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 Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei

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Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$

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Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei   Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei EmptyFri Apr 03, 2020 1:25 pm

Khrona continued on his soul searching journey to find himself and unlock more of his potential in order to find his True Self, and though remarkably successful in his endeavors, he was still so very far away. Not that he knew this at the time. Even so, with the last few bouts between the leaders, he was pretty pleased with himself and his substantial growth, especially with the development of his love for Misery and Despair... Mostly Despair, though. Though, with all of this wonderful development, and all the dominant power he had acquired not only over all reality itself, but the village, the land, his life, and any who got in his way, he couldn't help but feel like there was a weight on his shoulders... A limit on his very being that was keeping him from going any farther. He would not fall to this power, however. He vowed to break all of his limitations and reach his ultimate, greatest and true potential, and though he didn't know how to do it just yet, he felt that testing out and refining all of his abilities would assist him in breaking his Restrictions. Little did he know... The Restrictions he felt were more real and more excruciatingly intense than he could have EVER conceived in his childish ignorance... As it was supposed to be. Upon his Awakening of his greater power, they would bear down on him more intensely than ever.

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Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$
Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$

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Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei   Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei EmptySat Apr 04, 2020 9:58 am

First Awakening; Family Meeting

Khrona spent a lot of his time in solitude recently; a solitude known to him as 'Solitary Alone Time,' or more commonly as 'Deep Thought.' Everyone was worried about Khrona whether he knew it or not, since he hadn't come out of his isolation for quite a while, which was unusual even for him...

Khrona had a lot on his mind recently. He hadn't talked to Misery, Despair, or any of his family in weeks on end, however all of them could hear his incoherent mumbling throughout the Pit all day and all night, thanks to his Pact. Something was truly troubling him.

After such a long time of isolation, Khrona had come to a conclusion. He called each of his family members -- save for his half-brother -- to the Pit.

Khrona: "... Misery. Despair. Megaera. Chroma. Tabrith... Come forth."

Naturally, Despair, Misery and Tabrith were the firsts there, Misery and Despair looking rather concerned, but Tabrith sporting that slight smirk that he always did.

Misery: "What's up, Khrona..? You've been kinda out of it for some time..."

Despair: "... Yes, we are wonderfully worried about you, Khrona..."

Tabrith: "... Hm. So you really are going through with it...? Hm."

Khrona started to mumble incoherently again, waiting for the other two members of the family. It didn't sound like he was speaking any true language at all.

Of course, Chroma was there very swiftly, as well. She could hear a call from her father from across the planet, due to the psychic bond between them.

Chroma: "Yeah, what's up, Father dear?"

Megaera entered the Pit as well, which was something everyone else was not used to at all. Megaera could tell that Khrona had something important to say, but knew not of what it was. Only time would tell, then.

Megaera: "... Brother..."

Once everyone was assembled, Khrona looked at each and every one of them with a serious expression that he had not used in a long time.

Khrona: "... My basis is gone."

He was blunt, he was frank, but he was right. The basis of himself was gone.

Khrona: "... I remember a time when I was powerless... My powers resulted in my powerful mental power and reality warping, DNA, my own soul and Black Dragon Blood. And with that, I used to reign supreme. Now, I can feel my imagination slowly fading from me... Spreading to other sides of me. My insanity and my fear... They are slowly growing. They used to be more apparent many years ago, but now, they are more intense than ever. They have just quieted themselves, waiting to spring. And because I know just what is going to happen if I continue as I am..."

Khrona lowered his head, closing his eyes.

Khrona: "... I must relinquish some of my own newer power to make room for growth of my original power... It is absolutely vital. My time in Alpha Zen mode, the first step to my growth, has told me that much. My body... My mind... Myself... Will be destroyed if I take in anything else. And so, I shall bestow a great amount of my excess power to you all."

Just then, Khrona raised a card. It was a Law Card of the Judgemaster.

Khrona: "... Even if it is against your own will. Bind."

The card gleamed, then shattered, causing everyone around Khrona -- save for Tabrith -- to be bound in the places that they were in, multiplying its own force by their exerted power and stripping them of all powers temporarily.

Misery: "What the hell, Khrona!? You know I'll KICK YOUR ASS, RIGHT!?"

Despair: "... Why resist the inevitable...? Isn't that what you used to say...? Or what you used to defy...?"

Tabrith: "..."

Chroma gasped, knowing that she was bound by a higher power than hers... In truth, even higher than Khrona's.

Chroma: "... What are you... Going to do Father?"

There was genuine confusion and fear in her eyes as well as her voice. She wasn't exactly sure what Khrona was going to do after he finished with this, but she knew it wasn't going to be pretty...

Megaera wasn't fond of being bound, especially because she knew that The Goddess would not allow this.

Megaera: "... Brother... I do not need your help. I do not need your power! I want NOTHING of what you offer to me! The Goddess shall not allow this to happen!!"

Megaera's eyes started to glow white for the moment, but then instantly stopped.

Megaera: "... What? You do not want to intervene? Is this... Divine Judgment? ... ... ... The Goddess has spoken..."

Knowing that The Goddess could easily force the binds of this off of her, Megaera knew that is must be for her own good. Megaera was starting to realize that relying on the Goddess was almost the same as relying on Khrona. The Goddess also made it clear that having the power when necessary is a lot better than not having it when necessary. So, Megaera did not resist, however was very... Reluctant and resentful to it all.

Khrona sighed heavily, grasping the heads of Misery and Despair once all of the drama with Megaera was done.

Khrona: "... My two beautiful, glorious lovers and the mothers of my child... You two are exceptional when it comes to the power of the soul. But what have you of everything else? You know nothing of the Chakra System, or how to properly defend against any other chakras unless they are of the Soul variety... This makes you susceptible. You two must learn. I will give you two the power, but not the knowledge. Seek the knowledge, and you will find it."

Khrona turned his head to Misery, sending some sort of energy through his hand and into her. Khrona's body started to glow an array of colors, but one by one, the colors started to fade.

Khrona: "... You have my Condemned and Master of Fear forms... And the art of Jutsu..."

Khrona's forms left his body and entered Misery's, altering themselves as she saw fit.

Khrona: "... Rename them as you please."

He turned to Despair "... For you, I have the Happinesss and Paradox forms... And the art of Jutsu as well..."

Khrona again started to glow, but the colors faded and were transferred into Despair's body, surging through her very being.

Khrona: "... The same goes for you."

They were released from their binds, as Khrona was done with them as of now. He slowly made his way toward Chroma.

Khrona: "... My only child... My wonderful daughter... My prodigy... Your mental powers will match, and maybe even surpass mine, if you are to train correctly. Your DNA powers are in need of fine tuning... But this is what training is for. However, allow me to awaken your potential..."

Khrona touched her head, starting to glow again.

Khrona: "... This is for... Harvester form... As well as the unlocked potential of your psychic and DNA power... Harness it and control it, and you will become great... Do me proud. You are already on the verge of being great with your soul..."

Khrona released her head, then went over to Megaera.

Khrona: "... You say you do not want my assistance. You want to do everything yourself. You do not want assistance from anyone... Yet you abuse the power of the Goddess within you. You were blessed. I cannot tell you why, but you were blessed by the Goddess so that you would become great, not so you could rely on her... However, to know when to use her power and when to use your own is vital for such moments..."

Khrona paused, grasping her head.

Khrona: "... You do not need to use my power if you do not want to, but just know it is there. In memoriam of your own brother, if anything should happen."

Khrona started to glow with a childish aura, a tear going down his eye.

Khrona: "... My Innocent form. So that you will know that our familial bond as children shall stay strong forever... And that you are my beloved sister. I also strongly suggest that you start using the art of Soul... I can make it so that you can resonate with The Goddess if you need to, through special and intense training, that is..."

Khrona released her as well, the binds on her dissipating.

Khrona: "... Only if you truly want it. You are part of my village. That is my job, Megaera."

Khrona turned to Tabrith, nodding at him. "It is time, Tabrith."

Tabrith: "... It seems so, Khrona..."

Khrona started to walk into his room clothed in darkness out in the distance, raising a hand to them all.

Khrona: "... I am done here. I feel a lot better, everyone. A large burden has lifted from my body and now you each have a part of me in you. You all may do... as you wish with those abilities. I love you all."

Khrona disappeared afterward.

Once Khrona left, Misery and Despair walked in front of Chroma and Megaera, thinking the same thing.

Misery: Y"ou know what he wants us to do now, right? He didn't just sacrifice his own power to us for nothing, you guys. He wants us to train our own power in harmony with his, ya know?"

Misery turned to Chroma as Despair turned to Megaera. Misery said, "Now go out and train! Make your mommas and daddy proud, girl!"

Despair smiled grimly at Megaera. "... Your brother loves you, and we do, too... We want to see you grow... Please heed his words, Megaera..."

Misery and Despair then turned to a private chamber of the Pit.

Misery: "Now if you'll excuse me... I'm gonna go do my FUCKING hair!"

And they both were gone, as well.

Chroma was very happy knowing that her father had been watching her progress and was proud of her... That's all she wanted in the first place. But she still wanted to better herself. As he said, she had great potential, but did not live up to it. It was now unlocked, but still, she needed to harness it and learn to use it.

Chroma: "... Alright, Mom...s. I'll go train even more! I will make you three proud of me!"

Chroma spread her wings and started to flap, flying out of the pit of Havoc. Her potential had already been noticed, seeing as though she could fly better than she did before.

Chroma: "All hell is gonna break loose on this planet... Heh heh heh!"

And now, the last. Megaera. She was more confused than anything. She did not know that her brother felt like that... He made a lot of sense. Despite her own purity, she still had a lot to learn, it seemed, and Khrona was only trying to help achieve her goal. He wasn't doing anything FOR her, as she originally thought, but was just assisting in her OWN power. Everything was still up to her.

Megaera: "... So. This is what you wanted me to experience, Goddess...? Oh, how divine you truly are... I thank you, Goddess of Fury... Misery... Despair... Khrona..."

Megaera started down the path toward the door, then launched herself out of the pit. Maybe she would take up his offer on that learning to Resonate with the Goddess... Learning Soul Abilities would be... Useful. It would seem as though the meeting was over now.

Once the 'Family Meeting' was over, Khrona and Tabrith were in Khrona's room. Khrona was in Alpha Zen mode, thinking deeply on himself, his family and everything. The affairs of his village. His honorary son. The Witches. His brother. The other villages. Everything. The only thing that could be heard was incoherent mumbling, however.

Tabrith: "... You know it is not over with yet, right?"

Khrona continued to mutter to himself.

Tabrith: "... There is still one extremely large encumbrance on yourself that you know takes a very large toll on your body..."

Khrona continued to mutter to himself.

Tabrith: "... The Judgemaster was the one that took up the most of your power. You have not even relieved yourself of half."

Khrona continued to mutter to himself.

Tabrith: "... What do you plan to do on this matter, Khrona...?"

Khrona stopped muttering.

He did not open his eyes and stayed in deep thought, however now he was speaking coherently.

Khrona: "... Tabrith. I must separate myself and the Judgemaster... We shall become two entities, yet still be one and the same... Much like you have become. Let us just say, the Judgemaster shall be part of me without the destructive seal on my thoughts..."

Khrona began muttering again, incoherently, as usual.

Tabrith already knew what Khrona would say because he was a fragment of Khrona technically, but also knew how much it would free Khrona to relieve himself of the Judgemaster within. Khrona knew this, as well.

Tabrith: "... And how do you plan on getting the Judgemaster out of you...?"

Khrona muttered even lower now, almost to a whisper...

The two of them would stay like that for hours on end, Khrona searching for the answer via the Answer-Seeker ability. Though it was supposed to be instantaneous, Khrona could not find all answered instantaneously unless he was in Full Sanity mode. Otherwise, he had to achieve Alpha Zen mode first to even be able to search for the answer he specifically needed.

After a while, a revelation came to Khrona and he opened his eyes wide.

Khrona: "... The power of the Law."

Khrona stood, turning to Tabrith with a very serious expression on his face.

Khrona: "If I am to make a law that prohibits the Judgemaster from being directly connected to my body, but still make it a sentient part of me, as you are, then I will no longer be burdened with the cumbersome energies and weight that comes with the Judgemaster power and yet, I will still have control of where and what the Judgemaster does and goes. It is the perfect answer."

Tabrith chuckled to himself just a bit. "Well, you seem to have all of the answers, Khrona. Do as you think is right. After all, you are the leader of this village. Reliance on others will not help you with executive decision..."

Khrona fell silent.

Khrona turned now, back facing away from Tabrith. In his hand was a very special Law Card... a Judgemaster Class Law Card.

Khrona: "... With this Law Card and the almighty laws of the Judgemaster, I hereby sentence this law... So long as this law is in effect, the Judgemaster must remain a separate entity from myself, Khrona, but also must share a part of me in the same sense that the Pact partner of Khrona, Tabrith, does!"

The card began to glow, sending a powerful surge throughout all of the planet. The Law had become one with the universe.

Khrona: "And so it is said! So it shall be done!"

The card would dissipate, and Khrona would begin to glow. Tabrith watched in the background, keeping a satisfied smirk on his face. From that moment, Khrona split into two separate entities, yet still retained all power and ability, save for that of the Judgemaster. The glowing white lights were now two almost identical figures, however this one sported Khrona's look when he first became a Judgemaster, however very transparent in color.

It even had Khrona's own rarely seen tophat.

Judgemaster: "..."

Khrona: "... It has been done. Now, Judgemaster... Go enforce the almighty Law of the Dusk."

The Judgemaster would shroud itself in its shadowy tattered coat, warping elsewhere in the Dusk. This would be Khrona's extra eye, just in case.

Khrona: "... There, Tabrith. It has been done. I can feel all of the space within me... My potential has returned. I am finally less full than I was before. And I can do just about anything I please."

Tabrith: "... Well, Khrona, with your free space... What do you wish to do? I'm sure you know that bettering yourself in any way would require the assistance of some other leader... Physical strength with the Earth King... Chakra with the Demon King... Technique with the Android girl... Or perhaps, even others? Mental power with the Dark King... Speed with the Sky King... Skill with Burst leader... And maybe even some others of the Legendary level or lower? The world is your oyster..."

Khrona looked up and smirked. With so much 'free' space within him, his Insanity started to flow rampantly instead of in a controlled manner.

"... Mmm... I don't know... I wanna do something! I must do something!! ANYTHING. Come, Tabrith... Let's go have some fun!" Khrona spread his wings and launched himself straight upward, becoming intangible and flying upward through miles of solid pit...ness.

Tabrith: "... I see."

And Tabrith warped off as well.

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Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei   Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei EmptyMon Apr 06, 2020 6:33 am

Second Awakening; Khrona Tests Everything

Khrona's transferring his excess powers into his immediate family made it easier for him to be able to focus on his root powers; the ones that he had almost abandoned for the new power. Not wanting to forget where he came from nor what it is that was the foundation of his being, he figured that in order to test his limits, he would have to go out and start a very long and tedious experiment... Where he tested the full extent of his powers as they were so he could see the limit, as well as think of new ways to break those limits. So, he took his show on the road, feeling better than ever now that he was 'less full.'

Khrona: "Lalalalala~! Khrona's walking in the woods~! LALALALALA. HE IS ALONE. Lalalalala. Khrona wants to play with anyone who comes along. LAAAAAAAA."

The resident werewolf would be walking through the woods. As he begins to sniff the air, familiar scent was in there. It was his sensei, Khrona's. "Haven't seen him since I was told about the mission to fight some witch." The werewolf decided to pay him a visit and to see why was he out so far in the woods. "Hey Khrona, what brings you out here?"

Khrona laughed to himself. "OOOOOHHH, well you seeee... I wanted to try out aaaall of my forms on someone! Ya know? Because I have soooo many... I figured I'd just find a dummy that could take a crapload of crap from me and just pound him until I get bored~!" Khrona glared at the wolf man. Misery and Despair jumped out of a tree for some reason...

The werewolf looked around at both Misery and Despair, and then at Khrona, then realized what was about to happen. It seems as if he just found his dummy to test his forms on. "Well, isn't that wonderful then? I assume you would need me to help with that then?"

Khrona closed one eye. "Yep yep... Aaaand... I might test some of my Justu... Some of my class and job stuffs... Yeah. I'm gonna test everything on you. Hope you can survive~!" Khrona snickered a bit. "... Huuuh. Actually... I can't just switch my forms immediately... So I'm gonna go charge up and crap in the background, and Misery and Despair will entertain you, okay~?"

Misery cracked her knuckles as Khrona disappeared for the moment. "Oh yeah... This is gonna be sweet."

Despair sighed. "If you wish to have at him first, then you may, Misery..."

Misery snickered. "I'll get him all hot and bothered... And you come in for the kill..."

Misery's right hand would have a long, black sword blade with a white stripe down the middle of it jut from her palm, and from the back of her left hand, a scythe blade that extended down to her forearm jutted out, the same shade of black and white. "You ready, boy..?"

The werewolf would unsheathe the ninja blade that was attached to his foot as he began to synchronize with his weapon. He would then light up his mafia ring as his soul weapon transformed into her chain-scythe form, both blades drenched in the enchanted flame. The werewolf was already starting his attack while his mafia ring was still lit it was emitting invisible waves of disintegrating flame by the hundreds. The disintegration factor of the flame was more then enough to kill her, but the werewolf wanted to see how she would be able to handle this.

Misery scoffed. "Yaaawn. You act like I can't see that?" She took a step forward, and then in a blur, she was gone. All that could be seen was a giant rip in the shape of a ring surrounding the immediate area. It was destroyed reality. Thus, all of the waves would just be sucked into the destroyed reality and be destroyed, themselves. Disintegration was no match for pure destruction.

Misery had already seen this 'ring' in action before when fighting alongside Khrona... A lot of people had them these days. These guys weren't fans of them. "Oh, using that piece of shit, huh? Tch. No wonder." The destroyed reality rip would close itself up after a while, and Misery would raise her sword blade and point it at the werewolf.

"I'll show you what power comes from the soul... And not some shitty, wimpy, candy-ass ring!!" Misery's soul expanded, causing a crater in her immediate area around her and lots of dust to swirl about. She cocked her sword hand back, which was now glowing with her Insanity, and she would swing it in the werewolf's direction, screaming, "Zero Sanity!!" A large wave of insanity shot out, distorting and destroying reality that it touched in a straight line toward the werewolf... However it was rather large. Naturally, if it touched him... You know what happens.

One of the werewolf's scythes turned blue as it was now coated in the tranquility factor of the deteriorating flame. He would twirl this scythe as it released an equal-sized blade of the deteriorating flame towards the distortion wave, and the two clashed. The calming factor of the deteriorating flame made this move diminished, its power weakened to the point of it not effecting him. With that out of the way, he would inhale deeply as he released a high pitched howl mixed in with the okami wind to double its destructive power. The solidification aspect of the okami wind gave the howl a mass that was great enough to suck Misery into the chakra howl. Just in case, he set the howl ablaze with the deteriorating flame, in case she used her reality thing again.

Misery squinted her eyes. "Yep... I can already tell that you're gonna piss me off." Again, she became a blur, easily avoiding the attack with no effort, for she was the speediest of the three amigos. Also, what would keep her from the suction would be the 'Insanity Pressure', able to pressurize the air as much as she wanted instantly. Thus, she created a wall of condensed molecules of air constantly around her as she ran, which were spreading only for her. This kept the suction from getting through to her and let her run without being held back.

"Sanity Demise!" She would say, right above the werewolf, trying to slash at his head with her sword blade -- which was now glowing and had a face of woe on it. Whatever was to touch it would implode on itself. Naturally, this was all in less than a second -- in a blur -- over the werewolf's head. Once done, Misery was well out of his range of counterattack. She held her ground, sneering at him.

"Likewise," the werewolf would say, flashstepping away from the slash in a millisecond. His training with Khrona's puppet was great in increasing both his speed and strength. Now he had to think; his soul partner was good as a weapon, but she couldn't handle a Soul Angel yet. So the werewolf decided to try one of the jobs that he had and never used. He slid the weapon into her sheathe as he held out his hand, energy from the trees rushing towards his hand, forming a brown staff in his hands. He would raise his staff upward as multiple portals were now formed all around Misery. This was 'Hell's Ivy'. In a split second, multiple ivies aimed to snag and entangle Misery from all possible sides, trying to Stop Misery. If one would hit her, it she would be inflicted. Once again, for precautionary issues, he would set them ablaze with the enchanted flame for good measure as he waited for the results.

Misery was beyond mad. One, because she and Despair forgot to get Jobs from Chomao once Khrona became a Judgemaster... And two... This flame was pissing her right the fuck off, still.

Misery: "Eat shit and die!"

Her scythe blade extended, glowing with Condemnation, the energy that condemns whatever is near. "Death Void!!"She slashed in front of her, making a rip that was exactly like a black hole in every way... Only, it had no effect on Misery. It began to suck in the ivies continuously and altogether, once they were all sucked into it, the Death Void imploded on itself, as if it had never been there.

Misery: "... You must REEAAAALLY wanna die, huh!?"

Misery rarely ever used her Condemnation when in a 'friendly' battle, but she was getting angrier by the second. Anger only fueled her lust for death, thus making the Condemnation stronger. She stabbed the scythe blade jutting from the back of her hand into the ground, and the grass died instantaneously. The grass began to die in a line heading straight toward the werewolf... Ready to take him, too.

The werewolf's brow raised as he looked at the devastation coming to take him. He dodged it, giving him a reasonable distance between he and Misery. "Well, perhaps it was wrong to use the rings..." Then again, he is going to be fighting a whole lotta shit later on down the line. The werewolf would add both the Okami Flame and Earth together to Form the Okami magma as he began to magma-bend the magma within the earth and have it sprout upward into the air having it rain down magma. The magma was as hot as that of a nuclear explosion and had the density of diamond, all coming down towards Misery at reasonable speeds.

In her enraged state, Misery started to walk into the fray of all of the magma. As it rained down, she continued walking, only staring up at some that fell her way. "Get this SHIT outta my FACE!!" She took big, swift swings at the magma with her sword, having them be launched in another direction, or alternatively, sliced clean through due to the Insanity Soul Energy. Also, since a soul weapon's weapon can't be destroyed, hitting these balls was not a problem. Any that came from the left, she would slice open with her Condemnation scythe blade. Any from the right, Insanity sword blade. From above, she'd slash with both. But she still kept on walking.

She then reached the part where all of the magma was spewing up. She was going to stop this here and now. "Insane Blade IMPACT!!" The clouds in the sky parted. The sky was glowed red and purple and black, the colors of Misery's Condemnation and Insanity souls. From the sky, a sword of epic astronomical proportions shot down, stabbing into the ground, not only filling the plug, but easily exceeding the limits of the opening where the magma was spewing. It was a hell of a lot bigger than it. Not only that, but once it stabbed into the ground, all of it began to crack and surge with her soul energy... And finally, there was an explosion. The explosion would be several times larger than the sword, itself, and did the same thing; drained all known energy sources it could into itself for power. If the werewolf were caught in its massive explosion, not only would the concussive force do damage, but the energy draining ability would do the same.

Yeeeep. Misery was pissed.

Despair, seeing all of this happen, stood up and started walking toward the battlefield. it would seem that Misery's time is almost up... Cuz Despair knew what happened when Misery got angry. It was best if she took over a little earlier than expected, right?

Despair: "... There's no pleasing this woman. And now She's going to really be pissed..."

The werewolf's hand was engulfed with deteriorating flame as he stabbed it into a box on his left. From the box exited a mist of pure deteriorating flame that began to make the concussive part of Misery's blast more or less like a push. Now, exiting the box would be a large sea beast that blended in with the mist, becoming one with it, of sorts. A large tidal wave of enchanted deteriorating flame that was of equal size to the blast overlapped the blast and made it as calm and harmless like that of a small wave hitting the shore.

"I'd better get ready for this." The mist was becoming more thick to the point where it was extremely difficult to see, even for someone with trained eyes. But it looks as though a large shadow can be seen moving every now and then.

"HELL NO." The blade would begin to spin. It still was rather immense. Largely overshadowing even the enchanted flame tidal wave. It spun so fast that it would suck up the mist flame quite quickly, forcing it to, instead of touch the blade, spin around it in a fashion that was like a tornado, but unable to leave the confines of its centripetal pull.

With that done, the misty flame was taken care of for the moment, and Misery was ready to 'go lose it all,' one would say. She raised her sword and scythe in unison, and because of her insanity, the air started to change in ways that were very destructive... She was going to do something massive.

However, before Misery could do something, her arms were grabbed by an unknown substance... It was the dress of Despair. It would seem as though it was Despair's turn to have a little fun, eh?

Despair: "Misery... I want to play, as well... I think it is my turn..."

Misery scoffed, sneering at Despair. "You're just saying that cuz I'll kill him if you don't jump in now!"

Despair: "Ha... You delightfully grim girl... You know me too well... As well as I know you. Now pull back your weapons and let me have at him... Please?"

Despair walked toward Misery and once Despair passed her, Misery retracted her scythe and sword blades into herself; the very instant she did that, numerous holes opened up on Despair's body -- on her shoulders, down the lining of her spine, around her neck, on her hands and fingers, and on her stomach. Then razor blades jutted out of her fingers, the lining of her dress, her shoulders, her sides, her arms and her back. She smiled a grim smile, her eyes dim, as she put her hand to her face and let a multitude of razor blades jut out of her palm in the fashion of a fan, now hiding her mouth and only showing her dim, malicious, yet depressing eyes. Now it was time to fight fire with water instead of fire with fire... "Heh heh heh..."

The werewolf was fucking glad that Misery left. One, because she scared the living fuck out of him, and two, well... She was actually going to kill his ass. When Despair came for her turn, he was glad, because she looked more calm, in a sense, gazing through the thick fog. So before they started, there was one thing he had to be sure with. "Ok, before I start, what is it that I have to avoid to not piss you off?"

Despair giggled depressingly. "Oh, silly boy... I am nothing like my partner... I do not get angry... I get sad... Anger fuels her... Depression fuels me..." Despair held up her other hand, a giant nuke being set from the hole in her palm "... Are you ready?" Her mouth couldn't be seen from behind her fan of razor blades.

The werewolf pondered this and realized that he was fueling Misery's power by pissing her off. "I wonder what exactly makes Despair sad?" The first sign of her power increasing, he would have to change tactics. But until then, he stayed on guard.

Werewolf: "Whenever you are?"

Despair giggled again. "... Alright then... I'm sorry..." Every hole on her body suddenly had a nuke jutting out of it of the same proportions as the one on her arm. She fired thousands of nukes at a time from her body in rapid succession, each of them glowing three different colors; Gray, Purple and Red. Some were shot into the sky, whilst others were shot directly at the werewolf, while others were just shot at the ground itself. Naturally, the power of ONE nuke had the ability to level the area for miles... So imagine the power of thousands.

The werewolf's brow raised as in an instant, a large dome of the okami frost would form. On its own, the solidification aspect of the okami wind plus the extreme density of the okami water would suffice, but on this occasion, that was not it. Half of the dome would erupt with deteriorating flame while the other half was that of the disintegrating flame. As the nukes hit their mark, the deteriorating flame would cause the power from inside the nuke to become ineffective, leaving only the brunt of the missile, which the dome would be able to take. The disintegrating flame would just blow it up altogether and the deteriorating flame left it as if it was a multitude of small explosions; enough for the dome to endure it. That was not said for the landscape, for now there's only one patch of earth left, and that's from where the dome was; the other earth was gone. The dome dissipated as the werewolf was left looking towards Despair and used his Geomancer powers to revive the land back to where it was from the start of the battle. However, the mist from before that was within the dome would now be gone, leaving a two story sized kraken in its place. This was the Kraken di Pioggia, or, Krakatoa.

"I accept your apology," the werewolf would say at an attempt to make Despair feel the slightest bit of happiness, hoping not to fuel her anymore, as he would stomp his staff into the earth and set it ablaze with the deteriorating flame, giving Krakatoa an advantage. This would cause a LARGE tidal wave of deteriorating flame to hopefully engulf Despair. The tidal wave stood as tall as Krakatoa and was about three miles, as hopefully, if hit, it would cause the wave to calm the 'inner workings' of Despair to the point of not functioning and have her body go limp, or whatever it is soul weapons do.

Despair's mouth suddenly turned from a gloomy smile to a look of total Despair. "... My soul... Works just like your little flame... Only my soul is more intense... The Despair soul energy... Causes everything it touches or that is within its presence to be weakened severely and extremely quickly... Faster than that flame can process... As denoted by the Grey and Purple coloration of the explosions of the nukes..." Despair closed her eyes, knowing now that the enchanted flame would be overpowered by something of a higher standard than it... Since Despair's soul energy worked exactly like a the deteriorating flame, one would say, only EXTREMELY souped up...

"And the other... The red coloration... That is Rejection... The force that is able to reject anything and everything without it having to actually touch it... For nothing can touch the Rejection, itself..." With the field literally covered in nothing but Despair and Rejection soul energy, the werewolf would be surrounded. There was no escape. In fact, he would be caught in the Despair soul energy, since the explosions not only surrounded him when they exploded, but exponentially weakened his barrier until it was forced to give up on itself via its own Despair. And then, with the super weakened flame wave, it would only be caught in a bubble of Rejection, being trapped due to its inability to weaken the SEVERELY overpowering Rejection. Not to mention, the Rejection itself would cause it to Reject its ability to weaken the power of other things, and even worse, it could cause the deteriorating flame to weaken itself with its own power.. .Such is the power of Rejection. ".. Oh, Mr. Werewolf... You are too kind..."

Unfortunately, even though by normal means despair power were on par of the deterioratimg flame... If it was a lower ranked ring. But this was an A class ring, the second strongest tier of the deteriorating flame class. The powers of the flame could weaken that of cosmic levels. Even though Despair was a Soul Angel, it still meant that it could be weakened. If anything, the two forces would cancel out, leaving nothing. But if not, the Rejection properties that was Despair would have indeed done its job, but unfortunately it wouldn't due to the fact that the deteriorating flame's aspect would act first on anything it touched, so it rendered its effect null in void as well as the other aspects that were in the air. Now the field was back the way it was. This would mean that the werewolf was unharmed from the effects of the Despair and Rejection soul energies.

"Please, Despair, your being to modest," the werewolf would say, as it was time to change tactics. Despair was like his deteriorating flame while Misery was like his disintegrating flame. So he decided to go on the offensive with his disintegrating flames as he would send waves of it across the area, causing the oxygen in the air to distort, in a sense; it circled around Despair, coming from all possible angles. If one would touch her, her body would be burned to the fact that she would no longer exist in this time. Of course, he figured she had multiple ways to get out of this, but he had to try, at least.

Despair shook her head. Her dress quickly flared up, and the disintegrating flame was taken under it, transported elsewhere. Her dress was made out of an otherworldly substance... Which linked it to the dimensions. Under it was an infinite dimension that flowed into all other dimensions, and as such, anything that was caught under it would be taken to any dimension of Despair's choosing. Thus, ultimately, the enchanted flame was useless to its power. "Modest...? Me...? I would hope not.." Despair's cloak flickered and started to flow wildly just a bit. "... It would be sickeningly wonderful to show you a small bit of what power Khrona has given me... Delightfully destructive, if I do say so, myself... Mind Break."

That said, Despair's cloak suddenly merged with the reality of this present area. This was a reality warping ability that she had thanks to Khrona's power. It allowed whatever her cloak got near to be subject to the effects of whatever she wished... Since anything around her cloak was of her own reality. Naturally, if the werewolf were to come near it, his mind would be destroyed... Only because this attack shatters the minds of those who try to comprehend what it is doing... So it's lethal in two ways. Despair's cloak began to expand... To show its expansion, the atmosphere would become completely gray and gloomy...

The werewolf would stand on top of Krakatoa, engaging his enchanted mafia ring, as both he and Krakatoa were both drenched in disintegrating flame. But first, the werewolf used the ability known as 'Libra' to know everything there is to know about Despair and all her moveset. This allowed him to see how the workings of the dress functioned and as such, he found the best answer to stop her. Soon, both the werewolf and Kraktoa would slow down time of the reality dress thing before it expanded out at a certain range. The deteriorating flame caused the reality thing to stop its effect and soon retract back towards her dress as Krakatoa extended his tentacle that's still drenched in the flame and cause the process to go faster than it was. In the meantime, while moving the ability back to her dress, the werewolf would hope that the deteriorating flame could confine the effect of her dress.

"I see. Then you should be very proud of this ability, but has he taught you how to fight physically?" the werewolf would ask as he twirled his scythe, motioning her to test her taijutsu, if she had any.

Sadly for the werewolf, there was no way for this flame to stop Despair's dress. His rings were absolutely useless. 'Maybe that'll teach him before using those HATED rings. Hahaha.' The flames would just be sucked under the dress, moved into another dimension altogether and confined there. Thus, Despair's cloak kept going. That is, until the werewolf said something. "Taijutsu?" Despair's dress would snap back, and her razors would extend slightly. "Yes, Khrona has taught me a bit of this... Though we rarely use it... Misery is the best... Er... 'Taijutsu' user of the three of us... But I can give you a good fight with it..."

Of course, this meant she would have to get in close. This also meant that her dress would suck up any flames that the werewolf tried to use, if he was going to use them. Using her dress, she warped right next to him -- her dress taking its effect -- and she would slash at him rather viciously and violently with her razor-bladed fingers and arms. She mostly aimed for his neck, eyes and heart.

The werewolf would smile as he parried the slashes and caused Despair to go towards the ground, not hurting her or anything. He just needed some room. Now, looking at Despair, the werewolf would rush in, aiming for a sliding kick to her legs, hoping it would cause her to move into the air. If so, he would use his staff to cause him to follow suit of Despair as he added the okami earth to his legs and made them as durable as her razors are. He aimed for power kicks toward her vital areas.

Despair was very sharp when it came to seeing things. So, when the werewolf went to slide in, she only lifted a leg and stomped on his front leg, causing it to stop. In one swift motion, she would make an elegant and graceful twirling kick toward his face, and immediately afterward propel herself away be shooting various missiles out of her feet and into the werewolf's leg.

After being propelled into the air, almost immediately afterward, she'd start to do reverse crescent kicks extremely fast, making her now look like a blur of razors. A few moments after that, she would warp behind the werewolf, flying with the same speed and force, ready to slice into his back repeatedly with her multiple blades on her body.

The moment the werewolf would stop, he knew the counter attack was coming and instead of the kick to the face, he propelled her upward into air as he added the okami earth to his body and began to literally kick back the missiles, having them disperse elsewhere. Reason being was at this point of time, the okami earth density became that of Despair's razors. The werewolf's keen eyesight could follow the movements of Despair and he knew where the counterattack was coming from when she disappeared. He would block the attacks bare-handed, since the okami earth was still active, and he pushed her aside.

"Are you sure you're not good at this?" the werewolf would ask as he began twirling his staff. As it began to extend, he added the okami earth to it, matching his density at the moment and flashstepped towards Despair, unleashing a flurry of jabs from his staff. With each had enough force behind them to shatter bones with one swing; this all came at Despair at hypersonic speeds.

Despair shook her head, not worried about the oncoming attack. "My, my... You think I'm good at this...? No... I'm dreadful... You're going a little too fast for me, anyway... Slow down, please?... It would be morbidly appreciated..." With that, the werewolf would begin to slow down drastically, as well as his Okami Earth weakening severely and continuously. This is because physical contact with Despair wasn't good at all. She had easily sent her Despair soul energy surging through him, and soon enough, he should feel his entire body not only weaken, but start to lose its will, as the Okami Earth was doing. It was losing the 'will to be dense' one could say, thus making it exponentially weaker. Now, since it was weak, Despair would be able to cut through it. Not only that, she'd be able to hit the werewolf with no problem because of his slowness. As the flurry came at her, all she did was grab his arms and give him TERRIBLE Indian Burns, but with the razors jutting out of her fingers, it was MUCH worse than a mere Indian Burn. If done too much, the werewolf's arms would be rend through and be cut off. ".. You were rather nice to build me up like that... But I know for a fact that I am no good at this... Taijutsu, you call it..."

The okami earth would soon be dispersed with deteriorating flame disabling the Despair soul energy. This allowed the werewolf to use his okami earth at full strength. but it took too long, and he did have massive indian burns, and the skin of the werewolf was cut clean, leaving his adamantium arm showing. As despair made contact with it, now covered with the okami energy, it would make a devastating sound wave that expelled both of them back. This may or may not hurt Despair, but if it did, that was great. He flashstepped back as he felt his speed returned and disabled his flames. His body doing his high speed regeneration caused his skin to return. It seemed as though that he couldn't get close to her without activating her soul and he couldn't disable it with his flame do to that damn -- although stylish -- dress of hers.

"Stop doubting yourself, you're a Soul Angel. Taijutsu should be the second greatest thing you have; after all, you are a weapon. That should be mainly used for taijutsu," the werewolf would say as he still tried to figure out away to deliver an effective attack towards her without having her ability activate. Maybe... "You know, you should be able to do this without the use of any abilities," the werewolf would say as his staff dispersed and he unsheathed his spirit weapon. He walked towards Despair, hoping she followed suit. "This will help with your confidence -- that is, if you wish to try?"

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Third Awakening; Khrona Tests Everything Pt. II

So far, things had been going well. Khrona was giving Misery and Despair first dibs, as he always did, since he not only loved them but also respected the chivalry of 'ladies first' when it wasn't absolutely dire that he take the lead before them. So, he would let them have their fun and he would merely observe and assess them whilst calculating some further data for his tests... To see if Misery and Despair needed some more training or not...

Despair cocked her head to the side "... Without my abilities...? My entire body is part of my own abilities... Rejection... Despair... They aren't just my soul, they are my personality..." Despair started to slowly float into the sky, her dress expanding once more, numerous dimensions able to be seen under her dress. "... How depressing.." There was a powerful suction coming from her dress, now. She was going to intake everything in the immediate area. "... I'm sorry if I rejected you... Allow me to humbly and grimly take you in... And then I will learn not to reject everything... Or will I be rejected, myself, again...?" The area began to be twisted and distorted. Everything was becoming malformed the larger her dress got. If it got too large, she'd literally grab the entire area and transport it to another realm.

The werewolf's body began to be sucked in before he stabbed his blade into the ground. He uttered his release command for his sword as his spirit sword transformed into its first state. With that, he aimed to use his first form ability. "Please forgive me for trying to change you!" The werewolf was going to try something that had a slim chance of working in his favor. By straining the wavelengths of the Rejection soul, he was trying to disperse the dress from functioning. How was he able to get a hold of it was through his spirit sword's ability... By absorbing energies that he knew he would be able to either add it to his own power, or send it back at them with twice the power. Since the werewolf had his own wavelength this meant that he was able to to access her wavelength. The only problem was that it due to the fact that she's a Soul Angel, it might not work. If it does, then it should cancel each other out.

In a moment's notice, Despair had stopped. She had also warped back near Misery, moving away from the werewolf and his attack altogether. She stood there, dormant, as was Misery, for a new power had arrived on the scene...

"... You've done well, girls..." With a gleaming eye and a flowing black coat, Khrona floated to the ground. He had a smug, yet sinister smirk on his face and both hands in his pockets. Khrona snickered. "Ah, well... It's time for you to play with the big boys now, werewolf... I want to have some fun..."

'I hate the fact that I'm older than him and he can beat me,' the werewolf would think to himself... Although, either way it went, he knew that Khrona could read his thoughts. But before the battle started, he wanted to ask him one thing. "Um, Khrona, I've been in this village for a while now and I'm one of your shinobi as well as your student. I've done countless missions for both you and brother without hesitation ,and you helped me along the line as well. What I wanted to know was that for this battle, could this be for a rank?" The werewolf was serious. He had been an Expert for well over a year or two now and he has been doing everything to protect this village and outside the village as well. Hopefully Khrona would accept.

Khrona sneered at Nathan. "After that snide remark you just made in your head? Huh. I'll think about it. You'd better hope you live to see the end of this battle before you start talking about ranks, guy." Khrona extended his wings, the length of one being two hundred feet without being altered by Khrona's DNA. The sheer force of him opening his wings causes the entire land to shake, and then a large crater appeared under the area that Khrona, the werewolf, Misery, and Despair stood on... And that was covering quite a large area. Khrona brought back his wings slowly, even this having enough power to create a vacuum that would not only have the strength to suck in the werewolf, but also suck in all of the air to make it so that he couldn't breathe, as well. Once Khrona pulled his wings back to as far as he wanted, he flapped them with a slightly moderate force, causing everything just sucked into the vacuum of the wings to be shot away with extreme force and power.

Khrona laughed.

The werewolf would use the okami wind to act as barrier using its solidification aspect. Although he was sucked in, as well as pushed back out, it would cause him to maintain his breathing as well as lessen the damage from the wings.

"Technically that's a compliment." The werewolf began to place his feet on the newly created canvas and began earth-bending, causing several spires to form as he aimed to impale Khrona. In case he would just flap his wings again, he added the okami earth to the spires, causing their density to be the strongest density that was on the planet. That actually being a person none other then the Earth King. So, the UBER dense spires came towards Khrona traveling at speeds close to light.

Khrona shook his head. "Don't get smart with me." Khrona pointed his finger down as a spire would move all the way to almost the tip of Khrona's finger, then be forced back down. "Psychic powers are cool, guys. It doesn't matter how dense something is if you aren't trying to destroy it."

Khrona scratched the back of his head, waving his other hand around randomly. "Eeeh... I dunno what I wanna do to you..." He accumulated an orb of what this reality was and launched it at the werewolf. It wouldn't be fun to see what happened to him if he were to be hit by this. "Mmm... I guess I should use some Jutsu or something, right? I don't use those often... Or maybe my Job powers...? Hahaha. Yeah."

The werewolf would flashstep away from the orb and for precautionary purposes, he would be well out of the blast zone of the reality thing, as well. He heard Khrona was debating over which move he would use. Either way, it was going to be bad for the werewolf. Guess he had to wait and see what his decision was.

With a gleam of Khrona's eye, he was already near the werewolf as he flash stepped away, seeming to already know where he was going. 'Hahaha.' Of course Khrona knew. "Let's see you dance..." Khrona would raise his hand extremely fast, hoping the werewolf couldn't retaliate... But his hand seemed to not be there. Whatever the case, in one swift motion in unison with his words, Khrona said, "... Speed Crush..." and tried to flatten Nathan with his seemingly non-existent hand.

The werewolf would be able to track Khrona due to his keen senses. He was able to track him via scent and knew he was coming. Since being so close, he would add the okami earth to his fist; having the same density as before, he would aim to punch Khrona dead in the stomach at light speeds. "..." After the punch -- whether connected or not -- the werewolf flashedstepped away from Khrona. The okami earth changed to the okami storm and he struck the earth with it, using the ground as a large conductor in an attempt to shock Khrona senseless. The ground had well over a million volts within it, well over the amount to put a person into cardiac arrest. But for someone like Khrona, he had to make sure.

Khrona let the punch connect willingly, but only for the morbid purpose of taking the werewolf's arm off in the process. When the punch hit, Khrona's DNA allowed his body to first detach cells, reconstruct them, redesign them and then make them his own -- and now the werewolf was one less an arm. With that, also, he wasn't saved from Khrona's attack, because as he was lowering his 'invisible' hand, it was revealed that Khrona's hand wasn't a hand anymore.. It covered the entire area for miles in the shape of a hammer. Khrona made it invisible so that the werewolf wouldn't see it coming... And as such, when he would use his attack, Khrona's 'Speed Crush' would slam into him and cut his speed down to half... Oh. but that wasn't it for Khrona.

"Reality Repeat." A move he had just thought of. Repeating reality whilst keeping the effects of what just happened before. Thus, the werewolf would continuously be hit with the Speed Crush over and over and over again, unable to get out because he was forced into that same spot at all times... But the effects of the Speed Crush would stack up, causing him to become so slow he almost couldn't move in a matter of a second. This went for his attack, too, which Khrona would only absorb and then spit out in the form of a waste 'ball' -- which is how he excreted excess absorbed things; in the forms of tiny, totally useless orbs. The orb was flung elsewhere, for it had no power, and Khrona retracted his hand, smiling.

The werewolf would now be in a good five mile crater in the ground, surrounded in darkness. He couldn't move; he looked at his armless arm and tried to grow a new one, but it came out shortly, starting from the base of the torso, to actual arm, and then until the hand and fingers. The pain was excruciating due to the fact that it was so slow and agonizing. But for the first time, he enjoyed it, the pain that was done unto him filled him. He fed off of that pain and suffering where he was able to get up and float from the crater into solid ground. "More..." Could it be that all those hits to the body caused him to become insane? Or was it that something else was happening to him? The pain from earlier became like an aura around him. "Feed me more!" His soul was expanding as his body started expanding. He was transforming into his full Lycan form, but something was off about it. Instead of his black and white fur, it was flipped. His usually muscle-toned body became frail and skinny. Same as Khrona's body was when he met him. The wolf man let out a howl that was more of laughter than the actual howl. He just fuckin' snapped.

"FEED MEH!!!" His soul began to become tainted with insanity as it became a more concussive force that aimed to smother him. The werewolf's body would glow with both light and dark chakras. Elements that he was never able to use... Until now. He just stood there, letting the energies feed into his body.

Khrona smiled. "So, you've gone insane? Hahaha.. Then you're looking reeeeaaaal ripe right about now..." Khrona's powers were ESPECIALLY susceptible to those who were insane... And if the werewolf was insane, then there was nothing that could be done about it. Oh, wonderful, glorious joy. "Don't you just love Insanity...? It's such a fucking wonderful thing..." Khrona opened and clenched his fist continuously, looking at the wolf man. With his perception of insanity now, he could feel the full effects of Khrona's soul... "Watch what happens... When you're plagued with the wonderful madness... Sink into it..."

In a flash, the entire area was black, except for the werewolf and Khrona... And a gargantuan eye in the sky. Inside of the iris of the eye was a mouth, which held the pupil of the eye inside of it. The mouth smiled, cackling at the werewolf in a similar fashion that Khrona was. Oh, joy.

The sickly looking werewolf looked up into the large eye that was in front of it. He felt the insane soul that Khrona was bearing. How one could survive such insanity was beyond reasoning. He looked around at the darkness, then back at the eye almost frighting him. The soul, the darkness, that huge eye staring at him made him go insane to the point where he just screamed to the top of his lungs. His rings were both flared, causing them to mix in with the sound waves, trying to either calm the darkness within the area until it dispersed, or literally destroy it. While still screaming, he fell on both knees, grabbing his head, his rings glowing intensely with flames. He needed to escape this place fast.

Khrona laughed. "Oh, boy, you cannot escape! Not even those greatly hated rings can save you... I made sure of that. Oh, how I hate those rings..." Now, not only one eye, but several started to open up around the darkness. Something was terribly amiss. Once the werewolf looked away, Khrona was gone. All that could be heard was his laughter, echoing throughout the area. The eyes all started to spin, then gave distorted, demonic growls to the werewolf. Tongues lashed out of their pupil-mouths, seeming to be made of a substance that wasn't like a normal tongue... In fact, all of the tongues were shaped like cat heads... Shriveled, shrunken cat heads... Baring their fangs. On the darkness that was the ground, there was a massive slit that would appear, and the slit would open, exposing some teeth... Sharp, jagged teeth. The mouth opened, threatening to take the werewolf in...

The werewolf would pound his fist hard into the ground causing it to be flooded with both dark and light chakras. The fist alone would crack the teeth, but the energies were just leaking out of him. He would float in air, spinning in three hundred sixty degree view of all that came towards him. It made him go crazy. Everything just staring at him and that laughter, oh that laughter. At first he wanted pain but now... He just wanted out. A burst of the okami energies felt through the pitch blackness, leaving a small light -- but only for an instant -- as the werewolf's body went limp, almost brain dead. What is going on inside there...?

Khrona smiled, the darkness fading... Everything faded. In fact, Khrona hadn't even moved from the spot he was in from when the darkness started. That was all a hallucination... It was all inside of the werewolf's mind, made by Khrona, hence why his rings didn't work on it, and nothing he did effected it. Insanity was Khrona's specialty. "... Ooooh, what's wrong wolf man? You look a little... Crazy. HAHAHAHA." In a flash, Khrona was gone... Or rather, Normal Khrona was. Instead, there was a different one... One that had eyes that seemed to be very sane.

This was Full Sanity Khrona... Where Khrona was completely and utterly sane... Temporarily. Though, his sanity would be the downfall of the werewolf's insanity... For Full Sanity Khrona could easily purify him into sanity. Oh, fun.

The werewolf would still be limp for about a minute or so before he moved his body, now fixing his gaze on what seemed to be Khrona. It seemed he had undergone a transformation. "That's one..." Anyway, the werewolf didn't like the sudden change that Khrona had gone to. He aimed to rush towards him before stopping in mid-step, going limp once more. Khrona would be the first to know that the werewolf was fighting the insanity inside him over control of his body; one side glowing black, the other white, as he stood there once more.

Khrona shook his head. "My... Fighting insanity is difficult, isn't it? Especially when you aren't used to living with it. Let me help you get rid of that..." Khrona flapped his wings lightly, releasing an ultra powerful force with thousands of slicing blades within the force of the flap. The ground was rendered wherever the blast went... In fact, everything that was caught in the flap was sliced up beyond comparison. It was so powerful from that light flap, that even the werewolf's body could be cut through... And Khrona knew how durable the werewolf's body was. Though, the moment Khrona flapped his wings, he was also already behind the werewolf as well, flapping his wings again. Instant Transmissions. Khrona would transmit himself to each side of the werewolf, flapping his wings, and even above him, flapping, then finally back to where he was... Though it didn't look like Khrona even moved at all. It was as if he were standing there the whole time...

The werewolf would come back to normal now, seeing the several thousand blades come at him from all sides. He expected it for them to be durable, but added the okami ice to his body and flashstepped out the of range of the attack. Due to the speed cut back, it seemed as though his normal speed had returned but not to the one used in Lycan form. With that, his body would be severely cut, as chunks of his body were missing. It then would grow back instantly, not hurting like last time. That's a good thing, for now.

"GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!" This was now the werewolf's voice, as it seemed, for the time being, the insanity has been overpowered, for the most part. The sickly body and inverted body transformed into that of his regular Lycan form... But with a twist. His left hand glowed white with a soothing type of energy like his deteriorating flame, while his right was dark and destructive like his disintegrating flame. It seemed that he was able to unlock the last two elements of the okami tier. He now looked at Khrona -- who was now sane -- and spoke to him. "How, are you able to deal with that all your life?" the werewolf asked as he sent this newly unlocked elements toward Khrona, aiming to crush him under the concussive force of the the combined energies.

Khrona smiled, looking at this attack with his Fully Sane Hyper Perception, thus allowing him to break down every single component of the attack and learn everything about it. With a gleam of the eye, just like before, Khrona started to pull out the force and momentum of the attack with psychic power, little by little, but in great numbers, making it seem like he was weakening the attack and doing it fast. "Easy..." Khrona said under his breath, the attack now nothing more than a very slow, non-forceful mass...

Khrona: "... Don't fight it."

Khrona outstretched his hand, then created a powerful burst of repulsive psychic force that caused the attack to be launched back at the werewolf, though now fused with some of Khrona's psychic power. Also, every second it was out, Khrona's hand would Instantly Transmit itself near the attack again and give it another forceful push, and would continue to do that until it hit the werewolf or until it got too fast and too powerful to control and handle. It looked like a stream of hand-like afterimages shooting from Khrona's hand and causing the energy to grow larger and stronger with every flicker.

"So you just endure that every time?" The werewolf's brow would rise as he mixed the okami lightning with both his dark and light chakra to it. He used his lightning ability to cling onto energies that share its nature and takes its power. Although lightning, it had the elements of both light and dark, which meant that he was able to to take its ability. More or less, he wanted a some of Khrona's psychic powers. That being done, the werewolf would add this to his okami frost dome that was around him and send a psychic burst from it through the outside dome. Although not as strong as the Sane Khrona, hopefully the combined effects of both the frost and psychic would be able to do it.

Khrona shook his head again "... Endure it? No, no, no... You have much to learn. Executive Decision." Because of the 'Executive Decision', anytime any of Khrona's powers were used against him or tried to be controlled, absorbed, et cetera, and so forth, Khrona still had absolute control over them and whatever they were merged with at the time. Thus, the 'Executive Decision' allowed Khrona to compress the psychic force back on the werewolf in a dome fashion, threatening to crush him completely.

As the werewolf was being crushed, Khrona used his 'Vitakinesis', which was a psychic ability that allowed him to heal or harm the body and mind of whatever was within his psychic power; to physically harm the werewolf just by thinking, and mentally destroy him also just with a thought. Because Khrona was fully sane, he could use such Vitakinesis. He couldn't use it when he has a bit of insanity in his mind, but the unlocking of this is what makes Fully Sanity such a formidable form of Khrona's.

Inside of the okami dome, although it would be destroyed, the werewolf was nowhere to be seen, at the moment. He had escaped, knowing that Khrona had some way of dealing damage to him, and as such, he had an intervention. The last spirits of the Okami Tribe came into being, this time, physically. The two spirits stared at the werewolf -- no words said, but he knew what they were saying through their eyes. They disappeared as the light and dark chakras would now be infused with the okami element.

"Okami Necros, Okami Haos." The werewolf had no idea exactly what they did, but he knew they held something vital to the Okami Tribe. Guess he'll test that out later, but as of now, he looked towards Khrona. "What do you mean, 'so much to learn'?"

Khrona said nothing more, as now he released a powerful, extremely swift mental pulse throughout the area. In a second, it had already traversed several miles. The mental pulse was harmless at first, but it was revealed all too soon that Khrona only used this to expand his mental radius and thus, give his psychic power dominion of the area for miles and miles. Thus, the werewolf wouldn't be able to escape Khrona's power.

Khrona: "Learn..."

Khrona opened his eyes, releasing power from 'Biokinesis', 'Vitakinesis' and 'Necrokinesis' to do the following things; through Biokinesis, Khrona would be able to take control of the werewolf's DNA without physical touch or without much struggle from using such a mental power, -- since when he's insane, doing this with his mind to people causes a bit of a strain -- and as such, if he gained control over the werewolf's cells and DNA, there would be a hell of a lot of trouble... Natrally, Vitakinesis was going to be used to harm his mind and body to keep him immobilized and in pain, and finally Necrokinesis, the worst of them all. By using both Biokinesis and Necrokinesis at the same time, Khrona would be able to rapidly kill the werewolf's cells... Any he wished. And also, he could severely weaken the werewolf's soul so that it would be only barely hanging on to life.

"... I don't even think you know my power yet..." And because of that, Khrona insisted on doing something else. As he was putting the pressure on the werewolf with such Kinesis, he started to use other abilities... His wings suddenly disappeared from his back, as it was revealed that they had been manifested as a dome around a large area surrounding the werewolf to prevent his escape from the area, and to compress the psychic power to put more pressure on him. The wings would then begin to close in on themselves, trying to crush the werewolf where he stood while the psychic power was still in play. It seemed as though Fully Sane Khrona was a little bit less kind than normal Khrona...

The werewolf would be overwhelmed by the sheer pain that was being forced upon him. This pain was so unbearable to the point where he was starting to turn back to its insanity state. But something happened; the pain was beginning to diminish. Not knowing why, he looked around and saw the Okami Necros pulsating at a rapid pace. The pulsations stopped as it began to cover his entire body in a dark aura. The pain emitting from Khrona was now durable, it seemed as though through the Okami Necros it could take pain that has been inflicted onto a person and covert it into raw power.

With that power, the werwolf would unleash the power towards the dome that surrounded him, hoping that it would break. The blast had enough force to literally take out half of the Dusk village, and if by chance he would budge, giving the slightest opening, the werewolf would escape. That is, if it worked.

Naturally, Khrona's wings are the absolute strongest part of his body. Even the most powerful blasts couldn't penetrate or make them falter. As such, the werewolf's power wouldn't be enough to break free... To stop the compression, yes, but definitely not break free. Thus, Khrona's wings were stationary for the moment, still keeping him inside. "... At least you stopped them. But you are still not safe..." From the inside of the wings, numerous spikes jutted out from every single direction inside of them, most likely impaling the werewolf beyond compare. Not only that, Khrona would use his 'Aerokinesis' to control the air inside of his wings, and as such, when the spikes jutted through the air, once they retracted, they took the air with them. So, all of the air was now harbored inside Khrona's wings physically, and inside of the dome was absolutely no air.

"... Unlike me, I highly doubt you can breathe without air. If you concede, I will give you your breath back. If not, I can still make it oh, so much worse..." In a sense, Fully Sane Khrona was a tad more insane than normal Khrona... Because of his cold demeanor and ruthlessness on a different edge of the scale. Each Khrona had a different sort of ruthlessness, it seemed.

The werewolf would add the okami earth to his body, making the his body as hard as the Earth King was. This would more then enough for him to just stand where he was. But for him being unable to breathe, the werewolf would use his wind manipulation to shorten his breaths, thus allowing him to be inside of the dome for a while. At least until he figured out a way for him to break free... Which would be quite simple; if he can't get out through force, then he'll just walk through it.

He'd engage his deteriorating flame, engulfing his body with its tranquility aspect; the flame calmed his own body to the point where he became translucent. So with that being said, the werewolf would flashstep out of the dome that was Khrona's wings and escaped. He allowed the oxygen to fuel is body once more as he looked towards Khrona. "I have to keep going." The werewolf would wait for Khrona once more; the best thing he could do right now. Hopefully, he could keep it up...

Khrona squinted his eyes, seeming to be displeased with the use of the flame, as usual. "... Damnable piece of shit flame..." Khrona's wings materialized into the sky, covering it and its entirety. There was nothing but blackness where the sky once was... The blackness that was Khrona. Now, since there was nothing but darkness in the area, Khrona would use 'Umbrakinesis' to control the darkness and shadows, forcing their might upon the werewolf all at once. Oh, but there was more. 'Audiokinesis', as well. He forced all of the sounds in the area to focus on the werewolf. Such sounds could also disrupt his wavelengths, as Khrona made the frequency of the wavelengths of these sounds directly opposite of the werewolf's own wavelength. Lastly was 'Gravitokinesis', in which he would control gravity to only focus on the werewolf, trying to crush him where he stood.

While all of this was going on, something odd was happening with Khrona's wings... They gave off an eerie and ominous feeling... as if something were about to happen...

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Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei   Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei EmptyTue Apr 07, 2020 8:53 am

Fourth Awakening; Khrona Tests Everything Pt. III

Khrona's progress had been going well. Misery and Despair had done relatively well in their endeavors and Khrona was able to test out one of his new forms that he unlocked during his battle with his brother and the Demon King to see what sort of power it had at its disposal. But there was still more research to do!

Luckily, the werewolf's body was still in the translucent stage, and so, he wouldn't be effected by any of the attacks made by Khrona. He would hear him diss the rings once more, but hey, it wasn't his fault that the rings had this type of power. He tried to ponder why he hated them so much, but decided that it would be best not to. So, as the attacks dissipated, the werewolf would tap into his Geomancer's powers... Due to the fact that it was pitch black gave him the perfect opportunity to use 'Sink Hole'. Sink Hole creates a warp in the space and time underneath Khrona that will hopefully suck him in and damage them severely, and also cause them paralysis. That is, if it worked.

And so, without further notice, Fully Sane Khrona disappeared, as did his wings, thus resulting in the area becoming brighter and the Sink Hole failing.

Upon reappearing, Khrona was different. He was wearing all white, and his eyes seemed to lack the sane focus they once had... His black dragon wings were folded for the most part, and Khrona had a hand up to his eye... Khrona had now gone into his Full Insanity form... Way on the other end of the Full Sanity form. Oh joy. Khrona seemed to have no rationality now. He walked toward the werewolf ever so slowly... A smile of epic insanity creeping up on his face. He extended his wings slowly, as well. Oh... boy.

The werewolf's brow raised at this new development as well as that insanity-like smile. Just going by this, that meant that Khrona has gone the polar opposite of his sane mode -- which meant that the werewolf was in trouble. So, without further ado, he would pull out two boxes and engage both of his rings together and jam them into the holes. It was time to use both his new weapon and try his new class. "Anguish... Bliss..." As he said the names of both his guns, they resonated with him. It seemed as though his weapons were actually the guns used for his class, as well. But to test out their power now, he would shoot Bliss, sending a a spray of bullets aiming to hit khrona. If any one would succeed, when hit, it will alter the space and time to cause Khrona to stop completely for a short period of time. Naturally, of course, since shot with Bliss, they would be covered with deteriorating flames, the tranquility of the deteriorating bullets would cause the body of the insane Khrona to slow down dramatically. And since multiple bullets where shot, this meant it would increase the power of the enchanted flame, slowing him down further, which should help in hitting Khrona with the 'Stop' status.

Though bullets were shot, there was no avail in their power. Khrona wrapped himself in his wings momentarily, letting him absorb the deteriorating flame bullets and also adapt to them in every way. It was unknown as to why Khrona didn't just adapt to them before, because once adapted to the deteriorating flame, it would actually have literally no effect on Khrona because of that, and thus, the next time the werewolf used any sort of deteriorating flame thing on Khrona or Khrona's attacks, it wouldn't do anything... As such, that would SEVERELY cripple the werewolf's plans. Seriously, though. Absorbing and adapting to the flame before was the easiest thing to do in the first place...

Khrona continued to walk, focusing all of the enchanted deteriorating flame absorbed into just a single cell of Khrona, which would harbor any and all deteriorating flame that was attempted to be used. The cell would disconnect from Khrona and float elsewhere. "Yay." Khrona slowly raised his hand to the werewolf, Khrona's Insanity Static crackling all around him violently, and with a flick of the finger, the Insanity Static would be launched at the werewolf at insane speeds. Being hit was basically certain death at this point. And Khrona continued to sloooowly walk to Nathan... His smile unfading.

Even though the fact khrona was about to absorb the bullets, he would still be slowed down dramatically; this also meaning the power of his adapting powers. So, as the many deteriorating flame bullets indeed hit him, this meant that the werewolf crippled the power of it to the point where Khrona couldn't adapt to it. But since the bullets actually hit khrona, this meant that the 'Stop' status was inflicted. This would normally cause a person of normal caliber to stop for a short period of time. Not sure of this form's powers, it was good that he was shot multiple times with it causing him to stop for a while. And since he can't adapt to the flames at this point of time, this meant the werewolf needed to hit hard, because he may not be able to get this chance again. So the werewolf would charge Anguish with a strong potency of disintegrating flame as well as the okami flame, together increasing its damage capabilities, and shot a wide spray attack at Khrona. The Okami flame power was somewhere on the level as an molecular explosion and of course the disintegration aspect of the enchanted flame meant that Khrona would be disintegrated into nothingness.

Because of Khrona being in Full Insanity mode, everything that came near his body was severely weakened. This would include the flames. This meant that thru wouldn't be able to stop him completely because of how much they would be weakened, and it would have to spread. And so, even if Khrona's adaption and absorption was slowed down significantly by multiple shots, it still happened rather quickly, because his DNA and adaption powers became very much more powerful in Full Insanity mode.

So, Khrona stopped walking. This made him frown. Guess it was time to bring out a Summon... How inconvenient. Or, wait, maybe two? Or three? Doesn't matter to Khrona. He just. Don't. Give a fuck.

And so, using his Summoner power, he would summon three deities... Death... Tundra... And finally, Bahamut... The three massive beings would retaliate quickly. Bahamut would grab Khrona, Tundra would cast a sleeping wave on the entire area -- which would force the werewolf to sleep no matter where he went or what he did -- and Death... Death could easily match the explosion of the werewolf. In fact, he could top it... But no, Death only flew around in the sky. Bahamut, on the other hand, did not wish to wait, and would fire off a powerful beam from his mouth, which could destroy the area for miles and miles... And miles. Oh, what fun this would be.

The werewolf was ready for anything, at this point, as he was able to use one of his other Geomancer abilities known as 'Mirror Flowers'. The flowers would form a wall in front of him causing all of the attacks to go back towards them. This meant that the sleeping wave would be sent back, as well as the beam. If the powers of the Mirror Flowers didn't work, then the powers of the flame would. The werewolf would pull out three more weapons as he ignited them and placed the designated rings inside of them.

From them, a thick smog of deteriorating flame thats power is doubled -- due to the fact its two A-ranked weapons -- would be able to use its properties either faster or as fast as Khrona in his current form. From inside of the smog, a loud howling noise could be heard as the area became black, as the moon was now out. A transformation was occurring. The howling stopped as the figure of a wolf could be seen. The large tentacle monster was back, as well as a another figure. A later figure that was the same size or roughly the size that Death was. From the smog a large blast of disintegrating flame emitted from the beast's mouth equivalent to that of a splitting an atom times two.

Naturally, Summon attacks couldn't exactly be reflected by normal means, nor by a power level like that... Especially not when being used by Khrona. Khrona, figuring it would be best to do so, would let his own soul flow into Bahamut, Tundra and Death. This would be the Chain Soul Synchro. This would cause them to go completely insane and their power to skyrocket far beyond what it was before. There was nothing that could be done now.

Bahamut would fire another beam, however this time it was much... MUCH different. It was not only larger, but it could obliterate space via the power of Khrona's abilities. Thus, it would completely consume the enchanted flames, erasing its space so that it couldn't exist anymore, and was heading to the werewolf.

Next was Tundra. With Khrona's power, her Ice abilities became able to freeze everything that came in contact with... Including space and time. With a powerful freezing blast, there would be a wave that would freeze everything in the immediate area. This would include anything involving the flames via Reality Warping powers...

And finally, Death. He began to swing his blade around continuously. Since it seems as though the deteriorating flame makes EVERYTHING weakened, that would mean that reality, space, time, and other dimensional constructs would be weakened just by the werewolf using it so much... And if that was the case, it could be destroyed at any given moment in its entirety with one good slash from his sword. And he was charging up just so he could do this... And ultimately destroy everything completely. At least in the area. Oh, how fun it is to be completely insane.

Unfortunately, the werewolf and company would be safe by all means. Why? This is due to the smog that was protecting him. Naturally, what khrona would have done might have worked but due to the fact the flame purity of the smog was doubled due to the fact that both A class weapons using the same effect made it twice as effective. So, in sense, the ice attack would get rid of the first purity, but wasn't strong enough for the second purity, thus leaving the werewolf unharmed. This would be said for everything except the disintegrating blast.

The werewolf was thinking on how he would be able to get out of this situation. He could stop the attacks via his deteriorating flame; his okami elements wont work against Khrona -- and for the majority of the fight, he was on the defensive. He needed some help badly in this situation. "Umm, would you mind if I call a friend?"

What a bad time to call for a friend. Khrona was in Full Insanity. He couldn't listen to reason. He barely even talked while like this. Khrona was, however, now totally immune to the deteriorating flame, since enough time had passed, now. Thus, the next time the enchanted flame was used, it would do nothing to Khrona or any of his attacks... Or anything associated with Khrona. Joy.

And since his three Summons were associated with him... The next time the three attacked, there would be no way for the deteriorating flame to stop them. Bahamut dropped Khrona, who instantly began to fly alongside him, and Bahamut would charge up energy for yet another beam... Tundra went for another sleep wave, and Death -- who had only been charging up his attack instead of actually doing anything -- would finally slash his sword, destroying anything that the deteriorating flame smog was near because of how much it had probably 'weakened' reality, space, time, and such, and as such, a slash from Death's Khrona-Powered-Up-Sword would definitely obliterate all of that. Let's hope the werewolf isn't within all of that...

And lastly, was Khrona. He was smiling harder and wider than ever, his malice and insanity all over his face. He conducted a lot of Insanity Static within his two hands, allowing them to grow... He wasn't going to do anything with them until he felt the time was right...

The werewolf dispersed his Wolf, Kraken, and Bliss all into their boxes -- it would seem that this would not be the time to use such things now; he hopped on top of his Manticore's head as he, too, was charging up a blast this whole time. The smog would clear as now the sleeping wave, beam, and the big ass death blast all came towards him; his gun turned a mixture of red and black. Manny the Manticore shot the blast that spread out wide enough to go against all of the attacks as werewolf shot a blast of disintegrating flame mixed in with the okami Flame and Necros. The disintegrating flame blast was able to deteriorate that of the sleeping wave and beam before dispersing, leaving particles of the enchanted flame in the area that would began to deteriorate the blast coming from Death, the blast from his gun collided with it, taking in the particles that were in the air. The pressure from the blast colliding with Death's attack made the werewolf go to one knee, despite the fact that he's in Lycan form.

"I wont yield." He somehow mustered the strength to get back up as he felt the memories of all the pain he had suffered from, whether it being physically or mentally. This fueled Anguish as it began to pulsate as it began to grow bigger and was able to be slightly on par of the blast fired from Death as it slowly rise. Hopefully it'll be enough.

Well, for one, Death's attack wasn't particularly an attack that could be parried by the disintegrating flame since it was a force rather than any sort of attack that had any particles. And if this enchanted flame had the power to 'disintegrate' a force, then that would mean it would also be disintegrating and weakening the atmosphere, thus making Death's job easier. And so, all this to say, if it were going to destroy Death's attack, all it would do is help Death's job of destroying space, time, reality and so on, just like the deteriorating flame would have. BUT, because Death is a very nice person, he wouldn't ultimately obliterate the entire existence of the specific area. Isn't he sweet~?

Though, it was time for them to go... But Khrona could probably find a loophole to keep the three Summons there for an extended time, he wasn't gonna do that... Instead, he just waved to the three of them and let them return to whence they came. It's not like the werewolf fired an attack or anything. He was only charging up for one. And Khrona still had his already charged Insanity Static in his hand... So, this could go quite a lot of ways. Let's just see what the werewolf does. Only a fully insane person would wait for their opponent to attack first for the sole purpose of obliterating them because they were going to attack.

Since Death's no more, the blast would just hit some random area, obliterating and all that stuff as the werewolf looked to see that all three of them where gone. Not only that, Khrona still had that look on his face. It seemed as though he wouldn't win this battle with his flames and rings, and there's no way he would be able to use his soul weapon because his soul abilities were fairly out classed. Guess there's one other option then. He dissolved out of his Lycan state as did both Anguish and Manny and the werewolf unsheathed his spirit weapon.

"Spirit Mode!!" A loud and thunderous trigger began to happen as his spiritual pressure began to release to its full extent, this causing a large crater to form underneath as it spread out throughout the area that may have Khrona startled from it. His long, silver hair was tied up in a turban like fashion, leaving some of his hair visible. His attire looked like that of an Arabian thief with twin swords that completed his attire. Mangetsu, his Spirit Weapon, would now form into a wolf with the okami markings and leather armor, as well.

Werewolf: "Tensa Mangetsu."

The werewolf was now more aware of what his spirit mode could do now and as such, he figured it'd be the best way to combat Khrona for the time being. So he began to absorb the natural energy through his sword from the immediate area and sent it towards Khrona at light speeds. The power of this blast had enough force and power behind it to level half of the Alps in one shot as it headed towards Khrona.

In Khrona's Full Insanity state, he was surely eligible to use some messed up abilities... Although, yet again, it was time to change... So as the werewolf sped toward Khrona, Khrona simply disappeared. There was an eerie silence for a moment... And then, without warning, the skies became nothing but black and red. The pressure of the insanity soul energy was almost like that of Falshin's... Whose was on an ungodly scale...

A being appeared, looking rather tattered and decrepit... Skeletal, and demonic, even... Wrapped in what seemed to be remnants of skin, with barely even skin left on the wings.

This was a very dangerous and formidable form... The Dark Insanity... What Khrona would look like on the verge of becoming a Falshin... It is not a pretty sight, is it? There is a VERY high risk factor just from looking at this monstrosity... And being near. And touching. Damn, just avoid at all costs. It did nothing, except for stare at the werewolf... Oh, what a horrible stare it was...

"Be careful, werewolf," said a very soft voice from behind him. A female ethereal -- a plasmoid -- walked next him, looking at the Dark Insanity. So this was Khrona, who taught her sis how to use the Dread Soul. She then turned her gaze to the werewolf and smiled. "This negative energy is immense... So I guess you need some help?" She chuckled mildly and pulled out a weapon of sorts, only it was covered in bandages, hiding it's appearance. The reason she came to join this fight was to test what she received from her sister's Android girl, and just because it looked like the werewolf was steadily being overwhelmed. Why not even the odds? Helping those in need was something the plasmoid did quite often. "Khrona, you may not hear me, or even care, but I'll be lending the werewolf a hand." Her eyes turned completely black, but her smile remained.

The werewolf would stop as he looked towards the woman who showed up. Although never seeing her before, he felt her immense power that was inside of her using his soul perception. It was great that he had an ally now to at least help him with this fight. But still how did she know of him? "Thank you, miss..."

Khrona's eyes would wander from the werewolf to the ethereal girl once she appeared, and she'd better pray to Falshin that she wasn't still looking at him when he did look at her. That would make her die, you see.

Anyway, Khrona could see that help had come for the werewolf in his time of demise-- Er, rather, in his time of need... So now Khrona had two pests in this fight now... Hmmmmmm... Wonder how this will go.

Dark Insanity Khrona released a powerful surge of sheer force from himself... A force so incredibly powerful that it caused the earth to die... Die so much that it disintegrated. This wave would expand very quickly, easily covering an INSANE radius in a matter of moments. This was Khrona's wavelength enhanced by not only his own insanity, but death as well. Though, what was bad about this Khrona was that... He had all of the powers of the Fully Sane, Fully Insane and Normal Khronas. Therefore, his DNA and Soul abilities were exponentially greater, and he had full access to ALL of his Psychic power instead of just some of them. That would make this the hardest fight so far... And it was time to live up to that.

By using 'Polylocation' -- a psychic ability that allowed Khrona to literally be in multiple places at a time without moving or making clones -- Khrona had instantly made himself surround the area to keep the two from escaping... And in fact, hoping they would look into his eyes... Or even walk ten feet into his own personal radius. He wanted the expulsion of his wavelength to hit them and kill them.

The werewolf would sigh as both he and Mangetsu would create a barrier of the Okami Haos that surrounded both he and the ethereal girl with protection, for the most part, as he explained in detail of all that happened before she came, hopefully giving her an idea to the situation at hand. He didn't know what the okami haos did at the moment, so he just assumed that light attribute would actually do something against the Dark Insanity. But in actuality, it was attempting to weaken Khrona's soul to the point where the insanity wouldn't be much of a problem. Though in theory, this wasn't going to work, but hey, he had to try. "So now you're caught up to speed. Any questions, or were going straight to business?"

"I'm a mercenary; we don't do a lot of questions," she said with a smile as she turned to realize that the field was riddled with more Khrona's. The ability to spawn himself... Could have been worse, but either way it would be a pain to deal with. Seeing how the werewolf created this barrier already, the plasmoid would make sure that his efforts were not in vain. She set up a barrier within his barrier, and it would resonate with filaments with the werewolf's barrier, making them both stronger each instant that it stood. In addition to this, the ethereal girl's energy would begin to illuminate copious amounts of ether as she took the bandages off of her sword, Ookami. "Magnetic Field."

The moment Khrona's wavelength hit the field, it was so very distorted and unstable that it actually made the field the same way, as if the field, itself, would be infected with insanity. Thus, being unstable, it wouldn't be able to hold itself up and it would shatter with significant force, causing the duo to fly back quite a great distance... And closer to the other Khronas. They were all staring at the two. They'd better not look baaaack~!

Either way, the Khronas attacked, each of them launching their scythes with the chains attached through a large portion of the field, making a majority of the field nothing but their intersecting chains. Naturally, if one were to be touched, or gotten within ten feet of, it would literally be deadly for the two of them. The chains had the ability to seal the fates and destinies of those who touched them... Thus, if one were to touch them... You're done for~!

For some reason, it would seem as though Khrona weren't as aggressive right now... It was hard to tell why. He probably should be, but... Meh. Maybe he was preparing something. It was hard to tell.

Although the field shattered, the barrier the ethereal woman provided stood tall. Thanks to its volatile properties, it was able to resist the shatter of space and dimensions and such, like in the old days. "Multiply." The magnetic field she created earlier would begin to create another barrier around a barrier, forming about a few hundred barriers of magnetic fields. Now, these fields would have the same properties as the plasmoid's first barrier, so as it expanded into the chains, it would change accordingly to avoid the negative abilities of the chains and scythes. Needless to say, with this many fields up, the scythes and chains did not penetrate. She held her hand out and slowly began to close it. "Penning trap, and filament!" Now, the outer most magnetic field would explode, sending beta-plus radiation as well as all of its degenerating goodness across the field. Then, the first explosion would power up the second field before it, which would explode, but with much more force and power. Not to mention, it would release more beta-plus. This would continue from barrier to barrier, and since there were hundreds of them, these explosions would be as strong as a nuke by fifty, and a supernova at one hundred. The chains began to break down, despite the material of soul energy they were made out of, since it was targeting ectoplasm as well.

The barrier with the two inside would stay standing even after the rest finish exploding, holding the power to obliterate anything into oblivion. "Alright, werewolf. Whatever attack you throw out of this barrier will increase in strength twenty fold!" It was blocking stuff from coming in, but the attacks exiting it would have filaments added to it, causing it to power itself up without any further power from the user. One could throw a fire ball through just to watch it turn into a forest fire worth of flames. Truly a useful aspect.

"If that's the case, then..." The werewolf would send streams of the okami haos through the barrier that went through the chains as hundreds of Haos Mangestu's would now stand on top of the in the area of where Khrona is. They would all howl simultaneously as the draining aspect of the Okami haos kicked in, draining the various energies that were inside of Khrona as its powers were amplified thanks to the barrier to the point where its powers were able to absorb just about anything; this including the Insanity within the air with no side effects. The earth began to began to show signs of life once more as the insanity was disappearing at a rapid speed. If Khrona were to stay in the area of the wolves any longer,  it would run his chakra network and soul energy dry as the Sahara desert. Of course, they didn't have to even look at him for this attack to work, anyway.

Well. On the flipside... Khrona's mental abilities skyrocketed in this form, as did his other abilities. There was no way in HELL they could drain KHRONA dry on any simple occasion and in such a tactless way... Or without strenuous work. Using his abilities of 'Audiokinesis' and 'Fulgurkinesis' -- which allows Khrona to control sound and electricity or magnetism respectively to their fullest -- Khrona not only muted the Haos things with overwhelming psychic ability, but also ceased the barriers one by one... The combined power of the Khronas should make quick work of the barriers. The only way the plasmoid would be able to overpower Khrona's mental control would be to push herself to her limit, since she had more control over such things than Khrona did, but dealing with Khrona's psychic power was no easy thing. Therefore, she'd probably have to strain herself beyond what she could manage at such a time... And if it is said too soon, there's always other pressures that can be put down on the situation.

Because of Khrona's Pact, Khrona had to say whatever whatever was on his mind at the time... Though, Khrona couldn't exactly talk coherently in this form, if at all. And so, the only way to let them know what was on his mind... Was to show them. The Khronas started to emanate with a deadly aura, each of them retracting their chains... This aura... This complete and utter blackness... It was their own realities; the depths of their mind being made real on this plane of existence... And in this form, what was on their mind was only death and the consumption of souls. Therefore... If one were to be put in this aura, they would be subject to Khrona's reality and would instantly die in every way possible... And their souls would belong to Khrona. Joy. But that wasn't it.

The auras started to expand, slooowly changing reality around them to become Khrona's. It was going slowly because Khrona was focused on using another ability at this given moment, and naturally, the expansion of the aura would speed up the very moment he was done with this attack. Khrona was still staring at them... Though his stare could induce death if they were looking back at him, his Hyper Perception, which alters with his forms, allows him to see the Lifethread and the Lifespan of anyone he looks at. Naturally, their lifespans were rather full, for the moment... And their threads were holding that lifespan together. With his attack, the 'Devil Scythe', the Khronas launched their scythes at them once more, this time aiming to slice their life threads, since these scythes could cut through even metaphysical things. Naturally, if they missed, the aura would expand at an unholy rate, and with the Khronas still surrounding the two, it lead to total consumption.

Khrona's mental abilities may be great, but he wouldn't have been able to stop the ethereal girl from controlling anything that she was using. Not to mention the filaments would make the explosions stronger by the nanosecond, which consecutively had the power to override the amount of energy Khrona was putting forth to attempt to subdue them. Even once -- or if -- he did increase his mental abilities, the explosions would be just as strong, if not stronger at that exact moment. She was always on point with her abilities, and because she can control the very essence of plasma, barriers, and the explosions, Khrona's attempts to quell them were futile.

As the explosions continued, something was emitting from Khrona. Something like a black mist, or aura of sorts. At any rate, she didn't dare to underestimate the situation and clapped her hands together. "Demo Neuro!" Usually, her 'Demo' moves revolved around ridding the area of something, but since the area never had the mist, she would use this to reflect the black aura with her ether. Her powers and abilities with darkness were potent enough for her to single out and reject the essence of darkness and negativity itself, so whatever type of blackness this was, it would be reflected. She used Demo Neuro in conjunction with the barriers, so the barriers would also be reflecting away this aura, among other things, before contact was ever -- or could ever -- be made.

As the explosions ensued, explosions large enough to engulf the planet -- let alone the field -- ensued; the aura wouldn't have a chance to expand anywhere out side of Khrona's own body. So, as the explosions continued, they would engulf the field in its entirety and the innumerable amounts of plasma and ether formed a barrier around the plasmoid, the werewolf, her barriers, and the Khronas. With everyone in the barrier, darkness in general would begin to weaken as it was reflected into a single, separate point, where it could be successfully weakened and quickly dispersed into nothingness by the werewolf's enchanted flame and other energies. If he continued to release more of these 'flames' -- which were increasing power times twenty because of the main barrier -- the Khrona's wouldn't even be able to use the mind that they are so well known for.

So the explosions continued in the barrier, and as such continued to get stronger beyond belief, and in addition to that, it was reflecting Khrona's negative aspects and substances back into his own body, which would also start to feel the effects of the flames. This whole process was happening constantly -- even as Khrona was implementing his next move -- making it difficult to get an attack out, if anything. He would be obliterated if this were to keep up for not too much longer...

Now, the death scythes would also be blown away in these explosions, considering that they are also negative or dark affinity in some way, shape, or form. If they somehow managed to get by the explosions, the ethereal girl had her hand on Ookami, ready to parry them away.

The werewolf would watch as it seemed that his new helper was making his enchanted flame work throughout all of what Khrona was doing. And so, he would immediately set his enchanted ring ablaze once more, hoping to increase its natural draining effect due to the plasmoid's effect, as well as setting his disintegrating flame ablaze as he punched it towards the ground, causing it to cover the barrier, making whatever touched it to be disintegrated. This also meant the devil scythes or any other substances as well. Next he needed to go offensive, but it seems that he was out-classed compared to this Khrona and it seemed that the ethereal girl was the one most capable of handling offense, so it would seem that he'd back her up with defense.

Through some force of nature, the ethereal girl seemed to be able to overpower Khrona... It was unknown as to why, but it didn't matter. Khrona's reality was still in effect... That dark aura was his own reality, and she couldn't erase Khrona's reality. So once the plasma and the Okami stuff entered, it was over. It had been lost in the reality of Khrona, never to be seen again. Khrona's own reality was suppressing the natural law of the universe at this particular area... This is also due to his Judgemaster power, a little, as well. Thus, everything within Khrona's reality is being suppressed severely, thus the attacks are getting exponentially weaker the further away they are from their casters and the closer they get to Khrona... At least, for the moment. Also, if everyone hasn't forgotten, Khrona is immune to the disintegrating flame. That means it does NOTHING to Khrona at this point. And nothing times anything is still nothing. No matter how much you power it up, it still does nothing. Now, Dark Insanity Khrona was feeling a large flurry of emotion... It started to moan and groan... The horrible sound echoing throughout the land. Just then, another Khrona appeared... It was Trance Khrona.

Khrona: "... Fools... Did you not realize that there hasn't been just ONE of me... But ALL of me?"

And with that said, what would appear in the immediate area...? Khrona. And Khrona. Oh, and more Khrona! From the beginning of this fight, he had used Misery and Despair as feints so he could store up enough power to create every single version of himself he could. That is why the werewolf fought those two first and why Khrona did not seem to be losing power. And now, it had all come back to haunt him...

Khrona: "Isolation."

Khrona's reality had separated the two of them from each other; even though they were right next to each other, they were on another plane of existence now. Khrona's reality was so very complex that even finding their way in these places was unheard of. And with such isolation, that only meant... Ganging up. Half of the Khronas came to the ethereal girl and the other half to the werewolf. The ones on the girls side were Trance, Dark Insanity, Harvester, Happiness, Condemned, Innocent and Paradox Khronas.

On the werewolf's plane of Khrona's own reality, he had to deal with some other fun-loving Khronas... Isn't this just grand? He had to deal with Full Sanity, Full Insanity, Pure Insanity, Master of Fear, Arbiter of Souls and Misery and Despair Khronas.

The Khronas were all set for battle even before they appeared; psychic power already at work and Hyper Perception ready for anything. Their power was overwhelming at the very, very least, individually... But wait, they weren't done just yet. All of the Khronas then said simultaneously, "... True Soul Resonance."

This was a special resonance made by Khrona that allowed him to resonate with any souls he wants to in the immediate area... Now, it would seem as though Khrona would just be resonating with himself if he did that... And you'd be exactly right. Each Khrona had a piece of Khrona's own soul in them that manifested itself into a larger, more powerful version. As such, the pieces of the soul were reforming into a full soul using another one of Khrona's abilities -- the 'Soul Regeneration' -- and as such, that meant they were larger in power. So, once activating the 'True Soul Resonance', Khrona seemed to just be using a high class 'Self Resonance' on himself, causing him to resonate with all of his souls at once... Which would make any and all abilities he already had skyrocket. He was ready. All of him was ready. For destruction. And he was reeaaally pissed off.

That was indeed Khrona's reality, however the Demo Neuro wasn't going into this reality. It was rejecting away from the ethereal girl and the werewolf with constant filamentary power and back toward Khrona. Even if the flames were of no use, it didn't change the fact that they were being projected back.

Now, seeing that Insane Khrona was pulling out all the stops, the ethereal girl may as well get in gear. It'd suck to fall victim to his soul attacks. She began to radiate a bright white before bursting into her full ethereal form. "I have to hurry and find that werewolf, or he may end up..." Before she could finish, six Khronas were souped up and standing before her. Ugh, so much to deal with at once... She twirled Ookami in her hand and struck a stance. Energies of pure plasma began to burst from her body with the same effects as Demo Neuro as she walked toward the Khronas. She seemed serious now... Guess the situation has changed. "Looks like you're taking this training too seriously. I may have to stop you, or else the werewolf might die."

The werewolf would facepalm at the fact that he had to fight those people once more, and then some more people he hadn't had a chance to fight with all at the same time. The only way he might have a chance as if he went full beast mode. But he was a afraid that he wouldn't control it. Suddenly, two of the okami spirits -- the one of Haos and Necros -- would soon appear and encourage him that everything will be fine. With that, he began the transformation process.

A large burst of the okami energies of the seven elements unlocked would surge throughout his body as he would howl once more, this time to the point of the very earth around him as well as other aspects of nature began to harmonize with him. His Lycan from would begin to transform, making his muscles bigger; his feet would also expand at a rapid pace as the clothes that were left on his body would fully shatter, leaving him in a loincloth of sorts. His long, silver hair would turn gray and grow down to his back, becoming spiky; his black and white fur now turned a dull gray as the transformation was now complete. His two spirit swords were still in hand and as well as Mangestu's, as he seemed to grow more beefed-like since he transformed. This is when the six Khronas speared as the wolf man stood... Ready for the worst.

As the Khronas were rearing up for attack, the original Khrona realized something that the ethereal girl said... This was supposed to be training. As usual, Khrona's emotional side had gotten the best of him, once again~!

Khrona: "... Oh yeah, I forgot this was training... I got SO into wanting to kill you guys that I forgot I wasn't trying to kill you! Mmm. Well, werewolf, I don't particularly want to fight anymore... But, because I still want to advance you so much because you are a high ranking member of the Dusk... It is imperative that you do complete such training."

Even though the werewolf was in such a mode where it would seem as though he had lost control, he should be able to understand Khrona's speech and such.

Khrona: "... So. I give you the ability of divine choice... Choose your opponent, and that will be your ONLY opponent for the rest of this battle... You can choose ANY one of my forms, Misery, Despair, or the ethereal girl. Choose wisely."

Though Khrona did not verbally ask the plasmoid's consent to this, Khrona did indeed know that she would be willing to fight the werewolf to test his abilities, as well as her own... Right?

She raised an eyebrow as Khrona made her an option for the werewolf's potential opponent. She didn't mind it, but she knew he wouldn't win. "I don't mind... But, I truthfully don't think you'll last with me..." Being in her full ethereal state, she could back up her claim any moment she wanted to. Not to mention, the werewolf's been fighting Khrona for a good, long while. His energy capacity wouldn't be at its highest.

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Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Fifth Awakening; Khrona Tests Everything Pt. IV

After nearly losing control of himself in all of his forms due to the great power that he had very little control of -- as well as the rising Insanity that grew in power as he did -- Khrona almost killed his target of training. Fortunately, the ethereal girl popped in and helped him out and talked Khrona down out of his craze. What he gathered about his lack of control in his other forms and the Insanity's power rise was just what he needed, but the tests weren't over just yet...

The werewolf would look at all the forms of Khrona that was out there, then both at Misery and Despair, and then at the ethereal girl. At his current state, there was no way he could defeat the ethereal; Misery wants to kill him; Despair does all types of fuck up to a person. He kept looking until he saw this pink bunny. He already knew it was strong because it was Khrona, but it seemed to be the best choice out of the group that he knew of. He would then point towards 'Innocence Khrona' and spoke, his voice being much deeper and kinda raspy, "I'll take the bunny looking one."

Khrona smiled, the other Khronas disappearing as Misery and Despair leapt on his shoulders. The original Khrona sat down in the distance. "As you wish, werewolf... Now, as for you, ethereal one... Would you care to sit down and chat, or would you like to go?"

Innocent Khrona would slowly float toward the werewolf, head slightly cocked to the side. Because the werewolf had not seen a demonstration of Innocent Khrona's powers, he knew nothing of what he was getting into... Innocent Khrona stared at him with the blankest expression on his face, as if he were waiting...

The werewolf paused for a minute, trying to figure out Innocent Khrona's powers. He knew nothing of them, but his name was 'Innocence.' Maybe that may be a clue. But the werewolf just stood there; if he was going to to do something about this, he would have to think outside of the original okami tiers and go and use other combination. He nodded as his spiritual pressure boomed throughout the area around him and the Innocence Khrona as it started to glow a reddish-blue instead of his usual golden pressure. This would be because it was a new combination known as the okami steam. It combined the intense water pressure aspect of the okami water and the temperature control of the okami flame. Right now, it was around its highest peak -- which was around an atomic explosion -- and the density was like that of the a whole country on one person; it was similar to how the Earth King's spiritual pressure was whenever he flexed his muscles, but not a strong. This would only surround both he and Innocence Khrona as he hoped that it would be subdued under the sheer weight of it.

What the werewolf did was actually very good for Innocent Khrona... As it absorbed pure power from things. The more power thrown at it, the easier it was to absorb. Innocent Khrona floated through the air, seeming to be completely unaffected by the Spiritual Pressure thingy. And then, Innocent Khrona grew very large... As tall as a skyscraper, in fact. He stared at the werewolf, rearing up some psychic power... His psychic powers were at maximum in this form. Innocent Khrona released a powerful wave of psychic force, using 'Hypnosis' to make every conscious being within a two hundred mile radius fall asleep instantaneously. He outstretched his arms in an attempt to grab and crush the werewolf to death while he was asleep...

The werewolf would look up at the large mental force coming in towards him, his disintegrating flame set ablaze, as when the force came, it acted as a protective barrier of sorts to protect from the sleeping effect that was coming towards him. He would then flash in between the arms, attempting to grab the bunny, as he was traveling at speeds that exceed light speed being in this current form. As he still kept the enchanted flame ablaze, on his left hand, he encased the psychic ability still in place as he aimed with his free hand a punch straight to the stomach of the Innocence. The power coming from his fist would be able to shatter a mountain or two into dust and was traveling at the same speeds as he was going as well.

Even though Khrona was in a different form, his Hyper Perception stayed active in all forms. Therefore, seeing the werewolf wasn't a problem. And also, with his psychic power maxed out in this form, knowing what the werewolf was about to do was no problem as well. Innocent Khrona's eyes gleamed slightly, and in that moment, the werewolf's ring... Things stopped working and was no longer facing Innocent Khrona. He had altered reality in this specific area around him, in which in this reality, the enchanted flame things didn't exist. Therefore, the only thing the werewolf was wearing was just a tacky accessory. Innocent Khrona's head cocked to the side as if he couldn't support it... Staring at the werewolf, who was not facing him anymore.

The werewolf would turn around and face the Innocence yet again. He sparked his ring, but nothing happened. Seems that he wont be able to use rings anymore, but he'd manage somehow. He got a basic understanding as to how Khrona's powers worked and all that he could conclude was that he uses psychic abilities and absorbs raw power from people's attacks. He wanted to test out something to make sure that it worked out ok. He'd add the Okami Fire and Lightning and got into a crouched type stance and combined the two together to form the okami plasma. This would be the most destructive tier in the okami clan as it combined two of the most versatile of elements. The flame output was that around that of the sun and the lightning aspect had a current of around two thousand, which was an extremely strong current. This would heads towards him at light speeds.

The werewolf had a great general understanding of Innocent Khrona's power, it seemed... However, there was something that he did not know as of yet. Each of Khrona's forms had a different aspect of Hyper Perception. They all have the same general abilities, but evolves to whichever Khrona is using it... Innocent Khrona's Hyper Perception reverted what he looked at into its simplest form... Thus meaning when he looked at the Okami Plasma, it would swiftly switch back to Fire and Lightning. There was no longer an Okami aspect to it, either... Only regular fire and lightning. 'Devastating, right?' Innocent Khrona immediately absorbed the power of each of the attacks, making the lightning and fire weak. Again, using a wave of psychic power, Innocent Khrona would suffocate the flame by extracting all air from around it and nullify the lightning by disassembling its electrons through the air. Now it was time for the werewolf.

Innocent Khrona was still insanely large and fluffy. Absorbing so much raw power had given him all of that raw power as well. Innocent Khrona raised his mountain sized arms, then started to fall. He aimed to bodyslam everything his body could take up, which was, in fact, hundreds of miles large.

"You got to be fucking kidding me!" The werewolf, although in this form, was fast enough to escape, being how large the bunny was, he wouldn't be able to escape the range of it. Therefore, he had no choice. He would plant his feet DEEP into the earth as his muscles began to flex and become more ripped. He would then be able to catch the Innocence Khrona; as wide as he was, there was that much of a crater underneath him. But surprisingly, the werewolf stood underneath him as Khrona was still on top of him -- his strength at this time was at its max -- and he would toss khrona about a mile or so elsewhere as he devolved from his Lycan form. If this was earlier on in the battle, he could still be able to go on. But after fighting continuously, he had his limits. He would lay on the crater, breathing extra heavily, trying to catch his breath.

Khrona flopped over after being thrown, making a massive impact on the ground. He sloooowly started to float upward from the ground, staring at the tired werewolf. Finally, Innocent Khrona opened his mouth, dropping his squishy bunny jaw as long and as wide as his body was. He floated over to the werewolf mouth-first, aiming to totally devour everything within hundreds and hundreds of miles.

The werewolf peeped his head up only to see the abyss of his mouth aiming to engulf him. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do. He was out of chakra; his body was worked over to the point where he couldn't move, even if he wanted to. All he could do was watch as his demise was about to come.

And with that, Innocent Khrona completely devoured everything in that area, quickly transmogrifying his body back to the original Khrona, still in the same size as Innocent Khrona once was. After a moment or two, Khrona spat Nathan back out in a disgusting way, then shrunk back down to normal size.

Khrona: "... Well, that was fun. Didn't get through all my forms, but fun nonetheless. Yeah, so. I've healed any damage you've taken and a bit of your chakra with my saliva. You'll be fine."

The werewolf would be on the ground covered in the disgusting goop that was on him... But surprisingly, he was fine... Although in need of a long ass shower, but fine non the less. So he would get up and use some wind chakra to blow the excess saliva off him. "So did I pass?"

Khrona looked left, then looked right, then shrugged his shoulders, cocking his head to the side.

Khrona: "Eh? Pass what~?"

Werewolf: "Um, was I able to get a rank up?"

Khrona looked left, then looked right, then shrugged his shoulders, cocking his head to the other side.

Khrona: "Sowwy, but you didn't finish. Fight the rest of my forms and survive, and we'll talk."

Werewolf: "...You mean right now?"

Khrona shook his head slowly.

Khrona: ".... Nooooooo. Whenever you get ready."

"Well untill then thanks." He would wave as he flashstepped towards his home.

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Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei   Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei EmptyTue Apr 07, 2020 10:54 am

Sixth Awakening; Need A Test Subject... Khrona?

Once Khrona was done with his training and series of tests with the resident werewolf and the ethereal girl, he would draw back his Innocent form and acquire the data that was collected from it. Apparently, it was not only immune to the effects of the Insanity, but also had a certain purity about it that was similar to the Innocence that was able to be conjured by the Android girl. Speaking of, not too much later after he assessed this data on 'Innocence' did she isolate this 'Innocence' in energetic form, and sought Khrona's assistance in order to test it out. Fortunately, Khrona needed this knowledge as well, considering that he had a form completely composed of this strange, mysterious energy discovered. He would definitely go to the Android's Abode to see what sort of tests she wished to run.

The Android girl waited on her own doorstep, sending a few mental signals to Khrona, hoping he would receive one and be on his way over. She had some things to test out, and wished to use him as test subject.

Khrona suddenly popped up, waving at his co-leader. "Hi there~! What's up~?" Khrona hadn't really talked to the Android girl in quite a while, despite them being leaders. But this would be a good chance to bond or something like that, right? With whatever she wanted, that is.

"I wanted... To run some tests on you and myself. However, I needed a vast amount of souls to do so..." She looked at Khrona, wondering how many souls the man did have, and how many he was willing to spare. "Would you care to offer me souls so I can continue with the procedure in my lab?"

"Oh, yes I wouldn't mind any--" But that's when it hit him... The word... That horrible word... 'Tests'... 'Tests...' "Tests..." 'Tests...' "Test test test test test EXPERIMENT test test..." That word... 'Horrible...' "Horrible..." Khrona's eye began to twitch and his body started to lose form for a moment. Khrona was... Going insane. Or, even moreso. A berserker rage of insanity brought on by his traumatic past...

LUCKILY, Misery and Despair just happened to be there, and they would swiftly calm him down.

Misery: "Woah woah woah! Easy there, big fella!"

Despair: "No grim turn of events alright...?"

After a little while of comforting, they stopped Khrona from going into that insane berserker rage. Khrona looked back up to the Android girl, shaking his head. "Mmmm... Crisis averted... But yes, I wouldn't mind... Helping you..."

Going by Khrona's abnormal reactions, the Android came to the conclusion that he didn't have a sound past when it came to tests. She would turn and begin walking down a stairway into her lab. "If it makes you feel at ease, I can 'modify' myself first, and you next with the exact same procedure if you'd like." She gestured for Khrona to follow her into the work area beneath her home.

Khrona enjoyed the word 'modify'... It was soothing. And so, he eagerly followed, Misery and Despair right behind him. "What kinda modification is it, huh~? I can always get a lot more souls if I wanna~!"

"Hmm, that's good to know," she said. Once they entered the lab, a large crevice seemed to divide the lab in two. However, in the abyss that was the crevice laid a power; dormant energy. The Android girl had no terms for it, so she similar called it 'Energy from the Edge'. With a few motions of her hands, two Cauldrons would rise from the depths, sitting before she and Khrona. "Khrona, when you use souls, you use them from your soul and soul energy, correct? With these Cauldrons, the souls that you normally use will also be smelted with your body, and with power from the Edge, it should give turn you into what is known as a 'Kamishin'. Power like you have never felt before will be bestowed upon you... But, to make sure it works on you, I'll test it on myself first." As her sentence ended, the first Cauldron opened and the Android girl would walk in as smoke seeped out. Once she was inside, the seals embedded into the Cauldron would begin to glow. So far, everything was running smoothly. "Now, Khrona. Can I ask you to put at least a hundred souls worth of soul energy into the Cauldron?"

Khrona cocked his head to the side. He was slightly suspicious of this... Energy he was seeing, but it was alright. It looked major coolio~. "Yeah, yeah, here I go!" Despite how effortlessly Khrona could expel such energy, one hundred souls' worth of Soul Energy was actually a rather massive amount. She was right to come to Khrona for this. Khrona nonchalantly closed his eyes with a cat-like grin on his face. It would seem as though he was doing nothing, but energy was pouring from him relentlessly into this.... 'Kamishin' Energy. It was odd... Very much so. OH WELL~.

The energy seemed to find itself entering the Cauldron systematically. With all the souls needed, the Cauldron would close and sink into the Edge. Once there, Khrona should be able to see light radiating from below, which was a clear sign that the smelting was in process. However, he'd best not look into the Edge's energy radiating to the surface. It could cause several problems during the smelting process by basically 'overdosing' on unstable energy. It would take a couple of hours to finish the smelting.

Khrona, who was naturally curious about this energy being radiated, would also naturally peer into the Cauldron. The radiation was like... Awesooooome~. He could remember the energy signature for later if he wanted to retain it or something of the sort. I mean, people would forget what that's like. NOT KHRONA. So he just, ya know... Looked into there. For hours.

After hours upon hours of smelting, the Cauldron finally began to rise back up to the surface. Once it did, it creaked open, and once it did, the Android girl would take a step out before noticing the changes about her body. Her eyes were red and her hair was white. It seemed that the many souls changed her appearance in addition to giving her unconditional power.

As she exited the Cauldron, two 10 foot swords -- one black and one white -- hovered out behind her. These blades were 'Boundary Weapons'. The black was Murakumo and the white was Musashi; two powerful blades smelted along with the Android, allowing her to make them apart of herself at anytime. "Alright, Khrona..." as she spoke, she held her arms out to make a cross like position, and when the blades suddenly vanished in a burst of light, it ignited the Android girl in this light at the same time. As the blades merged with her body, she became a 'Kamishin': One who wasn't bound by the gods of order or restrictions of an area or dimension. "It's your turn. Now, go into the cauldron please."

The moment she exited, Khrona could tell all of the significant changes of her powers and her physical appearance with only a glance. He also seemed to understand just what was going on with her and how the energy that was now within her worked... This was due to the hours of 'study' Khrona had been doing by just peering into the Cauldron. Because of how complex this stuff was, even the hours of Khrona's processing couldn't fully understand this power... But diving right in headfirst would surely clear up anything he didn't understand~! The radiation from this energy was absorbed by his body, he already knew, and he was a rather impatient fellow. "I know what I'm gonna absorb and I know that I can take in as much as I want! I know it will be wonderful for me to take it all in~! Yay~!"

Khrona jumped in, literally headfirst. He was consumed and the Cauldron would close shut. Khrona was usually cautious about things like this, normally looking into the future to assess any and all outcomes that could happen, or by making thorough and constant checks of his entire being... But he only did this when he felt threatened, and therefore, those automatic abilities were... 'Deactivated' at this time, since he figured this wasn't harmful. He awaited whatever other preparations needed to happen before the process initiated, and for the long wait.

Misery and Despair waited patiently with the Android girl... Misery could only think of what she would look like if she were to enter... As she was a sword weapon, and to have swords like that... Mmm. Divine.

The Android girl began to ponder about how Khrona knew about the Edge's energy so well. She didn't remember giving him that much information... Possibly, it was because of his precognition? Either way, she would send the Cauldron down into the Edge as well.

After about an hour or so, a large amount of light shined to the surface of the Android girl's lab. For some reason, rather large purges of the Kamishin energy were bursting out. She had a good mind that this wasn't supposed to happen, because it surpassed the predicted level of energy that the Edge would normally be in one's body. At this rate, Khrona wouldn't be able to control the energy, and the energy of the Edge would more than likely melt his molecules, morphing his entire figure. He was only in there an hour, but the Android had to pull him out of it. The Cauldron started creeping back up to the surface, glowing a crimson red.

The Cauldron opened up, and there was a dark hissing coming from it... A sort of black steam from the melting of Khrona's molecules... Though the black mist actually was Khrona, himself, having achieved his 'Kamishin' form from the 'Innocence,' though it didn't seem to react well with his Insanity. The mist would conform in front of the Android as a wad of pure liquid... And many faces with the appearances of masks appeared on it. Several slits opened up, revealing grotesque mouths and eyes all over.

Kamishin Khrona: ".. Wha... Wh-what happened to my body...?"

Khrona glooped and glopped all over the ground, trying to form a definite shape.

Kamishin Khrona: "You... You did this... I feel... Different... Odd... Misshapen..."

Khrona's body suddenly started to spurt some bone-like appendages and his body started to transmogrify in the worst way... Khrona slithered across the ground, sucking his faces into his body, which would then just reappear on a different part of him, then curl back to the 'front' of his 'body'. A skeletal hand spurted out of his liquid body and he started to talk again.

Kamishin Khrona: "I feel... I feel... Irresistible~!"

The Android girl was speechless. She didn't know what to say, or, how to make out this... Mishap... His body seemed to have been overdosed with power from the Edge, but how could that be? He was down there for less time than she was... At any rate, she pointed out to Khrona, with a bead of sweat rolling down her head. "How did... Did you take in Innocence from the Edge earlier? If so, how?" She would hope Khrona knew what he did to mess this up. She knew it wasn't her calculations. She even did the same thing to herself.

Khrona suddenly slurped himself into a semi-solid state, staring the Android in the face. "... I looked into the Edge... It was so nice... I took lots of information from it... Might have accidentally absorbed some into my... Body... Wait... I'm a liquid, aren't I?" Khrona peered down at his body, seeing several eyes staring back up at him and other mouths smiling at him. 'Hmmmm...'

Kamishin Khrona: "... Yeah... I think I fucked up my molecular structure... Oh wait, I can fix this..."

Khrona started to groan a bit... Changing back to his original shape was difficult due to the energy from the Edge... Though, after a few moments, Khrona took his original shape again... Though he was glowing in an odd fashion...

Kamishin Khrona: "... This isn't normal... Is this energy around me and coursing through me... The Kamishin?"

After facepalming herself, the Android girl raised her head and answered Khrona's question. "Yes. That power is the Kamishin. It must have poisoned your very being, morphing your shape... Yes, that would make sense." Perplexed, she had to ask, "So, how does this power feel? Unstable for sure, but..."

Khrona looked at his blackened, translucent hands and the aura emanating from his very being... The glowing vein-like nexus pulsated throughout his quasicorporeal form slightly. The power... Felt good.

Kamishin Khrona: "... It feels like... I am one with the Kamishin... As if I am a part of it, in a sense... It feels good... I bet the more I use it, the better I'll get a feel of it... This will be my 'Kamishin Khrona' form... And the previous one, 'Kamihazard Khrona.' Yes... Kamishin, how I lust for you..."

Khrona's mind was a bit different while in this form... He could only think about the power of the Kamishin... But he guessed that wouldn't be too problematic. After another bit of strain on himself, he changed back into normal Khrona, feeling very pumped, but at the same time, rather drained. "... Boy, that was fun and tiring... I like this, Android girl... A lot..."

Misery and Despair looked at the Android girl, naturally wondering if they could achieve any sort of new forms by this...

Misery: "... Yo, Android... You think we could change as well or what?"

"No!" she snapped back with her answer. It was strange though. She had a hint of aggression in her voice, which shouldn't be. She was emotionless. It seemed like little by little, she was changing... "It's bad enough that Khrona became this way. The power of the Edge isn't like a virus or infection. It isn't contagious and it doesn't spread. You would have to be inside of the Edge yourself for any type of change to occur... And it seems as though one mistake is enough. If you two had any type of Kamishin energy and were used by Khrona while he was in the Kamishin form, the energy would kill all of you..." She must have had some kind of concern for Khrona and his companions, for she didn't want them to further any detaining affects. Also, while Khrona may seem content with his new found power, the Android girl knew it wasn't anything good... How could something like this happen? "Use the power from the Edge too much and you'll deteriorate not only the remains of your body, but your mind as well. It'll turn you into a mindless fiend that lusts for power, and if that happens... I don't want to have to think about what comes after that."

Misery scoffed, walking next to Khrona. "Okay, shit, don't bite my head off." She grit her teeth and looked at Khrona. He seemed fine enough.

Khrona narrowed his eyes, trying to fully take this in.. "My body, I can easily retain... However, my mind..." Because Khrona knew that his mind was powerful, but incredible unstable, that power would definitely destroy his mind, however his body would remain so long as he had the power to control it. "This means I would have to learn to control the power of the Kamishin somehow slowly, stabilize my mind, or wait long periods of time between changing into these new forms. The first two would be the most helpful, but the most dangerous... And the latter wouldn't help me out much..." Khrona pondered for a moment, then came up with a solution. "... Would there be a way to create a device specifically made to control the side-effects of the Kamishin? I could activate that any time I went into my other forms... Though, I am not sure if the Kamishin's energy could be contained or changed with a machine... You would know more about that, right?"

The two continued to speak on the subject, and though the Android thought of the Kamishin energy that Khrona overdosed on as a failure that poisoned him, it actually assimilated with him rather well and naturally settled within him as hers did, as if he hadn't ever had such a mishap. Now he had the power to defy the gods with Kamishin... And to kill them with the Kamihazard.

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Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei   Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei EmptyTue Apr 07, 2020 3:44 pm

Seventh Awakening; Looking To Join The Ranks Of The Dusk

The experiment at the Android girl's house, both a failure and a success, gave Khrona a little more information on the power that was the 'Innocence' that was within his 'Innocent Form,' and this power -- along with a variety of other new energies, such as 'Kamishin' -- came from the Edge; a realm where the dimensions connected. Khrona had absorbed a great deal of energy from a number of different dimensions into himself after being placed into the Cauldron, the gateway into the realm between these alternate dimensions. Though it was now known as something different -- of which the Tensei family had easy and unlimited access to, back there then -- Khrona was unaware of this power. It had a negative effect on the Insanity that had integrated with his body, causing it to destabilize, but eventually he was able to become a sort of aethereal godly being from stabilization of this 'Kamishin' energy, causing him to relinquish his physical form for a while. Even in that, he needed more information on the 'Kamishin' as well as any and all other energies he'd absorbed from being in the Cauldron for so long. Though, that would have to wait, for he had leader duties to attend to first.

A new person walks through the entrance of the village and goes to Khrona's Office to talk to him to join the village. As he makes it to the door, he looks at it with cold eyes, and with a smirk -- and instead of knocking on the door like a normal person would -- he kicks it to check if Khrona's in. "Yo mister leader of dusk! I want to join! Are you here or out drinking or something?" He takes the time to sleep in the doorway until someone answers.

The door open and only blackness is seen. A piercing eye opens up slightly, looking rather nonchalant and uncaring. "... You really shouldn't kick other people's doors..." From the very pupil of the eye, a hand would extend, then the darkness from all around the room would swoop in and grab the guy by every way possible, saving the hand coming from the eye for his neck. He would be pulled in against his will and the door would close behind him. After that... Everything that was holding him dissipated and the room lightened up. The eye belonged to Khrona, who was now smiling at the new guy. "So, I see you are here to join my village, huh? Don't ask how I knew, I just read your mind! Any particular reason why? What powers ya got? I could just read your mind again, but that's no fun!"

The new guy get's up from the floor with smirk and looks at Khrona with his white eyes. "Well, I'm sorry for kicking your door. I don't know any manners since... I don't have a family, and well, of course I want to join this village. As for my skills and powers, I'm an assassin, so I have many skills. For one, I can seduce women, but that's a perk, and my powers involve hell, so I'm a demon, if you may know already with your minding powers. Also, I don't have a name, since I don't know it, but you can call me Pegasus now that I said that. Who are you? Since I don't have mind reading powers..." He looks around the room, looking for something normal.

Khrona immediately thought of the Demon King when the demom said he had hellish power, but didn't mind it at all. "... No manners, huh? Don't worry, I can teach you manners if I beat you to the brink of death~!" It was unknown if Khrona was joking or if he was serious. He could have meant both... 'Heh heh heh heh.' Regardless, he narrowed his eyes and smiled once he looked into his head for his name. "... Yeaaah... Pegasus... Fine, Pegz. I'll call you... that name." Seems like Khrona new something. Oh well. "By the by, my name is Khrona, leader of the Dusk Village. Or, at least one of them. My other is an Android girl and the former is my brother. There is also the Witch Province, which has a leader named Zita. Yeeaaah. Crazy bunch we've got right there... But yeah, anything you wanna know about the Dusk?"

He turns back to Khrona to look at him, wondering if he meant that threat, but he shook that feeling away "Yeah, what do I have to do join this village, and how can I earn some money around here?"

Khrona shrugged his shoulders. "Meh, I guess you're in. But the only way to get monies is to go on missions and battle people. You can go to the 'Sparring Range' and fight people... Ooooor, you could go on a mission... Your choice!"

Pegz looks at Khrona with smirk. "Great! Then I'll go look for someone to spar with, but it might be boring to wait around for someone. Any ideas, o leader?" He stands right next to the door.

Khrona sighed, not really knowing anyone specific... "Errrr... Any Beginner, I guess. If you feel like you're good enough, maybe even take on a Standard member. But I wouldn't recommend it. Just go fight a Beginner or somethinnnn~." That was really all of the advice Khrona could give him, if Pegz wanted to fight someone. If he felt like he wanted training afterward, he could go train or look for someone to train him, but for right now he just wanted to fight, so those were his options. Khrona was making sure he didn't get killed.

He looked at the leader with a frown. "Fine, I will, but first I'm in the village right? So can I do missions yet, or do I have to wait?"

Khrona nodded slowly. "Eh. I mean, I don't have any missions in particular right at this very moment, but... Don't worry, stuff will come up. Just be patient, kaaay?"

He stares at Khrona with a smirk. "Fine, I can wait around. Anyway, I'm hungry, so I'll go get something to drin... I mean, eat. So is there any good place to eat?"

Khrona shrugged again. "Depends on what you eat, I guess. There's the 'Tavern', there's the 'Grocery Store'... Yeah, places like that would have all of your food needs. I guess there might be a monster or two out there to kill and eat, but meh. There might be a fruit tree or some crappy crap like that. Hell if I know, I don't really eat much~."

Pegz walks towards the door with his favorite food in mind -- girls. "Yeah, thanks a lot, leader! See you around! And when a ranking exam comes, please tell me," he said as he waves his hands while walking out the door.

Khrona nodded to himself, closing his eyes and leaning his head back. "Huh... Maybe I'll go ask the Android girl about doing a 'Standard' exam... Heh. It would be nice, right?" Khrona started to slip into Deep Thought, since he didn't particularly sleep that much. "... Just like in... Na... ru...t--" he stopped and was now lost in Deep Thought.

After slipping randomly into 'Deep Thought' -- of which Khrona had recently discovered was exactly the same as entering the Edge, for some reason -- he would have manifested back in his Pit of Havoc, where he found out that it was, too, naturally connected to the Edge. Because Khrona had no knowledge of what the Edge was prior to entering the Cauldron, he was unaware that this was what he was doing every time he entered Deep Thought, the darkest part of the Pit of Havoc. Turns out, this was how each of these beings from other dimensions were getting in, since it was like an eternally open gateway. When he realized this and how powerful his own Deep Thought was; he and Tabrith had to seal it up as best they could to keep anything else from coming through randomly. However, because of Khrona's Pact with Tabrith, this would only limit the amount of things that popped out of Khrona's head from other dimensions beyond the Edge and not completely seal them up. It would have to do for now; he had other things going on.

Fresh-new from the Pit of Havoc -- as if being reborn -- Khrona and Tabrith made their ways to the scene. With Khrona's significant changes with his own powers and abilities, he was in need of some fine tuning. He needed to fight someone, but needed to be trained by someone at the same time. A smile of insanity spread across his face, as now Khrona felt rather alive. The suppressed insanity from all of his former powers piled on top of it was coming loose in large bursts, and Khrona could feel it. "... Tabrith... I need someone! Someone goooood! Someone who can teach me as well as fight me! I need someone to fill the void!"

Tabrith placed his hands in his pockets, shaking his head. "... My, Khrona. It's as if a child just got a new toy... However, it is the opposite situation with the same effect, in your case..."

Looking to train with someone stronger in the hope that Alley might learn something new, she would encounter, Khrona, a being who's power was known to be one of the strongest. Skating in on a small sheet of ice, Alley would come to a sliding stop upon seeing Khrona.

Khrona eyed the girl, instantly knowing that she would be of no true match to him. He was looking for something or someone much, MUCH stronger... But. He couldn't deny her the training... "Oh. Um. Hi there. You want training, don't ya?" He started to calm down just a bit, and Tabrith would be floating behind him. "... Well, uh, what do you wanna train?"

As he was walking to the training field, Pegz spotted a girl with none other than his leader in the middle, and judging by the their looks, they want to fight or spar. Hoping they spar, since the girl is no match for his leader, he walks to them. "Hello, sir, what are you up to this fine day?" he asked with a smile.

Allyson would look at Khrona. "My Helios Flame," she would say.

Pegz looked at the girl strangely, looking for a reaction "Hmm... Are you calling me flame, or my leader here that?" he asked with a frown.

Khrona placed his index finger and thumb on his eyes, rubbing them slightly and sighed, lowering his head. He reeaaaally wasn't in the mood for Beginners. "... Alright, so, you want me to train your Helios Flame, huh? And you, new guy, that's her ability. She isn't even paying attention to you. Grbleh." Khrona looked back at Allyson. "And what exactly does this 'Helios Flame' do?"

"Is it a fire fused with spiritual power that burns at a temperature similar to thermite. It cannot be put out by normal means and must be put out using spiritual power. It causes massive metaphysical damage," she would say.

Pegz looked at her with a smirk. "Sounds like a weak type of fire, if you ask me. No offense," he said while sharpening his scythe.

Khrona sighed once again, but this time, concocted a plan. Even though he wanted to fight someone on his level, that didn't mean he couldn't make these two fight on their level... It would be like Gladiator Mice. 'Heh Heh Heh...' "Heeeey, here's a wonderful idea... Both of you want to train, right? Why don't you two fight each other, huh?" Khrona would force the two a little bit away and then next to each other with his mind, making it very apparent that he wasn't truly asking them... He was telling them. "That's a good idea. Go on and get at it~!"

Alley would instantly cause the temperature around her to drop around twenty degrees Celsius; this would instantly create a half-ass mist that would more or less be particles of ice floating around. As she did this, she would draw 'Eracahnous', her blade of ice, and swing it towards Pegasus, flinging spiritual shards of ice at him. The ice was spiritual, meaning it could survive getting hit by an attack just once, or it could hit a defense and pierce right through it. She would then slide her left foot, causing the ground below her to turn to a solid slab of black ice that would freeze things upon contact.

Thinking on his feet, Pegasus moves out of the way just in time and gets into ready stance with his scythe, looking at Alley with cool eyes. Then, noticing all the change in weather, knowing this was her doing, he just waited in defense stance, waiting for her next attack. "Damn, you caught me off guard. It's a good thing I moved, wasn't it? And now I'm mad!" he said with a devil's smile.

As he moved, two large cannons would appear on either side of Alley; they resembled large anti-air batteries, like the vulcan guns on a Canadian naval vessel. They would begin firing shards of ice coated with Helios flame. This was only a distraction for what she was doing at the the same time. At the same time, the 'Vulcan Ice Guns' were firing, a dozen spikes of ice would shoot out from the ground at various points, making jumping upwards the only way out, and doing that would require some higher rank speed to avoid. She would then send the newly formed black ice under her towards Pegasus. It would slither on the ground during all the confusion, making its way towards him.

Looking at the ice shards coming his way and what looks like cannons, he knew that it would suicide to jump, but he loved the edge of any fight. 'But she thinks I'll fall for that?' He does some handsigns; "Fire Release: Hell's Aura!" This caused fire to burn around him and burn all the shards aiming for him. Then he summoned his chain and threw it at her, hoping that it would go around her. "Really, you should show more killing intent when fighting me."

As soon as the ice shards got hit, their purification ability would protect them from the first attack. They would pass through his ability and collide with him. As they did, they would cause metaphysical damage. The shots from the cannons would be stopped, but only the ones in front. The ones behind would be safe. As the black ice came towards him, it would leap from the ground and take the shape of a massive demonic tiger. It had the same properties as the purified ice and the black ice, but this was living. It was a huge thing whose mouth would devour someone in one swallow. Since he just got hit by the ice shards he underestimated, he would be stunned.

Being smart, able to dodge most of the shards, some still lunged in his left arm, making it feel numb, and a tiger came out of the black ice. "Now that wasn't nice to do, and now it's two versus one, huh? I'll have to make it even now, won't I?" Pegasus does a handsign and bit his other thumb so blood would come out, then did his jutsu; "Summoning Justu: Hell Hound!" This summoned his loyal pet to fight by his side that shoot's off fire from its whole body and is strong versus any type of attack. "You'rr not the only one with a pet. Take down her pet while I play with her," he said with playful tone.

As the tiger jumped and completed its arch, it would fade back into the ground, disappearing. As the air became colder and colder, more shards would form and begin assaulting Pegasus from every which angle. Alley would have her cannons fire upon the demon dog, and while they did, her tiger would have its mouth come out of the ground right below the hell hound, aiming to bite it right in half. As the air cooled more, the ground would become black ice.

He's getting cooler and knowing her the ice would attack him along with his pet, and that tiger left, too, so he was hard to fight with both her defense and offense tricks. 'But i do have a plan for this.' It isn't the first time he fought someone with ice tricks, so he does some handsigns then put his hands on his pet. "Good pet. Time to heat the place up time for fire aura!" He did his 'Fire Release: Hell's Aura' on he and his pet, causing the air around them to heat up causing, a conflict with fire versus ice around both fighters; then by the place lighting up, he saw a body on the ground, so he told his pet to watch itself as he threw his chain at his opponent, aiming for her body.

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Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei   Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei EmptyWed Apr 08, 2020 9:04 am

Eighth Awakening; A Mercenary Ranking - Pegasus

Khrona observed the newest member he had to his village, Pegasus, in his training for a while. Though he seemed a little rough around the edges, he also seemed to have a wee bit of promise to him. After watching him for a little while, then finding him again in the Exam section of the Battleground, Khrona would comply to give him a rank in order to see his worth to the Dusk... And to Khrona, personally.

Pegasus looked around the ghost town awaiting someone to give his ranking exam so he can become even stronger than he currently is.

Khrona appeared before Pegasus seemingly out of thin air, his eyes gleaming and piercing. "... Honestly, do I have to do all of the ranking exams around here...? It's like I don't have any sort of Elite around here whatsoever... Tch. I guess I gotta change that, huh?" Khrona made note of that, since he really didn't have too many active Elites. The Kid was... nowhere to be found and his other Elite was still out being insane. Khrona should probably look into that soon, as well. "... Aaaanyway. Here already for a ranking exam, I see. You'd better be up to my Standard expectations, noob..." Khrona placed his gloved hands in his pockets, cracking his neck slightly.

Pegasus looked at none other than his leader, standing there for his ranking exam, but he looks like he was spacing out a bit. Then he told him if he was going to meet his expectations. "Yes sir! I'll do my best to meet and surpass your expectations!" He stands in front of his leader and waits for the details of his ranking exam he will take. "So, sir, what will I do in my ranking exam?"

Khrona sighed, taking out his virtual device. "What you're gonna hafta do is fight one of my Virtual Pets... Meiun, since you're only a Beginner. You wouldn't be able to handle anything else.." Sure, Khrona probably sounded demeaning toward him, but hell, it was true. "Hey, Meiun, come on out." From his virtual device, a small light would shine onto the ground, the plantoid by the name of Meiun being realized and digitized into this world.

Meiun: "... God, how long have I been in the Data Realm, Khrona? You don't even use me. I'm not even feeling nice today!"

Khrona sighed and started to rub his eyes with his thumb and forefinger. "... Just... TRY to be nice, Meiun...?"

She scoffed, turning and looking up to Pegasus.

Meiun: "... Well, come on. I don't have all day, kid."

Looking at what seems to be a plant monster thingy named Meiun, Pegz didn't really care at all since he had to win this fight. He bit his finger and blood came out, then he put it over his mark, which summoned a cloak and his partner, Neon.

Neon: "What the hell man? I was drinking."

Pegasus: "Neon just shut up and change into your guns."

"Whatever. You better get me a drink later," he said as he transformed in his dual pistols into Pegasus' hands.

Pegz then looked back at his opponent and gets into ready position for any attack. "Ok, I'm ready," he said with a smirk.

Meiun narrowed her eyes and sighed heavily, just as Khrona had done before.

Meiun: "... Honestly, does every Average Joe think that they're friggin Death the Kid or something...? Man... Now I gotta deal with these goddamn pistols..."

Meiun started her attack with a simple 'Ivy'. This would cause her vines to extend out of her fingers like whips at Pegasus. Naturally, she would aim to restrain him right then and there, as well as strip him of his weapon, since she wasn't in the mood to play with toys. Also, the natural effect of the Ivy if it were to hit Pegasus would be that he would be inflicted with a deadly toxin that would cause paralysis, poison and itchiness to him.

Lucky for him that he was at a range and dodged the vines, but still on the edge because he didn't want to be caught by any of her attacks. He stays at a range, wanting to know more about her attacks and then fired some rounds at her around her legs.

"You're crazy! My partner here is the next Dante, not some kid," Neon said from his weapon form.

As he shot at her, Meiun would dance about trying not to get her feet shot by the bullets. This angered her. She retracted her vines and hissed at him. "Ugh, this is why I hate people with guns! You're lucky I'm not gonna evolve, or else I'd... GRR!" Meiun would first look angry at Pegasus, but then would smile sweetly and blow a kiss, a pink heart floating from her mouth and toward him. It was unknown why she was being so affectionate now, but... Whatever. After she blew the kiss, a sort of gas came from her flower top, creating a mist around her general area that would quickly start to spread around the entire field...

Looking at some type of gas spreading around the field, not knowing if she was trying to kill him or stun him, Pegasus was cautious. Either way, it's bad if it were someone else, but he had an ace. He touched a mark on his chest and summoned his wings and took flight while aiming his handguns at Meiun then did his explosive shots from over her head at her feet. "I don't trust your little tricks, but good try."

Meiun scoffed, extending her Ivy to a nearby tree and pulling herself into it. Once she was out of the way of the gunfire, and she saw the guy flying in the air. She would then use her Ivy to try to make a sphere around Chaos Pegasus in the air to keep him in one place.

Right after that, if he was indeed encased in the sphere-- as she had hoped he would be -- she would use her ability 'Nature Shock', which would send a powerful current through her vines, which would surge throughout the sphere, which would not only shock whatever was inside or that touched it, but paralyze it as well.

Pegasus was still flying in the air, but that Meiun dodged his attack and then threw her claws at him -- which was a bad idea -- as he did handsigns. "Fire Release: Fire From Hell!" Then he did his 'Transfer Shot', which made his attack be shot through his gun at super speed and have a way better shot than he would with his hands, which were directed at her attack. "Don't try that, you're too open!" he said as he shot a big fire blast from his gun that pushed him back a few feet.

Meiun screamed, her vines becoming singed by the fire. She narrowed her eyes further out of anger, gritting her teeth. "... You're really trying to get on my bad side, aren't you, boy...?" Meiun would then use her 'Plant Growth' to increase her size a vast amount. She became very tall and very bulky, now being easily taller than the tree she was in, causing it to topple over. Meiun then ran after Pegasus, spewing out various fumes from her body and using her Ivy, which was now gigantic and a lot more durable than it was before. She whipped her vines across the entire sky in the area, trying to make it so that Pegz had literally nowhere to go.

Khrona, in the meantime, was looking at his virtual device. The white light glowing from it suddenly started to turn a slightly darker shade. "... Ooooh crap. I know what's gonna happen... YO, MEIUN! DON'T GET SO ANGRY, HUH!?" He hoped that she would listen.

Having done some damage to the plant monster made Pegz smirk, but then it grew really large, then shot its vines at him -- which he evaded easily -- but then he noticed they where taking up the air space he was flying in and he stopped. "I see your game and I like it." He smirked. As he said that, he looked at his guns, knowing that they won't be of any use anymore, and decides to toss them at the ground and then touched one of his marks, summoning his main weapon -- his scythe and chain -- and then started spinning it around on his chain, improving its range and aiming for the vines. "Lucky for me, my game is called 'Gardner', and getting rid of weeds is my favorite part!"

Well, seeing as though Pegasus only changed weapons and did nothing to get out of the terrible shock that was surging through the sphere of vines, he would be undoubtedly shocked and unable to escape the trap of vines. Upon being shocked, he should have not only been poisoned, but paralyzed at the same time. Meiun would then condense her vines around Pegasus, causing them to wrap around his body and squeeze him tightly for a moment, and then she would cock back and fling him into the ground, releasing her vines and letting him get smashed. "... That's why I told you not to get on my bad side."

Getting thrown into the ground was a bad move for Pegz, but as he tried to move, his body felt like shit and numb -- he couldn't move unless he focused really hard to overcome the numbing feeling taking over his body. Then he had an idea to overcome the pain; he stabbed his right arm with his chain, making his pain overcome the numbness, but he still felt like shit and threw up some blood... And now he knew that he was poisoned. "Fuck... Damn, I should not have stopped... But this doesn't mean you win," he said as he drank some of his own blood, and then started throwing up, making the poison leave his system, for now. "I can't drink my own blood, but it can be useful when I need to get rid of toxic stuff when i'm poisoned or wasted on beer." He then did a handsign; "Summoning Justu: Hell Hound!" As he did this, a portal opened and a very big dog that was burning from fire appeared on the field, causing fire to spread over the area and mostly around its body. "Hey! Stall for me a bit, I need some time," he said to the dog as he ran into a building and his pet listened and attacked the plant.

Meiun was not liking this fire. It only made her... Angrier. She began to whip at the fire violently with her Ivy attack, trying to use the force of the whips to break through and blow away the fire. If she couldn't, then she would start to spin around, trying to blow them all away like that. As she spun around, she shot many random thorns out of her body, trying to hit the Hell Hound with these thorns. She was not particularly fond if it spewing fire everywhere. "Where ya goin, punk? Don't run away from me!"

Pegasus' hound was dodging the spikes and aiming to bite the plant. As for Pegz, he did some handsigns; "Shadow Release: Shadow Clones!" With this, he told them to move around the whole area, making a circle with his chains connecting while his hound fought off the plant, and his clones went flying around the area at high speeds.

Meiun was bitten by the dog, wincing in pain, however immediately becoming angrier. She not only used her Nature Shock ability to poison and paralyze it, but she also released her 'Spores' into the mouth of the Hell Hound, which would fall asleep soon after ingesting and would most likely loosen its grip and fall off, if the paralysis hadn't made it do that in the first place. That's when the shadow clones came in. Meiun retracted her vines, this time extending her claws and stiffening them into sword-like claws. This was her 'Thorn Blade' ability. She slashed at the clones with her super long, super sharp claw-sword-vines trying to rip them all up.

Even though the plant did hurt Pegz's hound, it had three heads, which is separated from the other so only one of the hounds was asleep while the other two could still move. Then, one head released sludge from it's mouth onto Meuin and the other head shot fire from it's mouth, aiming for the plant monster. While they were fighting, most of his clones were taken out, but some were still flying about to complete the circle, and he was nearly ready for this his move.

Because of the fact that the Spores were INGESTED, that meant that it had been consumed by one hound, and therefore effected all three heads since they all had the same body and blood running through them. Therefore, all of the heads would be asleep. Meiun would then grab the Hell Hound and fling it at some of the clones whilst still slashing at them at the same time. Finally, she extended her claws into the building that Pegasus was in, most likely destroying the building because of her own size and because the ghost town's buildings were... Decrepit. Thus, the building would come crumbling down quickly.

The building started to fall and shake, meaning it was time to leave and face the plant monster head on with his ultimate trick. With Pegz ready to finish the job, he hopped and jumped out of the window of the building as it came crashing down and landed on the ground ready to do his justu. As he threw his chain and scythe at the middle of the circle his clone made and stabed his own hand with his chain, he did a handsign; "Summoning
Justu: Hell Gate," making the ghost town change into something no one wants to see in their life. "I'm sorry about this, I had no other choice," he said with a frown.

Meiun wasn't exactly... Afraid of this place at all, really. Instead, she just got more angry. She was a very angry virtual creature. "Is that supposed to scare me?" She would shrink down to normal size and scoff, retracting her claws, turning her nose up to him. "I mean, what's this place supposed to do, anyway?"

Looking at the small plant monster with a devil's smile, Pegasus disappears from the area and the door got closer to Meiun, the temperature starting to raise above one thousand degrees and rising. Then a voice came from the door; "I see that we have another wandering spirt..." The the door opened, showing millions of souls screaming in annoying ways and reaching for Meuin to pull her in.

Meiun sneered at what he was doing, starting to feel the effects of the temperature. Of course, she got so angry that she forced herself into evolution.

"Wait, Meiun! Don't do it!!" But Khrona was too late. She had already started.

Her body became digital, her body starting to change shapes. She became much larger, about the size of a house, her body changing into an oval shape. Her body reconfigured itself, as she had become... a Poison Ivy. She would pound her fists together, the heat not even effecting her anymore. As the souls reached out for her, she would quickly run out of the way, being much faster than her body may make her seem, and would go around searching for  Pegasus. "I'm gonna destroy you!!!"

If Meiun got any madder, Khrona would have to stop the battle... At the risk of her evolving further... Or even worse, dark evolution...

The door, looking at this transformation with no shock, then laughs at her running from the door and his souls. But everywhere this bigger plant monster goes leads to the same place. Then the door opened even bigger and shot hundreds of chains at Meiun, grabbing her and pulling her to the door. "No one will escape this door! You will join us," he said as the flame around the area was getting close the temperature of the sun.

As the chains neared Meiun, she began to spin at a great speed, looking like a blur. From her body, all of her vines would shoot out, regrow instantly, shoot out again, and repeating the process for as long as she was spinning. The force of this attack alone was powerful enough to keep the chains from touching her at all, and the vines would all be aimed for the door. Despite how tiny they seemed on her body, they were extremely powerful. Even still, she didn't notice the heat change... Her body was like a cactus. "When I find you, you're gonna die!"

Khrona sighed heavily... Should he stop it now...? Or should he wait it out to see if Pegasus still wins...? Or will Meiun evolve again...? Truthfully, Khrona could look into the future to see, but no, he didn't wanna do that. Finding out things as they went along was just too much fun~.

The plant monster kept spinning and shooting vines to the door, only to get destroyed by the fire of hell. Then the door started to shoot more chains at the monster with lava coming from the door, causing the ground to melt whilst moving towards Meuin. "It is Impossible to win, just give up!" the door said, speaking in a demonic voice.

Meiun growled, stopping her spin for just a moment and jumping directly at the chains, using her 'Light Speed Jab' to fend them all off easily, punching at light speed. "It'll be easy to defeat you if I fight you in my Ultimate Form! HAA!" Meiun started to glow just like before, but before anything else could happen, Khrona snapped his fingers, altering reality for just a moment. Everything was stopped and only Khrona and Pegasus were standing face to face in front of each other. "... Alright. Ummm, so, my virtual pet is getting pretty mad. She's gonna evolve into a higher form, which I don't think would be very... Good for your life, especially while she's this mad. Now, I could allow her to evolve to her Ultimate form, or hell, even her Final form and let her obliterate you, since the objective was to defeat my virtual pet... And I know full well you cannot defeat those two forms... Orrr, I could give you a new task to do for me. The choice is yours..." Naturally, because Khrona was controlling reality here, nothing would happen until he said so, and so Pegz needed to decide before Khrona put things back to normal.

Standing there thinking over his choice, since he wasted most of his energy already with Meiun, and her going all out would maybe get him killed, Pegasus thought against continuing... Though he did like the idea, he decided with the better choice. "Well I'll do the new task, sir. So what will I do?" he asked with a smirk.

Khrona smiled, snapping his fingers and the reality of the place reverting to how it was before the battle even started. Meiun was back to her tiny plant form and the area had returned to normal in just that instant. "... Hmmm. Well, I'm gonna need you to run a few errands for me... If you complete the tasks I ask of you without dying, then I will gladly rank you up to a Standard member~!" Khrona pulled out a list from his pocket and gave it to Pegasus.

"You will be needing to make stops at these places:

In the Chaos: Freshwater Sea and Hollow Castle,

In the midpoint of the Dusk: The Flower Garden,

In the Dusk: The Bridge, The Land of Eternal Rain, the Darkness Realm, the Graveyard, the Enigmatic Ruins and the Eternal Desert."

Khrona pulled out a SECOND list, which would have a list of very pretty jewels and where they were located. It was more efficient if Khrona put them on one list, but... I dunno, he felt that the gems needed their own list.

"Now, on this list are the things you are to require from these places, in this order...

The Peridot from The Bridge, The Amethyst from the Darkness Realm, The Aquamarine from the Freshwater Sea, The Unicorn Horn from the Land of Eternal Rain, The Ruby from the Enigmatic Ruins, the Phoenix Feather from the Graveyard, the Garnet from Hollow Castle, The Ribbon from The Flower Garden, and lastly the Sapphire from the Eternal Desert.

You think you can handle all of that..?"

Thinking over this stupid but needed task, Pegz might as well do it for his rank up, but this should be easy for him, unless it something else happening here... But whatever. "Okay, seems easy, but what do you mean by complete the task without dying? It's a simple run-and-get-it sort of thing. Or is it some type of challenge where I have to survive traps and monsters and such to get the things? And how will I know where to find these gems?" he asked with a look of questioning.

Khrona smiled devilishly now, trying to hold back a laugh. This guy clearly didn't know how Khrona was. Not only could he read his mind to see what he just said, but... Khrona was sadistic. Not many people ran errands for him for just this reason. Sure, it toughened them up greatly, but they always barely escaped with their life. "Ahem... Hem... Teeeheehee..." He was still trying to hold back that laugh... "Uh, ahem. I mean, uh... Yeah. You just have to look around and you'll find it eventually... Heh. And yeah, there's some... Stuff around... Ya know. Typical monsters... And stuff... Hey, do you collect souls?"

Looking at him with a smirk, Pegasus figured he might as well as do it for the challenge and his rank. "Fine then, I'll do it, and yes I collect souls, but only when my partner is around, which is usually when I call him... But I haven't gotten any yet, so I guess I'll start looking for those gems, then," he said with a smile.

Khrona smirked. "Oh yeah, well, you can kill two birds with one stone. You can collect souls for yourself and get those gems for me as well as rank up at the same time..."

Khrona: "coughifyoucomeoutalivecough."

Khrona slicked back his hair a bit. "... Wellll. I guess you'll be getting on your merry way, huh? Remember the list, kid. Don't overwork yourself. You've got some tiiiime."

Pegz looks at him with a sense of confusion, but still does what he does and summons his wings and lifted off the ground a few feet up, but stopped and looked back at his leader. "Fine, I'm going then, and I will get those gems and I'll try to get back as soon as I can," he said with a smirk as he flew off to The Bridge.

Once Pegz was on his way to collect those gemstones for Khrona, he could sense that someone was at his doorstep in the Office and would check back in there very quickly to see what was up...

Lin knew that Khrona could read minds so he would just stand outside his office and call his name in his head. 'Khrona, Lin here, and I'z want something to do. Please give me something... A student, a mission, something.'

Khrona opened his door, looking a bit agitated. Khrona hadn't seen Lin in quite a while. "You want to do something? Why don't you go soul collecting, then? You don't have a single one. Pitiful. Your weapon can't grow stronger if you don't give it souls, you know. So go do that if you're bored." Khrona would then promptly close his door just as fast as he opened it. Things like that... agitated him.

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Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Ninth Awakening; New Kids In Town

As soon as Lino was dismissed, some more people started showing up at Khrona's door, effectively trapping him in his office by having to deal with them as they kept coming in. He was already agitated because of Linomaru, but he would just suck it up and deal with it this time, since he did still have leader duties to take care of. He got himself ready for what was coming with these new members...

A new face walks into this strange village and sees lots of people around doing things and asks where their leader is. They point to a big building that looks like an office and they said to look for a leader, or whatever and tell him that he is new around here. So the new guy walks up to the door and knocks on it, just waiting for someone to answer it.

Khrona's door would open, Khrona sitting in his chair, not even feeling like making a spectacle, like he usually did for new people."... Yeah, what is it?" He sounded rather... unentertained.

Looking at the guy who is the king of the village, the new guy just stood there and talked normally. "I'm sorry, King of this town, I didn't mean to upset you... I'm just looking to join your humble village," he said as he bows.

"King...?" That was an odd thing to call Khrona... He had never really heard that specific title before... at least, not referring to him. "... Y-yeaaah... Anyway. You wanna join this village, huh? I dunno. Maybe. Why do you wanna?"

Looking at him with kind eyes, the new person answers the question; "I want to get stronger, sir, and learn to live on this planet," he said with a happy voice.

Khrona narrowed his eyes a bit at the response. Khrona didn't like it, personally, but, to each his own. Khrona generally wasn't fond of the generic answer. "... Get stronger? Hmph. And with that power, there will be a lot of people wanting to challenge you..."

Khrona coughed under his breath, "ahemandkillyouAHEMHEM..."

The newbie stood still with a happy smile, hoping to get stronger like everyone. One of the people said it's the number one goal in this world. "So does that mean I'm in, sir?"

Khrona sighed, scratching his head. "Man, you're so eager. Meh, I guess that's a good quality. You're... Accepted, I guess." However, with space and time as his powers... He'd have to be watched and disciplined greatly. "... But you're on probation."

The noob stopped, looking a bit confused. He didn't know that Khrona could tell what his powers were. "Probation? So what does that mean, I can't do what?" he asked with his hands up.

Khrona shook his head slowly. "... It means you'll be under heavy watch. You'll be being watched by the higher ups of the Dusk at all times.. To ensure that you do not get out of hand and your powers are kept in place. We generally don't have too many people on probation, but... I feel it's a necessary act for those few people."

"That's fine then, so thanks for letting me into your ranks," the new villager said in a happy tone. Then he walked to the door, but stopped and thought of something to ask before he went to train. "Wait, does that mean I can't train by myself, or do I have to train some place special?" he asked in a confused tone.

Khrona shook his head. "You can't do anything by yourself. You will be watch constantly by either myself or one of my appointed ninja of this village. If you get out of hand, we will surely detain you. Just remember that, alright?" Khrona narrowed his eyes for a moment, then had a friendly expression on his face. "Now, have fun~."

Once the new person -- Janko -- was dismissed, the next newbie walked in.

The door to the office swung open with Kyono's hand on the wood. He looked around to see if the office was empty. Stepping in, the door swung shut behind him as he stuffed his hands in his pockets. His eyes just wandered about, studying the room of Dusk's leader, trying to see if he could spot anything that would give him an idea as to who he was coming to meet. Making his way to the other side of the room, Kyono turned around and leaned on the desk, his hands still in his pockets, and closed his eyes. Since no one was around, he began to whistle again the same tune he heard in his dreams.

???: "Ooooh. Another new guy? Dusk village is getting popular lately."

The voice seemingly belonged to no one. There was no one in the room... Only Kyono. Though, to his disbelief, an eye opened up in front of him, a body materializing before him from the head down. It was the leader of the Dusk; Khrona.

Khrona: "... You've been roaming around for a while, I see. And you've decided to stop here?"

Khrona's voice broke Kyono's train of thought, the whistling stopping along with it. He pushed himself off from the desk to stop from leaning, his eyes starting to study Khrona a bit. The look on his face still gave off he was stuck on his thoughts before Khrona had entered the room, though even still he spoke. "Something about this place..."

Even though Khrona didn't try to, he was slightly examining Kyono's thoughts. It wasn't intentional, but Khrona did it habitually when he met new people... To familiarize himself with them so that he wouldn't kill them. "... Ah, yes... Something, indeed. Well, Kyono-- I mean, random stranger, you're welcomed humbly into the Dusk Village... But before I say anymore... What do you do?" Khrona was trying to make this comfortable for both of them. Naturally, Khrona wasn't in the mood to just mindfuck this guy like he did most... He was feeling a bit more compassionate, for whatever reason. Damn fluctuating emotions.

Puzzled, Kyono broke away from the thoughts of the song he heard in his dreams too much. He didn't quite understand what Khrona meant by his question. "Not sure what you mean..."

Khrona sighed, raising an eyebrow to Kyono. "... Your special power? Your abilities? The general things that you do to get by in this world? What, do you not know or something?" Khrona's eyes gleamed for just a moment after saying his little tidbit of words...

Kyono sat there for a second. He had never really given thought as to what his abilities were. As far as his past, all he knew was his family and his home, but those thoughts revolved around him being a child. So, he spoke and gave the only answer he could; "Honestly... I couldn't tell you. I don't... Know much about why or how I came across this place... But there is a feeling in me that says that this is... Where I should be..." His eyes were locked on Khrona's now, his expression still a little puzzled, but at the same time serious.

With Kyono's eyes locked with Khrona's, it was almost a dead giveaway for Khrona to look into his mind... And Khrona, indeed, did look into his mind... Only a glimpse... And he saw. He saw what Kyono was capable of... But Kyona didn't know, which is what the bad part was. 'Hm...' "... I see. Well, I'm sure you'll figure out your gift soon enough... Because it should be quite powerful and useful. I dunno, maybe if you fight hard enough... Train... Perhaps get some inspiration from some scenery around the village... You'll get the hang of it?" Khrona was spitting out ideas. In truth, Khrona could unlock Kyono's mind just like that, but that left nothing for self growth. Besides... It wasn't good for him. If his powers were to be realized before he were ready, it could destroy him... And Khrona didn't want to be responsible for someone dying... Again. He's given up that lifestyle-- Okay, that's a damn lie, but this guy's new! Khrona needed all the new people he could get... "... Eeeeeh, regardless, you're good in my book. Welcome to the Dusk Village, Kyono."

Kyono stared a bit, before something told him to bow a bit out of respect. He placed his hands close to his sides, and made a slight bow towards Khrona. Without a word, he rose again, and placed his hands in his pockets. Turning around, he made his way towards the door and pushed his hands against it opening it.

Khrona waved politely to Kyono, smiling hard. "Have fun in the Dusk Village, Kyono~!"

Once the newbies were gone, it would seem that one of Khrona's old friends, Zesu Rikoyae, who hadn't been around for a while -- probably doing typical Zesu things -- had stopped by for a visit... But what could he want?

Zesu and Venice would look around town for a good moment only to see things were different from what they have once knew it for. Being confused about the new places and whatnot, the two would go to the one person where they would get a brief or detailed information about it all. That one man is Khrona! The two entered the first floor of the headquarters of Khrona's Office and asked for an appointment with him. The secretary told the two to take a seat and wait until he calls out his next patient. Venice would quietly sneak behind Zesu while he was sitting and sat her busty cleavage over his head with a smile and tongue sticking out.

Venice: "It has been too long since we've seen Khrona-sama from the first time we've met each other."

Zesu: "Indeed, it has been quite a while. That is why we need to know about everything that happened while we were underground."

The two would read a magazine as they wait for their appointment to start.

There was an ominous presence looking over the shoulder of Sir Rikoyae, almost threatening... Nah, not really. It was Khrona, laughing his ass off at the entrails of the magazine. "AHAHAHAHAHA, ooooh, that Akatsuki... They crack me up." He wiped an imaginary tear from his eye, then looked back down and smiled at Zesu. "Zesuuuu, buddyyyyy. It's been quite some time, hasn't it~?" Khrona didn't seem angry that Zesu left... Wonder why?

Zesu and Venice continued to read the magazine without realizing that Khrona was right beside them. He noticed a sale for Subway which said, "Buy one footlong sub, get three for free! Yeah thats right! THREE!!" The two squealed in excitement until they realized that Khrona appeared right in front of Zesu. He screamed like a little girl from the sudden appearance and jumped into Venice arms like Scooby-Doo. It only lasted for a second as Venice dropped him on the ground and bowed to Khrona-sama.

Venice: "Hello, Mr. Khrona-sama! How have you been?"

Zesu would rub his butt from the ground while groaning from the fall, only to quickly get back up and salute his leader. The appearance of Khrona seemed like the same typical look he have seen the first time he was recruited into the village and obtained Venice as his soul partner. However, you can't expect the same facial expression from him either, since he doesn't show any true expression unless he is in complete insanity mode. "Khrona! Zesu Rikoyae reporting for duty, sir! Also a few questions I need to ask as well. I apologize for being M.I.A. for quite a long time and I'll accept my punishment!" An anime sweat drop appeared behind his head, only realizing what he just said, but he had no choice.

Khrona's eyes dimmed at Zesu's statement and his smile grew wide and dark, but only for a moment, as the punishment had already been decided. "... Ha, we should play the Punishment Game..." But that was another story. Khrona stood tall, stretching for a moment and yawning, seeming pretty lax about the entire thing. He scratched the back of his head and returned a bow to them both. "... Yeah. It's toootally fine, Zesu. Don't worry about it... We all have our times." Khrona remembered the time he delved too deep into insanity and became a wreck for a period of time, not even serving his purpose as a leader. But that was a loooong time ago... Before his first revelation. Regardless, Khrona wished to know where Zesu was and what his questions were. "Alright then, out with it. Where were you and what are the questions?"

Zesu would change his posture into a normal status type of posture, but still respecting his leader in every way possible. He took a deep breath as he gets started into where he was during the passing times. Using various hand gestures and improvs to show Khrona how the situation went down. "One day, me and my sensei decided to train underground to improve on my taijutsu abilities along with my special ability. My soul partner, Venice, was there along with us to help me with my training and my combo techniques to further improvise in any situation if possible. The goal was to train for several days underground with limited space and a possibility of death, since the underground pit that we were training in was filled with sharp spikes. The session continued for two days until both my sensei and I collided with twice our power in our attacks which resulted the entire area to cause an earthquake and a massive magnitude not only on the surface, but underground as well. We were both crushed by heavy boulders and our spacial movement shrunk down into 'lost hope'. The lack of oxygen made it even worse as me and my sensei tried to convert our chakra and chi energy into vital energy that we've needed to survive over the months of our action. We'd thought that we were gonna perish when our energy was at a critical level. I'd decided to take a drastic measure that would kill me, but it was worth a shot. I focused my remaining energy into my soul weapon and shot a powerful 'Hydro Pump' attack upward towards the surface to break away the rocks and gain some spacial room. Once I was able to, I used any spare energy to transform into one of my special abilities to break back into surface. Once we were back on surface from over a year or so -- I forgot how long -- we'd realized that it was wintertime. So we headed back to the village and also realized that everything had changed from what we'd remembered. So now we would like to ask about what has happened during the time while we were missing in action, Lord Khrona."

Zesu would pant heavily and breathe deeply from the situation he was in during the days, Venice would just sprinkle him with water by using her water hose arm attachment.

There was an awkward silence.

"... Wow, all that happened? Well damn, you've been through some shit, haven't you? Hahahaha! WELL, at least you're alive." Khrona patted him on the back a bit, getting ready for this long explanation... "Soooo... What had happened was... There was a giant black hole that sucked in a lot of random people from here and transported them god knows where, then The Deep Village got attacked during a Master Control event, causing it to be damn near destroyed, so I proposed that we merge together to become one large village -- which we in turn became -- thus making ourselves the Dusk Village. After that, my brother gave up his position as leader, giving it to some totally random and new Android girl made by one of the former Deep leaders, so now you have a different leader. After that, we got a few more threats in this village, like new witches and whatnot... I had a kid... Lotsa people had kids, ya see. The Demon King went blind. Father X, the Earth King is... doin'... his own thing. Got a lot of new college attendees and lots of new shinobi and whatnot... Some sort of Chaos event thing was going on, but I didn't really care too much about that... Some guy named Kujata is doing some shit somewhere... Errr... Blahblahblah, personal info, personal info, aaaaaand... Yep, that seems to be all the filler episodes."

Khrona sighed as he had forgotten that so much happened... He probably even forgot some stuff, but that didn't really matter... Zesu got the gist of it.

Zesu and Venice would blink countless times in confusion. An awkward silence lurked about once more as the two begun to absorb everything in a nutshell for their minds. Zesu would then take a quick peek at the magazine because of a random ad that caught his eye, but that was not important. He focused his attention back to Khrona. "I see. So in short: lots of crap happened, two villages collide as one, a lot of newcomers lurking about because a soul weapon seems like the easiest way to go, I suppose, and some guy named Kujata is lurking about out of nowhere doing who knows what and we don't know when he will strike. Hmmm... Sounds like the same old village that I've signed up before, only with new decorations and people."

Khrona nodded his head, a certain sort of smoking pipe appearing in his mouth as he took a few puffs of it with an inquisitive look on his face. "Ah, yes, indeed. Do not worry, however, this Kujata fellow is not a threat as of right now. And also, we are working on taking care of the other threats around the village... And that is why we need all of the help we can get! Yes, it is good to have you back." Taking a glance at his weapon, however, he noticed that there were no souls for Venice... Hm. "... And I know what your punishment is, guy. You're going on a mission... To reap THE GR*NCH."

Zesu would gasp from the mission he'd received because of the name that he have heard to reap. He would then 'BAWW'D for a brief moment as he pulled out a 'Dr. Seuss How The Grinch Stole Christmas' book and pointed to him, showing a waterfall of tears on his face just like in the animes. "Y-y-y-you mean I have to kill off The Gr*nch and save Wh*sville to have Christmas once more?"

"YES, THE VERY SAME! Epic Santa wished it to be with all of his epic EPICNESS. Khrona could not BEAR the sheer EPICTUDE of Epic Santa and therefore, before I could realize how epic such a mission was, he had already given it to me. The entire Dusk Village exploded at least forty billion times that day with pure epicness, but luckily it was SO epic that unepic people didn't notice it. So a looooot of people didn't notice." 'HAHA, ZING!'

Khrona shook his head, a single tear falling from his eye as he looked up to the nonexistent sky because it was covered by a lead ceiling. "This is for you... EPIC SANTA!!!"

"Huddle!" Zesu would quickly take Venice a few feet away from Khrona and begin to whisper to her about the mission. It only took a quick second and the two quickly went back to Khrona, both nodding to accept the mission. Zesu, however, still had a few animeish waterfall tears running down his eyes. "Zesu shall accept this mission and take down The Gr*nch. Should I also burn the evidence and steal the presents from Wh*sville along with it--?"

Venice would hit him hard with her 'Hydro Pump Blast' skill from her water hose attachment to knock some sense into him.

Venice: "Don't worry, Khrona-sama. We'll take on the mission and reap The Gr*nch! Besides, I need some souls anyway."

Khrona smiled, giving the two of them the 'Thumbs Up'! "Alright then! Well, I guess here's the rest of your punishment, then... You can only go alone. You can't ask for any help of any kind. The only help you will receive is the location of where the Gr*nch is presumed to be... the Alps. No one has noticed him because he lives in an EPIC cave that ISN'T AS EPIC AS EPIC SANTA, YET STILL HAS EPIC PROPERTIES TO IT. Therefore, you must locate this cave, stop the Gr*nch, and save Wh*ville-- I mean, this planet's Christmas. IN THE NAME OF EPIC SANTAAAA!"

Zesu was sent on his way and Khrona was done for the day, or, so he would have been if the same newbie that had just come to him earlier that day was coming back to him. It was nearing Christmas time, so clearly, Khrona was feeling jolly and in the spirit.

Kyono appeared at Kyono's office once again, ready to ask another question. Even though it seemed too early to request such a task, he thought he was rather ready to do so. He would ask for a ranking exam.

Khrona appeared to Kyono's wishes, of course, a little bit puzzled as to why the ranking exam was requested so early... Heh. He didn't know Khrona that well, it seemed. Perfect. "... Kyono. How are you? Requesting an exam personally from me?"

Staring at Khrona with a questioning look, he fixed his postures taking his hands out his pockets. "Well, I thought it would seem right to be tested by the leader... Gives a stronger stand point than one being given by any other appointed to do so..."

Khrona chuckled a bit to himself. He knew naught of who Khrona was. It tickled him, a bit... But Kyono would learn, just as all newbies did... From behind Khrona, his two partners walked out into visibility... Misery and Despair. They stood next to him, smiling just the same. "Well, Kyono, if that's the case... I'll let you fight me without my weapons. But, you do have a choice... You can either fight me, my weapon Misery, or my other weapon Despair... Choose wisely." Misery and Despair threw themselves at Khrona, falling all over him in sexual ways. Khrona just stood there with piercing eyes, chuckling lightly to himself. He awaited the answer...

Kyono just sat and stared for a bit. He honestly did not care exactly what choice he had to make, so he just made the first choice he could think of. "I think I'd rather have you do it Lord Khrona."

Khrona already knew that he would be chosen. It made him chuckle even more. "Ooooh, what a nice choice... A wonderful choice, isn't it, girls?" Misery and Despair frowned, Despair quickly wrapping Misery and herself in her dimensional dress, warping off to another location. It was now only Khrona and Kyono. Oh, what fun. "Hm... I don't even know what to do... Ha! I'll show you the prized ability of those of the Dusk Village... The power of the soul." Khrona always loved to show off the power of Soul Energy to newbies... It encouraged them to learn it and go to Shinigami to figure out how to use it. "Well, Kyono. This is your test. You must defeat me in battle." Khrona expanded his gigantic black dragon wings, the force pushing away all of the snow within a one thousand foot radius of Khrona, leaving the land bare and plain. Most likely, the immense force would push Kyono away and catch him off guard. Khrona always loved to do that, too. "On your guard."

Kyono twirled in mid air and began a series of flips, stopping right at the edge of the cleared ground. He looked around, observing what Khrona just did, a slight nervous feeling hitting him as he draw 'Carver' from its holster.* "Wow... Didn't see that coming..." Shaking his head, he didn't pay attention to Khrona's wings, and instead, he burst forward in a dead sprint. This may have seemed foolish, but he thought he would see what a direct attack would prove. Aiming Carver's tip at Khrona's chest, when he got within reach, he thrusted the blade forward, attempting to pierce Khrona right through the heart.

Khrona shook his head, still chuckling to himself. Oh, what a fool he was to run right up on Khrona... But it was a learning experience. Khrona's wings were expanded, ready for action. With just a gentle flap of his wings, Kyono would be pushed back from Khrona about two hundred feet away. He would feel the force push heavily on his bones. "... I'm going to tell you now. That is not the best way for you to win this." Khrona was then behind Kyono before he hit the ground, his wings formed into gigantic fists aimed down on Kyono. He shot his fists down on Kyono's position, trying to crush him into oblivion, the smile of insanity slithering across his face.

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Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Tenth Awakening; The Earth King's Favor

It was finally quitting time for old Khrona, who was prepared to head home, but a band of completely unexpected visitors cut him off with a rather interesting proposal...

So, Nara and the ethereal girl made their way to Khrona's house sharing this and that, carrying on about nothing until they reached Khrona's Office. On the way, they stopped at the Earth King's and asked him what it is they needed to do about Noir -- the Soul Weapon of Nara -- being alive and all, and he said talk to Khrona about 'that soul shit he hates' -- the words from his mouth. So, Nara marched up to the office and knocked on Khrona's door to inquire about such things.

The plasmoid just stood there beside Nara, being her usual self, while they waited for Khrona to answer his door. Last time she saw Khrona, he was picking on the resident werewolf... What could he be up to now?

Khrona's door opened up, again, not as flashy as he usually made it. No mind tricks, no altering of reality... No nothing. Just him lying back on his desk with Misery and Despair standing on either side of him. All of their eyes locked onto the two at his door, all three of them seeming to be a bit.. unwelcoming, in a sense. "... May I help you?"

"Yeah... You can. The Earth King said you could. He wanted to know if you would do me a favor by helping me out. Kinda wanted to come up on a soul partner like the two ladies you have there, I assume?" Nara knew first hand that ALL the leaders are wicked temperamental -- especially the Earth King -- and look for any reason to wig out on someone. So he had to approach this as politely as possible, but it was killing him he really wanted to say something rude and disrespectful.

"The air seems, tense, for some reason..." The ethereal girl stood there, leaning on her hip, all so boringly as Nara spoke to Khrona.

Khrona's sanity wasn't stable when around new people... Well, then again, when was it ever? His thoughts were less stable than before... Though not out of fear, like normal. Khrona's insanity was fueled by... Anger. This may be the one time that Khrona could relate with Misery when meeting new people. "... A partner, huh? Great. Everyone from every village wants to run up and get a soul partner... The ethereal girl's alright, but you... Nara... I know what you want to say." Khrona's stare got intense. He eyed Nara, then the plasmoid... The confines of the room began to melt under Khrona's unknown boiling anger. His eyes started to appear on the walls and his voice became more ominous and echoed... "... Let's be frank... I don't trust you, nor do I trust your little ethereal friend over there... I didn't trust her in battle, and I don't trust her now. I'll grant you your wish, since it was requested by... Father X... However, I want you to prove your worth to me." Each of Khrona's eyes locked on to Nara, observing him from different angles in the room... inspecting everything about him. "... Prove that you deserve it... Shadowy Fiend.."

'Father? What kinda relationship...' "Get one? With all due respect..." Firstly, Nara halted his thoughts, for he knew Khrona read minds as if he was breathing. Well, for all those who know Nara, he would have probably snapped out and attempted to kill Khrona right here and now, and it might have been a pretty decent fight to observe. But Nara saw this coming; he didn't really have a good relationship with the planet, now, and after a couple months of this whole thing, he's turned over a slightly new leaf. He wanted to prove it to Khrona, and when Nara has something to prove, he gets it done. That's the kind of man he is. Out of his shadow emerged Noir, looking exactly like him in a different outfit. Hopefully Khrona wouldn't take this as an antagonistic gesture.

"This is who I want to make my soul partner, I was told that you were one of the few that has the knowledge of this process and I was told, that if I inherit these abilities and go through the necessary steps to make him my shadow, then I would be pledging allegiance to you and the college. In short, I'm going to be the best fucking wielder you've ever seen! And if I have to earn your trust to do so, Khrona, then I guess I won't stop trying, even after I become a Soul Angel. I mean sure... I maybe aided in the destruction of the planet, fought Tear in a pretty dickish way and stuff, but I really think that this is my purpose. I saw my future self, and I was transported to his future, where, believe it or not, you and I were 'starting' to get a long. Granted, this guy named Shinigami was always the mediator for our slight verbal stabs at one another." The atmosphere grew still once more at Nara's words... He held his ground, but knew that if Khrona wanted him gone, he really wouldn't be here in a couple seconds. When you approach any leader, you are literally looking eminent death in the face. What happened to the nice leaders of the villages that Nara read about?

Khrona's eyes stayed narrow. It would seem as though the ethereal girl was staying silent for now. Khrona's eyes on the wall started to swirl about, as thought was ensuing. Khrona's unknown rage started to calm for some reason. "... Alright, you seem determined... Indeed I am capable of such a feat, but... I want to see how synchronized you are with your weapon already as is." Khrona grabbed Misery on the 'spot' in the back of her neck, while grabbing Despair by the side of her waist, each of them moaning slightly out of pleasure before transforming into their weapon forms; Misery becoming a black sword and Despair becoming a straight razor. "... We're going to fight. As such, I shall demonstrate the extent of what you can achieve with Soul Partners with barely using any psychic power or reality warping. Those are the terms, and if you fight hard and true, I'll fill the request, guaranteed." Khrona's office would melt completely, swirl about and then become a wide-open space. A generally flat and smooth area with a dark skyline in the background. Khrona's wings tingled a bit, as it had been... Quite a while.

Using their shadows to communicate, Noir and Nara can speak on a channel independent from mind readers. It was something Nara developed to hide from the Earth King, though he knew not the extent of Khrona's powers, either way... He had only heard stories about the guy in front of him, most of which were pretty scary. Noir sunk back into Nara's shadow, then rose back up after a second or two with war glaives in hand; Nara brandished the same weapons as well. Noir changed his outfit into the same one Nara was wearing to confuse Khrona -- blindfold and everything.

Noir: "So we kill him?"

Nara: "We try... He'll definitely kill us. I can see it in his face."

The two nodded to one another and disappeared, the air growing cold and still for a second or two before Nara -- or was it Des'Noir? -- popped out of Khrona's shadow silently, aiming to slice him across his back with the utmost force and intensity; all the while, the ground around them began to bubble with some black water.

The plasmoid withdrew her Ookami and merely sat off at the side. She was only there to observe. If Nara wanted to become stronger, he had to overcome this trial on his own. Her blade was out, just in case some random attack came flying in her direction, so she could easily dispose of it. "Fight hard you two, or else you might not become the man you want to be."

Khrona's pupils dilated, his irises widening. The ethereal girl was safely off to the side, separate from the two -- technically five -- of them. Khrona started to take in the air, his Hyper Perception activating. When Nara appeared from the shadow, Khrona then immediately blocking the attack with Misery. "... I'm not scary. Don't touch me. I see all..." His soul energy surged throughout Misery, causing an immense explosion for no real reason at all, blowing them both away. A Soul Purge. Khrona landed on his feet, spreading his gargantuan wings. The force of them opening caused powerful gusts of wind to blow around for miles at a time before the air became calm again. Khrona started to twirl Misery in his hand and then do some fancy shit with Despair in his hand that only professional barbers knew how to do. "... It's been far too long..." Khrona hadn't really fought or used his weapons in any way for quite a while... The feel of their souls coursing through him caused his own  to fluctuate wildly, yet at the same time, still in accord with theirs. A rare thing that can be done. Insanity could be felt spreading through the area... His eyes became heavy.

Expecting some instantaneous block, Nara's blade went through Khrona's? By some unknown means, of course, and knicked the leader before getting forced back by some strong internal damaging attack; luckily, this was Noir, and because he's made of antimatter, internal damage doesn't effect him. But he was knocked back and fell into the black water below that now covered a vast majority of the area and an attack of this caliber -- even though normally internal damage wouldn't effect -- managed to hurt Noir. It was a new sensation; an attack Nara wasn't familiar with. This being the shadow water. Noir's fall created splashes of the stuff; each drop would morph into tendrils that would attempt to bind Khrona -- they had a pinkish hue to them. Nara was bringing out the good stuff from the start.

Of course, since Khrona's wings were folded on his back when Noir attacked, the nick wouldn't even be of any concern to Khrona, since his wings were awesomely durable and strong and stuff. Khrona sneered at the black water, looking at it in the same way as Black Dragon Blood. Khrona wanted to away it as quickly as possible before it spread even more, so with a gentle flap of his mighty dragon wings, Khrona was forced high into the air, the resulting wind more powerful than the first, thus meaning it should be able to blow away all of the water within a few miles, lest the water was bound to the ground by something... Else. Khrona promised no psychic abilities, -- save for the Hyper Perception, which was more Soul Perception in combination with Psychic power -- so he wasn't going to look into what it was via psychic power... It was time to test the waters. "... Hey... Is that like the Black Dragon Blood, huh? Tch. Mine is definitely better... I'll show you how right now..." Naturally, Khrona had avoided the tendrils by flapping into the sky, hopefully blowing them away at the same time. Now... Where was Nara? Khrona already knew that he was using his little doppelganger...

Khrona immediately decided. With his decisive thought, he swirled Misery around, cutting off his arm, growing another one and catching Misery in one swift motion. The falling arm was spewing Black Dragon Blood every which way; suddenly the blood hardened into wings for the arm, then totally engulfed the arm and transformed it purely into Black Dragon Blood. The arm grew larger, sprouting numerous eyes that resembled Khrona's. The Black Dragon Blood arm flapped close to the ground and very quickly generated a tsunami of Black Dragon Blood from itself in an attempt to wash out and capture Nara wherever he was... Or, if not him, then Noir.

Now, back to Khrona.

"... Misery... Let's show him the power of Insanity, huh...? Let's see how fit he is to handle this..." Khrona raised his sword, Misery, above him, pointing to the sky. Her soul energy started to pulsate through the blade, taking on a reddish color of insanity. Khrona started to feed his soul into her, making a large burst of pure insanity surge around him violently. It did not look friendly at all. Khrona wasn't going to launch the attack yet, but wait until he saw what happened to his Black Dragon Blood. It would be foolish to recklessly attack... Even if Khrona was ascending into more and more insanity crazed frustration for unknown reasons. "I'm going to use... We're going to use..."

The shadow water was rooted in the ground by something; it wasn't blown away, but even if Khrona's wing flap didn't blow it away, something was damaged. Unknown to Khrona of course... Khrona being over the shadow water meant that his reflection was over it, and anything that had a reflection over the shadow water could be possessed. Naturally, possessing something as weird as the Black Dragon Blood and Khrona at the same time can be a bit taxing on the chakra pool, but it was done... And Nara would be feeling the strain of containing such a force, but he only did it so he can do the following attack. Nara and Noir spoke on their secret channel.

Noir: "What's up with you? You're doing all of this yourself. I'm here to help."

Nara: "I don't want you to die..."

The arm that was now a giant wad of Black Dragon Blood was possessed before it could launch its attack. And then, Khrona, too, was possessed; naturally, the possession could be broken out of with the appropriate countermeasure. But Nara trained with the Earth King and the countermeasure needed to be appropriate, indeed. After that, if that hopefully occurred, an explosion of energy happened where Khrona's head was on his reflection, the pain Khrona would hopefully feel would be immense. Noir and Nara were more than just a ninja and his special jutsu; they were a team... If anyone knew this, the ethereal girl did.

With his body possessed, it meant nothing to Khrona as long as his soul was intact and still thriving. Khrona figured out Nara's goal once he noticed he had been possessed through unknown means... It had to have been the water. It was rooted, like he thought, meaning it must have either been attached to them... Or the ground itself. Regardless, this wasn't the time for thinking of that. Instead, when the explosion happened, Khrona's head would inflate for a moment, showing the extent of the explosion... Before finally exhaling the energy forcefully from his mouth and into the black water. "... This isn't funny... I want to see your face... Bring it to me..."

Khrona's Insanity started to fluctuate violently, as well as Despair's Rejection. Using the two of those souls together, Khrona forced Nara's possession off of him via horrible surged of his soul energy throughout his entire body rapidly. Since Nara couldn't match or repel the energy, possession should be impossible, especially if the soul energy is repelling him via Rejection and Insanity at the same time. Hopefully, this would surface him, as well. "You've done it now... Misery... Let us show him our power... Let him know what Insanity truly feels like... I want him to feel! Feel our insanity... Our hatred... Our Fear! Our sadness! Our Pain! Our struggle! Our strife!!... All of it... So he may know just who we are, like we know him so well..."

Misery was silent, though her malice could be felt through the blade. The aura of the area turned a deep crimson color, the tinted atmosphere shining the same red in the black waters. The most well-known attack that Khrona used with Misery... Maybe even the most signature of them... "... Zero Sanity..." Khrona aimed directly toward the water, as that was where he last saw Nara and Noir. With a mighty slash of Misery, a gigantic wave of pure Insanity soul energy shot outward as a massive, roaring projectile wave at the water. It was huge. It zoomed through the air, distorting the very air around it with its high concentration of insanity and would hit the water, causing a large explosion, then implosion, distorting, and probably shattering what it touched in the process, causing the water to ripple.

"Ah... I feel a little better now. Don't you?" Khrona said to no one in particular. He was, in fact, staring up at the sky, talking to himself.

'Oh, the possession was forced back.' If it was another type of Nara's possession, then Khrona would have been screwed, but that's for another time. Naturally he expected for Khrona to take the hit; it was an estimate -- if Nara blowing up the head of the reflection showed on Khrona's body then, with a bit more effort, some serious damage could be done... And Nara had the correct means. The water formed into Nara and Noir; they had their arms crossed as they had to attempt something a bit more flashy to get out of this one

Noir: "You pissed him off..."

Nara: "One thing we know, is that all the leaders are wicked temperamental; keep your head level. Don't feed their egos."

Noir pressed his hands on his heart and transformed into the ethereal dude, -- from Khrona's memories -- placing a barrier of reflecting barriers in front of the two, bolstered with Nara's dense shadow water and wind, reflecting the damn thing back then causing it to explode, then implode away from Nara and Noir; it left the two of them slightly staggering. This soul power was entirely different; it wasn't physical strength, but the strength of one's soul. Nara wanted this power and Noir wanted to help him, their determination burning bright. Nara then pointed at Khrona, who's wing was now infected with the 'Nocturne'; it would spiral out of control, fucking up Khrona's flight pattern, making him smack himself with the utmost of force Khrona had in his arsenal. The Nocturne is like a virus, turning all matter it consumes when it infects the foe into anti matter for Nara to manipulate from a distance. Because Khrona only had a little bit in it, Nara's hold wouldn't be that strong, but it would take Khrona by surprise, giving the two of them time to sign for something big.

Even with the tiny amount of Nocturne within Khrona's wings, he wouldn't notice it nearly as fast without his Psychic Powers. So, he went on being a bit oblivious to it, for the moment. "... Huh? Where have I seen that before...? Huuuh..." Khrona started to go into thought, but was quickly snapped out of it by one of his wings flapping about violently, causing massive winds to form about due to it. If only a gentle flap could bring down a forest, then violent flapping would fuck up a lot of shit... If there were shit here. The massive force of the wind would definitely reach Nara and Noir's positions, though it would be unknown if the force would effect them. Regardless, Khrona focused his mind on his wings, almost instantly finding the cause of this...

"... That's what you put in me when you cut me?... Yes, I noticed... But I didn't notice this... Hmmm... I would have noticed it before it got deep into my body, though..." He didn't seem all that worried about it. His wing would be severed, as if it hadn't been attached in the first place, Khrona's cells splitting apart quite swiftly after the detachment... Until it reached the portion of the wing that had been contaminated, which didn't break down... It wasn't Khrona's own body anymore and couldn't be controlled by him anymore due to this. It would fall out of the sky and down to the blackness below. Khrona looked at his own reflection again, realizing something important... As long as his reflection was there, Nara could possess him at any time... Time to fix this situation now, as well, while he was somewhat calm. Another wing spurted from his back to replace the previously destroyed one, good as new.

Khrona: "... Despair. This is your time to shine... Use the special power of your dress.."

Despair: "... Mmm... a depressingly glorious idea, Khrona, I must say..."

Unlike most who fought Nara, Khrona caught on quick as to get rid of that possession. One, Khrona could fly, which was already a plus, and two, if the shadow weren't able to be projected on the surface of the ground or water, then it would definitely be more difficult for Nara to get hold of it. Despair quickly transformed below Khrona, expanding her dress so that it completely covered Khrona's shadow. Not only this, its dimensional properties activated, causing the constantly open hole to stay open below, her legs disappearing once the portal was open. Thus there was only a gigantic portal leading to another universe rather than Khrona's shadow. If Despair were in trouble, that could easily be fixed... Khrona then eyed Nara, smirking insanely.

"... I wonder, wonder... What will happen if I plunge this place in darkness... Darkness is different from Shadow, last I checked... Does it work in the same way for you...? Or... Does darkness leave you with no power?" Khrona's voice sounded lackadaisical and a little bit grim at the same time, but mostly carefree. "... Expand." His voice was more demanding and assertive now, the dress beginning to expand its radius slowly. Khrona slowly hovered toward Nara and Noir's position, aiming to put some pressure on them while Despair's dress grew larger.

"... Nara... Is Noir... Connected to your being? I would like to know.." Khrona pointed Misery at him and Des'Noir, Misery starting to surge with Insanity again. "... I want the answer... Or, do I have to force it out of you?" As he said that, Despair charged her hands with her Rejection, as if she were preparing to do something with it as Khrona said 'force it out of you'. The three of them were perfectly in sync, even without Soul Synchro.

'That dress is problematic,' but Nara wasn't a fool to engage Khrona physically. Which he could do, given proper defenses he had some ideas. One that would cripple Khrona using the power that he hates most, the enchanted flames. But for now, he had a better idea. Nara and Noir looked at one another after their signs were complete; Nara turned into his shadow form, various threads of shadow energy spilling off of his body. Noir, the same.

Noir: "Just another guy who thinks that because he gets rid of possession, he's in the clear..."

'Now the bad shit comes...' Nara thought. "You can read minds... You know that I have a means of fighting against all of my weaknesses but one. Noir is connected to me as your shadow is to you, but Noir has his own chakra and has a heart. And this is what I wish to use as the bonding agent..." Despair's dress grew larger and larger slowly as Khrona loomed towards them like the harbinger of death itself; a handful of bubbly energy with a pinkish hue manifested itself around Nara's hand, this being the Nocturne... So much power packed inside.

Nara: "I'll tell you what it does... After I kick your ass!"

Nara shot their tendrils at Khrona; they too shared that same pinkish hue that the Nocturne once had -- Noir pressed his hands to the ground and used the 'Shadow Force' technique designed to repel anything that has a shadow, or have shadow energy, such as antimatter, away from them. Despair has it, she's just covering it. This would bring Despair to a halt along with Khrona. Noir would keep up the clash while Nara was testing his hypothesis. The tendrils being coated in the Nocturne teetered on two planes of existence; as such Nara can make the tendrils not touch anything -- because they're not there in the first place -- until it hits Khrona. Very deadly...

The ethereal girl watched quietly from the sidelines, smirking at Nara's progress. He had grown a lot more since he beat her back then, but then again, so did she... It made her wonder how a fight between them would go now, but for now, she had to focus on this fight. That... Pinkish substance... It was traveling on multiple planes at once it seemed, for when it moved through the atmosphere, she could feel it touching the ether in the air in nanosecond intervals. It was the only explanation. "Such a deadly tactic... Heheh~!" Her body started to feel warm as she imagined herself being cut by that energy. She rubbed her arm, trying to bypass that urge and hide what she felt... Fights were always amazing to watch.

Khrona was happy to have heard the answer to his question, concentrating the wavelengths stably so that he could commence with his attack... But as the explanation went on, Khrona became infuriated, once more. The insanity around Misery grew large and unstable, as it did around Khrona.

Khrona: "... You don't understand..."

During this point in time, Despair would be stuck due to her shadow being pushed away in a similar way as her Rejection. In that same sense, Khrona prepared himself for attack, as he could no longer advance, either.

Khrona: "... What the hell is the use of a heart..."

The tendrils came closer, yet Khrona didn't seem to mind at all, He only looked at them, landing on Despair's dress, which could hold up his body effortlessly, Despair feeling the effects of his soul just the same as Misery did.

Khrona: "... Without a GODDAMN SOUL!?!?"

And that's what sparked it. Unintentionally, Khrona had initiation a Soul Resonance... A rather intense Soul Resonance, in fact. The resonance would cause the sky atmosphere to be tinted red again, but also a mixture of black, gray and dark gray... Some sort of fluctuation between those four colors.. Symbolizing the harmony of their destructive souls... Insanity... Fear... Condemnation... Rejection... Despair... These wavelengths were constantly surging around Khrona now, throughout his body and throughout his weapons. Perfect harmony.

Khrona: "Misery... Despair... 'Dark Repel'!!"

A barrier formed around Khrona, Misery and Despair, it being made completely of the Rejection as the tendrils neared. Khrona could tell that it was the Nocturne, but knew too well the power and potency of Despair's Rejection... Especially when upped up to this level by Soul Resonance. The 'Dark Repel' wasn't like normal Rejection barriers, which repelled everything... Instead, they would allow the tendrils inside the barrier... But the pink glow would stop once they did, and they would no longer be able to faze in and out. All secondary abilities that the tendrils had would go away, thus they were just normal tendrils. Khrona's soul energy surged, causing the tendrils to shoot off in another direction and out of the barrier. Once they left the barrier, their secondary abilities would return to them.

Khrona: "... Deadsword..."

Immediately after saying that, a large sword blade would just from the ground where Nara and Noir were, being made of the Insanity. It had a special draining power in it that drained large amounts of power in just one strike from it. The giant sword, of course, would explode afterward, the explosion having the same draining effects, aiming to deplete Nara's chakra... Or, at least drain it a lot.

Nara: "What's the use? It has to use chakra somehow right? Though his heart is simply a shadowy manifestation of my own though."

Noir: "He's figured out that we stopped him; next thing, he's gonna try and force his way through."

Nara: "That's when we'll get him..."

Nara said, mocking Khrona, in the sense. The tendrils were in fact forced outward, for it seemed that their ability to phase was rejected and forced out by Khrona's barrier; Nara figured that his hypothesis was indeed correct then that his Nocturnr can pass through Khrona's fabled Rejection soul. Now he had a plan, but he had to not die first. Noir's Shadow Force attack was doing a lot more than just halting Despair and Khrona's advance; it was siphoning Khrona's shadow from Despair's, bringing it out towards the two of them slowly while keeping them at bay. Granted, the only thing halting the instantaneous-ness of this technique was Despair's dress creating that hole. But now came the problem of the blade, -- which both of them could sense coming out of the ground well in advance. Nara's blindfold allowing him to see into the shadow realm detects foreign energies for him. Nara had two options; he took the second, Noir continued his plight while Nara sliced the blade in two upon its appearance and forced both halves of it away with the shadow force where it would then explode violently. Nara, caught in a bit of the explosion, caused his energy to drain as well; he turned towards the halted Khrona, their shadows coming towards him now. It was almost over. He signed again...

Nara: "What's the use of a soul if you're just going to go insane? In my opinion, you're just a waste of the world's ether, letting your mind submit to trivial forces that can easily be overcome."

Khrona felt himself slipping more and more into insanity... Like the old days... His thoughts were becoming cluttered again... His mind was scrambling. This caused him to spew out random thoughts and feelings against his will... His eyes shifting in directions opposite of each other erratically. "... A Soul? And a Heart? Chakra? Those are two different things with two different functions... Can you touch a soul? I CAN...! Is your heart intact...? MINE ISN'T... Oh, wait, there it goes... But... But... But... What is a man? What is a soul... A healthy soul resides in a healthy body, which harbors a healthy mind... What is my mind? Insanity? EASY TO OVERCOME?!"

Misery: "... Oh shit... Is it... Could it be...?"

Despair: "... It's so morbidly beautiful to see him like this again..."

Misery and Despair: "... Like the old days..."

Somehow, this insanity that Khrona was going through made their resonance rate stronger and stronger. As such, Khrona's Hyper Perception became stronger as well... He looked up to the sky, his eyes still out of focus, but shuffling around as if they could see everything... Everything...

Khrona: "... Soul Projection..."

It was behind Nara. Instantly, no less. Khrona's soul had manifested itself into the body of Khrona... It cast no shadow, yet presented a physical form.... Like a ghost, in a sense. It glared at the back of Nara's head, feeling Noir's presence near it. It started to dome its wings around Nara, harboring the wavelengths of the three of them... Insanity... Rejection... Condemnation... Despair... Fear. Just like before. But... Soon after, more and more started to appear around the area. Some of them were even those of Misery and Despair, Despair letting her dress extend and try to dome around a large portion of the area. The actual Khrona stood motionless, all except for the eyes... That is, until his body began to dissipate. Misery's and Despair's started to, as well. In a few moments, there would be no trace of their original bodies at all. Insanity was heavy... Extremely heavy in the air. Khrona's voice could be heard coming from nowhere in particular, sounding ominous... Grim... And unstable.

Khrona: "... I will show you... A fraction's fraction of my insanity... What goes through my head... What it's like in there."

A pause.

Khrona: "... You're gonna love it."

It's a passive ability of Nara's shadow form to fizzle in and out of this world and the shadow realm every now and then -- because this form is difficult to maintain -- and secondly, it was only natural for him to be unaffected by the encompassing of Khronas wings. Nara found it funny how the Khrona clone thing had no shadow and the Despairs that popped around did, but he guessed that's just how it was going to work. He looked at Noir, who rose from the ground as the clones popped up in various places with their dresses up. They sighed.

Nara: 'This is stupid...' "You can keep your damn insanity... I'll gladly pass"

Noir: "It's fine... I got it anyway."

Nara smiled, the 'it' that Noir was referring to was the reading of Khrona's antimatter, and Despair's, as well. He got the chance to possess them for a second before they dissipated, giving Noir the opportunity to transform into Khrona at will, which is what he did. There was an overcoming feeling in the area that even the ethereal girl could probably feel; whatever it was, this needed to be ended soon. But Nara needed to figure out where Khrona was... It's fine, he had the perfect technique. With Noir transformed into Khrona -- now being Khrona's antimatter -- any damage done to Noir would automatically be transferred to Khrona. This is called the 'Shadow Voodoo' doll technique, used on more durable foes. As such, Nara set his hand ablaze in shadow fire and plunged it into the head of Noir -- who would feel no pain -- but Khrona would, the pin equivalent towards him taking a bath in the sun. Wherever the fucker was.

Khrona felt nothing. Pain was nothing to Khrona. He adapted to pain... He adapted his body. He was far too well in control to let such conventional means of attack harm his body... Especially when his body wasn't even intact at this point in time. What could be heard throughout the area would be a laugh... A morbidly distorted laugh filled with insanity, but a laugh all the same. It seemed to be coming from Khrona, wherever he was.

Khrona: "... Voodoo...? But with a Shadow...? Ha... Hahaha... That's funny... I have a move like that, too... But it involves your soul... 'Soul Voodoo's what it's called... Want to know how it works? Well... Whatever is within my Soul will have their souls merged with mine... And... Then... Heeheehee..."

He didn't complete his sentence. But this revealed something important about Khrona... His wings weren't there to encompass Nara and physically hold him down, but to increase the pressures of insanity on his soul at an incredible rate. Naturally, Nara's Soul, not being accustomed to any soul energy in general, would not be able to withstand Khrona's own powerful wavelength, and the insanity it produced would only cause it to go crazy... Until it would burst. It all starts with the soul...

Khrona: "... You'd better get out now.. Before your mind and body become insanity... your soul is slipping... It might just... Burst... And don't forget about the others..."

The clones, being made of Khrona's AND his girls' souls altogether, would bring their effects on Nara's soul. Even if he was going in and out of the shadow realm... For the times he was in there, he would feel it, and become infected... With Insanity, Fear, Despair and Condemnation... and maybe a little Rejection, as well. They all worked hand in hand... Fear and Despair would gradually weaken his power as well as his emotions, letting Insanity seep deeper into him at an easier rate... And with his emotions and physical or spiritual powers being weakened, Condemnation would reap the benefits almost literally. But the best thing about the situation was... Despair.

Despair had encompassed generally the entire field in her dress, leaving them all in a dome, more or less. Her dress, having a hole to another dimension, would slooowly start to consume the area, little by little.

Khrona: "... Do you know where you are...? Where you're going...? What is even happening to you...? Do you... Understand? The Soul? My Wavelength? My Body? My Mind...!? Maybe you should understand yours, first..."

There was silence. Utter silence. As if sound had been stripped by Khrona himself. Ominous, really...

Nara scoffed, Noir commenced with the same motion; he found all this insanity garbage obscenely ridiculous, but he figured the opportunity to destroy Khrona would come soon enough -- he just had to play along with this until the time came. Noir shadow possessed Nara to keep one another grounded; being consumed by insanity didn't sound too great. Khrona's soul was powerful, that much was understood, but it was NOTHING compared to the torture the Earth King put him through. He knew that much. He figured he had to go where this damn hole was taking him to get a solid hit off Khrona. But, he could always get himself out with the proper means. He had to have the last word though, it was the kind of person he was... Resilient until the end when faced with the largest obstacles.

Nara: "How many ways do I have to explain this to you? Insanity is stupid; its a superficial concept. There is no way I would let the likes of YOU impose a FEELING on me. I know my mind, I know its limits; all your efforts are fucking stupid. As I see it, you're just a kid with a little too much time on his hands. And the instant you come out, I'm blowing you to smithereens."

Just then, the realm seemed to break right then and there at the end of his sentence. Khrona stood right there in front of him, his eyes their normal piercing red, harboring a calm insanity. With a sinister, yet serene smirk, Khrona extended his wings and simply said, "... Go ahead, then."

Misery and Despair were nowhere to be found. This place was just a void... What was it? What could it be? A void of pure red, Khrona and Nara standing face to face. Khrona waited, staring Nara dead in the face -- since his blindfold covered his eyes.

"It's never that easy... This can't be the real you. Are you mocking me?" Nara said with his arms crossed. For some reason or another, he wasn't able to tell if this was Khrona's real body. Probably because it wasn't. If it was, he would be able to tell of course. But it's particularly ambiguous from here on out. "I don't need your handouts."

Silence. The awkward kind, no less. Silence in a void of continuous crimson was a very unsettling feeling. Khrona's smirk faded as he closed his eyes, shaking his head and retracting his wings. There was a faint noise.... A white noise, if you will... However it quickly became a different noise, growing louder and louder. The louder it got, the more horrific it became. It wasn't stable at all, but sounded like a mixture of static, the screeches of those in pain, uncontrollable crying, an extremely deep, malicious grumbling, and incoherent, extremely fast and high pitched speech. These noises did not stop growing louder, no matter how loud they got. When it would seem that they were on max volume, they just kicked it up another ten. Louder... Louder... Louder...! Yet, Khrona didn't seem to mind. He stayed completely silent through this, unaffected, ignoring Nara's words fully. He started to snap his fingers violently as if these sounds had a distinct rhythm and beat... As if he enjoyed them. But as they grew ever louder, they should do horrible, horrible things to Nara... And that thought made Khrona smile again.

Nara smirked; he knew what game Khrona was playing, and he'd play it along with him, but he's gonna have to up the ante for Nara to break down in insanity. The Earth King kicked Nara in the nuts so hard, it coughed up his testicles... 'Let's keep going, shall we?'

Nara: "Have I passed your little test? You told me you were going to show me the extent of the powers I wish to achieve. If all you can do is try and force me to submit to your little fantasy world, you're going to have to take it up a couple more notches, Khrona."

Noir: 'Are you sure you can handle this...? I don't feel well...'

'Me either, but stay your breath... he'll be satisfied soon enough' "I think I can undo all of this for shits and giggles with the 'Anti-Wave', but I'll wait until you've made it so that I'm close to breaking down first. I can go all day." Nara walked up to Khrona, now staring him in the face, waiting and enduring his test. But the doubt that Nara was going to get a lot more than he bargained for was in the back of his mind, and it was increasing.

Khrona still ignored Atra, snapping his fingers to the... Noise. He had initiated a challenge, it seemed, which Khrona could comply with. Louder and louder... Nara's blindfold started to quiver some as the noise got even louder. With the quivering of the blindfold, tiny needles shot into Nara's eyes... Infinitely long. Piercing through every pigment in his eyeball and into his optical nerves, severing them all completely. Blood would gush from his sockets uncontrollably... Black blood, no less. It slithered and stuck to his face, seeping into his pores and stiffening, becoming sharp as to rip his face apart in a most horrific fashion.

Khrona continued to snap, Nara's flesh and muscle on his upper torso starting to slip off of his bones as if they were tenderized meat, down into the red void. In its place, black blood once more. It started to sloooowly grind down his bones, each scraping in the same unorthodox and disorderly fashion as the noise was, whittling his upper torso down to fragile sticks.

Around his legs, black blood started to pool up in the red void, reaching up to his knees in a matter of moments. It would be worse than any acid, disintegrating every single molecule that made up his legs below his thighs... And he would seep more and more into it, feeling the pain of everything that was going on until his body would become no more...

That's when Khrona stopped snapping his fingers. Nara was back to normal, before Khrona stopped talking or started snapping his fingers, seeming instantaneous. Naturally, Nara would still have experienced all of the pain from before. A few seconds later, Khrona started to snap his fingers again, another similar process beginning to happen.

Hands with vertical eyes on them shot out from literally nowhere, grabbing onto Nara's physical body; his eyelids, his teeth, his ears, his tendons, his fingernails... all of them. More came and grabbed his mind, seeping their claws into every groove sloooowly, so that Nara could feel them slipping in... And finally, the soul itself. The others grabbed his soul, piercing it with their claws, giving the feeling to Nara as if his soul were going to be ripped apart by them. The hands started their torture. They broke off each of his teeth, one by one by one by one, leaving the roots in just for kicks... Then ripping those out as well, black blood filling Nara's mouth. Others tugged at his eyelid, peeling them off carefully like an eggshell, the ears being done in the same fashion. The others violently stripped Nara of his tendons.

The ones in his mind would claw at his brain and mind, scraping off the grooves and crevices that his brain possessed. They aimed to make this brain completely and utterly smoothed out. In the same sense, the ones attached to his soul would pick bits and pieces of it out and consume it like a flock of birds, leaving nothing for Nara. And Khrona stopped snapping again.

Nara returned to normal, again before the state of what happened, yet being forced to feel all of the pain... Just as the first time. And Khrona started to snap again. As he snapped, baby Naras appeared before him, surrounding his body, floating there. They each carried spoons, and on their blindfolds, there would be three vertical eyes... They sported insane smiles that curled all the way up to the edges of their faces, black drool slipping out of their mouths. With their spoons, they all started to simultaneously drive them into Nara's skin, scooping out anything they got and consuming it right on the spot in a rhythmic and orderly fashion. And the process repeated. They scooped and devoured Nara's limbs, making his body into a nub. They stabbed their spoons into his nubby body, finally getting to the good stuff... Once they opened his stomach, they became ravenous and voracious, ripping and gnawing at his organs and entrails with their teeth. Some even crawled into his bloodied carcass and started to consume even more. Nara would be forced to feel everything, no matter what happened to him. To top it off, above him was the face of one of the babies, staring at him, looking into his very mind and soul with the three vertical eyes... Laughing... Drooling the blackness onto Nara's face in an uncomfortable way...

And again, Khrona stopped snapping. Nara reverted to normal, as if nothing happened, yet felt all of the pain of what he had just endured. Khrona started to snap again.

This time, Noir appeared before Nara... Everything seemed normal, however, after a few moments of eerie and ominous silence, Noir would smile and reveal three vertical eyes on his head, outstretching his neck at a high speed and latching his mouth onto Nara's head. Noir lifted Nara straight up into the air with his mouth, gradually devouring Nara headfirst, laughing.... The noise returned, louder than ever as Noir laughed, and finally, Khrona stopped snapping again. He didn't look up at Nara... He didn't even acknowledge that Nara was still here. Instead, Khrona kept his fingers in the 'snapping' position, as if he had more in store if Nara didn't experience Khrona's insanity enough. It had become a matter of how much Khrona could do to Nara... And how much Nara could take. Though, the more Khrona did this... The less incoherent the noise got. Khrona took note of this find.

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Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Eleventh Awakening; The Earth King's Favor Pt. II

Khrona wasn't fond of the newcomer, Nara, nor of his shady disposition. Though it was said that the Earth King sent him, something about him seemed off. Now that he was trapped within Khrona's Insanity, Khrona would be able to assess him more thoroughly and test whether or not he was trustworthy... As well as durable mentally, spiritually, and physically enough to endure the Insanity. If he proved himself, he would be allowed to receive his Soul Weapon as well as a bit of Khrona's own trust... At least enough where he wouldn't go crazy being around him.

'Well, isn't this some shit? Let's dissect the affects this had on our hero.' The first thing with the blindfold was pretty cool but Nara figured that this was some high level genjutsu, since he knew not the power of ones soul -- but technically it is a high level genjutsu, if you break down the schematics of it all. This was on par with the 'Negative Zone' in the Earth King's prison -- the likes of which Nara endured; he was sure that his other Elite would cry like a baby. Because he was shadow possessed to the antimatter of Khrona he could channel the damage that he suffered and the mental strife to his, but by some means, since Khrona wasn't experiencing anything, Nara's efforts were all for naught. This is when he first was snapped back to normal. He gave Khrona a thumbs up while Noir was knocked to his knees and rose quivering.

Nara: 'You okay? It's my turn now...' "That was nice! A little more shall we? I eat genjutsu for breakfast! You know the Earth King did this one where he peeled off my flesh with a cheese grater? But I'll keep goin' Im sure the sequel is much better than the first."

Noir: "It's a lot more to deal with than it seems... I'll support you."

Nara: "I got it... We're in this together; I think if we install portions of Khrona's mind in ours we can endure this better, but that would be cheating. Let's just make it through this."

The second wave! The illusions would be prescribed to Nara in a hefty dose; this time, he experienced it all. Intense, it was, no doubt, but this would be the first time he would experience this pain, and after all the shit he went through, his tolerance would probably be on par with the leader in front of him... But the teeth thing was a bit much -- that hurt. Nara returned to normal. He shook his head in shock, but kept his smile up; he was sweating and panting, but he had to keep his cool -- he had an image to uphold. "You really didn't have to do the thing with the teeth... We're shooting a trilogy now?"

Nara: 'This one's gonna be bad... I smell it coming, I don't think I can take much more'

Noir: 'Can it be that bad? This is some sorry shit, because we're already dead before this ends...'

They had begun to laugh when they were interrupted, and this is where Nara breaks; because their will against insanity is so strong and their souls are so hardened, Nara and Noir both imagine something better happens than what should happen with all the freaky shit from earlier. Nara suddenly imagined that he and Noir dealt a major blow on Khrona -- it didn't happen of course, by any means, but they thought that they won and celebrated -- and passed this test, and got what they wanted. But because that's not what actually happened, their bodies looked like they were stunned forever with the looks of the dead upon their faces. Khrona's antimatter released into the Anti-Wave that sends the nullifying form of the opponents attack in an outward wave, awaying current functioning moves and passive ones -- hopefully. If not, they would just stand there with dead looks on their faces, but very much alive. It's weird, but because true insanity is doing the same process over and over and expecting the same results, in their minds eye they are imagining them repeating their futures over and over and over without any inclination that this is fake. They were that determined that they broke.

As the Nara, Noir, Misery, Despair, and Khrona all duked it out within the dome, the ethereal girl stood on the outskirts of it covered in an ethereal sheen known as 'Demo Neuro'. She used it once before against Khrona, and this time the effects were the same as before; repulsing the essence of darkness and all negativity from the light that encased her. She began to look a bit worried for Nara, as they were in the dome for quite some time, and she knew first hand how quickly Khrona can forget about the task at hand and accidentally strike to kill. She had thoughts of stepping in, but this was something Nara had to do on his own. For the sake of his bond with Noir, she had to be on standby.

Khrona awaited the outcome of the onslaught of insanity that Nara was suffering now. It wasn't as effective as Khrona originally thought it would be... Yet, he still fell into madness. But, if he could withstand Khrona's overpowering insanity, even if the Falshin's was much stronger than Khrona's, Nara just might be able to fight against him. Khrona was beginning to come back to his senses. This meant it was time to stop Nara's torture. He lowered his hand and disappeared, the red void disappearing as well.

Nara would feel a tapping on his head... Ever so light. It was Khrona tapping him with his finger in an attempt to bring him back to his senses. A mixture of Nara's Anti-Wave as well as Khrona returning to sanity -- kinda -- allowed the horrible trials to be overcome. Without Khrona's blind insanity, the effects faded. One of the Khrona clones, like before, had its wings encompassing Nara. Despair's dress-dome was still covering the area, as it was before... But now, Khrona had Misery in his hand. Despair returned to normal, allowing the plasmoid in the distance to see the area again. Everything looked the same as it did when Nara initially went into the void of redness. Khrona felt the need to explain.

"... Huh, well. I guess your soul is pretty resilient, it seems. It can resist the effects of insanity for the most part and you endured my... Blind insanity..." Khrona called it that because he had blind insanity and calm insanity, which he came to realization of via Father X and the throwback battle."... If your senses and mind are confused about what's happening now, I'll explain it. For most people, if they tried to understand it all at once, they would probably blow out one of their five senses...."

Khrona dropped Misery and Despair, whom would transform back into human form before they hit the ground. They were both smiling contentedly, even though Despair's face still looked depressing at the same time. Khrona continued; "... My insanity cannot completely consume you, but from you taking in so much of me... Insanity overwhelmed you initially. Ha, it's lucky that I didn't use any psychic powers... THAT'S always fun... But yeah, when my Soul Projected self encompassed you in its wings and you insisted not to move from your spot.. That was your mistake. You were trapped in that 'genjutsu', ya know? Simulation of illusions... Ha, well, actually, they weren't illusi--" Misery and Despair simultaneously nudged Khrona with their elbows, shaking their heads. He looked at them... Sighed... Then looked back at Nara. "... Uh, right. So, those simulations cause real pain, real damage, and real mental and spiritual destruction. The longer you are WITHIN insanity, the weaker your will and your soul become... Though, with all this, I just mean to say... Do you now understand the glimpse of power I showed via my own soul? The power of a Soul Weapon? If so, I... Will gladly change Noir for you."

Khrona said some things in such a way as if the battle that just went down didn't at all. In fact, without any of them noticing, they were all back in Khrona's office as if they had never left. Khrona patiently awaited Nara's answer.

Nara snapped back to normal as if nothing happened; he returned to this plane -- he and his shadow -- and shook his head rapidly, making sure he was all there. He scratched his head in confusion; he was sure he'd learn about that later, but he would ask. Maybe Khrona would tell him. "Yeah... I mean, that's great and all. But how would I go about countering that weak shit that you did to me earlier? Like... We understand that you had some built up anxiety, but yeah. That shit was unnecessary." Nara turned towards Noir, who was shaking his head and turned his back towards Nara who looked towards the ethereal girl, who seemed to be enjoying all of this. She's sick... In a good way.

Khrona chuckled halfheartedly, seeming unamused by his comment. "... Right, counter it. The only true countermeasure to Insanity is the Innocence, and you must be born with that. Insanity is within everyone... It just takes a different amount to bring people down... You seem to be naturally resistant to Insanity, which is good because you won't fall as fast as most... But myself, on the other hand... As you could see through our little 'spar', Insanity can overwhelm me in a heartbeat..."

Misery and Despair started to lean backwards into Khrona's wings, Khrona's wings forming into a semi-dome like shape and now resembling chairs. He continued. "... Basically, you can use insanity to your advantage, but too much would become your crippling downfall... Countering against it is all up the power of your soul..." Of course, Khrona knew that Nara didn't know of anything about Soul Energy and the sort, so a further explanation should be in order. "... The wavelength of your soul... That is what determines everything about you... Personality, power... The works. To tap into such power, you'd need special training from the college... But I'll let Shinigami handle that."

Khrona extended his hand outward slightly to Noir... "... You becoming a weapon would enhance the power of his soul and your own... Perhaps, with training, give you heightened perception and awareness of the oncoming insanity. With the Falshin still running rampant, it increases just a little bit every day. And if you thought mine was bad... You'll definitely not survive the insanity of the Falshin..."

Khrona raised his eyebrows a bit at Noir. "... So. Gonna go through with it, you two?"

"So, you have the ability to use insanity to your advantage... But what I was seeing made me feel like I was dead! You killed me for like a good hour, I feel!" Nara was stammering because all of this tripped him out, but it was good that he was naturally good at something for once other than having to work his ass off for it. He figured being a douche would get him somewhere in life. Regaining composure, he looked at his shadow, who nodded; he also found it weird that Khrona can just flip modes like that. Questions... questions...

Nara: "Yeah, we'll go through with it. What do we need to do? And just to be sure, this is the only time you're going to do this to us, right?"

Khrona started snickering, a sly smirk slithering across his face as his eyes lowered. Misery and Despair sported the same face for some reason. "An hour? HA. That was no more than about four or five minutes. Insanity will do that to ya... Time is no factor to insanity... And yeah, you were close to deat--" Misery and Despair nudged Khrona again... and Khrona sighed again... "... Er... You felt the simulation of death over and over again... Which is what the insanity will do if you cannot handle it. It has potential to literally kill you by consuming your soul entirely and obliterating your mind, then finally taking your body for its own... And you'd become... Ha. An incarnate of insanity... A follower of the Falshin... Or, a Falshin, yourself."

Khrona shuddered a bit... Even though Khrona had more control than anyone of his Insanity... It was still possible for that to happen to him... Or for he himself to become the next Falshin... Anyone can become a Falshin... And Khrona has always been teetering over the cliff... "... Ehh.. Anyway. Noir, not being an actual person, has to have his physical being altered in a massive way... He not only needs to have a soul of his own, but also needs a supernatural soul, plus whatever weapon he wants to become..."

"Ah hah..." Nara sighed, since Khrona didn't answer his last question; he didn't like going insane. It really wasn't fun, but every leader has their own sadistic little fun with their respective followers. Nara figured he would tell Khrona his plan. "Well, what I was going to do was bind Noir to my bones using the Nocturne as a means after we get this supernatural soul and the normal soul. That's legit right? Or do I have to go through another test for that, too?"

Khrona scratched the back of his head a bit, then coughed a little. Seems like Nara didn't know how the process really worked too well... "Er, alright, lemme break it down for ya... Unless the Nocturne is actually a substance that can fuse the substance Noir is made out of and replace it FULLY with what your bones are made out of, then there could be a sort of rejecting reaction... And it could kill you." Khrona shrugged his shoulders and shook his head some. "Buuuut, if his antimatter can be successfully merged with your bones with the Nocturne, I can do that no problem. I just need to know what the effects of you merged with the antimatter would do, since my understanding of it is that... It cancels out normal matter and would cancel both Noir and yourself out..." Khrona's eyes started to look over to the side a bit, as he had also remembered another precaution of the fusion...

Khrona: "... This is a major warning to you, Nara. This is probably THE most important part of this... Once your bodies are fused together, you become one and the same, unable to be separated or differentiated. This means you and Noir must constantly have souls that accept each other, because if your souls are to move out of harmony or lose their resonance in the slightest... The side-effects would be deadly to you AND Noir, because there is no way to get out of the rejection of each soul. And anyone can cause a rupture in wavelength if they have the skills to... Especially those skilled in the art of Soul Purging, which is basically made for such things."

Khrona was fully aware of how devastating that could be... No one can survive the rejection of two wavelengths when it comes to a fused wielder and weapon... Because the effects differ from person to person, but are still just as horrific and painful. Could be spikes shooting out of the body. Could be a constant burning feeling. Could be just pain in general all over. Could even make his entire body so heavy that he wouldn't be able to move. It was totally random, but very deadly.

Nara: "Trust me, we've run it over several thousand times... This should work, no problem."

Noir: "It's similar to me just being your shadow; I'll just be in a new place this time."

They both laughed a bit.

Nara: "Is there anything else I need, or can we do this right the fuck now? I have a feeling I'm going to have to go get stuff."

Khrona shook his head, sighing. "Yes, yes, of course... But as I stated before, it's a generally long process. You're lucky I have a spare supernatural soul lying around... Originally, I was going to give it to Chroma when she got herself a great deal of souls, but she insisted on finding her own supernatural being and killing it so... It's floating around, lonely."

Khrona pulled out the soul from seemingly nowhere, having it float beside him. Misery and Despair's mouths start to water, as it had been quiiiite a long time since they'd both had a supernatural soul... When they ate it that first time, it was so delicious...

"... So. For Noir to become a weapon, though, he's gonna need to have a soul. The secret mixture requires him to be melted down in weapon form, the soul of what he wishes to take the form of, and the manna of the supernatural soul so that Noir will not be in weapon form forever. Do you have the soul...?" Khrona stared at them with brows high and eyes low... The look like 'they'd better not have just run up in here and not been prepared, even though they knew nothing about this' look. Only Khrona, his brother, Shinigami, and Zita could create a weapon from scratch, so it wasn't like Nara could do it himself if Khrona gave him the soul... Oh boy.

"You don't happen to have a spare 'other' soul too would you?" Nara said, nervously chuckling... He had never, like, stole the soul of something... So how was he supposed to know that he needed this? "Looks like we gotta go get the soul of whatever you wanna look like..."

Khrona sighed again, this time face-palming a bit. Well, he couldn't hold it against Nara since he didn't know... Meh. "... Well. Tell you what, since you can't see souls already, I'll help you out to go get your soul..." Khrona touched Nara's head for just a moment, then quickly took his hand away. "... I've awakened a little bit of the potential of your soul. Now you have an ever so faint Soul Perception. You should be able to faintly see souls now... So when you kill your target, you won't be totally clueless as to where or what it is. So... You should go do that." Khrona wrapped Misery and Despair up in his wings, which quickly seemed to consume them. "... I'll hold on to the supernatural soul, for now. You know where to find me when you get back..." Khrona nodded to Nara, then to the ethereal girl... Then he would suck himself into the darkness of his own wings, as if he had imploded on himself. They would be swiftly ejected from his office soon afterward.

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Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei   Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei EmptyThu Apr 09, 2020 9:34 am

Twelfth Awakening; The Earth King's Favor Pt. III

Once the duo was sent on their way to acquire the necessary components for the creation of Nra's weapon, they would arrive much later, having made Khrona wait far beyond his time he was supposed to remain in his office, rather late at night... Which did not make him happy in the slightest.

About three hours or so had passed.

Nara and the ethereal girl returned... Honestly, Nara was tired off running around all over the planet just to get this minor power alteration. He knocked on the door, since he remembered Khrona disappearing the last time they were here, but then again they were also ejected out of his place. While Nara knocked, he spoke to his plasmoid friend. "So what have you been doing recently? Just floating about the planet?"

"If I said yes, would you believe it?" she asked with sarcasm, but with a smile on her face. She hadn't been literally floating around the planet, but she was just traveling from place to place at random, appearing and going at her own leisure. She was living quite a free life right now, but she had to admit... "I've been traveling around for some time, but now it seems like things are more interesting here. So I'll be around more often."

"Well, things are about to get more interesting at this annual bi-annual Elite meeting that we're having. Did you get the memo? Probably not, since you've been... Floating," Nara said with a chuckle. The Elite have been a secret society for some time; most of the time, a lot of the planetary threats that happened were dealt with severely in advance because the Elite strike first. "But due to our little 'uprising', the last meeting was canceled... So the last meeting we had was all the way back in the Nightmare."

"Uprising? You mean the Zetsumei?" She asked quizzically, knowing that the group was comprised of mostly Elites. She knew Nara had been teetering between the line of evil and decent, but once she got to know him, he wasn't such a bad person. The thought of it made her smile out of the blue. "Just kidding. So, whats the purpose for this up coming meeting?"

"There are a LOT of incoming problems on the horizon that will be estimated to threaten us over and over within the next two to three years. We need to prepare. So the Elite are now a Tri-Village secret organization that is designed to curb the problem effectively before it happens on a larger scale. We -- the Zetsumei -- knew that the Earth King was going to make Master Control attack on the world in the next year; we felt as if our power was being to restricted by the leaders, so we let Master Control attack as we please and tried to manipulate him to do our bidding. We could have delayed that four more years if we were allowed to achieve the powers that we wanted. We failed, of course, because the Earth Princess was a rat to her father."

"I see, so Zetsumei's plans were foiled in such an unfortunate fashion. I guess things went from bad to worse while I was gone.." The ethereal crossed her arms and closed her eyes. It seemed like she missed a lot of game changing events. "I don't remember anyone telling me about a meeting, but then again, I've been out of contact until recently. Perhaps all of the leaders already accommodated for my absence... Nara, would I be needed for this... 'These' upcoming threats? Everyone seems to be getting a lot stronger on their own..."

"HELL YES! You don't understand, these mafia damn rings are blocking the Earth King's Cosmic Awareness... Someone from another damn dimension is gonna fuck with us. Khrona and his shit is gonna plague the world in insanity..." Nara said, getting rilled up... He hated this alliance thing but he's not tryna flip out on some more Zetsumei mess.

"Another, dimension? And... I sorta knew about the 'Khrona Krisis'. So if the threat is coming to this planet from another dimension, and no one can trace them, this means that they could arrive at any given moment?" She seemed much more serious now. She hadn't known about the Earth King's awareness being intercepted by this new threat, but if that was the case... "Then does this mean that they may be watching us as we speak? They would know all of our plans and powers."

As the two of them conversed, an arm extended between them and knocked on the door again after a while. Naturally, the arm belonged to Khrona. He waited patiently, as if someone was going to open the door up for them, seeming to be oblivious to the fact that it was his own office. Of course, he had been listening to the two of them talk. He wasn't happy about the 'Khrona Krisis.'

Khrona: "... Step into my office, you two."

He expanded only a single wing, blowing down the entire wall of the office and then so, probably even pushing away Nara and ethereal some, too. He took a seat, his eye gleaming a piercing red and the atmosphere of the office literally turning darker. He waited patiently for them.

Khrona: "... And for the record... There are dimension-hoppers in this village. Not that I care."

He tapped a finger on his desk in a rhythmic fashion... The sound was loud and piercing for some reason, echoing throughout the entire office in an ominous fashion. Khrona waited for them to come in.

Nara slid back a good number of feet, due to the fact that he was kicked off the ground by Khrona's single wing blowing, knowing that two powerful beats of his wings can destroy a lot of things in this world. But he walked forward, pushing through the whole ordeal. Khrona seemed different; as if he were a lot more serious. Nara figured Khrona heard him... Though, calling it a 'Khrona Krisis' was creatively worded and witty, both the ethereal and Nara knew that it wasn't anyone's fault... Mostly none of these things are. "Ahhh... The air that a leader has when their village is facing an impending threat! Don't worry pal, after this thing, you can add me to your ranks and I'll do away with these little insanity pests, no problem!"

Caught off guard by the gust of wind, the ethereal girl was blown off of her feet, but like Nara, she continued forth through the shockwave. Khrona with a serious face isn't something she was used to seeing, considering the only other times she did see him he was all sadistic and bloodthirsty. "It looks like all of the villages are suffering from their own demise. However, they all decide to work out their problems separately... So..." The plasmoid waited for either Nara or Khrona to kick off the conversation. Khrona obviously had something to say and Nara came back to talk to Khrona anyway. She was just sorta, there...

"... The threats are going to be dealt with. If you're that concerned, I'll deal with everything myself. And when I say everything... I mean it. Would you rather have that?" Khrona narrowed his showing eye, finally stopping the tapping of his finger. He glared at Nara, awaiting the soul, the atmosphere becoming darker and darker. The walls began to wear away as if they had been there for centuries. There was a high amount of tension in the air, Khrona's soul surging violently through, though it wasn't shown by his facial expression too much. "... You have the soul? Give it to me. Now."

Nara: "Deal with it yourself? Really? Deal with the Spider Queen, the Falshin, AND all their little lackeys... All by yourself."

Noir: "You really need to quit, he's pissed off..."

Nara pulled the soul out of his pocket, waved it around in a dickish fashion and placed it on the table; Noir manifested out of his shadow and disconnected his shadow energy from Nara's. This made him feel a bit weak for a moment; he began to feel susceptible to the overpowering soul in the area.

That was it. Khrona expanded his wings, fully, totally taking down everything within about an one thousand foot radius, completely leveling everything. There was a sort of malice in his eyes now. He was off to do something drastic now, it seemed. He flapped his wings slightly, launching him into the air with great force. The sky reddened, then blackened behind him as the clouds were wiped from the sky completely. His soul lingered and expanded, even though he was high in the sky by now, nearing the stratosphere. He had been through this before... When the Falshin's insanity overtook him and he had to collect over one thousand souls for the Falshin all at once... Twice, even. Back in the old Reality... It had been a while. His wavelength started to distort the atmosphere violently... The malice was unbearable. Insanity rose... Higher... And higher...

Nara remained seated, for it seemed that his chair was blown to smithereens under him, but a chair made out of his own Shadow Energy remained. It took everything in him to resist a force of this caliber, but Khrona didn't know that... Or did he? Nara looked up; everything was changing. He swiped the soul to prevent it from blowing away, for that was one of a kind. He kept talking; he knew Khrona could hear him, if he wanted too. "Think about it... You're only one man, and it seems that all these new enemies nowadays always manage to give our ever so strong leaders a challenge. You all can't wipe the floor with everyone! We follow you guys for a reason! You're only gonna go down in flames at this rate."

Khrona was silent for a moment, though the sky continued to darken and change colors. He started to speak, though this time his voice was clearly being projected through the area in an echoey fashion... "... They can't fight what they can't see coming. More than one thousand souls fell instantly to my soul and my wings... Now I'll show you why. Most of the threats, I can handle alone. But that shows lack of trust in my followers..." Khrona's wings started to expand at a rapid rate, the sky turning a solid black where they covered the sky. In the area, his wings were the sky now, and they threatened to spread across the entire Dusk Village. "... If you want it to be taken care of... I'll take care of it. And everyone else all at once. Everyone. Everything. It will be taken down in one flap of my wings. I guarantee it." His wavelength surged through his wings... It was so concentrated and strong that it sent down hundreds of bolts of 'lightning' right in the area where the ethereal girl and Nara were, though none directly aimed at them. Khrona raised his wings slightly, the force of them just moving creating a horrific vacuum of ungodly proportions, probably able to take in a large portion of the sea.

Khrona: "... Soul...."

Nara rose from his chair, cutting Khrona off mid 'Soul Force' to point at him in the skies. "You said it yourself with those operative words 'Most' and 'Lack of Trust'. Think about it; people follow you and believe in you! Blowing up the planet isn't the way to go. At the end of the day, you'll just end up accomplishing what they want in an indirect way. Being a leader is more than a position of power, it's a position of leadership. What are you accomplishing by blowing us all to hell?!"

Noir: "He's gonna do it..."

Nara: "No he won't..."

Noir: "YES he WILL! If his wings move a fraction of an inch, everything is screwed!"

Nara: "Let's preserve the longevity of something you established. That's how much we care about it. That's what I've learned."

'Khrona seems more unstable than usual...' the plasmoid thought to herself, but then she felt the intensity of the insanity in the atmosphere among her body. She rubbed her arm due to anxiety and her legs began to buckle and as the lightning began to fall, she started to feel hot. It was as if Khrona had no regard for them being there whatsoever; he wanted to make them suffer, but the pain... Felt so right to the ethereal. Then, as if a switch was hit in her head, she snapped out of her masochistic daze, knowing that she couldn't allow herself to fall to such things, and placed her hands over her chest and purged Demo Neuro through her body. She sighed in relief, and tried to play off her little moment by speaking abruptly. "If you could have wiped out the enemies so simplistically, then why would you allow them to continue on as they are now? You know how many of your villagers have been injured, or even died, because of them?"

Khrona's finishing move was delayed... The words of the two made him think. He already knew the answer to the ethereal girl's question and was already well aware of what Nara meant... "... I do not intervene in matters I think my villagers can handle because of their personal growth. If I fight all of their battles for them, then they will be nothing as a people. Which is why I do not send them after the Falshin directly... Why I collaborate with Shinigami, the Android girl, my brother, and Zita, when I can... Why I train them and abuse and torture them, even when it seems reckless and uncalled for... For preparation."

Khrona was starting to calm down again... But. He thought about it again... "... You all brought up the situation. And if I finish my movement, I can fix it. I can fix everything. You won't complain in death. There will be no more threats in death." His insanity started to rise back up again... The wavelength lightning shot down at the ground some more, the atmosphere starting to twist and bend again... He was definitely ready.

"You're right..." Nara said, "But I really don't wanna die; I'm as valuable as any other ninja and probably just as expendable. But you've gotta admit, different powers coming from three different sources seems a bit overwhelming. I was just updating her on recent occurrences is all. I'm not gonna deny that everyone is doing everything they can. And sometimes, all we can do is sit back and wait for the power to reveal itself to us." Nara was sucking up now, and that was only because Khrona was well aware of the situation... This insanity shit was something else.

Again, Deep Thought in a short amount of time... Khrona's insanity started to slowly decline. Seems like he'd been talked out of his imminent destruction of... Well, everything. "... You make a good point... Which is why I'm taking action now. Maybe if you TRULY knew about the affairs of the village, you would know at least that. Shinigami-sama may be carrying it out, but he isn't the only one working behind the scenes."

Finally, Khrona floated down from the sky... The clouds returned to normal, as well as the color. Insanity started to lighten up, even though it was still in the air... Thanks to the Spider Queen and the Falshin spreading theirs over the Dusk in its entirety.. Maybe that was one of the reasons why Khrona was so easy to piss off. No, wait, Khrona was always like that. "... Well. Anyway. I guess that is over with..." Khrona fished out his chair from the debris, sitting down in it. With a mix of his psychic power and a bit of reality warping, he started to rebuild the office and everything he originally blew away... Gradually.

Nara: "... The soul?"

'Yeah... tell that 'Behind the Scenes' shit to your Elite...' Nara thought to himself, bringing the soul out of his pocket and placing it on the table. His chair was rebuilt from under him, restricting the use of shadows. It slipped his mind a bit that Khrona knew what he was thinking, but being an Elite meant having intel on everything. Nara knew a lot, just not enough as he'd like to. He also took his 'War Glaives' and placed them on the desk.

Noir: "So, just to be clear... The Nocturnw will be used to bind me to Nara, in which we will be permanently connected. I will be completely alive, and my weapon form will be the war glaives. Although I'll be able to change into other shit as well, since it's already in our ability to do so. And we being connected also eliminates us constantly having to touch to use our various powers, since I'll be in him."

It was clear that they thought this over... Already conducting a battle strategy in their heads.

The ethereal girl just stood in silence as the leader recreated his building and flipped back and forth between insanity and more insanity. She placed her hands on her hips with a sigh, and would just let things go as they should; Nara getting this soul to Khrona and whatnot.

Khrona nodded, half paying attention now. Thoughts were rushing through his head, which came out as incoherent mumbles due to the fact that he could keep nothing to himself. But with so many thoughts at once, words were not able to form. Khrona pulled out the supernatural soul, then created some sort of Cauldron spontaneously before him, then grabbed the normal soul. "... Yes, yes... Noir, can you melt yourself down without outside help? If so, do so now and enter the Cauldron." ... Clearly the Nocturne would be added once Noir was, so... Yeah. Once he did that, Khrona could put in the two key ingredients, stir, and then... Presto. It would be done.

Nara engaged his enchanted ring and pointed at Noir, burning bright with the accelerating flame. Noir collapsed into a puddle of mush and slithered into the Cauldron. Nara manifested the Nocturne, which took the form of a mass of several shadowy spheres with a pinkish hue; he placed it on the desk and it started frizzing about wildly with all the morsels in the room it could possibly eat. "I have a feeling this is going to hurt."

The Cauldron started to suck in the Nocturne forcefully, the suction being strong enough to get them on the desk. Once in the Cauldron, Khrona immediately put in the normal soul of what Noir's new shape would be of and the 'Supernatural Soul', the Cauldron changing into an odd pinkish color, the Nocturne becoming the conduit. "Mmmm... Looks like it's going well... So far." Khrona still had to mix it. He pulled out a large ladle of sorts and started to swirl the concoction, the pinkish liquid becoming more... pink and glowing. It resembled the light that Misery and Despair glowed when they transformed. It was ready.

"Now, we just extract and inject into you... Normally, there would be a period where I would test your body, but... I'm sure you'll be fine." Khrona grabbed a syringe and stuck it into the solution... Taking in a little. He immediately grabbed Nara's arm, injecting the needle into the bones of his fingers. Khrona was forcing the liquid into his body where his bone marrow resided, thus having it replace the bone marrow eventually after eating away at it. Because of how tiny the syringe was and how Khrona had to do this with all of Nara's bones, Khrona repeated the process almost three hundred times as to get every bone in Nara's body and replace the bone marrow with Noir's solution...

After about a good two hours, Khrona would be done. The effects wouldn't be completely instant -- for the Nocturne would have to eat away at his bone marrow while NOT eating away at his bones -- but Noir should be in by now. "... How do you feel? Noir should be one with your body and should be able to morbidly force himself from your skin in a disgusting and bloody manner."

Nara was fine with the injecting, but it was the Nocturne that hurt; he was screaming wildly in pain for a good two hours before finally finishing. He was panting and such, but he could feel Noir. "Other than the feeling that piranhas are throughout my body, I feel fine!" Nara slowly rose from his chair, all of his bones snapping back into place as he rose. That shit hurt, too, but he's had bones broken before, so he muscled through the pain. He concentrated extremely hard and spoke to Noir within him.

Nara: 'You good?'

Noir: 'Relatively; the Nocturne feels funny, but I have this unending thirst for souls...'

Nara: 'Let's not walk down Khrona's path, huh?'

Eventually, a black mass began to form at Nara's feet that resembled his blood; what followed were the sounds of bones cracking and such forming his shadow that glowed with a pinkish hue -- out of it manifested the new Noir floating behind him.

Khrona smiled... It seemed as though everything was fine. "... Ha... Synchro rate, stable... Wavelengths, stable... Heh heh heh... It's wonderful to behold." He wondered if Shinigami would condone what Khrona was doing... Since weapons weren't meant to be embedded within people's bodies. 'I don't think Shinigami would like this at all... Shit.' Khrona might be in trouble. Then again, Khrona was a smooth talker to an extent. He could prove to Shinigami that this was more good than bad... "... Well. Just make sure never to have any conflicts between the two of you... Anything major will cause a misalignment in your wavelengths... And the effects of that are deadly to the both of you. Therefore, any disagreements are a no-no."

Even though Khrona knew people who could disrupt Nara's wavelength and thus, would cause him to not be able to use Noir's power at all -- and probably destroy all of his bones and his body, if such a thing were to happen... Nara was cautious. He wouldn't let something like that happen... Right?

Noir: "So you're telling me that I have to do everything he says?!"

Nara laughed to himself, but this caused a slight misalignment in the soul, causing an electric shock of sorts to run through Nara's body. This could also be because the full synchronization wasn't fully complete, but this pain was something that he never experienced before. He coughed up blood and collapsed back into his chair.

Nara: "Let's just agree to disagree sometimes, eh?"

Noir returned to Nara's body, but an ominous cloud of shadows still floated around his feet; it was probably Noir hanging on the outside, still attached to Nara. The cloud completely cloaked his feet.

Khrona noticed the disruption within their souls already... They had much to learn. At least it wasn't severe. "... Well. My favor is done. Give my regards to Father X... It has been a while since I've seen him." Khrona started to think about some more things... Again, incoherent babbling to the normal ear.

Khrona: "... Tabrith."

His Pact partner, Tabrith, appeared before him seemingly from nowhere. His presence was not ever able to be detected by anything unless seen, so it felt weird to Khrona anytime Khrona saw him... But he liked it.

Khrona: "Escort them out, if they are done."

Tabrith: "... Ah, yes, of course... Is there anything else you two need here?"

"Nah... We're good, I think I might just go figure out what my powers are real quick and pay a visit to whoever this 'Shinigami' dude is, so I can let him know that I'll be rollin' with 'im for a while." Nara rose up from his chair, that same cloud of shadows surrounding his feet. Noir's head peeked up from it after a sound of bones cracking and such.

Noir: "Thanks for the favor..."

Nara looked towards the plasmoid, who seemed to be ready to go. He didn't just wanna leave her.

She looked at the new Noir and clapped a bit at its appearance. It seems like Nara had taken the initiative and had come quite a long way from his emo, down in the dumps self that she witnessed a few days ago. She felt happy that she was able to be with him through the rough and the good, even if she only watched. "So I guess you're finished here, huh? Where to next?" For some reason, she seemed to be piggy backing off of Nara lately, just tagging along and just being there. Like, what were her reasons?

"Training... A lot of it; I want to figure out what these powers do before this Elite meeting. You wanna help? We haven't fought in a while. I heard you gave the Earth King a run for his money." Nara started out of the door... Hoping the ethereal girl would follow; he enjoyed her company.

"Heh, its been a long time since I had an actual fight with someone. Sure, and if its to help out your new powers, of course I'll help," she said with glee, tagging along behind Nara.

Khrona's door closed and he disappeared slowly. That was the end of the matter.

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Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei   Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei EmptyThu Apr 09, 2020 1:51 pm

Last Awakening; Remnants of Reality - A Battle Long Awaited...

With the fiasco in Khrona's Office the night before, Khrona had basically been inside the house all day reflecting on some things and trying to control his Insanity, as well as hold off any new manifestations from the 'Edge' of his 'Deep Thought' from sprouting anything else from any of the 'Other Worlds' connected to it through the darkness of the depths of his inner being. Because his 'Deep Thought' was connected to all other forms of dimensions and realities -- he could tell -- whilst within 'Deep Thought,' when others entered or exited this specific reality from other dimensions and such -- as well as occurrences that happened within the reality he was currently in. He could sense the power of his brother having grown significantly, and after what happened during their last one on one, -- where his brother basically punked out -- Khrona was eager to see just how much he'd grown in a one on one... This time, with no Demon King to interrupt. Khrona's brother was back... Just in time for Christmas, too.

The skies were dark and gray, as they always were when something intense was about to happen with Khrona. His wavelength forced darkness into the sky and gloom into the atmosphere. He descended from the skies on gigantic wings, floating down without flapping them, his two weapons Misery and Despair sitting atop his gargantuan wings as if they were chairs, as they always did. As Khrona descended from the dark skies, a specific tune played in the distance.

Khrona: "... He's back. I was foretold this... Don't you feel his presence, Misery? Despair? Of a guy whose manna rivals -- probably even surpasses -- that of the Head Witch herself? Our closest and dearest companion without question? Our brother?"

Misery: "Yeah... Haven't felt this in quiiite a while now. Heh. This'll be fun..."

Despair: "Oh, the nostalgia... Definitely the most horrendously glorious feeling I could ever feel..."

As Khrona descended closer to the ground, the sight of snow utterly... Irked him to no end. It was so white and fluffy and bright and sparkly and... UGH. Generally, everything Khrona hated. Except the sparkly part.

Khrona: "... Ugh. It's a revolting sight, isn't it?"

Misery: "Couldn't agree more with ya."

Despair: "... I personally enjoy the disgustingly beautiful wonders of the snow..."

With a slight flap of his wings, Khrona cleared all of the snow from the area, the force of the flap sending all of the snow to an unknown source... And with that, Khrona landed on the ground, Misery and Despair jumping off of his wings as he folded them behind his back, hiding them behind his flowing, tattered jacket.

Khrona: "... He was never one to not accept a call from his bro... Let me welcome you home truly... Brother."

Khrona's brother appeared as if out of thin air, standing in front of Khrona. His hair swayed in the wind and the intensity of these two began to rise and rise, causing miniature natural disasters to occur all around them. "Khrona. Misery. Despair." He waved toward them all as a gesture of 'hello', but he knew how this was about to go down.

Khrona smirked slightly, taking a good look at the calamity around the two of them already... "... Looks as if we're already awakening the chaos, huh? This is why we can have no spectators when we fight..."

Misery looked at Khrona's brother lazily. It had been so long since they had seen his face in person... They were all a bit lost for words, in a way, yet Khrona found the power to find some.

"... You know no matter what, this isn't a true welcome home party until I've actually welcomed you back, right? So... Brother... Let me give you the best damn 'welcome back' you will ever experience!" Khrona outstretched his arms to both sides of him, happening to stick his hands into these miniature natural disasters. A tiny lightning storm had accumulated around his left hand. Despair started to transform into her weapon form, the miniature lightning storm exploding with the sheer power of the two of those wavelengths coming together. Around Khrona's right hand was a miniature windstorm vacuum... When Misery transformed into her weapon form, the force of Khrona gripping her and those two wavelengths merging together caused the very windstorm's vacuum to cease instantaneously. Khrona's wings were already expanded well to their full size; about two hundred feet total in wingspan of both of his wings combined. His wavelength started to fluctuate around him, his soul swelling up around him for his brother to see. It was huge. Larger than any and every other soul on the planet. Khrona was very, VERY happy with his soul and soul energy, and always loved to show it.

Khrona: "So, brother... What say you to the welcome home committee?"

"I must say, Khrona--" His brother flared out a short burst of energy that would immediately stop the chaos that was happening around them. Khrona's soul was as impressive as ever... But so was his brother's manna. His body began to crackle with the white and gray energy that was Omnimanna and he smiled at Khrona with the intensity of his energy increasing. "... I am glad to see you are all just as strong as ever."

Khrona closed his eyes, laughing slightly under his breath. "Oh, most definitely, brother... I could say the same for your manna. Just as strong as ever." Khrona would twirl Misery around in his hand, charging Insanity into her. He would then do the same with Despair, twirling her as well, charging Despair into her. "... I'm gonna do something I haven't done in a very long time with you... I'm going to start off this fight." Khrona raised Misery above his head, pointing her into the sky.

Khrona: "... Zero Sanity."

Misery would release a massive amount of insanity -- pure insanity -- from the blade, which Khrona would swing at his brother at an incredible speed, releasing the enormous projectile wave of insanity at him. The insanity was so strong that is seemed to slightly distort the very atmosphere it came in contact with. It wasn't that intense, yet a lot of power was put into it. It was large and expansive. He only continued to twirl Despair.

"Hmph..." Khrona's brother would effectively block the attack by reaching his hand out in front of him, and when the slash collided with his hand, it would all but disappear, for it would seem that Khrona's brother had made several layers of Omnimanna barriers around his body that would turn Khrona's attack into nothingness with a loud 'thumping' noise. "Take this!" He would point two fingers toward Khrona and and from their tips fired out two blasts of 'Kikei' manna and Death energy. The two beams spiraled around one another and zoomed in on Khrona at speeds that broke the sound barrier.

Khrona activated his Hyper Perception this time around, a grin on his face growing wider and wider, eyes narrowing as the attacks came near. His insanity was definitely increasing as he just thought about this Death energy... Was he forcing it, or was it naturally increasing due to sadistic thought? Probably the latter. "Brother... I'm going to let you know of one thing... Even death cannot stop insanity. If Shinigami-sama can't do it..." Khrona dropped his arm extremely fast, focusing only on the death energy. When that one came toward Khrona, he would make one swift, decisive slash, the pure insanity emanating from Misery being enough to not only block the death energy, but surge Khrona's soul energy through it of the same force, stopping it, then creating a large explosion to shoot it back at the Kikei blast with incredible power -- probably creating an epic explosion and destroying them both. All that could be seen through the smoke would be Khrona's eyes... But in literally a moment, he was before his brother with his straight razor, Despair, in hand. Khrona would deliver hundreds of slashes to him every second with Despair, her Despair soul active and fired up. Khrona knew that his brother knew the effects of Despair, so he wished to see how he fought against them. As he was slashing with Despair, Misery was behind him, massive amounts of insanity charging within her once more. The atmosphere around she and Khrona was becoming a hallucination, itself.

"Brother... When we fight, you fight with your manna more than you do physically. I know of your physical strength, but dammit, it pales in comparison to your awesome manna power. My soul can be used universally, and that is how I plan to use it." Khrona still couldn't keep his goddamn thoughts in his head... But. What did it matter? It was only fair... Khrona was a psychic that could see the future and read minds. Now his brother would know as well. It was even now. "Damn Pact."

Khrona: 'It was so beautifully wretched to have. Ha... Now I'm sounding like Despair.'

Khrona would shank and stab the brother that was in front of him over and over, impaling him. Yet, his brother appeared now to Khrona's sides and back. Khrona was indeed hitting him, and yet, there he stood to his sides and back. This was a power his brother had gained due to fusing with Omnimanna called 'Omnipresence'. Each of the brothers had their 'Masamune Sword' in hand, and they all glowed with a fiery green energy. "Then let me learn from you and try to be universal," each of the brothers said this in unison and they slashed down on the Khrona, still attacking the other brother. Their blades would all release powerful explosions of Kikei manna that would blow Khrona away if hit. And even with Khrona's Hyper Perception, would he able to stop them all at once?

"Oooooh, Omnipresence, hm? I have something like that... It's called Polylocation. You use manna to be in more than one place at once... But I use psychic power. Luckily I'm not Fully Sane..." Khrona cackled a little bit insanely, his eyes viewing everything that was going on at this time. His brother should know from various battles with Khrona, his reflexes were top notch... One of the best reflexiveness here, even without psychic abilities. With a blast coming from all around, Khrona released a tiny bit of Insanity from Misery and spun around at an insanely high speed, wings spread wide. The insanity grew at a monstrously rapid rate and surrounded Khrona in a dome of it before exploding outward via the force of Khrona's massive and powerful wings, blowing the Insanity around himself out of the Kikei bombardment from all around, and hopefully the brothers as well.

Immediately after blowing away the attacks, Khrona would flap and force himself high into the sky, spreading even more of his Insanity about. Suddenly, the entire area within a one hundred foot radius of Khrona began to spark, as he assumed his brother would be within that area still, and bolts of pure insanity would surge around the area in an attempt to send a direct shock to his brother's soul and mind to give him a little taste of insanity. "Boy, brother... You like to take hits, don't you? I don't. I enjoy the pain, but you should know already... I hate to be touched." Khrona continued to cackle, pointing Misery downward, who was charged with a surplus of Insanity.

Khrona's brother would appear on the ground, looking up at Khrona in the sky. Masamune sifted from it's greenish glow to a whitish gray and started humming with stirring energy. "Silly Khrona, do you really think you've hit your brother yet?" He zoomed into air, rushing toward Khrona, dodging the bolts of insanity with his superior speed and barrel roll maneuvers. As he got closer, Masamune started to glow brighter and hum louder. Khrona's brother's own soul started to flare up, propelling off the effects of Khrona's soul. Khrona's soul was the better, but his brother's soul was not weak, and it had manna on its side, helping it through enhancement. It was always like this; Khrona and his brother -- Yin and Yang -- and as his brother remembered all those past battles that he fought alongside and even against his brother Khrona, he smiled as he drew near.

Khrona awaited his brother to come up to him, watching his every move. "... Ha... Silly rabbit, I don't want to hit you. I want your clear body armors around you to waste your energy." Khrona smiled, pulling in the lingering insanity bolts that were raging across the ground via Misery. They seemed to take a different form now... Khrona holding Misery gave him much more potent control over insanity, itself. Thus, the bolts would transform into a barrier of sorts around his brother's general area, Khrona firing waves of insanity from Misery's blade via sword slashes.

"Ah, trying to do a barrel roll... But it was a trap." Khrona now started to charge up some stuff with Despair... Her blade started to waver and flicker a bit, turning black. Khrona's wings became stationary and the atmosphere around Khrona would become silent. His eyes gleamed as he waited for his brother, as it seemed as though something was about to happen...

Whatever type of barrier was around Khrona's brother, it was no match to contain him, -- as he would break right through it -- for being covered in Omnimanna and his soul plus his speed allowed this. Khrona's brother would wait until the second before he was before Khrona, and then he would be gone. Nothing left in his place but his Masamune. The sword would implode with Omnimanna, releasing the following: The implosion would first suck in everything around, pulling with the force greater then the gravitational pull of a blackhole; then it would explode with Omnimanna, erasing everything that was within a the area radius. "Oh Khrona... You think I would tap out with only this?" Everything around them was white now. Everything was nothingness, and now it was his brother's world.

If Khrona was forewarned about a force, he had the means to match or nullify it using only his mind. Khrona could already see that this implosion was imminent, and with an implosion happening, the only thing to do was keep the force from sucking him in. Thus, Khrona created a very tiny -- yet very powerful -- psychic barrier around himself that would nullify the effects of gravity and force by 'Gravitokinesis'. He would only keep it up long enough for the implosion to pass by, and Khrona would be unharmed.

Now, Khrona would only guess this, but his brother wasn't going to keep an implosion without an explosion... Why did Khrona know this without foretelling the future? Because Khrona knew his brother... But his brother did not know the new Khrona. With such an explosion, Khrona analyzed and reacted to what it was all within a moment, isolating himself in a barrier of Rejection, only charged with his soul energy in a 'special' way to keep everything around him unaffected by such a blast. His Rejection would lower once this was done and Khrona shook his head.

Khrona: "My, my... I remember a time when I would do something like this... Let's see how long you can sustain it, brother, without draining yourself completely. My plan is to... Hm... I would say, NOT drain myself with such large attacks so soon, as when I am not attacking, my evasive skills are top notch. Now, I can only ask you this question, brother..."

Khrona smiled a toothy grin, licking his teeth a bit as his eyes turned a bit more insane. Misery stopped glowing with Insanity and Despair seemed to become dormant. No external energies of any kind were being omitted from Khrona, but it could be told just from the look on his face that hid mind was going to work right now as we speak...

Khrona: "... Are you tired?"

Khrona started to cackle again. It would seem as though his brother created this world either to control it to his will or to ensure the safety of the planet... Both of which Khrona did not care about the effects of. He's crazy, what do you expect? But he does know what the overuse of unnecessary power does... For Khrona used to do it. He could only watch his brother and count every joule of expended energy he had used in such a short time. Khrona's eyes drifted... "One... Two... Three..."

"You've grown quite supercilious. My friend." Khrona's brother swirled his fingers, and the nothingness around them started to stir. "Unlike some, I don't explode for the act of just exploding." He would outstretch his arms toward the whiteness around him. The whiteness began to spiral and turn; it would start to suck the chakra right out of Khrona's being. More and more swirls began to appear, and it wasn't as if it was an 'attack' on Khrona. In this place, it was like a natural occurrence.

"Oh, what's this? A shift?" Seems like his brother was going to do something with his void of nothingness now. That's fine with Khrona, it didn't seem like anything was happening... Until Khrona felt a slight drain in his energy. "... This place will drain my chakra, huh? Hmm... That's pretty good. But still, you needn't be so... Expansive with the attack. Especially if I'm not going to be in here for you to drain it." Khrona closed his eyes and around him, a distorted, translucent box formed. Once this box formed and sealed, his brother wouldn't feel any chakra drain from Khrona at all anymore, for he wasn't within his world, even if he looked like he was.

"... 'Isolation Chamber' is what I call it. I can't help but tell you the effects because of my Pact..." Khrona looked up, still counting out loud. "... Four... Five... Well, anyway, the 'Isolation Chamber' allows me to very quickly lock myself in my own reality generated by my own will, away from all other realities... This entire cube is the only portion of the reality that there is, and as long as I will it to be here, it shall stay. And nothing can come into it either because it is my own will. The only drawback is... I can't really... Move out of it. Or attack you while I'm within it. But I can stay in here as long as I want... We'll play the waiting game, if that's what pleases you~!" Khrona could fight through his brother's own world, but it wasn't necessary. He couldn't get Khrona and Khrona couldn't get him. They were at a standstill. Khrona glared at his brother with insanity filling his eyes. Khrona was not using as much energy as his brother was to keep this tiny, tiny, alternate reality upward instead of sustaining an entire world made of nothingness. Khrona could wait here all day long. Khrona was motionless... Waiting.

"HAHAHA~!!" Khrona's brother started to laugh at the hilariousness that was going on right now. Like, every time they fought, he and Khrona were evenly matched, and they had come to a draw, for now, once again. Khrona and his brother were always different each time they fought, and each time they fought, they we're driven by a new force, but in the end, it was Khrona versus his brother. "Do you remember, my brother, back with the Reality? Those fights we had... I never would have though that you and I would come this far." And they had. Khrona and his brother had indeed come along way since their rule over the Reality.

Khrona laughed a bit, remembering those days clearly. To him, it wasn't that long ago. "Ah yes... I remember... We didn't know what to do. I was too afraid and secluded to do anything really... Leader-like, and you were busy finding yourself and whatnot. Zita was still being Zita and we were all just... Dandy." Khrona closed his eyes, starting to think on those days. "... I don't think I ever would have fought like this back in those days... Or, spoken coherently, rather. Hahahaa... I guess that just comes with more and more contact with other people. Not that I like contact with other people, but being a leader, I guess I have to."

Khrona still didn't move from his position inside of his Isolation Chamber. He, Misery, and Despair sparked for just a moment as his eyes opened. Seemed as though something had happened. "And my soul grew in that time period, too! That was also the reason. It was closed, but now it is pretty open... Usually open destroying things, but it is open." The sparks became larger and larger as Khrona kept on speaking. He was just naming random times back in the reality and how the two had changed... Good times.

"Ya..." Khrona's brother's hands started to lose their coloring, growing paler and paler. They began to lose their detail and soon the only thing that could be seen was their outlines.* "We have come far." Khrona's brother's Masamune would reappear by his side, floating around him. He smiled, it going ear to ear. "Now, my brother, let's go!!"

Khrona cocked his head to the side during his reminiscing, the air becoming a little more distorted as more sparks came about from him. "Eh? What's going on with my brother? I wonder if this has happened before..." Khrona started to think back to the past still... He was pretty lost in the past right now... The thoughts caused his own little miniature reality to continue to shift and the atmosphere to be more and more distorted. It was changing into something... Something beautiful. "Ah, Misery... Ah, Despair..." Lost... Lost... Lost...

The phenomenon in Khrona's brother's hands would spread out to his whole body. Nothing of his was visible now but his outlining against the background of the nothingness around them. "..." Khrona's brother didn't speak... Not a word. He just turned his head toward Khrona and started walking upward toward him. This little transformation of his would be one most troubling. He had made himself nothingness by merging my his Omnimanna and the energy of the void of nothingness around them. Khrona's brother was now a 'being' of nothingness.

"..." Khrona's brother was moving slowly toward Khrona at first, but suddenly was in front of him, just outside the boundary of Khrona's Isolation Chamber. He tilted his head at Khrona and his Chamber and then fixed his head straight again. He would stick his hand in toward the Isolation Chamber and it would rip through it. With Khrona's brother, himself being nothingness, himself, everything that he touched became nothingness at his touch... Even realities and dimensions. He slowly advanced through the Isolation Chamber and toward Khrona, trying to get to that zebra neck of his.

Khrona seemed still lost in the old days... No matter what his brother said or did, Khrona was lost in those days... "Brother... Ha, you're literally nothing. But it doesn't matter, because in my reality..." Khrona's eyes narrowed, glowing a putrid pitch black color. His voice went down twenty seven octaves as the world around started to dim from the nothingness of white to... The nothingness of black.


His brother forcefully ripping through Khrona's Isolation Chamber initiation two horrible, horrible things. A side effect of anyone forcefully destroying Khrona's own little reality was that his contained reality becomes non-contained, thus merging with the reality of where he was, making it one and the same. The next thing was, because Khrona was thinking about how his brother was from before, his own reality reflected that. Therefore... His brother would have only his power from beforehand... Back in the Reality Village, that is, until Khrona were to think otherwise.


Khrona's pitch black eyes started to crackle with the same electricity as before... If his brother hadn't realized before, the sparks in Khrona's Isolation Chamber were because he was initiating a Soul Resonance with Misery and Despair... And with such high strung emotions of the past, the Resonance's power ran on high. The Resonance with Despair allowed Khrona to transcend nothingness and forcefully REJECT his brother's control over the area thanks to him BREAKING Khrona's Isolation Chamber -- and therefore forcefully making Khrona's own reality one with this one. Though, Khrona's control over the reality was slight, as only half of this place became black upon further inspection, and the other half stayed a white void, the Rejection would allow Khrona's reality to encroach on the nothingness and continue to reject it. Though... It didn't seem like a bad thing. In fact, in the blackness, things started to take shape... Grass, sky, atmosphere... They seemed to be rather dark and depressing, but they were still coming to be thanks to Khrona's thoughts and feelings, which powered the strength behind these actions.

Khrona: "... Into something."

Khrona's wings expanded wide as he unleashed massive, violent waves of pure Rejection of the highest caliber at his brother, trying to force him into his own portion of this place. Because what was about to happen was going to be really nice and swift...

Khrona: "... Now... Brother... I am going to say this ONLY ONCE, so I'd advise you to listen to me... I am going to leave this sorry place of nothingness you've made, for staring at nothingness is BORING. I'm going to let YOU look at this worthless place and let you FIGURE OUT and FIX what is wrong with it. In the mean time..."

A thin line appeared between the black nothingness coming into existence and the white nothingness that had no existence, as Khrona separated the two, 'isolating' his own reality back how it should be, then breaking it off and returning to the point that was the planet. And because all of this was now Khrona's own reality that he could do with what he will, Khrona would break it, abandoning his brother in his own void of nothingness to stare at the void for as long as he pleased while Khrona stood in the same spot he once was before the battle begun... Waiting.

Khrona: "... There was a time when I was like that, too... To use my power in such a way just because I have it... Hahaha. Every leader, ex or new, falls down that path... Luckily, I figured out my errors before I did something crazy. Hahahaha."

Misery: "... Don't you still abuse your psychic power by fucking with people's minds and going into their heads without their permission and altering reality, space, and time for no apparent reason on a whim?"

At that moment, Khrona felt shitty as hell. But at the same time, he didn't.

Khrona: "I no longer use my power as I used to where it counts... In battle. My lust for power... Is over~."

The three of them fell silent. They all knew... That was a damn lie.

Khrona: "Brother... If you have true power... You will come hither."

With the battle basically ending in an almost stalemate, though technically Khrona's victory, -- verbally, mind you -- he would have nothing more to do with his brother until he learned to use his power less haphazardly. Naturally, Khrona sounded hypocritical considering what he boasted all the time, but there was a severe difference between what Khrona did and what his brother had done; something that drew a line that Khrona hoped he never crossed over into, like everyone else who achieved great power. He was ashamed of his brother and didn't want to look at him for a while, so he returned to his office, hurt and crestfallen, on that sad Christmas night. But fortunately... A Christmas Miracle occurred.

Santa loved Khrona too, and wanted to see if he was being a good little boy. Santa knew that Khrona had been through a lot in his past and wanted to make sure that his favorite leader was doing okay personally. So he waited out front politely with his arms crossed and the epic glare across his face.

"Damn Santa, you surely are epic." Khrona's door swung open with epicness that paled in comparison to that of Santa. Khrona did not even try to match such epictude that Santa constantly produced from the very fiber of his existence. "Please, make yourself at home, SANTA!!!" Even though unnecessary screaming is always epic, it still is not as epic as... Santa.

"Ah, Khrona... Thank you very much," said Santa as he let himself in. He pulled out his candy cane sword the 'Chrsitmas Cleaver' and his soul partner Rudolph manifested himself in his Reindeer form with his nose aglow, Santa's Christmas cheer soul embracing and calming Khrona's insanity, hopefully. "But I came to speak about business..."

By the ALMIGHTY MIRACLE OF CHRISTMAS, Khrona was calmed, if only for the moment. At the very utterance of the word 'Business,' Khrona was flung into his seat into a 'Gendou Ikari' sort of position; serious face and hands interlocked and everything. "Yes, Santa? What is this... Business you speak of?" Khrona kept his full attention on Santa... The Christmas Cheer and Christmas Tension were heavy... "... Could it be... About the EPIC GR*NCH!?"

"Yes... The Gr*nch. Unfortunately, due to me being Santa, I can only leave the North Pole for one day and go about as I please, but this year the Gr*nch plans to plague the world in depression and hatred. I would like you to rally your best forces to defeat him for me!!!" Santa said as he slammed his hand on the desk, Rudolph flexing about behind him epicly-

"That..." Khrona started, almost overwhelmed by the epic... "... Is one MANLY reindeer! WHICH IS ALSO EPIC!" Khrona heeded the words of EPIC Santa in a very EPIC fashion, the words being portrayed by sound waves which would enter Khrona's ears and pass through his entire body with some sort of... Music that is too epic to be heard by non-epic ears playing, the words surging through his soul before finally into his mind. Khrona's eyes began to gleam with Christmassy... GOODNESS. "YES! I shall fight off the EPIC Gr*nch and his depression, Santa! But... How can I do this when I so very much pale in the shadow of your pure... EPICOLOGY?!" Clearly, Khrona is just making up words to insert the word Epic into, but hell, it works.

Epic Santa: "Oh, the Grinch is not as epic as I, but you should send some of your ninja on a mission to reap the Gr*nch and collect his soul! He is a wizard by nature and therefore should prove useful to anyone who gets it. And of course they can have whatever epic souls they may find along the way!"

Khrona pounded his fist on the table, somehow ALMOST... Reaching the epicosity of Santa in that very pound. "YES! It is INGENIOUS, SANTA! There shall be a mission for those to reap the Gr*nch and have his delicious, horrible soul! It must be just as good as any Witch's, since it has such a high amount of MANNA in it!" Khrona pointed his finger to the ceiling, almost forming some sort of drill-like formation with it, the light in the room somehow shining in an intense fashion over his finger. "By this day, I hereby decree that there shalt be a MISSION TO REAP THE GR*NCH! STEAL CHRISTMAS AND WE STEAL YOUR SOUL!!"

"Yes... Khrona... YES!" Santa pointed to the skies, blowing the roof off the office with sheer epicness! Rudolph continued to flex in the background with his muscles causing more epic glee to spread throughout the place! "But be warned..." Santa sat back down. "This would be a four man mission, for the monsters the Gr*nch has at his disposal are the most powerful; worth plenty of souls! But I am sure your forces can handle this."

"GODDAAAAAAAAAMN!" The force of Santa AS WELL AS Rudolph doing actions of the highest epictuity caused Khrona to be inadvertently launched back into a wall, the walls transforming themselves into more Christmassy looking things decorated with all sorts of ornaments and... DECOR!! "S...Santa!! It is definitely a mission that of the A ranking, am I right?! I shall inform them and have four very special people of any rank joining! DO NOT WORRY, SANTA, I KNOW WHAT I AM DOIIIIIING!" Khrona found the GODLY STRENGTH to increase his own epicalifragilisticepicaladocious by OVER NINE THOUSAND and one to INFINITY AND BEYOND, thus causing him to, for that one split second, but just near enough to Santa's epic...Epic.... .... ... Epicy stuff to break free and somehow sit back down at his desk. He was DAMN tired.

"*pants* Alright, Santa... It shall be done..." Khrona adjusted himself and looking up to Santa, not able to look him in the face at the risk of Khrona's own head exploding, then imploding, then subsequently exploding once more at the very sight of his mighty epic stare. "... Now, Santa, Khrona has been as good a person as he could this year... I tried, I truly have... Have you seen!? Have you seen how good I've tried to be, Santa?"

Santa nodded pleasingly at the display of epicensity... He was so pleased that a lone twinkle, just one... Was seen in his eye. Just one. He continued to speak after Rudolph stopped flexing. "Of course you have Khrona! You are Santa's most epicly favorite. What is it you would like for Christmas Khrona?"

With that single twinkle in the eye of Santa, Khrona started to gleam with energy, his entire body exploding, instantly being forced into fifty thousand alternate, less epic dimensions and realities than this one against his will. Through all of these, Khrona did not view anything as epic as Santa, therefore, the realities became nonexistent in Khrona's eyes. He was screamed for four hundred thousand years straight, pondering what the hell just happened to him.

In a flash that was only one second in time on the planet, Khrona was back in his seat, seemingly unable to comprehend what just happened to him. "S... Santa... Khrona wishes... for... The Ultimate Container, please. I have seen the future and I need it to harness just one... One thing."

Santa rose and walked out of the room, the container was on Khrona's desk; it had the ability to contain anything... But only one thing. And as soon as Khrona touched it, whatever he envisioned the container to contain, it would contain it. So, if he wished for it to contain cookies then it only could contain cookies. With that, Santa was gone; his time on the planet was short.

Khrona picked up the container, opening it to examine it on the inside. "Hm... No exits... And seems as though it is unable to be broken out of from the inside... Only the outside. That is exactly what I need it for... To contain... That which I have envisioned..." Khrona grabbed his chest slowly, closing his eyes. He knew the time was coming soon... But for the moment, he would be biding his time. "... Guess I'd better have Shinigami put up that mission..." Khrona tucked away his Ultimate Container and was thereby off.

Even though Khrona had been given the mission to give the mission of reaping the Epic Gr*nch, he already had a man on the job long before Santa came, and provided him with three extra men to support him as the fight raged on between them during the time Khrona had given the mission and the time he received word from Epic Santa about the mission. It would seem that Khrona underestimated the Gr*nch and almost let one of his best members fall to him... But NOT TODAY, said Khrona in his heart. Backup was given to support the lone Zesu Rikoyae and, through everyone's combined efforts, Christmas was indeed saved.

And that was how Epic Santa, Khrona, Zesu, and the other members of the Dusk saved Christmas that year.

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Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Book 10; The Awakening of Khrona Tensei
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