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 Book 12; The Disappearance of Khrona Tensei

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Book 12; The Disappearance of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Book 12; The Disappearance of Khrona Tensei   Book 12; The Disappearance of Khrona Tensei EmptyFri Apr 17, 2020 8:17 am

It was very clear that Khrona was becoming more powerful, but at the same time, more unstable, and in need of being kept contained. Even with Tabrith as a filter for his thoughts that could not stay inside of his head, the Insanity still seemed to creep in and out of his soul every now and then, which was another method of bringing his thoughts into creation. He spent much of his time in solitude -- in 'Deep Thought'. There, he bore witness to the power he had to call things from the future into the past in order to help build toward those futures and realized that he was leading things down the path of destruction... Not simply because of himself, but because of the way things were and what effect the current established realm had on his very existence. He was becoming a threat to himself and others because of who and how they were, which seemed to be poisonous to his own existence. Though he'd grown to love and become friends with so many people on this planet, it was clear that the way things were with both they and the planet, they would be the end of Khrona... And themselves through him. If they continued to try to stop him or get in the way, it would only make things worse, which they, for some reason, continued to do. He only hoped that he could find a cure soon... He didn't want this to be the end.

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Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$

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Book 12; The Disappearance of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 12; The Disappearance of Khrona Tensei   Book 12; The Disappearance of Khrona Tensei EmptyFri Apr 17, 2020 1:57 pm

First Disappearance; Khrona, We Must Speak

Reports. Issues. Deaths. Destruction. There were many things going on in the Dusk recently that had been getting on Khrona's nerves. There always seemed to be so many people doing random senseless things like killing each other and destroying other people's property without ever fixing it. Being exposed to so much calamity was starting to get absorbed into him, and eventually fuel his own maliciousness toward others, increasing his Insanity. Unfortunately, he was the only one who was going to distribute these thing accurately to his villagers, so he had to just grit his teeth and bear it. Hopefully, his Insanity wouldn't be too much effected by this much horribleness he had to witness. It was different for a psychic, considering he could not only see it, but because his soul was so in tune, he could feel it simply by reading it, as though going through it. It was a form of training, mentally and spiritually, but it was also quite heartbreaking considering that he knew they were doing this in ignorance. But, he flew through his work, report by report, being extra busy, today, for some reason...

After finishing his talk with Khrona's broher, leaving his team and home, the resident poison ninja would appear at Khrona's Office. There was something that he had to have checked out between the higher ups of the Dusk; the best one for what the poison ninja needed checked out was Khrona. The poison ninja would knock on the door and wait for it to open.

Khrona would be sitting in his chair, as usual, doing a little bit of paperwork, surprisingly. He never seemed to be doing much work when people came to visit him, but this time he seemed more than swamped with it. "Ugh, I'm a fucking psychic, I should be doing all of this with my mind..." Just then, before the poison user could even knock, the door would open and he would be pulled inside. Khrona's mind was sharp right now because of how much work it was doing. "Yes? What is it?" He did not look up from his work and more and more papers were being looked through and signed at a time.

Poison Ninja: "Greetings, Khrona-sama! Knowing you somewhat well, I will simply get right down to the point. While obtaining my final supernatural soul and making my weapon a Soul Angel, I discovered some strange symbiote-like entity which was within my body and it was surging with what I can only describe as madness. Could you take a look at it for me?"

Khrona stopped all of his paperwork abruptly, having all of the papers slowly formulate a single stack on his desk with his mind. He folded his hands on his desk, looking dead into the poison ninja's eyes. "... Symbiotic, eh? Sounds like insanity to me. Before I look, did you have any encounters with anyone who had... 'Black Dragon Blood?'

"Actually, that is a pretty simple question -- your daughter," the poison ninja said, recalling a recent mission he had with Chroma and the Earth Princess to obtain Chroma's last supernatural soul so she could become a Soul Angel.

Khrona remembered that Chroma was talking about that mission... How she got her final soul to become a Soul Angel, however she never said anything about her team members. The poison ninja was one of them, it seemed, and from what he was describing, there was a chance that the Black Dragon Blood was inside of him... Which was not good in this case, since he had a special condition with his blood, if Khrona remembered correctly. "Tell me, did you do Soul Synchro with her at any point in time? Did you touch her? Did the Black Dragon Blood touch you?" Khrona seemed more worried than normal... Even though usually he would be the one spreading Black Dragon Blood. But in this case, it just wasn't a good idea.

Poison Ninja: "Yes, I made Soul contact with her during the battle. Why?"

That's what shocked Khrona the most. He knew that if one didn't have a great control over their Black Dragon Blood that even a Soul Synchro could spread the effects of it to another person. This would be bad if the Black Dragon Blood got out of hand, if it truly was inside of him. "... I have reason to believe that now the Black Dragon Blood may be within your system. Your blood is made of poison, correct?"

Poison Ninja: Somewhat... A good eighty five percent of my blood is poison, ten percent is normal blood, so my body still is able to make constant cures for the poison I create, and then the last five percent is the problem. From a mission long ago I obtained a black metallic substance completely not related to Black Dragon Blood. If I have obtained Black Dragon Blood then that might mean that it has infected that portion of substance in my body, making easier for it to take physical form.

Khrona's eyebrow quirked a bit. The mixture of his blood would slow the Black Dragon Blood if it was in him, but eventually it would consume all of his blood inside of him and probably kill him without the poison inside of him... Unless... "Well, there is a way that you would survive having the Black Dragon Blood inside of you. The Black Dragon Blood can do one of two things: it can one; reject you and consume all of your blood and replace it with itself, causing you to be unable to control it and it to kill you with lack of poison and its own adverse effects... Or two; it can harmonize itself with your blood and cause the Black Dragon Blood to become more acidic and poisonous, however you'd end up like... 'The Frog Spirit'." He didn't know if the poison ninja knew about the legendary 'Frog Spirit', but she went through the same thing and now has acidic and poisonous Black Dragon Blood inside of her, however she's more insane now than ever before... And Khrona didn't know if the poison ninja could handle such insanity. He might become a monster that would need to be hunted before he became a Falshin... "But on a different note, tell me how you think you got that black metallic substance in you. Do you know where it came from? What it does? Or do you just know that it is inside of you and nothing else?"

Poison Ninja: "It is a metallic substance that I obtained from a mission; while in my body it is normally inactive and shall sit within my body until activated with Chakra. Once activated, it will come out of my body and I can bend and shape it how I please... Now that I say it out loud, sounds a lot like Black Dragon Blood."

Khrona pondered it for a moment... He wanted to know the symptoms and didn't just want to look in without purpose. "Hm... Sounds like it to me, too. What were you doing on this mission? What gave it to you? Where were you?"

Poison Ninja: "We were dealing with a group of rouge ninja and after defeating one of them, the black substance exited his body and entered mine."

Khrona was stumped... He might just have to examine this liquid for himself, since it seemed to be Black Dragon Blood, but at the same time... It wasn't, according to the poison ninja. Maybe it was a new strain? Khrona knew that he had a different strain than from what Doctor Z had created, but it had almost identical properties... Maybe this was a third kind? Or just something completely different in general. "Alright, I guess I'll have to extract it from your body and look into it myself. You think you want me to do that?"

"Sure, if it will help, Khrona-sama, but I think I can have it appear, myself." The poison ninja would sign, causing the symbol on his armor to completely disappear. He would then do something he has not done in quite some time, which was lift up his armor, and placed it on the ground. Under the armor would be a regular black shirt, but in the center of his chest would be a crystal glowing black and red, releasing light pulses of insanity. "I had my partner place this crystal in my chest to adsorb the insanity pulsing from the liquid to keep it inactive. If I remove it, the creature will appear."

Khrona cocked his head, intrigued. "Oh? It will, will it? Well how's about you show me a little bit of that, eh? Come on. I'll subdue you if you get out of hand."

The poison ninja would simply nod as he would begin to create a set of hand signs with a little look of nervousness on his face because of what he was about to do. After finishing the hand signs, he would grab the crystal and would remove it, causing a large amount of insanity to suddenly release from his chest, which would flow throughout the whole building. The poison ninja's eyes would roll back and he would pass out from the insanity coming out of his chest. Suddenly, though, behind the insanity would appear multiple large arms of black liquid which would grab the ground and walls, lifting the ninja off of his feet. Suddenly from his chest would appear a large blob that would land on the ground, still holding the poison ninja in the air by a large tendril connecting the two. The blob would then begin to bend and form until it took a solid, yet mutated form. The creature would not speak but begin to simply laugh under its breath.

Khrona giggled at the creature, licking his lips at the small amount of insanity it expelled throughout the building. "Cute~!" Without much more warning, Khrona's hand would have been locked to the monster's face, gripped tightly and using his own massive insanity that vastly overpowered this one's to subdue it. "Yoink. Absorption." He started to absorb the insanity, the black substance, all into himself, however it did not enter his body, it only stayed in a controlled area within his hand. "Now, Fragmentation." The hand harboring all of the liquid and insanity would break away from Khrona's body, altering itself into a sort of containment sphere locked with 'Khrona's Seal' and shrouded by his own wavelength. Khrona's hand would quickly grow back and he would have the sphere float over toward him. "There, all better. You happy now?"

After Khrona had stopped the creature that had appeared from the poison ninja's body, the ninja would wake up and would stand up, rubbing the back of his head. "Yeah, I feel better."

Khrona nodded.

"Good. Now whatever this is, I shall examine it and ensure that it doesn't infect anyone else until I know if it is deadly or not. It seems to radiate a significant amount of Insanity from it, so it must be related to the Falshin... Or even the Snake Deity..." Khrona thought deeply about it... 'Hmm.' "... Well. I'll get back to you on that. Anyway, if you feel better now, is there anything else you want of me?" The sphere would suddenly begin to shrink as Khrona would have it float elsewhere in his office, making it shrink even more.

"No, Khrona-sama, that was really all I..." Suddenly, the poison ninja would drop to the ground and would begin to cough under his gas mask. He would reach over toward his chest armor and would then place it back on and would sign causing the symbol on it to reappear. Suddenly that orbs on the shoulder pads of the armor would glow and would release a large amount of poison back into his body, returning him to a stable condition. The poison ninja would then suddenly stand back up and would look down on the ground. "Sorry about that, Khrona-sama. Went too long with out my poison injections."

Khrona kept his thoughts about how bad the poison ninja had become to himself, since he looked worse than before. Khrona was amazed to find that there was someone who existed that actually thrived on toxicity and poison. It was extremely detrimental to Khrona and would end in him becoming tainted, going insane and killing everyone, so he found it difficult to conceive how someone could exist like this... And how they came to that state in the first place. He could understand how clean air would be poisonous to someone who literally lived off of poisonous air, but because those people were so few, he had to breathe through those injections. Bless his soul. It got to Khrona to see the poison ninja having come to that state, since he'd been able to at least breathe much better a long time ago. The infection was getting worse, it seemed... But at least he found a way to contain this. Khrona couldn't allow himself to be contaminated, or it was all over. He couldn't bear to think of these things anymore, especially if he had to look at another horrendous report. He was going to have to take a short leave of absence in order to stabilize himself... But not before he got all of his work done as swiftly as he possibly could. 'Sigh.'

After what has to be their longest break from one another, Khrona's brother knocked upon the door of Khrona's Office, waiting to see how over the top he'd open it this time.

The door to Khrona's office would open, and Khrona would be seen doing a lot of busywork with his mind and with his hands, showing just how full up he was. He seemed to be mumbling under his breath.

"Mmmrmrmrmmm... Bestiary... Mmrmrmrmmm... Monster List... Mrmrmmmmrmm... Misery's anniversary present-- Eh?!" He looked up without realizing who it was because all he saw was papers before his eyes even when they weren't there. He called out. "Goddammit, didn't I tell you that if you want a job, go to the Chomao--" That's when he realized it was his brother. "Ah, brother! It's been SOOOOO long! How ya doin!? Whassup buddy!?"

"Umm ya..." Khrona's brother slowly entered the room ducking and dodging under the swirl of paperwork flying around the room. This must of been why he hadn't seen Khrona in so long. "Busy, huh? Just thought I'd come by see how you and Mr. Chomao were doing."

Half paying attention, Khrona was still doing paperwork with his mind. He only pointed to the Chomao in the corner reading a book.

Smiling in delight, Khrona's brother noticed the little Chomao sitting in the back, his head in his book and paying no mind to the carnage of paperwork happening around him. Khrona's brother made his way over to little Chomao and tapped on the top of his head in order to get his attention. "Hi Chomao!"

The Chomao sluggishly looked up at the unexpected face, looking back down at his book, sighing heavily, closing the book, then flying with his wings up to meet Khrona's brother's face. "Hello there. I assume you are looking for some sort of information from the Grand Grimoire?"

"Why, yes I am, kind sir." Khrona's brother thought he was so cute. His over-sized head for his tiny body; Chomao was just too precious.

Chomao opened the Grimoire up, waiting for Khrona's brother to tell him what he wished to know. "Well, what is it you need?"

Whilst Khrona's assistant, who checked the Story in the Book as it was Being Written to make sure that everything Made Sense and was Accurate, Tabrith was busy back at the 'Team Psychotic HQ', seeing who else would be 'Penciled In.'

A portal would open on the ground as the two who were sent on the mission could see 'the Prima' again. The portal would bring everyone there to finally get everything in order, as the one who opened it turned to Zesu. He would just wait for the others to process into the area as he turned to Zesu. "Well leader, you going to do all the talking, right?"

Zesu would be teleported back to the area thanks to Janko. He would nod to him as he would lead the team back to the entrance of the Prima airship. They would await near the doorway for Tabrith or for access to enter. "Yeah. I'll have to do the talking anyway, but feel free to speak out any additional info when necessary."

Hawk would appear with the other team members near the huge airship as he would whistle at it whilst flipping his lucky coin. He would tip his hat upward very slightly to get a better glimpse from under his hat. "Looks like someone is extremely lucky with their wealth." He would follow the team while flipping his coin. Funny how being the oldest of the entire team, he was taking orders from a kid who was even younger than him. Oh well. The sooner this recruitment mission was over, the better he had a chance to see if he can get out of his probation law. He would just obey the orders for now.

J.T. did not know what just happened as he was sent here. This was the strangest thing that has happened to him as of his moment. He would follow the people, only because he didn't know where he was. "So how the hell did we get here"

As the four of them finally made it back to the Prima, Tabrith was waiting patiently for them to come inside. When they didn't, he just... Warped them in there with his great Khrona powers.

Tabrith: "Welcome back, you two... And I see you've brought some... Recruits? How wonderful."

Tabrith was pleased with them.

Janko would really want to learn how Tabrith teleported people. Then again, at this moment, he would return to his thoughts about the team. Janko would fall in line as he waited for Zesu -- their leader -- to get on with the chat.

"Thank you, Tabrith. We're just doing our part." Zesu and Venize would be teleported back into the ship with the other team members once more. He would nod to Tabrith as the team leader began to speak out for the team. "Thank you, Tabrith. Took quite a while, but we've found some dedicated recruits for the team and from our village." He would let out a light smile as he looked at the team. Surely, it was an unorthodox sort of people, but it is quite a start for them to prove much potential for the leader's team and as a crew. Looking back to Tabrith, Zesu said, "Now that one of the annoying parts of the mission is done, what will the next complex mission shall be?"

Tabrith nodded his head, smiling just as in profile. He was definitely pleased... But now, seeing as he was basically giving orders to them directly from Khrona, Khrona was telling them that they had something... New to accomplish.

Tabrith: "... Hmm... Seems to me like Khrona has a different idea this time..."

Tabrith held his head back, looking up at nothing before coming back down to meet the eyes of his four recruits.

Tabris: "Hm. A two-parter, it seems. A very odd mission, but you four must execute it without question. Seems as though Khrona requires some... Specific creatures. The means on how they are obtained are not specified, meaning it doesn't matter how you get them... Just get them. He needs eight creatures, it seems... Those being all psychic and living within the same area. This is how it will be assigned to attain these creatures..."

Tabrith paused for a moment, then turned to Zesu.

Tabrith: "Zesu, you are to collect the two strongest, which are a set. Janko, you are to collect the bird and the sleeper. Hawk, you are to collect the gothic ones. Nero, you have the last two; the alien and the mirror. The reasoning behind this is to see if you all have the ability to capture monsters, for you will need this skill for the second part of the mission. This is very important, boys. You must act swiftly."

Zesu would nod from their next challenge within the mission as he would look back to the team with a friendly light smile on his face. He did not know who or what is those creatures that Tabrith requested him to capture nor what they were, but he'll find a way to get the job done. "Well guys, looks like we're going on a good ole hunting season. We each got our task on what to hunt down so lets get going!" Zesu and Venize would quickly dash out in their half-step and afterimage speed from the airship towards finding the whereabouts for their targets.

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Book 12; The Disappearance of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 12; The Disappearance of Khrona Tensei   Book 12; The Disappearance of Khrona Tensei EmptySat Apr 18, 2020 10:28 am

Second Restriction; Training of the Century!

Back at the office, when Khrona was done with most of his busywork and the greatest flake of all time was sent on his way, the seldom seen chrono-crusader had somehow found time to find Khrona and inquire on some more important quantum matters with one of his temporal paths...

Asura and Dragon Versions of the new Quantum King knocked on Khrona's door; it was important that they speak to him about the Quantum King's training and his recent interest in manna and classes and the sort.

Dragon: "I'll do the talking about the classes and such."

Khrona opened the door swiftly and without much expression on his face. He rubbed his nose and twitched it a bit eyeing the two up and down. "... Oh. The new Quantum King's versions, eh? Boy has it been some time..." Khrona didn't seem all that thrilled but... He didn't seem thrilled even before he knew who it was... Or maybe he did? Nah, he's not worried about using his psychic powers to metagame right now. Hahahaha. "Yeah, well, what do you want?"

Asura Version casually stepped forward, ignoring Dragon Version's request.

Asura: "Simple... You got all the good shit. How's anyone supposed to get stronger around here when you've hogged all the overly powerful godlike-cosmic-type abilities to yourself? Shit is crazy!"

Dragon shot Asura an annoyed look, who glared back and innocently shrugged.

Dragon: "What Asura was trying to say, is how does one become Judgemaster? And as Judgemaster, could one appoint themselves an Inheritor? Would it be even necessary to be an Inheritor once you're Judgemaster?"

Khrona was a little bit shocked, but at the same time a little pissed because this was coming from, none other than, you-know-who, who people considered to have more shit than Khrona in his entire life. But, naturally, Khrona could understand his quest for more power, even though it was definitely fruitless because such power is just... Boring.

"Judgemaster? HA. HAHAHAHAHA. No one's having that type of power, buddy. I was chosen by the Grand Grimoire to harness such power and bring total order to the Dusk Village with it..." Khrona coughed, remembering what he did with the Judgemaster abilities... Technically, he still had a few, but couldn't do the major stuff like he used to. He snickered to himself and continued. "... But in the end it was just too much power. It made me greatly... Bored, you could say. Not only that, it limited my growth. So, with my power I stripped it from myself and made it its own entity as another piece of myself. Now the Judgemaster is his own being, though technically he is still me... Just dormant until he is ready to bring order to the Dusk once more."

Khrona started to pace the office, remembering some of the times with the Judgemaster, then sat down in his chair and gave his best 'Gendou Ikari', staring at the two versions before him. "... There can only be one Judgemaster and it has to be appointed by the Grimoire itself. Besides that, since there is one Judgemaster still about, he is the only one around. He is a sentient being. Therefore, you cannot be a Judgemaster. No one can." Khrona rolled his eyes up to the back, then side of his head in some sort of awkward thought. "Hooooowwwever... Becoming an Inheritor and a normal Judge are definitely a yes. That can be appointed if you are proven worthy... But don't you have two classes already?"

Asura Version would fold his arms and pout, which looked pretty silly since he was a huge, hulking seven foot cyborg puppet... Thing.

Dragon: "I have two classes, one of which can be changed; the sub class. Maybe I can replace that with Inheritor? It would compliment my abilities perfectly. After all, as a pure Psion, I have the ability to learn any type of energy I come into contact with, as long as I can figure out exactly how the energy connects to the brain. Things that are excluded, are ultra-specific special abilities, like Hellfire, Cosmic Power, and so on. Also excluded, is pure manna. That's where you come in. Being an Inheritor would be the Manna equivalent of a Psion, so to speak."

Asura: "Yep, then maybe I can go back to my clan and advance my rank of Knight. Which is the same as a Standard here."

Khrona nodded, but was a little surprised to hear that he was only a Knight in his clan and its equivalent here. That either meant that he was not as powerful as the others or... He had not been there in quite a long time and now he could run the whole place if he wanted to. "Though I'm extremely confused and don't particularly understand why you are still a Knight in your clan, the fact of the matter is that I cannot just GIVE you the Inheritor class. No, it is very special and must be chosen, similar to how I got Judgemaster. You have to go through a series of tests and after each one you will learn one of the main abilities of the Inheritor. If you can complete them, then you will have such power and be able to learn all the other crap and all the other broken stuff Inheritors do... However..." Khrona swiveled around in his chair... Which was abnormal, considering he did not have a swiveling chair at all anymore, and his back was now facing the versions. "... If you are to fail at even one of the tests, the Inheritor class and its abilities shall be closed to you forever. You are still willing to try? I'm surely confident in your abilities."

Dragon Version started to speak, but Asura Version pushed him aside so he could say his piece.

Asura: "Tests? Bring em on! As long as I don't get tested on History...I fuckin hated that class."

Dragon: *Facepalms* "What a fuckin dicknose. Anyway, Sounds fun. I'll do it. As long as I back in time to catch Samurai Ch*mploo..."

Khrona yawned and fell over to his side, instantly plopping down on the floor into a comfortable position and losing all seriousness that was in his previous tone. "Yeah... History wasn't exactly my thing either. But I damn sure love Samurai Ch*mploo! That's totally my show! Hmph. You've got good taste. You're not so bad. Ha." 'Speaking like this to the former legend? Why I never thought I'd see the day.' Talking like this had Khrona hatch up an idea, though... "... Hey. What do you like about this village? And what is it that you enjoy doing? Normally I'd just invade your privacy with mind reading abilities but.. Heh. You're just as skilled with psychic powers as I am and almost as powerful. It would be too much of a hassle, so I'd rather you just tell me."

Dragon Version raised an eyebrow at Khrona's flopping, not surprised at the action itself, just surprised by its suddenness.

Dragon: "About this place? They people here are interesting. There's a nice diversity of warriors here. And people don't annoy me as much. Like, ninety five of the people from the Nightmare annoy the shit out of me; the Chaos is cool, but doesn't possess the diversity this place does. It's a good place to train, which is my favorite thing to do. This place has some cool abilities to be learned."

Asura: "But then again, what else is there to do besides train? Women? Too easy. No challenge at all."

Khrona could relate to that. He enjoyed training. Not so much in physical combat as much as mentality. He had to hone his psychic powers once every month to both increase their potential and power and not cause a breakdown in him, which would probably destroy the village. Hmmm... This made him think. "Hahaha, yeah, I hear ya. Training is always fun, but sometimes... It's a chore. For me, at least. See, it's a requirement for me. Buuuut that's a different story. And I am set with my women... Heh heh. I only need two. But that's beside the point." Khrona then realized that he hadn't done much with Misery and Despair lately... They must be lonely... Or tending to their daughter. Whichever one. "Maybe we could train together? I mean, I didn't think I'd say that ever cuz I get annoyed fighting you. It's like fighting me but with different abilities... And I've fought me. It's really annoying, unlike fighting other people..." Khrona stood up and stretched, scratching his back a little. "... But ya know. I guess it would give me a good lesson every now and then. Don't you think? Whaddaya say?"

Honestly, the Quantum King was shocked that a leader offered to train him, let alone WITH him. Honored, Asura Version nodded and Dragon Version smiled... A tad. It was a very microscopic smile, like the corners of his mouth BARELY turned upwards. It was rare of the Quantum King to genuinely smile; usually his smiles and laughs are reserved for mocking and humiliating opponents.

Dragon: "To train with a being whose mental prowess matches and exceeds my own? How could I turn that down? I'd be foolish to pass up an opportunity to learn new abilities and to improve upon myself. I'm down for it."

Khrona seemed happy, for his mouth curled into some sort of kitten-like smile similar to an emoji. "Sweet! You don't know how many people don't want to associate themselves with me! They think I'm crazy and will kill them or destroy their villages or something. But yeah! This should be fun!" Khrona's wings expanded rather wide very suddenly, the sheer force destroying everything in the general area, blowing down the office, disintegrating trees and clearing the land completely. "Ah... It's been a while since I've done that." Khrona's wings folded back in there and then disappeared. "So, where should we go?"

To shield themselves from the force, Asura Version held up his massive cybernetic arm, dispersing chakra around him to protect himself from the force. Dragon Version, on the other hand, unfolded massive wings of his own and folded them around himself. These of course were draconic, and dragon hide is known to be extremely and annoyingly durable. After the area had successfully been turned into a prairie, Dragon unfolded his wings.

Dragon: "Doesn't really matter to me where we go, as long as it has a lot of open terrain."

Khrona figured that the two of them would maybe be destroying a lot of stuff, even though this was only training... Khrona had that tendency naturally. So maybe they should go somewhere that no one minds being destroyed... "Hmmm..." Or alternatively, they could just go to the outskirts of the Dusk. 'Yeah, let's do that.' Khrona's black dragon wings opened up just like before, letting out a force just like before, though less powerful because he was less excited this time. "Alright, follow me! I know where to go!" Khrona immediately took flight, the force of him lifting off dissolving any little bits left of his office. He'd fix that later... Again. He then headed off to the Polar Plaza.

Dragon and Asura Versions nodded as they listened to Khrona. Dragon opened his own huge wings and took off after Khrona, while all kinds of mechanisms shifted inside of Asura, rocket boosters emerging from the soles of his feet. Activating the rockets, Asura also took off after Khrona and Dragon. Dragon -- as the summoner of the paths -- not only had the ability to summon dragons and wyverns, but he could also summon the other paths if need be. However, two of the paths weren't going to be summoned by Dragon. Xeno Version and Preta Version were going back to the Chomao to fight a Summon in hopes of obtaining it. This way, not only would the Quantum King get stronger by training with Khrona, he'd also get stronger elsewhere. Golly gee it was nice to be a master a chakra control...

It didn't take too long for the Black Dragon -- another alias of Khrona's, akin to 'Red Lemon' and 'Reaper's Insanity' based on what he was doing at the time -- and the Dragon Path of the Quantum King to make their way to the field of their choosing for their space-time training. The two of them were on a level that exceeded most others, able to engage in the great battle of the Dragon Clan, though in secret from the others, hence both their boasted Royal Draconic Lineage. Though the Quantum King was able to split himself up into several time versions that could do multiple things in numerous different ways based on necessity in time and space simultaneously, Khrona had never been fully exposed to such an extent of his own Reality power -- which could do the same thing, if he were able to 'Absorb' the lesson correctly through experience with the Versions of the Quantum King, themselves. Fortuitously, that was going to change today.

The Polar Plaza. Khrona made his way down to this cold, horrible place. It was a place long forgotten by the Dusk but was now being used for more things. Monsters needed to be cleared out first but... You know. Great things could happen here, despite the cold. Oh well. Not like the cold affected Khrona. "I hope they followed me..." Khrona landed in the middle of the barren, frozen wasteland, all of the snow in the general area blowing away and whipping up a little mini-blizzard as Khrona slipped a little on the ice that was the ground. There were small patches of snow, but this place seemed to be mostly covered in ice now. "Ice... I'mma hafta fix that. I wouldn't wanna slip. Hahaha." Khrona found his footing and waited for the Quantum King to get there. He didn't know what this training was gonna be like... But hopefully it would be fun?

Dragon flew in behind Khrona, with Asura right behind him. After landing a few dozen meters away from Khrona, Dragon made a seal, summoning the other five Versions to his location. The seven versions turned around to face Khrona.

Deva: "If you mind, I'd like to work on my defense first, so I'm going to send two of my most offensive versions -- Xeno and Dragon -- to the Chomao to acquire the Summon, as the 'Pain' ability will play an important role in fighting and acquiring other Summons."

And with that said, Dragon summoned a medium sized pale-ish gray dragon, which could move at supersonic speeds. Both Xeno and Dragon hopped on and took flight, heading for the Chomao's location. The rest of the paths got into battle formation. Even though Deva -- being the strongest path -- was an offensive and defensive powerhouse, he was going to limit his offensive attacks and help Preta, the fat body who can absorb absurd amounts of energy. Spaced out, Asura, Preta, and Psion stood in front with Deva and Naraka behind them.

"Defense? I guess so. Then that means I'm gonna have to be on the offensive, huh? I guess that's not anything out of the normal, hm? Hahahahaha." In all honesty, Khrona didn't know exactly what to do to start this thing off... He was all about a good offense, but starting off like that wasn't his thing without a malicious intent. "Uuuummm..." He started to kick his feet lightly on the ice, making little icy circles. It almost seemed like he was a little shy about starting in the first place.

The Quantum King read Khrona's body perfectly and almost just as instantly, Psion Version was gone, ending up about a dozen meters or so behind Khrona, a wave of powerful celestial energy already splintering and melting ice as it traveling along the ground towards Khrona. Teleportation? Nope. With Xeno gone, Psion is the second fastest version on the field, right behind Deva.

Khrona was still kind of thinking about what to do, figuring he should probably focus the majority of his time on his Jutsu rather than his psychic power or his soul this time around. Once he came to that conclusion, he snapped back into reality and noticed that someone was gone. In a split second he would activate his Hyper Perception and wrap himself up in his wings, spinning violently. He sensed an energy presence coming from behind and even though he knew it was coming, he seemed to have been hit.

When the results of the attack could be seen, it was noticed that Khrona was quite a few feet in the air above the wave and that the minuscule amount of snow in the area was gone completely. Now the battlefield was only ice. Khrona stopped spinning, shaking off his wings a bit, as they were covered in snow. He had quickly used his own powerful vacuum to suck in the snow, adapt to it, and explode into a sort of power snow just a mite before the attack hit. "Hm. Fast. I guess I should be paying more attention before that stuff kills me, huh?" He started to laugh hardily for a moment or two before abruptly stopping completely. Just as quickly as he stopped, he stomped the ground and caused the entire icy terrain to be covered in nothing but pure white snow, even completely filling the large gap in the ice made by the celestial energy completely. He started to walk toward the nearest version, which seemed to be Psion. His steps were silent. "Now we'll test your defenses... Huh?"

Psion stood confidently as Khrona walked towards him. It was because this celestial energy was a VERY combustible energy, able to generate powerful explosions of pure non-elemental celestial energy. There was a wave of energy, but no explosion. This is because Psion can control WHEN it explodes, and knowing Khrona wouldn't be hit dead on with such an attack, Psion used the 'Ragnowave' as a means to spread the energy all over the battlefield so that when the time comes to trigger it, EVERYTHING blows the hell up. During this time, Asura went airborne, a small compartment in his back opening and a minuscule amount of chakra released -- for what, though, was unknown. Psion created five floating orbs of energy that begin to orbit him. Psion then started walking towards Khrona.

Psion: "Funny, I wanted to test your offense."

Khrona pouted seeing Asura fly up in the sky. If Khrona opened up his wings, that would probably spread all the snow he just laid down, which he wasn't really wanting to do at this point in time. Oh well, it didn't matter. This was training and he did want to see his offense... And the other three were just sitting there doing nothing, really. In time, Khrona might need to split himself to fight all five, but right now he was more focused on Psion, having minimal, yet enough focus on the others to react when necessary. "Okay okay. I'll show you!" The snow under Psion's feet would start to fly up around him, the crystalline flakes becoming several times harder and colder than any mere normal snowflake with much more durability to match. Hundreds of them would swirl in that specific area around Psion in an attempt to slice up his body in any way possible, if possible. At the same time, Khrona stopped walking toward Psion, twitched his head violently, then started to run towards him. His steps were still silent, but very heavy, making huge , explosive steps. Snow was flying everywhere with every step khrona took.

As the snowflakes converged on Psion, they started to disappear just as soon as they attacked. Psion stood smiling, as even though the snow blocked his vision, he was still fully aware of Khrona's position at all times. Mainly due to the Quantum King's 'Clairperception', but also because the paths share vision. With Asura and the other paths having a clear view of Khrona, technically so did Psion. But that wasn't the interesting thing. What was interesting was what happened to the damn snow. It was Asura's doing. The compartment in his back released matter-consuming nano-machines. In order to decrease the chances of them being seen, he released only a few thousand of them, that way they didn't form a huge ass swarm when they came out and which is also why a 'minuscule' amount of chakra was released when he did. The nanos had devoured the attacking snow. Asura's back compartment was still open however. Meanwhile, the celestial energy orbs began rotating faster as Psion raised a hand in the air.

The consumption of the snow was no problem to Khrona. He could tell what was going on by several different means and had a few ways to alter the situation so it did not become problematic later. The nano-machines that would have consumed Khrona's snow would have consumed small portions of Khrona's scattered DNA, and with Khrona having full and insane control over his own DNA, upon the consumption, Khrona would use 'Adaptation', 'Alteration' and 'Merging' to take control of the nano-machines. Only the ones that ate the snow, though. The 'Adaptation' would adapt to the nano-machines' beings, 'Alteration' would relinquish control of them from the Quantum King to Khrona, and 'Merging' would merge Khrona's DNA with them so that he could have utmost control of them without having to worry too much about it. These taken over nano-machines would go combat the rest and they would probably fight and consume each other until one side was defeated... However Khrona's side was able to multiply thanks to being controlled by Khrona, so the battle would only last as long as Asura wished to release them. If or when he finished, the nano-machines controlled by Khrona would be erased.

In other news, those energy orbs would pose a problem, especially since Psion's hand went up in a fashion that looked like some sort of attack was coming. It was a good thing that Khrona was already running toward him. Khrona's arms would glow for a moment or two, one glowing a different color than the other as he aimed to thrust them both into Psion.

"Perfect..." Asura muttered as his summoned 'Realm Breaker', which was a sword that had its own chakra. Golden chakra known as 'Arcane Chakra'. By tributing some of his own chakra, Asura's chakra turned golden, having been transformed into Arcane chakra. The Quantum King anticipated Khrona's hijacking, especially since he possessed all of Xenovirus' memories, who fought Khrona, himself. Asura now had control of Arcane chakra, which gave him unprecedented control over all things mechanical and one secondary ability. So even though Khrona had control over them, they were still... Machines. What amplified this was the fact that the nanos were made from Arcane chakra, and only the user of said chakra can control it at all times. However, the nanos served their purpose. Psion, on the other hand, drew Khrona in by feigning an attack. Since Khrona was close enough, he quickly formed a seal and his body seemed to fade and reappear for a moment before finally, the five 'Ragnaorbs' exploded -- violently. The explosion... Was massive.

Khrona knew that they wouldn't let him control the nano-machines without a fight, so Khrona had already planned from the start not to keep his hold on them and only to use them for one purpose and be out. But that wasn't the issue at the moment. Khrona had a feeling that Psion would do such a thing, which is why Khrona prepped a little something of his own... With the explosion going off, Khrona had faded in a similar fashion to Psion, though didn't reappear until the explosions were done. Khrona reappeared in the sky, flickering in and out of reality it would seem and sighed in a relieved fashion. "Phew. Glad I thought to have the 'Body Flicker' technique ready just in case I needed a quick escape..."

Wrapped in his wings, he held his right hand up and showed that it had stopped glowing. He clenched it for a moment and then located Asura and Psion respectively. If only he had Misery and Despair here... That would making fighting multiple enemies much easier. In fact, Khrona did have four other combatants he could call to battle fighting these five; Misery, Despair, Tabrith, and any one of his Summons... Namely, Alexandros, one of his favorites. Regardless, he's see how fighting these two panned out. In the meantime... He severed any and all ties he had with the nano-machines, since he couldn't destroy them when he had control over them. He didn't want the Quantum King doing anything sneaky. But Khrona needed to think of a new battle strategy. Khrona rarely thought of battle strategies. All part of training, though. "You've got a good head on your shoulders. I like that."

Psion: "Thanks. Body Flicker, eh? Old, but still useful as ever. Guess I gotta step it up a notch."

Asura destroyed the nano-machines as they had, as mentioned before, served their purpose. Their original mission was to simply eat snow and ice. It just so happened that Khrona used specifically that to attack Psion. This was because arcane chakra gave its user control over what it touched -- in this case, ice, which is just solidified water. That was its secondary ability; Control. Asura wanted control over ice because with Xeno gone, none of the other paths could manipulate elements. None except Deva, who was holding back at the moment and wasn't planning on using too many offensive moves. With water and ice under his control, Asura now had complete control over the entire battlefield, which is what Asura wanted. I mean, the whole damn area was cold and covered in ice, after all. Kind of like a pseudo-homefield advantage. However, the Paths were playing defense, so they waited for Khrona's move.

Khrona smiled a little with his tongue hanging out just a bit. He would rub the back of his head as he heard the Quantum King talk. "Yeah, I like to go for what's effective rather than what's new and on the scene." Khrona extended one of his folded wings, releasing an icy mist from it as he took in what seemed to be a cloud next to him. He was ridding himself of the ice he had absorbed and was now taking in a cloud. Though technically the two are related, the cloud has different properties that the ice would not have given him, even if changed into a vapor state. Just as Khrona did that, he would start to spin around in the air with his massive wing out, the sheer force of him spinning slightly able to crack the earth and ice as well as blow away all the snow. He only got faster the more he turned, causing the force he was releasing to become more powerful and destructive, several times that of any tornado. The vacuum had enough power to crush a mountain, and Khrona did intend to try to crush them, so he continued to spin and continued to become more destructive with each revolution.

As Khrona would begin the rotation and start blowing debris everywhere, Asura flew back and landed in front of the rest of the versions. He lifted his hand and light emitted from his palm, creating an 'Isolation Field' around the group. The 'Iso Field' protected the versions from the suction of the vacuum temporarily as Asura wouldn't be able to hold against such a strong force for long. That's when Deva Path stepped in. Using his unique 'Psychokinesis', he cause all the debris in the area to stop. He had absorbed all of the kinetic energy from the debris and into himself, storing absurd amounts of energy. However, since Khrona kept spinning, the debris kept trying to move do to his suction, especially since Khrona's revolutions were getting faster and more violent, thus supplying Deva with more kinetic energy to absorb. Long story short, the longer Khrona spun, the more kinetic energy Deva absorbed from the surrounding area. With Deva collecting so much energy from Khrona's attack, he did nothing to stop it.

Khrona took an interest in the one with the most power at the moment; Deva. Khrona could tell that he was taking in all of the kinetic energy, storing it as potential energy for himself. Khrona's pupils slit and his calm smile grew large with a hint of insanity to it. "Oooooh! So you're taking it all in, huh? That's fun! That's amusing! I wanna see just how much you can take!!" What brought on his sudden spur of insanity didn't really matter at the moment, as now he was spinning even faster and letting out even stronger force than before, and still kept going. He even coated his own wings in chakra to increase the revolutionary speed and power even more. He really did want to see how much Deva could take before he had too much power. Ergo, Khrona kinda wanted to test to see if Deva could overload on power. Not only that... Khrona kinda wanted to destroy the field, too. Such is what one of such destructive power likes to do~!

Deva smiled as Khrona spun even faster. With the landscape being destroyed and ripped apart, more and more debris got caught in Deva's Psycho field. Now, Deva thought he'd share this energy with the other four versions. Deva began filtering energy into the rest of the versions. With a steady stream of energy coming in from Khrona, Deva decided that instead of hogging all of the energy to himself, he would give massive amounts to the others to the point where even Preta -- the fattest and slowest of all the paths -- would be insanely, absurdly fast. Since all the energy wasn't going into one source anymore, it would be a while before any one path overloaded since the incoming energy is being split.

Asura: "You're gonna be sooo dizzy after this Khrona...."

When Khrona realized that they were sharing power, Khrona immediately stopped spinning, staring at all of the versions before him. "I don't get dizzy. It's... Physically impossible as of now. Unless I..." Khrona didn't finish his sentence. Well his test went how he thought it would. They can share power when one gets overwhelmed. Khrona wondered if that worked for damage as well... That would be cool, but it wouldn't make too much sense. Which gave Khrona another thought... "Hey, where's your main body at? All I ever see are these versions and stuff. Do you hide it to keep yourself from dying?" With the area destroyed, Khrona descended slowly into one of the horribly misshapen terrain canyons and into the darkness. He kinda felt at home there, seeing as he lived inside of a pit deeper than any underground facilities on the planet. Down in that canyon, there was a minuscule glowing light. Khrona was trying to test something else... Khrona's training usually had to do with a series of tests. Perhaps because that's how he was unwillingly brought up...?

After Khrona stopped spinning, Deva waved his hand lazily, sending the debris off somewhere to get rid of it.

Psion: "My main body, is not in this reality, or any other to be exact. Fighting like this is more interesting. Having all of these abilities in one body makes fights... Boring. So I split them into different bodies to make fight more interesting for myself and my opponents."

Seeing Khrona go into a canyon, the Quantum King thought he'd make one of his own. Psion covered his hand in celestial energy and touched the ground. The energy traveled far into the ground before Psion detonated it, destroying a great deal of earth and creating a small canyon. Asura and Psion jumped down into the canyon while Preta, Deva, and Naraka stood above ground.

Khrona could relate to that. He had done that with himself and his Judgemaster self, and technically with Tabrith, though he was just a mixture of Khrona's lost thoughts that had taken their own will and became sentient, however with no presence and all that... Technical stuff.

Well, by this time, Khrona was in a canyon and Asura and Psion were in a different canyon. How fun. Khrona could see them, but wondered if they could see him. Especially through the solid ground. Khrona's Hyper Perception and psychic abilities were more than amazing... But enough of that right now.

While in the cloak of the darkness, there was only the glow of Khrona's other hand, which seemed to stop glowing suddenly as he clenched his fist. Khrona stroked his chin, starting to think deeply about some subjects for no real reason at all. It did not make any sense to him, but he could not focus on the training at hand. "... I feel like I'm doing something wrong..." Khrona starting getting deeper and deeper into his own thoughts... Perhaps, it was about that time. But now wasn't a good time for it... Not at all. Khrona needed... To think.

Asura would gently tap Realm Breaker against the wall of his rocky canyon, letting Arcane chakra touch it. This got rid of Asura's control over ice, but in return, granted him control over earth via Arcane chakra.

Psion: "They... Are troublesome. But... We'll use them to our advantage..."

Asura then touched the wall of his canyon and suddenly, the walls of Khrona's canyon would snap closed in an attempt to crush him.

Within Khrona's canyon, he was lost in his own thoughts, barely able to pay attention to the fight at hand. "... Am I supposed to be... Doing something...?" Khrona couldn't help but think about it. The walls were closing in around him, but as they were going to crush him, Khrona appeared above the canyon, looking at the other versions not inside of canyons. ".. Hey... Hey Quantum King. I have to go... There's this tournament I'm supposed to be in and... yeah I gotta go." Khrona started to fly away, waving at him sadly. "We can finish our training later. This was fun.. Oh, and I'm using your seven versions of yourself in my battle, but in my own way. You've taught me a lot by using them. Thaaaaanks~!" Khrona waved at him then flapped his mighty wings, sending him rocketing to the 'Darkness Manor'.

Asura looked up as Khrona suddenly appeared in midair. Upon hearing the news, the Quantum King was taken aback. Not by the sudden leave, but by the remark Khrona made about his versions. "Hey don't you go stealing my move! It's one hundred percent original and nobody has ever done it before I'm the only one who can... Aaaand he's gone..."

Psion: "Look at the bright side, now we can fight these Summons at full power. They don't stand a chance now... All seven of us, together."

And with that, Dragon version de-summoned them and they exited the battlefield.

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Book 12; The Disappearance of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Third Disappearance; Tournament - Khrona vs. The Earth King

Prior to the meeting with the Quantum King, Khrona had signed himself up for a planet-wide Tournament of sorts that he was rather promptly almost late for. Even in his almost tardiness, he seemed to make it to the arena before his combatant, right after learning of the Seven Versions from the Quantum King. Naturally, he was eager to test out his quantum Khrona versions for himself for the first time... Those Seven Versions that would eventually become his Sixth Restriction.

The area for the Tournament matches was twenty times wider than a football field and made of solid bedrock, which was one of the most dense materials in the world. It was outside in the back by itself.

Seems as though Khrona was the first to get here, ready for battle after his short training session with the Quantum King. He wanted to test to see if what he learned through that battle was an efficient way to fight. Once the Earth King came in, Khrona would be happy to show him. "I hope he likes what I've done..."

The Earth King walked into the area, exiting via Dark Corridor, as usual. He checked the place out; it was mostly flat... So that wasn't big of a deal. He then noticed who he was facing and stopped, and sighed to himself... He had fought Khrona not too long ago and didn't particularly wish to go through the exhaustive process. "Ya know... I really don't want to do this," the Earth King said, straightening himself up now striking a stance of sorts. "I may throw the match."

Khrona poked his lip out in a sort of pouty fashion, almost like a little kid. "Buu, Father X, you're just gonna let me win? I mean I would like to fight either the Dark King or my brother in my next fight, but I also wanna try out this thingy I learned from Quantum King... It seems to be really effective and I wanna see if it works for me, too!" As Khrona said that, six other Khronas appeared next to him, making a total of seven Khronas, including the original. "I wanted to see... 'The Seven Styles of Khrona'!" Nothing seemed especially special about each of these Khronas... In actuality, there didn't seem to be much about them that was any different. Maybe Khrona should explain. "Maybe I should explain. See, each of these guys does only one of my fighting styles, ya know? One fights only using 'Reality Warping', one fights only using 'Black Dragon Blood', one fights only using 'Soul'
and 'Soul Weapons', One fights using only 'Anatomia', One fights only using 'Summons', one fights only using 'Psychic Abilities' and the last one fights only using the 'Dragon Wing Style'... Well, his wings."

As Khrona said all of this, one of the Khronas would have Misery and Despair equipped, another would form his wings into the shape of fists, the next would slit his wrists and have black blood trickle down in the form of whips, the next would have the Summoner's Gems equipped to his head. The others stayed the same cuz those powers didn't require much... Change physically. "Heeheehee! This is gonna be fun, Father X!"

The Earth King face palmed when he realized that he was going to have to fight seven of Khrona at the same time, which would make things even more ridiculous. He didn't see any way that this could be fun... At all. As a matter of fact, he may just have to erase the memory of this technique from Khrona's mind or something. "No, it's not..." Either way, the Earth King shrugged and was rather rigid in his stance. He had trained with the Dark King as well and was slightly knowledgeable on his dark powers. Perhaps those were they to victory.

Khrona furrowed his brow, all of the Khronas crossing their arms. "You're being a stick in the mud. If you aren't gonna have fun then you can just go. Hmph." Khrona had no intention of leaving, but could very easily tell that the Earth King wasn't very much into fighting. "Hmph. Who did this match-up anyway, huh? If you knew you didn't want to do this why would you be matched up against me, huh? Did the Dark King do this on purpose? I bet he did! He did, didn't he? I know you know!"

The Earth King laughed; he always enjoyed Khronas rather quirky personality... But it was time to begin, no more time for idle chatter. They were on a time limit after all. The Earth King began some earth-bending moments while he spoke, the bedrock area around him turned into a more diamond like substance. Naturally, it wasn't just ordinary diamond. The only people who had broke it was himself, the Demon King, the Sky King, and the Dark King. Two massive hands began to construct themselves out of the ground below. "I have no idea, but I assume it was Turkeylegs... Either way, let's just get this over with. of I beat Seven if you, then I become more of a legend then I already am." With the massive diamond hands constructed, they were set ablaze with crackling static crimson energies between the finger joints. They seemed to be moving independent of the Earth King's actions; he punched the ground, sending an outward a three hundred sixty degree wave of diamond spires towards the Khrona army -- they were rather tall and aimed to pierce them in very terrible ways.

Well now finally the Earth King was in a better mood and it was time to fight. Khrona was happy that he made his father figure happy and more willing to fight, and such things made him GROW STRONGER... No... No they didn't. But it's always nice to know. 'Anyway, let's get this tediousness on the road.' The Earth King had started to mess with the earth below via earth-bending, constructing those gigantic hands and whatnot. They were on fire with what looked like that red cosmic energy that the Earth King had used on Khrona before, so Khrona was a little wary as of what to... Do with them. "Alright Khronas! Let's see how well we do as a team!" Each of them activated their Hyper Perceptions at the same time, staring up at the hands and figuring out what to do at insane speeds. Finally, the first Khrona reacted. 'Dragon Style Khrona' spread his massive wings and took to the skies in a moment's notice, already high into the air and almost out of sight, his wings blowing away any spires coming toward him. He wanted to see the field from a top-down view to get a better understanding of it... Though someone was on his wings as he flew up there... It was 'Reality Khrona' and 'Summoner Khrona'. Dragon Khrona didn't look too pleased.

Dragon Khrona: "Hey you jerks, get off of my wings! I'm trying to make a tactical plan here!"

Reality Khrona: "Shh! We have this under control! Just let us stay here for a bit okay?"

Reality Khrona crossed his arms, letting his natural energies flow while Summoner Khrona did the same. Dragon Khrona sighed and shrugged his shoulders, keeping watch over the field as he prepared an attack.

In the meantime on the ground, 'Soul Khrona' took off like a bat out of hell, flying straight at the Earth King, knocking away spires with powerful blows from Misery and Despair, who were in Sword and Razor forms respectively. When he was close enough -- but not too close -- he would slash Misery in front of him and release a massive and powerful wave of insanity that distorted the space around it and caused it to shatter because of such high concentrations of insanity. The Zero Sanity. It fires off as a beam, sliding across the ground toward the Earth King whilst Soul Khrona prepped an attack with Despair, next.

Right behind him was 'Psychic Khrona', who had materialized behind the Earth King quite a bit of ways away. He didn't seem to do anything but nod his head.

'Black Dragon Blood Khrona' and 'Anatomia Khrona' had stayed behind, but because of the spires being taken care of by Dragon and Soul Khronas, they were generally safe. Black Dragon Blood Khrona continued to make cuts on his own body while Anatomia Khrona waited patiently.

Anatomia Khrona: "Hm... Perhaps we can do even more than this... But I warn you, the wall of text you will have to maintain will be overwhelmingly massive..."

Black Dragon Blood Khrona: "Has that ever stopped us before?"

Anatomia Khrona: "... No... Not really..."

The Earth King still wasn't in the mood for all this, but he wouldn't let it show. He would try his best to give Khrona a good battle, for what it's worth. Upon reaching his peak height, after the three air borne Khronas had had their conversation, one of the Earth King's massive hands aiming to smack them out of the sky with a fast enough speed to keep them on the ropes.

Meanwhile the ground under Psychic Khrona began to rumble and out of it sprouted the five fingers of the Earth King's other massive hand, attempting to close around it. That is a testament to the speed in which the hands are moving. No doubt Psychic khrona had the ability to repel the fingers out of the way from certain crushing doom, but the hands had the force to keep Psychic Khrona at bay for now, perpetuating him to forever struggle with the Earth King's mighty grip.

The Earth King, on the other hand -- now emerging from his earth-bending motion -- side stepped the beam of insanity and moved in towards Soul Khrona, aiming to punch him in the gut and send him flying backwards. As it seemed, the other Khronas lacked certain abilities that made Khrona a worthy fighter; since Soul Khrona seemed to not have the black blood as 'Black Dragon Blood' Khrona did, this should really fucking hurt... Insane or not.

Thankfully, in the sky, Reality Khrona was there along with Dragon and Summoner Khronas so that he could help them out in their time of need. Hyper Perception active, -- as it is a universal trait -- Reality Khrona would use the Body Flicker technique to have the three flicker out of reality for a moment so that the hand could pass, then flick back in.

Dragon Khrona: "Well... That was convenient."

Reality Khrona: "Well if you keep me and him on your back, we can do it again."

Dragon Khrona: "Then what was the point of splitting up?"

Reality Khrona: "SHHHH! Be quiet damn you!"

Shrugging again, Dragon Khrona flew up past the clouds, not to be seen. In the meantime, down below, Psychic Khrona was trying not to get crushed by the Earth King's grip, using a massive psychic barrier around himself to protect himself.

Psychic Khrona: "... I guess you intend for me to stay here... That is foolish!"

If the Earth King had not remembered, Psychic Khrona could materialize and such in other places, therefore he held the fingers off long enough until he could figure out a destination to materialize at -- which he did, letting the fingers grasp nothing. Psychic Khrona would materialize at the edge of the field. He began to focus and meditate on his surroundings as we bring out attention back to Soul Khrona, who was fighting the Earth King head on. Now, despite not using Anatomia, Soul Khrona had Despair for a reason. He was already ready to counter any attack with her, in which he made a shield of very powerful Rejection to block the Earth King's punch, the force causing an incredible gust of wind and a small explosion of force to echo throughout the vicinity. Soul Khrona poked his tongue out and fluttered backward, swinging Misery at a high speed.

Soul Khrona: "Zero Sanity!"

He continuously let beam after beam after beam after beam of insanity fly from Misery in slash-like formations, trying to slice up everything in front of him and around him... Mainly, the Earth King. He always held Despair ready just in case of an attack, but in any case...

Soul Khrona: "Anatomia Khrona! Black Dragon Blood Khrona! You know what to do."

Anatomia Khrona nodded and took off to the edge of the stage, while Black Dragon Blood Khrona took off to the sky. Soul Khrona stood there alone to battle the Earth King, eyeing him with malicious intent.

Soul Khrona: "We'll bring them out soon... Just to see how much we can do..."

What the Earth King was doing was rather simple, but he would soon need more help, it seemed. Yet, he figured it was going to be hard to do this battle without violating the rules -- 'no killing' -- but he still pressed onwards; he expected a Rejection barrier -- it was Despair after all, the cheapest of the two. The Earth King kept pressing Khrona backwards, striding past the beams that came his way with fancy footwork and was going to beat Soul Khrona the finite way he knew how -- with his enchanted ring. The Earth King's movements became faster as he lit his ring, striding across the battlefield with afterimages of himself appearing around Soul Khrona. The others were away battling their arms that were keeping them busy with their power long enough for the Earth King here. Now, all the afterimages of the Earth King converged on Soul Khrona with their Crusher Flame charges. They were coming towards him with a vast increase of mass, strength and speed... The residual force of the attack was going to be worse than the first charge.

Meanwhile, back at the lab, so to speak, the hand surrounding Psychic Khrona had collapsed into a fist when Psychic Khrona appeared elsewhere. The act of the hand closing would let out a vast wave of crimson energies for all of the ground fighters to feel and deal with; it then warped away towards the sky.

The airborne Khrona would find that phasing through the hands grasp would yield them severed at certain points of their bodies, severe wounds that burned away in the roaring crimson flame that the Earth King's passing hand had left; it would continue to do so until Khrona was no more, but how to go about that? This fist warped towards the sky to join the other one and they did series of massive handsigns... Opening Dark Corridors.

Khrona himself knew that the enchanted rings were activated by will and maintained by such as well, and given the circumstances how he had Despair's soul, he could exponentially deteriorate the will of the Earth King and cause his flame to disengage. Maybe. 'I guess that's how those horrid contraptions work.' Plus, the Earth King already had little will to fight, so getting rid of the rest via the Despair Soul shouldn't be too hard, he thought. With the Earth King moving faster and faster, Soul Khrona took that time to initiate Soul Resonance, resulting in a large blast of sheer force and soul energy. With the power of three acting as one, when the Earth Kings started to converge, Soul Khrona's wings would expand, creating a large shield around him to keep the Earth King images at bay whilst Despair channeled her soul throughout the entirety of Khrona's body and general area at an insanely high concentration, thereby causing a powerful will-draining and decreasing effect on what was within or touching it.

Soul Khrona: "And now, Misery..."

Stabbing Misery into the ground, Soul Khrona's body started to lose its form and shape, as did the ground in the area, slowly changing itself into pure insanity as to try to take the Earth King into its depths.

In the meanwhile, Psychic Khrona was still concentrating and looking around, when the large hand released the crimson energies. With the whole field under psychic surveillance, Psychic Khrona was the one to deal with the energies by combating them with powerful psychic waves, trying to keep them at bay. That's when Anatomia Khrona showed up.

Anatomia Khrona: "Hey, I have an idea."

Anatomia Khrona would touch Psychic's head, using Adaptation as well as Merging to combine their respective powers and increase the output of the psychic waves, aiming to overpower the Earth King's wave now.

Though, up in the sky, it seems like even if Khrona went to another plane of reality -- or even exited reality, itself -- the cosmic power always finds him, as per usual. Being hit by it, a long line of swear words came out: some aimed at the cosmic power itself, some at the Earth King himself, as well as a few threats to go out into space and destroy the source of the cosmic power since it's such a bitch. But whatever, those three airborne Khronas were gone now.

Khrona: "..."


Anyway, all of the other Khronas in the battle were rather upset now. They couldn't fight like this cuz now they weren't completed, so now they all reformed and made up the actual Khrona again with all his powers, totally stopping everything that was going on. "Ugh dammit, you're always ruining my fun cuz you can't play nice! This is why I don't wanna play with you, Father X! Always ruining things with everything you do... Can't just let me have fun... Just mad cuz yo ass is old..." Khrona huffed and poked out his cheeks, crossing his arms and spreading his wings. "FUCK this, I'm LEAVING!" Khrona flapped his wings, propelling him to the sky at insane speeds. To blow off steam, he started to destroy things with powerful wind gusts, leaving a path of destruction and insults in his wake.


Earth King: "Oh... AWESOME! Hahaha!"

Khrona threw the match and left the tournament in a huff. He wasn't happy at all, randomly destroying things in his wake as he made his way back to the Dusk. He knew that he probably shouldn't be around people whilst he was upset, but he was gonna have to suck it up and do his work, since that needed to get done. Hopefully he didn't blow up on anyone...

After Kaito visited Shinigami at the school and give him a soul partner that is the same equal like him, he when to Khrona's Office to ask him can he train his partner because he knew that after she trained with Khrona's two soul partners, she will be one step closer to her power.

Khrona: '... Let's get to the point.'

Khrona: "Yes?"

Kaito: "Can you train my soul partner Kaede Rin to be strong?"

Khrona thought about it for a moment... "... No."

"Ok, bye." Kaito walked out his office with out no problem in his hands, like that no mean nothing to him. "See you when I see you."

Khrona kicked his legs up and sighed happily. "Another good deed done today... I'm a wonderful person." End of topic.

Though Khrona was being rather frumpy due to the events at the Tournament, he knew that it was no way for him to treat other people, especially as a leader. Even though he couldn't get over what he was feeling immediately, he knew that if he stayed there, he might, in his grumpiness, start doing hazardous things haphazardly to others, as he'd basically done to a kindly villager asking for help. The desk job was definitely getting to him. He needed to blow off some steam before he blew off another member.

Silence echoed through out this... Hollow forest. Creatures seemingly had vanished, leaving their homes among the woods and it's tress empty, leaving only the soft roaming breeze as comfort.

Aura stood among the hollowed land, completely in tune with the silence, standing still and calm. Her light blue hair along with her rather short skirt swayed with the wind as Aura listened... And waited.

From the dead silence Aura drowned herself in, a powerful, swift burst of wind would shoot across the entire hollowed forest, which should not only have blown away everything in the area, but Aura, as well. However, it didn't. It seemed to blow right through her... Though the passing wind did bring someone along with it... Khrona. "... Hi." His wings retracted back to his body, folding to almost nothingness on his back, letting his jacket flow in the now gentle breeze.

Aura opened her eyes eager to see what had ruined the tranquil air with in these woods, only to find that it wasn't a what, but a who. "U... Uncle Khrona?!" Aura's muscles tensed, a hint of red showed it's self on her face. She quickly turned from calm and serious into a rather frantic panic, reacting like your stereotypical anime school girl. Though she hadn't seen her Uncle in some time, Aura only assumed he was here on behalf of her father. She had been gone from home for some time now... Was he here to take her back? "A-ah... Hello..."

Khrona suddenly fazed out, fazing in right in front of Aura's face, wings outspread. "How are you doing, Aura?" Khrona flapped his wings gently, sending out violent gusts of destructive and powerful wind from it, destroying all of the land that was in front of him and blowing all things away. Khrona smiled, twisting his hair a little bit. "What brings you here?"

She was rather dazzled by her Uncle's display of power, and it was then that she realized that the reason the forest was empty... Was because that they had felt the coming presence of her Uncle and leader. "I..." Aura calmed down in her answering. Her sudden shy outbursts were getting the best of her again, and she couldn't look weak now... Not in front of Khrona-sama. "I came to just get away... A moment to think."

"A moment... to think?" Khrona knew that with him on the scene, she wouldn't have that at all. Might as well play with the girl, though. "... Well let's have a wonderful time, niece. Go make your daddy and your uncle proud~!" Khrona would morph his wings into enormous arms, launching one at Aura at an incredible speed. He seemed to be going easy on her, doing this with a smile on his face and a pep in his step. Khrona wanted to see what she could do... Before they really began.

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Fourth Disappearance; Can't Hurt To Ask

The engagement with Aura was not very long nor very strenuous -- she being his brother's daughter and Khrona's niece, and all. She was just starting to get stronger and he wasn't trying to kill her or harm her too much, so when it became too much for her, the two of them headed back to Khrona's Office to have a little chat. Though, Khrona still seemed a little antsy...

It had been a a while since Aura had entered... Well, this was first time Aura had been to her Uncle's work place. She found it to be, well, rather normal for Khrona's taste. She expected statues of himself posted outside his door. Or a looming cloud that floated overhead pouring down insanity with rain in a storm. That seemed more like her cool Uncle's style. She giggled at her own imagination before knocking twice upon the office door. She quickly removed her smile from her face and became calm; she was here on business after all.

The door opened to Khrona, who was sitting in a blood-soaked office. He beckoned Aura in with his hand. "Come in. Don't mind the blood. Just killed a guy. Sit down." Perhaps he should have been warmer toward her, since she was his niece after all...

A single bead of sweat fell from her brow as the reality in which she thought her Uncle could be normal shattered. Really, what was she thinking? And she took this as a sign from the universe to never doubt her Uncle again. She made way to her Uncle's desk and the chair at it's front, the blood spattered across the room moving it's self from her patch and her chair in a manner that strangely wasn't manna. She sat in the open chair and smiled toward her Uncle. He might have found it strange that Aura wasn't freaking out or anything by all this, but she was different than the last time they had met. "Uncle Khrona you really have got to find a better hobby." She didn't speak in hope of his conscience; there was no helping that, she knew, but at least for his office. The poor room can't show its true beauty if it was covered in blood the whole time... Though, Aura supposed red was a nice color for her Uncle... Oh God, what was she thinking?!?!

"Huh. Yeah. Well if you want it clean, it's clean." As soon as he said it, the room would have seemed to have cleaned itself. Khrona had used his psychic power to disintegrate the blood in the room into nothing but a gas, then the gas would fly out of the building eventually. Khrona didn't feel like doing all that. "Don't mind the smell, it will still smell like blood for a while. Now, what is it that you wanted to see me with? We have to make this quick." Strange for Khrona to be in a rush.

"Alright then, I'm here looking to see if you could point in the direction of a Summoning item. I know you're the only one with connections to finding them and I'm in need of finding one." Seeing as her Uncle wanted to get right to the point, so would she, and with the overwhelming smell in there, the sooner, the better, really.

"Depends strictly on which one. And if you're planning to get a Summon, having the item isn't enough. You still have to go and encounter it in person to see if it will even agree to be your Summon. I hope you're ready for that..." Khrona tapped his finger on his desk. "So, which one is it?"

"Centaurus..." Aura sat up right in her chair as she spoke its name. She was ready to face the creature in battle if need be, but first she needed to get there. "So can you help me?"

"Centaurus... Hm." Khrona closed his eyes and sighed heavily. "Alright. If I remember correctly, the item needed for his summon is the Horseshoe, which is found at the top of the tallest mountain in the Polar Plaza. It'll be very, very cold up there... Since the Polar Plaza is already very cold."

"Very well, I'll dress warmly then." Aura had only heard of the Polar Plaza from her Aunt, Zita. It was sad the place was effected by the bitter side of manna. She didn't want to go in underestimating the terrain, so it'd be best to expect the worst. "Thank you Uncle Khrona. Anything else I should know?" she spoke as she made her way from her chair to the door, trying to leave as soon as possible to both get out of her Uncle's hair and so she could get started.

Khrona turned around, mumbling a little bit. "Blah blah blah... Monsters... Blah blah blah... Stuff like that."

"R~ight... Well then, I'll be off." Aura exited the office, closing the door behind her and off to start her travels.

Once Aura left on her mission to find a special summoning item to forge a contract with a special spirit creature, Khrona would head to the Battleground to see if he could get the ants out of his pants, since he was still a bit itchy and edgy from the whole Earth King fiasco. Luckily, Lino was there seeking a friendly spar.

Lin would be standing in the middle of the Sparring Range, looking at the sky, watching the clouds slowly pass by; he could only think about how nice the day felt. That made him smile for a bit, but he would look down at his hands and make a fist as he said to himself, "Can I really be what I said I was gonna be...? Why am I wasting time...?" Lin could only think of one person who could help him at this point so he called him the best way he knew how. 'Khrona,' Lin would say in his mind hoping Khrona was listen.

From wherever he was on the vast planet, Khrona heard the silent cry of Linomaru that moment... Through all of the other thoughts and mentalities of everyone else that existed on this planet, Khrona zeroed in and heard Lino. A gift, one could say, but also a curse to be a slave to whomever needs his assistance... If he is in the mood to help them, that is. Just as quickly as Linomaru thought his name, Khrona was there. He was wearing the attire of the old days... which, in truth was just his top hat and cane accompanying his normal attire. Wonder why...? "... Linomaru. I take it you called me because you've met the requirements to join my team and achieve your rank up?" Khrona tipped his hat up, his piercing gray eye quickly turning red for whatever reason. He had even taken up his old hairstyle of hair over one eye and not the other. How quaint.

"Well... NO... I've been looking within myself, and yet I'm still battling the darkness... And I feel like I am losing... I need to continue my training. That's why I called you here... I think if I learn from someone who has complete control of their darkness, maybe it'll help me figure out how to control mine." Lin would look at Khrona with a bit of disappointment, but spoke with determination. Lin would then close his eyes as he spoke once again, "Lord Khrona, I ask that you teach me the ways of INSANITY... Maybe then I learn what it truly means."

Khrona tipped his hat back down, trying to conceal his laughter at Lino's misconception of what Insanity truly was. "... Lino, Insanity is not something you can learn... It is a state of mind, being as well as an emotion. The only way to 'learn' insanity, as you say, is to be consumed by it. And as you are now... Being consumed by Insanity would be the worst thing possible." Khrona swirled around, twiddling his cane playfully for a while before sternly planting it into the ground with a slight thud. Both hands grasped the top of it and Khrona stood straight and tall, as if he had something important to say.

"... You can't see it, but there is a great deal of Insanity here in the Dusk. It pollutes the atmosphere... It is the soul of the Falshin. This insanity is slowly, but surely consuming the entire Dusk, and soon all of the planet... The Insanity will never stop growing in power, as it is something that cannot be stopped and will only continue to grow stronger with each passing day... Until there is nothing that has a shred of sanity left." Khrona turned his head slightly, not letting Lino see his eyes, but still speaking directly to him. "... And you want me to help you delve into that? You are a fool."

"Ahh... I see..." Lin would look to the sky once again and smile. " Care for a spar my lord?"

Khrona could see what it was that Lino wanted. It was in his eyes and in his mind, even if he didn't know that Khrona had 'accidentally' looked. Khrona's stern face changed into a friendly, sinister smirk as his coat fluttered behind him. "... Sure." That said, Khrona's wings expanded rather quickly, the sheer force from them opening blowing away and destroying anything not tied down, as usual. This was to separate the boys from the men... Namely, seeing if Lino could survive just this. The clouds parted, the trees collapsed and blew away... It was a miracle that the grass was intact, as all of that should have been destroyed rather quickly. Perhaps it was Khrona's doing. "If you are ready, Lino, then come at me!"

Lin would waste no time. As the wind blew passed him, he would thrust his sword into the ground so that he didn't get blown back with the rest of the debris.

"Wow... SO strong..." Linomaru would say to himself as he pulled his sword from the ground. "Okay... *exhales* Release." Lin would transform in to his 'Soul Form' and fly towards Khrona in all out blitz of speed as he said, "Shi AisusupińĀzu: Death Ice Spears!!" He would clap his hands together to form several large spears made of ice and motioned them toward Khrona.

Khrona's piercing red eyes gleamed seeing Lino take such a form, and Khrona's ever nonchalant, slick expression would take form as well. "... Know your opponent, Lino..." Khrona's hand outstretched in an odd manner as Lin shot toward him at such a high speed. It glowed for a brief moment and seemed to be aimed for his neck, which would fly perfectly into place of Khrona's hand and before Lino could even have the thought to escape, Khrona's entire hand meshed around the form of his neck to keep him in place. "My talent comes in dealing with souls and spirits... As such, fighting me this way won't exactly be the best course of action." As Khrona spoke, he discharged a powerful current of his own soul energy throughout Lino's body to harm him internally rather severely. When the ice spikes came, Khrona's smile grew wide and he would slap them all away using Lino's own body. When he found the use of Lino's body done, Khrona threw him off to the side with great force, wanting to watch him skid across the ground like a rock skipping across a body of water.

Lin would stand to his feet slowly... His body was shaking out of the sheer pain of the counter that Khrona did. "... Know my opponent... I see." Lin would go back to normal form and do a few hand seals; "Lightning Style: Heaven's Blade!" Just then, white lightning would form around Lin's left hand, the area around them -- well, what's left of it, anyway -- would begin to glow white and small energy particles would begin to make their way to Lin's left hand. About half of a second later Lin would be finished and he would rush toward Khrona at full speed, but would vanish and appear a few miles above him as he said, "Lightning Style: Blade Strike Cannon!!" Several large white lightning bolts would explode out of Lin's hand and come crashing down at Khrona, each with the same amount of power. Upon impact, the target would be shocked with over seventy five thousand volts of electricity, thus burning them from the inside out.

Khrona's eyes followed Lin everywhere he went. When he dashed forward, Khrona stood there and watched him. As he went into the sky, Khrona sighed, slowly looking upward to the miles-high Lino, who was plummeting down at a great speed. Khrona had much time to react, seeing as he was so high up. "... Oh, Lino... To know your opponent is to know their abilities as well... At least, the ones that you CAN know about..." When Lino was just about in position, Khrona lowered his head, looking at the ground and smiling just a bit. Lin's attack would impact with something, indeed, and rather hard, I might add, however he was very far away from Khrona. What Lin and his lightning were dealing with was Khrona's wavelength, expanded far beyond his body. "The Soul works just like any other wavelength. As such, it has the power to combat any other wavelength as well, if one's soul and general power are strong enough. Electricity falls under this category."

Though Khrona spoke so calmly, electricity crackled and sparked about everywhere in a destructive manner as his wavelength still held off Lin. Throughout this climactic point, Khrona looked back up, but not at Lin -- at the sky. "... You know, I think I'll take up smoking." Without warning, Khrona's wavelength repulsed Lino's attack with great force; so strong that it would even send him either flying higher into the sky than he already was or knock him out of the sky completely. In actuality, Khrona hadn't trained someone like THIS in such a long time. It was very, very refreshing to him. "... Nah. Haha." Yeah, smoking definitely wasn't Khrona's thing.

Khrona's and Lin's act both would cause a very large explosion and a cloud of smoke would also be caused by this. Lin would still be in the air as he did a few hand seals and said, "Lightning Style: Lightning Whip..." But he took no action...

Lin would land on the ground and spoke "... I think it's time I worked on my swordsmanship." Lin would then draw his blade. This was very unlike Lin; he rarely used his sword in fight humans, but this was Khrona... There's nothing much human about Khrona. So Lin would take his stance and wait Khrona's response. "Swordplay this is normally my last resort, Lord Khrona. Let's hope I can get at least ONE hit off of you while I am battling with my sword."

Khrona was very interested in seeing what Lino was going to do next, especially with that lightning whip thing... But he didn't use it at all. He just drew his sword, which seemed to be a last resort technique for him. Oh well. If it was a sword fight he wanted, he could definitely get it. "Hm. Hey! I heard that, Lino! You're too cruel to your kind leader!" Naturally, Khrona was referring to how inhuman he was in Lino's eyes, which, in truth, was absolutely correct, save for Khrona's build, which was borderline human. Khrona was a mutated super-human of beastkin descent. Not much human going on there. Nevertheless, since Lino was using a sword, Khrona felt it was most honorable to use a sword, as well. "Miser-- Huh... Wait... No..." Khrona wanted to try out something else, not use his Soul Weapons. He looked at Lino with a cruel stare, as if plotting out a painfully torturous attack for him next, then began to laugh maniacally as his massive wings swirled and transmogrified into what looked to be some sort of blades jutting out of Khrona's back. A form of Khrona's 'Dragon Wing' fighting style, it would seem. "Well, Lino, if this is your last resort... Then make it your BEST one! No sense using your final arts if you're not gonna try or make the best of them, right?! AHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Very well! Let's see if I can really use my sword like I think I can," Lin would say to himself. Lin would take his stance as he began to focus his chakra to his blade. He would then run toward Khrona at full speed when he finished and swing his blade at the right side of Khrona. After the first swing, Lin would then go for a leg sweep and upward kick, thus causing Khrona to ascend into the air.

Upon seeing the blade coming at him, Khrona would limbo under it by bending and contorting his back in such a way that was physically impossible for a human to do... Something Khrona hadn't done since his olden days in the Reality. "Ah... This takes me back.." he would say as the blade passed over his body. When Lin went for the leg sweep, Khrona's wings went into action, the one nearest to him stabbing into Lino's foot and pinning it to the ground. "Somehow, I think that was a bit mean... Ah well." The other one of his bladed wings was free, which Khrona would then raise above his head and bring down upon Lino, most likely cleaving him in half if he had no way to defend against it.

Lin would use his sword to block Khrona's wing. Using his other hand, he would pull a few paper bombs from his ninja sack and attach them to Khrona's wing; also he would drop five kunai with paper bombs attached to them in the ground, and using his 'Protect' skill, Lin would ignite the bombs, causing a large explosion which would hopefully separate the two of them to give Lin some breathing room for a few moments. "Ah! My foot..." Lin would say as he look at his foot, but, he would take his stance once again as he spoke to Khrona, "Your move, Khrona..."

Khrona could see what Lin was up to and it was rather impressive how resourceful he was becoming now. It made Khrona happy. The explosion definitely would separate Khrona's wing from his leg, but only by a little bit of force. Khrona took advantage of this situation by allowing the explosion to wound his wing, letting the Black Dragon Blood within spatter all about, however it did not touch the ground. It hovered in midair, as if waiting for Khrona's command. "Well well well, seems like someone's finally making use of their Grimoire powers. I'm so pleased~!" Khrona crossed his arms, the black blood splotches in the air changing into swords, which would then rain down upon Lino's general area whilst Khrona's wing reformed back into its blade-like form. "And now... Fast-slash." To add to the madness of the flurry of swords of hardened Black Dragon Blood falling from the sky, Khrona used his own sword-wings to stab at Lino at a high speed, trying to impale him again.

"Manna." Just as Khrona's attacks where closing in, Linomaru would use 'Vanish' so that the attacks would have no effect on him. He would then reappear behind Khrona and with a snap of his fingers he would use the 'Slow' skill, causing Khrona to slow down, making Lin a bit faster than Khrona, as he would give a forward jab with his blade attempting to stab Khrona right in the back. Lin would coat his sword with the 'Sleep' skill so if Khrona made the slightest hint of contact with the sword, he would be put to sleep by the skill, thus allowing Linomaru to pierce his skin.

Before Lino even spoke, Khrona's eyes gleamed and he said just as Lino said, "Manna, huh...?" Khona looked behind him the very moment Lino appeared behind him and unleashed a force that altered the effects of his attacks via the power of Reality Warping. Instead of using 'Slow' on Khrona... Lino had now used 'Speed'. "Lino, Lino, Lino... I thought you said we were using swords? Oh well." The now hastened Khrona was far faster than Lino's eyes could even keep up with; so fast, in fact, that the blade that looked like it had pierced Khrona passed straight through him, for the image of Khrona walking toward Lino was not his true speed at all. Khrona was actually above him.

Khrona: "Say... I've been meaning to test out something. I might as well do it here. I've been thinking about it for a long time, but never had the chance to use it! I call it... 'Paradoxical Absorption'!"

Such a complex sounding ability, and it seemed as though it was. With a bright gleam of Khrona's eyes, a clock would appear under his feet, between he and Lino. This clock was moving at an exceptionally fast pace, as if displaying the hastened effects on Khrona that had just been placed upon him. Using the Reality Warping once more in conjunction with his most famed ability since his time leading the Reality -- 'Absorption' -- Khrona would absorb the actual idea of time control into himself, as shown by the clock moving upward into his body and creating a huge tattoo of itself on his forehead, as if showing that his mind had control over the effects of time. It felt weird to Khrona and he didn't particularly seem to have too much control over it, though. "Huh... What...?" Khrona flew up higher into the air, moving between extremely fast and extremely slow. Seems like the first time using this move wasn't going to be easy... Unless...

Khrona: "Oh! Why didn't I think of this before? I have to control this power using my 'Chronokinesis' alongside the absorption of time... Therefore, by doing this technique, to control whatever I'm absorbing, I need to have the proper 'Kinesis' that coincides with it! Duh~!"

In all but a moment after that, the clock reset and seemed to be under the full control of Khrona now. He smiled, rather happy with his new ingenious works. "Isn't this cool, Lino? Look what I can do!" He pointed his hand at a whole forest off in the distance, a gigantic clock appearing right in front of his hand with the hands moving at an incredible speed. From the face of the clock, a massive beam was fired at the forest that seemed to age the trees at an exponential rate, causing even these trees -- which could live for hundreds of years -- to age and decay past their livability. Khrona, who was spazzing out in the air, could barely contain his excitement, obviously. "OMFG, LINO! DIDN'T YOU SEE THAT!? IT'S SOOO COOL! I'm a genius right? Right!? That was amazing right!?!?!?" Khrona had forgotten that he was in the middle of a sparring session with Lino all because of the new ability he had created and seemingly perfected on the spot. Thank god for the mind of a reality warping psychic.

Linomaru would be a bit terrified at Khrona's new ability, but THAT made him a bit more influenced to better himself as a warrior of the Dusk. He would see how the forest started to decay into nothing and speak to Khrona. "Okay, I can't beat that; not at the current level I'm at as of right now... But, I do have a request to ask you Khrona... Teach me your power, or something like it1 Your power is amazing and I believe that I have only begun to realize my true potential of my abilities and I need your help because no one seems to understand me, like you do... No homo." Lin would put his blade away as he spoke, showing that he didn't want to spar anymore. Khrona had won their little battle and Lin could accept defeat by his higher up.

"You just came up with an attack out of the sheer thought of it... And perfected it in a matter of seconds! That is truly amazing. I need to finish this battle inside myself to find my true power -- if there is any -- but, if I feel no change, I want to learn as much as I can... So that I can help you and the others defend our great planet. So can you teach me Khrona?" Linomaru would ask as he looked up at Khrona with such ambition and determination in his eyes that Lin would not take no for an answer.

Descending back to the ground, Khrona listened to Lino as he spoke. The absorbed 'power' was expelled from Khrona as a mere sphere of temporal matter still fresh and in its prime. It floated beside Khrona's head before dissipating with no further use to him.

Khrona: "... As much as I'd like to teach you, Lino, there's nothing I know that can be taught to you nor anyone not of my direct lineage of blood. Not even my own brother and sister can learn these things. My psychic abilities can only be taught to other psychics, and even then, it's strenuous on even the most powerful of psychics and beyond difficult to learn. The DNA abilities are all my own and cannot be utilized without my own abilities. My Reality Warping is my personal power... My Black Dragon Blood can be transferred into you so you can learn the Black Dragon Blood fighting style, but I doubt you'd like the side effects... The only thing that can be taught is probably the Soul Abilities, and even then, I can only teach you a few."

Khrona shrugged his shoulders. He was rather flattered that Lino thought so highly of Khrona. There were times where Khrona felt like many people didn't think that highly of him, so it was nice to hear every now and then. "... But, being the person I am, I can teach you how to better hone your own powers. That is something I can do for anyone and everyone, since my powers are so versatile. Would that... Suffice?"

"I've been wanting you to help me do that, so yes would be my answer; ultimately, I would prefer to better my skills I already have. Truthfully, I was just gonna take whatever you taught me and change it to make it my own -- an ability like yours but different eff... Wait, I have an idea," Linomaru would say as he look at Khrona. "Teach me all you can on souls and how I can mash it all with my soul weapon and whatnot. I want to be one of the best to come from our great village. And I want to know more about my Grimoire powers; I wanna finish the war inside me and finally, when I believe I'm ready, I must ask, shall we battle again? Just to see were I stand. Because I believe I've done much better than last time," Linomaru would say as he took his book out his pocket and began writing in it as he spoke to Khrona.

Khrona thought about it, then nodded his head. "Alright. I can't teach you much with your soul as it is, but I can teach you enough. But that will have to be postponed... Because I'm supposed to be going crazy elsewhere!" Khrona flew up out of the sky, flying past the clouds, breaking the Fourth Wall yet again...

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Book 12; The Disappearance of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 12; The Disappearance of Khrona Tensei   Book 12; The Disappearance of Khrona Tensei EmptySun Apr 19, 2020 3:26 pm

Fifth Disappearance; Need To Stretch

For some reason, even after consecutive battles that were supposed to have significantly drained Khrona's energy, he was still chock full of it and eager to go play. As he stated to Lino before he left, the Red Lemon went out to 'go be crazy' on someone else; someone that reminded him strikingly of his Honorary Son, Drast, of whom disappeared mysteriously after the Mind and Soul training with Khrona. Perhaps, this person had some sort of connection to him? They seemed... Almost like the same person. That Vanguard and that Drast. Made him think...

In the midst of the battle, with no real rhyme or reason, a powerful figure would materialize out of thin air, dragon wings spread and unmoving. His dark, tattered jacket fluttered every which way in the wind as he descended from the sky slightly... Close enough to the ground to be viewed by the both the two fighters. "Hahahahahaha! Hilo there, guys! I assume that you don't know who I am, so I'll give you an intro--" Khrona could see 'Hero the Great', who was... Well, in a predicament right now. Khrona knew of the hero because he had attended the college, but Khrona had never seen the one named 'Vanguard' before in his life. Not that it mattered, for he'd get to know him in an instant. Hahaha."... Duction. I'm Khrona." That's all he said for such an entrance and such a tone in the middle of this clearly bad situation. Oh well.

As the darkness began to try and consume the resident hero, he would sign as he would engage his enchanted ring, whose light would cover his hand. He would then thrust his fist forward and release a powerful burst of disintegrating flames that would clash with the 'Darkness Explosion'. Although the darkness was powerful, the overall property of the disintegrating flames was complete disintegration, which would cause the darkness explosion to simply disappear into ash and also free the hero's foot. Though he was about to counterattack, the hero would stop, noticing Khrona appearing before them. He had fought Khrona's Pact partner -- Tabrith -- before in the past and lost, so the hero knew Khrona well. He would disappear from his current location, giving himself distance between Khrona and Vanguard, who used the 'Darness Explosion'. "Well, well, well! I must say, it has been quite some time since we have met, Khrona of the Dusk."

"What's this?" Vanguard inquired as the condensed sphere of darkness began to unravel around him like a ribbon. It protected him from the brute power of the disintegrating flame along with anything else that came his way. He turned his head a bit to notice the sickly looking man who had wings larger than most skyscrapers. He looked at them until his eyes reached their peak, encompassing most of the battlefield and providing a decent shade. "Khrona, eh? To what do we owe this bothersome interruption?" Vanguard didn't have to read his mind to know that Khrona's mind packed a whole other world of power. It was just something you could feel. However, had Khrona try to pry anywhere into Vanguard's mind, the seal that the Dark King placed inside of his mind would force him right out.

"So you do remember me, huh? Good." Khrona was unsure if the hero would remember, but it was good that he did. Though, Khrona wasn't really paying attention to the hero now that he heard the snooty remark of Vanguard. It irked him rather quickly. "Bothersome?! For that snide little remark, I shall teach you BOTH the meaning of respect!!" As usual, Khrona was flipped out because of something totally irrelevant and minuscule, and he was ready for one of his signature rampages. Khrona lightly flapped his monstrously large wings and, as usual -- though they were flapped lightly -- they would release a powerful gust that would push away damn near anything that wasn't VERY tightly tied down. His eyes gleamed for a moment as a dangerous sneer appeared on his face. His Hyper Perception had activated. There was definitely no reasoning with him now.

"Just great, the kid sent him on a rampage..." the hero would say as Khrona released his massive gust of wind that would begin to send the hero back. However, the hero's body would glow with soul energy, and using his 'Heavy Soul', he would add a few good tons to his body, causing him to remain planted on the ground. The hero would then whistle and suddenly from behind Khrona would appear one of the hero's spirit animals from underground with his tail turned into an axe. Rengoku would try to slash Khrona across his back while he was looking in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, after planting himself on the ground, the hero would begin to surge with energy as he was getting ready for something.

Vanguard had no way of fighting back against the immense gust of wind Khrona manifested from his overgrown wings. His body would flap in the wind like a stray plastic bag. His body went through the respective crushing sensation from the deadly wind pressure and everything one would expect from such a monster that is Khrona. Vanguard would land quite a ways away from the battlefield, using his own wind chakras to guide him safely to the ground. He was wounded and quite a bit overwhelmed. He gathered himself while he could.

As Khrona was still pretty high off of the ground, Rengoku would have to jump for this one... But he still could reach him, probably. When the axe was about to connect with Khrona, it would have passed through his body, as it wasn't there anymore. It was a projection made my Khrona's psychic power, and the moment it was hit, the condensed psychic pressures were released all throughout Rengoku's body, causing him complete paralysis physically and mentally. He would be forced to stay in whatever position he was already in until the effects were lifted.

As for the actual Khrona, no sooner than Vanguard had landed was Khrona already there behind him. Khrona started to float around him in a circle as his wings took the forms of gigantic fists. "So you couldn't just say 'Hello' to me, hm? Instead you had to be an idiot, hm? Tell me, have you learned your lesson from that wound inflicted upon you, or do you need more punishment?" Khrona had already assessed Vanguard mentally through means other than reading his mind, as Khrona could tell long before he even had the thought that he had the remnants of the Dark King's power helping to block it. Khrona had used 'Psychometry', which required the scanning of the object itself rather than the mind of said object to learn the information necessary. "You'd better hope that hero comes to help you, lest I do something horrible to you... You must learn by force, you know. I wasn't even going to attack either of you." Khrona held his hand out at Vanguard as his piercing red eyes gleamed for just a split second, as if he were preparing for something...

Picking himself up from his subjected position, Vanguard would be chuckling in between his grunts of pain. He held on to his right oblique -- the part of his body that was wounded most severely. "A man with a broken mind, trying to pass out lessons? That in itself is insane." While Vanguard was being blown away, he had picked though the hero's mind to get what information he could on Khrona. What he found was pretty interesting... And intimidating. Whilst he spoke, he reached into his pocket and grabbed what looked like a flashbang. Its fuse was burning with a indigo spark. Possibly a new dark jutsu he made for just this case. "That hero? He'd just get in the way."

The hero was not near enough to help Vanguard at the time he was being confronted because he was catching his mind frozen partner, Rengoku. The hero would disappear for a moment, moving Rengoku far out of the area so he would not get caught in any cross fire. Although, the hero would return just in time to hear Vanguard's comment about him being in the way, causing a large vein to crawl up the hero's face, showing his anger at the boy's statement. Suddenly, a wave of blue flames would appear around the hero and his 'Guardian' -- 'Hermes' -- would appear behind him without the hero needing to Summon him, only showing more so how enraged he was. Not even more than a second later, Vanguard would have a large pair of golden wings right in front of him about to go right through, causing some massive damage. This was Hermes' most natural ability, which was to move at speeds most could barley follow. The hero was standing in the same spot as his body would begin to surge with soul energy for some reason.

"... Hahaha. So you think I can't teach a lesson just because I'm a little bit insane? Hm. You're foolish. You can learn a lesson from anything in life... And you know what I've learned? That even with insanity constantly surging through my mind... I have more wisdom than those who have never laid foot into the dark terrain of insanity. I've learned to control it." Khrona lowered his hand and smiled slightly. Whether Vanguard believed it or not, Khrona truly had control over his insanity. Though he technically should have become a Falshin and violently slaughtered everyone and everything, plunging the entire land into insanity, he has not. He has a balance.

Khrona could see the flashbang-esque item in Vanguard's hand, but thought nothing of it, as the hero was present in the situation now. "I wouldn't use that if I were you."

Somehow, Khrona seemed a bit calmer than he already was. Perhaps because of Vanguard's comment. He was an... Intriguing fellow. However, the hero was on the way with an increased power. He must have heard what Vanguard said and wanted retribution for it, however Khrona was not going to let that happen now that he was interested in what Vanguard thought. With his Hyper Perception viewing eyes, Khrona could see Hermes flying at Vanguard at those incredible speeds, and with his massive hand-wing he would catch Hermes mid-flight just before he came in contact with Vanguard and launched him faaaaar off into the distance. He could see the hero rearing up his soul energy, but Khrona knew it was a futile effort against the strongest soul energy on the planet -- his own.

Khrona: "Hero, simmer down and sit right there. I want to talk you, Vanguard... You're in the way."

With the power stored up for the attack on Vanguard, Khrona used it for a different ability to hold the hero in place. It was a simple barrier of condensed psychic force around him. Within it, Khrona blocked the transfer of his brain waves to anyone or anything he had outside of the invisible barrier, just in case. It wasn't really all that strong, but it would take some work to break down. Khrona was kinda using it as a placeholder, anyway.

With the hero momentarily trapped, Khrona turned back to Vanguard with his piercing red eyes looking him up and down, then he finally landed on the ground. "... You're a Standard. And a psychic. That trained with the Dark King. Tell me more about yourself."

"What more do you wish to know?" Vanguard asked as he kept the ball within the palm of in his hand. He rolled it in between his fingers, amused with how Khrona apparently 'switched off' his insanity. He snickered a bit. It caught his interest. "You already figured out my name, rank, and past encounters. Dig any deeper and you may find my shoe size."

Khrona: "Why are you here? What is your purpose in life? I've seen a dramatic increase in psychic activity since I've been here and... I've been wondering about it. Being the most powerful psychic there is on the planet, is it that other psychics are being attracted to me unbeknownst to themselves? Or is it just a coincidence?"

These were only a few questions Khrona had about Vanguard, as well as for the generality of the planet, but those were the things that he had been thinking about most. He wanted to get all of the information he needed before he went back into... Deep Thought, where he thought about all of the things that happened between the periods in which he went in and out. Khrona was no Cleff, but he still needed information he found significant.

Khrona: "Are you going to answer me? It is surely fine if you do not, but I cannot guarantee that my reaction will be fine. I still am insane you know. Unpredictable."

Such was Khrona's insanity... It was almost as if it was selective to the situation. Though Khrona showed no hostility right now, it could change before Vanguard could even process what happened. Especially if the hero did something to piss him off...

As Khrona finished his little statement, there would be a loud explosive sound coming over where the hero was being held. Once sight was put on that area, the hero would be shown with on of his fist pushed outward with disintegrating flames and soul energy disappearing from his arm. The hero had covered his arm in a mixture of soul energy and disintegrating flames to punch and destroy the barrier Khrona had created around him. Once the barrier was gone, Hermes would appear next to the hero but the hero would not attack. He did still have respect for people, so he would allow Khrona to finish his conversation before going back into battle mode.

"Selective insanity? Most powerful psychic on the planet? My interest for you seems to dangle up and down the more you speak to me," Vanguard said, closing his eyes and scratching his chin. He laughed slightly in between his upward inflected sentences, apparently amused by what Khrona said. He then placed his free hand back into his pocket, his glazed eyes seemingly looking past Khrona. "Attracted to you? Don't flatter yourself. The amount of the ignorance one must be cursed with to bestow such a label on themselves is both impressive and sad. Besides, self proclaimed titles are as empty as the hero's drive for battle," Vanguard spoke, his glazed eyes becoming warmed over by his smirk. He then went forth to answering what Khrona asked him, considering Khrona didn't explode in a furious cluster bang of insanity at this point. "As for your questions, I can't say I know, myself. However, even if I did, I probably wouldn't tell some mysterious insane figure I just met."

When the hero burst out of the barrier holding him, Khrona turned back to look at him. "Finally. I was wondering when you'd do that." But he didn't say or do anything, so Khrona went back to Vanguard. He spoke about Khrona having these 'self-proclaimed titles' when... Well, they were, but they were also, in fact, true. "Yeah, I did give myself these titles, but not for no reason. It's not because of arrogance or anything, but it's the truth and all of the planet has come to accept it. Unless you wish for me to humble myself~?" Nah, that wasn't Khrona's style. He was eccentric and extravagant with most things, so humbling himself would be kinda... Yeahno. "Or... Unless you want me to show you just how powerful my mind is? I can fight you and the hero here with simply my mind and my wings. How about it?" Khrona turned back to the hero and passed a dark smile back to him as well. They were both fathoms weaker than he was and he already knew that alone, Khrona would destroy them both. However, what if they worked together? Would they have a better chance? "That is, only if you're up to it. If not, I can just go destroy something or something, since I'm in the battling spirit now." Khrona's pupils grew small as he thought of the sweet, sweet destruction he could cause about this place... Oh, the havoc! Oh, the chaos! Oh, the calamity! Catastrophe everywhere! Yeah... That was always nice.

"Please. I would rather fight you myself than work with this kid." The hero would say this in a very displeasing tone as while Vanguard was part of the mafia family, his distasteful tone when speaking toward the hero made him look past that.

Using his hand to visor the sun from his eyes as he attempted to look to the very tip of Khrona's wings, Vanguard would speak with an extended interest. As if he were coming up with a solution to some sort of equation. "Ah, but what would defeating the likes of me prove to any one? That you, 'the most powerful psychic on the planet', can defeat a sixteen year old boy... And a brute?" Vanguard would release an amused chuckle at the hero's comment. "Yes, I don't think a kid like me could prove much of a challenge. However..."

Khrona shook his head. Apparently, Vanguard had been around too many smartasses around the planet and picked up on their dialect. Not that Khrona cared too much, as many people had that type of tongue around the planet, thinking they were badass, but Khrona's intentions were different from just beating up on an Expert and a Standard. "... Seems like you've misunderstood, Vanguard. I merely want to... Test your abilities. This has nothing to do with me beating you up nor how much joy I'd have in doing so. I just wanted to witness the combined efforts of a skilled Expert and Standard. Though, it seems that you two are against my offer..." From the hero's comment and Vanguard's agreement, Khrona knew that getting them to work together would be impossible unless forced. But, it didn't really matter to him. He was just looking for a little bit of sport, if you will. Though, Vanguard did say 'however'... "Well, I guess if you two aren't gonna be any fun, I'll just be going then... Unless Vanguard has a statement before I depart?"

The hero would remain silent, simply waiting for Khrona to leave so he could continue to his battle and put this kid in his place right here right now.

"However, we will meet again... Relatively soon, Khrona. I do hope that thirst for battle you have is still there," Vanguard said with a promising smirk. All in all, he found Khrona to be a very, very, very, very interesting person, and despite how much he hated it, he wanted desperately to be locked in combat with him; to clash intellects with one another. However, Vanguard picked his battles wisely, and fighting Khrona now would do nothing but give him an early trip to the hospital. He then turned to the hero, a little less interested. "As for you... Hero. This battle has gone on long enough. Despite my large mind, I have a very short attention span. I've gotten bored. Besides, Khrona's words have stimulated me more than this battle ever could." With that, Vanguard just turned around and began to walk away. He was looking for a stretch; a chance to battle someone to check up on his present skill. However, his thirst for barbaric activities shattered as mysteriously as it manifested. "Maybe next time, eh...?"

It was apparent that the two of them did not want to fight Khrona, and they each had their reasons. Khrona was alright with that, and was especially content with what Vanguard said. "I've already foreseen it, Vanguard. And I will be waiting." Hearing Vanguard's words to Hero the Great, Khrona snickered. Seems like he had been disrespected in a way by Vanguard's words. How fun. "Well, without further adieu... I am off. We shall meet again." Khrona's body started to dissipate it would seem, but was actually just manifesting elsewhere. This was the fastest form of travel rather than actually warping, so yeah. Khrona made his way out of the area, since another flap of the wings was probably more than unnecessary.

"I really hate that kid..." was all the hero would say before he would turn around and disappear out of the area, moving at high speeds elsewhere to find a good battle.

With that interesting interaction with the rather intriguing fellow 'Vanguard' -- of whom was widely reminiscent of Khrona's missing Honorary Son, Drast -- Khrona would make a mental note to dote on Vanguard for a while and become better acquainted with him in time. It could have been that they were the same person, or perhaps even closely related. Yet, the day had finally turned to night and Khrona was ready to head home. He stopped by his office one last time before going to his Pit, only to find that the kid that had been running errands for him -- Pegasus -- had taken a turn for the worst down the path of darkness... Though only his Weapon was there, the soul energy he omitted was enough for Khrona to be able to see, unfortunately, how Pegz had rubbed off on his partner. Tragic how such connections work.

Neon had been in hiding for sometime now, but decided that 'he' had recovered enough. Neon, being Pegz's soul partner, but now a rogue because of his recent death. He walked up to master Khrona's office, as he soon knocked on the door in a normal fashion. He was now going to wait for someone to answer, because he hasn't been here much at all.

The door would open slowly and the apparition of Khrona would be sitting in the chair. "Yes? How can I help you?"

Neon would walk into the room as he looked around the place. Nothing seem to be out of place; for now, that is. He took a bow before the almighty Khrona and then looked at him as he answered trustfully, "Well sorry for being blunt, but I need a body to transfer a half a soul into it from a 'Sealed Weapon'. I've heard you are very good at this, so I decided to come here. Of course, hearing about you, there might be a price for this big favor, am I correct?"

".... And you didn't even think it was normal to bring me an already dead body to make this easier and swifter for the both of us?" Khrona sighed and shook his head. 'People just don't seem to think these days.'

Khrona: "... Well, it can be easily done, I'll tell you that much. However, I require you and this person to fetch me a creature once I provide this body. You must get me a Golem. I will make you the body, however if I do not get this creature, I will snatch up the body, the soul, and yours as well. Got it?"

Neon just sighed to himself, as he knew more about Khrona. Well at least he got the okay, and now things looked grim for him. "Pardon my mindset Khrona, I must not be thinking straight. I agree on the terms of this exchange, and will hunt down this Golem for you." He brought his crown off his head and put his hand into it. He looked around and finally found what he was looking for; a katana blade that was broken in half and brought it out by the blade as the hilt was pointing at Khrona. The weapon was glowing bright white, and it seemed to be screaming. "Here is the Sealed Weapon with the half soul; I'll let you start the process then"

Khrona took the weapon and placed it on his desk. "I'll start the process the moment you capture my creature. I'll know when you have it because I will be watching you psychically. Now... Shoo. Do my bidding!" Khrona made the shooing motion with his hands so that he could go capture said creature.

Neon just put his crown back on his head, as he started to walk out. He was going to catch a random creature, it seemed; well he needed some target practice. He could go for some more souls, but this was important, first. He walked out the door as he went to look for a creature named Golem.

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Book 12; The Disappearance of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 12; The Disappearance of Khrona Tensei   Book 12; The Disappearance of Khrona Tensei EmptyMon Apr 20, 2020 7:22 am

Sixth Disappearance; Further Instruction

It had been some odd days since Khrona sent Aura on her mission, and she was just now returning during the middle of the day, Khrona having already been well set in his office. He was happy to see that her mission was successful and was ready for her to give a full report.

Aura returned to the office of Khrona T. -- her Uncle, and leader. She had only just left a few days ago, having left to retrieve the Summoning item for the powerful being known as Centaurus, who Aura had the pleasure of already battling. But something was off about it and she had further questions on the mechanics of how these things worked. With three knocks she waited for an answer... She hoped the office wasn't covered in blood anymore. The smell was still in her nose from last time.

The door opened and Khrona could be seen playing with a pencil between his index fingers. He seemed rather interested in it... Or maybe he was really just that bored. "... You want to know what to do next, am I right?" His voice seemed uninterested and unfocused. He really did like that pencil.

"That's not the first question that comes to mind when I see YOU, Uncle Khrona, but yes, I'd like a little guidance," Aura spoke, stepping through the threshold of Khrona's office and toward his desk. He was as he always was. Just being Uncle Khrona. She wondered if he had even left his office since her last visit, but at least there was no blood on the walls. "I fought with Centaurus and he left this behind before disappearing." Holding out the 'Horseshoe', Aura showcased her treasure to Khrona. It felt good to have yet... Empty. "So how do I use this call him back?"

Khrona shook his head, chuckling a little bit. "Oh you foolish, foolish little girl... You only fought Dark Centaurus; a mere shadow of what the real one is. You must take the Horseshoe to one of the Chomao in the new Chomao Sanctuary and have them use it to summon up the real Centaurus." Khrona played with his hair a little bit, now twirling the pencil in his hand. "If you need directions, then go that way to the outskirts of town. You should see it very quickly." Khrona seemed to point in an arbitrary direction without much thought, but it was most likely the correct way.

Aura was agitated... She asked herself 'Why?' As in, 'why didn't Khrona just tell her this from the start' if he know this was going to happen? His 'humor' was that of what Aunt Zita would call a 'Grade A Asshole', but as it were, he was still her Uncle and she loved him... Even if he could be a dick at times. But the idea of going to a Chomao get together area kinda made Aura excited. One little Chomao was the pinnacle of cute... To have a Sanctuary full of them was going to be adorable. "Ok then, easy enough. Thanks again Uncle Khrona." With a quick spin on her heel and brisk walk out the door, Aura was gone, but she'd be back and next maybe she'd ask her Uncle out... Give him something to do other than sit in his office all day.

Khrona waved at Aura, smiling as happy as he could be. "Bye bye, niece~! Have fun~!" He would close the door behind him with his mind, lock it, then spun around in his chair. He knew everything that she was thinking. "Execute the 'Punishment Game', Chomao." Though Khrona seemed to be talking to no one, Chomao could actually hear him. "Don't go too hard on her. I wanna see where she's taking me~! Hahaha."

The next order of business after dealing with his niece was to handle a certain issue he found through numerous reports about a specific person -- Juri -- that was apparently causing some trouble around the planet. It seemed that this person wished to join the ranks of the Dusk, despite the bad reputation that he had. Khrona summoned him to his office and waited patiently for his arrival.

Khrona waited in his office for Juri. Enough said.

Juri walked into Khrona's Office. "What's up khrona?"

Khrona didn't open his eyes as Juri walked in, His hands were folded in the infamous 'Gendou Ikari', as usual, when he had a serious talk. His eyes opened once he was about to talk. "Juri. I have heard that you wish to become a Dusk Ninja, am I correct? Hmph. Of course I am. I welcome all who wish to become one, however because I am feeling rather generous... I will be assessing your skill level as well... To see if you belong where you are or if you are ready to move on. Like... a Diagnostic Test, if you will." Khrona didn't know if he was getting all of this. "Am I making myself clear?"

"Well that's bold of you -- of course I want to become a Dusk ninja; I wouldn't be here for any other reason. I understand that you want to test me, so I say, why not?" Juri looked into Khrona's eyes, seeing nothing but emptiness. Juri rubbed his face, smiling at Khrona. "Well now, we can start whenever you're ready."

Khrona smiled, then began to laugh maniacally. "Of course, Juri, of course. To test your strength, You will have to fight one of my Virtual Pets. If you can cause my virtual pet to evolve into the first form, then I'll see you have enough power to be on par with a Standard. Cause my virtual pet to evolve further, then you'll be able to become Advanced. Further; Expert. You see?" As Khrona spoke, he would snap his fingers and his plantoid named Meiun would appear. "Meiun, would you kindly show the nice boy a good time?" Khrona snapped his fingers again and the office would change into a luscious green area with lots of agriculture and the like. A haven for this plantoid.

Meiun: "Whatever..."

"Oh, I see. Well that's just great." Juri was more then ready for this, his whole body began to shake as he looked at his opponent. Juri wanted to start off simple, so he reached into his bag and pulled out three kunai with wires attached to them. With a quick motion, Juri threw one kunai. Juri had already come up with a plan you see. "Here we go."

Meiun looked uninterested at the kunai coming toward her. She could clearly see the strings attached, as well. She yawned.

Meiun: "Boring..."

And then used her Ivy to grab hold of a tree and pull herself toward it, landing in one of the branches. She shook her head slowly, not even bothering to retaliate.

Seeing as how Meiun dodged the attack, without any thought of it, Juri had a plan. Since the kunai had a wire attached to it, Juri would pull on the wire, causing it to stop. Juri would then use the wire to swing the kunai, making it change direction; the kunai would now be aiming for the tree. "Now is the time to use this." As the wired kunai was heading for the tree, Juri would infuse some of his chakra is the wire. The chakra would then flow into the kunai, making it become a chakra blade. The kunai would slice right through the tree; as the tree fell, Meiun would be falling along with it, and Juri took this chance to add in one more attack. "Fireball!" Juri would fire out a huge fireball that would be aiming right for the falling Meiun.

Falling from the tree, Meiun jumped out of it and wrapped her vines around it with her Ivy attack.

Meiun: "Oh please..."

She would forcefully whip the tree around and smack the fireball like it was a baseball with the tree, causing it to disperse into nothingness and only leaving a scorch mark on the tree. Once that was gone, she would drop the tree and dig her vines into the ground. They would slither up from the ground and try to grab Juri's leg and trip him, then expertly slip back underground back to her.

"Evolve! Come on, we both know you want to. I can tell you have much, much, more power than your showing." Juri looked behind him, seeing the vines come out of the ground. Without much thought, he'd pull his kunai back, catching it. As soon as Juri caught it, he would reach into his bag, and pull out another kunai. Much like other one, Juri would infuse his chakra in the blade; with one quick swing juri would have cut those vines. "Dojutsu! Lets do this for real!" Once Juri activated his dojutsu, his skills would have increased. With those vines gone, Juri would throw his kunai up into the sky. Juri would then handstand, using his chakra to pull the blade to his foot. In a flash, Juri would flip kicking the kinai at Meiun; the blade would be flying at Meiun very fast. Juri would then rush passed the kunai and head for Meiun; within a few feet of her, Juri jumped, flying right over her. "Fireball!" Of course, he shot a fireball at her.

The vines were cut, though Meiun didn't flinch. She retracted them and they would seem to grow back rather fast.

Meiun: "I only evolve when I need to... Don't think you're so cool."

She saw Juri come in fast and jump over her head. The moment he did, she released a huge surplus of Spores from her flower, which shot up faster than he had time to even say 'Fireball'. Being hit with these should cause him to fall asleep within seconds, probably right after firing the fireball, so she decided to take the hit of the fireball to ensure that her attack hit with perfect precision.

Meiun: "You call that fire...?"

Meiun's body seemed to be a little charred, but it was nothing too bad, actually. A bit of her was on fire, but she just smothered the flames out with some dirt. She was a tough little plant.

"Damn I did not see that coming! Man my eyes... They won't stay open, man!" Juri fell out of the sky landing on the ground trying to keep himself awake, but it was no good; Juri could not stay awake. But during his sleep, Juri knew that Meiun would take this as a chance to attack, so all Juri could do is wait.

Now that Juri was asleep, Meiun could do so, so much to him... She could destroy him right here and now with some of her paralyzing Spores... Maybe swing him around a bit and crush his bones with some Ivy... Impale him with her Thorns...? So much... But something she REALLY wanted to do... was use her Plant Growth.

Meiun stuck her feet deep in the ground, quickly absorbing the nutrients to both heal her body from the burn marks and cause her to grow to a grand height. Now she was the same size as the tree that had just been felled. She plucked her root foot from the ground and started to slowly smoosh Juri's body.

Meiun: "I want you to suffer... I could end this quick, but it's fun to push around a wimp like you."

Of course, having a giant foot crush him, Juri would instantly wake up. Upon waking up, Juri noticed there was a foot trying to crush him. Juri had no time for a plan, so he simply placed both hands on Meiun's foot, and tried to push it off. "What the hell, man! Who steps on people?" Seeing as how it would hurt him trying to move something that big, Juri had an idea. Since the foot was right on him Juri, would just burn it. So using some strength, Juri was able to lift Meiun's foot up just enough for his attack. "Fire!" Juri opened his mouth, releasing a huge barrage of fire. Meiun would, of course, get caught in the flames, since her foot was right on him.

Meiun: "Augh! Goddammit!"

Meiun quickly lifted her foot off of him and started stamping it on the ground to put out the fire on her foot. She sneered at him, her flower opening up wide.

Meiun: "I shouldn't have been so merciful to you... Now you're gonna die!"

Meiun started to release a special sort of spore from her flower all across the general area... They weren't the sleep spores, but something else. Because she was so large, they would easily spread across a large portion of land rather than be just right around her, thus Juri was more likely to get hit by them.

"No way am I letting you do this again." Juri quickly placed his hands together; he was now about to use some wind type techniques. Juri once again quickly performed hand signs. "Check this new move; Wind Style: Rising Dragon." As wind gathered around Meiun, it would start to spin, creating a tornado-like vacuum, sucking all the spores into it, so Meiun would be getting hit with her own attack. Juri then snapped his fingers, upon doing so the tornado would start to spin faster, creating sharp blades of wind. "Same trick won't work." Juri looked at the tornado, he would add in one more attack. "Fireball!" Juri shot a stream of fire into the tornado, thus making a fire tornado. Wind enrages fire, so Meiun would be trapped in a raging tornado. Moving too much would result in two things: getting cut by the wind blades, or being burnt to a crisp.

The fiery tornado swirled around Meiun violently, which barely any way for her to escape it as of now. She flailed around trying to get out, but it wasn't working. Now there was only one thing left for her to do. Evolution. Meiun started to glow with a bright light, now turning completely white with energy. She shrunk down to her normal size before continuing the evolution. Her thorns on her body multiplied into thousands of needles, the flower on her head morphed into a larger flower. Her body started to alter shape, growing just a bit larger than it was when she used the Root Stretch, now taller than the tree. Making much haste, she began to spin around in the opposite direction of the tornado.

Meiun: "Needles!!"

The tornado would settle down and the flames would cease, but through it would come thousands of needles stabbing into anything and everything in the area. They were large thorns, denting trees and making huge cracks in the ground, and would definitely do some severe damage to Juri.

"I don't think so, my friend! That also won't work; these things are too big, which gives me a good chance to avoid most of them." Juri saw the huge needles coming right at him. Juri smiled as he shot some fireballs at the needles. Juri knew that they were too big to be burned into nothing, so Juri just shot fireballs at them. The fireballs would slow the needles down so that Juri could dodge them, but without knowing, one of the huge needles had hit him... But not stabbed him; just scraped his leg. Juri was in some pain, but not a lot. Juri would clap his hands, creating a wind blade. "Here you go!" With one quick swing, Juri swung his blade, sending out a barrage of wind blades at Meiun that would cut through most things it hit.

Meiun: "You know those thorns are poisonous... And I can shoot out smaller ones."

That said, she punched her fists together, wound up one arm, then punched forward very forcefully, allowing a huge rocket fist to fly at Juri at top speed.

Meiun: "K.O. Punch!"

Being only a Beginner, Juri couldn't keep up firing off those fireballs forever, and should probably be draining himself much faster than Meiun was... And if he was as she suspected, the 'K.O. Punch' would hit him, explode, and knock him out, as the name suggests.

"Hmm, poison? That's the best you can do?" Juri was not suppressed. In fact, Juri simply took some wire, and wrapped it around his leg very, very fast. This was done to keep whatever amount of poison in his body in that one spot. Juri looked at the huge rocket fist aiming right at him; Juri knew that blocking was not a good idea. Since his dojutsu was active, Juri could somewhat keep track of the fast moving fist. "You're right, I can't keep shooting fireballs at you, but I'm here to win! Losing is not an option." There was one thing Juri knew, and that was how to throw attacks right back at the enemy. Juri placed his hands out in front of himself. "Wind Style: Rising Dragon!" Juri knew that if he could not block it, then he would send it back. The 'Rising Dragon', however, was not meant to surround Meiun, but send that rocket fist right back. As the rocket fist came within a few feet of Juri, he would use the tornado as a vacuum, sucking the rocket fist inside. Juri would then redirect the attack, sending it right back a Meiun three times as fast and strong. "You're too big! Get small; you'll move faster. Come on, you're really big! We all know bigger is not better." After that, Juri would run behind some trees to rest, and to suck the poison out of his leg.

Meiun sighed heavily. Yeah, it was a good attempt, but it was all for nothing, really. And that trash he was talking was not good for him at all. As the 'K.O. Punch' came back at her, Meiun spoke.

Meiun: "Yeah... For you, losing isn't an option... It's a guarantee. Your fate."

She cocked back her fist in an odd fashion, waiting until the punch was just about to hit her, and when it was, she disappeared. The only thing that could be noticed was that the tree Juri was behind broke in half, a huge fist through it and the upper part of the tree about to fall on Juri's head.

Meiun: "... Lightspeed Punch."

From the hint of the name of the move, Meiun must have moved at light speed and punched through the tree, avoiding the attack while simultaneously proving Juri wrong AND giving him no time to suck out the poison, lest he be crushed by the tree. She just waited there, curious to see his reaction.

"F---! Tree or poison which one? Damn I guess she can move fast." Juri had little time to think, but he was not scared. Juri looked at the tree falling. Juri stayed calm as he still had a wire in his hand. With one quick tug, a kunai few through the tree. Juri had never let go of the wire in his hand -- which he used before-- so the falling tree would be split in half; the kunai only cut through the because it was infused with chakra. Juri bought himself a little time before the rest of the tree fell on him. Juri was able to remove most of poison from his body. Moving quickly, Juri wrapped the wire back around his leg, and dashed out of the way, letting the tree fall. "Ha! You're still too big! If I'm right, you can only move in one direction. See? Being small has its advantages." Juri, still on the ground, got up. "Wind Style: Rising Dragon!" As another tornado appeared around Meiun -- much like the first one -- but Juri did this one differently. Instead of it being used as an attack, Juri used this one to trap Meiun. The mighty tornado was strong; Juri was not done. Juri then did a few more hand signs, causing another tornado to appear. This one, however, was spinning around the first one; the tornadoes would keep spinning faster and faster. This would make blades of wind coming from the left and right. "One more!" Juri knew that he was running low on juice, but that would not stop him. If his skin gave way, he'd use his bones. "Fire Style!" Juri shot a stream of fire into both tornadoes; this, however, would not use up that much chakra. "Now I can take a breath."

Meiun didn't seem too scared of the tornadoes. She'd dealt with worse before. In fact, a certain combination of her moves could easily get rid of this and hopefully Juri as well. She outstretched her arms and, fighting the sway of the wind as hard as she could, she spun around in the opposite direction once more at top speed using her needle thorns once again. Now the needles were shooting out and the tornadoes were slowing down, however she still was not done. She started to release K.O. Punches all around as she was spinning, numerous rocket fists shooting out from every direction and hitting damn near everything in the area until not a patch of land wasn't lit up with violent explosions. She would keep doing this until she needed to stop.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Well, since my dojutsu barely uses any chakra, I guess I'll keep it active so I can see." Juri saw hell raining from above; without much thought or any form of plan, Juri would just begin to run, avoiding the exploding fists. Juri used his dojutsu to keep track of those damn rocket fists. Juri really did not know what to do except dodge. "Why would you do this? You'll never hit me like that. Being big means slow attacks, hehe." Thinking fast, Juri ran and jumped above Meiun, and used some wind to lift himself up, but he was very careful to avoid any needles and rocket fists simply by cutting them in half with wind blades. Juri knew that the safe zone was above Meiun -- or in other words, the middle -- since the attacks were aimed outwards. Juri was safe, but to be sure, Juri placed a wind shield around himself. Juri would then aim his hands at the to spinning tornadoes; Juri would then close both hands causing the flaming tornadoes to shrink. Meuin would slow down. Since the flaming tornado were closing in, Meiun would also get ripped to pieces by the wind blades, if she did not get out.

As Meiun spun, she could feel the effects of the wind closing in on her, making it harder for her to spin. She could feel some slicing effects going on as well with them. The flames didn't really irk her too much and her body was actually pretty tough for a plant, so she could endure things like that for a while. She had noticed when Juri moved, even if Juri didn't notice she noticed. As such, when he was in a position where he absolutely would not be able to escape, she released a "Lightspeed Punch" upwards, thereby punching the living daylights out of Juri before he could even figure out what happened. That single punch alone should have not only sent him flying, but knocked him out for a good, long time.

"I think not! Your punch only did half the damage, due to my wind shield! So your attacks are still slow, and I always have a plan." Juri was sent flying, but due to his wind shield, Juri did not take too much damage from the Lightspeed Punch. His shield did break, and Juri did hit the ground. But before Juri hit the ground, Juri used a little wind to reduce the damage he would take from landing on the ground. "Ha! you think that hurt me? I guess I am banged up a bit." Juri got up, blood ran down his face and hit the ground. Juri wiped his face, smiling, for this was the most fun Juri had ever had in a long time; in fact, this was more fun than anything. Juri picked himself up. A plan came to mind; Juri would pull out a a kunai, but this one had a paper bomb attached to it. Juri threw it at Meiun. Juri then dashed to the right side of Meiun and dropped a paper bomb on the ground; Meiun would not have seen the paper bombs on the ground. These paper bombs, however, had wires attached to them, which could only mean that Juri was up to something. The whole area Juri was standing in had wires -- as in, they were all around him -- so Juri also placed paper bombs on those wires to. "I see." Juri then waited to see what Meiun would do.

He was getting too much ahead of himself. Meiun was going easy on him, but now it was time to step it up. The plantoid was not like your ordinary one, and was not gonna be treated as such. When Juri was fool enough to run past her, she would hit him with another Lightspeed Jab... Two, in fact -- with both hands. Clearly she had a move that was faster than how he could move, so it was kinda stupid to do that. Without a doubt, he should have been K.O.'d.

As Juri flew to the ground, he thought to himself, 'Maybe I should give up?' Juri's face was red with blood. Juri wiped the blood off. "Man this is hard, I don't know, staying down would be best, I guess." As Juri was about to throw in the rag, a voice appeared in his head. The voice told, Juri, 'Beating her is the reason you fight! Stand and fight!!!' In a burst of willpower, Juri stood. Even though Juri was in bad shape, he would still fight. Juri knew that he had to save chakra, and so now Juri thought about taijutsu! Once again, Juri placed a paper bomb on the ground; the paper bomb had a wire attached to it. Juri would then throw out a bunch of kunai that also had paper bombs attached to them. All the kunai surrounded him. Juri had a plan. He waited for Meiun's next move. "Wind shield, for safety reasons." Juri placed a shield around himself. "One more, just one more."

Meiun sighed, rolling her eyes and she would lower her fists.

Meiun: "You hear that, Khrona? He says he wants one more. Laughable, right?"

Khrona's face suddenly engulfed the sky as he stared down at both of them in his own little miniature reality. In reality, Juri and Meiun were in a crystal ball made by Khrona. "... That is all, Juri." Everything went black. When sight would be returned to the both of them, Juri would be in Khrona's office again with his wounds completely healed and Meiun would be sitting nonchalantly on Khrona's desk as her first form. It was almost as if none of that ever even happened. "... So you got her to evolve once. Congratulations. You're gonna be a Standard now. You did pretty well, I admit, and I like your determination. Perhaps you'll make it to Advanced or even Expert faster than most would." It wasn't often that Khrona commended someone like that, but Juri really did seem resourceful and determined. Those were good qualities, in Khrona's book.

"What the hell? I won't even ask." Juri did not fully understand what just happened, but he was not the type of person to worry. Juri smiled at Khrona and was happy with his results. "Wow, thanks for everything, Khrona! You've helped me in more ways than one. So do you have any other things for me to do?" Even though Juri just got out of a fight, he was still eager for more. "Come on, you gotta have something else you need done?"

Since Juri was so eager to help out, Khrona might as well let him prove his worth even further. "Alright then, Juri, I do have something for you to do. I need you to bring me a few souls. Bring me souls with a combined worth of twenty five souls. I will then be able to see how well you can hunt and execute missions for me and the like. Think you can do that? You can get them from anywhere you please."

''Can I do it? Of course. I can't even think why you would ask that." Juri smiled at Khrona; Juri was more than ready for this mission. ''I'll be back in due time later.''

Khrona nodded to him. "Alright, Juri. Then be off with you." Khrona waved his hand in a shooing motion, but only to get Juri started. Meiun sat there and yawned.

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Seventh Disappearance; Welcome to the Dusk

One day, randomly, none in particular, just at some point in time, this random guy named 'Billiam' showed up in Khrona's life. Literally out of nowhere, for some reason.

Billiam would suddenly appear inside Khrona's Office. He would land headfirst and fall backwards so his legs were over his body and his bum was sticking into the air. His tail would flip around. "This could be exciting," he would say.

"No, no, no, no, no... Did you just APPEAR in my office?" Khrona spun around in his chair, his face filled with anger for the blatant disrespect of the office of Khrona. "I think not. Now, you must do it over again! Start from the beginning!" With a gleam of Khrona's eye, the office would shift way to the other side of the door as Billiam was still left in the same place, thereby being outside the door of Khrona's Office. Khrona's voice echoed through the hallways. "Now, what do you do...?"

Billiam would get up and look around. "Goddamn magic," he would say brushing himself off. He would then walk towards the same door that Khrona whisked away.

Khrona sighed heavily. "Foolish. That was not magic, but the extent of my mental prowess altering reality to my will. Ergo, I changed what was real to my liking. No magic." The door opened up and Khrona could be seen facepalming rather hard. "What is it that you want?"

"A good time, but that's likely not gonna happen," Billiam would say. He wouldn't do much more.

Khrona's interest was piqued. He was looking for a good time and so was Khrona... However perhaps he was not looking for the same good time that Khrona was. Khrona wanted to inflict pain and destruction on something. That was a good time. Perhaps he's found a little dummy that will do that for him~? "Good time, eh? That can be done!" Khrona's door would slam shut, then disappear.

"A little shy, are we?" Billiam would ask, waiting.

Eyes started to appear across the hallway and ceiling, each piercing red and staring at Billiam. A few smiling mouths would appear and start to speak simultaneously. "Not at all, my boy! In fact, I wanna show you just how open I am to you!" The walls disappeared, shattering into complete and utter darkness, leaving only the eyes and the mouths now floating in what seemed to be empty space. Khrona was going to tear his flesh off and play with his organs~! "Now, what kinda fun did you have in mind~?"

As the floor vanished, Billiam's blade would form below him acting as a floor, and since it was rather large, it gave him room to move around. He then looked around at all the eyes and went into a cute neko pose girls usually made. "I wouldn't want to taint your mind with my naughty thoughts," he would say smiling.

Khrona finally figured out what he was talking about... And he was not amused.

"... Oh... You're THAT kinda guy... Get out of my office, pervert! Unless you wanna die!!" Everything would shift back to normal now, all the eyes closing and the mouths disappearing. Khrona did not want to see him. "You don't even have a purpose in being here. I say, good day!"

"Waiiiit, I do have a reason, I'm here to, uhhhhhh, sign up and get missions," Billiam would say.

"Get missions... You say...?" Khrona didn't seem amused... But then, he found out an easy way to make them both happy. "Heh heh heh... I have a mission for you..." Khrona forcefully took hold of Bill's head and changed him into a lowly stuffed penguin slave, unable to change back into normal form until he met Khrona's conditions. "You are now a slave. You are the bitch of all. You will remain a slave doll until you reach the rank of Standard. Your mission is to reach the rank of Standard and not die as a slave doll. And, as a slave, you must do the bidding of anyone who asks. You cannot refuse. You got that?"

As Billiam was turned into a penguin, it brought back memories. Suddenly and like that, things flooded his mind. One prominent one was the Penguin army, they, them, Penku, Puhan, Pengalo; they had taught Billiam oh, so many years ago how to use Ki, how to harness Ki, and how to use Ki as a weapon. As he remained in the penguin state he would lift his left flipper and think. Just then, his sword would appear. Although it would look very different. "I guess I could do this," he would say.

"WRONG! Totally and utterly WRONG! First off, you don't 'guess' you can do it, you 'WILL' do it. This was a formal order and as a slave; you absolutely MUST do it. And because I am technically your master, no one can undermine my order. Also... Rule number ONE! You must say 'dood' after every line you say! NOW! GO FORTH!" Khrona pointed out into an arbitrary direction, hinting for Bill to go out and go be the bitch of other people until he could get a ranking exam or some foolishness like that.

"And to the training area-sssu," Billiam would say as his tiny sword lit up and he flew down the hallway.

"WRONG!" Khrona waved his hand, Billiam instantaneously appearing back in his office. "For your sins, I shall now forcefully seal away your special ability by rearranging your DNA. That is, unless you say 'dood' at the end of your sentences. Because you are not a Japanese penguin slave doll. Only Japanese penguin slave dolls are allowed to say 'ssu' at the end of their sentences. All English penguin slave dolls must say 'dood' at the end of every sentence! Simple as that!" Khrona didn't know why Bill couldn't understand this logic...

English, Japan; Billiam had no idea what those were, he also had no idea why he was without control and why his body was making him say 'dood' and 'ssu' in every sentence. "So I pretty much have to, in every sentence, use dood. But can't end things in ssu. I Gue... Will say it then, dude," he would say sticking his tounge out then tapping on his blade until his body grew to be about seven feet tall; he liked it better tall.

Khrona gave him the thumbs up and a smile. "Wonderful! Now, go about your business. You are hereby dismissed. Good luuuuck~!" Khrona waved at him gleefully.

Billiam would walk down the hallway and exit the entire building all together.

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Eighth Disappearance; Bring Our Girl Home! (Misery)

At some point in time, as usual, Khrona and Misery were having a lover's quarrel. Despair, naturally, stayed out of it and allowed them to fight, even if the severity of their fights always made her sad. They always got close to killing each other, but usually in a manner that destroyed them rather than brought them the sensual satisfaction that they normally had with such a tense relationship. This was a serious argument, and one of the worst they eve had... To the point where Misery left for quite a long period of time and didn't plan on coming back. To bring her back without pissing her off with his presence -- nor he becoming pissed off by having to look her in the face and want to obliterate her -- Khrona sent out some of his most choice operatives to go handle his light weight...

Priere was the first to arrive there, floating from the sky and sitting in a tree, waiting for her 'teammates.'

A portal opened right beside the tree Priere was sitting in and out stepped Tamura, alone. He looked up at Priere and gave a nod before kneeling down next to the tree in a typical anime delinquent-type pose with his sword against his side and his arms resting on his thighs. he also waited on their last teammate.

The snake-charmer would appear in the area with Kobura wrapped around his body like normal and his soul weapon sitting casually on his shoulders. He would stop a few feet from the two making it so the three appear to be in a triangular shaped manner. "Hissssss! Well it has been sometime since I have seen the two of you... says Kobura"

Priere didn't say anything once Tamura arrived. They knew what they had to do and the two of them knew that no words needed to be exchanged between them to do this mission. They had a sort of mental link, to an extent. Once the resident snake-charmer came in however, Priere's attitude kinda changed. "Huh. You're on this mission, too? Tch. Tamura and I could have done it alone, but whatever." She floated down from the tree, hovering just a tad bit off the ground as usual, for she hated touching the ground. She looked at her two teammates... "... So... Did anyone catch what this 'Misery' girl looks like or...?"

Now as most generally knew, Tamura was a little bit of an asshole... Even he acknowledged this fact about himself. But when he generally didn't recognize a person, then he didn't recognize them. Tamura never forgot a face though. He didn't move from his position, but did look down at the ground and touch it with his hand as the snake-charmer spoke. "I'm sorry, but who are you again?" It seemed that the snake-charmer had seen him before, but Tamura honestly couldn't match him to anybody that he knew, so he let the shit ride. There obviously was a reason for him being here. He just hoped that Priere and he snake-charmer's prior experience with one another wouldn't hinder the success of the mission. He would abandon them both; that's just how he was, even if Priere was like, his best friend.

"I know what she looks like; I've seen her before. I probably should have brought Maina and Naina along, but they wouldn't have been of much use. Karasuhime." Tamura's sword glowed, his 'Guardian' reacting to her name being said and appearing behind him in all her fifteen foot tall splender. She growled at both Priere and the snake-charmer, not being familiar with them, but Tamura calmed her. He nodded to her. "I had Karasuhime sniff Maina and Naina's clothing before coming here; she has the woman's scent. Just let me know when you guys are ready to go."

The snake-charmer would decided to simply ignore both ninja and their ignorance, since he was here simply to bring Misery back to Khrona. He would walk a few feet in front of the two looking out into the large area. Kobura would look forward and would suddenly begin to glow with soul energy for a moment and would point toward a certain direction. While he and Kobura would remain silent, the snake-charmer's soul weapon would turn around and face the other two. "Yeah we have trained with Misery before, so we personally know of her. So along with pretty boy's sniffing thing, we will be able to track her energy in an instant. So let's go."

Even though two of the three had a way to track Misery, Misery had already tracked them.

Misery: "Huh, I was wondering what measly little worms had wriggled their way into my nice, peaceful place. And I'm kinda glad you did. I need some bloodshed!"

Even though she spoke with her normal tone, her soul, body language, and general aura gave away the fact that she was pissed and ready to see some heads roll. The first thing she did was expand her soul, knocking down hella trees around her and having them disintegrate before they even had the pleasure of hitting the ground.

Misery: "Word on the street is that Khrona sent you to come get me. Huh. I'm not THAT easy, you know! ALRIGHT YOU LITTLE SHITS! COME FUCKING GET IT!"

From her right hand, a massive pitch black sword blade spurted from the palm of her hand, the tip just barely grazing the ground. From the back of her left hand spreading all the way down to the middle of her forearm jutted out a scythe blade of the same pitch black color. Yeah. They looked like they were going to die.

'What was it with strong people and morphing the area they would be fighting in?' Tamura couldn't understand it, but figured she needed a lot of room to actually do anything against them. He rose to his feet, petting his giant wolf on the head before she wisped away and back into the sword she'd come from, the sword wisping away shortly after. Tamura did hand signs before his gun wisped to his hand and lightning chakra began to charge into the barrel of it. 'Probably should have brought Maina and Naina; they could have doubled my power from the jump. Oh well...'

"I won't give orders because we're all the same rank and possibly around the same age, but can I trust that you two will at least try to work efficiently together? I'll be sure to do my part," Tamura said before he pulled the trigger and letting a lightning chakra bullet whiz past both Priere and the snake-charmer at an amazing speed in an attempt to put a hole in Misery from jump and shock her into submission. The battle had commenced.

Priere really wasn't all that enthused about the snake-charmer or Tamura's small talk... She wanted to be in here and out of here and reap the rewards. "Come on! Find her already--" By the time Priere had said that, Misery was already there. Priere gazed upon Misery with awe... Almost as if she had instantaneously become her idol. She couldn't even hear Tamura's words. "... Wow..." Misery's display of power, anger, and sheer not-giving-a-fuckness lit a spark inside of Priere. She was beyond ready for this. "You heard her, you fucking pussies! GIVE HER A GODDAMN GOOD TIME! OR DIE!" Priere activated her 'Crystal Wings', manna orbiting around her body. Yeah, she was definitely pumped. Tamura and Priere naturally worked together and she was always supportive of her subordinate. As such, no matter what, Tamura's safety would always linger somewhere in her mind... Somewhere.

As Misery appeared, while the soul weapon of the snake-charmer was about to say 'hi' to her -- since the two of them knew each other well, as they spent a lot of time together when the snake-charmer was sent on an undercover mission. Although it appeared Misery was not in the mood for small talk, so Amuria would simply transform into her weapon form and would fall into her partner's hand as he would sign and the bullets shot past him. He would touch the ground and suddenly around Misery would appear a large wave of snakes that would try to bite down on Misery's body, trying to hold her in place as the bullets tried to hit.

Misery easily blocked each and every one of the bullets with her sword, the electricity seeming to have no effect on her whatsoever.

Misery: "The fuck was that? Huh. If Despair was here, she'd show you how to shoot REAL bullets!"

The snakes... They just died the moment they came out of the ground. Hebi might not have noticed, but this was not Misery's Insanity Soul that was flaring up so high... But her Condemnation Soul. The one that KILLS PEOPLE. Regardless, Misery wanted to watch them scurry before she actually got in close to reap their souls from their bodies, so she stabbed her sword into the ground, dragged it in front of her then scraped it up from the ground, releasing an insanely large straight-line wave of pure Insanity at the group as a whole.

Misery: "Zero Sanity!!"

The wave of Insanity seemed to actually distort and alter space around it, showing just how powerful it was. Touching this did not seem to be the best course of action.

There was only one bullet -- not multiple -- but that was neither here nor there. She was able to block it and Tamura's game plan had changed just like that; the snake-charmer did a good job on trying to play support. Tamura did a typical ninja jump into the air to avoid the wave of insanity -- his gun wisping away whilst he was doing this -- and he performed a set group of hand signs before a halo of bright energy surrounded his hands and from them, multiple beams of energy fired off towards Misery. Priere and the snake-charmer need not worry about keeping her in place for this; Tamura had this covered.

With Priere's 'Crystal Wings', Priere was much faster in the air, so she was able to expertly dodge the wave of insanity without much threat to her being. Priere hadn't really thought of a way to attack just yet and wanted to get the gist of Misery's power, so she'd just help Tamura out with his attack. She quickly set up a few thin sheets of ice in the air made to specifically amplify and redirect Tamura's attack to make it both more powerful and add a bit of a mixup to ensure that Misery didn't see it coming so easily. The amped up beams would then be shot in numerous directions, bouncing off of the sheets of ice to try to hit Misery from more angles to try to ensure a hit. All the while, Priere was trying to come up with a battle strategy... Misery seemed to be much like Priere, honestly...

As the wave of insanity moved toward the snake charmer, he would sign and Kobura would grow a large set of wings and would take to the sky, taking the snake-charmer with him, since Kobura was still wrapped around his waist. Once in the air out of the reach of the insanity, he would jump upward and would land on Kobura's back as he floated in the air. Seeing Tamura release his multiple beams of energy, the snake charmer would also support him by taking a deep breath and releasing a large blood red and black cloud from his mouth that would create a coat over the energy. This was the snake-charmer's 'Gorgon Energy', which meant if Misery came in contact with this, her body would begin to turn to stone, which he would simply undo once she had cooled down.

Misery: "Teamwork? So you little shits can't take me down on your own? HA! I'll show you what I think about that!"

Misery dodged the beams with much expertise and speed. Clearly, the three did not know who they were going up against. As she ran past, her soul killed off damn near anything that came in her way, and she was moving very fast toward the three. Someone was gonna die.

Misery: "And if you pussies think you're gonna run..."

She lifted her hand and closed it quickly, the atmosphere then beginning to get heavy all around these guys. Her 'Grim Influence' was in effect. If Maina and Naina were here, they could explain how this worked... But since they weren't, these three would be slowed by Misery's control over the air pressure and gravity with her Condemnation Soul. Hopefully they'd stay in place and she could slice their heads off in just one go...

"..." Tamura hadn't landed on the ground yet, but Misery's control over air pressure and gravity were definitely pulling him towards the ground faster than he had anticipated. He had no choice but to land on the ground, but this wasn't all that bad; it set him up perfectly for his next move. His hands were still glowing with the energy he'd fired at her and had amplified and augmented by Priere and the snake-charmer, respectively. This was Tamura's most basic storm jutsu -- 'Laser Circus' -- and with a mental thought, he could alter the flight paths of the beams on a dime... Which he did. He had them all travel upward towards the sky and then fall downward rapidly, raining down on Misery's path of travel in very abundant numbers. He was betting that her ability to increase the gravity would increase the speed at which his beams were falling from the sky. It was bound to slow her advance.

As the high air pressure and gravity would begin to slow Kobura down while he was in the air, the snake-charmer would quickly draw his soul weapon and whip her toward the ground. The large blade at the end of her blade whip weapon form would dig into the ground, and after Kobura quickly wrapped around the snake-charmer's waist, his partner would quickly pull them both down toward the ground with a large amount of speed despite the powerful effect of the air pressure and gravity from Misery. After making it back on the ground, seeing Tamura back on the attack, the snake-charmer would take a deep breath and would release a powerful burst of fire that would rocket toward Misery. Although, instead of trying to burn her, the fire would quickly expand and circle around Misery, blocking her view of the beams, making them far harder to avoid.

Well, since Priere had helped Tamura out before, she might as well start an attack of her own. Whatever that power was Misery was omitting from her body, it was easily killing off whatever came their way. As such, she couldn't be let near them. "That aura she has kills things... Let's try not to let her get close, huh?" Though it should have been VERY hard for Priere to talk considering the altered air pressure, her Crystal Wings protected her from its effects, so the crushing pressure didn't really work on her. The increase in gravity, she could definitely feel, though. She wondered if her voice would even reach those two with the air as it was.

No matter. With the air so condensed, Priere could use the 'Frost Arrow' to its best effect, since she crystalized air particles and fired those off for attack. Since Koudo's attack was coming from above, Priere might as well launch her attack dead ahead, so Misery had more stuff to deal with. The fire could also help. At that moment Priere REALLY noticed the fire, something clicked in her head and Signis -- the voice of the archangel in her head -- started to speak.

Signis: "Fire? Isn't that what you need to make the 'Frozen Fire'? Pure fire and a full stock of manna power? IT IS! Girl! What is the incantation?"

Priere remembered the incantation easily because of her great want to learn the 'Frozen Fire'. it was all too perfect. Just one of the 'Frost Arrows' veered down into the fire's path, unaffected by the heat because the Crystal Wings protected her ice manna from melting. The manna would then disperse and become infused with the fire.

Signis: "The incantation! Hurry, before that wretched woman makes her way here!"

Priere nodded, then quickly started to chant. "Gelo flamma gelato iunctura omnipotens potentia..."

The flames began to crackle just a bit with manna power.

"Pareo infinitio eterna..."

They changed into a bluish color, now starting to look more cool in appearance.

"... Extermino."

Though something should have happened, nothing did to the fire... Little did Priere know, it took a little bit of time for the 'Frozen Fire' to fully activate... But since the incantation was said, there was no stopping it now.

"... What happened!? It should have worked!"

Signis: "Patience, girl... It shall soon be revealed..."

Misery was almost to her targets when she noticed a beam of light almost strike her from above.

Misery: "Eh?"

Without another thought, she dove straight forward, spinning so that her torso faced upward toward the beams, and with weapons charged with soul energy, she awayed each and every one of them that came toward her, still having enough time to flip back to her normal position, land on her two feet without any stagger or recoil, and keep on running full speed.

Misery: "HA! I hope you all can do better than that!"

When she said that, the flames were erected all around her, which she actually didn't mind running through.

Misery: "Puh. These weak flames are nothing!"

She raised her sword hand up, ready to completely sweep through the flames to clear a path away, when she noticed condensed diamond dust wind in the form of arrows shooting through the flames. Seems like the flames had masked their presence, which actually threw Misery off just a bit. She ducked and dodged the first couple of them, then when she figured them out, she swatted those away, too.

Misery: "Weeeeak. Damn, do you guys WANNA die!?"

She swiped her sword as she planned, awaying the flames directly in front of her, now revealing her path to those three. She didn't think they'd be able to move thanks to increased gravity and air pressure, so her kills were ascertained.

Misery: "And now... For the kill!"

Misery first went to Tamura, her sword at his neck before he could even blink. He'd better act fast.

By this time, Tamura was already kneeled to the ground, but not due to the increased gravity of Misery's technique, but she'd learn this later. As soon as she chose to swat the lasers away, she'd messed herself up. Each and every one exploded upon impact with her blades with great amounts of force -- except for the ones that missed which happened to explode upon the ground where they hit with the same amount of force which kicked up all kinds of chunks of earth and debris. She was a roughneck, so he figured that she could just shrug them off, but if she could then she'd have to have sustained some kind of injury that she wasn't showing. Tamura had already labeled her as more brawn than brains, the worst kind of opponent against Tamura. His right gloved hand was glowing. "Just shut it..." he quietly said as she came in close to him in his kneeled position. As soon as she got within thirty feet of him she'd feel a very different kind of gravity; a different field of gravity that was putting far greater pressure upon him than hers was. He was using his Magiteck -- more specifically the unit that'd been re-installed into his glove. He sealed his ability to use jutsu because all his chakra was being converted into manna power, but it was a worthy tradeoff since he gets to use the manna he never uses.

He was confident that the intense gravitational pressure would be enough to slow her assault significantly, if not completely stop her as soon as she entered it... If she dared to continue once she'd noticed it which seemed highly likely for her. He, very slowly, dropped down into a portal that'd opened underneath him -- given the frame -- leaving her to deal with the gravitational pressure while he regrouped himself close by. Close enough to keep her within the field and hopefully give Priere and the snake-charmer time to assault her. He needed to prepare himself, and so he began to recite a spell that'd he'd read in the library.

Noticing Tamura seeming to trap Misery for a moment and also noticing how Priere was trying to use his fire to her advantage for a new attack, the snake-charmer would create a large set of hand signs and would dig his hands into the ground. Suddenly around Misery within a large area of her general location would erupt a large amount of fire, which would shoot over fifty feet into the air. This fire would not only be trying to cause some types of burns to her but also provide Priere with quite a large amount of fire to work with.

Well, Tamura was the first target, and in actuality, Priere was sorta relieved that it was. Gave Priere some time to figure out this Frozen Fire. As Misery rushed through it, the Frozen Fire would fully activate, however she was already gone. "Dammit... I can tell I can control it now. I feel my manna taking its full effect... But it is kinda hard..." Priere seemed to have a little trouble manipulating it. Suddenly, the pillar of flames erupted around Misery hella feet high, thanks to the snake-charmer. Priere knew automatically that this was for her, as he seemed to like being the support of this group. So, she let her Frozen Fire contaminate the normal fire, changing the normal red flames into those of blue. The flames would start to freeze what they touched -- be it Misery or not -- and start to burn away the power source that fueled it so that the frozen item could assimilate with the Frozen Fire and become Frozen Fire itself, making it more powerful. "Wow... It really does do what it said... Amazing..." She looked back at the area where Tamura was... He was gone. He was safe. Good. And perhaps that thing Tamura did would slow Misery down enough to keep her at bay for a while... She hoped.

Combating the lasers, Misery had used her soul to swat them away, as stated before. Because Misery had used her wavelength -- which had the power to weaken the power of other things it came in contact with, and not to mention the general sheer power of Misery herself -- the explosions made by the light beams weren't as effective as Tamura might have wanted them to be, sadly. It was barely a scratch to Misery. Perhaps she was thinking past the moment and he just didn't notice...? She did hang out with one of the smartest people on the planet, itself. Though Misery didn't realize until she was near Tamura, the gravity had an effect on her and did in fact make her significantly slower.

Misery: "The hell?"

She still stood straight up as if it were nothing... Huh. These guys probably didn't know just how intense Misery's upbringing and life with Khrona was. Oh well. She was a Soul Angel, you know. Beside the point, though. She could tell that this gravity was slowing her down greatly and she didn't like that. With the greatest amount of rage that her prey had escaped, her soul exploded outward even farther, knocking down everything.


The flames that tried to consume her, freeze her, and burn away her energy in fact were just blown away and destroyed by the sheer power of her soul. It was like she was letting out all of her anger... But probably at the cost of the life of everyone here.

Misery: "DIEEEE!!!"

Her wavelength started to disintegrate even more trees and even the ground. If any of the three were in the area, they would probably come across the same fate.

"Death isn't on my agenda." Tamura's voice came from the trees before the gravity field that he had -- which was once super dense and heavy -- lightened up extremely. So extremely that when Tamura pushed off of the ground, he jumped so high in the air, it looked like he was flying. He wasn't sure how far into the air Misery's soul could reach, but he took the cautious approach and just jumped high enough into the air that it hopefully wouldn't effect him unless she was airborne as well. Tamura didn't know much about wavelength himself; Maina and Naina were the ones that knew about that stuff. Unfortunately, there was no support that he could provide for the snake-charmer and Priere; he just hoped they could get out of it themselves. "But beating you is... 'Omnistrike'." Tamura reached inside his jacket and pulled out two guns; they were different in appearance and most only knew Tamura to carry one gun -- this wasn't the case today. One was his gunblade -- in gun mode -- the other was his favorite pistol, 'Lucky'.

His hands glowed and the glow passed on to his weapons before he unleashed a barrage of bullets that were white and black in color. These were Tamura's 'Omnibullets' that came along with his 'Omnistrike' skill. The bullets were a mixture of Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, Light, Dark, and Gravity elemental manna guaranteed to go through each element separately and rapidly with lots of explosions before a beautiful explosion of them all combined topped it off at the end. Tamura was in this for the win and hopefully Priere and the snake-charmer had something they could also contribute after they saved themselves from Misery's powerful soul.

That soul was no joke. Priere was down to half her power because of the constant drain of the Crystal Wings, but that was nothing a bit of 'Cactus Water' couldn't fix. Not that she had that many on her. She probably only had two bottles, so she needed to drink sparingly, anyway. Regardless, the soul had pushed her flames away and made them spread... All across the field. Could she have asked for a more perfect opportunity? The flames started to roar now, illuminating the 'Pale Forest' with a blue hue, blending with the hue of Misery's soul. The flames started to burn away the energy of everything it touched; trees, grass, ground, and so on, and would merge with their hollow husks to become stronger with each thing it took in.

"This Frozen Fire isn't gonna be enough..." Priere dashed straight away from the soul, seeming to be just a little faster than it for a while, however it was gaining on her slowly, but surely. She pressed on. Other than the Frozen Fire, she didn't really know how to get passed this soul... Misery could weaken the power of things, as seen by the explosive light... She could kill things, as seen all throughout the battle... Though, with Tamura's attack, Misery didn't seem to know what to do about manna too well. Good thing Priere uses manna. When she was sure she was out of range of the soul, she started to drop the temperature of the area at a rapid rate, thanks to her near mastery of this ability plus the boost of the Crystal Wings. She didn't drop the temp anywhere but around Misery and hoped that it would work. With the combined force of gravity and coldness, maybe she would be totally detained...?

As the killing soul energy moved toward the snake-charmer at quite a fast speed, his body would begin glow with soul energy that would cover his Summon and Soul Weapon, causing them to glow as well. They said together, "Dual Soul Synchro!!!" Suddenly there would be a large eruption of light and soul energy that would engulf the snake-charmer and his group as the soul energy of Misery hit. Although, as the light was quickly snuffed out by the killing soul's property, the snake-charmer would be gone. Could it be that he was completely destroyed and was gone for ever? Not quite.

High above -- in the air -- the snake-charmer would be seen standing on a very large serpent equipped with large powerful fangs, multiple spikes around its back, and large bat like wings. This was his 'Dual Soul Synchro' 'Basilisk Rampage', which involvef his performance Soul Synchro with his Soul Weapon and Summon at the exact same time, causing the two to merge -- body and soul. Now high in the air, the snake charmer would notice Priere trying to quickly freeze the area around Misery, so another fire attack was out of the question. Instead, he would sign and then slam his hand on the back of the Basilisk, causing the spikes on its back to begin to stick up until finally they shot forward toward Misery, trying not to simply stab her, but also keep her pinned down in the general area Priere was causing to lower in temperature. Also, while Misery's soul was in effect, these spikes were actually dead scales off the back of the Basilisk, meaning they most likely could not be touched by the killing soul.

Misery was far less from trapped than everyone wanted her to be. In fact, she was more free than they thought, and for very good reason. Tamura attacked her first, firing off bullets from above... She could tell that they had manna properties, and then realized what it was that he did to the area. She was actually a little ashamed that she hadn't realized it before, having fought Khrona's brother and Zita so much; two of the most powerful magic users in all the land. She smirked, her soul stopping its expansion just before it touched the three of them... Whether she could have expanded it farther or if that was her limit was her secret alone. She seemed to suddenly calm down for one reason or another... Perhaps she thought this was funny now? Boy she had some mood swings...

Misery: "Condemnation Blade..."

Her scythe hand started to glow with a black aura, that being her Condemnation soul energy activating itself. The scythe blade extended far beyond the length it was before, now massive in size, and altered in appearance. It looked more like her soul and energy now, donning upon it numerous skulls and deadly looking pictures, as well as a jagged, grim reaper-esque shape. She slashed at a high speed -- even faster than the bullets were traveling -- and having all of the bullets sliced in half, their manna power totally negated. Even the gravitational barrier created by Tamura was sliced in half, then totally disposed of. As the shells fell to the ground, Misery found it in herself to actually say something other than a vulgar insult and explain herself to Tamura.

Misery: "The power of Condemnation does not just rely on death itself... But on curses and seals. The destruction and voiding of power. The Condemnation Blade actually 'condemns' what it comes in contact with and blocks their abilities, whether they be chakra, soul energy... Or manna."

Misery smirked, the temperature no longer getting cold, either. The effect of the 'Condemnation Blade' even dispelled that. She turned her head to Priere off in the distance and gave her a sinister wink, as if she knew all along that she had tried it. Maybe Misery had blown off the majority of her steam by forcefully expanding her soul like that...? Hm...

Well now came the scales, as late as ever, it seemed. They were just as easily dispatched of as the bullets, though Misery used her sword rather than her scythe this time and sliced them to bits. She cackled wickedly, yet haughtily, as her soul started to shrink.

Misery: "You pathetic runts are trying so hard... And it's not doing anything! HAHAHAHA! It's just SO much fun to watch!"

Yep. She was enjoying this. Watching them try and fail. It brought her back to the old days...

'What?!' The first time Tamura'd used his manna and it didn't have any effect at all. He was shocked and looked to Priere to see if her stuff was working, but if his was negated then, it was common sense that hers would be as well. He looked back to Misery as he descended to the ground; the effects of his gravity field being cut would cause him to come down hard -- so hard that a large crater formed around him when he landed. He was unscathed, but tired. Using manna really tapped his chakra pool, no matter how much larger it was now. He'd have to train to get accustomed to it... That was all. If the fight would continue, Tamura couldn't be the main attacker until he recovered. He smirked. "I can see why they look up to you," he commented in his kneeled position, switching off the Magitek and recovering the chakra that hadn't yet been converted. It was a nice amount, but he still needed to catch his breath. He didn't think wield manna would be this hard.

Priere was just as surprised as Tamura was. Her souped up magic... Her power... Her expert control... All was just wiped away in an instant. No effort at all. "How... How can she have that much power...? And it looks like she's just playing..." In actuality, Priere did act the same way when she fought people, for the most part. That in her head, she realized that it was only a matter of training... Training and honing her skills. She's still only Advanced... But she planned to have her power far exceed that before too long. This battle... Unlocked a hidden determination within Priere. Something that fueled her own goals even more than before. "No matter... This battle is NOT over... If this woman is as much like me as I think..." Priere looked over to Tamura, who seemed rather drained. She then looked at the snake-charmer -- who was up in the air -- and she wasn't sure if he was defenseless, but it seemed like none of his attacks had too much effect. Tamura was the one holding up the team with offense; the snake-charmer was support, while Priere alternated between the two. Now time for Priere to lead... Like she should be doing.

"TAMURA! Get off your lazy ass and MOVE! We're still in the middle of battle here! I could have sworn I punished you before about dropping your guard in the heat of battle, even if you are tired!" She quickly looked up at the snake-charmer, starting to fly back at Misery at incredible speeds. "And YOU! Get in the battle! You've been doing great as support, but try to be more than that! It's kinda crucial here!" As for Priere... She was yelling instructions to herself on the inside. 'Don't let these two mess up! You cannot let them get killed no matter what! They are under your jurisdiction until this mission is over, Priere! Especially Tamura! Protect him at all costs!' Priere tried to distract Misery, half-switching one of her arms to that of Signis'. The 'Half-Switch' seemed to come more naturally to Priere, though the drain was still a little hefty. By this time, she noticed that her Crystal Wings had deactivated because of the 'Half-Switch'. It didn't matter; she launched a huge bolt of electricity from Signis' hand toward Misery's back, trying to shock her, or at least get her attention... "Come on..."

"So this is the power of Khrona-sama's Death Scythe," the snake-charmer would lightly speak this under his breath as he noticed none of not just his, but the group's attacks were not working against Misery. The snake-charmer would turn his head to face Priere; when he heard her begin to speak, he would actually crack somewhat of a light smile seeing this cold appearing girl show a little spunk. Suddenly a seal would appear in front of the snake-charmer as large scales would begin to cover his hands and arms and a dark aura would begin to form around him. While he normally kept his eyes completely closed because of his blindness, he would open them, revealing snake like pupils that would glow. He had activated the power of his Pact and was now using the power of the 'Gorgon', 'Medusa'. The snake-charmer would then summon his bow and would create a large arrow out of one of his snakes and fire it as Misery with a large amount of force. Although this seemed rather weak, the snake would suddenly glow and from its mouth would appear a summon seal. From the seal -- as it reached Misery -- would appear one of the massive angelic serpents -- which was a good thirty times larger then Misery herself. Whilst this still appeared dumb, -- as she could simply kill the snake with her soul -- using his 'Gorgon' powers, the snake-charmer would release another arrow that would hit the angelic snake, causing it to instantly turn into a giant chunk of lifeless stone, which would try to crush Misery with blunt force, size, and power.

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Ninth Disappearance; Bring Home Our Girl! Pt. II

The trio sent to collect Misery were finding her to be more of a hassle than expected, which was to be expected of either one of Khrona's lovers. She was like a raging bull or a mad cow that tore down everything when she started seeing red, and with her great fury as her strength and a condemning blaze as her weapon, the three were going to have to pick up the pace to keep up with the swift and powerful Misery.

Well Priere was certainly correct. This battle was far from over in Misery's eyes. Misery immediately locked her eyes onto Tamura, who was downed for the moment.

Misery: "It's good that you finally see it. But there are a few things that you should remember about the heat of battle..."

With the same speed as before, Misery was just about at Tamura's throat with her sword and scythe blades before he could even blink.

Misery: "... Never overlook a weakened enemy... And never let your guard down..."

Also, as Priere thought, Tamura was Misery's target because he was -- at this point -- the weakest link until he could recover, which Misery did not want to allow him to do. As she was about to off his head, she was hit in the back with some electricity, which made her flinch and quickly spin around, losing all focus on Tamura.

Misery: "Tch. So you already knew those untold rules of battle? Or do you just think like me that much...?"

Of course, she was talking to Priere, though her next statement went to Tamura, even though she didn't say it directly to him.

Misery: "... People like me seem very much attracted to you. Your leader and your weapon share traits like myself. Ha. Must be destined."

Without further ado, Misery took off toward Priere now, aiming to kill her in the same way she was going to kill Tamura; decapitation. That was one of her favorite types of death, actually. One would think that she was of 'Guillotine' bloodline, haha. Anywho, in the midst of her attack, she noticed something speeding at her in the corner of her eye. The very moment she turned to meet it, it crashed into her, making a large cloud of dust where they were. Misery skidded back, her blades impaled into the large, stone creature's eyes and they were covered with soul energy. Misery really was quick on the draw. The large, serpentine figure would be held upright by Misery, before she looked back at Tamura. She raised up the gigantic stone creature, having her soul energy completely consume it, before she would try to drop it down upon his head and crush him completely.

As Misery actually stopped the stone serpent and was trying to crush Tamura with it, the snake-charmer would actually smile, as this could work in their favor. As Misery tried to crush Tamura with the serpent made of stone, the snake-charmer would sign, causing the serpent to return to flesh and bones, meaning with Misery's soul energy surging though it it would quickly turn it to dust -- meaning Misery would simply be swinging her arms downward with nothing in them, leaving her wide open for and attack. Meanwhile, the snake-charmer -- still on top of his serpent -- would speed past Tamura, picking him up so he could avoid the possible left over soul energy. While moving back into the air, the snake-charmer would sign while taking a deep breath and would release a large black and red mist toward Misery. This was his 'Gorgon Fog', which was able to turn living and energy based things into stone. He was not simply trying to hit Misery, but also keep her soul energy somewhat pushed back so she was open for more attack by the others.

From Misery's words to him -- directed to him or not -- something just seemed to click. That and Priere's barking. Sometimes her bark was worst than her bite though; the same went for his weapon... Tamura knew which one Misery was talking about. Tamura's body began to radiate a silvery blue energy. "Who said..." If the snake-charmer cared to notice, Tamura wasn't anywhere near him anymore. Tamura was back on the ground, still glowing silvery blue, in a newly formed crater of sorts from the drop he had from being up in the air with the snake-charmer. Tamura liked being in the sky as much as anyone else, but he shined brighter when on the ground. "... You could give me orders, Priere?"

Not moving as fast as Misery moved herself, -- but pretty fast all the same -- Tamura was in front of Misery looking to drive a punch into her stomach backed with diabolical force and strength. He did this in the mist of what she would do to deal with what the snake-charmer did to counter her. He was trying to catch her off guard. He whispered something to her; "I'm not that easily disposed of."

Priere quickly lost any and all distress she felt at that moment that Tamura was 'back', as one could say. In fact, she became her normal self again, her arm crackling with electricity and power. "Who said you could talk to me like that? Or even disobey my orders?" Priere would hold both of her hands out toward Misery, each having one finger pointed at her. One was glowing with icy manna while the other was surging with electricity. "... 'Zero Beam'." Her two fingers touched as she shot out an electrically charged 'Zero Beam' far larger than she had done before. She was trying to take down anything in the way of the 'Zero Beam', freezing it instantaneously with all the coldness of near absolute zero temperatures. No matter what her power level was, it was impossible for someone to get out of being frozen by absolute zero unless they had an immunity, like Priere. That was a fact. "... And you'd better not forget it, Tamura." In truth, this attack should have also been able to hit Tamura as well, if he was still in the area, and Priere knew this for a fact. If Misery took the entirety of the Zero Beam itself, then Tamura would have to deal with the powerful electricity that accompanied it.

When Misery thought that the snake was going to connect with Tamura's head, it would change back into flesh and dissipate as she was coming down with it, and soon after Tamura threw a punch to her gut. Naturally, with her arms coming downward and her natural speed and reflexes, she'd be able to catch Tamura's wrist just a centimeter before it connected with her... And because of the force behind his attack, Misery slid back and there would be a slight burst of wind around these two.

Misery: "Ha. You almost got me there."

Her hand started to glow black with soul energy... This was her Condemnation Soul. She meant to surge it through Tamura's entire body and probably kill him right then and there, had it not been for Priere's attack coming at her. She quickly let go of Tamura and held her charged hand outstretched, grasping the beam within her palm and literally dispersing the energies it took to make it. The electricity was not of manna property, however because it was electricity that was weaker than Misery's wavelength, it was snuffed out at as well. Misery's other hand had her sword jutting from it, which would glow with her Insanity soul energy.

Misery: "'Zero Sanity; Psychotic Blade Frenzy'!"

She started to slash her sword around at a high speed, releasing huge 'Zero Sanity' beams just like before from her sword, however this time they were in every direction rather than just surging through the ground as one. This would keep Priere's attacks, the snake-charmer's interference, and hopefully Tamura, himself, at bay, and maybe even harm the three of them simultaneously. That would be nice.

"Shit..." Tamura mumbled when she'd stopped his punch. He knew that it wouldn't take her out, but at the very least he wanted to land a solid hit. He needed to retreat, regroup, and re-strategize. So when given the chance, -- when Misery released him to deal with Priere's electrically charged Zero Beam -- he jumped backwards, dodging the beams of Insanity as they came, and began a group of hand signs. He came to a stop and took a track runner's start before rushing Misery again, in the midst of all the insanity beams she was dishing out, leaving a crater in his wake yet again. Energy began to surge around him before he was engulfed in a baby blue veil of storm chakra coming in for a shoulder slam of epic proportions. Tamura had figured out that she could counter almost everything they threw at her as individuals. They needed a better plan of action; perhaps working together wasn't such a bad idea.

Priere was stunned at how even the Zero Beam was dispatched... Maybe this 'soul energy' stuff wasn't so easily dealt with. She'd have to read up on that sometime soon, maybe, just in case it was used against her again. "Dammit... Why is nothing working?!" Maybe it was that she wasn't taking the right approach... Hell, maybe all three of them weren't taking the right approach. So Priere had to switch it up, somehow... She felt like she was being too big. Too extravagant. The simplest things could probably save their lives...

As the waves of insanity came about, distorting the area as they whizzed past the skillfully dodging Priere, she looked at Misery's feet... Then at Tamura, who was rushing at her from behind. Misery seemed to be completely stationary with no intention of moving, but if Priere was correct, she would easily turn around and block Tamura's attack once again. Priere had to try to tamper with her footing without her realizing it so that when she tried to block Tamura's attack, she'd throw herself off... Priere hoped that this worked the way she thought. With the leftover lingering manna in the air, Priere concentrated all of it that was around Misery and Tamura into the ground around Misery's feet, causing the ground to turn into very slippery ice. She looked over to the snake-charmer and wondered what he would do about this as well... Maybe he'd catch the hint that simpler is better, as well? All the while, Priere dodged the beams, almost tiring herself out with such rapid succession that they were coming in. Misery was moving mighty fast.

Hearing Misery's words, the snake-charmer would begin to think to himself for a moment, although whilst thinking the blades of insanity would move toward him. He would sign and suddenly his soul synchro serpent would begin to glow with energy and would begin to quickly move around the skies avoiding the multiple blades while quickly moving downward toward Misery. After a moment of avoiding attacks, the snake-charmer would suddenly disappear from atop of his snake and would appear behind Misery with his hands glowing with Gorgon Energy and lighting like soul energy. "'Soul Force: Serpent's Infernal Rapture'!!!" He would thrust his fist forward toward Misery's back, trying to hit her with his Soul Force and infect her body with Gorgon Energy, which would cause her body to begin slowly turn into stone. This attack would also be hard to deal with since Misery already had Tamura coming from the front with his own attack.

Misery continued her onslaught for a moment or two before she felt a rise in power behind her. Seems like the one from before with the guns was trying another futile attack. It didn't matter; she could stop anything they threw at her. As Misery arrogantly turned around to stop Tamura yet again, she lost her footing. Why? Because she hadn't realized that the ground below her had been covered with ice, and as such, she slipped and fell, inadvertently avoiding the attack from Tamura and because of how physics works, she probably should have tripped him by accident as well, with the snake-charmer... Doing... Something. Well, anyway, she hit her back hard, quickly rubbing it in pain as the ice cracked and shattered.

Misery: "Ah crap!... When the hell...?"

She turned to Priere, but also had to be faced with the snake-charmer as well, who was coming in fast. Seems like this guy was trying to use soul energy against her... 'Huh. How foolish.'

Misery: "Deadsword."

As she was getting up, a gigantic blade shot straight up from the ground right before the collision point with the snake-charmer, thus forcing him to hit such a blade at such speeds, which was not good. The 'Deadsword' was one of her many versions of her also famous 'Insanity Impact', however the grounded version of it. Her insanity soul is so strong that when this blade comes in contact with something, not only does it COMPLETELY drain their energy stocks, but... Also makes a huge explosion. So yeah, there was a massive explosion of Misery's Insanity Soul, this particular explosion having the same draining effects as touching the sword itself. As such, it was just deadly overall to deal with. From the explosion came Misery, walking out rather angrily.

Misery: "So... You think you can get away with that without paying the price, little manna girl? I don't THINK so!!"

In a flash, the same speed she moved to try to kill Tamura, her sword was right at Priere's throat. Just and she was about to push it through... But suddenly, out of nowhere, a barrier of pure Rejection came between Priere and Misery and knocked Misery's blade away.

Misery: "... Wait... Rejection!?"

Misery was stunned... There were very, very, VERY few people on this planet who had a stronger or equally powered soul as she, and two of those people were her closest companions... And only one person could use the Rejection Soul.

And who was it that appeared from a distortion in reality? Khrona, flickering in and out before completely fazing in with Despair in hand in weapon form.

Khrona: "I see that you've calmed down quite a bit, Misery... Despair, Chroma, and I were worried about you..."

Misery scoffed, flipping her hair and adjusting her clothes.

Misery: "So you send me some little weaklings for some entertainment? To blow off some steam? Just because we had a fight?"

Khrona nodded. "I know that a good workout against peons is your favorite way to relieve stress... But I couldn't have you kill my ninja this time. You should forget this petty little trifle... And just come home."

Despair: "... Don't reject us, Misery... We didn't reject you..."

Well. Looks like everything was all twisted up now that Khrona and Despair were in the scene. Drama!

Tamura's shoulder smash missed when Misery somehow got out of the way of his attack. He was sure that it was set up perfectly, or perhaps not when she dodged it with such effectiveness. He didn't notice that she'd tripped herself, he just noticed that she tripped him and he tumbled forward rolling to a stop before diving out of the way of whatever it was that she had set up. This was around the time that the snake-charmer had come in for his strike. "So this... this is the power of a Soul Angel. It's impressive, it's overwhelming... It's beautiful." Thoughts like these raced through Tamura's mind as he pushed himself to his feet. The 'Infestation' of himself was beginning to wear off, and so he would be significantly weaker in a couple minutes or so. He looked up and tried to moved to Priere's aid -- to shield her from Misery's attack -- but the silvery blue aura he had around himself disappeared and he fell to his knee, only able to watch what unfolded next.

He was stunned. This wasn't the ending that he had foreseen. He was at a loss for words, so he just sat back on the ground and groaned while scratching the back of his head. He was ready for anything to happen, but chances were that nothing would. It was family bonding and make up time.

Priere didn't seem scared seeing Misery come at her so quickly. Priere was not afraid to die... She was more angry than anything. "Damn... I guess I fucked up..." Though before the final blow was struck, a barrier appeared between she and her attacker and she was... Well, saved. It was Khrona and another weapon? He had two? Like Tamura? Huh... But they must both have been really powerful if he could stop this one so easily... Priere had a new admirer on this day... This 'Misery' woman. "Hm. Guess it wasn't my time... Not like I'd let Tamura off that easily, anyway." She floated back to give Khrona and Misery some room, actually curious to see what was gonna go down... And why she was even mad, anyway.

As the explosion that engulfed the snake-charmer had died down, a dim green glow could be seen coming from the center of the explosion. He would be seen a little beat up, but overall okay thanks to his Innocence Weapon, -- Zugaikotsu -- which allowed him to become intangible to physical and energy attacks. Although, the power of Misery's attack did drain a good amount of his energy and cause some damage. The snake-charmer would then notice the appearance of Khrona and would stay on guard, but for the most part relaxed his body as the energy around him faded and his Innocence Weapon went back into its sealed state.

Misery seemed reluctant to even talk to Khrona or Despair. Whatever they did must have really hurt her... "... Look, Misery, I'm sorry that I've been ignoring you lately and that you've been lonely... But things have been getting busy, you know..."

Misery scoffed, turning her head away.

Misery: "You seem to be able to make all the time in the world for that damn Chomao!"

Khrona: "Sigh... I have business to take care of. It's been hectic, even for someone like me. You know how my mind gets sometimes. Look, I'm sorry. Despair accepted my apology, and I even brought you three peace offerings that you almost slaughtered. Didn't that make you happy?"

Misery nodded her head slowly, yet still hesitant.

Misery: "... Hmph. Well you still didn't say you'd spend more time with me..."

Khrona: "... Haha. I'll spend more time with you and Despair from now on."

Misery: "... And you'll use us in fights again?"

Khrona: "Yes, dear."

Misery: "... And you'll go soul hunting with us again?"

Khrona: "Yes, dear."

Misery paused for a moment, then slowly made her way over to Khrona, eyes closed.

Misery: "Alright... And it better not happen again!"

Khrona: "It won't, dear."

Khrona smiled as Despair changed out of weapon form and into her human form, beside Misery.

Despair: "Oh, Misery... It has been simply... Miserable without you. We both know that Misery loves company..."

For that deadpan joke, it gets no laughs... However, Khrona, Misery, and Despair all hugged warmly and lovingly, as the three spouses were back together again. Hooray. When they were done, Khrona turned to Priere, Tamura and the snake-charmer and nodded to them. "Thank you, my shinobi. I'm glad that you were here for me. And because of that, I now promote the three of you to the Expert level. You have definitely earned it." Misery scoffed as Khrona talked, wanting to get rid of the three of them even more... But oh well. That was for another day. "Well, if you all will excuse me... Farewell!" With a spread and flap of his mighty wings, the land was leveled and he, Misery and Despair were off back to his Pit of Havoc.

Tamura rose to his feet while Khrona and his weapons had their little heartwarming moment. It personally reminded him of his reunion with his own weapons. Maina's sudden lust for destruction and hunger for killing him and Naina's compassion and forgiveness. It only really, truly reverberated what Misery had said to him before. He just didn't understand where Priere fit into the equation and he would dwell on it. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and looked off to the side, seemingly spacing out when he was really just thinking about how much more powerful Maina and Naina would be as Soul Angels. It got him a little excited, honestly.

"Thanks," Tamura answered before yawning. All the fighting and chakra usage had gotten him a little tired and a lot hungry. He needed to fetch him some grub and then he'd swing by the 'Armory' to pick up a few things for a little comrade he'd come to like during his random pilgrimages throughout the 'Tri-village Alliance'. He had the exact weapon in mind to get for the kid, but it was a secret as to what it was. Tamura started to walk towards Priere, nodding to the snake-charmer as a sign of thanks and acknowledgement. He'd learned him and memorized his face. "So what now, cap?"

As things calmed down, the snake-charmer would release himself from his 'Gorgon Mode', losing his means of sight yet again. His large soul synchro serpent would then appear next to him and transform back into the his Soul Weapon and Summon. The snake-charmer would then wait a moment to see if anything else had to be done.

'... Expert...' Priere had finally done it. After so long, Priere had attained the Expert rank. She felt like her power level did not justify her rank, however, and she needed to grow stronger to fill that rank. Training would ensue. Perhaps... Tamura felt the same way? "... Tamura. We're finally Experts... But do you really think that our power fits the position as it is? Before I give my final verdict on what we are going to do, I would like to hear what it is you think about my statement." She gazed at Khrona, Misery, and Despair heading off back to wherever they came... The power of souls... Perhaps Priere had that power as well... And even more thoughts came into her head. What was her soul like? Does she have a bloodline ability? What other secrets are in her heritage? There was a lot to do... It was like a sort of identity crisis that Priere was bound to fix.

Honestly, Tamura hadn't thought about power levels or anything like that. He turned and looked off into the horizon all cool-like and shrugged his shoulders. Some of the Experts he'd met before were all different in power level, but they were all unique and quite skilled at using what they had to not be overwhelmed by something that could potentially be stronger. When he really thought about how he felt, he guessed that he could say the same thing. He didn't feel as if he was where he needed and wanted to be for the rank. He didn't deserve it yet, but his power did exceed the norm for an Advanced. He and Priere, both, were in a space between the two... A gray area. "There's a lot of things out there that I don't understand about the powers I have. I feel like with my lack of knowledge, I'm holding Maina's and Naina's development back as well as my own development..."

He stopped talking and let the words marinate real quick before pulling his hands out his pockets and scratching behind his head. All this thought about feelings and stuff literally hurt his brain for some reason, though it was able to search through other information in no time at all. It was like it was telling him not to think about it, and not to worry. Unfortunately, he couldn't do that. He pulled his hand from his hair and removed the black gloves that he wore to reveal the red and green rings on both his left and right middle finger, respectively. He smirked a little. "... But, the more that I think about it and the more I worry about it, the more that I actually wanna get out there and figure it out for myself. We were made Expert because Khrona felt we deserved it, now we have to step it up and fill the rank. At least... That's what I think." He cracked his knuckles before putting back on his gloves and turning to Priere now with a hand extended to help her up from the ground. "But obviously I can't grow efficiently without someone there to push me in the right direction. Can I still count on you?"

At first while hearing his answer, Priere seemed pretty indifferent, still staring off at the horizon... Almost as if she weren't listening. Though as Tamura made some key points, she made subtle signs of agreement, such as closing her eyes and making a swift, slight, almost inaudible noise. When Tamura finished, Priere was silent for a little while, though a determined smirk crept upon her face as well. "... Would I still be here if you couldn't?" That should have explained it all. As long as they were both willing to be each other's driving force, they'd be a great team and could go far beyond the limits of anyone and anything that stood in their way; together or apart. That being known to Priere, she turned to Tamura and looked at him only briefly, then started to hover off slowly to the 'Factory'. "Get your things, Tamura. We're heading out soon."

Priere knew that this journey, THIS adventure right here -- involving herself, Tamura, Perura, Maina, and Naina -- would be probably THE MOST important event to happen to these five so far. Even so, Priere still didn't have that oh so important sixth member of her gang. Her gang still lacked a name. They still hadn't made themselves known on the planet yet... But this was going to change very soon. Priere didn't have the power to do so back then, but now... Now she felt like she could take on the world. Before she left, Priere held up a hand as a signal to the snake-charmer, almost like a sort of acknowledgement for his help in this decisive battle. "... Thanks, snake boy. Despite our first meeting, you're on good terms in my book, now. See ya around." All the while, she kept moving, never looking back, only heading forward back to the factory to collect everything she needed for this long journey ahead. This was gonna be fun.

The Soul Weapon of the snake-charmer would pop him in the head to make him aware of Priere's signaling toward him, so while blind, he would face her direction so he did not seem to be looking elsewhere. He would listen to what Priere had to say and once she was finished, the snake-charmer would have a light smirk on his face and would nod toward her. After that he would turn around and would leave the area with his Summon and Soul Weapon so they could rest and then train to better their power and live up to the rank they just earned.

"There you go bossing me around again, Priere," Tamura said before stuffing his hands in his pockets and joining her on the walk home. He'd already had a life changing experience, but it was time for another one and this was more on a friendly note than the emotional change that came with finding out your mother was helping a clan wage war on the Earth King. Something like that is just... Woah. Tamura pulled a hand from his pocket and waved to the snake-charmer, as well. "We'll have to spar against each other sometime to see if you're really as good as the Android said you are with the Innocence Weapon."

Tamura smirked a little before looking to Priere as they made their way home. This was a real touching moment and all, but if they were gonna walk all the way home from here, then they had a long walk ahead of them. Tamura really wasn't up for that. He waved the same hand that he'd used to wave to the snake-charmer in front of him and opened a rather large and intricate looking portal. "This well get us there faster."

Priere couldn't help but snicker to herself. "Shut up, Tamura." When he suggested the portal, Priere remembered that she herself had 'Ice Portals' that worked to the same effect as Tamura's. In fact, she might want to master those 'Ice Seals' so that she could freeze over Tamura's portals in the near future... But that was a different matter. "Yeah, I guess it would, but unlike you, I float home. I use manna. As such, every single moment I'm increasing my manna capacity and strengthening my power by doing something as simple as floating all the way home via manna." Priere forcefully excused Tamura out of the way of the portal and went into it first. "... Resourceful!" Naturally, she was referring to herself. She was always doing something, something to better herself. Oh well.

"Is that right? And here I thought you were just too lazy to walk," Tamura commented before moving to step into the portal so they could go to the lab. Perhaps there they could sit down and brainstorm some ideas of names of the gang, cause right now they were a nameless group of friends. When he moved forward, however, he was pushed to the side so that Priere could first. He wanted to make a comment like, 'Age before beauty' or something to that effect, but decided that it'd be in poor taste... No matter how funny it'd be to him. So he didn't say anything, just laughed to himself. "Resourceful, my ass. More like power hungry."

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Book 12; The Disappearance of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Tenth Disappearance; Dusk Renovation

Eventually, as usual, Misery and Khrona worked out their differences and made up in a sensual way in the privacy of the Pit of Havoc. No one knows exactly what happened, but what happens in the Pit stays in the Pit, and lord knows Despair wasn't talking. She was the most tight lipped of the three. Regardless, after they made up and things were fine again, Khrona could get back to his boring day job the next morning...

Brianna walked in Khrona's Office in need of some help with soul hunting, and she wanted to do her first soul hunting mission soon.

Khrona sat in his office chair, bored, playing with a pencil. As he did this, a little witchling entered his office. "... What are you doing here? You're a little witch girl. Shouldn't you be... in the Witch Province doing something?"

Brianna: "I was. Well I, hadn't been here for a while, so I don't know"

Dealing with the young witchling, of whom he was surprised to see outside of the Witch Province, -- since it was a rarity to witness beyond his two nieces, Aura and Manna -- Khrona decided to go out and deal with some other problems to keep himself from being bored. With what happened with God and Goddess of Destruction, the old Condos of the Dusk had been completely destroyed and were in need of repair. So, of course, as a leader, Khrona had to make sure that his villagers had a place to live if they could not afford their own homes, or build their own homes by themselves...

In the dark disaster that were the living conditions of the 'Dusk Condos', a fluctuation in reality caused a distortion allowing Khrona to appear right in the middle of the horribleness. "... It looks like this even still...? From our battle with the Goddess of Destruction...? Hm. I thought they would have fixed it up by now. Sure, it's livable to a certain extent... But even I think it's time for some changes around the Dusk Village! And as the leader, I shall be the one to change them!" Khrona expanded his massive wings rather wide, the resulting wave demolishing all the buildings in the residential area. Khrona did, however, embed a bit of psychic power in such a wave so that when the wave came in contact with someone's home that was inhabited, it would be salvaged rather than destroyed... And anyone inside would not know what was going on. "... Destruction complete. Now for reformation."

As Khrona looked about the area, he noticed that many souls of monsters were floating upward. Khrona shook his head. This place was so bad that even monsters were lurking about... But no more! Khrona collected all of the souls with a massive suction of his own wavelength, ready to give them to Misery and Despair later. Now that the entire area was clear of all debris, all monsters, all unnatural destruction... It was time for Khrona to rebuild.

So to set up the rebuilding process, Khrona had to imagine what it looked like, first. Here's where that wonderful Reality Warping came in. Khrona thought out a blueprint in his head, releasing a psychic aura that surrounded the entire area and changing it to a neon blue color. Suddenly, three-dimensional geometric shapes began to form in a grid-like pattern, however in the shape of an odd building. It was then that Khrona noticed just how close the building was to the 'En Gulf', for he didn't know that the original 'Condos' were made that close to there before. Oh well.

The building started to take shape to Khrona's thoughts, awkwardly shaped and lying right on top of both the land and the 'En Gulf'. "Time to purify some water... Hm!" Within Khrona's barrier of psychic will, the portion of the En Gulf that was within was forcefully made pure -- as it used to be -- however, because of the massive amount of power that was within the En Gulf when Khrona did this, it was actually a little hard to do for him... Hence why he didn't want to change the entire En Gulf back to normal. Plus, it was a monument to he and his brother's power in the Dusk, so he'd never change it completely. Now, back to business, the building was starting to form now. It was white, sleek, smooth, chic, state of the art... Anything Khrona wanted it to be. As this was happening, Khrona turned to the dead, dry, barren soil that covered the land and shook his head. "And now... Become green!!"

Another wave of power was released, and not a moment later grass, trees, plants, and even marble walkways swept across the ground as if they'd been there the entire time, the walkways leading to several different parts of the building. Turning back to the building, it was complete now, looking like some sort of weird hotel of sorts, but interesting all the same. This hotel was elevated above the ground by a large set of stairs, whilst half of it hovered over the new, clean portion of the En Gulf. A pool and recreational area resided in the middle of this building, being able to alternate from indoor and outdoor, and the building was equipped with defensive weaponry to keep any hazard out, as well as a psychic radar to sense danger. Not only that, it could retract fully under the ground to evade danger and being destroyed... But the best part was, it was self-maintaining, making it that the residents of this place could live here for free.

"It is complete! It is... Beautiful! It is... THE MEZZANINE!" Khrona seemed more than pleased with his work. He retracted his wings and his psychic barrier dispersed. Everything was... Beautiful now. At least, in the eyes of everyone else. Khrona thought that it could be darker in appearance, but oh well. Gotta please the people, ya?

Now that the Dusk had a living space that was up and running, Khrona had to announce this to the entirety of the Dusk so that everyone knew. He floated up into the air, avoiding spreading his wings, and found his way high above the land so that he could literally see every single point of the Dusk Village. "Alright, good. Ahem..." Khrona activated his 'Audiokinesis' so that he could control sound -- rather, how far, well, and strong the sound waves from his voice were going to go throughout the Dusk and ONLY the Dusk.

Khrona: "Attention, one and all! All residents of the Dusk that are homeless or in need of a new home, that time has come for you to get a wonderful living place! Where the old, destroyed condos USED to be, I, Khrona, have created a NEW, BETTER place that has all the likeness of the FINEST hotels there are! It is self-sustaining, so you need not even pay to live here, and anyone of you can live in this place for free! Now, come if you wish, and live. Oh, and there is a pool. That is all!"

Khrona looked around to see if anyone would come... But he then realized that he didn't have any time for that now and had to go see how the rest of the Dusk was doing. He hadn't been out in a loooong while, and he hadn't seen the calamity that went on in the Dusk Village for very long. Now it was time to run his village correctly. He shrouded himself in his tattered jacket, warping elsewhere in a swirling implosion.

Not much longer -- within the span of some days or weeks -- after the Mezzanine was built did Khrona's niece, Aura, who was concerned about him working too much and too hard in seclusion, came to invite him to enjoy his work for once rather than just issue it out. Bless her heart.

Arriving at what could be argued as the most popular place in the Dusk, Aura knocked upon the office of her dear Uncle Khrona and waited for a answer. She had to come back to tell of her success, as well as come and drag him from his lonely office were he spends an unhealthy amount of time; nope time for him to go out with his niece for a nice day of fun!

Just as Aura knocked on the door of Khrona, Khrona had just made his way back from the creation of the new Dusk living area. He sighed, kicking his feet up and having the door open only a short time after he warped in, himself. "Ah, back from your mission, I see. I can only presume it was successful from the look on your face... And the thoughts in your head." The last part he said under his breath, as to not let her know he looked into her head as well.

The young witch glared at her Uncle, not catching what he had said under his breath, but knowing he said something. She moved over to his desk, his improper posture a sign to his situation of being cooped up in this office all the time... "Well, yes, you're right... But as you must also know, what's about to happen now right? I did warn you." She started poking at his propped up feet just to really mess with him. "Come on, time to go!"

Khrona sighed heavily, hanging his head backward as if he were tired. She really wanted to go somewhere, but Khrona didn't like going out and all that foolishness. "... Whyyyy? Where do you even want to go, hm?"

Aura stopped her annoying actions and sat down in the chair that was placed on her side of the desk. She sighed as well her Uncle was just... Difficult at times. "Look, I don't care were we go, really, but Uncle Khrona, you gotta get out of this office sometime... It's unhealthy to be in here all the time... Plus, I wanna spend some time with you." Aura smiled, bringing out all the cuteness she had within her soul... She'd need it to sway the heart of her Uncle. She did indeed want to spend time with Khrona outside of the work place, but she also wanted to play out a little plan of hers... But Khrona had to say yes, first.

Khrona lifted his head up slightly just to see Aura's face... Seems like she really wanted to take him out... So he might as well oblige. He lifted himself up and leapt out of his chair and onto his desk. "Alright, young Aura! I will allow you to take me out for the day! And we should probably head out to the 'Mezzanine'; the new hotel that takes the place of the old 'Condos' that used to be there. I do rather want to test out how that place is, you know!" Khrona held one hand outward, pointing in some arbitrary direction that actually was the way to the Mezzanine. If Aura didn't know where it was, Khrona could guide her there. "Need me to show you the way?"

This was the first she'd heard of a place known as the 'Mezzanine', and from what she knew her Father had told her the the condo area was all but destroyed from a battle that happened long before she was born. 'Hmm, maybe he's more active than I thought.' "Sounds good to me! You lead the way, since I've never even heard of the place." Aura rose from her chair as energetically as she could, trying to match the sudden outburst of energy her Uncle displayed by hopping on his own desk. She could even say he seemed excited... Though now he had turned this trip into another of his experiments... But whatever, at least he'd be out and about.

"Let's get going then..." With a sinister smile on his face, Khrona hovered off of his desk and started out the door, Aura presumably behind him. "Well now! It seems as though it is time for us to be on our way to this new place! Onward, Aura!" Khrona took the lead with hand still outstretched and finger pointed in front of him. 'Let's see how good this place really is...' What a better way to find out than to have the creator test it first hand, huh?

And so, thanks to the thoughtfulness of Aura, there was a small family vacation of sorts meant for rest and relaxation and simply enjoyment out in the wonderful awesome creation that Khrona made for his people. He very rarely got a chance to indulge himself in the wonderful things he did, which was a shame. Fortunately, people like Aura and Chroma cared enough about him to come find him and drag him out... Otherwise, he'd probably work himself to death!

Leading Aura to the new residential area of the Dusk, Khrona arrived there in no time and started to walk up one of the marble pathways that lead to the stairway up to the building. All the while, he assumed Aura was behind him. He stopped abruptly when the whole building was in full view. "There it is, Aura! The height of my imagination... The Mezzanine!" Khrona seemed very proud of his work... But who wouldn't be?

Blood spattered walls, pools filled in liquid insanity, statues in Khrona's image... Is what she expected, but this was... "It's wonderful Uncle Khrona!" She was extremely impressed on the design of the building; it was so unique and different it was perfect for the village. Aura herself started to become a little excited; she couldn't wait to see what else was there, inside the The Mezzanine.

Khrona saw the excitement in Aura's eyes, which made him quite happy. If she liked the design, then many others would as well. Though it lacked the certain... Dark appeal that Khrona loved so much, it didn't matter as long as everyone else liked it. Maybe Aura was thinking of moving there... She looked excited enough to. "Alright, come on. We don't even have to check in. What do you think we should do first? Eat food? Go on the cruise ship? Go to the pool? Walk through the park? Anything can happen here." Khrona started up the stairs toward the front of the building. He was thinking of making the three individual buildings specific places for something... Since all of the Dusk ninja could probably fit in one building to live in.

With all the training and hard work Aura had been going through these last few months, she needed time off like this... Even if it would just be one day. But why only she? Aura knew that there was another hard working girl out there one who too could use some nice relaxing time. Aura didn't know were she was but, she did know how to get her here. "Hold on one second, Uncle Khrona." For what only lasted a few seconds Aura expanded her manna wavelength in a radius that would cover the newly made living quarters. If the one Aura sought was in the area, she'd pick up on her presence; in fact if she was in the village at all, she'd be able to pick up on Aura and would hopefully come with the call. "There is someone else I'd think, who would enjoy this... 'Quality' time."

Somewhere out in the middle of the Dusk, Chroma could feel something tingling inside of her head and her soul that seemed awfully curious to her. She felt both the power of her father and... Her cousin she saw as a sister? "What's that...? Aura's in trouble..? I'M ON. MY. WAY." Without a second thought, Chroma rushed toward the Mezzanine from wherever she was to where Aura was. While she was traveling, Chroma wondered just why Aura was able to use the 'Family Bond' like that... Chroma was always led to believe that the 'Family Bond' was only within direct lineage family... Hm. Oh well. Eventually, she made it to where Khrona and Aura were. "What is it Aura? What's wrong?"

Khrona didn't know who Aura wanted to invite, but hell, the more the merrier, he assumed. So, he waited there for whomever was to come to greet them. To his surprise, it was his own daughter, Chroma. "You called Chroma here? Well that seemed a tad bit random. Oh well."

Aura casually made her way over to her cousin-sister. Her concern was good to see and she was happy to see her in good health. It had been sometime since they last met and Aura was excited to see she had showed up. Giving Chroma a hug, Aura welcomed her to this little family outing. "I'm fine Chroma, and it's good to see you!" Releasing her embrace, Aura pointed toward the newly made living quarters as she began to speak to her cousin. "It's the new condo area your dad made. It sounded like fun and I figured we could both take sometime off together... Besides, your dad is becoming a pencil pusher staying in his office all the time." This was going to be a fun day.

Chroma was relieved to find that there was no trouble, but more impressed at the huge new place that her Father had created. It was a change from his original architectural style, but it was nice all the same. "Oh, my father did this? I like it! Are we going inside? Let's go!" Without hesitation, Chroma latched onto her Father and Aura at the same time, binding them both to her with her arms. She started to walk toward the main portion of The Mezzanine, where they were all headed.

Being grabbed by his daughter, Khrona was forced to walk up with Aura right beside him and his daughter. Well they seemed enthused, so it was only natural to show them the ropes of this place. "... Alright, girls... Next stop, the pool!" They were already walking toward the main area, and when they arrived, Khrona took the lead instead of Chroma and took them outside to the pool, where he unlocked his arm from his daughter's. "Well, here's the pool. Everyone dive in!" Khrona looked at the water, stepping in boot first, then submerging his fully clothed body straight into the water. He leaned on the edge of the pool contently. "Ahhh... I haven't been in a pool in so long..."

Everything around them was just a joy to look at, and surely Aura believed that it would bring much joy to the villagers that would fill it's rooms. Being pulled off, headed for the pool, Aura started to get a little nervous... She had never been in a body of water that went past her waistline, and such... She didn't know how to swim. But from what she understood of 'pools' was that there would be a shallow side for her, allowing her the same fun in the water without the fear of drowning. When they finally did get to the pool area she was impressed with it as well. Such crystal clear water, such unique textile drawing a long the bottom of the pool, it's image rippled with Khrona's unexpected jump into the pool. "You're supposed to change your clothes first!!" So reckless, her leader. Aura looked to Chroma with that 'I Just Don't Even Know' face, sighing.

Chroma sighed, her head lowering as a sweat drop appeared on her head in a comical style. "... I didn't think that my Father's fear would take him so far..." She raised her head slowly and turned to Aura. "He just has a fear of touching things. I don't think he ever takes those clothes off, especially since he can self clean them while they're ON him as well as his body... Plus, I'm pretty sure he can even feel the water on him with those on..." Chroma shook her head, not paying it any mind anymore. "Well, let me go get changed~." She walked off into the changing room, and almost three seconds later, Chroma came out in her bathing suit.

Chroma's body seemed much more... Different when it was exposed. She wore that big cloak thing all day, it made it seem like she didn't have a... Body. Looks like she was holding out from everyone. She quickly jumped into the pool alongside her father, doggy-paddling everywhere since she never took formal swimming lessons... Nor did she drain information on how to swim before. Her little detached wings were fluttering about cutely as well, giving her a slight bit of propulsion.

Khrona didn't really pay attention to Aura and Chroma, as he was too busy relaxing by the poolside. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back, feeling rather calm before his daughter jumped in and splashed water all over the place. He looked up at her only to find her in a revealing and skimpy bathing suit. He could only sigh, face palm and shake his head. "Dammit... Just like her mother..." Khrona slowly started to slink under the water of the shallow end until his body was completely submerged; head and all. He wanted to see what it was like being underwater for a while. His vision was crystal clear under the water, and he didn't need to breathe at all.

Taking care of her own changing situation, Aura walked into the changing room right after Chroma, however she was in there for a far longer time. So many different types of swimwear out there; she wasn't really sure what she was going to put on. However several minutes later Aura walked out from the changing room, wearing her choice of of swim wear proudly; a one-piece that complemented Aura's young curves with bold strips of color on it's sides. She cleared her throat, walking back toward the shallow end of the pool, her head held up high, a light hint of blush on her face. She stepped down the stairs leading into the pool; the cold water shocked her body till she got completely in, whatever that was in the shallow end. She looked downward toward her sister-cousin and Uncle on the other side of pool and made her way toward the edge near her side, propping up against it, fixing her glasses, summoning a novel to her hand and began some light reading... ... Lovely.

Not paying her Father any mind, Chroma was having fun all by herself. She splashed about, flailing in an almost baby-like manner in the middle of the deep end of the pool, laughing to her heart's content. To make her time even better, she summoned up a floating shark toy using her psychic powers to pluck it from the Mezzanine's inventory of pool supplies. Once she had it, she jumped on it and wrestled it up and down the water, splashing about everywhere. "Hahahahaha! This is soooo fun! I'mma get you sharky!!" Normally Chroma didn't act like this... Must have been because she felt so comfortable with her family. That's good to know. Though, in the midst of her fun, Chroma noticed her anti-social cousin skulking around the shallow end of the pool and doing what, of all things... Reading a book. Chroma sighed heavily, fluttering her little cute wings to propel herself just a bit toward the shallow end. When she finally got there, -- after a couple of minutes -- she flailed Mr. Sharky's tail around, having him splash water all around the area of Aura.

"Hey! Mr. Sharky doesn't seem to like you being there all alone. What gives? Why aren't you having fun?" She kicked her feet a little bit trying to keep herself balanced. Her tiny wings still continued to flutter about.

Underwater, Khrona started to inspect the quality of the pool and see if it actually was made to fit the needs of the ones who were in it. Looking around, it was completely clean under there and didn't have gunk or anything built up... Then again, it was a new pool and they were the first people in it. Hm... Oh well. He sunk to the very bottom and started to walk toward the deep end, which came to about thirteen feet. It was then that he noticed Chroma going over to Aura with that shark toy he was jealous about... 'Hmm... What are they up to?' He floated up to the top of the pool and peered his head out of the top, eyeing them in a crocodilian way.

The thrilling world of mystery and adventure of 'Raidou XIV And The Soulless Army' was anything but boring to Aura. Yet, that didn't keep her surprisingly hyper cousin from ruining her fairytale and drama, drenching both she and her book. "Oh... I'm sorry Mr. Sharky..." Whipping the splashed water off of her glasses, Aura closed her book, putting it on the edge of the pool and then placing her glasses on top of that. Aura raised her hands high above her head summoning a giant fan of sorts in her grasp. "L-Let me liven things up for you!!" With one stroke Aura's fan rippled the waters of the pool causing a large wave to head toward Chroma and her Sharky... She wanted them to pay for her book... Paaaaay.

Inspired by Aura's sudden enthusiasm, Chroma clenched Mr. Sharky tightly and held on for the ride to come with the rippling wave. "Wooooohoooo~! Isn't this fun Mr. Sharky!? Now you're gettin' it, Aura!" Chroma fumbled her way up to the top of Mr. Sharky and stood on top of him, surfing the wave that Aura created. Before the wave crashed down, however, it seemed to curve around the edges of the pool, redirecting itself back in Aura's direction. This was definitely Chroma's doing, her psychic power clearly at work once again. She rode Mr. Sharky down with the crashing wave onto Aura, hoping to give her a little splash of fun. "YEAH! This is great, right!?" She was just laughing and having a good time with Mr. Sharky. Hahaha.

"Hmph. It's just girl talk it seems. Bleck." Khrona went back to what he was doing... Then suddenly a huge wave came. He sighed heavily, sinking back under the water. "I should just... Stay here for a while. They aren't doing anything fun. Besides, it's relaxing to be underwater.... Yeah... I can just stay here... I think thinking under here would be more peaceful than in that cave... Yeah..."

"Oh nooo~!" Aura braced herself for the wave that was meant to wash Chroma away, her fan disappearing in a poof. The wave crashed upon her, twirling her into a spiral of pool water. Spinning and turning underneath all that water, Aura's common instincts kicked in as she flapped, kicked, and 'hopped' toward the surface of the pool. Finally reaching the surface, Aura found that the wave had taken her to the deep end of the pool... Yet she wasn't dying. Aura floated there, unconsciously treading water, keeping her in place... She looked around, -- that 'so common' blank stare on her face; Uncle Khrona seemed to be sitting at the bottom of the pool by himself... So typical, Khrona.

Aura turned her attentions toward Chroma on the other side of the pool, which her shark. If it was a splash war she wanted... Then it be a splash war she got. Aura made her way over to Chroma... Swimming, no less... Huh, guess this type of thing just came naturally. Within a few minutes, she was back in the shallow end of the pool, standing but a few feet from her cousin, giving her nothing but a smile... Yet there was so much hidden malice behind it... 'Oh, it is on, Chroma'.

Chroma looked around, floating on Mr. Sharky still to see what became of Aura and her Father. Looks like her Father didn't want to be in this little girl talk, so it was just she and Aura. Aura seemed to be fine after all of that, though, so that was good. "Wooohoo! Didja see that? Wasn't that fun? Mr. Sharky thinks so!"

Rage was flowing through Aura's body. Her very existencs at the moment was set on just getting Chroma back. Shuffling through the water, Aura thought of plans and strategies. Oh she was gonna get IT... 'Wait what'? "Hold on Chroma did you hear that?" It was a hushed whisper that spoke into Aura's ear; a call reaching her very soul -- almost more like a touch. Pulling her toward the voice's origin, it was the 'Family Signal'. "What's going on?" Aura looked to Chroma, knowing that she must be feeling it too. The signal was only used in time of distress... It was coming from... Aunt Zita?

The same way Aura felt the signal, Chroma did, as well... Though she didn't know that the 'Family Bond' would be felt through her. She wasn't even completely sure if they were all truly blood related at all... Curious... "Huh! Yeah I did feel it... Seems like our Aunt needs us urgently! I'd better get my father..." Knowing him, he was already there. So, instead, Chroma just turned back to Aura and took off into the sky. "Come on! It's pulling me toward the 'Enigmatic Ruins'!"

Khrona felt the signal, too. He was ready to help out Zita any way he could, but was very unsure as to why she was even in the 'Enigmatic Ruins' in the first place... Regardless, Khrona felt another sort of lingering energy there... And something... Else... He didn't know of? Oh, now he was definitely going there. He swiftly followed behind Chroma, just to keep an eye on her as she went there, since Khrona could basically just... Be there in a heartbeat.

"The ruins... Oh no..." Leaping from the water, Aura took the skies with Chroma, her outfit changing almost instantaneous to her leaving the water, and she would be on her way to the 'Enigmatic Ruins'. Aura moved with haste. In her mind, Aunt Zita must have found 'Petricia, the Petrification Witch', and the two were fighting. Goodness, she hoped that wasn't the case. Nonetheless, Aura was booking it, trying to get there as fast as she could.

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Eleventh Disappearance; Checking Out The Ruins - Family Secrets

The distress call from Zita that was picked up first by her witchy kin, -- Aura -- would lead she, Khrona, and Chroma to the 'Enigmatic Ruins', where the rest of the blood family and those whose ancestors were closely tied together would meet; Khrona's brother, the Android girl, and even the female former Deep leader were called to see Zita's rather important, life-changing, and ground breaking discovery about the Family, the Villages, and all of their Connection as a whole.

Khrona was the first to make it to the place, for reasons unknown. Maybe he just wanted to know more than all of them. "Zita! What's the problem?" He had already navigated the ruins and was in the same room as her, gazing upon the same spectacle as her, in the same shock as her. It was THAT amazing.

Chroma followed behind her Father, coming into the room with the same words. "Aunt Zita! What is it?" When she looked at the spectacle, however, she was just as lost for words as the other two. Yep. Really that amazing, guys.

The area wasn't foreign to Aura, yet she dragged her feet behind the others, arriving last of the three coming from 'The Mezzanine'. She wanted to see what the problem was and help, but there was still the fact that she hadn't confronted her Aunt. Nonetheless, the situation came first; anything else would have to be dealt with later. "Auntie?! Are you ok?"

It wasn't long until Khrona's brother and company arrived. They warped among the others; Khrona's brother would have thought he was appearing into a fight... However, it seemed he had overestimated the situation. He looked around the room, but the first person he saw was Zita, who he looked to confusingly. "Zita? What-- Why did you call us?"

The rest would appear along with Khrona's brother in some section of the Ruins. Zita, Chroma, Khrona, and even her pupil, Aura, were here. What was the situation, the Android girl wondered? "H-Hello everyone, what seems to be the issue...?" Coming to these Enigmatic Ruins did nothing but introduce her to a plethora of new people; all of which seemed pretty powerful. There didn't seem like there was much was going on, but then again, sometimes things aren't what they seem.

And so, they appeared at the Ruins by the hands of Khrona's brother's manna. Supposedly, something was happening and Zita needed assistance, but by the looks of it, there were enough powerful people here. Like, Khrona for example. At any rate, the former Deep leader gave Khrona a quick nod of the head to acknowledge his presence. "Long time, no see, Khrona~."

Zita only seemed to know a handful of the people here. She barely knew the Android girl, had never seen the former Deep leader nor her clone before and her brother, Khrona, Aura, and Chroma were family. Either way, this was all too important. "... Everyone... Look at this... This gigantic tablet I found.. It's... It's us. Our ancestors! Look, read it!" That was when Zita noticed... She was the oldest one here. By a longshot. She was a little over one thousand whilst the rest of these whippersnappers were, at most, in their early twenties. Boy, she felt old. She was the only one who could read even the smallest amount of ancient text, for she had to study it back in her young years, and especially to use olden manna. Oh well. "... Well, I'll read it. I don't know much about the ancient texts cuz it's been a while, but I can translate a good chunk of it... It says... 'The Scriptures of Reality; Genesis of Our Village'..."

Zita went on for a minute or two about everything she could read, which was not so much the top part as it was near the bottom, where she could read everything. It told about eight hundred years ago, when Zita was just two hundred years old and had learned to read the newer version of the ancient scripts. Though they still kept the general same style, there was still a great amount of translating to do. Basically, there was talk about Shinigami, the Witches, the Eight Guardians and the first Falshin. It told of how the college came to be in ancient times and why everything is the way it is today. Zita only read a bit about the ancient past, which they had to decipher. "... Wow... I... I didn't even realize that all of this happened... Nor that this was all logged like this... And even the ancient scripts from before I was born... What I can understand is sheerly amazing..." She turned to everyone there, not even caring that she didn't know some of them and pointed ambitiously at the tablet.

"I'm sure that with all of our minds together, we can decipher the rest of this in no time flat! Android, you're like, a machine-girl or something, right? And brother, you're just as skilled with manna and the ancient texts as I am! And Khrona, your mind's the strongest there is! And your children should be able to help us too!" She turned to the former Deep leader and her clone. "And I don't know what you all do, but if it can help us, then come on!" Zita was rather excited to see what was going to happen here. She wanted to know the history before she was born, for she knew a decent amount between that eight hundred year time period.

Still in awe for a moment or two, Khrona noticed the former Deep leader and was happy to see her after so long of her absence. He smiled, waving at her, but then couldn't help but turn his attention back to the spectacle. Khrona sat and listened to Zita's tale, finding out more about the Reality village than he actually knew himself. It was surprising that he never looked back on this history before. However, Zita was correct and everyone's mind together could definitely decipher this tablet without any problems at all. "I'm already on it." Using the words Zita was reading to find common patterns in letters and syntax and the like, Khrona was starting to piece together information little by little...

Although she knew little about Zita, the former Deep leader was intrigued by the text she managed to decipher. "The Scriptures of Reality"... It certainly rung a bell in her mind. She knew a few things about it from her time at home -- the 'Oasis Kingdom' -- and that's when it hit her. If her nation had ancient texts like this apart of it, then does that mean... She is a descendant of this Reality? The more she thought about it, the more interested she became. "How insulting, Zita. Machine-girl? This Android is a grade Beta D.S. Homunculus, created by yours truly, and this girl here..." she said while patting her clone on the back, "Is created with the same bio-NoXmechanics that were used when I made the Android. They could decipher this whole thing within the next twenty minutes! You two! Would you two be so kind as to assist Zita in deciphering the text?" She said with an expression that read, 'I'm not going to lose to her'. Zita didn't know who they were, but she was about to get nothing short of a good impression of them. As they all began to decipher the text, the former leader stood by, pondering. The texts were familiar alright. The witch. The Eight Guardians. They all took part in a devastating war, if she remembered correctly, but... It wasn't against Falshin. She couldn't remember who the person was, and she started digging deeper into her memory to see if she could figure out who he was... "Those were there back then, too..."

'So, this was basically some type of Shinigami timeline that showed how the ancient college was made, huh?' It didn't seem very special, and quite honestly the clone failed to care as much as Zita or Khrona did. However, this all changed when the former leader patted her back and began telling Zita how great she was, and this pumped the clone into wanting to show Zita just how amazing she really was. "Sure. This is nothing to me," was all she commented as she went up to the tablet and placed her hands on it. Vectors of pure chakra manifested on her arms as she began to follow the vectors she placed in and on the tablet. "All I have to do is touch this and follow the vectors that were applied throughout every molecule of the tablet." Once her vectors were finished shifting through the tablet, she should have all of the information stored within the two vector arrows on her arms. Quite ingenious, actually, and at such a young age.

Also intrigued by the story thus far explained by Zita, the Android girl began to wonder what the rest of the text could be, and that was when the former leader urged her to join her clone in deciphering it. She already wanted to know what the rest of the tablet entailed, so why deny her request? "O-Oh, okay..." With one hand, the Andoird girl snapped her finger and a thick book of spells appeared before her, and with the other hand, she flipped open the book and sent the pages aflutter. As the pages blew by unnaturally, a golden bolt of energy caught onto one unoccupied end of the tablet and the Android's eye began to light up as the same color. This was the power of 'Simplification Manna'. It takes one thing and converts it to be grasped by the mind of the user who has the golden eye. "Just a few more seconds..."

Zita had found something life changing, her brother thought. That if the details of these texts were what they had thought to be...'The Scriptures Of Reality; Genesis Of Our Village'. It was all too strange. Just what had they found? Nevertheless, unlike Zita, her brother knew just how special the Android was... And with the clone with her, he felt that in terms of deciphering the ancient code, they wouldn't have an issue, yet it didn't stop him from glancing over at the table. The gist of what he could understand was what Zita had already said out loud. He caught a few things with in the manuscript, the word 'Beast' showing up multiple times. However, he couldn't understand more than that and didn't think to put anything together till they knew what it said as a whole. Other than that, he noticed his daughter standing on the other side of the room; this was first time seeing her in months. His eyes met hers, yet he didn't know what to do... Did she even want to see him? He did what always did; smiled and waved. He didn't know what else to do... "A... Aura..."

Aura was surprised to see her Master here, but seeing how her father was here as well, that kind of worked itself out. She didn't know the other two that had come with father and Master were. She looked to Chroma to try to see if she knew who they were. The seemingly older one however seemed to know Master... On a rather personal level, at that... And the other, she just... Gave off the same vibe as the Android did, yet she seemed to be around Aura and Chroma's age. The text Aunt Zita went on to explain was rather interesting. Since Aura didn't know too much of her ancestry other than that of her father's and mother's, she, too, was eager to learn what its secrets held.

And then it happened... Aura's eyes locked with her father's, her face instantly turning red as she quickly looked away to break the eye lock. She started to get nervous, and worried. Was he mad at her? Did he hate her? She looked back over to him only to find him smiling and laughing, causing Aura to fall over in a very anime like fashion. 'Did he even know I was gone'!?

Chroma, much like Aura, felt a little bit left out of the bunch. She was young, yes, but everyone seemed very capable of cracking this code without her help. All she could do was wait and watch. "... I just have to get stronger..." Chroma felt like, even still, she had a long ways to go to catch up to her Father. Not only that, there were many more psychic appearing around the plant these days... She needed to keep her family name alive... She needed to... Go into... Deep Thought. While everyone else was occupied, Chroma slyly made her way off into a corner and began to think, blocking off her mind from reality. She'd stay there for a while, unable to be influenced by anything of the outside world for a while.

Well this new woman had some spunk. That was commendable. Zita didn't know about the Android, but this woman did, so that was all that needed to be known. Apparently, she created both the Android and the other new one, which was impressive if they were both bio-material. But, in any case, with the Android, the clone, AND Khrona on this, the whole tablet shouldn't have taken more than about five minutes at max. In fact, just from that little time, the three of them looked almost done... So, as they did that, Zita looked around to the woman, wanting to know more about her. "Hey. You. You seem to have some sort of affiliation with the Dusk from back when it was the Reality Village... You seem to know Khrona and our brother, but I don't know you. What's that all about and why have we never met if you three go so far back?"

That was a good question, indeed. If she was so close to them, she must have been around for a long time and then disappeared... But why had she never met Zita? It was never too late. As Zita thought, between the three others, this didn't take more than five minutes, if even that. Khrona had deciphered it all, as probably the Android and clone did as well. When done, Khrona turned around with eyes closed, clearing his throat. "... This... This tablet explains so much..."

Naturally, with Khrona unable to keep what he says in his mind anymore, he started speaking about it inadvertently, and if the Android or clone wished to join in, then they could, but Khrona was most literally obliged to tell. Everything said was indeed life changing... They were all related. His brother, Khrona and Zita came from the same grandmother, ergo coming from the same mother, yet all of them had different fathers. When the Reality was discovered, an ancient evil tried to destroy this entire planet as a whole with his almost unstoppable power... 'The Beast' was made, slain and left in a grave under the 'Eternal Desert'... That was the 'Beast' his brother kept seeing in the text; the story of the 'The Beast'. But even through everything that happened in the past, there was just one thing that tied it all together that made things all the more shocking to Khrona and his brother... That Eva was their mother and that she tried to SAVE them back in olden days. Even Khrona's mind could barely fathom such a thing. However, in the scriptures it did say that Zita and Eva spent quality time together... Meaning she knew all along who she was... Or maybe she only knew that Eva was her mother... Huh. Regardless, they were all LITERALLY blood related instead of in just namesake.

The former Deep leader's ancestor came up a number of times in the text, as well, having very close ties with both their grandmother and each one of their parents... Hell, their fathers were part of the 'Eight Guardians' back in the day. That was something Khrona didn't know either... That he was adopted and his real parents are still alive to this day. His foster parents are the ones that are dead. Megaera was the same and Khrona would have to tell her of her history later... In fact, he might as well shoot her a mental thought, which he did at the moment. In any case... It was all rather much to take in at this time... Rather... Much.

As Khrona went off to explain how the planet was intended to be destroyed, the Android brought up the fact that this villainous man's 'plan' was nothing more than a mere accident. He had hoped to recreate the most powerful Kamishin, which was used by the Reality trio's grandmother; 'The Grand Magistrate'. The Kamishin was considered the strongest for its devastating power to gain the essence of life on a planetary scale on a consistent bases, thus infinitely collecting souls to have more power. The man attempted to create his own version of the weapon after he lost a one-sided battle with the Grand Magistrate, but after collecting so much energy and souls to create the Kamishin, the Cauldron became unstable. It exploded with so much negativity that there was an eternal night masking the entire planet for as long as the beast reigned. However, the beast brought together an alliance that changed the world forever; The alliance of Shinigami, 'Eight Guardians', and the 'Grand Magistrate'. Together, they defeated the The Beast and sealed the person responsible for its creation along with his Kamishin used in battle, at the cost of the Grand Magistrate's life. She was too weak after exhausting so much of her power to create a total of twelve Kamishin', battle The Beast, and seal it. Even until this day, that man is still sealed within the Edge, doomed to never be released.

Finally, the arrows on the clones arms dissolved into her body, giving her all of the knowledge she extracted from the tablet. It was all... A bit much. Her eyes lit up like headlights of a car for a couple of seconds as her body took in this load of information. Now that she was up to speed, she picked up after the Android mentioned one of the Reality's most Historical events; 'The Alliance'.

Shinigami and his eight disciples, which Maze's father, Khrona's father, and Rozalyn's father all belonged, were among the first to take notice of the beast wrecking havoc on the world. They took up arms, with soul weapons, magic and technological firearms against the beast and needless to say they were off to a strong start. However, majority of the weapons either deemed to weak to land a significant blow on the beast, or they were ineffective all together.

They were falling apart, and several of the first of the Shinigami's disciples -- Ragnarok and Al'Bec -- died battling the black beast; however, before they all met the same fate, they were saved by the Grand Magistrate, who bestowed them all with several weapons; the Kamishin. Apparently, she did not enter the fray the moment the Beast was released because her Kamishin absorbs the essence of all living things on the planet, and much to her dismay this would have included the Beast. Using its power would cause the Kamishin to absorb a large abundance of negativity, which could very well make it unstable and in the worst case scenario; create another Beast.

With her expansive awareness of all the souls on the planet, she took note of nine powerful warriors not only combating the Beast, but keeping it at bay, and that is when she decided to use the soul energy -- which was building up in the Kamishin for for thousands of years -- to create nine more Kamishin. They were not as powerful as her own, for if that much power were to go unstable again, another Beast would surface. Shinigami believed her without a shroud of doubt in his heart, and she thanked him and the other disciples for combating the Beast in her absence. If it were not for them keeping it at bay, the world would have ceased to exist already. And so the war of the century was underway.

However, the villainous man observed the entire battle, and planted his seed of doubt into the heart of the Grand Magistrate. The war raged on for weeks, when then turned into months, and at the time there seemed to be no end to this war. The Grand Magistrate was swelling up with fear. She began to question their chances of defeating this beast, and that is when the man came into the picture. He mentioned that they could still win the war, however, she would have to create more Kamishin so that he could enter the fray against the beast. She refused, and it was then that this man blamed her for the future destruction of all life not only on the earth, but in the solar system. The Magistrate didn't know this until the man told her; the Beast was growing in power. The war raged on for so long that people around the world doubted their chances of victory, and it was their doubt that gave the Beast more power. If it were not for this factor, they would have slain it from the moment she handed the disciples their Kamishin. With no other choice, she complied with the man, and because she did, he also threw in that she had to make these three Kamishin more powerful than the last nine she manifested to compensate for the power the Beast was gaining.

The weapons were made not even a day later and they were of they were completely obnoxious in power. The man took one of these new weapons and fought along side Shinigami and the Eight Guardians.

The former Deep leader scratched the back of her head as she contemplated where to start. "Well, I'm sure you heard of the black hole incident that destroyed a large portion of the Deep about two years ago. The people who fell 'victim' to that were actually transported to a parallel world, and they are still living there now. I've been working for months plotting the coordinates to try to get them back here, but it never worked until recently... But before I left, Khrona taught me the ways of controlling my soul energy, and his brother... I don't know know him really. My Android seems to be fond of him, though..." she said before Khrona, the Android and the clone went into depth about what was on the tablet. As they went on, her memory became clearer and clearer, and then it was when the clone finished mentioning the mystery man manipulating the Grand Magistrate that she remembered the contents of the ancient texts she read all those years ago. "Grimlock!!" she said suddenly and abruptly. "That villainous man... his name was Grimlock. Back in the temple of my Kingdom -- Haedangwha the First -- my greatest grandfather has several books, fables, and stories printed in honor of his name. It was said that he aided in combat against the Beast and allowed the trump card to be used." She pushed her thumb against her lip as she began delving deeper into her memory on what she read.

"During the war, as the Beast continued on its path of destruction, there was a witch that also came to destroy our Kingdom. It was said that she was trying to trick us all into giving her our souls.. Some people even believed she worked with the Beast. However, our king at the time -- my greatest grandfather -- asked the entire nation to lend him his power so that he could defeat the Beast and the witch who created it. They all complied, and a large cannon of sorts was positioned to lurked over the nation. It created a ring around our entire nation and everything within it had a small portion of its life energy absorbed. Collectively, the cannon then had enough power to create a second grand canyon on any part of the planet, and it was launched at the beast. It connected, and the Beast was left unable to move temporarily, but it was more than enough time for Shinigami and the nine disciples to silence the Beast once and for all. Afterward, it was said that the beast dissipated into nothingness, like it never even existed... But, I see the truth now."

She continued. "The witch they claimed trying to trick was actually the Grand Magistrate, and she wasn't trying to trick them at all. She was probably asking them to cough up some spiritual energy so they could defeat the Beast... But I guess during those times, they didn't take kindly to witches. However, my ancestor had a lot of influence over the people and he was able to get it through their think skulls, so they obliged. The giant cannon-like weapon must have been one of the three Kamishin she created after being spurred on by Grimlock. There also weren't nine disciples, it was actually the Eight Guardians and Grimlock along side them. And the beast didn't dissipate into nothing, it was sealed beneath the Eternal Desert by the Grand Magistrate... Looks like over time, the truth was being altered to the point of being nothing more than a mere fairytale, but something is still bugging me..."

Khrona's brother just had to take a moment and step back, needing the wall to prop himself up he tried to just process all of this. The history of the Reality and Dusk, their mixed ancestry; it all blended together into the story in which they had just decoded. What else was there to do other than to be in shock from this news. His best friends were truly family and his master, his mother, all their mothers. And as always the truth only brought more questions to mind. "All if this? Can it really be true?" He looked toward Khrona and Zita, his friends, his best friends, his siblings... "You both..."

Aura, being an eager knowledge learner, payed close attention to her apparent relatives, the tale of the old Reality, and it's hero's. She listened to the reveal of the bloodline between her Father, Aunt, and Uncle. She listened as they spoke of the battles that were fought, the war that was barely won, about the man named Grimlock. For such a document too of withstood the test of time... "Chroma...?" She looked to her cousin, who she had been standing by the entire time. She looked at her with the eyes any member of a family would give if they were concerned. She wanted to know how she had taken this... What she thought.

Chroma turned to Aura, not seeming to be as shocked as she was, but more so happy. She went over to Aura and put her arm on her shoulder. "Heh. Guess that's the reason why you got that signal so easily, huh, Aura?" Maybe Chroma was just used to this kind of thing now. It would explain a lot... Or maybe she was hiding it.

With the Android and clone jumping in and assisting Khrona with the explanation, it went more smoothly than before. "Thanks, you two." He turned to is half-brother, his new and not-so-new brother and looked him dead in the eyes. "... Well. The only way to know for sure is to go ask Eva, herself, right?" Khrona started to laugh, being just as lighthearted as Chroma.

Zita was amazed to hear about her history... It was simply wonderful. It was no wonder that she was the Head Witch now; her grandmother was the original Head Witch! The Grand Magistrate herself, even! And it was no wonder that her brother's manna power was so great as well... He was a descendant. Everything about their lives was put into perspective right here and now, and that every single person here today had and always will be connected throughout the timeline. They were all family. "Wow... Isn't that just-- ... Wait... Aura...?" Zita noticed something about Aura that she simply hadn't noticed before because of the amazement she felt, but... Now that everything was calming down, she noticed that Aura had become a full Witch! And without her consent or knowledge! Oh, this would not do at all. "AURA!!!!" Around Aura's arms and legs would appear shackles with long chains extended back to Zita's arm, locking her against her will. "How DARE you do such an inconsiderate thing! You didn't even come to get my consent first! And I would have known if you became a witch by NORMAL means, because my other Witches would have told me! That is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!"

"W-Wha?!?" Aura, to of been so quickly bound, was a shock. It was so just out of the blue, but when Aura took a moment to just grasp the situation... All things became clear to her. "AUNTIE ZITA, PLEASE JUST CALM DOWN!!" Aura wiggled in her chains to see if they'd come free; a highly unlikely hope. A small hint of blush formed on her cheeks, the embarrassment of situation and the fact that it was among her family, friends, but worst off her Master and her Father.

'Oh~ why now?!' Khrona's brother joined Khrona in their merriment, laughing and enjoying each other's company. It was strange; though Khrona's brother had always knew Khrona was his half-brother, he didn't know how. Now he and Khrona as well as Zita did. Khrona speaking to Eva would prove to be an interesting trip... The fact that his Master was his mother... He wondered why not just tell him? Khrona's brother -- much like Khrona and Zita -- had been on his own for a LONG time, but now that he looked back... Eva had always been there, helping, watching her children grow... The heartfelt moment however ended as his sister Zita began to bellow out at his daughter. He had noticed earlier the difference in his daughter the felt of newfound power; the fact that she had ascended to the ranks of Witches, but he only figured it was through Zita's guidance, since Aura always looked up to Zita and tried so hard to be like her... Either way, her brother knew just how harsh these crimes were and he needed to intervene. "N-Now hold on Zita, can't we just wait and talk about this?! Can't we just stay calm?! Come on SIS!!!" Her brother tried to lay that sister card down hard. Maybe reminding her that they had all just found out they were family would quell her rage?

Without giving it a second thought, the Android fastened her Innocence gloves and brought down a mighty, equal speed chop to Zita's chains, making a nice clean cut. Her pupil was in what appeared to be danger to the Android, and she wasn't going to stand for it. Even if Aura did do something she shouldn't have done, there was a better way of going about it. "Zita-san! I understand that Aura did something that was strictly against your teachings, but now isn't the best time to deal with it!" the Android said in a soft yet serious tone while looking Zita dead in the eyes. She knew about the power Zita's eyes possessed, but she wanted to see how far Zita was willing to go. Was she going to let that anger cloud her mind to the point where she would attack her?

The clone didn't really know what was going on... Aura -- this girl before her -- was a witch!? She didn't know -- nor was she listening in on -- Chroma and Aura's side conversation. It wasn't unbelievable, she just didn't know. So this Zita must be a higher ranking witch... The clone merely watched as her sister confronted this witch. Who knows? Maybe she will get to see what else these people can do.

"Android... It's their way of doing things... Calm down, you can't argue with tradition..." In truth, the former leader was amazed at the display of emotions that came from her Android just now. She thought that that the Android would be much more unstable mentally, but it seems that she has been through that phase already. Khrona's brother; this has something to do with what Khrona's brother was hiding from her...

As the commotion went about and each of these high powers went through their respective emotional strife, insanity brewed violently through the corridors of the Enigmatic Ruins that day. It was an insanity far greater than had ever been pressed down upon the Dusk Village, mostly because it was concentrated on this specific area.

???: 'By the power of these... Towers... I bring forth the sheer strength of Insanity unto you all...'

Though this speech was not meant to be heard, those who actually paid attention would hear the Spider Queen's voice as the insanity consumed them all... Those who felt it, felt it, and those who didn't, didn't. But the power was unfathomable regardless. Those who were most susceptible to this insanity... Definitely would have the best reaction in the Spider Queen's eyes.

The first -- and probably the only -- to feel the effects this fucking hard, Khrona's mind dropped like a fly. It was a lost cause once this insanity hit him... His mind had been enraptured. His pupils dilated to the point where they could not even be seen anymore and his eyes were nothing but pools of crimson. "Uh... Uhhg...!? Ke.... Keke... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!!!" Khrona released his wings from their slumber, forcing everyone back quite a ways, probably into the walls beside them. He gave every single one of them a glare of sheer potent insanity before bursting through the roof without a second thought. The Spider Queen's insanity... Had come over him. 'My Queen... I must serve you... By destroying them...'

Zita felt the insanity just as greatly as Khrona, however it affected her differently. Insanity is like fodder to witches, thus it gives them a massive power boost when witches are bathed in Insanity. It heightens their emotions as well... And as such... "No! There is only ONE WAY to settle this, AURA!!!" As Khrona flew out of the roof of the ruins, Zita looked back at Aura and encased both of them both in 'Sealing Eye' energy, keeping them protected. "Aura... I'll have to TEACH you what happens when you double-cross ME!!" Zita didn't even pay attention to Khrona by this time... it was gonna be just her and Aura. No matter what.

Chroma felt the power of insanity, but it didn't even faze her thanks to the Innocence within, but she still could harness the power of it to her liking. She felt a boost as well. When she looked at what was going on and put it in perspective... Her father had once again gone fucking insane... And Aura was busy with Zita... But Chroma... The Spider Queen had taken it to a whole other level fucking with Chroma's Father. "... Aura! When you're done handling your business, we're going after the Spider Queen!!! I refuse to let her take this to a personal level! I'm taking you and Leia so try to get this done with Zita quick! I'll be back!" With that, Chroma was off. She needed to act quickly if shit was going to get done.

It seemed like, in a mere moment, everything had changed. The feel of insanity that fell upon the room was not a stranger to Khrona's brother's senses. He, himself, had long since quelled his own insanity and to him now it was nothing, but he still knew of it's effects on his brother and before he had time to react -- to of possibly help his brother -- it was too late. The cave began to crumble, Khrona's wings tearing apart the cave's very foundations with their expansion, always being so powerful. His brother looked to his daughter only to find her safe by Zita's hands; he knew their business -- Aura and Zita's wasn't over, but to know she was safe for now was enough. He then put his attention on everyone else, putting put barriers around them, protecting them the falling debris, till they finally gave way. "Khrona! Fight it I know you can!!" Khrona's brother had been through this more than anyone. He knew not only what it was like to watch another be taken over by insanity, but to also know what it was like to be consumed, himself. He peered back toward everyone and called out to them, telling them to "Be on guard!". With Khrona as he was... This was going to be dangerous.

Aura rubbed her all too recently bound wrists; she was thankful that her Master had freed her from her Aunt's retaliation, however Aura didn't want the Android getting into this... Or anyone else for that matter. For months now Aura had meditated, trained, and waited for this moment. This singular moment of confrontation between she and her Aunt. She watched as the cave around them behind to crumble, Auntie Zita had acted to protect them both, to only punish Aura, herself, she figured. She didn't know what it was but everything Aura was becoming aggressive -- like an over the top adrenaline rush. Could this have been the insanity affecting Aura as well? Chroma's words were the last thing from the outside world that Aura heard, everything else now shut out. Only she and Zita, within her barrier, now. "You do what you have to, and so will I!"

Zita's face, eternally and mortally enraged, glanced over at the unprotected tablet, which was still very much intact. It had a powerful barrier still able to protect it for so many years around it... It would be fine throughout all of this. "... The power of the Magistrate..." That aside, Zita needed to take this to a more private area... The ruins would be occupied by the gang fending off Khrona, and with the special manna power embedded within the ruins, even the greatest destruction would leave it unscathed. That Magistrate sure did have some power... Zita knew this well. "Well, come on, Aura... I'll take your punishment ELSEwhere..." That said, the two would be transported in front of Zita's own castle, where they could fight to their heart's content.

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Twelfth Disappearance; Checking Out The Ruins - Family Secrets Pt. II

After having discovered their History dating back to the Beginning, the 'New Gen Trinity' as they were called and their children would have witnessed what is known as 'The Story' that their ancestors not only discovered, but wrote for the rest of all creations. In exchange for this, they became the 'Primordial Trinity' of which the 'New Gen Trinity' were descendants of. However, in accessing that ancient information, they also unlocked the Ancient Curse that was set on those who did not finish nor correctly create 'The Story'... And that was 'The Insanity.' Not as an entity that was carried by a host, but as a living, breathing, conscious force that possessed and used those hosts like a parasite to spread it. Now, the Dusk Village had delved deep into the archaic archives of ancient history, and now that they knew... The Price of Knowing was to Continue the Story or Suffer the Curse of The Insanity. Their Ancestors really set them up, didn't they?

"K-Khrona!?" Khrona's maul-mannered words shocked the Android, making her stop what she was doing. As she turned around, she could feel a very malevolent breeze pass them by, and through her binary eyes, she could see that Khrona had become consumed by whatever it was. "I-Is this insanity? I... Never felt it before until today... How terrifying..." Despite how she felt at that moment, she knew what she had to do, which was quell Khrona at all costs. Khrona was her good friend's brother, so Hakku wouldn't do anything that could result in Khrona's death, unless his brother or her creator's lives were in immediate danger. She held out her hands, and half a dozen cubes of 'Ultimanna' manifested around her. Inside each of these cubes were a sphere, which was a different manna entirely. She didn't know what to expect from an insane Khrona, so she made sure to be prepared. "Khrona, snap out of it! I... I don't want to have to fight you!"

An ominous presence strolled on by in the middle of Zita and Aura's little episode, and created another problem; Khrona. The former Deep leader had spent some time in the Reality before she left to Escellsia, so she remembers the feeling of insanity all to well. Not only that, but she knew how susceptible Khrona was to it. This just became a real pain in the ass. "Ugh... Haven't been back in this world for more than a day, and already I have to deal with damn Khrona... Do you all ever have a regular day?" she inquired while scratching her head to hide how annoyed she was by this. Out the corner of her eye, she noticed Chroma fleeing off somewhere, and without trying to figure where she went, the former leader came up with a rather simple idea. "Clone, go with that Chroma kid while we handle this nuisance of a man. She must know of a way to stop her wild ass father." She was happy to see that her Android inherited a smidgen of her 'fight now, ask questions later' attitude, and as such it made the former leader want to do the same. She took a couple of steps forward after being blown back a bit by Khrona's wings, and each step along the way, roses began growing at her feet.

The winds from Khrona's wings bent right around the clone, all thanks to her vector prowess. She didn't know much about Khrona, but she already started not to like him. Not only because of how easily swayed he was by insanity, but because he gave her the damn evil eye. It annoyed the hell out of her, because she wasn't strong enough to show him some manners. But then, her mother gave her an order. "Chroma...?" By the time she looked over to see where Chroma was, she was already leaving! So now, she didn't have time to decide if she actually wanted to go or not, and with that, she ran after Chroma. What an annoying, first day. "Khrona! You idiot!"

Alone high in the sky, Khrona's head twitched and jerked about every moment or so, eventually allowing him to look up at the clouds. "It's all..." The vision of the clouds became distorted in his eyes, everything turning a bright red. He was seeing the insanity in its purest form; everything it had contaminated throughout the Dusk village. He could see it all. It stretched out literally everywhere, even to the outskirts, however it was most potently coming from... Even beyond there. In an unexplored terrain far beyond. "My... My Queen..." Khrona was going to burst off in that direction, however he seemed to be ordered not to, at the risk of leading them to her still ever-so-hidden location. Instead, Khrona looked down at his brother, the former leader, and the Android girl, -- the only ones that were left to deal with him -- and he began to laugh. It started off as a maniac giggle, which grew into a malicious chortle, which then grew finally into a full out insane cackle, the very wavelength of Khrona's voice causing massive distortions in reality and spreading an insanity of the highest caliber everywhere that could hear it... And to anyone that could hear it.

"So many spiders! Spiders spiders spidersspiderspiderspiderSPIDERSPIDERSPIDERSPIDERSPIDERSPIDERSPIDERSPIDERSPIIIDEEEERRRRSSSS!!!!" Spiders were crawling through his brain... through his soul.. And he could see the three below him turn into morphed, spider-like versions of themselves. "These... Spiders... Are bad... Your spiders... Are good, my Queen..." Khrona continued to ramble on, basking in the sheer insanity that was in the area. "More...? More...! More!! It feels so good!! I need... More." That said, his soul expanded out continuously, seeming to attract a huge amount of insanity into his general area, allowing him to resonate with it in a way that only he could... The 'Insanity Resonance'. It would cause both his insanity and his power to grow exponentially higher every instant he was allowed to do so. And he cackled on. And on. And on. And on.

His brother took a moment to look back over his shoulders toward his friends, trying to see if they were alright. Aura and Zita were gone, and he was happy to see the clone leaving here as well... This was not a place for children right now. Dragging Khrona's brother's attention back on him with his loud shouts, Khrona's brother calmly began to raise into the sky. Casting aside his jacket, revealing his sleeveless kung-fu like Gi, Khrona's brother's own soul -- the 'Manna Soul', expelling out from his body in a similar fashion to that of Khrona's combating his growing insanity almost instantly, pushing it back... Trying to keep it at bay. All his screams about spiders gave her cover away... The Spider Queen. "Android, I need you to get a barrier around this whole area and stay back!! Former Deep leader, I need you to stay back with the Android...!" To be honest, Khrona's brother needed them away from this... The insanity was strong... And he wasn't sure how it might end up affecting them, their best interest in his heart. His hands were set ablaze in the white light of Omnimanna. His sword Masamune appeared and floated at his side; it circled Khrona's brother and waited... Like a trained dog waiting for the command to attack... "I don't suppose we can do this the easy way, huh, brother?"

Khrona's brother had seen this and lived through this more so than anyone... He had seen his brother Khrona fall to this trick, be overwhelmed by this madness... And each time... He had freed him. This time it would be no different. He wouldn't let these monsters toy with his family anymore... "Don't worry I'll free you... Khrona."

As Khrona's brother went off for Khrona and left the Android and her creator behind, a huge barrier of sheer insanity surrounded both Khrona and his brother, only intensifying Khrona's power and keeping out all other forces entirely. It seemed to have infused itself with the Spider Queen's and Khrona's insanities and made some sort of super insanity field that none who weren't already within could enter by any means... It was as if the Falshin, himsel,f were here doing this; his godly power keeping every other thing at bay. Khrona was his subject, as was the Spider Queen... And he intended for insanity to win this battle.

The power of the Falshin flowed through Khrona's body just as easily as the Spider Queen's influence, though it muddled his mind even more in thought. He couldn't decipher whether this was his insanity... the Spider Queen's insanity... Or something else. It almost seemed as if Khrona were going haywire. "Wha...? What is... This...?" Khrona grasped his head, the barrier thickening as he curled backwards, his spine bending in a way unnatural to most living beings as he let out yet another insanity filled wail of great power. "TOO MANY SPIDERS!!!!!" Three huge eyes appeared in different places around the barrier, all staring at Khrona's brother. They were the eyes of insanity... The eyes of the Falshin. They could see all that was going on. As Khrona lifted his head and body back to a relatively normal position, a large third eye was atop his forehead as well. "... The itsy bitsy spider... Came up the route of insanity... Down came my Queen and..." Khrona paused... "... Devoured his head and consumed his organs."

Without any warning at all, Khrona's wings outstretched, but no wind came from it. Instead, the flesh on his wings began to melt away, seeming to bathe the area in their blackness. Though the inside of this space of insanity was infinite, Khrona's skin melting from his wings seemed to cover the entire top, slowly seeping downward. What was left was Khrona's bare bone. His hair grew long, over his eyes and the rest of his face, making them unable to be seen, and his skin became so loose and elastic that it wrapped itself around his body, restricting his arms and legs, making him look rather thin. He had assumed one of his darkest forms... The one that let him down the path of the Falshin, once again... the 'Dark Insanity Form'.

He couldn't speak in this form, but he didn't need to. It only took a look of the eye to kill his foes. The aura of death constantly flowing around him fluctuated violently, as if reacting in a bad way to the high amounts of insanity. Khrona started to slowly float closer to his brother, the aura of death ready to strip his soul right from his body and destroy his will completely. His hair flared randomly, giving the threat of his eyes being revealed to his brother at any given time, and as stated before, contact with them meant death. The darkness that fell from every inch of the top of the barrier down then changed into... Spiders. Spiders coming from everywhere.

One of the various cubes of 'Ultimanna' transported itself to Hakku's hands and once there, it began to expand to outrageous heights. As it expanded, the cube began to glow and radiate a purity manna. It may not be able to subside the insanity inside of Khrona, but it would continue to expand until this entire area was sealed off. Now with Chroma and the clone gone, no one would be able to enter this cubic zone or leave, and any insanity that tried to spread to the rest of the village would be purified by the field. "Okay, this area is now sealed off...!" There was a weird, but familiar feeling encompassing Khrona and his brother. It was a barrier that held even more insanity, but it felt like a stronger version of the insanity Khrona was experiencing... Could it have been, the Falshin? Either way, she didn't see it, but since it seemed like she couldn't interfere with Khrona's brother's match with Khrona, she would prioritize luring out the Falshin and killing it. Her Innocence gloves manifested onto her hands and her axe, Marvelous, digitized into her hands.

"Creator, I think the Falshin is also involved in this! If you have an Innocence weapon, please use it, or the insanity will..." Things were just going from worse to worse with every passing second. Khrona was becoming more and more like the Falshin with every second, and now his brother was trapped in a battle with him. The Android girl seemed to have become a rather good leader, seeing how she safeguarded the area for the time being.

"I don't have an Innocence weapon anymore... I left it with my pupil in Escellsia... But..." With the press of a button on her wrist, her outfit began to manifest itself as some sort of battle suit. The suit seemed rather tight, but comfortable. There were large generators on each of her thighs, hands, and back of both feet. "DeusX," is what it was called. "In my spare time, I did create this. Not only does it amplify everything I do, but it can produce volatile energies from its generators, including Innocence. Think of it as my 'Critical' point." Battle ready, the former leader eagerly looked up at the battle, only to realize she would have to try to work her way through that damn barrier of insanity. "Although me pulling this out is rather pointless... It's not like the Falshin actually fights. It perches somewhere and spams insanity like a camper in a shooting game spams the sniper rifle. I guess we have no choice but to break that sphere of insanity then...!" As she cocked back her hand, it began to glow with a pure white light, which then solidified into actual energy known as 'Innocence'. When she quickly jutted her hand forward at the barrier of insanity, a large beam of pure Innocence fired itself straight at it. The barrier may be strong, but Innocence specialized in exorcising and dispelling such phenomenons.

The clashing powers of the souls, -- of Khrona and his brother -- pulsed across the area from the sphere. The ground faulting, forging mountains that rose from the ground like sprouting planets, the area in a entirety was becoming distorted; the skies becoming red and clouds dark. The Falshin's influence doing nothing be aggravating these two's powers, causing them to go wild. The Android's barrier was literally saving the Dusk as an entirety, for if this carnage grew... The Dusk would surly be... Remodeled. Khrona's brother watched as the insanity tried to sway him, the spider being nothing more than a illusion of madness, and his brother -- having a trained eye -- saw through it, not fooled for a second, for there was only he and Khrona here now; nothing else anywhere mattered. Khrona's transformation was so gruesome; so drastic... He wasn't himself anymore. The amount of power coming from him, the madness, the insanity... Khrona's brother fought with his determined resolve, their two powers causing the reality around them to melt, twisting, changing... Warping. And almost within a flash, the sphere containing both Khrona and his brother was gone -- lost within the distortion of this reality -- leaving the Android and her creator alone, within the Falshin's madness.

The former leader's power shone through the murky depths of the madness like a brilliant light in the dark, as if she were the key factor to freeing both Khrona and his brother from this abysmal field of wretchedness. Beyond her knowledge, she fired a beam of the purest Innocence to pierce through and loose the two powerful beings from their prison, having it greeted by a massive slit, bursting open to the form of a vertical eye. The beam made contact with this eye as if ready to pierce through it with no problem, though the forces of insanity were far greater than she anticipated originally. The two forces clashed, reeking of distortion and destruction, before finally the eye took in the beam completely and twisted inside out, imploding into nothingness and taking the Innocence with it.

At the exact same moment, the sphere behind the eye was warping and distorting just as violently as the two clashing forces before it, the sphere twisting and contorting into all variants of shapes and sizes. It, too, seemed as if it were going to implode in upon itself, and the moment the eye did, so did the sphere. Though the sphere was not destroyed, just transported... Transported in a manner transcendent to even that of the Android's power... To the very surface of one of the planet's moons.

When all was clear and done, it would seem as though the insanity of the area was cleared... The skies were visible, cloudless and shining brightly. It would seems as though nothing happened in the first place.... Until the very sun itself started to transmogrify into a horrid, wretched, burning red creature sporting a sinister, twisted face equal to that of the presence of the atmosphere. Turning the blue sky black, the insanity muddled-- no, beclouded the area to the point of utter blackness of which the Innocence as it was could not purify. And there, right before both the Android and her creator stood a being unseen to the eyes of man in much too long of a time... This was Insanity. This was Darkness. This... Is... Falshin.

The former leader's blast of Innocence hit square on, but for some reason, the Android knew it wasn't as effective as it seemed. Khrona and his brother's binary signature left the area completely, and with that so did the sphere in which they resided. At this rate, it looked as if the Dusk was becoming a bit brighter. "T-They're gone...but to where?" Her question was rhetorical, just like her state of mind. She was trying to persuade herself that they were okay, but it was then the sky darkened, and the heavy set of insanity once again began to brew inside of her barrier. Even the sun outside of her barrier was being transmogrified by the level of insanity... It was terrifying, but this wasn't a time to acknowledge fear. Before she and her creator stood the cause of it all; The Falshin. "Fa-... Falshin... You won't hurt my friends anymore!" the Android girl announced as her anticipation for battle grew. It was now the time, the time to pay back the Falshin for all the damage he caused not only to her friends, but to the village itself. The tip of her axe was pointed at the Falshin, and with a mere utterance of a chant from the Android girl, the clock on the axe's blade stood still, and it would begin to influence the time of what was happening inside the barrier. This influence would burden itself all on the Falshin as the Android girl tried her best to freeze him -- or at least stagger him -- in time. One of her cube's of Ultimanna followed up on this action, darting toward the hopefully slowed Falshin, expanding itself and manifesting barriers, like a prison.

The demonic eye that appeared prior to the blast connecting almost instantly tipped the former leader off that the Falshin was in fact here, no longer in the sidelines, like she previously stated. When she fought her ex-partner, she was fighting a being of pure negativity, and now she gets the honor of fighting the manifestation of pure insanity. Wasn't she lucky? "Wha... It took that blast like it was nothing...!" The sphere with Khrona and his brother vanished before she could finish her sentence, and it was replaced with what appeared to be normal skies. However, it was all short lived. This fairytale setting shifted into a rather horrific scene; the sky was darker than her onyx roses, and the sun looked more demonic than the actual demons she associated with. Things were looking grim -- both metaphorically and literally -- and they were only going to get worse... For the Falshin had finally arrived. "So... This is the Falshin...! Android!"

While her creator was trying to take everything in, the Android girl had cast the first stone. From the looks of it, she was trying to make sure that the Falshin was incapacitated quickly, but the ex-leader was more concerned about whether the Android analyzed the situation thoroughly. At any rate, there was no going back now. They were locked in combat with the essence of insanity. Once again, she cocked her hand back, loading it with ample amounts of Innocence. 'Tch, my Android needs to calm down... If it isn't Innocence or Soul Resonance -- even if it's Ultimanna -- it won't be enough to stop him!' was all that went through her mind as she fired a significantly larger beam of Innocence at the Falshin, however, unlike before, this beam burst into a scatter shot technique. By attacking with numbers, she aimed to leave him with little to no room to dodge, let alone counter-strike.

The two seemed excited about Falshin's arrival, even so much that one of them seemed to have lost their head about whom they were up against. Falshin took but a single step forward, appearing somehow standing between the two of them as if he'd been there the entire time. He spoke to the minds of the two women with all of the insanity about, though the words spoken to them were incoherent and unable to be distinguished, even by someone like the Android girl. On either side of the Android and her creator, two large vertical eyes appeared, brimming with energy within their pupils. The entire iris released a huge beam of insanity concentrated to the highest degree at the two of them trying to consume them before they had a chance to react, Falshin still standing between them.

The presence of such a god-like being could no longer escape Khrona's brother's wife's notice. It was utterly absurd to believe that her husband and his allies continued to have the situation under control. She thought it impossible that such a huge collection of power could have been overwhelmed so completely in such a short amount of time... But, supposedly, that went to show just how powerful the enemy of the Dusk and quite possibly all of the planet was. These thoughts were what caused her to set down her baby boy of only five months, leaving him in the care of the wind sprites she could summon. An eerie calm settled over the legend as she hardened her resolve. This time... This time, she would fight. It wasn't as if she had let herself get by any means out of shape. As soon as she'd recovered from the birth of her only son, she had gotten right back to training, honing what skills she had already possessed. She hadn't needed to notify her soul partner of her plans; he, along with her, possessed a curious soul energy that rendered them both immune to the insanity that permeated all of the Dusk. She felt a pang of worry for her husband, and an even greater one for her daughters. She shouldn't have been so free with them...

Wordlessly, the two departed. The journey took less than a second, but it was enough. The Falshin had already started to warp the minds of the two women with poisoned whispers. He could see into their very souls; what they feared... And he could make them come alive. She'd have to work fast, or she'd be in danger of losing the two for the remainder of the battle. However, as she thought about it, they could be more of a hindrance than an aid... But who was she kidding? She'd need the help if she wanted to avoid allowing this battle to exact from her a price she wasn't willing to pay. Not again... She wasn't showy in her entrance, but her presence was sure to be known nonetheless. He soul partner slid into his katana form with an easy grace, the two of them a pocket of isolated calm within the panicked insanity. She was behind the Falshin as her Soul rapidly began to expand outwards, within it the power of her Innocence soul energy. It grew to encompass both the Android and her creator, forcibly removing Falshin from their minds. It was a small victory, but nonetheless...

With Falshin within the vicinity of her soul, she was hard pressed to keep a firm hold upon her soul energy. The very air seemed to thrum with power as weapon and wielder began to resonate, bringing forth the only thing the wife knew could counteract such awful insanity. This... THING would not harm her children, her husband, her family, her friends, or her ninja. She did not speak, and seemed serene as ever as she prepared what she believed would be a blow that would weaken the Falshin to a point that a few simple blows would take him out... But she didn't allow herself to be fooled. This god-like being was in no way trapped within her soul... In fact, it would likely repel him like nothing else. But that was alright. This woman was no longer young, and with age came experienced. Her weapon was held as a guard, though she appeared relaxed. Tension in the body did not allow one to move as swiftly as she'd need to. Tapping into another set of techniques within her came as naturally as breathing. Electricity sparked over her body, its purpose not yet known... All of this transpired in a matter of a second or two. 'Your move, Falshin.'

The Android's attacks seemed to be in vain, as Falshin was gone before he was even in danger of being captured or frozen in time. He appeared right in between the two, but what the Android girl wanted to know was if it was really him or not. Despite being directly targeted by her Clockwork Innocence weapon, he seemed to be able to move freely and easily, which lead her to notice he was moving -- or making actions -- through insanity. A troublesome opponent indeed. A large eye appeared in front of her, filling itself to the brim with insanity. She knew that before she could do anything else, she had to deal with this absurd amount of insanity around them. Luckily, they were already inside of her barrier, which would make it easier to utilize her data adaption field.

"Data field; constructed. Data Override..." As she continued to speak, the beams of pure insanity were let loose upon she and her creator, but shortly after leaving the eyes manifested by Falshin, the beams dissipated into nothingness. "Initiated. Data Adaption; in process.." Bit by bit, the Android girl was unleashing one of her most devastating string of abilities; 'Data Control'. Already being within a field she specifically created, it was an effortless endeavor for her to accomplish. Her chakra was already everywhere within this barrier, and everywhere her chakra touched, her 'Data Override' technique would begin to give her control over everything in the area, with the technique spreading out from the walls of the barrier and her body itself. Due to this ability coming from her body, as the insanity approached her, it moved into her field of control -- which is still expanding -- and under her control, it was vanquished. Even the insanity near the walls and inside of her -- if any -- was being 'Overridden' and falling under her control, and so with insanity gradually, but moderately, being converted at the Android's whim, Falshin would run out of places to hide or be in within insanity -- and eventually the Android girl would override him, too, making him cease to exist. To make matters better for her, she felt an ominous, yet comforting aura come about her; and if she wasn't mistaken, it was one of an Innocence soul energy. It was from Khrona's brother's wife, who was on the other end of the barrier, but it was no time to stop and give her a proper greeting. She would do that after taking out the Falshin...

Right before her eyes, the Falshin moved himself from his previous location to in between the ex-leader and her Android, resulting in the scatter shots of Innocence to miss him completely. He began speaking in some weird fashion, but she didn't have the time to try to decipher it. At her sides, large eyes appeared from nowhere, brimming with pure insanity. At first it seemed as though her reaction time wouldn't be fast enough to catch the frames, but thanks to her battle suit's function of amplifying her traits, her arms moved on a split second's notice and her hands met both of the pupils dead on. With very little charge time, balls of Innocence materialized into her hands, so as the beams of insanity were about to fire, she released these balls directly into the iris's of the eyes. The balls then began to shine brighter and brighter as the filaments inside of them began to increase the power of the Innocence, exorcising the supernatural energy that was the insanity to the point where the eyes would implode on themselves -- however, instead of that happening, the eyes were vanquished due to her Android's 'Data Override'.

"The Data Override... As expected, she caught on quick..." Before the ex-leader could reassure herself of her Android's skill, her body started to feel unnecessarily pure, and light. It was almost sickening to her, but what was it? It wasn't hard for her to see that Khrona's brother's wife had entered the fray, but when? Maybe she had something to do with this feeling she had, and because she wasn't the Falshin, it was safe to say she was on their side... Only thing left to do was to wait for the Falshin to strike...

Just as all seemed fine and well for Falshin, the Android girl began to override his insanity with her ability, causing it to become useless. A pointless win to a useless battle, the Falshin thought. By the time the Android and her creator had done their part by taking care of the insanity within the barrier, another made herself known and her rather annoying Innocence soul energy along with her. This led Falshin to become less erratic, though not because of the Innocence... Because of the situation as a whole. He was not a mindless being at all. Before anyone could realize what had transpired, Falshin was already outside of the barrier, even though it was supposedly sealed tight by the Android girl. "... A feeble barrier such as that cannot contain me. Even for one thousand years, I stayed within a barrier made completely of my own insanity... Yet, I could free myself from that. What use is it to try to imprison me anymore?"

Falshin joined his several palms together as he hovered into the air and surveyed the area, much like Khrona had done a little while before his departure. He sniffed the air, head twisting and churning backward as if caught on to another smell, then sniffed about again, head returning to normal position. "Ah, much insanity comes from this village... This planet, actually. It reeks of it. And I am not the only one that can and does generate it to this intensity... To my left, a deity that has become a servant of mine, slave to pure insanity in and of itself. An incarnate. And to my right... Senseless chaos and destruction from those of another world. Even in front of me and above me, I feel the presence of many conspiring supernatural beings and the sheer scale of insanity coming from the moon. With so much insanity around this planet... What hope do you three women have?" Falshin smiled, laughing at the three of them and their foolish efforts. They didn't see that this was a battle that they were simply unable to win.

"You all have been hunting me for quite some time, yes, I know. The insane one has been my pawn every now and then, yet he has disconnected his services to me... Yet all too late. All of you here in this village lack the power to defeat me, the Falshin. Even Shinigami is trapped inside of this village made specifically for hunting me." Though the girls might try to attack him as he spoke, they would find their efforts quite... Useless as they tried, and they could find out why for themselves. "You, the one with the Innocence soul energy. It does hold power to harm me, yet, not the power to kill me. You simply brush off whatever insanity you can until it is overwhelmed... And forcefully shut off by insanity itself. And you, the one of data. Though mighty and complex your powers are, it falls prey to the easiest and simplest of solutions to evade and ignore completely. And finally, the scientist... Your 'Innocence' brings nothing but ripened souls for my consumption. The more you and your entourage use this power, the less powerful it becomes... And when they hold no power to fight me, they will fall to insanity and leave behind nothing but a powerful soul that nourishes my body... Each one of you has confidence in your abilities that should never even have existed, and so, it won't, because neither will you all. Witness just how much insanity lies hidden in your lives, growing stronger every passing instant."

Falshin's head slowly drifted up toward the sky, staring deeply at the clouds above. From the focal point where he looked and then spreading to every last cloud in the sky, they became red and black, filled to the brim with nothing but insanity that lingered already within them, however brought to notice by Falshin. All of the clouds converged into one astronomical super cloud that seemed to stretch over every inch of sky visible and then some. The focal point where the Falshin stared started to swirl, a storm generated simply from his vengeful leer. As the middle of this cloud swirled and spun, an eye matching the size of the Enigmatic Ruins formed dead center as the Eye of the Storm. As the eye became visible, the swirling cloud around it moved faster and faster at a steady rate. "It is... Everywhere."

Khrona's brother's wife's mind was racing as she absorbed the Falshin's words. She made no move to attack, rather continued to improve her connection to her weapon. Condensing the energy and limiting the area that her soul encompassed, she was attempting to preserve the reliability of her techniques. Their foe was a madly brilliant one. His entire power was based on lies and illusions... But the legend had no doubts that what he said about their techniques becoming more and more useless was true. The more time one had to study one's opponent and their techniques, the more effective one's counter. A soft breath of wind carried her words to the ears of the leader-ranked women. "I would not doubt his words on the reliability of our techniques. Should we have any hope of stopping him, we'd best attack all at once. Now is not the time to hold back; we'd best pull out all the stops."

Her whisper cut off abruptly as the winds began to howl, attacking the clouds to the best of their ability. If said clouds still had material mass to them, the winds should dash them to bits -- at least along the ends. But, nevertheless, that was not its intended purpose. The air thickened around the Falshin, moisture thick within it all. It formed as a sort of fog that blanketed the area, reaching as high as the Falshin had risen. It seemed so innocent. I mean, really. What harm would come from fog? From an elementalist? Quite a bit. In an act that seemed to mirror the movement of the swirling clouds, the fog started to churn, condensing upon Falshin's location. It followed him as he rose, however, seeming to circulate around his entire being. Again, blinding him as it was... That was not its intended purpose. She was well aware that the Falshin was bound to have other ways of navigating the world around him. The fog lasted mere few seconds, the condensed moisture sneakily worming its way into the multiple layers of Falshin's clothes before the gusts of wind suddenly turned glacial, instantly freezing the water as it permeated the cloth. Eventually a sort of chain reaction would occur, freezing whatever water lay within the body of Falshin, immobilizing his being physically for the time being. The air remained freezing, buffeting the frozen Falshin to and fro with a predictable pattern and halting his ascent.

Khrona's brother's wife didn't dare launch what she desired to next for fear of catching her allies in the attack. Fighting with allies was something new to her, and it made her cautious. The stage set, she readied her weapon, both of them thinking over what they had rehearsed in secret should the day arise that the skill their leader had taught them was needed. They'd modified the once solid beam-like attack... Which would be known in the next few moments, should the conditions be favorable -- and possibly even if they weren't. She hoped the two with her would be able to damage the Falshin enough for her plan to work. It would be in their favor to strike hard and fast instead of allowing the battle to drag on... But it seemed easy. Too easy. Her eyes followed the frozen-solid Falshin, hoping that whatever organs he possessed would start to fail from the ice blocks they'd become.

"There's no need to play God, Asura." As his words echoed in the depths of the ex-leader's mind, her fist clenched with not only a new found resolve, but an idea that'll shake the battle. As for the wife, the ex-leader grew tired of people stating the obvious to her. With a heavy sigh, she scratched the back of her head while taking the lectures from she and Falshin to heart, but at the same time, with a grain of salt. She hated being told what to do, even if the cause was dire. However, that did not mean she lacked the ability to cooperate with others for a common cause. "And no need for you to state the obvious, girl. I already know that over time, he'll find ways around our abilities to make them less effective, and I know that this means we all have to attack at once so that we can hit him before he can learn more about us, but... Do you?" She noticed the mist building up around them, and since she wasn't the one to make it, and she knew her Android wouldn't have done it, it would have to be the wife who was making it. Through one of the various functions of her battle suit, she was able to sense the energies and chakra in the atmosphere over a certain radius, which filled her in on what she was cooking. However, she didn't do anything yet...

"I'm not going to lie. It seems like you're underestimating my Android and I, both mentally and physically. We aren't stupid. And we aren't weak either, so you don't have to hold back thinking you might hurt us, because when the time comes for us all to strike.. I'm sure we won't hold even an inch back for each other, and especially not you. We all just have to trust one another. We have to trust that we will be strong enough to survive this. Even a sliver of doubt can cause you hold back a bit, and we need everything to win this..." With her sentiment said and done, her body began to radiate with Innocence and the purest of energies; Ether. Something she barely used due to her inexperience with it, but thanks to her time on Escellsia, she managed to get better with it, even if it was only by a little bit. Not to mention, this suit of hers amplified not only her energy and chakra output, it increased her skills with her own abilities, including the ability to use plasma. The ground beneath her caved a couple feet as her energy output was just that dense. "... So are you all ready?"

Out the corner of her eye, she peered back at the two women, giving them a reassuring smile. She knew her Android could handle herself, but the wife was another story. However, the former leader knew she wouldn't have obtained the pristine title she has now if she was weak. For the first time in a long while, she was looking at the brighter side. She may have been putting on a cold front, but she believed in both of them. If they believed in her like she believed in them, then Falshin was going to be a non-factor.

The insanity outside of her barrier was spreading quickly, and at the same time, any insanity that entered the barrier continued to get erased near instantly. Even though Falshin escaped her clutches so easily, it revealed one thing about him; that he was capable of being defeated, which is why he had to retreat from her barrier or else he wouldn't still be here. Over the fact that Falshin got out of her barrier with such ease, she lent him the ear to listen to what he had to say. While what he said was true, the Android girl wasn't going to let it diminish her will to win in the slightest.

Much like her creator, the Android, too, sensed that the fog came from Khrona's brother's wife, but unlike her assertive creator, she didn't have the cords of steel to speak out against it. What her creator said spoke not only to the Android's heart, but her mind as well. She had to let go of any worries and any doubt that she had and put her all into stopping Falshin. She mustn't be afraid that she'll hurt those she cares about. She has to be confident that those she cares about will be strong enough to endure what she was going to do. The remaining four cubes of Ultimanna around her broke down into bits of energy, which would then cluster together in her hands in the form of a grimoire. She opened the book and the pages continuously flipped toward the end, which seemed to have never arrived. The 'Grimoire Of Infinity' it was called, and it would grant the Android infinite possibilities. "Okay, Ready. How about you?"

Their resolve certainly matched their power, that was apparent, but the foolish shinobi did not realize that their power did not match that of Falshin's. They made their statements, they cast their beliefs, yet it would all be for nothing whether they were allowed to live or to die. "... I find it amusing that you creatures can delude yourself so much that even your conviction is a falsehood. You think my power comes from lies and illusions... But what is that you're clouding your minds with? The same clouds that have plagued this field..."

To the elementalist's demise, Falshin's only 'clothing' was made of solely his skin, able to be controlled to his fullest extent. As the moisture wormed its way through, his skin began to fall off the moment it came in contact before it regenerated. Pulling one over on Falshin like that would prove worthless. His skin, touched by the liquid, would freeze as it fell toward the ground, his main body completely fine. His Demon Blood seemed to keep the temperatures from freezing his body, as did an intense barrier of sheer insane force. He continued upward, his mouth opening wide. "... Face it. You all have fallen into insanity already. This foolish display, your eternal conviction, continuous trying to do the same thing even though you end in failure... Those are the actions of those who are insane. So, you all are already mine... Wrapped around my finger like my skin around my body. Now, insolent pawns of my will... Erase yourselves from my presence... Before I stop being lenient and do so myself."

His next move involved him opening his mouth, regurgitating a large amount of solidified energy that was now jutting out of his throat, stationary. It immediately began to rotate at incredible rotary speeds, the force so much that it started to take in the produced fog and concentrated it in one place. The rotary winds coming from the violently swirling solid energy were black and red, clearly having more than a hint of Insanity contaminated in the mix of destructive wind. The fog was quickly taken care of -- now in one place -- and Falshin took it to the next level; releasing an incredibly powerful blast of bright red, concentrated energy from the tip of his tongue, totally disintegrating the fog and would do the same to anything in the way of the attack; namely the elementalist. The beam was so consumptive and powerful that if it were allowed to hit the ground, it would damn near pierce through the other side of the planet, whilst it was also fired so swiftly, it seemed to only be a large flash of light in the eyes of the unskilled, and would seem as much to the reflexes of the unskilled.

Silently paying attention to the power of the other two being built up, though not showing it, Falshin turned his attention upward, back to the gigantic eye in the sky. He smiled, trying to muffle his insane laughter, trying to keep his composure. "Hmhmmhmhmhahahaa...! Behold. The threat at hand right now." The eye expanded outward instantly, the cloud spreading out in a circular fashion just as swiftly, giving the all of them a clear view of the monstrosity that threatened to impact the area they all inhabited... The moon. It plummeted down fast, passing the 'sound barrier' limit far long ago. "My heralds have planted the seed of insanity even within the moon, as the face of insanity plagues it so. With this, insanity will completely engulf the entirety of this planet, leaving no one to stop me. That's right... Your beloved, elementalist, has fallen to the will of insanity, and the incarnate up there have joined forces to bring down total destruction. What say you now? What will you do?" Falshin spread his arms outward, the moon finally reaching orbit. There was so little time before impact, probably less than two minutes. With total and utter despair at hand, what was there to be confident of now? Only total annihilation.

Khrona's brother's wife was much too shocked by the effects of her freezing fog on Falshin to pay much attention to the Android girl's words. The strips of flesh falling to the ground only served to make Falshin that much more grotesque. His Demon Blood revealed through the severing of patches of the Falshin's skin made it seem as if he had some horrible disease... Ha, but wasn't the touch of insanity like a disease? If it was... It could be cured, and normalcy could be restored. Or so the legend hoped. The wife reassessed her allies now, though her main attention was on Falshin. She didn't really know the two well, and she couldn't quite grasp the extent of their abilities. The ex-leader -- the more assertive of the two -- was swathed in sort of man-made suit, relying on the artificial to boost her natural abilities. This seemed wrong to the elementalist, but she hadn't time to think any more on it.

Falshin seemed to be regurgitating something or other... But wait. A wavelength...? Falshin was a Soul Weapon! She couldn't bring herself to feel fear in her current state of being, but more, she was curious. She felt as the Soul Weapon was activated, and it was that mere instant she needed to transfer herself into the surrounding air, moving more than fast enough to clear the beam's effective range. She didn't have anything to counter it, really, and was not willing to chance it. She felt Falshin's power, and knew that she alone could not match it. She was a creature of the elements, after all. "I, myself, am ready. If you feel uncomfortable listening to my advice, I am more than willing to let you make decisions, ex-leader. You have always been my superior." Her voice echoed from all around, assuring the two that while it looked like she had been obliterated from the blast, she was certainly fine. The air seemed to crackle with electricity, though it was static and naught but annoying at the current moment. Still... It was there.

It was then that she caught the red form of the moon growing steadily brighter. She didn't technically have eyes in this form, so she saw with her entire being. She worried for her husband... Falshin said he had succumbed to insanity? She'd been witness to him in the form of insanity only once before. Emotion welled up inside her, a sort of pressure settling over her entire being. She worried, but forced herself not to panic. She couldn't effect anything out in space! It was far beyond her. The moon was obviously hurtling toward the planet, even though the elementalist's influence didn't spread far enough for her feel it as she normally would. She had to trust that though she couldn't do anything about it, someone would. Still, it ate away at her that she was so helpless toward the doom hurtling toward her home. With such force, she wouldn't be able to stop it even once it entered the planet's atmosphere; it would likely kill her to try. Something of that size, with that much force behind it...

It was a shocker to see Falshin -- someone the ex-leader previously thought only dealt with insanit -- do something as drastic as drop the moon. He seemed to have greater power than she thought, but he was far from unbeatable. Her resolve didn't waver in the slightest. After he fired his laser, she took the initiative and advanced rather quickly toward Falshin, leaving a trail of roses with every step she took. That beam's energy output was intense, but she believed that Khrona's brother's wife could handle it, and that's all there was to it. "It is at hand, now; the threat's right here, Falshin!" With a quick wave motion of her hand, the former leader caused several dozen roses to burst from the ground and spread their petals among the wind. Each of these petals began spinning like little buzz saws, and they were moving so fast toward Falshin that they combusted with large quantities of 'Tenrai Flames'. It looked almost as if the former leader commanded a meteor shower, and she made Falshin the focus of the attack and attacked him from all sides.

When the ex-leader took off for Falshin, the Android girl could only think of one thing; finally, it was time to take the fight to Falshin. They had been playing on the defensive side the whole time, trying not to make any slip ups and plot a good plan for taking down this demon. The Android had an idea of what her creator aimed to do with the power she started storing up, so she prepared herself to capitalize on it. As she followed behind her creator, she quickly began chanting some incantations while systematically flipping through her grimoire to cast the next spell. "04592, 28485, 1029, 10001, 29456..." She began calling spell after spell, flipping through her 'Grimoire Of Infinity' so fast that the pages didn't even seem visible anymore. There was even a lag in reality due to the high quantity of spells all being cast back to back, which caused some things happening in time on this plane to happen faster and slower than they appeared; namely her creator's meteor shower. Falshin would now have a difficult time trying to not only defend himself from such a large scale attack, but also to advance away from them. It looked like the meteors were skipping through time, spontaneously and instantly advancing closer to him with no sense of continuity. All the while, he himself, felt sluggish and no matter how fast he moved; the action seemed delayed and useless.

"22579, 66626, E85k1..." With the conflicting forces below, the moon came ever closer to their battleground, looking as if there were no ways of stopping. The two who were fighting the moon with all their might were none other than Khrona and his brother. The efforts of the brothers seemed to be futile for a while -- the moon forcing the two of them downward with its incredible force -- but even the power of the moon and its insanity being pulled by Falshin was not enough to push through the 'Protectima'. They were so close to impact point that the moon insisted on persevering.

"I must... Consume..." The moon's power was waning, getting sapped dry at a phenomenal rate by the new 'Keeper of Insanity.' The moon had little to nothing left in those few crucial moments before impact, the moon finally slowing to a halt right before it touched the Falshin's head. The moon crisis was resolved. Just as the three women got all the nerve up to fight the Falshin, what would be coming from the very center of the eye but the moon itself, now falling with less and less force due to the four powers stopping it above. He looked up to it, chuckling to himself as the atmosphere reddened again in the wake of the moon. "Ah, and here my two heralds are now, harnessing the incarnation of insanity I have created... Come to my aid." By then, the former leader's meteors had begun to take shape, focusing themselves in the area of Falshin. He only smiled, flinching not once as they all came to him, yet his palms clasped together in the same style as earlier, insanity welling up in his eyes. There was a burst of power, however it was snuffed out almost instantaneously by the meteor rain, as well as the enhancements done to it by the Android girl. "Though I cannot comprehend the movement of these flames... There are two who surely can at my disposal. And they will not survive." When the meteors ceased their fire, there would be nothing to see but smoke... And within the smoke would be two bodies, yet neither of them were Asura. One was Khrona, the other, his brother. They would take the hit for Falshin.

In the midst of the dust, there was Khrona, tired and out of energy from trying to stop the moon. He was too weak to even block the meteors with his wings. When the dust cleared, his battered body would remain, bleeding out blackness and leaking insanity. He fell straight to the ground crashing with a huge explosion. His eyes were barely open. "Android girl... ... He planned this... All along..." What better way to get rid of some of his threats than to have them kill themselves, correct? With Khrona's body the way it was an his extremely low amount of chakra... It didn't look as if he'd survive.

As the dust began to settle did it reveal the drained brother face down in the dirt, laying in a pool of blood. The back of his shirt was completely blown off, revealing his back of torn and burnt flesh, the blood of his wounds trickling down his sides, adding to the very expanding pool of blood that was forming from up under him. "H-he's... Used us... Again..." Khrona's brother tried to continue to speak, only to get choked up on his word, his lungs too damaged to continue. He started coughing up blood, the color of his eyes fading away. Falshin had again used them as pawns in his game. Khrona's brother was too injured -- too drained -- to do anything... But lay there... Lay there and die. "A-Android... W... Wi... Wife..."

Flames of blue wrapped themselves around the elementalist's form. The earth trembled, groaning as she prepared something... Something that would never be seen. She whispered then, it sounding something along the lines of: "Honoowoagetemoeru soreyueni musaborikurau, daishizen... Dozo yoroshiku, kaen. Achira wa Asura desu. Falshin no karada, no hifu... Yaburu." The roar of flames was near-deafening as a form sprang to life within the flickering light. It didn't have any definitive shape, this elemental; like the fire that coursed through it -- the beast was ever-changing. The blue swirled, before attacking the Falshin directly, wrapping him within its embrace. Because of the nature of the words used to summon it, the Elemental had designs to harm only Falshin. To others, it would have nothing but a comforting warmth and glow, even if the flames were to somehow lick their skin. The elementalist, herself, knew this, but even still, it was a shock when in the midst of the flames, there appeared one Khrona and his brother. It was so sudden, with the time distortion upon the Tenrai Flame-Petals... She barely had time to process it all before a shocked cry escaped her lips, all pretense of serenity vanishing. "HUSBAND! K-Khrona!!"

The color drained from her face as she materialized out of thin air. She staggered forward, the sight of all that gore making her stomach churn. She clapped a hand over her mouth as her eyes teared, rushing forward as the earth ceased its groaning. Above and around her, the elemental of fire increased the temperature on the Falshin to astronomical values, seeking to make even that wretched demonic blood burn, lashing out with yet more tendrils of flame, seeking to punch through that wretched skin of his and burn out his innards. Desperately, Khrona's brother's wife activated something she hadn't used in the longest of times. Later, she wouldn't remember how she managed to use her special ability, but at this moment, it was managed because of her desire to heal and protect her husband. She cast her thoughts to Khrona as she did so, linking her chakra reserves with his, hopefully giving him just enough... A brilliant white glow surrounded her form and as she hovered her hands over her husband's back, it transferring to him. Silent tears rolled down her cheeks as she prayed it would work.

The blood instantly ceased to flow from the horrific open wound as the healing chakra began to rebuild the lost tissue. The chakra drainage was alarming, but once engaged, she simply could not end it. The elemental was no drain on her, but her defenses were costing her precious chakra that could save her husband. She would have to trust that the others had her back while she worked away, forcing her to let go of her hold on the earth beneath them all. It shuddered, settling back into place as the elementalist grew more and more pale. "I-I... I am here, my love..." she whispered, shaking from exhaustion. It wasn't taking long, but already, her vision was darkening. Constantly feeding chakra to Khrona was the best she could do to help him, unfortunately. She could only use this technique on one of them, and... Her husband came first. "I'm here..." With her husband's wounds healed completely, the legend's eyes glazed over and fluttered closed as she slumped to the side, losing consciousness. Her vast chakra pool was nearly drained from just that, but even still she was supplying Khrona with enough to hopefully keep him going, and allow himself to heal at the very least.

Before the ex-leader and her Android's strategy could be brought to fruition, the damaged bodies that were Khrona and his brother appeared in the vicinity. Falshin was a cunning, soulless individual, and used both Khrona and his brother as a shield from the former leader's attack. They managed to survive the attack, but just by them being here, they were at the risk of unintentionally dying by her hand as she prepared for her grand finale. It wasn't looking well, but then Khrona's brother's wife appeared. In the nick of time, she brought he and Khrona -- who were on the brink of death -- back to good standing. Thanks to her actions, the Android girl could be reassured that her -- dare she say -- friends would be safe, and luckily, Khrona, his brother, and his brother's wife's arrival to the area was something she predicted would happen. One way or another, she knew that they come to this battlefield, and as such she was prepared to deal with their presences. "Thank you for that, but for now, I bid you all farewell."

It was time. The spells that she casted earlier began to all take place at the same time, causing a large string of instantaneous occurrences. The best part was how Falshin would be thrown for a loop on this, seeing as how he thought the Android's spells were mere buffs for her creator's previous attack. In actuality, she never did anything to enhance the meteor storm intentionally. It was her large input of spells all at the same time that caused the space-time continuum to lag, and it just so happened to work in their favor. As the spells came into effect, Khrona would vanish first, and then his brother and his brother's wife would follow shortly after. They were transferred to a barrier of binary and Innocence that was created the same instant they vanished, which resided in between this plane of existence and purgatory. This way, Falshin couldn't get his mitts on them like he just recently did. She didn't want them to get caught in what was about to happen, for their lives would once again be in danger.

Whilst this happened, several hundred of thousands of her Innocence axe, Marvelous, manifested throughout the field for hundreds of miles. Being the Innocence weapons that they were, Falshin's insanity and his efforts to move them mentally would have absolutely no effect. God or not, these weapons were made to bring Falshin's like him down. Marvelous kept any fluctuation in the space-time continuum from happening, meaning in this vast arena, time had stopped. Space had, as well, making travel impossible by means of a rift, a dimensional hole, or any other metaphysical thing. At the same time, above the entire Dusk village appeared the Android's Kamishin, the Ultimate Defense Unit. It spiraled slowly over the village, and looking closely, it was modified in the center. With one of the other spells coming into effect, a transmutation circle manifested in the center of it, and it acted as a magnet for insanity through out not only the Dusk, but the entire planet. The reason for this level of attraction was due to the power and influence the Kamishin Unit already possessed.

The field was now set, in nothing short of an instant no less. This was the power the Android girl was capable of, and she wasn't even finished yet. "Creator, NOW!!" The strain from using so many powerful spells all at once would come to her soon, so they had to end the fight with this last attack. She did just about everything she needed to do, and so the rest was up to he creator. She doubted her creator would doubt herself after critically damaging Khrona and his brother, especially after his brother's wife saved their lives. Besides, as long as she believed they would live through these hard times, then they would. That's all there was to it.

The ex-leader was surprised that her efforts against Falshin were stopped; not by some large, jaw-dropping defensive mechanism, but by the bodies of the Android girl's friends, Khrona and his brother. Her assault was brought to a steady halt, but then Khrona's brother's wife appeared before them. The former leader saw this woman as sort of a hinderance. The way she pieced it together was that Falshin planned it so that they would drop their guards in sight of their injured allies. She didn't want to succumb to such an obvious plan, but it looked like the elementalist walked right into it. "Damn it... Move--" Before she could even finish her sentence, Khrona's brother's wife gave up all the chakra she could to save the lives that the ex-leader almost destroyed accidentally. While she wouldn't say it, this took a large load of guilt off of her conscious, but at the same time, it annoyed her. She now felt like she was indebted to this woman.

Right when she was feeling reassured, the bodies of the three unconscious ones all vanished into thin air. It was like some kind of strange phenomenon, but in that same instant, the entire landscape of the field was changed. Several hundred axes scattered through out the air, and the Kamishin Unit was released. It was then that it all clicked together. The vanishing of everyone else, the axes. The Android set this all up. She turned around and saw her creation breathing heavily, yelling for her to unleash her final attack. "Heh, you don't..." All of the energy that the ex-leader had been storing up to this point was causing her to glow as bright as the sun with flames more intense than a star. "... Have to tell me twice." The collection of energy was just absurd. The planet would begin to grow darker and darker as her suit absorbed a majority of the sun's energy. The buildup just seemed limitless, and to think; all of this energy was being converted to Innocence inside of her body. "Sorry for this, Falshin, but today you join the ranks of the dead..."

When the explosion first took place, nothing could be heard and it could even be seen from space. All one could see was a white light that filled every fiber of their retinas as they felt the decimating sensation of the explosion tear away at their physical being while the Innocence exorcised and destroyed everything else, including any futile attempts to cease this burst of sheer destruction. Of course, the only one to feel these effects would be Falshin, himself, and all insanity in the area -- including the insanity dragged into the area by the Kamishin Unit's transmutation circle. Speaking of which, all of the Android's prior set ups would come into play at this precise point. Each axe that the explosion touched would not only embed the ability of equal speed into that fraction of the explosion, it would also amplify the over all power of that area. There were several hundred thousand axes for hundreds of miles, and so ultimately the entire explosion was moving at equal speed and was amplified over a hundred thousand times, and as such couldn't be stopped by anything in its path, and any attempts to would be exorcised by the Innocence inside the explosion. Something of this magnitude could surely destroy the very planet they live on, but it was more of a controlled explosion. While its power could easily destroy several planets, its energy was focused on a single point or target -- which, in this case, is Falshin. Despite being the sole target for such an attack, its radius was too large for any escape to occur, and thanks to the Android girl sealing the space-time continuum, he couldn't even warp away. Any other means of travel would be supernatural, and exorcised on the spot. This was the end.

If only... Their efforts weren't for naught. Falshin had planned this all in perfect accord ever since the absolute beginning of this battle, and now it was time for his final trick.

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Book 12; The Disappearance of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 12; The Disappearance of Khrona Tensei   Book 12; The Disappearance of Khrona Tensei EmptyWed Apr 22, 2020 9:49 pm

Last Disappearance; Heaven or Hell - The Dark Side Of The Moon

At the exact same time that the three women were dealing with Falshin and the Insanity within the ruins on the planet, Khrona and his brother -- having their own little spat via the course of Insanity -- were about the have yet another monumental showdown... For the fate of the planet. As the moon came crashing down with the Insanity filled to the brim, it was time for someone to become the new 'Keeper Of Insanity' to keep the Insanity from destroying everything again. Time to Pass the Torch of the Story to One of the Two Brothers... This Is Their Battle.

Formidable was the power of Khrona's brother, able to thwart the efforts of insanity and calm Khrona's insanity only for a moment, but his light -- much like the former Deep leader's -- was not enough to fully escape it. The spiders were exterminated, yet Khrona still floated there in the emptiness of the sphere, mountainous regions of darkness created from the struggle. Dark Insanity Khrona still floated there, watching his brother through his hair, waiting just for one single glance at his eyes so his eternal soul might be stripped right from his sockets and into Khrona's collection. The being hovered there, staring, waiting, stalking... Nothing able to come from the sealed mouth of the creature Khrona had become. The only thing that spoke for him... Was the insanity around the area rearing itself up again.

Khrona's brother was trapped within this sphere of madness which was a creature posing to be his friend and brother. This monster -- this puppet of insanity before him -- wasn't Khrona. The concentrated power of Omnimanna that Khrona's brother had focused to his hands became ever more radiant, even here within the heart of the insanity. His manna radiating from him like a powerful fluctuation, it spread across their prison of insanity, reaching every corner, touching every mind. The Omnimanna had changed its properties to that of the powerful manna of cleansing. Within the sphere the power of cleansing was forced to echo, bouncing from wall to wall, purifying the madness from within. Khrona's brother closed his eyes, taking in the pure nature that was his manna, and like he was trapped in this sphere, so too would Khrona be. The effects of such a process toward Khrona was unknown, but soon they would find their cage of insanity weakened, and they would be free.

Khrona's insanity was steadily growing back to the point of what it was before, becoming ever darker, ever stronger, ever more insane. The aura of death that was his presence spread out more and more, -- as if trying to grip his brother simply because he was there -- tendrils of it slithering outward with a lock dead on his mind and his soul... Ready to consume... When suddenly, they were thwarted by a light. His manna, something that had always been a formidable match to Khrona's soul... His insanity. The cleansing manna that became of this Omnimanna reached every corner of the sphere they were trapped in, and considering that spheres have no corners, Khrona's brother had truly done something special here. The cleansing light even bathed the Dark Insanity in its splendor, washing the darkness away from Khrona's mind, even through his Insanity Static, which was significantly weakened from the travel to the moon, thankfully for Khrona's brother.

Khrona: "What?"

That was all he could say as he fell from the air, and before he hit the ground the sphere disintegrated and allowed Khrona to impact the very surface of the moon they had been taken to. With Khrona's insanity unable to hold up the barrier anymore, it was only natural it disappeared. However, cleansing Khrona's mind completely wasn't that easy, it only served in pulling him out of the Dark Insanity. "Hm... It's strange... I cannot hear the voice of my Queen anymore... Am I... Too far from her nurturing love? The... The only voice I can hear is that of... My lord..." Khrona looked at his hands, then up to his brother, slowly standing upright whilst also clenching his hands into tight fists. Though they thought that they had escaped insanity on the planet, they would find that there was just as much up here on the moon for some reason, which caused Khrona's mind to be riled up once again.

"Brother... It doesn't matter what you do... For not even the strongest manna... Can cure the hell that goes on inside of MY head!! Even if you try to take me out of insanity time and time again, it won't matter! It won't leave! It is part of who I am! It is part of my SOUL!" Khrona planted his feet on the ground, coating the entire surface of the moon with a crimson light that was his Insanity Soul, which began to fluctuate and resonate violently beneath their feet. "Even if I must store all of the insanity inside of my body to keep it from spreading out into the Dusk, then SO BE IT! I am neither an incarnate nor a Harbinger of insanity, like... Like the Falshin and his clowns... No... I am one that takes in Insanity and contains its power, harnesses it without falling completely into the dark!" Khrona's eyes were moving and darting around at a very fast pace, moving so fast that only the white of his eyes could be seen, which then turned red. He was forcing away the insanity of the Falshin and now embracing his own insanity that he produced.

"I see now! I am the 'Keeper Of Insanity'! Let my soul resound with every speck of it on this dormant satellite, and let all Insanity come to ME!" Khrona was still very out of it, though now more sense came from his words than before, which led to believe that he was not under the influence of any other beings anymore. This was all his own. "Soul Resonance!! Insanity Fusion!!" The instant those words were uttered, a huge pulse of insanity burst from the moon and expanded outward, impacting the planet, the nearby moon and the nearby planet to the resident planet, as well. The expansion was massive, yet was pulled back forcefully by Khrona and taken straight into himself, allowing him to assume his Insanity Fusion form. "This is only a little... A fraction... Of what Insanity can do to me. The more I intake, the more it will change me! It has done it before, and only for the better... So brother! Quit fighting what has been in your life for eternity! Do not resist!"

In his Insanity Fusion form, Khrona's Hyper Perception allows him to influence Insanity upon people with more control and concentrated, as if shooting it straight into their minds, souls, and wills just by looking at them. Khrona gazed at his brother, his massive tattered wings expanding to create yet another crater on the moon, forcing up lunar dust and rocks into the atmosphere. The force of space didn't seem to effect Khrona, especially not in his new form. It was now his brother's turn to have a taste of the insanity...

"A 'Keeper Of Insanity'? You sound mad just speaking about it, buddy." Landing upon the face of the moon, Khrona's brother watched and listened as his brother transformed yet again, while trying to justify this madness. The cleansing manna seemed to have worked to some degree. The dream of it finally curing his brother completely was just that...A dream. Khrona's brother was fooling himself into thinking that he could rid Khrona of his insanity; how could he when it, too, lived in him, and in everything... His brother could feel it, withig the deepest bowels of his mind, locked away, where it was to stay forever. Khrona... Here and now was appealing to that imprisoned part of himself... His brother's Insanity. "You can sit here and try and explain how much Insanity has helped you, but the ends don't justify the means Khrona. Taking in Insanity will only eventually make you what WE'VE been fighting this whole time..." The ground beneath his feet suddenly becoming a crater; Khrona's brother floated mid-air, the raising dust of the moon setting the scene as he stared his brother down. That rising sensation, that feeling... It was growing, like a black spot that began spreading until it eventually covered everything.

Khrona's brother took a stance, his body crackling with Omnimanna their properties constantly changing: Ice, Fire, Electric, Wind, Earth, Light, Dark... His pupils slowly started to lose their color, slowly turning into a pale white that looked as if it were shining... Was it the manna...? Or was it... His madness? Within his mind, Khrona's brother was fighting a battle all on it's own -- but for how long, under so many influences, could he hold out? He wasn't a supernatural being, and he wasn't one with Innocence; he was just a man, and every man has his madness. "I will resist it. It's not power, Khrona. Not when another can pull your strings. It's a curse... A curse on all of us. It's a trap, one that does make you strong, for the price of everything else. To lure you down a patch in which you become nothing but a pawn to the Insanity its self. And that's why I resist it Khrona, because if I go down that path... I'll be leaving behind to many things I care about..." Similar to the way a jet engine takes off, so would Khrona's brother, -- or at least in terms of sound -- the raising dusts and rubble from Khrona's transformation all but blown away from his brother's take off. In a mere instant did he appear before Khrona in a charge, his hand cocked back, crackling wildly and brightly, his glorious punch bathed in the magics of electricity.

Khrona's brother aimed to punch Khrona in his stomach, the destructive power of the electricity well known to Khrona and his brother knew that those eyes of his -- his Hyper Perception -- let him see this move far before he did it, but his brother's speed was an impressive thing; was Khrona going to be able to keep up? 'Of course...' And so started the battle of Khrona and his brother; a conflict that had gone on for years, the two half-brothers forced into combat. They were so evenly matched, -- even back then, when they ran the Reality Village -- but even now... As they entered battle as each other's opponent, as they both fought the insanity... They would face it together.

Becoming less and less concerned about his own insanity, Khrona's frustration started to grow very swiftly. His brother only knew of the bad side of insanity... Not the way Khrona saw it, and that was what was the most frustrating to him. The jet that was his brother launched from its position, soaring toward Khrona at these incomprehensible speeds, though even that was clear to the eyes of Khrona. His detached arm flew upward to greet the fist of his brother, catching it in his palm and causing a huge electrical explosion throughout the area which caused Khrona's hair to crackle and spark with bits and pieces of the now static electricity. "It isn't ABOUT the power! It never was! It was about the freedom! And no one shall pull my strings anymore!!! Not the Spider Queen, not Falshin, not Medusa... No one! From this day forward, this Insanity is MINE and MINE ALONE! And I'll make sure I never fall again, because if I'm gonna go insane, then dammit, I'm gonna do it on my OWN TERMS!!"

Khrona quickly spun around and flung his brother with a great deal of strength, sending him speeding straight off to the other side of the moon with a sound barrier-breaking throw. Not even a moment later would a seal appear on the ground that covered every portion of the crater Khrona had just made, with what seemed to be a new insignia made purely out of insanity, awakened by his new mindset. "And if you think that anyone except me's gonna tell me what to do, then you're DEAD WRONG!" The crest on the ground started to glow, shining with a brightness that could be seen by all on the planet looking up at the moon at that moment in time.

Khrona: "ALEXANDROS!!!"

Under Khrona's feet came the mechanical head of the monster, rising from the depths of the crest as if summoned straight from the Edge, rising until all of its features were completely pulled up from the confines of this seal... It was Khrona's favorite Summon, the Mechanical God, and one of the most powerful Summons there is out there to this date; Alexandros the Great.

Alexandros' pure white holy wings expanded outward, their size enough to make it look as if they were connected to the moon, and at the same time Alexandros' wings expanded, so did Khrona's, reaching the same size as his. Even in this mindset, it seemed like Khrona's insanity was different than it was before... More coherent... Almost as if being focused. Maybe what Khrona was saying was true. He took one step forward and as if in sync completely with Khrona's mind, so did Alexandros with its mighty foot, spreading more lunar dust around with the impact. "So, brother... Hows about you take this 'new' insanity for a spin, huh?! You're resisting it for the right reason but not embracing it for the wrong reasons!! So I'll have to show you, won't I!? What this really is!? This isn't Falshin or the Spider Queen! It's KHRONA, MASTER OF INSANITY! KEEPER OF INSANITY! I'd like to see the Falshin even TRY to faze me with his now!! Ahahahahahahaha!" Alexandros' wings started to glow brighter and brighter, storing in that precious celestial energy all about, whilst at the same time Khrona's drew in energy as well on the opposite scale, seeming to pull in negative energy... What was he going to do?

Tossed aside by Khrona, his brother flew across the the moon's surfaces, smashing into a very large formation of rocks that began to crumble with the collision, the rubble falling down upon the tossed magi. And it was beneath that rubble were Khrona's brother began to question himself... 'No strings... A Keeper...? Is that really ok...?'

'No...' The debris that covered him was blown away and disintegrated as Khrona's brother freed himself in an eruption of fire and manna. The flames withered almost as quickly as they were made within the coldness of space, and Khrona's brother's face was stuck with utter shock. The ground began to quake, the entire moon feeling as if it was going to break apart under the size and majesty of the God, Alexandros. Khrona's brother was taken aback; long had it been since he had seen the Mechanical Messiah, its very presence being more than enough to justify its legends. Khrona's brother was no fool; trying to fight both Khrona and Alexandros together alone would only bring about his death. He watched as they moved in sync; Khrona and Alexandros were one... He could see that. They had formed such a strong bond...

The young magi moved quickly; within the palm of his hand formed a ball of light. It radiated strongly with his wavelength and flashed brightly, shining with every color imaginable. Again the lunar dust began to swirl as Khrona's brother raised his hand into the air, creating a growing pressure of intensity, and when it seemed one couldn't stand it any longer, it happened. Khrona's brother crushed the ball of light, it shattering like glass in his grip. Instantly, five pillars of light beamed down upon the moon of the planet; with each echoed a monstrous magical pressure. The light of the pillars began to fade in front of Khrona's brother revealing: Ozmoral, Aralya, Elucifer, Undine, and Pharaoh. The 'Devil Golems' had arrived. "You're blinding yourself, Khrona. You wouldn't be thinking this in the first place if Falshin and the Spider Queen's hadn't influenced you... Even now, you're still being used as a pawn. But if you do think that you can be the one that oversees the insanity of the world; if you think that you are above the influences of others... You're going to have to prove it to me..." With single gesture of his arm, the 'Devil Golems' were given their signal to attack, all vanishing like a team of highly trained shinobi, yet they were far beyond that...

Undine and Aralya attacked the backs of Alexandros' legs, Undine wielding one of her spears, it's power of 'Fazement', which would allow her to lunge the spear through its body, sticking itself within Alexandros while Aralya attacked with her shinobi-like weaponry slashes at the back of Alexandros' 'knees'.

Elucifer, having the power to create manna substances of matter, formed that of large broad sword -- the size of your standard skyscraper -- in full swing toward one of Alexandros' wings, while the other was at danger of becoming engulfed in Ozmoral's blue flames.

Pharaoh charged toward the position of Alexandros' charging energy, his massive fist -- though being pale in comparison to Alexandros' thumb -- would be in motion to punch the massive God, yet with Pharaoh was the 'Greek Force', and should his attack land, the appendages of Alexandros would all soon find them selves detached from the whole.

Khrona's watched his Golems going to work, and another beam of light appearing right at his side, its light fading, showing his closest and most trusted Golem... "I'm glad you made it..." The 'Cryptic Shogun'. "Come my friend; let's us take Khrona back... Together." Khrona's brother and the Shogun began to swirl in manna power, the two of them together causing a flux in manna energy in which they concentrated, like a charging beam that spiraled between them, growing stronger... And stronger.

Khrona's disposition only grew further as shown by the expression on his face as his brother still continued on against his actions. He continued to say that Khrona was a puppet, which was far from the case in the first place. In fact, Khrona was a 'Puppetmaster' himself! As such, it was out of the question to be taken for granted by any outside forces, any third parties, and anything that wasn't his own will. His own insanity WAS his own will. "Just because they were the catalyst... Doesn't make them the controllers! I'll show you! Alexandros and I are going to show you how powerful my insanity REALLY is!!! DON'T LOOK DOWN ON ME, BROTHER!!!" The Devil Golems were on the move, set on taking down the barely mobile Alexandros. He was a fortress, but Khrona knew that the combined forces of his brother's formidable golems was enough to fell even this great holy creature. Khrona had to assist him... This was his Summon for a reason. He was not bestowed with Alexandros' power for nothing.

Hyper Perception well up and active, Khrona saw the movements of each one of the golems and prepared himself to defend. Undine and Aralya attacked the legs -- which was a good place to start in the first place -- but Khrona had something for those two specially prepared. He saw the lance coming in toward the leg and without a moment's notice he stomped his foot and Merged himself with Alexandros. A growth at the point where Undine intended to strike would sprout to be another Khrona -- or, at least the upper torso of him -- ready to stop the spear with his bare hands. With his Hyper Perception analyzing the lance before it was even close to making contact, Khrona rethought his battle tactics and released a powerful burst of concentrated Insanity soul energy in a highly explosive manner to force Undine away. Aralya would find herself meeting a growth of the same property, and when her blade aimed to make contact with Alexandros, each one was met with a flux in reality caused by Khrona snapping his fingers in complete synchronization with each slash, thwarting each and every one of them.

Meanwhile, back at the top where the actual Khrona stood atop Alexandros' head, two full-fledged powerful attacks were heading toward his heavenly wings, aiming to cut them off completely and utterly. Khrona's eyes narrowed then quickly widened in an insane rage as he saw what they tried to do, his wings springing into action not even a moment after. "OH NO YOU DON'T!!!" Each one of Khrona's wings would fold for a moment as if to gain power, then expanded back open to release a massive amount of sheer force to push away both the sword and the flames without a hassle. If, however, they broke through the immense destructive force, his wings were spread out now to greet the manna blade of Elucifer and the blue flames of Ozmoral, the powerful wing able to take the hit of the sword and clash with it to push it away, whilst the other wing could consume the flames via the power of Absorption and instantaneously release it back out as nothing but blue, fiery waste.

Finally was Pharaoh... His power was one of the most troublesome from Khrona's quick analysis, but one more easily dealt with if done absolutely correctly. Even if focused on everything else at this time, Khrona still had the power to keep track of everything going on, even through his insanity. It was all flashing through his head at hyper speed, not even giving him a clear vision of what he was doing or why. Without warning, a portal opened up in front of Pharaoh just as he flung his fist at Alexandros... A rip in reality itself. And the other rip to where it opened was right in the face of the Cryptic Shogun. This... 'Greek Force'... Was going all-out into his face, lest the magi could pull off a trick to keep his prized golem standing. "No time for games, Maze... Not even NUMBERS can best ME!!! Now... Feel the power of manna like you've NEVER felt before!!!"

Khrona's wings had been gathering negative energy as Alexander's was gaining manna energy of the highest degree, as he knew just how this attack was going to go. He had used Alexandros' ability on his brother before and found that because it was manna, it hadn't worked... So Khrona learned this time. A massive barrier of pure insanity was erected, stabilized and emanation from Khrona's wings. This barrier was the power of Khrona's Insane Soul, which had a peculiar property...


The wings stiffened, the light bright enough to cover all of Alexandros entirely, as from every single one of his millions of millions of feathers that made up his magnificent wings came an Ultimanna of maximum power and potency, charged up to destroy everything in its path. As one may or may not know, this many Ultimannas are easily enough to reduce this moon to nothingness, as one Ultimanna -- if used by the right person -- can destroy an entire planet. So, these deathly beams shot out glowing their heavenly white color... Until they passed the barrier. When they came in contact with the barrier, the Ultimannas became red, outlines with a dark black energy, their manna influence becoming absolutely zero. The barrier erected was made to transform every one of these blasts into nothing but pure Insanity soul energy, each with the power of a full-powered Ultimanna. An advanced 'Conversion' technique from Khrona's Reality Warping and wavelength combinations. However, the best part about this was that the stored manna power stripped from the Ultimannas was now what made up the barrier as an equivalent exchange of power. For each of the Ultimannas to be able to become pure insanity, they had to pass their power into the barrier. Soon the barrier was no longer insanity and made solely of Ultimanna manna and the Ultimannas were made of nothing but Khrona's wavelength. The shining bright barrier started to hug both Alexandros and Khrona, coating them like armor. In all but a moment, Khrona had made a shield specifically to fight manna, taken care of the golems most likely, and launched a full scale violent assault on his brother and his golems, ready to rain down in the millions on each and every one of them. "Hahaha... I've learned since last time... Brother~!"

Khrona's tactical maneuver of fusing with Alexandros in order to protect him pushed his brother's Devil Golems back from every point, the powerful golems forced to retreat from their assault in order to defend, shielding themselves from the defenses Khrona had brought into play. 'We had underestimated Khrona's Hyper Perception, it's power of observance was truly a marvel'.

Undine and Arayla -- who were at the legs of the colossal Summon -- rose their guards to defend from the explosions of Khrona's pure insanity soul, their hard bodies, mixed with the coating of protective manna that tattooed their bodies being tested as they were blasted back, skidding across the lunar ground.

The others, -- Elucifer and Ozmoral -- their attacks defeated by the Khrona's own wing. The two golems were ill-prepared for the titans that were Khrona's wings. With their extension, the blue flames of Ozmoral were blown back toward the him, the talons that floated behind him quickly moving to his front protecting him from his own flames, and returning them to their origin; the talons themselves. Ozmoral -- his attack so easily defended -- began to retreat backing away as Elucifer continued to push through. And as his mighty swing clashed with that of Khrona's wings, the sound of steel upon steel echoed, the golem trying to make a dent. But Khrona's wings were far too strong, forcing Elufier away with a single push. The Devil Golem fell back, his once colossal sword... Now broken in two.

Khrona's brother and the Shogun continued gathering their energy, the rift in space in time carrying the fist of the mighty Pharaoh opening right in the face the brother's trusted golem... However... The Shogun watched as the fist came from out the portal, paying it little to no mind, sliding past the large fists. Passing him by, the Shogun grabbed the arm of the misdirected Devil Golem, and pulled the rest of him out from the other side tossing Pharaoh behind Khrona's brother and himself, the massive golem slowly getting up, and if one didn't know better had a hint of blush on it's face...

Khrona's huge plan had been revealed and Khrona's brother soon found an onslaught of insanity, threatening both his life and that of himself and his golems. The Shogun -- as if reading hiss mind -- took their shared energies that seemed to warp the very reality around and focused it upon the red glowing sphere on his chest. The orb began to glow brighter, several mechanisms shifting within his body, opening the closed part of his chest, revealing more and more of that glowing red light, until... "Do it..." The Shogun fired what could be called a destructive beam of light; so large, so bright, that even among the morning sky, those still on the planet would be able to see this red streak across the sky seeming as if it were the red tail of the moon.

The beam's largeness in size took up all of the incoming Insanity waves and as such would clash with each of them, yet when they collided there was no power struggle, no push, or pull -- only the feel of the Shogun's attack continuing onward unopposed until it finally withered away, far off in space, unmasking a epic explosion. The Shogun and had taken the reality warping properties of that merged energy of both himself and his master and applied it to his beam. The was not one of destruction, but one of movement, warping all that had come within it's path into it's own reality, which collapsed when the beam finally died out.

"Do you hear yourself Khrona? Show me how powerful Insanity is? I thought it wasn't about the power, right?" The Shogun fell to its knees, his energies low after such a blast, the aid of both Undine and Arayla coming to him almost instantly, helping him stand, while his brother appeared before Khrona, the only thing keeping them from being face to face... Being that manna barrier. "I have never looked down upon you Khrona, you're my friend, you've been my brother since before we knew we had relation. You've been a rival to me, a reason for me to always test myself; to make myself a better me... No is looking down on you, even if you're slowly sinking yourself into the darkness." Khrona's brother, Pharaoh and Elucifer all moved in sync, cocked back their shining fists that radiated with the power of Omnimanna, the golems temporarily bathed in it's power through his will, the Omnimanna changing it's properties of that of a neutral manna. "Wake up, Khrona!" Punching the barrier with all of his might, The manna powers that weaved this defense would begin to fall; their powers being drained, and footing, becoming unbalanced. The very foundation of the barrier would began to crumble as all of it's manna energy becoming his brother's. The drainage would continued until Khrona's brother had robbed all of the barrier's manna for his own, and once it was down...

Elucifer and Pharaoh appeared by the sprouting mutation upon the top of Alexandros; Khrona. Each in motion with their own devastating attack -- Elucifer with is large materialized sword made from the same material as the last, and Pharaoh with mighty power of the Greek Force -- both seeking to detach Khrona from Alexandros in two very separate ways.

Showing great feats of strength and valor, Khrona's brother's attack was nowhere near what Khrona had expected, but it surely had piqued his interest. Perhaps his brother had grown as well in the time they spent apart, but now was the time for him to bring out all of the stops and not hold back even a little bit. That's how these types of battles go, right? In any case, the magnificent beam fired from his brother and the Shogun's combined efforts was surely going to be taken down by the combined forces of the Insanity Ultimannas without question, and when the first one made contact... It was taken straight inside of the beam. One by one, the Ultimannas were taken inside, the beam passing straight above Khrona's head as it continued onward. "Is that... So....?" The beam was swiftly beginning to close after having taken in each one of the Ultimannas, and with a slight twitch of Khrona's hands, the beam had collapsed upon itself, that reality becoming nonexistent. Yet, all Khrona could do was smile... Smile big, smile wide, even after seeing his brother and his golems launch an attack at him. He saw the power of the neutral manna within the fist of his brother and knew for a fact that it was extremely foolish to allow him to absorb any manna power that was lingering about; namely, the shield. And so, with light speed reactionary time, Khrona did the only thing he could...

Khrona: "... Not so fast, brother!! 'Absorption'."

... He absorbed the shield completely into his body which was shared with Alexandros', then focused all of the power into his head, just in case his brother intended to siphon it out through actual contact with Alexandros, which Khrona would make sure he wouldn't get anyway. At this point, Khrona's brother was just about to strike the protruding chest of Alexandros when suddenly his chest split apart, revealing a hidden compartment far deeper and larger than Khrona's brother expected it to be, harboring within its deepest, darkest recesses the same Ultimannas that he so naively thought he could get rid of from Khrona in this form where his Reality Warping powers were heightened to the same extent of his Insanity. Now, all of that power was condensed in Alexandros' chest, Khrona's brother still flying with the same momentum he did when he intended to suck out all of that manna power, only now threatened to fall into this pool of insanity far larger than any concentration of insanity ever seen before. And even then, his brother was nowhere near safe, for the insanity was already stirring as if ready for attack.

Khrona: "Buh-bye~!"

Before his brother's eyes, the indescribable mass of insanity was forced out of Alexandros' chest as a beam harnessing the same ungodly power as before, the beam several times larger than Khrona's brother's beam fired with the Shogun, creating a red streak that spread across space as a larger marvel than before to those who could see this battle on the moon. It was so large and so powerful, it was even able to hit and make an impression on the nearest planet to their own. The sheer force of this attack pushed the holy machine a quarter of a way round the moon, still going even after that. But, just like his brother, Khrona had a back up plan involving his golems, however they were aimed for Khrona himself. Knowing that it was dangerous to harbor that manna within him even a moment longer, Khrona waited for the golems to initiate their next attack, not even using the neutral manna anymore, but the Greek Force, and that was Khrona's chance.

Khrona: "Hmph! Now you're REALLY gonna face Alexandros' power! 'ULTIMANNA ME KARA BEAAAAM'!!!"

Khrona's eyes locked onto the two, no matter where they were around him, they would be found and targeted by one of his eyes respectively, and then have beams of the original power of Alexandros' might shot at them in the form of eye beams the same size as the blast shot previously at Khrona's brother from Alexander's chest -- point black range, in fact. The force of this was just as strong as the first, thus causing Khrona and Alexandros to be sent flying further back across the moon another quarter way, completing a trip halfway around the moon. Though the two were flying at God knows how fast a speed with Lord knows the force behind it, Khrona and Alexandros' wings spread open as wide as they could go simultaneously, instantly stopping the momentum of their movement completely and having them cease all movement in that one spot. This just goes to show the power of both Alexandros' and Khrona's wings. Think about that for a moment.

Khrona: "No matter WHAT you do, your TEAMWORK is NOTHING in comparison to the FLCL shared between ME AND ALEXANDROS!!"

Khrona made sure his voice echoed throughout all of space to be heard by his brother from all the way on the other side of the moon. Alexandros fell hard to the surface of the moon, kicking up a shitload of lunar dust as well as quaking the entire land. Finally, Khrona plucked himself from Alexander's body, letting his wings gently guide him to the ground, patting Alexandros' side for a job well done.

Khrona: "Hyahahaha! You did well, 'Alexandros the Great'; 'Deux Ex Machina'! It's time to rest~!"

That said, Alexandros' crest appeared above his gigantic body, quickly unsummoning him and letting him rest in the world he belongs in.

Though, this was no time for Khrona to rest, as with his brother probably hot on his trail, another huge crest appeared on the ground below him, this time completely different from his own and Alexandros'.

Khrona: "I don't see why... You have to keep doing this, brother! FACE IT! I'm the only one that can HARNESS INSANITY CORRECTLY!!"

As he said this, the crest radiated with power that quaked the whole moon, kicking up a shitload of lunar dust to cloud Khrona completely. The only thing now that could be seen from the dust in the air was Khrona's piercing red eyes, following by the expansion of his wings, brimming with alternate realities within... But there was nothing different about Khrona's appearance at all.

Maybe he'd gone a little too mad now, huh...?

Khrona's brother looked on into the sea of red that was before him, the ocean of insanity beckoning him toward the comfort of her bosom. His glowing white eyes gleamed red, looking toward the large mass of insanity, its very image triggering a spark deep within his body as the massive beam headed right at him. The fast one Khrona had pulled was well played; Khrona had indeed gained control over his insanity greatly, to be able to showcase such skill while under it's influence. His brother would be lost, his image completely covered as the large beam of insanity engulfed him, shooting him off into the far depths of space.

The Golems -- Elucifer and Pharaoh -- though caught off guard by Khrona's sudden retaliation would merely have their own attacks clash with the 'Ultimanna Me Kara Beam'! Pharaoh's Greek Force, clashing with the eye beam, caused the beam to split in two separate parts that shoot out to each side of him as Elucifer's blade began to buckle, breaking to pieces under the power of Khrona's beam -- however, as blade began to fall apart it would find it's self instantly fixed. Elucifer's 'Duke's Heart' replacing the destroyed mass instantly with fresh supply. The beam still, however, for both parties drove the golems back, regrouping with the rest around the Cryptic Shogun, who was now back on his feet...

The Golems looked onward to Khrona as he fell into the cover of dust, their Master gone for the moment and turned their attention to the Shogun for guidance in his absence...but all the powerful Shogun did was look up.

His body had moved off absolute impulse and adrenaline, the effect of Khrona's brother's Omnimanna changing from neutral manna to 'Protectima' as the gigantic beam of Insanity took him within her grip. It was while he was within that tunnel fallacy that Khrona's brother became what he tried to suppress. His auras darkened and began to radiate with malice and aggravation. The protective shell that the 'Protectima' provided him began to crack, the power of Khrona and Alexandros far too much for simple barrier spell... However...

Summoned by it's Master, through the call of his anger, Khrona's brother's blade -- The Masamune -- appeared in his grip, and the moment his barrier fell he would begin combating the remainder of the massive beam through nothing but excellent sword play, his blade moving far beyond that of the speeds of light in order to combat the beam. Even to Khrona's Hyper Perception, it would have been hard to follow, until finally the beam had passed him by.

What the Cryptic Shogun saw as he looked up toward the outer reaches of space was his descending master, coating in a flaming aura of blood red and white. And as he landed upon the lunar surface again did he whip his sword, releasing out a powerful gale of wind and manna that all but blew away the covering of dust Khrona hid from him in and spread his magic across the entire moon -- it's very surface beginning to glow that of a light blue; as if electrified, though that wasn't the cause.

A fog started to raise, spreading through out the area, setting the ambiance for this dramatic scene, Khrona's brother raising his head... Showing his eyes...

He was silent. Not a word came from his lips as he looked onward. So long had it been since he had played within the darkness; so long had it been since he felt so liberated. Khrona had got what he wanted. The darkness of his brother had resurfaced, the insignia of Eva's 'Magia Erebea' showing itself again, tattooed on his body and shining brightly. Proud to showcase it's self after so long; the mighty power he used to rule over the Reality Village with Khrona all those years ago.

Maze's Insanity, had reawakened.

Looking dead ahead with unwavering eyes, the powerful gale force winds blew straight past Khrona -- as did the manna -- bending around the general area as if it were protected by an unforeseen barrier. Looking down at the ground for a moment, the burning red eyes did gleam but for a second the very moment the ground began to glow, and the very moment it stopped, did he look back up -- straight ahead. At this angle, he was unable to see his brother at all, nor the golems, yet he knew of the transformation. The power that was felt... Something he was waiting to come about for quite a long time. It brought a smile to his face, his tongue sliding across his lips with anticipation. "... Good to see you've come around... Brother." Khrona's voice, for the first time during the battle, seemed exceptionally serious. The insanity within him was different than before, like it had grown in power since his transformation, and even further once Alexandros was unsummoned. The huge draconic wings attached to his back spread forth once more, calling forth any unforeseen insanity within the area. That very moment, the entire moon began to glow a dark crimson color, the color of insanity in its purest form. The fog would be tinted with it as well, for insanity not only contaminated the very moon itself, but the atmosphere around the moon, even so much to create a reddened sky around them. The two were fighting in the very depths of insanity itself, and with Khrona's brother finally on the side of insanity, the true battle could finally begin. "You fight me now on the same level... So maybe now you'll see."

Not even a moment after, he was off. He hovered toward his brother at a high speed, the fog parting before he was even near it, and the halfway-round-the-moon distance gap started to close extremely swiftly -- as if something you would only see in the cartoons -- however Khrona was moving just that fast. As he flew, many flowers grew in the hundreds in the path behind him straight from the dead soil of the moon's surface by some supernatural means, a field of flowers readily growing behind him to liven up the scenery.

As he flew, many globs of blackness appeared around him, hovering around his person like a familiar, readily active for his own use at any given time. The closer he flew to his brother, the more started to appear around him. More so talking to himself than his brother, he said very lowly... "Let me see what type of insanity plagues you..."

Remaining silent, did he watch as Khrona come toward him in a blur. But it didn't matter. Khrona's soul screamed out to his like an echo, crying out with its intentions. His brother stayed back, event already in motion before Khrona would even get near him.

Arayle, the Devil Golem known for her sheath and skill had already caught up to Khrona, running along side him as he charged toward her Master, and with outstretched hand did she aim toward Khrona, a powerful buildup of high concentrated manna forming from her stone fingers, firing out a widespread shot of hundreds of paper thin needles of pure manna energy. Khrona, should he even have time to think, would find that these needles would not be so easily dealt with -- their power and piercing capabilities able to even penetrate those mighty wings of his.

Undine, Elucifer, and Pharaoh all began to spread out, each taking a triangulating position upon the moon's surface that would completely cover their current field of battle, spreading out to the furthest reaches of this moon.

The Shogun stayed by his Master's walking forward to take position in front of him, raising his 'Great Sword', its runes -- as well as those that marked him -- all beginning to glow in a crimson red.

Khrona's brother bent his knees, striking a traditional striking stance as he whipped his blade behind him. The lunar ground began to pulse from up under his feet, his body expelling out a sort of constant wave of color, each one being something that completely covered everything made beneath their artificial sky -- and with each pulsation came a different shade of a different color.

'Such beauty... Even among this madness'. It brought truth about this world, about this reality, about everything...

Was this really Insanity?

"Ouch. That hurts, bro." His lips didn't move as his spoke, yet he continued to fly without worry of anything coming his way. The beams behind closed in on the body, ready to pierce straight through with the utmost of ease, though their direction was diverted almost instantly toward the ground, toward the flowers flowing behind... Inside of them. They were definitely not ordinary flowers from the looks of it. In fact, they seemed to destroy themselves of their own will once they took in the power.

He pressed on, the threat behind taken care of, but now, there was a threat created by the triangulated golems. Yet he didn't seem to pay it any attention. His full focus was on his brother. Not a word said; a single syllable uttered -- would Khrona be watching the Shogun step forth. Not only he, but his Master had drawn their swords, ready for combat, and Khrona usually had a sword which he fought with as well. Instead, what manifested in these hands was a long, powerful, sturdy lance of great power. He was within range of his brother when suddenly, as if stepping through a barrier, his form changed, revealing him for who he truly was... Not Khrona, but the summon he had conjured up on the other the side of the moon...

'Mateus', 'God of Humans'; 'Light of Darkness' -- The Pisces.

It seems as though that from the getgo, it was a farce concocted by that craftily insane Khrona; to use his summon in place of him. However, where was the true Khrona? 'Mateus' stopped flying toward Khrona's brother at a high speed, twirling his lance and drawing his shield; the woman hanging from his neck, the Goddess of the Pisces, as to his being the God. Still not uttering a word, the moon began to quake once more, Khrona's voice now very much apparent to everyone and anything on or nearby the moon.

Khrona: "Now that you've calmed down, Maze... Let me show you... What I really am..."

Three large slits shot across the surface of the moon, slowly forming the shape of eyes and a mouth, those of which belong to none other than... Khrona. Not only had he switched places with Mateus as soon as he was summoned and cloaked him in a reality altered form to make it seem as though it were himself, but he merged with the moon and conjured up shitloads and shitloads of insanity stored within the moon. Khrona began to laugh, his laugh quaking the moon yet again as a huge pulsation released from his very core shot from every inch of the moon, probably launching everyone and everything on the moon into space whilst also filling more of space with insanity. The moon's surface was covered now with nothing -- literally NOTHING -- but Khrona's flowers that had been grown behind Mateus... The 'Reality Flowers'.

Khrona: "Brother... You should have been paying more attention!! The power you felt was not coming from Mateus... But the MOON ITSELF! AAAAHAHAAHAHAHA!"

As Khrona laughed, huge waves of insanity shot from his moon-mouth, echoing through the depths of space. He'd finally taken it to the largest scale ever... With no surface for his brother and his golems to fight on; he'd have to fight 'Moon Khrona' and 'Mateus' throughout the limitless ends of space itself... Hasn't every person wanted to go through such a battle? Haven't they?

With the Great Lance of Mateus aimed toward his Master, the Cryptic Shogun came to clash with the Lance with his all too powerful blade. The clash of their weapons causing an explosion of power, pushing back not only Mateus, but the mighty golem himself. Quickly regaining his composer did the Cryptic Shogun begin to float just barely off the lunar surface and rushed to combat the Light of Darkness, his blade ready and in motion to strike. "Khrona... You fool..." All of the color that his brother had been expelling from his body all came residing back to him, as he began to raise off the ground. Khrona's brother's blade was radiating with power -- bathed within the colors of the world -- his expression just as blank and cold.

His Master preparing for the finale, the scattered Devil Golems would play their part, Pharaoh cocked back his giant of a fist and slammed the would be mountain upon the flowered covered moon, it's entirety crackling with his manna. "Be whatever type of guardian you wish to be... Be the this so called 'Keeper Of Insainty'... But know..." The power of Pharaoh's Greek Force was working at it's fullest, effecting the entire moon, separating Khrona from his lunar stronghold, forcibly expelling him outward back upon the lunar surface of the moon. Where his brother would be waiting, his attack already in motion... "... I will always be your keeper, dear Brother. 'Omnistrike'." His sword already coming out of full swing, Khrona's brother would began slashing toward seemingly from one angle after another, each strike so powerful, each slash so quick they seemed to all meld together at once. The swings of his blade were causing the reality around both he and Khrona to glitch, cracking, slowly becoming unstable... Until the final strike.

With one last full on swing, Khrona's brother's blade would explode, releasing out a powerful collection of manna waves that radiated outward, shattering the insanity reality around both he and Khrona and out toward the reaches of far off space.

Pressures of insanity rising, Khrona felt as if this were his victory over his brother and his 'moral' values; his undying fight against Insanity. With all the power of the moon on his side, it would seem inevitable that Khrona was victorious...


Mateus' lance clashed with the great Shogun's blade, the two forced back. Mateus did nothing but twirl the lance, readying himself for another strike. He placed his shield back upon his chest and made his hand free, flowering nothing but darkness of an unknown type from his elbow to the tip of his claw. He grabbed the blade coming down upon him, a powerful seal exploding outward from between the two clashing forces; his 'Spellbind' ability. The Shogun would be sealed in place, his source of power restricted and bound, however because of how much great power was within this golem, so too would Mateus. He needed to hold on to The Cryptic Shogun in order to keep him bound by the 'Spellbind', at a standstill and stalemate, both unable to move a single inch.

With the Shogun contained, it would seem like Khrona's brother's efforts were lost, as his prized golem had no way of assisting him any further, and his others were no match for Khrona alone... And Khrona definitely was right. Alone, the power of the golems could not compare, however the combined powers of them using the Greek Force was just enough to expel Khrona from his merging with the moon. If they were short just any, ANY bit of power, it would not have been enough.

As said, Khrona's expulsion forced him right in front of his brother, who had an Omnistrike prepped and ready to go. Khrona smiled, hearing every single word, and instead of taking the time to defend against the attack -- which he had probably a fraction of a fraction of a second to do and could do -- he insisted on speaking to his brother. "Brother... I thought I told you this before..." Though Khrona was being struck from every which way and every direction with great power, his voice made it seem like he was not getting touched at all. Khrona's body became quickly battered and torn, even in this form, though it was only Insanity Fusion and nothing powerful. But at the final strike, Khrona's brother was about to bring down his mighty sword, when... "... No one's gonna control me anymore."

Khrona, much like his Summoned brother, caught the blade between his hands, causing everything to stand still. The power of the blade still exploded outward with all the force, all the magic and all the greatness Khrona's brother had put into the blade, but Khrona's will -- his sheer will -- kept him from falling to such an attack, allowing him to stand there and grip that blade as if it were the last thing keeping him standing. Khrona's face never changed throughout it all. The force of their collision caused all of Khrona's Reality Flowers to be plucked straight from the moon's surface, floating off into space slowly... However, still being in Khrona's control, they flew back toward him, taking the form of what seemed to be an astral stream of energy, shooting right into his back. These flowers had the power to alter reality in a short distance around themselves... Even if it meant altering themselves. They were healing Khrona from such a devastating attack, as taking something like that headfirst was not the best idea without an extra plan, which this was Khrona's. He laughed, feeling rather rejuvenated now. "To each his own... Right, brother? So find your own path... And don't worry about mine. To be your brother's keeper... You must first trust your brother's way. Right?"

And now, Khrona's wings started to fold over, as if trying to capture his brother within themselves... In this form, they were that of a realm of complete and utter fear, suffering, pain, and sadness and those who were within would feel an unbearable amount of all of it pressed upon them constantly, never stopping and never ceasing in growth until every part of the target was completely broken. With Khrona holding his brother in place... There would be no escape... Lest he let go of the blade.

"Khrona... I..." The world around them began to slow; the battle of the Cryptic Shogun and Maetus -- The Devil Golems going to save a drained Pharaoh, who was plummeting toward the distant planet, falling to her like a meteorite from space, and the slow encasement of Khrona's brother within Khrona's wings. His eyes watered, their glow fading, tears forming in their place. Khrona's brother's madness all but tamed at this one moment, this final moment... "... I-I just don't want you to get hurt again..." He hadn't let go of his sword, nor was he going to. He simply closed his eyes, as Khrona's wings embraced him within their despair... One in which he was sorry he couldn't protect Khrona from.

It had always been just Khrona, his brother, and Zita... The three of them sticking together through tick and thin; the good and the bad. None of them were perfect, but they all looked out for one another, and tried to keep the others strong... But maybe Khrona's brother just hadn't tried hard enough... 'I-I'm sorry Khrona'... The two men, consumed by their own catharsis of brotherly love would find that their battle with each other should come to a sudden halt at what calamity they had caused through collateral damage. The blueness that was within the ground were the flames of Ozmoral, slowly attempting to take over the moon entirely, however were forcefully expelled from the core of the moon via the power of Mateus' stare, using the power of 'Expulse' to force them out. This caused the flames to spurt from a concentrated portion of the moon in the form of a booster, thus setting the moon in motion.

With a sudden, jerky and violent quake, the entire moon was on the loose with a crash-course headed right for the planet. To make matters worse, the spot it was aimed at was the exact spot where both Khrona and his brother were stripped from before; the Enigmatic Ruins where the three women seemed to be fighting the Falshin. Just as quickly as it was set into motion, the moon sped up, already breaking the sound barrier as it plummeted toward what looked like its predetermined target. A closer inspection showed that the moon still sported a face and was still brimming with sheer insanity, which was now its core. The face now was not that of Khrona, but one of utter madness... The clearly insane moon now spoke, its voice booming throughout all of nearby space to hear its words, speaking into the minds of the insane and even louder into those that resisted. "I must consume... I will destroy! My servitude shall bring insanity to all those who fight against it!!" The moon's words made it perfectly clear that the insanity within itself was made as a bomb. It was going to hit the planet and explode, consuming everything in utter insanity in one single gulp.

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Book 12; The Disappearance of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Last Disappearance (Cont.); Heaven or Hell - Dark Side of the Moon

Khrona's brother's words touched Khrona's heart and soul, even to the point where the calamity inside of him seemed to come to a rest. It seemed like the power of their resonance was stronger than anything that could be induced by insanity. Khrona's wings spread out, taking his brother out of their grasp of that insane reality that they were composed of. "... It isn't your fault. I don't know why you try to take the world's problems onto yourself. I have to take responsibility for my own actions, you know. If you keep trying to protect me and everyone else, how will we ever learn?" Khrona snickered, his hand dropping from the blade. But at that very moment, the ground started to shake, insanity riling up within the core of the moon. It seemed to be Khrona's insanity, but at the same time, it seemed as though the moon had adopted the insanity for itself and was now a generator of it... That's how it looked in Khrona's eyes. It was moving rather slowly at first, but quickly sped up, accelerating past the sound barrier in little but a second. "Woah! What... What the hell!? This insanity...!"

The moon was hurdling toward the ground as such a high speed that it wouldn't take more than a couple of minutes for it to touch down, even from so far away. Using his Hyper Perception, Khrona scoped out its target and analyzed trajectory and all of that fancy stuff, pinpointing the location for... The Enigmatic Ruins, where all of their friends were. "... Brother. This thing is headed for our friends. You know what we have to do, right...?"

Khrona's eyes shot over to his brother in a stern and serious -- yet insane -- glare, as if waiting for Maze's acceptance. Mateus would quickly release the Shogun from his spellbound prison, lowering his hand at the same time. He was looking at the Shogun the entire time.

Khrona's brother was with in the blackness of Khrona's wings only for a moment before they receded outward, freeing him from his cage of endless despair and misery as Khrona began speaking to him. He was right -- everything Khrona was saying was right -- and his brother knew it to be so. For all the power Khrona's brother had, he always made himself a slave to the world, giving everything everyday to protect it, -- to protect everyone -- Khrona's brother for the longest time figuring himself the lightning rod for all others' pain and suffering... But in the end, it was only crippling them...

... It was at that moment he remember what the poison ninja had said to him before he felt Khrona's brother's care; "I need to go out on my own..." and why they made so much sense to him now. Why his daughter Aura left home... It was to get away from him... He was smothering their lives -- their paths to grow -- keeping them from the pain that they needed in life to be strong, all the while being blind to the fact that it was similar pains that were what made Khrona's brother what he was today... No... It was because of that he wished others to be spared, but people need hardship in their life... Without it... It was no life at all.

He smiled at his brother lowering his blade, sheathing it once again at his side as the two shared a quick laugh before the great evil from below began to boil. It was as if an immense pressure had just come up from nowhere, the moon beginning to shake wildly on its own; an all but impossible feat... As the madness began to take form... Or, should we say, finally revealed itself... The very moon itself. "If this thing is a living being of that madness, then we already have obligations to take it out..." The Cryptic Shogun took the hand of Mateus and stood, finally back on its feet, and surely as Mateus did quickly make its way back to its Master's side, almost instantly putting the situation together, as the other Golems were reaching back down toward the planet, finally catching Pharaoh from his plummet to the planet... However now, too far to of be of any help whatsoever... "... But if this thing is now trying to threaten our friends or family, then it's just asking for it." Nodding toward Khrona, his brother appeared before the moon, arms hung down; the marking of the manna 'Erebea' glowing furiously, matching those of the far off stars in vast plane of space, he returning to his normal state, however changed... But what could it be? It was a feeling not of insanity, or sanity but a ew... A sort of complete control... "Khrona, let's end this. Here and now..."

Maze's words of confirmation brought joy to Khrona's crazy soul, the smile of insanity he was trying to hard to contain now revealing itself at the same time Mateus did behind Khrona. He looked off to the planet, now with just two minutes to stop this gigantic monstrosity from impacting. Looking at the Eye created by Falshin, Khrona knew that something was going on down there... Something big. "Huh, well if we're gonna do it, then stop talking and get moving!" Khrona snickered, flickering out of reality and reappearing in front of the moon some ways away, Mateus by his side, even still. He gave Mateus the signal to go with his head pointing at the moon. "Mateus..." And the Summon made his way off to the front of the line, arms aglow with the power of the 'Spellbind' he used before. Slamming both of his hands together first to get the juices of power flowing caused the dark flames engulfing his arms to burst outward, becoming much larger, now using the fullest extent of power. The moon came in contact with Mateus, whose hands made contact with the face just in time, and a huge seal that was the same as Mateus' crest seemed to be created betwixt the two beings, trying to seal the Insanity within the moon... Or at least stop the moon from moving. It didn't seem to work very well, as the Moon continued to push through with full force, though was slowed down significantly, thankfully. Now they all had more time.

Khrona licked his lips, spreading his wings for what he would hope to be the final time today, their size as grandiose as their immeasurable power. Khrona focused dead center on the moon, looking it dead in the eyes, his mind starting to work faster and harder. He crossed his arms across his chest, getting ready for the maximum impact, even though he seemed absolutely defenseless. Right as the moon was about to suck him up in its seemingly unstoppable path as well, Khrona's eyes gleamed brighter than they ever had. A force keeping the minuscule distance between Khrona and the moon was that of Khrona's immense psychic power pressing against the moon, making another impressive crater upon its face -- far larger than the rest. The moon stopped for a mere moment, but pressed on after being halted for not even a couple of seconds, now pushing Khrona along with it. Whatever was driving it was more powerful than Khrona anticipated, pushing it from behind and pulling it like a magnet... But at least it was much slower now. "Grrrrhhhhh!!! BROTHER! It isn't stopping... Come down here!!" Khrona had a plan now, but he had to have access to a very powerful ability of his that would strain his mind beyond belief, especially when he was busy with this moon... Khrona called upon his Answer-Seeker ability, which, as long as he asked the question of what he wanted to know, his mind would find the answer, delving into everything at its disposal in the omniverse to get it.

'This moon... What drives it forth so? Why has our resolve not stopped this creature?' Seemingly talking to no one, -- to oblivion, even -- Khrona's words did echo throughout space and time; past the dimensions and through every reality there was, the rippling effects unerring. Eventually, the rippling effect came back to him, the focal part of his mind, and something answered him back. Its voice seemed to be a variation of his own, so he could only think that it was his subconscious itself. 'The same curse that drove you to the moon drives the moon back to you...' Khrona's eyes lit up, finally understanding all that was going on here. "Ha... So that's it..." Even if the answer was given to him in that form, -- indirect and unclear -- Khrona had deciphered its meaning all too quickly. It was insanity itself, manipulated by the Falshin. He was the magnet that pulled the moon down. Falshin's insanity that was within Khrona had been on the moon the entire time, but needed Khrona as the catalyst to awaken it and make it grow, hence why Falshin sent them there in the first place. But that was the last time Falshin was going to use Khrona like that... That, he was most definitely sure of. So, there was only one thing to do, now as the 'Keeper Of Insanity...'

"Brother, for this to work, I'm going to have to drain the Insanity from the moon itself. That's what Falshin's using to pull it. So I need you to step up and hold it off with more power, to make up for me concentrating on absorbing this Insanity!! Alright, brother!?!?" Even as Khrona spoke, they were nearing the surface. In the back of his head, he could visibly see Falshin and the three women all the way at the ground. They looked like ants from up here, but with the moon pushing as it was... Soon they'd be as close as he was to this thing's face. They needed to absolutely work VERY quickly. "There is no time for mistakes!!"

It wasn't even a moment's time between Khrona's call to his brother and his arrival by his side. Calling upon the forces of manna, his brother began to pull on the empty void of space around him, reality itself shifting with his every motion, as more and more concentrated manna was focused between the space between they and moon. Empty space began to spark and ripple, the moon as it beginning to break through the planetary atmosphere, catching on fire and becoming a blazing inferno hurdling to collide with their dear planet. "Protectima!" Hundreds upon hundreds of large hexagonal sheets appeared within the gap of the moon and their dear planet and Khrona's brother, -- spreading as far and wide as they needed to cover the moon's complete collision course to the planet -- forming into one glorious form of protection held strong and tight, weaved by the pedestal of manna that was Ultimanna. He had reinforced the skill of 'Protect' with that of 'Ultimanna' on an astronomical scale, forming a guard that would rival that of even Alexandros' 'Perfect Defense', glimmering amongst the blackness of space.

The moon collided with the huge barrier, the two powers causing abnormal fluctuations of manna across nearby space, causing the beginning of several space storms around the point of collision, as the never ending sound of static and electricity echoed across all of the planet. The efforts of both Khrona and Mateus had slowed the moon's descent drastically, -- it having lost a lot of its momentum -- and Khrona's brother's shield was holding strong, for now... Yet... There was constant push; this constant fight coming from the core of the insanity that was the moon that kept it pushing -- it was as if it were forcing it to continue forward... "Khrona! Hurry I think we've made it mad! GYAHH!!!" The push of the moon was monstrous and getting worse; the Shogun moving itself to the front lines, stationing itself by that on the planet's side of Khrona's brother's shield, putting it's stone hands upon it, pushed back toward the falling moon on the other side, it flooding Khrona's brother's shield with it's own manna, making it even stronger -- the extra push they needed right now... It felt as if were a game of tug-of-war with that of a titan, and if something wasn't done soon, they weren't going to be on the winning team. "KHRONA, QUICKLY!!!"

The clock was ticking. There was absolutely no time left to be wary and Khrona knew of this. With his brother protecting everyone and slowing the moon enough, it was now Khrona's time. His brother was finally the perfect protector he wished to be, and Khrona now needed to be the keeper he sought to be as well. His mind sharp and focused completely on the moon's insanity, there was no way anything was escaping the full capacity of Khrona's mind. "That's right... I am the most powerful psychic in all the universe..." From the center of Khrona's head, a concentration of ALL of his insanity started to form, the same concentration forming within his pupils as well. Three pure singular beams shot out from khrona and into the eyes of the moon, insanity linking. "I am... The most insane person there is in existence..." A slit was created in the dead center of Khrona's head, vertical, and opened up to reveal a third eye -- an eye the same as his others -- burning the same insane red. The beams grew larger, siphoning out insanity trillions upon trillions of gallons at a time. "And I... My soul is more powerful than any other!! Fear me, Harbinger, for I AM THE KEEPER!!!"

The two were being pushed downward, now so close to Falshin and the three women, that they were damn near face to face with them. But the moon was slowing and Khrona was glowing. So much insanity being siphoned out and into Khrona caused the Moon to be less and less effected by the pull of Falshin, but was it enough? Was the moon going to stop? Or was this bomb going to detonate against their wishes...


When 'Maze and Khrona' were hit with this attack from the ex-leader, as seen previously, Khrona's brother's wife made the foolish mistake of trying to heal them whilst harming Falshin, himself, with those flames. The Falshin she captured... Was not the true Falshin at all. A mannequin, made solely of his blood and skin, filled with an insanely massive amount of insanity, taking the shape of his soul within. The perfect clone made at the perfect time. What of Khrona and his brother, you ask? ... They were not the true bodies the three made them out to be. One of those two was a figment... the other, Falshin.

Khrona's brother's form started to distort back to his original form; the shape of the Falshin, himself who had robbed his wife of most of -- if not all of -- her strength via her healing power, sucking out the rest of her power whilst she did so. When the Android girl so haphazardly warped 'Khrona and his brother' and Khrona's brother's wife to the barrier, Khrona would disappear and Falshin would take his true form completely now, watching as the magnificence of the explosion blocked out all sight from him to the others. With the elementalist in a dazed state, he grabbed hold of her, his skin beginning to wrap around her body... As if he were going to consume her whole. "Now, you insolent girl... Come into the pure depths of insanity... Where no one shall save you... And no one shall find you... You will never escape. And no one will come for your carcass..." It wouldn't take long at all, as he had assimilated his skin with hers. All it took now was... To fully absorb her body...

All the while, the real Khrona and his brother had been out of the equation long ago, for Falshin had absolutely no control over them at all. Khrona no longer succumbed to the insanity of the world and now was only plagued with his own, and his brother had control over the darkness within that allowed Falshin no control. Plus, Khrona seemed to be absorbing insanity about the area, keeping his brother away from his grasp as well. When the explosion of such intense proportions cleared, all that would be left of the site would be the ruins, which seemed intact throughout all of it, somehow, and this barrier, which protected Falshin from it all.

Falshin: "Heed my words, foolish Dusk officials; this girl is completely drained of all power thanks to her little stunt back there. She has given it all to me. Now, with her helpless body, I shall take hold of it, leaving her in my custody, attaining all of her powers and leaving her with absolute madness whilst within my grasp. Soon, the two of us will completely be one being. As of now, there is no way for you to attack me without killing her in the process. What shall you do...? Take down the barrier, or try your luck...?"

Khrona and his brother were originally on the moon when all of this happened, but where they were now was a mystery, or even if the moon was still intact, actually. Regardless of that, his brother's wife was in the most grave of dangers.

The scenario was a difficult one, as Falshin had duped both the Android and her creator rather easily. His plan was perfect; but in actuality, there were several holes in it. When the former leader made her explosion of Innocence, the Android's Kamishin Unit's transmutation circle acted to drag all insanity back into this area, as well as make Falshin the focus of this attack. Why would it seem like he was unaffected by the attraction affect and the burst of innocence? It was because the Android had constructed their barrier of Innocence and binary to be in between dimensions in the area of this blast. Falshin was already here, just on a different plane. However, with him being the focus of the attack, it would end up forcing its way to him.

Falshin may have thought it was a safe bet to drain the elementalist dry, thinking no one could stop him at this point, but he would be wrong. While the Android did not plan for him to be a clone -- or the dummy that was Khrona's brother -- she did take extra precautions just in case Falshin could get to that purgatory state. For this reason alone is why the barrier they resided in also had binary, which would allow the Android to keep track of everything that transpired in it -- and Innocence, so that should Falshin make it there, he would be severely weakened. The Falshin that was draining Khrona's brother's wife right now was weaker than usual for being inside this barrier, but then Falshin brought up his proposition. "..." The Android didn't have to think about what to do now. Only thing that went through her mind was what her mother -- her creator -- told her and the elementalist earlier. 'Don't hold yourself back at the expense of others, and just believe that they can make it through their hardships'. Khrona's brother's wife was in a horrible situation, but the Android girl wasn't going to risk the fate of the world over it. After all, she believed that the elementalist, someway and somehow, would be okay.

This explosion was immense, and as such, it was still going on, and so without any further ado, the barrier that housed Khrona's brother's wife and the Falshin was transported to the physical plane once more. That is at least, what the Android girl had planned to happen, however, things turned out differently. The power of the explosion was much greater than anticipated, and because it was locked on to Falshin's insanity -- which they all had recognized through combat -- it literally began to shatter the dimensional plane that was separating the lot of them, and the might of the explosion entered the limbo that they were in. Falshin, with no way out, had no choice but to take all of this explosion at once, and sad to say, the elementalist did, too.

As Asura consumed Khrona's brother's wife, he felt the weakness growing within him due to the barrier, but because she was still weaker than he was, her consumption was inevitable. He consumed her now, completely and utterly, taking in her soul into himself, giving him not only her power, but the incredible boost he needed to sustain himself. "... Hm... Hmhmhmhm!... HMHMHMHM!!!... I don't... Want to die... And I'm not going to. Hmhmhm... You all are foolish creatures... So ruthlessly killing off one of your own; an easy opening for insanity to thrive... The madness consumes the hearts of your loved ones... And now, let the peon of manna show his wrath..." Falshin only laughed, as if he had more knowledge about the situation than all of them. As if there was no way that he was going to die at all. In truth, if the explosion was truly locked on Falshin's insanity, it would have consumed all of the planet, considering that his influence had gone even that far, and the foolish Android would be condemned with not only the death of the elementalist, lose the relationship with Khrona's brother that she once had, AND be charged with basically destroying the planet, but also the deaths of many others on the planet as well, unsuspecting of what was going on. Trying to show off her power would leave her only drained and left with the dire consequences of her transgressions... To be hunted. "... You will be dismembered, you wretched creature... And you will be blamed, creator..."

Falshin's body was finally destroyed, disintegrating with nothing but a smile on his face, and the final parts of his body to be destroyed were his eyes... Those three eyes of insanity, gazing at the Android across the dimension... And her creator, for creating her. With his dark soul waiting there after the explosion finished, it dispersed into nothingness, no one allowed to consume it.

As she stood there with her Grimoire Of Infinity in hand, the Android shook her hair wavered in the winds created by the explosion. "Your words won't work on me, Falshin. You did this, and you will pay for it..." The explosion was in its final stages, and things were winding down now. The ex-leader lost more than half of her chakra with this one attack and even the Android girl was starting to feel exhausted from her barrage of spells earlier. Falshin's essence was being destroyed bit by bit and his soul was doomed to exorcism so that no one else could acquire such power.

As the explosion finally subsided, the Android girl was down to a knee, gripping her chest firmly. The strain on her body was too much, but it was a worthy sacrifice. She and her creator were in the depths of a massive crater that covered several miles and was deeper than the grand canyon itself. However, it was strange. With such a powerful explosion, the planet surely should have been destroyed, but not only was everything outside of this battle ground safe, but the planet was still a thriving planet. "Ever since this explosion first took effect, my Kamishin Unit has been attracting all of the insanity around the planet -- no, through the galaxy -- to this single point. The blast wasn't meant to encroach itself to devour all of the insanity, it was meant to exorcise all the insanity that my Kamishin modification dragged into it, including you." Something of this magnitude could surely destroy the very planet they lived on, but it was more of a controlled explosion. While its power could easily destroy several planets, its energy was focused on a single point or target, which in this case is Falshin. Despite being the sole target for such an attack, its radius was too large for any escape to occur. "However, I believe it's... Ugh, better this way..." She was panting heavily as beads of sweat rolled down her forehead.

"You spent your whole existence putting others in illusions using your wretched insanity... Ugh, and now you will perish under the illusion that everyone was destroyed..." She fell backward onto the ground, gripping her Grimoire Of Infinity in her arms. Even in the condition she was in, she couldn't be bothered thinking about herself. She wondered if Khrona's brother's wife found some way out.

Once the explosion of raw Innocence had subsided, the ex-leader stood in the center of the crater, steaming, with her clothes almost burned completely off. It was an intense attack, and even her battle suit couldn't survive its power. However, it was all worth it. After all, they had won this battle. "*Huff* Damn..." With that, she fell down to her knees, exhausted. She put more than half of her chakra into that attack, and if it wasn't for her combat suit, she may have perished with the sheer intensity of the explosion. She looked around staggeringly, seeing nothing but the walls of the crater that she and the Android were inside of. "Sorry... I couldn't stop the explosion... !!?" Just as she was about to give her condolences, something took place that was extremely awkward. There were hundreds-- no, thousands -- of souls drifting out of the cracks of this dimension. They had to be, all of the souls that Falshin consumed in his time as the Falshin. It was astounding... "How... wait, *cough* I see... My burst of Innocence exorcised the insanity, but the souls inside of Falshin weren't all evil. The ones that were pure, wouldn't be exorcised... Which means!" The former leader forced her body to its feet and activated her analytical eyes. If these really were souls of those who were pure, then that means, the elementalist's soul was among them.

After several minutes of scanning, she saw a soul that gave off the same energy as the elementalist, which means that it had to be her soul. With some of her remaining chakra, she summoned her coffin 'Reikyuu' to the field and kicked off the lid.

Reikyuu: "What's the meaning of this? You summon me after so long, and the first thing you do is kick me? Humans.."

"No time for that, Reikyuu. I have a favor to ask of you..." She explained the situation to him, and while he normally wouldn't give a rat's ass about what or how things were done, he respected the ex-leader as a contractor. From the depths of the coffin jutted forth about two thousand arms of dark matter; one for each soul that floated out of purgatory. As Reikyuu pulled these souls in, she waited for Khrona's brother's wife's soul to come on by, and once it did, she suspended it in midair with her soul.

Reikyuu: "Why have me gather all of these souls, if that was the only one that mattered?"

Ex-leader: "It isn't the only one that matters, it's the one that matters most."

Reikyuu: "..."

"Hakku, everything will be fine now..." The former leader chuckled a bit to herself, surprised by how well this all worked out. Falshin was defeated, and with the elementalist's soul in her possession, she may be able to create a new body for her. She trapped it in a sphere of dark matter and dropped it into Reikyuu before he sank back into the ground. Then, as she was on the verge of falling out on the ground, she stopped herself. Looking over at her Android, -- who seemed to be having a hard time dealing with the drawback from what she did earlier -- her creator went over to her and threw one of the Android's arms over her shoulder. "Let's go find Khrona and his brother..." And then the two were off, slowly advancing out of the crater.


The efforts of the brothers seemed to be futile for a while, the moon forcing the two of them downward with its incredible force, but even the power of the moon and its insanity being pulled by Falshin was not enough to push through the Protectima. They were so close to impact point that the moon insisted on persevering. "I must... Consume..." The moon's power was waning, getting sapped dry at a phenomenal rate by the new 'Keeper Of Insanity.' The moon had little to nothing left in those few crucial moments before impact, the moon finally slowing to a halt right before it touched the Falshin's head. The moon crisis was resolved.

Lying upon the lunar face of the out of orbit planet's moon laid the young magi, tired and out of breath. The glimmering power of the Protectima was still active within the sky, holding back the calamity of insanity that was the planet's moon, which had finally succumb to the efforts of both Khrona and his brother, coming to a halt and doing nothing now but resting upon the barrier of protection. Khrona's brother slowly began to sit upward, stumbling, just trying to get on his feet. He looked about, just trying to find the smallest trace of Khrona; he had to have been on the crater-faced rock somewhere, and if he was feeling even half of the way his brother was right now, he was gonna need a shoulder to lean on. And so his brother hobbled across the Moon's surface... just trying to find Khrona... "Khrona... Khrona! Where are you?!"

Tired as well, Khrona's power was just about tapped out, as was Mateus'. Mateus' crest appeared above his head as he would be taken back into it, leaving this place as a Summon until the next time. Khrona lay there somewhere nearby his brother, wrapped up in his wings. When his brother called out to him, Khrona woke up, finally feeling the effect of all of the insanity within his body... Yet not letting it poison his mind as it had done before. "... Brother...?" His body started to lift from the ground, using only mental thought to move since he was simply too tired and drained to do anything else. His body was shaky in the air, but Khrona was still able to move rather well, thanks to his proficiency. Eventually finding his brother, Khrona smiled knowing that both of them had done it. "We did it, brother... We stopped the moon... And... I'm the Keeper...! I really am..." Khrona's joy was masked by his tiredness, but it was still there all the same. "Now, I can take in all of the insanity of this planet and... Harness its power..." Though clear that all of the insanity would never be able to be taken in completely, it would be SEVERELY cut down as long as Khrona was on the job. That, he would make sure of. "We should... We should go, huh?" Khrona seemed to have a bit more power left in him to get them out of the situation, but someone would have to put the moon back where it was supposed to go...

Khrona: "... The Earth King will fix it."

Ah, so long has it been since that line has been used. And with the power of 'The Earth King will fix it', all the wrongs of the situation were made right, where the moon was back in its place and Khrona would warp both his brother and himself to their respective homes, where they would rest.

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Book 12; The Disappearance of Khrona Tensei
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