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 Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei

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Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei   Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei EmptySun Mar 29, 2020 8:04 am

Khrona, having been restored better than he was before through his great trials and experience on the planet, was now starting to come of age through his puberty at the tender age of sixteen. Having renewed his family, his village, himself, his life, his love, and his power to far greater heights, he had awakened a new strength through Trance that he wouldn't find out about until later on in his life... The Thirteen Restrictions. They, alone, were his protectors and would guide him down his path to unlock his True Self, and through the process of Recreation of his old self and maturity into his higher selves. Though Khrona was not aware that this was going on, the events in his life after the life-changing epic between he, his brother and the Demon King would leave him with the fruitful taste of prosperity that was the catalyst to his epic Journey... Of both himself and the universe.

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Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$
Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$

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Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei   Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei EmptySun Mar 29, 2020 8:40 am

First Journey; Choosing a Nation

Some time had passed since the last engagement between Khrona, his brother and the Demon King, and Khrona was left dumbfounded by his own power, as well as the Thirteen versions of himself that appeared before him to save him from the cataclysmic and reckless destruction from their altercation. It was all wracking his brain like never before, and he was wondering if, even with how powerful he was before, that he were only scratching the surface. He was more than distracted trying to put the pieces together, even during his duties as leader, which he usually never let anything get in the way of. Something was going on and he had to figure it out... His powers were on the rise exponentially and he needed some answers... And being stuck in the office all day wasn't getting any of it done. As much as he loved helping people, he was starting to believe that being stuck at the desk day in and day out just wasn't going to cut it for him... But that would have to wait until some business was taken care of, first.

Kristi, a traveler, would arrive at the office of Khrona just like the other villages. She was here to see what this one had to offer. If she didn't like it, she would move on; if she didn't like any of the villages, she would become a drifter.

The door to the office of Khrona would open up, and Khrona could be seen sitting at his desk, doing what seemed to be nothing. He looked slightly depressed. "... I know what you want already. I know what everyone wants. But it's nice to hear it from your own mouth. Tell me why you are here."

"I'm here to see what this village has to offer me if I was to join. I also have questions. And my justification is clear; my opinions can not be changed by others," she said, not even giving her name.

Khrona sneered. "If you have questions, ask them, and I will answer, Kristi. And don't think I can't change your opinion of things..." Because of Khrona's magnificent and unmatched psychic power, he already knew what she was going to ask... But again, it's nice to hear the words from her own mouth.

Kristi's blade would begin to talk to her and as it did, it told her of what Khrona was doing. Kristi, as she was, hated anyone who tried to control or manipulate people. She had never been fond of humans in the first place. "What does this village have to offer me?" She would repeat. Her blade would open a void in front of her. But this void was only visible to her blade and even Kristi, herself, was unaware of it. This void was summoned to collectively gather information about the area and send all data to a soul inside the blade for further use. "What is your goal as a leader?" She would ask.

"I'm not a human anymore." Khrona would quickly say. He was constantly reading her thoughts continuously, and since Khrona couldn't keep his thoughts to himself anymore, he had to say everything he thought. "But whatever. Your sword is doing something," Khrona would also say, though he didn't plan on saying it. Not like it mattered, anyway.

Khrona finally got to her questions, though he wasn't particularly fond of them, himself. "I hate these sorts of questions. But I guess it can't be helped. This Village, in short, has the most supernatural accessibility than all others. Soul Weapons, Innocence Weapons, Classes and Jobs, the works. As for me, my personal goal as a leader is to make everyone in tune with their bodies, minds and souls, for all three are the essence of functionality with one's own existence."

Khrona paused, closing his eyes. "A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, which harbors a healthy soul."

Now it was Khrona's turn to ask the questions. He already knew what the sword was doing, for his psychic abilities told him everything that was necessary. Khrona's soul wished to eat this girl and her sword whole, however... But those thoughts aren't becoming of a leader... Even if the leader is all forms of insane.

Kristi would look at her blade. The blade, which had a mind of its own, and could not be controlled by Kristi -- as she had not the power to yet -- would detect hostile thoughts from Khrona and retract everything it had been doing. The sword's eyes would glow and a faint eerie hum would begin.

Kristi would ask one last question, not knowing Khrona would be wanting to ask some. "Nature? What is your opinion on it? Do you respect the forest? Do you care for the animals? Do you believe verifying in nature was meant to stay how it was before people came?" she would inquire.

Khrona puffed out a cheek. "I greatly prefer secluded places. Where the sun doesn't shine. Where no one may enter. Where everything is nothingness, and nothingness is everything. Nature that's all colorful and whatnot... I don't care for. Animals... They're alright if they're cute. If they attack me, I'll eat their souls, for I am the master of souls. I do RESPECT nature, though that doesn't mean I care for it."

As soon as the words 'I don't care for animals' came out, Kristi's mind had been made up. He didn't care for animals or nature so this village wasn't the one she wanted at all.

"You already know my decision," she said turning for the door.

And of course, what day would be complete without someone looking for a Job application or something of the sort? Of course, everyone needed work, but it was just becoming ever so tiresome to sit here and do this all day. Oh well. Someone had to do it, right? Khrona just endured it for a while and did his duty as he should...

The poison ninja and his weapon would appear in front of Khrona's Office once again although, his Soul Partner would be supporting him, as he was still in bad shape from his battle with another person from a different village. They would be coming to gain the last two out of three jobs they could hold at a time.

Khrona stared at the poison ninja, busting up laughing. "AHAHAHAHA! What happened to you, guy? Looks like you have a serious vendetta, huh? I take it you're here for the rest of your jobs, eeeeh~? After what seems to be a terrible ass whooping, I wouldn't blame ya. Ha."

Poison Ninja: "Yes, I got beat up pretty bad. So can we gain our remaining two jobs Khrona-sama?

Khrona snickered, "Of course. The slots are open, right? Come, Chomao, show them their options!"

Chomao would walk towards them and place the book right there in front of them. "Take your pick."

The poison ninja would stand on his own and walk over to the book and both he and his weapon would look through the book.

Poison Ninja: "Soldier and Pierrot."

Soul Weapon: "Dancer and Gunner."

Choma nodded. "Right then. I guess it's time to do my part..." The book would shine brightly, then suddenly, so would the two who came here. The bright light would embed itself deep within them, allowing them the abilities of the jobs they wished to master. The light would fade from around them both and the book, as Chomao said, "Done."

While the two did not change in appearance, four gun holsters with guns in it would appear on the Soul Weapon's hip. They both would then bow to Khrona and then they would leave out of the office to go practice with their new abilities.

Some time later after Khrona left, the resident werewolf, after leaving the Correctional Facility, decided to head towards to see Chomao. Upon receiving his new weapon, he didn't want to go straight into it and fail, but instead found the perfect class to use them for. He would knock against the door awaiting the answer.

Chomao opened the door, as Khrona and his weapons were out, and Khrona's Pact partner couldn't be located by any means... "... You're that werewolf boy, right? What's up?"

Werewolf: "Hey there. Um, can I get the Gunner class as my second job?"

Chomao nodded, quickly grabbing the Grand Grimoire. "You remember how this works." Chomao opened the book, and a powerful light would come from it, wrapping around the werewolf and totally engulfing him, embedding the power of a gunner within him.

After a few seconds of embracing the light, the werewolf would be seen with two holsters on his side and pouches to place his new weapons where his two recent weapons would be in the front. "Thanks for the help Chomao," the werewolf said as he waved before exiting.

Chomao nodded, then sighed. "... I wish more people would embrace the classes and jobs..."

"I'LL SPREAD THE WORD!!!" the werewolf said. Chomao didn't know, but he had excellent hearing and would try to help the little guy out with his request.

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Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei   Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei EmptySun Mar 29, 2020 8:52 am

Second Journey; Getting Out...

Khrona's restlessness preceded him, naturally, considering how much fun he was having before and how much raw potential he saw in himself from the epic with his 'brothers.' He couldn't help but to feel restless now, wanting answers and a way to harness his awesome power with better control than he had done before. So, hearing about some sort of special training facility in the Nightmare, which had recently become the Twilight, -- just as the Reality and Deep became the Dusk-- Khrona would inspect this place with a projection of himself.

"Soooo... Khrona's here." He's a physical, yet mental projection of himself. "Why is he here? For... Access to a wonderful training facility, of course." Not like Khrona had that in the Dusk village.

"Yo!" 'Khrona' would shout, trying to see if this elemental whom he fought before was here.

"Aye, Aye, Aye!!!" the elemental said as he would already be in front of the house, laid out on his lawn chair. He had his hood off and he would have his circular shades on his face. He then shushed Khrona accordingly, placing the finger over his own lips. "You, sir, are throwing off the chill..." he said. In the brief silence, you could hear the ocean brush against the shore of his island. You could hear the various birds flap across and above Twilight Ocean, which strangely enough, had a tent of purple rather than blue like other oceans. This sense of peace is what the elemental strived off of as he lowered his finger releasing a sigh of relaxation. "Now... How may I be of service, Mr. Ghost Man?"

Khrona scoffed. Such a peace wasn't his forte... It didn't sit right with him... "Bleeeeh." But whatever. He came here for a reason...

"... Yeah, uh. We've met, right? I am Khrona, leader of the Dusk... And I've come for access to this... Danger Room? Don't ask how I know about it."

"The Fuck You Know About The Danger Room?" the elemental would ask as he raised his head slightly. He never tells people of whom he doesn't know about his secrets. And he knew all of his friends didn't tell his secrets. This made him a tad upset. He was beginning to already not like this guy.

Khrona squinted his eyes, gritting his teeth a bit. "Well, SIR, I have psychic powers... The absolute best with them, I must say. Not only can I read the minds of people who have been, I can read their pasts and view events of the past of the Twilight. Plus, my mind can locate shit, too. There isn't much that my mind can't get a grasp on. How do you think I found my way here after never being in the Twilight Village before...?" Khrona tapped his holographic foot, like S*nic the H*dgeh*g.

The elemental lied back down in his chair, arms reclining behind his head. "Whatever, just what do you want on my island...?"

Khrona sighed, shaking his head. "... I just want access to that 'Danger Room.' So... Uh... Can you help me out with that?"

"Well, for one.. I don't even know you. Two, how can I give access to one of my most prized possessions to someone who won't even grace me with their presence?" the elemental asked, getting out of his chair and starting walking into his house. "Sounds pretty stupid to me..."

Khrona's soul bursted with some sort of angry insanity as the elemental addressed him in such a manner, and with that done, the area darkened. The air was filled with a sort of dark aura... It made the atmosphere glow a dim crimson. Right before the elemental would get to his door, Khrona was already there, as if he had been standing there the whole time. This time, he was a full bodied being... It was unknown how he actually did this. "Whatever." He glared at the elemental with insane eyes, finally saying, "Sir, would you like to KNOW who I AM, then~? I will GLADLY let you KNOW who the FUCK Khrona is..." Khrona would grab his head, transmitting basic information and knowledge about himself into the mind of the elemental, as well as reciting Khrona's entire, sad, gloomy, horrible, painful life-story to him in a matter of three seconds, though it would still be really clearly heard and perceived to the elemental. Once that was done, Khrona abruptly let his head go and the area returned to normal, the body then becoming a nonphysical being once again. "It is very nice to meet you... Again. The pleasure is all mine. Now..." Khrona smiled, perking up a bit. "... Would you kindly grant me access, please~?"

After said objects went down, the elemental officially didn't like Khrona. He had no people skills apparently and no type of manners. He was to be banished from his island, despite his fucked up past, present, and future. The elemental gave no fuck. He has issues too. However, as he was in the process of doing so, he received a mental message from the Earth King... Which gave him the ok. The elemental continued to walk through Khrona, leaving the door open. He knew that Khrona always mindfucked people of their information despite how they felt; another disrespectful aspect. He walked into the darkness of his house; Khrona was supposed to follow. If not, whatever.

"..." Khrona jumped up like a little school girl. "Squee~! Something's gonna happen~! I'm gonna get a Danger Room day~! Yay Danger~!" Khrona quickly followed, knowing for sure that the elemental didn't like him now. What the hell did you expect? Khrona's a fucking insane recluse of the highest type. He rarely leaves his village or touches people in non-malicious fashions. Whatever, though. Khrona followed~!

Upon entering the darkness of this confusing home, they would be walking down a hallway for about five minutes. He reached a wall that the elemental applied his power to. After which, it opened up, revealing a teleportation pad. He walked into it, as he was materialized elsewhere. Khrona was advised to enter before the pad locked up.

Khrona eyed this technology, for a moment, then stepped on it. "Damn the Twilight, being so technologically advanced... Technology is stuuupiiiid. I can warp all by my--" Suddenly, Khrona was teleported elsewhere.

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Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei   Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei EmptyMon Mar 30, 2020 8:18 am

Third Journey; Back To The Beginning... A Throwback

During Khrona's training in the Danger Room, Khrona could find little satisfaction or appeasement in any of the 'dangers' that were held within, overcoming most -- if not all of them -- with relative ease. Since the epic with his brother and the Demon King, he'd become far too powerful to be stimulated by such things and was still not satisfied with his journey nor his endeavors. Puzzled, crestfallen, and a bit disheartened, Khrona decided to tread the lands of the man who nearly obliterated him before, hoping to find some answers to the future by revisiting one from the past; the Earth King.

Khrona was very depressed for some reason. It must have been because the solitude of his mind was gone. He had to share information with everyone all of the time. It was... Sure to make him unhappy. Though, because of the battle with the Demon King and his brother, Khrona was in a calmed state... Calm Insanity. That's how he was feeling. So now, he had terrible and twisted thoughts, but instead of them flooding his mind like normal, they flowed out like normal thoughts... Therefore, at the moment, Khrona could speak normally without having numerous things shoot out of his mouth at once. Misery and Despair were with him, however. As they walked across a rather lively terrain... Filled with trees and a river and grass and all that dumb shit, Khrona had a thought, which was instantaneously transferred as actual words.

Khrona: "... I want to have a battle with someone... A throwback battle... In which all of our powers are back to our original standards, whence we came with."

Misery: "... Uh. Where did that come from? And.. HELLO!? That means NO TRANCE MODE?! NO MODES AT ALL! None of those fucking 'jutsu' things that you have... All you'd have at your disposal would be Me, Despair, Your soul, DNA and Psychic Powers. I'm sure most people at your level will eat you alive!!"

Khrona: "But Misery, they will be thrown back, as well. They will use their original powers... before they expanded. Before they gained their new abilities. And to make sure that we cannot use our new abilities... I will even make a contract via the Judgemaster's Law."

Khrona quickly created a paper and signed his name to it, then waited for someone to come. "This battle shall be most... Fun."

While Khrona was walking, he would eventually come to an abrupt halt, for the figure standing a bit in the distance was all too familiar to him. It was the Earth King, AKA the Earth's Advocate... But 'The Earth King' to those who weren't granted the permission of calling him by his childborn name. He turned his head around with his hood covering his face, pulled it off and sighed. "Great... the Psycho Circus is in town." All in all, the Earth King despised Khrona, his brother, and the entire Dusk village; firstly, because they were fuckin' weird; secondly, because there fuckin' kids. Nevertheless, the Earth King stood there gazing at the scenery. He, too, was having some internal thoughts of his own.

Misery was the first to turn around at the snide remark made by the Earth King, sporting a rather pissed off look, as usual.

Misery: "Go eat a dick, you shiny son of a bitch!!"

Khrona and Despair would turn around simultaneously, both sporting a look of both gloom and serenity at the same time. They both shook their heads at Misery's comeback, and Despair would back up slightly, letting Khrona walk in front of her and Misery.

Khrona: "... Ah, leader of the Twilight... Earth King... How very nice to see you. Though I am not fond of your presence, I do respect your power. In fact, one could say that I hold a special and specific hate for each respective village leaders... But with hate comes love, right? Oh, but I wonder if I can truly ever love again... it's such a--"

Misery: "GET ON WITH IT, KHRONA. Shit. I wish you didn't think so much. Then I wouldn't have to hear your crap all of the time..."

Khrona shook his head a bit. "Ah, yes, but I digress.. You see, after getting my Pact partner--"

Misery: "KHRONA!!!!!!"

Khrona cleared his throat, trying to focus his thoughts on actually one thought now. "... Yes, yes... So, Earth King, I am formally challenging you to a Throwback Battle. The contract I have made via my Judgemaster Power will create a single law over the two of us... It is that we cannot dwell out of our original abilities or original 'special' powers. Meaning, I would have no pure jutsu, no mode transformations, no Trance, no Grand Grimoire abilities, and so on, and you would not have your Mafia Flame, Cosmic Power, and the like. If you agree to the terms of this battle, just say so, and the agreement will enforce the almighty reality-changing Law."

Khrona stared at him with a rather pleasant face, yet it was gleaming with insanity... calm insanity. It was nice. Severely nice.

Misery: "I hope you're not a pansy about it..."

Despair: "Please, Mr. Earth King, it would be greatly, dreadfully appreciated if you went into combat with us... The gloriously gloomy nostalgia that will be felt will be drearily pleasant, I'm sure..."

The Earth King, still gazing across the expansive land, chuckled to himself at the raw display of immaturity that this individual possesses. It annoyed him, as such he would take the pleasure of beating it out of him ruthlessly. The cosmic power, though it augments the Earth King's powers, isn't his most feared ability... That has yet to be seen, but he had to make sure of something first. "So, no weird crazy Soul powers and Spirit weapons and such, correct? Just our strict natural abilities? Mine, being carbon infusion and yours being your DNA powers right?"

Khrona cocked his head to the side a little bit, pondering this a little bit more. "Well, when I was young, in addition to my DNA I also still had my psychic powers... As well as my own soul powers, though I never particularly learned to use it along with my weapons until they came along and found me, so I would guess that means that I wouldn't be able to use them, wouldn't it...? So, I'm sure my own limitations for such a battle would be DNA, Soul and Psychic... Yes, I believe that is it. That would mean... Misery and Despair have to sit this one out."

Khrona's head rotated a full one hundred eighty degrees, keeping that same facial expression on his face, and with a gleam of his eye and small burst of psychic power, they were excreted from the area.

Misery: "DAMMIT, KHRONA!!! WHY WOULD YOU LET HIM--" she couldn't finish her sentence. Hahahahahaha.

Khrona: "Well, Earth King...? Do you wish to do this...?"

"Sure..." The Earth King took off his ring holding it up in the sun before placing it in the pocket of his robe; even if he wasn't going to use the ring, it would passively ignite as the battle went on. Breaking the law was something he didn't like doing. The Earth King finally turned around, with a smirk on his face. "Let's get to it."

Khrona closed his eyes, smirking a bit, the contract before the two of them rising high into the sky. "And by the almighty power of the Judgemaster's Contract, it has become Law; as both contractors have accepted its conditions." The contract seemed to implode on itself, though in actuality, it had embedded itself within the reality for the moment, becoming as casual as any other Law of Nature. The conditions were set, now.

Khrona: "Oh, Twilight leader... Why do we not fight more often...? I do love a good battle... But... I guess I also hate having to do dark things in battle... But I like them, too. I like when I can go insane... I like that feeling. It consumes me... My very soul. It is my soul... My insanity... Glorious... Glorious~... Wouldn't you agree?"

Khrona's soul energy whipped and whirled around him, gaining a little bit of power as he thought about his own insanity... And his two weapons.

Khrona: "... I hope Misery and Despair will be okay... They were rather looking forward to fighting, as well... Especially Misery, because of her anger problems even when off of her period. Even though I erased it for her, she's still like this all of the time... I'm sure you witnessed her temper as well, right? Ghastly, to say the least... Maybe her period is just embedded within her personality..."

Though Misery was out of the battle, she KNEW that Khrona was talking about her due to the special bond of weapon and partner. "DAMMIT, KHRONA!!!!"

Back in the battle; "... Oh... I thought I heard something..."

The Earth King felt his power being suppressed... A lot. It felt like he was sick in the stomach. But he felt the earth connect to him as it once had, and surprisingly the voice of his wife can be heard in his head again. How he missed the old days so. With a sheer flex of muscle the ground became that of diamond, an ever increasing wave that made this the Earth King's playground. He jumped back a good ways, being careful not to be in range of that soul energy. Even if Khrona couldn't use his powers it always pays to be safe. Kham the noticed something, Khrona has been talking... A lot. "Why are you talking so much...? This is unlike you, even for a demented soul like yourself." The Earth King struck an earth bending stance, awaiting a response before engaging in combat.

After being asked that question, Khrona's eyes became small. His irises (yes, irises) narrowed and began to dart about all over the place, having no real fixed target anymore. Being asked such a question... As of now, he couldn't deny answering it... He couldn't keep it to himself... Depression and insanity pulsated through his very soul, causing his energy to fluctuate and expand a little more unstably. "... Why...? How I wish I could ignore the question... But now... I must answer all questions... Because I know all of the answers... All of my thoughts are now my words... My mind is not my own anymore... It is now the whore of anyone and everyone... None of my thoughts are safe... Not since I made a pact with a Pact partner... Though, it is myself... But my Pact Price... my Pact Price..."

One of Khrona's eyes looked up as the other looked down. Insanity filled him and it was apparent. Khrona's skin began to bubble and he floated slightly above the ground, gradually increasing his height at a steady rate. As he did this, many random craters in the ground appeared, as his psychic powers were running rampant. "My mind... Is not my own anymore... Solitude... How I loved my solitude... And no more... No more can it be with me... Why do I keep being destroyed...? Slowly and slowly, I am being destroyed more and more... I hate it... It's depressing... It's making me... Want to..."

Khrona's wings instantly spread about thrice their original size -- being one hundred feet per wing once fully extended without the use of DNA powers, so that's six hundred feet that they covered -- releasing an immense gust that only evened out the land of craters with one, huge, massive one.


Focusing a butt-load of psychic power within the crevices of his wings, Khrona gave a mighty flap, spreading mental forces everywhere, crying to crush and compact literally everything. How intense.

The Earth King was on guard as soon as he saw Khrona's wings expand... He mustered up a shield of diamonds, surrounding him with a green energy coursing throughout the structure. He could still hear Khrona talk; it seemed that he is vulnerable to surrendering information that the opponent chooses, which could prove useful in the near future. But not now, only if the Earth King needed to play dirty. Then Khrona flapped his wings; the force was mighty concussive. Luckily, the Earth King's diamond was a lot stronger than usually, but even then the surrounding field was damaged. The blast neared the Earth King's defenses, putting quite the dent in the Earth King's shield. "Oh shit... This is why I don't like this village. Everyone is crazy, you have a fourteen year old legend with kids who has an English accent. A crazy kid who has weapons that turn into humans that have emotions. What the fuck?" The Earth King ran towards Khrona with the shield in hand, aiming to charge him first, just to get a test of his abilities.

Khrona's eyes suddenly focused on the Earth King, even with such insanity. Khrona's insanity always went no focus, then extreme focus. This was always a bad thing, just to be noted. His Hyper Perception was active, having Khrona lock-on to the Earth King's movements. Khrona swooped down, gaining speed and used his DNA abilities to alter one of his wings into an immense, over-sized fist.

Khrona: "First intensity, then density, immensity, and GO...... !!!!!!!! ..... Psychometry... Hyper Perception... Active.. HO!!!!!!!"

Within a moment's notice, Khrona had used his underused psychic ability of Psychometry to scan and learn about the Earth King's diamond shield at the current moment, thus learning of its power and how much it could take, its weakest spot, and where Khrona could attack it that would throw the Earth King off guard. Knowing these things, Khrona pinpointed the weakest spot, adjusted his own power within his wing-fist to be enough to break through the diamond by also coating it with massive amounts of psychic force, and proceeded to punch it with all of the built up force and momentum, hoping to break through and hopefully hit the Earth King in the process.

However, at the same time, Khrona also made his other idle wing spiral into a point, it becoming a drill of sorts -- even spinning as such -- and then, if Khrona hadn't been able to bust through the shield with that fist, it would hopefully be weakened enough for Khrona to drill through it and into the Earth King, as well. Even if the shield was broken by Khrona's first wing, he insisted on trying to drill through the Earth King with the second one out of insane unreasonableness.

The Earth King dropped the shield as he neared and caught Khrona's fist with his bare hands. The Earth King's strength is something known by newborn children! But Khrona's amplified wing strength wasn't something to be trifled with... The two blows connected, creating a sizable crater, scattering diamond fragments in the air and sending cracks through the ground

"What's your favorite color?" the Earth King asked while he grunted. Now the drill came from the other side; the Earth King tossed the shield in that general direction while holding Khrona. The drill connected, and nearly penetrated, but thanks to the Seismic Energy, the shield held its own. Now using the cracks in the ground, the Earth King's feet were planted... The cracks glowed green and out, instantly, shot green geysers of seismic energy that hopefully engulfed Khrona and all his craziness.

Khrona was almost caught off guard, but quickly retained his composure once the Earth King grabbed him, redirecting the psychic force in his wing-arm and quickly down under his feet to allow the geyser to flow around Khrona's body than to directly hit him... Though the power of his wing diminished once after doing that. Though it didn't really matter...

Since Khrona was rather insane at the moment, his thought process wasn't as good as it could be... But it was alright.


Khrona merged his fist with the Earth King's via the power of DNA, and with the power of his wings, lifted the Earth King into the air and threw him, releasing the merging of the two of them. Khrona floated idly, head twitching and eyes twitching as well. He must have been planning something, now...

The Earth King got tossed in the air, indeed... Something seemed different about Khrona now. For some reason or another, he was a lot more focused, but still rendered able to answer any question that the Earth King asked. He would deal with this later. For now, a quick counterattack was necessary. The Earth King instinctively gathered stray diamond above him into a platform that he could kick off of while in the air. This was laced with seismic energy, giving the Earth King the lift off akin to the force of an expansive earthquake. He headed towards Khrona, nearing him under a second thanks to the powers that he had. "Global Fist..." he muttered; he knew that last time making physical contact with Khrona had its downsides, but he had something special for him this time around.

Khrona wiggled and wobbled in the air... He saw the massive fist of the Great Destroyer nearing him at great speeds... There was only one thing to do about this. "Evasive action, ho!" Khrona didn't want to take this hit directly, so once the Earth King was close, Khrona bent himself backward in a fashion that couldn't be attained by a normal human, then curled his legs all at the same time. In one swift motion of dodging and attacking, Khrona kicked into the Earth King's stomach, using his psychic power from blocking the previous geyser and forcing it all into the Earth King.

With such force, Khrona hoped to push the Earth King back once more, though it seemed as though this time he was coming at Khrona with more power and speed than before, so it should be more troublesome... Otherwise, Khrona would just be flying under the Earth King's arm at the same exact speed as the Earth King, himself, thanks to his kick. It would be a dangerous situation for Khrona... But being a crazy bastard, it was only natural to put himself in such situations.

The Earth King took the kick; receiving the power akin to that of an earthquake was something that was not welcomed. It hurt... A bit... But, nothing new. Fighting with his wife gave him blows far worse. He still had under a millisecond to react before he lost his chance for good. When the Earth King was kicked, in counterattack, he preformed a one handed seal which sent seismic energy into the carbon atoms of Khrona via physical contact, fluctuating the foe with its earthly power. 'Seismic Burst...!' he thought to himself... As he flew up in the sky, he clenched his gut and looked at the aftermath. Now Khrona would hopefully be inwardly ravaged by seismic energy as if he was being sent through a meat grinder over and over and over.

Khrona was shocked, as he wasn't really expecting such a thing, but in the end, he was rather fine. "The pain... I love it... It makes me feel alive... I wish I were alive..." Khrona's body would explode, letting his organs and Black Dragon Blood spew about everywhere... Though his Black Dragon Blood made a MASSIVE tsunami across the entire land, hoping to take down everything with the power of Soul Energy and Khrona's ability to harden the blood to any density and... Hardness.

After taking such an attack, Khrona's organs began to converge back together into one single being... It was Khrona once again. The Seismic Energy would be expelled from Khrona through the power of psychic...ness and DNA (and cells), since Khrona could control every and all aspects of his body at any given moment. Thus, upon reforming, Khrona was fine.

Khrona: "A healthy mind... resides in a healthy body... which harbors a healthy soul... With my mind and my soul and my body as one... If one is destroyed, the others bring it back...

Khrona, who was now hovering slightly above the ground, opened his mind up to the surrounding area... And soon after, opened his mouth to about the size of a house. He fired a massive concentration of Black Dragon Blood like a cannon from his mouth directly at the Earth King with the force increased drastically by psychic ability. If it missed, the Black Dragon Blood would follow the Earth King until it hit or was destroyed.

The Earth King landed back on the ground only to notice Khrona opened his gaping maw and fired some black sludge-like manifestation from his mouth. Not only was this disgusting but it was rather weird and made the Earth King want to beat Khrona senseless even more. But one thing at a time. The Earth King stood still as he did various earth-bending motions; he was setting up the field. Various shapes of the diamond began to form in the sky while the Earth King guarded against the massive black blood sphere that connected with his barrier, sending him flying backwards... He was okay, but a bit injured. These shapes began to rapidly form into circular objects.

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Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Fourth Journey; Back To The Beginning... A Throwback Pt. II

The battle raged on between the new Great Destroyer (having acquired the title after the defeat of the first) and the Reaper's Insanity (having acquired the title after becoming one with reality) for quite a while, each of them testing their mettle against one another. It was clear that since their last engagement, the both of them had grown significantly, and it was showing now. Naturally, the Earth King, known formally as 'the Earth's Advocate' until he lost his soul, brought out a certain potential in Khrona that he was looking for... Or, rather, part of it. However, the more powerful Khrona became, so too would the power of his Insanity, by default...

Khrona quickly closed his mouth, spouting two more sets of wings, thus giving him six massive, black dragon wings. Out of an insane thought, Khrona wished to try something he had never done with his psychic power. "... Can I shoot you?" Khrona's top two wings would expand, then swirl together and take the shape of what seemed to be a sort of cannon barrel. It was quite massive. The two middle wings of Khrona formed into two separate, sort of rifle-looking things, while the last two formed into what looked to be some sort of gatling guns. Once all of that was done, the several different 'guns' that were Khrona's wings began to charge with a MASSIVE amount of psychic power each.

What would be shot first at Kham would be the Gatling Guns, as they shot off rapid fire forceful blasts of psychic power. Though they had the least power, the psychic force that they shot seemed to have some physical paralysis effect, which would cause nerves and bones to become non-receptive of mental commands as they would be overridden by Khrona's massive, insane psychic thoughts. This is why Khrona decided to shoot out these shots of psychic force from the Gatling Guns, as they were not meant specifically for power.

As the gatling gun wings were shooting, Khrona aimed the dual-rifles at the Earth King as well. Hopefully he would be too distracted by the gatling guns to actually dodge or block the rifle shots. They had immense power within them, though they couldn't be fired off rapidly, due to the sort of weapon they were mimicking. Shooting off two insanely fast and large, forceful shots of psychic power at the Earth King, but this time more precise and accurate than the gatling guns, this psychic shot had mental debilitating effects and would hopefully harm the Earth King's mind severely and as well as his body. Khrona fired shots of these off every few seconds, because they also took more time to fill with psychic power.

While all of this was happening, the immense sort of tank barrel on Khrona's back made up of two wings was charging up the most psychic power. It took the longest to fill up because it had the most power and was the largest, thus it could contain the most psychic power. It was definitely going to be the most forceful. Though, instead of aiming it directly at the Earth King, Khrona fired it off in the sky, where he noticed all of the diamond shapes forming... The insane force of this cannon shot forced Khrona down a bit, thus making his aim from the Earth King off for a mere second, but after that, Khrona continued his onslaught of psychic 'bullets.' The tank-like shot flew into the air and then, unlike the other shots, exploded. The psychic power expanded vastly with a great deal of force. Khrona hoped that this intensely immense psychic force would force away or destroy the diamonds in the sky, since those diamonds couldn't be good. And it would continue to expand for quite a while. Khrona intended to engulf the Earth King in it as well, which meant that it had to be rather huge, indeed.

Even after firing that shot, Khrona began to store more psychic power in the tank barrel, still firing off the gatling guns and dual-rifles at the Earth King mercilessly...

The Earth King ignored Khrona's question and continued his carrying on of earth-bending motions that he sped up since he was about to get attacked. The diamond circles got larger and looked like silver disks floating in the air the resembled that of lenses; they outlined the sky and segmented off the area at the same time. He looked towards the skies as the shots neared him. Using his special ability, he assimilated his carbon structure to that of the diamond slabs floating in the sky, moving completely out of the way of Khrona's attack, however according to Khrona, the Earth King was still down there.

"Let me know how it feels to get body slammed by the sun..." the Earth King said. This was his 'Pile Driver' technique; a very old technique of his that focused the sun's rays through the diamond magnifying glasses and fired the sun at the earth in a concentrated blast of pure solar concussive energy. The damage to the planet is terrifying as well as the damage to the opponent. But first, the Earth King pivoted the magnifying glasses out of the way of the shots and then responded by firing the Pile Driver. For a second, the whole area would be illuminated, and then a large crater ten football stadiums long would manifest as well as the instant burning of the land resembling the intense heat that took the area, including the sun's raw concussive force that slammed into the area. Hopefully Khrona went along with it... If not, then this was going to be problematic.

Though Khrona wasn't expecting this attack, it wasn't as if Khrona couldn't defend against it. Khrona's oldest power that he rarely used anymore -- the powers of absorption and adaption -- would save him. Khrona could absorb and adapt whatever he wished into his own DNA and thus make himself totally immune to the effects of the attack as well as able to use the power of the attack for himself. He used this same technique when fighting the Lone Wolf a looooong time ago, when he first came to the original Reality village...

As such, once being hit with the blast, Khrona was forced down by the blast, but was otherwise unharmed by the heat of the sun, as it had been absorbed and adapted to, thus becoming part of his own DNA and under his control. Once it was all done, Khrona feebly stood up, quickly retaining his bearings, but coughing a bit, then held out his hands. He was taking in the light of the sun, now, for more power -- similar to photosynthesis. Whilst doing this, he answered the Earth King by saying, "... It feels like insane power burning my entire body from the inside and out continuously and repetitively... But once it was absorbed, it felt really good..."

Now Khrona had the power of the sun at his disposal, and Khrona knew where the Earth King was, as well. Khrona's wings were reverted to normal because of the concussive blast, but that was all fine and dandy right now. Khrona had an idea. He had the power of all Kinesis... Thus Thermokinesis could be abused at this very moment.

Khrona once more hovered slightly above the ground, arms still out and gaining heat from the sun, getting a lock on the Earth King with his own mind as well as Hyper Perception. He arched all six wings around his body in front of him, focusing a shitload of heat in its purest form that started off with as much heat as the sun -- due to the new sun power -- and just continued to ascend in temperature for a while before Khrona unleashed a psychic blast of now concentrated, yet terrifically large force of pure heat. This single blast aimed to hit the entirety of the magnifying diamonds simultaneously. If it were to hit, Khrona would then instantaneously switch the temperature to the exact opposite coldness of the heat he was just shooting out, hoping to make the diamonds shatter into nothingness via Thermokinesis... That is, if it hit.

The Earth King fired off the blast again, performing the same technique before. This took quite a chunk of chakra to do, seeing as how he had to jump start it himself. But whatever the case, as long as Khrona was in the area, he was more than vulnerable to the 'Pile Driver.' Whatever Khrona did to try and counterattack was overpowered by the technique's awesomeness.

"Round two..." the Earth King said, as the same thing happened again. He hoped that this time around, there would be much more damage than before... Like what he did to a certain ninja back in the day. A lot of cracks were forming in the ground thanks to the impact the earth received; surely another special attack of the Earth King's was coming in right behind this one.

Khrona was prepared, this time. Being in one place, his psychic power was at top notch, thus he would use both Precognition and Clairvoyance at the same time, allowing him to see the oncoming attack and prepare for it before it was launched and right after his attack. Since Khrona knew it was coming, there was now time for Manifestation, which allowed him to manifest himself from any matter he wished. The only way Khrona saw it to avoid this was to be above the magnifying glasses. So, once manifesting himself above them, Khrona quickly spread his six wings so that no sunlight would enter any of them.

With a mighty flap, Khrona intended to push down all of the magnifying glasses with his overly monstrous, DNA enhanced wings, causing the already weakened earth below to shatter, even if the magnifying diamonds didn't go down. With such force, Khrona blew himself high into the air... Luckily, it didn't matter how high Khrona went.

The Earth King figured Khrona would avoid the attack this time around well in advance; there were things that were already set up since the battle began. The Earth King's direct hold over his various diamond objects was stronger than any telekinetic force imaginable... It was his special ability; something specific to him. As such, the magnifying glasses -- though obsolete now -- didn't move, but absorbed the impact so that the earth didn't shatter... Such disregard for the planet pissed the Earth King off. All the kids these days... The new ninja never fight with the regard for the place they lived. The Earth King, himself, didn't move since he was rooted to the magnifying glass he stood on. "Can you NOT destroy the earth please...? Or I'm going to have to destroy you."

The attack that the Earth King 'missed' -- more like planned -- didn't seem to cause any additional damage to the planet, but that would come in handy later. Right now, he jumped off the magnifying glasses, which all shattered and landed back on the surface of the planet, and looked up at Khrona. "Your abilities are a lot less offensive... From what I'm observing, they just give you a means to exit all situations."

Khrona stared off to the side, avoiding looking at the Earth King for some reason...

Khrona: "... My... Abilities are too self-destructive for me to fight without destroying stuff... I don't like colors... I'd much prefer if everything were black...

Once that was said, Khrona looked down at the Earth King from the sky, slooooowly descending.

Khrona: "... My offensive capabilities come from physical contact and my soul... I haven't used it yet... But it has been expanding this entire time. From the moment the battle started... Instability causes it to expand..."

Khrona expelled the power of the sun from himself in a tiny orb, then flung it at the Earth King rather aggressively.

Khrona: "... I wish I didn't have to tell you that.."

Khrona had calmed himself since the start of the battle, but that didn't really have any meaning at the moment. His soul energy... It was massive. It had taken up a vast majority of the sky at this point. If Khrona were to move back to the ground, or even just slightly lower in the sky, the Earth King would be within Khrona's wavelength. It is never good for that.

Khrona: "... You don't have a soul, do you?"

The Earth King, still crossing his arms, followed Khrona with his eyes locked on him. He knew they were conversing, but couldn't trust that Khrona wouldn't try anything funny. The Earth King was keeping tabs on that soul energy of his since the battle started. He knew how Khrona fought, but he figured that he can't be that bad without his weapons. Still, caution was necessary; the Earth King was setting something up to eliminate that for good. He still responded to Khrona's question before giving him all he had. The Earth King took the sun powered blast head on; he emerged unscathed, even though the blast did hella collateral damage. The Earth King spoke as the explosion cleared, "No, can't say I possess one of those. But I don't need one; a soul gives the body a conscious, which makes the body weak. Even your insanity is a ultimately a hinderance to your development as a... Whatever you are. "

After making SURE the attack hit the Earth King, Khrona gave an insane smile.

Khrona: "... Heh. Well, you do now."

Khrona wasn't particularly expecting the Earth King to take the hit, but he did want it to touch him for three specific reasons; One, because Khrona can focus his DNA altering power within any attack he has at his disposal... Two, Khrona can literally transfer a soul that he has previously collected and forcefully implant it into someone else's body -- for Khrona's control over souls was just that great -- and Three, Khrona could attack the Earth King's 'temporary soul' with his own. Since giving the Earth King a temporary soul meant that this soul was connected to his mind and body, if the Earth King were to take hits from it, he would be hurt severely by it.

Khrona: "... A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.... which harbors a healthy soul."

Khrona had been saying that line a lot lately. It was cool as hell, though. Anyway, the Earth King shouldn't have any way of knowing that Khrona's abilities were embedded within him through the sun blast, and Khrona intended to keep it that way... He wanted to make the Earth King think that he was doing it via psychic power.

... But... Wait... Khrona couldn't keep it a secret... His plan... His glorious plan... Was about to be ruined... By his newfound inability to keep his thoughts in his head. This is real shitty.

"... I have embedded attributes of my DNA power within you and forcefully given you a soul that is now connected to your body and mind." 'NOOOOO.' "It happened because you took the hit from my excretions." 'STOOOOP.' "... I didn't want to tell you. I wanted it to be my secret... But.. That doesn't happen with me anymore..."

Khrona lowered his head.

Khrona: "... ... ... I hate this... ... ..."

There was a surge of power that came from Khrona... His soul. His wavelength, once again expanding at an unnatural rate, had totally consumed the area for miles, now. His revelation of his own plans had set him off of the deep end... His insanity and anger was all shown in the wavering, destructive soul.

"... Take. This. Hit," Khrona said in a sort of tone that was quiet, yet it echoed and bellowed throughout his entire soul. The force of his soul was all being put on the Earth King. All of the power... All of the insanity... All of the disruption of the mind, body and soul was focusing itself around the Earth King, who had basically willingly let himself get engulfed by the radius of Khrona's overly powerful, overly immense soul.

Khrona: "Soul... PURGE!!!!"

With a force great enough to make even the Earth King buckle in pain, Khrona let his soul try impact the Earth King one good, crippling time... And then, with the same power, again... And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. Khrona would continue this repetitious onslaught of Soul Purges in a rapid fashion. He wanted the Earth King to take all of these hits, especially since he was (hopefully) still within the radius of his own soul. He wanted to destroy the soul he had just given the Earth King... Which would take a large sum of mental and physical stamina from him, as well. And even with this, Khrona's soul continued to expand...

The Earth King would have liked to respond back to Khrona, but he had already attacked... The Earth King was rendered unsurprised by Khrona's ability to transmute souls through his attacks. Because he knows of individuals who can do the same thing, the Earth King fell into the ground and sealed all the cracks in the earth tight; he was in the earth's core by now, well out of the way of Khrona's soul, thus making him unable to feel his attacks. Anywho, its not like the Earth King doesn't have a soul -- he 'CAN'T'. His secret stipulations were completely incompatible to have souls, hearts or anything of the sort, unless the power of the realm he dealt with wills it. It's the way these kinds of things work. And even if Khrona's soul was potent enough to give artificial souls to things that cannot have souls, because he was 'thrownback,' the Earth King's wife, Gaia, was once again instilled in his being, protecting him from all types of internal assaults of these kind. The Earth King was a bit delayed on his retreat to the core, so he did feel pain on the way down. It was a lot... More than he could handle. But now it was his turn to counterattack. The Earth King's voice echoed across the globe... This was his territory.

Earth King: "You must understand, you are still a child... You have much to learn and probably haven't reached your full potential as a combatant. Have you ever considered what you could do if you could control your insanity? No, because you are immature, young, naive, and ridiculous. Let me teach you... That with age comes wisdom. You may have all the power and all the intelligence in the world, but like your EX-leader counterpart, you are both children. Now, take this..."

From the earth sprouted millions upon millions of diamond arms bleeding seismic power. They stood skyscrapers in height, which made Khrona seem like a mere ant. This was the 'World Breaker', a technique that made the Earth King feared to nearly everyone on the entire planet. These arms surrounded Khrona and converged on his body, attempting to ravage him and all his being with the Earth King's Atlas strength. Khrona might dodge, but when he would, there would always be an arm waiting for him to appear; avoiding was inevitable. This was it...

The words the Earth King said really spoke to Khrona... They bypassed his insanity... The reached his very soul.

"... Control... Insanity...?" This let open a spark in Khrona. His eyes started to roll around his head violently, making them look as if they were completely white. He was processing this. It surged through every inch of his mind. His very being. As the many arms surged from the ground, all noise would stop. Khrona couldn't hear anything after that, nor could he see. He had blacked out, retreating into unconsciousness. What was keeping him going now was total subconsciousness... Where his psychic power would take over for the conscious mind.

As the arms came at Khrona, Khrona flapped his wings, spewing many tiny flakes of Khrona's skin on them, which quickly caused the diamond arms to fall apart, as Khrona's DNA combined with psychic power made him able to instantly break apart the cellular structure of the arms. And to release their control from the Earth King, he altered the DNA. The Earth King couldn't be resistant to the alteration of the DNA from his diamond structures, right? It was in high hopes. Once the cellular structure was utterly broken, it would be changed into a sort of goop. Khrona floated in one spot, his psychic power of Precognition and Clairvoyance and Hyper Perception all working together as one -- not to mention, Khrona's ability to sense anything within his own soul. They were all working together to protect Khrona's unconscious body. An arm came close, either flinging of skin flakes or burst of psychic power containing control of DNA turning the diamonds into goop. This would go on as long as Khrona needed to... But within his head, what was going on...?


"... Insanity cannot be controlled. Not mine, at least. Isn't that right?" Because of Khrona's Pact Price, even in unconsciousness, he was forced to utter these words out. "I'm... Young. That's true. I don't have as much experience as the other leaders... My brother and I... Is that why we were so close? Why the one thing my body cannot adapt to is society...? If I were older... Wiser... Would they accept me? Or would it just be the same? I'd still be a freak... Freak... That's what I must go through all of my life... What I have gone through..."

As Khrona said this, his soul doubled its increase speed. This chat with himself was only making him more unsound and unstable... Making him sad.

Khrona: "... My brother was the only one who understood... Which is why we ran our village so well... He accepted me... Through my insanity... Through Despair's Rejection... Through Misery's Condemnation... He still found acceptance within his body, mind, and soul for me..."

Tears of blackened blood fell from Khrona's eyes, as he couldn't really control it... He was still fending off those diamond arms.

Khrona: "... The Earth King hates me. The Demon King hates me. The Sky King hates me. I try to live up to the standards of a leader, and they hate me. This insanity... It fills me more... But now... Something new..."

Khrona could feel it. Within his head was a new and unknown force. It was rather blurry to him, but he knew it would be useful after this battle was over.

Khrona: "Earth King... I am young.. But can't you respect me and my village anyway? Even through my insanity?! I take your words to my very soul... Thank you..."

Khrona's eyes began to glow black, somehow, and he released a massive amount of psychic force combined with his wavelength and also DNA attributes, creating a totally massive explosion from all around him, which he intended to totally wipe out everything in the general area above the ground, and hopefully flush the Earth King out from underground by destroying a large chunk of that, too... Changing it all into goop.


The good thing about the seismic energy covered arms and ground was that the Earth King was fully aware of Khrona's DNA converting power. The seismic energy, immune to conversion because it was energy, protected the World Breaker arms from manipulation. Usually Cosmic Energy would preform this task, but as of now, the Earth King had to kick it old school -- and that's what he did. So, no goop was made, but the arms were thwarted and pushed back. In the earth's core, the Earth King was earth-bending. He made his movements sharper and added power to his strikes. No one survives this technique; no one ever has. Why should this child be an exception?

Earth King: "Quit your bitching... You think that ever solves anything? You truly want to be treated as an equal? Prove that you have the potential to not run wild like a fledgeling."

With that, some arms would begin to fire off mega rays of seismic energy at Khrona whilst others would simply overpower him with strong strikes of Atlas strength. Defeat was at the door.

It was unknown as to why the Earth King's words were reaching to Khrona, but they were rather effective at the moment. Maybe because the Earth King seemed to speak like a father to him. Khrona's true father died years ago, when Khrona was still a human, as well as his mother. So, Khrona never had the true words of a parent to go by.

Khrona: "Don't run wild...? Alright... I will prove it to you..."

Being the age of sixteen, it wasn't like someone of the Earth King's age wouldn't be influential. The Demon King wasn't influential to Khrona because the Demon King seemed to want to get rid of Khrona. The Sky King wasn't because he was rather reckless, just as Khrona was. Khrona didn't consider Valerio nor the other random secondary 'leaders' of the Twilight to really be... Leaders, so they didn't matter. The Android girl... Khrona was still getting used to her. The other Ex-leaders... The Burst Leader... The Rising Leader... They were decent people, but again, Khrona wasn't fully adjusted to them. The Earth King was different in terms of speaking to Khrona... Like the earth, he was old and wise, it seemed, and Khrona could respect that deeply.

Khrona: "... You are wise beyond my knowledge... I can learn from you... You are like a father..."

Khrona didn't want to say it out loud... But of course, he had to. Anyway, somehow, during this contemplation and coming to terms, the blasts hadn't hit him yet. Let's not worry about how, because that's how it is in all anime, even if the blast was shot at two feet away; a character finds time to flashback, talk to themselves, say something hopefully meaningful, get a power surge, THEN do something about the attack. So, this is what Khrona did.

Since he couldn't alter the DNA, he decided to alter the course of the blasts, then. With the same psychic power he used to push them away, Khrona began to twist it and warp it around, making a sort of sphere around himself. This sphere had so much repulsive force to it that upon hitting it, the rays would curve around Khrona and go behind him. It took a lot to do, but it should be effective, now that Khrona was actually concentrating his psychic power. Khrona already knew the Earth King was at the center of the planet, but Khrona could expand his soul even that far if given enough time. Unlike everyone else -- except maybe Shinigami, Falshin and, with time, Chroma -- Khrona's soul didn't have a limit to its expansion. Khrona's soul was on par with the souls of gods... Shinigami, the Death God, whose soul at a normal level covers an entire freakin city. And Falshin, whose insanity soul can easily plunge the entire world into insanity as well.

Khrona's soul is how he would avoid the remainder of the World Breakers, due to the fact that Khrona could transfer himself through any part of his soul instantaneously, and once it was expanded, this would only make this ability better. Moving himself out of the way of the convergence point, Khrona stared at the World Breakers, letting his wavelength focus on them, as they had done to the Earth King before.

Khrona: "Rapid... Soul Purge. Continuous... Soul Force."

These two abilities were similar, but in the end, their main purpose was to totally annihilate whatever they were focusing on. Since Khrona's soul was stronger than ever right now, and his power was concentrated on the World Breakers, he hoped to rapidly crush and totally destroy them... And if not that, stop them where they stood and weaken them severely. In fact, now that I think about it, they should be weakened by just being within Khrona's soul. The Fear portion of Khrona's soul continuously weakened everything within it, and Insanity made it unstable, so hopefully now they should be destroyed from being in the soul so long.

Now to get to the Earth King. Khrona's power was so potent that he could see the Earth King with his mind via Remote Viewing; able to see him clearly, whilst also being able to watch the World Breakers if they weren't destroyed. Khrona then used another psychic ability -- Mediumship -- to make any spirits, souls, or spiritual energy in the area become apparent. From everything. Souls and spirits naturally roamed the planet, just unseen by the untrained eye. Khrona could easily see them with concentration, and now that's what was going on. But for what? The only ability Khrona hasn't used yet... The thing that truly shows that his soul is the most powerful. The ability to resonate with all other souls because his is the most powerful...

Khrona: "... Soul Resonance."

Khrona's soul began to crackle and spark, showing that the Resonance was active within all of the souls within it and around it... The number... Can't really be determined specifically. There were thousands upon thousands of souls. Khrona's soul was spread for hella miles, by now. And resonating with the lost souls about the planet tripled the size of his soul by sharing and amplifying their power and his power at once. If Khrona's soul hadn't reached the Earth King by now, it damn sure was close. Khrona would take in the planet, if he had to. He wanted to make sure there was no escaping the souls. With one more fixation on the Earth King's location, Khrona mustered up the immense power he had just attained and gave another Soul Purge of astronomical proportions and power. It was so concentrated that it surely wouldn't hit too much of a wide-scale, -- but surely a great radius -- yet would definitely and totally obliterate whatever was in its way just to get to the Earth King. "... How am I doing...? Am I making you proud...? I want you to at least be proud before this is over..."

The Earth King deduced that at his current state, he didn't have a means to trump Khrona's abilities. That sheer overpowering was the way; that's what he always did in the old days anyway, and it always worked. Now, when Khrona wrapped the dome of seismic energies around him, this was the opportune moment. The Earth King clenched his fist, making the energies solidify, imprisoning Khrona within. Now that the seismic energies were hyper compressed, they were a lot stronger. They were so compressed around Khrona, they might as well be his skin. With that, all of the World Breaker arms piled on, adding their energies and diamonds to the prison, stacking up power upon power, making this one coffin that couldn't be weakened to ineffectiveness no matter how hard he tried. Now of course, the Earth King knew that Khrona's soul would be able to permeate the entire structure and keep expanding. Because everything was combined into one structure around Khrona, a hyper layer of seismic energies -- each particle having the ability to cause a level eight earthquake -- surely was more than enough of a match for his psychic power, and the diamonds, although being weakened, were getting stronger as long as the Earth King kept earth-bending to buff everything up. He was matching the speed at which Khrona's soul made things weaker and unstable.

"You're trying too hard..." the Earth King said. He never gives gratification to those who he mentors, it's just not his thing... Now earlier, when Kham seismic bursted Khrona the first time, during that moment of 'severe injury,' Khrona's soul left the area and had to restore the body; he only hoped that during this intense moment of pain that Khrona was now experiencing, the ever expanding soul would attempt to repair Khrona's body like it did before, and with this pain, -- now which will be repeated over and over -- the soul would only regenerate Khrona, which would be futile since he was being constantly destroyed by rapid fluctuation of seismic energy and crushed in a super dome of diamond. Now for the coup de grace... The Earth King, with a final earth-bending motion, compressed this dome to the smallest size it can be without being too unstable, to make this harder for Khrona. It was the size of a loaf of bread. If Khrona's soul could still get to the Earth King, then he was in for a world of pain, but he was willing to trade blows.

Even if Khrona's body was captured, his soul couldn't be captured by physical things. That's one of the pluses of having a soul. It was one of those things that was like fighting fire with fire; a soul with a soul... Or something close to it. Khrona didn't care about pain. He experienced so much of it continuously throughout his entire life, it was normal for him. His DNA allowed his body to take any shape, like a liquid, and also keep him from dying, or his entire body from being destroyed. Even if all connected, Khrona's body, mind, and soul were all different. His body was the physical, his mind was the mental, and his soul was the nonphysical. Since Khrona was a technical hybrid of these three, he could also change his state to either mental, physical or nonphysical, being the mind, body, or soul respectively and individually. This was the key.

Even with the physical pressures all around him, basically destroying his body as he reconstructed, the transfer from body to soul wasn't difficult at all. Releasing a powerful burst of psychic power to hold the pressures off for a split second, that was all Khrona needed to become a sentient soul.

Now, Khrona was nothing but soul; his literal body being nonphysical as of now, leaving no trace that he used to be inside of the World Breakers. It was nice not to have any physical strains on himself anymore. And his soul was still quite large and close to the Earth King. In fact, Khrona's soul now resembled his original physical form... That is to say, instead of looking like a sphere, Khrona's soul now looked like himself, though still covered an area just as large. And so, once again, Khrona focused a vast majority of his power into targeting Kham, then used the massively concentrated Soul Purge on him. This time, however, the massive Soul Khrona would arc himself around, trying to totally dome himself around the Earth King to prevent escape from the massive Soul Purge... Since Khrona knew the Earth King could move himself through the earth.

Okay, so the Earth King was in the earth's core, he took out Khrona's body and mind, leaving his soul to flit about ridiculously. With the mind and body gone, the Earth King still had to deal with these soul powers and the incoming purge that will take over the entire earth and give him an ass load of damage to boot. Not having the abilities to combat a soul based attack put the Earth King at an extreme disadvantage, BUT the Earth King had a trump card... He had Khrona's body and mind at his disposal. Using his dominance over carbon atoms -- and since Khrona's soul has left the building -- the Earth King could use his abilities temporarily, but he had to work fast. Since Khrona's DNA, and his other powers -- except his soul powers -- were in that quarter-sized sphere, it got rapidly transported to the earths core, where the Earth King consumed it, merging it with himself. Gaia made it so that any aftereffects that would happen would be nullified, and as such, the Earth King now has Khrona's powers at his disposal, except his soul powers and the ones that the Judgemaster banned, which was more than enough, but now the attack was near. Since the Earth King internalized the Black Dragon Blood, combined with durability on his level, he was more than alright from this attack... but low key, it hurt an ass load. The Earth King wasn't down... He emerged to the surface with his arms crossed.

"Is that all you got?" the Earth King said in a taunting fashion. He was still recovering from the pain -- it was unlike anything he had experienced before -- but he could still press on... And he had something in mind that could alter this battle using the abilities he ingested from Khrona. The Earth King knew he was in the presence of Khrona's soul, which was dangerous, but in order to use his own attack against him, he had to be close enough.

The soul of Khrona bellowed out something that was dangerously loud, that it resonated throughout the earth. "FOOL! Do you not know what the Black Dragon Blood does!? Do you not know what my soul is capable of!?" It's not like Khrona had a choice but to tell him, anyway... "The Black Dragon Blood can easily be nullified by the effects of a Soul. It is the only thing that bypasses and nullifies the ability to become any density. Being hit with a wavelength such as mine would totally destroy its effects. My mind... You do not have it. It belongs to Insanity. My wavelength belongs to Insanity. Insanity makes my mind lose control, and without control, what do you have? My body? It is maintained by my mind. Without my mind, you cannot have the body. It will rebel. Not only that... If you are to be subject to my energy whilst having my mind... Do you not think that the insanity will cause my mind and body to totally break down, as it has done before!?!?"

It was a pain having to say these things, but now Khrona's soul would have totally engulfed the Earth King and his own body, since the Earth King seemed to not be paying attention to how much Khrona's soul's expansion increased when Khrona was fulling controlling it. With the Black Dragon Blood neutralized and the powers of Insanity totally crippling Khrona's mind and body, if the Earth King were truly infused with Khrona, he'd be susceptible to Khrona's most obvious weakness as well. If Khrona couldn't hold his own against Falshin in the past without totally locking up, he couldn't do it in the throwback, either. And since Khrona's soul naturally gave off HORRIFIC amounts of Insanity and Fear at all times, this Insanity would only drive the body and mind to work against the Earth King, or bring him into insanity along with them. There was no way around it for Khrona's mind.

Khrona: "Soul Purge! Soul Force! Soul Purge! Soul Force! Soul Purge! Soul Force! SOUL PURGE! SOUL FORCE! DOUBLE SOUL FORCE PURGE!!"

From all around and from every direction, the Earth King would be assaulted, bombarded, and any other word that was synonymous to those, with the Soul Forces and Soul Purges. To continuously do those would not only help Khrona's body and mind rebel and fall into insanity faster, but hopefully harm the fuck out of the Earth King, just like before. And even still, it expanded. Khrona knew that his body was also vulnerable to souls without his two weapons nor his own soul inside of himself, and even psychic powers would not stop his wavelength. Khrona's DNA could only fix his body, not his own mental stability, so no matter what, there was some way to get through.

Once again, the Earth King is a hollow. This whole 'insanity' motif wouldn't effect him because it is an emotion that he has to experience, which he can't do without him having a heart first. Deep down inside, the Earth King wished that he could go insane, but he couldn't... Ah well, aside from that, Gaia -- being a Goddess -- protected the Earth King from any outside side effects that could damage him internally -- excluding the Soul Purge and stuff. It's an attack, not a side effect. Lastly, the Black Dragon Blood and all of Khrona's powers including his intelligence and the like were merged with the Earth King. As such, he obtained all of its strengths and none of its weaknesses. The blood fused with the seismic energy making 'Seismic Matter,' in a sense, -- something even stronger than the Black Dragon Blood. How awesome... This still didn't protect him enough as he'd hoped; Khrona's attacks were just as damaging as before, but the Earth King could still survive thanks to Khrona's powers... The Earth King dropped to one knee out of pain with both arms on the ground. Now came the counterattack.

Earth King: "You... M... May think you have gotten stronger in this state. But... I-In... R... Real... Ity, your abilities are severely limited."

With Gaia's godly powers, the Earth King and Khrona's mind combined. They were this battle's new super mind, able to alter reality with a mere thought and rewrite it to the Earth King's will. This was Khrona's 'Mind Over Matter' ability, he believed. With this, the Earth King can reality warp essentially and make things that don't exist come to fruition and things that do, he can make them not exist anymore. As such, he thought hard enough and began to inhale; the Earth King inhaled all of the soul energy, Khrona's soul and the resonance Soul Force in the area into the Earth King's body. Because he warped the reality around Khrona's soul into himself by inhaling, once all of this was finished, the Earth King produced a jar. This jar containing Khrona's 'sentient' soul, impossible to break out of with soul based attacks. On the way in the body, Khrona's soul may try to posses or do some shit like that, but since his soul's ties with reality are severed, he couldn't effect anything on this plane of existence. Hopefully all of the above worked, if not then the Earth King just endured the attack... Khrona couldn't injure him enough that his body wouldn't repair itself due to Khrona's damn near instant healing and the Seismic Matter.

The very moment the Earth King insisted on using 'Mind Over Matter', a JUTSU that Khrona never had before -- because when Khrona was thrown back and he had absolutely no jutsu whatsoever -- that meant the Earth King had broken the rules of the game. Now, Khrona was not in control... The binding contract was.

Through agreeing to the terms of the contract, this meant that Khrona and the Earth King's abilities were totally controlled by the contract. Meaning that no matter what Khrona or the Earth King did, if they broke the law of the contract, it would cause the one who did it to become the losing party, thus instantaneously ending the battle and resetting everything the way it was, as if it had never happened. As such, the contract revealed itself, glowing a terrific light, and shining down on the Earth King.

"Earth King... Leader of the Village of Twilight... You have broken the almighty law of the battle, and as such, you will reap the consequences of a loss... Since the contractor, Khrona, leader of the Village of Dusk, had not incorporated any other severe punishments within the almighty contract. The battle is decided... Khrona, leader of the Village of Dusk is the victor."

And with the will of the contract, everything was reverted to as it was before the battle, except the memories of the combatants, which would remember such a thing.

"... Well. That was a good battle... I must admit, I don't know how I would have gotten out of such a situation..." Khrona took in a deep breath, then held out his hand shakily... Trying to give the Earth King a handshake. Khrona absolutely HATED touching people. He was actually scared of it. Beyond compare... But even still, Khrona risked it at this moment to show his own respect for the Earth King and gratitude for the fight. The contract floated behind him, as Misery and Despair appeared beside him as well. Khrona looked at the Earth King with rather sincere eyes... Something he didn't do for anyone.

The Earth King nodded; he knew that it was a losing fight from the beginning -- he just found Khrona's Black Dragon Blood interesting in the battle. He had ingested it and that gave him an idea of his own in the near future to make him even more powerful. When he sealed Khrona's soul in the jar, that also gave him an idea. Good stuff. The Earth King shook Khrona's hand, using the contact as a means of gathering the lasts bits of info he needed. With that, he left.

Khrona was rather focused on the new form of himself that was swirling within his head... He was distracted. But upon making contact with Kham, Khrona saw everything he needed to... About the Earth King and about what the future held for them both. As the Earth King walked off, Khrona could only smile, now. Misery and Despair were thoroughly confused.

Khrona: "... Ah... I am gonna enjoy our next meeting... I already know it..."

Misery and Despair cocked their heads to either side of them, looking at Khrona with the faces of confusion.

Misery: "... Whaaaaat!? I thought you hated him and all of the other leaders that weren't of the Dusk?! Except that Burst Leader guy..."

Despair: "... I hope that I am to enjoy the future as well..."

Khrona chuckled to himself. "I do hate all of them... But the Earth King... I now consider him like a father. I enjoy the sort of instruction he gives me at times, even if I hate being told what to do... Be ready for the next time we meet with him, Misery and Despair. We won't be holding back... Even if I do think of him as a father now..."

As they walked off into the unknown, Khrona explained to them his thoughts... The Earth King's thoughts... The Earth King's weaknesses... The future... And what they were going to do to better themselves. Khrona turned his head in the direction the Earth King had left in, smiling as though he'd won with his own 'Mind Over Matter' -- which he did.

Khrona: "... Be ready, Father X."

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Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei   Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei EmptyWed Apr 01, 2020 9:28 am

Fifth Journey; Jobs... Jobs... More Jobs...

Yet another life-changing altercation between he and one of the other leaders of the Tri-Village alliance made for Khrona's development that much greater, and brought him some answers from his past that allowed him to better forge his future. He was feeling much better, yet knew he was going to have to return to that desk the next day... And, of course, when he got there in the morning...

The resident poison ninja would appear at Khrona's Office and would knock on the door, hoping someone was in to help him with his job change. Although, he was in a little hurry, so he tried to send a mental message to Khrona, since he could read minds. 'Khrona-sama, I am out side your office wanting to switch from a Soldier to an Illusionist.'

Khrona pulled the ninja through the door with a mental force. "Alright, alright, here we go, then... Hold still."

Chomao would run up to the poison ninja with the Grimoire in his hand, letting it open and shine its light upon the poison ninja. The light would engulf him and completely change him, taking away his power as a Soldier and giving him the power of an Illusionist.

"There you go," said Chomao.

"Thank you, Khrona-sama! Well, I will be on my way." The poison ninja would bow to Khrona and then pat Chomao on the head before leaving out of the room to finish work on his puppets that he just collected that needed constant care so they did not completely rot away to the point they could not be used or rebuilt. Although, as he left out the office and the building, he left a mental message for Khrona; 'Also, Khrona-sama, keep an eye on Zita-dono. She has recently been going around kidnapping girls to become witches, even if they don't want to, so keep an eye on yout weapons as well as your daughter and sister.'

And, some time after the poison ninja left...

Linomaru would walk into Khrona's office. He knew that if Khrona was there, he would already know he was coming, so he would just walk in while knocking at the same time as he spoke,  "Hello Khrona, how are you?" He would wait for Khrona to answer and then said, "I've come here to request a few things from you... One, I would like my own research lab for a good reason, which is that I'll be working on something very deep and dark that has to do with the power of the fire bird -- the phoenix -- with the current numbers I've drawn up. I've been able to stablize and compress the power of the subject and put it into a single object and this energy can be suppressed into a single attack... Two, I request some test subjects to test it and make sure I can spread it out and make it useable to everyone; mostly people with different blood types."

Khrona quirked a brow. "... Oho, seems like someone's playing Mr. Scientist now, huh? There's a place around the Dusk. Tell me when you get bored with that, I'll go clean up your mess--"

But at that very moment... Khrona's past flickered in his mind. Unknown to Linomaru, Khrona was a test subject when he was younger... Which is how he got a majority of his powers. The thought of anyone or anything else working in a laboratory or being a test subject... Detested Khrona. He LOATHED laboratories... Anything that had to do with them... They made him go BEYOND insane.

As that happened, Khrona couldn't contain himself any longer. He grabbed Lin's face and slammed him into the door, his eyes moving about erratically. He couldn't seem to focus on one thing. Khrona was crying blackened tears, trying to keep himself from screaming. In a low, eerily calm voice, Khrona said to Lin, "... Get. Out..."

Khrona flung his face through the door, through a rip in reality, and to the lab before Khrona had to kill him viciously. Once he exited, Khrona closed off his office in all ways, shapes and forms for a while... He sat in a corner, continuously crying silently... Quietly and to himself, letting the black tears fill up the room... and he would drown himself in them...

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Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Sixth Journey; The Old Days...

After his day at work, Khrona returned home with so much on his mind that he couldn't contain it... Not that he could do it anyway, considering the price of his Pact with Tabrith, the Technology Sprite 'Cleff's' physical memorial manifestation from outside of Khrona's head. Whilst Tabrith took Khrona's place elsewhere...

The TRUE Khrona would be within the Pit of Havoc, scouring his memories and his past for some answers, as well as reminiscing on how he met his two dearly beloved lovers, Misery and Despair.

Even though Khrona PROBABLY is somewhere else doing something else with someone else, that's PROBABLY not the TRUE Khrona. Might just be another DNA copy or holographic copy or some shit. The REAL Khrona is ACTUALLY here in THIS pit. I'm going to stop putting emphasis on words now.

Well. He was all alone with his two weapons. Khrona, Misery, and Despair. Chroma was out god knows where... Drast was MIA... And Megaera was... Elsewhere as well. Chomao was always tending to Khrona's office, even though he is part of this family, too. Even Khrona's virtual pets... Not here. They were off having fun. Tabrith... No one could ever truly know where that presenceless being is at any time unless they see him with their own two eyes... Even Khrona couldn't track him. But for the greater good, the assumption was that Khrona, Misery, and Despair were alone...

Walking and thinking to himself, Khrona paced up and down the intricately made corridors of the Pit of Havoc. Because he couldn't keep his thoughts to himself, he was muttering words to himself. Misery and Despair could hear the woes of Khrona's mind resonate throughout the cave and their own minds...

Khrona: "... We're so alone... All alone... Just us three in our cave that we made so long ago... It's even soaked with our own soul energies... My, it has been some time, it seems... Many years... I made this cave even before meeting my half-brother... Before I was a leader... Before we decided to make this village... When we were all alone..."

Opening an eye and looking up from a slightly reclined position, Misery got her attention focused on Khrona. "... Eh? You're thinking about those days, Khrona? Why the hell is that?"

Khrona continued to pace, barely bothering to even lift his head more than an inch. "... I'm not sure, myself... I just... I liked those days... Reminiscing is fun... Essential, even. If you continuously live in the present... You'll forget your past... And then, it will not exist. If someone does something and no one who witnessed remembers... Then who is to say that it really happened?"

Misery scrunched up her face, closing her eye. "Whatever, Khrona. You can't forget anything, anyway, without outside help or actually forcing yourself. Shut up."

Khrona shook his head, pacing even faster now. "But Misery... I enjoyed those days... Even though I was FAR less stable than I am now... No, but I'm not stable, still... I'm only stable because I've gotten accustomed to the people around here... Just like I did with you two... I'm still the same... I could see it when I met the Android girl..."

Misery started to grind her teeth. "Ugh, I HATE the Android girl. Why must she be our partner anyway? Can't ol' Misery put her out of her misery...?"

Khrona shook his head. "No, Misery. I like her now. We cannot run this village alone... She's nice... She was scary at first, but she's there for me... That's all I think I want in people who are my friends..."

Misery clenched her teeth, standing up abruptly, starting to shout. "KHRONA! Where the hell did all this talk of 'FRIENDSHIP' come from, huh? Your only 'friends' should be me and Despair! And your brother and his weapons, cuz we're cool like that. And family members, like our daughter, your sister... Yeah. BUT OTHERWISE, none of those jerks should be your friend! They're either peons or ripe souls for the taking, and you know DAMN well I'm fucking hungry!!!"

Khrona's eyes gleamed, a brightness able to be seen in even this cave, where light had never existed and never will. In a flash, Khrona was looming over Misery, seeming to be rather angry. "Watch... Your damn... Mouth. We've got more 'family' now. Those people are there for me... In a way. They've come through... Or, at least these specific people that I can respect. The Android girl... Father X... the Burst Leader... Drast... These people are our friends... I don't like not having friends... Isn't that the reason why we joined each other in the first place?"

Speechless. Misery couldn't say a damn thing... She knew good and well that so long ago that when she met Khrona... She was looking for someone to relate to.. Or, a 'friend.' Before she was a Soul Angel... When she was just a violent, partnerless weapon on the verge of becoming a Falshin... "Ah... How I remember it well..."

The reality of the cave started to morph. A flashback induced by both Misery and Khrona at the same time caused some sort of... 'Cinematic Replay', one could say... Where they would see their flashbacks just as they happened, clear as day...

Before Khrona was a leader... Before he had weapons... Before he had a friend or family in the world... He was nothing but a weird, gray-skinned, insane, experimental, psychic DNA mutant with unsightly dragon wings arching out of his back... His clothes were skin-tight... Black. Except for his face, there wasn't an exposed piece of flesh on his body... He hated it when things touched him. Anything.

For a long time, after escaping the laboratory he was sold to, Khrona sought out a place where he could sit and be alone... Contemplating revenge on those who murdered his family... He was forced out wherever he went for his odd appearance and his great disdain for all living things. Khrona was utterly alone. He found himself sitting under a single tree day in and day out, unmoving for months at a time, through rain and snow, curled up in his wings... Alone. His body could provide everything it needed... And it didn't need much.

Then one day, there came a woman clad in black and white... There was no love in her eyes... No mercy in her smile... All of her features screamed 'misery.' She had been walking for days... Restless. She wanted to kill something... Anything. She was dead-set on becoming a Soul Angel... No matter what. She lusted for souls. Her no-bullshit attitude and her violent approach to anyone and everyone got her hated everywhere she went... Not like she gave a damn about those powerless bitches. She had been walking for days after leaving the other town, not even close to any civilization... When she saw this one tree in the middle of nowhere... And something under it. Naturally, she went to go look at it... And to her surprise, it had a soul. Her Soul Perception allowed her to see that... It was rather unstable... Insane, in fact... Just like hers. She only gave a slight smile, but it quickly snapped back into a scowl of disgust.

Misery: "You. Creature. Your soul looks mighty tasty... But your body looks pathetic. You don't deserve that delicious morsel inside of you. Come and take death like a man and let me slaughter you like a bitch..."

Misery walked closer to Khrona, examining his curled up wings up and down...

Khrona was silent. He didn't move from his spot... Not one inch. It didn't seem like he was even breathing... But his soul, on the other hand.. It was flickering uncontrollably. His instability and insecurity was very apparent to Misery... She saw big potential in this kid... His soul seemed to resonate perfectly with hers... A feat that was damn near unimaginable. Yet, she still wanted to fight.

"Get up." She walked toward him, only to be blocked by a powerful psychic force. She smiled. "Ah, a psychic... Ha. You are perfect... Get up NOW. Or I'll make you..." A sword blade jutted out of Misery's right hand and a scythe blade out of the back of her left, both glowing. She dashed in, easily breaking through the psychic barrier somehow and swiftly slashing at Khrona violently with her weapons.

Khrona, however, only opened his wings once she trespassed that barrier, exposing his tiny, frail body that sported the massive, monstrous wings. The force of them opening toppled over the mighty tree, threw Misery back and sent off winds all the way into the neighboring cities... Which were all monstrously far apart. Khrona stared at Misery with scared, insane eyes, not even bothering to speak a word.

Once Misery saw his eyes, she knew that he was the one. "It's time, boy... Show me what you've got!" Then again, Misery wasn't too much older than Khrona, so she couldn't really call him 'boy...' but whatever. She dashed at him once again, becoming a blur, and from all angles tried to close in on him, slashing him with her own soul energy of insanity.

Unknown to Khrona, his own insanity would absorb and merge with hers, for their wavelengths were on the same accord... They were meant to be. Khrona only felt his power grow stronger when she attacked... And he really did not know why. So before he attacked, he stopped her with his psychic power, then brought her close... "... What are you?"

Misery struggled and pulled against Khrona's psychic power, but she was not moving. She was trapped by Khrona for good, it would seem. With a sneer, she answered him. "I am a weapon... A living weapon... Then again, you should be able to read my mind, psychic boy! What the hell are you?" While saying that, she once again broke free from Khrona's psychic hold, jumping high into the sky and readying her blades to impale the hell out of Khrona...

Khrona flapped his wings, causing Misery to be caught in a massive, powerful wind storm. It would cause her not only to lose all of her air so that she couldn't breathe, but the force of the wind storm would slice and rip at her, trying to crush her and destroy her. It ended quickly, however Misery didn't seem to be too affected by it... In fact, she fell onto her feet with rather tattered clothes. She was panting hard, trying to catch her breath. This whole time, she was looking at Khrona's soul... Seems as though it was a soul she couldn't beat. She caught her breath, dusted herself off and asked Khrona... "... Wanna be my partner?"

This was definitely shocking to Khrona. Not only was Misery asking a question that was rather foreign to him, but she was suggesting that she... Stayed with him? She wasn't afraid? She didn't ridicule? She wanted his company... It was so odd that Khrona couldn't decide at that very moment... In fact, he curled back up and started to cry to himself... It was too much for him... Too confusing... What was her reasoning behind this...?

Misery's eyes dimmed and her weapons retracted into her body. At that moment, she felt something strange for this kid... And for the first time in her life, there was a tiny sparkle of compassion. She could feel the pain of his soul... It was very similar to her own. So similar that it actually hurt her; something that no one in life was able to do. She walked over to Khrona, knelt down beside him and began to hug and pet him gently, embracing him and his soul.

"... From this day forward, you are my partner. We're gonna do everything together. You got it? I like this feeling... This connection... And together we can destroy everything we want. Fuck the world. We'll show them what we can do by ourselves, ya know?" And with those words said, Khrona looked up and slowly wrapped his arms around Misery... They were partners for life. That was the first time Khrona felt the soul of another person... And the first time he achieved a Soul Resonance...

After seeing that, the reality started to change back to normal, Khrona and Misery now viewing their pit once more. Misery was in tears, as was Khrona. That was a powerful moment for the both of them... And Misery needed to be reminded of what it's like to find people who you want to be your family forever.

Misery: "... Khrona... I got you, now... That's what you were feeling when you met with these people... Something similar to what we felt when we first met, right? Ha. Alright. I still hate those fuckers... Except the Burst Leader and your Honorary Son... They're cool peoples... But I'll accept that you want them as a part of your life and shit..."

She wiped her eyes, quickly changing her facial expression back to how it was before the flashback... Filled with malice and joy. But for the most part, genuine joy... That was something she hadn't felt in a while.

Misery: "Yeah, thanks, Khrona. That was... Nice to remember that, ya know?"

Khrona nodded his head, smiling. "Ah yes, anytime, Misery... You're the main reason why I've changed... Why I've been able to embrace my insanity and use it to its full potential... Teeheeeheee~! We're such a good team... But we're nothing without Despair, ya know." Khrona turned his head to Despair, who hadn't said anything this whole time. "... It was only a few weeks after meeting you that we met her. And you remember that we both felt that connection with her... In fact, we agreed that the town she was in... Had to be destroyed. Remember, Despair?"

Despair opened her eyes, filling with gloom and woe, but the smile on her face was made of pure happiness. "Oh, yes... Dreadfully fun... Though I wish we didn't have to hurt those people... You two were the only ones that accepted me after so long, so I was alright with such morbidly fun destruction... Aaah... I remember it well..."

Just as it did with Misery, the area around the pit began to distort and change... This time, the setting was outside of a small town with Khrona and Misery heading toward it to look for some souls. Despair could now remember how it all happened... And where she was at the time... As did Khrona and Misery.

Khrona and Misery were heading elsewhere after a little bit of soul hunting... Khrona was still getting used to interaction with other living things and being a Soul Partner... And Misery was getting used to being wielded after never having to be wielded before... It was an odd feeling for the both of them, but they were getting used to each other, which was the most important part.

Misery: "Yo, Khrona... I can see a town up ahead... You think there are some tasty souls up there for us to devour?"

Khrona: "... If It makes you happy... We will destroy... And we will kill..."

Misery snickered. "Heh heh... Sweet. Just wait until you get the hang of soul abilities... Your soul is extremely powerful... Far more powerful than I've seen... And more souls won't just make me stronger, but you stronger as well... Heh heh."

Khrona was silent.

Eventually, they came up to the entrance of the town... But it would seem that no one was there. But Misery could feel their souls in the town... They were all gathered in one place... And seemed to be avoiding something... Or someone. "Eh? Why are they all the way over there? Heheheheh. They must have sensed me coming and cowered in fear. Little pussies. Let's go give them something to fear, huh, Khrona?"

Khrona nodded his head. "... I want them to feel... Fear... And I want them to experience... Death... Kill... Kill... Kill..."

Misery laughed maniacally. "That's the spirit! Let's go!" And with that, they started to move into the town... Though, soon, they felt a powerful force pushing them away a bit, but they didn't mind it, for it didn't affect them too much.

Misery: "Ugh, what the hell is that? I can feel it forcing away everything else... Like it's just rejecting everything. It feels like a soul..."

Khrona lowered his head. "... I feel it..."

The both of them would look in the direction it was coming from... And they would see a girl sitting by herself... Crying. It was coming from her.

Misery could immediately tell that there was a wavelength coming from this girl... The powerful rejecting force was her soul. "Oooh... I get it... This girl is the one rejecting all of those people and forcing them to congregate at the borders of the town... Heh. Her soul should be mighty tasty."

Khrona looked at the girl, as her emotions flowed to him. They felt very similar to his... Filled with nothing but pain. Sorrow. Rejection. Despair. This made Khrona act on his own will to walk toward the girl.

Misery: "Oh, we're gonna go harvest her now? Sweet."

Khrona shook his head. "... She's just like me... She cannot be left alone... I feel it... We need her... Like me... If she is like me... She will know... She will be part of our... Family..."

Misery scoffed. "Huh. Like you, huh? If you say that, then I guess I can deal with her. It would explain why we don't really feel the effects of her repulsive soul, right? Heh heh. We can use that power, you know..."

Khrona nodded, now standing in front of the girl. It took all of his courage for him to utter the words "... Hello..."

The girl looked up at him with a smile of hidden pain and sorrow, and gloomy, tearful eyes filled with misery and despair... The girl was rather shocked that someone actually was able to get near her and not feel the effects of her 'power,' but she was grateful.

"Hello there..." she said with a sweet, yet grim tone, "... I am Despair a la Discord... I am happy to meet your acquaintance..."

Khrona and Misery quickly introduced themselves, as well.

Misery: "The name's Misery Des Gloomi."

Khrona: "... Khrona...."

Despair stood, still smiling, but at the same time, still crying. "... I am dreadfully happy that someone has come to see me... It has been so long since I have had contact with anyone... My power... It only brings despair to those around me... And if not that, it rejects them... So I have been alone for quite some time... So having people talk to me unaffected brings me dark joy..."

Khrona moved closer to her, starting to talk a little bit more. "... Despair... I like you... You are like me... I don't want you to suffer... You have suffered like I have... That is not good... Misery and I... We could use more friends..." Khrona extended his hand out to Despair, awaiting to see what she would do.

Despair was stunned, but was not reluctant to grab Khrona's hand. She was overjoyed at meeting someone who was not rejected... Who actually wanted her company. Years had gone by since she had contact with anyone... And now, she finally had it. At that moment, Khrona and Despair had a sort of Soul Resonance with each other. Misery and Khrona could tell that Despair was a weapon... And once Khrona grabbed her hand and embraced her soul, she changed into her weapon form.

Despair: "... My... And you can wield me... This must mean that this was our grim destiny... For us three to meet... Yes, I like it... I love it... You two make me so happy... Unlike the people in this town... Who have made me sad... But it's okay..."

Khrona and Misery had the same thought at that point. Kill.

Misery started to laugh slowly... Then it started to pick up as Khrona walked toward the townspeople.

Despair: "... What is about to happen, you two...? Aren't we going to leave...?"

Misery: "Not until you get some payback. We're gonna reap this town of all its souls and give them to you... Of course, I'm gonna have some, too, but... Yeah. The majority goes to you, hun!"

Despair: "... Oh, no... That isn't necessary... We can leave the townspeople to be happy by themselves... Without me..."

Khrona: "No... I feel your pain... Now, so must they..."

Despair was overjoyed at how much they were going through just to make her feel better. What wonderful new friends she had met... "... If you two really want to... Then yes, go and kill them..!"

Khrona extended his wings, flying high into the air. Misery got a lock on every soul in the village... Khrona raised Misery, who was in Scythe form, and raised her above his head, shouting "GRIM SLASHER!!" In a moment's notice, the entire town was swept through, all of the souls harvested in less than a second. All of the bodies were torn and maimed, like they had been sliced several times. Such amazing power and speed for such a very inexperienced wielder. It could only mean that they were meant to be. Misery and Despair would absorb the souls of the village, and Khrona would fly off.

Despair: "... Thank you for accepting me..."

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Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei   Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei EmptyWed Apr 01, 2020 3:08 pm

Seventh Journey; The Old Days... Awakening Misery

Having reminisced on how he met his lovers and why they fell in love in the first place, they three of them were actually pretty happy and content with spending time like this thinking about the past. In it, they would also begin to think about when and where Misery and Despair were able to awaken their True Power, under the guidance of their master, Khrona, who hadn't been able to do so, himself, since he was giving so much time and energy to them to go first.

After that moment, the reality in the pit began to reform back to normal, and Despair was seen smiling and crying... There was no gloom on her face for this moment. She was very happy, as Misery had been.

Despair: "... And since that moment, we have been the very best team ever... I am so very grateful..."

Misery smirked. "You and me both, hun."

Khrona couldn't help but smile as well. "Remembering our past brings us closer together... Can you feel our souls? They're strong now... Stronger than before... The more we remember, the stronger we get..."

Misery: "YO, I just thought about it... Wasn't it great when we both first became Soul Angels? I could feel the overwhelming power of that DAMNED witch inside of me... And my own power skyrocketing... Mmm... How I LOVED that day..."

Khrona chuckled. "Yes... Though, we don't usually use the power of the witch we absorbed, do we...? Or the power of anyone we've devoured... We can, but we don't..."

Misery: "Hmph. We'd better start, ya know. Besides, I bet the witch's soul that I ate would be very VERY useful... Wouldn't you agree?"

Khrona: "Yes... I remember it well..."

Once again, reality started to distort and the realm changed to that of an odd scene... It was that of a mystical castle. It was very dark and grim looking... The lair of the witch they were hunting at the time.

This was the lair of Malojos of the Evil Eye... She was, of course, the Evil Eye witch. How Khrona came across her was that she threatened to curse them with the Evil Eye magic that bypassed all logical means... It could penetrate Khrona's mind, see everything, place illogical curses... It was very powerful. And so, when Khrona was plagued with such a curse... There was only one way to cease it.

Finally, at the final room in the castle of the witch of the Evil Eye... Malojos. She was a tricky witch and was very feared because of the Evil Eye... Not only was this magic widespread throughout the planet, but it caused the worst kinds of curses and bad luck, and could see anyone at any time. Even untold powers that Khrona didn't know of... But all that mattered was that he was going to fight her.

Khrona gazed at the evil witch with a look of malice, very much unhappy about the curse and the seal on his mind.

"... Malojos... Witch of the Evil Eye... I want you dead... You've cursed me with such a plague that I cannot accept..." Khrona's eyes began to dart around angrily. He couldn't focus on his target because of raging insanity.

A large slit appeared in front of Khrona, and opened up in an eye-shape... It was a portal made by the witch... It allowed her to move throughout the universe instantly. The witch stepped out of the portal gracefully, her long, flowing red dress fluttering a bit. Her wings were extended and had eyes on them, but at the moment, those eyes were closed. Her hat had a rose on it, which had an eye hidden within it... There was also a slim line on her forehead, but it was barely noticeable... She held a spear made of some unknown energy with numerous eyes on it, as well. She stood before Khrona as the portal behind her closed, smirking. "Well, well, well... Look who we have here... Khrona... Heh heh. The eye told me that you were coming... And my eye never lies."

Khrona gave an insane sneer at the witch, his head twitching. She looked as if she were his age... "... I am going to kill you... Your death will be on my hands... Kill... Death... I want your disgusting soul... Hahahaha... Huuuuh..." Khrona's head rotated rather crotchety-like around one time, and his eyes were now focused. "Kill..."

Malojos smiled, narrowing her eyes "Oh, Khrona... What big eyes you have... I'll rip them out of your head for you... I want them. I want your eyes." She snapped her fingers and three long slits appeared above her, opening to reveal giant, demonic eyes. The eyes began to rotate in place, looking directly at Khrona. The way they looked, it seemed to be that they were about to attack. Once they were ready to attack, there was a gleam, and less than a second afterward, an explosion of untold proportions, covering a majority of the area in front of Malojos, suddenly and instantaneously happened. Everything had been disintegrated, even the air. In fact, the air was replaced with pure Evil Eye manna, which created a sort of distorted form of reality with all places it covered. It seemed to be rather consumptive of everything.

Khrona was already behind her, however, for he knew that the attack was coming. He was wielding Misery in sword form, aiming for Malojos' head. With a mighty and swift slash, and thousands of extremely fast, invisible after-slashes, Khrona tried to decapitate Malojos.

Malojos laughed, as the attack totally did not effect her. In fact, it seemed to do everything EXCEPT harm and hit her. It went through her, it missed her, it bent around her... And so on. She was immune to attacks. "Hahahaha. Feeling bad, Khrona? Well, allow me to let you feel worse." She turned around, snapping her fingers, causing the curse put on Khrona to intensify and causing his mind to lock up even more. An eye was then imprinted on his head... He was out, now.

Misery and Despair, however, were not cursed by Malojos' Evil Eye. As Khrona lost his strength and mind, Misery and Despair stood forth. They reverted to their human forms and glared at Malojos with eyes of malice and hate... And hunger. They wanted her soul. They were both so close to becoming Soul Angels... There was no stopping them.

Malojos couldn't help but laugh at the two, for their power was nothing without their Soul Partner. "You must really want to die, don't you? Heh. Little weapons can't fight on their own... Without your partner, you're worthless." Malojos snapped her fingers, many flaming eyeballs appearing around her. She pointed to Misery and Despair and the eyeballs would fly at them at a high speed. Whatever the eyeballs touched would cause them to not only be cursed, but be lit on fire... But it was a cursed fire... With properties that were devastating.

Misery and Despair weren't fearful, however. Once the eyes came, Despair put up a wall of her Rejection, causing them to be repelled and shot off in different directions. That's when Misery went in for an attack. With her Scythe blade, she ran toward Malojos and tried to slash her repeatedly with the Grim Slasher, her Condemnation soul harboring the powers of death; thus, it should be able to kill her instantly upon contact.

... Yet, as before, Malojos was unaffected by the onslaught of attacks. Even the Condemnation soul did nothing to her, not even causing her to to die a little. Malojos snickered, smacking Misery away with the lance in her hand. "Must I tell you again? I am INVULNERABLE. No attacks can harm me! I dare you to give me your best shot... See if it affects me. Destroy reality. Reject existence. Cause me despair. Condemn me. All of it will fail... There is no attack that can harm my body!" Malojos waggled her finger, causing the flaming eyeballs to converge together into one gigantic flaming eye. She launched it at Misery, and if it touched her, it would explode on impact, causing lots of damage...

Despair instinctively jumped in the way of the eye, coating herself with Rejection to combat it. She would protect Misery from it flying at her while she was vulnerable, then reflect it elsewhere. Misery got up soon after and ran near Despair...

Misery: "... Did you see that?! I cut off her head! I used Condemnation on her! This witch can't DIE, no matter what we do... Literally NOTHING effects her... What the hell kind of witch is she?"

Despair: "... I don't know... This is a difficult battle... But everything has a weakness... She cannot be completely invulnerable to anything and everything... And if she is, she has to have one place where she can be hurt..."

Misery grit her teeth, on the defensive now to see just what place on Malojos seemed to be vulnerable...

Malojos couldn't stop laughing. She was having the time of her life... But it was time to kick it up a notch. "Ha. Alright, I'm done playing nicely..." She snapped her fingers, and Khrona began to wail. She was intensifying his curse. "If you don't do something soon, your beloved partner will die~. Isn't that just... Brilliant~?" Malojos raised a hand and numerous slits opened up on the surface of walls, the ceiling, and floor to reveal numerous eyes looking at Misery, Despair, and Khrona. Each of them shot out concentrated, powerful, extremely fast beams of some sort of energy at them, making it almost impossible to dodge them since they were coming from literally every angle and could converge literally anywhere in the room at all times. Malojos only had to sit back and relax...

"Son of a--" Misery was quickly cut off by Despair, who had grabbed Khrona and Misery with her dress and let them share the Rejection so that they all could reject the powerful beams. It was obvious that most of Malojos' attacks could erase the air and space and replace it instantly with some of her Evil Eye crap... Or it could be used to curse them or something. How could they hit her...?

Misery: "Tch, SCREW THIS, I'm just gonna stab the bitch straight in the face. Even if I CAN'T kill her, I still wanna mess her FUCKING face up."

Despair: "... But how will you get in close with all of these eyes coming at us, Misery...?"

Misery: "Well, I have a plan. You are the only one who can protect me; you and Khrona at the same time. Ergo, you are the ultimate defense. Now me, on the other hand... I don't have many defensive capabilities... Especially none that stand up to Malojos' attacks. I'm all about the offense, baby! So if you use that stretchy dress you've got, you can feed me Rejection and move me close to her so I can get her in the face! Sound good?"

Despair nodded. "It's a wonderfully horrid plan, Misery... I am so glad you thought of it... I just hope it hurts her..." Despair knew that even with her own power, if she kept getting onslaught with attacks and protected Khrona and Misery as well, her power would run out soon enough... So she had to get this done quick, or else they would all be doomed. She was the key to making Misery's plan work...

Malojos could see that her latest attack didn't do anything because of Despair, and that made her rather angry. "Huh. Are you all too scared to face me head on, huh? I'll MAKE you all fight me, you know.." An eye appeared above her, the pupil glowing ferociously. It began to shoot out thousands of rounds of what seemed to be bullets in seconds, hoping to totally overwhelm Despair in just a few seconds flat... Firing off thousands of rounds a second? No one could handle that.

Luckily, the bullets meant nothing to Misery since Despair was protecting her, but Despair could feel the strain of holding up her own Rejection. She extended Misery as fast as she could toward Malojos' face. The very moment Misery was close, she smirked and stabbed Malojos right in her left eye. It seemed to do some damage to her.

Misery: "HA. BITCH!!"

Malojos screeched and screamed, for her weakness had been found out... Her eyes were totally vulnerable to physical attacks... And upon being stabbed, the eye above stopped firing bullets and closed. In fact, all of the eyes closed that were around her. With a bloodied eye, she panted, looking up at Misery with disgust. "... How... Did you find out my weakness...? My Evil Eye... How did it not see this coming? It sees EVERYTHING!!"

Misery snickered. "Oh, you saw me coming, bitch. You just didn't do anything about it. Were you really paying attention to what your eyes were telling you, hmmm~?"

Malojos sneered... Even though she was still totally invincible to everything... Her power was now cut in half because of losing one eye. This wasn't good at all. She didn't care, though. She felt as though she still had enough power to get rid of them. Three slits appeared above her, opening up to be eyes once more. They began to rotate, getting a little gleam in them once more, and less than a second that the twinkle was seen, there was a massive explosion; less large than the first one, but still rather large, aimed for Misery, Despair, and Khrona. Malojos contemplated on how to fix her eye... For she had no type of regenerative abilities. "Khh... My beautiful eye..."

Again, the explosion would do nothing thanks to Despair's Rejection, but the power of the explosion would cause Despair to give out. She was at her limit as of now. So once the explosion cleared, all that could be seen was Misery, unprotected, going in for the attack. While Malojos was distracted, Misery would stab her AGAIN in her right eye this time, smiling, and then jump back just in case she could retaliate.

Malojos screeched again, now holding both of her bloodied eyes. She was extremely angry now... Beyond angry. She lowered her hands and the slit in the middle of her forehead opened up, revealing one more eye... Her third eye. "I still have one more, bitches... And this eye is the eye of Invulnerability. So as long as I have this one, you still can't hurt me... And I am NOT going to let you get this eye..." She knew that without her other two eyes, she couldn't create any of the eyes in the air or use most of the properties of the Evil Eye... She couldn't fire projectiles, nothing. At least she still had that curse on Khrona, and her spear... Maybe, if she got the other two to look into her eye...

Misery couldn't help but snicker at Malojos. "Awwww, you have no power without your precious little eyes? Don't worry, I'll gouge the last one out nice and swift so that you don't have to watch me kill you.. It's my personal gift to you. Hee hee." Misery raised her sword hand to her mouth, licking off the blood that dripped down the edges of the blade and gave a moan of pure satisfaction. "Licking your blood off of my blade just tastes soooo sweet... Maybe when I'm done with your eye, I'll shove my blade down your throat and let you taste your own delicious blood, too~."

Malojos growled at Misery, twirling her spear in her hand "Don't get fresh with me! You're hundreds of years too early to think you've won against me!!" Malojos gripped her spear tightly, extended her extremely large -- though not at large as Khrona's -- wings, which had an eye on each of them, and then pointed her spear, having two eyes on it, at Misery. "I've got my eye on you, bitch..."

Misery nodded her head, narrowing her eyes and increasing her smirk, and then in a blur, she was off, already surrounding Malojos with her own speed. She made slashes at Malojos from all around, and yet even still, they were aimed at her eye, since Misery knew that attacking her anywhere else was basically useless. She was also attacking with both her scythe and sword blades for double the effectiveness. It was in high hopes that Malojos couldn't track Misery while she was moving so fast.

To Misery's dismay, however, Malojos actually COULD see anything and everything she wanted so long as she focused... And she was focused on Misery to the fullest. Misery was as clear as day to her, and with every strike she tried to do, Malojos could and would parry it with her own spear as if it were nothing. It would seem as though Malojos wasn't only just skilled in manna based combat, but in close quarter weapon combat, as well. In fact, she was so good that when Misery came in for her next strike, instead of parrying it, Malojos stopped it completely with her spear, which should leave Misery ass-out for an attack if she didn't retaliate quickly. Too bad Malojos felt she could attack faster than Misery could retaliate. "Look into my eyes and tell me you don't see defeat!!" Once that was said, Malojos' own eye twinkled, as did the ones on the spear and on her wings. They were trying to place a curse on Misery... Plague her with sickness, cause her death, petrify her, make her go to sleep, drain her energy -- WHATEVER, so long as she got off of Malojos' ass.

Misery wasn't prepared for the eyes, but she knew something was up when she stopped moving. So she quickly kicked off of Malojos once she stopped her and flew back quite a few feet. "Huh. You STILL have shit up your sleeves? I can't even look at you? Heh. I guess you did me a favor, then." Misery promptly shut her eyes and got ready to go into the fray once more, using her Soul Perception to guide her to Malojos... To let her see without using her eyes. As long as she could see Malojos' soul, Misery didn't have to look at her eyes or watch her attacks. Her soul would tell Misery everything.

Misery rushed in for another attack, eyes closed and everything, and this time went dead in, trying to stab at her eye with her scythe and sword blades. She wanted Malojos dead with a burning hot passion. Those eyes were annoying. Misery even incorporated some kicks into her fighting to try to catch Malojos off guard.

The attacks were indeed swift and powerful, but Malojos could still deflect them all easily with her spear. Her only hope was to stab Misery while she couldn't see her... But that made Malojos wonder.. How was she aiming at her eye so accurately with her eyes closed? She must have another way. And that's why Malojos didn't let her guard down. However... Perhaps if Misery were too distracted with Khrona, Malojos could kill her now and take Khrona at the same time. Ingenious. Malojos smiled, still fending off attacks and said, "Oh, Misery... You're such a bad partner. Can't you see... Your master needs you right now? He looks ever so terrible..." Malojos' eye twinkled, as her focus went to Khrona to make him get a lot worse with that curse...

Though the moment Misery saw an opening in Malojos, she took it. Her eye was focused on Khrona instead of her. Malojos' soul told Misery that, because it flickered for a moment and the wavelength started to decrease on Misery, thus meaning Malojos had to be focused on another target. So with expert skill and agility, Misery curved her scythe blade around the spear while Malojos wasn't looking, in one swift motion put a hell of a lot of force in it to force it out of her hands, and like clockwork, stabbed her directly in her final eye... The eye of Invulnerability.

With a scream thrice as loud as the first two, Malojos fell to her knees. She was disarmed, she was blind, she was powerless, and she was vulnerable. There was no stopping her death as of now. Misery shook her head, an evil grin about a mile wide all over her face. She was going to enjoy seeing this witch die.

Misery: "Hey. Malojos. Before you die, I have a question..."

Malojos tilted her head up, streams of blood flowing down her face. "... Yeah, what...?"

Misery pointed her sword at Malojos, the tip pointed right at her heart, and Misery asked her;

"... Did you see this coming, bitch?" A swift stab through the heart would be the end of Malojos. Misery twisted and turned her blade inside of Malojos, shredding her heart into nothingness. Misery would then slowly pull out her blade, lick off the blood on her sword and when that glorious, awesome soul popped out of the body... Misery kicked the body away, drenched the soul in the blood of Malojos and grabbed it by its little soul tail, looking at the little eye that was on her soul...

Misery: "Bon Appétit."

And she consumed the soul. The curse was lifted from Khrona, Despair was clapping vigorously for Misery, and finally... Misery had become a Soul Angel. Power surged from her body as numerous blades of scythes and swords jutted out of her... A sort of insanity pulsated throughout the area, only to be accompanied by condemnation... The new power of Misery's... Her soul... Her overall abilities... Beyond recognition. It was nice... So nice.

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Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei   Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei EmptyThu Apr 02, 2020 10:42 am

Eighth Journey; The Old Days... Awakening Despair.

With the reminiscing of Misery and her conquest over the Peacock Witch of the Evil Eye, Malojos, the flashback being played out before the three of them would come to an end.

At that moment, the flashback started to end, Reality retorting to its original form of being inside of Khrona's pit.

Khrona: "... Oh yeah, I WAS unconscious for most of that battle... Damn that curse. Hey wait, Misery, we can use the power of that witch, right? Once you collect the special soul to become a Soul Angel, you get to use her magic."

Misery: "Yeah, so?"

Khrona: "... How come we never use the Evil Eye?"

Misery: "... I dunno. How come Despair never uses the ability of the witch she ate?"

Khrona: "Hm... That's a good point. Huh. I remember that witch... Because I was actually BATTLING that time around... Don't you remember, Despair? We let Misery sit that battle out because we felt like we had to do that battle on our own... Since we didn't assist much in the battle against Malojos."

Despair nodded. "Yes... I do very much remember... The witch I fought was nice... She was really respectful, despite being very evil... It would be horridly nice to fight her again..."

Once again, the reality started to distort to a 'Flashback'... This time around, there was a rather tranquil scene. Everything was nice and surrounded by water... A nice sight to behold, indeed.

Khrona, wielding Misery and Despair, were in a sort of grand hall, one would say, seeming to be accompanied by four females.

Three of them stood in the front, looking rather menacing. It seemed as though Khrona and these girls had been fighting for quite a while now.

Behind them was a woman clad in all blue, who looked extremely elegant and serene, though at the same time, had a determined look on her face.

Khrona: "Serulenia, the witch of Animation... You have been trapping people in suspended animation around here... I cannot harvest the soul of something that cannot be harmed... Take them out right now, and I will spare you and your animated goons..."

Serulenia: "... Many apologies, young boy... But I do not want them to regain their animation... They are extremely noisy beings... They wish to destroy my home... And if I let them do as they please, I will have nowhere to go... I enjoy tranquility and peace... I did not want to kill them, so I simply kept them in suspended animation and threw them into the depths of the waters surrounding my palace. Isn't that the best thing to do?"

Khrona: "... I don't want to have to kill you... You are a nice person. I wish to leave you in peace and just devour the souls of the others... But unfortunately, you are also the only witch around here... And my weapon partner needs a witch's soul to become a Soul Angel... And as such, I must kill you... I am sorry..."

Serulenia: "It is perfectly understandable, and I will accept your challenge.. However, at the same time, I cannot simply allow you to kill me so easily.. Not only would that bring shame to my name, but also to yours... And so if I win, I will trap you in suspended animation, alright? I do not wish to kill you..."

Khrona nodded his head. This was going to be hard to do... He actually LIKED this woman because of her kindness... She reminded him of his weapon, Despair... And as such, he would fight using her. But before he got to Serulenia... He was going to have to get through her lackeys, first.

Serulenia raised her massively large sword and pointed it at Khrona, and that was the signal for her three lackeys to attack him. The first one had the ability to make an infinite amount of swords and knives appear and float around her, and she would use them as weapons and change her body into blades. Her name was Echo. The second one had the ability to make feathers into any sharpness or hardness and use them as her own weapon, as noted by the lance in her hand made of extremely hard, sharpened feathers which could pierce through most substances. Her name was Lavis. The last one had the powers of energy itself -- mostly in the form of elements -- and could absorb and use each one in the floating spiked coil behind her. She also had a sword in which she could charge with any of said energies. Her name was Rynoh (Rih-Noh). The three of them quickly rushed at Khrona; knives swirling in front of Echo, feathered spear outstretched in front of Lavis, and the element of fire charged into Rynoh's sword.

Khrona held up Despair, not wanting to use Misery because she was already a Soul Angel, so that wouldn't be fair. He put up a barrier of Rejection in front of him, then said to Serulenia, "... Hey. This weapon right here; I'm not using her... So do not attack her..."

Misery would change out of her weapon form and scoff, knowing just the reason why. "Hmph."

Serulenia nodded, and quickly made sure Misery couldn't be harmed or move by placing her in suspended animation where she stood. "I will release her when the battle is finished."

Khrona accepted this, and then made a powerful force with the Rejection to force away the three women so that he could have space to think...

As the three were forced away, they scowled at Khrona and his tiny straight-razor weapon... They weren't fully sure of what it could do, but they knew it had powerful repulsive force. That wasn't good. It would seem that a different approach to this was necessary.

Echo, being the fastest and most agile, would dash in many different directions in a blur, hoping to confuse the hell out of Khrona. Her speed matched that of Misery, so she was damn fast. In a flash, she was right next to Khrona, slashing wildly at him with a crapload of swords at the same time from numerous angles, and as a surprise attack, also made a gigantic sword blade jut straight up from the ground where Khrona stood, trying to impale him where he was.

Lavis, being the most defensively inclined, wasn't exactly going to attack directly, either. Instead, she spread her wings and took flight into the air, hovering over Khrona. She didn't attack yet, but she made hundreds of very large arrows of her extremely sharp and hard feathers form above so that if Khrona had an opening, she could quickly launch any one of them down upon him and hopefully harm him severely.

Rynoh, being the most offensively inclined, made the coil of elemental spikes behind her into a halo that floated directly behind her head. The top one was red, meaning she was set to using the fire element. This quickly changed to white via the circle's rotation, which would be usage of Light. Rynoh's sword accordingly started to glow white, being charged with the energy of pure light. She ran in headfirst at Khrona. She swung her sword, the power of the swing causing the light to get extremely bright, making an incredibly blinding flash of light to hopefully throw Khrona off whilst she also would be able to hit him with her gigantic, powerful sword.

Indeed, the three girls working together from different angles was overwhelming to Khrona. He was still just a scared little boy... When he finally saw Echo coming in from the side, he instinctively raised Despair to block each and every one of the swords, which he did successfully, but then the sword from the bottom came up, which he wasn't prepared for... Though once it made contact with Khrona's body, his Black Dragon Blood kicked in and stopped it from penetrating at all. Good shit. With a powerful force of Rejection, Khrona pushed Echo away and quickly started to combat Rynoh, who was coming in next. He was first blinded by the light, instinctively raising his mighty, powerful wings to keep it from shining at him, and his wing was so durable and strong that it could take a hit directly from that sword and Khrona wouldn't feel it. With a swift push, Khrona would knock Rynoh away as well... FAAAR away. His wings were his strongest body part. Though, he had no clue where Lavis was... For at this point in time, Khrona wasn't completely in tune with his psychic ability... Out of curiosity, he looked up, noticing the hundreds of arrows aimed at him. He domed himself with Rejection for security and sighed.

Khrona: "... Despair... Do you have a plan...? I can't... My mind... They're too fast.. They are coming at me too fast... I don't know how to deal with them..."

Despair sighed as well, trying to comfort Khrona. "Hush up, Khrona... I will make this battle wonderfully horrid for them... But for this to work, I am going to need you to fully open your mind and soul to me... And listen to me... Alright?"

Khrona nodded his head, feeling a bit more composed over himself.

Being forced back, Echo regained composure of herself by stopping herself with a flying sword. She landed on it and rode it gracefully through the air like a surfboard. Lavis, who knew that her attack definitely wouldn't pierce through that barrier, dispersed her feathers, which would quickly disintegrate into nothingness. Echo flew up next to her on her sword. Finally, Rynoh, who had also been taken back by Khrona's power, joined the girls up in the air by making a jet of fire spew out of the center of her circle of spikes behind her, allowing her to float up to them.

Echo: "He's rather unorthodox."

Lavis: "But he seems to have great power."

Rynoh: "He could easily defeat us individually, and our combined attacks have done nothing for the length of our fight..."

Echo: "So if this is how it is, how do we defeat him?"

Lavis: "Simple, dears..."

Rynoh: "We overwhelm him."

As the three collaborated, they knew exactly what had to be done. After fighting Khrona for so long, even with the long pause in between so that he could talk to Serulenia, they were running out of power. It was time for a big one from each of them. Echo created a large amount of swords in the air... Giant swords. Lavis made many gigantic feathers. Finally, Rynoh's circle of elements began to spin in front of her. The three of them fired off their attacks, respectively being a nonstop barrage of super-fast swords, bullet-like shots of these gigantic feathers continuously, and firing off all of the elements on the ring simultaneously in one focused, massive blast.

The instant they launched their attacks, Despair would say to Khrona, "Now!" And Khrona would point to the three of them with Despair, focusing his mind and his soul along with hers to create a sphere of Rejection around the three of them entirely. This Rejection was powerful enough to not only withstand all of their attacks, but to reject them back at them inside of the dome, thus causing the swords, elemental blast and feathers to shoot around at insane speed and hopefully destroy the three without question... For they shouldn't have had any time to react to such a thing.

The dome of Rejection would fade, showing the three girls fall to the ground, totally motionless. Their own attacks were too much for them, it seemed.

Serulenia looked at Khrona, noticing his power that her three lackeys seemed to notice as well. "... That 'Rejection,' you call it, is very powerful, it seems. I shall make sure not to take it lightly. Come back to me, my pieces, and allow me access into my full battle-ready mode."

She extended her hand, and the three lackeys became nothingness, being returned back to Serulenia's body, which they seemed to be made from. She was using her power to keep them animated, but in reality, they were just fragments of herself. As they came back, Serulenia would be able to go to her full power... Which was shown by the change in her armor and weapon. She would begin to glow a translucent blue color, and her armor changed slightly, but noticeably, as her sword became larger and more blue.

The hue was rather beautiful and serene, reflecting Serulenia, herself. She held her sword, awaiting Khrona for battle. "... I do hope you try your best..."

With a look of determination, Khrona nodded to her, stretched his wings, and ran in at Serulenia.

As Khrona ran in, Serulenia created a slick of water in front of him, and when he stepped in it, it would freeze over his foot instantly and cause him to be unable to move. "My element lies in Water... Which is the liquid state of Ice. Animation is not my only forte, you know." With great agility, she leapt from her throne, wielding the massive sword and swiped at Khrona, the sheer force of the swipe not only making a vacuum where she slashed, but also making an extremely powerful blast of pure force from where the two were, easily able to knock down this entire palace if it weren't enchanted with Serulenia's manna.

Acting fast, Khrona's frozen foot would absorb the ice, making him both immune to water attacks and ice attacks so long as he kept the ice in his DNA, but at the swing of that sword, Khrona immediately had himself coated with Rejection, which would parry the force of the slash between the both of them, causing Khrona to probably fly deeeeeep into the earth if this palace weren't enchanted.

Serulenia knew he was going to use such an attack, so she didn't put her full force into the swing. She wasn't even knocked back by the Rejection's force. She was so very stable and so very strong that such a force being reflected back at her did nothing. This new battle form was top notch. "Good..." she said, and almost instantly after being rejected swiping her sword very swiftly at Khrona's side. She seemed to wield such a heavy and powerful weapon with no trouble whatsoever. The force of this smack would be of the same power as the sword swipe before, and thus, if Khrona was still coated in Rejection and didn't dodge, would easily just fly directly into a wall.

Unprepared for such swift retaliation, Khrona indeed flew into a wall, the rejection fading as he hit it. She was way too strong, even for a normal witch... And this wasn't even the strength of her manna, but her own physical strength that was unenhanced by manna. Weird...

Khrona: "... Despair... She is very... Agile... And very... Strong... What do we do? How do we defeat her...?"

Despair: "... I am not sure... Let's ask her about her armor. Miss Serulenia?"

Serulenia turned to Khrona, looking at the straight razor in his hand. "Yes? Is there something the matter?"

Despair: "... What are the enhancements granted to you with your new armor...?"

Serulenia smiled... If they weren't so cute, perhaps she wouldn't have told them. Oh well. "... You are adorable. Well, first, it gives me immunities to all of the elements and its durability is higher than the strongest diamond you will ever know... In my boots and on my back are powerful water jets used for flying and maneuvering in the air, but I'm not much of a flier, anyway... My sword has been enhanced to become any hardness, size or density, and has the ability to pass through solids at will, and finally, the armor is able to absorb forces for storage and for more power. It cannot absorb my own, however, so I had to keep myself incredibly sturdy to keep myself from being taken back by my own force when you reflected it. Is that sufficient information?"

Khrona nodded. "Yes, ma'am... Thank you..."

Serulenia smiled, closing her eyes. "Oh, don't mention it." After that, she took off, jumping into the air as high as Khrona was on the wall and was ready to deliver a powerful, earth-shattering kick directly to his face.

Out of instinct, Khrona ducked his head, letting her miss just by a hair. Khrona was about to flap his wings to get her out of the immediate area, but she absorbed forces, she said, so that would just bring her more power. So instead, Khrona dropped down to the ground himself... Rejection would only work for so long...

Khrona: "... Despair, what about your other soul energy?"

Despair: "... My... Despair soul energy? Are you suggesting that we use that to try to weaken her?"

Khrona: "Yes, exactly. We'll have to fight her in close quarters, but... I can take whatever punishment she gives me..."

Despair: "... If you say so, Khrona... We shall do so, then!"

Just as they made such a decision, Serulenia came down with yet another powerful strike from her sword, threatening to crush Khrona where he stood.

Khrona jumped out of the way just a bit, flapping his wings backward to keep himself from flying back from the force. With a Despair soul energy charged blade, he slashed at Serulenia, which it would seem to do nothing to her damn near impenetrable armor.

Serulenia, not even noticing the attack, would punch Khrona with her free hand, which should send him flying at an insane speed across the grand hall, all the way to the other side.

Khrona crashed into yet another wall, using his wings to cushion a lot of the impact. It was insane how physically powerful this witch was... With no help from her armor at all. "How many times do you suspect we'll have to do this, Despair...?"

Despair: "... I can assess her power with my soul, since I have hit her once... I would say a good ten times, Khrona..."

Khrona nodded, his determination to hit Serulenia ten times set. He just needed a way to catch her off guard... He dashed at Serulenia, but oddly enough, wrapped in Rejection.

Serulena figured that he had something planned, so instead of actually hitting Khrona, she simply moved out of the way of his attack, then brought her sword down on him when he was in range.

Khrona, however, using a bit of his psychic power, had anticipated her movements and had Despair outstretched in his hand. So once he passed by, even though he would take the hit from the sword, he would have still cut Serulenia, weakening her once more with Despair's soul energy. There were only eight more times to go... Being hit with the sword, though, brought Khrona straight into the ground with the earth-shattering force... His Black Dragon Blood and Despair's Rejection absorbing the hit so that it wouldn't physically hurt Khrona. His regenerative abilities weren't exactly all that fine-tuned yet.

Once the sword was brought down on Khrona, it started to glow a bit more. Without warning, it started to drive Khrona into the ground with explosive and immense force repeatedly, once again, that would probably destroy the entire palace if it weren't enchanted. She didn't seem to want him to get up from that.

It was time for Khrona to try mastering his DNA skills... This was something he hadn't done many times before, but he could at least try it now. Khrona separated his body into two parts, moved out of the way quickly, and reconnected himself before the strain was too much on him. "Eh.. Despair... If only your Rejection were stronger... I'm sure she wouldn't be able to get by it so easily..." Khrona also noticed something about Serulenia... She mainly used physical attacks against Khrona. All Khrona had to do was make sure that she touched Despair's blade if this plan were to go off without a hitch.

"Despair... I have an idea..." Khrona gripped Despair tightly, then rushed off at Serulenia once again, however this time, he was using his wings as fists.... As they had taken the form of fists.

Serulenia quirked a brow. "... Oh my. Such a straight-forward attack. I truly wish you would learn to avoid punishment...." She swung her sword at the wings, hoping to cut them clean off with just one strike. Her other hand was naturally balled into a fist, for if Khrona was just using his wings as a feint, she'd merely punch him.

No matter what Serulenia did, if she responded with physical contact, then she had already fallen for Khrona's trap. His wings were powerful enough to even take a hit from her sword without being effected, which he didn't really think about until just that very moment, so once she swung for them, Khrona grabbed the sword with the wings, took it from her and flung it elsewhere. And then, once she tried to punch him in the face, He'd grab her fist with his other wing-hand, and let razor blades jut out of them, which would cut her a third time. With Razor blades on his feet, he'd deliver a kick to Serulenia's chest, and then fling her off with the awesome power of his wings. That would be four hits.

Even though Serulenia could easily take a kick to the chest from Khrona, those wings were rather troublesome... Not only that, she started to feel a little weaker. Not to mention, she didn't have her sword now. But she could always get that back any time she wanted. Manna, you know. She skidded across the ground with her feet, using her water jets on her back to keep her from going too far, and then regained her composure.

Serulenia: "Mmmm.. So you do have a little more fight in you... I am glad. I didn't want this fight to be too one-sided..." She raised her hand, her sword manifesting back into it, and she prepared herself for another attack.

Khrona raised his wing-hands once more, and they split into four now instead of two. Khrona pushed himself off of them, flying directly at Serulenia. He was completely focused on all aspects of her movement, in fact... Very focused. He did not even blink.

Serulenia was slightly confused as to why Khrona kept rushing in, but it must be some sort of trap, she thought. Through his absorption of her water and ice manna, it was presumed that he had gained an immunity to it... So there was no using that... Her current three pieces -- Echo, Lavis and Rynoh -- were incapacitated... He was slowly whittling her down to her most basic powers. Soon she might have to start using her powers over Animation... Which she didn't want to use in this fight... But it might have to be done. She was running out of things and she didn't even notice until now... He was smarter than he looked. Instead of actually attacking him again, she started up her water jets on her boots and on her back and jetted off. She had traps of her own, you know.

Determined, Khrona followed her religiously. If she made a turn, Khrona would turn on the dime. No matter where she went, Khrona would follow, just waiting for his opening. Nothing more.

Glancing over her shoulder, Serulenia realized that she just couldn't lose Khrona. Hm. Perhaps his plan was to wear her out? Not likely. But if he was so focused on following her, perhaps he wouldn't notice anything else... Her sword would suddenly dissipate, reappearing directly above Khrona, trying to strike him from above and slam him into the ground, as it did before. Serulenia watched the entire process, seeing how Khrona would react.

There was a sharp gleam in Khrona's eye the moment the blade appeared above him. A sheet of Rejection hovered over him as he flew now, making sure that the blade hit it, stopping it from going to Khrona. Swiftly, Khrona grabbed the sword and threw it at Serulenia. She would only have two options; Avoid it or catch it. Either way, Khrona had her set. He would extend his wings to cover a very large area, arcing them around Serulenia's general area, knowing that if she were to avoid it, she would just fly into one of his four wings. Regardless, he was going to smash all of his wings down on her in that one spot.

Serulenia caught her sword, but then realized that though Khrona was behind her... She was completely surrounded by him. His wings were marvelous. She did not, in fact, have enough time to do anything once his wings came down on her, and as such, she was hit with the four bladed wings.

Khrona smiled. That was eight hits with the blades now. The final two would surely be the end of Serulenia's armor, and her power should be weakened severely by now because of the Despair soul energy's effects. Khrona immediately descended to the ground; Serulenia was in his grasp. He smashed her on the ground repeatedly with his wings. He only did so to make sure she did not escape him and would also be harmed in the process. Finally, he opened his wings, but immediately afterward, would rush directly at her while she was hopefully dazed and kick her with both bladed feet directly in the chest for his final ten.

With nothing being able to be done by the attacks, Serulenia simply had to take it. She tried to break free of his wings, but... Her power... It was weakened severely for some odd reason... She did notice that Khrona had been touching her a lot lately... That must be it. He must be using some odd power which weakens her more and more as he touched her. It was the only possibility. But, because of the jarring slams to the ground, Serulenia could not avoid Khrona's kicks, which actually did a little bit of damage she could feel. That was proof enough that her armor was weakened and her power had dropped. She could only help but smile...

Khrona released her from his winged prison, readying Despair for the final strike. He needed a LOT of power if he were going to break through her armor -- though it was weakened -- AND slice through her to take her soul. It was going to take some force, he presumed. So, reverting his four wings to normal, he flapped as hard as he could, exceeding mach three speed with just one flap from all four, and tried to slash directly through her armor and body, slicing them both clean in two, and leaving the witch's soul for Despair to devour...

Though to Khrona's dismay, once Despair's blade tip touched Serulenia's armor, not only would the armor snap off, turning Serulenia back to normal... But Khrona would have been trapped in Suspended Animation.

Serulenia: "I did not want to have to do that... But I guess I was left with no choice. Now you may witness the full potential of my manna... The power to give motion to the motionless... Life to the lifeless... Though, in your case, I would have taken your motion away, right? Deeply sorry..."

Serulenia snapped her fingers, and her enchanted palace began to rumble. It was rising from the ground... The water level decreased outside, and the vines all over it began to swirl in unison. From the depths of the oasis came two massive hands, which would soon be show to be connected to the palace itself. It also seemed to have extremely long legs. The palace started to moan, which sounded like a roar that echoed throughout the lands, and finally, two gleaming eyes appeared on the front of it, completing its menacing appearance.

"This..." Serulenia said, now releasing Khrona from his suspended animation "... Is the fruit of my power. No matter how large or how small... If it has no movement, if it has no life... I may grant it that however I please."

The building forcefully ejected Khrona and his still suspended weapon, Misery, out into the water, then glared at them with its menacing eyes. Serulenia was seen floating out of the top, and standing on the building's head. "Come, Khrona. We aren't finished here..."

Once ejected, Khrona quickly regained control and landed on top of the water as if it were a solid ground. He was utilizing the power he had absorbed from Serulenia. It was lucky that he absorbed it when he did... Anyway. The next thing was to take down Serulenia, since Khrona was wiped from fighting her already... And he surely knew he didn't have enough power to take down this gigantic creature as quickly as he needed to... So this would have to be the last attack... It MUST be planned carefully.

Khrona: "... Despair, it is time... To use your power to the fullest..."

Despair: "... As long as you are the one wielding me... There is no despair within me..."

Khrona nodded gripping her tightly "... Soul Synchro." He stepped off of the water lightly, though it launched him extremely fast directly at the beast, the force being so great that the waters would rise up to the sky. Khrona was moving so fast that he was actually flickering, it seemed.

Serulenia sensed a new sort of power manifesting inside of Khrona... No, wait... Their souls were combined now. The Soul Synchro had taken place, it seemed.

Serulenia: "Oh... Are they going hard?"

The palace beast raised its arms, punching swiftly and violently at Khrona in a mad attempt to knock him out of the sky and out of this land, and probably knock him out in the process.

Khrona was not going, however. He coated his four wings in an intense Rejection, slapping away any punch that came to him with nice precision. The power of the slaps should even be able to throw this behemoth off balance for a moment or two. Anything he didn't have time to slap, he surely did avoid speedily. He was already almost at Serulenia...

Serulenia: "... He can even do this much? What is that Soul Synchro... What is this child? No one should have even been able to last this long with me..."

So, because Khrona was now too close for the giant to pummel with fists, and because that didn't seem to be effective... It was time for the vines to attack. They shot swiftly at Khrona in the millions, sharp and strong, ready to hang him by his neck if one were to latch on to him. The number alone should be enough to stop him.

But no, Khrona continued, this time utilizing Despair as a weapon. In swift and blurred motions, Khrona sliced through every single vine that came in his way with Despair. There wasn't a one that wasn't hacked in two, slowly making the way for Khrona to fly directly up to Serulenia. Once the path was clear, Khrona had her dead in his sights. With one swift slash, that would end it all.

Serulenia closed her eyes, holding her hand up in Khrona's direction once he got past the vines. "... I don't think it is my time just yet, Khrona... I am sorry for your trouble..." She would trap the flickering Khrona in Suspended Animation once more, noting that she would not let him out this time... But wait... Something was amiss... Khrona wasn't in the bubble of suspended animation in front of her. But... how could that be? He was right there... At his speed, there was no way he could have dodged it. But a drop of water fell on Serulenia's face, and that's when she turned around and looked up to the sky. She would see Khrona's face imprinted in the waves of the water. Khrona had anticipated Serulenia's use of the suspended animation once more. Once he thought Serulenia was about to use it, he combined himself with the water, which would then be tipped with overly large razor blades, all of which came crashing down on Serulenia. The waterfall turned red the moment the blades passed over Serulenia, and the once tranquil and serene oasis became a lake of red.

Once the now red water calmed, Khrona appeared from the depths of it, Misery and Despair by his side. The gigantic, monstrous palace would lose its animation, thus falling back into the water with a powerful crash, and becoming dormant as it once was before.

The soul of Serulenia, noted by a sort of cinematic reel imprinted on it, would float over to Despair. She could already feel its power flowing even before consumption. With a doubtful look to Khrona and Misery, but quickly gaining confidence from their presence and looks of assurance, she consumed the soul of the witch.

With that done, the reality of the area started to return to normal, back to the way the pit was before.

Despair sighed, a tear in her eye and a smile on her face. "How I do miss Serulenia... She was a good witch, I tell you.. And I am dreadfully grateful that memory is now fresh in my mind again... It was beautiful, to say the least... Ah, Khrona..."

Khrona nodded, as he felt the same way. Misery, Despair, and Khrona were all feeling closer than ever. They all moved in close to each other and gave each other a big, loving, sexual hug, feeling each others dormant souls slightly resonating at that moment. It was a reeaaally good and indescribable feeling.

Misery pushed herself away after a while, dusting herself off. "Eh, but enough of that mushy garbage. I'm gonna go out for a little while or somethin'. Seeing those memories got me a bit hyped up, ya know. You two coming with or what?"

Despair: "Oh, yes... It would be morbidly fun to join you in some sort of epic journey, Misery..."

Khrona pondered for a moment, questioning, "Should I go...? Should I not...? Should I stay...? Should I go...?" And finally, when he thought of a decision, he said, "... Sorry, Misery. I'll pass. I'm going to go and rest for a while. You two have fun, then." Khrona started to walk down a different corridor.

Misery and Despair shrugged their shoulders, both saying, "Meh," and Despair would wrap her cloak around the both of them, allowing them to warp off elsewhere.

Once the two of them left, Khrona sat in a room by himself. He was thinking only of those two witches...

"Malojos, the witch of the Evil Eye... and Serulenia, the witch of Animation..."

Khrona looked off to his side, a bit in a daze. Though Khrona didn't need to sleep, his mind was a bit tired right now... Retrocognition. It was an ability that could only be used well whilst he was Fully Sane, and thus using it when he had insanity in his mind was actually rather stressful. Using powers that were supposed to be only accessible to his Fully Sane self always took a deep toll on his mind... It weakened it, in fact. This is why he stuck to what powers worked for each of his forms. Oh well. Nothing a little rest wouldn't cure.

Khrona: "Malojos... And Serulenia..."

Khrona started to slowly nod off, his mind entering a state as if he were asleep, but his eyes were still open. Still, his mind was asleep.

Some time after his brain entered a sleep-like state, Khrona continued to mumble.

"Malojos... cmmmdmfjcdikmmm... Serulenia... mmgklprmmm..."

He had been thinking about them ever since he brought up those memories. Why? Nobody know. But in the end, it would be the worst thing for him. Because Khrona couldn't keep his thoughts to himself, since Khrona normally didn't sleep and his brain was normally always protected from inside and out, this shouldn't happen. But since his mind was using its Theta Waves, which going on when those who are asleep start to dream, and Khrona was thinking about the two witches... His inability to keep his thoughts to himself ended up manifesting itself as the two witches.. They were both recreated right then and there, next to each other, made fully and completely as they were before...

Once she manifested, Malojos opened her eyes, shocked to see herself alive... She was killed by Misery, last she remembered... She checked her body... No wounds. She checked her eyes... All able to see. Huh. It seems like she was spick and span... But then she noticed Khrona sitting right beside her. She jumped, as he was looking right at her... And he looked different than last she remembered. Out of pure fear, she rushed out, pushing the other witch out of the way and quickly exiting this pit via one of her Eye portals.

Once manifested, just as Malojos did, Serulenia remembered only the moment right after her death... So if she died out elsewhere, how was she here? Before she could come to any conclusions, she was pushed out of the way by another witch who seemed to be in a rush. Hmph. Serulenia was also feeling EXTREMELY weakened in power.

Serulenia: "... She was quite rude..."

After that, Serulenia looked down, noticing Khrona. He looked different... Older, in fact... And he seemed to be in some sort of trance-like state. She thought about it, wondering what this meant.

Serulenia: "Hmmm... Did he... Bring me back to life?"

It was the only possibility. He must have those sorts of powers, she assumed. He was in such a trance-like state, it must have taken a lot of power to revive her, she thought. She knew Khrona was a good kid... And even when they fought, she didn't want to kill him or to die, herself. He must have known that and revived her. Though, she must not have been to completion yet. She didn't have all of her power... Oh well. She'd get it eventually. She smiled at Khrona, patting him on the head.

Serulenia: "... You are a good child..."

And with that, walked out, finding a way out of the pit. She only hoped that after the time period she was gone, her palace was still in good shape...

After resting for a long period of time, or at least long enough to recover, Khrona awoke, his mind being as sharp as ever... Though he couldn't help but feel as though something was amiss... He had a weird dream about Malojos and Serulenia... But that didn't matter.

Khrona: "... I wonder what Misery and Despair are doing... Oh well. Might as well go find them."

Khrona stood up, brushed himself off, and wrapped himself in his Judgemaster jacket, warping elsewhere in a spiraling implosion.

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Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei   Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei EmptyThu Apr 02, 2020 11:00 am

Ninth Journey; To the Palace...

When Khrona awoke to find that the two witches he had destroyed before had somehow been reborn, he quickly concluded that it was due to his inability to keep his thoughts in his head any longer, and that everything he thought of too intensely would manifest into reality, if allowed to be thought of for too long. Though he hadn't gotten a chance to see Malojos, he knew she was out and about... But, because of how much he admired and revered the beautiful Serulenia, he decided to pursue her and see what she was going to do, now that she was revived...

Though it only felt like a moment, Serulenia's Palace was completely the same as years before when she died. She didn't really know the time difference between now and then, but that didn't matter at the moment. It was all the same. "... Sigh. I just wish I had all of my power back from before... I am sure it will be restored with time." She walked up the stairs to her palace slowly, enjoying the beauty that it still held.

In a blur of blackness, Khrona appeared next to Serulenia. "... Hey. What was that you were saying about your power?" After waking up and going through his mind, Khrona could figure out what he did... The good thing was that he got Serulenia back. But the bad thing was, he also made Malojos come back... Oh boy..

Serulenia turned her head, smiling warmly at Khrona. "... Ah, yes... Khrona... You brought me back to life, right? I would like to personally thank you for that... Our battle was rather intense... I hope to have more battles like it in the future... However, with no deaths on either end. I enjoy being your friend." She continued up the stairs slowly, walking alongside him. "... Though, yes, my power seems to have dropped significantly upon my return... I do not know why, but it's rather troublesome..." She sighed deeply, for she enjoyed what she had and what she could do. Being forced to be limited like that by forces unkind was just... Too much for her.

Khrona frowned, not liking this one bit. He must not have gotten a chance to fully give Serulenia her power back upon bringing her back to reality... Though he SURELY did to Malojos... He could just feel her Evil Eye all over again... It gave him chills. "... Eh. Well. I can help with that in a flash. It's really not a problem." Khrona would touch Serulenia's head, letting his mental power, DNA abilities and such flow through her, restoring her power to what it once was before Khrona killed her... Thus, Serulenia would be back to normal as a full fledged witch with her immense power. Not only that, her power was blessed by Khronas Judgemaster abilities, as well. "... There. Now I hope you can protect your home efficiently. It is surely a very nice place... And anyone you can't defend yourself against... Give them to me. I'll eat them alive." Khrona snickered devilishly, as he was quite serious about this. Crazy bastard.

Feeling her enormous power flowing back to her, she was no longer hindered by... Er... Unknown and unkind forces... To be powered down so severely. And it was all thanks to Khrona. She was rather happy now, and would surely show Khrona appreciation. "... Thank you so very much, Khrona... You and anyone associated with you are welcome here anytime you wish... For whatever reason. Just try to keep the noise down and keep peace, if you please? That is all I truly ask... But I will repay you in any way necessary, Khrona..." Serulenia bowed to Khrona honorably and with utmost respect for him and his kindness.

Khrona smirked, bowing back to her to show the same respect. "... I'm sure Misery and Despair want to see you, as well... Though Misery has little memory of you, she still enjoys you as much as Despair and I do. Heeheehee. As long as everything is perfect. I'll help you out anytime and call you if I need something, alright?" Khrona's jacket started to flare and swirl around himself, as he was beginning to warp off.

Serulenia nodded to Khrona, still smiling. But then, she thought of something. "... Before you go, can you do something else for me...?" She started to whisper something in Khrona's ear, hoping he would oblige to it.

Khrona could only snicker at such a request. She was a rather smart woman. She had already caught on to Khrona's powers. Khrona raised a hand to the palace, then over the entire oasis, and then back at Serulenia. "Now you have total control. I'll see ya around, Serulenia~!" And then, Khrona warped off.

After becoming friends with the rather kindly Serulenia and clearing up the misunderstanding between the two of them from the past, they would make amends and Khrona would happily set off back to his house, and with what had just occurred, he was in more than high spirits. Something about that Serulenia reminded him a lot of Despair... And it made his heart flutter like her entrancing blue serenity. He bonded with Despair quite a bit that day, and their love grew that much stronger thanks to Serulenia. However, back at the office, there was work to be done... Fortunately, Khrona's handy assistant was taking care of things whilst Khrona gave his time, attention and love to the dearly beloved Despair.

Leia would have seen on multiple poster boards about these classes and jobs being assigned. She had even heard at the college about them, but was just too lazy to ever go check them out. She finally, after about a month, decided to go check these things out. She made her way to the door of her leader, which she knocked on lightly.

The door would open, but not to see Khrona, but to see a tiny little Choma holding an extremely large book. The Choomao looked up to the girl. "Khrona isn't in right now. He's somewhere else. But I will be happy to attend to whatever your needs are."

Leia would look down at the Chomao, with the signature anime look of confusion. She scratched the back of her head. "Um... I came asking about a job?"

Chomao nodded. "Y-Yep! Just tell me which jobs you are interested in and I will grant them for you!" Chomao held up the Grand Grimoire... "... Orrrr... Do you need to read up on them before you look? Did you not look at the list?"

"Wait, so you're the o-- Never mind," she said thinking to herself. She's seen loads of weird shit in this village, including herself, and this thing wasn't that special in comparison. "I wanted to know, if the Black Mage, Arcanist, and Dark Knight jobs are still open?"

Chomao nodded. "They're always open. Anyone can have any three jobs they wish." He would open the book and then point it at Leia. A bright light started to shine and the pages started to flip wildly. From the book, the light started to get brighter and brighter, embedding the powers of the Black Mage, Arcanist and Dark Knight into Leia. The book would then stop shining and close itself. "Soooo... Well. If you want to learn some abilities of your jobs, you must go battle! How do you feel?"

Leia would wait for some type of bursting energy to jolt through her... But nothing happened. She waited for a second... But still nothing. "I feel... Tired." She shrugged -- she always felt tired. She spinned around and waved goodbye to the cute little thing, whose name she couldn't catch. And with that she exited the building.

Chomao sighed. "... I hope she does well." He closed the book and closed the door. It was hard working here when Khrona was away.

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PostSubject: Re: Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei   Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei EmptyFri Apr 03, 2020 4:46 am

Tenth Journey; Throne of the Rhythmist

Khrona had been traveling the lands of the planet more and more recently, even if most times it was just as a projection. Where he hadn't tread in a long time, though, was in the sectors of the Dusk that once belonged to the Deep, which most of the old Deep villagers resided out of comfort. One, in particular, of whom he'd witnessed very few times in his life, was the old Deep Leader, the Divine Rhythmist, the Sound King... One of the elites. He seemed interesting, so Khrona stopped by his castle for a visit... To see if he was as interesting as rumor had it.

Sometime after dealing with Luminon, the Sound King would appear atop his castle, the rivers of the Sanzu no Kawa flowing around it. A throng would appear atop the castle, and as he sat upon it, all the forms of Rhythm orbited about him, while he held its natural form, playing a tune that would echo across the whole of the planet. "This realm has become boring..." As he sat upon his throne he began gazing through time and across space, looking into alternate dimensions, into the past present and future, in search of something more fun.

In a blur of blackness and altered reality, the lovable, yet oddly freaky Khrona would appear. He could feel the Divine Rhythmist's... Divine presence and decided to drop in to saaay... "... Yo!"

The Sound King's eyes would move to Khrona upon arrival. With a smirk he spoke, "What brings you here... Khrona is it?"

"Khrona, it is, sir Sound King." 'Yay mind powers.' "... I just wanted to say hi and stuff... Ya know. Welcome you to the Dusk in your looooong... looooooong... loooooooooooooooooooooong leave of absence. Brought some pie and a gift basket over for a little throne-warming party... Ya know, to be a good neighbor." As such, a pie and gift basket appeared in the hands of Khrona. So says Khrona, so it shall be done. "... Here ya go~." Khrona would hand them over to the Sound King.

"Kind of you. I have been... Sleeping, so to speak." The treats would disappear, reappearing on either side of the Sound King's throne, as he continued playing his guitar. "I appreciate the gesture, and so perhaps a favor for you, assuming it isn't to extreme." The Sound King's eyes would drift away as he continued staring through time and space. Watching the events of other worlds unfold, all the while remaining very much aware of what was happening with Khrona.

Khrona almost burst into laughter. A rather insane smile slithered across his face and his head slowly cocked to the side. "Ooooooh? Too extreme for Khrona? I think not. Tell me what you have in miiind~." Not that Khrona didn't already know. But the Sound King shouldn't know that Khrona knew about what he knew... Right?

"Well, I was wondering if perhaps you'd, hmm...'Demonstrate' your powers for me?" The Sound King stared at Khrona while still playing his guitar, Rhythm pulsing faintly with energy now. "Unless... That's more than you're interested in?"

With only a light snicker being heard coming from Khrona's mouth, it started to echo throughout the area. "... My power? I hope your mind is strong, Sir Sound King..." In the immediate area, Reality started to literally melt away, forming into a puddle on the floor within a few seconds post Khrona speaking. He outstretched his hand and sucked the puddle up into his palm as a fluctuating sphere of the reality that once was. "... If you look closely..." Khrona's voice seemed to echo all throughout the black void that now existed where reality once stood firm "... You'll see that you and I are still in there... Shocking, isn't it?" Khrona pointed to himself in the sphere, poking himself in the head, causing it to cave in on itself. Khrona's head quickly caved in on itself in the same fashion, black blood spurting from his face crevice.

"... Oh no..." Behind Khrona, in what would seem to be the abysmal darkness of literal nothingness, a slit would appear, curving downward and opening to reveal teeth. They were frowning. "... I popped it... My head... My head... Will you fix it, Sound King...? Put it in its place... Put it back to normal.." The large frown turned into a smile, and thousands of other slits appeared, opening to reveal gigantic eyes and mouths, all belonging to Khrona. "Put my head back together... Put it baaack... Do you want to see what the inside of my head looks like?" The eyes started to cry dead babies encased in tears of blood... The bloodied tears would fall downward into eternity... Forever falling. The mouths would start to vomit blood and souls... The souls of innocents. Possibly the souls of those dead babies as well. Upon further inspection, the mangled babies... Resembled Khrona himself. "... Wasn't I... CUUUUUUUUTE?" And down from the depths of eternity, a gigantic, mangled, bleeding, horrible, disgusting, grim, unsightly, maimed baby made completely out of the other babies would rise up behind Khrona, all of the mouths and eyes floating over to the giganto dead baby and paste themselves on its body randomly. The mouths started to eat the remains of any dead babies they could, giving it the impression that the baby was eating itself. The eyes looked to the Sound King as Khrona was suddenly in front of him, his head repaired and stuff. "... You like~?"

"Hmm not quite my taste, but not bad." The Sound King ceased playing Rhythm, and the nine other forms ceased their orbit, hovering a bit behind the throne. "You can alter reality quite well it seems. That... And you're quite... What's the word...? Insane." The crazy display was pretty interesting, for all the Sound King could do, even he didn't warp reality. "Tell me, how does one go about bending reality?"

Khrona laughed. "OF COURSE I'M INSANE. There's no other way to be..." At the questioning of how he could control reality and bend and warp it and such, Khrona was forced to respond because of his Pact. "Oooooh... It's really simple... Eeeeh... There are quite a few ways I can do such a thing... My soul... My soul is the most powerful soul there is.... And its main ability involves the warping of reality to my own will... It's really fun~. And then, there's my mind... I have potent control over all known psychic power... Using them all with my vaaaast brain makes stuff happen that normally shouldn't be able to happen, ya know? Like this REALITY BALL! And um... I am the Judgemaster... My law is absolute... Whatever I say, goes, and as such, it happens, no matter what it may be... Yay me! Theta waves... You know, when the mind is in a state of sleepy and you start to dream...? You could say that my dreams are always gonna be real~! Heeheehee! All of these things allow me to bend, control, alter, destroy, create, manipulate... Whatever there is to do to reality at any time I want. It's fun, as you can see~!"

Khrona snapped his fingers, the reality of the realm retorting to normal, as if it never happened. The both of them were back in their original positions and Khrona had another fruit basket. "Yeah, so, here's another fruit basket... Just in case I accidentally obliterated your mind and all sanity within it... Hmmmmmm..."

He placed the other fruit basket next to the first one and smiled all insane-like.

The Sound King, having been thoroughly impressed with Khrona's prowess over the control of Reality, as well as his vast array of other abilities, took the gift basket and extended an invitation in return to Khrona to become an acquaintance of his, of which Khrona happily accepted. However, it seemed as though duty was calling back at the office; duty of which his trusty assistance could not handle alone... So he bade his new friend adieu and took off to take command back at the office...

Later, back in Khrona's Office...

Maruze's Soul, now independent from the blade he was contracted with, would have roamed the Dusk village, floating over to Khrona's office. Things had changed since his death... A lot of things. But he still knew where Khrona's office was, it seemed. He floated through the door, hoping Khrona was in.

Maruze: "... Lord..."

Khrona just so happened to be in his office at this time... Lucky break for him... And that's when he noticed someone was in the room... Or, a soul of someone. It was someone familiar... Khrona opened his eyes to see... And to his amazement, it was Maruze's soul. "... Maruze? I thought you were dead... Oho, but I wouldn't expect a master samurai like yourself to stay dead, huh? Hahahahaha~. Yeah, so... I'm assuming that you need a body?"

It was remarkable how Khrona could tell the entire story just from his own presence being there... he even deduced that Maruze needed a body. Quite the power he had. "... Yes, Lord... I am in grave need of a body... Might I ask you to remedy this situation?"

Khrona smiled, happy to have his Osamurai back in business... "Why soitenly! Nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk!" With a flick of the wrist and a wave of the fist, Khrona had instantaneously created a lifeless body for Maruze, looking exactly like it did before. "You know, if you ever need to, I can give your body special attributes to it, Osamurai..."

Maruze quickly possessed the body, letting his soul fill every inch of it... It was made exactly like his old body. He felt so at home in this body... It was unreal. "... No thank you, my Lord... I prefer to do things in my own style with my own power... Though I shall not forget your gratitude." Maruze started to walk out of the door, nodding his head out of respect toward Khrona. "... I am at your service whenever you need me, Lord..." He opened the door and walked out... It was time now to get a sword.

With his duty to his people done in the office, Khrona would go out to inspect the Battleground to see if anyone needed some help with their progression in the world and development of their abilities. Naturally, when he did, he would come across someone who was struggling quite a bit...

Random Ninja: "Anyone want to train? It's been a while! Khrona, I need to be as strong as you, so can you train me?"

Khrona appears in a burst of... Khronaness, which spattered everywhere, literal Khronas bursting from him and dissipating before they hit the ground. "Hi."

Random Ninja: "It's been a while."

"Yeah, whatever, do I know you?" Khrona had no intention of even TRYING to remember this guy...

The random ninja looked at Khrona like he didn't care, so he gave him his name like he didn't care. "The name's Agito."

"Agito? Yeah, okay, well, you want some training? Anything specifically? If not, I could just try to kill you and your training would be not to die. I think I like the latter." Khrona smirked, but wasn't really looking at Agito... He was prodding his two fingers together maliciously.

Agito looked at Khrona like he's scare to die, so he says, "Quit with the hard talk and help me with my scythe jutsu." So he pulled out his scythe and waited for the answer. "So Khrona are you ready to train me?"

Khrona's eyes narrowed, expanding one of his black dragon wings over his head. From just him opening it, all of the trees within a two hundred foot radius of the area were instantly blown down and away unintentionally, thus leaving the area as a completely open field. "You've got some balls to talk to me like that..." The smirk on his face slowly curled upward into a psychotic grin. From his wing, a woman started to slip out, as if the wing were made of a liquid. It made a hideous goop-like noise before she finally emerged completely, and the wing seemed to be completely solid. The woman was about Khrona's height, slim, skin very pale, almost white, and with very little, tattered clothing on. She had black hair with a white colored bang over one eye. She sneered at Agito, arms crossed.

Misery: "... Huh. I bet I could get rid of those balls you have, kid."

Khrona started to snicker lowly, looking up to Agito. He would grab Misery by the back of her neck, then quickly shift his eyes to hers. She was looking back. There was a sort of angry and insane tension between the two of them, which seemed to arouse them both. It was how they expressed their love for each other. After a moment or two of just soul piercing stares exchanged, Misery started to glow a bright gray color, shifting into one of her weapon forms, this happening to be a scythe. He twirled her around a bit with his index and middle finger as if it were nothing.

"Well... It's time for your training to begin... Ding di~ng!" Khrona raised Misery above his head slowly, then brought her to the ground with great speed, her massive scythe blade easily piercing the ground. There was a wave of some sort of force omitted from the scythe's blade, and it was heading at Agito at a high speed... Right for his balls.

Agito took a jump into the air as fast as a bullet, then he took his time to twist with his scythe'd Arm of Forgotten Evil. So he sent out some fire wind ball with his scythe, but the scythe wasn't giving Agito the real power he used the last time. As the balls fly at Khrona, the scythe looked at the attack like, 'That the best you got?' So Agito gave out his First Wind to get a boost to sharpen and enhance the sense of the wind element jutsus. So he used his Gust Burst jutsu to allowing his wind chakra to burst out in front of Khrona as the gust burst fused with his fireballs to cause some good damage.

Khrona stared at the fire-wind balls with a blank stare. He raises Misery up once again and makes another swift slice. In that one motion, it would slice through all of the fire-wind balls, clean in half, in fact. Before they dissipated from being cleaved in half, they would turn black and shoot at Agito in the shape of lightning bolts. Khrona had sent his Soul Energy shooting at Agito at a very high speed, aiming to blast him out of the air. "... Oh. That's neat." He began to twirl Misery around in the air above his head, still as effortlessly as possible. The air in the area was being sucked into Misery...

As Agito fell out of the sky with almost a blazing impact, he fell to the ground with few burns, so he tried landing to the ground with his hands. He looked at Khrona and said, "Pretty good power Khrona, but it's going to take a lot to take me down." So Agito tried to go with direct speed to test his combat skill with his Scythe; it like was battle of art to Khrona, so it would be easy to avoid, but as Agito's scythe attack fell, it was going faster. It felt like his speed was improving, so Agito finished his combo with big wind blade heading right into Khrona.

Khrona naturally had abilities FAR greater than he was showing and that he needed for this battle, and as such, was using his very basic abilities. "... Oh, you don't like me toning down my moves? That can easily be fixed, you know." But at the same time, Khrona didn't want to get intense because he also wanted to play around with Misery for a while. It was rare when he actually used her in the full scythe form in actual close combat, so even though this guy didn't match up in power, Khrona could have some fun instead of totally overpower him.

As he tried to slash with his scythe, Khrona would catch it between two of his fingers and flick it back, throwing Agito off balance. The wind blade released would instantly be sucked into the spinning scythe above Khrona's head, seeing as all of the air in the area was being sucked out. Wind, being air, would also be sucked into this. If Khrona were to increase the speed, Agito would also be sucked into it, as well. But he wasn't planning on doing that. "Watch yourself. Be more cautious. That would have been your life. I can project how your death would have looked. Do you want to see that?" Khrona abruptly stopped spinning Misery above his head, then quickly spun around, releasing a gigantic forceful blast that would push away anything and everything near him... Namely, Agito. "Come on."

As Agito was crazy, he pulled back onto a tree, knocking out, thinking about what Khrona said. He listened to his mind that he'd have to be more careful next time, so Agito, tapping back in, would say "It's not over..." Khrona looked at Agito like he was crazy, so he waited for khrona to attack again for an idea of weakness. So Agito said, "Your move, Khrona."

Khrona shook his head. "I can see into your mind. Don't try it." Khrona started to walk toward Agito, who was pretty far away seeing as he caught a tree, which was about two hundred feet away from where they originally were. Khrona effortlessly swung Misery up... Then down... Then to the side... Then again he repeated the process, gradually increasing in speed as he got close to Agito. With every slash, he was releasing a powerful wave of his own energy. Even one pulsation of his wavelength could more than easily obliterate a tree and keep on going. Therefore, the path of trees in front of him would be destroyed, and any persons that just happened to be touching said trees, as well~.

As Agito jumped to plan his attack, feel of his body was so weak from using First Wind that he passed out and fell to ground. As Khrona watched Agito fall to the ground, he could tell Agito was out of Chakra.

Khrona smirked, starting to slow down in the spinning. "... 3... 2... 1..." And Agito hit the ground. Khrona would shake his head "All too soon..." And disappear.

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Eleventh Journey; Day Of Infamy: Three Become One

Some days later, Khrona was minding his own business in his Pit of Havoc when he received an invitation from the Demon King to attend a sort of engagement that was supposed to be an epic involving he, the Earth King, the Sky King, Khrona's brother and the Android girl in addition to Khrona; the Old Gen Trinity and the New Gen Trinity respectively. Of course, Khrona wasn't gonna pass up something like this, considering it would be wonderful bonding time between all six of them -- or, that was his take on it all -- as well as a new way to test out his skills. So, giddily, he made his way to the place of meeting. But of course, the firs two to show were the fated rivals... the Demon King and Khrona.

The Demon King stood floating in the sky, his arms folded and his bod floating over a field of nothing but grass. There wasn't a tree for miles, nor any bodies of water. Just wide open plains ripe for the taking.

After a few moments, a breeze passed by and Khrona appeared on the scene, far behind the Demon King. Not a word was exchanged. Khrona merely stared at the Demon King from a distance, Misery and Despair standing next to him. They seemed rather serious.

The Demon King knew what this was.

He sensed the presence of Khrona, a man he had seen far too much of in the past week. He was tempted to kill him, but we all know the Demon King doesn't like taking lives.

"... You again," the Demon King said, summoning Skeith in his scythe form and began making his way towards Khrona, lowering himself to the ground.

In a flash, Misery and Despair were in weapon form, and Khrona expanded his wings, leaving a crater where he stood. "... I bet you're tired of me, huh. Khrona is as Khrona does...." As the Demon King made his way toward Khrona, Khrona would slam both his wings on the ground with moderate power, cracking the very earth and causing a powerful earthquake that would hopefully throw him off balance. Only a moment afterward, Khrona released a powerful wave of energy from Misery via her Soul energy. "Zero Sanity..." The wave seemed to distort the reality of anything it touched, causing it to be shattered upon contact. With his Hyper Perception active, as always, Khrona continued to watch the Demon King carefully.

The Demon King tossed the scythe into the sky and placed his hands together; following this he would 'Zero Point' the wave of doom into dust. "Still doing the same tricks?" the Demon King asked as he jumped into the air, grabbing his scythe and firing a flurry of data bullets at Khrona.

Khrona smirked, flapping his wings to propel himself slightly into the air, but off to the side, diagonally. "... You want me to use something new, hm? I see you've got something fancy there..." Khrona glared at the area around the Demon King, using mental forces to control the wind and air -- called Aerokinesis -- and began to compact them severely around the Demon King, trying to hinder him from movement and breathing. At the same time, Khrona pointed Despair -- who was in razor blade form -- at the Demon King and immediately, a multitude of explosive weapon-barrels jutted from the blade; Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, Missile Launchers, and things of the like. Khrona then pointed them at the ground, releasing a massive wave of explosives charged with Rejection and Despair soul energies, which would cause a massive explosion on the ground the Demon King was above.

The Demon King's 'Origin Range' would cause the process of this compression to be slowed dramatically; from there, the Demon King would simply fire a blast of data bullets to make an opening for him to make his escape. "... Hmph. Rejection and something else?" The Demon King indeed hated Khrona's stupid ass Rejection energy and he didn't feel like blocking it, so he decided he would go clean through it. The Demon King entered his beloved Zero mode and dashed into Khrona's face, avoiding all explosions and such. With his hand gleaming with the red energy of the Execution and his eyes glowing with a bright crimson, he released the devastating beam of Execution point blank in Khrona's face. "Checkmate," the Demon King said, knowing that if Khrona got hit with this beam, it would reduce him to ashes -- blood stained ashes.

"Oh, Demon King..." Khrona would say from behind him, out of the range of his Origin Range. Khrona's psychic prowess was nothing to be played with. The reading of the Demon King's mind and the seeing of the future through Precognition and Clairvoyance allowed Khrona to know what would happen even before it did, and Khrona reacted by warping and leaving an afterimage. There was no way in hell Khrona was gonna let himself fall to that Zero Mode. Khrona pondered whether he should outlaw the Zero Mode with his own Judgemaster Ability... It was perfectly possible, and not far out of Khrona's mind... Or at least outlaw use of mafia flames, as Khrona hated them EVER so much. Only time would tell.

Khrona stood perfectly still, not ready to attack the Demon King just yet... But he stored up a massive amount of energy. Just as before, if the Demon King were to run up again, the same thing would happen. No matter how fast the Demon King was, if Khrona reacted before he moved, it was no question that Khrona couldn't be hit... And if he stayed out of the Origin Range, which Khrona knew all about, there was no way to detect him.

The Demon King had hoped Khrona's mind wasn't fast enough to stop a speed that cannot be calculated by normal means, but he knew his was very much wrong. "Looks like you wised up," the Demon King said as the beam of Execution subsided and the afterimage was obliterated. He knew Khrona would easily avoid any move that his mind would let him see, so the Demon King would have to deal with that first. Just because one can see the future doesn't means one can change it.

The Demon King held out his hand and grabbed hold of his scythe, Skeith. He tossed the scythe into the air and the clouds parted as if they were running from the power of Skeith. From here, there were a hundred different moves the Demon King could perform; Khrona would be able to see each and every one of them, but the outcome would be the same and Khrona wouldn't know why until he made his next move.

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PostSubject: Re: Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei   Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei EmptyFri Apr 03, 2020 9:43 am

Twelfth Journey; Day of Infamy: Three Become One Pt. II

With the Demon King and Khrona already going at it pretty hard, the two of them were tearing it up on the battlefield, of which Khrona could tell was still charged with some intensity from their last engagement -- mostly on the Demon King's side, naturally. Yet, just as they were getting warmed up, the cavalry came to Khrona's aid in the form of his now trusted co-leader; the Android girl!

"Khrona, I knew I felt your energy out here!" said the Android girl after she seemed to have simply appeared next to Khrona. She didn't even have to look up at the sky, for she could simply see every energy type that was branded into it. Not knowing the situation completely, her Innocence energy gloves were converged onto her hands and her pupils disappeared, giving her three hundred sixty degree vision. Something new, called her 'Omni Eye'. What it did specifically wasn't set in stone, so only time would tell.

"Demon King? I sense that you're here, too..." It was undoubtedly the Demon King's energies in the sky, so the Android girl prepared herself for whatever was to come. She held out both of her hands, and dual black and green pistols formed in both of them whilst four formed and floated around her body. She didn't even know why she had to resort to using weapons. Khrona was now her friend, and she believed the Demon King was, as well. "Khrona, what's going on?"

The Demon King didn't expect this. It was the girl who co-ran the Dusk with Khrona; her named eluded him at the time, but it didnt matter, for she was called 'Young Leader' by the Demon King, anywho, and on this battlefield, names mean nothing.

"... Data won't work here," the Demon King said to himself as he held out his hand and summoned the scythe back from the sky. He figured the Android girl at full strength would have no time overpowering the 'Data Drain' he was about to unleash on Khrona, but it didn't matter, for this just meant he would hold on to his plan just a tad bit longer.

The Demon King now realized this was going to become a two-on-one, something he wasn't afraid of, but those two powers weren't going to make it easy. It wasn't like with Khrona and his brother... He'd better stay on his toes if he didn't wanna die or worse, look like an idiot.

Demon King: "...Come."

Khrona's soul was becoming powerful... Unlike normal, however, Khrona's soul did not expand throughout the area. No... It became compressed... More concentrated within himself, thus making it that much more powerful. Khrona did not want to overwhelm the area at all, it seemed, but the massive storing of power only made Khrona stronger at the time. This is when his fellow leader appeared.

"... Android girl...? Hm... I was not expecting this... No matter. You are my fellow leader and my friend, and I will only assume you have come here to aid me in my battle... Against the leader of olde..." Khrona twirled Misery and Despair, smirking insanely. "... He belittles our power because we are this so called 'New Generation' of power... Through the battles with him, I have learned this... And I plan to set this straight between us..." Khrona stared at co-leader, seeming to be fully serious. "... Are you going to join me in this fight... And let us show him what the leaders of the Dusk are truly capable of...?"

Before waiting for her answer, Khrona returned his attention to the Demon King, once again. He let go of Misery and Despair, allowing them to float around him, whilst he drew his Judgemaster Sword; the weapon that bypassed all of the laws of nature and any other laws that were put up against it. Khrona pointed this at the Demon King and fired the ultimate energy from the sword...

Khrona seemed to have the utmost mental concentration... Though still his mind was lost to insanity, causing him to twitch and his eyes to not be fixated on one thing... It was troublesome, but as long as his mind was open, he was totally fine... 'More power...'

The Demon King placed his hands together in preparation for his Zero Point, but something seemed odd about this particular beam. "Hmm..." the Demon King pondered as he flew out of the way of the beam, making no contact with it what so ever. He knew something was up with that beam; the strands of its chakra were thick and oddly weaved. It was a unique chakra.

"Come, my blades!" The Demon King's Pentagram appeared behind his back and all six of his blades were summoned, the floating blades glowing with demonic chakra and ready to shred Khrona and the Android to bits.

"I don't approve of two on ones, Khrona," the Android girl said with a nonchalant tone whilst focusing on the Demon King and his newly arrived swords, filled with his own energy. Just by standing there, her 'Data Conversion Field' began to initiate -- which looked like a 'Transmutation Circle' on the surface -- as it expanded outward about twenty meters; enough to put Khrona into the field, yet it didn't hinder him. It merged with his wavelength, giving him all the benefits that were converted and placed into the field. "However, I will provide support. The Dusk is capable of so much. I believe they need to understand, as well," she said to Khrona while leaping back to put some distance between the two. Her deteriorating ring ignited ever so little, showing that it may not be much, but some type of emotion was being experienced.

Upon landing, A ten foot axe appeared behind her in a burst of gray lightning and Innocence. She had no need to grip it, as it floated freely around her, as did her several guns, which opened fired upon the Demon King by the thousands. The bullets of 'Binary Energy' and 'Adaption Manna', together called 'Binadaption Energy', warped and reappeared in a different location on the field as they headed toward the Demon King at speeds that make the Sky King look like walking. With their arbitrary warping and displacing, they would swarm the Demon King from all over, being unable to be absorbed thanks to the binary. Meanwhile, the Android let Khrona use this opportunity to attack as the Demon King was hopefully distracted. Now, with everything set up, the Android girl's field would begin to feed energy from the tectonic movement deep underground into those who she merged the field with temporarily; which was Khrona and herself. With energy building up, she awaited for Khrona to need assistance as she and her weapons charged.

Khrona smiled, "... I knew you would come around..." before returning attention to the Demon King.

The 'Ultimate Energy' shot that was fired off before wasn't for naught... the Demon King had let it bypass him without realizing Khrona's great power to control it. As it passed Zeik, it stopped some ways behind him, accumulating its immense power into a ball. It would also be severely strengthened by Khrona's and his weapons' wavelengths. These were Insanity, Fear, Condemnation, Despair, and Rejection all at once.

Using a bit of psychic power, as well, -- mostly Chronokinesis -- Khrona would increase the flow of time around the souped up blast so that it would bypass the effects of the Demon King's Origin Range and be able to hit him at top speed in less than a second.

Khrona also took note of the Android girl's assault... It was very useful if it had some-- And then, that's when Khrona thought about it. Being forced to say everything he thinks, he said to his co-leader, "... I think I can provide some support of my own. Hold still and allow me to work my power. You may feel some slight insanity." Khrona then manifested himself very near the Android girl, since he was condensing the power of his soul to let it get more powerful instead of expanding it, so he needed to be close to do this.

Khrona: "Soul Merge..."

In a moment's notice, the Android girl and Khrona's souls would be merged, as if they were one. They would now share abilities, thoughts, feelings, energy, and wavelengths through the link of the souls. This meant that not only did the Android girl have access to Khrona's abilities, but also his weapons', and Khrona had the Android girl's abilities as well. Khrona floated away from her, slightly higher than her in the sky, and then gave her a nod of recognition... Before looking to the Demon King once more. 'More power...'

The Demon King's 'Origin Vision' was not overwhelmed easily, and the speed -- and even the warping of the bullets -- threw him off very little. For, even in the midst of their warp, they were still energy, and thus they were as visible as need be. Khrona's ultimate energy beam was also noticed; the Demon King didn't care for the beam growing stronger, for he had already planned how he was going to deal with this mass of chakra.

"Hmph," the Demon King grunted as his swords began blocking and deflecting the data bullets. Each blade had a crimson glow on them and at the moment the bullets made contact with his blades, they would be warped into 'Purgatory.' This was the power of 'Conviction', which the Demon King was applying to all of his blades.

As for the ultimate energy, the Demon King had two or three ways for dealing with this little shit. Either the Demon King's blades would deal it the same fate, or the moment it got near, he would use his 'Oblivion Eye' to send the ball elsewhere. "I'm no in the mood for children's resolve," the Demon King said as he steadily made his way toward the Android girl and Khrona. His eyes revealed that there were new chakras flowing inside each of them after Khrona's Soul Merge. "If you think two kids have the strength to put me under..." The Demon King took a pause in his sentence as his blades were getting rid of the last of the data bullets. "... You're even younger than you look." And with this, the Demon King bursted into the sky. The sudden movement would cause a sonic boom that would be strong enough to actually do considerable harm to both of the young leaders, however this wasn't the main attack.

In the Demon King's hand was a tiny orb of pulsing red energy. He tossed the ball toward Khrona and it split into two; one for each of them. The ball would fly off towards the young leaders, homing in on their chakra signatures. If and when the ball got with twenty five meters of them, it would explode, doing two things; One, a massive explosion capable of leveling even the mightiest of shinobi, and two, produce another of the same energy balls ready to lather, rinse, and repeat.

As the Demon King used his blades to rid himself of the data bullets, the data the bullets gained from making contact with the blades were relayed back to the Android girl, and because of Soul Merge, Khrona as well. Purgatory, the power of Oblivion -- it was all just revealed to the Android girl and Khrona, as well as what they were capable of. Powerful abilities, indeed. In the back of the Android's expansive mind, she began to think of a way to deal with it later on. "K-Khron--" The Demon King suddenly bursted into the sky, and a sonic boom came across the two. Because of the Android's tough exterior and regeneration capabilities, the boom was nerfed into a mere breeze. However Khrona dealt with this was up to him, she assumed. Khrona was strong enough to save himself from a sonic boom.

It was then that the Android girl began to feel all of Khrona's emotions and vice versa. She never had such intense emotions before, and despite managing to maintain her calm demeanor, she had no idea how to deal with all of these pent up emotions. How could Khrona deal with this at all times of the day? She was mesmerized at the thought of it. But, as she came to, these balls of energy were flying toward her and had already exploded. However, the explosion was slow -- extremely slow -- to the Android's perspective and in actuality, her new Precognition boost from Khrona would allow her to see this explosion frame by frame, while her deteriorating flame managed to decrease the explosions' power and speed severely. Since she had Khrona's emotions, her deteriorating flame was overly intense, which allowed for what happened to... Happen. However, she also gained Khrona's hate for the power of the enchanted flames.

"Khrona, is it possible for you to rid the battle of these poor excuses for jewelry? They're... They're... Upsetting me," she said, for the first time. As the explosion expanded outward at the two at a snail's pace, the field that the Android girl set up began to delete the energy of the burst until there was nothing left.

'Marvelous', her Innocence axe, still hovered behind her, and she pointed her guns at the Demon King and opened fire upon him, constantly. She didn't cease the assault of data bullets, and they gained speed with each firing bullet. "Data Bullet, Data Spread and Adapt." The bullets would now begin to constantly send data they retrieved on the Demon King and his abilities to the other bullets, and with this data the bullets would adapt, and continue this process. The same trick wouldn't work twice on these bullets.

As the sonic boom made its way to Khrona, it was only parried by a psychic barrier of his own, forcing it to go around him. It caused him to use the least amount of energy to make sure he, himself, wasn't hurt. Not that it mattered, anyway... Khrona and the Android girl already had many passive abilities in common with each other... Like regeneration -- though by different means -- and now, to Khrona's knowledge, she also had his 'Psychometry'. 'Heh.' But, due to Khrona's mastery of ALL psychic abilities, not only was the Android girl's Psychometry at maximum potential, but she also shared his maxed out psychic power, as well. 'Very good.'

Khrona only began to snicker as the explosions came. 'Hyper Perception' -- which everyone should be fully aware that Khrona uses all of the time -- would allow him to see everything at any speed, thus giving him time to react... Plus, psychic power assisted with that. And so, with a quick thought, the sphere, itself, would be taken out of this reality and forcefully placed in another one, where it would be properly destroyed without any repercussions whatsoever. 'Yay for Reality Warping.'

Khrona could feel the Android girl's power flowing within him... The connection of souls was a powerful thing, indeed. This would definitely keep the battle in their favor for some time... "Heh... Heh heh heh... That's two votes against one against the rings and flames? Oh, Android girl... I didn't think I could adore you anymore... Accursed things. Even the leaders are becoming dependent on them... Just like the shinobi... Heh."

In front of Khrona, paper materialized before him. This was a special power of the Judgemaster... The ability to create laws that must be obeyed. Because of the Demon King's consent to this battle, though nonverbal, he was eligible to obey any law Khrona made to the fullest... And anyone else that consented to this battle by interfering... Too bad Khrona could only make one law at a time, for that was the only law of the Judgemaster. One law at a time. Regardless, the law now was... No more enchanted flames or mafia rings. Khrona smiled as the 'Contract' went into motion. It couldn't be broken by any parties that participated in the battle, and anyone who interacted with the 'Contract' would fall to its consent. There was no way out of it.

"And so the almighty law says it... So it shall be. The flames and rings are outlawed from this battle... Use them and suffer the consequences."

This was the HIGHLIGHT of Khrona's day... The one time he had FINALLY gotten rid of those FUCKING rings... Those FUCKING flames... 'Hahahaha...'

Khrona: "Hahahaha..."

He was overjoyed... Oh, such emotion... His soul flickered and wavered, becoming a bit unstable. His joyousness made his insanity go wild, for whatever reason. Because of this, he gripped his two weapons tightly, then looked to the Android girl. There was an insane smile curled upon his face. She should already know what he was thinking...

Khrona: "... Soul Resonance."

Alright, so... Now it was time to party. Khrona's soul resonating with Misery's and Despair's was already a terrible force to be reckoned with... They tripled each others' power with resonating, and continuously amplified it to as high as it could go. With the Android girl in the picture, not only would all four of their power collectively quadruple, but it would continue to quadruple over and over until their power was at its full potential... Such is the power of the Soul Resonance; that which was greater than the Soul Synchro and the Soul Harmony.

Khrona could also see in Binary now... Thus allowing him to see all of the numbers and coding of every little thing... 'Mixed with some Reality Warping, this could be deadly. But we'll dote on that later.'

As for right now, Khrona pointed Misery at the Demon King, charging up a great deal of energy... At the same time, Despair was also pointed at the Demon King, but she was well at work, making Rejection form in the skyline above the Demon King to keep him from flying too high... If he were to try, he'd naturally be either forced down, or rejected from this space, or rejection from this dimension, or... Well. The possibilities of Rejection were endless... All Khrona had left to say was, "Android girl... Cover me."

The Demon King's 'Hyper Mode' suddenly deactivated, and with that came the rage far greater than Khrona was going to want to deal with. In his head, the Demon King swore up and fucking down to make Knrona eat a full on Execution, but firstly he had to get in position for such. With Zero mode gone, the Demon King wouldn't be able to rely on his unmatched speed in this fight. However, he could use 'Oblivium' and go around the laws, but the chakra drain from that would surely cost him the fight. The Demon King was in one hell of a situation.

Demon King: "... I may have to use it..."

The Demon King wasn't outmatched, but he was surely outnumbered. Khrona and the Android girl were in a state of fusion, but there were two bodies. Fighting them both was one thing; fighting them as a fusion was also not a problem, but this soul shit was a whole other story.

The Demon King's six blades began to glow with the crimson power of Oblivium as he was going to 'Spirit Mode' all six blades at one, a feat he hadn't tried and only hoped it worked out like he wanted to

Demon King: "... Spirit..."

It wasn't working and the Android's bullets were coming... the Demon King didn't have the time nor the power to 'Spirit Mode' all six, but he also didn't have any way of stopping the bullets now that he had wasted the time trying to go Spirit Mode... He was going to have to take the hit, for sure.

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Last Journey; Day of Infamy: Three Become One Pt. III

With the Android girl and Khrona having the upper hand on the Demon King, who fought desperately to hold his own against the two powerhouse leaders of the Dusk and their astonishing teamwork, the old friend of the Demon King would muscle his way into the fray, as he did damn near everything, stealing the show and saving the Demon King from being taken out by the two Dusk Leaders.

The Earth King appeared out of a crimson storm cloud the size of his body or so. He threw his arm out in front of the Demon King's mouth, cutting him off from saying 'Mode'. Forcing out a Spirit Mode without the charged 'Spiritual Pressure' would only give them disaster. The Earth King then commenced to cross his arms as the bullets neared. He flicked his wrist towards them, doing a lot more than what the simple motion thought. He exerted his massive Spiritual Pressure only rivaled by the Demon King's, that would destroy any other force than threatened it's expansion -- as such, the bullets were gone. "Oh joy..." After that was over, the Earth King looked at the Demon King, then looked at the Android girl and Khrona. He sighed deeply. 'Fucking weirdos...'

"How'd you get yourself into this situation, Demon King?" the Earth King thought to himself as he manifested the 'Cosmos Destroyer' out of his arm that was extended. He landed back down on the ground, hammer in hand, his eyes glowing from beneath his hood. He shook it off and looked at the two Dusk leaders. "If you couldn't overwhelm the Demon King with the two of you using each others' abilities at this level, fighting the two of us will be even more difficult for you."

The Earth King pointed the end of his hammer towards the two of them. With a look very serious, the very space getting dense and beginning to distort, those not used to spiritual pressure would surely buckle at their very foundations. Not really expecting the reaction from these two, he stabbed the end of his hammer into the ground. Some conversation before combat was always healthy.

As the Earth King appeared and awayed the Android girl's data bullets, the data they adapted to was relayed back to she and Khrona -- that data being the Earth King's spiritual pressure. So, as he exerted it, the Android girl and Khrona were seemingly already used to it, and unaffected by its overwhelming power. However, the Android girl could still sense the raw energy being pressed onto the field. This was definitely the Earth King, so the proper precaution was needed. Her volatile field stopped expanding at about fifty meters, and condensed to a ten meter radius around herself. With such condensing of the field, its effects would surely quadruple.

"It's not that we couldn't overwhelm the Demon King... It's... That..." The Android girl was still getting accustomed to speaking with emotion, something she barely or never did. For the time being, it was as if she was brooding after every statement. "I was merely supporting Khrona, since I don't double team. However, you're here now Earth King... So... SO...!!"

The guns floating around the Android girl would suddenly combine together and begin rotating uncontrollably. As they spun and spun around, they merged into the head of her ten foot axe, Marvelous, whilst the two pistols in her hands formed into the rod in which the axe head would place itself upon. Next, her Innocence gloves would converge onto her hands, which gripped the axe tightly. She looked at the Demon King, then the Earth King, before closing her eyes with a smile.

Android Girl: "I get to go all out... Heh~."

Her body began to crackle with green and purple electricity as her anxiety rose. She never went 'all out' before, but simply thinking of such made her feel... Something. Something she had never felt before.

Khrona sighed... He sighed into laughter... Then that laughter went into cackling... And that cackling went into maniacal scream-laughing.

"Oooooh, Father X... How it is nice to see you again... I have missed you so... You've come to the aid of the Chaos leader, have you? Oh, dear Father..."

Because of having the Android girl's abilities and knowledge, Khrona had an idea as to make her ability to adapt into his own attacks, but in a different way than his own 'Adaption'. Because he had knowledge of her power, even once they weren't fused, he'd be able to do this for himself... And that's what made him happiest. Khrona sprouted eight more arms from himself, each wielding a sort of blade... What these blades were made out of wasn't known, but each of them was different. Khrona threw each of the blades, which would surround a vast area around the Demon King and Earth King. The blades would begin to explode, one after another, and the explosions were vast... They didn't seem like they were going to stop expanding for quite some time. This would buy Khrona some time...

Khrona: "Tabrith..."

Yes, Khrona's Pact partner was coming into the equation. This is only because Khrona needed his support so he may do a few things that he wished... Anyway, Tabrith would appear next to Khrona, having literally no presence and giving off no existence whatsoever; the only way he was actually known to exist at any given time was if he was seen... 'Damn that untraceable Tabrith.' His arrival shocked even Khrona.

Khrona: "... Eh... Yeah, Tabrith... I trust you will know what to do to keep them at bay...?"

Tabrith: "... Oh? We're in a fight? Somehow, I knew that... In a sense, I still am part of you, you know... Ah, what a day it is for some friendly combat."

Khrona shook his head, going completely on the defensive, wrapping himself in his wings. If the Android girl was going all out, it was best for Khrona to prepare himself for such a thing, right?

The Earth King's face, serious before, turned a bit sympathetic... It touched him a bit to see that Khrona saw him as a father figure of sorts... Too bad he was about to beat him senseless. The Demon King needed to take a chill pill for a bit, so the Earth King was going to take point. He gripped his hammer tightly while it was stabbed in the ground and unleashed his 'Reiatsu' another time, which warded off the explosion from he and the Demon King by either destroying it, smothering it with its force, or simply forcing it out of existence. After the explosions were gone, the Earth King stood with a massive army of 'Nobodies' -- vessels that were empty husks -- called 'Dark Knights'... He liked the name. They numbered in the hundreds, which was MORE than enough for now.

"Go..." is all he said. They appeared around Khrona and the Android girl and aimed to slash them to ribbons with amazing speed that would make them even doubt if the Hyper Perception was working properly. Because the Nobodies waved in and out of reality, they can go as fast as they want, so they can easily move fast enough to put Khrona and the Android girl in some shit. The Earth King, to make things more difficult, began to sign; a pulsing sound was heard.

The Demon King's six blades rested at his ready, as he indeed needed to calm down. Khrona had made the Demon King so mad by outlawing his favorite style of combat, but it was no matter. He had been fighting for centuries without them before, so he was sure he could manage.

"Trail and Follow... Like always, Earth King?" the Demon King said, knowing that the Earth King always took point in their little group quarrels. From there, the Demon King connected a link to the Earth King's mind that only they could chat on.

"The enchanted flames have been outlawed and I'm going to make Khrona regret that little law," the Demon King said and began his little approach towards Khrona. He didn't fly, he didn't run; he just fucking walked. He told two of the little Nobodies to walk next to him, as he was going to use them to get hold of Khrona.

The Android girl gazed around herself to find the field littered with Nobodies. Slashes coming from all over, she dodged and bended her body in ways that would be impossible for even a superhuman to do. They were extremely quick, but being able to see their binary structure, along with Precognition, allowed her to predict every attack thrown at her. She snapped her finger in the midst of the chaos, and instantly a massive, twelve foot beast was summoned behind her.

"It's a shame... No one from the village ever tried for a Summon... Even when... They're so powerful." As the Android girl talked, a wavelength would become visible to she and Khrona around the beast. It's massive claws quickly jutted outward, releasing a powerful shockwave which expanded outward from the wavelength, giving it the properties of the wavelength. This shockwave expanded for kilometers, making sure to blast back a majority -- if not all -- of the Nobodies, including the ones traveling with the Demon King. They were powerful, but the force of this shockwave would even send the Earth King and Demon King flying if they were to be caught off guard from it.

Android Girl: "Soul Purge."

Anything and everything that the shockwave passed through or came over would be purged with the effects of the beast's soul, which was the Android's and Khrona's wavelength. This beast had a very unique ability which allowed the Android girl to give it any ability she possessed instantly, but it could only hold a single ability at once. This way, it could give its all with a single aspect rather than half the effort with two.

The energies surging through the Android girl would break into the ground, forming a green Transmutation Circle beneath her with purple inscriptions. She stood and eyed the field for more suspicious activity, leaning on Marvelous.

Tabrith: "Waving in and out of reality... Honestly... This is our strong suit. We weren't originally called the Reality Village for nothing..."

Six arms would extend out of Tabrith, in addition to his primary two. They were all pointed in a different direction.

Tabrith: "And now... Reality and Unreality are one..."

By blatantly defying the laws of reality, Tabrith used Khrona's own reality warping abilities to make the two one, made it useless for the Nobodies to do such a thing. Next, the three arms of Sloth, Motivation, and Momentum all started to activate in the immediate area around Khrona and the Android girl, thus causing the Nobodies to have their literal Momentum stolen from them, which should cause them to stop any movements or thoughts or attacks all at once... And such momentum was stored for later. Sloth would cause them to not want or have the power to retaliate if somehow, they got past Momentum's ability, and cause anything and everything about them to be slothful to an ungodly extent. Finally, Motivation would assist with Sloth by making the Nobodies lose their motivation, thus making them lose power exponentially and continuously, and such motivation would be stored for later. Naturally, these weren't particularly manipulating the emotions of these beasts, rather than using emotions to fight these beasts. A simple and complex manner all at once.

Tabrith: "... And with this, we can attack."

Because Tabrith already foresaw the Soul Purge, he embedded the EXTREME Momentum that it had stolen from the Nobodies into it, which should make it do ungodly damage. Next, to increase said power, would be Motivation. Motivation could take power from things by taking the 'Motivation' of things, or give 'Motivation' and as such, give them power exponentially instead of taking it exponentially. Therefore, the Soul Purge attack should be so very powerful, that it took up a few hundred miles of just pure wavelength destruction... But it was still powered up with something else... Sloth. Sloth was just a passive ability here, causing anything and everything within to experience this reality-defying 'Sloth.' No matter what happened or who you were, it would cause you Sloth beyond belief, literally adapting to your power level so that it could hinder you accordingly... Making any and all things you do so slow, that no matter what speed you went or thought you could go, you'd still just be a slow mass of... Slowness.

Tabrith: "... My, Khrona, you sure are taking a long time, aren't you...? Perhaps you should just enter your 'Alpha Zen' state and get this over with, eh? It could be useful for some combination tactics..."

Something was going on within Khrona's wings, but it honestly couldn't be told what... There was so much fluctuation and so much odd and random power... It couldn't be definitively traced. Only waited out. Tabrith was on complete and utter guard, seeing if anything were to happen.

Tabrith: "'Android... Would you care to see which of ours is stronger?' I think Khrona would be saying right now... He wants to see if that 'Summon' is as powerful as his own Pact partner... Honestly, even in this state, he can be thinking like that? He really is so childish..."

Now, the Earth King and his Nobodies as well as the Demon King were within the Earth King's 'Sphere Of Influence'; this sphere is a concentrated sphere of cosmic influence over events' time and space. No ability that the Earth King does not have can exist with this sphere naturally -- no soul energy, wavelength, alchemy, binary bull, third party Summon powers, and the like can permeate the sphere. Anything within the sphere is protected for as long as the Earth King has chakra. ALSO, the Earth King does not obey any little 'Judge Laws' within the sphere... That being said, he can use his enchanted flames within the sphere, as well as the Demon King and the Nobodies. So that meant that the Demon King could go Hyper Mode and become independent of the Sloth -- which he is already independent of, anyway, because he is inside the sphere. As such, the Nobodies have the power to extend the sphere through there slashes, which allow them to cut through soul energy and any power that isn't even tangible. With that being said, the Earth King, Demon King, and the Nobodies were completely unaffected by the Soul Purge. The Nobodies' momentum was not slowed because they were independent of the laws of reality and within the Sphere Of Influence. The Nobodies swarmed the defenseless Android after the Earth King -- using his chakra -- bended the shockwave from the massive, powerful Summon over the sphere as she initiated her Soul Purge attack -- which was consequently ineffective.

The Earth King laughed.

"Think of the area like so; there is the Earth King, the Demon King and the Nobodies, surrounded by a big ass bubble encasing all of them... Then there are the insignificant Android girl and Khrona slowly about to be encompassed by the bubble. If the two were allowed to enter the Sphere, their abilities -- except the ones that the Earth King shares with them -- will be removed. That was what the Earth King was trying to do... And with the Nobodies so close, it was imminent.

"Laughable... Now for the easy kill." The Nobodies unzipped there chests, which had a VERY mean ability -- the ability to exert the power of Nothing to anything in its path; as such the Android girl would be come affected by the essence of nothingness, returning her to 'nothing' by severing her ties to this universe as a being. Anything that looks inside the chest of the Nobodies instantly begins to become 'nothing' and because they surrounded her, the Earth King figured it was hard for her not to look inside the chests of the Nobodies who were still protected by the sphere. As for Khrona, the Earth King decided to wait.

Assuming the Earth King informed the Demon King of the effects of the Sphere of Influence, the Demon King immediately entered Hyper Mode. With the orange flame burning brightly on the Demon King's forehead, he cracked his neck and gazed at Khrona and the stupid Pact partner he was going to shit on momentarily

"Zero ..." was all that was heard before the Demon King placed hands on the two Nobodies he took with him and used his Zero mode to appear within the area of Khrona. The two Nobodies stood on opposite angles of the Demon King, but still very close to his body. "... Ashes." The Demon King's hands glowed a bright crimson red as he held it outward and with the clench of a fist, the area around Khrona extending for a radius far large enough to catch him, would go up in flames. Every single air molecule in that area all instantly ignited. This caused light speed Hellfiery explosion for miles on in. The blast was honestly strong enough to do away with Khrona instantly.

As the nothingness exerted by the Nobodies went out toward the Android girl, her Transmutation Circle activated. It instantly broke her body down into the circle, which was like a portal of sorts to a parallel dimension, and left a massive black hole in her place to take the Nobodies in. However, this was no ordinary black hole. Not only did it act as a natural occurrence to keep itself from being manipulated, it released energy outward that would enhance anything it touched, which would in turn hit the nothingness and turn the nothing into something; then its suction would grow to five times that, allowing it to quickly and effectively take in whatever it gave energy to. This process happened every second or so -- so as long as there were Nobodies, the black hole's suction would get stronger and drastically stronger until it had them all in. During it all, the Summon seemed unaffected for whatever reason, and began to charge a weird, seemingly radioactive, energy in its hands.
While all this went on, apparently the Demon King ignited the field. Luckily, the Android girl wasn't around to take the brunt of this, and hopefully Khrona could get out of this dire situation.

"Open rift..." the Android muttered, which echoed through the plane of existence that the Earth King, Khrona, and the Demon King were on. A blade cut into the dimension, and opened a rift for the Android girl to enter through, far away from the black hole site. Like a sniper, she fired short beams of Binadaption energy at the Earth King's torso in rapid succession. Of course, being the Earth King, the first few wouldn't penetrate him, but due to the adapting prowess of the technique, the third shot and everything after it would pierce his hide for sure.

Naturally, this wasn't going to be easy... While Khrona is still trying to achieve Alpha Zen, Tabrith would intervene the eminent explosion of the Demon King, which he foresaw, since... Ya know. Mind of Khrona.

With just a turn of the head, he would create an intense and immense vacuum, so that as the explosion happened, it was almost instantaneously sucked into the vacuum and compressed quickly. Tabrith then launched the compacted sphere of hellish goodness at the Earth King, and because the vacuum wasn't supposed to last long, the explosion would once again explode, only this time in the Earth King's area rather than Khrona's. Since the Earth King's Nobodies were taken care of, Khrona didn't really have to worry about those... Tabrith could definitely analyze the Sphere of Influence that the Earth King was making... What a hassle.

Tabrith: "My... I was not expecting this. Sloth cannot permeate this sphere? Hm. Though, perhaps I can sway the natural way of the universe to help me...? Hm... Madam Android is safe... Khrona is safe... I guess my job is done, technically."

Tabrith floated over the Khrona, who was encased in his own sphere made of his own wings, and then he sat atop them, moving Khrona away from the entrance of the sphere with his mind, as to make sure that it didn't consume them both... But in all technicality, there wasn't much difference between Khrona and the Earth King...

The Transmutation Circle, though it 'acted' as a natural occurrence, was still a Transmutation Circle and to the circle the Nobodies weren't even there, so its powers -- since the Earth King did not possess them -- did not permeate the sphere as long as the Earth King had enough chakra to influence these types of things from happening. As such, the Nobodies still remained and Khrona was at great risk since he assumed the Nobodies were taken care of and was very wrong by this assumption. He hopefully was sucked in to the mouths of the Nobodies, doomed to become one with 'nothing'.

Secondly, the Android girl's projectiles, though they have the ability to adapt to whatever, cannot pierce the sphere because they originate from the Android girl, a source unknown to the Earth King, which means they are shut out from the sphere. The only way to attack the Earth King or Demon King from outside the sphere is to attack from within; it's not like if you get sucked in, you die. As for the sphere, itself, its general expansive movement was impossible to detect, since its energy source was unknown and it was invisible -- the only way to detect it was trail and error of where the attacks stopped at the time. Now with the technicalities out of the way, here comes the part where the Earth King attacked. The Earth King engaged his ring; should Khrona not find himself able to be effected by the ultimate power of the Nobodies, the Sphere would propagate one thousand times its own diameter, instantly placing it halfway across the globe in a mere second, encompassing that of Khrona and hopefully the Android girl too. Negating all of these attacks was costly on the chakra pool, so the Earth King would have to set up the move that he has been trying to complete in a hurry; the ring would aid such a thing.

With Khrona in the sphere -- since he had no idea of what the Earth King's ring was capable of, and probably wouldn't have the time to escape the Nobodies and the propagation of the sphere -- he would be caught inside, unable to use any powers except the ones that he and the Earth King shared, which was his DNA manipulation... The Demon King, too, would be crippled, unable to use any Hellfire or demonic force or demonic chakra, but is fine using anything else. The Android would be utterly powerless, unable to use anything but her enchanted flame. This move was called 'Verdict,' for it is 'decreed' that all of the Earth King's opponents would fight on the same level as he, casting out all abilities leaving only the ones that they have in common and their natural bodies.

Since the Demon King was inside the sphere of crippling power, his demonic powers were useless here, but this was not a problem, for the Earth King and Demon King have shared much growth together; as such, they have many common abilities. The Demon King's mafia ring engaged and brightened up a brilliant orange. The sudden flash would more than likely draw all eyes on the Demon King. Something he wanted, for he was about to do what he does best -- make shit go 'Boom'.

The Demon King's eyes were still affixed on Khrona, his hand glowing a bright orange and his eyes filled with wrath. The Demon King, clenching his fist and compressing a large amount of enchanted flames into a small ball, held it within his palm. He aimed the ball at Khrona, trying very hard to contain the massive amount of compressed energy in one place.

"I'm coming," is all the Demon King said as he took off at light speed, entering Zero mode speed just seconds before reaching Khrona. This would aid the Demon King in avoiding Khrona's super mind as although it can think and react faster then the speed of light, it pales in comparison to the Demon King's Zero mode's speed.

The Demon King didn't appear in front of khrona or even behind him; instead he was going to charge straight into Khrona, using the power of speed and force to drive his ball of condensed flames through his very existence. Should Khrona prove powerless to avoid such, the Demon King would drive the ball of enchanted flames clean into Khrona chest; he would continue to move at Zero speed, driving Khrona's body across the globe. Upon impact of such a massive amount of power, there would of course be an explosion far beyond the word epic and collateral damage would surpass the norm, but who cares?

It seemed as though everyone forgot about Tabrith, which was common due to his presencelessness. "It Is Time..." Tabrith said as Khrona entered Alpha Zen Mode as soon as it was necessary for him to keep himself safe from the Sphere of Influence, the enchanted flames and the Nobodies. At that moment, Tabrith would warp Khrona out of the way at warpspeed, having already seen the Demon King coming. He was Khrona's eyes and mind whilst he was charging this form, and when it was complete, he used his natural ability that he shared with the Earth King -- Reality Warping. However, it would be to the highest intensity.

"THE END!!!" Khrona screeched as all things everyone did came to an abrupt end, Tabrith's power assisting in this when Khrona was in Alpha Zen Mode -- the highest mental state he could be in. This happened before being engulfed by the Sphere of Influence, yet also as soon as he was consumed by it, for he was sped up by Tabrith via the energy of Sloth, Momentum and Motivation. And so, with the utmost of his power, Khrona warped Reality so much that the Earth King, Demon King, and Android girl would simply be reset to zero and from zero they would emerge -- powerless and chakraless. And so, Khrona would create a makeshift ending for the already cheap and ungodly broken battle.

Khrona: "Errrrrrrrr... MAKESHIFT ENDING TIME!!!!!!!! Very Happy Will Edit Later..."

Though everything was all exciting and epic, because of the two PERSISTENT no shows -- his brother and the Sky King -- the 'Day of Infamy' would suddenly become infamous for never living up to what it was supposed to be, thanks to those two, as well as the two who were trying to cheat a victory from Khrona and the Android girl. Thus, when Khrona got up from the attack and dusted himself off, everyone knew that the two flakes wouldn't be there, so they kinda went home. Yet again, another 'Anti-Epic' ending.

Khrona: "*sigh* Thanks. Thanks a lot, guys. Real smooth."

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Book 9; The Journey of Khrona Tensei
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