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 Book 13; The End of Khrona Tensei

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Book 13; The End of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Book 13; The End of Khrona Tensei   Book 13; The End of Khrona Tensei EmptyThu Apr 23, 2020 10:13 am

Once the New Gen Trinity inherited the Story from the Primordial Trinity that were their ancestors through the Ancient Text that was left in the Enigmatic Ruins, the trio had awakened a dormant power like none had ever seen before; the power of the 'Story' and the power of the 'Insanity.' Where the Insanity's awakening caused a cataclysmic event like none had ever witnessed, -- not simply in terms of immediate destruction but also an infectious disease that spread along with its awakening -- there was only one thing that was left for Khrona to do; take all of it into himself in order to make sure it didn't spread any further. He had grown strong enough within himself to know that he was to be the 'Keeper Of Insanity' and protect his family and the planet from it, even at the expense of his own life, if it came down to it. After the final showdown and eventual cooperation of the two brothers working hand in hand to keep the Insanity Moon from striking the planet and killing the Dusk co-leader, and his brother's wife, the two of them had successfully saved the planet from the plague of Insanity.

However, with Khrona being the new Keeper, he knew that this was only the beginning. He could no longer be who he once was nor be around anyone as freely as he did. In this, he went into hiding and into deeper seclusion... It was at that time that he knew he had to leave them for a while; everyone and everything. That was when the TRUE Disappearance of Khrona Tensei had begun...

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Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$

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Book 13; The End of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 13; The End of Khrona Tensei   Book 13; The End of Khrona Tensei EmptyThu Apr 23, 2020 2:04 pm

First End; Pondering...

It was only natural that after all that happened, Khrona went STRAIGHT into seclusion. He needed to find a way to stabilize this new overwhelming Insanity lest he become like the last Keeper -- Falshin -- and fall to the power and the fear that came with it. There was no time to lose and no expense to be spared. Lives were on the line, including his own. Things had gotten extremely serious extremely fast.

Again. Back to the recluse of his homely pit of insanity. Khrona definitely was the master of being in multiple places at once, though he was trying to stop so that he could enjoy himself in one place to the fullest extent. "... Aura... I am still having fun..." He was in the darkest, deepest part of The Pit; his room. Not just his room, however; his Deep Thought room. No one was allowed in except for him. "... To keep myself calm... I must do this every once in a while... To collect my thoughts... To keep from becoming like I was... Before..." He spoke of when he and his brother were running the Reality Village. Khrona was a complete mess; almost completely shut off from everyone and everything. Insanity and fear within his mind and soul had consumed his body and made him that way, but he'd figured out the answer to that after a long and strenuous rampaging process. The Deep Thought came to him. "... It's for my own good, as well as the good of the Dusk... Besides. I like it when I can actually think rationally every now and then..."

He was pondering about the people of the Dusk... The Dusk itself. He couldn't talk to his co-leader. He couldn't talk to his brother. Nor Zita. Nor Shinigami. Not because he didn't want to or didn't like them, as he had come to terms with his co-leader recently and was very close to the latter ones. It was just... Easier. Wonder why? "... Now... Let's go. Deep Thought..." Entering the realm of Deep Thought -- Khrona's own mind -- Khrona could only think 'What was in store this time'? Somehow, the man who supposedly knew everything was still a mystery to himself. "... Ha. People give me too much credit... I don't know everything." That relieving thought only allowed him easier access into the darkest part of his mind once more, where the most confusion happened. When he stopped, he was at the borderline again... Just like before. Even though technically, there was none. In front of him was Omnia and the Thirteen Restrictions that loomed over in back of her. This time, their meeting would be different.

Khrona: "... Omnia."

Omnia: "Khrona. I told you you'd be back."

Khrona: "I knew I'd be back."

Omnia: "Then tell me something I don't know, huh?"

Khrona: "How about you tell me?"

Omnia: "Are we going somewhere with this, or are we just gonna pussyfoot around the subject all day?"

Khrona smiled. "No, not at all. I'm here because... I wanted to talk about the Dusk Village. Find out what I truly think about it. And figure out just what's going on here..."

Omnia's eyes quickly darted away as she waved her hand in a dismissive fashion. "Hmph. The Dusk Village? That place has been going down the drain recently and you and I both know that much. Since the Sky King has reinitialized the Nightmare village, our popularity has declined, as well as the Chaos'. Even now, the Chaos village is doing worse off, yet better. They seek and obey their leader religiously, which is a step waaay above the Dusk village... So don't even try to bring up this crappy place." She yawned and turned around, both hands behind her head as if she were going to walk off.

Khrona knew this as well... But then again, why wouldn't he know everything Omnia knew? She was just another part of him, anyway... Perhaps a part that thought of things differently, or even a part that withheld information from him, as astonishing as that may sound... But it could be. Either way, Khrona was not gonna let this slide. "Yes, I admit that the Dusk has gotten out of control... But that's what I'm here for! Unlike all of the other leaders, I am still young! I don't have all of the answers, despite what everyone may think! So I came here to reflect on my village!"

Omnia's interest was piqued. She turned back around slowly, letting her piercing red eyes meet with Khrona's. "... So you think that coming back to the realm of the back of your mind holds the answer?"

Khrona nodded. "Undoubtedly."

Omnia smirked, trying to restrain laughter... Yet she turned back around to fully face Khrona. "At least we both know that much. Let's talk."

Khrona was relieved to hear Omnia say this, but was still all about business. They had just a few important issues to discuss; the misconduct of the Dusk villagers, the rampant antagonists, and the decrepit lawless state of the Dusk village and villagers. "They're all power hungry... They don't seem to understand anything. They only wish to do things for themselves and not for the well-being of their village or their comrades. They aren't even aware enough nor CARE enough to fight against the everyday threats of the village unless they get a soul out of it! Unless Shinigami posts a mission for someone to collect some souls, they won't do a lick of work... They're lazy... Destructive... Disrespectful... And more importantly, they lack discipline. They think that the Dusk has no rules... No laws... A haven for only destruction..."

Omnia: "... But weren't you the one who bred these types of people with your examples?"

Khrona became silent...

Omnia: "You complain now, but you're all of the things you describe. Your villagers follow the example in which they see... Hence why the Nightmare is powerful and the Chaos is loyal. They see their leaders and emulate what they do. The Earth King and the Sky King are both very powerful, and that shows in their skilled ninja. The Demon King is loyal to his village and villagers, which shows in how his villagers will not make a move until they get the OK from the Demon King, himself. But what do you have to show for your ninja...? They like to destroy things and make themselves more powerful. Your brother and Zita are lazy. They've picked up on that. You are destructive. They've inherited that as well. And all of you -- including the Android girl -- LACK DISCIPLINE. This behavior has led them to become just as disrespectful as they are... And you need to crack down."

Hearing this from Omnia was like a revelation in Khrona's mind... This... This place was the doing of Khrona, his brother, Zita, and the Android girl as a unit. They were the higher ups... And people really did follow their example, whether they knew it or not. Khrona and his brother were guilty of destruction and self-gain all the time... Zita was the most lazy of all... And now, nothing was getting done.

Khrona: "... Omnia... You're right... You're right and I knew this all along, but buried it deep inside the back of my mind with you so I wouldn't have to face reality..."

Omnia: "Such is what an insane person does, no? They hate to deal with reality."

Khrona: "... As true as that may be, I HAVE to deal with reality, no matter HOW insane I am! Perhaps my insanity can be put to good use, hm!?"

Khrona's eyes dilated suddenly as he looked up at the abysmal sky above him. It was black. "Yes... Yes! That's it! My insanity! What can my Insanity bring me today!? What can I do to change this slum of a village into a wonderful thriving place again!?" A huge insane smile slithered across his face... He was definitely plotting something.

Omnia was pleased to see Khrona in motion again... It had been a while. He'd been trapped in that office -- as Aura stated many times -- and he had been stifled... Almost shut out from the real world... Yet again. Then again, that's how Khrona is most times, especially when in one place for too long. That outing with Aura was getting his insanity flowing again and it was great. "Well, Khrona, your old spirit is coming back. How are you gonna whip these Dusk Ninja into shape, hm?

Khrona's eyes darted in every direction, unable to focus on anything for more than a moment. Yes, this was the old Khrona everyone knew... The non-boring one. "I'm gonna... I'm gonna... I must BEAT sense into the Dusk Ninja MYSELF! Teach them that our goal is not to be greedy, power-hungry, destructive, disrespectful, and undisciplined pests on the planet, but to actually be a thriving village! There shall be no exempt Dusk Villagers on my list!! AHAHAHAAHAHAHA!" As he laughed, Khrona bent backwards trying to let every ounce of crazed laughter echo throughout his mind. "No longer will the Dusk have an 'I' mentality! Everything does not center around them! They will not be selfish! I won't hear 'That's not my problem' or 'I don't want to die for that', or even 'The higher ups will take care of it, so I won't do anything but soul hunt and power up at the college'' NO. MORE. I HAVE HAD IT!!!"

Omnia closed her eyes, giggling to herself. She started off a slow clap for Khrona, as if congratulating his new revelation. "Well, since you've figured out what you're gonna do... How do you plan on going about it, huh smart guy?"

When Omnia spoke, Khrona's eyes quickly stopped darting around and fixated on her. His pupils were damn near invisible, they were so small. "... Omnia... Omnia, you... Will assist me... You and the Thirteen Restrictions... Whether you like it or not!!!" Khrona's smile grew wider, but Omnia did not seem to be fazed by this. "... Yes... I... I will do this in secret! No one will know! Not a SOUL! They won't know what HIT THEM! And whenever anyone gets out of line... I WILL BE THERE TO SET THEM STRAIGHT!"

Omnia: "Sort of like when you and the Judgemaster were a combined entity?"

Khrona: "Even better... I will not use my power for fun and abuse... But for reformation! I knew this day would come ever since I decided out of nowhere to remake the Condos into that wonderful place! If I can do that for a BUILDING, then I can SURELY do it for the PEOPLE!!! RIGHT!?! RIGHT, OMNIA!?!?!?"

Omnia fell silent for a moment. She closed her eyes and turned around again, hands behind her head. She started to walk off into the abyss of the darkest part of his mind slowly... Slowly... The Thirteen Restrictions followed her.

Omnia: "Yep. You're absolutely right. Just call me whenever you need me or the Thirteen Restrictions."

And with that, she disappeared, as did the Thirteen who eternally followed her. Khrona was left there, completely and utterly paralyzed from excitement. Out of nowhere, he started to speak something in calmest way he had done in quite a long time. "... This is going to go swimmingly." Not even a moment after, Khrona took himself out of Deep Thought and back into the Pit of Havoc. The grin on his face couldn't even be wiped off if he saw the Falshin right then and there. He was much too happy. "Well. I guess I'd better get started then~..." He started off in the direction of the exit... Oh yes, that quick session had gotten him motivated for great things. "Dusk Village... Prepare yourself."

Meanwhile, back at the Office...

Juri once more appeared in front of Khrona's Office, hopping that he would answer. "Ay, open up."

Khrona wasn't in his office at the time, so instead, his weapon, Misery opened up the door and stared angrily at Juri.

Misery: "What do you want? Make it quick before I kill you."

"What the hell? Hey what's with the meanness?" Juri looked at the girl confused. "Well anyway, I needed to talk to Khrona about some DNA changing and what not."

Misery's eyes narrowed as she turned away from him, about to slam the door right in his face.

Misery: "I'll talk to you however I want. I'm Khrona's weapon."

Before she shut the door, she turned back around and balled her hand into a very tight fist.

Misery: "He's not in right now. Don't know when he'll be back. Go away."

"Hey now, there is no need to be mad, now is there? I think I'll wait or him here and there's nothing you say can about it." Juri put his foot in the door before it was closed; Juri looked at the woman and could not believe that this was Khrona's wife. "So yeah, as I said, I'm not going anywhere until khrona gets back!"

The foolish boy with the great audacity would not have his actions go unpunished. Misery's head slowly rotated around to greet Juri's with a face consumed with nothing but malice and hate and her soul started to expand through the area, causing the atmosphere to grow dark and filled with the ominous taste of death.

Misery: "What... Did you say...?"

Her voice reflected her demeanor now, as it was now dark and filled with an unholy amount of killing intent. She started to crush Juri's foot with the door for a moment before she swung it all the way open, the knob smashing into the wall. She stepped up to Juri and thrust her chest out to knock him back, then continued to pursue him back into the wall, pinning him there.

Misery: "Do you know who the FUCK you're talking to? You have three seconds to get the hell out or lose your manhood."

What Juri probably didn't see was that Misery's hand was pointed at his crotch and a sword blade was jutting slightly out of it, the tip coming dangerously close to it.

"Oh boy? You think you scare me? Ha! don't make me laugh. I've seen children with more insanity than you. Don't test me because I'd do so many things to you, you'd wish you were dead. Now clean the wax out of your ear, and listen up; I don't give a rat's ass who you are. I came to see khrona, not you, so if you're not planning on using them breasts or hands to make me happy, then I suggest you step back." Juri looked the woman square in the eyes, his words were bold and he meant every last world of it. Juri was not the least bit scared, but he was pissed off -- in fact, he was more pissed than anything, the look in his eyes told that. "Listen doll face let's not start anything. Oh your breast soft as hell. I think I'll touch them." Juri reached out touching, grabbing both. This would not be happening if Misery wasn't so close.

Seems like Juri had the audacity to speak to Misery in such a way so easily... That took a lot of balls... A lot of balls that Juri would soon not have. The moment he touched her, sword-like spikes protruded from her breasts and impaled his fingers, leaving his hands in place while Misery finished what she said she'd do before. She wasn't even worried about looking him in the eyes even though he had a dojutsu, for Misery was far too powerful for his measly dojutsu to effect her at all.

Misery: "So, I respect that you have the balls to stand up to me like that... But You pissed me off. So now, you don't have balls at all."

In a swift motion, the sword shot through Juri's pants with incredible accuracy, and with that one motion, he had become a woman. Misery's soul burnt off the remains of his detached manhood before she retracted her sword.

Misery: "Now, get the HELL OUT OF MY OFFICE!"

She punched him square in the solar plexus, ripping him away from her spike infested breasts in the most brutal fashion and through the wall she pinned him to. The swords on her body retracted as she started to walk back through the office door, closing it shut.

Misery: "And I DARE you to come through this door again!!"

"Oh boy what have I gotten myself into this time? Man this sucks so bad, I got know sack... But I guess that is what I get for being stupid boy. Oh boy, I have some apologizing to do." Juri knocked on the door once more knowing that what he did was stupid and dumb all in one; Juri waited for an answer from Misery.

When Juri knocked on the door even just slightly, all that could be heard was Misery's voice booming throughout the entire building.


Seems like she was fired up.

"Die? That sounds a little mean if you think about it, but no I don't feel like dying today. I'm simply trying to apologize to you for my actions if you let me." Juri was trying to be nice but he did not know if Misery would give him the chance. Juri simply took a few steps back from the door, and waited for her next response.

There was an ominous silence after Juri said those words, the door opening slowly a few moment after.

Misery: "Apologize, eh? Well fine. If that's how it's gonna be, then grovel before me."

"Huh? Fine then, I'll do it this one time, only because I was in the wrong, but don't tell anyone about this." Juri's eyes looked down as he got on both knees and bowed to Misery. "Please forgive me for the stupid things that I have done please?" Juri kept his eyes to the ground, and waited for an answer from misery.

Misery glared at him with contempt as he groveled before her, stepping on his forehead.

Misery: "Tch, pathetic. But I guess that'll do. Get up."

She kicked him down further before opening the door completely.

Misery: "Come in and wait for Khrona."

Juri got up, and dusted himself off before going in. "The things I do around here... Sigh... Now I wait." Juri walked into the office, and took a seat on the floor.

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Book 13; The End of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 13; The End of Khrona Tensei   Book 13; The End of Khrona Tensei EmptyThu Apr 23, 2020 7:14 pm

Second End; I've Found You Khrona!

It was just about around the same time that Khrona had exited his 'Deep Thought' and had received a message from Misery to go deal with Juri that the one and only Demon King had come to stir up some trouble in the Pit of Havoc. It was rare to see ANYONE dive DIRECTLY into the Pit, which was why Khrona received barely any visitors. However, when he did return upon the Demon King's arrival... As always, things got heated rather quickly.

The man of the Chaos, himself, looked deep down into the Pit of Havoc; in a normal state of mind, no man would step this close to the massive and all consuming wavelength of insanity -- however, the Demon King was no normal man, and neither was his mindset as of now. Khrona had evaded him from some time after their last fight; possibly for the best. The Demon King had acquired a plethora of new powers, most of which set him in a bracket of his own; however, he knew Khrona's mind was constantly growing and so long as that happened... The man would always remain the Demon King's rival. "Khrona! I know you're here... And I'm coming in!" He gave Khrona the only warning he was going to get; from there the fight had begone. The Demon King jumped into the Pit of Havoc, seeing in detail the horror that was Khrona's 'home', his right hand glowing with the reddish energies of his clan. He knew starting things off with his 'Execution' would completely bypass of the talking. "Execution!" With a mighty roar sent bellowing down to the core of the pit, Khrona would be hit with a fiery force akin to the flaps of his own wings; yet, that was nothing compared to the Demon King's 'Execution' that was following ever so closely behind.

The reddish energies that illuminated the undying blackness that was Khrona's home was the only source of light the Demon King would have, which would reveal to him a mighty, rather ornate ancient door that was the only divider between rocky hole and living space. The Demon King's first course of action by blowing the door down with an Execution would have such a powerful attack shoot down the entire hallway, illuminating it brightly as it did... However, the powerful attack seemed to hit nothing as it traversed the hallway, and eventually, the light it omitted faded from sight, the impact never happening. Though rather ominous, it was true... Khrona's pit was just this massive... No one knew how far it expanded.

When the sound of impact echoed from was could be determined to be several hundreds of miles away, there was only one voice that could be heard coming to greet the Demon King at the door with a rude welcome... And this voice did not belong to Khrona.

Misery: "... Who the HELL is making all this friggin' racket!?"

This attitude filled, sheerly vehement voice belonged none other than to one of the two of Khrona's Soul Weapons; Misery Des Gloomi. Taking note of the only source of illumination in this abysmal dwelling, Misery immediately locked onto the familiar power source...

Misery: "Mother fucking Demon King... Ha! I like your balls... Coming down here all badass-like and trying to pick a fight with Khrona. Well, when you've got a fight with him, you've gotta fight his wife, too! Don't even THINK I'll let you past!"

As she spoke, her soul flared up beyond belief, bringing the limelight onto herself and her soul's light, which now brightened and tinted the cave with a deep crimson color; the same color as her soul. Without as much as a warning, her right palm released a large black blade whilst the back of her left hand released a huge black scythe blade that was up to the same length as her shoulder. Not only that, but in a blurred motion, she was damn near slicing the Demon King's chest with a soul energy embedded blade of Insanity and Condemnation. It had begun.

With a rapid motion of his hands, he parried all of the slashes of Misery, remaining unharmed by the adverse affects thanks to his Demon Chakra's draining ability. "His wife? Now this is going to be interesting," the Demon King said, tossing a wink at Khrona's wife. He knew it would piss him off later, but knowing that gave the Demon King all the more satisfaction. Despite that fact he was enjoying flirting with Khrona's wife, he still had a fight to win. So after parrying the slashes and finding an opening, he would make the quick escape, making his way directly behind Misery with his hand already aimed at her back. "Keep up," he said with yet another reflexive wink; it was odd to see the Demon King doing anything but being emo and cool, however, his coolness still found its way into his flirting.

A feat within itself was being able to see Misery's attack and react in time to it. An even greater feat was being able to parry every one of her attacks like that, which caused Misery to stumble back, slightly unbalanced and taken back by the skill and the draining effect of the Demon Chakra. She didn't even notice the wink, in fact.

Misery: "Fuck! That damn Demon Chakra again draining my--"

Without the second to complete her sentence, the Demon King was behind her, but she definitely did keep up with him. Her eyes shot to the corner, using only peripheral to see the Demon King wink at her again, but this time actually noticing it, though this was not the time to care about it. She expertly used her own soul to force his hand away from her back via a small, yet strong expulsion of force from it, taking that time to turn around and meet face to face with him, malicious intent running rampant through her body.

Misery: "Tch, don't play with me, Demon King! I remember what happened before, and it was our mistake for underestimating you like we did! But not this time!!"

Her soul fluctuated and flared, this time releasing a destructive force much larger and more powerful than the one to push his hand back, but this one was to push him away -- and possible even off balance -- so she could catch a chance to end him right here and now. Suddenly behind the Demon King would be a sword jutting diagonally from the ground aimed at his back, which seemed rather similar looking to the one Misery had jutting out of her right hand, however the one in the ground was larger. Whether he lost balance or not, it was coming straight at him to impale him and give him a rather nasty wound. Misery didn't have any time to waste.

The Demon King was caught off guard by Misery's soul. He knew of her power, but never had he faced her without Khrona's help -- a miscalculation on his part. "She can fight, huh?" he said, applying the same tactic he used for offense as a defensive counter measure, thus blocking the force of the wind allowing him a small gap to work with. It was around here the Demon King would be sliding across the ground from Misery's soul's force, he noticed the sword jutting from beneath the cave's rocky surface, yet, sadly he didn't have enough breathing room to perform adequately. Misery was a wise woman. But still, the Demon King was a man of resources; by using a highly advanced version of his elder abilities 'Shadow Step,' he was able to evade. In its prime, the 'Shadow Step' was the Demon King's favorite way to move short distances quickly, yet with more thorough uses, the Demon King could enter a state of intangibility. Using this, the Demon King would phase through the sword and allow the the soul energy to pass right through him. With Misery more than likely in awe at his ability, he took the time to prep his next attack. "Is it on me?" he questioned mockingly as he tossed a slew of 'Demon Needles' at Misery, only to warp to the other side of her and repeat the same action. He knew she could handle such a Standard-level tactic, but he was more worried about how she would react to them.

Misery surely did think that he was taken by her attack, but was not expecting this ability at all. He seemingly just passed through her attack -- soul energy and all -- and even though she saw most of how it was done with her extremely keen eyes, there were parts of it that were a mystery to her considering the size of this particular corridor. It wasn't big, like the latter parts of the cave were. Now that she thought about it... This was her house, wasn't it? Why wasn't she using her knowledge of her own house and the incredibly limited visibility to her advantage?

Though a smart thought, this was not the time for self-assessment, as more of the damned Demon Chakra came at her, this time in the form of needles. Misery definitely knew that she shouldn't touch them, but she did have the equipment in her arsenal of abilities to deal with them with little difficulty... However her next course of action came solely from instinct, nothing else. With needles at her back and her front, Misery used the smallness of that corridor once again to her advantage, jumping off of the sides of the rocky walls with rather good footing to propel herself up above the needles and upside down, feet touching the ceiling and implanting sword blades within to keep her up, much like shoe spikes for climbing ice without slipping. No time wasted in transition, Misery pointed her sword blade at the collision point of where the two sets of Demon Needles would meet, then used one of her most infamous of abilities...

Misery: "Zero Sanity!!"

From the sword came a huge amount of insanity in a concentrated form of a wave-like beam, shooting toward and then digging into the ground below and totally consuming the needles, then being brought over to the side where the Demon King stood as to try to blast him with this rather large attack. The trail that the Zero Sanity left behind was that of distorted atmosphere, which had become so unstable and so weak that at any given point Misery could just shatter it at her own will with her wavelength. Not only that, the Demon Needles were gone and the Zero Sanity was still at its normal power, as if the draining property hadn't worked on it... But knowing Misery, she rigged her attack with something that could combat the weak needles with ease to take them out and not have to worry about a weakened attack, so the Demon King could take the full brunt of it and its atmosphere-distorting properties.

Misery: "Careful, now, Demon King... Don't be as foolish as we were to you way back when. Ha."

The Demon King flipped back, landing on the wall of Misery's tiny cave like home. he completed a set of hand signs and placed his hand gently on the wall he was currently standing on. "Oh no you don't!" The Demon King quickly activated his jutsu, which was like an energy vortex made of Demon Chakra. The spot where the Demon King placed his hands would lure foreign chakra in its direction, battling it for dominance. If the Demon King's chakra won, the spot would then release the power acquired out in a beam, but if the other chakra won then the results were a marvelous explosion -- just large enough to fill up the room. Knowing this, the Demon King only put enough chakra to draw Khrona's power in and cause the explosion that would hopefully distract Misery. He would just faze right through the explosion and with him being on the opposite side of the explosion, he would have ample time to prepare. Which is just what he would do.

As Misery pressed on with her attack, she noticed that the Demon King's was made solely of the Demon Chakra, thereby making it a formidable counterattack to her devastating strike... However, it seemed like it was drawing in not only her power, but the natural essence of insanity that flowed about the cave like air. 'Hmm... Then if that's the case...'

Misery: "Crap!"

Misery unlocked from the top of the ceiling, falling down with just a slight moment to run away, however by this time it was too late, for she was already in the midst of the explosion, where she assumed that it would probably drain her a great deal, which she wasn't particularly fond of it doing. She was shot back deeper into the cave, however into the wider, more open space and not just the corridor that the door led to. When she realized where she was, she also came to the realization that she hadn't been harmed in any way, shape or form and none of her energy had been drained by the Demon Chakra... 'But... How is this possible...?'

Despair: "... Oh my, are we being raided? How terribly terrific... We haven't had company in a very long time, Misery..."

It was at that moment that Misery realized the Rejection that had cloaked around her body in just the nick of time, and it could only come from one weapon and one weapon only... Despair a La Discord.

Despair: "... We might as well show Mr. Demon King what it's like to experience... The Khrona Family Hospitality...?

Misery quickly stood up, the Rejection fading as she gave Despair a certain confident and grateful smile. Turning her attention back to the Demon King, who was still lingering in the small hallway, Misery flicked her nose with her thumb cockily, readying for the next attack.

Misery: "Hahaha! Hell yeah, Despair! Thanks for having my back! We're gonna show him the power of what BOTH of Khrona's wives can do! In fact, you take lead!"

Without much of a warning other than that, Misery burst into a black-tinted light, which morphed into the shape of a scythe in the air. Despair gracefully took hold of the handle of the scythe, allowing the blackened light to disperse from around the weapon, having it take its final form as a large, black scythe... a Death Scythe, to be more specific.

Despair: "... My... With this, I feel just like the Reaper himself... It's not like I'm unlike him, as we are now, Misery..."

Despair laughed only slightly, in a quiet and depressed manner that seemed to bring down the mood just a bit, as did a majority of Despair's actions.

Despair: "Now, Mr. Demon King, why have you come to our humble home so suddenly causing such a disturbance...?"

Misery would notice that Zeik was already rushing down the narrow Hallway, his superb vision keeping him alert for any traps and his mind still locked on defeating Khrona no matter the cost. "I came here for Khrona. If you two ladies insist on pestering..." he said, flash-warping in the midst of his dash to the room Misery and her friend where now waiting in. He had already called forth his Spirit Weapon, 'Conviction', and with that activated its 'Spirit Release', which took the form of two identical blades. Holding both blades firmly in his grasp, he waved them both rapidly and aggressively. "That's fine by me!" he yelled with the same ferocity as the super heated gust of wind now flying towards both Misery and Despair. The 'Heatwaves' making their quick approach to the wives of Khrona were packed with the Demon King's chakra; taking a direct hit or not would result in the loss of their chakra and the Demon King knew they knew that...

'I know she'll take the bait,' he thought to himself while applying the necessary barriers to keep his thoughts in his head and not on the psychic information highway; the only way for Khrona to know what he was thinking would be for him to actually go looking for something. The Demon King's left hand was glowing with a number of weird demonic-like markings, but that would be covered by the darkness of Misery's humble abode.

The Demon King seemed to have his own conviction about getting to Khrona one way or another for whatever reason, but unfortunately for him, they weren't going to make this an easy process for him. In fact, these two aimed to make it just about as difficult as it could get, and it started here and now with these heated wind gusts.

Despair: "For... Khrona? Whatever for...?"

With the waves coming at the two, being filled with the Demon King's chakra, they wouldn't get far, and Misery made sure of that. Before they made it even close to the two, the distorted atmosphere would break directly in the path of the 'Heatwave's, -- which seemed to be and almost completely random phenomenon -- this sudden break in reality caused specifically by Misery's Insanity touching the weakened atmosphere. Thus, the 'Heatwaves' were disposed of just as quickly as they came about. These two together were definitely nothing to be shaking off, but the Demon King had activated his Spirit Weapon, which the two were also familiar with. When the atmosphere reformed naturally, Despair prepped Misery and started to slowly walk toward the Demon King.

When Despair was just close enough, she would raise Misery high and slash through the air violently, which brought about a terrible black mist into the Demon King's area. Though he may have thought that Misery and Despair couldn't see every last detail of what was going on in this darkness, seeing as they lived down here, they were adjusted to the darkest of darknesses -- and even darker than that. They could see what was going on as clear as day. Thank you, wonderful adaptation. The black cloud didn't waste any time, spreading at a rather swift rate, getting thicker and thicker as it spread, oddly enough...

The Demon King glanced over his shoulder, as if he were checking for something; however, just as quickly as he looked away, he brought his attention back to Misery and Despair.

Thanks to the Demon King's Origin Vision, he could adequately see and understand the phenomenon that had just occurred before him. Though he was sad for the rest of his chakra, he was glad he knew the girls had such a move at their disposal, and if they could generate it at that small size, it wouldn't be a surprise to see them make another of a great size. "Hmph, it's always interesting to fight women. Though I'd much rather see them in a different setting," he said slightly under his breath, just before a deep red aura started floating around his Spirit Weapon. He knew what they were capable of, but they didn't. The Demon King saw Despair using her Death Scythe and raised her an explosive Spirit Weapon, causing small contained blast to burst in the face of any impact with his blade, which would be the Death Scythe, in this case. Though the blades usually only held three blasts per full charge, it was rare that he used all six.

Hidden within the blackness of the pit was the black mist, only to be illuminated -- yet not moved -- by the explosion that ensued during the Demon King's attack. Despair had no intention of hitting the Demon King with the scythe, as she just wished to release and spread that mist... The 'Cloud Of Death', as they call it. The Demon King should have noticed that the explosions lacked the potency in which he had used them, which made them lackluster and causing them to fizzle out before they did an extreme amount of damage... This small amount of damage could be blocked by Despair's odd dimensional dress, which, in turn, made a great shield in most situations. If the Demon King hadn't figured it out by now, the 'Cloud Of Death' was draining the energy of everything that wasn't Misery or Despair at this point; namely, the Demon King and his attacks -- and the power of the 'Cloud Of Death' only got stronger as the mist spread, hence why it got thicker as it got larger rather than thinning out.

With the 'Cloud Of Death' able to take care of attacks, growing stronger and larger with each passing moment, and now doubling in size thanks to the power of the explosions, the Demon King would be faced with its other properties next. It was foolhardy to drain the Demon Chakra into anything, as it only served as means to consume energy from the inside out, so the other properties of this 'Cloud Of Death' had to initiate, which were enfeebling... Causing whatever was within to become very weak and decrepit, inept, and fragile. This served no excuse for the Demon Chakra and the Demon King himself, for unless he found a way to get rid of it before it spread out completely and utterly, he'd just get weaker and weaker, as would his attacks and the effects of his abilities.

Now, with that done, Despair aimed for her counter strike. She wasn't one for speed like Misery was, and was all about... Elegance and grace, one could say. She twirled the scythe blade around gorgeously, bringing some of the mist around the head of the scythe to 'coat' it a little, and then with one fell swoop, she aimed to cleave the Demon King in two, the power of the 'Cloud Of Death' plus Misery's scythe blade as one would be enough to break through any attacks directly aimed at them, so they were almost certain that they could cut down the Demon King this time.

Misery: "Hahaha, I told you not to underestimate us! You're gonna have to step it up if you REALLY want to see Khrona, Demon King!"

In all honesty, the Demon King stepping it up probably wasn't the best thing to do here... For it could destroy the Pit. Looks like Misery was blinded by the fight yet again.

The Demon King's eyes didn't catch that the black mist shared the properties of draining energy -- or should he say, consuming. The mist wasn't just draining and weakening, it was storing the energy for its own later use, much like the weevil and the Earth King's enchanted flames. "... How did I miss that?" he asked while parrying Misery and taking a quick dash backwards. It was around this time where the Soul Weapon began her elegant and gracious twirl; it was one the Demon King could have admired on different terms, but for now, he was about to deal with this mist, Misery, and Despair. "So, I should step it up huh? I was saving this for the weevil, but a little test run is fine by me," he said as he just finished completing another set of hand signs. From the corners of the cave came forth several large towers, all glowing of a burning white heat. The towers comprised of a massive amount of the Demon King's Demon Chakra acted as supports for the Demon King, draining large quantities of chakra in very short intervals, endangering the girls' chakra, but more so devouring the mist rather quickly.

The Demon King had original plan on using this move encase the weevil should he manage to get his 'Clouds' out on him. The towers' effect on such a small area made short work of the mist, although the towers could have devoured an even larger amount of energy just as effectively with the brilliance coming off of the Demon King's towers. "...I need to wrap this up now." Following his last jutsu up with another set of hand signs, the Demon King caused the towers to release the energy they had gathered multiplied by the number of towers, which in this case was five. The energy was released in the form of highly concentrated heat, which would burn clean through anything its light touched almost instantly, and since the towers were going off like disco balls, Misery and Despair were in a bind. The Demon King used the time he would get from Misery and Despair trying not to be evaporated into dust to charge his chakra. He needed to stay focused if he was going to conserve energy for Khrona.

Originally considered to have the upper hand, Despair was about to make the decisive blow to the Demon King, but when it all came down to it, he stepped it up just as Misery said to. Not only that, he gave them quite the compliment.

Misery: "Huh, so we're S-class fighters, eh? Hahahaha! You're simply too kind! Despair... Let's dispatch of those towers!"

Without a word, Despair generated a thin barrier of Rejection over the towers, which would hinder the draining effect by repulsing it back upon the towers to have them basically destroy themselves. It was working for a moment, however with the consumption of the mist plus the amplification of power, the Rejection was not going to hold for much longer, no matter how much it could repulse.

Despair: "... It's breaking, Misery... I think we need to step up as well.. If we are to match such a gloriously destructive power, hm...?"

It almost sounded as if praise was going to the Demon King at this moment, which it probably was. They knew of only one way to ensure that their barrier stayed constant and disallowed the towers to drain the energy from the Rejection... And that was the Soul Resonance.

Misery and Despair: "... Soul Resonance..."

There was an instantaneous spark between the two souls, which just as quickly became a very powerful, very stable resonance. Suddenly, the souls of the two exploded outward, consuming the entire vast area that was this large room in the cave, covering it in a blackish-purplish-reddish-grayish hue, which actually mixed quite beautifully, in fact. The powerful surge released from Misery's 'Deadly Soul' and Despair's 'Isolated Soul' was immense. Now the Rejection barriers handling the towers grew stronger as well, giving them just enough power to hold off the attack of the powers with less trouble than before. It was unknown how long these two powerful forces would clash before one gave in, but it was apparent that one needed to give in out here beforehand.

Despair raised Misery once again, this time her blade getting larger and longer to show a rather great increase in power, and Despair's hair began to flare up and about wildly.

Despair: "... Mr. Demon King... I do not know if you fully comprehend what the power of the Soul can do... But if you wish to fight it and overcome it, you must respect its power, first... That mist... was Misery's soul energy..."

Suddenly, Misery began to glow with a grayish tinge, a wispy trail drifting off of the edge of a blade as if it were possessed by a vicious, unrested spirit.

Despair: "And this soul energy, Mr. Demon King... Is mine... 'Blade Of Despair'..."

In a motion all too swift for even the eyes of the most skilled Elites, there was a slash from the scythe in Despair's hands, the wispy trail left behind being the only evidence that she even moved. The range of such a wide slash reached much farther than it would have seemed, actually cutting into the wall far behind these two. Despair's eyes were affixed to the Demon King, yet not looking at him, but through him, in a sense -- possibly even looking into his hellish soul. Though the slash seemed to have done absolutely nothing but look cool, the walls behind them that were cut by the blade had that portion and that portion only turn completely into ash, falling to the ground thusly. One could only imagine what that would do to a body, if the Demon King had been touched by it. Despair had literally weakened the construct and constitution of the wall down to that of ash in just a single strike, making it fall just that easily, and that went the same for anything else that was in the range of the slash... Despair made sure of that.

Forever on the defense, Despair made no moves after that, as she wasn't one for a multitude of things, like Misery was. She was more... Conservative, one could say. Using power only as necessary... And such a power that was just used was absolutely necessary on a fucking Demon King, rest assured. Though they didn't have the intent to kill, this still was a rather serious battle. They were trying to protect their Master with all their might.

A smile came across the Demon King's face as he took in Despair's warning. The Demon King had a wide understandings of chakra and all its capabilities; he would never underestimate any form of chakra. In fact, the Demon King had been planning to get rid of not necessarily Misery and Despair, but their soul energy. "You're lecturing the wrong shinobi; I know of your capabilities and that's why I've been so cautious... Which is more than I can say for you, my dears," he said, clasping his hands together, thus finishing the activation of his Pentagram. He had been waiting for one of Khrona's soul weapons to use their soul energy in the most purest form, greatly increasing the effects of his jutsu; However, who would have thought they would both use them at the same time. The marking on his arm would spread to the rest of his body shortly after he activated his Pentagram, adding to the allure of this jutsu, coupled with his body glowing the brightest of white. His body was acting as the medium for his jutsu, allowing the energy to safely pass through him and into the markings. The energy coating his towers and the energy now headed his way would begin to flicker; it was losing its power and in countering, such a seal wouldn't be effortless by any means.

Once Misery and Despair's soul energies were successfully absorbed, the markings would trail off into the Demon King's Pentagram, where they would remain until the Demon King no longer had the chakra to maintain them. Naturally it would be a massive drain on his chakra to maintain a seal on two separate power sources, but the Demon King had already taken this into account. He had prepared for this since he realized he would be facing off against they alone; he figured it be easier to defeat Khrona if you took away his ladies.

From the multi-colored dark light produced by their combined soul energies, they lost the color of blackness and grayness, which were respectively of Misery's Condemnation and Despair's Despair and Rejection soul energies. All that was left now was redness.

Despair: "Ah, what a delightfully depressing twist... Seems like our soul energies are sealed..."

Despair was not aware that the markings on the Demon King's body were the activating points of the Pentagram, one of his most famed techniques. This was quite the learning experience. Though Misery and Despair's soul energies were sealed, they didn't seem worried in the least... For Misery still had one.

Despair: "... Yes, we have been rather foolish in this time, but you still underestimate our souls just a bit... With those soul energies sealed, the two of us each have another separate soul energy from the first... Hence why we are so powerful... And though you've taken three... We still have one more."

That being said, the Insanity flowing about the area started to thicken, as if they were increasing the power of it exponentially just by standing there. Their resonance with each other was swiftly picking up.

Misery: "You know what Insanity is, right...? HA! I bet you don't know what the TRUE power of it is like, though! Try to absorb THIS!"

Misery and Despair: "Insanity Resonance!!"

True, the Demon King had bested them verily by sealing the power of the other three soul energies, but the one he really needed to worry about was the only one he didn't seal, for that one was the most powerful, considering both the state of the Dusk as well as the atmosphere of the cave... Insanity plagued this land, making a resonance with Insanity probably the most powerful sort of resonance that could occur whilst this insanity lingered damn near everywhere in the Dusk. Such a power resonated with the immense amount of insanity within the cave... The insanity in the atmosphere of the Dusk... And even the Insanity of Khrona himself. The entire cave started to quake and distort, such a power unable to be contained any longer by these means.

Despair: "Here it comes..."

Misery: "... You've fucked up now, Demon King!!"

Misery and Despair: "Extinction Beam!!"

In a one swift motion, the weapon made a fluid transition from scythe to sword form in mid-slash at the Demon King, releasing a wave of insanity so powerful that it caused insanity from the atmosphere to be pulled out and concentrated into massive beams along with the initial wave, having them shoot from the ground, air, and interlock in every single which way possible in attempts to destroy literally everything in its wake -- even the Pentagram itself so that the girls get their soul energies back. Worst case scenario, this gets absorbed into the Pentagram and it caused it to break by draining the Demon King with such an astronomical amount of insanity concentrated into one place. The force of this attack even forced Misery and Despair back quite a ways away, almost causing the graceful Despair to lose her balance.

Despair: "My... What a wonderfully destructive ability... Insanity..."

Thinking quickly, the Demon King made a mad dash towards the closest wall he could find, slashing clean through the thick earth of the cave and creating an opening. With his swords in front of him and his body engulfed in flames, he began the process of drilling back to the surface, all in all nearly avoiding the blast of insanity. He wasn't foolish enough to try and stop the attack with his Pentagram; that would have resulted in him losing the fight right there and then. The girls would get their powers back and the Demon King's chakra would have plummeted. "What the fuck is with these girls?" he questioned just as he broke through to the surface, combating rolling away from the now geyser of insanity spouting high into the air. At first, the Demon King was going to plan his counter for the girls, but then he remembered who he was dealing with. He knew if he didn't get rid of that geyser, one of those girls was going to make him regret it. "Blackfire!" he yelled, lifting his blindfold off his face revealing his eyes true nature. Black flames came jutting out of his eyes, quickly wrapping their ever burning glory around the insanity, slowly destroying the very core of its power. The Demon King rarely used his dojutsu abilities, but when he did, they always got the job done. Their was no way to douse the flames of the Blackfire; those flames would burn as long as they needed to, destroying the insanity geyser and anything left unprotected in the cave.

Misery: "Ha, we made him retreat! I told him that we were better than we were before! Hahahahaha! Take THAT!"

Despair: "... We still must proceed with caution... I do not even know if he was even harmed by that attack... Misery, if you please?"

Without another word, Misery's blade gleamed for but a mere moment, giving the full view of what was going on above through Misery's eyes. One can wonder how Misery can see when she was nowhere near the surface and had nothing up there, but whilst resonating with Insanity itself, she could see in any place that Insanity was running rampant. Above the ground -- thanks to the Falshin -- there was a plethora of Insanity just lingering about; almost a surplus, one could say. She also viewed her blast getting totally consumed by those flames, which Despair quickly analyzed.

Despair: "... Eternally burning black flames... Blackfire, huh...? How dreadfully pleasant..."

With knowledge on that, Despair aimed to preoccupy the Demon King above from below using Misery's ability to resonate with insanity itself. Being around Khrona for so long, the negative side-effects from doing this would be virtually nonexistent to these girls, as Insanity of this caliber didn't even seem to effect them anymore.

Despair: "... Misery... Target Mr. Demon King's location... We must figure out a way to get our soul energies back... Even with your horridly divine Insanity, I fear that he'll catch on soon enough and be able to counter it... He isn't a leader for nothing..."

Misery quickly targeted the Demon King, her sword blade glowing with a crimson hue as she responded to Despair, "Yeah, yeah, I know. But the best way I know how to get something you want... Is to take it by FORCE! It's time for the Demon King to meet my 'Hellblade'! Hahahaha!"

With the Demon King up above wondering what these two were going to do, the ground below him cracked and released a blade of insanity of colossal size, spurting up from the ground in one swift motion, giving no warnings and no caution that it was coming. The 'Hellblade' was a variant of Misery's 'Insane Blade Impact' attack, except this one came from the ground. Upon touching anything, the insanity siphoned out any energies that it touched and either disposed of them or consumed them for itself, making it stronger. In this case, it would probably be disposing of the energies absorbed from the Demon King, since the Demon Chakra could definitely get rid of it with ease. If the Demon King thought that was all, then he didn't know the universal attribute of all of Misery's 'Insane Blade' class attacks, which was a massive explosion upon impact with anything or command of Misery, the powerful explosion having the same siphoning properties as the sword itself, making it just that much more deadly. They only hoped that the Demon King was caught off guard by that and had to deal with it for a while whilst they came up with a new plan to get their soul energies back... If worse came to worst, they'd just fight on with the Insanity.

Despair made her way back to the entrance of the pit, staring up at the tiny, minuscule dot of light up above that was the exit, showing just how far away it was from the actual ground. A hole big enough to fit a giant mech was dot-sized in view of Despair. If the Demon King decided to come back down, Despair would be ready for him.

The Demon King's Origin Vision was a marvel to behold, its range allowing the Demon King to view Misery and Despair's actions while he prepped to deal with them. With a great toss, the Demon King sent his sword high into the air, warping shortly after to some remotely location. "Yup, that will do." He said so absolutely as he stood perfectly still, almost as if he were waiting for the girls to fire their sword of destruction. It was a pity the Demon King had used his 'Oblivion Eyes' trait to see glimpses of time; using that and his Origin Vision's precision made the Demon King's job all too easy. "I guess this is the day I roast two beautiful women... Khrona is gonna be pissed," he said just as the Misery's sword came jutting from the ground, only to be halted by the symbol of the Demon King's clan -- the Pentagram. The swords the Demon King tossed across the battle field were going to aid the Demon King in finishing off these girls.

Soon after the sword of insanity was stopped dead in its tracks, the girls would have noticed the Pentagram still covering their walls glow once again. The girls would then have three seconds to not only get out of that cave, but fifty miles on in, before the entire fifty mile radius of Khrona's own homeland went up in a massive burst of black flames that came rushing from the core of the cave and headed straight for the heavens. The Demon King, however, stood amidst his flames looking down on what he expected to be the end of round one. "Hmph... Still going to keep me waiting, Khrona?"

Despair heard a rhythmic noise coming from somewhere in the cave, knowing not what it was, yet not bothering to find out. Her focus was on the Demon King, who seemed to have the upper hand yet again.

Despair: "... Somehow, he knew... How is this...? Is he psychic, like Khrona? No... That can't be it..."

The Origin Vision was a mystery to both Misery and Despair, for they only knew about the physical traits that the Demon King held and none of the mental. Thus, they were very much ill-prepared for what was going to happen next. Despair focused intently on the Demon King and everything he did... The sword, the Pentagram; everything... And she even realized the danger she was in from before.

Despair: "... The Black Flames... They're here, Misery..."

Misery: "Tch, so? We can get out of here easily! Your dress is made of a dimensional rift! We can warp anywhere we want instantly! Plus, we can just use the Insanity to move around right? What's the fucking problem?"

Despair: "... Look carefully at what he did... If we move from this spot, we'd have to face the swords above. But if we stay, we must face the black flames. He's giving us... A rather devilishly keen ultimatum. Hmhmhmhm~."

Despair seemed less worried than she did impressed, the same way Misery felt pissed off. Despair lowered Misery from a fighting position, now hearing the rhythmic pattern growing louder and louder. Perhaps this was another one of the Demon King's attacks to ensure that they left the cave? Most likely. But Despair had made her choice, and that was definitely what she was going to stick with.

Despair: "... What a cruel, beautiful death this shall be... Don't you agree... Misery...?"

At that very moment, the explosion ensued. Everything was taken out, great or small, by the eternally burning black flames of Blackfire. Misery and Despair burned to death from the unquenchable flames' power, no longer being able to function at all. Yet, they were able to see... Just a glimpse of something... Before they died... It was a piercing red gleam of unknown origin, however it was more clear than anything and everything else in their blurring line of vision. This gleam was soon accompanied by a cynical smile, then a tongue sticking out at them, followed by words whispering through their ears... "... Just kidding~..." The gleaming red light consumed their vision, as if they'd just died and went straight to hell... But in that one instant, they were back to where they were, standing strong, nothing destroyed or consumed by the flames. The only thing that consumed them was that familiar sinister yet playful laughter of the one and only... Their partner....

Misery and Despair: "Khrona!!!"

The rhythmic noise that Despair heard before was actually the footsteps of Khrona coming ever closer to them, and he had saved they and his home from utter destruction with his potent Reality Warping abilities. The strongest in the land, they say. "Ha, yep... Those flames can burn forever... Unless they have nothing to burn. Hahahaha!" Khrona started to walk toward the entrance, urging Misery and Despair to follow. "Come on, girls. We have to go teach the Demon King a lesson. You two have done enough by yourselves." He raised both of his hands, his weapons both knowing just what to do. Despair threw Misery at Khrona -- since she was already in weapon form -- and quickly followed behind by changing into her weapon form of a straight razor in Khrona's other hand. Khrona caught the two of them, using that very second to burst straight up out of his cave with a massive explosion of force projected by his wings. When he reached the top, he stopped immediately, staring the Demon King down with a nonchalant, yet piercing look upon his face.

Khrona: "Demon King... The time has come. Ha. You've given my girls quite enough trouble today, and I'd very much like it if you gave them their soul energies back. If you do or if you don't, you've messed with the Khrona family, and now I must show you your punishment for it. No hard feelings, huh?"

Those were going to be the only words exchanged before Khrona's attack. The Demon King best be prepared. Khrona could already see what was coming.

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Book 13; The End of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Third End; I've Found You Khrona! Pt. II

Misery and Despair had been holding down the fort rather well for what it was worth without their partner, but the Demon King was simply too much for them to overcome, even if they were able to hold their ground. They definitely needed Khrona, and when they needed him most, as usual, he was always there. With him on the field, the battle had just become even more advantageous to them due to their combined powers. Now it was time for the moment the Demon King had been waiting for...

The Demon King was standing above the ground shaking his head, he could, in fact see into the future -- but for very short bursts -- generally only five seconds, unless was mediating. "I really wanted to cook them," he said, allowing the flames to simmer down. The swords he was using returned to his grasp, as he was going to need them very soon. The Demon King glanced down, his eyes meeting Khrona for the first time since he had gotten here. "I came here looking for you, they got in the way and were promptly dealt with; though I suppose they served their purpose. They did force me to use more chakra than I had hoped, yet it was still pointless." The Demon King took off towards Khrona, diving down towards him at hypersonic speed; should he be unprepared, the Demon King would fly right through him, cleaving him in half like he was made of paper. Should he try something crafty, the Demon King would be able to deal with that, as well.

Despite how serious this probably was, Khrona felt as lighthearted as ever fighting the Demon King again. "I wouldn't have let that happen to them. It was an impossibility." As one should note, Khrona's Hyper Perception was eternally active, his eyes gleaming red at the moment the Demon King made even a fraction of a movement. A devilish, toothy smirk slipped across his face as his straight razor clashed with the Demon King's sword with just as much swiftness and precision as the Demon King himself had aiming at Khrona. "Heh... You still didn't answer my question, Demon King! Can they get their soul energies back? I promise we won't use them~." He said it in a sort of joking tone, but was rather serious about it. The moment Khrona was done speaking, a force of extreme psychic power manifested between both of their weapons, the force exploding into a power great enough to force the both of them almost out of distance of each other. Khrona stopped himself midway by using his wings, dropping to the ground soon after. He looked at Misery in his hand, then at Despair.

"... Sorry, Misery. I wanna use Despair for this one. Sit this one out, if ya don't mind. You can come back later." He winked at her, and though originally she was beyond infuriated by this, she knew what Khrona wanted to do. He wanted a free hand and could call her back any time necessary, especially if she could traverse insanity like it was nothing. He was preserving her soul energy, just in case.

Misery: "Alright, fine. Just don't leave me out of ALL the action."

Khrona nodded, transporting Misery elsewhere, leaving one hand free and the other hand wielding his straight razor, Despair. "It's been a while since I've used you in battle, Despair... Think you're up for it?"

Despair: "... Most undoubtedly, Khrona..."

"Alright... Then you know what it's time for..." Khrona took sight of Demon King, wherever he was, and initiated a Soul Resonance with Despair.

Khrona and Despair: "Soul Resonance!!"

An astronomical explosion of sheer wavelength power burst forth across the majority of the land, and only as a basis for Khrona's power. Unlike the resonance with just Misery and Despair, Khrona's soul and wavelength were on par with gods themselves, which had been proven many times -- even with Falshin and Shinigami, his soul rivaling theirs in strength and size. This being said, the Demon King would have a much harder time dealing with Khrona's rather than Misery and Despair's. He didn't attack though, yet continued to resonate as to increase his power output, the sheer force of which caused the sky to ache with insanity, the ground to shake and cry out in pain, and even the atmosphere to distort and destabilize from the very fact that it knew not of what else to do about this power. It had been taken to the next level, whether the Demon King was prepared or not.

The Demon King was, of course, pushed some ways back before he made his epic air recovery. He was already in pursuit of Khrona while he was talking to one of his weapons, but once he initiated his Soul Resonance, the Demon King would come to a screeching halt. He had faced off against Khrona too many times to count and with the soul being the new top tier power, the Demon King had grown accustomed to its presence on the battle field; yet, that still did not alert the Demon King of just how serious Khrona was. "I kinda like the thought of holding your powers in my grasp; kinda like payback for all the shit Zita sealed of mine." The Demon King awayed his Spirit Weapon, 'Conviction', and called for the 'Spirit Of Fire', its mighty glory bursting from the ground and roaring like a beast off its leash. It would continue to roar, as the Demon King had taken off his restraint on its chakra consumption. He would feel the massive drain that would be akin to a Kami-Class Spirit. With his 'Spirit Energy' levels steadily rising, Khrona's insanity would find it impossible to effect the Demon King anymore negatively than just being there. "Hey Khrona... Do you know the outcome to this fight?" the Demon King asked, extending his hand, causing the great 'Spirit Of Fire' to swirl around his arm until it formed a sword of fiery proportions. The ridiculous spirit energy release would begin to die down, yet its presence would remain.

Whilst still increasing his own power, Khrona politely allowed the Demon King to activate his spirit energy as well, since the Demon King was so courteous as to allow Khrona to finish powering up. "Keep it hostage, eh? Well, sorry to say that the Queen Of Witches' actions and my weapons' soul energies are nowhere in accord, be she my sister or not. Ha. Guess I'll just have to take them back, right?" Once Khrona reached a power he found suitable, his wavelength dwarfed damn near everything around. True, with the Demon King's spirit energy activated, the effect of Insanity wouldn't work on him, however the force of the wavelength was what Khrona was going to use from the getgo. The strength behind it was still there, even if the side-effects were not.

Khrona: "... The outcome of the battle? Do not get my psychic abilities wrong; I know an outcome, not the outcome. The possibilities are infinite and at any given time, this battle's outcome can change."

Khrona observed the flames swirl around the Demon King's arm, Khrona's wings bursting outward to lift him ever so slightly from the ground, yet at the same time release a gust stronger than a hurricane. Khrona hovered a couple of feet above the ground, continuing from there."Besides, I'd rather not look into the outcome so much as what my next move is. I like to have fun. Sometimes the fun... Comes from not knowing the answer. I've learned this now."With just the slightest twinge of his wings, Khrona was launched at a speed probably somewhere near the speeds that the Demon King traveled earlier when trying to attack Khrona, only to close the distance as quickly as possible. "With maturity, I have learned that there is more than one way to defeat an opponent." As he flew, hyper distortion trailed behind him, almost like a testament to what was about to come.

Khrona: "I have learned that absolute power isn't everything, nor does it mean that your power is absolute. It is a sign to cover weakness."

Khrona twirled Despair in his fingers, the razor mysteriously disappearing from one to the other without any signs of Khrona himself changing hands, almost as if she just appeared wherever he wanted her to be. Just as he reached the Demon King, ready to strike with Despair, everything seemed to stop as if just for Khrona to complete his sentence.

Khrona: "... I've learned that it isn't always good to try to completely overpower someone. Just... Have fun with them."

That said, everything returned to normal and that straight razor was slashed a couple thousand times at the Demon King within a couple of frames, aiming accurately and distinctly at every single part of his body in front of him trying to see if he could get any attack at all in, or just how fast the Demon King could see and react to Khrona's onslaught.

The Demon King, wielding his Spirit Weapon with both of his hands, would still easily counter Khrona's attacks. He was already more than capable of wielding such a weapon without any buffs, but having them made it even easier. He flung his large blade around as if it were a katana, blocking each of Khrona's strikes. With each clash of these mighty weapons, came a burst of energy comprised of both Khrona's power and the Demon King's. Though this energy couldn't really be used, it was a sight to behold from even the great of distances. "Hmph... If your brother learns that, I may actually lose to him one day," the Demon King said, parrying Khrona and lifting his greatsword-sized blade over his shoulders, increasing its size to exponential heights. Weird markings would appear across the now tower scraper sized blades; they weren't his Pentagram, but they did resemble the Demon King's Origins. With one fell swoop, the Demon King would bring the sword down, hopefully dropping it on Khrona's head; yet he wasn't worried about missing with this slash, for the collisions of this much spirit energy would surely cause enough collateral damage. That, coupled with the tsunami like waves of spirit energy gushing from both sides of the blade, would certainly be a problem for Khrona.

Khrona couldn't help but laugh, since he hadn't even fought his brother in such a time to know if he had grown or not. Maybe that was next on his list, then. Each of the weapons continued to clash with each other in a most magnificent manner, giving Khrona the adrenaline boost and thrill he was aching to get for quite a long time. When the Demon King stopped his attack to lift his blade, Khrona found that chance to strike, however seeing the blade's increase in size and power, Khrona immediately stopped himself and prioritized his options. This much power would definitely cause a destructive impact of wondrous spectacle, however with grave consequences in exchange. Khrona's top priority was stopping this from happening whilst still so close. With a keen glimmering of his eye, Khrona found every possible frame he had to do what he needed to and stole them for his own, all before the blade came too close to his head.

Khrona: "Mind-Soul Resonance; Planet Destruction Cannon!!"

Mixing a powerful, damn near instant Soul Resonance with his own soul AND mind simultaneously, Khrona's wavelength grew to new heights, able to work with the added power and effects of his mind and soul behind it. Not only this, but combining the resonance with a Soul Purge attack, -- and one of very high stature, mind you -- the force of a couple thousand controlled, yet insanely powerful explosions happened all around the Demon King's blade, the force of which should have either knocked it back or stopped it in the air completely. With the power of Khrona's soul and mental power behind it as a single wavelength, Khrona had a good feeling he was in the clear of it. That done, Khrona focused his mental powered wavelength on the Demon King's entire body now, trying to crush him with the sheer force of the most powerful psychic mind on the planet. "Ah... I haven't had this much fun with a real fight in so long... The memories..."

The Demon King was not surprised by Khrona's choice of action; in fact he had hoped for a struggle contest. The Demon King was well know for prioritizing on clashes and using his overwhelming force to match his opponent's own force; it explained why certain shinobi faired so terrible against him. "Spirit of Fire!" he yelled, staying true to his action with the sword drop. Khrona's explosions were halting his technique, but if the Demon King had it his way, this would only ensure he hit the man head on.

The Demon King increased the spirit energy output from his weapon to that three times of its original release, giving it more than enough power to crush Khrona and his explosions, but he also knew Khrona would simply kick it up, as well. However, between the combination of the Demon King's spirit energy and his Demon Chakra, the Demon King knew he would come out on top.

Khrona indeed knew the Demon King hadn't used his full power, but tripling the power of the spirit energy proved to be bad for Khrona. The strength of it and the Demon Chakra was slowly wearing down the explosions Khrona made. "Hm. My turn, huh?" Khrona's face became more stern, upping the power of the wavelength to try to match or deflect the Demon King's, even placing his wings as barriers in case of emergency. "We'll see how strong it really is!" Though the Demon King's struggle was even more than formidable, Khrona had overpowered him this time, meaning only that the Demon King needed to step it up to even greater heights to keep up with Khrona. Isn't that a change of pace, huh?

Khrona: "Ha. Gotcha Demon King."

Khrona's wavelength would first force the Demon King back with explosive power, however not too far... That was left up to Khrona's wings, which opened up with far greater explosive power, splitting the very ground where this all happened and sending the Demon King flying several hundred times farther than the first explosion would have. As he would fly through the air, -- hopefully before he recovered -- Khrona would faze out and instantly faze in flying at the Demon King with Despair firmly ready to strike and charged with wavelength. Just like before, Khrona released several thousand slashes at an even faster rate than before, though backed up with wavelength as to deliver blows that would writhe through the Demon King's very soul. In addition, to keep the Demon King nearby, Khrona's wings would be extended outward, vibrating gentle to create a powerful vacuum around the two for the sole reason of keeping the Demon King within this vicinity.

The Demon King was flying through the Dusk, his body showing clear signs of damage from Khrona's explosion; his blindfold starting to loosen off his face, threatening to fall off. "... Fu..." he muttered, as he tried to grab his blindfold before it flew away, but just as he attempted this Khrona was right above him, his soul weapon in hand and his wavelength at its ready. Time was short for reaction; the Demon King would have to take the hit or do something drastic -- he choose the lattter of the two. "Get out of my sight!" he said, activating one of his least used arts -- the 'Penance Stare'. The 'Penance Stare' would burn the soul of anything so unfortunate to be looking into the Demon King's eyes, or be within the range of his Origin Vision. The victim would be forced to pay for their sins in exchange for their soul. This wasn't something that would happen quickly -- it would be a process -- thus crippling Khrona while he tried to save his life.

Though it was cruel to use such a technique on someone Zeik would call a friend, he had no choice. Khrona was going to try everything in his power to win this fight and so was the Demon King. With Khrona more than likely creating away to keep from dying, the Demon King would have ample time for his next release. "I'll... Use it," he said, activating his enchanted flame and immediately entering Hyper Mode. The gray flames of his will were burning especially bright on this day and with the Demon King not having his blindfold, Khrona would be able to see the roaring flames in his eyes.

Such a predicament Khrona was in, but it was a wise decision for the Demon King. Cruel, yes, but he must have known that Khrona would not die from this, nor would his soul be exchanged, given Khrona's power and the link his soul has with his mind right now. It was the best way to get Khrona off of his ass, and that was worth a grand applause. "Good move, Demon King..." The moment Khrona said that, his mind and soul fought turmoil, trying to fend off his innumerable amount of sins. Little did Zeik know, Khrona did this on a regular basis, going into Deep Thought. To Khrona, this was nothing but an incredibly intense version of his training sessions.

What happened outside of Khrona's mind was something that Zeik should have foreseen happening; the great forces of his 'Penance Stare' versus the awesome power of Khrona's mind and soul. The clash instantly created an explosion far worse than Khrona created before on his own, as a testament to both of these powers. The two forces battled against each other so hard and in such an epic fashion, the explosion literally created a void of pure destruction, neither one of the powers giving in. In the area, there was most literally nothing left... It was empty space in the purest form, all happening in an instant with half a second for the Demon King to get out of the way. From the middle of this explosion, Khrona finally emerged, looking a great deal drained, however the same drain should have been on the Demon King for using that power.

Khrona: "Well, Demon King, after a good long time of fighting off my sins... Looks like we've come to terms. Heh. I commend you on that rather creative and resourceful attack against me."

Khrona turned around slightly, looking at the now stably growing void behind him, erasing from existence everything it touched. "... But it looks like unless one of us -- or both of us -- gives, then our clashing powers will destroy this world and you know this to be true." Khrona turned back around only to see the Demon King going into Hyper Mode. That was bad, for Khrona would have to fight in Trance Mode to match power with the Demon King now. Huh. "... Then again. Perhaps fighting against the clock would make it a little more epic as well, eh? This void being active would constantly be draining our power just as quickly as using a transformation would. It's up to you, Demon King." As Khrona spake these words to the Demon King, he took a few steps forward to avoid the void, reality starting to twist around him. His hair flared just as well as his wings, which changed back into his jacket. He was summoning the power to change into Trance Mode, simply to fight on par with the Demon King.

The brilliant gray flames on the Demon King's head flickered around softly; though the Demon King had been using his chakra rather sparingly, he was still feeling the drain of the several large scale jutsu he had already used in his fight. His Oblivion Eye didn't warn him of Khrona's ability to stop the Penance Stare, but only that he would survive. The Demon King had hoped to severely cripple Khrona; however, now he was either going to end this fight here or stop the void threatening the planet. "... Last time we where here, I almost beat you, and now I've climbed through your ranks to win... I'm not stopping." The Pentagram appeared behind Khrona, setting free the soul energies he had sealed away from this fight. With those powers back to Khrona he would have a better chance of winning this fight, but not before the Demon King got rid of the void.

The Pentagram appeared beneath the void, covering its radius completely; yet, the marking would not be destroyed -- as the Pentagram was a high level seal, with no physical form at the time. With a bright and enveloping light of grayish proportions, the Demon King's 'Flames Of Wrath' would shoot high into the air, engulfing the void in the Demon King's enchanted flame. The properties of destruction and harmony were both aiding in the removal of the void until it was weak enough to be sealed away. "Now since that's out of our way, where exactly where we?" the Demon King inquired with a smile, allowing his now calm nature to take into effect. Khrona hated the enchanted flames, but he was about to learn exactly why he should hate them in the hands of the Demon King.

Khrona couldn't help but watch as the Demon King got rid of the void, only storing more power to get into Trance mode... More emotion... It was very refreshing to have such a fight in manners such as this. It seemed rather respectable; something Khrona hadn't seen around here in a long time. Respect begets respect, some say. "... You really do love this planet, huh, Demon King?" That was all Khrona really needed to say at this point. Though he seemed calm, his emotions were fluctuating at a heightened scale... So high that they could be viewed on the physical plane as a spectrum of colors surrounding Khrona in addition to the distortion. These colorful emotions started to mesh together, swirling around Khrona in the midst of the void being sealed. The very instant the Demon King had locked away this void, Khrona had achieved maximum power necessary for the transformation... into Trance Mode. "Huh. Many thanks for these soul energies back, Demon King."

Before Khrona actually decided to transform, he needed to put Despair away. She floated in front of him and he would tap both of his pockets with his hand... But why both? Doesn't matter. Khrona's eyes gleamed a piercing red yet another time, his hair exploding with power. The aura of reality warping encircled his body, altering it to that of a certain kind of armor. From the tip of Khrona's forehead, there was a powerful psychic ornament generated as a testament to how greatly his power was increased in this form. In just a moment, Khrona's skin-tight black suit became a full imperially armored suit, cape-wings changed into even finer cape-wings this time around, showing he was ready for battle. "Normally, my voice would change as well, but that takes too much work to do that. Heh heh heh." In this form of great power, Khrona only looked upon the Demon King with eyes filled with amusement and wonder.

Khrona: "... I hate those flames so much."

Khrona knew of the Demon King's power in this form and with Khrona's frequent mental training, he could match the Demon King blow for blow this time around with control rather than power. Khrona was weak with the Trance Mode before, as that was his first time using it... But after training with it a little, it was an entirely different story now, and the Demon King should know this. Khrona couldn't even respond to the Demon King as he spoke, wanting to show him rather than tell him. With an insanely heightened Hyper Perception active, Khrona held out a hand and a single massive 'Reality Hand' would be created in front of the Demon King, resembling a disembodied ghastly hand in appearance. Around it were nothing but different realities, totally negating the laws of the one that they were in now... The realities that fluctuated around this hand were so drastic and interchangeable that it seemed like just a mess around this hand. It ominously hovered over to the Demon King, slamming down with the utmost amount of force to crush him and erase that flame from his arsenal. Khrona definitely didn't like dealing with it.

The Demon King looked up at the Reality Hand preparing to fall on him, his 'Hyper Intuition' alerted him of how Khrona aimed to deal with his enchanted flames -- but the Demon King had already planned for such an attempt. The void resting in his Pentagram was still a usable power; if he made Khrona's fist and that void clash, the two resulting super powers would inevitably destroy one another, getting rid of the burden that was this Reality Hand and freeing up his Pentagram. "Seal, unleash," he said, lifting his hand up and allowing the Pentagram to appear above his head; from the glowing mass of hellish chakra, came the sphere of the void. The Demon King knew Khrona's capability to deal with such quantum physics, but any power formed by the Demon King and Khrona's resulting clash would prove difficult to destroy, thusly why the Demon King sealed it away.

While Khrona was dealing with this, the Demon King would have disappeared into the thin air; through his mental powers alone, Khrona would know the Demon King was behind him with his hand aimed in his general direction. "I've gotten faster, Khrona," the Demon King said, unleashing a flurry of gray flames easily capable of destroying Khrona, even in his Trance Mode.

The cataclysmic clash of the Reality Hand plus The Void ended in nothing but utter demolition of all that they held true to their eyes from the resulting power, decimating everything to the point where there were only a few platforms of floating grass around the area -- sort of like a patchwork of detached ground, Khrona standing on one of the floating grassy platforms. The very space around them had molded into something new; something that wasn't empty space, but definitely was not on the plane the planet was before... It was a mixture of both the Demon King and Khrona's realities into one, making a pseudo-Void... A world that Khrona was going to deem 'Reality Hell.' Created by both, controlled by neither. For now.

When the Demon King damn near instantaneously appeared behind Khrona, Khrona's eyes gleamed with a burning red intensity of an almost omniscient perception for one moment. The flames came all too quickly, but they were not enough for Khrona to falter. With every flame that was released from the Demon King, Khrona snapped his fingers with the same speed and at a rhythm almost in perfect synchronized harmony with the flames, created minute implosions of several hundred realities in the path of every flame, each power canceling out yet again. Whilst mid-snap, Khrona flickered in and out of reality, turning himself around to face the Demon King, however much too fast for the eyes of most to even comprehend.

Khrona: "Be that as it may... No matter how fast you are, there is not a move you make that I won't be able to see first. The only problem is... Figuring out what to do about it."

In front of the Demon King, a Reality Hand manifested swiftly with palm hovering over his body. In the same instant it appeared, it closed with a powerful grip, creating a suction strong enough to pull something out of a black hole just as it was about to enter the epicenter. To make matters even worse for the Demon King, because Khrona knew that the Demon King had the sheer speed to evade this, Khrona used his 'Precognition' to see every single place the Demon King was going to move to before he even had the thought to move there and viewed them all simultaneously with just his eyes and mind alone -- including the current time, keeping track of it all. The very moment the Demon King even had the thought to move somewhere else, a Reality Hand would always be there to greet him and try to crush him, hopefully pulling him in with their impressively powerful vacuum crush-grip force.

Khrona: "... Demon King... This place... What do you think of the name... 'Reality Hell'?"

What seemed like multitasking that only the gods could do was being done with wonderful proficiency from Khrona... Talking, controlling immense power, surviving in an alternate reality, using psychic power AND seeing probably a thousand or so different movements and locations in his eyes and mind at once. These two surely were amazing, to say the least.

The Demon King glanced up to see the Reality Hand ominously looming above him, his Hyper Intuition clicked in, telling him exactly how to deal with Khrona, yet again; the Demon King's mind was like a computer when it came to battle strategy, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of every player on the board -- a regular god of battle.

The demon took off in a instant, Khrona's eyes being fooled by his speed, but the Demon King knew Khrona's mind was following closely behind him. The Reality Hand appearing to stop the Demon King would be easily avoided by blasting past its gravitational force with 'Zero Shift'.

Each time the Demon King used 'Zero Shift', he would instantly reach a point of speed unaffected by forces of nature; it was done so by utilizing 'Zero Point Energy' to defy the very law of nature, much like this 'Reality Hell' the Demon King and Khrona where now trapped in. "I abandoned Hell once already Khrona," the Demon King said, dodging the Reality Hand for several seconds before he had bridged a far enough gap to activate his counterstrike. His eyes were bleeding with blood from his over use of his Oblivion and other dojutsu traits, but to deal with Khrona he was going to need all of his stops. "Spirit Armor!!!" With a battlecry only matched by the planetary destruction being reflected on the pseudo-void around he and Khrona, the Demon King unleashed the fury of his 'Spirit Armor'. A mixture of gray and black flames engulfed the body of the Demon King, its face the pure personification of the Demon King's intent and fury. It slashed through the Reality Hand, devouring it in an all-consuming blade of every flame in the Demon King's arsenal, the likes of which make short work of Khrona's most destructive art.

Demon King: "I see a future past your perception Khrona -- you will need my strength as I need yours; However, you must first... Stand down and join me!"

The flames roaring around the Demon King increased several fold; the Demon King was going to put an end to Khrona if he didn't comply with his warning.

The spectacle that was the 'Spirit Armor' loomed over Khrona with the utmost malicious intent. This monster's power was able to break through the strength of the Reality Hand with little difficulty, however Khrona was nowhere near being done with this battle.

Khrona: "... You can never escape Hell, Demon King. Everyone has their own Hell, no matter where they go..."

Before even thinking of attacking, Khrona focused every aspect of his Hyper Perception and his mind on a quick, yet remarkably thorough analysis of the flames, the Demon King himself, and the Spirit Armor before Khrona, as each one played a part in what was going to happen next. Khrona's piercing red eyes gleamed brighter and brighter, even starting to change color as a result of this immense power he seemed to have been storing up as he analyzed each aspect. "... My hell is in my head... And it shows with almost everything I do..." Khrona's voice remained calm, cool, and collected, despite his much power he was releasing. His eyes twitched, traversing every color on the spectrum in but a mere second before setting to a deep color; a mixture of purple, gray, red and black. His cape fluttered about wildly for a moment -- almost uncontrollably -- before reverting to his two glorious, magnificent and majestic dragon wings, which were now several times larger than their original size, becoming equal in size to the Spirit Armor, just about.

Khrona: "... In comparison, this planet... Is hell. Hellish, I might say rather than hell, and my singular mission right now is to right all of my wrongs... Correct the mistakes and clean this planet up. I will dive straight into the depths of the hell that is this planet and fix it from the inside out... But this is not something I'm going to do by following the rules of anyone. I must do this my own way."

Behind him, a part of his wings slithered around his entire body, almost like a reinforcement to his already impeccable armor. Khrona's entire body was nothing but black, his eyes the only thing with any faint trace of color. Khrona rose from the ground, a massive aura of sheer power exploding outward, touching every single part of this alternate plane they had both created.

Khrona: "Demon King... This fight is not for anybody, this is purely for myself. There is no way I'm gonna give up until the very end. As long as the voice inside me says go I will always keep on going... And there's nothing you can do to make me conform to your ranks."

Khrona smirked, that being the catalyst to the final part of his unholy transformation, both physically and mentally. An ungodly sized purple barrier surrounded Khrona, meshing into the shape of what seemed to be an even larger Khrona, the eyes glowing to match that of what Khrona's were in this state as well. In the heart of this creation was Khrona himself, who still seemed fully capable of moving about on his own, even whilst manipulating this power. The massive wings upon his back now fit the back of this behemoth perfectly, giving it the completed look of Khrona. Khrona snapped his fingers one last time, and on either side of his creation were two astronomical Reality Hands of upgraded power than the ones before, fitted to the beast to resemble normal hands. The purple energy linked with the hands, creating arms for them so they would not be disembodied. Now the massive projection of Khrona was completed as the true Khrona stood in the midst, looking at the Demon King in the midst of his Spirit Armor. Khrona was using just as much power as he, and though the effects weren't as physically apparent, they damn sure matched psychologically, even with this reformation Khrona received.

Khrona: "... Selling out isn't my style. I am my own person. I AM Khrona!!"

Khrona's beast looked the Demon King's in the eyes as well, clenching one of its fists together and spreading its wings casually. What would have normally obliterated probably half of the planet with those two motions were dwarfed in comparison to the sheer power of both Khrona and the Demon King's mere stares at each other and their battle-ready auras. The best battles are always the ones unseen, they say.

For some odd reason, the Demon King actually took the time to hear Khrona out. Normally, he would have shunned the second generation leader, but something in him was resonating with the Demon King's will. If Khrona felt that strongly about his dream, then the Demon King would respect him as an equal for all times to come.

However, even with all that, the Demon King still had to give this fight his all; battle was a his royal lineage's most cherished time and deepest in times of emotion. "Khrona, you are finally starting to use that head of yours. However, I'll be the one to bring order to these lands, with overwhelming power..." The Demon King and his Spirit Armor alike clenched their fists, releasing their wills and harmonizing their energies as one, thus entering their unique version of the Demon King's greatest release; 'Power Unrestrained'. Little understanding of the release was known to the Demon King. In fact, he wasn't quite sure how he had obtained it; though, through his will alone he is capable of releasing all inhibitors on his body, using his true fury in its rawest form. "Might controls everything Khrona, let me be the first to show you." The Demon King went bursting into the air, leaving behind virtually a molting lava bed in his wake; he would have appeared above Khrona staring down upon him like the Dark Nightmare himself, the roaring flames of the Spirit Armor scorching the sky and gleaming down on Khrona -- the Demon King was going to end it right here.

Demon King: "Power Unrestrained!"

With his flames stretching to the far reaching of their pseudo-reality, the Demon King unleashed an all out maelstrom of Hellfire proportions; beams of black, gray, and red rained down on Khrona, their power levels following closely behind his weakest Execution.

Khrona only laughed when he heard the Demon King talk, however it was not a laugh of contempt, but one of relief, which was something many a-leader on the planet would not be doing in this situation... Their laughs would almost always be of contempt. "... Well, Demon King. I have my own way. So as long as we're heading toward the same goals, then I'm sure it's alright for us to take our own paths to get there. Therefore..." Khrona's massive projection looked up at the Demon King's Spirit Armor as it came down toward its head, the actual Khrona shooting straight up into the head of his own beast, for the sole reason of looking straight at the Demon King from as close as possible without exiting his own monster. With both enormous Reality Hands outstretched, they tried to contain the immense power of these glorious flames. As per usual, another clash of these powers would cause the pseudo-reality to fluctuate in a way that was almost too dangerous for both of the leaders to even withstand, risking destroying it and themselves if they even messed up one thing. Khrona, however, could see that he was losing the battle of strength with the Demon King, as his Reality Hands were being overpowered... That just meant he needed to up the Resonance.

Khrona: "... Soul Resonance synchronization rate... Increase ONE MILLION PERCENT!! Misery! Despair! It is TIME!"

If the Demon King hadn't figured it out by now, Khrona was resonating with Misery and Despair, whom he placed in his pockets long before they even entered this realm. This creation of his was made purely of an immensely upgraded version of Despair's Rejection Soul, which is why it was purple and so very resistant to attacks. Increasing the resonance by that much would only fortify this being even further, thus allowing Khrona to both be protected and for him to use... This move.

Khrona: "Merry Christmas, Demon King... 'GRAND CROSS'!"

Still holding off the flames from totally obliterating him, the Reality Hands started to suck in everything into a singularity... Pulling in everything that was this reality slowly, but surely into its palms, ready to fling it all at this super powered Spirit Armor with nothing to lose from it. Doing this heightened the danger of their situation even farther, but as per usual, danger meant nothing to Khrona because taking risks is what makes the world go round. You're either gonna end up with something good or bad, and Khrona was assured that the outcome of this battle would be good no matter what happened. That, he had already foreseen. Everything was being pulled into these hands...

Khrona: "Demon King... Take this power... The power that you and I created... Take it with you back to hell!!"

Because the Demon King's flames were encroaching all around, -- almost everywhere in this realm -- with Khrona sucking the very realm itself into his hands would cause it to grow infinitely smaller and smaller, causing the flames to compress around himself and the Demon King even more, as the space of this land was rapidly decreasing. Eventually, the two of them would be able to see nothing but the Demon King's flames. However, because of the nature of Khrona's attack, the singularity that was this realm not exploded into the form of a cross, but rather several crosses on a plane that no other explosion created by anyone on the planet could match. How this explosion was contained and didn't obliterate the planet, the moons and perhaps parts of some nearby planets was unknown, but it was most likely due to the unfathomable powers of the dojutsu, Origin, Demon Chakra, Reality Warping, Rejection and Insanity all working in accord without the knowledge of either Khrona nor the Demon King. Mother Nature was a powerful being if she could do all of that to protect her world, I'll tell you that.

The power of the Demon King's Spirit Armor combined with his unrestrained limits put him at his highest capable power release; he had no other higher transformation and could only draw out more power of his Spirit Armor release. He had assumed the same went for Khrona, but one could only be certain in their own power -- that was the ideal of the Demon King. "Khrona!" he yelled, watching the jutsu of the mastermind take its effects on the pseudo-void that he and Khrona where virtually trapped in. The Demon King had a speculation as to how to escape, but that would require him to defeat Khrona and save both themselves and the world; an arduous task to say the least. The pseudo-void, was reflecting the damage onto the planet, though nothing would happen to the world if they continued to fight. However, if a victor were to be decided, the world would instantly feel the burden of this battle; a burden strong enough to possibly obliterate the planet. The Demon King would have to defeat Khrona and make sure he had enough power to seal the void away somehow.

Demon King: "Who are you lecturing about Hell?! Not even you can comprehend the Hells I must endure. I'll show you Khrona... I'll show you why I alone have the power to change this world!!"

With a battle cry akin to the the situation between Khrona and the Demon King, he began fluxing through the various colors of his flames: The gray flames of his will, the black flames of his heart, the red flames of his fury and the orange flames of his soul; he was touching every aspect of his will -- power unrestrained was no trivial power boost... The things the Demon King was capable of doing in this transformation were godly to say the least.

Demon King: "Demonic Hellfire, give understanding to your all consuming power!"

Like a million-watt lightbulb suddenly flicked on, a bright white light began stretching to the far reaches of the pseudo-void, -- starting from the Demon King's body -- Khrona's power remaining in effect, yet its draining properties would hold no grounds now. The Demon King's Demon Chakra had woven an intricate web of its chakra around the surrounds of the void, its influence immediately taking an effect on how Khrona aimed to destroy the Demon King, the cosmic explosion and the blackhole-like suction would both be swallowed up with seemingly little effort. The demonic draining and disrupting properties being at their maximum efficiency made it look easy, but the Demon King was going through Hell just maintaining this jutsu.

Demon King: "Unlimited Destruction!"

The spectrum of how massive the Demon King's influence was could hardly be described; even Khrona would find it hard to grasp an understanding of what was going to happen next. From every possible angle around the pseudo-void, Khrona would feel the chakra drain equivalent to the suction of several hundred thousand black-holes, all draining, ripping, and tearing his chakra, and from his body, it would feel as if his very soul was being pulled at. While the 'grid' of Demon Chakra was devouring energy from the pseudo-void and Khrona alike, it was storing it in the sky of the void; the size of the energy ball would easily dwarf the solar star Sirius.

The Demon King had no intention on killing Khrona and wanted to give him a chance to admit defeat, as without chakra Khrona wouldn't be able to defend against such a jutsu, not to mention he was more then likely dealing with the galactic rate of chakra drain, imposed on him by the Demon King's Demon Chakra. Khrona probably only had a few options of preventing his demise... So, the Demon King wouldn't release the ball of galactic fiery doom. "Have you learned, Khrona?" the Demon King asked, struggling to maintain control of his jutsu. It was the first time in his life he had wielded such power; it was hard to keep the beast within him at bay. The Demon King's lineage loved battle and he, himself was of no exception to that trait -- though the Demon King normally never fully engaged in combat, it was hard to separate his lust for destruction and his love for peace.

"... So this is your true power? Then allow me to show you mine..." Khrona didn't seem worried in the least about everything that was going on. The Demon King was now unleashing all of his power, as he said, in an attempt to defeat Khrona, but Khrona had not used the strongest of his moves in Trance Mode yet. The amount of power this final blow Khrona was going to use would use up all of his, Misery, AND Despair's chakra, but it would be well worth it for what was going down right now.

Khrona: "... Misery. Despair. Increase resonance to infinite heights... Soul Resonance... Resonance Infinity."

The two weapons were loyal to their Master through and through, not questioning his actions nor even having a fraction of hesitation within, even though they knew the result of this course of action. Even whilst sustaining this remarkable drain upon himself, Khrona's power and conviction did not allow him to be drained at all, saying a great deal about Khrona's mind, body, soul, and the power and chakra that came from them. It was time. Each and every resonance in Khrona's arsenal had to be activated, resonated with, touched upon, and utilized right here at this very moment, creating a distortion about Khrona that caused his body to lose its shape and form. He was nothing but a mere idea at this point in time, sustaining himself by his own godly thoughts and mentality -- which was rather impressive to say the least; sustaining oneself merely as a thought because of their own thoughts alone. He was... 'Ultimate Khrona'. For the first time, Khrona had achieved his highest form... 'Ultimate Khrona'...

Because of such a transformation, Khrona's voice was omnipresent, reaching Zeik's ears regardless of what was going on at this very moment, as well as the ears of any gods that were listening as well.

Ultimate Khrona: "Yes... I understand. I understood long ago, but no one was around to witness. Now... Demon King... You will be the first. My final stand. This is not simply my own might, but this is the might of the combined efforts of my mind, body, soul, and those of my weapons and family as well! I summon this power from the very deepest part of myself, to bring forth the power of the world of nothing itself; 'The Zero World'!"

Even the power of the Rejection was being worked to the limit, rejecting the power of the Demon Chakra as much as it could. Originally failing, with the incremental resonance and Khrona's transformation into 'Ultimate Mode', it was fortified beyond belief, even able to withstand the drain for a while, but not for long. There was simply too much going on for that, but this was Khrona's only and final chance. The two astronomical Reality Hands were immediately dwarfed by so much power, but that meant nothing compared to what was happening now. They started to increase in size... Slowly, but surely, still holding off as much as they could... They seemed to be fazing in and out of reality due to the strain of sustaining this ungodly amount of drain and 'Demonic Hellfire'.

Ultimate Khrona: "... The left hand holds Balance... The right, Chaos... 'Entropic Balance' and 'Entropic Chaos'... Fall in as one..."

If the Demon King remembered these two moves, they were two of Khrona's strongest, however not THE strongest. They summoned the very powers of balance and chaos and harnessed them as one, launching a power at the foe that was nearly unable to be combated due to the power of balance and chaos combined... For fighting balance would have power equalized whilst fighting chaos would have power destroyed. Such was why Khrona used them. However, this was only the beginning.

Ultimate Khrona: "... This is the ultimate power... 'Zero World', come unto me! Bring forth the 'FINAL EXTINCTION'!!"

The ultimate attack Khrona has to date. Several Reality Hands just about as large as the sun appeared, appearing rapidly around the Demon King's attack, covering one single side of this Sirius sized flame condensation. Each and every hand held the power of balance, chaos and the 'Zero World' within their very essences, which reverted all things back to their original form; zero. It was the only way to save himself, his weapons, this space, the Demon King, the Dusk, the planet and everything else Khrona cared about. Why? Because it simply mattered that much. At this point in time, the Demon King was fighting simply to beat Khrona, but Khrona was fighting for much more. Each of the probably millions of hands that covered the side of this flame converged into one hand, now able to palm the sphere like a basketball. Khrona only wished it could get larger, and tried his best to make it so, but the only way to do that was to resonate with the hand itself... Oh, what the hell, there was nothing to lose. Being only a thought, Khrona focused his mental power into this hand, the power of his resonance with Misery and Despair being transferred along with it, giving this hand the power to palm the sphere now like a softball. The hand tried to crush this sphere with all its might, having that much power on its side... And an undying conviction to match.

If it succeeded, then not only would the sphere be crushed, but so would the hand, as the power of the 'Zero World' would have reverted each of their powers completely to zero, which would save them from the indescribable explosion of power that would have followed if not so. If the Demon King had anymore after that, then Khrona wouldn't be able to spare more than probably even one movement before he was completely tapped out, his weapons included. If Khrona's attack did not succeed, however, then the power of the Demon Chakra would have absorbed the power of the Zero World, which was nothing, which would probably cause all that chakra to be reverted to Zero, as if it hadn't existed in the first place and deplete Zeik's power completely -- so either way, it was probably going to end in a stalemate, unless the Demon King had something else up his sleeve, which Khrona only hoped that he didn't.

The Demon King shook his head; Khrona's words meant nothing to him now. He knew what Khrona was capable of before he stepped into this fight, though the appearance of true Khrona was unexpected, he was still confident in his own power. His eyes were now bleeding the purest of black, the drain on his body from sustaining 'that' jutsu and his Spirit Armor being more than he had expected, and with no greater power boost, he would have to rely on his 'Unrestrained Release'. "I stare down the likes of ALL in my way Khrona! You nor the Earth King, nor the Sky King nor any damn one will ever remain above me! I will change this story of life with my own two goddamn hands!" Khrona's Reality Hands were trying to destroy the Demon King's only means of combating Khrona; if the Demon King were to lose this power, defeating Khrona would then become increasingly difficult, and that's where he came up with the next course of action. "Spirit Of Fire!!!!!!!" With a primal war still suiting of the current situation, the Spirit Of Fire came bursting from the Demon King's body. It would seem that his flames where just as much apart of the Spirit Armor as the others were. The head of the beast was the first to emerge, its mouth filled to the brim with all of the Demon King's flames. "Stop them!"

The great beast released several volleys of highly compressed fire, forming a type of pure thermal energy. The beams' destructive properties and combined attributes would move across the pseudo-void -- or what was left of it -- like a force of nature... Incinerating anything beneath its power; however, Khrona's power was not beneath the Demon King's, it was rivaling it, so the beams would just blast massive holes through their structure, hitting them on a spiritual and physical level. This would pose as the distraction, making it so the Reality Hands wouldn't easily destroy the Demon King's uberstar of power -- he had formed this energy for a reason, now Khrona would have to deal with that.

Next would come the arms of the Spirit Of Fire, bursting from the Demon King's back and immediately moving to battle the Reality Hands as well, matching them number for number and more if need be, effectively leaving the Demon King an opening. The hellfire grid around the battle field was still feeding the great star energy while attempting to interrupt Khrona, which was going to devour the energy alone. The Demon King would crush his hand with great force, causing the grid to collapse on the star alone, devouring its power and effectively feeding it to the Demon King, himself. Like a star being born, the Demon King was glowing the most brilliant of color, blinding Khrona with the pure darkness of his ever burning flames... The Demon King's chakra may have been refilled but his body was tearing under the immense stress; he wouldn't last much longer under these condition. However, with the sphere of energy gone and Khrona's 'hands' being all tied up fighting the Demon King's Spirit Of Fire, -- which is still connected to him, by the way -- the Demon King looked at Khrona with pure contentment. The pseudo-void was gone and any damages from here on would be imposed on the planet; the Earth King would hate that and his home was also here on the planet... Settling a battle of wills and ideals was not more important than his own home.

"... Your dreams are pure, Khrona... I only hope you don't get in the way of mine," the Demon King said while his flame and Khrona's hands went all out on one another, their clashes great enough to be seen across the planet as a whole. "Proving I'm stronger than you... Isn't worth losing my family. I will admit defeat, Khrona," the Demon King said, returning to his normal self. His jacket and shirt where gone and his pants were heavily tattered; the wounds on his body were easily life-threatening, but the Demon King hated other people healing him and would quickly return to the fight if Khrona tried to. "Pant... Pant..."

Through all of that, it seemed like Khrona and the Demon King really were evenly matched in every way. The Reality Hands couldn't get through the flames, nor the flames through the Reality Hands. It was just as Khrona thought... A stalemate.

Though it didn't stop the Demon King from trying even more. He'd rather tear his body apart than lose... Maybe that was just the mindset of everyone of the first generation... Losing was worse than death rather than a learning experience, as Khrona had come to find it was. Khrona was displeased that the Demon King's mindset was like this, but it was natural for people who had to go through that their entire lives... The Demon King... The Earth King... The Sky King... They were all of the same generation and therefore have the same mindset. Khrona... The Android girl... Khrona's brother... The former Deep leader... They can take losses with a grain of salt, knowing they will become better. Perhaps it is a weakness, or perhaps it is a strength... Maybe for both generations.

"... Ah... Demon King... I'd rather lose than let you destroy yoursel--" By this time, the Demon King had forfeited to Khrona. Surprising. After all those thoughts about the Demon King... He would actually do such a thing, and for his family, even. Perhaps these two weren't so different after all. Everything was ultimately obliterated. They were back to normal and as Khrona was about to fall out of sheer tiredness, he turned around and seemed to be completely fine. "... Demon King... Using my last bit of power, I used 'Substitution' to switch myself with Tabrith. We look exactly the same and virtually are the same, however now I'm back in my pit resting with my weapons..."

There was an awkward silence, and then an eerie wind.

Tabrith: "... Saying all this to say... I think we're alike in more ways than one. I'm too tired to even think of using my true body. My family... My village... And my mission are important enough to me for me to match your power and bring you to this state. That should be enough for you."

Tabrith turned around to look at the Demon King, the only difference between he and Khrona was the look in their eyes. Tabrith didn't have the same ambition, but only because he hadn't done what Khrona had just done. He grew a lot this day from this battle... And a lot more was clear to him.

Khrona/Tabrith: "... Thank you, Demon King, for helping me..."

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Book 13; The End of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Fourth End; The Phantom

The enlightening battle with the Demon King helped he and Khrona to bond as brothers and grow as people with love and understanding in their hearts. If nothing else could bring those two together, it was their shared enjoyment of the heat of battle, especially with each other. They returned to their solitude in each of their respective places and lived on with what they'd learned from and with each other, letting that be the root that would grow into something far greater in the future. With that in mind, Khrona went back into 'Deep Thought'. He was gone from the Dusk for quite a while; months on end, nearing his eighteenth birthday. Everyone questioned where their leader had been, and things were starting to fall apart with the Dusk that had apparently been abandoned. The Android girl was, for some reason, never actually doing any work beyond her own in her seclusion and Khrona's brother was no longer held responsible for leadership duties. With no one running the Dusk, it seemed like it was finally time for this place to take a dive... But, in the Dusk's Darkest Hour, a strange man with a White Mask and Robed in Darkness appeared to salvage the dying land in her time of greatest need... The Phantom.

The snake-charmer would once more be standing within a large battle area awaiting for an opponent to appear and face him in battle. Like before, he was by himself with nothing but his own abilities and Innocence Weapon, trying to push his sync rate up.

Luckily enough for the snake-charmer, there was someone else on the field around the time he'd shown himself and the person was just standing there, letting the wind flow around him. He was peaceful, standing there with his katana in his hand, already unsheathed from its scabbard, which was no where in sight. "I said that we'd have to have a battle one day. Just didn't expect it to be shortly after I uttered those words to you... Gorgon, Expert of the Village in the Dusk." The person turned around slowly to reveal himself to be none other than Tamura. He'd been wondering what to do with his time while he waited for Priere and the gang to get ready for their departure. Honestly, he was looking to avoid using this time for some random spar, but fate was cruel and only showed this as a plausible time killer. Tamura turned around completely and twirled the sword effortlessly before sheathing it into nothingness, the sword disappearing into a void as if it was slipping into an invisible scabbard. He adjusted his gloves afterwards before snapping his fingers and spreading his arms out wide. "Shall we get started, Snake?"

Gorgon would have his eyes closed at the moment as his Gorgon powers were not in effect, thus at the moment, he was completely blind. However once Tamura appeared, Gorgon would turn toward his direction and listen to what he had to say. Without Kobura around, Gorgon would possibly be very silent during this match, so he would only take a fighting position and would motion for Tamura to come at him.

Tamura had forgotten that fact about Gorgon, or he possibly didn't know it. Gorgon was blind and couldn't see his poetic entrance. Shame really; Tamura had just wasted a few minutes of his life for no reason. He put a hand to his forehead and sighed. "What a waste of a perfectly good entrance. 'Self Infestation'." Tamura cracked his knuckles before signing, his body beginning to radiate a silvery blue aura, as it usually did. He signed once more and placed his hands to the ground. Nothing happened, but he didn't move from this position.

Feeling the sudden surge of energy come from Tamura would cause Gorgon, the snake-charmer, to tense up for a moment. Although feeling nothing coming toward his direction, Gorgon would begin to wonder what Tamura was up to. Just as a test, Gorgon would create a set of hand signs and would release a wave of snakes from his mouth which would move toward Tamura, trying to bite him and infect him with a large amount of venom.

"Great Deluge." A giant wave of water rose from the ground where Tamura's hands were placed and raced towards Gorgon and the snakes that he released. The tsunami would undoubtedly catch the snakes in it's raging current and drown them while the whole thing continued towards Gorgon. Tamura had seen enough of Gorgon's techniques on the mission that they'd just gone on to know that underestimating those snakes of his was a bad idea. Tamura would hold nothing back against them, even if it was usually against his principles to attack and harm animals. The circumstances were different right now. Tamura took off towards Gorgon, running after his own wave of water and signing rapidly before he put his hand out to the side as if he was preparing for a spiral ball, however when the chakra began to build in his hand, it was a spiraling ball of water chakra. He held it at the ready just in case Gorgon got around the large tsunami of water.

Gorgon would be able to easily hear and smell the water of the tsunami moving toward him rather quickly completely engulfing his snakes. Gorgon would not show any signs of being nervous as he would quickly make a set of hand signs and clapped his hands together. Suddenly a large amount of earth would erupt in front of Gorgon, making a large triangle shape with the point facing toward the tsunami. As the tsunami hit with its mass and power, the risen earth would act as a levee causing the tsunami to split of into two separate directions, leaving Gorgon safe in the center. "..." Gorgon would remain silent as he felt Tamura begin to gather a good amount of energy around his body and then have it manifest in his hand in some type of sphere-like form. Gorgon would snap his fingers and from the remaining water left over from the blocked tsunami would reappear a wave of his snakes. One thing Tamura forgot was the many types of snake had semi-aquatic like traits, which allowed them to survive underwater for just a little while. So Gorgon's snakes would once again be moving toward Tamura, but this time they would all converge together, taking the form of a large spear of snakes trying to drill right though him.

Just as the battle was starting to get heated, the sky above the two fighting Dusk ninja became dark all too quickly, as if night itself had forced itself upon them. The moon was even out all of a sudden. Dark clouds rolled through the sky violently as a new presence made itself known to the two...

In the distance where the tsunami water parted, the new figure walked slowly down the dry path to both Gorgon and Tamura, his form slowly becoming more apparent to both of them... Or, rather, Tamura. This hooded figure wore a white, seemingly angered mask with a stitched mouth and a tattered black hood-scarf-cloak that flowed ominously from his body like fire, itself. Everything else was completely black, much darker than the hood adorned upon him. Any distinguishing features, clothing or anything could only be made out as blackness which formed his body.

He looked at Gorgon and Tamura, doing nothing but walking directly into the middle of the fight; walking on top of the water and avoiding the snakes just to make sure that Gorgon and Tamura both knew that he was there. Afterward, he just stood there ominously, looking down at the ground...

Tamura had it already sent in his mind not to underestimate the snakes that Gorgon had under his control. It'd be a foolish mistake that could cost him the victory like in his battle with Lance. Honestly, he wasn't very surprised by their return and that's why he had the water ball charged. He stopped running on a dime and slammed the rotating water ball into the tip of the spear of snakes. Just like with the normal spiral ball, the chakra would drill right through the spear of snakes and rip them to sheds with relative ease. The water just making the ball denser. That's when the creeper show up. Now Tamura was left with two options: continue fighting as if the stranger wasn't there, -- which more than likely he was going to do -- or stop fighting and let the creeper have the spotlight. A tough decision? Not really. Tamura signed and placed his hand to the water covered ground sending an electrical current through it which would shock anyone standing on the water, and let's be real, a tsunami is a pretty big fucking wave, so more than likely everyone was standing on some amount of water. Tamura just assimilated the electricity coming towards him into his body and planned to use it as a charge for something else later on.

Gorgon's hairs would begin to stand on end as he could feel the lightning moved toward him conducting through the water on the ground. He would sign and would cover his hand in a large amount of fire and would slam his hand on the ground, completely covering his section of the ground in fire, totally evaporating the water around him keeping the lightning away from him. Gorgon would then turn his head toward the person who had just appeared, but would not say anything because he was not the type of person to speak. "..."

The masked person continued to walk along the water, seeming unaware of the electricity surging through that would probably harm him quite greatly. He was walking toward Gorgon slowly across the water and before too long the electricity got to him as well. There was a masterful display of lightning sparking from his body, yet he continued to walk as if nothing were happening. Even after the electricity was done with, it still sparked around his body, now with greater violence than before.

Suddenly a huge amount of flames burst from Gorgon's location, totally evaporating any water that was nearby him. These same flames engulfed the man, but before they faded, he shot out of the guise of the flames straight at Gorgon at an insane speed. Even though he seemed to be attacking the snake-charmer, when he got within striking distance he slammed his foot on the ground and created a massive explosion of stored and charged electricity that was of greater power than the electricity that he took in. It almost seemed as though the tip of this electrical explosion touched even the very clouds. Within, the mask's eyes narrowed staring at Gorgon... He didn't speak to him at all.

Tamura was still a little uneasy with this guy in the middle of the battlefield. He had just circumvented a large amount of electricity whilst circumventing Gorgon's fire as well. If he was that powerful, then there was no need to play it cool. Tamura needed to play it a little closer to the vest, and if that meant helping Gorgon out, then so be it. Tamura flashed through hand signs at an impressive speed before discharging the assimilated lightning into the sky. This lightning, plus a little bit of the evaporated water and the heat that Gorgon's flames produced, would cause the area to begin to rain in little to no time at all. It started as a light drizzle though... 'Who is this guy?' He signed again before reaching his arms forward. They disappeared into a portal that opened right in front of him, the other side of the portal to the right side of Gorgon. He grabbed Gorgon's arm and pulled him through the portal and to his side of the battlefield before the lightning could do him in. It's not that he thought the snake-charmer couldn't circumvent the attack, it's just that he didn't want to take any chances.

"You know this guy?" Tamura asked Gorgon. Tamura was only looking to waste some time here, not deal with a freak, and leaving Gorgon to deal with it alone would hurt his own pride. Tamura was a ninja of the Dusk, so he didn't mind lending Gorgon a hand if this guy was after him.

Gorgon was prepared to deal with the attack coming toward him, but before he could, Tamura would appear and save him from the attack. Landing on one knee after being pulled through the strange portal, Gorgon would hear Tamura's question and would stop to take a very close look at the person in front of him. Gorgon knew he could still be wanted by Medusa and her followers, so this was very serious. Although after scanning this person's energy and soul, even Gorgon had no idea who this person was. Looking toward Tamura, not saying a word, Gorgon would shake his head, showing Tamura he had no idea who this person was.

The presence peered over his shoulder when Tamura came from over it and saved Gorgon, and even with the chance to attack him right then and there, he didn't. Though subtle, it seemed like he was watching Tamura's movements and studying them. When they both exited the portal, he loosened up and stood straight up again, looking up to the sky which the rain was pouring from. His hollow black eyes quickly found their way back to Tamura and Gorgon, and he was back on the prowl.

With a quick burst of speed, the figure came in their general proximity hopefully before they could even settle themselves down. Instead of actually attacking them himself, however, he jumped into the air a little bit and extended his hands, his fingers in a position ready to flick something. Without much of a warning, this man's hands would start to flick raindrops at Tamura and Gorgon at an ungodly speed, seeming to catch the frame on every one that came down near him and freezing it on contact, sending literal ice bullets down upon them that made small explosions on impact with whatever they touched. The mask's mouth became a little less serious, even so much that it smiled... But the eyes on the mask were still malicious.

Tamura was looking at Gorgon from the corner of his eyes and still watching the man. Completely turning your attention away from an enemy was entirely foolish and Tamura was far from foolish. He was always on the defensive when it came to fighting. At the indication that Gorgon didn't know the man, Tamura was equipped with the intent to kill. He signed using the hand signs needed to use his favorite element -- Lightning -- as the man jumped in the air. He slammed a hand to the ground before a torrent of needles shaped from lightning rose from the ground before him. It wasn't the speed that made them a good counter for what the man was flicking toward him and Hebi, but the sheer number of them. They served for a good, solid defense. Hopefully the sudden rise of the lightning needles would give Gorgon the chance to knock the man out of the sky.

Feeling Tamura and the strange man in a current deadlock with their attacks, Gorgon would sign, trying to catch the man off guard. Gorgon would hold his hand toward the man in the sky and suddenly from his sleeve would erupt a wave of snakes that would be able to effectively move around the lighting and ice bullets, trying to bite down on the man and slam him into the ground.

The electricity surging through the air protected the two effectively against the exploding ice bullets, however that did not mean that this phantom was done with the attack. He landed on the ground, naturally unable to stay in the air forever, and started running toward the two yet again. When the wave of snakes came, he did not falter in the least, and even went so far as to grab two of the snakes from the oncoming wave, quickly change them into solid metal, thus making them into bladed weapons, and began to slice through each and every one of the other flesh snakes.

By this time, the blood of the slain stained his path, and when he burst through the blood he had these snake blades outstretched; one above his head and the other pointed at Gorgon. The lingering electricity from Tamura's attack was forcefully taken into the snake held above his head, while the other one instantly expelled the taken in electricity in the form of a concentrated electrical bolt. This bolt shot straight for Gorgon first, then with quick aim and precise timing, aimed another at Tamura. When there was no more of Tamura's electricity, the phantom dashed at top speed at them, aiming to slash them right through the chest before causing the snake blades to disperse.

Tamura took a little time to rest after he released his lightning needles while Gorgon sent his wave of snakes. He was attentive, as always, and ready for anything. He didn't drop his guard and stayed knelt beside Gorgon, though he'd begin moving soon enough. He signed and placed his hands to the ground. "Storm Pillars." A wave of pillars of baby blue energy rose from the ground in a straight line towards the charging man. They collided with the electricity and exploded against the bolts, canceling each other and kicking up dust and debris in between the man, Tamura, and Gorgon. Tamura charged forward from his seated position at top speed through the dust and debris, using it as a cover. "Karasuhime..." Tamura whispered this name inside of the dust before he emerged from the other side of the mess -- hopefully in front of the phantom -- with his own sword drawn from its dimensional sheath and glowing. He swung at the man, aiming to match blades with him and perhaps overwhelm him with his own skill and power. He'd let Gorgon do whatever it was he thought was best for him to do at this point.

As Tamura took the man head on, the snake-charmer would take the distraction as a time to create a few hand signs. As Tamura was about to make contact with the man blade for blade, from behind the strange man would appear a large amount of strange black snakes from the ground. These here Gorgon's 'Gorgon Snakes' from which a simple bite would be able to turn the man into stone. Also, because these snakes where made from 'Gorgon Energy', if the man tried to simply cut them, the Gorgon Energy would spread from the swords to the man himself.

The Phantom didn't let up at all, no matter what attack came his way. Instead, he pressed forward, bladeless and all, as he had dispersed the snake blades a while ago. With the 'Storm Pillars' erect, he had an idea of his own which caused a sinister grin to appear on the face of the mask he adorned upon his own. With Tamura appearing out of the debris, the Phantom simply matched his blade with a gloved hand and nothing more, grabbing the sword and staring Tamura directly in the eyes. A moment after, a voice wisped through Tamura's head, saying something along the lines of 'Look into my eyes' before the black, abysmal pools revealed a menacing and piercing glowing red iris within the blackened contents. The true eye of whomever was behind the mask.

In the split second that all of that transpired, Tamura should have felt hours upon hours of deep, insane thought coursing through his mind uncontrollably, disallowing him any thought or action of his own, allowing the Phantom to promptly and gingerly tossing him aside, where his own thoughts and motions would return to him the instant he let go. He only turned back for a moment to let Tamura get a glimpse of that piercing red iris one more time before he continued off toward where the pillars used to be. By this time, Gorgon had created the black snakes that aimed to attack him, yet the Phantom didn't turn around, as it was like he already knew what was behind him. He swiftly got into the cloak of the debris and before even a moment had passed, large replica pillars were launched at the black snakes, propelled by a force launched straight from his palms. Lifted high enough to impact with the head and flying at the snakes at high speeds, the pillars would either harm the snakes or change into stone... Or even better; both. The first one was quickly changed to stone, which is what the Phantom wanted to test out. The energy they were made of turned things to stone, which wasn't all that surprising nor difficult to deal with. With the others changing to stone and probably covering his position, the Phantom started walking back toward the snakes, phasing out and then back in mid-walk to get closer much faster.

When he was about as close as he wished to be to these creatures, he held up the same hand he 'struck' the pillars with and used the same technique to blow them into the snakes to blow away the snakes. The resulting force from it not only blew away the snakes, but literally blew them away, out of existence, along with the ground and atmosphere that was consumed by the attack, leaving only a slightly distorted atmosphere and a rigid, indented ground below where the attack scarred. The phantom did not make a single minute movement after that.

"...!" Tamura was surprised that his sword was stopped... So easily. It was one of the first times anyone had just grabbed it besides his past training session with Maruze all that time ago. He expected things like that from Maruze, but not someone he hadn't seen before. Swordsmanship was his second favorite and by far his best fighting style at this point. Luckily he had planned accordingly though, just in case something strange happened, but before he could call the name of his attack, something called to him and his eyes were drawn to the eye holes of the masked figure. He saw red gleams from them, then nothing. He couldn't register anything at all. It was as if his brain had been overrun with meaningless thoughts that distracted him from the battle. He didn't snap back to until he was tossed to the side, prompting him to recover with a back flip and slide to a stop. He eyed the figure. Those eyes were familiar to him, but he couldn't remember from where.

"Don't ignore me... 'Roaring Blast'!" From within the lingering debris behind the man as he approached the snakes Gorgon had used, a large blast erupted and fired off towards the man's back. From the point in which it fired, it spread out in a cone shape and covered a larger radius for an increase in destructive power. The debris finally fell to the ground, and in its stead stood a fifteen foot tall wolf. Tamura's 'Guardian', Karasuhime. His own little secret weapon.

Seeing Tamura release his large attack toward the strange man, Gorgon would jump back to give distance so not to be caught in the attack as well. Gorgon would then take a deep breath and would release a powerful surge of fire, which would take the form of a large King Cobra. The snake would rocket toward the strange man opposite of Tamura's blast so the two could collide head on with the man in the middle of it all.

When the wolf made itself known, the Phantom slowly, but surely assumed an upright position, turning around just as slowly as he stood straightened, letting only that single red iris gleam brightly through the wave of sound. As it was about to make contact, he moved in a blurred motion out of the way, reappearing next the the wolf, almost as if he teleported. In actuality, he was moving just that fast so that no one -- not even those with vision affixed to see at abnormal speeds -- could pick up on his movements, leaving the wolf and everyone else probably unaware of what happened to him the microsecond before the attack was going to hit him.

In retrospect, the cobra of fire was created to catch the phantom off guard whilst the sound wave came at him directly, therefore they were released generally at the same time. When the Phantom moved, all that would be seen was the sound wave totally blowing away the cobra and causing those vastly concentrated flames to disperse back into a thermal mess. With the upper hand in his favor, the Phantom would prey upon the wolf first. By now, they should either be wondering where the phantom went or be picking up on his power signature and finding where he was, so as they did that, he blurred out again and reappeared an instant later on the other side of the wolf, leaning nonchalantly against its large, strong leg.

One should wonder why this wolf was not attacking and simply allowing him to even touch it, however that was what transpired over that half of a frame in which this man moved. He subdued this beast simply by freezing it in time... Or, that's what one should call it. He revolved around the wolf thirty seven thousand times in that one instant, each time circling from tail to eyes back to tail again, and each time he went to the eyes, he stared the creature down for half a moment, giving it only a glimpse of what Tamura had to see -- however doing that thirty seven thousand times only made it that much worse. You see, the beast's mind was now moving much, much too slow for it to even complete another thought for at least another half hour, let alone move its body for thirty times that amount of time. Thus, the creature was 'frozen' in time, with the ability to think as slowly as a snail moves across the ground. Shooting a gaze back at Tamura and Gorgon, he stayed there, actually wondering what Tamura would do more so than Gorgon.

This is getting tedious.

Koudo never took his eyes off the Phantom, and the Phantom couldn't avoid Tamura's gaze because he was following his chakra signature. No matter how fast he moved, Tamura could see him, but couldn't do anything about it. Tamura's plan for his 'Guardian' had failed and he was getting tired of this.

The blast from his Guardian cleared a large section of the ground in which it was suppose to smite the Phantom. It also made very, very, very short work of Gorgon's flame serpent in no time flat. Tamura sent a message, mentally, to Karasuhime to come to his side, but when the wolf didn't move he could tell something was wrong. Instead of worrying, he simply straightened his stance and sheathed his sword, the wolf disappeared. Frozen in time or not, it had no say in whether it stayed in this world or not, Koudo had full control over that. As much as he wanted to stop fighting, he wasn't gonna back down. However, he didn't have a plan and so he didn't do anything.....

Watching the man deal with Tamura's wolf rather quickly, Gorgon would quickly notice something, which was picked up from when the man made Tamura pause for a moment. What Gorgon was able to realize was that this man was using some type of eye based ability which was causing those who looked into it to freeze in place for some reason. Gorgon would think for a moment, and would then sign, causing purple snake scales to cover his arms and hands, and claws to grow from his finger. After these grew, a black and red-like smog would begin to seep from Gorgon's scales as they where now covered in a very strong venom that caused powerful paralysis to who ever touched it. Gorgon would then disappear for a moment, reappearing right in front of the man, trying to hit him with multiple thrust-like attacks.

With the wolf taken from him to lean on, the Phantom should have fallen, however he stayed in the exact same position as if the wolf was still there, unmoving and uncaring that it was gone. When Tamura decided not to attack, the Phantom stood up and dusted himself off. That was when Gorgon appeared with his attacks, which were quickly stopped by the phantom using the same force from before, yet in smaller doses to block every attack delivered, each one blowing away the smog being omitted from Gorgon's arms. Naturally, he hadn't touched the arms when using this force, but actually released the force to stop Gorgon's hands every time they were an inch away from his own hands.

Finally, after a moment or two of doing that, the Phantom jumped back a long ways and landed, turning to walk away from the area. He started to laugh, giving the two of them a thumbs up as he ominously walked away. His laugh was sinister, yet not malicious at all. He turned his head but only for a moment, shooting a final gaze at Tamura, then at Gorgon, then turning back to his path. Seems as though he was approving of them for whatever reason... Huh, that's weird. Regardless, he was now gone, as if phasing out of reality itself, almost like he'd never even been there at all.

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Book 13; The End of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Fifth End; Joining the Workforce

No one had seen nor heard from Khrona for quite some time, but more reports of the masked man known as 'the Phantom' had been occurring in the Dusk. In Khrona's stead, his assistant, Chomao, would deal with any of the tedious work that had to be done in his absence... Unfortunately for the poor Chomao.

It wasn't long into Isaac's wandering that he had roamed into the lands of the hidden Dusk Village. He had only heard of this place... And had the misfortune of running into a few of it's shinobi a while back. It wasn't like they were incompetent... Just to clouded with dreams... Nonetheless, there was an aspect to this village that Isaac had found most interesting, and so he knocked upon the leader's door, trying to not only obtain more power... But to see this ruler of dreamers... "Knock, knock..."

The door opened, the only creature there being a small Chomao with an oddly colored accent atop his head.

Chomao: "Khrona is out at the moment. Is there something you need?"

With Khrona out and Misery and Despair not... Wanting to deal with his line of work, and also Tabrith maintaining the dwindling 'Team Psychotic', Chomao was the only one left to watch the office. Even Khrona's own child was busy. 'Sigh... Oh well.' Things still needed to get done and Chomao was the most qualified... "Well?"

Making his way inside, -- rudely, with out even being asked -- Isaac's eyes roamed the office. It seemed normal; a desk, chairs... He expected a leader's office to be more; especially here in the Dusk... Huh, guess this leader had some humility. Turning back toward the creature that allowed him entry, Isaac figured he'd just come out with it -- no point in prolonging this... Other things needed to be done... "I've come to get a 'Job'. I don't suppose you could help me with that, rabbit?" 'I mean what else could this thing be? Had to be a floating rabbit...'

As Isaac so rudely entered the office, Chomao gave him a dark stare, crossing his arms. After being called a rabbit, however, a vein of anger appeared on Kupo's head.

Chomao: "Rabbit...? I'm a Chomao. A mixture of multiple things. Not. A rabbit."

Chomao pulled out the Grand Grimoire, holding it under his arm.

Chomao: "... So, human, you wish to achieve a Job? Fine, choose one from the list."

Chomao gave him the list and waited.

Everything after that. Isaac... Just didn't pay attention to. The Chomao's preaching was a concern as he made his way over to it and its massive book. It was strange, Isaac hadn't even noticed it on the Chomao's person when he came in, and it was strange that it could hide such a huge tome. Ignoring the Chomao's clear signs of frustration, he flipped through the pages of the Grimoire, job after job, searching through them all and taking note of what he would like with mental notes on the rest. "...I only get one?"

Of course, this guy agitated Chomao to no end, but even so, he needed to go through with this job thing on Khrona's behalf. "... No. You get two. One is your main class and can never be changed, the other is your sub-class. Choose wisely." Chomao, on the slick side, tried to concoct a vile plan to get back at Isaac for calling him a rabbit, however... And he was wondering how this would happen...

"Hmm, so I do get to choose more than one, huh?" Smiling, Isaac handed the large grimoire back to it's owner, -- the Chomao -- his searching and studying over now; he had come to his decision. "Mage for my main, and a Knight for the sub... Yes, I think that will do just fine..." The mechanics and arts he saw accessible to these two individual 'jobs' piqued Isaac's interest greatly. The studies of 'Manna' is what stood out the most to him, a branch of power in which Isaac had never even heard of... A power that he would learn and make his own... "Now then, Mr. Chomao, can you please help me in achieving these higher powers?" A bead of sweat fell from Isaac's head in a very comical anime like fashion, as he took a moment to just take in what he just said....

Chomao took back the Grimoire, having half a mind to change Isaac into an Usagi for calling him a rabbit so much... And as close as he was to doing so, he restrained himself... This time. "Alright... Here we go..." He snickered, the light starting to shine out of the book. "Hold still..." The light engulfed Isaac, bestowing him the power of the Mage within his being, and then the Knight. Eventually, the light would fade and the book would close. "... There."

The light began to fade, revealing an Isaac born anew in these newfound powers, yet along with it, it seemed as if his clothes had changed -- a probable side effect of taking on one of these 'jobs'. Made up mostly of combinations of both black and purple materials, save the two skulls that hung like keychains at Isaac's waist linked to him by chains, Isaac took a moment to look at his new duds, in which he enjoyed oh so much. Isaac could feel the great potential within him now, a vast valley of manna and skill, yet he was still ignorant to the arts in which his 'Jobs' allowed him and as such, he was still only as good as when he walked into this office moments ago. "All that's left now is to learn and train. Chomao man, you wouldn't happen to be the one that trains individuals, now would you?..."

As tired as Chomao was of this individual, it was no lie that he knew every single ability of every single job, and therefore was one of the best people to train anyone. "Sigh... Yes. I do. What do you want to learn first?" His hesitant attitude was all too apparent, but... This was all for Khrona, whom he hoped would be back very, very soon...

"Basics. From what I saw of yours, certain skills come with certain jobs. So, I'd like to just get the basic spells and skills out of the way..." Isaac glared toward the floating creature. He was starting to get that feel from him that Isaac normally got from everyone else. Sighing, the young shinobi realized that maybe his attitude wasn't the best for someone asking for help... Isaac could at least give this... CHOMAO the respect it deserved for clearly being a being of great power and knowledge. "So, yeah. I uh, would like to know if you could help me out with this..."

Somehow, Kupo knew that was coming. His head dropped as he looked straight to the ground, utterly depressed. "... Alright. Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning or Earth?"

Chomao went on to train Isaac the basics he asked for and sent him on his merry way.

Though Khrona hadn't been seen for quite a while, randomly, at the time of need for a struggling young woman, one of his partners -- Despair -- would appear to help her out randomly and secretly.

Aliyah walked onto the ranking field with as much enthusiasm as she usually showed in hopes of advancing further so she could make her mother and father proud of her. She wanted to show that even shinobi from the future could be as devoted as the shinobi of the past. She sat down and folded her legs, entering a meditative position as she waited for a proctor.

The first person who would show up was Despair, Khrona's weapon. She was here whilst Misery was elsewhere... The Colosseum. So, Despair was here taking her place.

Despair: "Oh hello there... How are you today?"

Aliyah looked up from her meditation at the beautiful young woman. Her short hair made Aliyah smile because it was almost just like her own. But then a sudden sense of dread washed over her and it seemed to be coming from the woman. Aliyah didn't run or speak up on it, she only rose an eyebrow. It was just an annoyance, like a force wanted her to runaway from the woman, but Aliyah herself could easily brush it aside. She had enough despair to last a lifetime. "Hello. I'm fine, and yourself?" Aliyah stood and bowed to the person she could obviously tell was a weapon. The wavelengths she could feel from the woman was staggering so Aliyah knew she had to be a Soul Angel already. She wondered who she was partnered to and couldn't help but feel anxious that she was one of Khrona's weapons.

Despair rose a hand to her face in an elegant fashion, her lightly balled hand touching her lips shyly as she responded. "Oh, I am... Woefully pleased to meet you... I have not seem someone that exudes such promise in a long while... I knew this would be a terribly refreshing day..." She smiled at Aliyah, yet that didn't lighten her heavy aura at all, even looking at her face enough to make the happiest of people grimace. Her presence made children sad. "It seems you are here for a ranking exam, correct? It would be dreadfully wonderful to assist you!"

Aliyah didn't frown, but the aura of despair seemed to get stronger. It only proved to remind her of the future that she wished to avoid. This line of thinking -- though not easily -- let her will herself to think of overcoming the despair instead of falling to it. "Yes, I would like your help. I want to be able to protect what's precious to me..."

Despair lowered her hand, primping her dress a little bit as she spoke back to Aliyah. "... Protect? Alright then... I will assist you in learning about that. Your exam... Is to defend yourself against my attacks whilst also trying to land one on me. You lose points if you evade attacks, but you score major points if you actually can land a hit on me... Does that seem fine to you, Miss Aliyah?" Of course, Despair knew her name because she had to know all of the Dusk Shinobi, as did Khrona. However, she was uncertain if Aliyah knew of hers. "... Oh, and forgive me for me rudeness... I am Despair A La Discord. Dishearteningly pleased to meet you..."

'So that's why I feel so weird...' Aliyah thought. She knew who Despair was, but had never met her. She WAS one of Khrona's. "It's also frighteningly great to meet you. And I accept the terms of this exam. I am ready to begin." Aliyah took a deep breath and readied herself, having her arms hugged in front of herself, but with her hands inside of her jackets.

Despair's single eye not covered by her hair was filled with a forlorn, abysmal look, yet there was a certain sharpness only the truly skilled could see. Though she usually let her entire body become a weapon for herself, this time, she seemed to only want to have her shoulders be her weapons. On each shoulder, a hole would open up as if she were a mechanized matron, though this was far from the case. Seeing as one of her weapon forms was that of an explosive launcher, her body adjusted as such when she was not in full weapon form. Her index fingers on both hands would become lined with a thin blade, like that of a razor. "Well... Begin." As soon as those words exited her mouth, two rockets were fired off from her shoulders, the force blowing Despair back a little bit, but that was nothing she wasn't used to by now. She didn't have her feet planted, anyway. The rockets spiraled toward Aliyah, threatening to detonate around her entire area... Looks as though Despair intended to start off strong.

Aliyah drew three seals from her jackets and slammed them into the ground. Activating them revealed a large ice barrier. 'Technically not dodging, heh.' She sweat dropped, but didn't linger too long. The missiles blew the wall to pieces, knocking Aliyah off her feet. She winced but rolled backwards to her feet. 'Gotta be faster.'

"Singular Soul Resonance!" She cried. She didn't feel her soul energies go high at all and wondered if the despair she was feeling from Despair made her unable to go up to full strength. She cursed beneath her breath and used the small boost as best she could. "Great Flowing River!" She called and spewed water at the ground in front of her until the area began to become slightly filled with water. From the water around her feet, she began to stride quickly to the right, and the water began to glow with each step she took. "Activate!" The glowing areas of the water began to form water needles that flew at Despair before the pool could reach the woman itself.

Despair's missiles collided with the ice barrier, causing them to explode on contact, however Despair definitely noticed the water needles and the rising water in the area. As the pool neared her feet, she looked down only to hike up her dress, then begin to hover slightly above the ground. "... My... I wouldn't want my dress to get wet." Now, Aliyah was on the move, seeming rather ready to strike Despair. Despair promised herself she wouldn't use her Rejection during this battle, as it would be too much for a Beginner to surpass... But, maybe Aliyah could do it? If Despair absolutely had to. With the water needles so close to Despair now, her dress seemed to act on its own, stretching outward like an extra limb and slapping the water needles back down to the pool whence they came. Soon after, Despair held up her hand, a hole opening up on her palm as well, before several grenades were loosed out into the water. Most were in Aliyah's path, and since she wasn't allowed to evade them, she had to take the explosions head on. They started to go off like fireworks, their explosive power leaving small craters in the ground and blowing away a majority of the water.

"Yes!" Aliyah cried even though the grenades were coming at her. Once more, the water would glow where the needles were slapped back into the water and shoot more needles up at Despair from right beneath her. With the grenades, Aliyah went through one hand sign. "Great Flowing River Prison!" She called, and the water around her covered her in a chakra intensified bubble. The grenades explosions would tear it apart but not do as much damage as they could have without a defense. Aliyah hit the water and rolled onto her feet once more. She was getting sick of being tossed around. The 'Singular Resonance' wore off now though. Making another scroll appear, she made a catapult appear and hopped onto it, launching herself towards Despair. She had already drawn two more seal tags from her arm.

Despair's watchful eye watched every move that Aliyah made, carefully and accurately. Waiting. Despair was the defensive one of Khrona's two weapons, and to be as such, one needed to have the keenest of sight; the best of the best in perception. As Aliyah neared, Despair's dress would raise up and stretch out, revealing what was under it... Not Despair's legs, but a stream of alternate dimensions all intertwined and woven into the underseams of this dress. What was this creation...? No matter. With Aliyah traveling so fast because of the catapult and unable to alter her line of fire, since she was already launched, it was almost inevitable that she'd travel through Despair's dress and fly out right through the other side, behind Despair and onto the ground. It was then that Despair's soul began to flare... She was going to use one of her more powerful attacks now. Time for her to test how truly resourceful this girl who wished to protect truly was. The atmosphere around Despair started to grow gray and dark, as opposed to the brightness that was outside of this aura. It seemed to sap the color and the life right out of the air, warping it to the same shade as Despair's isolated soul. Her Despair Soul was going to work here... Prepping for attack. "I'm going to try something different... Perhaps, you should too?"

The water needles that came up below Despair did nothing, and this confused Aliyah. However, since she hadn't moved, her plan was still good to go. As soon as she was right in front of Despair, she released her most prized technique. "Maledictis!" If Despair would be hit by the pulse of wavelengths as Aliyah flew through her, she would become dizzy an off-centered, almost as if she were terribly drunk. Depending on the strength of the wavelength pulse, a second attack to do physical and wavelength damage to Despair would also occur as a stronger pulse from Aliyah, as she moved her center of gravity to her head, allowing her to flip her body and slam her arms down hard on the water, not even three feet away from Despair now. The second pulse of wavelengths would flare out powerfully, hopefully grabbing that hit on Despair that Aliyah had truly wanted.

The first wavelength seemed to be snuffed out by Despair's own, the natural effects of it already weakening the effects of Aliyah's, but also, because Despair had already started to intensify it, the wavelength didn't reach far. "Et tu? You speak Latin as well...? Though you wish an evil curse upon me...? You are too depressingly kind..." By now, Despair's soul was apparent by the aura of grayness around her, and the second wave, more powerful than the first, would be combated by a thin, penetrating beam of Despair's concentrated soul energy from her eyes... the 'Glare Of Woe'. Considering the effects of the 'Glare Of Woe' and Despair's soul, it withered away all it touched with ease, causing the very 'will' of the attacks to fall, making them weaker and weaker at an incredible rate. This beam, headed straight for Aliyah, was something that couldn't be stopped by normal defenses, as this beam destroyed the 'will' of barriers and penetrated straight through them, as well. Perhaps... She'd be forced to dodge this time. That would not fare well in her overall score...

Feeling her wavelengths have absolutely no effect on Despair, Aliyah finally did begin to feel the outlandish emotion within herself. The feeling of dread that almost overwhelmed her almost made her panic. If she couldn't hit Despair physically nor with wavelengths, just what exactly was she supposed to do? There was one option... But she had promised not to reveal herself to anyone until her father had learned of his own abilities. But it looked as if she had no choice. To protect those closes to her, she had to stop holding back anyway. Holding in power that could potentially save others lives was only endangering them more. Leo was testament to that... "Cantata Mortis!" Aliyah spoke and her eyes burned red. The water parted from the double release of wavelengths that came from her body. Her special ability, for the first time in this time, was being used in battle.

Her hair began to darken, as if ink was flowing through it, turning it completely black. Her eyes dimmed from red and took on the orange color of her mother, Rai. Her clothes darkened but held the same design as her fathers clothing, albeit, now with a longer coattail. Her right arm began to melt, as if dripping ink before expanding quickly in a bright light, and then solidifying again in the form of a gigantic scythe. The figure that could hardly be recognized as Aliyah brought the large scythe around and began to emit a blue glow, almost like a vortex, and began to take in the attack from Despair. "Sorbere," the Aliyah like person spoke. Then two of the four crystals that had been floating near the end of the scythe fell to the ground, indicating her time left in that form.

Despair's eyebrow raised at the new form taken by Aliyah, yet her unblinking eye stayed stoic, watching everything going on with her. The Glare Of Woe was absorbed by Aliyah, letting her avoid the physical effects of it... However the effects of it being inside of her would prove to be much worse. Not only would her power as a whole begin to weaken, but so would her wavelength, and even with this form, it would happen rather rapidly. "... 'Sorbere'? An absorption ability, it seems... You truly are bold to take in an attach such as that within yourself, even in that form... But the dark toll it takes on the body and soul... still resides within you, tearing away at your will..." Despair said that almost as if it were the saddest thing in the world to her. Her eye dimmed and her hands began to flow gracefully through the air... Slowly, almost as if time were being slowed by her moving of them, even allowing afterimages to appear behind them, even though they were moving slowly and not swiftly. Her dress began to expand as well, razor blade lining the hem of it completely, and as it twirled it took on the effect of a buzz saw, slowly expanding and ready to shave down everything in the area... Namely, Aliyah.

Aliyah could not smile in this form, almost as if she were one with the despair. But the gleam in her eyes would show that she would have a smirk on her face if she were in her natural form. "You are mistaken." Aliyah's voice was low and monotonous, making the air seem filled with utter despair caused by both woman. "My weapon soul is the 'Flowing Soul'. I can regulate my soul energies to flow with any wavelength or poison that enters my body. While I cannot completely nullify the effects in this way, I adapt to them the longer they remain within me. As our wavelengths flow together, I can exude the same aura as you. While I cannot replicate any of your abilities since I do not have a 'Mimic Soul', your despair shall incur no wrath upon me." Ink clones had began to form as she spoke, appearing every time she took a large jump back to distance herself from Despair, intending them to be shields. She did this three times, making three ink clones that appeared completely black and still liquid-like since she didn't put much chakra into them. However, each one of them held a glowing center.

The first one being closest to Despair as she began to her buzzsaw attack, if she continued through, would splatter the woman in ink with a terrible smell. The glow inside of her would shine brightly before igniting in a small explosive seal powered by the flammable ink that would then cover her. The third of her four crystals would fall to the ground as she began to charge her wavelengths.

Despair now understood why she didn't feel the full effects of her soul before the battle had begun, but even with this soul energy of hers, it wouldn't be enough. It simply was not strong enough, no matter the effects of it. "... As a mentor to you, I will give you a little word of advice... Even the effects of a soul will mean nothing to the sheer power of another. Technically speaking... You and I are in 'Soul Synchro' right now... And do you know what happens when someone tries to resonate with someone who is not on the same wavelength as they are...?" A sort of sadistic move on Despair's part, this was going to be, but it was probably picked up from Khrona or Misery, being around them all these years. Even still, it was a lesson to Aliyah, as to not to get full of herself... Or too far lost in secondary abilities, for even they can be nulled out by the bold facts of life. Despair's soul grew exponentially, to heights far unattainable by both a Beginner and a non Soul Angel, her resonance unfathomable by her own self. Keeping up with Despair's soul was something only Khrona and Misery were capable of doing, and that was from years of using her. Such a high increase in power within a synchro would cause Aliyah's wavelengths to become overpowered as well, producing not only a horrible physical pain to surge throughout her entire body -- increasing at every moment -- but... Her soul would be at high risk of exploding, in comparison to a lightbulb powered by lightning. Too much power to handle... But Despair wouldn't let that happen.

The ink clones being generated about were likely to be the first things sliced up by the razors on the dress, however at the sight of ink, Despair's dress retracted all too quickly, reverting back to normal. "... Never shall I let a stain come to this dress... Even if its threads are impossible to tear, it still stains just as easily..." She seemed very thoughtful about her appearance, and cleanliness. Or maybe, that dress just meant a lot to her. Nobody truly knows. In any case, those ink blots were going to be dealt with... After Despair saw what Aliyah was going to do about Despair's soul... She kept a watchful eye of everything... That unblinking, unmoving, depressing eye of hers...

Aliyah's head exploded in pain at the increase in frequency. She dropped to one knee, still trying her hardest to flow the soul energy through her body, but it was becoming impossible. She drew her arm back through the pain, her head starting to bleed from the sheer mental force she was displaying to stay conscious. "Delerent," she spoke and swung the blade, a blue wall of wavelength appearing, glowing almost white. "Ruptis." With another swing, she shattered the wall, leaving glowing pieces hovering in the air. "Dimittere." With the eye like gems on her scythe glowing, Aliyah forced Despair's soul out, mixing it with her own as it went. However, the shards that were in the air got caught in the release, so not only was a large blast of soul energies headed towards Despair, but so were hundreds of shards, darting about the area like homing laser missiles.

The ink clones were caught in the blast, spraying ink out in all directions, more towards Despair since the direction of the attacks were towards her. The seals inside of the ink clones began to go off, igniting large flames that roared towards Despair, and ripping up dirt towards her. The last crystal dropped from Aliyah's scythe, along with Aliyah herself. Falling to her knees as he body began to return to normal, she held her head in pain and tried her hardest not to vomit from the pain of a foreign soul tearing through her body.

Witnessing all that Aliyah had done, it wouldn't be long before her body gave out from such a devastating ability. She was still trying her hardest regardless, and Despair noted that. The blast of shards and wavelengths neared her, but Despair was not fearful. Instead, extended her arm out in front of her, then bent it toward her, a razor blade jutting out of the side of her hand and pinky. When the blast came her way, Despair's razor gleamed brightly, coated with her soul energy, as she made a swift and decisive slash across the air in front of her when the blast came, slicing it clean in two, forcing it around Despair's area and destroying everything else in the way. After all of that, everything in the area caught aflame and seemed to be destroyed. Despair stood there unharmed, still in the same position as when she sliced through the blast, eye closed. When she opened her eye again, it was only halfway, but was still able to look at Aliyah. "... For someone of your rank, you are already very impressive..." Her voice trailed off, seemingly muffled by the flames and destruction around her, which allowed only her silhouette to be seen... Save for her gleaming, dark eye. She lowered her hand, the razor retracting back into her essence as her dress wrapped around her, causing her to implode, it would seem, before she instantaneously appeared in front of Aliyah.

"... Your skills would rival the power of an Advanced, given some practice..." From Despair's very soul, a huge wave of sheer force would quickly sweep across the land, seeming to ignore Aliyah, and snuff out all of the flames and push away all of the destruction instantly. Her Rejection. Despair touched down to the ground once again, hiking up her dress as she did before, letting it flow naturally about, then offering a hand to the clearly tired Aliyah. "... So I expect you to train to meet the requirements of your new rank, miss..." Despair smiled, even though it only made the air more heavy as she did. She tried. The exam was over, and Aliyah passed with flying colors, even if she did not meet the bonus requirements.

Through blurry eyes and bouts of pain, Aliyah took Despair's hand, giving her own weak smile and a thumbs up. "You... Can count on it."

Despair nodded her head, closing her apparent eye before wrapping Aliyah in her dress... Though, it could be taken more like swaddling. Despair had no healing capabilities at all, and neither did Misery. They were weapons of destruction, after all, even if Despair was the one who SHOULD know some healing techniques... Khrona was the only one who could heal her, and he was out at the moment. "... I guess I'll just have to let you go where you need to be... See you later..." Despair waved at Aliyah before her dress completely engulfed the child, sending her through one of the various dimensions, warping her to the safety of where she needed to be most of all to recover from such a shock. Soon after, Despair herself returned home.

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Book 13; The End of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Sixth End; The Deadly Dance - A New Fighting Style

In the comfort of his home -- of which he hadn't left for quite a while -- Khrona was frantically teaching his partners how to be better in sync with him and each other. After his surprising power burst, the two of them were relatively out of whack with him and needed to get on his level. The best way to do this was with an elegant dance of sorts that he had to direct them in. He spent his days in the Pit teaching them how to dance this 'Deadly Waltz' day and night, until another visitor came and interrupted their session.

Back within the depths of his pit, Khrona had recovered a little from his battle with the Demon King, his brother, and Falshin -- which was finally dead... He was relieved about this, but even still, he could sense the powers of insanity rising up again... This time, from a different source than both Falshin and the Spider Queen, and it was coming from the Chaos. "... I may be ready, but my weapons will have to be ready, too... We must have our resonance rate at top percentages... And I know just the way to do that..." Khrona eagerly awaited the return of his two weapons, both of which were out busy with whatever the hell. They weren't around for the fight with Falshin or his brother, so they had to be doing SOMETHING constructive...

Nara soon came wandering into the pits; he knew that at this time Khrona was a bit stifled from fighting the Falshin with his other part, his brother. Nara came with great purpose -- was it to kill Khrona? Did this have something to do with the Earth King? Who knows? All that could be felt by our grand master psychic, however, was a simple blurb in his over-aching psychic soul perception influence in his home. There were few things that could cloak themselves to a certain extent under Khrona's radar. He was about to meet another one. "..." Whatever this was whipped quickly -- extremely quickly -- through the Pit of Havoc. It felt like it was coming from behind, but should the curious person turn to look, then they would feel such a force coming from their back again. This was Nara; his purpose unknown. Whatever for, he had come to one of the most dangerous persons on the planet to have a bone to pick with at this time.

Waiting for his weapons, Misery and Despair had FINALLY gotten down to Khrona's room in his pit, where they were summoned.

Misery: "Sorry, I was opening the Colosseum."

Despair: "And I, ranking a shinobi..."

Just as they came in, Khrona sensed another presence. Far too tired to even try to decipher who this was, Khrona could only muster that it was a blurb of wavelength. "... Dammit. Someone would come when I'm too tired to even try to figure out who it is... Misery, Despair. On your guard." But, when this presence made itself known, Khrona knew exactly who it was without even having to turn around, and he would hold a hand out to Misery and Despair telling them to yield. "... Nara. You're back, hm? What is it that you want?"

"You already know," Nara said. He manifested himself out of thin air thereafter, symbolizing that Khrona had detected him and deduced his presence well before Nara knowingly made himself visible. It seemed that Khrona -- even though tired -- was well at good enough strength. Nara had changed a great deal; he no longer wore a robe but more of a skin tight ninja suit a tactical unit. It pulsated every now and then as if it did so to 'register' or 'check in with the universe'. Nara's eyes were greyed out, as if he was blind once more. He could see just fine. The pulsating of his suit -- or of his body -- was symbolistic of the manna that he absorbed. Khrona could feel it; any skilled wielder could. That Nara became a Soul Angel. Nara had to play this tactfully; he knew that Khrona was of the unpredictable sort. He inherited most of this knowledge from the X-files and classifications of the Earth King. "I'm a Soul Angel. That means I get a house here, right? And I can become a teacher in the school, too? And meet those two over there?" Nara chuckled; this was the first few times he saw Misery and Despair side by side. He couldn't help but look -- he got the goosebumps all of the sudden. They were gorgeous.

Khrona cocked his head to the side, before rotating it around to meet Nara's face in a gruesome fashion. "... A house? I thought you resided in the Nightmare? You can live in the Mezzanine. Teaching is up to Shinigami. And Misery and Despair... Ha. Misery and Despair." Khrona could tell that Nara was joking, but it was just good to put such information out there. His head whipped back to normal, now greeting the eyes of his two weapons before they could mutter even a word. "DANCE, SLAVES!!!" His eyes gleamed for a moment, illuminating the pitch black room red, and Misery and Despair would feel Khrona's presence in their minds.

Misery: "What... The hell?"

Despair: "Ah... A melancholy waltz..."

They could hear music playing in their heads. Something necessary for the training to learn the 'Dance Of Death' -- or 'Deadly Waltz' -- fighting style... More specifically, the 'Waltz Of Destruction'. "This is the training I have called you two down here for. I will feed you the attacks you must learn and you will do them in unison with me. On the double." Khrona didn't turn back around to Nara, but it was clear from his less commanding tone that he was speaking to him now. "So, I take it you are here to show me your power, hm? Not that I just deduced that out of nowhere. I had the help of a brain wave or two emanating from your head. Hahaha." That's right. Khrona was in Nara's head... Outside of his head. An advanced form of mind-reading that few psychics possessed. "Unfortunately for you, I have this business to attend to... Looks like you're out of luck..." Of course, Khrona only jested. "... But I'll tell you what; Fight my Pact partner. My 'duplicate', one should call him. If you can defeat Tabrith -- who is merely my own shadow, in a sense -- then when I am back to full power... You can have at me again." Misery and Despair started to dance off to the side, Misery feeling more than foolish for doing so. But Khrona was feeding them the dance moves and the tempo, so they had to do it. Lest they be punished.

Nara did nothing but chuckle and begin to sign. Khrona's mind would already be going to town trying to obtain information about Nara despite the fact that Nara was doing rather well in limiting the information he wanted to give Khrona. This little information about the same-size-or-less of the little blurb Khrona got earlier to figure out Nara was Nara before he showed himself would tell Khrona that this wasn't a harmful jutsu. And that's all. Because Khrona's powers were very broad and deep, their weaknesses are easy to exploit. At the very center of his power's logic. Nara spoke now, activating his jutsu, which caused white noise to build up around him. And cause his body to flicker at regulated intervals. That slowly began to slow down... Very... Very slowly. "There's a difference between duplicate and shadow. Some say they are the same. But I don't believe in equality -- I believe in the winner; the stronger making the laws. As such, I'll tell you right now that shadow isn't better than your duplicate," said Nara. Surprisingly enough, he was already surrendering in dialogue? Nara clenched his fists now; with his jutsu active, he seemed that he had just increased his power two times as much. "I'll beat you without using my shadow though."

Khrona only continued to have Misery and Despair dance, now feeding them new steps to learn. "... 'That Laugh'..." They continued on, then he turned his attention back to Nara. "You think that to be so? Then by all means. Though, I'll have to ask that you fight Tabrith above ground... I hate it when fights ensue in my chambers." Little did Nara know, Tabrith was already above ground, waiting. And the only reason that Nara wouldn't know was that even Khrona, himself could not sense Tabrith, for because of what Tabrith was made up of, he lacked a presence in any sort of way. Khrona could only sense him when Tabrith allowed it... Which was a HUGE deal considering Khrona's power. If Khrona didn't see Tabrith with his own eyes, he could never tell where he was. "Tabrith... Waits for you. He shall have access only to my Summons if he truly desires it to be. But now... Nara. You should go greet him." Misery and Despair continued to dance... Dance and dance and dance...

"Keep yourself occupied when I'm gone, sweetheart," Nara said to Khrona; he looked up and felt a little something something up there. He couldn't really assess the size or power level of it. He could just discern its presence from reality. Something that Tabrith would find out later. Nara didn't mind an easier job such as fighting a lackey to get respect as a Soul Angel; he hoped that this would be fun though. Nara jumped and disappeared, reappearing above ground. His body pulsated every now and then. Nara probably should set the field or something spread shadows out or something like that. But he passed at the opportunity; he did win his matches through legitimate means. "Come on out. Your power isn't special."

Tabrith, already at their rather expansive battlefield with hands nonchalantly in his pockets and slightly hovering off of the ground, as usual, seemed to have no care in the world about the words of Nara. He was a being of higher thinking, mind you. "No, my power is not special... It is original. Manifested from the very mind of Khrona himself, not passed down to all in the family." Not so much an insult as a fact, for Tabrith was merely a lost fragment of Khrona's mind that grew its own will, to an extent. So he wasn't lying. "So, child of darkness... You wish to fight with weapons? Be warned that since I have no soul, I don't use the soul energy. Only Khrona does." Even though his battle position was so lax, he was battle ready and could use any one of his moves in a second. It was all on Nara, however, for Tabrith wasn't one for making the first move. He had no real malicious intentions until someone else stepped forth.

"Whatever." Nara shrugged; Nara didn't care that Tabrith was wrong about his special ability. In reality, the Shadow clan has no powers to pass down. The only thing that runs in the family is their smarts. It was just as Tabrith said; he was a simple shattered piece of Khronas mind. What would he have to gain from being incorrect? Probably nothing. This was strictly business. But Tabrith had to get his name right; 'child of darkness'. Nara scoffed at that remark -- it reminded him of the Dark King. So many people get him wrong these days. "Say what you want about my family. But I have a name. It's Nara. And your purpose here is to be a witness to my power." Nara held his hand up, his ring engaged. The enchanted flame burned brightly, increasing the power of his 'Self Resonance' from two times the strength to three times, and however many times after that so long as Nara was actively using his flame. He manifested a sphere -- more of a glob -- of a burning bright black energy. He then performed a seal with his free hand, setting this sphere ablaze with a peculiar grey energy. He then shot it into the clouds. The sphere took shape and formed itself into a technique reminiscent of the ethereal girl. It was a chandelier -- it was entirely black and had thirteen candles; each had a grey flame lit. The accelerating flame however began to effect one of these thirteen candle flames, causing it to grow in power quickly. And that was all for now. "You gon' make a move now?"

Tabris seemed puzzled by Atra's words, having not a clue how he got what he did from his speech.

"... You seem to have misunderstood... I said nothing of your name. Only what I see from your heart, your mind, and your soul. A child of darkness." That clarified, Tabrith watched Nara's spectacle, taking special note of the enchanted ring on his fingers. Something about it made Tabrith feel a little groggy, but that was probably because of Khrona's overwhelming hate for those accursed things seeping into even Tabrith once they were apart. Amazing how one could hate something so much. "... The accursed ring. How quaint." Everything was set and done now, and the chandelier was up in the sky. Tabrith, turning his attention back to Nara now, had all of the information he needed on the flame of acceleration. Using his best judgment, he decided to use the 'First Arm' of 'The Eight Arms' to handle that flame... Its exact counterpart; 'Sloth'. "It seems as though you attempt to threaten my existence... Not that I truly exist, anyway, so I cannot be threatened, but... Here. Let me show you what the 'First Arm' does. 'Sloth'..."

Tabrith slowly pulled his hand of his pocket and stretched it out to the side of him, keeping a steady half-smile on his face as Khrona usually did when not excited. There was a massive distortion of reality in a large portion of the area, so great that it even distorted and inverted the color spectrum for a moment or two, and without warning a large, abysmal pit appeared... A gargantuan claw grabbing hold of the opening and pulling its massive body slowly upward, revealing its form... That of a large bear-like creature with many parts of its face broken and shattered, and in that infinite darkness that was the inside of its head, two huge eyes glared menacingly out. Such was the First Arm, Sloth -- the Slowth. The moment Sloth appeared, Tabrith placed his hand right back in his pocket, hovering slowly over to Nara. Tabrith didn't prefer all of that high speed movement that everyone loved to go through nowadays... Or rather, not the running and the like. His eyes twinkled once. "Do you even have a well-thought out plan as to how you intend to fight me?"

From behind Tabrith, like a tailwind, another huge wave of intense distortion exploded outward from Sloth, aiming to consume Nara and even reach to the skies with its power, hoping to limit Nara's ability to dodge it as well.

"You don't know me man..." Nara sighed. He guessed a mere fragment of Khrona's mind couldn't comprehend a complex concept of 'implications' when Tabrith said 'not passed down to all in the family'. But it didn't matter; the fight started -- words could be exchanged in the middle. But the fight was the most important to Nara. Nara left the accelerating flame candle burning; it wouldn't consume future flame charges for pretty awesome reasons. He left the chandelier in the sky and pointed his finger into the air. As the distortion wave approached, he collected energy in his finger and brought his finger scything downwards, the potency of Nara's power carved a hole in the distortion wave, causing the energies to explode outwards around him. Nara sought refuge in Tabrith's newly formed obstructed vision. Nara extended his hand towards Tabrith and a wicked bolt of black lightning shot forth as if it came from a storm cloud itself. It aimed to vaporize Tabrith. The sound rang though the area, permeating the depths of the Pit of Havoc as if Nara just cracked a gavel on the globe. "...!" After that rather impressive release of power, the white noise sound kicked up around Nara with quite a large gusto.

Tabrith didn't say much more to Nara, as he was now looking at everything on the field without even looking. Such was a potent ability of his, the ability to use a greater form of the Hyper Perception to see all things that went on in his area. Thus, the 'obstructed vision' that hindered Tabrith was nothing but a sham, as he saw everything right through it. Nara fired the bolt, but before it even got close to Tabris... Rather, before it even left Nara's hand for two seconds, it was exponentially slowing down every millisecond it was out. Such was an effect of Sloth, whose influence was now across the entire field... Except in Nara's specific little area, of course.

The bolt slowly came at Tabrith, giving him more than a millennium to dodge it; even the thunderous sound became slowed and distorted to where that hadn't even hit Tabrith yet. With one look at the bolt and a gleam of his eyes, it returned to full speed, yet was launched back in Nara's general direction whilst it did so. "Whatever misconceptions you had about me, allow them to exit your mind. Because I am only the manifestation of Khrona's lost thoughts, I have a higher concentration of mental and reality warping power that Khrona uses on the norm. Be mindful of who you fight... For it isn't your leader."

Sloth started to rear up behind Tabrith, releasing a mournful bellow that was distorted all on its own, creating an eerie sound. He had activated the secondary part of his abilities... The power to weaken the wills and strength of everything under his influence, which, at this point, was everything. Power would lower within the chandelier as of now, considering it tampered directly with will itself, yet none affected Nara since he protected himself. But that would soon change... It was encroaching back on his position, and he couldn't even see the influence. It wasn't distorted anymore... It was like it had assimilated with the space itself.

"Shut up," Nara said, totally cutting Tabrith off. He would find very quickly that Nara's very being exceeded Tabrith on a metaphysical level. That 'little' area that Atra was that wasn't being affected by Tabrith's power was just the same as the lightning bolt as if it extended itself from Nara's very being. It was shadow energy -- massless in nature and unfortunately wasn't bound to the laws of anything that was on this plane of power. Nara could basically strike the intangible and harm the un-harmable given normal restrictions. Nara had the power to pierce through some average aura Tabrith was giving off. The lightning bolt continued to go at the speed it was originally fired at; it was definitely slowing because Tabrith's influence was definitely strong. But he didn't have a millennium to dodge as he so elegantly thought it. Nara's powers were known to bring the likes of the Demon King and the Earth King to their knees... And even move faster than the Sky King for moments. So Tabrith would have to work harder to fire back any of Nara's projectiles. Perhaps, in his attempt to do so, he would be vaporized where he so stood. But if he wasn't, Nara pointed to Tabrith and the enchanted flame charged grey candle flame damn near instantly struck Tabrith and Sloth, setting the area in front of Nara in an explosion so huge that they would have to change the name of this place to the 'Crater Big Ass Pit of Havoc'. So just in case Tabrith tried something quick, the chandelier blast would strike him where he stood. Nara wanted this over with, and would punish Tabris for thinking that he could manipulate Nara's powers that way. "I'm not fucking around."

"... Is that so...?" Never having fought Nara before, it would seem as though Tabris had been ill-informed of his power... Perhaps he had grown stronger since last Khrona fought him, which is what Tabrith had the basis of going off of. That being said, Tabrith almost instantly upped the power once the bolt easily passed by the wave of Sloth damn near unaffected. This upping in power could be physically viewed as a greater distortion in the area and Tabrith's eyes becoming completely engulfed in an odd, distorted light. Since it was clear that the bolt had been effected even slightly by Sloth, by increasing power output, Tabrith could definitely slow it to the point he needed it to be. Though, he was almost too late by the time it did, being just inches away from connection with him.

Tabrith cautiously hovered backward, now closer to Sloth, as the bolt of flame from the chandelier came into the fray as well. Granted, it would be slowed as well, as the wave that was released from Sloth and powered up by Tabrith had affected the area in a dome-like fashion, thus giving virtually complete protection from all angles. Thus, when the bolt hit the fortified area, it would become slowed as well. "... Many pardons for my misinformation. I see that you're no one to play with. But now, with my reassessment of you..." Nara could fill in the blanks from there. Where the two slowed bolts were about to hit, two small, yet exceptionally powerful portals ripped open due to a distortion in reality. Upon connection with these portals, the bolts would not only be pulled into an abysmal isolated reality, but also have the power from whatever they were connected to to be sucked out as well at an impressive rate. All the while, Tabrith was preparing the 'Second Arm' of use, as it seemed it would be necessary... He pulled his left hand out of his pocket and held it outstretched, waiting for the right moment. Sloth lay dormant, harnessing its own power in the process.

Nara reacted promptly once he had Tabrith on the defensive; he could only imagine that this second 'Arm' of his would have abilities much worse than the first. But what intrigued Nara more was the ability Tabrith had to use some form of reality warping... Sadly enough Tabrith would discover that antimatter and plasma can travel in all dimensions and the abilities that Nara used with these attacks would soon come back to this battle if he kept sending Nara's attacks there. "'The Flood'..." Nara said. He flung his hands towards Tabrith and a raging sea of black sludge flooded the battle field, and out of this pool of blackness emerged clones of Nara's shadow. They looked different from before for special reasons. But there were hundreds of them in moments. They all buzzed in and out with the white noise sound and converged on Tabris and Sloth, some managed to slip trough his barrier with ease with the rhythm of the white noise like a pulse, as if they slipped in and out of reality under Tabrith's barrier of sloth. It seemed to occur in intervals. Others stayed on the outside charging techniques of sorts. All the while the chandelier above was still shining, getting stronger by the second.

The clones vibrating in and out of reality, Tabrith would allow Sloth to unleashed his harnessed power. With another mighty roar, the space and time within the barrier would weaken severely, making it harder and harder for the clones to move in and out without first exhausting their own power more and more. This was because at the exact same time the space and time of this area was being weakened down to nothingness by Sloth, it was being recreated by Tabrith to his will, thereby looking as if it made no change at all. But with Nara's apparent knowledge of this plane of battle, he'd be able to tell quickly what Tabrith had done... As well as his clones. If they hadn't exhausted their own power by the time they reached Tabrith, however, he'd have to release the next arm prematurely than he wished to... But it was all in good will.

Tabrith was able to tell that Nara was able to move his attack still through the isolated reality... Which was all fine and good. Many people had learned to do this, and this isolated reality wasn't like the 'Isolation Chamber', which was under the full control of Tabrith at all times. But even still, Tabrith could destroy said reality at any time with Nara's power still within, causing them both to return to nothing. Thus, with the clench of his open palm, not only would the isolated reality Nara's moves were located in be shattered, but also the 'Second Arm', 'Motivation', would activate. In front of Sloth, a small, rather box-like creature began to form... Similar to that of a Chibi Robot. It was clearly robotic and nowhere near Sloth's immense size, and seemed to not be a threat at all.

"Sloth's opposite, residing on the other side of my body... 'Motivation'." Motivation leapt atop Tabrith's shoulder, who would be putting his hand back in his pocket now. 'Motivation' was one of his most useful arms. Not because of how it fought others, but how it enhanced Tabrith. By now, Nara would be feeling a significantly large rise in Tabrith's power, though it wouldn't be of Tabrith's will... It was growing exponentially as if Tabrith was simply evolving over time, like how a child becomes an adult and gains more and more power as time progresses and as they train. Tabrith was not charging power at all... It was increasing all on its own. The same went for Sloth, yet not Motivation itself.

"Now... Sloth." The hole that Sloth was in... The abysmal distortion that also seemed to be part of its face, would begin to expand as well. The ground broke, falling down below and disintegrating once it even came in contact with this void. It spread over to Nara, who would be threatened with a similar fate if he couldn't avoid it. With this expansion, Sloth moved as if he were a wraith through this blackness, over to Nara, now not limited to his one space. He took a mighty swipe of his claw at Nara, a trail of abyss left behind as residue of his constantly increasing power.

Nara didn't know what he was getting himself into, all he knew at this point was will and instinct. He trusted the powers he had earned and had been given. All Nara wanted was respect for his power so he was going to do his best to earn it. This emotion and more was felt in everything he created with his ability to manipulate shadows. The 'Grey Shadow' Noirs were as resilient as their creator. They were like charging spartans hacking away at the fields Sloth and Tabrith were exerting. The 'Grey Shadow' powers seemed to get them close enough to Tabrith. Some fell off and were stopped only to fall into the black sludge below and around Tabrith -- who insisted on standing still. Others were inside and surrounded Tabrith.

"Don't fall... Our power is just as strong as his," Nara said to himself and his clones. There were grey and black blotches around where Tabrith was, for now the clones fell off one by one, seemingly unable to make it to Tabrith, himself. Nara was well on the outside observing all of this take course. How were Nara's powers able to continue persisting among the reality altering abilities of Tabrith? Part it of was because Nara and his clones had the ability to check in and out of reality at will. Another was these new 'Grey Shadow' clones showed budding aspects of Nara's Soul Angel powers. They had antimatter blood flowing through them and were on equal yet opposite dimensions of Tabrith's own warped reality that could coexist within. Their power was weak, which is why they fell off and their numbers dwindled, but thanks to their blood, they were now self aware, and with clarity comes willpower, among other things.

Nara had to take action, he pressed his hands together causing Noir to self resonate... Increasing his power double the amount he already was exerting. Nara and Noir being two self resonating souls so close together began to make a 'Mock Soul Resonance'. But with that initiated their shadow with the rhythmic pulse of the white noise jumped and linked to all the white blotches leading up to Tabrith. Nara found himself warped right in front of Tabrith's face once his clones were destroyed, increased in power and in fortitude. It seemed that the 'Resilient Soul' of Nara's served as a medium for the ethereal girl's ever increasing Grey Shadow powers. The clones turned into tentacles and wrapped around Tabrith's arms, knotting them around his back preventing him from summoning any more arms at the moment. The contact of the antimatter to the skin would also drain Tabrith rapidly of energy and copy it for future use.

"Why aren't you affected by your own power?" Nara would question, if his stopping of Tabrith summoning 'Motivation' would succeed. Then Nara would have Tabrith pinned for a brief chat. He wouldn't act, for Nara didn't wish to spill any unnecessary blood.

Nara having stepped up his power through 'Self Resonance', Tabrith was going to release the 'Second Arm' just as planned whilst Nara was powering up... But the small number of creatures that got through his barricade were the problem now. Having to cancel his summoning of the 'Second Arm', Tabrith used Khrona's Hyper Perception to gain the sight to see them just as easily as they moved, allowing him a quick chance to act. His hand moved straight from his side to above him, a rather small green rectangular prism appearing around only Tabrith's body just as the shadows wished to bind him, leaving them to miss his shadow completely and become inaccessible to his body. The 'Isolation Chamber' -- another one of Khrona's abilities -- was made much more potent thanks to Tabrith's total focus on mental and reality warping powers. Unlike the reality created before to consume Nara's attacks, as stated before, this was an impenetrable realm made completely and utterly to work as Tabrith's will. A powerful shield... Yet, he could not interact with the outside world around him, which was still visible. But, the outside world, by any means, could not tamper with his own isolated space. Thus, a standstill for a moment or two.

"I am not affected by my own power because my power is Khrona's power. We are one and the same, yet have grown separate wills, much like he and the Judgemaster. With such concentration of Reality Warping, as well as these arms being my own... It is like asking why you cannot possess your own self with 'Shadow Possession'." What Tabrith spoke was true. The 'Arms' that he possessed really were his arms, and thus, this power actually flowed within him. They had just been manifested in sentient form, as shown by Sloth. "If you were to see my true form.. You would understand why."

Tabrith never revealed his true, fragmented form -- as though technically he was always in it, the perception of everyone around him only viewed him as what he, they, or Khrona wanted them to see, depending on the situation... Which is why now his form perceived now was that of a copy of Khrona. Both he and Khrona wished him to be like that, and so it was, and everyone would see him as such. "... But... You are a worthy opponent." Of course, since Tabrith was unable to attack Nara right now by any means -- even Reality Warping -- Sloth had to do so at the moment. Tabrith was going to wait just a little bit more to see what Nara intended to do here... "Sloth...?"

As stated, the hole that Sloth was in would expand greatly, slowly consuming the entire field, Tabrith's Isolation Chamber hovering above like there was still ground there. Once again, Nara would fall prey to the abyss below if he didn't act quickly, and Sloth would come in with a slash of the claw, though now not souped up by Motivation.

"..." Nara smirked; Tabrith's logic was flawed. Nara could possess himself, and if he could possess himself, then Tabrith could be effected by his own power. Nara had a feeling that if he created a way to render Tabrith able to be effected by his own 'Arms', then Nara might actually break Tabrith. It seemed that the only reason why Tabrith's power didn't effect him was because it was 'his own power'. Simple enough; all Nara had to do was change Tabrith to something else. But in order for that to happen, Nara had to touch him. Nara used this brief moment's reprieve to get his thoughts together, and as always, victory was going to come from a 'Shadow Possession'. Nara had once thought that he couldn't beat Tabrith; now he just needed to keep the pressure on and stop him from using more of his powers.

First, there was a crunching sound... As if Nara was crumbling paper -- in reality it was Nara and Noir's shadow possessing themselves, hardening their skin, making Nara able to stand the toughest of atmospheric conditions -- or the absence thereof. He was able to sit in a blackhole with this power for a few days. Nara stood upon the distorted reality Sloth was creating like it was water. The energies of Sloth's extended shattered dimension began to pull and tug at Nara's very foundations, attempting to rip him out of his skin; so much so that Nara already fell to his knee. Nara needed to make this quick. "... Let's go."

So Nara snapped his fingers... Causing the Grey Plasma Chandelier to shine brightly in the sky. It broadcasted his soul energy, rendering anything bathed in the light to cast a shadow. It was an ability called 'Shadow Lending'. Nara's sludge that he scattered across the ground along with his clones were long gone now. It was just him, Sloth, Tabrith and this dark, empty dimension spreading across the field. Nara didn't have to move, but Sloth came swooping in with a massive claw attack. Physical attacks were laughable; to approach Nara was foolish. Nara dodged by pivoting his body in the corresponding direction letting Sloth fly right past him. In this frame, Sloth was effectively Shadow Possessed -- it was to be expected. Perhaps Tabrith didn't know that Nara could generate the reaction of casting a shadow with his soul? Nara laughed to himself as he stood to face Tabrith, with a possessed Sloth next to him and the abyss below now turning back into the black shadow sludge from before. Sloth's powers would work differently now that he was on Nara's side. Sloth began to contort and bend as if blood was flowing through him. Sloth was no longer becoming an extension of Tabrith, but that of Nara. And Tabrith -- who was locked away -- couldn't do anything about it. "You should give up now."

Tabrith was surprised to find that Nara was indeed able to Shadow Possess himself. He was always led to believe that such a thing couldn't happen. Huh. His logic was all fucked up today. Maybe because Khrona wasn't at full power, it even effected Tabris some? Sad to say, that was a factor in this situation. Tabrith did have great power, but when Khrona was weakened, he did feel some lingering effects of it. But that was not the situation now. "... Oh!" Tabrith felt it. The effects of Nara's Shadow Possession as if it were happening to him right then and there. Tabrith was still connected to Sloth -- his literal Arm -- even when not physically on the same plane of existence as him. Now, things had become extremely problematic. Nara would feel that Shadow Possessing Tabrith was not the easiest thing to do, and there would be an immense struggle about it. And because Nara insisted on doing this to Tabrith's arm, now Tabrith was able to intervene with his power -- but only have it effect Sloth and not Nara, himself. And that was when, for the first time ever, Tabrith showed some emotion in this battle. His hands swiftly shot out of his pocket and one of his arms would grab the other, which was clenched into a fist.

"Chaos... Sever the ties." The Isolation Chamber fell quickly, Tabrith's power now exploding outward at the mention of 'Chaos'. The 'Sixth Arm', 'Chaos', was not like Sloth or any of the others, save for the Third. It was a 'Primary Arm' and not a Secondary, thereby being on an infinitely higher tier than the others. Not only this, Sloth was governed by 'Chaos', having its powers derived from hers, since Sloth did mostly debilitations rather than harmonizations -- which is what Chaos was made for. As such, Chaos had divine and absolute rule over Sloth, not the possession of its manmade shadow. Nara should have felt a burning sensation shoot up the shadow and all the way back to him as a powerful incineration that burnt away his control, as Chaos' specialty was in destruction... And in that destruction, was able to desynchronize and deharmonize anything. The ability to burn away even the metaphysical and leave unscathed... That was the power of this Arm. And, sad to say, that was Tabrith's ONLY way of getting his own Arm back. Without Chaos, he would have been short one Sloth.

With the harmonizing ties that was Nara's Shadow Possession and Sloth's Shadow burnt away to nothing by Chaos' will, it had a negative effect on Sloth as well, considering something so reckless was done. Sloth's 'Sentient Form' dissolved away, its power now reverting back to one of Tabrith's unseen arms, totally unusable for the remainder of this battle. Tabrith didn't breathe, so he couldn't pant, but that did do a significant number on his power... Which was something that was in Nara's favor. Being weakened one, by Khrona and two, by this dilemma made Tabrith a little easier to fight, but in no way less difficult to overcome. Yet, Tabrith could not use Chaos' full power... Not yet. "... It seems you've found my most major flaw... That my arms, even in Sentient Form, are still connected to me... But this means absolutely nothing if you cannot figure out how to stop me. Your logic is just flawed as mine was of you. I saw what you tried to do, but using my own power against me simply does not work."

Though Tabrith was unaware of Nara's true intentions about flipping the script, it was apparent that the thought was in his head. Little did he know, doing something to try to make Tabrith affected by his own power would just end up wasting Nara's time. Tabrith was a completed being. He was not susceptible to change of any kind, and was stuck the way he was for all eternity, lest Khrona's mind grow stronger. Yet, even then, Tabrith's powers were set in stone. "... I am a being void of change... That which is fully evolved, yet condemned to never be able to nor ever having the chance to grow." That was as simply as he could put it. He lowered his hands, which were clearly a bit more ragged than before, and let them hang at his sides. Now he did not put them in his pockets, for Nara had proven that Tabrith going too easy on him caused too many problems for Tabrith, and thus, he must be taken as a Class A threat. If he were to prove to be more dangerous than even that... Then both 'Balance' and 'Chaos' would be used with nary a bit of discretion for Nara.

Where Tabrith's 'shoulder blades' were, two more arms sprouted gruesomely and quickly from his back and arced over with open palms facing Nara. He intended on using four arms at once, but now not in their sentient forms, but as actual arms -- as they truly were.

Tabrith: "'Motivation'. 'Momentum'. 'Presence'. 'Flaw'. Arms Two, Four, Five and Seven."

He raised his two original arms up now as well, having them battle ready for Nara. With the summoning of such arms -- especially 'Motivation' and 'Flaw' -- things were going to get extremely hairy from here. Motivation had already started its functionality on Tabrith, yet the others lay dormant... Watching everything from everywhere through Tabrith's all-seeing eyes. All of the hands clenched into fists once, then opened back up. The next level has come to you, Nara.

Nara was sure he had Tabrith cornered; he could feel his newly acquired antimatter blood infest Sloth -- a power that Nara would coin in the future called 'Absolute Possession'. But that tie was quickly severed by some unknown force. A sharp burning sensation flew up Nara's shadow and spine... He would collapse but Noir and Nara share all pain with one another, literally dividing it in half. So Nara, who had fallen to his knees, would slowly began to rise. It seemed that someone broke Tabrith out of his cage in order to seize his own power again. This name was 'Chaos'? Nara was knocked down when he thought he had a lead. At least that opens up more options as to what Tabrith's true weakness could be. And after all, Nara got rid of Sloth; a power that counteracted his accelerating flame. With that out of the picture, Nara could let loose a bit.

"So, I won round one... This is round two?" Nara inquired now as Tabrith took an all new form; it seemed like he was fighting himself now, which was better in Nara's case. Tabrith knew that using the sentient beings rendered them fathoms easier to Shadow Possession. But if Nara could threaten to Shadow Possess all of Tabrith's Arms, he'll have to destroy them using that Chaos thing. 'It seems that the only one who can destroy Tabrith, is Khrona, Chaos, and Tabrith, himself.' With that being realized Nara jumped back a good ways -- about a football field in length -- and began signing. When he was finished, he put his hands to the ground. "Shadow Force!" With that, the shadows of Tabrith's arms began to creep slowly towards Nara, preventing Nara from having to get in close unnecessarily. The shadows were moving at a jogging pace and would give Nara control of Tabrith's arms once more, infecting them with antimatter blood and copying their powers. But Nara knew that this would work if Tabrith let it, and he would only let it if Chaos would. So perhaps Tabrith would have to sever more of his arms.

With only seven arms left and Sloth incapacitated, Nara's ego must have been through the roof. No one Tabrith had fought in battles past had brought him to the ropes not a once, even if Tabrith's activity was minuscule. The flame of acceleration that Nara possessed was still active, but with Momentum, it still would not threaten Tabrith as much as Nara thought it would without Sloth's presence. That said, Motivation stirred softly. Tabrith's power suddenly grew at an exponential rate, as if he were charging up for a destructive attack, however this incredible rise in energy was simply his power levels enduring a natural growth, not a forced one. Motivation... Its grace not only increased the capabilities of Tabrith's command over Khrona's powers, but his own as well -- and the rate of its exponential rise seemed infinitesimal.

The sight of Tabrith's arms' shadows slithering toward the darkness of Nara caused Tabrith little alarm; he did not fret at all. Instead, the uppermost arm on his right -- the arm of Flaw -- and the arm directly below it, the arm of Presence, began their work. Using Tabrith's own shadow as a medium for combating Nara's 'Shadow Force' directly, Flaw took the reigns first. Pinpointing the major flaws of the 'Shadow Force' ability, Flaw made them known to Tabrith's entirety. The weakness was exposed, and Tabrith intended to dwell on said weakness. Soon after, Presence's power activated, quickly erasing the presence of Tabrith's shadow and any trace of it, thus, it became nonexistent, as by taking away its essence, one could say. Without this presence in effect, the Shadow Force would have nothing to pull in nor would it have anything to latch onto of Tabrith's. Tabrith also knew of the effects of the 'Shadow Light', but even that would fall under the effects of Presence's might if it were to touch Tabrith with the power of the arms activated. That is, thanks to the might of Motivation being active as well. The last arm, Momentum, was going to make this transition rather smooth.

"You say you use anti-matter...? Unfortunately for you, Khrona has a variety of Reality Warping abilities that make the use of matter and antimatter completely... Useless." At the utterance of the word 'Useless,' a seldom seen move of Khrona's came into play from Tabris' mind. The 'Mind over Matter' ability. Usually having no reason to be used, this ability served a most useful person just in this exact situation. A mixture of both psychic and reality warping prowess, heightened by Tabrith's own concentration of it all as well as Motivation and Momentum; all things of matter and antimatter were threatened to be eliminated. Exploding outward from his body as an immense force, spreading across the area in almost an instant, this wave of ultimately controlled and piqued psychic and reality power threatening to ravage all forms of matter and antimatter for several miles. In the wake of this attack, there would be nothing left. Complete nihilism. Nothing but empty space remained with Tabrith in its epicenter. At least, for a moment. Just as quickly as the explosive force consumed the area, another swept across the empty space and returned it to normality. This all transpired in the exact same second, the attack ravaging and restoring all before that second ended. In truth, Tabrith had not attacked Nara himself, but merely his shadows and any threatening material that was in the area... And with the psychic power Tabrith held within, he'd know what was threatening and what was not.

"... You've made me use more of Khrona's power now. That means that things have gotten serious. I don't know why you didn't think you were worthy..." Tabrith's words were nothing truer. Nara was a worthy opponent if Tabrith had to delve into Khrona's power as well, and he'd prove himself even further if he could escape, or even defend against the attack. However, it would require a lot of power to defend against this monstrous thing so quickly... Nara had his work cut out for him dealing with Tabrith.

Nara sat back and chilled. Tabrith was right to think that Nara's ego had shot through the roof; after all he had to prove himself worthy. There wasn't a shred of worry in his eye. He looked above and counted to himself -- ten bolts of ever growing grey shadow energy left. Their power had been increasing since the battle's beginning. Nara could work wonders with those. The Shadow Force was Nara's test to see if Shadow Possession was going to work again against Tabrith period. And being a shinobi was all about gathering information. Using another life threatening move would make Tabrith reveal more about his power. Nara felt a drastic rise in power; it seemed that Tabrith lied about his power not being able to change... But, then again, Nara had already deduced that the only one who could change Tabrith's condition was Tabrith himself, Khrona, and Chaos. Next though came the sight of Tabrith's shadow disappearing... For the moment. Nara can bring it back at any time -- which is why it was called 'Shadow Lending'. Nara was logically making deductions and observations in his head while Tabrith was wriggling his way out of Nara's power... Until he said another very bold statement.

"Oh really?" Nara braced himself; this could very well be the end all. Nara expected another omni-wave of something something. After all, Tabrith had extremely low combat capability. This was the most effective way of using his power. And then it happened -- Nara sort of felt it in the very fibers of his existence. The Shadow Force was severed... As if Tabrith cut it like a butter knife along with the damn near instant destruction of all matter and restoration of it. But more importantly, and more noticeably... Tabrith stopped the shadow force. Meaning that Tabrith found some way to manipulate Nara's power. "That attack just now. What did you do?" Nara figured that he would just ask Tabrith; after all this was a strategy game much less an all out battle. Nara was hypothesizing things and testing others as to what would work against Tabrith. This was how the majority of his battles went. Until he landed the killing blow. Which was going to happen soon... Engaging in witty conversation was to be expected. "I'm already assuming that those other arms two of them are skyrocketing your power to extend it into my realm of influence. But what did you do?"

Tabrith closed his eyes, feeling the absolute freedom of Nara's power over the area, as if the air itself had been cleansed of it and made anew. "... Khrona's power? 'Mind Over Matter'. A powerful psychic power merged with reality warping, aimed to destroy all matter and antimatter within the radius of the attack completely and utterly, the attack being only as strong as one's mental power... And with Khrona's mental power, you can guess why it happened as it did. Not to mention, my natural concentration and focusing of this power... A shadow, being antimatter, is even able to be touched by this attack." Tabrith nodded his head, tempted to place at least two of his arms in his pockets, but now knew better as to not do that against Nara. It was too high a risk, even for someone like him.

Tabrith: "... Motivation and Momentum, you mean? Yes, they increase my power for as long as they are active, like any of my arms. Motivation is the one increasing my power... But Momentum is increasing the rate in which Motivation does so. They are 'Supportive Arms', you know. Now, if you wish to go to the other side of my body... That is where the 'Debilitating Arms' reside. Let me demonstrate..."

Tabrith pointed one of his arms -- that being 'Presence' -- at a small patch of ground nearby. That patch of ground, instantly, even to Tabrith, would feel like it was wiped off the face of the planet. If they weren't able to physically see it, the both of them would not know it was there. "Do you feel that? Or, better yet... Do you not feel that? The patch of land I pointed at? That is the power of Presence. To move, give, or remove presences of any thing in existence... Even on a metaphysical plane. One of my powerhouses, I'd say, for he works both as support and debilitation." Of course, Nara could have deduced by now that Sloth was one of Debilitation, as he worked mostly to fight against Nara rather than to help Tabris. And with every moment, Motivation upped his power... Until it randomly stopped at the most abrupt moment in time. Now Tabrith's power did not rise any further. He waited.

"That's it?" Nara said when Tabrith was finished; he looked at him with a joking look. For some reason, Tabrith's power to wipe the presence of everything out of existence didn't really seem to scare Nara. In fact, from the look on his face it would appear as if he got some sort of confidence boost. He took a look up in the sky again taking a head count of the flames on the chandelier. Then for the last time, looked back at Tabrith. Nara considered shooting all of the plasma candles into himself powering himself up to the thirteenth power, and then some. Perhaps that would make him strong enough to bypass Tabrith's 'Mind Over Matter' power. Nara considered it; he could even Soul Synchro as well to make him all the stronger. But he just had something to prove, and he already did it earlier by severing one of Tabrith's arms -- a feat never before accomplished. "I surrender," Nara said; he clapped his hands twice and the chandelier above fizzled out into nothingness -- Nara powered down fully.

"I'm not the type to just let everything ride on an unknown. You already admitted that I was kicking your ass, and that's enough for me. I'm through with you small fry, I'm meeting Shinigami and helping out at the college." It seemed another chapter in the chronicles of Nara were completed, and an even more important chapter was going to start. What were Nara's intentions for wanting to be involved with the college so much?

Surprised by Nara's sudden surrender, Tabrith crossed his foremost arms, perplexed, as one upper arm would scratch his head, the final on his hip. "Kicking my ass? We merely exchanged blows... But, if that is what you wish..." Tabrith's upper arms would dissolve away as he placed his normal ones back in his pockets. "... If you wanted Khrona to see your growth, he has through this battle. Well done, he says." Tabrith started to clap for Nara, genuinely impressed by him. "Well, if you are heading off to the college... Then tell Shinigami-sama that Khrona has received his message and sent it to the others... They will flock to his aid soon enough..." Tabrith closed his eyes, nodding deeply to Nara. Soon after, he faded away. Probably back to maintaining the Office or the Team HQ -- not that anyone goes there, anyway...

All the while below, Khrona, Misery and Despair had finished their training. Misery and Despair -- utterly pooped -- fell to the ground trying to catch their breaths. Khrona took a sip of his special 'Ardent Road Spring Water That Heals All Vitality' that his 'Virtual Pet', Meiun, had gotten him and crossed his legs, laughing at them. "AAAHAHAHAHAHA! Ah... Good work, everyone. Misery, Despair, Tabrith! ... Nara! AAAAHAHAHAHA!"

Misery: "*huff... huff* Give us... *huff* Some of that water... *huff* ... ... Dick."

Taking another sip, Khrona splashed some over to them as well, having them get revitalized as well. "Now we have pressing business to attend to as well... KHRONA, AWAAAY!!" Snatching up Misery and Despair by the faces, he'd dash through the door and materialize elsewhere with those who as well.

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Book 13; The End of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Seventh End; Why Am I Even Here...?

In Khrona's isolation, he sent out his numerous friends and partners to assist him in his collection of a great many things and the running of a great deal of errands for him whilst he remained in hiding, even to the point of asking his dear, sweet Meiun to venture out of her element to acquire a special spring water. What he needed these things for was beyond most of the people he sent, but having such care and respect for him, they still did what he asked... Even if begrudgingly, like Meiun here. It's all love though.

Khrona's spunky little dark plantoid, Meiun, traversed the burning hot grounds of the 'Ardent Road', not liking it at all... All to go get some special spring water for Khrona to recover faster. "... Why didn't he send the damn Puchi to do this...? That thing can bend space and time... But he sends me, the plant who hates this type of weather... Ugh..." She pressed on... unenthused.

Aliyah walked along the 'Ardent Road' with her hands in a seal, circulating her chakra and wavelengths throughout her body. She walked in a perfect line, using an inward intake of natural energy and an outward release of wavelengths to balance the heat of the area and the normal body temperature of her own body. She was literally meditating while walking. However, as something appeared in the way of the intake of chakra, she stopped and opened her eyes. Looking several feet ahead, her eyes widened, especially when she heard the creature talking. "Wha? What's a plant doing all the way out here?? Heeey! Are you lost?" she asked, waving to the creature.

Meiun slowly turned around, hearing the shrill cry of the girl, and much to her displeasure, she wasn't hallucinating. "... Dammit. Dammit, dammit, dammit." The sullen plantoid intended to pretend like she wasn't there... But that was stupid considering she already gazed dead at the girl. With a heavy sigh, she decided she might as well go and talk to her... "... No, I'm not lost, little girl. I'm busy getting some mystic spring water from this hellhole. Now... Shoo. Your voice makes me cringe." Spunky, yes. Friendly, no. Khrona's virtual pet had a bad attitude that seemed to flourish with those people who hung around Khrona... Rather, the bad attitudes on the opposite end of the spectrum. It seemed as though everyone associated with Khrona either had a bad attitude or was a goody-goody. Yep... He just attracted those kinda people.

Aliyah's eyebrow twitched at the little virtual pet. 'Hmph. She sounds more like a Dark Fairy...' "Rude much? You trying to start something, runt?" Aliyah called, though she wasn't really upset. She just wanted to see if she could get under the virtual pet's skin like it tried to do her.

Meiun started to grind her teeth at being called a 'runt' by the clearly inferior creature before her. It was hot, and the heat made her rather irate... Because this wasn't humid heat, like she was used to in the tropics. It was dry. "... Alright, I haven't had to make a kid look bad in a while... I might as well teach you your place in this world while you're still young, 'runt!'" Abandoning all thought of her mission, Meiun was prepped and ready to 'school' this new Dusk shinobi like she had done a couple of others who underestimated her in the past... That Standard and that Beginner... Both of them failed to realize her power and ended up getting whooped. Now, let's have the Advanced learn it next.

Aliyah remained calm. She knew not to underestimate anyone or anything. The way this plantoid talked was as if it had seen many battles, and she could sense that this plant was no mere amateur. On top of that, she promised herself to go all out against anyone who stood before her. She gripped the hilt of gear drive tightly, her eyes narrowing as she became serious. Once more, she had to wonder if she had run into another of Khrona's partners. "Tell me, squirt. Are you one of Khrona-dono's Virtual Pet?"

Meiun slightly cocked her head to the side, confused. "Dono...? You're really taking this 'ninja' thing too far... Adding that archaic honorific... But if you MUST know, yes, I am. I take it you're scared and gonna stop bothering me now?" She flexed her vines on her leafy body, getting all of the blood... Well... Chloroplast flowing.

Aliyah's ranking exam with Despair flashed in her mind and her heart instantly began race. Her adrenaline was building and an anxious smile made its way onto her face. Her feet left the ground before she spoke. "Not a chance in hell." She would close the distance between her and the small virtual pet, using her wavelengths to loosen the muscles in her legs, giving her a huge burst of speed. She was bringing the blade around as if to slash Palmon down the center, however Aliyah herself would seem to fade away. The blade kept going down at the virtual pet but Aliyah was already on the other side of it, slamming a seal into the ground and jumping back away from her. While in mid backflip, she drew two more seals and held them hidden by her wrist. "That just gives me more of an incentive to actually try."

With a sharp eye and stiffened vines, Meiun blocked the blade, deflecting it elsewhere as she turned to follow Aliyah exactly where she was, as if she were seen the entire time. "Then you're gonna have to do better than that, you know." Disregarding the seal until she saw what it would do, Meiun pointed her vine at Aliyah and unleashed the famed Ivy attack, even one touch of it being rather potent. The vines extended farther outward, aiming to close Aliyah in from all sides. For a moment or two, Meiun was forgetting about the heat... But she knew it was going to be the death of her soon enough. Ugh... "Wasting my time makes me sick..."

With the seal in front of her disregarded, the 'needle and thread' seal would activate, launching a single kunai out and wrapping the small virtual pet with ninja wire and slamming its arms to its side. The kunai was attracted to the gear drive as it sparked, having been magnetized by Aliyah while the two were first talking. The blocked blade would soar over towards a hotter area and stab into the ground, the thread of the kunai sending more heat to the bound virtual pet. Assuming this all worked, but the vines we still coming towards her, Aliyah slammed the first seal into the ground, collapsing the ground and going under. Using the second seal, she dug into the wall going sideways. After being several yards to the right she grabbed one more seal and a scroll, using the first to pop back out of the ground. Unraveling the scroll, Aliyah sent out a volley of hundreds of kunai and shuriken towards the virtual pet with the 'Battalion Scroll'. Each and everyone had an exploding tag attached. Once the weapons were loosed, Aliyah went through handsigns.

"Ink clone jutsu!" She called, and created four ink clones; two in front of her two on each side of her.

With the wire wrapping her up, Meiun got a little more pissed with every passing second. Using her Plant Growth to make herself expand rather large before shrinking back to normal size, the wires would expand with her and when she shrunk, they would be extremely loose, setting her free. "... That was stupid." She turned to Aliyah, who had more seals ready to go. She sighed, being reminded of how annoying such things were because of Taomin and her talismans that worked to the same exact effect... But it was no matter. If you hadn't guessed by now, her vines had retracted back long ago, and were now ready to be used again for these weapons. Extending them with the utmost precision and expertise, she took hold of six weapons by their handles, holes or anywhere that was safe as not to activate the apparent explosive seals on each one, then quickly flung them at another weapon to cause those two to explode, and then repeated the process until they were all gone. Of course, this looked like a raging flurry of vines to the untrained eye. When the weapons were taken care of, her vines retracted yet again and Meiun sighed. "... I really do hate you. You know that?"

With the 'Ink Clones' made, Meiun's flower started to perk up atop her head, then rotate a little bit, as if she were happy... But her face said otherwise. She was filled with malice for these clones... A sinister murderous intent that made her feel oh, so wonderful... And alas, it was released. Spores from her head were released into the area, floating gently down and contaminating the air... But that smile was still on Meiun's face the whole time.

Aliyah's eyes narrowed more. How could this virtual pet take out ALL of the weapons. Her instincts were right; it was no trifle matter. "Hate... How dreadfully lovely." She spoke with Despair's accent as well. However, the truth was that she was a bit nervous. 'Hell no, not letting this crap happen.' Taking hold of two seals, she placed them on the two clones in front of her. "Vacuum!" The seals began to glow and they began to take in the spores. They would be able to continue taking it in for as long as Meiun kept spewing, especially with two vacuum seals working in unison. "Beat it," Aliyah said to the clone to her left and the clone began to run away from the battlefield. Looking at the last clone, Aliyah held her hands out, signaling the 'after you' motion. The clone began to move towards Meiun quickly, leaving drips of ink as it ran. Aliyah stepped onto the closes ink drops, putting ink on the bottom of her shoes. She inhaled and then began to spit ink strands at rocks in five directions. After there was what appeared to be a small spider web of ink, Aliyah stepped onto the center her eyes gleaming at the virtual pet. "You're boring me, you know."

Even though Meiun was much more well-trained than the normal Child form virtual pet, she was still a child nonetheless, and would probably find it necessary to evolve to fight this girl... She hated to admit it... So she didn't. But the thought was clear in her head. Seeing the one ink clone run, she knew that it was up to no good. That had to be stopped now. "Hmph. Even your clones are scared of me. That's pathetic, you know." Her original plan was going to be to stop it by digging her roots into the ground, but it was far too hot to do that. She was thinking of letting it pass, but... That wouldn't do at all. So she figured, now was as good a time as any to evolve while this girl 'set up.' "You're only bored because you have peons fighting for you... You can't fight by yourself, like I can!" That said, her body began to shine white for a moment, as if achieving a new power. Her body started to grow larger slightly as the light became more intense.

Suddenly, her body exploded upward into a rounded shape. The light around the rest of her body dispersed as well, the flower on her head now just a tuft of bristly plant-like hair. Large needles suddenly stuck out of her body, as if readied like a porcupine as well. Now standing several tens of feet in the air, she was completed. Immediately after evolving into a greater plant, Meiun pointed a fist at the running ink clone, letting loose a rocket fist at it, going at speeds double that of which it ran. It wouldn't be long at all. Sooner than later, there would be a huge explosion that shook the earth all around, the fist of the plantoid gaining another fist. That was her K.O. Punch. "Much better." With such destructive projectile power on her side now, Aliyah stood no chance. Readying both fists now, several K.O. Punches were fired in rapid succession about the area, aiming to blow away the ink clones, the rocks and Aliyah all at once.

Aliyah tensed. This was what she was waiting for. Making Meiun evolve meant that she was at least a small threat, and that made Aliyah feel accomplished. However, the real fight started here. Using the ink she stood on as a trampoline, she sprung herself high into the air. While rising, she unraveled two scrolls and began to unleash over two hundred kunai and shuriken down upon the entire area, even going as far as to pepper Meiun with some of them. Once the scrolls were empty and began to burn away, Aliyah smiled at the now ink covered area. Meiun's punches destroyed her clones yes, but they sprayed ink all over the place as well. The seals from the ink clones were still active. "Funny how those clones work. They aren't much for fighting."

Aliyah made a hand sign and the ink erupted into a full blaze, engulfing the area in raging flames, made hotter by their environment. Things began to slow in her mind once again as she calculated her trajectory. Starting with a ninety degree angle from her to the ground and to Meiun, the flames that sat below her would be up to five feet in the air, meaning if she went straight down, she would need to change course within at least ten feet from the ground to grab a thirty through fifty degree angle for what she was planning.

Clearly, Meiun already knew that the clones would have exploded when her explosive fists hit them. It was probably part of Aliyah's plan, anyway, considering she tried to be sneaky about it, and yet failed. With the rain of kunai and shuriken coming toward her, Meiun simple used her famed move in this form... "You're a one trick pony, aren't you? Needle Thorns!" Almost instantly, she released torrents upon torrents of sheer powerful, hard-as-steel thorns from her body in every direction, though... Somehow, they were aimed with great precision. More evidence of the fruits of her training, perhaps. Every thorn hit every kunai and every shuriken, knocking each of them away whilst the rest of the thorns were aimed at Aliyah, threatening to impale her, and considering the size of these thorns in comparison to her body, they could easily be deadly.

That's when the flames kicked up, however, though it didn't seem to bother Meiun one bit. She only released faster now, the force of her expulsion creating a vacuous push that would blow away and suffocate the flames all at once. It wasn't like this trick hadn't been done on her before... In fact, everyone tried to fight her with fire, and she always snuffed it out in the exact same way every single time. In all honesty, she was tired of them even trying. "... I deal with flames like these every time I go into battle. Why don't you actually try to be creative next time, huh?"

She only released faster and faster, the force she omitted becoming stronger whilst the thorns were still being ejected from her body, now made much stronger and faster due to the help of the wind beneath them pushing them along. Such strong forces should have not only knocked Aliyah for a loop and out of the air, -- or at least out of her positioning -- but also bring the thorns... With a vengeance.

"My, whatever makes you think that?" With Aliyah's weapons being handled, she was able to see the thorns. Her focus had been on her weapons instead of Meiun, so that a counterattack could be formulated. The thorns would've been to fast for her to deal with alone but if Aliyah focused on areas where she knew were targets, it would make it easier. The wind would almost throw her off if she hadn't already began to change her center of gravity rapidly to twirl and spin throughout the thorns with great precision, though she wasn't fast enough to avoid them all as a few tattered her clothes a bit to her chagrin. Adding to her annoyance, she was using 'Altering Space Sonata' as she fell to send burst of wavelengths into those that would have potentially pierced into her, but it was still harder than she thought. Nearing the ground at her mark, she frowned as most of the flames were being sucked away, so she only had one shot at this. "Trust me, I'm a bag of surprises!"

Aliyah inhaled and performed 'Great Flowing River' at the forty degree angle mark towards the ground. The water hit the remaining ink and flames and started up the flames again. The position pushed the flames towards Meiun, but it was unnecessary seeing as her vacuum was already drawing the flames closer and closer to her body at an astonishing speed. With the water, Aliyah had turned the ink into oil, making the wind build and move the flames around instead of putting them out. It also pushed most of the discarded needles and weapons back over towards Meiun. The jet of water pushed Aliyah backwards, away from Meiun and she vaulted into a standing position. "Believe me, I never use anything I don't believe will work. Singular Soul Resonance!"

"Tch, just a few minutes... I'm pathetic..." She whispered to herself as her soul energies didn't change much at all. It would only be a small boost that would fade after whatever she did next.

Meiun thought that her defensive maneuver worked on this girl, but clearly she was already thinking ahead with this ink. Now that the ink was changed to oil, it was highly flammable to a point where this wind couldn't suffocate the flames, either. Perhaps Meiun was in for a treat this time... Sadly, she was out of her element in this 'Ardent Road', making it a lot harder for her to move. "Dammit... Flames, huh? I'd better get out of this hellhole. I hate fire..." She immediately stopped releasing just as the flames began to lick her body, seeing the only way out was above her. A powerful uppercut should fix this one. "Lightspeed..." She positioned herself, clenching her fists as the flames were now damn near smoldering her body and the weapons and needles close to making contact with her body. "... UPPER!"

Mixing her Lightspeed Punch with... Clearly, an uppercut, Meiun thrust her fist upward, moving at the speed of light most literally, launching herself up high into the air with incredible force. She looked like a streak of green light as she reached the clouds with this in only a moment, now floating helplessly in the air. Not like she could fly or anything. She began to spin once more, pinpointing Aliyah once more with her Needle Thorns. The force of the release would keep her afloat, allowing her to hover down instead of fall down and not take damage from the fall, and stay in the air for a very long time if need be. Plus, thousands upon thousands of large, powerful thorns were raining from the sky across the whole area, though the majority were aimed at her. When Aliyah thought that she had figured out this virtual pet, she would find that Meiun still had many tricks of her own. But she would evolve into her most favored form, if need be...

The shine in Aliyah's eyes reflected that of a cold glacier, her visage taking that of a harbinger of death. She smiled, forming her left arm into the giant scythe that indicated her weapons form and blocked some of the thorns that were aimed to rain down on top of her. She loosened the muscles in her entire lower body, which made the force of the thorns push her downward. With herself as low as she would allow, she pushed off of the ground forward, literally disappearing from the untrained eye's sight. There were no crystals around her scythe and she didn't change form, indicating that she wasn't using 'Cantata Mortis' and just the scythe. She ended up at the area where Meiun had jumped. "Didn't want to use this against you. Such an exotic plant such as yourself should be trimmed with a much more refined tool." Aliyah swung her blade in front of her, sending a static pulse over the oil and flames. All of the weaponry inside of it became magnetized. Streams of electricity could be seen connecting from the hundreds of weapons to Aliyah's scythe.

"I was never one for gardening though. 'Lightning Vortex'!" The magnetized weaponry began to spark wildly while still covered in oil and flames. Aliyah rose her scythe arm up with great force, sending all of the electrically charged weaponry up at the helpless virtual pet. They were lightning powered, meaning they would be moving fast enough to break through Meiun's thorns. Was this the end?

Not by a longshot -- this was not the end. Meiun, having a bird's eye view of the entire area, saw Aliyah's new position and allowed her line of fire to gravitate toward that one rather than the old one, as if following Aliyah religiously. But she had her own plan, sending the magnetized weapons up into the sky for them to pierce the poor flower. Sadly, this wasn't going to be the case.

With her body still releasing bursts at insane speeds, She pointed both of her fists downward, releasing a nonstop barrage of her rocket power fists down at Aliyah as well, exploding through the weapons as they came. Each of these fists seemed to vary in size for specific reasons, but once all of the weapons were blown off course yet again by the sheer force of these explosive fists, Meiun fired off larger fists, now massive in size and able to cover up large portions of the entire area by themselves. These falling down at a rapid rate alongside the thorns would prove most... Displeasing to Aliyah, for these larger fists were packed with explosive power beyond that of what she had seen before. All the while, Meiun still slowly hovered downward, nowhere near the ground at all.

Just as it was said above, the weaponry was still covered in oil and flames. As the first of her weapons began to get destroyed, she cursed under her breath for needing to activate a plan prematurely again. But that's why the great always planned ahead. "Gas Chamber!" Aliyah began to concentrate a lot of chakra into using the dispersing static in the air. It was helped by Meiun's exploding fist. She was heating the oil in the air with static just before it could all go up with the explosions, making the lingering building cloud turn into a giant gas cloud. So with each new explosion that Meiun made, the gas cloud expanded and ignited more with every explosion. The fiery gas explosion was now covering the sky and every explosion that went off inside of it made it grow larger and higher, moving towards both the ground and outer atmosphere. It was if Meiun were attacking herself. Aliyah would be able to move freely, but Meiun was merely hovering. How would she be able to escape a building gas explosion coming straight for her?

The truth was, Aliyah was trying hard. She was using everything in her arsenal that she thought would be effective. But she held off one thing and one thing only. And it was only because she wanted Meiun to take her seriously. She wanted this virtual pet to respect her, especially since she was Khrona's. If she could gain the respect of her leader's virtual pet, then maybe -- just maybe -- she could gain his respect too. She wanted Meiun to go to her last form. When she did that, then Aliyah would go all out, completely. She would give everything she had. Why? Because she was sick of losing. She hadn't beaten Bahamut. She couldn't even touch Despair. So she would damned if she lost against anyone else. More than anything, she needed to prove to herself that she was stronger. Stronger than she was before coming to the past. Stronger than she was before Leo's death. Strong enough to make everyone proud. "I can't lose...I won't lose..." Aliyah began to build her soul energy. Her excitement in this battle was turning into determination.

"... Huh. You're not bad. Impressive, kinda." Meiun was in a predicament, considering the explosions still coming at her in the sky and she had nowhere to go to -- except somewhere else in the sky; she had no choice now. She wanted Meiun to evolve again, and so it would be... But she'd have a long way to go for her to have to evolve into her Master form. "... I guess you've forced my hand... I haven't taken this form in quite some time. I might just stay this way from now on!!" As the flames engulfed the poor plantoid, a huge light shot straight out from the explosions, seeming to come from Meiun's eyes. The light became insanely bright, the flower on Meiun's head blossoming further, releasing a flurry of petals. These petals quelled the flames, bursting outward with an unknown great power. These petals flew now higher into the air as the body of the cactus withered into more of them. The petals converged into a focal point, creating a massive rose harboring a divine creature. She sprouted outward, consumed by nothing but light of the brightest intensity, taking the form of what looked to be a plant-like fairy -- a Nymph of sorts. The light fled from her body, the sun now shining intensely over this hot and arid land. She seemed to enjoy the light of the sun phenomenally... But something was off about her evolution...

With the flames taken care of by the force of her evolution, she was safe for the moment, but Aliyah wouldn't be. "I'll give you only one chance. Take it now or die." She pointed her hand down at Aliyah... Waiting.

Aliyah's jaw dropped at the virtual pet that floated above her now. 'She's...she's still not at full strength...' Aliyah's heart sunk as tears fell from her eyes. Her knees grew weak and she wanted to just give in there. "You're beautiful, you know that..." Aliyah spoke, her head down and her hair covering her face from view. Her tone was even, not betraying any of the feelings she held at the moment. She knew, now, that if Meiun were to be at full strength, she would have no hope of winning. What she wanted... Was a far off dream. She wasn't strong enough... "I hope... My strength can match your beauty, Meiun. I hope I don't disappoint, because I can't run anymore! I promised...I promised not only my parents but myself. And..." She looked up at Meiun with a smile. "As a kunoichi of the Dusk village, I cannot disappoint my leader! Cantata Mortis!"

As she did with Despair, Aliyah's form began to change. Her outfit, however, began to shrink. Instead of becoming darker, her clothes and hair became lighter. Her emotions began to seal away just like before. Her form looked different, though the only difference between this form and her other form was the appearance. She took on the shape closer to her father than her mother this time.

Watching the girl take on her new form, it seemed like she understood the gravity of the situation at hand. Meiun as a Nymph was nothing to be taken lightly, even if she felt that she had so easily gotten past her first two forms. Now... The real battle began. And it started off with a... "Floral Beam." She said it low, yet somehow it echoed throughout the entire canyon for everyone to hear. A massive amount of energy, its power increased by the sun, shot out at Aliyah with devastating results. It was ultra quick, giving her little time to dodge, and the explosion would be far greater than those of the K.O. Punches she used when she was at her lower level. She crossed her arms and kicked up a leg over her other, letting them cross as she watched what destruction was about to befall the girl.

"Sorbere." Aliyah's dull voice rung out as she brought her overly large scythe arm into the path of the attack. Instead of a blue force field, a red one appeared, absorbing the attack into her scythe. Aliyah cringed at the amount of energy that was in the attack but began to let it flow throughout her body regardless. She held out her opposite arm and created two ink clones. Both began to spread out in opposite directions. With her hand still to her side, she rose it into the air. "Vexata Tenabrae." White ink began to drip from her body. The ink didn't break off, however, and formed a dozen ink tendrils that shot into the air quickly. All of them had a faint red glow about each of them as they headed for Meiun. They weaved about swiftly as if they had a mind of their own. Two of the six crystals fell from Aliyah's scythe and faded away.

Absorbing an attack like that was no easy feat, but it wasn't enough to sweep Meiun off of her feet. She scoffed, switching her crossed legs so that the bottom leg now crossed the top, then watching Aliyah make the clones. Pointing her index finger at one and her middle finger at the other, she flicked her wrist upward, a huge and powerful beam of light engulfing the two ink clones and literally causing them to disintegrate on contact, leaving no trace that they were actually there. "Floral Beam..." She said nonchalantly, speaking the name of the move she just used. Next was Aliyah with those inky tendrils. They were glowing, but Meiun didn't seem to care. Instead, she started to swirl her other hand in the air nonchalantly, creating a whip of vines from her hand that would then be lassoed around the tendrils. When she squeezed, all of them would be clenched together into one spot and held in place by the vine, which then began to forcefully drain Aliyah's very life essence and energy through the tendrils, through the vine and into Meiun for more strength. She'd find her power boost would go away much sooner if she stayed in contact with Meiun like this. "Yawn... Don't even act like you know how to use transformations, sweetie."

She seemed like she wasn't even trying... All of her moves came out so effortlessly. Was this true...? Aliyah had to make Meiun try before she even considered her evolving a final time. Aliyah's face didn't change at Meiun's taunting. The ink merely disconnected from her body before any of the draining effects could happen. The ink, now on the whip, seeped upwards towards her hand and formed into one last ink clone. The glow of the ink was still on the whip though. "Substitution." Aliyah would vanish, and so would the clone. Aliyah appeared right in front of Meiun in the blink of an eye, replaced with the ink clone. She spun herself upwards, behind Meiun as the seals on the whip activated and caused an explosion. Aliyah attempted to smash the blunt side of her scythe into Meiun's back to send her into the explosion along with her whip. If it hit or not, she would toss a kunai attached to a ninja wire strand at Meiun's foot subtly, while she was going over her and out of her sight. If the strand wrapped around her foot. She would pull Meiun back towards her while using 'Altering Space Sonata' to deliver one powerful kick to her stomach that would feel like dozens of strikes at once. The third crystal dropped from Aliyah's scythe.

The whip seemed to wither away once Aliyah used her substitution to get up to Meiun. Mostly because, well, it was clear that the ink was detrimental to her overall well-being, so why wouldn't she let that shit rot away once it was infected? Thus, that left no time for the explosion to go off, having no conduit for the energy within the now disintegrated whip. Aliyah was now behind Meiun, and she was following her movements from point A to point B. When she tried to bludgeon her with said blunt scythe end, another whip was created to latch onto the scythe's handle before she was hit, sending her flying, but the whip was extending all the while.

As soon as she was far enough, one of the thorns on her whip grew a flower, followed by the rest of them doing the same, and each one of the flowers spewed out a special pink gas that would shroud the entire are around Aliyah, causing her life essence to be sapped away by the gas itself. Not noticing the wire wrapped around her leg, she was pulled in by Aliyah, but that was only a wonderful opportunity for her, as when she got close, she fluttered her wings violently to regain composure and control in the air, unleashing a crescent kick just as she was about to make contact with Aliyah, thereby outspeeding Aliyah's knee and evading any dangerous situation Aliyah was putting her in at that time. This crescent kick was able to move at the speed of light when increased in power by the sun's rays, and there was no way Aliyah was beating that. The sharpened flowers that trailed behind her kick would cut the wire from her leg and set her free, where she would quickly fly higher to the sky and assume the same relaxed, uninterested position as she had done before. "I don't think being sneaky will help you here."

Aliyah was pushed forward by the momentum of her kick, even though it missed. Feeling the whip on her handle, she made a small scythe blade expand up the length of it and cut the vine off, but she was already effected by the pollen. She coughed and began to circulate that which she already inhaled through her body, slowing down its effects. However, it would instantly drop the fourth crystal from her scythe, leaving her with only two. "Fuck you..." Aliyah spoke in her calm monotone, which sounded funny since she was livid and couldn't show it. Throwing a scroll down below her, in a poof, a large catapult appeared. She landed in the cradle and instantly activated it, pushing her up, threw the pollen and towards Meiun. "Claudicatis."

As Aliyah entered the range of Meiun, a pulse would go out and Meiun would stop moving if she was caught in it. Aliyah was slowed as well, but she was still able to move. Ink formed over her scythe as she brought it around in that three seconds that Meiun should be halted and once again aimed to slam the blunt end of the scythe into the girl. She tightened the muscles in her shoulder so that the swing would be strong enough to send Meiun smashing into the ground from the force, since it should be fast enough to prevent her from recovering in the air. The fifth crystal fell from Aliyah's scythe leaving only one.

The catapulted girl caught Meiun off guard, but her reflexes were amazing, -- as shown by her previous evolutions -- and only got better as she did. When Aliyah got close, Meiun already had her hand extended and glowing with energy for another 'Floral Beam'. Aliyah was about to thrust the scythe at her and knock her down, but the beam of energy was launched at the same time, causing a cataclysmic explosion that would force the both of them in the opposite directions. Meiun wasn't hurt much at all, actually, but she was still knocked for a loop, like Aliyah should have been... And she should have taken more damage. Meiun caught herself in the air, retaining composure. "... You know, it's just so amusing watching you get so frustrated... Hee hee hee." What a dark virtual pet this was, indeed. Many flowers started to swirl around her body as she assumed the crossed leg and arms position back in the sky. It didn't seem like Aliyah was equipped for fighting an airborne individual... Which was extremely apparent.

If Meiun had been prepping to fire a 'Floral Beam' while Aliyah was using halt, then she would have seen the energy coming. Therefore, she had enough time to twist her body into a position so that her swing would go through and she would wither some of the damage from the attack that she couldn't avoid. Since 'Claudicatis' also slowed Aliyah down too, there was no way for her to completely avoid it. So once the explosion went off, Meiun should've been smashed headlong towards the ground with just as much substantial damage as Aliyah, even if she could recover from the attack. Aliyah was blown back by the force of the explosion, most of the damage being down to her mid-section and thighs. Falling in pain, a sense of nausea over her from the close range explosion, it took her a moment to regain her senses. Halfway to the ground, she swung her blade towards Meiun, but nothing attacked the virtual pet; instead, a wall of glowing blue wavelengths appeared.

"Delerent." Still falling, Aliyah tried something new. She turned the part of her arm that was the pole of the scythe into ink and threw her hand forward. To her surprise, the ink extended and the giant scythe soared towards the ground at an angle that would put Aliyah closer to being under Meiun than anything. Using the ink to drag her fast across the air and onto the ground, she rolled and aimed the side of her scythe up at Meiun. Then she turned, aiming it instead at the wall of soul energies she had created, seeing the object at an angle.

"Dimittere." The release of Meiun's 'Floral Beam' circulated with Aliyah's own soul energies went off just as fast as Mieun herself could do. It hit the soul energy shield and rebounded off at an angle, headed straight for Meiun faster than the speed of light, and with three times the amount of potential damage Meiun had fired at Aliyah. At the same time that the Floral Beam hit the shield, Aliyah would perform one hand sign. Previously, Aliyah had covered her entire scythe in ink. So when she struck Meiun just a few moments ago, the ink was smeared onto her. "Amusing... Is the beauty of annihilation."

The ink would ignite into a small explosion meant to cause Meiun unexpected pain that would negate whatever she could do to stop the incoming wave of soul energy. Maybe... Maybe finally this could be the end. That's what Aliyah hoped as the final crystal fell from her scythe and her body began to return to normal. She dropped to one knee, using gear drive as a crutch to not collapse completely.

Meiun was affected by the slowing effects, however not for long, considering the power of Aliyah. It happened just as Aliyah flew into the explosion, sending them both flying, as stated before. Also, Meiun recovered somewhere along the time she was in the air and before she hit the ground, allowing Aliyah to complete whatever she was doing with that scythe whilst Meiun generated those flowers, as said before.

When Aliyah drew closer and created the large shield, Meiun wasn't going to just sit there and allow her to do that. She'd break through the shield easily with another Floral Beam. Prepping one-- no, both of her hands, just in case the first one hit the barrier and it was somehow nulled out, she wanted the second one to DEFINITELY hit Aliyah. Charging it up, Aliyah was about to fire off the attack she absorbed earlier, causing the shield to explode. With two Floral Beam's prepped, taking down another one should be no problem at all. And even with it moving that fast, she was able to react to such things... Considering her last two forms used attacks at lightspeed like it was nothing. So, without further ado...

Until she felt a pain in her arm, where she was hit when she fired at Aliyah before, causing her to pull it back in pain. Aliyah fired her attack and with no hesitation, Meiun did as well, causing yet another violent explosion to push her away, though this time back into the sky, where she'd hover above with her arm cringing. "Grrr... Alright, you know what...? I'm sick of you. It's hot as sin in this damn place, you're efforts are useless and... You're just plain fucking annoying! I'm tired of 'playing' with you, now. I'm going to annihilate you!"

The Meiun started to glow, surging with power, it would seem, that she drew from the sun. Her body tightened and curled up, as if harnessing the awesome power within in a larger form. Suddenly, the already faintly glowing ground would start to brightly shine with a different sort of light... A familiar light... It started off in one point, then quickly spread across the ground farther and farther, until there were very few spaces left safe from it. When this was complete, she stretched her body outward toward the sun, the light coming up along with her body in the form of a massive Solar Ray, the light utterly destroying everything that it could. The light engulfed Meiun, yet did no damage to her... only vaporized the ink that was dormant on her body, and any other ink in the area. Aliyah, if she couldn't evade, would find that the power of this attack would relieve her of her consciousness... And injure her body severely. "You should have just left me the hell alone, little girl!!"

Aliyah was still on one knee panting at the now upset virtual pet. She would have made a snark or just something to let Meiun know she was amused with her frustration now. But her body was still in pain. The growing thoughts that she was about to lose again made her cry. Tears streamed down her face not for the physical pain, but for the mental. "...I won't let you win..." she said against fate itself. She knew she couldn't win. Even after what she was doing now, there was absolutely nothing more she could do. As the fierce wave began to rise, Aliyah screamed, all her heart going into her last stand. Using her Flowing Soul as best she could, Aliyah pushed the wave around her, flowing so powerfully that it cracked the ground beneath her. She pushed all her strength into making sure the attack did not touch a single hair on her body, but the force was so powerful that it only missed her by less than an inch. She glared up at Meiun relaying all of her emotions through eye contact. 'I won't let you beat me... If I fall... It would be of my own free will!' With that, she increased the frequency of her soul energy flow, letting the wave naturally flow around, tears still poured from her blurring eyes. 'Khrona-sama...'

Watching her take her last stand, Meiun started to calm down to her normal gloomy self, sighing heavily as the light faded at her will. "... Crap. I guess it's good I didn't kill her..." She had gotten beside herself. The girl was clearly on the brink of consciousness and had absolutely no power left to fight her. Though for a normal smart-mouthed shinobi, Meiun would have struck them down right here, Meiun decided against it, considering that she was clearly going through some things. "Sigh... It's just that... I don't feel... Sorry for you?" ... With the girl unable to follow most likely, Meiun quickly zipped off to the spring within the Ardent Road and extracted a great deal of water from its fountain. A few moments later, she'd be back in the same area with this girl, now floating a little lower to the ground. "Maybe next time you'll think again before you challenge someone so haphazardly. I swear... People think that fighting people far more powerful than they are makes them cool or strong... It's just stupid." The last little notions she said were more or less to herself than to Aliyah, but Meiun was just about ready to leave this girl in the unbearable heat... Probably to suffer the curse of this land. Yet, she didn't leave. She waited for a bit... Just to see.

"I'm just... Being selfish..." Aliyah whispered. Her head was down as she sat on her hind legs. "...I just... Want to be stronger. To protect what's important to me..." Silent tears hit the ground, fading just as quickly from the heat of the area. 'Not enough...' She looked up into the eyes of Meiun, her emotions once again unreadable through the emptiness that set in. "I don't want to run away... And lose everything again..." The images of the night three years prior flooded her head. The night she was beaten, tortured, and sealed. The last night she had seen her parents... "I'm sorry... I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Aliyah's voice grew quieter and quieter... The world grew dark until she lost consciousness. "I'm... Sorry..."

... With the words of Aliyah still resonating in her head, Meiun couldn't just... Leave her here. No matter how much she wanted to. Even if she DIDN'T feel sorry for her at all. In all honesty, this girl was a point of interest to Meiun, and when she got stronger, they'd fight again. That's the only thing that drove her to this... "... Alright, stupid girl. I'll help you out only once." She flew down to the unconscious Aliyah, picking her up and strapping her to her back with vines. "... But don't expect me to do it again." And with that, she flew off back toward the Dusk.

Meiun took Aliyah to the Mezzanine where she could restore herself and be out of the heat, but definitely did so begrudgingly, as well. She wasn't the type to like... Anyone or anything. Except Khrona. Something about him just actually made her genuinely like him. But no, she legit basically hated everything else. Even doing this much was rare for her. Meiun had already dropped off the special spring water to Khrona, flying over the Pit of Havoc and seeing the battle between Nara and Tabrith raging on. Khrona had taken the philter through mental means. So, with Aliyah in hand, Meiun decided to take her somewhere to... Rest. Or relax. Or something. In truth, Meiun wanted to relax the most, but Aliyah was her cover story. She landed in front of the pool, dropping Aliyah off on the side, hoping that she wouldn't fall into the water. "Hey. We're here."

Aliyah had been awake for a good while now, but had decided to remain silent. She pulled her legs up to her chest and glared at Meiun. "... I won't thank you..." The defiant little girl said, turning her gaze away for only a moment. She grumbled under her breath before asking. "Where are we anyway...?" Meiun shrugged, ready to take off again, anyway. She didn't want to have anything to do with Aliyah as she was right now. "... I don't care." As she was about to fly away, Aliyah asked her a question, making her halt in the air and turn right back around with the most upset face there was to have. She was still holding her back even now... "... We're at the Mezzanine. The newly made hotel for all Dusk Shinobi to live in for free. Anything and everything they need to survive and be entertained here in this resort. Why?"

Aliyah removed her shoes as Meiun spoke, dipping her feet into the pool and sighing in a slight sense of ease. She paused before she spoke again, seeing that she had almost made Meiun leave. "...You should stay and relax, too, if you're not too busy. You seem overworked. Besides... Dare I say, I actually want to talk to you." Even though she wasn't in the happiest of moods, and even after their fight, Aliyah didn't hate Meiun. She was pissed at losing, but it was a battle she started in the first place. Besides, like she said before, she felt that she and Meiun had a bit more in common than either of them knew. The tone in Aliyah's voice wasn't one of malice or joy. It was just spoken. Something about her was different for sure, maybe finally having chosen what she wanted to do -- the path that she wanted to walk down.

Though exceptionally reluctant to have anything to do with this girl, she had a point... To an extent. Meiun wasn't an overworked virtual pet, but she was definitely a dark one that didn't relax much. Being out was definitely good for her. Those factors coming into play decided her answer. "... Alright, fine." Her mood was slightly lightened, but even a good mood for her was a generally bad one for most other people. She floated down to the poolside, and dipped her root-feet into the water as well. She liked the water, but didn't take any in, due to the chlorine within. That wasn't good for plants. Still, it felt rather good. "Well. If you want to talk, then talk. I'll respond." She leaned back, basking in the sun that came in through the open space above them. That was something she could actually take into her body for nourishment.

Aliyah looked at Meiun as she took in the sunlight. She smiled slightly, turning before the virtual pet could see her. The silence that surrounded them for the moment was well enjoyed, much different from the loud and fast paced battles that she had been enduring lately. It was finally a moment where she could slow down and put her thoughts in order. It was why she needed this right now. "I've pledged allegiance to a man I've never even met before. I want to know about Khrona-sama, and how you became to be one of his partners." Even though it seemed a bit cryptic, Aliyah would use the answers she received to finalize the path she would walk down. She hadn't seen either of her parents in a while, and being away from them only made the anger and hatred she felt towards the people that separated them even more. Her bloodlust was growing, and the scary part was, she just didn't care.

Meiun's eyes were closed as her head went back limp, taking the sun in more pleasurably than should be allowed. She was, admittedly, a bit tired from the battle and was already hungry. The heat of that Ardent Road didn't make anything for her better. This was a nice little change. When Aliyah asked her about Khrona, her Master, Meiun smiled first, turned her head slightly and half-opened one eye, then released the chuckles she was trying so hard to keep it. "Khrona...'Sama,' you say? Ha... Hahaha. He's insane." Though she could have left it at that, Aliyah seemed much too interested in him to leave it at that. Plus, she knew nothing of her own leader, apparently, so it was only fair. "... He's a good guy, but he's extremely misunderstood in his ways. Very few people can understand his true intentions outside of his destructive and rather... Unorthodox ways. Though he's unpredictable in every way possible, he wouldn't hurt anyone unnecessarily. He's not as scary as everyone makes him out to be. He just likes to... Play. A lot."

Even though that's what she said, Aliyah had to take into consideration just how dark this virtual pet was, herself... This 'playing' she was talking about might not be the same as that of normal people. "... I uh... Was his first Virtual Pet. Seemed that he had a thing for plants. He says he... 'Watched this show as a kid and always liked the plant the best', so that's why he chose me... Whatever that means. He's lucky he got one like me... The other ones out there are pretty girly. Me and him grew close fast."

Aliyah nodded, taking in the information with a bit more confusion than understanding. She could tell that Khrona would be a darker type of person just from Despair and Meiun, but to hear that he was insane was unexpected. As Meiun continued her explanation, butterflies entered Aliyah's stomach. But when she said he didn't hurt people unnecessarily, Aliyah almost sighed in relief. Aliyah was afraid that she would fall into a darkness that would be inescapable. Though it was still a possibility, she would be defiant to the bitter end. She didn't know exactly what she expected to hear about her leader. But she learned just enough to know where she was headed. Khrona was dangerous, that was obvious. The only thing she didn't know -- which she would find out from the man himself -- was what he wanted from his shinobi. Hearing Meiun telling about how she was Khrona's first virtual pet, Aliyah rose an eyebrow. She wondered if Khrona knew something about a fourth wall and had decided to smash it to bits. "Sounds dreadfully beautiful... Sorry, got Despair-neechan on my mind. And you are a unique virtual pet. Your personality reminds me so much of the real me, its scary. I wish we could've met sooner, I wouldn't have mind having you as a partner."

Meiun listened to Aliyah give her little two cents on the situation before she closed her half-opened eye again and turned her head back to a normal position. "... Nah. This decision was fated. Besides, I wouldn't have liked you." Meiun smirked and snickered, wondering how long this relaxation was supposed to... Be? "... Sooo... I guess while I've decided to still be here, I'll bite... What's your origin story?"

"Ha," Aliyah chuckled dryly. Of course Meiun would say something like that, but it was ok. There was no malice behind it. It was the truth. They probably wouldn't have liked each other, but that didn't change the fact that they would've made one hell of a team. She sighed, shuddering at the thought of her past. It wasn't hard to explain, like many people thought it was. The only thing that kept her from outright saying it was the death seal on the back of her skull. Her hand instinctively touched it, making her feel a chill down her back. She would find a way to remove it some day.... "Well, it's not much to tell. I'm from the future, sixteen years from now, supposed to be born within the next three years, and I haven't seen my parents since I was ten. I was beaten and tortured for six months, sealed with chakra inhibitors and a death seal, and escaped only to be on the run for the next two and a half years. I met a peculiar man who could control time and was sent back here for God knows what reason, and here I am." She smiled sadly. "All in all a pretty shitty story, but there's a lot more to be happy about now than ever..."

Aliyah didn't want any type of pity. She didn't want anyone to feel sorry for her, not like most of the people she knew would anyway. All she wanted was to be able to prevent what happened to her from happening to anyone else. She still didn't even know why she and her parents were separated in the first place. But maybe the reason she was sent back to this time was to find out why.

Finally tiring of the glorious sun, Meiun stood up and looked at her reflection in the pool, seemingly untaken by the story. "... That it? I mean, it's just so... Plain. I'm used to more dimensional travel, reality warping, insanity, destruction and loads more death, you know. Khrona goes through all of that on a daily basis, actually. I bet he could help you out, if you made it worth his while." Making Khrona sound shallow, Khrona usually did help people out if he got something in return, unless it was a complete responsibility he had to do. Khrona just... Didn't like doing things for free. Made him seem used and made it seem like the others were lazy. "Everything comes with a price... No matter how drastic it may be."

Aliyah was interested to say the least in what Khrona could help her with. And she had heard that quote before. 'Everything comes at a price...' It left a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach but a devious glint in her eye that she hadn't had since her last visit with her mothers. "Oh really? And just what might this price be other than the fact that I've already pledged my loyalty and life to he and his kingdom? I'm sure I can fit my afterlife in there somewhere," she said with a smirk. Aliyah knew how things went with ninja. Equivalent exchange and all that jazz. She wasn't an exception to that rule in some cases.

Meiun couldn't stop the laugh that immediately welled up in her being, as Aliyah was showing all the signs of someone who was exceptionally new to this village. It was just... too rich. "HAHAHAHAHahahaha... Ahh... How should I know what his prices are? It varies on what kind of person you are. He'll usually make bothersome and annoying people endure horrible and arduous tasks and tortures. Swearing fealty to a village means nothing to him. But being a worthy fighter with a lot of potential and good will does. He focuses on personality more than anything."

A dark look would pass over Aliyah's face as her eyes narrowed. 'My loyalty to this village means nothing?' She thought, but then just sighed. It shouldn't have surprised her. Most of her friends were from other villages anyway. Whatever kinship she held within the Dusk was shared with those from other villages too. Khrona was an enigma indeed, one that she would have fun figuring out. Aliyah wasn't the lost little girl from the future anymore. She knew where she wanted to go and what she wanted to do. If she had to dance with the devil to get there, then she would wear his ass out first. "Personality huh? Looks like he has a strange taste in personality with you and Despair-neechan around," she joked with a sparkle in her eyes. Then she sighed happily, having not felt this calm in a long time. She hated to admit it, but Meiun wasn't bad company at all.

Meiun scoffed, kicking her feet in the waters a bit before crossing her arms. "Huh. Strange taste, huh? At least we're not fake suck-ups who only love Khrona because he's the leader. We're always there for him and get the job done, even when the going gets tough. We've never faltered or let him down. Can't say the same for you Dusk shinobi, can you?" She seemed to have taken offense to the comment, but her words spoken were true. Many of the Dusk shinobi weren't ever around when something big happened, but were always the first ones to come ask Khrona for anything and everything to better themselves. Because of how selfish they were, it was only natural Khrona had to separate the friends from the fakes... And there weren't too many people that were loyal truly because of who he was. That was a fact. "Stupid power-hungry whelps... I should just beat them all down to a pulp..." Her speech sounded similar to Misery's now. The lingo in that household must spread around through the family easily, as everyone picked up on the other's mannerisms.

Aliyah almost drew her blade against Meiun again at her words but was refined enough not to. She turned a hard gaze onto the virtual pet though. "My loyalty to Khrona-sama is anything but fake! I search for power so I can protect -- not only this village, but the people I care about too! If Khrona-sama becomes one of those people, then I will gladly give my life to protect him! But should you or even Khrona-sama himself raise a hand against one of my precious people, I would not hesitate to end your lives! My loyalty does not come from what I can receive from Khrona-sama, it comes from my love and respect for the fact that he protects this village! I will stand by him loyally until he gives me a reason not to!" Aliyah shook with rage, but suddenly she calmed down. She blushed deeply before lowering her head. She hadn't meant to go off like that, nor had she meant to reveal everything she had figured out while talking to Meiun. With a sigh, she held her head with one hand. "... Sorry..." was all she could think to say afterward.

Meiun's personality called for her to 'silence' the girl once she started to speak, but the words she spoke out caused Meiun to think against it for this time only. She listened, her feet now still in the water, getting up again once Aliyah was done with her little speech. "Well, I guess that resolve is good. You're not all that bad. Khrona might like you. Maybe." She shrugged her shoulders and turned away from Aliyah. She'd had enough relaxation for one day and it was about time to go see how Khrona fared. After drinking the spring water, he should have instantly regained all of his power, anyway. "... Well. It's been real." She started to sputter her wings just a bit, getting them started. Kicking up a little bit of wind as she did, Meiun flew off into the air without even waiting for Aliyah's response.

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Book 13; The End of Khrona Tensei Empty
PostSubject: Re: Book 13; The End of Khrona Tensei   Book 13; The End of Khrona Tensei EmptyTue Apr 28, 2020 4:16 pm

Eighth End; Alex Star! Report Immediately.

Because of all of Khrona's assistants being tied up for the most part, even his Virtual Pets had to come and take over a couple of things. There would be his Polar Bear and his Golem Bear, both of which sat opposite each other in a symmetrical manner. The Bear Bros. is what they call em. Since Meiun was all tied up and Keres was not one for social activity, they had to take on this job. Alex had been summoned and he must come.

Alex had gotten the notice, and he was very surprised that he was summoned. So like the childish person he was, he would walk up to the his new leader's office. Once there, he would walk to Khrona's door and simply knocked on it. Then he opened it, because he was guessing that Khrona was expecting him -- currently he didn't know what he was being called for, at the moment. "You sent for me, Khrona?"

As Khrona was not in, he would be greeted by the Bear Bros.; Shimo and Choco.

Shimo: "Alex Star."

Choco: "You've been summoned."

Together: "For special training."

The two seemed to want to get to the point as quickly as possible, since they hadn't been very active as Khrona's help recently. They cleared their throats simultaneously, then Shimo spoke again.

Shimo: "We'll give you a synopsis of your 'special training'."

Choco: "You'll be given a ranking assessment to see where your power is at. We'll see how you fight and what needs to be worked on."

Shimo: "Then, you will be trained specially by Khrona himself."

Choco: "During this time, you may feel free to use the Colosseum to train as well."

Together: "Do you understand?"

Alex would lift his eyebrow at the sound of this suggestion, or even a proposition at this time, and he would think about it for a moment. Calculating his options, but soon just using his gut to agree to the terms, he accepted. To put it simply, he never expected this at all, and was very surprised twice in one day. "I understand the both of you. So, when will my ranking assessment take place... If I can ask?"

At the mention of this question, the two Bear Bros. rose from the desk at the same time, standing on their two feet and slammed their fists together at the same time. Around them, the office would alter its reality, changing into a realm of two different terrains and seasons. On Shimo's side, nothing but ice and snow whilst on Choco's side, nothing but dirt and moistened soil.

Together: "Now."

The Office was of Khrona's creation and control, and could alter its appearance at any time with Khrona's will. Even if he wasn't physically there, the Bear Bros. still had some control over the office whilst in charge of it.

Together: "Come at us with your best shot!"

Alex would just look at the area now, as he was amazed by it. Of course it was Khrona's Office, and he guessed that this could happen. As he stared at the Bear Bros., he would use some hand signs which would summon some elemental spiders onto the field. They would be on both sides of the border lines as the four of them would split into groups of two. The spiders on the ice side would turn into ice spiders and the ones on the side of the dirt would turn into ground spiders. Soon they would unleash chakra webs towards both the bros, as Alex would walk forward preparing his next attack. "Gladly."

Seeing the spiders, each of the Bear Bros. jumped over to their respective elemental sides and readied themselves. Fighting the elemental spiders wouldn't be hard, if they both used their opposing attributes to fend them off. The first would be Choco, who stomped on the ground and caused a large, slender piece of earth to rise up into the air in front of him, which he would snatch from the sky and fling at the Ice Spiders.

Choco: "Rock beats Ice..."

A blatant reference; it was a true statement though. Solid rock of this magnitude could break the ice that small and weak any day. The spear would impale the creatures, most likely causing them to shatter into nothing but unusable chunks. On the flipside, Shimo had targeted the ground spiders, which were going for Choco. Releasing a very precise and chilly 'Ice Breath' from his mouth in their direction, the gust of freezing wind would cause the ground to compact and become frozen, unusable as well.

Shimo: "And Ice beats Ground."

It's true, for when ground freezes, it is unable to move. Alex's spiders were easily dispatched, and now it was time for him. Since he was apparently between the borderline, never exiting, he was susceptible to them both. Shimo first fired a stream of powerful snowballs from his open palm at Alex whilst Choco stomped the ground again, having spires of earth shoot straight up from under him trying to impale him.

If they expected the spiders just to sit there and take it, they would be wrong. As the chakra webs would be sprayed into the air, they would latch onto his slender piece of earth because of there ability to infuse itself into many different surfaces. As Alex would use his fingers to send the slender piece off course aiming to hit Shimo with Choco's attack, the ice spiders would create holes in the ice, as they went into a hidden state for now. As for the ground spiders, one of them would indeed be frozen by the ice attack, the other would have enough time to get away by burrowing into the ground, creating holes on both sides of the field. "I hate the ice."

He didn't know if the slender piece of earth had hit Shimo dead on; as for Choco, he would focus on the earth spike. Jumping on that side -- because he liked the earth more -- Alex would dodge out of the way slightly as he would block the spire with his hand. Using his earth strength to increase both his offensive and defensive power, he would block the earth spire from coming upas he would seep chakra into the ground, infusing it with even more chakra webs, causing the ground under him to obey his will -- the spire would stop in its tracks. "I like earth much better."

Soon he would send spikes of earth towards Shimo to attack him and try to impale him. As for Alex, he would walk towards Choco as he would crack his fists. If it wasn't for his earth strength, surely he wouldn't attack head on yet. He didn't know how they would counter attack, but it might be interesting.

The first thing Shimo did was catch the spear-like piece of earth and fling it back at Alex now, most likely sending the spiders along with it if their chakra strings were still attached. As the spires came toward him, Shimo cocked his fist back and slugged them, knocking them away as well.

Shimo: "Choco?"

Choco: "Shimo!"

The two suddenly switched sides instantly -- an effect of the room they were in. Now Shimo was on the earthen side where Choco was and Choco, on Shimo's side. The spiders had dug underground, but that was all fine and dandy for Choco, now that he was on the icy side. He simply jumped up into the air and his body would expand to a massive size.

Choco: "Golem Force!!"

He would fall to the ground with an immense amount of force and weight, causing an incredible earthquake all throughout the snowy side. Snow would rise form the ground and into the air, hindering vision, and the ground below would suffer from the seismic waves produced by this attack, most likely destroying the ice spiders whilst leaving Choco covered by the veil of snow in the air.

With Shimo, he started to fire more of his bullet-fast-and-strong snowballs at Alex again, as well as at his spiders. He wasn't trying to attack too directly at first... Seeing how Alex would react. Besides, Choco could handle that.

The ice spiders would be killed by Choco's attack; as for Alex, he would rush at Shimo, creating an earth shield on his arm, as he would use it to block his snowballs. One spider left would appear out of the ground behind Shimo as it would use it's chakra webs to hold Shimo in place. As Alex would finally make it to Shimo's position, his shield on his arm would turn into a large fist. He would try to smash Shimo. "Hmm." Choco seemed to be hiding; Alex needed to keep his eyes open to all his surrounds as he would see what this attack does, looking to find a weakness, or at all least some way to combat them.

Unsuspecting of the chakra webs, Shimo would be held in place against his will. He tried to move, but he needed to use a great deal of strength to break free, and he didn't have time with Alex rushing in. In danger of getting attacked, the only thing that could be done was wait for his brother, who knew that he was in trouble.

From the veil of the snow, a fist shot out at incredible speeds, not only knocking the fist aimed at Shimo away, but because of how large it was, it would smash the entire body of Alex and launch him a long ways away. This fist belonged to Choco, and was the 'Golem Punch' of incomparable power. Soon after, his foot would take a step back on the earthen side of the field, and by that time rock spires would shoot straight up from the ground trying to impale the spider again and release Shimo from the bindings of the chakra strings.

If the spires alone didn't destroy it, Shimo would slosh his head around, it rotating around to greet the spider, and he would release another 'Ice Breath' to that entire area to freeze it solid. Now Choco exited the snowy side of the battlefield. Now there they both stood, ready to see what became of Alex.

Alex was expecting an attack from Choco, as he would indeed get hit by the large fist. Seems like Choco could expand any part of his body, and that would just make things interesting. He would be sent flying by the larger fist attack. As for his last spider, it would survive the earth spire, because it was earth based, making it immune to those type of attacks. The spider would release chakra strings and burrow back into the ground as the first attacked failed, and the gust of ice wind would miss as well.

Even if the spider released its strings, they would still stick to Shimo's body because he was made of snow and ice. Because that was the set ability of the chakra strings -- to infuse themselves to any surface or field -- they would begin to steal the virtual pet's energy. Back to Alex; he would be hurt by the hit, but not as much as people would suspect, as his earth strength would save him from being majorly hurt. He would touch a seal on his arm as smoke would engulf the area he was in.

Once it began to clear, there were people on the side of Alex; five puppets would be there, as they would stand in front of Alex like a shield: Bane, Tenma, Kin, Scarecrow, and Jaki. As Jaki would open it's mouth, it shot out bomb kunai at the both of them aiming to blow them the hell up.

Shimo was caught and feeling the burn of the chakra strings, but that wouldn't keep him down. Intending to freeze the spider with the sheer coldness of his body, he released a pulse of chilling air to surge to the spider and freeze it over... Or even overpower the chakra strings attached to cause them to snap. If not that, then cause the spider to forcefully change to Ice form... Soon after, to rid himself of the strings completely, those parts of his body he felt were attached would fall off, as what snow did. Quickly, more snow from the snowy side of the field would come to take the place of the obsolete snow that was detached, leaving Shimo freed from the effects.

All the while, Choco was watching the spider, and when the time came that it dug underground, if it were forced to change into ice form, Choco would stomp the ground and compact the earth around it, trying to crush it instantly. Their plan was flawless, it would seem.

But now, Alex had summoned more people to his aid... Perhaps the two virtual pets would have to evolve if things got a little too hectic.

Shimo: "A Puppetmaster..."

Choco: "Six against two..."

Together: "I like those odds!!"

That said, one of the creatures released kunai at the two brothers, who were now side by side on the earthen side of the field. When it came close, Choco toughened his body and perked up his chest, allowing his 'Golem Armor' to take the blow of the explosions with Shimo protected behind him. The explosions had done little to nothing to him when he reinforced his body. Alex would have to try something else, now.

The chakra webs would be gone, since Shimo shed his body of the snow and such, but he would use it for later. Shimo was such a clever creature, as Alex would ready his next attack. Since Choco wasted his time making that shield to protect them both, Bane would rush forward, as Kin would jump onto the puppet's large shoulder. Riding on it as Kin would start to charge his attack, Scarecrow would blend into the shadow of large puppet, as it waited to attack in secret. Jaki and Tenma would just wait in the background, as Alex would jump on Jaki's back, waiting to see what they would do. Of course, there was always their counterattack.

Bane would come onto the Choco, as the puppet would try to punch the armor chest. The strength of the puppet was filled with the energy of the earth, as it's offensive and defensive power were very strong. So this would do more damage than the bomb kunai, as Kin would still be charging his attack.

Choco and Shimo seemed to be collaborating in secret, as when Bane came, Choco nodded his head and gave the signal to Shimo for him to attack.

Shimo: "Absolute Zero!"

He popped up from behind Choco, fist cocked and glowing with an immense amount of freezing power; that of 'Absolute Zero'. With a punch able to freeze anything it touches, Shimo's fist would connect with Bane's, the force creating a small surge of power... Right before Bane's body would instantaneously freeze over with nothing but solid, strong ice.

Shimo: "All clear!"

Choco: "Right!"

Shimo would fall back as Choco's body returned to normal, taking his clenched fist back and launching it full power at Bane, who would take the full force of the 'Golem Punch' and probably find his body broken and shattered to a million pieces once contact was made. Once that was done, the two brothers pounded fists with each other for their impeccable teamwork.

If the two brothers thought it would be that easy, then they would be sadly mistaken. Shimo would try cross his punch with bane, Kin had opened his mouth to shoot out flames at Shimo, but since Bane was in the way, he would also get hit. Soon, Bane's fist would turn into a dragon shaped fire punch, as he would collide with Shimo's fist, his whole body engulfed in flames as well, so it would block out that freezing attack. Shimo was so close that he would probably take the full power of Kin's flame attack.

Bane: "Don't think it would be that easy! Now suffer!"

As for Choco's attack, Bane would use his free arm to block the attack, as he gripped his arm. It was quite strong, but Bane could take so much punishment that he would be able to hold it in place, only suffering a bit of recoil from his joints. Kin would run off his arm, as he would jump off of Bane, and he would start to unleash an onslaught of attacks towards the brothers.

Kin: "Now it's time for the both of you to get taken down!"

Bane would then use all his strength to pull Choco towards him, and threw him to where Alex and the other puppets were. Hopefully the the attack went through, but he doubted that would defeat them. The battle was starting to get good, and it would be fun.

Though Bane shouldn't have been able to see Shimo come out with an attack, it seemed as though the flames also hurt the other puppet as well, so it was fine. The freezing punch -- considering it was at Absolute Zero temperatures -- would cancel out with the flames, leaving them both unharmed by the attacks, especially Shimo. His fist bounced back and he would kinda stumble back.

Choco, whose hand was caught, figured that he should have put more power in his punch, but it was too late. He was already being flung. To his surprise, he was not thrown as Bane wanted him to, because his brother Shimo had already used his icy punch on Choco's feet, freezing them in place. So when Bane tried to fling him, he'd be unsuccessful, and once again, Shimo would quickly come in with a super fast 'Absolute Zero' jab to the face, hopefully freezing him over this time.

Right after, the ice would shatter around Choco's feet and he pounded his fists together.

Choco: "It doesn't seem like he's entertained enough, bro!"

Shimo: "I feel the same way!"

Choco: "So it's time, I guess?"

Shimo: "Definitely!"

Together: "Evolution!"

The both of them suddenly began to shine with an intense light, their forms starting to shift.

Shimo's already whitened body was glowing even brighter, his snowy body melting into an orb of pure condensed snow. It suddenly expanded, taking the form of a large bear as a huge glowing suit of sorts would wrap around it, zipping up in the back. The light faded and his form now would be of a gigantic teddy bear that towered over the area, eyes burning a creepy red.

At the same time, Choco was undergoing the same process.

His body condensed into a ball as well, reforming into that of a bear-like creature as well. When he was done, he struck a pose that was similar to a super hero, the light bursting from his body. He was now a plushie of similar stature to the teddy bear, but he was a panda. But his eyes seemed more aggressive than creepy.

The two stood side by side; the teddy on the right, the Panda on the left. They were ready for the battle.

Alex would watch his opponents go through a change, as they seemed more powerful now. As for Bane, he would be indeed frozen over now, but Kin would let his onslaught of fire attacks hit the puppet to thaw it out. Once it had weakened the frozen bonds, Bane would flex, causing the ice to shatter as he was ready to battle, posing at them. Kin would come back to Alex, as he would be released in a puff of smoke and replaced with another puppet. Spartan -- his first metal puppet -- had walked over to Bane, as they would stare down the two brothers.

Spartan: "It's time to rumble."

Spartan stated in a Spanish accent of sorts, and would get ready. Bane and Spartan would then rush off towards the two brothers, as Bane would throw a strong earth punch at the Shimo. Spartan would move into range of Choco and tried to give a double fist combo, which was him throwing both his fists to attack, one aiming for the head first to throw them off guard and the other would aim for the gut. Spartan's strength was a match for Bane's even more than Bane's because he is metal based, so he isn't to be taken lightly, even if he was small. Now time to wait and see if their attacked worked

The giant that was Shimo now did not move as the puppet, Bane, made its way to him. The punch was ready to connect, but as Shimo's creepy eyes had watched Bane all the while, with a simple flash, a bubble appeared in front of the fist and cushioned it, before sucking in Bane completely. The massive bubble seemed to be of no threat to the puppets, as they were meant to steal the will of fighting and malice from all those who entered and a puppet was being controlled... But it applied to the chakra strings connecting the puppet. They were severed instantly upon entering the bubble, seeming to be very effective against fighting pure chakra. Now, Bane was under no control and was a lifeless creature with no will, contained by the chamber of the bubble. Shimo raised his massive paws outward, his unblinking eyes never averting their gaze from this target...

Shimo: "... With a hug."

... And with a mighty force, he slammed the two of his broad, tree trunk-like arms upon the bubble, causing it to not only burst with incredible rupturing force, but also the puppet inside... Which was crushed to nothing but dust now from the immense power that this teddy bear held.

On Choco's part, he was much faster than Shimo in this form, but also much more keen and reflexive. When Spartan came in with the fists, Choco parried both blows inward, causing the two arms of Spartan to cross in front of him and avoid doing damage. At the same time, Choco would grab the point where the arms intersected as to get a powerful grip on both at once to keep the metal puppet form being able to move its arms. The grip was like that of death.

Choco: "Break!"

With his free hand, now almost instantly thrust upon the torso of the puppet, would release an astronomical amount of focused, sheer force to cause the puppet to be launched all the way across the field -- and even farther than that -- where the creature could not even be seen anymore. All the while, the force should have been enough to even break through the metal and break the whole puppet, if not rupture the strings that connected to it completely.

Bane's strings would be indeed be destroyed by the bubble, and quickly would just take notes on the subject. Alex was working on his theories on these virtual pets as he would just eat some chocolate while observing the battle. Of course, as Shimo would think it was cool to try and destroy the poor puppet, it would get a very tragic surprise as the bombs inside of the puppet, would react to the major impact to the body as it would explode in that very close range of Shimo. Not to mention that the explosions have the fire power to blow up a very large house and leave nothing behind, which meant big trouble for the poor bear. "How interesting."

As for Spartan, he would be nabbed by Choco's counter attack... Or has he? As Choco would grab his arms in when they intersected, the puppet arms would cause poison tipped needles to launch out in defense stabbing the hand he used to hold the arms in place. The poison would affect the power and the speed of whatever has been hit by the needles. Which meant that Choco's strength and attack speed would be cut down harshly.

Spartan: "Don't get too carried away, amigo."

Giving Spartan a way better chance to break out of the grip, he would get at least one hand free. He would use it to block the thrust for the torso; since he had slowed down the target it was more easily to counter. But still, he could only move the punch to side a bit more, yet instead of punching the center of the puppet, it would hit the side of the torso. This made the hit much less effective from both the angles, and the poison affecting his strength. The puppet would be sent flying, but not as far as Choco had hoped for. And it only made a small dent in his metal armor, as he would get back up like a boss, and stroll slowly towards Choco again, ad he would study his every move.

The explosions were probably the worst thing that happened, considering that Shimo was still a teddy bear. His plush body caught aflame upon the explosion, leaving its arms and part of its head burning wildly. However, that would soon be stopped by the great Choco.

It was true that the poison tipped spikes would rip through this Panda's felt, but... Considering that it was a toy made just like any other toy, the effects of poison were not effective to it at all... Since it wasn't truly a living creature. Therefore... When it used its 'Break', the attack was at full power.

When Spartan was sent flying, Choco immediately used his impeccable speed and precision to dash all about Shimo and use the force of his 'Break' to put out the flames on his body with sheer force, leaving the bear relatively unharmed from the attack. When Choco landed beside him again, he looked up to his brother.

Choco: "The puppet tried to inject poison into me. It didn't work. Now some of my stuffing has poison in it..."

Shimo: "Is that right? Then you'll have to go for the boy. I'll handle the puppets."

Choco: "Sounds like a plan."

And without warning, Choco would start to fade out and left two afterimages as he did. All the while, Shimo released a powerful, burning red beam from its creepy eyes that swept across the ENTIRE area, causing an explosion so powerful it tinted the very atmosphere the same shade of color. From the cover of the explosion, Choco made his way to Alex, who should not have seen him coming through the explosion. He raised his open palm, dripping with poison, ready to initiate the 'Break' on Alex now and shoot all the poison contained in his arms into Alex's body, where it would actually do damage... Since he had a bloodstream, and all.

Alex would watch as Spartan had gotten attacked, the puppet was sent away from the battlefield for a bit. He had found a weak point in the opponents, as he would have to guess a few things now. As the explosion didn't work, it meant that they were strong to most attacks, even for fire based attacks, to his knowledge. Along with the info gathered from Choco, it seemed they didn't have any regular flesh at all. Inferring to the spike attacks that had punctured the opponent, and had not weakened him... Which meant that Alex had to find a way to attack. He would smile at them. "I might have to do something now."

As Choco would do his explosion attack to create a makeshift smoke screen, even with his speed and strength, Alex simply just already had a lock on his chakra signature, which meant that hiding would be useless. So he would just pretend not to notice him, as he would clench his hand, waiting. As Choco tried to attack him with the 'Break' attack, he would turn around to where ever he was and summoned a special blade from one of his seals into his hand. "You didn't think that would work, did you?" In reality, Alex was a very strong and agile person, but he never showed it because he liked to give people false hope and gather all the info he needed before he would use himself in battle. Alex would use the blade to clash the Break -- of course, he wanted something from it. Knowing that the same thing would happen like the spikes, the sword would pierce right into his hand, since he was made of stuffing.

As for Shimo, Tenma would move to block any advancements on his part. As Tenma would fly into the air in front of Shimo, he would unleash a demonic shock wave attack that would tear Shimo inside out, and find out if his hunch was correct; burning him from inside of his body this time.

Unfortunately for Alex, he underestimated the power of a higher form virtual pet, for they fought on par with Experts or even higher than that, considering how they are trained. So, when he tried to stab this quick virtual pet with the sword, all he would find was an afterimage of Choco's body that seemed to flicker about behind and around him. They were all transparent, but still surrounded him with no means of escape. Suddenly, they all released massive claws from their felty hands, those being exceptionally long and large. With a quick strike, they all aimed to slice through Alex with their newly poison tipped claws that tore through anything in their way, hopefully leaving him completely immobile.

Shimo, on the other hand, had to deal with an explosive blast from the puppet. With another burning hot, powerful red beam from its eyes, it would connect with and cancel out the explosion from the puppet and leave it feeling shitty. Next, would be to get rid of any other puppets being controlled by Alex, who would now hopefully be too preoccupied to even be able to control them. This time, instead of just one large bubble, a great multitude were released all across the field. They floated about ominously, aiming to consume what got in their way and force them not to fight or hold any hostility at all. The puppets were the main targets... And also, any puppet that got caught would have its chakra strings broken as well, which was never good... For them.

As for Choco, he would think that he had the upper hand, but as he would appear all around Alex, Jaki would be under Alex's feet as he would emerge from the ground and cause a large earth spiked barricade to appear around Alex. It would protect him from their attacks, and aim to stab the real Choco, if he was still there. Of course he didn't give him anytime to think, as he would sign again, causing the earth spiked barricades to push off in all directions aiming to harm Choco further if it had worked.

Shimo's beams would indeed hit Tenma, as the explosion would stop him from attacking. But he was a puppet that was very explosion-proof, and had taken the hit with little damage to it's body at all. Soon it would watch as it would release bubbles everywhere over the field. He would simply fly around to dodge them, as he would start to glow a brighter color. Soon opening up it's core as a large demonic disruption lava dragon would go forward, destroying all the bubbles, leading up to aim at Shimo and burn him to a crisp with both the types combined.

The senses of nature that stood with this monochromatic bear were too great to be caught off guard by the rupturing of the earth, and the moment he felt any sort of distortion within his feet, his focus became the ground beneath him. His claws moved with a swiftness unknown to Alex, slicing through each and every one of the earthen spires before they even had the chance to make a significant impact. There, Alex was open... Wide open.

Choco: "Now..."

With little to no warning, the area around Alex would go off in a flurry of explosions, very powerful and destructive in size. It would seem that as the Panda moved around, he was not only trying to confuse Alex, but distract him from the real attack, which was placing the fireworks he had at his disposal all around the ground. If he was able to survive the explosions from every inch of area around him, Choco would be waiting right there in the midst as well.

Shimo, in a worse predicament than Choco, could see that the dangerous lava was closing in on his position fast, aiming to melt his body to nothingness. Sadly, this would not be the case at all. Another sweeping eye beam from this overgrown teddy would cause the lava to part in its wake, a massive explosion causing all of the lava to shoot into the air and leave the middle completely free of any harmful substance. To keep the lava at bay, huge, wide bubbles formed a wall to keep the lava from crashing down and from touching the bear as he walked slowly to his target; Tenma.

Shimo: "This time, it is the end for you!"

Shimo held his hands up, an aura of blue suddenly taking up a huge portion of the sky that Tenma was in, weakening the Chakra Strings that bound him, making Alex's control that much weaker, if not already gone with the explosions that were distracting him currently. With Shimo's arms now closing in on each other, as if he was smashing something invisible between his arms, the aura in the air would start to zero in on Tenma, starting now to take the form of a solidified bubble. He tried to close out any and all options of exit right then and there to leave the puppet motionless and in the eternal container of the bubble.

Well this was a very bad move on Alex's part, as he would try his best to avoid the opponent. Of course he had not seen the fireworks, but something saved Alex from the attack. Jaki had emerged from under Alex, so that he would be higher than close to the ground floor. So when the explosions had occurred, the puppet would take most of the blow for Alex, since he was standing on the puppet's back. Alex of course would be pushed into the air from the force of the explosion, but had taken minimal damage.

As he would look upon the field, he would notice the battle going on with Tenma. His strings would be gone from the puppet now, but that didn't matter for one reason. Simply because the puppet had a soul within him, and could move on its own without a master, which was why the core was installed. Soon Alex would turn back to Choco, as he would point one hand to the ground and the other in the sky. He decided to do things for himself, as he would move his fingers around. "Well my puppets are almost done, so it's time to use myself, then." He then unleashed about hundred of small strings from both his hands, as they would launch out at the ground, aiming to hit everything on the field around Choco as well as at Choco, and in the air to keep him airborne. As for Tenma, he would go berserk and he would unleash the full power of the core. As the disruption energy would be unleashed in the bubble, causing it to break and try to destroy Shimo along with it. As he would overload his whole system, and core to do this final attack before it energy would run out.

Tenma: "Demonic Outburst!!!!"

The energy would flux around the puppet causing it the shockwave to grow even larger, as it would tear apart the whole bubble in the air. Soon, moving past, it would try to disintegrate Shimo whole and take him along with him -- Or at Least do massive damage to the virtual pet as it unleashed it's final move. Plus, Shimo had expected the puppet to be weak and not be able to function on it's own. So it gave the surprise factor into the battle, as the puppet core would turn black as it fell to the ground, fallen apart into pieces.

Choco's speed and cunning were far too great to be caught off guard by something like this. Seeming to fade out again, the strings would pass through the afterimage of his body as explosives seemed to randomly appear in the sky. He was moving fast enough to move without being seen or even touched by those strings. Now they were in front of Alex's face.

His real body was far off, staring out at Alex's position, where in another large multitude of explosions would occur. His arms were crossed and his tattered scarf fluttered about from the force of said explosions.

On Shimo's side, it was clear that Tenma had underestimated the power of these bubbles, for the power of this demonic force was still a malicious force and therefore became exponentially weakened upon being exerted trying to destroy this bubble. It would be a very tough struggle, but eventually, the bubble would give once the entire power of Tenma had been relinquished, thus, the bubble had taken all of the attack and none of it escaped out to Shimo. Being a powerful virtual pet did mean that they had a surplus of power that wouldn't be so easily disposed of... Especially by the chakra of a mere Standard.

With that puppet done in, Alex was looking weaker and weaker. Without those puppets, it didn't seem like he knew how to fight, which is why he ran away so often. Those were not good qualities at all. The lava still suppressed and pushed away by the bubbles, Shimo would clench his fist and start walking toward Alex. Now it was a double team effort, and if he couldn't fight Choco on his own, he held no hope against the two brothers at the same time.

Alex had been blown out of the sky by the other explosives in the air. He would be pushed down to the ground close to Shimo, landing roughly injuring his body. He was growing weaker because of his puppets gone, as they would only leave him on the field. Of course, he could only battle his best with them -- almost all of his power had been stripped away by the Sound King in their last battle. Then again, Alex wasn't one to give up at all and soon he would get up even with the pain to his side.

Bashing his mind for a way to combat them, since their speed and power were much greater then his in his weakened state, he would calm down as he looked at every viewpoint, soon deciding to try something else. He needed to prove himself, but he wasn't one to ever train in close combat at all. Having little experience to even this day, he would active a seal on his hand. A pair of crosses would appear in both his hands, then with little thinking he would attack Shimo with his crosses.

At the moment, all he could do was prolong the battle, hoping for a chance to beat the opponent would come by, or get beaten down for his lack of power. At the moment he was running on pure guts instead of formulating a plan in the background.

Shimo's first course of action was to shoot a beam straight from his eyes and at the hands of Alex, blowing away the crosses and most likely the boy who was caught in the explosion, hands charred and blackened. It was then that Choco came in with a team strike, appearing in the direction Alex was flying and delivering a powerful axe kick to plow him straight into the ground. The boy stood no chance now... But...

Shimo: "... Your exam is over."

Choco: "You were able to force the both of us to evolve."

Shimo: "But your skills are weak."

Choco: "You fought hard."

Shimo: "But you lack the power to fight beyond running away and using those puppets."

Together: "In short..."

The two came together, side by side, clearing their throats for the final verdict...

Shimo: "You pass."

Choco: "But barely."

Shimo: "Welcome to being an Advanced.

Choco: "However, because of your weakness, you will have to be trained thoroughly before being allowed to do ANYTHING at all."

Shimo: "We do not promote weak people. Right now, you are on the borderline of supreme weakness... So, we must make you strong so that you fit the power of your new rank."

Together: "And don't let us see those puppets again..."

Alex was axe kicked into the ground, and his crosses were sent away from him. Well lets not forget about his eye beams, which had charred his hands a bit. His Seinaru charkra would start to heal him, giving him small amounts of energy to just stand up. Even after the most painful double team attack they had both assaulted him with, he would just look at them with a smile, since he had passed barely. He still passed, even if they didn't like the way he used his fighting abilities or just that he relied on puppets. "I thank you for the Assessment exam, and I know you're right about me. I've never been trained in close range combat, and have no experience in other combat other then indirect. So tell me, how will you two make me strong to live up to this rank?"

The two brothers took Alex in and personally trained him.

Every one of Khrona's helping hands were pulling their weight during his time of seclusion in order to keep the village in order. It was surprising just how much work Khrona did on a daily basis, considering how many of them needed to be spread around so many places in order to get all of his errands done. But, since they were all working together, everything was getting done quickly and efficiently, even if some were reluctant. Even Tabrith was busy trying to promote Team Psychotic...

Figuring that the reason why no one joined this team was because of lack of activity and publicity, Tabrith was given orders to get everyone up and moving with something fun and outlandish... Something liiike...

Tabrith: "... Free Airship Giveaway... Two free Airships to those who win the contest. Come one, come all."

With the least amount of emotion and excitement in his voice, the word was spread throughout the planet.

Tabris: "... Bring in a blueprint of the Airship you want to be made, I'll scan the materials necessary and when you retrieve them, I'll put them together to make a special Airship just for the winners... With a special twist to it."

Tabris lowered his head, feeling somewhat ashamed that it came down to him doing this... 'Publicity stunt.'

Upon hearing of the contest described, Linchestal was up and ready to participate. He hadn't had much activity recently, so this was a good way to get out and expand his view of the planet. He would walk up to the area described in hopes that he might find the being responsible for putting out such a rumor.

Alex would walk up to the poor Tabrith, as he seemed like he was doing something. The words of airships were clear, and he would bring a blueprint that he had created for just this special occasion. Of course it was more like a puppet, changed into a ship design. "Hey Tabrith! Why are you doing this...? Are you desperate?" He would like flap around a sheet of paper in his hands, and he would smile at Tabrith. While he ignored the other kid, he would try to give his sheet to Tabrith.

Out of nowhere a man would appear, and he would be right next to Tabrith. As he would stare at the other peasants, he simply issued himself to be wary of them. Like a commoner, he would wave at them in a greeting matter, as he would look upon his higher up. Seemly catching a monster would be needed, but clearly there were some problems with that trade off. "Ah my Liege, it seems that I came at a unfavorable time. But it seems you are giving away those delightful airships? are they defective or just out of wanting something in exchange?" Looking at the child, and the other commoner, he would wonder about this. He would pat the child on the head, out of pure kindness. Even if he must wash his hands later, he would look back to Tabrith. "If I must, I'll gladly join in on this little stunt... Or would you need me for something else?

Tabrith counted the three people and tallied them on the list... But it would seem that these were the only contestants.

Tabrith: "Are these... the only three? I'll wait only a little while longer for anymore entries."

And that, he did. He waited.

Meanwhile, in the midst forest of the Dusk Village, Zesu was inside the dojo playing mech fighting games on his game system with Venize on story mode. His panda sensei, Oneoera, came back inside the dojo from leaving out to check the mail. The sensei checked each of the mail and tossed them out towards everyone in a sharp manner. Zesu reflected his mail right on his lap, Venize catches her magazines with ease and place them on her lap, and Oneoera kept his in his panda paws.

Once the mission was complete in the game, Zesu quickly sped through his mail and tossed out the spam, but was surprised from seeing an invitation from Tabrith and Khrona about a prize for a contest. Zesu had a goofy grin on his face and yells out, "I'M GETTING A BOAT!!"

He would come out of the dojo and yell out the same thing again. However, he would also see other hidden people screaming out the same thing as well. Zesu was pissed. "Well at least I'll be the only dimensional plain human being to get a boat." Zesu would just groan in disgust from seeing everyone getting an invitation. It seems that this contest wasn't exclusive for certain people. Sooner or later, Zesu would half-step his way towards the entry of the airship contest right next with the other people along with his partner, Venize. He would salute Tabrith with full respect. "Zesu Rikoyae, reporting for his free boat, sir!" Zesu does his 'Me Gusta' face.

Tabrith looked at everyone who showed up; the lot was pretty small, but that meant less to keep track of. "... Well, if this is everyone, then please, provide me with the blueprints and materials necessary for creation of your airships. I will tell you where to find them afterward."

Alex would give his design to Tabrith, but the materials... He had studied some that have piqued his interest, even if they were quite rare to come by. "I want to use Mythril as the materials, and well to power it with Mannastones as the power source."

Late but better than never, the Master Guardian would walk into the room; he liked ships and wanted to see what these ones were like, or the ones of the winners "Is it too late for this?" the Master Guardian would ask.

As another had just joined the rest of them, Linchestal would begin to be having second thoughts. This was certainly a nice opportunity though one that he would accomplish himself. Without a word, he would turn around and leave the area.

Zesu would search around his entire body until his soul partner, Venize, would appear right behind him with a puffed up angry face at him. Reason: He suddenly left without her along with their blueprints for the ship. He would laugh nervously as he kindly sticks his hand out asking for the paper with puppy eyes. Venize, on the other hand, would smack him dead on with a double slap and the blueprints. His facial expression would be nothing more but a derp face with stars floating above his head. She would then hand him the blueprints as he would show his airship to Tabrith. "Our airship consist of a mixture of Adamantium and Mythril. The heart and core of the ship will be run by the usage of Orichalcum to produce an amazingly experimental engine."

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Ninth End; Self Introduction

Sooner or later, after his eighteenth birthday, Khrona came out of hiding and returned to his normal duties. Whatever he'd been doing for that long inside of the Pit of Havoc, only he knew for sure... But there was something different about him. A lot, actually. They were very subtle changes that no one who didn't know him wouldn't notice, though. Perhaps, reaching the cusp of his pubescent maturity? Yet, what that meant for the Insanity was a different story...

Alas, someone was here. His tired eyes set upon the village that he had heard so thoroughly about. It was quite a sight to see really, though he could not enjoy it fully due to the lack of sleep he had while crossing such vast lands to arrive here. But even as he struggled to keep his eyes open, he would walk past the crowds of people who flooded the streets. Of course, because of his unsightly appearance, he would wear a long, black hooded cloak as to not startle the citizens while making his way towards his destination which he would come to know as Khrona's Office.

It seemed right to make his presence known to the leader of his knew dwelling space so naturally that is what he was trying to do. Getting past the crowds of people and into the building was certainly unexpected, as he though it would be more of a hassle. No one stopping him as he walked or anyone guarding the entrance to such an important building? Whoever the leader is must really know how to run his village, though Yurox didn't know what kind of leader he was for sure. But enough of that, for he was now standing at the door of Khrona's Office while leaning back and forth; it seemed he was still very tired. With a few smacks to the face that he gave himself and a shake of his head to keep him going for the moment, he would knock on the door before him, still with his hood on.

As if anticipating his arrival, the door creaked open the very moment he mustered up the courage to rap it even once. Though initially opening with a slow, waning creak, after a moment or two the door swung fully open and an unknown force pulled Yurox inside and closed the door behind him at the same time. There, sitting at his desk, playing with one of his massive draconic wings was the leader he so longed to see; Khrona. He seemed... Almost bored, if nothing else. "Sooo... You're a new face around here, aren'tcha, Yurox? Yeah, I know all about you. Don't ask me how. Documents, you know." That was a blatant lie, considering Khrona had no documents about this man. He was just breaking that fourth wall again, making a clear allusion to his bio. "But uh, I might as well not be intrusive... What brings you here? Today on this day?" Not once had Khrona even glanced over to make contact with his eyes, for he was too fixated on playing with his pitch black wing...

The unexpected pulling force definitely caught Yurox off guard, though that would not compare to what he saw behind the office desk as he stumbled to a halt. His mind went blank for a moment before the questions started to fill it. It seemed that there was an end to them, yet however many that were already spawned would have to be crammed down to the depths of his mind so that he may speak, but even with all of this going on, Yurox would keep his cool as best as he could. "Oh, yes of course... I'm here because I needed to announce my presence before I thought to move into your village, I'm assuming. If that is possible, I will be conducting important research as well as... Other tasks that need to be taken care of. I just felt it was necessary to introduce myself before proceeding any further," Yurox would say as he pulled his hood off. Whatever this guy was in front of him, he was sure that his own appearance was of the least importance. Besides, he already knew who Yurox was, or at least Yurox thought he did.

Khrona couldn't help but snicker to himself, already 'deducing' what Yurox was going to be doing in this village. Those who knew Khrona knew of his power, and with a new face, it was just a new person to exploit until they learned as well. "Well now, whatever research you need to conduct, go right ahead! My village and its resources are... Open to you. By the by, I am Khrona. Clearly the leader of this village. Pleasure to meet your acquaintance... Yurox." Saying his name, Khrona's stare shot over to Yurox now, as if staring through him and into his mind... It only left Khrona snickering. "I hope you have a wonderful time... Any questions?"

With those words being said to him, all Yurox would do is smile lightly at the fact that his permission had been granted. So with that, he would speak as Khrona's eyes met with his own while a snake could be seen coiling itself around his neck. "Why yes, in fact I have many questions to ask you though they will have to wait. I must start my research quickly; besides, you probably have much work to tend to of your own. Thank you Lord Khrona, it was quite a pleasure to meet you as well. I'll be back shortly." With that said Yurox would turn around and open the door. Before leaving he would turn back to Khrona and look at him for a short time to see if he was going to say something else, and if not, Yurox would leave and begin his temporary life in the Dusk.

Khrona didn't say anything much upon Yurox's leave... He only waved. "Have a nice time~." And that was all.

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Tenth End; Anything For My Lord

After a battle in an alternate reality, Khrona was feeling better than ever, and thus decided to take up another pupil under his wing. Another up-and-coming shinobi, a dragon slayer known as Akira Tsukishima, had caught his eye and was summoned to Khrona's office.

Akira walked up to Khrona's Office door with his hands in his pockets, and just as he pulled his hand out of his pocket, the door opened by itself. So Akira took the liberty upon himself to enter. He then took a knee to his Lord, awaiting his reason for summoning him.

Khrona looked at Akira, wondering why he was kneeling. "You don't really... Have to do all that. But uh... Hi there. I wanna train you." Khrona smiled at him and clasped his hands together.

Akira stood up immediately and looked at Khrona wit great joy and confusion. "I accept your decision and I am ready for this, but my Lord, why have you chosen me?"

Khrona pondered for a moment, then shrugged. "Cuz you're a Beginner and you need a guide, I say. I'll show you around a little bit. Well, not me, per se, but one of my Virtual Pets. You know, just so you'll get the feel of the village. First, you'll take a little tour, then you'll have a little training session. Sound good?"

Akira: "I have no problem with that, Khrona. Also training would be great! I need to figure out the extent of my lava release and the rest of my powers."

"Alright, good. MEIUN!!" Suddenly, what would appear in vortex of warped reality but a purple hued Dark Fairy. This was his Virtual Pet, whose name was clearly Meiun. She didn't seem pleased to be here.

Meiun: "... Oh my god, you're pawning me off on another lower rank, aren't you...?"

Khrona smiled at her mockingly.

Meiun: "You muuuust be kidding-- Alright, fine. COME ON. I'll go train with you or whatever..."

She started out of the door, seeming rather frustrated.

Khrona: "Go along with her, Akira. She'll take care of ya."

Akira looked at the Dark Fairy then looked back at Khrona. At first, Akira questioned whether this was going to work or not, but then he realized that if his leader wanted to personally train him, then he knows what he's doing, no matter the methods he uses. Cracking his knuckles, he said, "Alright, Khrona, I'm off. This should be pretty entertaining for me." A thought suddenly rushed through his mind. 'This won't be very easy since this is Khrona's virtual pet; it MUST be very strong.' Shedding all doubt, Akira continued out the door and followed Meiun.

Akira, who was fairly new to the Dusk, had yet to see all of the facilities that were at his disposal, especially living-wise. When instructed to go with Meiun, she would take him there first.

Meiun made her way firstly to the Mezzanine, considering many people didn't have a place to live and didn't KNOW there was a place to live. Since Khrona's whole family lived in his house, he was set, but everyone else wasn't. That's why Khrona redid this place, but it seemed unused for the most part. Meiun spoke to Akira, who was following behind her. "Alright, this is the first stop... The Mezzanine. It's like a super hotel, but you know... You don't have to pay. Finest luxuries you can ever have and all that crap. This is for the residents to live."

Akira stared at the structure with unimaginable enthusiasm in his eyes. "I can't wait till I move in here. Mmmm, I wonder what other wonders this village has in store for me?" He then continued to follow Meiun on his tour of the village.

She turned around to him, pointing to the front door. "Why not just check in now...? It's right there... Not like I have time to be running back and forth with you..." Truthfully, she did. She wasn't doing anything pressing for Khrona so she was kinda... Condemned to this job. Whoopie...

Akira walked in the huge hotel and approached the front desk. "Hey, my name is Akira Tsukishima and I'd like a room." The receptionist showed Akira to his own room on the third floor and handed him the door key. Akira inserted the key into the door then pushed the door open, expecting to see a normal room with a TV, bed, and bathroom. Of course, that's not all that was inside of the room. Since it was Akira's room, there was a lava pit, a weapon rack, and a pallet for his pet dragon -- not to mention a fully stocked minibar. "Man, this place is great! But I have to go so I can finish my tour with Meiun." Akira then exited the building, placing the key in his pocket and again following Meiun's lead.

Meiun waited downstairs impatiently for Akira, tapping her foot like S*nic the H*dgehog. "I'm waaaaiiitiiiing..."

Finally, Akira would show up, done getting his room. "Finally. Well, I guess I oughta show you the next place... Let's go." Meiun fluttered her wings, starting to fly up into the air. "Hope you can keep up."

Akira started to jog after Meiun, following her to the next destination. Akira thought to himself, 'Wow this is getting good. Wonder what else this tour has in store for me?'

The next place on their little tour of the village was the school, which Akira would learn to reap souls and be able to acquire a weapon to do so, if he so chose. Meiun continued to guide him along and explain things to him in her halfhearted way. Meiun hadn't flown far from the Mezzanine, as the college was relatively nearby, but this was another incredibly important place for the Dusk Ninja. The college. "Alright, Akira. You behind me?"

Akira looked up at the virtual pet and nodded his head, providing the answer to the previous question. Akira then continued to walk behind Meiun.

She pushed open the gates and flew inside, starting to talk to Akira as well. "This is the academy for training people in the art of Souls. You fight for order of the village and learn how to use a Soul Weapon so you can fight off any other threats in the village and stuff like that." She shrugged her shoulders. She wasn't all that familiar with the college, as she'd never ever been here personally, but... Meh. "... I hope you don't want to go in."

Akira walked to the giant doors of the school not knowing what to expect on the other side. But for some reason it was like something was calling him; something inside was calling out to his soul. It was as if he was supposed to go inside. The doors creaked open and Akira continued to step slowly into the shadows of the building.

Meiun sighed, as he clearly wasn't listening to her. "Siiigh... This is how people get killed in horror movies... It's always the stupid one that's too curious for his own good... Luckily, my little family runs the joint, so you won't die under my watch..." As she spoke, he was already inside. She followed behind, ever so sadly.

As Akira entered the building, he stood there confused because, of course, it was his first time here. 'This place is massive but where do I go now? Maybe someone could help me out here.'

Whilst Meiun was out taking care of Akira, Khrona had some different business to talk about with his brother.

Khrona sat in his office patiently, awaiting his brother to accept his invitation to his office. Khrona needed to have a serious talk with him...

Retrieving the word of his brother's summon only but a few moments after returning to the village, Khrona's brother would make haste to the office of his kin, knocking upon Khrona's Office door eager to see how he would make it open this time.

As Khrona's brother attempted to knock upon the door, his hand would faze through and behind him, the door would appear, pushing him inward and forming into a chair for him to sit all in one motion. There, he'd be at Khrona's desk, eye to eye. "... Brother. I bring you important news..." Khrona's face seemed rather serious as he spoke, for even his fingers were locked and in front of his face, as Khrona put on his best Gendou Ikari, as he always did in serious situations.

Taking his place, sat upon the door made chair just in front of Khrona's desk, the brothers' eyes locked. Khrona moved, interlocking his fingers making that same posture he did whenever something important was of topic in their conversations, and so his brother knew to take all of this seriously. "Go ahead, Khrona. I'm all ears."

Khrona closed his eyes, taking in a heavy breath. "First and foremost, Medusa has been located. For a long while, I have felt the power of the 'Master Tower' overpowering everything with an overwhelming amount of power surging throughout the air. She and it are located in the Chaos and we must band together to stop her with much haste." His eyes quickly shot open. "Also, I have acquired too many Summons. I wish to bestow the power of one unto you..." Khrona pulled out a strange and rare gem, which teemed with power. Because Khrona's brother was not a summoner, this was the only way for him to harness such power... "... To you, I bestow Summon of Lightning. Much like you, he is knowledgeable about manna of yore and he is a wise old wizard of incredible potency and control of electrical manna. If you would like him to aide you, you must first defeat him in battle... Again, if you want him by your side."

Khrona's brother listened as Khrona told him the current report of Medusa's actions. He had felt it too; another raising power within the village -- one what began to dwarf everything else in comparison. It was good to finally know just what it was, and even better that it was time to act toward it. "I've felt it too, Khrona, but if she is within the Chaos... We'll have to be careful not to give them the idea that we're invading." An honest worry to be had. To stop Medusa, some of the Dusk's strongest players were gonna have to step within Chaos borders. Khrona's brother worried about how their King would take to them coming with a mini-army... But it was within this train of thought that Khrona continued on with his other new, one his brother found to be rather hilarious. "Too many? You've become so powerful that you even have to start giving you power away Khrona -- and to ME, no less." His brother smiled at his own joking words before gladly accepting the gem. "... I'll have to prove myself to him another time, however. We've got work to do right?" he asked as he slipped the 'Summoning Gem' into his pocket.

Khrona nodded. "Just tell me when. Until you do, he's still under my control, you know." The gem -- the Topaz -- was the summoning gem that held the lightning god's power within. Khrona only thought that it would be useful to his brother in battle or something of the sort. "Well, in any case... What about the Android girl and her creator? We definitely need them for this sort of encounter, considering even the Falshin by himself was a stressful amount for three of our strongest..."

Khrona's brother's face became disheartened after the topic of the Falshin battle came up. All he thought about was his wife's losing her body, but thoughts like that had no place in his head... Not now, anyway. "I haven't heard from either of them since. They've been busy reconstructing a new body for my wife. It would be good to check on their progress while at the same time inform them of what needs to be done, but..." This was a very delicate situation, and at times like this, they needed to plan carefully. Medusa had been a pain in their side since the Reality and Khrona's brother wouldn't put it past her to know just what they where planning... "We should leave someone behind. I don't like taking all of our Elites from the village and leaving it defenseless." Who knows what Medusa had planning in that diabolical mind of hers? Khrona's brother was always one to play it safe, but at least this time he had some justification.

He was certainly correct. Zita would not be accompanying them and, because of circumstances, neither would Shinigami. One person from the actual main village had to stay behind... "... So... Me, you, the Android girl or the ex-leader of the Deep?" That's what it came down to, in actuality. Which one of the four would stay behind.

"In my honest option, it should be the Android. Most of the village doesn't even know who her creator is, and I think they'd feel safer if they knew they still had one of their leaders to protect them," Khrona's brother spoke going into his own, yet less popular thinking pose. He knew that there was no way of Khrona or himself not going, and out of both the Android and her creator, the Android was the most reasonable choice. "What do you think?"

Khrona's brother did have a point... The Android girl was a leader and her creator -- the ex-leader -- was a relatively new person, since she didn't really make a huge impression on the little people of the Dusk before. "... Yes, I think that is the best course of action. But if they're working on your wife for whatever reason, shouldn't we go obtain her and inform them?" Khrona furrowed his brow, wondering if the Android girl could take care of the village by herself... She was always so busy with her own affairs... "Hmmm... And from this feeling I have, the Sound King has already engaged these three forces..." That was bad. Even though the Sound King was a Drifter, the Demon King would intervene if those powers got too unruly... If that goddamn Chaos event was done, that is. Hopefully the Demon King was still preoccupied with it. "In any case, we HAVE to hurry!"

"You're right, let's get going. I sense that these energies have began to move..." Raising from his chair, Khrona's brother would make haste to the Android's home to inform her and her creator of this situation and to gather their forces before they charged into the fight of their lives. With a 'poof', he was gone, knowing Khrona would soon follow to the home of the Dusk's Android leader.

Khrona was about to follow his brother to the Android girl's place when... He realized then and there that he didn't... Really wanna get back up. So, he created an 'Astral Projection' of himself to follow behind his brother. "Ah... Now when they're ready, I'll already be in the fray... Hahaha!" Khrona kicked back and relaxed... Lord knows he was gonna need to. Maybe he should have Meiun go stock up on those 'Spring Water' things... Or 'Potions' or something...?

And of course, another one came to meet Khrona's eye as he was preparing...

The night skies continued to lead on with heavy thunderstorms within the Dusk Village, wave after powerful wave of rain continued to pour down. Zesu ventured in the harsh weather conditions with great disgust on his face and denial within his heart. He would finally reach the main building where Khrona's Office resides and took several knocks on the door and awaited for him to allow him entrance. He would wait outside in the rain. He doesn't even give a damn if he caught a cold in this forsaken weather.

The door to Khrona's humble station opened up, the mist from the rain hitting his face for a nice, cool, refreshing sense all around. The weather is absolutely gorgeous to him. At his door was Zesu, a face he had been seeing more frequently recently, which warmed his heart... Though it looked like Zesu could use a little warming up, himself. "My, Zesu, you look terrible. Come on in." Khrona's wing stretched out above Zesu, acting as a makeshift -- though immensely efficient -- umbrella of sorts until Zesu decided to walk in.

Zesu would greatly accept his offer with full respect for his fellow leader, but today wasn't exactly his usual random and playful self. He felt discomfort, rage, and damnation within his body and soul all together. It was actually a first for anyone at all to see him like this. He would enter the office station completely drenched from head to toe. The emotion on his face was completely faceless to tell momentarily. The young adult glanced upon the materials around Khrona's Office abdomen. Today, Zesu wasn't the cheeky person everyone knew. He was surprisingly serious about something. "Hello Khrona." Zesu remained standing for the time being, not wanting to get water near anything that may seem valuable to Khrona, let alone doing something without his permission first.

Khrona could tell that Zesu was trying to be courteous by not dripping water everywhere, but he would find the water forcefully leaving his body as Khrona looked at him. 'Aquakinesis' at its best. The water that lifted from his body and his clothing would shoot out of the door, which would close behind it, leaving Zesu dry now without the worry of wetting up anything. "... The mission went well, I take it? Or... It didn't?" Khrona was trying to make heads or tails of Zesu's condition without... Looking into his mind. Khrona had to stop that. "... Come and sit. Let's have a chat about it." Khrona walked forward through the hallway to his office, opening that door and walking inside to sit at his desk.

Zesu was now dry and soft thanks to the help of Khrona's 'Aquakinesis', but his facial expression remained the same state as it was before. He would nod to thank his leader. He would respond to his question about the mission he took part in for the 'Black Materios'. "The mission was a success with no deaths to the team, Khrona." He would reach into his armored jacket for the 'Black Materios' and pulled it out of the inner pocket. He would open his palm to reveal the unique black pearl to Khrona before placing it on his desk. "The mission wasn't difficult at all thanks to the very few people that we have to help out for the Dusk." Zesu would take a seat near his desk, his focus was to much in his mind with various questions among what he wanted to ask. The facial expression of confusion easily told that without any trouble at all.

Khrona's half-opened orbs lit up momentarily at the sight of the precious black pearl before him. He took it from Zesu's hands mentally, allowing it to slowly hover over to Khrona's right hand, wherein he would grasp, then squeeze it tightly. "Most appreciated, Zesu... Well done on this mission!" The 'Black Materios' omitted an ominous, dark glow as it seeped into the hand of Khrona, becoming now one with him. It glowed even through his skin and bones with the same dark aura, illuminating Khrona's own hand as such before it died down. He felt the power coursing through him... the power of the Universe. With such power, Khrona was already calculating a new fighting style to accommodate this Materios' strength. But... Even still... "... I see that isn't all you have to tell me, though. Come and tell old Khrona what the problem is, hm?"

Zesu spaced out deep within his mind, as it would have an altered vision within his mind. It would quickly grasp into something more sinister. There would be a sudden yell in that altered reality and burst of energy throughout his own body rapidly. However, this vision would quickly be over and returned Zesu's mind back to reality as he blinked a few times and then looked at Khrona when he spoke to him. He would shake his head and sigh deeply in despair, taking a seat back in the chair. He would place both of his hands on his head for a second before placing them on his lap. He would then speak to his leader calmly, yet still tense. "I have a question to ask to you, Khrona. If the answer is what I'm seeking for is true, then I'll need a request." He would sigh deeply once more as he spoke. He was really hoping that there was a way to advance further into the hazy mind of his revenge. "... Is there a way to travel into another dimension from this one?"

Khrona watched Zesu closely, sensing a different pattern in his brain waves than before... Fluctuating rapidly. Khrona could even see it within his soul; his wavelength and emotions all fluctuating not of the same accord. Something troubled him far deeper than normal circumstances could tell, and that flash of reality Zesu thought only he saw gave Khrona the answers he needed... "... Yes, it is possible. I do so quite frequently, and I believe other beings on the planet such as Tigen, Father X, my brother, and all the rest seem to do it at a whim... That Tigen fellow seems to be the best at it of them all, however. What is it you... need?"

Surprisingly, the answer was really that simple to hear from his leader among his question. Surely, the world was a completely mystical and paradox for this average boy to breathe every little detail in about the dimension. But, various amounts of people easily able to travel dimensions in one go without any research upon science or historical rituals of some sort? Come on! This world is really too much for just a human boy from his dimension that wouldn't even believe any of this. However, he disregarded those questions automatically since he now has the chance to fix some things in his life. He continued to speak to his leader in the same manner. "... There is this situation back in my own dimensional home world that I want to confront upon. A person that had cause turmoil and suffering in my mind for the longest with painful images of the past that I used to live in....."

He only spoke half-truth to his leader. The other half was locked deep inside his heart within the reason of returning back to his homeland. To easily tell about one's person feelings in the heart is a more complicated structure than how one can tell within their soul, brain, or any other structure that one studies. The key reason: he wanted to revert everything that made him come to this planet in the first place and live a normal life he once had as a thief. Granted, he is living in a completely better life regardless of the massive dangers he faced on a daily basis on this planet. However, it didn't feel like he was living his true self at all. Instead, he felt like he was living as another person's lifetime. "... Which is why I ask if I can travel back to my own dimension and home world, Apotos, to redeem myself from this terrible despair that I need to destroy. I had some nightmares foreshadowing the world I once lived in. I don't want to see anymore torment coming from the innocents that can barely protect themselves with just guns and basic weaponry. They're absolutely not like any one of us here on this planet..."

A fair amount of time passed as Zesu told Khrona his story. True, Zesu was not of this world, and many people on this planet were not, but a fact that all of them faced was that they had to return to their homes sometime. It was simply inevitable... All things return to their roots. Though Khrona was more than capable of sending Zesu back to his home world via psychic and reality warping power, Khrona did not feel as if that were the most genuine of things to do. He knew someone on the planet who was simply the best at it... "I will help you, Zesu, but not directly. Instead, I shall advise that you seek out the help of the dimension-hopper, Tigen, for he knows the most about such things and controls them the best. He would be a much better asset than I."

The answer relieved Zesu's concern slightly. One part of the puzzle is done and now its time to move on to the next step. He would bow to his leader with full respect from the chair and let out a slight smile. "Thank you, Khrona. How shall I find Tigen?" he would ask calmly to Khrona, since he doesn't even know too much about Tigen, but he read some antique articles about his great archive records.

Now, that was a question Khrona could not readily answer. Not only had he not seen Tigen in a while, but because he came from another dimension and apparently continuously warped in and out of several dimensions on a daily basis, it was hard to keep track of where he would be and what would summon the dimensional being... But... He did have word on the street. "Well, word on the street is, Tigen absolutely loves chocolate. I'm not all too sure about this myself, for I haven't even seen this random phenomenon, but he's apparently been associated with this planet for years now. I'm sure the good word can't be wrong. Try out that chocolate and see where it gets you." That was Khrona's advice for the ever elusive Tigen.

It seems like there is another obstacle to search upon Zesu's quest, but at least the questions have finally been answered. His entire heart, soul, and body wavelengths would fluctuate back to normal as his personality would reflex back to normal somewhat. He was still disturbed somewhat by his complex issue to travel back to his homeland to settle things. "A wild goose chase, huh? Sounds like fun! But first, I gotta gather a bunch of chocolate and befriend the guy! I shall venture away!" And on that quote, Zesu would break the fourth wall and walk out of the narrator's PC monitor and venture onto the narrator's fridge for chocolate. A few seconds later, he came back empty handed. "No chocolates there. I shall go to the grocery store! Thank you, Khrona and see you later!" He would walk out his office normally this time.

Khrona watched as all of this happened, wondering just why Zesu was able to break the fourth wall in such a fashion that he was able to... Oh well. "The power of randomness was a powerful thing. Anime has taught us all that." Khrona knew that soon that fridge that was raided would be filled with milk of the chocolate caliber... All too soon. Khrona waved at Zesu as he left, and Khrona would join himself with the post he was SUPPOSED to be at right now, fading out of reality...

And again, as usual, someone else came in for some shit...

Aliyah knocked on Khrona's door in hopes of finding the busy Chomao. She had been turned away at the Chomao Haven when she asked for training, and even worse, denied the chance to ruffle the Chomao's fur. There was a rumor saying that Chomao was usually in Khrona's office, and she hoped, for the love of ruffling fur everywhere, that this was not a wasted trip.

The door was opened by -- you guessed it -- Chomao, while Khrona was on business. Funny thing is, Khrona was in the office, just in another reality where he was talking to Tamura. In this split reality, Chomao was talking to Aliyah.

Chomao: "Yes...?"

Aliyah's visage remained calm though a faint blush spread on her cheeks. 'OMG, he's cuter than that other Chomao! Don't glomp him, don't glomp him!' Aliyah thought, her body shaking and sweating from the amount of self control it was taking to not scoop up the Chomao and huggle it to death. "A-ano... Are you Mr. Chomao? I-I'm Aliyah Rozalyn, a Mage and Tamer respectively. I was wondering if you could help me train in some... Techniques..." Her eyes remained on the slightly bobbing Chomao for a moment before she shook her head to clear her thoughts.

Sighing heavily at how much he really did NOT want to do this, Chomao said with the utmost reluctance... "... Alright, fine. What do you wanna learn?"

Aliyah noticed the contempt in Chomao's voice. She frowned sadly before bowing her head low. "Gomen, Chomao-kun. I don't want to be a burden but the only way to learn the techniques of my class are through a Chomao. If there is a grimoire that can aid me, I would rather not trouble you and attempt to learn on my own. Because I don't wish to stop until I have mastered all of the techniques up to my level from both classes and can efficiently use them with my current fighting style and trap system." Aliyah had sat up half way through and her voice and eyes showed that she was dead serious, all thoughts of ruffling the Chomao's fur gone. She did not play or joke when it came down to getting stronger to protect her self and her village. If the Chomao wouldn't or didn't want to help her, she would attempt to find her own way. "I understand that you do this a lot; the Chomao at the haven seemed very ardent about not training me because you all have lives as well. However, please understand that situation for me as well. Without proper training, there is no point in having this power to begin with. Is it wrong to be able to want to use this power the way it is supposed to be used?" Her voice had become warm near the end, giving Chomao a loving smile.

Chomao's head dropped backward, becoming limp... He stared up drearily at the ceiling, sighing deeply and heavily. After listening to Aliyah's explanation, he pulled his head back up and looked at her. "... Yeah, yeah, I know. Let's just get it over with..." Khrona's 'helpers' seemed to be very... Tired of doing this type of stuff around the village. Between Tabrith, Meiun and Chomao, they were all having the utmost trouble with all of these people asking for so much. But it wasn't like they couldn't comply... "... So what do you want to learn first?" Oh, how those words pained his little Chomao heart to say...

Aliyah sighed herself when she realized that she wasn't really getting through to the Chomao the way she had hoped. "I would like to learn the Tamer's abilities first please." Feeling bad for being yet another person to cause the Chomao a bad mood, Aliyah bowed slightly once more. "Ano, Chomao-kun, to make up for taking up so much of your time, is there anything that you would want me to do or help with after my training?"

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Book 13; The End of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Eleventh End; Koudo Tamura... Report to my Office

Everyone coming in and out and asking for things just as soon as Khrona got back was giving him a run for his money. Annoying, yes, and probably making him want to retreat back into his seclusion, probably... But he had a few very important things and people to deal with, one of which was Tamura, one of his tops. Since Khrona's brother hadn't taken up Khrona's offer to challenge and receive the Lightning God, Khrona thought that perhaps, with Tamura's abilities, this Summon might be more suitable for him.

With all the commotion dying down, Khrona had best do this now, since he isn't swamped with... Needy people. He lay back in his chair, sending 'the call' out to Tamura, who would be the representative for this 'gang' he was part of. Yes, Khrona knew of it, but since they were a rogue group and didn't cause trouble... He let them be. But perhaps, those two could be more. "... Come, Tamura..."

Tamura received Khrona's call around the same time he was walking through the inner city, on patrol for lack of a better word, so it wasn't terribly out of his way to stop by Khrona's office to see what it was he needed. Tamura opened the door to the office a couple minutes after the call. "Yeah," he said as he entered the office. Now that he thought about it this was the first time he'd been to Khrona's office in a while. He remembered when he was here like everyday, but things had changed... Somewhat.

Khrona suddenly straightened up and put on his interlocked finger before his face pose as Tamura walked through the door, seeming to have something serious to talk about. "Tamura. You are part of a vigilante gang, are you not? You and Perura, with Priere as your leader, correct? Well... On behalf of them, you are here as a representative to see if I can trust you all with... Incredible power." His eyes narrowed upon saying that. He was speaking clearly of... the Summons. Khrona had no use for any other than Alexandros, Mateus and Bahamut, and so... the Fire Summon and Ice Summon were going to be given to Tamura and Priere respectively, if Tamura could prove his worth. "Would you care to accept my offer, or will you pass it up?"

'Laziest leader I know.' "Yeah. That's us, even though we don't have a name yet and barely do anything to be labeled vigilantes," Tamura responded, but didn't bother taking a seat. He folded his arms where he stood and leaned against the wall right next to the door. Listening to Khrona speak, it sounded like this was something that he should have called the leader here for. Since she was the leader she should be trusted with all the decisions that needed to be made. Tamura was just her whipping boy so to speak. He shrugged his shoulders. "Honestly, I can't speak for the gang since I'm not the leader... Hell, I'm not even second in command, but I'll ask what this power is before I accept or not. Priere is denser than I am and would accept right away, but I need to make sure that this is something worth doing. There is always a catch when it comes to 'incredible power'."

Khrona smiled, lowering his hands. Tamura was quite sharp. "Well, good to see you're cautious. This power is that of the Summons. Two specific summons; one of Fire and one of Ice. Under my consent, I can transfer their powers into those of gems which you will be able to harness as your own once I give them up." In truth, Khrona would have summoned Priere here... If he didn't have underlying ties to the fourth wall that thereby disallowed him from doing stressful things like that coughcough. "So, this power of the flame... Will you seek it? Or let it die?"

"Summons, huh? Fire and ice... Priere can use the ice one, and I'll take it to her, however I have no need for fire because I don't ever plan to actually use it or learn to use it besides that flamestrike manna I got. Now, if it was lightning or water, then I would have accepted," Tamura explained to Khrona. He wasn't going to take something that he wouldn't use. He had enough useless stuff anyway and adding this fire summon would only make things more... Messy. He wasn't power hungry. Tamura didn't want it, plain and simple. "Besides, I'm sure there's someone more worthy of that flame than I am. It'd only grow weaker if I held on to it from lack of use. "

Khrona pondered for a moment about all of this... In truth, he did still have the lightning elemental here... but that was promised to his brother, previously... Though he never went to confront the Summon. "Hmmm..." Also in truth, Khrona wanted Tamura to have a summon because he actually liked this boy's determination and work throughout the Dusk. Perhaps Khrona's brother would be content with fire, then. "... Hold on. I do have an electricity based summon. He is a wise old man who has mastered the art of all electrical manna. I daresay you'd wish to encounter him?" Maybe Khrona could even find someone else for the Fire Summon to go to. His brother would surely understand... Not like he needed anything else, either. Hahaha.

Tamura thought on it for a little while. This Summon sounded like a better fit to him since he used lightning and Tamura could use it to gloat about being better with it than Signis just to get on that tsundere's nerves, but Tamura honestly didn't see how having a summon would be... Well... Useful. "Let me level with you Khrona. I'll accept them since having this Lightning God sounds so much better than having that Fire Summon since I don't use fire. However, I need to know exactly how I go about actually getting it and using it?" Tamura asked as he pushed himself off the wall and looked down at his hand, which he called his gunblade, 'Enkindler', to. Now that Tamura thought about it, he wanted another gunblade like this one. Perhaps 'Blazefire Saber' or 'Axis Blade', but he'd have to make them himself. While looking over the gunblade, he spoke. "Do I have to fight him or something?"

Khrona nodded his head. "Yep! You have to fight him to prove your strength to him. You must either defeat or impress him to obtain his allegiance." Looking at Tamura, it didn't really seem like he wanted the summon at all... Hm. Maybe Khrona shouldn't give it to him... "... But you really don't seem to want it at all. Maybe it was just a mistake to ask you. I need to get rid of some and I thought it would be a nice little gift. Myeh..." He shrugged his shoulders.

"Who am I to deny a gift from you, Khrona? I just didn't want to seem power hungry by accepting without knowing exactly what I was getting into. I've chosen powers at random before, and now I have things that I don't use. I didn't want to add something else to those ranks," Tamura explained as he flipped the gunblade into gun mode and checked it out for scratches or defects, but he rarely used the sword, so it was still in tip top condition. He would use it for this. Tamura looked over to Khrona with a sort of mischievous gleam in his eyes. It was ultimate power right? There had to be more perks than just having an old dude with tons of knowledge about lightning following up around. "When I beat him or impress him, -- which will happen -- does my potential with lightning chakra and manna get a major power surge, no pun intended, and do I get different colored lightning? I want Purple and White lightning. That's gonna be cool as hell. Oh, and could my Soul Partners use him when I'm not around or does he only work for me? Either way is fine." Tamura, now, decided to take a seat in one of the chairs that was positioned in front of Khrona's desk. He leaned back in it, causing the chair to stand on it's hind legs as he kept his balance.

Khrona snickered a little bit, now kicking back in his chair more lax than ever. "Well, why not get rid of your useless powers? That's what I have to do! All of us leaders went through a power-hungry stage. Some still are there. It's not very fun at all." Khrona let his head fall back, looking out of the window behind him. "Well, in any case, I'm sure the Lightning God could teach you a great deal about lightning, considering he's the master of it. He used to be a normal man, but became a God because of how much he excelled at lightning and how he used it. So, he could most definitely teach you anything and everything you wish to know about it, ya know?" Khrona was confident that every Summon could do such things, as their powers were unrivaled by most -- if not all.

"I should just install the useless stuff in a female robot version of myself, that'd save all my problems. She could deal with the uselessness." Tamura sighed contently before looking up at the ceiling. Sitting in the office and having a chat was a nice change of pace from his busy life of rejecting fight requests and doing missions that no one else wanted to do. Ah, this was so peaceful. "That sounds great, now I do want him. Man, my lightning is gonna be so badass. I wanna see someone try to absorb my lightning and use it against me now. Like that one time against Signis and that other time against that guy whose name I can't remember. It started with an 'L' or something," Tamura said before leaning forward and having the chair come down hard on the floor. He morphed the gunblade back to sword mode before wondering about if he should get a sheath for it one of these days. His katana had a sheath and his gun had a holster, so he should get this sword one, too. "So, should I fight the Ice Summon too or will she just follow me to the 'FFF' and start a fight with Priere as soon as they see each other?"

Well, he seemed happy. Hope he knew that learning lightning of that much power would take much time and training... And he should hope that his opponents don't train just as hard to match that skill. It was nice to see Dusk shinobi be so... Inspired. "Ah, well. I guess that does solve the problems. I had to make another version of myself as well to harness some of my powers. But alas, that's a tale for another day. In any case, take the Ice Summon with you. She'll just combat Priere when they meet up." In the meantime, Khrona pulled out an odd looking gemstone teeming with electrical power... the Topaz. It harnessed the power that was necessary to summon the Lightning God when you weren't a Summoner, and he showed it to Tamura. "This is what you'd need to use to summon the Lightning God. This thing runs on a limited amount of power, though, so when necessary, you'll need to charge it again." Of course, he was just showing this to Tamura so he would know. "Now, Tamura... Are you ready to meet the Lightning God?"

"Then there's always Sai." Tamura shrugged his shoulders. Sai could use an upgrade about now. The last time she got one was when he was a Beginner or a Standard; he knew stuff now and could make her into what he really wanted. However, Tamura liked Sai the way she was now, and thus he wouldn't do anything until he was complete sure it was time for her to evolve, so to speak. He listened to Khrona's explanation while he eyed the golden stone. The electrical sparks that cackled around seemed to call to him. Tamura smirked to himself before nodding his head. "Yep."

Khrona's eyes seemed to be fixated on Tamura's ring... And he felt oh, so ashamed about it. Saddened his insane heart, really. But at least Khrona could show appreciation for Tamura in this way, if not any other, since his soul was sold... "Then let me show you the power of a Summon, Tamura!" Khrona gripped the stone, having no need for it to summon the Lightning God since he was a Summoner, and slammed his hand down on the desk before him. The moment he did, under his hand would appear the crest of the Lightning God, which had such an electrical force that it blew away the entire top of the building, as per use.

With a bolt of lightning summoned straight from the heavens itself, the glorious bolt of power struck the crest, the explosive force revealing the form of an elderly man harnessing a great bolt of lightning as a staff, bathed in the light of the electrical explosion. The light faded, the man's form was revealed as his crest disappeared under his feet. The dark skies that accumulated because of his very appearance thickened, flashes and booms seen and heard all around. Here he was; Summon of Lightning. He floated betwixt the two of them, turning his head to Khrona whilst gripping his staff tightly.

Lightning God: "I have heard your plea, Khrona, even from the depths of the sacred Topaz. He is the boy that seeks my great power, is he not?"

The old head turned to meet the eyes of Tamura now, his beard flowing as if not affected by the likes of gravity itself as he did. His keen old eyes looked Tamura up and down, even assessed his prowess with the lightning element.

Lightning God: "Hm... I see..."

Khrona: "Yes. He is the one. Tamura, prepare yourself. Today, you face a power unknown to many and comparable to a God. I'd suggest not holding back."

Tamura whistled to himself as he watched the summoning; it was quite a sight. He didn't notice Khrona's weary glance at the rings on his fingers though. The Lightning God, as Khrona had described, really did look like someone that was more than adept with the lightning element, and just having him pass a glance to Tamura was enough to get him even more excited about facing him in battle. He was already formulating battle plans in his head, however most of them wouldn't yield a swift victory like the one he had selected. As such, he awayed his gunblade and called on his longsword. "I either beat you or impress you right? I take it you aren't easily impressed then?" Tamura stood from his chair before taking a few stretches just to loosen himself up. This was probably some time after he'd come home from the trip, but before he'd fought the resident Gunner and reaped the 'Pharaoh'. The timeline had to be like this because Tamura seemed like he hadn't been in any fights recently. He shook his head and smacked his cheeks to make sure he was awake and fully ready. "Good, this is good."

The eyes of the wise old sorcerer-god slowly left from Tamura back to Khrona, sending him a signal with those eyes that Khrona would quickly catch on to. "This place is clearly too small for a soon-to-be battle of grand proportions. Let me help you..." Khrona, who had finally done the smart thing about his office, installed a reality warping mechanism to cause it to alter whenever Khrona needed it to, since so much needless destruction tended to happen whenever people were in here... Or rather, whenever he was in here. And so, staying true to its functions, the office started to alter itself to meet the requirements.... The smooth floor suddenly became jagged and dirty, the soil dry and lifeless and spreading out farther than the eye can see. The walls shot upward, expanding outward to meet the end of the barren ground and taking on a similar texture, though more solid and rocky... And that dark sky above still hung over their heads, filled with nothing but clouds, thunder, and lightning.

Now, the three stood in the midst of the battlefield, -- now a great canyon bathed in the darkness of the clouds -- only to be illuminated every so often by the flashes in the depths of the clouds... And by the crackling of the Lightning God's body.

Lightning God: "... Yes, much more befitting of my fighting style... Now, Khrona, if you please...?"

Khrona smiled, nodding his head, still sitting in his chair. Suddenly, he and the desk and the chairs in the area would all fade out of reality, to the background... Back to Khrona's true office, where he would be watching over them from above. He could see both the Lightning God and Tamura on his desk, like little pieces on a chess board... Wow. This was truly trippy.

Back down with the Lightning God and Tamura, a massive bolt of lightning struck between the two, the unblinking eyes of the Lightning God unaffected by its light. "... How could I be so easily impressed when these old eyes have witnessed things you could have never dreamed?" The Lightning God lifted his staff from the ground, energy harnessed within the bolt, and he slammed it on the ground, bolts of lightning shooting down in a straight line in front of him at Tamura, giving him less than half a second to react from the time his staff hit the ground to the last bolt of lightning coming down at him.

Tamura wasn't just stretching while Khrona was getting the room ready for the Lightning God and Tamura to scuffle in. He was signing as well, and at an amazing rate at that. Flashing through the necessary handsigns to make sure that he was prepped to face this being whose power was comparable to a God, as Khrona had said; Tamura's body began to radiate with a silver aura -- his 'Infestation' -- while his eyes glowed orange -- his 'Assimilation'. He would be using them both. "Things like what?" Tamura rose his sword when he heard the first noisy crash of lightning and kept it held up until the point where the Lightning God summoned more lightning bolts. He used the long metal blade as a lightning rod of sorts and 'Assimilated' the lightning into himself, effectively absorbing it and getting a nice charge. He adjusted his shoulders once more before lightning began to spark from random points on his body -- itching for their chance to strike out. However, they wouldn't get that chance just yet. Tamura needed to size the Lightning God up and see what exactly would be the best way to go against him. He twirled the long sword before dragging it across the ground and sending a tidal wave of rocks and dirt towards the older summon. He signed with his other hand and began charging lightning to it to prep for his next attack while running to the left. He figured a moving target would be harder to hit with that lightning than a stationary one.

The Lightning God's lightning staff rose to meet the wave of earth before him, an immense burst of electricity shielding him from the effects of the dirt, whilst also electromagnetically taking control of the rocks caught within. When the dirt fell, the rocks did not, and when Tamura moved about, he would find that a boulder was waiting for him every step of the way, each charged with lightning and flying at the speed of bullets. "I... Have witnessed the very transition from mortal to celestial being... For even I was once a mere mortal such as yourself, in a time that even I do not remember..." Upon impact, the concentrated amount of electricity within the rocks would surge outward, causing explosions once they made contact with something with this great a force. The Lightning God was surprised that Tamura could take in the power of a pure lightning bolt with such ease and no recoil, but such a feat would only get him a few points with the great being. His eternally electrical staff conjured an immense amount of lightning within itself once more, this time in the shape of a sphere. He cocked the great crackling staff back and swung forth, lobbing a huge rolling sphere of pure concentrated electrical force at Tamura, which had locked onto the lightning signature within his body. As to not be absorbed this time, it had a special charge that would cause the two electrical forces to explode if they touched. Such a thing would prove horrid for Tamura.

Tamura kept his wits about him, as he should when facing something with power that trumped his own, and was sure to remain focused while also trying to take in the knowledge the Lightning God was trying to impart to him. Anything he said could get subtle hints towards how to beat him or impress him. Nothing of major importance had been said just yet, though something interesting had been said. "Mortal to Celestial being? Khrona mentioned that... You remind me of someone I used to know." Tamura did his best to dodge the rocks, and as he ran past as they each exploded violently around him. He didn't come out unscathed. A rock collide with him and exploded, sending him flying backwards. Tamura recovered aerially before releasing the lightning charged in his hand in the shape of a panther that traveled swiftly towards the sphere of electricity. Tamura had used all lightning he'd taken in to construct the panther and so, with their different currents, they were attracted to one another. The explosion between the two collided forces forced Tamura to continue flying backwards at a speed that he couldn't simply aerial recover from again. He signed quickly. "Water Clone Jutsu."

As he said this, one clone of himself formed on the ground before him and grabbed his arm from the air before he spun him around and slingshot him back towards where the summon was. The clone deteriorated back into water that formed itself around Tamura's sword arm, and around the sword as a rapid rotating drill. Tamura extended the drill arm as he rushed towards the summon hoping to ram him with it. Staggering him with the water and piercing him with the sword that the water covered.

"Adroit..." The Lightning God's compliment was well-placed after seeing Tamura execute such a thorough save. It was clear that he had great skill with the abilities he had, one of the things that the Lightning God was very fond of. Skill. "... But let us see if you have the mind to match..." It was very clear that Tamura wished for the Lightning God to strike the water with electricity, considering that water conducted electricity. For what reason Tamura would do this, the Lightning God did not know, but a trick like this would not be fallen for today. The moment Tamura was going to make impact with the Lightning God, a small spherical barrier of electromagnetic power consumed the Lightning God's general area, its force great enough to send Tamura flying backward with a newly magnetized sword. This was his 'EM Field', which Tamura would find that his sword was being attracted to the other parts of the area charged with intense amounts of electricity formed by the explosions before. "You know of someone who transcended mortality as well? I was hand chosen to become the Avatar of Lightning... The Summon who controls the skies. What other being do you know that has such potential?"

Whilst being attracted to a single point, another colossal bolt of lightning would be falling down upon Tamura where his body would be forced to stand as long as he held onto the sword, wherein he'd be struck with the severe strength of a stronger bolt called forth by the Lightning God. "That's not what I meant. The way you talk and share knowledge reminds me of someone. The person that raised me." The water that created the drill fell to the ground around the Lightning God before Tamura was sent flying backwards, like his sword had been repulse by the barrier the Lightning God had created. Tamura could sacrifice his sword for a new one, -- this wasn't a problem -- however he didn't summon up a new sword. The reasoning was because Tamura was going to use it as a lightning rod again. The sword, once again, acted like a lightning rod and drew in the lightning bolt. Tamura had assumed it was the same power as the last and because of that, his body took in the same amount of energy as the bolt before hand, however he did get shocked. The power of this bolt was more than the other and there was still energy left after Tamura got hit, however it wasn't anything too bad. Tamura still had his free hand and water around the Lightning God.

"Water Fang Bullet," he said. The water around the Lightning God rose and formed into ten spinning drills. There wasn't enough water to actually form these drills, but Tamura sacrificed more chakra to create his own water to support what he was planning to do. They twirled around the Lightning God into the sky without touching him or each other before falling back down towards him, their spinning speed increasing and their power as well. This was when Tamura ditched his sword by desummoning it and formed one hand seal before sliding his foot across the ground towards the Lightning God, causing a fast jet of water to race towards the summon. The jet was traveling faster than the drills were falling and was slicing through the ground between Tamura and the Lightning God; a testament to the power of the jet. Tamura hoped the jet of water would cause the summon to rise higher into the air and be hit by the falling drills. "He was older like you, had a nice looking beard like you, and was really good with lightning, but he taught me water instead since that was the first chakra nature that I wanted to use."

With the water drills about, the Lightning God closed his eyes, the clouds thundering once more. When the jet of water came toward him, he would burst into a stream of lightning that shot straight up into the clouds, and almost instantly afterward would he shoot back down behind Tamura with a powerful thunderclap, his form now physical once again. "Another that resembles myself? Who might this be?" Raising his staff, which crackled for a moment, the Lightning God took a great number of swings at Tamura with this powerfully electrified rod to hit him and 'Stun' him with successful contact, leaving him momentarily motionless.

Tamura watched as the Lightning God retreated into the clouds and avoid Tamura's set up. Koudo suspected that the setup would be a bit too obvious, but the average shinobi probably wouldn't have gotten out of it unscathed. The Lightning God was powerful indeed, and the powerful thunderclap Tamura heard behind him that caused powerful winds to stir and blow his jacket and hair all about alerted him to the Lightning God's new position. Tamura went on the defensive. 'Magitek... On,' was the only thing Tamura needed to think before his glove glowed for a brief few seconds. It dimmed as he turned around to meet the Lightning God's staff with his summoned gunblade held in a reverse grip with his left hand that cackled with it's own electrical charge, Tamura's 'Sparkstrike'. His eyes were still orange, and his silver aura hadn't died, so that meant that he'd gotten the magitek to the point where he could use his special ability, but none of the elemental release jutsu. It was a good tradeoff though, since he knew every strike manna except the status aliment strikes. At the touching of their two charges, an explosion ensued between Tamura's gunblade and the Lightning God's staff, their charges being opposite of one another. A little trick Tamura pick up from watching the Lightning God earlier in the battle.

"Ojjisan Shino, my grandpa," Tamura said through the sound of the explosion that put distance between he and the Lightning God, while also tossing Tamura closer to the water that he created, though he couldn't use it. He tossed the gunblade in the air and caught it in a more standard grip with his right hand before he flipped it into gun mode and opened fire with bullets that were orange in color to signify the 'Flamestrike'. If they hit the Lightning God, then they'd explode against where they hit him, causing fire damage.

The two weapons collided in an initial burst of sparks and free-flying lightning from the combined electrical powers combating each other so forcefully, even if of the opposite charge. This brief stilling from their clash held only the Lightning God's eyes meeting with Tamura's yet again before the resulting explosion of the two currents. The most the Lightning God was taken aback by this was only the recoil of his arm from the explosive nature of the attacks, staggering this old man a bit. Not long enough, however.

The Lightning God, much like Tamura, used every action from the pace of battle to his advantage. Twirling the staff about to regain momentum, the Lightning God's recoil was short-lived, and the staff would be thrust down to the ground by its bottom just as before; the contact released a steady stream of lightning through the ground trailing the residue of the water from the jet Tamura shot through the ground previously. This acting as a perfect conduit, Tamura's newest threat had now befallen him as his own former asset, and now he faced the danger of being electrocuted even by nearing this pool of death... Or utilizing any other watery jutsu in the future.

Though, being lobbed through the air, he fired rounds of oddly colored bullets at this electrified old man. Clear that they were of no ordinary stature, as they neared the Lightning God in the instant that bullets did indeed travel, the very emanating heat brushed against just his beard, alerting him that they were of a fiery disposition. His reaction to the first one was nary but lightning quick, striking away the bullet as if lightning had hit it itself. As for the ones that followed just as quickly, the lightning below dormant in the residue shot upward to aid their master, blowing away each and every one of the other bullets with the utmost precision. It was only than that the old man lowered his staff down so that he may respond to Tamura. "... Your grandfather, hm? He taught you all that you came to this land with, I presume... And now he is not of this world?"

Though such a personal inquiry was up in the air, the Lightning God most immediately returned to the heat of battle, now outstretching his dominant, crackling hand. It rose upward gently, yet decisively, commanding the lightning below stuck lonesomely within the droplets of retained water to spring forth, onward to Tamura, in attempts to electrocute the boy more directly than if he had used another water jutsu... Just to relieve the suspense.

"That's right... He died," Tamura answered as he flipped backwards and landed right on the electrically charged waters below him, just as the Lightning God commanded them to strike at Tamura. With his eyes still orange, his special ability was in full swing and he was assimilating all the electricity. However, his gun was still aimed at the Lightning God so that he could unload it just as fast as he was taking it in -- using the Lightning God's own attack against him... In a sense. The electricity boosted the power of Tamura's 'Sparkstrike' to that of the 'Lightningstrike', a more powerful version of said attack, and Tamura let the bullets fly. He pulled the trigger repeatedly and at amazing speed, unloading storm lightning manna bullets zooming through the air at the Lightning God. This fight was actually quite refreshing... It reminded him of the times with Shino that he'd forgotten. "But I'm not sad about it. He'd be proud." Tamura lowered his free hand -- his left hand -- to his side and drew his katana out of a portal without its sheath. He tossed it in the air and caught it in a more traditional grip with his left hand and began slashing towards the Lightning God, sending crescent waves of the same lightning manna as the bullets towards him as well, intermingling them with the bullets as they traveled.

Granted, Tamura's adeptness with his special ability proved worthy of dispelling even the Lightning God's cunning trickery, but not so much that it would throw the old man off his rocker. The Lightning God found it apparent from Tamura's prior description that his grandfather departed, -- hence 'not of this world' -- and yet Tamura did not display emotional turbulence at all. His focus was on the battle and on his actions, even when in the midst of such an intense battle. Despite popular belief, it was rather difficult to talk and fight to this degree at once, especially about something deep such as this.

Yet, Tamura pressed on with the bullets, firing round after round just as before, though the Lightning God knew of the energies that lie within these bullets -- for they were his own, just redirected and assimilated with Tamura's power. Arm still outstretched, he held his hand open palm toward these oncoming sparking projectiles, having them stop midway in their travels. "... I am not the master of lightning for no reason. Do not forget the opponent you face." Thrusting his hand downward now, the bullets, under his influence, followed right along with it and straight into the ground, where they would result in an array of explosions. "... As he should be. You were not trained unwell. But now..." The dark clouds above accumulated over Tamura's general position, growing ever darker as the moments passed. This was most definitely the Lightning God's doing, for the stirring of these clouds brought about calamity and destruction in their epicenter. An electrical storm of grand proportions brewed in the midst, as the Lightning God insisted on showing Tamura what true might and control over electricity was here and now. "... Let me bring wisdom unto you on what you still must learn!"

Unrest befell the lightning staff, as if becoming synchronous with the grandiose galvanism overhead. The sparks shooting forth seemed uncontrollable now, but even Tamura knew that it was just a display of the Lightning God's power, which was always under his control. As every passing, suspenseful second went by, the Lightning God's unblinking eyes stayed static, locking on Tamura.

It wasn't surprising that the Lightning God was able to redirect Tamura's bullets and crescent slashes; after all they were made of lightning and were formed from the Lightning God's own manna. There was nothing special about them, though Tamura had just gotten an idea about how he could have tied another piece of his special ability in there. Perhaps it could be something he used in battle one day against someone else, or on a mission against someone that needed reaping. Either way, Tamura had learned something. "My skills up to this point... Were self taught," Tamura commented, piggybacking on the Lightning God's comment about Tamura not being trained unwell. His grandfather only taught him basic stuff about water. Tamura had to learn everything else on his own after his grandfather's death. He knew his grandfather was smiling upon him from the heavens, but this isn't what drove Tamura in combat. He simply feared failure and this was a test that he wouldn't fail. He smirked. "Teach a way.. Ojii-san," Tamura responded before he held his katana to the sky and his gun out towards the old man as the Lightning God began to form his decisive strike. This was coming to close, Tamura assumed, and thus he had it set in his mind that the battle had passed being able to beat the Lightning God. Tamura hadn't been aiming to beat the summon from the start. His goal was to impress and he hoped he had. If he hadn't, then perhaps these last few moves would tip the scale in his favor. Orange chakra began to burst out of Tamura's body and spiral around him. "I'll take any lesson you wanna give, and pass it with flying colors!"

The magnanimous Summon felt all of Tamura's determination and intellect surging through the atmosphere as if it were one with the electricity itself. His outwardly foolhardy attempt to assimilate with the next decisive strike was indeed a noble one, but one could only speculate what would become of him once the bolt bore down. "From this day forth, let it be known that I am your teacher, and you are my pupil! As I speak, I cast down my most powerful ability solely to test your true conviction and your will! So show me, favored student of mine, that all that you have taught yourself is worthy to be taught more!" The darkness that was the sky shone bright in a flash, all that was black suddenly becoming illuminated by the very light of pure lightning itself. There lies no safe haven for the darkness now, as the Lightning God cast down only the light of knowledge from the skies. The electrical staff in hand, shot toward the heavens, the light of electricity growing ever brighter filled the area. The residual sparks from the clouds so far above the land touched down even to the ground as a testament to the great power of the Lightning God... And so...

"Allow me to cast Judgment!" And no sooner nor later had he uttered those words did light consume the land; anything and everything. There was so sound as it struck down, no sound on impact. Only a bolt of lightning so large, its radius was that of a full city with power no other bolt could even fathom. And when that bolt of sheer magnificence faded, leaving all that was this canyon several hundreds of feet deeper and wider than it once was, the area, devoid of all sound, exploded with the great thunderclap that did so follow behind, shooing away all extraneous things and leveled the land with its earth shattering magnitude. The canyon was no longer, for it was now flat.

Ramuh's staff would be seen in the absolute center of the striking point of the ground. The steady static electricity that remained in the air crackled and surged for hundreds of miles, even in places where the bolt's kiss did not even reach. The Lightning God's arms were crossed, his beard flowing in the wind gently as it sparkled with bits and pieces of lingering currents... he waited to see what became of Tamura... To survive would be the most impressive thing of all.

'Magitek... Off. I'll be taking this.' Tamura switched off his magitek and prepped himself for the final blow by continuing to expel a large amount of his orange chakra, creating a pillar of the visible orange chakra around him. He was preparing to assimilate the Lightning God's whole attack and use it as a major power boost to his own lightning abilities. He'd have to learn to harness the lightning, however if he could do it then it'd possibly create a stronger bond between he and the Lightning God. He twirled the gunblade in his hand back to its sword form and held it up to the sky as well. "I'll accept your judgment!" Tamura responded right before everything was illuminated by the powerful might that was the bolt. It seemed to have a way of clearing away the darkness all around where Tamura was standing and even beyond that point, and cleared away all doubt within Tamura. The bolt was just too big and powerful for Tamura to simply dodge and he had already chosen to take it all and, as he stated, accept the Lightning God's judgment by accepting his lightning as Tamura's own. The bolt struck down hard and weighed heavily on Tamura, however his pillar of assimilation chakra was working in full swing. It formed a shield around Tamura and began to absorb all that was the lightning bolt. However the power of the bolt was grand, far grander than Tamura's measly chakra could handle. It was a force of nature versus one man... One boy. This was something that he couldn't handle alone. The shield responded to this doubt, beginning to crack under the weight of uncertainty. But....

'I won't fail this! If it's for them.... I'll bear any burden!' The bolt cleared the area of any trace of Tamura -- at least, that's what it seemed. Where he had stood, a canyon was left there in its place and when the sound from the lightning that dropped to the ground and finally arrived and leveled the area so that everything was back on the same plane, it still seemed as if Tamura had bitten off more than he could chew and the lightning had passed that Tamura wasn't ready for the power of the Lightning God. But this would be a pretty boring story if Tamura was bumped off before making it to the final boss and seeing his goals come to fruition right? "Heh. That was a nice little charge. I won't be crushed by something like that!" Tamura's voice shouted before the ground where the bolt had been cast began to rumble. A pillar of lightning burst through the ground and out from the hole appeared Tamura pulsating with the lightning. His eyes had streams of lightning flowing from them and his swords as well. He rose his hand and balled it up into a fist before all the lightning seemed to simply vanish from around him, and his eyes reverted back to normal. He looked winded, but at the last second where he'd truly cast aside all his doubt and realized that he'd bear any burden to get more powerful to protect the things he, and he alone, cared about, the assimilation chakra strengthened its own resolve and fortified itself to a point where even the mighty the Lightning God's lightning couldn't break it. Tamura -- as he had intended -- took in all the lightning, accepted the Lightning God's judgment, survived, and gotten a pretty good lightning power boost out of it as well.

"Impressive... Right?" He inquired of the Lightning God before he stabbed his swords into the ground and leaned against them for support. Believe it or not, surviving that was no simple task, and it had left Tamura pretty winded. He was breathing raggedly, his clothing was torn and tattered, and he was pretty sure that he had a few broken bones. However all Tamura cared about was the fact that he'd survived to fight another day.

In the midst of the uneasy calm that had now befallen the area, the smoke and debris that covered the smoldering electrical plane now faded, hints and crackles of electricity still rather vibrant on this plane... The boy being nowhere to be found. The Lightning God closed his old, tired eyes, outstretching a hand to call back his staff from the ground, which he promptly grasped and held to his side. He waited patiently and calmly as the storm up above subsided, only to have Tamura spring directly from the ground at the point of impact. He had indeed survived. "So... You did indeed survive... Most impressive." The Lightning God smiled, looking up to the skies with hope and nodded his head. "It seems as though the boy is worthy of my power... A wise decision as usual, Khrona."

As he spoke, Khrona's face would be revealed in the atmosphere again, those gleaming red eyes peering down over the entirety of their arena. He had been watching the whole show from his desk, as the two had previously been placed on an alternate plane of reality from which Khrona created to fill the space of his desk. When their confines had been severed, the realm unfolded and disappeared as if stripping wallpaper down from a wall. When it was finished, the two would be back in the office of Khrona in the same space they were before. "Well... I guess the Lightning God has found you to be worthy of his strength. I wholeheartedly bestow his power to you, as well. Take the emblem... The Topaz. The gem glowed with a bright electrical surge, calling into it the Lightning God's power. The old Summon changed back into pure lightning, shooting into the Topaz and awakening its full power. Now Tamura and the Lightning God were one.

Tamura took the Topaz -- the only gem name that he even remembered Khrona saying. Taking it in his grasp, the gem seemed to grow a bit larger than it was before moving slowly towards Tamura's chest and fading into it. The mark of the Lightning God was then brand there, giving Tamura a really cool looking tattoo. His body sparked and cackled with bluish white lightning every now and then, but that was to be expected since he'd just increased his lightning chakra power by absorbing one of the strongest lightning skills known to man. He'd need to find a way to get that under control before he began to arbitrarily absorb electrical energy. Tamura held his hands out to the side while he inspected himself. "Yeah, but now my chakra is outta whack. I need to go train with water or my storm release will be useless, but..." he said as a ball of lightning formed in his hand and he tossed it back and forth between his hands before crushing it and looking at Khrona with a smirk. "I'm gonna enjoy this power. What's the process for recharging the gem?"

Tamura needed to know before he went out into the world and began using it. He hypothesized that he'd have to recharge the gem after every battle that he used it and it would simply gather in the necessary charka for a recharge from his reserves and alert him when it could be used again. Meaning that using it every battle would be impossible unless he sacrificed a large amount of charka every rip to use it. But abusing the gem could cause it to break. Tamura wasn't an abuser of powers though, so it'd be fine.

"Ah, how Infamous-like.. Buuut, all you need to do to recharge it is get some electrical affiliated 'Mannastones'." Khrona shrugged, then yawned. "Guess you're gonna go off to go harness your chakra or something, eh?"

Tamura grinned at Khrona's reference. That was what Tamura was going for with this and it was gonna be the way he continuously increased the power of his lightning.... Interfacing with places that stored massive amounts of the stuff. He created another ball of the lightning and tossed it between his hands. "Electrical affiliated 'Mannastones'... I assume I can find that in any place that houses a large amount of electricity or lightning right... Say, the 'Mega Generator'?" he asked before crushing this new ball, stretching his arms and cracking his neck. When the first time came for recharging the gem he'd just stock up on a heavy amount of the Mannastones so that he wouldn't have to keep making dangerous journeys to get it. It was the smarter thing to do. "Yeah right after this I'm gonna balance my water chakra, learn to alter the density of my storm release, then do some other stuff then roam around and do nothing. Priere can find me for her summon; it's about time she resurfaces so that she yell at me for not coming up with a name for our gang yet and for leaving her when we came home." Tamura turned around and headed for the door.

The Aliyah girl seemed to be pretty active around the Dusk recently, as when she'd exit from speaking to Chomao -- relatively around the same time as Tamura did in the alternate reality talking to Khrona -- she would have gone to 'Team Psychotic'.

Aliyah awaited anyone that could speak to her about joining these teams. She was part of the legendary 'Eight Guardians', and now she felt it best to join the rest of the defense for the Dusk. To be the perfect Dusk village weapon, or soldier. Either one, if it meant she could protect her village further then so be it.

The first thing that would happen would be that Aliyah would warp into the main lobby, where Tabrith sat. He looked exactly like Khrona, yet did not exude the same insanity he did... In fact, he exuded literally no essence of his being at all, and the only way Aliyah would know he was there would be to actually lay eyes on him.

Tabrith: "... Hello there. You are here for the team...?"

His voice was calm and lacked many emotions, but seemed more soothing than Khrona's voice for some reason... Perhaps because of this lack of many key emotions, save for complete serenity.

Aliyah rose an eyebrow at Tabrith. She couldn't sense anything from him, finding it even hard to read him by his body movements. That was strange. "Ye... Yes, I'm here for the team. Are you... Khrona-sama?" she wondered. She had only met Khrona once and the way he acted during her ranking exam could have well been an act for all she really knew of him.

Tabrith shook his head. She was so very new here, and it was apparent. Then again, not many people knew of Tabrith, anyway, so it was not unnatural for her to be so confused. "... I am and I am not Khrona. Think of me as a piece of him that has grown its own will, yet still remains joined in some ways. My name is... Tabrith." His hands were in his pockets even as he sat at the desk. "... Not many people come to join this team. Well, that is completely fine if you join."

She took it as just another weird occurrence that filled this world of shinobi. She bowed slightly to show respect. "My name is Aliyah Rozalyn, Tabrith-sama. I hope I can help in any way possible. Is there anything I need to do to join, or anything that is needed at the moment?"

Tabrith didn't have anything due at this point in time for her, buuuut... There was something that Khrona had been looking for ever since Zesu and Alex went on their mission... Might as well... "... Khrona is in need for another piece of 'Materios'... 'White Materios'. Very rare. He has come in contact with the 'Black Materios', which is one of a kind, and the 'White Materios' is the same. They are not created very often, and the use of them is quite rare... And this one needs to be retrieved. Its location is in the 'Polar Plaza'. Will you accept this mission?"

Aliyah stood straight and gave a salute to Tabris. Konohana appeared next to her, giving the same salute, making the flame priestess look silly. Apparently she had inherited Aliyah's sense of humor. "I'm on it sir, Tabrith sir!" She did an about face, prepared to head straight for the mission site. "Wait, is there anything I should know about this place? Any specific type of enemies I need to prepare for? I'm guessing ice, but is there anything... Special about the place?" She hated going into battles unprepared. This would be a mission of utmost importance and failure was not an option in anything she did.

Tabrith, being a walking encyclopedia -- much like his other half -- could tell her what she needed to know with the greatest ease. "... Of course. The 'Polar Plaza' was once a temperate place just as the majority of the Dusk was, but when influenced by the dark curse of the 'Ardent Road' for so much time, the heat in the land was all stripped away, causing it to be an eternal wasteland of ice and snow. This frostbitten area is cursed to its condition as long as the 'Ardent Road' exists, and even if the hottest of flames melts this ice and snow, it just comes right back. The 'Polar Plaza'... And now, ice-themed monsters have overrun this place..."

"Hmm... I'm guessing a lot of these monsters have adapted to the ice and have been dealt with with fire or heat. Just like Meiun, they must have ways to combat fire and heat which would be the primary source of attack in most cases, am I right?" Aliyah was being dead serious. Any amateur would instantly think that just because it was the Polar Plaza, everything ice would be weak to fire. But she's fought enough enemies to understand that just because something has a weakness doesn't mean they don't know how to cover it.

Tabrith nodded to her. "Yes, they do indeed, in some way or another... So you must... Be wary."

Another painful feeling in her gut, Aliyah knew that she would end up running into something like or maybe even a creature Tabrith spoke of. A very bad feeling it was, and she wondered if this was a suicide mission or a test. Trying to remain as optimistic as she was known for being, Aliyah bowed to Tabrith. "I'll be on it right away sir, but may I request a partner or small team? As confident as I am in my abilities, I feel that I have much more to learn before I attempt such a mission alone."

Tabrith nodded his head. "Go right ahead. Assemble as many as you wish, as long as you get the required 'Artifact' to Khrona intact." He turned away from her, as if he was busy with things elsewhere, yet he did absolutely nothing... To her eyes.

Back at the office...

Yuri found himself in a place that he hadn't been in a long time, -- or probably not at all -- the office of Khrona. Not to see Khrona though, but one of his lovely weapon partners; Misery to be even more specific. He was looking to get some training in, so why not train with one of the best weapons around right? It would benefit him in the long run. "Misery-chan, are you home?" he called. He didn't knock like most others do, and didn't bother to wait for the door to open by itself. He opened the door to Khrona's Office to take a look inside.

Opening the door on his own accord, Yuri would find nothing behind the door. There was nothing but darkness; a void of pitch black where the office should have been. Empty space. He would only catch a glimpse before the door forced itself shut, pushing him back against the wall. Soon after, it opened again with Misery leaning against the desk, rather displeased.

Misery: "... Don't open shit without asking. Whaddaya want?"

"Eh?" was the only audible sound Yuri was able to get out about the dark before the door forced itself closed and he was sent flying back down the hallway, and slammed against the wall awaiting him. He slowly slid down, back aching from the impact, before he scratched the back of his head and saw Misery's figure in the office. "My bad, my bad. What are you doing right now? Anything important?" Yuri pushed himself to his feet and walked back down the hallway to the office and stepped inside the now opened door. He leaned against the wall and crossed his arms.

Misery kicked a leg up on the desk, nonchalantly eyeing her fingernails for dirt. As usual, not a speck. She looked up from the corner of her eye, hate filled in her rather bored eyes. "Huh, no, not busy... Just dealing with a snide little asshole. What do you want? I'm kinda irked right now, if you haven't noticed..." She tapped her other foot on the ground a couple times, awaiting an answer to a question she had to ask twice. Not good.

And still, more people trying to squeeze their grimy asses into the office, it seemed...

Chuu walked up to the office of khrona, and gave a slight knock on the door; she had hoped that someone would answer.

Khrona's door opened up to see a reclined Khrona. "What is it you want?"

Chuu: "Khrona I've come for the Titan, and with that said you should understand what I mean."

Khrona pondered this, stroking his chin a little bit. "Hmmm... Titan, huh? He's no easy task. I'm gonna need to see your resolve for this." Khrona kicked back in his chair, spinning around. "I need you to go hunt a monster. When you kill the monster, bring me some proof back that you killed it, and then we'll get started."

Chuu: "Ok I'll go kill a monster for you, then we can get this thing started. Oh, by the way is there is there any specific location, I need to go to?"

Khrona smirked. "Not at all."

Chuu: "Ok, then let's do this! I hope you don't mind if I bring my soul weapon along."

Khrona couldn't help but laugh at the little Chuu. So cute. "Hahaha! I prefer it! Now go on, shoo, shoo." He made shooing motions with the hand.

"Ok, ok I'll be on my way to go, kill the monster." Chuu started to walk away; she thought about something while leaving.

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Book 13; The End of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Twelfth End; To Be A Loyal Shinobi...

Khrona was already aware of a great and powerful change coming, which was why so many people were showing up to him so randomly, knowing that he was one of the very few who were powerful enough to sense it and deal with it and to know what was going on about it. In it, many people started to seek his wisdom and his council more than usual... To his frustration. But, alas, he pressed on for his land and his people, despite how they were really getting on his last nerve.

Shabuto would walk into Khrona's office. He was quite nervous, not knowing what type of mood Khrona would be in. But he didn't care. He HAD to let his leader know that he would follow him to the end of the earth and jump if he had to. He wanted Khrona to know from his mouth that he was completely loyal to him. And so he awaited the arrival of his leader.

The door would open to Khrona's office quickly, welcoming Shabuto inside. "Oh. Yes?" Khrona seemed a little distracted, as usual.

Shabuto wouldn't kneel before Khrona, he would simply power up in acknowledgement of Khrona's status as leader. This was not meant as a sign of disrespect, but everyone told Shabuto that he needed to get on his knee when he approached the leader. He then would look at Khrona with a determined and worried look. "Lord Khrona... I need to let you know something... From my mouth and mine alone," Shabuto would say as he awaited the response of his busy leader.

Khrona raised his eyebrows, turning to focus his full attention on Shabuto. "Oh? Is that a fact? Well then... Let me hear this, Shabuto. I'll give you my full attention." Khrona folded his hands on his desk in front of his face, giving Shabuto his best serious face.

Shabuto would take a deep breath as he looked Khrona dead in the eye. His seriousness and determination burned like that of a solar flame. He wanted Khrona to see the intensity of his words. "... I wanted top let you Know that I am fully devoted to you... And to the Dusk... I know I started off kinda wrong with the whole Earth King team thing. But after learning that it would be considered betrayal to you and to the Dusk, I completely turned them down... My Lord... I pledge my alliance to you and to the Dusk and will do everything in my power, however limited it is to further the ambitions of the Dusk as well as your ambitions." Shabuto would bow to Khrona, his leader, hoping that Khrona would take his words seriously. For Shabuto had never pledged himself to anyone but himself. But he had great respect for not only Khrona's power, but also Khrona's brilliance as a leader, seeing as how he devoted himself to his shinobi.

These words resonated with Khrona as he listened to every word Shabuto said. His face was unmoving, but it could be told from the aura in the air that Khrona was pleased. He lowered his hands and nodded his head only once. "I am very glad to hear that. Who knew that the chatbox was the key...?" Breaking that fourth wall again, Khrona. Eventually, he might just pop out and meet his maker if he kept doing that. But right now, he had to keep that type of stuff on the down low. None of the other ninja knew about it and it was only a 'coincidence' that Shabuto came to him this way. Regardless, Khrona was happy. "With such determination, I might have you stay closer to me, like Akira is. He's undergoing a special tour of the village at the moment. Tell me, what would you care to do right now? I'll make it happen."

Shabuto would stand and smile. He was pleased to know that Khrona now knew where he truly stood... He would think first before answering his leader's question... "Hmm... I desire to become strong... So that I can be of use to the Dusk... And so I want to obtain a Summon -- Fenrir. But I fear that I don't yet have the skills to obtain him... And so.. I would ask you to help me train and prepare me for such a challenge." Shabuto would await Khrona's response.

Khrona, the strongest summoner currently on the planet, knew all about the challenges of obtaining a Summon. Speaking of which, he needed to go have Despair go obtain the Ultimate Summon and Misery obtain the Omega Summon while he gave away a few of his other summons... To individuals he found worthy enough to have them. Speaking of which... He started to write down a few names... "... Brother... Tamura... Priere... Alright, good. Now, as for you... First, I want you to see what it is truly like to fight up against a Summon in the first place. You must go against one of mine in a controlled environment. You will decide then and there what you need to go up against one on your own. How is that?"

Shabuto was thankful for the offer, as he would quickly take up the leader on his offer. "Yes... That would be perfect!" Shabuto was simply glowing with excitement; he could hardly wait to witness the fabled power of a summon.

Khrona was thrilled himself, in fact, considering that he wanted to have his summons start doing stuff around here, anyway. Everything he owned had to work if it was going to help this village function. And so, without further ado... Khrona would begin the summoning process... But, considering he didn't want to destroy his office again and because of how extensive it was to set the seal and initiate the summon sequence and all that foolishness, they would just appear in a wide open space and Khrona's summon would already be there. He had summoned Mateus.

Shabuto would stand in amazement of what he was witnessing... An actual Summon. Originally, Shabuto wanted to have Tundra, the Ice Summon as his Summon, but because Khrona had obtained her he chose Fenrir. Shabuto was almost speechless at the sight of such a powerful creature. Though worried, he would not fret. He would give his all into this match... As he did in all his fights. He knew that he needed this in order to further himself, and so he would close his eyes and take a deep breath. Upon exhaling the air, he would open his eyes revealing his special dojutsu. He would then draw His blade -- Sorrow -- as he prepared himself for one of the toughest training sessions he would ever have.

Khrona stood back and opened his hand, as if giving the stage to Mateus. "In this realm, I may keep my summons out indefinitely and have as many as I wish summoned out. And so... It will not disappear. So you may fight to your heart's content.. Mateus." Nodding his head, the Goddess strapped upon his chest would release a low moan of woe and pleasure as Mateus summoned his spear. Pointing it at Shabuto, a field of sheer water would start to form around his body, thickening every moment or two. After a couple of minutes, it would try to compress around him as well... And crush him.

Shabuto would be stunned by such a powerful attack, but he was prepared for for such a thing. He would infuse 'Sorrow' with lighting chakra as he slashed the giant bubble around him, jumping out of it, thus freeing him from what could have been a watery grave. He would then throw two shuriken and three kunai at Mateus, sparks of electricity could be seen as well as a fiery blaze surrounding the Tools; a paper-like material would seem to flutter behind the kunai. As they flew toward Mateus, for what seemed like an instant, a small glimpse of light would reflect off of them. Shabuto would then form a few hand signs and place his two front fingers up to his mouth as he prepared for his next move.

As the kunai came, Mateus only raised a hand up to them and waved it thus, a manifestation of darkness sucking the kunai into its bowels and trapping them in its pitch black center harnessed in the palm of Mateus' hand. There, he would grip it and then crush it, causing the darkness and whatever was inside to disperse into nothing. As for Shabuto, Mateus flicked his tail, shooting toward Shabuto at inconceivable speeds, his spear ready to impale the poor boy with all the force of a tsunami crashing upon a helpless city. He had only half a second to evade Mateus' destructive blow.

Shabuto's dojutsu had steadily perceived the strike. Shabuto would jump into the air to the left of the attack, but seeing as though Mateus was faster, he would barley evade the spear; it would graze Shabuto's lower left side of his abdomen. While in midair, Shabuto would release his 'Phoenix Flower' jutsu, firing five small fireballs at Mateus. Using his control of chakra, he would slow down two of the fireballs and cause one to go to the right of Mateus and onto the left, a small gleam of light could be seen coming from the fireballs. Mateus had simply ignored the shuriken that Shabuto had thrown as well, so once Shabuto landed he would tug the wire that was attached to them and cause them to wrap around Mateus. Shabuto would then send a strong surge of electricity down the wire by means of his own lightning chakra that, if hit, would send a large volts of electricity throughout Mateus' body. Shabuto formed three hand signs as he prepared for his next move.

Barely missing the boy with the lance of grace, Mateus twirled his spear thus to point it right back in the young boy's direction. Though the shuriken indeed wrapped around him due to his blatant bypassing of them, the feeble wire was simply no match for the strength of what some call a God. With a mighty burst of power, the wire would disintegrate from around his body, the flames making impact and dealing no sign of harm to Mateus at all.

Mateus: "Boy... You know not of the Summon's power, do you? Feeble elements shall do me no harm, save for one..."

Outstretching his great hand, the area around Shabuto would begin to chill, the very air conflicting with the temperature around it to cause a mist to form as the only warning. Moments after, there was a grip of Mateus' palm and a flash that left only a concentrated area frozen completely in ice in Shabuto's area.

Shabuto had to be quick. He would enhance his feet with chakra -- this increasing his jumping capabilities -- and jump forward in a one hundred eighty degree angle out of the frosty area. As Shabuto fell and landed on the ground roughly eight feet away from Mateus, he would sigh deeply. "Hmmm... Save for one huh... Mateus is a being of water, so that means... Aha!" Shabuto would grind his teeth profusely, as he had found out what would hopefully be the answer he was seeking. He would inhale and upon exhaling, he would put on the trench coat that he got from Linomaru in their training session. Shabuto placed his chakra inside the coat, thus activating it amplifier abilities. Lighting would seem to spark around Shabuto as he formed six hand signs, releasing his lightning justu, 'Gunrei'. Upon releasing the justu, a basketball sized amount of grey lightning would form in Shabuto's left hand. With his right hand, he would pull out a 'Fuma Shuriken'. He would infuse lightning chakra into said item and throw it at Mateus. He then tossed four kunai at the creature. As the tools soared toward Mateus, small pieces of material could be seen fluttering behind them. He would began to run at a fairly moderate speed as he slowly started to accelerate with 'Gunrei' in hand. As his speed steadily increased, so would Gunrei's power.

The first thing that Mateus did was conjure up a huge concentration of water in front of himself, where the lightning would hit and then become sucked into, locking it within the rapids in front of him. The shuriken thrown would shoot into the water as well, getting stuck in the middle and having the electricity surge into the floating pool as well. Mateus wasn't one for speaking, so he wouldn't do it often... But it was clear that he knew how to counteract his weakness. He thrust his open palm forward, allowing the huge sphere of electrified water and the sharp shuriken inside to shoot at Shabuto at a great speed, the effects of touching it being very... Very bad.

As the water and shuriken soared toward Shabuto, he would use his right hand to charge a dense lightning-based orb into his hand. He would release the lightning from said orb, causing a fairly large blast to be fired from his hand. This attack was his 'Howling Lightning' technique from his 'Noisy Fist' fighting style. The blast would be enough to counteract the attack from Mateus, thus causing the water from Mateus to be backfired with double the electrical power. As the attack raged toward Mateus, the kunai that Shabuto had tossed would reach Mateus. The material that fluttered behind them would be paper bombs that Shabuto would detonate, causing an explosion that would increase the destructive power of Shabuto's attack. The Fuma Shuriken that was reflected by Mateus would backfire toward him along with the the lightning chakra that was infused in it. The force of 'Howling Lightning' as well as the explosion would increase greatly not only its speed, but its power as well. Shabuto would continue to run toward Mateus. Due to the amount of power that he put into Howling Lightning, his Gunrei justu would be weakened somewhat due to the drop in his chakra.

Though the boy tried hard to best Mateus in sheer power by blowing back the electrified water, water was still water under the absolute command of Mateus himself, having only the electricity of the Howling Lightning sucked in, itself... His vacant hand rose as if to catch the hurdling mass of water and lightning, -- with a dash of shuriken -- and at the very moment Mateus insisted on using his own ability, the explosion went off. Cunning Mateus had 'Flash Frozen' the waters before him, causing all within to become frozen within its tracks just the same, leaving the grand explosion as nothing more but a vacant air bubble within the now enlarged sphere. With the clod of fresh ice halted, Mateus' fully open palm gracefully transitioned to a single finger under the mass of frost before him. Anticipating to use this attack for Shabuto's destruction, the kunai that followed behind made contact with it, stabbing into its back. Mateus had only a moment or two to rid himself of the sphere, wherein which he flicked his finger, having the icy clod follow a couple tens of feet in front of him before the explosion caused everything to detonate altogether. It left nothing. Now, left with only the boy and himself, the tip of Mateus' lance drew straight across the ground as a line, leaving nothing but a slippery slick of water in Shabuto's path, aiming to trip him up. The moment he fell into the trap of the waters, he would find his feet frozen over instantly as well.

Shabuto's dojutsu would help him to see the water. As it attempted to catch him, he would spin off to left of the direct move. Seeing as how the kunai had reached and pierced the ice, Shabuto would send his Gunrei justu through the ninja wire that he had attached to the kunai, the somewhat powerful electric current of grey lightning would electrify Mateus, hopefully affecting him. Shabuto would cock his hands back, charging a fair amount of lightning into his fist. He then released a series of punches -- six, to be exact. "..." With each punch, Shabuto fired basketball sized balls of lightning that, if hit, would not only harm Mateus, but would also stun him, -- even if for a few seconds -- giving Shabuto enough time to charge up a fairly large amount of chakra in the palm of his right hand, forming yet another dense orb of grey lightning that he would soon release.

Though the electricity indeed affected Mateus negatively, it was in no way nearly enough to cause this great summon to falter. It felt as if it were a mild shock to his system, giving him the strength to tank it thoroughly. His first course of action was to rip the kunai from his plated body and fling it down. Now, with the spheres of lightning coming at him, he deflected each and every one with ease with great strikes from his trident, slinging them all back at Shabuto with greater speed than before. "Do not be so foolish..." Mateus pointed his spear above Shabuto's head, then swiftly brought it down, causing a huge surging current of water to plummet down like a raging waterfall aiming to completely crush the boy in a moment's notice.

As the large mass of water formed above Shabuto, he would charge his blade with lightning and began to spin rapidly. He then launched himself through the mass of water, for dodging such a giant thing would be out of the question. So he would try his best to muster through it. He would be slashing through the water with his lightning blade, making it easier to do. The reflected lightning would miss him entirely as he rotated trough the mass. "I will not give up Mateus... Never!" Once he reached the sky, out of his hand he would fire the mass of lightning he had held, utilizing his Howling Lightning technique once more. However, there could be seen briefly several metal objects within the blast as it raged toward Mateus. He would sign again as if he was about to release another justu; he landed and proceeded to run toward Mateus. Shabuto could feel his body starting to tire from all the chakra he was using -- he knew that soon he would have to unveil his trump card in order to, if not defeat him, then impress Mateus.

Mateus looked behind him at Khrona, who was already looking at him, and he would turn his head back to Shabuto. He tapped his trident on the ground once and all things in the resulting area would fall into complete and utter motionlessness.

Mateus: "... Stop."

Mateus swam through the air up to the halted Shabuto, past all of his things he shot out in attempts to hit him, knowing all too well that it was for naught.

Mateus: "... As you are now, you are too weak. You have the heart to fight a summon... But not the power."

Mateus moved out of harms way and released the time stop, letting Shabuto fall to the ground. It was then that Khrona spoke. "Well. You heard him, Shabuto. You have the will and the drive, but not the power. I'd suggest honing your skills before you go out and do this... And next time you return, I'll let you fight Fenrir himself."

As Shabuto fell to the ground, he would pick himself up before Khrona. He was kinda disappointed, but not to a large extent, for he went toe-to-toe with a powerful being such as Mateus. "I see... I thank you... Khrona... For this opportunity... It was most helpful..." he said, having completely gotten up off the ground. He would dust himself off as he spoke these words, "Next time... I will be stronger and... I shall obtain Fenrir... Just you wait... My Lord." Shabuto said this after finishing dusting himself off.


Aliyah was back in this place. The Battlegrounds; a place that had seen many battles, many triumphs, and many failures. The one time she had been there had been a great accomplishment for her, yet she still had a long way to go afterward. Even now, through success or failure, she would have a long road ahead of her. Slowly running a hand through her silvery hair, she smiled contently, her deep blue eyes seeming like shining glaciers in a calm sea. She hadn't come here to fail. All the training, all the pain, all the doubts that she had faced and had overcome was enough to let her know that she was now ready. With so many new encounters and new people that had entered her life, -- Shade, Tombstone, Tamura, Meiun, and many more -- the only person holding her back was herself. Her resolve was only further strengthened by the thought of Shinigami. She would not only meet and exceed, but trump his expectations. Everything she had been working for came down to this moment.

"Ah, so you're the one I've heard so much about." The disembodied voice seemed to speak out of nowhere, not only as if it knew her personally, but as if it had been waiting in this exact location for her. The first thing that opened up in front of Aliyah would be two piercing red eyes, seeming to be a sort of thing he happened to be affiliated with... Eyes. Next would be a row of glimmering teeth, revealing a disembodied face hovering in the air in front of her. Moments later, a body started to materialize from the face down, getting every last detail of every last inch of the proctor ready... It was a guy of average height wearing a great tattered black trench coat. The coat quickly unfolded, showing their true form to be his massive draconic wings, black blood quickly forming around him as an exact replica of the coat itself. "Hello there, Aliyah Rozalyn. I'll be your proctor today. I am Khrona."

Aliyah's heart almost stopped in her chest. Her jaw almost dropped. After all this time, after everything she'd been through, she could finally -- for the first time -- lay eyes on her leader. Out of everyone she thought would be a proctor for her, never did she once imagine it would be the leader she had been dying to meet. First Shinigami, and now this. It was as if the world had suddenly decided to do the girl a favor after ruining her life those past years prior. Aliyah bowed. "It's the greatest honor to finally be able to meet you, Khrona-sama. I hope you have only heard well of me." Aliyah smiled at Khrona, more of a devious one than she had as a Beginner. The pressure she felt... The nervousness... It gave her more confidence. This man in front of her gave her more confidence. This time, she knew there would be no room for mistakes.

Khrona's eternally tired eyes gazed into hers, seeming very lax upon meeting her. His smile became crooked as he began to laugh a little bit. "Oh yes, of course. That's why I had to come here and see for myself... Despair told me of your first ranking exam some time ago, and I wished to... Assess you for myself. Make sure you're truly ready for this Expert rank." He paused for a moment, his wings folding up behind him. "Plus... I wanna fight using my customized fighting styles. It's been a while since I've just sat down and done that." He raised a hand to his hair, twirling one of the longer strands in a way that seemed habitual. "But, it is time now for business... Your exam has no tricks. Just do everything in your power to attain this rank. Are you ready...?" He narrowed his eyes, dropping his hand quickly...

Aliyah nodded to her leader before springing into action with everything she had. The barrage that she was going to send forth was testament to how serious she was taking this. "Dyne!" Her voice rang out first and Konohana appeared, sparing no expense to her power with her second most powerful fire attack. Heat would build all around Khrona, almost in a twister like heat wave before a grand explosion would occur, sending chunks of the ground out in all directions and leaving a giant charred crater where Khrona would be -- and yet, the explosion did not just occur, but linger for several seconds. As soon as the 'Dyne' skill was called, Aliyah had backflipped, twirling whilst upside down to toss five seals in a five point star of herself, each of them twenty five meters away from her respectively. Once she landed, she created three ink clones with one last scroll in her hand. Two of the ink clones began to move back far away from Aliyah and Khrona. By now the Dyne's effects would be fading and Konohana would be moving back to float next to Aliyah instead of vanishing. Aliyah would create a time displacement barrier to her right side -- next to one of the ink clones -- as she unraveled the scroll in her hand.

The opposite end of the barrier would be far above the area of the battlefield. She aimed the scroll to her right and fired her 'Execution Archers' scroll, sending hundreds of arrows into the time displacement, going through and dragging pieces of one of her ink clones with them. The arrows would appear from the opposite end of the time displacement in the sky, and rain down around the area, stabbing into the ground, trees, and just about anything around them. Glitters of light that displayed around the area showed each and every one of them had ninja wire attached to them and soon, rows of exploding tags unraveled along the lengths of each ninja wire, turning the ranking field into a pre-nuclear wasteland should Khrona or Aliyah detonate even one of the explosive tags.

Khrona's head lowered, yet his eyes stayed focused on Aliyah, his smile growing wider. He could feel the intensity of the heat around him, which would soon become the darkness from the veil of his wings around him. The explosion took its toll on the area, Khrona showing no signs of trying to evade it, yet the lingering effects of this explosion would be ended prematurely with a great flex of Khrona's wings outward, releasing their veil around his body. It was clear that he had chosen to fight with the 'Dragon Wing' style. The immense gust of wind only furthered the deepness of the crater around, then outward to Aliyah. Naturally, the effects of this gust were extreme, considering the power of Khrona's wings. It was clear from the glint in his eyes that his Hyper Perception was active, watching Aliyah's every move. "Hmm... Time displacement, eh? I wonder what you'll do with that..." His question was answered quickly, as the arrows were released into the displacement and out above the area. Khrona looked up, identifying the explosive tags connected to them. He snickered a bit.

He pointed the inner part of his wings upward, outstretching them thus and generating a large vacuum of wind. With Khrona's Aerokinesis, the control of this vacuum did not reach anything but his targets; the arrows. Raining from the sky outward, they would find that the path of the arrows would flow inward into the crux of the vacuum, all contained thoroughly. The tags would begin to activate within, and as the light from the soon-to-be detonated tags began to shine, Khrona's wings began to morph into massive clawed hands simultaneously and encased them within. Not even the light of the explosion escaped from the clasped wing-claws, and the sound of the explosion was naught. Opening his wings and letting the dust of the arrows and wire fall to the ground, Khrona pondered his decision. "... I should have thrown that at you..."

Yes, throwing a soon-to-be explosion at Aliyah would have definitely been more effective, but this still worked out in his favor. Aliyah's trap had been taken care of quickly... Yet Khrona didn't advance toward her. He waited to see what would become of those clones... Aliyah wasn't all too surprised to see her very first plan go up in smoke. She expected Khrona to be powerful, but to null her newly upgraded 'Execution Archer' was cause for worry, but she would never show it. Seeing Khrona's powerful wings, there was only one thing she could attempt so that they wouldn't become his biggest asset and her greatest weakness. "Konohana-chan, let's do this!" Aliyah unraveled a scroll and made several hand signs, the only scroll that she had that required such. Konohana knelt down over Aliyah, ready to protect her if needed. Aliyah slammed both palms on the scroll and Konohana vanished, knowing that she would soon be out of her element. For a moment, nothing happened... Until the scroll blasted a large ice spire into the air. The air chilled, dropping to near zero degrees in seconds flat. The ice spire shot ice out in all directions, going far into the sky. Ice began to break the ground everywhere.

The earth was changed into an ice coated ground. The ice spire branched out and boulders of ice appeared all along it. Soon the entire terrain was completely changed; instead of being the normal ranking field, it was now what appeared to be the top of a giant mountain. Wind and snow blew viciously in this area. Aliyah hoped the cold air and change in atmosphere would be enough to at least take away some of Khrona's 'wing' power. And now the fun began. The five seals Aliyah had placed earlier were higher up in the mountain. With all five activating at once, being burial and collapse seals, the mountain sounded as if a bomb had went off. Soon enough, a large avalanche would be rolling down the general side of the mountain where Khrona should've been.

Khrona quirked a brow seeing her recall her Spirit Guardian, but it was clear she had something else in mind. He waited, watching her summon this icy spire that spread its presence throughout the entirety of the field. "Absorp--... Wait... No." It was clear that he was going to just use his famed and feared 'Absorption' ability to take in the icy atmosphere and allow his DNA to be altered thusly to become immune to it, but he didn't want to dip into those types of his 'Anatomia'. He wanted to solely rely on the 'Dragon Wing' style for a while, until he wanted to switch it up. And so, the chilling air blew around him, the freezing temperatures quite refreshing to his pale gray skin. "Ah..." Khrona could then feel the rumbling of the mountainside around him, which seemed to be caused by those seals placed in the ground earlier. They had caused a collapse within the side of the now frozen terrain, causing a huge avalanche to fall, rolling down the mountainside and threatening to bury Khrona in the snow.

"Seems like the way you fight is to use the terrain to your disposal... That's something I haven't seen in a while..." His voice was calm and collected as the deadly snow rushed down, though his clawed wings would flatten and mesh to a certain point, now resembling two massive blades. When the avalanche was at its closest, Khrona made two great, quick, and decisive slashes; one vertical, one horizontal. These slashes caused the avalanche to part from Khrona's area, missing him completely. With the snow and ice and such rushing past, he felt the cool breeze and saw nothing but a torrent of white flow around him. It made him frown. "I forgot how ugly snow is... Bleck!" Soon, the avalanche stopped and the area was covered in nothing but snow. Khrona was actually a little curious as to why she would create an avalanche, considering it would probably harm her as well... Unless it was controlled only to hit Khrona himself. Either way, he wasn't having all of this snow about. He raised his blade-wings up in the air slowly, and without warning they would begin to slice about uncontrollably at speeds too fast for the eye to keep up with, creating not only a huge gust of deadly, cutting air, but this slicing gust would also bring with it the coat of the snow, like an explosion. Now she'd suffer the effects of the avalanche moving outward rather than downward, with those slashes coming right behind it.

As Khrona cut the avalanche, he would notice now that it wasn't only white, but black as well. The ink clone that had never wandered away from the first seals Aliyah created had been caught in the avalanche, in which Aliyah knew Khrona wouldn't avoid. He was a leader; something as simple as an avalanche would do nothing to him. And thus, as Khrona's attention was spent cutting the avalanche, Aliyah's attention, -- being falling from the still active 'Time Displacement' -- would be igniting the the ink clone right in Khrona's face, bursting the avalanche as it fell and hopefully actually doing damage to Khrona, too. The displacement that was in the sky would vanish and a second one would appear in front of Aliyah as she fell. She would enter the displacement and come out at the entrance to a cavern that sat inside the moment. The cavern was several feet higher than where Khrona was, with a clear view of what was happening. But now she wasn't hidden from Khrona either. "No Khrona-sama. I don't just use the terrain to my disposal. I use everything to my disposal. Even the weather."

Aliyah stabbed a kunai into the side of the mountain and left one more ink clone standing next to the cavern entrance. She jumped, using a ninja wire to swing about, like she had done against Bahamut so long ago. She inhaled a deep breath before using 'Great Flowing River' around them. The powerful waters would be effected by the harshly blowing wind, swirling around the area where the explosion would occur. The water was darker than normal, revealing that this was more than Aliyah's normal technique. It was a newly founded technique of hers, 'Muddy Water'; a lake's worth of oil filled water.

Well aware of the ink within the avalanche, Khrona was only able to determine that the explosion was about to happen due to his Hyper Perception able to view the girl igniting the ink. His eyes widened suddenly, and the explosion covered everything else. When that was cleared up, Khrona's coat was what saved him this time, since it was an extension of himself via the Black Dragon Blood. "... And that, I can see." His wings had stopped slashing by now, assuming their normal form again. It was clear that Aliyah was very skilled in this type of fighting, for she hadn't used a direct attack on him at all, save for the first. She knew how to fight a stronger opponent quite nicely. He was impressed. "... But don't be a one trick pony..."

He saw that she was releasing water now, but due to the tainted darkness that was within, it was clear that it was filled with oil. She wanted to spread it around the area and ignite it just as before. To fix up that little plan of hers, Khrona's wings started to stretch out, arcing over his body like a massive parasol, their size increasing more and more. When the water hit, they folded upward and took the shape of what seemed to be a bowl. He pushed his wings upward toward her, collecting the water and expanding his bowled wings as much as he needed to to contain ALL of the water until the water was right up to Aliyah's face. Without warning, the edges of the wings would shoot up in an arc around her and connect right at the top, forming a huuuge sphere filled with nothing but her inky water. To ensure she had no air, Khrona's wings shrunk down to the very smallest amount of space it could go. The pressures of the water plus any air pressure would probably crush her, but even still... Khrona stretched out his arm and grabbed the tag that was within the mountainside, most likely a detonating one, then threw it straight at his own wings, allowing one frame of opening. If all went well... The explosion should happen within this container and... Well...

Oddly enough, Aliyah's plan wasn't to ignite the muddy water at all. At least, not yet. Plus, Khrona didn't know of Aliyah's 'Heart Of The Mermaid' ability. As soon as she was within her own water, her body collapsed, becoming one with the liquid. So the compressing and airless atmosphere had no effects on her much, though she felt strange as the water for more reasons than one. She had never merged with the inky water and she could feel the traits of the ink, even as a water being. Unfortunately for Khrona, the kunai that she had stabbed into the wall with was only used to hold the ninja wire that she had been swinging on. So when the small opening that was meant for the kunai appeared, Aliyah's hand would stick out. The kunai stabbed into her hand as she performed a substitution with the ink clone that was standing in front of the cavern on the cliff edge. She frowned at the gash on her hand but didn't waste time. As soon as her feet touched the ground, she aimed her hands at the opening in which the kunai would have went through. Khrona was still touching the water, even if his wings were the ones holding it. And though she knew they could probably weather an explosion from the inside; her plan had never been to ignite the water anyway.

"Lightning Vortex!" She whispered out, sending dozens of lightning fast sparks at the opening, her precision of wavelength coming in handy here to electrify the inky water. If this happened, Khrona would be electrocuted through his wings, as well as having the ink heat while in the water, forming a smog like gas as the water evaporated. The ink clone that Aliyah substituted with would be halfway inside, its top half oozing down Khrona's wings.

Clearly more cunning than Khrona originally anticipated, capturing her was a more difficult task than he realized it was going to be. She escaped through the use of her ink clone, which held the opening in Khrona's wings open for a moment. But when Aliyah released her lightning at the opening, Khrona simply turned his wings to the other side, now away from the lightning. The lightning also seemed to bounce off of Khrona's powerful wings, not even managing to scratch them. Then the opening closed. Though her plan was dealt with, Khrona's huge amount of... Murky water within his wings wasn't. If he released the water, Aliyah would just use it to her advantage. So... He had to throw it. "This is a little unorthodox, but... I'm Khrona, so it's natural!" He cocked back his massive wings harboring all of this water, set his Hyper Perception for a target several thousands of miles away, probably in the Chaos or Nightmare or something... Then, he let it rip. Flinging with a decent amount of strength, all of the inky water would zoom out of his wings and soar through the air as one huge collected mass, ready to pollute an ocean or something. "Good job, Aliyah. You just killed several innocent animals." But on a lighter note, the force of the throw allowed any traces of ink on Khrona's wings to get whipped off, like a liquid on a smooth surface. So now his wings were nice and clean. "Now... Where were we...?" With Khrona's wings reverted to normal, he lashed them out at Aliyah violently, midway through they would take their 'Twin Lance' forms, becoming massive, revolving drills trying to suck her into their center.

For a moment, Aliyah thought Khrona was going to throw it at her. It would have been ironically funny, but in her favor. So she placed a seal down right where she was in case. Taking the time it took Khrona to contemplate and launch her lake, she had moved a bit further into the cavern, seeing most of it was made of ice. It was a large cavern that went high up into the mountain. The only other exit was on the opposite side of the mountain, a bit higher up. Aliyah could see her two ink clones that had never been used standing at the opposite exit. She took out several seals, about to start placing them around. That is, until she noticed that she was being drawn back towards something by a powerful wind and that a drilling sound could be heard. Aliyah's eyes widened when she saw Khrona already in his next phase of attack. She sweatdropped and placed four of the seals on her blade, one hidden on her wrist and the last two on her feet.

The two on her feet -- more specifically, on the soles of her shoes -- would ignite, showing that they were her rocket burn seals and would push Aliyah swiftly away from Khrona. Taking one seal, -- not a part of the seven she had initially drawn -- she tossed it down in front of her, in Khrona's path. It would form into a 'Vector Seal', pointing away from Aliyah. If Khrona would be effected by it, he would be thrown back towards the entrance to the cavern, where the first seal Aliyah had placed before entering would activate, revealing her 'Trap Door' seal; a large swinging gate with steel spikes on it. It would rise like a bar trap, aiming to crush and pierce Khrona all at once.

Regardless, in a frantic rush to escape her dangerous leader, she would soar upwards in the cavern, close to where her ink clones were before unleashing a battalion scroll into the cavern, making some go through a time displacement so that they would come out above Khrona like the arrows had, hopefully being able to pepper him with kunai and shuriken before he could regain his balance. All at once as she attempted to escape the cavern, she would ignite the exploding tags on the weaponry, even the ones that didn't hit Khrona to cause the entire cavern to cave in on him, bringing half of the mountain down with it in a chain reaction.

He watched everything she did, placing seals all around, and even scanned them via Hyper Perception for information. The last one he saw, however, was the Vector one, sighing a bit once it was placed. He shrugged, retracting but a single wing and reverting it to normal form whilst the other followed her. When he was flung, -- seemingly by his own free will -- the trap sprung up and Khrona's wing was the first thing there to block it with no effort at all. The trap would hit his wings and deal no damage, but actually the metal spikes on the trap would be bent and dulled at the impact with Khrona's wing. "She hasn't learned about my wings yet, it seems..." Khrona's Lance wing did not drill inside of the cavern, however. It merely stayed at the entrance, the winds trying to forcefully pull Aliyah out... And if not pull her out, keep her in one spot. Not only that, it would protect Khrona with its winds thanks to him being forcefully moved to a more convenient spot... Directly under it. The weapons would get sucked in and launched back through the cavern. It spun even faster, the suction becoming that much stronger. At a whim, the wing that protected Khrona extended upward to the top of the cavern, just above the entrance and expanded to a great size. It assumed the form of the 'Black Fist', matching the size of the top of the mountain and, without much warning other than that, proceeded to take off the entire top of it, leaving Aliyah's cavern exposed.

Khrona: "There you are... Now, watch and learn."

The drill that Khrona aimed to keep her in place with suddenly moved right above the exposed area, the tip pointing downward and it spinning just as fast. For his final trick, the drill rotated now at such incredible speeds that it released a large, concentrated blast of sheer rotary winds that resembled a tornado beam. Yes, beam. It seemed to suck in even the explosions, making it that much stronger. It aimed to shoot straight down and destroy everything that was this portion of the mountain, perhaps sucking in Aliyah in its power.

With Aliyah's plans being foiled time and time again by Khrona, one would think that she was losing heart...but really she was just trying to escape the onslaught that her leader was sending her way. "What did I do to deserve this?" she cried out, taking out two more rocket burn seals as the power from Khrona's attacks seemed more like a black hole than anything. Even with the power of her rocket seals, the suction was proving too much. She was only inches away from the exit, her clones having already been subject to the Khrona's wrath. Her only saving grace was having substituted with one clone just before the suction could start to avoid being halted by Khrona and his wing. Seeing that she would almost without a doubt be trapped, she let herself fly towards the attacks... Only to enter a time displacement; one of her final ones that she would create, seeing as since she still didn't know how to completely control them -- it used more chakra than anything else she did.

The time displacement would place her immediately above Khrona. One would see that she hadn't completely escaped the winds of his attack as blood dripped from her forehead where the power itself seemed to overwhelm her, almost knocking her out. Her clothes were slightly charred from her own explosions and her arms showed cuts and burns. Her blade was already poised while Khrona would be looking down, aimed to cleave his head from his shoulders. She had run out of options now; her plans being foiled left and right had caused her to revert almost back to a primitive fighting style, as her only intent now was to defeat the opponent in front of her by any means necessary. The somewhat pained expression on her face and the blood that dripped down it gave her more of a murderous look than anything. Her blade was revved to the max and swirling with chakra, making it so even Khrona's wings would feel the sharpness of the blade -- the gear drive engine's full power able to cut through even 'Adamantium'.

Khrona saw that she had been sucked into his destructive attack, knowing good and well it would have overwhelmed her... But with her time displacement, she proved him absolutely right about her capabilities when she appeared before him, drops of her blood dripping down upon his head. He smiled, already feeling the blade in the air. "Hahaha... More points for you..." His wings almost instantaneously retracted as she fell downward, and at the sight of the blood, Khrona insisted on a fighting style change as to not seem redundant. His coat flared up, blocking the blade and releasing an immeasurable amount of sparks from the impact and the grinding of it, before pushing her away with it entirely. "A style seldom seen... Rarely used... Almost lost in translation..." He mentioned this, an odd looking cane and top hat appearing in his hands and atop his head respectively, making him resemble a British gentleman, in a sense. Khrona's wings folded inward, meshing with his jacket, almost as if assuming Black Dragon Blood form along with it... Or rather, becoming part of the jacket itself. Its not like he hasn't -- or doesn't -- do that on the norm. With his long, tattered black coat having the power of his wings and his Black Drago, Blood, -- as well as his 'Cane' and 'Top Hat' having been formed -- he had taken the 'Gentleman's Stance'; a style of fighting incorporated solely from Khrona's gentlemanly equipment. "I see rage in you... And you know what they say; that's the pathway to insanity." Khrona licked his lips, tapping his cane on the ground. "Now come, Aliyah. Don't falter here... When you're already so close..."

Being pushed away from Khrona and hearing his words, Aliyah's rage only subsided to give way to inquiry. There was no need to push herself like this anymore. She had proven to herself that she didn't need to rely on 'Cantata Mortis' to be efficient in a battle. But this was not a battle that she should've expected to win without using it. 'Yes.' She knew as farfetched as it may have been in reality, there was still a chance for her to win this. Maybe one in a one billion chance, and the odds were still stacked against her, but that slim chance that victory could be obtained fueled her will to continue on. Her battle against Meiun showed that she would never give in, even on the brink of death. Her battle against Tamura showed that she could hang with an opponent of a higher caliber. Her spar against an angel warrior showed that she was proficient enough to even overwhelm an Elite. Her battle against her very own shadow showed her that growth was never about getting stronger to hurt others, but to protect what was precious. Aliyah had grown, stronger than even she realized. And she wouldn't back down now, when it mattered most. This battle determined everything she had worked for up to this point. "Cantata Mortis!" Aliyah called when Khrona pushed her away. Her hair turned half white and half black, indicating both forms of her 'Cantata Mortis'. The power behind it this time was overwhelming. She was ready.

Khrona twirled his cane around, gripping it firmly in his hand once Aliyah transformed into her next form. The 'Gentleman's Stance' fighting style utilized every one of Khrona's abilities in extremely concentrated and less destructive ways, yet because of such concentration, the style was deadly. Without moving his feet, Khrona's body flickered forward at an incredible speed, closing the gap between them in about a second without even letting his feet lift from the ground. "I warn you not to let this style get to you..." He made a quick motion toward Aliyah's gut with the blunt end of his cane, which was the part where the gem was embedded. If it made contact or if it didn't, the gem began to glow with an immense amount of insanity concentrated within. There would be a controlled explosion that seemed to focus only on Aliyah's body... A 'Soul Purge' of great destructive power. If it were to hit her, she'd definitely feel it in the very core of her soul... As well as everywhere else in her body. Such force -- even if small and controlled -- would shoot her clear across the area and probably through the mountain remains.

With 'Cantata Mortis' active, Aliyah was more than four times more powerful than a normal resonance. Her speed -- being one of her best qualities -- had increased dramatically, in which she was going to show Khrona. With her soul energies stronger, her precision was stronger. Her 'Altering Space Sonata' was better. With all of this taken into account, Khrona's straight forward movement did not escape her. Her own speed would allow her almost vamp out of the way as he thrust his cane, however, she used 'Altering Space Sonata' as to bend time around the cane as it was thrust forward, giving her a mere extra second to completely evade and appear behind Khrona, out of harm's way. A sonic boom would be heard from the fast movement, and the next second Aliyah would be aiming her own soul attack at Khrona's back. "Khrona-sama, I am not the same person you've been fighting all this time. Please do not patronize me." The sound of her voice was almost dead, noting at the fact that she had been beyond pissed only a few moments ago. She was trying to harm him, that much was obvious, as she released the 'Soul Flare' at his back.

Watching every move she made, Khrona took note of how she seemed to be able to follow his own movements and even evade his attack. But with all of that, she made but a great and most fatal error; attacking Khrona with Soul Energy. The moment she even flared her soul up to use any sort of attack on Khrona, Khrona already felt it and knew how he was going to counterattack it. She would attempt to make contact with the stationary Khrona and find her soul energy doing nothing but shooting right back into herself, as if she were shocked by an incredibly large amount of static electricity. The very force of this small burst of what seemed to be Khrona's soul releasing a minute amount of power would cause her to stagger, wherein which Khrona would immediately flicker and appear facing Aliyah mid-stagger. "Yes, but I am the same person you have been fighting. Don't forget that." That was the most important thing here. By forgetting -- or blatantly not knowing -- who Khrona was, she had much such a mistake of using soul abilities on him, and now, as he tapped his cane on the ground, a small pool of deep blackness would spread from under it; under his feet and under Aliyah's feet, the edges of it lined and glowing with red. She'd suddenly feel an overwhelming force come from under her feet, as if trying to absorb her soul straight from her body and crush the shell that harbored it; Aliyah's body. It was a manifestation of Khrona's incredibly powerful soul, and while she was under the influence of this pool, she'd feel the stress for only moments more before it became a reality.

Feeling the blast of her own soul energies tear into her system, Aliyah almost passed out from the backlash that she wasn't expecting. If it wasn't for her 'Flowing Soul' kicking into overdrive to lessen the pain by flowing her own soul energies around her body, she probably would've. She coughed out a bit of blood as she hadn't avoided any of the damage, and only cut it short. Khrona didn't give her time to recover either as he performed his attack. She felt his power pulling at her, and never had she felt any closer to death than right then. Even with her full power, the fear of death was clear in her eyes. The thought that everything she had worked for could so suddenly be ended then and there scared her. Even if it wasn't truly her choice, she would not let it end. "R-Ruptis!" Her voice trembled as she swung her scythe arm downwards towards Khrona's pool of soul energies, releasing the special blend of soul energies meant to sever others soul energies no matter the strength. However, Khrona's power was beyond any that she had ever dealt with before. So even if Khrona's attack would be severed by her own, the 'Cantata Mortis' form would immediately drop all of its crystals, using up the necessary amount of soul energies to stay active. Never had she been forced to end the form due to the power of the opponent's soul. It was usually because she used her absorb and release ability.

With her strength all but gone now, she swayed and dropped to one knee with her gear drive keeping her from collapsing. She took heavy breaths and gazed through blurry eyes at Khrona. 'I... I can't look weak in front of him...' She thought and through the pain, she rose gear drive engine and pointed it at Khrona, regardless of how foolish she looked doing it. Even with her abilities in working and manipulating chakra and her wavelengths, she was almost completely spent. Cantata Mortis increased her abilities and chakra pools, but once the form was gone, it showed the huge chunk of chakra that it took to even use it. "It's not over." 'It can't be over...'

All the while she struggled, Khrona was monitoring her every move. "Oh, look at her struggle... Look at her cry..." He watched her sever the ties, not even attempting to use anymore of his wavelength after that. Seeing her tired face, tired body, and knowing she was barely conscious, she still picked up her sword. Khrona only raised his cane to her sword and pushed it away, then down to the ground. "You've worked hard enough. You earned many points with me today, for you are much better than many of your rank I've seen... So, clearly you do exceed expectations of the normal Advanced..." Khrona twirled his cane, having it disappear mid-twirl. "... And you made me switch styles. Good for you. You are well deserving of a new title... Welcome to the big leagues Aliyah Rozalyn, Expert of the Dusk. Protect this place well." Khrona tipped his hat to her, so that only his smile could be seen. He only stayed to see her reaction.

Aliyah tried to stand, a big smile on her tired face. She only got midway to giving Khrona a thanks before falling flat on her back, snoring loudly. The hardest battle of her life to date, both mentally and physically, was finally over. She had done it.

Khrona tipped his hat back up, looking at her with caring eyes. "Sleep now, child... For when you wake, you will be recognized as an elite..." He scooped her up with one of his wings, meaning to take care of her wounds by his own hands, since he had the utmost control of DNA and cells and the like. He totally encased her, starting to fly away via psychic power rather than his wings. All the while, her wounds would be healing at a great rate.

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Book 13; The End of Khrona Tensei Empty
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Last End; An Important Meeting With Khrona

After all the sudden chaos, calamity and discord that had been stirring up in the Dusk -- especially among all of the randomly flocking and flustered villagers -- Khrona knew that the time was coming soon... The Time of the End. He only wondered how much time he had left, quite honestly... It had been many weeks since he'd been seeing people in and out nonstop and things had been quiet for the last couple of days. He thought deeply on these things and sought the answer, but it eluded him... Until finally, the seldom seen resident poison ninja came back in with the most crucial report of all time.

The poison ninja would be standing outside of the entrance to the Pit of Havoc A.K.A. Khrona's home. He was here for two reasons: one relating to Shinigami telling him to inform Khrona about the upcoming disaster, and the second begin a little more personal. With his soul partner in her weapon form around his neck, he would jump down into the Pit of Havoc, landing in front of what he guessed was Khrona's front door. The poison ninja would knock a few time and would wait for an answer.

Ohhh, but it was much more complex than that, dear boy. With each rap upon Khrona's proverbial 'door,' the poison ninja would find the noise echoing eerily around him, almost endlessly, beating to the backs of his mind. What the poison ninja failed to remember about the Pit of Havoc was... It was a place of the strongest concentration of Insanity in all of the planet to DATE. Entering would be no such easy task... The echoing shot through the very fiber of the poison ninja's mind, sending him to an even darker void than this pitch black pit, where he would fall deeper and deeper into its threshold, feeling the pressure grow stronger on his mind and his body... And especially his soul. Hei was still falling, despite how he thought he had landed, and there seemed to be no end to this little trip anytime soon...

"Times like this I wish I was like the snake-charmer," the poison ninja would say out loud as the mass of insanity began to effect his mind, body, and soul. However, the poison ninja would remain calm and collective as he would create a few hand signs while continuing his fall. His weapon's form would then glow and would release orb of energy the would surround him. This orb of condensed soul energy around the poison ninja would act as a shield to block out the bulk of the insanity around the area, leaving the poison ninja to simply deal with the light amounts around the area which, to him, was the equivalent of just being around Khrona -- which was something he could manage, for the moment. "Khrona-sama, I bring you an urgent message from Shinigami-sama."

The energy created from the soul only held itself up for a moment, you see, for no other power of the soul can compare to that of this kind of insanity... The lingering, belligerent kind that protects Khrona's house from intruders. It was filled with the utmost of Khrona's emotions, and this said insanity stained the very atmosphere. Nowhere easy to get rid of nor endure. The crushing feeling of insanity gripped the poison ninja once more, delving straight into the depths of his very soul. He and his weapon, since they were touching. A mass of eyes in many different directions opened up all around the void inside of the poison ninja's mind, as well as three exceptionally large vertical eyes of insanity. They spoke, "What is your purpose for being here...?" but the voice was distorted; of various pitches and tones. It was unknown if this was truly Khrona or not, but it surely was a spectacle.

The poison ninja was surprised by the power of this insanity, but then again this was his leader, so it was nothing too surprising. Seeing his plan not working, he would do his best to at least keep weapon partner safe from the insanity. As the insanity held and began to speak, still doing his beast to remain calm and collected, the poison ninja would speak. "Under orders of Shinigami, I have been sent here to speak with Khrona." The poison ninja would dig into his armor and would pull out a a paper with Shinigami's seal on it, showing that he was telling nothing but the truth.

The eyes flashed the moment Takai pulled out the paper, engulfing the entire area in a blanket of white. The poison ninja would find himself now standing on a pool of blackness that seemed to be the Black Dragon Blood itself, rippling under his feet as he stood. A figure rose from the blackness, its form damn near shapeless and enigmatic, though it resembled the form of Khrona when looked at carefully. It spoke, yet with a more serene tone than the eyes. "... Then speak... Your words echo into eternity... Your words are a wavelength that can be carried on like that of the soul..." A more cryptic response than the eyes, but answered the question nonetheless. Normally, Khrona chose to come straight out of his house and talk to those who wished to greet him... But now, it seemed as though the Pit of Havoc was taking back its title.

The poison ninja would take a moment to regain his composure after being swallowed by the darkness and appearing on top of a pool of blackness that seemed to be the Black Dragon Blood itself. He had had his own unpleasing experience with black blood so he was able to quickly notice it. Although, before he could look at it too much, the black mass would appear once more and tell him to speak his reason for being here. The poison ninja would sigh as he would open his hand, revealing a crystal which would float between he and the black mass. A projection would then begin to speak.

Projection: "There stirs another evil within the heart of the Dusk, locked away just as Falshin... It threatens the occurrence of another Falshin to awaken as well as bring about the three great deities of the Dusk... Other Kamishin shall awaken from their slumber... The Great Weapons shall become active once more... And absolute destruction and terror shall reign supreme over all the planet... Sadly, that is the prophecy I have seen. It is inevitable... And it starts... Upon the destruction of Medusa... Speak this to the leaders, for I must rest to regain my power... Let not the Soul Demons overrun the village, either, for they bring with them only ruin as well... That is all, my child..."

As the message was ended, the projection would disappear back into the crystal. The poison ninja would then remain silent and wait to see what the black mass had to say.

The blob of black blood slithered around the poison ninja slooowly as the projection spoke, eyeing it all the way through. When it disappeared, the mass' head turned around slowly to meet the poison ninja's eyes. It grabbed hold of his face and moved its head closer to him, as if going for a kiss. "... So the Falshin have awakened again...? Then the Eight Guardians will be the ones to take them down..." Closing in on the poison ninja, its mouth opened wide, completely consuming his head and having him enter darkness once more. Sooner or later, bright red blood would leak from what would appear to be the ceiling -- even though there was no ceiling -- and brought a red illumination to the new area. The figure appeared again, though this time from the ceiling and also completely red, etching itself downward to meet eye to eye with the poison ninja. "... We'll have to get the rest in order... Perhaps Zita will be willing to help...?" It curved its spine backward rather far, as if it were doing a backbend, yet stayed in that position for quite a while, now hardening to stone and becoming stationary.

"Well this is my first stop to spread this information, so I have not been able to speak with her yet, but I am sure since she does live in this village, Zita would not mind helping," the poison ninja would say this with a very calm persona, as he had become a stable with all that was happening in this house or insanity.

There was silence, complete and utter after he stopped talking. Moments seemed like hours stuck in this rut of a standstill in space and time. Absolutely nothing moved... Not even the air itself. Those hours turned into days... And those days, into weeks... Weeks of utter standstill around the poison ninja, alone, utterly. The solidified and petrified creature before him had not responded and would not anymore. It would seem that the poison ninja was stuck here, now. But, the saving grace of many whispers contaminated his mind... Whispers that were at first inaudible, and then grew a little louder -- incoherent. They continued to grow in loudness, all whispers talking over the other to make all others sound absolutely indistinguishable. Now he had to deal with that.

The poison ninja would simply sigh as another aspect of insanity in the form of annoying whispers would suddenly begin to make noise in his mind. However, while this would drive most people crazy, the poison ninja seemed more annoyed then actually in pain. Being faced with all these tedious things simply to give a message to Khrona was putting the poison ninja into an emotionless persona at the moment, softening the effects of the insanity on him. He would simply stand and wait for the nonsense to stop and Khrona to come meet him in person.

Sadly for Takai, such insanity did not cease, and he would have to endure the whispers for as long as necessary, for the insanity was not going to let up... Well, it wasn't. Soon enough, everything around him would begin to crumble and he would be falling, even still, down to the bottom of the pit. All that had happened went on as he was still falling. After all this time, he'd finally reach the bottom, for the insanity that gripped him had allowed him to see the door, since his fortitude whilst falling was so strong. But behind the door would not be so easygoing on his mind, nor his soul...

"Sigh... I will personally make sure next time Shinigami-sama sees you Khrona," the poison ninja would mumble this to himself as he would land on the ground in front of a large door. He could already tell there was still more awaiting him, so he would simply sigh as he approached the door and opened it.

As the door opened, a massive wave of insanity would blast in the poison ninja's face like an air conditioner on max, however it seemed to pass him by this time rather than try to fuck with his mind. That was because one of the matrons of the house -- Chroma -- was in and the defense mechanism that was the Insanity did not have to ensue as long as someone was home... Or as long as someone didn't want to have a little fun with the guests. "... Oh, I know you. You're that poison ninja, right? One of the newly appointed Eight Guardians. I guess you're looking for my daddy?"

Poison Ninja: "Yes, that's right, I'm looking for Khrona-sama. Ah, you must be his daughter, Chroma. I've never had a chance to meet you, but I hear a lot of good things about you from Aura and the village overall."

Chroma smiled faintly, still a bit tired from her endeavors... Not only had she taken down the Spider Queen, but she had also encountered both Gorgon and Kusanagi, both of which she quickly dispatched when fighting them... Doing such things required a lot of energy which Chroma hadn't fully recovered yet. She needed to rest, too, guys. "... Sorry to *yawn*... Tell you this, but he's out. He's been out for a reaaaal long time. I don't know when he's gonna be back, but... I'm enjoying the house all to myself!" It was clearly pitch black and no one who wasn't accustomed to absolute and complete darkness at all times would not be able to see a lick in here, but it apparently was luxurious. "... I mean, what was it that you needed? I can take a message for you."

"Well, that was part of the reason I came here, but I also had a more personal reason for coming to see Khrona," the poison ninja would say this as he would take the message crystal from his pocket and hand it to Chroma to give to Khrona later. But that was not his concern at the moment. "The truth is, I came to see Khrona also because I need his help, which requires his ability."

Chroma took the crystal, yet already knew what it said. The Insanity had absorbed the wavelength of the crystal and transferred it to all those who lived in the house... But more importantly, to Khrona. The poison ninja didn't know this, so she might as well accept the crystal anyway. "Thanks..." She put the crystal in her shroud pocket, now leaning against the doorway. "What power do you need of him that I can't do? I can do anything my daddy can! I'm psychic, I can reality warp, and I can control DNA and soul energies really well! Hmph..." She planned to succeed her father in being leader, so she was trying to prove to people that she could be just as strong and as useful as he was... In time, little one. In time.

Poison Ninja: "Well, is that so? Then would you be able to safely extract a baby not yet close to birth from its mother and then age it a few years?"

Chroma was shocked to hear about such a method... Why? Because that's exactly how she was born, and she had to witness herself age right before the eyes of her parents. That was the weirdest feeling of all... And not only that, it was an extremely difficult process that required a lot of power. ".. Aaaah... Aging a baby, huh...?" She seemed a little panicked. "W... Well yes, I can do that but... I'm just so tired right now; I just destroyed the Spider Queen and fought two guys in epic battle and... Well, to do this, I need to be up in tiptop shape! Haaa..." She nonchalantly tried to chuckle it off... "Um... So why don't you... Go kill some time while I rest for a little while, huh? The next time you come back, I should be up to it~!" She definitely needed to work on her Anatomia.

"It's fine, I need to meet with Zita, anyway, to give her this message, as well. So by the time I'm done, hopefully you will be back to full strength... Also can you make it that I don't have to go through so much work to get here next time?" the poison ninja would ask before waving goodbye. With a single hand sign, he would disappear out of the room, the house, and general area. It was no problem for him to simply summon himself out of Khrona's house, but it was just so hard to get there.

As if trying to rush him away, Chroma waved in a panicked manner and nodded her head profusely as he spoke, almost trying to talk over him when she spoke. "Yes, yes, go and meet with my aunt! She needs some company, especially of a man! Hahahahaha...! And I'll make sure that you can get in muuuch easier next time! Ahahahaha...!" She put it on her 'To Do' list to ensure that the poison ninja's journey back down here was long and arduous... Just to give herself some more time, if she needed it. "See you later, Takai~!" She continued to wave at him until his presence was completely gone from the area... And then her panic surfaced. She rushed back into the house and searched hurriedly for the stash of items. "Uh... Uh... Uh... An Elixir, I need an Elixir! Crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrap!" With her 'Synesthetic Eye', she searched the entire household for the trace of an 'Elixir', finding the source of one all the way in the back. With a flick of the wrist, the vial of healing liquid was in her hand and she gulped it down almost in one swallow... She must have gotten that skill from Misery...

After downing the 'Elixir', Chroma felt fully recovered, her energy and body restored; fatigue erased. "Alright, cool! I'm set! Now I just need to go find a peon to work out my Anatomia on... It's been a looong time since I've used it, oh crap, oh crap! Ah well, any peon will do!" She rushed to the door as fast as she could, spreading her wings the moment the immense door swung open. No sooner had she flapped her rather strong, disembodied wings did she reach the very top of the Pit, and she would continue through the skies, searching for someone -- anyone -- in all of the planet to have yet ANOTHER spar with... Can't catch a break anywhere, this girl...

Elsewhere, at the exact same time, a strange man that no one knew of had entered the Dusk... Having traveled all across realities for many, many centuries, the former of the Eight Guardians made his way back to the Dusk Village, which had changed a lot since his departure. 'The Bridge' was the connector to the outlands beyond the borders of the Dusk, and knowing that his son had recently become eighteen... It was time for him to learn what it was like to be part of this family... Time to meet his real father. "... Now if only I knew where that blasted boy was..." The Reality had changed so much in his absence; he knew nothing of where anything was anymore upon walking over the part of 'The Bridge' that no one ever saw. He sighed heavily, needing some help...

It only took moments for Khrona to appear on the outskirts of the bridge, the sensing of a powerful presence unknown to the Dusk and far stronger than any other Khrona had faced before becoming his top priority. To greet the stranger, Khrona immediately scanned him, finding out information on a whim. "... Hm... So I guess you aren't a threat now are you, Father?" Though he was meeting his father for the first time, Khrona did not seem at all shocked nor amazed to see him after so long of not being there in his life. "... My only question is, what brings you here now, hm? Here to see my dear old mother go against her sons?"

The familiar power source of such grandeur could only belong to the one he called his son... Khrona. This unstable, yet stabilized power that was his own son unsettled him, for he knew that his son had yet to truly master any of his power, regardless of what he thought. "... For your eighteenth, my son. You're ready to achieve your true power now. I had to come to pass down the family secrets." He stood next to a woman who radiated intensity, something that kept the impurities of this world away from these two completely. This was his Soul Weapon, Shia the Godsend. "My son, this is what happened to me and to my father and to his father. I've waited all this time specifically to teach you... I have waited one thousand years for a son, and returned after your birth for the sole purpose of seeing your face and teaching you. That is why I am here now that you are eighteen."

Khrona knew this man's words to be true, however him being a father now was not the best look for him. "Your son has been hurting without you, I know you've felt it. The 'Family Bond' reaches farther than my psychic power and my soul. It reaches my very DNA, whether I know it or not." The years of emotional turmoil... The years of insanity... The years of uncertainty... The years of hurt. And now, the years of growth. "Father... Huh. Father. I've never called anyone father except for that man I thought was my true father and the Earth King. No longer is he like a father to me, for I cannot agree with his methods..." Khrona vividly imagined the enchanted rings... The rings that foretold doom upon those who wore them so ignorantly... They pledged their souls to a greater power they knew nothing about, despite what they thought. "And then I just found out who my true mother is, as well. Eva, a vagabond witch who has been a thorn in the Dusk's side just as long as Medusa has... Who, for over one thousand years, has caused me, my village, and my sister so much harm. So how am I to know my father won't do the same?"

Khrona paused for a moment, letting the air settle.

"... Because I can clearly see the light of your soul. You are my father. But I also see your mind clearly... You are a normal human. You do not want to engage me, father. For your own sake." It was at that moment that Khrona's soul expanded to a great potential, an explosion blasting away everything and if that Bridge were not enchanted, perhaps even that, as well. The size seemed to reach across the entire Dusk Village and a little farther, and all would be able to actually feel Khrona's soul at this moment. "And this isn't even me at my fullest potential, father."' He crossed his arms and waited for his old man to make the move... What was he going to do?

Shinra -- Khrona's father -- took hold of Shia, who instantly assumed weapon form -- the form of the Legendary Sword, the Godsend. Shinra's steadfast eyes lay dormant on his son, who clearly did not realize the situation he was in. "I understand that it hurt, son... To be without your parents, both biological and foster. But those people were not real, you must have figured out. They were figments of your imagination brought to life by you and your mother. That scientist was someone who was supposed to unlock your hidden potential. All of that pain and suffering you endured... That insanity... That was all you trying to come to terms with your power. That scientist did nothing to you but show you what your true power was, and even then, you were not at your maximum power." Shinra started toward his some, eyeing him up and down, inspecting everything about him as if he knew everything about his son. "Do you know why your skin is so gray? Because you thought it to be that way. Do you know why those wings are upon your back? You put them there yourself. You believed yourself to be this creature and that is what you are. You are a Mutant. You are a Hybrid. You are a Beastkin. You are a Superhuman. Why? Because your power is just that great. To be able to make whatever you think become what is real."

He stopped right in front of his son, whom he stood some inches over, Shinra being about six feet, three inches. He looked his son dead in his eyes and saw straight into his soul, unaffected by the crushing wavelength his son had produced from his body. "All those things definitely happened... Those people that were created to be your parents, they did die... That was your way of expressing your aloneness. YOU killed them, because they only moved to YOUR will. The scientist surely did do all of those actions, but only because YOU made him. You were not aware of your powers because you were too powerful for them, and that is why even now, you have not mastered your mind nor your soul. Your entire childhood... Was your way of coping with how much power you had. Coming to terms with it." He gripped his sword tightly, creating an explosion of force so large it almost filled up the entire area... And that was just from gripping his sword. "And you still have not mastered it, like I have mastered mine. Your capacity for your incredible power comes from me and your mother alike. I have perfect and utter control of my chakra pool, which is on a godly level. Hence why a 'normal human' such as myself has lived normally for one thousand years without even a hint of aging. And that is also why... I know you cannot defeat me, my son. Because no matter how good you THOUGHT you were... You still have much to learn."

Letting that marinate in Khrona's head for a moment, he would continue. "And that is also why I've come back. Not only to teach you about your heritage, learning this move, the 'Tensei'... But to help you achieve your potential. I am here to give you that almighty push!!" The twinkle of love and determination in his eyes matched the twinkle that happened when Khrona used his Hyper Perception. Shinra's power had awakened; all of it... But it was so controlled that he did not have to express his power by its largeness. No, it would stay between he and Khrona... And Khrona would feel every single ounce of overwhelming power within Shinra's body, which should have been enough to silence even Khrona's unstoppable wavelength. "Shinra Tensei!!" The legendary name that served as the technique of the Tensei family had been spoken. The 'Shinra Tensei', originally just 'Tensei', released a pure and epic force that blew back all chakra forces in the area completely and utterly, of all powers, forcing it all away. This strength... Was a strength Khrona had to master. And Shinra knew that he could do so just by witnessing.

The words of his father not only shocked Khrona, but revealed him to what his past truly was. "A figment... of my own reality...?" Khrona realized then that his sense of loneliness was him knowing subconsciously that these people were not his parents, but something fabricated by himself... They were fake, and therefore, could not provide Khrona with true love and destroy his loneliness. That's why he was so close to Megaera, his sister -- because she was real. "... So my own insanity... Was my doing? My subconscious self forced my childish mind to grow stronger in a way it could only understand as that... Even then, I was a masterful psychic, but..." Khrona's pupils dilated and his body began to shake. All of those experiments... Those deaths... All of that was just so he could justify himself becoming as he was, when he was already like this... This is what he wanted to be, yet not what he was forced to stay being. Khrona looked at his pale gray skin and saw it fluctuate in color... It became lighter, more fitting to his heritage, and of his own will.

"So... It is true... My entire childhood wasn't real... But that means..." He looked up, seeing his father's eyes, feeling his father's overwhelming presence... And he didn't even have to exhibit it in such a spectacular way. He was a humble man... Something Khrona instantly admired. Humility with power. "... 'Tensei'...?" Before Khrona knew it, his wavelength was forced away from his father, not even being able to touch him, let alone be around him. Everything in the area was forced away, regardless of how strong it was. Hell, Khrona could even tell that the Bridge might have fallen if exposed to it. Khrona immediately blocked with his wings, but was launched back even still. "Something... My wings couldn't block...!?" He shot backward like a bullet, regaining composure midway through the air. He looked at the complete repulsion his father had omitted... It was like a mixture of Khrona's power, Misery's, and Despair's all in one. It was... Beautiful. "... But is it real...? Is everything I thought real...?" His father had already informed him that he was not at his full potential, not by a long shot... But he definitely was the most powerful of his kind in all he did. Khrona had the strongest soul, comparable to that of gods... Most powerful mind, one that no other psychic could dare compare to... Reality Warping unparalleled and DNA altering abilities unmatched. So why, if this leader was so powerful, did he feel so weak against this simple man?

"I... I am stronger than you, father. I have many more powers than you do and I'll use them to defeat you!!" Khrona was clearly being overcome by his inner insanity. His inner insanity led him to make rash decisions, such as rushing the man who had just forced him back with little to no effort. Around Khrona were rippling distortions in reality that seemed to shatter the realm around the both of them, aiming to do the same to his father.

Shinra knew that the truth was quite much for this child, especially when told like this. He was losing his grip on sanity... On reality. He couldn't even correctly fathom his own father's power. But, this was the age for the truth... He had to have all of his questions answered. "Oh, my poor, insane son... Part of this is my fault... I should have went with your mother into the Cauldron... And protected her." The destruction of reality heading toward him was of no threat to him, as he held up his hand and it would glow with pure chakra. As his son sped toward him, he grabbed Khrona square by his head and stopped him in his tracks, the force of impact releasing the stored chakra in Shinra's hands and extending outward, reverting all the distortion of reality to normality as well as stopping Khrona dead in his tracks. "My son... My chakra control and chakra pool are several trillions of times larger than your own currently... As you are now, there is no way you can defeat me. One who has perfect and utter control of their chakra. I can fight everyone on this planet at least once and still have chakra enough for another battle with you before I rest. You have the capacity for such power... But, as you are, your power is merely an atom compared to mine."

Force started to well up around Shinra, chakra pulsating through his arm. Activating the 'Eoforce', he thrust his palm lightly into the head of his son and would send him flying back once more at mach five. When Khrona was awayed, he looked down at his weapon, the Godsend. "Shia... We must show him..."

Shia: "... If you believe that this is best, then it shall be done."

Shinra: "Wait for him to get back up..."

Shinra stood there, looking at his boy fly away all this time, waiting for retaliation. It seemed like he would break soon...

So effortlessly had Khrona been tossed around by his father, captured by only his hand which was also unaffected by the reality destruction around him. This made no sense... A mere man should not be able to have this type of power... Not against someone like Khrona, who was no longer human... What was this? "... I have the capacity... But... This can't be real... How can I be losing like this... To a man?" Being launched back, breaking the sound barrier numerous times, Khrona was too lost in his thoughts to even realize he had been tossed back as such. "... ... Trillions of times... That of mine...?" Even this seemed to be too much for Khrona... He was losing his grip on this world, for all of this was even too much for his mind to grasp, just like when he was a child. Slamming into an obstruction some ways away, he would stay there, feeling nothing, contemplating. "But... My mind should be more powerful than his... I can overwhelm him... If not with reality, then with my mind... And my soul!" Khrona's eyes darted about in all types of different directions, as it did when he was younger and trying to comprehend his surroundings. Trying to make sense of things. In a moment of distortion, he was in front of his father, his red eyes now affixed to his clearish-purple ones.

"If I cannot defeat you physically... How about... Mentally...? And spiritually...?!" Khrona's soul expanded once more, yet was focused directly on Shinra's, aiming to crush it completely to show his father his strength. He seemed to not care about what he did now, as long as he proved his point. His eyes were teeming with psychic energies, those of which warped the atmosphere and crushed the land just from Khrona focusing so hard... Looking dead into his eyes. "No one can look me in the eye and come back sane... NO ONE!!!"

As if he had been around his son his entire life, Shinra knew all about how Khrona worked. He grew stronger through emotional tribulations and trials, hence why recently, he was not getting stronger. He was staying constant. He had become set with his own power and figured that this was his limit, but it was nowhere near, not even a speck of the true power of Khrona. The only way to show his son anything, to make him grow ANY stronger... Was to break his mind yet again. "It is a sad thought... But it must be done for the well being of my son..." It was then that the distortion appeared again and Khrona's eyes were locked with Shinra's, in deadly mortal combat. Feeling the pressures of Khrona's mind and soul, Shinra didn't move at all. "... I do not possess a soul that can be utilized in battle. I do not know how to use my soul. I know for a fact that yours is stronger than all others, comparable to the souls of the gods..." Though Shinra's knees should have buckled, considering even the earth did beneath him, he stood tall and strong, unwavering and unerring. "... And my Soul Partner would lose in a battle of Soul Energy with you... But there is one thing I know that can even overpower your soul... Soul Resonance." Saying those words would thrust Khrona's soul right back into his body, negating its powers and effects instantly, keeping him from using it. Why? Because that was Shia's power.

"Shia the Godsend... Also known as 'The Equivocator'. She and I were known by this name because when we initiate Soul Resonance, my perfect control of chakra and my chakra pool allow me to increase her power to match mine, and overpower all things that come our way, in addition to her 'Negation Soul', which negates the effects of all it touches. This is how we became one of the strongest partners, because we could stop both Manna and Soul Energy and keep them from being used in battle... So that even someone whose soul is as strong as yours can be put in their place." He continued to look Khrona square in the eyes, still untouched by his immense psychic power as well. That twinkle in his eyes... His chakra was working miracles. "... I can match your psychic power by controlling the chakra in my body to my mind, and in my eyes to match your Hyper Perception, or even exceed its power. My boy... The power of chakra is an amazing thing." With that, Shinra shot an intense glare back at Khrona, which would silence his psychic power and shoot it back into his own mind. With that, he should have taken down all of Khrona's powers all at once.

"I cannot fight you as a boy, Khrona... You will lose. As they say, 'Don't send a boy to fight a grown ass man.'" He would watch as his son should fall crippled in every way now, hopefully completely broken, now...

Without Khrona even truly understanding what had happened, he had lost the battle. Khrona had nothing in his disposal that could stand up to his father, especially with his explanations. One after another, all of his powers were proven absolutely useless. Khrona was nowhere near as strong as he originally thought he was. "Everything... Everything failed... I failed... I... Is this... This can't be real... I can't lose to a normal person... This can't... This... Real...? ..." He was speaking in broken sentences and phrases, just as he did so long ago when he met his brother for the first time, when he was going through the most emotional stress of his life... And now it was happening again. Just when he thought he had overcome insanity, it still gripped him once again. He was not as strong as he thought... The strength he had was... Not real. "Can't be... Real..." Khrona looked at his father's face just one more time before he simply lost his consciousness. "Shinra... Tensei..." And he blacked out. Yet, Khrona's body still functioned. He took to the skies, flying off with his massive draconic wings, but to where he was going was unknown. Most likely back to the Pit of Havoc, but most definitely he was going somewhere to be alone... 'Goodbye, father.'

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Book 13; The End of Khrona Tensei
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