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 Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei

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Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$

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Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei   Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei EmptyThu Mar 19, 2020 3:33 pm

In such a short time, Khrona had gone through a great deal of mental, emotional and physical burdens that had easily destroyed and remolded him several times over, be it from the hardships in his love life, the heated battles in his work life or the relationships of his personal life. They were all doing their part to effectively make and break Khrona of his old self and fashion his new self, of which he was able to awaken an untapped and untold power to even those of the Reality; Trance Mode. He was not sure where it came from nor what brought it on, but upon his awakening it with the Demon King, a strange man from the Other World came and explained to him a bit of its secrets. Khrona was now becoming one with that world and starting to access its powers... Since his Mind was already completely One with the reality of the Reality, and the Reality had merged with the Deep to become the Dusk, and numerous Other Dimensions slipped into the creation of the Dusk through the Merging process, there was more than enough stuff rattling around in Khrona's mind unknown to him that were starting to show up in a great deal of strange ways in his body. It was like some sort of multi-dimensional puberty, of sorts. With it, the Restoration of Khrona Tensei was under way in his New and Improved Form.

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Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$
Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$

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Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei   Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei EmptyThu Mar 19, 2020 8:57 pm

First Restoration; Disturb Not The Harmony... (Ice)

Kujata's information was useful, regardless of how the ominous man made Khrona feel. The Sacred Jewels that harbored the power of Fire, Ice and Lightning were on the brain, and the more swiftly they were collected, the faster Khrona could master the Trance and also figure out what this 'Kujata' was up to. Because he couldn't simply up and leave the village to go on a journey, he sent out Misery to go get the first jewel of Ice for him!

Misery made her way to the Alps of the Chaos on Khrona's order, as that was really the ONLY icy place on the planet... Other than the Lone Wolf's house. Misery sighed, looking at a random cave of ice. "... God, I just KNOW I'm gonna hate this..." She sighed, stepping into the icy cavern, ready to tread the dismal road to the Opal that contained Ice Summon.

As Misery began walking, she noted how it got slightly colder. "... This place REALLY does piss me off... But I'm gonna endure... I'll endure it... It's all good..." She wasn't really effected by the coldness, she was just pissed off about it.

As she continued walking, a large, goat-headed, bat-winged demon appeared before her chanting some magical spell. It was the Baphomet.

The Baphomet waved its hand at Misery, accumulating some manna within it... Then cast Reflect on itself.

Misery sneered. "Fucking goat head... Your soul is MINE." She extended her sword and scythe blades and focused Insanity and Condemnation wavelengths through them.

Misery scoffed at the Baphomet using Reflect on itself. "... You dumb bitch... Do you THINK I use any manna attacks like that!?" She would dash at him with incredible speed, slashing her sword, aiming to tear straight through the very essence of the Baphomet and devour its soul from the get-go.

The Baphomet would hold out its hands to Misery and unleash the Snowstorm from its hands, making a massive blizzard burst outward with incredible force, coldness and power, launching it back as well as hopefully freezing Misery on the spot.


Being caught in the blast didn't seem to effect Misery at all, except for blowing her back with the force. She was delayed just enough for the Baphomet to escape her slash, but her attack wasn't for nothing. "You think that weak shit will stop ME!? DIE!" Misery fell to the ground, letting scythe blades curve from her back and jut into the ground to keep her in place from the Snowstorm. She would then place her hand on the ground, making numerous sword blades jut up from all over the cave, trying to impale the Baphomet and keep it from escaping further into the cave.

Seeing as Misery was now ingrained with the ground, the Baphomet could make use of its death inducing abilities... But it had not foreseen the blades jutting from the ground, and its wings were pierced by the blades, now stuck on them. It still continued its attack as planned. It would use Doom on Misery, cursing her very essence with the power of death. After ten turns, Misery would instantly be beckoned by the reaper, and her soul would be harvested.

Misery knew the power of Doom, however wasn't afraid of it. She smirked. "Fool. Did you really think that would stop me? Let me show you the power of death... And what true Condemnation is." She sent a paralyzing wave of Insanity through her blades to immobilize the Baphomet, then retracted her sword and scythe blades so she could move, allowing the Baphomet to fall. She would then run to the Baphomet through the Snowstorm as if it weren't there, and when she was close, she would step on the Baphomet's face with incredible force, almost cracking through its skull right then and there... But for the finally, from her foot came a scythe blade, straight into the top of the Baphomet's head. Misery swiped her foot straight down the middle of the Baphomet, the scythe blade glowing with her Condemnation energy, slicing it in half. Misery would then proceed to devour the resulting soul that would come from it, as the Snowstorm stopped. "... Tch. I hate these sorts of things..."

Misery continued forth as if nothing happened.

Misery had only gone a little bit of the way, when suddenly, she was confronted by a Cave Imp.

The Cave Imp seemed to be insane... However it could feel Misery's power skyrocketing over its... For it was a very weak monster in general.

Misery smirked. "Oh, I'm gonna LOVE destroying you..."

The Cave Imp flailed, shaking up its potion bottle, attempting to flee and splatter the juice all over the place, as it was an infinite vial of it.

Misery laughed. "Where ya going, ya little bitch!?" She would stab her hand into the ground once more, making a massive cage of swords appear around the Cave Imp. Using her soul energy, she would totally disintegrate the potion juice that came near... As it was just some juice.

In one swift motion, Misery sliced clean through the Cave Imp from all sides, then quickly absorbed its soul. "Yawwwn... This is really pissing me off. Weak ass enemies and not a single Opal found... Grrrr... Dammit, Summon..." Misery continued her quest, jumping down a random icy hole that led deeper into the cave...

Out of nowhere, a Mystic Manta and an Ice Flan came to greet Misery...

The two of them blocked Misery's path, the Ice Flan charging up for what seemed to be a powerful icy manna... The Mystic Manta floated behind, watching Misery...

Misery sighed. "These fucking monsters are getting on my LAST nerve..." She pointed her sword at the Ice Flan, charging up some Insanity soul energy so that she could kill it easily...

But then, out of nowhere comes a Garuda.

Then an Ice Grenade...

A Snow Squirrel...

A Green Blimp...

A Wyerd...

AND A Yeti.

Each of them seemed to want to protect each other, and was called upon by the other dead things that Misery had killed beforehand.

After seeing the eight monsters appear altogether... Misery was downright tired of this. She wanted to get to the Opal... And she wanted to get there FAST. "I... Don't have time for you specks... You guys are really pissing me off... Now, I'm just gonna have to obliterate you all..."

A sudden power began to surge and flow through her. She was angry. She was VERY angry... The anger was manifesting itself into power... That anger, that hate, that fury, that power... It made her body glow with a burning light... This was the power of... Trance.

Misery began to change, her boots becoming different sized, wings sprouting from her back, her shirt becoming nothing but a corset and her pants becoming a thong. The white streaks in her hair became black, forming into wings on her head and her arms were wrapped in an energy that became gloves. This was Trance Misery.

The blinding light of hate faded, and she took note of the charging Ice Flan... "When I said I was going to obliterate you... I meant I was going to OBLITERATE YOU. This is the power... of TRANCE!!" Misery held up her hands and said, "Lust's Hold..." and millions of tendrils of manifestations of her power in the form of devil tails shot up, wrapped around and stabbed into each and every one of the enemies before her. Their energy was instantly drained in the process, sucking out their very essence... And their souls, giving Misery their souls without having to slice through them. Their bodies became nothingness afterward, being disintegrated. Misery snickered. "Aaaah... Finally able to use Trance in my human form... I like it. Now I'm gonna go get this Opal..." Misery began to hover a bit, floating into the deepest part of the cave.

Finally, Misery made her way into the final crevice of the cave... She could see the Opal and was ready to grab it, when two more monsters intercepted her; a Wendigo and an Ice Dragon.

Wendigo: "Foul temptress... You dare seek the awesome power of the Ice Deity embedded within this Opal? I, then Wendigo and this Ice Dragon shall not let you pass..."

The massive Ice Dragon roared a chilly roar, and the Wendigo clenched its massive fist. The two immense giants towered over Misery, ready to destroy her when necessary.

The Ice Dragon would first attack using Mighty Guard, increasing the defenses of the Wendigo and itself by a massive amount so that it could sustain substantial damage without being hurt. The Wendigo would then use the confidence it gained from the Mighty Guard protecting it to rush in at Misery, then stop right in front of her and use Sunder Earth, stomping its foot and making the ground crack and rupture, icy earth shooting up into the top of the cave in an attempt to crush Misery.

With a smile on her face, Misery surged some of her power through the ascending ground, causing it to be destroyed upon the touch with her power. She floated down majestically, cackling slightly. "Did you honestly think such an attack would stop me?" She would extend her wings, which suddenly spiraled themselves into drills, trying to pierce through and destroy the two quite quickly. She didn't want to use a lot of her power, since she wanted to go through all of the gems in Trance Mode... And according to Khrona, using less power and acquiring more souls made it possible to stay in Trance for a long time.

The Wendigo quickly casted Speed upon itself and the Ice Dragon, making the flow of time and space within them increase heftily. The Wendigo would dash off in a blur of blueness behind the floating Misery, casting an Ice Storm in an attempt to freeze her.

The Ice Dragon also would evade the attack, flying around the cave at a high speed in a blur of blueness, as well. It would then proceed to use its Cold Breath, an icy blast so cold that it could Freeze anything upon contact. They were both trying to freeze Misery in ice.

Scoffing, Misery could easily see the two and hit them as if they were moving at a normal speed. Misery's reflexes were just that potent. The chilling air that came toward her would be sliced clean through by her sword blade, as in Trance, her weapons gained the ability to slice through Forces. Next was to handle that Ice Storm... As she felt the accumulation of ice around her, she let her wings encase her and made thousands of spikes jut from them simultaneously, preventing the ice from further accumulating and destroying any ice that was already there. She retracted the spikes and unwrapped her wings from herself. She would release manifestations of her energy from her own shadow on the ground that would cover the entire ground, making it turn completely black. Since the Wendigo was currently touching the ground, its body, starting with the feet, would begin to be broken down into energy for Misery.

The Wendigo was caught, unable to do anything once the process ensued, eventually letting its body completely be devoured by Misery's energy.

The Ice Dragon, which was in the sky, however, would not go so easily. It used Dragon Force, increasing all of its powers and abilities by a massive amount, then it would use Sleet. The Sleet came out a lot more powerful than it would have normally, easily covering the entire cave in nothing but the icy cold liquid. There was nowhere Misery could run from it.

A frown came upon her face as the iciness got into her direct range of vision, making her squint... However, that seemed to be the only thing that it did. It did not seem to harm her much, if at all, nor hinder her with its coldness or its force. All of the black energy on the ground that Misery made devour the Wendigo would now shoot directly upward at the Ice Dragon. There was no escape. All exits were blocked by the energy, and it was slowly closing in on the Dragon, ready to devour it.

The Ice Dragon, having nowhere to run, could only be broken down and absorbed by the energy, having its soul eaten along with it, giving Misery more power.

Misery basked in the numerous souls she had just collected, actually feeling the effects of Trance extending before her... "Ah... This is good..." Out of the corner of her eye, she saw an odd glimmer that was different from the normal ice. She walked over to it, picking it up and inspecting it. It was the Opal.

Suddenly, a massive power started to surge through her, as if all of the powers of Ice had become hers alone to manipulate. "... Ice Deity... Your power is mine..." Misery would place the Opal inside of her corset, then proceed to walk to the exit of the cave, onward to the next destination... Wherever that may be...

During Misery's excursion of the Alps of the Chaos, Khrona, as he suspected, was needed in his office to handle the business of the Dusk... Which seemed to be spiraling out of control with the rise in all of the malevolent forces, one of which seemed to have taken one of Khrona's elites.

Miya rushed into the Council Building, tired from her long travel. She knocked the door once hard, but was too tired to knock again.

Khrona's brother opened the door only to see the exhausted girl in front of him. "Oh my... Are you ok?"

Miya looked up at him, right into his eyes. He wasn't who she expected, and didn't know who he was, but she figured it would be better than for it to have been Khrona. "Leader... *huff* ... My Partner has been taken over by the insanity, and he went to some castle out in the enigmatic ruins and disappeared." She clenched on to this man's jacket, on her knees. "I want to be able to bring him back!"

"He's been what?!" Khrona's brother bent down and helped the young lady to her feet. "Hold on, you can tell me everything inside." Khrona's brother took the girl inside his office and sat her down on one of his couches. He sat down in a chair across from her. He would make a glass of water appear for the young lady on the table between them. "Now, catch your breath and tell everything..."

She looks wary at the glass of water, but picks it up anyway. She dips the tips of her fingers in it, and sprinkles it in her face. "My Partner had been acting strange lately, and he had been talking about insanity all the while. Then, we went to go find the insanity's source, but in the process he disappeared before me and all I could hear was his laugh in the distance. I came back here for help."

Khrona's Brother: "I see... Your Soul Partner... He's Khrona's apprentice right? Can you remember when he first started to act with insanity?"

"A few days ago. But, I need you to do one thing for me, Sir." Miya looked at him with watery eyes.

Khrona's Brother: "And what is your request, my dear?"

"You mustn't tell Khrona! No matter what... I don't know what Khrona would do to him..." She looked down, clenching her fists so hard her nails pierced her palms.

"Khrona?..." His brother smiled. "Ok, I won't tell him." Khrona's brother stood from his chair. "Now then, I'm off to the ruins... Miya, are you going to be ok here? Or would you want to come with me?"

She stood up as well, looking more serious. "No, I'm not going, not now. I want to bring my Partner back, but I'm not strong enough right now. I need some training. Could you help me?"

Khrona's Brother: "Of course I'll help you... I'll train you and then we can go get your Partner back together. How's that sound?"

She smiled, which was rare for her, at his words. She must have become pretty attached to her Partner. "Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! I never caught your name though."

Khrona's brother smiled as he introduced himself. "I'm Khrona's brother. I too am a leader of the village." He put out his hand for a handshake. "Nice to meet you."

Miya looked at Khrona's brother with her dim eyes, then rose her hand to shake his. She then remembered something important, and said it aloud. "Leader-san, who resides in Baba Yaga's Castle?"

A large question mark appeared over Khrona's brother's head. "Say what?"

Miya: "Baba Yaga's Castle. Thats where me and my Partner were when he disappeared. Do you know who resides there?"

IT WOULD SEEM AS THOUGH MIYA WAS TALKING TO KHRONA'S BROTHER... But in reality, it was just Khrona pretending to be his brother via DNA changing and such. "HAHAHAHHAA. Fooled ya, didn't I~?"

Miya stood in shock. She said a lot of things that she didn't want Khrona to hear in the first place, and because of that she didn't know what to say next. She just stood there with a surprised expression on her face.

Khrona snickered, able to sense the shock and amazement in Miya. "Fear not, young one. I shan't be taking his life for his insolent fall into insanity~! It happens to the best of us... Besides. I'm the best one to ask about this sort of situation, right~? I'M FUCKING INSANE!!!"

Khrona cleared his throat, staring at her seriously, now. "Baba Yaga's Castle... Is inhabited by a witch. It is faaaar out in the enigmas of the Dusk, and is unable to be tracked, though in a large vicinity of that area is where insanity has spread and run rampant. Your Partner might have succumbed to that same insanity. It has been spreading around the Dusk, and perhaps even further for a while, however without the proper means of locating where it is coming from..."

Khrona paused for a moment, standing up and turning to a window. "Even Shinigami cannot track where it is coming from. It might be coming from Falshin. The Spider Queen may have him, herself. We do not know. It could also very well be the works of Medusa, as well... But there is no way to truly know."

Khrona turned around with a smile on his face, seeming to be really cocky now. "So I had already devised a plan to get to the Spider Queen's lair~! An operative is working undercover with Medusa at the moment... And he is going to find the exact coordinates of this hidden lair. Once that is done, we will be able to get in and attack the Spider Queen without all of the strenuousness of searching for the castle. Great plan, huh~?"

Miya paused for a moment. The plan sounded nice, but there was one small problem that seemed to be overlooked. "Well... Once you get through to the Spider Queen's Castle, have you even thought about what to do on the other side?" she asked quite plainly. Her cold demeanor was kicking in now that her Partner left her.

Khrona laughed heartily. "Oh, it's not like I'm going, hun~! I'll just let my fellow villagers figure that out for themselves~! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!!!" Khrona cackled and flailed maniacally, as he seemed to hold little worth to the lives of others... Or hell, even himself. Hence why he could send people on these dangerous missions. "Regardless... If your Partner is with the Spider Queen, as we assume, then it would be best if you went to go find him, correct? But you still need more than just yourself... Hmmm..."

Khrona had to think about this... Just who had the capabilities to accompany Miya on such a mission? Hrm... The snake charmer... The werewolf... The poison ninja... Those were the only three that came to his mind at the moment. Perhaps he would have to do a bit of observations. Then again... He could always send his daughter. Perhaps even ask Zita to send some of her witches... 'Manna must defeat Manna,' they always say.

"Thank you for your help, Khrona," Miya responded, followed by a bow.

Khrona nodded. "Of course. But I must be off to the college and the Witch Province... I need to go talk to their leaders and ask of their assistance for this mission. Shinigami and Zita should indeed give me some of their ranks, right? I mean, this does effect them as well..." Khrona would suddenly warp away, first going to the college.

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Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei   Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei EmptyFri Mar 20, 2020 9:30 am

Second Restoration; Disturb Not The Harmony... (Lightning)

One of the Three Sacred Jewels had been collected; the Ice Gem, Opal. With it in her breasts, Misery trekked off from the Alps of Chaos back toward home, where the next gem on her list was; the Peridot.

Misery's next destination was the Bridge which led directly into the sky. According to Khrona, this bridge would lead Misery directly into the clouds where the Peridot resided, which the Lightning Deity's power was confided in. Therefore, this wouldn't be much of a search as much as it was a destruction of anything in her way and then swiping a gem. Thank God that this bridge goes straight up and down, like an exponential curve. "Hmph... I'mma need more souls to keep my Trance going. I hope some weak ass bitches come along for me to slaughter... Heh heh..." She cracked her knuckles, flapping the wings on her head a bit. She planned to fly to the top.

Upon taking a few flaps, Misery was greeted by an Avian.

The Avian's eyes were glowing quite brightly, utilizing its Glowing Eye technique, trying to make Misery fall asleep.

Misery yawned, turning her head and letting millions of tendrils that were her wings shoot from every which direction of the Avian, hopefully to penetrate it from every single angle imaginable and leave it as nothingness... Except a soul.

The Avian was quickly taken care of by Misery's tendrils, as it had no place to go, and its soul would be left to her without question...

Misery yawned again. "I don't have time to be playing around with these wimpy creatures..." She took the soul and continued to float upward.

The next monster that came about what a Dragonfly. It was also rather weak.

It would dash at Misery at a high speed, trying to cut her with its scythe claw thingies.

Misery merely used the same tendrils and splattered the Dragonfly all over everything, instantly consuming its soul. "Seriously... Don't send such weak creatures out to fight me!!" She sighed, making her way almost to the top.

As Misery was off doing Khrona's dirty work and making that dough, the snake charmer, of whom she had sent on the secret mission into Medusa's lair, would be returning to him with some news. Because Misery, Khrona and Despair settled their differences after the battle with the Android Girl, Misery let Khrona in on what the snake charmer's deal was and that she wasn't ever messing with him, but was sending him to infiltrate Medusa. Thus, when the snake charmer showed his face again, Khrona was nowhere near upset, but more than delighted to see him, now that all the misunderstandings between them all had been cleared up perfectly to his liking.

After slipping away from Medusa's Hideout after she left to deal with the defect Dusk Elite who had entered her area, the snake charmer would appear at Khrona's Office. He would then knock and wait for someone to answer hoping it would not take to long.

Khrona opened the door, smiling "Ohhhh~! You're back! How did the mission go~?"

The snake charmer would walk in and bow to Khrona before speaking. The snake charmer would still be speaking in his fake insanity induced voice and tone because it would take a while for him to actually get back to his normal voice. "Greetings, Khrona-sama... Yes, the mission went perfect... Do you wish for me to tell you, or shall you read my mind...? ... Oh, and before I forget, you should have someone head over to the underground section of the college, as a powerful witch is headed down there."

Khrona nodded. "Hm. Just give me all of the information. And a powerful witch, you say...? Hm... I guess I'll inform Shinigami. The college is out of my jurisdiction. Shinigami has control over that place." Khrona sat down, waiting for the snake charmer to explain.

"Well, to begin, we are no longer dealing with the snake deity Medusa; it seems she has fused with another strong vessel, taking on a new form and going by the name of 'Mederei'. After being able to join the ranks of Mederei, I was sent out on a mission with the witch who is at the underground section of the college to capture a monster for Mederei to use. We went to The Graveyard and faced and captured a monster known as the Death Scythe and sadly it was given to Mederei. After that, me and Mederei headed out to the outskirts of the Dusk village, in some odd and random place that seemed to be some sort of tropical rain forest. Although, this area is a lie and is really the Spider Queen's lair. When you arrive in the area, it is completely covered in a strong manna barrier that pushes everything backward when they get too close. We entered the barrier and faced a monster effected by the manna polluting the water. Although, instead of us, the monster was defeated by a strange weapon that goes by the name of Waru who quickly joined with Mederei. After that, we left the area and returned to the hideout where Mederei quickly left to deal with our Elite, which is when I escaped. Do you have any questions, Khrona-sama?"

Khrona squinted his eyes. Three of his villagers were mentioned within this... "Waru was the weapon of Maruze, a top Elite of our village who died mysteriously... I never trusted that weapon... The only powerful 'witch' as you said there is could only be Kaerei... The mysterious shaman of the black swamp... And then... Another top Elite... Fighting with Mederei. It must be that he's under the control of the Spider Queen... Hm. But at least now we know where her lair is. Once we take her down, our missing Elite should be returned to normal. But... I'm not sure about Kaerei... I do not know if she fused with Medusa willingly or because she was forced... But regardless, her soul must be salvaged as well. And Waru... That weapon absolutely cannot stay in the hands of Medusa. He is too powerful... I noticed it when Maruze wielded him."

Khrona sighed, tapping his fingers together... "... Alright. I'm going to need to round up some people. You, Miya, the poison user, the werewolf and my own daughter, Chroma, shall be the first five sent on this mission. Since we seem to be dealing with powerful people as well as manna, I might have to ask Zita for some of her witches or witchlings to assist... Maybe even some partner-less weapons from the college... Perhaps... I've heard good things about a few... Hm." Khrona needed two more. He wanted a solid eight. Oh well. That would come in time... Right now was the time to warn Shinigami.

"Snake charmer. Go inform Miya, the werewolf and poison ninja about my request. I shall handle my daughter, and Miya already knows. I'll go round up any others..."

Snake Charmer: "Understood, Khrona-sama."

The snake charmer would then bow before turning around and walking out of the office and would head out to find the three people he was tasked with gathering. Once out of the office, he would then sign and his snake would then throw up a large wave of snakes. The snake charmer would then sign and the snake would pile up into two and then take the form of the snake charmer, which would be his snake clones. He would then point his hand in two directions and the snake clone would nod, moving and splitting up, going the directions pointed by the snake charmer. He would then sign, causing his summoned snake to grow to large sizes and growing large wings. The snake charmer would hop on him and fly off to locate the three people.

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Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei   Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei EmptyFri Mar 20, 2020 10:40 am

Third Restoration; Disturb Not The Harmony... (Fire)

Whilst Misery handled the Gemstone of Ice, Despair was dealing with the Gemstone of Fire. The two of them together could cover more ground that way and quite possibly meet up in the end in order to finish the job.

Despair had been sent to capture the fiery deity. She was sent to the morbidly hot regions of the Volcanic Plains to find out where the hellfire beast's gem resided. "What a beautifully destructive hue of red, orange and yellow this is... Ah, it reminds me of obliteration... What a nice sight to behold..." Despair randomly warped to the top of a volcano, staring down into it. "... I'm sure he's in the bottom... Alright... Let's go... What dreadful fun." She wrapped herself in her elementally resistant cloak-dress and plunged into the fiery depths of the volcano's lava.

As Despair fell into the depths, she noticed that she had come quite close to the center of the earth... Oh dear, how dreadfully hot it was. Though, the Rejection surging throughout Despair's body and soul allowed her to be unaffected by the heat. She rejected the excess heat and regulated her own, so she was fine. "Oh, dear... What is that in the distance...?" Out on a somehow hardened piece of rock -- though all things should have been melted into molten lava by this point -- was a large beetle of some kind, about ten feet high.

The beetle was immense and its horn was just as threatening as its size. It turned to Despair and glared at her with destructive eyes. Despair glared back with eyes of gloom and serenity, smiling drearily. "Hello... My name is Despair..."

The beetle snorted, pointing its horn to Despair. It charged at her, jumping over the lava that separated the two rocks that they stood on and came down with a massive crash, then continued to run with the same amount of speed as if it had never stopped to jump. It aimed to ram straight into Despair with its terrifying horn.

Despair merely closed her eyes and let her Rejection take over, a barrier between herself and the beetle appearing and taking the attack. Though, the beetle's horn never touched the barrier. The repulsive force of it was so great that nothing other than Despair and those she wished could touch it. The repulsive force it had on anything and everything made sure that nothing touched it. Due to the force that the beetle was running at, its horn should have been shattered right then and there. "... Would you care to see why my name is Despair...?"

The horn snapping and shattering before the beetle, it would fall to the ground for a moment to intake all of the repelled force it had just got sent coursing back through it. It was panting heavily, however it had a backup plan. It condensed a massive amount of heat and flames behind Despair, creating an instantaneous fiery explosion via the power of manna. It was hoping to incinerate her if it couldn't directly hit her.

Despair's cloak flared up and wrapped around the condensed fire and heat, and as it exploded, it would be subdued by her elementally resistant dimensional dress. "... What a pitiful attempt... I'm glad you tried your best..." Suddenly, the barrier became a box around the beetle. "... However, unfortunately, it wasn't enough... See you in Hell~... Or, wait... Are we already there? Hm... Maybe you are..." The box would instantly compress into a tiny cube, crushing the beetle instantly and sucking out his soul as well, giving another one to Despair's Soul Count.

"... Delicious~! Maybe there are more guys like that... I like the taste of their willful souls..." Despair pressed forward, floating over these awesome rocks that could withstand this lava and heat.

Humming songs of despair to herself, Despair lost her focus and continued to float deeper in an arbitrary direction. There, she came upon a nest of fifty Firespines, which seemed to be all feeding on the lava at the same time.

"Awww... How disgustingly cute... Look at them all feed!" She would float down to the rock they resided on, landing and watching them closely.

Each and every one of the Firespines turned around and glared at Despair, looking rather pissed off. It seems as though they hated when other beings came onto their territory, and their bad attitudes made them prone to attack out of anger. Each of them began to grunt and snort, casting their fire numerous times to make hundreds of small explosions happen around Despair constantly.

Again, just like before, Despair wrapped herself in her own cloak, as it seems that these monsters can only attack with weak fire attacks. It was more than useless against Despair. "... My. All of you are persistent, but also, very futile..." Despair locked on to each and every one of the Firespines, pointing her hand at them. Holes opened up all over her hand, and numerous missiles shot out, more than enough to wipe out all of them in one fell swoop.

Each of the Firespines, being extremely stupid and weak, would run into the missiles in an attempt to get passed them and to Despair. Each and every one of them would explode, leaving nothing but their own souls.

Despair shook her head. "... Again, these guys were willful... But extremely stupid... How sad... I almost feel bad for taking their souls..." She outstretched her dress, which would consume all fifty souls, and Despair would bow her head.

Despair had noticed, however, that there was something odd about how the monsters had gathered... it seemed as though all of them were gathered there for a reason. "... Ooooh... I see something... It shines bright in the lava..." Despair walked over to the gleaming item, and found that it was the Topaz, floating right there in the lava, SOMEHOW unscathed by it... Though it was basically right in the center of the planet, where nothing should be able to survive the heat...

"Gloriously... Wretched..." She said in amazement. She walked over to it, about to pick it up... When suddenly she saw something else pop up behind it.

From the lava emerged a massive demon, a red hot burning Blazinsect.

The Blazinsect hissed as it let the lava drip off of it, walking onto the platform that Despair was on. It screeched violently, being the guardian of the Topaz. It would immediately start by casting a massive combustion at Despair, making a huge explosion of pure fire and force.

Despair was slightly caught off guard by the massive explosion of fire, thus she only had time to wrap herself up with her own cloak. She was sent flying backward at a high speed, but caught herself in the air and regained her composure. "My... You sure are powerful... I wonder how your soul tastes...? It must be delicious..." A large hole opened up on one of her hands and she pointed it at the Blazinsect, firing a massive explosive at it in an attempt to blow it to smithereens.

The Blazinsect, having incredible speed, dashed off before the explosive hit, and was already behind the floating Despair. The explosive would do nothing but fall into the lava and explode in a grand way, causing lots of lava to spew up into the air and hopefully all over Despair. The Blazinsect also tried to use its ability Manna Breath, which was a mixture of the 3 magical elements; Fire, Ice and Lightning into one rainbow colored beam of destructiveness. If it hit, the foe would be constantly frozen, then thawed and frozen and thawed whilst being electrocuted all at the same time.

This was becoming a most repetitive act. Despair could defy all of the elemental attacks of the the Blazinsect quite simply by using her cloak, so it basically had no purpose in fighting anymore. "... Ah... There is no more reason for you to resist. Just let me obliterate you, please..." Despair unleashed yet another flurry of missiles at the Blazinsect, this time hoping to blow it up.

The Blazinsect still resisted its death, even so much as to hide in the lava and use the power of combustion from there. It was protecting this jewel with all of its might. There was no clue as to why... It just was. Numerous explosions were cast at Despair, though it seemed to be useless.

Despair sighed. Enough was enough. "... The conviction you have that you can win this fight is ever so admirable..." She wrapped herself in her dress to block the explosions. "... But it is a pitiful attempt to delay what is inevitable..." Her eyes became gloomy and her smile now became a slight frown of sorrow. A strong sense of despair rained over her. For normal people, this would hinder their hearts and souls, but this actually made Despair's that much stronger. The heady feeling of despair that overcame her that she felt for that soon-to-be-dead Blazinsect was so incredibly great that she could feel pieces of herself shattering.

Despair: "Just... Give up..."

A black light engulfed her body just as her dress did, and her dress indeed began to change. The dress itself started to break apart and form into broken space that floated around Despair... The dress itself becoming empty and broken space. The broken space hovered around Despair, who seemed to have no legs now, resembling a ghost. Her eyes were now blood red, filling with an overall grim despair that would fill anything she looked at. Her wings were now anti-matter and her hair had grown longer slightly. There was a ribbon around her waist now, and the strands of this ribbon could cut through all forms of energy. This was Despair's Trance Mode.

"You cannot even fathom how much woe I feel for you... Now that you are about to be eliminated..."

Just then, an endless amount of strands of her ribbon shot out and plummeted straight into the lava, seeming to pierce the very lava as it went through. Using a tiny bit of rejection, she was able to contain all of the lava in the area in a massively condensed ball. That's where she saw the Blazinsect. It was cowering in fear as of now. Despair raised her hand. "... Oh... Woe is you..." She would close her hand, destroying the very space that the Blazinsect resided in, destroying every aspect of it... Except the soul, mind you. Always gotta get that soul. Despair would absorb the soul and then notice the Topaz on the ground.

"... Ah... The Summon of Fire... The massive beast of hellfire only known as... the Fire Deity... Your power is mine, now..."

With that, Despair was off to her next location, warping away instantaneously.

Despair, having finished collecting the Gemstone of Fire, would warp off to the next location to finish the job alongside Misery at the Bridge in order to collect the last Gemstone of Lightning. Whilst the two of them did that, Khrona continued to organize this large scale mission that would hopefully eliminate the current the greatest threat to the Dusk AND planet... Medusa.

The real snake charmer would appear back at Khrona's Office first with the poison ninja and would then knock on the door and wait for Khrona to answer. Because of his mental connection with his two snake clones, the snake charmer would be able to tell Miya was on her way, but sadly the werewolf was nowhere to be found at the moment.

The poison ninja and the awakened Soul Weapon of his would then appear behind the snake charmer and would also wait for the doors to Khrona's Office to open so they could get a better understanding about this mission they were wanted for.

Khrona opened his door, seeing both of the villagers. "... Oooh, so you two are here now, huh? Good. Now then, all we'll have to do is wait for the werewolf, Miya, my daughter and see what Shinigami and Zita say about lending me their students..."

Snake Charmer: "Understood. By the way, Khrona-sama, how has my soul weapon been?"

The poison ninja and his Soul Weapon would walk in and sit down on a nearby couch as they waited for the others to arrive.

Khrona poked his head. "Eeeeh? Oh that girl. Yeah, I've been doing some training with her while you've been gone, since my two weapons were out and I've been SOOOOO bored... And so has she. She practically begged me to practice. So I taught her some stuff. You'll be happy with what you find. She's over there in the chair, waiting patiently..."

As Khrona said this, the snake summon would fall off of the snake charmer's shoulder and would slither over to where Khrona pointed. His Soul Weapon would then stand from the chair and would then hold out her hand as the snake would sit up and let her pat him on the head, causing a small amount of energy to transfer from the girl to the snake, causing him to grow in size a little. She would then sit on the snake and look over at the snake charmer, who would look at her for a moment, surprised at her new appearance, which must have come from her time with Khrona. Although the snake charmer really could not saying anything because he looked very different, himself.

Snake Charmer: "Khrona-sama, what kind off training did you guys do?"

Soul Partner: "Hey! So you finally back from your mission."

Khrona snickered a bit. "From being used by me, a little bit of my insanity kinda... Seeped into her again. Hahahaha~! So she's got a bit of insanity within her, now. Yeeaaaah. It's nothing bad at all, though~!"

"Khrona-sama is right. Don't worry, I'm still the same me, just more fun to be around." The snake charmer's partner would slightly laugh for a moment and the insanity in the laugh could be easily heard by him, who had spent quite some time around it. She would then stand up and walk over to her partner, looking him up and down on his new appearance since they last saw each other and she seemed impressed. She would then jump up and despite them being about the same height now, she would sit on the snake charmer's shoulder, like she normally would do.

"Besides, you yourself have changed as well, but don't worry, you and me should be able to still work well together." As his Soul Partner would say this, she would glow and a light amount of energy would be released as she transformed into her weapon form. The handle would appear and the snake charmer would then grab it, although instead of an energy whip forming, the rest of the Soul Weapon would then branch out around the room and as the energy died down, the snake charmer would see his partner's training with Khrona had upgraded her weapon form from an energy whip to a segmented blade with each segment having a large spike on it and then the final one at the end of the blade having three spikes. He would just hold his weapon in her new weapon from as they would relink their souls while they waited on the others to arrive.

Before too long, the remaining members that were to be assigned on this mission would report in right behind the first two, save for Miya and Chroma, of whom Khrona had special orders already given.

In would walk a young man with his hands in the pockets of his jeans with a silver pick in his mouth; his hair was black, his eyes were a deep, dark brown, his posture was perfect, his long black coat stopped just before the floor -- it was none other than the Advanced Dusk ninja Linomaru Hugo, and he thought he'd stop by and see what the hell Khrona was up to. But that wasn't the only reason why he had stopped for a visit. So he would walk to the door of Khrona's Office and give a knock.

Khrona opened up the door. "... Oh, you. Is there something I can help you with, or something...? Are you lost...? Word on the street is, you want some presents...?"

"I've come here on a good note... Well, kind of... You see, I want to become powerful so I can be known as being one of the greatest shinobi to have ever lived... And to do that, I need a very powerful master and teacher... And I've come here to ask... Will you be my SENSEI, Lord Khrona?" Lin would walk to the wall and lean up against it as he awaited Khrona's response.

Khrona pondered for a moment. "Eeeeeeh. I guess so. Just make sure I don't kill you~! Hahahahaha~!" Khrona was completely serious, even though it didn't seem like it. "So, yeah. I guess you are gonna be my new student, huh? Aaaah, but what the hell do you do? I don't know if I can work with you or noooot~!"

"Well, let's see... I'm a Mage and I'm almost done with that, oh and I have Soul Synchro, and I'm a hell of a cook... Other than that and being an Advanced ninja, I gotz nothing... Oh wait, I can do this..." Lin twists his forearm in a full circle.

Khrona scowled. "I'm liking that cook thing, but um... Manna isn't really my forte. That's more my brother's thing, or Zita's. Can't help ya~!" Khrona pet his virtual pet, who seemed to be there the whole time... But no one noticed.

"That's why I came here... I want you to teach me as much as you can. I can easily adapt to things, and since you're one of the greatest, I just thought you'd be perfect... For me, at least. And I can take a lot of bullshit from a lot of people... And, well, I wanna fight you, not those lame ass virtual pets, but in order for me to do that I need to learn from you and hopefully surpass you and take your cookies." Linomaru really had no intention of fighting Khrona, he just wanted to persuade Khrona any way he could, and if talking trash did it, he would talk the biggest amount of shit possible.

The werewolf would soon walk into the office. He was informed to meet Khrona for some mission of sorts, but was busy earlier. He would walk through the open door passed Lin, ignoring him as such as he spoke towards Khrona. "I was told you wanted to see me?"

Khrona smiled deviously, reading Lin's thoughts with his potent psychic abilities. He also noticed that the resident werewolf was here and hatched an idea. "... Tell you what, Lin... Go on this veeeery important mission with the werewolf and the rest of them to infiltrate and bring down the Spider Queen's lair... If you survive, I might think about training you~!" Khrona then looked at the werewolf, having already said what needed to be done.

"So far, the list of who is going on this mission is as follows: The snake charmer, the werewolf, Chroma, Lino, the poison ninja, and Miya. Two more must be acquired before you all are allowed to go..."

Werewolf: "So, umm, who's actually leading the mission before I go, Khrona?"

Khrona laughed. "I DUNNO~!" He really had no fucking clue as of this particular moment... Oh well.

Lin nods in agreement to the mission; it had been a while since he'd been on mission... Then he heard the werewolf's question and then Khrona's answer and he said, "Are you fucking serious, Khrona?"

The werewolf would only look at Khrona and then after listening to what Lin said about questioning Khrona. He simply ignored Lin; perhaps he might die on this mission if he didn't take this seriously. But the werewolf would then leave through the exit. If Khrona needed him, all he had to do was call him mentally. Of course, Khrona would know cause he was reading his mind at the moment.

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Fourth Restoration; Who's Khrona?

Finally, Misery and Despair returned to Khrona with the three gemstones of Fire, Ice and Lightning, those necessary for Khrona's development and Kujata's plans. When the members of Khrona's operation on taking down Medusa had been assembled, instructed, and sent on their way to handle his lightweight, in would pop a new face in town; a young man seeking the guidance of Khrona.

After leaving from the little fiasco at the tavern, Drast made his way to one of his leaders of the Dusk; Khrona. He overheard people talking about him in both fear, disgust, confusion, and respect. But mostly fear. Drast, being the guy he is, decided to why not go see him for himself. So once he made it to his office, he casually knocked with one of his hands in his pockets. "Umm, Mr. Khrona?"

Khrona's door opened slowly and quietly, into what seemed to be an eternal void of darkness. There was literally nothing in there, but a strong insane presence flowed completely throughout. What was the presence...? One could only know who...

Suddenly, there were eyes. Five of them. Two pairs seemed to belong to two separate entities... And one was by itself. One set of eyes was filled with rejection.. Despair... Heartache... Pain... And gloom. The other set of eyes was filled with malice... Hate... Violence... Anger... Insanity... And pure condemnation. The final eye, which sat in the middle of the two... It was filled with power. The power of pure insanity... The power of pure fear... The power of confusion... The power of a soul The power of anguish... The combined power of the other two sets of eyes... But most of all, the power of a leader.

The darkness shot out of the door without warning, pulling Drast into this black pool of voided insanity... Nullified reality... Omniscient will... And there was a voice from all around, yet directly in front of him.

"... I know who you are. I know what you seek. I know WHOM you seek. Let your mind be my guide... And ask what you will..."

Drast would be scared out of his right mind. Never had he been exposed to such. He attempted to open the door with all his might, but to no avail. He couldn't think straight or even stand up straight. "No! N-n-no! I'm not supposed to be here, I'm sorry!" he said, pleading on the ground, his back to the door. He held his hands above his head, after he looked around for a way out, yet he couldn't see through the absolute darkness. His fear, clouding his judgement; his confusion only adding to the problem -- he feared for his life as he cowered on the ground. "Don't eat my brains!" he said rather foolishly. Earlier, he had encountered a zombie, which contradicted his beliefs and sciences. The predicament he was in now would no doubt cause him to go batty. What kinda village was he in? What kinda leader is this? Who or what is Khrona?.

Khrona would laugh, a hand appearing before Drast.

"How can I eat your brains... If they are not in your HEAD!?"

The hand would suddenly be holding a wad of pulsating brains. There was a stamp on them that said 'Drast's Brainses.' The hand threw them up and down, cackling maniacally.

"Oh, but if you don't have any brains... Then let's see what's in your head....!? I BET IT'S DELICIOUS!!!" Thousands of hands appeared instantly around Drast, forcefully ripping open his head in a gruesome, yet comical fashion, and with that, a load of color and wonder shot out. Scenery, objects, colors.. The normality of life. All came out of his head... "Hahaha. Fun." The scenery that popped out was indeed the natural state of Khrona's office. Khrona could be seen sitting at his desk with a puzzled look on his face, Misery and Despair beside him not paying attention.

"... Mr. Drast? Mr. Drast! You've been sitting there stunned for about ten minutes now! Is there something I can help you with?"

Khrona looked genuinely worried about this guy... It seems as though Drast had been patiently sitting in his office all along and Khrona was trying to get him to talk...

Khrona looked to Misery and Despair, knowing for a fact that what just happened to Drast was their doing and it was COMPLETELY real, and they all snickered amongst themselves. Khrona finally said lowly, but loud enough for Drast to hear, "... Just kidding~..."

After being mind fucked accordingly, Drast would simply be there staring at Khrona, his eyes as lifeless as a doll, his mouth agape. However, in an instant, Drast snapped back, his mind and its logical thinking kicking back in. He chuckled slightly to himself as he got himself to his feet, and dusted himself. His mind just brought him to a logical conclusion. "Mr. Khrona. Leader of the Dusk. I never would have expected you to be a Genjutsu expert," he said quite confidently with his eyes closed, smiling slightly, yet warmly, toward his leader. Though, he had no idea of Khrona's true actual power, his mind, being as powerful as it is, brought him to the most logical conclusion.

Khrona snickered a bit. "Riiiiiight... Genjutsu... Heh. Yep. Aaaaall an illusion..." Khrona shifted his eyes a bit, wondering if he needed to do it again for him to figure it out.

Misery sighed, shaking her head. "Look, guy, that was not an illusion. That was all REAL. We're talkin about the master of changing reality, here! Damn, I mean, didn't you feel him grabbing your brain--"

"MEHHEM. That's enough, Misery~! Let him think what he wants~!! HAHAHA." Khrona's fingerprints surely were on Drast's brain... But he'd never know that, right~?

"Alright then, I already know what you're here for. I read your mind. You wanna know who I am? I am the leader of the Dusk. The warper and creator of reality. The master of Soul Weapons and Soul Wavelengths, and the Soul in general. A hybrid mix of Black Dragon Blood, A mutant, a Body, A Mind and a Soul. The greatest controller of DNA and the most awesomest guy you ever did see~! GIVE IT UP FORRRR... KHRONAAAA~!"

Misery and Despair would clap their hands together accordingly, but didn't really seem like they wanted to do it...

"Changing... Reality?" Drast would ask skeptically. Never would he have thought such a movement was possible and honestly was skeptical to believe so. He laughed slightly in disbelief. "Surely you jest, my Lord..."

Khrona slammed his fist on his desk, shattering it into nothingness upon contact. "You see that? That's called 'fucking up reality,' dear boy! You wanna know whose fingerprints are on your brain right now? MMMMMMMHMM. Damn straight. The one and the only. You wanna see some more shit get fucked up?"

Khrona would use his morbidly awesome psychic powers to create a black orb in the middle of the room. "Touch it. I dare you. If I can't change reality, then I dare your ass to touch that fucking black sphere. Think I'm playing." Khrona would give a death glare to Drast, his desk suddenly appearing out of nowhere. The entire space of this room was already fucked up. It was Khrona's.

Drast was dumbfounded. Never had he come across an individual who had the power to make Genjustu a reality, rather than just a illusion. Such a power struck a crippling fear into the heart of Drast, and caused him to back the fuck up. And then he touched his brain, which was somehow outside of his skull but yet inside at the same time, such a phenomena was causing Drast to lose touch with reality and it's actual laws -- something Drast was well known with. "No, I apologize for ever doubting your power! I apologize!" Drast, back against the wall, would see the giant black ball appear in front of him, and from what he just found out, for all he know, that could be a black hole somehow concentrated beyond the laws of physics, quantum physics, uranium physics, and lotta of other shit who Khrona refused to abide by. "Please! Make it stop!" he said, closing his eyes and covering his face with his arms, hoping that somehow he would be protected.

Khrona smirked. Drast was his now.

"Daaaaamn straight."

The ball disappeared, as if it never was there in the first place, and Khrona, Misery and Despair would simultaneously look grimly in Drast's direction.

"... So. You know who I am, now. Your dear, beloved leader. Unless you have something else you want of me..."

The door would spontaneously melt behind Drast "... Then you'll be leaving now.."

Falling to the ground, on all fours, Drast felt disgraced and shamed. He could not even lift his head to face the leader of the dusk. Rather, he kept his stare at the ground. "No... My Lord. You have inflicted fear and shame upon me, and I was powerless to react to such," he spoke as he began to clench his fists. His shame began to be replaced with anger. "And I know far too well the feeling of being powerless," he said, referring to the reason as to why his clan is in the shape it's in. He stood up and stared his leader in the face with both shame but determination. "If you would! Would you please... Train me. Teach me. Discipline me."

Khrona could see something burning deep within Drast's soul... Some sort of determination. Khrona could see it in his mind and body as well. Drast's soul was actually giving off a faint sort of presence before Khrona... It was rather admirable, to say the least. Khrona could do nothing but chuckle heartily.

".. Alright then, my student. You will receive training from me... It will be long. It will be vigorous. It will be the worst thing you have ever experienced in this reality and will experience in all other realities. You, boy... You are my honorary son."

Khrona stood, knowing Drast's capabilities before Drast himself. If Drast listened to everything Khrona said, he would become great. Greater than great. And maybe even greater than that.

Clenching his fist and swallowing his fear, Drast smirked. Confident, determined, and terrified. "I'm prepared."

Khrona smiled, his wings expanding and consuming the entire interior of the office. "Well then, my son... Come..."

With that, his wings would contract on the four of them, warping them elsewhere.

The newbie, having been (literally) taken under Khrona's wing, would now be his personal 'pupil' of sorts, as well as a new person for Khrona to be connected to and draw strength from. Khrona, already liking him, would have taken him to the Battleground so that he could make this guy strong and refine his skills under the insane pressures of the discipline of Khrona.

In the training fields, Khrona's wings expanded, revealing the four of them in this wide open space. Khrona's wings promptly retracted.

"... Are you alright from the ride, Drast? I know that traversing reality has slight turbulence, and maybe sometimes partly cloudy with a chance of storms..."

After being released, Drast would fall onto his knee, throwing up and such. Not being used to traversing realities at all. It was as if they were moving at speeds that quadrupled that of light, which he thought of impossible. But with Khrona, the word means less than dirt._*

"Yep, meaningless to me," Khrona would say out of the blue. No one knows to this day why he said that statement, though~! *winkwinkhinthint*.

Khrona would wait for Drast to contain himself, then begin with what the plan was for this session. "Alright, so... You know what of your abilities right now, Drast?"

After getting himself together, Drast would wipe his mouth and spit up some remaining vomit. He then stood up completely, stretching his back and such. "Warping huh? I guess I'm going have to get used to it, eh Khrona...?" he asked, scratching the back of his head at Khrona's question. Drast wasn't really that adept with what his special powers completely entailed of. "Hmm, well... I'm not completely sure." Drast then pounded his fist on his hand; he had come up with an idea. "Hey, couldn't you read my mind and find out everything it is that I can do. Then we can go on from there."

Khrona laughed, "HAHAHA, 'Could I?' Silly boy, I already did that LOOONG ago. I just wanted to see how much you were aware of... Heh. Heh heh. It seems as though it's nothing. I wasn't expecting such a thing."

Khrona shook his head. "Whatever. I'll fix you up good." In a swift motion, Khrona slammed his fist into the back of Drast's head, giving him knowledge of his own abilities... Or at least, a tiny bit of knowledge. "... For this training, I've given you a tiny portion of information as to what you can achieve with your powers. So long as my hand is here, you will be able to use more of your power than you currently know and more than your body should be able to control."

Khrona pointed with his other hand at a moderately sized rock near them. "You see that? Go. Do something to it. Now."

Drast's brain was then overloaded with an almost insurmountable amount of knowledge. It overwhelmed him to a point of crippling, making his legs buckle under him temporarily, but he quickly regained his composure. Drast had no idea that he had access to this kind of power; it both startled him and excited him. "Re-remarkable... I had no idea I-." Drast was then interrupted by his leader and followed his finger to the rock. He nodded his head and pointed his finger toward the object. It began to shake slightly but then violently. It began to take the shape of a circle slowly but steadily so long as Drast kept his complete focus, which was something he was usually always capable of.

Khrona noticed how Drast was doing now that he knew a slight bit of his power... But it wasn't satisfactory to Khrona. So, with a powerful mental surge, Khrona's voice shot into Drast's head, the mental noise so great that even if there was silence, Drast would hear nothing but a maelstrom of Khrona's voice saying, "MORE!!!!!!!!!!!"

The sudden mental burst of sound would catch Drast by surprise, like it would anyone. It would knock him off his rocker; despite how much he tried to focus it was too late, for he lost control. He would release a small grunt as the rock he was morphing would split in two, causing an atomic explosion of natural epic proportions. The ground disintegrated from the sheer force of the explosion as the energies of it took care of anything that was left. It was intense, as the blast raced across the earth. Drast feared for his life.

Khrona's eyes, still dimmed, would see the explosion coming frame by frame via Hyper Perception. It would seem as if the two were engulfed by the blast and destroyed on contac-- OH WAIT, we're talkin about Khrona. HAHAHAHAHA. Oooh... Khrona getting obliterated by an atomic explosion... Hahaha. Fuuuunny.

With a powerful mental force, the blast was blocked from touching Khrona and Drast, only to go around them. Next, Khrona would take hold of the force of the explosion, reverse it, and cause it to implode just as fast as it exploded, becoming a tiny singularity that once was an explosion. "... Mmm. Delicious..." Khrona grabbed the singularity and ate it, smiling contently afterward.

"... Well, that was fun. You've got some power. But all you have to do... IS LEARN TO CONTROL IT."

Khrona intensified the strain on Drast's mind, which was now so crippling that access to his legs was totally impossible. "Now. AGAIN. On that tree."

Before Drast could address the awesome power that is Khrona, he buckled to his knees at an intense speed, so fast actually that it made a crack in the ground and possibly in his bones. It was as if the strain Khrona was putting on him was similar to the gravity on the planet increasing. Drast could barely lift up his head, let alone his hands. It was a task, no doubt, but he needed to get it done. "... Ngh." Drast struggled to put himself on a knee as he forced his head up and his hand toward the tree. He immediately began to morph and shift it. It wasn't known if Drast's super powered brain picked up on how to do this from one try, or if Drast just got lucky. Anyhow, the tree began to morph to the size of a cube, slowly but surely. The strain on Drast could be seen via the blood rolling down from his nose, but the look of absolute focus on his face.

Khrona smirked, glancing at Drast from the corner of his eye. "Oh, wait... Hold on... You've got a little shmutz right there..." Khrona quickly touched it, sending the blood straight back into Drast.

"Oh, joy. You're getting better already. Now let's see if you can change the atomic structure of it some more~! The cube tree. Make it into water. Quickly, quickly! We don't have all day!!" The longer Drast would wait, the more strain Khrona would put on him. Of course, Khrona wouldn't let him die... But if he didn't react quickly, then he would surely not make it through the rest of this training.

Khrona could tell that Drast's mind was getting a grasp of the powers... And that was good. Once Khrona took off the strain, he would quickly and easily have no problem using his abilities... Granted, he wouldn't know everything anymore, for Khrona was the one feeding him information, but he would still be quite good quite soon. That was the main point, riiiight~?

Drast's mind would begin to feel as if it was crumbling under the extreme pressure. His bones were beginning to feel the mental stress he was enduring. Drast forced his other hand up toward the tree as he gritted his teeth. The cube tree began to melt, droopify, and get all liquefied. The struggle was evident as he attempted to turn the melted tree into H2O.

Khrona glanced over at Drast once more, feeling his pain. Though, Khrona rather enjoyed Drast's pain... So it took a LOT for Khrona to do what he was about to...

"Alright, this portion of your training is over, Drast..." Khrona released his hand from Drast's mind, again taking away all extraneous information with him as his hand exited. Khrona didn't like to touch people, anyway.

"So. It seems like your body is rather weak... Want me to fix that up for ya~? Or can you do it on your own~? If you can't, the second part of your training will be... Mur~der~!"

Khrona snickered a bit, awaiting Drast's response...

Drast would fall down on all fours, causing the water tree to splash down on the ground. He would pant heavily, sweat dripping from his face. He had no clue how to do anything anymore, and he knew it was because Khrona stopped supplying him with knowledge. "You... Can fix up... My body?"

Khrona's face changed immediately from carefree to stern and serious. "My bloodline power relies on the ability to alter DNA, cells, et cetera, as I see fit. A body like yours... Nothing. I can change the cellular structure of the planet, if I felt like it..."

Khrona paused for a moment...

"... I sure hope the Earth King didn't hear me..."

And then he continued. "Your natural ability; the Atomic Influx, works well with my abilities. Now, it seems as though you don't know what you did..." Khrona would glare at Drast, repairing his cells in a flash, thus making his body fully recovered. "Think about your abilities. I gave you knowledge of your power... But at the same time, I didn't. I only gave you knowledge of its potential. You know the way to use it... Just think. Concentrate. Look deep into the locked parts of your mind... And your power will flow into your body and soul."

Feeling his muscles and such repair themselves at an unordinary speed would startle Drast, causing him to jump to his feet. However, after doing so, he felt as if he slept for years. He stretched and such as he pondered the words of Khrona. "If you were the reason I knew how to use my abilities, then how am I supposed to use it without your help?" He was merely thinking aloud, since it didn't matter around Khrona anyway. He was puzzled for a second, but only for a second as he made a hunch about his predicament. He closed his eyes as his mind began to accelerate at awesome speeds, digging for any information that he should know about his powers. What he would soon find out is that his ability to accelerate his mind like that was also a blood line trait. "..." Drast found things buried in his mind that he never knew. Such as his birthday, his worst fear, different jutsu passed down in his clan,
various clan secrets, and finally his special power. His eyes flared open with his new found knowledge, along with a smirk of confidence. He knelt down and grabbed a near by rock. He clenched his fist, turning it into coal, diamond, steel, copper, kryptonite, and then into water, and finally into gas. He looked toward Khrona, awaiting his acknowledgement of his new achievement.

With that, Khrona had a genuine smile of happiness roll upon his face, feeling very proud for his student.

Khrona never felt proud for anyone.

Khrona closed his eyes, walked close to Drast and gave him a quick hug "... You are wonderful, my son..." and then quickly released him, stepping at least ten feet back in one bound because... Khrona still did NOT like to touch people.

Gaining his composure back, Khrona cleared his throat and snapped his fingers. "... Now, for the second part of your training... Since you now know HOW to use your Atomic Influx... It is now time to see how fast and how well you can use it." After that being said, a large black cat with fur standing on end, a mouse tied to its tail, menacing eyes and bat wings on its back and ears appeared before them.

"This is the Cheshire Cat. The Cheshire Cat is a selfish ass pussy--" The Cheshire Cat would give a menacing glare at Khrona for a moment, the flash of a Meteor gleaming in its eyes, but then from nowhere, a stick smacked the hell out of the cat and Khrona screeched at it, "NO, KITTY! THAT'S A BAD KITTY!" And the Cheshire Cat obeyed. It looked back at Drast as Khrona continued. "... As I was saying. It will ask for an item... ANY item it wants. And you will provide it. If you don't, it will get pissed off at you and attack you violently. If you try to attack it or change it, these things will not work on the Cheshire Cat, for it is immune to all forms of alteration or harm to its body that isn't a standard attack. All elements heal it. So. Attacking it is out of the question. Tell me when you're ready~!"

The Cheshire Cat hissed at Drast, ".... Man. I'mma run yo shit dry."

Drast was caught off guard by the random burst of affection from Khrona, who he had perceived to be this empty-hearted shinobi of astronomical proportions, yet Khrona showed affection toward him; something he didn't even remember. He, however, didn't respond to the hug from shock, and the fact that it was a quickie.

He was then informed on the Cheshire Cat, and its respective power. He looked at the cat with confusion. He looked toward Khrona and nodded. "What could this cat possibly do?"

The Cheshire Cat smirked, quickly asking for a series of things without hesitation. "Gimme a Diamond. A teddy bear. Some milk. And a pillow. And make it snappy."

"Uhh... Ok?" Drast said, looking at his hand. He then materialized a diamond in flash of green light, a pillow next, a teddy bear, and a bottle of milk. "Done and done. What's next?"

The Cheshire Cat swiped those items, lying down on the pillow, lapping up the milk and cuddling the diamond vigorously as well as the teddy bear, whom he viciously named Mr. Bearbear.

Cheshire Cat: "Mrroww... Now I want a pie, a chicken, acid, and uranium."

Cheshire Cat then placed an ear next to Mr. Bearbear. "Mrow? What's that, Mr. Bearbear? You say you want him to make some poop?! MROW!" Cheshire Cat looked back at Drast. "MR. BEARBEAR WANTS POOP. NOW."

Drast counted the things the creature asked for in his mind. Pie, a chicken, acid, uranium and... Poo? Drast was thrown off accordingly. He had no problem generating the other materials, but the creature asked for poo. He looked toward Khrona. "Really, Khrona?:"

Khrona stepped back. "I didn't say it... Cheshire Cat did--"


The Cheshire Cat was angry as fuck now. It would now use its signature ability, called "MEOW!! I'M ANGRY!!" and made several Meteors appear directly in Drast's face, having them all crash down with massive force and destructive power.

Khrona sighed, shaking his head. "... You should have given him what he wanted..."

"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Words weren't able to escape Drast's mouth fast enough as his body was pummeled by skyscraper sized rocks. Drast had no idea, nor was he expecting something like that to happen. He was crushed accordingly under the intense destruction, the crater being ridiculously huge, among other things. Drast slowly climbed out, his body torn, bruised and beaten. However, he brought up his hand and created the items wanted by the cat... Including the shit it asked for. Drast was pissed, bleeding, and smelly with poo in his hands.

Khrona couldn't help but snicker a bit. "Ewwww! You made poo poo!" Drast probably should have died several times over from that, but Khrona made it so that he couldn't die from these attacks... Plus, this was a comedy sketch. No one dies in those.

The Cheshire Cat smiled and grabbed all of the stuff, then turned around. In a moment's notice, it would seem that the Cheshire Cat had another list of stuff. "... Mrow. Now combine all of this crap together to make an Acidic Mud Pie and a Radioactive Chicken. If you know what's good for ya... You'll make it happen."

Khrona walked over to Drast and, once again, mended his wounds. "You'd best do what he says..."

"Fucking cat..." Drast said as Khrona helped him to his feet. He had no idea that a mere cat can have such power -- another fault of his for belittling it because of its size. He sighed as he walked toward the cat, cracking his knuckles. He stopped in his tracks and then extended his hand toward the creature and the objects, his hand began to shake as he made a small crater in the ground. Drast never fused things together, and he just recently figured out how to create something. This task would usually be impossible, because he was never taught, but thanks to his mind and the help of Khrona's, he quickly figured out how to pass this task.

The objects glowed white before they began to drag toward each other and then, instantly, mend and mush together in a shine of white light. Drast dropped his arms in a huff as he had created the required objects. The radioactive chicken, mindlessly pecking the acidic mud pie. Drast prayed that was it, it was beginning to tire him.

Khrona could see that Drast was rather tired... Of course, he would be. With his current power level, such abilities would be rather taxing on him. He had done well for now, anyway. He had completed the task of learning about his abilities, which was the most important part of this, right? But... Now about the Cheshire Cat...

Cheshire Cat looked at the stuff that Drast made for it... And it smiled greedily. "Mrow... ... Mroowwwww... Mrrrrr... And now, you know what I want...? I WANT A-- Swift kick in the ass. -- ...?"

The Gimme Cat looked at Khrona for a moment, wondering why the hell it just said that... Khrona smirked, as he had just taken over the Cheshire Cat's mind at the exact perfect moment that he needed to so that the Cheshire Cat would say that. It was already said, and now the Cheshire Cat had to have it.

"OH, YOU HEARD THE LITTLE PUSSY, DRAST. Kick him SQUAH IN THE ASS." Khrona turned the Cheshire Cat around, subdued its powers, and also made it a lot less susceptible to gravity, thus, when it was kicked, it would fly... FAR.

Drast would look up swiftly at the cat, in surprise and shock. He then looked toward Khrona, who had a smile of devilish intent. He brought himself to his feet as he took a track runner's stance. He then dashed toward the cat as fast as he could as he manipulated the atomic structure in his feet. Once he appeared in front of the behind of the cat, he then cocked his foot back far as he PUNTED the Cheshire Cat as hard as he could. He made his legs stronger than diamond, and kicked it at an angle that would induce the most outer and inner damage, due to various logics. He enjoyed this part, as he did so with a smile.

Khrona figured that Drast would enjoy that part, which is why Khrona had it happen. Khrona smiled, looking up to the Cheshire Cat, who was high in the air, reaching the clouds.


Khrona turned to Drast after snickering to himself, then gave the 'Thumbs Up' to him. "Goo'job, Drast~! You make your honorary father proud... sniffle sniffle..."

Yes, Khrona surely did just say sniffle sniffle.

"Th-thanks pop," Drast said, wiping his nose and face. He didn't remember what it felt like for someone to care about him so deeply. Such affection began to make him feel warm.

Khrona sighed, having a smile of contentedness on his face... This was nice. Father and son bonding... Even if they weren't blood related-- though, technically, Khrona could fix that -- NO, KHRONA COULDN'T DO THAT. Whatever...

"Soooo, Drast, m'boy, anything else in particular you wish to try out? That you want to learn? Something that'll do your ol' man proud? *cough*LikeASoulWeapon*coughcough* OH, OH, WHO SAID THAT? WOW, WHAT A GREAT SUGGESTION, THOUGH, RIGHT? Yeah, thanks whoever said that." Khrona cleared his throat and shifted his eyes violently back and forth, trying not to look suspicious.

Drast laughed slightly at Khrona. He heard loud and clear who it was that said that. He scratched his head as he wondered however, "What's a soul weapon?"

Khrona's eyes gleamed brightly as the question was asked. "Oh... You truly are my son.. My prodigy~!"

Khrona cleared his throat. "Well, you see, a Soul Weapon is a weapon partner for those who are of the Dusk Village... They can use these weapons as friends and as combat tools to collect souls to power themselves and the weapons up to become a Soul Angel. The main purpose is to kill Falshin that may arise... The current one is Falshin, itself, but even I cannot track his whereabouts due to his overwhelming insanity... It even clouds my glorious, yet insane mind... Hahahahaha... BUT YEAH, basically, weapon partners that bond with your soul. ANYTHING can be a weapon."

Drast scratched his chin while Khrona was informing him; 'Weapon... Partners?' he thought. 'Friends that are tools?' He pondered. 'Soul Angels and killing a Falshin?' he wondered. Far too exciting and interesting to pass up. Khrona could no doubt see Drast's enthusiasm in the upcoming smirk that would escape him. "Soul Weapons. Weapons that are actual people? Far too great of an opportunity for me to pass on," Drast said, huffing slightly. He had almost regained his breath. "But isn't there more to learn about them sensei? Like how to use them, how to power them up. And how many can I have at once? I wish to learn as much as possible, to live up to your name, as your apprentice... And son," he said with determination and slight bit more seriousness. However, his excitement would not allow his smirk to leave. He was ready for training, and ready to prove himself.

This guy really did get to Khrona's blackened heart and insane soul... Oh, what joy it was. Khrona didn't accept too many people into his family... Right now, his family consisted of his blood sister, his daughter, his weapon partners and his half brother... And now, Drast. Drast was part of the Khrona family.

"Oh... Son..." Khrona cleared his throat. "... Yes. I will show you. If you have a decent Soul, I can train you. I can harness any and all weapons, only because my Soul is the most powerful and most flexible, but my two main weapons are Soul Angels... Wielding two Soul Angels is only for experts, since even masters have some trouble with just one... But yes, there is a lot more to learn... And I can teach you. Along with Shinigami-sama, the head of the college... He will be the one giving you your weapon partner. This is exciting~!"

"I am ready to begin sensei!" Drast said, now smiling greatly. He was eager, the multiple words he didn't recognize could only mean more interesting things that laid in store for him and his future.

Khrona could only laugh. "Alright then, Drast! ONWARD, TO SCHOOOOOOL!" Khrona wrapped them both in his wings and again, warped off.

After he and Khrona made it to the college, Drast would attempt to hold it in, but would end up throwing up all over the ground, not quite used to dimensional travel just yet.

Khrona patted Drast. "Aww, don't worry... Maybe soon I will teach you how to rearrange your molecules instantaneously to other places as well! Also called... Materialization. Well, what I did was flat out warping, but... Yeah. I could teach you how to materialize yourself."

Khrona began to walk, pulling Drast with an unknown psychic force, walking to the office of Shinigami.

Drast wiped his mouth as he heard Khrona say something about teaching how to do it himself. The ability to be anywhere at anytime seemed too good to be true. He jumped to feet so he would no longer have to be dragged by Khrona. "I can only imagine how strong I'll be when we're done with my training." Walking behind Khrona, Drast's mind began to wander like it usually does. "So, this soul partner thing... Is it possible for me to choose it? Or are they predetermined?"

"Depends," Khrona said. "If you don't have an answer for them fast enough or if they don't have the weapon you want with a soul that matches your own... They choose for you. Otherwise, you can choose."

"So, that's how it's determined huh?" Drast spoke, deciding now to remain quiet until the destination is reached. He was alone with his thoughts as he followed Khrona to the Gates of the college, a place he had no idea of it's origins, purpose, or residents. But he knew for a fact his leader wouldn't lead him astray.

Khrona, growing slightly impatient, decided that instead of traversing the uncalled for immensity of this school, HE'D JUST WARP-- ... No, rather, materialize there.

"Hold on, guy, I'm about to fuck with our matter."

Khrona grabbed Drast's head, instantly materializing down into Shinigami's quarters...

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Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Fifth Restoration; Welcome to the Family, Drast!

After scrambling, descrambling, rescrambling, transferring, collecting, sorting and combining their matters back into themselves, Khrona and his Honorary Son were finally in the office of Shinigami~!!

"Ah, son... Now in the time that you will be receiving your weapon... I do hope you have something in mind. Shinigami-sama should be able to get it for you..."

Khrona patiently awaited Shinigami to appear from the void that was dead center in this infinite room of gravestones...

The void, dead-smack in the center of the platform that sported the scene of an endless graveyard behind it, would project a large, anthropomorphic, extremely amorphous black creature with a white, skeletal face.. This was Shinigami. The massive Death God exited the void as if it were a mere doorway, causing a sort of ripple effect within it. With a great, menacing gulp of air, Shinigami sent forth his greetings...

"Hiii~! Hello~~! HOW ARE YOU~~~?!?!"

Shinigami's overly immense, sharp, claw-like hand slithered out from his black mass, inflating itself to full size and waving at Khrona.

"Oooooh, Khrona-chan~! It Seems As Though You've Brought Yet Another Student To Join My Academy~?"

Khrona laughed a bit "Unfortunately, Shinigami-same, my new honorary son shall not be attending Shinigami Academy... Though, like his honorary father, myself, I wish for him to learn the discipline of a Soul Weapon. And as such, he will be needing a partner... I will teach him everything I know, if you will let me, Shinigami-sama~?"

Shinigami bounced around on his amorphous body, flopping his head and hand back and forth.

"Oi, Oi, Khrona-chan~! You Have Brought Me A Most Respectable One! HOW CUTE~~!!"

Shinigami hunched over, as he was about, 10 feet tall, at least, and stared the Honorary Son in the eye with his eyes filled with nothing but an abyss of eternal emptiness that was the inside of Shinigami.

"Well, Well~? Is There A Weapon That You Have In Mind, Booooooy~?"

Shinigami cocked his head to the side a bit, "Hrrrm? Bastard Sword?"

Shinigami then cocked his head the other way. "... Hrm... Bastard Sword, huh? I Guess It Would Be Possible That We Would Have One Classified In The Sword List... Alright, You Can Test It Out For Yourself~!"

A large, ominous door appeared in the room, opening up to reveal what seemed to be an abyss of nothingness. Someone exited the door and stood next to Khrona's Honorary Son. "Enjoooy~!"

Khrona smirked, enjoying the view. She was just as sexy as Misery was... With less clothing.

"Ohohoho, there is no mistake, m'boy... Weapon partners can be anything, so long as it has a soul. These things are rather versatile... Any weapon, anything containing a soul. Just grab her and try to wield her... See if your wavelengths match up. It seems as though they do pretty well, from what I'm seeing... Heehee. If you ask her, she should change..."

Khrona would then High Five Shinigami because Shinigami is cool as hell.

Khrona's eyebrows raised casually.

"... Damn. This is hotter than when me and Misery fight and make up in filthily insane ways, shapes, forms and ideas."

Khrona chuckled "Well, Thank you, Shinigami-sama~! You content, Son~?"

Khrona smirked "Great~! Then it's time for you to train... Well, not right now. I don't feel like it right now. We'll start on the morrow. For right now, it's time for us to go home. And by that I mean, you're living in my Pit of Havoc with your new mothers, Misery and Despair, and your new sister, Chroma. Maybe even auntie Meg will visit..."

Khrona sighed, thinking about his wonderfully horrid family... "Alright, let's go. Thanks, Shinigami-sama, once again~!" Khrona grabbed his Honorary Son and once again materialized elsewhere, since Khrona already knew that this was the best way of travel for him.

The young, slightly timid, confused, but exceptionally eager and quickly growing Drast had already been warmly and lovingly welcomed into Khrona's little makeshift family. From his two 'wives,' his genetically generated daughter and his revived sister, Drast, the adopted Honorary Son would be taken to his new home where they would live together with love and happiness as a family.

After materializing at the very top of the Pit of Havoc, Khrona knew that Drast wouldn't be able to take the overly insane amounts of insanity and fear that emanated from the Pit of Havoc and were generated by the Pit constantly, for it was mentally crippling to damn near everyone who wasn't already insane... And even those people had some chance of receiving the dark effects of the aura of this Pit.

Khrona: "... So. Drast. This is your new home. I have thoroughly thought about it, and you're living with me and my family now, since you are now part of my family."

Drast would release shrieks of madness upon arrival of the Pit if Havoc. Never before had he been exposed to raw insanity. It literally gave him the feeling of being ripped apart mentally. His mind was his most prized possession, and at the moment, he was beginning to lose just that. He grabbed his head as his eye began to bleed. He couldn't process thoughts, or even think about processing anything. His shrieks filled the pit along with the other various screams of agony that lived within. Drast was to love here; how lovely.

Khrona could feel what was going on in Drast's head, and could only smile. "Yeah, that'll happen to ya. You'll get used to it eventually. Once you do, your mind won't feel that way anymore. Now, for the record, if you were to fall in this pit, you'd be free-falling for a good... 15 minutes. So try not to fall. So I guess it's best if we just manifest ourselves into the pit. It's darker than any sort of darkness you have ever seen; not even light can shine down there. Your eyes will have to adjust to that sometime. The longer you stay here, the more you adjust."

Khrona grabbed Drast's face, as if he weren't in pain and agony, then also said some more stuff to him. "OH, and since you can't fly or warp or anything, I think I'll have to install something so that you can get out of the pit whenever you want. Alright, so. Here we go, down to your new home~!" Khrona once more materialized down into the pit, to the very bottom. The two would materialize in front of a door... Not that Drast could see it, for everything would seem to be a darkness that was darker than black. This massive door was the entrance to the insides of the pit. Khrona opened it with a loud creaking, turning back to Drast to see how he was holding up so far.

Drast had undergone a silent seizure. His eyes rolled to back of his head as he began to foam at the mouth. His head was back, eyes toward the ceiling.

Khrona turned back to see the seizuring Drast. "... Man up, boy." Khrona grabbed his head and dragged him inside, then dropped him on the ground somewhere.

"So, I've embedded a bit of Insanity Static in your head. It won't make you go insane, don't worry. It protects you from any outside mental forces or threats. It keeps your perception perfect, your mind as sharp as it can be, and things of that nature. Not like you can control it since you're not insane and it's made of my own specific power, buuuut... It'll keep your head from exploding~!

Instantly, Drast's insane surge would come to a streaking halt. He touched his face, in reassurance that he was alive. He looked around and touched his head, as he was trying to realize where he was. He heard Khrona's explanation and the words 'you're not going to be insane' hit Drast in the head the most. Although Khrona said this not in that particular order, it caught Drast's attention. "Did you say... That you want me to be insane sensei?" Drast was looking around at his new home. It was impossibly dark. He hoped his eyes would get used to the abyss. What would he do if he had to use the restroom?

Khrona chuckled, "Hahaha... Whatever do you mean, son~? I said nothing of the sort~!"

Khrona: 'His insanity will grow~! My Insanity Static in his head will keep him from feeling the effects of it all of the time, but... Surely, he will become insane in the membrane! Just like his dear ol' dad...'

Khrona: "Just piss and crap outside of the door. It'll get cleaned, I assure you... Sometimes, even I don't know how it does that..."

Because of Khrona's inability to withhold his thoughts, Drast would catch on to what he said. However, he wouldn't have been able to make out completely what he said. "Ugh, what you say sensei?" he asked, digging in his ear, getting use to the insane thing in his head.

"I said shut the fuck up!" Khrona sat down on something and sighed, being totally shrouded by the darkness. "... I'm assuming you can't see. Sigh..."

Khrona waved his hand, the entire pit being illuminated with a dim reddish-blackish-grayish-purplish hue because of the mixed soul energy within there.

"By tomorrow, the Insanity Static will have settled your slowly crippling mind. So yeah. Don't worry about that... What's most important is whenever you wanna get down to business and whatever you wanna do to train. Hmph. You're still only a Beginner. You need souls, boy. Souls make you strong. Especially if you've gotten your weapon..." Khrona coughed. "You'll need several normals souls and a special soul before your weapon reaches its peak form... Which is that of a Soul Angel. And then the power of it will be limitless."

"S-Souls?" Drast asked, being completely taken over by what Khrona just said. He scratched his head, believing him to just be bullshitting. "Mind explaining again, eh?"

Khrona shook his head. "Well... You accumulate power in your weapon by letting it devour the souls of the fallen. More souls are more power. This is what Shinigami is all about... Once you get your souls, your weapon will achieve awesome, limitless power depending on your soul. Any living thing with a soul that is finished off with your weapon or by your own soul or something will extract its soul, something that normal things cannot do. And once that is done... You consume it, gaining the general power of the one's soul you had consumed. Got it?" Khrona sighed. "... Sadly, I only have three hundred fifty seven... Not only is it an odd number, but I think I-- I mean, my weapons crave more souls now... We need to at LEAST hit one thousand for great power... We still get stronger, even if I am a leader and they are both Soul Angels."

Drast gulped. Realizing that Khrona is insane, he doesn't know the power of what he just said so casually to someone who could barely understand. "Got it."

Khrona sighed. "Good... But now you'll need to collect you some souls... Hm. Maybe even get a Job, if you want... But in the long run, you'll just be needing souls. Do you want to head out right now or do you want to rest? Cuz if we go looking for souls... We're gonna hit every major place in the Dusk."

"I'm pumped and ready. Let's get started already, ngh?" Drast would say with his smirk of confidence smacked on his face. That was all until a random hand appeared behind him, reaching over his shoulder and slowly over to his chest. The hand was slender and tanned. Another hand would follow and do the same on the opposite side of him. Drast's face of confidence would turn red from the blush of his cheeks. It was none-other than his newly acquired soul weapon, Lhustah.

"Then what are we waiting for huh? Let's get moving. I can't wait to feel you wiiield me," she would say, her head melding in from behind Drast's head. Her hands would roam about his chest as she moaned lowly in his ear. Drast was again frozen like before. "I can barely contain myself..." she said.

Khrona couldn't help but smile at Lhustah's words and Drast's face... It was almost exactly like Misery and Khrona's encounters with each other... How cuuute...

"Awww, that brings back memories..." Khrona smiled. "Oh well. Let's go. You'll have to meet your new sister and aunt later. Right now, it is time for SOULS!" With that, they would both be manifested to their first destination... Naturally, with their partners as well.

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Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei   Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei EmptyTue Mar 24, 2020 9:57 am

Sixth Restoration; Walk In The Rain, Drast.

Khrona's Honorary Son was growing rather well and was meshing into the family easily. He was still getting accustomed to the insanity of Khrona and the family, but overall, he was able to feel the love that emanated from all of them and connected them in a much more powerful fashion than even their insanity could touch, which was all they needed to remain a true, loyal and loving family. With that, Khrona was going to continue to show Drast the ropes before he would allow him to take off on his own... Khrona still did have leader duties to attend to, after all, and Drast was a big boy. Once he had the basics, surely he'd be able to fend for himself for a while and train on his own.

Khrona and Drast would appear in the Land of Eternal Rain. Khrona smiled, turning to Drast, "This, my boy... Is going to be where you collect souls. Lets just hope only weak monsters seek you out today, instead of big and powerful ones... Heeheehee~!"

"Land of Eternal Rain, eh?" Drast would appear behind Khrona. He would hold his hand above his head, blocking his head from the rain. He would seize control of the molecules in the rain, making them stop around his entire body, forming his silhouette within the rain. Drast always hated the rain. "Wait, what do you mean 'hope'?" Drast said, being taken by surprise by Khrona's statement. Drast wasn't yet used to fighting with his soul weapon, nor was he used to fighting monsters. After Drast spoke, Lhustah would appear from behind him. She, however, seeming to enjoy the rain. She was spinning and dancing, allowing the rain to drench her hair and soak her nude body. Drast turned his head and simply sighed.

Khrona sighed. "Put some clothes on that girl. Don't you know that there are laws against that?-- Wait a minute."

Khrona snapped his fingers, using his almighty Judgemaster powers to destroy said law. "And now there aren't. Okay, SO."

Khrona cleared his throat, still smiling evilly. He seemed to know all of the creatures that lurked here... "Well, you see, Drast... The monsters around here are very veeery powerful... But also veery veeery weak. Due to my job selection, I cannot actually control which ones are attracted to us... And because of my duty as a father and fellow Maestro, I cannot just simply turn away a powerful soul itching for a fight, even if you aren't prepared. Not that I'd let you die, it's just... There's no honor in that, riiiight?"

Khrona pointed out in an arbitrary direction, "Because this forest is so infested with monsters, but they are so very cleverly hidden, there is no telling what may pop up... Ya know?"

Just as Khrona said that, a very large, spherical, winged creature emerged from the depths of the trees, seemingly cloaked by the rain. It seemed to be a very, very, VEEEEERY depressed owl. "... Hoo..." Even its hoots were miserable.

Drast's attention would divert to the giant mass that manifested itself from the forest. It looked like a giant owl. Drast would sigh; he didn't think that a monster would appear so quickly. Lhustah would snap her head toward the monster and release an eager purr. She sashayed over to Drast as he watched the creature. She grabbed his hand and whispered into his ear. "It's time looooove." Her words were elongated as she began guide his hand along her body.

The Night Owl flapped its mighty wings, still hooting depressingly at Drast. It was unknown as to why this giant owl came... Maybe it was looking for something to eat. The Night Owl finally attacked, flapping its wings faster, causing massive winds to form. Using the attack Wind, many slicing wind blades shot at Drast very swiftly, trying to slash and hack him up right off the bat. "... Hoo..."

Taken by surprise, Drast would instinctively clench his fists, however, Lhustah had Drast's hand. She had been guiding his hand along her naked body for a minute, and the second Drast got shocked, he had done something to her... Down below the waist... By accident. This caused her to release a moan of ecstasy so loud and powerful that it formed as a shield once the force connected with the incoming Wind attack, canceling each other out. Afterwhich, Drast stood in a small crater created after he changed Lhustah into her weapon form. Steam of soul energy emitted from the blade as Drast stood there blushing but looking focused simultaneously.

Drast held the giant sword -- about six feet tall, half a foot wide -- and pointed it toward the owl in an epic fashion. He made a handsign with his other hand. His chakra flared slightly, crushing a few stray rocks around him. He was using that marvelous brain of his before he attempted to strike.

The Night Owl flew higher into the air after seeing such a marvelous display by the woman, only for its own protection. It would then start to flap its wings in short, swift flaps instead of large ones.

From these flaps came many strands of wind of different colors -- Yellow, Red, and Blue, for starters --creating a rainbow Wind attack. The Wind was elemental and was not only the wind element any longer... Thus it would be like a Wind version of Lightning, Fire, Water and other elements which would be flowing at Drast.

Drast would clench the blade tighter as the steam of soul energy emitting from the blade began to swirl about it. He then jumped toward the attack and swung the blade, not really being used to fighting with a soul weapon -- he really just pulled this attack out of his ass. The steam would release itself in a twister like blast. This was him utilizing his soul energies, his in particular being the Rage Soul.

This attack had the power to brute its way through most attacks, using Rage Soul. The attack would hopefully plow through the rainbow attack and continue straight on to the Owl. Drast was in amazement at what just happened; it was apparent in his facial expression once the attack went off. He however, finished his handsigns. Rings of chakra appeared around his wrists.

Being unprepared for such a large and devastating attack, the Night Owl would counter by using some of its Psychokinesis, which was powerful psychic abilities which it somehow knew. This would cause it to have the twister go around it instead of head straight into it. Even if it could plow through an attack, that didn't mean it couldn't be guided elsewhere.

The Night Owl used its elemental Wind once more, this time sending out blasts of Green, Yellow and Purple, being respectively Wind, Electricity and Darkness. They would, instead of going straight for Drast, move around him trying to hit him from the sides instead of head on.

Drast would swing the blade thrice more, meeting up with attacks shot by the Night Owl and plowing through them like before on their way the Owl. He figured the Owl would use the same rejection power it used to block the attack of his soul weapon, so he reached into his pocket with his other hand and hurled a flashbang toward it. This would hopefully blind the hooter's vision entirely for ten seconds. Drast would use this to his advantage to disappear from sight. Hopefully, being blinded, it would make it more difficult for the hooter to evade his attack.

The Night Owl was indeed temporarily blinded, but that meant nothing because of the fact that it has psychic abilities. Naturally, this meant it could use its power of Psychokinesis even while blinded. Using Psychokinesis once more, it moved the attacks coming at it out of the way.

Once the blindness let up, the Night Owl seemed to be more depressed. "... Hooooo..." It started to descend to the ground, now. As it made said descent, it would use its Psychokinesis again, though this time as an attack on Drast. It was going to put pressure on him and try to crush him with awesome psychic forces as it slowly got closer to the ground. The closer it was to the ground, the faster it could pull off attacks... Hopefully faster than Drast could react.

'Gotcha!' Drast thought to himself. Once the flashbang explosion cleared, Drast would appear above the Night Owl, his right hand extended toward it. He had planted multiple chakra strings on the ground, awaiting for the Owl to fall victim to his trap. Everything before was the setup. Once entangled, the invisible chakra strings would attempt to constrict the hooter completely, strangling it and hopefully knocking the hooter out of concentration. As for the psychic attack aiming for the ground, it would no doubt be for naught seeing as to how Drast was in the sky. He then disappeared from sight yet again, attempting to finish the creature off.

The Night Owl had not seen this coming, and being tangled was hurting it... In fact, its next act was to heal itself, anyway. It gently flapped its wings and a wind swirled around it, healing all that plagued it with a holy wind. This was the White Wind, the healing wind. Though, the Night Owl, being so very depressed and so very tired, would just give up and fall to the ground, sitting there and curling up. "... Hooo..."

Drast would land right next to the thing. He clenched his blade tightly as he began to crack a smile. A smile? Drast has never once thought about taking a life, and the one time he does, he smiles? Something wasn't right. "That's one..." he said as he stood above the Night Owl. He brought his sword above his head and brought it down at unnecessary strength and force. He sliced off the head of the hooter like a guillotine, creating a small crater where the blade had struck. The soul then popped out, just like Khrona said it would; Lhustah reverted to her human form. "Oooo is this for me? Baby, you shouldn't have..." she said as she rubbed Drast's chest. He was still looking down at the Night Owl. Lhust preceded to grabbing the soul by its little tail and deep throating it entirely. She moaned as she did so and caressed her chest. If she were to feel some type of burst of energy, Khrona should respond as such.

The soul of the Night Owl, consumed by Lhustah, would indeed give her a small burst in power... For the more souls that a weapon collected, the more power they got. This being their first soul, she should feel more power than if she were to collect her next soul.

Khrona clapped his hands. "Oh yes, good show. That was maaaarvelous. With all of that, it makes me wonder how you'd do against one of the tough creatures. Heh heh."

Khrona could also sense a bit of insanity coming from Drast... It was growing. Being around Khrona... Embracing the Insanity Static... Living in Khrona's pit... it was definitely getting to Drast and Khrona knew it more than anyone.

"... He's getting more insane..." Khrona said under his breath. "Oh well, anyway... How was that, huh son~? You like soul hunting~?"

"Y-yeah..." Drast stuttered a bit, but he was sure. He had never had to fight for his life, and taking something else's made him feel more alive than ever. Or maybe he was terrified and that was the Insanity Static mindfucking him. Whatever. "I never knew it'd be that... Exhilarating!"

Lhust: "I'll say! I think I came ten times! Baby you're some type of God with those hands. I could only imagine..."

Lhust's sentence was stretched as her eyes trailed to Drast's waist and then below. Drast, blushed every time she made moves on him, but he was more focused on his sensei than ever. "How often will we soul hunt...?"

Khrona sat down on the ground, in a reclined position "As often as you like. But I wouldn't suggest overworking yourself. Monsters have a tendency to not only come in numbers, but also have variable power. So if you're tired and a big one comes out, I don't know how you'll survive."

Khrona yawned, pointing to a tree near Drast. "I also wouldn't suggest turning your back on your enemy while you're in this forest. I mean, anything can pop out... Just like that monster right there behind you."

Where Khrona was pointing, some sort of reptilian looking insect-like creature with huge, crazy eyes was attached to the tree, its tongue outstretched toward Drast.

However, once Khrona spotted it out, it would quickly leap off of the tree and run around. It was insanely fast and its crazy face was rather... Uh... Crazy.

Drast quickly turned to face the beast... Er, thing. He grabbed Lhust again... In the same spot as last time, with a blush, causing her moan of epic proportions to yet again cause a pulse of power and force. It would expand in a dome-like shockwave, hopefully knocking the fast thing off balance while knocking down most of the surrounding trees. Hopefully it could see this coming. Drast made a handsign and pointed his blade toward the creature, similar to the last. Rings of chakra appeared on his wrists.


The creature was called a Basilisk... It was one of the two variants of Basilisks, this one being a more insect-like form. It was a very tricky creature for the signature ability to turn whatever it looked at into stone... Gradual Petrification. After ten moves, Drast would become petrified, being completely made of stone, unless the Basilisk was taken care of in that time period.

The Basilisk was weaker than its other variant, but it had another ability that made it able to escape from most any situation... Not only that, the Basilisk was a bit easily startled. It would use its gradual Petrification on its prey and wait them out until they turned to stone, then finally consume them like that. And because that's what they liked to do... After the pulse forced the Basilisk back, it would regain its composure and run like hell into some trees, jumping from tree to tree, yet keeping its eye on Drast.

"What the fuck? Get back here!" Drast said as he performed a handsign and stuck two of his fingers in the ground. He controlled the atoms, making the ground cave in like a big tremor. The lizard would hopefully fall into the giant and never ending cave that was just created. Drast was oblivious to what it was doing, but he wanted its soul regardless.


Because the Basilisk had feet that worked basically like that of an insect's and a lizard's, it was adept at climbing. Thus, even as the ground caved in, the Basilisk could continue to move. Also, the Basilisk would use the ability that it had to slow down the flow of space and time to the cave being created, and thus that also helped it to keep itself from falling in. And it kept running, hopping from tree to tree.

"Shiiit," Drast said as he performed handsigns yet again. He closed his eyes and opened them back up, only to see the lizard coming his way at insane speeds. Turns out that he had figured out how to materialize his atomic structure simply from being around Khrona when he did so. This was Drast's special ability kicking in. Anyhow, Drast would not hesitate and would place his hand on the ground while he spotted the lizard on a streak toward him; no doubt it lost its view of Drast. "Good ass training." Doing so made an ENORMOUS wall of kryptonite and diamond mixed together erupt in front of the lizard and began circling around, impeding its success from all angles soon. The floor continued to cave in. Drast was planning yet again.


Naturally, the Basilisk would hear Drast's speech, for its hearing was superb. It needed to be, since it was such a weak creature. Thus, when he said that, the Basilisk would use its ability to slow down space and time on whatever was coming at it, slowing down the wall as soon as it came out. The Basilisk made a pivot, then started running back in the opposite direction. So long as it had the ability to slow, it would be fine...

"Pretty predictable," Drast said as he stood up and watched the lizard run back to where Drast was. While it was paying attention to Drast behind it, it wouldn't be paying attention to what Drast did in front of it. He would no doubt fall victim to the same trap that the Night Owl fell for. On it's speedy little venture, it would get entangled in a web of invisible chakra strings. The web of invisible chakra strings was one of complex patterns, sure to get whatever that was entangled completely subdued, as if it were in a cocoon. The strings would begin to constrict the lizard, -- if it was indeed caught -- squeezing to a point of paralyzation. Drast figured that it would use the slow ability yet again but figured that it needed to have something to target. So if it couldn't see, it couldn't get him.

Entangled in the web would also be a flashbang. The instant that the lizard was wrapped up -- if it is indeed caught -- the flashbang would go off. The invisible string was attached to Drast's free hand. He smirked as he moved for the finish.

With no way to view the strings, the Basilisk would become entwined and choked by the strings. And so, being choked to death, a soul would be left there for Drast's taking.

However, the very moment the soul was revealed, three tiny specks appeared in the distance.

Drast would appear at the spot of the lizard's death. He would tilt his head to see the sprite creatures while Lhust was devouring the soul, increasing her power yet again. Drast's eyes were slit similar to a snake; a looks he's never had in his life. A look of malice. He looked at them, his hand crackling with intense power.

These specks were rather tiny... They would be about the size of Drast's eye at most. They looked at him, blinked, then disappeared. Though, they did not have the power to turn invisible or warp... But they had immense speed and a sort of sixth sense as to how to avoid attacks that were coming. In a moment's notice, the three of them were spread out across the entire forest up in the sky. One started to glow blue, the other yellow and the last red. They were all adept with manna, it seemed.

The first one shot out ice... A very powerful blizzard, indeed. It covered a great portion of the forest, freezing it instantly, turning it all into a frozen wasteland, and then would shatter, causing anything near or caught within to freeze and be destroyed along with it.

The second shot out electricity, which was also exceedingly powerful for its size. There was at first, a single ray of electricity that would shoot down, illuminating the entire forest, and then without warning, a crapload of large, extremely explosive lightning bolts shot down across the whole area.

The last one shot out fire... Massive, fiery explosions happened all across the forest... Incinerating everything. For their size, these things sure had extreme capabilities. They were all focused on Drast, anyway.

Khrona coughed in the background... Unaffected by these attacks. "oOoooh. Seems like something strong came out. No worries, The Dots are easy, if you can catch them."

The elemental maelstrom would no doubt cause an explosion of epic proportions. From the middle of it all however, can be heard the ecstatic moan of Drast's soul weapon, Lhust, whenever she was changed into her weapon form. Drast would transmute his atomic structure above the explosion and would create a single handsign, creating two clones; however, they would be without a soul weapon. The clones, using Drast's special ability to locate chakra, would find their respective sprite. The original Drast went in for the fire one. They flew toward the sprites, propelling themselves in the air with chakra to the feet. They all simultaneously performed handsigns.

The Dots started to move away from the oncoming persons, as it seemed they wanted to attack them. The Dots were fast and evasive beyond compare, so there was no way Drast would catch up... Though, they started to move away from Drast, yet in a circular formation... The three of them were making a circle with the Drasts inside of it, if they were following the Dots.

In a moment's notice, a seal appeared, keeping whatever was within the circle trapped in the circle... Drast was caught in an epic attack which had so much power, it was only known by the Summons... Delta Attack. A laser blast covering the entirety of the circle shot both upward and downwards, making sure to obliterate everything trapped within the circle of the Delta Attack. It was far beyond the power of the fire, electricity and ice combined. It seemed to have power close to that of the ultimate energy.

Khrona yawned, watching the grand explosion. "... I told ya some powerful guys would come out."

Drast was surely caught in the middle of the explosion, being overwhelmed by the speed of the Dots. However, Drast's habit of never underestimating his opponent came in handy again. The explosion hold be a marvelous one, a giant one, a blinding one. The sprites would or would not continue their spinning; regardless, they were in the area, and they were in the rain. Drast, thanks to the previous training of Khrona, would manipulate his atoms, speeding them up to a point of intangibility, allowing the explosion to clearly pass through him. He then fused with his clones and performed a handsign. His eyes flared white along with his hands.

The rain around the sprites would freeze around them, incasing each one in it's own case of ice; Drast then made another handsign instantly, changing the ice into diamond fused with kryptonite. This would more than likely catch the sprites by surprise, and even if it didn't, it was little they could do about it. Once the explosion cleared, Drast would be seen standing on what looked like nothing, but he just created a platform out if chakra strings. He attempted to summon the blocks to him. He was running on empty.

With the Dots being extremely weak to the elements, being frozen was very much unlucky for them. They were weak to all of the elements, it would seem. -- except Earth -- so killing them like this was very fortunate for Drast. Lucky sum'bitch. The Dots died, leaving three souls in their places, which would float over to Drast.

Khrona scratched his head, opening an eye to look at Drast. "... Hey. You done yet, or are we still staying here?"

Drast would decent down to Khrona after having Lhust devour those souls, increasing her power all the more. Drast would be pretty tired, and Lhust would be dead tired, barely able to stand up straight.

Drast: "Yes Sensei, we can--"

Lhust: "Hot damn, babe. I think you broke my love buttons. I've never... Ever... Ever been with a person of such skill... And power."

Drast sighed as Lhust leaned against him, her knees buckling as she spoke.

Khrona smiled. "Alright then. You seem rather tired from all that. Whatcha wanna do now, eh? I'm up for anything else. Not like I have any leader business to take care of. Cough cough."

Khrona shifted his eyes a bit. "Yep. No business at all."

Drast would laugh as he thought. He also swayed his soul weapon. But then he thought about it. "Hey sensei, you think you could like, ya know expand my mind? Like yours?"

Khrona stood up and stretched, looking at Drast with one eye. "Myeeeeeeeeeh... Expand your mind, you say? Hm... I mean, that doesn't come as easily as other things. I could easily make your mind more vast... Though if it is expanded too much too fast, you might die or something~. Or your brain will asplode! Or any other possibilities... I guess the best thing to do would be to delve into your own mind for a while, eh? Alright, let's go."

Khrona grabbed Drast with his Judgemaster cloak and warped away back to the Pit of Havoc.

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Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei   Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei EmptyTue Mar 24, 2020 10:25 am

Seventh Restoration; Open Your Mind, Drast!

It had been some time for the two of them -- Khrona and Drast -- to bond together. Khrona, who had, at some point in time, been slipping in and out between being a clone and his real self, had been taking care of a lot of other business around the Dusk whilst also maintaining his form for teaching Drast. It not only helped him learn how to sustain and control multiple parts of himself for an extended period of time, but also how to channel and micromanage his energy.

The two of them, Khrona and Drast, appeared back in the depths of the Pit, where they had started in the first place. Khrona sat down on some random sitting object and sighed. "... So much moving around... I don't usually move like this unless I'm in a battle... Bleeeeh. Oh well, it's fun." He laughed a bit... Somehow, his laugh echoed throughout the pit as something maniacal and deadly. Oh, how sounds can play tricks on the mind~!

Drast, now able to see -- but only SLIGHTLY -- plops himself on a sitting thing. He was pretty tired from all that he did. It was nice to relax in insanity.

Khrona scratched his head, reclining into a super comfy position. "... Yeah, so what was it you wanted to do, again? You seem rather tired already..."

Khrona looked left, then looked right... Seems as though no one was here, still. If Misery and Despair were here, they were asleep. If Megaera or Chroma were here, they were rather quiet. Oh my. Whatever, though.

"Umm, I was going to ask if you could help my mind grow even faster than it already is," Drast was saying with his eyes closed. His special ability let his mind already accelerate about fifty times faster than the average genius. And that was only at its first stage. He sat up in his chair and looked toward where he thought Khrona was.

Khrona yawned, "Ooooooh yeeeeaaaaah... Sounds familiar. Mmmmm. Alright, but if we're gonna do this my way, it's gonna put a biiig strain on your body, mind and soul all at once. A healthy soul resides in a healthy body which harbors a healthy mind, you know." Khrona got back up and started to slink over to Drast, his eyes somehow piercing through the darkness directly at Drast. "... Look into my eyes..."

"Okay, got it," Drast said reluctantly. He glanced at Khrona's gaze, only to fully stare at it a second later.

Khrona would smirk, even with the glance, he had entered the entirety of his Body, Mind and Soul comprised into one. Rather than being in each one of them separately, he was in all of them at the same time.

At this time, Khrona would torture-- ... Er, condition... Those three elements of Drast. Starting with the body, exercising enough so that he would be able to endure extreme amounts of abuse, editing his bio make up, allowing him easier and more precise use of his special ability, and also giving his body a few... Khrona-ish perks. He would then move on to the soul, fixing and tuning his soul by a means of intense pain and suffering to a point where his soul's power would be worthy of the title, 'Khrona's apprentice.' And finally, the mind... The fun part! Khrona would search through the mind of Drast until he stumbled upon the trace of insanity that Khrona implanted in him. Khrona would bear a wicked smile as he then 'amped' it. He hit Drast with an insanity shock that would magnify the trace of insanity until it was a bottomless pit of madness. The way in which it would effect Drast would very.

The time in which Khrona would complete the entire process would be no time soon. SO, Khrona created a perfectly complete clone of himself, using his DNA mastery. HE used this clone to complete the process as Khrona would turn around and walk away. The amount of strain and pain Drast would endure would be otherworldly and unheard of. This only made Khrona laugh...

---Major Time Skip---

The Khrona Copy had been torturing and reshaping Drast's Body, Mind and Soul for quite, QUITE a long time now. It was unknown how many hours... Or days... Or maybe even weeks passed before this process was finished. Finally, with one final touch, Khrona was done. "... And now, we're finished. How do you feel, my son~?" Khrona couldn't wait to hear about how he felt... 'Heehee.'

Drast was warped, completely and utterly mutated, however, not grotesquely. While he was unrecognizable, he wasn't repulsive. His face was altered, his eyes were altered, his hair, his skin, his physique, his mind, body, and soul; all morphed, perverted, and transformed. His body was smoking, as he was naked.

As his head rose however, around his bare and pale skin, materialized a blackish cloak, covering his body. Accompanied with it were a pair of long pants that stretched far enough to wrap around his feet, forming makeshift shoes. He stood to his feet, about the same height as Khrona. He opened his mouth, his words sounding grim and elongated. "I... Don't."

Immediately, Khrona felt a vast sense of satisfaction and joy surge through him. His eyes would narrow devilishly and a mischievous grin slithered across his face.

"Good, my son... Very good... It seems as though everything is going according to my will. Tell me, now... How does your soul feel? And your mind...?"

Since he could not feel with his body, there were only his mind and soul left... Maybe he should put Drast in battle with someone... Heh. Time to see just how extensive Khrona's conditioning of Drast's mind, body and soul was...

Drast looked at his chest, placing his hand over where his heart was. He felt his soul pulsate with intensity. The way he was feeling, it was as if his soul was molded so differently, that he didn't even recognize it himself. His facial expression remained unchanged however, as if it didn't bother him in the least.

He then closed his eyes momentarily, as he was examining what became of his mind. Once he did so, he felt as though he was lost within his own head. The mutation he went under seemed to transform his brain and evolve it even more than it's previous constant increase could. His mental capacity was dangerously high. "Both of those elements make up who I am. There is nothing else..." he spoke, not using his mouth, but his mind only, Telepathy being one of the many perks Drast has acquired from the mutation process.

Khrona's eyes began to gleam just slightly. "Good, my son... Well. I can tell that you are well beyond your original limit... I have opened up your full potential. It is now up to you to fulfill that potential and make me proud... Now. Go forth. Show everyone the power of you... And me."

For some reason, Khrona spoke grimly to Drast. However, Khrona also knew that if Drast's mind got too unstable, he would probably die. As such, Khrona made it so that there was a fail-safe... That is, if he ever needed to use such a thing. Khrona always thought ahead. Now, if it worked was a different story...

"As you master," Drast said, lowering his head in respect for his father. He then, without leaving a trace, vanished. Soundless, almost as if he were never there in the first place. He was like a ghost.

Khrona smiled, as he was proud of his son already. He needed Drast to excel in the ranks and become stronger. He already had the advantage of training with Khrona, so his excellence would come easy.

With that all done. Khrona's clone would dissipate, as it took Khrona a lot of energy to sustain a clone for weeks at a time... Well, not all THAT much energy, but... Ya know.

During the '-- Major Time Skip --' that Khrona's sustained clone had been forging Drast in the Pit of Havoc, the True Khrona was out handling his normal duties as leader, making sure to give Drast enough attention and run the Dusk effectively without giving Drast ALL of his time and energy. He still did have things to do, after all. So, this is what happened during those weeks.

A mysterious Deva would knock on Khrona's door and pull off the hood of his cloak which covered the majority of his face. His short, bright silver hair was combed back to prevent bangs from getting in his eyes.*

Opening the door to his office, Khrona was a bit out of whack today. He didn't even feel like fucking with reality to greet with anyone... He just sighed, playing with some random soul. "Yes yes? What is it?"

Deva: "It has come to my attention that, upon inspection of certain chronological events, you fought and defeated a Psion by the name of Xeno Gaidoku. His soul wandered the plains of this place before vanishing. I was wondering, do you know where his soul could have went? I need to find it....."

Khrona remembered such a battle, but he didn't remember ever consuming a soul... "Oh, that guy? Well, you see... His soul is merely mine if I did not consume it. My weapons made the final mark on it, and therefore, it is totally and completely under my power. I probably consumed it a while a go out of a random act. Why is this soul so important to you, hm?" Khrona surely needed to know this, for Khrona consumed all souls of the things he killed sooner or later, even if he did not physically devour it. But that particular person... What was so important about him? Khrona was too 'lost in his own thought' to totally mindfuck and suck out the information from the mysterious Deva's mind, or even to look into the future or something. 'Sigh.'

The Deva chuckled... Not surprised, really. Just annoyed at the process at which he needed to use in order to obtain simple information. "I need his memories. He was a Psion, like myself. As such, he was a master of the mind. I've obtained the power of Psychokinesis from a Psion child that lives on this planet. This... Xeno... He knew how to use such a power almost perfectly. To manipulate and control any element or mineral he saw fit. What kept him from achieving 'perfect mastery' of Psychokinesis, was his inability to completely use Time abilities. I, on the other hand, am one with Time. A descendant of the being that created Time and all its variants. Long story short, I will be able to master Psychokinesis because unlike Xeno, I don't have trouble controlling Time. I need his memories to see how exactly he managed to learn the other stuff..."

Khrona gave the mysterious Deva a glazed stare. It seemed like he didn't really know to whom he was speaking. Khrona was a master of psychokinesis, as well -- though he had mastered all forms of it just by letting his own mind expand. Khrona had mastered all forms of psychic abilities, and as such, could easily just give the information to Deva in the blink of a mindfuck. He could feed the memories into the Deva, but at the same time... Khrona was never a person to make things easy for people. Ever.

"... Really now? You want them that badly for that purpose? I mean, I could easily assist you... Buuuuut... Bleh. I dunno how I can make you prove your worth~!" Khrona was now smiling. He was regaining his insane joy... Some devilish plot must have been conjured up in the twisted, completed mind of his... Something not in the favor of the Deva...

The mysterious Deva smiled, snickering at first, then bursting into full blown laughter. "Prove MY worth. Me... The almighty Legend of the Deep. Overseer of Time itself! You've got to be joking. I'm fucking amazing! Bahahahaha!" Then he stopped laughing and looked at Khrona sullenly. "Nah, but jokes aside... What do you have in mind?"

Khrona cocked his head to the side, prodding his fingers with a cat-like smile, saying under his breath, "Nyaaah, time isn't a problem to me anymore~. I can dictate reality and control space and time with my mind and birthed a daughter fifteen years even though I am only sixteen, myself, teeheee~."

He cleared his throat, trying to think of something intense for the Deva to do... "Uh... This is a tough one... Maybe... Engage me in battle~?" Khrona chuckled evilly, looking to Misery and Despair, then the three of them simultaneously looking at the Deva.

Deva: "Reality? So you can control the Space Time Continuum like me? Interesting... I never really got a chance to fight anyone with a similar ability as mine. I guess I'll give it a go. What are the stipulations? Psychic powers only or what?"

Khrona chuckled slightly. "... Riiiiight... 'Similar...'"

Stipulations? Khrona wasn't really for that, most times. He usually went all out on people with his own insanity.

"Eh. It's a free battle. Do what you will and so shall I~! But don't go too far~!" But the thought did pass through Khrona's head to use his Psychic abilities more than his Soul abilities, perhaps... He'd try, but most times he ends up using his Soul abilities, anyway. Whatever. Maybe some Judgemaster Abilities as well, eh? He didn't use those as much as he wanted... "So. Do you agree to the terms of battle?"

The mysterious Deva of the Deep legend shrugged. "Fine by me; it'll allow me to try out some things, play around a little bit..."

Khrona's eye gleamed devilishly as the legend had agreed to the terms.

"Alright then. We'll be waiting..." Khrona laughed, warping off elsewhere.

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PostSubject: Re: Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei   Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei EmptyTue Mar 24, 2020 11:17 am

Eighth Restoration; Somewhere Khrona Has Never Been...

During the time he was training Drast and that he'd scheduled for the battle with one of the legends of the Deep -- which would come only when Khrona was able to collect the full extent of his power (That is, not split apart an dealing with Drast) -- Khrona was using those weeks to take care of some other very important business of his... In the Chaos. The Technology Sprite in his head, 'Cleff,' had instructed him to head back to the Data Realm again, this time for a very special, personal reason; to make a Pact with him. Into a dark and unknown region that Khrona had never before explored in the Chaos nor the Data Realm, itself, Khrona would find himself at...

The Dark Court.

Oh what a wonderful place this was. Khrona had decided to traverse this place alone... Though, naturally, his two weapons were with him.

Khrona: "... I know what to do. I know why we're here..."

Misery: "... I mean, you haven't told us why since we started. You just started walking toward the Chaos Village... Which is odd because you don't ever leave the Dusk... At least, not as your real body..."

Despair: "... Yes, we are quite worried about this situation, Khrona... Will you inform us now?"

Khrona paused for a moment, finally standing before the Gates to Hell. This was the Demon King's domain... A powerful adversary of Khrona's. But Khrona was not here for him... Not today. Khrona was here because...

"... We're making a Pact."

Misery and Despair were rather confused about this... Pact that he was talking about. They had never heard anyone speak of this ever... So why did Khrona know? He would have let them know... Right?

Misery: "So... What the HELL is a pact, huh?"

Khrona: "... We're getting a new addition to our family... Or rather, to me. I've absorbed quite a bit of knowledge from those I've interacted with before... The last fight with the Demon King... He already had a Pact. Just by looking at him, I knew everything about it, via psychic abilities... And I figure that going into the Demon King's Hell would be the best place to look for a beast to make a pact with. But... At a drastic cost..."


Before Misery could finish, it would seem as though the doors of Hell were opened by the master himself; the great Demon King! Once the doors were opened, Khrona entered with his two weapons, now completely silent. He planned to find the perfect beast... And Khrona knew just where to look.

Once inside, Khrona saw all of the restless souls flowing about the area. Twas a feast. Khrona was tempted... Damn tempted... To just devour them all. Thousands upon thousands of souls. If Khrona were to just consume one thousand, his power would exceed that of some of the greatest beings even further... As all of Khrona's abilities increased drastically upon consumption of souls. Yet he resisted. His weapons resisted. Khrona knew that being within the domain of the Demon King was rather... Dangerous. So, if he did something wrong, something bad would happen. It was like if someone were within Khrona's soul... They do something they aren't supposed to, they are terminated without question. It was best to just continue on the path.

Misery: "... So. You still haven't told us what we are going to get. What is the beast, eh?"

Khrona was silent.

Misery: "..."

There was tension between the two of them, though Khrona only continued to walk.

Misery: "... Motherfucker. I'm gonna ask you one more time... Where. The FUCK. Are we GOING!?"

And still, Khrona remained silent.

Misery clenched her fist and ground her teeth together, ready to massacre Khrona... Though before she even had the chance, Despair would restrain her.

Despair: "Try not to ask questions, Misery... I believe we're almost there, anyway..."

Though Misery absolutely HATED that Khrona was being so silent... She had no choice but to sit back and watch. It seemed as though they were heading toward a sea... It was red. Red as blood. And there were numerous statues of fallen angels that were very decrepit and old... Most of them only looked like giant mounds with wings on them. Very few of them still had their heads or their limbs. Khrona stood directly at the edge of the blood red sea, staring off into the distance.

Khrona: "... We have arrived, girls."

Misery and Despair promptly stopped, gazing off at the beautifully dark, blood red sea. The sky was glowing a pale green for some reason, though that made everything look all the more ominous. After a few minutes of just staring off into the abyss, finally... They saw something. It was the size of a man, about ranging from about six to ten feet tall. Its size seemed to fluctuate for some reason. It wasn't human... Though it didn't seem to be an angel or a normal demon... It was something else. It couldn't be deciphered as to what it was, but... It was surely something that no one had ever seen before.

Khrona squinted his eyes at the beast, for it seemed to appear out of the water and could walk on top of it. Its eye was rather menacing, but Khrona intended to have his eyes as the most menacing around.

"Is this some sort of charade!?! What is this!?" Khrona blatantly shouted.

The creature merely floated toward Khrona, water lightly rippling under it. It did not produce any sort of energy or power source. Even though Khrona could see it, he could find no trace of its existence... It was as if it weren't there. As if Khrona were imagining it... But Khrona knew what he was imagining. This was definitely real, even if it gave off no signs of it. Khrona was genuinely confused... And slightly scared.

The creature halted at the edge of the sea, staring Khrona and his weapons directly in the face. It spake unto them, "... Do not fear me, for I am your own fear... But at the same time, I am your security."

Khrona was confused, and a little more afraid, though instead of what happens when Khrona is normally scared... He seemed fine.

Khrona: "... Tell me. What are you?"

???: "I already told you."

Khrona closed his eyes for a moment, pondering this situation...

???: "... You seem distraught by my current form. I shall alter my form and your perception of myself..."

Instantaneously, the creature would change its entire structure into that of what seemed to be a human. He immediately sat upon one of the headless statues with a content smile on his face.

Once Khrona was done thinking, he opened his eyes and saw the creature now resembled a human. "... What... Is your name?"

He could only laugh, as his voice now was rather calm and less ominous "... My name is Tabrith. I am pleased to meet you... Or rather, you should be pleased to meet me."

Again, confusion. "Why are you speaking to me like this? I'd read your thoughts to tell everything I want to know... But you have no thoughts! Where is your mind?!"

Tabrith: "Where is yours?"

Khrona's eyes began to dart about, not focusing on one thing anymore "... My mind... Is... It's right here! In my head! But..."

Tabrith interrupted him, "... At the same time, your mind is gone. Lost to insanity, am I correct? You cannot regain it for the life of you. Though then again, regaining it would be the end of you, right?"

Khrona's head bent backwards. "Yes... I mean... No... I mean..."

Tabrith continued, "... Be at peace, Khrona. Your mind has extended far beyond what you know. Can you figure out what I am if I give you that information?"

Khrona was still rather confused. Khrona's mind only expanded when Khrona wanted it to... It could extend into other realities and other dimensions... But was Hell not another realm itself? Perhaps... Perhaps Tabrith could be... "You're a broken part of my imagination taken your own form of reality... And now gone from my control. Not only do you know everything about me and more..."

Tabrith finished the sentence, "... But I have just as much power as you do... Without having to succumb to you. My form before... The one of many broken pieces... Those are fragments of yourself. Forever lost from your control. No way to get them back to you. They were combined with the presence of Hell, thus making me... Tabrith." He floated over to Khrona and hovered in front of him, mimicking Khrona's height and body type exactly. Though, their major differences were that Khrona's eyes were black. Tabrith's were red. Khrona's hair was white. Tabrith's was gray. Those were the only two differences... Otherwise, they looked exactly the same.

Khrona still didn't move, though Tabrith was so close to him. Knowing that this was just another form of himself was rather comforting... Even if Tabrith was a demonic hell beast Khrona thing.

Khrona: "Though.. Tabris... I do have one more question..."

Tabrith raised an eyebrow, then cocked his head slightly to the side. "Yes, Khrona? What might that be? Then again... I'm sure I already know. Technically... You should know the answer..."

Khrona paused for a moment. He then figured out the answer for himself, though it was only natural to finish his original thought. Before Khrona spoke, he gave a certain look to Tabrith, and Tabrith knew what it meant. They then both began to say simultaneously;

Khrona: "Why do you not give off an existence, Tabrith?"
Tabrith: "Why do you not give off an existence, Tabrith?"

Khrona: ".. Because. You, Khrona, are my existence. I have my own will, body and own reality... Though... You hold the key to my existence."
Tabrith: ".. Because. You, Khrona, are my existence. I have my own will, body and own reality... Though... You hold the key to my existence."

They both gave the same smirk to each other, nodding their heads. They had come to terms. It was odd that all of Khrona's broken parts of himself would end up in Hell... But then again, one could say that those were the 'dead' parts of Khrona, and therefore, since they were dead, they went to Hell. Another reason why Khrona would have no control over them.

"Oh, but Khrona..." Tabrith started to say once more, "... As you might have known... I cannot leave Hell. Not by normal terms, at least... I believe you were here to make a Pact with me, correct?"

Khrona nodded, rather depressed. "... Yes... I am here to make a Pact with you, Tabrith..."

Tabrith nodded. "Well then, I guess I should assume my true form them..." In a moment, Tabrith had become the brain-like eyeball with the broken fragments around it, however this time... The fragments began to swirl and stir around, taking the shape of something new. A terrible black and blue energy started to emanate from the fragments, and they took shape into tentacles protruding from skulls, where the eye would reside... Then the remaining ones became a sort of floating body above that resembled bubbles.

Khrona was... Confused again. "... True form? Then what was that form that you were in before you turned into a human image?!"

Tabrith: "That was still my true form... But as you can see, I can break apart my fragments into other shapes and forms... That is just the standard form I take... As you can still see, this form I am in right now... Rather large and grotesque..."

It was true. Tabrith was now several thousand times larger than before. Probably able to be seen from a few corners of Hell, now. It can be seen why he doesn't assume his 'true form' very often... Though it was cool that he was an octopus. 'Yaaay.'

Khrona sighed. 'Better get this over with, then.'

Khrona: "Alright... Tabrith... Fragment of myself... I would like to make a Pact with you; to accept you into my soul as you are as, once again, part of myself, but to have your own reality untouched by me. Come back to me... Return to your origins, Tabrith..."

Tabrith chuckled ominously, the sound echoing throughout the land. "... I accept the terms of the Pact, Khrona... And I shall return to whence I came. And once again, we shall be bound once more..."

A seal would appear over Khrona's chest, then over Tabrith's skulls -- where his eye resides -- and the two seals would shoot a beam at each other, linking up in the middle, then slowly disintegrating. This signified that the pact was done...


Something else happened. Upon that being done, red seals appeared all around Khrona. Misery and Despair, who had been sitting back and watching as all of this happened, decided to take action to try to stop whatever was going on, but were immediately stopped by Tabrith. The seals around Khrona began to spin, speaking to his very mind.

Tabrith: "Khrona... Your repercussion for insinuating this pact... And completing a pact with your newfound self... Is your Price. What you love the most shall be taken from you in exchange for me... Have a nice day~!"

Without warning, the seals disappeared as if nothing happened... Though Khrona was missing something. Something important... About himself... And he immediately knew what it was.

Khrona: "... The solitude of my mind. It is... Gone."

Khrona could tell this because every time he had a thought... He was forced to express it. He could keep nothing for himself anymore. He had to inform anyone about any thoughts he had.

"... Did I really love keeping my thoughts to myself the most? I enjoyed sharing them with Misery and Despair and Chroma and Megaera... But... Now... Everyone will know my business... All of the time... I can never keep a secret... I must always tell everyone what I'm thinking... There is nothing that I can hide... No way for me to be alone... No place where no one can get me... Because now... My mind is open to everyone..."

Khrona fell to his knees, blackened tears falling from his face. He finally fell on his face in a sort of vegetative state, wrapping himself in his wings. He was severely depressed by this.

Misery and Despair quickly grabbed Khrona and lifted him up, though Tabrith, who floated behind them, used his psychic prowess to make Khrona levitate. Tabrith assumed his 'humanshape' form so that he wouldn't appear menacing all of the time once he exited Hell... Since he was rather tired of being in this place, though it was oh, so beautiful... Tabrith smiled, closing his eyes. "... And forever, we will wonder if we made the right decision..." He placed his hands into his pockets, floating in front of Misery and Despair.

Tabrith: "This way, girls... We need to take him somewhere to rest. This is rather strenuous..."

With a quick nod from the two, they all exited Hell via the gates they entered, which closed behind them.

As soon as Tabrith was freed from the depths of Khrona's mind from the Dark Sector of the Data Realm within the Chaos, so too would 'Cleff,' a piece of the overall makeup of Tabrith that resided in Khrona's head as the connection between the two of them from the Digital and Mental planes of existence to the Physical. This was why Tabrith had no presence. He was one with Khrona's mind through not only 'Cleff,' but being also Khrona's Mind and Memories, themselves, taken physical form. Since Khrona's mind was basically merged everywhere, Tabrith could appear anywhere and everywhere he saw fit and not have a presence, because his presence was everywhere that Khrona's mind influenced, undetected because it felt like normal atmosphere. With 'Cleff,' the storage of Khrona's Lost Memories being freed and combined through the physical manifestation of himself as 'Tabrith,' he sought to enjoy some nice scenery at his own leisure, happy to be out of Khrona's head, yet always and eternally connected to him through the Pact that Khrona made to collect every last fragment of his mind.

Tabrith, taking the form of his normal Khrona form, floated along the opposite direction of a river in a small opened valley. He enjoyed these sorts of scenes, as he had seen many in Hell... Though they were obviously distorted and very different from the ones here in the realm of the living. No matter. Tabrith found most forms of nature to be beautiful...

Tabrith: "... How nice is this day...? It's beautiful, I would say."

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PostSubject: Re: Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei   Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei EmptyWed Mar 25, 2020 9:40 am

Ninth Restoration; Legend! Test Your Might!

At the end of the allotted time of training with Drast, having delved into both of their minds and into the darkness, Khrona emerged with Tabrith, the 'Clone' that had taken Khrona's place in instructing Drast in those final moments and Drast emerged with an expanded, open mind and soul. Though Drast believed he was still talking to Khrona when they emerged, Tabrith took the liberty of taking Khrona's place, since he knew that Drast and no one else would be able to tell the difference. When they finally went about their business, Khrona knew that it was time to find the one whom he'd arranged an engagement with in those weeks before; the Deep Legend. With all of Khrona collected and focused in a single form, now, he wouldn't have any stray energy that would weaken him in this battle.

Khrona casually warped into a desolate place where the sky was constantly filled with clouds and the air was rather grim and dank. Khrona enjoyed this environment. It was so soothing. It rather fit the situation, as well.

Khrona: "Alright, guys. We're gonna have fun~!"

Misery: "... Yeah. Fun. Tch. As long as I get to kick some ass."

Despair: "... Oh, this place is so dreadfully divine... And that man we met was wretchedly wonderful... This shall be a devastatingly beautiful experience, I would say..."

Misery and Despair were in their weapon forms, Misery in the right hand and Despair in the left hand. Khrona tapped Misery on the ground, wondering what he could do at such a point in time... Haha. How was his daughter doing...?

A mysterious Dragon appeared quite a few yards away, and then summoned the other five versions of the Deep Legend. The six of them shifted around to take a battle formation. The Deva nodded and all of them activated the energies bestowed to them via the legend. All of them activated their flames, as well. The original held up his hand, gesturing to Khrona. "Lord! Would you like the first move?"

Khrona could see from the numerous activations that this legend wished to get serious from the getgo... 'Maaah... But Khrona wants to plaaaaaay...' Khrona sighed, expanding his immense, one hundred foot wings, the sheer force of them expanding sending a gust that rumbled the earth... In fact, it left a large crater just where Khrona stood.

Khrona prodded his head with the blade of Misery nonchalantly, thinking about this intensely, it seemed. "Maaaah... I guess sooooo..." Khrona would bring out the omnipotent Judgemaster Sword, which in turn, would float directly in front of him. Khrona would then look at the legend... Then at the ground... And in the desolate area, almost instantaneously, dark, yet beautiful flowers would sprout from the ground, originating where Khrona stood and covered the entirety of what once was the desolate wasteland. Twas now a field of nothing but black, purple, red and gray flowers. They were so pretty~! And this was Khrona's first move.

The Psion version of the legend waved his hand, although nothing appeared to happen; he was protecting the rest of the versions from... Flowers? Odd, yes. The Dragon smirked at Khrona's wings; they were so cute and tiny, especially compared to the myriad of dragons this version could summon that had wings that embarrassingly dwarfed Khrona's wings. Since the versions could share thoughts with each other, Deva allowed Dragon to do what he had been thinking. Dragon then proceeded to slam his fist on the ground, summoning the Goliath Dragon. A huge, enormous, towering, there's-no-reason-to-be-that-fucking-big, dark brown dragon appeared. He splayed his massive wings open, stretching over an insane distance. Sky? What sky? Where the hell did that sky disappear to? Doesn't matter. This dragon was huge and slow. VERY slow. But it more than makes up for it by having one of the toughest dragonhides. Ever. Next to Bahamut, this dragon is the ultimate defensive dragon. Physical attacks just don't exist to this thing. Swords, axes, maces, and all such conventional weapons were all useless. And thanks to the fact that dragonhide isn't porous, -- hence why dragons can't and don't sweat -- they're unaffected by a vast majority of nasty little status effects simply because they can't penetrate the hide. The versions split up and set up a distanced perimeter around the Goliath. Dragon, feeling that he needed to do more, also summoned the Cerberus Ice Wyvern, which flew overhead. "I believe this is good enough. Your move, Lord..."

Khrona yawned. "Ooooh, this looks familiar..." By saying that, Khrona meant about the wings covering the sky. Khrona had done that a number of times... It brought good memories back to him. Good, destructive times...

Khrona gazed up at the dragon, unfazed by it's appearance. "Heeeeey. You should probably move that dragon... Or something bad might happen to it. It's pretty big, I'm sure it won't be hard to do what I want. Put it down, or I'll have toooo~!" Khrona swung around the Judgemaster Sword for a moment... That is, once he put down Misery and Despair and grabbed hold of the Judgemaster Sword, himself.

Misery and Despair floated beside him... But, Khrona wanted to just use the Judgemaster Sword right now, so he looked to the both of them and said "... Hey. You two. Scram. I've got this."

Misery scoffed, but for some reason was silent, floating next to Despair. The both of them reverted to their non-weapon forms and with Despair's cloak, warped elsewhere until they were needed again. It was reeaaally strange that Khrona wouldn't use his Soul Weapons... He must have a lot of faith in this Judgemaster Sword. Oh well.

"Alright, alright. Enough formalities, then." Seems as though the legend wanted Khrona to attack. "Bleh. Let's attack." In a blink of the eye, all of the flowers became the same height of the Goliath Dragon. It would seem almost instant. These flowers were monstrous. They wold proceed to try to wrap around and restrain the dragon, as well as latch onto it and suck out its sanity... As it seems they lusted for the sanity of those near them. They could only be Khrona Flowers. "Hahahaha~!" In fact, these monstrosities also aimed for the legend... Er. All the version guys. They tried to consume their entire mental state whole for power.

Dragon path sighed as he summoned a throng of Cell Dragons. They were called as such because they had the ability to adjust their size, able to be smaller than human cells, or slightly bigger than an elephant. Anyway these nano-sized dragons were numbered in the billions and had a ravenous, piranha-like appetite, devouring matter with great haste. Speaking of which, the Deva decided to cast Haste in the little critters multiply the creatures speed by thirty two. Within seconds, this cute little flower forest thing was gone. It also helped that Dragon possessed the deteriorating flame, meaning that he can infuse each one of his summons with the flame, allowing them to weaken attacks or render them useless altogether. With billions of infused nano dragons flying around the area, those flowers wouldn't have done any damage anyway if they weren't eaten, they would've been rendered powerless due to the surplus amount of deteriorating energy in the area. The Deva sent orbs of special energy called 'Ragnarok' at Khrona. However, instead of trying to hit him, they would hover around him.

Khrona's eyes dimmed slightly, as he could see each and every one of the dragons with his Hyper Perception. Although it would SEEM as though Khrona's flowers were powerless... In reality, they were not. Khrona's flowers warped reality around whatever they were near. Thus, upon being 'devoured' by the dragons, the souls and minds of the dragons would be erased from existence due to the fact that Khrona's reality warping abilities were godly, and the fact that he would have devoured minds and souls, himself. To do this, when the dragons came near, Khrona secretly disabled this deteriorating flame with the warping of reality... One, because he hated the flame users and two, because he knew the effects of the mystical flames. And so, a little alteration of reality would clear that right up~!

Once that was done, the flowers would just have an excuse to be eaten by the dragons, then devour their souls and their minds, the power being linked back to Khrona.

Khrona then looked at the special Ragnarok energy... And he sighed. "Myeeeeh. My brother is always using Death Energy... Now I guess I have to deal with you using it, tooooo? Hahahaha... Death is something that doesn't effect me anymore..." Khrona raised the Judgemaster Sword rather slowly, and with a powerful and extremely swift, almost unseeable slash, by bending the laws of this existence, the Ragnarok energy were erased. Why? The Judgemaster Sword did not abide by logic or any laws of any realm. Only the laws of what the user, the Judgemaster dictated. It was the greatest sword because of this ability, and Khrona's absolute law for this was that the Judgemaster Sword is greater than Ragnarok energy. Therefore, Judgemaster Sword destroys Ragnarok.

"Anything else you'd like to tryyyy...? I've got a lot more I can do... Heh heh. OH, IN FACT."

Khrona wanted to see how the legend did against the might of the ultimate energy. Khrona's soul was spread across the entire field and more thanks to the flowers, because even though they were gone, Khrona's soul was always constantly expanding, and it seemed to have no limits in power. Soooo... Since it was totally surrounding the area... In a quick thought, shots of ultimate energy from all around consumed the entire area in a destructive onslaught of one of the most powerful energies out there. Khrona would bask in the destructive explosions of the shots, as they consumed a massive area with just a single one. So, a lot would be downright unholy. But it was so beautiful~!

The Dragon version facepalmed as Khrona did all this reality warping shit. "Fuck me... Sideways." However, because the special dojutsu of the legend allowed any who possessed it to manipulate Time and also look at the Timeline, By looking at the Timeline, the original can find out information about his opponents, because every event and such that has EVER happened is etched in Time. The Timeline is basically a record keeper, and it is impossible to hide your actions from it. It documents everything. And as such, the legend could see the abilities of the Judgemaster sword. Now the different versions of the legend would have a trick up their sleeves as the Deva got to expand upon his Space-Time Continuum manipulation. There was a reason why the legend said they -- he and Khrona -- had 'similar' powers back at Khrona's office. Khrona was able to warp and distort realities. And with that new-fangled sword, could even create his own laws in said reality. However, the legend had the power to alter the curvature of Space-Time in any realm, rendering him immune to the laws of that reality. Long story short, while Khrona can make reality anything he wants, the legend can simply ignore reality and any new laws Khrona creates altogether. The Deva was the only version that can use this Space-Time Continuum ability. As such, he sent the Space-Time Continuum energy into the other versions so that they and their abilities would be fused with the Space-Time Continuum, making them immune to reality and the warping or distortion of said reality if they chose. Even though Khrona's reality abilities were indeed ungodly, the mastery of it was useless against someone who is immune to it altogether. It's like being the God of fire, only to go against someone who is immune to fire. You can use your most powerful fire technique and it'll still have no effect. Pointless.

Now with things in motion, the Preta version extended a dome of his energy, which covered all of the versions and even the Cerberus Ice Wyvern. In order to keep his Goliath Dragon from getting killed, it was de-summoned. The Preta version had the ability to absorb all non-physical and genjutsu attacks and, if he makes physical contact with the opponent, drain them of energy. Strength of the attack was irrelevant, as the absorption process was gradual, not instantaneous. The speed of the absorption was based on how strong the version was, and seeing how the path was Legendary level, the absorption process was fast. The dome quickly, and easily -- thanks to the Space-Time Continuum -- absorbed the ultimate energy. The energy used to create the attack was purified -- via Space-Time Continuum -- and absorbed by the Preta version. Now, the versions didn't have to worry about that damned Judgemaster Sword's annoying ability as any laws it creates can be just as easily ignored. "Oh and correction, Ragnarok is not Death Energy. It's soul energy that has Life and Death variations. Not important though... I believe it is my move Lord?" And with that, several orbs of Celestial Matter appeared above Khrona and bombarded his location.

Khrona puffed out his cheeks, rather annoyed.

"Blah blah blah, whateverrr. Life, death... Same to me. The line between them is gone, to me~!"

Khrona's eyes quickly slanted. Khrona could tell that the Space-Time Continuum was being expanded... Thus, Khrona's reality warping would be useless. 'Oh well... OH WAIT, I could use-- No, I don't wanna do that. That's not cool of me. Ahem, what was I saying? Oh yeah. Lets see... The thing was absorbing anything that was non-physical? Oh, perfeeect. Heh.' In the midst of the ultimate energy being absorbed, Khrona quickly infused them with one of his own abilities... The Neurodegeneration. Being already in the process of being absorbed, the Neurodegeneration would definitely have to infect all of the versions and whatever else they touched. Now, Khrona's Neurodegeneration basically destroyed the neurons in the minds of everything that had a mind at an exceptional rate... That rate being definitely altered by Khrona's own will. Thus, if the legend had a way to counter the effects... In less than an instant, Khrona could make all of his neurons disappear.

'Anyway. Now to deal with that Celestial Matter... Hmmmm. Oh, this is a way I haven't done in a loooooong time.' Khrona would rip off an arm of his, flinging it above him and promptly regrowing another, and then upon being hit with one blast of Celestial Energy, Khrona immediately used Absorption; the ability for his DNA to adapt and absorb anything and everything it came in contact with, giving Khrona control and making that part of Khrona part of it. Thus, once the arm was hit and absorbed one Celestial Energy blast, the others would be sucked into it. And then... To prevent any sort of repercussions from this action... The arm was then erased from existence.

"Hmmmm... What's something else that I haven't done in a whiiiilee... Oh yeah. Summons. BAHAMUT!!!! ALEXANDROS!!!!"

Khrona screeched out their names, a dark glow appearing above him. In a flash of sinister energy, Bahamut, the King of Dragons, and Alexandros, the Machine God would appear; Bahamut flying above and Alexandros behind him, taking up some miles in width and having the height of numerous skyscrapers stacked on top of each other. It would then spread its massive, angelic wings -- which were enough to cover a continent if Khrona wished them to, but at the moment, they only covered this area.

For some reason, Khrona did not have them attack as of yet... He was just waiting to see what the legend would do beforehand... To attack without prior thought is MEANINGLESS. And so, Khrona would wait.

Unfortunately for Khrona, fusing Neurodegeneration with Ultima was a pointless move. As Khrona's attack was purified by the Space-Time Continuum as it was being absorbed, any little nasty surprises he tried to hide in the attack would be eradicated. Though, even if that attack wasn't purified, it wouldn't have mattered. Luckily, Khrona didn't know that the versions were reanimated DEAD bodies. Meaning they didn't even have neurons; they were controlled by the original. Upon Khrona's summonings, the Deva smiled. Now shit was about to go down. Should the Dragon version bring out a couple of the strongest dragons to have ever lived? Of course, a Bahamut of the legend's own was out -- he's TOO damn powerful. Even if he was the only one Summon, he'd be a walking -- Er... Flying -- overkill. Not to mention the Bahamut FURY treated the legend as an unworthy summoner. Besides, Khrona stated earlier that they wouldn't go too far, after all, this was some sort of test. With this in mind, the Dragon version held up both hands. Intricate glyphs appeared in the sky as both Neo Bahamut and Bahamut ZERO were summoned to battle, the 3rd and 4th strongest dragons ever.

Khrona stared at the two dragons before him, digging a finger into his ear and picking out something... "Bleeeh... More dragons...? And they're... BAHAMUTS?" Khrona was already tired of the dragons, so far. But now BAHAMUTS WERE OUT? 'Oh hell no.'

Khrona looked up to Bahamut. "YO, BAHAMUT. Scatter for a hot second... I know how to deal with this..." And Bahamut would comply, flying in an arbitrary direction for seemingly miles on end. Now it was just Alexandros, who couldn't exactly move... But was actually going to be incredibly useful here. In an instant, Khrona disappeared. All that was left now was Alexandros before the legend and his dragons... But this is how it was supposed to be set up. From there on, a sound resounded throughout the entire battlefield and beyond. What it said was,

"Long Distance Resonance; Chain."

This was Khrona's voice. He had initiation a Long Distance Resonance with his weapons, and a Chain with they and his two Summons. 'Can you say, Power Leveling?' With the power of Khrona amplified by the power of Misery amplified by the power of Despair amplified by the power of Alexandros amplified by the power of Bahamut, their power was well OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!... But yeah, seriously. They were fucking strong. Not only that, using Soul Synchro when it came to Khrona meant that his soul was spread all across the area... In fact, all of their souls were, and this happened in a moment's time. There was literally no space for miles not covered by the five massive souls. Not even going into the sky was enough. And due to the power of Khrona's soul, any tricks the legend might have to get rid of it or nullify it would be... Unable to work? This is because whilst inside of Khrona's soul, he can control his own reality. Thus, that means, even other realities that are within his reality are still controlled by the dominant reality which is his and his soul. ALSO, Despair's Rejection would already have rejected all other realities other than Khrona's from the wavelength area.

And so, with all of that, Alexandros stood before the legend, and since Khrona says in his own reality, Alexandros could walk and move at ungodly speeds... "Goddammit, it is so. Fuck wit it~!"

Luckily for the versions, Space-Time Continuum wasn't an alternate reality, it was an ability that gave them immunity from the laws of realities if they chose. Meaning no matter how dominant Khrona's reality was, it was still useless against the legend because he was immune to it and its laws. Period. The six versions and their abilities are protected by the Space-Time Continuum, meaning they can't, under any circumstances, be altered or effected by Khrona's reality. The Deva waved his hand and casted spells on his two Bahamuts and then casted another one on the Preta version, who he then used to form twenty Preta Paradox clones. The spell that was cast was for speed, increasing Preta's ENORMOUSLY. Preta was then doused by accelerating flames thanks to the Naraka version, increasing Preta's speed even more. With this happening before the clones were created, all twenty Paradox Pretas would have these 'upgrades' as well. In an instant, the twenty of them seemingly disappeared, using their speed to get FAR away. And then, once they were in position, they began phase one. This... Soul shit wasn't Genjutsu, and it damn sure wasn't Taijutsu. What does that mean? It means Preta can eat this shit up, as Genjutsu and Taijutsu were the ONLY things he couldn't absorb. However, instead of absorbing it into himself, it would be absorbed and sent elsewhere this time. So, the absorption began, with the Preta version eating up the combined souls. And, since there were twenty of these greedy motherfuckers having a buffet on the combined souls, the absorption process was that much faster. AND, recall that Preta was bathed in accelerating flames, which meant that his abilities were greatly sped up. Add the speed spell to that list as well, which meant that his abilities were even MORE sped up. Long story short, this massive area of soul energy will be gone in no more than two minutes and counting. And since the paths and their abilities were infused with Space-Time Continuum, any reality warping or any laws Khrona tries to create to protect his soul will NOT affect the absorption process, as it too is protected by Space-Time Continuum and it's able to ignore the laws of realities, rendering it completely exempt from them.

"Passion Fruits Grape!" would be said by Khrona, which would forcefully rip out all of the kinetic energies being used in the entire area of Khrona's choosing. Wavelength of the soul doesn't get eaten up, for the soul constantly excretes a wavelength from itself, and thus, Khrona, being the most powerful soul there is, would have more power to spare than meets the eye. Not only this, but even if the power was excreted elsewhere... Khrona could just bring it back. It's his soul, and everything. His to control. And if it is absorbed into another being... That's just bad on their part. Not only will Khrona's energy still be there, it will just be inside of them, as well, making all of his soul attacks unable to miss. Therefore, even if Khrona couldn't alter reality to his will... He could still use the effects of the souls. Plus, with all of the kinetic energy stripped from... The... Thingy... That was... Flying... There was all of THAT excess power there, as well. Not only that, Despair's Rejection would simply reject everything. Or, if concentrated Soul Energy power was needed from the three of them
-- Since Bahamut and Alexandros don't HAVE any -- then that would happen as well.

From Despair would come the "Transcendent Rejection." This ability causes all abilities and powers of the mind, body and soul to reject themselves, thus becoming inaccessible to everything that uses them. Those beings would be the legend, his versions and the dragons. No more power for them...

From Misery came the "Death Impact!!" It was a massive explosion of her Condemnation soul, which would cause anything within it to slowly stop functioning and cause literally everything that the foe used to backfire on them.

From Khrona came the "Soul Delta!" A rarely seen soul ability that was made of his mental power combined with soul, therefore it could work even without the wavelength. This causes the Bodies, Minds and Souls of everything within to separate themselves with no way to connect themselves back to each other. And finally, from Khrona came the stored up kinetic energy... Which, consequentially, was all placed inside of Alexandros, since Khrona wasn't exactly in the area right now. So, in a massive blast of damnitude, the lost kinetic energy was fired back as a massive blast of-- 'Blah blah blah blah blah, I'm tired now. Just know that the blast came back as something... Big and destructive. That was shot at the legend. And stuff. Shit, takes too many words to do stuff at him. I might as well just half ass it. Shitmonsters. Can't have no type of fun...'

The legend stopped feeding power into all the versions except for Deva, meaning that since the Space-Time Continuum was concentrated onto one target instead of six, its powers were extremely more potent. Thus Deva would take advantage of this and abuse Space-Time Continuum's potential. The rules are, in this reality, that Rejection... Rejects stuff, and Condemnation screws shit all up. However, Space-Time Continuum would care good care of that, as mentioned time and again, it allowed the legend to ignore realities and their rules, rendering them ineffective entirely. Which is exactly what would be done. The 'rule' that Rejection rejected shit... Was ignored. And Deva still had access to all his powers. Condemnation didn't screw shit up, that rule was also ignored. Soul Delta just plain didn't affect him. These were dead bodies after all. They had no minds, no souls... Only bodies, which were controlled by the legend. Would the legend be affected by Soul Delta? Nope. Because what happens to the paths does not happen to he, himself. That just left that big, obnoxious ass attack Alexandros did. Now that he didn't have to worry about the effects of Rejection and Condemnation because Space-Time Continuum middle-fingered the rules that governed them, the legend restored power back to Dragon version. It was now, or never. Immediately, the previous two Bahamuts vanished and two huge, MONSTROUS wings appeared behind Dragon and Deva, followed by an enormous golden body. The wings folded over the two paths right as the attack hit. There was a huge explosion that ripped that part of the planet apart. There would be an absurdly obvious chunk of the planet missing if one were to look at the planet from outer space. Bolts of Space-Time Continuum danced out from the explosion and when the smoke cleared, Bahamut FURY rose, unscathed, and the same could be said about Deva and Dragon versions. Bahamut FURY actually came when he was summoned?! He must finally respect the legend... Somewhat, as he decided not to stay after that attack.

FURY: "Well, looks like you've grown considerably boy!!! You might be strong enough to call me your 'summon.' Tell you what, I'll help you train so that you can be strong enough so that I don't have to be embarrassed to be seen in public with you, BAHAHAHA!!!"

Deva: "Geez... Thanks... Means... A lot... To me."

FURY: "Heh, you're not yet worthy... But I like your progress. After your training, I may actually start sticking around instead of ditching you like this kid. My brethren told me you fought a good battle thus far... Keep it up. But, until next... Later kid."

Bahamut FURY de-summoned himself, and with that, both Deva and Dragon versions collapsed. It turns out, the legend wasn't accustomed to using Space-Time Continuum, and wasn't experienced enough with it to gauge how much of it to use when the time called for it. As a result, he ended up using more Space-Time Continuum than he need, which caused significant chakra drain from overexertion. The legend fed power into his Naraka version, which took the least amount of effort for him to do. Naraka stood up and nodded to Khrona.

Naraka: "Looks like... I've failed you... Lord... I lose... This round..."

And with that, Naraka sat on the ground, the original feeding enough power into it to keep him active.

Well, in some sort of... Way... Khrona and his weapons appeared back near Alexandros, who was then unsummoned, along with Bahamut. It would seem that the kinetic energy had just... Obliterated shit. 'Man... His dragon must have been moving FAST AS HELL for THAT to happen... Shit. Chunks of planets being destroyed and shit... Oh well.'

"... Nah, you haven't failed me. You've made me... So proud..." Khrona was trying to hold back his tears... Which he would do successfully since he controlled every aspect of his body perfectly at all times. "I'll give you the memories of that guy I had to kill a long times ago..." And then, Khrona became extremely serious. "But if I ever see some shit go down that isn't supposed to, I will rip those memories out of you. Don't think I won't! In another place elsewhere on this site, I'm destroying all realities as I know it-- ... Forget the last part you heard." Khrona coughed, snapping his fingers and transferring what the legend wanted to know into his mind.

Khrona: "... Don't fuck up!"

Naraka: "Yeah... Thanks."

After letting Naraka version power down for a moment for the original to recharge his chakra, he legend himself appeared from Timescape, grabbing the memories Khrona gave to Naraka, away from Naraka. The legend infused Xeno's memories within himself, immediately learning how to do every single thing Xeno did, gaining a myriad of new abilities in the process. Lovely abilities. And thanks to Xeno's memories, the legend could feel his own Psychokinetic prowess becoming mastered, as he was a master of Time, which Xeno wasn't. Now, with his new abilities, the legend would probably be strong enough to train with FURY, but he'd get to that later. The legend disappeared back into Timescape, and Naraka re-awoke. Using his unique ability, Naraka summoned the Arbiter of Death. The Arbiter of Death opened his mouth and thick tendrils came out, grabbing all the fallen paths and pulling them into his mouth. Arbiter of Death closed his mouth and moments later, re-opened it, revealing all the paths undamaged and looking brand spankin' new. They all awoke, with Deva smiling.

Deva: "Who knew that this Xeno character had all of these abilities... Abilities that know belong to me... Muahahaha!!!"

Dragon: "I think that laugh needs to go... It just doesn't fit you."

Deva: "Ya know... I thought I'd try and do something different. Add the little 'I'm-Awesome' laugh at the end."

Preta: "Yeeeeaaah, it's not a good look for you."

Deva: "Fuck. Well, alright then... I'll stop."

Deva nodded at Khrona and the six versions disappeared, leaving the area.

Khrona blinked a few times, letting Misery and Despair sit atop his shoulders, then they all snickered devilishly to themselves. "He'd best not fuck up... Because he's already dead if he does~!"

Misery: "And your Judgemaster powers are the way to go, right, you conniving bastard?"

Khrona: "Damn straight. One slip up, and it's done... So says the contract..."

The three of them laughed as Khrona disappeared, as well.

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Tenth Restoration; The Hero vs. Tabrith

With Tabrith able to exist outside of Khrona with his own separate energy that he could share with Khrona, yet also remain completely independent of Khrona if he so chose, he would be off enjoying his time freed from the Data Realm thanks to the pact and exploring the land. Naturally, he was also doing things for Khrona, -- being basically his Subconscious and Unconscious Mind given Physical Form -- but he was also Sentient, meaning he could do as he pleased even if he was always doing what Khrona wished because he was Khrona's mind. Thus, he would search for ways to better both himself and his true body that is Khrona. So, whilst Khrona was dealing with the legend, Tabrith had an encounter with... Hero the Great!

A hero would be standing in the middle of a large, open field that would have a few trees and boulders around. His beads and ring would already be glowing as he waited for someone to show. It had been some time since he had battled, but he wanted to make sure he stayed in shape with his abilities. "Hope someone strong comes by. One more strong battle should unlock my final animal friend."

In a sudden appearance, giving off no presence, Tabrith appeared behind the hero. He didn't even make a sound. Though, in a rather calm and soothing voice, Tabrith said to the hero, "Hello there... Seems like you're in need of assistance."

A chill would go right up the hero's spine as he heard the voice and would rocket back from the thing that appeared behind him. He would stand on guard for a moment, wondering how the thing was able to appear behind him with out making any type of sound or give off anything to give off it's presence. "Ummm, yeah, I was hopping for a battle. I am a hero."

Tabrith chuckled lightly to himself, gazing at the hero with calm, yet ominous eyes. "I know who you are, hero... And you technically know who I am... Though, I guess introductions are in order... I am Tabrith. Excuse my appearance... Though, I shall give you a sufficient battle, since you seem to need a sparring partner..."

Tabrith placed his hands in his pocket, now hovering slightly off of the ground. He didn't seem to like to touch the ground with his feet... Or, he wanted to look cool. Regardless, he awaited the hero.

The hero would tilt his head in confusion as to how this guy Tabrith knew him and how the hero knew him when he never meet Tabrith before. The hero would shake this off and would take a battle stance as his beads would begin to glow. From the beads would then appear the hero's newest animal friend, the rabbit.

The hero would then become covered in celestial energy as he is then gifted with the abilities the rabbit offered. After the glowing stopped, the hero would begin to bounce around and would then jump high into the air. Although, instead of landing, the hero would begin to jump off of the air itself and would begin to move around the skies as he would place his lit ring into a box, causing his Storm Revolver to appear in his hand. The hero would then sign and send a stream of celestial energy to the rabbit so it could transform while the hero would then begin to send disintegrating waves of explosive flame bullets toward Tabrith from multiple directions high above the skies. Also, from far behind Tabrith would then appear a green blur that would then release ten large, green energy blastd that would move toward Tabrith's back, trying to hit him. The blur would slow down and it would be seen that it was the rabbit in its summoned form, taking the form of a cyber-like rabbit.

Tabrith closed his eyes, having the bullets stop in front of him with psychic power. "My, you're a rather swift one, aren't you...? That is so cute..." Tabrith then opened his eyes, though he turned his head slightly, looking at the blasts coming from behind. He would have the bullets fly into the blasts and hopefully cause them to disintegrate, since it seemed as though that is what these bullets did. Then, instantaneously, Tabrith was in another location far away from the original place where he was, still smiling. "I hope you have fun today, hero the great... I'm sure that I will."

As the multiple blasts collided with each other and created a large explosion, the rabbit would jump out of the way and would then appear on the hero's shoulder. The hero would touch a three beads on his neck and from it would erupt the dog, rooster, and ox. They would simply float around him in spirit form as the hero is coated in celestial energy, gaining their abilities. Seeing Tabrith disappear, the hero would try to sniff him out, but for some reason, it would not work. Looking around the area, floating in the sky with his wind ability active with rooster out, the hero would try to locate Tabrith with sight alone, which proved useless.

"Fine, I'll just level the place." The hero would then cover his hand in disintegrating flames and would then cut his wind control so he would fall toward the ground head first. The rabbit would sit on his back and would then point the gun toward the sky, pulling the trigger on it and releasing a large stream of energy that would double the hero's falling speed. With his extra strength via the ox being summoned, the hero would then punch the ground and would cause the ground to begin to greatly crack. The hero would then begin to pour out a steady stream of disintegrating flames into the ground, which would cause the ground around the whole area to begin to level as flame geysers erupted around the area, causing many of the trees to become engulfed in Storm Flames and the area to become a field completely covered in disintegrating flames to flush Tabrith out -- or just damage him.

Tabrith didn't seem to be fazed by this massive show of power. In fact, he rather enjoyed it. He thought it was a beautiful sight. Without looking, he saw that the ground under him was about to erupt. Creating a repelling force of physic power around him, the geyser would merely go around Tabrith, leaving him unharmed. "... My. You're rather serious. I guess I should be, too..."

Tabrith still kept his slight smile, though. His hands were still in his pockets, and he mumbled to himself, "... The Eight Arms: First Arm; Sloth." From his back came a large purple arm... Resembling a bear claw, actually. It released a wave of force that caused everything within to lose power and become extremely slothful, moving very slowly, if even moving at all. Once the power was drained and the flames had stopped moving, Sloth retracted back into Tabrith's back... And Tabrith began to float forward, back to the hero. As he floated over the weakened and slowed flames, Tabrith would gather it all up in a massive ball via psychic power, holding it all together.

Once Tabrith was within the hero's vision... He raised the ball of the slowed disintegrating flames and threw it at him with the utmost grace and elegance -- with his mind -- to see how the hero would deal with this outcome.

The hero would rise from the crater, yet would be shocked to see that Tabrith not only weakened his disintegrating flames, but gathered it all up and was now firing it back at him. The hero would sign and touch one of his beads, and from it would then appear the pig. The hero would quickly become coated in celestial energy once again. Once the energy cleared, his stomach would begin to growl loudly, which would shake the area a little. As the ball of flames moved toward him, the hero's mouth would become covered in disintegrating flames and then he would open it up to engulf the ball and swallow it. He would then simply burp as he would look toward Tabrith, who show himself, and would take a deep breath, opening his mouth, from it erupting a large beam made out of celestial energy and the flames he ate just a moment ago. It would rocket toward Tabrith at high speeds with enough power to destroy a mountain.

Tabrith chuckled once more to himself, as the power of Sloth was now within the hero due to his consumption of the large wad of flames. Sloth contaminates things as they get near it, so even if the hero spit out the wad in the form of a powered blast, Sloth's power was still within him.

Now, to deal with the blast... Tabrith had to do this right... Though with the powerful brainpower of Khrona, it was a simple task. Tabrith leaned over to a side, then outstretched a hand. Once the beam was close enough, Tabrith focused a large amount of psychic power to coat his fingers and tapped the beam slightly, making it go off course by just a few degrees, right past where Tabrith was leaning. It would proceed to destroy a mountain behind him.

"... This is rather entertaining... Wouldn't you say?" Tabrith would then initiate the ability of Sloth on the hero, since Sloth's power was now within and around him... Causing the hero's overall power to decrease, as well as his movements. All about him would start becoming slow and slothful... In addition to his power dropping.

"Yes, it is," the hero would say, smiling, as he could feel his energy begin drained away and his body become to slow down. He would lightly laugh, happy to find someone who could give him a real test of his abilities. The hero would then summon his snake and would then open his mouth using his now snake-like body to detach his jaw and open it wider. He would take a large bite out of the ground around him, leaving a bite mark the size of an ox. The hero would chew the ground he ate and swallow, converting the rock into spare energy to keep him going. He would then release the straps on his shoulders, causing his one thousand pound shoulder weights to fall off to the ground, creating a large crater as they hit the ground. The hero would disappear as soon as the weights hit the ground and next thing Tabrith knew, he would have twenty heroes around him with their swords drawn covered in disintegrating flames. He was moving at a speed almost equal to light speed, creating multiple afterimages around Tabrith, all slashing at the exact same time with the exact same type of slash. Although, the afterimages made a small opening which the rabbit who stayed back when the hero disappeared would fire a wave of energy bullets through the opening toward Tabrith.

Since Tabrith technically had the mind of Khrona, that meant it had one of Khrona's absolutely most HELPFUL abilities... The Hyper Perception. This meant that even at light speed, Tabrith could see everything clearly and had enough time for his body to react. Now it was time to have a little fun with Sloth Arm's power...

Every time the hero would come in for a strike -- seeing as there was still one hero overall -- it would seem as if he were still attacking Tabrith at a high speed, though right before he was about to make contact, Sloth would slow him down enough to make it seem like a light swing was coming from him. That's when Tabrith would utilize that time to use another psychic-power coated hand to deflect the sword blow. And it would continue. Every time a strike was about to happen, the hero would slow and the attack would be deflected with ease by Tabrith. And then he would move fast again. Then slow. Deflect. Fast. Slow. Deflect. Fast. Slow. Deflect. Fast. SlowDeflectFastSlowDeflectFastSlowDeflect.

Whilst in between the deflections, Tabrith would have to deal with the rabbit... Sloth hadn't affected it, so that meant that it was going to move at normal speed. That only meant that Tabrith would have to be very aware of the rabbit. Every time the bullets were about to make contact with Tabrith, he would use the hand that he wasn't being used to deflect a sword strike to block the rabbit bullets with a swipe, which released psychic power to launch the bullets back... And it went on like that until the hero would decide to stop. It isn't like Tabrith can technically get tired.

Tabrith: "... You're still this fast, even with Sloth...? Hmhm... I'm surprised that you haven't been trained by the fastest of them all; the Sky King."

Tabrith, being good natured, snapped his fingers and relinquished the effects of Sloth within the hero once his onslaught was done with. However, all of the deflected bullets... They were coated with Tabrith's psychic power. Thus, they were under his control. He pointed his finger up and each and every one of the bullets simultaneously flew up into the sky.

Tabrith: "... Since Sloth isn't harboring you anymore... I wanna see you dance. Hmhmhm... Let's see if you can outrun a bullet moving faster than you, hm?"

Yeah, that was the personality of Khrona talking... Sadistic little fuck. It might not have been obvious as to where Khrona's personality was before, but with that snide comment, it was surely apparent... Though Tabrith was still nicer, right?

Anyway, Tabrith said something to himself; "... Momentum," and a large, black, mechanical arm pointed in the same fashion Tabrith did, only now from his back. With that, Tabrith pointed his fingers down, using his Hyper Perception to literally lock-on to the hero no matter where he went or how fast he went. Thus, these bullets would launch at him at double the speed of what he was going thanks to the power of Momentum.

Tabrith: "Let's... See... You... Dance...~"

As his slashes were constantly being blocked, the hero would disappear and move back to where he rabbit was and would have him stop firing. Although, the hero would then look up and see that the wave of bullets moving toward him at speeds that exceeded his own at the moment. He would smile as he would look over at Tabrith and he would make a few hand signs and call all his animal friends besides rabbit and ox. He would then sign, causing the horse to erupt from his beads, standing right next to him. He would then sign, causing the horse to glow, turning into celestial energy and covering the hero, creating his horse armor. Although, as the bullets neared, the hero's armor would begin glow and begin to change as the bullets would hit, creating a large amount of smoke. From the smoke, however, would then erupt a large armored centaur with a large shield and spear which would surge with ice and celestial energy. This was the hero in his complete horse armor form. The hero would gallop toward Tabrith using the shield to block the rest of the bullets coming down and with his ox out, the hero's armor had the density of adamantium. He would then point his spear toward Tabrith and would try to stab and freeze him in one jab. The hero's power and speed in this complete horse armor was a sight to see as celestial energy would pour around his legs, making the hero move at speeds that surpassed the speed of light.

Tabrith continued to chuckle. This was rather entertaining. "Going all out, I see. It's such a good thing that Sloth is not within you anymore..."

Since Tabrith could tell from the way the centaur was running that he was going for a straight-away jab at him, he probably would not be able to turn, especially not being used to running that fast. And thus, he would be forced to continue straight. Therefore, Tabrith moved out of the way via Hyper Perception allowing him to see with reactionary time and precognition of what the hero was going to do and where he was going to go. And the very instant the centaur passed Tabrith, he was subject to Momentum, since the fourth Arm -- the Momentum Arm -- was still present. Being within its presence by passing by Tabrith would mean that he now controlled the centaur's momentum.

Once it passed by, it would slow down drastically, now not going beyond a trot, since all of the momentum to propel him was gone, thus making him extremely slow now. Without momentum, motion is not possible... And the lower the momentum, the lower the speed. With Momentum now affecting the hero, his speed would be altered, like when he was affected by Sloth, though it was much different now.

Now Tabrith pointed his own fingers to the severely slowed hero, making a powerful, concentrated force about the range of a meteor fall from right above him, trying to see how durable this armor was... Naturally, Tabrith could use his psychic ability to scan it and learn everything about it... But that would be too easy.

As the powerful, concentrated force moved toward the hero, who was greatly slowed down, he would look toward the powerful, concentrated force and from the ground would erupt a large, thick wall of ice, which would take the power of the concentrated force. Although the ice wall would shatter and push the hero a few feet back, he would take little to no damage. The hero would stab his spear into the ground and a large wave of ice spikes would jolt toward Tabrith as a high speed, since only the hero's body was controlled by Tabrith's ability. At the same time, from a few feet behind Tabrith would then appear rabbit, which would release a wave of bullets toward Tabrith with enough power each to level a skyscraper.

Sadly enough, anything involving the hero was infected with Momentum's grace. Therefore, even the ice spikes had no chance... Though Tabrith let them move swiftly toward them... Until one was about to hit him, and it instantly stopped. Tabrith sucked out all of the momentum from it. Also, what was unfortunate was that Tabrith could use absorbed momentum and fire it back as pure force made of the collaborative gained momentum.

So, all of that momentum sucked out of the hero and his spikes... It had only accumulated to unholy proportions. This is because he went so fast. The faster he went, the more momentum Tabrith could absorb, and in turn, fire back at him. So, now, with a powerful force twice the size and power of the last, Tabrith launched it at the hero. It seemed the ice wall couldn't take the powered down version of it... So perhaps another would easily allow the force to plow through it and continue to the hero. "... I want to see more... What else can you do? I want to see how you use your power... You're rather interesting."

As the blast moved toward the hero, he would sign without moving his hands, causing his beads to surge and release a large amount of energy as the force hit. Although, as the smoke cleared, the hero would be gone and in his place would be a large hole. Suddenly, a few feet on the other side of Tabrith, a large amount of earth shot up into the air and from the hole would appear the hero and one of his fusion animals, which was the fusion of his tiger and dog, which would create the stone hound. The hero would simply stand as the stone hound would move toward Tabrith, releasing large earthquakes which would cause earth around Tabrith to shoot up and try and crush him. The stone hound would keep its distance, but would then release a large wave of sharp earth spikes from its body toward Tabrith. Meanwhile, being ignored, the rabbit would appear behind Tabrith and would release a wave of energy bullets toward him, trying to hit him even though it was risky, begin so close. The hero would meanwhile wait and watch his animals go to work, although the stone hound would move back next to the hero, acting as a guard dog.

In one swift motion, Tabrith not only held off the massive earth pillars trying to crush him using Geokinesis, but also used his precognitive skills to determine the exact moment when the rabbit would appear and as it was about to shoot bullets, Tabrith would try to smash it with the earth pillars, relocating himself instantaneously out of the range of the crushing  action.

As for the spikes... Again, using Momentum, Tabrith slowed them down to a stop before they touched him, and then, Tabrith used Geokinesis to make them longer, more slender and extremely sharp... Even sharper than they were originally. They looked not like spikes anymore, but actual long spears. Tabrith then focused the momentum he absorbed from them and launched them back with twice the force, speed, power and durability, aiming to pierce through the hero and the hide of the beast in one fell swoop.

As the crushing earth moved toward the rabbit, from his back would appear small little rocket boosters that would launch him high into the air out of the way of the crushing rocks. Meanwhile, as the sharp spears of earth moved toward the hero and his stone hound, he would sign, causing the ox to appear from the beads. Still in his horse armor, the hero would create a set of hand signs causing celestial energy to completely engulf himself, the ox, and the stone hound. As the spears of earth drew near, a large amount of lightning would then shoot out from the glowing ball of celestial energy, knocking away and destroying the spears of earth. From the ball of celestial energy would then erupt the hero in a completely new armor fusion which combined the dog, tiger, ox, and horse, creating the bucking lancer -- which was a centaur with less armor, but stronger legs, chest armor, and a large lightning covered lance. The hero, in his new armor, would charge toward Tabrith full speed again, but when he was a little closer, he would disappear, moving at light speed and would appear far back behind Tabrith, releasing a large lightning bolt from his lance that would rocket toward Tabrith. Meanwhile, the rabbit would simply land on the hero's shoulder and would sit and wait. The hero, on the other hand, would then continue to fire multiple lightning bolts toward Tabrith while keeping his distance. "Let's see how you handle my bucking lancer armor."

Tabris, using Magnetokinesis, changed the polarity of himself and the lightning once it neared so that the electricity would be repelled and fired off in some other arbitrary direction. This worked for any and all other oncoming electrical attacks, as well.

"... Hm. You're rather offensive, it seems. I wonder how good you are at defense... I have only been redirecting your attacks back at you, you know." Tabrith, being less on the defensive and counteractive, would now be going in on offense, as well. "Sentient Form; Motivation." Once that was said, from out of Tabrith came a ten foot tall, cute robot creature that was smiling and seemed to be extremely content.

"This is Motivation's Sentient Form." Instead of being just another extension of Tabrith, it was an actual being of its own, now. Tabrith moved behind Motivation, floating through the air, and Motivation suddenly launched a powerful, extremely large, skyscraper sized fist at the hero from its current position. It had incredible power to it.

As the fist moved toward the hero, he would begin to run full speed toward the fist, although a large amount of earth would then erupt from the ground and shoot right into the air. The hero would run up this road of earth, completely avoiding the fist. He would then release his armor, returning to normal, and would then draw his Storm Revolver -- which had been sitting in his pocket since he summoned it at the begin of the battle -- and would point it toward the Motivation's Sentient Form. The Storm Revolver would begin to surge with disintegrating flames and lightning as the rabbit would appear next to the hero and they would both pull the triggers on their guns at the same time. This would release a large wave of lightning, energy, and pure disintegrating flames right toward the Motivation's Sentient Form and would also be moving toward Tabrith with enough power to destroy a mountain range.

Motivation quickly took action by changing its size and proportions to that of a large wall that surrounded Tabrith. Motivation would take the hit of the attacks and quickly adapt to them, becoming immune to their effects and also being able to absorb and nullify the attacks entirely, since that was one of Motivation's abilities. It could adapt to anything that was to touch it after it had been hit. Thus, Tabrith would be safe from the disintegrating flame so long as Motivation was used as a living shield for him. Though, that was not the only thing Motivation could do.

In Sentient Form, Motivation could shoot out powerful energy blasts from anywhere on its body. Right now, it would choose to shoot a beam out of its eyes at the hero, having the same destructive power as what his previous attack had... Meaning this beam could destroy a mountain range.

As the beam moved toward him, the hero's body would become covered in lightning and he would then disappear in a flash along with the rabbit, leaving nothing but the sound of thunder. He would move far out of the area for a second to avoid the beam and would then return to the area. The hero would then appear on the ground and would rocket toward the large Sentient Form Motivation, but would then turn downward and would move deep underground. Suddenly, from under Tabrith would erupt a large wave of lightning that would try to completely engulf him. The hero would then dig himself out from the ground a few feet away and would wait to see if Tabrith would be able to avoid the lightning.

It would seem that once the hero had launched the attack, Tabrith already had a hand pointed to the ground, knowing it was coming. Once all of the lightning erupted, it was instantly changed into a tiny little singularity in Tabrith's hand, made of the lightning. Tabrith then flung this at Motivation for Motivation to consume to make itself better and immune to this attack. Right after that, Motivation curved itself into a cone pointed downward, focusing a beam of double the power than the first down underground in high hopes of trying to completely obliterate everything under it. "... I would use all eight arms, but I don't think you can handle it..."

The hero had already dug himself out of the ground, so all he had to do was jump high into the air to avoid the beam as it destroyed everything underground. He would then float in the air using wind control and would then listen to what Tabrith had to say, then would smile when he finished. "Hmm, is that so? Well, from what I have seen, you might be right."

Tabrith cocked his head to the side ever so slightly, letting his glorious, piercing red eyes look up to the hero, and he said with a smile, "Then how many can you take, good sir? I haven't even used my two primary arms... Ah well. C'est la vie, non?"

Motivation would then alter its shape once more, again aimed at the hero. This time, it fired a beam that was double the power of the previous one, making it quadruple the original power of the first beam. It took up a good portion of the sky, hopefully shooting the hero right out of it with ease and causing him to fall to the ground. Though, Tabrith grew a little bored with playing with Motivation now. So, once that beam was fired, Tabrith placed the Sentient Motivation back within himself, awaiting to see the hero's outcome once more. Even if Tabrith was on the offensive, he still wouldn't attack until he could see the hero... Even though technically, he should always be able to see him... "Technicalities get people killed. I don't feel like abiding by the rules right now."

The hero would sign, causing his snake, tiger, rooster, and ox to combine, creating a large ball of celestial energy that he would grab and crush, causing the energy to cover him. Although the blast would seem to hit -- as a small explosion would be made -- from the sky would fall a large mass that would crash into the ground. From the crater, all that could be seen was a few armor segments and a large, sky blue gem. It would seem that the hero was destroyed from the blast, but then the large sky blue gem would float into the air and the armor segments would follow until it was standing on its own. Then, from the ground would erupt a large amount of sand that would fill up the armor as bone claws and teeth would form. When the blast hit, the hero activated this special armor which turned his whole body into sand which is controlled by the large, sky blue gem that was protected by the sand. The hero would then look toward Tabrith and would send a large wave of earth and sand toward him. "Well let's see how many arms I can handle and see how you handle the golem of the earth armor."

Tabrith waved a hand, separating each and every one of the grains of sand into the area around him, making them all stationary in the air. Once the large earth clod came at him, he quickly used "Momentum" to make all of the grains of sand shoot at the clod of earth at a high speed, instantly piercing it and causing it to be ripped to shreds.

"Really? Alright then... I'll play with the six secondary arms... If you can handle them, then I'll bring out the big boys... Balance and Chaos, the primary arms... Hmhmhmhm... How does that sound?" Tabrith would then start with the first arm, Sloth, after retracting Momentum once more. A large, third arm sprouted from Tabrith... The same one as the start of the battle. The massive, menacing purple bear claw... This was the arm of Sloth.

The hero would nod as he would send another wave of earth and sand toward Tabrith, but would then slam his hands into the ground. The ground would then begin to crack and under Tabrith would open a large hole which would try to suck him in with large hands made of sand that where shooting out from them.

Since Tabrith was constantly floating, he already knew the attack was coming. This was very difficult for the hero to fight Tabrith just because of his mental capacity... For it WAS the same as Khrona's... Only, because Tabrith has a calm insanity to him, he could focus his psychic powers more precisely than his pact partner, Khrona.

So, once this happened, Sloth took effect. Everything slowed down, just as before. Only this time, Sloth actually physically attacked, slashing through the earth once more. Though once the sand hands came from the ground, Tabrith separated those grains just as before.

"Another arm... The second arm... Motivation.." From the left side of Tabrith's back sprouted the robotic arm of Motivation, which he had seen before. Now Two of the Eight Arms were out and Tabrith was awaiting the hero's next move. "... Do you dare get close whilst Sloth is out...?"

The hero would watch as Tabrith avoided his attack and would finally figure out that in some way or another Tabrith was able to read his mind. The hero would sign, causing his golem of the earth armor to disappear and he would be standing -- back to normal -- with his Storm Revolver in his hand. The hero would snap his fingers, causing the rabbit to finally appear from where he was hidden and would stand on he hero's shoulder. The hero would then sign, causing his dragon, dog, and rooster to appear in the physical animal summoned forms, which where a dragon, a small yellow chick, and a large wolf surging with lightning. The hero would then point his Storm Revolver toward the sky while it would charge with disintegrating flames. Suddenly, the hero would close his eyes and randomly fire into the air and the bullet would shatter into multiple shots that would rain around the area, but since the hero closed his eyes, he had no idea where the shoots of Storm Flames where going, making Tabrith's mental abilities useless. Now while the shots of disintegrating flames moved toward Tabrith, the animals would disappear in a burst of energy moving around the area, and since they where all animals -- even though Tabrith could most likely read their minds -- all he would hear would be animal noises. From under and behind Tabrith would then erupt a large torrent of fire from the dragon, who made sure to be deep underground, avoiding any of Tabrith's abilities. Then, from the skies, the dog would appear and large, black clouds would form above him, and from the clouds would rain a large amount of lightning with enough force to destroy a mountain range, but the dog would have the lightning hit himself and conduct the lightning through his body and then toward Tabrith, raising the power of the lightning tenfold. Finally, from the sides of Tabrith would appear the rooster and rabbit, which would release a wave of green energy bullets that would take the form of a large rabbit and a large amount of powerful wind which could cut through steel. Meanwhile, the hero would open his eyes and would look over at Tabrith and run slightly toward him, looking him dead in the eyes, activating his special dojutsu. If Tabrith looked into the hero's eyes, he would be effected by the dojutsu, which causes his opponent to have temporary loss of their sense of direction. This would make all the attacks seem to switch places, confusing Tabrith, making it hard to not only stop the attacks, but pinpoint the hero's and his animal friends' general location.

Tabrith knew what the hero was trying to do... Though, it seemed as though the hero did not truly know the mental power of Khrona, and thus, did not know the power of Tabrith... They didn't JUST read minds... They saw the future. Precognition and Clairvoyance. Though it was easier to read people's minds, they could read anything with their psychic power. Such as, where the bullets will land, what is going to happen next to Tabrith... Things of that sort. Reading minds wasn't essential.

And so, Tabrith continued to have some fun. Catching the bullets with psychic power, coating them with said psychic power, and shooting them with triple their original speed via the power of Momentum -- then using Sloth, because he had the aura of Sloth around him -- it would cause the disintegrating fire to slow and thus be able to be shot with the psychic flame bullets, and with such speed, they would create a force that would blast through the other fire easily and hopefully hit the dragon. Though, Tabrith didn't fire all of the bullets, because he knew that more attacks were on the way. He didn't even have to use psychic abilities to know that. Tabrith merely read the air. Whichever one was going to attack next was apparent if Tabrith read the air -- even without seeing the future. The lightning was next. Tabrith shot more bullets at the lightning, hoping to blast through that and then at the dog. As for the rabbit, the remainder of the bullets were shot, and as for the rooster, using Sloth once more -- since the rooster was on the side of Tabris -- he began to slow down the wind, then compress it with incredible psychic force, creating a barrier around the chicken to keep it in one place.

Finally, the hero came at Tabrith. Tabrith already knew what he wanted to do. So, Tabrith granted this to him... Allowing himself to be afflicted by the dojutsu... But... It wouldn't work on Tabrith. Upon looking the hero directly in the eye, it was apparent that even though Tabrith seemed calm, he was totally insane. He was made FROM Khrona. Therefore, a sense of direction to an insane person already was destroyed beyond repair. Not only that, Tabrith's mind was a lot... Different than that of normal people. Because Tabrith had no insides. His entire make up was nothing but fragments of Khrona's mental power, reality, and such. There were no organs, no mind -- no nothing. Not that the hero would know this, for he had not seen Tabrith's actual form, nor had he seen Tabrith in his True Form. However... Looking into Tabrith's eyes was the worst thing the hero could do. It would end the battle. His eyes fuck shit up in numerous ways... Especially mentally. With just a glance, the hero's mind would be shattered. His powers would be nulled and stripped from him. His consciousness and everything that made him who he was stopped functioning. The hero's body would immediately stop wherever it was, frozen in space, time, reality, and so on -- all because of looking into Tabrith's eyes.

"... A tragedy... I should have warned you before, it seems... Oh well... I might as well not leave him how he is..." Tabrith looked into the hero's eyes once more, then reverted him to how he was beforehand, though now drained beyond belief or beyond recovery.

Tabrith: "... What did we learn...?"

After being mentally destroyed for a moment, all of the hero's animal friends would turn back into spirit forms and would disappear back into their respective beads. When the hero was restored to normal, he would drop to the ground, completely drained of pretty much all of his energy. He would then hear Tabrith and would slowly look up at him. "Well, I learned that one way or another, you are related to Khrona, leader of the Dusk village."

Tabrith smiled, closing his eyes. "Exactly... I am the broken fragments of Khrona's mind. His psychic powers, his reality, and everything else that is his mind... The broken parts that are lost... That is me, except that I am my own person. Though, we two are now... Pact Partners..."

Tabrith turned around, retracting Sloth and Momentum back into his back, then placing his hands into his pocket once more. As he hovered over the ground, he glanced back at the hero with his calm, yet insane eyes. "... My mental power is more focused than Khrona's... Even if the power is the same, the way we use it is different... So I am more deadly... Therefore..." Tabris smiled nicely, continuing, "Don't look me in the eye~." Tabrith began to float off in an arbitrary direction. "... I had fun."

The hero would smile as he would then slowly stand up, drawing his sword and would then use it as cane to stand up. The hero was very low on energy to the point where he could not even summon the pig and eat up some energy. "Yeah, it was fun Tabrith."

Tabrith laughed to himself. "Well, hero the great, you seem to be rather... Drained. You can barely walk. Tell me where you need to go and I'll warp you there... For your troubles." It seemed that Tabrith was a little nicer than Khrona... Guess that's a good thing.

Hero: "Can you warp me to the armory?"

Tabrith nodded, snapping his fingers and instantaneously transmitting the hero to the armory through the awesome power of psychics. Afterward, Tabrith, himself, disappeared without showing any means of warping or teleporting... Odd.

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Eleventh Restoration; Masters of Souls, Manna and Hell Collide

A few days had passed since the rather nice tussle with the legend of the Deep, and Tabrith was just returning from his own excursion, having collected a lot of data from the hero about the celestial animals as well as just random scenery around the planet that he had stored within him and transferred to 'Cleff.' Khrona hadn't seen nor heard from Drast in a while, quite possibly meaning that he was either dead or had simply moved on... Or perhaps ventured too far into the Pit of Havoc and never stepped out. Who knows? Regardless, Khrona was feeling more rejuvenated than ever and was ready for some excitement. Just the thought of such stimulation was already making Khrona go wild, even before it began... Fortunately, his two biggest rivals were coming to play and let Khrona blow off some steam. What seemed serious to them was nothing more than playful to Khrona, which is why they both came to stop him from going too far... Hopefully.

Khrona hovered in the middle of a canyon. For what reason? There was nothing known. He was slightly off this time around. His emotions were running on high. For what reason? Nobody knows. He, himself barely knew. Maybe his insanity was getting to him. He could feel his own emotions almost splitting from his body... A dangerous thing indeed. In this state, Khrona was dangerous. His two partners, Misery and Despair, could feel this dangerousness overflowing in the area.. But they were ready to support Khrona in any way possible.

Khrona: "Judgemaster. Trance. Summons. My latest and most fun powers... Something... Something... I can't tell what... But it's going to come out." Khrona smiled insanely. "... I can feeeel it..."

???: "Khrona my brother... It's been some time."

Khrona's brother appeared in the area, standing on the edge of the cliff on the canyon side, but from even were he was standing he could feel Khrona's insanity and could tell that he was off his rocker even more then usual. "...Oh boy."

The entire canyon would instantly fill with water and Khrona's brother would walk across the water toward Khrona, knowing all to well what this was gonna lead to. Khrona's brother summoned his Masamune sword and held it off to the side.

Khrona's Brother: "Soooo~..."

Khrona's eyed gleamed. "WATER!?..." With a terrific shine, Khrona used his Hydrokinesis to lift and compact all of the water into a tiny ball. "... Are ya thirsty BOY!?"

Khrona would launch the ball with an incredible force at the ledge of the cliff, intentionally not aimed at his brother. Upon impact, the cliff would merely explode with nothing but sheer blackened water -- No... It was Black Dragon Blood. Somehow, without even touching it... Khrona had infected it, or rather, created MORE Black Dragon Blood. The explosion would cause many spikes of the Black Dragon Blood to jut out of everywhere and destroy the cliff completely, though that wasn't the end of it... Khrona's soul... It was surging through every inch of it. The reality around it began to severely distort and twist, showing that Khrona's soul was more unsteady than usual.

Khrona expanded his one hundred foot wings with a powerful and large, explosive force. With a single flap, the Black Dragon Blood in that area would be instantly blown away as if it never existed, though the damage it had was still there. In all of this, he tried to get his brother in these attacks, though at the same time... He tried not to. Misery and Despair, already in weapon forms, were glowing intensely with their own soul energy. "Brother... This battle will not end in your favor..."

Khrona's brother sighed as Khrona did what he did. It would seem that he was REALLY off his rocker today and it looked as if there was only one way to bring him back. His brother held out his hand; it glowing with a pale light. "Ancient Catastrophe..." He clenched his hand and released a large explosion of energy similar to the energy used in his move 'Breakdown'. The blast radius of the explosion would stretch through the area, however all that came in contact with the blast would be removed from the plane of existence. The blood, the canyon -- even the amount of the sky that was caught within the blast was removed, leaving behind nothing but whiteness. Khrona's brother still stood floating in the air and waited to see what Khrona would do; he knew that Khrona would be ok, especially in the state he was in.

Khrona had already recalculated everything that was happening once his brother had begun this 'Ancient Catastrophe.' He merely called upon the power of "...Despair..." who held the soul of Rejection. Khrona would forcefully reject himself out of the area, into another plane of reality... Which was actually the exact place where his brother had done his attack. Now they were both in this abyss of total whiteness.

"... This is... Nothing..." Khrona's eyes weren't focused... His Hyper Perception was active. His soul was violent... And Soul Resonance ensued throughout himself and his partners. You all know the rest from there... Khrona only stared at his brother, letting his insanity build up...

The death pauldrons hovering over Khrona's brother's shoulders transformed themselves into a pair of black and red wings that hovered behind his back, glowing with the death energy that was surging through them. Khrona's brother smiled as he looked toward his brother. "We're starting to rub off on one another, huh, buddy?" He ended his sentence with a bit of laughter, happy that he and Khrona were at it again. But this time was different and he could feel it... This wasn't just for sport...

Khrona began to laugh... He was surely happy. But... At the same time... He was sad... And mad... And all of the other emotions... Why was this? It only fed the insanity... Khrona outstretched his own wings now, his eyes finally focusing on his brother.

"... Brother... and your Eternal Conviction..."

Khrona looked up into the whiteness... Then to the side in the whiteness... Then down into the whiteness. It was the opposite of his mind, which was blackness. As usual... His brother was the Yin to Khrona's Yang. The Life to his Death. The White to his Black. The Sanity to his Insanity.

Khrona would then let Misery and Despair go, having the both of those weapons float around him. Khrona brought out, this time, a weapon he rarely used... The Judgemaster Sword. Somehow, Khrona still hadn't attacked his brother, himself yet... This was odd. A new type of insanity?

"Hmm..." The tips of Khrona's brother's wings all pointed toward Khrona and his new weapon. His brother had never seen it before, but figured that if Khrona was using it now, it had to be something good. He waited for Khrona to make his move; twas only fair since he had already made his move. With body, mind, and soul ready, Khrona's brother pointed Masamune toward Khrona and asked... "Shall we...?"

Khrona snickered insanely, raising the Judgemaster Sword... And suddenly, it would turn a sort of translucent black. Khrona brought it down to point at his brother in the same fashion, and it left a streak of blackness that counteracted the whiteness of this abyss. This was Khrona's own reality, one would say. The Judgemaster Sword was the greatest of all Judge Swords. It could defy the laws of anything. It could create its own physical laws. It was the ultimate sword. With a massive flap of his wings, Khrona was in front of his brother in less than 0.08 seconds, already about to make a slash directly at his torso, and hopefully clean through if his brother didn't anticipate Khrona coming. Khrona would then begin to slash at his brother at an insane speed, Misery and Despair floating right along side him, though not doing anything at this very moment. If they interfered... Something may happen to Khrona.

Khrona's brother -- being barely able to counter in time -- was able to block Khrona's sword slashes. Each pound of their two weapons clashing set out a shockwave of the two's souls. Though, his brother was being pushed back by Khrona's slashes each time he blocked one of his attacks. Khrona's brother's close combat abilities were much better than Khrona and he was able to counteract. Parrying off Khrona's slashes, his brother followed through with his is own slash. The initial slash he did would miss Khrona, however Khrona would soon see that it was intentional. Though it would have gone unnoticed by some, with Khrona's Hyper Perception, he should be able to see. His brother's one slash would send out a rippling force, sending out thousands upon thousands of unseen sword slashes that all zoomed on Khrona to cut him to shreds. Like said, Khrona would be able to see the slashes, but at such close range, in the middle of his own assault, could he be able to defend himself?

With a sharp gleam in a matter of a second, it would seem that all of the slashes were parried at the exact same time, making a beautiful resonating sound throughout the area. This was Despair using one of her abilities that allowed her to slash that fast, instantly coating the razor blade that she was in Rejection to totally and completely reject the slashes out of this abyss.

By this time, Khrona had stopped his slashes, and because he was open, he flapped his wings hard to push both himself and his brother back a hell of a long ways. Khrona could feel a power surging through him... The familiar power was rising... But not yet. It wasn't time yet.

His emotions were still on high... So much, that they began to... Split from Khrona's own Mind, Body and Soul, becoming sentient Khronas of their own -- though still controlled by the original. There was Happy Khrona, Sad Khrona, Angry Khrona, Hateful Khrona, Loving Khrona, Gloomy Khrona... For every emotion, there was a Khrona. They all wielded the same power and Judgemaster Sword as the original Khrona, and they all cocked their heads to the side at the same time, staring at his brother, then simultaneously said, "... We are gonna have fun... My friend..."

The Khronas pointed their Judgemaster Swords at their brother. The black, translucent blades grew in size and were suddenly glowing with blackened energy. This was... Something new. Something Khrona hadn't used, but had in his arsenal for a while... Each of the swords held the power greater than that of the ultimate energy within them... What was about to be fired... The father of the legendary ultimate energy...

"... Alpha," they would all say in unison, the astronomical blast of manna power that could birth other manna being shot from each and every blade. The Khronas were surrounding their brother and the blasts were hopefully so large and consumptive that he would not be able to escape from the Father of Manna's power...

"Hmm?" Khrona's brother rose a brow at this technique that Khrona was using as thick hexagonal shields of his own manna appeared in the space around him to hold off the beams of Alpha Manna. Khrona's brother could feel the overwhelming force the beams were putting on his shields and it made him smile from ear to ear. "What exquisite MANNA~!!!" Khrona's brother, geeked that there was a form of manna in which he didn't know, activated his dojutsu quite violently as the beams broke through his shields and closed in on him. "YES, YES, COME CLOSER~!!!"

Now with energy in his sight, the information of the manna poured into Khrona's brother's mind. This manna was the sum of the power he always worked for. The years of studying and surrendering himself to the darkness. Khrona's brother shed a tear as he whispered the word... "Erebea..."

The beams would hit Khrona's brother's body and would unfold a massive explosion. The Khronas being out of the blast radius would only see the large cloud of smoke that followed behind it. From the deep, within the smoke, shot out streams of black light. A pulse of energy would come from within the heart of the smoke cloud, blowing it all away as it revealed the hidden brother. He was covered in a dark aura and his body crackled with a white manna energy. His wings shined with a bright and radiant light. He had done it. By gazing upon the Alpha Manna with his dojutsu, Khrona's brother learned exactly how to control and compress the energy, and with Erebea he was able to absorb it. Now with the power of Alpha Manna within him, Khrona's brother had become even stronger.

"Now." Khrona's brother shifted his eyes toward all the Khronas around him and instantly appearing behind all of them at speeds that made it all seem simultaneous, he unleashed the Omnislash upon each Khrona, bombarding them all with manna slashes and massive explosions of his new found Alpha energy. As all this was happening, it would appear as if Khrona's brother was still standing amongst the Khronas, still surrounded by them, and watched as everything happened.

Oh, well, looks like Khrona's done it now~! Due to Khrona's Hyper Perception and the Judgemaster Swords that they had, they would all parry each and every one of the Omnislashes with their own slashes, as if they saw their brother coming all along.

Khrona was confused at this point... All of Khrona's emotions were flickering and wavering about... Each of them were still connected to Khrona, even though they were separated from his body. All of his emotions were still running on high... More unstable than ever before. Khrona's emotions were escalating... And because of that, he couldn't control them anymore. The power within... It was... It was... It was complete.

Each of the Emotion Khronas would instantaneously be sucked back into Khrona, who would then promptly push his brother out of his general vicinity with a great force from the Judgemaster Sword. Khrona was confused as to why his brother insisted on going into this form to fight him... Didn't he only use this form to fight evil? Was Khrona evil? Khrona thought his brother was... Friend. Maybe he wanted to kill Khrona. Well. If that's the way it was...

Khrona warped up into a high point of the abyss, Misery and Despair flying into his hands. His wings wrapped around his entire body and he began to glow with an insane, powerful black aura, saying with a voice that resounded throughout the abyss, "...Trance..."

Khrona's wings became a long, magnificent cape, as from his head came a large, menacing headdress adorned on his forehead. His hair was now more unruly than usual, the insanity making it flair and wave about. Khrona's gloves suddenly became gauntlets that reached up most of his arm. His skin-tight pants became poofy at the thighs and his boots went all the way up to his knees. His entire attire was completely revamped, and his eyes gave off a calm insanity. This was Trance Khrona.

Khrona: "This is what I have become... My... Emotions and... My insanity... Have changed me into this... Form. Reality is my game... But... Not everything shall stay real."

Because Khrona had gone into Trance Mode and was going through Soul Resonance with his partners, they also went through Trance Mode, as well. Misery took on her Trance Mode, in which she looked like a succubus of sorts...

... And Despair would also undergo such a transformation, her legs becoming non-existent and her dress becoming broken and rejected space. Space around her also became broken just as she existed, as did time. There was a bow around her waist and her wings became mechanical...

Khrona: "This is our... Power... The power of limitless power..."

Misery: "The power that is limitless to our souls and emotions..."

Despair: "The power that far exceeds the limits of power already known..."

All: "... Our combined Trance."

Misery and Despair stayed in weapon form, being only for Khrona to use their powers as he saw fit. Khrona would outstretch his hands, and the image of much larger hands made out of the essence of realities formed around them. These were his most formal means of attack in his Trance Mode... The Reality Hands, also known as the 'Hands Of God'.

Khrona would only leave his arms wide open, though his eyes were closed. That calm insanity could be felt all about, constantly. The calm insanity was omnipresent whilst Khrona was in Trance... "... The gospel of destruction resounds throughout the course of existence... Allow me to let you hear that beautiful sound..."

Even with his new power, Khrona's brother was in total awe. It seemed Khrona was holding back this entire time; this new form... Was something else. His brother shifted his body to face Khrona to get a good look at Khrona in this form. "This, 'Trance'... Never thought you'd go for the royal look..." Khrona's brother's wings would shatter into pieces, shooting out all over the area. They weren't coming for Khrona, they just shot out to different places in the area and simply hovered around. Khrona's brother took a deep breath as four large white manna incantation circles appeared behind him.

Khrona's Brother: "I'll call it 'Omnimanna...'"

From out of the circles would fly out massive streams of Khrona's brother's new energy Omnimanna. It would be the combined force of all manna merged into one, making it a godly force energy. While some headed straight for Khrona, others went out, hitting the shattered pieces of the wings, redirecting them all onto Khrona from every point of direction.

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Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei   Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei EmptySun Mar 29, 2020 7:14 am

Twelfth Restoration; Masters of Souls, Manna and Hell Collide Pt. II

The battle between the Master of Souls and Manna, Khrona and his brother respectively, had just gotten far more intense than ever. With Khrona going crazy with his new found power and having a blast, and his brother having unlocked new mysteries of the potential of his own manna, it was about time for the last of the trio to shake things up in the fray, just as these two powerhouses had been shaking and quaking the planet with their epic engagement...

With a fiery blaze of glory, a figure would fall from the sky, breaking through any barriers or techniques that may have been active already. The figure didn't land completely on the ground, but his stop caused a large gust of wind to kick up, hiding the person's face.

"Double Impact..." The figure said as two orange blasts came out from the cloud; one for Khrona and the other for his brother.

Khrona could see this attack coming long ago. His psychic prowess allowed this to the utmost extent. "... No... Interruptions..." Khrona would expand his Reality Hands to the size of moons. One would then appear in front of his brother, and the other in front of himself.

Khrona: "... Clear."

That ability being used, anything that came in contact with the Reality Hands would be erased from all existences. The hands would grab the attacks and hopefully destroy them, leaving nothingness where they once were. Khrona couldn't decipher the newcomer's actions through his own calm insanity. Khrona could only tell that he was being attacked. Being attacked by two people he respected...? It only made his insanity skyrocket. His emotions increase. His Trance Mode was inadvertently increased drastically by these actions. But why did he save his brother if he thought that he sought to destroy him...? Perhaps Khrona can still comprehend some things through insanity... That major thing being 'Don't. Kill. Friends.'

Though... Even if he couldn't kill his friends... The insanity flowing through him only made him extremely disoriented... He couldn't listen to his subconscious mind right now. Only his conscious, which was set to destroy the threats in front of him.

Khrona: "Misery... Despair..."

It turned out the newcomer was the famed Demon King. Last time Khrona fought the Demon King in Trance Mode, Khrona knew none of his powers except for the Reality Hands. Also, Misery and Despair never got to fight in their Trance Modes. That was different now, since the Demon King decided to walk into this battle.

First, Misery was up. She was rather angry... As the emotions that caused her to Trance most was indeed Anger and Hate. Thus, anger was only natural for her. She held out her hands to the entire area, releasing a massive, blackened wave from herself called "PANDEMONIUM!!"
This wave instantly drained any and all mentality, mental abilities and mental forces made by the mind, knowledge or mentality in a massive, black, illusory blast. This would be most detrimental to Khrona's brother, she thought, as he was all for using his mental abilities, but if the Demon King were to be stuck in it, hopefully other abilities that involved his mind would be unable to be done.

Next, Despair.... Her existence was just a bad thing to almost everything around her -- save for Khrona and Misery, immune to the power of Despair. In Despair's Trance mode, she was the master of speed and defense. Her dress was made of empty and broken space, and she constantly weakened space around her at all times, as well as all forms of energy, which exponentially get weaker as they get closer and closer to her. Therefore, the more energy and the more power that comes near her, the weaker it gets  -- and at a faster rate, too. Not only that... Her Rejection was godly. It was time for her to attack... Though. All of her attacks revolved around rejecting all forms of everything. Thus, if she were to attack while Khrona and Misery were attacking... Well, their attacks would be rejected, as well -- since she rejects all forms of EVERYTHING. Although, Khrona -- who does not abide by the laws of existence and shit whilst in Trance Mode -- would be fine, Misery's attacks would not. 'Fine. No widespread attacks, it seems. Better just protect Khrona from his brother's attack...' "Dome of Despair..." Around the entirety of the blasts, a sphere surrounded and encased them, and upon sealing itself, caused everything inside to be rejected from everything. All forms of existence, all timelines... Everything that caused them to be there -- Rejected. Everything that they were made of -- Rejected. All power they had -- Rejected. And then the dome was released.

Misery: "Damn, Despair... Why you so angryyyyyy?"

Khrona's brother chuckled as the large reality hand moved to protect him from this new adversary's attack. It would seem that another had joined in this epic clash of titans.

Khrona's brother would raise his hand, appearing before it and the new guy, a gigantic sized shield of Omnimanna that would easily protect he and the guy from the mental drain wave that Misery had fired appearing. While at the same time, Khrona's brother would instantly move in front of all the redirected beams, their energies being absorbed back into his body and upon doing so, through the dark aura around him shot out streams of light; the dark shell around him would crumble and shatter, revealing the new him.

Khrona's brother now stood as a god parallel to Khrona's godly form. The keeper of all manna; and it would seem that he was able to completely control the dark manna within him.

He closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath. In doing so, billions of micro-sized balls of Omnimanna appeared all within the area limits. With his exhale, Khrona's brother would make a large dome around them all in hopes to contain all that was about to happen.

Khrona's Brother: "..."

All the balls of energy started to shine bright before all of them exploded, each with the power of nukes, all happening around both Khrona and the newcomer. This attack would wipe them both from the face of existence, erasing every single cell as well as each individual from existence. The blast's power spread the edges of the barrier around them, it barely able to contain it before it, too, being destroyed. The blast reached out for hundreds of miles, causing every to disappear. The area molded into a new one; the whiteness of nothingness had spread for miles on in, the ground completely gone, the blast erasing every layer of earth till it reached down to its now exposed core.

"Are you ok...?" Khrona's brother whispered out to his brother, Khrona. He knew somehow Khrona would have survived since he would of been able to see the attack coming, but he couldn't vouch for the newcomer... Though Khrona's brother was still worried... And as he looked around himself, he realized that he might have gone too far and that this power was getting to him already.

The Demon King sighed as he jumped into the battle with such 'flashy' fighters. This was why he hated the new leaders. When he fought the Android girl, he stated this a number of times, but it would seem he wasn't done despising their existence. However, that wasn't the important part. The Demon King needed to deal with Khrona's brother's manna balls.

The Demon King honestly never met Khrona's brother nor had he fought him, but his obsequious female companion Lilith had made a detailed profile of most of the shinobi that arrived during the Demon King's absence from his throne of the Chaos. The Demon King knew that Khrona's brother was some type of mage, but that was just about it... The Demon King hated reading and Lilith always forced it on him.

Demon King:"... Zero point..."

The omni balls would, like Khrona's brother intended, go off with the force of a nuke, but the Demon King wasn't worried. He brought his hands together and began to release his flames of wrath throughout the area. The explosion would be drawn into the Demon King's hands and absorbed into his being, his Pentagram placed behind his back would prevent any parasitic effects from activating. "... Now I have enough energy to do this!" The Demon King, still in mid-air, would clench his right hand into a fist. His fist glowed a bright crimson red as it was flowing with the power of his Hellfire. The Demon King held his hand towards the sky as large red beams flew up into the air, his brother's barrier would more than likely be shattered after the second beam, as each of these beams had the power of the Execution; the beams flew high into space headed for the sun.

Demon King: "... I hate hot heads..."

There was something wrong with this picture. Somehow, Khrona hadn't obliterated every form of existence within this sphere yet. Why? No one knows. But the longer this battle went on... The more insane and angry Khrona felt. His Trance was being fueled by his own Trance... An oddity within itself, but a terrible sight to behold.

Without even using words, Misery and Despair knew what Khrona wanted to do. All they had to do was set it up. Misery and Despair got very close to Khrona, as ten Reality Hands appeared next to them. Their mission; Protect the Reality Hands by any means necessary. 'Let's go.'

Misery had the perfect defense... "Envy's Demise!" From all around, black beings that resembled Misery would appear near her and her companions, covering them from all sides. They were the perfect defense... And this is because they needed to be attacked to show why they were the perfect defense.

Next was Despair... Because all of her powers involve rejecting basically the literal essence of everything, she had to stand alone... Though, there were some attacks that could be used by her that wouldn't effect her companions. Like... The "Dead Coffin..." which was a massive coffin that copied the power levels of whatever Despair wanted. This particular time, it was the Demon King. This was only because she knew that one attack the Demon King had that got Khrona might happen again... And the Dead Coffin, so long as it was the same or higher power level as something, would suck it in and destroy it. If something was a higher power level than the coffin, then the coffin would not be able to contain the attack and implode on itself... So unless Khrona's brother was stronger than the Demon King and could destroy the coffin, there was little to do about it. No matter what attack the Demon King had... It would be sent to the grave through the Dead Coffin. Those defenses took care of the both of them...

Now Khrona would store a massive amount of power within these hands... Or, start, rather... They were sucking in realities and space and the like slowly, but surely. Once they were at full power, Khrona could potentially fuck shit up as he pleased. He was protected by his good buddies, so it was all good.

With the smoke now clear Khrona's brother was able to tell that the newcomer was Chaos leader, the Demon King. Khrona's brother would smile; he does really get to cut loose and this might be just what he needed. Nevertheless, he kept his guard up and with his dojutsu still active, he glanced toward Khrona and the many defenses around him, and like a high speed download all information on them would be learned by his brother's brain. And though most of the info was useful, the thing that caught his eye was this 'Trance Mode' that Khrona seemed to achieved.

This power of infinity was something Khrona's brother had never even comprehended to be humanly possible. But it would seem that the technique ran on emotions drawn out in battle and needed great concentration. Now knowing this, Khrona's brother started running through every single type of emotion or feeling through his brain, going from happy to sad and mad, trying to see which one would trigger his power... But even then, there was more to it. Yet, as Khrona's brother floated in the air, concentrating on himself, he couldn't ignore the energies Khrona was gathering and it sent a chill down his neck.

Khrona's brother's eyes glared as the nothingness around them all started to swirl and act like blackholes. They would began to pull in the flowing energies from Khrona, Misery, Despair, The Coffin, The black beings, and unfortunately the Demon Kinh and start to draw them closer. With the amount of nothingness that was already surrounding them, the force of them swirling would be astronomical to the force of hundreds borderlining thousands of blackholes, keeping Khrona's raising energy at a standstill and began to drain the Demon King's and the Weapons' of theirs, sending the drained energy into a void of nothingness... And the more energy they emitted would only feed the nothingness even more as they both were pulled into it.

The Demon King's face was as emotionless as ever; he pointed his hand towards the ceiling. It was still glowing the same crimson red as before. The massive chakra drain from the nothingness was indeed taking a toll on the fiery leader, but he chakra pool was more than likely the highest in the village and he aimed to exploit that here and now.

"May the heavens burn red and the grounds be scorched by the power of Hell..." the Demon King said as he began making bending movements. The baby fire appeared on his shoulder but did nothing -- he was simply here to guard the Demon King and ensure that his jutsu finished its activation. Like the Demon King had said in his little monologue. The sky and the sun would begin to burn with the same crimson glow as the Demon King's hands. The clouds parted as if they were the red sea. He arrogantly expecting both of the leaders to fall to these moves and he pointed his free hand at Khrona's brother, who was currently pissing him off at the moment.

"Hell Fury..." With the words spoken, one large crimson beam would fall from the sky aimed for Khrona's brother. The beam's output surpassed any jutsu the Demon King had ever mustered, including the Origin Execution which was the last Execution the Demon King had fired.

The sky was still burning with the crimson glow and Khrona's brother was more then likely dead if he were to be hit by this beam. The reason why it was so powerful would only be explained at a later date, but know this; the presence of such a massive amount of demonic chakra would not only cease chakra flow in the entire area -- for about a minute with people of this power level -- and with Khrona and his brother not having the ability to use their chakra to save them... They had no chance of blocking the explosion that came after the beam's impact, which alone could level the planet as they knew it.

Khrona, who was already in his Trance Mode -- which meant that everything around Khrona was in his own Reality -- already had more control over his power than his brother. Because of this, Khrona was only effected by what he wanted to be effected by. Because the Demon King was NOT in Khrona's reality, his power did not exist within here. Also, Khrona would create a dome that nullified the transfer of energy around him, thus his brother's attack would not be able to suck his power out, either. Thus, Khrona was fully protected, and his power was almost complete...

But what of his brother? If this powerful attack were to hit, then he wouldn't be able to see Khrona's attack... "Hm." Khrona would warp instantly next to his brother as the beam was fired, accepting him into Khrona's own reality and Khrona's own dome of nullified energy... Though, none of his powers could effect Khrona or Khrona's abilities within this reality... Although... All of this strain was taking a toll on Khrona. Luckily, the demonic chakra of the Demon King wouldn't effect them, so that only saved Khrona some power. Khrona did not speak, though Despair did say something to his brother; "Khrona wants you to see what he can do... The Demon King is trying to destroy us... We will assist... So long as you can witness the power of Trance Mode..."

With that, Khrona continued to gain power with his attacks and would let his brother go on as he pleased... It's not like he could do anything to Khrona or Khrona's abilities.

With Khrona's brother now part of Khrona's own reality and the flow of his chakras still going, the following would happen: with the nothingness around them all still swirling, the beam of energy the Demon King had summoned would lose its strength the closer it closed in on Khrona and his brother, the nothingness sucking in its energy and even pulling back the beam itself -- the fact that the beam was able to move at all was impressive.

"Truly a marvel..." Khrona's brother spoke, raising Masamune to the ever approaching beam that was constantly being weakened. He had to trail off his line of thought trying to learn the secrets of Trance while he dealt with the actions of the Demon Kinh, leaving twenty percent of his brain power to deal with it, that being double of what the normal person can use.

Khrona's Brother: "Interdimensional Omnislash!!!!"

Khrona's brother would do but a single slash, clashing it with the now extremely weakened Hell Fury. Masamune would open up a rip in the space time continuum that would suck the massive beam into a worm hole where it would constantly travel through space and time, going through dimension after dimension for the rest of time.

With that done, Khrona's brother's eyes would widen; it would seem that the information for Trance had been found. The feeling of complete calm that he felt when dispatching the Demon King's beam was what he was looking for. He looked over his shoulder to Khrona, seeing that he as well as Misery and Despair were nudging him toward his answer this whole time. His brother would nod to them before taking a deep breath and began to concentrate.

"Trace Mode..." The utter of the words shattered Khrona's reality around him and Khrona's brother began to change. His hair grew longer; his hands becoming like monstrous claws that projected out runic symbols. His white claws swirled with the same nothingness that was around them, yet at the same time felt alive like it was manna.

Khrona's brother clenched his fist. The stress on his body started to lift he felt an endless amount of energy running through him even more than there was before. The nothingness was still absorbing the energy of now only the Demon King, since Khrona was unaffected, and would only continue taking the gathered energy into itself, breaking it down in its void of nothingness. He moved from Khrona, giving them all a great deal of space from each other; Khrona's brother stood in the air looking at both Khrona and the Demon King in what would began Round Three stronger then he was moments ago.

The Demon King laughed to himself as the two leaders of the shitty village finally decided to assist one another. However, they both had a grave misunderstanding of what the Demon King's jutsu was for. Zeik aimed the beam for Khrona's brother, forcing Khrona to get on the same side as his fellow leader. This would allow him to aim his next move with considerable ease. "It's said that no one man can take on two of the trinity... I wonder if that rule applies to the next generation..."

The Demon King began doing hand signs at a speed only the Sky King should be able to see. his body began flickering like a TV with bad reception. His eyes behind the blindfold glowed brighter and brighter while the light from the sun grew darker and darker.

Demon King: "... Chaos End."

The sun in the sky blackened -- as did the planet -- for all of two seconds before; boom. A large flash would happen and reveal falling beams of Execution all with far greater power than the first one. The sun itself had turned into the Demon King's vessel of assault and he aimed to 'use' it properly. The beams of Execution fell from the sky like a torrential downpour in the amazon. The beams had enough chakra drain in them to rip every bit of the 'nothingness' from the battlefield LONG before they even reached the atmosphere, and if one of the millions collided with the planet... God only knows what would happen

Demon King: "... Fall to the power of Oblivion."

What Khrona and his brother didn't know was that the Demon King had entered Zero mode; a mode where his movement could not be stopped -- but this mode had far more secrets. Khrona was preventing the Demon King from touching him by withholding himself within his own reality, but the Demon King could traverse the omniverse in a matter of seconds by virtually stepping through realities as if they were doors. With this mode on, the Demon King's beams would not only be allowed into Khrona's reality, but they would shatter and destroy it and any other he decided to enter.

The Demon King knew his Chaos End was going to tear the world to bits, so, he hoped the Earth King would fix it for him later.

Khrona was indeed impressed. His brother had finally achieved Trance Mode, which is what Khrona had been waiting for this entire time. But even now, perhaps their teamwork was not over... Though Khrona long ago wanted to fight his brother in a true test of power against him, it was time to see if their true power together could stop this attack. Khrona's psychic power allowed him to know exactly what was heading toward him... The power of Zero. Indeed, Khrona knew about this, for two of his most powerful attacks involved the Zero World, where nothing was allowed to exist and everything was reset and preset to Zero. Though, since the Demon King seemed to have access to the Zero World... Or... No... He could reset himself to Zero? It was even a mystery to Khrona, but Khrona indeed knew the power of Zero. Yet, it was Khrona's time to make it all different.

"... Brother... Together, we might have a chance against Demon King, but... In his current form... It is almost impossible... Unless..." Khrona felt that his brother knew what to do from there. Teamwork of the original leaders of the Dusk-- No, in fact, the original leaders of the REALITY Village. Reality of all kinds was theirs and theirs alone to herald and control! There was no time to let Chaos ruin the true power of Reality... Where ANYTHING they want can exist... Even if it doesn't already. "Alright, Khrona's ready to show the true power of Trance Mode."

After repairing the part of Khrona's Reality that his brother broke out of going into Trance Mode, Khrona now would have ninety eight of those black beings of Misery's left. Two of them were taken to his brother's and the Demon King's attacks... One was taken to the Nothingness, and the others adapted to it, becoming fully immune to the effects of nothingness, for that was their power. If one is hit by an attack, the rest adapt completely and become immune to it. The second one was taken by the Demon King's Hell Fury. Though it wasn't stated, Khrona intentionally threw one in there to become immune to The Demon King's demonic Chakra. Thus the Black Creatures were safe from it. Now, one was being thrown at this new attack of the Demon King's so that the rest could become immune to it... Thus becoming immune to Zero. This means that if they were immune to Zero... Their power was infinity. Zero cannot stop Infinity. Zero and Infinity will only loop themselves for eternity... Or, for infinity. Infinity will forever lose power whilst Zero will forever gain power, and neither will win. It was perfect for this situation.

"Zero... And... Infinity... Khrona... And... Brother..."

Khrona's power was completed. With the ten Reality Hands now having the maximum amount of power, Khrona could attack with just about everything he needed to at the moment.

The first Reality Hand grew to epic proportions, about the size of the moon. The Demon King had already witnessed this once, and perhaps knew what was coming... But with ten Reality Hands, there would be a twist... A second one beside it, both of them together being a Right and Left hand, would then do the same thing, aimed at the beam; "Entropic Balance... And Entropic Chaos..." The same moves as used on the Demon King as last time. This was the power of Entropy launched in two blasts; One that continuously balanced anything and everything it came in contact with, and the other that continuously destroyed anything and everything it came in contact with, thus making everything nothingness that stood in its way... Zero. This was to combat the beam. Though everything of the beam was Zero, everything of Khrona's own was also Zero, thus meaning Zero plus Zero equalling Zero, so not only could one NOT overpower the other, but one couldn't do anything to STOP  another. They would literally be FORCED to a standstill. Naturally, Khrona had his other two abilities, but... Not yet.

Now there were eight full powered Reality Hands left. With a Right Reality Hand, it grew twice the size of the other moon sized ones, aiming for the beam AND the Demon King at the same time, and Khrona uttered, "Zeo Grande..." This was also a blast of nothingness, thus meaning it was Zero, but... Something was different. It had no energy, but it could adapt to and absorb all forms of energy and force. There was something truly wrong with it... It negated the Laws of Nature... All of them. It would plague anything it came in contact to that was sentient with every single ailment of every single universe, reality, and dimension, known and unknown to Khrona. It also broke down everything that it came in contact with and was around it. The best part is, it will expand infinitely, thus living up to its name of 'Grande'.

Seven more Reality Hands to go... This one was a Left hand. It grew to the same size as the previous one and a tiny singularity appeared in its hand. "... Grand. Cross." Khrona would fling this tiny singularity, which in retrospect, was made up of all forms of Reality combined into this one tiny singularity and would be launched at the Demon King. Upon impact with ANYTHING, it would explode in a massive, galactic-wide cross of pure Reality in all of its forms, aiming to take anything else into a singularity.

This next attack was technically made just for the Demon King's Zero Mode... Since Khrona knew that he could traverse the omniverse... Khrona's "Omnipotent Impact..." could do the same thing. It was aimed for all forms of the Demon King. Another Reality hand would fire off the Omnipotent Impact, traversing the Omniverse as the Demon King was known to do in Zero Mode, aiming to hit him no matter where he went. It was how the Demon King got Khrona... And now it was time to see if it could happen to the Demon King. It was aimed to obliterate him -- but not really, since they were cool. "NO ONE GETS OBLITERATED IN THIS FIGHT, OKAY?" -- in the unholiest way, since the Demon King loved to be fucking unholy.

There were now six Reality Hands left and counting... Two more came in, the same size as their predecessors, and now holding a shitload of other forms of energy... From the Left Hand came the "Life... Break." And from the Right Hand came the "Deadliest Impact..." Respectively, All forms of Life and all forms of Death entered these two hands... Though for the Deadliest Impact, the Right Hand changed into a gigantic cannon about the size of a small planet, ready to fire this energy of Death. Basically, Khrona has borrowed the very essences of Life and Death to fling at the Demon King. The Life Break will explode with life, taking all forms of life it hits with it as it implodes, whilst the Deadliest Impact will CAUSE all forms of Death to hit the foe.

Now there were only four Reality Hands left idle to use an attack. Two more came in, both being a Left and a Right, changed their proportions to epic sizes, and Khrona aimed them at the Demon King, once more. "Absolute Alpha... and Absolute Ultima..." Basically, Khrona had amped up the two STRONGEST Manna attacks known to even STRONGER proportions, merged them with his own power, and fired them off as things that break down and reset anything and everything to Zero. It would seem as though these were useless, but they would be very useful, in the long run...

Now two Reality Hands remained. Both of them COMBINED had to use their power for this next move... This was one of Khrona's most powerful he had in Trance Mode that he could willingly control... It was the "Final. Extinction." Its power came straight from the Zero World, where, as stated before, anything and everything was reset and preset to Zero. Nothing could exist except Infinity. Khrona fired this massive beam of Zero, again, both at the Demon King's own attack and at he, himself. Again, this would seem to do nothing right now, but in the long run, it would be effective...

Now Khrona only had left his two original hands connected to his body... His own left and right hand. His own two hands had two abilities that Khrona, for some reason, could not focus into Reality Hands... For the Right hand of Khrona, the Annihilation Cannon. Khrona would snap his fingers of his right hand, creating an ungodly assortment of weapons that covered a base that was the size of a few planets. This power it had was of pure annihilation in all senses of the word. It aimed to take existence and reality into nothingness by firing off rounds of nonstop assault, and if that did not work, then it would self destruct... And being the size of a few planets, you know how that's going to end. HOWEVER, to avoid the controversy of how the planet will survive this... Among how Khrona, his brother and the Demon King will survive this... Khrona's LEFT hand was the hand of Recreation. Khrona would summon an entity... A God, one could say, that lives for the SOLE purpose of creation and recreation. This being of Recreation is also the key to all of Khrona's previous attacks, for Recreation has the ability to create anything that does not, has not, and cannot exist just for the portion of time that it is out on the field. And some things that cannot exist... Negative Zero. Positive Zero.

Through resetting a shitload of the laws of physics, nature, and EVERY-FUCKING-THING ELSE that is supposed to make sense and show existence of something... They were all just put to shame by Khrona's blatant use of things that cannot exist... Are not supposed to exist... And downright are angry as hell. Khrona would then alter his own attacks that were shot off and made into Zero and reverse them with the power of his own reality, thus making them Infinity and Negative Infinity; the only thing that is known that can stop the power of Zero and hopefully the Demon King, as well. Then, Recreation would ALSO fire out these Negative and Positive Zero values, which cannot exist themselves, and hoped to take anything and everything that was Zero at the present moment -- being the Demon King and his beams -- and somehow... Getting rid of them all, canceling themselves out completely. Please note that EVERY ATTACK KHRONA JUST DID was basically simultaneous, all being done at near the same time... Like, within about ten seconds at max. Naturally, using his original hands FIRST before using the Reality hands... But it was just a cooler build-up if you leave the real hands for last, right?

But what of Misery and Despair? Oh, they still had to attack, as well. This was an all out assault, wasn't it? First, Despair would speak to Khrona's brother, as well. "Brother... Even if you do not possess the power of Negative Zero or Positive Zero... Or even Infinity... Khrona will allow you special access to it to take down the Demon King... Just this once. If you accept it, then use it, if not... We shall finish this..." And now, Misery began her attack. With the Envy's Demise beings still immune to the demonic chakra and Zero Mode, Misery would take them into herself, absorbing them back to whence they came, thus making HER immune to demonic chakra and Zero Mode's power. Her final attack was another "PANDEMONIUM!!" which was a massively powerful illusory force of the highest strength that whomever was caught in it would have their minds and any mental energy or force shattered and drained from them at the same time, thus locking them in Pandemonium. Because of the power of Infinity Khrona had created, its power was that of Infinity.

Despair had about two or three final attacks that she could use... And she planned to use them accordingly. The first would be the 'Will Of Despair', in which she released a powerful force of Despair from herself that made everything except her colleagues feel nothing but the pain and suffering of the universe, with its intensity set on MAXIMUM. She tried to make the Demon King feel the pain of everything, EVERYTHING in the universe... In all realities... All dimensions. And she intensified it to the highest it could be. Since Khrona had bestowed the power of Infinity within her, the maximum pain that could be felt was Infinity. Next was 'Despair's Abyss', and using the same field of pain she created before, she made another one that forced literally EVERYTHING to lose its will. Made energy's will to lose its flow. Time to lose its will to flow. Chakra lose its will to flow. Minds lose their will to think. Bodies lose their will to function. It works on EVERYTHING. Thus, hopefully, Zero Mode Demon King would lose his will to be Zero Mode; to attack; to move; to do ANYTHING; and be lifeless, lost in nothing but no will and endless pain. Hopefully, even the effects of Zero would lose the will to stay open and go back to whence it came. But since this power was Infinity at the moment... It had no limits. Finally, Despair's FINAL attack. The 'Cannon Of Despair'. Despair warped high above the area, growing several thousands of times larger than she was originally, and from under her cloak came an astronomical cannon about the size of a few planets. Despair sucked in nothingness, infinity, negative zero, positive zero, and anything else Khrona had mustered up in his previous attacks that was an idle power and fired it off as an intensely immensely supermassive blast aiming to take out everything, since it was also blessed with the highest form of Rejection amplified by Infinity, thus it could reject even Zero, as well as everything else.

"Demon King..." Khrona started to say to him, "... Please... Let this be... The end." By that, he surely meant the end of the battle, not the end of the three of them... That would be rather self-destructive.

... So. Looking back on it. Probably, just from the Demon King and Khrona clashing, and if his brother decided to contribute to Khrona's latest -- and probably LAST -- effort to make sure the Demon King did not obliterate them, you're probably wondering... How in the HELL are we gonna fix this shit up? ESPECIALLY without the Earth King? Well, you see, guys... That's what Recreation is ALSO for. Not only can Recreation create things that do not, have not and cannot exist, but can also OBVIOUSLY recreate anything that was destroyed. THUS, if KHRONA, HIS BROTHER, THE DEMON KING, THE PLANET, THE UNIVERSE, THE OMNIVERSE, EVERYTHING, NOTHING, PIE, XZYSTINS (EXISTENCE), REALITY and ANY OTHER FUCKING THING THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MOTHER FUCKING MIND is to be destroyed... Recreation, a sentient being of its own, will use ALL of its power to Recreate it, thus exhausting itself and causing everything to be all normal and shit.

With all of this power of existence... non-existence... and everything else that has just broken every law ever to be known... Can the prized mode of Zero that the Demon King has attained break through? Does Khrona's brother have contribution to Khrona's INSANELY destructive assault?

Will the Infinities of Reality be the victor... or the Zeroes of Chaos?

Khrona's brother would only sigh in disappointment. The overwhelming powers of the Demon King and Khrona about to clash and the entire world in danger, Khrona's brother would have never thought things would have gotten this bad. He summoned forth a mirror that floated in front of him and gazed upon himself with his own dojutsu. In doing so, he was able to instantly learn the abilities of himself while in Trance Mode and how to use them. The mirror faded away and Khrona's brother turned his attention back to the two, placing his hand outward.

Khrona's Brother: "I give you... Refinement." (Anti-Epic)

From Khrona's brother would project out a invisible grid that scanned the dimensional world instantly. Anything that was scanned by this ability would be given an existence of its own, making every thing real and everything apart of a single reality. This would mean everything that was said to be zero or of multiple realities or even at the power of infinity would all be brought to a singularity of One. Everything now One; One reality, One existence, One power -- this was the power of Maze's Trance ability.

With this done and now with everything in the same plane of existence, Khrona's brother was able to follow up with his next attack.

Khrona's Brother: "Breakdown..."

Everything that was anything would now shatter to pieces; everything in the entire universe brought to nothingness... Well, everything but Khrona, his brother, and the Demon King. Their attacks, however would, too, shatter. Thanks to Khrona's brother's 'Refinement' (Anti-Epic), they were all brought to one plane of existence and as such were effected by the manna of 'Breakdown,' the ultimate ability of destruction and reconstruction that Khrona's brother had.

Now with the three of them all in a place that can only be described as a purgatory and a place were no one on the outside could be hurt -- which was Khrona's brother's largest concern -- he said, "You two are something else..." He spoke with a bit of sarcasm, but at the same time, said it out of respect. These two were so powerful that he felt honored to be in battle with them. But now with chakras running low and the three with no one in the universe to worry about repercussions, how would they all battle now?

The Demon King's eyes filled with rage as Khrona's brother had just pissed him off. "... Guys like you piss me off. You're all, 'protect the balance of life,' and you, yourself, were about to level two miles of the earth with your magic balls of shit."

The Demon King was furious. He wasn't using his silver tongue, nor was he being indirect; two things that symbols the highest level of anger for the Demon King.

Demon King: "... But it doesn't matter..."

The Demon King, still floating in Khrona's brother's artificial space, snapped his finger and his Pentagram activated behind his back. Of course, Khrona and his brother couldn't see this by normal means, but like all next gen, they see and know all.

Demon King: "... Because you are going to die here. That will be my gift you... A chance at reprieve in the underworld!!!"

The Demon King's body began to flicker violently as his Zero mode's ability was draining his chakra at a rate he wasn't used to yet, so he would have to activate it only when he needed it.

Demon King: "... Kurai..."

The Demon King's body exited Hyper mode and with that, Zero mode left as well, his Pentagram still very much active... But the Demon King's face seemed different. His mood had shifted into the sadness he had been harboring within him for so long.

Demon King: "...I bet if I had this power before... You wouldn't..."

The Demon King didn't even complete his sentence before the armor of the harbinger began to mold itself onto his body; a mode he rarely used, for he always seemed to lose himself in this mode -- but what do you expect from the bringer of destruction, despair and hatred.

Demon King: "... Harbinger... Come unto me!"

With the words spoken, the Demon King's transformation was complete. The purple armor of his harbinger was upon him and with it, the power to defeat Khrona and kill his brother.

Demon King: "..."

He landed on the ground ever so gently and began his steady approach towards Khrona and his brother. His first thought was to utterly self-destruct this entire area, but for some reason, the Demon King wasn't in that type of mood.

Demon King: "..."

The purple armor of the harbinger began to drop from his body. This normally meant he was exiting this mode and giving up all the power that came with it, but his skin and overall outer experience seemed different. His skin was a dark tannish gray, while his hair was as seemed to be of the same complexion; on his head were two black wing like structures, and more importantly, his eyes worked.

Demon King: "Hmph."

The Demon King looked at his body, stilling be able to see like he did before with his blindfold on, but he seemed to be able to cipher between the two visions. He had achieved a new level of his harbinger state and he planned to use this new power to wrap this fight up with the quickness. The Demon King summoned forth six black sphere's of energy to cycle his body, then he snapped his finger and entered Hyper mode. This meant his ability to use his Zero Point moves were still very much present.

"Khrona... Other one... Behind you." the Demon King said this and used the full extent of his new speed to move past them both. He swung his six blades a them both twenty times, each hit aimed at a vital organ that may or may not exist in their bodies. Now the Demon King was not anywhere near them and since his dojutsu was ever-present, he would have avoided any foolish attempt to stop his movement with ease; the Demon King was also fathoms faster than both of them since when he made his movement he entered Zero mode, but promptly exited after making his move. All and all, Khrona and his brother should have been struck by every single slash.

Demon King: "... Too slow..."

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Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei   Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei EmptySun Mar 29, 2020 8:02 am

Last Restoration; Masters of Souls, Manna and Hell Collide Pt. III

With Khrona's brother having unlocked his Trance Mode thanks to being exposed to Khrona's own, it seemed as though the two brothers had the upper hand. However, the Demon King had his own powerful transformation lying in wait for the right time to be revealed, now threatening to end the two of his adversaries in a final move. This, however, was still a free for all, and anything could happen... The battle was never over until it was over, and it was about time for the cosmic engagement of epic proportions to come to a close...

Though it was true that Khrona would not be able to see this fast... This is where Khrona's original abilities would be best used. 'Yeah, no time for the awesome power of Trance Mode... No, we're taking it down a notch. Back to the basics... of DNA and Psychic power, baby.'

Through Precognition, Khrona could already tell what the Demon King was about to do as he was thinking it, and Clairvoyance allowed him to see how the future could play out thousands of times in his head before it actually happened, thus giving Khrona time to react before it even started. Because... Knowing is half the battle, guys. The very, VERY instant before the Demon King initiated his attack, Khrona used his Polylocation to be in numerous places at once, yet be the same person. And that's when the Khrona that the Demon King was aiming for would dissipate, making the Demon King's slashes seem to hit and destroy him, when in reality, it was just another part of Khrona that Khrona artificially made to make it seem that way. Now another ability of Khrona's... The awesome Answer-Seeker ability. For this, Khrona only needed to think of a question and instantly, the answer would appear. No matter what it was, Khrona would know how and when to do something about it. Though it wasn't as strong as if Khrona were sane, Khrona only needed to know two questions.... How to survive and how to get around the Demon King. Because his brother had just eliminated the epicness, though he was Khrona's brother, first friend, and best friend, even through these insane times... He was on his own now. Instead of accepting Khrona's help beforehand, what he did was destroy it. That meant no more help from Khrona in the remainder of this battle. Khrona wouldn't be able to use his big attacks anymore, but that was okay. Thanks to Answer-Seeker, he knew how to get by just with DNA and psychic power. That's all that was needed.

Khrona: 'Your move, Brother.'

Khrona's brother indeed wasn't able to see the strikes coming, but unlike both the Demon King and Khrona, his abilities weren't stunted. The slashes that the Demon King made would indeed contact, but would show no effectiveness. This was thanks to the second Trance Mode ability he had; the ability of constant deconstruction and reconstruction. This would mean for every single frame of time, Khrona's brother's body would constantly destroy itself and then repair itself, making the Demon King's slashes not even the slightest beat of effective...

Khrona's Brother: "You are a threat to all humanity, Demon King..."

Khrona's brother's heart would fill with an overwhelming feel of duty. His mafia ring would flare, it being set ablaze with the blinding light of accelerating fire for the first time in a long time. His eyes were set ablaze in the blinding light of this flame.

"You take me as a hypocrite, huh? Don't try to use my actions to justify yours." Khrona's brother spoke passionately, but this battle was dragging on. However, he wasn't worried, even with the Demon King's new transformation. Khrona's brother's plan had started to come full circle. Using his claws, he would rip open a tear in this realm of nonexistence. All the energy that had been pulled into the nothingness before could be felt within the hole. The energy had been broken down and reformed anew and would fire outward toward the Demon King and Khrona, its size being that of one of the more fairly larger planets. The reason for it's massive size was because of all the energy that was taken: The energy from the Demon King's 'Hell Fury', The 'Dead Coffin' that had the same amount of power as the Demon King as a person, the siliceous of one the 'Envy's Demise,' and not to mention all of the chip energy it was taking from the Demon King, Misery, and Despair the whole time. All would have crumbled at the mere presence of this blast, but with nothing around, there was nothing to fear in using this technique, which was Khrona's brother's intent the whole time.

The Demon King's head began to shake as he watched the idealistic fool speak his garbage. The Demon King was once one for talking in battle, but after his closest friend told him, 'You talk too much,' he began to slow his chatter. However, he was certainly about to go against this today.

Demon King: "Fool. I do not need to justify my action. I was protecting this planet long before your highest elder could take a shit. So, for you to tell me I am a threat not only sickens me... But disgusts me."

The Demon King was one hell of a shinobi and he was capable of all forms of combat. To be honest, he knew he was going to win this fight. All he had to do was wait for the opportune moment to call checkmate.

The hole Khrona's brother opened seemed to be boasting some serious power, and with the Demon King's lovely Origin Vision, he could see the traces of all the residual energy from his jutsu. He knew Khrona's brother was using the powers of both himself and Khrona, but like always, the Demon King was in no way afraid.

Demon King: "Allow me to show you..."

While in the Demon King's new state, he was able to access the power of 'Oblivium,' a power he had only heard of by his father long before he ever became a shinobi. It was rumor that a 'True' Demon King could never be harmed by the dead, but his father said, "One day, my son... You will be unharmed by both the living and the dead." The Demon King, in his young age, payed very little attention to this, but now he understood...

The Demon King knew that if he could master 'Oblivium,' he would never be touched by any power again... And he aimed to put this to test here and now.

Demon King: "... My resolve!!"

The Demon King closed his eyes and pointed his hands towards the growing energy. The beam did indeed fire, however the Demon King immediately flew into the beam, his hands glowing an even darker crimson than before the beam touched Khrona.

"Oblivium's..." The Demon King's body flickered violently as the power of Oblivium began to expand violently. This power was not known exactly to the Demon King, so Khrona wouldn't know what it was capable of and the Demon King's body was being guarded by the six black balls floating around him from before. The Demon King's Pentagram barrier wasn't active at this moment, as he had to direct the power into his body in order to use the power of Oblivium. A brilliant display of colors began to fill the area as the Demon King single handedly took on the power of Khrona's brother's jutsu. It was far greater than his chakra, so he couldn't Zero Point drain it and his Pentagram alone wouldn't be able to block it. His only hope was to use the 'Oblivium Demise.' This jutsu the Demon King was trying to pull off would do one of two things. He would either awaken the power of Oblivium, or die and in his failure. "... DEMISES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The flashing of the Demon King's body stopped and within an instant, the power Khrona's brother had hoped to win the fight with would be reduced to nothing. The Demon King's body looked as if it had been burned as steam rolled off his body, his arms were glowing the same crimson red as his hands were before and most importantly... Khrona's brother's beam was no more.

Demon King: "... You have both lost."

The Demon King's Pentagram returned to his back as he slowly turned his face to Khrona's brother. The black balls were still floating around his body, but one of them would float into the Demon King's body. "... I have the power of Oblivium on my side... A power neither of you pups could ever comprehend." The Demon King knew Khrona was a psychic, so he put up a nice mental guard on his mind, as he didn't want it known how he reduced his brother's beam to nothing... But rest assured, he was going to tell them right after they fell to it.

Again, all Khrona wanted to do was use as little power possible to evade and survive. He was planning to slowly regain his power, since Khrona had the ability to do that. He could rejuvenate energy at an extremely high rate thanks to his DNA abilities, but seeing as Khrona could hold within himself such a massive amount of energy, it would seem to be extremely slow. Thus, what would happen would be this... Khrona used the same method of evading the Demon King as he would to evade his brother's attack. Something Khrona never knew how to do was be patient. He always tended to use his powers for either 'now or never.' There was never a 'just wait and see' for Khrona. Although... Khrona looked at the Demon King, who seemed to be gaining a new power... Then at his brother in his Trance Mode... And Khrona began to think.

"... Demon King... Is your only purpose to show us up?" Without the huge emanation of power, though Khrona was still in Trance Mode, he was speaking normally as if he weren't. His two weapon partners were gone... But they were safe within his cape. "... Was that the only reason to join this fight? You only wished to win when this was a battle that wasn't even yours...? Is that all you are now...? Your only purpose...? Can you not live without over-exalting yourself and forcing everything to know your power...? Will it bring you respect...? Will it bring you more power...? Tell me, Demon King... What will defeating everything bring you? Will it comfort you at night? Will it keep you safe? Will you regain anything you have lost?"

Even Khrona was confused about this. He looked at his brother, now. "... Brother. Can you not fight for what you believe in? Instead of taking the chance to overpower and defeat the Demon King, as I intended, you instead do this? Our powers combined... We could recreate whatever we destroyed. In fact, one of my Trance abilities is Recreation. Why did you not let it happen...? Peace is not eternal. Nor is it essential. Chaos will forever dwell throughout the planet whether we are the ones who cause it or not... In a universe constantly trying to find balance within itself... If it were to find that perfect balance, nothing would exist... But everything would exist... Yet, at the same time, the powers of balance and chaos are balancing themselves no matter what. So to want this peace... It is... Uncalled for."

With that said, Khrona realized some things about himself seeing his brother and the Demon King fight... The Demon King meant to take out everything in his way... Khrona's brother sought to protect everything he could... But what of Khrona? Khrona was the middle ground... Of both destruction and creation... The two opposing forces at hand here. Originally, when the Demon King came into the fight, he was the 'third wheel...' Then, once the Demon King and Khrona clashed, his brother became the 'third wheel...' And now, with the Demon King wanting to kill his brother... Khrona was the 'third wheel.' Everyone's had their turn... But Khrona's time would be the best of times.

Through simple thought, Khrona realized a few things about himself... And for a few moments, he became... Sane. Even thinking about his past... Thinking about his fears... Thinking about his solitude... Thinking about his pain and suffering... Misery and Despair... It all made his mind clear for once, and for a brief moment. Thus, his Answer-Seeker ability had full potential and Khrona had the ability to answer all questions without limitations. Even if someone else doesn't know about it, themselves, Khrona would know, now that he was sane for this short amount of time. "... And the rest of me..." Khrona now knew how to regain his lost power. Because he was sane right now, he now had access to his most potent psychic abilities... One of them being Thoughtform Projection. Granted, he could do this whilst insane, but it would be nowhere NEAR as helpful. Thoughtform Projection made literally ANYTHING Khrona thought real. And what Khrona thought of was a rejuvenation pill. It would restore Khrona fast enough for him to continue with the next things...

"Full Sanity Mode..." Khrona mumbled, which was the form he was in now. He seemed to relinquish his Trance Mode for this, but it was unknown why. In his Full Sanity, Khrona now looked like this: his cape was now a coat, his hair was slicked back, and both his eyes were visible. His gloves returned and his regular skin-tight clothing reformed.

Though, another Khrona appeared. This one seemed to be made out of ALL of Khrona's Insanity... This was what was left from the effects of Full Sanity, which was Full Insanity Mode. Though for a split second Khrona's wings resembled that of an angel, they quickly reverted back to the black, tattered dragon wings that they were.

Even further down the line than that was Khrona in his Pure Insanity form, which was a new one. Because of the Answer-Seeker ability, Khrona knew all forms of himself and how to use them, and since he was Sane, he knew how to attain them... And the perfect moment was right now. For Pure Insanity. The literal essence of souls and insanity that was Khrona... This was it.

The next Khrona that appeared... the Dark Insanity Khrona. This is what would happen if Khrona were on the path to become the Falshin... This is what Khrona would look like. This is the power he would attain. The power of a soon-to-be Falshin... The Dark Insanity.

There were also normal Khrona -- which was Ying-Yang Khrona, the original Sanity-Insanity Khrona -- and Trance Mode Khrona, which appeared as well. But even more new forms of Khrona appeared.

Ultimate Khrona, where every single power of Khrona was at its highest point... Its maximum level... Its power growing higher each second... one of the most powerful Khronas...

Innocent Khrona. The very essence of purity and the sense of innocence and childhood within Khrona. Even this had manifested into a form. ... Wait a minute... It was... A bunny? THAT'S RIGHT. A MUTHA-FUCKING BUNNY. How much more innocent could you get?

The next, Misery and Despair Khrona, where he and his weapons had fused together to create a Khrona of severe depression and sadness...

Khrona; Condemned...

Happiness Khrona...

Master of Fear Khrona...

Harvester/Total Absorption Khrona...

Arbiter of Souls Khrona...

And then there was one more... This was Paradox Khrona.

With all of these Khronas active, out and about... There was a sense of oneness about them, but also a sense of total and complete uniqueness. Each of them had the same abilities, for they were the same person... But at the same time, different abilities and totally different outcomes of what they could do, when they could do it, how they could do it and what specifically would happen if they were to use their power. Khrona's own sanity, though very short, was a catalyst for Khrona to find out everything about himself. He now knew everything he could... He could understand it... And with that, Khrona knew for a fact that he had won the fight the Demon King desperately tried to win. Everyone could win this fight, but it seems as though they chose not to. The Demon King, hellbent on destruction and approval of power; Khrona's brother, set on protection and safety... Useless. Without saying a word to the two, Khrona exited the battle, feeling a hell of a lot more accomplished about himself. Through the power of... Everything the Khronas could do, it was very easy to remove themselves from battle and be back on the planet... In their little pit... Living it up in insanity, for Khrona's sanity once again deteriorated upon leaving this place. His knowledge stayed, but the sanity didn't. Though, Khrona did have a contented face of purely calm insanity... That was the best type of insanity.


Though, after exiting, an eerie voice flowed through the nothingness... "Have fun senselessly killing each other. With love, Khrona... And Misery and Despair." Officially, Khrona had finished the battle between the Demon King, his brother and himself. Now what was left...? Only the Demon King and his brother.

The both of them were forcefully ended by the sheer presence of these Khronas, and all things were returned to what they should be -- the aftermath of the battle. When Khrona took himself out of the battle, he took the reality of the battle with him, and with his transcendent state, the other two would be left ass-out in space, powerless and clueless. Khrona's reality made up more of the battle than they thought, as both of them had absorbed some of his power, which he had absolute control over. Therefore, when he exited, the battle forcefully ended... And so too did their powers.

The End.

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Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Book 8; The Restoration of Khrona Tensei
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