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 The Sealing Void

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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

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The Sealing Void - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: The Sealing Void   The Sealing Void - Page 2 EmptyMon Jun 01, 2020 10:50 am

First topic message reminder :


Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart

Posts : 338
Join date : 2014-11-17

The Sealing Void - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Sealing Void   The Sealing Void - Page 2 EmptyTue Jun 29, 2021 8:55 am

Void 23: Time Changes Everything

Alex had came to Balneal to take relax, he was starting to change over time as he felt different. Like something was triggering a change, but he didn't know what. Even his body grew weak from his over exposed use of his powers. But he hasn't ever used his full strength for some reason, it was like a cosmic force was pulling him back. He had heard of this place healing powers, and decided to come here to try and stitch his wounds. From his other battles, the sight of the city bathed in water was beautiful. Like a fairy tale book, he had boarded the water train and then jumped off of it to reach the city. Reaching a spring of warm water, he decided to just take off his upper body suit to try to heal the massive slash on the side of his chest, it was from his own powers, when he started to use it too much in battle. It started to heal but only slowly, he screamed in pain as the wound would try to close itself.

"Still screaming like a little bitch, I see. Not even these waters can heal your pansy attitude."

A familiar, yet now more matured voice spoke to him from above, accompanied by a light snickering. It was Chita, the girl he fought so very long ago, back with her old sass, but a new attitude. She was no longer here trying to beat the brakes off of this kid, as she said she would have so long ago next time she saw him, but still felt exactly the same about how he ran away continuously in their fight. Strange that they would be meeting here.

"... I can only assume that's what you were here for. That gash looks like nothing."

She did, at least, take note of his rather noteworthy wound. It was large and deep, and it seemed painful. She only wanted to see what he would say.

Alex heard the voice, and turned to see a matured Chita. Instead of saying a witty remark, he stayed quiet. Looking up from her legs and to her head, as she had indeed changed. Taking a deep breathe as he thought of a remark to say to her. He wasn't one to give away weakness, only when he was at the end of his ropes. The wound would start to turn the water around him, red. A color that was very visible to him, and Chita, growing much weaker from losing that much blood. The wound would take longer to heal then he expected, and he started to frown at Chita. Something he had never shown anyone before, because he always wore a smile on his face.

" Hello to you as well, Chita, you look beautiful today "

It was his response to her words, as he seemed to ignore her last comment.

A little surprised by his response, she quirked a brow at him and slightly cocked her head to the side. It had been a long time... maybe he had matured the same way she had in their time away.

"Save me the mushy talk. Did uh...?"

She was going to mention the way about him talking and the sudden frown on his face, but... She was also rather interested in that gash.

"That gash doesn't look too bad. How did someone like you manage to get it, eh?"

Alex seemed to look back at his Gash on the side of his body, she had asked about it. All he remembered about it was that it was there, she was probably thinking that he was wimp and weak like there battle before. He had never much contact with her, hiding between his tricks and puppets, only to lose in the end. Even then he ran away from the fight, as he looked at the water, running a hand through it.

" Fighting with everyone, I don't many ties to anyone at all. My Star powers are very deadly to my enemy but also to myself, if I overuse them. I start to create a gash in my body, it gets larger each time, trying to kill me. Why don't you just break me, like you said you would like last time "

He didn't care much if she was still out to hurt him, something was always happening in his life. Deciding that he needed to more then just act like a child. He looked at Chita with his Pink eyes, as he stood up from the water, the gash was still there and walked over to her, wanting to see a response.

Her eyes narrowed and a scowl quickly found its way to her face, her arms crossing under her considerably large breasts. Star powers...? She only faintly remembered him using them, and catching a lance of that energy with one of her gauntlets... Hm...

"Hm. I fought with everyone before, too, yet somehow that made them want to be around me. They must have been lonely to want to be near me."

He explained to her about the gash becoming larger if he used his power... It was similar to how the VOID worked with Chita before, when she had to seal Rita with those cuffs. They seemed to have similar, destructive powers.

As he came close to her, her eyes narrowed even more, and her scowl changed into a frustrated sneer, her pointed canines now very apparent on one side of her mouth. She quickly punched him in the face; clean and strong, which should have held enough power to send him flying head first spiraling back into the waters. She would no sooner cross her arms again.

"What use would it be to prove that I can break a weakling, hm? I can obliterate thousands of your kind without even breaking a sweat. It's no feat, so why bother?"

She turned her head away from him, still thinking about how his power harmed him. That must have been because he was weak, too. Just like Chita used to be... That thought lightened her heart, but intensified her anger, which led her to turn all the way around from him now, lips quivering with anger and eyes watering.

" your still the same hotheaded women from before, don't expect everything to be easy like the past "

Chita had expected him to be a easy to break, at one point he was. But that was a long time ago, he had trained after his defeat by her. As she tried to punch his head off, he moved his head to the side and raised his arm to counter. Learning to counter and block from the bros, his arm came to punch blocking it from the side of her arm. Instead of blocking the punch with his fist, which might have hurt even with his newfound strength that could rival hers. Soon using her own momentum force to fling her over his shoulder and toss her into the spring of water head first.

" why did you come here, was it just to abuse me "

A smile graced his face, as he looked over Chita again. Showing her that he was more deadweight, and different from before.

Chita was surprised by his counter, but wouldn't allow herself to be topped. As he tried flipping her, a chain spurted from her wrist and wrapped around his, and more so for balance purposes, she landed on her feet and retracted the chain thusly, scoffing at him again.

"So you've been practicing. It's good to see you aren't as useless as before."

She returned to her signature crossed-arm stance, not wanting to turn toward him now.

"Get over yourself. I have more important things than to simply abuse wimps. I merely caught sight of you on my way home from my epic detour. I suppose you're here to heal that wound of yours, then?"

Alex was always thinking of ways to improve, and show up little old chita. After all within his many battles, he had lose to her and that was a very fun match. Rather then himself being all bend on revenge he was really happy to find someone that around his rank, that could combat his skill set. After all it was quite hard, but that was his past, now the future and present were all that mattered. A sicking idea popped into his head, as he placed a palm under his chin looking at chita with his eyes, that never seemed to blink.

" Well I wasn't useless back then, well not as much as you. Punching people, and speaking vulgarly, like a mad women. It doesn't look like you haven't gone any stronger, also if you just attack wimps doesn't that make you a wimp as well "

Smiling at her with the intent to bait her, he didn't know if it would work or not. But he did hit some pretty low balls, he even wanted his rematch with her. Just to see how she has improved since there last meeting, simple as that.

She shook her head, seeing now that he couldn't tell just what was going on. He couldn't tell that more than her personality had changed, and he also couldn't tell to just how much of a degree it had. She spun around, then spun him around as well, looking him straight in the eyes. For a good, long time, she simply looked him right in the eyes, not saying anything... then shook her head in contempt.

She raised her fist up again and thrust it toward his chest, yet did not make contact. It stopped right before hitting him, and then her fist unclenched and became an open palm, which surged with a powerful amount of Sealing Force, which would not only shoot him back, but heal up his scar completely and fully; pain and all.

"Think about what you say before you say it. Trying to say cool things doesn't make you cool, nor does it make you grown up. I've matured in more ways than just one since our last meeting. You may have stopped running away, but you're still no more than just a little boy. Think about that."

All the while, she never stopped looking him in the eyes with her dark, arresting stare of utter disappointment and contempt. She had just healed him rather than hurt him. What could he even make of that?

Alex was simply stunned by her actions, everyone seemed to change around him. Expect for maybe himself, always sitting around and waiting for something new to happen. He was acting like a blasted two year old that just bounces off the wall, his frown came to his face once more. Letting it sink into him, and his hands would touch his body as the wound was healed for now, anyway. It was bound to open up again, as he travels his road to go some good in his life. His goals were still not what he wanted, they were simply goals not a dream or such as of yet.

" Why would you do that.....why must everyone change without me, everything is just getting worse, but I know it's only me. I hate my life and how much, I have fallen expecting to get better but I only delay my own progress.... "

He started to slide down his kneels as something new had occurred to him, his face had tears running from his eyes. He had never cried once in his life, or from what he was told by his step-mother. But even with that, he felt like something was messing in his life, much worst he was being childish. Streaks of tear ran down his eyes, as he looked at the ground floor of the spring, his eyes bloodshot as he didn't know what to do. Was there a place for him? feeling that everything around him was quickly starting to tear apart, as his powers started to manifest once more, like in Khrona office, as the area started to change and look like he was altering reality again, but Chita was safe around him. But what would she do?

Chita scowled at him, sickened by his words. She almost had half a mind to kick him dead in his chest and knock all of the wind out of him.

"You sit around and wait for everything to change around you, so it does. You matured in power, but you didn't mature in stature. A boy doesn't know how to treat a star in his hands."

She closed her eyes now, finding it hard to even lay eyes on him now. She turned her head away from him quickly, now standing profile in front of him.

"Quit acting like such a fucking baby. And then maybe you'll realize what your real purpose in this life is. Maybe then you'll have something to strive for. Something to fight for. Right now, you're just a worthless infant with nothing more than the thought of everything as a game or as a joke. You have absolutely nothing to live for as you are."

Chita turned her entire body away from him now. She couldn't even face his position. The light shone on her body in such a way that her shadow would then be cast upon Alex's body completely and fully, her back turned completely to him.

Alex looked at her as his tears would drop to the floor. They turned pink from his eyes, as something was in the back of his mind. Both his palms on the ground would quiver as he didn't get up, he was failing his duty. She was right about him, currently he was beyond conflicting view points, he was sinking down and failing his purpose. But he didn't have one to begin with, even as he was a genin, he did not hold hopes or dreams. Just a mindless puppet in a game of Chess, even his own puppets had stronger wills then there creator. Would he fall with no purpose, was it his life to die a mindless puppet.

" Shut up, shut up,...SHUT UP!!! I don't want to hear it!! "

Alex yelled at the top of his lunges, as he seemed to stop crying but his eyes were glued to the ground. Seeing that Chita's shadow was towering over him, the ground under him would crack as the small rubble would float around his small frame. His power growing more unstable by the second, he wasn't going to heed to her words with just her talking down to him. If he ever was going to understand, he must learn it the hard way.

" No, I do have something to live for, your just fooling my mind!! "

Rushing forward, he aimed to punch Chita with all his force to shut her up. His eyes would now look like a wild animal, as he was starting to lose control of even his own actions. Turning into the thing that he forbid himself to ever be, a mindless puppet.

Like the cunning fox, Chita swiveled around, grabbed Alex's fist and bent his knuckles back, whilst forcing him all the way to the nearest wall in one swift motion. With his arm pinned to the wall and his back slammed to the architecture, Chita would raise a leg up as well, pinning him further with her knee driving into the wall beside his body, and her pelvic area now forcefully brushing up against his to dominantly push and keep him pinned to this wall. All the while, her eyes never veered from his own, staring him down with a gaze so powerful, looking directly into hers with his eyes as he was would be impossible. The resounding sound of his impact to this wall echoed throughout Balneal, to remind him just who was boss of this entire outfit.

"Then show me what it is."

She rubbed her pelvis up against his a bit more gently, yet still rather forcefully, knowing for a fact what she was doing. With how tight her booty shorts were, he would be able to feel everything down there and she was able to as well, but her reactions to it were much different than they should have been for a girl... Though Chita was clearly no ordinary girl.

Alex didn't even react in time to evade, his pure fighting instinct was not even there. Getting caught by Chita as she slammed him into the wall, as the sound echoed throughout the city. A sound that Alex had heard in his ears, over and over again as Chita would make her move to keep him pinned to the wall. They were about the same height, because of Alex young body. His eyes were lifeless, like a doll in a store that was creepy, his were looking at her lower body.

"...........what are you doing, you can just finish me, I am nothing to you "

His tone was lifeless as well, as nothing made sense in his life anymore.The only part that was functioning right was the only arm that was free, it started to pound into the wall causing fractures, and cracks to occur. The one part of body that wanted to survive, to live another day the other Alex was still within somewhere. Other then that another part of his body was trying to break free, but it was a personal matter because of Chita's actions towards him.

Chita no longer had any remorse for him. She wasn't going to say another word, she was just going to do. Pulling him by the shoulders, she slammed him onto the floor, staring at him with the same cold and lifeless eyes as he, like a mirror image. The only thing different about it was that her coldness was warranted. It came from somewhere deep inside of herself. Alex's blank expression came from him not having anything within himself.

With no words said, she started to become a bit more gentle, gently sliding her hands from his shoulders to his chest, then down to his stomach and finally to his hips, where she'd pull them a little bit closer to he could feel her more. She sat atop him, legs spread, pelvis still very much intact with his, and her huge chest almost bursting from the little confining bra that held them in (like in her avi). They jiggled and bounced in unison while she bounced and grinded a bit upon him, showing him what she was ready to do.

"... If you really want to grow up, let's see if you can handle an adult game. I'm going to finish this old you and mold you into a new you."

She started to grind a little bit harder and faster upon him, trying to inspire something more within him naturally than within him emotionally.

"Maybe this is all you need. Show me the way you really feel."

Alex looked at her, getting thrown on the ground and taken advantage of. Her whole body was over his, and starting to grind against him. Her hands were gliding down his body, the feeling was cold but warm at the same time. His eyes grew more alive, simply by her actions, but he was just trying to figure out what was happening. Never being in this kind of issue before, this was all new to him but his arms would stay by his sides, as he tried to think rationally. Only things would start to come up blank, not trying to get away but he felt his hips want to be closer to hers.

" I don't know how I feel right now? or what to do? "

He looked at her chest, as it seemed to catch his eye. But he was different from all those other guys, he was more reserved, but he had never been with a women at all.

She could see the life coming back into his eyes, and that was then reflected in her own, softening to his gaze. He was still confused, but it didn't matter because she was going to lead.

"Don't worry... You'll know what you need to do when you feel it."

This was the nicest Chita had been to him, or anyone other than her grandmother. Her beautiful soft lips parted only a bit, as if edging for Alex to meet hers with his intimately. She undid his pants slowly, and with one hand, whilst her other gently caressed his thigh, demonstrating her skill already. When undone, she slid back a bit and slipped her hand down under, fondling what was down below for a good, long while.

"Tell me, does a puppet have these feelings that I'm feeling down here?"

Of course, with no genitals and no inspiration, a puppet could not feel what Alex was feeling, and the fact that he was indeed feeling was proof of his existence. This is what Chita was trying to show to him, and he was slowly starting to get it... To mature. She leaned in close to him, pressing her impressively tone stomach upon his and her large, plush chest against his as well, moving her lips toward his for a kiss...



And suddenly, she felt it. Everything that was going on was brought to a halt when she felt the magic of her mother waver. Springing up with the utmost of haste, she plucked her hand from down his pants and looked up to the sky, utterly concerned.

"... What did that Old Lady do?!"

It sounded like nonsense, but it was definitely something only she'd be able to feel...

"Look, it sucks that I've got to do this, but... Some things are just more important than simple sex. I dare say I love that woman, and I've got to make sure everything's alright. Now."

That was the first time she ever uttered the words that she loved her mother from her mouth. What was this...? Was it because of the sense of impending doom, or...? No matter. There was no time for this. She stood up and looked down at Alex on the ground from the corner of her eye, and for the first time, she could say she didn't hate him.

"I'll see you around..."

And with that, her body quickly faded into thin air, Chita Voiding herself out to get to her mother's castle faster.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

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The Sealing Void - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Sealing Void   The Sealing Void - Page 2 EmptyTue Jun 29, 2021 8:58 am

Void 24: The Benefit Of The Witch Province

Rushing upstairs, Zita plopped on her bed with her arms behind her head, the pen and paper hovering above her so that she could see just what she wanted to write.

"Alright, so... First order of business... From what the tablet said about the Grand Magistrate, she didn't really die, but ascended to become a higher being... Not only an Observer, but an actual god-like entity..."

Zita started writing this down.

"So the only way to get her back is to call her back with an incredible amount of magical power...

Zita then documented this as well.

"I'll need some of the strongest power sources in all the land, proably a Demon Tool, as well as intel from Shibusen, the Enigmatic Ruins and any other place of mystery and interest..."

She documented this as well.

"One of the most powerfully magically inclined potions and brews that exists to date..."

Wrote it down.

"And finally... The blood of one of her direct descendants."

Zita wrote this down as well. It all seemed to be legitimate, and also seemed to be what she knew from the top of her head. Wonder why she knew of this? Was someone speaking to her from up above?

Looking over this several times, Zita knew that this would require a lot of power. Probably a thousand souls would be in order just to initiate such a thing.

"Well, I have a great many souls, and as such my magic will reflect that. If I do this on my own, I should be fine."

She knew this to be true. Now it was just time to get her Witchlings and Witches to start doing this.

"Alright, I guess I'll number it how I want these things to be collected... Starting with... This!"

She numbered each of the items on her formula, in order of what needed to be gotten first to last. It then looked like this:

1.) A thousand souls
2.) Intel from Shibusen and secretive places in the Dusk
3.) Power of a Demon Tool
4.) Extremely potent potion
5.) The Blood of a Descendent

Looking over it, it seemed absolutely perfect.

"Aaaand... It's done! I'll have to post up in the Witch Mass right away... And then everyone will be able to see it for themselves."

This was her new mission, her new resolve. Time for the Witches to become active!

So soon had the Head Witch completed her formula for revival of a powerful being, yet a faint whisper in her ear would divert her attention from these matters and onto more pressing issues about the fate of the world.

I send the swarm
I send the horde...

As if Pestilence itself had overcome Zita, her animal theme would start to well up inside her as if being controlled by another, more powerful force. Her familiars, and thus, herself, would start to fall into a thought process of only redemption of this world by force; by the hands of the Gray Horseman. There would be quickly nothing left of Zita's former initiative, as it was not as important as what she was meant to do now.

Thus saith the lord...

Stricken, almost instantly, from the faintest of whispers, like a simply odd thought in her mind, Zita could not get this new way of thinking out of her mind.

"... The swarm...?"

The pen and paper within her magical grasp dropped upon her bed and she jumped to her feet, eyes inquisitive and her head buzzing with that whisper that just would not leave.

"... The horde...?"

She started to scratch her head... She started to scratch it violently. The buzzing in her head sounded now like millions of her own parasites and locusts just swarming around, now her thoughts had become incoherent. Behind her, her metallic parasites and locusts had indeed manifested, forming a cloud of them all around her body, which all quickly formed to the shape of bladed chains, which were her magical affinity. She peered upon the chains and looked into her reflection... Her eyes... They did not resemble her own will anymore, and now looked as if she were possessed by someone or something... She knew that she was, but also knew that there was no way around this. This was divine retribution, and she had been chosen to give it.

"... Thus saith the lord..."

She knew what she had to do now. She started toward her window, hovering ever so slowly, until she reached it and descended unto her garden. The locusts around her started to consume everything.

"On every grain on every stalk... until there is nothing left of green..."

Her garden was barren now, nothing left. And so, Zita continued on toward the Witch Province, and toward the Dusk.

Only a couple hours after Zita exited the castle did Chita burst in with the utmost of urgency. Looking around her mother's room frantically, she found her to be completely and utterly gone.

"... Fuck!!"

She scoured the entire room, finding traces of her magic being used in the oddest fashion... Her parasites and locusts had been out and about, she could tell, but why?

"... This doesn't make any SENSE!!"

Chita was beyond frustrated. Plopping down on her mother's bed, she started to think about all of this. Without a leader, the Witch Province would be in grave discord and confusion... Not only that, nothing could get done (not that much did anyway with Zita around), but even less stuff would with her out of the picture. Though Chita's initial thought was to go search for her, she couldn't help but stay put on that bed.


This was so frustrating.

After so long of doing absolutely nothing, Chita just couldn't take it anymore. The time to act was now, and she couldn't think of what to do!

"Ugh, this is so... STUPID! That woman is so... UGH!!"

She slammed her fist down upon her bed, causing a piece of paper to shoot high into the air.


Plucking it from the air quickly, Chita skimmed over it...


Reading it more thoroughly, this was a formula on how to revive her great grandmother, the Grand Magistrate herself! Was she up to doing this? No, it couldn't be... Something had to have gotten her beforehand. She would have been find sending others to get the job done for her, so this was clearly what she was doing before she was captured. Knowing this, a certain passion burned within Chita's heart. A passion she had never before felt within her before; not to do anything, even when it was for things that she wanted. No... Now, she was not just doing things for herself, but for her mother, her family and for the entire Witch Province.

"... It's no longer a time to be selfish..."

She said this lowly to herself as she folded up the paper and placed it right in her bra, close to her heart.

"... This is a time to grow up. To take responsibility. To mature. Things I've always had trouble with... until right now."

Chita smiled, closing her eyes and voiding herself out, then voiding herself in at the top of the castle, where she could see the entirety of the Witch Province.


Giving herself this title in place of her mother was the first and best thing she could do. The Witch Province needed a leader, and she was stepping up to her own heritage. It was time to get the ball rolling.

"... In the name of my mother... And my family..."

And so, she voided herself back out, appearing in front of the castle. She was heading to Witch City to put up a mission for the Witch Mass, as the new Head Witch of the Witch Province.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

Posts : 338
Female Points : 390
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Join date : 2014-11-17

The Sealing Void - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Sealing Void   The Sealing Void - Page 2 EmptyTue Jun 29, 2021 2:55 pm

Void 25: First Order Of Business; A Meeting With Shibusen

Chita stood at the very center of the Witch Mass, waiting for whomever wished to assist her in her duties. She needed at least one Witch or Witchling to be a spokesperson for the Witch Province and head up to Shibusen. She would debrief the first Witch or Witchling that complied to this order.

-After her meeting with this mysterious and holy existence of light, Nova felt a new responsibility weighing upon her shoulders. She found a stronger resolve for her ambitions of peace and harmony, and no longer saw her current level of strength as a crutch- rather her lack of might would only motivate her into overcome.

So once she heard about an opportunity to flex this powerful will of hers, she hoped to it. She fell from the sky, using a gust of golden wisps to cushion her landing. She had no idea who Chita was, but she knew that at this moment they fought for the same cause.-

"And here I thought I was going to be late .."

-She said, scattering the golden winds elsewhere. She walked now up behind the Witch.-

Chita smirked, feeling everything that Nova was just now feeling through a resonance between magics, and causes. With her arms crossed under her breasts, as they usually were these days, she turned to meet the acquaintance of Nova.

"Ah, so the Witch Province does have some Witches that aren't scared around here. Good to know. The name's Chita, daughter of Zita. I'm the new Head Witch."

She stared Nova dead in the eyes, her smirk suddenly becoming serious after they would meet with each other.

"I have an important job for you as my first order of business here. It's for the sake of my mother..."

"New Head Witch? Already?"

-Nova inquried. She was confused about how the role of Head Witch was passed down or acquired- she hadn't interest in the job as of yet, but she knew she wanted to be Kage. But who didn't these days.-

"What happened to her?"

-She said, looking a little bit like her Avatar. She was worried about that Zita lady, she could tell that her intentions as a leader were pure. Nova just hoped that her ambitions weren't cut short.-

Chita lowered her head and looked to the side, showing her sadness and her confusion just the same.

"I... don't know. I just felt something twinge in my soul about her and when I got back to the house... She was nowhere to be found. Traces of her magic had been used, but in an odd and nonsensical manner... And then I found her list. She was in the middle of it before whatever it was got her. So I knew I had to finish it and uphold the Witch Province, not only as her daughter, but as a responsible Witch."

About halfway through, Chita had looked back up at Nova with eyes of burning passion, rage and determination; all of the things she felt she needed for her drive to do what needed to be done for the Witch Province.

"So, it may seem abrupt, but as her daughter, I felt as though I should take the position since she could not appoint anyone, if only temporary. Until we can find her..."

She scoffed, thinking about how terrible this situation was... But she'd try not to let it get to her.

"But enough of that. I have a mission for you involving information retrieval from Shibusen. Will you accept?"

-Nova's eyes would dim once she heard that Chita was in as much of a mystery as she was. It seemed like that mysterious light had foreshadowed the dark times that Vescrutia had been plunged into. She scoffed, before shaking her head of the negative thoughts that crossed her mind. She wasn't going to let anything happen while she still existed.-

"I'll do whatever I can."

-She looked back at Chita now, reassuring her that Nova would take whatever mission and lay her life on the line. Heh..after her past experiences, she kinda felt obligated to do so.-

Those words inspired a bond between Chita and Nova; not just because she accepted this mission without a doubt in her soul, but because of the way her soul felt when doing it. She wasn't one of those loose, happy-go-lucky new-to-the-world Witchlings like many of the others that simply pissed Chita off... No, she was about business, serious and utter business, for the sake of the Head Witch. For the sake of Zita.

"Good to have you in the ranks... Eh, what did you say your name was?"

It was only natural that Chita know who this woman was, considering that she was sending her on an extremely important mission, and all. Besides that, it was just rude for a Head Witch not to know the names of her loyal Witches. Once introductions were over, she could debrief her fully.


-Nova stopped before she finished her saying her whole name. It wasn't as if she were ashamed of it, but she was the daughter of Esper. She wasn't sure how people would have reacted to her origin, and she didn't want to be treated differently. It was kind of weird..-

"Just Nova.."

In a flash of bright and vibrant purple flames would be seen a pair of cat like eyes as the mass of flames gathered and solidified a curvy and voluptuous pink haired beauty. Elarawoukd form with her hands causaly at her sides as if nothing was wrong but she was internally hysterical..


She said as she rushed over to chita tripping over Nova's foot her cat like reflexes kicked in and she preformed a front flip rebound landing safely beside Nova.

"Sorry mam l.....BUT YEAH WHERES ZITA-SAN!"

Ever sense sits used her magic on Elara she could always feel her presence even her emotions to an extent l...but now there was nothing as if zita never existed.

"Nova, huh?"

Chita pondered. What was her own last name, anyway? She never really bothered to ask her mother if she took up the Lombardi last name or... What? Not that it sounded that bad, but her father wasn't really around... Maybe she would keep it as a tribute to him and his absence. Maybe try to make a good name for him.

"Well, Nova, here is your--"

Chita was thoroughly interrupted by a loud and obnoxious voice... One of the 'OTHER' Witchlings she was talking about earlier.

"... Mission..."

She slowly jerked her head toward Elara, rather upset about her annoying, rude and overall blatant outburst. She didn't even hear her question. All she heard was infernal yapping that irked her to no end.

"... Annoying... Shut up..."

With a powerful and destructive pulse of her Sealing Force, she would not only Seal Elara's vocal cords absolutely shut, but seal her power as well, and send her hurdling clear across Witch City to god knows where. She had no time for foolishness, and if Elara wanted to talk, then she should do it RIGHT.

"... I see the others are going to need a lot of home training..."

She flicked a chain in her hand like a small yoyo, waiting to punish Witchlings like her...

"But, anyway. Your mission, Nova, is to go to Shibusen as the spokesperson for the Witch Province. Tell them about Zita, and that orders from the new Head Witch substitute calls for information on the Demon Tools. Ask them about every Demon Tool they know about, A-Z, and don't let them skimp out on anything. If you can, get the Book of Eibon, which is a grimoire that has a list of every Demon Tool and how to make it within. This may seem simple, but it is of DIRE importance. From your attitude, I can clearly see I can depend on you more than... Others."

Making a blatant shot at Elara.

"So please... Make haste."

As she was pushed back and Sealed up by the unknown force Elara would rebound from wherever she had ended up...she didn't get why chita did that...she was only worried about Zita's sudden disappearance....soon though Elara made her way to the meeting place again entering the doors not being able to speak a word..she just glared and stood there silenty


-Without even a utter of confirmation, Nova would immediately be off with her mission. Her body would burn with a brilliant bright, yet calming golden aura. In no time, her appearance would mimic that of a small star, bursting off through the darken skies and toward Shibusen.-
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Chita knew for a fact that this was confirmation enough for her that Nova was going to get the job done. She smirked, watching this little star burn bright up in the sky, hurdling toward Shibusen.

In the meantime, the other one had come back... The one that Chita simply could not stand. Her coming back made her even more displeased.

"... Ugh... You again? I hate it when people can't take a hint and learn from their mistakes..."

With another powerful Sealing Force burst, Chita would send Elara rocketing off elsewhere, and before she could even think of coming back, Chita would void herself out, going to initiate part 2 of her mother's grand master plan.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 26: A New Fighting Style

On her way back to her home, Chita found herself passing through the Misty Field, a place that was covered in such Mist that the ground was difficult to see. For a Witch, this was paradise, as the Mist enhanced the power of Magic and the ease in which it could be performed, but Chita was lost in thought about something...


She stopped moving for a moment and took a look at the Mist around her. Her fingerless gloves, compliments of a different form of her Magic Gauntlets, started to resonate with the Mist itself.

"... There is a power to be learned here."

Chita could sense it in her chain-link bones, rattling them to no end with power.

"Whatever you have to teach me, I'll learn. I feel your efforts, Mist."

Chita stood there and waited, staring into the deep and thick Mist for several tens of minutes, waiting for something to happen. Nothing; only the rolling mist across the darkened plains and into the cloudy skies. She looked up to the clouds, then down at the Mist. She chuckled to herself, shaking her head and starting on her way.

"What am I even doing here...? I've got business to attend to..."

She'd cross her arm under her breasts as she normally did, ready to continue on her merry way, when the winds and the Mist suddenly shifted, swirling around her very being and resonating with her magic.


She wasn't sure what to make of it, but it was weird and mystical, and her gloves just so happened to be glowing much brighter now... Was something happening with the Magic Gauntlets and the Mist?

Knowing that this power was definitely not something to be overlooked, Chita turned back around and faced the Misty Field, where she would hold out one of her hands ever equipped with the magical glove. The glow around it grew brighter and brighter, and more Mist seemed to flow around it in rather large amounts.

"... An interesting reaction... I can only wonder if..."

Chita knew of the power of these Magic Gauntlets from them informing her of their powers once she found them and they assimilated with her very being. Perhaps, with other essences of magic... They could do the same thing?

"Interesting... Heh. Amusing. These Magic Gauntlets can react with any other magical substance they come in contact with. And if it's how it seems..."

Chita clenched her fist, drawing in all of the Mist nearby her hand with just the influx of the force from her hand, and all of the nearby Mist around her body was absorbed into the Magic Gauntlet, causing it to glow brighter.

"... Just as I thought..."

The Magic Gauntlets had a natural draining property of anything that they touched, however this draining property was apparently special when it came to other magical phenomena, such as the Mist. Instead of just draining the energy it holds, they were draining the pure substance of the Mist itself. And if that was the case, then that also meant that Chita could expel this Mist at any given time she wished, right?

"Let's find out..."

She felt the Mist surging within her body, as if it were flowing through an endless Void within... Quite possibly, Chita could absorb the Mist from the entire area to cause her gauntlets to grow stronger... and it would all just come back... But the source of the Mist would hold the greatest amount of it.

"I'll have to make a trip to the Iifa Tree at some point in time. I'm gonna need more Mist."

In truth, the Mist might have been her next breakthrough in her mother's list... Instead of a high number of souls, maybe Chita could simply use the awesome power of the Mist she was going to harness within herself as the magical conduit, since the Mist itself was one of the most basic forms of magic.

"Feasible, but... I'll have to get more accustomed to it. And the only way I know how..."

Chita smirked, chuckling lightly to herself.

"... Is to fight with it."

She opened her hand now, gently letting the Mist formerly absorbed into herself flow from her palm like a concentrated aura for a moment, before it dissipated into nothing. She her head to look at her shoulders, finding that the Mist could even be released from other parts of her body, as it wafted gently from either side of her.

"So it's not just confined to the Magic Gauntlets... Well, it shouldn't have been anyway, since now I am one and the same with these things."

She clenched her fist once more, lifting it up a little. She cocked back half-heartedly, throwing a weak punch out in front of her rather quickly before snapping it right back. From the force of her throwing the punch as well as the snap of her pulling back, a large burst of pure force erupted from her hand and into the air, blowing away some of the Mist whilst also replacing it with Mist from her hand. With Mist still heavily wafting from her closed fist, Chita, looked down at her hand and opened it up, realizing now what she was going to be able to do with this Mist.

"A new fighting style. I'm going to enjoy this..."

The proficiency these Gauntlets had with this Mist was beyond invigorating. She already had a name set up for this fighting style; the Divine Mist of Punishment Taijutsu. She only got the 'of Punishment' part from thinking about one of her Arcana, the Arcana of Punishment, Koshmar, whom she would base some of these abilities off of, since her thoughts were so fresh in her mind.

"First things first... I'm gonna need a stance and few moves... That snapping punch was pretty nice."

Chita's fighting stance seemed to be nothing more than her fists raised up; one aligned with her waist, the other to her chest, with both of her hands clenched in a fist. Upon clenching them, she started to absorb the energy of the Mist into her hands once more. She spread her legs apart a bit, feeling rather invigorated to be in such a position.

"Oh yeah... Definitely. Now, about that snapping punch..."

It seemed like it would come easier to her now with this type of stance. With the fist nearest to her waist, she delivered the punch quick, snapping it right back. She felt a bit of torque pulling her around as she snapped her fist back, following it around into a spin.


As if reacting purely on her own reflexes, she delivered another punch, however much more heavy on the momentum of the spin rather than the initial whipping motion of the first. Ah, the first two moves of the Mist of Punishment fighting style... The Whiplash and the Whiplash Storm.

Continuing on, Chita started the think about how she could use these abilities to send thick Mist into the area... And to do that, she'd need to use more spins and more forceful attacks.

"Forceful... How about a double palm thrust to the ground, or something?"

It was a good thing that Chita was naturally inclined to fighting, or else this would prove difficult for her. Thinking now of how forceful and decisive her Earthbending was, she decided to try to apply the same thing to this fighting style, however with more of a... Misty feel rather than earthy. She took a step forward, raising both arms into the air and bringing them down with palms open toward about the middle of her body, releasing a powerful surge of Mist from her hands and down to the ground. If such were an opponent, they would probably be forced to the ground as well.

"Not bad..."

Mist spread instantly around her feet, covering them up with the thickest of murk. No one would be able to clearly see below her thighs when she used this move...

"... My feet are completely covered... Meaning I'm going to have to incorporate some kicks in, too..."

Thinking hard on this, she assumed her original fighting stance, pondering about what to do next involving kicks.

Kicks... kicks... Chita wasn't all that good with kicks, as she never really relied on them before, until she realized how useful they really were. She used to just punch everything haphazardly and without order... Like a wild beast. But now she was a violent storm.

"Hook kicks."

That was the first and best thing she could come up with. And so, she began practicing. She began with a simple Roundhouse, which involved her spinning around with a partially hooked foot to where the head would be. She wasn't trying to stun whomever she fought; she was trying to bring them to the ground, hence why all of her kicks would be hooked.

The next kick she tried was one that was up high, from down below. She would crouch low to the ground, then spin around with a hooked leg lifted up to where one's head would be, continuing the force of the spin with a leg sweep on the ground before swirling back up to her feet.

"... It's like I'm just moving and things are happening. Just like I used to do, but more controlled..."

Seems like Chita was very skilled at physical combat behind her brute strength; she could actually excel at her own practice, which was something that her old self never would have imagined.


"Mist Dragon. Black Lotus. Enchanted Circle."

The names of the first three kicks she learned, the first being the normal spinning hook kick heel drop to the ground, which she would then incorporate a variety of spins into... The second being the low ground roundhouse, and the final being the spin kick to the ground. But she still needed more.

"Maybe another low-ground kick, but more powerful?"

Instead of spinning with the sweep, she'd simply sweep her leg powerfully across the ground, most likely with enough power to knock her foes for a loop. She got close to the ground, moving her right leg to the left side and sweeping it across the ground toward the right side, a trail of Mist following behind it.

"... Sacred Blade."

It was like she had these names all lined up at the top of her head or something. And then, the Double Lift Kicks. These were basic, but useful, and she was already familiar with these basic types of kicks, even though she hadn't used them before. It was more or less common sense. She performed these same kicks a number of times, over and over again, until she got them down pact.

"... I still think I need more, though..."

More kicks, more kicks... Backflip kick? Knee? Butterfly kick? Crescent kick? Yes... Those would complete her kicking training from here.

"A backflip kick should be easy enough..."

Simply performing a backflip with both legs outstretched, Chita would hold her hands on the ground for balance as her legs were lifted up powerfully. The Backflip kick was a breeze. A knee was a knee, she was just going to knee people in the balls, stomach or chest... And the Butterfly kick was simply her jumping off of the ground with both legs arced over to hit her opponent as she landed. Easy. The hard part came from... the Crescent kick.

"So... Dragon Wheel Kick, Heart Stopper and Mistfall are a breeze... but now it's time to learn the God Slayer."

The God Slayer was going to be a difficult kick, considering what Chita wanted it to be... She wanted an extremely swift and powerful crescent kick that could split things in two. Surely, she had enough power to do this, but the art of doing a crescent kick was difficult to her. She would start by trying to jump into the air with her foot outstretched, finding that this didn't do her any justice.

"... Okay, wrong..."

She then tried with both legs together. It was easier, but it was in too much resemblance to a Flash kick.

"... Next..."

She tried with both legs spread apart in the air, but that seemed much too much like a Bruce Lee kick, and she wasn't going for that.

"One more time..."

This time, when she jumped backward into the air, one of her knees was bent whilst the other leg was straight out and teeming with Mist. It created a powerful slicing crescent kick that tore through the Mist. When she landed, she smirked and said to herself, "Perfect."

The final kick of her repertoire was an old favorite of hers, used to punt away scrawny weaklings in a single bunt; Now incorporated with this fighting style, she'd call it 'Divine Punishment.'

"Looks like it's all coming together now... There should be only a few more moves I need for this to be a competent fighting style..."

She'd focus now more on punches and palm thrusts, she guessed. Those were always fun.

She needed more long-range attacks. Thus, she needed a lunging punch. Taking the technique of the Miststorm used before, she'd have to modify it to be a quicker, separate move. Possibly called the Lunging Mist Thrust. Chita spun around once, shrouding herself in Mist whilst simultaneously moving forward with a step, punching the air with great power. All the Mist surrounding her would be launched forward along with the punch, almost like a tornado of sorts.

"... This fighting style seems to mimic the water and the wind... Must be why I chose to call it the Mist of Punishment. The fighting styles typically mimic what form their names are..."

She thought about the palm thrusts she could use, and just one could be used for a number of things. With a powerful and decisive palm thrust, Chita could force opponents back, force them to the ground, or even grab them by their bodyparts and force them into the ground. Interesting... The Funeral Palm. And from there on... Chita would probably just incorporate some of the techniques from her other fighting styles.

"... I should probably go find someone to practice these techniques on, but I feel like I should get more in tune with the Mist itself before I leave."

So, as if sitting down in complete meditation, Chita would open her hands out to the side and allow for Mist to steadily stream into her essence through the Magic Gauntlets.

After a couple of hours of simply just intaking the energy of the Mist itself, Chita found it high time to get out of here.

"I'll see if this Mist is a good conduit soon enough... Let me get back home first so I can assess this thoroughly..."

With that, Chita voided herself out, and back in her own castle.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 27: Official Dusk Taijutsu Fighting Tournament! Come, All!

Things were going a bit slowly around the Dusk Village as of late... Many people were idle, sitting around and wasting their time doing insignificant things... In fact, the same could be said for the majority of this Lost World... So it was up to Grimlock to 'liven the show up' a little bit.

"... Oh, back at the Colosseum so soon... I did indeed hope I'd have more time away from here... Oh well. This is a most necessary event that must ensue..."

And so, just like before, Grimlock would project his face across all of the planet, for everyone to hear and see... However this time, at the end, he would not keep the projection up and would instead take it down, since this was not to make an example of anyone and was just of sheer sport.

"All of the villages! I must say, everyone has been getting rather lackadaisical lately, and seeing your potential wasted by not doing anything greatly saddens me. So, to get everyone back on their feet, I have created a little Tournament for everyone, hosted by the Dusk Village. It is an official Taijutsu Fighting Tournament for those who wish to harness their skills of close-combat fighting without having to worry about bothersome projectiles and such.

This Tournament is available to anyone of any village, and there are only a few rules that must be maintained. The first is, to only use Taijutsu, or anything that relates to it. This means physical body enhancements, armor enhancements, or even the use of weapons. The catch is that there are no projectiles allowed and no use of any other jutsu that can harm the opponent or be used as an attack. Innate abilities, such a dojutsu, teleportation, the use of psychic ability (not to attack, however), and things of that like are perfectly acceptable.

Weapons can also not be used as projectiles, meaning there cannot be the use of throwing a weapon at an opponent in attempts to harm them, and you must be wielding this weapon at all times with some part of your body (this means no floating weapons).

The Winner of this tournament will have something special of their choosing bestowed upon them directly from myself, and all attendants and friends of attendants are welcomed to my Manor after the tournament ends for a celebration, where the winner shall be celebrated for his achievements.

That said, I wish for a rather large turnout! Do make this an honorable battle, fellows!"

And now, Grimlock would simply wait for all of the people who wished to attend to show up here. He would group everyone together in due time.

Selena was the first to answer Grimlock's challenge, arriving fully armored with all her weapons in tow. She didn't plan on using all her weapons at once, but it was always a good idea to have extra on hand.

It was risky bringing herself before the direct attention of Grimlock and his minions, but the reward was too great to pass up; a request to be fulfilled by Grimlock himself. She had something good in mind, but wouldn't reveal it unless she won his tournament.

As far as Selena knew, Crux had no idea that she was fighting. It was for the best; Selena didn't want the troubled goddess distressing over her. But Crux was her chief motivation for participating. Both of their lives would improve with her victory.

She entered the Colosseum, approached Grimlock, and kneeled before him:

"I am Selena of House Ulric."

Not too much later, Queensley holds Bunny tight to her chest as she shuffles into the arena. His soft warmth calms her nerves, and allows her to appear as emotionless as always. People... There would be a lot of people here, but she couldn't hide forever.
In Grimlock's presence, everything seems a little darker, the brightness of the world muted in comparison to his grandeur. But that's okay. The ruby upon his staff and neckerchief was not nearly as bright as it could be. She did wince a little every time the gems caught the light though, her allergies kicking up. Her chest clenches with the first beginnings of anger, though she kept Bunny out of reach of her fingertips to keep him safe.
Absent of bright colour, a woman kneels in front of the ringmaster of this circus of sorts, announcing herself. Queensley's grey eyes flick to her, uncertain. Should she do the same? Freezing, the small girl simply stares.
What to do, what to do.

Crystall arrived a bit later, bare of any weapons since she never used them anyway. Her pokemon were safely in a pokebox and she already had her headphones in her ears, a slight frown on her face. When it came to battles, she could not afford to be anything but serious. So she awaited the announcement of the beginning of the tournament and stood off to the side.

Though Chita had important issues to deal with at home, the announcement for the Taijutsu Tournament just so happened to come on the moment she finished her new style training in the Mist. Perhaps... This would be the best time to test her new fighting style, as well as some of her old ones, out on.

She voided herself into the Colosseum, leaning casually against the furthest wall away from everyone, arms folded underneath her breasts. Scoping out the area, she saw nothing but Genin. A smirk came across her face, followed by a light chuckle.

"Easy pickin's..."

She was gonna destroy these Genin, even if she didn't have a fighting style to practice with.

The turnout right now was rather measly... Pathetic, to say the least. Grimlock did indeed want this to be a fun and invigorating experience to get everyone on their feet again, so this only meant that he was going to have to please the crowd with follies and nonsensical items of grandeur.


He projected himself upon all of the planet again, clearing his throat once more.

"To increase the stakes just a bit, and see more turnout, I am bringing two new prizes to the table! Upping the ante, if you will. The first will be the choice between filling your soul count to 99 souls, or receiving one Witch soul. The second is, whomever is lower than Jounin rank will receive a Rank Up if they win the tournament!

However, because of these new stakes, this also means I must become a bit stricter on the rules. Every round, one can use a different Taijutsu method, but cannot change Taijutsu fighting styles mid-battle. This means the one that you choose at the beginning of the battle is the one you stay with until the beginning of the next, if you so choose to change. This also means with weapons, too. If you choose not to use a weapon that fight, you cannot use them for the duration. If your body itself is a weapon, then use of those weapons has to be included in your Taijutsu fighting style."

Grimlock smiled, knowing this would up the turnout rate.

"I do indeed hope to see more of you soon."

Alex would come into the ring with a mask over his head, blocking his identity from the public, and he didn't speak. The mask was from a old friend, he had met along his road on vescrutia and even got his autograph/picture. Puffing out his chest, that was really chiseled for a guy of his height, but he had very soft skin and it looked like he would snap like a twig. Because well he was shirtless, and wore loose fighting jeans for his pants. Only having four abs, looking in the distance at everyone, only knowing one of them. Then looking to Grimlock with a frown, between his mask noone can see but he wanted to find out his purpose. Which was, was one of the reasons for joining this tournament in the first place. He only brought one weapon with him, a large cross that he carried on his back and placed it on the ground, waiting for the others.

Tomoyo enters the Colosseum not too long after the masked man, gaping the entire time. It's her first time inside the Dusk Village and it's not exactly difficult to tell with the way she stares at everything, very much fitting the part of a tourist. The cyborg hovers near the entrance and takes everything in, and will most likely proceed to do such until the man whose face she had seen projected earlier. She wasn't quite sure of his name, but she supposed it wasn't entirely important at the moment.

From the winnings he had presented in his announcement, Tomoyo guessed he was probably a pretty nice guy. "Something special" of a persons choice could be a pretty broad category- he had to be either rather generous or rather wealthy. Tomoyo wasn't exactly sure what she'd ask for herself if she emerged a victor in these battlegrounds, but prizes had not been the thing to attract her here. In fact, she was simply here for the sport of it! Tournaments specializing in the sole thing she specialized in where few, which was why she was fairly excited for this one!

It was unfortunate that it didn't seem like there was a huge turnout so far, though. Perhaps everyone was just late....much like herself.

The sound of a Motor running would be heard throughout the Colosseum, as a Dark Figure would be seen in the daylight. It wasn’t hard, after all he was wearing a black Uniform and a Motorcycle to match. It teck up the side of the wall of the Colosseum, going at hundred and twenty mph. Then launched itself into the Battlefield, Almost crushing a random genin as the vehicle landed on the ground with a stop, and no streak marks. He got off his Motorcycle and looked at the other Fighters, he himself had wanted to test his skills in close range combat as well as Weapon usage. Placing the coffin on his back on the ground floor, it would open up to his eyes, as many of the weapons he had were guns, swords, and other special things, but he was only able to use melee type. So he would need to sort these weapons out, which consisted of more than fifty different brands.

*~Upon hearing the announcement of a witch soul up for grabs Lance would soon come into the Colosseum as he soon found himself leaning against a nearby wall. His eyes glowing slightly using his soul perception to analyze everyone hear. It was then he noticed a huge soul among the weaker one and how ironic for it to be an actual witch at that.~*

"Looks like I may be fighting a witch today..."

*~Wheter he won or lost if he did have to fight this person it would only help him understand exactly how witches work.~*

Abrahan would enter the area after hearing this, he observed everyone here, a lot of them were gennin but there were equally those here stronger, and some more powerful that even Revil's senses could pick up. The only one he recognised here was Selena. Thus he walked over towards her and stood by her. As he stood he rested his right hand on the hilt of the Holocaust.

Slade would walk into the room with a certain air of confidence about him. He remembered his last tournament encounter and how it didn't end well, but he felt confident about this one. He would look around and saw a few familiar faces and a few new ones.

"Lets see how this will go."

{Hebi would suddenly appear in the Colosseum resting on top of his massive snake Kobura who would be wrapped around on of the columns that held up the large Colosseum. While remain silent and to himself like normal only the higher ranks would be able to sense the powerful dark aura seeping from Hebi's body. This was because at the moment Medusa who was Hebi's Pact Beast was in full control at the moment and had become completely interested in this tournament as this was a chance to let lose on other without being questioned about it.}

A beaning flash of light would appear away from the rest of the people as Aredel walks out of it and looks around momentarily. It has been quite some time since fighting in a hand-to-hand combat battle and this would be the opportunity to find some worthy opponents who is as highly skilled as him in Taijutsu. The small amount of people who is participating in this event only made it quite disappointing in the lack of true taijutsu fighters, let alone, people who actually respect the martial arts more than Genjutsu and Ninjutsu. He would meditate in his mind with his eyes closed.

Aredel: "So this is the majority of people who are interested in Taijutsu? Sad."

Counting up how many people were in attendance now, Grimlock did believe that this was a suitable amount of people for a tournament... Even if it wasn't the largest turnout of all time.

"Ah, so we have ten combatants now. It looks as though we can get this show on the road, eh, chaps?"

He chuckled heartily to himself, adjusting his slender spectacles just a bit, adding now an eerie gleam to them.

"Now, I have calculated the match ups... And here are the official matchings!"

He pointed first to Selena, as she was the first to enter.

"Selena, representative of House Ulric... You are against Abhraham Noah Revil."

Next, he pointed to Queensley, the second to enter.

"Madam Queensley, you are against Miss Crystall."

Next, to Cobra, since he was of a higher rank.

"Cobra, you are against Tomoyo."

Next, the masked man who clearly did not wish to be named, and Grimlock knew indeed why. He wished to keep his secret identity, then so be it.

"You there, masked man... You are to fight the second Hyuga, Slade."

He then pointed to the newcomer, who had a rather odd aura of light around him.

"Light Stone Aredel, you are to face Lance."

And now, last but not least...

"Head Witch Chita. You are to face the Gorgon, Hebi."

Grimlock could tell that there was something ulterior about Hebi in this event, and his matching up with the brutish Head Witch was no mistake. Grimlock had already calculated far ahead of everyone here, and his match ups were proof of that.

"Now, as the Colosseum is able to project images into reality, I will alter this place to be suitable for several combatants without crossing fire. Here."

He snapped his fingers, allowing for the Colosseum to change its shape. There, five rather large arenas appeared around the area, each pulsating with a weird invisible energy.

"A magical barrier I have created myself. For those of you who can and will fly, teleport and the like, you are limited to this confined space, as to avoid cheating. Each arena has a 300 foot radius and 300 foot height of the barrier. No one who enters may exceed this barrier. If anyone is caught disobeying the rules I have set into play, they will automatically be extirpated from this battle with no questions asked."

Grimlock finally gently sat down on his throne in the highest balcony, having explained everything to everyone.

"Now, if you will be so kind... Let this Tournament Begin!"

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 28: Tournament Battle: Chita vs. Hebi

After hearing what Grimlock said about the matchings, Chita immediately scowled, not wanting to fight this guy in the slightest.

"Huh. Why did I get paired up with someone stupid...?"

She grit her teeth and dealt with it, though, taking off toward the arena, walking right past him without giving him a glance or saying a word. The only thing he could feel from her was her unbridled and overpowering presence and will to destroy him. She was thoroughly upset already.

She entered her arena and stood at the very center of it, crossing her arms under her breasts as usual, closing her eyes and keeping a stern and annoyed face at all times. She just wanted to get this battle over with.

"He'd better not be a complete waste of my time..."

Hebi- Oh child please refrain from taking the word out of my mouth.

{Was all Hebi would say as the young Chita walked past him heading to the location of their fight. While normally always having a dull expressionless face even from under the large hood covering Hebi's face as large white smile could be seen. After waiting for Chita to enter into the arena where they would be fighting sitting on top of Kobura like normal Hebi would slither into the arena stopping a few short feet of Chita. Hebi would then hop of of Kobura and would pat his pet giving it permission to de-summon from the area not wishing to put him in danger. Hebi would then turn toward Chita with the white smile still visible under his hood.}

Hebi- So shall be begin unchild?

{While speaking this Hebi's own energy would finally become apparent within The Colosseum. It was very similar to Chita's energy containing unbridled and overpowering malevolence within it all directed toward Chita. Slowly snake like scales would form around Hebi's arms and hands a large claws grew where his fingers use to be. Hebi would then direct his body toward Chita and simply smile giving her the first move.}

Sneering with the utmost of rage, it would seem like both Hebi and his little mental partner's power could not overpower Chita and her mental partner, which had become one. Their energies were very apparent, clashing in the middle of the field just as Chita's eyes clashed with Hebi's smile, and the arena was filled with the respective colors of their energy. Watching Hebi's hands take the form of reptilian claws, Chita scoffed, assuming the fighting stance of the Sealing Hand.

"Do you ever shut up...? I though snakes were supposed to be silent. Make like it."

Whether he gave it to her or not, Chita was going to have to first move. She wanted it, in fact. With her hands glowing with a slight light green aura, her first punch was straight to Hebi's stupid, ugly face, simply and only because she wanted to bash it in right here and now. She hoped with all her might that she connected, broke his skull, and sent him flying out of the ring immediately. She didn't even want to deal with him.

{Hebi would simply stay completely motionless as Chita quickly rushed toward him with a fist coated in strange deadly energy. As the punch was about to connect to his face suddenly in a blur Hebi would bend and twist not only around Chita's punch but her entire body quickly appearing behind her. Hebi would then jump back from Chita motion his arms in a strange fashion. It was then Chita would notice the bandages that where around Hebi's arms would have extended off his sleeves and where not surrounding her. With a yank of Hebi arms the bandages would quickly begin to close in aiming to completely constrict Chita by the arms legs and neck. Also if she attempted to simply break the bandages she would find that they where made from a strong metal fiber making them pretty durable.}

With a swing and a miss, Chita never really expected to hit him. No one ever gets hit by the first punch. But she did anticipate for him to dodge the attack, for which she was ready to retaliate. The metal bandages he placed upon her neck when he slithered around her constricted her, but in no way was she bound.

"Bastard... Do you really think I'm that weak?"

She didn't even sound like she was straining to talk, with how tightly Hebi was supposedly squeezing her neck. With a quick and powerful tug of her arms, the very strength of this small tug was enough to be able to not just pull Hebi off of his feet, but all the way toward Chita as well, and rather quickly at that, wherein she would deliver a double elbow strike to the kidneys just as quickly as she pulled him in, hopefully putting him in a great deal of incapacitating pain. At the same time, she would slam her head backward, hopefully hitting his nose with the back of her head to break it, if the kidney shots were not effective. Surely he couldn't see both of them coming.

With Hebi hopefully incapacitated, the bandages should probably loosen and fall from her body, where, if they did, Chita would swivel around to face the direction of Hebi, wherever he was going to be.

{With her powerful tug of the bandages while a normal person would probably be sent flying toward Chita and her attacks Hebi was a little bit more tactical than that. As the bandages where tugged instead of holding on trying to fight strength with strength Hebi would instead simply let go of the bandages. This would simply cause them to extend further without resulting in Hebi being swung toward Chita. However because of the extension of the bandages they would loosen and begin to fall to the ground. However since he was not thrown toward Chita's attack Hebi still had the chance to counter. As the bandages fell to the ground around Chita with a quick tug Hebi would reel the bandages back back in causing the quickly try and constrict around Chita's legs and then trip her throwing her to the ground with a good amount of force. Hebi would then wait for a moment his bandages idle so in case Chita tried to pull them again they would simply extend.}

Noticing that she didn't tug anything but the bandages, Chita did not continue with her strikes, but as they loosened, she did indeed swivel around to face Hebi, as said before. Just as she was though, she noticed him about to tighten the bandages again.

"Oh no you don't..."

She jumped up quickly with a short hop out of the way of the bandages, causing them not to tighten around her legs, but before they were pulled out of her reach, she grabbed them with her hand and let them tighten around her fingers, then smirked.

"You think you can get me with the same trick twice? You really are stupid..."

As she was speaking every word she said, she was swirling her fist at an insane speed, reeling in the bandages like fishing wire. In a matter of seconds, ALL of it (yes, ALL of it) would be wrapped around her fist, and if it indeed was connected to Hebi as she thought it was, she would tug him in again and swing at him with a punch surging with that green aura, now reinforced with the power of the metal in addition to Chita's already incredible strength. A devastating hit if it connected, naturally.

{Hebi would simply smile as Chita grabbed the bandages and would begin to reel him in. However instead of resisting Hebi would instead pull himself forward tripling his speed as he rocketed toward Chita. Because of this he would reach he just a few seconds before she could fully cock back her fist. Because of this short frame Hebi would quickly duck under Chita's punch and not right in front of her would attempt to hit her with a powerful rising kick sending her high in to the air and causing some pretty nasty damage.}

With how much force Chita put into that single punch, she would definitely not be in the same place for a rising kick to even work, as the sheer momentum of her punch sent her into a devastating spin. This spin caused the ground under Chita's foot to crater under her own force, and the spin would tug Hebi by his bandage and most likely, because he did try to do the rising kick, finally pull him off his feet and into the air, following behind the bandage. Chita only continued to spin faster, not wanting to slow down when she realized she had Hebi in the position that she did.

As they spun, she'd unravel the bandages around her hand to let Hebi's range from her expand, until he would be damn near face to face with the limits of the barrier that Grimlock set up, and only getting closer by the moment. She knew that if Hebi let go, he was going to get slammed face first into the barrier at the speed of a jet from the momentum of Chita having punched and spun around this fast. Conversely, if he did not let go, his bandages would unravel him into the barrier and his face and his body would be scraped off by whatever binding magical forces Grimlock had around the arena.

After that, she would simply release the bandages from her hand, letting all of that built up power press in on Hebi like gravity, since him not spinning anymore meant that this force was all condensing into one single point; wherever his body was on the barrier. And hopefully, that force crushed him alive. Chita could only hope.

{As Hebi would begin to be spun around the area he would begin to notice his bandages begin to extend outward. Hebi would also notice while doing so he would be being sent further toward the barrier which was made of dangerous and unknown energy. However instead of simply letting go of the bandages Hebi would instead remove his large cloak which was what the bandages where attached to. Hebi would then grab the two sides of the bandages and would simply begin to slide down his quickly extending bandages at high speed as they continued to extend. This would result in his coat falling limb because of the majority of it weight being removed causing it the simply begin to fall toward the ground. Hebi would soon enough land on the ground with a powerful amount of force because of the speed he was moving at. However as the smoke cleared besides a little dirt on his body Hebi would begin and with a tug of his bandages his clock which had simply fallen to the ground a few feet would recover Hebi as hit bandages returned to normal. Hebi would then simply wait to see what else Chita had for him.}

Still spinning, Chita could feel and see Hebi wriggling his way out of his little jacket, and the moment she did, she let go of the bandages. I bet he didn't see that coming. So even still, he would be sent flying into the wall, as she did this whilst he was still struggling to get out of his cloak. So either way it went, he would be sent flying. Whatever he did from there to escape from it was up to him, but Chita slowly came to a stop in her spinning, now facing wherever Hebi was again.

"Just like a snake... Always running from a battle. Never fighting head on. Reminds me of a certain star child and how he used to fight..."

This battle reminded her of the first moment she fought Alex Star. All he did was run away from her whilst she plowed through every one of his attacks. No one seems to want to fight Chita head on... Except Koudo, that is. Of course, she wasn't going to attack directly, and instead, assumed her fighting stance again and waited for Hebi.

{The sudden release would cause Hebi to be flown back into his jacket by the pure force and he would close in on the wall. However while moving close and closer the words from Chita would suddenly reach Hebi's ear and the normal happy smile would slightly dim and the dark energy that could be felt before would suddenly become more prominent. Then suddenly between both Hebi and Chita time would appear to slow as Hebi would begin to speak. However this time the voice would slowly begin to warp as the energy begin to build.}

Hebi?: Well it seems that that is the limit to the normal Hebi....

{Suddenly before hitting the wall behind him Hebi would suddenly disappear in a blur of speed even Chita would find hard to fallow. Suddenly the tail of Hebi's cloak would flash in Chita's face as suddenly Hebi would appear right in front of Chita his appearance causing a large shock wave causing the ground to crack under his presence. Hebi would then thrust his claw forward and would attempted to stab Chita in her stomach. This energy coming from Hebi was completely different from before it was not trying to hide not trying to hold back simply letting itself run wild and Chita would be in to much trouble if she even tried to block or even simply side step this attack.}

The sudden feeling of darkness that overwhelmed the arena soothed Chita, as now she knew she'd finally be getting a real battle. As time slowed to the eyes of most, to her eyes it was still very much intact with Hebi's movement. True, his speed was great, but she still managed even with his blurred appearance. When he appeared before her, the force blew past her, sending her two long pigtails and her cloak fluttering backwards, with her body still in its fighting position, and a smirk on her face all the way, even with the crack in the ground.

"Aw, did I make you mad? Finally gonna be a big boy and fight?"

Chita waited for him to attack. She waited oh so impatiently, striking her Absolute Restriction stance the moment his hand shot toward her. She leaned her upper body to the side slightly, one arm raised to her chest, palm open, the other below her torso, palm open, and when that hand shot past her, both those hands gleamed with light green aura and Chita's hands came clamping down on Hebi's arm just as fast as his hand had shot toward her.

The moment she did, she would flip Hebi using his own momentum and his own weight against him, probably snapping his arm in the process, as he would swirl about and onto the ground with a heavy thud. Because she had touched him with her hands, his entire arm would feel the effects of the Sealing Force that was concentrated into her palms, and not only would his arm be sealed to his body (since she figured he could probably detach his limbs), but it would be stuck in the broken position, the pain would be stuck at its highest point, and the arm could not be used in its entirety for any reason. Chita had just completely sealed off his arm and broke it all in one move.

The moment he hit the ground, she did not hesitate to lift up her foot and try to stomp dead on his head, her foot coming down with enough force to shake the whole platform with her might. Imagine what it could do to his head. Things were looking up now.

{The lizard like scales around Hebi's arm where much harder then they looked so when the forcefully strike would hit his arm while it would be pretty banged up including some very bad gashes on his arm it would not break out of place. This was also do to the snake like body Hebi had where his bones could break and bend out of place meaning they more over formed with the impact of the hit rather than going against. However the sealing energy would take affect making Hebi unable to move his arm it current position which was slight out stretched as Hebi did try to move his arm out of the way. However no matter how painful Chita made the attack feel Hebi would not react which was mainly due to the fact of Medusa being in control mentally moving Hebi's body but not being affected by any pain it received. However just because Hebi could not move his arm did not mean he could not move his legs quickly jumping to the side to avoid Chita's attempted finisher. Hebi would then stand up with his sealed arm and would look toward Chita the deadly smile once again returning on his face.}

Hebi?- Mad of course not I just thought I should stop playing with my prey.

{The moment Hebi spoke these words suddenly a large amount of agonizing pain could be felt coming from Chita's hand. Looking down at them she would notice both hands from her finger to her wrist had turned completely black. Also not matter how hard Chita tried she was unable to move them or even conduct chakra through them of even around them This would be from the powerful venom that was covering Hebi's scales all of which was made from his blood. While this did not sound all that great the truth was through his pact with Medusa the blood in his body had become a powerful toxin which not only killed the flesh completely but also mad it unable to be touched by chakra making its affect only able to be healed by Hebi himself. So currently not only could Chita not move hear hands in the slightest without facing the worst pain she ever felt but no amount of magic or chakra could heal these hands until Hebi/Medusa felt like healing them or at least until Grimlocks restrictions in the area where lifted.}

With her finisher missing him just by a hair, Chita sneered at him, tired of him always moving around and never fighting head on. She hated people who did that.

"Playing? Is that what you were doing? It seemed like fucking up to me."

She placed her hands on her hips and realized; there was an intense pain surging throughout her palms. She yelped a little bit, the immense pain being unexpected, but once she felt it, she would start to get used to it and know just what was coming next time. She looked at her hands... Completely black. She tried to move her hands, which caused her to wince in pain again, the intense pain was incredible, but she'd never show just how much it was.

"... Heh. Trying to stop my power, huh? Just cuz my power is sealing, you think you can seal away my sealing? Oh no, I know how this works, and I know how much it takes for you to maintain this. Especially on someone like me."

Chita clenched her fists, enduring the unending pain that came from them with a sinister and determined smile right upon her face. And her whole body focused a great deal of her Sealing Force into her hand, shooting straight down her arms and brightening up her veins as they did, until the green energy hit her wrist and started to pool up.

"Do you know what my power is? Do you know what my mother's power is? It's to seal everything and unseal everything that cannot be unsealed. It is our very essence. So when you do some shit like this..."

The power of the Sealing Force continued to pool up, fighting valiantly against the sealing properties of Hebi's blood. It would then force him to drain double, if not triple the chakra to keep her hands sealed with this energy, and it would continue to rise with her output in power.

"... Then you get fucked up yourself."

The longer Hebi had the blood on her hands, the more chakra he would inadvertently be forced to use up trying to keep them from overpowering them, as the Sealing Force was still at constant power, as he should be using up his power exponentially. Or rather, Medusa's. So now he had a choice; have Medusa expend all of her power trying to keep Chita's power contained, or let her free and not suffer the instant loss that would be. Though Hebi had another person working in his mind, Chita had another person working WITH her, instead of controlling her. She stepped forward, fists still clenched, ready to deliver a terrible punch to his face. She was getting tired of being paired up with weaklings that ran away from her... Maybe it was her duty to teach them a lesson.

{Hebi would simply stand and watch during the time Chita was attempting to over power the poison covering her hands. However during this whole time Chita would notice Hebi was not releasing and ounce of extra energy from his body to stop her, but at the same time the poison was not letting up. This was simply because this blood poison was not connected to Hebi's energy supply, this poison was poison pure and simply and as such it stood on its own. So while Chita was sitting around trying to over power the poison Hebi would be tending to his own issue. Creating a hand sign or two Hebi's good hand would begin to glow lightly with Gorgon Energy. Hebi would then actually stab himself in his bad arm causing the arm to quickly turn into stop petrifying the arm and sealing energy around it as Gorgon energy does. While this would allow Hebi to slight move his arm because of the residual power of the sealing force Hebi would have trouble doing so, that and his arm was stone thus rather breakable. Since he was not draining any energy or anything like that when Chita came in with her punch Hebi would quickly side step the punch. Hebi would then use his stone hand aiming to slash Chita across her mid-section.}

Expending her Sealing Force as she was, Chita noticed first and foremost that Hebi was not straining to maintain the poisonous attributes of his blood on her hands when she increased her power. This meant that the power of this blood's chakra binding properties were staying constant, not able to rise in power because it was disconnected from Medusa completely, for if her chakra wasn't drained from maintaining it, then her connection to it directly was severed. Good to know. That meant in a moment or two, Chita's Sealing Force would simply be too much for it to withstand and it would be destroyed under her power, freeing her hands back up. But she needed time...

She saw how Hebi petrified his own arm, a little impressed to see him use his power in a similar way she was using hers. He was a pretty smart fellow, she could admit that... if anything.

"No prob. Let's see what you've got."

With what looked like him throwing his stone arm at Chita in a slashing motion, Chita would raise a hand to block it, the impact of the stone to her hand sending a super intense pain beyond what most people could imagine through her hand and down her arm, which made her grit her teeth with the utmost tension and force. She almost shut her eyes, too. Almost. She knew better than that, even with this unbelievable excruciating pain.

Having blocked the arm, she'd push it back with a great force on its own, hopefully sending him into a spin that would be hard to control due to the awkwardness of his partially immobile and most likely extremely heavy solid stone arm that now threw off his equilibrium. With him most likely off balance, Chita spun around with, not her hand aiming at Hebi's body, but her wrist, which had all of the pent up Sealing Force within it, making it a deadly deal if it made contact with him at all.

"Just a little more..."

{Just as Chita was slowly fighting away the poison with her sealing force Hebi's arms was breaking more and more free from sealing force as the Gorgon Energy continued to purify the arm of the sealing energy. As Chita suddenly flipped Hebi into the air instead of fighting it Hebi would quickly go with the flow of the spin. This would only increase Hebi's spinning speed faster than what Chita wanted it would also give Hebi better control over the spin. However even with some control Hebi would be in some trouble as the punch moved toward him in mid-air. But since Hebi was in more control of his spinning than Chita wanted things where a little more in his favor. As the wrist closed in Hebi would release the bandages around his hand and would send if off to the distance. The bandage would move toward the ground and with a little charka control Hebi would have the bandage stick to the ground. Hebi would then pull and in an instant Hebi would actually be pulled around Chita's punch and appear right behind her. Hebi would then aim to punch her right in the side hopefully catching her off guard and send her flying.}

Physically speaking, Hebi moving around her punch would only cause him to be in front of Chita. So when he tried to punch her in the side, her free hand would be right there to stop him. She grabbed his hand, that intense pain surging through her again, and before she prolonged how long she had to hold him she would literally backhand him with the Sealing Force within her wrist yet again. With him being held in place, there was just no way that he was getting out of this one. Chita was getting more and more upset with him by the second, and the more upset she got with her opponent, the less she cared about doing things right and the more she cared about simply destroying the people that piss her off. Alex Star is prime example number one.

"If I break your entire body, I bet you won't be able to run away from me then..."

If she were to slap him as she wished, he would be sent flying into the walls of the barrier, and Chita's hands would be clenched without her giving notice to any of the pain she was feeling. Pain had become irrelevant, and thus, Hebi's blood was useless on her now. All because he was making her more angry. He was the one messing up his tactics, not her. She was just using that fuck up against him.

"If I smash your head in, will that make you think straight...?"

She stomped the ground with the utmost intensity, shaking and quaking the entire arena. With every step she took toward Hebi, another quaking of this arena happened. Her anger was even apparent in her feet. The Sealing Force was still building up, almost ready to break free of her bindings. Hebi had one chance. One chance before Chita completely and utterly flipped off the deep end on him. And that would happen when her bindings were undone.

{With the back hand moving toward Hebi before it could connect with his body Hebi would quickly use his stone arm as a shield. While this would cause his stone arm to completely shatter it would protect him for serious damage and only send him flying a few yards. Although his arm was shattered Hebi would not be in pain since turning the arm to stone destroyed the nerves in the arms. However it would seem that was the least of his worries as Chita moved toward him slowly becoming more and more angry. However once more Hebi did not seem worried because as Chita began to move closer toward Hebi slowly she would begin to feel blood moving into her mouth and slowly dripping out of her mouth. This was because while she was already poisoned touching Hebi's arm again would give her simply a double dosage of this powerful venom. Looking at her arm it could be seen the venom would be quickly spreading from her hand to the rest of her body and the face she was becoming madder which increased blood flow would only cause the venom to move faster through the body. While like before Chita could try to fight the poison with her Sealing Force because of the speed it was spreading and the amount in her body she would have to stop her assault and remain still to stop the progression of the venom. Hebi would simply stay on guard waiting to see what Chita would do next.}

Chita's anger increased the power of the Sealing Force to levels that possibly only Alex Star had ever seen, back when she was still a noob with it, too, and when her powers were halved by Rita. Her wrists were literally teeming with nothing but this power, disallowing for the poison to spread at all (hence, when she was combating it from her hands by her wrist, don't you think it would have been contained as well?) So the blood would not spread through her body, as it was being contained and dealt with in ONE spot, which were her hands. And due to the fact that she had been combating the poison for this long, and with this amount of power that grew ever stronger from the Sealing Force (not to mention, with the sealing force as active as it was, there would just be no way for more to enter her body, unless it was readily active to fight against this astoundingly powered ability, which would require a LOT of chakra on your part, which would probably drain you beyond what you wanted.) So with another WASTE of her time, Chita took another step, growing FAR more pissed than before.

"If you don't sit down and fight me RIGHT NOW..."

With every step she took this time, the stage would shrink. The ground behind her crumbled, surging with destructive power. If he wasn't going to do it willingly and ATTEMPT to make this poison fight her while he sits back and waits, then she was going to MAKE HIM FIGHT HER.

"I don't get why everyone in the fucking world is such a goddamn PUSSY!!!"

She took one more step, and everything started to rumble, even the atmosphere around her. She was breaking the power of the poison on her hands, finally. Shattering off in the form of pure chakra itself, reverted back to its original form from being exposed to the pressing forces of the Sealing Force too long, it crumbled off of Chita's hands and her hands were engulfed with the huge roaring green flame that was the Sealing Force. It was so large and so bright that it illuminated the entire battlefield in its luminescence. If only he realized it was best to fight her head on instead of run away from her... Then maybe she wouldn't have to do this to him.


So. With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, no poison to work its magic on her, he HAD to fight her. And now, he had to fight her in a much worse position than he would have if he had just fought her in the first place. No one ever sees the biggest mistake... Don't run.

Hebi?: *Sigh* Is this how children really are now a days?

{These words would be said under Hebi's breath so not to catch the ears of the enraged Chita. As the enraged girl moved toward him Hebi would sign and then grip the shoulder of his destroyed arm as he would begin releasing a large amount of chakra. Suddenly from the shattered stub of a shoulder would erupt a brand new arm covered in blood and other unknown fluid. One of Hebi's many reptile enhancements was the ability to regrow limbs and with a little chakra the process could be sped up. Moving his arm around a few times to get the feel of it Hebi would then watch as Chita moved closer and closer her power growing along with her anger.}

Hebi?: Find then child I will entertain you then.

{Hebi would say this and then suddenly disappear in a blur of speed and then appear behind Chita. With his now restored arm Hebi would attempting the cross chop her right in the neck with a large amount of force.}

Her eyes... They only saw him. They only saw Hebi now; nothing else mattered. In his blur of speed, she only saw her slithering target slip behind her. It didn't matter, the field was simply too destroyed to move anywhere else, and now the ACTUAL fight could go under way.

His simple cross chop to her back would be stopped by both her hands, as somewhere between him attacking and her grabbing his arms, she had turned around, arms literally ablaze with the Sealing Force.

"I already KNOW your type!! I bet you thought you could use the SAME trick again by coating your arm with that bullshit, HUH? Think I don't know? Think I can't SEE it?! I'm not STUPID!!! SO MAN UP, SNAKE-BOY!!"

Chita's rage fueled her power. Hebi consistently enraging her only assured his loss... and more than likely, he was just gonna piss her off more trying to do more cheap tricks. With such a large amount of the Sealing Force touching him, most of his powers should have been... Well... Sealed off from his use. She was going to make sure he had this fight with her, no matter what it took to do it.

"So what was it, huh? Gonna paralyze me? Gonna poison me again? Gonna try to petrify me with that useless power granted by some hag that isn't even YOURS?"

If he was still there, (which, in all honesty, he probably wasn't, knowing him), she would raise him up into the air and smash him to the ground with enough power to shatter his snakey bones, despite their flexibility. She wasn't scared of getting up close. She didn't know why anyone else was, though.

"Go ahead. Try another slick trick. I DARE you. Just see what the fuck I do to you THEN."

{As Chita began to scream and complain like a little girl Hebi would quickly also grip Chita's arms tightly to hold her in place. Then when Chita attempted to lift Hebi into the ground and slam him into the ground with a large amount of force Hebi would quickly attempted to do the same resulting in the two remaining in the exact same position attempting to toss each other thus leaving them at as stalemate. No matter how pissed off Chita was even her because she is mad she is stronger BS would not be helping her at all. Hebi would then open his mouth and suddenly from it would erupt a snake which would lash out toward Chita. The snake was stored within Hebi stomach so as long as it stayed within his body it counted simply as part of him. The snake woudl attempt to was around Chita's neck as such close range and begin to try and strangle her until she passed out.}

As Chita was just about to show Hebi who was boss, she felt something weird about this entire tournament... She looked around at the arenas... And then she looked up at the balcony. Grimlock wasn't there. And then everything made sense to her.

"... SHIT!!"

She threw Hebi to the side and rushed toward the entrance, voiding herself out as to escape undetected... Hopefully. Grimlock's plan made sense now. When she exited her arena, she would clear her throat and shout out to everyone.

"EVERYONE!!! This Tournament was nothing but a distraction!! Look, Grimlock isn't even there!! He pit us against each other so that we wouldn't find out what his true intentions were, and so he'd have an alibi for where he was while shit went down! Whatever he's doing... We're gonna have to stop him NOW!"

After saying what she had to say, Chita would start her way back to the Witch Province, where she was going to crack down on these souls and help her mother like she intended to in the first place.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 29: Are Things Coming Along?

-Zeik appeared in the witches city and searched around for Zita's Aura, he found it strangely difficult to locate her exactly;but he had narrowed it down to two destinations.

"Witch City...I think I've been here."

-He said while walking up to the Witch Mass, the location of one of the two possibilities. He stepped up to the door and knocked mentally, he didn't need to step into anything weird.-

The aura Zeik was feeling was definitely related to Zita; it was her direct descendant, Chita, who had been filling in for her during her... Personal time. Chita, running the household that was the Witch Province, was taking a stroll around the neighborhood in deep thought... Trying to master her next strike in this situation.

"... To do this job right, I'm gonna have to get those souls... Gonna need that power source..."

She hadn't gotten too far before a strange, yet familiar presence found itself in the Witch City boundaries. An intruder? No... An ally.

"Hmph. Who in the hell could that be?"

Chita walked to where she found that power source... It was Zeik. She exchanged no words, only waited for him to say what it was he wanted. She knew that he wouldn't be in the Witch Province just to take a nice stroll around the scenery.

-Zeik slowly turned his head as the presence of Zita was now behind him,it was strange how fuzzy his vision had become and even stranger how he couldn't pin-point a single energy source.-

"Zita, where have you the witchling training going along well?"

-He said, still under the impression that he was talking to the with leader herself, Zita.-


That was the first thing that came out of her mouth, almost instantly after he finished uttering his last few syllables. She scoffed, crossing her arms under her breasts as she normally did nowadays, letting her jacket flow behind her with the passing of an enchanting wind.

"My mother hasn't been here for months. I have been getting the Witchlings prepared in her absence. The name's Chita. Zita's daughter."

How shocking and awkward this must be, for a man so closely involved with Zita to come to find out that she has a child that he didn't know about... And her origins may not be the best of things to speak about, and she knew this... So telling this man was probably going to be hell on earth. Let's get ready to rumble...

-Zeik was instantly taken by the words daughter,though he refused to show such on his face or in his forward energy. To Chita she would probaly notice nothing but a pause in his sentence.-

"Chita, how creative."

-He said, wondering more and more who could have fathered this child. It would be terrible to learn that he had yet another child,but no point in waiting he thought.-

"Well Chita, what is your last name?"

-He asked calmly, wondering if this child was about to piss him off with some over exaggerated expression of childish proportions.-

"Lombardi," she said, without missing a beat. It was almost like she was ready, having herself mentally prepared to answer this question to any and everyone who asked, without hesitation. "You got a problem with that?"

She knew all about her father, Valerio Lombardi... She knew of his deeds and she knew of his tarnished name around here... But her views on this name were different. She didn't ask for it, but dammit, she could always change it. But before she could change the meaning of the name Lombardi... She had to accept it. And that's just what she did every time someone asked her with a tone such as Zeik's. And she looked at him with eyes that told the same thing.


-He said with such distaste. Zeik hadn't formally met Valerio,nor did he know of his essence the man may aswell hadn't existed.-

"Never-mind that, I am more concerned with your mother. Where has she gone,there most be something wrong if she left a child to watch over the city."

-He said neglecting to look down towards the girl. Infact Zeik hadn't let his face glance over the girl but once,he had no need. He knew she couldn't see his face and because of the fundamentals of perception,she wouldn't eve notice that she couldn't see his face.-


This man was starting to irk her. But he seemed to know her mother rather well, so it wasn't something she would be all too concerned about. She'd deal... This time.

"She didn't leave a child in charge. I took the position after she left. Some sort of evil presence got her from what I gathered, and knowing that this Witch Province needed a leader, I hopped in. It wasn't what I wanted to do, like hell I wanna lead this damn place, but it was the right thing to do. So what's YOUR angle, eh? Who are you and what do you even want?"

She narrowed her eyes and tapped her foot.

"The new Head Witch is me. So talk."

-Zeik was impressed by her show of assertiveness coupled with her own initiative;however,he wouldn't let her know that. Children often made decision with only the first five minutes of their plan thought out.-

"Oh, so you are in charge huh."

-He said with a comically smile and a sarcastic tone.-

"Well, my business was with Zita not with her child. Head witch or not."

-He said, finally stepping down from the stairs and moving towards the young girl.-

Chita's rough exterior didn't let up for a minute, even when she lowered but one arm to dig deep into her pocket.

"If you want to talk to her, go find her. Here."

Chita flung him a key with a skeletal head attached to the end of it, apparently it was Zita's. It held high power between both she and Zita, and it seemed to be connected to their familial bond.

"The Skeleton Key. It'll lead you right to her. It's like her version of a 'keyblade' as you guys call it. It's what opens the lock on her waist and unleashes the restrained part of her powers. The Key to her Heart, you could say. She used to use it as her broom, but she stopped carrying it on her when she decided that she didn't want her 'wild side' to come out anymore. I think it's time for her to accept who she is fully now, since she's only done it halfway."

Chita was remarkably aware of her mother's inner turmoil, since it was rather similar to her own with Rita, her other half. Zita had Vita and Chita had Rita, but both of them were alternate personalities that they hated about themselves, completely opposite of their normal personas. Yet, when Chita grew up and figured out that Rita was just as much a part of her as she was to Rita, they combined to their full potential. Zita had done it as well, bu she never took that lock off of her waist because she never actually used the Skeleton Key back then. She only used her Sealing powers, which hold the same ability to unlock or lock/seal anything, but that lock specifically would not stay open without this specific key.

"... Hey. When you see her, tell her that I've been taking care of things while she's been gone. And that I love her."

That was all she needed to say to Zita completely. Nothing more, nothing less. Knowing that after that moment the conversation was over, Chita spun around with arms crossed and walked briskly away, until after a couple steps she Voided herself out and back in at her house.



Of course. Her child would hold the key to her heart. And now, so does Zeik.

"Hmph...a key?"

-He whispered mostly to himself while over looking the object. Zeik thought it was strange for a physical item to have the power to 'Open the heart,' as Chita had said. A Hellgate, believing that the path to the heart is a sacred one, would only see this as a ruse to the truth path.-

"Hmph, I'll ask her myself."

-Zeik said as he placed his hand to his heart, traces the energy of Zita heart across the universe and locating her exact location.-

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 30: We're Back Mission Complete!

After being Tugged by magenta from the Seasons Grove the Two of them ended up back at Zita's Castle...The air was different here as zita's magical essence had thinned out of the catsle...What had happen to zita?...When she met chita she wasn't even given an explanation before she was rudely laucnhd to Timbuktu.

"Zita-san are you Here?"

She said knocking on the door waiting for a response.

"I'm happy that you were there to help out magenta"

Elara said with a cheerfulness that was rather foreign to her but nonetheless it was there.

After pulling Elara from the Seasons Grove, Magenta made it to Zita's door and took some steps back from it to let Elara in front. Magenta wasn't all that fond of speaking up, so Elara could brief Zita in on the specifics while she stood in the background. She started playing around in the dirt with her feet ever so slightly.

Voiding back in front her talk with Zeik, Chita found two rather... Strange Witchlings huddled up at her door.

"... Oi... Tch. I really don't wanna have to do this..."

She scratched the back of her head, her body fading in from seemingly nowhere right in front of the two.

"... Who are you guys and what is it that you want?"


Elara didnt say anything at first...she remembered this girl...she was the one who so kindly blasted her from the meeting at the Witch mass and landed her kindly in the Stones of Fate....How Quaint.

"Oh...It's you....I'm elara...Is Zita-Sama here...I have the Tiger fangs she asked for."

She despite her confusion towards chita as to why she decided to blast her to Timbuktu decided to keep it cute...and be professional.

Chita tapped her foot impatiently and leaned steadily on the door, arms crossed, as per use.

"Zita... Is not here. Clearly. I thought that was established when I was at the Meeting Hall... when I shouted it at the top of my lungs. Why else would you have come there...?"

She grit her teeth, already pissed a little bit that she had to answer such a question. She tapped her foot a little faster, frustrating herself.

"Yeah... Those Tiger Fangs... Just keep them. I don't care what you do with them."

Chita shrugged her shoulders and opened her door up trying to slooowly slink her way inside, maybe...?

Ok she couldnt bite her tounge any more...she would tell this chick how she felt about her being so rude to her.

"No the only thing you made clear was that you didnt want me there despite how much i give a dam about your mother and her well being!...All you did was blast me from the mass twice without so much as a hint as to what was wrong and what was going on....I'll be the First to Admit..."

She said putting her foot in the Door of the Castle staring at Chita.

"Sometimes i can be kinda annoying with my ramlbing but i was just worried about someone who is precious to me!...And dammit i dont feel bad about what i did or what i tried to do...We witchlings are damn near an endangered species and yet i feel we are a family and when the mama gets fucked with than her babies get down to the bottom of it...Zita is that mother to all the witchlings who come to her for guidance and a safe i would give anything to make sure i can help is my duty as a child of magic..."

She would not be moved such was the force of her Own convection.

"I just wanna help you Dammit...I just wanna help you becuase...if your A witch then dammit your family i will never turn my back on family again...So Stop being such a Hard ass and let me help you save Her!"

Chita's facial expression did not change during any of Elara's heartfelt speech. Even her positioning did not change, either. Her hand stayed on the door, her eyes stayed cold, and her disposition... Rather displeased. But, she did close the door and turn back around, ready to hear Elara and respond to her.

"Yeah, you are annoying. I don't like that. You may be her daughter by feel, but I'm her daughter by blood. Whatever bond you thought you had from your two seconds of training, try multiplying that by a billion for me and her. Get over it and grow up. There are more important things to be doing rather than sitting around and throwing tantrums for little things. Hmph."

Chita, of all people, saying this? She was the poster child for throwing a tantrum for little things way back when! But she had come a looooong way since then... And girls were always throwing petty tantrums.

"I didn't care that you had something to say to me or wanted to know. I cared about your fucking babyish approach. If you wanna talk to me, grow up first. Keep the cute baby shit for someone else before I punch it out of you. Got it?"

Chita shook her head.

"Besides, you did help me back then. By not having to deal with you, I could actually get some real work done with Nova and send her on her mission, which was of great urgency... Until someone, trying to be cute, came in and kept trying to fuck it up. See how that might piss someone off? Couldn't even wait until I was done."

She sighed.

"... If you MUST know, my ma's been taken over by some malevolent force. I don't know what she's up to, but she must not have done much, cuz I sense no spike in her magical power. In fact, I feel like the situation has been dealt with. What HASN'T been fully dealt with right now is the state of the Witch Province, and that Skullgirl. Deal with those before you talk to me about anything else. I'm busy."

In her own way chita was right...elara hadn't approached the dealings at the mass with any maturity....that was only because elara had just leaned or allowed herself to feel any type of emotions towards she didnt really know how to channel her feelings yet.

"Ok...Your right...From now on i'll handle these things more tactfully...But...i know the feeling of having your mother taken from you...but at least yours is still breathing...But irregardless.."

She said looking at chita still.

"I want to let you know that i am here...Concerning the skull girl...Allow me to gather a team of Qualified Shinobi and take on the skull girl and deal with her once and for all...."

For once, Chita smiled. Granted, only half a smirk, it was, but a smile nonetheless. Elara had done well.

"That's what I like to hear. Looks like I can actually talk to you now. Congrats. Keep me posted, you two."

She looked behind Elara at Magenta, getting a weird feeling like she knew her... She was tied to that Nova girl in some way, she knew that much, but she wouldn't look much into it right now. Busy busy, and all.

"So go gather that team and report in. I'll tell you the status of the Skullgirl when you do. Got it?"

Chita opened the door and walked inside, but before closing it, she stared at Elara with her cold expression again.

"... Good work."

And shut the door.


Elara Squealed in Excitement..she couldn't believe that just happened...a complement from Chita?..that was a gift in itself. But know Elara had a charge..she had to Gather this team of Shinobi together and present them to Chita...Considering what she heard about the skull girl it would take some one with amazing will power and inner strength..she knew Magenta to be one of these People... she turned to magenta walked over to her and smiled.

"Looks like it's settled then... Hey Magenta...Were friends right?"

She said looking to magenta her smile so pure and innocent.

"Wanna help me take on the Skull girl?...She's Threatening to destroy the Dusk and all the witch-ling's along with it...we cant let that happen...dont you have friends here you want to protect?"

Magenta, who had been sitting out and simply listening could understand the feelings of both parties... it was a gift of hers, coming from her want to protect everything. When Chita and Elara were done conversing, Elara turned around and confronted Magenta, who only smiled happily as she prodded her fingers together.

"Of course we're friends! Don't you think so?"

Naturally, she said that jokingly in her soft and cute voice.

"Well naturally I would want to take on the Skullgirl... I will help you! I'll even go get Nova to help out, too... She and I are the best of friends, and I know she'll do it if I ask!"

She clasped her hands together and hovered a bit off of the ground for a moment before landing again.

"I have friends I want to protect... But I also want to protect everything else, too!"

That said, Magenta knew where her next stop was.. To find Nova!

"Good i knew i coudl count on you Magenta!"

Elara said hugging her tightly before letting her go"

"I have a few others in mind that we can rely on possibly...go and get Nova and convince her to help us..i'll go get our other people"

With that elara was off darting off into the distance First one on her list was a particular who she had encountered once before.

Magenta returned the hug warmly, feeling good that she had made such a nice new friend other than Nova.

"Yes! I will go get her right away!"

With the special bond she shared with Nova, she could feel the presence of her magical essence more clearly than anything else. With that in her sights, her wings spread outward and she took to flight, leaving a crystal trail in her wake below her.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

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Void 31: Growth Of The Earth

The many happenings of Dente's journey had caused him to almost lose sight of one of his many goals, Earth-Style. Dente was sent to Vescrutia to better hone his skills in the ways of Earth, to help connect better with it. However, he had gained powers other than Earth, and had focused on them a bit more than his first goal. Seeking to go back to his first goal, Dente wished to practice using Earth-Style, and hopefully picking up some proper skills with using the Earth, and as such came to The Great Valley to help hone these skills. With the level of Earth around, Dente started practicing first with creating Earthen Walls.

The walls were roughly the size of Dente, but a bit shorter seeing as he grew a little. They were sturdy, but he was going to be facing much more stronger opponents in the future, so in hind-sight they were also weak. Even with the help of the twins, his Earth-Style was still lacking. Dente couldn't rely on the twins forever, and knew that the best way to help improve upon using his techniques, is to practice by himself and for long periods of time until he could formulate the different ways of using Earth. Placing some chakra into his feet, Dente worked on trying to make the wall a bit wider and taller, to better suit his ever growing body. Stomping onto the ground, a large wall of Earth sprouted forth, however, Dente over shot the length and ended it up making it taller than necessary.

Dente: "Dammit... I'm really out of practice..."

Alex had decided on the simple task of hanging out for a change. Instead of plotting and stealing the secrets of peoples bodies, he would rather have a nice calm day. Of course when someone was training in his area with earth, he decided to watch the poor things. His right eye looking over it's power and his left, simply looking over Dente. With a calm composure, he jumped down from his tree, just landing on the ground.

Looking over at the figure with his cloak covering most of his face and body, he decides to his best. With only applying charka to his feet, the ground around him had extended out towards the no name ninja. The ground turned into spikes and spears of earth that pierced his wall of earth, went right through without a issue. Stopping right before trying to impale Dente with the spears, if he looked closely the sharpness and durability of his earth was top notch and this could easily impale many things without breaking. Aside from that, he could see the cloaked figure from there.

" Was that all? I expected more from a earth user "

Dente's training was soon interrupted by the multitude of spears and spikes that the Earth erupted forth. They of course, easily went through his wall, but stopped just shy of him. Dente analyzed the spikes closely, these weren't ordinary ones, these were very well done. There was one of a higher power, here. Sniffing the air, he caught a scent. An old one that he hasn't smelled in months. The scent of Alex Star was in the air, and from the opening in the spikes, he could see him cloaked, and observing.

Dente: "Tch, I am not the best obviously. This is why I'm here... I have come to master my affinity for Earth. That doesn't explain why you're here though..."

He remained relatively calm. Dente was always one to get angry the easiest, but this time he just remained calm. Was it because he knew of how strong Alex was? No, it was simply because he was trying to learn how to keep calm, to fully contain his anger. He still showed his attitude, but knew the best way to get through things, is with a cool head.

" Very rude of you to say such things. And why I am here or not, well because I can. It's not like you own everything? I am minding my own business, unless you want me to make studying you my business "

Alex had simply said with a calm expression, there wasn't much he could do. if wanted to, he could have easily killed him without to much of focus. But he was simply minding his own business, he wanted to test the power of Dente's wall. It wasn't nothing compare to his own skill, when he said he wanted to master the affinity for earth. Alex chuckled darkly from under his cloak, walking closer to him.

" What is the Earth to you? A toy that is used for war and to be mastered? That is the difference between me and you, my earth is simply a extension of Nature. You are focusing on the earth to do your bidding, instead of listening to it's power. It's sad to see earth users like yourself, but I suppose you know that don't you "

Watching from the top of a ledge on the mountainside not too far from the area the two were in, Chita smirked at seeing a familiar face in the Great Valley's wake.

"... Heh. And here I am trying to get away from it all... But it all ALWAYS follows me..."

She stood up, stretched a bit, and swung her arm around as if to get out some kinks from sitting for too long. With a deep breath, she flipped her cloak and started to slide down the edge of the mountainside.

"... These guys are Earth benders... And so am I. Might as well go see what all the fuss is about... Heh heh."

The ground under her turned to Metal; a specialty of her own Earth bending through the combined use of Alchemy, and the sleek metallic plating made her trip down the mountain much more expeditious.

When she hit the ground, she stopped abruptly, the metal that touched her feet returning to the earth it once was. With arms crossed under her rather large and revealing bust, she strolled over to the familiar face of the bunch... Alex Star.

"... Yo, kid. Been a while."

Dente: "You're one to talk about saying rude things."

Dente left it at that. He didn't have time to shoot the gun with Alex, if there was something Alex wanted, he would have to come right out and say it, if not he could just leave. Then again he was minding his own business, or so he said.

When Alex challenged Dente's knowledge of the Earth and how he treated it, that's when a nerve was stepped on. Who was he to simply say such things to Dente like that? Sure he may have had better control than Dente, but that doesn't mean he can talk down upon or mock Dente's understanding of the Earth.

Dente: "Tch, who are you to just simply come in and talk down upon me? Shit, you may have better control over it, but that doesn't give you the right to talk down to me about it. The Earth to me is an extension of nature itself, I listen to it, and try my best to connect with it. I already know that the Earth isn't a tool of war, it is guiding force in its own right. It is stronger than both you and I, or anyone for that matter. The difference between you and I is how we use it."

That was his little rant. Whatever Alex had to say to it would be all on him. Dente wasn't some fool, he knew the Earth. He knew what it is is capable of, and how to treat it. The only thing he didn't know, was how to tap into it fully. How to fully connect with it and be able to listen to it a lot more better, than what he currently can do... However his train of thought was interrupted once the mystery chick came down upon the area with a loud clank. She walked her way over to Alex, maybe an acquaintance of his? Who knows, for now Dente remained on guard even though his face didn't show it.

Alex wasn't really going to apply much attention to Dente, if he was so passionate. He would have trained him with the earth, but now the question was. That someone else had entered his zone, he knew who it was right away. He didn't stutter or care really if she was here at this moment. If she attacked him like the last time, he would have to counter attack.

" Hello Hime, it's very surprising to see you here "

Alex said with a little banter in his voice, looking at her with his pink eyes. Thinking about there last meeting, then to there battle they had gotten into. It was rather amusing to say the least but that was......what felt like many years ago. Looking back at dente for a short moment, before back to her.

" I was simply going over some facts with the fellow over there with the anger issues. Reminds me of you, being that you always jump the gun at times "

He really didn't know, why she was here in the first place. Was it simply a guess, or did she try to find him. He really didn't know what to think, he was just standing still looking at the two.

Dente: "Typical of you to ignore me..."

He said to himself. With an exasperated sigh, he crossed his arms and walked around the spike to get a better view of everyone. Dente really didn't know who the mystery woman was, but just decided to go along with whatever happened at this point. Just from the small banter, it did look like the two had some history together. Either way, Dente rolled his eyes at Alex's remark about him having anger issues.

Dente: "You know, you're such a hot-shot Earth user, how about you pass on some knowledge instead of some insults."

Dente said aloud. Whatever the case was, Dente really did need some training. Sure he didn't like Alex all that much, but he knew that Alex was pretty damn good at what he did. It all boiled down to Dente wanting to learn from him or not. However, he wouldn't let his pride step in, if Alex did have some insight to help better himself, then he'd listen.

Stubborn... Typical qualities of those of the Earth... Tch.

She unfolded her arms slowly, letting one rest upon her hips and the other hang loose, covered now by her cloak, making it seem as though she only had one arm. Semi-lucid on what was going on between those two, shown by the glaze of her half-open eyes, the beautiful jade orbs drifted over to the unfamiliar face.

"... Sigh... Are you stupid?"

She said that to the both of them, and Alex should have known more than Dente why. Calling her 'Hime' was a punishable crime... But, like the earth, she could be patient... He'd get what's coming to him.

"You guys are bickering about how the earth when you two haven't even been to the Earth Shrine to practice your bending thoroughly... Last I heard, kid, the Lich gave you a good beating, and you couldn't get much from there."

Though her speech was directed at Alex, she was still looking at Dente, as if waiting for him to introduce himself... But, it was clear after a while that he just wouldn't, so she might as well force it out of him... Through Alex.

"Anyway. Who's the new kid? Friend of yours?"

Alex only stood there with the same expression, he was doing his own thing. Teaching people his Art was one way of having fun, because really this is how he trains people. Of course now she had come along to stop his teaching, usually through battle one unlocks more potential that was how he was brought up with his earth. When Chita had said he was stupid, he only laughed at her with his cloak still covering his body.

" You got a problem with my choice of words, Hime "

As usual one of the few people that doesn't listen to her, he loved to cause issues with her. After all, she was calling him kid and he disliked that title now because he was far from that now. Sadly the fight with the lich was still going, as nothing had come from it yet. Of course he was pretty sure that he was far from getting beating now.

" I have not idea, who the kid is. All I know is that he is from the dusk and uses Earth. You know that I don't care about almost anyone in that village "

Alex looked at Dente with his pink orbs staring at him. Thinking of what to do at this moment, he was going to help him. But now she is around here, why was she here again? Just to see him, he still couldn't get there last meeting out of his head but he decided to talk to hot-head over there.

" If you want to get better, then battle me with only earth then. That will teach you something, unless your scared of me. You want to watch, Hime....why the hell are you here anyway. Did you miss me or something "

His smile was hidden away from his cloak but he was far from that. He was always prepared for battle now, and now that she was around. He could not let his guard down, knowing that she could snap at any moment.

Dente turned to look at Chita himself. Alex was a bit of an ass, so he wasn't reliable at introducing people. Instead, Dente figured that he'd have to break out of his comfort zone eventually, and introduce himself to people he doesn't know.

Dente: "You can call me Dente, pleasure to meet you...?"

He finished the sentence in a question. That was the best way he could comfortably introduce himself without making it awkward. Turing to Alex who had taunted and challenged Dente to fight him, using Earth of course. It was a little boggling, there wasn't any teachings of fundamentals that Dente may be missing out on, or something like that.

Dente: "Right, afraid of you, sure. Anyways, why would we just jump into a fight? And only using Earth, what is it that you're up to, Doctor Boy?"

... Every word he uttered made her just want to punch him square in the teeth... As per usual, nonetheless. He was that type of guy, after all, and had been ever since he showed his face in the Dusk Village.

"... Tch... Fucking bastard kid..."

She clenched her fist as tight as her teeth were grit... Yet, somehow, part of her was at ease from all of this. And, that ease relieved her body of that tension... that anger. She smirked, letting out a snicker as if laughing at something behind his back that he wasn't aware of.

"Heh... Heh heh..."

The more she thought about it, the louder she laughed, it becoming more and more hilarious by the second.

"... Heheheh.. Ahahahaha... HAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Arching backward a bit, exposing the rest of her rather sleek, bare stomach, her hidden hand made its way up to her eye on the respective side of her body, and a tear or two rolled down her face from such good, hearty laughter.

"HAHAHAHA... Hahaha..."

And soon, she was able to silence it... And she'd straighten up, returning to her normal position, everything exactly the same as it had been before, except now... a little smirk was on her face. Her mood was lightened.

A little.

"Ha... Boy, that was fucking hilarious. You may still be a fucking brat, but... At least you're not a wimp anymore. That's something I'll admit."

Maybe that was the closest thing Alex would get to a compliment from Chita... At least, before he proved himself to her. He was talking so much good shit to Dente, picking fights with someone he knew was weaker than him... Like always. Some things never change, but she didn't care, since it was who this guy was. But... She was all for evening the score, and she hated to let this fucking bastard get away with being a bastard in her presence.

So, as a result, she turned to face Dente again as he finally spoke up for himself. Something she was waiting for him to do. If he wanted to be recognized, then he'd better start talking. He'd learn that quick, fast and in a hurry with Chita here.

"Chita Lombardi. Pleasure's all mine, since you're on the other end of the fray with this bastard over here."

She shot Alex a sharp, dark glare, with a cunning smirk accompanying it, and hop-stepped over to Dente with the Earth moving her feet below.

"... Heh. Might as well even out the playing field a little bit... Give you a little instruction, since I'm an Earth Bender, myself... Besides... I just wanna see this bastard's face when he gets beaten by a newbie."

More so... She just wanted to show him up again, like she always did. She just hated letting him get away with being so smug unpunished... And boy, did she fucking love punishment...

"So, let's make this a team effort, eh? We'll both be your teachers here. I'll be the one supporting you, he'll be the one combating you. It'll make this training go a lot faster, don'tcha think?"

Truth be told, it was actually quite the revolutionary thought of training... All three of them were going to learn a thing or two here... That much was for certain.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 32: Welcome To Paradise... Hifen.

Voiding themselves back into existence, Chita and Alex would find themselves in the place they created within the Sun -- Hifen. More specifically, a place Chita liked to call the 'Lombardi Resort.'

"Here we are... Nice, ain't it?"

It was gorgeous... Beach... Pool... Bar... Hotel... Beach house... Spa... Everything anyone would ever want for a relaxing vacation. This was exactly what this place was for.

"Whaddaya think? This is the part I made. Cuz I just wanna... Get away sometimes."

She must have gotten that from her mother... That sense of needing to have relaxation of the highest caliber. Oh well, at least she had taste about it.

"... I might just go get me a drink..."

Alex just looked around the new area, this was rather a strange site to him. He never really had much to do with any of this, and didn't know what to do. His eyes roamed the area and tried to think of what to do.

" I guess's your place anyway "

What would he do now? Even with his great mind and talents, he was still a child, when it came to women and relaxing. He just couldn't really do much about it because he didn't study often on the subject. Of course there were no books on it anyway.

" Okay, good luck with that. Have fun then..... "

Alex didn't know what to do, she could do whatever she wanted. And she didn't care for him at all, if she wanted to go get a drink for herself. And he didn't like being called a guy, or kid, it upset him. So he decided to go on without saying a word to her because it wasn't like she cared. Deciding to go take a walk in the direction towards the Beach. Still confused of many things.

Ready now to simply relax and take it easy, she started toward the bar before them...

Ah... A nice drink'll do me. I bet the old lady would have a cow if she knew about this... Heh heh.

It was always funny to think about how her mother's reaction would be... Ah well, it was only a joke at this point. She was just happy to be able to--

She couldn't believe it. Even now, in all of this paradise, this boy STILL had something to worry about?! He was pissing her off even STILL. Too busy THINKING about it and not just ENJOYING it... What could POSSIBLY still be a PROBLEM HERE!?!?

That fire within... The power of the Raging Star... It starting to grow... And grow... And grow... She was going to explode because of the sheer and utter stupidity of this boy and-- ...

"... If you're unhappy about there being no places for you, just go make one. Before I kill you."

It was as simple as that. She walked over to the bar and made herself a drink, figuring that she might as well be a bartender for this guy now... They listened to problems. An serving up a few drinks for them would probably keep her from going crazy and killing him...

"You've got a lot on your mind, it seems. Why don't we... Talk over a couple drinks?"

It was taking a lot out of her to do this, but... She was gonna have to, if she wanted to NOT destroy this boy...

Alex was already on his way to the beach, when her words reached him. He stopped in mid-pace as he felt like his mind just snapped. She didn't understand anything, she could do whatever she wanted but the simple things were just not in her reach. If he was truthful, he was feed up with all of it.

" Shut the hell up, I'm unhappy because of you. The way you act with me, like I am nothing. Even after I saved your life and that whole I will kill you bullshit. I don't give a crap about it, honestly your in your own world. Go get smashed on your Drinks, I won't care at all. Since you don't care for me at all "

He said in the most distaste of tones to her, he was enraged by her. He always just kept things to himself but he knew that it wasn't working. She needed to be told these things, she was going to try to kill him or not. He was tired of her ways, and if she can't even see him for who he really is.....there was no point to be around her anymore.

" I don't drink anyway, that's for people who can't deal with there own problems. Maybe your mother issues have finally gotten to you. Well you can deal with them, drink about maybe I don't know, TWENTY glasses of that brew. Then you should be good to go, if you even care to have company come to the beach after you drink yourself to death. Oh and if you say I will kill you one more time. I WILL DESTROY YOU, GOT IT "

With all that said, he took off towards the beach area. He wasn't the one that needed to be talked to, it was the other way around. Sure he had feelings towards her, but even then that wasn't much to talk about. He was thinking about his own good right now, like she does all the time. He wondered what effect his outburst would have on her, maybe nothing at all or something.

Chita listened... no, reeeaaaally listened to what Alex had to say about it all, and, instead of being angry about it, as she normally was... She seemed quite relaxed about it all. Her glazed green eyes glanced over at him slowly as she raised her margarita up to the air at his words, accompanied by a smirk.
Heh... I hear that.

She thought out to no one in particular, 'toasting' to what he said. As the rather exotic glass touched her lips, she'd throw her head back, taking it straight to the head without so much as a flinch, lowering the glass slowly as he finished all that he had to say.

"... Haha... Guess you still don't get it, huh...? That's fine... Somehow, I'm content with you just telling me the truth. It's all I really wanted."

She rose from her slouched position, hoisting herself up and over the bar table and over one of the chairs next to it, starting a slow trod toward the ever ignorant Alex Star.

"If you wanted some company, I don't know why you didn't just ask me, Alex."

She shrugged her shoulders, brushing past him a bit as her feet hit the nice, warm sand.

"I thought you'd understand that... I don't do anything with anyone. You and me, we're not that different. So you of all people should know..."

She stopped, finally crossing her arms under her perky, plump breasts once more as she normally did and turned her head only so much that a single gleaming green eye could be seen from the corner of her gaze, and her face was apparently not smirking this time, but completely serious.

"... That if I already did THIS much with you, then you must be more special than anyone else in my life. Even that old washed up hag."

If he couldn't understand something spoken as clearly as that, then he really wasn't trying to listen to her. So, just in case he wasn't...

"... And if you still don't understand the way that I show I care... Then come and fight me. Maybe after you see how hard I fight, you'll be able to understand where my feelings stand. It ain't like I'd go and create an entire alternate reality with just anyone, you little spoiled brat."

As Alex started off toward the beach, she raised a single hand up, a special gauntlet appearing around her hand... One that was sharpened at the edges, made for cutting like a sword. With one fell swoop, she chopped off those two big, glorious flowing pigtails of hers and grabbed them with her other hand, shaking her hair out to its new look.

"... Fight me. If you really care about me, you'll fight me and prove it to me. We'll use Earthbending, since I'm good at using Sand jutsu. Let's see your resolve. You should already know... I hate it when people run away from their problems. When they run away from me. I'd much prefer if you faced me head on and stop dodging me for whatever reason. I'm always gonna fight you head on, hiding nothing. So I hate when people run away from me... From the truth. Fair and square. Honest and true."

She went to even these lengths to express how much she absolutely despises when people run away from her and do not confront or face her directly. The more he did it... The more pissed she was going to be, as opposed to if he stopped and just... Hell, fought her man to man.

"I'm waiting for an answer."

Alex was still walking away from her, he was just waiting for her to get drunk. Of course she was going to follow him now, and started talking to him again. She was happy to hear the truth, he only clinged at her words but he didn't stop walking. He didn't ask for company, just implied it to her. She walked past him now, but the thing was, they were very different.

He still didn't say anything to her, he stayed calm and just stopped. She was doing her usual routine, thinking that it would be simple. That everything was about fighting now, they were suppose to relax, yet here she was and wanted to fight him. He was special? He didn't see how with her mix signals because she acted like she was better then him.

She cut off her hair, really that was strange. Then she says if he cares for fight her. What type of strange world is this, it is just stupid. He was going to change everything, She wanted an answer, so he might just give her one.

" Whatever, I really don't care at all. I will fight you, if it will shut you up. I don't even see how I would need to fight you to show that I care "

The fact that he obliged was enough for her at this point in time. Maybe he'd figure it out as they went along...
Everyone interacts differently... You've just gotta figure out how for certain people, study nerd.

With eyes as grit as her will, she smiled a bright, wide, crooked smile, squeezing her hands together to seal the two long ponytails together and create some sort of warm, plush, pink scarf of sorts. Flinging it around her neck, she pulled her long cloak around her chest, no longer exposing her chest as openly as before, and traced her finger down the line where it connected, sealing it in the same fashion. She was undergoing a total makeover to show her resolve, it seemed.

"Well, now... You wanna make the first move, or shall I?"

She winked at him, her crooked smile getting a little bigger. She was getting pumped... Invigorated... Excited. The thrill of battle is what made her heart pump and her blood boil... It's what ignited the star-like burning inside of her, and she was waiting to see what would ignite that same passion within him...

She cracked her knuckles.
krrrk... krrrick...
She cricked her neck.
crk, crk!
And she planted her long, tight boots firmly in the sand.
pom! pom!

"Cuz I'm ready when you are. Heh..."

Let the showdown commence.

Alex Star vs. Chita Lombardi-L'sia.

Alex just waited for her, he wasn't fond of her change. It just didn't go with her, he only stayed quiet now. What was he to do, nothing really at this moment. What was he going to do, he just stood there looking at her. Closing his eyes, thinking of what to do next and then kicked forward.

" You look weird......not in a good way either "

Sending about a wave of ten sand spears towards her, he just went out attacking at the beginning. Getting into his taekwando earth style, waiting for her response to his assault. Why was he doing this in the first place, oh right because she liked fighting. It wasn't for anything special it seems, to his knowledge.

She shook her head, closing her eyes and clenching her fists...

"Look who's talkin."

She quickly slammed her fist into the ground, causing a huge torrent of sand to spurt up and create a huge solid wall around her, which would take the blows of the flying sand spears, compact and assimilate them with the hardened sand surrounding her to prevent it from going through.

After a moment or two, she stood up straight and stomped her foot on the ground, forcing the hardened sand walls to flow outward like powerful waves, crashing over and forcing away all that they came in contact with, threatening to smash Alex with its great weight and force.

"Gotta be a little slicker than that if you wanna do anything to me, chump. I'm skilled at three types of Earthbending you know. Sand is one of em."

Alex watched the movement, he smirked to himself. He was expecting that move and waited for the wall of sand to engulf him. She was speaking to him about her skills, and he just rolled his eyes at her. If there was one thing that he trained longer, and more skilled in. It was the Abilities of the earth, and now he went in for the next move.

" Honestly, have you forgotten who I am. Haven't you? "

He said before the Sands crashed onto him. And he didn't even try to stop it, she couldn't even see what had happened to him at all. Until a few more moments later, that a pair of sand tendrils had tried to grip her legs and hold her into place. As more then aimed to slash at her with direct force equal to a whip against her.

" But that was a good try to harm me "

He reappeared out from behind her about ten feet away. Instead of being the powerhouse, he used his head against her attack. Why stop it, or try to do that. Instead he sinked himself into the ground to avoid the blow, since the sands were returning to well the sands. So it wouldn't have much affect against it's own sands of the ground, and so here they were if his surprise attack worked.

" Now lets continue, if you can "

He went back to his stance, as he started relax his body for the next attack. If there was one, then again....he didn't know about her now. She was acting very strange now, he wondered why?


Not in the slightest. She was just getting in touch with a little piece of herself from a long, looong time ago... One that knew how to have a little fun.

"Not in the slightest."

As before, she was naturally in tune with the earth around her, and was able to feel the tendrils simply as they rose from the sands, before they even touched her body. The green glimmer of her eyes matched the swift stomping of her feet to smash these tendrils back down into the ground where they came, compacting the sand so that it became hard as solid rock in the process. Her brows arched with an invigorating anticipation... She saw the tendrils lashing toward her like whips, cocking her hand back a bit...

"... Gimme a hand here..."

A blurred swipe of her hand brought forth before it a huge earthen manifestation of what seemed to be the arm of an Earth Guardian of sorts... Who would snatch every single one of the tendrils and hold them in place in tandem with Chita's own hand, moving as if they were of one accord. With a very tight clench of her fist, the large arm holding the tendrils would tighten as well, forcefully merging each and every one of the sand whips into one thing, and hardening it to the point where it became a solid object. A spear.

"Shut the hell up. I hope this thing skewers your mouth more than anything."

Hearing him talk was killing her vibe. So, she took a single step forward and slung the spear at him with all her might, like a trailblazing bullet scorching the skies, with so much heat and pressure simply from flying so fast that the sand spear would change to pure crystal after leaving the giant's hand. Something moving this fast should have definitely shot that guy right in the mouth and pinned him down...

He only watched as something else had came out of nowhere. It seems that she wasn't fighting her own battles anymore, but he was expecting it and had planted his feet into the ground. Watching as she crushed the sand in the golem's hand but he only waited around. He charged his power, until she threw a lance at him. But what had impressed him was that it turned into Crystal as it flew towards him.

" Good job but..."

As the spear of pure crystal was thrown at him, he focused his charka in the air into the Crystal spear. Causing it to slow down, more and more as it approached for some odd reason. His legs were coated in a darker substance as it was about to hit him. Instead he legged it with all his might, along with his ultimate defensive energy channeled through his legs to make it stronger then Diamond for a few short moments. Causing the crystal to shatter into pieces, but those pieces started to float in the air.

" Crystal is another one of my Arts "

The shatter pieces of crystal started to spin around like a top, before he pushed his hand forward to send them back at her, ready to cut into her body and clothing. With even more cutting power, using the spin to accelerate the cutting power of the shards and he started to walk towards her. He wasn't no weakling anymore, and when it came to a battle of earth. He was no going to lose to her, waiting for the next move from here. Now aware of the earth golem power's that can fight for her, he might prepare his own.

Just when she thought she had him, he came back with another surprise for her. Crystal control... Looks like he really had been practicing when it came to the earth. She was only slightly out of her element, since she was more accustomed to physical hand-to-hand combat, which was what that giant fist was; a piece of herself projected and synced to the movements of her body.

The Earth Guard...

Mimicking her motions, as she extended her hand the giant arm would do so as well, providing substantial protection from the flying crystal shards. With such a cover, Chita's planted feet pushed off of the solid earth, sending her flying at incredible speeds toward Alex. Every powerful stomp she took had enough force to solidify the sands under her feet, making stable stepping ground for her to propel her even faster with every step.

"Crystal, huh? I've gotta learn that one..."

Her final step right in front of Alex would raise the sands behind him
, condensing it to the hardness of solid stone, and with her fist signaturely
cocked back as far as it could go, she'd launch her high speed, high
powered fist with all the built up momentum from her speed right at Alex, ready to bash him dead in his face, the great fist following not even a second behind to ensure maximum destructive force... she wanted to make sure he was smashed into and then through the wall...

So like before his power had been thrown in, and as his crystal had been turned to dust. It started to spread over the earth arm like before, soon it slowly turned her earth arm into crystal once more. Of course she wouldn't notice it till it was too late and etc, running at him. So whoop de do, she was aiming to take him down and he just stood there. Waiting for it, till it came towards him.

He moved in on her, moving the opposite of her punch, then gripping the side of it instead of blocking the whole hit and etc. Doing this grabbing a hold of her arms, doing his Wrestling style combat. He would hold her tight like one of those football players holding back the line to protect the quarterback and then pushed off his own solid ground right back into the Crystal arm that was now following them because of her. But he changed it's angle, so now it was going to smack in Chita's back and etc.

A move called, Chips of Crystal Back-scratcher or something. Since he knew how to counter and grapple with two different styles, mostly wrestling but it worked. Honestly he just wanted to finish the battle and do something else. She never understood him anyway, what a shame, he was sad that she didn't care at all.

A vigorous, wide and crooked smile on her face, and eyes just as intense as the clenching of her fist, Chita felt that the unmoving Alex would have been wide open to be pummeled... Square in the face; as she always wanted to do, just punch that guy right in the face.

But he was just standing there, as if he wasn't going to move... She knew for a fact that he probably had some other lame ass trick up his sleeve to get around getting hit, as usual, and would run away from her fist as he always did... But it made her just want to punch him that much more; the fact that he ran away and couldn't ever face it head on like a man.
... Clean hit, bastard...

Though, as she was about to sling her fist at him, out of the corner of her eye, she noticed the glistening shine of what wasn't normal earth, but crystal. Somehow, he'd changed that entire arm to crystal.

"The fuck...?"

It had to have been those shards she blocked... Clever little brat. But it wouldn't work. She was still going to just punch him. And the moment she threw her fist at him, waiting for him to either get hit or run away...
Something unexpected happened.


He dodged the blow and grabbed her arm, now turning it around on her. Being lifted and flung over his shoulder, she was still a little bit... well, shocked that he hadn't run away.

Slamming straight into the wall of earth she created, the Crystal Arm followed right behind her and slammed into her body, bursting to pieces and impacting her body even further into the wall than she already was, till she left a full bodied imprint of herself several inches deep. Kinda smarted, actually...

Sitting there in a daze, she wondered how that even happened... And it just ended up pissing her off.

"Heh... Heh heh..."

She was laughing, though... Pissed off, but laughing?

"Not bad... bastard..."

She clenched her fists tight, tight enough that the sheer force of them gripping caused the earthen wall she created to shatter to pieces, and she'd flip rightside up, onto her feet before touching the ground. The impact of her feet to the ground caused the sand to compact yet again, but this time... The ground cracked under her.

She was gettng tense...
And when she's tense, she gets intense...

All she could do at that point was to release all of that pent up intense frustration... Anger... Rage inside of her, and to do so through earthbending. Her foot raised up in the air, and she stared Alex down with a more than menacing stare, yet that wide, crooked smile stayed on her face. She was insane with anger. And what was the best way to get it out...?

... Give em 'The Boot'...

And with the power of Gaea's Boot, Chita stomped the ground with all her might, releasing a huge seismic wave pulsating through the ground, sending all of the loose sand, as well as anything or anyone atop it and connected to it (namely, Alex), straight up into the air instantly. The skies would be filled with sand all too quickly, and Chita would be clouded by the sandstorm...

Nowhere to be found...

When the attack had been through and well hit her. It shattered into dust once more, all over her body because it was a vast amount of it. He just stood there, looking at her with a calm expression on his face. What was he to do now? Just wait around and there she goes laughing like she can still do more and such. He hated that she was like this, he didn't want to be called Bastard anymore. She was just irritating now to him, and he just waited for her to think she had the upper hand.

Nah, she broke her own wall and then started to pick up her leg now. But as she did that, it soon started to freeze up on her as the sound of more crackling crystal could be heard. This time, it was on her own body as more then just her leg was getting covered by the substance. Her entire body was stiffing up from it, why? Because the crystal arm had turned into dust and attached to her. How? because everyone was apart of the earth, so they had the needed mineral's and deposits to be turned.

Before she could even stomp the ground, it had hardened to the point that it could feel unbreakable. And if that wasn't enough, his crystal used his and the opponent's charkas to harden the bond and sap her energy, so there was little to do when caught. His Unbreakable prison crystal, he would come up with another name later. This was all from his studies and knew her outputs on charka like the back of his head. The only thing that was not covered was her Head, it was the only thing that wasn't shut out or frozen as Alex looked at her.

" Earth shouldn't be used in Rage. It is suppose to be about Patients, Now just forfeit the battle. So we can relax, I already showed you my resolve "

Lost in thought, her own insane rage, as per usual, fueled the strength of her technique. Brutish. Violent. Relentless. Yet, in all of this, her only goal was to make sure she beat the living crap out of Alex, as per usual. Thinking it would go the same way as it did before, she prepped to use Gaea's Boot...
... Give em 'The Boot...

... Yet...
As her leg reached its peak, and she threatened to slam it down to the ground with such power, she would find that her foot was slowly coming to a halt, the rest of her body stiffening up in the same fashion.
The sound of herself... crystallizing.

"What?! I've been... Got!?"

Focusing too much on her rage, she became careless, as she always did when she was utterly pissed. It was then that Alex said something that made her actually think about what she was doing. Her rage was her power, but the way she applied it was not useful to this situation... Not when using The Earth...

... She smirked.

"Heh. Looks like you really did teach me a thing or two..."

She was always going to use all of her techniques in rage, and it was useless to try telling her otherwise. It was just the way her rage was focused that made the difference and, though he hated to admit it, Alex did indeed teach her that. And also, something even better.

"... And I've gotta admit, the way you use these crystals is pretty... Freakin... Sweet..."

She closed her eyes, that smirk growing again into that crooked smile.
The crystal prison around herself began to rumble, runes starting to appear on her 'frozen' fists. For whatever element of Earthbending she didn't know, she gained knowledge of through Alchemy. Tranmutation Circles were printed on her gauntlets, which were now only just normal leather gloves on her hands, and all of the Crystal trapping her body would take in and transmute all of the Crystal back to Sand, freeing her body.

She turned around slowly, gripping her fingers tightly just a bit, pulling up particles of sand from the ground and, playing with them a bit, started to solidify them into pure crystal.

"... Huh... Not bad."

Before the crystal would lose its shape, returning to sand in her hands, slipping through her fingers. She looked at Alex now, her smile returning to a smirk, and then, to a nonchalant, almost expressionless face. Fists tightened, she started toward him with the utmost swiftness, lids half open and eyes gleaming green, as if she were about to simply walk up and hit him, as she would normally.

When she reached him, she stopped, raising her fist and cocking it back as if she were about to hit him... Though, despite what he would normally expect from her, when she threw her fist forward, there would be more than enough space between them that it would make no sort of contact.

"Good job. You finally got me head on. I'm proud of you."

She knew that they could continue their battle if she so chose to... Yet, there was no purpose now. Not in the slightest. For so long, she waited for him to just man up to her and fight her head on, and that's what he did. A fair, respectable duel, which she, in turn, felt as though she had lost. Not because she couldn't keep going, but because of the actions that had transpired. She was equivalent in power to a Sannin, so trying to beat this kid was not the key; she could do that anytime she wanted. It was about him and what he was doing, and in this growth, he certainly earned her praise and approval.
She wanted to bump fists.

"Your earthbending looks good, you even taught me something today, for a change. Next time we fight, I'm gonna be good at Crystals, too, in addition to the Sand and Metal I already know how to bend."

Through her nonchalant gaze, she smirked just once more, this time in a friendly manner. She wasn't pissed at him anymore.

Alex just really didn't care about anything, he won the battle. It was simple and done, he really didn't care about her skills anymore. Because she wasn't the person he wanted to beat in earth-bending, he had his sights on that bastard that leave his village. When he found him, he will defeat him and take his title one of these days. Until then he didn't really care for others at all.

He wasn't scared of her anymore, he had somethings that were far beyond her. He just never cared to use it, and even so, he didn't care if she was stronger or not. In his eyes, it was just not going to happen at all. She wanted a fist bump but he didn't do it, he would never do it to anyone. He just started to walk away from her.

" Whatever, I really don't care if you take my abilities. You just wanted them from me, you never cared for me anyway. I'm tired of your trash, and responses to me. Your just far to Tedious now, Chita. Your far worse then your own mother "

He said in a cold tone, that he never used before. He felt that she only wanted him for his powers, she was a bitch that way. She was like her mother, and he would never get anything out of this. She hated him, Disliked him, and would never return feelings to him. He found a umbera, opened it and layed on sands. Looking into the blue sky, he was rather pissed with her.

With fist still extended, she looked straight into Alex's face, waiting for him to return for a good battle... But when he didn't, Chita was rather confused about it. She lowered her hand and scoffed at him eyes narrowing and mouth furling into a sneer. For once in her life, she didn't say just what was on her mind, but kept it in her head, and let her expression do the work for her.
... What's his fucking deal, anyway? Tch...

Why was he so upset that she simply took some knowledge about using crystals from him? Was he just selfish? She learned something from him, and all he could see was that she took from him, not learned from him. It pissed her off.

Though, the way he responded to her sunk into her impenetrable exterior just a bit... And she could see that the callous way she treated him only made him feel bad, even if she thought it was just the way she talked. Taking a look at him walk off, she sighed, releasing a majority of that frustration, yet still stayed irked at him. But... Somehow, she could smile at him.
You're still just a little brat...

So, she had to just learn to... let it go...
And she did, walking so casually over to the pouting Alex Star, plopping down next to him, but not too close, leaning back as if to relax on the beach.
You can't even see... You're so stupid. Hahahaha.

This is what he wanted all along. She was aware of that. But she was grateful for the events that brought her to this moment...

"... I thought a guy would be able to take some guff from a girl, you know. Guess I just don't know how to be sensitive. Kinda one of my flaws, having an asshole of a father that left and a bitch of a mother. Kinda makes a girl... Have to be strong for herself."

Chita was a loner at heart; longing not for a man, like her mother. She knew that for a fact. She was no lazy slut like her, waiting for someone to do everything for her hand and foot.

"So, if ya don't like me, I don't care. You and me have a stronger relationship than anyone else around these parts. Even my own family. Heh. Guess that's why I always choose to do things with you, even if you just piss me off all the fucking time. Till you start bitching and moaning and whining and all that babyish shit."

Yeah, she was sharp of the tongue and unbeaten in strength... But even a loner gets lonely and likes to relax sometime.

"Naaah, I guess you'll just never understand," she'd say, reclining back more, hands behind her head in a more comfortable position, "But at least we've got this place that we made together for just this reason."

She shook her head, that smirk still on her face, eyes closing and skin taking in the warm sun's rays... It resonated with the Raging Star inside of her, and spread a nice, even warmness through her.

Is this what it's like? To be calm? To be at peace?...
Hahaha... I must have forgotten what it felt like.
But when I'm done, you'd better believe...
I'm comin to kill ya, bitch...

Alex just went his side, not wanting to be around her right now. She was just trying to get in his head, he didn't have any emotions that made him weak. He was always faking everything he does with her, and anyone else because he didn't care at all.

" Bond? What the hell have you been drinking. It's your fault for being like that. You can deal with it on your own, after all your better then me. Or whatever shit you think you can do, you have your own things. Honestly, what can I say to you for you to shut the fuck up. Oh I have feelings for you!! if you didn't fucking know, but every-time we have any time to talk you want to start screwing things up. Oh lets have a battle! I don't fuckin care for stupid things like that. I only do it because you want to do it, I could be gone if I wasn't for being a gentlemen "

He just stood up from his spot, and looked at her with lifeless eyes. She kept driving the line with him, he rather throw himself off a bridge then always have to deal with her shit. I would never understand? She was the one that didn't understand him, or even helped him. He was just going to have to stop doing anything, he had goals but they never came true. Now that his Kage was gone, he would never be able to surpass him.

" You made it, I didn't at all. It's your place, like I would even care what would happen to me. I rather destroy the plant and just end everything. I bitch and whine because of you, and noone else at all. If you knew anything about me, or what you are doing. Then you would understand why? but sadly you only have your own way "

Eyes closed and legs kicked up in the air, she crossed one over the other, swinging it casually as she listened to Alex rant and rave about what he was feeling.
... Heh. About time...

"Woah, who said anything about a Bond, kid?"

He must not have known what he was talking about; she hadn't established a Bond with him, nor anyone. The two of them simply had a complex way of interacting, and he didn't seem to grasp the complexity of it... As usual.

"The fact that you think I'm better than you says a lot. Ya know, some time ago, when I was real fresh and less mature, I thought people who were more experienced than me were better. Wasn't the case in the slightest. It was me that was the one at fault; I was the one mad at them because I wasn't getting stronger. My headstrong attitude got me into a shit ton of trouble, and made everything that much harder for me."

She smiled softly, reminiscing on her old self... How much she'd grown since then. She used to be such a whiny brat, wanting to fight everything and to grow stronger... But for what purpose? To prove that she could beat anyone that came in her way? That was a life without a purpose. She had to figure that one out on her own... The hard way.

"Yeah, sure, I know you've got feelings for me. Why else would you follow me around and hang out with me? All you care about is getting with me. Getting in my pants. The works. I like the thrill of battle, and I like to spar sometimes. Don't like it? Don't care? Sucks for you. I ain't lookin for love. Not lookin for a man. Not lookin for some kid who just wants to take something from me. You can't even accept my expressions of kindness when I give em out. Face it; it wouldn't work out."

Feeling Alex's cold stare at her, she chuckled, opening an eye and peering off to meet his gaze from the corner of her eye before she continued.

"Look at you. Can't even understand just what this place is. We made it together, I just knew what I wanted. It's made from the both of us, so whenever you wanna make something, you can go ahead and make it yourself. That's why this place is half empty. Not that you'd notice. You're always focused on the wrong things."

She closed her eye again, crisscrossing her legs, swinging the other one, now in the other direction.

"I'm not a psychic like my uncle. I don't know what you're thinking. That's what you've got that big ass mouth for; to communicate with me. Not to bitch and moan every moment of the day. So when you start talking and stop whining, we can get some things done. But until then, just shut the fuck up and relax, like you wanted."

She shook her head, snickering to herself again.

You're so dumb. You can't even enjoy getting what you asked for.
Too busy focusing on what you don't have.
Just like a kid.
Not that I care.
I'm still gonna hang out with you.
Big baby.

Oh cares anymore, he didn't really do much for her. Of course her statement about his intentions was the most stupidest thing he ever heard. He couldn't care less about that.....she always came to him, it was the other way around really. He was here for Zita, not her, she came to get in his way. She was stupid, really oh cares anymore. He walked away from her, again before he sat on the floor, feelings the rays of the sunss.

He just started to crieses, around the sands. Before he could even do anything else, she was a stupid bitch to him. She only cares for herself, why the hell can't she ever understand her own faults and just shut the fuck about her own ambitions. Godss, she sounded like a broken record and he didn't really caress anymore at all.

He didn't want this at all, he wanted answers, he wanted the truth. This was utter shit, it didn'ts make any senses and what the hell could this be. This place was hers alone, he didn't want it if she talks like she is better then everything. He just wanted to know, he didn'ts want this shit to happen and now he was going to go stupid, should he just end himself for nos reason.

Theres wasn'ts much to do at all, Fucking kindness, it was all stupid lies and he hated the lies. He wanted the truth, yet it nevers cmaes at all and what was he to do. Nothings, was it just fucked up and didn'ts maytter at all.

Feeling the tension in the air, Chita opened her eye yet again to see Alex having turned around. He clearly wanted to be alone.

"... Huh. Well. I'll just... Catch ya later. You know where to find me when you wanna actually, ya know, get something done."

So, she stood up, dusted herself off, and Voided herself out. Alex wasn't trying to cooperate with her, so she might as well just leave him to his thoughts... She had more important things to do.

... Alright, bitch... It's time to die...

She cracked her knuckled and narrowed her eyes, returning now to Castle L'sia.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 33: To Become Firmly Established; A Bond Of Eternity Formed.

She had come so far... Grown so very much since the last time she had been here. 'Castle L'sia' -- the castle stood tall and proud surrounded by Zita's mystical influence. The smell of her manna was divine in Elara's eyes. Elara, though, had not made this journey alone -- no, she brought her family along with her. Her child, her adorable little girl, Sanitas, laid softly within her arms as her gentle steps guided her towards Zita's door. Sanitas let outta cute little yawn as they reached the entrance. Dente, her 'Conjux' -- and the love of her life -- had come with her also... Naturally because the reason they had all gathered here today was because... "This is the place. Dente would you mind holding Sanitas for a bit?" she asked, adjusting their little girl in her arms. Sanitas would be very mystically inclined to the forces at work here. She would be able to feel the manna soothing her being as Elara cradled her closely waiting for her father to take her so that she could address the reasons for their coming... Her 'Witch Trial'.

Arriving alongside the two was Dente, the father of Sanitas and the 'Conjux' to Elara. This would be his first time coming to the castle, it put him off a bit. Looking up at the towering place, Dente could just feel the power from within. It's to be expected of a Head Witch... But he just felt a bit uneasy, for now anyways. When asked if he could hold Sanitas, Dente merely nodded, then gently took the adorable bundle of joy, cradling her closely in his arms. His daughter soon took the unease out of him, and actually made him smile a bit. "This place... Gives me the creeps, honestly," he said, looking at the castle every now and then. Dente was busy playing with Sanitas' cheeks, which she in return would try to nibble at her father's fingers. In just a short time, she was gaining sharp fangs, and even more, she wasn't crying about them coming out.

"Funny..." Elara said with a slight giggle as they stopped short of the giant doors. She looked back to Dente, her face in exact accord with her emotions, big, blue sapphire orbs of utter clarity staring back at him. "... Said the same thing the first time I came here... You get use to it though. Especially after you've been blasted from the place a few times." She let out a sigh of relief, remembering the day Chita super blasted her -- same thing with Zita; like mother, like daughter, she guessed. With out further ado, though, Elara would knock upon the doors with an extra bit of force... She knew how lazy Zita was and that she would probably be sleeping or watching some movie or something.

'The creeps, huh...? Heh heh... You have no idea...' The serene and brisk blow of the mystical winds of yore that traveled gracefully through the luscious pink hair of Elara and the silver fur of Dente would, at first be just as ominous as the huge, foreboding castle itself, even if so very beautiful in nature. Such was manna, and all... But, the very moment Elara raised a hand to rap upon the chained doors, that serene ominisity (ominousness) would intensify... In all but a moment, 'Castle L'sia' grew grim and gray without color; the sky just as black as the night itself... The clouds a dark, dank gray. Unwelcoming in every way, even the grass below shifted from its natural green color to a deep, soulless black... Almost abysmal. "Are you afraid to die...?" Already, there was no escaping this treacherous darkness... Black feathers would fall from the bleak skies above, one by one by one... Like an omen of 'death.'

Stage 1; Observation.

The 'Night Of Tensei' is upon this world...

The knocks sent a chill down Elara's spine... This chill soon erupted into a torrent of doubtful and ominous emotion, the piercing sighs like whispers of the voice that asked that chilling question. The skies above as well as the castle itself becoming devoid of its natural color. She knew not fully the situation, but knew that her child as well as her love were here, and as the feathers aimed to fall down, they could potentially hurt them... Something she could not allow... But was she afraid to die? "Of course..." But that would not stop her from saving her family. In a brilliant display of light and flame, the violet force of 'Murasaki' erupted into a three orb like barriers around Elara and her loved ones. These barriers were created from intensely concentrated 'Mura Flames' that would expand out ten feet and incinerate anything that aimed to cause harm that touched them, be they manna or otherwise. She then glared at the skies above, her hair swaying softly. "Dente! Care for Sanitas! We don't know everything that's going on just yet...!" She made sure to keep herself under control. After her complete assimilation of her former selves she had gained amazing control over her manna... And would use every bit of it to save them.

Was Dente afraid to die? Yes and no. Yes, because he wanted to protect his daughter. No, because he had 'experienced' it before. Dente happened to be a reincarnation of both Life and Death, and as such, felt the grasp of Death's embrace. Looking down at little Sanitas, who was completely oblivious as to what was going on, he had to make sure she wasn't harmed. "Don't worry! I'll tend to her carefully! If there's something I can do to help just tell me!" he'd announce while carefully looking at everything around him. There was something definitely going on, and at this time, it seemed as though only Elara could handle it. Dente merely looked to make sure that he'd be able to dodge anything that tried to harm him or the baby.

The passionate burning flames of 'Murasaki' brought the pitch black feathers to an even darker ash, falling to cinders as they carefully drifted toward the abysmal grass below...

No wind blew...

Yet the dust drifted away on a nonexistent breeze...

???: "Your last breath is at hand..."

???: "So says the Dark Messenger..."

Though each feather found its way to ash, that ash that was swept away on those telltale winds converged at a single point, making up the feathers of an even greater being...

Caw caw caw...

The dark laugh of the messenger sent chills through the atmosphere itself, as if fear and death crept steadily up their spines like the silent black widow in the night...

Stage 2; Reservation.

The sheet of 'Black Velvet' that blanketed the land took shape of none other than the wings of the great 'Karasu'... And behind him... 'The Murder'.

Caw...caw...!! Caw caw!! Caw!!! Cawcawcaw cawcawcawcawcaw



The crooked caws of the crows; a chorus of cackles in the night brought about one terrible truth of this land...

Someone had to die.

Dark Messenger: "Do you fear for your child...?"

Elara's gaze let up not for a single moment as she paid close attention to what was happening around her. Dente and Sanitas were still okay, protected for now by the barriers she had willed into being. Her own body softly aglow with a powerful concentration of her flames kept the blackness at bay around them with the intense focused light they exuded. With her though, an intense sense of fear began to permeate. Yet, though she did fear, she refused to allow herself to falter... She had no room for it... Her child... Her darling little girl was right here and needed her mother and father to protect her... She needed a strong WOMAN to protect her, to be able to care for her and teach her the things of the world around them, be they normal or mystical, and so... "Don't worry, Dente... As long as you two are with me..." So long as they were there, even just the thought of them being there the people she loved the most supporting her, she could fight through the overwhelming fear building within. The cawing laughter that ensued as the wings were created moved her not, for she had to be strong... But something she had learned to do... Was be honest with not only the people around her... But herself as well. "I fear for her... My cub... Every single day she is on this planet... But that's why I must go through this..." To ensure her child could grow up and be able to fend for herself... Elara was the mother panther and would not allow any in her care to be taken from her. She stared back at the being, keeping her knees together to prevent any shaking. She was nervous, but she held true to herself... She had to.

Dente's body glowed red and started to blink in a way. Mainly his hands were beginning to do their charges. Dente didn't want to fight, at least not with baby Sanitas in his arms. Was this some sort of reaction to the creation of the large crow and the larger crows? It didn't make any sense -- usually he had better control over 'Crushing Force', but now its just doing its own thing. Looking down at Sanitas, who wasn't crying or whining, more like cheering on her mother with giggles and kicking her feet, he said, "I fear for her too. A parent's natural reaction, no? However, I know in time I won't have to fear as much, her will steadily grows." He blinked a little more. His hands were turning a little fiery now, but they didn't hurt the child; it was more of an aura than an actual physical thing. This 'charging' was similar to his 'Crushing Force', but oh so different.

Already so Reserved in their actions and in their thoughts, the Fear gripped these poor souls by the throats, that chill crawling up their spines now slithering its way down their throats as a loud and simultaneous...


Fear: "..."

Within the auras of both Murasaki and Crusher Force, a spiraling black void stared the two dead center in their eyes, the laughter of The Murder coming to an eerie and abrupt halt.

... --A Moment of Silence--...

With every Dark Messenger perched upon the frame of the grim castle before them, a slow and low frequency forlorn wail rung in their ears, like the high pitched voice of a ghast whispering ever so gently, just enough for them to know what was before them... "... Wooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmhhhh..." The color from each of their souls started to fade; the red of the Crusher reverting to black, as did the flame of the panther... And, so too, would their animal instincts send the fur on the backs of their scalps into a horrid quiver... A being was taking shape from the abyss in their eyes, spiraling downward in a cascade of utter darkness, its form that of a slender, sickly looking being of sheer 'Insanity Of Fear'...

Stage 3; Worry.

Fear: "Do you... Understand...?"

"This... This fear... I have felt it before..." Elara said like a silent whisper as the powerful essence quickly came over her. She, though, had felt this overwhelming fear many times again... Every time she met someone new, every time she used her manna, every time she looked at herself in the mirror, she felt that same fear. Though the color faded from the flames of Mura, the actual flame itself did not dwindle... This flame was stronger than most, for it was not just a simple flame... Nor a simple trick... Nay, this being or force was the amalgamation of Elara's complete will... No longer a simple flame, but an actual force powered by her undying will to protect the ones she loved... And so its power did not dwindle... And it even flickered a bit. But then this question arose... Did she understand? "There are many things in this world that I still haven't the faintest clue about... So many things left unseen... But the one thing that I understand is that I... No, WE must cultivate and protect our child... To do whatever is in our power to give her the happy life she deserves; to make sure she is able to care for herself in our absence should death or separation befall either of us... So long as I understand that fact... Everything else will take it's course!" Was she scared? Of course... Was she worried? Of course, but not only for herself, for Dente and her daughter... And it would be that fear that would keep her collected... She no longer feared insanity... She had dealt with plenty of from her own being... The embodiment of sheer destruction... Yet she retained control... She would not falter.

The fear, it gripped him by the throat like how he would a deer. That's when it came to him -- the one fear that lingers in the very deepest corners of his heart. The fear of not being strong enough. Not the strength where he can beat anyone and everyone, but the strength to protect. There was so much that came to him; so many faces, so many people. He wanted to protect them all, but knew he couldn't. His red aura was turning black to the powerful might of the being. Baby Sanitas grew scared and frowned at him, reaching out to his very cheeks. He looked deep into her heterochromatic eyes and saw his own. Green and yellow. The orbs peered back into each other, and he found it -- resolve. "Ego intelligo, nunc." The ancient language sounded from his lips. "Metum cohiberentur tantum volui tantum modo ad me ipsum ... Hoc." A spark. The spark of understanding in a way. It tinted the black aura with his red aura. Dente's own force, his own resolve was breaking itself through. In his mind, he wouldn't let anything bog him down from protecting those he cared about. No, instead he gritted his teeth and closed his eyes -- he was preparing himself.

It was growing darker... Though, with great resolve, the burning will of these parents kept the ignition of their faith through the fear... Little did they know, this was only the beginning...

Stage 4; Panic.

The color Red not only stained the flames of Crusher Force, but the eyes of the 'Blood Moon' above. Those crimson lips spilled blood that poured from the sky as the rain itself, each drop blending with the colorless grass... The Dark Side of the Blood Moon.

Fear: 'Your time is short...'

A sinister laughter rose from the dark malformation before the three creatures, staring up at that moon with longing eyes, until those eyes were filled with the shape of the moon's face. So too, Sanitas, their precious child, staring up at the Red Moon, would find those beautiful heterochromatic eyes trapped by the moon's light.

The red rain splashed on the wavering will of bestial parents, slowly dousing their fires with the might of their own fear...




And, rolling down as if those infernos were their own smooth faces, it would not burn, only drown their visage of the outside world in pure, utter blood red...

The mass of black that loomed over Dente, with eyes gleaming with the light of the moon, the same as his child, pulled his attention with the utmost fear of his own inability to protect... And, with that same tug of his very heart and soul, would his very child be snatched straight from his hands, falling to black ash right before him, and reappearing in a bubbling glob in the hands of this being of the 'Insanity Of Fear'.

The child belonged to Fear now...


In a moment, that darkness faded away with the sound of that insane, sinister laughter...

Before The Murder rose in their chorus of ominous cries as well...

They were gone, yet... That feeling of Fear still lingered...

What of the child?

What of the Insanity?

What of...

The Fear?

The ghastly red rain did not stain their bodies, for Elara's barrier burned away those very drops, reducing them to nothing. And even the color around them. Her eyes, though, caught sight of the Blood Moon above her. She could not allow herself to submit... No, not with her loves here. She had to press on she had to be strong she had to-- "Sanitas!" Her child was now in the clutches of the hands of Insanity... THAT'S when the very Fear and panic REALLY started to set in. She had done something, yet again, to fuck up her life... Bringing her child to this place? To undergo such a perilous trial?! No... She had to keep calm... She had to remember the blessing that Sanitas was granted during her birth... Sanitas, her daughter, was the very essence of peace and purity -- complete innocence -- an thus... She possessed a form of Innocence, for her soul was truly incorruptible... While her mother... "Now... You have crossed that line... I will not allow you to harm our child!" The blood red grass began to sparkle with an immense light of not the Mura Flames, per se... But the evolution of her mystical flames... The flames had undergone an evolution of truth just as their master had... And thus.... The 'Force Of Mura' was born and it sought to thrive and flourish with great tenacity. The ground quaked with Elara's might as the vibrant purple energy rushed forth, expelling the blood red as it made way. The moon, itself was being outshone by this intense focus of manna essence. Elara would protect her Sanitas... But what of Dente? She could feel through their powerful bond the fear of not being able to protect her... Elara had it, as well... She was scared for Sanitas and worried for her greatly... She understood she needed to protect her... But she refused to allow her to be tainted by this force... She could not let her family be ripped from her... Dente had to snap out of it.

"Dente... My love! You must be strong... You must be! If not for yourself... For our child!" Elara did not want to attack the mass of Insanity, for it held her child within its grasp... She did not wish to see Sanitas overcome by death... She was afraid, but she had to do something... Something... "Please... Take not my child...! If you must take something... Take me instead! Elara would willingly give herself for her child in a heartbeat... Sanitas was full of life... She had so many good years ahead of her... Elara wanted to make sure she could do so even if that meant giving u[ herself to assure Dente and Sanitas wlaked out of this alive.

Dente stood still, breathing halted, time stalled before him. His precious daughter -- his Sanitas -- was just taking from his very hands. His own fear was what took his daughter away from him. Dente felt that at that point, his own life should have been taken as well. Looking upon the red moon, red liquid, and The Murder, Dente looked at a loss. However, nothing was said, it was all just silence. "..." Elara's cries to keep calm sure did reach them, but now she was getting desperate -- she was beginning to panic. Offering herself so quickly? Hesitation? To know the true meaning of control is knowing how to identify friend from foe; daughter from enemy. Having 'lost' Sanitas, Dente's fingers twitched until finally, they began to curl. The curling would soon go into a fist. Both hands balled into a fist, Dente blinked and his eyes 'returned'. The aura of Crushing Force began to pick up. He grinned widely, sharp rows of fangs gleaming, and he started to chuckle.

"Look at you, Elara. Telling me to keep calm, when obviously you're panicking so quickly... You were telling me earlier these tests were all based off of control, no? Think about it... You can control your flames right? Control them well enough to avoid hurting our pup, but being able to harm this... Freak? If so, then quit begging and actually fight!" he'd say to her, still focusing on everything that just happened. Looking towards The Murder, Dente raised his right fist, and it began to charge with the power of Crushing Force. Taking his left hand, he'd point exactly at the creature, looking at it, then closing his eyes. Several moments -- more like seconds -- passed. A deep breath left his lips before Dente opened his eyes. His heterochromatic eyes were no more, they changed color to a pure red and gold mixture. "I'll never forgive you..." Dente said under his breath, the ground beneath him beginning to shake, his hair-band burning up in the presence of his power, his hair becoming wild and waving in the wind. He took his stance, his 'Wolf Style' stance, but with his right fist prepared for a strike. At this point, his aura kickstarted something fierce; it began to overcome his own darkness which was being beaten away by the absence of Fear. Where did this absence of fear come from? He lost his daughter, his wife is panicking, and he is faced with a terribly powerful enemy, yet he is willing to fight. Instead of giving in, he will simply fight to get her back.

"I'll never forgive you...!!!" With a mighty yell, Dente's aura kicked up once more, determined to fight against this fear, insanity, and death. No matter what, no matter who it was, they would not for the life of Dente, ever take his daughter and live to tell the story. It looked at as though he were going to charge at full throttle into the darkness to punch whatever was in his line of sight, but he didn't. Dente simply opened up his hand from the fist, and pointed it skyward, taking all of the aura he was building up within his being. The built up aura eventually turned into a large sized ball made out of pure Crushing Force energy -- but it wasn't Crushing Force, it was something much more... Light. "For taking my daughter away from us!!!" Yelling out once more, Dente crushed the ball which then engulfed itself around his fist and arm entirely. It took the form of a large tail of energy that lit up the darkness. Dente reeled back and with a mighty motion, thrust his fist into the ground. For a split second, nothing happened, but in a dazzling flash of light, a large expansion of light began to grow and cascade from the sky, before landing onto the ground and forming another explosion. This explosion grew large and wide, threatening to engulf all within its light. The attack was special though... Dente knew who his enemies were; he knew who his friends were; he knew who his family was. With the will to protect them all, this attack's only desire would be to destroy any and all that sought to harm his family and friends.

Fear: "This..."

They still held the power to resist this Fear.

Did they simply not care that their very child was gripped by the hand of Fear?

By the presence of death?


They were hiding something.

Something from their own Fear...

Something from each other...

Stage 5; Distrust.

What are they hiding...?

Hiding, even still...?

At the display off great strength by Dente, the light of his Crushing Force caused the very skies to quake, and the Crows to scatter at the display of such light. Witnessing the explosion of light, so too, a shadow cast up in the skies; an amorphous black mass formed in the skies from The Murder of crows, all flocking to the center of the moon, blocking out its unholy light. They took shape as, a gelatinous cloud, disgusting in nature, and grotesque in appearance. Eyes opened and closed, peering down at them from numerous sections of this cloud's form, just as crimson as the Crushing Force itself, marveling at its display. From its epicenter, a large, hideous mouth opened, and resting on its gray, ugly tongue was the dear, sweet Sanitas, nearly caged by the spiky rows of teeth after teeth after teeth...

Fear: "There is no escaping this fate... For this child..."

Stage 6; Anxiety.

It was growing faster... Faster... Ever faster... That Fear for their child's life, even in what they thought was will, actually Anxiety attacking... It already snatched Dente, who attempted so futilely to fight back. Yet, the way Anxiety attacks...

It is swift, drawing in all the force in one quite gasp.

It is effortless, condensing such force to the size of a pebble.

It is sudden, stripping all such willpower into utter blackness.

Like a heart attack, Dente would feel his very soul jerk with a sharp, intense pain.

Fear: 'It Beckons From Afar...'

Stage 7; Dread

Fear: 'It Comes... Lord Dread himself...'

Slender fingers wrapped around the pebble, as well as neck of the child, lurching out from the infinite blackness of the esophagus of the black cloud...

Eyes burning... The pebble returned to ash.

Piercing... Even through Elara's flames, it did not stop the Fear within her.

Chilling... Her flames would falter at her own Panic... Her own Anxiety... Distrust in her own power...

Fear... They would, in a flash-freeze, lose their color and their burning will, just as her ever so 'dearly' beloved's will. She would grow cold, as if her very soul had been extinguished...

But 'Lord Dread', he released a raspy, tired laugh that wafted uncomfortably through their unwelcoming ears, having fun watching them try to resist oh, so very much...

Lord Dread: "What a delicious looking specimen... To bring life back into these bones... Just wait until the good Doctor gets a hold of this precious, juicy life... It is almost as sweet... As the sensation of watching your dear parents suffer in their disorientation... They confuse their Fear... And deny it... And that only makes it... And you... All the more scrumptious~..."

And he licked his lips with a dry, cracked tongue...

Elara peered up his brilliant display of power and light aiming to save their wondrous child... But even that, in the end, had failed them. She knew the power of the foe they faced... She could not deny the fact that she had been panicking. She had gone through so much to bring Sanitas into this world unstained by the very force they fought now. She gripped her hands tight they shined with an intense focus of the 'Mura Force'... It had long since transcended the essence of being a flame. Yet it started to dwindle as the essence of dread started to extinguish her belief. She was afraid... She had lost so much... Just the thought of being taken from her child was excruciating in itself. She had to think... The fear started to take over her... Something the beast said before... Did she fear...? Did she understand...? Pondering over these thoughts, she looked to her love, Dente. Back to the skies, her child resting on the tongue of such a grotesque creature. Elara was at her wit's end... How would she be able to protect them... When she couldn't even save her own self..? All was lost...

Elara: "No..."

A faint whisper she let slide from between her lips. Looking back at Dente, her eyes began to shine brightly despite the force of the monochrome-like world around her. She could stand it no longer... This feeling of denial. She was indeed hiding something from Dente... She was hiding how she truly felt about all this. "Dente... I'm scared... I'm horrified!" she said, running towards him in a flash of her own majesty. She could keep it in no longer... This denial... This fear... She had to release it. One thing she knew from everything she went through and in finally realizing just who she was... Was that one should never deny any part of their self... To deny a part... Is to deny the whole. "We're sitting here pretending that it's going to be fine... That were not afraid that Sanitas could die... I refuse... To deny this fear any longer. It is just as of part of me as you and Sanitas. My love for you, Dente, cannot even be explained in words, and my desire to keep our child here in the realm of the living even magnifies that. But we have to accept the fact that fear is apart of us!" She gripped his broad shoulder, pulling him close as she stared into his eyes. This being in her mind was the purest manifestation of her fears made evident before her. "I... I fear that I may not be strong enough to protect those I love... I fear that I cannot control the purest form of manna that thrives within me... In other words... Dente, I fear that I'm not enough to be who I need to be!"

Tears rolled down her face... She had to come into terms with her fears... She had to admit to herself that she was indeed very fearful, yet she had to understand that the very fear was also a big part of her... "But even still... I... Despite just how afraid of all those things that I am... I can't sit back and watch my child be devoured in front of me... I cannot let that happen... I will not leave here today and someone be able to say that I stood there and watched my own flesh and blood be devoured and I myself did nothing to stop it!" she said, hugging his body tightly, pressing against hers. The intensifying violet light that was the Mura Force began to create something rather impressive. It began to shine brightly with light, yes... But it was no ordinary light. It was Elara's own resolve and love starting to manifest on the ethereal plane. It was coming into reality as a thriving force. She accepted the fact that she was afraid and fear was a part of her... And she would use that very same fear that sought to consume her to power herself and push her even further.

"But... I need you here with me... I need your help to do this... It is not my burden alone... I have chosen to never run away from my duties again... To trust others as well... I have open to you and Sanitas the deepest reaches of my heart, and thus... My burdens have become yours, and vice vera... Come... Let us show and prove that even Reservation, Worry, Panic, Distrust, Anxiety, or even Dread cannot circumvent the power that streams from a mother and father's love for not only each other, but their child!" At this point, Elara's manna was starting to completely consume the area. The once monochrome scenery was starting to gain, not it's natural luster, but the mystical violet light of the intensity of Elara's love made manifest by the Murasaki Force bathing the area. It was Elara's will in the most purest of form. Alternating the very essence of reality to bring about the evolution she so sought... But she still needed a hand. Even with this powerful surplus of manna force she now wielded, she still needed the other symmetrical side to her belief... Her stance now was facing the creature who held their child... She had a plan... She knew what needed to be done... But she need his support... Not in his raw strength... But she needed his spirit to be able to pulls this off. She needed him to accept the things she accepted... To accept this fear and to embrace it... And use it to evolve just as she had. "Dente... My love... Trust me."

Dente: "URK!?"

He felt the tug on his soul after his release of power. Dente was close to falling onto his knees, but stopped mid-fall. Elara running her way towards him kept him in check; kept him in balance; kept him in the right. Wincing in pain, but keeping his eyes on the enemy, -- the one who held his daughter in his mouth -- Dente listened closely to Elara's own words. He didn't smile; his mouth and body made no movement. "Who's pretending? I know what's at stake here. Sure, I'm scared. Who wouldn't be? I'll accept the fact I'm scared, hell maybe even a little nervous. But who should really be scared here -- us, or our little bundle of joy? We brought her into this world only for her to find her way into the maw of that thing. I'll accept my fear, but I won't let it deter me from my one mission," Dente would say, rising up back into his 'Wolf Style' stance once more. His eyes looked over to Elara, and he shot her a smile. If Elara were to look closely, she would see several beads of sweat rolling down his cheeks, similar to how Elara's tears roll down her cheeks. "You're only as strong as you make yourself sound. I know you; I know you're much stronger than this, if not strong enough to save our daughter!" His eyes flared up once more, and that's when he was hugged closely and tightly to Elara. He returned the embrace, but even stronger. His own strength began to meld with hers and he smiled once more. Dente took several deep breaths as he felt the surging energies. With hope, love, and power, Dente felt that they would be able to pull this off, despite the fear that was trying to bring them down. "You're such a silly woman... I've always given you my full trust..." he'd say smiling and pulling her even closer.

As the two parents so lovingly feared for their child's very life, Lord Dread could do nothing for them at this point...

Nothing but...

Release the child.

Lord Dread: "... Take her."

As if a sudden twist -- a reversal, even -- the great Lord Dread's body would revitalize, sharing his essence with dear little Sanitas...

And no harm would come to their child.

Stage 8; Horror.

Appearing right before both Dente and Elara -- who were scared out of their wits -- he would bow solemnly, a rather grim expression upon his face.

Lord Dread: "I see now the purity in the souls of you three. Many apologies for my experimentation. I... Well, I work through the lines of Fear to bring out the greatness and potential in others. My methods are... Unorthodox. Many pardons."

The true heritage of a Grim shone bright in the dark soul...This was where his Grim nature was... Khrona... All Grims were relatives, and his Grim; a Doctor. One that specializes in Fear.

'Dr. Horrible'.

Grimnyzmal. Grimlock. Grimro. Grimnis. Even Grim himself.
After such an apology, he would reveal himself to be the great 'Lord Of Terror'...

Stage 9; Terror

Allsgrim; Essence of all Grims.

Allsgrim: "I really must apologize again... Much like my children, I never truly mean any harm... We are kind, refined and regal. It is merely our methodology that is not welcomed here. Such was the untimely end of my great children's past... Who, in turn, are also my brothers. My fathers. My relatives."

He chuckled, yet again. It just tickled him so, this entire situation.
Though, this was not the end of his news...

Allsgrim: "Ah, before I continue further, let me first return your precious child..."

A gentle thither of the hand, and the child would come hither from the mouth of the monstrosity and into his arms, cradled there soothingly. The Cloud Of Darkness would disperse from its grotesque form, and return to the Lord Of Terror as his very flesh, which seemed to have the property to consume all it touched. Not unlike a certain resident psychopath we know... Absorption...

Soon after, he would clear his throat, and stroke his chin, the bright singularity peering from the darkness of his socket, and oh so seriously into the eyes of the other two. "... The 'Night Of Tensei' surely has begun... And that does end with someone having to die... I find it ever so humorous that you would appear here, of all places, in fact! For my target is, none other than... The new Grand Magistrate herself. Zita L'sia." Though this woman was family, she was... Tainted. Willingly misusing the power of the Lich for her own selfishness... Twas why he was here, and why after he, 'Fear The Reaper' would appear to reap that part of her soul and send her to Hell to atone...

And perhaps finally, back at Allsgrim Manor...

Those Lovers could finally be at peace with each other...

If only for a little while...

Until the next threat showed her face...

And, Allsgrim knew just who the target was...

Allsgrim: "Sigh."

Why must everything and their momma stand in the way of the love of those two?

"And so it shall be." The massive amount of manna Elara was building together in preparation for her 'Planetary Invocation' was about to be utilized with the utmost fortitude and respect, in terms of completely and utterly eviscerating the force that sought to consume their child. With Dente's love and compassion fueling her, she would not be made to totter. Even Sanitas, though not within her reach, would be helping her other as she prepped to unleash a potent mystical force unlike that which has been seen in quite sometime... But that all came to a sudden stop. "Huh?" she perked with quite the blank expression, as she had just whipped up this awesome and disastrous mystical force to protect her child when the creature above merely said to take her? She thought it a game at first until the explained events happened. She was not upset as the creature apologized and would condense the massive amount of manna into a single pebble before it faded from existence. She felt a drain on her -- a fatigue, of sorts -- as she withdrew the manna she prepared. She was not upset, for she knew the underlying lesson that he sought to teach her and in the end, through his strange methods, had brought them even closer. She grasped her child, filling her soul, and she let out a sigh of relief. She smiled at Dente as she tickled Sanitas' cheeks, making the child laugh. "Though it was a frightening experience, we have benefited from it... For that, I thank you... So yeah, no harm done," she said with a cutesy like smile. That smile though quickly turned into a frown of sorts... He said something most disturbing about someone relativity close to Elara... He had to kill Zita? Why? What had she done? Elara had to investigate... And also, what of her trial? Was this her 'Witch Trial', or some weird twist of fate? "What? Wait, what has Zita done? Has she been overcome with her insanity?" Elara needed to know just what the hell was going on around her. Sanitas could feel her mother's worries and sought to comfort her by smiling... But it did very little to sate her, curiously. Zita was like a mother to Elara, so she would want to know just what had been occurring with her as of late.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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As the curtain of manna was pulled from Dente and Elara, Dente would find himself continuing the embrace with his precious 'Conjux'. Opening his eyes, Dente felt a powerful force reveal itself. Turning to look at the man who looked rather grimly, Dente didn't feel angry. Strangely enough, he felt that he had actually accomplished something. Sanitas was returned, who was rather calm through it all. She rested safely in her mother's arms, while he listened to the man's words. "Very unorthodox methods.... But nonetheless effective..." Dente would say as he continued to listen. This man gave him a bad feeling still, but something told him to at least hear him out. Dente's scowl was still ever present, but he didn't mean any hostility. A certain ding in the conversation made him chime in once more. "Zita? Why does that name seem... Sorta familiar?" he'd ask, remembering someone's name. It was something relatively close to that... Chita, wasn't it? They couldn't have been related, but their names were so close sounding. Chita and Zita -- imagine those two being related? In any case, Dente didn't have much input or insight on this situation, so he'd let Elara ask the questions, seeing how grave the news got to her. Walking over to his beloved Conjux and daughter, he'd put his arm around her, and use another hand to tend to his daughter.

When all seemed finally well outside of Castle L'sia, and all feelings were being sorted out... The Lich reared her ugly head, summoned by Zita herself. She appeared right before Allsgrim, with eyes burning with the might of evil. "... I can't believe it. Even after all of this, you still are going to come after me...?" This Lich had finally found a host suitable and worthy of her power, and Khrona was here to fuck it up... Always. Khrona always did this... "... It's because you ignored her, you know. Everyone ignored Zita... Except for me... And now that I've got a good grip on her, and she on me... You just want to destroy us..." The Lich bore her scythe, as she too was a scythe master, like Khrona. She was going to get right to business here and now. "I'm not letting you take her. Nor me. Khrona..."

Hearing out Elara and Dente, Allsgrim was quite pleased that they were now back to normality... However, it was about time to finish something that was started so long ago that never was... "Zita is indeed Chita's mother. She's not been afflicted with Insanity, but... The Lich. And, as such..." The Lich appeared, and all too soon, Allsgrim was prepared for this fight. "Only 'Fear The Reaper' can stop the Lich."

Stage 10; Fear.

From his elegant ebony wings sprouted the bones that shaped them, grotesque and malformed, like spears of utter horridness. His form would change to something more suitable for the occasion, as a scythe blade took shape from the essence of blackness that was his 'skin,' which made the Cloud Of Darkness before. "Alright, let's get this show on the road. I don't have any time for games, Lich. You're coming with me. Because Death can't stop you. I am aware of that. Fear can, however."

His form was completed...

Fear The Reaper.

He didn't look nor sound like anything to be feared, in actuality... So why was this guy called 'Fear The Reaper'? Especially if he was Fear itself? Hm. Guess it's just time to find out.

???: "... Chance..."

A glimmer from the skies, like a star shining brighter than the sun, plummeting down from space.

???: "You're not getting away... With what you did..."

She was talking about, none other than the Lich.

Chita: "Fucking Lich... What have you done to my mother...? To everyone...?! I'm gonna... I'm gonna...!!!"

Chita had been doing this for FAR too long... Waiting and waiting and waiting for the right moment to strike once and for all... At the blazing speeds she was going, she was going to do anything to save her... This time. She wasn't going to let it go on anymore. 'No one can understand how I love people... No one. Because I love them so much, I'll do anything... Anything... To save everyone I fucking love... I don't care if they don't understand... I don't care if they can't see it... Accuse me... Even leave me behind... Because at the end of the day, no matter what... At least they're safe.' She was finally going to use it. The power of the Void to seal away the Lich once and for all, and never let it touch anyone with its evil grip. Not even her mother thought she loved her... Her own mother. Alex Star didn't think so. Her family. Her friends. Just because of the way she showed it.


Chita: 'It's as big... As the Void itself... And I'll seal it all away... I don't have a purpose in this life, except to help the ones I love...'

And a tear fell from Chita's face; the only thing not burning to bits in her 'Hypernova Ignition'. That was because... It was made of Crystal, too.

Chita: 'I don't understand why people don't get my love... But that's not love. They just don't understand. That love is ALWAYS being there... Being able to do ANYTHING for ANYONE... NO MATTER WHAT!!!'

Her skin burnt to a crisp; a physical form no long able to be sustained from the amount of pure and utter burning rage in her heart. Rage... Because it just pissed her off how STUPID EVERYONE WAS!!! STUPID AND BLIND!!!

So she made impact.


She was a ticking time bomb, ready to explode with all the love and emotion she had. And so, if it would make everyone feel better... She'd take it all into the Void. Castle L'sia, the Lich, Khrona's Fear... Hell, even herself. They were all doing nothing but making the ones she loved suffered. She was aware of the cosmos... Even beyond this plane of existence. And if that one was being destroyed because of her... Then so be it. 'No one has to suffer anymore... Except for me... Into the Void... Everything. So, the resulting explosion was pure and utterly black, though coated with a layer of greenness... The 'Sealing Force'. The Lich, Zita, Chita, Elara, Dente, Sanitas, Fear The Reaper... All of them were going to be trapped there, and none of them would leave until everything was resolved. "You guys are not gonna hurt yourselves anymore... On any plane of existence. I'll make sure of that. That's how big my love is." ... This is what she's been hiding. Her feelings. They were too big and abysmal for anyone to take... So she could never show them again... That much had already been proven.

Elara listened ever so intently to Grim... But just what did he mean by the 'Lich'? She could understand it not... Was this 'Lich' some how tied to Zita, and if so, what had it done? Just as she perched her lips to ask her flurry of question, suddenly Allsgrim began to change form. Before her came forth Fear The Reaper. She could sense the great power within him and took a step back. Then in what seemed like an instant, before her, what he had described as being the Lich, came forth. So soon had this all happened, yet... Another came forth. Elara looked to the skies, feeling the ever so familiar feel of Chita's manna essence... Though, now it was more seasoned... More matured. Elara held fast to her child as all the energies were unleashed, cradling the pup. "Just what is going on here?" She was confused and unable to comprehend everything that was going on. Chita came in and voided everyone within the void itself. They now stood within the black abyss-like space. Elara stepped back once more... She wanted to know how this was going to play out... She wanted answers, and someone better start telling her. She, though, as she prepared to ask a question, was overcome by a powerful swarm of emotions... They... They were Chita's emotions... Her longing to relay just how much she truly loved people, but how gravely she had been misunderstood by everyone because her methods of showing affection were... Well, different from most. It had caused her so much pain... Such a deep longing to be loved the way she loved others.... That was a feeling Elara knew very well. "Chita..." Elara held fast to Sanitas, making sure she kept her safe... Elara though was contemplating something... She looked to Dente, her love, with quite the serious gaze. That gaze alone would relay the message of stay on guard and keep and eye out for them... And she would do that same.

Alex's emotions were a lie to all, he knew where Chita went. Because she was going to screw up his plans... To take the Lich for himself. Now that Chita was going to kill her mother, he had to stop her from doing so. But as he teleported to the scene that was the Mansion... There was nothing there. This had to be a mistake, because he knew that she had to be here. He could feel her aura, but it was faint... He knew this as the Void. He felt his mind start to work like wheels turning, before he knew what happened. The stupid woman used her power to send herself somewhere along with the home. He didn't know what to do, but he knew that if he found a way to get there, he would destroy everyone in there, regardless of what may be the consequences. He was tired of all this and decided that he would do something that he should never do. Care.

Dente was trapped within the black abyss along with everyone else. Sanitas and Elara were on his mind, turning over to them, and meeting Elara's stern gaze, Dente could tell what she wanted him to do. He nodded. Looking, feeling, and listening to what Chita had to say, Dente couldn't help but feel to understand those words. He looked down, and realized how much he really didn't know about her, how much he didn't interact with her. Now she thinks of him as one of the same. The same who misunderstood her, when in reality, he understood her quite well. He took a step forward. Its not that he wanted to clear his name or anything like that, but he wanted her to know that there were others out there who really understood her. "Man... Never thought I'd feel such a surge of energy again. Seems like things keep occurring and occurring. Whatever, it makes things more interesting, don't you think?" he asked, breaking the ice. Dente knew how volatile this situation was, and wouldn't beat around the bush as much. Placing his hands into his pockets, Dente stood firm, and took several deep breaths to calm himself from all of the emotions, before speaking again.

"Yeah, a lot of people misunderstand you, it happens. Not everyone is like that though. I can feel it. Those feelings of being misunderstood, of bottling things up. You know, its hard work... Keeping them all bottled like that. You must have been suffering, and now you're going to prove yourself. That's the way how I see it, anyways." Dente smiled and chuckled a bit. Geez this situation was so much similar to one he had some time ago. "No more fighting... All of it resolved... Makes sense? All of this is coming at you in bulk must have really been a lot, right? I know I have no right to talk, only because we haven't really interacted all that much before, but I can say that I've felt similar. Maybe not all the same, but very similar. I just want you to know that there are people here and out there who understand you, despite how much you think you're understood. I can assure you I understand you." He looked back to see Elara and Sanitas. He'd merely smile at the two, but mostly to Elara, who he knew actually felt the same.

The tasty vessels before her all looked like mighty fine new pawns... With Zita and the Lich working together, there was no way to stop them from getting whatever they wanted. "Even Fear itself cannot stop one that has nothing left to fear... Death is LONG beyond me, Reaper!" Scoping out her prey once more, she swung her scythe back, prepared to cleave everything in her wake in two and reap every soul that would come from it, but her plans were quickly halted by the blazing bolt of burning energy that was Zita's little bratty daughter, Chita. "Oh... The Grand Magistrate's precious little daughter..." What a soul it was to even think about consuming... It was filled with all type of juicy magic and powers from both Zita and Valerio. It was a great steal. "Come to me, my pretty..." But, before she knew it, the land was washed over in a big, black mass of nothingness upon Chita's impact... A void... No... THE Void. "... Ancient evil such as The Void being presented by someone of this generation? Who would have thought that such a power would have been kept in the family..." She took a look at her new surroundings, finding that all her targets from before were now trapped in this infinite space. There was nothing keeping them from being swallowed up whole. "... Souls... Come unto me!!" She raised her scythe to the black abyss above, taking a grand vertical swipe in the skies, and a huge tear in the shape of a mouth formed from the ripping trail, where a variety of souls had seemingly been stored. The shared stomach of both Zita and the Lich -- where these one thousand three hundred pure souls resided. A quick vacuous gulp threatened to physically rip out every single soul in the vicinity, and take them straight into the belly of the two parasitic women. She was especially ready to taste that delicious soul of Chita and Fear the Reaper... She could only wonder what great powers would be in store if she had those under her belt...

Though Fear was prepared for the encounter with the Lich, he was nowhere near prepared for what was to come afterward... The Void. "Wow. Just kinda... Came out of nowhere with that one, didn'tcha, Chita? Haha, get it? Out of 'nowhere'? The Void?" He looked around as if desperately beckoning laughter, only to have no avail in the matter as the skies once black were washed over with nothingness now. Poking out his skeletal lips in cute disappointment, Fear crossed his arms gruffly. "No one understands my morose humor..."


It wasn't too long before the Lich found out a way to use this to her advantage, but all too quickly, the Lich had already met her doom simply from allowing herself to be caught in The Void. When the tear that held those souls appeared, Fear rose his scythe in the air as well, a grim smirk cracking across his stale, white face. "You didn't even think this one through. You know what my element is? Darkness. You know what The Void is? Absence of everything. You know what the absence of light is...?" His smile grew wide, and so too his face, grotesque and terrifying in nature, calling for the power of the Void itself down to the blade of his scythe. The darkness made contact, resembling a violent stream of bending black energy connecting the sky and the scythe, bearing witness to the knowledge that the scythe and the Void were one and the same now. "Darkness~...!" A clean, sure, fell, single swipe of his scythe drew in every last soul from the rip, siphoning all of the Lich's souls and the Lich herself. There was nowhere for her to run nor hide, since this entire place was the Void; the blade was GOING to find her and it was GOING to smite her, no matter what she did. It was surely why the famed power of The Void was so legendary in planet's history. There wasn't much you could do about it once you got there. Taking in everything into the Void, the threat was... More than easily taken care of, and everyone else was safe. "Heh heh. Nice save, Chita. You can take down the Void now and do what you will with the Lich." His scythe blade returned to normal, returning to his body as if skin, and his wings would retract back into himself, as well. Turning to Dente and Elara, Fear smiled at them, then looked at their baby. "Sanitas alright? What about you two?"

After the impact, Chita's body stood smoldering in the ground, steam rising from her barely visible entirety, the Void's expansion over the area secure. When it was, she heard Dente speak to her and turned around to give an ear to listen... His words were kind, soft and true, and she was more than happy to have heard something like that from him. She smirked cockily, as she always did... "Yeah, I hear ya. But that's why I never get too close to anyone. I'm just too fucking complicated for anyone to understand." She laughed at her own explanation, more content than ever being such a... Well... Loner. To walk the path of the misunderstood, shunned by the masses, and too complex for the simple. But, she liked it. She liked it a lot. "Yeah, I'd rather keep my associates kinda tight knit though. I hate it when too many people are around me... They all just want me for my power, anyway." She scoffed, turning her head to see what all the noise was going on over yonder. Apparently, the Lich had been slain, or something. "... Oh crap. She's dead already? Damn, that was fast as hell." And here she was thinking that this was gonna be some huge epic battle of epic proportions. Not in the slightest. "Well, guess I oughta take down the Void now, huh...?" She raised her hand and gripped it tight, causing the blackness around them to shatter and fade away back to the nothing that it was in the first place. There, back on the outside, everything was just how it was before the little scuffle started... Seems as though both Fear and Chita's powers hadn't actually done any physical damage to anything, which was good. But there was another face out here... A new one that she hadn't seen here the first time... "... The fuck? Alex? What are YOU doing here?"

Alex just looked at Chita and just rolled his eyes at her. She was always getting in his way and that pissed him off to no end. Waiting around to do something, he came up with a plan for it. Really, it was just something he should do from a long time ago, being a new Alex and all that trash, so here he goes. "I want my damn Lich. I've fought for that thing, so give it back to me. Please." It was the only thing he could say to her; he was going to take it by asking, or even by force from her, because it was his Summon from now on. He wasn't even kidding around this time at all. His eyes narrowed at her, waiting for a response.

Chita scratched the back of her head, glazed eyes rolling toward the clearly pissed off Alex Star. She didn't look all too enthused to see him, but... Then again, she never really was. "What? The fucking Lich? Why in fuck's sake would you want that evil-- Ugh, fine. Whatever. I guess if you want it that bad..." Extending a closed fist to Alex, she opened her hand to reveal a tiny black marble. A small piece of the Void where the Lich was now forever contained. He narrowed his eyes and she narrowed hers... This was the kind of relationship they had for one another. She thought of him like a little brother... Sibling rivalry. "Then gooooo GET IT!!!!" With her other hand, she quickly flicked the marble clear across 'The Dawn' to somewhere unknown, placing a hand on her forehead to see just where it was going to land... It was out of view in seconds. "Hahahahahaha!! Looks like you've got another mission ahead of you, huh? AHAHAHA!" Well, at least he could do it in peace... Where there was no one around to fuck him up. Wherever that Lich landed, he was going to have a hell of a time finding it... But, for Alex, the reward would be that much greater. Chita simply smirked at him... A contemptuous smirk, nonetheless, but one that expressed still how much she cared. "... When you go, don't be a stranger. I hate coming to find you when I wanna do something with you. Tch."

Elara's eyes were wide as it all occurred; the powerful creature who had Zita was silenced and everything had finally returned to normal. Elara still held fast to her daughter, tickling her little sides as she smiled at her mother. "Chita it's been a while... How have you been?" She hadn't seen her since she was sent to destroy the 'Deadgirl', but since that had been done already, Elara had done quite a bit of growing since that time. This all had such a warming tune to it. All's well that ends well, right? Wrong. "I'd hate to be that gal, but did that count as my Witch Trial?" After all that is why she, Dente, and even little Sanitas had come here. And after such a rigorous ordeal like the one they had endured, she figured that could be counted as one... After all, it showed just how much she had grown, and the intense love she, Dente, and Sanitas had for one another.

Dente groaned, closed his eyes, squeezed the upper bridge of his nose, then stretched. After that big ass ordeal, the Lich was soundly defeated without much problem. That's good, real good. At the same time, Dente was also able to sort of comfort Chita, also good. If this WERE the Witch Trial, that was another good. Lastly, Alex Star is here, that is bad. He wanted the remains of the Lich badly. Why on earth would want such a horrible thing? He watched as both Chita and Alex were... Fighting? Over such a small orb, which Chita then threw to the ends of the planet. "..." There wasn't much to be said by Dente. However, he had to take a look at Fear The Reaper again since he did ask how they were holding up. Looking over his shoulder, then making his way towards the two, Sanitas was all giggly and holding her arms out to her father. He promptly, but gently, picked up Sanitas and started to cradle her. Elara seemed fine, and Dente was Dente. "We're good. You made quick work of that Lich. Wonder if I could ever do that one day, haha!" He laughed at the thought. Maybe one day. After all, if this was the Trial, Dente felt the unlocking of a new power. In fact, ever sense he used that wicked explosion, his eyes remained glowing; something he didn't notice. Sanitas, however, continued looking. Entranced by the glow, she tried to grab at his eyes.

Alex just looked at Chita with a frown; he didn't like her tone at all. What she saw was all just a lie to him, it did fucking matter to him. He wanted her to see him for more then her stupid mindset for him. He just ignored her words that really just irked him; he didn't know what to do with her. Then she sent the Lich away from him... He just smiled at her, thinking that she was being so adorable and trying to tell him something. She was always hinting at something to him -- he wondered why. So he decided to do his work and try to find out. "You're coming with me, then. Since you owe me that much for saving your life. And your apparent feelings for always wanting to be with me." It was all he could say to her... 'Now, where the hell is the Lich now?' He didn't want to do another mission; he had already done this before and before. He grew tired of her playing around because he wasn't anymore -- he was growing up more than her right now.

In all of this, it seemed like Fear was the only one that wasn't really... Content with what was going on. All the words exchanged here were kinda making this guy upset... Especially since he was one of Khrona's negative emotions. "... Sad to say, I'm kinda upset with you all. And I'm gonna tell you the answers to your problems right now. First, Elara." He pointed to her, eyes without expression, yet clear with disdain for the situation. "That wasn't a Witch Trial. A Witch is the only one who can administer those. None of us here are Witches. Except Chita. Maybe you should ask her." Next, he pointed to Dente. "... If you don't want to fear for your child's life, maybe you should go somewhere... Safe with that baby? Hm?" And so, on to Chita... "... Quit tormenting that boy already and just tell him that you're a lesbian. It's starting to get disgusting to watch this display. I know you like to play games, but damn. " He shook his head, finally pointing to Alex. "... And you. You would express how you want the Lich to be yours RIGHT in front of the person who just SMITED the Lich BECAUSE of its evil? Are you just... Dumb? Hell, I'm so tired of all of you, I have half a mind to kill every single one of you. And no, I'm not above it." He lowered his arm now and pulled it to, crossing over the other one and furrowing his skeletal brow. "Seriously. I'll just be after you the moment you find it and, well. Kill you. Mercilessly. I do not have any mercy. I am not that emotion. I am Fear meaning I don't give a SINGLE fuck. So Alex, I wanna give you an ultimatum..." Fear The Reaper plucked his skin-like darkness from himself once more, forming it into his scythe just like the first time. "Do you... Want to die now, or when you get the Lich?"

"Well. Looks like the party's over, kids." Fear The Reaper wasn't playing around, it seemed, and Chita was actually getting kind of irritated herself. She didn't particularly want to go with Alex right now... Only when he was in a more, well, less love-dazed state of mind. When he could actually think a little more clearly about what exactly he was doing and what everything meant, and not just how he wanted Chita. "... Yeah, I'm a lesbian. The skeleton-man is right. I like chicks, stone cold. In fact, I gotta pay that hot redhead Nurse a visit again... Maybe she can fix up more than just my monsters. Heh." She threw both her hands behind her head, locking them in place as she averted her gaze from Alex and on to Elara, who was still whining and complaining about getting shit she wanted, too... Hell, everyone just liked to whine and complain in their own special way. It was making Chita sick to her stomach. Fucking wretch. "Yo, I'll stay with you, ya little whiny brat. You may have changed a lot, but you didn't change that. I could surely let out a lot of... Pent up frustration on someone, ya know? Ready for a fucking fist to the face?" Chita smirked, ohhhh, so very ecstatic for this one... She'd been waiting to punch Elara in the face ever since she MET her. "Let's go. Official Witch Trial. Now that I'm done beating up on Alex... It's time to kick your annoying ass, too." She loved to beat up the people she thought were just so fucking annoying. It was her faaaavorite way to let out her frustration!

Dente: "Looks like it."

Dente looked down towards Sanitas, who herself was frowning at the words of Fear The Reaper. Dente wasn't really sweating it, because he knew the man was right in so many ways. He then looked to Elara and raised an eyebrow at her. He did this for two reasons. One reason was because he had a discussion with Elara about this prior to the events, second reason was because she was going to go toe-to-toe with Chita. Something he wished he could see.

Dente: "I'll try sending a clone, love. Any case, I have to jet, don't want things getting any more out of hand than they already are."

He bowed before all of them, even Alex. Afterwards, he'd wave Sanitas' hand to them, before making wings out of his red wind, and attaching them to his back. Dente would then take flight, and head off with baby Sanitas somewhere safe.

"..." Elara was silent even through Fear's stupid and ignorant speech... He knew nothing about Elara nor what she had endured all the way up to this point... Then again, they had never interacted prior to today and the task he put them through. Regardless, she didn't even give Chita a response as she handed her child to her father. In that very moment of her doing so, her body was already aglow with her flames. Purple, violet, dark machinations of those colors swarmed around her beautifully... As if the flames themselves danced around her curvaceous frame. Her eye narrowed towards Chita. She had been waiting for this day... The day that she finally proved to Chita that she wasn't a waste a space. The day she could finally rub her growth in Chita's annoying butch queen face! "Ready when you are..." That's all she said... That's all that needed to be stated as she nodded to Dente when he flew off. Elara was focused, determined... After going through that ordeal with her child and realizing her greatest fear and actually having lived through it, there was nothing else that frightened her... Not even Chita and her ignorant words. Elara was ready... The legendary 'Tiger Fangs' claws would then manifest around her hands. And what was more, around her feet. She had done quite the growing and had assimilated their manna into her own... This was the first of many things she had learned about her manna... And herself. And now... Was the time to show off, finally! She would not leave this place a Witchling... Not a little girl. But a fully matured woman!

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 34: To Become Firmly Established; A Bond Of Eternity Formed. Pt. II


She poofed in, and just like that, everything halted. The Friday the Thirteenth Fairy was here, and she was prepared to capture her father's rampaging emotions! Yay!

"Okay, Fear... You're already done! So, you're coming with me!"

On the Lost weapon, Rei, she would shank Fear right through the chest, piling him atop the body of Love, which she just so happened to not even a half an instant ago, retrieve from the ceremony of Maze and Sadako.

"You don't have a choice in the matter cuz I said so, and I'm consciousness! These emotions are part of your consciousness daddy, so as long as you don't have control over them, I've gotta pick em up!"

They were just randomly messing with people for their own development, weren't they? But at the end of it, everyone always seemed to get something much better than they asked for from it. But it didn't really matter here...

"... Hmm... I'm bored of thinking about this. Byebee!~"

Without much word to anyone else, she got ready to depart. She waved at Chita, her big cousin, and gave the V symbol with her fingers again.

"Remember, guys, this never happened~!"

Gone in a half an instant...

"... Well that was weird."

In reference to Trinity, that is. She had never met her cousin before, so seeing her appear like that and then just warp away was really... Very awkward. But, she shrugged her shoulders and continued on with the REAL business... This Witch Trial.

"Alright, whiny bitch... Show me what you've GOT!!"

She ran in, fist cocked, eyes locked on her target. She noticed those gauntlets equipped to her... The Legendary Tiger Fangs. She was... Sorta jealous, actually, and might wanna have her magic gauntlets take that form later on. It'd be a special memento of Elara. At least, that's what she'd like to think about it, she didn't know how Elara would feel... Maybe she'd get pissy and whiny like Alex. Bleck.

Anyway, when she got in close, she would launch her fist at Elara's face like a lightning-charged piston, ready to blow her head off right from the getgo. She wasn't playing around; she really did NOT like this girl, and would try her DAMNEDEST to beat her ass to a bloody pulp!

Something was very wrong in him now, he just stood quiet while this went on. He didn't believe anything at all, he was just going with the flow of things now. And his emotions were very clear right now. He was PISSED, all the emotions were flowing right through him. Looking at his fist now, it was shaking violently and soon watched as she ignored him. But he knew that he had to do more, to get her to understand him was to play at her own game.

When she came at Elara, he pushed off the ground at top speed. Blinding even, no far more then that, that was how Frustrated he was. He appeared at her side with his Fist cocked back as he unleashed Hell upon her with this souped up punch. The Punch crackling Pink energy that fully engulfed his arm, aiming to give her what she always gave him straight to her face. The blow so powerful that it would knock the sense into her, he finally learned something about himself.......letting out your Anger is good.

" I owe you this Knuckle Simmich, ON THE HOUSE!! "

She was ready her flames ravaging around her in a glorious display of beauty and power. Just as she prepped herself to counter Chita's Punch this Alex star had come and interruptions her trial...OH NO! There would be NO further interruptions WHATEVER his PERSONAL issues with her were they were going to have to wait...this was HER time and she would NOT be denied this any further. And so...


The wondrous Cosmic Flames would suddenly become a dense substance that would Spread across the entire area. It would be in that moment that Time itself Froze around them. Elara magic was magic i it's purest form now and could manifest itself in ways that were in alignment with elara's will and desire...and as of now that was that this all came to a halt. With time frozen a Portal would be ripped from under Alex start Sucking him in with he force of a minuter black hole sending him on his marry away somewhere faaar across vescrutia. This was something similar to what chita had done to Elara when she blasted her form the witch mass. When and If he was gone Time would revert back to it's normal stage but not before elara took to the Skies. A Orb of Murasaki Formed within her palms and from it Fang shaped fireballs rained in impressive numbers. Carrying the essence of the Tiger fangs with them they would ravage the area with their impressive ability and insanely hot temperatures.

With Elara in her sight, and her fist the torpedo locked to her pretty little face, Chita was prepared to beat the dog shit out of her in just a single blow... When suddenly, out of absolutely nowhere, a speeding bullet shot right past her and into the fray, leaving her in the tailwind of confusion.


That pink aura... Alex?

"Looks like the kid finally grew a pair. Heh heh..."

But all pride aside, he was showing some initiative that he wanted to do something for once, and what he wanted to do was the same thing that Chita wanted to do, apparently... Beat the dog shit out of Elara. Hmhm... Hmhmmhm... Things were about to get very interesting.

"Interruptions!? Who in the hell said anything about that!?"

Vision of Chita blurred, as she seemed to have faded away once again, Voiding herself out. When she appeared, she was right beside Alex with his fist cocked back just like hers, a sinister smirk and an unbridled insanity of rage burning within her gleaming green eyes.

Instead of a fist, her palm was completely open, and her gauntlets were pushing back everything Elara was doing just by being opened. She started to slowly close her hand, and simultaneously, a powerful force compacted those flames that were trying so desperately to spread across the arena. The portal that tried to form would be sucked into something more black, more powerful, and with a suction far more abysmal than any mere black hole

The Void...

"Sealing Voidforce..."

She clenched her fist tight and absolutely, puling all of the flames in the immediate area into her fist, and then, into nothingness. They were gone and so were the powers they tried to harness.

"I'm the one giving you this goddamn test, whiny bitch! So I'm the one that says what goes!! NOT YOU!!"

With that done, she'd be halted in place by Chita's power, unable to take to the skies for any reason because of such bullshittery she had committed. Chita absolutely hated such things, and Elara had to pay for it. She lowered her fist now, opening it to reveal a tiny orb similar to the one she used to capture the great force known as The Lich. The same such thing had happened to Elara's power, leaving a big HUGE opening for Alex to smack her square in the face.

"Remember who your goddamn opponent is!! He's just here to have a little fun and let off som steam! So, that said... All yours, Al!!"

Elara wasn't going aaaanywhere until she got creased right in the face. Punishment for not paying FUCKING attention to her actual proctor. She needed a good chin-check anyway... She seemed to be thinking she was getting a little to big for her britches. And that's where Chita came in to knock her down a few pegs. She did it to her mom far too many times, and she would not hesitate to do it to anyone. Friend, family or foe.

He was about to Rain Hell as she tried the Shit she did. He was being far from it now, but he was utterly pissed with her. His Fist had cocked back, now aiming at her with something else charged. A small Pink ball of energy in his hand, but this time it turned black within his hand. Starting to spin into a whole another structure before it grew to cover his Punch. Creating a Gravity within his own hand that drew her in, even stronger then her own small black hole.

" Neutron Collision!!!! "

If the punch would land, it was stronger, heavier, and deadly because it was more mass then the sun itself. About three times more then it was already, he was just that pissed with her for trying to stop him with that shit. Anything that would try to come in to block, would be drawed into his Gravitational pull of his punch, so all results would be bad for whoever would get this. This was really a blow that would tear the very existence of a person without remorse at all. Quick and clean, and painless. Death was the very outcome.

Elara Didn't even shed a tear for the Sealing of her Flames she was very aware of chita's power and would not allow herself to succumb to even this. They might have held the ability to void her flames but not her...seeing as how the Power didn't touch her. And SO she was free to move about how she wanted. Thus Alex would be swinging about at nothing that super charged punch would miss her entirely being that she was in fact in the skies as stated. She honestly didn't know WHAT ALEX HAD TO DO WITH ANYTHING! But she didn't question it. Chita's words at this point meant nothing to Elara...Elara obviously had appreciate their bond faaar more than Chita did which was fine with her. She had others to worry about besides chita's petty /silly thoughts of who elara was or what she was about. Elara had a Husband and a Child...and those were the only thoughts she truly cared for thus that is what pushed her to continuing in this Fight!

Regardless the Mura force Surrounded her Body once more. She didn't have many methods of combating these two seeing as how they were just bullshitting their way through all this. This time though her Flames were deeply impacted by elara current feelings. The insanity within her that she had recently mastered would start to meld within her flames. These WFOI Flames stared to coagulate into a dual mass of destruction.

The Mura paw Spell...

It had grown greatly with elara's rise in both power and self Realization,thus the Twin Paws of Chaos Came down upon the two with great Force aiming to toss them into Oblivion with it's might. The area itself would heat up drastically just from these flames existing as the moisture itself started to evaporate and then themselves become void from the area around the Castle. Elara herself was Diligent watching the two of them carefully. She wasn't going down without a fight...

Though the flames of Murasaki were nixed by the might of the Sealing Voidforce, beyond Chita's knowledge, she hadn't actually confined Elara, as those flames did not seem to be directly attached, as she so thought before. So, she watched Elara shoot straight to the skies, and Alex most likely miss his target.

"Tch... Cheeky little bitch..."

Her hand twinged a bit, bits of the Murasaki Flame being contained within the Void stinging her just a bit, causing her hand te recoil. She shook her wrist a bit at the little stinging pain, eyes still focused on Elara...

"I guess I'm not all that good with the Void yet... Not in large amounts, eh..."

She still needed to practice with it, since she never used the Void all that much. That was Rita's thing. But now, with the Sealing Force holding back the destructive power of the Void, she could use it in a more controlled and precise manner. As such... She wanted Alex to hit his mark.

"... What are you, deaf!? I said, GO FUCKING GET HER, ALEX!!"

She hopped into the air and snagged his free hand as he flew through the sky (since we're working together, doing teamwork like this is alright, as long as Alex consents in his next post. I'm the one bringing it up, but it's up to him to accept), she and he would be Voided out, fading out of even existence itself to avoid being crushed by the huge paw of Murasaki.

Though they were gone, not even half a second later, they'd Void back in right above Elara, Alex still flying full speed, like he was before. With that, Chita would let go of his hand and Void back out again, appearing now on the ground below...

Heh. She's playing with the big boys now...

If she wanted to pass this Witch Trial, she was gonna have to get through her proctor AND Alex, the random pissed off guy. Could she really handle the double bombardment of two powerful stars?

Alex was just setting in the mood really but this was all apart of the plan. Until chita had stepped in and gave him a boost for no reason. He was just going to do his own thing but whatever and since the hit had not made connect. It only grew stronger, with his free hand had signed for something else. Then she had voided him, and they appeared above Elara evading her attack. This time, it was over as a dome like orb shield of spider webs had expanded around him and Elara because she had focused her attack on them. Blocking the view of them from everyone, the Webs were called Meancer webs that absorbed/resisted magic and he had already pin pointed her charka levels to the point throught her forceful attacks, meaning that they would not good for her at all, now forcing his charka through the webs causing them to shine with the upmost power.

" Trapped Neutronic Colloision!!! "

His fist had came out to her, now the full energy had been charged that it soon was releashed. So everything stated in the last post would be doubled for this attack and for her it would only mean that he was pissed. The gravitional pull increased even farther now, pulling her in and the meancer webs would lash out trying to keep in place, but really they were in a orb of the stuff, so trying to evade, or dodge or whatever was really limited. But something more had started to appear as Blue Dust from his powerful attack had started to spread through the dome from the energy, waiting for something but she wouldn't know what it was. It was different and she would soon find out, what would happen if she tried anything.

One should never underestimate the vision of a panther...let alone a panther witch. As stated earlier elara was being very diligent her eyes were the equivalent to that of a fully master sharingan because of her intense training.And so since she had been keeping such a watchful eye on them the moment chita hoped up elara would force the mura paw then to create a bar between them (The two paws that is.) they would then swing elara forward using that bar as a foundation for the initial pull. It flung her forward with great strength this would be just around the time Alex had voided back to her former location. She narrowly avoided the webs attempt to capture her by blasting the mura flames from the bottom of her feet. Shooting down to the ground at such great speed with Alex more than likely trailing behind her the mura paw wraparound Elara concealing her body from view. From within the purple flaming comet like orb she had been encased in elara skin would seem like it was burning from her. This though was in fact space and time distorting around her body. Within seconds elara would have warped from the center of the comet leaving it to crash into the ground whilst she herself reappeared far in the sky once more.

" still haven't changed..."

Elara stood there now the flames colluding with the ground creating a Explosion of the mura flames scattering them everywhere once more. By the speed Alex was going and him more than likely not known that elara had warped from the center of the giant dome of flames he would more than likely be struck by the blast. Whether or not he was or wasn't was not of importance however for once the flames had exploded the heat within the air would sky rocket the dry and rough air around them fueling the magical flames even further. It would now feel as if they were right in the middle of a desert during a summer drought. Whilst in the air elara would begin chanting something under her breath keeping all her senses focused on both Alex and chita as she prepped for her next move...something that would hopefully prove beneficial...

Eyes half open and arms crossed under her rather large bosom, once again, clenching her fists as she watched the rest of the events of Elara transpire. She wasn't impressed. In fact, she was quite a bit irked.

Ugh, doing the most without even knowing what you're doing...

Her disappointment fueled her anger, which then fueled her hatred for this goddamn Elara. To say that Chita hadn't changed... Elara could only see what was right before her face... Just like Alex. She was almost disgusted to have to be associated with her right now...

"... Shut the fuck up... Damn."

She watched the flaming comet come crashing down, already being able to tell that the explosion was going to be something of grand and large proportion.

"... Stupid."

She shook her head, lifting her fist, and in tandem with the collision of the comet, her fist shot toward the ground, bursting into black and purple flames that consumed the entirety of her arm up to her elbow, and struck the ground just as the explosion spread the flames across the area.

"... Hades..."

The flames bursting from Chita's arm stretched far across the surface of Elara's, burning away even her flames with their power of sheer and utter negation, nulling out everything about them and burning them clean away; even the effects that they had. It would seem like, in a moment or two, the entire field had just gone up in these black and purple flames, the sound of magic burning to dust the only noise to be heard before they fizzled out in and of themselves.


She was just wasting precious energy now. It was time to show her just how reckless and useless her actions were, unless she started thinking about what was going on.

"I'm getting... Really... Really... REALLY annoyed with you..."

Her hand lifted from the ground, the flames reverting to the form of her leather glove. She held out her hand, and placed her fingers in the position as if she were about to snap her fingers. Suddenly, the heat started to rise in the atmosphere... The sun started to glow brighter, as if in tandem with Chita's own fingers... She tensed them, causing her hand to tremble violently, and at the same time, the sun started to glow brighter and brighter as well...

"... I'm just gonna blow up the fucking sun if you don't get your shit together, ya know? I'm kinda impatient, and I've decided instead of getting pissed... I'm just gonna channel all of my power into the sun when I get mad, and blow that fucker up. This here? This is the fuse."

Now Elara had higher stakes on the line... And, truthfully, so did Alex. She'd destroy everything, even the entire planet to get what she wanted... And what she wanted was for them to just fucking get it. Maybe, if their lives were on the line... She always did have a very short fuse with people. She just never had to light it before.

"If I ever snap my fingers when I'm channeling this much power... The sun will explode. Capiche? THAT is how much power I have. It's just a snap. Of. My. Fingers."

This was so Elara did not get things twisted. She absolutely hated associating with these two... But, she found a sort of fondness in being mean to them. Stress reliever when the fucked up, ya know?

"I told you to pay attention to ME. You aren't even gonna follow my rules, you don't get to live to see the end of this exam. Do I make myself clear? DAMN Alex Star. Focus, you little whiny bitch."

She spoke through grit teeth, but there was a sensual pleasure she had from this... Sadism, perhaps. Yeah. She loved it.

Alex had only had smiled to himself as she thought that she had gotten away. His eyes were able to track her no matter where, because they saw on a different plain of this world. Once she had wrapped away from him, his own body teleported the dome and his attack with him. Almost instantly because, he had used a spell called teleport and appeared with his arm now a inch away from her chest as for the Dome also around them once more. The same power would be known and the results of this infusion would be far beyond that, it would look like a small big bang in the mix.

" It's too late now "

And the blue dust that had spread around, had been a new power that he had acquired from saving Chita. Blue dwarf dust that sucked in the energy of all, and turned it to nothing. The energy in the air, and around her would now start to fade at a rapid rate, so whatever she wanted to do next was just useless. And her charka was being depleted now, so there was no more chances. The field was done, it was his own now and this was the final straw.

"Get back."

A voice said in response to the one Alex Star, who palled in comparison to the star that had just appeared. A repulse occurred around Elara, an omnidirectional wave of chakra, pushing any and all jutsu, magic, wavelength, fairy dust, or whatever powered by chakra that wasn't her own away from her with a force of epic proportions. It'd send anyone, unprepared for it, soaring backwards with little effort at all since they too would be met by this overwhelming force and be repulsed because of the very chakra that flowed through their body(ies). It was the announcement of a new challenger.

This challenger just happened to appear standing behind Elara, towering over her at 6 feet even with arms folded and eyes, covered in blue marks, focused... downcast towards Chita who seemed to be throwing some sort of tantrum. He, personally, hadn't been very active as of late, and when he was it always seemed like he walked into something pretty severe. With him came the winds of change though, and he smirked.

"So it was you that was in trouble, Elara."

He said, the blue facial markings that covered the area around his eyes vanishing while his visible tattoos lost their blue coloring as well, reverting back to black. He touched his hand to Elara's shoulder and flipped the bang of his silvery white hair out from in front of his right eye while stepping forward to stand at Elara's side, effortlessness standing on the air itself.

It was because of the mental blimp that went off in his head that he'd rushed here, to her aid. He had one registered for almost every chakra signature he considered a friend or a close acquaintance. It was to help him keep an eye out if they ever ran into trouble, but if they weren't in harm's way then the blimp basically went unnoticed by the young man until he was in close proximity with the person in question. It also told him if they were using an abundance of chakra in rapid succession or not.

"Wooo, is it hot around here or what?"

He complained, finding the temperature a bit unsavory. He never liked hot weather, though he didn't quite prefer cold weather either. Lackadaisically, he fanned himself before taking a quick scan of the area with his eyes. He got an eyeful of the barren land, scorched by the flames of hot-headed fire users and it really was unsettling. He also noted the locations of the other individuals in the area, besides himself and Elara. There seemed to be a lot of mindless destruction happening, the worst kind of destruction, and it caused him to shake his head in disbelief.

"What's going on here?"

He was interested in knowing just what it was that he'd walked into, and why the first words he heard were of Chita holding the power to blow up the "Sun" with a simple snap of her fingers. He didn't find it out of the realm of her possibility, but it seemed a bit unlikely. As far as he could remember, or tell, she wasn't that strong. And what of the other person? He couldn't quite point whether he'd seen that person before or not.

- She was almost certain her end had come, thinking of those who had gotten her this far and her duo that awaited her swift and triumphant return. Her daughter and her Husband. But just when it seemed darkness would overtake her in came a shining light...a blue light.-


-She whispered almost in disbelief but from his grand display of brute repulsive might she knew it to be him...his feel upon her shoulder proved his truthfulness even further.Boy did he come when she needed him most. She was grateful ad surprised. After their last somewhat heated meeting between he,she and Mana, she wondered if he they were still Friends. But clearly they were, and she was happy to see him once more.-


-She said giving him a hug and smiling. She almost forgot about the witch trial and all it's seriousness at a moments notice.-

"Yeah that's my fault sorry."

-She said with a slight chuckle for the heat came from she and Chita's usage of their flames. Here eyes then fell softly back towards the ground.-

"To answer your last question...I'm undergoing my witch trial, but by the actions of these to it's more like and execution..."

-She would turn her body back toward them recollecting the magical energies that she had to put to a halt. Again her incantations would begin in time, but for now she welcomed the help of her friend...-

So he really did mean it...way back when at that pretty place. That we were friends...

Fingers tensed and ready to snap, symbolic of her ever shortening fuse, Chita was well prepared to blow up the sun and take everything with it. Outrageous, yes, but beyond the limits of Chita's fury? Never.

Even so, she couldn't help but notice that Elara was in need of saving yet again, since the point of this Witch Trial wasn't for her to die. She was well aware of Alex Star's motives when it came to Elara (and she didn't blame him), but at every turn, she'd arrive at the nick of time to keep her from dying. She was more concerned about the two of them getting better than them actually killing each other, even if it meant blowing them all up. Her methods didn't have to make sense to be productive.

Anyway, just when she felt ready to give up on them and end it all, a powerful repulsive force clearly not belonging to Elara blasted both she and Alex apart, protecting her from what would have been her demise. Shocked, but more infuriated than anything, she turned to whomever it was that interrupted the Witch Trial, ready to blow a gasket.

"Who in the FUCK-- Huh?"

When the man appeared in a streak of blue beside Elara, she found a bit of familiarity within him. Yes, she definitely remembered him from the time they had it out one time, and that was the only time she needed to recognize him as someone of strength and worth. Suddenly, she wasn't as mad as before, shown by her crooked smirk and blazing stare.

"Heh. I remember you. You're that pretty boy I duked it out with a while back."

She crossed her arms under her breasts, as usual, letting the smoke clear from the battle-scorched lands.

"You know you kinda barged in on Elara's Witch Trial, right? And speaking of..."

Like a light switch flicked back to 'on,' Chita's anger rose right back to the point it was before when she thought about Elara. Her eyes narrowed, her smirk curled down into a frightful scowl, and her hands lowered to their side, balled into a tightly clenched fist, trembling with rage.

"I thought I told you to always FOCUS on me, you whiny bitch. Not only are you not following the term of the Trial, but now you have help when I clearly said to do this alone! For a REASON, you know!"

It was mind-boggling how utterly useless this girl could be; a serious fuck-up in every sense. Even if Chita didn't like her, she was trying to make her better so that she could at least be of some use, and from the way things were going; not being able to focus on her target, not being able to defend herself, wasting energy haphazardly and needing help from someone in her own Trial, it didn't seem like she was going to pass. Just like Chita thought. But at least she was giving her a chance, something this being of little patience and tenderness rarely did. Especially for useless people that she just didn't like.

"Tch. Looks like you're gonna fail at this rate."

"Seems you've gotten a bit stronger, huh"

Koudo commented to Elara. Elara's power had grown into something quite formidable since the last time he saw her, and there was a new fire, no pun intended, that burned in her blue eyes. A new determination that guided her movements and quelled the destructive tendencies that they had established she had. He mentally nodded his head in recognition before turning his eyes back down to the ground where he saw Chita standing. She looked like she was doing fine as well, still as fiery as he remembered. He guessed that she handled her problems with her other self fairly quickly, quicker than he could power up to challenge her.

“And you’re looking as good as ever, not being plagued by your other self.”

When she spoke, he felt glad that she remembered him, but a bit dismayed that she hadn't called him by his name which in distinctly remembered sharing. Koudo was bad with matching names to faces; however, if he ever gave his own name, and recognized the power of the person, then he remembered them perfectly. Koudo stored Chita's profile in a very special place inside of his head, a place he didn't even realized was there himself. The more she spoke, though, the more his smirk dampened before it contorted into a frown.

"Now, now, don't you think that's a little unfair?"

He interrupted. It was obviously true that he helped Elara survive an otherwise fatal blow. If he hadn't intervened when he had then she would be dead and gone, but his appearance hadn't been because she called him in. Her being, seemingly, penalized for his decision to show up was a tad bit tyrannical, but Chita could be described as tyrannical by anyone that didn't know her personally and had only seen her decision-making in action, Koudo being one of those people.

And what was a Witch Trial anyway? Koudo scratched his head a bit, completely unsure of what that phrase actually entailed. All he knew was that Elara's life had been in some serious danger, and, though he wasn't in the specific area, he came to help her out of the jam because that was what he felt like doing. Whatever it was, this witch trial business, from what Koudo could see now, he didn't like the way it looked or sounded. Seemed like a one-sided fight against a proctor and her pet.

“I wasn’t aware that something like this was approved of among witches, beating to death someone that obviously can’t defend themselves against two people. Besides that, I wasn’t aware that this was going on in the first place, you can’t hold Elara responsible for my appearance because she didn’t know I was coming.”

He said as he motioned his hands out to his sides. The first part sounded harsh, and he knew that, but it was true that Elara was more banged up than either Chita or whoever it was that Koudo had repulsed away. He believed in Elara’s strength, but wasn’t foolish enough to think that she was powerful enough to hold off both Chita and the other person. He’d realized the other person’s level of power when he had to use more chakra than he would have liked for the repulse and Chita’s ability to blow up the sun with ‘a snap of her fingers’ spoke for itself. How Elara was supposed to focus on only Chita, and defend against someone else was beyond even Koudo’s ability to strategize. This test, as it seemed to be, was irrational.

“You’re being unreasonable against an ally. You all are of the same race, and you’d put her through something like this? Aren’t your race’s numbers dwindling? Is your race not becoming extinct? The number of witches is far less than that of humans.”

It sounded preachy, but the number of witches in active duty, to his knowledge, was quite small compared to the number of humans. Koudo brought his hands down. On top of that, the number of women born with the ability to use magic solely, in and of itself, wasn’t very large to begin with. If witch trials were always ran like this, then it wouldn’t take long before the entire race was wiped from existence.

"heh yeah...I have my family to thank for that hehe"

-She said with a cute little smirk at his comment about her strength. And boy had she earned it. Elara had battled with herself with great tenacity. She had tackled her inner demons and arrived on the other side of the fence with her sanity intact. But it seems she had one loose demon running a muck...chita.-

"No Koudo it's fine...I should expect this form her, she's been harping on me from day one. NO matter how much I tried to help her, or the witches who i decreed family she's been fighting and picking with me ever since. I used to get so mad and beat myself up about it, wondering why didn't she like me? What had I done but try to help her? I spent hours thinking about ways to make her notice me and you know what?"

-She said glaring don at chita, eyes brimming with the readiness to say this...-

"I honestly could give a rat's ass about whether or not Chita' think I'm strong...or if she likes me, or even if she feels I am ready to be a witch. I have tangled and fought with myself and every single demon thrown at me despite my fears and reservation. If it was to protect those I care about I would gladly through myself into the lions den..and have done so. What I realized though, was what was truly important . I have a daughter, and a loving husband. Both who i would give my life for in the blink of an eye. I sacrificed everything so my daughter could be Born into this world with out the stains of the sin's of her parents. I fought the most fearsome of beast so that i could gain the strength to protect her as a cub. And I would do it all over again if need be."

- She didn't let her words crack everyone could be heard...she didn't give a damn if chita didn't want to hear it or otherwise, she was gonna hear it-

" SO what If I'm preachy, so what if I whine! It's because I happen to give a Damn about the other witches...when no ones else would stand up to her I came to you as a woman to help break the skull girl down, I even tried to unite our sisters to take out this threat < though she was dealt her own due. So what if I get on your damn nerves it all because I care...about Zita...about Mana...about dente,and koudo...and Even you, chita. I couldn't deny it even if I wanted to and trust me I do, but your shitty attitude towards me was one of my driving forces to getting stronger and proving you wrong...and you know what regardless if you think so or not I have! I am NOT useless! My daughter needs em...My husbands needs me, and My family of witches and otherwise need me, I am wanted...and I am loved. And so long as I know this, I don't need your got damn approval. Even If I remain a witchling, at least I have my Family to support me!"

Koudo's remark about her 'other self' came as a surprise to her, for she barely even remembered that they were apart at one time.

Man... It really has been a long time...

She kicked the back of her heel a few times, realizing that Rita still did exist, but in more of a state of mental oneness than before. Still... Why had Rita been so quiet all this time?

No matter, there were more pressing issues afoot.

"Unfair? How--?"

Of course, her question was answered before she even finished asking it. Koudo brought up many good points, but in the end, he came in the middle of everything and didn't know the full extent of what was going on. Though, it did make her think... Was she really being so unreasonable? Or perhaps, Koudo just didn't understand.

"Feh. A Witch Trial is a very important test for any Witch or Witchling. For a Witchling, it usually means becoming a full-fledged Witch. For a Witch, it usually means induction into a special service or something important like that. It's not like I was gonna let her die. I just wanted to beat some common sense into her, since she wanted to be of use now. I was trying to see how useful she actually is."

Her tapping foot against her heel soon turned into her foot tapping vigorously and impatiently on the ground. She was getting tired of listening to Elara's story.

"Tch... Why does everyone want my recognition so badly?! First Alex, now you?! Jesus, I just don't see why I'm so important. I don't see why anyone would want my approval. Especially when you can't even handle the way I think or feel."

She wouldn't say it out loud, but Chita's anger was her sign of care for someone. The angrier she got, the more she wanted them to succeed and do better, and if they didn't live up to the potential she knew they could, it only angered her more for being so stupid.

"You must be really stupid. You're just like him."

Her anger welled up deep inside of her yet again, foot tapping faster, fists clenching tighter. It was so annoying to hear her voice... So annoying to hear her talk. Chita had already made up her mind about all of this, so it was pointless for her to continue to speak. Even so, Chita let her get it all out. Maybe it'd improve her skill if she didn't have such a hot head to work with. Not everyone can pull it off.

Tch... Annoying...

By the time Elara finished, Chita's foot stopped tapping against the ground and her body seemed more or less motionless.

"... You done yet? It isn't like your bitch fit is gonna change my mind."

Starting off swiftly toward her, she continued to speak.

"You're just too stupid to actually see or understand how I do things. I gave you a chance, didn't I? I gave you pointers, didn't I? I fueled your burning will to grow, didn't I? I gave you a Witch Trial, didn't I? I'm even gonna let you continue on even after all of that stuff that happened. So, what I can't quite grasp is..."

She stopped right in front of Elara and returned her vicious glare tenfold, fists shaking with pent up anger. She just wanted to knock some sense into her right then and there.

"And you know what else? I stopped myself from punching you right in your whiny little mouth, didn't I? What more do you want for me?! I've already expressed myself enough for you to get it. You're just too dumb to actually figure it out! You're just like him! Too fucking stupid to understand someone's feelings!"

It seemed almost impossible for someone to get her at this point. Hell, even her own mother didn't understand the way she expressed herself. It was pitiful; horrible that these people were so blind that they couldn't tell when Chita did something out of the ordinary. Something out of her own character. In the end, everyone always misunderstands... So why is she still even doing this?

"I'm gonna ask you a simple yes or no question, and you answer so I can see if you're really of use like you want to be. Have you given up yet?"

That was all she needed to say at this point. Koudo and Alex didn't matter; this was a Witch to Witchling talk, and it needed to be addressed between them right here, right now before Chita even continued to grace her with continuation of this Trial.

Koudo still had more to say, but he curbed his tongue and, metaphorically, stepped to side when Elara decided to take the floor. He could see that Chita understood what he was trying to express to her as a third party observer with never little intimate knowledge of the Witch culture's societal system, and knew that saying anymore would overstep boundaries that he didn't particularly want to cross. There was no need for him to preach political reform when he had plans that would make the movement a moot point. The information she provided in return was enlightening in its own way and Koudo kept it in mind.

In fact, he viewed the next exchange of words between the two women with scoped view, filtered by the tiny bit of insight Chita had shared, and could see that this battle was more like a rite of passage for a girl performed by her older sister or mother. In Chita and Elara's case it was the former. It sounded like they were just having a quarrel and Elara couldn't see that Chita was trying to do what was best for her. Seeing it from such a prospective, Koudo could understand why Chita, being who she was from what he'd seen from her, would choose for Elara's trial to be this strenuous. She wouldn't have called for such a thing if she didn't think Elara had the potential to overcome it.

It made Koudo feel a little silly for showing up in the first place, thinking Elara was in any real danger. It was just force of habit for the man now, to come to aid of a friend in need. He supposed it wasn't a bad habit to have developed, but he'd need to learn to pick and choose his battles better like he'd used to do. What had happened to him in these past few years where he'd rush to the aid of someone else and it didn't benefit him in the slightest? Koudo didn't completely understand it himself.

Before he realized, Chita was on the move. Too fast. He couldn't get his body to move in front of Elara fast enough. The split second of him thinking about himself caused him to hesitate. The worst thing a protector, or an assassin, could be charged with doing.

He half expected Elara's head to go flying off her shoulders followed by a brilliant shower of her blood spewing from her neck due to his hesitation, but Chita had already said she wouldn't have let Elara die. So it wasn't surprising, when his eyes refocused themselves, to see Elara was just fine. She was just being confronted by someone with a passion that burned hotter than hers, in Koudo's eyes anyway. It was kind of attractive.


-Elara said putting everything chita told her together, honestly Elara had taken a wild guess that Chita was helping her, though elara saw it as a mere consequence to chita being such a bitch all the time, and that Elara would inadvertently try to become stronger to prove her wrong. Elara would snicker, how could she have not seen it, after all that growing she end up doing she manged to half thin that one fact, she truly let her emotions her mind into thinking that chita honestly wanted her dead (Though that probably wasn't entirely false >..>).-

All this time...she was truly looking out for me, I guess anger is one way to express yourself, though a misleading one it is one of the most purest forms of expression...Fine...with her saying that...


-Elara said with a cheeky smile. She figured after Chita's explained things to her, in so many words she began to understand her a bit more, it started back at the beginning of the ordeal she went through with fear the reaper, when chita came and sealed everyone in the void, she got a good read on her magic then, and it expressed deep care for those who were caught within it... at first Elara thought herself as one not counted among them, but she wondered.-

"Whatever else I have to go through to Complete this task I will, so through whatever you want at me!"

Her hardened eyes didn't let up for a second. The sheer intensity of her scowling face was enough for Elara to know that it still wouldn't be easy here, and that Chita wouldn't let up on something so strenuous.

"... That's what I thought you said."

She returned her gaze to Koudo right beside Elara, eyes still cold and distant. Perhaps the remainder of this could be done with him, since he was indeed much stronger than Alex Star.

"And you. So your travels won't be a waste... Why don't you take the place of that bastard and rough up Elara? His purpose was to try to kill her."

As harsh as it sounded, it was to see if Elara had the strength to hold her own against an aggressor, considering that there were many people who still wished to kill Witches. She didn't want to tell Elara that she was going to save her every time necessary before because she didn't want her to get comfortable and relax just because someone was going to protect her. Turning her back to them, she was going to go back to a decent position so that this Trial could start again.

"Work it out amongst yourselves; I'm starting whether you like it or not. I'll give you a ten second warning. Ten..."

She cracked her knuckles, her leather gloves starting to glow with eerie magic. The Gauntlets were starting to wake up from their sleep and get the magic flowing through her fingers again, in high concentration. After 'ten,' she went silent, counting down the rest in her head.

"Huh?" In honesty, Koudo was thinking that he'd just be able to step back and let Elara and Chita beat each others' faces in without any outside distractions. To be offered the chance to fight against the reason he'd shown up in the first place definitely came as a surprise. "You can't honestly think..." But Koudo found himself talking primarily to himself since it was clear, with the way that she walked away, that Chita had made up her mind and then some. He watched her as she walked away, starting her count while dismissing Elara and himself, and turned his head to take a look at Elara.

"This is your trial after all, what do you think?" He asked the pink haired gir- well he supposed she was a woman now, or well on her way to becoming one. He couldn't say that he wasn't interested in testing Elara's growth, they had never fought one another either in all the time they had been friends, but Koudo had a hunch that once he got back into the groove of fighting, especially alongside someone that he admired to an extent, that they'd be a force to be reckoned with. He doubted Elara could stand up to something like that, but Koudo had no problem with holding back since he did it quite often. Very few could handle what he was truly capable of.

He took a quick glance over his shoulder to make sure Chita hadn't moved yet, knowing that his and Elara's 10 seconds was toiling away and fast. Who knew how fast Chita was counting now that she wasn't continuing out loud. She could have already reached 0 for all they knew. Everything was really up to Elara at this point. Fight against her savior, or let him sit on the side and watch her grow as she settled her grudge against Chita.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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-Elara would close her eyes, for just a brief moment.Her mind went into overdrive going over hundreds of different methods, strategies and otherwise. For her to have koudo sit at the side would mean for her to be bowing out the terms of the witch trial. She couldn't have that, she had to show her strength, to show that she was useful enough to protect her family, friends and other wise. In those three seconds after chita first started to count down Elara had her answer....-

"Koudo...we follow the terms of the trial set by the Witch handling the trial..."

-She said as her potent magical soul would usher forth a wave of sheer force, pushing her down to the ground where she would take up a stance. Her Mura flames manifesting around her feet,hands, and hair. Her eyes gleaming with magical might Elara had prepped herself, steaming her magical essence into the ground beneath her feet.-

"So lets do our best... OK?"

-She said with a smile, brimming with determination and vigor. She was ready to stat once more, to make her point known.She couldn't have everyone coming to her rescue when things got tough...that much she agreed with.-

Counting down from ten in her head didn't take all that long. In fact, it only took from the time Koudo spoke to the time Elara finished. The moment she did, Chita smirked and clenched her fist.


She didn't even let a moment pass after she spoke to jump into the fray, fist cocked back to deck someone in the jaw, as per usual. Right alongside her fist, about a few feet away, yet still in perfect accord, was a huge stream of violet colored magical essence taking shape into something large.


Calling the name of the technique, her magic responded and took shape into the form of a massive copy of her fist powered by incredible jet propulsion. Chita bolted off past the rocket fist projectile, which was lagging in the back, to Elara with her hand reaching out to grab her face and keep her in place for what was to come. Right behind Chita and catching up very fast was the Risomio, which blasted off into the air at an awesome speed, arcing over and heading for none other than its locked on target; Elara.

"... Can you even handle my magic? It packs a punch."

She snickered...


She wasn't paying attention to Koudo right now, but she wondered what he would do in this. Either way, the two of them might get a little confused with Chita's actions... She was a bit unorthodox, after all.

"So be it." He responded before pushing off the cushion of chakra he stood on and sliding right through the space that separated Chita and her airborne gauntlet who was upon them as soon as Koudo finished his sentence. Koudo didn't particularly mind, it would be nice to, at least, flex his muscles, but he needed to figure out a way to work alongside the unorthodox battle tactics of Chita. Her fiery disposition towards battle didn't quite match with his fluid flow of combat.

Deciding not to do much else, but get out of Chita's way for this half, Koudo twiddled his fingers which caused sparks to occur before full blown lightning erupted and covered his hands. He used his hands to then orchestrate his lightning with Chita's giant magical gauntlet, giving it an electrical charge, amazing vibratory prowess and an a very nice boost in speed.

After, Koudo caught himself on another cushion of chakra, in the air, rolling backwards and to his feet before watching to see what happened next. While he did so, he pushed his hands in his pockets and studied Chita's movements precisely. For now, he'd play her supporter so that she could really cut loose like she wanted too without worrying about catching him up in her momentum. Like she was really worrying about him anyway.

-The sheer speed of the attack was something to marvel at indeed, but not something that was gonna make elara wet herself Her eyes, nose, and fur reacted all at the same time alerting her to the forces at work. Since she had been preparing piror to Chita relasing her ptoent magical fist she would have faced her Hands before her the moment her senses went off to the magical might that was CHita's power she would he Exuded a steady and rather potent burst of flames from the center of her palms creating Rocket booster like streams of flames that would push her back with great speed and power, This would be just around the Time koudo added his Lightning to the magical. Avoiding the Fist and using the burst of speed she would redirect the flames, using the force of her maneuver she used to avoid the fist to send her into a Half sin, within that short time frame she wold have formed the Paw of Mura from the flames and with the Giant Flaming Paws interlocked she would aim to Smack right into Chita with the power of her own magic. Then sheer concussive force form her Magical interlocking paws would aiming to knock the hell out of her, whilst burning and spreading the Mura flames Further. As a side effort from the simple usage of her flames some of the magical force from the manifestation of the flames would be added to that which was within the ground before. She now was alert ready to react when need be, keeping her Senses sharp.-

Koudo took the initiative now, being able to see everything that was going on from the distance he was away from the immediate action. He wasn't underestimating Chita's reflexes, but didn't think she'd be able to overcome Elara's counterattack unscathed. Being her partner for this, Koudo was obviously prepared to save her ass whenever she needed it. He realized now that her heavy focus on offensive might, complimented his defensive nature.

He spread his arms outwards, from his pockets, before him swiftly. This motion manifested a large wall of water to surround Chita and protect her from Elara's magic. Koudo's control over the element of water was unmatched by many shinobi of the alliance, it was a proven fact and the power of his techniques was something to be admired. His water wall, cancelled out Elara's double paws of magical fire and left a ton of water vapor for Chita to use as cover for her next attack.

"Chita, Now!"

He alerted, just in case she hadn't realized that now was her opportunity to strike and make something stick. They were, potentially, a very deadly combination.

Chita was prepped and ready to snag Elara, whom she hoped was unsuspecting and careless, still. When she darted in close, though, she was the one caught off guard by Elara's rather active response, propelling herself away with her flaming magic. Chita skidded to a stop when she realized she wasn't gonna connect with her attack, only to be faced with the large, burning paw blazing toward her. With the lightning boosted Risomio, thanks to Koudo, shooting it toward her like a bolt of lightning whilst the paw came at her would be a peace of cake, even if she did have to take a bit of heat for it.

"Not bad..."

She tightened her fist in preparation for the attack, only to be assisted on the rebound by Koudo with what would have to be really potent water chakra to take out those magical flames. He certainly was on the ball.

Koudo: Chita, Now!

"Say no more..."

The veil of the vapor was more than enough, as were all of Koudo's efforts here. With Elara's hands bare and rare, Chita dodged the incoming blow and snagged the pink haired wonder out of the air, swirling her around just a bit to gain a little momentum. A moment later, arcing over and hurdling down from the sky was that giant fist charged with lightning. When the Risomio was right over their heads, Chita slammed Elara straight into the electrical fist, which in turn smashed her straight into the ground before fading back into magical energy. Chita let go of Elara and snickered, fanning away the smoke from the smoldering impact.

"Now that punch packed some heat. Heh. Now get up and fight like you're serious."

Magic burst from her gauntlets, shifting their appearance to something far more chill. Standing over Elara and cracking her knuckles, spikes protruded from the gauntlets all around, with the largest ones placed upon each of her knuckles. She pounded them together, letting the sound of clashing metal resound in the area. The Ice Breakers were equipped, and she was really ready to 'break the ice' now.

-Koudo Hadn't gave Chita much cover as he thought, for with her Eyes Elara could see Koudo's Chakra and Chita's large magical silhouette with ease.Whatever remaining remnant of the flames that had not be doused by that potent water Chakra of Koudo's would be relinquished to the ground instead for she chose not to waste them trying to burn through such powerful chakra. She prepared for a counter attack.-


-As said Elara had manifested the flames all around her Body so when she Saw Chita charge toward her trying to grab hold of her her body would start to flicker with the flames and to them ti wold look like her skin was peeling though this was her Slightly warping Space and time around causing her to warp from her former Position to the far Right of the Assault though she left Chita a gift at her former Location a cluster of her Mura fangs that upon Chita reaching them would detonate simultaneously causing a rather large and powerful explosion of the Chakra/Magic Devouring Mura fangs.Hoping not to only Severely burn her but her Magic reserves as well.-

Heh...this is Actually sorta...well..

-Fun is what she wanted to say, she was taking this battle incredibly seriously but couldn't help but enjoy it at the same time.Elara herself had begun murmuring some of her own incantations and as she did so her hair began flaming. The Tiger fangs Manifesting around her arms once more as she waited to see what she would need to do next, keeping tabs on Koudo who seemed to be playing the defensive role for Chita and acting as a booster as well sh had a plan for Koudo anticipating already his next act of interference with these incantations she had begun also setting up a few contingencies that would hopefully work in her favor.-

Koudo, being where he was, playing how he was playing, and using what he was using, could easily manifest another shielding of water to protect Chita. And so he did. It would form a large circle shield of water before her in the space between her and where Elara used to be, shielding the flames from even getting close to her. And Koudo could, basically, do this all day, it practically costed him no chakra to all to use basic Water Style and that was why he wasn't use hand signs.

His mind's eye sensed, and alerted him to, the rising and bubbling of Elara's chakra, akin to the technique self resonance like Naina used. He simply rose his hand to form one, one handed, hand seal and one seal only, though if he wasn't be specifically watch then it wouldn't be noticed. After, he crossed his arms.

Naturally, Chita was rather irked by this girl and the way she used her flames... But it wasn't a lot that didn't irk her about Elara in the first place. Chita hated people who ran away from her, even if they had to. It was just a pet peeve of hers. This girl was going to probably pull an Alex on her and keep dodging and using those damned tricks to try fighting Chita... But of course, she just wasn't having it this time. All it did was give her more of an incentive to make the next hit connect, and make that connecting hit count for all those missed. That was how Chita fought.

"Tch. Running away, are we...?"

A watery shield made by Koudo protected Chita from the immediate damage of the exploding flares, and in all honesty, Chita wasn't even worried about them to begin with.

"You'd better think of a way to fight me fast, pinky. Cuz the more you dodge, the more I get better at catching you."

She turned her head to where Elara's rising magical presence was, walking over there rather than dashing. She didn't need to do anything except that... Her rage would build within her. Since she didn't get the chance to equip the Ice Breakers (due to how the post went), she'd try something new. Lifting a hand with open palm toward Elara, her gauntlets, surging with magic, took on a more cosmic looking form, before said gauntlet's projection appeared as a toward hand behind Chita; that which was able to eclipse the sun over this area.

"Galaxy Crusher."

Chita tightened her hand, which in turn caused a powerful and intense force to press down on the immediate area from up above, mimicking the shape of the towering hand that loomed over them. She continued walking, clenching her hand and slightly closing it, causing all such powerful force to then focus on Elara's general vicinity. The magical intensity of this force would cause her own magic to become more difficult to use, and thus would cause twice, maybe even thrice the norm to utilize even one technique. And don't even get started about movement...

Beckoning closer, Chita's other fist trembled... Trembled with all her rising anger focused into just that one fist. Just one hit would blow her fucking head off...

"You gonna try that little stunt again? Cuz I promise you, it'll be your undoing."

Koudo played the defensive line here, but it also seemed like Elara wouldn't be able to handle the support of Koudo and the offense of Chita... But it was all part of this Witch Trial. She'd be useless if she couldn't deal with something like this... There weren't many Witches left, and Chita damn sure wasn't bearing any children from any man. Tch.

- Unlike most who would flee chita out of fear of getting hit Elara dodged the attacks to gauge them, and to see what type of magic Chita used. She had never faced her in battle before and thus was ignorant to what type she used, but from what Elara had gathered so far some of her magic centered around the use of her gualents and gauntlet like creations. Now that she had gathered this info she would act with a bit more integrity and combat Chita's forces.-

She might have not looked it but Elara was one power house of a witchling and so she could meet Chita on some planes in terms of Magical might. This would be evident now by Elara next choice of action. The power that was infused within the earth beneath her had been festering and growing absorbing energy from the land around her, this was part of her Planetary invocation ability. She needed it's power in order to combat the Massive force coming down upon her. Her eyes flared which intern released a deadly amount of The Mura flames. The flames began to grow darker rapidly and begun to rapidly deconstruct the masses around them-

...Destruction Magic...

-Her flaring purple eyes flashed comeplty black as the Towering Dark violet magics went skyward combating the force of the Galaxy crusher. The destruction magic did just what the name suggested. Destroy~! It began to rapidly break down and eradicate the massive hand like machination eating away at it's power reducing it to nothing but a mystical wisp of magical descent. As for Chita Elara her self channeled the Destruction magic in one hand and her Planetary Energy in the other. With the force dealt with it would be far easier to react to whatever chita would do next.

"You should know the difference between running away and gauging your opponent.I'm not running from you...that wouldn't accomplish anything...I've always ran...always hid away from things out of scared to face the reality of my situation. But that all changed...I'm done running. SO whatever you have prepared lay it on me. because I'm not giving up!"

-Elara would stand her ground and whilst she did the space before her would flicker but once. Her Tiger fangs expanded and covered her arms like armor surging with the paralyzing forces they were known for. She stood there ready. Her magic increasing by the second as she stood her ground against Chita.-

Or. Maybe not.

It couldn't be forgotten that Koudo had made a hand seal, activating a jutsu. What Elara thought was enough magic and planetary energy to combat Chita's Galaxy Crusher was simply a facade. What Elara didn't know, what no one probably knew, was that Koudo had been siphoning the same energy that Elara though she had to combat Chita's Galaxy Crusher through the use of a jutsu he'd made from his Kekkai Genkai. It was an Absorption Jutsu that sucked in natural energy at a crazy fast rate, severely limiting the amount Elara had at her own disposal.


Koudo chuckled to himself, as he closed his eyes and flicked his wrist which caused his right hand to glow silver; the color of Koudo's Magic. He feed the natural energy into his magic as a magically crest spread across the ground beneath Elara. On top of the weight Chita's Galaxy Crusher was pushing down on top of Elara, she would find another strong force of gravity pulling her to the earth restricting her even more. This was Koudo's Gravity Well. Being able to use magic through his manadrive, which was a device that he invented and allowed him to mold his chakra into magic, he was one of the special exceptions with the potential to access Gravity Magic from the jump.

The question now was with her movements and ability to use magic, as well as the amount of energy she had access too, severely restricted how would she combat both Chita's push of oppression and Koudo's pull of submission. Interesting how in tune the two seemed to be when it came to working together.

Chita wasn't fazed in the slightest. The spectacular display of fluorescent flames meant nothing to her but a waste of magic on Elara's part. Even if she could destroy that much magic with her own, Chita still had so very much more in her reserves than Elara did. By the time she was done destroying Galaxy Crushers, Chita might have actually broken a sweat.

Even so, Koudo chimed in with the technique he set in place a while ago, which Elara didn't seem to notice trying to go toe to toe with Chita. She didn't seem to be getting the point of this Trial, and that would lead to her ultimate failure. Chita already told her time after time what she was doing wrong, yet she still insisted on doing stupid crap to piss her off more. It's alright... All of it was going into that one punch later on. She continued closer, hand still outstretched and closing slowly and her other fist still trembling.

"Dumbass. While you were busy trying to show me how strong you are, you weren't even paying attention to my support, were you? Honestly... What's it gonna take for you to just get it already!?"

Scowling at Elara in her current state, Chita couldn't bear to look at her. Though she didn't want to even admit to this, not even in her own head, Elara fought a lot like Chita did when she was a Witchling like that... So much raw power, but not a lick of knowledge of how to use it, except to just rush in and try to overpower the opponent right in front of her face, no matter who it was. It only got her so far, and she was definitely reminded that she was just a child to be put in her place if she didn't actually refine those skills.

"Shut up with your annoying sentiments, too. I don't wanna hear anything about em till they actually start doing something for you. Otherwise, they're just your little squeaking voice yapping in my ear... and giving me a fucking headache."

At this rate, failure was just one punch away. She lowered her hand now, increasing the intensity of that enormous pressure, now only a few steps away from Elara... This was her final chance before she ultimately failed.

-It wasn't that she had ignored koudo but in her current position there was little she could do. the moment she turned her attention from chit a to focus on koudo could have very well been her last.Then again his efforts were making hers totally useless. There wasn't much she could do in this situation. She sighed deeply as chita got closer she Wasn't scarred of chita anymore or what was about to come...but she had realized that she could not come out there victor here...she was clearly outmatched.-

"Right I'm an idiot for standing up for what I believe in...if that's what that's means than I'll remain an idiot for as long as I live however long or short that might be."

-She said under the influence of the powerful duo's magics. With their magical co-suppressing her's there was only so much she could do to barely stand up let alone take them both on. Not wanting to do this but seeing it as the only way she would humbly speak.-

"It's clear though that I am no match for your tag team, and so I'm done with this trial. I can't possibly defeat you to especially with the way your help each other....Perhaps this was just a huge mistake to begin with..."

-She was a bit disheartening yes because she finally wanted to be recognized for all the things she went through and accomplished.Not only this but for everyone to see just how powerful her ideals had gotten. But perhaps that wasn't hat it meant to be a woman within the witch community . Whatever it did mean though Elara knew within herself that she being the best mother and wife she could whether that be serving them or protecting her loved one that she was a woman in that regard. And that was the thing she decided to take Solace in.-

You gotta fight for yourself before you can fight for others.

Koudo thought while he crossed his hands back across his chest. He didn't particularly admire Elara's spirit, nor did he abhor it, but he did find her to still be... immature he supposed was the word. It was easy to run around, throwing power about, and preaching about fighting for your family or your friends, but he personally thought that someone should learn to fight for themselves and grow stronger for themselves first then do it for someone else. From what he could see, Elara was fighting to prove herself to Chita, and not prove herself to herself. But he was just an outsider looking in. He wasn't Elara, couldn't read her mind, and could only speculate on what she was thinking.

Instead, he'd keep his thoughts to himself and let Chita say what she had too. Honestly, he did think it would be difficult for Elara to overcome both him and Chita, even with him just playing support, but this was what she, being Elara, had asked for when he gave her the chance to tell him to sit out. Now she had to deal with the consequences of her actions which was another part of maturing.

Afterwards, if Elara didn't want to completely avoid him, then they could have a talk somewhere else about what had happened.

The girl was getting far too repugnant for Chita to even look at now. Even now, she still didn't get it, and wouldn't until she was punched in the face and knocked out to the curb again, just like before... Chita had her fist ready.

"Do you ever shut the hell up?! You're so busy fighting for what you believe in that you don't even get what the hell you're even supposed to be doing! It's like I've gotta spell it out for you, or something!!"

That trembling fist shook with even greater intensity, so much that it even started to glow. Ooo, she was gonna belt her one good...

"You just don't pay any fucking attention. You do way too much. You talk way too much. And you think about the wrong things. You wanted a Witch Trial, but you couldn't live up to it. You wanted to show me how much you've grown, but all you've shown me is how much more magic you can waste. You wanted to be useful, but you just don't cut it. Stop trying to show off and progress so fast and actually figure out what you're doing. Maybe then you'll pass."

The Galaxy Crusher dissipated and Chita lowered one of her hands. The other, still trembling with this unbridled rage, cocked back, ready to light up the sky like a bolt of lightning.

Yet... When she had the chance, all she could do was unclench her fist and put her hands in her pockets, the gauntlets reverting back to normal leather gloves.

"Tch. There's no point. You won't get it. I just won't waste my energy."

The first thing Chita did was walk off toward her house, more than pissed, but not letting her body keep it in as fuel. She was just... Disappointed in Elara.

"You know what...fine I just don't give a damn anymore l..."

she said in an extremely irritated tone. What kst chit a was going in on the judging sssin elara couldn't but get pissed. -

"You through out and slew all this bullshit about how useless I am and all that other B.S yet when I came to you for help when I didn't know a got damn thing you turned me away even as they head witch you didn't offer to help me develop shit...Zita might not have been perfect but at least she pretended to gave a damn about my situation and tried to help me l. I didn't know any damn thing about my powers or they fact that I was even a witch but through a few othesbi came to grasp that...honestly why am I even wasting my breathe ...its just falling on death ears anyway ."

she was just enraged and lost. She had very little to say at this point and let chit a go on her way. She didn't care if Chita was dissapointed in her.then she had questions when she came for help she was cast she had to figure things out on her own...and look where it got her...she honestly was just....tired.-

Koudo looked to the left, at Elara, then to the right, at Chita, before shutting off the techniques he had going. He placed one hand to his hip and the other to his temple and shook his head at the arguing women. Neither of them could understand each other, and it took an outsider to notice that. Unsure of whether he should stay with Elara and talk to her, or chase after Chita to understand exactly what she was trying to do with Elara he stayed where he was for a couple minutes and just sighed.

"I guess I should talk to them both, or they're gonna be hung up on it for a while. Not like I'm a therapist though."

He sucked his teeth and turned to the left, while a clone split of from him and went towards the right. With Chita going into the castle it would make speaking with both of them separately that much easier, if Chita would even let him in and if Elara would even want to talk. It wasn't like he had to after all, but he wouldn't be able to go comfortably to his next destination without doing this.

He knelt down beside Elara and offered her a hand, sure that the pushing and pulling of his and Chita's magically powers had probably done a number on her legs.

"Come on, let's get outta here."

He said while the clone ran to catch up to Chita.

Clone: Hey, can we talk for a minute?

Not a single word else was spoken to Elara. She just continued to complain about how she didn't get it without actually trying for herself. That was the difference between Chita and her; Chita never gave up on anything that had purpose to her.

'Dumbass... It isn't like you were the only one who didn't know about your powers...'

She was fortunate enough to have gone to research her father who up and left one day, never received any training from her hag of a mother, and only received the legendary L'sia Arcana because of the will of her grandma, who was still on the run. Elara was just a whiny little bitch, just like she was back then. She just had some fancy new powers now.

Chita reached the door and pulled a hand from her pocket to open it, not once looking back to the still whining Elara. It was only by the grace of Koudo's clone that she didn't go inside and shut herself in to wait for them to get the hell off her property. Her head turned slightly to the side, just to look at Koudo's clone from the corner of her eye, and to also demonstrate her lack of intention to refrain from going inside.

"... Yeah, what?"

She didn't sound all that enthused to be stopped, but Koudo had proven himself to her a long time ago, which was the only reason she even considered stopping, even in her extreme irritation.

Good, she was willing to talk, Koudo breathed a silent sigh of relief to himself. He'd half expected Chita to completely ignore him and slam the door in his face. He straightened his posture and shoved his hands in his pockets.

"I wanna talk to you more about the trial. If you want we could..."

And he left it open ended as he motioned his eyes towards the door. There was no need for them to stand outside to talk, and he'd already been inside her house before though not with her. A little bit of him wished she would invite him in.

There was a brief pause after Koudo finished talking; a point where neither he nor she said a word, waiting for her decision. After a moment or two of simply staring at him, she silently straightened her head forward and walked into her house, neglecting to close the door behind her. She didn't nor wouldn't say anything to Koudo's clone, continuing on with her own business and walking straight down the hall. There was a table at the end next to a stairway leading upstairs, where Zita held most of her talks with people seeking her counsel. Chita casually sat in a chair and crossed her arms.


Koudo drew out quietly as he walked into the castle behind Chita and closed the door behind him. When intense glare didn't terrify him, but it was rather unsettling. He followed her until she took her seat, and he leaned up against the wall before making sure there was nothing in his way that he could knock over.

Just like at the door, there was a moment of silence between the two. Koudo was gauging if Chita would speak first while he tried to get what he wanted to say, and ask together. After a bit, when she still hadn't said anything, Koudo pulled his hands out of his pockets and folded his arms across his chest.

"Mind telling me what that was really about back there? I understand it was her trial, but there was clearly something else in there. I could see it in the way you were fighting."

"She's weak," she'd say immediately, leaving no more room for silence between their sentences, " And she wants to be pacified like some little baby. She wants to be treated like something special, but won't prove herself worthy of such respect. I don't have time to pamper her."

Chita closed her eyes and furrowed her brow, getting a bit more irate the more she thought about the events that had just transpired... And Elara's pitiful face.

"Ever since she's been here, she's been doing the same things over and over and over again. She's always been a vexation to me. And what's worse... I could see myself in her when I was a Witchling. That made me want to wretch."

It was clear that Chita did want to say something on these matters, but didn't care to do so haphazardly. She was the type to keep her emotions to herself.

"I never asked for help. If I ever whined or threw a tantrum, it was because someone else was doing something stupid to piss me off. Little about everyone else has changed, but the way I handle myself is different. I'm no longer a child that throws temper tantrums when she doesn't get her way... Just when I see someone doing something completely fucking stupid, or when they get in my way."

Leaning back in her chair, she kicked her feet up on the table, opening her eyes to gaze out of the window next to it toward the back of the house. There was a burning intensity she wasn't letting out. As usual.

"... If she wants to be treated like an elite, there's no problem with that. The problem's if she can't live up to it. I gave her the Witch Trial she wanted and that was necessary. She accepted. She was weak. She didn't pay attention. She failed. End of story."

"Well I will admit that she doesn't have any skill, but I wouldn't call her flat out weak." Koudo said. It was clear that Elara packed some impressive magical power, and could be considered one of the stronger witchlings. It also helped that she was such an active member of the community, but she just didn't know how to use her powers properly. What she thought she was doing well, she was suffering in the most. That thing was…


Koudo scratched his neck and folded his arms back across his chest afterwards while listening carefully to what Chita had to say. While she made some very good, and very valid points, Koudo couldn't help but understand that she was just taking her frustrations out on Elara. She saw a part of herself that she didn't like in Elara and was trying her best to get rid of it instead of helping Elara.

"But, you know, she isn't you." Koudo would say, "And she probably thinks you're doing something completely stupid and getting in her way. She's more delicate than you realize."

Koudo let out a breath. He didn't want Chita to get him wrong. It wasn't like he was supporting Elara's lack of control and direction, but he did think it was wrong that Chita was pushing life lessons down Elara's throat. Life lessons that she just didn't understand. The two may seem like they were cut from the same cloth, Chita and Elara, but they were worlds different.

"What exactly are you trying to teach her that she just isn't getting?" Koudo paused, closed his eyes, and thought for a moment, "I think she learned a valuable lesson today, even if she didn't realize it herself, a lesson that a lot of people need to learn." He added.

She scoffed, definitely not wanting to hear those words come from his mouth. Her eyes narrowed, yet she still refused to look at Koudo, as if her attention were locked on something outside... Or perhaps just a vision in her head.

"Chyeah, I'm well aware that she isn't me. I don't beg for help all the time like some little puppy. And if I were getting in her way, she wouldn't show up on my doorstep, now would she?"

Somehow, Chita couldn't seem to find a comfortable position anymore. It was irking her. But, some things never change. As Koudo spoke his last little bit, she could finally lock eyes with him, her stare just as intense as ever.

"If she wasn't ready, she needed to know. She asked for something she wasn't prepared for, so this result is appropriate. Damn girl."

She clenched her teeth...

"... I want her to pay attention. I want her to think about what she's doing instead of just blindly doing whatever comes to mind first. Either way, it'll get pounded into her head. I should know. Life did it to me. And I never needed any help to figure it out."

With a heavy sigh, Chita released a majority of her frustration, lowering her legs and letting the chair fall back into place. Leaning over the table, she pulled one of her arms from the crossed position and placed her elbow on the table, letting her head lean on it in a more relaxed position.

"What lesson did she possibly learn, huh?"

This was where Koudo decided to pull up a chair for himself, a distance away from the table Chita was sitting at. He sat down comfortable and watched the way she readjusted herself in her seat. It was the second or third time she had done it, and it made it seem like she was uncomfortable sitting in the chair. Or maybe she was uncomfortable with the conversation. Either way, Koudo wanted to continue on. He was interested in the things that she had to say, and was interested in the thought processes behind the things that she did. But now she was questioning him.

He unfolded his arms, “What lesson… huh?” He paused for a little bit and absentmindedly ran a couple of fingers through his silvery white hair before locking eyes with the intense glare of the woman before him, “An important one to be sure, knowing when to give up.” He finally said. It was definitely something that people nowadays, and even before, just didn’t understand. They were always so keen on fighting, fighting, fighting but didn’t know that sometimes a battle was won by not fighting it at all or just returning alive. He, honestly, didn’t think Chita would understand this either. She expressed constantly how she didn’t like cowards or people that ran, so he decided to explain further.

“She said she was fighting for her family, or something like that right. Well, what’s the point of doing that if you can’t go back to them and you know you’re clearly outmatched?” Koudo had learned this lesson himself early, and from the mentor he admired the most of all the ones he'd had. Naturally, he never had any family to worry about in the beginning and so he could be as reckless as he wanted to be, but then Maina and Naina joined him, Sai, Okami and all the others animals, and, finally, Yui. He always fought and got stronger for himself, but it slowly turned into fighting for them as well.

Koudo leaned back in his chair, wondering if Chita’s home had any drinks to offer, before he folded his arms back across his chest with his blue eyes locked intently on Chita’s, “Don’t you think it’s smarter to retreat when you just can’t win? If you live to fight another day, then you haven’t lost. It took until we restricted her completely to realize that.” In retrospect, now that he thought about it, this was what he wanted to say to Elara, but he supposed it was good to say what he was thinking, about the trial, to Chita as well. Not to changing her mind about the outcome, because the outcome was fair and he figured she wouldn’t change her mind, but just to give her an outsider’s opinion. Elara had done some growth while facing Chita, probably not enough to matter in the older witch's mind, but enough to make a difference in Koudo's.

Feeling much less tense now for a reason she barely understood, Chita's eyes returned to being closed, but now with her face less... Intense. Perhaps this whole 'talking' about her emotions actually worked, instead of just acting impulsively on them, as she was so prone to doing. She had some things to learn still, too. She wasn't a very old witch (comparitively to other Witches), so even though she knew a lot because of her own endeavors, she was really still learning about others, even if she knew herself.

'Knowing when to give up, huh...? Tch...'

The thought was dismissed from Chita's mind. It worked for some people, but not everyone. In this case, Elara and not Chita. However, it did give her a bit of insight about something she knew nothing about, and after replaying the scene in her head... Perhaps that was a good call.

"... At least she's fighting for someone. Guess it is important to know when to stop if it's for someone other than yourself. That's what it's like when you have people to fight for... Gotta always think about them, too."

Her eyes opened up, gaze drifting down toward the floor, yet directed at Koudo. Under his chair, to avert actually looking at him, yet still face him.

"But for someone like me, who has no family nor friends, nor anyone to even consider fighting for, I accomplish my own goals the way I see fit. If I give up and back down, I'm giving up on me. I'd rather go out fighting, since I'm the only one I live for... And I don't even live to do much of anything but just do what I want. So my life doesn't really matter. Tch."

Things got a little heavy again. But, only for a moment.

"... Yeah, maybe I'll learn that lesson she learned now later in life, if I live that long. People learn different things at different times. Moreso when they need it. Guess I just don't need to know it, yet."

Or maybe... She just didn't have enough will to live, herself. All she wanted to do was teach stupid people a lesson for being so damn stupid.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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“Don’t get me wrong though, giving up isn’t always the best thing to do. Pressure, like a more powerful opponent, makes diamonds, strong warriors, from coal, weaklings, after all. We’ve both experienced that. Haven’t we?” That was another thing he'd learned from the mentor he admired most. Koudo by no means wanted to soften Chita up. It was nice that she was opening up a little bit, even to him who she knew very little about personally. The same could be said in the vice versa. But unlike Elara, Koudo could relate to Chita in some form. They were an interesting pair. Completely opposite, it seemed, in terms of dealing with a problem, but shared the same feelings about certain things. It reminded Koudo of his relationship with Akira, one of his best friends.

Now what came next was definitely unexpected. Koudo wasn’t even sure what to say. He listened to every single last word that Chita had to say, from beginning to end, and didn’t know what to do. Up until this point Chita just seemed so, he didn’t know, tough and unconcerned about personal stuff like relationships, and yet Koudo had to remember she was a person too. It was clear, with how much she pushed and ridiculed Elara in attempts of making her better, that she cared to some extent about the other girl and her race as a whole. Still… it just caught him off guard is all, and it took until she was finished for him to stop holding his tongue. He’d never been good at doing so anyway.

“But that’s not true!” He said passionately in a voice that grew in volume with each word uttered, “What about your mom? What about Rita? What about your race? Shit... Nita?” For some reason… what Chita said irritated him. He didn’t understand it himself, but there was this boiling feeling in his stomach that he strained to hold down. Moving a hand to his stomach, he forced the feeling down and attempted to subdue it with enough force for him to continue talking to Chita normally.

“There are plenty of things for you to fight for. I live for myself just as much as you do. I live for the vacancy I’ll leave in the lives I’ve interfered with.” Koudo had truly grown up with no family nor friends. He was orphaned by his mother in this strange land, adopted by a kind elderly couple that disappeared a couple years after he’d been found, and then years of his life after that were literally just not in his head. That was probably why what Chita said urked him so much. She had her mother, even if the woman irked her, and she had other family as well. She didn’t know what it meant to be truly alone for years in a strange land filled with aggressive people that only cared about themselves.

Not being able to hold himself anymore, he sprung out of his seat and straight upwards to his feet. “I know that your mother cared about you more than you think she did. I’ve spoken to her myself. She was genuinely worried about you when she heard about what happened between us…” and why wouldn’t she be? Chita was her only daughter. Whether she was brought into this word through love or lust didn’t matter. Koudo patted his chest with his free hand. “Me too. I was worried too. I used the strategy I just said to you to make sure I’d be strong enough to bring you back if it were possible and you were completely gone.” That was probably something Chita didn't know. And now that Koudo realized he'd said it, he backed off a little bit. It was rather embarrassing, but it didn't show on his face and he was completely serious.

Her eyes drifted upward to his face once he began to speak so boldly, paying full attention to his seemingly emotional outburst. She couldn't really understand just why he felt that way at all, considering that one encounter that they had, they knew so little about each other. Maybe he could relate to her in some way... From the way he spoke so firmly, it definitely seemed that way. However, mention of her mother's care didn't particularly sit well with Chita, for she and her mother only recently came to somewhat less shaky terms. Still, she was the self-centered type. Perhaps that's where Chita got it from, and why she was so good at being a loner. Being alone came naturally for members of this family.

"The old hag isn't someone to think about at a time like this. She's more concerned with her own affairs, even if she does care about me. We have two separate lives that don't include each other. As for Rita..."

Rita... Since Chita fused back with Rita, they didn't converse much anymore. Especially since she kind of sat inside of Chita and just silently guided her, or gave her power of the Void when using the Sealing Voidforce. Chita turned her head away, back to that window from before.

"Let's just say, she's a lot more silent than before."

There was no reason to keep her locked up. The two could transition between each other at any given time, whilst also still sharing the same state of consciousness. She definitely didn't count. When he brought up the Witches and Nita... She was reminded of her other Pokemon, as well. They were their own little ragtag family of misfits. Dr. Snakes... Moneybags... Beast... All of them. It made her think a little more deeply on the subject.

"... The Witches have a Grand Magistrate, even if they don't have a Head Witch. I'm sure some little Witch out here can become the Head Witch and lead our people to a brighter future. Tch... It's not like I did as Head Witch. I took the position to do what I had to do; save my mother. Then, I resigned. Didn't fit the rest of my job description to stay in that position of power, so it's better for another Witch to do it. I can't be tied down by something like that."

Maybe that's why she wanted Elara to get better so badly. There weren't too many Witches left and she was one that had a lot of spirit, but was lacking in what was necessary to be a leader. It was fine, she was still a fresh little Witchling, after all. She seemed like the type to jump the gun a bit, too, which caused Chita a little irritation. Though, there wasn't much that didn't irritate her, both back then and now. Her anger did fuel her power, after all. Her eyes narrowed at the thought of it all... Teeth grit... Till Koudo sprung up from his chair and onto his feet, only for Chita to snap her head back in his direction, eyes wide. She was silent for a moment as he spoke, but couldn't help but feel the same passion he did for her own ideals. Maybe that was selfish, too.

She clenched her fist holding up her head, her brow furrowing yet again. Just the mention of her mother... That woman... Zita...

"That woman... It's too late for her to care about me. I was alone then and I'm alone now! That's the way I like it, anyway! I don't have time to be held down by those who are trying to hold me back!"

Her teeth grit tightly as her fist trembled under her cheek. She couldn't take it anymore. Slamming both hands on the table, she pushed herself to her feet, staring daggers at Koudo from her own pent up fury.

"How can you or anyone else say that you actually worry about me, eh!? I don't even see your faces enough for you to know that type of worry!! You don't know me! No one knows me! And when I try to help stupid people not be so damn stupid anymore, I'm the one that gets hell for it!!"

She dug her nails into the table before scrunching her fingers up into fists again. Her anger is her passion; the way she expresses all her emotions. That makes it hard to tell what she's truly feeling at any given time. No one could understand that, and she knew that much for a fact. That's why...

"... I've given up on trying to help out people who don't appreciate it! Alex, Elara, Zita, who-the-fuck-EVER else I've busted my ass for and wasted my time on! Even me! That's why it's better for me to do things on my own! Cuz only I can understand me! Everyone else just wants to make it a fight, so, why the hell not fight em, right!? It's what I live for!"

Chita was trembling. Whether it was from pure rage or sheer passion, it was unclear, but she trembled like this before... With the other two. Every time she got this worked up, she trembled... Like she was going to explode.

"I've had ENOUGH!!"

Raising her fists up in the air, both quaking with power, she slammed them both down onto the table with all her might, breaking it to utter pieces. Shaking much less now, her teeth were still grit and burning eyes still on Koudo. It was only natural to her... Such destruction.

Koudo clenched the hand he had to his stomach. The feeling made him want to retch, but he continued to hold it down. He just didn’t know what it was that was giving him this pit that was growing in his stomach, or was causing his, normally, heavily regulated chakra flow to bubble and flow erratically. It was like something inside of him was reacting to the passionate Chita, trying to force its way to the surface. And it didn’t mind attempting to destroy Koudo’s body in the process.

That’s when it hit him, and he knew exactly what it was. Not here, not now. He thought. It was the draconic powers that he’d been suppressing. It was taking Chita’s show of passion as a challenge. Almost proving what Chita said about people always wanting to turn things that involved her into a fight, but Koudo wouldn’t let that happen. He quickly bit the side of his lip hard enough for blood to began to trickle down, the shocking suddenness of doing so being enough to quell the beast within for the moment. With that done, he went to responding.

“Because when we traded blows I got interested in knowing you! I’m not ridiculing you! I think what you did was right! Elara wasn’t ready!” Koudo yelled in response. He wasn’t sure if she realized this, but she was opening up to him. Though he would have preferred not to come to a yelling match, it seemed to be the only way she could express her feelings openly with other people. He realized this earlier in the fight.

Then she broke the table that she had been sitting under. He took in all her words, and he let out a breath. Then he calmed down. Folding his arms, he smirked at her searing hot glower and nodded his head. “Now didn’t that feel better? Letting it all out?” Obviously, she’d been holding in those feelings for a really long time, Koudo, definitely, could tell that. If she could only express those feelings through anger, then maybe she just needed someone to get her worked up enough to express everything. What a sneaky bastard… this Koudo was. Playing Chita right into his hand.

Chita stood in silence for a moment, fists still clenched and teeth still grit. She may have let out some of her frustration for the situation at hand, but anger was her burning fuel. 'Letting it all out' was impossible for someone like her... But at least she felt somewhat better about it all. Her anger subsided as she closed her eyes, arms dropping to their sides and her fists loosening. An exasperated sigh followed by a quick drop back down to her seat, she crossed her arms again, her eyes opened just slightly to see the blood trickling from Koudo's lips. Guess she didn't notice before with her intense rage...

'Biting your tongue for me? Stupid...'

But, it put a smile on her face, even if it was only a daunting smirk, and only for a second.

"It seems like the guys in my life are always asking for a good jab in the jaw. You're all so damn stupid..."

That was her response to his question, whether he knew what it meant or not. Seemed like a recurring thing in her life where she just wanted to punch every guy she met in the face for whatever reason...

With that in mind, she stood back up after calming down, stepping lightly over the destroyed table and over to Koudo, not taking her eyes off of his for even a blink. When she was right in front of him, eye to eye and face to face, she said just what she had to say to him;

"... You ever trick me again, I'm gonna break your jaw. Asshole."

She hated tricks, games and things of that family. Alex Star knew that all too well, that little bastard. She refrained from hitting Koudo just this once... It was a clone, anyway. Wouldn't do any real damage. What she wanted to do was make sure he felt it, and hitting a clone would do nothing of the sort.

With a pivotal about face, she walked to the shattered table and wondered if it was even worth fixing. The Sealing Voidforce could fix a mess like this in a jiffy, but maybe it was time for some new furniture, anyway. Pulling an arm from the crossed position on her torso, she pointed at the mess and generated a Magic Gauntlet to scoop it all up at once before flying to the nearest garbage. With the area cleared, she took another step in front of the window and leaned on the sill, gazing back outside at whatever she was looking at before.

"... If you wanna get to know me better, you're gonna have to do it the same way everyone else does. I'm still a loner, and believe it or not, I like it that way."

Her eyes drifted back to Koudo, whom she gazed at from their corners, tapping the back of her foot a little bit behind the other.

"But even I like a little company. Occasionally."

This was clearly Chita's way of inviting Koudo to come hang out with her sometime, which was something that was so rare, she couldn't even believe she did it. Maybe it was because he was the only one who could actually relate to her on this level and understood her ways... Maybe it was something else. Birds of a feather flock together, they say.

"So. What's up with the whiny brat?"

Her name for Elara changed. She wasn't 'whiny bitch' anymore, but 'whiny brat.' This conversation must really have changed Chita's mind about some things about herself, Koudo and Elara... And truthfully, maybe even everyone she interacted with.

-Her legs would give way out of exuatsion. She fell to the ground, not even minding the actually symbolized the way she was feeling right now. After everything she had one, all she had been through it still wasn't enough. What then? What was she lacking. Chita said it was because she wasn't paying attention. Attention to what? Herself? TO Chita? TO koudo? What~!? As she contemplated these things Koudo outstretched his hands towards her, saying they should get out of here. They way she was feeling she didn't mind that at all.-


-She said grabbing hold of his hand.-

Koudo nodded his head, holding tightly to Elara’s hand and pulling her up to her feet strongly. Knowing full well she couldn’t said on her own, the force behind the pull would be enough for her to fall into his free arm without a hitch. Afterwards he formed a couple of one handed hand seals and they warped out of the area by being sucked into a portal that the hand seals had generated. Koudo just wanted to talk to Elara and see how she felt about what happened, and to impart a little knowledge on to her from what he saw while watching. Obviously, he wouldn’t have the information his clone had because it was still active, so nothing Chita said would be expressed to Elara through Koudo.

Koudo, finally, pressed a couple of fingers to the side of his lips, the side that he bit. When he brought the fingers before his eyes, and saw the blood on them, he breathed a sigh of relief. The motion had been so sudden that even his body, which was known for regenerating whenever he got hurt, didn’t realize it until he saw the blood with his own eyes. This was the first time he’d seen his own blood in a very long time. He just didn’t get hurt like he used too, though the promise of a broken jaw from Chita definitely made him shiver. He didn’t even want to think about getting one those. She was quite heavy handed. Smirking, he licked the blood that remained on his lip off and the wound closed just as his tongued passed over it. The motion could also be considered a sexual taunt to Chita.

“Ah, but you tried that before, remember?” More than once if he was recalling the last time they met properly. In fact, that was how he won their battle if his memory wasn’t on the fritz. He actually incorporated her form when she performed the punch into his taijutsu fighting style. “That’s how you lost to me, but that’s ancient history.” He commented with a wave of his hand as she crossed the room and cleaned up the mess that she made and glided to the window. He walked over and leaned against the wall there, folding his arms across his chest as he did so.

He closed his eyes and smiled, “Heh. And here I you’d let me read your diary after all this,” He joked with a laugh, “But I guess being able to hang out with you is a good enough consolation prize.” Koudo was just fine with having to learn about Chita like a normal man would a normal woman he was interested in. It made him feel, well, normal. Though they fought for most of their lives, and both had experienced crushing loneliness at one point, it was nice to just be able to talk to someone normally and learn about them without reading their mind or stealing their memories or something to that effect. Chakra could really and truly do anything if you had the creativity to use it to its fullest.

Koudo opened one eye and looked over towards Chita before he shrugged his shoulders. He wasn’t completely sure what the real him was going to do with Elara, though it definitely wouldn’t be anything bad. “If I had to speculate, he’ll probably just talk to her. She might vent more easily than you did.” The clone guessed. If he knew himself like he thought he did, which he did, then that was exactly what was going to happen.

“Hey, I’m curious. Is it possible for a Witch and a Human to use Soul Resonance like a Weapon and a Meister can?” Yeah it was kind of an outta the blue random question, but one that had been itching at the back of his head. Now that he was in the company of a witch, the past head witch’s daughter on top of that, he couldn’t let slip the chance to ask.

"Bet it'll connect the next time," she was all too quick to say, "I always hit my mark, even if it isn't on the first try. Just makes it more powerful the more I miss." It seemed like more of a promise than a threat, since she was the type to get mad at herself for missing and mad at her opponent for dodging, giving her much more of an incentive to make the next one hurt twice as badly as it would, and be more cautious. She was a tough one to fight if you couldn't handle that little quirk about her correctly.

He leaned nearby the window now, seemingly much more comfortable with being here and around her since the tension was released. The two of them must have gotten things off of their chests that made their presence less combative. This wasn't a feeling Chita had around people normally, as stated before, since everyone seemed to either piss her off or wanna fight with her. It was new and sorta relaxing... She didn't have to be on edge.

"I'm sure the old lady made sure to make you more than welcome over here already. So it's not like you'll be stopped from coming here or anything."

This still was Zita's and the L'sia family's castle, technically, even if she was absent. Chita would inherently obtain it upon her death, abandonment, or simply if she gave it to her, but right now, she was just mistress of the household whilst the owner was away. Whoopie. She barely even stayed home, anyway; it was almost like a mystery to her just to be inside. Kinda sad, really. She didn't say anything more about Elara... For their next interaction would probably have an exchange of everything necessary between them. If it didn't turn into a flat out brawl.

"Got a soul, don't I?"

It was a rather straightforward answer, but Chita was that type of person; straight to the point. She straightened up now, shifting her body to now face Koudo whilst still leaning on the windowsill with one arm.

"I'm a Witch, ain't I?"

Sure, she could get that some people would question that due to the standing between the Witches and the school in the past, but there was no real difference between them except that the Witches knew magic.

"Resonance can be used by anything that gives off a wavelength. Witches just aren't taught to do it, or anything involving the traits of the Soul. We use Magic, which is much more destructive due to the nature of the Sway of Magic. You weapon-toting Academy students have your Wavelength... We Witches have our Magic. But on the hush hush, there are some of us Witches who know both."

There were probably some people at the Academy that knew how to use magic, too. It was becoming more popular these days... A sort of secret integration, to some degree.

"I guess that'll only change when the rules change... and the whole Witch Hunt thing gets settled once and for all. Until then..." her eyes roamed back outside, which she seemed to be infatuated with. Perhaps being confined in one place for too long was just not comfortable to her. It makes sense. Her soul was finally free from its prison, after all. "... Gotta watch some Witches fall to the Insanity and watch their souls get cut out of em. If they're bad, they're bad, after all." Chita shrugged her shoulders, perfectly fine with it being that way. It had been like that for about a thousand years, so it wasn't like it was anything new. It was just a widely accepted thing.

"That's why I never let the Insanity Sway me the wrong Way."

Koudo closed his eyes and furrowed his brow while he thought. Sure it was true that witch’s had souls, but he’d just been curious since he’d never heard of it being done before. Koudo wasn’t even a student at Shibusen, or whatever it was called now, and hadn’t researched the technique being used for anything outside of its general Weapon/Meister combination. This information, coming from a witch, was pretty groundbreaking stuff to him. It was something he would keep on his mind for quite some time. In fact, he opened his eyes and looked at Chita, who seemed to be staring longingly outside of the window.

“Hey, wanna try it one day?” He asked curiously, before unfolding his arms and putting his hands in his pockets, “I mean, you saw the synergy we had out there against Elara. It’d be pretty rad if we cou-.” Then he paused midsentence and furrowed his brow again. One of the offhand comments that Chita had made just hit him. He pushed off the wall and turned to stand facing Chita.

“Wait… you don’t think I banged your mom do you?” If that was what she was thinking then she couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact it was just the opposite. Koudo and Zita had literally had nothing but meaningful conversation when he’d come over to her for the first time and a lot of the time they were talking about witches as a whole and Chita. He couldn’t lie, he did flirt with Zita a little bit, but he was intimidated by her. He didn’t think he was man enough, yet, to tackle a task like Zita, and wasn’t interested in doing so in the first place.

Koudo's offer was something Chita never really considered. Resonating with others was nothing that she was really for in the past, especially since she didn't ever find herself allied with anyone at all. It was something to consider, especially since she didn't have a formal Bond with anyone yet. Still, he was asking for a bit much.

"I'm still a loner, you know. Not saying it couldn't happen, but... I'd want some formal training with that at the Academy. Sure, I'd be welcomed because of my family, but..."

It was clear that she wasn't aware of any changes that had gone on recently. Not many people were since things went on rather privately between the sections of this 'Veritas' village. They were connected, but at the same time... Not. She and her direct lineage were pretty much protected by Khrona, who was her Uncle. Bet a lot of people didn't know that much, either. It wasn't something she wanted to flaunt, especially with her father being Valerio Lombardi and her mother being Zita. She came from an inherently powerful lineage.

She couldn't help but burst into laughter at Koudo's remark on Zita, though. That... That was hilarious.

"Ahahahaha! That's rich! I'd be surprised if you DIDN'T sleep with her!"

She laughed so hard that she bent over, her hand holding her stomach to keep herself from falling to pieces on the floor. Boy...

"Ahah... Ahaha... Ah... No, but seriously. I'm surprised that succubus didn't suck you dry. How did you ever survive her whorish ways?"

Koudo could understand that, and he wasn't trying to push her into it or anything. It would just be interesting to try some day. He already knew it would take more than a couple sweet words and pretty looks to get her to try something like that with him, though, admittedly, Koudo knew a lot of the woman he met would have probably jumped at the chance. He shuddered just thinking about a few of them. Mistakes were made, mistakes were definitely made.

"Luck, I guess. She feeds of compliments too." Koudo answered with a shrug of his shoulders. Truthfully, he couldn't believe he'd gotten out of there with everything he entered with still in tact, though he lost a few things a few weeks afterwards, but he knew that if he would have kept the promise and came back just to sit around and talk with the woman then he'd fall just like the rest. He was happy that it didn't go down that way, but part of him was kinda miffed about it. He was a man after all.

Placing a hand to his hip, he scratched the back of head with the other and sighed, "Come on, it's not that funny is it? I have plenty of vitality you know." It came with the lineage that he was a part of, but he wouldn't get into that. Still, Koudo was sure it would have probably took at least 30 of him, back then, to be able to just keep up with the older woman without full blown pleasing her being in the equation. Now, it would probably take about 3 or 4 with each one in Sage Mode and sharing knowledge about her weak points with one another. He'd rather not find out if he was right or wrong about that possibility though.

Chita rolled her eyes, "Chyeah, I know. She'll suck you dry in more ways than one, buck-o." Of course, she referred to those compliments. She loved to blow herself up, since she was the type that loved for people to suck up to her.

Finally, after a little bit of just plain out hysterical laughter, she calmed herself enough to tell Koudo, "Yeah... Yeah it was really that funny. Heh. Heh heh." Whatever he thought she was laughing at was pretty off, since she was laughing at his ability to escape her clutches. She lifted her arm back up under her large bosoms, crossing it over the other as she was known to do naturally.

"That Gravity Magic, I tell ya... It'll steal all the attention. Makes me wonder why my personality isn't like that if I've got the Void inside of my soul... Maybe it's the Sealing Force that's always kept it in check. I remember when I used to wear those cuffs, it was because I couldn't control it and the Void would eventually swallow me up whole if I took them off..."

Those were the days when Chita and Rita were at odds, just like Zita and Vita used to be. Maybe there was more to this than meets the eye... Khrona would know. He was Zita's brother, after all, and from what she remembered, he was the one that made those cuffs to restrain her power in the first place upon her birth. Chita narrowed her eyes and looked down at the ground in front of Koudo's feet, drifting off into her own little world of thought for a moment, since some things she never thought to think about were being thought of now.

'Did he know way back then that the Sealing Force would be able to contain that type of power, or was it just a gamble at my life? It could be the reason why my personality doesn't just suck people in and trap them there like the old hag and her Gravity Magic coupled with those Locks and Chains...'

She wanted some definite answers, since she didn't know if her deductions were correct or not, but that could wait until another time. Right now, she kinda didn't want to have to worry about the fate of the Witches for a while, even if they did lack a leader and the current Grand Magistrate was off doing... whatever. She didn't even know who that chick was, just that her magic was eerily familiar, similar to her grandmother's... And incredibly powerful.

Koudo held his hands out to his sides and shrugged his shoulders with a shake of his head, “Maybe it’s because I’m special or something. Who knows?” There could have been a multitude of reasons for why he hadn’t been heavily affected by Zita’s magic. He didn’t know enough about magic and how it affected the soul, nor did he know a lot about the soul or magic in general, to make speculations about what had happened. Maybe it was because Chita had been on his mind the entire time or something, or because he could use gravity magic, to an extent, like Zita as well. As far as he knew though, that wasn’t inscribed into his soul or Tear, when he first got his soul analyzed, and Maruze, when they trained together, would have said something about it. It was just really up in the air, and that made it fun.

He slid his hands behind his head and interlocked his fingers together before looking out of the window, to get a look at the scenery Chita had been staring at so intently before she stared to laugh at him. “Or it could be because you’re a master of your own destiny. A soul can’t possibly be everything about you. That’s too cut and dry, too rigid.” But what did he know? Maybe it was just him not wanting to be restricted by the laws of the world, and nature in general. Freedom was the thing he sought the most after all. One of the things he fought for with all of his strength.

Yeah, that was probably what it was. Him just not wanting to believe that he could be defined so easily by something. It made him feel like an experiment again. The dreadfully dreary feeling he had when he fought an artificial copy of himself, and was shown a glimpse of something that involved his mother. Koudo clenched his teeth a bit thinking about it, and decided not to.

He relaxed and took a look at Chita out the corner of his eye. “Oii, Chita?” It looked like she was spacing out about something. Probably in deep thought about something important to her. He did that too, on occasion, and could understand that sometimes you just needed to be left with your thoughts. He wouldn’t pry into what she was thinking, since they didn’t know one another that well yet, but maybe later on she’d want to tell him about it. And in exchange, he’d tell her something about himself. Seemed like a pretty fair trade.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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PostSubject: Re: The Sealing Void   The Sealing Void - Page 2 EmptyWed Jun 30, 2021 8:32 pm

Void 35: To become Firmly Established; A Bond Of Eternity Formed... Pt. III

Even though she was lost in her own thought, she was still sort of paying attention to what he said. Enough to hear him speak and process it, but not to respond right away. Chita probably knew a little bit more about it than Koudo, but didn't know a lot about it like her mom and grandma probably did. Hell, Khrona probably knew every goddamn thing, knowing him. But, there was something that she was well aware of when it came to a soul that would probably help Koudo out. When he called out to her, she spoke up immediately after gathering the words she wanted to say about it.

"... It's like a little egg. It grows as you do. It is you. It may be basic when it starts out, but it'll take stuff in that it likes and reject what it doesn't. That's how that whole 'resonance' thing works, I think. The soul is your true self... It can't lie. That's how the Witches were always caught back then... Even if we are just as in tune with our souls as those Meisters."

The Magic that was soaked into their very souls was easy to tell from someone who simply practiced magic or someone who wasn't a Witch at all. That was why Witches had the most powerful magic; it came straight from their very souls in its purest form.

"It is what it is. It's just who you are, that cut and dry. That's why the Witches invented 'Soul Protect,' because they couldn't change their souls, so they decided to hide them with a field of magic. It's all you can do, unless you've got enough power to alter someone's very being."

Yeah, Chita knew some things. You pick up on em in travels when you're a loner. That's something good about it; you never have to worry about where your going or who's lagging behind. You go at your own pace.

"... Guess that's what makes a soul special. No one can copy it. It makes you unique. An individual. Otherwise, you're just a piece of meat, just like everyone else around here. Tch..."

She didn't look up for a moment. She thought about Zita and the way she treated her body... Like a piece of meat. She must really not have cared about it, or just really liked sex that much. That was something she swore she wouldn't ever do, either. End up like her...

Koudo more or less knew all that already. Though he didn’t like the idea, at the same time he did. Since each soul was unique, it might that none of the copies his mom made could ever really, truly, be him since they couldn’t mimic his soul. It was just the ability to be labeled so easily and read by people with soul perception. He shuddered at it all. He hated the idea of having his soul read without his permission just as much as he hated having his mind read. He’d come up with precautions of the mind, but the soul was difficult for him because he wasn’t very in tune with it. Once he was told he couldn’t use any of the abilities Shibusen could teach, except for Soul Resonance, he figured going was a waste of his time and effort. And to this day, he hadn’t been proven wrong. Even his partners practiced and grew more on their own than they did getting help from the school.

Koudo just nodded his head and looked back out of the window. The prospect of researching into the Soul Protect ability the witches used was very high to him. In fact, he wondered that if he didn’t have an affinity at all in learning the Weapon/Meister techniques then perhaps he would have a better affinity to creating ninja variants of the Witch techniques. The thought made him smirk a little; it even curled into a full blown smile.

“I heard your soul looks like a giant black hole, or was that Rita?” Koudo pondered this out loud. The only soul that he could see was his own, on some occasions, but he had always been interested in seeing what shape someone else’s soul took. He didn’t care about all the other information seeing it could provide him, just about all the interesting shapes a soul could take. His had a silvery blue color, much like his chakra, and was shaped sorta like an atom with chains floated around it to make the rings. Every time he got the chance to see it, it always looked really cool to him for some reason.

Chita looked up at Koudo once he started smiling, wondering just what it could be about. It showed Chita that he was thinking about something along the lines of what she said. Perhaps it made him feel a little better, or something. She didn't really mind the whole 'soul' thing, though.

"The more the Meisters figured out how to read Witches souls, the better we got at protecting them. That's all it really boils down to; if your oonent finds away around your technique, just make something better later on. *shrug*"

It was all really stupid and petty to Chita, but hey, couldn't change things that no one wanted to change. Koudo's next question really got her, though, since she wasn't expecting him to ask to see what her soul looked like. It was clear that he didn't have Soul Perception if he couldn't see it already, but then again, like her mother's, it was protected from being fully viewed thanks to the Sealing Wavelength that coursed through, and its initial shape. It was layered for its own protection.

"It's a little of both. Our souls were once split. Seems to be a trait passed down from my ma, and hers. They split their souls in two; one that harbored the Light and one, the Dark, from what my granny told me. Zita and Vita. Chita and Rita."

Their history was pretty profound. One of the two sides of them could take over; the Light of them or the Dark of them. "My ma's the one with the black hole... In my soul, there is a void. There's a difference." She didn't know what her grandmother had, but it might have just been general Darkness. The power seemed to grow within each child.

She quirked a brow, unsure if she really wanted to do this... She uncrossed her arms and touched her chest, closing her eyes. "... If you don't have Soul Perception, it'll be hard for you to see it... So I'll make it as clear as possible." She opened her eyes viciously, however, with the same burning intensity as before, "But I won't unlock it."

If she was alone, she might have done it, but while someone else is here... She wasn't sure just how it was going to react... If it would draw in everything as the Void tended to do... Or even rip Koudo's soul straight out of his chest. Chita hadn't mastered the power of the Void yet, and the only way it could be used now was in conjunction with the Sealing Force so that it never spiraled out of control. And even with Rita in her head backing her up...

"... You ready?"

Ah so he had them confused, the mother and the daughter, but he could have sworn that Zita told him either Chita’s, or Rita’s, soul was a giant black hole. He didn’t think his memory was that bad, but perhaps it was. There were a lot of people that acted really buddy buddy with his and he couldn’t even remember half of their names. Or it could have been that he just misunderstood what Zita had told him and assumed that when she was describing the void, she was describing a black hole which, in Koudo’s mind, was a type of void since it was void of all light.

Shocked, the taller male turned to look at Chita. Was she really offering him a chance to get a peek at her soul? After they’d just established that a soul was everything about a person? It was definitely a shocking development, but Koudo would only be able to see how it looked and nothing else. So it wasn’t like he’d discover everything about her from her favorite food to what color panties she wore. He placed a hand to his chin and stared intently at her bosom. “Ehhh you’re gonna show me huh? I thought you’d wanna cover it up for a bit longer.” He teased playfully with a short laugh before he closed his eyes and nodded his head. He bet that the shape would be interesting and unique, but then every soul is unique.

He moved his head away from her bosom and opened his eyes back up. “I’m ready.” He really was after all, and didn’t bother to pay attention to her warning about unlocking it. She’d already made it very clear to him that the void was within her soul and that she couldn’t control it as good as she’d like to be able to. If she said that she wouldn’t unlock it, then that meant she wasn't confident in her ability to quell it if it went berserk. It was sorta like how Koudo was when he used the draconic powers he had that weren't strictly physically enhancing, like his scales that increased his durability and his strength. But those two particular enhancements were always activated, as well as his long draconic tongue though he could alter the shape of that one at will.

She shrugged her shoulders again, not really minding showing someone her soul. She figured that it was pretty useless of an effort nowadays with people and their Soul Perception.

"Yeah, well. People have Soul Perception, so. What're ya gonna do, right?"

Maybe because he'd only see the outside and not actually get to see what it was she had on the inside that made it easier to show him? Hm. It was always a possibility.

Either way, she didn't hesitate, narrowing her eyes in concentration and clenching her fists a bit. An eerie wind started to swirl around her body as a great force generated around her. At first, to Koudo, it would just seem like she was conjuring up some magic, but the more she concentrated, the more apparent her soul became. The wavelength projected around her now as a huge dark purple soul bound tight by a giant cuff very similar to the ones she used to wear a long time ago. The soul seemed larger than it actually was, but the constricting cuff around it forced it to stay in place, and it showed by the strain there was between the two wavelengths. The Cuff was made from the Sealing Wavelength, whilst the pitch black core, of the Abysmal Wavelength. The black core pressed against the wispy outer layer of the soul, trying to break free of the cuff, but the glowing green energy just the same as that of her Sealing Force continued to keep it in check and from swelling up too much. The wavelength was large enough to change the entire room the same dark purple and light green colors. It was evident that even now, Chita had a struggle with controlling her power, as she always had since birth. Her hands were trembling.

"Well..." she started to say, a little strained, "... There it is... the Forbidden Soul..." she winced, but smirked a little and chuckled it off. "Haha, you like?" It was hard making someone who didn't have eyes to see perceive a soul. Took a lot of concentration when not Resonating with them.

Koudo was supremely attentive as Chita began the process of showing. The energized pressure that she began to exert as she tried to show him her soul reminded him of those fighters that came from the Chaos. Those um… what were they called? Shikigami…? Shingumi…? Shinigami! Right, those things and the way they exerted ‘Spiritual Pressure’ and altered the world around them. Though Chita showing Koudo her soul wasn’t as severely destruction as Shinigami releasing their spiritual pressure, it was still nice to make the reference and helped Koudo to understand how exactly she was actually showing it too him.

He could see, in her face, how hard it seemed to be for her to show him, someone without soul perception, but Koudo was concentrating just as hard. Without the luxury of being able to see souls and stuff, Koudo had to squint his eyes and allow them to make sense out of the blurry purple mass that was growing around Chita’s body. He did this for a few seconds, while his eyes adjusted and Chita exerted more of her soul wavelength, before the soul became clearer to him. It became so clear to him, at this point, that that he didn’t even need to squint his eyes anymore.

Now with a much clearer image of Chita’s soul, he could see the deep rich purple colored soul restricted tightly by a giant cuff that was similar in image to the ones that he saw her wearing when they first met so long ago. The way that the soul squeezed against the cuff made Koudo realize that perhaps the already large soul was actually much larger than it appeared to be, but the constricting cuff around it forced it to stay in place. The cuff was made from a different wavelength than the inner core, Koudo could tell by the difference in colors. The innermost pitch black core pressed against the wispy outer layer of the soul, but the glowing green energy of the cuff kept it in check and from swelling up too much. The black core had to be related to the Void that Chita wasn’t happy about not being able to control, and the green cuff must have been the power that she could control, that strong sealing power, while the purple colored outer layer had to be because she was a witch. Koudo could deduce at least that much.

From this much, he could see Chita was struggling with her powers, much like himself, and that was probably why they were able to connect so well, though he didn’t have to struggle with his from birth or, at least, he didn’t think so. When asked what he thought, he stroked his nonexistent chin stubble and hummed, “Hmm… It’s…” He paused to make sure he chose his next words carefully. The situation was precarious and if he used the wrong word then a shot to the face could end up as the result. He closed eyes tight but for a fleeting second before he stopped stroking his chin and snapped his fingers just as his eyes shot opened. “Cute. Yeah that’s the word. Cute.” He thought it was fairly cute. The contrast between the deep rich purple, light green, and abysmal black gave it a unique glow that illuminated the entire room. The three colors complimented each other fairly well.

"Cute?! What the hell?!"

After hearing that, her concentration was broken, and so would the projection of her wavelength. The tint of the room returned to its normal color, and the pressure on the atmosphere quickly normalized. She didn't understand how this type of soul could be 'cute' in the slightest, and in fact, it rather pissed her off.

"More like, abominable. I can't stand this type of soul at all. In fact..." She narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms under her breasts again, clenching her fists together and tensing up just a bit, "... I hate it."

Without warning, she spun around and stormed upstairs, trying to remember just where the hell her room was in this confounded castle. It had been so long since she'd been here that it was hard to remember that type of trivial thing, especially when she didn't ever stay long enough to use it. There were many, many rooms in this house that she didn't know about... Zita would, since she was more of a recluse that probably specially made each and every one. Oh well. She couldn't bear being down there with someone who thought such an infernal thing was 'cute,' anyway.

Koudo closed his eyes and laughed awkwardly while scratching behind his head as Chita stormed off to the interior of her house and left him standing there. “I really fucked that one up, huh? I guess I should have gone with a different word…” It was very clear that Chita didn’t like that he used the word cute to describe her soul. In fact he heard her grumble, before she stormed off, that she actually hated her soul. Koudo wasn’t quite sure what to say in response to something like that, and decided to leave it for next time.

This visit was clearly over, and she probably wanted to be alone. If he stayed any longer, and went upstairs after her, then Koudo would feel like he was intruding. Not to mention it would be really creepy if he followed her upstairs. He knew how to take a hint. He sighed to himself and placed a hand to his hip while still scratching behind his head. “Maybe I should just leave her be, she’ll cool off. Probably knock me a good one the next time.” That was something Koudo wasn’t looking forward too.

For some reason, he was always attracted to the girls that could do him the most harm physically. And he meant that in the literal sense. Like if any of them got super good with their powers and super savvy to his tactics then he’d be a sitting duck for them. Priere was one of the only girls that had figured it out somewhat and Perura too.

He turned and to face the way that he came in, and walked off in that direction with both his hands on his hips. Just before he walked out of the front door, he stopped and looked over his shoulder and waved to the interior of the house. “Next time.” And that was all he said before he exited, shut the door behind him, and released himself to transfer all the information about what had occurred to his real body.


After quite a long time of finding her room, and many other parts of the Castle she wish she hadn't seen, Chita spent her time relaxing in the actually rather homey feel of the room she was never in. It must have been just the presence of her damned old lady that pushed her out of the house, since her room was pretty cozy to her, once she had it all to herself. She took quite a long little 'vacation' from the world locked up in the towers of Castle L'sia, and actually started to become more accustomed to moving around in there. Secretly, she enjoyed running through the halls and playing around by herself, but that wasn't anything anyone had to know. She kinda saw why her mother enjoyed being in the house so much, but that was neither here nor there.

Sometime after everything had occurred and she had spent some ample time alone, Chita sat quietly in a chair near one of the chained windows, engrossed in one of the very numerous secret tomes hidden around the Castle. It had a lot of information about the Sealing power that was part of her heritage, and she was learning quite a lot about it. She seemed to have been reading up on it ever since she found it.

"No way! It can do what? Oh, that's badass."

She never did get to see her mother fight too much or use her Sealing Eye, so finding out some of the capabilities the Sealing power had was really inspiring to her.

Though, in her private session, Chita heard the faint voices of some people outside, something she hadn't heard in quite a while. Immediately irked, she leaned closer to the window, looking over her shoulder to see just who was out there. "Aw, what? Ugh..." There were two of them, and they both were at her fucking door.

"Just when I thought I didn't have to deal with anymore annoying brats... Fuck! I might as well go clear them off my goddamn property. What a pain..."

She placed a bookmark in the tome and closed it with a thud, placing it on her chair for when she returned. She made her way down the stairs and to the door of Castle L'sia soon after that, muttering obscenities under her breath all the way down the stairs.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 36: I Know...

Across the crisp clean night sky a purple machination of flames could be seen pericing them like a starry violet arrow. She denceded down toards the reaches of the castle roughly25 feet away from the door. The flaes srepaed but burned none as they were quleed upon ehr doing so. She looked at the large ctasle and intook a deep breath...what she was bot to do now would prorbally shock anyone that new of ehr and Chita's realatioship.

This time...

She stepped forwad her hand untrimbling as she knocked loud enough to be heard...ready for this perticular encounter...


Aetas spoke to Elara from behind, having been wandering around Castle L'Sia for quite some time. It had been a while since anyone had shown up that wasn't Chita or a Tensei. Actually, from Aetas' point of view, it had been a long time since anyone had done anything around here. She was just so blissfully carefree at the moment. Even the building chaos surrounding the world had done nothing for her unawareness of others.

Her self-awareness was another story.

"You seem familiar. Like a woman named Donna I used to know..."

Aetas put a finger to her chin and looked up, almost as if actually thinking of the person. At the end of her sentence it seemed as if she weren't even talking to Elara. All of a sudden, regardless of if Elara replied or not, Aetas would smile excitedly and clap her hands together.

"You're breast are huge!"

Her nose would twtich with the incoming scent of another being, magical by nature from the smell of her energes Elara would find herself in the company of a fello withcling, but not one she was familar with at all. The stinch of her magic casued Elara to sniffle a bit before adressing her with a nice...

Oh,Hello there.

She said with a warm smile that soon began to fade into a nervous look. The woman had jsut told her herb breast were huge. A fact she knew but it jst felt so odd coming from another woman,it brought back her weird thoguhts concerning Julia which made her shudder a bit.

Um...I'm not sure how torespodn to that...Thanks?

She said hesitnatly, nto sure if that was the proper way to react to that. She had enver met anyone named Donna before neither. She'd wait for Chita to come, praying she did before this got any weirder.

Storming down the stairs from inside Castle L'sia was none other than the maiden of the manor whilst the 'landlord' was away, the daughter of the owner, Chita Lombardi, and with an aura of discontent flowing around her, too. She made her way to the door, unlocking it and quickly pulling it open to greet the two Witchlings that stood at her doorstep.

Upon seeing Elara's face again, her face cringed into a foul and unwelcoming sneer, becoming of the typical old-fashioned Witch when greeted with visitors, with only the remark, "Ugh, it's you again. I knew it..." in a rather unpleasant tone. Clearly, even after all that time passed, she was not happy to see Elara, though, to be completely honest, she generally never was. With eyes skimming behind her, Chita saw yet another Witchling behind Elara, greeting her with the same unpleasant scowl and tone, "And you've brought a fucking friend. Whoopee." Chita was damn near ready to slam the door in Elara's face, for showing it was the first strike and bringing a friend was the second, so the third had to have been staying in her presence for more than a couple seconds. Those three things warranted a door-to-face meeting, in Chita's handbook.

Though, by some grace of some benevolent god, Chita found it in her heart to ask the girl, "So just what the hell brought you to my doorstep? And who is your little friend?"

Um Yeah i don't even know this girl for one...For two...

She said turning from the Red haired creepy chick that was standing near her. Her ears would twich with the passing of a few odd sounds before her gaze met back with Chita's. Firm and stern like Daggers they stayed in her gaze.

I came here to ask you something...

She said taking a deep breath and making sure she looked as serious and calm as possible when she said this...

I want you to send me into the void...

Yeah, she'd let that marinate for a bit...

Aetas shrugged Chita's scowl off. Her fractured soul wouldn't be able to comprehend disdain anyway. She was tuning out both Chita and Elara, looking around at a small butterfly as it drifted around her head. She began to giggle and spin in circles with it, her crimson hair bellowing all around her. Just as suddenly as she began, she stopped and ran up behind Elara, wrapping her arms beneath her armpits and gripping both of her voluptuous breast. At the same time, she would speak to Chita.

"Your's are huge too! You guys must be drinking lots of milk!"

Once more, in a spontaneous moment, Aetas would stop playing with Elara's chest, but she would lean her chin onto her shoulder, staring directly at Chita. Her face had lost its childish glee and the serious, deadpan like glare that adorned her face was that of the previous Aetas.

"Where's aunt Zita?"

Her voice would be deeper, showing that of the women she truly was.

"Two fools with foolish words..." she said to herself amidst a sigh. Addressing the clearly somewhat coherent one, she would lean against the side of the closed door casually and say, "Yeah, I'll send you into the void," before lifting a hand up and pointing behind her, "It's right back the way you came. And send the little ditz there with ya." Expecting them both to look in the direction that she pointed like the two blithering idiots they were, she turned around and started inside, the door ready to slam shut in her other hand. What stopped her in her tracks was the sudden inquiry from the mysterious girl, who apparently had a close enough relationship with the old lady to call her 'Aunt.'

A certain interest came to her in this crimson haired girl, who clearly had an underlying dark persona that was overshadowed by the dimwitted expression and manner in which she carried herself. Either way, as luck would have it for both of them, Chita neglected to shut herself off from them. She turned slowly, answering "In hell, where she belongs," as she did. When she finally fully faced both of them again, her face was no longer blatantly disgusted, but intrigued. Not enough to overlap her very apparent disdain for the entirety of this situation, but enough for Aetas to see that she actually caught Chita's interest. "... Why...?" Seemed like the new girl completely stole the show from Elara.

"To both of you, in fact," she added, "Why the hell do you want to go to the Void, and why do you want to know about the old lady? Or even know who she is?" Things were fishy in this little duo, and Chita didn't like the smell of it. It wouldn't be long before she could bear no more idiocy and turn them away regardless of what was going on, anyway. Her patience with foolishness was not very high, a gift her mother gave her, most definitely.

It dind't surpirse her hat Chita would ahve reacted this way and strangly enough nor did it really bother her. It seemed the more "heat" she took from ehr the more resitant she was becoming to ehr threats and such. Her eyes though dind't leave Chita they stayed promptly on her. When the girl grabbed her though Elara almost sent her flames bursting form ehr body from just the inital shock of it all, but she had come on busniess and a show of lack of control would have done the opposite of what shehad come here to accomplish. She ignored Aetas as best she could before responding to chita.

It's something i've got to do for myself...the void is a realm of nothing right? I might be jumping the gun on this yes because i'm not entirly sure what your power does...but...Depiste what I wanted to admit to when I failed the trail there were some things that you said that were..true. I lack the skill that is needed to be considered a full witch. And I lacked the full motivation that I needed as well..

Her blue orbs shivering with each sentence she spoke.

If the void and your control over yor power is what I think it is then...I could del withint eh void and train my powers. I need to promtply know and nderstand who I am.In the void there would be no one but me myself....and my magic.

Aetas would smile cynically before turning away from both Elara and Chita. She would cross her arms and only then would she frown sadly.

"My guardian angel..."

Her cryptic words would only be known by Zita. Even Aetas didn't know why she searched out those few key people that seemed to be etched into her fragmented soul. The pieces of sanity that she had grasped in order to talk to Chita would slip again. With a twirl, she would face the two again and give a 'Peace' sign with one hand on her hip.

"To the bowels of Hell we go!"

She began to skip away merrily, having found just a small bit of the information that she wanted. She knew her next stop would most likely be in the Chaos, to find a way to venture into Makai.

Despite what Chita previously thought about the redhead, she was nothing but a nutcase, even still. Chita scoffed at her, watching her go off... But still, somehow, she couldn't take her eyes off of her.

... She's actually kinda hot.

And so, as the girl with the gorgeous crimson locks skipped off, Chita was slightly dazed by her. If only she weren't an annoying crazy dimwit.

But, back to the not attractive pink-haired idiot that still stood before her. She had something else wild and outlandish going on in her head, asking Chita to send her into the Void to train. What a loon.

"So, let me get this straight," she started, placing a hand on her hip, "What you're telling me is, you want me to take you to a place that I barely know that I can get you back from, just so you can quite possibly be stuck there forever in emptiness and nothingness just so you can train?"

Actually, now that Chita said it aloud... It didn't sound like a half bad idea. Her eyes rolled to the top of her head in significant thought about this, now even questioning herself on whether she should do it or not.

"Hmmm... Actually, it'd keep you out of my hair..." that was always a plus, "And I guess the longer I kept you in there, the more control I'd get over keeping things in the Void..." but still, there was a matter of how she was going to get out. Chita wasn't really good at taking things out of the Void, unless it was herself, and putting things in was actually pretty easy.

Shit, if I do say yes, I'd have to go in there with her to make sure she could get out... Wouldn't I?

She remembered bits and pieces of the words exchanged between them, and Chita could see, even though she did not like Elara, that she was trying hard, and actually listened to what Chita had to say to better herself.

... Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck... Fuck. Uuuuugh!!! Why do I have to have fucking emotions!! This is gonna be the FUCKING WORST!!!

After thinking it over, with a pretty heavy sigh, Chita reluctantly formed the words with her mouth to say it... Something she didn't think she was ever going to have to say...

"... Yeah. I'll send you into the Void. And I'll supervise your training."

The taste in her mouth was sour after that, and she mumbled something under her breath to herself;

"... fucking christ..."

I sure hope I know what I'm doing...i'll send just a small piece tell Dente.

Yeah thats exactly what I want you to do...

Sure it was risky, and possibly the dumbest thing she hd ever thought to do, but in Elara's mind if she couldn't do this, if she couldn't master her magic and come out so it then by the shame of such a failure she'd sulk in the void itself. BUt...she had a new reason for doing things the way she had chose to do them. Yes her daughter and husband were in the fore front of her mind, but her guardian force was the desire of herself.

Really? i exoected far more resitnace than that...and maybe a knuckle sandwhich here or there to be honest.

She sighed with relief and then her eyes bucked at what she heard next. Did she really just offer her in her training?

Seriously? I mean, yeah that wold be a huge help in all this!

But months on in in the void with just she and Chita?God help us all, becase Either this was going to be one of the greatest things to happen to her or the worst.

"Yeah, yeah, shut up. I'm only going in there so you don't get stuck... And it won't even be me. It'll be Rita."

She had far too many other things she wanted to do other than sit down and lecture someone she could barely stand about how much she sucks. Rita, at least, would enjoy that, with her pompous ass.

"When you go in, you won't be able to come out. Not at all. You'll have literally no connection to this place in the slightest. There will be no interacting with anyone through anything, so you'd best get all of your goodbyes and whatever out now."


In any case she had taken care of all her outside business. Her family knew what she was going to be gone for a while and were cool with it.

I'm ready...

It was all set. Everything was ready to go. She had been reading up on the Void and the Sealing Chakra that lived within her recently, and Elara would probably be a good person to test some of the mechanics on. Like a crash test dummy or somethin before Chita used it on anything important.

"Yeah, don't worry about that prissy bitch. I admit that she's my darker half and everything, but that doesn't mean I gotta be okay with it. Yeesh." She shook her head. Though Elara didn't know anything about Rita and probably barely knew about Zita or Chita, they each had split personalities. Rita was the side of Chita that was prissy, know-it-all, proper, condescending... Well, just overall bitch (in a different way than Chita was.) It'd be funny to watch Elara go through training with her, though. Heh. Chita would get a kick out of seeing Elara get her ass handed to her everyday. Maybe that was another one of the reasons why she was able to go through with this with a little... less tension. "Okay, here we go... Ugh, I can't believe I'm doing this."

And just as Chita was about to unlock the seal in her soul to the extension into the Void... Her tail-like chain jingled and quivered slightly, like a sort of sensor.

"Wait, what? Oh, hell no. This isn't happening."

No. It just wasn't so. She felt it; a twinge of the Insanity from the distance, inspiring the Sway of Magic within her. It was the will to fight and bring about destruction, a will that flowed toward the great power the Insanity had to provide them. As all Witches and those who used magic inherently should have felt, the severity of Insanity upon them actually helped them rather than hindered them, making them grow stronger. At the cost of the stability of their own minds in exchange for power, each of the Witches' magics could be increased to astronomical heights depending on how much Insanity was in the area. It just finally got to the Witch Province now, and she was the first person to feel it. And with that, she could just feel everything about it, sending a chill up her spine. Her tail acted like a receptor to this type of power, for it was created and embedded in her by the only fucking person who would put some of his fucked up shit on her at birth; Khrona. It was the only trace of her mother's Chain and Lock magic that existed within Chita, for the rest of her was damn near all Valerio. Yet to be such a great and powerful person, he sure did leave such a giant, gaping Void in her being.

'... Shit. Am I gonna have to do this again? One more time?'

Would she have to take the title in times of peril just to make sure there was some structure with the Witches? All of the magic users had a gift in these kinds of conditions and she knew it could be used. In fact, as she remembered she was staring Elara in the face and just went completely silent in deep thought, Chita grasped her left hand tightly, pulling down hard and suddenly, which Sealed Elara in place so that she could not move. She wanted to make sure she was paying very close attention here, so her head was Sealed in place to where it looked Chita dead in the eyes, and her mouth was Sealed shut.

"Maybe if you prove your worth," she said firmly, reaffirming her decision. She looked up longingly to the sky, seeing the festering of all types of madness in the sky and lifted her hand up to Elara's face. "But until then... Talk to the hand."

Pulling a single finger back, an entire clump of pure magic accumulated immediately into the shape of a gauntlet with its middle finger pulled and held back by its thumb. Elara was about to get one hell of a blow.

"Later, loser."


... And she flew clear over the forest near Castle L'sia, flying so fast after being hit so hard she almost ceased to exist. Well at least she wasn't a whiny bitch anymore. Besides, the place Chita predicted (and aimed) for her landing to be should have been more suitable, anyway. Might as well have the same lady that trained Chita go help train Elara. She was the one that taught Chita to stop whining way back when.

'Looks like another ghost from my past has woken the fuck up.
Something's coming your way...'
(Respond here, Elara. Remember to quote this and link back to this in your post so Tyrande knows where you're coming from.)

If her calculations were correct, Elara should have been making impact right at the Seasons Grove, where she first got the Tiger Fangs.

But, as for Chita...

She immediately dipped off, straight into the heart of the Insanity. She was gonna have to get rid of this Insanity before something terrible happened with it. She'd become a bounty hunter of it and all its forms if she absolutely had to in order to get this job done. Since there was no one else, someone had to take the place... and be the Head Witch for a while.

'The Witches need guidance. And dammit, if they weren't my sisters...'
She'd certainly not go to such lengths.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 37: The Spawn Of A Falshin...

"I..I have to get away...he'll...he'll eat me!

(=W=) The panicked child would mutter as she ran from the Insanity's inevatabl coming. This is what she had feared all this time since she had awoken and learned the truth of her origins. A fear deep within her soul that even her superb soul protect could not mask for her. And so in a futile attempt to flee the madness both from within and that was coming for her she fled into the reaches to the darkness factory. Ever since the madness around Vescrutia began growing she had been on edge, hiding herself in the darkest of place to avoid begin seen by her father trio of eyes. Even as she hid his voice still called out to her. He told her he would be coming. That trough her madness would live again. She didn't want to be the epitome of madness. She didn't want to become a Kishin! She just wanted to live! To enjoy the the way that pleased her! Not live at the beck and call of her psycho father.

Sure the sociopathic apple didn't fall to far from the Psychotic apple tree (especially since she murdered and entire forest of creature and used their souls and bodies to create a spear). But that was because there were so many different influences that she hadn't ever experienced before. Maaba had kept her hidden away from the universe for 800 years. Many things and basic needs went unmet and many things untold. She never knew hunger, and when she awoken she had an 800 year old appetite.(=W=)

"I'll be a good girl Daddy I swear,Just,Just don't eat me!"

(=W=) She ran tripping over a deformed piece of metal and scrapping her leg causing her to fall.The madness bubbling within her.Her madness wavelength began pouring from her like a bloody stream of crimson gore.She say there distraught in her own juices scared shit-less by the possibility of being devoured. This coupled with her already unstable consciousness began to create a manifestation of her Father's visage Before here...(=W=)


Asura: Aww my sweet sweet pet. Whats the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost...

(=W=) The Vile grim smile he was known for would begin to widened. The Frightened spawn of his quivered at the sound of his force. His presence foreboding and fear impinging, despite the fact that his presence was in fact her own.Like her power, her soul was staring back at her, but she was so scared at this point in time that she didn't even perceive this to be a truth. Her mind was it paying tricks on her? Had to be, he had gotten her so fast.Her mouth quivered like a child who was about to retrieve punishment. The power of the Fragment of Asura's soul was emerging fro her body and taking on an ethereal form of it's own.(=W=)

"P-please father, don't eat me. I swear i'll be good, Whatever you want I'll do. Just let me live!

(=W=) She groveled before him, this was the influence of madness at it's peak. Preying on the pains, fears,pride and insecurities of the weak and strong alike. We all have something to fear, the one and only thing Kyoki feared was becoming a Kishin by the hands of her father.The self created machination of the Kishin moved closer to her, the pounding cataclysmic might that her soul carried in this form of her father consistently pounded away at her mind, her soul and her body. Such an growing flare of crimson intensity began to attract the dark misshapen souls of the Factory drawing the Demonic and vile creations of horror closer to her.She looked around grabbing her head trying to sate the pain.She turned around, her eyes flashing in and out a of a crimson glow. She could feel them coming, see the twisted creations coming near her.They all wanted her, desired to sink their depraved canines into her flesh.The madness around her grew, time and space began to distort and twist the very fabrics of this ream around her. Her magic had begun spiraling around her but at the same time...Kyoki was evolving...(=W=)

Asura: My child,you have already been devoured...but not by my will... You are no longer worthy of becoming my meal!

(=W=) The maddened smile grew even more intense riled up by the now coming force of the shadows that lept out at the child. The Dark jaws belonging to the dragon known as Shadowfyre attempted to devour the girl in one fell swoop but it was sadly mistaken. Kyoki was not destined to become it's next meal. For the remaining facet of the already coagulated and congregated fragment of Asura that was within lept out at the chance to devour this dragon in hopes that it would take on it's form. The pull from this forced extraction from Kyoki's bodice caused her to be pushed back.The energies that had began to swarm around her frame had begun to condense around her instead of flailing about wildly. With the madness out of her frame her body had to cease the metamorphosis and then calibrate the change that was to ensure from this point on.The fragment of Asura carried the power of her Wavelength and a fraction of her soul. Her body now needed time to calculate this loss and begin the process of evolving beyond this issue.The dragon...yes, the Dragon soul the Kyoki had devoured before this excursion commend that would be the key, but her body needed a boost. One she just did not posses at the time.(=w=)

Soul-crushing jaws closed on the bubbling, fleshy mass, snapping its half-formed goo into pieces and sapping what little life it thought it had. Down into her belly it dripped to be cleansed in the fires of the dragon's belly. Thankfully for Kyoki, it worked almost as vaccine against the Insanity, her supple black form taking in and become immune to the Insanity in such a concentrated form. Slowly, the giant burnt orange orbs turned toward the small witchling, blown back by the power of her transformation. She had hit the wall rather hard, but it was hard to tell if she was still conscious.

As if a fog had lifted from the ancient creature, Kyoki could behold her massive length rather easily, to study the massive bulges of muscle beneath those matte black scales. Twin wings were tucked into her sides, but unfolded would be nearly twice Shadowfyre's entire length. She was a creature built for stealth and power, and it was easy to see just how it might have been Kyoki snapped in two by those powerful jaws.

Easing back from her previously hostile stance, the dragon carefully sniffed at the tiny girl, her warm breath smelling something between a mix of meat and smoke. In the back of her mind, she knew that she had been about to eat the tiny witch-child, but she could have no regrets for her nature; the only way to obtain sustenance was killing in Shadowfyre's world.

Oh. Asura's child... Hyahahaha... Long gone.

Drawn to the madness of its own little tiny fragment roaming about, not active by the overwhelming force plagued in the atmosphere, the Insanity stared from the rolling black clouds above at the child of the slightly larger fragment of itself, yet still rather minuscule 'Asura.' He was now nothing more than a weapon for him to use to cut down the gods and slay those that stood in his way, the blade L'ashuraht. How fun it would be to smite this girl and inform her that her father was no more, and that he who existed by her father now was... Pure Insanity.

"Time to come back to daddy... For the last supper..."

The last piece to the Omega Weapon...

Her transformation was nothing short of simply feeding the Insanity something new at the cost of her old existence. She was going to be consumed, as she was never supposed to 'be' in the first place. The Insanity was all Insanity, and all Insanity would fall into order under his reign. Including this little speck to be wiped from the face of the earth... She would be no rebel.

The clouds would follow her, taunting her, looming overhead to strike fear into her heart... Just waiting to rob her of her existence as an independent at any given moment... He would have none of this 'rebellious' business under his influence, not at all. Perhaps the fear of the threat of being consumed at any given moment... would do the trick.

There was only a glint of gleaming red... A sanguine gleam signature to only one. That which held the power to see all things, shot forth a red bolt of energy that burned with the force of the spirit of Insanity smoldering in her soul. Yes, that was the target; this girl's juicy little heart. Beckoning the spear of purity and sanctity straight through her being.

"Found You..."

And from on high, a heavenly bolt of the divine light of crimson pierced through her being, casting upon her the blessed force that the Rapture of her body, mind and soul through the penetration of the Sapien Serpent striking her very embodiment (that being simply her body, mind and soul, I guess, haha...) would she meet the eye of the Black Dragon shining its piercing, blistering red gaze into the heart of the poor, sad, confused and utterly distressed little girl, knowing not what to do up against daddy's might. The utter pleasure that the light of Eternal Salvation was to behold, would the force of the spirit of Insanity to completely overwhelm her presence. The glorious sensation this light saturated ever pore of her with was something to behold (as was its force), casting the young, disoriented child knowing nothing of this higher existence above, the gaze of her father through the dark clouds that omnipresently overshadowed, that was the only light of magnificence that she be ever able to behold.

(=W=) The fragment of her father had ripped itself away from within her begin devoured by the black beast before her. Her eyes bucked as the raging beast's fearsome might knocked her into one of the wall an damn near unconscious.Luckily for her,her magic was still very much so active and condensed around her body forming a shield of sort that cushioned the blow against the wall as.It was then the fearsome bolt of heavenly splendor came about and devoured everything that remained of Kyoki.(=W=)

(=W=) At least that was would have happened had not the fearsome might of the Dragon knocked Kyoki back and caused the bolt to miss it's mark by a single hair.She was half conscious and the might of her magic was beginning to take over.Instinctively it began to create a spacial distortion around the girl,her magic interfering with the normality of or a portion of the Dark Factories dimensional fabrics.( A shift and change that would drain her of her energy respectively)And whilst that occurred she'd ear a voice though this one was much different than the one she had heard as a babe and well into her youth.(=W=)

???:To think That I was slain by such a pathetic creature,fortunately for you the might of my soul still lives on, and without the demon to suppress it I can finally flex a bit...

(=W=)The voice rang within her being as she was engulfed by her magic the girl would vanish into a rift within time and space that would seal shut almost as quickly as it was formed swallowing her whole and allowing her to barely escape with her life. But not before a change was seen in her eyes...(=W=)

It's almost like... She set it up for me. Good girl.

To purge herself of the ugliness that besmirched her now beautiful soul was of absolute dire necessity for her to live on as her own, no longer hideous in the eyes of her father... Or, perhaps now not even a father figure. She was something reminiscent of one he loved...

Ah, the Sword of Truth, Misery... This girl reminds me so of my love...

And that was why...

The fragment serving as the target for the blistering red bolt of divine punishment known as the Crimson Crucifixion saved especially for the heart of this creature raped in utter entirety that which consumed the rather negligible sliver of the Insanity's overall overpowering force of its spirit. It would grow instantaneously to meet the power of its father once being smitted by the red cross at the exact same moment that the Shadowfyre dragon consumed the completely discarded piece of Kyoki... The only piece that really mattered. With absolute control over all parts of his being, the tiniest sliver would now become one with his great power, saturating the cleansing fires with a Light that only belonged to the Black Dragon itself... And the beast would grow to overshadow all the land.

The Shadowfyre was no more, and only in its place, the Black Dragon did roar, casting the destructive throbbing wave of Insanity through its appearance across the entirety of Valparaiso in a heartbeat. The intense pulsations of Rapture seizing all that Shadowfyre was through the slender fraction of the Insanity even barely seeping into her being took hold of every last bit of her. Was this beast strong enough to overpower the accumulative strength of Insanity itself? No, instead, it would fall to the undefinable orgasmic pleasures that awoke when the Sapien Serpent violated its target. Burning away and creating anew all in the same instant, the vile distortion rippled outward just as the spacial magics stirred, distorting the distortion as the girl disappeared into the rift.

Ah, the girl who gave me her heart... The embodiment of all of her love... And left only an empty hole in her chest devoid of emotion and whirring with machinery and an evil spirit cursed upon that abyss where her heart goes... Disheart, the Sister of Insanity of Love.

One of the girls that suffered the curse of Khrona's Insanity... And of his love. But it was a love that worked, no doubt.

When Kyoki's magics unleashed her from her spacial distortion, she would find her coordinates led her... to the exact same spot she was in before, as if she had simply warped to an identical location. Still, she would stare this horrendous monster in the eyes, burning with the purifying light within that was all of his Love... And atop the beast, at the reigns, did the heartless mechanical girl Despair stand in utter mastery, yet harmonic peace of this creature. Disheart.

It was as if the two were content with their placement; the Black Dragon respecting the strength of the cybernetic girl and the beautiful mistress of machines willfully giving all her love to this beast she shared such a close bond with, even to the point where she would feed it her heart, even she could not bear the light of his. A natural Dragoon, (Holy Dragoon, at that), this emotionless girl was no longer capable of expressing this love that she knew existed, and only could it be shown through the Black Dragon itself. Her eyes easily just as piercing as the beast she stood at the head of, she would stare deep into the eyes of Kyoki, hungry for her heart. There was no escaping Valparaiso, a lawless land where anything goes... Would Dusk City be next to end up like this? Or perhaps, the Veritas entirely?

Now it no longer is a disgusting filth upon this land... But a beautiful, majestic creature not sickening to behold... Go, my valkyrie, my daughter, my sister, my love... Take this land in my name, as your brothers and sisters have in the other regions...

Within the Neo-Nightmare, the Chaos, the Dusk, the Hyperion Mountains, Arcadia, and the Desert Palace also in check, and now the Dark Factory of Valparaiso the Seven were in place... The only place that seemed unharmed; the Dawn? Nay, it had its own matters to trifle with...

While details had been so haphazardly overlooked, it was only natural for events to transpire in a route that presented itself jumbled, at best. While Shadowfyre's lunge had indeed packed a rather satisfactory punch, she had restrained herself to only her meal. Precision is half of all power, after all. Kyoki's transformation had blown herself back, as she had forcibly ripped away a portion of her soul... This was then consumed by the seemingly late dragon. In the depths of her inner fires (which it would be preposterous to assume her fires could be quenched by anything short of death), the tiny fragment of Insanity writhed, lashing onto her insides with tiny hooks of the most painful nature.

It was from these that she drew back from the girl, who then attempted to vanish. Her pupils dilating, the mighty being balked from its unknown assailant. In the next few moments, the tar-like manifestation of Kyoki's insane soul coated her insides, racing throughout every fiber of her being to accelerate her growth; while it should have taken her thousands of years for the young dragon to reach the monstrous heights that were achieved within seconds, the transformation was not without its shortcomings. For now, she was as brittle as a hatchling, malleable, confused, and entirely hostile.

Outraged with this trickery, she reared up, roaring fiercely against this invasion. While fire spewed forth from her maw, it was also accompanied by a sickening black tar, spewed over everything in front of her in a sizzling, stinking manner. Sure, waves of the Insanity's personal brand of might used this as an excuse to spread its aura, but the source of it was most certainly agony.

Not yet was this a powerful animal; this was a dreadfully sick one.

Veins of putrid black wormed into her eyes, casting a strange, monochromatic bloodshot effect to those once-magnificent orbs. They were glazing over with a primal hunger as she shifted to her instincts to survive this onslaught of pain, but her body still trembled (the new weight of her spreading this quaking to the ground. Her transformation had utterly destroyed the roof of the dark factory, rubble and dust dotting her scales to produce a dull, matte texture. Debris continued to fall from crumbling walls, also jeopardizing Kyoki's safety). Her nostrils flared, allowing more of this black, stinking goo to escape her, dribbling over bared fangs with the sizzling hiss of burnt tar.

Her scales bristled under the feet of this Disheartening Maiden, but the assumption that she could easily tell her equal was true. Even by just the scent of her, the Dragon could tell that this tiny bundle would be her Alpha. In her weakened state, her first instinct was to shrink away from this entire scene, but she also recognized that her hunger was not yet sated. The Dragon, now without a name, raised one gigantic paw with the aching slowness of agony, reaching out in attempts to grab the girl and silence her fluttering heart. Perhaps this wasn't the intent of her new Alpha, but the dragon crying tears of sticky, sizzling black tar, had her mind shrouded by naught but primal desire.

A maddening agony. A sickening pain. The shadows cast over her pure crystal heart still blackened the exterior with a fine film. Disheart, the Sister of the Insanity of Love, which was represented by this hulking black creature, could easily see straight past all of the horrific black glop oozing from the orifices of her once proud and majestic beauty. Deep within, the Light that emanated from the Crystal heart desperately attempted to push their way through the thick expanse of pure dark matter, and Disheart could tell without question from the suffering of her draconic partner.

"Shhh... It will be okay, Blackheart... Calm down."

The monotony of her mechanical voice resonated throughout her hollowed chest cavity in the shape of a heart, with little to no feeling with the plagued Black Dragon, yet somehow, the sound of the voice of her partner should have still been able to reach through. She rarely spoke, so when she did, it was not uncommon for Blackheart to listen intently on her words, but there was no guarantee that in such a state of affliction that she would be able to. The worried Disheart (not that one could tell with her cold, expressionless face) managed to stay completely grounded on the ebon scales of the serpentine wonder, and she immediately rushed to the snout of the great being and stroked the bridge of it as smoothly, yet expeditiously as she could. The sleek metal of her hand touching the charcoal plates armoring the body should have been relaxing to the touch of her beloved... Or, so she would hope as Blackheart remained in such a state of primal frenzy. No different from the Shadowfyre's situation, now the only thing that kept the reptilian wonder from falling to the Insanity was the girl who was assigned to balance it out. Where Seven Keepers and Seven Sisters balanced Seven Insanities, the Lucky Number Seven could maintain a leveled harmony between all three. If Disheart wasn't able to get through to her dear friend, however, she and Kyoki may have been in a world of trouble.

But of course, Disheart was just as hungry as her bestial companion, and perhaps the affliction of Insanity could even reach this heartless girl as well...

Kyoki's heart, whether she knew it was on the menu or not, is what Disheart craved unknowingly. The hearts of others; beautiful roses as red as gleaming apples to bite right into. To fill that emptiness within her hollowed chest cavity, she could not help but want to eat the hearts of others and dishearten them, leaving them just as heartless, callous and unfeeling as she. The Black Dragon would portray all of her feelings... For that was how strong their bond was. Though she could not express it, she felt just as sick as the creature blacked with gruesome tar enrapturing her body.

Her heart... Red... Like roses...

It was only natural for those of the 6th Restriction, the Emotions, to want to consume hearts, was it not? Kyoki was in grave danger here and there was no one here to save her from this terrible fate in a lawless land.

It seems that her efforts were for not for through the influence of the madness her destination had been altered and she was back at square one. The black drakling would find herself starring in the face of the True Black Dragon. It's site a horrid visage of sheer maddened power. The woman who stood upon it, her face clasped in the most glorious of silvers. And an expressionless expression of raw beauty. Her chest, hollowed. Kyoki was still knocked out. This had all been far to stressful for the girl to contented with in such a weakened state. Her body had not been able to recover form the loss and it's gain and thus she slept. But the dragonic beast within her still lived, but ti could not access her body willingly. Seems like she was become a meal for the True Black Dragon...

A shuddering groan rattled her scales, the gargantuan beast frozen and slowly soothed by the touch of Disheart's metallic fingers. The tar-like Insanity oozed from her, but she was slowly residing to her fate, an everlasting agony as long as she continued to reject being consumed. Closing her eyes, she exhaled slowly, trying painfully to bring forth a gentle thrum of agreement from deep within her chest. Her joints protesting every movement, 'Blackheart' reached forward again toward the unconscious girl, only opening her tar-blurred eyes to perform delicate surgery with the very tip of a claw that was easily as tall as a man. While the tip wasn't particularly sharp, the inner curve was serrated and quite deadly.

Slowly, carefully, she carved away the flesh surrounding the girl's still-beating heart. Kyoki's magical blood spilled onto the dusty concrete, seeping into the cracks to spider-web away from her central body. It was rather beautiful, really. The dying girl began to spasm from bloodloss, and it was at this time that Shadowfyre lowered her head to offer the exposed heart to Disheart as tribute. Assuming the robotic woman had hopped off to better inspect the dragon's handiwork (and even if she hadn't, really), the dragon slowly began to carefully close her jaws around the girl's legs. So hungry... Her stinking breath washed over the little witchling, but she could only hope that the revolting stench wouldn't disturb Disheart.

Unable to muster a smile of pleasure, the girl whose face was trapped in monotony stared with empty eyes down at the bare, beating heart. Mercilessly, her spear of light appeared in her hand, thrust into the chest of the young girl and plucked from the arteries the snipped red rose still drenched in a paint-like red.

Paint the Roses Red...

Unblinking, she turned her head to Blackheart, to whom her heart had been given willfully, deeply saddened by the state of her greatest companion. It was one of the most benign acts of love she seemed to muster for this dear friend, to rejuvenate her heart. She bit into it without hesitation, face unchanging as red juices spattered from the plump 'apple' in her hand. This heart, it would become hers... She would save the Black Dragon from this madness, even if she had to give her another heart.

Pieces of the metallic material gradually regenerated around her chest, forming a blood red armor plating where her heart once was. It was an offering, which was why it was worn so haphazardly on her chest. To give to the Black Dragon, she'd let her eat as many hearts as she needed to not be destroyed by the plague within her.

"Open your Heart, Blackheart..."

The light of this magnificent creature could not shine as long as that ruinous blackness protected the fragile epicenter. She wanted that light to pour from this creature... not this darkness. The darkness was not the element of this dragon... Nor of this Sister of Insanity. This was the only way for her to express these feelings; offering another heart.

And most literally, out of nowhere (because with being able to travel through the Void, she was sooo capable of doing that. She'd been practicing) came Chita Lombardi, standing atop the Black Dragon. This one was the most prominent and closest that she felt, and was in a nice, wholesome place such as Valparaiso, where there were no rules and there was no law. A haven for her, if you will. A place created without the Law of the Land.

The beating heart of her sister had already assimilated into the chest of the sleek maiden of metal, but wouldn't be anything short of easy to get back. Before they were going to slay this dragon, she was going to have to get this girl out of its jaws.

"Don't listen to her, dragon. Spit the girl out. Now."

An ethereal hand was already manifested over the snout of the sickening beast, pinching it from either side with index and thumb to keep the teeth from pressing into or deeply puncturing the girl's body. Wouldn't be too much that the Sealing chakra couldn't put back together.

Surprised by the appearance of the second woman, the huge reptilian beast tensed, a rumbling growl (punctuated by the gurgling sounds of the good trapped in her throat and lungs) echoing forth from her cavernous throat. Immediately, she gathered that her kill was worth something to this magical being, and seeing as her lower jaw was still free, she pressed her deadly and technically poisonous (dragons mouths are horribly dirty places) teeth deeper into the flesh of the girl, dead blood oozing from the carcass. She had already devoured her legs, and it was into her torso that her teeth sunk into.

What reason had she to trust a new, haughty woman over one that had been imprinted in her mind? In fact... Fingers of doubt began to worm their way into her mind about the validity of her alpha. Something had happened, something she couldn't quite place, that shook her faith in the mechanical woman, but nothing could make her any less wary of whomever it was that had the audacity to stand atop her gargantuan back.

With her strength nothing short of massive, she turned her head to gaze at the intruder, the ghostly hand trying in vain to force her to do otherwise. The body was limp in her jaws, the peaceful-looking face of the deceased Kyoki blood-streaked and swinging from its semi-mangled housing.


Her voice was conveyed telepathically, as her jaws held not the proper structure for human speech, but the strength of her broadcast very clearly matched her size. It betrayed intelligence, pain, and perhaps the beginnings of suspicion. For now, the metallic girl's heart had been put to the side, though the massive beast could still feel the draw to extend a forked tongue and lap the delicious morsel from her heart cavity.

The same tension within the great beast felt within the seasoned Witch upon her back, Chita could feel the Insanity rising due to her appearance. A goldmine of power for her magic, as Insanity was quite the source for such an illogical method of energetic use, the creature gripped by the black sludge of madness all about only gave Chita more strength the more it struggled against her Gauntlet laced with Sealing Force. It was time to tame this dragon real quick...

"... Sit, girl," was all the cool and collected Witch had to say in order for the dragon to feel the full and unbridled effects of the Sealing Force throughout its entire being, causing multiple thin green veins to stream from the face and weave their way over the surface and into the heart, all in one go. If it weren't for all the Insanity, this process probably would have taken much longer, but given the circumstances, the whole of this being was pretty much pure Insanity. Meaning... It was thoroughly subdued, forced to the ground by Chita's will, even to the point where the jaws would lock in place, unable to harm the body further.

Chita shook her head and cocked her fist back, wasting no time from there...

"... Your time is up."

The Sealing Force, connected now completely to the Void itself, held the power to draw whatever was subdued directly inside and trap it there for good, to be moved only be Chita's will and whim. In but a moment, the dragon disappeared, drawn into the Void that was Chita. She scoffed, looking at the mess that was made by all of that... And then at the metallic girl standing blankly beside her.

"You are relieved of your duties. I got this."

As to what she was talking about... most should not have known, but she seemed able to comprehend something beyond what her knowledge should have understood... And that was because of her ties to her uncle... Whom she figured should be speaking to her aaaaany minute now.

And right, she was! Of course, that was because she had some Tensei inside of her, specially planted at her birth by Khrona himself. And, like all Tensei genes, when it was awakened... It would take over as dominant. All too quickly, the 'neice' would become a 'daughter,' but more specifically a 'Keeper of Insanity.' She was the one keeping the Black Dragon within her now. And the perfect person to do it, too...

Happy Valentine's Day, love.

These words spoke to her very being as she was released of her turmoil... Disheart, the mechanical girl would disperse into a blinding light, shooting straight into the soul of Chita, integrating both of them together.

Do you want to be rebirthed now, or wait until later?
You're a special breed...
So you won't forget or lose your skill after rebirth...
It's like a gift for your initiative.
But you will have to find the Sister in order to fully purify that Insanity within you, you know that, right?

As one of Shin'Khrona's very HIDDEN pieces of himself, as all Keepers were, this girl was a part of him that no one knew he had; one of unspeakable and infinite love. That was the only reason why she was here now, and he knew it. He also knew she'd be able to erase the darkness around his crystal heart and return the Black Dragon to being the Crystal Dragon... In due time. At least she had it under control for the moment.

However, because of the Insanity, your magic will be powered infinitely. Just don't delve too deep into the Insanity or you'll become like your mother... She dove too deep into her power and got corrupt. Use this power wisely...

Yup. Right on time. It was always some of his shit that everyone was getting caught up in... but, ah well. She didn't mind as long as everything was getting back in order, and she'd see to that this time around. She wasn't going, as usual.

"I'll hold off for a bit, thanks," she'd start, putting her index fingers and thumbs together, "There's some stuff that's gotta be done first..."

Between her fingers, she was able to see the Witch Province through a gap in space created via the Void. She looked over the rest of the Veritas and what was going on... something she couldn't turn a blind eye to, like her selfish bitch of a mother could. Even if she didn't particularly LIKE everyone, she still knew this place belonged to more than just she... And for them, she'd care.

"One more time," she said with a reluctant conviction, "... I'll only do this one more time..."

Picking up the slack of all these half-assed halfwits... She wasn't too much unlike Khrona in the long run. Perhaps that's why all of these events of her life ended up going the way they were, because she was actually just another piece of him. As depressing as that was, it was also pretty cool. This world wasn't just for her, but for her Sisters... For the shinobi... And anyone else that got on her nerves with their foolishness.

"But please don't tell anyone that I'm you. Please. And I wanna keep the alias 'Chita Lombardi' cuz that sounds pretty badass."

Not that she was ashamed of being a Tensei or anything, but swear, if word got out, she'd have hell to pay for it... ESPECIALLY from Zita. But that might be inevitable no matter what.

"*Scoff* You really think I'd abuse this type of power? Come on. I had the Void, for fuck's sake. If I didn't abuse that, even as a reckless brat, why would I abuse ANY power given to me? I've got a heart of crystal in me, remember?"

She smirked, snickering under her breath. Finally, she could get kicked into high gear about this sorta thing. Everything was getting pretty boring these days... and annoyingly destructive.

"You can count on me... Unlike everyone else around this joint."

I know I can, my sweet. You are part of me, and all my little Keepers are able to get the job they need to done... Just find your Sister and you'll be fine. Heed my warning... and do not fall.
My trust is with you to keep my heart protected...
Even when it returns to crystal...
Besides, you may be the strongest Witch to have ever existed.
So my faith is full within you.

Fragile, yet somehow unbreakable when it is pure, the Crystal heart of Khrona was something that radiated magnificent light. Chita just had to get all the gunk out. All that black, tar-like Insanity that kept it black... and kept the light from reaching it... or shining back out... But when it did, boy would it be magnificent.

That is all. Be on your way.

She shrugged her shoulders, slipping her hands into her tight-fitting daisy dukes, tapping her boot on the ground a little anxiously. Her glazed gaze drifted over to the mangled mess on the ground that was Kyoki... And even though she shouldn't have given a rat's ass, she couldn't help but ask...

"... And what's gonna happen to that one? Should I like... Leave her there?"

Shin'Khrona: I'll handle the girl.
No need to worry...
Where she was once possessed by Insanity, shall she see salvation...
The power of Tabrith, my special gift made specifically to slay Insanity.
Given new life, she will be one of my champions.
Leave her to me and be on your way.

"Whatever you say, unc..."

With a skip and a hop, Chita was off, back into nothing where she came from, traveling into the Void and out wherever the hell she needed to be.

Now guided by the will of Shin'Khrona, Chita Lombardi would be taken to where she needed to be next. A true Bounty Hunter of Insanity this girl would become. Shin'Khrona would guide her even through the Void (as his power even held command over this) and toward the next destination.

All had fell silent, her bones had been rushed and her life had left her body. She for the moment before any interruptions been nothing more than a feast for a beast who cared nothing about her fears but devoured her entire being. But there were forces that circumvented these events, occurrences in truths that blinded the rage and hunger and produced what one such as herself would deem a miracle, she had been saved.


She was silent unable to speak, her thoughts fading into the black of her soul...or what was left, it was still stuck in it's half evolved sate, teetering on the precipice of evolution and regression, of life and of death...

"Hello," spake a voice lingering about her unconscious (and thereby susceptible) mind. "I see you are in need of some assistance, fallen warrior. Care you to hear me out?"

•_• Her thoughts her becoming more congealed. She was becoming more conscious of her being as Ber would laid within her torn between to soon to be existing states. From the void within she heard a whisper yet another fucking voice speaking her head. As if her entire she hasn't gotten tired of another being talking gibberish in her cranium. But this voice sounded as if it wanted to show her a sliver of a chance to survive. Something was different and thus the once deemed daughter of insanity would speak forth from within.

"Yes I shall here you out...but who...who are you?"

She questioned as she was filled with much uncertainty.

"I am a messenger of the Shinseigami," the rather poignant and correct voice spoke out again, "I have come to find warriors who wish to rid this world of the Insanity. Those who will don the weapons capable of standing against it; that known as the Omnipedia, and Shinsanity." The vibrations of the voice soon began to compact into a virtual form, so that the consciousness of Kyoki would be able to literally make the voice into a face; that which resembled the Shinseigami himself, no less (as usual.) That 'Transcendent Sound', I tell ya. "Would you care to be one of the chosen?"

"A warrior chosen to fight the insanity?"

She said in a very curiius tone...never had she heard of this "Shinsanity" before but with it she could help in defeating the very thing she feared the most...being devoured. Hiw ironic thay a child of insanity dhould turn the tides and become a herald of the opposing side to bring about the insanity end. It ...was just as an indane thought ad much as she.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh this is rich *sucks lips* seriously this just got very interesting. ..Very well I will give myself to thjs cause...perhaps nkw me and my father will have a proper conversation as I stand near his eviscerated corsp..."

"An excellent choice."

Immediately, a vibrant light appeared in the darkness of her mind, a sliver rather similar to the missing piece of her that once was the Insanity shard before.

"This is your link to the Omnipedia. You will have limited access to this, however it will grant you not only a connection with me, but with Shinsanity as well. Take it, and it will become your Chomao. The Chomao is a living digital entity that grows and evolves as you do. It can fight along side you, be a pet, and can take the form of a single device used to access the Omnipedia."

The sliver of light hovered before Kyoki, starting to alter its form. Whatever it is she wished for her Chomao to look like, it would take that form.

"Its Device form can be anything; a book, a hat, a computer, a communication device, or even something as discreet as a pencil or feather. This is the form your Chomao will be able to take when inactive. Once you have given your Chomao form, I will continue."

She pondered over what is was she wished for this being of light to form itself I to. She k ew very little of modern technology having spent her life I a dimensional bubble of Maabaas creation . But from the sound of all this she would be ae to use jewelry as well. She remembered a single broch that mwaabaa use to where it was absolutely stuning. She had always wanted one of her own. That would become her choice. She brought the image to her mind so that Tabrith could see it.

"That will be my choice...this image of a broch in my memories. "

"Excellent choice," he spoke to her in a rather automated way, regardless of his fully functioning and working mind, "Now, you must select how your Chomao will look in its true form. As a living being."

In her mind the form of her companion had already been decided, Why not mimic the image she wished to become but in a more robust visage? She yearned for some companionship and a little male company would be welcomed. And thus the being she wished to see was within her mind now being showcased to Tabrith.

She had grown tired of waiting, this power was hers as it came from within her.The soul of the dragon within her would remain stagnant no longer! She pulsated,wretched and insidious shouted from her filling this slum with a power that carved misery in the hearts of the valiant! Purple and black, blood crimson red in color her life would no loner suffer denial in fear! His presence could no longer be felt, the insanity was gone and now the world was hers to flourish in as she chose! No longer bound by the ties that the insanity...the Kishin gave to her with the coming of her conception she was free...unchained.

Bwahahaha! This is long over due!

Her soul rampaged! Cleaving the roof off this place as if the blade of god wished it to be gone. Her eyes shot open clouded by magic, darting with not an ounce of terror. Her bones creaked, and creaked readjusting inside of her. Her skin felt amiable, like lay stretching as her cries of joyful agony caused her to dig into her flesh yet she drew no blood only more raw magical force. The dragon within her sought release, confinement was no longer an option.

The Draco-Witch had been born...

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 38: Taming The Black Dragon

After completely subduing the Black Dragon in the Dark Factory and locking it up within the Void (which, in the Veritas is the Zero World), the Black Dragon would find itself in a realm of pure and utter nothingness. There was no light nor was there dark, but an infinite emptiness beyond the darkest dark that had ever been experienced. Infinitely large as it was empty, the Zero World could easily harbor this vicious Insanity and all that it was worth. It wasn't like it had gotten too big or anything.

And of course, the proprietor of the extension to this world, the drifting Chita Lombardi, voided herself into this world, as she was capable of freely entering and exiting at her leisure due to her inherent control over 'The Void' itself, as it was called. Though she wasn't really too keen on its powers, she was still grateful for what she could do with it. Made sealing up this Insanity a hell of a lot easier.

"Yo..." she called out from the abyss, her form fading in from the nothingness, "... You ready to calm down and listen?"

Sealed by a force unknown before its grand and infinite power could grow and develop; disgusting. To think, even by this worm of a whelp, Blackheart was caught off guard and subdued so easily. She could barely call herself a dragon at this point.

Her body remained restrained, the low grumbles of her discontent churning in the back of her throat, akin to a the growl of an automobile's idle running engine. The once grand beast that faced the one Z.K. in mortal combat so long ago, now reduced to such a humiliating fate... Being talked down to by this puny peasant. Never. Whatever minor control she had over her great ebony body, dripping with the same viscous black tar that painted her form this putrid shade of black, she used to turn her head away from the girl in utter refusal of her offer. Absolutely not.


Stubborn, as expected of a dragon. All of them were known to be the most prideful of all; more prideful than any creature known to man or beast, for whatever reason. Chita didn't get it and for sure didn't care. Not like this overgrown lizard was in any place to make any negotiations. Maybe that was why it refused her the most. Dragons probably hate to lose.

"Suit yourself," she said with an indifferent shrug, slipping her hands into the pockets of her cape-like robe, "Stay here as long as you want. Hit me up if you wanna get this worked out, or somethin. The seals will fade if you wanna talk, and I'll hear ya."

A short-lived trip that Chita wasn't gonna waste her time on. If the dragon wanted to be petty and childish about a loss, then hell, it could... Within the confines of this realm of nothingness. Didn't matter to her, because she was able to enter and exit at any time she saw fit.

"Catch ya later..." she said, saluting the Black Dragon loosely with two fingers atop her head, her body beginning to void itself back into existence outside of the Zero World, "... And have fun here by yourself. Heh."

With a smirk and a wink, Chita disappeared, leaving the Black Dragon to sulk on its own by itself. She had better things to do than to entertain it or try to coerce it, and quite frankly, she didn't really care to. If it wanted to come around, then certainly, it would. If not, it could rot.

From the Zero World, or the 'Void' as she so called it, Blackheart patiently observed she who faced her adversary in the world of value. The girl had a dormant power within her that struck Blackheart as interesting, and brought the light to the Black Dragon's eyes as to why she was so easily subdued. She hadn't the power to grow into a full powered Insanity and now all of her power was bound and restrained by the girl whom she previously believed was nothing more than an average whelp. The more she observed, the more she realized that this was not the case and that this puny little girl had far greater potential than Blackheart initially gave her credit for.

The black tar-like mass still stuck to her scales continued to ooze and bubble, but now seemed to be much less adhesive than once before, sliding from minor portions of her body and revealing what looked to be specks of shimmering crystal.

Once the girl traversed through the Zero World the first time, now ignited with a cosmic flare the likes of which Blackheart had only ever seen when her form was first assumed in the skirmish against ZK, she realized that this passionate light burning inside of the girl was that which Blackheart had been looking for... Her heart.

The great Black Dragon groaned and grumbled at the girl's brief appearance, as though attempting to gain her attention, but clearly to no avail. No matter; a dragon's persistence was just as great as their pride, and giving up and submitting to fate was nothing the likes of a dragon as grand and powerful as she was akin to. She knew nothing of the word, even in the face of adversity such as this. Blackheart had yet to receive her sacrificial heart to satiate her hunger, and Chita's... was looking mighty tasty. She'd have to use her natural serpentine cunning to get the girl to unleash her... The next time she appeared, Blackheart would not go unnoticed. Her deep, almost mechanical gurgling growls roared in the vast emptiness of the world, as they would until she was noticed yet again.

After her rather tiresome encounter with an old friend, as well as some well needed clearing of her head, she was back and ready to face this dragon her uncle had given her to tame. She already had one Metal Dragon that was given to her by her granny, but this one was something way different than he was... Chita could already tell.

"... I heard all that noise you were making..." The stifled roared of the beast were nothing short of annoying, but they certainly grabbed Chita's attention when she opened up the portal to this realm during her battle. "You ready to talk now?" She opened her hand, releasing the bindings of the Sealing Force from the dragon's muzzled maw to give it the freedom to speak.

"Intruder," proclaimed a bellowing voice that matched the emptiness of this voided realm, "You shall be ridden at once."

Appearing out of nowhere in the same fashion that Chita learned to do for herself was the Judgemaster, whose great arms and towering build loomed over the small girl with absolute authority. The Judgemaster could not help but focus with all his intent upon the girl hovering under him, not even at all noticing the Black Dragon. She was the one whose presence held weight in a realm where all was supposed to be equivocated to Absolute Zero, and those that entered this realm were noticed as the single value within the vast emptiness immediately. With arms crossed did he begin to pass judgement on her, the realm now creaking almost as though it were in pain...

"On what grounds?" she said promptly without hesitation once her maw was restrained, her head turned not to Chita, but to the Judgemaster that stood before her. It was like she didn't even notice that Chita was there, even though she felt and drew power from her presence. The speckled fragments of light that fought their way through the darkness were shining brighter, hardening the oozing liquid back to its crystalline form, something as sleek and as slender as metal. The grand Black Dragon that towered over both Chita and the Judgemaster by fathoms was shifting now, as though the reaction to the exposure of Chita had caused an extremely important shift in her...

Her wings folded over her legs, the bones within shifting to that of a malleable metallic substance whilst the three skeletal faces that made up the Black Dragon's vision drew themselves together as a single head harboring three different sides of her face, the other two hidden by her hair. One was that of a mechanical girl, smooth, stoic, elegant and beauteous; one was that of a monstrous dragon, long, slender, sleek, and intricately detailed, and the final, that of a very attractive man just as beautiful to look at as the woman, however currently still covered with the same black substance as before. It hadn't been revealed yet, nor freed from the bindings of the Insanity that clogged it so. The scales of the beast became far more sleek and dense, retaining its crystalline composition but resembling plates of metal that were now this beings body. This was Blackheart's 'human' form, who was once her Sister of Insanity and now was she herself, the mechanical android girl known as Disheart.

"If I remember correctly, the Judgemaster needs a valid reason in order to make such a decree."

Though some of her light was able to shine through, she still dripped and oozed with parts of the black tar that hadn't been currently turned to crystal, and the droplets would fall into the darkness of the Zero World and merge with its form, as though Blackheart were part of the makeup of it.

Somehow, something within Blackheart was allowing her to fight off the Insanity far more potently than she was before, and she deemed this because of that girl. Because she was fighting the Insanity as a whole, she was also fighting the Insanity that was within the Judgemaster, and thus, turned her blade against him when he brought himself before the young girl. Her rational thought compelled her to protect her heart... Even if it was brought on by her Insanity to protect herself. Like a serpent, she was thinking about her own best interest above those of others, even if she was working with them.

In her cybornetic hand, a long, slender metallic lance forged itself from a super heated and super condensed light manifesting in her palm, forging her weapon of choice, Heavenly Swamp Spear, Shinrei; the Sceptre of Fire. Blackheart pointed her spear with an accusatory vibe at the minuscule Judgemaster, knowing for certain the extent of not simply his law, but the law of the Tensei. In the Zero World, the Heavenly Swamp Spear reigned supreme as a Godsend; the ultimate weapon of creation and destruction. The towering, giant mechanical woman stared down with eyes lacking mercy nor passion nor emotion; heartless eyes as cold and unfeeling as her metallic mechanical exterior, harboring no sympathy for a target that was not righteous in her eyes and said but one thing before passing her own sort of judgement;

"Explain yourself."

The sudden appearance of a presenceless presence looming over her in such an authoritative manner kinda rubbed Chita the wrong way... For once in her life, she wasn't sure if she should be afraid or pissed that this guy was here in front of her. She was already not at her full strength due to the little spar with Koudo just prior to, not to mention that this guy... held a certain magnanimous decisiveness about him that made Chita feel like things could go south faster than she was prepared for if she made the wrong move. Still, she prepared herself for a fight nonetheless, ready to open her mouth and tell this joker off...

... When the Black Dragon, whom she had only just moments ago released from her bindings of the Sealing Voidforce spoke up in her place with much more command and authority than Chita could have spoken about such a situation given her rather limited knowledge of who or what this guy standing before her truly was. The voice of this beast was beautiful and filled with burning passion, despite the lack of emotion that was expressed in her speech. Chita deemed it best to simply stay out of their conversation and observe the situation, but she couldn't figure out why the Black Dragon insisted upon trying to help her. Just in case, Chita began to void herself out of the Zero World and back into playing field... Cuz something didn't seem too safe about trusting either one of these two figures now... But what the old dragon said was pretty interesting. Judgemaster, did she call it?

The hell is a Judgemaster?

Not too long after, she heard the melodious resonant voice vibrations once again bouncing off the metallic chasms of the hollowed cavity and ringing from her chest as though that were where her mouth was. It looked a little creepy, to see something talking without a mouth or without moving its mouth, but something about her mercilessly divine voice made Chita feel... somewhat at ease... protected, to a degree. But she wouldn't let her guard down for a second.

Weird... I feel like that emptiness in her chest... is calling out to me with that soothing voice...

Its allure was almost too much for even Chita to bear. It was the most admirable thing she'd ever seen, but she couldn't understand why she admired it so much... All she could do was stand there and wait. Maybe it was because she was... a little bit...
... Afraid of these two powerful beings...

... Before the Judgemaster could mark his decree, he was questioned on the integrity of his action, thereby halting in order to justify. The black knight's helm churned slowly toward the cluttering beast and decreed "Intrusion. As I have stated." Though she was a being that held value in the realm of Zero, just as the Judgemaster, it was true that technically 'Voided' herself out of existence and also shared part of the Zero World in her heart, allowing her some partial joint control over its essentia. This fact irked the Judgemaster, who refused to deny his error in judgment. "However, I will allow a pass. Stay, then, if you insist." With a decisive swipe of his arms horizontally before him, the Law was set into place within the Zero World. What energy he was going to use to erase them was then converted into energy used to trap them there then, in order to ensure his error in judgement was not caught.

"There. It is done. Your retribution. Now begone from my presence. You seethe with the disgusting plague of Insanity. Be lucky I did not cast judgement on you for simply existing before me, insipid underling."

"Mmm, I wonder who you're talking to like that so casually, Royal Knight...?"

A disembodied voice spoke out from the abyss, before a huge, vicious cheshire grin pierced through the darkness, a face forming around the saw-toothed smile (as seen in the avi) and eventually dark clothing that blended in with the realm itself. The ruler of the Zero World... and the ruler of the Fae. Dread King Nytoz.

*sniff, sniff* "You know, I think I caught a whiff of some underlying Insanity around here in the Zero World..." he jeered rather lackadaisically, as though he honestly didn't give a shift, "Think it's about time I squeeze it out of ya, eh?"

Not only was the Judgemaster here and clearly corrupt with the Insanity of Fear, but also the Insanity of Love herself, the Black Dragon seemed to grace his presence... And... A girl whose aura was oddly familiar... Similar to the one that...

... But who is that girl...?

The towering mechanical woman was not in the slightest fazed by what the Judgemaster spoke to her. In fact, she was well aware that this was a falsehood, yet spoke nothing of the matter. With the Heavenly Sceptre of Fire, Shinrei, it didn't matter who entered the Zero World; she was the Queen, and she would obliterate the Judgemaster and all his Insanity right then and there.

That is, until a rather unfamiliar face stepped forth... The King; the only person who had power to overrule the Spear. Even to the expressionless, emotionless metal husk of a woman, there was a sense of tension and... Terror... She became silent, her Insanity immediately stirring with a sense of restlessness. She wanted to attack, yet could not follow through... For she feared for her own safety. Such is the nature of the cautious serpent...

She said nothing as the Allmaster spoke, but thought in a rather mechanical fashion of how to keep herself and the tasty morsel of a girl safe from harm... But that's when she had it.

"Girl," she spoke rather sternly, "We are free to leave by decree of the Judgemaster. Depart us immediately." With her power to freely void herself in and out of existence and appear within the Zero World, such a feat would be a trifle in this rather nasty predicament they were in...

Waiting and watching, critically assessing the situation, Chita still remained at a loss about what to do, for some reason. All of this talk went over her head, even for what she knew thanks to Khrona. She still hadn't decided to reincarnate yet and wasn't a full blood Tensei until she did... So her knowledge remained just a bit limited.

That aside, it seemed as though whatever it is that Blackheart was talking about backed the Judgemaster into a corner, allowing them their freedom. Why would what she said have any effect on whatever it is that was going on was beyond Chita, but it looked like the Judgemaster was letting them go. Part of her felt defeated by this ordeal, but another part of her was relieved. She never felt this feeling of fear, anxiety and overall powerlessness before... Especially not even before the battle began. The freshness of this feeling surprised her, leaving the girl still in a state of shock, regardless of how little she expressed it on her face. She could barely think.

What... the hell is going on...?
What have I gotten myself into...?

Though she wanted to immediately cast blame on her uncle, she knew that even though this and damn near everything else in the Veritas was connected to him, things still acted on their own. Besides, there was no time to dote on such useless things. She felt ashamed that she was being 'let go' and that she wasn't fighting, but the engagement with Koudo did teach her something important... Know your limit. Even though she could fight meaninglessly until she expires, but what for? Something she never had time to think about before, but really got to her now that she was actually unable to act. One life changing experience after another.

Maybe... Maybe I should just go.
This isn't running away... Not like those pussies I hate...
This is a tactical retreat.

That's how it all went in her mind. And just as she was going to open her mouth to say something, again, something new occurred and a dark figure that held the same presenceless presence appeared behind the Judgemaster with no fear at all of this knightly figure. This man's appearance and attitude were... all the more interesting to Chita. Something about him teemed with a magical allure that no other being had... Who is this, and why is he here? Better yet, why are all of these strange occurrences happening one right after another and all at once?

... He's pretty hot.
Never thought I'd think that about a guy.
Girls are my deal.
ESPECIALLY Redheads...

The very moment she opened her mouth to speak, the Black Dragon would speak up for her again, as though on the same accord as she. Though what she said was relatively along the same lines as what Chita was thinking, something about her seemed... strange... And Chita still felt a connection to the dark cavity in her chest. Something was telling her to run, but something about the appearance of the man, though unnaturally terrifying even for her, was somewhat calming and soothing. She could tell that he meant her no harm. And with only that gut feeling to go on... She furrowed her brow and stared at the two adversaries before her and said, "I'm not going anywhere until I figure out why you approached me like that, rusty." She cracked her knuckles and cricked her neck, ready to see what was about to go down here. Apparently, the Black Dragon had her back, this new guy was here to collect the Insanity (which she could also use to power her magic, by the way) and the Judgemaster let her go. Reviewing the situation, things were still pretty in her favor, regardless of the striking difference of power. Not that power ever meant anything to Chita anyway; asswhoopings were for all.

Well, here goes nothin... Let's risk it all here, then...

It was clear to the eyes of the Judgemaster that the two of them were powerless, even though the Black Dragon held in her hand the only weapon that could smite the Judgemaster here. He was not worried in the slightest, for his power was unparalleled to these two measly whelps. He waited to watch them cower and flee in terror...

... But found himself feeling the same terror he intended to inflict seething within himself. That terror was power, but for the presenceless presence he noticed sharing the Zero World with him was none other than the only one above his power... the Allmaster.

"... Looks like the jig is up," he said without even an attempt to hide what was already known to the all-knowing Allmaster, paying no heed to the foolish girl who made such a foolhardy choice, thinking that this was something to prove to those that didn't care. "... I know there is no escape for one who has more control over the Zero World than I do..." he admitted through a bellowing chuckle, "But you're already too late, even if you do stop me here..." To what the Judgemaster referenced was left unmentioned, yet he let out a bellowing laugh that echoed throughout the entirety of the Zero World. He didn't seem at all worried, even if he was afraid for his life. Rather, the Insanity within him was afraid for its life...

"Yeah, 'blah blah blah', shut up and die."

As blunt as his words were would be as blunt as his destruction would be. With just the rise and clench of his hand, the entire Zero World itself would flex tightly, pressurizing around both the Black Dragon and the Judgemaster. Pressed, most literally, from every which way, it was only a matter of a flick of the wrist that King Nytoz would wring the Insanity from their vessels and out into the Zero World. The process was quick, simple and clean.

"The Wrap-up..." he mentioned, swirling his finger around in a motion as if spinning thread around his fingers, where the Insanity would be drawn to, "... Aaaaand Imprison. Sealing the deal." With a rather decisive (decidedly moreso than the Judgemaster) open and close of his mouth, the Insanity spun around his finger would be sucked in and shut. At that moment, the Black Dragon and Judgemaster would be stripped clean of all of their Insanity and return to a state of purity and sanctity, whilst the Count belched and scratched the back of his head.

"Another one bites the dust... Hahahaha..."

He turned his head then to the only other presence here beside his own and eyed her up and down, finding her body more delicious than anything he'd tasted so far. He smirked, the predator hungry for something else in his line of sight...

"And what's your deal, eh? You don't look half bad, cutie..."

At the point that the Allmaster came, there was not much that Blackheart could do when existing within his world, even with Shinrei. It was just a matter of the entire realm of nothingness pressing against her metallic body that forced the Insanity from deep within her, as though a vampiric suction drained her completely. The mechanical maiden, sucked dry of her impurity, would fall to the ground (or rather, solid nothingness below her feet) and lie there, motionless. All of the black gunk that was once stuck to her slender body melted away, revealing the glorious metallic crystal that truly comprised her form. Her entire form was beauty compacted into crystalline form, and from her a magnificent light would radiate from her form and shine forth, beginning to fill up the Zero World with this mighty light.

The mechanical woman shrunk as the light was released, down to the size of a tiny crystal heart. This magnificent purity seemed to be the 'blood' that pumped from this Crystal Heart, and yet, the heart did not pump... It simply poured light outward, seeming as though it were shriveling and dying. This light was no ordinary light; it was the light of Love. It would continue to pour out infinitely from this Crystal Heart until it could no longer produce this light, this Love, and would shatter to dust and return to nothingness... Without the Insanity of Love keeping this light contained, it would rush out uncontrollably, bathing all who were within in the shining light.

The laughter of the Judgemaster was quickly brought to silence by the binding vicegrip of the Allmaster's hand over the entire Zero World, clenching it as though it were a fragile little heart between his palms. The feeling of this powerful grasp would wring the Insanity clean from the Judgemaster's armored body, leaving the being purified and with the clarity of judgement and upstanding righteous order that he was known for naturally.

Feeling more than relieved by this, the light of the Crystal Heart poured over him and the Judgemaster felt renewed. Rejuvenated. Replenished. Revitalized by the energy of this heart... Somehow, filled with a power he hadn't known before. He was compelled, for some reason... Compelled to seek out the Willmaster...

But, before his departure, he turned to the Allmaster and nodded, "Thank you. I will go correct my mistakes in my error of Judgement. You needn't worry about the sanctity of this world any longer. I will help you to restore order and balance to this world, as its Lawmaker." The Judgemaster may have been dutiful and sometimes overly righteous, but absolutely not a bad guy at all, now that the Insanity was cleansed from him. He turned his head to Chita before he left and noticed how much spirit she had.

"Before I go, I have one decree I will make in my best judgment and clarity of sight and mind. Because I have seen that you have much more spirit and heart than most others, I deem to decree you, girl of such great heart, the new Black Dragon. Rather, Crystal Dragon, at this point." He pointed to the Crystal Heart pouring with and infinite amount of Light and Love, then spoke to her again, "You are to protect this fragile heart. It is the missing link to the Void within you. What it is missing most, the hole in your chest, is pure true Love and Light that this Crystal Heart pours out infinitely. It will be a lot to handle and understand at first, but as you learn to master this, the Light and Love will eventually fill your Void. This Crystal Heart is as much your heart as it is the Shinseigami's. Remember that as you become one with it... Crystal Heart."

With those final words, the newly reborn Judgemaster would take his leave of the Zero World, voiding himself back into existence.

"This is my decree.
This is absolute.
My final parting words to you...
Well done..."

In a matter of moments, this new dark man had completely subdued not only the Black Dragon, but the so called 'Judgemaster' as well, with only the clench of his hand. Her eyes widened slightly, but she still did not make any sudden movements, just in case things still were going to go south.

Once he was done, he noted that she was 'cute' and looked good... She wasn't happy about that, even though she found herself blushing (for the first time in her life, mind you) at that being said to her so blunt and directly. Now more flustered than before, she could feel herself slightly losing her cool.

"What was that? Got something to say to me? Speak a little louder."

Even though you're not bad lookin yourself, hottie...

Not that she was going to say that. It was then that the great mechanical woman fell to the ground and shrunk down to become a Crystal Heart, which shone so brightly that Chita could barely lay eyes upon it. "The fuck...?" Blinded by the light, she heard the voice of the Judgemaster speak to her again, only this time there was no threatening tone in his voice, even though he retained the authoritative sternness that he seemed to always speak with. This time, she could sense a sort of compassionate righteousness... "What...? The heart...?" Chita did feel connected to it somehow, and this overflowing light was nothing short of soothing... It seemed to be drawn into hole in her soul sealed up by the Sealing Force and... rested there. She could feel it, like the pulsation of a new sort of spiritual heartbeat. Is this what her Void was asking for...? Love...?

"Ngh... Hey... Hey wait!!" she cried, though in vain as the Judgemaster departed. The light became less harsh to her, as the flood of light would simply be drawn into her, allowing her to see the Crystal Heart for herself. She stepped over to it and stroked it gently, a powerful resonant energy surging through her as she did. "Nn~!" This overwhelming wavelength was not volatile, but euphoric. A sensation of ecstasy and pleasure that was akin to...

"... What... The hell is this thing~?" she tried to speak through moans of pleasure. It was rather overbearing and difficult to control, just like the Judgemaster said, but she could not help but want to touch it... to be around it... To hold it. Not because of the pleasure it gave her, but because... It felt like the necessary component to fill her, and she, perhaps, was the same for it. She wanted to protect this beautiful crystal... its beauty was unparalleled, unlike anything she had ever witnessed. This heart was pure, this heart was true, this heart was untainted and all it wanted to do was spread its love and light until it expired. She could see, she could feel, she could understand this just from the touch. It made her... feel some type of way...

"... Poor little heart..." she'd say compassionately, something strangely out of the ordinary for the apathetic hardass that Chita was. She reached out to it and pulled the heart close to her chest, hugging it tightly. "I'll keep ya safe. Here, I'll show ya."

She looked up with a warm smile and closed her eyes, saying out to no one in particular, "... I'm ready to reincarnate now."

With a glazed and uninterested look in his eye, Nytoz did nothing but inspect the situation and watch as everything else happened. Since there was no Insanity here, he had no real reason to be here any longer, nor to attack anyone or anything. But, he had been engaged by this little girl here, so it was time to take some action about this impetuous girl.

"Hahaha, be quiet. You can't handle this."

He'd already thoroughly inspected her and she was, without a doubt, fathoms times weaker than he was and stood absolutely no chance as she was. No matter how fucking good nor sexy she was, it was just no hope for her.

"But I like your spunk. I can agree with the Judgemaster's decree, 100%... But that doesn't mean go get yourself into things you can't handle. Don't be stupid."

He let out a sinister chuckle, then licked his lips.

"You look pretty tasty. And once you have that heart inside of you, I'm sure you'll definitely be quite the delicious treat..."

He was getting hungry... and he had an appetite for hearts. Maybe...

"Hey. Girl. What's your name? Your badass attitude is pretty hot."

The heart continued to endlessly pour out its light, that which was immediately taken into the young girl once she was decreed as the Keeper of this heart's power. Once she drew near, the Heart itself could feel the resonant connection between them deepen. Yes, this was the girl that it was looking for... The Dragon that would protect the treasure... A bond was immediately created between she and the heart, and yet the heart's light was drawn straight into the depths of the void of the girl's chest.

When she pulled it close, the Crystal Heart would begin to glow brighter, feeling somehow revitalized, even in its weakened state. The resonant bond between the two of them was extremely powerful already, meaning that this was a connection that was supposed to occur. Until the Crystal Heart could fully recover, it would rest within the deep void that was Chita's darkness... And be protected by the Void. It slipped straight into her chest, as though it had accepted Chita's offer, and immediately initiated a 'Rebirthing Process' within her, to change her from who she was to who she wished to be. The two were conjoined as one, and the shining light would pour from Chita's chest and wrap around her entire body as the Crystal Heart assimilated with her. Passing through the lock placed on her soul and into the darkness, the Sealing Voidforce now served as the forbidden chamber that the Crystal Heart would reside in henceforth; within this girl.

Chita, too involved with the goings on of the Crystal Heart's integration with her, paid no heed to the Allmaster that was still here for whatever reason. She continued to bask in the radiant euphoric energies that this heart gave to her and allowed herself to be swallowed up by the Light and the Love... And she smiled.

"My name..." she began to say, not only to the man, but to herself and to the Crystal Heart, "... is Tifaret. Tifaret L. Tensei." She closed her eyes then, allowing the complete rebirth process to finish, only to open her eyes and feel no different. "... What?" There was no magnificent transformation or anything of the like, even with all the magnanimous light...

Well, I guess he did say that nothing would change since I got to keep my memories and powers and stuff...

She pulled her hair a little, seeing that it was no longer that bright red color, but returned to its natural deep violet color from when she still needed her cuffs to restrain her power.

"Oh, sweet, my old hair color. Bitchin."

But that was about all there was to that. She could feel it inside of her now, the power pulsating inside of her where it was once empty... And yet, she could not help but to keep this power locked away. She was the Dragon that kept the Treasure, so to speak, and she'd protect it with her life.

"Don't worry, little heart... You're safe with me. There ain't nothin that can stop me," she said triumphantly with a smug grin, before cutting a glare over to the man in black, as though she were directing that statement indirectly to him. Her nose flared and her brows furrowed with intensity. She felt totally pumped and renewed thanks to this heart.

Yeah... Pump out more... More power... More!!!

It was a glorious and delicious feeling, something that she could barely control. The pleasure, the power, the pure ecstasy... She had to have more of it. It made her feel so... good. For once in her life, she was feeling pretty fucking good about something.

With this power... I can beat even this guy's ass...

"What's it to ya? You're pretty nice to look at yourself, ya know..."

"Tifaret, eh...?" He actually thought that was a rather pretty name, and the regal and proper side of him would show once again as he spoke up, "Ah, what an elegant and beautiful name... If I remember correctly, Tifaret means 'Beauty.' Fitting of a stunning beauty such as yourself..." Though, after those words were said, he quickly snapped his tongue back, turning away from her with a slightly embarrassed scowl. "Tch. Don't let it get to ya, though."

The compliment she gave him was unexpected, but there was a hint of something else there... Seemed to him like it was some sort of tinge of wanting to battle? Oh, she was so far ahead of herself, she couldn't catch up. It returned the smile to his face and he snickered under his breath.

"You might wanna ease up on the use of that power, girl. Before something unfortunate happens."

His cryptic speech and snickering let her know that he knew something about this entire ordeal that she still did not, especially about the Crystal Heart.

As the girl called for more power, the weakened Crystal Heart continued to pour out as much as she asked for without hesitation, for the love that this Heart had for all was infinite, unconditional and eternal. This girl just so happened to be the one that could utilize these effects. Granting her the healing light that it needed to restore its own crystalline form, it would continue to wither, until eventually...


A small crack appeared in the withering heart. It was giving its all to give Chita-- Rather, Tifa, the energy she was asking for. Being that this is her heart now, the crack that appeared would be harmful to her, as well.

"SHIT!!" she cried out randomly, clenching her chest as swiftly as she could. She fell to a knee and nearly toppled over, feeling an incredible vulnerability and pain like no other surging through her... A pain that wouldn't go away, and felt nothing like physical pain. Whatever it was, she wanted it to stop.

Breathing heavily, she could hear the words of the strange man speaking out to her like he just knew fucking everything... Fucking bastard. Ugh!! How she just HATED it! And yet...

"*Huff*... So... *Huff*... Looks like you got some smarts... *Huff*... To match that smartass mouth... *Huff*..."

"Yeah," he said immediately, rather impressed to see her not succumbing to that type of pain so easily, "... I know more about you and this situation than you know." He could see within her the void that existed... Her own personal extension of the Zero World... Inherent to her family.

So... That's how she got here. She's connected to it naturally... He pondered about it further... But she wasn't originally a Tensei before this reincarnation... So how did...?

There was only ONE person he knew that could have had access to this place due to a black hole deep in their soul... And that was his EX-Mistress, Zita.

"... Your innate lust for power and pleasure reminds me much of a woman I once had to subdue... The legendary untameable shrew, Zita. Hmhmhm. She submit to me, though."

Looking back on it, he probably should have fucked her... Fuck. Maybe there was still time...!!

At first, Tifa was pretty upset to know that this guy knew so much more about her and what was going on than she, even though she kinda JUST got into all of this, but she didn't really care... It was really just his attitude about it that pissed her off. And yet...

As he continued to talk, she was shocked to hear him say THAT name... The name of...

"Wait, WHAT!? You... and the old hag..." Something wasn't right. And he said he made her do WHAT? "Who... Who the hell are you!? My mother is such a bitch, she won't listen to anyone!! How... Who...?!"

No longer drawing power from the Crystal Heart, Tifa was able to stand, but still felt the pain in her chest. She would have to give the Crystal Heart a rest until she learned more about it. However the hell she was supposed to go and do that...

Mother...? That was something that he wasn't expecting to hear. But now everything was making sense to him.

"... Now I get it. I am Count Thanytoz, God of the Veritas, Ruler of the Realm of Magic and all of the magical creatures that roam there, as well as the Zero World you see here. Basically, you could say I'm the 'King of Everything' here."

Mmm... That must also mean that she's far more tasty than her mother, too... Especially with that pretty new heart in her chest... Mmmm... Being the ruler of Nytoz gave him special 'privileges' with the Faefolk... Every last one of them. Delicious... *sluuurrrp~!*

"Come with me. I'll teach you everything you need to know. And maybe some more 'subtle' things, if you catch my drift..."

He winked at her and licked his lips, as though he were already taking her apart with his teeth. Mmm... Hungry... He was still hungry.

Control yourself, Grim... This is not what you're here for...

"Mmm... Excuse me. You just look delectable, and I'm a little hungry for a taste... If you know what I mean. Hmhmhmhm... But that aside, what do you say? Yea or Nay?"

He outstretched his hand to her casually, not really thinking about what the repercussions of this actually were, nor about where he was going next. Wherever his hunger for the Insanity took him, really... And if she accepted, she was going to come along for the ride...

This guy is weird... But something about his sinister charm... Hmm...

She was feeling really weird. Maybe it was the new Heart. Maybe it was the fact that she actually liked this guy. But no, she liked... girls... But even so, she definitely would have messed around with Koudo, in spite of this... If he weren't already doing his own thing with her cousin. Maybe she wasn't as much of a lesbian as she really thought she was.

"... Subtle things...?" she commented with an unusually... sensual tone, "... Hm. Don't think I'd mind. Whatever." She said, rising from the ground and shooting him a sort of stare he should have caught onto with the way she had spoken...

"Besides. If my ma sees me with you, I bet she'll flip. Hahaha. I'd just love to see the look on that bitch's face..."

Honestly, that was all she needed for her to agree; just to piss of her mother. Whatever happened otherwise would simply be a plus for her; learning her powers and whatever the hell else this guy wanted to do. Yeah. She just wanted that priceless look on her mother's face.

"Let's go." she said with absolute certainty, grabbing his hand and smirking with a sinister grin that seemed to match his. Looks like both of them had their own ulterior motives here, and their dark purposes were out in the open between the two of them. Mutual agreement.

... I am gonna need a camera or something...
I can't miss that type of gold.

"Hahaha... That's my girl..." he muttered through his grin, grasping her hand and fading out. Onward, to the next destination. He was gonna have fun with her...

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 39: Thereafter...

As Chita was dealing with Nytoz, Koudo was talking to her cousin, Mana, about their own relationship. The personal conversation between the two lovers was interrupted of course by the one Chita, however.

In the midst of all the activities about, a presence silently voided itself into existence from the realm of nothingness, literally appearing 'out of nowhere.' With a rather bored and contemptuous scowl on her face, her half-open eyes traced over the land to take in all of her surroundings, chewing some gum nonchalantly. Nothing here seemed to be important, save for Koudo, for he was the only one here she actually knew (and cared about) at all.

"Yo," she spoke between a blown and popped bubble of her chewing gum, "Been a while, huh?"

There were no questions asked nor was there anything to be discussed; Chita was so good at using her magic now that she was capable of appearing wherever she wanted at any time she wanted, and her destination was the young Tamura, whom she hadn't seen in quite a long time. Not since the little whiny bitch Elara, in fact.

"I got bored dealing with some Tensei shit and decided to come lookin' for a place to chill for a little while... Unc gets real annoyin' sometimes with being the head of the family now. Not as much as the old hag and her power-lusty bullshit, tho'."

With her hands loosely hanging from her daisy dukes by her thumbs, she blew and popped another bubble boredly, not even giving the others the time of day.

"You down for another talk or whatever?"

Even though she really didn't want to admit it, it kinda made her feel better when she did, and things were getting pretty hectic for her otherwise right now.

"Gotta start somewhere!"

Now that she had it up on her shoulder, Mana actually found that the weight wasn't too much for her to bear. Adjusting her grip to balance the majority of the boulder on her right hand, she used her left to balance it upon her palm with relative ease. With a brief wind up, she managed to heft the boulder over her shoulder and send it flying through the air... Well, perhaps a little high to be properly catch-able. Oops!


... However, as soon as the boulder left her hands, something began to itch at her mind. Straightening, Mana looked back at the house, unable to shake the sense that something had changed. Immediately, she felt guilty for having just run out like she had, and with that guilt, the rest started to pour back into her soul like a dam breaking. Her eyes downcast for a moment, she turned back to Maina, who she could only assume was about to toss the heavy stone back her way. It wouldn't do to be clobbered by a hunk of rock. C'mon, girl, focus.

But there were clear examples to the contrary, case in point as she appeared in the middle of the room from literally nothing at all. It threw Naina off, but didn't shake her unshakable calm, and Koudo seemed fairly unfazed. As if he'd knew she was there before she actually appeared. His hand gently rubbed at the head of the tiny girl in his lap, as he rolled his head around to catch a glimpse of one of the objects of his admiration, and possibly affections.

"Uh sure... Naina, would you?"

"Already ahead of you." Naina spoke before he could even finish what he was about to ask. Crossing the room with serene grace and poise, she plucked the imouto from her nii-chan and caressed the child close to her bosom as she exited the room and walked down the hallway before disappearing into a room on the left.

Koudo stretched his arms and let out a satisfied grunt as he heard his bones crack, and felt his limbs loosen. It'd been some time since he'd seen and spoken with Chita. Half expecting a solid connection to his jaw the next time they met face to face, he could see a difference in the air around her, figuratively of course. Or perhaps not, but who could really tell when he kept the extent of his powers under such close wraps from the invasive eyes of others.

"Come on, we can go outside. Strangers aren't really welcomed in Kunishige's place." He said as he rose to his feet. Slightly taller than he was the last time they met, and perhaps with a slightly more muscular build, slightly. He nodded his head towards the front door before walking that way and expecting Chita to follow. He supposed that now would be a good to time to dig for dirt on what's going down in the villages, even though he could careless. There was a mild bit of curiosity in it, as well as Chita's decision to visit.

Maina liked her moxie, and was unstunned by the girl's effortless precision with balancing the boulder in her hands. What once seemed like a girl awkwardly straining to hold something too heavy for her, seemed like someone normally playing with a giant bouncy ball of sorts. It wasn't enough to impress Maina, but she wasn't really judging regardless. It was still quite the sight to see someone with perhaps as much physical strength as her own.

Her preparedness was perfectly place, giving her the time needed to jog backwards and readjust in order to catch the overthrow. She position herself under where it would fall, holding a hand over her head as it fell perfectly fit into her grasp. As just as quickly as she gripped it, she released, sending the boulder along it's previous arc with a slight jolt of her arm upwards. Her eyes followed the arc back to Mana who... had her eyes towards the ground?!

"Look alive princess!" She yelled across the field to her. She'd catch hell from Koudo, Naina, and Kunishige if she put Mana in the dirt and out cold for another day or so because she didn't warn her the rock was coming.

Chia only blinked and scoffed "Whatever," since she kinda didn't wanna have to do all that much moving around and stuff. There were more people around than she wanted, and kinda didn't want to talk with anyone in the picture at all... Not that it was private or anything, but the fact that she wasn't fond of other people being around her. She was the type that was always best by herself, and Koudo was the only other person that came close to being good company to her.

"Anywhere we can go where there are no peons...? I don't need anything else aggravating me... I've already got Unc's dragon to worry about..."

She raised her gloved hand up to her neck, pushing her slightly longer, far more deep scarlet hair back as she rubbed her neck as though it were sore at just the thought. Her locks weren't the same shade of pink it was last time, for some reason. Chita followed behind Koudo regardless, since she kinda didn't know where she was in the slightest and trusted that he did. Wouldn't wanna start nothin with nobody or nothin... Cuz lord knows if someone got things heated here with Chita, that was gonna start something they could not finish. She's simply follow him wherever he was going to take her, for the moment.

Luckily for her, Koudo knew of just the place. It was fairly far away from the house, out of the range of any of Naina's soul searching abilities, and a place that Koudo frequented when he just wanted to be alone to think about stuff. More often than not, he traveled there at least once or twice a week, usually with an animal escort, and worked on what he planned to do with his life next.

As they walked out the front door, he spied Maina out in the back fields flinging a boulder closer to the house, but thought nothing of it but her training. It caused him to wonder where Mana had wandered herself off to, but trusted that she would come back once she was able to get her thoughts together. One of the girls, knowing his routine, would more than likely tell her where he'd gone and when to expect him. He didn't suspect that Chita would want to talk for very long.

Glancing over his shoulder, "I would have never expected that you'd come to me, of all people," he commented in an attempt to make small talk as they made the trek down the long flight of stone stairs that led up to the shrine like home of Kunishige Okamoto the Swordsmith. He stuffed his hands in the front pockets of his dark khaki cargo pants.

"Shit must really be hitting fan over there huh?"

If it weren't for her perception of the air, there would be a very good chance that Maina would have to explain the resulting Mana-pancake to Koudo. As it was, the younger girl easily slid into a position to catch the boulder, even thinking to angle herself to better brace against the resulting weight and use the strength in her legs to hold the weight for a couple seconds. Mana focused on her breathing, closing her eyes entirely as her muscles bunched, concentrating on where she could feel Maina was in the midst of all this stone.

"Got it!"

This time, the boulder would arch correctly, sailing straight into Maina's embrace. She found that she wanted to ask about the disturbance, but if Maina hadn't felt it, she would likely pass it off as her sister, or their mother, both of which Mana had yet to meet. Who knows, maybe it really was one of them, doing something?


Slightly rolling her eyes at the thought of all of the BS that she was gonna have to go through (and was already in), she couldn't help but think that things were getting a bit too much for her taste.

"It's like I just can't catch a break, or somethin.'"

Her tattered traveler's cape gently fluttered in the wind as they walked, partially hiding her hands still casually hanging from her pockets. "In all honesty, you're probably the only person I think I can deal with that doesn't just blatantly piss me off." A well known truth about her was that she was not a very approachable person due to being a loner, which was probably why Koudo was the only one who really got her most times.

As they walked up the stairs, she lowered her head, retreating into her head just a bit, lost in a random train of thought. Really putting everything into perspective, she had a huge role to play in the family that she wasn't entirely sure how she got, but she knew that from the very beginning, she was destined to do. That's what irked her the most; when she wanted to relax, she just could not.

"You know how the Tensei are... Always got some sort of issues so big that they spiral out of control and suck in everyone around them. Almost like my soul does."

Her eyes narrowed at the thought... She still hadn't dealt with that gaping hole inside of her all locked up tight. "I barely have time to deal with my own matters, or even to relax before some dumb shit pops up that I have to go handle... Seriously, I just need some time to chill before I go fighting Insanities and taming dragons and shit." A heavy sigh of frustration with a slight hint of fatigue escaped her at the thought; she had a loooong road ahead of her and she wasn't looking forward to any of it.

Soon after, Mana left Chita and Koudo to talk alone.

Koudo just walked on, nodding his head every so often in agreement wit what Chita was saying. Being a close friend, he supposed anyway, with a Tensei that was just as paradoxical as the rest was quite the handful. He could never tell what she really wanted and whenever he decided to zig, she decided to zag. The unpredictability was what agitated him to no end, and the higher and mightier than thou attitude was what made him lose his everlasting cool. It was to the point now that he couldn't even stand to be in the same room as her and, at this point, he didn't feel like attempting to rekindle anything that wasn't there anymore.

He closed his eyes as he pulled a hand from his pocket, waving it to the side passively, "Yeah, yeah I hear ya. But I gave up on that a while ago and haven't given a shit since. Hell I mask my chakra signature and entire presence so that nobody can come and drag me back to something I don't decide to choose to be apart of." Which begged the question of how Chita was able to find him, but he chalked it up to a fluke, at best, and dismissed the thought all together. Being able to talk to someone that could possible understand how he felt was a good thing. Mana was fine, but she honestly didn't really know anything about anything. He couldn't express himself as openly as he wanted too to her, girlfriend or not.

They came to the middle of the long flight of stairs, where a large arch sat as an identifier of the midpoint. Koudo stuffed his hand back into his pockets and nodded his head upwards, towards it, then to the right towards a thicket of tall trees before, without any hesitation or prior warning, he jumped to the top of the arch and vanished towards the thicket of trees which would lead them to their destination.

"I'll say this to you now," He started, stretching out a hand to grab at a branch and using his upper body strength, and the momentum of his prior jump, to whirl around the branch once, touch his feet to it, then launch himself forwards, "If you came to enlist my help as a friend, then I'll say no flat out. If you want to rely on skills, then I don't come cheap." He'd fully assimilated himself into the lifestyle of a hired hand. Not any less of the honest man that he was, still maintaining his ideals and standards, he just didn't work for free anymore. Helping to deal with the growing problems in the area formally known as the 'tri-village alliance' was at the bottom of his dream job list.

"I definitely don't blame ya... Just be lucky that you aren't part of the family. Cuz sometimes, you don't have a choice."

Chita had mixed feelings about her family and always did. She felt slightly closer to her uncle than she did her own mother, who didn't even act like a real mother more than a bitchy older sister. She didn't really interact with or relate to anyone in her family, which made her overall a rather isolated girl... Not that she minded because it gave her the peace and quiet she liked, but it also brought on a lot of obligations and responsibilities that she just did not sign up for.

"If it were up to me, I'd be off just enjoying myself and relaxing... Maybe doing something fun around Witch City, or even training..." she lowered her head and narrowed her eyes, clenching her fists tightly at the thought of what she had to go back to later, "... But... I said to myself that I'd do this. Just one more time, I'd go back in and stop all of this Insanity to the best of my ability just so I can have some peace and quiet... So I can walk down the street and not have to worry about someone asking me for help or something being destroyed. Ya know? That gets really fucking annoying when you are trying to enjoy life."

The quicker it was all resolved, the quicker she could go back to relaxing is how she saw it. There were tons of fuck ups in the family and people or things getting in the way and things were just getting out of hand. If no one else was going to stop this and her uncle was too busy trying to get himself together to actually deal with this completely, then she would just have to suck it up and get this shit done. That was the type of girl she was; when duty calls and it's absolutely necessary, you get it done.

Coming to the midst of the stairway, Chita turned her head up to look at the arch above. Following behind her guide in this place, she kicked off of the ground and hopped up effortlessly to the top of the arch as well, hands in her pockets and eyes trailing Koudo. He was pretty fast, she had to admit in her head. She hop-stepped off to the trees he touched, occasionally skipping over to the branches of those nearby, passing him a brash scoff and a "Get over yourself," before smirking and passing a sharp glance at him.

"I didn't come here to ask for any goddamn help. I said exactly what I meant; I wanted to talk. Besides..." her smirk widened to a playful grin, wherein she'd pull her hands from her pockets and thrust one of her gloved fists into her palm, "I don't need anyone's fucking help. There ain't no one who's got the stuff to keep up with me, anyway. Working with other people is more of a pain in the ass than anything." Her tone denoted that she was making a joke, but even among her jesting, she was absolutely serious about what she said. And she wasn't going to deny that fact in the slightest.

"Alright, alright," Said Koudo, pulling his hands out his pockets and holding them up as he shook his head. "Last time I checked though, you lost to me, but I guess I'll keep all this 'massive power' to myself." Smirking and letting his roguish charm shine, Koudo knew about Chita's overwhelming sense of independence. She was the most independent chick he'd ever bothered to bother himself with, even more than Priere who seemed that way at first but was weirdly clingy sometimes and oddly distant others. He joked, knowing that if there was anyone that talked as big a game as they could handle then it was Chita, but he wondered if this would be the one time where she was in over her head. Even he struggled to deal with the Insanity on 'The Day That Would Live in Infamy' and it took the very girl he thought about just milliseconds ago to help him at the sacrifice of her own freedom.

Koudo turned his body as he pushed off a branch with one of his legs, interlocking his fingers behind his head as he drifted backwards with his face towards the sky above. "I used to say that a lot too, but, looking back now, I have to admit," He started, closing his eyes briefly and pausing for a second, "I'd be long dead without my partners and the few friends I made." There were many situations where, if they hadn't been there, his bite wasn't enough to supplement his bark. After years of having Maina and Naina by his side, now, he had the strength needed to back up every word that came from his mouth, but those earlier times in his career there was no way.

He opened his eyes and let them drift over towards Ms. Independent without, surprisingly enough, a teasing smirk which left him with a serious expression. "There's no shame in asking for help every once in a while. You'd be amazed how liberating and free you feel when there's someone to watch your back. How much you can really cut loose when you don't have to worry about being hit from your blind spot." He wasn't trying to sound preachy, or get her to change the way that she thought about others. She had wanted to talk, and he was doing just that. If she chose to listen, was entirely up to her.

Spinning around a few times in the air before flipping forward and touching down on a branch and stopping just as they came to the end of the forest, right at a cliff that over looked part of the Ascelle Sea, Koudo glanced Chita's way and asked, "I mean, you've felt it too, once, right?" He touched the trunk of the tree he stood on and just looked out at the horizon where the dim sky kissed the waters below it.

"Huh," she scoffed rather quickly at his remark, as she was pretty prone to do, passing it off for nothing with a sway of her hand before her face, "That one was a fluke and you know it. Betcha if we went at it again, I'd kick your ass!" Her keen smirk fit with the same playful undertone as before would let Koudo know that it wasn't happening again. She was weak back then, too... it got her thinking.

Perhaps she and Koudo were more alike than she cared to admit, but the one key difference between them was that Chita was ALWAYS alone. That's probably why things were the way they are now... something about it couldn't help but make her think of it being that void in her soul... Her smile faded as well, eyes trailing off to the side as though she were going off into thought, furrowing her brow just a bit.

"Well. Nobody here to watch my back. Don't need anyone to, either. It'd be nice, yeah, but at the end of the day, no one is really ever there for you when you need em. Ya know?"

It was the same way with them all. Her old hag of a mother... Her free spirit of a father... Her cousins all played together, Chroma, Aura and sometimes Mana, but Chita didn't ever have a sister, even if Zita acted like one to her. Zita was just too much older than her to be that for her; the age gap is real sometimes.

"The only real person I ever had to talk to was my split personality, Rita, and she was a real pretentious bitch. It's inherent in my family to apparently be bipolar depending on the gravity of the void in our souls. And mine's the biggest to fill..."

Of course, there was her mentor, Tyrande and her rival, Alex Star, and more recently her grandma Eva that had their impact... But just not the one she really needed.

"But I did have some people that did have some meaning in my life... Made me stronger just by being in their presence. The bonds of our souls..." she plopped down on the thick tree branch and stared down at the ground from up above, still clearly rather in her head, "Maybe this is my way of asking for help. You ain't gotta do anything fancy, just... Hell, can we just talk like this sometime? I dunno when I'm gonna catch another break after this..." Sometimes having one's back was simply being there for them when they ask to do what they need you to at the time. Chita needed to talk and he was there listening, so of course she was gonna do the same. Not like she had anyone else she could talk to.

"I'll die if I have to talk to that whiny bitch Elara or the whiny brat Alex Star for the rest of my life. I might even go get myself killed if it ever comes down to that."

She could see it now... both of them bitching and moaning all at her door, being annoying as hell and never EVER leaving her alone. Ugh. Torture.

"... Yep. Right off a building..."

"Heh." Koudo honestly didn't doubt that there was a slim possibility that she might almost come close to maybe... scratching his cheek, but that was just his hubris talking. He could feel, and see, the difference in ebb and flow of her energy as well as in her over all demeanor. Everything seemed the same about her, sure, but she had clearly grown to a certain extent. Koudo didn't really know her that well, but the similarities that they shared helped him to understand what he did know perhaps better than anyone she'd come into contact with before hand. Save for that alternate personality of hers.

"Well talk too much and I might have to start charging you." Koudo joked with a short chuckle. He really didn't mind it too much if she wanted to come around every once in a while just to chat. Truthfully, he was kinda happy to oblige her in it, and maybe get some things that were floating around his own mind off his chest. There wasn't much right now beside the usual, mother, origins, all that, but he had just helped his girlfriend find peace and they had exchange the "three words" already. Honestly, that was floating around in there as well.

Koudo rubbed at the back of his neck with her free hand, "But seriously, if you want to talk then I'll listen. I dunno, I guess we're kinda like friends, or whatever, more than my other so called 'friends'," he said before looking off to the side a bit, feeling a bit tongue tied. After all, Mana might have been his first friend, grew into his first love and became his first official girlfriend, but Chita was first actual crush. "I mean, if you wanna say we're friends."

Chita chuckled lightly as well, letting a joking "Fuck you," slip through her slight laughter at Koudo's mention of payment. She kinda felt at peace knowing that she could actually relax and chill out with someone who wasn't annoying, who wasn't family and who wasn't asking her to do something all the goddamn time. She didn't consider those people friends, and even though she loved her family, they weren't the people she was just gonna up and go pouring out her withheld feelings to. She was strong enough to keep em inside, and the void was large enough to harbor all of it.

She turned her head up to Koudo, who was clearly feeling as similarly about this as she was, even if he was kinda beating around the bush about it. She knew good and well that being this type of expressive wasn't particularly his style, as it wasn't hers either. Only the really deserving could get this outta her, and he just so happened to be that lucky one.


Her ambiguous answer was left for Koudo to decipher, since she still wasn't gonna flat out say 'yeah, I think we're friends.' He should have just known that sort of thing. "I mean, I'm here, ain't I? I could be off getting some shut eye or having some real peace and quiet, you know." She smirked at him, letting her eyes meet with his with an expression much less tense than what she normally donned, concluding her sentiments with a pet name; "Dumbass. Heh."

Chita swiveled around on the large tree branch after that, reclining and sprawling out upon the thick bark and staring up through the leaves, leg hanging off the edge and swinging slightly as her hands folded behind her head.

"... Well no need for this to be a one way street, ya know? What's been up with you? Takes two to tango, and I'm not for being the center of attention..."

Even though technically her soul invited that sort of attention to her, she didn't like it. Her mother was the type that enjoyed the spotlight, but not Chita. That's why sometimes the void in her soul was something of a curse... Much more powerful than her mother's, pulling in everything around her against her will... maybe that's why she liked being alone so much, to try to escape that annoying and unnecessary attention as best she could. Hm...

"Heh heh... heh..." Come on man, chill. This isn't your first rodeo, cowboy. Koudo had to calm himself with a deep and well need breath in and then out, quieting the strange uneasiness he'd been feeling and returning back to his more natural, casual demeanor. Getting tongue tied definitely wasn't like him, and he refused to let it happen again.

Koudo pulled his hand from its furious scratching at the back of his neck and turned to face Chita, with arms folded and a sigh, "Shit where do I start?" He said as he closed his eyes and leaned his back against the trunk of the tree. There were very few Koudo trusted with the "sensitive information" that he harbored. Not out of issues with trust, but issues of safety. He'd rather keep the information to himself and clean his own messes rather than involve anyone else. It was safe to assume that an approach like that wasn't healthy, but he was really good at hiding it and there were very few that could read the book that was him like he could other people. Sometimes he slipped, but he never allowed the really sensitive stuff leak.

"I guess I could say I'm in a bit of a rut... at a crossroads... dazed and confused. All at the same time." It seemed like the simplest way of putting it. There were a bunch of things he'd done, had yet to do, and was obligated to do that didn't quite blend well together and, now, he was finally realizing it and the weigh of those careless decisions were weighing on him. The main thing, though, that tipped the balance was Mana and her revival. It altered his trajectory.

"Your cousin's a goddess now, that might be the biggest thing I've helped with since what happened in the Dusk."

Chita closed her eyes now, letting the words drift into her ears for her to process more acutely. Seemed like when she wasn't looking at people, she could listen better, and that probably came from the closing of one of her senses and the heightening of another to accommodate for the lack thereof of the first. Made sense.

"Mmm..." she muttered, furrowing her brow just a little bit. Part of her was relieved that he was in the same place that she was right now, but at the same time, she wasn't really happy about it, so maybe he wasn't either. Not knowing what to do or where to go, being faced with a lot of paths and choices that could drastically alter one's life and trying to figure out what one wants out of it were all really tough things that she was going through, so she felt like she could relate some. "It's hell, ain't it?" As much as she tried to relax and simply go where her soul took her, it was only natural that at some point in time things would get all knotted up and a decision of her own had to be made before she could advance any further in life. The crossroads, as Koudo called em... and not knowing which way to go really sucked.

At the mention of Mana becoming a Goddess, though, Chita could not help but snicker. "Heh heh heh..." It was too priceless. "Yeah, well. Who the hell in my family ISN'T a god or goddess nowadays? Not my style..." Even though part of her believed she didn't really have a choice in the matter, she wasn't about to go around proclaiming it or showing off like most of the people in her family was prone to do when they got all excited about new powers or development in their characters. Nah. Too flashy, too much attention, and too much of a hassle. She knew where she stood and that was enough; no one was gonna get the best of her, god, man or beast. Simple as that.

"... But seriously... I think I'm in the same place. It's like, I know my options, but I don't know what I really want to do. I admit that being able to relax and shit is fun, but..." she trailed off, not entirely sure what was supposed to come next after that. Maybe she really didn't know what she WANTED, but only what she DIDN'T want, since what she DIDN'T want was always most prominently following her in her life.

Maybe... Maybe I'm still running away...

She grit her teeth and clenched her hand tightly behind her head. She always hated people who ran away from their problems and from the fray, which was why she never liked that damn Alex Star. But was she actually similar to him, too? Ugh... Youth. She was still discovering herself and hadn't fully matured like the others in her family, but she was getting there. Probably had something to do with that Void...

"... Seems like you're doing a lot of good," she finally said, not wanting to be silent for too long or get too deep into her own thoughts and make him wonder, "... So what's got you stuck if you're doin so much? You got a pretty decent connection with cuz, don'tcha? Ain't things goin well being around her?" Chita didn't know Mana all that well... or any of her family, really. She kept everyone at such a distance, sometimes they didn't even feel like family. Just acquaintances related by the blood of their parents. Hm... Not the real... 'Family' she was looking for. Maybe that's what she was looking for...?

Koudo couldn't go as far as saying that he was doing a lot of 'good'. In fact, ever since he suffered the biggest failure of his life, he'd just completely stopped doing anything. He packed up his family and moved far away to forget and move in a different direction. He blamed himself, the ones that pushed him blamed themselves, and it was all just a mess until they sorted it out. Now he was just freeloading at the home of his partners' mother, and doing nothing.

"Yeeeah..." He drew it out on purpose, in order to arrange what he wanted to say next and make sure it didn't sound as horrible coming out of his mouth as it sounded bouncing around in his head, "I'm glad she's back, don't get me wrong. She died terribly and wayy too early, but, I dunno, I'm just not as... happy as I think I should be. You know?"

He honestly wasn't sure what he was trying to say. It sounded like he would have preferred for her to have stayed dead, but deep down he knew that that wasn't the case. Still, the whole situation seemed to just sum up to an incredibly huge 'meh' in his mind.

He sighed again, reaching to scratch at the back his head before he shrugged his shoulders and refolded his arms. This wasn't even the largest problem on his mind, but it just seemed like the most important at this given point in time. "Maybe I would have been happier if she ascended and left this place behind, instead of choosing to stay."

"Died, huh? Not too surprising. Seems like death and rebirth is kinda our thing, or whatever. Must get it from gram."

The sole connector between the three parents was Eva, after all. Chita had a better relationship with her seldom seen, possibly evil grandma than she did with any of her children or any of her familial peers, which kinda didn't make any sense. But she wasn't as evil as she was way back when, she figured. That or... She must have just loved her grandchildren more than her actual kids. Couldn't blame her; her kids were terrible.

"Yeah, well, if she didn't ascend, it means she's still got some work to do down here, or whatever. Probably got a little more maturing to do, or somethin. I wouldn't know, I don't get into that stuff. Seems a little too over the top. I just wanna figure myself out and call it a day; nothing fancy, nothing flashy. I'm not as over the top as the resta this lot. Ya know?"

Even though she said that, there was something in her that burned for something greater... The thrill of battle and using her magic was actually really invigorating. Must have been her heritage as a Witch that did it, cuz using magic was a really nice feeling, even if it was destructive sometimes. Yeah... The thought of it was actually a little relaxing... Cutting loose and going wild... She licked her lips.

"Maybe," she muttered softly before rising in tone when she was more certain of what she was saying, "Maybe you need to figure out what makes you happy. If it ain't her, it just ain't her, and that's all there is to it. Go figure out why and either make it work or go find your happiness. If you're anything like me, you won't be able to bear being in a place that makes you unhappy for too long, and you're just gonna wind up doing what you want anyway. Might as well cut out the middle man and stop the time-wastin."

As blunt as she made it sound, it was the truth, and that was all she was gonna give him and everyone else all the time. No use pussyfooting around it, might as well give it to em straight. Better than wasting time trying to spare feelings that were just gonna complicate things in the long run. Just make it simple and clean, short and sweet.

"You ain't got no time for no 'maybe's'. As much as I hate to say it, I learned from my very brief time with my unc that some things in life you just have to be absolute about. You make your decision and you stand by it. Ya know?"

It was easy for her to say all of this stuff to him, but she really should have been listening to her own advice herself...

Yeah... Easier said than done when you're in a fucked up position like this...

Her eyes slowly drifted open, her stare still just as intense as her furrowed brow would show. Staring through the cracks in the leaves and up at the barely visible sun shining through, she couldn't help but feel something welling up inside of her.

Chita: '... What are you doing, Chita...?
What the... HELL are you doing...?'

Koudo internalized what Chita was saying: He let it bounce around in his head so that he could make sense of it himself. He didn't say anything for a while, just kept his eyes closed and let her words attribute themselves his own thought and feelings.

"It's not like she doesn't make me happy, she does. It's more so like I don't want to be the reason why she stays on this terrible planet and I know deep down that I probably am." As easy as it was for him to be cut and dry with anyone and everyone else in his life, it was harder for him to be that way with a few certain people in his life; Mana was one of them. His happiness, more or less, was directly affected by that of his friends and family. He couldn't just tell her to beat it, and hope she went off to her goddess realm completely fine. He knew that wouldn't be the case.

"For a second I was just happier knowing I was giving her closure, when we reconnected after her death, and she'd be free to go off and do whatever it is her goddesshood lets her do, now that she's just here, it's... I dunno." Koudo shook his head. "Forget it." Honestly, he'd much rather just keep this to himself now and it was hard for him to verbalized what he wanted to say. The cycles of death and rebirth on this planet just confused the hell out of him and he just wished, sometimes, that people would stay dead. That was the rude thought he didn't want to express out of his mouth.

There was an extended period of silence between the two of them, probably because they were both really in their heads about their own issues, even though they were both attempting to verbalize them to the other. They may have been close, but they still weren't the best of friends. It was to be expected with how little they actually saw each other, no matter how well they vibed together.


A brisk, yet gentle wind blew through the trees, the ruffle of the leaves bringing noise to the noiselessness of the clearly distressed duo. She scoffed to herself, hopefully low enough that Koudo couldn't hear, if he was even paying attention to such subtleties at the moment. She wouldn't blame him if he wasn't; she was pretty in her head about all of this, too.

Maybe... I should...

Her thought was cut off by the sudden sound of Koudo's voice once he finally had his own thoughts in order, snapping her attention from within her head and back to him, finally raising her head once he began to speak. Chita couldn't say she definitely had any sort of formed opinion or much of a care for Mana-- I mean, how could she when she barely interacted with her all their lives-- but she did know that she couldn't let this sort of thing happen between the two of them. Like it or not, Mana was family and Koudo was a friend, and if she found it within herself to place such labels on people rather than deeming them some annoying side-character in her life, then she might as well at least ATTEMPT to help them out. Maybe that's why she was here...

"Tch..." She pulled herself up, now sitting upright, slightly slouched, wrapping her arm around the bent leg that rested atop the branch conversely to the one still hanging from the side. Looks like this whole ordeal actually interested her... That was a feat in and of itself.

"Where is she? Like, right now? Seems to me like if you two don't start being real with each other, you're gonna be all awkward about this forever. It's not your style."

She was far more perceptive than she let on by her carefree and lackadaisical demeanor, for she was actually always observing and analyzing everything around her in secret. She could sense the uneasiness within Koudo about the entire thing and couldn't really stand to see him like this, for some reason. Something inside of her just told her that she had to help them get this thing worked out, even if she didn't know how or why. That feeling... it was almost like a restless itching... or craving or something...

"Plus, I guess I should... go see how my cousin is doing... Ya know? So I want you to take me to her, or whatever."

Her eyes veered off to the side, staring at the ground below once she said that. Part of her was certain about this but another part was rather unsure. If she didn't like Mana, she was going to ditch her like she did her mother. Chita would always be there for her and any family of hers in a pinch, but that damn sure didn't mean that they were gonna be all buddy-buddy like Chroma and Aura. Those two had a bond that was something like sisters, so she'd seen or heard long ago. Even though she didn't care, she was just a little envious. Only a very small negligible amount. Chita, despite popular belief, did have sentimental feelings, after all. She wasn't just a bitchy hardass; she was much more complex and deep than anyone realized. As deep as that cavity in her soul... Maybe that's why no one really 'got' her. Why she couldn't effectively interact with or vibe with anyone else. She didn't really care, though.

What she did care about, however, was easing this restless spirit welling up within her. That was for certain.

"... And maybe afterward... I can settle the score with you. We got some unfinished business to handle, play boy!"

She smirked again and laughed, pushing herself upward with her foot to return to a standing position, slamming her fist into her palm once again, "Unless you wanna throw down right now? I'm gettin pretty antsy over here with all this mushy talk, and I kinda need to blow off a little steam, ya know?"

Koudo, still dazed and in his own feelings, didn't even notice that Chita had retreated to her own. This being the first time he'd ever felt like this, Koudo didn't know how to deal with it and would rather deal with it himself, but he was glad that Chita at least listened and tried to give him some advice. Eventually, he and Mana couldn't keep continuing how they were, and he knew the topic of mutual happiness would come up, but for now he felt it was best to keep it to himself. He'd much rather Mana initiate than himself, for he didn't want to hurt her. In his mind, his hide was much thicker and built for protection.

He snapped out of his thoughts, stepping forward and reaching out a hand, "No!" He exclaimed before he realized he'd raised his voice by the sound of it reverberating through the expansive forest behind them. He stepped back and stuffed his hands in his pockets and turned his head to look out towards the waters of the Ascelle Sea.

"No, I'll deal with it, eventually. Now's not the time though. Her aunt and partner was passed and she's a bit shaken." He'd known from the fluctuations in her magic that she'd been lying to him when she stepped out of the room without eating, but he didn't call her on it out of respect for the space she asked him for. "I'm glad you care so much, but I have to do this myself. It's the one time I can't..."

He paused, letting his hands clench tightly together in to fist in his pockets. He looked over to Chita quickly. "It's the one time I won't ask for a partner to help. So, please, let her be and you can see her some other time. She's suppose to be going back towards the Veritas tomorrow." Koudo said, remembering that Mana said that she wanted to stay the night. He wasn't really sure what she planned to do in the morning, but used it as an excuse to get Chita's mind away from the issue.

He relaxed afterwards, loosening his tightened hands, and letting his signature smirk paint itself across his mug, "Well, I dunno, do you think you can actually... take me?" He teased a bit, interested in seeing just how much Chita's power had actually grown. He hadn't grown rust by any means since his second departure from the Veritas, but he was itching to test his mettle against an opponent that could put up a fight against him in a spar. If Chita's earlier surprise for his speed was any indication of what she expected, then she was in for a rude realization.

Chita wasn't expecting him to raise his voice so suddenly. He didn't seem like the type to do that for anything. Then again, she didn't know him all that well, after all. The echo left yet another silence in the air once it subsided, save for another gentle breeze through the rustling trees.

She wasn't stupid, clearly, and could tell that it really meant a lot for him to work out his issues on his own. Maybe it's what he needed to get himself in order, and like he said, he couldn't get it done with outside help. She understood his plea and shook off her thoughts about it. Wasn't really all that important to her in the first place... She just had to get rid of whatever this feeling was inside of her, and that's what actually sparked her will to want to help them... and to engage in this battle.

"Suit yourself. Don't bother me none. S'long as it gets done, yeah?"

She cracked her knuckles a bit, then her neck, "Wouldn't want you gettin soft on me or nothin going through all this crap, ya know. Can't have that." Continuing to limber up, she rotated her arm in circles whilst cracking her shoulder just a bit, getting out all the kinks she had from being stationary for that extended period of time, matching his smirk with one of her own.

"Heh, think? I already know." Finally loosened up, she dropped her arms and shook them out a bit before balling her gloved hands into fists and raising them up to her face, "Like I said, last time was a fluke. This time's gonna be a totally different story." Positioning herself steadily on the tree branch, her smirk grew into a rather wide grin sprawled out across her face, her eyes becoming more focused and intense. If there was one thing that could always make her feel better, no matter how she was feeling, it was a good ass match between someone she respected. She flicked her nose with the thumb closest to her face and cocked her head to the side as if beckoning Koudo to come at her.

"Come on then. Hope you aren't scared of getting an ass whoopin from a girl!"

Koudo shuffled himself back a couple steps and held his arms out to his sides, surveying the area with his eyes without actually moving them any while he stared at Chita. Koudo had been through this area far more times than Chita, so he knew he had home field advantage and planned to use it soundly.

"Well how about I give you the first move, babe, out of courtesy for thrashing you last time, yeah?" He teased. Koudo knew Chita used to have a temper, but the her now seemed to have overcome the handicap which actually lead to his triumph over her. This time would be a little different, but he suspected the outcome to be the same.

"I'd hate to put you on that shapely tail of yours before you get a chance to touch me."

"... Put me on MY tail, huh...?"

Chita's hair began to flare up, brightening in its shade of red as Koudo began to talk his shit. She couldn't let him get away with that at all, of course he knew, and it was very clear from the stellar aura teeming from her slightly hovering, now flowing hair that she the anger inside of her hadn't gone anywhere, but was more under her control than it was before. She was just better at not letting it out as explosively as before.

Her hands began to glow with a similar aura as her hair, though it seemed to be a more deep purple than a bright red. With a blurred and short upper in the air in front of her, fluidly followed up by a straight jab executed just as swiftly, a high concentration of magic immediately condensed into the form of a solid gauntlet fist under his tree branch, punching through the thick bark like a twig and simultaneously send Koudo flying into another rather sudden condensation of magic in the form another hurdling straight at him from a close range.

"Lady's first," she insisted with a twinge of playful agitation, intending full and well to knock him on his ass.

He snapped his fingers, initiating his infestation aura in a fraction of the time that it used to take. He pulled his body backwards to narrowly escape the first fist of magic, but let his body be carried upwards by the updraft of air that it caused. Twirling in the air, kicking up a gust of wind of his own in order to get more air than he normally would, enough to elevate him slightly over the second fist, he thrust his hands downwards to bunny hop over using it as leverage. Any adverse effects of the gauntlet would be neutralized by his aura.

His body turned to a more horizontal position where he spun and hook kicked the air sharply with his left leg before coming to a position, floating in the air, where his body was upright and his front was facing Chita. In the middle of the spin, right behind he released the kick, the tree to the right of Chita began to wilt as the water was drained from it and formed into a thin whip. At the end of the kick, around the time he was just about to come to his full stop facing her, the whip snapped out like a snake shaped bullet to blast her off the branch she stood on and send her plummeting towards the ground.

As Chita watched Koudo rather casually hop and spin over her twin fist strikes, she couldn't help but chuckle at how light on his feet he was.

"Quite the acrobat, ain'tcha, Twinkletoes?"

Her steady stare and anticipation for his attack naturally caused her body to stiffen, prepared to reflexively react to whatever it was he was going to do next. He spun toward her with a hook kick, which she would have first thought to avoid, but she could tell that he wasn't aiming to actually physically strike her from the distance he was away from her, leading her to believe that he was going to use some more wind from his fancy footwork. Being naturally flexible considering how fit she was, she immediately bent backward far enough where one without a strong core would have probably fallen right over, waiting for the attack to be released. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a speeding whip-like bullet of water streaming just past her face, nearly grazing her, but leaving her completely unscathed due to her skillful bend backward.

Water... Yeah, I remember that...

Wind and Water weren't her style, but she sure had quite the helping of Earth for him. Before she actually fell, as she couldn't hold that position for TOO too long, she slammed her hands firmly upon the branch to catch herself before lifting her legs from the bark and throwing them over the side. Upon immediate impact with the ground, a powerful seismic wave shot through the ground, using all of the momentum of her fall to concentrate this force into objects already touching the ground, causing a few trees nearby to shoot straight up from the ground and into the air like rockets without actually harming the earth itself. A special technique of her earthbending taijutsu Discipline of the Black Earth; Gaea's Boot. The few trees (no more than 3) shot straight up at Koudo from 3 different areas, clearing the ground around her and sending the leaf-filled tops straight at him with impressive force (hence, like rockets.) The collision should have been strong enough to smash each of the sturdy trees to pieces, and Koudo was to be the central target.

Whilst the trees made their collision, Chita executed a series of decisive spins and stomps upon the ground, clenching her fists tightly as a magical essence flared in her fists.

Koudo smirked as he held his hands out to his sides and shrugged his shoulders. Was he acrobatic? Possibly, it came with the agility, but there were other reasons for why he chose to avoid her attacks the way that he had. Mainly, he didn't want to get his clothes dirty when he had to go back to the house. His partners, and their mother, would have his head for leaving his girlfriend at the house while he went out and had a fight.

"Not really, I just don't wanna get my clothes dirty." He answered before he brought his arms and hands in front of him as the trees closed in on his location. Just as they slammed into where he was, there was the sound of clapped hands and the splintering of the massive trees into pieces that hovered in the air and swirled around Koudo's aerial position. Who, after the dust and dirt cleared, appeared to have come out untouched. He used his wind manipulation, when he clapped his hands, to shred the trees with razor sharp winds and used his water bending to keep the splinters of wood, that looked kinda like large toothpicks, suspended in the air by manipulating the water flowing through them.

"ah, ah, ah." He tsked before waving his hand towards her and launching the barrage of splinters raining down towards her like a rain of giant senbon in the hopes of interrupting her technique. While they rained he ducked behind a tree that was still standing and quickly descended to the ground, but at this point had not touched it yet.

"Ha!" she laughed in between her stomps, still maintaining her deep concentration whilst she spoke, "Sounds like someone's afraid of playing in the dirt with a girl..." Hearing and witnessing the sound of the wind tearing the trees to shreds, believing that to be the explosive force of the trees crashing together, she looked up to see that he had come out clean. She scoffed and rolled her eyes before continuing with her steps, "I thought you were a guy! Quit being such a chump!" Healthy shit talking was always good to help fuel a skirmish.

With the Earth at her feet and Gauntlets in her hands, she had quite the full-bodied arsenal to keep her protected from an assault from anywhere. She raised an arm above her head and opened her fist, releasing the stored magics within and causing a projection of her arm in the form of a rather large gauntlet palm to arc over her, serving as a rather effective umbrella against the splinter rain and allowing her to continue to stomp upon the ground. As long as she kept her arm up, nothing should have harmed her from up above.

Chita watched Koudo slip behind another tree nearby, which he would find would be quickly uprooted by the projection of yet another hand grasping at the trunk of the tree and pulling it up from the ground. Her other hand was outstretched and clenching the air as though she were indeed holding onto the tree itself whilst still maintaining the umbrella-gauntlet overhead. A swift swipe of her hand caused the disembodied gauntlet to swing the tree at Koudo with great force, batting him clear across the way if it were to make proper contact. A final stomp upon the ground planted her firmly where she was, facing Koudo's position to ensure she didn't lose sight of him.

"I would if you stopped throwing fucking trees at me, yeesh." He retorted, from the safety of the backside of this tree. Or so he thought, until it was uprooted but what looked like a projected of a female's arm and hand just as he touched the ground. It didn't shock him that she had expanded her gauntlet craft magic to the point where she could mimic entire limbs, partially because he could do it with his own soul wavelength. What surprised him was the speed at which she did it when he'd just made giant toothpicks rain from the sky.

Taking a glance towards that way, he could see she protected herself using the same kind of technique as well as calculate the distance between any of the trees that were still standing between where he stood and where she was. He winked at her, kissing the air, before planted his foot into the dirt and held out a hand that smacked against the trunk of the tree bat her giant arm was using. She feel her real arm, as her giant arm did, coming to a full stop mid swing while an orange energy flowed out of where Koudo's hand impacted the tree and into his body. His ability to absorb energy clearly at play here.

"How's about we make a bet since you're so confident you can beat me?" He yelled over to her before streaked towards the trunk of a tree, ripping up the ground where he'd stood. Like a speedy bouncing ball, when he made solid impact against the trunk of that tree he ricocheted off towards another one, and another, and another, absorbing small amounts of the kinetic energy produced from the impact between his feet and the tree in order to move faster before he came to a dead stop right in front of her with a hand held out right beneath mouth.

Then he whispered a word in the ancient language of his father's clan that had been lose to the ages except the walls of the ruins where the stones of fate used to lay. "Fus.." To him, but a whisper, however the result was a loud reverberation right in her face and the a huge gust of concussive force blowing against her. Could she remained rooted, while Koudo expelled all the energy he absorbed from her tree swing and his ricocheting off of tree trunks?

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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At what she thought was a sure fire home run of her airborne rival, her arm came to a sudden halt against her will when the tree made contact with Koudo. Instead of sending him flying as she intended, a weird orange glow seemed to keep the tree at bay, halting it completely and keeping Chita from being able to move it any further than it already was.

"Tch... Lucky bastard..." She scoffed at the wink and the kiss blown at her through the air, her hair brightening and flaring up just a little bit more, "You ain't slick, you know..." Her concentrated anger caused her arm to tremble a bit before the disembodied gauntlet completely snapped the tree in half like a twig once Koudo speed off into another.

"Yeah? I'm listening..."

His leaps and bounds from tree trunk to tree trunk were impressively speedy, she had to admit, but nothing she couldn't keep track of with her own focused eyes. As a practitioner of the Discipline of the Earth (which is actually what helped to calm her wild behavior and keep her grounded), she stood there and waited patiently for Koudo to make his move, dispersing the other gauntlet and allowing the magic concentrated in her palm to cease its glow.

When he finally appeared before her in a burst of speed, she was prepared to give him quite the right hook to most DEFINITELY send him hurdling clear across their arena... But to her surprise, the gentle whisper of ancient tongue unleashed a great force that she was simply not prepared to experience. If not for her feet already firmly planted on the ground, she might have been knocked for a loop herself. Instead, she skid back rather far, bending her knees and locking them in place to ensure her feet did not leave the ground for even a second, no matter how far she slid backward. Rubble and dirt spurted up from her deep skid marks in the ground, and she turned her head to the side just a bit with the concussive force blasting in her face, forcing her to squint her eyes in order to maintain steady sight. Because her head was turned, she was able to see just barely in her peripheral vision an oncoming tree behind her, where she knew that if she made impact, she'd probably break it at the speed she was going. Quick thinking and maneuverability allowed for Chita to place the umbrella-gauntlet above her head now behind her back, which would then alter its shape from that of a hard, metallic substance to the soft cushion of a baseball mitt, effectively catching her and keeping her from slamming into the tree. Her feet never left the ground.

"Gh... Never been a fan of blowhards. 'Think it's about time you quiet down.."

Finally, she raised a single foot from the ground and stamped down hard, causing a massive earthen explosion in the area cleared of trees where Koudo was now positioned; the area that she'd been flattening and loosening with her feet the entire time. The earth was no longer sturdy and hard, but tender and supple like soil or sand. If he wasn't trying to get dirty, this was surely going to prevent that from happening. The earth particles in the air created a rather instant dust cloud all around the area, which, with a clench of her no longer magically induced right hand, would compress around Koudo as a sturdy, sleek pyramid; Tut's Tomb.

"Place your bets..." she snickered, using the palm of her mitt to fling her at a high speed back into the fray before it dispersed as well. Speeding through the air like a bullet hopefully in time before Koudo could respond with a technique of his own, she cocked her fist back and harnessed within it a bright green energy known as her signature; "Sealing Force!" If she were to make it in time, her fist would pound into the pyramid and seal Koudo inside, confining him to that space with the binding power of the Sealing Force. If he did manage to break free, he'd have a face full of Sealing Force coming at him anyway, express.

Fun fact, Koudo liked to pretend a lot and that imitation of an ancient technique was just that. He was just relaying how much energy he had absorbed by making it seem like an ultra powerful technique from the days of yore. He'd read up on the actual mechanics, but didn't actually have any knowledge about how to use them. If they were indeed viable techniques in this day and age, he wondered if there was anyone close by that knew anything about that.

He didn't have time to wonder for long, however, because the next thing he knew was the sound of stomp followed by an explosion in the area where he stood. Koudo had the durability to brave an explosion, thanks to his infestation aura and his diamond dragon scales, but the resulting dust cloud and what Chita did with the aforementioned was the real problem. He hadn't the speed to escape the encroachment, he knew that, but he rose his hands right before the pyramid closed around him.

With quick thinking, Koudo felt the softened ground when he'd stood and figured, like most of the ground, there was water to be harness harboring beneath no matter the amount of earth bending done to it. He drew enough to encapsulate himself in a water prison bubble which created a comfortable area in the middle of the pyramid that he could move within when he let the water bubble down.

"You chose the wrong place to fight me baby doll! Batter up!" He called through the tomb around him, but the context wouldn't be clear until a giant bat made of tightly compacted and condensed water, from the bubble and more from the, now dry, dirt beneath him, burst through the tomb mid swing.

Inadvertently, while breaking out of the tomb, he set up a defense against Chita's speeding through the air as the bat still had another path to travel to bat her out of the forest and towards the Sea to their side like a grand slam!

"Loser has to do three things the winner says if they lose, deal?"

The flying Witch didn't expect someone of Koudo's caliber to be confined so easily without the stamp of the Sealing Force to confine him, but she tried to make it there as fast as she could. A nice and solid plan only brought down by the fact of distance, she wasn't gonna dwell on what could have or would have been; the NOW was that she was flying at him at high speed with a fist cocked back chock full of Sealing Force, which could be used to fully seal whatever it was that she came in contact with using the extreme binding chakras of her KG. She was just hoping it was gonna be Koudo's mouth zipped up tight with a face full of her fist, but as she took a gander at the giant water bat, she knew for a fact that wasn't gonna happen.

"Fine!!" she shouted, prepping her fist to meet with what she knew was going to be a home run for one of them, "That just gives me more of an incentive to knock you clear out of the park!!" Yeah. She was getting pumped now if she was raising her voice. She was definitely having a good time, even through all her shit talking.

Just as she was about to make contact, she Chita thrust her fist straight into the oncoming bat, causing a powerful explosion of the clashing forces to blow her and hopefully Koudo as well back some ways. The water that the bat was made of would have been Sealed, as would be Koudo's chakra controlling it. The same way his chakra was able to neutralize the effects of her magic, her chakra was able to seal and dispel the effects of what it came in contact with as well, making both of their chakras rather innately dangerous to come in direct contact with. However, perhaps if set on equal terms, the two chakras would balance and cancel themselves out. That only meant that whomever had the highest output whenever they clashed again would win.

Chita indeed flew, but not as far as Koudo would have liked. Brushing through some leaves above the trees, she eventually regained her composure and snatched a tree branch, prematurely ceasing her flight too far off toward the sea. She could see it from where she was as she dropped back down to the ground. She was close enough to hear the crashing waves as well.

"Not gonna get me over in your element that easily, big guy. Gonna hafta work for it."

Another stomp of the ground sent her hurdling back into the fray from a piston-shot of earth rising from the earth. She only flew so far before she landed back on the solid earth in a full speed sprint toward wherever Koudo was presently, her hands beginning to glow yet again with a deep purple aura. She was gonna have to be a little more careful now to ensure he didn't try another slick move like that to get her into the water. That would turn the tides of this battle for the worst for her. She knew that he knew that, which was why she simply could not allow it to happen.

The resulting shockwave gust that occurred between the collision of their respectively powerful chakra was enough to blow even Koudo back from where he'd been standing. He rose his arms to shield his face, out of reflex of course since that was his bread and butter, but the wind was enough to sweep him off his feet and send him tumbling and barreling backwards towards a group of trees that hadn't been drained, uprooted, or splintered. He allowed his back to slam against on of them, causing an indent to form on it, so that he could stop himself from flying without needing to using energy to bend the wind.

He waved his hands in front of his face, to clear the air around him and restore normal visibility, though he could still see Chita's magical signature, and by the time the air was clear before him, Chita was already closing distance and she was closing it fast. Koudo smirked though, leaning against this tree with his feet planted on the ground.

"Silly girl! You're already in my element!" He proclaimed before raising his hands and draining the tree behind him, and all his friends in a nice sized radius around him, and the ground beneath him of the moisture keeping them nourished. Koudo wasn't a practitioner of water style, he was a master!

He spread his arms to either side of his body and rolled his wrist, spinning his index fingers, to get the current split, and on either side of him like his hands, huge masses of water to shape themselves into two massive hands, in the likeness of his own. He made a snatching movement with his right hand, causing the water hand on the left to strike out and try to take hold of the encroaching Chita. What would happen after?

She'd go for a swim...

Still in a full speed dash toward her rival, Chita continued unperturbed about the sudden generation of the massive water arms nor how much he'd put into them. She simply narrowed her eyes and waited for her chance... watching very carefully without ever slowing down.

Once she reached the ever expanding clearing of trees (due to the rather rough battle and its toll on nature), Koudo sent one of his water arms to attack. Her eyes widened at the realization of her chance to strike, where she'd take a simple hop (which became quite the leap given her speed) and smashed into the ground with her 'Gaia's Stomp' technique. Unlike with 'Gaea's Boot,' where she manipulated the seismic waves through the ground and did not harm the earth, Gaia's Stomp did just the opposite and caused massive ruptures in the land to force huge spires of solid rock to rise up from below the surface and serve as a giant ramp for her. She had not come to a full stop when she landed and actually came to quite the slide, trailing up the largest and most prominent of the slanted earth spires jutting from the ground and shooting herself in a clean and wide arc clear over the open expanse, naturally aimed for where Koudo was currently.

"Yeah?!" she remarked confidently as she soared through the sky, watching the water hand come toward her "Well the same goes for you, buddy boy! Risomio!!" If Koudo remembered from Elara's Witch Trial, this specific Gauntlet was a sort of 'rocket fist' that, of course, would crash into its targets with the explosive force of a speeding rocket. Knowing this, she immediately opened her left hand and closed it, allowing the magic conjured to not only disperse, but condense again around her body, closing herself tightly in the palm of her massive rocket fist. Rocketing toward the watery hand with first the momentum of her run, the force of her propulsion from the earth ramp and now the combined velocity of the soaring rocket fist, she intended to crash straight through the first watery hand with unrelenting brute force, allowing her to smash right through it even if the waters condensed in an attempt to catch the fist.

Once she blasted through the first hand, she decelerated a bit from the force of impact. She knew that if she came in contact with the second one, she probably would not be able to shoot straight through like with the first and there would probably be a clash (since her magic was weakened from the impact of the first.) Already thinking ahead, Chita swirled her rocket fist in the air to gain the lost momentum from the impact before releasing herself from the mitt like a speeding bullet toward the ground behind her, dispersing the magic and letting her left hand's glow come to a cease. With the clearing of the trees and the moisture of the land completely dry, she didn't have a thing to worry about now. Though she was a rather skilled earthbender when it came to solid rock, she excelled in the use of dust and sand.

Impact on the dry ground behind Koudo brought about another great explosion of the earth, dust and debris bursting high into the air and spreading across most of the area. The dust cloud veiled Chita, a good sum of the trees nearby as well as Koudo, hopefully hindering his vision. Moments later, Chita's energy flared and a wicked dust storm kicked up all about, churning the dust and drawing what was in the vicinity into the veiled epicenter...

Koudo remembered the name and half expected the usage of the rocket fist when she fired herself into the air. It was the only way she would get around his water constructs: She had to use constructs of her own. From where he sat, before the initial collision between her gauntlet and his hand, Koudo could use one of his principles for water style in any number of ways to stop her assault, but he simply compacted the hand tighter, making it smaller in size, to make it harder to blast through.

She would break through, giving him a brief hint at her overall velocity, but she would be slowed by the hand which was all Koudo needed. He lunged the other hand towards where she was in air, collecting the water of the last one into as it traveled, but narrowly missed her when she shot herself out of the sky and towards the ground.

Shit. Was all he could think as the dust cloud covered the area, and blinded his natural sight. He began retracting the blob of water from its aerial position, mentally, while he shut his eyes and allowed his energy perception to fully take over his sight for him. The flaring of her energy told him where she was, behind him, while feel of the intensity of the pull of her whipped up dust tornado told him how far away she was.

He wondered if she'd forgotten he could manipulate the wind too. "Woo, I can at least say you got better at controlling yourself, but you still can't win." He said as he conjured a small, but intense, reverse rotation gale just slightly around his body. The razor sharp winds shredded the tree in leaned against into tiny little toothpick sized sticks that he used his gale to fire into the forest towards her location with pinpoint accuracy, since he was a skilled marksman and knew her exact positioning. Decorated in little gales of their own, the toothpicks sliced through the air with no resistance and their sheer number would, hopefully, do the same to her dust storm before she could do anything about it.

The dust storm continued to swirl, though Chita's energy rather suddenly disappeared just as quickly as it had flared up, leaving Koudo completely blind to what he thought was her positioning.

"Looks like you're underestimating me..." a woman's voice called out to Koudo from directly behind after the wind-shearing toothpicks were all fired off into where he felt Chita's energy flaring before. Though she was not aware of his ability to sense energy, in this instance, his ability would be ineffective on her due to a rather special gauntlet Chita conjured prior to. The energy he sensed before was simply Chita releasing the conjured magic in her fist that was still glowing once the first was dispersed, but once she made her magic take its shape and form, that flared energy was wiped clean off the radar in an instant.

A sinister gauntlet shrouded in the now condensed dust tornado hurdled at Koudo at top speed, still spiraling to keep all the particles compacted around it. This was one of her most useful gauntlets in situations like this; Hades. With the innate ability to block and negate the abilities of what they touched, the same would occur when Koudo's energy perception attempted to perceive them. To keep from letting its negation ability be stopped by the toothpicks, the veil of solidified earth provided a nice, thick coating over the magical gauntlet to ensure the nature of Hades was not compromised on the way to its target. If Koudo were paying attention (if he had time to, that is,) he'd find a huge person-sized hole in the ground not only where the epicenter of the dust storm once was, but also right under Chita's feet. She quite thoroughly gave him the slip.

Simultaneously, as the gauntlet Hades hurdled in a spiraling fashion at Koudo, Chita snapped her glowing fist back, a sinister gauntlet of the same caliber noticeably equipped to her right hand. This kept her from being sensed as she traveled through the ground. She figured that the only way she was gonna land a good and solid punch on him was to use this gauntlet so that his energy consumption would be blocked when she made contact, allowing for a clean hit and a rude awakening if he even dared to try. She'd been conjuring quite the bit of magic in her right hand ever since she started running, so there was more than enough to stop any instant flare of his own energy in such a short amount of time.

"... Now let's see you grit those teeth!!" she continued as she lobbed the powerhouse punch straight at his head, prepared for both the fists to make impact at the same exact time and smash Koudo between the two extremely fast corkscrew blows. All of this would be happening fairly swiftly, hopefully more quickly than Koudo would have time to actually react to it all. Payback for their battle before.

It seemed like she had the man in the bind of a lifetime, but she didn't call him slick for no reason. Well, she probably did, but it was an appropriate nickname to give someone like Koudo who, under almost every circumstances, never panicked and always planned a way out. In truth, she missed herself up... just like last time.

"Come on now, don't announce your presence before you make contact. Rookie mistake." Koudo's energy did flare, but in the form of a brief breeze of wind and not of any particular color, because of the condensing of the small aura of wind that swirled around him down towards his feet that, when he released it, launched him high into the air right before Chita's punches, from either side, could connect with him.

Koudo never trusted only one of his senses, that's why he was comfortable enough to have closed his eyes with the initial dust cloud was whipped out. All of his senses were honed to peak proficient, and, just like Chita thought before when they were talking, when he shut off one it made the others seemingly more powerful. Chita shut off two, his sight and his second sight, enhancing his already impressive hearing by leaps and bounds.

He couldn't see her, but he could hear her and her gauntlet, and when her disembodied voice manifested itself behind him, there was nothing that made him hesitate in the decision to shoot himself upwards. He shredded the tree that was behind him, the only thing that would halt his rise into the sky, beforehand just in case he needed an escape. Attacking from behind, in a pincer, was the first types of attacks Koudo learned to use and protect himself against. And he never forgot the basics.

In the clean and dust free air above the forest, Koudo opened his eyes and held his hands out to his sides. There was a smile on his face, a huge grin in fact. For the first time in a long while he was having fun, actual and genuine fun! It was a rush! The feelings caused lightning to spark at his hands and grow in abundance at a fairly rapid rate...

Chita was, in fact, rather surprised by his sudden blast upward into the sky. Though the wind did nothing to push her back despite how close she was, it did leave her just a tad bit pissed that she allowed him to get away... Again. Both fists smashed into each other at the exact same time, the impressive force creating a powerful shockwave that created a rather large crater in the already barren earth below.

She lowered her head and grit her teeth, in fact, pretty pissed at herself for making these same mistakes again and letting her prey slip right between her fingers (most literally, in this sense.) Her already flaring hair now brightened yet again, almost as if about to ignite in some sort of shining scarlet blaze.

Dammit... He's right... You got too thirsty...

This sort of failure reminded her that even as highly skilled as she was, she still needed to brush up on a few things. Her earthbending was nowhere near as good as the use of her magic (for obvious reasons) and she was still getting overexcited about the same things she used to when she was a young little brat. Like she said, she was still on the cusp of her maturity and hadn't fully outgrown some of her more childish habits. But maybe that was a good thing... Maybe she was still running away from who she was because looking back on it, she really didn't like it. A spoiled, arrogant, bratty bitch that thought of no one but herself.

Her fist trembled as the resonant sound of the concussive force subsided, her head hung low as the two fists quaked. The more she thought about these things, the more she was beginning to realize that this battle actually meant a lot more to her than she initially thought. That was the spirit that was rising up within her before they started; the spirit of growth within her. This was no ordinary spar, this was a life-changing battle of two old rivals. Maybe not for him, but definitely for her. This was exactly what she needed, just like she said.

"... Chyeah," she finally laughed, lowering her fist and loosening her palm so that Hades could disperse before her and the equipped gauntlet could return to being her black glove, "... Guess I still got a lot to learn."

She closed her eyes now, feeling the fury that had been swelling within her since the beginning of this battle. She'd been doing better as to not let her explosive anger get the best of her so that she could actually harness that energy; it was her next lesson in bettering herself before she returned to earthbending, and she was actually doing a good job. That was what she needed to be focusing on here, not something she was still pretty feeble at. Nah. Koudo was gonna need something she was a natural at... Something that coursed through her veins and pulsated through her genes.

"... Alright, you deadbeat..." she muttered to herself, letting her head fall back, now turned up to the sky, she inhaled deeply, letting the cosmic flares of the stellar energy within her come to a rise, "... Let's see just what kind of power you left for me..." She'd only used this strength once before in her epic showdown with Alex Star, who pissed her off to the point where she was going to blow up the sun just to make sure he was wiped off the face of the planet, "... Before you left me for good."

The only trace of her father's presence that Chita had within her was the power that flowed through her very being, and perhaps that was enough of his presence as she was gonna need. Though she once believed it to be a curse, maybe if she learned to control it, it could become her greatest weapon... A gift; the only thing he'd ever given her, and perhaps the only thing he'd ever need to. The power to control the cosmos; all of space itself, yet limited to her with only the power of a star. She opened her eyes with a burning passion, clenching her fists yet again as the heat burst from her body and enraptured her in a condensed sweltering scarlet inferno, an aura just slightly more translucent than her hair (so that one could still differentiate that from the actual aura itself.) Koudo had the Wind and the Water, but Chita had the Earth and the Fire.

"Let's go, Koudo," she said, every last drop of her concentrated anger-- no, her interstellar PASSION now leaking from the pores of her body. Slamming her fist into her hand once again, a huge flare burst from her body and filled the crater created just briefly before returning back to the thin aura of celestial heat around her body. This wasn't her magic anymore; this was her chakra. One unrestrained by her Sealing Force; she was letting the strength of her genes out from being locked up tight.

I may have almost died last time using this power...
But I know for DAMN sure that this time...
I've got myself under control.

The power of Valerio Lombardi was not of the faint of heart, and would probably destroy her if used incorrectly like last time... But something about Koudo made her realize that she wasn't going to. Fire may have been the element of fury, but it was equivalently that of passion, and she was passionate about this battle here.

"I've got a bet to win."

The coursing lightning funneled itself into Koudo's arms, as it was just a reaction to his excitement. He remained suspended in the air, staring down at the well of power that was just invoked where Chita stood. He was having fun, but he didn't want the fight to get all serious like this, and it caused him to rub at his neck with the palm of his hand.

"Ah you're getting pretty serious here, huh? I thought this was just for fun." Of course he didn't mind it escalating, he supposed: it was in Chita's nature, he guessed, to go all out. He'd been dancing around her the whole time and he could tell that this was probably her last leg while he hadn't really broken a sweat.

Blue markings began to paint themselves across his eyes and forehead, "Guess I should show you a bit of my seriousness too, then." as he invoked his own kind of secret transformation: Sage Mode. Koudo didn't suspect that this would continue for much longer, he'd hate for the forest to get damaged anymore than it already was.

"I am having fun," she said, her body starting to fade away, "But like I said..." her presence completely faded, immediately voiding herself out of and back into existence to appear instantaneously before Koudo without having to move, "I have a bet to win."

From night point-blank range would Chita thrust her fists backward to create a concentrated rocket burner for her to propel herself at Koudo like a streak of fire, a leg extended and wrapped in a spiraling scarlet blaze. The heat around her body was so very intense that it caused her body to resemble an illusory image, which should have hopefully thrown off Koudo's perception of her. He should have been able to feel her heat kissing his face just from her presence as though it were one of the facial markings that painted themselves over his eyes and forehead. Chita moved so fast and her heat was so intense that it left an illusory image in the wake of her attack, making it look as though there were two blazing bodies at the exact same time. Her intent was to burn right through him with the unrelenting heat backed by the back burners hissing from her fists.

To be in Sage Mode was to be one with nature. To feel and understand the ebb and flow of the natural energy of Vescrutia and to borrow, but always return in abundance. Koudo had been a Sage for probably half a year, or more, and never forgot to meditate to keep himself honed. This was no ordinary power boost by any means. While she was attributed to, and drew power from, the stars, Koudo was the same with the very planet they both called home.

Koudo's own gloved hand rose as a palm to meet Chita's fist and blocked her attack, and it appeared as if his eyes were closed. "You're really into this. I wonder what it is that you want me to do so bad." He teased as he peeked open one eye, to catch a glimpse of her so close, with a smirk spread across his face.

Chita couldn't see, but swirling around Koudo's Infestation Aura, was a larger aura of energy invisible to the eyes of all but people able to perceive the flow of vescrutia's natural energy. It supplemented and supplied the strength Koudo didn't have to stop her fist normally, but it appeared as if Koudo just blocked her with the palm of his hand and nothing more than that.

Koudo didn't have to, and never did, rely on only own sense when he was in a fight. The eyes could be tricked, but his perception of energy, which she had an abundance of, and his heightened sense of everything else, while in Sage Mode, let him know where she would appear. It was like having spidey sense.

He rose his other hand, now, and held it towards her chest while he began to manipulate the "invisible" aura around his body and funnel some of it towards his hand. A repulsive, concussive force, capable of shattering boulders, fired out the palm of this hand aimed at her abdomen, trying to "push" her away, much like the concussive force he used earlier but more powerful in terms of concentration and raw power, and towards the sea.

Her clear overabundance of energy was nothing short of explosive, to say the least, for at the very moment Koudo 'touched' the girl's foot, he'd find that it was nothing but an illusory image projected solely by her aura of heat, whilst the real Chita remained right where she was to begin with. Useful for dishing out feints, the Searing Stride allowed for Chita to project or move with the image cast by her sweltering heat and, once it was attacked, the explosive force of a miniature white hot supernova would ignite right in Koudo's palm. The light of such a magnificent display tinted the area in a shimmering ivory that drowned out the color of light all around, leaving everything shining just as bright as white as the blast. Since he was in Sage Mode, she anticipated that he would survive, but catching a supernova explosion point blank would certainly not leave him unscathed, certainly.

"You'll see..."

Just because Koudo could see her energy did not mean that he could decipher what was her pure energy and what was Chita herself, as both moved in tandem and the incredible overflowing flood of it would mask her true body, making her look like one big shining aura in his eyes. In this mode, she was something one may equate to a 'star sage,' and though more inept with it due to her lack of use, channeling and controlling high amounts of energy within her was her forte, as she'd shown before. In the midst of the explosion, Chita gathered more stellar energy into herself borne of her burning passion, staying her anger and fueling her will to overcome her adversary as well as herself. It took a lot of raw focus, but as long as she wasn't getting angry or getting distracted, she could maintain this energy steadily...

"... I guarantee."

Don't draw in too much, or else I'll destroy myself...
But don't harness too little, or else I'll lose my strength...

As long as the spirit inside of her kept telling her to fight, she would do so. The bet was more of the incentive; that which kept her generating her power, more than it was anything else. She had Koudo to thank for everything that was occurring here and now, and it seemed like as long as she was fighting for something, the passion would not fade. Koudo should have remembered that once Chita actually cared about doing something, she'd exhaust all of her energy to get it done... and she had more than he knew.

Bursting backward a bit as she began her rather slow descent back toward the ground, Chita began opening and closing her palm; slowly, at first, but eventually gaining more speed the more she opened and closed her hand, which would start to intensify in its glow from a bright scarlet to a shimmering ivory.

And it certainly would... if Koudo was an ordinary dude with Sage Mode. He wasn't, unfortunately. He was an energy sponge as well, and the explosive force of a miniature white hot supernova was sure have an abundance of kinetic energy that he could absorb and attribute to strengthening his body enough to survive the explosion, while having enough left over to heal any wounds it would have caused, and funnel into his repulsive force to snuff the rest of the explosion that he couldn't contain. The upper limits of his regeneration, as well as his energy assimilation, hadn't truly been tested by anyone because Koudo always subconsciously held back. He lost fights before because his body didn't have the stamina to sustain constant use of his abilities, but he'd been making sure to fix that.

It looked like, to Chita possibly, that the repulsive force he released from his hand pushed, and snuffed out, the explosive before it could get too large, and Koudo was standing where he had been, shaking his hand out and blowing on it. Her strike was still hot as all hell! He turned his head to look down at her, smirk still spread across his face.

"Anything else?"

Truthfully by assuming this form of hers, she might have given up the one ability she needed to stand against him.

The same ability as before...

She could see it more clearly this time, Koudo's absorption of her energy. She didn't mind this at all, because she had something for him that she knew would win this bet. She finally realized that he could simply absorb the energy of whatever he touched, but now that she was aware of it, she wasn't gonna foolishly allow him to do it again. Knowing is half the battle, and seeing it for herself was actually a rather useful tactic for her. She had a lot more up her sleeve than he may have cared to remember, but something in particular she knew he'd NEVER seen her use before was...

The Void.

Continuing to generate a huge surplus of energy in her hand, she pointed her rapidly clenching hand at Koudo, the light now glowing just as brightly as it had been during the explosion of her Searing Stride. This one was gonna be big... Bigger than she'd ever maintained at one time before, but... Hell, she needed to practice if she was gonna get better. So as the energy built up, shining like an ivory star in a large area in front of her, she responded, "You know it," before clenching her fist tightly and decisively, collapsing all of the generated energy upon itself with shattering force, leaving in its wake an enormous pitch black Void where the energy once was and was now no more. The vacuous force was extreme, but still rather controlled as to keep from taking in everything around her. The once shimmering ivory light was now a deep black that shunned the light, drawing it and all that was near into the abysmal sphere. It steadily grew larger and larger, causing Chita a little strain to maintain it. She focused hard, placing her other hand upon her forearm to keep it steady.

Easy... Eeasssy...
You can do it...

If it started to spiral out of control, she could use the Sealing Force to contain it; probably at the expense of a massive chunk of her power, but, she was gonna need to learn to control this power sooner or later. Besides; she had a bet to win.

"Let's see how you handle this one, huh!?"

Let's see how I handle it, too, honestly...

She winced, but a smirk was on her face all the same. She was going to learn to control larger portions of this power; her father passed this down to her, too. Even though she got half of this type of strength from her mother, which showed in her magic and in her soul, the other half was received from her father, which flowed in her chakra. Chita was a triple threat when it came to using this power; she could use it from chakra alone, from magic or from her soul. Yeah, it was destiny for her to master it, one way or another. The abysmal sphere steadily increased in size and suction, but also in instability the large it became... Chita had no intention of stopping as long as she could maintain it.

I won't give up... Not until... I reach my limit!!!

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Koudo couldn't help but put a hand to his forehead, watching her craft such a magnificent black hole with seemingly, seemingly, no effort at all. He still stood in the air, free from the effects of the suctions, for now, judging by the distance he was away from it, perhaps.

It was a rather impressive thing to see, and he was glad he could see something like it at least once in his lifetime, but he had to question the ethics and thought processes running through her mind as to why she chose to use it. Last time he check, she didn't have much control over it, and from how he looked at it she couldn't hit him if she was busy trying to regulate the black hole.

He held his hands out to the side, gently drifting backwards in the air while he shrugged his shoulders. "It's nice and all, but as you can see, I'm not being sucked in." Which was true. It could be inferred that it was from the distance alone, but he was actually using his own chakra, supplemented by the natural energies of the planet, to keep himself and all the wildlife and vegetation anchored. He did it by funneling his infestation through the natural energy, and taking control of everything. With complete control over himself, he could reject the draw of her suction. His priority was protecting the remains of the forest they'd already damaged. It was just duty as a sage.

"Care to call it a draw? I'll even give you your three wishes." He bargained.

The Void continued to expand in Chita's hand, the girl seeming to have no intention of quitting, at this point. As it grew larger, her arm trembled more violently, even so much that her other hand attempting to hold it steady would quake as well. It was still in her control, though... She could keep going.

"Sounds to me like... Ngh... You're giving up!"

More... More... I can do this...

Her passionate eyes winced from trying to maintain the ever expanding void seemed to ignite with just a tinge of fury, almost disappointed in herself for not being able to control this awesome power as well as she should by now. Using it in small surpluses, such as to void herself or other things in and out was simple, but harnessing a void constantly proved to be just a little bit taxing on even her huge pool of reserved energy. Just like it drew in the energy of everything else in the area, it was drawing hers in just the same to have itself grow larger and more powerful. Eventually, it would swallow up Koudo as well, since he was truly the closest thing to her (as she hadn't descended TOO far down before she began using this technique.) In the depths of the void, she could hear the familiar rising and gurgles of something churning within, something that was clearly not of the void itself, but resting within...

What? What's that noise...?

"I don't... take handouts, Koudo... It's all, or nothin!"

Just a little bit... More...

Though a thought in the back of her head made her question whether she would be able to seal this back up if she continued to expand it further, she wasn't one to quit once she got started on something. That's how she almost died last time... Except it wasn't from using the Void, it was from using the Hypernova Ignition by drawing in too much of her stellar energy. Seems like her abilities were double-edged swords... probably why the Sealing Force was an absolute necessity in her being. She had this problem when she was younger, too; this energy trying to consume her within. But now she was confident that it would not happen again.

"I might be. It's called knowing when to hold them and when to fold them."

Koudo called out to her, actually beginning to feel the draw on his own chakra reserves now. Keeping the entirety of the forest anchored so it wouldn't be sucked into her void wasn't an easy task. She was being more prideful than aware of why Koudo had tried to bargain with her. He recognized her strength already, and honestly didn't have a counter for a black hole.

"You're trying to hard, this was just a friendly spar. You're not losing this time." Which was true. Technically it was a stalemate, neither of them land any solid blows against each other, and Koudo had learned where he needed improvement in his own tactics and fighting techniques. Surely Chita had realized some of her own.

"But I haven't reached..."

She tightened her grip on her shaking arms, still trying to keep it steady. Larger and larger, it was eventually going to swallow them up whole... Just like she told him it would if she ever unleashed too much of its power. She remembered that talk the two of them had about this power. Maybe she was trying to prove to herself that this wasn't something she should be afraid of using... but maybe she was just being stupid. Like he said, this was just a friendly spar, and using the Void might have taken it too far.

... My limit...

After a while, she only wanted to push herself further than she'd ever gone before and wasn't concerned about the 'friendliness' of the spar as much as she was about getting better. She felt like she was too weak. Like she was holding back too much. Like she didn't have as much control as she felt she should have. Like she wasn't progressing as fast as she should have. All of these things coupled with the realizations she made before about her weaknesses and her overall lack of skill in things besides the use of the Sealing Force and her own magic made her feel like she had something to prove; not to Koudo, no, not in the slightest... but to herself. The way she looked to others didn't particularly matter. Fuck everyone else, for all she was concerned. She just had to prove to herself that she could go the distance... and perhaps, even if she hadn't reached her limit yet, this was something that she just wasn't supposed to allow to reach that point. It was far too dangerous, like a nuclear reactor reaching critical mass and destabilizing or something, which was why it was sealed away so tightly and why she drew so little of its power in the first place.

The memory of Elara's Witch Trial flashed in her head, and how when Chita was assessing her, she thought the same thing of Elara back then... She was weak because she didn't know when to stop, and even though Chita had the power to go toe to toe with Koudo, it seemed like she just wasn't at the same level of maturity at this point.

First, it was Alex Star...
Now I'm comparing myself to that little whiny bitch, too...?
Ugh, I can't even BEGIN to be disappointed with myself...

She wasn't some thousand year old Witch that had lived and honed and refined her magics for all that time like her mother was... even though she held the TITLE of a Witch and had all the strength to knock out any other Witch that came her way, Chita still felt like a kid... still like a novice with all of her powers. It was at that moment that she realized she reached her limit a long time ago, and it wasn't dictated by how much power she could put into her techniques, as the brawny roughhouser was always so keen at doing, it was about how skillful and tactfully she could use them. She watched Koudo and saw that tactfulness that she lacked and realized why she still couldn't knock him a clean one across his face. Even if he called it a stalemate, in her heart, she felt like she lost in more ways than one.

"... Fine... I get it... Don't have to tell me twice..."

The burning will to fight that once fueled her started to subside now, the scarlet aura around her doing the same. Yet, even as she powered down... the void sphere did not seem to stop growing.

"Shit..." she muttered, now seeing why she probably should have stopped when she felt the pain in her trembling arms, "... This is gonna suck." She already expended quite a bit of her power just to create and maintain this monstrosity, and now she was gonna have to use a great deal more just to seal it back up. She wasn't even entirely sure how she was going to do that, at this point, without causing the entire thing to destabilize and swallow up the whole damn area. It was gonna take a bit of finessing, but she felt like she could do it. "Sealing..." she started, the aura around her body becoming less free and wild and more of a suppressant force, shifting from scarlet to her more natural light green, "... Voidforce..." The green aura flooding her body spread to the Void, slowly encroaching upon its form. Chita began to pant heavily, expending a shit ton of energy in order to use this energy. The Sealing Voidforce started to contain the created Void, but not nearly as swiftly as necessary. It was expanding on its own faster than she could contain it.

Damn... Dammit... Now look at what I've done...
No, I've got this... I know I do...
Just keep going...
Until you reach your limit!!

She closed her eyes and concentrated deeply, feeling the pain of her reactive energies combatting against the sealing energies trying to contain them again. Her breath swiftly became haggard and her reserves were being depleted fast, but it was getting done... The Void stopped expanding, at the very least. But they weren't out of the doghouse yet...

Koudo nodded his head. It seemed like she'd realized what he was trying to say to her, and that, in of itself, was probably the growth that she was looking for in herself. However he could see that she was struggling to close it, and he was glad that he'd talked her down from trying to use against him. He continued to keep the forest anchored to the planet, just in case, however he descended towards her, burst into particles, and reassembled standing behind her.

"Just this once... let me help." He said as he placed his hand on her shoulder and began to feed her an access of his own energy to supplement her. She would feel flushed with an overwhelming amount of energy filling her body from where Koudo touched her shoulder, funneling itself into her technique and causing her sealing technique to grow in power by fathoms. It wasn't that he thought she could close the void on her own, but they had just had a talk about asking for help and he wanted to show her how good it felt when there was someone there to help. He knew she probably wouldn't visibly be happy about it after the fact, but he didn't really care.

She was doing well to keep the Void at bay, and even unleashed enough chakra to start to cause it to shrink. Slowly, but surely, the Void was being contained... but at this rate, she was going to expend more than half of her remaining energy just to get this thing sealed up tight, and she was gonna be hella drained and tired after the fact. Getting home from here was gonna be a doozy, and she was probably gonna need some food or some rest in order to restore her reserves. Oh well... Whatever got this thing closed at this point, right? She didn't care how much she had to expend, because that was a fact about Chita Lombardi; no matter how much it took out of her, she was GOING to get what she set her mind to done, and that was ALWAYS a fact of the matter. Even if she had to tango with death, as she frequently showed that she was not afraid in the slightest of doing. That being said.

Yeah... You got this...
It's... It's closing up...

She continued to strain to match the output, but still got the fucking job done, even if it was taking a little longer and a little more than she would have liked. That's what training was like for her; over the top and always above her limit, in order to expand it to greater lengths. That was the point of 'breaking the limit,' so to speak; to increase overall potential even further.

As Chita struggled to slowly, but surely take down this massive emptiness, the familiar presence of her rival and friend manifested behind her, a hand of his being placed on her shoulder, to her surprise. Shocked, Chita snapped her head around to gaze at him from the corner of her eye, seeing very clearly that he had her back in the time of adversity. All she could do at that point was smirk at him and say, "I don't need your help... But if you really want to..." She shrugged her shoulders, letting his energy pour into her and feed itself into the Sealing Voidforce, "... Then I'll accept it. As a friend." She was like him and wasn't one for handouts, especially if she knew she could do it all on her own... But just like she tried to help Koudo before out of her own respect for him and their friendship, she would allow him to do the same. Difference being that she was willing to accept it. But that type of scenario and this one may have been a little more different, so she could understand, yeah? Sometimes, it's the thought that counts.

With the two overwhelming energies combined, sealing up the void became much less strenuous, and eventually, it would close more swiftly than before. Not too fast, but still much faster than what Chita was doing on her own. This thing just guzzled down their energy like it was food.

Finally, when it was of a small enough size, Chita clenched her hand and sealed it up with a green energy, creating a condensed sphere of blackness wrapped in green energetic sigils all over its surface, binding it and keeping the consumptive presence from exceeding the boundary of the Sealing Force. In her hand was the power of the Sealing Voidforce; that which had the abysmal depth of the Void, but the controlled bindings of the Sealing Force to keep it from taking in anything but what Chita wished. This was what her control over the Void looked like... This was her true power in a nutshell.

... The Sealing Voidforce...
Got a lot more power than I woulda expected...
But this is what the old hag and that deadbeat left with me...

She looked at it for a bit, panting heavily and with tired eyes as her hair reverted to its darker shade of red and stopped flowing upward in a cosmic fashion as she finally touched down to the ground below. She just had to... witness it. What her power was when it was unleashed... that nigh uncontrollable emptiness that could swallow everything up whole. She couldn't let that happen... if this world had to be protected from all this Insanity, then she was also going to have to protect it from herself. That protection would come from her learning to completely master this power, and all of the others that brewed within her. Every last drop.

So I'm gonna master it.
It's just as much a part of me as everything else.
Just gotta learn to control it better... by learning to accept and control all of myself.

With her silent vow, she closed her hand and relinquished the glowing sphere, closing her eyes and holding her hand up to her chest with a rather intense look on her face.

Maybe that's why Unc chose me... Because he must have known...
Looks like I got to go pay a visit to that damn dragon...
I'm just as stubborn as it is... Hahaha.

Maybe she was more like a dragon, herself... Perhaps... Her intense face only lasted for but a moment before she opened her eyes and turned her head to Koudo, then smirked again; this time, out of relief.

"Heh... Help coming from a guy that won't take it for himself... Pretty self-righteous, ain'tcha? I could have handled it by myself, you know. I had that."

Even if she did, being only this tired and not extremely drained was a bit of a refreshing feeling for her, so she was actually pretty appreciative... even though she wouldn't tell him that.

When all was said and done, and the void was reduced to a minuscule size, Koudo lifted his hand from Chita's shoulder and stretched his arms up towards the sky as the pigmentation that covered his eyes and forehead began to fade and the control he had over the forest was relinquished. The ascribed energy he'd use to take control of it feed deep into the ground and began repairing the damages that they had dealt to Vescrutia's surface. New saplings began sprouting where trees had been ripped from the ground and the soil was returned to fertility where it was dry and lifeless. Being a Sage was returning what you took from the earth in excess.

As his infestation aura died down as well, Koudo held his hands out to the side, and looked at Chita with one of his eyes closed, "Hey I didn't say you couldn't, but we handled it faster together, yea?" He expected her reply, but he could already tell that she was happy that he had helped regardless. It wasn't like he wasn't going to when it looked like she was killing herself just to try to prove something. Something she probably didn't need too.

He stretched his arms towards the sky again, cracking his bones, before rotating his neck and adjusting his shoulders, "Shit I haven't had a work out that good in a loooong time. Anyway, what were your three things? I didn't put you on your butt like I said, so you won." At least he thought that's what the bet was, anyway. He didn't really remember the details and she'd already did one of the things he was going to ask her to do.

Admit they were friends...

Once the land was restored to its former glory (or, soon to be), Chita felt a little better about the battle. She wasn't the type to enjoy senseless destruction of the environment, even if it came with most of her destructive power. Maybe she needed to have a little time in space to really get in tune with herself... quietly. Or maybe... empty space. It was a thought that she wasn't denying, but all of that would come once she went to see that damn Black Dragon.

She rolled her eyes at him, crossing her arms and smiling slightly, "Chyeah, whatever. I think you just wanted to show off. There's gonna be a clear cut ass whoopin for you next time. We seem to be pretty square in terms of combat... For now." Even though she would have liked to have gone all out... maybe even use the family Arcana here and there... but that's a showdown when they were really cutting loose. This here, despite how intense it got, was still just a spar. It was to be expected from two of their caliber.

Honestly, the entire endeavor made her feel... like the two had gotten a little closer to each other than they were. Truthfully, every time they interacted with each other, no matter how infrequently it was, they made huge leaps and bounds in terms of closeness, which was something of a miracle when it came to Chita. She cracked her neck again, and stretched her rather sore back, feeling the refreshing aches of her overexertion finally catching up to her now that she was calming down. "Nnnnnhhh... ah!! ... Yeah. I agree. Ain't too many people worth my effort, ya know?" She guessed that she did TECHNICALLY win the bet, even if at HEART she didn't really win until she had given him a clean crease 'cross his cheek. Nah... She was gonna get him for sure next time. Without a doubt.

"Ha, yeah, well... How about we cut it down to two since I can't really call that a victory on my part..." she wasn't gonna deny what the truth of the matter was, and she was gonna own up to it. Besides, she only needed two things from him, anyway. "Number one," she raised her hand, a single gloved finger held between the two of them, "... Gotta hang out more often. We don't gotta be all 'buddy buddy' best pals or nothin, just... Every now and then, come hang with me. Might clear our heads a little bit." As it was stated before, even if this didn't mean much to Koudo, it meant a hell of a lot to Chita... not because of him, but because of the experience gained from the two of them being together. Just talking and having a nice outlet was all she really needed sometimes, and maybe that was the same for him, too. Kept them both sharp, too.

"And number two," she continued, letting her second finger rise to mark the second 'wish,' as he put it, "... If things start, ya know... goin south with cuz..." her eyes drifted off to the side slightly, not wanting to give him any sort of look to his face whilst she said the next part, "... Come find me. Then we can really cut loose." She gave him a swift love tap to his shoulder, trying hard to hide her smile as she swiftly pivoted around and followed where her eyes trailed behind her, "If I'm still available, that is..." Without even waiting for his reaction, she started on her way, body fading away as soon as she began to walk away, in case he attempted to stop her. She looked back only once more from the corner of her eye and put the two fingers she held up for her 'wishes' on her lips, kissing them and lightly flinging them toward his direction, followed by a wink and her final parting words, as light as the whisper of the wind...

"Happy Birthday..."

... Before she disappeared back into the Zero World. How she knew or why she did would remain as one of her many, many mysteries... As a L'sia, as a Lombardi... and as a Tensei. Granting 'wishes' seemed to be in their blood, so to speak.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 40: The Family Business...

After having his fill of the Insanity, Grim, King Nytoz, appeared where he felt the next one festering... Bringing his new little 'friend' along for the ride. They would both appear in Valparaiso, just a little ways away from where Chusin was. He paid her no mind, though.

"Alright, girl... You survive the transition? Hahahaha."

With his little escapade before in the Magnus Ignis, that she only observed from the nothingness, Tifa appeared this time beside him, scoffing at him.

"Tch. Shut up. Do you have indigestion yet from all that shit you swallowed?"

She wasn't sure where they were, but she knew it looked like a dump.

"The fuck are we? This place looks like shit. Please don't tell me we're stopping here."

When the Chu bit Chusin's hand, the Poisonous Disease natural to the rodent's genetics seeped into Chusin's arm and began to numb it, freeing the Chu's hand. The poisonous disease would spread slowly, paralyzing Chusin's nerves as it gradually traveled up her arm. (3 posts until full poisoning) The Chu jumped back and rubbed her arm, which was now hurt far too much to be used. Though quick and cunning, the Chu was physically fragile. Jumping back frantically, the Chu noticed that Chusin was immobile and immediately took advantage of this. She kept her distance, but circled around Chusin, waiting for a chance to strike...

"Wait! What did you do!?"

°•Chusin quickly felt her arm go num, she had no idea that this thing was poisonss.•°

"My arm, I can't feel it, I can't feel my arm!"

°•She could feel the poison running through her, she couldn't really do anything cept sit there and take it like a man and since she wasn't use to poison, it moved a lot faster then normal. However, just as she was about to flip out again, (because she sooo was going to go crazy and throw bitch fit), a weird jolt ran through her.•°

"I feel funny, like really funny. What did you put inside of me?"

°•Chusin felt weird, she felt relaxed and mellowed out, it was a weird feeling to say none the lease, but she liked it anyway. Everything she was about to say went down a hole and died.•°


Grim smirked at the smart-mouthed hottie next to him, eyes slit like a jungle predator and tongue wiping across his sharp vampiric fangs with a certain resistant voracity that could easily be heard in his voice as he spoke, "Watch it, or else you might be my next meal, little girl. *Slurp* I am pretty fucking hungry still..." And it wasn't like she was making it any easier for him to hold back when she was pissing him off so thoroughly.

But, she was right about the Insanity he ingested... Though his Void was supposedly infinite, to the point where not even swallowing the entirety of the Veritas AND the Source of the Insanity itself satiated him completely as he previously THOUGHT it would, the Insanity within him seemed to be... festering, after being quiet for so long.

"Shit..." he grumbled, his teeth chattering like a wild, hungry wolf trying to hold back its appetite, "... Is the Insanity... Actually...?!"

Perhaps it was kinda bad for him to swallow it all up all at once. He may have been God of this world, but he was still... only part of the 11th Restriction. The Insanity reached up to the 12th. Without Khrona, he just might...

"... Fuck... *grrr... Rrrmmmgh...* ... He fucking warned me, too..."

One hand clenched his stomach whilst the other shot to his face, an eye peeking out from between his pinky and ring finger. It didn't seem like he was in pain, but was actually... In a state of pure ecstasy, from the smile on his face. It was at that moment that his eyes once white with the light of good overflowed with the red of the Insanity, blood pouring from them in a surplus.

"Oh... But it feels so good...!!! Man... Man!! I haven't felt this fucking good..."

As the blood gushed from his eyes and spattered upon the ground, the red pool easily became a black hole in little to no time flat, overflowing and consuming the entirety of the ground. Fangs protruded from the infinite abyss, up as tall as some of the buildings, as though the entire immediate area for a couple blocks were about to be swallowed whole in a maddened frenzy.

"... Since I ATE THE VERITAS!!!"

Still, he seemed to be holding back... Perhaps, this little slip of Insanity was not going to cause a complete revert... but what was certain was that Tifa, Chusin, the rat, the Hotel and all the buildings within the radius of that specific area of Valparaiso... Were about to be swallowed whole, never to return.

Waiting patiently for the events to transpire as they did, Zita kept that wretched annoyance known as 'Chusin' in place 'right where she wanted her' out in the streets of Valparaiso. With the chain wrapped around her legs, Chusin wasn't going anywhere, and the very moment she felt the presence of the Insanity release a burst of madness outside, she knew that everything was about to spin right together the way she intended.

"Fufufufu... This'll teach Khrona to leave me with a stupid brat~! Since we're in Valparaiso... His authority doesn't mean a thing. Only strength does."

She raised her hand casually, as though she were not worried in the slightest about the shitstorm that was brewing outside, merely wrapping the building in a cluster of her chains and placing a lock on them that would nullify the consumptive might of Grim.

"So that means, if the little shitstain dies, Khrona can't say shit to me about it~! Ohohohoho~!" Looks like the family genius didn't run on just the Tensei's side. Ever up to no good...

With that said, the chain that was wrapped around Chusin's legs would immediately snake its way up and around her body in its entirety, and several Locks would appear upon each of the chain links, locking away Chusin's mind, nerves, chakra and everything that would allow her to even be able to function. How she detested that girl...

"Hmhmhm... I'd go outside and watch, but.. I don't wanna be eaten, myself, in all honesty..."

She wasn't gonna deny that Grim had power that exceeded her own, so even in Valparaiso, she would be fighting a losing battle against him while he was like this...

"Besides, I'd rather not waste any energy on him. Even if I can win, that's just unnecessary. Hmph." The building rumbled and quaked with the calamity going on outside, and yet it did not move from that spot, for her chains had it secured. So, as she waited her burden to finally be gone for good, she took another couple puffs of her crystal skullpipe... and snickered again.

"Free~! Free~! Free~! Heehee~!"

Tifa scoffed, as she was prone to do, and turned her head away, smirking just as he did, "Yeah, yeah, shut the-- Huh?" She felt something malicious rising within him... Something that brought her great strength, but at the same time... A horrible, terrible feeling.

"This... This is...!!"

She looked at what was going on and saw the ground become blackened as his eyes overflowed with blood... She knew this could only be...

"... The Insanity..."

Backing away slowly, she grit her teeth and clenched her fist, scoping out the area. All she saw was the girl in chains and a rat, but as the black ground expanded, she saw chains rise and wrap around an entire building... Radiating the same aura as the ones around the girl. At that moment, she became all too pissed at who she KNEW was behind this now.

"... Fucking..." she paused, clenching her fist tightly before instantly voiding herself out of the area without much of a second thought,

It was Zita. Her fucking mother. As the chains were about to seal up the entirety of the Forbidden Hotel, Tifa voided herself inside just before the lockup, staring her fucking mother square in the face.

"YOU!!!" she screamed, slamming her hands on the counter in a controlled fury, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?!? YOU'VE BEEN HARBORING AN INSANITY INSIDE OF YOU!?!?! YOU KNOW THAT..."

She paused, realizing now that she was trapped inside of the hotel with her mother... "... Shit." Voiding herself out wouldn't work here, and she knew that... At least, not while those chains were active. She immediately calmed down (surprisingly) and cleared her throat.

"... Old hag... What the hell are you doing...?"

With nowhere to run from the assault of the Allmaster, he whose reign was more absolute in the 11th Restriction than any that existed in the 10th, the consumption of the building as well as the Chu and Chusin was issued without hesitation. All such things would immediately be erased from existence and returned to Zero at the hand of the Allmaster himself, God of the Veritas. It would be as though they never existed, and never would again. The Chu and Chusin were no more from henceforth.

Game Over.

Thorough consumption of less than satisfying morsels complete, the teetering Grim waged war within himself on continuing to consume the remainder of the lawless land and controlling his hunger even longer; something of which he believed he'd been capable of doing from the start.

"Mmm... Tasty, but... Nowhere near full..."

His hand upon his face gripped tighter, nearly drawing blood as his long, sharp nails dug into the side of his face over his eye that peered through the fingers. 'Fight back, dammit...' he thought, trying to close his mouth.

"I thought... *grrp...* I thought that I was full before... Don't... Don't tell me that it's... Gotten even larger...!?"

To even have that thoughts seemed inconceivable. Was there literally no way to stop this thing inside of him from growing? Even after being filled to the brim and to completion, it still found a way to expand. And yet, even now, he could not understand why... Was it because of the Insanity? Even that should have served as a means to fill it up, at least... Unless it was what was the cause of this hunger was, and it wasn't filling space, but making room...

"Ghhhrrr... But I am the new Keeper after all... *BELCH* So I gotta... Gotta keep it together..."

Looking around he saw that the girl was gone now. Where she'd gone, he didn't know, but wherever he Void was, he'd be able to come through with as much ease as she was able to slip in and out of the Voids of other places.

"Let me find that girl... *gurp*... Ugh... Let me find... Something to eat..."

So, with much haste, did he void himself out and appear wherever Tifa was, easily bypassing the chains of Zita due to his sheer overbearing power, and the fact that Tifa was already inside of the hotel, so it served as a channel for his movement, anyway. Sprouting from thin air, he stood between the both of them, staring Zita in the face and immediately sensing the Insanity within her. And he smiled.

*SLURP* "Just what I needed... Something to actually satisfy my appetite... The sexiest treat of all time..."

Without ANY hesitation whatsoever, he opened his mouth before Zita's face and, in a since gulp... Sucked out the Insanity of Fear that was within her, drawing it into himself and leaving her Insanity-less. And that was the end of that.


When Chita appeared inside of the Forbidden Hotel, the giddiness of the one sitting behind the desk skyrocketed. It was good to see her dear REAL daughter again, and in such a helpless state, no less, in a lawless land... Things were gonna get real for her really fast now.

"Ehehehehe... Might wanna watch your mouth when you're in my territory with such low power..." she muttered through the smoke rising from her lips, "... But it seems like you already realized your predicament... No means of escape, cuz you're too weak to defy my power here..."

The chains were already locked up tight and the area was completely sealed off. This girl was gonna get the asswhooping of her life. And there was nothing that was gonna stop that...



She saw him appear right before her eyes out of thin air, and a sudden chill overcame the Mistress of Fear. The same terror she was capable of instilling in others with the Insanity of Fear within her was now coursing through her very body as a chill of utter horror to look upon the crazed face of the King of Nytoz... and God of the Veritas.

"Wha... Wait... You... Why...!?"

Before she could utter a sentence, the extraction was already complete. The vile Snake that slithered around inside of her existence, that which was known once as Medusa and Kaerei as a single entity; the envoy of the Zero World... It no longer inhabited her body in the slightest. Zita had returned to normal.

"... Fuck," was all she could say, knowing now that the jig was up. Without the Insanity of Fear inside of her, she was no longer capable of exploiting the benefits of the Tensei lineage... nor of the Judgemaster. "... Very fucking fuck."

After consuming the Insanity of Fear, that made all of the lingering Insanities that weren't already dealt with... well. Dealt with. They were inside of the Allmaster, locked away for good. And yet, even if they weren't out wreaking havoc among the Veritas (and Vescrutia, for that matter,) that didn't mean that they weren't internally messing with the Allmaster himself... And this new addition only added to his problems of restraint.

"Hhhhh..." he hissed, eyes barely open as he glanced over both Zita and Tifa, no longer interested in either of them, "... I need... more..."

The both of them being void-harboring entities, they would do nothing to fill him. What he needed was something large... Something powerful. Something that harbored the power of a planet, or a galaxy... Maybe even a universe. Something large enough in power that it would fill his ever hungry stomach.

The vampiric man gazed halfheartedly up toward the roof, sensing the power of something greater drawing in power up above... Something far greater than anything that inhabited the land of the Dawn. A growing power that was all too familiar...

"... H... Him..."

Without uttering anything else, Grim voided himself out and towards the great power source rising up in the Dawn, over the Terra Gris.

After all of that, Tifa stood there a little dumbfounded at the erratic behavior of the rather terrifying man that she found herself tied up with... He was a monster of such great power she'd never seen before. I mean, it was a testament to his strength to see him eat every last Insanity they came across damn near effortlessly, but never had she seen ANYONE tame HER MOTHER. It was almost too much for her to bear.


It wouldn't be long before he faded away, seeming to have no more use nor interest in the two of them anymore. Must have been because they were Insanity-less. Tifa didn't really care, as long as he wasn't trying to destroy her or anything... She really hadn't had the time to recover since her endeavors with the Judgemaster and the Crystal Heart.

"... Guess you're not so tough after all, huh, you old hag? Hahahaa!!"

She chuckled mockingly to her mom, crossing her arms. Looks like the two of them were now back on relatively the same level, and Zita had no way to overpower Tifa now.

"Uh, so what was that you were saying...? I think you're looking pretty shitty now, aren't ya?"

"... Shut up," was all she managed to get out, feeling more defeated and broken than ever. She set her Crystal Skullpipe down and sighed heavily, now knowing that she no longer had any power over her daughter in any way. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. Get it all out. How I'm a failure. I have no man. That I'm evil and disgusting. A sex crazed whore. How I'm a controlling bitch that lusts for power and for people to be under me. Come on, just say it. Might as well kick me while I'm down. Not like I wouldn't do it. I deserve it."

For once in her natural born life, Zita was just completely and utterly broken. Everything was falling apart around her in all but an instant, her plans no longer possible. She slid her hand through her velvet hair and brushed it back with a latent frustration, blatantly disheartened by all the events that transpired here.

"I just lost everything just like that. And yeah, I know. You just want to sit here and gloat about how much better you are than me. How I've been purposely trying to fuck you up and get in your way to keep you down. How I sabotage everyone I think is gonna overpower my will and bring them down just so I can have power over them. How horrible of a mother I've been to you your entire life. How I've gotta scrape for everything I get while you..." She scoffed and turned her head away in disappointment; not with Chita, but with herself, and continued, "... How wonderful you've grown up to be. No thanks to me." Her voice almost sounded like it wanted to crack at that point.

"Go on. Say it. Not like I didn't know any of it before. Not like I can't handle hearing it again. Come on. Out with it."

The words she heard from Zita were enough to leave even the quick-witted and silver-tongued Tifa speechless and unknowing of how to feel. For once, she heard her mother tell her the full truth about something and step down off her high horse. To admit that she was wrong. It was like a miracle and a dream come true all wrapped up into one. Tifa was more than overjoyed and so ready to rub it in her mother's face.

"Yep. You're right." she said rather bluntly, bring brutally honest with her. "... But I'm not gonna gloat about it."

For some reason, she felt it inside of her heart not to kick her mother while she was down... And for once in her life, standing in her presence, she could feel something warm inside of her that she hadn't ever known for her before... And with that, she continued on.

"Those things may be true to whatever degree they are, but..." she kinda choked, unsure of really how to get the frog in her throat out to finish her sentence. "... Erhm... I mean..."

The two of them weren't really good at talking to each other, and that wasn't gonna change now. Not just because her mother was opening up to her, unfortunately. That just isn't how Tifa worked, nor was it how their relationship was.

"... It's not like... I think you're ALL bad, ya know... Even if you are pretty shitty as a person..." she scratched the back of her head and looked off to the side, still pretty unsure of what to say. She was going off of what she felt, and for so long, she felt a vast emptiness inside of her whenever she thought about her mother. But this time, this time it was different. So she had to suck it up and go off of what her gut was telling her... Or rather, her Heart.

"You're still my mom. And..." she grit her teeth and closed her eyes, almost pissed that she was even THINKING of doing what she was about to do. Swallowing the pride that was shared equally between them, Tifa-- Rather, Chita wrapped her arms around her mother over the counter and gave her a tight hug. She wasn't sure why, but she felt like she needed it... and for some reason, she wanted to give it to her, too. Not like anyone else was gonna be here for her... Or ever was, for that matter. Guess it was pretty apparent when she thought about it.

"... And I love you. Ya know?"

The energy that Tifa was feeling within her, unknown to her once before, was the Crystal Heart beginning to regenerate. Her expression of love was not just from herself, but from the energy pulsating from the weakened heart. However, because the girl used this energy not for its Power, but for its Strength, she drew upon the Light of Love and fortified the Crystal Heart's power.


Her Mind was overtaken by a great white light, though once it dispersed, an array of colors unlike any she'd ever seen before would manifest all around her, where only she would be able to view. There, she would see the Crystal Angel, a great Dragon made of pure, clear, untainted Crystal (as seen in the avi) that loomed over her with the same size and stature as the Black Dragon had done before. The crack that appeared before from her using too much of its power without giving any in return was suddenly mended with the sensation of love that was felt and shared with the heartless vessel that was Zita L'sia. And so, the Crystal Heart spoke unto Chita...

"Herald of the Heart.... I have seen your selflessness in giving love to one undeserving of your kindness. This has strengthened me and repaired the wound created by your selfish use of the Infinite Light I am capable of generating, and I have grown larger. The Endless Void that lie within your chest as grown smaller as I have grown larger, and so too has your ability to love.

I am a Gem capable of Mending all Wounds, no matter what they may be. I can repair all connections, even those meant to be severed for eternity. Such is my Gift of Love and Light. I can connect to any wavelength.

I say this to you because I must warn you; those who you give your love to will become connected to the Crystal Heart directly, and thus will be able to draw strength from it just as you are. Are you prepared to take this risk with this person before you? Will you attempt to mend her wounds? Be warned; if she is unable to receive your love properly and misuses the Crystal Heart, she will not only corrupt Me, but also You. If you allow her taintedness to overpower you... It will poison the Heart and it will grow weak. This is your fair warning before you continue further.

What say you? What shall you do?"

"... What?" Her first thought, for she couldn't even fathom that the child of hers would even think to say anything like that. Like, at all... Especially for her. Speechless throughout the entire exchange of words, she almost wanted to shed a tear... Almost.

Yet, something deep down inside of her felt the emotion, for even but the slightest of a fraction of a moment when her daughter hugged her. And she raised her arms up and hugged her back, grinning widely behind her back as she patted her child.

"Oh, dear, sweet child of mine... I knew all the time that you loved such a great and wonderful mother like myself, and that with all my wonderful care and guidance, you have grown up beautifully..."

And she allowed her daughter to rest there in her mother's embrace and feel all of the love that she had.

"... I know we've had our differences in the past, but I think that now, you and I can start something new... All you have to do is listen to me and do exactly what I say... Then I-- Er, WE will be able to start a 'Family Business...'"

Yes, mother and daughter, for REAL this time, and not like with that horrid adoptee that she got assassinated. This side of the family was good at assassinations... DEATH was their SPECIALTY, and being a descendent of the greatest assassin, Kaerei... These two could be big in no time.

"Eheheheheh..." A chain with two heads... One that works on the surface, and one that works underground... the Family Business. "Eeeheheheheheh..." Her witchy laugh was befitting of the Head Witch. Even as Great Fae, she was still true to her Royal Witchiness.

"I... Love you, too... Daughter..."

'And all the things we're gonna do together, too... Yes... I love them a lot...'

The white light that came over her as she felt that feeling was eerie and unfamiliar, yet at the same time, she remembered feeling a similar energy to it before. When she saw Crystal Heart for the first time as the giant mechanical woman... That was when she first felt this feeling... But this time, as the light dispersed into a number of spectral colors around her, she could see that Crystal Heart was different now. Not in the shape of a Heart, nor of a Mechanical Woman... But of a great, beautiful majestic dragon, much more gorgeous than the hideous black one that had been dripping with ooze and disgusting tar-like things all that time.

'Woah... You're... You're gorgeous...'

It was almost like a dream to look at and feel such a thing... She didn't feel that pain in her chest anymore, either. Must have something to do with what Crystal Heart was saying...

'What? You want me to... What?'

A little dazed and confused, and half-listening due to what was going on outside of her head, Tifa barely listened to the words of her mother, as well. Her attention was split between the two, so it was difficult to focus... But before she focused her attention on the old hag, she did catch the last little bit that the Crystal Heart told her... About extending that light to her.

Listening to what her mother was saying and HOW she was saying it, Tifa knew that these words were relatively empty. She may have known about the concept of love, but she could tell that Zita only thought about the concept of it, for Tifa didn't feel the warmth she felt from her the same way she felt when she extended it to her mother out of the kindness of her heart, being completely out of character just for her... And... And...

It kinda hurt. For once, it really did.

Her arms went limp and she pulled herself away from the Witch, unsure of what to say to her at this point. Zita said all of the right WORDS, but had none of the EMOTION to go with it.

'She's... Thinking of herself. I can tell...'

Tifa lowered her head... and stood in silence with that feeling and the words of the Crystal Heart echoing in her head.

To think, she was actually that heartless and self-centered that she didn't even notice true, genuine care for her... That's probably her problem, in all honesty.

Ugh, at this point, she didn't even want to be associated with her. This was how she always was and what the problem between them was in the past. She just didn't know... How it was possible for someone to be THAT conceited?

The decision was going to be a tough one, but... Tifa knew exactly how to deal with the heartless hag standing before her. So, it was time to take a risk.

'Yeah. I'll connect to her. I'm gonna teach her a lesson she'll never forget. Heh... Heh heh.'

And with thought in mind, but her Crystal Heart open, Tifa remained there, completely silent; teeth grit and shut tight.

'If that is truly your decision... Then so be it.'

At the word of the Keeper, the Crystal Heart extended its light to the woman standing before her, and with a glimmer of light from the girl's heart, an invisible string would shoot into her mother's, diving straight into the darkness, merging the two beings together through the heart.

'It is done. Do with me what you will, Keeper. I will be here to guide you.'

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 41: After All...

A purple-haired apparition faded in from out of nowhere, digging slightly in her ear with her pinky for a moment or two whilst gazing around lazily, "... Oh. Did I end up somewhere else now...?" she muttered halfheartedly, remembering everything perfectly clearly. "The only questions is... Why the hell am I here...?"

The young girl looked up to the two people that appeared before her, having no recollection of either of them. However, the man looked and sounded remarkably like her father in the Second Restriction. She eyed him up and down, wondering what his deal was. "... You... You look like Daddy... But... Are you really him...?"

In her state of perplexity, she found the sound of his voice soothing in her ear, for some reason... Like a lullaby. She immediately felt sedated by the voice of the man and the familiarity of his face and tone, becoming more comfortable with the situation as it was...

"Oh... Trinity remembers that part..." she finally said, "... But Trinity was... Having fun with two guys...? Trinity doesn't know where they are now... They got lost..." Though they did escort her to the point and get the Moon completed, they all seemed to be separated from each other as part of the effects. "Trinity hopes that they are alright..." She was a very sensitive little girl... To the point where she was able to sense everything that was going on in and around this entire building that she was now unified with. In that respect, she could feel a powerful presence at the Front Gate of the school. "Mmmm...!! Trinity feels something really strong outside..."

He turned his head to meet with the one from the Void; she who was allowed to retain her memory. Yes, he knew all about her, for his information was nothing short of complete about the ongoings of this world. "Ah, so I see you've appeared, Crystal Heart!" He chuckled to himself, shooting her a sharp stare from his shimmering silvery eyes, "No need to be shy. I know why you're here." As he was about to explain her purpose, the Trinigami made it aware of a presence that was outside. "What?" he muttered, turning his head down to her sharply, "... Hm. Well then, I will deal with our... Visitors. Excuse me." He turned around and in a moment, slipped off into a wisping plasmatic stream of the same color as the aura that would envelop him prior to. With a well placed 'Soul Transmission,' he would appear before the Gates of Pandemia in but an instant.

----- 20 Minute Timeskip -----

When Tear returned, it would be to open the doors of the Soul Chamber filled with the flames of the Jade Amaterasu for Nightshade to enter into and see his daughter. (6:46) It was clear that they were related (in Tear's eyes, rather), due to their link in the Fourth Restriction. The red hair was the giveaway.

"The Ojou-chan has been a little shocked and confused recently, though she seems to remember my face as the last thing she remembers. It's fine, that's only natural; the shift was nigh instantaneous, so for us to adjust to it takes a while, as well. New Information, and such..."

His voice kinda trailed off as though he were more talking to himself than to Nightshade at that moment, knowing things that others didn't about this entire ordeal, as per use.

"Perhaps interaction between the two of you will spark some sort of memory in the both of you, hm?" The whispering words slipped through Nightshade's ears caught on a stray wavelength, resounding loud and clear despite how softly Tear was speaking. Seems like he chooses his words wisely... (6:52)

"Thanks for the tip, jeeves," (7:07) he jested snidely with a toothy grin, making his way inside from the Gates of Pandemia. He walked directly to his daughter before him, arms crossed and with a stern, gruff look upon his face, glaring down at her with great intensity.

"Daughter. I have come to soothe you and restore your strength."
"Give Daddy a kiss."

The sheer power of the man that walked through the door was a lot for Trinity to handle initially, causing her to recoil from the presence and start to tear up again, *sniff... sniff* She didn't quite know who he was, but he seemed remotely familiar. Something about how he felt rather than what he looked like seemed to be more appealing to her. Yet, as she heard the words of her father ring in her ear, she would spring to life happily and run to him, crying "DADDY~!" and hopped into his arms, hugging him and giving him a kiss.


Upon giving him the kiss, she would have absorbed some of his energy; the part that he claimed was missing. Immediately, she would begin to take on his form as his energy poured through her and flooded her heart and mind, filling her with the strength of the Fourth Restriction that she barely ascended to on her own after completing the Third Moon.

"Trinity is all better now~*! Hooway!!"

She nuzzled into his arms and hugged him lovingly, before bouncing up and down and all around squeamishly, "What are we gonna do now, Daddy?! Huh!? What are we gonna do!?"

"Uhhhh," she groaned inquisitively, humbly reminding them of her presence here, "I'm still here." She smiled kinda sarcastically at them before returning to a slight scowl, not really understanding what she was doing here. Looks like the power of the Void really did null her existence to those around her. That didn't make it any less THERE just because they couldn't FEEL it.

"Is anyone gonna tell me what the hell I'm doing here? Unlike you two, I've got all my memories in order." She felt something strange about Tear, though... Like he knew something that he was hiding. He seemed to have a lot of information about everything for some reason, as though he was completely unaffected by the shift entirely, for whatever reason. She was actually a bit curious about why that was... "Hey, uh, shady folks. Why don'tcha come gimme the scoop, huh? I already know you know something about this." Looks like she didn't give a rat's ass about whatever the hell else was going on 'round these parts, especially if she had no part in it except to be standing around and watching them go through their sappy little moment. Had much better things to do than look at mushy crap all day. Though... She couldn't say that the man's presence didn't feel familiar to her... Even though they never met. It was almost like that... Void guy... She wondered what happened to him. Bet that mister sly over there could help out real quick...

Tear wasn't used to people being so... Informal with him. Both Nightshade and the girl of the Void seemed to think that they were all merely so close that they could speak to him in any sort of way they felt like. Regardless of their power, manner was still quite important. However, being an eternally calm and collected gentleman, he needn't get worked up over such trivial matters. Instead, he would merely use this pent up energy as means for another Soul Transmission, of which he would appear behind the girl in a flash of light near instantaneously, eyes sharp and his smile slightly askew.

From there, he whispered into her ear, "Hush... We needn't incur things that should not be too soon. We'll talk later and I'll tell you everything you need to know... But keep quiet for the moment, s'il vous plait." There was a tinge of frustration in his tone, but nothing that was too noticeable. "When I am done with them, I'll handle you and your requests. Deal?" He was well aware of who she was and what she was doing here, and even if she retained her memories of everything that happened prior, she did not know what was going on nor of things to come, like Tear did. That's why... He needed her to keep her mouth shut for a little while.

After rather starkly dealing with her, he would clear his throat and pose his suggestion in the air, "Excuse me, you two, but I have a humble suggestion. Why not have the Ojou-chan take some of the energy from the two of us and learn to utilize both Wavelength and Manna? Even with all her power, she is rather... defenseless and has no skill. Then, you can remain with the young miss in this form whilst WE..." he nudged the girl next to him, as though to get her attention, and to play along "...Will handle teaching her the basics, until she is ready for something greater, hm?"

Tifa wasn't too fond of this guy and his rather... cryptic ways. He was nice and had a calm demeanor... and he was quite easy on the eyes, as well... But it didn't make him any less suspicious. He might have been using his memories to influence things the way he wished and not the way they were intended to be. She narrowed her eyes suspiciously at him, but listened to him. She could at least use him to get the info that she needed out of him. "Chyeah, whatever," she muttered quietly, only to be included in something she had NO intention of even SLIGHTLY considering doing. "... But you owe me one, guy," she had to add after being nudged, nudging him back with a bit more force. After that, she'd simply cross her arms and let him take over from here, letting her gaze drift off toward the beautiful green flames.

"Well, uh..." He pondered in a flustered manner, trying to keep her from falling out of his arms whilst also scratching the side of his cheek in a confused manner, "We're gonna... Well..." It wasn't until the most helpful white-haired man spoke up to him, explaining how inexperienced Trinity was as she was currently and how she needed proper training. It was clear that this was the best option, especially since Nightshade himself didn't really know what to do about anything right now. In his past life, he wasn't even part of the Veritas, so finding a place to fit in was a bit difficult... But he trusted the work of his brother. Especially now that he was actually integrated into it and him now. They moved in tandem as one, even if Pumpkinhead's consciousness remained in harmony with the Pumpking's Will that flowed throughout the entire Tensei family.

"Aha! Thanks, jeeves!" he'd say again, walking over to Tear and placing Trinity down, "Alright. Daughter. You will learn the ways of the Wavelength and of Manna from these two here. Daddy will work on the full assimilation of the Amber Moon and the Jade Moon..." Those were Trinity's Mind and Soul, so to speak. From the Dawn, Nightshade would have to instruct that the Great Furnace be moved and brought down to this academy. He could probably put it underground, or something like that. "... Ooooiiiii..." he sighed, rubbing the back of his neck, "... That's right. That is what I'm supposed to be doing here..." Now his memories were coming back to him in a flood, and for some reason, he wasn't enjoying the thought of it all. It was just a lot of fucking work.

"WAAAAI!!!" she screamed happily, hurdling herself into the two people that she was left to train with, "Trinity is gonna learn from you guys? Okay! Trinity knows just what to do!!" She would touch them both, extracting some of their power through means of Absorption, drawing in the essence of 'Yin' and 'Yang' from the two figures that were instructed to teach her. The power of 'Yin' would be drawn into her Left Hand whilst the power of 'Yang' would be drawn into her Right Hand. She concentrated reeeaaaally hard... "MmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMM!!!!" and clenched her fists, scrunching up her face like she were about to poo her pants, "MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!" Her face started to turn red, like her head was gonna explode, "MMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!" And eventually... Sprouting from her hands would be two replicas of Trinity;

Yin Trinity, or 'Yinity'


Yang Trinity, or 'Yangity.'

"YaaaaY~! Trinity did it--" Suddenly, Trinity would become weak, falling down flat on her butt. Seems like doing something that simple was exhausting, even for her. "Mmm... Nap time now..." She started to nod off, trying to keep herself awake...

"Indeed..." he muttered under his breath, growing a little more aggravated with the two of them and their rather uncouth means. His eyebrow twitched slightly after being called 'Jeeves' again and being nudged, clearly out of spite. These two were rather boorish, if he did say so himself.

"My name's not jeeves," he interjected swiftly and abruptly, a hint of irritation more apparent in his tone now, "However," he'd continue, snapping back to his initial calm, "It seems as though the Ojou-chan has successfully taken some of our power and made little replicas..." Watching Trinity fall flat on her butt, he smiled and chuckled lightly at her cuteness, his heart growing light again and all tension fading away.

He turned his head up to Nightshade, clearing his throat, "Ahem. Well, whenever you get ready, there is one order of business that also needs taking care of..." His eyes shifted slightly from side to side, glistening in the light of the green flame, "... And that is the release of the Creatures into this world... I was thinking of perhaps a 'Festival of the Hunt' sort of thing? It's the only way to properly train your daughter as well as those who will attend her school." He turned his head slightly, letting his voice drift off, "... Though we need the Gate Keepers to open the gates in order for that to occur..." He sighed, having no real means of getting that accomplished in a single go. "Perhaps, that is where you would come in, hm? Since you must deal with the Fourth Moon in the Dawn anyway..." Granted, nothing more than a mere humble suggestion... Though, hopefully it would be adhered to.

"Huh. Sorry." There was a hint of reluctant regret in his tone, since he could clearly tell the guy couldn't take a joke. "Lighten up, pal." He seemed like the serious and formal type, anyway, no matter how loose his demeanor was... he was definitely the 'fancy prettyboy' type that was all polite and 'bishoujo'-like. Not Nightshade's sort of fancy, but, hey. He was helpful.

When his daughter absorbed their power and replicated it within herself, he was astounded to see how much she was already capable of doing on her own. Naturally, his first thought was to praise her on a good job. "Well done, my Daughter! As expected from--" But, moments later, she would fall to the ground and begin to nod off. Looks like that took more out of her than she actually realized. "Hmhmhm... It is Nap Time, isn't it? Daddy will see to it that you are properly tended to."

Before long, the guy explained to him just what he thought of going on, and honestly, Nightshade wasn't opposed in the slightest. "Well, that sounds like a pretty badass idea," he agreed heartily. "I wouldn't mind having some game to score since I'm back and in a nice, functioning body for once... No more makeshift 'Scarecrow' bodies for me! HA!" He was ready to break in an ACTUAL body for ONCE in his life, so he was nowhere NEAR in opposition to this. (8:55) "I can get in contact with the Gatekeepers easy. Alls I gotta know is howta get this whole 'Hunt' thing started, huh?" Since this guy apparently knew everything there was to know about this type of stuff, he was gonna leave the organization of it all up to him. "So, what's the plan for getting this done, mister, uh...?" he hadn't been formally introduced, since this guy had been guiding him all this time and never really explained who he was.

Tear was actually rather relieved to hear that he was going to go through with this without a hassle. Seemed like everyone was so keen on doing whatever they wanted without thinking about such things first, it was really beginning to get on his nerves. That was why the Veritas was out of order in the first place; no instruction, no discipline and no order, and Tear wasn't having that any longer. He retained his memory for a reason, just the same as Tifa over here, and he would be sure to fill her in once Nightshade went about his business and the Ojou-chan was safely off to sleep. He looked to her and nodded, saying to her in passing, "Take the one who harbors the power of Manna and watch over her. I will deal with the Wavelength one and take her to the other room. After that, I need you to meet me in the catacombs of the building... We'll have our talk there."

When she was given her instruction, he directed his attention again to Nightshade, who was clearly pumped and ready for action now. That was good; it was necessary for what was soon to be unleashed upon the Veritas again.

"Well now... It's good to see such enthusiasm! It would be best to direct it toward gathering those who seek to take the trials of the Festival for themselves, hm? And I suppose the best place to begin such a momentous event would be in the Colosseum, yes?" If the warriors were gathered there and sent on their way, or even if they were to undergo the 'Hunt' within the confines of the Colosseum walls, it would still get things going... And those Gate Keepers to open those gates, as was necessary...

"Merely tend to the Colosseum and attract as much attention as you possibly can. Have the Gatekeepers open up the Gates on either end and unleash the creatures... And, well, move the Fourth Moon from up above to down here. I guess these are the only things that you have to really do in order for things to begin as planned, right?" It was all a real straight shot from here. All of the more intricate, behind the scenes work had to be done by Tear, himself... As usual... But this time, Tifa was here. She would actually be of more use than she realized... But all would be revealed in their talk later. (9:39) "Hmhmhm..." He was actually feeling better about all of this now that things were coming together. With this, Pandemia would be ready to open in no time. "And please," he had to add, bowing humbly, "Call me Tear Lacrimoso. Hajimemashite..."

She wasn't accustomed to taking orders from anyone about anything ever, especially not from someone she just met... But she'd surprisingly become a lot more level-headed over the years and, despite her initial want to say 'Fuck You' and flip him the bird, she figured that going along with it would yield better results for the time being. "Tch. Fine." She scoffed, touching Yinity's head and taking her into the Void, before she, herself would disappear without a trace right alongside her, her eyes glaring at the back of the white-haired man as she left...

Everything this man said was making perfect sense to him, and there didn't seem to be any real discrepancy in any of what he said and what needed to be done already on Nightshade's part. Guess this guy really did know the deal... Best to listen to his advice. "Well now, that sounds like a plan, my man! Uh... Tear, is it?" His name sounded kinda... artsy. Then again, this was an academy of art and whatnot, so it was to be expected, but... Even so... He was kinda... A piece of work in and of himself.

"Yeah, if that's all there is to it, I can get that done in a jiff! I'll get on that right now, actually!" In his excitement, he turned to the door and hurried out, leaving a smoldering streak of fire and the parting words "Take care of my daughter for me!" in his wake as he rocketed off toward the Colosseum. By the time he got back, the Fourth Moon would have touched down in the Delta and assimilated with the Third Moon.

After all was said and done and each went on about their business, it was time for Tear to take the young Trinity(s) to their quarters. He moved briskly and swiftly, collecting the tired girls in his hands and proceeding to use his Soul Transmission to warp them safely into the room that he governed; Yomi, the Death Room. There, they would be safe from harm. (2:25)

"Now, then..." he muttered, finally having time to be serious, "... Let's go deal with that Void Girl..." Without a moment to lose, he would make his way to the catacombs of the academy, where he hoped the girl would have found a way to enter without instruction... Otherwise, they may have some issues.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

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Void 42: After All; Late Night Rendevouz

With the girls safely in bed and Nightshade taking care of his own personal business, Tear was left to deal with but one more loose end on his 'to do' list... Tifaret. He appeared from a Soul Transmission at the very door of this area, looking around for Tifa. She may not have known her purpose here, but he certainly did. He knew everyone's part in the grand scheme of things...

"Hm. Where is she...? I certainly hope she didn't get lost..."

She certainly wouldn't if she wanted this absolutely crucial information, after all...

"Been following you around this whole time," she'd say jokingly as she appeared from literally out of nowhere, "Since I figured you'd eventually just lead me to where I needed to go anyway. Not like you can feel my presence when I'm traversing through the Zero World, anyway." Sometimes, lacking a presence was actually beneficial, especially in cases like these. "If we weren't on good terms, I could have easily ended your life, pretty boy," she'd say through a smirk.

"Please," he sighed condescendingly, turning to meet her gaze with his own signature deadly nonchalant smile, "You may not have a presence, but it doesn't mean that you have any skill to use that to your advantage." In the same fluid motion as his turn to meet her eye did he slide right around her side and around to her back, almost like he'd been waiting for her to show up in such a manner. "Not to mention, a rather predictable entrance, at that. Quite the slouch, now aren't we?" He chuckled to himself and tapped his chin with his index finger, allowing his smile to grow ever so slightly wider.

"However, this isn't what we're here for, is it?" He nudged her hard in the back, making GREAT emphasis on his point, as well as matters from earlier that he had not forgotten... "Hmhmhm..."

She scoffed at him, pushing him off her back after being 'nudged' in her side by him. She felt it, definitely, but wasn't gonna let him know it hurt. She just turned at him and remarked snidely, "Then what ARE we here for? You seem to know so much. I may have my memories, but looks like you just know what the whole plan is." She tapped her foot, not entirely happy about someone being better at her in something... Especially when it came to espionage, of which she prided herself on. Despite having a HUGE... 'crutch,' so to speak. This guy didn't even need the Zero World to mask his presence to get his work done, and despite how she really fucking hated how good he was... She also kinda admired it. "Get on with it, if you know it all. I mean, I'm HERE aren't I?" She rolled her eyes, still tapping her foot. "Let me know what's gotta be done, or what-the-fuck-ever."

He shook his head, 'tsk'ing the still rather abrasive girl in a chastising manner, "... Your attitude comes as no surprise, even now. Still such a childish brat, even now... Though, I know exactly where you get it from, so it's no surprise." He cracked a smile and shot her a cutting glare through his shimmering eyes; though they seemed soft at first, the sheen in them was clear and precise, with the intent to slice, but in a subtle manner all of his own. "However, naturally, I shan't be succumbing to your 'little kid manners.' Hmhmhm." That was meant to pierce. Though she was not quite as skilled in the art of espionage as he, she was still the closest he could get to anyone that actually was; all that were associated with the Zero World were usually top-notch assassins or spies, but she hadn't had her proper training due to her 'proctor' so to speak being prematurely ended before his and her times, and now having to deal with other issues. So now... It was up to Tear.

"Magna Signis. The Fourth Moon... You are to harbor it inside of yourself and assimilate it with the Sun, thereby making you 'Amaterasu.' With it, you will be in charge of releasing souls from within, as Signis, who was once Corona, and previously Megaera, who is Pumki, the Goddess of All Stars. These 'stars' as we call them are 'souls,' and you will be in charge of moving them around and placing them inside of the Instruments generated from the Paraprysmia. The Goddess of Life for the Mezzo Terra; the Sun of this world." Though she would be the alleged 'appointer of souls,' there was also something greater in her role of achieving the Fourth Moon...

"When the Fourth Moon enters your Void, you will no longer have it. The Crystal Heart will take it inside of you and magnify its power with the power of All Souls. You will still be able to use the Zero World as you already do, but it will no longer be a 'Void.' It will still have Absolute Zero Value, but there will not be Nothingness. There is a difference between a desolate emptiness and simply having No Value." This was why, though the Zero World and the Void COULD very well be the same exact thing, the Zero World was different and bettered to the point where it could actually harbor existence within it, whereas what was 'Void' did not. All that was within the Zero World had the power to make things into Voids and Void things out, but it was not LIMITED to that function, like the Void itself was. "After that... You will immediately ascend to the Fourth Restriction, where you are meant to be." As she was, she was out of place, and being out of place would not uphold the foundation of the Veritas. That was what Tear knew how to do, and why he was designated to, on the sly, slip everyone where they needed to be.

"Are you clear on what your role is, now? Did you catch all of it, or must I educate you again?" he flashed a debonair, almost haughty grin at her, narrowing his gaze again, "You will not be the same 'Tifa' you are now once you obtain it. In fact, your Star Powers will become more inherent within you, which is why you are the one that was meant to harness the Magna Signis." Just like, soon, the Nightshade would harness the Magnus Ignis, when he was done doing his duties... And then Tear could reveal his true colors, as well, when all was in place with Nightshade...

Tifa rolled her eyes, stilling her tongue for a few reasons; one because she was actually a little embarrassed and pissed about how accurate he was, and two because she'd rather listen to everything completely than to miss something and not know what was going on, regardless of how this guy irked her.

"You done blabbering yet...?" she muttered under her breath, tapping her foot slightly impatiently, "I got everything. Just get the Magna Signis, absorb it, become the Sun Goddess or whatever. Just tell me where I need to go to get this all sorted out." She didn't know about what the Magna Signis was or anything like that, but she knew what her instructions were. "Don't leave out any details, Mr. Smooth." She scoffed at him in a mocking, yet still rather truthful manner. He was pretty slick, she had to admit.

Tear, who had been waiting rather patiently for this crucial moment, felt that when Nightshade's energy was dispersed throughout the Veritas at the connection of the Three Spirits, he relinquished his guise and revealed his true nature; Magnus Ignis, what the spirit of Pumpkinhead existing in life was. "Ah... There it is. The signal." Tifa didn't know this, but she was a child that was not supposed to exist, as well, which was why the soul of Pumki, another spawn of Pumpkinhead and Tigen, though in girl form, would fit nicely into her soul. "Magna Signis will become the sun to match Magnus Ignis. And you, Tifa, will become its Moon. Keeper and Alice of the Shinsanity of Light."

He would touch her, channeling within her the vibration of Magnus Ignis, as well as Magna Signis that was connected to him, and Triere, which was connected to Magnus Signis. "Go get them and bring them together. The Crystal Angel her Crystal Heart." Triere was to be the new Crystal Heart. Where Ignis and Signis were the 'Blood' that seethed like fire, Tifa and Tear were the cold vessels that were meant to contain that 'light of the sun' and keep it cool; from melting everything around it. But Triere; she was to be the Heart itself. With that, the Fourth Moon would come to completion, being set in its place, and finishing it off with more than enough time to spare before the Fifth.

"Hurry along, then. We want to make things move a little quicker, yes? Chop chop!!" He clapped his hands in her face sharply, as if trying to awaken her from a daze and reveal to her how very short time actually was for them. "I'll even direct you. Soul Transmission." Without warning, he shot her to her target; Magnus Signis, where she would have to scoop it up and contain it. When she got to one point, Tear would immediately shoot her to the next point, since he knew where all of the checkpoints were and she simply was everything they needed for it. He would guide her from afar until the Sun and Moon of each realm were in their proper spots in the Veritas...

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

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Void 43: Land of the Red Sun; Amber Moon's Move

Without much warning, nor time to respond before she was shot off in some arbitrary direction as a speeding wavelength, she would appear at the Land of the Red Sun, which harbored the Amber Moon as its core power source. She stared at it and at the sun, finding something familiar about the two of them; almost like they were two different power sources as cores despite being a 'Sun' and a 'Moon' respectively.

"... That's weird,"she muttered, feeling the deep connection shared between the two separated spirits of the Pumpkinhead. The younger one, the moon, seemed to resonate with the Crystal Heart that she harbored within her, almost like they were two of the same components. She felt, inexplicably, drawn to it. "... I feel like... I feel like I know... I know what these two things are..." Despite being a Tensei and retaining her memories, she was left in the dark about anything that was outside of herself, meaning that she was not allowed to partake in the shared knowledge of the Family Bond yet. Due to this, she only had feelings about the Red Sun and Amber Moon, but did not know anything definite. That was why this was so damn difficult for her; everyone else was cheating. Knowing everything and not telling her straight out and shit. (7:07)

"It feels like... We belong together... Like... Missing parts of the same whole...?" She couldn't believe it. In her entire life, she hadn't ever been able to understand this sort of feeling. She thought it was a sexual attraction, but it felt like something different. She couldn't help but to be lost in thought about things that she was feeling inside but not quite understanding just yet. "... Man... When I look at this thing... I see a sexy redhead... Hahaha..." One with relatively nice tits... That didn't take any shit... A badass, like she was... "*hhhssssssshhh...*" she would begin to drool at the thought of her... before slurping it back up between her teeth like it hadn't happened. "Damn, why can't I find me a sexy bitch like that?"

When the time was right for her to awaken, Magna Signis, who retained her memory as Pumki, Corona (Megaera) and Signis, would groggily rub her eyes, as though she'd been sleeping for a long time. She could feel around her body a soothing chill, like the loving embrace of a very cold being keeping her heat from spilling over and destroying everything around her. She had awaken to see a beautiful land that was no longer barren by the blazing Red Sun, nor cast into the Blue Shadow. "... Blue...?" she muttered to herself, her consciousness slowly returning to her. "... Oh... What happened...?" Before she could even be gratified with an answer, a great hand attached to her and connected her immediately to the source of everything she was left in the dark about; Triere, her Insangel... Rather, a Shinsangel, now. Signis' awakening as Magna Signis was a testament to that.

"... Well now... Seems as though the Red Queen has been served, then..." she smiled happily, finding a sudden peace in being near Blue now, rather than being bitter rivals with her. Their age old battle had come to an end and they rested in peace with 'Priere.' Now, all that was left for them to do was to return home. "Hmmm... But who is this one...?" She inspected closely. The image of a beautiful young matron of about the same height and form as Tifa, though wrapped in flame and with a bulbous pumpkin head would gaze at her, inspecting the cavity where the Crystal Heart was being carried. "... Oh... There, I see now. Here to return the Heart to its proper place, then, and complete this Moon?" (7:47)

"What?" she said, as though being pulled out of a deep daydream about pumpkins and sexy red headed girls, "... Uh... Yeah, yeah definitely all of that. If you know how to get that done, I'm... I'm for it." She seemed mesmerized by this fire, and looking into it and seeing the shape of the same pumpkin head that had been dancing about her memory for quite a while was fascinating to her. For some reason, pumpkins seemed to be a recurring thing any and everywhere that she could find any relation to these two great bulbous red blots. In fact, with this one, she felt her stellar powers start to flare up a bit, and her hair become a blazing amber, similarly to the color of the burning Moon itself. "... Huh... He was right, then..." she said under her breath, not wanting to believe the words of that shady white haired guy. But, lo' and behold, he was right, and she could feel the missing piece of her that was this stellar power she had no control over previously rising up in tandem with the appearance of this girl. (8:08)

"Looks like it's about that time, then...?"

For some reason, fond memories of her father, Valerio Lombardi, came to her mind... The sensation filled her as the power of the stars escalated, almost like this was what the missing piece of her was that she'd been looking for... For so long, it was him. It was his birthday, after all.

"Ah... Happy Birthday, Pops," she said under her breath, proud to be wearing his name as an alias, even if she was a Tensei through and through now; L'sia and Lombardi only in spirit. (8:13) It was good that she would be able to receive his will in this way, and hopefully he would receive hers when she finally accepted control over this power and let it fill her completely, as the Light of the Crystal Heart had already done. She could feel his power coursing through her, and it radiated with the power of Magna Signis' projection. "Mmm... It feels warm, actually... Filled with love..." Who would have thought that, even from whatever planet he dipped off to, they were still connected? It brought a sense of serenity and peace to Tifa that she hadn't ever known as just 'Chita.' This was the Love that she had been looking for all this time from her Mother who knew nothing of it, herself. It was the L'sia curse, after all; rather, the Devourist curse.

... Even now, wherever she was, Tifa hoped that her 'mother,' who was now probably nothing more than her sister, was able to feel and understand this Love as well, considering that they were connected through the Crystal Heart, as Tifa made CERTAIN to do before her reincarnation as a full Tensei. (8:18)

At that moment, from her slumber, just as deep as what was undergone by Signis, Blue would awaken in her true form; a form that was, after being reunited with Signis in harmony, given Color and Light, shimmering with the light of the stars trapped in crystalline gems. They, the Lucicrystals, which drew from the power of the Queen of All Stars, Magna Signis, would be filled with the light of all of the elements and the celestial power of the heavens. Blue, who had the light shining on her now, would be revealed as 'Matrem Crysta,' a beautiful mistress that had merely undergone the alias of 'Blue' in order to keep tabs on everything going on from the shadows. She, being royalty, wasn't supposed to do this, but it was for the sake of the Shizukana Ao, her realm cast in the Blue Shadow, as well as for Triere, who was the overseer.

After the grand and epic battle with Signis once she became corrupted by the Insanity and used the power of the Red Sun to destroy her entire land, she threatened to do the same to the land trapped in the Blue Shadow. However, with the instruction of Triere herself, Blue was able to overcome Signis and keep her nice and cool until the time came for the both of them to awaken with their powers in harmony and no longer in opposition. With that, balance would also be found within Triere herself; her Fire and her Ice to counteract and yet work with each other. 'Blue,' who was classified as a 'Phantom' in her previous form, could actually bear to reveal herself in the light... And, like a glittering goddess adorned with gleaming gems, she was beautiful.

"... Signis...? You're awake...?" After feeling and seeing the awakening of Signis down below through a fiery manifestation that appeared before Tifa, Blue knew that it was time for her to act as well. She rose up slowly from the top of the Amber Moon and floated gently toward the ground, not touching it, but only hovering ever so slightly above just as she were about to touch down, not unlike the Shinsangel from which she hailed. "... That means that... the Dragon is here..." She, too, peered at the girl, Tifaret, and gazed at L'sia, the Crystal Heart. "... The Heart that was corrupted by the original Skull Girl... Zita... And which used her power over Skulls to run rampant on its own... It seems as though it's power has finally been tamed by a L'sia..."

Because of Chita, she did not walk down the same path as her mother and become the new 'Skull Girl,' harboring Skull Magic like her mother, who abused the Crystal Heart, did. Instead of becoming Black, the darkness melted away and revealed its true colors; just the same as Blue. Made of crystal, one was able to see what 'Crystalheart's' true nature was only after breaking through the thick layer of darkness and revealing the Light inside; that which was supposed to harbor the Light of All Stars. "This is... What we were supposed to return to..." She reached her hand out to touch Magna Signis, whose fiery silhouette matched what looked to be a mixture of Tifa and Blue together. "... You. Touch us. You're the final piece of our Trinity..." This was what she knew for a fact. After the three of them touched, then the 'Mistral' would be complete. She didn't know her place, but Blue could see in the Crystal Heart that she was the one; that is why she bore it. The Keeper of Light... of Love.

The Crystal Heart felt the vibrations of the Queen of Stars pulsating from beyond the unknowing Tifa's chest, which started to bring the Light of Love that was the Crystal Blood to a boil. It became hot, seething with the power of the stars; the cosmos spiraling into a single point of activation. At that moment, from her chest, the great, long neck of the Dragon extended outward and up high into the sky, peering down at the giant Amber Moon blazing before it.

"... The Core..." she muttered, gazing down at Magna Signis, closing her eyes, "Mmm... It feels warm... I missed this feeling..." Yet, down below, there was something else; the Crystal Body. Both of these two Chrysms; Solchrysm and Lunechrysm, were two fragments of the Crystal Heart. "The warmth of the Blood... and the Flesh to contain it..." As she was, L'sia was nothing more than concentrated light itself. Though she could retain her form outside of the confines of the Crystal Heart's chambers in light form, she could not physically take on any shape beyond it without the Blood and the Body; that which were the Red Dragon, Carnage and the Blue Dragon, Frostbite. "... It's time to come home then, children..." She would extend her long, bronchial neck down from on high and meet the eye of both Magna Signis and Matrem Crysta, connecting the power of the Crystal Heart to them. At that point, they would be drawn into the Crystal Dragon and, in resonance, become one with her. At the same time would the Amber Moon be consumed by the great Dragon, letting its power fill the Crystal Heart.

"Ah... The boy inside of the Zero World... He has been waiting..." the Dragon murmured to herself, having watched Pumpkinhead struggle in painful misery. (5:52) Even now, he waited patiently and quietly in the background for his time to come. And that time was now. "That child has waited long enough..." Even though he was noble enough to allow others to go before him, it was decided unanimously by Serulenia and L'sia, on behalf of all the other Shinsanities, that he be brought back first. After ingesting the two pieces that would extend the Crystal Heart, L'sia closed her eyes, the Crystal Heart stripping itself from the Void Girl's cavity, "... And so has this one..." She knew that the two of them were the Lost Children that were confined to the Zero World's curse because there was no love for either of them before; yet now, through the workings of the Crystal Heart, that would come to pass. And so, with Magna Signis and Matrem Crysta bound as the same being, L'sia would take the power of Tifa, the bearer, and combine all of their powers... Whilst, simultaneously, putting the Fourth Moon in place where it was supposed to be.

Tifa, mesmerized by the pumpkins dancing before her in the flame, and the thought of that super cute redhead that looked pretty delicious to her, could barely hear the words of neither Magna Signis nor Matrem Crysta, for her visions of the Pumpkin were just too powerful to ignore. In her daze, however, the Crystal Heart seemed to act on its own, sprouting from her chest as a magnificent dragon made of pure light. "Woah... Crystalheart...?" She did not know its true name nor nature, since she was merely the carrier of it. She hadn't seen what happened that made this Dragon come out, but apparently, something went on with the Crystal Heart elsewhere that made it so powerful suddenly. She continued to watch in awe, unsure of what to do about it all, herself. Yet, somehow, it seemed like trusting in the Heart got things taken care of itself. She saw, as it consumed the giant Amber Moon and both the fiery apparition and the crystalline woman simultaneously, the vision of that redhead coming into fruition... And, at the same time, that Pumpkin power surging through herself.

"Gh..." she clenched her chest, trying to stop the light from pouring out, but instead, it seemed to start taking its own form outside of her chest. It didn't hurt, it just felt really weird... Like overwhelming power that she could barely control pouring out and running over. "Wha... When did you get so strong, Crystalheart...?" She wasn't sure what was going on, but she felt inside of herself a change occurring... Something powerful. Like all of the light that was within the heart was pouring into her whilst, at the same time, the Heart itself was giving itself its own form. She felt it; like a powerful Wavelength, and it would cause her hair to gain a shimmering silvery sheen; a luster that looked like pure light given shape and form. It completely encompassed her, allowing the Will of Tensei to fill her body as well as the energy of L'sia to merge with it and her Lombardi blood, immediately activating her celestial power and amplifying it to lengths she was not aware that she could reach. This power would spill into the manifestation pouring from the Crystal Heart, where her power would be shared and linked to what was being formed...

"... Woah... Is this what Tear set me up for...?"

With all of the energy pouring from the Crystal Heart; rather, the Crystal Heart itself taking a new shape and form, the image of the young one that was the combination of the three women before would emerge from the light, her skin glittering brightly in the light of the Red Sun, floes of snow sparkling around her before they spontaneously melted. Brought from her patient waiting from the Hotspot in the Sun, she would stand before Tifa as a shimmering Shinsangel; the first of her kind, as she was the first of the Insangels previously. Her entire form lit up light a shining goddess of crystal, and once she was complete, her blazing red eyes opened up to peer at the one who kept her inside. With Signis and Blue, who were now Magna Signis and Matrem Crysta, returned to her vessel, as well as the missing component that was Tifa, Triere would return to this world as the great Crystal Heart itself; the Heart of the Veritas. No longer would it be that dragon, nor the L'sia themselves at all. It was now only Tensei, and that Tensei's name was Triere, the Judgemaster.

"Ah... Back in the mainland... Home, sweet home..." she said nonchalantly, like none of that spectacular shit that just occurred happened at all in order to bring her back in her completed form. In fact, she pretty much brushed it off as it was nothing, leaving Tifa to stand there and do... Whatever she was gonna do. "Huh? Oh, yeah, Koudo's looking for you," she'd mention before minding her business and going about her business. "Okay, Perura... Your turn!" Where the Amber Moon's heat once radiated outward, after being contained inside of Triere, it would be cooled and leave only a gentle snow falling all around where the air became cooled exceptionally fast, even under the light of the Red Sun. (6:39) This snowfall in the light made a glorious rainbow appear through the sky, for it was supposed to be impossible for snow to fall in the Land of Great Fire. She, herself, was an anomaly, and creating many more spontaneously, as a signal to the forthcoming of a new day... A new Dawn.

"Let's start the New Year off right... Hmph. Of course it would be ME. I'm ME, after all." She flipped her hair, letting everything sift from the falling snow behind her, like opening a bottle of champagne and letting it sift all over the Dawn. The snow would eventually spread outward over the entire continent, and soon, would sift into the rest of the Veritas. All three of Khrona's daughters were finally where they belonged, keeping the land stable. She would be the end of the old Veritas and the beginning of the New Veritas; Triere Tensei.

"Absolute Final Wonderland."
And, on the mark of the rising Red Sun that would hit the glitter freeze, like confetti, the world would come together as the Tensei saw fit.

"It is done."
"Happy New Year, Veritas! Buahahaha!" <3

After the appearance of the Crystal Goddess, she who was the Judgemaster and the Heart of the Veritas, a portal would open and draw in Tifa, a hand reaching down and snatching her up before the portal closed off behind her. There, she would be taken to Hifen, the Hotspot in the Sun, where the Guardians of the Fourth Moon were to watch over the worlds from within their vacation home in the sun. There, the remainder of the awakening process would occur.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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The Sealing Void
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