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 The Sealing Void

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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

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The Sealing Void Empty
PostSubject: The Sealing Void   The Sealing Void EmptyMon Jun 01, 2020 10:50 am


Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

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Join date : 2014-11-17

The Sealing Void Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Sealing Void   The Sealing Void EmptyMon Jun 01, 2020 10:56 am


Zita would bust into Khrona's office with her chained baby, swinging her around violently. "YO, KHRONA. MAKE THIS TRIFLING HEIFER ALL GROWN UP AND SHIT."

Khrona sighed, already expecting Zita back because he knew she was pregnant before she left the first time. "... Fine. I'll just take the swinging baby and make her grow some... How many years old do you want her to be, now...?"

Zita stopped swinging the baby, then flung it on Khrona's desk. "Errr... Make her like, a couple hundred years old. I can't have her being 1,000, like me, ya know! That would be fucked up. Yeah, make her like, 300 or something." Zita turned her back and waited for Khrona to complete her order...

Khrona's eye twitched as he started to make the baby age with the awesome power of DNA... But at the same time, he started to mess with the mind of the baby. Because of Zita's brazen attitude, Khrona felt that she must be punished through her own child... Khrona would split the personalities of the baby, thus making her have multiple personalities... And also, infesting her with the Black Dragon Blood. "Almost done, Zita... Now, when I am done, you must awaken the child by calling her name... Alright?" Khrona was just about finished. "Go on."

Zita turned around, looking at her wonderful child "... Chita. <3" is what she said, waiting to see what became of her beloved daughter~!

Chita would awaken, having no memory of what happened in the past 300 years of her life. "... Oh... Shit... What the hell...? Where am I...? What...? It's like I've spent the first 300 years of my life in this office..." Not like she should know that. She looked at her arms, noticing some groovy looking black cuffs with green energy surging inside of them "... The hell?" they were an upgraded version of Zita's locks that she chained her up with. Seems as though Chita's natural magic upgraded them, and Khrona's DNA abilities had attached them to her body... Next, she looked at her body.... She jiggled her overly large breasts a bit, then stretched out and whatnot. She flicked her hair, wiggled her tail-- ... WAIT, WHAT? "... A TAIL?" Because Zita didn't take off the chain from Chita's body before she was aged, her DNA merged with the chain and made it a tail for her... How embarrassing. Chita sighed, finally standing up and jumping off of the desk. "... Alright... You're my mom. Yeah, I know aaaaall about you..." Seems as though Khrona gave Chita some info on Zita in the process... Oh joy. "Yeah, so... Where's my deadbeat daddy? I've got some shit to ask him... What's his name... Valerio, or whatever? I've gotta ask him some stuff. No, wait. Better yet. Just take me home." Chita flicked her... tail... The chain rattling as the blade on it tapped on Zita's shoulder, telling her to come on. "Oh yeah, but before I go... Thanks, Khrona." She winked at him, then exited.

Zita was thoroughly shocked. "... What a fucking MOUTH on that girl!? WHERE THE HELL DOES SHE GET THAT FROM? Hmph... Little bitch..." Zita smirked. "I can teach her well..." Zita turned to Khrona and winked, just like her daughter. "Thanks, again, Khrona~! You're so dependable~!" She turned to Chita, who was already halfway gone, "GET BACK HERE, YOU LITTLE WHORE!" and left, as well.

Khrona snickered. "Happy to be of service, Zita... Hope to see you again, Chita... Have a nice day~." Khrona waited until they both left, then began to laugh menacingly. "... Let's just see how Chita turns out before I 'evaluate' what can be done with her... How many personalities did I give her...? Heh. Let's have Zita find out... That'll learn her for giving me such an attitude..." Khrona laughed once more, the door to his office closing.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

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The Sealing Void Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Sealing Void   The Sealing Void EmptyMon Jun 01, 2020 11:01 am

Void 2: Yo, Pops...

Chita made her way into the office after getting away from Zita, yawning slightly and sneering at everything. "Hey, daddy. Where the hell are ya? We've gotta talk."

Valerio: "What's up? I see Zita found someone to do the aging... What's your name?"

Chita scoffed, then smirked. "The name's Chita. Hmph. Maybe you should've been there when I was made older, huh? How's the other one doing, anyway?" She tapped her foot impatiently.

Valerio: "Eh I guess so... Chita... And your brother is fine; going through intensive training as we speak..."

Chita smirked. "Intensive training, huh? Maybe you should let me in on some of that, huh? I mean, I need a little bit of it, since I've got a little bit of your power in me, wouldn't you say? SO uh... We should get started, huh?" She awaited his answer, still tapping her foot impatiently.

Valerio: "Well I'll start with this; in order to master your powers you need to train your mind and your chakra... Go do some training alone in a secluded place for a while, then you'll master my power... But even though you're my daughter, I can't directly teach you because of where we stand in society."

Chita grit her teeth. "Where we stand in society, huh!? Hmph. I'll show society!!" The cuffs around her wrists started to shake and omit some sort of endless power as she said this... Her keyhole pupils gleamed with rage. "FINE. I'll be back when I get done. I'm gonna have to check some lowly ass bitches!!" With that, she stormed off somewhere... Where? Who the hell knows.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

Posts : 338
Female Points : 390
Reputation : 0
Join date : 2014-11-17

The Sealing Void Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Sealing Void   The Sealing Void EmptySun Jun 28, 2020 5:27 pm

Void 3: Let's Hone My 'Mind'... This Will Do The Trick...

After storming out of the Twilight Village after speaking to her father, Chita had to find a quiet, secluded place to 'train her mind'. Knowing little of the Dusk Village, she went to 'The Bridge', the only point that connected this village to the sky. Chita slowly strolled along it, oddly enough not encountering any monsters, and when she reached the top, she sat there on a dark cloud. It seemed like there was a storm a-brewin over the Dusk for some reason... Maybe that's why the monsters weren't attacking. 'Hmph. Whatever.' She glared at the abyss of dark clouds, unchanging in her menacing expression. "The hell am I supposed to do to train my mind...? Grrr... My old man couldn't give me more info than that...?" With each word she said, the cuffs released more and more power, which seemed to distort the space around them. Not that she noticed. "... Maybe if I stop talking to myself and actually think... Then I'll figure out what he meant..." So, with that, Chita closed her eyes and looked deep into her mind, rather than using her words to curse her father.

After a few minutes of looking into her mind, she realized that she was in a void... Endless space. 'Hmph. Is that SUPPOSED to be part of my mind, or something...? Whatever. It doesn't matter.' She walked around through the depths of this void, smiling grimly. "Heh. I kinda like this place. If this is what's in the depths of my mind, then I guess it's alright to do some 'mental training', or whatever." She continued to walk around, then realizing that since this was her mind, anything she wanted could go on. With that, a chair made of the endless space formed under her, as well as numerous other things... A table, a television, and a mirror, to check how she looked. She seemed to be quite superficial... Much like her mother. "This is kinda fun... Hahaha. I wonder what training my dear ol' dad really meant, though..." Suddenly, she heard a foreign noise, which was odd because she was in her own mind... Nothing should be foreign to her. ".. What the HELL is that...?" she would say to herself, rising from her chair to check it out. She walked in an arbitrary direction, and the noise seemed to get louder... But it was so indistinct that there was no real way to describe it... It was just noise.

"Ugh... It's so annoying... And WHY WON'T IT LEAVE!? I COMMAND YOU TO LEAVE." Yet, no prevail. The noise, instead, got louder and louder, and more annoying to Chita. Yet, she did not stop walking in the direction of the noise. She ground her teeth and began to stomp her feet, the void around her beginning to twist with her own anger. "WHERE. ARE. YOU!?!?!"

Without warning, everything stopped. No more noise. No more twisting. No more walking. Chita just stood there, gazing at something that was amazing to her...

The thing Chita had been looking at... It was herself. Like looking into a mirror... But no, there was something off about this one... Her hair was longer than Chita's... Her expression showed less emotion rather than an excess of it... Her clothes were different, as well, covering more of her body, but still just as tight... It was still Chita, but it seemed to be a different version of her...

"Wh-What... The hell...?" Is all Chita could say, as the other Chita walked only a slight bit closer.

Other Chita: "I am you... Or rather... Another part of you... Do you recognize this smile...?"

The other Chita would give a dark, twisted, insane smile, similar to only one other person that everyone would know.. And Chita finally realized. "Kh-Khrona!?"

The other Chita nodded. "Yes, Khrona... But not exactly Khrona at the same time... It's still you, but with a hint of Khrona inside of you... Or rather, his insanity... I am the other you, taken on by his insanity and the Black Dragon Blood that is pulsating within you... I am Rita. Do not ever confuse me with the likes of you. We are different, but we are the same. Do not forget the differences, and our sameness will continue." Rita flipped her hair, now back to the unsmiling state.

Chita sneered. "Alright, Rita, why the hell are you HERE, then?"

Rita shook her head. "... Do you not realize yet? Because of our split personalities... We do not share the same powers. Just like your mother..."

Chita gasped. "... Mom has a split personality, too!?"

Rita laughed. "Of course... She is in the exact same situation as you are..."

Chita scoffed, turning around. "Whatever. I came here to hone my own powers, not listen to my bitch of a self talk."

Rita sighed "... You know you just called yourself a bitch, right?"

Chita stopped, then turned around angrily. "WAIT-- SHUT UP!!! YOU TRICKED ME!!!"

Rita laughed. "Did I? Or did you?"

Chita stomped her foot. "STOP WITH THESE FUCKING MIND GAMES."

Rita waved her finger. "Well, we are in our mind, you know."

Chita clenched her fist. "You are reeaaaaally asking to get your ass handed to you, you know..."

Rita made a shooing motion with her hand. "Please. I got the GOOD half of the power... I got... The VOID. What do you have? Hmph. Nothing of any use. Why don't you just let me take over the body?" Rita then examined Chita's wrists. "... Hmph. Those damned cuffs... He did that on purpose, I bet..."

Chita, still angry, was also slightly confused. "... What about my cuffs? What, did Khrona do something to them?"

Rita sighed once more. "Yes... It seems as though to seal away the power, he embedded my power in the cuffs and my will in your mind and blood... Not like you can break those cuffs..."

Chita paused, looked at the cuffs. "... I CAN BREAK THESE CUFFS."

Rita: "... You can't break those cuffs, Chita."

Chita summoned a great deal of power, which caused the void that was her mind to bend and twist once more. "NNNNNNNNRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!" The entire place began to rumble, and distort almost into disrepair... But at the last moment, Chita gave up... She can't break them cuffs.

Rita: "Told ya."

Chita, now more enraged than ever, pointed at Rita. "FINE! I'm gonna hone my abilities in here, like daddy said... And the way I'm gonna do it is to SMACK the BITCH out of you!!!"

Rita giggled. "So you're gonna get out of this body~?"

Chita: "Okay, THAT'S IT. YOU'RE DEAD."

An unknown power began to surge throughout the area... This was Chita's half of her powers... Because Zita had asked Khrona to fuse the chain with her DNA, Chita had gotten the power of the Random Objects... of Other Worlds. This was her Random Manna, and because she dominated more of the mind that Rita did, the entire void became Random.

Rita: "... What the hell..? This is your side of the power...? Other Worlds?

Chita was surprised, as well, but her anger overwrote that at the moment. "... That's right. Now, FLYING PENGUIN ARMY, I SUMMON YOU!!!" Suddenly, without warning, fifty flying penguins appeared in the sky and Chita leapt on the one in front, which also happened to be the biggest.

"Drop the bomb," She said, as the Penguins hovered over Rita and dropped all fifty Bombies in a carpet bombing sort of fashion.

Rita simply laughed. "Oh my... What a stupid one, you are..." She held a hand up, and what expanded from it was the VOID in the shape of an overly large umbrella. If a Bomby would come near, it would be sucked into The VOID forever, leaving Rita protected completely. "Come now, even if I cannot expand this as large as I want to, I don't even need that much to eliminate such a pathetic attempt at defeating me..."

Chita growled. "Fine. No more Penguins, then." She snapped her fingers, and they disappeared. She hovered gently to the ground. "Let's send out some Bullettos, then..." With that said, she summoned the Bullettos, many of them shooting from the ground and rocketing at Rita at a high speed, ready to impale her or detonate on impact, since they had a choice whether they could explode or not.

Rita shook her head at the umbrella then became a shield, yet still attached to her hand. She held it up and spun around, allowing any oncoming Bullettos to be sucked into The Void, still.

Chita scoffed, stopping the onslaught of Bullettos, but kept one for herself. "You... You're gonna stay with me. I can do a lot with you, in the future..." The Bulletto shrunk down to pea size, and she put it in her shirt. "Fine... If that's the way you want it... Let's call... BOO!!!"

The Boo -- a ghost -- would suddenly appear in front of Rita. Rita would stare at it. Boo would stare at her. Then finally, the Boo would turn tail and run back to Chita, turning invisible and crying. "GODDAMMIT, BOO. I'm gonna train your bitch ass to be GREAT... When I'm done with her.... Get in here..." Boo then flew into Chita's chest.

Rita laughed. "What's wrong, Chita? All of your 'Random Manna' backfiring on you, hmmm?"

Chit sneered. "Fine... Let's send out... A MELANCHOLICA!!!"

Rita sighed. "... Is that tiny little thing going to do something to me...?"

Chita looked at the Melancholica... It looked at her... "... You're right. It's useless. Melancholica..." She grabbed him and put him on her shoulder. "I'm about to do something very uncalled for, ya got me?" It would shrink down to miniature size and be hung around Chita's neck as she started to gain some power...

Rita quirked a brow. "... You wretch. What are you planning...?"

Chita smirked. "You'll find out soon enough..." The cuffs began to surge with power once more, as the void began to twist and alter itself.

Soon enough, Rita figured out what was going on. "...!!" but it was too late for her. Chita had pulled herself out of the depths of her own mind, leaving Rita stranded there and unable to escape. "... Chita...." Rita snarled, as she walked off into the reverting void "... You will break those cuffs... And I will be freed... Soon enough..."

Meanwhile, Chita awoke, still staring at the dark clouds around her. This time, she noticed that she had her little buddies with her; The Bulletto, the Melancholica and the Boo. It seems like her Random Manna had become stronger... She was doing well, so far. Maybe that is what her father meant by training. "... Hmph. Well, I GUESS it was alright... And now I know about Rita... And what Khrona did to seal her..." Chita got up and walked back down the bridge. "... I'll fix this soon enough. Until then, I'mma just chill with my mom..." And with that, she was off.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

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PostSubject: Re: The Sealing Void   The Sealing Void EmptySun Jun 28, 2020 5:35 pm

Void 4: Duel In The Dusk

Aura waited for a stranger to walk by. She hadn't been in really combat since the end of her training and she couldn't wait to get back to it.

Chita sighed, flicking her tail -- which was a bladed chain -- around lightly. "Uuuugh.. Alright, guys. We're making a pit stop here." It seemed as though she was talking to no one, but she was talking to the numerous Random monsters that made themselves accessories on her body.

Looking up at Chita from under her hat, Aura would raise her eyebrow at this strange girl. Was she crazy talking to herself like that? "Umm... Are you talking to me?"

As a natural reaction, Chita's bladed chain tail would point at Aura threateningly. Chita would then look in her direction and scoff. "Tch. NO. Why would I be talking to you? I don't know you! I was talking about my buddies..." She snapped her fingers, and numerous monsters appeared. Bulletto, Melanchica, Boo, Dream Turtle, Bomby, Maneater, and Penguin. They all seemed to randomly appear from some sort of accessory on her body. These were her buddies~! "Does THAT answer your question?"

"!!!" Aura would put her hand and the hilt of 'Aijou' taking stance ready to defend herself if needed. "W... What are those things?"

Chita scoffed again. "What do they look like, little girl? Haven't you ever played a video game a day in your life?" Chita tapped her foot a bit impatiently. "These are monsters from Other Worlds. My manna is directly linked to the Other Worlds, so I can make any one of these guys at any given time.. And more!" She coughed a bit. "Erm... With a bit of training..."

Chita wrapped her tail around her leg and sneered. "... So... What the hell are YOU doing around here?"

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

Posts : 338
Female Points : 390
Reputation : 0
Join date : 2014-11-17

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PostSubject: Re: The Sealing Void   The Sealing Void EmptyMon Jun 28, 2021 10:46 am

Void 5: Zita You Wanted To See Me... Again

_-Tyrande appeared at the grand Castle of her mistress, it had been a while since Tyrande did anything with her life, she enjoyed just hanging out smexing... chilling. But Zita had summoned her, so she had to respect the call. And that is why she appeared. Hell, Zita probably already knew she was here-_

Chains unraveled from the massive doors, locks disappearing from where they one were. The door, oddly enough, was made out of chains as well, but they were all bound together. The door would open, a small wave of gravity flying out. Seems as though Zita had changed the gravity inside of her castle for whatever reason. Probably just to make crap float.

Exiting the doorway, finally, was Zita. She paused, looking at Tyrande, then smiled "Aaaah, Tyrande... It's been a while, my cuuuute little witchling~! How have you beeeen~?"

_-Tyrande smiled, on some no homo shit she thought Zita was pretty attractive... maybe she swung that magical way or she just loved smexing. Whatever the case she walked in towards the castle and loosened up-

"I know I haven't been doing stuff as of late... Don't be mad"

_-She said in a sweet little voice-_

Zita smiled, petting Tyrande "Awww, it's'kay, Tyrande~! I haven't been doing much, either! I've been... On a loooooong vacation. So think of that whole time you've been living it up as your vacation, too! Cuz now, we need to work." Zita pulled back her hand, her keyhole pupils gleaming a bit.

"I'm glad you came, my cute little witchling... Because you are gonna be my new apprentice. My daughter's a bitch and I'm not teaching her jack shit because of it. So forget that two-dollar skank-hole and let's you and me go train you to be a full fledged witch, eh?"

_-Tyrande's eyes grew big at Zita's denouncing of her daughter, she wanted to meet her... see if she was anything like the head witch. But from what Zita was saying she didn't seem like much. But anything was as good as any to get Tyrandde off of her ass, she returned the smile-_

"Mkay~! Let me guess... we're starting now"

Honestly, Zita REEEAAAALLY didn't want to start now... She wanted to go relax some more before they went Soul Hunting and crap... Ehhh. Guess this lazy bitch has to get up sometime, huh?

"... Yeah, we might as well go now. It's not like I've got anything else to do, ya know..."

_-Tyrande sighed, she kinda wanted to sleep ya know... get mentally prepared. If she didn't speak up she might not preform well and shit and she would end up embarassing her, so she did.-_

"Look, I love you and all but... I'd prefer to start tommorow morning? It's late. Call me again when you need me. I'll be there, we need our beauty sleep the both of us."

_-She winked, and took a couple steps back hoping Zita wasnt displeased-_


From the depths of the castle came a girl who looked no older than the age of 16 with a bladed chain sticking out of her ass... It flicked around like a tail.. It was a tail.

"I KNOW you're not talking, miss 'I've-got-so-much-cleavage-I'm-gonna-go-fuck-everyone!'"

Chita squinted her eyes and tapped her foot, her hand placed on her hip.

"Who the hell were you talking to about me, anyway, mom-- ... Oh, her? Who's this bitch, eh? Another floozy you picked up for your tentacle-rape-chain party?"

Zita nodded, actually extremely happy for what Tyrande said, but didn't show much of it. She only smiled and nodded more.

"Oh yes, that is TOTALLY fine with me, you just go on an--"

That's when Zita heard the voice of her daughter... Chita. The shrill cry was enough for Zita to grind her teeth. Why must her daughter be such a bitch?


The gravity intensified around Zita the angrier she got, but when Chita asked her that question, Zita was obliged to answer. With a sigh, she said

"... Chita, my beloved, but bitchy daughter, this is Tyrande, my new apprentice. Tyrance, my smextastic apprentice... My bitchy daughter, Chita."

_-Tyrande's head turned towards the kid... this must be Chita, acted just like Zita would probably act. Unfortunately the time to make good impressions was over beacuse this chick was jumping out of her body, she started to get sassy and snappy real quick.-_

"Hold on bitch... Walk your lil' reject witch ass back where the fuck you came from. Or get fucked up, I'm tired. Not in the mood for kids who have herpes so bad the have cold sores that look like blades coming out of their assholes."

_-She then realized that Zita introduced the both of them, she kinda disregarded it but turned to her and smiled... in efforts to not get reprimanded or something. She was pissed-_

Chita's stiffened, standing on end at the remarks from Tyrande. Chita wasn't one to take any words of any kind from anyone... Whether they be good words or bad.

"You're lucky that I don't wanna make my old hag's student look stupid in front of her, or else I'd thoroughly kick your large, scrumptious ass all across our yard!!"

Chita grit her teeth and began to grind them just like Zita did, only with her chain-tail rattling around and making an annoying noise at the same time.

"MA, you'd better CHECK HER before I HAVE TO."

Zita sighed. Chita was causing trouble YET AGAIN, trying to get in a fight with someone for no real reason and being a bitchy asshole all over the world... Even Zita wasn't this bad when she was the tender age of 333... Where could Chita have gotten this assholey behavior from? ... ... ...

... Probably Valerio.

Anyway, Zita shook her head, then looked back at Tyrande "... You'll have to excuse my daughter. She has a very rare disease called bitchy-itis. You might not want to get too close. You may catch some of that, too." Zita folded her arms and tried to figure out how to get Chita back in the house without a fight...

_-Tyrande scoffed, she appeared in front of the girls face returning the equally bitchy look she was going to provoke her and hopefully send her back in the castle by some means.-_

"Let's hope your bark is as big as your bite little bitch..."

Well. That was surely enough for Chita. She wouldn't back down from confrontation.

"You wanna see some BARK? I'll show you some bark... CHINK!!!"

There was a loud roar, but it faintly sounded like that of a dog... From the inside of the castle came the family dog/Chain Chomp that was souped up by Khrona... Chink. Technically, Chink belonged to only Zita, but because of Chita's Mario Magic, she could summon him up at any given time.

She jumped on top of the Chain Chomp's head, scowling at Tyrande with a condescending face, saying "Sic em, boy!" and he surely would rush at her at an incredible speed, biting furiously.

Zita was shocked.


She created a spike made of gravity to stab into Chink's chain.. Though technically, it wasn't necessary, since Khrona gave Zita the ability to merge her DNA with the Chain Chomp, since its DNA was rather malleable as it was... So she could have just grabbed it and sucked it in.

"Girl, you are NOT gonna use MY own CUSTOMIZED Chain Chomp to fight Tyrande! Hell, I don't care if you two fight... You'd just better leave my Chink out of this. Go use your Chain Chomps that AREN'T customized... Shit... Come here, Chink..."

Zita snapped her fingers and the Chain Chomp stopped its assault, now running toward her. Zita released the gravity spike and started to pet Chink. "Awww, who's my good boy~?"

Chita fell off of Chink, but landed don her feet. She sneered at Tyrande, a Bob-omb appearing in her hand "Fine. I can't use mom's super pimped out Chain Chomp... But I've got other things to work with! Bob-omb Barrage!"

Chita began to violently fling out a multitude of Bob-ombs at Tyrande, each of which would explode upon impact with anything they touched.

_-The Void Rune appeared on the floor surrounding Chita and Tyrande, this allowed her to teleport and manipulate space and time to a certain degree. Naturally, anything standing on it would transport to where the exit rune was place, and this place was inside the castle, that is where the bombombs and chita would do.-_

Chita and her bob-ombs wouldn't be affected by such a thing... But this was only because of the special power embedded within her cuffs... These cuffs were made out of both Sealing Force and The VOID itself. That was thanks to Valerio and Zita. Thus, she wasn't affected by that sort of stuff. The manipulation of space and time.. Though she couldn't manipulate them herself yet... Not until she unlocked.. Rita.

_-Though I'm pretty sure the Void, magic or not doesn't render the user unable to be teleported somewhere especially when dealing with a magical force more powerful that the user at this point. But no need to get into the logistics of anything at this point. Tyrande sidestepped and released a pulse of energy from the Void Rune. Chita would figure out what that did soon enough.-_

Seeing Tyrande sidestep the attack, Chita immediately disappeared without a trace. Her image was flickering all about the area now, being very transparent. The chains would fly at Tyrande once more, trying to impale her once again.

_-Now here comes the more magicy part of the void rune, when the pulse of the rune is felt by the foe there next action becomes Voided as long as they are in range of the rune as such Chita's splitting into many afterimages would be Voided and she would be in front of Tyrande. Tyrande, knowing that this would happen grabbed Chita as soon as she appeared after her action was voided with the fire rune and set her body abalze.-_

Even if the Void Rune kept Chita from splitting, it would have to be Chita in the first place, right? What those ghastly after-images became were Boos the moment Chita disappeared. The Boos kept her concealed inside of one of them, whilst the others just transformed into her, and when one was forced in front of Tyrande and she grabbed it, it would laugh, being set ablaze, and promptly lick her ferociously before going poof.

The Boo harboring her released her, and the rest of the Boos went poof as well. Now Chita had a large gun in her hand, it seemed... It was a gun that had very angry eyes on it. This was the Bullet Bill Gun. Chita could shoot shots of Bullet Bills just as rapidly as a real gun and without the reloading. She fired off consecutive shots at Tyrande, the Bullet Bills locking on to her once they were shot.

"Awww, you've got some old school magic, huh...? With runes 'n shit? Hahahahaha. That's the kind of stuff they had back in the old hag's day. Heh heh heh."

Because of the rune... thingy... It would seem as though Chita wasn't able to move.

"Grrrr... FUCK YOU! You just wait until I get some souls... I'MMA FUCK YOU UP!!"

Chita struggled to try to get up, but it seems as though it wouldn't work. Seems like she wasn't too good at planning attacks.

Zita shook her head "... My daughter doesn't even know how to use her magic well... Oi... Maybe if you weren't running your DAMN MOUTH all of the time, Chita, you'd be able to fight well!!"

Zita sighed, but then she got an idea. "... So, you both want souls, eh? That's cool. You both can have souls. You two will go on a team soul hunting operation. Perhaps you, Tyrande, can assist Chita with her magic and keep her in line when she runs off at the mouth... Eh? Whadda ya say?"

_-Chita was really strong if Tyrande hand't planned ahead she would have been in a tight situation. It must be her good genes... But to go on a mission with her?!? That was uncalled for, but she had to agree-_

"Whatever it is you desire Zita..."

_-She said, she scoffed at chita, and walked a couple steps away-_

Zita smiled "Thanks, Tyrande~!"

She looked at Chita, who was still on the ground "BE a good girl and take yo little ass on with that girl and ACT RIGHT. I ain't playin witchoo, Chita!"

Zita started to float back in her house, giggling to herself "... Now I don't have to stay in this house with that bad ass kid. Heeheeheehee~! When you don't wanna do the dirty work yourself, have someone else do it! I love the way I think!" She started to laugh very haughtily as the doors to the castle closed.

Chita got up, poked out her lip and had 'attitude' spread all across her face. "OKAY, damn... Always tellin me to do some shit... UGH. Old hag..."

Chita walked behind Tyrande, only enough for her to be in sight. Chita honestly didn't wanna be anywhere near her. "Ugh. Bitch."

_-Tyrande heaved a heavy sigh, then she turned to Chita who looked a blissful as ever. Ah... the innocence of childhood-_

"Look, I'm in charge... I know you're strong but there's a certain type of mentality that goes with fighting. If you think before you act then you'll be of some worth to your mother."

_-She started walking away expecting some lip from Chita, and hopefully she would follow her-

Chita's eyes widened with rage

"WHAT? I'm always thinking before I act! In fact, I'm thinking right now... Thinking about WHOOPING YOUR ASS! GET BACK HERE!... I'm... Worth something."

She calmed down, but still had a pouty scowl on her face. Naturally, feeling threatened, she followed Tyrande.

"Think rationally... you act on impulse. You can keep up right?"
_-Tyrande took a couple jogging steps forward and transformed into her cat form, she ran so fast it looked like a black streak whipping across the ground. Somehow she new that Chita wasn't far behind-_

Chita squinted her eyes, her scowl turning into a sneer "Impluse!? I know this bitch did not--" and then, she saw her turn into a cat. Now, Chita wasn't big on speed... At least not speed like that. Normally, she'd just run after that cat screaming obscenities... But this time... She thought about something else.

She looked at the pendant around her neck. It harbored her Bullet Bill friend named Bulletto. Light buuuulb~.

"Yo, Bulletto, think you can keep up with her?" The miniaturized Bullet Bill around her neck suddenly grew to normal sizes, allowing Chita to ride on top. With the ability to lock onto a target, Bulletto locked onto Tyrande and sped off after her. It wouldn't be long before they caught up.

Once Chita was close to Tyrande, she gave a very triumphant smile, flicking her chain-tail around happily. She was proud.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 6: Tyrande And Chita... Soul Hunting In The Graveyard

_-After running for a good hour, they finally arrived in The Graveyard it was expansive and massive and there were PLENTY of souls romaning around. Some that surpassed Tyrande's power. But as she detransformed she predicted that she could handle this with Chita. She turned around, and noticed that Chita wasn't to far behind riding on some weird contraption. Tyrande began to tread lightly into the graveyard with the Fire rune on her left hand, the Lightning Rune on her right the Air rune on the center of her forehead and the Void Rune on the back of her neck-_

"Don't be loud..."

Chita quickly got off of Bulletto as Tyrande slowed down, and he would change back into his miniature form as a pendant around her neck.

"... Loud? Who the hell is loud!? I'M NOT--" Before Chita finished, she closed her mouth.

"Think before I speak... Think before I speak... Ahem. I'm not loud. Dammit."

Damn Tyrande having more power than her... it would be a different story if she were in charge... Whatever. Her little friends were ready for action; Bulletto around her neck, Boo inside of her chest, Shy Guy as a bracelet, Bob-ombs around her waist and her Chain Chomp around her ankle.

Chita's loud outburst, even though stopped midway, was heard throughout the graveyard. There were terrible moans that could wake the dead once her outburst was made known... In fact, what was that popping up from the ground? Typical Zombies. About 3 of them, to be exact.

The Zombies groaned loudly, dragging themselves to where they first heard the noise coming from... They didn't seem anymore deadly than a zombie from your generic horror classic...

_-Tyrande decided to let Chita take care of these, they seemed harmless but she anticipated that a loud assassination of these things could wake something a lot worse. Tyrande looked at Chita and pointed to the zombies-_

"Kill them... do not be loud, there's something here. Something stronger than the both of us."

Chita smiled, already having her Bullet Bill gun out.

"... Don't be loud? Shit... Fucking gun. I wish I had a silencer..."

She put away her Bullet Bill gun and decided to use other means... Chain Chomp? No, that damn dog is too loud... Couldn't use Bullet Bill... Maybe Boo. Let's fight a ghost with a ghost.

"Boos.. Assemble!" Boo would come out of her chest, then split into 6 more Boos. 2 would attack each Zombie. As the Boos did this, Chita started to conjure up a small flame.. It grew bigger with each passing second. It was green.

The Boos rushed in on the Zombies fast, and the Zombies tried to attack them, but there was no avail. They just kept disappearing. They continued to swat at the Boos like mindless corpses, moaning louder and louder with their growing frustration. Eventually, they started to use Magic. They all simultaneously used the spell Dark on the Boos, making small explosions of darkness and shadows around them. They didn't like when things attacked them.

Though, from all of the commotion, there was a low grumbling under the ground. It sounded large and caused the ground to rumble slightly. It wasn't exactly that noticeable due to the moaning of the Zombies, but.. Something was coming..

From the frequent swatting at the Boos, all they did was laugh at the Zombies. They couldn't touch them. So, instinctively, the Boos were going to just float inside of them and rip their souls out... But then they started to use magic. Huh. That just made them vulnerable. Once they started to conjure up the Dark spell, one Boo would stay behind to take the attack to trick the Zombies, while the other one entered their bodies and ripped out their souls, which should turn them into dust.

Aww... Seems as though Chita conjured up this large ball of green fire for nothing... Aw. But then she felt her Chain Chomp rattle on her leg. "The hell...?" it must be something underground.

"Yo, Tyrande.. I think there's something underground.. Or a small tremor. Hell if I know. Maybe we should stomp the ground a bit, eh?"

-Tyrande waved her hand towards Chita signaling to her to handle this herself. She would intervene if this got too far out of hand. Which she was expecting it to, it always did... life was never this easy-_

"Take care of it, but remember to plan for the future as well as the present. My magic may be old fashioned, but it keeps me alive."

As the Boos went inside of the zombies, they would rip out their souls, leaving them to crumble, and leaving the Boos to do whatever they wished with said souls.

But now there was something else lurking in the area... The grumbling got louder... As if a horrid, screeching, ominous roar was heard throughout the area. The ground started to crack a bit... And finally, sprouting from the ground and into the skies was the immense Dracozombie.

It gave a powerful, wailing-like roar and glared at the living beings Tyrande and Chita. It randomly looked up to the sky, conjuring something in its mouth... And without warning, it unleashed a massive barrage of lightning at the two via the Thundara spell.

Chita would consume the 3 souls that the Boo brought back... And once she felt triumphant of herself, she saw the Dracozombie fly out of the ground.

"... You want me to take care of THAT!? MAAAN... Fuck you..."

Chita noticed that she still had this giant green fireball in her hand... And it did lock on to the targets... Hmmmm. She'll have to use this to her advantage. When the lightning came down at her, she shrieked and flung some sort of mushroom-headed kid at it, who would absorb all of the hits and then immediately throw up some sort of... gas? Vomit? I dunno. Some shit. But the toadstool thing fell to the ground, charred, and died. Then it dissipated.

"... That was lucky."

_-Tyrande appeared in front of Chita, who seemed to lack some form of combat iniative. She pressed her hands to the ground combinig the fire and the lightning rune to create the 'Plasma Rune'... this turned the ground under the dragon to plasma quicksand that would unleash tendrils that would try and hold the dragon. If not, the Void Rune on the back of Tyrande's neck was glowing just in case-_

"If this works, you're going to have to kill it..."

The Dracozombie noticed some sort of magic being conjured, and would quickly react by trying to fly away. Though, the tendrils got it by the tail, causing it to fall to the ground. It immediately started to unleash in Zombie Breath at the two of them, since it would seem it couldn't break free.

Chita coughed, holding up the green flame, then looking at the gas it was releasing.

"... Fine. I guess this is enough to kill it..." She flung the fireball of epic proportions at the Dracozombie, which would then lock on to it and if it were to hit, the green fire would spread across its body and burn it to more death and hopefully leave its juicy soul.

_-Adding to the dragons demise, Tyrande decided to fluctuate the dragon with plasma burning it to a crisp adding to chitas catastrophic damage hopefully doing away with it. Now who this soul would go to is up for questioning... Tyrande might just swipe it from Chita out of good will.-_

The Dracozombie, having nowhere to go, would first be stunned and charred by Tyrande's rune, then be incinerated by the large, green fireball, leaving a soul that was slightly larger than the souls of the other ones. Yaaaay, it's dead. Teamwork.

_-Tyrande walked over to the slightly larger soul amongst the smaller souls of the zombies, she was getting better at this soul collection thing and saw that Chita took her advice to plan ahead. If she had not previously charged that big ass flame, then they would have been a bit screwed.-_

"Your learning..."

_-Is all she said as she aimed to swipe the soul, Tyrande wasn't one for much words so she made a pretty damn boring soul hunting partner.-_

Chita's chain-tail quickly extended before Tyrande even got the thought of swiping it, wrapping around the soul quite quickly and tightly.

"... Ahahaha... This is mine. I killed that sum'bitch, right? This deliciously large soul goes to me."

She had a sort of fury in her eyes that was mixed with an angry determination. Hmmm...

_-Tyrande turned around rather lazily, towards Chita then turned back around to face the soul that lied in front of them. She wasnt one for petty squabbles, especially with that of a child whos maturity level was drastically lower than hers.-_

"Eh, fine..."

_-She shrugged, and walked deeper into the desert-_

Chita smiled, quickly devouring the soul. She felt a tad bit more powerful as she did... Soul Hunting was fun.

"... So, uh, how long we gonna be doin this? I mean, as much as I love killin bitches, it's kinda... Ya know... Boring waiting for them to pop out n shit..."

She sighed, walking still a little bit of ways behind Tyrande... Though a little closer than before. She wasn't really affected by the landscape of the graveyard.

_-Tyrande rubbed her hands together after Chita finished talking... she had a plan, maybe it would work-_

"If you're tired of waiting for them to pop out, then we can bring them to us... Mobs and mobs of them at a time you know?"

_-She combined the dark rune, with the air rune making some sort of blackened smog that smelled terribly bad. Something like some sort of miasma that zombies thrive in, it carried the smell of fresh corpses... shit that zombies eat. She spreaded the smell throughout the area like it was bait making the zombies think that it was a buffet where they were.-_

The horde appears.

From the depths of the graves, the holes of the trees, the holes in the grounds and the blow of the wind came a great deal of undead creatures which yearned for this feast.

In the front, 3 typical zombies craving flesh and such.

And beside them, what seemed to be 2 Vampires.

And floating above, a gigantic Whale Zombie

But not only this, 3 Skeletons as well.

and finally, 2 Ghosts

These 11 creatures were all hungry for such a feast... And thought that Tyrande and Chita were the meal. They all gave a chorus of moans as if they were going to violently attack soon...

-Tyrande exhaled, loosening up for the battle ahead. There was still that plasma pit in front of her that she used to imprison the dragon and Chita was to her left. She scanned the area looking at her foes gathering information. It was about to get real in a couple minutes especially because the Zombies are volatile this time. Finally she flicked her hair from in front of her face and she transformed into her cat form. In this form, the dark rune shone brightly on her forhead, the plasma pit disappeared, and with it so did she. Her cat form granted her the power to manipulate darkness to a very high degree, as such claws seemed to come out of thin air attacking every enemy in the vicinity aiming to tear there very souls out from their bodies leaving critical physical wounds-

Chita sighed, lowering her head.

"... Are you fucking shitting me...?"

Chita decided to test something out... A new power of the Mario Magic. Lately, she'd only been summoning monsters.. But what about items? It would probably be a good thing to at least try it. So, she concentrated as much as she possibly could, seeming to put a tiny bit of a strain on her, but sure enough, in front of here, a ? block appeared.

She punched it as hard as she could, and wouldn't you know, your typical Super Mushroom pops out. The smile on her face got so wide so fast... Quickly touching and absorbing the mushroom (because them bastards don't actually eat it), she'd grow to epic sizes reeeaaal fast. She was at the very least, twice the size of Tyrande in all proportions. She stared at the now tiny zombies (except that Whale Zombie) and spun around, trying to destroy them all with a flick of the tail.

First and foremost, all of the undead here had a specific advantage... For if Tyrande were using Darkness/Shadows of any kind, they absorbed it for power. Thus, it would backfire if she were to hit them... Next, the Vampires had a certain 'sense' about these sorts of things, and because they could warp, would quickly pinpoint Tyrande's magic wherever she may be and surround her. They would then simultaneously use Drain Touch to try to suck out some of her life with their hands.

The Zombies would rush at Chita mindlessly, however they were conjuring up some sort of magic... The 3 of them would use Miasma at the same time to create a magical, gigantic abyss of evil and Poison, trying to suck her in with its incredible power and poison her beyond compare.

The Skeletons would back up the Vampires by casting Dark on them... Or at least 2 casted Dark on them so that they wold always have their full health and power, while the other one would cast Thunder on the hopefully trapped Tyrande.

The Ghosts each split up; One went to Tyrande and the other to Chita. The ghost that went to Tyrande made its hands warp over to her, using its Silence Touch ability trying to silence her so that she couldn't use magic anymore. The one that went to Chita would do the exact same thing, trying to Silence her, as well.

Finally, the Whale Zombie went to Chita. It was immense, even compared to her own size at this moment... I mean, it was the carcass of a whale. It took in a deep breath and spewed its Zombie Breath, trying to fill the entire graveyard with its zombie...ness.

_-Well luckily the attacks from Tyrande's cat for were straight up physical, she just can attack from all areas with her claws as long as its dark. So how ever that played out, something got cut hopefully, now in darkness tyrande can appear wherever. Her speed in her cat form in unmatched. As such she can easily avoid the attacks of the ghosts and appear in a safe place. She reverted back to her normal form which she had to do to use her own magic, it was time to assist Chita. Using the wind and the earth rune and the fire she whipped an epic malestrom every particle of oxygen was sharper than steel and can cleave through most things, hopefully chita would realize that bigger just makes you a bigger target and get out of the way. The storm covered the area and protected her from being seen, she figured that the only way she was seen by the beings the last time was that they locked on to her magic. As such, she used soul protect making herself virtually invisible*-

Unfortunately, Chita couldn't just MAKE herself smaller... She needed to wait for the effects of the mushroom to wear off... She jumped out of the way of the gigantic Miasma, only to see a Ghost right in front of her. As it tried to touch her, the Boo in her chest popped out and consumed it whole. At least she didn't have to worry about the ghost... But now, what about the Zombies? Hmmm... Or that giant Whale Zombie... Something wasn't right about that wind it was spewing out of its mouth...

"... The fuck is that?"

She summoned a large Boo to suck in the gas continuously... As in to not let it touch herself or Tyrande.. But it would seem as though Tyrande had created a storm that would probably handle the breath of the whale... So now it was time for more FIRE. She launched a few more fireballs at the rushing Zombies and at the whale in high hopes it would just incinerate them. Chita was getting a little drained. Bleh.

Even if physical, the darkness just caused them to regenerate, serving no purpose in a real attack against them. This was the main advantage of the Undead from the Final Fantasy world... Though the Maelstrom easily took out the skeletons... One of the Vampires was taken out, but the other quickly got out via warping, though because of the position of the ghost, it was also taken out, leaving 5 souls for Tyrande at this point.

On Chita's end, 2 of the zombies were hit by the fire, but one survived, leaving 2 souls for her. Naturally, the ghost was consumed by the Boo, and the Whale Zombie easily evaded the attack. There were 2 souls waiting for Chita.

In retaliation, the Vampire warped next to the Whale Zombie and the Zombie used Miasma again, though this time targeting Tyrande inside of her Maelstrom. Probably wouldn't do anything, but Zombies aren't that smart... And finally, the Whale Zombie started conjuring up a powerful spell... It seemed like the very essence of death was about to come...

-The attack wouldn't do much since the malestrom sliced through the attacks and ended them before it reached Tyrande, she compressed the malestrom in a hyper compressed spear of wind and hurled it at the while zombie past chita, what would ensue if it made contact or not would be a dome of slicing wind that could slice through steel like butter and it would slice whatever was in the dome a good 500 times or so, hopefully this would do away with the whale zombie before it was done conjuring its spell of possible pwnage-

Chita was pretty damn happy to get those souls, but wanted to make sure that the other zombie died as well... She noticed a strong magical reading coming from the Whale Zombie, which meant that it was probably going to do something powerful.

".. Tch. Big ass dead fish wanna do something big? Fine. Boo! Go take care of the other Zombie while I get the big'n."

She'd unleash yet another Boo to go try to consume the Zombie whole. Whether it ate the Zombie or not was a mystery, however it would pursue if it didn't.

As for the Whale Zombie, she realized that these undead punks were weak to fire... So maybe she could burn em. She launched a couple of fireballs at the Whale Zombie, hoping to completely ignite it without much problem at all, helping Tyrande to kill it.

The Whale Zombie already had itself fully protected from the wind attack, for it would open its mouth and let out a horrific moan, the Ultra Soundwave. The Ultra Soundwave would not only shrink the power of the attack down to an eighth of what it originally was, but also the size, making the attack minuscule and weak.

The Vampire would take hand it taking out the weakened spear, using Shadow Flare to cause a massive explosion where it was on the same proportions as a normal Flare, however now imbued with darkness and evil, completely obliterating it and hopefully doing some damage to the area, Tyrande and Chita at the same time, plus healing the other undeads and taking out the weak ass fireball from Chita.

The Zombie got ate cuz it's stupid, though.

The Whale Zombie would feel the effects of the Shadow Flare, feeling revitalized, and would then cast the attack it had been charging... Death. However, it shrouded its own body in Death, meaning that whomever it was to touch would instantly die... Thus, it started to float over to Tyrande, since that was the last one to attack it, trying to use its Fin to shmack her with it. The Vampire stayed close.

-Tyrande sighed in disappointment and annoyance to the results of her efforts, she figured she would be done with this whole thing but didn't fret she had her higher level magicks at her disposal now. After being very far out of range of the explosion Tyrande saw the giant whale coming to her position. She transformed into the Storm Crow form after putting the Void Rune and the Flame Rune on either of her hands. She flew around the Whales giant ass tail appearing in the sky with a giant black fire ball in her hands. She brought it down towards the whale and a large ass black hands rocketed out towards of the fireball and towards the whale which was a lot larger than it attempting to grab it and bring it back from whence the arm came.-

With Tyrande more adept in the magical arts, Chita wasn't going to go after the Whale Zombie.. But maybe she could help out by taking out the Vampire, since it seemed to be protecting the Whale Zombie from Tyrande's attacks.

"The little bloodsucker can't protect the Whale Zombie in two places at once... Ha. In fact... Yo, Boos, take these Bullet Bill guns and pop a cap in that big ass son of a bitch, will ya!?"

Chita made 3 Boos pop out via her summoning directly from the Mario World... But she was feeling even more and more tired with every move she made. Regardless, she continued, creating Bullet Bill guns for each of her Boos, and the Boos would surround the Whale Zombie from the front and behind and on one side, since Tyrande was attacking from the top of it. This meant that Chita was going to have to either attack from below or to the other side of the Whale Zombie... And it would seem that below would be best.

She positioned herself, charging up a large amount of fire with a majority of the remaining magic she had.

"Bring that sucka down!"

The Boos fired off Bullet Bills relentlessly from their positions while Chita shot off a large, explosive fire stream from below the Whale Zombie. She aimed to kill it, or at least the Vampire, if not the Whale Zombie.

With the barrage of attacks, the Vampire was torn as to what to protect the Whale Zombie from... And the Whale Zombie had no real means of getting through these attacks except for the Ultra Sound wave, which was shot out in concentration from its mouth, so it wouldn't be able to hit all of the other attacks if it did hit one. And so, this looked like their end.

However, the undead beings did not give up. The Vampire attempted to block Chita's attack with its Darkga spell, causing a large explosion of darkness (though not as large as the Shadow Flare), which seemed to work for a while, however the concentration of fire would burn through the Darkga and incinerate the Vampire, heading on to the Whale Zombie.

The Whale Zombie now had attacks from damn near every side of it... Bullets, fire and the black hands... Without any means of counterattack, the WHale Zombie would let out a horrific cry before being completely consumed by the attacks, leaving nothing but its own soul, worth about 10 normal souls, and the soul of the Vampire, worth about 5 souls.

"Ugh... Fuck, why zombies?"

-Tyrande landed on the ground with a thud dusting herself off looking towards the moon which was still out, using the Void Rune on her hand she was granted a degree of spatial awareness she sensed no more zombies and wanted to get the fuck out of here while she still could. She took the souls that were hers, the ones that she killed increasing her total.-

"Are you okay?"

-She looked to Chita who seemed as energetic as she...-

Chita huffed, her Boos returning to her and then disappearing, taking the guns with them. Chita felt really drained from this... She felt kinda weak. She never, ever liked the feeling of being weak in any sense.

"... Tch. I'm fine. What, you think I can't handle some shitty Zombies like that, huh?"

She would grab her souls as well, since consuming them would being her more power.

"... Eh. Sooo... Who gets the Whale's soul?"

Naturally, she wanted it because she was a greedy little thing, but because of her 'slight' change in persona, she felt as if it were... polite to ask.

"Well Sine you took the soul of the Dragon Zombie that we both killed, then this one rightfully goes to me"

-Tyrande said as she walked towards the soul, expecting Chita to do that tail thing that she did again last time Tyrande was on guard,she didn't really hunger for souls but it was the principal of the matter-

Chita was well ready to collect that soul, her chain tail flicking and stiffening, aimed at the floating soul... But then she stopped, realizing that she was being selfish. Her time would come... Soon.

"... Eeeh. I don't want that damn soul, anyway, so I guess I'll let you have it. I don't want that putrid whale's soul in me, anyway."

She was reluctant in saying it, but it didn't matter. Besides... she was too tired to fight for it, anyway. Her tail would lower and she sighed heavily.

"... Yeah, so now what are we gonna do, Tyra? We got all the souls and crap."

-10 souls adding to her soul could Tyrande turned around feeling a bit stronger maybe she had to go training soon, why not ask Chita to train with her? Eh... maybe if she gave a damn-

"Well, usually when I go soul collecting I go until I'm exhausted. But I guess we can go back to your mom now, see if she has anything for us to do?"

Chita immediately turned her back to Tyrande at the thought. She didn't want to go back to the castle for a while.

"To see the old hag? Tch. I don't think so. I don't wanna hear her bitch at me or anything."

Then again, Chita was very tired... She wasn't really in the mood to be defiant, so she'd just put up with Zita until she was rested up.

"... Eh. I am kinda sleepy. I guess I'll go deal with her shit until I'm all done using the bed or whatever. You can come if ya want, I guess. Just don't get too comfortable."

Chita started onward back to her house. She wasn't really concerned about if Tyrande followed or if she went off to do her own thing.

-Tyrande, who actually enjoyed Zitas energetic sexy presence decided to follow. She spoke as mellow as ever which is what she usually does to Chita.-

"Its either we go back there or you train with me for a while I feel as if getting all these souls has unlocked a new power within me. I don't know about you though."

Chita sneered cuz she didn't feel like exerting anymore energy into training. She'd get on that later. So it looked like she and Tyrande were gonna be going back to her place...

"... Pff. Whatever. I guess we're going back, then. Maybe you'll keep her in line for me, huh?"

She was the one that needed to be put in line, but whatever. Chita continued on the path to the Castle.

"You're the one that needs to be kept in line Chita..."

-Tyrande said as she continued to walk taking in the scenery.-

"You'll dread the day when something requires more of you than what its necessary. Don't get to comfortable."

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 7: Chita And Tyrande Are Back... I'm Going To Sleep.

Chita had already made her way back to the castle, Tyrande most likely behind her. She already had it planned out; She would go in, get some rest and Tyrande would distract Zita and talk to her so that she wouldn't be on Chita's case about anything. That was the master plan, and if she did this right, she could stick to it.

She made her way through the door quickly, leaving it open for Tyrande then briskly went to her room.

"Yo MA, we're back! Tyrande's here too and stuff!"

She quickly ran into her room and closed the door before Zita was able to respond, locking the door... which, in turn was futile since Zita was not only the master of unlocking any locks, but also breaking any seals. But, whatever. Chita immediately plopped on the bed and fell asleep.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 8: Heading Off To Dreamland...

Upon instantaneously falling asleep out of fatigue, Chita started to dream very quickly. Her mind and magic brought her to the Mario World, since she seemed to have that connection with it, and she would see 2 plumbers and a princess running about casually with a giant mutant turtle dragon thing.

"Sweet! M*rio, Lu*gi, B*wser and Princess P*ach!"

She wanted to go meet up with them... But before long, her body felt extremely strange... The cuffs around her wrists pulsated with an unknown energy... it wasn't energy from the Void... nor was it any of her magic... It was weird... It made no sense to her, but she could tell that this energy was not the same as any of them. It kinda pained her body.

"Ghhh... What... The hell is this...?!?"

Chita sluggishly slunk over deeper into the depths of this Mushroom Kingdom... It was starting to become distorted... darker and darker... Her cuffs continued to pulsate. A lot of pain... a lot...

"GH... AAAUUGH... What... what the hell!? Why does it HURT!?"

In the distance, her other could be seen scorning her up in the air. Rita. Chita found the strength to scowl at Rita, wincing in pain as she did so. The cuffs were releasing more and more of the energy... So much... Too much to handle...

Rita: It hurts because you cannot control it.

Chita looked up to Rita... She knew. She was a know-it-all that knew all about what was going on... the bitch.

"You're doing this, aren'tcha, Rita!? WELL STOP IT!!"

Rita shook her head, her cold, expressionless eyes glaring down in a condescending fashion.

Rita: ... Oh, you poor, stupid creature... Do you really think this is my doing? The cuffs suppress my power, you know. The pain you feel comes from yourself... The growing power within. Being awakened and channeled through the cuffs... Though, I cannot tell what the power itself is... Just that neither of us have any control of it.

Chita was shocked... Still in pain, but shocked. If it wasn't Rita, then it surely was a new power that she couldn't control... It was cosmic.

"Ghhhhh... Dammit! Fucking cuffs hurt SOOO MUUUCH! I WANT THEM OFF!!"

Rita's emotionless mouth suddenly cracked an extremely slight smile. It was time.

Rita: ... Well. You do have the power to get rid of those cuffs, now. Last we spoke, you had no power to even think of getting them off. Naturally, I cannot even touch those cuffs...

Chita still winced at the pain, but managed to look up coldly at Rita. Her eyes had pure hate in them. She knew what she was up to.

"Hell no! You just want me to up these cuffs so yo bitch ass can get out and run free! Well, I ain't havin it! I'll endure this damn pain for as long as I live if I gotta!!"

Rita frowned.

Rita: Well... At this rate, it does not seem as though that will be very long. The energy is poisoning your body, if you aren't blind. Though, I do enjoy seeing you suffer... It makes no difference to me what you do. I don't mind death as long as I take you with me. Remember, dear; You die, I die. I die, you die. We are one and the same, yet different and separate at the same time.

She made a good point...

Chita thought long and hard about this... Minutes passed as she endured more and more pain. The energy was indeed poisoning her body... She could clearly see it. She didn't have any other choice... She had to break the cuffs.

"FINE. I'll break the cuffs..."

She raised her arms up, the cuffs starting to glow with her own magics. The magics seemed more powerful than before, trying to overwhelm to cuffs.

"... But I'm gonna go look for someone who can read that power for me... I ain't askin the old hag. Naw, I'll go see Tyrande or somethin... She's pretty decent."

After a long struggle between power, finally, the cuffs were broken. They fell off and dissipated, changing into a sort of shapeless matter and darted off into the darkness of the void. Rita's slight smile appeared on her face again.

Rita: ... Finally...

Just then, Rita started to float off in the direction that Chita originally came from. Though Chita felt better, it would seem as though Rita now had full access to her powers.

"... You are foolish, my dear, for your mind is no match for mine. I overpower your simple mind completely, and thus, I now finally have complete control of the body. It is mine now."

Though Rita did know that Chita could slap the cuffs back on at any given time... She wouldn't because of how much they would pain her, which made her happy. But she knew the power didn't just lie within the cuffs, but within the depths of their body, thus, it would do the same to her if she dillydallied too long...

"... Just stay here, simpleton, and I shall do everything in my power to find someone that can help us harness this odd power. You are clearly no match for it.


"Ah, ah, ah... Who is in control now, little Chita? Not you, that is for certain. Just keep quiet in the back of my mind and I'll handle the business. Besides, I know where and whom to go to... You do not."

Chita couldn't argue with that logic... Even if she wanted to. She huffed heavily, glaring menacingly at Rita from the distance. It was time for her to play the waiting game, just like Rita had done for quite a while.

"... As I thought. Now, I bid you adieu."

The realm started to warp and change... Rita was exiting.

Rita opened her eyes with a smile on her face. She finally had control of the body she so long wished to have. Naturally, she would have some fun while she could, since the process of the energy poisoning her wasn't as quick as with Chita... And once the two of them knew the way to control it, Chita would slap those cuffs on again... Annoying.

Rita got up from the bed, noticing that her entire wardrobe changed... Magically, of course. It was marvelous to be free... Simply marvelous.

"Well... I guess this means I should be off. I do hope I find someone who can assist..."

She opened up a void of empty space, which she would immediately enter as it started to close.

"Though, not too quickly..."

It closed behind her as she warped elsewhere.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 9: Two Pending Deathscythes Clash! Siblyx VS. Leia

+_Leia would be surprised at the resilient Sibs, as she just blocked the strongest soul menace Leia ever manifested. This alone didn't piss Leia off, but it began to aggravate her. Then, sibs grabbed Leia as she began to feel a intense draining sensation, from all angles. _+

"Tch..bad move hunny.."

_+She said embracing Sibs accordingly in a full bear hug, her wavelength now completely laced around her body similar to an aura of black wispy energies. This was defend against any passive plasma traits she mat have in this new form of hers. Once The two of them had each other in a death grip, from every angle on Leia's person and from seemingly every pore, emitted a blade. Leia would look like a porcupine like creature, scythe blades about as big as trees jutting from her entire body and hopefully impaling Sibs. Her soul wavelength soul hopefully fight off any other traits or defensive mechanisms. Sibs was scary strong and Leia was getting a bit intimidated. She didn't expect sibs to die from this, but a major blow was assured she thought.+_

-The energy emitted by leia's soul wavelength would make the surrounding ring around the two of them grow even sharper as the technique was practically complete, Sibs would be indeed stabbed her plasma skin protecting her from doing any critical damage but the blow was indeed made, she couldn't help that. She lit the ring on her finger it would glow with a golden flame, warping sibs out of the range of the ring landing in a kneeling position leaving leia within. At the same time the ring now complete would slam into leia's waist and fill leias body with sib's frustrated soul which paralyzes the flow with crippling frustration and fury rendering them unable to move-


-Because she had used her frustrated soul techniques 3 times in a row she now transformed back to her former soul wavelength back to the frustration soul-

+_Leia had hoped that was going to be the finishing move, the one that sealed her the victory, but as she feared, Sibs got her way out of it. Although, Leia felt her blades piercing through the diamond tough Sibs skin. However, she noticed a ring on her finger. Once the ring glew, she would vanish, escaping from Leia's death grip. It seemed as if when the flaming ring was activated, it caused her soul to go on the fritz..

Oncethe ring retraccted into Leia, it would cause her to grunt from pain. Her blades would shatter in a white glow. She felt as if though all of her soul energies were restricted and being bounded together as if rounded up by some lasso. She then began to feel her movement become restricted as well. She then struggled to move her head to where Sibs reappeared and she smiled.+_

"You cheated.."

+_She said obviously accepting defeat. Although, she could have infected Sibs with her own death soul, she really didn't want to. She was beginning to get tired...and lazy. She was referring to Sibs and her usage of an outside technique.+_

"I could have done it either way... the ring just made it faster"

-Sibs said as she pressed her hand to her heart initiating her own custom made 'Soul Tap' technique which allows her to repair her own ionic bonding that removes any harmful things from within her own body and heals her wounds to a certain degree, it wasn't perfected yet-

"To me, it just sounds like you're complaining due to your lack of training."
-Sibs said sticking a tongue out teasing, with the way Leia moved and struck Sibs she could tell that Leia was relying on her own natural talent, which she had a butt load off but every time you absorb a soul you get more power which is why Sibs trains every time she goes on a reaping spree-

"Myeh, training is so over rated.."

+*She said kinda struggling but not really. The technique was still active and thus causing any type of movement to be a hassle+*

"But I do suppose I could use a little...brushing up."

+_she said playfully. She had to admit, she RARELY trained. And if she was to be a death scythe, that was going to have to drastically change.+_

"Oh shit... hold on"
-Sibs clapped her hands and the silver ring dissipated into nothingness leaving holes in Leias body where she stood, using her soul tap ability Sibs repaired the holes in Leias body and removed her soul energy from her as well., She walked over to her while she spoke, flipping her hair out of the way-

"Good workouts are fun! I go to space, and blow up asteroids and shit... it's great"

+_Leia exhaled, as if she was holding her breath for an extended amount of time. She then started to control her breathing while she looked at Sibs._+


+_She said putting her hands on her hips, rubbing them as if she was massaging the pain away. She looked at Sibs when she said that with a look of "wtf?" "how the hell do you survive in space?"_+

"I guess I really need to get my lazy ass up, neh?"

"That would be the idea, unless you don't want Shinigami-sama to dual wield us both!"
-Sibs said teasing again-

Suddenly, in the heat of the... talking... A void of empty space forced itself open between the two of them... The hole was large and ominous, distorting the atmosphere. Someone stepped out from it slowly, eyes closed and arms crossed. Once she exited, the void would close and her cold eyes opened, glancing over at Leia, then at Siblyx. She floated just slightly above the two of them, as she just loved to look down on people.

"... My, I really should have set more specific coordinates... Now I am here in the midst of trash. Revolting, really. Two brutes fighting in the same vulgar fashion that Chita does... Foolishness."

Though she considered the two of them to look... raggedy and skimpy, she needed to see if they knew about any information on the unknown energy that she had. Before they could say anything, she started to speak again to the both of them.

"... Excuse me, I have a question to ask of the two of you. I implore you to answer it truthfully."

"I feel like you're threatening me... but whatevs, whadayawant?"

-Sibs said, it was the norm for all types of weird shit to happen on this planet so she was by no means surprised that someone appeared before her with a high and mighty attitude. What was even more appetizing... was that she was a witch, Sibs looked at Leia who knew this better than Sibs did. Christmas come early?-

"Give us three reasons why we shouldn't just say, "fuck that" and eat your soul..right the fuck now.."

_+She said as she took her eyes from sibs to a witch who had the audacity to run up on the two strongest weapons in Shibusen..and insult them. This grinned leia's gears but all she did was inhale and exhaled with a look of disgust upon her face.+_

"You have 10 seconds."

"... I hope your perception of time is accurate. I highly doubt that you've learned to tell it. Do not be so cocksure of yourself, foolish trash."

Rita didn't even glance at Leia, though she directed her preceding statements to her. She seemed more focused on Siblyx, who handled herself more calmly. Leia reminded her too much of Chita.

"... You. The blond with skimpy wardrobe. Do you know of someone who can analyze energies within the bodies of a person? I am in dire need of someone who can successfully analyze a strange energy being omitted from my body. I do hope it isn't too high a power for you to comprehend... You seem more competent than your thuggish friend behind me."

Rita would have a high order of respect for anyone who could tell her what the energy was... Since she, herself did not know of what it was.

"I really don't appreciate you insulting my friend like that, the audacity of some people these days."

-Sibs said as she backed up a couple feet, something within her was kicking up maybe it was just her inner feeling as a weapon but she couldn't let this witch's soul go to waste it was smack dab in front of her-

"I'll tell you what you need to know... The energy within you seemed to be nearly identical to the one emanating from this card "

-Sibs said taking the letter she got in the mail one day from someone, it just had an X addressed on the envelope but seemed to radiate with a strange yet powerful energy she waved it around for a minute and put it in her back pocket, she then held her hand up to the sky.-

"But now I'll be taking your soul witch..."
-A lightning bolt struck Sibs' hand, this would be leias first time seeing this technique up close but the lightning super charger her reflexes and energy output, she also lit the ring on her hand making her so even FASTER, she appeared in front of the witch taking a step forward with her leg already planted on the witch's abdomen, moving so fast that an afterimage of Sibs was still back where she was flipping the envelope around a large crater appeared where Sibs aimed to kick straight through rita ending this now-

Unlike her counterpart, Chita, Rita was very perceptive and keen... especially in the soul department. Upon seeing Siblyx's soul fluctuate in a way that seemed threatening, she smirked, ready for a counterattack, as she knew an attack was on the way. Since Rita couldn't decipher where Siblyx was going to attack and how fast it was going to be, it was best for her to use an ability that could cover her entire body... The Sealing Force.

The Sealing Force surged throughout her body, the connecting attack hitting Rita, but also sealing Siblyx's power. Thus, no matter what physical strike she did from that moment on, the power would be little to nothing. She smiled, the force of the initial attack launching her fast and hard, but then a Void portal opened up behind her. Rita flew in and disappeared.

"... Quite impressive, brute. I do respect you for finding out the energy... Now, might I ask where it is I can find the person who gave you that card?"

Rita exited out of another Void portal, throwing her hair back a bit.

"... For quite a while now, I have done nothing but waited and watched in the background, learning and bettering myself. I know now not to underestimate your speed... However your power is locked away, sadly. Shameful."

*Sibs' soul was particularly special especially when it was hyped up with the Sun Flame, the latter of which was infectious. It hyper-activated the forces that would normally hinder our heroine into inactivity rendering them unstable. So when Sibs' kick connected, the Sun Flame protected her power from being sealed hopefully. The Sun Flame guarded against techniques of magical origin before, why should this time be any different? If not, it didn't matter she could always beat her to death*

"I don't think you were allowed two questions Witch."

*Sibs said looking at her foe who was a good distance away, her hair began to flail about as it glowed a reddish color*


_+Leia said, not even flinching at what Sibs and Rita were doing. As a matter of fact, she had her eyes closed with her hands in her pockets, while she witnessed the attacks, via soul feedback. Like most of them she read about, this witch was arrogant. And like most arrogant fuckers, she indeed underestimated the two of them. And for this, she would have her soul harvested accordingly.+_


+_Leia said, leaning her neck to each side, causing it to crack. This gave her a more relaxed feel, her eyes flaring open steaming black for a second. This was her using soul perception.+_

"Times up.."

+_Her body began to emit a black wisp, the same as her eyes were. Her soul was flaring...self resonance._+

Sadly for Siblyx, the Sealing Force was not magical at all, but an energy and a force merged into one, compliments of a mutation in Zita's Sealing Eye (even though they're listed under magic, they're not. Just easier to reference). Thus, something was getting sealed upon contact, whether it be Sibs' power or the use of her flame, itself. However, to seal the use of the flame, it would require more power on Rita's part... But that wasn't the point right now.

Rita noticed the soul of Leia flaring up... It was an odd soul. A soul of Death. Rita only smiled shaking her head.

"... How cute. A Death Soul is what you have? I highly suggest that you do not resort to any use of your soul this battle. You do not know what you are getting yourself into."

This was when Rita's own soul started to swell... It differed in color from the two of theirs, for it was purple... A soul colored with magic. Chita was too much of a... hm... Dumbass to use her awesome Soul abilities correctly, however Rita was very good with them because she had knowledge, which Chita lacked.

"... I absolutely must thank my mother for what she has passed down to me... And myself for these abilities I had invented on my own. Allow me to show you what a true Self Resonance is...?"

Rita extended one hand at Leia, then held her other hand outward slightly. From her hand pointed at Leia, her wavelength was shot out... Shot out in an unfamiliar fashion. It was a concentrated wave of Soul Menace with a hint of magical essence to it. Something Leia had never seen before... Rita called this move the 'Sonicboom' for many, many reasons. The first was because it breaks the sound barrier as it travels. Rita wondered how Leia would deal with that, but wasn't too concerned still.

In her other hand, a sphere of empty, infinite space appeared in her hands... The Void. It was unknown if the two of them had ever encountered The Void before in their lives, but Rita's main magical use WAS of The Void, which is why she was locked up in the first place. This move she was initiating, the Orb of Void, started to suck in anything within a certain radius of Rita. Though the orb did not get larger, the suction radius did, and soon Siblyx and Leia would be within this suction radius and hopefully taken into the empty space that was the Void. Rita was still on her guard, however, her magical wavelength flowing around her body like an aura... Waiting for them to come close.

-Thanks to the Sun Flame, Sibs was already behind Rita on the verge of phasing through her with her Astrophysical plasma form. This form being immune to techniques manifested on this plane because she is intangible and like a ghost of course being able to avoid the potency of Black Holes before and other gravitational affects. Should she phase through Rita she would decay from the inside out. However, she wasn't immune to being sensed by a foe skilled in Soul Perception that she could not avoid, so Rita may know she was there already. She aimed to phase through her completely invisible to the naked eye but very visible to people like Leia who were good with perception-

+_Leia read the soul of Rita, and had basically recieved a telegraph from her, what EXACTLY it was that she was going to do. Leia had never before seen this type of fluid movement of the soul since Tear....., nor could anyone possibly know the potential of a move they hadn't seen before. But Leia. Her soul perception was unreal, when she saw the attack formatting itself with her soul, Leia recieved a good 10 seconds to think of the best tactic to deal with the high class manever....but, being as lazy as she is, she, even in the heat of battle, also picked the one where she would have to move the least. Sadly for Rita, when it came down to it, Leia was an einstein....a horribly lazy einstein._+


+_She said, waiting for the projected soul menace..or 'sonic boom' to get as close as possible before Leia, temporarily, boosted her Wavelength to near maxim heights.This would cause Rita's attack to be suffocated in Leia's intense ass soul flare. She would soon name the move, "Soul Drown" or "Soul Flare". The force of the attack however, nearly got through the attack, as it erradicated the area behind and around Leia. This caused debree to kick up._+

"You're starting to piss me off.."

+_She had now reached a point in soul resonance that allowed her soul to become visible, a testament to it's current power. The wings of her Death Soul would flap around her entire being, creating a vaccum of her condensed wind like soul energy around her. It would cancel out the effects of the blackhole like suction, so long as her soul remained in that position. (so long as she didn't move.) She then inhaled, and exhaled quickly. This would cause her black wispy soul energy to be emitted like a raging hurricane. It would blast away, slice and dice, ravage and savage, and internally damage all that stood in it's way. Leia noticed Sib's in her current state and knew she would be immune to it's effects.+_

Rita wasn't stupid, herself. She was given information from Siblyx's soul reading in the same way that Leia was doing hers... However, not as high class as Leia's, of course. Siblyx needed to be taken care of first, since she was nearest and most threatening right now... But it was a good thing that Rita put up that barrier around her beforehand... The Synthetic Seal. It would stop the flow of energy temporarily in the area besides Rita's own. Thus, when Siblyx got near, she wouldn't be able to complete any actions. Now to concentrate on Leia...

"... Your wavelength is indeed strong, however, I bet you have no protection against magic, itself.."

Rita had already read Leia's Death Soul. It was great at destroying normal things that couldn't combat Soul Wavelength, and also Rita's own Soul Wavelength because of her power... But when faced against Soul Wavelength combined with Magic (what we like to call 'Soul Magic'), there was no defense. She had to practice combating that, which was perfect... The Soul Magic she used was the Soul Seal. It locks onto the soul as well as the wavelength of one and then uses a bit of Sealing Force plus magic to seal off wavelength and all other Soul Abilities instantly until Rita is to take the Sealing Force and Magic out of them. So, even if her wavelength was gone, she had only used it as a scapegoat to hide the magic and Sealing Force. But, by this time, she would realize that the Synthetic Seal was going to stop soon, thus Siblyx would be able to continue with her attack.

Rita expanded the void in her hand and zipped into it, then right as the Synthetic Seal was broken. She was becoming tired very quickly using her Void magic... In her own Void space, she panted heavily..

"... Cursed Chita... Your capacity for magic isn't enough to handle these two... We'll run out of magic before they are even done... However, they have been battling for quite a while... We might be on the same level. Hm. Maybe I should just use my Wavelength... No, the brute with her clothes on surely has a more powerful wavelength... I will need my magic... Sealing Force will only go so far... If only I knew what that unknown energy was. Hmph. Revolting creatures..."

Rita finally exited out of a portal, a little less tired than before to see the outcome. Naturally, she wasn't really NEAR the two of them because of what they were doing, but was still in the battle area.

"... Prinny Squad."

It was the only thing she could do. Summon the Prinnies. Just then, hundreds of Prinnies manifested themselves in the area, all wielding their signature shanks and fannypacks.

Prinny Squad: Rita, dood! We're here to help you, dood! For master Rita, dood!!

They were rather riled up. They were ready to assist her as she floated slightly above them.

"... This whole dilemma can be solved if the two of you stop being idiots and just cooperate. I don't know why ruffians always wish to fight..."

+_Leia would fall to the ground as if she had the wind knocked out of her. She couldn't..she couldn't feel her soul...and that terrified her. She was trembling, panting, never before had she experienced anything like this. SHe felt helpless. She didn't know how to combat it. =_


+_Leia said with a deathly smirk on her face. She was still on her knees, not being able to feel your soul wavelength is a scary thing when that's what you were built up on, and taught. "..So..this is the power a witch. Tch.." She thought to herself. She couldn't feel her soul but she didn't give up the chase. She rose to her feet ever so slowly, but at the same pace, scythe blades jutted from her back, and arms, and they were pretty massive in size. (not really, like as big as a basketball player).+_

"Im not telling you shit.."

+_She said, keeping her calm demeanor as a cover for her current...well, uncalm. She trembled ever so slightly as she looked at her._+

-Sibs appeared again out of thin space sliding to a stop next to leia she turned around and saw these penguin figured and Rita in the distance, for whatever reason it seemed that she wasn't able to carry on with her attack but she felt it in her gut that it would have been the end of the witch. She looked at Rita in the distance and she saw that slowly but surely her body was decaying the more she used her powers, at this point she had a critical decision to make. But he knew what she wanted to do.-

"It seems the more you use your powers the more you kill yourself, at this rate if we keep putting pressure on you you'll be the cause of your own undoing. Since that's the case... if you beg me to tell you. Then I'll tell you. If not, then I can make you kill yourself a whole lot faster."

-Sibs said with her arms crossed behind her head smiling a devious little smirk-

Rita sneered at Siblyx from the distance, her eyes narrowing as she turned up her nose slightly.

"... Are you insane?"

She pointed to Siblyx, the biggest threat at the moment... She could tell that Leia wasn't at her full potential thanks to her own magic...

"... I do not beg, fool. If you haven't the capacity to realize what you are doing, then I guess there is no other choice..."

Rita started to surge with a high amount of magical power... her wavelength was expanding. Her wavelength was extremely strong... growing much stronger... it acted like her Void Magic, in fact. It started to try taking in everything it could... distorting the atmosphere's space and time around her just a tad...

Prinny: DOOD! Please, dood, tell us what the secret of Master Rita's energy is, dood! We're beggin ya, dood, we don't want her to die, dood!!

Rita's flow of power abruptly ceased as her gaze sharply locked onto the out-of-line Prinny.

"Do you want to die? What is the meaning of your insolence, Prinny?"

Just then, the Prinny got on his knees and started to cry, begging. "Please, dood! We're beggin ya!!"

No sooner afterward, more Prinnies got down on their knees, crying and pleading at Siblyx for her to tell Rita of what the energy was. "Please, dood! We're beggin ya!"

"Silence, infidels! Your treachery shall have you all obliterated! Cease this at once, lest I use severe brute force on you!"

Prinnies simultaneously: PLEASE, DOOD! WE'RE BEGGIN YA!!!!

"Seems like you'd rather be stuck feeding your own ego than worrying about your own life...

-Sibs pointed to the sky in the west a large earthly base can be see peaking out from under the clouds.-

"If you had any real skill, you'd notice it was coming from there when I whipped out the card. Everyone can feel that massive amount of power whether they're a sensor or not."

Rita, stunned, finally realized the exertion of power that was the same as the one from the card... She hadn't noticed this before... But why? She was too caught up with those two to actually notice the power from afar.

"... What? It truly is the same power... The power within me..."

She looked at her prinnies.

"Prinny Squad! Did you notice this power as well?"

Prinny: ... Uh... Well, yeah, dood. Who wouldn't notice that unnatural fluctuation of gross cosmicy stuff, dood.

Rita fell silent for a moment...

"Away with you, Prinny Squad! You have failed me!!"

With a wave of her hand, all of the Prinnies instantaneously exploded, leaving no remains. Rita looked at Siblyx and Leia, condescending face and all...

"... Clearly, it was an error on my part. To be caught up with your foolish little game caused my mind to wander... Especially with this plague inside of me."

Rita started to float toward the power source, looking back at Siblyx and Leia out of the corner of her eye.

"... Your assistance is appreciated, though I would suggest becoming a little less savage and brutish... For this could have gone a lot smoother. Good day."

She pointed at her target place, opening up a Void portal... this time, her coordinates were precise, so she would not appear in a random battle as she had done this time around... This time, it was to the cosmic energy. She entered, having a final glance at the two before it closed behind her.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 10: Shuichi Takes On Some Magic Women.

-Shuichi Was In a snowy Field Walking around on his hands (hand stand) with his Mid drift showing (tummy) He was wearing a rather Skimpy Outfit for the recent weather but he didn't really seem to mind too much.-
"I Wonder if people really do show up to these requests.'

Just then, a portal opened up. From it emerged a girl, it would seem, that was controlling the portal with a magical power.

"... Drat. These portals really are getting annoying..."

She was floating a little bit above the area, the portal slowly coming to a close behind her, as she noticed someone doing... something in the snow. She looked down at him, naturally with a condescending look, and thought about speaking... But realized that he looked like a poor, poor commoner. She said not a word as she turned her attention from him, contemplating amongst herself.

-Shu Immediately Sensed her there. One of His best strengths was His sensory abilities.-
"O so your a witch too huh? I still Haven't quite gotten Into how magic works just yet."
-He was now upside down on only one hand. the other one was trying to fix his hair. He hadn't even realized that the women was trying to ignore him.-
"That portal sure was cool. Didn't have the flash of my Husbands but I wanna learn it anyways,"

Finally, she glanced over at the boy, annoyed already by his... insolence.

"... Learn? You have the capacity for that? Dear me, and did you also say that you were a witch? Such an impossible thing, especially for a commoner like you. You really must be stupid."

She started to look off into the distance, not even wanting to look at this guy anymore... looking at him disgusted her to an extent.

"... You are a fool. And if anything, you would be considered any normal pauper man that can use magic, not a witch. You can only be born a witch, as it is a race of female only peoples. Note my emphasis on female."

Even if he was definitely not a witch, she was a bit curious as to why he would say he wished to learn about such things... He must have been a magician or mage or wizard or something along those lines. Hmph. Inferiors, indeed.

"... Despite this, you imply that you have magical powers. If so, where did you acquire them? Speak swiftly, for I have no time to waste on you."

"O yeah? Hmm I didn't now you Had to be born that way. I guess that Zita women was a liar then "
-Shuichi always Acted Far younger then he was , It was unclear if he did it to mess with people or he simple liked to do it. At anyrate he giggled at the fact the women was so proud of herself.
He wondered if she really thought status meant anything in a world of Shinobi Barbarians.-
"All I had to do was sign some contract and big boobs said that I was a witch. She was reluctant cause I'm a boy though. But I'm Cuter then you are sooo I guess she let it slide."

-He finally Flipped up on his feet and Fixed his shirt so that it covered his tummy.-

At the mention of Zita, Rita was shocked beyond comparison. She finally gave her full attention to this guy almost instantly once he uttered her name, eyes a bit wider out of surprise than they normally were.

"Zita!? She changed you into a 'witch!?' With a contract, no less!? Why, she has no power to do--"

Then Rita realized that the only one with the ability to alter reality in such an odd fashion was... Khrona. Zita must have been trying to dupe some sorry little girl into becoming a witch apprentice for her because of... Chita's own stupidity. If only Rita were in control at that time, she would make an excellent apprentice rather than this boyish... trash.

"... Oh, I see what happened... Hm. You were a mistake. She only took what she could find... And sadly, yes, that was you. She was lowered to the standards of relying on a man to become her apprentice rather than her own daughter... How cruel that I... no, She could be replaced by you... Then again, if you hadn't realized, I am the daughter of the witch you signed your 'soul' to. I am the personality that she would be proud of. But instead, my other half, that wretched Chita was in control when she was looking for an apprentice, thus, you became her little towel boy instead via the reality warping contract of that Kage of the Dusk..."

Rita was feeling a bit disheartened, but quickly regained her elegant composure.

"... Tell me, magic boy, what sort of powers do you even have? What magic have you learned since you have become a 'witch,' as you say, hm?"

"Ummmmmm None I quickly Reverted to going home. I don't want to Tell Shinta-sa that I Had this done cause he Thinks of Magic as a "middle man" Type of Skill And would probably end up Killing me or something "
-He had his index fingers in the gums of his teeth as he spoke. He was rather Enjoying his encounter. Being couped up in the Darkness Manor Was not quite as fun as this. He Sensed a tad of anger and Perhaps Jealousy From this women. She could try and hide her emotions as much as she wanted He could read her like an open book.-

"O hey You Should Totally show me how to Use this stuff. Of course if you Don't want to I'll Go get Zita to ."

"None. As I thought. I can teach you none of my magics, for they are skills that cannot be learned with simplicity, like normal magics can. No, these abilities were passed down and encroached themselves into my magic... From that Valerio fellow."

Rita scoffed at Shuichi and at the mention of Valerio. Much like Chita and Zita, Rita seemed to hate Valerio just as much as they did. The one thing that they all probably shared in common, besides being related.

"... You dare threaten to go to my mother for such things? Hmph. I guess I shall teach you something, then..."

Rita raised her hand to Shuichi and it would start to glow and pulsate with a bit of magic...

"... I shall teach you the meaning of manners and respect for an authority higher than yours. You are merely a child in my eyes, and it would do you well to have a nice, disciplinary beating."

Finally Shes ready to attack me. The best way to learn about anything is to deal with it first hand. I have the upper hand since she Is taking me so lightly , I will try and keep her in that state of mind for a wee lil bit longer.

"Chakra Scalpel"

-With that his Hands lit up a Bright Blue. This skill was one that took immense chakra control and enormous amounts of Medical Ninjutsu Training.-

'Oh no all this talk about discipline is reverting me to my school yard day's Please don't hurt me too much."

-He took out a a small scroll from his backpack full of them now and Preformed some kind of jutsu that seemed to have no effect.-
"Sorry Just making it so that Shinta's Enchantment on me Wont activate in this fight. Now you can Discipline me Girly"

"... Revolting brute. You remind me so much of my other half... She is a crude and thuggish being just as you are..."

She lowered her hand, thinking up something better for him at this time...

"... As you may or may not know with your very apparent limited knowledge, all witches have the capacity to use simple magical creatures called their 'Familiars.' Spawned from our own magic via what our animal theme is, they manifest themselves into actual beings ready to do our bidding as we please..."

She snapped her fingers, and in a puff of some sort of cartoony smoke, a gigantic penguin the size of a house appeared beside her wielding two gigantic popsicle swords of sorts. It seemed to be extremely squishy and... soft. Like a plush toy, even. Its popsicles didn't look like they had the ability to melt, either, but seemed to take in the coldness of the weather to enhance themselves.

"... This is my Plush Penguin. He shall deal with you, ruffian... Though he is a physical fighter like most of the vile barbarians I have seen in my stay here, he is nothing like those brigands. His sheer strength is something to be admired, if you will."

Rita let an ever so slight smile show on her face as she petted her Plush Penguin...

"Now, go, Plush Penguin. Teach him how to hold his tongue..."

The Plush Penguin's popsicle swords started to surge with an icy power.. seemed kinda magical, at that. The Penguin's eyes were fixed on Shuichi in case he tried to move, but the Penguin continued to charge up this attack...

"OH it's like a summon But a bit cuter huh. I know this one. Summoning Jutsu Dark Gate keeper."

-Out of it popped one Of Vash's Summons In which Clearly He had made a summoning Pact with.
The mighty Dragon Standing hundreds of feet tall took no time In swooping down from the heavens
And launch Several Exploding Gate Keeper blasts. down on the Penguin who Would have to flee to get out unscathed and he didn't seem to fast to Shu This Summon was no B class Summon.

Shuichi may have been a runt But training with his husband and his constant learning Of Ninjutsu Put him up In the luege of Anbu. He Had even beaten rook One of Shinta's Chaos Anbu Spies. twice out of there 5 Spars.

As that was happening SHu Pulled out a second scroll out of it popped 5 corpses.-
"Dead soul jutsu." (lets the user reanimate corpses temporarily to attack)
-Like a flash the 5 Skikons Blasted past the penguin at The witch. 2 Tossed Smoke bombs. Two had a conjoined Chain to circle and bind her and the final one came in from above with a sword slash.-

Rita was definitely caught off guard by this... This power was most definitely not just his own... Or else she would have realized it.

"... Impressive. I would not have expected this from you."

Once the dragon started to drop down those powerful blasts, Rita stuck her finger up in the air above her Plush Penguin and opened up another portal... Of course, it was her Void Portal, and she had to touch it constantly to make sure that it didn't expend too much of her power and drain her too early. It was fairly large this time around, trying to ensure that none of the blasts would hit even a close proximity of her area, just to make sure that she and the penguin were safe. The portal would immediately close after the blasts came down, and Rita prepared for the next attack, her Plush Penguin still charging energy.

About this time, the 5 corpses would be rushing at Rita. This would be a tad bit easier thanks to her very perceptive abilities... Naturally this great perception was because of her being locked away in the back of Chita's mind, only able to observe everything all the time for so very long... But I digress. Whatever the case, these things were coming at her, and they were dead, therefore they had no souls, so Rita could not lock onto them with her Soul Perception ability. The smokescreen came then, hindering her vision... She couldn't see what was coming, but had a feeling that they were going to rush her and try to attack her from each side, since there were more than one of them. That's usually what happened with many different people attacking one target; gang rape. So, since using her Soul Wavelength to rupture their souls would be useless, Rita had a different Soul Wavelength ability that could rupture their use of chakra as well... It was a good thing that the people of the Dusk started to figure out and adapt to the use of Chakra, even though those who used Chakra hadn't adapted too much to how the Dusk people use Soul Wavelength...


From all around Rita, there was a massive, concussive explosion of her Soul Wavelength, but it also had her magic embedded within it, changing it into Soul Magic, as she called it. The explosive wavelength had the ability to rupture the entire chakra network at once as well as cause severe external and internal damage at the same time. Hopefully, these corpses were decrepit and fragile by now and such an attack would turn them to dust, even if they were temporarily brought back from the dead. If not, Rita would definitely be defended against the general attack with her powerful exertion of force from her body.

The smoke would clear and she would be able to see her assailants, in which she would quickly dive down into her Plush Penguin, it being so soft that she could just sink into it so very, very easily and rest in its soft and fluffy squishiness. She would pop back out once the commotion cleared.

"... Plush Penguin, launch attack."

It targeted Shuichi once more, the popsicle swords glowing with the freezing energy. With two very swift and decisive slashes, gigantic projectile waves of freezing energy would come out of the popsicles, freezing the very air that they passed through into solid ice, thanks to the already cold weather. Rita started to think of a tactical plan, for Shuichi probably had more that he was hiding...

-The corpses fell all around her body clearly now unable to move most with serious breaks and fractures. They were all surigically altered to look Like shuichi To the point it was creepy.

The shuichi before the blast Would charge alot of chakra into his fist and Punch at the Attack with all his force. For his Gate keeper couldn't get there in time. However Shuichi seemed to have been hit and sliced in two by the first and the second would make it 4.

The Dragon seemed to be enraged at the sight and swooped down to meele range to bat the penguin with his tail as hard as he could with a boom of energy.

The Corpse that lay dead behind Rita Would spring to life It was infact shuichi Who had switched with a corpse when he summoned them Knowing that the penguin was charging something deadly and to get in really close. Telling it apart from the other corpses was nearly impossible do to him being able to slow his heart rate down to nothing.

From such a close range and without any real warning avoiding his next close hand hit with his chakra scalpel to the back of her right leg seemed a godly task.

His scalpel technique is so refined it would cut the tendons in her leg and make her unable to use it.-

Rita hadn't activated her Soul Perception to actually view Shuichi's soul from a distance, so she definitely did think that he was dead, the corpse being instantaneously frozen once the waves hit and cut it, but when no soul popped out, she realized that it wasn't him and just then, she felt his own Soul Wavelength nearby, for all living creatures have souls and exert their wavelengths.

So, when Shuichi tried to attack her, Rita's chain-tail attached to her body kicked in, whipping around his arm and flinging Shuichi elsewhere in one swift motion.

"Ah... Something to thank that madman Khrona for... This tail he accidentally fused to me..."

Out of nowhere, Rita's Penguin was slapped with the tail, but naturally felt nothing due to its uber fluffy plushiness. It would be like throwing around a normal plushy... It doesn't feel anything no matter how hard you hit it. Though, it was launched quite a long... ways... away... Rita could easily open a portal and bring it back here, but it would take more energy out of her than necessary if she didn't touch it. Hm. She raised her hand and opened up a Void Portal once more, slipping into it. In the middle of the course of where her Penguin's flight was, another portal opened up wide, the penguin shooting directly into it and back down to Rita's original position, Rita falling out behind it and stepping on its squishy belly while the portal closed.

"Your dragon is rather... Angry, wouldn't you say? You really should learn to control it. I shall have my Plush Penguin try to cool it off, then. Launch attack."

The Plush Penguin, on its belly, would swing its popsicle swords once more, launching projectiles just the same as before, this time aimed at the dragon, hoping to slice and freeze it at the same time, just like the clone corpse... thing had been before.

"You really are more trouble than you are worth..."

-Shu would be flung through the air like the 95 pound muclless boy he was and fliped onto the dragons head. He looked at the damage of the Corpse.
And said telepathically to the dragon "You can Over power that thing even in his winter conditions. When your done eat it."

Shu jumped off the dragon and stood behind it preparing more corpses for later from out of his storage scroll's He never had a shortage of them working at a hospital.

The Corpses went underground at least 10 of them.

Meanwhile (at the super best friends ..>..<) The dragon's wings expanded and in between them passed a dubius amount of energy the dragon snorted as the attack came close but when it did the energy passing between the wings acted as a Tesla Tower (electrical defence current tower) of sorts and Zapped the attack dissingrating it. (Haven't used this dragon in a loooong time so nostalgic)

'Hey How about if I win this you teach me how to get at my magic. I don't need to learn any of your techniques but I need to know how to access it . Pretty please <3"

Rita saw that this dragon had great power... It would definitely be problematic if she didn't get rid of it soon... And she had two ways that she knew how... Sealing Force and Void Magic. Either one of those would definitely be enough to get rid of it, but it was safer to use the Sealing Force. It was her ability passed down from her mother and altered by Khrona, thus allowing more power than her mothers', which is the Sealing Eye. So, Rita could use that any time she really needed to... However, once she thought of that, Shuichi started talking.

"... Hmph. I do not make deals with trash. Especially male trash attempting to become a witch. If you acted like what you are, a male human, then perhaps I would have a bit more sympathy to you... If any at all."

She thought about the proposition, however... If he could indeed beat her, then he wouldn't be considered trash anymore because of it... Then again, she saw him using the power of another, for that definitely was not his own dragon.

"... Perhaps if you can defeat me with your own power, you will not be trash anymore. Therefore, it would be alright for me to associate with you. I accept your terms, then."

She knew that people who learned magic outside of a magical race was already hard enough... but if he truly was changed into a 'witch' as he said, then he should have an easier time than most using magic... Hm. Maybe he would need a typical staff... or a dusty old tome...

yes Im In Finally. Now only to win this battle.
hmm How much energy has she expelled thus far I wonder. At any rate she seems reluctant to attack head on Her abilities must come with the major flaw of using up quite a bit of her Chakra... Is that why You call magic a middleman skill shinta-dono

-Shuichi Jumped over the dragon tapping his head as he did so. When he did so the dragon instantly transformed into a sword. Though the dragon was quit large the sword was actually rather Small

He Rushed at the penguin. Clearly he couldn't just brute it into submission so he just had to ancher it. That's when the 10 Corpses poped up from the ground all around the beast each with there own scroll. The then preformed a ten point barrier around them and the penguin to stop it from attacking or moving any longer.-
"Here I come! <3"
-before he got to her he slid to a stop stabbing the ground with the sword leaving it there for now. As he went in for More meele ranged Taijutsu Starting with a punch and a kick. Blocking His taijutsu is not an option however for it would cut the tendons in the arms.-

When Rita noticed something popping out of the ground, she figured that these beings were going to attack her, so naturally, she got ready to defend, activating her Sealing Force... However, when they did not attack, that was when she started to wonder...

"... Hm... I see."

There wasn't much she could do about this situation, as the barrier on the ground had been made... He was just lucky that it wasn't a Seal, or else he'd be in trouble. So, seemed like she and her penguin couldn't move physically, but Rita was standing on top of her penguin, which was larger than a house, thus Shuichi would have to first jump up into the air to hit her, otherwise he would just be attacking fluffy puffiness which would not feel any of the attacks. Despite this, he was coming in for the attack, so Rita reacted accordingly by surging her Sealing Force through herself and her Penguin. If Shuichi even slightly brushed up against the Penguin, his power source would be sealed. Since he did not use Magic yet or any type of Soul Wavelength, it would have to lock up the third power source used on Vessy.. Chakra. If he didn't attack, she would concentrate the power of her Sealing Force as to seal away the power of the barrier, causing its power to be nullified and unusable again for the remainder of the battle.

-Shuichi Ran right up the penguin without any negative repercussion's To A witch this might seem odd. How could he have run up the penguin without touching it. But To a shinobi it is one of the most obvious and beginner of techniques however altered.

He simply used the water walking jutsu but instead of pushing off the water floor he pushed off and hover walked around the orbit of the penguin. He sensed her skill being preformed from a mile away. Even Magic runs on Chakra all things must to begin with and if there is even an influx of it being moved around he knew about it.

When his punch came in he stoped 4 inches from her chest and his scalpel would try and cut a major artery in her chest without cutting her skin. If he made contact He would have to heal her or she would die.-

It was a good thing that she had already surged Sealing Force through her body during the time of this attack, or else she might have been done for.

"... Such speed..."

When the chakra scalpel connected, Rita instinctively tried to lessen the blow with an internal surging of her own Sealing Force to nullify the effects of it and block (since you don't like the word 'seal' XD) the flow of chakra from coming in. To an extent, it lessened the blow, but it was still powerful enough to harm her and rupture one of her arteries... Rita yelped slightly, the penguin she was standing on forcing Shuichi away by compacting and then expanding its belly where Shuichi was, which should launch him off and leave Rita on...

She fell to her knees, yet still surged with the Sealing Force.

"... Tch... An internal injury... It feels like... it's rather dire..."

Rita knew that if anything were punctured, cut or opened up, her Sealing Force could seal it back together naturally, so she could only hope that it was one of those things and that nothing was destroyed, misaligned or broken. Sealing Force couldn't fix those things... So, where he hit, she concentrated the Sealing Force as much as she could into her chest, her penguin dissipating as to not keep her using up too much magic. Since it was a cut, the Sealing Force would gradually fix it on its own.

"... Impressive, indeed..."

That was all she could manage to say at this point, but knew she could press on. She still had some magic to fight on with, despite her using her two most powerful ones; the Void Magic and the Sealing Force. No matter, she would just have to recycle some she already had for a while... And she always recycled a majority of the Void magic she used just as long as she never stopped touching it. In her hand, a weapon seemed to manifest itself... a broadsword, made completely of The Void itself, harnessed via magic. Rita gripped the broadsword tightly, hoping that the Sealing Force would hurry up and mend her internal injury... She waited, on her guard, floating in the air...

-SHu went flying directly upward his short shorts ruffling in the wind. A Direct hit on her artery. Perhaps she could heal it But how instantaneously? Was she open for a few seconds? He couldn't Fall back down fast enough but the Corpses were uninjured and still in his control.

When the Penguin began to dissipate they immediately lowered the barrier and jumped at Rita from every side weapons drawn. Coming in for a 10 man combo . Though Dead soul jutsu Didn't allow any other abilities then Tai jutsu Shu Had very particular control over there movements.

All the while Shuichi in air bit his Middle finger drawing enough blood to form a seal on his left arm. When that happend the Corpses would explode at meelee range.. all the while Shu plummeted back down to hit her should she escape upward by some unknown means.-

Since Rita was floating when the corpses attacked, and it was very clear that Shuichi was in the air, given that she had launched him there with her penguin, that meant the only way to go was... Down. She slipped downward, floating slightly above the ground so that the corpses could hopefully hit themselves in the attack.

"... Really... A squadron of the dead? Then I guess I shall call in my own little squadron... Prinny Squad."

That was when the corpses exploded, but being in the air, the explosion wasn't really effective in hitting Rita...

"... It is good that I was not up there for that, it seems..."

Just then, 10 Prinnies (tiny demon penguin things) with their shanks in hand manifested before her. Naturally, being smaller, they cost a lot less to create than her gigantic Plush Penguin. And they were pretty strong... to an extent, so they could hold their own for a while.

"If you see any abnormalities, such as corpses or clones and such, do not hesitate to strike them down. Do not distract me."

She didn't want to exert to much more energy, lest she run out of magic... She wasn't going to accept it. Through all of this, however, she felt a terrible... pulsating feeling within her body... It felt like...

"... Curses, am I really working myself that hard...?"

"Oh Prinnies huh. We have one of them at Our house. I was never sure where it came from so I experimented on it to find out what it was.'

-Shuichi Flipped down to the ground 20 meters or so away And examined the situation for only a second . But in this second he deduced the condition of the battle. He was slowly wearing her down The Prinnies were there to Take out any more Reanimated corpses.

He gave a cute smile and then wrote in the palm of his hand in blood from his finger another small Symbol. When he did so Immediately a large blast of Chakra much like a rasengan getting launched from a cannon was fired out of his hand.

However that wasn't all. The sword made from the summon from before jetted out of the ground and flew toward her back If any prinnies got in the way they would be torn in three from the dragons energy and the speed at Which Shuichi Pulled it through the air with his free hand on durable Chakra strings.-

"... Seems as though if I use too much of my power, I will not be able to keep it suppressed. It will consume me from the inside out if I continue to fight... Honestly, going from a fight with two Jounin to here is just ludicrous... I must make my way to that place..."

Just then, she would be enveloped in a large black sphere... Another one of her Void portals. Since it was covering her entire area completely, the attacks shouldn't be able to hit her in the process, and plus, the Prinnies would jump in the way of anything that came near, causing them to explode. After that, the Void portal was closed and Rita would be gone. She had to get to her destination before the power within consumed her.

"Witches Don't have much resolve huh..'
-Shuichi Caught the sword and it dissipated. He stayed on guard For a few moments just to make sure this wasn't a double bluff then he sat down to organize his remaining scrolls. It was a good sign that he wasn't touched in that fight His tactical Skills were improving everyday.

He doubted it but He wondered shortly If she would hold her end of the deal.. That match was his and just running away doesn't change that fact.
As he sorted through he realized he had no more corpses left . Which made him think of the fight that happened and how Magic was used. He had to be honest he wasn't too impressed Was Shinta right about it being a Middleman Skill.. His Jutsu Worked just fine. He had to find out more.

He would then get up and Head back to His mansion.-

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 11: Out Of The House... Into The Enigma.

"Hmph. First time out of the house in a long ass time."

Chita, daughter of Zita, had been secluding herself within the confines of her own home. Doing what, might one ask? Training. Ever since her encounter with Mahk-X some time ago, she has been training to hone her skills and powers. Even though she wasn't the one that was fighting with him, she was still the one that needed the training... For Rita had The Void on her side.

"... That Cosmic Power was taken out of my body... That's the only reason why we survived... And now... Now I'm walking without purpose. My body is guiding me somewhere..."

Chita didn't know where she was headed or why, but she listened to her instinct more than anything, and it was telling her to keep going forward. Unlike Rita, who thought things through, that didn't work out for Chita too well. Perhaps that was why she had so much faith in going somewhere without purpose.

After some time of walking, Chita finally made her way to her destination... She could feel it in her body. She was in... The Enigmatic Ruins; the highest point of magical energy in all of Vescrutia. But why was she here?

"... The Enigmatic Ruins, huh? Hm... Well ain't this about a bitch?"

Chita, being a Witchling, had the power to open up the barrier with no problem at all, unlike a lot of people. The Barrier opened and she stepped inside.

"It's still beckoning me inside... So I guess I just hafta follow. Heh."

Chita stepped forward into the Enigmatic Ruins, still unsure as to what was calling her or why, but she knew it was going to be very important for her. She took a look around the outside of the ruins, then looked up at the sky... The barrier above.

"... It's gotta be inside."

Chita started running toward the inside of the ruins, following through the confusing paths as if she were the one who built them, making no mistakes in her free run through. She had to hurry before the Enigmatic Ruins decided to alter itself once again, for it altered itself regularly and without warning, so it could happen anytime.

"... It's getting closer... Stronger... Heh heh... I can definitely feel it! It's got some real power on it!"

She kept forward, continuing to run and run, until finally, there she was. One of the darkest pits of the Enigmatic Ruins with nothing around but two small items on the ground. They emanated with pure power.

"There it is. The power..."

The power that led her here... Two measly gauntlets on the ground.

"... Gauntlets, eh? I feel like I should be pissed, and yet... I just want to put them on."

She slowly walked toward the gauntlets on the floor, picking them up and putting them on. They seemed to fit only up to her hand, like gloves. They were simply metallic gloves, but they fit so comfortably.

"Huh. These are real sweet little gloves. Too bad they don't mean shit otherwise..."

Though without warning, Chita would be hit with a massive surge of power, causing her head to hurt enormously.

"GAH! Uuuughhh..."

She held her head, in which she found that she couldn't let go. It seemed to be the gloves... They had a voice that she could hear through her head.

Gloves: ... You are Chita. We have been waiting for you... Until that wretched power was out of you. It was killing you, and we couldn't have you with a weak body...

"... Who the fuck are you!? Why are you talking to me!?"

Gloves: Calm yourself, child of Zita. We are the Twin Gauntlets, Double X. Your power... Is one that we need. In exchange for your magic... Your Mario Magic, more specifically, we will become yours...

"... Your power... For my magic, huh...?"

Chita was torn between her Mario Magic or these badass talking gauntlets. She wanted to know more about their power, and she rarely used her Mario Magic. Besides, these could probably help her better her physical fighting in the long-run. But what did her instincts say...? That was what brought her here, and that was going to make the decision... Chita's instincts.

"... Alright. Let's do it."

As soon as Chita agreed, the gauntlets radiated with a wondrous light, one being green and the other being purple. The green was giving power to Chita whilst the purple was taking away from her. In place of her Mario Magic now would be the power of the Gauntlets, which was her new magical ability. Though these weapons were not magical, Chita now had a magical power attributed to them completely, and she still got to keep her wonderful and cute little Mushroom Kingdom Pets.

"... Woah... I feel great with this new power!"

Gloves: We knew that you would... We thank you for the transaction...

"... Hold up, I have to ask why you would want my Mario Magic, of all things?"

Gloves: Well... You see... The person who created us... Really likes Super Mario. He used us to bait you here so he could get your magic and have all of his Mario needs. It was ingenious, wasn't it?


Chita was a little bit upset, but didn't mind it because the power of the gauntlets would serve her much more than the Mario Magic did. In fact...

"Hey, what can you guys do? What's your whole... purpose?"

Gloves: ... Well as you have witnessed already, we have the ability to forcefully take away powers and abilities from those we touch as well as drain power into you. We may harmonize with other alloys, metals or minerals to increase our power and durability, making us stronger the more we take in those objects. We can also enlarge ourselves and increase our power if allowed to do so, and if we are outmatches by something of a higher power... Then we power ourselves up to that level and stay like that until something of a higher power comes into contact with us. Those are our functions... As for our background, we are an Artificial Causality Weapon made solely by the power of science. Our master... Cannot be revealed as of now, since you are our new master.

Listening carefully to their explanation, Chita took that into account and smiled. Yeah, these gauntlets WERE going to be much better than the Mario Magic. She just needed to see what her Gauntlet Magic could do now, so she would have to go into battle.

"Hey you think you guys could siphon out a soul if I touched something with one?"

Gloves: Depending on the power of the person and the soul, we can do so, yes.

"... Sweet. Soul Collecting is gonna be a joy now... Heh heh heh..."

Chita was just too ecstatic. But right now it was time for battle. She walked out of the Enigmatic Ruins to go find someone to spar with.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 12: Be Afraid! Chita Is Here For A Fight.

After getting those gauntlets, Chita made her way back to the main part of Vescrutia to test them out herself. She had to make sure that she knew how to use them correctly and wanted to see just how powerful they were beforehand... And what better way than to battle someone?

"Come on out, anyone! I won't beat ya too bad, I'm just practicing y'know!? But I can't guarantee that you won't get hurt!"

Alex would walk into the field with a lollipop in his mouth, as he looked at the women in front of him. He guess she was here to fight, like everyone else who come here. He pouted slightly at her as she seemed pump up for a match.

"You okay,you look abit crazy for a minute there"

Chita quickly found her opponent, cracking her knuckles through her gauntlets already a bit agitated by his words.

"Crazy, huh? Tch. You don't even know, little boy."

Then again, she looked about the same age as him, even though she was about 300. Oh well.

"Soooo... Time to test out these new weapons huh?"

Her chain-like tail flicked around playfully as she dashed in at high speeds at Alex, fist cocked, throwing a punch straight for his face. She aimed to punch the candy right out of his mouth from the get-go. Her tail also spring into action, the bladed end of the chain-tail shooting straight for his stomach trying to pierce right through him. Yeah, she was a little rough from the start but... Meh.

*~ Here to answer the call of the sweet voice of an angel was a long haired, boozed up, sloppily dressed demon weapon by the name of Yuri. He'd just come straight from a tavern close by when he heard the sound of a woman screaming about practicing for something. Curious about her and not what the hell she was talking about, he made his way towards where the voice had come from. But when he arrived, there was another present and it seemed like they had already gotten started. ~*

" Damn, I guess I'll just wait then.... I wonder if that chick has any cash on her. "

*~ Yuri said standing there and watching. Coincidentally, as he watched them he took a seat on the ground. No need to tire himself out more with standing, he was already pretty wasted as it was. ~*

Alex would look at the women, as it seems his guess was right. She had quickly moved to attack him without a second thought after her words. He didn't even move to evade or block and simply kicked the ground with his heel of his foot. Causing the ground under himself to change into quicksand, it raged out of control as it created a arm of sand. Alex had disappeared into the sand as the arm would move to grab chita's out-reached hand and drag her into the sands if she didn't move out of the way quick enough.

The sand would make a small mouth as it started to talk in Alex's voice tone. "How rude of me,I never got your name and there seems to be another person by the looks of it"

Well he was quicker on the draw than Chita gave him credit for, as he had slipped out of her reach and down into the small patch of ground that had become quicksand. The quicksand would grab her arm, but she didn't seem to care.

"Huh, well the name is Chita. If you forget it, you're dead!"

As she said that, her tail would shoot out and stick to the ground that wasn't quicksand, giving her leverage as she pulled her arm away with an incredible force, causing all of the quicksand around her arm to blow away. Her tail pulled her, retracting back to the solid part of the land so that she could stand, then plucked itself from the ground.

"Hmph. The best way to deal with quicksand is to get out in one swift, strong pull. But that's not the case right now."

She turned around and saw the other guy in the area, giving him a cold, yet angry stare.

"The hell are you doing here? You here to fight, too? If you're planning a sneak attack, I'll kick your ass before you can even pull it off!"

Turning her attention back to Alex, she clenched her armored fist tightly and sprung high into the air, gaining a vast bunch of momentum, then began to spin around violently to gain even more as she aimed for Alex in his quicksand state. She planned to hit the ground hard where the quicksand was, blowing all of it away with the she sheer force of her fall even before she physically touched it.

_-The crowd had seemed to of gathered. Watching as the all powerful witch Chita took arms aginist her foe, and form a distance Aura watched her cousin fight...she seemed different from their last and rather violent meeting.

She couldn't help but smile anne even letting a light giggle escape her lips as she watched...-_

Oh Chita..

_-the young man Yuri would hear the whispers of her words but before he would be able to turn and try to find out who such words came from Aura was gone leaving instead a gentel breeze to past him by, Aura was already on the battlefield yet out of the way of Chita sudden attack, completely on the other side of her, her eyes on Chita as she began to speak.-_

Really such language needed, Chita?

The quicksand was shoot into the air as it moved over the whole area now. Of course Alex was never in it to begin with, as she landed again. A huge tail would snake out of the ground from his puppet jaki, and aim to stab her in the chest. As the real Alex would still not come out of the ground. Even if she dodged the tail would start to shoot out a haze of poison into the air that was odorless . As once again the sand around the area would start to talk again. "Well Chita, I like the cut of your jeit but I'ii try not to forget for now anyway"

As Chita was heading toward the ground, she heard nothing but the voice of her seldom seen cousin... The daughter of her mother's brother. This was the voice of Aura, questioning her motives. Chita could sense that her power had grown, but she didn't know how it surpassed hers, as when they met Chita was stronger than Aura. That just pushed her buttons.


Chita hit the ground, as stated before, spreading the sand everywhere. She stood upright, the tail jutting from the ground and Chita grabbing it almost as if not thinking. Her instincts were honed finely after all this time, it seemed. Once the tail was grabbed, she heard a small pressurized air release from it. Some sort of gas was coming from it, she could tell, so without warning she clenched the tail hard, blocking off the circulation almost immediately after it started, giving it no chance to harm her. Seems like Aura's presence made Chita's mood change... Well, not really. She just got angrier. She plucked the tail and whatever was connected to it from the ground and launched it into a tree at incredible speeds, her attention now on Aura.

"Huh. What brings you here, little Aura? You were so timid and weak when I first met you, but now it seems like you've come up on a little smidgen of power. What's that all about, huh?"

Chita scoffed and turned around, trying to find Alex.

"... And can't you see that I'm in the middle of a battle right now? I mean, damn, didn't my uncle teach you any manners?"

Chita looked around for Alex, becoming rather impatient with him hiding somewhere. She clenched her fists tightly, tapping her foot on the ground. As she did this, the gloves began to speak to her mentally, but only for a moment.

Gloves: Call upon some magic and call out a name. This will be the start of the Magic Gauntlet power... Is that not what you wanted to test?

Chita clenched her fists tighter.

"... The right moment..."

As chita would start to pull on the tail, it would not budge from her point of view. Since jaki was in the ground, and locked in it would take the power to rip the whole earth apart to pull him out. Jaki would start to spin with chita gripping his tail and sent her flying away from the puppet into a tree and jaki would come out of the ground. It looked like a scorpion as it would give a smirk. As it opened it's mouth to let out more of it's haze of Poison into the area.

Jaki: !Another person, isn't this a joy for us!

*~ Shit was getting pretty real now and it only showed to Yuri that brats these days were too fucking strong.. for their own good. Now Yuri was really out of practice, really really really out of practice, but when he was young, and in his prime, he could honestly say that he could take these kiddies with his eyes closed. this only told him that he needed to start practicing again and so he stood up from the ground, fixed his clothing the best he could, and hoped he didn't reek of booze since he'd just come from drowning himself in the stuff. ~*

" Hey there kiddies, how's about you help me out real quick. "

*~ He didn't sound very menacing when he called out to them, and he wasn't trying to be, but his natural exterior kinda made him look like a typical delinquent from some random anime. Yuri put his hand in his pocket and pointed over his shoulder as he came a little closer to the fray making sure to steer clear of the poison being spewed. ~*

" Come on over here, it'll take less than a second. "

When Chita couldn't pull up the tail, she was happy to know that none of the gas, whatever it was, could come out of the tail, however that moment she dropped her guard, it flung her into a tree. She skillfully altered her position in the air, allowing her feet to hit the tree so that she could push off of it with incredible force, snapping the tree in half like a mere twig. She would launch straight for the puppet with its mouth open, not even worried about Aura anymore.

"Tch. This is nothing but a damn puppet in my way!!"

Chita's fist clenched tightly as what seemed to be a mixture of magic and wavelength formed in her hand... It was a... Soul Menace of some kind, though different in many ways... With a pure spirit of battle fresh in her eyes, she punched forward full force, releasing a massive wave of force with the power of a Soul Menace. This was her Sonicboom technique, which should have blown away or through the puppet and through its gas, though she didn't know about that. She was just trying to get it out of her face, and even if she didn't, the gas was gone. She focused her attention on Yuri now, who was doing nothing yet asked for a fight.

"So it's two on one now, huh? Fine. Magic Gauntlet!"

As she landed on the ground, a huge gauntlet similar to the likeness of her own on her hands appeared before Yuri, easily matching the size of his body and floating right in front of him, fist clenched. It tried to punch him with a quick, powerful punch and knock him clean off his feet. Chita continued to focus on Alex and his puppets, though, as he was the one she was testing stuff out on.

My apologizes, but what could I say..I've missed you big cousin...

_- Aura turned to this Jaki, she looked at the landscape, the sand and sky. She then looked back at Chita. Aura wasn't smiling, her expression was indifferent yet before she started to move away from the heart of the battle one could see a slight smile appear briefly across her face.-_

Don't take to long with them....We have much to talk about

_-Aura would turn from them walking passed Yuri and toward a hill mound were she would sit and wait...and possible interfere, just to mess with her cousin...she knew even together those two wouldn't be able to handle Chita yet she wait and watched....Chita hadn't changed at all since their last meeting in terms of personality anyway. She was so different from her mother, it was hard at times for Aura to remember that she was Aunt Zita's daughter....oh dear thinking of her aunt sent a slight chill down her
spine...she kept putting that off-_

*~ Gotta be completely honest with ya here, Yuri wasn't expectin' an attack in such a short period of time. It barely gave him any time to counter... actually it gave him no time since he wasn't ready for it. The mammoth sized fist literally knocked the guy off his feet, followed by quite the silly display of flipping before he landed on the ground. Wasn't like he was injured by the sucker punch, he just wasn't expectin' it. He sat up and scratched the back of his head. ~*

" Damn, I was just gonna ask for some cash to cover my tab at the tavern. Kids these days. "

*~ He said, mainly to himself, before he stood up and went on his way probably back to the tavern. Gettin' sloppy drunk again seemed like so much more fun than getting his ass handed to him by brats. This wouldn't be the last time they saw Old Man Yuri though.... ~*

Jaki would start to spin again in a reverse fashion, as the punch that became a sonic boom.It would be lessen by jaki wind wall, but the puppet was knocked off it's feet to the side.It soon got back up as it only had a few scratches along the surface of it. The back of the shell would open up as alex would come out and stand on his puppet's head. First rule was to observe the opponent for any flaws, or a general summary of there power.It seems that both of them, haven't even used a faction of what they can do. "It seems your full of surprises, and it interests me"

He gave her of his smiles that has hundred meanings in one. As he threw out 5 scrolls into the air as they made the poof sound. 5 different puppets appeared Kin, Marron & snips, Tenma, thunderbird, and Bane. As Alex would just sit on his pet jaki back and look at chita.He simply moved a finger as each puppet got into there spots for battle. Bane would be the first to run up at Chita as marron & snips would jump on bane back as she used it to bounce herself higher.

Bane would move to smash or match her gauntlets in a power of strength.As for Marron & snips as snips would open up his mouth to release a smoke bomb, then a poison bomb over the area. As for kin, he would stay by alex's side as he started to watch the fight. Tenma and Thunderbird would be in the sky as they hovered over the field. Alex being himself would look at chita moves from here on out.

Chita saw Alex pop out of his puppet, as did she see Yuri leave the premises. Seems like he really wasn't there to fight, but Chita saw that as a moment of weakness in him. Regardless, her target now was simply and only Alex, as Aura had decided to sit out and watch or something. Maybe she was waiting for Chita to tire herself out so she could come in for the kill. Didn't matter, she wasn't her opponent in the first place.

"Surprises? You? Huh. You're nothing special to me!"

When he threw the scrolls into the air, Chita pulled her gauntlet that she punched Yuri with close to herself. She saw than numerous puppets came out of the scrolls in addition to the one already on the field and she scoffed, becoming annoying.

"Bringing out more people because you can't fight me on your own? I thought this was a one on one match, but I guess not. But what sucks for YOU is that I have some lovely allies of my own to help me out!"

She touched a few of the accessories on her body; Ankle bracelet, necklace, bracelet, ring and belly ring, and from her chest came a wispy creature that seems to reside inside of her body. These creatures were the Chain Chomp, Piranha Plant, Bullet Bill, Bob-omb, Lakitu, and the wisp was actually a Boo. They were going to be the ones holding off the puppets while Chita went for Alex. Though she personally preferred handling it herself, she knew that her little buddies always wanted to help out.

Anyway, the first of the puppets ran up first, apparently trying to fux with the gauntlet, but thanks to the Chain Chomp, that wasn't going to happen. It rushed in with great speed and power to knock away the puppet with its invulnerable and practically indestructible body. As for the poison bomb in the air... Boo took the Bob-omb into the air and into the depths of the smoke and the smoke would suddenly change another color. Boo and Bob-omb were planning to fight with Marron and Snips. Lakitu flew up in the sky as well to combat Thunderbird and Tenma, taking control of all of the clouds in the area very quickly and combining them with his own cloud. Bullet Bill launched itself at Kin at speeds faster than a bullet, trying to destroy it, while the Piranha Plant seeped its roots into the ground and started to grow and multiply.

Now that the puppets had some busywork, Chita took off at Alex once more, this time having her huge floating gauntlet take the lead and flying in front of her swift-moving body. The gauntlet would either try to hit him or hold him in place as she prepared another Sonicboom for him. She punched forward with great strength sending the Sonicboom to him in an attempt to knock him away and severely damage him both externally and internally.

Alex was watching the match as the smoke covered the area, this was getting more interesting by the second. As it seems that she had her own little army at her side. Alex just took more mental notes for the future, and looked at his puppet bane. He was getting charged by a huge chain ball monster, but bane just snapped in half as both half's would move aside to evade the attack. Causing the chain-chomp miss it's attack as it went past him. Bane would be behind it as it retracted it's body into one piece again, and grabbed the chain that was trailing the monster. Bane used his elemental earth power to grip the chain harder and start to spin the chain-chomp in the air like a wreaking ball. As bane used his new weapon to smash into the Piranha Plants that were spreading if it worked anyway.

Marron & snips would use the bunny puppet sonar, as they found there targets. They shot a sonic boom from the bunny puppet to hit the boo & Bob-omb. As Thunderbird gave Tenma a great push of air, for him to move in front of kin, well where he once was as his stinger blade to block bullet bill. Once Bullet bill would hit the blade, it would start to melt from the contact of the sword. Thunderbird would look at the lakitu, and summon his own clouds into the air. Kin on the other hand had left the field or was hiding during the smoke screen.

Alex placed his hand over his head, as he grabbed xeal his spirit. Then placed it into his puppet jaki body, as he seemed to real pissed now. "Well puppets don't count as people, and neither do your's still a one on one by my standards " Chita seem to rush out of the smoke and a huge magical gauntlet followed. It came forward towards Alex as xeal inside of jaki body would start to shoot out meancer strings as they spread over the whole area invisible to chita. The magical gauntlet would be suspend and not moving as the strings would weaken it's power. As for the sonic boom Alex would do a hand-sign to make a wall in front of himself to block it.

"Meh....I really don't like to get my hands dirty, but I guess I have to" He pulled off the tail of his puppet jaki, and placed it on his arm. It turned into a whip blade that has poison over all the tips of the weapon. He soon jumped over his wall and appeared in her view again. As he pulled out the wall with so much force, that it cracked and he swung it at chita in a attempt to cut her wide open. Alex was smiling as his lollipop was still in his mouth, this was just getting started.

Though Alex thought that it was just getting started, he would find that it was probably coming to a close, if this worked correctly. The smoke had changed color as it spread over the area, which showed that Boo and Bob-omb had successfully completed their task of taking total control over it. Boo would have gotten rid of the original smoke while Bob-omb would have released different, silent explosions of Tear Gas and Sleeping Gas in place of the normal smoke and poison. Therefore, Tear Gas and Sleeping Gas had covered the area. To avoid being hit, Boo and Bob-omb disappeared and reappeared near Chita, Boo enclosing itself around her head to ensure that none of the gases affected her, being used as a helmet and Bob-omb became an accessory again. Alex shouldn't have known about the gases until it was too late, and therefore, since he was breathing, he should have been blinded and generally incapacitated by the Tear Gas and knocked out by the Sleeping Gas.

That aside, the Chain Chomp was lifted and swung around, destroying the extra Piranha Plants and turning the main one back into an accessory as well, being thrown across the field and changing back into its form of an accessory on Chita's command. It would float back over to her and connect back to her body.

Meanwhile, the Bullet Bill was moving at a speed far greater than to just block and be unscathed. It would have hit the stinger, but easily broken through due to its speed, force, and the material that its body was made out of... Not to mention it was bursting with rocket power, therefore it should have severely damaged Tenma before being changed back into accessory form, non-melting. It, like the other accessories, would float back to Chita.

Finally, Lakitu would be handling everything in the sky, releasing a multitude of electricity from its cloud that seemed to cover the entire sky to zap everything that was there. Taking control of all of the normal clouds gave it such range and therefore doing such a thing only took a moment, even with the other artificial clouds in the area. After launching such an attack, however, Chita wished for it to change back into accessory form, which it did, and it would float back to her.

Now, with Chita, she noticed that her Gauntlet was caught for a moment by something, but wasn't exactly sure as to what. Looking at Alex, she saw that he had used some sort of spirit-like thingy and figured that activating her Soul Perception would allow her to see what it was doing... Since it's a spirit, you know. Her eyes gleamed as the strings quickly became noticeable to her, and she started to evade them accordingly as she made her way toward Alex. She could now see him through the wall, as she could view his soul, and could also tell that he was going to attack (If he wasn't asleep, mind you, which he should have been. So, what she did was she dispersed the one magical gauntlet caught by the strings and instead created one more powerful and larger right in front of herself making an uppercut motion, plowing through the strings, the wall, hit attack and hopefully Alex with monstrous strength and force. It did not seem to be effected by the power of the strings at all, oddly, however...

Alex didn't even stop moving as he entered the tear gas and sleeping gas combined. Alex wasn't as effected like other people, because he was used to poison, smoke, and other gases that made to effect the human body. He started to spin as the flames started to appear on his body, and made the gases to disperse in the air causing it to be useless. He stopped as the gas seemed to be destroying the smoke, and he stood there with his weapon pointing to the sky.

As Thunderbird was up in the sky, it would look at the clouds. The lightning had struck extremely fast, but the bird didn't even fall. It was a lightning type can absorb lightning, and sent the charka to it's master charka reserves. Thunderbird would start to flap it's wings as it sent it's own lightning at chita. It would create a small lightning cage around her to block her movement.As for Alex on the ground tail blade would be struck by some of the other lightning. Leaving Alex without a scratch or injury on his body as the tail blade would start to spark violently.

Bane had ran in front of Alex as he put his hands to block the magical gauntlet.Of course it would be weaken by all the meancer strings in the area. Also because the strings were made by xeal, they would be sticky as they latched onto the gauntlet stealing the charka made to create it.So bane was able to keep his footing as Alex would walk away from him.Then quickly stabbed his weapon into the ground as it moved in the ground, and aimed to snake around chita's leg. If it worked it would both, shock the hell out of her and poison her body with his paralyzing potion.

Chita could see that he was trying to stop her from getting close. Sadly, nothing he would do could stop her at this point. When the lightning cage was made, Chita was stopped for a brief moment, however slammed her fists together as they would both glow a bright green color. She would touch the lightning cage, not even seeming to be shocked by it, as the electrical current would only go into the gauntlets and be converted into power for Chita. This was one of the powers of the gauntlets.... Their draining capability. They couldn't drain things that fast, though they were given quite a steady power supply thanks to the cage and now Chita planned to make more gauntlets.

The large gauntlet had indeed become weaker, but was still very powerful all the same, so said weakness wasn't really an issue. It still severely harmed whatever was in its way, however its purpose had been served. It dispersed as Chita now concentrated on creating a different gauntlet...

"Hades... come forth, the gauntlet Hades!"

Just then, the gauntlet appeared a bit smaller than the one before it, though with an entirely different power. This one would actually stop the power from the strings from activating, as it negated the abilities of what it touched, as long as it had enough or more power to do so... And it was clear that Chita had more than enough. It rocketed through the strings, deactivating their abilities, and shot straight for Alex. If he tried to use a puppet this time, then upon contact with the fist, they would become unusable for a long while. Either way, it was planning to punch the shit out of Alex. Especially if he was stationary.

Next, the weapon. Of course, Chita could not tell that he had placed it in the ground, however lucky for her, he made the sad mistake of attacking her leg. As stated before, Chita had an ankle bracelet that was one of her little mario friends, and as such, when the weapon tried to snake around and electrocute her, the little accessory would stop it like a homie, leaving Chita untouched by the weapon. When she noticed what happened, it was already over, but she was grateful about it.

"Thanks, Chain Chomp."

She quickly focused back on the task at hand, a big, devious smile appearing on her face.

Alex would make a mental note of her abilities, and save it for later. He looked at the bane as he seemed to stop the magic gauntlet at the price of his arms. He would remember that this was getting more interesting indeed, which brought him more joy. The gauntlets must have a draining effect or something along those lines.

Tenma would quickly move in front of Alex, as he didn't have one arm and his blade was broken. He opened his mouth as a shock wave of demonic energy was shot out. It hit the Hades gauntlet, as it over flowed the charka and disrupted the flow needed to keep it's power. It quickly dispersed as Alex would look at her with his own smile.

He then ran toward Chita as he held his blade out.Then started to swing his poison blade at her aiming to cut her wide open again. Of course he did one handsign with his free hand as a huge dome appeared over both chita and Alex. It was about 15 feet height and 20 feet in width as it left no opening for to get out for the both of them.

By now, Chita had fully drained the electrical cage around her, both freeing herself and giving herself a nice little energy boost because of the drain. However, now that this happened, Alex came rushing at her again, creating a dome around a small area between the two. She guessed that he was thinking that she was going to try to escape this attack or something, but in actuality, that was a very, very wrong misconception. When the blade came at Chita, she quickly grabbed it, the poison and the blade not effecting the gauntlet at all, as she began to drain and convert the energy now coming straight from Alex. Also, if the weapon was made out of some sort of alloy or mineral, the gauntlets would also begin to consume it and cause themselves to have properties of said alloy or mineral and leave Alex without a weapon.

Chita also seemed to be muttering something under her breath as all of this went on, and suddenly a powerful force would knock the two of them away from each other and to opposite sides of the dome. Chita only smiled, cracking her knuckles in anticipation for some more. She was trying to only use her gauntlets in this battle and they seemed to be working out quite well. They were versatile and generally could get the job done without her having to resort to using her other magic or her soul abilities, as shown by the fact that she hasn't used any. She liked that a lot.

Alex had trapped chita inside his Endless dome, and he smiled to himself. This meant that every second, she was in here. Her charka would start to be drained from her body at a fast rate, and be fed to the wall itself. The walls now are able to resist her attacks because it has a taste of her. If any of her attacks would try to break out then, they would react and redirect her attack to lessen the damage. Then repair the dome to a perfect condition again, it would need a huge source of power to put a hole in it.

As for his blade, he would be caught by her gauntlets, and chita seemed to be trying something. If Jaki's tail blade was a normal weapon, then her effect would have worked. Sadly the blade was made out a special metal that would block any foreign effects, so the blade would not be consumed by her gauntlets. As it would as least cut her side, as it squirmed free.

Alex was soon thrown to the other side, of the dome. He stared at her, and thought about his next move. He unleashed his weapon, so it would look longer and started to spin it over his head. Then he extended it out to impale at her, from the spot where Alex stood. Even if she started to dodge, he would force his blade to retract to Alex and cut into her if he was lucky.

Chita was shocked to see that this metal couldn't be taken in by the gauntlets, but it was a very trivial matter, as they could still copy the material in which it was made just by touching it. This could be used for future reference, thus still leaving her generally safe from that attack.

But, as stated before, they were now on different sides of the dome and the dome seemed... strange to Chita. She could feel a drop in her power, but she wasn't doing anything. She knew that it wasn't the blade's doing, as she had come in contact with that before... So clearly narrowing down the options, she figured that it had to be the dome. She smirked, as now she could test out something else...

"... Oh, you think something like that's gonna work? You're wrong, guy."

She held her arms out and concentrated, though it did not seem to be on Alex at all. She wasn't even looking at him. The fact that she wasn't looking at him should have been a sure hit for his attack that stretched across the field, correct? Well instead, when it was about to hit Chita, it would seem to have been deflected for no reason at all. Chita wasn't even looking and there was clearly nothing up. Yet, Chita still maintained her focus (surprisingly) and continued to concentrate on whatever it was she was doing.

Alex being the person he was wondered, what the hell happened. His blade was just reflected but he didn’t even know for sure. She must be planning something, and this put him on edge to the event. He didn’t want to do something stupid, because she was standing there. Doing nothing that seemed logical, and he had to do something.

He decided on doing, what he usually did in these type of issue. He calmed down as he did handsigns as he got ready. His mouth would suck in a large amount of air, and saved it up. Then quickly a large cyclone of Flames would start to head for chita, and spin at a very excelled speed that would surely tear anyone apart. As the Dome kept doing it work as it stole her charka, and it increased it’s pace to try to steal her charka in one go.

The drain was taking its toll, however it was rather obvious that the drain of chakra Chita was using up for this ability wasn't as bad as if she were to try to defeat Alex while still within this dome. As he was, Alex couldn't stop her right now, but only watch as she did what she did best. Fuck shit up.

Chita, still not looking at Alex, seemed to still be concentrating rather thoroughly on whatever it was... the dome. A smirk slipped across her face as she triumphantly snapped her fingers, then quickly closed her hands. Upon the snap of the fingers, about 10 different moderately large gauntlets would be seen touching the dome, glowing with a few different hues as to show they were doing multiple tasks. From the design, they could be seen that they were Hades gauntlets, however they had been invisible. 8 of them were touching the dome whilst two were directly in front of her, protecting her. They had been invisible because she had used Hades gauntlets mixed with the Dawn Whisper ability, allowing them invisibility for that period of time. They were also glowing to show that they had negated the effects of the dome itself and were at the same time draining the chakra it had within it into Chita to restore a vast amount of what she lost, though not completely. Closing her fists made the dome disperse into nothing and be drained as the gauntlets dissipated, right in the nick of time, too. It was right when he sucked in that air.

Chita knew he was going to attack. She didn't know how, but clearly it was coming from his mouth. Her brain told her to jump, but instinct told her to blast through with destructive force. She definitely had a move for that... The Ice Breaker. Though having the abilities of these gauntlets for a very short time, she seemed to be pretty adept with them... They must have been synced with her brain and her soul, like a sort of soul weapon... though... not one.

"... That's cool..."

She finally said it aloud, though when she did, the cyclone of flames were spewed at her and ready to incinerate her. Not to worry. The Ice Breaker was ready to go. Around the gauntlets on her hands came a very powerful, compacted force with the power to 'break through anything,' as it was described. It hasn't been proven if this is true yet... But she could damn sure use the ability in a recreational way right here and now. Letting out a battle cry of sorts, she cocked her fist back and dashed forward, picking up pretty good speed from the start with nice acceleration to back it up. As the ardent flames aimed to engulf her, Chita let out a mind-blowing punch with immense force, the force being shown by the hole in the center of the flames. Chita's determined battle eyes stared at Alex, the rest of the flames dispersing around her as she cocked back her other fist, still running toward him now at top speed.

"C'mon, fight like a man... With your FISTS!"

She threw the second punch with much more speed and force than the first, thanks to the gained momentum, and this time aimed to get a solid hit off of Alex right in the jaw and knock him clean across the battle area... Or hell, even out of it.

Alex pulled out some crosses as he knew, what to do now. As chita had so willing disrupted the flow of the cyclone but at what cost. Then she quickly run straight at himself, wanted to beat the crap of him. Soon he threw his crosses above her into the air, as he didn't much time to react to the blow. It came out as it knocked his head off his body, and Before it was destroyed it said a few words, and said with such sting to it. "I'm a child"

As she hit his head off,the headless body would quickly grip her out reached arm, as it started to produce more charka strings to attach to chita's arms. It was there to try to keep her in place. As the crosses would start to move in a circle around chita, in perfect sync. Of course the purpose would be to make a large cocoon around her, made of meancer strings. He used more charka increase the power of the strings. If that worked it would reduce her magical power,suck her charka, and stop body from moving any part of her body.

Alex would be sitting on a tree branch, as he through of his next move. If there was one, which there might be because knowing her. Well Knowing her for a small amount, he would guess she would fuck shit up. He snickered to himself as his other puppets would look at chita.

She wasn't prepared for the puppet to grab her, but definitely had something for it.

"Why you fucking--"

Though she was cut off by a certain presence... Something that triggered her Soul Perception.


She could see his soul throughout all of the bustle, the tiny glowing speck in the nearby tree. How cute it was. The strings wrapped around her arm, but of course that didn't stop her feet from moving at all. As the Meancer strings shot down at her, Chita had already dodged them without knowing they were coming, making a mad dash at Alex with his puppet still attached. It didn't take her too long to realize it was there, and she would rip it off of her with great strength, crushing it in her mighty grip. The dust barely escaped her clenched fist as she ran even faster.

"Quit running you little pussy!"

She wanted to keep him in place by all costs, and had just the move for it. Her final step on the ground shot her into the air straight at the tree-sitting boy in front of her like a rocket, ready for another great punch. When it seemed as though she would have no time to keep him in place, the colossal shadow of a massive hand loomed over the trees and only the trees, ready to smash them all with the utmost force. A gauntlet. Far larger than the rest, even. Chita was serious about keeping him in one spot so she could knock his head off right here, right now. This gauntlet was... the Galaxy Crusher.

The Galaxy Crusher, from the time it appeared to the time Chita was going to knock the hell out of Alex, was releasing an immense and intense crushing force to make everything in the shadow of its hand be crushed. It wasn't a downward crushing force, either... It was an individual crushing force that came from every direction, as if one were having someone try to squish them from every side. This was how she aimed to keep him stationary.

"Let's see you grit your teeth, BOY!!"

Chita clenched her fist tighter, assured that her fist would connect directly with his face.

Alex just give one of those interested expressions, as she was caught by his strings All over her arms, which were the main threat for the moment. The charka strings would start to suck out her charka, and as she jumped they would restrict her into the air. Then pull her up into air, as her body formed into a cross shape. She was below his tree, and was running out of candy to eat.

"Temper gets people killed, silly girl"

After he said those last words, he did one of those troll smirk that people hate. The strings soon would be infested with small spiders as they start to bite her body. They also were spreading more poison gas throughout the air and soon enough all the air would be contaminated.

Without much of her consent, Chita was pulled into the air by the strings that she had halfheartedly left on her arms. Her anger only increased and her Galaxy Crusher would be formed, however she noticed the greater drain that it had on her as she did it.

"... Tch. FINE. I GUESS I'll have to use my OTHER abilities, too..."

Chita's pupils gleamed brightly for just a brief moment and finally from her body a powerful and massive force would burst from it, consuming a large part of the area (much like that of an Explosive Wave from DBZ.) Any chakra strings caught in the blast would be instantaneously disintegrated from her body and the area, and the Galaxy Crusher would cease it's crushing force and disappear. She gave a great, exasperated sigh and fell to the ground hard on one knee, making a massive crater in the ground.

"Huh. Now that I've done that, there's no reason for me to hold back anymore. Tch. I hate it when kids try to play with big girls..."

Chita raised her head and licked her lips, rubbing her nose smugly with her thumb with a sinister smile on her face, her eyes gleaming once more.

Alex would jump out of the way, but the explosive wave would push alex back farther into the air. The tree Alex was in would be destroyed, by the looks of it this was getting bad. As a large crater would form from her knee hitting the floor, where most of things once were are now gone. He smiled as he just did a Hand-sign as the ground started to shake, and holes would begin to form all around the crater. Alex didn't expect this one bit, and now he was starting to see even more of her power.

"Well this has taken turns for the best, or is it worst?"

It wouldn't matter to him if his strings were destroyed, because he had already enough damage done to her charka system. Alex would land inside one of the holes, and soon was underground. Soon enough he appeared from a hole a few feet away from chita, and tried to attack her with his bare fist.

Chita's chakra wasn't as damaged as he thought, as the Sealing Force would eliminate any negative effects that it would have on her... But that didn't mean that the drain she had taken wasn't more than normal. She had still expended a lot because of those strings.

"Huh. I'm getting sick and tired of you and your puppets. You can't just fight me face to face? I'll have to just flush you out then!"

Chita snapped her fingers and said very calmly and lowly, "Prinny Squad..." and without further notice, there were Prinnies flying down from the sky like missiles and falling all across the area. Chita planned to carpet bomb everything around with these Prinnies. When Alex came out of the hole, he would be met with the fate of explosive Prinnies raining on his head as well. This was the Prinny Raid! How was Chita unaffected by the explosions? Well, she has her ways...

The prinny raid would maybe level the field, as it seemed to be like a war zone. Soon enough Alex would be hit by the explosion of that one prinny. He fell to the ground, as it would seem he was out cold. Of course things don't always seem to be what is expected, as the body would begin to get up again. Like a undead zombie, but Alex's face would break in half. Exposing what seemed to be a pure black eye, as it was one of his meancer spider. It would release it's form, as it's scythe like arms would be free. It moved quickly to try and bite chita's body or anywhere else it would get the chance to sink it's teeth.

As for the real Alex, he would move through the ground away from the bombing as the spider would serve as a distraction. He would now be seen in the air, on a bird like puppet. He seemed to be doing something, as he would calm his mind for something. Needing to get the right energy, for his next attack.

Chita was definitely getting overly annoyed by him and his damn things. She knew he was weak, but he didn't have to be a pussy about it. God. As the spider came near, a stray Prinny would fall from the sky right between the two as the spider was about to bite her, thus sinking its teeth into an explosive Prinny, having the spider explode right then and there. Chita didn't get blown back by the explosion for some reason, though she smiled once she saw it.

"This is taking too fucking long. Now I'm gonna make sure you either fight or you get your pussy ass out of here. Goddammit."

Chita's eyes burned with color, her hair starting to flair up. She started to release an aura that got gradually more powerful as she concentrated energy into it.

"Sealing... Force..."

She slammed her hands into the ground to absorb whatever little nutrients were left from any greenery in the destroyed area. The Sealing Force acted as a huge dome around her that even passed through the ground, so it was like a huge sphere that would take up everything. It grew very large very fast, and did not seem like it would be stopping anytime soon. If Alex were caught in it, Chita would focus all of her power to seal up every single tiny minuscule minute aspect of himself, his body, his powers and his mind so that when she got hold of him, she could beat him to her heart's content. This is what happens when people run away like a little bitch.

Alex looked down at the ground, as she was forming a large sphere dome. He decided to try and end the battle now, and threw his hand into the air. As the air started to flux around, and soon a pink energy come out of his hand. It would become larger as he used some of his charka, and most of the charka he took from her during the fight to overcharge it as it started to burst out and look Very UnStable. Soon it would become a large pink lance with a large string attached at the end, as gripped it tightly and left the string on his finger.

" I guess, I could use my myself this one time "

He then threw it as it teared the air that trailed past it, and soon it would hit the dome. Then crashed right through it, as it aimed to pierce into Chita body. The lance with the ability to negate any type of ability to affect the weapon would block out her sealing force. Of course the basic version wouldn't have that much effect, but he had overcharged it to max out the strength of his star lance.

Finally, he had done something worth noting. The huge lance seemed powerful, but Chita was sure that it would be stopped by the Sealing Force.

"Didn't you see what my Sealing Force could do already, idiot? Who does that?!"

As Chita talked, the lance broke through the Sealing Force, which made her confused. Nothing was supposed to be able to break through, ESPECIALLY from someone far weaker than her. Then again, she was drained and he did take a lot of her own energy, not that she didn't still have enough to spare to beat this whelp. In any case, she thought that he was using her own Negating energy from the Gauntlets, as that was the only possible thing she could think of. When negation was faced with negation, the stronger one would win... And Chita definitely had the stronger one.

"Tch. Alright... Come on out... Gauntlet..."

The spear was just about to make contact with Chita, when out of nowhere, she screamed out the name of the gauntlets.


Two massive gauntlets far larger than the Hades gauntlets used before appeared on either side of the lance, grabbing it by the pole just before it made contact with Chita. The negating effect of both of them had the power to quickly override the negating effect of the lance, thus causing it to become susceptible to the Sealing Force.

"Now... This is what was SUPPOSED to happen!!! Sealing FORCE!"

The Gauntlets glowed a bright green, tightening their grip on the lance, causing it to surge with light green cracks; the Sealing Force surging through the weakened lance. Finally, with a final squeeze, the two gauntlets crushed the lance, causing it to disperse into nothingness, its power sealed from Alex's use. The Gauntlets stopped glowing and Chita panted heavily. Yeah, she definitely had less than half her power left, but that was still enough to beat this guy. When she caught her breath, she started to walk slowly toward Alex, her two massive Gauntlets following behind her menacingly.

"... No more puppets. Soul Perception."

Chita's eyes gleamed, getting a lock on Alex's soul just in case he tried to run away and replace himself with yet another puppet. If he did, she would know, and would quickly be able to hunt him down. She'd also be able to easily see his chakra strings.

"... No more running. Gauntlet Hades."

Continuing on her path to Alex, she raised her arms into the air and the two massive gauntlets equipped themselves to her hands. She pressed forward.

"... And no more of your BITCH ASS TACTICS."

Chita's massive gauntlets crackled with a sort of light green lightning which quickly coated them once again. Chita was in a generally close proximity of Alex now, and was ready to end it all. She lifted up one of her fists and clenched it so tightly that the sheer force of it caused the air to ripple around it just a bit. That was a tight fist. With this monstrous knuckle cocked back, she screamed out one more time.


This time, even her eyes gleamed with a bright green color, showing she was using more power than before. She launched her fist straight into the ground, causing both a massive shock wave of Sealing Force to shoot through damn near the entirety of the ground, but also a huge geyser-like explosion of the Sealing Force with a larger radius than the original dome she made that was destroyed. It shot straight up into the air to the clouds and expanded outward. The crater made from the impact of her fist was far more enormous than any other made in this match alone. The force of this attack... The Sealing Force... was amazing. The effects of Hades and the Sealing Force at the same time would cause negation to Alex's abilities as well as seal his chakra away from him if this did happen to hit him. Yeah, Chita was giving it her all. Why? Just to beat the shit out of a cowardly snot-nosed kid. Hell the fuck yeah.

Alex being himself would pull his finger back, as the only remaining piece of his star weapon was a large string. Thunderbird would open up it's back, as Alex would lace the star string in the inside of it, along with a timer bomb kunai. Then locked it tight, so it wouldn't get affected by her sealing force being in the inside of his puppet. Plus the special coating would help keep her effects out, and he soon looked at her.

The large geyser of sealing force at plunged into the air, as it aimed for him. He tried to get away, but it was too late for him to dodge it fully. Then his puppet would make a nose dive for the ground, it would seem he had lose control of his puppet, thanks to the sealing force blocking his charka. He stood on his puppet, as he steered it aiming to hit Chita full on.

" oh no, my puppets aren't working "

Before he would even come with contact with Chita or the ground by her, he would jump off his puppet into the air. A good 5 seconds before the intended crash, but he was floating in the air strangely enough. The given time would give him a chance to get out, and be safe for what was coming next. It was all thanks to his puppet Tenma, who came to his rescue. Unlike most of his other puppets, Tenma was one of his sentinel like puppet, that had a soul within it. So it could act on his own accord, whenever needed to do something. He decided to save his master, even if he had been killed by the bastard child.

" bon apr├Ęs-midi "

Alex was in Tenma's arms, as he hide his face in Tenma's shirt as he quickly speeded away before it happened. He hoped this plan worked, as Thunderbird would be by Chita now. Then the timer bomb kunai would be set off, blowing up the whole puppet. Of course that was the point, as the whole UnStable star charka would explode as well. Causing a large explosion to occur, because of the all the left over energy. The explosion equal or less to a small nuke would go off, without the whole radiation effect. It was strong enough to destroy the whole field, leaving a slim chance to escape, if it worked that is.

Truth be told, the Sealing Force could and should effect the puppet that was diving down at her, however it was not intended to, thus the effects did not happen to it and only Alex himself. Unaware of the bomb inside, Chita aimed to rid herself of at least one of his puppets once and for all, and that couldn't be done just by punching it. It had to be crushed between her fingers to work correctly. Thankfully, it was heading down at her, and that was all she needed.

She rose slowly from the ground, eyes filled with rage and what seemed to be a destructive, malicious intent. She looked straight up at the puppet coming above her, only catching glimpses of the yet again, fleeing Alex. Though he said he lost control of his puppets, one still came to save him, and with her Soul Perception Chita could see that this creature had a soul inside of it. It was a sentient being in and of itself.

"Not bad... Fucking wimp. I see you RUN! I see you FEAR me! Quit living in fear and come back to your PUNISHMENT!!"

By this time, the bird was damn close to Chita, almost ready to impale her right in the skull, but before it did, Chita raised her massive gauntlets and slammed them into the puppet from either side, crushing it in her grip.

"Another one bites the-- Huh?"

A reaction from the inside. She felt it. She was holding on as hard as she could, but something was trying to force its way out... A bomb. A bomb went off within her hands and was slowly, but surely forcing her clasped palms apart. She had to act fast or suffer the consequences of a bomb of this kind of energy dealing great damage to her, probably costing her the fight. But, like Chita, she did not give up. She was not done there.

"Oh no you fucking don't!!"

Chita started to release power into the gauntlets, giving them more strength than before... Enough to match the explosive power of this bomb right then and there. They'd come to a stalemate. But, even with that, Chita didn't care about that and was even still not done. She would not be done until this bomb was dealt with. Using all of her might, she began to crush the explosion within her hands yet again, crushing it down to a point where it was much smaller than before, yet much more powerful as it came to the core of it. Chita was stuck yet again.

"No... No... No! NO!! NO!!! THAT'S IT! SEALING FORCE!!!"

The gauntlets glowed green yet again, this time releasing a sort of propulsive blast from the ends of them to drive them ever harder into the core of the explosion, forcing it to become smaller and smaller, and even smaller still. Finally, it was at a manageable size, and Chita's gauntlets were sealing its power. With one final clasp of her hands, the explosion dispersed, a small, muffled 'boom' and then steam released from the tightly clenched palms together. That draining her quite a bit, Chita's arms fell, almost as if limp, and she, tired, took in a couple breaths... Not to catch hers, but almost like they were calming her.

"Now, star bitch... Come back down here and face me. Even with this drain, I STILL have enough power to whoop your ass. I will not rest, I will not tire and I will not stop until I make you suffer. You're more drained than I am, this I know, especially from that last attack. Keep on running and I'll keep on coming, so take your fucking pick. Run out of energy and make it worse, or take it now and get it over with. The choice is yours."

To conserve energy, she didn't even move from her spot. She simply stood there, staring up at the clouds, arms limp and to their sides. She looked like she just wanted to sit down, now, but that was far from the case. He was going to suffer greatly.

Tenma would lower himself to the ground, as he dropped Alex from his grip. Causing a thud sound to be heard, Alex would get back up. He smiled at his puppet as he turned back to chita, as she was standing there. Tenma had pulled out a pair of crosses and gave them both to Alex. Alex would grab them as he calmly walked to chita, stopping within arm length of her.

" I think, we should call this a stalemate "

He said with one of his best smiles, as he kept his crosses ready for anything. Understanding the battle had been prolonged for a long time, and they were both visibly exhausted from it. He really didn't like the swear words but she strike him like a NicE PersoN. Of course he could be wrong then again he could be right. So he talked in the most childish, and friendly voice he could.

" We should totally be friends, and rivals "

Though she was tired, she was far from done fighting, as her body wasn't all that injured or anything. She just needed to catch her breath for a moment. When she lured in Alex, who foolishly came in with his guard down for the most part, Chita's hand would be at his neck faster than his eye could see, gripping it firmly as he spoke to her, bypassing the crosses completely. She lifted him up by his neck, looking him straight in the eyes, and began to talk.

"... Watch my fucking chops... This was not a stalemate. I beat your bitch ass fair and square, even though you kept running away all the damn time. Now, before I choke you within an inch of your life, let me also say... We're not going to be friends. I don't DO that. Rivals, however, I can do."

That said, she dropped him down to the ground to writhe in pain, her hand still outstretched in a choking motion. She clamped it repeatedly, pretending he was still in there, the force of her clamps making a small shock wave through the air around her, letting out any extra aggression toward Alex right then and there. Glaring at him with the most disgusted and menacing eyes, she turned around and walked away.

"Until next time."

Alex would suspect her response, but he has fought fast opponents before. So he was able to see somewhat of her attack and got ready for her move. He combined both crosses, as she grabbed his neck. He used the crosses to form a spiked shield to pierce into her unprotected arms, and made her release him from her grasp. He jumped into the air, as Tenma came by to pick him up as they flew high into the air.

" This was so much fun, but it's a stalemate, my New Friend "

As he begin to left the area and fix new puppets up. Really after what just happened, he needed some new ones. He would improve there design, and be sure to have another battle with her next time.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 13: A Fascination...

Chita made her way to the Mega Generator after a long journey from the Dusk village, she was ready to see the only place no one went to... Like she was attracted to it.

"Hmmm... Electricity... It seems..."

She looked at the Mega Generator, still many miles away, but so large that it was easy to be seen in this empty and desolate plain.

"... Pretty damn fun..."

She was entranced by it, walking slowly closer.

It was at this place, that Evangeline would travel to next. She had arrived here some time ago, and had been scowling the area ever since. The monsters and protectors of this place, the guardians of this the heart of the Dusk all remained ignorant to Evangeline's presence. The powerful witch had all but erased her existence to those around, a unseen barrier around the landscape would make so that all who entered would be gifted with such invisibility and would be free of awakening the many strong and powerful foes that hide just out of view.

Placing her hand upon revving engine that ran this village Evangeline listened to it, the beat of a heart....waiting, for that last of her Granddaughters to arrive.

"Won't be long now.."

Chita's infatuation with the electrical power led her into an odd sort of power after a while of mindless wandering. It felt familiar, yet at the same time, malicious. Almost like her own power.

"What is this...? Is this what I was so fascinated with...?"

She saw someone in the distance and continued to trek onward. She did not recognize the woman in the slightest, yet felt magically bonded with her, similar to how she was with her mother. Weird. It was only natural to ask her what she was doing here.

"Hey! Lady! What are you doing here?"

"I have been waiting for you. Honestly your quite slow! Any later and I'd might of turned to dust."

Spinning around to face her ever so slow Granddaughter Evangeline detached herself from the mysterious persona she must of been showing while lost in thought waiting for Chita's arrival into her normal self. She smiled her body ever so slightly began to hover off the ground and Evangeline glided her way over to Chita, circling around her getting a good look. This was the first she had ever seen her Grandchild before.

"You certainly have the fiery soul of your mother don't you? I'm glad to see that the good looks passed down even with her..."

Evangeline wondered if like Aura and Chroma if Chita already knew who she was, hoping she didn't....took the fun out of telling.

Chita blinked a couple of times, wondering just how old this lady was... She was a witch, clearly, and she knew of even her mother... So she must have either been an antagonist or a really old friend. Either way it went, Chita liked her spunk and her power. But even still, she disliked being compared to her mother.

"Hey! Don't compare me to my ol' lady! I'm nothing like her!"

She brought up her fists and clashed them together, gauntlets forming around her flesh from the cuffs around her arms.

"But formalities aside... Are you here to fight or what? I like the cut of your jib and I can see you're pretty damn strong... Nothing less for me!!"

Chita, being the abrasive type, wanted to clash fists with the woman more than anything. But she didn't seem to really know who she was at all...

"Hahaha, you say your nothing like your mother even your head is as hot as your soul."

Evangeline laughed, the image of Chita became hazed a translucent image of a younger Zita over lapping with her own. The same eyes, that same face. As much as young Chita would try to deny it, she only proved Evangeline's point more and more, which the tickled Grandmother found too cute.

"Calm down, calm down. I'm not here to fight you..."

Evangeline's aura and expression suddenly shifted to be quite serious. Like the others Eva was here to gift Chita with power, a token of the love for her family before that love would mean nothing. And much like the other gifts she had given...they wouldn't come with some risk....but Chita was a very special case.

"My name is Evangeline A.K McDowell, I have been feuding with your Mother for years now, and to her and the Witch Province I am very serious threat to their way of life as well as a enemy of the Dusk....However Chita I am your Grandmother, Mother to your Mother..."

Evangeline's face stayed just as serious through out her whole speech, this matter being very serious. She didn't mean to sugar coat anything with her Grandchildren, to give the gift she bore Evangeline wanted them to know her, before giving them...and the truth may not be one they could of expected never the less, Eva waited for her news to sink in....and waited for Chita's reaction.

Chita stood there, fists still pressed together, hearing the words of her grandmother word for word... Possibly the only thing she's ever really fully listened to in her life. When Evangeline was finished speaking, Chita's arms lowered and the gauntlets, which dissipated into nothingness again. She rose her head to look Evangeline straight in the eyes and stepped a bit closer to her.

"... Grandmother, huh...?"

She raised her hand up slowly to Evangeline, as if ready to attack, yet quickly that hand became a thumbs up, complimenting Chita's most serious face as well.

"Any enemy of that woman's is a friend of mine. Nice to know who gave birth to that old witch anyway. Great to see ya, granny."

It seemed almost like she had overlooked all of the wrongdoings that Evangeline mentioned that she had done and she only focused on the fact that she and her mother were at odds... Or maybe she felt like being a threat wasn't a bad thing. Chita was more complex than she led on. She lowered her hand.

"Well Gran, did you just come all the way out here to tell me that? I mean, what gives? What is the real reason you came all the way out here? I could have found that out eventually from someone else, right?"

Evangeline sighed placing her hand upon her hips, her serious aura gone, lost within the sea apathy coming from Chita..

"Idiot girl, making friends through a mutual hate is a good way to get yourself killed."

Honestly, as hot headed as Chita was Evangeline could do nothing but love her. She saw to much of herself and of Zita within her to feel anything else. A single giggle escaped from Eva, finding it funny that Chita hated Zita as Zita hated her...She founded it funny that she had started a little family curse.

"Listen, I've come to give you the power over the Arcana, it is a very powerful bound of magic that once belonged to a Witch by the name of L'siaParace. Back in those days she was terror, but I was able to stop her, and took some of her power from her. Chita, the only reason why I'm giving you this is because I faith in you as my daughter's daughter, and if you want it then must promise me to two things..."

Evangeline floated closer to her grandchild the tense raising and the world around them became silent like everything had halted because Evangeline had something to say...

"You must be careful when using this. There is a chance that Parace's essence my still be within and it might tempted you to do something foolish. A smart girl like you shouldn't fall victim to the schemes of another, and secondly...When you are ready you are to go and take your Witch trails with your mother, and become a honorable witch. This family already has one rouge witch....we don't need another. Understood?"

The childish grandmother folded her arms and waited for a reply. These were her terms and they would not be swayed...

Upon being called an idiot girl for her thoughts of her mother, Chita puffed out her cheek and pouted, huffing at the same time. She placed her hands on her hips in a similar fashion to Eva, yet with her own little badass swag to it.


She looked over to the barren wasteland that was this area... Nothing but nothingness. Then behind Eva, the Mega Generator that she was so fascinated with. She just liked electricity a little bit. Even though her thoughts were drifting, she could still hear her grandmother's words loud and clear.

"... Arcana, huh...? And L'sia Parace...?"

Her attention was brought back over to Eva, mentioning this magic. Chita was eager to have it quickly, but the terms... Those terms of having to patch things up with her mother... That was going to be hard.

"... Fine. I won't succumb to some dumb old witch. She can't stand up to you, then she can't stand up to me either. Hmph... But. About my old lady... I... I'll go take the Witch Trial, but I can't promise that we'll fix anything between us..."

Chita looked down, seeming frustrated a little by it, but nowhere near as much as she was when she was less mature. She had grown out of throwing tantrums when just hearing her mother's name, but it still made her upset.

"... I'll see what I can do, okay? I'll give you my word on that."

She looked back up to her grandmother, eyes fiery with passion and good intentions. When she got out of here... She was going for the Witch Trial.

Smiling Evangeline unfolded her arms and moved closer to Chita. She knew this was as good as she was going to get with this one, Chita was so stubborn but Evangeline knew that she would be true to her word. From Mana to Chita Evangeline had seen a bit of herself within all of them. All having the potential to grow into remarkable and well respected Witches, who would keep the lineage of magic strong in their family.

"Very well Chita, I'll trust you to your word and in exchange I will give this, the power of the Arcana."

Evangeline outstretched her hand placing her open palmed hand upon Chita's forehead. A tingling sensation would arise in Chita's lower stomach, like getting butterflies as ancient magical text began to type its self down Evangeline's arm, coiling around it like a snake. The text would eventually spread to that of Chita, the markings spreading across her face like a freshly made web, and continued to extend.

Chita a strong girl would have to suffer through this transfer. It wasn't a painful process but a overwhelming uncomfortable feeling would spread across her entire body. It would feel as if a unidentified and unwelcome inturder was moving through out the insides of her body, ever nook and cranny. As if some essence was staring into everything that was her.

Not after too long however Evangline would take her hand from Chita's brow, the text had disappeared from them both and Evangeline smiled, everything had been successful.

"Use this power wisely Chita...and remember the warning I gave you...stay vigilant..."

Evangeline spoke just a little bit over a whisper before springing back away, cackling a very snobbish laugh.

"OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO~!!! Now then I'll be on my way, but I won't leave you unsatisfied girl you wanted a fight and now prepare yourself. Take the power I gave you and fight with all your might!!"

As she ended her sentence that barrier of protection, the field of ignorance that Evangeline had placed upon this entire area shattered and instantly Chita and Evangeline's position would be common knowledge to the many beasts that leaved here and as if on queue, descended a titan even among these beasts. It had landed just between Evangeline and granddaughter, the beast snarling as it rose from the crater of it's landing, its size easily dwarfing the two witches, and as it outstretched it's four hairy and muscular arms it only seemed to look larger. It's eyes so cold filled with death, and souls of many screamed just beyond it's was a Gigas and it's eyes where on Chita.

Evangeline turned her back toward the raising killing intent and waved back toward Chita.

"Show this beast what happens when it messes with a True Witch!"

And with that Evangeline was gone, vanished. And all that there now as the roar of the Gigas that stood before Chita now. And so....their battle would began.

Make me proud...

A thought, the only thing growing within the now lessening tunnel-visioned mind of Chita, spread outward from Evangeline's words. The power of the Arcana... It just rolled off the tongue so easily for Chita. Accepting her terms wholeheartedly, even if the conditions were outlandish, Chita knew somehow that her grandmother knew best. She nodded, and not even moments after would Evangeline's touch reach Chita's brow... and the text, aflow from her arm.

"... So, that's the Arcana, huh?"

She viewed the text streaming through, almost as if she knew what it said herself, even being so young and such a modern witch.

"Fenrir... Arcana of-- GAH!!"

She could read each runic name as it flooded down Evangeline's elbow and into Chita's body, but the power they had... this power was weird. It pained her at first, a nauseating feeling that just would not subside no matter what she did. Such an intense unease left her almost crippled... Not from pain, but from the powerful toll it took on her equilibrium.

"Oh... God is this what they do!? Ugh... I'm gonna be...-- Gh!!"

Almost throwing up a few times, Chita was afraid that if she did,all of this power would spill out as well, spewing forth as wasted magical energy that was so generously given to her by her grandmother. That, she couldn't allow. She swallowed it, gulped down all of whatever was welling up inside of her and forced it to STAY inside of her. Her power flowed strong now as the Arcanas were within, no longer rejecting her but becoming one with her. The Sealing Wavelength was active, allowing them a safehaven sealed off from the rest of the world to rest. They would only be summoned when Chita needed them. She stood straight now, looking her grandmother in the eyes and smiling.

"Ahahaha... So this is the power of a witch, huh? I can't wait to show the ol' lady..."

Her smirk was crooked, but sincere all the same. She was happy to have this power within her. The Arcanas all spoke to her, chattering within, yet it didn't affect Chita at all. They would be silenced when need be. But, even with all of these powers... she felt incomplete, somehow. Like she was missing half the set... Perhaps Evangeline really had only gotten a bit of her enemy's power. If that was the case, then this other one had the rest of it. Chita was going to need that. But that was a quest for another day.

Evangeline's hand left her, and soon Evangeline would as well, after giving her those wonderful words of encouragement. She could truly see what Chita wanted, as the Gigas came toward many a foot taller than she was. It was time. Chita could only smirk.

"Heh... Thanks again, Gran. I won't let ya down."

Staring the Gigas and all of his power up in the face, Chita stretched a bit, slammed her gauntlet-plated fists together and pointed at the beast.

"You'd better be stronger than me, or else I won't have any fun TAKING YOU DOWN!!"

And so, it begins.

The beast roared in it's furry. It, watching her would also pound it's four fists together fully understanding that this was a gesture toward combat, and challenge to battle.

The beast gave a snarling smile as he leaped into the air with a single push off the ground, coming down out of the sky right on top of the small Witchling. Looking to crush her flat.

The first thought in her head was 'bring it on!,' something she was so well known for doing. A headstrong fighter with all the power to back it up... Over the years, she lacked the maturity as well, but now all childishness was gone.

She raised her hands above herself as the beast took to the air, knowing it intended to crush her with its might and weight. The gauntlets equipped to her body began to glow momentarily until the Gigas fell down upon the small Chita, making an impact that made a resounding crash throughout the entirety of the area. With an impact so grand, only a crater of this size could show the power, the Gigas seemed to stand in a pit knee-deep to his own body. But it did not touch the ground. What held it up was the resounding strength of the small, but strong Witchling below its feet, resiliently holding up the creature with strength unerring. Her eyes, determined; her will, strong; Chita used the strength residing deep within her body to lift the creature higher and force it back up into the sky, off of her body and out of the crater to the flatland beside it. She took a deep, cleansing breath, letting her magics settle... and started to climb out of the pit.

"Is that all you got... You big ass eyesore!?"

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 14: Let's Just See About Dear Old Dad...

After receiving the power of the Arcana's from her grandmother, Evangeline, Chita was starting to feel like she as capable of much, much more of everything, not only as a Witch, but as the daughter of the Head Witch and Valerio Lombardi. As such, she decided that even though she absolutely despised her father and where she came from, she had to grow up and deal with it... She'd have to use his power that was within her as well. She was part of his bloodline and had to embrace him as a part of her. She could not loathe herself one bit and had to accept herself for who she was, for only then would she be ready to become a real Witch. Possibly even Head Witch. She had to forgive her father and let her childish anger and hate toward him out in some way, and the only way she knew how was to accept herself as part of him and him as part of her, and read up on her history about him. She went to the library.

It didn't take long to find the book about Valerio Lombardi, as it was dedicated to a shelf separate from the others and locked away so that no one would ever read about him. She wasn't surprised as to why, but it didn't matter to her. She shrugged her shoulders, holding up a hand and connecting to it through her bloodline. The book would glow, passing through its bindings and into the hands of Chita.

"Ha, how did I know that would work? Now... Let's so see what useful info my worthless old man can give me about his side of my powers..."

She took her time to read through parts of the book in the beginning, already loathing doing so by how overexaggerated some of the stuff was. She flipped through a couple of pages, feeling a little sick from looking at it, wondering what her mother was even thinking about when she fornicated when that man-- Well, it had probably been a while since she-- in any case, there wasn't much useful information... But, she took it in and read it anyway.

"... This is pretty boring... I don't know how anyone could stand reading this book... I bet it has some wonderful powers in it, though..."

Chita continued to read, finding a list of the great benefits of being a Lombardi was and thought that to be the section she should look right under. Immediately she saw the capabilities of her being his daughter should have on her...

"... Let's see, he had... Purification Field?"

The description for the Purification Field was "it stops all outside forces from entering including but not limited to internal/external spirits, forces that are against me, and random people coming in to watch the fight...the field also acts as an erasure mechanism toward all darkness based things, meaning that if something has even the tiniest bit of darkness inside of it, the thing would be instantly erased"

The thought of such things running through her veins just made her cringe a little... But maybe she could use these powers correctly in a way people would admire. Perhaps, and she wanted to. She brought a notebook along with her so that she could take notes on the things she needed to, then she'd use them later. Of course, Valerio left instructions how to use these abilities under their descriptions. At least he was good for that rather than being a father...

"Tch... Lombardi's for the birds..."

She flipped her hair, scribbling down instructions as well as an altered way of utilizing these abilities that would be unique to herself... She'd have to practice the use of them on some fool later in life.

Passing over abilities she was not interested in, such as the Purification Chakra Strings, Lombardi Essence and Hitsuzen, she found out that with the power of The Void she could manipulate space. Probably only to a minor extent with Chita, she was interested in being able to call upon power from space itself. Not only that, but it seemed to say that there was the power to use supernovas to her will, to an extent.

"Supernova Skin...? Shining Fist...? Supernova Shot...?"

A heat was always stirring within her body that she never knew what it was whenever she was angered... Perhaps it was this supernova energy welling up because it was powered by her own anger. It made sense, and would be reason why she'd feel her body become so hot when angry. Now many things were coming together that never made sense before to her...

"Ha, so I could've been using the power of supernovas, huh? Hahaha! Well, maybe my old man's all right after all!"

She continued to scribble things down, flipping page after page to attain what she wanted from each.

Flipping through, she found out about Twilight Energy, which was energy that became what the user willed it to be; meaning Chita's would be set as what she really wanted her Twilight Energy to be; the ability to become Twilight Gauntlets. Such was how it would stay if this energy really did stick to only the form that the user wished, so now it was permanently (to Chita) known as the Twilight Gauntlets. Then the Seikuken, which would be derived into Gauntlets which allowed her hands to control air pressure the way her gauntlets moved about.

"Even Earthbending and Alchemy, huh? This guy really was a wonder."

Chita already had in mind about adapting the Alchemy to be used only with her Alchemy Gloves, i.e. gauntlets that allowed her to use Alchemy, most likely in unison with her Earth Bending.

"Even the Seven Deadly Sins...! This is golden!"

Oh yes, Chita was having a field day here. But, it would seem as though this little epic journey through the history of her father was simply coming to a close. She smiled, her notebook and brain full of wonderful things and new abilities to use in battle. Maybe after a little rest and relaxation, she'd test em out on someone before going to confront... Her mother.

"... Yeah. This is enough."

Chita exited from the library and went back home to practice these techniques to utilize them within her everyday fighting.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 15: No Use Bumping Gums!!

Nightfall. It drenched the land after a long and complete day of radiant sun. The girl of the hour, Chita, was making her way home from practicing a few of her newly learned abilities after coming from the library, ending up at a small pond somewhere in Vescutia. This particular land was cleared of trees, however the area surrounding was nothing but thick forest.

"Hmm... This is a nice area to train... But where are some goons I can whip?"

Eager for another fight, as it had been far too long since she'd been in one, her blood was boiling and ready for the heat of battle in the dead of night.

"Supposedly, only strong people come out at night, anyway... I hope to god I don't get another huff ass like that pansy Alex Star..."

Yes, that battle she had not soon forgotten... He insisted on running from her destructive wrath, making it all the harder on himself when she got hold of him.

"... Yeah. Definitely someone better than him."

It just so happen that there was someone already there, sitting in the middle of the pond that Chita had found herself standing in front of. There wasn't anything menacing or the like flowing from the boy sitting in the middle of the pond, but there was definitely something damn mysterious about him. I mean, who in their right mind would just sit in the middle of a pond at night? That shit sounds suspicious as hell. Still, he was there and Chita was free to challenge him.

" Better than who? "

Yeah, it was clear he'd noticed her presence and extreme fighting spirit.

Quickly overtaken with joy as she heard a response, her head snapped over to the location of where the voice came and her body followed right after. She clenched her fist and punched it into her palm, cracking her neck on either side before responding.

"Ha, better than that pushover palooka Alex Star. He just ran around like a little girl all damn fight. I need a hard boiled egg to take me on, not a sap like him."

Proceeding to crack her knuckles whilst starting toward the edge of the pond, Chita's smile grew wider with anticipation, brightened by the moonlit night.

"So, what brings an night owl like you round these parts? You lookin for a knuckle sammich, cuz I surely need a fall guy for testing my new moves on."

When Chita reached the edge of the pool, knowing that she couldn't stand atop water like he could without extra assistance, she waited there, water rippling from just feeling the intense vibrations from her feet moving on the ground. She had a lot of pent up tension inside of her... She was a loose cannon aimed and ready to fire.

Koudo had no idea who this Alex Star person was, and honestly he didn't care who it was. The way Chita described him made it sound like he was one of the worst people ever which could or could not be the case. Either way, Chita had piqued Koudo's interests. It was probably the way she spoke. She wasn't very ladylike which would make it a bit easier to fight her.

" You don't need to worry about that anymore. "

He smirked and tilted his head over his shoulder to look at her. I pointed up towards the sky, where the moons of Vescrutia were shining brightly and aligned so beautifully that in the couple seconds it took him to begin speaking the light from all three shone down upon him and illuminated his silvery white hair, made his crystal blue eyes sparkle with life, and showed that his body was surround by an aura of silvery blue light that was also permeated the waters he sat on.

" This is the only place where I can witness something like this. I'm quite fascinated with space. "

He informed.

" But... you aren't interested in that... are you? "

He rose to his feet, pulling a sword, that was blue and white in color, halfway from out of what looked like the surface of the water, but then he hesitated for a second or two and let the sword go to let it drop back to whence it came. He turned now, to face Chita, and began walking towards her with his hands in his pants pockets.

With a rip in the dimensions appearing out of nowhere above the two of them, two eggs fell from the sky, each hurdling toward the two in the immediate area. What they did with it form this point forward was their choosing.

Taking note of the aura spread into the water, Chita took a step back and peered into the ripples, wondering just what he did. Not like she wouldn't brave it, if she had to. Either way, he was coming to her with an intent to battle. That's all she needed and all she cared about; everything else became immediately irrelevant. His talk of space, however, did interest her, considering just what she had found out about herself.

"Space, huh? Well, I originally wasn't all too choked up by it, till I read about my old man in the library. He had some good moves on him, but didn't know how to use em right. Whaaat a sucker!"

Lowering a hand to her side, palm facing toward Koudo, a pulse of mystical power formed a formless concentration of what looked to be spacial energy within her grasp, fading away only once she was sure Koudo had seen or felt it.

"So, now I've got a few of his moves. Wanted to take em for a spin, ya know?"

This man pulling his weapon of choice from the water only foretold a better fight for her, since he didn't seem to be the long range type; Chita hated long range combat, even when she was forced to do it herself. But, that excitement turned into an angered disappointment when she saw him put the sword back and slip his hands in his pockets, where she'd immediately clench her fists as if she were going to react.

"... Tch. You packin heat? I hate pussyfooting around with people who fight long range..."

Her foot pressed into the ground, the indentation of her boot sinking several inches into the ground as she tensed up. The water rippled more violently this time as her facial expression slowly altered from something inspired to something annoyed. Her body was trembling, probably of anger.

But, an unlikely event occurred, and a rip opened up in the sky. She looked up and readied her fists in a boxing-like stance, only to find that a fragile egg would fall right above her head. Instantly feeling a sort of helplessness, yet strength in this egg, she plucked it out of the sky and tucked it under her arm. In that one moment, she knew that protecting this egg was key. Why? That was something she did not know, however.

"... Well, what are you waiting for, chump? Let's get this show on the road! Make the first move, if you think you're bad!"

" Oh, fancy that huh? You using space powers and all. Must be my lucky day, you might be the girl of my dreams. "

Koudo was talking her up first for a reason, to drain his chakra from the water underneath him. He'd just been training when she came along, and honestly he didn't wanna use his infestation chakra controlling the water when he could simply use it all to control his body better. He adjusted his shoulders.

" For you, I'll get in close. It's funner for me if I dominate chicks like you in a more... personal way. That said... "

He picked up his walking pace to that of a jogging but before he could take off towards her, a rift in the sky open and out from it dropped eggs. Koudo pulled his hands from his pockets and fumbled with the egg for a while while jogging towards Chita before tossing the egg back into the air and into a rift of his own to send it home. He couldn't fight her with an egg in his hands.

With that done, he seemingly vanished and appeared in the immediate air in front of her with his leg extended for a falling axe kick to the top of her head. An attack aptly named.

" Painful Sky Leg. "

Maybe this guy wasn't as bad as everyone else she'd ever been in contact with; he seemed cool and could fight up close. Least she knew he wasn't a pussy. That excitement rose up once again, instantly quelling her anger and disappointment. He started jogging at her, and her body tensed up, ready for the first strike; until the egg of his came from the sky. Whatever these eggs were and why they were here was a mystery, but it didn't matter. If he got one, too, there must have been something destined about it. So, protecting this egg was essential.

Even though Mr. Fancy could just put his egg in a portal, Chita did not have that luxury. She was going to have to carry and fight with this egg for the entire battle; which she was fully capable of doing, mind you. She didn't mind it one bit.

"Huh, sounds like you spit corn right off the cob, pally! You oughtta watch your mouth, afore you end up with a shiner. Domination is MY thing, and I ain't lettin a drugstore cowboy like you do a thing to me!"

Only moments after she spoke did he appear right above her head with a kick speeding toward her with pain as the intent. Though he was fast, Chita was also quite perceptive (nowadays) when it came to a close range fight. Her free hand shot up almost as quickly as Koudo's leg came down, catching him by his ankle and slinging him over her head smack dab in the ground with incredible force. She was a strong one, she was, as the impact would create a large crater in the ground from such a simple fling.

"'Sides, seems to me like you're just another average Joe."

Readjusting the egg under her arm to ensure it was still secure, Chita stomped the ground swiftly and precisely, testing out her new ability to Earth bend by causing the earth under Koudo to cause spikes to just straight up from under him, trying to impale him. She was trying to see how much punishment he'd be able to take.


The impact between Koudo's leg and Chita's hand would cause a shockwave of power to permeate the area. And the force that backed Koudo's kick would dig Chita deeper into the ground, causing a crater to form around her. Koudo prided himself on his leg strength, if not anything else. That said, he was... surprised at Chita's strength level when she slung him over her head and attempted to slam him into the ground.

" Average Joe huh? I'll show you. "

Koudo pulled his hands from his pockets and used them to stop himself from being slammed to the ground by standing on them and used his leg strength and the momentum of her swing to pull her over his arched body and slam her back onto the ground instead with about the same amount of force which would ensure a crater forming if she made impact with the ground.

Hopefully if that happened, Koudo would flip a few yards backwards away from her, and onto the surface of the water, to give her time to scramble to her feet. He slipped his hands back in his pockets.

" You sure you wanna call me an Average Joe? "

Taking his power as no joke, Chita was caught off guard by Koudo's quick thinking about catching himself. He indeed lifted her from the ground whilst she held onto his leg, but once she let go, she was send flying across the field, only to find herself skidding to a stop. The soil that trailed her feet was rugged and ridged, thanks to Chita's feet. That was much better than being slung into the ground.

When she was assured that her stability was okay, Chita stood up straight and adjusted the egg again, flicking under her nose with her thumb.

"Heh, so you've got a little pep in your step? Alright, alright. Don't get your britches in a bunch. You may not be average..."

Clenching her free hand, she took one stomp on the ground, having it rise upward at a slant, the force shooting Chita off like a rocket at Koudo, who tried retreating to the pondside. Her tightened fist glowed with a magical energy now, prepped and primed to slug Koudo square in the jaw by any means necessary. Hell, such a magical aura was so strong that it even burst from her body lightly.

"Lets see you grit your teeth, pretty boy!"

Koudo turned his head to the side and spit out blue blood quickly while Chita was speaking before he was back on the offensive. Chita had actually injured him a tad with simply the force of her sling, even if he didn't make the contact she wanted with the ground. With that in mind, Koudo was excited to continue this battle with Chita.

" You're not bad yourself... one of the better women I've seen actually. Maybe even... the best. "

Koudo said while he backtracked, but Chita was back on him before he could even get close enough to the water. He pushed off the ground to float backwards while she came forward and charged lightning chakra to his leg. Once sufficient energy was gathered, he spun around and used that momentum to swing his leg, charged with an electrical aura, over towards her arm for a clash. The collision between their respective auras sent yet another pulse of power throughout the area filled with sparks of magic and electricity. The clash held.

Koudo's kick wasn't meant to harm her... well not at first. In fact the electrical aura was to counteract her magical one and the leg was aimed at her arm so that he could knock it off course and divert her punch. Hopefully, if this worked it would stun her for a bit so that Koudo could follow up for a combo hit. Here's hoping.

It seemed as though that Koudo was injured by her attack just a little; that was always good. But he was up on his feet in no time at all ready to counterattack her. With Chita's will and the fact that she was flying at him at the speed of a bullet, this clash seemed to be inevitable. Thinking quickly, however, Chita utilized some of the large amount of magic she had swirling around not her fist, but her body to generate one of her mighty Magic Gauntlets. This gauntlet was specifically to block the kick and ensure Chita's fist connected with his jaw. Forming from a collective mass of magic, the mighty Gauntlet tried to hold its own against Koudo's kick.

That was not the end, though. If Chita's gauntlet was broken through, she still had her fist rearing to go, and thus those would clash in the fashion that Koudo wanted before.

Koudo's kick and electricity proved to be too much for Chita's magical gauntlet and he broke through with relative ease or rather he simply provided his kick with so much electricity that it overpowered her magical gauntlet. This wasn't without consequence though. The electricity dissipated along with the magical gauntlet and all that remained was for Koudo's kick to collide with Chita's fist for the clash.

Her gauntlet failing her this time, Koudo's kick broke right through it. It did serve her some good, however, as the electricity within had been neutralized. Not only that, after hitting the gauntlet and slowing down the momentum and force of the kick, it wouldn't be so bad when Chita's arm got hit. And so, Chita's fist was knocked off course by the kick, magic charged within dispersing at the collision, but without that all too necessary force that would have sent her for a loop, as well as the electricity... Chita could counter.

Seeing only one chance of not completely driving herself into him, her chain-tail extended and pierced the tender soil below and used a great amount of force to pull Chita away and fling her back a slight bit, where her tail would pluck out of the ground and become stationary behind her, as it usually was. She came, yet again, to a sliding stop, however this one not nearly as intense as the first. She shook her hand in pain, then clenched it back up and cracked her knuckles at the same time.

"Tch... Guess you're not all talk. And to think, I thought you just caught me off guard."

A guy with this much strength was gonna require both hands to be of use... So an alternative solution might be at hand here. But, Chita could simply not thing of what to do with it.

"Whatever. I loves me a challenge any day!"

More so talking to herself about what to do with this egg, she spoke those words to Koudo and stomped the ground, a large clod of earth flying up in front of her and a swift punch sending the earthen clod spiraling toward Koudo. As it spiraled, pieces of it started to fall off, the debris becoming tiny spikes as the large clod suddenly became a slender, spinning, pointed spear of sorts. The spikes that followed beside it were to impale Koudo in case the initial spear did not.

With the clash going in his favor, Koudo decided to follow-up seeing that it was the perfect opportunity to do so. He twirled all the way around after the kick, planting his foot down into the ground with his back facing Chita, but not for too long. He back flipped with his foot extended and cackling with electricity... a large amount of electricity, Chidori, to bring the hammer down on Chita from above after her punch was deflected and send a harmful amount of voltage course through her body.

But he missed. She retracted faster than he could bring his kick down, obviously his kick earlier wasn't packing enough power to stun her which he noted, but it caused a massive amount of collateral damage to the ground in her stead which... wasn't a bad thing. When his kick landed, Koudo was down in a knelt position and his the electricity course through the ground where the kick had landed causing the ground to be ripped and torn up violently by the electricity.

" I should probably warn you... I'm holding the summon of lightning, so that probably would have ended it. "

Koudo commented as he rose and turned to face her as she was recovering. The electricity on the ground died with only tiny sparks of it floating through the air between he and she every now and then. Koudo adjusted his shoulders, with his hands, still, within his pockets before he tilted his head and smirked at her.

" I didn't catch your name babe. "

Koudo actually wanted to know her name. There weren't many people out there like her, and honestly he was interested in getting to know her more after this... if she didn't hate his guts by then. Koudo pulled one hand out of his pocket now and put it out in front of him in a stance that mimicked Rock Lee's while taking note of the distance between him and the pond.

" I thought you hated long range. That's why I'm using... "

He dropped the fake taijutsu stance and Koudo ran forward, no matter how insane this might sound, towards her earth spear and spikes combo with seemingly no attempt to block or counter the attack. It was almost like he'd just given up the will to fight her when she'd done it. Contrary to the previous sentence though, He jumped into the air when they got a few feet away from him and spun around backwards with a great amount of torque and speed, building momentum and a wind current that flowed in the same direction as the spin, for a powerful and swift back kick directly to the side of the earth spear. The strength and force of the kick wasn't to destroy the spear, but to turn it around and send it back spiraling towards Chita to impale her instead and the wind current was the blow the spikes that were around it away. The redirection of the spear had increased its speed and the force of its spin making it all the more dangerous for the girl and her egg.

" All this taijutsu. "

Koudo said as he landed in a crouched sprinter's position, leaning slightly forward. He didn't move, but it should be noted that there was lightning chakra building around his legs. So much so that the ground around his legs was beginning to crack up. Perhaps his comments and tactic of redirecting her spear was simply to provoke the hotheaded beauty on the other side of the battlefield. He wouldn't tell.

Watching his leg come ever so close to her face as she retracted sparked a certain interest in this guy's abilities. He was not only strong, but he was rather swift and had a great grasp of the lightning element. The shocking stomp tore apart the ground it collided with, enlightening Chita to the fact that such a hit could have been rather fatal to her mortal being.

When she was situated, Koudo's words resonated in her mind... 'Summon of lightning..."

"... Summon...?" she started, under her breath, "... He couldn't mean the Arcanas, could he?"

Considering the Arcanas were the only 'summons' that Chita had ever been in contact with, it was only natural for her to think of them as such. But that was impossible, for her grandmother informed her that Chita had half of all of the Arcanas in her disposal, with the other half belonging to Parace L'sia... But, there's no need to dawdle on that note. His smirk was bugging her.

"Yeah, you didn't catch my fist, either. Here, let me help you!"

She intended to rush at him head on, anger rising every moment, when she saw him kick up some wind and knock her earthen spire back at her. Before she moved an inch, her eyes narrowed, her muscles tensed and her arm outstretched to catch the spear-like spire with the one free hand she had, the force of just touching it causing a huge burst of force to release from it before it broke to pieces, crushed by her furious hand.

"... I do hate ranged fighting... But what I hate more is when people hold back."

Now, Chita didn't even care about the clearly large amount of lightning surging in Koudo's leg, because her intention now was to break it. Like a mad bull, she took off once more, this time running with so much force that the ground below her feet that she kicked up looked like miniature explosions of dirt with every step.

"... So here's your knuckle sandwich...!!!"

She raised her fist, surging with so much magic that it wasn't even visible anymore. Her normal gauntlet adorned on her hand had become pure magical essence, reforming itself into an enormous, foreboding gauntlet teeming with a dark, hellish influence.


With a punch that parted the very wind around it, Chita aimed for Koudo's jaw one more time, wanting him to hit this giant fist with his leg, or allow her to hit him in the jaw... So she could break one.

There was purpose to Koudo gathering the lightning chakra to his legs. Apart from it boosting his speed considerably, it was the prep work for an attack that wouldn't end the battle but cause major damage to Chita if she was hit with it. That said, Koudo could see her coming as well as the big fist that packed power on almost the same scale as what he was aiming to hit her with. Common sense told him to sacrifice the attack and use the lightning that was already loaded as a means to dodge her, but pride told him to dominate her attack as he'd said he would her before they fully began to get started....



Fuck it. He decided to overcharge.

" Fine, but... I didn't order that. "

Koudo finally, after overcharging a tid bit more than he was originally aiming for, stood up and waited a couple moments for her to close the distance just a tiny bit more. His legs had a swirling aura of lightning chakra, more lightning chakra than Koudo had used during his first follow-up attack that she'd dodged and packing more power than that as well. By expending more chakra, he figured that it'd be simpler to overpower her and avoid a clash.

" Panther. Strike. "

He whispered to himself before stepping his right foot in towards the left and then pivoting on his left foot and swinging the right leg back outwards for a mid level reverse roundhouse kick. As he swung his leg the lightning chakra around it shaped and morphed into the visage of a lunging panther pouncing on its prey which, in this case, was Chita and her gauntlet. The panther, hopefully with it being made of more chakra, would pounce on Chita and her gauntlet overpowering them and sending a harmful amount of voltage course through the girl's body. If not then there was always room for another clash cause Koudo wouldn't allow himself to be overpowered when using his favorite element.

Koudo had foolishly decided to take Chita's gauntlet head on, his lightning charged kick colliding hard with the power of the gauntlet... However... the nature of this particular one was not so easily overcome, as it was made specifically to negate the attacks of others and with Chita's rage, its power increased phenomenally. The moment the kick made contact with the Gauntlet Hades, Koudo should have started to feel it seal up within him, as if it was being blocked from use. Naturally, with Koudo's power the gauntlet itself would be destroyed from the impact of the powerful kick, but it was Chita's prayer that the super charged Hades gauntlet was enough to negate the power of lightning within Koudo's body... If not for an extended period of time, then for a short one.

The hit wasn't as bad as the first one, considering Chita was putting more power into it and she was protected by the gauntlet, until it was destroyed. But yet again, Koudo was simply too swift for Chita to combat whilst she was dealing with the recoil from the initial hit, and this kick may or may not be shrouded with electricity, depending on how the effects of the Hades gauntlet worked on Koudo. What spelled certain doom for Chita actually ended up as a frame for her guardians... The Arcanas activated.

From Chita's chest, the image of a large, mechanical wolf's head would manifest right as Koudo's own projection pounced at them, opening its mouth and releasing a powerful grenade point blank range with the resulting explosion causing Chita to be launched back a bit... But the protection of this wolf seemed to keep her more or less unharmed from the gutsy blow.

"What the... Baldur...?"

She remembered seeing every single Arcana and feeling their immense powers as they entered Chita's body that day... These creatures, whose power was unimaginable, all protecting Chita from harm. The translucent manifested head jutting from Chita's chest slowly slipped further out, now a leg manifesting and stepping onto the land. The more the wolf walked outward, the more solid its body started to appear, until the full body of Baldur, Spirit of Fenrir had been released.

"Baldur...? You got some nerve jumpin out in front like that!"

A toothy grin rose upon her confident face as she leapt atop Baldur and sat up near his head.

"Tch, but you're a long range fighter, ain'tcha? I guess I'll just hafta deal, for now. Let's rough em up!"

Releasing a powerful, distorted howl up to the moonlit sky, Baldur took off at a high speed, aiming to ram right into Koudo using the great force of the Smash Schirach, which would plow through everything in its way. If that wasn't bad enough, Chita generated two more large gauntlets on either side of Baldur, following right alongside the high speed devil like hovering apparitions. They both mimicked the image of their miniature versions always equipped on Chita's hands, meaning they were of normal nature and had no real special ability. Be that as it may, they were clenched and ready for contact with Koudo.


The clash between Koudo's panther and Chita's gauntlet didn't last as long as Koudo had figured it would, even if he had planned for his lightning panther to overpower the gauntlet anyway, because after what seemed like a couple of seconds Koudo's lightning panther dispersed along with Chita's gauntlet but that wasn't all. Koudo could feel that, inside of him, something else was happening. He felt his connection to his ability to form his chakra into lightning... slipping away, but he didn't directly worry about it because he was ready to connect with Chita for a devastating and yet normal, non lightning infused kick... which didn't go as planned either.

All Koudo could really tell was that an explosion occurred between he and she that pushed him back a tad bit closer to the pond than he was before the initial exchange between his panther and her gauntlet. He didn't know what had become of Chita. Instead he focused on finding out what was wrong with his body and why he couldn't generate lightning for the time being and purging the effects. He looked down at his hands and began walking backwards, more towards the pond.

“What... what did she just do? Tch. My fault for underestimating her."

He said to himself as one of his feet submerged itself in the water of the pond while the other stood on ground. This was when the teen rose his head to see the mechanized wolf that'd emerged from Chita's body, it seemed. That would explain where the explosion beforehand had come from for now, but it didn't explain where the hell the wolf had actual come from and what the hell it wanted. Not until Koudo saw Chita's figure jump to the top of it. Koudo sighed before snapping his fingers.

“I’ll figure the lightning stuff out later in fact my body will flush it out in a couple seconds... but now I'm a little upset. I swear I need to finish rebuilding Delta. Self Infest."

The sound of the snap reverberated loudly throughout the area, probably being carried to Chita's ears over the sound of her beast's howl and charging. Saying Self Infest welcomed Koudo's silvery blue aura's return in all its vibrancy since he hadn't been using it except for when he was sitting on the water before the battle commence, as well as welcoming the usage of Koudo's KG. That said, Koudo moved his one foot from out of the water and planted it tightly to the ground and braced himself for the impact of being hit by that beast or one of the gigantic gauntlets floating on either side of it. He held a hand out in front of him glowing with orange chakra. This orange chakra then ignited around his whole body tainting the beauty of the silvery blue chakra aura with this intrusive orange. Koudo knew what he was doing, but what it meant would remain unclear to Chita until... well.... until what happens happens. From her point of view, it'd just look like Koudo was a crazy person looking to test his might against the beast like someone standing in front of a tank trying to stop it from advancing.

The look on Koudo's face when he realized that his lightning was sealed was priceless, indeed. The all too smitten Chita did nothing to stop her advance at all, even when seeing Koudo's body flare up with these different colors. It only seemed to her that he was being absolutely stupid.

"Heh, I take it you don't swing with that, eh? That Gauntlet you touched sealed away your ability to use lightning, if you hadn't guessed... And now me and Baldur here are gonna give you the okie-doke! Full speed!"

The mechanical monster growled in response to Chita as its great lupine legs scoured over the land, its silver metal claws gleaming brightly by the light of the moon. Soon enough, the wolf's movements started to blend into one motion, blurring into a single streak shining brightly because of the lunar light. Full force, it would aim to slam directly into Koudo whilst also grabbing onto him with its teeth so it may slam him into a tree.

Koudo's eyebrow twitched when Chita explained what had truly happened to his lightning. It was clear now that he wasn't very happy about it. No. Saying he wasn't very happy was an understatement. Koudo usually kept his cool, but he looked really pissed off right at this moment and the orange chakra in his hand and exuding from his body sparked violently in accordance.

" What'd you... "

He started, digging his feet deeper into the ground as the mechanized wolf's charge hastened. When it was finally upon him, Koudo's hand impacted against the wolf's snout pushing him back a couple of inches but ultimately halting the wolf right in its tracks. Twas because Koudo used his assimilation chakra to assimilate the massive amount of kinetic energy that was generated from the wolf charging and stored it within him as potential energy to be used later. The trade off was an equivalent amount of assimilation chakra, but Koudo could spare it. Inadvertently, doing this stopped the beast's follow-up of taking Koudo in its teeth.

" Just say?! "

He finally finished his statement, and with a bit of bite to it as well. By this time the self infest had located the energies that invade his body and caused the sealing and were working on breaking them down, but it'd take another post to break it all the way down. Koudo didn't need lightning for his next few blows however.

He tightened his grip around the wolf's snout and flicked his wrist downward to slam the beast to the ground on its side, hopefully rocking Chita as her... pet toppled over and throwing her off of the wolf and skipping across the ground which could possibly disrupt her chance and timing for a counter strike or defensive maneuver as well. One could say this was Koudo's way of asserting his strength and showing Chita that he just might have the power to dominate her as he'd said.

" You know... I should just take this thing from you since you took something from me. "

Hinting to his ability to take control of machines with his chakra, but Koudo didn't want it. Instead he signed with his one hand and rose it to the sky. Chita had just rushed herself towards the water and set Koudo up perfectly for what was about to come.

The water in the center of the pond behind him began to bubble and rise at his command before a great mass of it rushed towards Koudo and the, hopefully, ground wolf and shaken and tossed Chita. As it rushed forward it condensed upon itself and took the form of a fluid and large dragon this being Koudo's Water Dragon Jutsu. Right before hitting Koudo in the back, it turned 90 degrees and rose to the sky before falling back down aimed exactly at where Chita should have been. When, or if, the dragon made impact with her the force would be bone crushing. The pressure of the condensed water mixed with the increased speed because of its descent from the sky was a deadly combination.

The mighty Arcana of Fenrir, Baldur, whose Smash Schirach is able to break through the mightiest of defenses with ease, was stopped in his tracks by the lone outstretched hands of the boy before him. Unknown to this type of energy, Baldur's wary confusion rendered him helpless to the next blow delivered by Koudo, who slammed the great beast into the ground. To his surprise, however, Koudo should have seen that Chita was not there. A rare tactical decision on Chita's part, she had used the speed of Baldur's blurred body to actually jump off so Koudo would still think that she was atop... But in actuality...

"Tch. You couldn't muster up the power to get the drop on ol' Baldur here. Don't count him out because of a lucky break."

The slightly annoyed voice of Chita was heard from somewhere behind Koudo, though more off to the right, by the edge of the pond. During all of the commotion, she managed to get to this particular point in case Koudo's power was enough to stop Baldur's attack, which it proved to be. A feat duly noted, the large gauntlets hovering beside Baldur hovered over to Chita instead once the waters started to rise. Holding the precious cargo tightly, she clenched her single free fist and the magic gauntlets beside her body tightened as well. The dragon of water took shape and rose into the sky, Chita's eyes watching it all the way up, even to the point where it arced and made its way back down. Her eyes met with its eyes, which she compared very quickly to Koudo's angered expressions.

"Heh... Still lookin daggers at me, huh? What a maroon! I hope I'm the only one who gets you this pissed! You DEFINITELY deserve it after pissing ME off!"

Staring death right in the face with a violent smile, the two large gauntlets lifted up expeditiously to meet the maw of the great lizard of the deep. The force was enough to push them aback gradually, causing Chita to be forced to take some steps back to avoid being hit. There looked to be minimal strain on Chita as she did this, but that was only because she'd never let something like this best her. In actuality, she was pushing rather hard to keep this beast at bay, and to those who couldn't tell by her stepping back... She was losing. Still never averting her eyes, she started to mumble something as the spray of the water flew every which way.

"... Take the shot, Baldur."

Those words uttered, the fallen beast's eyes shone with great red intensity that soon enveloped its entire being, by which a huge tank-like barrel extended from its shoulder closest to Chita. With already predetermined accuracy after lying on the ground for so long, taking the shot was of ease, especially with Chita holding it in place. From the massive barrel, a large explosive was fired with great haste toward the head of the dragon, which the gauntlets were no longer fighting off... But holding in place. Chita covered the egg with her entire body, even going to far as to wrap her own self in her chain-tail for extra protection in the shortest time whilst the shot, the Giant Dingfelder, hit its mark. The explosion instantly blew away the giant gauntlets and the dragon's head, growing so large that it was able to take up damn near the entire right side of the pond. It was most likely that this nuke-like explosion would have taken up Koudo's general vicinity as well, but would not be as immediate as in Chita's area. Once the shot was fired, Baldur was already gone.

Though the explosion was not completely direct, Chita would still sustain a decent amount of damage from it and the force lobbed her thoroughly back a great deal away from the general area; tumbling and skidding and rolling across the ground hitting everything else along the way. Before she traveled too far away from Koudo, Baldur appeared as a blur in her line of travel and caught her upon his back with a loud, metallic 'clang.' Though the impact was hard, Chita didn't seem bothered by it. She simply unfurled herself and inspected that egg up and down... It was unharmed.


Chita's great fortitude and durability, and simply sheer force of will allowed her to stand up with legs strong, egg tucked under an arm and fist gripped tightly. The dirt on her body immediately fell off, only because of a slight use of earth bending to clean herself up. As Baldur rose upright and Chita as well atop his head, her determined eyes lit up a bright green, just like her mother's, as she made sure her toothy smile was to be seen across the way by Koudo, if nothing else.

"How do ya like Baldur cryin wolf, eh? Pretty nifty, if ya ask me."

Baldur immediately took off running right for Koudo again, this time Chita was not safely tucked behind his nape, but standing tall, even taking a few more steps toward the front of his head as Koudo became clearer and closer in a matter of a couple of seconds or so. Her fist was cocked, as usual, now bursting with an insane amount of pure, utter force that almost seemed as wispy as a whisper. Though it seemed foolish to continue her attacks all the same way, with fist cocked back and head forthright, it was also how she fought best. She made fighting like that work, and Koudo would find out just how well she did it if she were to make contact just one more time.

Koudo didn't know where Chita had ended up when the wolf had fallen until he heard the rushing waters of his dragon travel awkwardly to the right while it descended from the night sky above them. He didn't turn that way, but he did shift his eyes over in that direction when he heard Chita's voice speaking. What she was saying was... boastful, but it was clear that she was actually struggling quite hard against him. Honestly, this was the first fight Koudo had had with someone other than Priere that lasted this long...

No. That wasn't right. He couldn't even remember a time when him and Priere had it out like this. They usually held back against one another and always promised to use their full power next time which usually never happened.

Ah, but Koudo didn't have time to dwell on that, and his anger cooled relatively quickly when watching her skip across the ground from the force of her own explosion. He signed and called the water beside him in the pond rise as a dense wall of rushing water beside him to block the traveling force of the explosion that'd come from the grounded wolf. When it pasted, the water wall fell down on the ground in front of Koudo and he smirked at Chita.

" Well you're certainly tenacious, but you won't beat me. "

Koudo's body had flushed out the magical energies that were blocking lightning, however it would take another half post to actually be able to use it. Not that Koudo would need it to stop a frontal assault from Chita... again. As she rushed, he signed.

" Not like this anyway. Oh, and you have really nice eyes. "

Koudo shook his leg out, setting it ablaze with the orange chakra from before. However there was some thing odd about the tint of it. With his other hand he conducted the water on the ground before him to form another wall of water to rise before him as a means to slow the charge of the wolf some, but not stop it completely. If Chita really wanted to test her might against someone that'd just stopped the charge her giant wolf with ease then she was free to try the foolishness. Koudo welcomed her and was ready to give it back to her full force and then some. Hence the strange tinge of the orange chakra ablaze on his leg.

Even though her tenacity was one to be reckoned with, it wasn't like Chita didn't come back with a plan for the orange aura he had. Sure, she was a little dense when it came to things that weren't her own thoughts, but she wasn't completely stupid. In fact, the plan she had might actually be enough to work on Koudo.

"Don't get yourself balled up, pretty boy! I ain't no tailor, but I know what suits me! There ain't nothing I can't get around."

As Baldur neared this time, she looked Koudo in the face not with anger, but with a robust eagerness. She was itching to match fist with foot, but not in the contemporary way she had done before. She learned from her mistakes just like everybody else, and she adapted to her mistakes once they happened.

"You think you're the big cheese around here, but I know for a fact that you and your powers are all wet."

Of course, she said this as Baldur blasted through the water wall before him with the Speed Berger, the weaker, but swifter version of the Giant Dingfelder. The explosion was on a much smaller scale on impact, but still generally had the same power. They continued through. She bent her knees to lean in closer to Koudo, never taking her eyes off of his. When she even felt the hint that he was going to move his foot to take the attack, she sprung off of Baldur's head and into the air right above him, as if she had just finished playing 'chicken' with him. But Baldur pursued. In fact, he even gained a little bit of speed during those final moments. In the air, Chita used an old tactic she had done on Alex Star to get the drop on him, where she would fall from the sky with fist cocked and roaring with utter power, still gaining as she plummeted toward him.

"So either reach for the sky, or take this slug to the jaw like a man! Let's see you grit those teeth!!"

Of course, it wouldn't make much sense as to why she said 'reach for the sky...' until Baldur's cannon was aimed right at Koudo's body, a Giant Dingfelder prepped and ready to be fired mercilessly as Chita barreled down at max speed. In her eyes, he only had one of two choices... Block one hit and get hit by another, or try to evade Baldur's eyes, which had been analyzing him all the while they were fighting, and even moreso whilst they were running toward him. Both weren't wise, but one was better than the other.

"Dawn Whisper!!"

When she was close enough to Koudo, she thrust her fist, maximum power, down at him, the accumulating force within now taking the shape of a gauntlet, however invisible, and the only way to actually see it was because the force of the wind around it took the general shape of its outline. Such a fist was able to pass through solid objects whilst still connecting violently physically, so that Chita could bypass Koudo's foot and still blaze him square in the face without having her kinetic energy stolen... Or so she hoped. If he did decide to block her or dodge anyway, then Baldur would take the shot... yet again. And he could see what Baldur could do with the Giant Dingfelder. The choice was his. The ultimatum of the century.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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" Big Cheese? I'm not as strong as I could be. You've shown me that. "

Koudo said with a smirk.

Chita was trying to predict his movements, though it was a good thing to do it was also a bad thing. Koudo had planned to kick her to kingdom come, however he changed his plan before she and her Baldur got in as close as they were. He stood his ground, unmoved and unwavering. Matching might with her had become a mote point, he knew he was stronger.

He scratched behind his head for a bit before looking up at Chita with the same smirk and a well placed wink. He was relishing in her 'pretty boy' comments.

" I choose neither though. Cause I got you beat. "

Koudo said, foot still ablaze with the darker tinged orange chakra. There was something different about it, clearly Chita could tell that. It would have been better if she would have chosen to use both her descending crush like attack with her gauntlet and her Baldur's cannon at the same time instead of giving Koudo the choice between them. He wouldn't take her punch and could get around the cannon fire.

Koudo did a couple of back handsprings out of the way of Chita's descending 'Dawn Whisper' was it? And bounced into the air awaiting the cannon fire to come. When it did, he used the leg that was set ablaze with the orange chakra to kick, yes KICK, the cannon fire in a direction down towards where Chita had landed. Using the potential energy that he'd stolen from Baldur's charge, he poured it all into his kick to increase its speed and power to a level that redirecting the powerful cannon blast was as simple as breathing. It didn't come without strain however, using that much kinetic energy put immense strain on the muscles of his leg and the impact between his leg and, hopefully, the cannon blast was enough to shatter some bones as well, but Koudo bore it if it meant incapacitating Chita this time around. Hitting her with her own attack was just a plus.

He wouldn't be able to fight to his fullest without both his legs, even if the damage would heal eventually because of his self infest. He would have to focus. Koudo couldn't focus on reconstructing the bones in his leg and holding Chita off. She was too much of a loose cannon and it took a lot of his mental capacity to focus on her and develop countermeasures.

She anticipated him dodging, but wasn't prepared for what was to come. He had actually kicked away Baldur's shell, which was dangerous within itself, considering something like that should explode on contact. It didn't however. The resulting kick with as much force as Baldur put into his Smash Schirach before would give it just the slightest delay, but the explosion still happened between the two; Koudo and Chita. This would definitely do some damage to the both of them, but not massive damage to either of them, which is the best thing to have done in this situation. He surely was a smart one.


Chita hit the ground with her feet, not wanting to waste this much power on the ground and spun around, the force of her hitting the ground and spinning creating a deep circular groove in the dirt. Before the explosion hit, she braced herself yet again and allowed it to blow her back, only instead of being as close as she was and being flung as far and as fast as she did before, she'd only get shot back a little... Enough for Baldur to catch her chain tail with his teeth and fling her yet again, this time through the cloak of the still going on explosion, where her Dawn Whisper was cocked back and in position. She was so serious about knocking him off his ass and square into his jaw. She'd come at him three times with the same concept, but in a different way. It was clear that someone like her wasn't gonna give up until she got to hit him in the jaw. When she knew that she was visible to Koudo, speeding out of the remnants of the explosion, she made her entrance line...

"That ain't gonna stop me! I told you what I want and I'm getting it, and you can't do nothin about it! Capiche!?"

This time as she flew, Baldur was running right under her, his CIWS ready and aimed at Koudo, firing off hundreds of bullets in a spread fashion, known as the Spread Falke. This was to try to ensure that he wasn't going to move around like he had done before, keep him in his place. His leg was messed up and Chita was taking a lot of damage from these explosions, but she could tell that she was in a better position than he was. This one... Was going to hit. If not, then another would follow right behind it. Tightly gripping that egg for dear life, she knew if she had her other hand... Her other hand... Her wish would have been reality long ago.

Koudo tossed his arms up in a cross guard instinctively to shield his face and body from the explosion that happened after he kicked Baldur's cannon shell. The force of the explosion blew him back, farther than he wanted to go. He back flipped in the air and landed on his feet, but no as gracefully as Chita had. It was a thud, and he buckled down to a kneel. The damage to his leg was more severe than he'd thought.

Not good I... I can't move.

Though this thought ran through his mind, Koudo forced himself to stand and brave the hundreds of explosions with his chest puffed out. He was fighting to prove he was better, stronger, than Chita and he'd do that. Even if it meant destroying his body in the process.

" You're tenacity... is annoying me!! "

Koudo yelled with a eruption of the lightning that had been missing since around the second half of the match. It sparked around his body and began constructing an aura, but it was moving slower than Chita was. The little bit of charge that had built would help to prevent some of the damage from being hit by her gauntlet, but not a lot of it. No matter how unfortunate it would be, Chita's punch would connect. Koudo didn't have the defenses necessary to stop her this time.

Koudo's clumsy landing only assured Chita's victory over this particular portion of the battle. Finally she'd have the chance to sock him right in the jaw and hopefully knock his lights out, since she was going to give this one max power. As she neared his now electrically charged body, she didn't care if she took any type of damage from being electrocuted, which she probably wouldn't in the first place. Her goal was achieved.

"Huh, right back at ya!"

She altered her positioning in the air so that when she was right in front of Koudo, her foot would touch down on the ground for leverage and support. Once it did, her sole dug deep into the land as she applied more weight on it to even extend the power of the fist more. With a clean, well-aimed hook to the jaw that forced away the very air around it, Koudo would have been sent jetting off toward the horizon, even with the electricity taking some of the hit for him. Hell, Chita put so much power into it, she threw her own self off balance, tumbling and twirling down to the ground. Hitting with a strong thud, she quickly picked herself back up, dusted herself off and brushed under her nose with her thumb.

"Told ya I'd do ya in."

At that point, Baldur strolled over to her, nuzzling her lightly as Chita responded with scratching under his chin with her gauntlets on.

"Attaboy, Baldur. You were the bee's knees. Take a load off, someone else will take your place for a while."

The wolf Arcana gave a low, sweet, mechanical growl as it walked toward Chita, fading out as it made contact with her body until he was completely gone.

"Now back to you, guy-- Eh?"

Chita noticed the egg moving in her arms and a large crack in it. She must have hit the ground too hard and accidentally put a crack in the egg. That was absolutely no good, because now whatever was inside was probably dead.

"Shit! Don't tell me that I killed it!!"

She grabbed it with both hands, lifting it up in the air to inspect it, only to find that the crack was getting larger and larger, spreading across the entirety of the egg after a little while. It was terrible... The egg was going to be destroyed. Well, that's what Chita thought. When she was at her downest point about this egg, it shattered to a million pieces right then any there, revealing the Pokemon that was inside... a Misdreavus.

This Misdreavus seemed to harbor a dark, yet determined persona, as told from her face and foreboding aura when hatched right from the egg. She floated there in Chita's hands, smiling with dark eyes. The hatching must have been from Chita's overexertion of power, for it seemed like this Misdreavus actually did harness some of Chita's intentions just by said aura.

"... Heh. So you were what was in there, huh? Well, welcome to the family, little Nita!"

And so was this Misdreavus' name was Nita. Nita hovered over to Chita's left shoulder, turning her attention to Koudo. She had the same idea Chita did right off the bat; beat his ass.

This is probably gonna hurt.

Koudo's eyes widened briefly when Chita planted herself in front of him to give herself better support to connect with her punch. Inadvertently, she'd given Koudo time to prepare to take the punch. He couldn't get around taking it, but he turned his body into the hit and road the power of her punch by turning his head in the direction her punch was leading it.

Even with all that, Koudo was set flying after the punch. He didn't skip across the ground, but instead slid at least 30 yards across it while digging a deep groove into the ground. When he'd stopped sliding a bunch of rocks that'd been tossed into the air because of his sliding fell down upon him... burying him in rubble and debris.

That was the first, substantial, hit Chita had gotten off him and if it wasn't for his own self inflicted injury then it probably wouldn't have happened. Koudo knew not to let it happen again. She had a mean hook. He laid there for a moment or two to allow his body to heal the damage in his leg the best it could before he burst from the rubble, sending the rocks flying all over the place. The only visible damage was the red bruise on his cheek and all the dirt that covered his clothes now.

The teen touched a hand to his cheek, still feeling the sting of the punch, before he spit out a blue liquid that resembled blood.

" Alright... you got me. "

Koudo said, and he definitely said it through gritted teeth. A current of electricity began to build around his body, seemingly charging him with power before it exploded violently into an aura on top of the silvery blue aura of the self infestation. He wiped his lips clean of the blue liquid he'd spit out.

" But I dare you to try it again. "

Koudo usually kept a cool head when it came to fighting, but when someone got cocky over one hit? It was his job... no his Civic Duty to put them in their place. He was so clouded with that thought that he didn't even notice her egg had hatched... not like he cared anyway.

The blue bood-like liquid Koudo spat from his teeth was proof that Chita had actually succeeded in dealing some kind of damage to him. For a majority of this battle, she had been dealing the damage to herself rather than to him, but for this moment, it was surely worth it. Her toothy, determined smile only widened as she felt him become ever more intense, which in turn caused her body to tense up as well. The electricity sparked about his body violently, the uproar soon transforming into a surplus off bluish silver energy around him. It was the same energy as before.

"Heh. Of course, you know, this means war."

Placing a fist to her open palm, the cracking of her knuckles filled the air around her, limbering her fists up for the next hit. Nita's bleak, yet devilish eyes loomed from behind Chita, glaring at Koudo with the same determination as she. Perhaps this would be her first battle, as well.

"And now that both of my hands are free... We can duke it out for real this time."

She reversed hands, letting the cracking of her knuckles fill the air again. She took some steps closer and hawked out a glob of spit to the ground, prepping for round two.

"So put em up."

After Chita spoke, Koudo didn't respond. In fact he didn't visibly do anything, just let the lightning around him build and explode with more power. This whole time was simply a staring contest between them and nothing more. Koudo was sizing her up, with his mind's eye activated, getting a much better read on her chakra levels. It wasn't very in depth, but it was enough.

" You're not worth me going all out on. I can already see the ending. "

Was all he said before making a fast break towards the pond Chita had knocked him away from. He moved so fast that the ground he was standing on impacted into itself with a loud boom creating a crater in his wake. Whether Chita gave chase or not was of no concern because Koudo was at the surface of the water in no time after he'd moved.

The lightning aura wasn't his infestation aura, in fact it had nothing to do with the silvery blue aura underneath itself which was the infestation aura. The lightning aura was the Lightning Release Armour that Koudo had been playing around with recently. The Lightning Release Armour was electrically stimulating his nervous system and speeding up his neural synapses so that he would react faster to danger and pushing his physical prowess to the absolute limit. This Armour coupled with Koudo's already impressive raw speed and reflexes as well as his heightened perception from infesting him would prove difficult for Chita to fight against, if he chose to fight up close, and welcomed Koudo into the world of the speed of sound. That loud boom from before was Koudo breaking the sound barrier.

He sealed before random points on the water's surface behind Koudo began to swirl, and, from the depths underneath the swirls, drills made of compactly pressured water rose and rocketed off towards Chita. This was Koudo's Water Fang Bullet and if hit by any of these 'drills' the internal damage would be devastating.

Why bother with fighting her fisticuffs right now? Koudo figured since she liked using long range fighting so much even though she said she hated it, he'd use it as well. It might prove to be her weakness though he didn't think much of her strength to begin with. And if worst came to worst, he could always just use this as a decoy for a close range assault. Koudo knew the lightning release armour, and his body, wouldn't hold up for long since this was the first time he was using it to its fullest.

Thinking about that, Koudo knelt into his track runner's position from before with mass of lightning chakra gathering at his leg, the all too familiar sound of birds chirping filling the air before he seemingly vanished with a boom.

The determination on Chita's face almost instantly transmogrified to a horrid, devastatingly furious one once Koudo gave his little 'observation' of her. She lowered her fists down to her side, feeling the anger welling up inside of her as a burning hot intensity blazing hotter than the sun.

"Oh fucking really? Think you're better than me, eh? Well you've got your head in a loop."

Surprisingly, she hadn't raised her voice at him yet. The burning sensation within... She knew now what it was, thanks to her research on her father. That anger had to be channeled; channeled into a power she knew even this cocky bastard would have more than his fair share of problems dealing with.

"You know what? It's whatever. Heh. I'm just gonna have to show you why you don't fucking mess with me like that, asshat."

After seeing Koudo take off, she started walking toward his position, herself, her feet leaving moldering molten globs of earth under them after each step she took, after which it would harden into its new shape. The closer she got to her target, the more heated her body became, to the point where a light steam rose from her skin and smoke passed from her mouth and nose with every breath she took. When Chita moved this slowly in a fight, it only meant one thing... Berserk.

His speed meant absolutely nothing to her, for she was going to start using her Kekkei Genkai. He might have been faster, more durable and possibly even stronger than she was, but when it came to her anger fueling her power, it was a wrap. When she took a step toward the water, the bullet drills were already taking form. She didn't mind them at all. For what seemed to be the millionth time this match, she cocked her fist back, which was now glowing with an intense amount of heated energy. Her eyes gleamed bright green again, giving notice that her Kekkei Genkai was well activated.

"Sealing... Force."

She punched the water before her, which seemed to evaporate long before her fist even came close to making contact with it. A super heated wave of green-tinted force expelled itself from Chita's body, seeming to harbor the heat from the Supernova brewing inside of her body in tandem with the Sealing Force, which was growing larger and spreading faster. She intended for the heat to evaporate all of the water whilst the Sealing Force itself would hopefully hinder Koudo from using another one of his abilities again... Only this time with a much much much more powerful and potent capability than the Hades gauntlet on its own. It could mean the absolute disuse of an ability of Koudo's for the rest of the battle if he was hit, and if he tried to use the self-infestation to rid himself, they'd either get sealed as well or he'd waste a great deal of chakra dispelling the Sealing Force. Granted, Chita wasn't one to save her chakra, but she had enough... Enough left to get the job done.

Koudo, for the first time, cut off every power he had going right now except for his KG which was the infestation and the assimilation. He figured out that using all these powers would do nothing to show Chita that he was powerful, so why not beat her with, literally, the bare minimums of his potential? She was obviously mad and it directly contributed her power, anybody with eyes could see that and with Koudo's mind's eye he could see it clearly. So Koudo changed the flag he had raised to just letting her overexert herself and possibly overheat.

" Resorting to name calling? If I didn't live with three people that insult my intelligence, the most sensitive about me I might add, everyday my feelings might have been hurt. "

Koudo braved her super heated energy with a puffed out chest, his self infestation doing the job of defending against her sealing force with little to no effort. It gave him complete and total control over everything that was him at the cost of chakra. Yes it took a huge chunk of chakra to negate her stuff, but with him using no other chakra on anything but this he could stomach the cost. Koudo had a bunch of chakra and superb chakra control. Trying to exhaust him of his chakra wouldn't work and sealing his powers wouldn't work either.

" I'll be real with you. I'm getting tired of this, so I'll give you one free shot, close range, if you knock me out then we can say you win and I can do something more fun like sleeping. "

Koudo said as he began to walk forward. He had to remember that she was a witch so fighting her like a shinobi wasn't going to yield the best results. She acted like a street brawler, so he chose to treat her like one now. One free shot then they could end it. her tenacity had seriously annoyed the hell out of him. It wasn't cute anymore.

Braving her attack like that was definitely not the best call for the normal foe, but Koudo's infestation proved stronger than Chita imagined. That just meant she'd have to up her own strength a little bit. Her body's heat rose higher and higher now, but Koudo spoke to her in a way that seemed a little... Odd. Her anger started to subside even so quickly.

"... What? Giving me a free shot? What kinda wacko are you? Shit, I can see why they'd insult your intelligence..."

The Misdreavus, which had suddenly appeared some ways away from Chita's burning hot body, seemed to have the same sort of confusion as well.

"I thought you'd be able to go a couple more rounds with me. I see I was wrong. Tch."

Her anger started to rise again. She was pissed that he was giving up. She was pissed that he was ALLOWING her to get a hit she didn't EARN. Never in her LIFE had she felt more insulted, except for when Rita talked down to her. Chita's scorching body heat caused her figure to become a flickering blur. But even with her fists ready to knock Koudo's head clean off his body, her clenched hands relaxed, only so the heat within could intensify further. The rage brewing within could not be expressed with her fists, but with her words and actions. That was the new lesson in her quest to grow up.

"... But you know what? Screw you. If I wanted to fight a pompous asshole, I'd throw hands up to my other self, Rita. I'm SURE you two would get along. I'd let you meet her, but you look too roughed up to actually take her on. Hmph."

Raising one of her hands up, she started to rub one of the cuffs on her arm glowing with sealing energies... The cuffs that restrained her full power and Rita's ability to take control of the body they shared... She looked up to Koudo, barely visible thanks to the wavering heat waves around, and rose a balled up fist right in front of him, and stuck up her middle finger.

"Fuck you."

" Yeah, yeah, whatever. Just take the shot. "

Koudo said with a wave of his hand, completely dismissing all her angry ranting and middle finger showing. He stopped a couple yards away from her and the super heated air around her and held his hands down to his sides with them out of his pockets. Instead of flinging around powers, Koudo just wanted them to get down to the end and he planned to offer her a last round she couldn't refuse. She was a brawler after all. He still planned for her to overheat from anger, but why not make it fun?

" We'll play punchies as the last round. A Penalty to the loser. The first one to say uncle or gets knock out cold loses. Anywhere is free game, just not the junk and I won't punch you in the tits, which are nice by the way. "


It rose even more. This fiery sensation... it liquefied the ground around her, causing it to become mucky and tar-like. A horrid downside if she aimed to give herself some leverage for this type of shot; the liquid would absorb all of the impact and throw her off balance. But she was just so fucking mad.

"If we're doing it like that, then I'll be sure to win before you even get a chance to retort, bub. Smile nice and wide for me so I can knock your teeth out."

Looking down to her wrist, the cuff stared her straight in the face... This thing. This... binding of her power. Could she afford to let go of one? Would Rita be able to take control again if she even had one cuff free? Maybe... But Chita was stronger now. The Void that Rita so effortlessly controlled was a power too unstable and dangerous, even for someone who controlled it so perfectly and stably. It was a high risk situation, buuuut... The shackle fell from her wrist with a great thud, the Sealing energies within illuminating it with a bright green glow. The shine soon faded, and so would Chita's gauntlet from her hand. This was an authentic punch; barehanded and full powered. Accessories at this point only hindered her.

She wasn't sure about how Koudo was going to deal with the intense heat burning almost as hot as a supernova shining brightly within her fist, but if he didn't care, neither did she. She cocked back her fist for what she hoped to be the last time this fight, trembling with all of the incredible power that had reared up within, and she let go right at Koudo's head. Like a piston, it shot forward at a blinding speed, ready to connect with his jaw in the same exact spot she had done before, this time with equal or possibly even greater power due to her releasing that cuff link. With so much force and so much anger put into a punch like that which tore through the very winds that tried to bind it, maybe this would knock Koudo's lights right out. She hoped he wasn't that durable to be able to take another hit like that. She only hoped.

Koudo stood cool amid the burning and fiery rage that was Chita. Cool as a cucumber, when she agreed to go with his final round suggestion Koudo was happy for a bunch of different reasons. He held his arms out to his sides like welcoming an embrace from the girl and waited with a smile on his face... or at least that's what it looked like.

While doing this a tinge of orange shined on both his cheeks and his forehead as he waited for her punch. When it came, the closed lip smile on his face twisted into a smirk that kinda showed his true intentions or rather showed that he had planned something for after she'd thrown the punch.


He knew from previously in the battle that she tended to go for the face shots and instinctively prepared for if she did. This had definitely been up to chance cause if she would have aimed anywhere else Koudo would be on the ground out cold. Fortunately she went for the face shot as predicted.

Koudo knelt down slightly and took her punch to the forehead, slamming moving his forehead forward to intercept the punch around the latter parts of its swing. He was going to let her hit his cheek, but figured the forehead would be better and for a reason. The intense temperatures of her fist would produce heavy burns to his forehead, but it nothing that he couldn't heal given enough time after this was over.

What should be noted is that her punch didn't send Koudo flying like her first one did. This is because of the orange tinge he had concentrated to both of his cheeks and his forehead. It was his assimilation chakra which he used to take in the kinetic energy behind her powerful punch. He intercepted her punch before the arc was completed because he knew that he didn't have enough assimilation chakra to spare to take in all the kinetic energy behind her fist, but he had just enough to take in a majority if he didn't let her complete the swing.

" I'm Koudo Tamura and My endings... "

Koudo started, cocking his fist back for his turn with her fist still to his forehead. There was only a dark orange colored chakra around it, but other than that the punch was pretty barehanded except for the black half gloves he had on his hands.

" Are absolute. "

He finished before throwing his punch. It came swiftly, the normal speed of one of his punches compounded with the speed she threw hers. It was powerful, the normal strength of one of his punches compounded with the strength of hers. And it would be more than enough to knock her out with all the strength she'd put into her own punch compounded with his.

Koudo didn't go for a face shot, though he had the perfect aim for a right hook. Nope instead he went for an upper cut to send her flying into the sky, soaring towards the heavens before she realized what happened and letting her crashed back down to earth, reality, once she had. Hopefully this was, as planned, the end.

No sooner had Chita's fist connected with Koudo's forehead did she notice the orange tinge of energy lit up within his face. Something told her that this was too good to be true; a fair blow-for-blow street brawl, that is. She couldn't even be mad at herself or at him, as she was the stupid one for falling for this.

"... I guess you really did give me the okie doke. Ha..."

As the intense heat within calmed, her body only became warm, and that warmness was reflected in her smile and lowered eyes. With Koudo's punch probably able to take her out, she kept her hands down and her chin up, manning up for this type of attack; no tricks, no games. The fist connected with her chin, and the first thing she thought was that she could feel her power... Her power flowing back into her through the fist of Koudo. Her feet slowly rose off of the ground as the force of impact caused an explosive gust to pick up around the two, all before Chita was sent flying. Flipping numerous times backward in the air, she showed no effort of trying to stop herself, however when she was close to the ground she forced her legs to come down first, planting them firmly the very moment they connected with earth. She stood there, barely conscious, having suffered a twin blow from both herself and Koudo and still managing to stand up. Her vision was blurred; barely able to see and her jaw was sore, dripping with blood as she tightened it further. But there she stood, knees just a trembling and all.

"... Good one."

A knee of hers gave out, causing her to collapse from an upright position to a knelt one, which thereby caused an arm to come up on that knee for support. Panting heavily through her grit, bloody teeth, she looked up at Koudo and laughed a little bit.

"... By the by, my name's Chita... And even if your endings are absolute, Koudo..."

She stumbled up to both her feet again, staring him straight in the face with blurred eyes. She hobbled over to him, clearly unable to go through another battle with him after a blow like that and the already substantial damage to her body from being tossed around by explosions and using up all of that energy before. She was close to running on E thanks to him.

"... That don't mean there ain't a sequel. Heh."

Still hobbling, she made her way over to him eventually and tried her best to stand up straight. Nita hovered over to her, trying to use her ghostly body as support (somehow). As long as she was conscious, she hadn't lost the duel between them, though, cuz that was the rule... But it was very unlikely that Chita could even muster enough strength now to knock him out without knocking herself out, first. Not only that, he probably wouldn't even be knocked out from it. Looks like Koudo had unofficially won this battle against Chita, but she wouldn't admit it until the last blow was thrown.

Koudo whistled at the flying Chita after he connected. He had to say, if she had aimed anywhere else then that definitely would have been him flying through the sky right now. She had strength alright, but Koudo couldn't lose to her. He was breaking from his losing streak and getting started on a winning streak. Chita was a good trophy.

The blow didn't come without repercussions though. Like before when he used the power of Baldur's charge with his leg, using her power as well as his own through his arm shattered every bone. That arm fell limp to his side and would take time to heal. Luckily, Chita looked like she was done for.

That was until she landed on her feet. Both he and she were battered and bruised, her more so. Koudo nodded his head to her with a smirk, glad she took it with a smile. It was indeed a good one.

Koudo took steps forward, towards her as she walked towards him and stared into her face as she stared into his before he closed his eyes and snickered a little. The burn on his forehead where Chita's punch had landed was still quite prominent, the heat had actually spread downward and burned over his left eye as well. Guess he wasn't such a pretty boy now was he?

" Heh. Just know, Chita, that my rival would never let me live it down if I lost to someone that used fire and heat. I'm ready to shot the sequel anytime. Now... rest. "

He finished with a poke to her forehead, not to knock her out completely but to send the broken girl falling backwards to the ground or forward to his shoulder either way was fine with him. Koudo didn't plan to just leave her here anyway. It'd be all gentleman like to escort her home or where ever she wanted to go after this, so he need her at least conscious enough to give directions. They were cool, and possibly rivals, now.

Of course she would laugh, clenching her side in pain as she did so, once seeing Koudo's burnt up face. They surely did a number on each other here.

"Next time we fight... I'll be a full blown witch... So keep those peepers open for me."

That was the last thing she was able to muster up before he pushed her over with his finger. Chita's only rival at this point in time was her own mother, the Head Witch, and she was going to settle that rivalry once she healed up for a day or two. Witches healed wounds fast due to their magical inclinations and such, so she'd be tiptop by tomorrow if she just rested and ate. She had lost the battle, but she had learned so much today, more than she ever realized she was learning at all. However...

"Looks like you're delving into my massive pool of energy now, aren't you, Chita?"

Her voice now no longer reeked of the early 1900's slang, but was proper, light, elegant and nowhere near as course as Chita's normal voice. Yes, only half of Chita's chakra was accessible at a time because the other half belonged to the second side of her that only came out when Chita was depleted and the cuffs were off; Rita.

"Wh-what...? But how...? You couldn't get out... With just one cuff loose?"

Chita's natural voice came back to speak on that, but it was clear that her voice was far more tired and beaten than the voice of the other.

"Considering that you are not using the necessary power to confine me in the stead of that raunchy bracelet, I am able to take control of you. Now hold still, little cur, and allow me to free myself from your fickle restraints."

With little to no energy to confine a full-powered Rita, Chita had no choice but to give in. Her body went through a great number of changes; her hair extended, her tank top and slacks transmogrified into a lolita-style gown and a face of utter contempt lay upon her visage now. This was Rita.

"I must say kudos to you, Koudo, for allowing that buffoon to use up all of her power and unleash the seals on our wrists again. It is not often that I am able to escape that mental prison and roam the free world. You may be just as boorish as she, but you are much more useful."

Koudo held the shoulder of his limp arm with his unbroken hand. And watched Chita topple over to the ground, just as he thought she would. He intensified the light of his silver blue infestation chakra to start healing himself, his face first then his arm. But before he could continue something about Chita on the ground shocked his mind's eye. He noticed a sudden... spike in chakra. It was almost like the fight between him and Chita hadn't just happened.

" W-what the... "

It shocked him because the spike in power put Chita's chakra level over the chakra he had left... in fact if her chakra level from before was mixed with this one then it would put her chakra level on the same tier, as Koudo if not higher than Koudo's, when he wasn't fighting. That fact stunned him, just how much power was she holding back with those cuffs? Why was he always fighting chicks that wore cuffs anyway?

The burns were almost gone, but the one over his eye remained and so he shut that eye. Looking at the changed Chita, he could identify who it was. Her other self, the one she hinted before.

" If you were locked up then it had to be for good reason. "

Koudo was in no condition to fight a newly awakened Rita, so he hoped she just wanted conversation and company for a while. If it came down to a fight, then he really wasn't sure how long he could last with all his chakra pools running on less than 50%.

" What do you want? "

Only a faint giggle escaped her dainty lips, a hand coming up to greet them bashfully as she did so. She rose now into the air, calling forth the Misdreavus beside her to come to her hand's aid as a toy to hold onto. Rita somehow caught hold of this ghost pokemon with both hands and did not allow it to escape.

"My, my, looking at that mangled face, it is rather difficult to decipher your concern at this point. How lucky it is that I can simply feel it in my head."

Taking a single hand off of Nita, it rose beside her, palm out, and as it rose up the figure of a penguin-like creature appeared, but something was off about it... This creature, one of her familiars, was a Prinny. The Prinny was dressed in a tuxedo holding a silver tray of tea only for Rita's pleasure. Below her bottom, another penguin attributed thing appeared, though this time it seemed to resemble a sort of comfortable plush chair. She lightly sat upon it, taking the tea from atop the silver platter and took a short, quick sip.

"... But you have no need to worry, boy. The reason why I was contained is irrelevant. The only thing that matters now is that you have freed me. Though it is quite easy to pull one over on that simpleton, it is quite difficult to make her expend that much power."

She took another sip before placing her teacup back on the saucer, and the saucer back on the tray. She gave him a slight, contemptuous smile and crossed a leg, placing her hands on her lap accordingly. It seemed almost like the wounds Chita sustained had been wiped clean from the body once Rita took control... Perhaps that had to do with magic, or perhaps it was something else. Regardless, Rita was full power... Well, to an extent.

"I am not here to scuffle with someone I can eliminate at a whim. Whatever your business was before this battle, may you go ahead and get on with it. I am a very busy woman."

" For some reason... I feel like I'll have to help lock you back up. "

Koudo muttered through a pant, exhausting more chakra to heal his body while he spoke. The burns on his face seemingly vanished and he opened the eye he had closed before the infestation aura honed in and shined only over the arm that had been destroyed from hitting Chita.

Koudo rose a brow to the woman's tone. He really didn't like it, but didn't really have the power right now to back up any ill words he wanted to say. He respected Chita a helluva lot more now seeing that this was the other side of her that she had to deal with. Definitely not cute.

" Eliminate on a whim huh? I'll remember that. I can't honestly see why Chita-chan can't just own you and take your power for herself, you don't seem like much to me. "

Koudo commented as he began to walk away from the field, probably to go home. He walked forward past Rita when he said it, hand still holding his shoulder. He stopped a couple inches beside her and whispered.

" In fact, I might just help her do that if she's interested in it. She's way cuter. See you around Rita-san and we'll see who can eliminate who on a whim. "

With that said, Koudo continued walking forward for a couple of yards before vanishing in flurry of sparks of electricity.

Openly dismissive to everything he said solely based on her body language, Rita continued to laugh at Koudo, who still insisted on talking a big game after fighting Chita.

"I guess birds of a feather flock together. Pity that both of you filthy pigeons wish to fly with a dove like me."

She watched Koudo walk past her, eyes half open the entire time, yet the contemptuous slight smile never faded for a moment. She figured that she would let the monkey have his prideful words and turn tail to run away.

"How's that? I could have sworn I heard the pleading cry of a big shot fallen from grace nearby. A lady like myself better turn around and show him his place."

She made sure to time her words carefully to the point right before Koudo left the area. She wasn't going to waste any of her precious power to try catching a coward. She would entertain his thoughts of grandeur and allow him to heal himself up, and when he decided that he was going to go 'lock her back up,' she'd show him why she was contained in the first place.

"... A man without manners reaps no rewards. So many uncivilized people about these days. But, before I get too preoccupied in my affairs with dear old mumsy..."

She stroked the flowing hair of the Misdreavus in her lap, and the Misdreavus happily looked up to her with those dark and malevolent eyes and a happy smile.

"You need to be trained a little, I supposed. Come, back to the castle."

Below her cushion, a pitch black void opened up and sucked her and everything else that was of her, transporting them all back to Zita's Castle.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 16: Let's Learn, Nita.

A void opening up in Chita's room, Rita and the Misdreavus, Nita, exited out and onto the bed of Chita. The room was rather messy and disorderly, making Rita wretch a little.

"Gh... This boorish... Piggish fool! Prinny Squad! Adjust this room to my liking."

Out of nowhere, a buttload of Prinnies burst through the door, consuming the entire room in nothing but blueness and the word 'Dood' for a good minute or to before the flood of Prinnies exited out and revealed the new, dainty room.

"Ah... Much better. But now, Nita, I must teach you how to use your powers effectively, as you are but a newborn. With my guidance, your ghastly power will utilize the Void to combat your foes. Come now."

Floating over to Rita, Nita was happy and ready to learn ho to better her own powers so that she would be effective when she fought. She nuzzled up against Rita to show that she was ready, and Rita turned to her.

"Good. Now, your moves that can be used with The Void consist of... Destiny Bond, Snatch, Shadow Sneak and Imprison. From what I know of these abilities and how they can be used in conjunction with The Void, Destiny Bond can be used to take one down into the depths of The Void at the expense of you having to do so, too... Snatch will steal the power of that it touches and suck it straight into the Void... Shadow Sneak will invoke shadows to become void-like portals, and Imprison will totally consume one in a cubical prison of nothing but The Void, where their powers will be nullified completely. That is what I hope to teach you now."

Nita floated about happily, seemingly very ecstatic to know that she'd be able to tamper with The Void on her opponents. This would give her the naughty edge she needed in any fight, even so early. Perhaps after training, they'd go mess with some peons together. That's always nice.

Of the selection of abilities compatible with The Void, Destiny Bond seemed to be the easiest to explain, since it was almost the exact same thing anyway.

"... Your Destiny Bond. Show it to me now."

Nita nodded her head, glowing with a dim purple aura. Suddenly, Rita would also be glowing with the same purple aura as the Misdreavus before her, which signaled that the Destiny Bond was in effect.

"Hm... Alright. Let me bestow a tiny portion of my magical power unto you, so you may utilize The Void."

Rita slowly raised a limp hand up to Nita, only thing outstretched being her index finger, which flowed with the power of infinite space, and touched the forehead of the Misdreavus, allowing that power to surge through her. Nothing about the Misdreavus changed; no power surge, no alterations to the body, nothing. The only thing different now... Were the orbs around her neck. Darker than space itself, and swirling with an infinite void within itself. It was almost as if peering into another universe. When that was done, Rita would get started.

"Wonderful. This power you feel, you must control it as you use your Destiny Bond. Use it to take your opponents down there along with you... And obliterate them. Here, try it."

Rita stood completely still, awaiting Nita's attempt at the attack. Since Rita controlled The Void, she would be able to escape its grip once the Destiny Bond was done, so there was no worry. Nita concentrated on her new power, rearing up the Destiny Bond again. However this time, her body took on a more cosmic appearance, leaving only her eyes to be seen from the pitch blackness that was her own essence now. Essentially Rita, too would be enveloped by these pitch black energies, her body instantly being pulled into the Void, where she stared Nita in the face. At this point, Nita would have defeated anyone that opposed her, as she had taken them into the Void without fail.

"Good... And as soon as you take them into The Void, Nita, you crush it. Crush it all down upon your enemies and make them suffer for opposing you. Remember that."

Rita snapped her fingers and awayed The Void. Nita had a natural knack for this.

"Alright, for our next lesson... Snatch. That is an ability that steals the effects of an opponents supportive attacks, correct? Then The Void will, as well. Use Snatch and I will start to use my Self Resonance."

Rita closed her eyes and allowed her Soul Wavelength to broaden itself, becoming stronger and more resilient. At the same time, Nita was focusing on using her Snatch ability, which synchronized her power with Rita's Soul Wavelength, siphoning out the power ups that were going about within, and Rita would feel nothing.

"So that's how you do it... Now, with the Void, siphon out all of their power at once instead of just a small amount. Go on now. I will be fine."

Rita continued to use her Self Resonance, increasing the power now. Nita activated the power of The Void, thus causing the Snatch this time to completely drain Rita of her power and give said power to Nita, causing her to feel great power beyond what was felt before. Rita winced and trembled, but quickly regained composure.

"Because The Void is an infinite space that only you may control, when you use Snatch, you are pulling in energy to fill that infinite amount of space, and therefore completely drain your target's power. Understood?"

Nita nodded her head, stopping the Snatch. These abilities were golden to her.

"As for our next ability... Shadow Sneak. Show that to me. I already have a complete understanding of what it does."

She crossed her arms and waited for Nita, whose eyes glowed and the shadow of Rita was under her power. A large black hand rose from it, aiming to grip her, but Rita spoke out abruptly.

"Stop. Here is where you would infuse the power of The Void into the shadow and allow it to grab your opponent, taking them down into it."

Of course, Nita listened right away and the blackness became more cosmic in appearance. It would grip Rita, the instant it touched her she would fall into The Void, but quickly fall out due to her own power.

"A simple trick. And now, for the final ability. Imprison. That is something I am not quite sure about. Demonstrate how it works, if you please."

Nita nodded focusing on Rita's body. The orbs on her neck flew out and hovered around Rita, generating a powerful restricting force that sealed of Rita's power whilst also restraining her in place. They swirled around her body faster and faster, showing that they were using a lot of power.

"I see... So it works similarly to the Sealing Force... Then, if that is the case, take me into one of these orbs whenever you use Imprison. Show me."

Without hesitation, one of the orbs expanded and engulfed Rita, trapping her in The Void within it. Her powers were still sealed away. however, but now she was just trapped within The Void.

"... That is quite enough. Now release me, Nita."

And again, on command, Nita would release Rita from the Imprison and let her powers return to her, exiting the Void.

"There. I think we have gotten a lot of progress done. Now, what about some of your other moves, hm?"

Looking through a database of what this specific Misdreavus knew, Rita selected a few that would be wonderful to train right off the bat.

"Let me see... The only other interesting looking ability here is Psywave. So I must have you increase your power with that."

Starting off, Nita used Psywave as releasing a powerful pulse of invisible wavy force from its body directed at Rita, as means of attack. This attack seemed to harness a lot of odd, distorted power, and seemed to hold a lot of heat, as it used a lot of moving energy.

"So this is what it feels like... Now Nita. Concentrate it."

At the drop of a hat, the invisible force became more concentrated, taking the form of a pulsating stream of rings, which seemed to lock Rita in place and lift her off of the ground.

"Now on the mind."

The pulsating rings narrowed further, becoming a multicolored thin beam of energy that pierced straight into the mind of Rita, whom Nita fought for control over her mind.

"... This ability... Is powerful... But it is weak... With you."

After a bit of a struggle, Rita burst from the power of the Psywave and forced even Nita back.

"This ability has varying intensities that do various different things. In your arsenal, it shall be your most prized attacking move. I doubt you know more than 3 levels of intensity of this specific ability, so we must train more with it. Perhaps I will escort you out into battle to test the might of your new moves... And see how well you improvise."

Nita seemed to like this idea quite a lot, shown by the happy expression on her face and the glowing black orbs on her neck.

"Since you feel so joyous about it, then let us depart. We'll find a lowly commoner to jest."

A rift opened below them and Rita and Nita would be sucked through into the abyss. Where they would appear, no one knows.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

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Void 17: A Quick Match?

~Zeus would be seen walking into the training fields for the third time. He hadn't fought anyone in a long time so he had to get back in the swing of things he just walked around til somebody appeared.~

Almost as quickly as the boy appeared in the area did an odd rift appear in the ground before him, rising out of it a girl in a rather elegant lolita dress and a Misdreavus with odd black pearls around its neck. The girl exuded power and grace, and the Misdreavus showed nothing but mischief in her eyes.

"My, here we are... Your first peon to pummel, Nita. You there! Boy! Entertain my dear Pokemon. She is in need of some training. This will be her first battle, and a commoner such as yourself is more than enough to satisfy her. I pray that you know at least something along the lines of combat?"

She yawned politely, soon after placing her hands atop each other in her lap. The Misdreavus floated to the front, eying Zeus.

Dente would be in the middle of said training field. He'd be meditating on the past events and as always, retained his serious gaze and stern face. He smelled the scent of a few people near by and as almost gotten used to the fact that everyone he will meet is either going to attack him on sight or give him the chase of his life.

".....What now....?"


~Zeus didn't speak at the moment, two people and a pokemon had just appeared rather quickly. He looked at them both and noticed they was both from the same village but thought nothing of it, so he just spoke in his usual voice tone.~

"Commoner?...I would prefer ninja or shinobi. But hello to you both."

Immediately noticing the second presence about, of a similar level to the one before, Rita turned to Dente and inspected him up and down.

"Oh my... Another one? Two of you at the same time is simply too much for little Nita so suddenly..."

Crossing her legs in the air and calling upon a large Prinny to sit atop, she called the Misdreavus, Nita, in back from the front, now not battle ready.

"No, you are indeed a commoner, as seeing the likes of you all is rather common. However, my Nita needs some training. And so, one of the two of you will be her opponent... After I see which of you is more of a challenge."

She took off an ornament on her body, which looked like nothing but a black ball and chain, but when she released it onto the ground, it took the form of a massive Chain Chomp, which cuddled right next to Rita. She began to stroke its cold, sleek body lovingly as it lowly barked.

"Do battle with each other. The victor will fight Nita. And do not try to escape my will, or I will send my loyal servant after you."

The Chain Chomp immediately turned toward the two and barked loudly and viciously, its teeth foaming and its eyes burning with rage. Moments later, it turned back to Rita and continued to be stroked by her long and elegant hand.

Dente sighed and groaned, he looked at the two people along with the peanut gallery of creatures, and cracked his knuckles. He'd stretch out, take a few deep breathes, and stand in his ready position. Dente was ready for just about anything.

"Ignorant child... You shouldn't talk down to others due to status or strength... You man with the polite disposition, I already know you wish to fight. Get ready if you need to then come at me if you may... If not I'll gladly charge first..."

"You took the words out of my mouth there."

~Zeus said with a smirk towards Dente this girl's tone reflected her nature naive. But without further postponement Zeus' began to clasp his right hand and with that one motion light particles would begin to draw in towards the hand and form a ball of light completely consuming his hand. He then flicked his wrist firing a beam of light straight for Dente's chest trying to blow it away in one shot.~

Rita ignored everything that they had to say, for none of it was important if it was coming from the likes of them. Besides that, she knew that in only an instant, she could totally obliterate the both of them with her own power, and their incessant yapping was only their bark... which was clearly much worse than their bite.

"Hm. This is why I rarely associate with those of such deplorable... etiquette. Not only are they not punctual, but they do not even know how to treat a lady... So uncouth."

She sighed heavily and shook her head, watching as Zeus prepared his attack for Dente. A beam of light shot forth from his wrists, all but impressive to Rita, who yawned politely once more. So quickly was she bored by them.

Dente easily ignored the girl, and would easily dodge to his right, then start off running fast towards the man. He held his fists close to him so that when he reaches the man he would go for his One-Two-Three-Crouching Fang Combo. If the combo connected he would then use Crouching Fang's follow-up in order to knock him a few feet away from him.

"It's not that easy."

~Zeus said as he flicked his wrist once more causing the beam to change direction with Dente who simply tried to dodge to his right, since that was all he did Dente probably didn't have enough time to dodge this beam. But just incase somehow he still dodged it or got hit Zeus' other hand would begin charging light as well. He then released that light towards the ground in front of him causing a wave of huge rocks and other debris as well as light towards Dente.~

Dente would allow the first beam to hit him, but timed a jumped along with the hit to propel himself farther to the right so that he'd have enough room to either dodge the other beam, or do a few tricks that would get him could get him closer to his opponent. He'd notice that the size of the second beam wasn't a beam, but a wave. He'd raise an eyebrow and speak in a hush tone.

"Big beam..."

Dente would jump into the ground and dig a good 7 feet underground in order to dodge the unnecessarily large wave of destructive light. At this depth he wouldn't give away his position by digging, so he'd begin to dig towards the man's general area, but not resurface. Instead, Dente would begin to dig a circle around the area where the man was standing. After traveling a certain distance, he'd leave behind a solid clone, which would stay idle until a signal was given to resurface.

~Since Dente was indeed hit with the beam he would feel immense pain and heat from the blast. However as Dente went under ground Zeus quickly drew his sword and took flight into the air, he figured this was going to be a waiting game. So with his sword in his right hand and another light orb charging in his left he just waited, floating at least 20 feet off the ground.~

Dente's natural area was the ground. From here, he and his clones can just dig around and play out the waiting game. However Dente did want to go on the offensive, but made both of his clones, including him, infuse chakra to their legs and stomp, creating the Earth-style Release: Fetal Earth to create three pillars of earth in the shape of feet. These would be used for something bigger later, for now they waited to see who would want to go onto the offensive first.

By this point in the battle, Rita was getting quite bored with waiting, and so was Nita. They were quite tired of watching these two fight and not engage them, as Nita needed to be trained. Though Rita could have forced them into submission and made them fight Nita, she knew she didn't want to do that, it was against their wills. She wasn't a bad person, she was just a stuck up person.

"Oh, dear. Time is passing ever so slowly in this battle. I guess I'll have to find someone else, then. I grow bored with waiting here."

She stood up and touched her Chain Chomp, which would change back into one of the odd accessories on her body, Mario themed. She opened up a portal to The Void to travel through, Nita flying in first.

"However, do not think that this is the last you will see of me in this lifetime. Adieu."

She walked through and the portal disappeared behind her.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

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Void 18: To Hone The Mind

After a failed attempt at trying to train the Misdreavus, Nita, Rita decided that a better idea was to ensure that she kept this body forever and leave Chita in the back of her mind. The only place suitable for such a feat was the Psycho Mesa. Rita felt as if she could handle the mental pressures this place had to offer simply because she is smarter and more mentally versed than her brutish counterpart. Rita could only giggle to herself, this being the last time Chita would be coming out for a while.

"Hmhmhmhm... Say goodbye, oh boorish one..."

As Rita entered the psionic barrier created from the residue of Khrona's own thoughts, she could feel an indescribable pressure on her very mind; one that threatened to break her the very moment she walked in. There was nothing for her to do but grab her head and scream in pain as her hovering body fell to the ground, on her knees.


She held her head tightly, feeling the immense power easily overpower even her sharp mind, trying to destroy it and consume her mentality. She would become part of it if she didn't act soon, her mind would be absorbed by Khrona's residue... a testament to his power, it seemed. Her dainty nails dug deep into the skin around her skull, the pain so intense she couldn't even tell she was doing so... She just wanted this nightmarish headache to go away. She was not even capable of speech anymore. As blood trickled down numerous parts of her face, she curled up into a ball, shuddering and shivering,, unable to control herself now. This looked like the end.

With Rita writhing in pain and her body totally immobile, she couldn't even concentrate enough to create a Void portal out of here, nor use the Sealing Force to at least temporarily block the power. She hadn't taken the precautions to keep herself safe before coming in here, and now look at this mess. The only way for her to survive was--

And there, that's when it happened. She pulled her into the depths of her mind, where they were safe from the psychic force only for a little while. That was why Chita was unaffected at the moment; too far back in the mind. But they had little time before the impressive psychic force even made it that far back. They had to hurry.

Rita wasn't sure what happened until she saw the table set for tea. That was how she talked to Chita the first time... Guess this must be their thing, then; this tea time session. Rita immediately sat down, sort of in awe at Chita, and grabbed her teacup.

Rita: ... So you were able to save me, then. Why? You don't like me and I don't like you.

Chita simply smiled the entire time, taking a couple sips of her tea as she sat in a rather uncouth fashion in her chair.

Chita: Well, as much as I don't like it, we are the same person. Different sides of the same coin. If you go away, then I'm not complete anymore, right?

A rather perceptive accusation, and in fact, that was true. That was the same thing Rita tried to tell Chita so long ago... Yet her intentions were impure, not like no. Chita indeed had the purest of thoughts behind her motives... Rita hadn't, long before. It was clear that what Chita lacked in brains, she kept in sincerity and heart, two things that Rita never understood.

Rita: ... Well. I... Must thank you for your services to me.

Chita only smiled at Rita, yet it wasn't filled with warmth... It was smug. Smug because she knew that the almighty Rita was wrong. Why? Because unlike Chita, she hadn't grown up yet, and with this action, both of them knew it.

Rita hesitantly took another sip of tea, asking after, "And what brought on this change of heart, peasant?"

Chita didn't even acknowledge Rita's insult. She simply straightened up in her chair, leaned forward and whispered something to her, "... Maturity."

It was proven. Chita had matured beyond her old childish ways, her old conceited mindset, and had evolved past it. She was even going to go make amends with her mother after this. Not only was Rita taken aback by her answer, she felt a little... Bad. Only one side of Chita had matured... The other side had not. That was her side. She was still acting like a spoiled brat, and that was not mature at all. She needed to step up to Chita's level. Funny how one can mature when their rival does... Even when that rival is the other side of her on self.

Chita could tell Rita was having a change of heart all too quickly; she was smart enough to know when she had lost, and it was a feat within itself that Chita had beaten her. Maybe that was why she was so willing to change. The power of maturity... was great.

Chita: .... You know if you do this, you'll disappear, right?

Rita: Negative. We will become whole for the first time in life. Where you and I use the body at the same time. After all of this time of trying to steal control from the other, we never realized that we could just take the reigns together.

Chita smiled now with warmth and not with a smug grin. She nodded her head, seeing that Rita finally realized.

Chita: The only way for us to use our full power...

Rita: Our full potential...

Chita and Rita: Is to become one.

That said, they both stood up, mirroring each other, and placed their teacups down simultaneously. Rita extended a limp hand, as if waiting for a prince to grab and kiss it, whilst Chita did indeed grab Rita's hand. Chita pulled Rita close, wrapping her other arm around her waist and gave her a hug. In all their time together, these two had never in their lives touched each other. And now that they had... Everything was about to change.

Chita: While we are one being outside of our head...

Rita: We still maintain our individuality within.

Together: So we both will never die.

At that moment of harmony, Chita's entire appearance changed to match the both of them... She was achieving her true form, one that resembled her mother more than anything. She was becoming... Complete. With a powerful repulsive force from her mind, she shot the psychic power of Khrona out of her mind, and thus the transformation was completed.

Her hair had elongated, similar to how long Zita's was, and was wrapped in two long pigtails. Rita's dress ripped and tattered, tearing into a long flowing black cape/jacket and revealing Chita's bra underneath. Her slacks she normally wore had torn and become booty shorts, with her chain tail jutting out of the back. Her shoes were now knee-high boots, and her eyes and facial expression held properties belonging to both Chita and Rita. They were one.

Now, with one full mind and one full power source, Chita's power level skyrocketed. She knew that she had to get out of here soon, and she also knew that adjusting to her new power would take some practice. She knew so much more about herself now... Such as the fact that she could manifest bladed chains from her body just the same as her tail, yet she couldn't do as much as Zita could, since it wasn't her magical forte. These chains were real chains, not ones of magic. Chita pointed her hand outward, a flurry of chains extending from her wrist and out toward a tree several miles away from the Psycho Mesa. She could still feel the pressures of it on her mind and needed to escape... Besides... It looks like it was finally time to see her dear old mother.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

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Void 19: Hey Redhead...

Having nothing to do but train her little Misdreavus, Nita, she had been informed from voices beyond about coming to the Nightmare to get some pokemon. She stepped into the huge building and looked around.

"... Swanky. Now, let's get these Pokeballs, eh, Nita?"

She hovered about her head ominously, appearing and disappearing to her own will behind Chita, following her. Chita walked to the front desk and started to ring the bell.

"Heya, Red (as in redhead)!! You got any pokeballs here?!"

While a normal person would not enjoy such a rude nickname Nurse Joy would not let such trivial things ruin her happy personality. Nurse Joy would walk to the front desk where the young lady was requesting pokeball. Nurse Joy would quickly look under the front desk and would pull out a set of 6 pokeballs for the young trainer.

"Welcome to the pokemon center young trainer of course we have pokeballs especially for young trainers like yourself."

Smirking smugly, she watched as the cute nurse walked up to the front desk, smiling.

"Helloooo nurse..."

She collected the six pokeballs from the desk and placed them in a special pocket in the VOID. Nita appeared before Nurse Joy, trying to scare her and feed off of her fear. She must have been a little hungry.

"Thanks a lot, hot stuff. I wouldn't mind coming back here to see ya sometime."

Was she... hitting on Nurse Joy?

"Mind telling me where I can catch myself an Onix?"

"You can locate an Onix at a location in the Nightmare known as the Emerald's Ascension."

Nurse Joy would say this in he normal happy tone being un-phased by the young girls acting. This was the power of Nurse Joy being able to tolerate any form of trainer that entered the center.

Her chipper attitude only added to her attractiveness, though Chita was normally repulsed by these types. Seemed to just fit with a face like that.

"Thanks, doll. See ya when I run out of Pokeballs... Or when I want a date."

She placed her hands on her hips, which switched every whichaway for all to see in her booty shorts and knee-highs as she walked out. She snapped her fingers, as if to call her Misdreavus back.

"Come on, Nita! We've got Pokemon to catch."

The Misdreavus disappeared, missing a meal thanks to the resilience of the nurse... Curses. Well, onward to the Emerald Ascension.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

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Void 20: I Wanna Be The Very Best Like No One Ever Was...

Making a quick trip to the Emerald's Ascension, Chita and Nita had gotten relatively far up the path alongside the mountainous terrain. She was on the lookout for Rock and Steel pokemon for whatever reason... Steel was understandable, but why Rock? Who knows with this girl.

"You ready, Nita?"

The Misdreavus floated behind her, but was invisible, being quiet and silent as to not scare any Pokemon until the time was right, hopefully making them easier to catch. Chita could simply sense her presence, as the power of The VOID was within Nita.

Walking through the area suddenly when Chita turned a corner she would suddenly be able to see something in the distance. It appeared to be a large afro walking through a bush which was rather strange. However once the afro emerged from the bush it would turn out not to be a person but a Bouffalant. Looking around the Bouffalant would notice Chita and before she knew it the Bouffalant would quickly charge toward her with a powerful Take Down as all Bouffalant where rather aggressive and charge happy pokmeon.

On the lookout for anything, Chita spotted something out of the norm... A black bush coming from another bush?

"... Is that a fucking... Afro?"

Before she knew it, the afro was charging toward her at a high speed, showing now that it was a bull-like creature attached to it. A pokemon. She smirked, knowing for a fact that a battle was on its way. She didn't know much about Pokemon, but she knew that hers was gonna whip this one's ass.


Chita voided herself out and back in once the Bouffalant charged past her (in the same way Scharlachrot moves in Arcana Heart), and when she was behind it, Nita would appear instantly, right in front of its face making the most ghastly, horrific, utterly horrendous face possible in attempts to scare it. Of course, even if it didn't, the Bouffalant would charge right through her, since Normal attacks didn't effect Ghost types. And because of how close she appeared before it, it probably wouldn't have time to use another attack. Chita simply crossed her arms and watched.

Because of the fast blinding charge of the Bouffalant it would not even have time to notice Nita's face and would simply go right through he quickly hitting and destroying multiple trees and boulders. The Bouffalant would finally stop and dig its feet in the ground before charging toward Nita once more however while this looked like a normal attack but suddenly the Bouffalant's horns would begin to glow. This was a megahorn which would connect if Nita did not dodge.

It didn't seem like Nita's scare had any effect on this wild animal... A shame. She was so hungry, too, and Chita didn't know the meaning of fear at all, so she had to get her energy from the fear of others.

"... Well, this thing seems to be too stupid to get scared... So we're gonna have to take it out!! NITA!!!"

Screaming her name seemed to give her a burst of will unlike any other, the will to beat the crap out of this creature. It would seem like Nita had gained a bit of Chita's personality; the personality to beat the crap out of anything that came her way. Taking the brunt of the blow head first (most literally), the small ghost would butt heads with the master of butting heads, being pushed back a long ways after taking the hit. She didn't flinch at all, but she still pressed forward, staring this loathsome creature square in the eyes, until finally she held it off with enough strength to stop it before it hit Chita, who stood with arms crossed, and eyes just as intense as Nita's. She knew for a fact that she would stop. She knew because Chita wouldn't have never stopped until that creature did, and Nita knew the same.

Nita: Not very effective...

"You know what to do..."

Her eyes twinkled with an evil, arresting energy, filled with the power of the Sealing Force, the Misdreavus would seal away this Bouffalant's mind with the sheer power of her customized Mean Look, aiming to trap its puny little buffalo mind away.

As the powerful mean look hit the Bouffalant it would quickly go crazy for a moment before the mighty creature fell to the ground. The falling of the Bouffalant would cause a small shake around the area signalling a large amount of pokemon in the area of Chita's presence. Suddenly the ground would ruble again and suddenly in front of Chita would erupt a large Onix that had been disturbed by the noise being made by the Bouffalant. The Onix would then release a powerful roar toward Chita and would then try to use slam trying to crush her with its massive body.

With the Bouffalant having been taken care of thoroughly by her pro Misdreavus, she collected the experience of battle with this creature and kept it as wisdom of more to come. But it looks like more came to find her all too quickly...



She spun around fast, finding the giant land titan known as the Onix baring its great earthy tone at her. With a cold and rocky stare given to her, she merely returned it to the creature tenfold.

"... Nita...!"

She flicked her wrist upward toward the tail of the beast, a huge chain made from her bones shooting from her skin and slapping the tail back to the wall. She jumped back and faded out for a moment, the Misdreavus fading at the same time. As they faded back in, they took each other's places, now Nita hovered before the great Onix whilst Chita stood in the background, arms crossed.

"... Let's go."

She placed a hand on her Pokeball, waiting simply for the right moment... When Nita gave the opening...

The Onix would be caught off guard and would end up slammed into the wall near by. Although the Onix was not very affected by such an attack as its large dense body made it hard to actually cause physical damage to the pokemon. The Onix would then notice the girl waiting it to make a move and it would roar once more and while doing so would suddenly release a stream of blue fire from its mouth (Dragon Breath) which would race toward Chita.

Chita stepped back a bit, the huge stream of blue fire shooting down at him from the giant's mouth.


The Misdreavus' eyes gleamed, releasing a wave of hot, distorted, intense, invisible energy as a shock wave from her body to push away the stream of fire. This was her Psywave, at Level 1 power. Diverting the stream of flames to the wall, Nita knew that holding it off for long wasn't going to get her anywhere. She disappeared, reappearing in front of the face of the great creature. Perhaps she could do what she did to the Bouffalant and do that to the Onix, as well... Her eyes started to gleam...

While for normal pokemon this move would instantly knock them the Onix would not fall. However this Onix possessed an ability known as Study which would keep the Onix from being so quickly knocked out in one his. The Onix would then open its mouth and would then release a powerful roar from its mouth directly on the small pokemon. Hopefully this would push the pokemon back as Onix release a powerful amount of sand from around its general area attempting to seal Nita in a layer of sand (Sand Tomb).

As quickly as she did gasp did the torrent of sand stream from its mouth, shooting the poor Misdreavus straight into the earthy wall with a heavy slam, right before the sand condensed around her body and plopped down to the ground with another heavy crash. Chita was silent. She only stared intensely at that mound of sand, as if channeling her anger into it and it channeled itself back. That was how she knew Nita was okay.

Moments later, the mound of compressed sand started to ripple and bubble, a sound welling up within it. Eventually, all of the sand burst from around her body with the sheer force of her Screech, which blew back everything with this cry of war and rage. Now this Onix had done it.

Without even having to say a word, Nita's eyes became pitch black, and the Onix's shadow started to stretch and whip upward from the ground at high speeds, trying to wrap around this land snake's body and pin it to the ground with an unbridled restricting force enough to hopefully take even this beast down. If it worked out as planned, the Shadow Sneak would grow tighter and tighter and tighter around the Onix's body to ensure that it didn't escape.

"... Now's my chance..."

Flicking her wrist, Chita released a Pokeball attached to one of her chains, aiming right at the Onix whether it was effected by the Shadow Sneak or not. Hopefully it was, however, though.

As the massive Onix would grabbed by its own shadow it would quickly try to break free from the shadow putting up a very strong fight. However it was only a matter of time before the Onix was brought the the ground and held in place. The pokeball would then hit the Onix and take in its whole massive body. The pokeball would violently shake fore a long minute until it made the classic pokemon click noise meaning the Onix was captured.

Watching this behemoth get taken down by a little angry Misdreavus was a sight to see. It would seem like she was getting stronger and stronger with each battle, using the wisdom of experience to grow. Waiting oh, so impatiently as the Pokeball warily wriggled side to side, Chita stared with great anticipation.

"Come on..."

Nita stared down as well, panting from using so much power, but nowhere near out of the game. Taking this time to catch her breath, her eyes were never taken off of the Pokeball either. Still shaking, the Pokeballs took one last wriggle before it came to a complete halt with a satisfying resounding click. Onix had been captured.

"... Fuck yes!!! We did it, Nita!!"

The Misdreavus was overjoyed, swirling around Chita and nestling in her hair happily for catching the pokemon they were here for. Retracting the pokeball connected to the chain, Chita palmed the entire thing and began to tap away at it, seeming to be inputting a nickname.

"... Doctor... Snakes... Done! Here's the new recruit, Doctor Snakes!"

With only one Pokeball being used up, Chita wanted to press on and catch more pokemon. And with Doctor Snakes at her disposal...

"Heh heh heh... Come on out, Doctor Snakes..."

She released the newly caught Onix from its pokeball, letting the giant creature look around and get a feel for the environment. It looked down at her, and she looked up at him, her stern eyes enough for him to respect her.

"Alright, Doctor Snakes, I'm gonna level with you; I don't like seeing you guys in your Pokeballs unless you absolutely gotta be, so we're gonna be heading out old fashion style!"

She slung a chain up to the horn on his head, reeling herself up to the top of his horn whilst Nita appeared right next to her, still nestling her hair.

"Let's go!"

With a mighty roar, the Onix started off up the mountain, moving much faster than Chita would on foot. It was time now to catch something else. 5 Pokeballs left.

Continuing through the area with her new pokemon Chita would then suddenly begin to hear the sound of rocks begin crushed. Fallowing the sound of the crushing rock Chita would locate a Tyrogue crushing multiple boulders with its bear hands and feet. This small fighting pokemon while very small appeared to be rather strong. However its had not yet notice Chita seeing the Onix as just another random wild pokemon in the area.

Chita, on the lookout for everything, heard the small Tyrogue from a mile away destroying those rocks, even from atop Dr. Snakes' head.

"... Hm? What the hell...?"

She looked down, seeing the fighting Pokemon crushing rocks with its bare hands. She smirked, thinking that this type of pokemon would be a nice addition to the team.

"Well, well... Our next new friend is here. Doctor...?"

The mighty roar of the Onix would alert the Tyrogue of its readiness to battle. Chita wasn't thinking about type disadvantages as, well, she really wasn't all that good of a trainer in that respect, yet. She was only extremely adept in teaching things how to fight.

"Alright then. Let's see what you've got!"

Of course, unlike Nita, Chita didn't know any moves that Onix could do, and as such, this type of battle would probably have to be left up to his instincts and her emotions.

"Make this thing know that we want it!! DOCTOR SNAKES!!"

Onix breathed in heavy, concentrating a huge amount of heat into its mouth until it took the form of a blue sphere, and when it exhaled with all its force, a powerful stream of heated blue air that resembled flames would be shot forth at this Tyrogue. Dragonbreath. On contact with it would cause an odd sensation because of the heat that would numb out bodyparts, causing paralysis.

Hearing the loud roar of the Onix the Tyrogue would turn around and notice the small girl on its head. As the flames quickly moved toward the Tyrogue it would suddenly jump high into the air and rocket high into the air avoiding the flames. The young fighting pokemon would then land on the ground and rush toward the Onix in a burst of speed. The Tyrogue's fist would begin to glow and it would then appear right under the Onix and tried to hit it with a Mach Punch

A swift upper to the chin, the Onix was ill prepared for the super effective hit from the small fighting type, which knocked it for a loop. With a loud and pained groan, Chita almost lost balance atop its head.

"Woah, woah... Keep it cool, Doc! Grr..."

It seems like without proper knowledge of what this guy could do, fighting something that smashed rocks for a living would be hard to do. Maybe she could coach him from the sidelines. She didn't want to have him call it quits just because this guy was a heavy hitter.

"You've got this one. He's faster than you, so try to slip him up. Use that sand move!"

She spoke of the Sand Tomb that it used on Nita earlier, as perhaps that could keep him in check. Dr. Snakes grumbled angrily at the little Tyrogue, starting to spin the segments of its body violently. This kicked up a powerful Sandstorm across the entire field, which was not what Chita wanted, but was hopefully effective. Now the force of the Sandstorm would keep this big guy hidden and was so loud that his movements would be silent.

".. That's not what I... Tch, fuck, whatever. Looks like it did something. Alright, keep those eyes sharp. I'm guessing you can see clearly through all of this, hopefully that thing can't. When you see it move, hit it with the OTHER sand move you used."

The Onix grunted in acknowledgement, now that it knew what she was talking about. It simply waited for the Tyrogue now, who was at a field disadvantage because of the lack of ability to see, move and the fact that the Sandstorm's debris would harm him as well.

As the Sandstorm quickly filled the area the young Tyrogue would quickly put its arms up not only to keep the sand out of its eye but to reduce the damage it would begin receiving from the sandstorm. It appeared the young fighting pokemon was in quite a tight spot but suddenly through the sandstorm on Chita's side she would notice a large opening to appear through the sand. This was Vacuum Wave a powerful punch which release a powerful force punch. It was now obvious this was a Tyrogue raised by the punching Hitmonchan meaning it used multiple punching moves. The Tyrogue would then release a flurry of Vacuum Waves toward Chita and her Onix trying to hit them both.

With them all waiting patiently for the movement of the Tyrogue, even Chita tried to look through the sands. She was a so-so earth bender, and was able to feel something through the grains of said flowing in the air, but it wasn't anything definite. She'd definitely have to get more pro with earth bending when training her Onix... And speaking of which, he was the one the catch the Tyrogue's movements in the sand.

Dr. Snakes: Gruh!


A gleam of Chita's eyes caught the silhouette of the crafty Tyrogue in the midst of the sands, a huge, crooked, almost insane looking smile appearing on her face as the Onix turned to face the Tyrogue's Vacuum Wave. As if of one accord, both Chita and Dr. Snakes inhaled deeply and Roared at the top of their lungs.



The pure power of the Roar from the Onix blew the Vacuum Waves away completely, leaving the poor Tyrogue hopefully completely defenseless to what was going to happen next. Just as Chita said, the next opening that Onix had, use the Sand Tomb... so as it Roared, the sand around the Tyrogue from the constant Sandstorm would start to compress around it, trying to completely capture it and condense to the point where it could not move its body parts anymore, and would only get tighter and tighter with every passing second. Hopefully it would be caught in this masterful trap, cuz if it was... Then Chita had this Pokeball raring ta go!

As the pokemon and trainer released their powerful roars the small Tyrogue would quickly be blown back from the sheer power of the sound. The Tyrogue however was ready to quickly move in for another Match Punch which it would make sure would knock out the Onix. However before the Tyrogue could begin to move it would be caught by the sand and would stop dead in its tracks. The young Tyrogue would struggle to try and break free but would quickly be constricted and hold the Tyrogue in place.

Brushing her thumb under her nose like the pro trainer she was, she gave the most smug and determined smile and pressed the button on the chained Pokeball.

"Alright, hold em down... Here's another one to add to our posse!!"

The Sand Tomb grew tighter around the Tyrogue, just to ensure that it would keep it there. The Sandstorm subsided, and Chita flung the pokeball at the mound of compressed sand before it.

"Come on!!"

Unable the move the young pokemon was unable to stop to pokeball from closing int on it. The pokeball would then hit the Tyrogue and it would be quickly sucked into the pokeball. The pokeball would violently shake fore a minute until it made the classic pokemon click noise meaning the Tyrogue was captured.

The capture of her third pokemon, the second in a row, was assured and set with the click of the Pokeball. Her smug grin never leaving her face, she retracted the Pokeball on its chain and back to her hand.

"That's two for two! I must be good at this type of thing! Hahaha!"

Snagging the pokeball, she immediately opened it and stared down at the Tyrogue, who was a hardened fighter of hand to hand combat, just like herself.

"... You're pretty damn good, you know. I haven't seen fists so fast since me. Hmhmhm..."

The determined Tyrogue looked up at her with stern eyes, as it seemed that was how Chita connected with her newly caught Pokemon; by looking them dead in the eyes. He could see the fighting spirit burning within her, and he knew then that she'd be a good trainer for him.

"The three of us are gonna take this world by storm. And we aren't even done yet..."

She looked to the Tyrogue before her, thinking up a fitting name for him. His drive, his spirit, his power...

"... Copernicus."

And so, that is what it would be.

"Welcome to the gang, Copernicus. Now, everyone... Let's shoot for one more. AHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

She palmed her left eye, leaning back a little as she let out a great laugh to the skies, as if praising them in her own twisted way. Nita began to laugh as well, and Doctor Snakes let out an aggressive roar, starting forward. Copernicus was loving the spirit of every single one of them.

The laugh would echo through the area as Chita and her pokemon had their little evil bonding moment. However while laughing suddenly a random Scraggy would simply stroll by the four. However once noticing them it would stop dead in its tracks and his skin pants would fall to the ground as it tried to slowly reverse its direction trying to quietly sneak away before the group noticed it.

With everyone in high spirits, laughing and bonding and such, Chita felt the presence of another around here.

"... Hm?"

Her eyes quickly perceived the Scraggy in the distance, about to get mowed over by her Onix. It looked as if the very moment she noticed it, its skin pants fell down and it started to try creeping away.

"Hey... Wimp..."

With Chita's stern words, it was like everything simply stopped. The laughing, the merriment, the giggles and fits... All of it just stopped, and everyone looked at the Scraggy.

"Just for trying to get away on the sly, I'm gonna beat the crap outta ya. I don't have time for weaklings. Doctor--!!"

Before she finished and the Onix reared its ugly head on this creature, Copernicus tugged on her jacket, staring up at her with its determined eyes. She looked down at him, seeing the burning fighting spirit flowing eagerly within him. He wanted to take this battle.

"... On second thought, Doctor, you take it easy. The new guy wants to have at it. Copernicus..."

Overjoyed, the Onix lowered its head and allowed for the Tyrogue to jump onto the ground. Dr. Snakes took a well deserved rest, falling asleep rather quickly, whilst Chita stood still atop his horn and spectated. Copernicus pointed at the Scraggy, as if calling him out, and took a fighting stance. He was ready to do this.

There would be a very sudden silence as the Scraggy and Copernicus seemed to be having an epic stare down. However this somewhat epic moment would quickly be ruined by the Scraggy quickly turning round and running like god knows what. However after getting a few feet away the Scraggy would trip over its pants and fall on his face. The Scraggy would then begin to funny and sad process constantly trying to run only to trip of its pants.

Chita questioned whether she wanted to stay here or not, with this little wimpy thing... It would make a terrible edition to her crew. Why even waste time with it?

"Ugh, just let the little runt go, Copernicus. You can just fight one that isn't such a little bitch."

The Tyrogue was a bit sad, as he wanted to train his skills and see if he was able to defeat this little Scraggy, but... It seemed like Chita was right. What good would it be to fight a wimp...? He jumped back onto the Onix's head, and they would wait as Chita tried to spot another Pokemon.

Suddenly as the group was about to leave it would appear the Scraggy had returned. However there would be a completely different aura coming from the Scraggy as it quickly took a fighting stance. Could this be a completely different Scraggy or did being called weak cause something to snap within the Scraggy.

The new attitude of the little wimp was felt by both Chita and Copernicus at the same time, causing them both to slowly turn around to see what was this new energy they felt. The erratic change of the Scraggy's persona... or was this a new one altogether? Chita seemed more than pleased, as shown by her insane stare and wide smile.

"Heh heh heh...! Well, well! Look who finally got some balls. Copernicus!"

He immediately jumped down and assumed his fighting position as he had done before, but first bowed to the little Scraggy. It seemed like something sparked the drive to fight, and that was all that was needed to fight and join Chita's gang.

Watching as Copernicus bowed the Scraggy would snicker as it would perfectly mimic Copernicus. Suddenly the strangest thing would happen because while bowing the Scraggly would suddenly start to change colors and after a moment the the Scraggly would transform into a prefect copy of Copernicus. Before both Copernicus or his trainer could figure out what was going on the fake Copernicus would appear in front of the real one with a powerful uppercut aimed toward its jaw.

"The fuck?!"

Chita seemed almost as shocked as Copernicus, who was now frozen in utter confusion from what had just gone on. He took the first strike hard, sending him flying up in the air and into the side of the mountain. That was the wake up call he needed.

"Whatever this imposter is, beat the shit out of him!"

His eyes shot open after Chita's words, struggling to pull himself out of the impression in the mountain. After a moment or two, he popped out and fell to the ground, seeing that this being meant no games. It was time to battle. He took a single step forward, disappearing and reappearing behind the imposter with his fist cocked back and ready to knock his head clean off. A Mach Punch at mach speeds, he was gonna make sure that it hit... somehow.

As the punch moved toward the imposter it would suddenly being to turn black as the punch appeared to his. However it would soon be seen that the imposter had now turned into Nita and simply phased through the punch at the last minute. The eye of the imposter would then glow pink as it release a powerful psywave from it body hopefully blowing Copernicus back with pure psychic power.

Phasing through the body of the Misdreavus, it was clear now that this imposter was going to be a great challenge. Copernicus tried to catch himself, but it was too late by the time the Psywave became active. Blasting him backward, he skid across the ground, catching himself after he bounced back a couple of times, wincing a bit.

"Tch... What the hell is this thing? Copernicus! Don't get upset. Play it smart."

Heh, look who was talking. Queen of getting upset. But perhaps since her mind melded with Rita's, she was able to actually 'play it smart,' which was why she was doing so well as a trainer. Perhaps even Chita had changed for the better because of it.

Copernicus nodded his head, closing his eyes now. Focusing his spirit and his mind on the imposter, he breathed in deeply and exhaled, starting to find out the true form of it via the power of Foresight. Not only would he be able to hit it if it transformed into a Ghost type again, but whatever it was would be revealed to Copernicus. With his concentration high, he wouldn't attack until he found out just what it was, which was what the Foresight would help him do.

As the Foresight took affect the imposter would being to change from it black color to a bright pink. The imposter would then transform from Nita into a blob that would fall to the ground in a splat. The blob would then begin to move around and it would then be revealed that the imposter in question was a transforming Ditto. This Ditto would look around for a moment seeing it cover was blown and would simply stick its tongue out at Chita and her team.

This pink mass seemed to herald the power to transform into anything and everything... This was a creature that could be of great use to Chita.

"Heh heh heh..."

She whipped out a Pokeball immediately, flinging it right at the slushy creature, knowing that it wouldn't be able to hide from them as long as the Foresight was in effect.

The ditto would attempt to run but before it could begin to move the pokeball would hit the ditto and take in the little pink blob. The pokeball would fall to the ground and would begin to shake up a storm since the Ditto did not take any damage from Chita and her team. However after a moment the pokeball would stand still and make the classic click sound mean the transforming pokemon was captured.

Chita shook her head, retracting the chained Pokeball.

"This thing's gonna do me a whooole lotta good... Isn't that right, NoFace?"

That seemed to be his name, since she was convinced it didn't have a 'real' form. Either way, Copernicus was still itching for a battle and Chita had three pokeballs left. Though it was probably best to leave this area and search for something else... She figured she might as well just use up all six pokeballs here and be satisfied.

She released the Ditto out into her hands, holding him tightly as he tried to slink out unintentionally.

"NoFace, welcome to the team. After Copernicus battles, you'll get your time."

And they trekked on.

As the Ditto joined Chita's team it was after being caught Chita would notice a strange powder on the ground where the Ditto was caught. This was mental powder which would have quite and interesting affect on NoFace when used correctly.

*But Anyways*

As the group continued through the area the would begin to notice a few more trees in the area as the continued forward. It was soon enough that group would notice a Weedle crawling through a tree toward a batch of leaves hopping to get itself a quick snake.

As they continued through, the area seemed to accumulate a bit more trees than before, making this place look a bit like a forest.

"... I guess it's not that far fetched for there to be a forest on a mountainside..."

She shrugged her shoulders, continuing on. Copernicus, being as feisty and thirsty for training as he was, started to punch and kick many of the trees he came across, until he came to the tree with the Weedle in it. Punching it would shake the tree violently, most likely causing the Weedle to fall from the tree itself.

As the tree would begin to shake from the punch the Weedle would hold on for deal life. Seeing the ones who cause the tree to shake the Weedle would quickly jump from the tree and dive bomb toward Copernicus needle first hopping to hit him with a powerful poison sting.
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Copernicus' senses were sharp, but not enough to notice the Weedle until it was almost at his head. Catching the horn of the Weedle between his quickly clasped together palms, he stood there wondering what to do.

"Tch, a bug with some stingers, huh... Throw it before it stabs you!! It's probably poisonous or something!"

Without hesitation, Copper threw the Weedle toward the ground and jumped back some, eyeing it carefully. Holding his hands out in front of him like he was prepared to fight, he watched the Weedle and motioned for it to come at him with the heart of a lion.

As the Weedle was knocked to the ground it would quickly bounce back up and look toward Copernicus. Furious the Weedle would suddenly release a large wave of sticky string toward him hopping to tie him up and hold him down.

Copper knew of the famous String Shot technique that belonged to the Weedle, and intended to chop right through it with a series of ferocious strikes... Little did he know, doing such a thing only led him to become sticky and slow, as even when he punched right through them, the webs still stuck.

"Oi vey..."

Chita face palmed a little, shaking her head after seeing this little tyke do such a first class fuck up. He was good, but he lacked the discipline he needed. Now this little runt might mess him up.

"Yo! What you're gonna want to do to fight this little pipsqueak is not try to punch every goddamn thing. Be tactful."

Copper nodded his head, still tried to get this sticky string off of him. He tried and he tugged, but it still stayed on. Think, thiiink...

Seeing it opponent had foolishly gotten itself suck in the stick slick string the Weedle would suddenly become revved up. The Weedle would quickly leap forward and would try once more to stab his opponent with a powerful and lethal poison sting.

Listening to Chita seemed to calm this spirited little pokemon down just enough for it to actually start using his head. He saw the danger coming at him, but with a level head, he thought about what his next attack could be.


The Weedle was near him now, almost to his body, when he figured it out. Mimic. He spun around quickly, releasing a powerful wind current from his body in such a way that instead of wrapping himself more in the strings, he actually released them from his body and allowed them to spray all about the little Weedle, wrapping it up in its own String Shot. Copper still had a single strand of string in his hand, though, which was connected to the now wrapped up Weedle. With a precise tug and fling, he'd slam the Weedle on the ground with great force, hopefully knocking it out. If he did, this would be Chita's opening.

"Heh. Not bad there, tyke..."

The combo from Copper was rather impressive and as a result the Weedle would find itself quickly plowed into the ground. As the smoke cleared the Weedle would be seen knocked out in a small little crater open for capture. However his was not without a price because while Copper had knocked out the Weedle while being hit the Weedle would sting Copper in the mist of the attack causing Copper to become a little poisoned.

Copernicus felt rather accomplished about himself; he'd won his first battle with Chita! Standing proud, he felt a little sluggish for some reason... And in fact, started to feel a little tired...

"... Great! Now here we go..."

Chita flung the chained Pokeball, which would hit the Weedle, trying to capture it.

The pokeball would smack the knocked out Weedle and it would be taken into the pokeball. The pokeball would only shake two or three times before the pokeball would click meaning the Weedle had been captured.

Retracting the Pokeball just as she had done all of the others, the Weedle would be safely hers now. She named it 'Sting' for the stinger on the top of its head it used as a weapon.

"Heh, you're gonna be a fun addition to this team, Sting..."

She released him as well, and Sting would instantly fall asleep, a little worn from the battle with Copper. And speaking of... Copper fell to a knee, now feeling the effects of the poison some more.

"What the hell...? Copper! Get your ass up!"

He huffed and he puffed, trying to get up, and he surely did, but... He was poisoned. This wasn't going to do well for him as he was...

"... Dammit, Sting must have poisoned you... Alright, you're going back in. Hmph."

She pulled out his Pokeball and returned him to it so he could rest until she could treat him at the Pokemon Center. And speaking of, she thought she might as well start heading back down... It would make the trip faster.

"... Tch. Might as well turn this baby around. Doctor Snakes!"

The Onix groaned loudly, aboutfacing to the opposite direction. They headed back down the mountain.

"But I still have two Pokeballs left... Fuck, I wanna capture something else..."

While leaving the area Chita would notice something rather strange on top of her large Onix. In a near by clearing she would see what appeared to be a moving fruit tree that walking on four legs. This however was a Tropius in all it large tree like glory. Fallowing the Tropius it could soon be seen the Tropius was hanging out with a wild Metang as the two appeared to be resting in the near by area.

Just when she thought she was out of the game, two more wonderful Pokemon made their way to her; a big tropical one and a small metal one. Both of which looked absolutely like rarities to her.

"Heh heh heh... Well, boys! Let's make like this is the final battle! These two pokeballs... Are for you two."

She licked her lips in anticipation for it... Oooh, she could smell their capture now.

"Paging Doctor Snakes... You're needed in surgery. Because these guys are gonna need some stitches..."

The great Onix that towered over even the Tropius roared loudly, staring it and the Metang in the face menacingly.

"And to make it two for two... Nita..."

The Misdreavus cuddled in her hair the entire time appeared right next to the Onix's face, which was right below where Chita was standing. This was gonna be a rough one, they could see.

"Make them pay!!"

The two relaxing pokemon would soon find themselves interrupted by Chita and her gang. As the Onix and Nita moved closer showing signs of wanting to fight both at first would appear uninterested. However once the massive Onix released its powerful roar the Tropius would quickly stand up and release a surprisingly powerful roar as well. Opening its large leaf like wings the Tropius would flap them and release a massive Leaf Storm toward Onix and Nita. The eyes of the Matang would then glow and by using physic it would cause the speed and power of the leaf storm to double trying to catch these two pokemon off guard.

"Heh... Fools..."

Chita gave the look to Nit, and it seemed like she knew just what to do about those leaves. There were hundreds of them coming her way, but that didn't mean anything. Though they were fast, Nita was just as swift. Quickly conjuring up a bluish purple flame in her mouth, she spat it towards the ground in front of them and caused a gigantic Inferno of ghastly flame to shoot up as a wall of fire in front of herself and Doctor Snakes, which would then burn away every leaf that came their way. Not only that, but the flames would hinder their sight, and so the Doctor had a chance to attack without being seen.

Nita: Get em, Doc.

The Onix opened its mouth and loaded a boulder into its mouth, seeming to be charged with heat, ready to fire. In only moment, he fired off a volley of several powerful giant rocks at the Tropius, which moves so fast that they left streaks of white energy trailing behind them, making them resemble beams or bullets. This was Rock Blast, which should do a great deal of damage to it. And, since the rocks had to go through the flames of the Inferno, they were lit aflame as well, just in case the Metang tried to do something about those rocks and would get his ass burned instantly, due to the effects of the Inferno. All the while, Nita disappeared...

With the two pokemon in the predicament they were in, the Metang helped its buddy out by jumping in the way, regardless of what was going to happen to it. Using Bullet Punch to blast through each of the flaming rocks, it took the burn to save the Tropius, its body now lit aflame, and its power weakened because of it.

Vengeful, the Tropius stomped the ground hard, causing a powerful Earthquake to ensue. Because Metang was floating, he would not feel the effects, and neither would the Misdreavus. This would only be for the Onix.

Just to be clear, an Earthquake under an Onix is not the most fun thing in the world. Unsteady earth under its huge body only meant bad things. In fact, the mountain started to crack under its huge body, and there was almost no way to save everyone from this fate.

"... You've got to be fucking kidding me..."

Now Chita was going to need to step in. She flicked her wrist, a long bladed chain extending itself from it and into the side of the mountain, whilst another wrapped around Doctor Snakes. Before he fell, she would forcefully swing not just herself, but this big ass Onix along with her right at the Tropius and the Metang. With the Metang weakened by the burn, there was no way he was going to protect them from a big ass Onix coming their way.

"Doctor Snakes... LET'S GO!"

He hurled through the air, even surprised himself about what his trainer did, but got on board with it quickly when he saw there was no saving himself. So he aimed for Tropius, who had a weakness against the Rock type.

All the while, Nita would appear before the Metang just to make SURE it didn't do anything stupid to get in the way of this Onix. Nita's eyes became pitch black, irises burning red as she started to chant a low, vile mantra that the Metang would be able to hear. As she chanted, her hair began to flare up as her body started to form an outline og an evil glow. When she is done chanting the mantra, she releases a horrible, blood curdling scream, releasing the stored up power from the mantra almost instantly upon those who could hear, namely the Metang. If he did indeed hear, then he'd be taken to a world of pure distortion, where his body would become inverted and he would feel intense pain constantly growing on his bodies the longer Nita would hold him in the Hex. Because this Metang has a status ailment, then he will be trapped in place whilst the pain increases, having nothing to do until he faints.

Just when the Metang was going to go help its homie, it would find itself stuck in place by Nita, who had started some weird chant. It would fight her off with its psychic power for as long as it could, and it was working until the Burn started to get to it, and its power weakened. With its body aflame, it was cast into a realm of invertedness by the Hex, and was thus trapped there because of Nita, feeling only the worst amount of pain due to its status ailment.

Tropius immediately started to fly out of the way of this Onix, knowing that there was no way to stop it from falling... So, Flying was just the best bet here to avoid it, and it did. Now, up in the air, it would release another set of leaves, this time glowing a variety of mystical colors. These Magical Leaves traveled gracefully in the air, homing in on Onix as their only targets. They intended to cut him to pieces with their power, considering how his weakness was to grass.

Assured that the Metang wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, Nita gave Chita the okay to capture it.

"You're amazing, love... Let's snag this little bastard!!"

Flinging another chained pokeball at it, the Metang would soon be hers!

Meanwhile, with the Tropius, Onix had crash landed to the ground, which was okay considering it was a rock type, but it had woken up the poor Weedle on its head, which was now quite angry with them. Until it saw its lunch. Slurping its non-existent mouth, it would quickly jump up at the magical leaves and stick them all with its horn and barb on its tail, capturing them to eat. It looked like just its weight in magical leaves... Perhaps this would have some effect on him? He was satisfied, landing back on Doctor Snakes' head and eating his heart out.

Now, Doc Snakes got up groaning, but was not down for the count yet. This creature was far too big to be in the air without being safe from these rocks, so... Doc's body would burst into many different hovering boulders, with its head still floating in place. It had initiated Stealth Rock, which was going to shoot this big lizard out of the sky. The moment the gigantic boulders locked onto it, they would fire at the Tropius nonstop, as if their only target now was it. And it would get pelted relentlessly with these rocks until it fell.

The Pokeball hit the injured Metang, and almost without a fight, it would be captured. It seemed to also be holding on it a shiny Metal Coat upon its capture.

Meanwhile, the Tropius had to deal with the bombardment of Stealth Rocks. By the grace of GOD did it avoid the first few, but these were GIANT BOULDERS coming at it, and it wouldn't be able to dodge them forever. So, after the first hit connected, it was downed, as the rest of the rocks would bury it, causing it to faint.

"Heh. Let's make this a good two for two..."

Doctor Snakes would reform his body, roaring triumphantly, as Sting continued to eat away at those leaves. With Tropius' body revealed, Chita retracted the pokeball with the Metang and flung another simultaneously for the Tropius, hoping to capture it. Nita would then return to her side.

Though the Tropius was downed, it still seemed to have enough power to resist the Pokeball. Chita was going to have to try again.

But... There was something else going on. Two things, in fact. The Scraggy from before would be running frantically away from something, and an earthquake started to happen on the entire mountain... A fairly large Snorlax, a pokemon that wasn't even supposed to be here, was rolling down the mountainside violently, crushing everything in its way. From the looks of it, it was even going to crush Doctor Snakes in this Rollout.

Not only that, but the Weedle ingesting these Magical Leaves gave it the power to grow, and thus had enough energy to evolve right then and there. So these two things were happening to Chita now. It was up to her what to do about it.

Seeing her Pokeball fail, she simply retracted it and tried again.

"Stupid two-bit creature..."

All the while, she noticed that same wimp from before running down the mountainside frantically... It was running from something...

"Hey, that's..."

The earth started to tremble ominously under them, quickly turning into a quake. When the large mass of bear turned the corner rolling down at full speed, Chita knew then and there it was time to go.

"Whup! Time to be out, guys!!"

She snapped her fingers and Nita would appear beside her, and hopefully this Tropius was captured. Doctor Snakes would rear up and high tail it out of there. However, Chita couldn't help the sniveling little Scraggy behind them, shaking her head.

"Sigh... Yo! Wimp! If you want to hop on and follow us, you can!"

Giving him permission, she didn't focus on him anymore. It was his choice whether he wanted to get crushed or join them, she didn't have anymore pokeballs.

The Tropius was now captured, thankfully, before it was crushed by this unrelenting Snorlax. Then, the Scraggy, fearing for its life, hopped onto the tail of the Onix, holding on for dear life.

Eventually, the gang would find the fainted Bouffalant from before, and it was up to them to scoop it up as a freebie or leave it as it is to get crushed by the Snorlax. And even then, what were they going to do about the Snorlax...?

After capturing the Tropius, Chita retracted the Pokeball and thanked all the Arcana for this blessing. She then noticed that her Weedle was evolving, wrapped in a huge bright light. That was always good, but... There was no time to be proud right now.

In fact, they now came across the Bouffalant from before, and, with the same situation as before, either could let it get picked up, or die.

"... Oh for fuck's sake-- DOCTOR SNAKES!!"

And without hesitation, he'd scoop it up in his mouth. She didn't really want the fucker, but hey, she didn't want it to be crushed, either. Maybe someone else could take this guy off her hands, or 'trade' her for it, or something. In any case, the Pokemon were all saved, but what about this Snorlax? It didn't seem to be going to stop anytime soon...

"Nita. Imprison."

If she couldn't stop it, and couldn't capture it... Might as well take it hostage. Nita released one of the orbs around her neck, changing it into the Void itself compressed in a tiny sphere. It would hover in the path of the Snorlax, and when it came close, it would totally engulf him and Imprison him inside, making a 'makeshift' pokeball for him and keeping him hostage until they could find something better for him to do. Hopefully that worked so that they could finally make it home...

The Snorlax, not even comprehending what had just occurred, was Imprisoned and taken hostage by Nita and Chita. It would seem that after that, their little Pokemon adventure was over for today. They could finally be on their way in peace.

Well, after that, it would seem as though there was no more danger. And in all the excitement, Sting had evolved into a Kakuna! One step closer to becoming fully evolved. Well, with all of those pokemon captured, it was time to head to the Pokemon Center to heal up everyone, especially Copernicus. But on the way there, she'd name all of them along the way.

"Hmm... The little wimp can be named Beat, cuz he's gonna get beat into shape... The dinosaurian one can be named Chiquita, because of the bananas on her neck... the metal one can be named Clear because of his transparent body... and the big one will be my slave, Moneybags. I'll dress him up in a tux and monocle and everything! AHAHAHAHA!"

She seemed a little TOO enthusiastic about that one... But, whatever. The gang was all here.


... Hahaha.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 21: Little Miss Red...

Back from her little excursion, Chita made it back to the Pokemon Center to heal up her Pokemon. She was more than ecstatic about seeing the dainty little redhead again, so she made her way quickly to the front desk.

"Little Miss Red! I've got some injured pokemon here! Hows about we get that fine ass around here, STAT!"

She tapped on the desk rather obnoxiously, trying to get her attention.

"Tch... And what am I gonna do about this buffalo thing...?"

"Nurse Joy!"

-Sheng could be heard before he actually appear a few seconds letter in a gust of wind. Sheng had just returned from his pokemon trip and while able to catch the pokemon he wanted as a downside his newly caught Vigoroth as badly poisoned at the moment.-

"Could you have a look at my team mainly me Vigoroth he is badly poisoned."

Hearing her named called by two trainers Nurse Joy would quickly walk from back of the pokemon center with her normal happy expression. However once seeing and hearing about the problems of the pokemon her face would become far more serious as she rushed over to the Bouffalant. Nurse Joy would whistle and suddenly four Blissey would rush out with a stretcher to take the pokemon to be treated. Nurse Joy would then also quickly take Sheng's pokemon and place them within the poke healing machine which would quickly begin to shower the pokeballs with powerful healing energy.

While waiting for her legion of Pokemon to be treated, Chita tapped her foot on the ground impatiently.

"... Man, I just wanna go. And what am I gonna do with the Afro over there...?"

She wasn't even paying Sheng any mind, and now even barely Nurse Joy. She was just trying to figure out this damn Bouffalant problem.

-Sheng would allow Nurse Joy to take his pokemon for proper treatment and would simply begin to lean on the side of a near by wall and wait. However while waiting he would overhear the girl next to him complaining about the pokemon she brought in to be treated.-

"If you did not want it why did you put in such a horrible condition?"

Taking quick notice of the eavesdropper from the corner of her clearly unwelcoming eye, she refused to even turn her head to him, not even wanting to pay him any mind. She looked forward and closed her eyes a bit angrily.

"Because it got in my way. It's lucky I brought it here in the first place, before Baron von Bear crushed it into nothing but a sick little flattened piece of roadkill with its entrails splattered all over the mountainside..."

The thought wasn't a bad image, but Chita seemed to have compassion in her heart for it for some reason, even if her words were cold and harsh. But... She had an idea. She opened her eye up again and it would slowly slink back over to looking at Sheng from the corner.

"... Well, you know, since I don't want it, I'll let you off with it... For a price. Got any pokemon on ya that I might be interested in?"

She hoped he did, because she really wanted to get rid of this Bouffalant, but she didn't want to lower her Pokemon count. Hmmm...

"Sure how about I give you one of my Mankey I was able to catch two of them so I could part with on."

-Sheng would say this knowing his Mankey where rather bad mannered so one of them would simply get along perfectly with someone like this girl in question.-

"Mankey, huh...?"

That sounded like a pretty fun pokemon. She'd ask what it was like, something inside of her was already telling her that it was perfect. Never go wrong with that.

"Alright, I'll do it. Gimme the Mankey and you can take the buffalo when the cutie gets back. Deal?"

She waited patiently for Nurse Joy, as healing her Pokemon was taking quite a long time...

After finally treating all the pokemon including the very injured Bouffalant the lovely Nurse Joy would return with all the pokemon. Since the Bouffalant was so badly wounded it was easy for Nurse Joy to get it into a pokeball so Chita would not have an extra pokeball.

"Thank you for waiting all your pokemon are back to full health. Also I am sorry for eavesdropping but if you wish to trade pokemon the machine is right here."

Nurse Joy would then motion to her left where a large Machine was sitting against the wall. This machine was what trainers used to trade pokemon just what the two needed.

"Then lets do this."

-Sheng would say this after thanking Nurse Joy and walking over to the machine. Sheng would then pull out the pokeball that held on of his Mankey and would place on the Machine. Sheng would then wait for Chita to do the same with the Bouffalant.-

Chita would do the same thing, considering that Nurse Joy must have so kindly provided this Bouffalant with a pokeball, as Chita never really caught it with one. So, she'd place hers on the trading machine and wait.

"... So... Do I press a button or...?"

She looked at the button that said 'trade' and she pushed it.

The moment both pokeballs where place on the machine it would automatically turn around and begin to trading process. Both balls would be engulfed in light before being taken into the machine. One the screen in the center of the machine the silhouettes of the pokemon being trade could be seen as the switched sides going from one side to the other. The pokeballs would then reappear on their platforms but Mankey would be on Chita's side and the Bouffalant on the other meaning the trade was complete.

Chita quickly snagged her pokeball from the machine and pulled her others into her hand with a bit of manipulation of the Void. Her team was now set, and this guy had gotten rid of something she didn't even want in exchange for this cool thing. She'd let out the Mankey to see what it looked like.

"Heh. Oh hell yes. I can see the hatred in your eyes. You and eye are gonna bond."

She'd figure out a name when the time was right. She and this Mankey walked out of the door.

"See ya 'round, suckers..."

And she was gone to go train. Hopefully engage in a pokemon battle.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 22: This City's A Drag...

After receiving her Pokemon traded from that guy Sheng, Chita was heading back to her mom's castle to chill and whatnot. Deciding to take the scenic route today, she took a little detour around the Old Witch City.

"Huh... Why did I even wanna come here? This place is such a drag..."

She crossed her arms and pressed on, questioning whether this was as fun an idea as she thought.

As Chita traveled through the scenic route of her homeland, things would seem peaceful and quiet...which was always cause for worry. But there was nothing else around to indicate any immediate danger. She would be able to continue on, seemingly as if nothing was there. It would only be her and the silence for now.

The silence was getting to her. Dreary, dry and drab. Maybe that's why the had to make a new city; this one was just such a damn drag.

"... I'm starting to regret coming here. I don't see why we just didn't destroy this place..."

Chita flicked her arm up in the air, from her wrist came a bladed chain that would extend to one of the buildings and stab into it like a grappling hook, which she would pull herself up from the ground and fling herself clear across the street, extending a chain from her other wrist to do the same thing. She wanted to get out of here faster, but didn't want to rely on the powers of the Void.


One of the buildings Chita's chains struck into would tremble slightly and seem to melt away. A sizzling sound could be heard from where the chain touched the building. That sense of being alone would fade instantly, a growing presence of not just one, but many things appearing. From this building, from the ground, the windows, almost everywhere, these creatures began to come forth, like an infestation.

There were a dozen of them on the ground, another ten crawling down the side of the building, and even more pouring from inside of it. As the windows crashed open, the smell of decaying, rotting flesh could be smelled from afar.

Chita's chain-slinging came to a halt when she pierces something soft and fleshy rather than something hard and stony.


She retracted her chain and landed on the ground, placing a hand on her hips and she casually flicked a small chain in her hand like a yo-yo. Moments later, an infestation of nothing but horrible, insidious creatures poured from the city; walls, sewers, alleys... It was a complete and utter infestation. Could it have been because of the coming Horseman, Pestilence?

"... Ooooh hell yes."

Chita wasn't afraid, as all she saw were things to massacre; weak and insignificant things that would fall under her great power. She started to laugh lowly under her breath, quickly increasing to the point of an almost insane cackle that stretched far across the city. It was time to throw down.

These creatures whose numbers seemed to continuously grow spotted Chita when she spoke. If only by the glowing of their eyes, they would show that even as scavengers, they had grown as a legion. Chita, living or dead, was their next target for a meal. The clamoring began, the group directly before her, at least 7 of the bugs moving forward at her, scuttling over the ground with the intents to powerfully shred her flesh with their claw attacks.

Another wave began to move around the area, almost as if performing a pincer attack. More crawlers flooded from the sewers behind Chita, the area now seeming to have over 100 of the insects. Some sat stationary on the buildling before her, next to her and others sat back and watched. This was not something that 'mindless' insects would usually do...

The moment those insects looked upon Chita, they stared straight at their own doom. Their hungry eyes blindsided them as to who they were dealing with, and Chita could only shake her head at these poor souls.

"You should have all come at me at once... It would have been a fairer fight."

Chita turned her head, a huge portal larger than the size of the seven Crawlers appeared above them, releasing an enormous, destructive stone foot from up above to crush them with the force of the massive weight of the Earthen Arcana that it belonged to. Most likely, it would obliterate them instantly, unless they had the power to fend off the foot of an earthen deity with only their numbers.

Chita, of course, wasn't going to just let her Arcana do all the work, and with the use of her Gauntlet Magic, a special pair would materialize around her fists.

"Galaxy Crusher..."

She slammed her fist into the ground, releasing a huge concussive wave of pure force which would extend outward, then start to compress as if a powerful gravitational force was pulling everything into a singularity. Everything that wasn't Chita would most likely be pulled in and crushed to bits. And she only smirked and laughed.

The first wave of crawlers would meet their fate under the giant earthern foot, not even a moment to cry out in pain as they met their end swiftly. The others surrounding the area would flicker, almost like in a pattern as their brethren were crushed. The concussive force that followed and shook the ground would be hollow. The ground that Chita struck would sound weird, as if there was nothing beneath her. As soon as her fist would raise an inch off the ground, the ground beneath her would cave in, revealing a huge tunnel beneath her. Crawlers stuck to the walls on both sides of the tunnel but not on the ground far below.

The crawlers that should have been being sucked into Chita's galaxy crusher were swiftly burrowing their way back into the ground. Others moved back into the building once the first wave was crushed. Some weren't fast enough and actually fell to the attack, only about three of them.

The crawlers that were still visible, being the ones that were performing the pincer motion and the ones in the underground, would remain motionless as they watched Chita.

With the ground below shattering, Chita would start to fall into the pit of Crawlers below. Looking down and seeing just how many there were, she was starting to wonder now why there were just so damn many infesting this place.

"Son of a..."

Chita's quick thinking called for her to cross her arms and shoot two chains out from her wrists, which would wrap around two nearby poles in opposite directions of her, which her chains would thoroughly wrap around so she had a good grip before she fell into her demise. She retracted her chains, forcefully flinging herself up into the air. She couldn't fly, but did have means of travel in the air, and this came from something she hadn't used in a long, LONG time...


And in a puff of smoke, a cloud came to be that held a face upon it. The Lakitu above it would dive down into the cloud so that she could stand upon it like the Nimbus.

"... Okay. These ugly things are getting to me... I think it's time for these worthless bugs to experience mass extermination..."

Chita had a lot of things at her disposal, but she hadn't used a whole lot of them due to her split personalities. Now that she was working as one, she was no longer training her skills, but mastering how she wanted to use them. And so...

"Galaxy Crusher!!"

She held her two largely gauntletted hands out toward the ground where the majority of these things roamed, tightening her fingers vigorously as if she were trying to crush something between her grasp. The powerful crushing force would start to compact around them again, trying to absolutely obliterate the majority of these creatures.

"I'm gonna love going all out... I get to be as destructive as I want to these weaklings!! AHAHA HAAHAHAHA!"

The crawlers underground clung on to the walls for dear life, a cohesive goo on the walls letting them remain in place. The ones on the ground outside however would find themselves lifting off the ground. It was as if these crawlers weren't truly putting up a fight. A few more were crushed by Chita's attack and now a total of 13 souls were in the area, floating and waiting to be devoured. The rest of the crawlers looked at Chita for only a moment longer before they began to leave the area, sending it once again into silence. The air of oppression did not vanish however. They seemed to be scared...but it wasn't of Chita.

The Crawlers were being picked off like flies, and that was perfectly okay with Chita as long as she could destroy them in the most destructive way possible. This was simply loads of fun. But, in the midst of her fun, the Crawlers fled the area... All in a hurry.

"What? Well, I guess they would run from such a powerhouse like me. I wouldn't hold it past them to go run away and die anyway."

She sighed and scoffed, crossing her arms.

"Lakitu. Get me to those souls."

She would swoop over to the souls floating in the air and she'd snatch up all thirteen of them, consuming them all quite viciously. Hovering to the top of one of the buildings now, she hopped down and looked at the huge hole she had created with the Galaxy Crusher.

"Tch. Either way, I feel like there's something else... This is weird."

Narrowing her eyes in frustration and not of fear, she placed a hand on her hips as she flicked her little chain sprouting from her wrist like a yoyo in her hand again, simply waiting and watching the streets from above.

The silence that fell would be broken by a single constant thumping. It sounded like it was coming from underground, only confirmed when the ground itself began shaking with each thump. The buildings shook, and the scuttling of the crawlers could be heard in mass. The giant hole that had been created when Chita struck the ground caved in even more. The thumping would stop for only a moment...


The loud roar would be followed by an even bigger creature bursting from the tunnels. It would burst from the hole beneath Chita, launching its massive body up towards here. The creature immediately regurgitated its insides and lashed out its intestines at Chita. At the same time, what appeared to be tentacles launched from its head and back in the directions of escape that its giant stomach didn't cover.

It was known by several names. Amanos Gigas, Crawler, but this particular one was the Crawler Queen. The crawlers in this city could think due to a hive mind state.

The trembling ground below increased Chita's excitement thoroughly. With every thump, it would feel as though she was getting closer and closer to bursting with pure destructive joy, growing stronger and more forceful with each passing second... until...


The Queen appeared. Unfazed by her hideous screech, Chita's hair and tattered jacket blew back with the force of the scream, yet Chita didn't blink or change her smirking face. She was waiting for something like this to show up.

"I bet if I kill you, your little peons will fall, too!"

That was all she could think about, even when the disgusting intestines spat from within this creature, Chita felt no need to run.

"Koshmar. Sword."

The faint image of a giant arm wielding a gigantic glowing sword would appear before her, taking one big, huge, powerful slice to cut through the intestines with the power of Punishment itself; the Arcana of Punishment, Koshmar, wielding her sword. Hopefully this would be enough to easily deal with the beast, as if her intestines were severed severely, then she'd have no means of regeneration, so Chita thought, and her death would be close to instant.

As for the tentacles, Chita did not uncross her arms from under her boobs, but chains did indeed spurt from either of her wrists, the two long, bladed snakes of metal whipping around violently to create a storm of chains around herself to combat and hopefully slice right through each and every tentacle from this thing's soft, fleshy body.The Sword of Koshmar, covered in blood, would hover right beside her, whipping to the side to splatter the blood from its glorious, holy blade of retribution.

The first attack from the queen would be halted, but its body would remain intact. The regurgitation would show to be an external covering of what could no doubt be unhatched crawler eggs. As Chita's attack began to cleave through the eggs, the queen had constricted its intestines and then began to draw it back in. However, it was already spewing a terrible smelling liquid from its mouth, most likely the acidic blood of its unborn children that had been slain. If the acid would touch Chita, it would begin to melt away at her, and even the magic about her, almost as if...the acid was infused with magic itself?

The tentacles were dealt with accordingly, however, if any of the splash back from the blood would touch Chita, she would be inflicted with poison status, just from a single drop.

The queen crawler drew itself back before seeming to tighten its body all around. A small gurgling sound would be growing within it.

Koshmar's Sword dealt with the intestinal attack with ease, but what came from it was something Chita was only partially prepared for. Of course, every insectoid creature always has the typical acidic blood or innards that have such high toxicity that they burn through most things... But even though slightly caught off guard, Chita was prepared.

With the tentacles taken care of at the same time, the blood would start to spatter about, and Chita would retract her clean, silver chains. Just as quickly, the acid and blood seemed to wash over everything, burning the building she stood on to about half of what it once was, and most likely Chita along with it, right...?

Wrong. Chita didn't need to use magic nor her Arcana friends to deal with this, as her Kekkei Genkai, passed down by her mother and enhanced by her father proved more than worthy of combating the acidic poison and blood; the Sealing Force. A small, homely dome of pure translucent light green energy had covered Chita's immediate area, probably about no more than a couple feet radius from her body. It would seal the effects of the acid, thus nullifying the power, and then force it around the barrier until it had passed completely. So, on the single slender pillar of dissolving architecture did Chita stand, still eyeing this beast in the face with no fear, but utter preparedness. She seemed to be ready for any and everything it could throw at her...

"Hm. Recoiling back to whence you came? A knew lesser cowards could only spawn from a greater one."

The sound of gurgling could be heard fluently throughout the area, as something that large gurgling that much would be easy to hear. Chita simply stared the creature down with the utmost of contempt, her eyes convicted of how much better she was than any coward...

When the acidic fallout would clear, there would be three more souls floating.

The crawler queens body would begin to glow darkly, almost as if it was using some form of dark magic. The feeling of this power would seem to increase and the dark glow would spread out around its body swiftly onto Chita and her dome as well. The dark magic would spread until it covered the entire city. If Chita would be caught in this magic she would feel her powers, all of them being cut in half, all the way back down to a little over genin strength. This was the crawler queens dischord spell, able to reduce anything's (level) power to half.

Apparently, the baby souls weren't worth as much as the larger souls, which could be understood, so when Chita created a Void to consume them, they only amounted to 3 souls. When Chita was finished, however, a dark presence seemed to loom across the land, covering the entirety of the Old Witch City in this foreboding presence.


The darkness soon gripped her, causing her to grip her chest and hunch over a bit, feeling the power of the restriction within herself.

"Gh... Hmhmhm... Hahahahaha!! Interesting! Is this what it feels like when I implement my Sealing Force on others? Ahahahahaha!!"

Still, she seemed more amused than afraid. Could nothing stop this girl? Even though her powers were halved, her skill was not. Her first course of action was to hop from the crumbling pillar and onto the Lakitu, which appeared from a cloud-shaped accessory on her left leg. It was about time for her to start using the Mario-Themed remnants of her former Mario Magic, now preserved simply as heirlooms on her body.

"Alright, Bullet Bill Gun... I haven't used you in a long time, either!"

It looked like Chita was just prepared for every situation. The small bullet-like piercing on her stomach glowed, and the Bullet Bill Gun appeared in her hand. She fired off several bullets at the creature now, the Bullet Bills targeting the Queen and thus would pierce into her and explode on contact. Chita stayed wary on her Lakitu cloud.

The bullet bills would collide with the crawler queen's body and show that its exterior was much harder than that of a normal crawlers. The bullet bills did do damage however, shown from the creature flinching a bit in its coiled state. It would whither the attacks before uncoiling its body and once more attempt to fire its regurgitated innards at Chita. Like before, tentacles spread from its body, but this time they picked up random objects and chucked them up at Chita as well. The queen was becoming desperate it seemed. The eggs on its inner body were covered in the cohesive goo that the other crawlers could emit. If anything hit it, even for a slash, it would become stuck to its insides and melt away.

For speculative purposes, it would seem as though the bullets didn't penetrate, but still did damage. Good. That only meant that explosions were going to help out in this fight, and if that were the case...

"Bob-Ombs, ahoy..."

She shook her head a bit, her long pigtails flailing the same way her bomb-shaped earrings did, which glowed and converted into Bob-Ombs as the Bullet Bill gun returned to being a belly piercing. Chita caught each bomb in either hand, chucking them thoroughly at any debris flung at her by the queen. Devastating and bombastic explosions filled the quiet city, spreading more destruction with every blow.

"Getting a little desperate, aren't we? Seems you underestimated who you're dealing with... You'll always be a larva no matter what form you take, pest."

With her innards spawned as such once more, Chita flung a maelstrom of sheer Bob-Omb at her opponent, letting the explosions fill the entirety of the street and alleyways, hopefully blowing her innards to nothing. The resulting explosions created an updraft for Chita on her Lakitu cloud as well, sending her higher into the sky than she wanted to, but probably efficiently as she needed to. Hopefully the goo spread couldn't reach up here, or was simply burnt to bits by the bomb explosions. The Cloud then grew large enough for Chita to lay on, peering over the side to see what had become of the queen. Hopefully she was destroyed, as her Bob-ombs returned to their state as earrings.

The bob-ombs would begin to tear apart everything, blowing the queens stomach and in tandem the queen itself to bits. The large bug cried out in pain as the flames form the explosions began to reduce its body to a bubbling pile of goo on the ground. The goo in the air began to rain towards the ground, the explosions bursting pockets of goo like bubbles. However, there was more fallout caused by the queens large poison sack being destroyed as well which would cause some of the goo to head towards Chita still, almost like the last stand of the dying queen.

Once the explosion died down, there would be few other souls as well as the large soul of the queen. The smaller souls began to fade away swiftly, not strong enough to stay within the world since they were of the unborn crawlers. The large soul, easily identifiable as the queens soul pulsated. The soul worth was 8 souls.

'My how gruesome...'

A voice would echo over the witch city before a dark presence came and faded, leaving nothing but the since of utter despair behind it.

As expected, the queen seemed to be unable to maintain her power under the onslaught of nothing but sheer bomb explosions, but that just caused a giant mess all over the city. Knowing that this city did indeed hold SOME importance, Chita couldn't allow the entire thing to be melted away by some stupid entrails.

"Sigh... I hate saving the day like I'm a good guy, or something..."

She shook her head, not worried about the goop at all as her power was restored. She snapped her fingers, opening up a large black Void in the middle of the sky, which pulled in all of the falling goop and obliterated it on contact. No sooner was it all gone did Chita close the portal and hover over to the soul of the Queen, scooping it up as well and eating it. She found no satisfaction in eating this disgusting soul, but knew it would be good for her in the long run.

But then, a voice spoke, bringing with it the looming sense of darkness and despair different from the one before. It triggered something primal in Chita, as if she wanted to simply turn around and punch it, but it had already faded. Whatever it was, it was going to get punched if it came back, and Chita already knew it was.

"Alright..." she said, gulping down the last bit of the soul, "Who's asking for it? I already know you're the one behind the bugs, so let's just get this over with so I can kill you and leave."

She stood up on the Lakitu, which would then revert to a small size to only fit her feet, and she would tap her foot upon it a little.

Chita's response would only be the silence that permeated the city when she had first arrived. There was nothing else, no one else. She was completely alone now...

Looking around and feeling and seeing nothing, Chita sighed in disgust, placing a finger to her head in an annoyed fashion.

"I hate it when people run away... Why can't anyone just fight me face to face? So many cowards here these days..."

Shrugging her shoulders and moving on, Lakitu would revert back to being her ankle bracelet on her left ankle, and Chita would fall to the ground, catching herself by the swing of one of her chains to land safely. With that, she crossed her arms, closed her eyes and started off back toward her house.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 23: Time Changes Everything

Alex had came to Balneal to take relax, he was starting to change over time as he felt different. Like something was triggering a change, but he didn't know what. Even his body grew weak from his over exposed use of his powers. But he hasn't ever used his full strength for some reason, it was like a cosmic force was pulling him back. He had heard of this place healing powers, and decided to come here to try and stitch his wounds. From his other battles, the sight of the city bathed in water was beautiful. Like a fairy tale book, he had boarded the water train and then jumped off of it to reach the city. Reaching a spring of warm water, he decided to just take off his upper body suit to try to heal the massive slash on the side of his chest, it was from his own powers, when he started to use it too much in battle. It started to heal but only slowly, he screamed in pain as the wound would try to close itself.

"Still screaming like a little bitch, I see. Not even these waters can heal your pansy attitude."

A familiar, yet now more matured voice spoke to him from above, accompanied by a light snickering. It was Chita, the girl he fought so very long ago, back with her old sass, but a new attitude. She was no longer here trying to beat the brakes off of this kid, as she said she would have so long ago next time she saw him, but still felt exactly the same about how he ran away continuously in their fight. Strange that they would be meeting here.

"... I can only assume that's what you were here for. That gash looks like nothing."

She did, at least, take note of his rather noteworthy wound. It was large and deep, and it seemed painful. She only wanted to see what he would say.

Alex heard the voice, and turned to see a matured Chita. Instead of saying a witty remark, he stayed quiet. Looking up from her legs and to her head, as she had indeed changed. Taking a deep breathe as he thought of a remark to say to her. He wasn't one to give away weakness, only when he was at the end of his ropes. The wound would start to turn the water around him, red. A color that was very visible to him, and Chita, growing much weaker from losing that much blood. The wound would take longer to heal then he expected, and he started to frown at Chita. Something he had never shown anyone before, because he always wore a smile on his face.

" Hello to you as well, Chita, you look beautiful today "

It was his response to her words, as he seemed to ignore her last comment.

A little surprised by his response, she quirked a brow at him and slightly cocked her head to the side. It had been a long time... maybe he had matured the same way she had in their time away.

"Save me the mushy talk. Did uh...?"

She was going to mention the way about him talking and the sudden frown on his face, but... She was also rather interested in that gash.

"That gash doesn't look too bad. How did someone like you manage to get it, eh?"

Alex seemed to look back at his Gash on the side of his body, she had asked about it. All he remembered about it was that it was there, she was probably thinking that he was wimp and weak like there battle before. He had never much contact with her, hiding between his tricks and puppets, only to lose in the end. Even then he ran away from the fight, as he looked at the water, running a hand through it.

" Fighting with everyone, I don't many ties to anyone at all. My Star powers are very deadly to my enemy but also to myself, if I overuse them. I start to create a gash in my body, it gets larger each time, trying to kill me. Why don't you just break me, like you said you would like last time "

He didn't care much if she was still out to hurt him, something was always happening in his life. Deciding that he needed to more then just act like a child. He looked at Chita with his Pink eyes, as he stood up from the water, the gash was still there and walked over to her, wanting to see a response.

Her eyes narrowed and a scowl quickly found its way to her face, her arms crossing under her considerably large breasts. Star powers...? She only faintly remembered him using them, and catching a lance of that energy with one of her gauntlets... Hm...

"Hm. I fought with everyone before, too, yet somehow that made them want to be around me. They must have been lonely to want to be near me."

He explained to her about the gash becoming larger if he used his power... It was similar to how the VOID worked with Chita before, when she had to seal Rita with those cuffs. They seemed to have similar, destructive powers.

As he came close to her, her eyes narrowed even more, and her scowl changed into a frustrated sneer, her pointed canines now very apparent on one side of her mouth. She quickly punched him in the face; clean and strong, which should have held enough power to send him flying head first spiraling back into the waters. She would no sooner cross her arms again.

"What use would it be to prove that I can break a weakling, hm? I can obliterate thousands of your kind without even breaking a sweat. It's no feat, so why bother?"

She turned her head away from him, still thinking about how his power harmed him. That must have been because he was weak, too. Just like Chita used to be... That thought lightened her heart, but intensified her anger, which led her to turn all the way around from him now, lips quivering with anger and eyes watering.

" your still the same hotheaded women from before, don't expect everything to be easy like the past "

Chita had expected him to be a easy to break, at one point he was. But that was a long time ago, he had trained after his defeat by her. As she tried to punch his head off, he moved his head to the side and raised his arm to counter. Learning to counter and block from the bros, his arm came to punch blocking it from the side of her arm. Instead of blocking the punch with his fist, which might have hurt even with his newfound strength that could rival hers. Soon using her own momentum force to fling her over his shoulder and toss her into the spring of water head first.

" why did you come here, was it just to abuse me "

A smile graced his face, as he looked over Chita again. Showing her that he was more deadweight, and different from before.

Chita was surprised by his counter, but wouldn't allow herself to be topped. As he tried flipping her, a chain spurted from her wrist and wrapped around his, and more so for balance purposes, she landed on her feet and retracted the chain thusly, scoffing at him again.

"So you've been practicing. It's good to see you aren't as useless as before."

She returned to her signature crossed-arm stance, not wanting to turn toward him now.

"Get over yourself. I have more important things than to simply abuse wimps. I merely caught sight of you on my way home from my epic detour. I suppose you're here to heal that wound of yours, then?"

Alex was always thinking of ways to improve, and show up little old chita. After all within his many battles, he had lose to her and that was a very fun match. Rather then himself being all bend on revenge he was really happy to find someone that around his rank, that could combat his skill set. After all it was quite hard, but that was his past, now the future and present were all that mattered. A sicking idea popped into his head, as he placed a palm under his chin looking at chita with his eyes, that never seemed to blink.

" Well I wasn't useless back then, well not as much as you. Punching people, and speaking vulgarly, like a mad women. It doesn't look like you haven't gone any stronger, also if you just attack wimps doesn't that make you a wimp as well "

Smiling at her with the intent to bait her, he didn't know if it would work or not. But he did hit some pretty low balls, he even wanted his rematch with her. Just to see how she has improved since there last meeting, simple as that.

She shook her head, seeing now that he couldn't tell just what was going on. He couldn't tell that more than her personality had changed, and he also couldn't tell to just how much of a degree it had. She spun around, then spun him around as well, looking him straight in the eyes. For a good, long time, she simply looked him right in the eyes, not saying anything... then shook her head in contempt.

She raised her fist up again and thrust it toward his chest, yet did not make contact. It stopped right before hitting him, and then her fist unclenched and became an open palm, which surged with a powerful amount of Sealing Force, which would not only shoot him back, but heal up his scar completely and fully; pain and all.

"Think about what you say before you say it. Trying to say cool things doesn't make you cool, nor does it make you grown up. I've matured in more ways than just one since our last meeting. You may have stopped running away, but you're still no more than just a little boy. Think about that."

All the while, she never stopped looking him in the eyes with her dark, arresting stare of utter disappointment and contempt. She had just healed him rather than hurt him. What could he even make of that?

Alex was simply stunned by her actions, everyone seemed to change around him. Expect for maybe himself, always sitting around and waiting for something new to happen. He was acting like a blasted two year old that just bounces off the wall, his frown came to his face once more. Letting it sink into him, and his hands would touch his body as the wound was healed for now, anyway. It was bound to open up again, as he travels his road to go some good in his life. His goals were still not what he wanted, they were simply goals not a dream or such as of yet.

" Why would you do that.....why must everyone change without me, everything is just getting worse, but I know it's only me. I hate my life and how much, I have fallen expecting to get better but I only delay my own progress.... "

He started to slide down his kneels as something new had occurred to him, his face had tears running from his eyes. He had never cried once in his life, or from what he was told by his step-mother. But even with that, he felt like something was messing in his life, much worst he was being childish. Streaks of tear ran down his eyes, as he looked at the ground floor of the spring, his eyes bloodshot as he didn't know what to do. Was there a place for him? feeling that everything around him was quickly starting to tear apart, as his powers started to manifest once more, like in Khrona office, as the area started to change and look like he was altering reality again, but Chita was safe around him. But what would she do?

Chita scowled at him, sickened by his words. She almost had half a mind to kick him dead in his chest and knock all of the wind out of him.

"You sit around and wait for everything to change around you, so it does. You matured in power, but you didn't mature in stature. A boy doesn't know how to treat a star in his hands."

She closed her eyes now, finding it hard to even lay eyes on him now. She turned her head away from him quickly, now standing profile in front of him.

"Quit acting like such a fucking baby. And then maybe you'll realize what your real purpose in this life is. Maybe then you'll have something to strive for. Something to fight for. Right now, you're just a worthless infant with nothing more than the thought of everything as a game or as a joke. You have absolutely nothing to live for as you are."

Chita turned her entire body away from him now. She couldn't even face his position. The light shone on her body in such a way that her shadow would then be cast upon Alex's body completely and fully, her back turned completely to him.

Alex looked at her as his tears would drop to the floor. They turned pink from his eyes, as something was in the back of his mind. Both his palms on the ground would quiver as he didn't get up, he was failing his duty. She was right about him, currently he was beyond conflicting view points, he was sinking down and failing his purpose. But he didn't have one to begin with, even as he was a genin, he did not hold hopes or dreams. Just a mindless puppet in a game of Chess, even his own puppets had stronger wills then there creator. Would he fall with no purpose, was it his life to die a mindless puppet.

" Shut up, shut up,...SHUT UP!!! I don't want to hear it!! "

Alex yelled at the top of his lunges, as he seemed to stop crying but his eyes were glued to the ground. Seeing that Chita's shadow was towering over him, the ground under him would crack as the small rubble would float around his small frame. His power growing more unstable by the second, he wasn't going to heed to her words with just her talking down to him. If he ever was going to understand, he must learn it the hard way.

" No, I do have something to live for, your just fooling my mind!! "

Rushing forward, he aimed to punch Chita with all his force to shut her up. His eyes would now look like a wild animal, as he was starting to lose control of even his own actions. Turning into the thing that he forbid himself to ever be, a mindless puppet.

Like the cunning fox, Chita swiveled around, grabbed Alex's fist and bent his knuckles back, whilst forcing him all the way to the nearest wall in one swift motion. With his arm pinned to the wall and his back slammed to the architecture, Chita would raise a leg up as well, pinning him further with her knee driving into the wall beside his body, and her pelvic area now forcefully brushing up against his to dominantly push and keep him pinned to this wall. All the while, her eyes never veered from his own, staring him down with a gaze so powerful, looking directly into hers with his eyes as he was would be impossible. The resounding sound of his impact to this wall echoed throughout Balneal, to remind him just who was boss of this entire outfit.

"Then show me what it is."

She rubbed her pelvis up against his a bit more gently, yet still rather forcefully, knowing for a fact what she was doing. With how tight her booty shorts were, he would be able to feel everything down there and she was able to as well, but her reactions to it were much different than they should have been for a girl... Though Chita was clearly no ordinary girl.

Alex didn't even react in time to evade, his pure fighting instinct was not even there. Getting caught by Chita as she slammed him into the wall, as the sound echoed throughout the city. A sound that Alex had heard in his ears, over and over again as Chita would make her move to keep him pinned to the wall. They were about the same height, because of Alex young body. His eyes were lifeless, like a doll in a store that was creepy, his were looking at her lower body.

"...........what are you doing, you can just finish me, I am nothing to you "

His tone was lifeless as well, as nothing made sense in his life anymore.The only part that was functioning right was the only arm that was free, it started to pound into the wall causing fractures, and cracks to occur. The one part of body that wanted to survive, to live another day the other Alex was still within somewhere. Other then that another part of his body was trying to break free, but it was a personal matter because of Chita's actions towards him.

Chita no longer had any remorse for him. She wasn't going to say another word, she was just going to do. Pulling him by the shoulders, she slammed him onto the floor, staring at him with the same cold and lifeless eyes as he, like a mirror image. The only thing different about it was that her coldness was warranted. It came from somewhere deep inside of herself. Alex's blank expression came from him not having anything within himself.

With no words said, she started to become a bit more gentle, gently sliding her hands from his shoulders to his chest, then down to his stomach and finally to his hips, where she'd pull them a little bit closer to he could feel her more. She sat atop him, legs spread, pelvis still very much intact with his, and her huge chest almost bursting from the little confining bra that held them in (like in her avi). They jiggled and bounced in unison while she bounced and grinded a bit upon him, showing him what she was ready to do.

"... If you really want to grow up, let's see if you can handle an adult game. I'm going to finish this old you and mold you into a new you."

She started to grind a little bit harder and faster upon him, trying to inspire something more within him naturally than within him emotionally.

"Maybe this is all you need. Show me the way you really feel."

Alex looked at her, getting thrown on the ground and taken advantage of. Her whole body was over his, and starting to grind against him. Her hands were gliding down his body, the feeling was cold but warm at the same time. His eyes grew more alive, simply by her actions, but he was just trying to figure out what was happening. Never being in this kind of issue before, this was all new to him but his arms would stay by his sides, as he tried to think rationally. Only things would start to come up blank, not trying to get away but he felt his hips want to be closer to hers.

" I don't know how I feel right now? or what to do? "

He looked at her chest, as it seemed to catch his eye. But he was different from all those other guys, he was more reserved, but he had never been with a women at all.

She could see the life coming back into his eyes, and that was then reflected in her own, softening to his gaze. He was still confused, but it didn't matter because she was going to lead.

"Don't worry... You'll know what you need to do when you feel it."

This was the nicest Chita had been to him, or anyone other than her grandmother. Her beautiful soft lips parted only a bit, as if edging for Alex to meet hers with his intimately. She undid his pants slowly, and with one hand, whilst her other gently caressed his thigh, demonstrating her skill already. When undone, she slid back a bit and slipped her hand down under, fondling what was down below for a good, long while.

"Tell me, does a puppet have these feelings that I'm feeling down here?"

Of course, with no genitals and no inspiration, a puppet could not feel what Alex was feeling, and the fact that he was indeed feeling was proof of his existence. This is what Chita was trying to show to him, and he was slowly starting to get it... To mature. She leaned in close to him, pressing her impressively tone stomach upon his and her large, plush chest against his as well, moving her lips toward his for a kiss...



And suddenly, she felt it. Everything that was going on was brought to a halt when she felt the magic of her mother waver. Springing up with the utmost of haste, she plucked her hand from down his pants and looked up to the sky, utterly concerned.

"... What did that Old Lady do?!"

It sounded like nonsense, but it was definitely something only she'd be able to feel...

"Look, it sucks that I've got to do this, but... Some things are just more important than simple sex. I dare say I love that woman, and I've got to make sure everything's alright. Now."

That was the first time she ever uttered the words that she loved her mother from her mouth. What was this...? Was it because of the sense of impending doom, or...? No matter. There was no time for this. She stood up and looked down at Alex on the ground from the corner of her eye, and for the first time, she could say she didn't hate him.

"I'll see you around..."

And with that, her body quickly faded into thin air, Chita Voiding herself out to get to her mother's castle faster.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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