The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

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 The Sealing Void

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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

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The Sealing Void - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: The Sealing Void   The Sealing Void - Page 3 EmptyMon Jun 01, 2020 10:50 am

First topic message reminder :


Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart

Posts : 338
Join date : 2014-11-17

The Sealing Void - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Sealing Void   The Sealing Void - Page 3 EmptyThu Jul 01, 2021 3:36 pm

Void 43: Land of the Red Sun; Amber Moon's Move

Without much warning, nor time to respond before she was shot off in some arbitrary direction as a speeding wavelength, she would appear at the Land of the Red Sun, which harbored the Amber Moon as its core power source. She stared at it and at the sun, finding something familiar about the two of them; almost like they were two different power sources as cores despite being a 'Sun' and a 'Moon' respectively.

"... That's weird,"she muttered, feeling the deep connection shared between the two separated spirits of the Pumpkinhead. The younger one, the moon, seemed to resonate with the Crystal Heart that she harbored within her, almost like they were two of the same components. She felt, inexplicably, drawn to it. "... I feel like... I feel like I know... I know what these two things are..." Despite being a Tensei and retaining her memories, she was left in the dark about anything that was outside of herself, meaning that she was not allowed to partake in the shared knowledge of the Family Bond yet. Due to this, she only had feelings about the Red Sun and Amber Moon, but did not know anything definite. That was why this was so damn difficult for her; everyone else was cheating. Knowing everything and not telling her straight out and shit. (7:07)

"It feels like... We belong together... Like... Missing parts of the same whole...?" She couldn't believe it. In her entire life, she hadn't ever been able to understand this sort of feeling. She thought it was a sexual attraction, but it felt like something different. She couldn't help but to be lost in thought about things that she was feeling inside but not quite understanding just yet. "... Man... When I look at this thing... I see a sexy redhead... Hahaha..." One with relatively nice tits... That didn't take any shit... A badass, like she was... "*hhhssssssshhh...*" she would begin to drool at the thought of her... before slurping it back up between her teeth like it hadn't happened. "Damn, why can't I find me a sexy bitch like that?"

When the time was right for her to awaken, Magna Signis, who retained her memory as Pumki, Corona (Megaera) and Signis, would groggily rub her eyes, as though she'd been sleeping for a long time. She could feel around her body a soothing chill, like the loving embrace of a very cold being keeping her heat from spilling over and destroying everything around her. She had awaken to see a beautiful land that was no longer barren by the blazing Red Sun, nor cast into the Blue Shadow. "... Blue...?" she muttered to herself, her consciousness slowly returning to her. "... Oh... What happened...?" Before she could even be gratified with an answer, a great hand attached to her and connected her immediately to the source of everything she was left in the dark about; Triere, her Insangel... Rather, a Shinsangel, now. Signis' awakening as Magna Signis was a testament to that.

"... Well now... Seems as though the Red Queen has been served, then..." she smiled happily, finding a sudden peace in being near Blue now, rather than being bitter rivals with her. Their age old battle had come to an end and they rested in peace with 'Priere.' Now, all that was left for them to do was to return home. "Hmmm... But who is this one...?" She inspected closely. The image of a beautiful young matron of about the same height and form as Tifa, though wrapped in flame and with a bulbous pumpkin head would gaze at her, inspecting the cavity where the Crystal Heart was being carried. "... Oh... There, I see now. Here to return the Heart to its proper place, then, and complete this Moon?" (7:47)

"What?" she said, as though being pulled out of a deep daydream about pumpkins and sexy red headed girls, "... Uh... Yeah, yeah definitely all of that. If you know how to get that done, I'm... I'm for it." She seemed mesmerized by this fire, and looking into it and seeing the shape of the same pumpkin head that had been dancing about her memory for quite a while was fascinating to her. For some reason, pumpkins seemed to be a recurring thing any and everywhere that she could find any relation to these two great bulbous red blots. In fact, with this one, she felt her stellar powers start to flare up a bit, and her hair become a blazing amber, similarly to the color of the burning Moon itself. "... Huh... He was right, then..." she said under her breath, not wanting to believe the words of that shady white haired guy. But, lo' and behold, he was right, and she could feel the missing piece of her that was this stellar power she had no control over previously rising up in tandem with the appearance of this girl. (8:08)

"Looks like it's about that time, then...?"

For some reason, fond memories of her father, Valerio Lombardi, came to her mind... The sensation filled her as the power of the stars escalated, almost like this was what the missing piece of her was that she'd been looking for... For so long, it was him. It was his birthday, after all.

"Ah... Happy Birthday, Pops," she said under her breath, proud to be wearing his name as an alias, even if she was a Tensei through and through now; L'sia and Lombardi only in spirit. (8:13) It was good that she would be able to receive his will in this way, and hopefully he would receive hers when she finally accepted control over this power and let it fill her completely, as the Light of the Crystal Heart had already done. She could feel his power coursing through her, and it radiated with the power of Magna Signis' projection. "Mmm... It feels warm, actually... Filled with love..." Who would have thought that, even from whatever planet he dipped off to, they were still connected? It brought a sense of serenity and peace to Tifa that she hadn't ever known as just 'Chita.' This was the Love that she had been looking for all this time from her Mother who knew nothing of it, herself. It was the L'sia curse, after all; rather, the Devourist curse.

... Even now, wherever she was, Tifa hoped that her 'mother,' who was now probably nothing more than her sister, was able to feel and understand this Love as well, considering that they were connected through the Crystal Heart, as Tifa made CERTAIN to do before her reincarnation as a full Tensei. (8:18)

At that moment, from her slumber, just as deep as what was undergone by Signis, Blue would awaken in her true form; a form that was, after being reunited with Signis in harmony, given Color and Light, shimmering with the light of the stars trapped in crystalline gems. They, the Lucicrystals, which drew from the power of the Queen of All Stars, Magna Signis, would be filled with the light of all of the elements and the celestial power of the heavens. Blue, who had the light shining on her now, would be revealed as 'Matrem Crysta,' a beautiful mistress that had merely undergone the alias of 'Blue' in order to keep tabs on everything going on from the shadows. She, being royalty, wasn't supposed to do this, but it was for the sake of the Shizukana Ao, her realm cast in the Blue Shadow, as well as for Triere, who was the overseer.

After the grand and epic battle with Signis once she became corrupted by the Insanity and used the power of the Red Sun to destroy her entire land, she threatened to do the same to the land trapped in the Blue Shadow. However, with the instruction of Triere herself, Blue was able to overcome Signis and keep her nice and cool until the time came for the both of them to awaken with their powers in harmony and no longer in opposition. With that, balance would also be found within Triere herself; her Fire and her Ice to counteract and yet work with each other. 'Blue,' who was classified as a 'Phantom' in her previous form, could actually bear to reveal herself in the light... And, like a glittering goddess adorned with gleaming gems, she was beautiful.

"... Signis...? You're awake...?" After feeling and seeing the awakening of Signis down below through a fiery manifestation that appeared before Tifa, Blue knew that it was time for her to act as well. She rose up slowly from the top of the Amber Moon and floated gently toward the ground, not touching it, but only hovering ever so slightly above just as she were about to touch down, not unlike the Shinsangel from which she hailed. "... That means that... the Dragon is here..." She, too, peered at the girl, Tifaret, and gazed at L'sia, the Crystal Heart. "... The Heart that was corrupted by the original Skull Girl... Zita... And which used her power over Skulls to run rampant on its own... It seems as though it's power has finally been tamed by a L'sia..."

Because of Chita, she did not walk down the same path as her mother and become the new 'Skull Girl,' harboring Skull Magic like her mother, who abused the Crystal Heart, did. Instead of becoming Black, the darkness melted away and revealed its true colors; just the same as Blue. Made of crystal, one was able to see what 'Crystalheart's' true nature was only after breaking through the thick layer of darkness and revealing the Light inside; that which was supposed to harbor the Light of All Stars. "This is... What we were supposed to return to..." She reached her hand out to touch Magna Signis, whose fiery silhouette matched what looked to be a mixture of Tifa and Blue together. "... You. Touch us. You're the final piece of our Trinity..." This was what she knew for a fact. After the three of them touched, then the 'Mistral' would be complete. She didn't know her place, but Blue could see in the Crystal Heart that she was the one; that is why she bore it. The Keeper of Light... of Love.

The Crystal Heart felt the vibrations of the Queen of Stars pulsating from beyond the unknowing Tifa's chest, which started to bring the Light of Love that was the Crystal Blood to a boil. It became hot, seething with the power of the stars; the cosmos spiraling into a single point of activation. At that moment, from her chest, the great, long neck of the Dragon extended outward and up high into the sky, peering down at the giant Amber Moon blazing before it.

"... The Core..." she muttered, gazing down at Magna Signis, closing her eyes, "Mmm... It feels warm... I missed this feeling..." Yet, down below, there was something else; the Crystal Body. Both of these two Chrysms; Solchrysm and Lunechrysm, were two fragments of the Crystal Heart. "The warmth of the Blood... and the Flesh to contain it..." As she was, L'sia was nothing more than concentrated light itself. Though she could retain her form outside of the confines of the Crystal Heart's chambers in light form, she could not physically take on any shape beyond it without the Blood and the Body; that which were the Red Dragon, Carnage and the Blue Dragon, Frostbite. "... It's time to come home then, children..." She would extend her long, bronchial neck down from on high and meet the eye of both Magna Signis and Matrem Crysta, connecting the power of the Crystal Heart to them. At that point, they would be drawn into the Crystal Dragon and, in resonance, become one with her. At the same time would the Amber Moon be consumed by the great Dragon, letting its power fill the Crystal Heart.

"Ah... The boy inside of the Zero World... He has been waiting..." the Dragon murmured to herself, having watched Pumpkinhead struggle in painful misery. (5:52) Even now, he waited patiently and quietly in the background for his time to come. And that time was now. "That child has waited long enough..." Even though he was noble enough to allow others to go before him, it was decided unanimously by Serulenia and L'sia, on behalf of all the other Shinsanities, that he be brought back first. After ingesting the two pieces that would extend the Crystal Heart, L'sia closed her eyes, the Crystal Heart stripping itself from the Void Girl's cavity, "... And so has this one..." She knew that the two of them were the Lost Children that were confined to the Zero World's curse because there was no love for either of them before; yet now, through the workings of the Crystal Heart, that would come to pass. And so, with Magna Signis and Matrem Crysta bound as the same being, L'sia would take the power of Tifa, the bearer, and combine all of their powers... Whilst, simultaneously, putting the Fourth Moon in place where it was supposed to be.

Tifa, mesmerized by the pumpkins dancing before her in the flame, and the thought of that super cute redhead that looked pretty delicious to her, could barely hear the words of neither Magna Signis nor Matrem Crysta, for her visions of the Pumpkin were just too powerful to ignore. In her daze, however, the Crystal Heart seemed to act on its own, sprouting from her chest as a magnificent dragon made of pure light. "Woah... Crystalheart...?" She did not know its true name nor nature, since she was merely the carrier of it. She hadn't seen what happened that made this Dragon come out, but apparently, something went on with the Crystal Heart elsewhere that made it so powerful suddenly. She continued to watch in awe, unsure of what to do about it all, herself. Yet, somehow, it seemed like trusting in the Heart got things taken care of itself. She saw, as it consumed the giant Amber Moon and both the fiery apparition and the crystalline woman simultaneously, the vision of that redhead coming into fruition... And, at the same time, that Pumpkin power surging through herself.

"Gh..." she clenched her chest, trying to stop the light from pouring out, but instead, it seemed to start taking its own form outside of her chest. It didn't hurt, it just felt really weird... Like overwhelming power that she could barely control pouring out and running over. "Wha... When did you get so strong, Crystalheart...?" She wasn't sure what was going on, but she felt inside of herself a change occurring... Something powerful. Like all of the light that was within the heart was pouring into her whilst, at the same time, the Heart itself was giving itself its own form. She felt it; like a powerful Wavelength, and it would cause her hair to gain a shimmering silvery sheen; a luster that looked like pure light given shape and form. It completely encompassed her, allowing the Will of Tensei to fill her body as well as the energy of L'sia to merge with it and her Lombardi blood, immediately activating her celestial power and amplifying it to lengths she was not aware that she could reach. This power would spill into the manifestation pouring from the Crystal Heart, where her power would be shared and linked to what was being formed...

"... Woah... Is this what Tear set me up for...?"

With all of the energy pouring from the Crystal Heart; rather, the Crystal Heart itself taking a new shape and form, the image of the young one that was the combination of the three women before would emerge from the light, her skin glittering brightly in the light of the Red Sun, floes of snow sparkling around her before they spontaneously melted. Brought from her patient waiting from the Hotspot in the Sun, she would stand before Tifa as a shimmering Shinsangel; the first of her kind, as she was the first of the Insangels previously. Her entire form lit up light a shining goddess of crystal, and once she was complete, her blazing red eyes opened up to peer at the one who kept her inside. With Signis and Blue, who were now Magna Signis and Matrem Crysta, returned to her vessel, as well as the missing component that was Tifa, Triere would return to this world as the great Crystal Heart itself; the Heart of the Veritas. No longer would it be that dragon, nor the L'sia themselves at all. It was now only Tensei, and that Tensei's name was Triere, the Judgemaster.

"Ah... Back in the mainland... Home, sweet home..." she said nonchalantly, like none of that spectacular shit that just occurred happened at all in order to bring her back in her completed form. In fact, she pretty much brushed it off as it was nothing, leaving Tifa to stand there and do... Whatever she was gonna do. "Huh? Oh, yeah, Koudo's looking for you," she'd mention before minding her business and going about her business. "Okay, Perura... Your turn!" Where the Amber Moon's heat once radiated outward, after being contained inside of Triere, it would be cooled and leave only a gentle snow falling all around where the air became cooled exceptionally fast, even under the light of the Red Sun. (6:39) This snowfall in the light made a glorious rainbow appear through the sky, for it was supposed to be impossible for snow to fall in the Land of Great Fire. She, herself, was an anomaly, and creating many more spontaneously, as a signal to the forthcoming of a new day... A new Dawn.

"Let's start the New Year off right... Hmph. Of course it would be ME. I'm ME, after all." She flipped her hair, letting everything sift from the falling snow behind her, like opening a bottle of champagne and letting it sift all over the Dawn. The snow would eventually spread outward over the entire continent, and soon, would sift into the rest of the Veritas. All three of Khrona's daughters were finally where they belonged, keeping the land stable. She would be the end of the old Veritas and the beginning of the New Veritas; Triere Tensei.

"Absolute Final Wonderland."
And, on the mark of the rising Red Sun that would hit the glitter freeze, like confetti, the world would come together as the Tensei saw fit.

"It is done."
"Happy New Year, Veritas! Buahahaha!" <3

After the appearance of the Crystal Goddess, she who was the Judgemaster and the Heart of the Veritas, a portal would open and draw in Tifa, a hand reaching down and snatching her up before the portal closed off behind her. There, she would be taken to Hifen, the Hotspot in the Sun, where the Guardians of the Fourth Moon were to watch over the worlds from within their vacation home in the sun. There, the remainder of the awakening process would occur.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

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PostSubject: Re: The Sealing Void   The Sealing Void - Page 3 EmptyThu Jul 01, 2021 3:47 pm

Void 44: Vacationing~! (Limited Time Deal!!!)

"As you wish," she responded clearly, pulling the strings on the grand Crystal Nexus and pulling from the end of the thread one that was tied closely to Koudo; she whom he previously knew as 'Chita.' A portal opened up and dropped her from where she was previously, as if exchanging places with Triere on the spot. "Here is Tifaret C. Lombardi." After completing the connection, Tina would immediately close the portal until her services were needed again. With that, Tifa and Koudo were left to do as they saw fit within the isolated realm. (6:59)

Without having any time to even comprehend what all had just occurred before her eyes, and even within herself, Tifa was taken elsewhere, yet again, as though she were just flung in another direction by Tear. Though, this time, it didn't seem to be Tear's doing at all. No, there was a difference in the way the energy flowed. She wasn't sure who that redhead was, nor why there were pumpkins involved, but something about it just... clicked inside of her. Like she knew some things that previously were being kept from her.

"... I see..." she muttered to herself, similarly to how Tear spoke to her before, no longer lost and confused. She felt the warmth of this place and remembered when she and Alex Star made this together... Like a scorching love note from that bastard and his red hair. "... If only he were a chick. I would have definitely boned him." She shrugged her shoulders. He was also far too immature for her taste, anyway... Not to say that, back then, she wasn't the same way. In fact, from the way Tear spoke to her... She was the same way to him. That would actually grind her gears a bit, to think that she would compare herself to... 'Alex Star' in the eyes of another. She shuddered.

"... Damn that kid." Shaking her head, she finally noticed Koudo standing relatively close by. Tifa hopped up, nonchalantly, like nothing had even happened, on one of the bar stools that were before the Hawaiian looking shack in the midst of the resort, just before one would reach the sand of the beach. "Yo, Koudo! What are you doing here?"

Koudo sighed. In the heat of Hifen, it seemed a bad idea to keep this leather jacket on, and so he decided to take it off and casually toss it over his shoulder. Pit stains on his white t-shirt were the least of his worries, though, he just hated being hot. Maybe it had something to do with the elemental affinity his chakra usually took. He wasn't particularly sure. Everything about him seemed to always funnel back to his chakra.

"Burning the fuck up, currently, and thinking about killing somebody for a drink of whiskey." He answered honestly as he began to wave himself. He hadn't noticed the temperature earlier since the two mistresses of Cool, Triere and Perura, had minimized it and, essentially, made the perfect tepid environment in which he was the most comfortable. Now, he felt like he needed to lose his t-shirt too in order to return to that equilibrium.

He stopped fanning himself, turning his head towards were Chita had taken her seat, and stroking his chin that was beginning to grow stubble. "So, got any?" He asked with that playfully roguish grin he'd cultivated a reputation, and, according to one of his partners, a "cult following", for having. He assumed it was just the jealousy talking.

"Dude," she scoffed at him in a kiddish manner through a lackadaisical grin, "This is my personal Private Resort. Of course I've got some drinks in the back." She planted her hand firmly upon the surface of the table and used it as leverage to hop over and to the back, where the bartender usually stood. She ducked down for a moment, rustling of glass heard clattering underneath, before she whipped out a loaded bottle waiting to be cracked open. "Want the whole bottle, or you need a glass or something?" It would be pretty nice to chill at her resort on a day like today and just relax... Especially after all of the crap she just went through without much rhyme nor reason. Some of it she was still barely understanding, but it would come to her in time. Maybe a decent little chat or something. "It's been a while. Last time we talked, we had that badass fight before you went back to deal with cuzzo." She, just in case, whipped out another bottle, having it prepared just in case.

Koudo genuinely smiled at the sound of that, and those bottles clanking towards, not to mention the sweet view he got of her butt as she jumped over the bar top. "I plain to be here for a while, so we can start with a couple glasses." Koudo replied as he walked up to the bartop, tossed his coat on a stool and sat on another one, "Hope you are a light weight."

Koudo genuinely enjoyed quality whiskey, and it was the only thing that his body would allow him to get drunk on. With his near-constant rapid cell regeneration, most alcohols never had an affect on him so he could drink most things for forever and it'd just be like drinking water. Whiskey, since it was his favorite, he assumed he mentally allowed to influence him so he could actually enjoy it.

Scratching his head, Koudo folded his arms on the bar top and lowered it with a sigh. "Yeeeah, we didn't last very long after that." Koudo confessed with another sigh. Chita was one of his closest friends, possibly even closer than Triere herself, and he found himself confiding in her more than he did any other. He hoped she didn't mind, but his falsely perceived, and nearly, self-absorbed and amoral personality didn't allow him to think that she did.

"She dumped me."

At the request for glasses, Tifa lowered her hand behind the bar and pulled up two; not too great in volume, but enough where he could sip his drink for a while without needing another pour. Playing 'bartender' in the back, she listened to his troubles with the non-Tensei side of the family and found herself a little shocked to hear that they didn't last. "What?" she exclaimed mid-pour, nearly spilling some of the liquid gold on the counter top, "How did THAT happen?" It didn't sound like Mana to simply go dumping people... But, there was a lot going on in the family and just on the Lost World in general when the Veritas was still connected to it. Not only that, she hadn't talked to the Rituke side of the family in quite some time, regardless, and hadn't seen how the kids had been developing. It was kinda nice to be able to look at the planet from up on its sun, even if some of the areas were looking kinda... Not so hot. No pun intended.

"You must have fucked it up somehow," she joked, pouring herself a glass and sliding his cup over to him after dropping a few ice cubes in it, "Didn't you~?" Though she didn't ask directly, it was definitely her way of inquiring about the situation further, in so many words. They were close enough where such directness wasn't necessary, since the meaning was understood due to how well they knew each other. It was actually pretty nice to have friendly ties with someone so that some things could be left unsaid, even if to others, they would probably need it. She placed the bottle back on the table, which would already be half gone from filling both their cups. She raised her cup up to him, as though signaling to toast, wanting to also recognize this time of relaxation that they two of them could share in peace without worry of some fucked up terrible shit happening all over the place.

Koudo sighed even louder, if that was even possible with him letting out his draconic roar of anguish, as he held his hand out to catch his sliding glass with looking up. "Yeah, I fucked up." He answered truthfully, knowing exactly what had driven Mana away and how he could have prevented it. No matter how much he knew how to do it, he just couldn't willingly deviate from what he was trained, practically from birth, to do: Kill.

Koudo rose his head, and his glass, and tapped it against hers before taking a couple sips and sitting the cup back down on the bar top. He let the liquor sitting in his mouth for a little while before savoring it as he swallowed it down. After that, he spoke up. "I knew she was close to leaving anyway, had been talking a lot about wanting to experience new things and find out about what her ascension to Goddess allowed her to do and what it meant. Unfortunately, I couldn't help her as much as I wanted too, since I needed to work to provide for my sister and my 'pack.'"

He stopped talking and took another sip from his glass, but let this one go down much faster than he had the first one. He'd gotten accustom to the taste of it now. "We got into an argument about why I killed for money instead of doing something else, she didn't like the answer, she wanted to experience more of the world than stay with a murderer and she left me." He finished up and looked towards Chita to see how she was reacting to the story. He'd heavily generalized it, and didn't mention how he'd really fallen afterwards, but he figured she would get the gist and understand the entirety. She was one of the smarter people he'd met on the Lost World, street and book.

With a clink of their glasses, she took a swig of her own, listening to his story through the sips of her cup. The story sounded a bit interesting, but something about the 'ascension to Goddess' reminded her about what the whole Tensei struggle was all about. Must have been more of their mother's heritage in there rather than their father's, considering that his lineage was exceedingly more magically inclined.

"So, let me get this straight," she said rather bluntly, leaning over the table in a bit of disbelief, "You're telling me that she left you because she was becoming a Goddess? That sounds a little pompous, if you ask me. If you love each other, those things shouldn't matter." She looked down at her glass, swirling it in her hand, sighing deeply whilst looking down forlornly at her reflection in the shimmering liquid. She saw her face and found it pathetic, actually... What did she know about Love when she could barely fathom it, herself? Must have been the Crystal Heart talking, or something... Couldn't have been her.

After her brief pause to reflect on how much of a hypocrite she sounded like, she caught herself before she went to far on a different train of thought, "... Sounds to me like she was the one that was wrong..." Her voice was a lot less forceful than before, almost like she was wayward in her speech and in her thoughts, "... But hey, if that's not the type of life she wanted, she shouldn't have gotten with you in the first place. Just not meant to be, I say." She said that with much more confidence than before, gulping down a large portion of her drink after coming to such a conclusion. With an exasperated sigh of relief, and also with a bit of disdain for the actual taste of the drink, she would exhale sharply and set her glass on the table.

"... At least you had somebody." In all her years, Tifa, not even as Chita, had ever actually been with anyone. She wanted to, so very badly, but even people that she'd formed bonds with that seemed to have a deeper connection with her turned out to not be 'the one' for her. She knew that she had a thing for chicks, and knew herself to be a lesbian, but at the same time, there were times where she also felt for guys, like Alex Star and even Koudo. She wasn't sure what to make of it... And after going through puberty basically all on her own, there were many things that she still didn't quite understand. No father. Nigh unbearable mother. She had to discover all of her secrets about herself on her own. "... Man, I'd kill to have someone right now... Or, ever, really..." She didn't want to be like her mother and rope people in with seduction, even if it ran thick in her blood. That wasn't the type of life she wanted, even if she was gifted with the body to do so. No matter how much she liked sex and all that came with it... Something in her prevented her from acting on it. Perhaps, that Sealing Wavelength...

"But whatever. I... I guess I'll either find someone or be alone forever. I've been alone all this time, so it's no big deal." She shrugged it off, not even paying attention to the fact that she'd, even still, found a way for her thoughts to divert from the subject and off on a tangent. "Don't mind me," she had to say, clearing up the blatant impoliteness she knew was there from her tangent, "I just get lost in my own head sometimes." It wasn't that she didn't hear nor that she was paying attention, it was just that the conversation sparked things in her head that she just hadn't been thinking of before. "... No, but go on. What's up with your 'pack' and your sister? I haven't heard much about either of them, if at all." Last time they met up, they were having an epic battle, so they didn't get to talk too much on things outside of general 'catching up,' as they usually always did for the short time that they ever came back into contact. Whilst they had this time to relax and enjoy her family's resort, she felt that she might as well have a more deep conversation with him until it was time for either of them to be on their way. Making the most of this time, since it probably wouldn't happen again for a while, if ever. She took another sip as she waited for his response.

Koudo let his fingers dance on the glass, tapping it lightly, as he turned his head away from Chita and stared down into the liquid of the glass. He could see the solemn look on his face reflecting back up at him and he really didn't like it. After he left the Veritas, for the second time, to strike out on his own, he'd gotten a lot more carefree, so seeing this serious look really killed his vibe. He thought about taking another drink, but waited and just swirled the liquor around in his cup.

As he figured, Chita got the gist of the situation from how general he kept the explanation, there was something that she'd gotten a skewed perspective on. Mana hadn't left because she was becoming a goddess, that wasn't the issue and she was already in goddess form when they were together. She left because, much like Koudo, she had an adventurer's spirit and wanted to experience new things. Their argument about why he continued to murder to survive was the catalyst for her to know it was time to leave.

He couldn't blame her either, or say that how things ended up was wrong on her part. When it came to relationships, especially with romantic ones, Koudo was always one to get what he wanted and leave things before anyone could really get too attached. With Mana, she was his first long term relationship and it felt natural that, after a while, they would eventually split up. Nothing even last, especially first loves, and he wished her the best with no regrets, even though he was wounded deeply about it. He'd always been light on Mana, while he could be hard and dark towards everyone else, and that didn't change. He'd still love her for the rest of his life and he knew, or wished deep down, that she felt the same way.

So when Chita finally got to her ending phrase, Koudo nodded and drunk to it. There was nothing else to say beside that it wasn't meant to be, and he'd accepted that with relative passivity. Even as it was happening, he didn't try to stop her because he didn't want to seem demanding, overbearing, or even abusive. He didn't want to stunt her growth as a person, or goddess, either. He couldn't protect her forever, and she needed to experience more hardships than she was used too so she could grow into the type of adult that she wanted to be.

"Chita..." He whispered after swallowing his drink, and looked towards her as she began sinking into her feelings. He supposed it was selfish of him to discuss his relationship problems with her, when he didn't know much about how relationships were going for her. In fact, he didn't know if she had ever even dated anyone. He just figured that she had slightly muted level of promiscuity, when compared to her mother, but was still active.

He wanted to reach over and, perhaps give her a hug. He itched to catch her in her feelings and take advantage of it by pushing up on her. He'd always been attracted to Chita, more than in a purely sexual sense, but he didn't do either thing. They were really good friends right now, and he track record for keeping his female 'friends' after they'd been together, in that way, wasn't too good. Scarlet had been the only one who understood him, and his complexities, deep enough to know not to hold it against him. There were some abandonment issues he hadn't worked through.

He lightened his gaze, turning his head to look towards the back of the bar as he stilled his fingers on his glass. She said not to mind it, so he stayed quiet on it. He got like that too. "Ah them? Everyone's doing fine. For a while, Yui had to get used to Mana not being in the house anymore since she'd really taken a shine to her, but Naina was able to explained why she was gone in a way Yui could understand much better than I ever could. She's getting so big now too, and so smart, so cute. Soon, she'll start wanting to learn how to use chakra and I know she's Water Affinity like me." He could gush about his doted on little sister all day if he wanted, but he choose to leave it there.

"The girls are doing great, didn't approve of how I handled myself for a while after the break-up, and all my animals are just fine too." Them, he could speak less about. Not because he didn't care for them, but the girls were largely independent except for when they were all tackling a really hard job together. His menagerie was never that interesting a conversation unless the person he was talking to was really into exotic wildlife.  Chita, for as interesting a character she was, didn't seem the type.

He rose his glass and finished the rest of the drink with a satisfied sigh afterwards as he used on of his fingers to bend the ice back into water and drink that as well. Water pushed the liquor through his system faster, so that he could get drunk sooner rather than later. He turned to Chita and offered the glass she that she could pour more into it, if she was still playing bartender, and as he did that he asked, "What about you? I've seen, and made amends with Triere, so tell me what you've been up to." With his sensitive nose, he could smell the scent of a dragon on her and it was slightly irritating.

As Koudo spoke on the many things that occurred in his life, especially with he and Mana, she could tell that the hardships had really gotten to him and, despite the front he put up of being okay, there was some depth to the wound of their split. 'Looks like the both of us have our deep, personal scars...' she thought, already able to read it all over his face. She almost regretted asking him, but knew that he would be okay, even so. They had a lot in common, even from the way that they handled their hurt and their liquor. Perhaps that is what made the two of them such good, close friends; the fact that they could relate on a level most others would just not understand or piss them off about. That was good to know.

The soft whisper of her name alerted her to his understanding, but much to her embarrassment, considering that she wasn't really the type to enjoy feeling any sort of pity for. She winced at the thought, still thinking it a sign of weakness. She wasn't as bad as she was before about it, but being alone for so long will do that to you... Make you prideful of your strength to the point where sympathy seems like weakness rather than kindness. As much as she knew it was kindness in her head, something about her own personal confidence made her realize that it was she that thought so little of herself... That she was weak. She couldn't help but see the smug face of that haughty white-haired bastard smiling smugly at her, like she was just a stupid ruffian or something. The nerve. She clenched her glass tightly, once again getting carried off into her thoughts about her own shortcomings and the way she felt about herself and others...

Even with the thoughts running through her head, she was able to focus on Koudo and his story about his family and close loved ones. Though admittedly, she was a little envious of he having someone to talk to and be around, it was at least nice to know that there were people keeping him happy and that he had something to fight for. He had a lot, honestly... A lot more than Tifa did...

"I'm glad to hear that everyone you care about is doing pretty well, even on the Lost World," she finally said once Koudo completed his explanation, unscrewing the top from the bottle and taking it to the tip of the glass, "... Having those things probably helps with hardship. Having someone to come home to that's happy to see you..." she poured, to the point where it was almost full, then, simply because her own glass was low, poured some more for her self, "... People to give you a boost when you're down and that will smile at you and comfort you when you don't feel like it, yourself..." It almost seemed like she was speaking from experience; or lack thereof. There was a little bit of liquor left in the bottle; naturally, just enough for a swig... And of course, she'd take it right to the head and finish it off before placing the bottle away. She was, already, starting to feel the effects. Perhaps that was why she was loosening up in terms of talking... That, and because of who she was talking to, no doubt.

She felt something in her chest, though, the more she thought and spoke on these matters... Something unstable rising up. At first, it felt like heartburn, but as it grew, the pain seemed to be something new to her... And it made her almost want to cry. She didn't, naturally, but the feeling weighed heavy on her chest. Perhaps it was just the Crystal Heart acting up; couldn't have been her. She may not have been bearing the actual heart itself, but a fragment Chrysm still remained, from which a new one could grow and produce energy the same way as the Original. She didn't dwell on it, though, and instead, to try to keep it suppressed, she downed a few large gulps of her drink and sighed heavily in relief again. The disdainful taste really took her mind off of the distasteful feeling.

"Me?" she questioned, almost shocked to hear him ask about her, "Uh... Well..." She fumbled over her words partially because she was getting a little inebriated, even if only slightly, and partially because... she wasn't entirely sure, herself. All she could really tell him was, "Ya know... Tensei stuff," and leave it at that... But there were more parts that she actually did understand which she'd probably expound on.

"I don't really get all of it," she started, averting her gaze, "... But it all seems to somehow work out for the best in the end. Despite what it looks like when it starts or how it goes in the middle." There were always twists and turns; sometimes unnecessarily so, but they always found a way to get to the end. "I'm a Tensei now, by the way... Tifaret, is my name. It happened actually not too long after we went our separate ways... I... I was asked by Unc to stop this Black Dragon... And then it turns out that the Dragon itself was actually one of the Tensei Guardian Spirits or something, and was... something called the Crystal Heart." Her memories of the events were a little hazy, considering she was basically thrown from one instant to the next, but everything, in retrospect, actually came together quite nicely in her head, "... It went into the Void that was inside of me and started to fill it up, and suddenly, I got this awesome power that seemed extremely familiar to me... Almost like it was already within me..." Something that her L'sia heritage interacted with rather well, for whatever reason that was. "Anyway, long story short, I get this Crystal Heart, which is some ancient Tensei dragon of crystal, and it helped me grow. In fact, before I came here, Triere appeared before me and I underwent some sort of weird transformation... And I feel this new power surging through me..."

Being new to the 'Tensei' side of the family, considering her original Devourist lineage of 'L'sia,' she wasn't too privy on the Thirteen Restrictions nor the fact that she'd ascended from the First to the Second, nor did she know how or why it happened. To her, it just looked like a whole bunch of random spectacular shit happening all at once with no real rhyme or reason at all. Maybe it was just a lot to take in.

"I'm not really sure of my role in this family... Or why I got chosen to be part of it... But I definitely don't feel like I am... Nor that I'm doing my best, in comparison to everyone else..." She'd seen all the amazing things all the other Tensei could do and also did like it was just nothing at all; like they did this all the time for a living. From that man Thanytoz that she met and led her to understanding her power over the Zero World to her cousin... or... Sister, Triere, that showed her the light of the Crystal Heart, they all did all types of amazing things and she was just... Well. The one who carried the Heart for a little while. She shook her head, almost ashamed, "... Why am I even telling you this? I'm sure it doesn't matter. No one likes the Tensei at all." She lowered her head, realizing as she spoke that she was also one of them now... and it simply made things all the worse. "... Yeah... Nobody..."

She couldn't figure out why she was so dismal about everything, but somehow, it just kept coming from her in that way. She didn't want to be 'that guy,' nor did she want to be seen as the 'sorry sap' that kept going on and on about all this terrible stuff. The two of them were here to relax and enjoy each other's company, and even if the conversation was getting a little deep, she wanted to make sure that she wasn't depressing Koudo. Even if she had literally no one to talk to about these problems, it didn't mean that he wanted to hear them, especially with so many of his own. She didn't care this much before; about anyone nor anything, actually. She used to be very selfish. 'Maybe... That's just this whole Tensei thing. The Crystal Heart talking. I shouldn't be feeling this way... I shouldn't...' And yet, she didn't know how to stop. The only thing she could do not was say, "Sorry," and continue to turn away, taking another huge gulp of her drink before slamming it down on the table.

He nodded along with what she was saying as she filled his glass, understanding her words quite well. He knew how lucky he was to have gotten Maina and Naina as his soul partners. How lucky he'd been when he saved Yui from her destroyed village and gave his life another purpose besides killing for money, infamy, and glory. He'd never cared about those things anyway, they came with the territory and the skill, and he didn't really care about much of anything before meeting Maina and Naina, and later Yui.

Happily, he retracted his hand as she finished filling his glass, turned his head to look back behind the bar and listened as she began to tell him about what had happened to her since the last time they'd see each other. "Ya know... Tensei stuff," Koudo smiled a little bit, and laughed at how awkwardly the answer seemed to escape her lips. It reminded him of how he would answer question about how his quest to find his mother was going. "Heh. I know how that goes." Which he did. Not only did he have experience in dealing with family stuff that he couldn't explain to others, but he had experience dealing with Tensei stuff that he couldn't explain to others. Triere had been one of his best friends after all.

He quieted himself as she went further to begin her story and he listened as carefully as he could to it, without any negative emotions about it. The Tensei was a complicated family and where, at first, he'd had a massive amount of disdain for them, due to his negative opinion of Khrona in particular, it was a different story now. Both Chita and Priere seemed to be heavily involved in its affairs and he couldn't let his opinion of one person dictate how he felt about all of them, especially since he'd felt attracted to a lot of them, and befriended a lot of them as well.  

He remained quiet for the majority of her explanation, reacting only to the key points most times; like why she smiled like a dragon and the fact that she was a part of the family as well. It seemed to be a trend for all the people that Koudo had chosen to be friends with; that they were now a Tensei instead of whatever they were before. He didn't judge though, because it wasn't any of his business and Chita didn't seem that upset about that fact. In fact, Koudo could hear she was uneasy about something else entirely. The intuition to know that came from his experience in dealing with people.

It was true that the majority of the people back on the Lost World viewed the Tensei family as nothing more than a nuisance, probably believing them to be a hindrance to the Lost World's growth. They had been the ones to loose the Insanity on the world and couldn't even contain when it seemed to be their job to do so, letting it get so out of hand that it began claiming whole regions of the planet as its on. A lot of people were glad the cursed family was gone so that they could deal with more pressing matters, like the Horsemen. Only problem was, no one was doing anything about them either and they hadn't made any moves.

Koudo took a sip of his drink, swallowing it down just as quickly as he was sipping it, and turned himself to face Chita, who was turning away from him and looking down at her glass. He took a breath, taking in her vulnerability in all its rare glory for a brief moment before he whispered, "Chita..." softly as he leaned in and moved a hand to raise her chin and place a kiss to her lips. It would appear that he was attempt to take advantage of her vulnerability to push up on her, but that wasn't his intention at all. He just felt like, he wasn't sure really. Like he needed to do it now, or he'd miss his chance to comfort her and make her his at the same time. Friends or not, the attraction was still there and Koudo wasn't an indecisive man.

She may have thought that no one liked the Tensei, and that Koudo didn't care about her and her story, but he liked and cared about her, possibly more than he did for Triere who was thriving in her new environment, and that was enough for him.

Tifa remained lost in her deep thought as the awkward silence set in between them. She expected Koudo to maybe pick up the conversation from there, or at least divert it elsewhere... She wasn't feeling like she could do it with the alcohol starting to kick in.

To her surprise, however, with the unprecedented movement of her chin to face him, found herself locking lips with her best and closest friend, in the heat of their drunken emotional depth. At first, this came to her as a shock, anger rising within her, which could be seen from how red her face became as she began to blush in embarrassment... but, perhaps, in her inebriation, she felt something... soothing in that connection. Something that sparked her soul. So, wherein she would have normally found herself beating the crap out of him (or anyone) who tried such a thing with her, she, instead, indulged in it for a short while... the kiss of a man. Her first kiss, at that.

She took the back of his head with her hand and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss whilst also taking control of the situation, driving her tongue into his mouth passionately for a moment or two whilst gazing him dead in his eyes; her own harboring a piercing, vigorous intensity that was only matched by the voracity of her own movements... Like two dragons wrestling for control. She didn't intend for it to be that way, not in the slightest, but somehow, that determination came over her when she was exposed to his strength.

Before too long, however, she pulled herself away, knowing that this connection was purely through the souls and not anything she was fond of physically. She was a lesbian and knew it to be true, but something about the Crystal Heart that beat within her made her want to (rather aggressively) show Koudo love that she knew he had for her. She could feel it now with the connection of their bodies; something she couldn't tell before before they touched. She could pick up on his wavelength more clearly now, and with that, she felt the powerful strength within his heart and soul resonating with hers.

She smirked at him, face still red, eyes still just as intense as before, and downed the rest of her drink, slamming the glass on the table. Her smirk grew wider, into a crooked, clearly drunken grin, before a slight chuckle, "... Heh..." escaped her lips. Without saying a word, she clenched her fist and slung it at Koudo's head with all the intent to knock his block off and send him for a loop with the strength of a dragon and the speed of a viper. She knew he'd be able to take it if it connected, no doubt, but it was just to give him his comeuppance for stealing a kiss from her without her permission. She had all such intent to send him flying.

"You thought it was sweet? Is that how it tasted...?" she lapped up some stray booze streaming down the corner of her mouth, almost sensually so before she hiccuped a little bit, "... I hope you came prepared to pay for it..." Seems like, perhaps, she wasn't the best drunk. There seemed to be complete coherence in her gaze, but it was also clear that she was still somewhat intoxicated, from her mannerisms. She swiped a bottle from under the counter again and hopped over from the bartender's side and back onto the seat, taking another few swigs straight to the head. Looks like she was getting a little rowdy... and from the look on her face, she definitely was enjoying indulging in it. Something about that draconian heritage shared between them must have accidentally triggered something... Something that she hadn't ever experienced due to lack of real sexual contact, despite how sexual she was naturally.

"Don't be startin' whatcha can't finish... bitch."

Koudo expected her to fight it, honestly. He knew it was a dumb idea to go for a kiss, even if he felt like it was the right thing to do. He knew she's probably hate it. He knew she would probably hate him for forcing it upon her. He knew that she probably wouldn't ever want to associate with him again, and he'd lose another woman in his life that he actually felt romantic feelings for. He knew these things and yet...

She didn't offer any resistance to him. He felt her deepen the kiss, pull him closer and try to wrest control of the situation from him. She stared into his eyes, a draconic gleam shining in hers that caused his to react. His pupils dilated for a while, before contracting to a more reptilian shape, as the beast within reacted to her... advances. Even if Koudo wanted to turn over control of the kiss to her, which he did not, the dragon didn't and wouldn't allow it. He matched her intensity, resisting the urge to get up out of his seat to impose his figure and size in within her gaze.

When it was over, he felt a bit short of breath, but not for being tired. They'd shared a kiss of intimacy that he'd never experienced, even with Triere and Mana both, and he had to recover. It took him a few seconds, an insignificant amount of time to a normal person, but he knew Chita would notice and capitalize. Even if they weren't locked in the throes of battle, punching one another senseless, this was still a battlefield and she was really good on those.

Reflexively, he rose his right hand to stop her fist and reached over his elbow with his left hand to grab his drink so he could finish it as well. He didn't answer her taunting, just let go of her hand and placed his glass back down on the table. Even if he tried to ignore her taunting, there was no denying that he had enjoyed the kiss and it was probably one of the sweetest tasting spit swaps he'd ever experienced, and he had loved kissing Mana. There was burning desire in him that he hadn't felt in a long time, and he knew the only way to quench it.

He narrowed his gaze, as he stared into her eyes, reaching over and taking her hand that held the fresh bottle in his own and standing to his feet. "Oh, I can finish just fine. You told me to find you if things didn't work out with your cousin." The young drakeling said, feeling the affects of his alcohol, but the attraction he had to Chita much more strongly. He stepped closer, suddenly wrapping his other arm around her before she could escape or try to pull away. "I want you, Chita." He declared with a bit of authority, and bass, in his voice before forcing another kiss upon her lips.

Maybe it was the initial attraction he'd had talking, maybe it was the booze impairing his judgment, or maybe it was the male dragon in him reacting to the female in her. Either way, Koudo had never felt such a burning intensity within him, except for when he was around Chita, and he was going to act on it.

She didn't expect him to just take the hit; not with all his natural skill and strength, as well as the reflexive nature of all the fruits of his ninja training. Nah, even with her own strength and speed, it was probable that he would be able to see, or even feel it coming. But it didn't stop her one bit, as usual. She found it mildly enticing to see that he actually heeded her words; naturally, with the reward being what it was, as was the intent back then. Even if they both were finding themselves, there was still something that the two of them somehow couldn't ever get around... And that was a fight whenever they met up. And a damn good one, at that.

"Heh, you say you want me," she started as he grabbed her hand, her own pupils narrowing into the form of keyhole shaped slits, "... But do you think you can take me?" She clenched her fist and, at the time he thought he was going to kiss her, a great hand palmed the entire back of his head, pulling it back and keeping his lips from touching hers just before they were about to meet; not even an inch away. She licked the perimeter of his lips with her own before, after a power struggle of keeping his head in place, jerking her own hand back with great force and simultaneously snatching his head away from her with the giant gauntlet that had its grip tightly secured upon the back of his head. It would fling him back into the sand, off the rather nicely finished hardwood floor that was the deck of the resort bar. He would find that his arm and hand would pass straight through her with no hesitation, as though she were a ghost of sorts, before Tifa herself took another shot of the bottle to the head, the gauntlet fading once the slight distance had been made between them.

"Want some...?" she'd say as she walked slowly toward him and onto the sand, an aura of crystal forming around her in a shape reminiscent of a dragon of light before tracing the rim of the bottle with her tongue. Koudo should have known by his own heritage that dragons only respected power, and right now, it seemed like his own had been acknowledged by hers.

He'd be lying now if he didn't expect the struggle this time. Chita was a Conqueroress, just as much as he was a Conqueror. He'd caught her off guard before, and she had been feeling the same things he had, but this time was different. She wouldn't allow him to impose himself upon her, but he wouldn't give up with trying. It was like the Immovable Object and Unstoppable Force, but, unfortunately, one of them would have to yield.

He growled at her, as she teased his lips, before he was pulled away and flung into the the dusty dunes of the resort, where he landed more comfortably than she would have liked with a backwards combat roll. Once his tumble was completed, he laid in the sand, resting on his right forearm, and looking towards her as she approached. There wasn't anything overly sexual in the way that she walked, but it definitely got his heart racing and his blood flowing, and the way her tongue danced along the rim of the bottle of whiskey had definitely gotten a rise.

"I'm not opposed to taking it, if you refuse to share." He cut his eyes low, letting the silvery blue color of his aura manifest around him as it always did when he was high emotion, or high energy. He rose his left hand towards the Dragoness, and beckoned her closer with his index finger. It was unclear if she wanted a fight, or not, but he would give it to her if she wasn't convinced. Then... he'd give it to her until she was thoroughly convinced...

"Then come and get it, you pussy!!" she exclaimed with a forceful stomp of her foot, sand bursting up around her into the air. Despite how little she used it, if Koudo remembered, she was quite the manipulator of the Earth, and Sand just so happened to be her specialty more than solid, hard ground. Sand compacted around the entirety of the bottle, to the point where it even formed a top upon the bottle in the shape of the end of a baseball bat, and around the body of the bottle, the sand took the shape of the rest of the bat, before she kicked off and started toward him with weapon in hand. The unstable footing of the sand didn't seem to effect her balance at all, and she moved as though she were walking on normal ground.

"Better show me a good time," she cried, stopping before him with her bat-handling hands cocked back, "Or you're gonna get cracked!!" With that, she swung the bat at him with great force, again with the intent to knock him out of the park. She was a heavy hitter, naturally, and he was gonna feel it, even with his own draconic strength. Somehow, the stimulation of engaging in combat seemed to be arousing, and the look on her face as she licked her lips was the clear indicator. She shared the eyes of the predator; the huntress, and would do nothing less than everything in her power to take down her prey... Savagely, if need be. The alcohol coursing through her seemed to be a contribution to her wild behavior, though, honestly, it wasn't that much different from when she normally got fired up whilst sober...

If there was any clearer an indication of a scuffle about to go down, then it would have been a simple slap to the face. Koudo didn't move from where he was laid, casual, as she made her exclamation and stomped the ground, instead opting to take a look around the environment he would have to prove his mettle within while keeping an ever watching eye on Chita. She could manipulate the Sand, she made that perfectly clear, so it appeared he was at a disadvantage, but he could see that there was a body of water close by; the pool. That was all he really needed.

As her swing came in, Koudo, rolled backwards and stood up on his hands before springing up into the air in just enough time to avoid her bat. The wind behind her swing enough to cause his hair to whip around his head. He moved his fingers, manipulating a bit of that wind so that he would carry him to the right, towards the pool. "Another Punishment Game, then, Chita?" Even in the throe of a battle about to heat up, fairly quickly, Koudo still had the time to reminisce on the last time that they traded blows. While technically he'd outmaneuvered her then, he'd given the victory to her. Her usage of a giant bat really reminded him of it, but the shoe was on the other foot this time.

He flipped over, and upright, in the air, with the wind still guiding him through it, and started to shadow box towards hers. "But I wonder just what it is you want me to do to you when I win!" With each swing of his fist, and thrust of his arm, bullet sized droplets of the water from the pool began flying towards her, air resistance absent, aiming more to rid her of those, surely to be heavy, clothes.

"Damn straight!" she scoffed, watching him casually evade her more than belligerent swing of the bat, "That's my gimmick; haven't you noticed, chump?" She stumbled a bit, having thrown herself just a bit off balance with as much power she put into the swing; her intoxication helping to distort her natural equilibrium a bit. Swirling around in the sand before stumbling to maintain her footing again, she'd make contact with Koudo's position when he touched down, finding him close to the big ass pool that was part of the Resort's natural charm, "... Shit... I forgot about that..." Not that it mattered, but that also gave him a bit of an edge the same was the Sand gave her hers.

When the bullets began to fly with the thrust of his fists, she was, at first, caught off guard by the initial flurry, and found part of her deep black jacket grazed by the watery bullets. There was no major damage to her clothing (nor nothing truly exposing), but it did give her some warning of how fast and powerful the water bullets were, despite their size. "Holy shit..." she muttered, taking off again to avoid being hit directly. She batted a few of them away with the sand bat, then ran down the sandy trail, each of her stomps forcing clods of sand to rise up before her to be used as her own form of ammunition. As quickly as they rose was as quickly as she'd swing her bat, knocking the sand balls toward Koudo from across the field and knocking his bullets out as they came toward her, canceling the two out.

She would, even so, hit a few more toward him beyond just to combat the bullets, to show him that they were a threat and not just a means of defense. If any water bullets managed to get past the sand balls, she would knock them away with the sand bat. The shots would form fists after reaching a certain point, reminiscent of Chita's own. The resort was, naturally, cyclical, being a 'sunspot' and all. The sand formed the outer layer, whilst the pool was more toward the center, where the lodge and the bar were. She would be able to run along the edge of the resort as long as need be, in a circle, around the bar and pool.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Koudo let a smirk cross his face as he landed on the ground right before the pool, the only thing of his element in this entire place, and watched her scramble away from his water bullets with no apparent cover in sight. He didn't stop his 'shadow boxing', and continued to fire off water bullets even though she cancelled a lot of them out with her sand balls and by blocking with her bat, saturating it with water. He was sure of a way to beat her now, but he wanted to wait for the perfect opportunity. One thing was for sure, she's want him to refill her pool when he was finished.

"Oh, why don't you try it the other way once in a while, huh?" Koudo wasn't nearly as drunk as she was, but he could feel the buzz and it was actually helping him in avoiding her sand balls that didn't collide with his water bullets. The aura around him, which was meant to heal his body from any damage, was working to rid his body of the alcohol as well.

"You'll have too." He almost ordered, slamming his feet down firmly on the ground and raising his hands in the air, causing the bulk of the water in the pool to rise up into the air. From there, he brought his hands back down and spread them out to his sides, causing the tidal wave of water to fall and their spread out around the circular resort. In theory, Koudo planned for all the water in the pool to be used to saturate all the sand that was in Chita's arsenal to make it harder for her to control, if she could even do it at all. If she couldn't, then this phase of the battle would be over.

After effectively combating the watery bullets and knocking them out of the park with her sand bat, she would then see that he'd gotten tired of playing ball with her. When he stopped, so did she, in order to pop the top off of the bat and take another good, long drink of the whiskey. She was completely intoxicated by that time, having taken in so much in such a short time. "Other way...?" she said with a slight slur, seeing all the water in her pool rise up at the raise of his hands, "... Ain't no otha way, boy... Can'tcha tell?" She poured the rest of the whiskey on the ground, into the sand, for the 'homies,' "... It runz in tha family!!"

When the waves came crashing down, she threw herself straight toward the water with her hands outstretched. Gauntlets formed in front of her, large enough to, once they cut through the water, part them with the wave of her hand to keep her and her immediate spot from getting soaked whilst also giving her a clear shot toward Koudo. They would dissipate as she soared toward him and she swung her bat at him yet again once she got closer. From the force of her fling, even if her bat didn't connect, the impact of her flying toward him would be enough to knock him into the empty pool. She was clearly a lot more reckless than she was normally...

Koudo only shook his head at her drunken behavior, and slurred speech. It was clear that earlier, neither of them were talking about the whiskey since she'd just poured out the rest of it into the sand. He cringed a little at the sight, it was a waste of some perfectly good whiskey.

He didn't have time to think about things of that nature though, clearly since Chita burst forward towards him before he could bring his hands together to slam the water in on her. "Then it sounds like you've never truly experienced it then." He stood his ground, happily, snapping his fingers and switching the aura around him from a silvery blue color to an orange one. He planned to take her bat, but not get sent flying.

He stepped forward, raising a hand to meet her bat as he made his approach. The orange aura, was his energy draining aura and it had immediately began pulling on the kinetic energy she was producing, like a parasite, and when it touched his hand to the bat, it took that energy as well, but not without causing his legs to buckle slightly. "A Euphoria you can only experience while being dominated." He regained himself and approached again, faster this time, pushing his hand against her bat to repulse it with the same strength she'd swung it with. He'd learned a lot of new tricks.

"Tch," she scoffed in tandem with the bat's abrupt stop. She wasn't thinking about that damned aura of his that she remembered had the same effect on her the last time they fought. When she saw it the memories flooded back, though, even in her slightly drunken stupor. Somehow, despite this, her eyes still remained coherent, even if the rest of her seemed noticeably askew. Once she saw his legs buckle out of the corner of her still rather sharp eyes, but not looking down to let him know of the perception, he'd feel something like a cold snake wrap around his ankle the very moment before he repulsed it, whilst he was in the midst of regaining himself. Once her bat was rebuked by his hand, she was sent spinning from the sheer force and her own balance thrown off; so fast, in fact, that her chain-tail that she seldom revealed would have enough strength to snatch the tall, heavy man right off his feet.

At that moment, the sand bat, being weakened not only by the water, but broken by the powerful force, would break away and leave only the almost completely empty bottle of whiskey in her hand, and the spinning drunkard would be hurled into the empty pool before her, lacking the intent to catch herself before she fell... and dragging Koudo along with her. Naturally, from such close proximity, they two would topple down together, Chita hitting the ground first, since she fell to it first.

"Well, whoze gunna teach meh, eh...?" she'd say, lying down and shaking the bottle for the last few drops, "... Surezhell ain't gunna be a scrub like you... Heh heh." she smirked smugly at him, before sneering at her empty bottle. "Damn... Needza refill..." Though she probably shouldn't have been drinking anymore, shit, she was having a nice time here and didn't intend to stop until she passed out, got bored, or was forced into submission... the latter of which she had no intention of allowing happen.

He certainly hadn't expected it, and he had forgotten she even had a tail in the first place. Or, maybe, he didn't know from the start. All he did know was that his arrogant repulse of her bat had sent her flying and, as a result, he was pulled right off his feet to travel with her towards the empty pool a la her sneaky tail whip. He moved his body only slight, still quite limber and acrobatic even with his increased muscle mass, and height, as a late, so that he wouldn't be slammed to the ground hard.

Instead, as Chita hit the bottom of the pool, our hero would land, none other than, right on top of his conquest in progress. His right hand slammed to the ground right beside her head, his knees, planted firmly in the ground to either side of her legs, preventing him from just flat out laying on top of her, and his face, just inches away from her, close enough to steal her lips again if he so chose. He didn't and, instead, opted to stare right into her keyhole shaped slitted pupils with his sapphire blue orbs, and smirked.

"A scrub? I've beaten you every time we've clashed fists. I'm your better." He said plainly, and in a matter-of-factly tone as he moved his hands, his left to seize her wrists and hold them to the ground above her head, and his right to slowly begin fondling her body by cupping one of her breast roughly. This wasn't usually how he initiated, but he just knew that deep down this was the way to handle her. To him, this was over, he'd won, as he knew he would, and know that he remembered about her tail then she couldn't surprise him with it. "And you're a keyhole, right? So it's only right to be the key."

At that moment, after being pinned to the ground, the girl would find the blood of the L'sia flowing through her veins; the Light that was once trapped in the infinite darkness of the Void within her would, suddenly, after being pinned to the ground, break free and release from its bindings the great Dragon that was the progenitor to the entire strain of Tensei that were the L'sia; rather, the Devourists, those born of Lilith, the great Dragon. Lilith's offspring, L'sia, were the Tensei without Light, and when the time came for the awakening of the Crystal Dragon, the old Crystal Heart would break and release its energy throughout each of the Devourists, pouring its infinite Love and Light into their emptied vessels; Tifa, or 'Chita' being one of them. With this, the new Crystal Heart, 'Pumpkinheart,' would overcome them and bring them great power. Where once they used Insanity to power their Magic, they would now use Shinsanity to create their completed magic; their Manna.

Within the girl, she would feel pulses of the Pumpkinheart's great love for the family, as though he had awakened from a great deal of slumber. His essence that had been trapped within the Lost World would, at that point, be drawn directly into her, and into her Void, to be further filled to the very brim. Her power would thereby be maximized, and the power of the Pumpking would now reside within them, as well. Light shone from her bosom, where Koudo insisted on touching her, and eventually consume her entire form. The Crystal Aura that had faintly formed a dragon around her before would now take the shape of a large Pumpkin headed figure, her aura stretching to about thirteen feet; the size of Pumpkinhead himself. The aura was like that of a rainbow, the same as the Pumpking's flame; in fact, one and the same. Though Tigen stood at only 9 feet, the elder brother, Pumpkinhead, was a clear 13. With that, her tail would be wrapped in a light that was like that of a dragon, but the skull-shaped Pumpkin head served as a crown of sorts high above her own head. It gazed at Koudo for but a moment, before being drawn back into her form and matching her size and shape, granting her the true power of the L'sia, as well as the Tensei. Her love was not for Koudo; but for the thrill of the battle... Such is the Dragon's ecstasy. The heart of the Dragon and its power.

With this, he would find that the power struggle would become far more real in the dragon world. Domination made them stronger, and only lust for greater power in order to overcome their adversaries before them, as though they were nothing but bloodthirsty predators. Her animal instincts would surge and, the true battle of the two pubescent dragons could begin.

Chita, straddled by her relatively overpowering companion, who was much larger and had the advantage due to solely their position alone, would, in her drunkenness, start to be taken advantage of. She didn't seem to mind at all, save for the fact that he'd thought he'd won. No, she didn't care about how he touched her; she rather enjoyed it, actually, and wanted him to touch her more. It made her wanna fuck his brains out. And his words only made it worse...

"Escuse me...?" she stuttered in playful agitation, the light suddenly bursting from her chest, as mentioned in the post above, "... Last I checked... We ain't nevah really bumped fistz..." Her body became tense, to the point where her muscles tightened, rather visibly, at the ecstasy of the energy flowing all around her, and the force of fighting back against Koudo's weight pressing on her arms. Her tensed body shuddered from the sheer strain of her own euphoria, as he definitely told her that she would feel, but quite possibly not to the point that he knew. He'd be able to feel the tension in her muscles and her shuddering body as she rose up, slowly, but surely, at least, to the point where her arms were no longer pinned up over her head, glaring him dead in his eyes the entire while. Her smile grew wide and crooked, and she licked her teeth, like she wanted to tear him apart. As he probably should have remembered; she wasn't the type to allow a loss. She'd always been that way.

"... In fact..." she mentioned, clenching her fists tightly, the great skull-shaped Pumpkin head glaring at Koudo in tandem with her, "... Lazt I checkt... We had more stalemates than victoriez... on either side..." With the power of the Crystal Heart now pumping, the hot-blooded girl had really gotten into the heat of battle now, and it was coursing through her veins, as was now clearly able to be seen and felt by Koudo, in the tenseness of her muscles, of which he could clearly feel, since he was touching her. With a powerful jerk, she broke free of his grasp and forced him from atop her body. Even if he used his Kinetic Energy absorption, the output that constantly poured from her was enough to keep her in motion beyond being completely absorbed all at once, meaning she would have at least some frames of movement. A higher output rate than absorption rate, even if only slightly.

He probably wouldn't go too far, and might even still be on top of her slightly, but she would no longer be pinned and bound down, and that was all she needed. She slammed the empty bottle upon the ground, causing the ground to shoot up and hurl her into the sky, using her manipulation of the earth to concentrate the seismic waves to the point where it would only effect her area. The bottle did not break, as it seemed her manipulation over earth, more specifically, Sand and Crystal, gave her free reign to even have control over the durability of glass. She did not fly too high into the sky, but definitely enough to clear the pool. "Need a drink?!" she mocked, holding out her hand and a bottle suddenly flying right into her palm. Seems like she had some 'extra hands' at the bartender's table, firing off round after round of 'shots' for her to take into the fray. Now, each bottle served as a lethal weapon, more deadly than the sand bat, and now loaded with more ammunition than her wet sand could have ever given her.

She lobbed the empty bottle at Koudo from above, her arm like a cannon, and guzzled down the other in her hand, before another fully bottle came her way to replace the first that she shot at him; and another wrapped in her tail... And in fact, another, to be grabbed by the great bulging arms of light that sprouted from her shoulders like wings; the massive forearms and claws signature to the freed scarecrow. Whilst not stopping to take a breath, she fired bottle after bottle down at him, the force of the impact able to easily make craters in the pool; the bottles themselves not breaking once making impact. Seems like she was a natural 'Drunken Fist Style' fighter... Of sorts. Non-traditionally, but certainly, effectively.

Fully ready to assault her, with the clearly rapey vibe that was going on, since she seemed to be well and willing to allow him to continue, Koudo didn't really pay any mind to her words or the glowing lights. The seizing and shuddering of her body was enough to tell him to continue. He figured the glowing lights and shit were just a weird Tensei/L'sia thing, which he'd learned to ignore a long time ago dealing with Triere and... Khrona, and most of their stalemates, to him at least, were a direct result of him holding back against her like he did everyone.

Then the resistance came, in the form of her forcing herself up to meet him at eye level, which came as a surprise. He supposed he should have known it wasn't going to be this easy, it never was with women of this family. Then he was repulsed away, blissfully aware that she'd let loose an amount of energy that he, actually, couldn't absorb. If his absorption was met with an amount that he could not contain, then he could not absorb any of it. Then had just never been a point where he was met with such an amount as this.

It excited him, and it showed with the wide grin that spread across his face, as he recovered, from the repulse, with a tumble backwards and a flip to his feet. This happened around the time that she'd thrown the first bottle, which he avoided with the flip. He got into a stance for more evasive maneuver as they would be needed. "No, I'm good. Seems like you've had too much though. I was looking for a kickback, not a full on party." He danced around, with his fancy footwork, to avoid the bottles being thrown with enough power to create craters in the bottom of the pool. He didn't really care though, she was free to destroy her own property as much as she liked, and he'd prefer not to take one of those directly.

That light earlier is really causing a problem with the mojo we had going, shit, and I don't really have much time left to be here either. He thought, feeling the tug of the multiverse trying to put him back where he belonged, for the time being. It wasn't strong enough, now, for it to be a real problem or hindrance, but if he wanted to bed Chita, like he'd just been fairly close to doing, then he'd have to flex a few of his muscles and subdue her. He invoked his Infestation Aura, again, allowing the silvery blue chakra to stream from his hands and eyes in an electric like fashion. More concentrated that the general use aura, Koudo was ready to bring the razzle dazzle, once she gave him an opening.

Drunk now on the heat of battle, booze and this dragon power that seemed to come from nowhere, Chita was feeling more lively than ever; she was definitely looking to party. "Awww, can't keep up witmeh, big boy?" Her tongue slid through her teeth out at him as he hop-stepped his way out of harms way with his fancy footwork, as he'd been known to do from her full on brutal assaults. She never was good at aiming, but damn if she couldn't bring the heat. All she needed was a good, clean hit... In fact, it brought back memories of Alex Star, as well. The way those two always got out of her life-threatening blows kinda irritated her in the past, but this time, it just made her want it more...

"Whassamatter, twinkletoes?" she'd say in a blatantly antagonizing manner, licking up the booze from the corners of her mouth again, wiping her mouth and then puckering up to blow him a taunting kiss, "Can't handle the party scene...?" She hopped back down once she had her arsenal prepared, landing with a great resounding thud, yet leaving no crater in the ground, for some reason, "I'ma Party Girl, ya know...!!" With her 'Gaia's Boot,' the seismic waves of her crash were diffused throughout the ground and concentrated only to the bottles that she'd lodged into the bottom of her pool. She clearly didn't care about the destruction, considering she'd never been the type to do that, in her life. Usually, she'd be the one to destroy everything with her bare hands before she really looked back to see that she had, until it was all over. She wasn't like her cousin (well, sister), who was far more prissy, snooty and focused on minor details. Something like this would have probably seriously angered her, especially with what he did with the water. She was a neat freak. They may have shared the same tendencies, but that was a key and major difference between the two hot-headed, yet still chilled out Tensei sisters.

Like Lightning, her tail would strike at the bottle nearest to her, and so would her lips at his evasion , in a belligerently jesting tone, "Have some MORE!!" The bottle spiraled toward where he was about to move next rather than where he'd been before, so that this time it would hit him, as sharp and precise as a Razor Gale. Whilst the others were in the air, she'd follow behind him and, after downing the last one, hurl that one behind him, before snatching the others out of the air and hurling them in front of him and behind him, to cover where he was going to move as well as where he'd already been, just in case he thought to switch up and change directions on her. She'd snatch the last one out for herself, however, but didn't open it to take a drink; just continued to encroach on his position within the confines of the pool. "I thoughtya wanted my pusi, boss... You ain't actin' like it!!!" She licked her lips again and winked at him, her eyes blazing with intensity. She liked the sparkling lightning in his eyes... Maybe he was getting fired up, too. She sure hoped so. Might get her a little 'wet,' the more intense it got...

Koudo let a laugh escape his lips, as Chita pressured him, attempting to put him in a bind. This was clearly a battle for dominance that she had major problems with losing, but Koudo only ever allowed one woman to take charge and it turned out miserably. He wouldn't let that happen to him again... ever.

As she jumped down from her tower in the sky, Koudo had, more or less, gotten into a groove of evasion. While he could be fairly light on his feet, nimble if you will, he was skilled at using subtlety to his advantage as well. It was what being a bender of water was all about, actually. He wasn't moving that far from where he originally was, just gracefully dodging the bottles as they came. Of course, that was before he activated his aura.

"Careful sweet heart. Don't presume to think i can only absorb." While the orange was the absorption, the silver blue was the control. With a few waves of his hands, he altered the course of the bottles, altering the kinetic energy to potential in each of them individually, so that they would float around him in a ring orbit as they got close to nailing him, as he knew she would have enjoyed seeing.

Then, they began to orbit him rapidly before, with a holding out of his hand towards her, he altered the potential back to kinetic and fired them off right back at her, except for one, with a boost. By manipulating the wind, he cut down on air resistance, and by adding his chakra to the bottles he increased their overall destructive potential. He enjoyed using and abusing the Assimilation Release cuz most didn't know how to overcome it, but the Infestation had much more potential for greatness than its counterpart.

The one bottle he saved for himself, he took in his hand and popped the top off before taking a nice sip with a satisfied sigh afterwards. There really was nothing like the 'Water of Life.' "If you'd stop fighting it, I'd give that kitty the beating of a life time, anytime you begged for it." He quipped, slyly.

"Puh." Continuing straight toward him, dodging some of the bottles that came at her, whilst taking the brunt of the hit of others that came toward her, crashing and bathing her in alcohol, she'd just as skillfully dodge the last one and pluck it right out of the sky beside her as she tackled him straight to the ground, since he in no way made an effort to dodge her headstrong assault. Now she lay atop him, tensing her body, every part of it apparent in her entire shuddering form, slamming her hand down beside his hand with great authoritative force, like she'd just pinned down her own prey. She glared at him, growing wet from having her on conquest right before her, and slowly grinding upon his pelvis with her own, as though it came naturally to her to mark her kill. "Bet I'd breakya'in two," she'd say, slamming her own bottle to the ground with a decisive thud, pressing her large, voluptuous chest close to his and letting their abs grind just as sensually as their junk, "... And giv'ya twice tha'beatin', at that..." Dripping wet, stained with alcohol and with all intent to finish the job, she licked her lips drenched with whiskey and moan a bit, enjoying the thrill, the taste, the excitement... the battle. "... 'sides... Couldja call takin' advantage of a drunk girl a real conquest...?" Looks as though the electric charge was getting to her, but the tables had turned, it seemed, on Koudo... Both in his favor, and out of his favor, at the same time.

Koudo knew she was coming and welcomed the tackle in kind, making sure to move his hand upwards so that his bottle of whiskey wasn't shattered as they tumbled to the destroyed ground. They were in the moment, feeling the heat, and Koudo hadn't felt this thrilled in a long while. He took care of his family, worked the jobs that he thought could bring him excitement, fucked the beautiful women he thought he wanted, and life on the Lost World still seemed so... unfulfilling. He thought back to his conversation with the Kage of the Neo-Nightmare, Atra, and realized that what the man had thought about him was probably true. What he thought was the life he wanted... was boring.

Koudo drunk some of his whiskey, sitting the bottle on the ground after doing so, and placed his hands, still sparking and charged with his infestation chakra, to Chita's grinding hips. What she would feel was jolt of energy, like electricity, course through her and a connecting of their senses, something she wouldn't be new to since it'd happened once before the last time they met. What he felt was almost instant arousal, though he was already highly aroused, and an understanding of her battle lust and the feelings it brought out in her.

"I can call anything a conquest, as long as its fulfilling. You're a worthy prize, drunk or not." The engorged organ in his pants, which she was grinding against, hinted towards this feeling, and she'd understand what he was thinking with their minds and feelings, due to his infestation, and their souls, due to their mutual respect and understanding of one another, melded together.  He had needed this. More than that, he needed this more than he originally thought he'd needed this.

Slowly sliding his hands down her hips, which were dripping wet with whiskey, he firmly gripped her ass and laid his head back to look up at the sky. "I just wish I could have made you mine, that I could have met you first..." It sounded as if he was willingly conceding to defeat at her hands. Something he'd never done with anyone before, not even her sister, and his closest friend, Triere, when they had their love/hate relationship going.

The electric sensation between both their bodies; his rod picking up on the charges and her lips conducting in tandem proved that both of them were more than compatible physically... and more than capable, as well. She could feel how well equipped he was, and it made her want a taste of it, with both her lips, really... A certain type of lust that made her quiver as his hands gripped her ass tightly, forcing them together even more closely than before. The dragon blood in her was hot and ready, the air so charged it seemed like it could be seen all around them in their intermingling auras... And his words didn't help, striking her in her heart. But, perhaps it was to his own demise.

"... No..." she muttered, closing her eyes, sighing heavily and rising from atop him, "... I'm not right for you." She opened her eyes, this time, they were no longer slit keyholes, but glowing with a crystal gleam signature to the Tensei. She'd seen into his heart with her eyes through his words, and felt his intentions with their resonance, her own heart exposed for what it was in the heat of battle. She would give him an intimate kiss atop his forehead, a symbol of a special sort of love for him before she slipped right out of his hands, her body passing through his touch like a ghost. She didn't want to hurt him, and that was enough for her to stop where she was as she stood to her feet, the dragon's aura slowly beginning to fade. "... What you feel for me... Is not what I feel for you." She turned away from him, wincing as coherency seemed to find its way back to her once slurred speech and reckless behavior. She hadn't changed much since their last meeting, even if she thought that she did. She was still just as brazen, and just as thick-headed and headstrong when caught up in her feelings; and her feelings were not those of love for Koudo himself. Yet, as she turned away from him, she knew that because of this, she could feel that love for him, even if it wasn't the way that he wished for it to be.

"... You may think I'm the one that you wants, but I can't say the same in return." She felt a little disgusted with herself, honestly, for succumbing to those feelings. Her love was for the intensity of the battle, but she knew that once it was over, she wouldn't feel the same, as she was realizing now as she calmed down and sobered up. In her heart, she couldn't allow herself to go through with it... The Crystal Heart kept her from tarnishing both it and someone else's with Lust. "... Don't disrespect what you had with Mana. I only wish I could find that for myself..." She needed to find out what Koudo's heart already knew so well... She was still ignorant of romantic love, despite knowing the concept of true love from the Crystal Heart's efforts. It felt different, honestly, inside of her chest... It wasn't the same as it was before, but it was better than before; something greater, something purer, that cleansed her of that terrible sinful nature that belonged to that Dragon inside of her. It was different now; as though it weren't a dragon anymore... Even if it still retained its shape, it was something new now... Something that knew pain and love, and pain in love, and wouldn't allow it to continue any further in the hearts of anyone else; especially not to be caused by those who would bear this new Crystal Heart.

"... I'm sorry," she said softly, clenching her fists and closing her eyes, "... For leading you on. If I did. I was just in my feelings... And not those of love, no doubt." She began to tremble, like she was holding back some sort of terrible storm inside of herself; there was a lot going on inside, and it seemed she was being reprimanded by her own feelings and the backlash of them. The crystal aura appeared around her, that of a Great Pumpkin, with angelic wings and a dragon's tail, and they would wrap around her, covering her with the loving embrace of a tamed beast. The thought of almost hurting someone so near and dear to her was more unbearable than actually doing it and at least having the pleasure of the conquest. She couldn't believe that the Dragon heritage inside of her was something like that... She stepped away from him, not wanting to look at him. "... Sorry." It wasn't like her to feel remorse for anything she did, nor to feel for someone else, actually; not to this degree, nor for something that hadn't even been done. It was new... It was good... and it hurt. Things that all mixed together and stirred within that made a feeling she'd never before understood... A new level to the love she once knew to be true and full. She wasn't one to apologize to anyone, and to do it twice in one sitting AND in such close proximity was a miracle. She must have really meant it...

"Huh." He lifted his head from its laid back position and looked at her, shocked. This was unexpected, unwanted, he was looking forward to what was suppose to happen next: What he assumed was going to happen next. He realized that his chakra was still covering his hands, that he could, more or less, feel what Chita was feeling, and understand it as well, and he immediately turned the aura off before she could see any deeper into what he had been pretty much hiding since Mana left him. It was too late by then.

He wanted to tear up, a bit, maybe ask her to reconsider and just give into the physical attraction, essentially give him pity sex, but he could tell that it would be no good now, and that it was for the best. He shut his eyes, sitting up, and scoffed with a smirk to hide the sting of rejection he was feeling deep inside. If he couldn't have Mana, and Triere had moved on, he at least hoped that Chita would have been game, but it seemed that that ship hadn't even set sail. In fact, that ship hadn't even been built or touched the water.

"Rejected by you too huh? I guess I'm just striking out with everyone now." He stood and dusted himself off before holding his hand out, calling his jacket right to it so he could toss the thing on his shoulder and picking up the bottle of whiskey from the ground. "It's fine Chita, you don't have to apologize, I should be the one apologizing. I didn't think we had anything more than a physical compatibility anyway. I was just looking for the wrong kind of love from you, you're my good friend and I was willing to jeopardize that hoping you'd grow to love me if we indulged ourselves. I was wrong and ruined it." He sighed as he stood back up from getting the bottle of the ground and pulled a cube from the pocket of his jacket.

"Mother Box, send me home before the multiverse does it for you." He commanded of the small cube, causing it come alive with flashing lights of multiple colors. It was a device that, ironically, his father had made for him and left stashed with a bunch of his old junk. The thing didn't work when he found it, but after a few tweaks it allowed him to strengthen his portal creation so he could traverse dimensions, specifically so he could visit this one. A portal open that connected back to the point where Koudo had left from. "I don't belong here." And that was it, he glanced briefly at Chita over his shoulder, but shook his head and walked through the portal to allow it to close up with a snap behind him.

Deep down, he knew that this was the right thing to do, even if he hated it. Him and Chita would have never worked, but it would have been a really fun ride. He hoped the incarnation of him that existed in the Veritas now didn't turn out to be quite as a big a fuck up as him. He never thought he'd relate so much to Wei...

"I'm glad you understand, Koudo..." she'd say a bit soft-heartedly, rubbing her arm a bit. Before he left, she turned to him with a gentle smile and cotton eyes, before suddenly disappearing and appearing before him, giving him a hug, "... You're a good friend." She gave him a kiss on his cheek as a symbol of that sort of affection; that one that would never die as long as the two of them existed before letting him go so he could return to the Lost World. "... Till next time, bucko."

She rubbed the back of her neck, looking at all the damage that they (mostly she) had caused to her little resort, chuckling to herself, "Heh heh heh... Guess I went a little overboard...?" She gave a crooked, sorry smile as she glanced over the area, "Well... Better start cleaning this joint up and then report back to Tear... Vacation's over." She shrugged and got to work.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 45: After All; Late Night Rendevouz Pt. II

Some time after the dealings of the dealings with the Fourth Moon, having absorbed it, transported it to Triere, awakened her new form in the Second Restriction, becoming the White Sun Goddess, Amaterasu through combining the power of the Amber Moon and the Crystal Heart with her L'sia and Lombardi power AND having a nice, chilled out vacation with time to spare, she would return back to the rendezvous spot on the same wavelength she'd been shot from by Tear, having made her full rotation.

"... Done..." she said, crossing her arms and tapping her foot, "Now. You ready to fill me in on all of this?"

"Almost late."

He'd just received word that the time had come for the next phase of the operation, and in that, she would appear before him. It had been several days, and no, Tear had not been waiting up for her, but he had, indeed, returned many moments prior to her arrival.

"And while you were off dilly-dallying and wasting precious time, fortunately for you, we hadn't received word of the next phase until just now." He, too, had been enjoying a little vacation time... But not in the same way others did. No, his vacation was preparation for things to come; things that would allow for an alignment in the future. "It would behoove you to not take such liberties upon yourself in the future. Now we're pressed for time." Even though technically, they were right on time. Despite how she, indeed, had been moving on his own synchronized Soul Transmission wavelength, she wasn't scheduled to report back until she was ready to return, which was just shy of when Tear received his message.

"It's about time for us to get this school up and running, and to do that, we're going to need to awaken what sleeps inside of the Paraprysmia," he'd say, starting to walk toward the stairway that led to the upper levels, "Yinity and Yangity, of whom had been in our custody, are to be released from us and taken into the care of her sisters. Do not be shocked if they are not there when we arrive. However, in this, they will soon be arriving at our gates with the the young miss's elder and, technically, younger sister. When they arrive, they will need to be taken to the Paraprysmia to unlock its secret. Magnus and Magna are set with the Fourth Moon in the Colosseum, Shinity it stationed at the Third Moon... And we are to tend to her and this school. You handle the Paraprysmia, I will handle Trinity." He would pause, walking up the stairs, "Are we clear?"

She scoffed at him, narrowing her eyes, "... Shut up." He was still just as much of a nitpicky nagger than ever, and just when she thought she'd been done with this and didn't have to deal with hearing him, too, she comes right back and gets another ear full. "You'd think you'd relax or something... At least a LITTLE BIT after we JUST GOT DONE with something..." then again, she did just take an extended vacation randomly in the midst of her mission, but it wasn't like she didn't have time to do it. She shrugged her shoulders and simply sighed.

"Yeah, I got it. But let me also ask you this," she followed as she trailed him up the stairs, "Is there ever a time where we can just, you know... NOT be doing something? Like, where we can just sit back and chill and not have to worry about any schedules or 'when the next Tensei' is doing whatever and 'what the moon is gonna do' and 'whose alignment goes where' and all that sorta stuff? I mean, it seems like this is just gonna go on FOREVER." She rolled her eyes. "... You can't tell me that THIS is what we're gonna be doing from now on, for the rest of our days... Is it?" She was quite skeptical and wasn't gonna enjoy it... Always having to watch everyone and everything and move only at certain times and not really have time to enjoy herself, running a school, working undercover on covert operations... Yeah, it was interesting, but she didn't want to be ALWAYS doing that. Part of her just wanted to go out with some friends, chill and do NORMAL things. Like how she had that drink with Koudo. She hoped... That this wouldn't last forever.

"There is no time to relax when business needs to be taken care of," he remarked rather abruptly to her, with a hint of annoyance due to her manner of addressing him, "And I'm not sure why that thought even crossed your mind after you took such a vacation, like all of this is simply about you. Unlike you, SOME of us were working tirelessly to bring things into order to make things EASIER for OTHERS." It was clear that what she said and how she thought and felt about the matter had gotten to him. She was still thinking about things SO very selfishly... But he couldn't blame her, considering who her mother, or, former mother was. "You are a full-blood Tensei now, no longer a half-blood from either side of the other familial strains. With being inducted into the Direct Family Lineage and no longer of a separate strain, there are MANY responsibilities that come for not only YOURSELF, but for the REST of the family and EVERYONE connected to us." He continued up the stairs, nearing the door, continuing, "This means you and everything you do is not just looking out for yourself anymore. Your actions and your thoughts and feelings affect everyone and everything, INCLUDING this world ITSELF. If you don't like it, you should go be with the others who are incapable of dealing with existences outside of their own; be it due to selfishness or lack of care or ability."

Though in a sort of irked state, something about her next words halted him just as he touched Death's Door. There was a silence between them for a few moments before he sighed and loosened his rather tense waves. He could feel it emanating from her soul and even through her very speech... She was still a child, despite how adult and independent she thought she was, she still sought that sort of lifestyle due to... well... The nature of her upbringing.

He sighed and turned to her, his eyes glistening in the darkness, having severely softened, as had his voice, now as gentle and soothing as his aqueous soul, "... The time will come. When we will all be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor. But in order to enjoy a fruit, you must first wait for it to grow on the tree and become ripe." He would smile at her now, his entire demeanor taking a complete 180 degree flip in an instant, as was how flexible Tear and his soul were, no matter how tense nor loose he was prior. "This will not last forever... I assure you. Upon the rise of the next moon... We, of the lower restrictions, will have our rest. From there, we simply maintain and enjoy what has been established and leave everything else to those above." He'd stroke her hair, as if able to see the little girl inside of her through the tough and hard exterior that wasn't so sturdy and strong to begin with, for how easily he'd broken through.

"Trust me," he'd say, staring deeply into her eyes with a certain sincerity in his tone, "... You will see soon. Just bear with it for now and we'll get through." He would open the door, light from the outside shining into the dark pit of Death's Chambers, "... Maybe I will... Take you out to eat, or something. To show that you are welcome and should feel comfortable here. Not only with being a True Blood Tensei, but with me." With that, he would step through the door and exit the room.

"Now come. We still have work to do."

Tifa remained silent throughout Tear's explanation, ready to be just as irritated, if not more so than he was... Until his voice changed in the middle to something compassionate and soothing; something she hadn't heard in him through all their interaction. Why? Probably because of how she treated him, which clearly irritated him, as well as how much work he had to get done, which was also probably making him a little tense... But the fact that, for some reason, all of that went away when he seemed to understand the intent of her words and looked past what was actually said caught her completely off guard and brought her to an awkward silence. She looked into his glistening eyes and noticed how gentle his gaze had become, matching his voice, and stood there for a while, trying to figure this guy out. First, he was completely upset and in a flash, he was calm and sweet? Not to mention his whole 'mysterious' act... He was really something.

"... Yeah, uh. Sure," she agreed, finally walking out of the door behind him. He was an interesting fella, more than meets the eye, and had a lot of secrets that she suddenly wanted to figure out about this mystery man. He seemed really good at keeping things under wraps, especially about himself. But she intended on getting it out of him... and perhaps, talking over some food was just the opportunity. But she'd have that chance when this was done, like he said, and for now, she'd simply go to the Soul Chamber and engage with the Paraprysmia, as instructed. She could get the goods on this guy later.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

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Void 46: Number 11; Justice

Tear and Tifa had just parted ways after their late night meeting and she'd just made her way into the Soul Chambers where the Paraprysmia lit up the room with its luminous iridescence. The light was beautiful, no doubt, and she felt the warms of souls coming from it, as though it were the shining sun beaming its light down upon the world. Gazing into it, she felt almost hypnotized... And strangely, that perhaps someone were watching her. However, she quickly shook the thought out of her head.

Since she basically had nothing to do until the sisters showed up, she figured she would use this time to gather her thoughts... About herself, about Koudo, about the Tensei, about Love and, quite honestly... About Tear, who had suddenly sympathized with her. She wasn't expecting him to do so, especially since it was clear that he wasn't exactly fond of her, but... She couldn't help but wonder what triggered that reaction in the first place. "... Why did he...?" she started, already getting lost in the moment that happened but moments ago, "... Tch. Why am I...?" she muttered in disbelief, dismissing the thought. And yet, it irked her; irked her to not know what his sudden change in attitude was all about. "Was it something I said, or...?" Nah, it couldn't have been. All she said was that she didn't want to keep going around worrying about everyone else and keep their business as their business. So it couldn't have been that... if anything, it should have made him more upset.

"... So then... Why would he...?" Tifa began to pace, circling the Paraprysmia, totally forgetting that it was even there. "... Maybe... The way I said it?" But she hadn't been speaking any differently than she did before. It didn't make any sense to her. But what made even less sense to her was... Why she was thinking about it so much... and why she felt like she couldn't get him out of her head. "... UGH! What IS this?"

In a huff, she crossed her arms and stopped walking, trying to figure these feelings she was having out. The whole transition between acquiring the Crystal Heart, combining with the Crystal Heart, evolving the Crystal Heart and all of the feelings and power that came WITH the Crystal Heart and its development were all going on in a mess inside of her. It was weird to have these feelings; like where it was once only her Void, there were things that were swelling and going crazy inside, unstable yet under control at the same time. She'd almost think she'd started having feelings for him.

"Ugh. No." She quickly dismissed that thought, too, knowing that Tear was, number one, not even her type, and number two, someone she didn't even like. "I like guys like Koudo. Chyeah, that's what I--" she paused, realizing what she was saying as she said it, "... Hold up, WHAT? Nononono, I don't even LIKE guys, I'm a lesbian!!" Yeah. She loved hot redheads with bangin' bodies that were kinda feisty, but still just weak asses that you could take down and have your way with. "Yeah... Yeah, hell yeah!!" But, the more she thought on that... The more she realized that those things were just physical attractions, really... and not much of anything in terms of matters of he Heart. The Crystal Heart wouldn't allow her to think in such a manner anymore; only chasing after what her body's pleasure was, even if she had never truly indulged in anything before. Most people were too much of weaklings, or just avoided her... That, and she didn't get out much, either. Either way, what she knew now was, her whole 'lesbian' thing was just something physical, and it worked when she was just empty inside... But now, after her whole 'thing' with Koudo, she realized that physical attractions weren't anything except that... and for some reason, she was longing for something deeper...

"... Ugh..." she would crash to the ground on her ass, burying her face in her lap, trying to sort it all out in her head. "What is going ON WITH ME!?!? WHY CAN'T IT JUST BE SIMPLE!? UGH!!! Just find someone you like, get them, fuck them. That's it, that's all. Make them happy, fuck, and, ya know, do shit together. That's... It... Well..."

"It seems that you are unaware of what Love is," a sudden voice spoke out to her ominously, which echoed throughout everywhere the green light touched, "... Your soul is stifled, child."

Tifa raised her head, startled, looking around for who spoke to her, "Who the hell!? Show yourself!!" She looked around and saw nothing except the Paraprysmia, shining with a green light and glowing like the sun in the center of the room. She sighed and lowered her eyelids in disbelief, "... No... Don't tell me... You can talk... And you heard eeeeeverything I said, right...?" she slammed her head back into her lap, "Great. I thought I was alone and shit. Now I see this thing has a consciousness and whatever. Fucking great."

"You are correct; I am conscious," it continued on, its voice echoing throughout the room ominously, "For I am a Star Seed, that which comes from the Primordial Source of All Light and All Stars. You may think of me as a Consciousness and a Soul unified as a single entity; Mind and Spirit as One. Many of you call this a 'Star,' however, all 'Stars' are but the scattered seeds of the Source Light; the Original Creator." The vibrations of the room would start to shift in color, matching its tone of 'speech' with the wavelength of its feeling, the light becoming the same as what it felt at the time and the tone of its voice without separation and completely fluidly. The room would shift from numerous hues; reds to blues to purples to blues to greens to reds to yellows and all such as it continued to speak and express its feelings, "From a single one of us, we are capable of generating more of us, what you may call a 'Soul' and a 'Consciousness.' Because I am connected to not only the Original, but also to all that harbor a Mind and Soul, I can understand the frequency of your speech and feel the frustration of your heart and soul simply through your energy emanating from yourself."

"... Holy damn..." she said, not even prepared for this sort of conversation right now... Then again, who was prepared for things like this when they happened, right? She stood up now, no longer embarrassed (well, kinda a little bit) and gazed into this light and all of the trippy colors it produced, which were not only hypnotic and psychedelic, but also beautiful and emotional, as well. It had completely enraptured her and her eyes shimmered brightly at seeing this sort of thing's eminence. "Well... I guess you're right about... Ya know... Me not knowing about love..." she would look down to the ground, feeling a bit down about having to admit that, as well as to be reminded of so many failures in the past, including not knowing what to do about the future. "... But... If you know this much..." she started, somehow feeling a little more hopeful, "Then maybe something like you can help me, right?! What's stifling me and how can I get it to stop?" If she could get this answer, her life would be totally set.

"It is not 'what', but 'who'," it spoke to her again, feeling the waves of her soul, "I can hear the Tensei within you, whether you are aware of it or not. Look to them. Your soul as it is, is Sealed. Though I am capable of unlocking it, you are not yet ready." Paraprysmia could feel the Time nearing, and knew that this was not yet so for this girl. "It is not yet ripe, and neither are you, so the time for these things will come when you may unlock your Soul yourself. Seek the guidance of the Crystal Heart as well as the Dean of this Academy. He knows more about all of this than he leads on, and perhaps than anyone else." The light would return to a settled green, as if its voice were fading, "But for now, we must focus on the Time at Hand. The Children are Coming."

"... I see." She lowered her head again and narrowed her eyes, a bit disappointed and frustrated, naturally... She knew that it could probably feel or see this, which made her feel a little worse, but she tried her best to get over it, for the time being. Instead, she looked up to it again, now with eyes of sly determination and nodded, "Thank you. This is just what I needed. I will do that." Now, in order to get that information from Tear... She was going to have to take him up on that offer to eat and then, when she had him... She would get every last bit of info from him. He seemed like the tight-lipped type, so she was going to have to figure out a way to get him to tell her without telling her, or maybe a slip up, or something? She'd figure it out on her own time. For now, she would just sit back and keep it to herself, waiting for the Children to enter and do what they needed to do with the Paraprysmia...

It hadn't been long after their conversation that Tsukiko, along with Yinity on her back, would arrive in the Soul Chambers from outside, looking around the room lit with an eerie green flame in awe. "Wow, this place is pretty cool... But it feels weird..." She stepped forth toward the glowing greenish sun in the middle of the room and looked up to it. "... Yep. We are here now." She continued to stare at it, scratching the back of her head. "Soooo... Now what?"

"We let the Paraprysmia take it from here," Tabitha would say as she hovered up to it as well, with Yangity on her back, "It's gonna do something involving all of us, especially with the powers of Yinity and Yangity. We don't really have to do anything now that we're here. This thing will handle it." She turned to Tifa, just to acknowledge that she was there, "... Sup." Then turned back to Paraprysmia, waiting for it to do whatever it had to do with the four of them.

"You have arrived safely," it started to say, the colors in the room shifting to those of warm and loving hues, "That is good. Now that all of your Minds and Spirits are unified, I will create a unified body for both Yinity and Yangity, known as 'Trinity.' And from 'Trinity,' I will unify you three sisters; Trinity, Tabitha and Tsukimiko. That will be my pure embodiment, who shall harbor the power of Unified Consciousness and Unified Souls; your final sister, Taijitu." When Taijitu was created down below in the 0th Restriction, the connection could and would immediately be established through Paraprysmia to the Weaponmaster, which would thereby send the collected unification of the Three Sisters that was the Fourth Sister up to her 10th Restriction form instantaneously.

"Let us begin."

Paraprysmia would, at that point, begin the Symphony of Souls, creating a resonant link between each and all of them (save for Tifa) and draw in their Wavelengths of Mind and Spirit into itself, where it would then glow with the respective colors of their souls. The room would become Black and White for a moment, before the two colors would spin together into the crystalline hue signature to only the Tensei and fill the room. Forged from the now crystalline flames and spawning from the center of the great crystal light that was Paraprysmia would be the bodies of, first, Trinity, of the Third Restriction, of whom Paraprysmia would immediately attach to Yinity and Yangity, and subsequently to Tabitha and Tsukimiko.

"There is the unification of Yinity and Yangity; Trinity, your Third Sister's Complete Form. And from the connection between the Three of you in Completion, you Sacred Sisters of the Trinity shall now see your Fourth Sister come to be..."

In the midst of the crystalline light, yet again, forged from the flames into physical form from the combination of the three Minds and Spirits in unification, as well as the very essence of Paraprysmia and the Weaponmaster embedded into her very being, the Final Sister, Taijitu would form and become physical before them.

"It is Done."

The crystalline light would remain for a bit, but eventually would return to the normal green light that filled the room normally, and allow the two newly formed being to awaken and interact with their sisters. In Taijitu's awakening, she would immediately connect to Weaponmaster simply from being active, which would trigger events up above where the Weaponmaster resided... And with that, Paraprysmia would fall silent, having done its task and completed its purpose for the moment. It need not say nor do more, but observe them all within its chambers.

From the light of the Paraprysmia shining down on the ground like a spotlight, Trinity would whirl down spinning like a graceful dancer; the star of the show. She opened her eyes, which were Black and White, opposite of Tabitha's, and filled with the sight and the power of Yinity and Yangity. They would flash for a moment, the Black one becoming crystal Blue and the White one becoming Red, before returning to normal. The girl danced and pranced her way around her two sisters with a smile on her face just as wide as she could be, "Trinity did it, seeeeeeeee~?" She would stick her tongue out at them playfully, then start to giggle uncontrollably, "Hehehehehehehe~!"

Not making quite as flashy an entrance as her younger sister, Tai would simply manifest and stretch out, feeling oh, so good to be born again. "Oiiiiii!!!" she cried, cracking her neck to loosen up, "2,000 yeeeaaars... Will give ya such a crick in the neck, mate." She would swirl her arm around, trying to get adjusted to this body, then look to her younger sisters and smirk, "Looks like the gang's all here then, yeah? I was getting sick of waiting."

The Third Moon that belonged to both Trinity and Eris, who was the demon of the Tensei Clan harbored within the Devourist Priestess, Taomin, had manifested in her True Tensei form after 2,000 years of slaughter, murder, bloodshed, sex and partying, overcoming her own Insanity and being able to be reborn pure with her new sisters in a new body. She chuckled to herself, happy that it had all come together like this.

"But as young as you guys are, you make me feel like a pretty old onee-san, huh? Bahahahahahaha!!"

Yep. With the arrival of Taijitu, the Tensei Demon was finally clear and the Forbidden Sister's curse was finally lifted. Good job, Tao. We didn't forget about you.

"Who are you tellin, Nee-san?" said Tabi quite monotonously, "... Sometimes it takes a while for the people on the other end of my strings to get the message..." She would cross her arms, cocking her head to the side as though she were rolling her eyes, if they were open, "But eventually they get the work done like I tell them to. It's just really annoying having to wait for it all to come together perfectly." She shrugged her shoulders, not really all that enthused about the whole family reunion. Not that she didn't love her sisters, she just knew that there were better places that the four of them could have the whole 'Omigee' time together.

"Yeah, so, since I have the Eyes and I've got some puppets on strings doing my dirty work for me, wanna go pick out a dorm and have a party or somethin' while we wait? Pops taught us pretty well, yeah?"

"AW YEAH, BOI~!!!" she cried at the top of her lungs, rushing over to the biggest sis, having been released from the Tensei Curse after so long just to be with them on this day as all four sisters together as one, "Welcome back to the other side, Big Sis~!" She would wrap her arms tightly around her and give her a big Sis Hug, sharing in the feeling of togetherness.

However, Tsukiko turned her head sharply to Tabitha when she said she was already pulling some strings elsewhere and dropped her jaw in awe at that statement, like it was hard to believe, or something.

"No way!! You've already got fans!?!? You little tramp, you've had those guys doing your dirty work all this time!!!" She groaned, releasing her sister, "Leave it to old 'Stickyfingers' here to get her grubby little spider-cat-paws all over everything. Just because you're good at it doesn't mean that you shouldn't tell us before you snatch up little victims into your net, you know." Scoffing, Tsukiko would flip her hair and step forward, "However. Since it's clear that we've already got things under control, I second that motion and propose we head out to find a nice little spot for us to hang." They were gonna have a party at pops' school.

"Come on, girls! I'm the head of you Powder Puffs around here!" She pointed outward toward the door dramatically with all the makings of a leader, with the light of Paraprysmia gleaming right on her face like the star of the show. "Let's make tracks, Sistahs!!!"

"WAI~!!! PAHHTEE~! PAHHHTEE~!!!" Trinity spun and swirled around, hopping onto Taijitu's back and wrapping herself around her back securely, whether she was holding on or not... Like a little spider monkey. "Heeheehee! Trinity's gonna sing at this pahtee~!! Teehee~!" She would go wherever Onee-san was going... All of them!

Tai felt the loving embrace of each of the sisters (even if Tabitha's was a bit less obvious, as she was known for doing), and would return Tsukiko's frontal assault and allow for the back assault from Trinity to go on as it may, chuckling heartily and playfully as she wrapped her arm around the two eldest, ruffling Tsukiko's hair/hat a bit. "Yeheah! Guess I ain't too old school for you guys after all, eh!?" Tao was the first to be born a long time ago and had been trying her damnedest to keep up with that damn Nyake in the Dark Dimension, 'Naraku.' There was a lot that she had to teach her little sisters about the past, in the Feudal Era, where the Tensei Curse first snatched her up. Where Tabi was the Past, Trinity was the Present and Tsukiko was the Future, Tai was the Lost Child.

"Yehyehyeh, alright then, babes! Let's get it on!!" She was especially enthused about hitting up the party scene right now, actually. She and all her restrictions were pretty dead set about being wild and free... In fact, she spied one of them off in the distance pondering something she was going to understand when Tai came back up in her life. "Heh. Catch ya later, #2." She winked and smirked a wide, wild and crooked smirk. Her eyes were filled with a fighting spirit like that of a wild animal. "And don't sweat yer mum none, yeah? Heh heh." She wasn't gonna get that for a minute, but it was alright because of how it'd be when all of it came together.

In the meantime, she would begin to escort Tabitha, Tsukiko and Trinity to the Dorms, of which she, too, seemed to have knowledge of, as though she'd been here before. Being the eldest, she did know a few things that these guys just had no idea about... To a whole heaping helping of this history.

Tifa had been sitting back and being quiet the entire time whilst the Chosen Ones did their thing, or whatever, kinda sniffling a bit as she kept to herself and her thoughts. She witnessed all of the spectacular events in amazement, but still remained to herself on the sidelines. However, when the time came, she would catch the eye of the tallest and apparently the eldest winking at her and muttering something at her. She caught it all in text, but didn't really get what it all meant. "Number 2?!" she repeated in a bit of a huff, "The hell does that mean?!" But by the time she asked, they were already on their way out. She scoffed to herself and furrowed her brow, "Great. Now I have something ELSE to think about..."

Though she was kinda lost and pretty frustrated, somehow, she found her gaze loosening up the more she thought of that one girl she'd just seen. She was a tall drink of water, that one.

"Huh. She's pretty hot."

She found herself fawning over this sexy babe, smirking a bit, drooling just a little bit at the thought of her... She had pretty big tits and long, beautiful hair. There wasn't a lot going on in the ass department, but those tits just went on for days. "Mmm..." Something about that woman just made Tifa able to forget all of her troubles and not really worry too much about what was going on that she couldn't figure out. In fact, now she was kinda getting a little--


A surging electrical current zipped through her head and into her chest, like someone had been ringing a bell or something and it just cut off everything she was doing at that moment to let her know that something was going on. "... The hell was that!?!?"

"Twas a wave from the entrance of the school," spake the once completely idle green star, chiming in only when necessary and at the perfect time. "You, whilst within the radius of the school grounds, being connected to the overall barrier that keeps the school protected, receive instantaneous waves from the buzzer in the front to tell you exactly when someone rings it, alerting anyone at the time that someone is present." It said nothing more than that, merely answering a question when the time was right for one that not only would not get it in any other way, but also who knew little to nothing about the true scale of the interconnection of those that dwelt within the 'School Grounds.' Something Tear was keeping from her and everyone here about this here school, no doubt...

Tifa hopped up in surprise, "The Door?!" She had no idea that's how this system worked, nor how it even happened that way. "Well fuck! Nobody tells me ANYTHING!!" Though, she was pretty sure that no one told each other anything, either, which was kinda shitty, considering that there were some people that needed to be told about these types of things.

"TEAR, YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!" She knew it was his ass that had known since before time began and shit, hogging all the real juicy shit for himself. Whatever that man was hiding, she was definitely gonna get out of him... After she handled the whole doorbell situation. "Tch. Let me get this situation handled first." She would step off into a void of light leading to the doorway, which would disappear the moment after she stepped through.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 47: School Days...

A girl in black and white, with a panda-esque feel to her would arrive at the gate of Pandemia, staring up at the school through the gates and feeling welcomed here, thanks to all of the panda themed things that were around. She smiled, eyes shimmering with determination. "Right...!!" She would think of Tsubake as she rang the buzzer to the school grounds, waiting for someone to attend to her. "I'm gonna get stronger... And when I do, I'm gonna help out and fight danger and evil, too!!"

Stepping out of a white light at the front gate was Tifa, who looked slightly agitated and flustered. She stared at the little girl with the whole Panda vibe going for her, kinda quirking her brow a bit. "... Do we have... Uniforms...?" she muttered to herself, before snapping out of it and then quickly addressing the girl.

"Uh, yeah. May I help you?"

The White Light that she stepped forth from was the same white light that T-YO stepped through before he became T-YO, harboring the exact same entity within the Realm of Light, just so happening to pass by through the Wavelengths in that Split Moment. In that, because of the Connection, The Crystal Crown's energy she was born from would slip into the 2nd through the 3rd that was T-YO entering the portal, MaTeleine and MaTeus as a unit going with him, the Crown being transported through the Portal AS WELL AS through Direct Contact to Tifa, who was the other Chrym that would piece together the Crystal Heart that was the Energy of the Crown in its True Form; The Pumpkinheart.

Quote :
She suddenly found it all hitting her like a Nightstorm, and a light coming on in her chest and in her head like a Jack O' Lantern.

"Connection Complete," She would say, now able to bring the King of the Fourth, who had been crowned since Before Time Began on the Lost World as Claiming This Day in the Name of The Lanterns,

"Everyone Hail"

Because Tsubaki was sensitive to the energy in the air, she was able to feel something powerful randomly surge through the air and through her, and something about it made her believe that it was this woman that stepped through what seemed to be a portal of light that she made out of nowhere. She wasn't sure who this woman was, but she already seemed really cool and really strong.

"Um!" she yelped in shock from the random powerful surge she felt, "... Yeah, um..." She was a little jarred, having lost her train of thought and such, so she tried to gather them by looking to the ground, "... Uh... I'm here to try to get into your school...?" She looked up, a little bit shyly and awkwardly, trying to figure out just what words she wanted to say, "... I heard you can teach me how to better utilize and control my Mind and Soul...?"

Suddenly, Tifa was struck, literally out of the blue with a powerful surging wave of unknown origin, nor why it was so strong at the time. It simply came to her, blowing away at a chain that was wrapped around her Soul. Her body would glow with the light of her powerful energy, and inside of her heart, she could feel the Crystal Heart reacting from being so suddenly unlocked. 'Ghhh~~!!! No... !! Not now!! While there's someone in front of me!!!' She should have figured something like this would happen, with her recent bodily changes that she wasn't quite certain of the full effects of... But Tear did say that it would hit her... The connection between the two of them and both Magnus and Magna. With it, the Light poured into her Mind and her Soul, filling the Voids with the Missing Link that were the pieces of themselves that belonged with MaTeus and MaTeleine.

'Wow... This feels really good, actually... Like I know things and understand things I suddenly didn't before... Heh. Yeah, I could get used to this 'Tensei' thing, if this is how they get information and upgrades and junk.' She would remain there, almost forgetting about the girl that was standing right in front of her, probably either awestruck of completely caught off guard by the random energy burst.

"... *sigh*" She would open the door, knowing that there was just no good way to explain this or even try to hide it. She was a little pissed that she wasn't as good at doing this whole 'undercover' thing as well as Tear's crafty ass. "Just come inside..." She would lower her head and extend her arm as if to welcome the new student in.

Yeah, this was taking a pretty long time, but in order to give the full jump to the 2nd, her Energy needed to be exposed to that level for an extended period of time, so that it could fully absorb the energy from the update like a sponge. She would soon be brought up to speed and find her own energies completely sorted out, as if someone somewhere else had already taken the liberty of doing these things for her whilst she lived her everyday life. This was MaTeleine's hand in all of it.

"Alright, good. She's all souped up now." It may have been a little embarrassing for her having to do this in public, but it didn't matter because she needed to get it somehow and somewhere. "Anyway, let me get back to MaTeus... There is one final thing that must be done..." The energy that was around Tifa would suddenly be snatched away from her, bringing her back down to her normal levels of power and without her illustrious glow any longer. MaTeleine was heading back to MaTeus.

Tsubaki was definitely kinda freaked out from what she had just seen and felt... But she was actually very curious about what it all was, to be quite honest. She suddenly went into her 'ninja-mode,' so to speak, trying to see how much information she could get on the sly, "... Ummm..." She would narrow her eyes suspiciously, trying to figure out what just happened, "... Okay...?" She didn't want to say anything about it or ask about why it did, but was going to definitely do her best to find out without asking. "Sooooo... You gonna show me around, orrrr...?"

And, just as quickly as it came was it gone, that sudden power, that sudden burst of energy she felt; that clarity, that understanding, that knowing... In a flash, it was gone. Yes, it was still there in her, but she didn't feel it as actively any longer. It was the strangest thing; like a random chill up and down her spine that just ran through her entire body. She could clearly see that this person whom she was inviting into the school was freaked out now, and there was an underlying tension about that there, clearly... But she wouldn't say much about it. She was just going to let it slide. "Yeah. Right this way..." she'd say with a sullen look on her face and her head hung low a bit. She would then politely escort the girl inside the building.

"Connection Complete."

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

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Void 48: Soul Searching...?

Yumiya guided Krikor through the Life's Corridor and toward the Soul Room, which he had yet to see. It looked to be a single, wide, circular platform in the midst of rolling clouds surrounded by dim green flames at each of the edges of the platform, making both a wall and a pit all around.

The green light illuminating the entire room belonged to a giant green sphere in the center of the room which resembled a sun with a skeletal pumpkin face on it. "... Alright, here it is, Krikor. The Soul Room." Apparently, Tear said to come here if they wanted to see Tifaret... So, where was she?

Krikor tried to say, "Come now, Tear's not all that bad. Can we leave the workplace drama for another time?" but his lips refused to move from whatever it was that had prevented his body from moving. Instead, it sounded like muffled gibberish, reminding him of a particular metal man in a very old film from his homeworld. He wanted to say "Oil can!" to see if Yumiya or Tifaret would get the joke and lighten the mood a bit, but he didn't think they would get it.

Finally, after however long it had been of her wandering around this big ass school, Tsubaki found the woman that met her at the door, led her inside and left her standing there. 'How rude...' she muttered under her breath when she got in, looking at Tifaret with a snooty side glance. She could immediately recognize her in the fog and was upset that she just got left to fend for herself like that. It wasn't like she knew too much about this place at all, actually. The service around here...

She cleared her throat and waved away the smoke in front of her, walking toward the woman again. "... Uh. Hi. Remember me?" Though she was asking the question legitimately, it was clear that there was some underlying resentment with a dash of sass. It looked like something weird was going on with this girl and those two guys, but one of them looked like a stiff and the other one looked like a pansy. But there seemed to be some sort of tension. She didn't really pay it any mind; she was confused about what was going on and needed some clarification immediately. That was all that she was concerned about, regardless of what else was going on around her. "So what is going on, Miss? Who are you? What's up with this school? I'm new and I don't have any idea what's going on or what you're doing or where I'm supposed to go or anything."

All these voices were getting on her nerves. You had the little wimp standing in front of her trying to act tough, getting all pissy... Then the black and white runt that got lost not keeping up with her pace came in giving her all types of attitude... If it weren't for the Tin Man shouting 'Oil Can,' in his Soul, she probably would have beat the shit out of every last one of the little snots. She was able to hear even unspoken things simply from Wavelengths alone, making it dangerous to have certain thoughts or feelings around her, and around any of the adepts of this place.

'*snicker*" The bindings on Krikor as well as the expansion of Tifa's wavelength retracted immediately, no longer harboring any power nor influence in the immediate area beyond her body. Her tension was broken when the man made his joke, lightening the mood and removing his restraint. "... Tin Man." She turned her head slightly and nodded to him with approval, eyes no longer gleaming green, as if a signal that the Sealing Force was no longer actively being used. Quite honestly, the little laugh made her feel better. Like she could think more clearly, for some reason.

"Sorry, sorry, wait..." She stepped out further into the green glow of the Paraprysmia above them, pouring out streams of green light like lines of code in a debug room. She would be revealed wearing a black jacket with black daisy dukes and crop top on, covered only by the buttoning of her jacket across her body. Save for her completely white hair, she seemed vastly reminiscent of the attire of the late 'Misery Des Gloomi.'

"... Let me clear all this up right now..."

She pointed to Yumiya, "Tear left ME in charge and... You want a lesson in Souls and Wavelengths..."

Then, she pointed to Tsubaki, "... And YOU finally caught up to me after getting LOST even though I was RIGHT in front of you..."

And finally, she pointed to Krikor, "... And you're... Kinda funny, actually. Huh." She shrugged her shoulders and immediately addressed the first order of business. "Well, if I'm in charge, as apparently that's what happened... I say we all go to the classrooms and I'll show you some cool shit." She was TOTALLY ready to just teach them how to use their powers. Hell, she wanted to use hers, as well. She barely used her Soul abilities anymore, so it'd be an experience... And a chance to see how much stronger she'd gotten. Yeah.

"Alright, so. That's what we're doing, now." She took off toward the door, instructing them to "Follow me," to lead them further into the learning process... Or whatever Tear set her up to do.

Upon regaining the use of his muscles, Krikor stretched a bit, surprised that Tifaret had found what he'd tried to say funny. "Huh, I guess everything worked out, then," he said to Yumiya (after working his jaw muscles to get the blood flowing back into them) while following behind Tifaret. There was one thing he was wondering about, though -- who was this new arrival, the panda-themed woman?

"... What the hell!" She couldn't believe that she was being blamed for it immediately as soon as she stepped through the door. "How is this MY--" By the time she was asking, the woman had already walked off, still not paying a lick of attention, about to leave her AGAIN with a room full of strangers that seemed pretty much just as confused as she was. "... Ohhhh my... Ugh." She couldn't do anything but follow this crazy lady. So, whatever. Might be a pretty decent learning experience, or whatever. Apparently, anyone could just come in this school and get a lesson or whatever without being registered. So, she ignored the two guys and left with Tifaret, again.

"Uhh...!" He didn't even get an extra word out before she went around making decisions. Then again, if she is the instructor, then it was just best to listen to her... Even if her methods seemed pretty unorthodox. Maybe something good would come from it? Perhaps... "... I guess so," he said kinda blankly to Krikor, trying to make sense of what happened, too. He wasn't sure who that Panda girl was, either, but she was very cute. Yumiya definitely noticed that much. "Well, no use fretting over it. We're getting what we came here for, so let's follow her, huh?" Yumiya was rather easy-going, so little things like this didn't bother him as long as the overall issue was resolved as best it could be. With it so, he would trail behind the strange new girl following Tifaret to the Classrooms.

"When in Rome..." Krikor muttered when Tsubaki and Yumiya began following behind Tifaret. He hopped in line as well and went wherever Tifaret decided to take them. He wondered to himself what would happen, but figured it was better just not to think about it at this point.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

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Void 49: Soul Searching; Breaking The Ice

Down the Life Corridor, Hikari, would Tifa exit the Soul Chamber, Amaterasu, and enter the Soul Room, which doubled as a Classroom as well as Independent Study and Recreational Area. When she entered, whether the students were following her or not, they would find the room to be very dark, warm and filled with a great deal of smoke. The room was dimly lit and the lights were of very subtle hues and vibrations, barely illuminating the room yet adding a soft tint to the blackness that surrounded them. It was actually pretty trippy.

She smiled happily and breathed deeply, inhaling the smoke that seemed to expand her wavelength and free her waves as it loosened her vibes. She felt much less tense after just one breath of it. "Ho yeah. That's the stuff..." It was almost like some sort of sedation for her. She smiled and stepped in, barely concerned about those that were supposed to be following behind her.

Krikor entered the room not long after Tifaret, taking in the sight of the room. "Why all the smoke?" he asked Tifaret, who was obviously enjoying it. The place seemed pretty dark, for a classroom, he thought. How would anyone see the teacher, let alone any sort of chalkboard the room may or may not have? What's more, he didn't notice any desks or anything. Perhaps it was less lecture hall and more practice studio.

Tifa snickered under her breath at his question, relishing in the thought of knowing something that someone else didn't know, after always being shown up by that damn Tear. She smiled proudly, holding her head up high and placing her hands on her hips, turning around, "'Why all the smoke...'? Hahaha. Have a seat...!" Stepping further inside of the room, one would be able to see seats upon the ground; they almost looked to be giant bean bag chairs, the size of full grown people. They were difficult to see because they blended in with the black floor and on the black back drop upon the walls, giving the visual effect of not being there. The actual size of the room was indistinct. "... There's a lot of reasons why, but I think I'm gonna wait for the rest of the lot to show up before I do anything." She tapped her foot impatiently, suddenly irked. "Taking forever and shit... >>; "

Finally, coming in before the panda girl, was Yumiya, who had been trailing Krikor. Somehow, among the travel, it would seem that he had gotten ahead of the group. He was a pretty fast walker, despite his armor. Though, he took most of it off when they came down, so it was to be assumed that he could walk more freely and lightly than if he were still bogged down by the weighty mail.

"I finally made it..." he said, walking into the door. "Woah..." He was startled by how dark it was, and the smoke that filled the room. It seemed pretty soothing, actually... And kind of made him feel a bit lighter. "Huhh..." He walked in closer, sort of in a daze now, toward where he saw Tifaret and Krikor. He tripped over one of the chairs, not even being able to see it, but fell right into it naturally, regardless. It was large enough for his entire body to be cushioned from impact, it seemed. "... Wow... This is pretty nice..." he said, adjusting himself.

And, making her way in last was the brown-skinned beauty fit with her black and white panda scheme, hands in her sweater pockets and hood over her head. She made it in last, as if she'd been lagging behind, for whatever reason. Though she was still a little ticked, as she stepped in the room, her eyes were filled with a cute and innocent wonder. "... Wow... This is my kind of scene!" Dark and calm and filled with beautiful, yet really dim lights that changed colors. Yeah, she could get used to this. "This smoke is kinda weird..." she said, yet when she breathed it, she felt no congestion in her throat as if she were needing to cough. The smoke must have been benign if it were breathable. "Sooooo... Now what?"

Following Yumiya's and Tsubaki's lead, Krikor picked a seat and sat down, wondering what would happen next. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him -- he didn't know the panda-themed woman's name. He turned to her and, with a sheepish tone in his voice, said, "Excuse me, miss, but I didn't catch your name earlier."

"Smooth," Ashcroft muttered telepathically to Krikor, sarcasm in his voice.

"Hush," Krikor telepathically replied, not wanting to miss what she said.

Plopping down on her cushiony seat, which just so happened to be near Krikor, Tsubaki would turn her head and gaze at him with huge, innocent eyes, saying sweetly, "You mean me?" Her entire demeanor seemed to change now that she was being directly addressed, no longer as irked and frustrated as she had been previously. "... My name is Tsubaki..." she said softly, smiling at him cutely. "... What about you?"

"I'm Krikor," he replied, offering his hand for a handshake, "Krikor Hovsepian. Very nice to meet you, Tsubaki." She seemed like a nice enough person, and Krikor hoped that they would get along well, especially if they were in the same classes.

"Ohhh..." she said kinda ditzily, extending her hand as well. "Nice to meet you... Krikor?" His name sounded weird to her. Maybe he was foreign. Then again, maybe her name sounded weird to him. One could never really know, coming from two completely cultural backgrounds. It was best to simply keep that to herself to keep from offending him. It wasn't really important and she'd eventually get over it.

She sat there for a bit, wondering when this class was going to start. She wasn't really concerned with introducing herself to the other person since he didn't offer. She just kinda wanted to know what the hell was going on. "... Sooooo... What are we doing?"

"Huh. Nice of you lollygaggers to actually show up," she said with a sharp wit. She knew she was one to talk, considering that she was usually getting words like that from Tear, but it was nice to be on the other end of the stick, for once. It also partially made her appreciate Tear's words even more... Damn him. "Now that you're all here, it's about time for me to get to showing you some shit." She was far more casual and laid back than what one would expect from any sort of teacher... But she wasn't much of an instructor in the first place. In fact, even when there were people trying to train under her in the past, she wasn't good at really helping them more than she was at beating them up and telling them to learn from it. She actually found people that tried to hang around her that were like that to be very annoying. But she'd matured at least a bit since those days, if not quite a bit. So hopefully she could deal with them... better, this time.

"So, the guy with the gauntlet-- Wait." She paused, realizing that she didn't know anyone's names, and probably none of them knew, either. Or, maybe they did. Shit, it didn't matter. "Okay, so before we begin, everybody introduce yourselves. I'm Tifaret Lombardi, but you can just call me 'Tifa.' I ain't trying to be all formal and whatever." She never did like it, in the first place. Technically, she was a Tensei... as well as a L'sia. But she just preferred using the last name of her father, since it sounded most badass, regardless of her true blood as a Tensei now.She thought to have them call her by her alias, but she figured it would be best to leave that to the close, personal people who actually knew about her history. Saves a lot of trouble.

"When you introduce yourselves, speak up so that everyone can hear and know who you are. I don't want anyone not knowing anyone and shit."

Yumiya, of course,, after finally becoming situated in his comfy chair, would be the first to want to introduce himself, for some reason. He seemed quite enthuses about it, actually. "Um!" he cried, jumping up, "... My name is Yumiya! Pleased to meet you..." He already knew Krikor, but it didn't matter when making a formal introduction to a group of those that held a majority that were unknown, those of which were Tsubaki and Tifaret. He smiled and chuckled, "Let's all be friends, alright?" His mannerable nature was showing, since he was all for everyone being as friendly and chummy as they could be, just as he and Krikor were. When he was done, he sat down and waited for someone else.

After Yumiya had sat back down, Krikor got to his feet and began to introduce himself. "My name is Krikor Hovsepian. I'm glad to meet all of you, and I hope we all get along well," he said, genuinely meaning what he said. He didn't want to be in a class of people he couldn't stand, after all. Yumiya, he knew, was a good person, but he didn't know much of anything about Tsubaki outside of her name, and Tifaret was pretty terse from what little interaction he'd had with her. After he was done introducing himself, he sat back down and waited for the next person while hoping everyone could overcome their differences and get along.

"Yeah, me too..." she uttered, cutting a glare to the 'teacher' before standing up and clearing her throat. "Hi~! My name is Tsubaki~! Nice to meet you all!" Her sudden perky and chipper attitude far exceeded the energy of what her chill and quiet demeanor would have immediately presented about herself. She promptly sat back down, then returned to silence, trying to figure out just what this 'instructor' was trying to get across.

"Alright, good," she said with a huff, catching the gaze of the little panda girl as she muttered something under her breath. "Glad that's over with..." she said sharply, shooting a same jaded stare back at her from eyes suddenly gleaming green. She scoffed, closing her eyes and cleared her throat, straightening herself up. Now they wouldn't have to worry about that later. All of them seemed pretty mild-mannered, so she wasn't too pissed about having to babysit... Except maybe that little panda runt.

"Anyway, to answer your question, Krikor, about the smoke..." suddenly, she seemed more serious and stern, as if trying to actually attempt this whole 'Instructor' bit on the spot, "... So, we burn a special incense that helps to cleanse and amplify the Soul and its Wavelengths, making everyone under its influence highly receptive to their own 'Spiritual Energy' that flows from the Soul. We call this 'Willflow,' and a lot of people have and still do call it 'Soul Energy,' though it's just the combination of Wavelengths and Frequencies released from your bodies based on your own Will." She definitely knew her shit, no doubt, even if her method of getting it out wasn't exactly the most conventional nor orthodox. She was more the 'hands on' type that did work as she went rather than actually sitting down and coming up with something structured.

"So basically, you inhale it, it cleanses you and opens you up, and you end up interacting with yourself and finding your center by following where your Wavelengths go. It's like being alone with your thoughts and feelings, but more amplified and to a degree where you start to develop more of yourself through interaction with yourself." That was just the best way she could explain this presently.

"So uh, let's start with that. Tell me how it makes you feel about yourself and the surroundings?" She wondered if she was being vague... "This includes anything that's happened since the time you've been here to now, or even your desires and goals, or your past, your dreams and aspirations for the future." The more they found out what they wanted and what they liked, the more defined they became as a person, and the Shape, Wavelength and Core of the Soul would be descriptive evidence of that.

There were many dim lights fading in and out in the background, the smoke seeming to grow thicker, crackling and barely audible coughs proving that there was still smoke in production this class session. Yumiya didn't seem to mind more smoke suddenly easing into the room. In fact, he was feeling more lighthearted than ever, for some reason.

He smiled as he listened to Tifa's explanation, wondering whether or not he would be able to do such things himself. He might be able to figure out something more about his very Soul by doing what she said. He spoke up, just to make sure, "... Um. I just unlocked my soul. Will this be able to help me strengthen it and awaken its hidden powers?" He hoped so; it would save him a lot of trouble. Granted, it was the reason why he came, but he didn't know if this specific lesson was actually going to do for him what he came here for. He just had to be certain, just in case.

Krikor thought for a bit while Yumiya spoke. Inhaling the incense didn't make him feel any different. A bit light headed, maybe, but that was about it. Perhaps that's what was supposed to happen -- his soul WAS still locked, after all. He wondered if what Tifaret had said about making it be more alone with his thoughts was true or not. He hoped not...he didn't like a lot of the thoughts he had, mainly because they usually led back to things he'd rather not remember.

Tsubaki knew what this smell was. In fact, she was quite accustomed to this SPECIFIC incense, of which she partook of quite often at her own leisure. She was actually astonished to find that there was a school that actually ALLOWED this, let alone incorporated it as part of a class. A literal 'session' for the books. Already feeling some effects, she was in a good place right now and listened attentively to Yumiya, who seemed to have a question. Promptly after he was done, she would follow up.

"Uh, he said something about 'unlocking a soul?' Does this stuff work on anyone who hasn't unlocked it already?" She looked around, kind of realizing that she may have been only referring to herself, so she made that clear from the jump. "... Namely, me?" If she could get a head start, she was all for it. Whatever it took to get enrolled in THIS cool ass school, she was definitely getting it done. The lady didn't seem that bad... Just a little all over the place and kinda bitchy. But what she said was actually pretty useful, since Tsubaki had been feeling something similar to what was described recently... She just didn't know if it related or not.

Tifa sighed heavily, trying to keep up with them. She kinda just wanted them to get it and be done with it, but she knew it wasn't something very easy to get for everyone very quickly. "... Okay, so first of all, you can 'unlock your soul' by yourself just by doing the things I said. So, just come in here and shape yourself for a little bit and you can unlock your own soul whenever you get ready." That was just to clear the air with the panda girl, who probably needed to be addressed first. Then, she would turn to the other one, whose soul was unlocked.

"As for you who already have your soul unlocked, you're at a different level than anyone who doesn't have it unlocked. You already know what your basic foundation is, whatever it may be, and you can just build from there as often as you see fit. So, you come in, reflect on yourself and your soul and basically figure out what it can do and how versatile you can get with it during your time in here. So, if you ever wanted to find a new power or new extension to your soul, or make it bigger or more powerful or whatever the fuck, you would come here and be able to do that." She shrugged her shoulders, "Hell, if you wanted to, you could actually do that right now." Granted, that was only if he truly knew how to continue to define and expand his Soul, which she doubted. She did, however, give him the basic instructions on how to do that, so he might be able to find out some hidden abilities for his soul right off the bat.

"Think of it like 'Meditation' or whatever, if that's how you need to think about it." She kinda wanted to be done with talking so that she could just sit and chill inside of the room. It was generally supposed to be really quiet and laid back. People could talk if they wanted to, but it was basically supposed to be kept to a low in order to not disturb others. "Anything else?"

"Hmm," Krikor muttered, deep in thought. A meditation room? Perhaps it would help if he cleared his mind and focused on his goals at present. He thought about getting back in contact with the rest of his gear. "It would be nice," he thought, "to hear all of their voices again." He breathed in deeply, taking in as much of the incense as possible, to see if anything would happen.

"Oh, okay..." she said rather sheepishly as her question was answered. She wasn't sure how exactly to do that, but figured that at least trying to participate in this exercise would have helped her out some. Plus, she already had gotten the whole second-hand of the incense and was starting to feel it, which made her mellow out a bit more.

She leaned back, getting herself comfortable in the chair and lowering her lids a bit, starting to drift off into her own thoughts. Tsubaki remained a little unsure of herself and this situation, but eventually ended up forgetting all about it and getting lost in the ambiance of peacefulness and calmness. It was quiet, but not dead silent, which relaxed her. "Mmm... Unlock my soul myself, huh...?"She had no idea what that even felt like nor what it entailed, but if following the exercises did that, then it was worth a shot, since she was already sinking into her own personal thoughts and feelings.

Tsubaki eventually, after getting through the initial 'What do do?' and 'What to think of?' and 'What to feel?' segment of her solitary soul searching, found her thoughts naturally drifting back to the land in which she came from... The place where she'd been before the shift. She wasn't sure how many people even knew about it at all save for herself, and despite how knowledgeable this woman, Tifa, seemed, Tsubaki wasn't sure if she had any direct affinity with the whole 'family business' that she'd just gone through. She Thought of the arid air of the desert as well as her time of sleuthing for her family. She even remembered meeting this nice person named 'Matsuro' before all of this shifting mess. He was nice and all, but she wasn't really too fond of him because he seemed a little sketchy. To even remember those events made her feel... Sort of longing, but also filled with a fiery passion to be with her family in the village again. Back in action as part of the ninja unit... Yeah. It was a hard life, but fun and exciting, and kind of deep; just like she liked it. Her only wandering thoughts were if she would be able to have that experience again... and if she'd ever get back to the Desert...

Yumiya could tell that she seemed irritated by him asking her so many things, but he didn't let it bother him, for some reason. He was actually feeling pretty good about where he was right now, and the smoke might have been helping with that. He smiled warmly at Tifa and nodded his head, saying, "Thank you. That was really helpful!" and leaning back in his chair. "Nope... No more questions..." he said, turning to face Tsubaki, who was between he and Krikor, and then to Krikor, who was still close, definitely within earshot for idle conversation, starting up some, himself.

"... I like this place, Krikor..." he said sorta dreamily, as if in a daze, "... Everyone's pretty nice." He wasn't sure what the effects were on Krikor, nor what he was thinking about or meditating on or whatever, but it did pique Yumiya's curiosity. However, he didn't want to be impolite and not try to be kind to the panda girl, Tsubaki. "... Hey, Tsubaki," he started, a little shyly, at that, "... What are you thinking about...?"

Tifa huffed with relief, "Finally!" before plopping down, herself on one of the chairs. She would immediately pull out a blunt and whip it in her mouth, sparking it up and contributing to the smoke. "You guys have any questions, just let me know, or whatever." Now, THIS is what she called a class. She could teach this class all day and night... Hahaha.

Krikor only barely heard Yumiya's voice when he spoke. It seemed like the memories from his past would come to him as long as he inhaled this smoke, no matter how hard he tried to force them to the back of his mind. "Shit shit SHIT," he thought, a memory of Earth-1282 coming to him, "not now..."

Suddenly, Krikor was back on Earth-1282, in the time period after the demons had invaded. "It's not real," he thought over and over again, trying to get back to the real world, but to no avail. He looked around himself and saw the dead bodies of the human resistance movement scattered around him, some of them slashed to bits by demon claws, some of them burned alive. Screams and the scent of blood and burning flesh filled the air from the ruined resistance base in the distance, and he realized that, save for some of the demons that thankfully hadn't noticed him yet, he was entirely alone. He clenched his fists and started running in the dream world, or whatever it was, just wanting to get away from the fire and death that seemed to plague him for the past 12 years.

Back in the real world, anyone who could see Krikor could see that his fists were clenched and his body was tense. His teeth were gritted, and his eyes were shut.

Tsubaki remained in her state of longing for a while, having totally zoned out, now and gone into her 'own little world,' so to speak. Something like a 'meditative trance' almost, yet as soon as she was about to be in that state of inner conflict, she heard the sound of a voice that broke her out of her concentration on her own inner reflection. "Huh? What?" She turned around and saw that guy, who was trying to be a little too friendly, messing up her thoughts.

"Well," she began, a bit irked, "I WAS thinking about my home and my family..." she rolled her eyes, crossing her arms, "... But since I've been INTERRUPTED, I guess now that's not happening anymore." She could have sworn that Tifa told them that they should be quiet and keep to themselves about whatever they were doing, but apparently, this kid didn't get the memo. She sighed heavily, figuring she might as well be polite. She could come back and do this later after she formally enrolled. "... But since you APPARENTLY want to talk... What's up with you?" Though she wanted to continue on her own personal spiritual journey, which she somehow seemed really good at, she figured that idle banter was okay... Getting to know people and whatever, since she was going to have to be with them, anyway.

She got a weird feeling from the other guy, though. She wasn't sure why or how, but she just knew it felt kinda... Dismal. She barely paid it any mind and barely felt it, and kinda figured it came from the smoke.

"Well, I--" immediately, Yumiya was able to very acutely feel the tension and irritation not only coming from her voice, but also from inside of her, like some sort of wave that struck his soul. He recoiled rather quickly, somehow feeling rather offended and hurt, lowering his head, a smile no longer on his face. "... I just wanted to get to know you a little better..." he said in a crestfallen tone, "... I figured it was... the nice thing to do..." This is what he meant when he told Krikor before that people probably wouldn't like him all too much. After this, it would seem that he started to spiral down on this path of discontent, which he also seemed to be picking up from not only Tsubaki, but also from Krikor. He no longer wished to talk, but knew since he started the conversation, it made sense to continue.

"... Well right now..." he said a bit hesitantly, wondering how his good spirits had fallen so fast, "... I'm feeling really bad. Some sort of tension and troubling feeling in the air... and inside of me, too..." He turned away slightly as his voice started trailing off. "... Sorry I disturbed you..." He went back to his own quietness, quickly shut down and no longer chipper. He was secretly also worried about Krikor, since he felt some powerful disdainful feeling coming from him. Yumiya wasn't sure why this was, but for whatever reason, after how he interacted with Tsubaki, he figured that maybe he shouldn't talk to Krikor, at risk of disturbing him the same way. He sighed heavily.

In the darkness of the ambiguous blackness of the room, there was a voice from relatively nearby that said to them, "Hey, you're killing the vibes. Stop that." It was probably from one of the more adept Wavelength users in the room who was vastly perceptive and acute on the waves in an area and was picking up on the negativity and disharmony of all three of them suddenly after being peaceful and content in their own session before the newbies came. Another whispered, "They're probably just noobs, don't worry about them." There was slight clamor in the background, but eventually faded as the smoke continued to thicken.

Where Tifa wanted to just continue on having a nice, chilled out experience and let the new people find their way on their own, she would rather swiftly pick up on the discord between them that not only she could feel and see as tension and negativity rising up in the vibrations, but also see how the resonant waves drifted about the entire room from the random train wreck of all three of their wavelengths trying to mingle in such high concentration. "... Well, that went south fast," she said with a groan. Maybe it was time for their next lesson.

"Yo, kids... You're disturbing the peace here." Though the other students off in the background should have known that the newer students would have some trouble, it was also important to not allow the ones who didn't know to continue to mess up the flow in their ignorance. She was gonna have to let them know what they were doing. "... Look, I presume you all don't know, but when you're under the influence of this incense, which helps you open up your Mind and Soul, it makes you pretty receptive to waves in the air... Including from the emotions and thoughts of people around you." She took another puff of her own, knowing that there was a higher level of intensity from the direct inhalation rather than the second-hand that the babes had to take to be eased into this course.

"Now just because you all can't see it, but can probably feel it... Doesn't mean that people like me and the more advanced students in this room right now can't. M'kay?" She knew she was going to have to give them an example, or else they wouldn't understand. "So, let me make this clear to you about how exposed you are to people like me;" she pointed to Krikor with the blunt still in her hand, of whom she felt the largest of the discontent. "You see this guy? He's doing it right; he's going through something pretty deep. Not a problem with that; he's not bothering anybody and probably making some progress."

She then pointed at Yumiya, "... But you? Your soul is awakened, and from the looks of it, it's highly receptive. You're picking up on his own distress on accident because you don't know how to control your Soul, and are probably amplifying it and causing some distress within yourself and those around you, like a beacon or something. You need to get that together."

Finally, she pointed at Tsubaki, "... And you. You're not helping it by being so snippy. It's not cute and it's actually making things worse." Tifa was able to witness with this girl something astounding; that she was getting remarkably close to accessing her own 'Soul Realm' that was awakened through 'Trance.' That interesting tidbit could only come so very swiftly and naturally to those that were highly adept... Most commonly, one of the Tensei children. It piqued Tifa's interest, as well as her next lesson.

"... So, in order to help you all along and keep from breaking the cycle of peace in here, I'm going to explain to you all about the 'Soul Realms.' Each of them is like your own personal world or dimension of yourself inside of your Soul that is the depiction of everything your soul is in the form of its own realm. You can do whatever you want to it and basically do whatever you want, but only in there. It applies only to you as an individual initially, but through deep thought, practice, focus, meditation and sometimes even a trance-like state, you can find this place and start working on your soul from the inside. Others can come into it, as well, but that's only if you all are really skilled at it. Usually, Maestros and their Soulmates practice in each others' realms in order to better understand themselves, each other and how they relate and react to each other whilst inside of their own souls." She took another puff, before putting her blunt out. "... Now, these places usually only appear when a Soul is already defined, or at least unlocked, like Yumiya's. It typically matches the physical depiction, coloration, symbolism, meaning and personality of your soul, itself, in order to help you to further understand it and shape it into something better understood and more easily utilized." She figured that the basic explanation was all that was pretty much necessary... At least, she hoped. She didn't feel like explaining any further.

"... So, uh, why don't you, Yumiya, just work on trying to find that 'Soul Realm' of yours and everybody else just chill out for a bit, huh? When everyone is less tense and more stable, you can chat again." Hopefully that put all the fires out before something really bad happened. She knew that such tension could cause severe, if not permanent damage to someone else's soul as well as the relationships between people, if the waves weren't cut immediately in order to prevent such a connection between the souls from being established. They weren't aware that following every feeling, every thought and every path just as it was lain before them wasn't always the best... Hell, sometimes she, herself, got caught up in that with her headstrong nature. But seeing and knowing what it could do in others was definitely a red flag to her... Students teaching the Teacher. Not that she was much of one, anyway. "... Just chill out, guys. Talk to ME if you feel like you need to talk. Then I'll let you know when it's okay to talk to each other."

Krikor didn't hear a word anyone said. He was too caught up in his flashback/dream thing. He was still running as fast and as hard as he could, the demons (who finally noticed him) swooping down on him, hot on his heels. He knew how this was going to turn out -- he would meet Thompson for the first time and live -- but that didn't make it any less terrifying. He knew he would run out of energy long before they did.

Suddenly, Krikor stumbled on a rock, and a KRAK was heard. Pain shot through his leg as he fell to the ground on his stomach, and he looked back to see bone protruding from his skin at his ankle, blood pouring from the wound. The demons were closing, and it seemed like the end of the line for him. He desperately tried to return to the real world so he wouldn't be stuck here anymore, but nothing happened -- he was stuck.

After being thoroughly scolded by Tifa, Yumiya was still feeling pretty low, but her explanation about the Soul Realm and how he was just picking up on other people's wavelengths put him in at least a better place than he was before. "Ah... S-Sorry..." He was a bit embarrassed due to his improper timing... But he couldn't quite shake the feeling of distress completely. In fact, it was pretty much getting worse, even as his mood was lightened. He couldn't really tell why, but he noticed that Krikor hadn't said a word, nor even moved from his spot. 'Wow... He must be really good at this...' Yumiya thought, glad that Krikor was getting adjusted to the class so well. Though Yumiya had been to a few of the other classes, this was the first time he'd even been to this specific one, due to his previous disability with his Soul.

Even though he was still getting the sensation of distress from Krikor, with what Tifa said, he didn't pay it any mind and merely kept to himself for a while. He closed his eyes and started to drift off into his own thoughts, letting his thoughts and feelings overtake him.

Eventually, as he drifted, he would be able to faintly see the outline of his own soul in the darkness of his own subconscious... or wherever he was. He wasn't sure if it was what Tifa meant, but whatever the case, he wanted to get a closer look at it... So he could perhaps see what Tear saw. His soul was, as it was described, pink with a white cross as its core and shaped like a capsule with two antennae on either end of it, and radiating a faint aura matching the capsuline outline, pulsating from the center. It drew him closer to the soul, a sort of soothing feeling overtaking him and relieving him of all the tension from Tsubaki and distress from Krikor. It made him want to go nearer to it, simply because it felt so nice... and, he did. He got so close, he would nearly touch it; hands gently cradling it between his palms without actually touching it. He felt as though if he were to touch it, something would happen... But he was alright with just basking in this soothing radiation coming from it.

A warm smile appeared on his face and a faint pink glow that only those who could see Souls and Wavelengths could perceive around him, and any tension in the area in his immediate area would go away.

Tsubaki huffed. All of this nonsense was upsetting her slightly; first, with the teacher pretty much singling her out before hand. Then, the guy next to her throwing off her groove. Now, she was getting in trouble for reacting to something he did! It was really irritating.

When she saw his reaction, though, she was a little bit sad and kinda felt bad about getting so mad at him, so she didn't say anything in response to either of them. She just sat there and thought about trying to make it up to him for being mean. That was all she could think about. 'I hope he's okay...' She thought to maybe, after this was over, talk to him more nicely and maybe see if they could be friends. She might as well. 'Okay, I'm gonna make these guys my first friends, get enrolled, come back, and we're all gonna get along! Yeah! That's what's gonna happen!' In her heart, there was some perky determination, now. For some reason she was feeling better now. She couldn't quite tell why, but she didn't care. She gave a triumphant, yet small smile at these thoughts, feeling like this was the best thing to do. 'When this is over, I'm gonna definitely make it up to them!' First things first; being officially enrolled.

Tifa sighed with relief. Everyone seemed pretty chill now and it didn't seem like she had to worry about them getting out of hand anymore. They could all just sit back and have their own experiences and grow as they did at their own paces, which was important in developing the Soul. She was no expert on this, like Tear, but she knew enough to at least be able to teach them the basics. Manna was more her forte, being a Fae, and all. Hopefully, Tear had a class about that which she could teach, or something. She was more than ready to give anyone a knuckle sandwich.

Her only real concern was the one who was quiet; Krikor, of whom she was the closest. She could feel him beginning to drift into despair, probably from a traumatic experience that damaged his soul and left a scar that brought him Dissonance. It wasn't uncommon for a soul to have some; in fact, most everyone starting out had it. She wasn't really good at explaining it, though; all the really technical jargon was Tear's specialty. She may refer Krikor to him in order to look at the Dissonance in his Soul and how to use it to make him stronger and how to overcome it... But from the looks of it, he hadn't even unlocked his soul. That was common, too, actually... To first seep into the or discordant parts of the soul because of their intensity before actually getting into the actual core. It's what kept people from truly unlocking their souls and even understanding who they were as people. Not overcoming a Dissonance, or even rejecting it was there is what kept their souls confined, as well as any power that came from it... Unless they became corrupted by it and turned into... Soul Demons. This guy didn't seem the type, though.

She wanted to intervene since she questioned whether or not he was able to get back... Naturally, if he went too far, she would... But something interesting came up in the other guy, Yumiya, that came in with Krikor. His soul, which was already unlocked, was giving off a faint pulsation from his wavelength and allowing his Soul Energy to fill the air a little bit. It was mending the discord and brought a healing wave. He seemed pretty content now, despite how he was really upset before, and she knew it had to be because of his soul. Before she did anything about Krikor, she wanted to test how strong his wavelength was on its own. It was good practice for him, too, even if he didn't realize that it was 'practice' yet.

"Hey. You," she called out. "Yumiya." She stood up, moving over to him, "Switch places with me." Even though most people who knew very little about the soul wouldn't understand, just someone's presence shifting in a room was enough to change the entire atmosphere, whether they understood and noticed it or not. Everyone was constantly releasing these waves, even though most people barely had an aura that extended a centimeter from their bodies... And thus when within a large group of people, these waves started reacting to each other and either harmonizing or conflicting. His soul, which seemed to be a 'Harmonizing Type', should hopefully be able to ease the distress of Krikor. If it wasn't enough, Tifa would definitely take matters into her own hands, though.

Just as he was basking in the pink light of his soul, his eyes shot open at the call of his name, and he would sit upright. "Um, yes?!" She instructed him to switch places with her, for reasons he didn't understand... But figured that she did. "Ah! Yes!!" He stood up, chuckled and promptly made his way to the seat she was in, next to Krikor. He sat back down and rested, closing his eyes again, trying to find that concentration he had again... The faint aura still glowed around his body and radiated, but he was distant from his soul, again... Oh well. Time to try again.

In his trance, Krikor heard two gunshots ringing out. He looked behind himself to see that both of the demons had dropped to the ground, each one with a bullet hole in its forehead, not moving save for a few twitches here and there. He looked in front of himself to see a large man standing over him. The man helped him up, letting him lean on his shoulder so he could walk with his broken ankle.

"Who...who are you?" Krikor asked, finding it hard to see through the pain he was in.

"That can wait," the man replied. "For now, we need to get you to the rest of my people. That ankle needs to get patched up."

With that, Krikor's eyes snapped open in the real world. He gasped for air, taking in a large amount in a short time, and coughed a few times on some of the smoke from the incense. His hands were shaking from his vision, one that he'd thought he had pushed back into the darkest recesses of his mind never to be seen again.

Tsubaki was totally out of it now. She couldn't find it in herself to get the same concentration she had when she first started out. "Shit!" she muttered under her breath, now far too excited about enrolling to actually focus. "Um, 'scuse me, Tifa? Where do I go to get like, officially enrolled?" Hopefully she wouldn't be a bitch about telling her...

Tifa kept an eye out for Krikor as well as Yumiya's reaction near him. She was still kind of wary, but made sure to answer Tsubaki. "Yeah, uh, just go out the door and find the really dark hallway called the 'Death Chamber.' Should be a map somewhere, or something." It was only a matter of time before the man shot awake and started coughing, gasping for air. "Oh shi--" she wasn't expecting this at all, and totally didn't want to get bitched at by Tear for being too careless again. "Yeah, just uh. You'll find it. I gotta..." Tifa walked over to Krikor, standing over him, "Hey, you good? You alright, guy? What happened?"

As Yumiya kept on trying to center himself again, he would suddenly be jolted away from his soul searching by not so much the reaction of Krikor, but the feeling of him in a panic. Their eyes would open at the same time, as if synchronized, and, with a shortness of breath similar (but not nearly as severe) to Krikor's would he turn to meet the eye of his friend with a look of shock and worry.

"Krikor?! Krikor, what's wrong?" The pink aura that was around his body suddenly faded in his panic, as if with the loss of calmness would also his healing wavelength disperse. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah," Krikor said, his coughing starting to subside, "yeah, I'm alright. Just had a...really intense flashback, is all," he said, shakily getting to his feet, his body covered in cold sweat.

Internally, Krikor was furious with himself. He knew he was stronger mentally than this. Why did memories of Earth-1282 cause such a reaction with him? That was 12 years ago. He should be over it by now.

Tsubaki wasn't really paying much attention to Krikor as he made such a scene, not until everyone started rushing over to him. She hoped that he was okay, but was also trying to get her own goals accomplished as quickly as she could. "Awww..." she cooed, "I hope you're okay..."

She figured that Tifa had to focus on him right now, so being given those shoddy directions was SORTA acceptable for the moment. Tsubaki would eventually find her way; this place could only be so big. Besides, the best way to get the hang of a building, or any confined space, was to get lost in it and eventually figure out everything. So, it might work out for the better. "I'll see you guys later," she said to the three of them, "And I hope you feel better!" She waved them all off and exited the Soul Room, on her own in the school to find this 'Death Chamber' so she could get enrolled officially.

Tifa sighed, realizing that this was all of their first times in the room. The effects of the incense were probably a little much for them, especially with whatever effects their own pasts, feelings and thoughts had when being brought to the surface and opened up because of it. It was best for them to ease their way into it. "... Ya know, I think it's probably best if we just call it a day for right now. You all have made pretty decent progress for first timers, but... I'm pretty sure that's enough for right now." She crossed her arms and made the executive decision; "Class Dismissed." Yeah. Saying that made her REALLY feel like an instructor. And she didn't even have to go walking that girl around all over the school... And she could stay out of Tear's sight for a little while.

"If you feel like it's overwhelming, I'd suggest to go and hit the hay. If you're really feeling shitty, you should go to the Infirmary." She, herself, was going to take care of her own 'business.' "Practice up and come back here whenever. Don't wait up; you're free to utilize the assets of the school as you see fit." Leaving them with those final words, she stepped out of the room a few minutes behind Tsubaki, also trying to make sure she didn't get caught by her, either. She totally didn't feel like being a chaperon.

Many of the other students in the room were slightly concerned about Krikor, as well. Some chuckled, knowing that the inhalation of the smoke for first timers was pretty rough if they weren't expecting the effects, whilst others were hoping that he wouldn't choke and die.

Yumiya, who was right by Krikor's side, would pat him on the back to make sure he was okay, but take heed to Tifa's dismissal of the class. "... Ah... Well, thank you, Miss Tifa, for teaching us. You've been a big help." Yumiya had gotten a lot done today; met a new friend, unlocked his soul and even learned something about it and its properties. This was one of the most eventful days he'd had since his few weeks of being in the school, honestly. "... Maybe she's right, Krikor. It's been a long day. I think we should probably go back to the dorms and rest." With Yumiya's concern, the faint pink aura would begin to glow around him again, but neither he nor Krikor should be able to see it. However, the soothing sensation it produced should have been felt by the both of them, and hopefully eased Krikor's mind and spirit... at least, a small bit. "What do you say?"

"I agree," Krikor said, his breathing normalized again. Something was calming him down, he just didn't know what. Perhaps he'd find out in time, but for now, he figured it would be best to leave this room before he had another flashback. He hoped his classes wouldn't all go like this, or he would probably be kicked out before he regained contact with the rest of his gear. He tried to put those thoughts out of his head for now, and said, "Lead the way, Yumiya."

"You got it, Krikor!" He started on his way toward the door, exiting the Soul Room. He was actually pretty bushed, himself. It had gotten relatively late and he was just about ready to retire for the night, anyway. "Next stop, the Dorms, huh?" He laughed, still trying to help Krikor feel better. He hoped a good night's sleep would do him well. Yumiya wasn't sure if he'd had a nice bed to sleep on in a while, but it certainly would make him feel better to be sprawled out on one right now.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 50: Business Meeting; Press Conference

In Tear's office -- Yomi; Death's Chamber:

Sooner or later, there was another knock at the door. This time, it was Tifa, who had come back with a complaint after randomly being assigned to watch some students, or whatever. "Tear! We gotta talk!"

Tear sighed more than heavily, now rather agitated with all of these unsynchronized events happening consecutively. This only meant another string of discord he had to fix, and hopefully that would end with the person who started it all in the first place, of whom he knew initiated it from the very vibrations in the air reaching him in a manner that would specifically be of her own will. "... It's almost over..." he muttered to himself, keeping his composure, as he was known to do, "... Just this last little bit..." he told himself, breathing in deeply and exhaling sharply. Tear wasn't one to very often lose his temper, despite being strict, stern and proper. He was actually very aloof and flexible, which is why no issue that came up seemed unresolvable. However, the reason why he was always so lax, even in his alertness, was because of stress. Tear was a force to be reckoned with when he finally lost his cool, and no one wanted to be around for that. In fact, usually, no one was.

He walked up the stairs, muttering to himself to keep calm, then quickly opened the door and flashed his signature deadly nonchalant smile, eyes half open as he gazed at Tifa. "Yes? Is something the matter, love?"

Tifa tapped her foot impatiently, looking rather cross. When Tear finally opened the door with his whole 'bishounen' (pretty boy) look, she nearly wanted to punch him dead in his fucking half-smiling ass face. "Don't you give me that smile and English accen-- Love?" She was a bit stunned to hear him being so... Kind to her, but she wouldn't falter. She was here on a mission and needed some answers from this shady bastard.

"... Uh. Anyway. Yeah, what's this whole deal about me being an 'instructor?' When the hell did that happen?" He was, as usual, just making decisions based off of what he needed at the time without really taking anyone else into consideration... Namely, Tifa. "I didn't sign up for this. I don't care how we got here. So what's the idea here, eh?" She seemed more calm now, slightly, but was still quite heated, it seemed. "Start talking!" She knew that he knew some things that she didn't and she wanted to know all the details.

Tear closed his eyes, keeping himself composed despite Tifa's brutish and belligerent behavior and feelings. Naturally, Tear could simply tell by being near her how she was feeling, but in that, he also knew how to counteract it in and of himself. He wouldn't get upset with her like last time; he hadn't the time for it. As of now, all that was necessary was for the two of them to be at peace so he could continue what he was doing before. He was going to have to compromise correcting her for diffusing the situation... Something he wasn't opposed to doing, even if he knew that he could definitely reprimand her right here and now for things he knew she did that she probably didn't know he knew nor how. He'd save those things for later, when it was more prudent.

"... *ahem* Well, if you will please excuse my hasty decision," he began, his voice matching his signature deadly nonchalant smile, "I will certainly make it up to you. Do try to understand that it is very hectic trying to run this establishment so short-handed, and though I didn't have the time to formally approach you and ask you of your assistance, I beg your pardon in terms of my own executive action." He opened his eyes, which shimmered and glowed beautifully as he peered into hers, showing no signs of agitation nor irritation, despite all that happened prior to. "Let me make it up to you, love. Perhaps, when I am finished handling the new students, I might have the pleasure of taking you out to eat at one of the Delta's fine eateries? I certainly did say I would, did I not?" Though Tear was cryptic and very careful with his words, he was still a man of them. It was why he didn't say nor reveal too much beyond what was necessary or that was opinionated, however, due to him being so 'bound' to his words, so to speak. He was exceedingly careful with every last one for reasons he did not share with others.

"Also, allow me to request that you do me yet another favor of becoming a formal instructor, as well... To go along with your role as the school's Amaterasu." She was the one who watched the Pumpkinhead and managed the Consciousness and Souls that came from it and into the Instruments. He had things to worry about in terms of them, as well, quite honestly, but that could also be put on hold until a time of more convenience. "I do, quite honestly, believe in your talent and that you would be a wonderful instructor... Especially, perhaps, in terms of combat, magic and field work, hm?" He didn't take her for the 'lecture' type, like Tear was. "You seem more... the 'Hands-On' type of person, and naturally, as flexible as this school's system is, you are more than welcome to do that if you do officially accept this role." He was hoping that she would accept, even after all of the mayhem. "... What do you say, love?"

Tifa was some sort of mix between angry, confused and somehow swooned by Tear, all of which made her feel more intensely, yet at the same time, calm and composed, like he was. She couldn't tell if he was flirting with her, being serious or if that was just how he was... Maybe it was some sort of all three and he was just fucking with her. She definitely had no idea, but it piqued her interest, since it seemed that no one was able to really do that to her before. Must be because of this whole 'Tensei' thing now.

After thinking it over, yet still keeping a sharp eye on Tear, glaring at him, she would finally say, "... Tonight. The Cantina. Don't keep me waiting or I might change my mind." That was all she was going to tell him, since he felt like being secretive and mysterious was all cool, or whatever. She had no problem with withholding her thoughts and feelings, like he did, until they were both in a position to reveal them... emphasis on the BOTH. "Tch." She turned away from him, still trying to gather her own thoughts and feelings, then walked off. She was gonna get what she wanted from him there, definitely.

Tear's ever present smile and calm demeanor had not waned as Tifa spoke her words. In fact, he seemed to be just as collected as normal. "Ah. Wonderful. You're much too kind, love. I'll see you after hours, then." He waved her off politely as she turned around in her huff, keeping his composure until the very moment she completely disappeared and left the area.

"Hmhmhm..." he chuckled quietly to himself, "... Silly, adorable little girl..." His brow quirked only slightly, feeling the subtle sensation of someone's lingering 'feelings' all about, of which he picked up on rather immediately, "... Seems like someone's a little caught up, now aren't we...? Into some affairs we shouldn't be poking our nose in...?" He shook his head and closed his eyes, adjusting his clothes and starting off toward the Lobby. "... Don't forget who's in charge here, young lady... I know more about 'getting' and 'giving' than you ever could, and not doing so, as well." Things were, as usual, going swimmingly, even after the hectic number before. "Well now, with all accounts settled, it should be smooth sailing from here."

"I'll give the lass a special lesson after class... Seems as though she needs to be educated a bit. She seems to have no idea who she's dealing with here, so it's only proper to let her know..." He chuckled again and locked his hands behind his back, taking off down the hallway in long, blissful strides as if skating on the very floor. Liquid parted from his coated boots and allowed him a slick and swift transition through the students and to the Lobby, where his next prospective new student was waiting for her Placement Test.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 51: Guest Appearance; King and Queen's Arrival

Shintsuki and Shinrona would materialize before the gates of Pandemia, arm in arm. "I doubt they'll be expecting us," she started, ringing the bell on the intercom, "But it'll certainly be a surprise, don't you agree~?" Even if they were only here to get Shinity, it was still something rather unusual to see these two here. She waited patiently for assistance.

"Definitely," he added as he materialized alongside her, waiting to be assisted as well, "... But I believe the ones who will be most surprised are our daughters..." He wasn't aware of if Shintsuki knew about all of their children being gathered together in one place or not, but naturally, Shinrona did. It was an added bonus. "I'm actually rather excited, myself. Daddy missed his babies..." Even the true eldest of them all... Even if she was a misfit, she was still one of Daddy's Little Girls.

Since Tear was still busy, it was up to Tifa to handle whatever little busywork that he usually did herself. She wasn't all for it or anything, but hey, someone had to do it if it weren't him. It kinda made her appreciate how much he did without anyone noticing, but at the same time, it became annoying when it started falling on her. "... We need more staff around this joint..." she muttered as she appeared from a pure white void, right before the gates. She was shocked to find who greeted her there. "O-oh! Uh, it's you two!" She fumbled about, trying to get the door open, nowhere near expecting this sort of visit. "Haha. Y-yeah, what's up? Welcome back and stuff. Come on in..." The gates would open and Tifa would, of course, begin to escort the two of them inside immediately.

Shinrona chuckled casually at the cute little Tifaret, of whom he could see was still getting adjusted to everything. She was one of the few that hadn't a clue of what was going on in the grander scheme of things, like Shinrona did... Hell, even his wife was left in the dark on some things... Such as what was about to happen once they got settled into their establishment.

"Why, thank you, Tifa. Might I say, you're looking lovely today. Nearly as radiant as Tsuki here." He turned to his beloved and smiled, knowing the secret behind the two of their relations to each other, even if it wasn't clear to either of them just yet. "Don't worry about staffing," he muttered to her, indicating that he heard what she said and already knew what to do about it, "... I'll be handling that when we get situated... You'll have a few more hands here at the school, if that's a problem." He was here to make sure all of the major issues were worked out. Shinrona was more than aware that basically Tear and Tifa were the only two running this place at the moment, but perhaps he and/or Shintsuki could remedy that and alleviate some of the stress on the two of them. "You won't have to look after our little one anymore. We're bringing someone with a... 'Better head' to organize this place. You'll certainly love her." With Tsuki still in his arms, he smiled, hoping that Tifa felt more at ease with that answer.

"... Sure..." was all Tifa could say as she escorted the two inside. She wasn't sure where exactly they wanted to go and without Tear, she was kinda lost about just exactly what it was she was supposed to do. She certainly didn't know any of the regular Tensei customs. "... So... Can I go now, or... Do I need to like, stay, or something...?" She was legitimately confused on how this works from here.

Tsuki, who was off in her head as she casually walked alongside Shinrona, of whom she already knew would lead them right where they needed to go (since she was still a bit hazy on what to do, herself), suddenly had a vision when she gazed upon the clueless Tifaret. For some reason, looking at her was like a fond, but lost memory and it suddenly made her very disheartened. She whispered to him very softly, "... If I said 'Prepare for Trouble,' what would you say...?"

Stepping from the doorway only moments after it was opened by Tifaret was the one 'Kairo Khrona', appearing before 'Shintsuki' and 'Tifaret' in order to complete a Missing Link in the Void. "... Halt," he said assertively, "We must resolve your issue before you are allowed to continue. None may pass until it has been resolved." They'd been going through a 'Clean Sweep' of sorts, and it just so happened that they walked in on such an inspection. "If it is not resolved before greeting the Young Miss, she will become imbalanced." There was a certain 'light' that needed to be shed on Tifa's situation as well as Tsuki's...

Certainly unexpected, perhaps due to the spontaneity of the Creatrix Genome being the first to receive any NEW information, being the Cell that generates all New Information, thus invoking a Spontaneous Evolution. "Something must be happening immediately if the Creatrix Genome is getting some new info..." he muttered, mostly to himself before he realized the synchronization between both Tifa and Shintsuki. It was due to the lack of their two connecting Restrictions. "... Ready to look in the mirror, are you...?" He chuckled, narrowing his eyes. "... To take a peek into that Looking Glass, Alice...?" He snickered playfully, but coolly, before finishing in the *James Voice* "'Make it Double,' by the way." Whenever Shintsuki sensed something, so did Shinrona, and vice versa, meaning that whenever he received something, so did she. In this case... It was about she, herself. "... To answer your question~." They were going to need a plan, because he certainly didn't have time for any of THIS. Not when they were THIS close to the end... "So I'd better get a Double Dip of that Cookies N' Creme later..." After those words, he continued to whisper something into her ear casually and softly, without losing his composure.

Tifa stood there utterly clueless, but relatively upset about what she believed was about to happen right now. "... Oh, you have got to be kidding me..." The LAST thing she was trying to do was get into some Tensei bullshit again. "Damn that Tear... I bet he set me up again..." She grit her teeth and 'bit her tongue' about getting upset about it, turning to see what the other two were going to do about it. "Hey. So, what are we..." With the whispering going on between the two of them privately, it was clear that they were coming up with a plan and she was left completely in the dark even further about all of the events that were about to transpire. "... Well. Guess WE aren't going to do ANYTHING, huh...? Ugh..."

"To run from your responsibilities, as you have been, is a terrible habit you must break. This is why we are backed up." Kairo Khrona found the 'Error' in the system; Tifaret. "Because you do not deal with the new responsibilities placed upon you, they will either be forced upon you or you will lose your place as you are. Thus..." His arm extended to Tifa, assimilating with her very being and digging his DNA into hers to induce Spontaneous Evolution, nothing short of the beneficial side of 'Natural Selection,' or what some may know as a 'Rapture.' "The Progenitor of your side of the Family's sacred power is waiting to be unlocked. The last one who harbored the 'Master Lock's' power seemed to be less than worthy..." With his DNA forcing hers to grow, she would begin to Understand a great deal more swiftly, yet at the cost of her being able to react to it once her Revelations were under way.

"Manual Update; In Progress."

"... Then let's 'Protect the World from Devastation,' huh...?" Tsuki listened carefully, giggling lightly as he whispered both sweet nothings as well as bits and pieces of the plan to her through her ear, exclusively so that only she could hear. She nodded her head slowly a few times, then looked up to him with a casually loving look. Their eyes met once to confirm their understanding before a swift, but soft peck on his cheek led her to start dissolving. "Oh, and by the way... Don't you worry about that Creme... There's more than enough desert waiting for you when you finish your Supper..." She winked and giggled once more, somewhat slyly, before completely fizzling out.


The power of the 'Perfect Prison' began to stir within the young girl, immediately forcing her to give into a power higher than her own based on her own use of said power. The 'Sealing Force' that was derived from the energy of the original Seal would not only bring the entire body of Tifa to a complete and utter 'Locked' control based on the will of the 'Master Lock' itself, but also all of her abilities. She was seized now to be under the influence of 'Avant-Garde,' and at this time, given its power as well as connection to the Creatrix Genome, Tifaret would have access to both of their power in a manner that was operated by the two higher powers, regardless of how much of their strength she drew from.

"Until This Dilemma Is Resolved, You Are Sealed In This Area."

And so, yet again, things seemed to have escalated for no real rhyme nor reason at all, randomly coming to find her and talk to her about things that were going on in the world that she was simply doing her best to not even acknowledge. It was terrible to know that if something of such a powerful influence were in a single area, it was going to get back to her somehow. She kept herself in hiding from these issues by chilling out in the Void, but when she came out of it, things seemed to have built up rather than gotten better. It was only greater indication that she weren't doing something she was supposed to be doing, but really didn't want to be because it messed with her current lifestyle. "You just have to ruin EVERYTHING, don't you...?" She wasn't speaking to anyone in particular... Except maybe Khrona, but... whatever.

She found herself under the influence of the Sealing Eye... or the Sealing Force... Or, rather, whatever it was that created and gave them the power in the first place. It was apparently the thing stopping her from moving forward by using her own powers against her in a more expert fashion. She literally could do nothing except what it wanted. "*Sigh* ... Okay, so. What the fuck do we have to do to get unstuck, since this is CLEARLY one of THOSE situations...?"

"Make sure to leave it out in the open on a silver platter, where I can see it..." he said with a wink before his wifey faded away. Calmly, slowly, he turned his head toward the three beings before him. "... Well. Aren't you cute, Little Girl...?" He chuckled, crossing his arms and shaking his head slowly, "... Don't even know what's going on. I did like you a lot when you were this dense..." He spoke as if Tifa was naught but a fond memory rather than presently before him now. "Alright, 'Baby-chan'... Are you ready for YOUR first Lesson in Class today...?" Kairo Khrona was updating her manually whilst Avant-Garde was providing her with the upgrade that came with the update. "Just try to relax... It'll all make sense soon... Everything always does once you see my face, don'tcha know?"

"The Violation is that This One still harbors all the intent of her own Rebirth, yet not that of the one of whom she was Created. She has yet to truly accept her place in this scenario, and thus, is only Half Complete." This explained why she was a bit 'half-baked,' so to speak. Upon her being reborn, no longer the daughter of Tzita and now recreated in her own image based on the power of the Tensei, Tifa now simply lacked what remained in what her partner saw fit for her. "Perhaps you were unaware of your responsibilities, but in this, you will now see. As punishment, it will be in the form of a 'Super Smash Bros.' style One-on-One." If Kairo Khrona processed the information correctly, all Tifa needed was to have and to lose a battle for her to understand things. If she did not lose, she rarely ever thought she was wrong. It was part of her dragon heritage, as only tests and feats of strength were their ways of proving and earning respect.

"I may decide to randomly generate 'Items' for you to use. As the Universe tends to do." Naturally, with Kairo Khrona basically being the universe's walking form, he could alter or generate variables out of thin air based on universal algorithms and codes embedded in the System, much like how an 'Item Generator' in a video game (this time, specifically, Super Smash Bros.) functions. "The Master Lock is also able to Block, Lock or Unlock abilities it sees fit, as well as utilize them as its own based on your unlocking. Once you unlock your ability, it gains access to it, as does the rest of the universe. It is simply in charge of appropriating when you are allowed to do so."

With that said, Kairo Khrona would point out to Tifa, "... I Choose You..." A 'Pokeball' was generated at that moment in the palm of his hand, a large T on it, with a lightning bolt, as if denoting electricity. Pointing the Pokeball at Tifaret, he drew her data into the Pokeball, completely disassembling her and having her particles become pure energy, yet retaining their information completely as a ball of energy contained within the pressurized sphere made specifically for sustaining pure energy as conscious data. When she was brought back into her Pokeball, it was hurled outward to the ground before Shinrona. When it was released, there would be...

"... Tifa-chu."

Tifa only needed to hear the words 'I Choose You' to fully understand what was about to happen, and then immediately got highly upset. "... What did you just say?" Before she knew it, she was sucked into a Pokeball, but it seemed different from normal Pokeballs. It had like, a lightning bolt or some dumb shit on it trying to make it all standing out and whatever. Whilst inside of the Pokeball for the brief moment that she was, already getting even more charged, she heard something that definitely got her going. "WHAT did you call me!?!?!" Just as quickly as she was called into her containment chamber, she was released out in the form of... a fucking Pikachu.

"..." She was dead silent for a while, just staring at Khrona, knowing that this was his dumb ass idea, and got this other Khrona to put her up to this... Without a choice, at that. "... And I'm not even the GOOD looking kind. I'm not even 'Gameboy Color' Version. I'm..." she looked at her pixelated body, looking something like a 'Pacman' "... The fucking... 2-bit 'Gameboy' version." That's what really got her going. He didn't even make her look as good as she could be. Probably part of his dumbass punishment. "All I need now is a fucking AOL logo and I'll have the entire nineties internet bandwidth..." She rolled her eyes, then returned her attention to Shinrona immediately, "And what's your deal? What does ANY of YOUR being here have to do with ME being... This? And all of THIS happening, huh?" Granted, she did kinda sneak into this existence undetected... But then she remembered Tear and how he was talking about both he and her being connected to 'Magnus Ignis' and 'Magna Signis' respectively, and things started coming together the more she looked at Shinrona's face.

"... No... You... You mean that you and I...?" The woman she saw with him when he arrived had hair that was the same color as his. Tear probably knew something that, yet again, he was choosing to hide from her. The worst part about it is that she thought she was being sneaky by slipping into this world through the Void, but then she remembered that he was right there to get her as soon as she did. He was leading her all the way to this point to get her to...

"... Fuck you, Tear..."

That damn Tear even took advantage of her reincarnation as a completely new being to remove her from said affiliation of her original 'familial' ties. Even though she did that of her own will because she hated her mother for being trifling, she didn't expect anyone to take advantage of the fact that she was no longer part of the Tensei as who she once was, even if the energy of the Tensei got into her and turned her into half of one. The more she realized, the more charged she became, until light sparkled all around her light white lightning. Granted, it was all in 8-Bit Pixelated form, making it look nowhere near as threatening as it actually was, but it would still pack a great punch no matter what it looked like, which was the most important things to her. Tifa never did care about looks as long as she destroyed her target.

"... Okay, you asshole... If this is the way it's got to be, then give me everything you've got!"

She was speaking not only to Shinrona, who was apparently Tear's higher form, but also to Tear himself, because she felt like, even now, he was up to something and at any moment could bring his super secret sneaky shady ass in here at any moment and just be a fucking asshole even more. She wouldn't put it past him, considering what she knew about Khrona. If Tear was just another one of him, as it was looking to be, she was going to blow him the fuck up when she was done here with Shinrona.

"Awww... Temper, temper, my pet~!" he jested cutely, flashing a prize-winning nonchalant smile similar to a certain someone Tifa knew and loved, "... You know we're both known for our natural brightness..." Of course, he admired her special light in its own way that shone much brighter and in a certain way that no other ever did, but even so... "Though, I must ask..." He looked at her with eyes just as calm and compassionate as could be, but with a contained smirk as if he were holding back something great behind his composed cheshire grin, "... Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall..." When the Pokeball marked with a T and a lightning bolt on it, known also as a 'Tigen Ball' (which is what Tigen used to capture the wild Pokemon on the Lost World and do God knows what with them after exposing them to his energy) hit the ground and released Tifachu, it would then bounce into the air for Shinrona to snag right out of the sky with a flick of the wrist and a choice spin.

"Who Is The Flashiest One Of All...?"

He turned his nose up to her in the absolute haughtiest, most sly and smug fashion with an expression to match, yet not upon his lips, but deep within the gleaming of his sparkling, dreamy eyes. With a valiant and signature sanguine gleam, his once crystal blue eyes would turn blood red and he would immediately call for his 'Dark Side' in the Third that was a counterpart and balance to his 'Light' in the 5th. If she was aware of Khrona's alias and image right now, not only would that be hilarious, but it would definitely leave her speechless in terms of the situation she was in right now. And, to heighten that sense, he would, too, transform into a 'Pokemon' of sorts, in order to compete in the 'Smash Bros.' Style Pokemon Battle. From his eyes, as if looking into and inverting a mirror, would come a pitch black bird robed in darkness like the feathers of a Crow, yet with wings as large and as powerful as a great dragon.

"Ready to 'Eat A Crow', my sweet...?"

A lot of words came to Tifa's mind as she was sucked further into this bullshit that was really fucked up, considering how she'd been roped into it in the most unexpected way possible. She snarled at him, clearly surging with a great deal of electric malevolence. "Who do you think you're talking to? I'm nobody's 'pet'..." That was something she knew for damn sure. In all of her encounters with people trying to get with her, there weren't any that could actually win her heart, even if they got other things. "Plus, just cuz I got reborn as a completely new doesn't mean..." She wanted to continue, but then she realized none of what she was going to say would make any sense because she wasn't who she was when she was born, but born again as someone completely new simply with the same information that was harbored from the one who abandoned her old life; Chita. " Wait... Fuck." Technically, she wasn't 'Chita' anymore, and that was only a part of her that she retained. Her true self as 'Tifa' wouldn't come until the 'New Part' of her came as well, and apparently, only Khrona knew how to do that. "... FUCK!" she cried louder, wondering how this even happened. "Well, if I'm some sorta incomplete husk of a person with memories from my past, what does that make you? And Tear, for that matter? Since we're getting everything resolved and out in the open and whatever, spill it all... Don't hold back on me, you bastard!!!" She couldn't stand it when people took it easy on her. Made her feel weak. Normally, she would have attacked by now, but there was something she needed to hear... or, rather, wanted to hear from his lips before she unloaded on him, as she intended. If she could get the drop on Tear, then it would be all the better.

Again, Shinrona chuckled, throwing the Pokeball up and down as he let his ChocoBro 'ChocoCrow' stretch his great, black wings before him, getting ready for this Pokemon Battle. "Aw... Are you lagging, you poor, lost little girl...? Here, let me bring you up to speed, then..." When he gave her some new, extremely important information, the impact of the revelation would immediately cause her to update and evolve based on not only what was true but also as he saw fit. By the end of it, she would be in her completed form, fitting of her part in this story.

"You, my dear, are much like Tear; two mere facets of a larger project known as myself and my wife. Something similar to a golem, so to speak, as most 'Devourists' are, but only in terms of how you operate and not actually you, yourself, as a being." Unbeknownst to most, Tabrynth, Tear and T-YO were all 'Devourists' or 'World Eaters.' Until all 3 of them came together as one, they were all incomplete. Of course, Tsuki's design mirrored that by default. "You were selected by the spirit of Friday as her next vessel, which she is more than capable of doing, in order to fit the image she wishes to be. You were born into this world as merely a body to be used for such a process, just like Tear. The origin of your parenthood does not matter. Tear was born of two parents that were in no way related to your family, nor me. Hmhmhm..." That was the twist behind all of this, and that which made this perfectly legitimate. "You, like him, were completely erased and turned into something new. Your bodies are no longer the same, and so, neither is your original heritage. Like him and all who reincarnate, all you have left are your past memories and your incomplete personality, which have nothing to do with your physiology in the slightest, save for helping you to reconstruct it similarly in a new flesh." This is why there were many types of people that looked and acted similarly, yet were different in very key, specific ways. Though she had Chita's memories now, that's all that they were; memories. "You as you are is the whole of someone who was, not the you that is you now. That is only a fragment of who you are now, of which you have yet to discover until you hit the 3rd, my girl... When you start fitting into your ACTUAL body. And that's only after you start to shape yourself into it, as is what Tear must do..."

After he gave her a snippet of what was going on, he coolly turned his head to the side, still smiling, now looking to her from the corner of his eye, shrugging playfully, "... But, if you want to know the rest of the story, you're going to have to play the game out as intended... As does everyone involved." He chuckled again, letting his still rather sharp glare focus on the little 8-Bit warrior, "... I believe you two have a 'date' of some sort, do you not~?" Of course he knew. And he knew what was to come of it, too. "Just like everyone else, you have to go get your information from the correct source. You can't just ask me to tell you. What's the point of you living if you're just going to get all the answers from me, hm~?" He was actually just messing with her and could have easily told her and there would be no difference at all.

"But beyond that, about myself..." he adjusted his black jacket, similar in its ebony shade as the wings of his ChocoBro before him, then continued, "... I'm Yo Daddy. *wink*" Each of the Restrictions were set up in a particular way, and with each of them came a particular means of interaction based on those in the same Restriction.  Even if they were the same, they were different in terms of many other variables, which was why no one that was SIMILAR could be with another that was only SIMILAR. Tifaret was not for Shinrona, but merely someone along the way that played a part in the convergence of the one who was with him when those of the lower restrictions were put into place and settled of their differences. "Oh, and watch your filthy mouth~... Why, what would your mother think, I wonder~...?" After he gave her all such information, Tifachu's appearance should have altered based on said information, as is how this process worked. Her body would become sharper and crisper, but still rather round and classic.

The reason why she still looked like 'Chita' was because she still had those memories, which made her shape herself into that image. However, to craft her into a different image, she needed new information that only he could give her, which would then shape her into her true form. This would also blend her Old Memories with her New Experiences, and 'Chita' would be completely erased, as if she never existed, living on only in Tifa's memories. This was the purpose of her 'update.'

As all of this was going on, Krikor had been walking down to the front gate of Pandemia, hoping for a relaxing walk around the school grounds after his intense battle with Tsubaki. As he approached the gates, however, he noticed what appeared to be a Pikachu near the gates, two strangely-dressed people near it. Well, fairly normally dressed compared to his armor, but strangely dressed for what was normally seen around the school. "What in hellfire...?" he thought. Were his eyes deceiving him? He hadn't seen a Pikachu since those old Pokemon games back on Earth-1282. He decided to approach cautiously and see if he could figure out what was going on.

Before The Last Sanguimancer got too close to the realm of engagement, he would be blocked off by a powerful unknown force that hovered over the designated 'Sealed' area like a cursor from a video game highlighting the area of interest and gazing down with a powerful Sealing Eye. "Halt," it commanded, nullifying the transfer of energy within the boundary within its designated area with just its word alone. This was to prevent anything within from getting out and anything without from getting in. "This Is A Restricted Area. None May Enter Nor Exit Until It Is Resolved." Being a spectator was no issue, but because this was happening basically at the front gate of the school, no one who was inside would be able to come out and no one outside the gate could enter the school until the Master Lock unsealed the area. It regarded him no further after that, having no real reason to do so after giving him all such vital information necessary for his understanding as it was. Unless he had questions, Avant-Garde had no more words for him. The giant winged lock-and-key continued to do its job, as it only knew how to do.

Tifa's eyes grew wide and nearly feral as she heard what the actuality of the situation was. She knew that she had given up her old life, but she wasn't expecting this. "So, basically, you just took advantage of the fact that I discarded who I once was to make a vacant space for your little girlfriend? And did the same thing for Tear about you?" She was actually pretty perceptive, even if she was a little thick-headed. Once something got in there, she had no problem deciphering it; she just usually fought off everything that tried to get into her head that she didn't want, so it made her realm of knowledge sort of 'select' based on how she took it in alone.

She couldn't stand how smug he was. Even if he was her superior or whatever, Tifa was never, under any circumstances, one to accept any form of bullshit from anyone, no matter how powerful or how high ranking. Now, all she saw was another ass she needed to kick. "... Asshole..." was all she managed to get out; the rest of her furious rage was concentrated in the white plasmatic aura around her body, which was now more defined along with her own shape and form due to the information that he gave her, which made her even more upset to know that her actual existence and the speed of her growth was based on the knowledge of someone like him... Or, even Tear, for that matter. She wouldn't be anything but an 8-bit yellow mouse to him, where he was probably some sort of HD 1080i quality image of the future... or present... or... whatever. Not only did he say he was her father, which technically, based on the circumstances of her creation, he technically was, but also that apparently, it had something to do with her mother... or, former mother. "MY MOTHER WAS A FILTHY WHORE, AND YOU KNOW IT!" she cried out, sparks crackling around her body with every word that came from her mouth. Finally, she had heard enough. It was go time, now.

"You've underestimated me one too many times in a single sitting, you golden-haired bastard..."she muttered, taking a stance on all fours, "... So, yellow mouse or not, I think you need to be taught a lesson about how to treat people with proper respect!!" She bolted off in a streak of white lightning straight toward Shinrona, aiming to tear straight through his chest with her white hot plasma teeming from her body and sharp teeth bared at him in a vicious manner.

He chuckled again, finding her outburst rather cute and, naturally, appropriate for what she was just told... Not to mention, more than fathomed due to his own knowledge of her that she didn't quite come into understanding about herself just yet. Even so, it was going to be a smooth transition.

"Oh?" he said, nonchalant cheshire grin on his face, "Disrespectful, I've been, have I...?" The moment she bolted toward him, he would casually shrug and spin around, letting the coattails of his jacket whisk over her like the cape of a matador upon a raging bull, only to have her miss him entirely as he stood there with the same easy-going and effortless expression, shrugging as though he hadn't a clue what she was talking about. "Why, last I checked, not only am I your superior, who has done nothing but give you good tidings, helpful advice to better yourself and information necessary for that process, but I wasn't the one throwing around slanderous words, was I~?" His ChocoCrow that was now prepped for him would ruffle up its black feathers, awaiting his master's command. "Now, granted, I don't mind at all, but in a professional environment, such slips of the tongue are defamation of your character by public eye, and you cannot be an instructor at my fine establishment if you cannot learn to..." Shinrona hopped upon the back of the ChocoCrow, affixing himself tightly to his Crow's back,

"... 'Watch Your Mouth."

"Am I right~?"

He was, indeed, the creator of the school and the land itself, so naturally, there was a certain level of understanding that everyone else had to have of him when he took a stroll on his OWN property; the Reality he created.

"By the way, your mother is my wife... Since she has a hand it many of the things that I do by default, and especially her own image, her choice in the matter was to pick you based on how she wanted to appear as well as whomever would be appealing to me, and whosoever best fit that description. So, just be aware that this was her idea and decision... And I'm just the messenger. If you really want to be mad at someone, be mad at yourself, in the future, for what happens in your present after we're done here..." Tifa wasn't aware just yet of the great level of control that Shinrona had about the Story, even now, not even halfway as powerful as he truly was. "... Always getting so upset so quickly... How simply precious," he muttered. "But I suppose that if this is a true battle, I need to capture you to make it official, hm...?" He shook his head slowly, tossing the specially marked T-Ball up and down in his hand. "... And I take it you won't just get inside your ball without a battle, of sorts, then?" He didn't want to hurt her, but he knew that she wouldn't understand it any other way. "Be careful what you wish for, my dear... I'm not sure you can handle me not 'going easy on you.'" She could barely handle the truth, let alone what he could do with the powers of the 'Truth' that were accessed in the 5th. The eyes of the crow kept watch over the rodent sharply, just as keen and as savagely as her own. "... Large birds eat little field mice for breakfast, don't you know. Hmhmhm..."

To Kairo Khrona, these matters were trivial. The dialogue and the interaction were important for the follow-through of the update, but he had already embedded the necessary information within Tifa and updated her. She just needed it to be activated by the necessary events that trigger such spontaneous evolutionary growth. That is why he was still here. When that was done, he would have the Master Lock remove itself from its place and free them both. They were simply playing out one of the numerous possible outcomes for the update to occur, since the data itself could be transferred and activated with a multitude of different methods. At this point, it was more like a movie; merely experiences that they needed to undergo and see through to the end. He would make sure of that.

"Tifa-chu, use your 'White Lotus Nova' techniques to defend yourself. If you have none, create some whilst the time you are linked to me is still fresh. You may create anything using my power, including new techniques for your old abilities." Naturally, the same applied to him. If he called out a technique, even if she didn't know it previously, she would be fed the data immediately from Kairo Khrona, himself.

Whilst she dealt with learning and creating new techniques for herself based on her update, Kairo Khrona would turn to meet the eye of the newcomer that stumbled upon the area. The first thought was to disregard him, as by design, since this man had no real relevance in what was going on here and K.K.'s thoughts were relatively systematic... But also, being an organic life form not bound to the single-mindedness of a machine, he bore flexibility in both his knowledge and his feelings to open up a new outcome, which, in a universal spectrum, was known as something along the lines of 'Extra Credit.' That is; the universe doing something extra that need not be done but is perfectly alright to do for the sake of another being within said universe.

"May I help you?" seemed to be the most polite way to address this stranger, as K.K. was aware that 'politeness' seemed to matter a great deal to the creatures of such intense and high feeling. Such actions were also what opened certain doors, just as other actions closed them. "State what it is now," he added, though this time more sternly. It wasn't that he was trying to be, but it was, by his nature, what he did. A certain level of command and force was necessary for all universal forces for that which they governed.

"I saw a commotion and was wondering what was going on," Krikor replied to the being that had addressed him.  "What's happening?  Is there trouble of some sort?" he asked, looking over the scene.  It appeared that a fight was going to break out between the Pikachu-looking creature and a man atop a large bird.

Zipping through the ruffling feathers and skidding to a halt, Tifa hopped around swiftly to face Khrona again, still looking rather cross. She'd had about enough of Khrona's boasting and lofty attitude. "With pleasure!" she cried, standing to her feet and stomping the ground with great power. The land below her feet shattered under her heavy stomp filled with murderous intent and rage whilst a great bolt of white lightning shot down from the sky right above the 'ChocoCrow.' It was as white hot and swift as a blazing corona from the sun.

"You're not about to capture anything, guy... Except maybe your own ass when I hand it to you on your 'silver platter!'" She couldn't believe what he was saying. It was pure madness to even think that she, for any reason, would end up somehow sucked into all of this because of his little 'wifey' deciding that her body was best for her. She didn't even know how nor what that meant really, but apparently, she somehow ended up making Tifa into that blonde-haired woman. Granted, from her appearance, she was pretty elegant and beautiful with an air about her that was both regal and delicate yet also strong and strict, and she seemed pretty cool, but it was actually simply and only because she was with Khrona that it made Tifa feel weird. With the way this was explained, her part in this had to deal with her interactions with Tear, so she was going to have to probably take this up with him. Fortunately, they had a 'date' later on that she was going to use to the most maximum of her advantage. There would be no room for dodging or being shady then. "That haughty, nonchalant attitude and feigned ignorance are really getting on my nerves..."

Shinrona could see such an obvious attack coming from a mile away, it proving to be ineffective at getting the drop on him despite how swiftly the white hot bolt struck down from the sky. His valiant steed, the trusty crow that he would ride to victory, would dash forward the moment the energy gathering overhead was felt with its acute and naturally in tune senses. It cawed ravenously as it charged at the glowing mouse, Shinrona's smile never breaking from his face.

"Why, what ever do you mean~?" he cooed at her as his raven-feathered friend finally approached Tifa and glared at her as if it were about to eat her, "... What is this 'attitude' you speak of that you say I have?" The sharp beak of the bird came down swiftly upon her head nearly as fast as the lightning she called down above them, ready to give her quite the peck on the noggin... Maybe knock some sense into her. "I'm afraid I just don't quite know exactly to what you are referring to, miss..." He closed his eyes and shrugged, his faint smile gleaming in the light with a typical 'bishounen' sparkle at the edge of his slight grin. "You're going to have to be just a little bit more clear when addressing your concerns and issues with me, or else I simply cannot help you to resolve such animosity you may be feeling toward me for any reason..." The beak of this bird was strong enough to bear straight into the ground like a powerful drill or shovel, able to get very deep and permeate very hard substances. It was proof of a seasoned, well-trained bird. That said, it would probably do some heavy damage to Tifa and pluck her from the ground and into the bird's mouth, where she'd be incapacitated the moment she was caught.

With the turn of the head and flash of the eye, Kairo Khrona would immediately catch Shinrona's mistake, any and all of which were not only noticed, but able to be snatched up and taken advantage of as soon as they were made. Kairo Khrona's mind calculated at a high speed, and seeing all such movements would allow him to notice any opening that happened, even those outside of Shinrona's current sight or radius of thought with how he was acting currently. What Shinrona failed to see, in all his flashiness, was that Kairo Khrona, of the 10th Restriction, harbored greater control and swifter understanding than even the young king as he was now, and in his showmanship, he would not be anticipating the direct command that he had over Tifachu presently. "Tifachu; Under The Bird, Then Discharge Your Anger." She should have, in not only her speed as it was being a Pikachu, but also the additional boost of being connected to Kairo Khrona, be able to more than easily outrun and outmaneuver the large, gaudy birds (Shinrona, himself, harboring bird-like qualities in his attitude at the moment.) "Do Not Forget That You Are Battling Two, Young Master. Otherwise, It Would Be Too Easy For You."

He did not turn his head as he acknowledged The Last Sanguimancer, however from the tone and direction of his voice, it was clear that he was being addressed. "I do not know of this danger you speak of... There is no trouble here save for a certain dilemma not being resolved here and now." His greatest purpose was to iron out all flaws in creation, both here and within his grasp. "Stay, if you wish. But do not become part of the dilemma. Those who do usually do not enjoy what their lives become afterward." It was clear that he was not only new to this world, but that he was a wounded warrior of a completely different environment. The world that he came from probably had not known things that were natural to the Veritas... Many did not. In that, when drawn into the more core and serious matters that directly effected the state of the world, rather than just living in it and enjoying the results of these issues being resolved, those few found themselves dealing with more than they could handle. "I Remember All Too Well... The Day This Began... And What It Does To Those Unprepared." He spoke as if he not only vividly recalled these events, regardless of how far back in the ambiguity of his timespan it was, but also as if it were ancient history. His eyes were wide and large, but sharp and decisive, but pulsating and rippling viciously with every word, not once being stripped of their present target.

"If you grow stronger in this world..." he began again, his deep, sunken eyes gazing off into what seemed a dreamy void, "... Perhaps, you may one day be part of it." His glowering eyes held such concentration and focus, you would believe he were straining to look at some specific point way off in the distance. "... That, or return to whence you came with fruits of restoration." Kairo Khrona was already well aware of who and what Krikor was. He knew from the moment the man stepped into this land. There was no opposition in helping a fallen realm to rise again.

Krikor listened to what Kairo Khrona had to say, his eyes affixed on the battle throughout. "...Tifachu?" he thought. "Could it be...Tifaret? No, that doesn't make sense. Right?" he wondered. It didn't make sense, but then again, a lot of things on this world didn't make sense to him.

Krikor wondered, too, what the dilemma Kairo Khrona spoke of was. He wanted to ask, but didn't want to become part of it. Besides what Kairo Khrona had said, he usually tried not to interfere in the affairs of others unless he thought there was someone who needed help, like how he and Lorelei had first met...he shook his head to get thoughts of her out of there. Now wasn't the time to get emotional. "Getting stronger IS the reason I've stuck around," Krikor finally said aloud. "And the fruits of restoration are my prize for when I'm strong enough."

"THAT!!!" she cried out immediately when he pulled the 'feigned ignorance' and 'nonchalant haughtiness' again, pointing at him furiously, "THAT SHIT RIGHT THERE!!! YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!!!" She was getting lost in her own anger, which, unfortunately, caused her to lose sight of her control in battle. The large bird approached and loomed over her with a sharp beak coming down upon her head... But fortunately, someone else was staying focused for her and keeping her from falling into her natural tendencies of a berserk rage. At Kairo Khrona's instruction, she dashed under the bird in a bright white streak, skidding to a halt directly under his belly. "BURN!!!" she cried out, releasing extreme condensed filaments from all around her body. The plasmatic energy was something between fire and lightning, crackling and wavering as if shifting fluidly between the two elements. The discharge caused a great explosion, like a pulsating electromagnetic bomb, which should scorch and repulse the both of them immediately and leave Tifa clear.

"You know, I fucking HATE arrogant assholes like you. I don't believe for a SECOND that I would want to have ANYTHING to do with the likes of you beyond just being in the same family. Ugh!" He was, honestly, worse than Tear. At least Tear was modest and not arrogant... Even if he was haughty and kinda stuck up. She could deal with his mellow demeanor much more than some pompous glittering show off. He was the subtle type of 'pretty boy' where this guy was just a fucking spectacle. "I didn't think there would be someone I hated more than Tear, but shit, here the fuck you are!" She could accept that type of arrogance from Koudo. He wasn't nearly as up his own ass as this guy, even if he had some similar traits. He was pretty toned down to a likeable level of 'arrogant asshole,' which this dude seemed to totally let go into and over his head. "... Shit, it's no wonder nobody likes you... Not in the past and still not now!"

Shinrona merely played her words off as though they had no meaning. She was just speaking out of frustration, which she really needed to learn how to control. Even so, he wouldn't stop messing with her, just because of his naturally playful spirit and the fact that it was just so cute to see the little Tifachu's cheeks getting all red...

But it wasn't until he recognized Kairo Khrona's hand in this that he remembered that this was actually a formidable scenario with him at the head, and he witnessed this first hand when the slippery little hothead shot under his beautiful blackbird and really hit home. He wasn't prepared for it at all. "Ouch, love. Very ouch." It was more so the words she said than the blazing plasmatic burst that hurt him, but he couldn't say the same for his companion, who was knocked back, stumbling over his own feet and with singed feathers. "... Look, you've hurt my ChocoBro! You've even messed up his beautiful, perfect, pitch black feathers..." Shinrona stroked the head of his startled, scorched friend, seeking to ease his pain and flustered ruffling before he was thrown off of his back. "Easy, easy..." he muttered warmly in the ChocoCrow's ear, "... She's just a little upset because she's a little rat that tried to sneak into this world and be a good-for-nothing... Trying to reap the benefits of living here and receiving all the benefits, but doing nothing to upkeep said benefits, or increase them." He continued to pet the bird until it was calm and focused again, wherein he, too, would finally stop showing off. It was never good to let one's own pridefulness harm others or blind one to what is important in any situation, and right now, the safety of his ChocoBro was more important than his looking cool for his great debut.

When his trusty steed was once again calm and focused, they both would gaze at their respective targets and a sanguine gleam flashed in their eyes. "Omoshiroi..." he uttered, his tone now seeming somehow much more serious than before, though still remaining at the same pitch and volume, "... So, you want to take it there, then? It sounds to me like this is nothing but a brat's tantrum." He began to cautiously circle her, giving his ChocoCrow time to recover whilst he thought of the best way to deal with his opponent. "... Perhaps those Daddy issues are getting to you? So you're having some difficulty dealing with authority?" He chuckled softly, lowering his lids to a keen and sharp, but still rather lax glare, "... It's quite common these days. Trust me. I've see your type all too often and know them all too well..." His grin widened slightly, another faint, but very clearly contemptuous chuckle slipping out with the words "But don't you worry..." trailing behind. "Daddy's here... Little Girl."

"... Seems like he's finally getting the crust out of his eyes..." Kairo Khrona muttered, having awaited the awakening of the Young Master for quite a while now. Even now, he still had more things to resolve inside after he was done dealing with Tifa's update. That, too, was part of his duty here; not just regarding her, but everyone. "Do Not Attack Him. Do Not Give Into The Provocation." That was Tifa's weakness, and though she was very strong, she was reckless and threw her strength around just the same when she was angered. Much too headstrong to think, or think beyond her feelings at the time. It would be her undoing here and now if she were allowed to dive straight into the fray after being called out like that. Kairo Khrona knew this man all too well. "... Watch Him. You Can Tell What He's Up To By Where He Is Focused. Pay Attention."

He did not take his eyes off of the battle, knowing that the rather inept Tifaret needed her coach in order to make the most of her great power. With a great mind in the background and her great power in the fray, it was as if they were both battling. All she had to do was to trust and listen and not act on her own too often. Not because of any sort of rule or authority, but simply because in terms of teamwork, this is just how they functioned right now. Kairo Khrona was the Trainer that called the shots for specific reasons, and she was the Pokemon that did what was instructed to make the most of her own powers based on what he saw in her, as well as the rest of the battlefield that she may not be paying attention to due to having to focus so intensely on her target. This was their advantage. If he made no mistakes, then by default, listening to Kairo Khrona meant that she shouldn't make any either, wherein she may have made reckless mistakes thinking and acting on her own.

"... As for you, foreigner..." he continued again, not forgetting in the slightest to address the spectator, "... Stay, then. We will help you rebuild, as long as your world is salvageable. Not just as a land, but as a culture. Growth comes not just from the soil, but also the heart." If his land were full of bloodthirsty savages and murderous, evil demons... Then there may not have been hope for it. Many were lost that way, and unless something from another world came to plant another seed of hope, able to overcome that darkness wherever it may have afflicted the other worlds... Then, they would continue to crumble until they were no more and salvage was not an option, because there would be nothing left to save. "... Heed the words of the wise ones of this realm. They will lead you to where you wish to go. Explore the land. Learn many things. And perhaps one day, I will see you on the battlefield with me... And maybe even as a formidable opponent." Kairo Khrona had faith in all life forms that were still capable of growth. Though not of the 11th, he saw raw potential as well as the potential for potential. Even if one's own potential was small, that, too, was a value that could be adjusted. 'Limit Break,' as it was known to be in other fond, very familiar worlds...

Krikor overheard what the Tifachu was saying, the constant swearing and all. "Yeah, it's Tifaret all right," he thought, "but how'd she get turned into a Pikachu, er, Tifachu? And who's this guy she's fighting?"

"I truly thank you, friend," Krikor said aloud to Kairo Khrona. "I've been trying to heed the wisdom of those here. It's part of why I enrolled at this school; however, I think one of my teachers is involved in this battle."

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

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Though he remained focused on the battle, Kairo Khrona was more than capable of multitasking. It was but a trifle and in that, it did not bother him to interact if it had no adverse effects on the scenario nor himself and his own place in it. He was quite generous, even to the smallest degrees, despite his seemingly stern and stoic persona, which would, at first interaction, seem completely dismissive and unconcerned with anything that was not of the larger scheme. A lesson that many of the higher ranking beings had yet t learn and that he prided himself on being able to do. "... It is important to know the land you are living in. I will assist you. It is best to, if you have any questions, ask me. I know more than all you have met thus far."

Kairo Khrona raised his hand, the cells in it beginning to break apart and reform, his arm looking as if it wished to dissolve, yet constantly snapping back to its original form before pulsating outward again with the disassembling cells. As this occurred, he continued to speak, "... Some of us have control over the very shape and form of this world and any other construct that we touch. Tifaret, as she is right now, is linked to me. As long as she is, I may alter her shape and form, or her very being, if she and I so choose. I am merely a Cell of Creation; a Universe that is naught but a microbe in this vast multiverse." Even as great as he was, not only were there those that were greater that lived even here, but also out in the vast reaches of space. A universe was nothing but a speck; something like an atom with an energetic cycle that circulated through the deepest reaches of the entirety of the single confined universe as its quarks. Confined to that space and constantly feeding, filtering and recycling. "She is incomplete, marked as a fugitive because of it. We are simply dealing with her as necessary, then letting her on her way." His question was answered, and nothing more needed to be said about that. It may lead him into matters he wasn't ready to hear.

Eventually, a baseball bat would appear in the fluctuating arm of Kairo Khrona, generating by his own cells reproducing exponentially swiftly in a controlled and concentrated manner, solidifying in a new shape and form before disconnecting from his own. "That man you see before you..." he pointed with the bat to the golden haired young man, "... He is the ruler of this world. Yet, not the True Master of this place." Shinrona ruled this land from the interior, yet there was an exterior ruler that governed this land from the outside whilst he did so from the inside. "This is his property. Even I, though greater than him in rank and power, am still naught but a royal servant." With Krikor's questions answered, the bat was hurled into the battlefield to be picked up by whomever was the first to get it. He would not alert Tifaret, for that would be unfair. It would just be there as it was.

"You are correct, however. Your teacher is indeed that yellow mouse there. It can be said that this is part of the ramifications of not only her own actions, but also those of many others who have made such an image popular and affiliated with her." That form of Pikachu was not only a special cameo homage sort of package to a great deal of important figures, but also a personal sentimental statement to who and what Tifaret represented. "I would not worry about her. Though, she will be different next you interact with her. Finally, I would pay very close attention to your Head Master... The Dean, Tear Lacrimoso. Though he is very secretive of everything, if you manage to get close to him, he proves to be a great asset to all that associate with him." There were many secrets wrapped around Tear himself that none knew and that he would not readily reveal, but endurance and patience were key to dealing with him. "... He is clever and very wise, despite his aloof and lofty demeanor. He may try to send you off in order to keep to the secrecy, which, at times, makes him seem eccentric, distracted and sometimes even a bit crazed... But it is, so to speak, an intricate guise to keep everyone at a certain distance from the true depth of not only himself, but all that he knows and does." This was something Kairo Khrona knew that none would figure out unless actually it was actually spoken of. Tear was more adept than any truly gave him credit for, and that was because he was very good at downplaying himself so others would do the same. He did not seek attention, but took the spotlight to avoid attention on real issues. "... I hope that this has been informative to you, friend." Because Krikor seemed to refer to Kairo Khrona as a friend, instantly, that is what they would be. That is how he functioned. Whatever he was to someone else is what he would be to them, but he would always be himself and respond according to what they made of him. In this case, he was made a friend, and would be that as he was.

"Get close to Tear, huh..." Krikor replied, rubbing his chin. "You're right, he is very wise. I did always get the feeling he knew more than he was letting on. Thank you for all the information you've given me, friend, but I doubt I'll be able to stop worrying about Ms. Tifaret."

Krikor thought for a moment and said, "Perhaps I should go find Tear and try to get on his good side. I was planning on asking him or Ms. Tifaret for a lesson anyway."

"WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY TO ME!?" Of course, that was pretty much the first and only thing that came to her mind the very moment he fixed his face to say that type of shit to her. Her eyes lit aflame with a bright, streaking white flame that consumed the side of her face. "RA!!!" she cried, opening her mouth again and a magnificent white-hot photon laser shot straight from the back of her throat with the intensity of a concentrated star and at the speed of one of its rays on average. She would follow wherever she saw Shinrona going, the light from her throat on him like a spotlight (similar to a constant 'Hyper Beam' blast). Everything that got in the way would be smoldered by the intense heat.

Tifa was already a hothead to begin with, very combative and stand-offish by nature. Not to mention, she was already in a pretty shitty mood because of that whole thing with Tear in the first place. Khrona coming back to his own private kingdom and then just doing whatever the fuck he wanted to do was already pissing her off, and he'd barely even been back for that long. Whatever techniques she could make up on the spot, she was going to do that in order to do her absolute BEST to knock him off his high horse... Bird... Crow...

"Hmhmhm..." Shinrona chuckled, already well aware of Tifa's ill-temper from the beginning, which is why he was here to help her with that one right here and now. "That's the spirit..." he muttered, flickering in and out of reality at a high speed; fast enough for not a single photon to be able to touch him or his bird. "... You're looking well..." The translucent set of wavering images flickered closer very quickly, their only constant being their glowing red eyes, whispering secretly to her the one thing that would end this battle immediately, "... Mispy..." Shinrona casually brushed just past Tifaret and her ear, making sure that she felt his presence and heard his voice. At that point, he'd draw her attention in his direction by stroking her neck once with a single finger for a brief moment before completely disappearing within the folds of reality again. When he appeared again, it was in the opposite direction that Tifaret would have been facing presently, possibly where she had just been aiming. He looked at his finger and chuckled again, saying, "I'm over here, Rusty-Dusty,"*A Play on 'Humpty-Dumpty'*.

Behind her, immediately, a gleaming set of crazy blazing red eyes flashed behind her like the streaming taillights of a car speeding off in the night. "If I'm in the 5th and you're in the 2nd, do you know what that means...?" He was certain that she knew at least a little bit about how this worked... Or, at least, he hoped. "... I'm sure that you don't..." he muttered further, a flurry of pitch black feathers flustering up around her. They, too, would be flickering as a large whirlwind that surrounded Tifaret in the sharp tornado, and the two gleaming red eyes circling her at a high speed in what seemed to be several different directions at once. Due to the multiple directions the flickering feathers flew in, the exact location of the black body that blurred through the breeze was unable to be determined. "... But this will all make sense later. 'Find me in the future' and 'Time waits for no one,' and all that jazz." If she hadn't caught the hint already in their severe difference in power and skill, she was way behind the times. "... And as for your master..." With the same finger he touched Tifa with would he flick off toward Kairo Khrona's direction, saying, "Null Transfer," setting up a large wall of completely halted energy in order to keep the sound and light from being able to transfer over. This would prevent him from being able to give her any commands and make it look as if his body were still in the same place (for, the photons in the area that were halted in place would have acted as a photograph plastered as the background.) "There we are. Nice and private..." he eyed the baseball bat conveniently dropped into the fray right when he wanted to make a grand slam and hit home. "You gonna pick up that baseball bat, love, or shall I?" He shook his head. "Didn't that girl before call you '#2?'" He continued to shake his head to her, tapping his foot patiently, waiting for an answer.

"You are welcome. Use it well. It isn't everyday that one of you gets to witness one of us out in the open on the surface." He was, what one would have called, a 'Legend' that the surface worlders did not truly know much about save for stories and rumors, or even just through myths and folktale. "... So, perhaps that simply means we were destined to meet here so that we could meet again in the future... *turns head to him* ... Sometimes, only experiencing something once is all that is necessary to secure that future." There was a brief moment of silence whilst he addressed The Last Sanguimancer, the saw that Tifachu had completely disregarded his command and attacked Shinrona anyway.

"Foolish Girl!" he cried out furiously, raising his arm up again, which began to disperse, particles pulsating and contracting again, "This is why I said not to--" By the time he tried to gain manual control of Tifachu again, there were already two barriers keeping her from being touches directly. "... He's made a Neutron Field..." Kairo Khrona narrowed his eyes, knowing that this meant no sort of energy would be able to enter. Fortunately for her, there were methods of breaking down such barriers with little effort. Because the already erect barrier halted all energy flow, its halted energy was already suspended at a set value. That is; the amount of energy that has been halted by him immediately was at a neither growing nor decreasing value, and thus could be overpowered by something that overwhelmed said power immediately. Something with more energy than the barrier's own values.

"Do Not Disregard Me, The Either Of You!" His pulsating arm was finally condensed into its firm, solid shape again as though a sponge wrung of all its water, with a great deal of energy pouring out from his palm and sustained as a rippling sphere. The sphere was hurled with great force at the wall which voided energy transfer, breaking it down and harboring more than enough energy to continue on scraping across the ground through a great portion of the battlefield. If what Shinrona said were true, he would not be able to see nor feel this attack coming, since he used a wall to block off the flow of energy, including to himself.

Tifaret continued to sweep her mouth laser beam in a nice, even manner across the ground as she tracked where Khrona was, feeling his presence behind her. She turned her head to blast him, but found that there was no one there. "Huh?" she snapped out of it suddenly and turned around quickly when she sensed another presence behind her. "What the...!?!?" she cried, opening her mouth to fire a laser out again. She paused midway after finally realizing that Kairo Khrona told her not to attack, and she was about to fall into their same trap again. "Tch. What's THAT supposed to mean...?!" she was about to call forth one of her Gauntlets as soon as the feather wall fluttered all around her to neutralize the area, but it seemed that Khrona had already beaten her to the punch. "DAMMIT!!!" she boomed, lightning shooting down from a sudden particle bursting into a stream of plasma straight down from directly above Tifa. The single bolt of white lightning struck her body and burst into a powerful electromagnetic shock wave that would magnetize and repulse everything immediately in the blast radius of her electromagnetic shock wave.

"Now, where's Khrona...?" Before she could stop him, a giant blast came hurdling at the two of them from her... er... 'Trainer' of sorts, that, she figured, if she was going to be dealing with for this scenario, that she might as well do it correctly and actually try to listen and do what he was instructing. Her way was only getting her caught in traps and getting pissed off. "Woah!" she raised her hands up and two large gauntlets, 'Hades,' to be exact, raised themselves up wrapped in a beautiful white inferno from the tips of their fingers to their wrists, mirroring the flickering flares of fresh souls locked in the palms of her hands. "HEY!! I'm sorry, okay?! You don't have to throw a big ass death ball at me, and shit!" Gripped in her hands and the power neutralized by the great strength of her own energy neutralizing gauntlets, the large condensation of energy would be stripped of Kairo Khrona's control with the neutralizing effect of the 'Hades' gauntlets, thus making it pure, raw energy for her to use as she saw fit.

"Fuck You," she said rather blatantly and directly, cocking her arm back and searching for those eyes of his, like Kairo Khrona had instructed her. Better late than never to start doing shit right, right? Her eyes gleamed green when they came in contact with his sanguine gleam, affixing to his location perfectly, regardless of his flickering in and out of Reality. His eyes were clearly very clear marks, and if she could see them, then she would focus on them, knowing that they were the most stable things not flickering on his body. That meant that they were either still constant and still present or still real and tangible and not flickering in and out of reality. They were a fixed target, and hopefully would remain that way as long as she could keep up with them.

When Tifa finally found Shinrona, she flipped him off with her free hand before using it as a revolving wall of cover around her to protect her from the crow, then immediately hurled the condensation of energy like a baseball straight at Shinrona's head, uncaring if she even took it off in the process. "What else ya got?!"

Shinrona continued to very casually stroll along, letting all of the events play out exactly as they may, feeling no discomfort nor discontent with anything, even in what seemed to be peril. He simply picked up the bat that was thrown in randomly and lifted it up upon his shoulder softly, closing his eyes the moment Tifa locked on and hurled the ball. He flashed his prize-winning nonchalant smile and called out, "Absolution; Ultimitia Energia..." before swinging the bat and having it collide with the ball, the stamp of a 'Home-Run Hit' in the resounding sound of a choice impact, something like two steel blades and lightning coming together at the exact same time (That is, the 'Smash Bros Home-Run Bat Sound'). "... WHAMMY!!!!" he cried out vigorously with a triumphant victory call of freedom that could only be described as 'The Spirit Of Massachusetts' for no real reason, his eyes growing sharp and jagged as he glared at Tifachu, taking cover behind her makeshift arm-guard. Yet, the giant ball of energy did not get sent flying, as one would expect with the 'Home-Run Hit' connects.

Instead, the neutralized energy -which was still rather neutral, thanks to Tifachu's gauntlets- would be gathered into the bat, causing it to shift into a form of energy that Shinrona insisted once it was harnessed by him, now. Because he didn't need to generate any energy himself when a nice, juicy sum was hurled right at him, it would make the process of his technique accelerate.

"Ultimitia Ultimatum; Epiphany..." he muttered again, the form of the energy taking the shape of Tifachu's T-Ball, marked with the lightning bolt. The energy that radiated from the massive condensation of raw energy into a spread all across the immediate area, letting its influence based on how much energy was in the last attack be the measure for how wide the radius was. No matter what size it was, it was all contained in the single designated area by the Master Lock, anyway, which meant that if he took the entire field, there was nowhere for her to run. "I Choose You, Tifachu~! <3 " he called out with a hint of cuteness in his voice, hurling the T-Ball straight at the ground in front of her. "Ultimitia Ultimatum; Revelation!" The very moment that the containment sphere opened up, not only would Tifachu be captured, but also the entire designated reality that they were contained in at the moment. It all would become under the jurisdiction of Shinrona, and with the flash of all-consuming light like a photograph being taken, this entire scenario of his capture of Tifachu would be preserved in the reality that was now his, contained inside of her T-Ball... Along with Tifachu, herself.

"... Nailed It~."

The battle should have been over, at that point. He'd let the Ref decide.

"Wait," Krikor said aloud once Shinrona had captured Tifachu inside the T-Ball, "he captured her? What does that mean for Tifaret?" He had a sinking feeling in his stomach, feeling that this wasn't going to end well. "Unless this is just a stylish way of ending the battle, does this mean that guy owns Tifaret now?" he thought. "No one can own another person on this world...right?"

"... Curses..." he uttered under his breath, disappointed at himself for his own defeat so easily. "... Take your eye off that boy for one second and he's... Off pirating realities and such." Kairo Khrona shook his head. He was still very proud of Shinrona, who had proven that he was very capable and had become very adept with his techniques over all this time. This pleased Kairo Khrona. However, concern did come up when the young Krikor spoke up about what he'd just seen.

"... Dear me... Now you're involved..." he returned his attention back to the battlefield, which had been completely snatched from under the jurisdiction of the land and claimed in the name of Tifachu by Shinrona. "... Hopefully, you will be able to handle my explanation..." He continued, raising his arm up in the air, "Master Lock, Release. Judgment In Favor Of Shinrona. Update Of Tifaret Tensei, Complete." With his complete control over the reality, that land, just by being part of him, would be able to bring Tifa to completion just because her presence was within the vicinity of his. This meant, as soon as Shinrona released her from her T-Ball, she would be in her proper form necessary for further completing the scenario. When he gave the bout to Shinrona, who would then deal with the consequences of Tifaret as he so saw fit before inevitably allowing her to go about her business, he turned back to The Last Sanguimancer, now able to give him his undivided attention.

"The Young Master is capable of taking Realities under his possession. This also includes those within his reality. Though they certainly have free will and way to fight back, resulting in fighting with the entire realm within radius of the reality itself, it would still be as if they were battling against the Young Master, himself. That is to say, the entire area inside has been claimed by him, and escaping it would be something like escaping the control of a large corporation through following the laws he has set in place in set reality. In short, unless they can escape said reality by the laws it is set by, he is able to keep them there for as long as he pleases and they would continue to live on normally in another reality the same as you live in your present reality. As though living everyday life in another realm for as long as you were bound by its rules and the ruler." This is what it meant to capture realities, and the full, thorough explanation of exactly how he had 'captured' Tifa.

"... We are allowed to have such power because we know what to do with it. He knows not to hold anything prisoner. Otherwise, he would not be able to manipulate or freely change a Reality at all, and perhaps not even in the 5th..." At that point, Kairo Khrona could tell that he was going off into the tongue of the Tensei now, which The Last Sanguimancer would probably not understand in the slightest.

"I do not suggest we speak any further on the subject," he insisted, feeling now as though more questioning may incur more depth and personal relation to the Tensei than he may have been prepared for. "... Unless you are actually interested, and prepared to hear many more extravagant things, I believe that it may be in your best interest to discontinue." As this point, Krikor could just about easily get wrapped up in doing things with the Tensei; Kairo Khrona, specifically, if anyone, due to their recent interactions. It made the most sense. "If not, you'd best be on your way." he'd say,trailing off as he addressed the rest of them, "We are all done with our business here." They would be free to go.

"... Is there anything else, then... Sanguimancer...?"

"You hear that, Little Miss...?" he'd say to the T-Ball with Tifaret inside, "Judgment in My Favor..." He tossed the sphere of captured Space-Time in his hand, whirling around in its containment like a small planet. "... That means... Whatever I say goes about how you should be dealt with..." She was subject to his direct command and authority due to her being within the radius of the area that he isolated and contained within his T-Ball. "And while you're in there, you should be getting quite a nice little 'Personality Adjustment,' once your data has transferred completely." She needed his personal input in there, as all realities were subject to the input of others. Therefore...

"... I'm going to customize you... Personally..." that was his decision, "And keep the ball for all time so I can call you back whenever I wish..." (Something like a Charizard). That was all he felt needed to be done, since, basically, everything else would come to be completely once she exited her prisonous cage of isolated reality that Shinrona had just captured specifically for her. The only reason it could capture her over and over again was because the same laws that captures her the first time would still apply. "Alright then... Come on out, Tifachu..." He hurled the T-Ball down on the ground and it would bounce once, shattering like glass and breaking Tifaret out of her glittering cocoon. Much like the canon, that ball would never be seen again... Unless, of course, he felt like messing with Tifa, wherein he could recreate the reality again and make a completely new ball from the previous blueprint of how he did so before when he captured her this time.

"... I hope you've chosen to appear at least half-decent this time around...?" He remembered how she was prone to dressing on the Lost World. Relatively more provocatively openly. "... I don't want you scaring the children by coming off too strong..." That was a nasty habit of hers that she seemed to do with everyone, ending up mowing them over rather than being able to enjoy their company. She, much like the rest of the family, had a pretty high libido, which ended up being totally off putting to others. She couldn't be teaching a school with that sort of demeanor, right...? "Come out whenever and however you feel most comfortable, then..." he said, letting the energy from within the shattered sphere settle as Tifa saw proper. "I'll wait." With all resolved about her, there shouldn't have been any unrest about anything once she came out, for she'd be up to speed with everything, as if emerging from an instant hyperbolic time chamber.

At some point in time, the bright gleaming light would start to take shape. It would become something that Tifa was more comfortable with. Naturally, it would be practical and fitting for her; actually, it looked very similar to what was worn before. She had upon her now instead of a large, black coat a white one in its place; much smaller and inconspicious. She wore under it a tight sleeveless black shirt, but still had her short shorts exposing her legs and ankle-high white leather boots. She had white leather gloves on that matched the color of her jacket.

"... Tifachu~*. >>; "

More or less, she looked pretty much exactly the same, since she'd grown accustomed to that form and it seemed to fit, but her personality, as fiery and feisty as it was, had become more gelid and humble. After she said 'Tifachu' all soft and cute, simply for kicks, she would immediately shoot a death glare at Shinrona, knowing he would get a kick out of her trying to be... 'cute' and 'playful,' so to speak. "... Shut. Up." She was actually very awkward and anti-social, so she wasn't quite sure of how to 'fit in' so to speak with all of the references that everyone knew and participated in regularly. It made her pretty distant and with very little idea of how to make them 'work,' so to speak, in the lingo. She was kind of jealous that Khrona did it so well. "... That was... Just..." After she'd done it, there was no way for it to be undone. As productive and important as this day was for her, it was the most embarrassing and frustrating day of her life.

"... Not. A. Word," she threatened, glaring down everyone who bore witness to what happened, Khrona ESPECIALLY. She knew he'd be the FIRST one to rub it in her face about how she got turned into a Pikachu, pwned and made to look like a little bitch in public. If there were any people here witnessing it, she'd never live it down. The only one she noticed who wasn't sworn to the family secrecy was the new student that she just met the day prior. Just because she'd been officially brought up to speed on all of the events that had gone on and were going on didn't mean she forgot about the other ones from previously.

"YOU!" she yelled at him, voiding herself out in a flash of white light and appearing from a luminous white gas behind him, saying, "... You Didn't See Anything..." Those words sounded to be more a threat than anything. She was already prepared to call up her penguin squad to handle him and his 'memories' of what he had just seen, if he was having trouble forgetting. The sound of her knuckles cracking could be heard in the midst of the white misty void she emerged from.

"No, nothing else," Krikor said to Kairo Khrona, watching as Tifaret was released from the T-Ball. She seemed like herself, more or less, so there was no reason to worry. "I was thinking of staying around, though, to ask Miss Tifaret for a lesson, if that's OK," he continued. He knew he shouldn't get involved, but he hoped that sticking around to ask her for a lesson wouldn't be getting any more involved than he already had.

"Ah... Very good, then..." Kairo Khrona noticed that the young Tifaret, embarrassed by her defeat, was already resorting to her normal means of handling situations she wasn't fond of... Brute force and belligerence. "... If you wish to ask her, there she is behind you... Though she doesn't look quite so pleased to see you..." He turned away from them, his time here finished. He needed to be off to create things in this world, now, as was his duty; to repair and to create.

Before he took off, he stepped over to the Young Master and gave him a bow, saying, "You've done well. You've grown quite a bit, Young Master. Though I understand your excitement to be back in the flesh, I would suggest toning down your attitude in front of others... Save it for those who are more close and personal." That was his suggestion, which he hoped his little gaudy King would understand and take heed to. It would be better for social events and public affairs, of which he certainly was going to be taking part of. "Also, your daughter is waiting for you in her chambers. I only left a short time ago, so she should be alright until you get there. Naturally, do not take too long... Else she get restless and upset." Shinity could only be by herself for so long.

"Good day, young one..." he said, walking off toward the gates, yet dissolving in what seemed to be streams of both cells and data before he could actually reach the end. He was off to venture the Veritas and do with it what he was supposed to do... And perhaps, even the lands beyond the Veritas that would be in need of his aid...

Shinrona took the liberty of listening to the words of the wise one that exceeded this plane, for he knew things that Shinrona had yet to experience, and his opinions were valued highly. That is because of his connection to the family. "Of course, Ancient One..." he muttered, returning the bow with a regal one of his own, "... You didn't honestly think I'd be this way to anyone besides Those Who Know, did you?" Tifaret was an extremely special case in and of herself, even among the family... Which was why he was able to treat her as such and things be okay. A secret underlying understanding that she should, after being brought up to speed, know and understand, now, herself. "... Good to see you again... And thanks for the 'Welcome Home' committee here..." He chuckled, now calming down to a more stable and casual demeanor, since the excitement was over.

When Kairo Khrona disappeared, Shinrona returned his attention to Tifaret, who seemed to be getting into her anger. "Now, now, Tifachu... No scaring the children." He manifested the T-Ball again, something like a warning, tossing it up and down in the air. "... You're still at work, don't you know...?" She couldn't keep letting that notorious temper of hers get the best of her so often... Especially not in public. "... Certainly, when I give Tear your ball, he can teach you to be a little more... Sociable, perhaps?" Much like her own words, his seemed to be a threat, as well... But naturally, on a more downplayed and cunning manner. "... Speaking of which, I better go find him... It's almost time, after all..." He briskly walked to the doors, still waiting to be escorted by his 'Pet Dragon.' "Hmhmhm..."

Tifa, who had appeared behind Krikor and threatened him, pretty much unnoticed to him (probably due to the fact that she disappeared and reappeared without warning, and her presence couldn't be traced when she was utilizing any Void of any kind), was just about ready to turn him into one of her Penguin familiars to ensure that he kept his mouth shut and that she could pound on him anytime she really felt like. She would do it, too; student or not. That's just how she was.

It wasn't until she saw the T-Ball appear again and heard that Khrona was going to give it to Tear that she fully exited the void, straightened up and looked around shadily. "... No, uh, that's quite alright... You can just uh... I'll uh..." She shifted her eyes swiftly, trying to find a cover. "... I'm uh, dealing with a student right now and uh... You see, he clearly needs some attention, so I uh... I might just have to just... Get to work on practicing that there attitude of mine, right?" As much as she hated to say things like that, it would totally get her out of having to be around him, most likely. Fortunate that this guy just so happened to be here when she needed him. She'd always been like that, too. "I mean... I'm still at work, right?" She smirked smugly, cutting him a really choice glare, knowing that he couldn't say anything about that.

"So, um... Student-chan! What brings you out here on this... er... Fine day~?" Her eyebrows twitched from her having to 'play nice,' but hell, it was decent practice and would keep old blondy off her back. 'That's right... Just keep talking...'

"Uh, hi, Miss Tifaret," Krikor said after turning to face Tifaret, surprised that she'd reappeared behind him. She seemed a bit strained; then again, with what had just happened, he couldn't say he blamed her. "I was just going to ask for a lesson, if you have time. Hopefully I won't have as bad a time of it as I had yesterday," he said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head.

Shinrona smiled and chuckled softly, pleased to see that she was finally starting to shape up (even if it was only to get him out of the picture). It was a start, he knew, and that was always something. "Well. You certainly have me there, Miss Tifaret," he said politely, as if none of what just happened occurred at all; possibly because it was all in good fun and nothing to be dwelt on for too long, save for to poke fun, as was the point of these 'fun' experiences... To look back on later and laugh, as well as be happy they occurred and to grow, learn and bond. "Well then, since you're dealing with a student, I believe I will leave you to your duties and escort myself to the royal chambers, then..." He had his own business to attend to, after all.

As he passed by the two of them, he would nod his head in acknowledgement to the new face, still smiling softly. "And good day to you, too, my good sir. Hopefully we will have a chance to be formally introduced later..." Since Tifa wasn't doing it and he had things to do presently, it would have to be held off until Shinrona's business was done. When he was in a state of calm, he was much more personable, simply by nature. Such is why he was kept in nearly an eternal state of sedation, until something drew upon his emotions. After politely addressing the innocent onlooker, he would turn away and say only as a whisper in passing to Tifa, "... I'm still giving the ball to Tear." And briskly walked off into the school, chuckling pleasantly to himself.

"A... Lesson~...?" she said with very strained pleasantry. She saw Khrona approaching and kept the smile for as long as she could, pushing out through her grit teeth, "S-suuuure~!! No problem!" Though her words gave consent, in her head, she continued to swear like a sailor. 'Fuck. Dammit. Mother F--' She couldn't refuse since Khrona was there and she'd already agreed to doing it. She'd been cornered into doing her job, which she barely even agreed to in the first place. Damn Tensei family mumbojumbo. "... Don't try to act all charming now, assho--" Tifa caught herself in the middle of her rather casual words, forgetting all too quickly that to the people who didn't know their relationship, or that of the Tensei in general, this would seem completely disrespectful to speak to a superior in such a way, regardless of their (relatively) chummy behavior. "... I mean, uh. Yeah, see you later~! Work hard, and whatever~!" Even if her responses were half-assed and pretty lazily polite, at least she kept up the appearance. She only faintly caught wind of what Khrona said under his breath, and she turned around swiftly to say, "Oh, wait, no, don't--" but he was already down the hall, audibly chuckling like the bastard he was. "... Bastard. >>; " she whispered to herself, then turned back to Krikor. "... Yeah, so. What do you want? That same crap we did yesterday?"

"Hopefully, yes," Krikor said to Shinrona before he left. Shinrona seemed like the perfect gentleman when he wasn't fighting people Krikor cared about, he thought.

"...Yeah, if it's not too much trouble," Krikor replied hesitantly to Tifaret, not wanting to impose on her. He could tell she wasn't having the best day. "I was hoping you could help me out in the resonance room."

Tifa sighed heavily, finally being able to loosen up, which seemed to reveal her tiredness and frustration once she slumped over and drooped her head. "Yeah, well... Might as well." Not like she honestly had anything better to do. She just never was one for interacting with a lot of people or too many people at all in her entire life. She was pretty much a loner then and now, despite being practically forced into an environment completely opposite of what she was used. "Alright, come on..." she said, straightening up again and tanking through it. Her day could always turn around for the better, of course. It wasn't done yet.

She turned around and started to walk, but suddenly stopped and looked over her shoulder with gleaming, menacing green eyes, "Oh, and if you tell anyone about this, I'll fucking kill you." She then smiled pleasantly and faced forward, walking off into the school and toward the Resonance Room. Tifa still needed to work on her people skills, clearly. She was used to just beating up everyone she came across, so having to change that was gonna take a little doing, even after being... 'updated,' so to speak. She still was who she was, even if now she was also someone new. Damn ass Tensei logic.

"Not a soul," Krikor promised, following closely behind Tifaret. "So, do you think you could explain a little of...that...on the way?" he asked. He wanted to know if there was more that had been changed about Tifaret than her looks. She seemed the same, certainly, but Krikor knew there was more to someone than their exterior.

"THAT?" she inquired rather belligerently, yet hidden behind a smile and a strained voice of pleasantry, yet again, "... I have NO idea what you're talking abo~ut!" She grit her teeth again, clenching her left hand tightly, yet not wanting to let him see her do so. She stopped abruptly, turning to him. The hallway became dark and dreary, her eyes gleaming brightly yet again as they'd done every time the two of them interacted; just as shining green as they could be, filling the darkened atmosphere with their piercing, cutting glare, "You Didn't See Anything... Remember?" Out of nowhere, a small penguin would tap Krikor on the leg, holding up a knife and gazing at him menacingly cutely.

*...Wenk. >(*

Krikor nodded at Tifaret's words. "Very well," he said, bending down and scratching the top of the penguin's head. "And like I said, I won't tell a soul. Anyway..." he continued, still following her, "shall we?"

The penguin slashed at his hand, barely missing as Krikor, clearly paying the cute little critter no mind, despite how it was actually very serious about killing him, walked off behind his guide. "Good," Tifa remarked as her penguin suddenly somehow disappeared just as mysteriously as it appeared, "Follow me." She would lead him further inside, toward the Resonance Room. "And don't touch the penguins. They will cut you." Along the way to the room, they would pass by a penguin inconspicuously hidden behind one of the ornaments, holding up a knife and staring menacingly cutely. His flipper trembled with a mighty murderous malice.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 52: Private Lesson; Resonance Training

Tifa would lead Krikor to the Resonance Room, which looked something like a large music room fit for an orchestra. Even the room's shape and dynamics were made for the acoustics of resonant sound.

There were many instruments about, neatly placed where they were supposed to be and all in order; probably by hand of Tear, who would definitely do something like that. There were even a few pianos in here, which the room was large enough to accommodate easily. There were other parts and sections to this room that seemed completely unrelated to music and instruments, however.

"Yeah, well. Here we are," she said kinda dryly. She'd never been in here, herself, and it looked pretty beautiful, but she was having a hard time enjoying the splendor of the rather nice music room. "Resonance Room. Private lesson, as per request..." Students weren't supposed to ask the instructors about classes unless it was for a private lesson, so since that was the case, that's what this was. "So what are you trying to get accomplished here, anyway?"

"Well," Krikor began, eying the pianos and wondering how much of playing one he could remember, "as you remember from yesterday, I had a negative reaction in the Soul Room to the smoke. I figured maybe something could be done about it in here," he continued, sitting at one of the piano benches, "and maybe if I can get it fixed, I can go back into the Soul Room without having a reaction like that again."

"Chyeah, maybe," she said with a scoff. "You were makin' a scene in there. What's your deal, anyway?" Whatever he was going through in there, she knew that something in this school could help him out, since this place was made for helping people resolve issues within their souls, make their souls stronger and to learn how to use their souls' special powers and abilities that normal people didn't even know existed (let alone that they even had a soul.) "You mind giving me the rundown of what THAT was all about?" She crossed her arms and leaned slightly to the side, a bit skeptical about what his answer would be and what the problem was in the first place. She already had her own thoughts about it, which she was sticking to until he proved her otherwise. She wasn't one to be moved easily for any reason about anything.

"Yeah, sorry about that," Krikor said sheepishly, taking his gauntlets off and cracking his knuckles. "It's...something I thought I put behind me a long time ago. Did Tear tell you what happened to my homeworld?" he asked, beginning to play a simple riff on the piano. "My home was taken over by demons about 13 years ago. Sometimes I have...flashbacks to when it happened. That's what happened yesterday."

"Nope," she responded without hesitation, a partial glaze in her eyes, "... Tear's pretty hush-hush about damn near everything. It's really annoying." Especially since she was pretty much left out of the loop. She was up to speed now on some things, but his mysteries still remained as such. She was going to find out more about him soon, though... It was her top priority.

"... Demons, huh...?" she said with slight interest, "... Yeah, pretty sure that's been going around lately..." she muttered under her breath, rolling her eyes. Pretty much everyone on Ves was like, a demon lord or demon incarnate or demon king or dark overlord or whatever the hell else. Like, everybody. Must have been why the goodygoody angelic Tensei family wasn't welcome when they started maturing. "... Eh, but you're here now, right? Completely non-demonic and safe from whatever fucked up shit happened to you." She was a little concerned about his trauma, though. It made sense as to why his reactions were what they were. "It sucks about your flashbacks, though. Pretty sure once you get accustomed to your soul, you can work out those issues. Otherwise, they like... Consume your soul entirely, or something." Tifa wouldn't have been surprised if it was one of those demons having latched onto him and was tormenting him inside of his soul. They apparently were capable of doing that, even without the knowledge of their hosts. She knew a thing or two about the supernatural world, considering she not only hailed from that land, but in her past life, her mother was pretty much their queen. They had books and stuff that she looked through every now and then, whenever she actually was at home.

"I'm gonna be straight with you, though, I have no idea about Resonance. It wasn't ever something I bothered getting into. I am a loner and didn't need things like that." If she ever did Resonate with anyone, it was so few times that she couldn't even remember it. She definitely learned about the Soul and Wavelength, as she had many abilities based around those and the understanding of them, but Resonance? Not her cup of tea. "So... I guess this'll be an experience for us both." She looked around for one of the very convenient pamphlets of the school that Tear pretty much had everywhere necessary (that guy just did everything), this one specifically about this course. She thumbed through it, knowing it was different from the brochure due to its extensive detail on the course and its numerous lessons.

"Hey, yo, you wanna take a look at this class guide thing that Tear made? It's actually not half bad..." It was very informative and clear-cut, and probably would help Tifa instruct this class and hopefully Krikor to understand it and what he wanted to get out of it. Tifa certainly was stumped on where to start, having no experience in this subject at all.

"Sure, thanks," Krikor said, stopping his piano playing and putting his gauntlets back on. He walked over to Tifaret and took the pamphlet from her, reading it over quickly. "So it seems like most of what we need to do is learn to work with others," Krikor commented once he was finished. "The question is, how do we do that?" he asked, handing the pamphlet back to Tifaret. He didn't want to admit it, but Tifaret wasn't the most sociable of people, so maybe that's why she had such a hard time with Resonance. "Teamwork seems to be key for Resonance."


Tifa scoffed, snatching the pamphlet and turning away from him in a huff. "... Then maybe you got the wrong teacher." She crossed her arms and poked out her lip, looking down with a furrowed brow and a tense stare. She knew that Tear was just good at EEEEEVERYTHING and that, as much as she hated to admit it, she was outdone by him in terms of being diligent of dutiful, as well as all of the whole 'wavelength' stuff. His smug ass grin was all over the paper and imprinted in her mind. "... Stupid Tear..." she muttered, crumpling up the paper and hurling it clear across the room.

Krikor was a bit worried at Tifaret's reaction, sensing some hostility in the air. "Well, they say the best teacher is the eternal student," he offered, "so perhaps you're the optimal teacher for Resonance." He wondered what she meant when she made the comment about Tear -- he knew they weren't on good terms from some of the comments she'd made the day before, but she seemed to outright hate him right now.

Tifa knew he was just saying that. She didn't buy it for a second. "Yeah, well, what do you know...?" He wasn't making her feel better. She didn't expect him to understand it, though... She barely understood it, herself, which added to her frustration. 'Uuugh. Why did he have to pick this stupid class?' She knew she was going to have to teach him SOMETHING. With a a heavy sigh, he outstretched her arm and a large projected gauntlet would pick up the paper and bring it back to her, dissipating as it dropped the paper that she would unfold and begin to read again, trying to figure out where to start. "... Ummm..." As she looked more thoroughly, it said that this was an advanced class that required first for people to learn 'Wavelength' from another class. After looking at that, she became furious, tearing the paper in two.

"DAMMIT!" she cried, throwing the paper on the ground and stomping on it repeatedly, then turning her anger toward Krikor, "DID YOU EVEN READ THIS BEFORE YOU ASKED ME!? THERE'S A WHOLE STEP BEFORE THIS THAT YOU HAVE TO DO." When Tifa clenched her fists this time, giant gauntlets appeared beside her, looking as though they were prepared to punch him, trembling just as much as she was. "This is PROBABLY why Tear said not to let STUDENTS ask for CLASSES and shit..." Not only was her time being wasted, but, yet again, her day had become that much worse from it. "WHY IS THE WORLD MESSING WITH ME TODAY!? DID I DO SOMETHING!?" She stomped her foot hard, one of the gauntlets slamming into the ground and leaving a giant fist print beside her. The shock of it shook the entire room.

There was a flash of light just as the gauntlet sought to make impact with the nice, clean, crisp floor; a light that, upon its shining, would coat that particular part of the ground in a velvet sheet of liquid that cushioned the impact and kept the ground from being permanently damaged from the brutish outburst. Following this would be Tear, who seemed to have appeared out of thin air. "... You know I'll have your head if you mess up my polished floor..." he muttered with a hint of agitation, irritated that he had to come and lecture Tifaret yet again about her temper, "... And certainly, this isn't the way to act toward nor in front of a student, now is it?" As irritated as Tear was that he had to, yet again, stop what he was doing because someone somewhere wasn't capable of handling a simple, menial task correctly without him having to either come do it himself or clean up the mess (as he was pretty much constantly doing), he could tell that Tifa, who was less capable of handling such stress and agitation, was even more so. He could tell in her wavelengths and realized that she wasn't used to this, like he was. He'd been working in the school since the beginning, before it was destroyed the first time and remodeled this time, so he was already seasoned.

He sighed, calming down immediately and having his watery soul to 'put out the fires' of the violent temperament of Tifa... Or, so he hoped. "... How about you just take the rest of the day off, and I'll come get you later. We can try again another day." It was wrong of him to expect her to just be able to dive right in, like he was, despite how short-handed they were. Since the owners were here, that was just ANOTHER thing to put on his 'to-do list,' along with handling Krikor right now. It already sounded heinous, since he was basically the only one around here who never got a chance to rest, and even now, had to take over for something completely extra... Oh joy. The most important part was that it would get handled, though. He always made absolutely certain of that when he did any job or performed any task.

This was the angriest that Krikor had seen Tear. Truth be told, it kind of worried him. He seemed kind of stressed out since he had last seen him at Tsubaki's placement test. He wanted to ask Tear about what was bothering him, but he decided to keep his mouth shut while Tifaret was still around. No need to risk pushing someone over the edge, after all.

... And yet again, Mr. Perfect and all his perfection was here just in time to come and save the day, all suave and incognito, like he was so special or something. Tifa sneered at him, nearly wanting to rip his head off just for being so accurate and on time. She was upset more because there was no reason for her to feel this way, but just because she was getting things wrong and he was doing things correctly, she was on edge about how she was feeling about her own shortcomings.  "Screw you, Tear!" In her voice there seemed to be some pain she couldn't quite express; something that was coming out as these frustrated emotions and violent temperament, despite how she should have been fine after a peace offering. She had just had enough of being shown up and made to look inferior. She already hated that in the first place, and every time Tear came around, it seemed like it was to further show her up. Not only that, but Shinrona had just come and done the same thing not even an hour ago. Her first asswhooping was still pretty fresh and stung pretty deep.

"What makes you think I care about your stupid floor, or your... Pity?!?" Ugh, it even sounded distasteful in her mouth... To have to be pitied for any reason and it be actually legitimate. She could barely take something like that; that sort of shame really hung heavy on her heart, since she was used to always overcoming situations with the greatest amount of her own force... And found that she couldn't anymore. Having to be pitied was the worst... But she deserved it. And the fact that she did actually deserve it made it that much worse. Worse to the point where she refused to accept his offering of peace and to simply take the day off; she felt like she had something to prove to him about herself. About how she wasn't as weak as she kept being made out to be. "Think you're so fucking great... Fuck you, Tear!" She raised her hand up in vicious fury, the great and large gauntlet cushioned by the aqueous veil rising up and turning to both he and Krikor before she thrust her fist with immense force and sent a flying punch hurdling straight for the both of them. The fist was large enough to easily crash into the both of them.

Tear sighed heavily, knowing that in her state of rage, there was no consolidating her. There was something still in her spirit that needed to be remedied; something that simply could not be done alone due to how she is as a person. She needed to be dealt with in a manner that would help to ease that in her... Fortunately, they were in just the right place for this... For the wounded heart to be healed. "... I suppose there is no helping it, then..." Tear said, knowing now that he would have to really get serious. He was tired, as he knew Tifa was, as well... They should have, at this point, both been run ragged by the duties of this school, but... He would muster up whatever he had left to finish this job and hopefully bring peace to the rampant woman.

Streaking quickly in front of Krikor, Tear raised his hands up to grasp the flying fist, amplifying the traction on the soles of his shoes with a thin layer of resistant liquid to ensure he was kept in place as he held off the powerful force. Tear, though slender and lanky, was actually extremely physically fit and powerful, which he hid under his fine clothes and demeanor. No one would expect him to actually have such physical strength to be on par with one of Tifa's punches, yet, he had trained physically first before he tempered his soul, which he was now currently greater in. As he stood there, locked with the flying fist, he would take one of his hands and punch it hard, sending a powerful wavelength coursing through his fist that would disperse the energies and forces that bound the fist together, causing it to disperse back into nothing but neutralized wavelengths in the air. His lids, though still lowered, revealed eyes that were more sharp and shimmering as brightly as ever, like a knife in the light. He seemed different, somehow; completely different, despite having not said nor done anything out of the ordinary. There was no longer a smile on his face, nor anything nonchalant about his demeanor any longer.

"... Krikor," he said sternly, dusting himself off and taking a few steps back, "... You are here for a Resonance Lesson, are you not?" He had already made sure to take into account the formidable lesson that this could be for the student, despite how it was coming to take place. Tear was more clever than he initially appeared, and more concerned about the prosperity of his students than perhaps it seemed to be. "... Tifaret is not one to teach you such a thing. I, on the other hand, am the perfect teacher." He did not wish to say this before her, but knew that he had to. He adjusted his clothes to a more comfortable fit, as if preparing for battle. "Pay attention and work with me; then you will be able to receive your lesson... Hands on. Learn as we go." He crackled his knuckles, as if he were about to play a piano, or some sort of instrument, then took an inquisitively pensive stance. He was already calculating.

"Lesson One; Synchronizing. To make this quick, simple and easy to understand whilst in the heat of battle, you must learn to move with your partner and with the flow of the battle. Find the rhythm. See the pattern and go for the opening. As a warrior who has been on the battlefield, I feel as though you should know at least this much..." Many militant men should have already been well trained in the arts of Synchronization with each other, their surroundings and the battlefield... But that wasn't to be the difficult part. "Find my tempo... Match it. I will ensure your safety, so do not worry about me in the slightest, save for not getting in my way. When all your strikes do not overlap nor get in the way of my own, you will know we are Synched."

After the pep talk, he looked to Tifaret with his sharp, jaded eyes, as though he were ready to slit her throat. "... Since you need to blow off a little steam... Why not do it in a productive manner? He asked for a lesson, so let's dance, shall we?" He giggled to himself, the signature deadly nonchalant smile returning, yet his eyes remaining ever keen and slightly haughty as he said, "... You could certainly use the lesson, too, you know... Hmhmhm..."

Tifa was actually surprised to see the little guy not only withstand but also break through her punch with just his own fist. She didn't take Tear to be the fighter type with how prissy he was, but he might have had a little strength to back him up. "Tch. Think you're so great..." she muttered as he spoke to Krikor, hearing him basically say that she was an incompetent instructor. Her body tightened, the tension rising within her. Her beautiful ivory hair suddenly began to glow brighter, flaring up in its ponytail like a vicious ember. She wasn't anywhere near calm.

"FUCK YOU!!!" she cried again, a white hot photon laser shooting straight from the back of her throat with the intensity of a concentrated star. The burning mouth bazooka cannon of hers was easily enough to bring the both of them to ash in a split second, and Tifa did not seem opposed to have either of their deaths on her head. Tear's little last remark had clearly been the last straw for her and any sort of rationality. Dealing with Khrona's shit first and then coming into Tear doing basically the same thing, but WAY more sneaky and pretentiously was just too much. On top of her shitty day, this was just it for her. No more mister nice Tifa; everyone and everything was getting fucked up.

Krikor drew his greatsword and tried to get in sync with Tear; however, when he heard Tifaret cry out, he looked over and saw her charging some sort of energy attack in the back of her throat. Thinking quickly, he tried tackling Tear to the ground, hopefully knocking both of them out of the way of the initial blast. If worst came to worst, however, he hoped the attack hit him and not Tear.

Tear, who was dead set on dicing this unruly woman to pieces, would find himself suddenly tackled to the ground as soon as he was prepared to make his move. Krikor had gotten in his way the very moment he was prepared to engage, which only irked him further. Partially because that blast might actually destroy part of the school and partially because Krikor, not knowing how this worked, had already made a mistake in terms of Resonance. "Tch." His sharp eyes gleamed just as brightly as the beam that they watched pass them by, thinking only to use his means of instantaneous transportation, the 'Soul Transmission,' to slip out from under him as a bright light -a pure wavelength- and into the wave of the beam, appearing at the front of it just before it hit a wall and being forced to take the brunt of the hit. His wavelength wrapped around his body protected him from most of it, but he suffered some damage because of how sudden his movement was. The two of them were most aggravating, especially since he had to teach Krikor the basics.

When the light faded and Tear's steaming body was revealed again in front of the wall that would have been destroyed by Tifa's reckless blast, he would be glaring at her with an intensity nearly as vicious as the beam itself, yet keeping a calm composure that would suggest otherwise. He sighed heavily, straightening up and dusting himself off as he started adjusting himself to the waves around him again, saying clearly to Krikor, "... I appreciate what you attempted to do, but that is not what I instructed you to do. Now please, if you wish to learn, you're going to have to heed what I am telling you." He already knew that Tifa had no control over herself and Tear, who did, was going to have to maneuver well within her own destruction as well as get to her, something that would backfire severely if Krikor didn't get in sync very quickly. "I said SPECIFICALLY not to worry about me. You have to match MY tempo. So see how I move and then find a way to move within my movements so that when she is off guard, you can attack." The main focus of Resonance was to first learn how to work with others. Tear knew that Krikor would make mistakes, but he wasn't expecting one to be immediately after he said what not to do.

"Now, let's try again before the raging dragon does something else foolishly abrasive, hm?" He smiled for only a moment before his face returned to being as stale and composed as a killer, with eyes to match. "... You're not going to get another free shot like that, Tifa... Be lucky I have a student." The first thin he would do was, in a single, swift stroke, stride across the room in an aqueous blur over to Tifa, very closely, and skate circles around her, barely able to be seen. "Pay Attention!" he shouted to the both of them, as though he were educating them both. As he circled Tifa, sharp lashes would strike at her from random locations in rapid succession, stinging like scorpions the moment they made contact.

Krikor pushed himself back to his feet, listening to Tear as he did. "There'll be time for apologies later," he thought. "Right now, I have to get in sync with him!" Snatching his sword up from the ground, he analyzed the situation. "Tear's in close to Tifaret, so getting close myself is a no-go -- if I do that, one wrong swing could mean he gets decapitated."

After thinking for a few more seconds, Krikor communicated telepathically with Ashcroft. "OK, Ashcroft, here's the plan. We keep our distance and pepper her with Blood Bolts, then, when the opportunity presents itself, we rush in and go melee."

"Understood," Ashcroft replied. "I'll keep plenty of blood at the ready."

"Alright, let's do this!" Krikor telepathically said to Ashcroft, hurling the first of what was sure to be many Blood Bolts at Tifaret, trying to aim for where Tear wasn't hitting her so she'd be getting hit from all sides.

"WHO'S A RAGING DRAGON!??!?!" She bellowed, raising her hand up as the second disembodied gauntlet followed beside her. Tear may have been swift enough to dance circles around her, but something so weak wasn't going to even scratch her whilst she was in a state of fury. She'd tanked many stronger blows without even flinching. Sure, they were really annoying, but it only made her that much more pissed with every minor sharp pain she felt around her body. " AND STOP WITH THOSE WEAK ASS SNAKE BITES!!" she cried again, thrusting her fist down beside her as the giant floating gauntlet up above came back down right above Tear. Even if he was fast enough to escape, the gauntlet would at least be in his direct path to keep him from circling around her... Hopefully to crush that little pipsqueak (even though he was taller than she was).

It wasn't too long after that she would hear something coming from another direction; a shot from the other guy, who she was originally here to teach. "WEAK!!" she shouted, punching the Blood Bolt with her bare hand, as if she hadn't even felt the force of it. Blood would splatter all over the ground. "AND YOU'RE NEXT, LITTLE MAN!!" she screamed at Krikor, suggesting that more of his blood would be splattered all over the floor.

Tear was expecting Tifaret to react in such a manner, and unsurprised, after having successfully annoyed her with his petty strikes, she had reared up to attack with great strength, like she generally always did. When her gauntlet was about to hit the ground, the blurred image of the man stopped on the dime directly under it, with a hand raised up to catch the fist and prevent it from striking the ground and causing damage to the floor. "Ah, you're just... So predictable, love..." Tear naturally acted as a shock absorber due to the nature of his Soul Wavelength as well as the great control he had over it, so the moment the fist would hit him, the force of the strike would be guided into his soul, preventing the impact from surging down his legs and ending up being taken straight into his core. Next, the Manna that comprised her gauntlet would be broken down into pure Spiritual Energy (as all three primary energy forms were capable of being converted) that would be taken into himself, as well. All such tension was immediately transitioned into the blade that was already at Tifa's throat when she knocked away the Blood Bolt.

"... Where are you looking, my dear...?" he said with a rather passively playful tone, before seeing all the blood spatter upon his nice, clean, polished floor. His playful demeanor immediately left him once again, and he would apply a dangerous amount of pressure to her neck with the edge of the blade, saying, "... Now, you know you're going to have to clean that up, right...?" His voice did not sound like he was playing at all, and the trembling of his dagger at her neck would have suggested the same. "Good work, Krikor," he did not fail to mention, remembering that first and foremost, this was a lesson; Tear was a teacher and instructor before anything else, as he had made the education of all his prime focus ever since he was accepted as Dean of this establishment long ago. "Now, what will you do since you've seen your teammate keeping your target immobilized?" Part of learning how to 'Synchronize' was also about teamwork. Tear knew how to synchronize with his enemies, but that was an advanced level course; Krikor only needed to know how to synchronize with a single teammate.

"Well, I would normally go in full force and attack, but I don't want to hurt Tifaret," Krikor replied, drawing his sword and moving in closer to Tifaret regardless, taking one hand off of the hilt and putting his hand over the puddle of blood left behind from when Tifaret knocked his Blood Bolt away, absorbing it as he continued dashing until he was in close quarters with Tifaret. Thinking it would be best to try to incapacitate her instead of trying to straight-out harm her, he tried putting his right hand on Tifaret's gut and firing a Blood Bolt at point-blank range.

Tifa's eyes shot over to Tear with a malice one could photograph, her eyes seeming to want to break out of her skull just to tear Tear a new one. She'd had enough of being made a fool of for one day. "That's it..." She had not been actually using any of her abilities because she didn't see Tear using any of his and didn't wanna look like she had to just throw out random powers, like she used to, but this was just getting on her nerves now. She closed her eyes and uttered softly, yet angrily, "Dawn Whisper..." and a passing breeze would sweep past each of them, one of which would pull the blade from her neck as if something had grabbed it. There was some slight resistant, but nothing that couldn't be handled with brute force. That was when Krikor came, trying to rather meagerly attack her as if she were someone who didn't already know the battlefield. When his hand sought to touch Tifa, he would find it being met with a strange force that felt like a hand interlocking with his own, keeping the Blood Bolt from leaving his palm once he fired it. Afterward, this eerie force would armwrestle him to the ground by the same hand he attacked with. "What did I just tell you...?" she said with a strained anger as she walked over to him, the force releasing him once she stood over him. She didn't seem at all bothered by Tear anymore, even though he was her main target of frustration. "Didn't I say... YOU'RE NEXT!?!" She raised her fist and thrust it toward him, a powerful invisible force like that of a fist coming down from above with all such intent to crush him right then and there, splattering him all over the ground. And she wouldn't clean it up, either.

Krikor grunted as he hit the ground, barely keeping a grip on his sword. He tried to pull himself free of the invisible force that had taken him down, but to no avail. He saw Tifaret's fist careening towards him, and, thinking quickly, he put the sole of his left foot on the floor so his knee was propped up, flipped his sword over so that the tip was pointing towards his feet, and bridged the flat of the blade on his knee so that the flat would block the punch. The strength of the Blood Ore that both his armor and sword were made of absorbed the impact of the punch as well as the invisible force behind it, thankfully leaving Krikor unharmed.

At first, Tear figured that Tifa would have been dealt with rather easily, but it seemed like now she was actually starting to concentrate and wasn't just being haphazardly belligerent. That was all fine and good, for it was helpful to her overall betterment, but she certainly chose a fine time to actually start getting her act together. "What...?" he muttered, feeling a strange unknown presence lifting his blade after she called out a technique. Immediately, he used his 'Soul Notation' to adjust his eyes to being able to see the Wavelengths of the area and would be able to see what the 'invisible force' was that she was controlling. From what he saw, it was another gauntlet that was completely invisible, but also had another sort of secondary effect to it that those who didn't have the proper channels would not be able to see.

"Look out!!" he cried quickly, pointing his knife toward where he felt the wavelength of the gauntlet coming from. After it even touched his blade once, it left lingering traces of its wavelength on the blade that could be traced back immediately and perfectly to wherever it was currently, in which Tear would release a powerful resonant bolt that would dispel it immediately. "Do not be afraid to harm her! She certainly isn't afraid of harming you. Act as though your life is on the line!!!" Tear looked off to the side shadily, muttering under his breath, "... It seems like it just might be..." Where Krikor's quick thinking would have stopped him from being hit by Tifa's fist, the secondary effect of that specific technique might have ended up with him getting seriously injured just because he wasn't prepared for what was going to come for him afterward. The gauntlet she created was not only invisible, but it could also pass through solid objects and become intangible at will, meaning only something like a pure wavelength, like the one Tear shot at it, could dispel it completely.

Thinking quickly and acting quicker, Tear kicked off into a skidding stride with a large stream of aqueous energy trailing behind his leading foot as he came between Tifa's fist and Krikor's sword, most likely rather effectively knocking her arm away and giving Krikor the chance to escape. "Go, now!" He said with urgency, trying to snatch Tifa's arm and spin her around as if he were dancing with her to leave her off guard enough for Krikor to attempt to strike her again. "Match my tempo!!"

Tifa was expecting her invisible gauntlet to knock Krikor's head right off his body by passing through the sword that her own physical fist came in contact with, knowing that it was fully capable of passing through any solid object at any given time whilst also being able to physically come into contact with whatever she was aiming at. It kept obstacles from getting in the way of her targets by allowing her to bypass them in order to directly hit her mark. Yet, when she was sure that Krikor was going to be crushed, she didn't feel the force of impact by the gauntlet. In fact, she couldn't even feel the gauntlet at all. "Huh?" In her single moment of confusion, she'd find that damn Tear coming in between she and her new target, knocking her hand away and catching it, bringing her into a spin. "TEAR!!! The hell are you...!?!??" Caught up in the moment of the dance, she was taken aback for a moment or two and would spin along with him, but quickly became enraged again. "GYAAH!!!" she screamed, using a great deal of force to lift him up and over her shoulder with her arm, swinging it over her head and taking Tear with it, aiming to slam him straight into the ground behind her. "STOP FUCKING AROUND!!!"

Still on the ground, Krikor rolled onto his stomach, then quickly sprung into a kneeling position behind Tifaret. Gripping his sword with both hands, he swung as hard as he could at the side of Tifaret's left knee (or at least where her left knee was at that point during the spin). He wasn't holding back anymore after Tear gave the go-ahead to fight as though his life depended on it, his swing having enough force to sever her leg should it connect. "This should at least hobble her," he thought, "or maybe I'll get lucky and sever her femoral artery."

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Tear, who was trying to basically keep the two of them in sync at the same time, would find that being thrown over Tifaret's shoulder was the best course of action for him to keep an eye on Krikor, as well, who was probably going to need constant supervision even whilst he was dealing with Tifaret's issues. He never enjoyed multitasking, but it wasn't above him in the slightest once he got in the groove. He was one hell of a teacher, after all.

With his free arm, he would extend it before him as he was flung to the ground, extending his feet as well to ensure that he hit the ground like a cat instead of being slammed on his face so brutishly. Being already synchronized with Krikor naturally, as well as basically every wave in the room, he was keen on where he felt something metal, which was naturally most attractive to wavelengths, moving. With his already specially trained eyes set sharp for covert interactions, he would notice Krikor about to make his second mistake; attempting to severely injure his target. While it was true that he was to treat this like a battle, he was supposed to be using his techniques as effectively as possible without being completely destructive, but precise. The swifter one is capable of incapacitating a target without severely injuring them, the more effective one was with their own techniques. Considering his background, it made sense that he would naturally think it best to do such a thing, however... Yet, even still, points would have to be deducted simply for the sake of pointing it out to him in hopes that he would learn quickly and adapt. Such was a relatively natural expectation of the establishment.

In order to keep the clearly unaware Tifaret from being peg-legged, he would take in all of the force of the wavelengths he had gathered from hitting the ground and shoot them back into her, whipping her arm around and forcing her into a spin out of the way whilst he also dispersed the excess waves back into the ground to cause a subtle (or, at least much less drastic) wave to surge through the ground and into Krikor, the force of which would cause his body to tremble and shift slightly in order to guide his blade straight to the ground the very moment he would even near Tifa's leg. It would look to be as if Krikor had simply missed, or perhaps even lost his balance, and Tear would go on allowing him to believe that was so, as well, if necessary. "Try to also treat this as you did the regulations of the Placement Test, please..." he said, finally letting Tifa go and straightening up quickly, "... We aren't trying to send people to the Infirmary unnecessarily, after all..." He shot a sharp, daggered glare over to Tifa, "Isn't that right, Tifaret?" His eyes seemed ready to finish the job he started on her before. "... Else I would have slit your throat when I had the chance to do it, correct?" Just as quickly as he shot his glare to her would he snatch it back and return to his signature deadly nonchalant smile as if nothing happened, addressing Krikor politely, but firmly, saying, "Let that be part of this lesson, as well."

Tear was synchronized with everything and everyone as a safety precaution to prevent such things from occurring whilst they were getting things in order with themselves; a sort of conduit, of sorts, or perhaps even a connector. He could match any wavelength, regardless of its imbalance with others, which made him naturally level out an area simply by presence alone, if he were actively utilizing it. Thus, whilst he awaited Krikor to learn how to sync, he would be helping by already having a connection open for him to attempt to flow with and hopefully get the swing of things relatively swiftly. This was an advanced class that he decided to look into, after all.

Tifa was spun and slung around with basically the own force of her attacks used against her in a more effective manner, which she was pissed that Tear was able to do since she kept actually trying to really fuck him up and he just ended up coming out completely unscathed every time, and somehow leaving everything else the same way. And that fucking pretty-boy smile like none of it even happened really grinded her gears. Yet, when he cut her that stare after she acutely heard exactly what he said, she fell silent. She wanted to say something, and her eyes would glare back at him with malicious fury, but she remained silent, knowing there was actually nothing that could have been said about it. She grasped her neck a bit, finding that in this scenario, he'd cut her more deeply in her throat than just the knife penetrated. That made her realize what it actually meant. He'd already decapitated her the moment the blade touched her neck, even if he didn't do it, simply because he could have done it.

She felt so weak. Even realizing all of that calmed her down... To the point of complete calmness. It was a sort of strange calmness that only came when someone died. She could have, and she was just now realizing it, and it just made her think. She had no problem with killing someone right then and there on the spot, yet, when he had the chance, Tear not only let her live, but then saved her... All to teach the two of them a lesson? What was his problem...? She felt something inside... partially jealous, but also slightly upset... That Tear had outdone her, yet again. "Ugh, whatever," she said defiantly, just so that he wouldn't be able to say that he'd shut her completely up by all of this. She wasn't gonna let him let this go to his head; not for a second. She was going to get him back... And she knew just when to do it, too.

A gentle, but very powerful wave of distortion spread across the entire land, causing the school of Pandemia to be hit. This caused a wave of energy to carry with it all sorts of lost time, cluttered space, unsettled feelings and clouded thoughts by brushing through the corridors of the school, itself and cleansing everyone's minds and spirits. The entire school should have suddenly come to a complete calm once the wave came and went.

With the passing wave came the hand of Shinrona dropping into the air a T-Ball specifically for the capture of Tifaret, and a voice on the waves echoing in the air,

"... Throw her in her cage if she ever gets too rowdy..."

"THIS Charizard is poorly trained..."

The barely visible ghastly face of the owner appeared before Tifaret with a wink and a signature sparkling nonchalant smile before fading away suddenly with the passing of the wave.


Krikor sprung to his feet, getting ready to fight some more, when a wave of calmness washed over him. All the tension from the battle was gone, and his adrenaline stopped flowing, his back beginning to throb from when Tifaret had slammed him down on it. Suddenly, Krikor heard a voice in the air -- that of the strange man he'd seen fighting Tifaret before. The T-Ball he'd captured Tifaret (as Tifachu) in appeared in the air and dropped to the floor. Krikor reached out for it, then pulled his hand back as though it had been burned -- he didn't want to be the one taking the T-Ball. Tifaret would probably kill him if he did.

"Yes... Clearly..." he uttered under his breath as the wave from the flood passed with the voice and faint vision of the man and 'restabilized' the area, causing the wavelengths to be neutralized and calmed by the passing flood. It washed over him like a burst of refreshing burst of cold water, which rejuvenated his spirit and made him feel more at ease. If Krikor were able to feel any of it, as only the more acutely attuned should, then he and some of his inner demons and battle scars should have also been healed... Though that depended upon if he could actually feel and notice the waves passing by. That might be a little too advanced for him, since he was a new student, after all. He also had to be trained to get prepared for things like that occurring, because nature is a very real thing, as is Mother Nature's influence. "Well, now. Since the tension between us all is finally diffused..." he would pick up the T-Ball and turn around to Tifaret "... Tifa... How are you feeling, love?" He kept his face at his natural stagnant signature deadly nonchalant smile, doing nothing but staring longingly at the T-Ball and its shine. Who knows what he was thinking. He would never tell. "... Et tu, Krikor?" He wanted to see how this entire experience was making him feel, since a lot of things were going on around him outside of his vision. Tear was testing to see how acute his Reception was already to things going on around him, or if he could only feel what was happening directly within his set area. It was important to gauge the Range of one's Frequency, and was part of the normal class schedule's curriculum... Which, Krikor would have to attend the proper class during the designated time in order to get information on.

Among all of Tifa's distraught rage and vehement feelings welling up and spilling out of her like a rampaging monster due to the stress of her day and having put so much strain on her heart, she suddenly felt her heart constricting, feeling as if it were going to crack. Something about all of the trauma that came from being overworked and completely stressed out had gotten to her and the revoil of her lashing out in rage was finally hitting her... And it hurt. It hurt rather badly, for some reason, and made her want to clench her chest, as if she were having a heart attack. The intense emotions that she kept bottled up trying to keep away from everyone weren't being dealt with properly and were being strained by all of the things going on around her, which seemed to be messing with the Crystal Heart, just like it did a long time ago. She was just recklessly abusing its power, too... Pouring it out in destruction, which probably contributed to its destroying itself now. Something about being around Tear made her more aware of that, too, wherein normally she would have probably just brushed it off as nothing or just said 'whatever,' like she tried to do to him... But things were getting serious. Continuing to do things like that was putting her in danger, and it would probably kill her if she didn't stop...

Fortunately for her, a wave of healing and cleansing energy rushed over her like water, soothing her soul and mending the Crystal Heart. In fact, it would be restored to tip top shape, as if she hadn't just experienced everything that had once battered at it so thoroughly... Even seeing the T-Ball didn't seem to bother her now, where it normally probably would have sent her flipping out again. She thought about that deeply... Wondering if she would have seen it whilst she was feeling the way she was before, would she have broken the Crystal Heart and possibly released the Void again...? For whatever reason, these thoughts came to her with the passing wave, which seemed to bring many lost thoughts and unsorted feelings, all of which hit her right now. As she went through them through experiencing them and everyone else, she would become more open and receptive to everyone's wavelengths in the room as well and become much more docile, especially to Krikor. "... I could have died..." she said lowly, only to herself, "... And I didn't even realize it..." She returned to her naturally pensive persona, gazing off into the nearby window and letting her thoughts pass her by about what just happened... It was all so heavy, and came like a flood, for whatever reason.

In her silence, she would be able to hear Tear calling out to her about how she was feeling, and yet this time, even though his voice sounded somewhat snippy, she could tell that there was genuine care there and concern for her well-being. He didn't say anything smart or that would antagonize her, which normally, she probably wouldn't have noticed simply because of his tone. He was trying, too... It was just her. She was the one, as usual, causing problems trying to do things her own way and not caring about anyone else. "... I'm such an idiot..." she muttered to herself again, not even feeling like she could respond to him now after what just happened. She just stood there, in silence, and crossed her arms, trying to avoid eye contact with either of them because of her outburst. She wondered if that sudden wave that hit her hit anyone else, too... She hoped that she wasn't the only one feeling something different. Even if it upset her, she felt more at peace at least about coming to terms with it... The wave seemed to help resolve some issues in her mind and in her spirit, if nothing else after her humiliation...

"I'm feeling...better," Krikor replied after Tear asked his question. There was no real word for how he was feeling -- as though all the tension had left his body. It kind of felt like he'd just gotten a good night's sleep, to be honest. "I take it I'm not the only one who felt...calmer all of a sudden?" he asked, sheathing his sword. "I notice we all decided to stop fighting at the same time."

Tear nodded his head, placing the T-Ball in the pocket where he kept his pocketwatch, chuckling softly to himself, "Yes, yes! Very good! Most perceptive of you, Krikor!" Tear was very happy to notice that he was perceptive enough to have seen when the three of them all stopped fighting, even if he was not fully aware of why nor how it occurred. As long as he noticed the residual hints of the wavelengths in the atmosphere, which came as signs and feelings of sorts, especially of synchronicity, it would help him in mastering more spiritual techniques; Soul Notation being one of them, which could help with his Resonance. "You're learning quickly, but know that this is only just the beginning of your lesson. If you haven't noticed, because of that passing wavelength of cleansing and refreshing energy, we all are suddenly calm and mellow. Therefore, all of our wavelengths are finally in Sync, and we can move on with 'Harmonizing.'" Even if Krikor hadn't had the chance to really get in sync with Tear and Tifa on his own, honestly, Tear didn't expect him to do so this soon unless he had some sort of prior experience, which it did not seem he did in this element. Therefore, that wave of energy that only Tear knew the true magnitude of in its synchronicity with all of the events here would have come and gone at just the right time, most everything did when Tear was involved. It was like a friendly boost to help them all along with any issues.

"... Now that the air is clear and the situation is remedied of its Dissonance and Discord, those being quite KEY factors in the REPELLING of Wavelengths and Souls..." He turned his head to Tifaret, of whom he could rather acutely feel was down and for all the reasons he would suspect, even still, after the refreshing wave. It seemed that even when she was cleansed, reflecting on what she had done was enough for her to be brought down, even if just a little bit. He really wished there was something he could do for her... And he certainly would when they went on their scheduled outing together. He was taking notes of what things were troubling her so that they could be talked about and hopefully fully resolved later in a more private manner, which was probably important to her developmental growth in all of this. "... Tell me. What are you feeling from both myself and from Miss Tifa, here?" If they were all truly in sync now, then at least receiving and perceiving the feelings of another being would be a lot easier and would yield more reception to the one taking note at the time. Tear had already fully and thoroughly analyzed the situation... And as he looked to Tifa with his forlorn, shimmering eyes, he couldn't help but feel for her in a way that he could help her feel better. The stress was getting to her and it was very clear... If no one else could witness it, he could definitely see the strain on the Crystal Heart with his eyes that were already well adjusted to looking at it in its splendor.

"... And you're not an idiot. You're just reckless." He stopped there, having barely spoken up a whisper about what he actually felt, wanting to speak louder, but not wanting to actually directly engage her due to her already feeling upset about being directly confronted by basically everything she'd been running from all in one day, but also still wanting to make it clear that she shouldn't feel so down. "... And it's not proper to tell lies, the both of you, just for reference; that's why I do not let them leave my lips." He said this a bit louder, so that also Krikor could hear, as well, for he felt that it was an important lesson that all should learn how to do, if they didn't already practice. "So, don't either of you go around telling yourself untrue things about yourselves. Don't make up any bad qualities that aren't actually there. You'll start to believe that they are and then they will actually form. Only accept what bad qualities are actually true, so you can get rid of them, but never make up any that aren't there." He felt that little tidbit might have actually helped either one of them, potentially, so it was best to just say something that harbored some sort of influential potential energy that perhaps could cause some sort of great movement in someone somewhere and engage perhaps another cleansing wave such as the one that just passed. He was quite keen on how to have those things occur... Despite how he usually kept them from doing so in order to maintain a certain calm. He'd already invoked one in front of Krikor's presence once. He could do it again, certainly, with the right environment and setting and circumstances... Which he could always perceive.

'There...' a passing thought through the air suddenly struck down, as if marking a target. A sudden mental link would be established between Tear and Tifa through the natural Resonance that was happening in the air, and with it, both of the Crowns would be passed unto them from a location beyond. The psychic link brought together the minds of Tabrynth and Tetris, which were always connected, with Tear and Tifa, who had yet to do so. From there, everything should fall into place like a puzzle piece. '... Tetris...' she said, leaving the note of her name and a clue to the situation that would resonate between their souls and inside of both of their minds as the same voice. The Link would be complete.

"Jesus Christ, they actually solved the puzzle," said an ambiguous ominous voice that no one could hear, for it was on a vibration that was all of its own and unable to be calculated by any of their levels at the given moment, "... Hot damn. That's an actual legitimate miracle." He never would have guessed. But with both Crowns coming together at the same time, they unlocked the SSSSS Class Character; Tigenhead. His full form was a mystery, but wherever he was, both crowns were, and as long as they both were, so was he. "Cheers~" he said, clanging both of their Crowns together, before letting the vibrations of such a resonance sink in with Tear and Tifaret; The Chosen Chrysms Of Light. He would then swiftly be off to pass the crown around from here and live on as a Freed Entity within the Veritas.

Quote :
It rang like a gong in her Pumpkinheart

The small piece of Tigenhead that was within the Pumpkinheart was the Soul Resonance that she would establish between herself and it here, as well as between herself and Tear. This is due to the Resonant Chain that is between Tifa, Tsuki and Pumpkinheart vibrating and amplifying, which would not only make the Resonance buildup stronger in Tifa, but also make the wavelengths more apparent by brightening the room slightly with a crystalline glow. The both between the two of them would be forcefully made stronger by outside forces chiming in to Resonate, which should have also been something that Krikor could feel within himself, simply by association. It should have felt like some overwhelming, powerful and beautiful feeling overcoming him, as if being overtaken by a great deal of emotion in his heart, if he were anywhere in tune with the wavelengths of what were going on at the moment.

Tifaret continued to gaze off pensively, silently, already lost in the own depth of her thought, as she was known to do sometimes, even in her past life. That must have been rubbing off on her again, as she was sure, from her recent outbursts. She thought only of the other world that had been lost to the Insanity and winced, still a bit upset about the person she was when she was intoxicated with it. She couldn't believe what that void inside of her was. She was just happy that the Crystal Heart came along and filled it up as well as sealed itself off... She could only think of what would have happened if she'd actually broken it... Especially if she didn't notice any damage. Though she was fully healed by the passing wave, it felt a lot different from when it was being strained, and she could tell the big difference. She wasn't nearly as reactive. Yet...

When she heard what Tear said about her under his breath, her heart seemed to jump, her eyes widening for a moment. No one had ever told her something like that, except for maybe Koudo, and even then, he was always kinda just flirting. This sounded like he was actually upset, and she could tell with her rather acute hearing. She didn't turn around, but she listened to what he said and made her own rational judgments and feelings based on it and the situation they were in. It was best to just let it go. Keep it all inside. And, you know what? That's what she was going to do, this once. And at that point, everything would go straight to the Pumpkinheart; the Energy that was hiding inside of her Crystal Heart that was Tigenhead. It rang like a gong, just like this feeling that passed by with the wave.

Perhaps, she'd just never experienced people around her without any tension... But when she did, she noticed that things seemed to feel a lot different when she let go of her natural combative temperament, as if she were ready to fight all the time. She sat there, thinking, yet also listening to Tear at the same time, not turning around once, or even showing that she'd heard or said anything. When he finally finished everything he had to say, she waited, even hearing Krikor out, too. She actually was rather interested in what his take on everything that just went down was, especially since it was all sorts of Tensei nonsense that just shows up every now and then until everyone gets everything correctly, and the nonsense starts making sense, or something like that. It's how it all kept happening with her, the more she watched it unfold before her eyes... Even now, she felt like something more happened than what she was just perceiving...

Finally, she looked over to Tear from the corner of her eye, knowing that he probably did. It made her want to know more about how much he was actually hiding. He didn't seem to stumble at all, even though Tifa and Krikor were pretty much falling all over the place. If he weren't there, perhaps... Both of them would have already been dead several times over. Was that his purpose? Is that what he was always paying attention to? If people were going to kill each other and how to stop it? How could he even see people about to die? Or, even before they're about to get hurt, she thought... It was strange, and now that she'd seen some of his techniques in effect, even idly, she wanted to know more about them. They seemed very... useful. "... Whatever..." she said a little more passively, steadiness in her tone. She looked down, then smiled. She couldn't wait for that outing... That's where she was gonna get him. Right there.

Krikor chuckled at Tifaret's remark of, "Whatever." It was nice that she hadn't changed a bit, even though the situation had been defused. He even thought he saw her smile a little bit, but he dismissed that thought as a figment of his imagination. Tifaret smiling would be like the Pope converting to Protestantism...right?

He shook his head and began answering Tear's question. "Well, there's no word for what I'm feeling right now, Mr. Lacrimoso," Krikor said. "I peace, I guess. Like everything is going to be OK," he continued sheepishly. That was a gross understatement of how he felt right now, but that was the best way he could think of to put it into words. In all honesty, he felt more emotions than that, all of them good ones. He felt better than he had felt in a long, long time. Maybe it was a result of the Resonance lesson he'd endured, or maybe it was a side effect of the same whatever-it-was that had made them all stop fighting in the first place.

"By the way, Mr. Lacrimoso," Krikor began suddenly, remembering something he had been meaning to say for awhile, "I'm sorry about the whole trying to tackle you thing. I didn't realize you could get out of the way so quickly like that. And I'm sorry, too, for trying to cut your legs off, Miss Tifaret," he continued. Hopefully neither of them would take it personally -- it was a life-or-death situation, after all.

Tear, who was already able to vividly see and feel the wavelengths in the air, was suddenly moved by Tifa's own that were pouring out so highly and resonating so powerfully after what he said to her. Though he felt the influences of a great many things after the cleansing waters, the most keen seemed to be Tifa's pent up emotions. Something in her was different, and for some reason, because he was so acutely in tune with her, when her heart jumped so did his, like he was feeling exactly what she was. His thoughts and his feelings started to race; something Tear had never before actually felt for himself, but typically was aware of in others... A certain special, warm feeling inside that seemed to be drawing his soul closer to hers through means of powerful resonance. His smile widened slightly as he let the feeling settle, feeling something similarly to Krikor about Tifaret... Like everything was going to be okay, even though it seemed to be a little fresh right now. If just that was enough to bring her out of her slump even a little, then by the time they had their talk, certainly, they could resolve any other underlying issues in the privacy of their interactions.

"... Ah..." Tear said with a voice of peacefulness, letting all the emotions settle and be diffused throughout the three of them, "... Very good, then, Krikor." If he was feeling the same peacefulness and steady positive emotion that seemed to now be finally filling the room, then he was already becoming more in tune with the wavelengths, as well as with Tear's and Tifa's. "I can always definitely assure you that truly, everything will always be okay. Especially as long as I'm around checking and double checking and triple checking, to make sure." He chuckled lightly to himself under his breath, passing Krikor his signature deadly nonchalant smile in a friendly manner. "Oh, don't worry about the mistakes you make as a new student. You were only doing what you knew and what you thought was best, and that's perfectly natural and alright. Just be mindful in the future and do your best to not make the same mistakes twice, and you'll certainly be fine. We are specially trained, after all, so even in situations like that, we are, rather generally, safe." Krikor may have been a seasoned warrior from a realm beyond, but because of his lack of knowledge about the functions of this new world he was in, he would be at a slight disadvantage to anyone who did know, naturally, by default. "Just keep learning and growing. Even with the mistakes you do or have made, you're still progressing just fine. Perfectly normally; in fact, a bit more swiftly than most. Probably due to your eager go-getter attitude." Tear could tell that Krikor was working hard and that he wanted to grow stronger as swiftly as he could, and of course, as any good teacher would, Tear made sure to note the man good things that Krikor had done in counteraction to whatever negative thoughts or connotations he was having at the present in order to help encourage him. Tear only reprimanded people when he felt that they knew better, which was why he was so sharp with Tifaret, yet very gentle and understanding to Krikor.

"Certainly, water under the bridge. Necessary to make mistakes to grow and actually learn your lessons, and such." Hopefully, Krikor had been learning a lot. Tear wasn't aware of how much he'd actually soaked in, but would probably find out soon. "... Though this IS still an Advanced Class. Tell me; do you still wish to continue with it and move onto the next step of Harmonizing? Or, are you content with just practicing Synchronizing? Do you understand the concept of Synchronization, or do you need help?" Tear also needed to know about Krikor's personal take on the lesson and grasp of the knowledge, so that Tear could see if he needed any extra help or clarification on anything. "Please, let me know how the lesson is going for you, what your take on it is and if you wish to stop, practice or continue, please. These things are very important to your growth and my teaching."

Tifaret, at that point, had nothing left to say or to express. She closed her eyes and simply let the waves of everything else envelop her, trying to try out not being so repellent of anything that came her way. When she was relieved of her natural explosive temperament that seemed to go off at the drop of a hat, she found a certain peacefulness in and of herself, as well as in those that were around her. It was a nice feeling... Something she wasn't familiar with, but was starting to come to terms with. Being around people. Maybe it had been her this entire time, and not everyone else. That's what they kept saying about her 'shirking her duties.' After actually looking at Tear and seeing what lengths he went through to keep the both of them safe, without either of them knowing, mind you... It made her feel as selfish as it seemed many believed she was. She was starting to see it now that she shut up and calmed down. Though, because of that...

"... I want to continue," she said outright, still not looking at either of them, "... Seems like I have a lot to learn." She didn't move nor turn her head; her voice spoke for itself. It carried on it the signs of Tifaret's want to change and get stronger in a different way, this time. She was always looking for ways to get stronger... But she'd never realized that there were ways to do it beyond defeating her opponent in some sort of vicious battle; sometimes, even to the death. It was clear that this was still in her mindset and that whilst in the Veritas, it didn't seem like anyone even wanted that sort of battle. Holding back was a strength, too... Something stronger than even throwing as much power as you have into every move you make. She wanted to learn it. "... And, you tried to cut off my leg...?" She hadn't been aware of this due to it being outside of her vision, but after Krikor confessed it, Tifa couldn't help but turn her head to glare at him. Yet, at that moment, she noticed herself getting upset again, which would have totally defeated the purpose of her calming down and her intent to grow past that fury. Now that she was aware of it and actively seeking to change it, she could hold it off whenever something irked her simply because it was a target of her own interest... An enemy to be destroyed. So, with that in mind, instead of yelling and allowing her initial instinct of going berserk on whatever target opposed or threatened her, she took a deep breath, taking in some of the clean air with the lingering waves of tranquility in it and turned her head back around, saying, "... Don't do something to someone you wouldn't want done to you." Certainly, she should be taking her own advice, but now that she'd made up her mind to do so, she already was, and thus couldn't be called out for anything she'd done even only just a few minutes ago. It was all in the past and not who she was now, or who she was trying to be in the future. Change starts immediately, and this was her time. She wouldn't do those things to people now, either... She would be more aware of the people around her, how she effected them, and what was going on with them.

Suddenly, what sounded like a small cricket would chirp in time with the silence in the room, as if waiting for an opening to chime in, yet not reveal itself.

"I also wish to continue to Harmonizing, Mr. Lacrimoso, if you think I'm ready," Krikor said. "I think I get the basics of Synchronizing, but perhaps you could give me the lecture part of the lesson? The practical portion was pretty strenuous and informative, but perhaps an explanation would be good too," he continued. He wanted to get better with Synchronization, he really did -- since this was the advanced class, mastering this would hopefully mean that the rest of his classes would be a walk in the park.

Krikor heard a cricked chirping intermittently whenever there was a silence. "I didn't think I was THAT boring," he thought to himself.

Tear was pleased to see that the two of them were finally in a stable place together and everyone was finally at least at a level of contentment that didn't cause any tension. If one person was tense and everyone else wasn't, it changed the wavelengths a bit, even if slightly, and made it more difficult to synchronize. He was surprised, though, to hear that Tifa was not only willing to continue, but also eager to do so. It didn't seem like it from her tone of voice, but it was clear in her change in demeanor and attitude, which she never did for anyone, if he was correct. She must have really meant it, which made him think that perhaps she actually was enjoying his lecture. "... Um!" he yelped under his breath, eyes darting around swiftly as he prodded his fingers together like a small child or a little girl, "... Um. Well, let's continue on with the lesson, shall we~? Hahaha~!" He felt a great deal of energy welling up inside of him after realizing what he did, which caused him to flutter and stutter just a bit, which was not like him at all. Yet, he directed this energy into the teaching of Krikor and the synchronization of the Cricket Spirit that had just entered the room. "Hm... A Spirit..." he muttered under his breath, suddenly becoming very calm, collected and cool. "... I'm going to have to go into the Rosary Garden later and handle some business at the Clock Tower later..." He sometimes said his mental notes aloud due to it assisting with securing it in his mind when he was currently trying to focus on other things. And, speaking of which...

"Krikor," Tear suddenly said very sternly, in a tone that sounded as if giving careful instruction, "You heard that cricket chirp? I will explain to you a bit more about the Veritas and how the creatures here work. That is a Spirit, and it is here to assist you with an issue you may be having trouble with." Many times, spirits appeared in order to help others to recognize and observe them, and now that this one was observed, it could be used as part of the lesson. "... Especially since you've noticed it and acknowledged that it's here... That's how it works..." he sorta trailed off at the end, knowing that one who did not have the eyes to SEE a spirit wouldn't be able to actually track its movements easily, even if it had already been established. They were tricky and could leave as soon as they were observed in an area in order to do whatever they wished. "... However, your Synchronization Training, then, which I will also assist you with careful guidance and instruction, will be how to Synchronize with the Cricket Spirit that I want you to figure out how to capture for me." When it was captured, Tear could take it out in the back and set it free to roam about in the Rosary Garden when he made his way to see the person who was in charge of Creature Capturing and tell him it was about time to get things moving. But, those were just personal notes for himself later. "I hope that you already being synchronized with me, and me synchronizing with the cricket chirps will help to guide you and for you to understand the Synchronization lesson a little better through immediate application and guided practice, which, if you do well in, will lead us straight into Harmonization." Though the appearance of the Spirit was strange and uncalled for, it definitely was useful... Fortunately, Tear knew how to catch those moments and understand what they meant, being able to read Spirits by their waves, just as he read all other wavelengths. It was how they made themselves known, anyway.

"... And... As for you, Tifa..." he said, gazing over to her with his shimmering silver eyes, glowing slightly like the moon, "... How about you join me, then? Perhaps you can glean something from this lesson by attempting to capture the cricket as well." He flashed his signature deadly nonchalant smile at her, continuing on with, "Or, perhaps, you require something a bit more challenging for your skill level...?" His eyes would narrow to a slit, as if there were something left undone between them that he noticed, "... What do you say? Care to finish our dance?" His nonchalant smile skewed slightly into a nonchalant smirk, "I believe I was leading." He chuckled softly to himself, waiting to see what her response would be to that one.

Tifa heard the cricket chirp, too. It was in here, clear as day. She didn't see it as any... Spirit though, like she heard Tear say. She had no idea what he was talking about. However, hearing about him having old boy over there try to capture it was too rich. A whole 'Take The Cricket From My Hand' sort of bit, she thought. It might not have actually been that way, but it was certainly funny to recognize it as such. It made her smirk at just the thought, and a bit curious to see what that was even gonna look like. She could only bet that it was gonna be priceless. "Ohh, I have GOT to see--" By the time she was turning around to watch Krikor fumble around with that cricket, since crickets were already pretty difficult to catch, and she was expecting to see him getting ready to basically backflip off the wall trying to grab this insect, she would be instead greeted with an engagement from Mr. Pretty Boy, himself, trying to be cool.

[b]"Psh. I'd rather help Cricket boy over there than dance with you," she'd say with a cocky grin of her own, her eyes becoming slits like those of a reptile immediately after it seemed like he took a shot at her, trying to disguise it as something else. "... Yeah, I'll show you who's leading, Pretty Boy..." she said, standing up to meet his eye with hers, as though she weren't backing down from his challenge, "... Let's dance, then." They did still have a score to settle, after all. She was ready for whatever he was gonna throw at her, body already tense.

The Cricket Spirit that was within the room had not revealed itself at all except but a whisper of its voice. What sounded to Krikor like just a normal cricket chirp, which, to the untrained ear certainly was, to the more adept at understanding wavelengths, such as Tifaret and Tear, it would say, "... Then perhaps you should try to capture me, at as well." This should have sounded like the same fluttering that came from Tear rising up in Tifaret suddenly as the voice of this cricket, which only resounded in her head, which was what would occur immediately after the cricket chirped. This was how the spirits communicated; by first delivering a sign, and then immediately implanting a thought or feeling in the intended target of reception. Hopefully, the voice of the cricket was heard. If she were as adept as she should have been, as it seemed she was someone who was usually an Instructor, then she should have been able to hear it clearly.

And so, the Cricket Spirit would reveal itself, hopping out from among a stack of chairs that were folded up and placed neatly in a pile, probably for the band or the choir, or whatever reason they were present beyond just hiding the Cricket, itself. After hopping into plain sight, it would chirp again. Its voice should have only been audible to Tear and Tifaret, but to Krikor, would only sound like a normal cricket chirp.

*Tear&Tifa: Seems like all of you have a lot to learn. No one has actually captured me yet.

After initiating the official challenge among everyone in the room, the wise old cricket would wait patiently to engage all of them, since it was still moving to its own will regardless of what situation it had hopped into. It was still its own spirit independent of the situation, but the game sounded fun. Besides, the spirits were playing their own game here, anyway. It was time to see how well this world was adjusted to their presence, now that the spirits were released.

Krikor thought for a moment, stroking his beard, pondering what to do next. Since it was a spirit cricket and not an actual cricket, he figured it would be far more difficult than catching a real one, which was already hard enough for a guy wearing sheets of metal.

With that, Krikor decided to try to synchronize with the cricket spirit itself. He sat on the floor and closed his eyes, folding his legs inwards. He began breathing deeply, using his Sanguimancy to make it so that his heart was beating in time with the cricket's chirping. The tempo everything was going at reminded him of an old song that he'd sung in church, and the song started going through his head. Everything was flowing in sync -- song, heartbeat, and cricket chirps.

While all of this was happening, Krikor tried to envision a spectral form of himself reaching out and touching the cricket spirit. He did not aim to harm it, nor even to grab it, just to reach out and see how it reacted to his presence. Or maybe all of this was just in his head and he was doing this completely wrong, he didn't know for certain. But what he was doing felt...right, somehow. Like he was exposing himself to the universe to try to get more in sync with the fabric of this world itself.

Tear was shocked at first to hear that the voice of the cricket was speaking up to them, and not actually remaining silent. Which was ironic because the cricket only seems to chirp when there is silence around, but not when there is noise, yet creates noise when it there is silence because there is silence just to make noise because it would not be heard otherwise. Then Tear realized; "The Voice Of The Cricket!" His eyes, already set dead lock for his target, Tear, with the flick of the wrist, would hurl his hand outward and resonate with that voice calling out from the single extra chirp of the cricket to capture it. Once he Synchronized with it, he would say, "... Yes, excellent Krikor..." The closer Krikor's spirit got to the cricket, the more he would start hearing the voice in his head more clearly that was not his own. "... Good thinking..." This was a good method for attempting to grab a spiritual creature, and would have been very much effective in the handling of the situation. As Tear thought and felt this, Krikor, too, should have been feeling something similar to what he was, since their spirits were already synchronized. "... Get Ready Now, Krikor..." Tear would say to him through The Voice of the Cricket as well as his own voice, sounding like his voice chiming in at the same time as a *Cricket Chirp. Hopefully a visual of it occurring would help Krikor to see what it looked like, as well as to also help him hear Tear's thoughts in their minds and feelings in their souls.

*Because both Tear and the Cricket's wavelengths were already Synchronized, and also Tear and Krikor's wavelengths being Synchronized, Krikor should have had two very similar wavelength coming toward and from him, making it easier for him to Synchronize with them, as well, if he could feel them coming from himself, Tear and the Cricket correctly. At that point, it was all about seeing if he could capture the cricket from there. The Cricket Chirp would resound when there was silence, else it be muted out by all of the other overbearing wavelengths.

Tear, on the other hand, who had already captured the cricket and understood its wisdom, would allow it to do as it would after it had given them consent to capture it by coming out in the open in the first place. As a spirit that moved of its own will and way, if it was being revealed, then it wanted someone to capture it, and Tear was able to feel this the very instant he heard the Cricket Chirp. But this did not stop Tear from using his own waves Synchronized with the Cricket to attempt to create a steady bridge for Krikor to close up with a Synchronization of his spirit where he envisioned it and hopefully catch the cricket and its lesson before it decided to get away. Hopefully, if the Synchronization was correct, he would be able to understand what to do through Tear's own understanding (known through what was read in the *Text). This was one of the perks of a proper Synchronization, however Tear wasn't sure if Krikor was aware of Tear's voice and feelings within him yet. Though if he did actually understand and could react properly through feeling his way through this situation, he would be able to experience what Tear was lecturing about.

*All Text Is Documented Feelings After Being Translated.

"Much of this isn't about speaking, Krikor, simply to be clear, so attempt to feel what you should do naturally to accomplish the goal, and I'll speak up as you go along. I'm also doing the same thing that you're doing right now, just not in the same manner." This was Tear's ACTUAL voice, which Krikor would be able to hear normally, since it was not on a higher vibration than his ears were naturally adjusted to hearing. Yet the vibrations of the spirits were both higher and lower, and thus would require proper tuning different from what one was adjusted to with just sound working on its own. Tear was almost tempted to go play an instrument in order to show him a good method for establishing and sustaining a steady wavelength to Synchronize with in a room (similar to how 'Dancing' is accomplished), however he wanted to see what Krikor would do on his own tempo. "Maybe, during Harmonization..." he spoke aloud again, the cricket chirping in time with his voice visibly and audibly to Krikor.

Tear listened to the sound of Krikor's own *Binural Beat; the sound of his Soul, and would hear a beautiful, solemn hymn that sounded like the voice of a proud, loyal warrior. It gave Tear a sense of understanding about who Krikor was and how he operated, as well as how it must have been for him on his home planet.

*The natural 'Binural Beat' that went on within him (That Is, The Natural Sounds Or Music That Go On Within Your Head When You Think And How They Make You Feel At The Same Time; A Biorhythm) would produce a sound only as loud as the thoughts and feelings of Krikor, which Tear was easily able to pick up on and understand by the choice of his selection in order to center himself.

"Mmm..." he would hum in deep solemn understanding for a brief moment in tune with the sound of Krikor's soul, similarly to how he had done with the cricket. Hopefully Krikor would be able to find an opening he found suitable enough to attempt to snatch the cricket without allowing it to find a way to get away.

"... Remember that it is a spirit," he would also say aloud, "So it may also use methods of wavelengths to escape or evade you." And if the cricket wasn't aware of this at first, now it was, because this was a safety precaution and learning tool that Krikor may have needed to help understand everything Tear had just done, which would definitely help him learn faster. This is a Soul Academy, after all. Spirits would not be uncommon, and neither would other beasts (Similarly to Harry Potter and Hogwartz), so acquiring as much Spiritual Discipline as possible would speed the learning for the more difficult things up. Though, Tear was almost certain that Krikor would excel here, especially in Weapon Training, where it seemed he already had the most experience. Perhaps, Tear would hold a class about that, when they officially started again. Krikor was already showing signs of having developed a relative understanding of the 'Soul Notation' already, which would help him learn to see spirits. Some people learn things because they are naturally sensitive to such abilities, even if never having heard nor seen them before. They developed on their own naturally based on the needs and understanding of each individual spirit. Though, as he concentrated on Krikor, he hadn't forgotten about Tifaret in the slightest...

"... Look, now you can do both~!" He would say in a kiddish manner, chuckling softly and dryly at her, still pointing to the cricket, "Hop to it, Young Grasshopper~!" That would be how they would tango. "And don't mess up your partner, either, as you're so prone to doing..."


Tifa waved Tear off and to the cricket, knowing that even if she did have a lot to learn, she was gonna ace whatever she had to learn. "You're not cool." When she heard the voice of the cricket as well, she would extend her own hand and send out a 'Dawn Whisper' to snatch the cricket from behind. Because it was invisible, she figured that maybe even the spirit wouldn't be able to trace it. And if it could, not as easily. It was as swift as the wind, and, what would feel like only a passing breeze in front of them would it home in on the tail end of the cricket, wherever it was going to go.

Krikor slowly opened his eyes, keeping his breathing even with the tempo he'd created for himself. He slowly got to his feet, looking around for the cricket. When he saw it, he began walking over to it quietly and softly, his footfalls also falling in time with the rhythm he'd made. He tried to get as close to it as possible, and if he got within arm's reach of it, he would try to cup both hands over it so that it wouldn't escape.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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"Well Done, Tear..." the Cricket Spirit chirped in time with him, for even being aware enough to capture the cricket when it had given its consent to be captured. At that moment, it would not hop away, however now that it had been captured and was under the influence of Tear's will, which he also was in agreement with, the Cricket Spirit would, when confronted from both directly in front of his eyes (by Krikor) and also from an ethereal energetic standpoint (by Tifaret), the chirp of the Cricket, which was in time with Krikor's footsteps, would resonate and echo the location of the invisible gauntlet that was within the breeze trying to snatch it up from the ground and disappear before the either of them could grasp it, most likely involving the invisible fist to collide with the creeping Krikor. It was still a Spirit, after all. The next moment, it would appear on Tear's shoulder. Having synchronized with him, it was also synchronized with Krikor and Tifaret, as well, and could sense when they were coming, especially when they made such disturbing wavelengths. Krikor had done better before he moved, in the opinion of the Cricket, which chirped again, waiting for Tear's command (like a Pokemon.)

Tear smiled to himself, happy about the Cricket's acknowledgement and that he was once again on top of things, as he felt necessary, considering many outcomes that would occur if he weren't... Such as one that was in the brew right now as he thought. Without saying a word, he would rather aloofly kick his leg up as if he were about to walk, yet suddenly spin around seemingly clumsily, swinging his leg with great and powerful force in front of the breeze that passed by in order to match and exceed its force and speed and drew it up over Krikor's head with the synchronized wavelengths all following each other, before catching himself and letting the invisible hand keep homing in on the cricket, which was on his shoulder. "Whoopsie~! Clumsy me~! It jumped up out of nowhere and startled me~!" Tear, moving on beat with everyone else, as well, would have looked simply as though he'd fluidly executed a lofty, nearly effeminate twirl, only catching himself when the Cricket Spirit would hop from his shoulder and before Tifa's outstretched arm. Because it was clear her gauntlet would follow the trail of his swift kick resonating with it and arc it around to slam into and possibly grasp her own arm, if not knock it completely out of position due to the force of impact alone. The cricket would then appear on the Piano.

At first glance, Tifa would have believed that she'd captured the cricket with ease, but then she noticed that it wasn't making any noise in her gauntlet's hand, which she could feel like an extension of her own. It was also not moving. By the time she figured out where the cricket had gotten to, her 'Dawn Whisper' was already right back at her, which she noticed was rather shadily in tandem with Tear's seemingly clumsy movements, which were completely irregular for him and probably meant that something was up. She sneered at him and drew her hand back quickly, letting her gauntlet pass by and disperse, along with the strong wind that carried it at first. "Tch. Show off. You're not even teaching anyone anything, you know. You're just strutting around like a goof." She raised her hand again and pointed to where she heard the chirp again, this time forming a more galactic gauntlet with a spiraling cosmos imprinted on the palm, hovering over the cricket. "Galaxy Crusher," she said, applying pressure to the Cricket to ensure that it couldn't move as long as the hand was over it. The pressure was like that of a gravitational pull that would not only press down with great force but also suspend whatever was caught in place with the overbearing pressure.

"I didn't think that would work anyway," Krikor thought to himself as he quickly sat back down, trying not to lose the tempo he'd made for himself. He went back to envisioning his hand reaching out and staying still, reaching towards the cricket to see if it would hop into his hand of its own accord. This led to him actually outstretching his open hand towards the piano, palm up, so that the cricket could hop into his hand if it so chose.

The Cricket would not appreciate Tifaret using her excessive force in an attempt to trap him. He found it rather insulting, being a wise old cricket and no young grasshopper, like herself. Being a Spiritual Cricket, as it was made clear by Tear earlier (if she were paying attention), the Cricket could merely disappear and reappear wherever it wished. To teach a lesson to both Tifaret and Krikor, the Cricket would appear in his hand, feeling comfortable enough with Krikor's presence to be able to rest on him. However, if he would suddenly produce a wavelength that would repel the Cricket, it would disappear before it could be captured fully, which would not result in an actual capture. Here, Krikor would have to Synchronize with the Cricket in order to fully capture it.

"If you were paying attention," Tear would say immediately to Tifaret as she insisted upon still missing the lesson, "You would have noticed that we were PRACTICING on what I'd just taught, Miss Tifa." It seems, as usual, she'd found a way to let her rivalry with Tear get the better of her in a situation that wasn't mainly focused on that, giving Tear yet another one-up on her simply because of her letting what was supposed to be something done under the radar become her main focus. "Certainly, you can't let your frustrations get the better of you when it's time for a lecture. You won't learn anything that way." Perhaps Tear, himself, should calm down and focus on teaching, though, rather than messing with her again. It was probably best for him to return his focus to Krikor.

Once he did, it would seem that the Spirit Cricket had accepted Krikor's energy and had hopped into his hands of his own free will. It seemed, though, that the wavelengths were unsteady; a shaky connection, but still there. "Ah, just in time, too!" he'd say after returning to watch Krikor, of whom now may have needed more instruction since things were progressing. "Krikor, in order to capture a Spirit, you must Resonate with it. In order to do this, you'll have to Synchronize with it now. If you are not able to, the repellent wavelengths will cause the Cricket Spirit to disappear. Remember that Spirits are incorporeal, like the feelings they embody. The more you may feel empathy for the Cricket, the more you will be able to understand its feelings and wishes, as well as its intent. This is necessary also for communicating with animals as is." Because this was a guided practice, something needed to occur in order for Tear to teach on it, in the first place. Fortunately, the Spirits were released... Which was yet another matter that would need to be dealt with soon.

"If you need help, think about how the Synchronizations of events have been occurring so far during your lessons, not only with yourself, but with Tifa and I, as well. Even with the Cricket. Think about which actions and feelings behind said actions proved most effective in a positive or beneficial manner of acquiring the Cricket, as you have witnessed thus far from everything you have experienced here." This was the only way to truly assess his skill, was to have him do it himself. Yet, Tear's wavelength was definitely there in support, helping in the background to make the Synchronization as easy as possible for him whilst not going so far as to get in the way of his growth. Tear would ensure just enough elbow room for Krikor to do this himself so that he could figure out the process. He would need to be aware of what he was doing in order to engage in Harmonizing at all, which was the trick to the entire Resonance process in the first place. "What do you feel like you should do? Whatever that is, do it."

Tifa scoffed, yet again, having become rather irritated already yet again after the entire calm that came over them just a little while ago. It seemed like from the commotion going on, they'd stirred up the waves again and made them flowing and riled up, like if one would drop a boulder in a large body of water. She was pissed, yet again, that Tear, yet again, had found some way to outdo her for no reason at all. Yet again. He was seriously the most upsetting individual she'd ever had to deal with, and she hung around with Alex Star for a good period of time before he disappeared or went to the sun or died or whatever. He was kinda cool, but she hated how much of a little bitch he was. Lots of people were like that these days, though. Krikor looked like he probably could get that cricket really easily snatched right out of his hand, too. Didn't seem like he could withstand Tifaret's 'Galaxy Crusher' even on a scaled down level to come and create a powerful enough vacuous force to pull the Cricket straight from his palm. In fact, that was her next idea. It would be like taking candy from a baby, especially since she knew that in this aspect, if not many others, she was at least stronger than he was, so she wasn't worried about him fighting back or resisting at all. She felt confident that she could handle it.

"Hmph. I'll show you who's not paying attention..." Since, apparently, using too much force seemed to be what she needed to work on, it being clear because of all of Tifaret's attempts at using force seemed to fail, she would scale her power down and cause the gauntlet 'Galaxy Crusher' to do just as she insisted, which it should have already been in the process of doing (since it was powered by the energy that came from her mind). Therefore, Krikor was going to have to find a way to ensure he kept the Cricket from getting sucked out of his hand by the small vacuous galactic-armor-plated hand that was hovering above his, now.

Krikor breathed in deeply and focused on strengthening the bond between the cricket and himself. He tried to focus on happy things, good things, that would hopefully be synchronized to the cricket. His eyes were still closed, so he couldn't see Tifaret's Galaxy Crusher trying to take the cricket off of his hand; however, he did feel a slight pulling on his hand from it. He tried keeping his arm steady without getting it pulled up by the Galaxy Crusher so that the cricket wouldn't be scared away by the movement.

All the while, Krikor was trying to let the cricket feel positive emotions through their synchronization -- love, caring, hope, and kindness. He'd hoped that the cricket would stay in his hand and he would finally catch it.

The Cricket Spirit, which could feel Krikor's general emotions as they were, did not feel that Krikor felt strongly enough to maintain a frequency stable enough to secure a sort of spiritual magnetic connection to the waves it produced, which would cause the Cricket to look as though it were faded as it landed in his hand. The love, kindness, caring and hope were only the first steps, and even then, they were so vague and general that the Cricket was unable to tell whether or not Krikor were truly in sync with it and its goals.

If Krikor were truly synchronized, he would have thought to at least attempt to move the Cricket out of the way of the one who was trying to take it from him as some sort of method of protecting the Cricket that was practically in his hand. Though he was feeling the necessary feelings, he could enhance their depth and strength by acting upon them when the time came up, which it seemed that the cricket was in tune with naturally. Krikor would find this out the next time the cricket chirped and disappeared, only exactly as Tifaret's gauntlet would come trying to snatch it from him. At the second chirp of the Cricket, which was only moments after the first chirp, would have the cricket to appear on the ground, somewhere nearby the three of them. It would chirp once more, seemingly in time or in a steady rhythmic pattern as the first two, beginning to disappear once again.

Tear sighed, expecting Krikor to have thought to move out of the way as well, or at least move the cricket away. He must have been getting lost attempting to establish the connection rather than do thing that would help to assist the connection getting established. Perhaps, Tear had simply not made that part clear to him, and felt it necessary to explain it now, then, after understanding both Krikor and the Cricket's feelings.

"That was a good start, Krikor," Tear said, at least noticing that he was able to feel these sorts of emotions for the Cricket when he centered himself and felt around deep down, "But you had gotten lost in those feelings and your attempt to generate and sustain them, thus missing the point of Synchronization entirely by not following through with a decisive action that would secure it. Forgive me for not making that clear. There are some things that I know naturally that I believe others know, wherein I will insist upon them being implied without realizing they may actually need clarification." Tear had a bad habit of expecting everyone to be on his level of awareness about everything at all times, or at least as often and as much as he was. Though it was something that kept him from being too haughty, it proved rather irritating when he couldn't communicate effectively with others because he said things that he knew that he expected others to know that he would later find out they needed clarification on based on their actions, thoughts, feelings, words and so on and so forth. This time, Krikor made that very apparent to him, and now he was questioning his ability as a teacher. Naturally, this only served to help him become more skilled and adept once he realized one of his very few errors, but it was troublesome to think that perhaps other students, such as Tifaret, may have not been getting better due to Tear's lack of clarity or depth of explanation when necessary. It bothered him, and he would correct it if it were an actual issue, which he would find out which was true later on.

"There are certain ways to help establish Synchronization, and that comes from more than just feeling the same thing as the one you're attempting to Synchronize with, but also to think like them and act and react as they would or in tandem with these thoughts and feelings, tying them together in your actions. That provides more of a solid foundation for the wavelengths to be locked into place, due to three aspects of your self altering the waves in the air at the same time would cause a greater impact on the atmosphere than just you utilizing one; feeling alone. So. When you feel a certain way, also think about why it makes you feel that way and what you wish to do in response to the feeling you have. Then, when you have your thoughts collected and clear, you react with your body. This will help to secure a wavelength for Synchronicity." Tear actually was aware that these things were of critical core value and importance, but he figured that this should have been basic understanding. Then again, this was an Advanced Class, after all, and Tear's mindset was for one who was actually already adjusted to the class's skill level. Therefore, he spoke to Krikor like he knew what the other terms were that he was supposed to learn in the courses assigned to him. That relieved him. [i]"Try again by matching your tempo with the cricket chirps, for starters. Attempt to move in time with the cricket, now that you're able to establish your own tempo. If you move in time with the cricket, it will help with Synchronization because you will be producing more harmonious wavelengths with more parts of your being simultaneously, which will converge and create a larger impact on the waves in the air. This has everything to do with the natural biorhythms of all living beings that are always producing all such wavelengths; mental (brain waves), physical (bodily movements) and spiritual (as per heartbeat and intensity of feelings). When they were completely in sync, all three of them would be moving altogether at once, allowing for the Body to react just as quickly as the Mind and Heart would think and feel, all in tandem; the literal essence of an 'Instinct' at work." This is what Tear was asking that Krikor do with the Cricket. "Don't worry, my wavelength will help make any connections once you get close enough to a Synchronization in order to keep it maintained once you accomplish it yourself, so don't worry about trying to keep the cricket. Just worry about capturing it. Let me worry about keeping it in place." Tear didn't expect for Krikor to get all the logistics of this on his first true day of class, and it being a private session in an advanced course, at that. This would be more like a synopsis of what was to come. But, at least he would be ahead once he actually got to his actual classes, which was always a good thing.

As for Tifa, who was clearly showing that she'd learned nothing (rather, actually, just very little,) Tear would see that she her trying to bully the cricket out of Krikor and realized that she wasn't quite comprehending what she was supposed to be doing, either. Tear would have to be extra careful to make all of his words perfectly clear to her; perhaps, chosen a bit more carefully. "... So you ARE paying attention at least a LITTLE," he'd say, noting that she decided to change up her style, even if it was relatively the same as it was before. "Smaller gauntlets and application of less force is a step in the correct direction, but perhaps try using less force to capture the target, like you see your opponent doing there?" Hopefully, Tifa would learn from Krikor, who was surprisingly actually a bit farther ahead in this specific aspect than she was. He might have been naturally somewhat accustomed to Synchronization through his time in battle with other warriors in his homeworld, where Tifa, he knew, was a loner that didn't even care for resonance and probably didn't have a chance to truly Synchronize with many, if any, due to her abrasive nature and defiant personality (sometimes, unnecessarily). Thus, he could understand why Krikor may be getting this more swiftly, even though she was supposed to be more adept from having more knowledge of the terms.

"They really are both students to me, hm...?" he'd say fondly under his breath, feeling the student-teacher bond forming. It made him really want them to get their lessons, and he would do his best for the both of them. Hopefully, the fact that he was already Synchronized with everyone in the room would help for everyone else to be able to Synchronize with each other more easily. Tear also had to be careful about his wavelength being intrusive, as it could be accidentally blocking them due to them being unable to adjust to it as well as another one. If things weren't working out this way, he would see what everything would do when it was no longer Synchronized with he, himself. "Try again, you two. That cricket still isn't caught!" Hopefully, everything Tear was saying made sense to the both of them. "Is this all making sense? Remember to ask questions if you need some help or don't understand something, especially if it involves clarification of anything I've explained to you."

Though Tifaret was clearly more than able to snatch the cricket hanging out wide open in Krikor's hand, ready to be swiped up (or, at the very least, knocked out of his own hand to keep him from having it, as Tifa would do), when her disembodied gauntlet sought to snatch it out of his hand, the cricket had yet again disappeared, only to Tifa's frustration. "DAMMIT!!" she cried, thinking she'd actually had it that time. It was clear that she was actually genuinely making attempts at getting this done correctly, but was having trouble because of her natural roughneck style as both a tomboy and a loner. She figured that applying force to everything she did would allow her to muscle her way into or out of or getting whatever she wanted at any time, but that didn't seem to be helping her here at all.

It would be Tear's words of clarity, though, that helped Tifaret to understand the situation a little better as well as her own mistakes without outwardly telling her that she was making a mistake. That seriously upset her, since she was already clearly aware that she was doing something wrong and didn't want to be told about it, since she was already trying to get it right. Yet, she thought that maybe this sort of behavior had been blocking her from receiving certain things all this time, and may have prevented her from hearing sound logic and reason because of her taking offense and fighting against it rather than simply trying to realize that there was a better way to accomplish things than in the way she'd been doing so this entire time. It was all made crystal clear when Tear gave her some advice on better methods, as well as listening to what he said about the lesson to Krikor. "... Hm. Good idea. Thanks," she would say slightly thoughtfully, calling her gauntlet over to where the disappearing cricket was. When it chirped, she would match the waves of the cricket chirp with the ones being released by the 'Galaxy Crusher' gauntlet and, instead of trying to suck the cricket into her hand, would ease the gauntlet down slowly applying as little force as possible. Yet, when it was close enough to the cricket where Tifa was sure that it couldn't escape, she would increase the vacuous pull and snatch the cricket into her hand and keep it there with her own wavelengths, suffocating it, even, from all other wavelengths to ensure its absolute capture.

Krikor opened his eyes when he heard Tear speaking to him. He listened well to what Tear had to say, then when he was finished, he replied, "Thank you, Mr. Lacrimoso. I'll do my best."

Unfortunately, speaking with Tear had made Krikor lose his tempo, and he shut his eyes to try to get it back. Before altering his heartbeat with his Sanguimancy, he telepathically reached out to Ashcroft. "Ashcroft, try to Synchronize with me and with the cricket," he said telepathically. He hoped that Ashcroft, since his consciousness was so close with his own, could help him here.

"I'll do what I can, Krikor, but this is all new to me, too," Ashcroft replied telepathically. With that, Ashcroft began to let out a long, low, "Ommmmmmmmm," providing a background to the tempo the cricket chirps were providing. The wavelengths of his omm-ing were in sync with those of the cricket chirps.

"Perfect," Krikor thought.

With that, Krikor resumed what he had been doing -- he changed his heartbeat pattern with his Sanguimancy, got his breathing in sync with the cricket's chirping, then had the song going through his head again. This time, however, he took what Tear had said into account about his physical form needing to be in sync as well, and started swaying from side to side, kind of like a metronome. He hoped that this would draw the cricket to him once again, but just to be sure, he tried reaching out to it with his mind with a simple, "Hello?"

The wise cricket remained at a steady beat, feeling now the shift in both Tifaret and Krikor and their approaches. This pleased the cricket to see them becoming more wise, thoughtful and skillful in their handling of this situation, wherein before the two of them were clumsy, aloof and boorish in both approach and wisdom about it. With a humble solace, the cricket's chirping, resonating with the 'Galaxy Crusher' hovering over it, would allow the large gauntlet to float closer, as though it were to capture the cricket in the stead of Krikor, who had almost gotten it before.

Yet, when much force was applied, even at the very end, this deterred the cricket's natural wavelength and caused it to disappear as soon as Tifaret even felt to use overwhelming force. Even with how strong her wavelengths were, they would be unable to hold the cricket (who was also synchronized with Tear's wavelengths) in check. Thus, in her palm would be nothing, yet the cricket found much joy in the song of Krikor's heart now, for the waves were pleasant and charming. The cricket would appear behind him this time, to ensure that it was far enough away from Tifa yet close enough to Krikor were it would begin to synchronize, as he had done with the chirps. After each cricket chirp, the cricket was, for some reason, attracted more to Krikor's gauntleted hand. "Hello," the cricket chirped in response, fading away, yet fading back in slightly closer to Krikor, something like an invisible hop before its body returned to visibility. "... I see you're starting to hear my voice. This means you've almost done it." Even though Krikor now had a pretty solid connection to the cricket, which was luring him close, the synchronization would not be complete until Krikor was effectively able to capture the cricket. Yet, it seemed that his approach served better than Tifaret's, at the very least, for the cricket was actually interested in he and his gentle waves, as opposed to the still rather coarse waves that Tifaret, even in her calm, was producing. The cricket continued to chirp rhythmically, in time and in tune with Krikor now, nearly completely.

Tear maintained his own steady tempo, nodding at Krikor in acknowledgement so that he may keep his own focus and do as he needed to in order to get situated again. Tear was interested in seeing his approach at the situation this time... He was learning and understanding, even though it was clear he was having much difficulty. Yet again, it was to be expected. But now that he was beginning to understand, his methods and movements expressed that understanding, and Tear would smile. "Tifa, take notes," he would say, directing her attention to Krikor, "... The new student just might do you in." He winked at her, then returned his focus to Krikor, doing his best not to disrupt his flow whilst also give him the remainder of the guidance he would need in practice.

"Much, much better, Krikor. You're learning well. Using your Gauntlet to help maintain your tempo and synchronicity within yourself is important, since learning to Resonate with your weapons is part of this school's curriculum, and a very heavy part, at that, for those who have weapons." Krikor needed to get more in tune with his weapons if he wished to become stronger here, as well as to reconnect with them as he said he had once done in his home world, when he was a stronger warrior than he was when he arrived in the Veritas. Tear was hoping to see him return to his greatness, and even further whilst he was within the Veritas, and this was the first step, in terms of Krikor's personal Scenario, he felt. "The same way you are in tune with your Gauntlet telepathically is how your soul must be with the cricket. It is already coming to you, so stay on beat with its chirps and keep the focus on your hand. When you feel it is right, capture it as you feel is best." It was important not to instruct him on how to actually capture it, because that was part of his learning to make the final Connection during the Synchronization, and Tear had to leave that up to Krikor's own interpretation of what was best by his own judgment. That skill would be developed more finely as he went through his courses in the background, so it wasn't something that needed to be focused on unless it was clear the student in question was having trouble with Good Judgment and Critical Thinking. Tear waited patiently to see what would be done next, ready to assist if he were close, but were having trouble sealing the deal. Again, this was an advanced class and someone new might need more help than usual. He would see once Krikor decided on his next course of action.

Just when Tifa thought she had the little bugger, it disappeared right when it was in her hand! Though she saw that the same thing happened to Krikor, it wasn't funny when it happened to her. "Tch, no fair!!" she scoffed as her gauntlet faded, Tifa seeing that the cricket, once again, was going to the new student and not to her. She still couldn't figure out what she was doing wrong in terms of that. Maybe the cricket just liked him more, or something... Or maybe it was being an asshole because it was connected to Tear, who was an asshole. She would believe that more than anything. "I bet you're behind this..." she muttered to Tear angrily, flipping him off immediately and giving him a roguish face of clear rebellion. "... Fuck you." She didn't even really care about getting the cricket, anyway. But, she would still take what Tear said to heart... Because, well, it was actually pretty good advice. She wanted to test herself in a battle, though... To see how much she could hold back, this time. That is what she felt like doing now, and she would go train in her own way that was much more fitting for her style... Instead of this pansy crap here where no fists were flying and no shots were fired. She hopped down from where she was sitting, keeping her middle finger up to Tear as she walked off, stuffing her other hand into her white denim jacket pocket. "I'll catch you old grannies later. I got better things to do than sit around watching bugs hop and the grass grow and shit, like old people do." By the time she reached the door, reaching for the knob, she would pause and turn back to Tear with a sharp glare, but with a slight smirk on her face, saying, "... And I'll see you after class... Lacrimoso." She held her fist up to him threateningly, saying, "Don't be late," then swung open the door and walked out as it closed behind her.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Void 53: Resonance Training Pt. 2; Harmonization

'I can't believe I'm doing this.'

That was the only thought that raced through her head as she stepped forward into the Rosary Garden, trailing behind Tear and Krikor. There was fear in her heart... Fear that she also couldn't believe she was feeling. She gulped.

'... Why the fuck am I afraid...? I'm not afraid of... anything...'

Tifa didn't even understand where this was coming from. Nervousness? Anxiety? Embarrassment? Perhaps a blend of all three, and maybe even something more. No matter what, she couldn't believe that it was happening. 'Ugh, get it together Tifa... It's just... Fucking Tear...' She clenched her fists together and steeled her heart, working up the nerve to step closer to them. '... Yeah. It's JUST Tear. That asshole.' She scoffed again after working up her nerve again, briskly walking forward before she could stop herself. The fear was still there, but she ignored it, as she did everything she hated or didn't want to deal with. It was useful for some things; at least, for this. She pressed on, standing right before Tear and Krikor. "UM!!" she yelped in a manner totally unlike her, and her face became flushed because of it. Knowing that it was, her eyes hardened and her pupils sharpened, as if she were ready to engage in a battle. She said nothing more after that, finding that she was completely stuck, for some reason. '... Fuck.'

Krikor looked out to the ivory tower that Tear had pointed out to him. He wondered what could possibly be inside -- if he understood Tear correctly, the tower was home of what was essentially the god of this world. Could it be that Tear had pointed out the home of the almighty so nonchalantly?

Krikor was snapped out of his reverie by a woman's voice asking whether or not he was fun. He looked away from the tower to see someone (or something) floating around him and James, leaving an oddly blocky trail in its wake. "Uh...hello," Krikor said to her (Him? It?), still kind of spacing out with thoughts about the tower, "My name's Krikor. And this, as I'm sure you've gathered, is James," he continued, motioning to the cricket in his hand, who chirruped a greeting to Tabritha.

At that moment, Tifaret came up to the three of them and interjected. Krikor noticed that she seemed nervous -- not like her usual cock-sure nature. "Is she alright?" he thought to himself. "I know what happened earlier was rattling, yes, but she's tough. I hope she's OK."

Tear continued to chuckle to himself, finding the interactions between all the parties before his eyes rather interesting. He kept a rather perceptive eye and his signature deadly nonchalant smile upon his face, simply letting things pan out as they would with as little interjection or interruption as possible. He could tell that there was something different about Tifa, and he was only itching to find out what it was. That, also, and the interaction between Tabritha and Krikor. Already, many plots and plans were concocted in his head, but he'd never show them upon his poker face. He was a master at 'playing dumb.' "Oh, yes, Tifa? Is there something the matter? You seem ill, from the sound of your voice."

Since it was clear that only Tear was capable of seeing Tabritha due to Krikor's blatant lack of common understanding or sense about this world, it was to be inferred that he would not be able to comprehend her presence just yet. Probably not desensitized from Earth's atmosphere and being unable to stare directly into a light without wincing or distorting the image. Fortunately, she DID appear to him as a pixelated sphere of energy; something that would flutter around him whilst he was inside of the Garden, as she was supposed to do. She was what one could call the 'Flower Girl,' and thus the 'Rosary Garden' was the home of she and the Spirits that were to live here.

"Hm... Seems like the guy can't even See me yet. Oh well. I wonder if he can even Hear me, either? Might be Blind and Deaf." Those were very ancient curses that she was taught about by her Grand Father, and her Father that passed down the Knowledge to her when she was within his Presence. She Absorbed Data naturally, since it was like her Life Energy, being a 'Technology Sprite' and all. 'Manna' was converted into 'Digital' form and made into something called 'Command' and 'Logic,' which she was not to defy. She was only as intelligent as her 'Programmer,' as each 'Creation' is, and coming from a Dynasty of Wisdom, she had a lot to choose from in her pot. Hooked up to said Life Stream of Data, she would also adjust to a Constant and Consistent *Saving Data* functionality by Recording what was going on when Tifa entered. It was of the Main Story, and thus was something that needed to be Captured. She, on the other hand, didn't need to be Seen except in the Eyes of those who Knew, since she was made of pure Knowledge, like her Father. Soon, she would become Wisdom, like him, as well. That was her Story, so she sought to Capture as much as she could and 'Save' as much 'Data' as possible in a 'Continuum Shift.'

"Tabritha; Daughter of Tabrynth and Tetris Tensei," she'd say after finally realizing that he could hear her. "I'm Female," she would say immediately afterward, since it seemed important to the General Understanding and the Common Sense to know that She is a Female. She would respond to Krikor after he spoke out, but she wanted to hear what Tifa and Tear had to say, so she waited patiently and didn't say anything. She wasn't really supposed to be in the conversation, anyway. She was just supposed to float around people and say 'Watch Out!' and 'LISTEN!' all the time, apparently. That's what SHE gathered from all of this. He had some strange thoughts in his head, but it didn't matter. They would be cleared up soon and weren't of any real concern due to how Protocol went around here. Minor Mishaps like his Thought Process would be ironed out the longer he got accustomed to his surroundings, so the Family didn't seem upset. Otherwise, Tabritha would have known immediately because her 'Logic' would have forced her to 'Understand' and 'Correct' the 'Error.' Thank God For 'Auto-Correct.'

"Good to meet you, Miss Tabritha," Krikor replied, keeping his voice down so as not to interrupt Tear and Tifaret's conversation. She appeared to be a spirit, similar in nature to James, except, obviously, not a cricket. "I take it you're a spirit, too?" he asked her to try to get a final answer to his question. The Rosary Garden seemed to be a gathering place for spiritual energies -- then again, he thought, that made sense considering that this world's creator was in a tower a stone's throw away from here.

Once Krikor Understood Spirits A Little Better, A Hidden Ability Would Be Unlocked. His Cricket Would Sense This Growth In Potential In Him, Even If Krikor Himself Did Not See It Yet.

As he was speaking with Tabritha, Krikor felt a slight tingling feeling in his chest. He didn't know where it came from, nor did he know that it signified a new power being unlocked within him from his gaining knowledge of spirits, so he waved it off as nothing, probably just a hair stuck in his armor tickling him or something.

As Tifa drew near, she suddenly got more acute to literally everything going on around her, almost instinctively, as if walking into battle. She didn't know why she felt this way, but she also felt, for some reason, like firing a laser beam from her mouth straight at Tear. The chirping of that damn cricket... and then some other shit going on behind her was getting annoying. "Ugh..." she groaned, looking up to Tear's fucking face with that fucking smug ass smile. It was just too much right now. "... Nothing!" she cried out unusually furiously, storming back off as quickly as she'd come. "Fucking Tear..." she muttered on her breath as she exited the area.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

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Void 54: Cries To The Moon

Tifaret stormed out from the Rosary Garden in a huff, as she was prone to do, but with a furious face that seemed different than her normal severe agitation. There was something more to it this time that even she didn't recognize consciously, yet she thought of constantly. These thoughts consisted mostly of 'Fucking Tear!' and 'That asshole!' Every now and then, a murmur of something along those lines would slip from under her breath as well. On a direct war path, everyone would either stand out of her way or be forced out of her way, for she was in no mood to really deal with anyone.

Eventually making her way to the courtyard, just before the gates of the university, she would pause momentarily simply to sigh heavily, grit her teeth and clench her fists. Her lustrous green eyes would narrow to serpentine slits with the furrowing of her brow and her body trembled with intensity. She was trying to calm herself down, but found it surprisingly difficult. The more she ran through it all in her head, however, the more she came to the conclusion;

"Fuck him..."

Tifa had been walking unusually swiftly, in Tear's opinion, which made it difficult even for him to keep up with and reach her. She'd nearly sprinted clear across the way and through the halls, but it was not difficult to keep to her path of parted students in her wake, fortunately. "So sorry," he had to apologize to nearly everyone that was knocked out of her way, "Please excuse us!" He was used to covering for Tifa's misdemeanors and reprimanding her thoroughly for her mistakes, but this time it seemed like there was something more to it all than simply her normal lack of emotional stability on her furious way. Tear, being an expert on wavelengths and the vibrations within them, picked up on that even before she left and was intent on finding out what the cause of all of this was in order to remedy it. He kept after her, making his way to her only once she reached the courtyard.

"Tifa!" he called out to her before she stopped, "What was that all about?" By the time the next few words left his lips, he right behind her, seeing her trembling and feeling the fluctuation of emotion going on within her, as well as the tensity of the vibrations around her. He expected some sort of haphazard destructive blow next, and was ready for it in case it was imminent.

"NOTHING!!!" she blurted out immediately, white hot energy gargling in the back of her throat, as if simply on reflex alone. His instincts about that certainly were spot on, though she wouldn't turn around to let him relish in that and gloat about it. She couldn't stand when he did that and wanted to give him no opportunity to do so. She wouldn't turn to face him. After the initial outburst, she took a very deep breath, closed her eyes and exhaled sharply, crossing her arms finally and turning her head slightly to the side, looking toward the ground, yet still not facing him. "What do you care, anyway...? Don't you have some pretty-boy things to do right now that DON'T involve me?" Her sharp response was filled with jagged edges meant to keep him at bay, yet simultaneously insist that there were more important things he should have been doing currently than to even be focused on her at all... Like doing basically everything for the school and ensuring things were kept proper or whatever. He had responsibilities that she was getting in the way of and that needed his immediate attention. Tifa wouldn't ever imagine Tear to even take a moment to stop what he was doing to give her the time of day unless it was because of a fuck up, which she figured, honestly, was the reason why he was here. "Or, did you think being an asshole to me was more important this time?"

Tear was able to easily tell that it wasn't 'nothing,' as was insisted by Tifa (and pretty much every other woman ever), yet knew that if she was already losing her head about it then it was pretty serious. It was different than normal; she hadn't done anything wrong nor was she being called out on anything prior, yet he could feel the tension as if she were expecting it from him. After stopping to actually think about these things and feel them for himself, he understood now why her response was so jaded and hostile, as well as why it was covered as it was. In this situation, there were only two options; leave it alone or inquire gently. Because Tear had assessed this to be something really important, especially from the last little bit she said, he would inquire further. When he knew what the stipulations of a situation were, he was all about the most key and prime inquisition for investigation. He persisted, therefore.

"This is one of those things," he began, ignoring the exaggeration and sarcasm in her speech and negating the effects with realism, "And I never come to anyone just to 'be an asshole,' as you insist I am." In this scenario, it was best to understand and accept her feelings on the matter, even if he was aware that he personally felt that she was incorrect about labeling him such. Yet, the labels didn't matter at the time of getting to the heart of the situation, so he would take the insult for the team. There was something greater at hand, anyway, and the smaller things should not be noted on unless to get to the larger picture. Tear cautiously, but gingerly stepped forward, slightly within her vision, seeing what she would do after he came into it. He kept his distance, though, just in case she was still reactive. He still needed to be on his toes just in case another beam came from her mouth, or something along those lines. "What I find most important of all is the comfort and stability of the students and staff, which is why I am thoroughly concerned about you." Suddenly, even in the midst of his very serious and formal approach, Tear became flustered, himself, continuing on. "You seemed like you had something to say before... And if you were willing to do so now, I would like to hear it, now that we're somewhere more private." Granted, the space was wide and open, but they were alone, which gave them both space and privacy at the same time. Hopefully, that made her feel comfortable enough to express herself unencumbered.

The moment Tear came into her vision, even if only slightly, Tifa turned her head away from him and gazed off into the other direction, muttering under her breath, yet loud enough to hear, "Yeah, whatever." She knew about him and his slick words. He was probably just saying something trying to be smooth, like he pretty much always was. It was difficult to tell when he was being serious and when he was trying to be all 'bishounen' about things, but she also couldn't stand not being able to accurately tell the difference very often. As keen as she was in terms of her discernment through sound, his tone of voice only had slight differences in cadence, and it really annoyed her that she couldn't differentiate them because of how he spoke. It was almost like he was doing it on purpose, or that it was practiced... Plus, the English accent didn't help at all, either. "Yeah, I did have something to say. Now I don't. Get over it. Move on with your life." The furrow in her brow deepened as she said these things, as if she were becoming angrier every time she had to open her mouth to speak to him. Yet, she also a bit moved that he was trying to be patient with her rather than just blatantly cutting his tongue at her, like he was so keen on doing whenever he got the chance. That may have been the only reason why she hadn't attacked or continued storming off yet.

Though she was being just as dismissive as ever, it was clear from her body language that she was, at the very least, still harboring some sort of intent to listen. Otherwise, she would have attacked or stormed off by now, Tear knew. He took this as a sign to continue on, even though she had said with her words that there was nothing to say. Communication came in numerous forms beyond words, and in fact, words were only about 7% of said communication. Therefore, reading into body language and signs would be a greater chunk of it; something of which Tear had been well versed in naturally. Therefore, he continued.

"... I apologize if I came off like an asshole. Certainly, that has never been my intent. I was simply..." Tear looked off to the side opposite Tifa, beginning to fidget a little bit, "... Playing, you could say." The two of them had a manner of interacting with each other that was pretty unique; they engaged each other through witty and snide remarks and clashed about pretty much whatever came from the others' lips, yet it was all in a sort of spirit of both challenge and fun. Rather, that was how it was to Tear. He rather enjoyed his time interacting with Tifa, save for when her anger got the best of her and she ended up destroying something. Even then, however, she kept him on his toes and filled to the brim with excitement; something the mundane tasks of everyday life nearly sucked from him whenever he engaged in them for too long. Tear certainly enjoyed keeping things prim and proper in both the people and the school, but even that took a tiresome toll on he and his spirit. He became bored rather quickly and was always in need of something to do in order to keep him from falling low in spirit, yet, almost inevitably, there were times where there was just nothing to do because he'd done it all. At least with Tifa around, things were always interesting.

Eventually, Tear thought of a better way to have this conversation with her; one that hopefully she would still agree to, even in the heat of the moment. His look of worry and concern slowly slipped into his signature deadly nonchalant smile once again, and at that, he would slide right in front of her and flash it, eyes shimmering like the silver moon. "... You know, it is about time for us to be on our way to that dinner we agreed on. Allow me to treat you to an evening of fine dining and peacefulness, in order to make up for what has transpired here, hm?" Quite honestly, Tear was anticipating this, himself. Hopefully it would build better relations between the two of them in the workplace and make Tifa feel more comfortable about Tear. The pent up tensions and frustrations she had toward him could hopefully be remedied with ease through their spending a little more time together without fighting or being forced apart after a fight. There was no time to actually sit and be in each other's company, and he knew that was detrimental to any relationship; friend, family or otherwise. "Are you still up for it, love?"

"Don't call me 'love,'" she snapped back with a sharpness befitting her mood, yet with cheeks slightly rosy. Her face seemed stuck in an infinite scowl, yet it was uncertain whether the strain of her disdainful look was the reason why or for another reason. Whatever it may have been, she was at least speaking now. Tifa was... moved, to a certain degree, by Tear's abrupt and seemingly heartfelt apology, even if the look on his face still genuinely annoyed here. Yet, when she looked into his eyes, she could see the sincerity that delved beyond the sight of his smug smile and into his true intent. It only took one look, much like before, for her own eyes to soften, as well as her mind and her heart. "... But... I..." Suddenly, what she wanted to tell him before came back up again, and like before, Tifa became a bit flustered. After looking at Tear directly, though, and knowing that if she showed him her feelings, even if he wouldn't be 'an asshole' to her like before, she didn't want him knowing at all. Her hardened expression very quickly returned to her face, as per norm, and she scoffed, saying, "... Tch, of course I am. I hope you're the one that's ready, because this is strictly business!!" Immediately after that, Tifa took off again toward the gates, ready to exit to the designated location before Tear could have a chance to respond... She knew if she gave him time to respond, he'd have something smart to say. So, instead, she would just give him nothing at all.


But before she got too far, she realized that she didn't really know the Delta at all, since she never traveled the land before, and she wasn't aware of where to go and how to get there. So, somewhat embarrassed, yet again, at her hasty decision and behavior, her cheeks became flushed and she spun around swiftly. "... Where the fuck is the fucking spot, anyway? Ugh!"

Tear chuckled lightly now, no longer with his playful contempt, but a hint of affection for Tifa's somewhat amicable quirks that he had been overlooking simply due to their initial clashing. Though he was still rather keen on her mistakes, when it wasn't something severely or heavily impacting the well-being of the school and its persons within, he found it rather adorable. He looked to her with lucid eyes as she returned to his guidance, merely walking toward her and saying, "How about we just go together and I escort you to the destination, hm?" Not only was this the most optimal solution, but it seemed to be one that would give them more time to adjust to each other. These sorts of things began before the actual intended or designated place and time, as well as during, and after. Tear was no slouch when it came to these matters, even if it seemed that he weren't the type to be interested in women. It was clear that he was keeping more from everyone than meets the eye, including his true capabilities. Extending his arm out to her courteously, he bowed his head slightly to acknowledge her, then returned his sight to her eyes. "Shall we, then?"

Tifa huffed with disdain, though was not nearly as upset nor embarrassed any longer as she may have appeared to be. Snatching his arm, she said with a sneer, "Whatever," and allowed Tear to 'escort' her, as he insisted upon doing. "Don't let this go to your head. I don't buy this whole 'gentleman' act for a second." He might have been really prissy and proper and pretty much had manners and etiquette and all that good textbook stuff, but she questioned if he knew how to actually treat a woman. Not that Tifa had ever really identified in that way in her youth, being more than tomboyish in pretty much every manner, but she did recognize that there were certain things that guys did for girls that she wanted to see if Tear really knew how to do. She wasn't fond of it personally; never was and never really would be, but this was more an inspection than anything, in her head. A test, if you will, to size Tear up and figure out just what he was after and what was behind that shady smile and shimmering eyes. He wasn't just a pretty boy, Tifa knew, and she wanted to get to the bottom of who he was, what he was hiding and what he knew. She hadn't forgotten why she was here. Not in the slightest.

The sound of someone's voice would whisper in the ear of Tear, something like a telepathic, yet also telephonic signal (similar to Metal Gear Solid communication). "The Time Has Come." Nothing else was spoken, but that voice, in passing, would tell Tear more than enough. Even if no one else knew what it meant, he and only he would understand and must act accordingly.

Tear was ready to respond to Tifa in his normal manner, yet heard the sound of something calling to him silently. He grew very distressed for a brief moment, and everything that he was going to say to Tifa was suddenly blocked from him. His eyes narrowed briefly, for he knew what it meant. His time was up. Yet... He wouldn't say anything about it to anyone. Instead, it was better to just act natural and pretend like nothing was going on. With high speed calculation on how to keep and save face, he would turn to Tifa with his signature deadly nonchalant smile, letting none of the extreme darkness that had just overcome him show on his face for more than that split second. "Ahahaha~. Well, let's not stay here lollygagging, hm~?" With that, he would escort her off to the Cantina, where their arranged date would transpire. He'd deal with his... Mission later. He still had this much time, he knew... Just a little bit longer.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Tifaret C. Lombardi

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Void 55: Cries To The Moon; The Date (V-Day Special!)

Tear and Tifa would arrive at the Cantina, as was planned for the arrangements they'd had with each other. Strictly professional, at least to the degree that was necessary for them to become more acquainted in terms of association and social interaction. It was important for the work environment that the two of them be able to get to know each other better and maintain stable connection via their wavelengths so that these outbursts and discrepancies did not disturb the wavelengths of the Children. Tear was very aware of how the instructors' conduct needed to be, and in this case, this would help with relations and better the school's environment. He was just pleased that Tifa was being cooperative to even this degree.

As they arrived at the scene, it would be like a large cafe and restaurant merged into one, with a vivacious outdoor populace littering the seats and speaking casually to each other. The building had a terrace for people to sit outside, and was filled with tables with umbrellas and many people; some looking more professional than others, and some being merely the teens coming to enjoy their time in peace. The Cantina was the ideal spot for any sort of casual or business interaction, even in its great diversity. Certainly, the inside was a bit more opulent than the outside, but it was still a top notch area, regardless. Not too fancy, yet also, not too shabby. Just right; a dubious social hot spot.

Tifa felt strange. She knew why she was here, yet couldn't bring herself past the feelings deep down inside of her that had been festering since the start of her bad day; something like a nightmare. And now, at the end of it all, she was here with Tear, about to go on what looked like a date. Even if he was just being polite and claimed all of this was for the school, part of her didn't trust what he'd said. There was something off about him, and she felt it when they were coming here. Somehow, she knew, and she didn't like it. She'd remain quiet until they were properly seated, yet kept her eyes open and her thoughts going.

When the two new faces would arrive at the Cantina, they would be greeted by one of the hosts that were outside. He was dressed in the typical attire of the Cantina; nothing formal, but something uniform in order to differentiate the workers from the people. He stepped forward and said to them, "Welcome to the Cantina! May I help you, or shall you help yourselves?" The setting seemed to be a fine blend of casual and formal, giving the customers the option of being waited on or to do for themselves if they'd not wish for this manner or level of service.

Tear immediately sensed something in Tifa. He didn't mind it. "Ah, yes, a table for two, if you will, with a menu, s'il vous plait~?" Tear waited to be waited on, turning his head to Tifa and brightening his smile only slightly.

Tifa glared back at Tear with the stalest face in the world; her eyebrows dug deep into her forehead.

"For two?" the host repeated, jotting down a note, "Alright! Outdoor or indoor?"

Tear's eyes cut Tifa a glare just as sharp as her own, with eyes glistening under the lowness of his lids, passing the question off to the lady... Politely, of course, with his smile never fading. "Tifa?" She'd been so quiet recently... He wanted to hear what her thoughts were. Besides, it was only natural that the lady get the delight of having the option of these things, to suit her comforts. To think that the man had to make such decisions was rather chauvinistic, and in fact, it was much more gentlemanly to worry about the delights of the escort, and adjust and adapt to the will of the woman. At least, that was how Tear knew it to be.

Tifa nearly scoffed at him, her own eyes narrowing further, showing a bit more of her disdain. A dirty trick. "Outdoor," she'd say bluntly, turning her attention away from Tear and toward the host. Her eyes looked like they would tear straight through him.

The host would kindly be jotting down the notes for the two when suddenly a chill went up and down his spine, and he would look up to see the rather intimidating woman glaring at him, and he became both puzzled and somewhat concerned. "Right then..." He was worried about if he'd done something that perhaps offended her, which was why she was looking at him like that. He would meekly ask in a manner almost afraid, "Is there... Something the matter, ma'am?"

"Just her face," Tear quipped quickly, wasting no time in between breaths to continue on after the ever-so-slight pause, "That is, she always looks like that. Not to worry, not at all." He turned back to Tifa, his eyes still piercing like daggers, "I told you it scares people when you look like that, love..." His deadly nonchalant smile shifted, right at the very tip of the corner of his mouth, into a lightly pointed smirk.

Tifa caught what Tear said and intended rather immediately, and it burned her up. He was testing her patience and getting back at her for looking at him funny... But she wouldn't let him off so easily. She gripped his arm tightly, letting all the tension in her face run right into her vulcan grip, threatening to break his arm off. "Yeah, I've just been having a bad day. If anything, my FRIEND here should know..." She smiled wide and brightly at Tear, smugly, closing her eyes, feigning her pleasantry as much as possible to keep up appearances in the light. She wouldn't make a fool of herself nor let Tear make one out of her. Not this time.

Clearly, there was something going on with these two that exceeded the knowledge of the host, and he certainly wasn't about to get involved more deeply than necessary. It wasn't part of the job description and it wasn't really any of his business. But the look he was given put him on edge. "... Right this way..." he said rather softly, somewhat timidly now. He would escort the two of them to an empty section that was away from most of the other people, just in case, since the woman said she was having a bad day. He didn't want it getting to the other customers, or perhaps, having the other customers effect her negatively any further. When they were brought to the table, their menus would be placed before them. "I'll be back with some water. Let me know when you're ready to order..." He wouldn't look at that woman at all anymore, though... Just in case.

Tear's face became grim and dark immediately as Tifa applied pressure to his arm, letting the wavelengths all diffuse throughout the rest of his body rather than be concentrated on that single spot, lessening the pressure to the point of a normal and gentle grasp. Yet, he felt all the tension and aggression in that action, and suddenly became rather displeased with Tifa's conduct... And her smiling face. He would say and do nothing until they were seated and given their menus, where he would see the waiter off with a light, "Thank you." Thankfully, he had placed them away from everyone else, and so that gave Tear and Tifa a little more leeway to speak above a whisper without attracting attention to themselves.

"What was that all about?" Tear snapped rather immediately, picking up his menu and studying it, giving no form of direct eye contact to Tifa anymore. The snap of his voice was like the crack of a whip, which was more than enough expression to his disdain for her behavior as it was.

Tifa's face immediately returned to normal, glaring at Tear as normal when she was given the first chance to do so. "ME? What about YOU? I didn't do anything." She could see that he wasn't looking at her anymore, and it made her sneer. She snatched up her menu and tapped her foot impatiently, hastily looking for something that she wanted to eat. It wasn't all fancy or anything, but it wasn't like they were here for the food. She found whatever was a decent price that she felt like she could stomach and was done with it. She didn't even care about having anything to eat, really. Already, Tear was starting to make her lose her appetite.

Before long, the host came back with two glasses of water for both the man and the woman, placing them right before the two of them. "Are you ready to order, or do you need more time?"

Tear was about to open his mouth to retort, when suddenly the host came back with their drinks. "Ah, thank you," would come out instead, yet he would avert all form of direct eye contact with Tifa, still. "Why, yes, I'm ready to order," he said, wasting no more time on her foolishness. "I'll have a personal sized pepperoni pizza with a lemonade. No side." He honestly wasn't very hungry at all, but he would enjoy something that was here while he was. His main focus for being here was for work... And it was best for the two of them to get every underlying issue out in the open right now. He hadn't the time to be dealing with petty shots flying back and forth between the two of them. In fact, he could tell that would only make things worse. Given this little 'break' in between fire, he would simply have to let her last little bit go for the sake of the greater purpose of this engagement. Fueling the flames for something petty and foolish was counterproductive, and Tear's calculating mind was nothing for being unproductive. The sake of losing a battle was best for winning a war, and for the greater good, he'd simply allow this time to clear the air. As he waited for Tifa to give her order, he would take a drink of his water, letting it flow through him and refresh him like a flowing spring, cleansing him and his inner strife completely.

Tifa finally felt like she could smile now, having known she'd shut that pretty boy's mouth right up. He started it, after all. When it was her turn to order, she'd say, "A burger. With fries. And BBQ sauce. And Mountain D*w." She crossed her arms and stopped tapping her foot, smiling somewhat smugly at Tear, now. She knew it would tear him up inside since he couldn't retaliate, and he would definitely would be thinking how Tifa had gotten away with getting the last strike in. She was feeling better already, again.

Jotting down the last bits of their orders, the host would say, "Coming right up!" and then be on his way to leave the two to themselves, preparing their orders as they had asked.

The very moment the host was gone, yet again, Tear would make that the opportune moment for him to speak, lightly placing his glass upon the table again. He gathered his thoughts and feelings, adjusting his own wavelengths to ensure that he wouldn't become tense or aggressive, nor take in anymore of Tifa's, which would cause him to be effected in that way. When he was very certain he was collected and the air was neutral, or, at least his own, he would begin again.

"... Miss Lombardi..." he'd say, eyes closed and fingers pressed together at their tips, "... As I'm sure you know, your conduct has been more than hazardous to the environment of the school. I know you are part of the Family and are also a person well versed in the arts of Manna and relatively such at Wavelength, but in order for us to make Pandemia a pleasant and comfortable place for the students and staff, we cannot disturb the air with wavelengths of negativity and aggression. Many of the students that are susceptible or sensitive to these things pick up on it and carry it with them, unable to rid themselves of these feelings and then pass them on to more students, or create conflict in the school environment. I'm sure you understand why that is intolerable." He would pause, waiting for her response, giving her the chance to speak with the air hopefully cleared by the talk about business.

Tifa sucked her teeth, not really feeling like hearing about how her 'conduct' wasn't 'suitable' or anything like that. At the end of the day, it all really boiled down to one simple thing; "Don't piss me off, then." She didn't see it any other way. Tear was just annoying, with his goody-two-shoes attitude and whatever. It really got on Tifa's nerves. "... And, I'm a 'Miss' now?" He was getting pretty fresh with her before, calling her 'love' and whatnot, and trying to embarrass her in public. Even now, he was acting like he was so much better than her, hiding behind that polite facade. She knew why he wouldn't look at her, and it was already getting on her nerves again.

"Are you!?" Tear snapped again with his eyes shooting open with a cutting gaze, clearly just as clever and witty as Tifa felt like she could be. It seemed like she was deliberately being defiant simply to justify the way she felt without actually thinking about anyone other than herself. It was hard to think that she'd changed at all since her time in her previous life, and it was clear that in many regards, she truly hadn't. "The way you've been acting, I'm finding it hard to believe, myself." As critical and harsh as Tear could be, he knew that this was not the time, and kept himself from saying anything further on the matter.

He sighed again to relieve the tension within himself, trying to find the words to deal with this... Dragon of a woman. "...If only it were so easy 'not to piss you off.'" He shook his head, wondering what made people feel like that was the only option of the matter. Was it a lack of self-control? Discipline? Or perhaps, self-entitlement? Ego? Perhaps, all of these things. "It's not just about YOU and YOUR emotions, I hope you know. This is about a COLLECTIVE effort, and to not take anyone into account but yourself is the most selfish thing. Are you really prepared to be an instructor? Because your behavior tells me that you may need to be placed with the students." Closing his eyes again, Tear sought to collect himself. This was not like him, to be so... Worked up. Despite his natural tension and strain from having to pretty much run the school by himself, the only person he could ask for help had such a bad attitude that he couldn't help it. Still, it wasn't like him, nor was it the type of person he wished to present himself as. He was always thinking deeply about things like this; his own demeanor and presentation meant a lot to him, which was why he acted the way he did. Perhaps, these things just didn't matter to Tifa as much, which was why she carried herself the way that she did. Even so... It didn't excuse anything. She still needed to think outside of herself.

Tifa clenched her fists and grit her teeth. That last comment normally wouldn't have fazed her, but something about the way that Tear looked at her was what really set her off more than the words, themselves. She just wanted to get up and punch him square in his smartass mouth, like she was accustomed to doing. It wasn't like she couldn't, since she could use her Manna, the Gauntletta Arctina, to generate a Gauntlet small enough, or even completely invisible, to give him a quick jab to shut him up... But that would just prove him right. More than getting her licks in, she was set on proving Tear wrong. He always thought he was right about everything, and it just made her want to prove him wrong that much more. "Maybe if you weren't such an uppity tight-ass all the time... It wouldn't piss me off just to talk to or look at you!!!" She was starting to raise her voice a bit, but she hadn't gotten too loud... Though, it didn't seem like she was beyond it, now. "Did you ever think that maybe it's not ME, but it's YOU? Huh? Did that ever cross your mind in the slightest?" He always thought someone else was the problem just for making the smallest little mistakes, or accidents or something. "Maybe you're the one that just thinks of your precious little school more than you think about other people, huh?" He seemed to always be talking about 'Pandemia' this and 'Pandemia' that, but even if he was talking about the school and the students, she couldn't help but feel like it was all just for show. He was only looking out for himself, just like everyone else in the world. He just... Was really good at hiding it.

"How dare you," was the first thing that came out of his mouth. It was clear that this girl just didn't understand what it meant to have manners, to be proper, to think of others and to actually take care of things properly. And yet, she had the NERVE to say that it was his fault. "Well, if everyone were like you, the whole place would be in shambles already and the students would be dead, right?" After the fiasco with their newest student, and Tifa nearly destroying the room and the student, himself, he couldn't believe that she would even utter such a thing to him! "And yet, I'm the one that doesn't care, hm?" It was clear that she wasn't thinking before she opened her mouth to speak. "Don't be so weak." She wasn't even logically looking at the full perspective of her own actions in comparison to what she'd just said. In fact, she were the one that were fitting her own description of what she said Tear was like! Though, that made Tear think... Perhaps, that was simply how she thought naturally, and so because that was how she thought, she felt like that was how everyone else thought. The simple notion passing through his head was enough to calm him entirely and alter the entirety of his wavelength, shifting the entire weight of the conversation. He was starting to see, himself, where the real issue was... and it wasn't with what was being outwardly spoken. Tear had come across this sort of thing before, yet it was always difficult to discern because of how the other party always thought it was him. Now he was seeing exactly why.

"... How about this; tell me everything that you dislike about me... And we'll go from there." He was aware that this girl had simply never had a responsibility like this before, and to be expected to do so much so soon was just as stressful as it was on Tear. She just handled it differently than he did because she had no experience, and Tear's criticism adding onto the pressures might have been too much. He couldn't expect her to be like him, yet he also needed her to be able to take proper correction when it was necessary. If she couldn't handle that much, then she was certainly unfit for any sort of position of power or any sort of position that involved her teaching someone else. A school was meant for instruction, and those who couldn't take proper instruction weren't fit to be taught, nor to learn. That was how Tear saw things, from the perspective of someone who had been teaching for a while. He just hoped she got it all out all at once. He could take it... He wasn't as weak as she thought, and Tifa wasn't as strong as she truly believed herself to be.

Soon enough the host would return to the table with the plates full of food. "Here you go..." he said kindly, "One pepperoni pizza aaaand one burger." He placed both plates down, as well as their beverages. "Can I get you two anything else? More water?"

The last few words of Tear had some weight to them. Something that actually made Tifa look away in a bit of shame. To think, he would call her weak... And be right about it. Even now, she couldn't stand it... But she couldn't deny her weakness. She was turning into something and someone she hated. As strong as she was back in the old world, that place was more about being more battle-strong than anything. When it came to actually being proper and presentable... Tifa really was weak, and it took Tear saying something like that for her to actually understand. Tifa fell silent, now avoiding contact. "... No," was the only thing she'd say to the waiter after that, with her plate placed before her.

Tear could tell in the wavelength of her voice that her entire demeanor had changed. What he said must have actually had an impact this time. And yet... He didn't feel as pleased about it this time as he thought he would have. "... Thank you, sir. That will be all," he finally said, dismissing the host. He was already calculating, even with his new disposition.

The host nodded his head. "You're welcome. Let me know if you need anything." Finally, he would step away and return to his other duties around the Cantina, serving another customer.

Tifa started eating her burger.

Tear knew something was up when Tifa didn't jump at the chance to tell him off in every way imaginable. Perhaps, he'd done a lot more damage than he really wanted to, and thought to mind his silver tongue a bit more. That had always been a problem of his whenever he actually did get upset, which was why he did EVERYTHING in his power to keep himself from getting so worked up, even in the midst of all the stress and strain in the world. He always devoted himself to his calm, cool and collected demeanor, generally for the sake of others... And this was why. Tifa hadn't learned that doing this was for the benefit of other people, but now, maybe, she would see. He was losing control of his tongue, and that was a sign of weakness in himself. He stared down at his plate, cursing his own self just as harshly and more intensely than anything he'd ever spoken aloud, as he always did when he lost control of himself, even slightly. Now, there was this awkward silence, and he felt like it couldn't be undone. He would take his pizza to his mouth, thinking. Calculating. Cursing. Beating. Striking. Cutting himself to pieces, and yet letting nothing show on his face nor anything coming from his mouth. If Tifaret felt only that small bit of what his tongue was capable of... Imagine what was going on inside of him after the fact. And yet, all he could do was eat, as well. He was ashamed of himself for his own conduct. If he wanted her to be more sociable, he couldn't give in. He should take his own advice... And not be so weak.

Tifa continued to eat quietly, thinking about what Tear said to her. It all made sense. What he said always made sense. It wasn't the fact that what he was ever saying didn't make sense... It was more about how he said it. This time, though, there was no denying it for her. Sometimes, she just played opposition because she wanted him to not be so damn haughty, but she couldn't excuse herself, either, for her own weakness. She was definitely not doing her best to not be a problem. Everything she was doing thus far was pretty much only to get back at Tear and everything he was putting on her, but what good was it doing? Letting him get to her so much was just a sign of her own weakness, like he said. She couldn't stand it... That he even THOUGHT she was weak at all. What was worse was that she agreed with him. Maybe that was something they could both agree on. That she was just weak. A weak little girl with no manners and no home training. Not like the home she came from gave her any of that. The woman she once called 'mother' was nothing like a person who would give her any of that. She was always out of the house getting into fights on the streets. Maybe he was right. She just wasn't cut out for this type of life. She was just... Too weak. All she could do was eat her burger and get this horrible day over with. Not like there was anything else to do.

It didn't take long for Tear to calculate the new solution, as usual. Yet, he wondered... What if it was because he was always looking for the best option and most efficient outcome that it was always such a bother for her to deal with him? Was he doing it too much? How could something that was being done perfectly correctly be wrong? How was he always coming to the wrong outcome when everything was always right? It was so difficult to understand. But that's when it hit him... That perhaps he was never looking at things from the perspective of the person that was wrong, which was usually the one on the other end. Tear always looked for what was optimal and efficient in himself, but if he was always right, then that meant... Someone else had to always be wrong. After realizing that, his eyes gleamed and he would stare at Tifa with shimmering, glimmering eyes. He'd been such a fool to even overlook something like that. And that was how he was always wrong, even when he was always right. Not that he could ever tell when there wasn't someone like Tifa around to bring that out in him. She was more precious than she thought.

When Tear came to his conclusion, he would keep it to himself. His mind was like that of a well-honed expert assassin, always looking for the kill at every single moment of the day for every little smallest fiber of a method for every little thing that ever crossed his mind. It was a blessing and a curse, and came from his background of having to pretty much handle responsibilities that were greater than what his age was at the time he had to... Especially with his first kills being his very own parents, of whom he found to be wicked in his own eyes. Their souls were tainted, so he killed them. It made sense, but... He'd become something that couldn't be loved, even if he was the best assassin that there was. He ran a school, he always hit his marks, was the go-to man for everything, and always came up with the correct answer... Yet, he was lonely and alone, because no one could compare, and also, no one wanted to be around him. He had to train himself to deal with seeing the souls of the afflicted and not wanting to kill them on the spot, and he'd done well thus far, but every now and then... like what had gone on with Tifa... his tongue got the best of him. Now that he was level-headed and had the answer he needed, his calm, cool and collected demeanor could return.

"... Not biting my head off? That's not like you." He took a bite of his pizza and let his lids lower back into their normal, half-open position, "That must be one tasty burger. Hahaha." He would take a sip of his lemonade, hoping that would lighten the air a bit. "... But I thought you were here to talk business, not play with your food. Don't let this moment go to waste playing games here. Never know when we'll have time like this again." With such a busy schedule in the school, specifically on Tear's end, that was a fact, and he hoped that Tifa would understand the same way.

Tifa continued to eat her burger, finally nearing the end. It seemed like she'd only just started, and now it was almost gone. What was she going to do when there was nothing left? They couldn't sit in silence for the entire rest of the meal. That wasn't what she was here for, anyway. In fact, she was almost forgetting that, in fact, getting lost in whatever this was that was going on. How did that happen, she wondered? Normally, she was more goal oriented than this, and always dead set on what she wanted. Nothing ever got in her way... But this time, this guy... Tear... And herself... Both were huge obstacles that her fists just couldn't break through. Maybe she could learn a thing or two about this... Maybe. He was a better teacher than she thought.

It wasn't until Tear broke the silence that she realized that he must have come to a similar conclusion and somewhat more swiftly than she did, and at that moment, mid-bite of her burger, she would look into his eyes and realize what he'd seen. Her own eyes widened for a moment, but she would quickly close them to prevent him from seeing anything else, and finished her bite. Using that time, she would think about what he said and smirk, still chewing, and gulp it all down. "... You're right," she finally admitted, having gathered up all the strength inside her soul to say those two little words to him; words she didn't think she'd be saying at all for any reason ever... Yet, words that required more power to say than flinging her fist. Somehow, she felt strong after that... Stronger than she'd ever been in any battle. Which incurred her to put her burger down and say flat out, "... Teach me."

Tear nearly choked on his lemonade mid-sip after hearing THOSE words come from Tifa's mouth. Hearing THAT from here was TOTALLY outside of his own calculations. "E-excuse me!?" His suddenly found calmness and collection had immediately gone right out of the window. "... What did you say to me!?"

"Teach. Me." she'd say again, this time with clearly more force and decisiveness in her voice. "Unless you think I'm too difficult to handle, or something." She chuckled to herself smugly, grabbing the little bit of her burger that was left and leaning back in her chair a bit more casually, like she liked it. "Don't be so weak." She took the last satisfying bite of her tasty burger, giving Tear a triumphant, but collected look something like he'd been so accustomed to giving her... And everyone else, really. Having him eat those words was more tasty than finishing that burger. And she got to work on her fries right after that.

Tear was dumbfounded for a good moment or two whilst she was talking, mouth hanging half open and a smirk on his face. This was simply unbelievable. And yet... This was exactly the sign of maturity in her that he had been looking for, and not expecting from her. "... Well met," he'd say, knowing when he'd lost. This was a win-lose situation for the both of them; a tie, so to speak, where the both of them came out with a gain from both submitting to the other. "Looks like you're learning already." He felt peace within himself as he took the straw to his mouth and continued to sip down his lemonade. Even he hadn't yet finished his pizza, since he was doing most of the talking to begin with. Yet, he was pleased with this outcome.

"However, I hope you realize... This isn't going to be a walk in the park." Tear already knew what to expect from Tifa, considering he'd already been dealing with it all this time. It was more about him learning to deal with himself than anything. He simply wondered if she would be able to deal with him. "... Don't expect me to go easy on you just because you've had this rather unexpected change of heart. I still meant what I said earlier about the school and the school environment, despite how convoluted it got in my own emotion." He had been speaking seriously to her the entire time, even through his quips, whips and cuts of the tongue. He was like that naturally, after having learned to tame such a thing. He could lash out a mark or two in between even the most serious situations and get away with it, which it was clear that Tifa could not quite yet do. Yet, after asking to be taken under his wing... Certainly, she would learn. He would be teaching her much more than she may have been expecting... And if she really meant what she said, then she would be great, without question. "The reason why I even insisted that you do this was because of your potential. When I see potential, I know it. I can see the soul, and yours..." He paused, looking away for a bit, and blushing, himself. "... Let's just say, there's more to you than even you're aware of, hm?" He snapped his eyes back at her and flashed his signature deadly nonchalant smile once more, then took his pizza to the mouth again, aiming to finish it off as Tifa spoke her mind.

"I know," Tifa readily admitted, finding this sort of thing to be much easier now that she'd gotten the first little bit out of the way. She wondered she it was so hard to do before. It seemed like it was a breeze now. Maybe there was something here that she wasn't quite clear on that Tear had been saying to her that she needed to pay more attention to. Then again, that's why she was gonna learn from him... And get every last little bit she needed to know. "You act like I was just gonna give up and walk away, like some weak-ass." There were plenty that had done the same to her all the time to her in the heat of a battle, and that's something she came to absolutely LOATHE in people; those who gave up and walked away when something got a little too tough for them to handle. She could barely believe that she almost became one of them, herself, to some guy like Tear. Had he really been so intimidating? Had she really tried to cover it up all this time? Well, not anymore. Tifa had her game face on and she was bringing her S-Game, since she knew that even the A-Game was too weak for someone like this. In order to be truly strong, she had to respect the strengths of another... Which made it that much easier to find their weaknesses. He was teaching her fathoms already, and she was loving every moment of it. Especially the part where she was gonna show him up and make him look an ass for underestimating her. She couldn't wait to get back to the school now. She snickered to herself, looking Tear dead in his eyes, defiantly eating her french fries.

"By the way," she had to add, munching away to her heart's desire, "You can't get all pissy like some old soccer mom if I don't get it right the first time. That's gonna piss me off." Tifa felt like she could compromise with his attitude as long as it wasn't as... overbearing as it was. "Just chill out and relax sometimes. You don't know how to cool it, and that makes other people all tense and uppity like you." She would take some of her Mt. D*w and have a sip, letting the bubbles scratch up her throat just like she liked it, "... Some people can't handle a lot of tension. Since you're so worried about your precious 'school environment,' I figured I might as well give you that little head's up. Not everyone's trying to act all... 'Professional' all the time." She took another sip, seeing how he'd take THAT type of criticism. If Tear couldn't handle criticism from the other end, then this definitely wasn't gonna work. Tifa definitely wasn't gonna get talked down to, especially if she saw that her own 'learning environment' was being compromised.

Tear couldn't help but laugh. Tifa certainly had her merit points on that explanation, and he could definitely agree to those terms. "You are definitely correct, madam," he'd say, finishing off the last little bit of his personal pizza pie, "And thank you for telling me that. Now I can tell you something about why I even do that at all." This sort of open and reciprocal communication was important for all relationships and environments, he felt, and knew, in fact, which was why he was such a stickler for them. Once Tifa started opening up and being less defiant to EVERY little thing Tear said, he could open up to her and be more pleasant and casual around her, as he was in only the privacy of his own space. He wasn't like this to anyone else, because he needed to feel that he could be more 'himself' around others, as well. "The reason why I am like that is because I expect highly of myself; so highly, in fact, that when I make a mistake, I get upset with myself the same way I do anyone else. It's not that I'm being too picky or critical to anyone in particular; it's just how I am. How I think. How I deal with myself to keep myself as sharp as a knife. And it certainly works, doesn't it?" Though, he knew why Tifa said what she did, and he certainly agreed. "Though, not everyone is me, and I cannot treat everyone as if they are, even if I expect the best out of them, the same way I do for myself." That was a serious issue that Tear had struggled with silently and unknowingly until faced with Tifa, who helped him realize. "And I thank you very much for helping me see the error of my ways." He bowed his head to her, having no problem with doing such things to anyone that helped to teach him. "You have taught me something here today about myself, as well, and it's only courteous and polite to acknowledge it, just as I would want anyone else to." Because Tear got corrected CORRECTLY so rarely, it was just a RARE sight to see him actually admitting to being wrong or telling someone else that they had done something to teach him. It wasn't that it was IMPOSSIBLE, but when people sought to do that and then ended up being wrong, themselves, Tear knew when that was so and wouldn't simply allow someone to attempt to correct him and be INCORRECT about whatever it was. Yet, he knew how to definitely bow to anyone who made him; something like a Kappa.

When he raised his head, his eyes were still as sharp and keen as daggers, and his tongue would reflect this, as he said, "You teach me and I teach you, Tifachu~?" Little things like that were his more 'casual' side, and to say them meant that he was being less 'uppity,' as she insisted. If she couldn't even handle him saying things like that, then they were going to have some issues. Just like Tifa, Tear needed to be able to express himself in an open and casual manner that was rather... unique, and sometimes difficult to deal with for people who couldn't handle it. "And yes, I did expect you to give up, for the record. Right here and right now. Ahahaha!!" He had no faith in Tifa, and that much, he would make clear without any hesitation.

Tifa was surprised at just how quickly and easily it was to get Tear to say that he was wrong about something. That made her feel reeeaaaal good, actually... And to think, if she'd never said and done what she did, she wouldn't have the satisfaction at all. She'd bask in it for a little while, feeling all sorts of inward joy which came as a pleasant smirk on her face... All up until he called her 'Tifachu.' "Thems fightin' words," she said flat out, being as straight forward as possible now, since that seemed to be the best method for dealing with Tear. "Suck my dick." Though, clearly said figuratively, she knew what she said, and would polish off her D*w right after she did.

Tear was pleased to see that her fighting spirit hadn't gone anywhere, and that now, instead of it being applied in the wrong places, it was placed properly, along with her feelings about the matter. The tension inside of him would lower, as well, and he could respond to her with a more casual response, as he actually preferred, himself. "Kiss my ass," he'd say, smiling at her.

"Spread them cheeks," Tifa retorted snappily, as if ready to go into all out war. She looked him in the eyes defiantly, as she was so accustomed to doing, and smiled right back at Tear.

"Watch your mouth..." he'd say just as quickly, as if knowing something lewd would come from it even before she had the chance to say it, "We're at the table." Despite how he was just as eager to test the limits of their bonds through war, he also was aware of other people around them and the fact that this could get out of hand rather fast if at least ONE of them weren't in control of it. "Be mindful of other people, love..." He narrowed his eyes and his own smile widened a bit, "... And save it for when we get back to the school." There, they two of them could be a little more 'casual' than they were right now in a public area. "Then, I'll really teach you a lesson... Yes?" He chuckled lightly, biting his tongue further, as he'd trained himself to do in the arts of war.

Suddenly, with a gasp, Tifa became silent. She had been ready to retort, but found that, even in her readiness, Tear was already a few steps ahead of her, having lured her into some sort of elaborate trap or some dumb shit that she only just realized when he'd found a way to lecture her and ceasefire all at the same time. She didn't know how to feel, but she'd gotten got, once again. This time, though, she'd accept it, since it was a pretty good one... Real good, in fact. "... Heh. This ain't over, slick. Not by a long shot." She finished off her fries and tapped her foot restlessly. "Let's go. Right now." She was more than ready to teach HIM a lesson now, for thinking he was such a hotshot. She NEVER turned down a fight, and him thinking he'd won was the LAST thing she wanted. She couldn't wait to get to a place where she could let loose, like she'd wanted to for so damn fucking long with no one letting her. All that 'school environment' shit was getting on her last nerves, and now that she knew she could let herself go, she wasn't gonna hold back. She would while they were in public, but not when they were alone. She wanted to give Tear a piece of her mind... And right the fuck now, in fact.

Tear muffled a chuckle, taking his sweet time finishing his lemonade. "Thirsty," he'd say with a satisfied and exasperated sigh, pointing to his drink and then setting it down. After a short pause, he'd continue, "... So hasty, this one is. We haven't even paid for the meal, yet!" He looked up to her with cattish eyes, then perked his face up cutely, something like a person straight out of an anime. Now that he was feeling more comfortable being himself around her, he could show her just how 'casual' he really was. "... But for the record, let me say this... The reason why I hold myself back in every way is... Not for the reason why you may think. I hope you're prepared to see a side of me that... No one really knows very well." Tear was an adept and keeping himself from breaking his 'calm, cool and collected' demeanor so that no one knew the TRUE face he was hiding behind it. If Tifa really wanted to see it and get to know Tear so that she and he could be as comfortable as possible, she'd have to wait until he felt comfortable enough to reveal that much to her. He was hiding it for a reason, and she would soon see... Exactly what that deep, dark, secret, hush-hush reason was.

"Tch." She caught what he did there, and it wasn't funny. But she knew exactly what WOULD be. "... Uh, I believe it's proper for the guy to take the tab, so uuuuuuh." Tifa's body suddenly started to glow briefly, but not too brightly as to cause any attention to herself. "I'll meet you there!" In a flash, she would be voided out, only to appear right back at the school, feeling better than ever... Especially knowing she got to dine and dash and leave Tear with the whole bill.

Tear chuckled to himself, shaking his head as Tifa dipped out on him. "She WOULD know something like THAT, right...?" Shrugging his shoulders and sighing, Tear would mutter to himself, "Typical Tifa... So hopeless." This time, however, there seemed to be some sort of endearment and sentiment in the phrase. He was looking forward to making her time at Pandemia a most pleasant experience from now on.

"Check, please~!"

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 56: Special Delivery; Surprise Guest

In a random space in the Main Lobby of Pandemia, which had been, quite recently, cleared out for an emergency evacuation procedure, an Ice Seal would appear overhead and shatter, revealing a portal where the special visitor, Koudo Tamura, would fall through. The main lobby looked something like a college campus hangout, with a great deal of comfortable chairs and benches like one would find in a waiting room. The lobby was massive, like that of a mall's central plaza, with even a food court and movie theatre inside just the same. The interior design seemed to mirror many of these same themes, in order to give the students a more comfortable feel as they lived in the Pandaversity. Koudo was dropped right down in the middle somewhere.

Koudo thought that he would have more of a free fall, but he supposed Triere had softened a tad more than she liked to let on. If it would have been a year or two again then she would have dropped him from the sky and had him sort out the landing himself. Guess it was true that they both had matured during the separation and it was for the best. That... or she didn't want to destroy the roof of her school with the heavy body of a dragonic doofus. Either way.

He didn't fall for any real amount of time at all, appearing somewhere in the middle of the room, far away from the ceiling but with enough space to flip backwards and land squarely on his feet. From a preliminary glance around the expansive central lobby of the university, Koudo see that it was meant to be a place filled to the brim with studious scholars learning about magic, mysticism, and whatever else the school had evolved to teach. It was empty though, eerily so, with plates of food still littering tables and he could still hear the faint sizzle of hot grills, but couldn't smell any gas. People left in a rush.

He crossed his arms, "Must be something going down, an evacuation?" Seemed a plausible case, but he expected that Triere wouldn't have sent him here without a word of caution, or a inquiry for help, if it was a situation that couldn't be handled without him.

He decided to let it be. He was sure that Priere had taken precautions to whip a suitable fighting force into shape to combat trivial problems, or she wouldn't be relaxing in her Ice Palace. Or there had to be something to that effect going around, so instead he walked to one of the tables to inspect the food that had been left over.

"MMM.. this one has a couple slices of pizza, nice~." He didn't waste any time sitting down at the table, propping his feet up on the table and taking the plate of untouched pizza in his lap. Looking for Chiiiitaa~ could come a little later, filling his belly came first. Conjuring portals always made him hungry. Once he was finally able to talk her into it, Odea refused to cook anything that wasn't strictly nutritious and wholly beneficial to the body. Pizza was a delicacy.

Whilst Koudo was enjoying the luxuries of the college life, without the irritant of the students gossiping and bickering about themselves in whatever manner they did whilst socializing in the main plaza, a large holographic screen would appear beside him with a subtle *blip*, and the ambient hum of suspended electromagnetic frequencies projecting an image. The face upon the screen looked something like Triere, yet with blonde hair. Otherwise, it seemed to be a spitting image.

"Well well, look what the cat dragged in!" There was an air about the tone of voice that belonged to this woman that had similarities to the one he knew very well, yet also lacked a certain spice that was customary to her, and replaced instead with an upstanding and refined tone. "I see you're enjoying the lackadaisical college life?" The building was more or less completely empty, save for those that were instructed to remain inside the fortress-like university, mostly in the dorms or in the classrooms. The main plaza, the Panda Plexus, as it was called, remained scarce during this process.

Koudo tilted his head up, dangling a slice of ooey gooey cheesey goodness over his open, and expecting, mouth. Slowly he lowered the pizza and squealed with delight as he had a taste of something that he hadn't eaten in ages. Koudo didn't actually need to eat, and his feelings of hunger were an illusion, but food he enjoyed the act of doing so and it did help to replenish chakra. Resting and/or absorbing were much more efficient though.

"Mm, yeah well my "Soul Partner" won't let me have pizza anymore. Says it's bad for me." He made sure to raise his free hand to make air quotes when he said 'Soul Partner' since that was the assumed jargon, but while Odea shared certain similarities with the Demon Weapons of DWMA, turned Mors, turned... this, she was vastly different.

Koudo didn't need to look up, or over, to see who he was speaking too. While the nuances of the voice were different, and he could see hints of yellow in his peripheral vision, there was no mistaking that this was Priere. It just so happened that this was probably a different version of her. It wasn't outside of the realm of possibility that there were probably more.

After finishing his first slice, Koudo lowered his chin and looked over towards the screen to get an eyeful of this other Priere that was in charge of the school, he assumed anyway. "So you're one of the other bodies huh?" He stroked his chin, moving his head about as if trying to see her from different angles, like he could on this screen she was using. "Got a bigger rack too." He finally assured with a nod of his head.

"Lookin' for Chiiiitaa~, you seen her?"

The face on the screen, who was the Me-ou, or 'Head Mistress' of the university, did not look at all pleased with his comment about her 'rack.' She ignored it only to reference the other notion he'd made, which was about the 'other body.' "One of the Restrictions, yes, of which you may or may not remember my father's research and success on." Though each of the Tensei had their own, and many of them could only sustain one form that ascended linearly up the Restriction line, those of the main royal bloodline were capable of sustaining many forms, with their actual true forms being the ones that maintained each of the separate ones in their alternate Restrictions. The children of the royal lineage couldn't sustain all 13, like their father who created it, but they were able to ascend up the ladder and sustain enough with what they learned. They were still in learning, as was their mother.

"If you're looking for Miss Lombardi," the Me-ou started, rather cordially, as was the image she intended to uphold whilst in her position of leadership, "Then you ought to check her chambers down the lighter hallway, formally marked as 'Hikari.'" Because the building was panda themed, the monochromatic black-and-white tones were littered all about, especially to differentiate the two main corridors of the building leading to either of the two most prominent instructors, of which 'Chita' was one of. "Otherwise, I can summon her here to the Panda Plexus and the two of you can converse here, before the students return." The Evacuation procedure that was going on outside, which involved a vast majority of the students clearing out the city, left many areas in the school vacant and ultimately private where there would normally be hustle and bustle. "I'm SURE she'd be eager to see you. Though, I warn you, she's not been in the best of moods after becoming an instructor here and being fresh at the job. Especially with Tear telling her what to do and showing her up." Some of her old flaws were indeed still prominent, since she was still working on her own soul, which was why she was assigned to the Hikari corridor in the first place. "Be on your guard."

Hm. Not even a return quip about her bust size not being any of his business? Yeah, this one was definitely more refined and controlled than the princess in the palace. He couldn't help but wonder if Priere had been like this all the time, then she could have been promoted to Kage and done a damn good job. Clearly, he didn't need to wonder because this... Restriction, as she called herself, seemed to already be doing a damn fine job as the ruler of the Delta and leader of this school. Kudos from Koudo.

Restrictions huh? Koudo thought that he recalled Khrona mentioning something like that when he came to see him when the man was a tree, or something. It was kind of hazy and the most memorable thing that happened there at the time was his argument with Triere, though he couldn't remember what they were arguing about. Probably something about her old pop pop not being trustworthy or something, and Koudo being too old to be rebellious, even though he was the most "rebellious" of all the original members of Absolute Zero. He was the only one that was still a rogue, instead of being a sovereign of his own dominion and the monarchy of an elementary force of nature, Priere and Perura respectively.

He went back to eating the pizza as she told him about where he could find Chita, being sure to look in the directions of the places she was pointing out with long strands of cheese stretching from his mouth and the slice he was devouring. Once she was finished, so was he, and he wiped his face with the leather bracer he had around his wrist. "Her chambers huh?" he looked down the Hikari hallway again, and then back to the screen the Me-Ou was on, "Think she has a secret diary in there?" Surely he jested, but he expected this version of Triere to know he was jesting and still answer him completely and honestly as if he were not.

He dropped his booted feet to the ground and put the plate, and his hands on the table as he stood, "I'm joking, I'm joking. I know you were going to answer honestly." He straightened his posture and dusted himself off. "So, what, are you like... just another form of Priere, sustained by her power, or do you have like influences of Blue or Signis in there. Or are do they just influence every last one of you?"

It was refreshing to have someone speak to the Me-ou so casually, considering she normally was regarded by her staff like a teacher would regard the principal or the dean of a school. Still, as expected, she was prim and proper, with an air about her that exuded it, even in her voice and mannerisms. She was still practicing, even if she seemed like she was already hitting the nail on the head. She had only been in office a short time, and even before that, had a breakdown due to being so nervous. She only hoped she wasn't being too 'stiff' as they say. Her self-consciousness presided her.

"You can always go ask," the Me-ou responded anyway, even if it was clear he was joking. It was her manner of 'joking' as well, so to speak, by responding in a manner that was clearly out of the question. She smiled lightly. "Just don't get into a scuffle outside of the designated area for that, or Tear will have both our heads." Despite being the one in power, Tear, being the actual veteran of running the facility; all three of them, since the original school in the old Dusk, in fact, he was the most protective of the school environment, and was a bit of a hard ass about it, even for the Me-ou's standards. Yet, it was something she certainly admired, only because of how upstanding and upright he pretty much always was. She aspired to fit that image in her position, as well.

The hovering holographic screen floated to a more comfortable position to observe before Koudo's face, the Me-ou projected on it raising a brow at his inquiry about the 'Restrictions,' themselves. No one seemed interested before, and never would she ever think anyone would be. "The purpose of the Restrictions is to both limit the overwhelming power of the Tensei that would run rampant and invoke the Curse, whilst also helping us learn, grow and mature regularly without going overboard. It focuses our power based on what level we're at, and keeps us from going higher or lower in order to help us master the level we're at before ascending, or being free and controlled enough to descend." Despite what everyone thought about her father, who, basically created the Thirteen Restrictions to subdue the curse and save the entire family from ever having to succumb to it again, his work was truly a success, and all the family practiced. It was so much so, it could be taught to others, even if they did not have all thirteen. "You can say, I am a form of Triere that is without 'Signis and Blue,' wherein the higher restrictions would be inclusive to 'Signis and Blue's power." This was also the reason why she, in her 5th restriction, was so cut and dry. "It does play a part in our attitudes, too, since, in certain restrictions, we restrain our emotions in order to focus on other aspects that get brought up to fill the places where emotions would normally run high. Hence why I am not as 'hot and cold' as perhaps the higher restriction you know and love." Hopefully the synopsis made some sort of sense to him. She was the most pragmatic and practical of them, as all of the 5th Restriction generally were, before their emotions got involved in the 6th Restriction. It was her father's 6th Restriction that actually ravaged the lands of the Lost World, so it was of extreme importance to master the 5th or else the 6th would get out of hand.

Koudo folded his arms and closed his eyes as the Me-Ou launched into her explanation about the Restrictions and how they worked. Koudo couldn't say that he wasn't fascinated with the idea, and actually astounded that Khrona had accomplished such a thing. As he stood there with his eyes closed, it might have looked like he was regretting even asking about it, but he was actually rather pensive and couldn't help but rack his brain about all the implications and applications that the Me-Ou's explanation brought to the for front of his mind.

Soon after she was done he began nodding his head, opening his eyes and stroking his chin, "So you, at this restriction, are the part of Priere that makes her such an accomplished and exceptional tactician. It takes quite a bit of pragmatism to run a school, let alone an entire branch of the Veritas as a whole. Granted that takes all of Priere's restrictions, but you're probably the one that handles most of the heavy lifting when it comes to strategy." Koudo never liked making assumptions, but he couldn't help but hypothesize about how the technique, though he supposed it was more like a mediation, worked and theorize about the many Priere that were out and about in the world. The more Priere's there were, the more fun he could have bothering them all!

Ah, but he didn't really theorize like he used too, and so he could be completely off basis. He began pacing, "So it would stand to reason that if each restriction is focused on honing a specific thing there could be one, or two, that are designated specifically for Signis and Blue and the higher number Restrictions have all three of you knuckleheads. Probably not the personalities, but the powers. I care about the personalities." He stopped pacing and turned to face the holographic screen with a hand outstretched towards, and a pretty smug grin on his face.

"That sound right, or at least slightly on base?"

The Me-ou was impressed with how well Koudo pieced everything together, and understood the development of the Tensei, now that it was more readily legible and able to be communicated. "Very astute of you," she complimented with a light tone. "That's the most I've heard anyone grasp about it, truth be told." Then again, this was the best it had ever been explained, since her father had to work through his own garbled mentality in order to sort out the pieces for everyone else. Back then, before the work was complete, it did look and sound a mess, but this was because it was incomplete, and only because of that. As such, with all scientists, it sounded like insanity to those who it wasn't proven to, and who worked within realms of 'what already was' instead of 'what would or could be.'

"Though..." she countered, right around his point toward the end, "Signis and Blue are indeed part of me, myself. So, the personality traits do blend, and there is indeed one that is both of them combined, and one that is all three of us as one being." The 6th Restriction, involving Emotions, did indeed also include personality, which was why Triere, of the 7th Restriction, had all such things, wherein the Me-ou, Shiniere, of the 5th, had pretty much exactly what Koudo had deduced. "You were spot on about the tactician part, though. Certainly, this is why I am the head of Pandemia, and the Delta." She was the most suited for it, as well, with her dealings with the staff, faculty and the regular training of the students and assignment of their classes and curriculum... Even if she hadn't been the one doing those things yet. "I still have much to learn, and from Tear, my right hand, no less." Speaking of which, she wondered where he had gotten off to, since he was normally rushing about the halls ensuring they were spic, span and orderly.

"But I'm sure you've heard enough about me. I wouldn't dare bore you with the inner workings of the Tensei." They were only really just scratching the surface, and to get more deeply involved actually meant going to see others of higher and lower restrictions. Her father's, especially. Always important to go see the creator over the ones that learned from the creator. No one could explain their own work like the creators, themselves.

Koudo snapped his fingers and swiped his thumb across his nose. Looked like even with some basic preliminary information, he could still theorize with the best of them. He couldn't have done it without the Me-Ou's astute explanation, and he had to admit that interact without a Priere that didn't have the "hot and cold" quirk was fascinating. It really let shine through just how brilliant the woman actually was. If he hadn't known about the restrictions and Triere had just told him that this woman was her as well, he wouldn't have been able to believe it.

Certainly if she continued explaining how the Restrictions worked, it would be anything but boring, but he was sure that she was more busy than she let on and he didn't want to keep her. It was the same reason why he hadn't bother Tina in learning about how Sage Mode would work here, if it could at all. "Oh, please, I wouldn't want to annoy you with my inane questions. You've done more than enough to enlighten me."

He began walking towards the Hikari corridor, of which he was informed Chita's private chambers would be located. "It was a fascinating chat. I really did learn a lot about your family just from that and other things that I've observed." Of course there were two more branches to the Tensei tree, one that existed here and the other that would be probably be snuffed out on Vescrutia soon, the L'sia and Rituke respectively. Koudo hadn't any interest in the Rituke line specifically, Maze, and was much more intrigued by Sadako's family and how Mana had come into Godhood through it. There seemed to be nothing truly spectacular about the Rituke besides being tangentially related to the Tensei and the L'sia.

"Now I'm gonna go bother Chiiitaa~."

"Oh, please," the Me-ou nearly snickered, "I know you didn't come here just to see Chita." That was the reason why the two of them were interacting, she deduced, beyond just the fact that Koudo was dropped here. "Well, you know where to find me. We may speak at any time whilst you are within the Delta via these screens, which I can actively project anywhere at anytime, even without my presence, and as a holographic image of myself." This technology, which stemmed from her latent power, was what helped her keep where she was and also know what was going on elsewhere. Her screens were her best friend. "I won't hold you up, though," she digressed, letting the holographic screen float toward the corridor, "Right down this hall, then. Go straight down and you should see her quarters, if she isn't anywhere else about."

"More technologically inclined than the version I hung out with, noted." Perhaps Koudo's final comment and assurance that, maybe, the Me-Ou would have been a much better person to bounce technological innovations off of than the Triere that he knew. Most of the time, she seemed uninterested in whatever he was doing, when he was much more focused on technology and hadn't diversified his portfolio, and swore by her magic being superior. Most of the time... she proved that, but it only helped Koudo develop more advanced technology to the point that it could be confused for magic. In essence it was what let him branch into more naturalistic pastimes, like his Sage training, and that more advanced knowledge of both mechanics and mysticism helped in those endeavors as well.

Koudo went down the hallway that the Me-Ou ushered him towards with haste. Certainly conversing with the Me-Ou, another version of Triere was fun and had enlightened him to quite a few things, but he couldn't withhold the excitement that he felt getting a chance to visit Chita. It didn't matter that his feelings weren't reciprocated, and she'd rather remain as friends, because that didn't stop the butterflies from swarming in his impenetrable stomach. Before, he thought that visiting would be... weird and told himself that he wouldn't, but he couldn't help himself when it came to, really, any of the women in his life.

"Don't give her a head's up, um..." Koudo stopped in his tracks right beside the screen that showed the visage of the head master of this school and ruler of the territory. He tapped his lip before scratching behind his head and turning to the screen with a laugh, "Ya know, I never really caught your name. You gotta have one right? Can't like being called Priere. While you're one of her Restrictions, or whatever, you're still your own person, right?"

She scoffed at him in an almost haughty manner, more natural to the normal airy feel he was accustomed to when dealing with her, and then said "Why do you think I was always reading?" Yes, the Me-ou, his Me-ou, was certainly a scholarly child.

"I am The Me-ou," she declared, speaking her name as an absolute. "That is how I am to be referred." Her voice seemed to become monotonous. "However, because we're friends in another life, I'll let you call me 'Shiniere.'" She wasn't aware if Koudo was aware of when her father first became 'Shinrona,' but that played a part. "Just try to keep from other people hearing should you do so. I don't want people getting fresh with me around here." She cut him a chilling glare as she hovered beside him down the hall.

"How's your alleged 'Son,' by the way?" Certainly, only a short time before this, they had an argument that caused a temporal displacement. Though, perhaps, all sorts of other things had gone on as a temporal displacement, and so synchronization seems to have taken less time than actually experienced. "Is he mad at me?" She couldn't help but ask, due to her experience with him right before being installed as the 'Me-ou' of Pandemia.

Just from that, he could tell she definitely had elements of the two knuckleheads he hadn't spoken with in forever. That chilly stare may have reminded him of OG Priere, but it was really more akin to the likes of Blue, he felt. The words however, screamed that holy bolt of lightning known as Signis. He didn't comment, just laughed a little more. Me-Ou, Shiniere, huh? He could remember that. It had 'iere in it, kinda hard not to remember it.

He stopped laughing though and raised a brow, "Son?" As far as Koudo knew, being the Koudo that visited from Vescrutia that one time, coming to blows with Chita, trying to make a move on her only to get rejected, and making up with Priere, he didn't have a son. It was only recently that he tampered with Yui's DNA and made her his daughter. Koudo didn't have any children that he had fathered in a natural way, and wasn't really thinking about having any either.

He waved his hand dismissively and decided to laugh it off as a huge joke. This Shiniere must have had a great sense of humor, he didn't take her as the type. "Hahahaha! Good one. You're a riot, didn't think you'd be the one with the sense of humor. Thought maybe it's be one of the other you's. Hahaha!" He rubbed under his eyes to wipe away the tears from laughing so hard and turned to continue down the hallway to find where Chita was.

"A son. Hahahaha! Craaazy. Hahahahaha!"

The Me-Ou's gaze became cold and calculating. "I see..." she muttered, letting herself drift back slightly and hang time as Koudo went on ahead. "... The temporal displacement was a greater shift than I imagined..." Her eyes widened suddenly, catching a glimpse of a revelation, "... And the Tensei didn't feel it...!" This sudden realization was all she needed.

She caught up to Koudo, not lingering behind. Knowing very well about temporal displacements and how talking about them was completely ineffective, she would keep her notions to herself and simply deal with the matters of the present here and now, which was to find where Chita was without alerting her.

After that good laugh, Koudo was actually more glad that the rift in time and space that he generates to warp from point A to B had tossed him here. He never even entertained the idea of having a son because he figured that it'd be too much work. Yui wasn't a hassle by any means, probably the most well behaved and easily pleased little girl ever, but that was probably only because she had been with him for most of her known life. He always figured a son would be just like him, and he knew he could be a pain to deal with.

Thinking about it now, He wondered why Shiniere had even asked himself such a thing, but he had written it off as a joke, even if she didn't seem the type to make jokes like at all. He also wondered who was the mother of this hypothetical "Son" that Shiniere had asked him about. Mana was out of the question, definitely, he couldn't really see it with Priere either. The only other women in his life that he saw on a daily basis and had any form of connection with was Elara, who was like a sister, Mira, who was like a sister, and Odea....

He immediately shook the thought of her out of his head as he approached the door to Chita's chambers and knocked three times with the back of his hand. He'd asked Shiniere not to ring Chita because he wanted his visit to be something of a surprise, but he hadn't exactly told Triere to do the same, so she could have spilled if her and Chita were close. He didn't think they were very close. Then, if Chita had gotten any stronger, there was always the possibility that she could feel the presence of his chakra. He wasn't exactly cloaking it at all because, through various events on the Lost World, it had gotten much too big for him to do so.

He cleared his throat, "Uuh Miss teach lady, I need help with how to center my soul and conjure my wavelength so I can beat up some bullies." He said, trying his best to imitate the voice of a student with a small mixture of Elara docile tones tossed in as well. He knew how Chita loooooved Elara. Sarcasm.

The door to the chambers of Amaterasu swung open with a vehemence, passing through and over the one knocking as if it didn't exist. Everywhere it should have hit, it did not, yet it opened up and remained open all the same. "How about I rearrange your--"

Tifa, who was sitting in her solitude, reflecting deeply on her innermost thoughts and feelings to herself, as accustomed, by herself, would be furious at the sudden interruption. Yet, when she looked and saw that before her stood both Koudo and the Head Mistress, she suddenly straightened up, blushing in embarrassment.[b] "Uh, I mean, uh." Tifa cleared her throat, then started again like nothing happened. "Hello there. May I help you?" She tried to smile, or something. She wore her hair up in its natural sindle ponytail off the the side, shimmering its silver color. She was dressed up in her black denim ensemble, appearing before them quite casually.

Koudo didn't need to brace himself for the door. He didn't need to protect himself from a door swinging open because usually it'd would just shatter against him. No matter how sturdy, if it wasn't a super strong metal then he didn't need to brace against it.

Koudo braced himself for the hit from the door. Chita's strength was a well known thing to him and it was never good to underestimate just how mighty she was, whether she was brimming with fury or not. Surprise, and relief, washed over him as the door passed through him like a simple apparition, or illusion. DWMA had definitely gotten quite the otherworldly upgrades and he supposed he had the entire Tensei clan, or probably just Shiniere, to thank for that.

He took in the sight of Chita with wide eyes. She was looking just as spectacular as always, though her hair had taken a hue that he never expected to see. While his had become tinted with darkness, hers shimmered with the brilliance of light, and the shine sparkled in his sapphire eyes as they gleamed with a poorly hidden happiness. A happiness that didn't shine quite as brightly when he met up with Triere.

His admiration had to be forced away as he grinned widely, closed his eyes and began laughing harder than he had in a long time. The boom of his hearty laughter echoing through the corridors. "'Hello there. May I help you?' Hahahaahaha!" He couldn't help himself from mimicking her, no matter how much his brain shouted at him that it was a bad idea. He pointed at her, holding his stomach in pain from laughing.

"God! You should have seen your face! Hahahaha! You really thought it was Elara! Hahahaha!" He forced the laughter away, catching his breath as he wiped tears away from his face and smiled with a casual wave. He'd feel her fury, oh he definitely would, but for now he figured he should greet her properly if she couldn't actually recognize him.

"Hey short stuff, been a while. Koudo's come to visit!"

Tifa stood before Koudo, in all his laughter, attempting to keep a straight face like she'd promised the Me-ou that she would after all the other outbursts before. Clearly, Koudo was trying her patience, which was already thin as it was initially. "Oh, yeah, you're right," she said through her grit teeth, "What I REALLY meant to say was..." She lifted her hand up and pressed it straight into Koudo's chest, with the middle finger raised up. Her attempt at being pleasant shot to hell, she immediately resumed her natural casually dismissive nature and abandoned all hope of even thinking to not be so. The scowl on her face could kill a horse. "What brings you here, ass? Uh, and don't say 'me.'"

Just seeing her trying to keep her cool was probably the best thing in the world. He was actually glad that Shiniere had tagged along or, he was sure, Chita would have lost it a long time ago. He didn't mean to find enjoyment in it, really he didn't, and he had intended to greet her respectfully, truly he had, but she made it waaaaaaaaaaay too easy.

He huffed, the laughter subsiding fully as Chita flipped him the bird, secretly of course, and smiled as he clasped his hands around her's that was pressed against his chest, "Fine, I won't say 'me.' It's always 'you' Chiiiiiita~." Of course, he was only poking fun as her choice of words; He knew exactly what she meant. While him taking her hand in his own two could have been interpreted as a romantic gesture, it was only to better conceal her silent transgression against a guest in front of her superior. Koudo may like acting an ass, but he certainly didn't want to be one by getting her fired.

He carefully shot the holographic screen of Shiniere's a glance out of the corner of his eyes, before he closed them completely and continued to smile at Chita. "I heard about you becoming a teacher! I just had to come see how you were doing." And he just had to see her in general. Last time, he played it off as if he only had a physical attraction to Chita, but he had time to let that idea settle and marinate on it a little while during his sagely meditation, and he knew it to be untrue. He could never actually pursue them, but seeing her happy and doing her thing was good enough for him.

"Smartass..." she scoffed, raising her OTHER hand, which was balled into a fist, with a gauntlet forming around to reinforce it. "... I'll show 'you'..."

Tifa was silenced and caught off guard by Koudo's remark about hearing that she was an instructor at the new academy, however. "Wait, how the hell did you hear about that?" Certainly, word got around in terms of all the super important Tensei matters, but something like this, she wasn't expecting anyone to really know about unless they came here. She wasn't exactly the topic of talk when it came to the Tensei, nor did she really desire to be outside her realm of where she was and what she was doing. Lowering her hand, yet still clenching it tightly, to a tremble, she would look down at her fist and think about who it was that was going to get the pummeling for outing her. Quickly, she turned the inquisition unto him, using her bird-flipping hand to snatch him by whatever scruff of whatever apparel he was wearing in a threatening manner, asking, "Who told you!?"

Oh Koudo was already bracing himself for a good punching. One as perceptive as both the ladies around him would see his body already irradiated with the glow of his infestation. It wasn't an all out aura, mind you. He had refined his control to the point were the showy aura was unnecessary. It had always given away when he was actually using his ability. Instead, it was just a slight silver glow on the surface of his skin. He loved absorbing energy from Chita. She generated so much and if it were a meal, or he was an energy vampire, it would be his favorite.

"Huh?" Imagine his surprise when she didn't actually punch him, but whispered a question that he wouldn't have been able to hear if his hearing wasn't so good. He was glad he saved himself the bruised cheek, at the very least, even if it would have healed the moment it formed.

She slipped her hand away and, though there wasn't much fabric for her to grab since his tunic was practically grafted onto his chest and showing off his chiseled physique, she pulled him in for a face to face confrontation. He smirked, "Well technically you just did..." Truth be told she had. If she hadn't of reacted the way that she did, then he wouldn't have known that what Shiniere and Triere had both told him was true. Shiniere was much more direct with outing her, Triere had only told him that she was in the Delta and he did guesswork from there when he was sent to the school to look for her. She was far too powerful and gifted, or he had far too much confidence in her strength and skill, to actually be a believable student.

"But." He whispered, nodding his head casually in the direction of the screen that had accompanied him to Chita's front door. He had already assumed she was a teacher her and Shiniere spilled the beans that she was part of the staff, proving his hypothesis. Not that it mattered to him where he got the information anyway. "Don't worry, I think it's great. Never took you for the type, but I can totally see it."

After so many words, she already decided that she was through with Koudo. "You just pissed me off." She snatched her hands away and drove them into her pockets, before starting off back inside of her chambers. "I'm done with you." Tifa stuck her tongue out and gave him a sour face, then proceeded up the stairs and into a faint light.

Koudo stood up straight and dusted himself off, fixing any of the wrinkles Chita might have created by grabbing his tunic. It was impossible for her to create wrinkles because of the tightness of the material, so it was a wasted effort on his part, but it looked good to do.

Well if you say so. Was the sentence that ran through his head. To give her her private space and allow her to get back to her work as an instructor, whatever that may entail.

"You know you love it, baby." Was what came out of his mouth, whether he had consciously wanted it to or not. And he followed after her without any hesitation at all. She haad left the door open. If she was really done with him, then she would have slammed it in his face. He knew the feeling all too well.

The Me-ou, who was still hovering about, would clear her throat, drawing a bit of attention to Koudo's last note. "I wouldn't say that to her, if I were you." Yet, by this time, it seemed like the both of them were gone. "Oh, they're gone. Hm. Well, I'd better get back to inspection." The Me-ou's projected screen would disappear.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Tifaret C. Lombardi
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 57: Soul Searching; Soul Chambers

After all that happened to her during that weird shift, Tifa had a lot on her plate, and was still feeling puzzled about it all and how it was all linking him. She stood on one of the glowing walls of her room, listening to the soft humming of her soul.

"Yoooo, sweet digs. Guess it's a perk of being a head honcho." Koudo whistled, pulling himself into Chita's office from the strange light that lingered at the top of the staircase she left access to open. Properly closing your door was how you prevented invaders, but he figured Chita just wanted to chat in private, away from the all seeing monitors of her overseer.

Tifa remained rather tacit for a bit, gazing off into the floor like pools of water, which rippled as such as she set a heavy stare. "Wha?" She looked up, suddenly drawn out of her wandering reflective thoughts, hearing the sound of someone's voice. Koudo had followed her into the Life Chamber where the wavelengths of the soul and its energies were prominently pulsating about, clearly visibly. The light was a faded green that kept what seemed an empty room filled with color. "Oh. Yeah? Thanks." She didn't seem as upset as she let on, and after seeing who it was, Tifa wasn't really all that concerned, as she would have been if someone like Tear followed her in here without her permission. Not that she had too much say over him and the chambers of the school, anyway, but, she just had a problem with he, himself, sometimes.

"So, I guess I should be shocked?" Tifa started to say, placing one of her black boots on the wall that she was leaning on. "I didn't think I'd be seeing your face INSIDE the Veritas." Though she didn't know as much as everyone else around this place, what she did know was that someone from Vescrutia shouldn't have been able to enter so haphazardly if they were causing trouble. He must not have been like the others, who had it out against everyone on the Veritas, so he was let through. "So how'd you get in? And furthermore, why are you even here?" Tifa was a bit more than surprised to see Koudo here, and more or less curious about what he was up to.

Otherworldly, esoteric, spiritual: These were words that could describe the place that Koudo found himself within and he couldn't help himself with exploring a little bit. He didn't stray too far, and it seemed like this place had definitive walls, seeing as Chita was leaning against one, but he wandered around like a lost tourist without a map.

It seemed like a separate dimensional space, but Koudo didn't really feel like it was. He didn't have any basis on that assumption, and it could be wholly wrong, but he had a gut feeling that it was something far more complicated, and far more simple at the same time.

The upper echelon of the Veritas really got some nice places to sit around and be alone with their thoughts. He supposed it was probably for the best since most, if not all, the people in positions of power were members of the Tensei clan and they needed a lot of focus to maintain themselves and their power. Probably a prejudice assumption, but it seemed to have lulled Chita into a state of complacency at the very least.

He stopped his wandering and turned his head to look at her once she started to talk, the room having been quiet for a minute or so after he had entered and said his piece. "Your guess is as good as mine." He responded in kind, waving his hands around in front of him to search for the imaginary walls that served as the borders for this seemingly finite space. It was kind of like looking for a place to rip a tear in imaginary space so that he could teleport from one place to another, but he was actually looking for walls.

"I was testing out my portal generation, since I hadn't done so in a while after I stopped using my Mother Box, and how it had grown and evolve with the growth of my power." If she cared to look him over, he was much taller than he had been the last time, and much more bulky as well, though Koudo had always been a bit on the larger side. He had definitely been taking care of himself and growing his power steadily over the time that they hadn't seen each other, and he wasn't interested in testing to see who was more stronger.

Once he thought he found something, anything, that was solid enough for him to pat and feel on, he did so, "Next thing I knew, I was here talking to Tina. She called Priere and we talked, she sent me here, I spoke with Sh-," He caught himself with a breath and continued, "The Me-Ou, and now I'm here." He stopped his hands and turned to face Chita, "Because I wanted to see you."

Tifa, who was still casually leaning on the definite border at the edge of the platform they stood on, would eye Koudo around as he walked about the room, seemingly searching for something. He was walking around like a blind man, probably looking for a place to sit down, or something. She had forgotten that he wouldn't understand the mechanics of this room. She barely did, herself, though she spent a lot of time here, recently. For the better, naturally.

"All that for little ole me, huh?" Tifa said with a bit of forlorn sarcasm, wondering about him. "Can't say I'm touched nor impressed. Not quite clear what makes me so special." She shrugged her shoulders. "By the way, if this room doesn't make sense to you, it's because you're standing inside of my Soul." The definitive green hue that could only be seen very faintly emanating from the solitary circular platform that was the room, itself. "This room is made for you to be able to see your own Soul." Since Tifa was standing in the room and had already adjusted to the wavelengths, it was fully consumed by and with her soul via the vibrations and fluctuations. "You can lean on the edge of it and it'll solidify where you are," she mentioned, tapping her foot on the solid boundary wall that formed as she stood at the edge of the platform. "Like one of those invisible walls in the video games that you cannot pass." It was the same basic concept, to keep everything inside the soul contained on the inside when within the room.

Oh. So he was completely fucking wrong. Thanks gut!

The places that he felt, and thought were solid, was because he thought they were solid. He was glad that Chita had explained to him, but he would have figured it out... eventually. It just would have taken much more time than he'd like to admit, and more time that Chita would allow.

With the recent revelation, Koudo just leaned back where he stood with his arms folded and trusted the room to make a wall to support him. "You're my friend. I couldn't visit one, separate versions of one, without visiting the other." Low and behold, he remained upright and rested against a newly formed barrier wall, and it was really as simple as what he said.

Mediation, as sage abilities will force you to do, helped him to come to terms with and gain some semblance of understanding for what he felt for Chita. How it was similar too, but drastically different from, what he felt for the likes of Mana and Naina. How the feelings for those two differed from what he felt for Triere and Elara. How the feelings for those two differed from what he felt for Yui, Mira and Aliyah. And finally, how the feelings for those three differed from what he felt for Savaj and how it differed from what he felt for Cross.

He'd laid them to rest a long time ago, for him at least, and while he got more excited to see her than he had Triere, it was because he usually saw Triere more often. He couldn't control that Chita still gave him butterflies, and that he got happy to see her. Those involuntary reactions to her were too illogical for him to explain away and he figured it was because his understanding just didn't reach deep enough yet.

"I can't just come check up on a friend. I seem to recall you doing the same for me."

As Tifa stood by on the boundary of her soul, she would continue to gaze deeply at the solid ground rippling underfoot, to the same vibration as the color of her soul. She could feel Koudo's own soul whilst he was here; the vibrations of it. It was something like a heartbeat, and the fluttering of butterfly wings. Yet, with feeling this, her expression did not break. "Thanks," was all she managed to say, straining with the thoughts of her words. Because her mind was elsewhere, trying to think about what to say was muddled by what she shouldn't say aloud overlapping and not allowing anything else to come out. "I've just been going through a lot." That was the short-and-sweet of it all.

Tifa couldn't help but try to take her mind off of her own problems to try to be sociable, though, since Koudo did go out of his way to get to her. She figured that speaking to him, probably, about stuff he was going through would help settle her own mind long enough to be able to talk to him. "What have you been up to? I'm sure it's got to be better than what I've been through." She had her moments, but the transition was still somewhat jarring to her, though it'd been a while since all of it had been done. A strange lingering feeling, like the ambiance of the atmosphere.

Koudo closed his eyes and shrugged his shoulders, "Can't complain, I haven't been up to much."

He open his eyes and stared across the room at Chita. The dim glow of the green light that barely illuminated the room casting a small amount of shadow across his visage, but his, almost glow in the dark, sapphire eyes pierced that veil. It wasn't meant to be intimidating, it was just the way that his eyes reacted to darkness. "I'd much rather hear about what you've been up to though." It was only natural right? He had come for a visit to hear about how her job might be going, the good and the bad, and how she had been going about her day to day. He didn't want to talk about himself first.

Somehow, she knew that he'd say that. Still, her words seemed strained. He didn't come all this way just to talk about himself, but Tifa, herself, hadn't really gotten all of her own thoughts and feelings sorted out, which was why she was here in this room, specifically. She sighed, trying to figure out where to even begin explaining. She was at a loss.

"... Well..." she struggled, furrowing her brow at her own thoughts, "... I can't actually call myself much of a teacher here, even though I'm filling the position." She didn't think she was doing a good job, and from how many mistakes she'd been making, she didn't feel that way, either. "... I've been wondering if I should even stay," she added, shaking her head a bit. "I want to help out, but I think I'm getting in the way more than I'm helping." She shrugged.

Koudo's eyes returned to a closed position as he adjusted his shoulders. In truth, this was probably the second time that he'd heard Chita worrying about being in over her head with something, but this seemed minuscule in comparison to the first time. Last time she was worrying about the Tensei Curse and taking it on to the best of her ability, or something to that effect, and she seemed much more confident about that then this... teaching position.

"With a defeatist attitude like that, it might be better if you do buzz off." Call it harsh, but his and Chita's relationship had always been such, especially when they were discussing the matters going on in their private lives. Last he checked, Chita was the most independent woman that he knew, and always faced her challenges head on. He didn't exactly know what being a teacher at this school entailed, but he had taught his own student and never second guessed himself on it like Chita seemed to be doing. Don't get him wrong, becoming a teacher was a difficult thing to do, and not everyone could do it, but Chita had already proven that she could do whatever she wanted to do.

He opened his eyes, "Don't get your panties in a wad before hearing the rest though," he finally continued, unfolding his arms and raising a hand to prevent an explosion of emotion from Chita. He lifted himself from the solid construct that he leaned against and then began pacing, so that he could properly formulate what he wanted to say. He didn't necessarily care about the way it was worded, but he needed to make sure the points were solid.

"Now, I don't know what's happened with you, but this sounds weird to me," He started, "You took over the position of Head Witch when your mother went AWOL because you knew the Witches and Witchlings needed a leader. Then, you accepted that a confrontation with the Insanity was an inevitability and was ready to face it as best you could because you knew it was the right thing to do." He stopped his pacing, standing right before Chita and turned to face her as well. "But now you're worrying about if you're doing a good job at this teaching gig?" He rose both his hands and shrugged his shoulders with a confused look plastered all over his face before the look disappeared and he pointed at her.

"Who are you? Cuz you definitely ain't the Chita I know."

Tifa's eyes narrowed, like she had something to say, but other thoughts and feelings conflicted with it. Her shining green eyes glowed the same color as her soul, but the room's proportions suddenly shifted, becoming more compact, and the once ethereal light that surrounded them naturally immediately becoming like a dome over them. "That was different!" She shouted, taking her hand out of her pocket. "Those sorts of things can be fixed with your fists." Even if it didn't seem like it, that's what it came down to. "The Witches needed a leader who was the strongest out of them all. That doesn't take a lot of doing to be stronger than people." Even the ones that struggled to realize why and were aspiring to be stronger than someone could STILL manage to achieve that, in some way, shape or form. Being stronger than someone is not difficult.

"Not to mention, the Insanity," she continued, raising her other hand out of her pocket and looking at it beside the first one. "That was pretty much only just tanking it, too." When it came to feats of physicality, Tifa was always the one to call. If it was a fight, she'd come out victorious. If it was field work, she'd get it done. "... But this teaching..." She clenched her hands into fights, tightly; trembling. "You can't just punch someone when they don't do it right, or break something when something is bothering you." The environment, itself, was actually completely unsupportive to Tifa's own nature. It was more than just the position itself; it was like taking something out of its natural habitat and telling it to do something that was foreign and uncomfortable. "I'm not gonna say that I don't like the place, or that I'm not necessary," she added, finally lowering her hands, and her tension, "... But I'm not good at holding back, as you know. Especially not all the time and because I'm being forced." Finally, she slipped her hands back into her pockets, turning her head away and her head up to the dome-ceiling that had now formed, in the opposite direction of Koudo. "Maybe that's why you don't recognize me, huh?" The environment does do a number on a person, especially one where they don't belong, but they're trying to fit into.

Koudo wasn't blind to seeing that the room was responding to Chita as she shrunk away from her responsibility and denied his points with making it all about strength. While strength was certainly a factor, and Koudo could admit to it, he didn't think that it was the main factor. Just the fact that she was avoiding eye contact was enough for him to know that she was trying to hide.

He shook his head, "I don't recognize you because you sound like a quitter." And the Chita that he knew was everything but a quitter. She was strong, but it was her conviction, her tenacity, that made her who she was. It was her determination that made her step up to the plate and take the reins of Head Witch when her mother was gone. Sure Chita was powerful, but he didn't think she was the strongest witch at the time. He had only ever run into Tyrande once, but she was capable of inspiring a fear of the arcane in him that Chita hadn't been able too.

When it came to the Insanity, Chita definitely wasn't the most powerful person standing up to it, not with the likes of the Great Destroyer, or Shinta, facing it down as well. Even Koudo took up arms against it's wrath before Chita had bolstered the confidence to stand up as a representative of all of Witchhood and show them that they could fight the destructive urges that the sway of magic plagued them with and fight the good fight. It took confidence in her own abilities to think that she could do it too. And she did it!

So what if she couldn't hit someone when they messed up? She had learned to restrain herself when dealing with Elara and she could do the same with her students as well. So what that she struggled with holding back? It just showed her students what holding firm to their studies and listening to her instructions would gain them. It would make them tougher scholars, fighters, defender and leaders in the long run.

Koudo hadn't come here to yell at her, he didn't really like raising his voice anymore when an unrestrained shout could shake mountains, but, "Confidence! Chita. That's what made you who you are. What happened to that confidence!?" The Chita that he knew didn't hide from challenges, and this was just another challenge. The Chita that he knew made sure that she had the power see need to confront a situation, and all this did was take a different kind of strength.

Tifa grit her teeth. It was difficult trying to get someone from the outside looking in to understand what she was going through, even if he was trying to give support. "That's not IT," she repeated, with a great deal of irritation in her voice at the end. "Maybe you just don't get what I mean." She shook her head, trying not to get worked up. "Confidence isn't the factor. I was already confident. The difference is that I'm too limited. Too restrained. I'm not..." Going back to what Koudo was saying, and tying into it all definitively, she ended her brief pause with, "... I'm not me here." Perhaps this was what Koudo was seeing, and why it was strange to him. "You've never seen me when I have to be in a situation that deals with not being who I really am." There were certain boundaries and guidelines that just did not match up with her as a person, and it made her less of who she is so that she could be something for someone else, whether she wanted to or not. "I can be as confident as I want to and do the job, and still not be who I am whilst I'm doing it." It was a predicament that extended far beyond just simple 'being capable' or 'having skill' or even 'having confidence and work ethic.' None of those things were actually applicable variables when the one who had all those skills did not have the part of themselves that drove them to do it. "It's like having to sacrifice your soul just so you can prove something to someone or do something for someone that is only beneficial to them." That was never who Tifa was, and yet, here she is, being exactly what she isn't just because she COULD and was ABLE to fit the task, whether she felt like it or not. "I doubt you'll understand." She did not look at him.

So it wasn't an issue with her self-confidence, fine, Koudo could understand that maybe he read the room wrong. Now it sounded more like she was stuck dealing with the same thing he was when he had taken the role as Kage of the Dusk. He really didn't like, it felt restrictive, and he was killing himself to take care of a bunch of crybabies and hypocrites. He back pedaled, still remaining resolute, but he physically moved forward. Not far enough for it to matter, and definitely not enough to be able to physically touch Chita.

"Okay, well if you realize that, then why are you still here?" If it wasn't that she felt like she couldn't do it, but that she just wasn't comfortable doing it, and she felt forced to do it, then why didn't see just stop doing it? If she felt like she had to sacrifice something that she'd rather keep just to prove something to someone, then she was doing it for all the wrong reasons.

She was a grown ass woman though, so ultimately she could do what she wanted and nothing that he could, or would, say would change her mind if she wasn't open to do so in the first place. No one could force you to do something you didn't want to do. At the end of the day, Koudo would leave and she would be left to do as she was, with or without making a change.

Suddenly, Tifa turned her head toward Koudo and glared at him with bright green eyes. "... So you DO understand..." Whether or not he spoke with his mouth, the vibrations of his soul were clearly read by Tifa, who could not only see the wavelengths, but feel them as they emanated through her very soul.

The room shifted again, being less constricting than before, and back to its original barely tangible form. Her eyes hadn't yet stopped gazing into his, but what look was in her eyes was one of actual conviction, and a sharpness like that of a dragon. "... It's all the same reasons you told me why I should be." Believe it or not, Koudo was actually spot on as to why she was still doing it, even if he was saying those were the reasons why. It still wasn't about those things. "The fact that I'm still doing it is because of my confidence. Because of my strength. Because I know I can. But..." Finally, she shook her head, looking back to the floor. "None of that is actually what matters." Maybe that was the part he and other people didn't understand. "Some things just extend beyond being capable or having the ability to do it and do it properly." Despite that she KNEW she could do a good job, the effect it had on her as a person was completely different.

"The same 'Chita' that you know that never quits... Is the same one that won't allow herself to do so." She grit her teeth harder, pausing briefly from the tension, until it subsided with the closing of her eyes and a sigh of release. "... Even if I know it's not good for myself." It was a lot more complicated and complex than perhaps Koudo could initially perceive, as was Tifa, herself. Though, in the past, she knew that he was able to not only talk to her, but get her out of these funks she got into when they did talk. That's one of the reasons why she kept talking to him. "... It's complicated." She gazed down into the pools of the rippling green floor.

Koudo learned backwards again with a sigh, his back hitting a solidified wall and one of his hands coming up to cover his face to show his visible frustration. It wasn't like he couldn't understand what she was going through, or how 'complicated' it was, but he didn't understand it at all. Maybe because he cared much more about himself, as a person, than the superficiality of Pride and was capable of seeing when something wasn't good for him and bowing out. Granted, it took a couple talks with people around him that had his best interest at heart for him to finally see it, but he saw it.

Maybe that was Chita's actual problem. As far as he could tell, besides him there was no one else for Chita to turn to. Besides him, there was no one else that she could actually be herself around and talk out her problems with. This next one might be a little presumptuous, but he felt that besides him, maybe there was no one that she could let her guard down around, if only slightly, and appear weak and meek to without being judged and deemed as such.

He slouched a little, removing his hand from his face and folding his arms across his chest. "Dude, then you either nut up or shut up. Withdraw or Compromise. It sounds like the thing that's stopping you from being you, is you." He really wasn't sure what to tell her, because she was right. This was complicated.

Koudo wasn't a psychiatrist or a therapist. Koudo was an engineer, a mechanic, and a warrior. Koudo had trouble dealing with his own rampant emotions and bottling them up. Koudo also tried surrounding himself with people that could be positive influences, while also having people that could give him straight and real talk when he was showing his ass.

Chita was a very different person from him, in that regard.

There was a noticeable shift after Tifa opened up a bit, and her soul was a bit more relaxed. The overwhelming sensations of her soul feeling the vibrations of another around her when she was open was different than when she had enclosed her soul, and the room brightened. The aura emanating from the platform wisped about visibly now, as if the two of them were surrounded in green fire that didn't burn them. Yet, at this point, Koudo should have been able to feel the fluctuations of her wavelength,since they were all around him.

When she looked at him this time, her eyes were like that of a fierce dragon, still glowing green, and still sharp, but filled with a certain level of restraint. "Come here." She lifted up her hand from out of her pocket and extended a single finger outward, beckoning Koudo closer with it.

Koudo feel the sensations of Chita's soul, he had never been retarded to the nuisances of the soul and he knew what her wavelength felt like, but he didn't quite understand the vibe that he was getting. Koudo's own soul almost always downplayed the influences of someone else's wavelength unless theirs was more powerful or he allowed a connection. He didn't really use the abilities anymore, Odea didn't require such things to function, and they had fallen to less than stellar levels of control and understanding.

His mind, however, was sharp and he was quite sure if he wanted to follow her beckoning, but his body moved regardless. He lifted himself from the wall that he leaned on and stepped forward, his sapphire gaze staying connected to her emerald stare. "What is it?" He asked, standing right in front of her and quite a bit taller than her, being 6'6" close to 6'7".

Tifa remained motionless for a moment or so as Koudo came closer, her piercing gaze unblinking. When he was right before her, still towering over her, she would once again, like she had done outside, grab him by the scruff of his tunic and drag him close to her, or she close to him, where their faces touched, at the head; eye to eye. "... Let me punch you." Even as she spoke, her lips were nearly brushing against his own, dangerously so.

Koudo breathed in as he was pulled closer to Chita. His tunic was skin tight, so it was amazing that she could find any small bit of cloth to grab and more. He figured it was more so him leaning into her, or the other way around. Either way, he pressed his forehead to hers, gazes still locked, and rested one of his forearms on the solid wall above her head.

She wanted to punch him, he didn't dare to misunderstand what she meant, He whispered, "Sure..." Why not? He could take it. Even without activating his infestation, if it was just a bare knuckle punch then he could tank it. Subconsciously, he may have been building his physical strength to withstand hits from power hitters like Chita and having diamond scales just underneath the skin helped a lot.

"Good shit." Without hesitation, Tifa's tongue drew in Koudo's lips, and her own would press against his rather hard, with their eyes still very much interlocked. As she gazed into his eyes, the same sharpness and tension that was seen in them could be felt in her trembling body, mostly in her clenched fists, where it seemed like all of the concentration was.

Out of nowhere, a swift and powerful thrust of her fist into Koudo's rock hard abdomen would, surprisingly, pack a powerful enough punch to actually knock him back, if only just away from her. She wiped her mouth, still glaring at him afterward. "Thanks," she'd mutter, still wiping her mouth, "I needed that." Though it seemed like it was just a rather simple interaction, much like Tifa, herself, it wasn't about that more than it was letting off the built up frustrations that came from this job and her feelings and thoughts with no form of release due to these new rules about restraining herself. "If I had more action," she continued on, closing her eyes and leaning back on the wall casually, "Then I'm sure the stresses of everyday life would go right out the window." Looking off to the side, her eyes stopped glowing, and the room returned to a soft hue. "Wouldn't even flinch." She scoffed at the thought, though, that she even did flinch at all without it.

Koudo didn't change his stance at all, besides for a simply slide of his right foot backwards to ground him better and prepare for the impact of her punch. To his surprise, she kissed him, and he didn't hesitate to return the kiss in kind before he felt the solid impact of her fist against his stomach.

He was pushed back, slightly, enough to be farther away from her than he was and for his forearm to no longer be able to rest on the wall behind her. "So you were just stressin' cuz you ain't getting any. Sound just like Triere." He responded, straightening his stance and rubbing his stomach. No damage was done, but he definitely felt her punch. Of course he meant that last part as a slightly jab at his other friend's expense. Triere actually didn't seem stressed out at all, definitely bored though, and she wasn't getting any strange either. Let alone be able to just let off some steam with a good battle every once and awhile. For Triere though, she probably couldn't if it wasn't Koudo standing opposing her, in both situations.

"Your hand alright?"

Tifa rubbed her knuckles, enjoying the feeling of having a fist hitting something. It didn't look like she was in pain, but more as if relishing in the feeling. "Chyeah," she scoffed, almost like that question were supposed to be rhetorical. "Don't underestimate me." Even a bare punch from Tifa had its power to it, and she was more than physically equipped to deal heavy blows bare handed. "Must've seriously forgotten who I am because of my little rut, eh?" She shook her head, chuckling in a brazen manner. "Don't get it twisted around here." Still, as she said that, she could see that he had, at least a little bit.

"It's not because of that, per se," Tifa explained, rubbing the back of her neck awkwardly, almost like there were a hint of embarrassment. "... I actually literally meant 'action.'" No matter what it was, as long as it got her actively doing something that actually stimulated her, in whatever way, it was what relieved the tension that rapidly built up inside of her. "Doesn't matter what, as long as I actually enjoy myself, or it just makes things worse for me." She would hold in the tension from the actions she took that were not helping to relieve it, but instead causing more of a buildup, because the actions weren't an actual 'release.' "Just adds onto the stress. Hence why I do what I want, and why holding back here is..." She shook her head, lowering her hands and driving them back into her pockets. "... Uh. 'No Go'," to put it short and sweet.

Koudo knew exactly what she meant, without the need for her explanation. He used what he said as a generalization as well. Fighting used to be such a natural occurrence in Chita's life that there was no wonder that she was feeling backed up. She literally wasn't getting any, of anything! She had to be more restrained here than she ever had to be in her life, and Koudo felt really bad about it. Even when he was Kage for a little while, Mana was dead, so he could get all the random strange he wanted without a care in the world. In fact, he originally started doing it out of grief, replacing those feelings of sadness with instant physical gratification. He was so carefree, that sex was a meaningless thing to him, meant for pleasure when he wanted it. When he did those things with Mana, it wasn't just sex and something completely different to him.

"Then fight. Challenge that head master of yours when ever you need to cut loose. I got an in that she's actually really fucking powerful You can go all out in a fight with her." Certainly Koudo would talk up his other rival to help this rival blow off steam. It wasn't like Chita could fool around with any of the students. Well... she could, but it wouldn't be quite a good thing to do if she was really serious about this job.

He stopped rubbing his stomach and leaned back again while folding his arms. All Chita needed to do was talking it out with the Me-Ou, and he was sure that Shiniere would be able to accommodate her. When Chita got a really powerful student in her parish, then she'd have the perfect excuse to cut loose against them and classify it as a training exercise, as long as she didn't try killing the student. There were a bunch of different scenarios that could work for her.

All Koudo knew for sure was that all this talk about 'action' made him want some himself, and he wasn't talking about trading blows. Chita might not be able to mess around with the students, but Koudo wasn't on the staff. He wondered where the naughty co-eds were. Hehehehe.

Tifa shook her head at the thought of going to the new Head Mistress for this sort of thing. "Nah, she's too stiff." As cut and dry as what was said, Tifa also knew that the staff, especially the head, had better things to do than deal with a scrapper that was feeling out of the element. Especially not with how often she felt this way. "She could probably come up with a temporary solution and all, but.. Nothing permanent, I doubt." Then again, Tifa couldn't speak for the Me-ou, since she didn't know her all that well. "I'll think about it." This was her conclusion, if she couldn't think of something else.

"My only real option is Tear," she would say with a hint of frustration. "Even just thinking about asking him makes me..." She grit her teeth and clenched her fists in her pockets. For every reason why, she couldn't stand Tear, and found herself becoming tense from thinking about how much of a pompous ass he was. It really grinded her gears and got her worked up again. "... If I ever do land a hit on him, I'm sure it'll kill him." She usually was trying to ensure that he was dead on the spot every time she fought him, but she rarely ever landed a hit unless he let her, which is what made her even more irritated with he, himself. It was only just now that she'd come to the realization that perhaps she wasn't supposed to hit him, and that's why she was going through this. Suddenly, Tifa stopped trembling with irritation.

"I did forget to mention that there's a battle room made for this, but I just... It just don't cut it." Hitting something blindly and mindlessly was different from hitting something that would actually leave a lasting impact; something that would change or be changed afterward. "Something limp over something hard will never satisfy."

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Koudo's thoughts were already too preoccupied with thinking about college chicks in a foreign land and how much fun they could be. Thankfully he could multitask, but he was devoting a large amount of his brain power thinking about other things now.

"I don't even know who Tear is." Truthfully he didn't. Koudo was never good with remembering names or faces. This was especially true if he had never crossed paths with them more than once, or have never crossed swords with them. He just didn't choose to devote much brain power to remember people that wouldn't, or couldn't, become important to his growth. Most people from DWMA, in fact, were forgotten about because Koudo never truly needed DWMA to advance forward in his training with his soul partners. This was made even more true when it was revealed that they were different beings entirely from what Demon Weapons actually were and their fused form, Odea, was a cut above any average "Death Scythe."

"What happened to all the students, I didn't see any when I first arrived." He finally asked, deciding now to change the subject. It seemed like Chita had worked through most of her funk and no matter he already knew that her suggestive word choice was just the way that she chose to spoke. It held no bearing on him whatsoever.

"Good," Tifa snapped quickly, with her eyes narrowed, "If you do meet him, you'll want to kill him, too." If she knew Koudo, he'd be tired of dealing with Tear just about as fast as Tifa, herself, if not sooner. Then again, the two of them had the whole 'guy thing' about them, though Tear didn't seem too much like an actual guy at all. Tifa, herself, felt like she fit the role more than he did. Still thinking about him was something she did not want to do.

Fortunately for her, Koudo seemed to be on the same wavelength as her, as they probably would be considering they were still inside of the chambers of her soul. She could already see Koudo was just about as done with Tear before he'd even met him as Tifa, herself, was just from the thought. It was an easy mark leaving him out of their mouths.

"The students?" The way she sounded, it seemed like Tifa weren't at all aware of the events that were going on beyond the borders of this room. "Not there?" Tifa wasn't at all completely sure of how this school worked, but she was aware that there should have been SOMEONE doing SOMETHING out there. "Chhh... Field trip?" She shrugged casually. "You never know what they got going on around here. Hell, maybe I should go check it out, myself." If she'd known, she might have participated in whatever function was happening. It might even have been something that would have ended up keeping her busy. "You didn't ask the boss lady when you arrived?" She found that more strange than Koudo actually asking Tifa, herself.

Koudo rose a hand to tap his bottom lip in contemplation. Now that he thought about it, he couldn't remember if he had asked Shiniere about the students, or where they were, but then he hadn't been thinking about them then either. "I was too busy eating some pizza I found on a random table." He blatantly said.

Shiniere might have mentioned it, but he was so preoccupied with finding out about how the Restrictions thing worked that he only remembered them talking about that. Shiniere hadn't looked very concerned about the students either, and hadn't asked him about them either, so he figured she had the situation under control and knew what the deal was.

Now that he thought about it, Shiniere mentioned this Tear person as well, and she hadn't any idea where he was. Putting two and two together, Koudo could only surmise that the students may have been with this Tear person, or Shiniere had sent them somewhere for whatever reason. Either way, he didn't necessarily care where all of them were, just the women.

NOW that he was thinking about it, Koudo snapped his fingers and and slammed the bottom of his fist into the open palm of his hand. Slyly, he inched over towards Chita slowly before brushing shoulders with her, "Heeeey~, let me see Riiiita~." In all the confusion with talking to Shiniere and then coming her with Chita and talking out all her troubles, he almost forgot that he wanted to see if it were possible to talk to Rita. He didn't have any particular reason for wanting to do this, he just figured it's be pretty cool.

Tifa chuckled at the 'pizza' comment, desiring some, herself. "Nice." She might just go hit up the food court sometime soon, too. The sound of pizza was actually pretty nice. "You know they got a movie place here...?" She was just rambling on about what the features of this school were, which honestly were pretty cool. She would check them all out one day, maybe while all the students were off doing something or whatever.

"Rita?" The invitation certainly was just as uncommon as the name, itself, considered Tifa dealt with the whole bipolar thing she got from her mother a while back. "That's... Talkin WAAAY back, you know." Being one-of-mind-and-spirit separated the dividing line between Chita and Rita and also helped keep Tifa, herself, altogether. "I don't think it's a good idea to even do that, either, since Rita was the one with the control issues, like my mother." She shook her head at the thought of being like her... 'mother,' if she could be called that anymore. Not like she ever really was, anyway, honestly, so the shift actually put that more into perspective than took it out of place. That was not who she was, nor was she like her 'family.' "These Tensei Restrictions also keep that in place. I don't really know how they work all the way, but one thing I do know is, it keeps me from switching up." Tifa sighed. "Rita... Is nothing but a memory of my former self. The one that probably should have been handling these things..."

But, that's when it hit her, for the first time in however long, she understood Rita and why she was there once before, and how Tifa was supposed to be using her instead of neglecting her, like she used to, in defiance. "That's it!!!" Tifa shouted, suddenly causing the room to brighten and expand, "It's Rita! That's why I haven't been doing this right!" Tifa knew her own history with her own alter ego well, and Rita was something about herself she tried to cover up and hide; the part she was ashamed of, wherein all she did as Chita was everything she was proud of. "The elegant, snobby, know-it-all!! It's PERFECT!" As a child, Tifa was neglected, and that neglect turned into Rita, which she, too, neglected, which was why she always wanted to have control and never let go. Yet, now that they were one, and Tifa rarely ever tapped into that part of herself she neglected, because she was still neglecting it, she couldn't perform a task that required that type of behavior that she neglected and rejected from herself.

Now that she'd started thinking about this, Tifa started to pace around. "Damn, thanks Koudo. I shoulda thought of that sooner." Her personal issues kept her from doing that, but that was something she kept to herself.

Koudo stepped off, once Chita started pacing and her mind started racing. While he had some small, basic, understanding of the Tensei Restrictions, since Shiniere had explained it to him, he didn't really understand the connection between that and what Chita was talking about. He folded his arms.

If he was thinking logically, then Chita could be thinking about using the Restrictions thing to make a version of herself that was Rita, but he could be completely wrong. Instead of keeping the thoughts to himself, "So, what, you gonna make one of those alternate body things that's Rita so she can teach instead?" He asked. If she was going to go about it like that, then he supposed Rita would fit right in at the school with the likes of Shiniere and whoever the hell this Tear person was. He had only had a brief interaction with Rita himself, threatening her because he was afraid of her, but she seemed like the type that would take pleasure in controlling a classroom of people.

He was only really asking if he could see Rita because he wondered if he could work his charms on her, since they didn't work on Chita. Who would have thought lewd intentions could have led Chita to such a miraculous breakthrough?

"Body what?" Tifa inquired hastily, stopping in her tracks for a moment to lift her head and look at Koudo with a questionable look on his face. "The hell are you talking about?" Tifa, of all the Tensei, knew the least about the actual workings of the family and the fullness of their abilities. Sure, she knew they could do all sorts of things, and she was also linked up the the hive-mind, but that didn't mean that she just knew everything. It just meant that she was capable of actually finding it out. Shots in the dark still wouldn't help her, even if she could get info on them.

"I was talking about unlocking my Soul and letting out the things I normally don't, which she is one of." Even though Tifa was leveled out and balanced out between Chita and Rita, she still naturally leaned towards her more familiar habits under Chita, and left all the habits and traits of Rita virtually untouched. "I might be a whole new person, though..." Tifa placed one of her hands on her chest, over her heart, and the room that had expanded would suddenly contract, with the barely tangible barriers of the walls compacting to solids again. "... A person... I don't know." She closed her eyes, furrowing her brow. "... That's what I'm becoming, though, isn't it...?" It was sudden, it was tough, and it made her really think deeply; this decision. Her hesitation was only so that she could contemplate the ramifications of her actions. Deep down, she knew that Rita was the controlling one, and if those habits seeped into Tifa, she may not be able to restrain herself and lock it back up in her soul. Another fight with herself was the last thing she wanted. She pondered on.

Koudo rose his hands, defensively, at Chita's quick questioning. He thought he was on the same page as her, but even in a room that was her soul they were on two completely different wavelengths. Luckily she felt it necessary to enlighten him, instead of question him more about what he was talking about. He only had a limited understanding the Tensei Restrictions, and it definitely wasn't enough to explain it to someone else.

The room got really cramped after that, and Koudo sighed while swiping his hand down his face. "Do it." Was what he said, placing his hands on her shoulders, "No matter what, it will still be you." After all, Rita was her as well, from what he could understand. He still hadn't fully grasped how this room worked, but he was beginning to pick up on the vibes her wavelength was putting down and his soul was definitely grooving on it.

She was feeling the same things that he was feeling when he first learned about his dragonic heritage, as well as what he felt when he finally came to terms with it and unlocked his dragonic abilities fully. He was afraid to lose himself to the power every time he ever unleashed it, and afraid that he would never be able to regain control. It took Naina being there for him to get over that fear and he was finally able to fully overcome it and truly unite as one with his other self. Chita was going through the same thing, and he knew it was tough, but he was here. He'd be Naina.

"That sounds soo weird in my head, but trust me. I know that it's tough and that you're afraid that you'll lose your semblance of self, but Rita is just as much you as... well you." He shut his eyes tight, cursing inwardly at how stupid that sounded. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes to try again, "I can't really word it right. Just... Rita is you too, you won't be lost. I'm here for you."

Tifa would look up at Koudo with eyes that sparkled for a moment at the intake of his words, because they really were what she needed to hear to realize that it was all actually just herself. The parts she didn't have control over were only that way because she kept denying herself, but... This time, after hearing his words, she knew that what she'd been thinking was only her weakness. "... Chyeah. What was I thinking, eh?" Finally, she smiled. It started off small, but eventually grew to the crooked smirk of anticipation she used to get when going out on a mission back in the old days. The same excitement she'd felt when she was hunting for souls, or going to a fight, or any of those other things that had calmed down nowadays. The thrill of the unknown and the heat of the battle. This was, in its own way, both of those things, yet within herself instead of outwardly; something she was actually weak to where the things that were outside of her, she was naturally strong with.

"I remember almost doing this once..." Tifa started to say, as she placed her other hand up to her chest, and a large keyhole appeared on it, whose projection was cast up to the green dome around them, plastered upon it in a similar fashion. "... You were there. And I remember we almost got swallowed up by it." She lowered her hands once the Sealed Soul was in its 'Set' position, and ready to be unlocked. "... So be careful with whatever comes out, get it?" Even Tifa, herself, didn't know what was going to happen, since she kept her own soul locked up like this. As the Keyhole on both her chest and the outward projection of her soul started to glow, the whole room would rumble and quake violently.

Koudo was glad that she was able to understand what he couldn't exactly put into words. While he had a silver tongue in some situation, serious situations like this never leaded themselves well to his slick speech. It had to be the vibes his soul was giving off that was allow them to groove on the same frequency. It had to be that that allowed her to understand what he was saying to her.

Koudo looked down at her, only now realizing the height difference, as he always did with women, and smiled as well. He remembered that birthday night as well, where she told him to seek her out if things didn't work out with Mana. Unfortunately, she ended up turning him down in the long run, but he remembered the event that she was talking about as well. It was second time he pushed her to exceed her self inflicted limitations, but that time was an accident. Now, it was on purpose.

"You got it," he responded with a nod of his head. He guessed that maybe more than getting the chance to be with her, it was always his role/job to push her to realize her true self, whatever and whoever that might be. Koudo was resolute in the knowledge that she wouldn't come out of those a completely different person, but he activated his infestation just to be on the safe side. With the room so small, if there was a negative feedback backlash, he wanted to be protected against.

Tifa concentrated hard on unlocking the seal on her Sealed Soul. This was not difficult to do, and, in fact, without much effort or thought, the actual keyhole on her chest shattered into green shards, which immediately shot up toward the green sphere encasing the two of them and filled up the keyhole space.

When that keyhole broke, however, something much more drastic occurred immediately. From all around, numerous chains with locks on them stretched out from the platform and into the expanse of what was beyond it, which looked like empty, infinite space stretching on forever. The chains were green; the same color as the soul they dispersed from, with the actual soul, itself, blazing wildly all over the field like a torch. The green light was far larger than before, and no longer had any containment properties. Many natural laws, such as gravity, were immediately neutralized, and the two of them would float up into the air.

Tifa, herself, had eyes glowing the same bright green as all of the things around her, and a large white, nigh crystalline light that was glowing from her chest. In the stead of the Void that had always taken inwardly from her and all around her, the same as it had done last time, this time the Void was pure white; a White Hole, and was constantly outpouring energy from a source beyond. Tifa's eyes bore down into Koudo, with her mouth agape, and her body nearly limp, as if she weren't there, yet also were coherent simultaneously.

Once the Vessel of the Crystal Heart was unlocked, through means of the Heart, then and only then would the Crystal Heart, itself, shine its Light that outpoured from Tifaret, who had been awakened from and by it due to the matters of the Heart.

There, spurting from the white hole on her chest, would come a greater light, which stretched out over the expanse and wrapped around the chains in various places as an ambiguous energy, before coming to a solidification as crystalline claws and a tail wrapped around like a serpent along the length, all the way to the platform, where the tip of the tail would rest, still connected to Tifaret. It was the Crystal Dragon that lived within the Crystal Heart, and within those who harbored the Crystal Heart; one of the Divine Pets of the Tensei Clan.

"... Who Dares?" it spake regally, with a tone that was of a familiar eloquence that was uncommon to Tifaret and her own speech pattern. The Crystal Dragon would lay loosely on the chains that were used to rest its body upon appearance, with a foreclaw languorously limp, and the sharp, green eyes squinting at the one who was not attached to the Crystal Dragon's vessel... Actually awaiting an answer to its question.

Koudo was expecting a negative energetic feedback, not a neutralization of gravity, and so he was lifted off the ground along with Chita's body, which he held firm too so that it didn't drift too far away. He was forced to squint with the bright light show threatening to irritate his sensitive sight, but he remain firm in his eye contact with Chita so she could continue to see that he was here, even if she couldn't actually see if. The White Hole's outpour of energy threatened to push him away, the force of it all battering against him body, but he stayed unyielding.

Once it, something finally emerged, sporting much brighter lights that Koudo was forced to shield his eyes from, he heard the voice of a being that was definitely not Chita. Once the lights died down enough for him to actually see, he beheld the being that was speaking to him, but wasn't really sure what was actually going on, "Yo, I am Koudo, and I am also a dragon."

"Dragonblood..." The Crystal Dragon, of which had decided to take on a feminine form due to its release from a feminine source, would speak with a feminine tone, which echoed all about the outer expanse of the room. The acoustics found themselves hitting the platform at different times, creating the echoed effect that one usually hears when speaking to large beings in an open space. "... You Are Familiar. Yes." The Crystal Dragon was aware of the blood of its kin, as all Dragonblood should be, once they reach a certain age. Each had to face one at some point in youth, so those that were seasoned would know when they were faced with another. "... The Girl Likes You, And So The Sentiments In Her Heart Are Sensitive On My Nostrils." The Crystal Dragon closed its eyes.

"You Are Surprised To See That This Is What Was Inside Of The Girl, Locked Away. Certainly, There Is No Reason To Know Why, Lest You Inquire. The Vessel's Void Is Our Resting Place, Along With Her Troubles." The Crystal Dragon laid its head down on one of the chains, letting its long neck trace the length before the head curved off and would hang only slightly from the chin off the edge, with the face now much closer to the platform than before. "I Am The One Inside She Fears; The One Who Was Once Called 'Rita' Before That Void Was Filled With My Light."

Koudo knew that Chita had dragonblood. He didn't know that during their first encounter, because he didn't even know he was a dragon either, but he could have known deep down. Once he had met Chita he felt something, a resonance perhaps? He wasn't really sure what it was, but it drove him to seek her much more than anyone else, possibly to the point that he ignored Triere much more in search for the companionship of Chita. Mana was mixed in there was well, but wasn't any otherworldly thing that drew him to Mana. He just loved her.

He was... surprised that this was what was inside of Chita, locked away, and it only made the parallels between them that much more vivid to him. Last they met, she showed hints of her dragonic nature, maybe she even said words about it as well, and the meeting before that she said she was dealing with a dragon of some sort as well. Koudo could only assume that this was what she was talking about, but he didn't know that it was what Rita had become in the time that had passed.

"...oookay." He needed a bit of time to process this, and understand exactly what and why the dragon decided to come out and chat with him instead of letting Chita do what she had to do. When he came to terms with his own dragon, he had a solitary conversation with it, and he didn't understand why the same wasn't happening with Chita.

"Shouldn't you be talking to Chita, though? I mean, she wants to get together with you."

The Crystal Dragon closed its eyes. "You Asked To See Me, Even Without Knowing. So, Here I Am, And You Would Dismiss Me?" There was a low growl and steady grumble. "Maybe I Was Wrong About You Knowing Your Own Kind!" There was a decisive huff, with a vaporous light that streamed out of the Crystal Dragon's nostrils. "The Way I Communicate With The Girl Is In A Manner That She Is Not Yet Prepared To Handle, As You Can See." Upon the tail of the Crystal Dragon, where Tifaret was dangling midair, relatively completely consciously linked with the Crystal Dragon itself, yet harboring no control over it, the dragon spake, "As She Is, She Is Of No Power To Be Able To Handle All That Is Within Her. She Has Things To Do Before She Is Ready To Utilize The Fullness Of The Strength Of The Crystal Heart That Beats Within Her." Perhaps, this young man wouldn't know of what the Tensei nor their elementals were up to, and that is how it should be. "The Reason I Came Out Instead Of Allowing A Steady Feed Of My Power Was Specifically To Talk To You, Who Were Able To Get Her To Unlock The Seal In The First Place." Though the Crystal Dragon had greater influence of what came out when the seal was unlocked, and how much of it came out, Tifaret, herself, had control over the seal that kept the Crystal Dragon contained.

"Do You Remember What She Spake About 'Control?'" The Crystal Dragon's eye opened up, glaring at Koudo with an emerald sheen, "This Is Why. She Has No True Control Over Me, And I Have More Over Her Than She Knows. It Is Because Of How Much Was Within Rita, The Name Of Her Void, Itself." Where the Crystal Heart and the Crystal Dragon within the Crystal Heart resided was the gap that was once a Void endlessly seeking something to fill it. Now that it was filled with the being that was taking its rightful place, there was only the matter of teaching the girl how to control it. "We Are Using Our Vessels For A Greater Purpose In The Background. There Is No Use In Explaining The Wisdom Of The Divine To Our Vessels Until They Are Apt Enough To Understand It, Themselves. By The Unconscious One's Vacancy At The Exposure Of My Presence, You Can See That She Is Not Ready To Speak With Me, Nor Fulfill My Purpose, Nor Her Own." Again, the Crystal Dragon dangled its tail of light, of which Tifaret hung from, by the chest, which still poured out light infinitely and into the Crystal Dragon.

"Answer Me This," the Crystal Dragon continued on, "What Is Your Intention With This Girl?"

The haughty, overblown pride of a dragon. Koudo rolled his eyes. Certainly being one himself, he didn't have the time nor patience to deal with it, but he held his tongue and folded his arms as he finally grounded himself. While the natural laws of physics had been neutralized, Koudo had finally grown tired of floating and preferred to have his feet touching the ground. He made it so.

As the dragon spoke, the commonality that he thought he shared with Chita was ripped apart the more that Rita spoke about Control, Vessels, Divine Wisdom and Greater Purpose. If was too much baggage. It was how he ended up feeling about everything when it came to the Tensei that he knew. They always came with some much fucking baggage. Coming to terms with his dragon was really as simple as coming to terms with the fact that he wasn't human and accepting the monster within. Control was always essential, but there was nothing about vessels, Divine Wisdom and blah blah blah.

He closed his eyes, "She's my friend and I want to see her succeed." Koudo tried to have, and maintain, friendly rivalries. While he always wanted to be ahead of his rivals, he wanted to see them achieve greatness as well and would push them when they needed to be pushed. In fact, he made it his solo mission to push anyone that he had a relationship with to strive from greater heights. He assumed it came from once being a part of Weapon X, where mediocrity wasn't ever an option.

The Crystal Dragon, of which was directly connected to Tifaret's soul, of which Koudo was also still within, could feel his emanations as he lowered himself to the ground of his own accord, as it seemed he was capable of doing at any given time. The body of Tifaret remained suspended, however, and completely under the Crystal Dragon's control. "... I Am The One With The Control For A Reason," it muttered, still in echoes. "This One Seeks The Control I Have, And May Only Achieve It Through Me. Just As She Would When Dealing With Rita, As A Void." The uncontrollable one, Chita, was always going to be controlled by the controlled one, Rita, because that was where all the control that Chita rejected would lie; thus also all being withing the Crystal Dragon to which Rita had expanded into.

"This May Be Much For You," The Crystal Dragon continued on, "But I Thought Your Heart Was For This Girl. If Your Disinterest In Me Is So Great, And I Am In Her Heart, Then Your Disinterest In Her Is Final." There was no questioning this matter, after what the Crystal Dragon had seen. As it were, dragons were indeed like this, and as such, so too was the Crystal Dragon; each of those words that Koudo's own wavelengths would emanate in his actions and feelings, all of which were as clear as day to one that could see light waves as actual frequencies and not as light, itself. "I Will Give Her More Of My Power, That She May Mature. All This Untapped Energy May Be Mine, But I Keep It From Her Because It Is Also The Measurements Of Her Potential. I Have Control For A Reason, As I Said." Whether or not this was understood, the Crystal Dragon would still do as it would. "When I Return To The Confines Of Her Soul, She Will Not Be As She Was, For I Will Be Feeding Her More Of My Essence, Which Is Her Potential." Tifaret was not fully mature, and it was certainly because of that seal on her very soul keeping her feelings locked up, and also stunted, which hindered her overall growth. "You Will Understand My Purpose Soon Enough. You're More Finely Connected To Me Than You Realize, Even Beyond Just The Girl. We've Been Watching You, Specifically, For Quite A While." At that, the Crystal Dragon returned to silence, awaiting the words of Koudo before being just about ready to return the seal.

Koudo didn't have a disinterest in Chita. He didn't even care either way about the dragon Rita either. He didn't particularly care for its personality, but you compromise. What he was disinterested in was the idea of divine purpose determined by a higher power. Koudo has always been a man that fought against Destiny and forged his own future. It was kind of his thing.

Any disinterest this dragon was reading from him was purely coincidental and must have been scryed from his body language. The dragon decided to acquiesce and gift Chita some of her potential power and that was all he and Chit were asking for, he assumed. Her situation was so much different from his own.

Koudo opened his eyes and looked at the dragon, when it said it's final piece, with a raised eyebrow and a smirk. "There's always people watching me, take a number." Still he couldn't help to wonder exactly what that meant. But there more important matters like witnessing what Chita was about to become right before his very eyes.

The eyes of the Crystal Dragon narrowed acutely, as if gazing beyond Koudo as he was and deeper into something else; many things beyond, yet still connected to he, himself. It was only moments later he would hear the voice churning from the construct of light and crystal, shimmering like its body, "... You Will See Very Soon Exactly What I Mean." Finally, the Crystal Dragon bid itself away, being drawn back into Tifaret's soul, where it would be focused to the confines of a crystalline heart over her chest, which would then shape to become a keyhole, and finally, all of the chains stretching out to the beyond withdrawing and layering themselves one after another atop the realm and seeping back into the flaring aura, of which calmed down every time a chain withdrew into and upon it.

Soon, it would look no different than it had before, and the room would return to as it had been before the Crystal Dragon was released; as would Tifaret.

Eh. The dragon had to deal with Koudo's grandstanding, it was something that never went away and it was his nature, as a dragon, to do so. It was essential the same as Rita. She gave off the air of all-knowing knowledge and wisdom. Koudo responded in kind with an air of all-encompassing power. Every dragon was proud of something.

He expected her final words, even if he had no idea what they meant and probably wouldn't realize when the occurrence would actually happen. As it returned to the seal on Chita, Koudo moved over to catch Chita falling body, once gravity was returned to the area that they had been speaking in.

Naturally, as all regained its natural order, and the Crystal Dragon was back within the confines of Tifa's Sealed Soul, her body would fall from the air and right into Koudo's arms, who was prepared to catch her.

After what happened, her eyes looked sunken and tired, and she seemed short of breath, like a lot had been taken out of her. There was a faint glow around her and her hair no longer looked as it did before, but instead like a smoldering candle flickering weakly at the ponytail. Tifa remained unconscious for a short time, only to open her eyes a while after and see Koudo looking down at her. "... Put... Me down," she'd say weakly, as she slowly regained her strength. The aura of the entire room was as faint as her speech, and it would look like a thin stream of small green embers would have encircled the entire room. The green hue was barely visible any longer, and the floor was returning to its natural all-white coloration, with only faint hints of green tint from the small embers.

"Right." Koudo affirmed immediately and lowered her to the ground slowly enough so that she could stand on her own without too much effort. The whole process seemed like it had been taxing on her, unlike how it had been when he went through his ordeal and came out more energized than he'd ever felt before.

Looking her over, she didn't look very different. Aside from the flame jet spout out of her head where her ponytail used to be, she looked pretty unchanged. The flame jet was definitely a drastic change, but it didn't seem that big a deal since he'd been expecting much more significant aesthetic changes.

"How do you feel?"

Tifa stood on her feet, weakly though, and with her eyes half open and slumped over. She seemed somewhat out of it, and somehow drained of her energy. "... Tired," she said, wondering exactly what happened that drained her so much. "... I faintly remember..." she muttered, holding her head with a hand, "... Flashes of light... In and out..." What Tifa had seen whilst the Crystal Dragon had control over her body were only glimpses of where she was through slips of consciousness here and there. She also heard bits and pieces of the conversation, but ultimately felt stranger than she looked.

Rolling her fingers through her pinned up hair, she noticed that her strands of hair were no longer strands of hair, but actual energy that felt like dipping her hand into a pool of water, yet with the flickering emanations of an actual fire. Her eyes widened briefly and she grasped her ponytail quickly, only to find that it was ethereal, like a blazing light. "... What the hell...?" There were no changes to her appearance other than this, it seemed, but this was enough of a change to be considered something significant. "... I guess..." she murmured, "... I got more power coming from the Crystal Heart." Slowly, but surely, as she payed more attention to the Crystal Heart sealed inside her, she would feel more rejuvenated. Tired, still, but now significantly less than before, Tifa stood upright and gazed at Koudo with her dreary eyes. "... Whatever happened, I certainly don't feel like I did before." The tone of her voice, which had also lowered in her tire, made this partially clear. "... What happened?"

"The dragon thing talked, I listened, then it went back inside after saying it would give you some more of it's power and that there were people watching me." Koudo replied with a shrug of his shoulders. He assumed that the bulk of the conversation was necessarily for Chita's ears, though the dragon hadn't specifically told him not to speak on the matters to Chita. And honestly, he just didn't want to tell her because he wouldn't be able to actually explain what the hell the dragon was talking about.

He folded his arms, "It was a lot about Divine Purpose and wisdom and whatever. And that the dragon controls you and not the other way around." Then he shrugged again.

Tifa huffed, actually wanting to know what it was that the Crystal Dragon, of whom she did remember bonding with when she cleansed and took on the Crystal Heart, was saying about her and itself. "... Controls ME, huh?" She rolled her eyes defiantly, crossing her arms. "Sounds like Rita." She rolled her eyes back to Koudo, keeping a placid expression on her face. "And you see why I don't associate with Rita."

When she said that, Tifa suddenly felt a sharp pain in her chest, which she immediately clenched with her hand. "Ugh..." she groaned, still feeling weary, "If the Crystal Heart is giving me more power, damn it hurts." She huffed and puffed a bit, but eventually felt better. "... Not enough power, I suppose." She knew herself to say that quite often, actually, only to bite off more than she could chew. Where normally she wouldn't give a second though to her own words, this time, Tifa would pause and reconsider. "... Or... Maybe it is?" She figured that this was why she was in pain. There was a faint memory of when she took the Crystal Heart on and it was fractured, and it ended up paining her. "... I think drawing too much power hurts me more than I realize." In fact, now that she thought back, there was a time before where she was with Koudo and the Crystal Heart did something similar, which was why she was laying off using its power. "... If the dragon is in control of how much I receive, then fine. Maybe I shouldn't be focused on the defiance of the control, but working on the control, myself. Just as much a part of me as I am of it, so. At the end of the day, it's like you said." Tifa straightened up and gave an exasperated sigh, then scratched the back of her head. "... Both still me." This only gave Tifa aspiration to get stronger so that in the Crystal Dragon's eyes, she could be more fit to gain more of its respect and power from the Crystal Heart. She presumed her first step was with this whole 'teacher' gig. That would definitely prove something. "I'll just have to trust the other one, then..."

As it stood though, Tifa was actually rather tired and nowhere near up to doing much of anything. The drain from releasing the Crystal Dragon and unlocking the Crystal Heart left her feeling barely anything, which was probably for the best since she was once feeling a whole lot. It was like having a once filled jar that suddenly expanded and now was lacking instead of being full.

The dragon definitely had Rita's mannerism. In fact, it blatantly told him that it was what Rita had become once Chita's Void had been filled. He... didn't really understand the meaning of that, but he could understand that Rita had gone through a sort of metamorphosis at the same time Chita had when she acquired whatever she did when she filled her Void.

"You look like you need some rest." She certainly looked drained. Better than she looked when she first awoke, but drained nonetheless. "Or I could share some chakra with you..." It wouldn't be a taxing endeavor for him at all since he had actually used much, if any, chakra since he had come to the Veritas. He didn't want to just do it though, knowing his Infestation technique was highly intrusive and uncomfortable to people that weren't accepting of it.

Tifa shook her head, deciding against sharing energy with Koudo. "Nah. I'd rather test my own recovery as is." It wasn't that she didn't want to share Koudo's chakra, it was only the fact of the matter that Tifa wanted to be strong on her own, as she was accustomed. "I think the Crystal Heart is regenerating me somewhat rapidly, so I want to see what it's going to do since apparently I'm getting a greater feed from it." Tifa still was one that liked to rely on her own strength, after all, especially when she was feeling weak, even if that weakness was only just being tired and drained.

"What I do know, though, is that while I am recovering, I want some food from the food court." Since Koudo was talking about pizza before, Tifa was pretty hungry. "... Or, if you're up to it, we could go catch a movie." Tifa kept to herself most of the time while she was here in Pandemia, so she never checked out the features that all the students did. Not to mention, she wanted to avoid too much attention from the students, themselves, and didn't go to their social hangouts. "Or, did you want to do something? You are the guest, after all. In more ways than one." Tifa was a resident of both the Veritas AND Pandemia, so she could do these things anytime. Koudo, on the otherhand, was resident of neither, and thus had priority in the selection because of it, in Tifa's head.

Koudo could understand that. He was the same way, though there was never anyone that could give him an infusion of energy that wasn't in the form of an attack. He was interested in seeing how this crystal heart thing giving Chita more power would effect her too, besides changing her hair.

Koudo stepped forward, approaching Chita as she asked if he wanted to get grub, and reached out to touch her head and see exactly how her hair worked. It didn't look tangible at all, especially since Chita's hands had passed right through it when she was inspecting it as well. He couldn't fight his curiosity.

Koudo scoffed at the notion of staying in Pandemia and the Delta. It was a great place, really it was, and he loved see how much it had changed since the Veritas became its own sovereign universe, but he wanted to see more of the world. "Ask for some time off. Let's do something really fun and go clubbing in Valparaiso." If she couldn't get time off, then he'd whisper questions of Shiniere about alternate forms of either herself, or Chita, if any existed, that were around Valparaiso and he'd asked to be sent there.

Honestly, now that he thought about it, he wondered why Chita, when she wasn't teaching a class or whatever, didn't just go to hang out and do her thing in Valparaiso for the night and then come back. He referenced Valparaiso in particular because he used to live there, and clubbing with students of Pandemia would probably be really boring. Not only that, but he didn't know how, or if, the Dusk had changed at all so he didn't even think about it.

"Who says I gotta ask--"

Tifa was cut off by Koudo's eagerness to touch her now ethereal hair, of which would immediately flare up like a kindled fire once his hand passed into it. It didn't feel like hair nor fire, but it emanated a heat that passed through physical structures, something like the manners of the Soul. "... Yeah, don't touch me," she said callously, stepping back away from him and shooting a death glare. She definitely didn't feel comfortable with someone touching a part of her she didn't understand, let alone being touched carelessly at all, even though Koudo was actually one of the few she allowed to touch her at all. Her hair was still fiery and flaring about as this occurred, which gave her head the appearance of a lamp with a white fire; nigh translucent and barely tangible save for the emanations.

"Uh, anyway, yeah, we can sneak in and sneak out with no problem. Don't forget that my power is still over Voids, even if it wasn't my original power." That, she got from Rita, which was why, after Tifa's Void was filled, it became white when she used it instead of black, like it used to. A white vortex appeared behind her, already with 'Valparaiso' in mind.

Interesting. From what Koudo could see, her energy like hair responded to fluxes in her emotions. Koudo smirked a little bit at the realization.

This wasn't the first time that he had seen something like this. Mana had hair that reacted similarly to shifts in her emotions, but the differences were there. For one, Mana's mane of hair, that charted celestial bodies, actually had a tangibility to it. His hand never just passed through it, but Chita's hair didn't have a physical form at all. When Chita felt different emotions her hair responded in kind, growing more fiery when she felt emotions of that kind, and probably dying down when she felt otherwise. Mana's hair had shifting galaxies that moved and altered with her emotions and there was a glow to it that dimmed when she was feeling blue emotions.

He held his hands up defensively at Chita's snap with a nervous laugh. He couldn't help himself, but he wouldn't invade her personal space again, if he could help it, understanding that she was still rather uncertain about the changes that had transpired. When she conjured a void that would send them on their way, he stepped through without a second thought or word of confirmation.

Eying Koudo all the way into the void, Tifaret would follow right behind him, and the void would disperse behind the two of them. The room grew dark and the white platform no longer had color, save for solid white.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Jinseigami Amaterasu :: Sun's White Lotus; Alice of the Crystal Heart
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Void 58: Random Outing

A white void appeared in the center of Valhalla, the City of Ruin, in an intersection of one of the empty streets. Out of it would step Koudo and Tifa, of whom were expelled from it after entering from the other end.

They stood before many large, seemingly refurbished and mechanized buildings, yet in streets that were ultimately empty. The buildings looked rather technologically sound, as though there had been some sort of rebuild that happened in this section of the city wherein other parts in the outskirts seemed run down and dilapidated. This was Tifa's first time in Valparaiso in a while.

"... Is this the right place...?" Last she checked, Valparaiso was the slummy back alley of the Veritas, not a technologically sound or stable society. "Almost reminds me of the Dusk..." Tifa shuddered a bit at the thought.

Koudo breathed in deeply, inhaling the smell of Valparaiso and feeling more at home during his visit to the Veritas than he ever had. Valparaiso had, in large part, been the only place that Koudo had willingly chosen to live in. He had only abandoned it when Priere went on her rampage, threatened his life, and forced him to withdraw from the Veritas in its entirety for the safety of his family. It wasn't long after that the Veritas was sacked by the tyrannical Maze and crew and replaced with the weak Moirai.

This... particular area that Chita had dropped them in didn't look much like he remembered, but the feeling was the same. A land of scavengers that benefited from the scraps of other civilizations to build itself up. He had to agree that this area looked a lot like the Dusk, but he assumed it was only because they had gotten their hands on some primo Dusk tech, advanced or not, and used it to build the city up as best they could.

Koudo stepped forward from the side of Chita, mesmerized by the nostalgia that shined in his eyes. He opened his arms, outstretching them to all of Valparaiso before him and screamed, "Home!The prodigal son, Koudo, returns!" He wasn't sure how much it had changed, whether the people he remembered were preserved with the Veritas's universal migration or if they were cast out into Vescrutia's wilds in the universe he'd come from. Either way, time and space had probably replaced them with near perfect replicas as he knew they had him.

"Yeah, yeah, home sweet home, huh?" Tifa snickered, feeling a bit more lively, herself. "I do admit that knowing I can be a little more free..." She stretched her arms in the air, cracking her back a bit, "... Does make me a little more at ease, too." Tifa didn't really get out much because she didn't really think about any of the places of the Veritas, and also because she was so concerned about her own problems that she ended up being isolated instead of desiring to escape to a place that was wide and free. "Though, I can't say I really come to this place often. As good as it is for busting heads, it's still weird for people to get fresh with ya and feel like they can pick a fight." Then again, Tifa, in her younger years, was just like that. She shrugged after stretching. "Okay, well, let's see what we can get into here. I don't really know the new terrain at all, soooo..." It seemed like they would be hoofing it for a bit, searching for some direction.

Koudo stood there, with his arms outstretched and eyes closed, basking in the atmosphere for a small amount longer. Truthfully, he was waiting for someone to yell for him to clam it, and that would be what would really make this moment all the more special, but he figured that would be asking too much. He rather not keep Chita waiting either.

She raised another interesting point though, however, and that was the fact that she didn't really know the new terrain. If he assumed that it was because she hadn't been here in a while, but her last visit was more recent than his own, then he wouldn't really know how things had changed either. If that were the case, then they'd just be roaming around aimlessly, trying to find something to do, and Koudo really wasn't too keen on doing such a thing.

He lowered his arms, as he opened his eyes, and turned his head to looking his shoulder at Chita with a smirk, "Not a problem." He turned to face forward again and slammed his hands together, clapping loudly, invoking his Sage Transformation. While Koudo had mitigated the need to stand still in order to absorb natural energy and transform, and could passively absorb natural energy, he had stepped it up past that and was always in a state where he had enough natural energy flowing in and out of his body to invoke the transformation at will. It was the first steps towards perpetually being in the state; The state becoming his base form, instead of a transformation.

A swipe of blue tribal markings spread across Koudo's eyes and under his lip. "I can get a decent look at what the terrain looks like." He assured Chita as he knelt and touched the ground with one of his index figures. What he wasn't telling her however, was that he in this state he wasn't only getting a clear mental map of the area, but he was sending out a sort of energy radar that would alert him to anyone with energy that felt familiar to him. Chita was the real deal, but there were other hits that he got. One and then two, then five and then fifteen. He smiled. With that many pings, it meant something spectacular.

He stood up after a couple of seconds and allowed the Sage Transformation to leave him, and then he put his hand to his mouth and whistled. It was a specific melody with lots of sounds that the human ear couldn't naturally register mixed with sounds that could be heard. Once it was done, he folded his arms.

When Koudo read the energy of the land, he would be able to see the terrain in the general vicinity as clearly as he could.

The many buildings that were standing looking refined and refurbished were filled with many lifeforms, but most of them were inorganic, as it seemed that the buildings, themselves, were as well. Down the line of buildings, he would be able to sense where a congregation of organic beings had congregated at the end of several blocks.

In the distance, there were some powerful forces at work, whose energy neared or rivaled his own, but were located a long ways away.

He would also be able to tell that the land was dry and barren and lacked life, making his Sage chakra less effective due to the lack of life in the actual ground, itself. Though, his chakra was channeled through what he would pick up as blood; the blood of the slain, and it would conduct like electricity, which was how his chakra could work through the nearly dead and barren earth.

Some of the beings that he picked up on also picked up on him after he traced them, feeling the power influx.

A strange feeling accompanied by a strange noise echoed throughout the land. There was silence for a while, longer than what one would expect, but sooner or later the sound of clamoring and rather aggressive and unsettled Denizens could be heard rising up in the streets.

"Whuzzat?!" someone shouted, "Someone out here in dese streets?!" The slang was heavy on the tongue, as was the blatant irritation. "Maybe someone needs to be taught a lesson 'round here, yeah!?!?" More voices could be heard joining in agreement, as a crowd of fifteen made their way to where they heard the noise, and the stronger of them could feel the presence of a powerhouse. "Must not know where they at..."

Tifa stood by as Koudo did all that he did, waiting to see what would happen. When all she saw become of his actions was that a crowd of no-accounts get all riled up and start coming toward them as a mob, she scoffed and sneered at him. "Oh, what was that? The 'Asshole Summoning' technique?" She turned her head away, looking rather thuggish, herself. "PLEASE don't tell me that's what just happened. Never that." She shook her head, already done with the thought of another irritation. "But I mean, I don't think I'd mind chin-checking one or three..." She had to admit, a chance to use her fists did indeed seem like a bit of fun. "Buuuut, since it seems like you know what you're doing..." Tifa hung back and waited behind Koudo, glaring at the oncoming Valparaiso Denizens as they made their way closer. She was interested in seeing just what was about to happen.

Once Chita opened her mouth to speak, Koudo rose his hand to quiet her. These people showing up weren't a coincidence. It was obvious that they would since he and Chita were both standing in the middle of town and didn't look like they were from around here at all. Koudo used to fit in because he had his sweet ass duster and everyone could always see his piece, now he just looked like a man from some tribe or a monk. Chitas all demin outfit wasn't quite tattered enough either.

However, she needed be uneasy. While he had identified these 15 people, for sure, and many others, they weren't the energies that he had counted out specifically in his head. NONE of these people looked familiar to him, and so their energy signatures were not energy signatures that he would recognize. It was really as simple as that when it came to Koudo's Energy Perception.

"Relax," he said to Chita with the utmost calm, "CROWS! SCATTER!" He screamed, using chakra to carry his shout farther than it otherwise would have gone.

He stepped backwards, just a few steps, as the shadows began to congregate over the mob that manifested itself before him and Chita. If she cared to look up, or any one for that matter, it was already too late because the information gathering group that Koudo had put together during his time as a mercenary in Valparaiso had already descended.

The Crows were dressed from head to toe in dark blue, to better blend with the night sky, with armor made of translucent metal and more advanced technology than the the buildings that surrounded him and Chita. All of them except for their leader who was a woman with chocolate colored skin, strawberry blond hair and long ears that identified her as some sort of elf. She was dressed in purple, without the technological armaments but traditional armor. Not only were The Crows exceptional information gatherers, they were all trained assassins with enhanced combat prowess do to their technological upgrades. They descended with daggers, coated in poison, to snuff out the group that arrived to assault our heroes: Koudo and Chita.

The job was quick and clean, and the fifteen Crows knelt before Koudo with their heads hung low, save for their leader. She was knelt but she looked at Koudo with a hand placed across her chest and on her heart.

Mei: "You do not look familiar, but you knew the Call. We are The Crows."

Koudo whistled at the display of brutal precision and scratched behind his head with the group of men and women knelt at his and Chita's feet. "Yeeeah, I figured you wouldn't recognize me." He definitely didn't definitively recognize their leader, but she shared some facial features with the leader he remembered. He turned to Chita instead.

"See, I had it. Those dudes were just looking for some trouble because you look like such a preppy city slicker." He joked.

With a quick, clean cut, the unsuspecting Valparaiso Denizens not of the man's creed would be blindly snuffed out; nigh stabbed in the back and throats slit from behind, offing the all of them.

... Or, so it would seem.

"Yeh... seems like ya got the 'backstabbin' parta this town down..." the apparent leader would say, rising back up, looking sort of haggard. Behind him, about 5 or 6 of his men got up. The rest did not. "... Unfortunately, not alluvus are 'alive,' see..." The man's eye fell out of his head, and he gave a crooked smirk. It was clear that the ones that hadn't died and were not effected by the poison were, in fact, zombies, as some Valparaiso Denizens were.

When the souls rose up from the actual living members that were both killed and poisoned, the zombie members would snatch them up and consume them, growing substantially in power on the spot. Still, the name of 'the Crows' seemed to not only ring a bell, but also bring a hint of terror to the still remaining eye in his head. "Yech, I knew them Crows were no good rats..." No matter how secret the faction, word always got out around this place, through the grapevine, especially if it were a sellsword or a mercenary; hired hand or henchman. Talk got out, and nearly nothing was sacred nor secret, even if everyone pretended they didn't know to keep up appearances for themselves alone. Whispers were heavier in Valparaiso than actual words were.

"Eat this!" When he opened his mouth and exhaled sharply, a vicious poisonous Miasma wheezed out of his decrepit lungs, only for his men to join in with him. It was not only toxic to breathe and be exposed to, but also served as a smokescreen that completely filled up the street, removing visibility with the hazardous haze.

"Okay, that's it." Tifaret's hair flared up sharply, and the fiery white hothead would take matters into her own hands. "I'll show you a 'preppy chick.'" She couldn't even believe she was even being compared to one of those. Ew. Koudo was definitely catching an ass whooping later, after she dealt with these annoying zombie freaks.

Tifa ran headfirst into the smog that was created, only for her head to ignite it in the white hot fire that was no longer docile. The moment she entered, a vast majority of the miasma would blow up on the spot, clearing out the area in a burst of white light, with ivory flares spurting all about. If nothing else, the zombies should have been burnt to a crisp. If not, the air would be completely purified by the flames and the haze would be no more, revealing the locations of each of the zombies. Her eyes were glowing the same white-hot as her hair, and in the back of her mouth gargled a boiling brew of light like a solar flare. "FUCK YOU!!" she shouted, releasing a searing beam from her mouth that shot clear down the street. Nothing in front of her should have been left unscathed.

There was no surprise on Koudo's face. He didn't even grace the remaining beings with a glance at all and looked from Chita to Mei, sot that he may continue with what he was doing. He had lived in Valparaiso for years, so zombies were not surprising, neither was the fact that they could "pretend" to have vital signs. It was impossible to trick Koudo's Energy Perception, but the amount of natural energy in the area was practically non-existent. Not that it really mattered since his body always held a sufficient amount to remain balanced with his Physical and Spiritual Energies.

He said what he said to Chita to piss her off on purpose because he knew that a few of the assailants would rise. Moving on, he didn't say anything to Mei and the rest of The Crows. In the few Milliseconds between when Chita spoke to him and then charged in, Koudo blinked Morse Code to Mei before The Crows scattered again and Koudo tucked something into the fur drape around his waist.

"Feel better?" He said to Chita, finally stepping forward, though not very much time had passed at all.

Without much extra effort, the lowly Valparaiso Denizens had been snuffed out by the fiery blast, leaving only their souls behind.

Yet, this did not go unnoticed in the streets.

"Tch." Tifa snatched up the souls of the slain and scarfed them down without much thought. "Barely." Her nose twitched with the scrunching of her face. Certainly, it would take more than that to get her out of her bad mood, as it always did. "... Yeah, well, dead weight aside... Who were those guys?" She definitely didn't know anyone in Valparaiso, and didn't exactly intend on getting to. Once a loner, forever a loner, even with a partner, who was, more or less, also a loner. Strange how those types stand alone... together.

Koudo shrugged and shook his head. There were so many gangs in Valparaiso and so many shifting alliances and hostile takeovers that it was impossible to tell. The only group that had any organization and loyalty to anyone, as far as Koudo knew, were The Crows. These specific groups wasn't his Crows, but they belonged to someone like him because he knew The Call. He could only assume that this universes version of him had established The Crows at some point in their life.

He dropped his arms and reached into the fur drape around his waist. "Beats me. Never seen them before in my life." He seen zombies around, gotten hired to take care of a few before Priere forced him out of the Veritas with her threats of violence against him while she was influenced by the Tensei Curse. At that time, while there were many gangs that had beef with each other, they all paid respect to various Warlords of the area. Koudo assumed that had changed with the Universal shift. He'd have to look into it.

"Sector V, Section 274 and 362. Good, they still use the grid system and the club hasn't moved." Koudo whispered to himself before looking towards the east. "You got two choices. Fight Club or Dance Club." Either way, Koudo could get a drink so he didn't really care.

Tifa shrugged, writing it all off, anyway. She wasn't heavy on getting too involved in extraneous things when she barely could get the whole of her own things, so it wasn't something she was going to be losing sleep over.

Naturally, when given the choice between the two, Tifa's fist was already in the palm of her hand, cracking her knuckles. She closed her eyes and raised her upper lip at the corner defiantly. "Do you even have to ask?" The sound of her knuckles cracking was loud and obvious, and she would switch hands to do the same to the other, as if limbering up. "Let's get ready to rumble." If he's gotten a read on where to go, this was more his territory than Tifa's. She would be right behind him.

Koudo already assumed her answer was gonna be fight club, she was just that type of girl, which meant that they had to go to Section 362. He was... alright with that. Back in the day the Warlord of that Section was some chick with golden hair who practically lived in the fight club. She was their star attraction. He never, personally, ran into her or did any work for her, but it was rumored that she was a Witchling and an Amazon. He wondered if she got carried over, but he doubted it. Most of the residents of Valparaiso that had exceptional talent seemed to have been left behind. May be she was replaced by an alternate version of herself. They'd find out.

He was also okay with going to the fight club because there was a chance that his best buddy Ace was there. He doubted this Ace would recognize him, but it wouldn't take long to explain the situation and make a friend. From there, he could gather info on his own alternate self with Ace and with The Crows figure out what the deal was with Valparaiso. He didn't have any intention of staying in the Veritas, but if he ultimately did, then he'd prefer to become a Warlord in Valparaiso rather than submit to fighting someone else's battles for the rest of his life.

He continued looking East, pointing in that direction with his thumb. "We got about a mile walk from here. Place called Champion, ever heard of it?" Even if she didn't frequent Valparaiso as much as he did, especially with her new job and all, he figured Chita would have at least heard the name in passing considering how much she loved fighting in her... younger years. Hell, if she listened to the right students' conversation at her new job there were chances someone would be chatting about it as well.

Tifa shrugged her shoulders once more, shaking her head. "Sorry, not ringing any bells." Despite how many other social butterflies may have talked and gossiped and whispered through the grapevine, Tifa wasn't one for much interaction at all. She usually kept to herself nine times out of time, secluded and lost in her own thoughts, nearly blocking out everyone and everything else. Her void was greater than perhaps had been understood, since the blocking out of others was part of it. "I pretty much spent most of my time either at home or off by myself. Didn't really ever go anywhere that had a lot of people most of my life." Tifa wasn't exactly one that 'liked' people, even if she liked to fight them. Blowing off steam was just what it was and nothing else, and there was always someone along the way wherein she didn't have to seek out a place for it.

"Don't get me wrong," she added, "That doesn't mean I'm not interested." As long as she was out and about hanging with her bud, then those sorts of things didn't really have as much weight until she, herself, got tired of looking at some ugly mugs. As often as that was, the seldom she went out counteracted that for the time being. "I'm all ears. I wanna know what I'm up against." She kinda snickered, anticipating the beatdown already. Her hair flared up again, flickering wildly and glowing brightly with a light aura, as opposed to when it was docile and was of a similar consistency to normal hair. The less worked up she was, the more solid and like normal hair it seemed to become. In contrast, the more fired up she got, the less like normal hair it became, and the more like actual fire or light, itself, her flickering hair became. The walk would do them both some good, especially to get Tifa in the mindset of a scuffle. Levelheadedness was important, even in excitement and anticipation, and it was something she knew she needed to work on. No better way for her than right before a fight.

Koudo supposed that, in the grand scheme of things, it didn't really matter if Chita had heard of the place or not. He assumed that she only ever came to Valparaiso, the limited times she had, looking for brawls on the street though. It was common enough, so it made sense to him. It got him to thinking that maybe he was the only person that really saw the charm in this place and actually liked hanging out here.

"I wouldn't know that." He replied, looking up to survey the rooftops. "There could be anyone in the cage tonight. There could be no one in the cage tonight." Though he doubted that possibility. There was always someone looking for a tussle in the cage. "Telling you about it would ruin the surprise." Chita wouldn't get, like, a title match or anything. She was new blood, especially since she'd never been to, or even heard of, the place before. She wouldn't even get the chance to be in the same section of Champion as their top dogs, but it was likely that she might find someone out of all the other new blood that would have her number. Someone that was just as tenacious, just as hungry.

He started moving first, jumping to the top of one of the buildings and heading eastward. On foot, if they were hoofing it through the streets, it would take them about a mile to get where they needed to be. Traveling across rooftops, as he knew both him and Chita were capable of, it would take a shorter amount of time and, ultimately, the distance they needed to travel would be shorter as well. On the rooftops as well, they'd be less likely to run into another group of thugs. It wasn't exactly a zero percent chance, but it was close. He could also look at the information Mei had given him without the peering eyes of street rats.

"Chyeah, well, busting heads is all the info I need." When Koudo took to the rooftops, Tifa was right behind him, or rather, beside him, hopping up with a powerful jet piston burst of white fire. She would hop from roof to roof, occasionally jumping near to Koudo or on the building he stood on and said to him, "It's been a while since I've done shit like this!" It was exhilarating, and surely, when Tifa got back to the stuffy old school, she'd have less of a problem dealing with it. She would have to thank Koudo for that later. Maybe when they were at the fight club or something... If Tifa weren't too preoccupied with something else.

Along the way, she thought about the fact that there might be a prize involved. She got close to Koudo as they traveled and asked, "Is there any sort of like, prize or something?" She wondered just what Valparaiso could scrape up that was worth any value, but then she realized that more than just common lowlifes lived here. The streets may have been where those guys congregated, but the big timers with all the good stuff were probably in places like this 'Champion' place that Koudo was talking about.

Usually Koudo took portals and what not to get to where he needed to go. As of late, on Vescrutia, there was never any reason to move around unnecessarily with the Horsemen around. When he moved, he moved decisively and usually teleported to whoever he was trying to get to contact with. It was safer, it was easier, and it left little room for interloping. He did miss being able to move about freely though, so he could agree with Chita's apparent exhilaration, even if he didn't show it himself.

Koudo reached into the fur drape around his waist as they moved and pulled out a slip of paper that Mei passed to him before The Crows dispersed. He was glad that The Call had been the same, and that they still used the same grid layout he used when ever he needed to get somewhere in Valparaiso. The group was smaller than he expected, but he never kept many Crows in Valparaiso either and the ones he did were always the most loyal. It was easier to keep secrets secret that way, and prevent them from being seduced by the wealthy.

He looked at the paper, "Oh, a prize?" He asked, thinking on it for a small amount of time. "New blood doesn't make much, the top dogs make the big money. Usually, if you impress, you can get job offers from some big wigs around the way, who do most of their business in Val, to be a bodyguard or something. Or the club will take you on as a prized fighter and they'll pay you for fighting." It wasn't unheard of for new blood to get job offers too, nor for them to be taken on immediately by Champion, but it wasn't very common. If a new blood got too cock, they'd get challenged by a rookie crusher and put in their place. Rookie crushers, if they weren't already gang leaders, usually went on to succeed the head of a gang they were heavily affiliated with or create a crew for themselves.

He looked up from the paper Mei had given him and tucked it back into his belt, "But the real money is made in the way that you're probably thinking about. Betting." If a prized fighter could stand to make more money if they lost, then they'd take a dive and collect the profit. It also benefited them for the next match against the person they lost too because they'd be favored to win. Koudo's view of Val wasn't all rose tinted glasses, he knew of the seedy underbelly as well. Champion might have been the place where the big wigs gathered, but that was because it was there that they stood to make, and lose, the most money.

Things could have changed though. This wasn't, necessarily, the same Valparaiso that he remembered. Weapon dealers, drug pushers and information brokers were a dime a dozen, he could bet on that, but he needed to see if the Warlords were still a thing, or if that too had been left behind.

Tifa was excited either way it went. "Prize or no prize, I just wanna see how tough they are." That was all it boiled down to at the end of the day, for her, as she perhaps made very clear already numerous times as they spoke about this. Some things wouldn't change no matter what the circumstances were, and this was one of them. "Feels good to even be able to look forward to something. Especially with my fists." As cut and dry as it may have seemed, it was actually a lot more intimate to Tifa than it appeared initially, as many things about her were.

Though, as they traveled from rooftop to rooftop, she became lost in her thoughts again, as she frequently did, about her actual duties and responsibilities, for once. She thought of Tear, surprisingly, and what he would say or think if he knew she were out running the streets of Valparaiso getting into fights and things like that. Where normally she would completely disregard anything anyone had to say, think or feel about anything she was doing, and push thoughts like these out of her head completely, something about the feeling of having an actual responsibility weighed heavy on her heart this time... Something about the thought made her feel weak.

Still, Tifa knew that this wasn't something she would be doing for very long. She needed something for herself and wouldn't let the thoughts of her responsibilities, which she knew she would return to and not shirk off, weigh her down whilst she was out and about. All she knew was that she had to slip back in before anyone knew and she'd be fine by the time the students returned and she had to be all stuffy again. If nothing else, at least she knew there was an actual outlet here in Valparaiso that she'd be able to come to anytime she was feeling just a bit too confined by all the prim and properness of the school environment. No one really had to know, just like before. It wasn't anyone's business, especially not Tear's, even if he'd probably give her hell if he found out. Not that she cared, anyway; it was just something she'd rather not have to deal with. It was better if he didn't know, for sure. Besides, last she remembered, he had his own secret dealings going on that no one knew about, probably even the Head Mistress. He was extra super shady, so whatever he was doing was probably worse than this. This was probably nothing. That was all Tifa needed to clear her head of the matter and justify what she was doing.

And so, she and her roughneck companion traveled on without a care.

Koudo already understood how excited she was, and he didn't dare to put her expectations in check. He wasn't exactly as excited as she was because he was too worried about gathering all the information that he could. Not every move that Koudo made was calculated to the letters, but information was always his first love and it helped him to better understand the situation of Valparaiso.

So they traveled in silence, Koudo not really having anything to say, and when he took a glance at Chita she seemed to be in her own world as well. He thought it best not to interrupt, and pulled the paper out of his belt again to glance over the location data that Mei had presented him, as well as the names she had given him too. They weren't the names of the ruling parties in Valparaiso or anything like that, but the names of the people we ran the particular clubs he had asked for information about. Thankfully, they seemed to still be the same people. He couldn't ask Mei flat out about how The Crows were formed however, because he was sure she was instructed to kill the questioner and/or herself to prevent that information from leaking. Though that was only if his other self had been the one to create the group in the first place, which he was close to a 100% sure was the case.

It wouldn't be too much longer now until they arrived at their destination.

Tifa remained in her thought for a while, carrying on without noticing. She wondered about many things, as she often did, despite what seemed like a one-track mind relatively always. Even though it seemed like she wasn't paying attention, naturally, she was still quite perceptive of what was going on around her, especially with the fact that Koudo had stopped talking. Something must have been on his mind, or something, just like Tifa. Strange. She probably wouldn't have thought about it so much if she were thinking about only her own problems at that point, as she definitely also often did. Of course, this was only natural to her, considering that she spend most of her time isolated in a void all her own, independent from and generated at all times by her power. That was exactly what Rita was, but now, as Tifa had that sort of gap filled, she was suddenly more concerned about others. Weird.

"... Uh." Already awkward, because the silence was broken.

"..." Once again silent.

"... So how about those Anbu, huh?" she couldn't help but to ask, for some reason almost bashfully. "I mean. Vescrutia's still... Thery're not just like, dead, are they?" Tifa honestly did not care if they were dead or not, clearly never, but it was just something that seemed like something decent to talk about, since all the two of them really had to talk about was Tifa and whatever Koudo was up to. That was her way of attempting to see what he was up to in his everyday life, since they only spoke a bit about it before with his family. Though, after what happened with the Tensei, she also realized that... It might seem kinda weird and out of character that, number one, she was even interested in that shitty asscrack of a planet. Two, that she would even bring something like it up. Third, that she would even pay attention to it at all. Yet, because Koudo still had stuff going on there, or from what it sounded like before, she figured that she might as well make some smalltalk on the way to the Fight Club.

Besides that, Koudo didn't seem at all willing to talk much about it on his own. Perhaps because he was in his own head, or something? It was hard to tell if he was just as antisocial as Tifa was or if it had just been a while, but naturally, there had to be a large gap between the two of them because of what had been going on respectively in either of their lives in two different worlds that were once connected to each other and now separated by an entire void which was the two of them being distant, itself. It was a lot to process on the spot, but the more they didn't talk about it, the more clear it started to become, for some reason. Surely, Tifa would think of something eventually, if this convo went south. Maybe she was thinking too much about it.

Koudo was in his mind: organizing all the information that Mei had given him, devising strategies for working the room if things happened to get out of hand, and just generally planning. There were always deep formulations running in the back of Koudo's mind while he seemingly operated on blind instinct. With the unison of his dragon and Tamurai heritages, Koudo had gotten much better at doing both at the same time.

He heard Chita though. Koudo's scheming never had him so far gone that he couldn't pay expert attention to his surrounds. It was all second nature, and main bulk of scheme was done in the back of his mind. He rose an eyebrow, "What? The ANBU? I wouldn't know. I rose above that station way before you last visited me on Vescrutia for my birthday a couple years back." He cracked a smile, and laughed a little bit as well, thoroughly amused at Chita's attempt at small talk. It came off terribly awkward, and kinda forced, but he supposed that was his fault. Usually, around friends, he was the chatty one and Chita only seemed really talkative when she was deep into battle and heavily fired up.

Koudo hadn't paid the silence any real mind until Chita spoke up, and he turned around to face her while they still traveled forwards. He was actively choosing to show off a bit, moving from rooftop to rooftop with his back turned, but it was all in good fun and so that he could actually engage Chita in conversation.

He locked his fingers behind his head, "To really answer your question though. No. We are not all dead. Vescrutia is still striving towards a victory against the Horsemen. She took a heavy blow when the Tensei were lost, but it was a necessary course of action for both her and your family." He paused there, hoping he had chosen his words carefully enough. He didn't want to sound too callous about that, especially with what he was about to follow up with. "Your uncle, along with his band of misfits, took control of the land the Veritas used to have staked claim to and to everyone's knowledge Shinta absorbed you all and Khrona activated a last self destruct mechanism, I'm assuming that's the rumor they're telling to save face." Though, with everything that Koudo had been seeing and experience while he was here, he was thinking there was a shift in reality somewhere that allowed that, and the Veritas being transported to it's own universe, to occur simultaneously. He couldn't be sure yet though.

"If that is the case, then Maze and Hakku 'saved' the country, then he tried erecting a civilization." Koudo folded his arms, "He's a hack and a lame duck leader, so he and Hakku failed miserably. Not before Chroma's best friend, Aura, was given the reins of the security force there though and couldn't control one of her hounds." He was speaking, of course about Gig. He didn't truly understand the situation, but assumed that Aura was supposed to be the person in command of their police force since she was Maze's daughter and, from the little he actually knew about her, she seemed to have a very strong sense of Justice, if nothing else appealing. Gig just seemed like a guy that was in it for the violence. There was... probably a third, but she was so forgettable he wasn't even sure if he'd ever actually seen her.

He smirked, then laughed, "They actually threw me in their jail for a little vandalism and harmless espionage. Can you believe that? It was a joke of a prison though, I could have broken out where ever I wanted, but I enjoyed the vacation. Ultimately it showed me that I wasn't welcome there and I wouldn't endanger the life of my daughter by sending her there for studying."

"Uh huh." She didn't really recall, but things like that were irrelevant and didn't actually need any form of validation, so she didn't really pay it much mind. Listening to the actual story, itself, is its own independent thing entirely. "I don't know what happened, I just know that whatever happened, it definitely did happen." Clearly, since she was still alive and they were talking about the actual Vescrutia and the actual Veritas that they both lived on, separately, across a void. "I'm sure Rita would know, though." Tifa shrugged her shoulders as she looked on at Koudo begin to freestyle and give a crooked smirk, "Hell, Khrona would know." She rolled her eyes, then scowled. "Hell, Tear would probably honestly know every last fucking detail..." Tifa sighed heavily, hair flaring with frustration at the huff.

Her next step was heavier than the last, and one of the buildings was destroyed under her feet as she stamped and kicked off of it, almost exactly as she'd done before, except with more force behind it in her actual frustration. "... Tch."' Everyone except the one that wasn't already a Tensei to begin with, and reincarnated into one all 'Disgaea' style. "... I bet any of them know something. Every one EXCEPT me, probably." Thinking about these things and realizing them all at once was actually irritating her. Fortunately, they were already on their way to go to a Fight Club and snatch some money out of some people's pockets and whatever. "... Yeah, let's just hurry up and get to the damn Fight Club." Her attempt at doing things differently soured as deeply as her face, and her eyebrow twitched a bit.

The Mechanica were released from the Factorial Village within Valhalla, the City Of Ruin, to come clean up and tend to the streets of Valparaiso. The dead bodies would be dealt with by whatever Mechanica was bid out of the borders of the Factorial Village sectioned off as its own territory within the Central City of Valparaiso.

Koudo didn't furrow his brow. He thought that he felt his facial muscles move to furrow his brow, perhaps even scowl, but it didn't physically happen. He wasn't really sure what invoked that reaction, but he knew that he didn't really understand what Chita was talking about. He wasn't sure what, exactly, he'd said that caused for her to say that there were people that knew something. He could assume she meant they knew what actually happened when the Veritas was separated from Vescrutia, but that was only a guess. He had his own suspicions, so he didn't really care who knew what, if anyone actually knew anything at all. It wasn't exactly the main point of what he was saying either.

"Riiight, yeah... let's." They were that far away now because he could see the bright lights of Champion's sign. It wasn't really a club that was hidden in the darkness, neither was it the way that it had been. Champion was a pretty big deal back when he hung out here because it really was the only way for Valparaiso youth to ink out something of a name for themselves, if they weren't into dealing drugs or prostitution and the like. Some just liked fighting, would rather get paid for doing so, and hated the idea of the establishment that was a "Village" back on the Lost World. Koudo could respect that and understood it wholeheartedly too. In fact, he was starting to see signs of the same unrest in Lost Worlder youth all over the other countries.

Tifa remained frumpy, lost in her thoughts of being left out of pretty much everything. Though it was mostly by choice, it was still pretty big a revelation for her that she would probably know the least, and was being left out of the greater issues on purpose. Still, she remembered saying that she was tired of Tensei stuff to Tear. She couldn't say that she didn't deserve it, since she wasn't acting much like she was part of the actual family, either. She asked for all of the things that were done, so complaints could not be issued.

All the while in their silence, she reflected on these things and in her eyes, there was a soft, sullen light like the moon after she had seen what she'd done in her own head. She was so distracted, in fact, she nearly tripped and fell, throwing off her groove of movement. She stumbled a bit, but it was just the startling reaction that would snap her out of her isolated thoughts.

She noticed below that the streets were being cleaned up of those dead bodies way back where they'd been by a machine. "... A robot...?" she muttered softly to herself, pensively. Looking at the buildings, if there were robots here now, it made sense why everything looked so good, despite the economy still being so shitty. Machines could make things look nice, but they couldn't exactly change the people that lived in what they made. Sadly. "... Hm." It was food for thought, and perhaps she'd bring it up to Koudo when they got to Champion. She continued following Koudo, who would likely tell her when they were there, if she weren't paying attention. Tifa, herself, was still sorting through her own mess she'd gotten into with the Tensei family. She might actually have to speak to Tear, without reluctance. Food for thought.

And so the silence was restored as if it hadn't gone anywhere at all. Why bother with small talk, it was boring and unnecessary when it couldn't be sustained. Koudo continued on the path, pulling away when Chita lost her balance and fell. He didn't see it happen, but he heard it. She was tough though, so he didn't bother with stopping to check and see if she was okay or needed help. She wouldn't accept it even if she did.

There was a new fire in his step that wasn't just from wanting to escape from awkward silence. His always active energy perception was showing him something rather alarming inside of Champion. The fact that the building seemed to be empty tonight. This wasn't a just a rarity, it was a logical absurdity. Champion was always bustling with life. Always. It was a fundamental rule of the Valparaiso that he remembered, so this was disconcerting.

"We're here." He said aloud and descended, whether Chita was close enough to hear him or not.

Tifa continued to think about the robot she had seen as she was passing by, and wondered what it could mean. Also, she thought about, perhaps, where it came from and if there were more of them around. If so, then perhaps this would be more interesting an experience than she thought. Still, it was all weird. Probably to Koudo, too, if he actually noticed the robot at all.

"Wha?" Apparently, they'd reached the destination. Tifa's obliviousness was only due to the depth of her thought, but it certainly did make her look like a ditz, with all her stumbling, both in her words and movements. She wondered just how to get out of her head with so many things buzzing around. Things she wanted to talk about, but couldn't. Maybe a fight was just what she needed, to avoid talking. So, when Koudo dropped down to the door, she would follow right behind him.

When the Mechanica that was bid out into the streets had successfully cleaned the bodies, by both picking them up and grinding up the flesh and bones into powder within, as if it had just eaten a meal, it would turn around and begin to walk back toward the place it came from.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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Void 59:Everything Changes

Koudo touched the ground running, feelings if anger and uncertainty welling up in him. This were never good emotions to channel, especially not for him. The sapphire of his eyes dimmed to a deeper, dark blue and his pupils became more reptilian while his skin shimmered with a glittery shine when the light of Champion's sign passed over him.

What was going on? It didn't make sense! "Champion is never empty." His eyes darted back and forth across the front wall of the building. To the unknowing, it would looking like he was a crazy just raging at a wall, but he could perceive inside from here just as clearly as he could being inside and there were no people. He didn't register any lifeforms at all, and that wasn't good.

"Has it been abandoned?" It couldn't be the case, not if there were still people in Valparaiso... Champion was a staple of the little culture that they had. If it had been abandoned, then something had definitely changed. He gritted his teeth. "Of course it's empty. Why wouldn't it be? Everything is different!"
Tifa dropped down with a rather heavy thud, leaving a mini crater where she fell. Her hands were in her denim jacket pockets, and she looked sorta out of it, with a far off look in her eyes. Koudo, too, looked similar, but he seemed to be looking through the wall rather than into himself.

Tifa noticed this and cocked her head to the side slightly, letting the little white lamp that was her side-ponytail wisp about softly. "... Empty, huh?" Tifa didn't know why that was, either. Though, the streets of the city seemed rather empty, as well, so perhaps it wasn't as strange as he might have expected it to be. "... You know, I did see a robot pass us by as we were coming..." She shrugged her shoulders, just throwing out something that might be a clue. "Think that has something to do with it?"

Koudo wiped his eyes, took deep breaths and tried to regulate himself back to a state of calm. He was never in a perpetually calm state, not without being connected to Odea, but it took a bit to get him so riled up that all of his dragonic features were flaring up. He didn't hide them out of shame, not like he used too. Instead, it had just become such a habit that he defaulted to it.  

He ran his hands down his face, breath a final sigh of relief. His eyes regained their sapphire color while his pupils returned to normal. The tiny protrusions poking out of the sides of his forehead retreated as the shimmer of his diamond scales vanished from his mahogany skin. He shook his head and began pacing. "This doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense." It was impossible for him to fathom that Champion would be closed, but that was because he wasn't putting all the pieces together.

The buildings, the emptier than normal streets, and Champion... Champion being empty when that never happened. People may not be fighting on a certain night, but the club was never empty. All these unusual things just confirmed to him how different everything was.

Nostalgia blinded him. Taking a quick glance around showed him just how different the city looked. The Crows remained, but they weren't the group he created because he didn't recognize their leader and she didn't recognize him. The citizens he had seen seemed the same, but he couldn't identify the gang they were probably affiliated with and they were much more hostile to strangers than residents usually were.

This was not his Valparaiso.

"A robot..." He whispered quietly to himself as he stopped his anxious pacing, "Where!" He yelled, rushing to Chita. He placed his hands firmly on her arms, unintentionally squeezing with all of his strength, "Where!" He roared! There was something wicked going on here after all, and not in the usual sense for the Valparaiso that he remembered either. He didn't like it, and while hearing about a stray robot wasn't an unusual thing, tonight, it was the most unusual thing in the world.

Just then, the shadow of a man stepped forth from out of the cover of the buildings, from out of the alley beside them. He overheard their conversation and spoke to them with a rough, tired tone. "... So you've seen it too, eh...?" he groaned, a cigarette in his mouth. His face was still hidden by the shadow of the building, but the lower part of his body could be seen. "...Wouldn't take it anyone not of the town would be so devastated." Ashes fell from the tip of the cig, and a puff of smoke billowed before them. "... Ain't what she used to be, right?" He closed his eyes and shook his head.

Tifa felt for Koudo a bit, knowing and understanding how nothing was the same anymore. She felt similarly when dealing with her own issues about Pandemia and her own transition. Being a dragonblood, herself, even if it was through the Tensei, who were the dragons that harbored the blood, she did still definitely understand how he got so worked up.

Still, when he put his hands on her, she clenched her fists tightly and narrowed her eyes, which started to glow. Her arms tensed up and the muscles in them came to a tight flex, like she were about to punch him. The tension of her own arms held enough strength to keep Koudo from crushing her arms, and he should have felt the extreme tension of her arms flex. Her eyes poured with a white flame, as did her mouth as she readied to open it up against Koudo, and her hair wavered about violently. Her head was so hot, distortions flickered all about. Yet, before she was about to beat the living hell out of Koudo, she actually heard the voice of someone that sounded like he knew something.

She snapped her neck to the side, where the voice was coming from, almost releasing a fiery blast at him in her anger; one that would have blown him and the building down. Tifa suddenly grit her teeth as light poured from between them, and suddenly, in a flash of bright light, she disappeared completely, right from out of Koudo's grasp, as if she'd spontaneously combust.
There it was again.

He thought he had a handle on this. He thought all the meditation and carefree living was working, but he couldn't help flying off the handle. He quivered with a primal rage, the previously undone changes to his physical form coming back in full force. It was a never ending struggle for him to maintain any semblance of control. An everlasting conflict. An eternal fight. I constant war within.

He felt Chita's muscles tense in his hands. He hadn't meant to grab her so firmly, but he wanted the information that she had. He wanted to know where she'd seen the robot. Base instinct too over from there, to show aggression. He knew you weren't suppose to manhandle your friends.

He weathered her spontaneous combustion, the intense burst of super heated air washing over him like a pleasant breeze, if nothing else. He recoiled inwardly, gritting his sharpening fangs as he reached out and grabbed hold of imaginary space with his right hand. When it got this bad, there was only one person that could help. A proper sedative, forced upon him to keep him in line and focused.

"Odeeeeaa..." He whispered quietly to himself through bass growls rumbling out from the pit of his stomach. His right hand glittered with the silvery blue indication of his intent. He swiped his hand across the air in front of him and a woman appeared, seemingly out of thin air.

5'11' and curvaceous, with sepia colored skin and white hair with just a tiny splash of purple tint, dressed in an elegant gown of pale yellow-brown color. Odea... didn't look surprised, but she was quite puzzled with how she had gotten here, floating on air in a land that she could not remember. She didn't have time to think on it, when she dropped into the out stretched arms of Koudo who looked like a mess. Recognition of the area could wait, remedy for Koudo's condition was the first priority.

Koudo tried his best to put on a controlled face, even forced a smile and asked, "Sword... please?" as nicely as he could. Just having Odea close was enough for her passively calming aura to sedate him to a level where he could regain cognitive faculties and register that there was another new energy signature in the area, besides Odea's.

Odea assumed sword form, a katana that Koudo never really drew anymore sheathed in an black scabbard with ornate rose gold scripts of a long dead language, without a delay on a solitary word. She had inherited Naina's wordless obedience when situations were dire, but would communicate with Koudo as much as Maina would telepathically while he handle his situation.

He took a deep breath, sliding Odea into the belt around his waist so that the sheath was underneath the fur drape he wore. "That's the understatement of the century, man. What the hell is going on around here?" Koudo was finally able to manage, as he turned around and all his features regressed to their default form. He couldn't make out who this man was at all, not with all the shadows that cloaked him, but it didn't matter. As long as there was someone, anyone, that knew shit around here was drastically different than it used to be.

The man of shadows looked on from the corner of his eye at the strange outlander taking things to heart that didn't seem quite natural for one that wasn't from here. He had a history, no doubt, and despite his strange appearance, this man had seen far stranger and far uglier mugs around Valparaiso during his whole life of being here; before and after the shift. "The robots..." he said, nearly with a scoff, flicking the butt of his cigarette off into the street; waaaay way far off away from either of them. "... They came outta nowhere one day, sometime recently, actually." Before he knew it, another cig was already to his lips, with the faint light of his lighter just barely illuminating his face in the darkness.

His hair was long and haggard, the same as his voice; drawn out and tired. His clothes looked like they'd once been both fashionable and rather pristine, but were now just remnants of an old time. Sloppy, dirty and somewhat torn, yet still worn with professionalism, in spite of the clear carelessness that came with the overall appearance. He sighed heavily; long and drawn out, with a puff of smoke wafting out just the same. He shook his head. "... Ran us out of town... Or, most of us, anyway. Prolly the ones yer looking for." He shook his head once more, the memories flashing before his eyes, which narrowed with frustration. "See, we were all carrying on as we were, doing exactly what you'd expect us to be, since you seem to know the landmark and the area quite well... Ya know, carrying on with the normal ways of Valparaiso. Day just like any other." He lifted his hand up and wiped it in front of him, as if illustrating a sentiment that was fond to him.

He plucked his cig with his other hand, lowering it to his side and lightly tapping the ash off with his fingertip as he went on, "Me and the boys were in the Hotel, as I figure you must know about, if you know about this here building. Strange kid walks in, looking tough and smug, trying not to show weakness or fear. 'Course, we could smell it on him even if he tried putting up a front, but no one payed the young pup any mind beyond his mouth." The man chuckled, lifting his cigarette back up to inhale, almost like he needed the intake before he spoke again; damn near like he was taking a normal breath before speaking again. "The boys and I get a hoot out of it, find it all pretty damn good a show. He had balls on him, I'll tell ya that. But after he came, things got real strange real quick..." The man lowered his head, shaking it again. "... Whole flood of em. Out of nowhere. Robots. Mindlessly trying to kill everything in sight. Owner gets up and does his thing, knocks em dead and clears the way, but our little canary round the parts; Hobo Joe, up and come tell us that the city's being overthrown." The next inhale and puff of smoke came from a deep, depressing sigh, and a long, somber pause.

"... Next thing ya know, we're high-tailing it outta Valparaiso." Ash fell to the ground.

Koudo had never been to the hotel that this guy was talking about, but he knew of it. Usually that's where most of the prostitutes did their work. He never needed to pay for sex, so there was never a need for him to make a personal visit there. He had never been hired for security detail either because a lot of the top fighters from Champion were either hired as bouncers or where frequenters themselves.

Either way, he didn't like this guy's story. Not because it didn't said legit, but because it sounded dangerously legitimate. There was no way that this place was going to be left alone. Koudo couldn't, necessarily, put a finger on what made his skin crawl about this guy's tale, but the actions that he described had the Tensei name written all over it. Unfortunately, as far as Koudo had been made aware, the three Tensei knuckle heads were in charge of the Veritas now, so there wouldn't be any logical reason for them to care about Valparaiso. While, technically, a part of the Veritas, Valparaiso was its own separate beast entirely, it always had been.  

Koudo folded his arms, unsure about where Chita had gone, but assumed she had simply returned to her post after he'd gotten rough with her. Ultimately, it didn't matter. He owed her an apology, for sure, but she'd get over it. Or she'd hate him forever, he honestly didn't care right now.

"Describe this kid." Where Koudo's next chosen words, Odea's calming aura helping him keep a steady mind, perfect for investigative work. He supposed that if he wanted to understand what was going on, how and why Valparaiso was changed, then finding that kid would be the source. Alternatively, "Or tell me where the robots first showed up." find the robots stronghold was a separate, but equal, option.

What are you investigating for, Koudo? Odea's voice whispered in his head. She sat in her soul room, on an ostentatious throne of her own mental design, with a leg crossed over the other and her hands clasped together neatly in her lap. Just being close to Koudo, connected to him, she could garner the information she needed to understand where they were.

She didn't give him a chance to reply, No matter how you feel about this place. It is a dead world, made from a dead power, in the shape of the dead. It does not matter. She could sense that he planned to fight, hard if necessary, to get to the bottom of whatever had so change this pale imitation of a land he once knew. As far as she was concerned, it didn't matter.

Koudo heard her words. Being that she was something odd thousand or so years older than him, it altered her world view slightly. He understood where she was coming from, understood, exactly, what she meant, but he willingly chose to ignore her words for now. He gave a simple, Trust me, and knew it would satiate her for the time being.
The man remained silent for a bit, but cut Koudo a glare that could pick ice. Words almost left the man's mouth, yet only smoke found its way out of his heavy breath. He closed his eyes, shaking his head one more time. "Robots came one time, and that was it," he said, rather matter-of-fact. "Now, the kid... He looked like he was a rebellious teen. Had this thuggish scowl on his face, like he was against the world. Had some potential, honestly." His eyes opened, only to a narrow squint, as though trying to make out his own torn memories. "Damn, I'd say... He had a jacket with some fur lining it, or something... Hrmm... Hair kinda spiky, like lightning..." The man grunted, a wheezing moan escaping his lungs as he thought. "Mm... That's about all I got. But I do remember he had... A strange power... Over electricity..." Not that people having powers was strange, but that it was a distinguishing feature for this particular person that was being referred to.

"Now, I'll tell ya what..." the man went on, finishing his second smoke, "... I'll show ya which what did this, where the robots are coming from. Or if you really want some info, I can take ya to the owner of the Forbidden Hotel." He flicked his second cig butt into the street, off near where the first one was, and far away from the both of them. "Either or. But I'd keep off the streets, if I were you. Them robots..." Finally, the man lowered his head, as if he'd grown weak just from the mention.
Odea breath, perhaps, the heaviest sigh that she ever had in her many years of living, and the few months she had been reconstituted as a singular being. You only ever say that when you plan to endanger yourself. To leave our charge unattended to for this? Shameful. Certainly she had learned all his mannerisms and his quirks, his silvered tongue and usual cliches, but it never grew on her and it never would. She hadn't quite taken to calling his daughter her child, but she looked after her same as a mother would. It was what she was doing before she was ripped across space and time to settle his tantrum.

As valuable Odea was an asset, a sedative, and a partner was, Koudo wished that she wouldn't speak her harsh truth so callously, but she wouldn't be who she was if she didn't. Her otherworldly view and understanding prevented her from sugarcoating her speech when it came to him, Yui was a different story entirely. No danger. I just want to know. He couldn't lie to her, not for want/lack of trying, but because she saw through it all just like Naina used too. The best he could do, was be as vaguely truthful as possible.

Koudo folded his arms and closed his eyes as he mulled over the description. The child certainly did not sound familiar at all, and his description wasn't that exotic either. Honestly, from Koudo's perspective, he sounded like any normal teenager in Valparaiso that feel in with any number of the regular gangs. The notice of a strange control over electricity was even less remarkable. Koudo decided the kid was a red herring. Just some twerp that happened to be in the wrong place at the right time; unremarkable and highly ordinary.

Koudo nodded his head, opening his eyes now, "I need to see where these robots are coming from." Koudo preferred to avoid the hotel because, honestly, he didn't really see a reason to bother. The robots seemed to be the main source of concern to him and there was nothing that this 'owner of the hotel' could tell him that he couldn't just figure out on his own, especially with Odea along for the ride now.

Odea checked her nails, She expects me when she's up from her nap. She wishes for you as well. Make this quick. Ultimately, nothing you do will matter here. After all, even if Koudo manage to enact some sort of return to the status quo that he remembered, he would still return to his own universe and nothing would stop a regression.

The man looked on from the corner of his eye, getting a really good look at the man who gave him such a request. At the end of the day, there was a certain familiarity as if they'd met before. Certainly, this person, specifically, had been around in the days where this land was connected to the other one. Many may have disregarded it or not remembered, or even been confused... But this person, specifically, remembered seeing the day and experiencing the entire thing. The memories flooded the more he looked at the alleged 'newcomer,' and things were pieced together after he spoke so fondly of Champion. He had been here in the 'before' times. Before the move. Before the shift. Before the change. He was one of them, and that made things very, very, very different.

"..." There was silence for a moment or so, followed by the sound of a very heavy and tired sigh. A light chuckle soon followed, but was just as raspy as could be. The wear and tear from both the transition and the recollection of the before and after weighed heavily on him, perhaps more than others, and it was apparent of his connection. "... Well, if you insist," he finally said, rising up from leaning against the wall, "... Then follow me." If this man had truly been around since the times before, which all of the signs say that he was, then he might actually feel similarly to how those who had been run out after suffering the shift felt. That was all that was really necessary for an unspoken agreement; a bond with the land, itself. The man lifted a hand up and beckoned with a finger, then stepped into the shadows of the alley, knowing that the streets were not the best place to roam openly.

The Mechanica that had cleaned up the bodies down the street would also be the same Mechanica that came and picked up the garbage that littered the streets, which was its primary task and function in the first place. The garbage disposal units would pick up all of the specks of dust from the street's interiors, including the cigarettes that had been hurled into the street. They were ground into Dust, like all the other pieces of 'Flesh' as material objects were known as to machines, which were adorned with more fabricated forms than a human's single layer of skin.

Machines, which could wear any form of material or mineral, inclusive to plastic, only saw its own brethrens' 'Flesh' in the streets, along with the meat sacks that were the 'Human Flesh.' They still did not understand that 'Flesh' came in many different forms, and machines already understood how in depth it was. Cleaning up discarded 'Flesh' was the same as picking up a piece of plastic from the street and devouring and digesting it.

Nothing had changed in its original coding since the original Factorial City was created. The Mechanica were still doing the exact same thing they'd been doing when the Factorial City was brought to a halt the first time. Even with the original Core having long been commandeered by a new Mechanica, the same primary Mechanica code for Mechanica's Factorial City was defaulted to its original functionality. The Mechanica would bring the junk to the Factorial City and clean up the streets of the City of Ruin in order to do so. The pieces of trash that were on the ground would be repurposed into creating more Mechanica. The streets would be clean, and the Mechanica could live in their new city in peace, kept nice and clean.

'The Siren' blared immediately. The Village Hidden in the Machines would suddenly rear up, as if from slumber, instantaneously, like a button had been pushed or a switch had been flipped. The City of Ruin was drenched in blood red immediately as far as the light of the tower of the City would allow.

The Mechanica returned to the Village Hidden in the Machines after it had completed its designated task.

Everything was 'Clear.'
The area would suspend itself as a portal into the original area out of the ambiguous undefined energy, and be sustained as that area. Tifaret would immediately be returned to where she was, after having left the Void and seen its light fully. Tifaret would only see glimpses of her blurred vision and remember a dream when she slipped into the new reality as a portal around her. She would not remain in the area, because it was no longer ambiguous chaos, but actually a definite space that created and sustained itself.

Tifaret had no say in the matter and would be expelled prematurely and spontaneously.
*The Sound Of A Bubble Popping*

Meanwhile, the light undulations of the area gently carrying on, the area was encompassed in the fullness of its spectrum upon ignition with the sound of the Void expelling Tifaret back into the area where she was before, as if nothing happened.
Tifa returned from the Void feeling hella different. This was one of the only times that she didn't Void herself out, but something had voided her out instead of her. When she returned to the reality, her fiery white hair that trailed off to the side was also bleeding into the air around her, but she didn't really notice this. She was, more or less, concerned with where Koudo had gone and what happened after she involuntarily and spontaneously disappeared. "This Void is a lot more powerful than I thought..." she mumbled, never having experienced this type of encounter with it due to always holding it back.

"... Okay, let's look for Koudo." Tifa saw a robot that was moving down the street. She rolled her eyes. "Obviously." She stuck her hands into her denim jacket pockets and proceeded to walk in the direction that the machine was heading. She skipped there by literally flickering in and out really fast like bright flashes of light igniting and going out rapidly in a line. Her movements were barely traceable beyond the fact that she was in motion, and that it seemed like the was both walking and skipping at the exact same time, and both blurred and blended in and out of vision.

Cries to the Moon (Tifa's Theme)

Tifaret Tensei, also known by her past life's name, Chita Lombardi, is the Jinseigami Amaterasu of the Veritas, which means she is the Goddess Of Life that produces Life Energy. She has become the Life Core of Pandemia and also bears the power of the Crystal Heart of the Veritas, for she is one with it. This amplifies her power of Life. Taking over the role that the Primordial Parallelatrix once had, she now oversees the Life of the Instruments.

Her original power is over the Void and also the evolved power of the Sealing Eye signature only to her, known as the Sealing Force, which was powered by her Sealed Soul, which, unleashed, becomes the 'Forbidden Soul'. These two powers, once separated between herself and her alter ego, Rita, became one as the Sealing Voidforce once the two of them unified as one. Her own Souzenryoku is Earth Element, however it has been refined to become what is called 'Light-Bearing Earth', which is Crystal. This allows her to amplify her Willflow, which is Light Element, through her Souzenryoku. Being a Fae by origin, she is naturally proficient in Manna, and hers is called 'Gauntletta Arctina; The Black Shiver'.

Her Familiars are Penguins, whom she refers to as the 'Goon Squad'. She also always wears her special Enchantments, which bear her personal homage to her roots.
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