he attempted to crush Khrona with diamond... It failed. As the diamonds began to jut upward, Khrona used his psychic prowess to figure out when, where and what time one of the pillars was going to hit him. Once he did, he stiffened his black dragon blood to a harness that was... Well... Harder than diamond, basically, letting the pillar hit, but seem ineffective to him. Once it touched Khrona, it would then disperse into millions of tiny pieces, as Khrona has split most of the molecules up so that the diamond would become tiny, and then he had altered the diamond into air, so the diamond existed no more. As for the other pillars... Khrona made a moderately powerful flap with his wings, releasing a gigantic blast of wind with such a powerful force that it unintentionally launched him into the sky, but also flattened the land, making an indent in the ground wherever the wind hit, and hopefully shattering those pillars as well. "Eeeeee... Maybe... This android and my brother are not... That different?" Khrona's eye twitched "If so..." Khrona's soul continued to expand in the air, now reaching sixty feet in radius...

The android held her hand up, and as the mighty gust of wind came down upon the field, she would stop it with that same elevated hand. The android's glove would absorb all the kinetic energy in this powerful wind, dispelling it completely. "I have also met your brother. He is different than most humans; a very unique individual." Her lips would begin to move rapidly, seeming to be saying the reverse of what she previously said. Although no sound came out, she was chanting an incantation. "Data Adaptation." Binary energy began to swirl around the android, forming something like a veil. She would tap it several times as if she was dragging and dropping files with her fingertips. Suddenly, the energy began to expand outward rather quickly, covering so far a forty foot radius around her.

Khrona laughed a bit. "Let's see how similar you are... To my brother... The ex-leader..." Khrona would fling Misery outward at a slight incline, having her fly into the air slightly, transforming back into her human form as she did. She reached quite a long range, ending up behind the android girl. Khrona would then do the same thing with Despair, flinging her in the same way... Though because she was not heavy due to the fact that she was a razor, she did not gain much distance. Upon transforming, she would warp herself a great distance behind the android, opposite of Misery. Thus, they all formed a triangle around the android. "Let us see if you can fill... His shoes..." Khrona's eye gleamed "Chain Synchro." In an instant, their souls were linked, thus tripling the size of each of their souls as well as combining them. Seeing as each of them had sixty foot souls, their souls would increase in size times three, which would make each of them have a one hundred eighty foot radius soul, and then with all three of them combined would make a five hundred forty foot radius of their three souls and still expanding, thanks to Khrona. Since the android was in the dead center of their triangular Chain Synchro, hopefully she would be caught in the vast radius of their combined souls. As such, each of them could launch specific, deadly attacks that could be instantaneously used once someone was within the radius of their souls. Khrona would use his "Soul Null," which was a basically powered up version of 'Soul Purge' that Khrona invented. It had so much power that it can even seal chakra, jutsu, manna, and things of the like and rupture them for a good amount of time, which he was definitely trying to do to the android girl... But from all over. Misery would use properties of her own Insanity soul to distort and control the reality of the area within the soul ever so slightly, trying to get rid of the android's defense and if she was actually in the soul's radius, keep her in there. Despair would merely unleash her own Despair and Rejection wavelengths, the Despair wavelength deteriorating and weakening everything by great amounts by lowering their 'will to exist' and the Rejection wavelength trying to just reject and eliminate whatever was not wanted by the three of them. They did not actually attack yet, just controled what was going on with their combined souls -- but they were still on the defensive...

The moment Misery appeared behind her, the android took a mental note and placed her hand on the ground. The ground's viscosity would be turned to that of tar, and from there a massive tidal wave of this tar would come from all around the android girl, sucking under whomever was caught in it. Then with her speed, leaving a corruption clone in her previous location while she appeared some distance off behind Despair almost instantly, she was able to see the massive expansion of souls trying to connect on the field, one from each of them. "... ... ... ..." Her lips were moving, but no words could be heard from them. Binary energy began to randomly appear within the android's Data adapting field, which was still expanding as she sent a trail of corruption energy at Despair.

Misery, being merged with Khrona's soul at the moment, could indeed 'harness' some of his DNA abilities, and as such, move in ways that would easily allow her to slither out of the tar. Unfortunately for her, she still could not fly... 'Well, whatever.' She leapt high into the air and then, Khrona using the Soul Force to force her away, -- but not harm her, for his wavelength control was THAT precise and powerful-- Misery was shot a loooong distance outwards, thus expanding the range of their souls by that much more. Despair would mirror the movement of Misery, warping in the exact opposite side with exact opposite distance away from Misery as she was from Khrona, still keeping the triangle in tact and avoiding the android's attack. Now it was time for these three to go on the offensive... Misery would hold a hand up to the sky. "Endless Misery." The clouds would become darkened and just then, a million Insanity Impact swords appeared in the sky. They were massive swords of energy that depleted all other energies that came in their way, rendering them useless, and also made great explosions once they hit a target, the explosion sharing their properties. As such, each and every one would start to fall from the sky, one regenerating back in the sky once one exploded, and so on and so on. Misery wanted to totally drain the android girl from the get-go. Despair, on the other hand, had something else in mind... She was going to attack from below rather than above. "Gaea Lacrimosa..." she said lightly, her dress waving as she slightly floated in the air. With that being done, millions of explosives shot up from the ground just a little bit and detonated, the explosion differing with each explosive. Each explosion did, however, harbor a bit of Despair's Despair wavelength, thus meaning that what this wavelength touched would cause it to deteriorate and eat emotions, but also would make everything with a will lose said will and become idle and slothful, and also make it very easy for the Despair wavelength to spread because of the explosions. Finally, it was Khrona's turn... "Alexandros!!" He would call out, using his Summoner's power to bring Alexandros into this realm. As such, the mighty mechanical god would appear, the giant easily towering over the entire Dusk village, and it extended its angelic wings, which could cover the entire village, if Alexandros wished.

Now, if the android was a machine or technological being, then Alexandros, the mechanical god, should be able to control and subdue her, if need be... Alexandros would spread its wings as far as they could go, and from each and every gigantic feather would come a massive blast of the most powerful energy known; Ultima. Each of the Ultimas would rain from the sky and basically aim for the android girl, trying to obliterate her and anything near her. Even Misery and Despair might have to take some cover from this most destructive attack. Khrona laughed, floating onto Alexander's head, using his Soul Merge so that Khrona could exceed Alexandros's limit of being out temporarily, so long as the Soul Merge was active.

Analyzing the blades known as Insanity Impact that were raining from the sky, the android girl would recreate its binary structure, and fire up a barrage swords with the same ability known as depletion. She couldn't copy what was on Misery's soul, but she was familiar with all types of manna, allowing her to cope with the situation quite easily. As the Insanity Impacts cancelled each other out, he android girl would notice the build up of energy on the ground, figuring for this energy to release itself rapidly to create an explosion. With that in mind, she would dash and digitally warp out of the way of each explosion. Finally, this mechanical entity appeared before her. In her expansive memory, she noticed what this being was, but not exactly who. "A God," she said calmly as she held out her hand. Suddenly, a radiant burst of Innocence occurred in her hand, and when the light subsided, her axe was gripped in her's hands. It began to give off a radiant shine of Innocence; a light that could not be devoured. "I've never seen a God before..." She gave one mighty swing of her axe, creating a shockwave imbued with the power of Innocence, instantly negating all of the Ultimas and nullifying them. It may be the strongest manna, but because it was still that of the supernatural like manna is, the Innocence Weapon would exorcise it all the same. This shockwave continued towards the sky, negating the insanity impacts and continuing towards Khrona, Despair and Misery. Even the God wouldn't leave unscathed against Innocence. As the android's Data adaption field continued to spread across the field, the ground in which Despair was causing explosion would cease to do so, and Despair's energy would be converted into binary energy. This binary energy would start to build up around the field.

Khrona laughed as the android came nearer and nearer to him. "Hey... Despair... Let us show the android girl what the power of Rejection is, eh?" Khrona, Misery, Despair and Alexandros would create a Pyramid of purebred Rejection -- the wavelength which rejects anything and everything -- and the android girl was within it. No matter what the android tried to launch, the Rejection would force it back in. So long as nothing can touch the Rejection, it cannot be erased. The Rejection pyramid suddenly started to become smaller, the pressure of its eternal forcing away of anything that came within a certain distance would become more and more powerful, making a terrible pressure on the android girl. Eventually, she would be crushed by this.

"Alexander... My power is your power. Extend your wings to the end of the world and let this woman know yours and my power..." Alexander gave out a massive, godly moan, his wings extending further around the area; so large and so consumptive of the sky that there was no more blue. No more sun. No more clouds. No VISION of the sky whatsoever. Khrona laughed a bit insanely before saying "Reject." In an instant, the wings were lined with Rejection wavelength, the insane pressure it put on everything probably crushing everything within the protective encasement of the wings... And if somehow the android got out of the Pyramid, she would surely be crushed by this. "Condemn." The Rejection was suddenly merged with Condemnation wavelength, the pressure from that causing whatever was within the vicinity of the wavelength to slowly die, slowly destroy abilities and potency OF abilities, or anything of the sort. "Fall into Despair..." The wings were then merged with the Despair wavelength, which whatever was within the wavelength would lose their will, weaken all abilities until they were depleted, and cause sloth to the foe. "And embrace your Insanity..." The wings were finally merged with Insanity wavelength, which was the last thing Khrona needed. The insanity did numerous things... And Khrona planned on utilizing every insane thing that went on in his head. "And that's only the beginning, my dear... LEADER..." Khrona's head twitched a bit as he said that, then laughed at Alexander's might.

Alexander would also begin to charge Ultimas once again, however this time, the Ultimas would not be purely of manna... No, they would be embedded with each and every one of these wavelengths as well, to cause a massive impact of nothing but a mixture of Khrona, Misery and Despair's soul wavelengths and extirpate everything that was within the wings... Khrona's insanity drove this monster now, and because of that, there was only the will to make sure that the android did not survive. Oh, what Insanity does to one...

Misery, noticing that Khrona was busy harnessing each of their wavelengths, decided to use some of Khrona's mental abilities, as well... Just to be bitchy. "From his soul, I unlock his mind... And let his mentality run free." Khrona's mind expanded with a terrible crushing force around the entire area via Misery letting it loose... And that was all she would do for now.

Despair giggled unhappily, her dimensional dress expanding "If all else fails... We'll consume them all... Delightful, wouldn't you say?" Her dress slowly expanded... and expanded... and expanded...

With her binary vision, all of these wavelengths were quite visible to the android. The pyramid, the Ultima, and the other wavelength abilities. Khrona obviously had no clue, nor did the other two. The android held out her axe and it would multiply into a few more axes which would then all orbit the android girl. She was hovering a bit above the ground, and put her plan into motion the moment she saw the pyramid. "Data merge." The Innocence from the axe merged with data adaption field, giving it Innocence. One axe stabbed into the ground and release a screech of Innocence and binary energy, the rejection had no effect what-so-ever on this new field, and the screech would pass through it with ease. Innocence was used to exorcise, so Khrona lacing and merging his and his weapons' wavelengths with everything completely backfired, making every attack he just used susceptible to Innocence. Not to mention that since the innocence could do such things as a given, it obviously wouldn't be weakened, depleted, condemned, or anything by these other energies. This screech shattered and dispersed the pyramid, erased the Ultima charging with the God, nullified and cancelled the Condemnation wavelength and would break away at Khrona, Misery and Despair. If they so happened to hear this screech, or simply be in the immediate area, and they were, Khrona would more than likely have no clue what was happening. "Hmm... ... ..." The android girl made an incantation in her mind, and waited for the right chance to expel it. Just like Despair's dress, the android girl's field continued to expand, and expand... And expand. Everything within it would succumb to the android's alteration trait, allowing her to morph anything in her area to her liking. Khrona would also probably notice the God was weakening, and slowing deconstructing. Its Ultima was a part of its energy pool, which was also mixed with a wavelength.

Khrona smiled, as the sound would be deafened by the mind wave Misery let out. Even if the wavelengths backfired, nothing was said about the mind blast. Khrona, having a mastery of most, if not all, mental abilities, could easily rid the air of sound if he really wished. Speaking of wishing... The other thing that the wavelengths were sent to do. Their abilities were null, but their presence remained. Khrona's wavelength had still been expanding, never ceasing. The android's ability only nullified the present ability of the wavelengths, and not their literal presence. Therefore, this battle was still in Khrona's favor. "Everything. Will be forgotten." And with that, Innocence, Corruption, and anything ELSE the android had already used during the battle SHOULD be gone. Why? Because anything within Khrona's soul wavelength or mental radius can be altered to his will at any given moment. It was his own reality. Everything within his soul and his mind succumbed to his own reality... His mental pressures were indeed powerful enough to distort and alter the very reality that they encased. Since the android girl did nothing to remove herself from this, it would be instantaneous. Naturally, Khrona could only get rid of what he already knew was there. Hence, why only things that have been used by the android can be gotten rid of at the moment. Naturally, if she has anything else, she can feel free to use it... But his soul and mind were always his domain and his domain alone. Not to mention, he's got three strong ass motherfuckers backing him up, still. So uh... Yeah. They all served a purpose and played a part in this. Still, Khrona had to be on guard. Usually, when he comes unprepared, that is what throws him off... His eyes began to spin around in his head quite quickly... Rapidly...

The android girl still had her abilities, and they worked as well as they always did. Why? She had her data adaption field activated long before she was in Khrona's wavelength, and she already had her Innocence weapon equipped. The axe was simply a bonus. Khrona may have had the field, but it was irrelevant to the android. As long as she was within her field, Khrona's moves did little to nothing against her. "My, aren't you a very controlling person? What do you wish to forget, Khrona?" she asked quizzically. Her field gave a radiant glow of Innocence outward, nullifying portions of Khrona's wavelength while it continued to expand. If too much of this Innocence got into Khrona's soul wavelength, it could exorcise it. Sure, this Innocence was entering Khrona's reality, but it didn't change the fact that binary energy cannot be converted, and Innocence is unaffected by other abilities. It could exorcise the supernatural, so it was obvious that the substance itself would never succumb to other energies, or abilities. By the way, she was quite serious with her question.-

Khrona's... Soul... Where did it go...? It was not as it should be... Something was amiss... "... Khrona... Me? Forget? What do I want to forget...? Everything... That has happened... I want it all to be forgotten... Now... Make sure... No... Do not... All I have... But you... Can I...? Most definitely... Not you... Hate... But love..." Khrona's abilities... They were faltering... He was faltering... His being was falling to dust... He degenerated his powers... Degenerated his bond... Degenerated it all... All he had done that was wrong... "Alexandros... Begone.... Misery... Despair... Fall back... I don't want it to happen now... What has been... What shall be... What I have done..."

Misery and Despair... They would fall back... They would move toward their partner... Slowly... Drearily... They all grouped together. The sky ground was black with blood... and where was it coming from...? Their eyes... They sat down... And they all cried, simultaneously.. Khrona... Misery... And Despair...

Her own field would begin to shrink as Khrona's abilities began to falter. She appeared in front of the trio and embraced them, bringing them all in close. She knew someone like Misery may stab at her for being so close, but she was ready to take the consequence. "You've done nothing wrong, Khrona. " the android girl said as her hand rubbed the back of his head. "In the midst of forgetting, what do you wish to remember?" she muttered into his ear. Khrona seemed to be lost and unstable.

Each of them... Began to reject the situation... Somehow... Khrona, black blood shot from all over his body.... Trying to impale the android... Misery, blades shot out of all of her body, trying to impale her... Despair... Rejection, all over her body...

"Get out... Khrona wants not... Make... Away... You... Me... All... My soul consumes what is... What I... Get... Destroy... Remember all that is forgotten... But forget all that I know..."

The black blood pierced her, and Misery's blades stabbed into her body, but the android did not let go. The Innocence in her body kept the black blood and blades from having any negative effects on her body. She hugged them tighter, saying once more, "Your soul will only do what you want it to. Seize control of it, and stop it from controlling you." She spat up some plasma -- which acted as blood for her body -- as the blades dug deeper.-

Khrona fell limp, his eyes rolling to the back of his head "... A healthy soul... Resides in a healthy body... Which harbors a healthy mind..." The blood retracted into Khrona's body as he slowly began to curve his spine upright "... My soul, mind and body are one thing, as of now... I do not have a healthy mind..." Khrona's eye twitched. " ... Nor has my body ever been healthy..." Khrona's skin literally crawled around before settling once more "... And my soul... which is now part of the two... Can never be healthy..." This was why Khrona was so adept at controlling every aspect of himself... Every aspect of himself was literally merged together. If something is wrong with his mind, it shows in his soul and body, for they were all one thing... In fact, Khrona reverted into a soul, letting his body slip out of the grasp of Hakku before changing back into the body on this physical plane. Misery and Despair were taken with him. "... Android girl... I don't think I am afraid of you anymore... However... My soul quakes in fear for this world..." Khrona turned, starting to walk off... Somehow, he still twitched.

As she watched Khrona walk away, plasma dripped from her body's puncture wounds. She wondered if she had gotten through to Khrona, and if he had accepted her. "This world is full of unknowns. It's only natural to be afraid of something." She spoke in her usual calm tone. She, too, would turn and begin to walk off. The holes on her began to regenerate as she made her exit as well.

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Fifth Destruction; In The Chaos - The Data Realm's Secret

Once the entire ordeal between Misery, Despair and Khrona, as well as Khrona's distance and fear of his new co-leader were settled and each of them had grown significantly closer to each other, the now stable trio would make their way back to the Pit of Havoc so that they could work out all of their differences and the misunderstandings between them with a nice, healthy and calm chat. In that, however, something random came to Khrona's mind. Since he touched the android girl, he had absorbed some of her Binary Code and gained access to the Data Realm with his Mind and Soul. There, he came across a small little Technology Sprite known as Cleff, which buzzed around in his mind, feeding him information from a realm beyond. With this, Khrona was gifted with extra knowledge of Data, including the power to access the Data Realm, but only through the strange apparition known as 'Cleff.' What 'Cleff' told him to do was to seek out the Chaos Village Leader, the Demon King, and ask for access into the Data Realm for reasons unknown. For some reason, this Technology Sprite, 'Cleff' seemed extremely familiar to Khrona, even if he hadn't ever met this thing before, or even knew if it existed outside of his head. Strangely enough, he could trust this 'Cleff' that took on an image of himself in a 'Chibi-form,' and would project a digital copy of himself into the Chaos using the powers granted to him by this newfound Technology Sprite that lived inside of his head.

Just then, Khrona, sending a projection of himself into the Demon King's village -- since he DAMN well is not leaving his own village due to insane fear -- would in fact need the Demon King to do something for him... Something quite important... The projection would knock on the Demon King's door and await an answer, hearing voices inside.

"Unh... Ung..." The Demon King's maid could be heard making sounds of discomfort in her sleep. When the pentagrams had covered her body when she used execution, their power had stabilized the progression of tainted energy. Now her body was going through the painful process of adapting to the Demon Queen's chakra as well as recovering from the wounds she sustained fighting Ra... She tossed and turned and twitched occasionally but would not awaken for a while. The Demon King would close his eyes and whisper to one of his Chaos legends and Elite, "Not a word of my sight," he said in a very low tone as he gestured for his Elite assistant to open the door. "Now I do not know if we have money for a new building right now... With thi--" The Demon King turned to the east as he just sensed a massive amount of unfamiliar spiritual pressure. "What is that?" the Demon King asked quite loudly.

Khrona coughed. "Um, it is I, Khrona... You remember, Demon King...?" Khrona passed through the door, since he was just a projection, then bowed before the Demon King... But then froze in front of the other people "... I... Don't know some of these people..."

The Elite assistant was about to open the door when the weird person passed though it. "... Well I believe one of the Shinigami is over there, Boss. The weevil and a guy named Walter are fighting him... I also believe there were similar attacks in the other villages as well." The assistant was a sensor, and a damn good one at that. She could feel the energy of every shinobi from the Chaos regardless of how far they were from her village. "Also, Demon King... Why don't you allow the village's legend to stay at your house...? It's been so empty these past few months and I'm sure young the young mistress and young mas... Wait... I can't feel the young master's chakra. He must be in hell again. Anyway, I'm sure they could use the company."

"Ahh, Khrona, what can I do for you... And why are you a ghost?" the Demon King asked while leaning on his arm with his eyes closed.

Khrona laughed, trying to ignore everyone else. "Ghost? No... Astral projection of myself. Psychic powers rock, non? Besides, I can become a soul at any given time I wish... BUT THAT'S BESIDE THE POINT. DEMON KING... I AM IN NEED OF THE VIRTUAL MONSTERS...!!!" Khrona pointed at the Demon King in an epic way as numerous frames of the same pose shot at different angles appeared of Khrona and the Demon King over and over and over and over again...

A hero would appear at the Demon King's Office after giving himself some time to heal from his battle with the weevil. He would knock on the door and would then wait to see if the Demon King was in his office at the moment.

"Come in," the Demon King said while resting on his hand. He couldn't see the movements... Since he was blind, but hey, no one knew that anyway. "Now... Assistant, please give this man a Virtual Device... Although I don't know how he or it will hold. As for the bitch... I mean, the virtual creature you just named... You will have to find and tame him yourself... But remember, your powers inside the Data Realm are halved and fighting him with a low level virtual monster will be quite problematic. Since I don't wanna log out, I will give you the Virtual Device myself." The Demon King reached inside his desk and tossed Khrona the device he needed along with the Black Card, allowing him to evolve his virtual pets and tame any virtual creature he pleased. Now, assuming the hero would have walked into the office by now, the Demon King would address him. "... Who are you... Person I have never seen before?"

The hero would walk in and bow to the Demon King before speaking. "I am a traveling hero and an Advanced member of the Twilight, as well as of the Earth King's Mafia family."

Khrona took the virtual device, holding it with... PSYCHIC POWERS. "Alright then... But can I gets a young virtual pet real quick? Like... A plantoid~?" Khrona flailed his arms randomly, enjoying this new Virtual Pet sort of thing. He wanted a plant type so that she would take out the Black Rabbit!

"Mafia family... I believe my daughter is in that little thing, am I correct?" The Demon King wasn't sure what a mafia family was... But could it be any worse than a shinobi? "Khrona, Just swipe that card and the plant pet will appear... Before you." The Demon King, still leaning on his desk, wondered where his children were. "Assistant, where is my virtual mistress?"

The hero would freeze for a moment to see if he had met the girl the Demon King was talking about. The hero would then remember during the last family mission a girl who was there and he could feel a similar type of energy coming from the Demon King that matched up with hers. "Yes sir! She is a part of the Earth King's Mafia family."

"Your virtual mistress... Is in the digital world, Boss. I believe she is searching for the digital artifacts and the digital armors. A duke went with her." The assistant was at the Demon King's right hand, as she felt like his guardian of sorts, but she wondered when the maid would arise. "Why do you ask for her?"

Khrona squealed. "YEA!!! Okay, virtual pet... Let's go." Khrona swiped the card coolly and a plantoid creature would appear. Because Khrona had informed everyone of how cool he swiped the card, detail was not necessary.

Virtual Pet: "Hi there. I'm a plant!"

Khrona: "Hi! I'm Khrona! Your new name is Meiun, kay!?"

Meiun sighed. "... Right. Whatever."

Khrona happily skipped off. "THANKS DEMON KING~!" he said, passing through the door again and off to find that Black Rabbit~!

Khrona appeared with Meiun, looking for that Black Rabbit. "Soooo... Meiun... Think you can, uh... evolve, or something?"

She sighed. "... Use the device you were given, Khrona."

Khrona swung around his device. "WHAAAT? USE THE DEVICE? Eh. When the Black Rabbit comes."

Khrona sighed. "Well... Let's see how this goes, then, huh?" Khrona and Meiun walked through the this digital place, searching for this elusive Black Rabbit... It WAS quite great and powerful... It wouldn't just be lying around somewhere-- "Oh wait, there he is! Black Rabbit!!" Khrona pointed to an arbitrary direction, smiling gleefully.

In the direction Khrona pointed, the trees would rumble, then part... The ground would waver and become distorted, resounding with terrific power... A large and ominous groan echoed throughout the lands, as the great Black Rabbit revealed itself...


The Black Rabbit slowly gazed down at the flailing meat sack... He would grunt a bit, raising a hand up to Khrona, as if he were accepting his offer... However, at the very last moment, the giant Black Rabbit flicked Khrona off somewhere with his finger and continued to hover about ominously.

Khrona flew through numerous trees, yet kept a smiling face as he crashed through them all. Once he stopped, Khrona instantly got back up as if he were unfazed. "... That was sooo cool~! But... It was also a BIG MISTAKE." Khrona whipped out the Black Card, then busted out his device, which was now merged to his own DNA in his hand. "... Transcendent Evolution."

Khrona slid the card through the device he had in a cool ass way, causing Meiun to undergo Transcendent Evolution.

The plantoid would rise into the air, glowing an odd shade of black and green, as her body began to lose its shape... From her arms exploded two overly large claws, as her body grew into an oval shape. From this oval, a flower bloomed on her head and turned a bright orange. On the front of this new plant creature was a cut-out face appeared that seemed rather soulless and expressionless. However, the deed was not done there.

The greater plantoid continued to evolve rapidly. The orange flower on her head exploded with energy, releasing a bud of a flower and leaving nothing but an empty shell where the bud once was. From the bud bloomed a head and upper torso, as the blooming flower assumed the role of a dress to the torso. Human-like legs with natural boots spewed out of the flower dress. Arms would spread out from the torso as well, hands surrounded in petals and vines becoming the new hair of her. Four large, leafy wings extended from the back of this creature. Yet, the evolution process was still not done.

The plantoid, yet again, continued to evolve. This time, her budding flowers grew into roses, as her body also grew from cute to sexy. Her clothes became tight, her boots became tight, and the flowers on her wrists became long, sharp, painful thorns wrapped around the length of her arm. The wings on her back became a long, flowing, elegant floral cape and finally, a floral jewel bestowed itself on the breasts of this diva, surging power through her. "... Complete..." she would say, cracking her knuckles and slashing her thorn sword through the air.

The Black Rabbit felt the sudden burst in power from another virtual creature... And thinking his power was being threatened, the Black Rabbit turned around and glared at the plantoid, raising a hand and summoning the Heaven's Judgment. In an instant, the clouds became dark and corrupted lightning rained down from the skies in the general direction of Meiun, corrupting and obliterating everything that the lightning came in contact with.

Meiun giggled. "Silly boy..." And in her three inch heels, darted off at mad speeds; so fast that she was able to dodge the lightning. As she elegantly dodged the lightning, she would point her thorn sword at the enormous Black Rabbit and shout "Beauty Shock!!" which released an immense lightning bolt of the same epic proportions right at the Black Rabbit, hoping to shock him significantly.

The Black Rabbit chuckled grimly, grabbing the lightning with his massive hand and corrupting it, then crushing it under its own corruption. The Black Rabbit then muttered something without moving his mouth, yet the words echoed everywhere in a dark voice, "Let me show you... What real lightning can do... Your minuscule bolt is no match for..." The Black Rabbit raised his hands to the side of him, the dark clouds instantly engulfing the entire skies rather than just one area, "... the Terminal Judgment..." and then the bolts began to rain down nonstop, corrupting and deleting everything that they may that they hit, utterly destroying them. There was literally nowhere to run and nowhere to hide...

Meiun scoffed. "You must be kidding me..." She could see everything getting deleted in this process. So, there was only one thing to do... Send out decoys. "Danger Thorns!!" she screamed, making millions of extremely large, fast as bullet thorns shoot upward to combat the lightning to make sure that none touched her and tried to ensure that no more hit the ground. Seems as though she had gotten the bolts out of the way, but... No avail over getting near the Black Rabbit. She then shouted out, "Rosy Cradle!!" in which that made any of the grass on the field sprout of roses which would instantly put whomever they touched to sleep on contact. She continued toward the Black Rabbit at a high speed, almost close enough for a physical attack, herself...

The Black Rabbit merely floated a bit above the ground, making sure that the roses could not touch him at all. As Meiun came close, the Black Rabbit would alter the gravity so that she was always running in the same spot, no matter how fast she went. Next, it was time to strike her down while she was immobile... With the Thousand Spear. Literally, one thousand spears of gigantic, corrupted lightning bolts surrounded Meiun from every angle. They would obliterate her data if she did not react fast. Once the bolts were fully aimed at Meiun, the Black Rabbit let them fly at her, greatly hoping to destroy her data and feed it to the Black Rabbit for power...

As the Black Rabbit was mustering up the lightning, Meiun smirked, taking into effect the fact that she could make the roses from the Rosy Cradle grow a bit, thus, one would wrap around the Black Rabbit's leg and instantly cause him to sleep, which should cause the lightning to go away. Meiun would crack her whip and point menacingly at the the Black Rabbit, whom was hopefully asleep, lest she gets fucked over and dies.

The Black Rabbit was about to release the Thousand Spears, when suddenly, something touched his foot... What a terrible feeling. It instantly caused him to fall into deep slumber, making the lightning useless. The Black Rabbit curled up, not unable to do anything because of his sleep...

Meiun smirked, taking this to her advantage. "... Alright. Now, it is time for you to be captured... Thorn Whip." She wrapped the whip around the sleeping Black Rabbit, making it her slave for eternity, no matter what, and therefore, also making it Khrona's slave in the process. They both snickered at the weakened monster.

The Black Rabbit was sound asleep, and hadn't even used a fraction of its power, yet... Maybe that's what he gets for playing around with his prey. Oh well. Better luck next time.

Khrona smiled, for he was overcome with joy from the battle. "... Well. We've got ourselves a Black Rabbit~!! YAAAAY!" Khrona pointed his device at the the Black Rabbit and caused it to OFFICIALLY belong to Khrona. The Black Rabbit would shrink down to a tiny size, as if becoming compacted for safe keeping, then went into the device. Meiun would quickly degenerated back into her normal plantoid state from using so much energy to sustain that form AND battle the Black Rabbit. Meiun sighed "... We are NEVER fighting one of the angels AGAIN." And with that, the three of them were off, good and happy~!

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Sixth Destruction; Close Combat Khrona

After acquiring his two virtual pets, with the helpful instruction of that 'Cleff' inside of his head, Khrona would return his digital astral projection back to himself, collecting the Data of each of his two digital partners now and storing them inside of the Data Realm, where 'Cleff' resided. Apparently, the second one he captured, 'Black Rabbit,' had been analyzed to be one of the components of the legendary 'Excalibur,' however Khrona didn't pay much heed to it at the time. He simply allowed 'Cleff' to deal with it. As that occurred, Khrona felt inside of him the need to train in terms of close combat physical training, since that is where he was weakest. Therefore, with Misery and Despair to be left at home and have a bit more space from him (just in case they weren't feeling completely better), Khrona would arrive in the Battleground waiting for an opponent to have an epic with.

There was no Misery. There was no Despair. There was only Khrona... It was just a Khrona day.

Khrona walked along a gravel path, staring at the river next to him and dabbing a hand in the water to splash it just a bit. "Blehhh... It's... Rather lonely here without my weapons..." Khrona touched the ground with his hand, even though it was gloved... He could still feel it, if he chose. "... The grass feels good..."

Khrona didn't feel much. He wasn't a fan of touching people or things other than those really close to him... Hm. "... I don't touch things much, do I...?" His eye twitched at the thought of touching someone other than those close to him... He shuddered. "Ugh... Repulsive..." Khrona stared off at the sky, dark clouds over head. "... I'm gonna have to have physical contact with people eventually... No matter how scared I am..."

The Burst Village leader felt a strong Chakra emanating from someone in the air. He followed what he felt and came to the gravel path. He picked up a rock in skipped it across the water as he approached Khrona. "Hey." The Burst leader placed his hands in his pocket and tapped his toes on the ground.

Khrona had been lost in his own thought... His perception of the world. Twisted and insane... Or perhaps that was himself? It couldn't be told which was which by him at the moment... But something was within the vicinity. Someone... From this place... But no one Khrona had ever encountered before... Odd. Khrona turned and eyed him up and down, glaring at his soul.

"... Hello..." Khrona said meekly and suspiciously, noting the great power that lay within this person... Odd that Khrona did not sense him coming from a long ways off.

Khrona was prepared to invade the man's soul and mind to find out everything about him-- "You alright? You seem a bit off." The Burst leader shrugged his shoulders as he took his right hand out of his pocket and held it outward for a handshake. "I'm the Burst Village leader."

Khrona's eyes darted all about as thoughts raced through his head... A million a minute. No, literally. His brain was so congested with thought that to the normal person, it would make their head explode... Yet, Khrona could hear the thoughts all clearly. Slowly driving him even more insane...

"... Me? ... I'm... Khrona... I'm... Fine..." Khrona was trying to hold his sanity. As the Burst leader extended his hand for a shake, Khrona's entire body froze... Even his thoughts froze. He had to touch someone... Someone he did not know. What a terrible, terrible, terrible situation it was... But through the horrific situation, a single thought began to circle around in his head... "Burst leader..." Khrona extended his hand, yet it did not meet with Aeon's hand, it merely mirrored it. Khrona took a step back.

"... You and I... Let us. Battle..." Khrona's head started to twitch, now. "... Close... Range...?" Was this REALLY coming from Khrona's mouth? What was he thinking? Why would he do such a thing? Khrona excelled in long range fights with only his soul, not his fists! And yet... His drive towards the ability to touch things forced him to go through with this. Khrona grabbed his other arm with the hand he extended toward the Burst leader, looking quite scared of touching him at the moment. "What do you say, Burst leader...?"

He raised his eyebrow at the sight of Khrona's actions. The Burst leader hadn't met anyone so 'unique' in a long time. He chuckled a bit to himself. The actions of Khrona at the moment could be similar to that of a shy child, but nothing about him screams that at all. Quite interesting. "Okay Khrona, let's go." The Burst leader smirked as he quickly darted toward Khrona. In what would seem a small instant, he was gone from where he stood; nothing but a dust cloud from the gravel. Appearing a short distance away from Khrona, the Burst leader jumped into a slide with his foot extended, sliding passed Khrona. The Burst leader placed his hand on the ground and spun attempting a sweep kick.

Khrona, lost in his own thought, was not anticipating such speed from the start. Khrona falls, and when he does, lands on his head... Normally, this would be quite devastating... But to Khrona, this was not the case. Khrona controlled every aspect of his body at all times, therefore, Khrona did not land on his head, but rather, the extremely stiffened tips of his hair strands. "My... You're fast..." Somehow, Khrona wasn't using his Hyper Perception yet... Perhaps something blocking his mind was keeping him from using it...

Regardless of whatever was plaguing Khrona, he swiftly retaliated by expanding his monstrous wings to their full length, about an eighty foot wingspan. The force of them opening was enough to shake the ground and bend the trees, and hopefully push the Burst leader away. His wings then morphed into overly large, colossal fists. Khrona launched himself into the air via his hair, but only slightly so that he was above his opponent. Swiftly, Khrona let loose the power of his wing-fists and tried to punch the Burst leader with this immense power.

The opening of the wings pushes the Burst leader away, but he used it to his advantage. Manipulating the wind from the expansion of the wings, the Burst leader used the current to shift out of the way of the fists. Instead of moving far out the way, he stayed close. Charging his feet with lightning, the Burst leader kicked off the massive fist and toward Khrona. The kick off would send stunning volts traveling up the monstrous arm.

Upon being kicked, Khrona felt the terrible amount of voltage surging up his wing, however to ensure that it didn't go through the rest of his body, Khrona released a Soul Purge throughout his entire body, which should be able to parry the electrical force of the attack and cancel it out before it could do any damage.

Khrona landed on the ground, still holding his own arm. "Electricity...?" Khrona smiled wickedly, jumping after the Burst leader, however now he was spinning. From the very middle of Khrona's forehead came a spike... Twas no ordinary spike. It was Black Dragon Blood. Khrona's Black Dragon Blood could be stiffened to any hardness and any density, thus making it actually better than a metal spike. As he spun, the fist-wings would expand slowly and arch over, trying to make sure they could grab the Burst leader if he tried to escape.

The Burst leader looked at the wing-fists and how they are arching over to trap him. While still heading toward the fist, the Burst leader extended his left hand. Lightning began to spark around them. Chakra began to solidify as it continues to spark and lash out like a mini lightning storm. From the lightning extends a 'blade' that curves up the length of his arm. "Raikiri Edge." He no longer tried to escape the hands, but instead stick to the wings like a fly on a wall with his Chakra anchoring him to them. Once more, the man sent a shock throughout the arm, but more emphasis on speed to see how far it can travel without being cancelled. He then pushed off toward Khrona and spun. The 'Raikiri's Edge' headed toward the spike. The spin slowly drifted the Burst leader off to the side, to try to avoid the spike but still cause damage with the Raikiri Edge. The spin isn't drastic and the spike would probably deeply scratch his arm in the collision.

Khrona gasped at how the Burst leader attached himself to his wing, feeling the shock once more, but once more, retorting with a Soul purge. The electricity would be slowed drastically by the Black Dragon Blood, which there was a multitude of in Khrona's wings, thus, it would take a lot more for lightning to surge through Khrona's body without being canceled, taking both speed and power.

Khrona's eyes gazed off in two different directions as the Burst leader neared. "... He's coming...~" Right before the Burst leader made contact, Khrona would bend himself in such a way that would probably totally obliterate the spine of a normal creature. Khrona's legs then quickly followed up, trying to kick the Burst leader into the ground before he darted out of the way, though from the Burst leader's speed at the moment, Khrona would probably not be able to make contact... As such, he extended his fist-wing with an open palm in the Burst leader's direction, hoping that he would fly into it like a baseball so that the hand could close up swiftly like a venus flytrap and crush him.

Although the kick of Khrona wasn't fast enough to launch the Burst leader into the ground, it did make contact with his calf of his right, sending pain running through. Distracted by the movement of Khrona, the Burst leader cringed a bit as he turned around to look back at Khrona. The Burst leader then smacked hard into the palm of the hand. He emitted a strong wind from his hand with an immense pressure to keep the hand from crushing the hell out of him as well as releasing lightning from the Raikiri Edge to help out. Once the chance is gained, the Burst leader pushed quickly, heading toward the ground, escaping the clutches. He landed on his knee and let out a breath of sharp air. Hitting the hand was like hitting a hard wall. It hurt. The Burst leader refreshed the Raikiri Edge, but this time on both hands as he waited for Khrona to come down. The Burst leader's feet also started sparking.

In a swift, flowing movement from the force of the kick, Khrona continued to spiral because of it once the Burst leader was out of his grasp. Khrona just continued to spin and spiral erratically toward him, but in the process, he wrapped himself within his fist wings, making a large ball. Khrona had become a boulder, but not only that... Spikes of his Black Dragon Blood jutted out from all possible angles... One spike, however, was larger than the rest of them, for whatever reason. Regardless, Khrona intended to crush and impale the Burst leader all at once. Inside of his protective encasing, Khrona giggled to himself "... This is... Fun..." Naturally, Khrona was not paying much attention to the Burst leader's body... When not using his mind TO battle, it seemed as though Khrona got rather distracted..

The Burst leader slammed his right arm into the ground and released the Raikiri Edge. The lightning leaves his hands and then goes into the ground. The ground quickly flashes and sparks, but it stops soon enough. The Burst leader then extended his hand and opened his palms. A wrecking ball of lightning quickly erects itself from his hand with a lightning chain along side it. He tossed the wrecking ball of lightning all around, moving it this way and that. Once careful attention is paid, it can be seen that he was trying to get the chains to wrap around the various spikes as well as set up a web. The Burst leader then sent the wrecking ball toward Khrona in his ball.

Khrona cocked his head within his containment. "... There is commotion outside..?" Khrona could feel the power of the lightning around him... And it was in the form of... A chain, it seemed? Why only a chain...? Khrona would try to open his wings, then notice that the chains were restricting him far more than he realized... No matter. Something that Khrona could-- But, at that very moment of thought, the wrecking ball would smash into Khrona, sending him flying with a sufficient force, and thus tightening the chains around him. Khrona sighed sadly. "I don't want to be restricted..." And split his body into halves. His organs could be seen from each side of his body, noticing that they were all entirely black, just like his blood. Khrona quickly re-attached himself and released himself from his wings. He had high hopes that the wrecking ball was all fucked up by now. Thanks to his wings, Khrona's body suffered little damage from the ball and the force. Khrona, still in the air, would stiffen his legs to a point and aim at the Burst leader. With a powerful flap from his wings upward, he would fly at the Burst leader with unimaginable force and speed, the very impact probably able to decimate the ground under him, if not the Burst leader, himself. To keep himself from falling, Khrona would place the hand-wings firmly on the ground, then proceed to trying to impale the Burst leader even more with his pointed legs... Over and over and over and over...

"This guy is something else..." The wrecking ball of lightning explodes along with the chains, sending down a rain of small lightning strikes toward Khrona. Below, the Burst leader drew his blades and called forth four Chakra Blades to him. They shine as they emerge on the scene. They begin to spin wildly, but accurately to guard against the impaling assault. With them both, the Burst leader used to block against the insane assault as well, but these blades were emitting powerful wind to try to push Khrona back. And the lightning, instead of trying to travel up, is now lashing outward; not very far, but far enough to try to strike the body of Khrona.

Khrona's wings or cloak would most likely take care of the lightning strikes, letting the automatic Soul Purge take effect. Khrona dug the fingers of his wings into the ground, letting the wind take him high into the air, his wings stretching as he did so. Thus, the short ranged lightning being omitted from the Burst leader would not hit Khrona's body. Unexpected turn, non? The fingers that dug into the ground earlier would appear as a multitude of spikes that were Khrona's stiffened fingers shot straight upward, again, trying to impale the Burst leader, but also wrap around him and encase him, to make sure that he could not escape...

Khrona, who was now high into the sky, suddenly stiffened his wings and forcefully opened a wound onto his legs... They blood would quickly flow out and then stiffen to that of a gigantic blade... At that moment, Khrona resembled a living guillotine. Again, using the epic force of his own wings, he shot downward with terrific power and force at unimaginable speeds. He wished to slice the Burst leader clean in two...

"He's insane!!" The Chakra Blades would swiftly slash at the spikes while the Burst leader would jet out of the way of the spikes trying to wrap around him. The Chakra Blades would remain close to the spike in case of any further actions from them. The Burst leader extended his hands outward, creating a Raikiri Edge in one hand, but increased the size of the blade to the size of three buses side by side. In the other hand, a Pressure Wing. The Burst leader brings his hands together, combining the powerful force. The Pressure Wing has enough power to push back a skyscrapper with a decent foundation. The Raikiri Edge with lightning thrashing out wildly. A good amount of Chakra goes into the attack. The combined forces resembles a giant blade. He swings the blade like a bat at the falling Khrona. The whole action doesn't take long, but under the pressure of Khrona's violent assaults it seems longer.

Khrona instantaneously stopped all movement throughout his body, staring at the Burst leader. This was an extremely large blade that was trying to cut him, however... It did not cut him. Upon Khrona freezing, it hit him and flung his body into the ground, but his fingers were still dug into the ground. Khrona smirked, retracting his wings as if he were on a slingshot, again trying to slice the Burst leader, but this time from the side rather than completely from above.

Still holding the blade, the Burst leader stabbed it into the ground. The massive pressure of the wind leaves cracks all in the ground as well as tossing pieces of ground upward. From the crack comes a glow. The lightning that was released into the ground earlier was being stored once it reacted with the blade. It began to rain lightning upward with a great coverage of the area. The combo Pressure Wing and Raikiri Edge fades as a results of the attack... The Burst leader takes the time from the attack to jump high into the air, and then float on a ball of Wind Chakra. He breathes a bit heavily while he says, a bit scared by the displays from Khrona, "What... the hell. Is the only thing on his mind to slash me up...?" The Burst leader looked around his body. Although he's been avoiding fatal strikes, he still had rips and whatnot on his clothes.

Khrona sighed, pulling his hands out of the ground. Once the lightning started to rain upward, Khrona's body would be shocked, which would hurt his main body... Though, eventually, becoming shocked caused him to adapt to the outer pressure put on him, making the shocks ineffective, though Khrona was paralyzed for a few moments. "... Aren't you having fun...?"

Once Khrona regained his composure, Khrona's wings would then multiply to ten; five on each side. Two would grab onto trees, two would launch themselves up at the Burst leader with great and powerful force, and the last one would morph itself into a hammer. Khrona extended that one high into the sky, past the Burst leader's position, it continuously growing as it went higher.

"Fun?? Pretty twisted idea of fun..." The Burst leader kicked off of the ball of wind going toward Khrona. Creating Raikiri Edges once more on both hands, the Burst leader slammed them into the two hands and tried to slide down the like a clothesline or something similar to that effect. All the while,
he increased his lightning force that lashes out. The lightning is now making contact and creating small explosions of lightning.

Suddenly, Khrona's eyebrows furrowed as the Burst leader neared. "Don't... Come... Any... Closer..." As the Burst leader continued to slide down, spikes would jut out of Khrona once more, trying to stop the Burst leader in his tracks, then wrap around his body to restrain him. Khrona's wings could take the explosions of electricity, most definitely... It was a matter of not letting the Burst leader get close... But... Doesn't that defeat the purpose? Yet Khrona fears the closeness...

The large hammer hand would continue to expand, even though it had stopped reaching toward the sky. Many a spike protruded from the hammer, as well... The other two hand-wings gripped the trees tightly... Something was about to happen that was terrible. Khrona only hoped that his efforts subdued the Burst leader... Or his plan might get fucked up...

"Does he really not want to be touched that badly?" To test this theory, the Burst leader continued to push through, getting cut and nicked with some of the spikes. Once he got close enough, he pulled out the Raikiri Edge and they fade. Moving at startling speeds, the Burst leader appeared directly in front of Khrona, very close. "Boo." The Burst leader quickly give Khrona a tap on the head with his fingers. Although the Burst leader wanted to test exactly Khrona's reaction, he forgot the fact that being this close to him was uneasy until after he touched him. Like a child putting the covers over its body, the Burst leader called forth Chakra Blades to surround him as well as beef up the Chakra around him to brace for impact.

The instant Khrona was touched, his forehead's skin would engulf the Burst leader's finger. "AUUUUAAAAAURRRGH!!! WHY DID YOU DO THAAAAAAT!?!?!?!?" Khrona would snap his head around, flinging the Burst leader into the ground with a powerful force, hopefully stunning him long enough for Khrona to initiate this attack. He didn't notice how perfect a setup this was until he realized what his two hand-wings were touching... Trees.

Using his power of DNA, Khrona merged his DNA with that of the trees, then used their roots to absorb a hell of a lot of the water from the river. Next, Khrona would make all of the trees in the area become merged with the two in his hands, then increase the sizes of the trees by that much, making them an astronomical size due to the vast amount of arboreal entities that had consumed. Also, because they were merged with Khrona's DNA, he could harden their leaves and branches to the stiffness and sharpness of that harder and sharper than metal. Khrona could also change the shape of the trees so that they resembled swords, as well, and make the leaves so close together that you could not go through them without touching a leaf; he could make them rotate and vibrate so that going through them was like going through a shredder. Khrona raised his two hands with these colossal tree swords and spoke, "... Why did you touch me...?" Finally, he scraped both of the trees across the ground, taking down EVERYTHING that was within their vicinity as they closed in on the Burst leader from both sides.

Next, it was time to release the hammer. It was larger than the trees, but not by too much. The hammer, covered with spikes, would fly down on the area with massive speed and force, as it was exhibited that Khrona's wings could excrete easily, but because of its new mass, its force, weight and speed should be a HELL of a lot more. The hammer came from above to impale the Burst leader whilst the shredder trees came from the sides... And Khrona stayed in the middle with twoo more hand-wings ready to counter the Burst leader if he came in for an attack.

The Chakra Blades would multiply by great numbers, spinning around the Burst leader. The Chakra he used to brace for impact now expands outward like a bubble shield. Wind walls, lightning lashes out, Burst surrounded him. His massive chakra pool being drain just on these defensive techniques. He didn't factor in just what the touch would do. Under the impact he could only hope what he'd set up with be enough to keep him living. Coming out unharmed is most definitely not an option.

Khrona noticed the set up of defenses by the Burst leader... 'Hm... Trees have a point at the top... Might as well use them as drills.' Once they were in close enough, Khrona would rotate the trees at a high speed at their point to try to penetrate the Burst leader's defenses. This would be much faster than the original plan.

The hammer, instead of totally crushing the Burst leader, would instead just compress itself around the barrier he was in, thus encasing him within the wing. That's when numerous spikes would shoot at the Burst leader from the inside of the hammer wing, just in case.

Khrona had yet another idea. He would send a large amount of Soul Purge power through the hammer and try to force the Burst leader deep into the ground with the explosive blast of the Soul Purge, attempting to launch him like a cannon. The other wings of Khrona would slam into the ground and then seep into the ground... If the Burst leader had been blasted into the ground as Khrona planned, Khrona would then attack him from underground.

"Damn can't go up." The Burst leader looked to the ground. 'If I can't go up I have to go down.' Drawing his weapon, he stabbed it into the ground and twisted. The second he twisted it, the Burst leader released a large amount of Burst into the ground. The vast amount of Burst completely destroyed the ground under him. Rocks, grass everything all but vanishes. A crater now in the area, the Burst leader sees Khrona's hands that are underground whilst descending from where he was. While still in mid-air, the Burst leader jetted out of the way. He called Chakra Blades to him once more. He heavily pants as he tries to focus. His heart raced as Chakra swirled around his left leg.

Khrona cocks his head. "Ooooh...?" An eye would appear on one of his hands, spectating the Burst leader. "... He touched me... Time for me to touch him..." Khrona's wings suddenly reverted back into their wing form as Khrona made his way close to the Burst leader. They then wrapped around the entire area, closing off the escape of both of them. Naturally, Khrona and the Burst leader would have to duke it out inside of Khrona's own wings. They were underground... Twas dark. Khrona was used to this, since he lived in a pit, and could see clearly... But what of the Burst leader?

"This has been... Quite exhilarating... I'm feeling.. Less insane.. And more... Alive." Khrona started to walk closer. "But now, you and I are face to face..." Khrona's eyes suddenly glared at the Burst leader, as if piercing through his soul. ".. And I am not afraid." Khrona's forearms became covered in Black Dragon Blood, the blood stiffening, hardening and sharpening to the form of a large ax blade on each side. "Time to see how Khrona can do without his wings... Eh?"

"Less insane...not really." The Burst leader's Chakra Eye glows a neon purple as it activates. The darkness is going to after him. He could see even more than before -- the Chakra of everything. The Chakra Blades, instead of floating at his back, perked up and pointed toward Khrona while still close to the Burst leader; they are at least an arm's length away. He began walking toward Khrona. His weapon is encased with a layer of Burst, increasing the size and width of the blade by just a bit, the aura giving off a light of its own, even though its unneeded.

Khrona's mind was focused, now. His one target was the Burst leader. Hyper Perception was active. Khrona could see everything now. Khrona dashed at the Burst leader, but blurred after coming in close, seeming to disappear. Khrona was now above the Burst leader with both of his arms coming in fast for a type of ax pendulum slicing action sort of thing. From Khrona's chest also came down with another guillotine-like blade, trying to slice the Burst leader in half from above and the sides, just as before... Or at least make it so that he was vulnerable to attack.

The Burst leader kept up with the movements of Khrona and thus acted accordingly. By examining how the Chakra would move once Khrona blurred, the Burst leader would have vanished from where he was, appearing behind Khrona. The four Chakra Blades would being to thrust in a quick, fluid motion at Khrona, while the Burst leader unleashed an onslaught of rapid kicks. His kicks, being rather strong, would possibly do great damage.

Khrona's head would swiftly spin around, having a lock on the Burst leader and his soul via Hyper Perception, knowing where he was going at all times, no matter the speed. Thus, Khrona's head spun around to follow him, since Khrona's bones and body could negate most damage given. As the blades came, Khrona would suck his arms into his body and protrude them from his back to block and combat the blades...

As for the kicks, once the first made contact with Khrona's back, his Black Dragon Blood kept Khrona from moving or sustaining much damage from the kicks, as it hardened and stiffened within his body. Even a blade could not cut through the Black Dragon Blood with any ease. Thus, also once the Burst leader kicked, Khrona's skin would wrap around his legs to hold them in place... Once that was done, Khrona's Black Dragon Blood would shoot directly into the Burst leader's feet as spikes, hoping to destroy the bones from the heel of his foot to his kneecap. The Black Dragon Blood would then spit the Burst leader out with a terrific force, hoping to send him flying into the wing-dome around them.

The Chakra inside the Burst leader's body would stop the spikes from going any further than the meat of his heel. The Chakra, holding on tightly, sort of anchored the Burst leader there and prevented the spikes from destroying his leg. Lightning snaps all around his body as his left arm begins to gather Chakra for a Raikiri Edge. The core of the Raikiri in his hand lashed out violently as it formed the blade of the Raikiri Edge. The attack then increases in size as the violent lashing of lightning increases dramatically. Electrical appliances over the planet would probably go haywire at the moment. The Burst leader thrust forward to the back of Khrona to strike with Raikiri's Edge.

Thinking quickly, Khrona split the upper part of his body in two, revealing a large, unsightly blob of floating Black Dragon Blood where the Burst leader was set to strike. Once the blade hit this, the two upper halves of Khrona would say, "Soul FORCE." Soul Force was double the power of the Soul Purge, thus able to repel the Raikiri Edge much better than the Soul Purge would, but also be able to hopefully keep it in one place whilst Khrona made an attack.

Khrona's two halve of his upper body would become extremely rigid and spiky around the edges, as they bent to form a sort of mouth under the Burst leader. All of Khrona's organs sat in some other, unexposed place in his body, except for his stomach, which was open. As the giant make-shift mouth that was Khrona's body was under the Burst leader, it would try to devour and crush him with incredible power, as Khrona's stomach would try to finish him off... That is, if he were within the confines of the mouth. Naturally, Khrona knew what he was doing... Khrona's organs would not be harmed by this... He barely needed them, anyway.

Being caught, the only thing for the Burst leader to do is wait and see.

Khrona smiled, his stomach expanding. He had altered the stomach acids so that they would be able to digest anything that touched them... And Khrona had total and absolute control over all parts of his body at all times, therefore, he could control how fast the digestive juices broke down anything. However, Khrona felt it too dangerous to leave someone of such power inside of his own body... Therefore, once the stomach swelled up, The whole upper torso of Khrona exploded in a grand fashion, his super stomach acid being slung everywhere as he quickly reformed the top of his body. Khrona fell down, as self destructing a part of his body was quite jarring, even for him... It would wear off quickly, however, if nothing was done.

Hitting the ground, the Burst leader coughed a bit as he opened his eyes to see Khrona reforming. The Burst leader's body felt hot and cold at the same time. His eyes seem to drift in and out of focus at the sight of Khrona.

Khrona had now fully recovered from exploding. Khrona's eyes dilated, as he saw a chance to finish his prey. "Finish HiiiIIIIIIIIM!!!!" From all around, Khrona's wings would shoot fists at the Burst leader as Khrona ran toward him to deliver one final, slicing punch... When suddenly, a thought raced through Khrona's head... One. Single. Thought.

Khrona's body froze once more, making it seem as though time had stopped for Khrona, right before impact with the Burst leader.

'... Friend. Do NOT kill...'

This was Khrona's thought... His mind had been cleared now. No more distraught thoughts for the moment... There was only the decisive one. Khrona lowered his fist, his wings retracted and folding to an extremely small size hidden by his coat. Khrona's stomach acids would then dissipate, as if they had never been there, flowing off of the Burst leader without further harming him, as Khrona could control even that, as well. Khrona cocked his head, staring at the Burst leader with a deadpan expression. "... Are you okay...?"

The Burst leader couldn't speak. He would just lay there, staring blindly. He tried to turn his head, but his body doesn't move. He didn't fight it; he drifted off as his eyes close slowly. "..." Whenever he awakened, he'd try to remember what happened.

Khrona stood there for a moment... It seems as though the Burst leader had enough. Khrona rotated his head in his own deep, personal thought on the situation... "... ... ... Friend...?" Khrona's arms would retract the black dragon blood back into them and his fists would become unclenched. Khrona's eyes lowered as a slight smile appeared on his face "... I had fun..."

Khrona would slowly raise his hand above the Burst leader's body and shake his hand, as he had failed to do before. "Let's do this again, sometime." Secretly, Khrona had begun to tamper with the Burst leader's mind and body, letting him regenerate so that nothing that happened would prove fatal, and his memory would be just fine. Khrona wasn't exactly sure if the Burst leader was fine with him tampering with the natural order of his body, and therefore, Khrona only fixed what was important, and left everything else untouched.

Khrona then turned, starting to head back to the Dusk Village. "... What a nice day this has been..." Khrona looked up at the sky, and to him, twas filled with pure insanity and distortion. Khrona chuckled slightly to himself, as he was almost out of sight "... I'm freaking insane."

"..." The Burst leader opened his eyes, looking at the ground beneath him. Although motionless on the ground, a feeling shivers up and down his body. His Chakra is moving wildly within his body, what it does when the body has been invaded. "Couldn't leave me as is... Why not?" Not wanting to even move, the Burst leader closed his eyes as he warped away.

Before Khrona got too far off, he saw someone waiting for a proctor in the 'Exam' area of the Battleground and decided to check it out before he went home. Too bad it was 'that guy.'

Jin was ready for his ranking exam.

Khrona appears before Jin, sighing. "... Are you the one that's been asking for a ranking exam all this time?"

Jin: "Well, yes..."

Khrona glared at him. "... And you honestly think you'll SURVIVE a ranking exam with me...?"

Jin: "I think I can..."

Khrona sighed. "Alright... Whatever you say, then..." Khrona stood there, outstretching his wings. "Your exam is to make me move from this spot as well as survive. Begin." Khrona closed his eyes as his coat flared about.

Jin pulled out his ice swords and got ready.

Khrona sighed once more, shaking his head. "... Come at me, kid. You're supposed to try to make me move from this spot. Hurry up, I haven't got all day."

Jin ran up to Khrona and shot out fireballs at him.

With a quick smack from his cloak, the fireballs would be deflected elsewhere. Because Jin ran up on Khrona, he would instantly be forced back by a powerful mental force, which should also rupture his mind just a bit. "... Well. That was rather stupid."

Jin flew up in the air, making it rain swords after him. Then Jin shot toward Khrona to cut him with the ice sword.

Khrona would fling a small ball of his own skin into the air, which would suck in and merge with the swords that were falling, then expand greatly and block himself from Jin, who should have impaled himself on the giant ball of swords.

Jin looked at Khrona and thought about what he was doing... Jin died right then and there.

The End.

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Book 7; The Destruction of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Seventh Destruction; Reality's Remnants... The Creators Clash Again.

Some time had passed since Khrona's epic engagement with the Burst leader, as well as the murder of that random guy, Jin, who no one seemed to care about. Yes, it was probably bad, but he kinda fell right into it, so... Khrona just absorbed his remains into his body and used them to further his own existence. Anyway, sooner or later, his partner originator of the Reality -- his half brother -- invited Khrona to an all out test of their might, yet again... As is tradition. It was time to throw down in an epic way.

Khrona manifested himself into the area, his cloak flowing wildly in the wind. This place was far, FAR away from the Dusk Village, since Khrona foresaw epicness in this battle. Khrona's eyes were closed, Misery and Despair standing next to him. They were all silent. They were waiting for Khrona's brother... Tension and insanity rose into the air, as it had been a while since they last fought... Since they released the God of Destruction, in fact... A fight between the two creators of this village was well overdue.

Appearing in a poof of smoke, Khrona's brother would appear, his glasses shining, catching a glimmer of light as he pushed them up. "'Ello, Khrona. This is some spot you've picked."

Khrona gave an insane smirk, opening his eyes to see. "... Brother... My former partner." Khrona would wrap his arms around Misery and Despair's shoulders, as each of them smiled at his brother maliciously. Khrona continued, "... It's been a while since we've battled, huh? Seems like it's about that time again..." Khrona looked around at all of the nothingness that was the outskirts of the Dusk. "... You honestly cannot say that this battle wouldn't end with the battlefield already looking like this; Filled with nothingness." Khrona chuckled just a bit...

"When we go at it, it does seem to get out of hand..." Khrona's brother's hair and clothes would start to blow around wildly as his energy levels started increasing. His soul would project it's self from his body, making harsh winds blow around it. His brother's Masamune sword appeared in his hand, he raising his other hand to Khrona. "Shall we~?!"

Khrona could feel and see his brother's soul, and would increase his own soul to just that same amount of power. "... A healthy soul resides in a healthy body, which harbors a healthy mind..." Misery and Despair would finally change into their weapon forms, releasing a massive surge of power as they did. "... Too bad I ain't got none of that." Khrona began to laugh insanely, his soul becoming distorted and unstable, rising and then falling in power as he continued to cackle and screech.


Khrona would swipe Misery across the ground, releasing an overly MASSIVE sized wave of Insanity that would distort and shatter the reality of anything that it touched. Khrona's wings extended quite a bit after this attack, the force from his wings making a gust that kicked up dirt for MILES. Khrona's cloak fluttered angrily.

"Habada Kedrava~!" Fired from Khrona's brother's finger was a jet green beam that would zoom toward Khrona's Zero Sanity. As the two beams clashed, Khrona's Zero Sanity would burst into green flames, as does any energy or object that comes into contact with the Habada Kedrava. As the flames started to spread through the area, Khrona's brother would smirk at him as his sword started to gain a nice coating of Death energy. Khrona's brother would start to jog toward Khrona before breaking into a full sprint through the flames.

Khrona, using his Hyper Perception, was able to see his brother's every movements frame by frame, as if it were a flash animation that was lagging like hell. Also, using the psychic ability of Radiesthesia, Khrona could see any and all energies or 'auras' flowing through his brother at all times. It would prove useful in the long run, Khrona assumed.

"Death Energy..? Hm... Condemnation Soul."

He raised Misery once more, who was now coated in Condemnation Soul Energy, which was basically the same thing as Death Energy. He'd slash, releasing the Cloud of Death, which was a cloud of Condemnation that killed all living things that took it in through any means -- and to spread it quickly. Khrona flapped his wings. Khrona, himself was launched into the air and the Condemnation gas was spread throughout the area, contaminating all gases it came in contact with.

"Brooootheeer... Would you like to see some of Khrona's... New powers? Eheheheheheheheheh..." Khrona began to chuckle with an insane tone. Khrona had indeed gained a shitload of new abilities since their last battle.. All of them with insane deadliness.

Khrona's exponential rise in power since the last time they met frightened his brother into submission, knowing that Khrona would have definitely killed him without remorse on accident. So, he quit the battle before it got out of hand, -- which was smart, granted-- but left Khrona high and dry, sad and alone, looking for someone to play with. Fortunately... Someone who was even stronger than Khrona showed up to teach him a very valuable lesson...

Khrona nonchalantly kicked a tree, waiting for someone to come. He had stuff to test...

"Now now what did that tree ever do to you?" The Dark King would give a slight polite laugh at the village leader he never knew very well but had on occasions seen. "I saw your bulletin and couldn't resist! I have been of late trying to expand the horizons of my mind by learning what other jutsu there are in this world that I may not know of currently." He smirked and gave a half bow.

Khrona cocked his head, letting it turn all the way upside down, then continue until it reached its original position. "Eeeeh? And you ar-- The Dark King. Lord Of Darkness. Khrona knows... Khrona's mind gets around. It is nice to mee--"

Suddenly, everything Khrona knew about the Dark King rushed through his mind. Even the stuff he had obtained from mindfucking other people without them knowing... Khrona could see it. Their memories.... Their perceptions of the Dark King... What he does. Khrona became afraid, just as he was of anyone he had never 'formally known.' "Brother... Earth King... Demon King... Android Girl... Burst Leader... I used to fear them all... But now I don't..." Khrona's head twitched, his neck snapping "Now... It's your turn to be feared..."

Khrona began to shudder quite frantically, for his two weapons, Misery and Despair were not at his side... Those two were busy, and he could not call them to aid him in his time of insanity... Oh well. He had to fight with a scared conscience... But his Fear and Insanity Soul began to grow in power.

"Fear is a sign of weakness in your mind, Khrona-san... I hope that your physical capabilities make up for that small weakness, or I will have to get a rematch when you're not scared." The Dark King had a lot of Intel on Khrona... Leader's were far too easy to research. He knew Khrona gained power through these types of emotions. "But the time for talking isn't now is it... Neh? You're here to test some new things, and I am here to see them." The Dark King made a one handed hand sign and the area around him turned into dust. His chakra output rose and his dark Chakra's flared up. The plants and trees for up to twenty feet were beginning to wither and die. That was because the Dark King unleashed his chakra limiter seal on his left arm, increasing his chakra output by hundreds of times. It was dangerous not the seal up his chakra unless he needed it. With that, he waved his arm, sending out a large wave of dark energy that wildly went forth with a woosh and a wave like a giant net moving forward, destroying everything in front of it.

Khrona's eyes couldn't seem to concentrate on this singular thing. They darted up and down, left and right, and all sorts of diagonal as the attack came. Finally, activating his Hyper Perception, Khrona quickly extended his wings to the longest they went without him using any DNA abilities, -- which was about eighty feet each-- and Khrona would flap with a moderate force, leaving a MASSIVE crater in the ground that went a few meters deep, launching him into the sky at unheard of speeds from the flap, hopefully to avoid the attack completely.

Khrona reached the clouds within a second or two just from that one flap, easily able to see over the entire land. Khrona could see the Dark King's power... His soul... Or rather, in this case, his chakra... It was expanding. "This... Must... Be... Stopped... I'm afraid to see what will happen if it doesn't..." Khrona would stabilize his body, flapping his wings furiously with moderate power, using some of his psychic abilities to keep him from shooting off somewhere in the air from the force of the intense flaps. Khrona sought to pressurize everything around the Dark King intensely, maybe even crush the Dark King, himself, -- hopefully to keep him from moving-- but also sent out waves of his Insanity and Fear soul energies in an attempt to spread his wavelength and induce the debilitating effects of Khrona's Fear Soul on the Dark King... Khrona kept his eye on the Dark King... Even if the other one was looking all about in other directions.

'Hmm... What's this pressure?' "Trying to crush me are you...? If you're trying to keep me still, you severely lack knowledge of my fighting style. However... Out of any shinobi, I guarantee my chakra output is by far the highest... Even I fear unsealing all of it... And the more I output, the less of a chance chakra has of reaching my physical body... This is the power of the Dark King... The power of the mind. But of course you know all about Mind abilities, neh?" The Dark King felt it nice to break things down, especially to a new opponent. His net of Chakra would stop in place and then burst into thousands of small dragon-like forms of dark energy that would follow Khrona up to his hovering position. With that, they began to circle him like a vultures stalking their prey. But they were just the distraction, at this point. The Dark King analyzed that Khrona though gaining immense powers through his insanity, must take a hit to his mind powers and basic reasoning skills, for someone who loses his mind cannot still wield it to it's fullest. So as the dark dragons snapped and whipped furiously in the clouds far above, a dark portal transferred Void water Chakra into a large lightning bolt like attack that would come down within a millisecond of it's launch and eradicate everything under it.

"Mind... Khrona uses that well... Do you...?" Khrona's eyes were moving at high speeds, for it seemed as though he was scanning anything and everything. Hyper Perception would be extremely useful in this battle, it seems. But Khrona was not particularly looking at the vulturous dragons at this point... He just knew that they were there. He was looking at his target, still. "... Test one..." Khrona spun quite vigorously, noticing something abnormal in the sky. Perhaps the effects of this attack would prove useful...

First off, Khrona would split his body in half and force each of the halves away from each other with a powerful psychic blast, which should give them enough distance to avoid the lightning. Once it passed, Khrona would combine the two halves of his body, making sure that his organs were still there -- not that he really needed them, but there was no need to litter, right? Then, he could deal with the dragons.

"Passion Fruits Grape...?" Khrona wasn't really adept at using any of his real 'Jutsu,' for he usually fought with his weapons and his soul energy and his mind and such rather than his Jutsu. It was new to him, but it seems as though his insane output would be useful here. As he spun, he would suck out the kinetic energy of everything around him --which would be the dragons -- and then Khrona would launch all of this kinetic energy stolen with his mind at the Dark King. "... Let's tryyy... Test two...?"

"Yes, I am the last of my people. As long as we have our minds, anything is possible." The Dark King slammed his fist into the ground now that the entire area around him was infected. From this slam came an egg shaped energy around him. This energy was orange and was the advanced dark chakra that only his people knew how to tame... The egg would take the blow from the blast and grow bigger and bigger, seeming to do it on its own. It was an ever growing attack that moved in all ways, destroying everything. It took only minutes before it got so big that the world itself might get into danger.

However as the Dark King mentioned a moment ago -- and could no longer repeat, now in cased in his own jutsu -- was that his mind was his greatest power. Moving was not necessary. The longer he stayed in one spot, the shorter time before he gained absolute focus and absolute focus gave him unbelievable control over the world around him... Which means the lightning bolted Void water would touch down on the ground and spring back up at Khrona, this time ripping through some trees, growing in size and speed. If the Dark King could get Khrona with his Void water, it would do critical chakra drain and damage.

Khrona jumps in and dies, then.

The dark void would begin to tear Khrona down, but the Dark King would stop it at the part where chakra is completely drained. It was a friendly battle after all. When all was said and done, his attacks dissipated and he turned and left. He knew Khrona was insane, but to jump in when things seem hopeless was a bit too insane for him. "At least you know what to do next time to prevent that," the Dark King would say to the unconscious beaten up and chakraless 'body' of Khrona.

Khrona lay there with an insane smile on his face. "... It was nice in there," he would say slightly, letting his DNA do what it does naturally to restore his body. He'd be up and running soon. "... Dark King... Khrona wants to see you again." Khrona would Adapt and Merge with the ground, letting that become his mode of travel until he could get his energy back.

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Book 7; The Destruction of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Eighth Destruction; The Prophet's Final Test

It took some time for Khrona to comprehend what the mighty Dark King had done to him, but once he did, he knew that he would never lose to the Dark King again. Khrona learned from his battles, and the Dark King was kind enough to slip him a hint, as well, which only made Khrona's reformation and collection of data that much easier. Apparently, 'Cleff' was keeping track of all of these things for him, so whenever Khrona needed access to any type of information, he would just ask that 'Cleff' that was buzzing in his head. Either way, it was time for him to get back to work with his personal Team, of which he would take his star member, the Prophet, out for the final part of his test...

The portal would lead to the location designated by Khrona, the Prophet stepping out and looking around.

Demon: "What a dreary place... I LOVE IT HERE!!!!!"

"Yeah, yeah..." the Prophet would say, waiting for Khrona as he also looked around, not wanting to be attacked without being on guard.

Khrona would laugh. "I love it here, too~!" he said as he exited the portal. "Misery and Despair love it here, too. We need to visit more often... It's so awesome." Khrona sighed, falling backward. "Yeah, so... I guess some monsters should be appearing at any minute... Just make sure none touch me, or you fail. They'll be coming from the forest, so, ya know... Keep your guard up, I guess." Khrona would sigh, taking in the full effects of the rain...

"OK..." the Prophet would say, considering that protecting Khrona would be pretty easy. He just snapped his fingers and a layer of Frozen Reality plus a layer of Distorted Earth on top of that made an impassible dome around Khrona, fashioned with windows and drinks so he wouldn't get bored. "That'll keep them out for a while..."

Demon: "Things never go the way you want them... And that won't keep them out forever, considering what we saw earlier....

The Prophet was silent. He stretched his mind out, ready to face whatever came.

Khrona laughed. "Wonder what we'll see now, eh~? Oh, my... Sounds like something big coming at one o'clock... Do try to keep them intact, wouldja...?"

As Khrona spake, a big ass locust demon would topple trees over, towering over them with its massive body. It would lightly flap its wings, the trees surrounding it falling over as well.

It was an the Locust King. The Locust King would spot the Prophet, beginning to flap its wings once more, however this time quite fast and long, using its High Wind ability to try blowing away everything as well as harm the Prophet.

Khrona: "Daaaamn, it's a Locust King. Ha. His wings ALMOST compare to the awesomeness of mine... Well, not by a longshot, but, YA KNOW."

The Prophet would display a 'please-shut-up-now' look on his face as he kept hi,self facing towards the monster, making sure Khrona didn't see the look that was given to him.

Demon: "Damn, that's the first one...? This is going to take a really long time."

"Tell me about it..." the Prophet would say as he made a seal and suddenly, many Reality Distortion Clones appeared all around the bug, all thrusting their hands towards it. The only thing that kept them from going poof was that from their extended hands shot out Repulses, which was basically a VERY powerful blast of wind -- each one moving at mach five or above -- and with all the clones around it, the bug would have been smashed within a few seconds, regardless of the wind it was using. The Repulses were much stronger than the wind it was producing. As the wind shot towards the Prophet and Khrona, the Prophet would cause a repulse of his own to blast out full radius, keeping the wind away from him. Since Khrona was basically in an indestructible dome, he wouldn't feel a thing.

The Locust King would use its High Wind ability, flapping its wings at full power to make a wind of epic force and proportions come from it. At the same time, it would be digging into the ground with its massive claws, the wind from its High Wind ability only increasing the depth of the hole it dug. To increase the power, it would release its Virus Fly, making thousands of locusts come out and assist with their High Wind and clawing at the ground, as well. They made this monstrosity completely submerged in a few seconds, despite its size. The locusts would shoot from the ground and attack like parasites, also inflicting a Virus upon whatever they touched.

Khrona would indeed notice the face, but didn't feel like doing much about it. "... Then again, I could always get him back for that face he gave me right now..." Energy started to flow around Khrona, then the Locust King, but quickly faded "... Naaaaah. I'll just roll around on the floor for a little bit~!" Khrona began to roll within the dome...

As the Locust King started to burrow and let out minions, the Prophet would leap into the air, starting to float on a Reality Nimbus that appeared. He would also motion towards the ground, as the entire areas earth and ground was suddenly transformed into Distorted Earth, which was indestructible, and thus the bug who would be burrowed would be surrounded by it, and touching it; it would feel the immense heat radiating from the Distorted Earth, possibly frying him and his minions -- some of which would be trapped underground, or fried from touching it. As this happened, large walls of Distorted Earth shot up all around the monster, thus caging him in even more, and the clones appeared around, creating some more Repulses on all sides and above that would trap the monster in further. Any other minions that weren't trapped or touching the ground would be suddenly hit by Distorted Lightning, which was shot from the Prophet's Reality Nimbus, which he was standing on. As Distorted Lightning was basically Reality Destruction in lightning form, they would be destroyed in an instant.

Because of all of the distortion going at the Locust King in such a way, the giant insectoid would be felled, all of the locusts being taken with it... However for one, Khrona outstretched his hand, which seemed to dissipate and then reform in front of it. "This one's mine!" He would grab it, and his hand would reform, the Locust King becoming a puppet. Despite all of the locusts, they did not leave souls, for they were merely manifestations of the large one, and only it left a soul for the Prophet to have. Khrona snickered. "Good job, you've already killed one. Just nineteen mooore~!"

"Oh goody..." the Prophet would say as he brushed himself off, watching Khrona. He then looked around, wondering what would come next. The Prophet kept his mental powers activated, making sure to scan around for anything that would come within the area.

Demon: "Oh, I wonder what will come next... Hum... I get to help next time, too...

"We'll see..." the Prophet would say as he waited.

What would come next from the trees would be five Evil Eyes. They did not look happy. Because the Locust King had been killed, they were quite furious, screeching wildly and keeping their Evil Eyes on the Prophet.

They went on the offensive quite quickly, one using Halting Gaze, which stops the flow of space and time from whatever the beam from its eye touches, another beginning to charge up for the Blaster, which was a huge, gigantic beam that did massive damage and petrified whatever got in its way...
Another would use Pointless Gaze, releasing a beam that would make whatever it hit lose all will to do anything at all for a period of time as well as stop all energy flow throughout whatever it hit. Another would use Dread Gaze, which shot a beam that would Addle the foe, making them forget any and all abilities they have temporarily, and the final using Vampiric Eye, which, just by looking at the foe, it would begin to suck out their very life essence slowly, as well as any energy they used or thrived within them.

Khrona: "Quite a vicious attack, eh?"

The moment the monsters appeared, the Prophet would instantaneously teleport, having both sensed them and seen them a minute or two before they appeared via prophetics. As the Prophet disappeared, a Distortion Field would appear, sealing the monsters off from reaching Khrona, and vise-versa... If Khrona didn't try to get in. The Prophet then appeared; he would appear above all of them, making sure to avoid all of the monsters' gazes, and picking a spot where he would be void of all of them. When the Prophet appeared to them, he would make a few seals as he would then release out five hundred blades of Repluses. These he created by cutting a Repulse into smaller, thinner parts which would slice and dice things that were hit. As these were Repulses, they were extremely strong in and of themselves, and since these blades had been spread all around the area, it was very unlikely that the monsters wouldn't be hit -- at least a few of them. If they would be hit, they would be sliced apart into ribbons at best, leaving very little left.

However, that wasn't the only thing that the Prophet did.

The moment that the Prophet released the blades, he would then snap his fingers, Astral Energy spreading around him. The Astral energy would then become hundreds of thousands of needles which would blast out everywhere in every direction, making sure to finish off any of the monsters that would have avoided the Repulse Blades. The very moment that the Astral Needles would have been released, the Prophet would then instantly teleport away again, hiding and watching the result, making sure to stay hidden from the monsters' sight.

The Evil Eyes would act quickly, for their sight was unmatched... Since their eyes covered the majority of their bodies. One would cast an explosive attack, making a MASSIVE explosion of pure fire between all of them, causing them all to spread out around the area extremely fast, thus giving them more vision of the entire field. The explosion would allow them to avoid the Repulses, since they were out of the immediate area... And if they were still coming, they could be subdued via the Binding Circle. Anything within the Binding Circle that was not a physical thing would be subdued and sealed and such. Twas only a matter of getting the Prophet, himself in the Binding Circle, for even warping out was not an option when within the Binding Circle. The Binding Circle was very powerful, indeed. Once the attacks were subdued, the circles would shatter, taking the remainder of the attacks with them. Then one Evil Eye would continue with the Vampiric Gaze, whilst another used Stare, which would slowly petrify whatever it looked at -- which was mainly the Prophet. So, not only would his energy be drained from afar, but also his body would become petrified slowly as well for as long as the Evil Eye looked at him. The other three were on guard, ready to use the Binding Circle once more if need be, or any other attack that would protect the other two Evil Eyes...

Now, since the Prophet was out of view, hiding somewhere, -- where, he will not tell -- the various sights wouldn't effect him until he became visible again. However, all became still again; there would be a sudden explosion, as suddenly the field became dotted with portals, many surrounding the monsters, but also other places too, so not one part of the field was untouched. From some of the portals poured out Astral energy, which would become like swarms of insects, seeking out the monsters relentlessly. From other portals pour out many many green tinted chakra arms and hands. These were the energy eating hands of the Demon, who wouldn't be denied a chance of a feast, and thus anything that came into contact with the arms would be drained of their energy very quickly. Whatever portals that didn't have Astral energy or the Demon's hands pouring from them would be portals leading into deep space, which would suck in all surrounding objects and monsters with massive power. All this combined would be much for the monsters to deal with, as the portals were EVERYWHERE. The Prophet, meanwhile, would continue to stay hidden for the time being.

As such, the Evil Eyes, having nowhere to go, would be all defeated by the Prophet.

Khrona sucked his teeth a bit. "Hmmm... So that's six Souls you've defeated, eh...? Fourteen more, apprentice..."

And once that was said, something else appeared... In fact, two things appeared. They were Mimics. Two different kind of Mimics, but still Mimics all the same.

The first looked like a mere treasure chest with an infinite void within it and infinitely long arms protruding from the inside...

And the other looked like distorted and shattered space with an orb in the midst of it.

Khrona stared at the Mimics, knowing of what power they had because of the Grand Grimoire... He felt as if he should tell the Prophet... 'Nahhh, he can handle them~! There are only two~!'

As the two monsters appeared, the Prophet would quickly appear far in front of them as he hit the ground. Instantly, the entire field's ground became Distorted Earth, which would then spring up on all sides of the monsters, trying to incase them at extreme speeds, crush them, and at the same time, melt them down into nothing, as Distorted Earth burned hotter than molten earth or magma. As the Distorted Earth did as it was doing, the Prophet would continually watch, ready to counter attack, and to watch and see what these things did against his attacks.

Demon: "Weird lookin' things, aren't they... Wonder how their energy tastes...?

The Prophet: "..."

The energy Mimic merely shattered the space containing the Distorted Earth, allowing that space to be used as one of the floating shrapnel around it, totally fallen to its will and void of its original power and control. More or less, the energy mimic had become larger now because of the fact that there was more shrapnel floating around and under its power. The chest Mimic, however, reached inside of the infinite void within itself and pulled out a Mirror Item -- that being the Mirror Phoenix Plume, that is. And the special ability of Mirror Items is to do the opposite of what original items did. So, since a normal Phoenix Plume revived people from the dead, a Mirror Phoenix Plume would instantly kill them. The Mimic would fling it, trying to have it seek out and destroy the Prophet.

Khrona: "Mirror Items are so much fun."

Since the Chest Mimic did nothing whatsoever to block, or take down the Distorted Earth that was around it -- separate from the other energy Mimic -- the Mirror that it had thrown would hit the inside of the wall, which was rapidly now being made smaller. The Mirror would then be deflected off of the wall, and be shot back at the Mimic, who was about to be crushed anyway by the Distorted Earth dome that was rapidly closing in all around it. Meanwhile, the Prophet would notice the effect that the Energy Mimic was taking, and decided to take quick action.

Demon: "Oh, let me, let me, PLEASSSSSE??"

"No, not now Demon..." the Prophet would say as he quickly formed a few more seals. The first thing he did was set a Distortion field between the two Mimics so that they couldn't help each other whatsoever. The second thing he did was to open about one hundred portals all around the Energy Mimic, all of the portals leading into deep space, and all of the portals would quickly start to suck all the energy away from the Energy Mimic from all around it. There was little escape from such a thing, however, the Prophet stood by, keeping careful watch, as he was going to make sure these monsters stayed contained.

Easily, the Energy Mimic would distort and shatter the portals, making them totally useless whatsoever. There wasn't much, if anything, that could stop it so long as it was in this form... It could shatter and distort whatever it wished, then make that part of its body by breaking its dimensional structure, reality, space, energy, or time. The energy Mimic became larger, once again.

As for the Chest Mimic, it would merely spew out Dark matter, which was an item in the Grand Grimoire's world -- if you could get your hands on it, which the Mimic could do since it had infinite access to all items -- having the Dark Matter handle the Distorted Earth, hopefully subduing and destroying it, or at least cancelling it out. The Mimic would then take out a Mirror Grimoire Stone. What was great about the Mirror Grimoire Stone was that it did the opposite of what an actual Grimoire Stone did... Which was to fully restore all energies and such used throughout the body. Thus, a MIRROR Grimoire Stone would instantly deplete all known energies within the body of all enemies.. Because once it was shattered, it would seek out the enemy, since when the original was shattered, it sought out all allies, no matter where they were -- thus it was not farfetched for it to seek out the enemy... The Prophet. It would try to start to crush the stone...

As the Dark Matter started to take down the Distorted Earth, the Prophet would carefully watch as he realized what the Mimic was starting to do. He would quickly resort to something he wasn't sure would work, but still had to try. The Prophet would quickly put himself in a Trance. While in this Trance, his mind would put constant stress and tension on all other minds around, and thus both of the Mimics, and even Khrona, if was still there. However, as this happened, the Prophet would continually focus a huge part of his mind towards the chest Mimic as he tried to totally disrupt it using his negative mental powers, which would easily leave a city of people brain-dead if he focused hard enough, and he was focusing very hard right now. Hopefully it would be enough to totally crush the Mimic, and stop it from doing what it was doing. As for the other Mimic, the energy one, hopefully the same thing would happen, as it was also being partially focused upon.

Demon: "Sooner or later, I'm going to force myself to help..."

The Energy Mimic technically had no mind until it was actually in the form of something... And having a pressure put on it, it would take the form of the Prophet. Thus, it would attain the Prophet's powers, as well. Since it was Mimicking the Prophet in his current state, it would be hoped that it could parry such a force of his mind with its own mind... The only problem was that the energy core of the Mimic protruded from the chest... As if it were meant to be attacked... It would also use this mind trance to try to parry the abilities of the Prophet once more that were heading toward the chest Mimic, of whom was about to totally destroy the Mirror Grimoire Stone, which would leave the Prophet powerless if it did.

Khrona was completely unaffected by the mental ability of the Prophet because Khrona's mind cannot be invaded by mental forces... One because his own was so overpowering and insane that it just overpowered the mental abilities of others, and another because of his Insanity Static going throughout his head constantly, which in turn made any sort of mental ability instantly nullified once it went into Khrona's head... So, Khrona couldn't even feel it.

"Ah... Why don't you just die...?" the Prophet would say under his breath as he continually pushed with his mind, finding that the Mimic was... Well... Mimicking him...? Yeah. However, that's when the Demon started to speak again.

Demon: "My TURN!!!! Even you won't see this coming boy..."

"Wait, NO!!" Too late; the Prophet's eyes turned a malicious green, the same colored energy of the Demon would start to flow around his body as it bubbled and frothed. However, the next thing that hit him was very unexpected. He felt a second mental force rise out of him, one that now doubled his mental power and drive. The next moment, the Mimic -- the energy one -- would be hit by the dual forces of before, and thus, it would quickly be overridden and driven to the point of insanity, and then death. But there was something else. Because of the Demon's nature -- an energy eating one -- his mental attacks also had the same effect. So, the moment that the Energy Mimic would be hit by the second mental force, it would have the majority of its energy quickly drained and downed by the Demon. Also, because the Prophet had placed a Distortion Field between the two Mimics, and because the other Mimic hadn't taken it down, the Energy Mimic wouldn't have been able to protect the other from any attacks -- as it separated them totally, dimensionally. Thus, if the first mental attack wasn't enough to kill it, the second, dually powerful one would have, and all of its energy would also be consumed rather quickly from this one as well. Therefore, if all worked in his favor, both Mimics would be destroyed, and that gem wouldn't have been destroyed.

However, the Prophet knew that things could work out in a funny way, like last time, and thus he was going to make sure that that gem wasn't destroyed. The Prophet would notice the energy core protruded from the chest of the Chest Mimic, and this, he knew, had to be important to it. Thus, aside from all the mental attacks and whatnot, the Prophet would snap his fingers. Suddenly, a spark of Distorted Lightning would erupt right next to the Energy Core, and since Distorted Lightning was actually Reality Destruction in the form of lightning; the energy core would probably be destroyed almost instantly, as it would have its Reality destroyed.

As the Prophet then watched to see what happened, he would also think about how the Demon was doing what he was doing. He wanted to ask him, but decided now wasn't the time.

At the very moment that the Prophet finished, what popped out of the ground would be a Basilisk... However this was a snake instead of the bug.

It would hold the already cracking gem in its mouth -- since the Prophet did nothing to get rid of that -- then use its Space-Time Vorpal ability to move through and rend the very fabric of space and time to 'dig into the ground' so to say. It had been slithering around throughout the fight with the mimics, and it knew about what the Mimics were trying to do beforehand... From numerous bends in space and time came petrifying gases... The Stone Breath, which would petrify whatever came within the gas on contact.

Being psychic and also having Prophetics -- which allowed the Prophet to see slightly into the future at all times -- he would have known about the Basilisk, and also felt its mind around the field, especially now. Now, as the Basilisk had shot out of the ground, it would have had to burrow through Distorted Earth, which was all over the field, and which was totally indestructible, not to mention BURNING hot, meaning even if the thing could somehow burrow through it, it would be fried on contact. And because the Distorted Earth was reality distorted with Distortion Energy, it would make it all the more difficult to 'reality distort' through it burrowing like thing that the Basilisk did -- or, tried. Thus, the Basilisk's movements would be hindered if not stopped, and also the Basilisk would be fried alive if it was to stay in contact with the Distorted Earth for very long.

As it struggled to get the gem -- which it would through the Distorted Earth -- the Prophet would suddenly appear in front of it, resonating Distortion and Reality Destruction so that the Petrifying gas stuff wouldn't be able to reach. As the Prophet appeared, a large blast of Astral Energy would be fired off like a pulse, trying to make the Basilisk go braindead with the immense mental power fired against its probably unprotected mind. As the Prophet appeared, the Demon's energies along with his own would cover the gem, and if it even successfully touched it, it would be forcefully and instantly teleported elsewhere so that the Basilisk or other monsters couldn't use it. If the Astral Energy didn't stop the monster, then the Reality Destruction would destroy it, so either way, there wasn't much the Basilisk could do, being he was surrounded.

Even through all of this, the Basilisk had the ability Space-Time Vorpal, which allowed it to rend and move through the fabric of space and time at will. As such, even if the gem was coated in the energies, if the Basilisk took it from earlier in the timeline, it would not... However, the Basilisk was more worried about moving out of the way of the mind rays through the space-time streams. It slithered through one, then proceeded to exit out of one above the Prophet, slicing through lots of them in an attempt to take him into the space-time stream and leave him there forever.

Unfortunately, against the Basilisk, the Prophet didn't do very well and ended up being defeated, in which Khrona salvaged him and brought him back to the Team Psychotic HQ, where he would allow the Prophet to rest up a bit and maybe try again another day. In the meantime, another of the Dusk shinobi -- the werewolf -- would seek Khrona out for something to do for the sake of the Team. Whilst he tended to the Prophet, he would have one of his partners deal with the werewolf.

The resident werewolf would make his way towards the Team Psychotic building and walked in wondering where Khrona was. It's been a while since the werewolf joined the team and no told him anything he had to do, so he waited for Khrona to show or for him to magically appear in attempt to scare the werewolf.

From the shadows came, not Khrona, but one of his weapons... Despair. She gave a grim smile to the werewolf and bowed to him. "Aaah... What a dreadfully nice surprise... On what repugnantly wonderful occasion do I owe this visit...? Unlike my partner, I cannot look into the grim minds of others..." She left the dark, gloom-bestowing smile on her face, awaiting his answer.

Werewolf: "Well, it's been some time since I joined here and I was wondering exactly what was it I'm supposed to do here?"

Despair gasped, knowing that Khrona had forgotten all about his team... "... Mmm.. Dear, you haven't done anything yet, have you...? Keep in mind, we have been very busy as of late and haven't had time to do much with this team..." That's what she was instructed to say. She knew for a fact that Khrona was just lazy. Better think up something fast, then... "Ummm... I... Mmm... Um..." She prodded her head a bit, thinking deeply on the matter... "... Oh. Oh yes. I have something. As of late, we have not heard anything of Medusa, the Falshin, or any of our antagonistic parties... Would it be beneath you to investigate this matter...? They might be conspiring, you see, and that cannot happen..."

"... Falshin...? ... Medusa??" The werewolf had no clue who was she referring to; they sounded like a bunch of powerful people to him. "Mind telling me who they are?"

Despair sighed, then sat down, her eyes closed and her dimensional robe expanding a bit. "My... You would want to sit down for this..." From her hand came a fan made of razors, which she used to hide her face as well as fan herself. "... Let's start with Medusa, shall we...? Well... She is a powerful deity who wishes to plague the world with her power... She does terrible experiments on anything and everything... Or so I've heard... Nothing has been heard from her as of late, but her lair is being closely watched from the distance... Or so I've heard... And she has henchmen that roam around in secret... Though, the only one anyone has really seen is this rogue werewolf from the werewolf clan... Or so I've heard..." Despair opened an eye, "And then there is Eva, who is an evil witch... She seems to rival the Head Witch, Zita, and has numerous dark abilities... Or so I've heard... I know little to nothing of the extent of her power... She lives in a giant castle and kills all who come near... Or so I've heard... And she has sided with a powerful spacial entity that is hell bent on eliminating all stars and planets and plunging the universe in nothing but nebula... Or so I've heard..." Despair turned slightly, still fanning, now looking at the werewolf from the corner of her eye. "And then, there is the Falshin... The Falshin is the rival of the Gods; a fearful and insane creature that wishes to reproduce and create more Falshin, and thus plunge the world into darkness and insanity. Though, his power cannot be controlled... Or so I've heard... If he were to ever gain his full power, the entire world would instantly become insane... Or so I've heard." Despair turned all the way around, now, her back facing the werewolf. "And then, there is another... A goddess known as the Spider Queen... As of right now, her whereabouts are unknown, but she has her eye on us... Or so I've heard... She has lots of people on her side... An army... Or so I've heard... And she has sided with powerful people... Or, so I've heard..." Despair sighed. "And that is all I know... Shall you partake?"

"Alright then." The werewolf would rise from his sitting position as he began to stretch. He thought about what she had said, trying to decide the best way to track one of them... But couldn't think of anything. He had no scent to go off of, either, which would have been a great help. "Well... Which one should I go after first, then?"

Despair giggled a bit. "... Quite... Whichever one you want, really... We know where Medusa's lair is... and Eva's castle... But not of where the Spider Queen or the Falshin are... Would you care to infiltrate or scout...?"

The werewolf pondered a bit before giving an answer. "How bout infiltration? I could possibly pose as a guard or something of that nature."

Despair nodded. "Alright. Then that is your mission. Infiltrate Medusa's Lair and figure out what her latest plan is... If they find out who you are... I doubt you should fight back. Just try to get out of there alive... Okay?"

The werewolf would nod as he asked a question before he left; "Can I bring someone with me to help out?"

Despair laughed. "If you really want... Though, it would be better if that person were part of this team..."

Werewolf: "Hmmm, well he's part of this village, but I'm not sure if he's part of the team. So would that be a no?"

Despair wasn't one to say no. Luckily, it wasn't Misery who was giving this mission... "The more, the unhappier~! If it will make your mission more fun, then go ahead~!"

"Thanks. And we won't let you down." The werewolf would flash step towards Khrona's brother's house to get his friend.

Meanwhile, in the time that the werewolf was gone, Khrona would be off doing productive things, one of which was acquiring more friends and storing them in the Data Realm, as per instruction by 'Cleff.'

Khrona made his way back to the Digital world with his trusty plantoid virtual pet, Meiun, who really did not seem to want to be here.

Khrona: "So, Meiun, you know who we're looking for today? A Polar Bear!!!

Meiun was silent. "... So. You're gonna make me, a PLANT go against an ICE type?"

Khrona nods furiously!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meiun sighs. "... Ugh. Fine. So, uh... Where is he? Do we just wait?"

Khrona sat down. "YARP!!!"

Meiun shook her head, sitting down as well. "... Whatever."

They both sat there for quite a while, when suddenly, they heard footsteps. "Heh. There he is..."
Khrona opened his eyes and gazed upon two Polar Bears walking along the road-- But wait... One was different... It was a Polar Bear and a Golem Bear. They seemed really buddy-buddy.

The Bear Bros. would walk across, waving at Khrona in a friendly manner. They were very friendly and disliked fighting. "Hello there, human! How are you today?"

Khrona waved at them. "Hello, Polar Bear and Golem Bear! I am just here looking for you two, actually. You see, I'm a tamer and I wish to have both of you join my party! It would be greatly appreciated if you two could come along!!"

The Bear Bros. paused, looking to each other. They soon bursted into hearty laughter. "Alright then, human! We will become your partners if your plant can defeat us in battle!"

Khrona nodded. "Alright then! Meiun, you heard them..." Khrona stood up and bowed to the two Bear Bros. "By the by, my name is Khrona, and this is Meiun." Khrona extended his hand, which held his virtual device and swiped his Black Card "... Evolution."

Meiun would rise into the air, glowing an odd shade of black and green, as her body began to lose its shape... From her arms exploded two overly large, red claws, as her body grew. From this growth, the flower on her head turned a bright orange. On the front of this larger plant, a cut-out face appeared that seemed rather soulless and expressionless. Meiun had just evolved into a Maneater. She continued to evolve, though, and did not stop as a Maneater.

The orange flower serving as a tuft of hair on her head exploded with energy, releasing a bud of a flower and leaving nothing but an empty shell of the Maneater where the bud once was. From the bud bloomed a head and upper torso, as the blooming flower assumed the role of a dress to the torso, human-like legs with natural boots spewing out of the flower dress. Arms would spread out from the torso as well, hands surrounded in petals and vines becoming the new hair of her. Four large, leafy wings extended from the back of this creature. The energy would disperse from around her, showing her form.

Meiun giggled as she waved at the two. "I wish you two the best of luck~!" Instantly, her arm changed into a cannon-like shape and shot out a massive beam of energy at the two Bears, hoping to take them down with the shot, or with the resulting explosion.

The Polar Bear would dodge-roll out of the way, curling into a giant snowball to gain speed, since he was made of snow. He would begin to bounce frantically, gaining some height so that he could reach Meiun's height. He turned, rolling and bouncing back toward her and when he was close enough, unrolled himself with a fist full of frozen energy, and proceeded to try to crease her shit with the power of an insta-freeze punch's power.

The Golem Bear would use his Armor Coating to increase his defensive power quite a bit, able to take the hit without falling, however it still seemed to harm him quite a bit. He winced in pain, falling to a knee, but quickly recovered. Having a sort of synchronization with his brother, they had excellent teamwork. Whilst his brother was coming in from the front, he would jump at Meiun from the back, using his "Heavy PUNCH!" in which he can increase the weight and force of his punch to any greatness, thus hoping to crush poor plant.

Meiun noticed both of them from the sounds of their voice coming from both sides, and so, she held out her hands toward the both of them, and when they came close and shot yet another mean ass blast directly into their faces, hoping to keep them from attacking her and falling to the ground. If they did, she would proceed to continue to blast them as they were falling so that they would fall to the ground faster. Once they hit they ground, she would continue to shoot at them until too must dust covered her vision of them. She stared at the cloud of dust and awaited the fate of the Bear Bros.

The Bear Bros., who had easily been shot down to the ground in the meanest way possible, seemed to have been down for the count... As they both lay there, they pointed their hands up to Meiun and started to launch barrages Snowballs and Mud Balls at the speed of bullets like cannons from their hands at Meiun straight up into the sky.

Meiun giggled, spinning around and releasing her Vicious Vine, which released unholy spores that literally slowed down everything within the vicinity of them by any given amount, and she would slow them to the point that the snow and mud balls were almost not moving at all. Once this happened, energy enveloped both her feet; on the right being solar energy and on the left being floral energy. She would then do an aerial backflip with legs extended, continuously spinning and heading toward the two Bear Bros., releasing her Sun-Crescent Kick and Flower Cutters respectively. The solar energy wave from the Sun-Crescent Kick would melt the snowballs and the Flower Cutter kick would cut through and destroy all of the mud balls. As such, Meiun had cleared a path for her falling body, gaining hella momentum and force from the backflips. Finally, when she was close enough, she would straighten her legs and proceed to stomp the area with insane impact power, trying to take the Bear Bros. down for the count.

They were simply no match. They were stomped deep into the ground as Khrona proceeded to tame them with his awesome virtual device. "... Hahaha. Wasn't that fun, guys~?" They both groaned as their data was transferred into the the virtual device, turning them into Virtual Pets.

Meiun then degenerated back into her smaller plantoid form and sighed. "... Man. That was fun. We should whoop some ass more often, huh?"

Khrona laughed. "Oh, most definitely~!"

They both walked away.

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Ninth Destruction; Khrona's Puppets

In those several weeks that the werewolf had been gone, Khrona had been rather productive with his work on the Dusk and firmly establishing or finishing things that needed to be done. He was still ever busy taking care of more work between his village, himself and his family, being so swamped that only his puppets under his control could do his bidding for him. In that, the werewolf would be left to them to be trained a bit under their wing whilst Khrona continued to take care of business. Though his mind and energy were split, it only made Khrona's control over everything that much stronger.

The werewolf would make his way towards the team building after leaving it some weeks ago, searching for Khrona once more.

Khrona, however, was not here. In fact, he was nowhere to be found... Instead, there was a puppet. This puppet was of one of the monsters that Khrona had touched the soul of, making it his own to control at any given time. This one happened to be a Lamia. It was a life sized puppet, also being made of real substances that an actual Lamia would be. "Hello there, werewooolf... I am a puppet in ussssse for Khrona... What do you want?"

This is the second time the werewolf came here and hadn't met Khrona face to face. "Um, hi, I was wondering if I could get some training done by Khrona?"

The Lamia hissed back at the werewolf, "What kiiiind of training do you want, boy...? Khrona issss... Out. Though, I'm sure, if it'ssss important enough, I can get him back herreeee..."

Werewolf: "Well, I want to increase my speed and strength, but I want to unlock more of my special power, as well."

The Lamia quirked a brow. "Sssssspeed? Ssssstreeeength?" She slithered about the area, inspecting the werewolf. "... What is your special ability, anyway?"

"It basically gives new abilities to the basic element," the werewolf said. He would form an orb of the Okami water into his hands and tossed it elsewhere. A large crater would form due to the sheer pressure that the okami water had.*

The Lamia had an idea, now... "Elements? And you wish to grow fassster and sssstronger, at the ssame time? Hmmm... What elementsss have you mastered?"

Werewolf: "Water, Wind, and Lightning are the ones I got through my special ability. I know fire and earth, but not through the Okami energy."

The Lamia thought about it "... Hmmmm... Ffffine. You shall fight Khrona'sssss puppetsssss... You will use only one element to fight one monster, and when you defeat that monsssster, you will be allowed to ssssswitch... But, to increasssse your ssstrength and ssspeed... You will be shackled physically and spiritually. Thus, this will decreasssee the power of your abilities by half, the speed you can run and conjure them up by half, and your overall resssponse time by half. Do you accceeeept?"

"Fine by me." The werewolf would brace for impact on what ever shall happen to his body.

The Lamia snickered a bit. "... Asss you wiissssh.." She would wrap her exceedingly long tail around the werewolf, as Khrona would warp the both of them off somewhere... Wherever Khrona was.

It was time for the werewolf's -- and secretly, Khrona's -- training. The more the werewolf fought, the stronger Khrona became, as well, from a distance... Without even needing to be there. It was a win-win for the both of them.

The Lamia and werewolf would appear in the training fields, as that was the best place to be at the moment. Once the werewolf was there, he had already been shackled both spiritually and physically by Khrona. As such, his power would be decreased by half, as would his speed and his reaction time. If he were to try to increase them, an attempt would be rejected and he would stay at the same levels he was at this moment.

Lamia: "... Alright... Which Element are you weakesssst in? We will train that one firsssst..."

The werewolf would pause for a moment. He wanted to get the ones he couldn't use the okami energy with first, so he decided with that which one to go with. "It would have to be fire."

The Lamia nodded. "Hisss... Alright. Then you will fight this Puppet... A plantoid."

Out of nowhere, a gigantic flying flower would appear before the werewolf.

Lamia said once more, "As you know, you are restricted to one element, and one element alone. You cannot use ANY ability you have except for that element... Alright?"

The flying flower would hiss at the werewolf, awaiting his attack.

"Understood." The werewolf would take some steps as he began to run towards the monster, though it seemed as though his speed was cut down more by half. It felt as if he was back to being a beginner. But no matter. If it meant for him to get stronger, he had to make do, so he would take out his soul partner in kusarigama form and and charge it with fire chakra. He twirled the scythe as fast as he could at the moment and had it wrap around the flower in attempt to burn the flower to bits.

The flying flower spun its petals at a high speed, kicking up a powerful attack; Wind. This sharp, forceful wind would blow the chain scythe away from it as well as give it extra propulsion into the sky. Still spinning its petals, it would shoot out Pollen, which would spread around the area and try to Blind the werewolf, for whatever the Pollen touched would become blinded by it.

The werewolf would pull back his weapon as he begin to twirl from the middle of the chain, gaining more and more speed with each turn. He would add more fire chakra to his scythes as torrents of flame would begin to form. It would attempt to burn away the strange pollen as well as head towards the plant monster. As this was going on, the werewolf would begin to move towards the monster as he would try to send both of the flaming scythes towards the plant monster, holding on by the chain to have it stretch out towards it.

The flying flower, once again, used Wind to send the stream of fire back at the werewolf, and when the scythes came its way, it used Wind to blow them back at the werewolf. It seemed as though his current method would not work, as the Wind was so strong and so nicely controlled that it could suffocate the flames as well as force them away from the flying flower, and the flames would also get weaker with the altitude that the flower was at, making them a lot easier to blow away. The petals of the flying plant spun incredibly fast, releasing Wind now near the werewolf, trying to force him into the ground and cut up up a little bit, since these gusts of wind were also extremely sharp.

"Aw come on!" From the werewolf's body would be a large sphere of red energy that surrounded him as he went into a meditative state. Looking around, he would notice that it was hot as hell in this place. It seemed that he had made contact with the Okami of fire.

Werewolf: "Hello?"

???: "It's about time you began working more on your special ability."

Werewolf: "Umm, sorry bout that. Been busy."

???: "I know that much, idjit."

Werewolf: "You're more snotty than the others."

???: "Of course I am! It comes with the element I chose to protect."

Werewolf: "So exactly who are you then?"

???: "I hate the name I have so just call me Futa."

The area would intensify when he said that and the werewolf began to sweat some as he wiped a long bead of sweat from his body.

Werewolf: "Can you turn down the heat?"

Futa: "You got chakra you can do it."

"Tch." The werewolf would close his eyes as he embraced the fire from the surrounding area as it began to come down to a reasonable temperature. Futa would nod pleasingly as the werewolf would be sent back to the real world, now looking around as his scythes came back to his hands. He would watch as his flames would get blown away and began to release the okami fire throughout the area. At its current temperature, it easily burned away the petals within the area, as the increased temperature rose to the point where it couldn't be smothered by the wind. It spread towards the flower aiming to burn it to a crisp.

The flower boosted itself into the air further, releasing high powered Wind as it did so. The wind would continuously try to smother all sides of the flame before it reached the plant, hopefully to stall it long enough for it to suffocate, or for itself to be so high in the air that the flame would suffocate that way, as well. If not, the flying flower would have no way to keep itself from being burnt.

"Don't Run." The flame pressure would intensify dramatically as the werewolf would jump in the air, causing the flame to reach higher into the air. He would use the fire chakra to boost him up higher into the air for a brief second. This would cause the flames to reach high enough to burn the plant monster to a crisp, leaving no trace of it around.

The Lamia snickered. "Excccellent... That was only the firsssst of these monsssters... Luckily for you, its weakness wassss Fire... Now, which element do you wish to train nexxxt?"

Since they were going down the line, the next element without the okami energy would have to be Earth. "Ok, let's go for Earth next."

The Lamia nodded, as another one of Khrona's Puppet Monsters appeared.

It was the Basilisk, but not the Snake species -- the Bug species. This was a quick bugger with some nasty powers.

The Lamia sneered. "Whenever you're ready..."

The werewolf would know as the fire around him would die down. It's time for earth now. He would land on the ground with a large thud as this would cause multiple spires of earth the size of small houses to sky rocket towards the new creature.


The Basilisk would stare at the werewolf with an insane glow of its eyes, which would be its Gradual Petrify ability going into play. If the werewolf remembered correctly, Gradual Petrify would cause him and his energy to totally turn to stone at the end of the tenth turn. The Basilisk then swiftly jumped on the spires and crawled up them, jumping from spire to spire to avoid them and avoid getting hit. It would then fall to the ground and just stare at the werewolf.

The werewolf would clasp his hands together as earth spires would form into a large ball of earth. He would have the ball get smaller and smaller, hopefully squishing the Basilisk's body to bits.


The Basilisk would use Slow to distort the flow of space and time for everything that came near it, making the giant rock move sloooooooooowly. It would climb atop the slow-moving rock and then spew its Stone Breath at the werewolf, trying to petrify him right then and there.

The werewolf would stomp the earth, causing a wall to form. As the rock began to solidify, the werewolf would punch the rock, creating multiple boulders of the now hardened rock as he aimed to crush the monster with his own power.


Again, the Basilisk just used Slow to slow down the rocks so that it had time to jump on them. It then tried to lash its Tongue out at the werewolf, which caused anything that touched the tongue to go to sleep instantly. Upon using that, it also released more of its Stone Breath, hoping to put him to sleep, then Petrify him.

As soon as the Basilisk landed on the rocks, it would instantly drop, causing him to fall towards the ground, shackled to the earth. As the tongue came towards the werewolf, he would jump into the air. "I need a spirit by the element of earth right now!?!?!" Perfect timing. He would now be transported to his mind once more to speak with the earth Okami. This place, like all the others, had its own element theme, but this was more or so like a forest of sorts. The Okami of earth would be meditating while birds flew on top of his head. "You seem peaceful than the last Okami I met."

???: "Well, no pun intended, he was, after all, a hot head."

"True." The werewolf would sit down in front of the okami as the birds around him began to chirp as he listened to nature for the first time in a while.

???: "Feels good doesn't it?"

The werewolf would nod as he closed his eyes, embracing the beauty of the area. "So what do you go by?"

???: "They call me Yuu; Chickyuu to be exact. And to answer your question on how to use the earth powers, just simply remember this feeling and you'll be fine."

With that, the werewolf was transported back into the real world where he looked at the large tongue in front of him, quickly summoning an earth wall which would collide together. The earth would then change to diamond as the diamond wall would separated into diamond sand bullets, ready to skewer the living shit of of the beast. There were far too many of them to all be stopped, so at least a good dozen should get through.


The Basilisk, being shackled to the large rock, needed some way to get out of the large rock... So, as the diamond bullets came near, it would turn itself so that the giant rock protected it from the attacks, and would destroy the rock so that it could escape. Once the rock was destroyed, it would use Slow so that it would not be hit by this attack, and then.. It would run. Even if it didn't do anything but run, there were still seven more turns until the werewolf turned to stone...

The werewolf would smirk. The moment the Basilisk made the diamond sand bullets slow, the werewolf would already be behind the Basilisk, as he would send multiple spikes of diamond around the blind spots of the Basilisk. Each spike was roughly the size of small houses and was traveling at speeds close to mach one. If this didn't work, the werewolf was thinking of a counter attack as he jumped backwards, hoping it would connect.


Unfortunately for the werewolf, once again, when a Basilisk uses Slow, everything around it becomes slow... Not just one specific thing. Unless they choose it to do so. The Basilisk was safe unless the werewolf had a way to catch it without being slowed down... Which was not really an option right now. So, it ran some more.

Not really sure of his powers, the werewolf thought of a way to capture the Basilisk and as it ran away it would soon find itself in quicksand. The sand that went past the Basilisk from before would turn itself into quicksand and made a large pit around it. Even if he were to slow down the suction of the quick sand it wouldn't be enough for him to escape. The werewolf would wait for his downfall as spikes of diamond were underneath the quicksand aiming to skewer him in one swift motion.

Finally, the Basilisk had been caught. The quicksand would totally engulf it, sucking it down and skewering it completely.

Lamia smiled. "Goooood... Gooood... And your nexxxt element?"

"Water would be the next element to learn about," the werewolf would say as he was catching his breath some.

The Lamia snickered. "You sssseeem to be tired, werewolf... Are you getting worn out, hmmm...? You might be, for you will have to fight something... Massive. Thisss... Will truly test you... To fight the master of bombs... the King Bomb."

The King Bomb manifested itself in a burst of insane, infernal fire, being able to eclipse the sun with its massiveness by just hovering over the area...

"OH COME ON NOW!!!!" The werewolf would look up at the monstrous thing above him and saw the fire being around him. He figured his water attribute would be the best for this battle. He needed to move more freely, but unfortunately, he couldn't. He began to form the Okami water around his hands as he would take off flying as fast as the limits would let him. He would send multiple bullets of the Okami water. Each bullet had the density that of a large building and would cause significant damage towards this new creature if it were to be hit.

The King Bomb laughed, though it was hit with this attack. It groaned for a moment, then began to grow. Because of how dense the attack was, it grew even more so and massively. That was the special attribute of the bombs... And the Bomb's mouth could easily take a bite out of the entire area now. "... Fool," was all that it said.

The werewolf would pause as he took note as two how the King Bomb got bigger when he used his Okami water. So he decided to shoot him with a blast of regular water to test his theory; if nothing happened, then his theory would be correct. But he did not want to make it a simple splash of water -- it was more like water geyser type blast.

The King Bomb groaned loudly in pain, however even so, it grew ever larger. "Why do you insist on making me GROW?" The King Bomb would open its mouth, trying to take a gigantic bite out of the ground... Since its mouth is as big AS the area, there was no real place for the werewolf to run, especially with cut speed.

"Wrong theory, but this may work." The werewolf wasn't trying to run. In fact, he stood his ground and got into a stance. The Okami water began to form into the size of a small house as he thrust the blast forward towards the large mouth that was about to engulf the area. if he was right then it would cause for him to grow to the point were the King Bomb would implode on himself, and if not, the werewolf formed a bubble of the Okami water as a defense of sorts.

The King Bomb grew so massive, that now he could not sustain himself. He had been attacked to the point where he had grown too large. "... Ultima... Blowup..." With that done, the King Bomb would EXPLODE, but not with fire... With the most POWERFUL energy type there was; Ultima energy. The explosion was so consumptive, it would literally disintegrate everything it came in contact with. If concentrated Ultima energy could take out the most powerful of foes, then a massively condensed EXPLOSION of it should take out... Everything. Since the Ultima energy had no elemental property, it should easily destroy that shield the werewolf had up and blow him away with ease, draining him of all power. Besides that, he was in the CENTER of it, thus he would have to most damage of anything.

The werewolf would add several hundred layers of the Okami water in an attempts to block the explosion. It already had around five hundred thousand sea pressure within one layer, so a few hundred layers would prove to be more than enough to act as a defensive against the explosion attack. It seemed that the werewolf's plan had worked, but not really expecting this much of a blast to happen, he would wait for the explosion to cease as he would casually step out of his bubble awaiting to see what's next.

Technically, an explosion of that caliber as well as the extreme limits placed on the werewolf should have completely forced him out of his bubble... In fact, that's what it would have to do. Since the werewolf's energy output was cut as well as his speed and power, there was no way he would be able to fully block the explosion in time. He should just be lucky that he wasn't completely obliterated by it and should only be wounded... Probably severely.

The Lamia hissed, "... Boy. You look like you're going to your limitssss... What elsssse is there you want to train?"

The werewolf would be laying on the ground as large chunks of his skin was gone due to the explosion. His self regeneration factor began to kick in as his skin began to reform and chakra began to come back to him as well. "The next... One would be wind but, can we apply this to the strength training? Also does this count towards my class job thing?"

The Lamia laughed heartily. "Of couuurse it doesss... And wind, it is, then!" The Lamia snickered sinisterly. "... You will now fight two puppets at once... One of immense physical strength and one of immense weight. You will fight them simultaneously with your limitations... Are you ready?"

"If that's the case, I wonder what I learned so far then." The werewolf would snap back into reality, hearing what he had to do as he nodded his head and awaited the two monsters.

Lamia smirked. "... Turtank... Behemoth..."

From out of nowhere, these two MASSIVE monstrosities appeared; Turtank, the heaviest being in the land. And one of the strongest creatures there was out there, Behemoth. "Ready...? Begin..."

The werewolf's eyes would widen as he looked up at those two monstrosities known as Turtank and the Behemoth, which would tower over him. Not only was he handicapped, but those are some big ass motherfuckers. They looked like they can whoop his ass, but the werewolf would have to endure it. His regeneration factor now complete, a gust of wind was now in the area. The werewolf would nod and got into a stance, unsheathing his soul weapon in her kusarigama form.

The monsters didn't attack, so far... They, instead, built up their defenses, for whatever reason... The Behemoth would cast Mighty Guard on itself and the Turtank, making their defenses SKYROCKET...

The Turtank would then look to the Behemoth, knowing what to do now. A very loud ringing could be heard within its body, like the sound of metal... continuously bouncing off of the insides of its adamantium body. This was Resonance, which would make anything that heard it unable to touch metal, unable to use any form of weapon or metal, and if anything metal came in contact with this sound, it would become immobilized completely. So long as the werewolf held on to his soul weapon, he would be totally disabled throughout all of his body.

It seemed as though the werewolf was in quite the predicament here ,for since his bones where made of adamantium, he would also be affected by this and as such could not move. Luckily the werewolf had a plan; by manipulating the air within his own body to breathe, he would cause the wind to travel towards the inside of his mouth and the solidification of the Okami Wind would cause the wind to be heavy enough to forcefully cause his mouth to open. Now, manipulating the wind from around him, he would cause it to run through his body having it hit all across his adamantium bones to cause different vibrations and frequencies of different sounds, each of sounds would exit his body towards the air causing a VERY unpleasant noise that was so high it caused the Resonance of the beast to stop completely, letting his body to be able to move again. He would then heal his jaw so that he could move it freely as he would then take off at the highest possible speed he can move to at the moment, adding a large amount of the Okami Wind to the scythes. He launched the two scythes towards both the beast at mach one, causing him to fly towards them from the recoil of the attack. He would send vacuums of the Okami Wind following the scythe attack he launched towards the two beasts.

The Behemoth would jump in front of the Turtank and smack the scythes away, for the Mighty Guard would allow his body to take no damage at all from them. Even without Mighty guard, the scythes would do little damage to the Behemoth. The Behemoth would then jump out of the way.

The Turtank would use Defense Up so that its defenses also skyrocketed past that of the Behemoth's Mighty Guard. Turtank already had higher defensive abilities than Behemoth to begin with, so now this mother fucker was just a TANK. The Turtank would breathe deeply, then excrete a powerful Breath from its mouth, burning hot. It was so hot that it burnt through everything in its way and caused it to incinerate.

The werewolf would quickly yank the scythes back towards him as he added the Okami Wind to his hands as thrusters to both send him back and push the flames back as well as add several layers of the okami wind to increase the solidification aspect of it. Even if the attack did burn through one layer, it had more to go through. This would send the werewolf back a good ways as he began to float on air for a second.

'It seems that their defense rises every turn, but I can't get to close because of that,' the werewolf would be thinking as he thought of a way to get passed the defenses or of some way to expand his wind technique... At least to the point where he can match their defense. He closed his eyes as a wind weapon would appear and pointed towards the sky, then vanished. Now opening his eyes, the wind began to blow fiercely as the clear wind type energy transformed into green type of wind that was more visible and pulsated as if it was alive. It seemed that the werewolf had unlocked a new form of the Okami Wind. Putting it to the test, the current wind around the area would be drawn to the Okami Wind like a magnet of sorts and continued to grow in power. In a split second, releasing one wide spread wave of Okami Wind wide enough to cover the entire area and then some, it had enough power to literally lift both the beasts and launch them elsewhere. The solidification factor made it to the point of hitting an immovable wall.

Naturally, the Behemoth would be raised a LOT higher than the Turtank, for even the STRONGEST winds couldn't life or throw it that much. In fact, it was probably a bad idea to throw the Turtank. As the Behemoth flew, the Turtank would outstretch its neck like a bullet and grab onto its leg to keep it from flying away with its own weight. The Turtank would fall a few feet away from where it was before, and because of its INSANELY massive weight, it not only created an earthquake that basically DESTROYED the entire ground of the whole area, causing it to crumble into nothingness... But the Turtank would fall down, as well. It fell down DEEP, but it wasn't for naught. No, because of how it fell, it created a MASSIVE crater that basically was the entire area. This crater was several miles deep and wide, and the Behemoth was down there with it.

The Behemoth snarled, forcing itself to climb up the side of the gigantic canyon that was basically made from the Turtank's fall. It would then cast a Meteor at the werewolf, causing a gigantic meteor to fall from the sky in his general direction.

The werewolf would add the new version of the Okami wind to his fist as he used some of the wind in the air to push him towards the sky. He began to cock back some and then unleashed his punch aimed directly at the center of the meteor. He was not sure if it was a flaming meteor or not, but if so, the solidification aspect of the wind would protect against that and so the force of the punch -- even though it was cut back in half -- had enough force to create a two mile crater. But, due to the denseness of the Okami Wind, that made it so that it was strong enough to cause the alps to split in half. Surely this would be enough to break the meteor down into thousands of chunks that would rain down towards the two beasts.

The Meteor surely did become destroyed, but because of the Turtank's ability of Reflect, the meteor chunks did no damage do the both of them, but only bounced off, since all energies and all non-physical attacks will not get past Reflection. The Turtank would then turn its head upward and summon lightning, making a massive amount of electricity shoot down from the sky at the werewolf rapidly.

The Behemoth, which was still in motion, was ready to attack the distracted werewolf with a powerful Hell Assault, a violent ability which the Behemoth goes all out with claws, fangs, horns and summons numerous Meteors on the foe to fall on them and obliterate them.

The new Okami wind would still be around the werewolf's hand as he used it as a mode of defense to block against the lightning. When the claws, fangs meteors and such came towards him, he would turn around and add the Okami wind to his overall body as well as his legs, and other arm as well. The werewolf would take off using the Okami wind to increase his speed as he once again began to punch through the meteors as well as block against the other attacks that were made by doing various taijutsu. When the Behemoth made a horn type jab toward the werewolf, he would grab the horn with his hand and kick off of it, hopefully snatching one its horns in the process. If so, he would then toss it in the air, adding Okami wind to it as he forcefully kicked it down towards the Behemoth. The force of the kick broke several sound barriers from the impact as it aimed to go dead center between the eyes of the Behemoth.

Next, the werewolf would look towards the other creature and flash step around him, doing various taijutsu to the point of lifting him off the ground slightly and before he fell down, aiming to crush him under its weight. The werewolf began to go into a Capoera type fashion, adding a LARGE amount of the Okami wind to his legs as he would then create a giant hurricane type force that would send the beast higher into the sky on his backside. The solidification of it made it so the monster wouldn’t try and attack him when he was airborne. Now, the werewolf would stop as the hurricane kept going and flash stepped above the beast to send a force palm of extreme power added with the Okami wind to try and forcefully send the beast crashing down to his doom. The force palm strength could cause several avalanches to happen on the alps to engulf the entire western seaboard.

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Tenth Destruction; Khrona's Puppets Pt. II

The resident werewolf's training was going rather well so far, even with all of the strain put on him. Likewise, Khrona's training simultaneously was going well, with the strain put on him from not only controlling his puppets, -- and so many at once -- but also the power each of them had, the complexity of their movements, and so on and so forth. However, it wasn't over for the werewolf yet, for he still had one more element, and one more puppet to fight...

The Behemoth tried to move out of the way and subsequentially, ends up getting stabbed in the heart with its own horn. Turtank's shell cracks, making it extremely weak, it falls down and shatters its back, making it die.

Lamia: "Blah Blah-- I mean. Most impressive. Anything else? Or shall we increase the hindrances on your body...?"

Werewolf: "Um, let's go with the hindrance on my body and I can use that with my last element."

The Lamia nodded. "Alright then... Hisss... Now, your limits will be quite massive. In addition to your speed, strength, chakra and soul energy cut, you will also lose four of your five senses. Though, you will be able to choosssse which ones you cannot ussse... So hurry up."

The werewolf would think about this some as he made his decision. "I'll lose my taste, sight, touch,
and smell, and keep my hearing."

The Lamia snickered "Sssomehow, I knew you would say that... Alright. With your hindrances, this shall be the final battle..." The Lamia slithered forth, blades suddenly jutting from her two arms "... Me."

She licked her lips, eyes gleaming at the werewolf. "Whenever you're ready... Boy..."

The werewolf kept his eyes closed as he got into a stance, the okami lightning beginning to form in his hands. Of course, he couldn't feel it, but he can hear the sparks of the lightning that made him know that it was right. He waited for Lamia to strike or make a sudden move.

For the battle, the werewolf was Blind, he was Silenced, had no feeling and had no smell. The Lamia wasn't sure how acute his hearing was, but she had to make due. She thought that he might not be able to do anything if Silenced, for taking his taste technically meant taking the ability to make sound.

Truthfully, she could be extremely cheap about this... And so, she would. She would use the ability Glare, which involved her only needing to stare at the werewolf and be able to suck out his energies and cause him to be paralyzed after being within the Glare for an extended amount of time. It's not like he could feel it... And that way, she could always have her eyes on him.

While the Lamia was thinking of the senses that were not in use right now, the werewolf was trying to figure out her powers. He remembered her summoning all those monsters that he had to fight and decided that maybe she had those powers as well. With that in mind, he jumped into the air, avoiding the glare attack as he landed on air. Unknown to her was that the werewolf's senses were far superior to a regular human and the more senses cut off, the more the other one sharpens. Since all but one sense was left, that would make his hearing to that of hearing what other people are saying half way across the planet, if focused hard enough. The werewolf would use this to his advantage, as he can hear the heartbeat and breathing of his foe and would lock on to that heartbeat being as that's the only one around here for miles. He would then send multiple bolts of the okami lightning aimed at the parts where he can hear that being the throat and heart, all traveling around mach three.

The Lamia smiled, for she knew that her body was highly resistant to electricity... So even if the werewolf hit, the effectiveness would be dropped, either way. She slithered intricately past the lightning bolts using her intense speed, then slithered far away... She cleared her throat, then used her Song ability. Whilst singing this Song, she could take total control of any male that could hear the song... And due to the werewolf using his impeccable hearing, there was no way he COULDN'T hear the song. Thus, once he heard it, his body would belong to the Lamia.

The werewolf, at first hearing her, gathered up the wind for her to sing, knowing that it meant no good for him. But how could he not hear it when it suddenly hit him? Maybe he can use lack of senses to his advantage. He began to shock the shit out of his ears to the point where his ears began to swell up causing him not to hear as great as he could but to the point of him as he were able to hear normally. He didn't feel any pain cause he didn't have the sense of touch. He would then uses his hands to plug his ears so that he could hear absolutely nothing. He would occasionally move his finger some to hear if she was still singing. The moment she ceased, he would flash step towards the sound of her voice and release a devastating punch. Even through the massive cutback of strength, it had enough force to send her flying back several feet.

The Lamia sneered as he came close, quickly casting Might on herself as she saw the fist go back, which would increase her physical strength intensely. As the fist came in, she would grab his fist with her own hand, then initiate with her Counter ability automatically, which was the Hand Slap. She slapped him numerous times across his face, using Cure on him with every slap, only to heal his ears but give the terrible effects of the Hand Slap ability, which would delay every move he did as well as potentially paralyze him. Not only that, by using Cure, she healed his ears, making him susceptible to the Song once more, if she chose to sing it. She would finish slapping him, then throw him elsewhere, staring grimly at him.

The werewolf would be thrown back some, not really feeling the pain, but now can hear clearly once again. The werewolf was thinking of some of the attacks Lamia used on him. He would note that the slapping had a weird effect that he didn't know what it was yet and then, there's something that allows her to cure him. Plus she can make herself stronger. The werewolf would see if he could cause her to plummet towards her doom. He stepped on the ground, trying to cause the okami lightning to surge through the ground. At first, nothing would happen until about thirty seconds later, when sparks would be heard on the ground. It seemed as if his overall body has been delayed. The werewolf would try to use this to his advantage. Sending multiple bursts onto the ground and flash stepping above her, he tried to send a lightning bolt towards her.

Noticing the sparks in the ground, Lamia snickered again. "My scales are extremely resisssstant to your electricity... Oooh, but that's right, you mussst use ONLY electricity, right?" The Lamia coiled her torso and sprung high into the air, trying to catch sight of the werewolf. She would release hundreds of Kisses and Poison Frog kisses from her mouth in the form of energy hearts. The Poison Frog one was green while the normal Kiss was pink. These energy kisses just floated there... Right before the Lamia used Twister, creating a massive windstorm around the area, keeping her afloat and spreading the kisses everywhere, hopefully to the point where the werewolf could not move without being hit by one of them. Plus, with his delayed response time, it should be a lot easier for him to be hit.

Right when the kisses began to solidify, before the twister had spun, the lightning attacks from earlier would finally strike multitudes of the hearts as they scattered elsewhere. The lightning bolt would then head straight down the hurricane, making it electric property as well as wind and he manipulated the electric currents in the hurricane to send it directly back at her. Since the hurricane was already out it shouldn't be delayed by this at all.

Sneering, the Lamia created another Twister, canceling it out with the first one. "Hisssss... Now I'm angry." She would finally land, avoiding any lightning that was coming at her, then point to the sky, turning it completely black and ominous. In the darkness of the sky, anything was was under it would instantly fall asleep, as this was the Night ability. It caused anything conscious (except the caster) to fall instantly into a deep sleep. If the werewolf was asleep, the Lamia could do as she pleased. She would then stick her swords into the ground and let them absorb any electrical currents still in the ground. She remembered that there were some before.

The werewolf would thrust forward into the air, but nothing happened. It seemed that the delay in his ability may have cost him. He was indeed put to sleep as he would some how manage to be on the floor, landing safely, awaiting for the worst.

The Lamia slithered close to him. "Hmhmhmhmhm... And this, is your end, ssssir..." She would begin by using Poison Kiss, releasing another green heart to him, which would pop, instantaneously poisoning him and changing him into a frog with no abilities whatsoever. She licked her lips. "My, you look delicious... What ELSE can I do...?" She would start to sing her Song once more, which would still be able to control him, as he was a MALE frog.

Suddenly, right when the heart came towards the werewolf, it would soon splatter due to a lightning bolt from the sky. Quickly after, multiple lightning bolts began to rain down, two hitting the werewolf, which caused him to forcefully wake up and would keep him awake through the electric charge. A good twenty were now raining down towards the snake. Even though she was resistant to lightning, the combined amount of lightning would do significant damage to her person and as of such, the werewolf would instantly back away, not feeling a thing from the lightning and not poisoned either. His reaction time began to come back as his hand glowed blue instead of the usual yellow of the okami lightning. This would be the second form the okami lightning took, similar to how the okami wind transformed. Taking this to surprise his enemy, the werewolf flash stepped towards the Lamia, leaving trails of the blue lightning as he grabbed the tail of the snake and the sent a voltage that was incalculable throughout her body. With her high tolerance of lightning, this would surely shock the living fuck out of her, even with her high defense against this element.

The Lamia screeched and hissed, now insanely angry at the werewolf. "... Don't mess with me!!" She would endure the shocks due to her Might, wrapping her tail around the werewolf's arm tightly, since the Might increased her strength so much. She would then tighten her grip with her tail using successive casts of Might, making her strength skyrocket beyond belief. To finish this, she would use Super Slow, making the space and time flow of the entire area slow down insanely and drastically, the werewolf being the first thing slowed since he was touching the Lamia. The lightning would also slow, the shocks would slow, and the Lamia would be free to do as she pleased once more. She could slow the werewolf down to any speed, so it was alright for her. She released his arm once she was sure the Super Slow was in effect, then used healing arts on herself to heal her own wounds completely. "... Hissssss..." She Glared at the werewolf, sucking out some more of his energy and trying to Paralyze him still.

Even though the Lamia was healed, the effects of the okami lightning still could be seen. Her own body would be paralyzed to the point that the werewolf and she were at the same point. If she were to use any type of manna to heal herself, the okami lightning would still be inside of her. That being said, the werewolf could manipulate the lightning inside her and would try to implode her from the inside out, making a large burst of lightning spew everywhere if successful. Hopefully it would and this battle would be over already.

Even if the lightning was inside of her, it would be slowed down by the Super Slow as well. "Super Slow workssss on everything except what I choose.. Much like the next manna..." She held her hand to where the lightning was concentrated and used Stop, the manna that stopped the flow of space and time. Thus, once Stop was used on the electricity inside of her, it would cease to move or do anything, thus making it harmless and dormant. "Nicccee try... And now, you're still soooo sloooow..." She held her hand back up to the sky, which would turn dark once more... "Night..." The manna of Night would be secreted, and it would put the werewolf to sleep if he were still in it...

True, she stopped the power of the explosion, but nothing about the polarization, and as such, she would be moving slow, as the werewolf was. So the moment he heard the muscles inside her body begin to move, the werewolf would try and dash towards the Lamia, adding the okami lightning to his fist. It was literally a race against time to see who would prevail to get the first hit, whether it would be his fist of her Night ability.

The Lamia hissed, waiting for Night to take place...

The Lamia's Night would take effect on the werewolf, which would instantly put him to sleep. Since he had already gained momentum, flying at the Lamia, she held out her hand and let him run into it, saying then, "... Eternal Oblivion," letting a terrible manna power surge through his body, forcefully making him forget all of his moves until she felt like making it wear off. Now he had no forms of attack... And was asleep. So if he woke up THIS time, it wouldn't matter...

The werewolf would indeed once again be put to sleep, but not before colliding with her outreached hand, hopefully sending the shock wave of the fist into her body, causing damage. He would then plummet towards the ground.

The Lamia hissed a final time, letting her tired body arch over his, a bit taken by the last shock. "... Hisss... Now you have no memory of your power. You are asleep. You have numerous hindrances on your body... And there is nothing stopping me from ending you... Hisss... You look delicious, anyway..."

The Lamia picked up a sword and lifted the werewolf up by his hair, holding the knife to his throat. "... Hissssss... I hope you're into... Dom~In~A~Trix~!" But before she did anything, she would cast a healing ability on him and drop his sleeping body, releasing all of her spells and then casting the same healing energy upon herself. "Hisssss.... You're done. Unless you want to try out all of your power...?" The hindrances would be released from his body, as the Lamia slithered close. "Or do you want to just go now?"

The werewolf would rise up, feeling his energies and senses return to him as he felt the increase of his speed and strength dramatically. It felt good be able to have his senses back. "Thanks, but I'll test it out against someone. Oh how's the whole Medusa thing going?"

The Lamia scratched the back of her head. "Hisss... Well, the snake charmer hassssn't returned yet... Don't know what happened to him... He might be dead... Heeheeheeheehee~."

"I have no idea who he is, but thanks for the training," the werewolf said as he would smile, then flash step from the area.

The Lamia would quickly dissipate, returning to Khrona, wherever he was.

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Eleventh Destruction; Gaining Rank

Whilst Khrona's attention was split handling the control of his puppets with the werewolf, Khrona's true body was busy doing his normal duties, one of which was giving exams to those who traversed the Battleground. Knowing that he did not need to use the full extent of his power and that he already had a fraction of it moving elsewhere thanks to the control of his puppets, he would be alright facing anyone he came across with a bit of a limitation...

Linomaru would come on to the Ranking field very sad and boring -- unlike him. This was because normally he would be reading a book or looking at the sky; he would be happy and cheerful but something seemed different about him as he awaited someone to show for a Ranking session.

Khrona appeared before Lin, looking at him. "Hey. What's wrong with you, kid?"

He would look up to see Khrona and say, "Lord Khrona... Oh, well I haven't been myself lately, is all." Lin would look to the ground as he said this. He was very uneasy, you see his wife was Kira and she had passed when Mayuri attacked the village and it was very sad because Lin had found out he had children on the way the day that she died.

Khrona nodded. "Awwww. That's sad to hear." In truth, Khrona didn't care much. Death was such a beautiful thing... It made Khrona laugh. "Whatever." Khrona stared at Lin. "Sooooo... I'm assuming you want to get ranked up now, huh?"

"Yup!" A smile would come across Lin's face as he said this, but the smile would go away quickly at the thought of something... But Lin would turn around as he took a few steps back and took his stance.

Khrona quirked a brow. He could easily invade Lin's mind and see whatever he wanted... But that wasn't the problem right now. "Yo... Lin... For your Ranking, you will be fighting two of my virtual pets; The Bear Bros."

Khrona snapped his fingers, as Shimo and Choco digitized out of nowhere, them being a Polar Bear and Golem Bear respectively.

Shimo: "Hello there, human!"

Choco: "Hello there. Are you prepared? Come at us."

"Yes,I'm ready." Lin would draw Nitos from his side and would waste no time as he goes into his Soul Synchro form. He would then say, "Shall we begin, Lord Khrona?" taking a bow.

Khrona nodded. "Begin."

Shimo would suddenly punch the ground, shouting "Absolute Zero!!!" Causing the entire ground to freeze over instantaneously. He would run along the ice, immune to the slipperiness, shooting Snowballs at Lin at speeds of bullets.

Choco would stand in his same position and use Armor Coating, which only packed on more and more earth onto himself, making his defensive power skyrocket to great amounts, making him less susceptible to attacks. He would then join in the onslaught of projectiles and shoot out Mud Balls at Lin with the same destructive speed and power.

Lin would take flight as the attacks came toward him; he would be a few hundred feet in the air when he would swing the blade in his hand and the dragon headed tip would skyrocket down toward Shimo, attempting to grab hold of him and sling him to the ground, but if he were to miss, the attack would head for Choco and begin to freeze the armor like earth shield.

Both of them charged up punches and Shimo would leap at the dragon which he presumed was made of ice. If it was, he could absorb the dragon into his body to make himself larger. If all it was doing was executing an ice-based attack, Shimo could still take that in -- so that Choco would be safe -- with his "Absolute Zero!" which would punch the dragon, sending it off course from Choco.

Choco would use his Rock to Mud ability, which turns any solid that he punches instantly into a liquid. Thus, he would try to punch the off-course dragon, in high hopes of changing it into a liquid and getting rid of it altogether.

Lin would quick withdraw from his attack and would pull the blade back toward himself, stopping it from moving. Lin would then use Gravity on Shimo and Choco, making the area's gravity increase; this would be nothing to Lin, for he was used to it.

Shimo fell to one knee, as did Choco, for gravity was not their forte. However, this did not mean that they still could not attack... Shimo stood up, struggling, but managed to do it. "... Absolute... Zero... !!!" Shimo would begin to punch the air as hard as he could, trying to turn the air super cold, so that eventually it would reach the point of Absolute Zero and freeze anything that was in the atmosphere.

Choco could see what Shimo was doing and decided to assist him in his endeavors. Choco would grab Shimo's arms, taking a lot of the force from the gravity off of him and onto himself so that the punches could become faster and the Absolute Zero air could become easier to spread throughout the area.

Lin would feel the the area becoming cold and frigid; he would smile this time with happiness as he would then begin to rotate his sword faster and faster. Soon the blade wasn't visible, then lin would stop rotating the blade and a new blade would be in his hand. Linomaru says, "This is Nitos in its Ice form -- the only form that it has, so far." Linomaru would let out a large blast of ice and lightning toward the Polar Bear.

Linomaru would also send four large pillars of ice down into the ground in random places around the area.

The Bear Bros would both extend their hands simultaneously, allowing the lightning to be canceled out by the Golem Bear's earth body whilst the ice would be absorbed into the Polar Bear to make him grow larger. Thus, the attack was useless against them both. Shimo would slide across the ground, pulling Choco with him to find a place that wasn't being forced with a lot of gravity. Next, Choco fired numerous Mud Balls at Lin once more, trying to shoot him out of the sky.

Linomaru would fly downward toward the ground, dodging the mud balls, noticing that Shimo got bigger from his attack. Lin would put two and two together and get that Choco might be the same as Shimo as he thought, 'So my lighting attacks are useless against Choco and my Ice attacks only make Shimo grow... Got it.' Linomaru would move out of the way of Choco's attack but he would have his lighting whip in his hand that didn't have the blade in it. As he swung, it hit the mudballs that he couldn't dodge, using it as a shield in other words. He would then drop his blade and let it fall to the ground. As it fell, a drip of Linomaru's blood would hit the end of the blade; it would begin to glow and a large cloud would begin to form from it. An earth shattering roar would come from the cloud. As the blade emerged from it, Linomaru would use zip to land on the ground below and catch it as he would say, "Come forth dragon of Thunder and Ice... Show them the frozen thunder of the skies." Lin would be seen gathering his charka for an attack, but this would take time so Nese would land on the ground below and shoot some air waves at the Bear Bros and would be running toward them in animal form. But she would stop a few meters away from them to let out a howl that would be high pitched and loud so it would hurt their ears and hopefully buy Linomaru some time to ready his attack.

Shimo would be continuously punching the air with Absolute Zero, trying to freeze the air so the sound waves would not be able to go through, since sound travels a hell of a lot slower the colder it is. Not only that, but Choco would be using his Heavy Punch, sending forceful punches through the air that would overpower the force of the sound so he would make sure the sound didn't come near the both of them. They both noticed Lin doing something and decided that it was probably best for them to get him.

Shimo would jump onto Choco's fist as Choco used his "Heavy Punch!" He would make the force of the punch extremely great, so that it would just force Shimo high into the sky over Lin. Shimo would curl himself into a ball and begin to fall extremely fast at Lin. Shimo was planning on crushing him with his gigantic body.

Linomaru would be done charging his chakra and would fly out of the way, going at least two hundred feet in the air and would draw his blade only to have it float and place. He puts two fingers on his forehead and closes his eyes; when he opens them, he would let out a large blast of energy and shoot right for Shimo and Choco.

Because Shimo was in the air, he could not avoid this attack, thus, Shimo was taken out by this beam, falling to the ground, helpless.

Choco, on the other hand, was prepared with his Heavy Punch, which could match the force of the attack and cancel it out with his own fist, however accumulating such a force would leave him a bit drained. "Guh... Hahaha. It seems like Shimo's out... Well, since you've defeated one of us, you have defeated us both. Good job, Lin." Choco would walk over to Shimo and pick him up, standing him on his feet, as Shimo regained consciousness.

Khrona snickered, "Alright, alright. If the Bear Bros say you pass, then you pass, Lin. You have acquired the Special Jounin rank. Gooood for you."

After the exam for Lino, Khrona was finally feeling sorta worn. With controlling all of his puppets from afar and facilitating the exam as well as any of the work he'd been doing all day on top of it, he just wanted to go home and be with his lovers. And that is what he did. However, there was someone left on the Battleground seeking an exam, still... So, not wanting to leave the poor guy hanging, Khrona would create a Projection of himself to give the exam whilst the real Khrona went home to do 'fun' things with Misery and Despair.

Darkace appears walking outside a facility. As he stops, he starts to look around, waiting for Khrona to show up.

A projection of Khrona appeared, as did of his two weapons, Misery and Despair. Soon, the projections became real, though they were still not the actual beings, but merely projected copies of them. Khrona looked at Darkace. "... And who are you, might I ask? No, wait, don't tell me... I already know! You are Darkace, correct?" Yes, Khrona had just mindfucked Darkace. "And you want this Ranking Exam, correct?"

Darkace feels little wierd as he says, "Yes that is correct. And I want this ranking exam, too, Khrona..."

Khrona laughed a bit. "Alright then... Pick which one of us you wish to give you your exam, then... Me, Misery or Despair, eh~?"

Darkace thinks real hard about his decision on who to give him the exam... As Darkace gets done deciding he finally made his decision and picks Khrona to give him the exam.

Khrona smirked. "Awwww. Wrong choice. You fail." ... "NAAAAAAAAAH, I'M JUST FUCKING WITH YA."

Khrona snickered. "Alright, so. Your exam is to take out five of my Monster Puppets. If you can defeat all five, you will become a high rank. If you defeat at least three, you will rank up to the next rank. Alright?"

Darkace gasps deeply for a moment, but now he feels good and knows he can defeat the five monsters. He tells Khrona, "Ok, I'm ready."

Khrona snapped his fingers as something began to form in front of him. "Battle 1: Nightmare."

Just then, a demonic looking unicorn with a blade for a horn and an extremely long tail appeared, neighing satanically at Darkace.

"Begin, Darkace."

Darkace grins as he begins to blast kinetic busters at the Nightmare, as well as jumps into the air afterwards and shoots kinetic pistols from above to finish the monster quick.

Unfortunately for Darkace, it would not be that simple. Being a Puppet of Khrona's, this Nightmare's power FAR exceeded that of a normal one... It flapped its wings with great strength and speed, creating a gust of wind powerful enough to match the force of the kinetic bullets and cancel them out, or at least push them away. The Nightmare would then soar high into the air at extreme speeds, beginning to use Lightning. As such, massive lightning bolts would rain from the sky in the multitudes, zapping everything that they could, but most aimed for Darkace.

Darkace sensed that it wouldn't be that easy to end the fight. As he sees the Lightning coming at him, he used a kinetic barrier to reflect all the lightning bolts back at the Nightmare, then Darkace would use kinetic force to blast the monster down and use kinetic pulse to trap him in a field all around it, ready to explode and destroy the Nightmare.

The Nightmare, very high in the air and very fast, would be able to outfly the Kinetic Force, since Darkace was aaall the way on the ground, and because of his rank, he should not be able to expand his abilities so far or so fast as to catch the Nightmare. The Nightmare would turn once out of the way of the attack and use Venom, which would make a green liquid stir about the ground under Darkace, trying to suck him down and poison him with a great number of poisons at the same time.

Darkace jumps into the air avoiding the Venom from poisoning him as one of his kinetic blasts appears extremely close to the monster in the air. He used a kinetic strike and the other appears way above the monster, then used kinetic drill down on the Nightmare.

The Nightmare would use its long, tendril-like tail to grab the clone as it was using Kinetic Strike to make sure to get out of the way of the drill and put the clone in the way, instead. The Nightmare took a little bit of damage, but was overall okay. It would release a massive blast of Venom from itself, however this time, it was in the form of a poisonous gas instead of a liquid.

Darkace sees the poisonous gas of Venom coming at him as he uses kinetic cyclone while in mid air to blow it away and pulls the Nightmare in from the strong polarity. As it begins taking damage from the explosions, another Darkace would appear in the cyclone under the monster and use kinetic spheres; they spiral towards the monster, making it more powerful and harder to dodge.

The Nightmare neighed, charging up manna within its horn as it got sucked in. It would flap its wings with great power, then begin to shoot Lightning directly from its horn. This was not to attack, however it would be nice if one of the Lightning bolts hit. The explosive force of the lightning bolts coming from the Nightmare should be able to push it away from the cyclone if used in succession, getting out of the suction power of the cyclone, thus setting it free. It would then get a certain gleam within its horn... It was Light. It was charging up for a MASSIVE Light attack to wipe Darkace and his clones out of the area...

Darkace used kinetic shockwave to avoid the severe damage as well as hit the Nightmare in the process. While transformed into kinetic energy, he disappeared into the air, preventing anymore damage coming at him while in this state. Afterwards, another Darkace appears directly behind the monster after the Light attack and use kinetic strike to lay the smackdown on him.

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Twelfth Destruction; The Demon King vs. Khrona

The exam with Darkace was cut short because of funding. A new rule that had been placed within the Tri-Village Alliance that barred anyone who did not have proper payment from receiving a ranking exam, which it was found that Darkace did not. Though Khrona didn't quite get the rule, he simply shrugged it off and enforced it, not really caring about it nor how little sense it made. With it, he rather callously left Darkace high and dry as his projection completely disappeared and Khrona was allowed to rest. The next day, he went to find the source of this 'New Rule' within the planet, already knowing the person who established it and started making things really difficult for the Dusk on this planet...

The Demon King, sitting on a tree, awaits an opponent.

From hundreds of feet off in the distance, a tiny figure could be seen walking toward the Demon King's current position. A slight resonating sound would fill the air, as two loud 'SHINGS' were heard, and two weapons were in the hands of this figure. As it became more visible, two overly large, one hundred foot wings expanded fully, the sheer force of them expanding causing a wind powerful enough to bend each and every one of the trees. A light could be seen gleaming on this figure... Twas the eye of Khrona. He seems to have noticed the Demon King, but the expression on his face was all but happy... What could be the reason...?

"Demon King..." he would say as he came nearer and nearer, "... It has certainly been a while."

Perhaps Khrona remembered the time where the Demon King tried to fucking EXECUTE him... Because that shit's just not cool, man!!

The Demon King turned to face the foreboding presence of malice that was Khrona. The Demon King heaved a heavy sigh while running his hands though his now shorter hair. "... I really never wanted to do this again." The Demon King would place both his hands inside his pocket. Thanks to his new vision, he didn't have to guess how hard Khrona planned on going in this fight... But the sudden flare in Khrona's power made the Demon King's eyes hurt. It would seem it would take some time to get use to the new eyes.

"... Here I go, then." The Demon King would make sure his headband was tied tightly before jumping into the sky. He had a base knowledge of all of the powers Khrona used on him last time, so there was no need to hold back. Kissing his Mafia ring and released his sky guns. The Demon King hadn't really used the new guns that were made for him, but no time like the present, huh?

"Double.. Impact," the Demon King said with a hint of uncertainty. He didn't know how the guns actually worked... So he wasn't even sure if they would fire. However, once he gripped the guns tightly and pulled the trigger, they forcefully drained the energy from his body and released a vicious blast of flames towards Khrona. The flames would burst though the air, heading towards Khrona with a considerable amount of concussive force. The Demon King, shocked at the kickback, flew a few extra feet into the sky, but kept his wits and charged a second shot. This time, he didn't fire.

Khrona looked up to the sky at the rain of bullets, then jumped into the sky himself, leaving a crater where he once stood, right in the rain of bullets. "Calculating velocity, trajectory and force... Hyper Perception, go." Using Hyper Perception, he could see every bullet coming down and where, thus he knew how to move his body accordingly to avoid them all.

"Left, right, down, up, left, left, swirl, spin, flap, twist, bend..."

With all of the awkward bending and twisting and contorting of Khrona's body in every which way, Khrona had successfully avoided all of the shots... But one more was barreling right toward his face now. He dashed at it head on, however right before it made impact, he disappeared. He had dissipated, then manifested his body high above the Demon King's, his wings outstretched and stiffened fully.

With one mighty flap using a great portion of Khrona's wing power, he would release a downward concussive force so powerful that all of the land for several miles was compacted, cracked, and pushed so far in the ground that it seemed as though Khrona had created a canyon... And he had high hopes that the Demon King would be caught in the massive flapping force of Khrona's wings. Khrona flapped about three good times, making the canyon deeper and deeper with each flap, but also accidentally launching his own self into space... He would then grip Misery and Despair tightly, surging with soul energy and psychic forces...

The Demon King would point his guns towards the ground and charge them a tad bit more. He figured if a his Double Impact was strong enough to push him upwards into the sky without being charged, if he applied a tad bit more force, he would be able to use the guns as a type of jet propulsion. "Double Impact!" Now with the guns fully charged and pointed in the proper angles, the Demon King released the half of the force of his guns. This would cause an immediate shock wave as he broke several sound barriers simultaneously, all from the mere release of his flames of wrath.

The beams would push the Demon King through the massive force of Khrona's wing flaps, leaving him unharmed by the force; the guns were still charging, even with the Demon King using their power. The creator of them surely was a brilliant man. The Demon King, flying towards Khrona -- who was either in space or really close to it -- applied a thin layer of some clear, holographic aura around his body. This would serve as a barrier, preventing him form being harmed by any subtle tactics from Khrona's jutsu. "... Are you mad, Khrona?" the Demon King asks in a mocking tone of voice.

Khrona did not respond. It was as if Khrona was not thinking at all, whatsoever. In space, Khrona expanded his wings even further than their normal height thanks to his DNA abilities, then gave another powerful flap. This time, Khrona released millions of particles of his own body, launching them at the Demon King with a massive speed... They quickly grew into life-sized Khronas that shot at the Demon King like bullets. They easily took up the entire area, and those that would miss, would hit the ground with a powerful splat.

From where the Khronas that would miss would have gone splat on the ground, a shitload of flowers began to bloom...

Khrona then wrapped his massive wings around himself numerous times, however now with an oddly blank face, like he had no soul or mind, then began to glow with Soul Energy and Soul Wavelength. He directly pointed himself at the Demon King and launched himself at him at a high speed with the force of numerous meteors -- as well as the size of a meteor -- and coated with Insanity, Fear, Rejection, Despair and Condemnation wavelengths and soul energies. It was unknown as to why Khrona was going so hard, but... He surely was not playing around.

The Demon King, now in space, would point his guns towards the oncoming Khrona clones. His gun was once again fully charged thanks to the creator's tech mastery. "Double... Impact?" the Demon King said for the third time today. This time it sounded like a question, but thats just him. The beam he released this time was the fully charged version of his guns. The beam would engulf the Khrona clones, reducing them to nothing more then a memory in a matter of seconds. This was the power of the Demon King's flames of wrath. The combination of flames was truly a sight to behold.

"..Hm..why so quiet?" the Demon King asked, looking at Khrona wrapping his wings around his body. He noticed that Khorna was wrapping his body with numerous chakra energies. The Demon King's eyes identified a few of them but the one he was most worried about was the Rejection. "So... We are really going to do this, huh? Well if that is your wish... Then let me step it up!" The Demon King would place both of his guns in their box. From there, he would close his eyes and let his hands lay relaxed. When his eyes opened, the Demon King would be in Hyper mode. The flames of wrath were on both his head and his hands.-

"Zero Point..." By now, Khrona would have bursted off towards the Demon King in his death missile-like approach. The Demon King knew full well of the Rejection's capabilities and planned on dealing with those first and foremost. So he extended his hand to the oncoming Khrona and grabbed the tip of his head. The force of this collision would utterly decimate many objects in the space region, but who gives a fuck? "Breakthrough... First." The Demon King was able to by pass the power of Rejection via the mark on his forehead, which was his newest advancement in the Pentagram. This allowed him to negate the effects of powers should he have the chakra to do such. Since this was so early in the fight and his chakra was superb, the Demon King was more then confident in this technique working. Khrona's death missile tactic was surely something to be bothered with, but he was going to regret using such a straight forward attack on the Demon King. The moment the two of them connected, the Demon King surrounded them in a barrier produced by the Pentagram, since it was negating the power of Rejection and breaking though the barrier was almost impossible. Khrona would have to play on the Demon King's field. "... Edition." The Demon King, with his hand still on Khrona, said the ending words of his next move. The Zero Point Breakthrough would allow the Demon King to freeze the chakra of Khrona while maintaining his life. Whatever was frozen would stay frozen unless the Demon King thawed it out, and since it started from the head, Khrona had more than enough on his plate.

Luckily for Khrona, his mind and soul were not in his body. This was shown by his facial expression before he wrapped himself in his wings. Thus, this body was nothing but a shell. It just harbored lingering energies. From behind it, there was yet another Khrona. Khrona had fought the Demon King before. Do you REALLY think he would just RUN UP on THE DEMON KING!?

Khrona's face was still soulless, however... He still surged with power. Khrona could create a numerous amount of himself from just matter itself. Khrona was set. Khrona's wings expanded once more, releasing a powerful wave of Neurodegeneration at the Demon King. The blast was so immense and so explosive, it went on for miles. Still, Khrona and his weapons seemed to be silent.

Khrona was still not finished, however. To go along with the Neurodegeneration wave that was still growing and expanding, Khrona made one of his lesser used attacks... The Ultimate Life Form. Using Khrona's memories of any and all things that have EVER touched Khrona in the past, Khrona mixes ALL of them together into one, gigantic, mass. It had the properties of all things that had ever touched Khrona, and would absorb and adapt to anything else it touched. Thus, the Demon King had touched Khrona in the past. The Earth King had touched Khrona in the past. The Sky King touched Khrona in the past. Khrona's brother touched Khrona in the past. Thus, their essences were within the Ultimate Life Form, as were numerous other things. This was definitely the ultimate shield. It was assumed that if the Demon King tried to attack it, then each of these people's natural abilities would be activated... Especially his own. It was unknown to Khrona if the Demon King could harm himself with his own attacks, but he hoped so.

Khrona waited... Where was his mind? Where was his soul? What was he thinking...? Was he even thinking...?

"A fake?" the Demon King inquired as the fake Khrona fell aimlessly though space. It was nothing more then a large hunk of frozen clone. The Demon King's eyes would allow him to see the energies swirling around in this new foe. For one reason or another, this thing had chakras similar to the Sky King, the Earth King and even the Demon King, himself. The Demon King wasn't sure as to why this was, but he figured that using one of his old moves would get him nowhere. "... Soul..." With the main Khrona in his sights and the clones in his way, the Demon King would place his hand on his forehead, bending over a little, as if he were in some sort of pain. The Demon King was trying to draw out the power of the Soul Fire, however he hadn't used it before and he was obviously running out of time. "... Purge!"

The Demon King would would lift his head up and open his eyes from beneath his blindfold. With this, a power wave of solid Soul Fire would be released form his eyes. It took the shape of a wall and stretched across the battlefield of endless space with a quickness. The Soul Fire being slightly stronger than Hellfire in its weakest state would be more than enough to overpower his own moves, and with the Pentagram on his forehead, he would be fine from any super attacks the Earth King's chakra may produce. With the Soul Fire wreaking havoc across the solar system and Khrona not being anywhere near in sight, the Demon King would simply focus on avoiding the attack. Soul Fire has a number of unique abilities, one being the ability to break down anything on a molecular level and the other being something that didn't need to be spoken right now. The flames would roll across the battlefield, eliminating the Ultimate Life Form's power and searching out Khrona's true body.

Because of the Ultimate Life Form also had a bit of Khrona within it, a type of Soul Wavelength or Soul Energy attack would definitely NOT work on it. This is simply because Khrona's own Soul Wavelength, Soul Energy and Soul, itself, are so very powerful and adaptive that they literally can match and overpower, then suppress any and all other oncoming souls, wavelengths, energies and so on. Such is the power of the master of the Soul. However, if the attack was made of something else... There would be problems.

The Ultimate Life Form, being an adaptive creature, could indeed take a hit and adapt itself to the oncoming attack and take it within itself in its entirety... Even if the attack was meant to surge along the cosmos. The Ultimate Life Form was just that vast, just that adaptive, and just that expansive. It would then come after the Demon King, as Khrona, who was controlling it, floated behind it. Khrona's wings continued to expand, as now Khrona was releasing another sort of aura... It was different from the Neurodegeneration aura... The Ultimate Life Form was engulfed in this aura, and it seemed as though nothing happened to it, yet the aura continued to expand, contaminating the space that it touched at a rapid rate. Khrona's body began to distort and fizz a bit...

Though the Soul Fire had the word Soul in it, that didn't mean it was apart of Khrona's overly expansive move set. This was the flame of the underworld and therefore out of Khrona's jurisdiction.

"..What the fuck is this thing?" The Demon King really didn't have time to play around with an auto adaptation Life form and to be honest, he didn't have the power to deal with such a thing for long. So with that, the Demon King would place his hands together in the fashion of the Zero Point Breakthough Custom. The flames began to flicker violently around the cosmos as the Demon King wanted to wrap this up quick. "Zero Point Breakthrough: Custom!" With that being done, the Demon King would begin to forcefully drain the energies of the Ultimate Life Form. With the Pentagram mark on the Demon King's head and his Zero Point active, the Ultimate Life Form would be drained into the Demon King's palm. No subtle tactics would be activated and the Demon King would take no harm form Khrona's hackery. "... Die, you weird thing!"

The aura Khrona was releasing continued to expand, and since it seemed as though the Demon King did not move out of the way of it, it would engulf him, as well... Though, it would seem as though the aura did no sort of damage whatsoever to him. The aura was harmless, in fact... Well, harmless in the fact of doing physical damage. Being within it was still pretty bad. Suddenly, Khrona's eyes opened up, as they had been closed this entire time.

"Nnnh...? What am I... Doing here...?"

It was revealed that Khrona had not been conscious for this entire battle. In fact, it was as if Khrona had just woken up... Because he had. He was sleep walking. The entire battle, Khrona had just been asleep, and just now realized where he was. In space. Fighting the Demon King. "... Nnnnhhh... Misery... Despair... Wake up... We're in a battle, I think..."

What was odd about this was, Khrona's voice was not coming from his body. Regardless, Misery and Despair also awoke from their slumbers and eyed the Demon King whilst still in their weapon forms.

Misery: "... Ughh.... I remember him... Why are we fighting him again...?"

Despair: "Zzz... Dreadfully... Zzz... Delightful..."

Khrona's neck would snap in numerous atrocious directions as he tried to get the feel of whatever he was already doing, now fully being able to focus on the Demon King. In fact, while he was awake, he would ask the Demon King, "... What are you... Doing here...?" Though, his voice still sounded sleepy... And the aura was still expanding.

The Demon King didn't need to move, for he wanted the Ultimate Life Form energy to come near him. This would allow him to drain it of its power and effects. Which is exactly what he did. The life form energy made no contact with the Demon King and in no way was going to be a problem later. "... Khrona... You are a freak." The Demon King didn't understand these new leaders and quite frankly, didn't really like them. They were all big moves, flashy clothes and empty arrogance. This was something the Demon King never stated, for he was just too nice of a guy. "You send some copy energy of my friends at me... Then ask me what am -I- doing... No sir, what are YOU doing?" The Demon King would release his Zero Point Custom stance and place his hands in his pocket. He was loving his new vision, but he was making sure he avoided sudden flares in power... He couldn't afford to lose his reaction time.

"... I honestly don't even know why you are a leader... Take this Execution and tell me why!" The Demon King would lift his right hand from his pocket and at lightspeed, made all the necessary preparation for the beam of Execution. Since the Demon King was in space and gave no fuck about other planets of sorts, he fired the beam at full force and size -- something he had only done once in his life. The Pentagram formed in front of his right hand and fired the galaxy-wide beam towards Khrona and his massive wing structure. The massive amount of demonic chakra in the area would create a black hole like effect of chakra drain on a cosmic scale. Meaning, second rate tricks like warping, reality jumping, and such would be rendered useless. For, the release of such small amounts of chakra would become nothing more than fuel for this fire. Khrona's only option was to retaliate with a beam of his own... Which is just where the Demon King wanted him to go, and since the Demon King wasn't stupid, his Pentagram was negating the effect of the chakra. Negation and wasn't going to lift until the end of this fight.

Since the aura Khrona was omitting came not from the Ultimate Life Form, but from he, himself, it wasn't connected to the Ultimate Life Form at all and when the Demon King absorbed the U.L.F., the aura had further expanded past him. Once Khrona had seen the Demon King's preparations via Hyper Perception, Khrona cocked his head out of fear... "Ultimate... Mitosis?"

From BEHIND, the Demon King, numerous Khronas began to appear, multiplying at an exponential rate seemingly right off the bat. They were behind the Demon King, thus meaning that they were hopefully not in the blast at all, even if the one Khrona that the Demon King was aiming at was in the blast. Since they were exact replicas... No, they weren't replicas... They weren't copies... They WERE Khrona. They were all originals, you could say... Just stemmed off... Like limbs. Regardless, they, in their exponential multiplication, each had something different to think... But all in all, they were definitely afraid of what was going to happen. Fear overwhelmed them. The Demon King scared them. That made their insanity grow... Their other emotions grow, as well... And they would start to clamor...

"Did you try to kill me?"

"Not fit to be a leader?"

"Hate me?"


"Demon King?"



There was an awkward silence between them all at that moment, until they all simultaneously said "... Trance."

Somehow, because of their new abilities, they knew about the power of Alpha Zen Mode, known otherwise as 'Trance', though never had used it before. Trance was caused by a surge of emotions... And Khrona was the best at that. He was entering his own Trance Mode... Something that probably was not right in any way, shape or form. Khrona's Judgemaster coat became less tattered, his gloves became gauntlets, his hat became a large, spiky headdress, and his hair became wild and untamed, revealing his other eye, his skin-tight clothing poofing out just a bit. This was Trance Khrona.

There was only one, which seemed to be in the middle of the army of Khronas, and Trance Khrona began to speak in a calm, yet ominous voice that seemed to echo throughout space. "This is what I have become... My... Emotions and... My insanity... Have changed me into this... Form. Reality is my game... But... Not everything shall stay real."

Trance Khrona waved his hands about, creating some massive hands that seemed to be the size of one of the planet's moons combined, and these hands would wave about in unison with Khrona's, as if conducting a symphony. Khrona was creating a new reality in this specific area, destroying the old one in places so that there was space for Khrona's new one. Khrona's Judgemaster Sword would float from the depths of his cloak, floating in front of him. This Judgemaster Sword had the ability to defy laws... Laws of Nature, Laws of Physics, Laws of Reality... And so on. Because of the power of this sword was the only reason why Khrona was a Judgemaster. He had never used this sword, but it might have to be used on the Demon King, if he had such a consumptive blast like THAT.

"I don't even know... How much power... We have left." The other normal Khronas drew their Judgemaster Swords and dashed at the Demon King... Yes, once again, the other Khronas were running up whilst the main one lay back and do something else.

The Demon King would turn around, still firing his massive beam of Execution. The sheer size of the beam could only be compared to an ant and a planet, yet the Demon King wielded it like a fucking sword. "... Yeah, I said all of that and honestly, I have much more to say," the Demon King said as he swept the massive beam of Execution past the Khrona clones, Executing their chakra, thus causing them to cease to exists. From there, he held his hand up and fucked up several galaxies unknown to himself. "...So, this is your resolve?" The Demon King would increase the power of his Execution to a point of critical point. If he pumped anymore into the jutsu, his arms would explode violently. "... Arg... Ashes to ashes... Khrona."

The Demon King would bring his hand down and with it, his beam would follow. The symbols of the Pentagram would swirl around the beam, preventing Khrona from using his lovely bullshittery while desperately maintaining the balance of powers inside the swirling red beam of death. Like before, mere warping and reality shifting would end in failure.

Trance Khrona saw the beam coming at him... And perhaps, he thought, he could combat it with a few precisely combined abilities... "Extinction..." The hands appeared before Khrona, growing greatly in size. The hands tried to grab this beam, using the power of Extinction to not only revert it to its simplest form, but also, if that did not work, erase it from existence via all known psychic, mental, soul and DNA powers Khrona could muster up in his body.

To combine with that, Khrona used the Passion Fruits Grape, which would remove all of the kinetic energy from what it touched, as well as remove space, time, and energy from it, thus meaning the expansion of space, the flow of time and the transfer of energy would be forcefully removed from the very spot the large hands existed in, and hopefully that would keep the beam from moving if the Extinction did not work. If not that, there was also the two other moves that would definitely leave Khrona without any sort of power to continue... The two most destructive abilities he had if they were to be combined... The Entropic Balance and Entropic Chaos.

In the Right Hand, there would be Entropic Balance, which was the ability to balance literally any and all aspects of something and return it to the point of zero, for complete and utter balance would mean that it would revert to the point of nothingness and hopefully stop existing. In the Left hand, there would be Entropic Chaos. This would constantly try to deny balance and force anything that was touched by it into disarray and total catastrophe, the chaos of it being so grand that nothing would be able to contain its own chaos and as such, hopefully destroy itself just by existing. The combination of these two at once would be a constant pull of balance and chaos that would hopefully throw off the basis of reality and existence between Khrona's attack and the Demon King's, hopefully causing them both to just cease themselves, as if they never did happen, leaving no trace that they had even clashed at all... But, if even THIS did not work and the beam continued, Khrona would only have that tiny bit of strength left to materialize himself elsewhere... Somewhere faaaaar away from the Demon King... Somewhere that Khrona could restore his power... And rest...

The Demon King's Execution wasn't that important to enter a clash of such magnitude; besides, it would take more chakra to save the beam then it would to just let Khrona do what he was doing. "... Zero Point..." The Demon King was about to use his Zero Point Breakthough that he hadn't named yet. It allowed him to move freely without any hindrances on his body, neither time, nor space, nor forces had any effect on his body. It was quite the useful technique, although it seemed to cause severe scars on the Demon King's body, and he generally can't do it more then once a day.

"... I can do this... Zero Point Breakthough: Zero Mode!" The Demon King's body would glow a bright white as he was now in the Zero mode. Unlike last time, the Demon King waited to move... his energy was fluctuating between positive and negative. "... Almost... Almost... THERE!" Khrona, having warped someplace else, thought he was safe from the Demon King, however this was incorrect. Since Khrona was a big star of power in space, finding him was a breeze and since the Demon King's next move allowed him to move on a scale much greater then lightspeed, this would all happen too fast for most normal counter attacks.

The Demon King would burst off and in absolutely no time being lost, appear in front of Khrona. His hand was pointed in his face but was covered in deep scars, as was the rest of the Demon King's body. "You have lost!" The Demon King's hand charged with a massive amount of flames and would fire them at maximum power directly in Khrona's face. If he were to be hit by this, it would turn his body to stone or blow his shit clean off. The Demon King was sure the freak would survive, so he had no need to hold back, plus after using Zero Mode Edition, his chakra was on damn near empty... Something the Demon King and any other shinobi would hate.

After warping elsewhere, Khrona had noticed that his speed was failing... He was starting to move way less than lightspeed... His strength was failing... Planetary power slipped out of his body.... His durability was failing... No longer could he survive such bogus attacks unscathed... Even his Hyper Perception reverted to its normal form and seeing speed, so that now, even Khrona could not see the Demon King, who was moving faster than light, which was all Khrona could see at and the max he could move at whilst not in Trance... Yes, that's right. His Trance had ended.

Khrona's hair fell, his jacket reverted to its flowing black abyss, and his clothes became skin tight and completely black once more. His Soul Weapons would revert back to normal and finally, Khrona saw the final blow... Raising his hands to bask in such beauty that was this massive attack, Khrona would smile and take it like a trooper, having no real energy left to dodge it. "I lose..." and Khrona's body would explode... But at the very moment he exploded, his weapons would start to float back toward the planet with something glowing in the middle of them... It was a single cell organism, accumulating matter to reform itself. That was Khrona. Khrona was so drained from this battle that even his DNA abilities were working on low... As a singular cell, he was too tired to just instantaneously reform himself... No, this time, the process would take some hours... But all in all, Zeik had won and Khrona had learned of Trance...



'... Time to head home, space cowboy...'

The Demon King placed his hands inside his pocket and shrugged. He had enjoyed himself a lot in this fight. After all, the Demon King loved his Execution. "... Why do I know such freaks?" The Demon King would start to slowly fly towards the planet, his Zero Mode still active, which seemed to cause the Demon King to be a little harsh. Anyhow, the Demon King had won his fight, but had much work to do... So he headed back to his office.

After the epic with the Demon King was lost, yet the awesome power of the Trance Mode's surface was just scratched, Khrona needed to regenerate and learn from everything that happened during that battle.

The single-celled Khrona fell into his pit, as calculated, alongside his two weapons. He had accumulated a lot of matter just from falling for so long... He was ready to restore himself. Khrona started to grow, expand and explode with life once more, Misery and Despair reverting to their human forms. As of now, Khrona was a tiny little... Chibi thing.

Khrona: "... Shut up."

Misery and Despair snicker. "Hehehehe... Oh, um... I'm sorry, what was that, little chibi thing~? You say keep laughing~?"

Khrona: "... SHUT. UP."

Misery bursts into hysterical laughter, a tear coming to her eyes. "OH. KHRONA... HAHAHAHA... Look at what you've been reduced to... And you were in your most powerful form! HAAAHAHAHAHAHA! Guess you shouldn't have fucked with the Demon King, huh~?"

Khrona pouts. "HEY. I didn't know what I was doing... I was... THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I'VE BEEN IN TRANCE MODE, OKAY!? I don't know my capabilities yet..."

Despair would sit next to Chibi Khrona, smiling. "Oh, dear... Do not worry about this... When you are back to your full strength, we can train in Trance Mode all you like!"

Khrona sighed, becoming a bit larger, sucking in some more matter. "Bleh... I don't know when I'll be restored to full power, though... Not only did I deplete all of my power by going into Trance Mode and exerting shitloads of energy, but also, I got smacked directly by his last attack... And it reduced me to THIS." Khrona pointed at his chibiness. "I SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO RESTORE MYSELF IN LESS THAN A SECOND. But no, it's taking me hours upon hours... Maybe even a day. Do you know how little power I must have? BAH."

Misery tapped her foot, smirking slightly and licking her lips. "... Well... You know... I have an idea..."

Khrona quirked his eyebrow. "Hmmm?" He was using all of his power at the moment to restore himself, so he couldn't even muster up some of his psychic abilities. "Do tell. At the moment, I can't read your mind and I can't sense your soul."

Misery snickered. "Alright, well... When YOU went into Trance Mode... So did we. You just didn't notice because you were using that fancy ass 'Judgemaster Sword' and all that good shit. But yeah, the point of the matter is... We can go work on OUR Trance mode by collecting some souls for you... And bringing them back for you..."

Khrona snapped his fingers, seeing where Misery was going with this. "AH! I get it! And if you and Despair train with Trance Mode once, then when the three of us go into Trance again..."

Despair finished, "... Then ALL of us will be prepared..."

Khrona, Misery and Despair smiled devilishly, giving each other high fives. "WELL THEN! It's a plan!" Khrona would say.

Khrona would again grow slightly larger, but was still in a Chibi form... "Alright, so. I'm gonna go back to my office and... Er... Bide my time. You two should head off and go find some big monster things to kill... Or something. Does it sound good?"

Misery snickered. "Yeah. Despair and I will split up. We'll be able to cover more ground like that..."

Despair smiled gloomily, standing up and extended her dimensional dress out to Misery. "Well then, Misery... I will transport you somewhere... And then I will make my way elsewhere..."

Misery nodded, becoming shrouded by Despair dress before disappearing, as the dress had warped her elsewhere. "Have a awfully wonderful time, Khrona~..." Despair would say in a happily dreary voice, warping off in her cloak.

Khrona sighed, flapping his dragon wings, which were still pretty powerful despite his tininess. "... Guess I oughta get to my office... Oi..." He would flap hard, launching himself out of his pit.

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PostSubject: Re: Book 7; The Destruction of Khrona Tensei   Book 7; The Destruction of Khrona Tensei EmptyThu Mar 19, 2020 3:30 pm

Last Destruction; The Dark Messenger

Chibi-Khrona, still absorbing loose Matter and Energy in the air to reform his body, flew at supersonic speed to his office, barely wanting to be seen in his state of regeneration. It was going to take him lots of time, but he was recovering rather swiftly, given the nature of his previous destruction. One particle at a time at all times, and eventually he would be restored to normalcy with a reward that was far greater than the repercussions of acquiring it... Trance Mode.

Khrona finally made his way to his office, now not in Chibi Form, but in a child-like state. He could feel a bit of his power returning to him, but he was still rather weak.

"... Dammit. I wish I could revert to my normal self already! Shit!"

Khrona also noticed that his body was reforming differently from before... Oh well.

A new presence would have made his way to the outside office of Khrona. "... This is where I sensed the powerful presence... Hmhmhmhmhm..." He knocked lightly on the door, flipping his hair once and awaited to see who would answer.

Khrona got up and opened the door, having not done that physically in QUITE a while -- if ever -- since he usually opened it with psychic abilities. He looked up to the man and narrowed his eyes. "Errrm... Can I help you?" Khrona still didn't have his awesome psychic power back because he was still too busy focusing on reforming his body, and using his psychic abilities would not only severely slow the process, but lessen his concentration. He wanted to be his normal size and strength again.

The man laughed a bit, raising a hand to his face, then raising his pinky slightly above the rest of his fingers and closer to his mouth. "Ah, yes... I am called Kujata. I have traveled a great distance because I felt an immense power here... A familiar power that is called 'Trance,' and I wished to see just who could have been using it..." Kujata eyed Khrona up and down, noting his... Minuscule body. "... Surely, it wasn't you, was it?"

Khrona gritted his teeth. "Yes, it WAS me, good sir. I am just like this because I was in a battle of epic proportions... When suddenly, I was overcome by some sort of power... And when I used it to its full potential, the strain was so great that I changed into a single cell organism, and for the rest of the time, I have been accumulating matter so that I can reform back to my original strength and size. SO DON'T JUDGE ON LOOKS." Khrona puffed out his cheeks, running over to his desk and pouting.

Kujata took the liberty of entering the office, standing right in front of the desk. "... So, you were the one who achieved Trance? I see... If it drained that much of your power, you must be impeccably strong... How quaint." Kujata flipped his hair, before continuing, "You see, Trance is induced by a powerful surge of emotions... So long as anything has emotions, it can achieve Trance... Or rather, anything associated to THIS world..." Kujata turned his back to Khrona, seeming as if he were about to go off into a long and unnecessary explanatory state, saying things that Khrona didn't ask for. "The Trance is a state of strong emotions, as I said before, able to break the limits of your original power... a Limit Break, one would say. Your untapped and untold powers come forth for a period of time, and you may do as you please with them... But if you have no emotions, or are going through emotional turmoil... You cannot achieve Trance..."

Khrona could see that Kujata knew a lot about this Trance... And Khrona needed to know all he could about it. "Well, sir Kujata... One, why are you telling me all of this? And also, I have another question about Trance... How long is it supposed to last?"

Kujata turned his head, grinning deviously, staring at Khrona from the corner of his eye. "Ah, yes. I am telling you this because you are the first I have felt to achieve Trance in this world... And Trance is a powerful thing... I merely wished to inform you... And perhaps ask of your help..." Kujata turned around fully, answering the other question. "How long? It usually only lasts for a short period of time... However... It can last for days... Or even years... Depending on how many souls you collect and the power of the souls collected... For Trance feeds on the power of souls to thrive. The more souls and the more powerful, the longer the Trance. Ah, but that leads me back to my earlier statement in asking for your help..." Kujata closed his eyes, raising his hands in the air slightly, "... I am in dire need of a certain power. Power that should not fall into the wrong hands, but be kept by me for safe keeping... The power of the Summons."

Khrona pondered what Kujata was telling him, and he was liking how Trance directly went with how his village worked on the basis of collecting souls... "More souls, huh...? It's a good thing I sent Misery and Despair out to get some, then..." Khrona then looked up as Kujata talked about Khrona helping him... "Summons? Hm... Summons... Why does that sound familiar...?" Khrona snapped his fingers. "AH! The Grimoire! It showed me the power of a Summoner! I have the power of Alexandros within me! There are more, I'm sure, correct?"

Kujata's eyes widened for a moment, as he was shocked to hear that Khrona had the power of Alexandros within him. "Yes, there are more! In fact, quite the number of them... And they all can be achieved through the power of mystical gems or rare items... Their power has been sealed within them, you see, and those who possess those rare items may summon those Summons at any given time they please... And you can see that this is a problem within itself if some people just happened to... Stumble upon them, correct? That is why... I wish for you to collect the items for me. I would do it myself, but... I am assuming that you are in need of the souls for your Trance, correct?"

Khrona nodded. "Yes... I do believe I need that sort of power... I need those souls..." Khrona pondered for a moment, then after a while, came to his verdict. "Alright. I shall do it, then. I will collect the rare items for you, Kujata, and bring them back to you for safe keeping!" Now, it was only a matter of Misery and Despair getting the info... Oooh, boy... How was Khrona gonna do that?

Kujata smiled, giggling lightly. "Thank you, dear Khrona... Your virtue shall not go unnoticed..." Kujata made a list appear, showing all of the Summons, the items that summoned them, and where they could be located. "And so, I shall be on my way... Adieu, dear Khrona..." Kujata would exit, heading off into the unknown.

Khrona was a little stunned that Kujata knew so much about the places of the planet, as shown by this map, but... I guess that doesn't matter. It was a little suspicious, but not too much for Khrona to think about. He noticed that he had grown a little more during his talk with Kujata. He was halfway done restoring his power. "Well, better find a way to talk to Misery and Despair... Maybe, if I send a puppet..." Then again, their mind waves were basically one with Khrona's... So that if Khrona thought something, they would pick up on it without Khrona having to really use psychic power to send the information... So... As long as Khrona was thinking about them, they'd receive his message. Good. Now, it was just time to wait...

As the strange and flamboyant, but really very pretty man exited and left an ominous, cool and epic vibe in his office, some random guy would come in sooner or later as Khrona pondered the severity of the situation, breaking all of the awesomeness at the very end with just his presence alone... *sigh*

Blaze would walk up to the door and knocked on it, hoping someone would answer.

Khrona extended his wing to the door, as a good deal of Khrona's power had recovered, and he opened it with his wing. "Yeah?"

Blaze: "Sooo, Khrona I got to ask you something..."

Khrona sighed. "Yeah, what?"

Blaze would ball his fist up as he looked at Khrona, thinking 'Should I attack him, or not? Man what the hell!' Finally, he said, "Khrona, I'm here to be one of your guards and whatnot, got that?!"

Khrona narrowed his eyes. "Are you TELLING me that? See, you don't do that, boy." Khrona would wave a wing swiftly, making an immense, crushing force that should be able to not only suffocate this new guy, but slam him onto the ground and put pressure on his very bones, Khrona controlling it so that it doesn't crush the guy. "So. You should probably try to ask me again. Nicer."

Blaze: "Fine then. Khrona, can I please be one of your guards? Better?"

Khrona sighed. "What are your qualifications?"

Blaze: "Well, let's see... I can do a lot of stuff, you name it."

Khrona sighed. "Fine. I'll put your abilities to the test. You'll have to fight one of my puppets. Only one. If you can defeat it, then I will grant you the position of being a guard for me. I'll figure out where to put you later... But right now, you just have to worry about passing. Alright?"

Blaze: "Good. Now I get to test my power!"

Khrona waved a hand. "You will be fighting the Ringmaster..." In front of Khrona suddenly appeared the Ringmaster, which would float a little above his desk.

"Now... Go outside and fight, or something." Khrona shooed them both.

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Book 7; The Destruction of Khrona Tensei
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