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 Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break Empty
PostSubject: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break EmptyMon Jun 08, 2020 9:28 am

The Demon Princess, daughter of one of Khrona's greatest allies, brothers, and rivals -- The Demon King -- had come to him with a plea that only he could manage. With the coming of the 'Four Horsemen' yet again on their planet, as well as the rise of the Insanity to heights never before seen, the girl that was one with that world could feel the coming doom that plagued her heart and her mind to no end. Once she sought Khrona's council, the two of them together would perform an ancient and archaic 'Ritual' that was only known to the Demon Clan, yet was learned by Khrona through a special Resonance of Souls and Minds with he and the Demon Princess, allowing him to use the secret Demon Clan techniques through she, herself. With it, the Demon Princess' dormant power awakened in order to protect the planet as best she could from the oncoming destruction, but at the expense of a great deal of her energy. She could only hold off the forthcoming apocalypse for so long.

To Khrona's surprise, he was exposed to a realm beyond even his own knowing; one that it seemed Omnia, at the back of his mind, hailed from. There, he would witness one known as the 'Friday the Thirteenth Fairy,' as well as his daughter from another dimension -- Trinity. Seeing them and speaking to them from across the dimensional boundaries, their spirits were brought forth by the Resonance with the Demon Princess simply by pure psychic power overflowing within the two of them after 'The Ritual' had been completed. Thus, when the Demon Princess used her power to protect the planet, Khrona used his power to bring forth Trinity and Friday's essences from the 'Dream World' beyond. This was the end of the beginning, but the start of a whole new chain of climactic events for the planet... How long could the young girl keep things from falling apart? And what was to become of Khrona and this new knowledge of those that existed across the boundary? He was going to find out...

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Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$
Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break EmptyMon Jun 08, 2020 7:08 pm

After everything that had been happening to Shabuto as of late, he decided to visit the one place on the planet that seemed to melt your troubles away... 'The Oasis Of Serenity'... It was a calming and peaceful area that made everything difficult and troublesome seem nonexistent. Sitting down with Alexia next to him, the two would simply enjoy the breeze as his aura swayed with the wind.

In the breeze of the wind, the presence of a controlled Insanity blew past Shabuto's face, alerting him and forcing him to turn his head in shock to face who had just appeared, even against his will. He would think it was reflex when it was really the insanity kicking in. "The Oasis of Serenity... That's one thing I had to give to Serulenia; she can make the most perfectly calm atmosphere. Probably why she went down the path she did all those years ago." The familiar voice spoke out from the black manifestation before Shabuto; Khrona. "So. I assume the current state of the Dusk is getting to you, Shabuto?"

Though outwardly Shabuto didn't seem all that worried, on the inside he was trying to find a solution to all this... But at his level, he could do nothing more than evacuate people. "Dammit... There has to be more that I can do!" he said, when suddenly a mass of what felt like insanity rushed passed him. His Dojutsu ever active caught sight of it and Shabuto responded instantly, turning his head in its direction he heard the familiar voice. Standing to his feet, he turned Alexia into her trident form, preparing to deal with the foe... But as it began to take shape, it would reveal that it was actually... "Kh... Khrona?!" he exclaimed, putting away his weapon. He hadn't laid eyes in his leader since he took on Mateus way back when. Shabuto was honored that he came... But, a tad pissed. "Of course it bothers me...! I'm just sitting here while that thing is just biding its time before it tries to blow us to bits...! And there nothing I can do about it... But on another note..." he said, clenching his fist tightly, "NO DISRESPECT BUT... WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN...?! SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE, THIS JERK OFF GRIMLOCK HAS STARTING FUCKING EVERYTHING UP... HE TOOK OVER THE DUSK AND... AND... AND YOU WEREN'T THERE TO STOP HIM...!! YOU'RE THE LEADER, DAMMIT...!! You're..." Shabuto would try to calm himself a bit. "You're supposed to... To protect the Dusk, right...? Aren't you?" Khrona would have to excuse Shabuto's actions... The current state of the Dusk... The place he had come to call come was being compromised by some asshole. And since he didn't know Khrona's situation, he reacted in that manner.

Khrona shook his head, smiling and chuckling lightly at Shabuto getting so worked up. "Calm yourself, Shabuto. I had never left the Dusk. I have been watching over you all the entire time. Grimlock simply took advantage of my weariness from my battle with Medusa... To take over the Dusk, and the entire world, completely. Of course I had to go into hiding." Khrona rushed his fingers through his hair, covering one of his brightly shining vermilion eyes that stared at Shabuto's. "But just because I was hiding didn't mean I abandoned you all. Trust me. I could never do such a thing no matter how bad it gets." He flicked his hair with his hand a bit, letting it fall back into place covering his one eye, as it sometimes did, considering how long it was. "Besides. That's the reason why I came. I'm not the only one who is supposed to protect this place. In fact, my main goal is to help you all to help protect the Dusk when the time comes. That's why I have to train you."

Shabuto released his fist and with a heavy sigh, he caught his breath, regaining his cool. He was just really protective over the Dusk Village now... And since he felt there was nothing he could do, he hoped the ones which could WOULD. As Khrona explained everything thing to him, he was reassured that Khrona hadn't abandoned the Dusk... Or him. But now Khrona had said he would train Shabuto so that he to could protect the Dusk... The place where he had formed countless bonds... His home. "I'm down for it for sure... If it means it will make me capable of defending my home from the four-eyed ass sack and that massive purple pimple in the sky then I'll do whatever it takes, Khrona!" His short sapphire hair ruffled as the calming breeze caressed his face. He knew that the state of the Dusk was dire and he knew that he himself had to become a better shinobi in order to save his home. His aura was ever radiating from his being... His surplus of chakra was ever showing in the form of a lightly golden veil of light.

Khrona smiled, snapping his fingers, his two Psions appearing and pirouetting in front of him to face Shabuto. "Well, you've always been able to defend your village. You were just too caught up with making yourself stronger, so you didn't realize that at any rank, at any time, you can do something for this village. That's why Chisato ran her own task force as a Beginner." Khrona laughed a little at how many people found that misconception to be true. "No one seems to know this, and they feel they can only do things for the village when they are an Expert. But I'm going to have to break you all out of that mindset. It's detrimental for the village." The Psions then stood at the tips of their toes, staring intently on Shabuto. "That's why everyone I tell has to tell someone else. Make sure you spread the word when you're done with this training. Don't ever forget to spread the word."

When Shabuto spoke of getting stronger, it had nothing to do with his rank. He learned through his ranking with Aliyah that even a Beginner could have the strength to protect when a leader could not... No, he meant personal strength... Having something to fight for... Something to give your life meaning by caring for the well beings of other... Rank was no longer a factor to Shabuto. "Rank... Rank means nothing to me when it comes to protecting what is precious to me..." he said, smirking as the two Psions appeared. "When I said I couldn't do anything, I wasn't talking about it in the sense that because I'm Advanced that I don't have the strength to do so... No... I meant that I lacked the will... That inner strength to protect... Though it ties into outward strength as well. It was more so... Having the want, but not the will... But... In my ranking with Aliyah, I learned that true strength comes from finding something worth protecting... Something that you would give your life for..." He now raised his head towards the sky as the two did their dancing and ceased to stare at him. "If I never become an Expert, that's fine... Then I'll make do with what I have... Which is a will to save this place... The bonds that I have forged here." Shabuto's aura would fluctuate a bit in response to his conviction... He was ready to start whatever type of training session that Khrona was about to put into effect.

Khrona smiled, and simultaneously, the two Psions would smile along with him, as if feeling exactly what he was feeling without trying to; it was simply second nature. With the three of them feeling exactly what the other was feeling because of the fact that they could feel them, -- if that makes any sense -- all of their feelings merged into one thing; a single train of thought. All shown in that smile. "Oh, Shabuto... You're on your way. Go." The Psions did not move, as Khrona was talking directly to Shabuto. This was part of his training... The purpose would unfold over time.

Shabuto found it a little creepy all the of them smiling at him at the same damn time. Shabuto smirked; it was nice to get a compliment every now and again. "Heh... Thanks, but... Go where?" he asked, unsure of what Khrona was getting at... He wasn't sure if the Psions were gonna strike, so he began to regulate and increase his wavelength steadily just in case.

"Oh, Shabuto..." The Psions had taken this to their own advantage, swirling to opposite sides of Shabuto, eyes glimmering for but a moment. He would then find his wavelength starting to become suppressed at an alarming rate, as if he were being restricted from using it. Seemed as though Jade had been using 'Imprison' upon him to restrict his wavelength from even leaving his body... And what of Emerald? Shabuto would soon find that if he tried to move, he would be restricted by his own shadow, which would be crawling up his body and trying to completely crush him as it spiraled up, the 'Shadow Trap' aiming to hurt him severely. He had given the both of them the frame to attack, and they did in the midst of his confusion, wondering where he was supposed to 'go.' "Lesson One, Shabuto. Are you really serious about fighting, or are you too busy being confident in your own strength?"

Feeling his wavelength dropping so suddenly and with his shadow being tinkered with, Shabuto again was left in confusion... Of course Shabuto was confident in his power... He'd worked his ass off since first coming to the Dusk to get as strong as he was... So yes, he was confident, but not cocky. But could you blame him...? Khrona again was speaking in riddles, saying Shabuto was on his way, then saying go like he had a specific place to be... Khrona was a complete enigma to Shabu. "Confident in my strength...? Of course I am... It's from both my outer and inner strengths working simultaneously that got me as far as I've come... So of course I have confidence in my abilities. Overconfident? No, not at all... Gor no power is absolute," he said as he felt the Psions grip tighter upon him. "The only reason I even raised my wavelength is because you three gave me those creepy smiles and then got to staring at me as if you were going to try something... I was merely preparing myself."

"Is that why you got caught by the attacks?" With the 'Shadow Trap' still in effect, Shabuto's shadow would swirl up the rest of his body and constrict him tightly until motion was physically impossible for him, as was breathing. Air would not be able to circulate into his mouth or nose, nor escape from his lungs, so talking and breathing were done for. Also, because of how tightly this shadow constricted him, he would find his lungs starting to cave, too, trying to force him to exhale what little air he didn't have to breathe with, almost trying to suffocate him on the spot. Meanwhile, Jade simply increased the effects of her 'Imprison' upon his wavelength, ensuring now that its use was completely impossible, and would start to even effect his resonance rate. Eventually, if Shabuto allowed her to, she would reset his resonance rate back to zero, and using his weapons would become completely new to him.

Feeling all the effects stated, Shabuto would feel his lungs caving in... His air passages narrowing rapidly as his wavelength began to deteriorating as well. He knew both Khrona and those associated with him were strong... But he wasn't prepared for this level of strength and ability... How shameful. "St...o...p..." was the only word he could manage to squeeze out before his air supply was completely shut off. He stood there unable to do anything because he couldn't think straight he couldn't even will or manifest his mecha flames... He felt helpless... An emotion he hadn't felt in quite some time.

They did not heed his words. The two rather sadistic Psions continued to press, to squeeze, to punish him... Simply because they could see that he needed it, and they surely wanted to deliver. Khrona, of course, heard his cry as well, yet didn't comply either, as he knew some toughening up was in order for Shabuto, as well as a bit of a knock back into reality. Before he was completely dead, though, Khrona snapped his fingers and the shadow would disappear, returning to its original form as the 'Imprisonment' of his wavelength was regulated. "Shabuto. Do you even know what you did wrong here?" There was clearly a lesson to be learned, but Khrona was not sure if Shabuto had learned it or not.

Fear embraced his body... Was... Was Khrona gonna kill him...? From the way he ignored Shabuto as he neared death, it would seem so... Then, just like that, the choking stopped and his wavelength went back to normal. He fell to the ground gasping for the air his lungs so readily received. His pale bluish skin slowly returned to normal as his 'Eclipse Spirit' began to heal all his wounds without his knowing. He just stood down there for a minute pondering over Khrona's words... Perhaps he had gotten overconfident in his abilities... "I... I got cocky... I..." he said as he finished gathering his AI and as his regenerative abilities kicked in.

"No. You didn't pay attention. The reason you did not pay attention is because you were too wrapped up in yourself, hence what I said before. You are too worried about your own abilities, and not those of your opponents." The two Psions swirled back to Khrona's side, stopping simultaneously in the same exact pose, staring down Shabuto with pale and cold eyes, just as Khrona did. "I even gave you a chance. I initiated the battle by saying 'go,' and because you were not paying attention, you didn't even realize the battle had started. My two Psions waited for you to make the first move, and you did not. You were distracted. Confused. Not paying attention to your surroundings." Khrona shook his head solemnly. "These are not the mistakes that an Expert makes, Shabuto. You are nowhere near ready. You have not only failed this exam, but disappointed me so... I had so much high hopes for you..." Khrona lifted his coattail with his gloved hand and swiftly brought it across his chest, his body disintegrating into nothing almost instantly afterward. The two Psions would then teleport away to wherever Khrona was. Shabuto failed. "Come back when you're serious..."


Kyra would walk into Khrona's team's base and shout, "Hello, anyone here? My name is Kyra and I want to join your team."

The spitting image of Khrona sat at a lonely desk in a lonely room aboard their lonely airship, as not too many people came by. Tabrith had been doing nothing but waiting, as that was all he was assigned to do. It wasn't like he got bored or anything. That was just a simulated feeling when you didn't know about how enjoyable being alone with your thoughts was.

Tabrith: "Yes? I am here. I assume you wish to just look and leave, yes?"

Of course, this was like a reference to his OTHER team member, Janko, who frequently did such things...

Tabrith: "Sigh... It is rather difficult to find good help these days. But how may I help you?"

Kyra would smile and walk over to Tabrith. She would take a bow and speak. "Hello. My name is Kyra Kinsei and I would like to join the team, actually. I like the name, so I decided to try out if I can. I know I'm just a Beginner, but I'll be going for a ranking exam soon. But I want to be apart of a team that is awesome." Kyra waited for Tabrith to respond to her.

Tabrith's half-opened eyes and laid back, relaxed stare met with her friendly face, taking in a lot about her with simply one look. With a subtle smile, he released a quick exhale that simulated a quick laugh. "Hmhm... You are very enthusiastic, at least. That is admirable, I must say. Your rank does not concern me at all, as I welcome anyone and everyone. In fact, if I can find you two more companions, you can join Zesu -- an Expert -- and have your own unit." Tabrith would have very much enjoyed that. "So that is how you will be inducted. In truth, you are already accepted, but as your first order of business, I would like you to find two more members to join you. Preferably other Beginners so you can all train at the same time, but it does not really matter if they are or not, as long as they are under Expert rank." Perhaps this girl and her nice personality could attract someone to this lonely old airship...


Gliding in on a stream of golden flames that would passively penetrate the darkness of the Dusk would be Shabuto. He had been through a lot of shit in his time as a shinobi, and after getting his ass handed to him by those Psions, he knew what needed to be done... He had to become a better shinobi... Even if that meant downsizing a bit. Realizing though that he couldn't do it alone, he remembered Khrona's last words to him... 'Come Back When You're Serious.' Those words hurt Shabuto's pride worse than any justu or punch he had ever taken... Those words meant he wasn't ready to be a higher up of the Dusk... But Shabuto knew one thing for sure... He was ready to become a true shinobi, and so doing as Khrona asked... He came, now that he was serious. Knocking onto the massive door of Manor Alexandros, Shabuto waited to see the face of his leader once more.

The doors of the great protector, Alexandros, slowly creaked open, the sound of machinery moving being the first indication that there were many forces at work simply to move these great doors. Inside, a still shadow stood forth, looming over Shabuto in a semi-lucid form, as if barely even attached to this form of existence anymore. Not even able to be touched, the leader of the Dusk, Khrona, stood tall over him, gazing down with eyes tired of seeing Shabuto... Not he himself, but his struggle. "... You're serious. I can tell." That was something that put a smile on Khrona's oh so woeful face. That was all it took, was the spark within him to want to change. "State your business."

As this happened, Shabu would marvel at the workings of the manor, his eyes looming over everything that took place until finally he laid eyes upon the ghastly figure... His leader -- Khrona. "Yeah... I'm dead serious now," he said steeping closer. "Basically, I need a makeover... No, probably a new start all together... I've grown tired of this... I want to become a true shinobi... Even if it means starting from the ground up all over again."

"Such an inspired change. Starting over is a big thing to do. A rather mature thing, I might add, as well. But, I must warn you..." Khrona loomed in closer, his eyes staring straight into Shabuto's. "You cannot reverse what I am about to do to you. You will become someone new entirely. I am going to change everything about you, inside and out. You will not even have your same name. The only thing you will remember from your past are your memories. Are you prepared for this?"

Shabuto just stood there... Remembering everything he had done up to this point... All of his battles and developments up to this very moment... So long as he could keep the bond he had forged and the friendships he had gained, then everything else was sacrificial. "I understand... And I am ready," he said as he held his mother's necklace and prepared himself for whatever method Khrona was about to use... Hopefully it wouldn't hurt too bad.

Khrona slowly and achily rose from his looming over Shabuto, now staring down at him and his eyes... the Dojutsu. In a flash of blackness, the eyes were forcefully jerked from his sockets and would hover in Khrona's hand. With the tightening of his fingers, the eyes would disperse into pure chakra, as if in their purest form. They were not the Dojutsu anymore; they were pure chakra. "Do you see this? Hm. Of course you don't. Do you feel this? This is what pure chakra feels like, unchanged and unenhanced." Blood would be pouring from his eyes, yet this blood was special; it was merely flowing into the pure essence of chakra Khrona held in his hand, as if becoming a collection of all that Shabuto had ever learned and being placed into one thing in its purest form. He was stripped of literally everything he once had; every move, every ability -- everything. "This is all the power you had. Despite how much you THOUGHT it was, it was rather minuscule in comparison. It means nothing when in its purest form. Don't you see?" Of course he didn't. Khrona shook his head, immediately slamming his palm to Shabuto's face, stopping all of the blood flow immediately, and slamming Shabuto directly onto the ground. It would feel like Khrona's grip would crush his skull, but in essence, Khrona did need to hold his head that tightly. What he was doing was a delicate process. "... With my Anatomia I am able to change even your genetic structure. Your DNA. I can alter your body to the point where your blood parents will not be related to you anymore. Your original special ability is yours no longer. You are a fresh being, able to be molded into anything your heart truly desires." As Khrona said this, Shabuto's soul was also being altered; not completely, as to change his entire personality, but to the point where his original Soul Weapon would no longer be compatible with him either. He was most literally going to start out fresh and clean. "... A name. You are no longer of your original heritage. You are the start of your own clan. Name it and become it; the first of this clan. Also, think of an ability. Just. One. It will become your special ability, and permanently stay as such for all time." Stirring even his Yin-Yang release -- commonly known as Reality Absolution -- Khrona was going to even change this man's chakra affinity. "Choose an element. Just. One. And you will grow from that single sprout into something great. Become a new man... A better man. And start over from scratch." The immense amount of powers that were surging about here caused a huge stream of lights to shine from Khrona and the boy, looking now like the Aurora Borealis right around them. It was up to him to choose who he wanted to be now, as this is who he would be for all time. Would he be like everyone else, or be his own man? Let us see if he repeats the cycle...

As his eyes were ripped from their sockets, Shabuto would grip his missing eyes in pain. He felt the chakra they turned into as he was thrust to the ground, Khrona's grip of his skull feeling as though he was going to crush it. He then would feel as if every essence of his being was being shifted or changed all together. The pain died down enough for him to think straight and utter his first words.. "Momo... The name," he said as he continued to think... "Steam... Poisonous steam that I can produce with my body via blood as my special ability." He thought about an element that goes with his new ability... "Wind!" he said as his body and form began to shift. Shabu... Momo was ready to begin his new life.

Saying these things were what made them to be; Shabuto was no more. And now, Momo was born. "Ah... I feel like I can be at peace with that name... Momo..." With a huge burst of light, even his physical appearance would start to change. The light shone brighter than the brightest star, and when it thinned out, the only thing that remained was a thin stream of light that shot from Momo's heart, then fading to the inner part of himself. Khrona let his head go and stood up, offering him a hand. "... Let me teach you a few things. Momo."

With the last of the changes were complete, Momo would reach out to Khrona, but just move his hand aside. "Thanks... But I can do it myself..." he said, lifting his body up... It was a bit heavy, but he would manage. Standing fully erect after wobbling a bit, his mouth hidden from sight, he spoke to Khrona, "A few things huh...? Like what?" he asked, gripping the top of his collar. Since this was a new body, he could use a couple pointers as to how he needed to get things started.

With his hand brushed aside, it retracted into the darkness of Khrona's cloak, only for Khrona to walk past him... Or, rather, through him. "Things like... Mastering your own special ability. Learning your element. Figuring out what it is you really want to do here. Hone your skills. The works." Khrona would not allow him to fall to the pit of despair and want power for all the wrong reasons, like before. He had seen it happen too many times to too many promising shinobi... Even to himself, at one point in time. They always fall deep into darkness... And in the darkest of dark, Khrona resides, only to help them see the true light. "Tell me; what is it you want assistance with, before I train you? I must know."

Momo's eyes gazed about the darkness as he contemplated the leader's question... Being that he barely knew about his special ability, he figured it was best to learn about that first... Then the element that would assist, as well as the skills. "I see... Well I would like to discover what my special ability entails First... Seeing as how it's my new trait, it seems that my knowledge of something so close to me should take top priority above everything else," he said, still gazing about the cast, thick darkness; it reminded him of something very eccentric... Something beautiful, but dangerous as well. "Blackness that covers the skies... It covers the trees and even the hearts of man... Such benevolence... Yet such maliciousness... Thy Beauty is profound," he said as he waited for the leader's response... The darkness inspired him to say a freelance poem while he awaited the sayings of Khrona.

Listening in on his freelance poem, Khrona stopped in his tracks, turning around and staring Allen straight into the eyes. "... Here. Write that down." Khrona waved a hand, as if throwing paper at him, and suddenly, paper would appear midway between them, fading in from the unknown, and float toward Momo. "That poem is dark, yet profound. Much like me. I know it was about me, as well. Which is why you're going to become an assassin of mine, writing letters of poisonous ink, so that when people touch them, they will have no hope." An assassin of this caliber was more than useful to Khrona... In fact, exceptional for him. Momo was going to be made into the greatest assassin the Dusk had...

Momo grabbed the paper, but noticed he hadn't a pen to write it down with... Suddenly, though, the blood within his index finger began to tingle and itch... As if it was trying to escape, reacting to the paper and his will to write. "Whats this...?" he said as he noticed the tip of his finger turning black, then blue. He didn't know exactly what he should do, but... He wanted to write, and since he had no pen... He would bite down on his finger, drawing the blood. Almost as soon as it was drawn, it turned into a hot steam that would then solidify and Whip around the tip of his finger, extending into a small spike-like figure. Momo then would think to try and use this fluid to write with, and so he did; 'Blackness that covers the skies... It covers the trees and even the hearts of man... Such benevolence... Yet such maliciousness... Thy Beauty is profound.' "Interesting..." was all he said as he finished writing down the last of his words, looking back over to Khrona. "So... I am able to produce ink and steam with my blood... I assume it has poisonous capabilities, as well." He, for some reason, liked the idea of becoming an assassin... It seemed to fit his sly and emo demeanor quite well. Aside from this, it was an honor that few received.. To become the personal hitman of the leader. "An assassin, you say...? Yeah, I believe I could get into that."

Khrona smiled and laughed at Momo, feeling more close to him than ever before now. "Wonderful. Then let's get to it." Khrona started off in an arbitrary direction, seemingly with no rhyme or reason to it, signifying for Momo to follow him. Wherever he was taking him, that was where his training was going to begin.

As his leader signaled for him to follow, Momo would first take a mental photo of this Manor; it was a giant symbol of the Dusk's inner beauty in itself and was definitely worth remembering. Before Khrona walked further away, almost fading within the surrounding blackness, Momo would follow but... Just where were they going...? And what was this strange sensation he was getting within his head?

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break Empty
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Having led Momo clear across the Dusk and into the outskirts of their lands, they found the atmosphere becoming more murky and thick with fog, the air becoming rather humid and mucky, like the waters below. In only moments, they'd have gone deep into the 'Omen Marsh', one of the deadliest places in the Dusk for a number of reasons. The toxicity of the waters only grew more as they went further in. It was like it was Momo's training haven. "Here we are. The most poisonous place in all the Dusk. The Omen Marsh."

The entire time that they walked across the Dusk, Momo had been making all types of mental notes about the Dusk and its various areas... If he was going to be a true assassin, then he would have to know the Dusk as well as other places across the planet inside and out. Once reaching the marsh however, the stench of the toxic waters and dying plant life enticed his senses. To most, this stench would erode away their sinuses, but they brought about a strange comfort to him. The murky water below screamed the words lovely and gorgeousness to him as he continued to follow Khrona. He made a few mental notes while taking in a hefty breath of the air, but not too much, for even he was still susceptible to it's toxins... He would be working internally, trying to build an immunity to the toxins, if not at least a bit of a resistance to it. "So this is the place...? I must say you do know how to pick'em Khrona... But what will we be doing here?" The curiosity of the young inspiring assassin grew by the second... Though he kept his enthusiasm under wraps. He kept looking around the marsh, then back to Khrona, who melded in the blackness perfectly.

The wild toxic mushrooms and other species of plants ran rampant; it was like a jungle of sheer poisons. There wasn't anyone who resided here except the one person who could use them most... And Khrona needed to get Momo to her. "Oh, I won't be doing anything. You're going to be living here." Khrona walked upon the rickety and old pathway atop the bubbling swamp waters below. When they reached the solid earth again, he stopped and turned around. "And you'll be getting trained by the greatest poison user of all. The 'Sage of the Black Swamp'."

Walking along the path, Momo stopped momentarily... "Living here...?! Sounds nice... But I assume there's a catch..." He said, stepping on firm ground, stopping again in front of Khrona. He mentioned something about a sage... He hadn't ever heard of a sage that dared to call this place home... But he supposed he would today. "So that's the catch hmmm...? So where is this sage...? Everything seems pretty quiet around here." He was a bit nervous about meeting this sage, but he would have to get over it and bring himself together... An assassin had to keep their emotions under control.

Khrona simply smiled, shaking his head and chuckling to himself. "The greatest assassin, formerly known as the 'Spirit Of The Black Swamp'. At a point in time, during the old Nightmare, she worked in secret for the Earth King, slaying those without warning whom deserved the punishment. She is master of all poisons, a powerful Frog Sage Shaman that mixes any and all forms of potions and concoctions in secret. Not many know of who she really is or what she really does, but those who have seen her and lived to tell the tale are also legends to this day." Khrona turned around and looked Momo dead in the eyes. "And now it is your turn." From within the blackness of his cloak, he pulled out a giant bag of nothing but souls. Probably about one thousand souls, pure and simple. "Give these to her. This should be substantial amount for her services. If you don't give her something in exchange for her services, she'll claim your very existence as her own. So this tribute to her is probably the bare minimum." He would place the bag in Momo's hands, then take a few steps back. "Oh, and one more thing... You have to find her. In this swamp. Alone."

Momo paid close attention to every word his leader spoke regarding the lore surrounding the 'Spirit Of The Black Swamp'. From what he spoke, Momo gathered a few things and imprinted them in his memory: One; the sage is a woman. Two; she's an assassin who specializes in poison. And three; she was a tricky one. Luckily Khrona had provided the means for him to go before her with something in exchange for her services... Momo was beyond excited he was about to become one deadly shinobi, but he also understood it was going to take a shit load of work. "Wait, alone...? But how will I know when I've found her?" Momo asked, taking hold of the bag of souls, feeling them swarm around inside the bag... He'd never laid eyes on this being before, so how was he to discover her location....? Then again, being an assassin meant sometimes having to complete the objective with little to no prior knowledge, but luckily once more for him... He had a vague hint on what she looked like.

Khrona paused, soon starting up with hearty laughter as he stepped back some more, his body starting to fade. "Oh, don't worry. You'll know." With that, in a shroud of blackness, Khrona was gone, leaving this to Momo.

"Pfft... Thanks for the tip, boss..." Momo's soft voice said in a slightly irritated voice... It seemed like whenever the thick of things came about, Khrona always vanished... Guess it was for his own good though; Khrona couldn't hold his hand through everything... In fact, Momo didn't want him to. With a simple nod, he began to walk through the various toxins and smell that harbored within the marsh. His body was slowly developing its immunity to the various toxins as he came in contact with them... If he was going to be living in this 'vacation spot', he would have to get properly accustomed to his new home. "Beauty hidden beneath the mud, why do you hide your radiance...? Though thou are embarrassed by thy beauty, I see it for what if is... Beauty unbridled and unbroken," he said, writing down the poem as he looked for the woman. According to the little bit of info he collected, the sage was a woman more than likely up there in age. She would probably bear some sort of resemblance to a frog in looks or in nature seeing that Khrona said she was a Frog Sage. He would also look for stray potion bottles incase she was concocting things near by.


Appearing out of seemingly nowhere, Momo reappeared at Khrona's home. He needed a favor from him -- his age regarding his Psion. He remembered the strength that Khrona's Psions had and wanted his own Psion to advance as much as it could properly, but since Momo wasn't a Psychic, he couldn't give his Psion the training that it needed... But Khrona could. "This place... It's rather nostalgic..." He said, unhinging his Psion from a capsule and spoke to it. "I'm sure Khrona can train you much better than I can." He said standing in the covering of the darkness that surrounded the manor.

As the capsule was left and the boy departed, it would slowly hover from the ground and up toward the door, where the door would slowly open and the little Psion would be welcomed inside. Before it stood Khrona, one who had known the Psion would be here even before this psychic creature did. A small smirk came upon his face, as his two Psions warped near him from another dimension. "... Looks like Team Psychotic just might come to be..." Khrona petted the new Psion, and upon the third stroke, it would split into two beings; one for Khrona, one for Momo. "As a tribute, to my favorite person from your time... Your name is Sabrina, my little Psion..." Khrona smiled, nuzzling her a bit, letting her teleport in front of Momo's Psion. "Jade. Emerald. Tend to Sabrina and the other Psion. Let my wisdom be passed down from you two to these two." With that, he was off, and only the four Psions were left.

In the 'Realm Of Darkness'...

Vanguard would be walking along a silverly, clay-like path that floated within the darkness of this malevolent realm. Soon, his chakra pool would begin to restore by channeling some of the darkness that pervaded within this dark world, and use it to nurture his being. It was sort of like walking through a healing hot springs, only considerably faster. "Okay... Where to next?" He waved his hand, creating a plethora of television-like screens to appear all over place. On them, various areas on the planet would be displayed, showing different creatures and where they were. He stood there and patiently chose which area he wanted to invade, and simply pointed at the area where Khrona left his creatures. "I want that one..." he said, pointing at the Psion 'Sabrina', sensing great psychic potential within that small creature. With that, all of the other television screens would shut off, focusing on the spot where the Psion and the other Psionic creatures were. He hadn't an eye for the others, but casualties were casualties. Under the all of them, a black hole like dark corridor would appear. The mystical dark pressure would suppress the Psion's teleport ability as well as most other lower levels of escape. He planned to warp them into the 'Realm Of Darkness', where he would have the home field advantage. Hopefully this would be easier than expected; he didn't want to hurt anyone. But he wanted that Psion...

Just as the training was about to ensue, the two elder Psions picked up on a presence that was coming in from the future. Both immediately turning their heads in an arbitrary direction, the protrusions on their heads tingled gently for a couple of seconds, before their crimson eyes twinkled in the same fashion as their Tamer's did many times before. They spun around to either side of the younger Psions and clasped their hands together, creating a powerful barrier around all four of them just as the black hole corridor would appear. Being Khrona's Psions that had been trained by delving directly into his mind, events such as this did not bother them, as the pressures of Khrona's mind for weeks on end was more than enough training. It was how they evolved. With the power they held through being able to walk between dimensions, they were able to pinpoint the coordinates of the black hole's exit, and use the immense psychic power that the barrier omitted in attempts to disrupt the coordinates and sever the connection of the hole. They stayed perfectly still, perfectly concentrated on the task at hand.

Back inside the 'Realm Of Darkness'...

"Ugh, I knew this was gonna' happen," Vanguard said as he observed the Psions and their valiant, yet foolish efforts. To override the power that is the 'Realm Of Darkness' is to prove your heart is stronger than that of the entire dimension. It was a pressure unlike any other that would probably require prior experience to be properly combated, and even then, the likelihood of their success was slim. While they were welcome to try, Vanguard wasn't just going to sit on the sidelines. He was going to go all out for that Psion... "Innisce..." With that whisper, behind Vanguard would appear this pinkish swirl of overwhelming, yet subtle power. It's presence would cause what looked like cherry blossom petals to form and flutter around Vanguard's position and soon ride the non-existent winds of the 'Realm Of Darkness'. Within a moments notice, Innisce would fully construct itself behind Vanguard. The massive titan would tower over him, causing a small pink hue to radiate from its being and illuminate this dark abyss. "Decryption..." Vanguard said, issuing a cold, yet direct demand. He had observed the might of the Psychic creatures, and would silently applaud them. Somehow, they were holding their own against the mystical dark pressure, but he knew it wouldn't last forever. So, to make matters worse, he would command his summon to fire off it's most powerful attack -- 'Decryption'. And without even a nod of approval, the summon would lift it's arm, morphing it into a crystal like, holographic cannon. It wouldn't take more than a moment to fire, but after the blast, Innisce would vanish, expending all of it's energy into the attack.

The 'Decryption' was a a strange, ghastly looking blast. It's overall radius large enough for anyone to mistake it for a flash rather than a concentrated projectile, but that was the power of Innisce. The flash like blast would rip through the dark corridor that threatened the Psions and would attempt to massively drain, and even devolve them in every way possible. The intensity of this attack was legendary, and would no doubt be able to drain and break through that hastily constructed barrier. Vanguard, on the other hand, stood and watched. He was still kinda low on chakra, which is why he used Innisce. Fortunately, their chakra pools were separate thanks to the seal that the Dark King placed on him. This allowed him to call on Innisce whenever he was in need, despite his stamina. He figured that the 'Decryption' attack would easily be able to throw off the focus of the Psions, dividing their attention and concentration in half, and make them pick the lesser of the two evils. In theory, it was a perfectly executed plan... In theory. But how would they react? They could see the future, but that didn't mean they could change it.

As it was known by the elder Psions that such power was held by this 'Realm Of Darkness', to first gauge the power by testing the waters with a false barrier was a spirited and effective response to the situation at hand. Spin-flickering to the respecting edges of the Realm Of Darkness' portal, the two twins focused a great deal of their psychic power on the little Psion, using its large and powerful mind against its will as a magnifier for their own power to magnify the effects of their next attack, and inadvertently caused this Psion to lose consciousness from its magnitude on his mind. Hands outstretched and a twinkle of blood red in their eyes, a powerful black hole appeared around the little Psion and another one coating the first. Hard to believe in just a few moments things could change. It didn't matter though; they had protected the package from the unknown aggressor...


Vanguard: 'Innisce..'

They saw a foreign creature in their future -- this 'Innisce' that Vaguard spoke of. The projected energies of what their near present shall become. The power was enough to overwhelm them with their divided powers and attentions, and so a new solution had to be found. They realized that this 'Future Sight' came from none other than Sabrina, the conscious baby Psion. She was warning them of how their divided attentions were working against them in this situation and in the small fraction of time they had before the event actually occurred, they had to all come up with an efficient escape plan. But then...

"Innisce..." 'Vanguard said, issuing a cold, yet direct demand. He had observed the might of the Psychic creatures, and would silently applaud them. Somehow, they were holding their own against the mystical dark pressure, but he knew it wouldn't last forever. So, to make matters worse, he would command his summon to fire off it's most powerful attack -- 'Decryption'. And without even a nod of approval, the summon would lift it's arm, morphing it into a crystal like, holographic cannon. It wouldn't take more than a moment to fire, but after the blast, Innisce would vanish, expending all of it's energy into the attack.'

But, because the two elder Psions are busy and the baby Psion was not, Sabrina would use her power as a Psion to fight against the blast. Opening her eyes only a split second, a blast of the same caliber, same power, same everything in every way possible would be created from the Psion's mind, launched at the 'Decryption' to cancel it out. The effects of the 'Mimic' technique. With memory of the mimicked 'Decryption' in mind, Sabrina would be able to use it again... With this, the expended energy would be exhausted for good, and such an ability would hopefully not be used again. The baby Psion would lower right back down to the ground. Sensing that the aggressor was a mental man, the elder Psions sent out a flurry of psychic messages into the air to drift around for his mind to receive when he revealed himself. They contained the thoughts of the creatures translated into a way he could understand; English.

Jade: "State your business."

Emerald: "Don't think we'll give up."

Together: "We're under special order."

"What a useful little trick..." Vanguard said, rubbing his chin, commenting on the 'Mimic' technique. He began to wonder if he was too hasty in his decision as to which Psion he wanted. The mental messages from the two Psion's would simply drift about in mental space, as Vanguard would be unable to hear it in the Realm Of Darkness. Even if he could, he probably would have just ignored them anyway. He then watched on as the two Psions placed his prized baby Psion within some sort of dimensional rift or black hole. He simply scoffed... Nothing his 'Lockpick' sword couldn't handle. "Crafty, but you will not escape me for long..." It was true. The Psions had indeed protected the baby, but at what cost? The 'Dark Corridor' below them was only increasing in size and magnitude, the energies it spilled out would spell doom to any. Soon, the mystical pressures from the corridor would begin tampering with the dimensional rifts, attempting to rip them apart. The portal was now like a gaping maw that led into an infernal hellish abyss. How much longer could they withstand it? How much longer could those 'Dimensional Rifts' stay intact? And how much longer until Vanguard was at full power again? "I will not be held back by insects." On his body, his organization cloak would form like a second skin. He threw his hood over his face and began walking in some arbitrary direction.

True, the three psychic creatures could only hold off Vanguard for so long, -- especially with their limited training -- but it was impressive nonetheless that they could hold their own in this situation. Just goes to show what kind of training Khrona gave them, even so young. But, they weren't alone here, as they thought. They were biding their time.
???: 'KSSSSHHHHHHHH... Whrrrrrrrr...'

There was too much darkness within him. Too much unwarranted destruction going on. Too much free energy in the atmosphere... The great Protector was awakened.

???: 'Klunk... Klunk... Klunklunklunklunklunklunklunk'

The wheels of fate were turning, the great giant was now active from his slumber. The home in which they resided in, the body of one of the most powerful beings in existence... Alexandros.

Jade: "The sleeping giant awakens..."

Emerald: "To protect his comrades..."

Together: "Alexandros The Great!!"

At that very moment, Vanguard should have felt an overwhelming and overbearing force pooling over to push the dark corridor back shut. Even with the utmost of resistance, no matter how slowly it had to get done, it would get done with the largest amount of effort. As it was, it would take no more than a minute to close the 'Dark Corridor'. As Vanguard walked, a huge screen of light would stop him in his tracks; this light, more closely inspected, shown to be a series of hexagonal outlines all connected and glowing pure white, to the point where they resembled one solid thing. 'Protectima'.

Alexandros: 'Krrrrrkrkrkrkrrkrkrkrkrrrrr...'

The sound of that ancient machinery at work was the voice of Alexandros, speaking directly to Vanguard's black heart...

Alexandros: 'Get out.'

Vanguard stopped in his tracks... The Dark Corridor still bubbling beneath the Psions, it would seem as if some otherworldly power stood before him. The glowing wall of clustered hexagons pulsated in front of him, illuminating Vanguard's face from under his hood -- his expression was unimpressed to say the least. Whoever or whatever this being was, its power was obviously great. Vanguard would reach out to touch the 'Protectima' barrier, rubbing his finger along the manna constructed barrier. "Heh... You gonna make me?" Vanguard inquired cheekily, rubbing his fingers together to get a feel for the manna residue. It's power was incredibly mighty, but it was nothing Vanguard couldn't handle. The Dark Corridor was slowly closing... Slowly... But surely. Alexandros was Great after all, but the Dark Corridor would only intensify and continue to plague those poor Psions. For about a minute, of course... But plenty of things can happen in even that tiny quantum of time.

The Dark Corridor's power still ripping away at the rifts above, the two Psions were finding it exceedingly difficult to keep this baby Psion protected.

Jade: "Great Protector..."

Emerald: "... Lend us your power!"

The rifts could only hold for so long with this power pressing on it, and so when they were shredded through eventually during the course of that minute, Alexandros would immediately bestow 'Protectima', 'Shielima' and 'Reflect' upon all of the Psions within him. The mystic veil of wonders kept them safe from all harm, and even lifted the four Psions high into the air, away from the Dark Corridor's power, as it continued to close. Around the other sides of Vanguard, and even above him, would more 'Protectima' barriers form, accompanied by the bright blue octagonal outlines of the 'Shielima' skill, and the invisible 'Reflect' to top it off, forming a huge three layered box around him to keep him in place. The box started to move over the top of the Dark Corridor, as if showing Vanguard the exit, and would thereafter start to close in on him, mimicking how the Dark Corridor was being closed as well. This was Alexandros' way of saying 'Yes.'

Meanwhile, in the Realm Of Darkness, Vanguard looked around as he was encased in a layered, ultra-leveled defense technique... And simply began to chuckle. The Dark Corridor that plagued the Psion would be on the verge of degenerating and closing, apparently being overpowered by Great Alexandros... Right...? Eh, not exactly. "Is this the best you can do?" Vanguard asked as his purple eyes would illuminate the shaded darkness his hood cast over his face. He placed his palm on the wall of the barrier, seemingly doing nothing at all. However, if one were to look closely, a tiny key hole began to form at the very center where the psychic man placed his hand. What looked like mystical dust, or supernatural smoke began to steam from his finger tips. "Give me a break..." With those words, the keyhole would become perfectly visible. It glowed for only a moment before it disappeared into nothingness. However, as it vanished, the barriers would crumble before shattering completely. But... But how? Twas Vanguard's power as a 'Lockpick' wielder... The 'Shattered Blade'. He had the ability to unlock any lock, barrier, secret, door, or whatever the like and shatter the obstacle -- physical or metaphysical -- that stood in his way. So long as his heart could reach it, it stood a better chance simply standing out of the way. "I'll do it myself..." he said, walking through the floating shards that used to be the barriers, and through the Dark Corridor that lead to the Psions. In a moment's notice, he walked out the black portal that threatened them and allowed it shut closed behind him. His eyes were still glowing a beady purple underneath his dark hood and he had locked them on the Psion he wanted... The baby. In the normal world, he pointed his gloved finger towards his prize, revealing his burning enchanted ring on his index finger. Vanguard would mockingly make the, 'Come Here', gesture, as he slowly began walking in their direction.

???: "You know, your 'Lockpick' power is reminiscent of my dear sister's power..."

And the next step Vanguard took on that ground would be a step onto a darker corridor, one that tinted the room with the presence of its opening. From its blackness, a wispy creature slowly ascended from its depths before Vanguard, its form taking shape to the mold of a man... But not just any man. As if drawing the blackness of the Pit of Havoc back into his own body, this man robed in blackness now stood before him, eyes closed and a slight smile upon his face. A chuckle. Only a chuckle. "Hmhmhm... Vanguard, why I knew you'd be back. Did you do all of this to draw little old me out? I know you're much too smart to actually have to go around stealing monsters. Come now." Khrona opened his eyes, his twin Psions instantaneously dispersing into forms of pure energy, slinging themselves into their respective containers in the unknown of his blackness. Next, the baby Psions, which had their own capsules as well, yet one belonged the Khrona and the other to Momo, both residing in that blackness as well. "There was no way that you came here without knowing the consequences. I have a house chock full of people who would fight for me while I was away. This is indeed a manor, you know. So why bother with all the intricacies when you just could have asked to sit down and talk?" Khrona flicked his coat behind him, like the coattails of a pianist when they sit upon their bench, and made the motion to sit down. The blackness of his attire manifested smoothly and fluidly into a chair for him to sit, and a leg bathed in the black would spurt upward and over the other; a more comfortable position to chat. "Sit. There is much to discuss."

"Yeah, but who doesn't love an entrance?" Vanguard questioned after willingly walking through the corridor that connected this reality to an incomprehensible, majesty of insanity. His hands retreated back into his pockets at this point, he heaving a heavy sigh. He had realized halfway through his Psion hunt endeavor, that he had accidentally stumbled upon the Casa de Tensei. He quickly abandoned that idea however, finding a meeting with Khrona far more beneficial. So what better way to snag a personal appointment with the busy leader than to throw the well being of his home and family into peril? A bit of a stretch for some, but a pleasant gesture of urgency for the intellectually ascended... And the mentally disturbed... And that's talking about both of them. "Although, I was looking forward to a better audience..." Vanguard said, poking fun at the level of ability the Psions and the Alexandros had in comparison to his own. He had them all on the ropes without really having to step foot into the ring. It made him snicker a bit, reminding him just how much he had grown since his last encounter with Khrona. Before, he could barely stand to exist in the presence of this psionically blessed individual, but now, he could comfortably pervade within this intimidating mental presence. The portal would now snap close behind Vanguard as he stood before Khrona, who could obviously appreciate a good, flashy entrance. Vanguard's cloak would burn off of his body in a matter of micromoments, revealing his rather regal, yet relaxed appearance -- sort of like an over confident lawyer; dressy, but in a far too relaxed fashion. He and Khrona looked like polar opposites of the same coin... Eerie.

"Ah, someone of class... How I knew you would understand my methods. Only people like us can really appreciate the 'flashy' yet not too over the top sort of entrance. Hmhm." Khrona tapped his gloved finger atop the armrest of his impressively made cloak-chair, letting the minute sound resonate through the vacuous corridors that belonged to the great protector. Khrona couldn't help but to join into Vanguard's snickering. A cunning fellow, but how soon he had forgotten how very cunning this leader was, as well. "Ah, you were definitely deserving of a more suitable audience; hence, my delayed arrival. Do you not think that I could see much farther than you anticipate? What better way to train my rather studious creatures and my newly born one -- all of the psychic variety -- with a profound psychic user of such capability, hm? The experience they gained from your battle was astounding, even if so short." Everything was always to be used in Khrona's favor, even when it didn't seem to be so. "And Alexandros... He would not have harmed you in the slightest. He can see past what you personify. If you were really of a darker purpose, would he have even allowed you in my Manor to begin with?" Khrona's tapping finger rose then to his head, his eyes closed and a friendly smile upon his face. He tapped his temple a couple times before letting his hand return to its original position. "Think beyond what is in your current future, and look into the future's future. Since last we spoke, when you were but a, what, Beginner or Standard, you have grown a HIGH amount. Such growth does not happen in many others, if any. A round of applause is in order; compliments of me to you, for all your hard work and effort. It cannot go overlooked."

Yes, Khrona was aware of Vanguard's choices in life. Well aware. He knew of all the socially terrible things that he went through, his goals and even how his brilliantly twisted mind worked. It was very reminiscent of Khrona in his developmental years, yet with a whole heap of more stability behind him. Khrona's two hands connected before him, resulting in a rather hearty and regal bravado to Savaj, since it seemed as though not many had ever complimented him on his work in this degree. "However... I must digress, for the sheer knowledge that something rather absurd is afoot. No, not just something... A series of things. This is the first time that I have ever seen the planet in this much horrendous turmoil, yet in such a calm and secretive state... We've never done things underground before. The three prior to mine had a tendency to dive right into the heart of battle. Noble and honorable, no doubt, but for these types of delicate situations it will take more than just rushing in without a plan to save this crumbling world. Hm. Just look at their efforts with the Horsemen..." The last thought was more of a comment to himself, as Khrona was assured that they would handle the Horsemen, but it seemed like they struggled far more than necessary... Yet, without them, there would have been no time to prepare. Funny how harmonious this chaotic world is. "Ah, but I have been rambling on. Your take?" Khrona was more than curious about the thoughts of Vanguard on this matter... Everyone was convinced that he was dead, but Khrona may have been the only soul preparing for his return. Vanguard wouldn't give up the chance to show his strength to Khrona so easily by something as simple as death. He knew that Vanguard would never allow himself to fall so easily. Shame that no one else could see it.

"Apocalypse? *chuckle* That's an understatement... And Turmoil is a bitch slap in the face..." Vanguard said with a passive, yet aggravated authority in his voice. He took one of his hands out of his pockets and simply ran them through his draping, yet well kept bangs -- they often got in his eyes and irritated his face. "This planet has been plagued with a condition no amount of nobility can cure. It's been plunged into this paradoxical hell where its people believe that their only beacon of hope, stems from the disease that is slowly consuming it. War... For the sake of Peace... Only breeds more War..." Vanguard's words now felt a bit more sorrowful. His eyes, usually beaming with confidence and conviction, drooped a bit with sincerity and passion. He closed them now however, probably fighting off anymore emotional signs that he could have accidentally conveyed to Khrona. He continued to trifle with his hair, his passive tone staying strong, but his aggravation growing the more he spoke on his view of the planet's condition. "This 'planet', has become nothing more than a giant scar. A torn battlefield where the 'honorable' three before you, could do nothing but watch it burn... They were far too arrogant, hotheaded, and ignorant to do anything else..." Vanguard said, calling out 'The Trinity'. He knew of them through lore and the knowledge of others. He even knew some their personal information, and saw nothing that contradicted his judgement of them. "Despite all of their ability, wisdom, knowledge or what have you, they have done nothing to preserve the well-being and peace of our world. They are powerless in my eyes... Worthless, even," he ended, opening his eyes to see Khrona's reaction to his controversial words. "My take? This planet deserves more... Much more."

Though Khrona had much to add, like the kindly gentleman he was, he awaited Vanguard to finish his statements and points before Khrona issued out his own; as what TRUE conversations were supposed to be. Switching the cross of his legs from left to right to right to left, Khrona chuckled slightly, shaking his head slowly and lowering his head. How could he be so foolish as not to realize this but just now? Oh foolish, foolish Khrona... "... Ah. I now see what it is... This world is desperately trying to put itself back in order. Apocalypse... Turmoil... Chaos... All man-made words. We're fighting for ourselves. And as long as we do... We'll never be in harmony." Khrona started to tap his finger on the armrest again, unable to contain this level of understanding any longer. He laughed. He snickered. He cackled. He... Was becoming insane again? Why fight it nowadays, right? "We're on the right path. You. Me. The Demon King. Many, many others around this planet... We're on the right track. The antagonists? Nothing but people who we are not on the same accord with. Who is to say that we ourselves are not antagonists? Everyone has their own story, but we're just too arrogant and full of ourselves to listen." In a sudden fit of enthusiastic and joy-filled insane rage, Khrona slammed his fist upon his armrest and rose to his feet, his cloak flaring up violently all around, making it seem as though the ground was consumed in eternal black flames. "So I say -- and this may sound crazy... hmhmhm -- Why not show them? Show them what true harmony is! To lead by example, like a true leader should!!" A wild and sinister smirk slithered upon his face, revealing his sharp and vampiric canines gleaming and ready to spill blood.

"VANGUARD!! It has been decided!! I no longer fight for me... I no longer fight for the Village... I no longer fight for my family, my friends, or even for my enemies... I fight for everything. As a whole." Khrona's ears perked up, hearing a multitude of horrendous jams and clicks, like that of gears churning in the opposite direction of which they are supposed to move in a harmonious fashion. "The universe is crying... And suddenly, my soul can hear it. Everything is wavelength. Every wavelength makes energy. When all wavelengths are of the same accord, they all resonate on the same pathway, and generate this energy that is completely and utterly harmonious; one thing. A universe. Can you not hear the rhythm of the universe? The discord caused by those who grind their gears in the opposite direction of the clockwork that is this glorious melody? If this universe is nothing but a sound..." Khrona crossed his arms, for the first time in his life understanding literally everything that came his way, and the extent of his power. The next restriction had been broken. There was only one more left now, and that would come with the defeat of Grimlock. "THEN LET'S MAKE THIS PLACE SING IN UNISON! A universe can only sing in unison, right?!" Khrona stared up at the abysmal above that was the remainder of Manor Alexandros, and he laughed. He let out all of the insanity he had in a loud, maniacal laugh, one which he hadn't done in quite some time. He never needed to get around his insanity... He just had to learn to work with it. And then it wouldn't be insanity anymore. It would be... Khrona.

Vanguard remained composed among Khrona's new discovery of unlimited understanding, simply sliding his hands back into his pockets. He chuckled a bit, not in the least surprised by Khrona's sporadic and radical impulses. His mind was just too advanced for most people to understand... Beautifully insane. Not even Vanguard couldn't fully comprehend all of which Khrona could... Not yet, anyway. He really needed to get this training thing done. "You'd be surprised what effect the will of a single man can have on the universe..." he said, referring to Grimlock, of course. Yes, Khrona could hear the sounds of the universe, so undoubtedly he could sense the horrendous effects that man has had on the present... His impact being great enough to even shake the foundations of the future. Vanguard began to walk about the dark, blissful insanity that flooded this realm, waving his hand through it as if he were in a thick sauna. "The universe sings in unison, but what happens when somebody wants a solo?"

Amidst all the yelling and volumes of smart talk between the insane, but oddly competent fellows, Momo -- apparently unbeknownst to them -- had been there the entire time. He had hidden away within the depths of the blackness that surrounded Khrona's home and was safe from the onslaught of energies thanks to the Psions and Alexandros' powers. He heard of their conversation... Better yet, he felt it through Khrona. The mutation of Momo's shifting from Shabuto gave him the gateway to a very unique ability... He could feel the emotions and feelings of those he had a close bond to... And no bond he currently shared with anyone was stronger than the one with Khrona... After all, he gave him life anew... Or, better yet; he helped him to cease living a lie... And live in MOMO's truth. "Well, well... Quite the revolution, eh, Khrona?" he asked, walking through the doors of the room where Vanguard and he had been. He laid his gaze softly on Vanguard, of whom he never had the pleasure of meeting... Though they had never met, Momo could feel a certain 'force' within Vanguard... And it was strong. "Please forgive me for not knocking before I entered your place... My humblest apologies, Khrona-sama." His hair was akin to the potent and majestic poison that was his blood. It rested wonderfully on his head touching his face with the utmost intimacy. He had a hunch what had just transpired between the two, being that he felt a certain increase in Khrona's emotional understanding... He had to know... It was important.

"Hmhmhmhm..." It was over. There was no saving these two now. "A solo?" Khrona's voice was becoming more distorted, less intact with this world... That soothing and blissful insanity Vanguard seemed to bask in would all too quickly become volatile and vehement even to his crazed mind. This was no ordinary insanity... It was sane insanity. "Tell me... Vanguard... If one person wrecks the song, does not the entire thing fall into discord?" When one person wishes to shine above the rest, instead of work for a common goal, then there is no harmony -- there is no unity. Khrona was all too aware of this. That was it. Khrona's mission was clear after consulting Vanguard, as was Khrona's power made clear after speaking to the Demon King and combatting the Sky King. They were the three people who would help Khrona break three of his final few restrictions... But there was one more left. The Thirteenth. The last and final restriction... Only one man could help him break through that now... "Grimlock... Heh. Even his name is a dead giveaway. He is the grimmest lock this world has ever seen before..." Khrona started to tap his hand on his rest more rapidly... More violently... Its tapping echoing loudly and destructively through the corridors of this manor. That's when Momo revealed himself. "So you finally decided to come out? I've been expecting you." Of course Khrona would know Allen wouldn't leave. Why else would he not allow Alexandros to attack? Momo would have been destroyed, even if Vanguard wasn't. His Hyper Perception saw more than most people thought. "And now that the guest of honor has arrived..." Khrona's eyes sharpened to an intensity no one had ever seen before, his wavelength flaring up to the point where everything -- no, EVERYTHING -- was forced back simply from him rising to his feet with such forceful demeanor and determination. His eyes were not wandering, yet they emanated pure insanity itself, but with a focused mindset. 'Khrina' -- his girl form -- called this 'Calm Insanity', as she was a master of it, however what it was when mixed with Khrona was 'Sane Insanity'... The balance of his own personal darkness and light. "SHOW ME YOUR RESOLVE, BROTHERS!!! WHAT DO YOU FIGHT FOR?!?!" With his coat retracting back to its normal form, it took the shape of two massive black draconic wings... The mark of the 'Black Dragon'.

Vanguard would instinctively throw up a cross guard, the likes of which created an enormous telekinetic pressure around him that would undoubtedly cushion Khrona's mighty flex of power. However, he would still be repelled elsewhere, riding the turbulence created from Khrona's mighty wings. He landed elsewhere, throwing his cross guard away, along with the psychic shield. His vision of Khrona was worsened now, but his mind could still perfectly see. He'd probably never admit it, but Vanguard took joy in battles, testing his resolve against that of his opponent, and watching the inevitable outcome of his victory. However, Vanguard's battle hungry fetish would have to be ignored; his body was beginning to fade, his hands fizzing and fading as if he were some sort of hologram -- and to an extent, he was. This was what Vanguard called a 'Tele-Clone', a manifestation of Vanguard's consciousness, and projected in the form of a clone. Fathoms stronger than an ordinary 'Shadow Clone', and far more useful. "As much as I'd love to, it seems I've over stayed my welcome." His body began to shatter, as if he were made up of millions of little glass like shards of energy. "Prepare your village as you prepare yourself for the encroaching future, Khrona..." And with that, the clone shattered completely, leaving Momo with Khrona during his insane rage thing. Vanguard hoped Khrona killed him; he didn't like people spying on him.

"This... This power is inhuman!" Momo bellowed as he quickly covered himself in a coffin of mist that cushioned the majority of the blow, sent flying by sheer force of Khrona releasing his wavelength... He, at first, thought Khrona had finally lost it... But then it dawned on him... Khrona had 'lost it' a long time ago... That what made Khrona, Khrona... No one understood this like Momo. "Thanks a lot, Vanguard..." he said as he picked himself up out of the rubble and allowed the coffin to morph into a pool-like shadow beneath him... Vanguard had bailed on him, and it seemed he was going to have to calm Khrona down all on his lonesome... Just great. He knew Khrona overpowered him in more ways than one... But there was something Momo had that Khrona in his current state probably wouldn't understand, or rather... In the state he was in... He'd understand it loud and clear... But this possession was probably the only thing worth calling leverage... "I will show you this time... This time you will FEEL my words, Khrona; this time... You will..." he said, stopping himself and allowed his blood to flow from him and and layer the surrounding area of roughly twenty feet or so. The blood pulsated as two clones manifested from deprecate portions of the blood... Momo hoped he knew what he was doing.

As expected, Vanguard still had his own agenda ahead of him, and there was no time for him to fight Khrona. Little did he know, the chance to do so was rapidly coming to a close. Only Khrona knew how their scuffle would turn out. He could only smile, as Vanguard did not only the smart thing, but the right thing. Though the means were different, the goals were the same. And the same went for Momo... Yet... He had chosen the more difficult road... "Blood...? Hmhm... Hmmmhm... You have much to learn..." Khrona's focused eyes gleamed, and in a heartbeat a streak of blackness surged from his feet and rolled across the ground toward Momo's clones, like black liquid flames... And with a burst of liquid darkness that could blacken the brightest hopes, the 'Black Dragon Blood' would have consumed Momo's 'Blood Clones' like a raging black fire. "... Before you truly know the art of blood..." A step forward brought all the insanity of the world down upon Momo along with his footstep; a terrible burden for even the Falshin himself to endure. Nay; this was a fate that even the Falshin himself COULDN'T endure. Something an 'Innocence' could not tarnish. Something 'Innocence' could not purify. Sane insanity. He took yet another step closer, the insanities of the world intensifying as Khrona drew closer and closer to Momo... His mind... It would snap in mere moments.

"Indeed I do Khrona-sama... But," he said, for as the black blood made contact with the 'Blood Clones', it would seem to completely and utterly devastated the clones... Though from their core, a white glow would be seen, even if it was quickly smothered by the force that was Khrona's blood. Momo would feel for but a moment the purity of the 'White Blood' activating in resonance with the dark corruption of the black blood... but it quickly left... Yet the force of Khrona's insanity -- No... That's too vulgar of an explanation... -- The beauty, the MAJESTY that was his brain... The gorgeousness that was his brilliance, shone forth. "Yes, Khrona... Bring all that you are upon me and tear my lowly understanding asunder... But in doing so, relinquish to me everything that you are... So together we can save this crumbling world!" Tense were the words that he uttered forth, even through the overwhelming force that was Khrona's majesty; his insanity was like a veil of benevolence that could tear the very foundations of reality to pieces, completely erasing all normal logic and understanding, but Momo knew this... Because he knew Khrona, and the best thing to do with insanity -- however unstable or stable -- was to try understanding it. Thanks to his ties to Khrona, he had a bit of an understanding that most did not.... "Cover me in your madness... Engulf me in your majesty! Allow me to do what I want... Allow me to become a tool of your insanity...! I want to understand your force and by doing so... We can make the changes that are needed on this planet."

Khrona continued to step forward... Lurching closer and closer to the boy, who seemed to resist this power even though it threatened to destroy his very thought. With every step he took, it just became more and more and more intense, and his mind would become more and more and more fragile, and clouded, and deluded with the overbearing might of this purely sane insanity. "Is this... Truly what you feel?" Khrona's slow and gentle steps sounded like millions of hammers pounding down at the same time on Momo's brain, and only billions more would join with every step Khrona took. "Is that your true resolve?"

Momo, even through the unrelenting force of khrona's mental 'pounding', found himself cracking a smile, his mouth slightly revealing his teeth and all their pure white glory... "Of course, Khrona! I'm appalled that you even have to ask... Or can you not feel the swarming flurry of emotions with this heart if mine... This heart that you have given to me!" The sane insanity was increasing rapidly by fathoms. But Momo didn't resist the force -- no, he readily accepted it... For by doing so, he was accepting Khrona into his person... Into the depths and core of his being... As destiny had intended it to happen.

'He's... Accepting it. Not resisting. Hmhm... Hmhmhmhm...' Khrona continued up to Momo to the point where he was right in front of Momo now, with his sharpened and focused eyes seemingly ready to obliterate him with just a blink. But instead... He walked right past him, the insanity instantly coming to a halt. "Then follow me. We have much work to do." With that, Khrona stepped out of the doors, the light shining in from outside and into the room... Which then soon became dark once again.

'Success...' Momo felt that word deeply within his being, for he had just survived something that others have never came close to doing... He survived insanity in its purest and unbridled form... Sane insanity. "Indeed..." Momo said as his mind calmed it self once the pulsing stopped, getting up and following behind Khrona. He walked into the light before them before the darkness engulfed everything once more. But after being exposed to such powerful and raw insanity, what would become of Momo...? Or rather, what would become of his mind...? Only time would tell.

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After walking out of his home, Khrona knew that Momo was going to follow him to the ends of the earth. Because of this, Khrona was going to have to inform him of what was going on, and also have to show him his true potential. With Momo behind him, Khrona would walk toward the 'Psycho Mesa', a place that was ravaged by Khrona's violent insane rampage. A bit ashamed that this happened, he shook his head and realized that such a place needed to be fixed up and become beautiful again. This was an extension of his house -- his back yard, even -- and when it looked like this... He wasn't doing his job of keeping this land beautiful. "... Momo. Brace yourself. This could get rather intense on your head."

Momo, as thought, would be following behind Khrona and ended up in the 'Psycho Mesa'. Contrary to belief, Momo wasn't here at Khrona's side as a lapdog begging for the scraps of the higher ups... No, Momo had an agenda of his own... One that happened to incorporate the planet and all the specs of inhabitants that called it their home... But it wasn't the time to reveal that agenda... Not yet, at least. "This place has been scarred by power... Yet it still retains its past glory," he said as his mind was being tugged here and there by the forces that had seeped into the very core of this land... Powerful bouts of insanity had taken place here and Momo, ever since accepting insanity, was all the more keen to its feel -- its being -- and thus he knew that the insanity here... Was Khrona's. "I shall be cautious..." he said, still treading behind him looking about his backyard. Now though, Khrona had to go into detail as to what was taking place. "So for what exact reason have we arrived here?" Momo had a hunch as to the purpose of their coming here, but he didn't want assume... The wise never did.

"We have arrived here..." Khrona started out, walking over the barren land plagued with this destructive violence, "To correct what I have done wrong. To bring beauty back to this land. And to stop this discordant insanity from sheltering itself, but to bring a harmonious insanity that will allow many to come to this place to ease their minds, rather than strain them." Khrona closed his eyes and turned to Momo, already starting the process of undoing what was wrong. "In the meantime... I am going to tell you a bit of information. Listen up and clear your head."

'Clear my head?' He thought it to himself a humorous, a rather contradictory statement... Clear one's mind with all the pulsations trying to intervene... But to no avail... At least, not immediately, anyway. But he did so trying to keep his composure under the strain of the Psycho Mesa's pain that was trying to penetrate his psyche, yet Momo remained as calm as he could -- for he was fighting; he was understanding. "Okay... I'm all ears." His pointed elf-like ears stood up and leaked a bit as he prepared to follow what Khrona was about to say.

"A long time ago, when the Dusk was simply the Reality, I was unstable. Much more unstable than anything and everything you've ever seen before." Khrona looked deep into his past, manifesting a certain familiar face before him now; Tabrith, the culmination and manifestation of Khrona's lost memories. "Due to this instability, it was difficult for me to function properly; I couldn't speak to people, I couldn't interact with them without being afraid, I couldn't even make any friends besides my brother, whom I ran the Reality alongside." Tabrith smiled at Khrona, nodding his head. He knew that this day would come soon enough.

Tabrith, taking over with the same voice, "So I frequently expelled my power as large destructive insanity bursts. The only person who could quell my insanity way back when was my brother. However, even though my insanity was quelled for a moment... It always rose back up again." Tabrith looked up to the sky along with Khrona, the both of their eyes gleaming in the exact same way, the both of them looking to be polar opposites of each other, yet mirror images. Tabrith, looking casual, whilst Khrona, looking regal.

Together, with a unified voice, "So I decided to expel it all one day. Expel all of it into this village, in some place I could always keep track of it. It was not only for me, but for my village. On that day, I matured. I grew for this village, and I grew for my friends." The Beast, the essence of all of Khrona's Insanity would suddenly appear, looming over the entirety of the Psycho Mesa. It took its great and mighty hands and took hold of the wavelengths of insanity that flowed around, starting to forcefully straighten out their shape, calming the insane distortion that stained the whole area.

Insanity, with Khrona's voice, "But I still didn't know what to do with this insanity. So, it stained the land. It stained the land behind my house, and the Psycho Mesa was born. Only the strongest of the strong were able to enter this plane; Myself, my family, Alex Star, Chita, the Time King, and... You are the last person that will enter this land as it was." Soon, this land tinted red with Khrona's insanity would become calm; the insanity still there, yet becoming harmonized with the flow of the universe -- with the flow of Khrona. It was a stable insanity. It was sane insanity now.

All three, in unison, but with the same voice, "I have stained the Dusk for far too long with my emotional rampages and uncontrollable and unbridled power. It's time to fix what I have done wrong and make this place better. No longer will the Psycho Mesa be a place where people must strain their minds to enter. It will be a place of pure meditation, that which heightens the Psyche through the power of my own. Where people can still keep their connection to me..." He stopped abruptly, and the entire land became calm as well. The three beings turned to Momo, before Tabrith and The Insanity disappeared, and only Khrona was left. "... That is the secret of the Psycho Mesa."

Momo said nothing... Not at first... He merely listened to what Khrona was telling him... Or rather, what he was confessing to him. Momo could feel the swarm of emotions filling inside of Khrona's being... Then came Tabrith... A being who was an extension of Khrona... Yet he WAS Khrona. Momo looked to Khrona with woeful eyes, placing his arm on Khrona's shoulder... He could tell it was tough for Khrona to admit to his faults... As it would be with anyone. "Khrona..." He spoke with a tone so soft it was barely noticeable, As the manifestation of Khrona's unbridled insanity manifested in front of Momo... The Beast. But oddly enough... Momo did not fear its visage nor it's power... Instead... He understood it... He welcomed its presence and its place in Khrona's person and being... And from the looks of the healing taking place within the mesa... So had Khrona. "Everyone has pain.... Everyone cries... Everyone is awkward in their own way... The key is accepting yourself even if no one else ever does... For in the moment you do that... Everyone one becomes irrelevant... But at the same time, they become vital pieces to your puzzle..." Momo didn't know much... But he knew enough. Probably nothing Khrona didn't know himself... But he felt good sharing that with Khrona... "Thank You Khrona..." He said, looking to Khrona as he was now looking to Momo as well... Momo was thankful to be considered one of the 'strong' by Khrona. "Thank you for sharing with me a part of you... Now... Allow me to share with you a part of me by establishing this here and now... I Extended myself to you and to the planet wholeheartedly... For the sake of your being and the being of every living creature that calls this realm their home... Khrona, allow me to be your shield; to protect you from yourself and the enemies who would try you... Allow me to be your blade, that I might strike down your enemies if they dare to rise against you... Let me be there, Khrona... Let me be a part of your truth and you mine... Let me be your trust..." Momo was just speaking from the core of his being; he wanted to become not only a blade and shield for Khrona... But for the planet as a whole... But to do this, he needed two things that he did not currently posses... He needed knowledge and he need a means to become that shield and that blade.

Khrona allowed Momo to finish his sentiments only because Khrona knew that they came from his heart, but all that Momo said, Khrona knew long, long ago. That knowledge is what made him great. "... Momo. You need not tell me these things, for I already know. I showed and told you this only for you to know and realize this for yourself. Take heed to your own words. And follow me." That was the start of Momo's journey, considering this was what he wished for. "Have you not followed me even in my fall from being the leader of the Dusk? You may not realize why I have taken this path, but at least you realize that my intentions are pure. That's all I need. You made your choice long before you told me." And Khrona walked off toward another arbitrary place in the Dusk... Time to change that place as well.

"Heh... I see," Momo said as Khrona persisted in his stroll to another place within the Dusk. Momo just needed to make sure Khrona understood, not for Khrona's peace of mind... But for his. "Of course," he said, following no longer BEHIND Khrona but BESIDE him... He no longer would FOLLOW behind Khrona but... He would now travel ALONGSIDE him -- not as his equal in power... But as his equal in ideals and virtues... His right hand, aside from his soul weapons of course.

Khrona and Momo, walking side by side, found themselves now at the bank of the 'En Gulf', where Khrona stared off into the waters... It may have been a little difficult to see, but these waters weren't clean at all. They were filled with pollution... "Here is our next destination, Momo."

Walking beside Khrona, Momo was in a pure state of contentment... His agenda was slowly, but steadily, fulfilling itself, and all he had to do was listen... And so listen, he did. "The 'En Gulf'... I have been here before... Its waters are infested by manna and various wavelengths... Was this another place where you 'vented'?" Momo asked, as he was ready to absorb the lore behind this place as well... The exposure to such unfathomable sane insanity had transformed his mind into an uber sponge, allowing him now to absorb untold amounts of data and information... And who better to absorb information from than the one who caused it?

"Vent? Not exactly..." Khrona laughed, becoming lost in the memory of this place... Oh, the nostalgia... Even the scent of his brother's Omnimanna still surged through the waters, along with the pungent smell of insanity and pure chakra... These three things were not mixing well together; they were fighting each other... Just like they did so many years ago inside of their vessels. Khrona sighed. "This is a place where my brother and I had an intense and decisive battle so long ago... And the land was scarred because of it. And soon, these waters filled up the huge craters we created... This entire ocean... Is nothing but the remnants of our destructive power. We just didn't care about anything but who was the victor..." Khrona looked down into the pool of water, his eyes gleaming... "And our old energies did not forget this... They still battle to this day. Take a look for yourself." Khrona would point down, ashamed, into the waters. Something he was once so pleased with... How much power he had. How much he could destroy. How much he could leave his imprint on this land... It was a disgusting thought in and of itself. He couldn't even look at it.

Momo was enjoying this time with Khrona, discovering so much about both the Dusk and its leader... He would have to visit hallucinating one day and get a bit of the lore, as well... After all, it was a big part of the Dusk as well. "Don't mind if I do..." he said, taking a look at the trio of energies viciously ransacking each other with unbridled rage... To him it was something that symbolized a struggle, but to Khrona it was a flaw from his past... Yet one he needed to accept... "This is a scar caused by a flaw of your PAST, but now you have grown and have obtained a new outlook on life and what it is TRULY about... Others... Now it is your turn to, instead of scarring the land... To heal them instead," he said, for he had done so with the Psycho Mesa; now it was time to heal another facet of his past. "Release these energies from their bindings..."

"Now you're getting it. This is why I changed my opinions and became an 'enemy'. Now, unlike most, I have learned from my past and realized just what needs to be done to fix it. We were wrong back then, my brother and I. But we were young. We thought it was fun." Almost humiliated to find something of this caliber fun, Khrona shook his head, looking out toward the vast sea. Tabrith, who would appear in the very center, stared back at Khrona from all the way out, possibly at a point where Momo could not even see him. He nodded his head, as Khrona did his, and Tabrith would begin to speak, just like before.

Tabrith: "We did not realize what we did to the earth. We did not realize that we could go too far with out endeavors. These were the battles of children; not the battles of men. To see who is the flashiest, to see who has the most powerful abilities... But at this time, I did indeed realize that such was not the answer. When my brother decided to throw around the power of nothingness at me to defeat me... He was blinded only by his thoughts of winning. I am unsure if he ever learned that winning is not the only way, but... I do hope that he has, for the sake of this world."

Khrona and Tabrith looked down at the same time, Khrona's Insanity, The Beast, appearing at the very bottom of the En Gulf. With another nod of the head, The Beast grew to cover the entire bottom of the sea, and would grab the waters by its very currents and cause it to come to a halt instantly. Soon, it would begin to talk with Khrona's voice, just as before.

Insanity: "Many people do not realize that power means nothing. They think that power means everything, and that causes them to be shallow. They then get lost by this power, and then lose their purpose, feeling as though they must get more and more and more power. And in the end, they never know why they are getting this power, they only know that they want it for the sole fact of defeating everyone. However, what they do not realize is, if people become wise enough to realize that power isn't everything... Then the power of these people means absolutely nothing in the eyes of everyone else, and then they have no purpose in life. They are just an empty husk with a very large amount of power that no one cares about, and some may even find disgusting. I almost went down that path. Every leader has gone down this path. But it was up to us consciously to realize our faults, and change them... Not just to better ourselves, but to better our goals and resolve, and to stop being egotistical and selfish. Power like that... Is nothing but greed and selfishness in its prime."

The Insanity would tighten its mighty arms, straightening out the insanity and manna to be on the same wavelength as the lingering chakras in the water. By doing this, all three of these things would become straightened and soon, their wavelengths would not be fighting against one another, but working WITH one another; not to show how much power they had against each other, but how much power they had to make this ocean beautiful. As The Insanity continued to straighten out the currents of the waters, it would become less dull, less tainted, and much, much, much clearer... Brighter... And much more serene to look at and be around. No longer would Khrona feel utterly repulsed and sickened by simply smelling the formerly pungent air here... As now, he smelled the air of a clean, non-polluted ocean... Something that would not anger the wildlife and mutate them, as the 'Violet Behemoth' was... It was now beautiful in every way.

Together: "Whether or not they see their own flaws... My friends... My family... My planet... That is up to them. I cannot force it upon them, but I can always lead by example, as I have done with you... And eventually, maybe they will walk alongside me and share my thoughts as well. And this world will become a better place."

After that, Tabrith nodded his head one last time, before he and the Insanity dispersed again. This land, this water, this air was clean. Khrona took in a deep, cleansing breath...

And he smiled.

Momo would be seen merely looking to the horizon as he stood next to Khrona. He was thoroughly enjoying the lore of the En Gulf and could even imagine Khrona and his brother going toe to toe with each other... It was probably a rather epic endeavor despite the aftermath of their actions... But Khrona was learning...And had learned as he was still learning... So was Momo. He needn't say a word... He talked and communicated through his ears and allowed the information to be absorbed by his brain, making a permanent record of everything he was intaking. This was an opportunity for Momo to look at himself in the mirror, in a way... Everything that Khrona was saying about himself, Momo remembered from himself before he realized this very same fact... Momo had a thirst for power so he could make sure he could vanquish his foes... It had nothing to do with protecting the Dusk or anything unselfish... No, it was about dominating and overwhelming any and everything that stood against him... But thanks to not only Khrona, but others as well, his thinking has been changed... That's why he understood this... That's why he knew Khrona's pain... And his happiness. "It's beautiful..." He said as everything around him changed and cleared up... Khrona was tying up all his loose ends... Correcting all his mistakes... As if he was preparing for something... Something that he might not come back from... This worried Momo a bit... But, whatever it was, Khrona had accepted it... And so did Momo.

Khrona was aware of all that was going through Momo's mind... He was psychic, you know. However, even so, Khrona also knew that he and Momo were very similar, even in their differences. In addition to him correcting his own mistakes of the past, he was also trying to make sure Momo did not make these mistakes in the future, as he definitely was the future, as were the rest of his colleagues. "... Come. There is still more." Khrona, again, would start to walk toward the next realm, where Momo would be by his side, Khrona knew. It was time to learn an even greater secret.

Stepping up to Alexandros, Khrona tapped on his gigantic arm, beckoning for him to raise his foot. Under it, there was a secret and very large hole where Khrona once lived in... The Pit of Havoc. "This... Is the final stop. Are you prepared?"

After walking beside Khrona to the Pit Of Havoc, Momo was a bit anxious to know what else his mind could learn about the Dusk and its past... But what's more... What else he could learn about Khrona... The reason Momo and Khrona shared this bond between them was because they were indeed very similar in the way they had done things... And the way they chose to rise above their past faults and work towards something greater than themselves. "Indeed... I am..." he said as they appeared above the Pit Of Havoc.. .Khrona called this the final stop... This must mean that whatever Khrona's grand reasoning behind this besides pointing out the fact that Momo had to make certain choices for the right reason, was upon them... But what exactly was about to happen at the Pit Of Havoc...? The final stop.

"My home. Or rather, my former home... Now, this is only a place that I remember, and an extension of my new house. A room, you could say. But in this room is darkness... Darkness to those who cannot see it's light. Though discordant and and bland, and filled with a junky insanity that I filled it with... It's still my home." He slipped down into the darkness, pulling Momo along with him. Though normally this hole fell down toward infinity, Khrona felt like he should speed up the process a little bit... Falling into the black pit, it would feel like they jumped off of a tiny ledge and onto the ground, yet when they looked up, there was nothing but blackness. Right to the bottom. "I've realized that I made my home only livable for me and my family... But another realization struck my mind. I realized that... Well. You are my family too. And you know what else? So is everyone else. So this place just can't be livable for just me anymore..." Khrona, for the second time in his life, would start to perform hand signs, as if unveiling a large cloak of darkness from this pit's shoulders... And revealed this place for what it actually was. And in fact, Khrona's little cavern of solitude was pimped out. There was a huge door, one of very ornate and decorative decorum, rather ancient in its appearance. These hand signs opened up this door to Momo... And the rest of Khrona's house would be seen for the first time ever by someone other than the Demon Princess and his blood family in the pure light of day. "Welcome... To the Pit Of Havoc." Yet when he opened the door... There was still darkness. He was only at the front door. He had a whooooole house to do.

Momo listened, as he always did, when Khrona spoke about himself so that his mind could store the rare collection of information that Khrona distributed. Then Khrona said something... Something that touched Momo's heart in a most intimate place... Khrona called him family. "We're... Family...?" he whispered. Though he had always considered Khrona to be a close friend, he didn't know if Khrona felt the same about him truly... And for Khrona to say something like that reignited a certain emotion within Momo... But one he dare not express... No, now wasn't the time to do so. The doors to the Pit Of Havoc were open to Momo as he caught site of Khrona forming a set of hand signs which were now forever carved in his mind... Now stood before him a sight that very few have gotten to see... Now before him was the Pit Of Havoc in it's true form. "So... Does this mean I can leave the Mezzanine now?" Momo asked with a light chuckle as he wondered now that Khrona had opened the Pit Of Havoc... Was he preparing to redecorate it?

Khrona smiled, feeling and knowing everything Momo was feeling and thinking... As the doors opened and he walked inside, Khrona stretched... Cricked his neck a bit, and pulled off his long, flowing jacket. "Lighten up, Momo. We're home now." Khrona shook his head, snapping his fingers, and Tabrith would hover through the long corridor, bringing about a beautiful and harmonious light that straightened out the lingering darkness of insanity that was Khrona's room in his manor. "I do live in a Manor, right? How else am I gonna fill up all that space? Haha." Khrona's coat was folded, and folded, and folded some more, until it disappeared in his own hands, folding in on itself after being unable to fold anymore. Khrona casually strolled down the halls, seeing this place bright to not just his eyes, but everyone else's for the first time. There was beautiful furniture, gorgeous decorum, and many many doors. Khrona plopped down on a couch and rubbed the back of his neck. "Finally. I was getting tired of being such a 'shadow.' Get it? Shadow? Haha..." Crazy sumbitch.

'WE'RE... Home... I'm... Home...' As one could imagine, Momo, since being reborn, had been struggling with on overwhelming force of loneliness now that he was in a league of his own as far as clan and families were concerned. He didn't have a mother... He didn't have a father... No brothers of blood... And no sisters of blood... He was alone... At least... That was how he used to think... But being here with Khrona and going on this trip with him taught him something; that if he wasn't anything else... He wasn't alone... And that reassurance alone was enough for Momo to do anything he could to protect these bonds. That's why this meant more to him than power or struggle... This meant his very own understanding of where he stood in not only the planet... But in Khrona's heart, as well... And now he knew... But Momo's complete agenda was still not done... For there were a few things he still needed to confirm... But it would be a while be fore he did so. "This place is beautiful..." he said as he he took off his jacket and placed it on a hanger in a closet. The decorum of the place was to die for... It was unparalleled in its beauty and aesthetics. He took a seat next to Khrona, but not too close... He would be seen blushing slightly, but nothing to noticeable... It was kinda awkward for Momo to be so close to Khrona in such a setting... They were closed off right now from the rest of the world in such a cozy and soothing setting... His heart raced a bit, but he kept himself under control... He had to... Lest Khrona get suspicous. "Heh... That was kinda funny..." he said as he fiddled with his fingers slightly before looking up to Khrona with a slight smile. "So Khrona, do you have a nickname?" There was a tons more to learn about Khrona than met the eye... No matter how powerful he was... He was still human... Or at least, close... And thus, he had a mother, a father, and sisters, and such... Momo wanted to know these things... But started off with a nickname first.

Khrona shook his head again, chuckling to himself. He waved his hand around, beckoning Misery and Despair; two seldom seen women now, but now with a new and improved attitude. They'd been living it up in Khrona's private room for a while, getting their thoughts in order too. "Momo, if I'm a psychic and I can read your mind... What use is it to try to close yourself off from me?" By this time, Misery and Despair had made it down the hallway, and were leaning over Khrona's chair. "Don't really have a nickname besides the ones people give me. And uh, as to not be rude... These are my two lovely wives, Misery and Despair. You two, Momo."

Misery: "Haha, rounded up another little street punk from the village? I needed some company, I was getting a little bored around here."

Despair: "How decidedly pleasant to meet you, Mr. Momo... Hmhm..."

He was right... Momo knew he couldn't hide it from Khrona, though he desperately tried... He just couldn't bring himself to do it... He couldn't make himself say those three words to Khrona whose power toppled over even the strongest of realities... He couldn't... He wouldn't... It wasn't the tight time... "Pleasure to meet you Both-- Wait, what!?" Or was it...? Momo was stunned by what he just thought the heard Khrona classify him as... His... His wife? Wait... Nah, Momo must've been hearing things... Yeah, that was it, for the very thought was an inconceivable one... "Umm... Well... I... You see..." His face became cherry red while he tried to hide his face from the majesty of the trio before him... This was what he wanted wasn't it...? But then why did it seem so unbelievable...? Maybe because in his core Momo felt that Khrona didn't feel the way he did about him... Maybe he felt that in the end his ultimate objective would fall through... Khrona accepting him as his partner for life... So many emotions swarmed through Momo
s being... He had to calm down... He had to pull himself together... He was embarrassing himself in front of the three. He wanted so badly to utter those words to Khrona... But something was holding Momo back... Was it doubt...? Of course not... It was fear. "Khrona... I... I lo..." 'Dammit... Why can't I say it...? Tell him, damn you...! Tell him how you feel...! Tell him you love him, you idiot...! Oh shit... He's psychic... So that means he...' Momo turned his head to Khrona ever so slowly... Khrona was a psychic and that meant he had just read Momo's mind and knew what it was he had just been thinking... But how would he react... Momo dreaded to see his face for he feared that it would not be one of acceptance... Nor agreement... But one of shunning... Why...? Did Khrona not just say Momo was apart of his wifely trio...? Or was Khrona just poking fun at him...? Some clarity would be nice.

Khrona couldn't help but burst into laughter. He crossed his legs casually and leaned back into his chair, feeling more than refreshed from that. "Love you too, Momo. But no, you misheard; I was introducing my wives to you. You can be whatever you want, though. Haha." Khrona simply shook his head. It was only a matter of time before Momo actually said what he needed to say. Looks like it took a misunderstanding for the truth to pop out. Khrona didn't mind; he already knew this a looooong time ago.

Misery: "He blushes a lot. He okay?"

Despair: "Perhaps he is feverish... Let us also be fervent in our haste to aid this poor unfortunate soul... Do you want anything, Mr. Momo...?"

'Phew...! That's a relief...' Momo thought to himself, though he was sure Khrona had heard him... It was as if he had just dropped an enormous load from his chest and now he could go on... Now he knew what it was he needed to know... And that was all that mattered right now aside from the events surrounding the planet. As Khrona replied the way that he did, it brought Momo to a serene mindset... He wasn't nervous around Khrona anymore... And now it wasn't awkward for him... He could be himself... He could be Momo. "Ha... No thank you Madame Despair, for I am quite alright... Just needed to clear my head..." he said, releasing another sigh of relief now that everything was out in the open. "So, Misery and Despair are your names... I assume they have something to do with your souls?" Momo asked, for he had heard stories of Khrona and his weapons in which he wielded with a fearsome amount of proficiency.

Khrona shook his head in response to his question, ready to answer it in a way no one has ever seen before. "No. They are named Misery and Despair because of their personalities. Misery brought misery wherever she went, and Despair was a soul of utter despair. However, when I was younger, my insanity drew them to me because we shared similar qualities. And I accepted both Misery and Despair as my lovers, as they accepted me. Then I realized, they don't make me miserable at all. I just had to figure it out for myself." Khrona swayed his leg around a bit, casually leaning his head off to the side. "Well, as much as I didn't wanna have to get to business this fast... You know it's time for you to go help this village, right? I need you to take the place of Yuri. Word is that he's been slain in battle against a Falshin, and I need a new warrior to take his place. Think you can handle it?"

"I see... Well I'm glad you're happy." Momo listened to Khrona's tale about Misery and Despair's history with himself included... It was a nice tale of love and pain, as most love stories consisted of... But that made Khrona a type of polygamist... And that was humorous to Momo... But then, Khrona asked Momo something that he didn't think would be asked of him.... "Wait, WAIT, WAIT....You want me to become one of the Eight Guardians in Yuri's stead?" he asked, for it was just a bit shocking, is all... Momo heard of the shinobi who were hand picked by Khrona and Shinigami to combat the various evils of this world... Apparently one of them didn't make it and it was now Momo's turn to assist his village... How could he refuse? "I cannot say if I am ready or not to face a Falshin... But... I will protect this village as best I can!" he said. Momo didn't doubt his abilities at this point; not out of arrogance, but he couldn't say if he was capable to take down a Falshin... Though if the village was in danger, he would have to rise to the occasion no matter what.

Khrona looked at Momo, figuring that he was not ready to take on the Falshin alone. He pondered for a moment, then snapped his fingers. "Take someone or two people with you. Simple as that." Khrona gave him a thumbs up. "But you have to hurry. Time is wearing thin."

"No, Khrona..." Momo said, closing his eyes and taking in a deep breathe... "This... This is my charge... You told me it was MY time to do something for this village... And if this is the task set before me, then I shall take it on fully and utterly..." He opened his eyes, the fury of the mist seething and shining through them... "It's not that I think I'm invincible or that I'm hogging all the spotlight or anything like that... But it's high time I start doing things on my own and stop depending on the abilities and knowledge of others... So please... Allow me to take on the task of facing this Falshin... Alone, physically." Momo's conviction burned with the cliche metaphor of one thousand suns. He firmly believed that he could do this, for in actuality... He was never truly alone... Momo... "Besides... My friends are always with me... The bonds that I still retain with my friends and all those who believe in me... Their strength is what I shall use to cut down this Falshin... These bonds place me at the level of any leader in terms of belief..." He firmly believed that he had the power and beliefs of his friends on his side guiding and leading him through this all... He only need to keep that focus to defeat this creature... And finally prove himself within the Dusk.

Khrona could only chuckle at Momo's conviction... It was refreshing, really, to see how far Momo had come. "Hahaha... Somehow, I knew you would say that. Just make sure that you're prepared before you embark. I'd suggest doing something smart like stocking up on Potions and such. Many people don't really remember those exists, and you 'just so happened' *wink* to strike up a deal with the Frog Sage, who is the master of potions. I'd think you'd use that to your advantage." Khrona was well aware of everything he did with Momo. It was to set him up for this moment... The remodeling of his DNA, sending him to Kaerei, and even sending him out on his own against a very powerful foe... It was all planned for him. "When you get back, your subordinates will be waiting. Alex Star and Akira Tsukishima. And when you three do come back... It will be as Experts of the Dusk." Naturally, Khrona had sent them all on each of their own individual missions to prove their strength as ranking exam tests. Khrona was pleased to see these guys go... He felt like he had raised the three of them himself with the help of Lino and Koudo at times. They were the future of this village, after all. The future looked bright.

"Of course you knew this Khrona-sama... I shall do my best!" Momo said, looking to Khrona, his pupils delighted with excitement. But there was still work to be done before he embarked on this mission, which would be most perilous indeed. One... He had to finish up his speed training with the Sky King. Two; he had to finish up his training with Kaerei, which is when he would ask about the potions. Three; he had to tie up any loose ends that he was partaking of... He wouldn't see the village nor its people for quite sometime and before he set off, he would want to speak with a few people. "An Expert? Really?" Though Momo had learned of the true meaning that ranks held, he couldn't help but feel excited at the fact that he would come back an Expert of the Dusk... A member of the official higher ups of the village... A leader among the people... And a friend to them all to guide and protect them... As the others had done for him... Aliyah and Khrona, primarily. "I see... Well, Khrona-sama, I have to get started on all these things right away, so I'll come back home once I get everything situated!" Momo said, looking to Khrona with the 'Iwantsobad' face. He was ready to finish up his business... And show this Falshin what happens when you tread of the bonds of a true Dusk shinobi.

"Haha, really really." Khrona was assuring that this was of that much importance, and that this was their ultimate test so far. Alex and Momo had been trained personally by Khrona, and this would show just how much they actually took from his discipline. They were his students through and through, and their mastery over what they had learned was about to be tested to the fullest. Khrona had eyes everywhere. "Come back better than you go in. Always remember that, and one more thing." Khrona slowly lurched his finger up to his chest where his soul was, tapping it a few times. Seemed to be in the place where his heart should be. "Know that I'm always there with you. And so is everyone else that is supporting you. Let that be your power. A wise man once said... Don't believe in me. Believe in the me that believes in you." Khrona chuckled. "And I believe in all of my friends."

Momo looked to Khrona and then to both Misery and Despair... Khrona's words embedded themselves within Momo's heart. He looked to them all and reassured himself that they were indeed with him, fueling both his determination and his strength. "Of course, Khrona... This, to you, I swear," he said as his body began to shift into a misty state from the feet slowly up to his head. Before meeting his mouth, Momo would say... "Despair... Misery... Take care of Khrona until I get back okay?" He said this with a smiling face as he was engulfed within his mist and faded from their sight with a new found force... Empowering him towards the future.

Khrona waved at Momo, as did Misery and Despair, nodding their heads in acceptance of his request.

Misery: "We've been doing it for this long... What's another mission to us, right?"

Despair: "We always keep each other safe...!"

Khrona: "Sayonara, Momo."

And so, Momo would fade away in the mist, off to his mission... 'Heh.' Khrona leaned his head back, staring up to Misery and Despair, stretching his back a little bit in an odd fashion. "Sigh... Well. I guess it's about that time, huh?" Misery and Despair nodded their heads. Misery crossed her arms and Despair clasped her hands in her lap whilst still standing up.

Misery: "... No time like the present."

Despair: "This is... The final go. You know what will happen the moment you go to see him, right...?"

Khrona: "Of course I know... Heh heh. This is gonna be a reaaal pain..."

Misery: "Everyone's been preparing for this long. Hahahaha... That just means that everyone's finally gonna be ready for their final confrontations."

Khrona: "Yeah... Everyone's proving their worth to this village. Guess it's my time, too."

Despair: "... You don't have to go right now, you know..."

Her voice seemed to trail off, a bit sadder than normal... Instead of her negative positivity that Despair usually exuded... She seemed legitimately sad to know that Khrona had to go. Khrona shook his head, smiling and chuckling at her cute face. "Haha... I didn't say I was leaving now. I wanna spend some quality time with you guys. It's been far too long. And besides..." Khrona gave them both a wink and stuck out his tongue. "Who said you guys weren't coming with?" The three of them smiled, nodding each other's heads in complete understanding of each others feelings. Khrona would stand up right then, take both of his lovely maidens by their hands, and would walk them toward the back of the Pit Of Havoc... What a happy moment.

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PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break EmptyWed Jun 10, 2020 3:48 pm

Alex came here to Khrona's humble place of residence; the power was very strong here. But at least he could cope with it more better then before, because of his training in the Psycho Mesa and with the Virtual Pets. He and Chroma had defeated the monsters and had the materials to make his tracker, so now the task of returning these objects was the task now.

Chroma simply followed behind, not wanting to say anything until Alex actually got done talking to her father. She knew that they could talk anytime.

The doors to Manor Alexandros opened up, Khrona standing tall in the middle of his doorway, staring at both his daughter and Alex Star. "Took you all long enough. Hahaha." It was all in good fun. "May I have the material?"

Alex grabbed the objects -- the hides, whiskers, and sand core that they had collected. He held them out to his leader so that he could take them for his device... Wondering if Khrona would praise them for the work, or slam a door in their faces, now that the job was done. Alex looked at him, wondering what he would think of him.

Items present, Khrona extended his mind to grab hold of the items, the three of them instantly melding to the form of the creation they were destined to become for Khrona. He heard Alex Star's thoughts and felt a little bad about it, but didn't want to let him know that he knew. "Good work. I'm glad you did this for me. I wouldn't trust anyone else to do this type of mission." Khrona lent the Materios Tracker to Alex Star immediately after it was created. "As a gift to you from me."

While Khrona was being all nice and giving away gifts in this heartwarming father-son type situation, Tamura appeared with the body of one recently deceased Chisato in his hands and tossed it at the feet of the leader, right between Alex and Khrona. Tamura had two swords on his hips in sheaths and his arms crossed after tossing the body and hopefully interrupting the moment. He found a sort of... Satisfaction in doing so. "The Deadgirl was stronger than you and Zita-sama anticipated, and this was the result. She sends her regards, saying to send a legion of shinobi after her next time," Tamura said before leaning slightly to the side. "Luckily Manna is from a stronger lineage, or she would have met the same fate. That was far too dangerous of a mission."

Slowly turning his head to one of his Elite units battered by an unknown force and carrying the body of a dead shinobi, Khrona's head found its way into the palm of his hand, followed by a solemn shaking of his head. "Boy, oh boy, oh boy... I wasn't expecting things to go in this fashion." The body of Chisato would fade away into blackness, that which merged back into Khrona's cloak. "That Chisato, sadly, was a construct built by me so to watch events that went around in the Dusk with much more ease... But it seems as though she's been found out. She actually died training with me. Her mind simply could not handle it. It was tragic." Though that didn't seem to be the most pressing news, Khrona had to get that out of the way first and foremost for Tamura's sake. "And... The Deadgirl said this herself? Hm... But this is an event that the Witches said they could handle..." Though, she also knew about Chita's new appointment of herself as Head Witch... Perhaps Khrona's little niece needed some helpful guidance to take on such a big role so suddenly. "That means we'll have to send people to the 'Witch Province'... I'm sure they will greatly appreciate the help." There was so much going on here, but Khrona would be able to manage it all... He had to. Even with the Android girl and his brother back, he had to figure out just what they could do.

Alex had found the unknown presence; he didn't know the man. But it was so funny that he was cutting in on the moment, though he had already taken the Materios Tracker from Khrona, and listened on the words, getting the simple things, pulling out a book and writing in a new section. The 'Deadgirl', and the 'Witch Province', putting a question mark after the written title. Now deciding to cut in, but not trying to be rude, Alex said, "Excuse me, if I may make a suggestion. Do you mind if I go? There might be strong Materios in those areas because they are filled with manna energy." Of course that was a part of it; he has always wanted to visit the 'Witch Province' to study about the manna properties there, the witches that live there, and another reason. But if Khrona said no, then he would follow his command to the letter.

"I didn't know her, so I could care less," Tamura interjected quickly before adjusting his shoulders and the way that his arms were folded. What she was doing and how she truly died was completely irrelevant to the teen. What he really cared about most was that Manna, out of all people, was sent on that mission. Honestly, from what he could see, she wasn't all that powerful. Or rather, she didn't have much practice in using the 'massive' power she held. Just riding the coattail of her lineage like a lot of others. "I've already decide that I'm going. I just wanted to drop that off and that tidbit of info off, too. I'm heading to the 'Witch Province' next to tell the 'Head Witch'," Tamura spoke as he turned around and headed off, caring nothing for the battered appearance he just happened to be sporting. It just felt like the Deadgirl had picked a direct fight with him and he couldn't let it slide.

Khrona knew of the severity of this situation... But also, he knew of the rising despair of the reawakening evils of the Dusk... 'The Four Corners'. "Hold, the both of you. Before I send you two on the mission to hunt the Deadgirl... I must advise you to go take care of another extremely pressing issue; one of the 'Four Corners'. The Dusk Security Force -- The DSF -- was supposed to take care of them, but with Chisato dead, I need new management. But I also do not want the team to go under. So it will need a new head. Whilst I think of this, you two must go on this mission to combat the Lich." Khrona knew what the Deadgirl was all about... She was going to sit and wait for her enemies to come to her, she wouldn't attack on her own. If she was going to, she would have done it already, just like with the Falshin. She was up to something, do doubt, but as to what... He wasn't sure.

Alex looked at Tamura; he was a very drastic individual, or just doing things his way. Meh, he didn't honestly care if he left and took the job himself. If the leader wanted him to go, then he would, but now, they had to work together under Khrona's orders, and this DSF. Might as well try and do some good for the village. In the past, he would just stomp off and leave like a child, but he didn't have time for that anymore. "I can try to manage the group. I may be new to leading, but I won't disappoint you. And of course, I will do my best to defeat the 'Spirit Of Earth'. But she isn't to be taken lightly, I've seen her power first hand. Are you up for it? " Alex asked Tamura, expecting him to stay. Of course, he didn't know what he would do.

Tamura stopped walking, clenching a fist tightly out of reflex and repulse of the idea that Khrona had just spewed. Though he was his leader, and Tamura was sworn as an Elite to protect the village; he didn't like the idea and was going to express his disdain. "You already saw what happens when I have partners that I don't work well with and you ask me to do it again?" Tamura questioned through grit teeth before relaxing his fist. Tamura didn't know this kid, nor did he want to or care to. The other ninja of the Dusk -- save for a slim few -- held little place in his heart, his will, and his drive; just the land the village stood on and the civilians that couldn't fend for themselves. Being asked to work with them was like an insult. "I won't tell you no. I can't. But I will ask you to rethink that order," Tamura said before turning himself around to face Khrona once again. "I'm not a babysitter."

Alex's idea to run the DSF was spirited, but unwarranted, as he had no experience and had not shown Khrona any capabilities of being a leader... Though, he was doing superbly in his assignments these days, and was no longer considered 'riff-raff' like when he was in the Chaos. He was showing great promise. "Perhaps... But only if you show me your capabilities as a leader. As you are now, I'm not sure if you are even capable enough to run such a large facility." But, this conversation was cut short by Tamura's blatant disdain for Khrona's decision... Or, perhaps it was enhanced. He looked Tamura dead in the eyes, letting his conviction meet with Khrona's own adamant nature about this mission, and for a new found reason. "Then consider this a special Elite survey; a test of a lower level ninja in capability. Your duty would thereby be enhanced, more than just being a 'babysitter', as you say. You would be testing the qualifications of Alex Star as a leader, and deducting points for foul ups. This is a very serious mission. Such is why I asked a serious Elite to monitor, and now for the fate of an aspiring Dusk Advanced." Khrona turned his head away from Tamura, now staring at Alex Star. "Alex." Khrona's hands would fold before his lips before he continued his words, a smirk hidden behind his interlocked fingers. "Consider Tamura the proctor of your next Ranking Exam."

"Tch," was the sound of Tamura tsking his lips. It was almost like Khrona hadn't heard what Tamura said. Slapping a different name on something didn't change it's function. Now instead of Tamura being a babysitter, he was a babysitter that homeschooled as well. Not that much of an improvement. But he just shook his head and folded his arms, turning on his heels and starting to walk away again. "Whatever," was his response before he vanished in a burst of silvery blue chakra that rained down the ground like confetti. When it was time for the mission, he'd be there, but that didn't and wouldn't stop him from going to see the 'Head Witch' nor doing other things.

Alex looked at the ground; he felt that he wasn't ready for an exam yet. It was an honor to be given a chance to prove his worth in the matter, but he had a bad vibe from Tamura. He had seen his hand clench and unclench; it looked like he was about to flip out -- going to do more good then bad. Well, hopefully he will be able to work with him. Tamura was someone new to him; he was an Elite, but hopefully he put his oath to the village ahead of his own personal agenda. Right now, he thinks that he is babysitting Alex... Alex was going to prove that he didn't need that, but support was a different story. "Yes sir. I will gladly accept this chance," Alex said to Khrona. "I will try m--" he said to Tamura, looking at his back, but he had vanished away. He looked at where he was last at, and knew that this might have been a issue for them. He didn't trust this fellow, not even if they were in the same village. "Are you sure about this?" He turned to Khrona, his hair covered his eyes, but he was worried that things would go wrong.

Khrona shook his head, knowing Tamura wouldn't come around to something like this... But he had to realize the greater purpose behind it. Perhaps he would once they were fully engrossed in the mission... "Don't you worry about any decisions I make. Just worry about getting through your mission. Though Tamura is the highest of rank, he is technically the support of the mission. You are the true leader. He is there to evaluate you, and though it may seem pointless to him, it will do more good for the both of you than bad." Khrona knew just what he was doing, and as such, their assignment had been given to them. "I hope to hear a good report about you, Alex Star. I have faith in you. And in Tamura."

Alex would only believe that in Khrona if he expected Tamura to come around. He was not sure he could believe in himself, but he will believe in the Khrona, that believes in Alex that he sees... He had a mission to attend to, but was it needed now or later. And this device, he must have to test it out first and look for his first Materios. "When will this mission need to be done? Do I have time for one Materios hunt?"

With the mission established, Khrona turned to Chroma, who had been silently and patiently waiting in the room, giving Alex the 'Materios Tracker'. Though he wanted this mission to happen now, he knew that he needed to speak to Chroma privately. "Yes... Now take this and go for a moment." Without warning, Alex would be transported to a random place where he would find his Materios, as Khrona sat there, ready to confront Chroma. "... Chroma. Come here... We need to talk."

Of course Chroma already knew that they needed to talk. It was why she was there and hadn't said anything. She was waiting until the room was a little less crowded so her dear old dad could talk the way he wanted to. "Yes father?" She was still suppressing herself... Curses, she had forgotten. How much she wanted to call him Daddy, but, he knew that already. And the moment she was done suppressing herself, she would.

Khrona leaned over in a serious manner, interlocking his fingers. He was going to have to tell her something extremely... Important. "... Chroma. I know you know what has been going on recently... And because of that, you have been training yourself to the utmost level. That is something that has not gone unnoticed." Khrona was well aware of how she insisted on gaining her power, and why she wanted to do so in this way. It was actually extremely smart, and Khrona was happy that she had done it this way. "... I also want to tell you that I have always been pleased with you and your efforts. You've always been strong and you're much stronger than I was at that age. As I am to do with my father, you are meant to surpass me. Your powers will one day far exceed even mine. And as a gift to you to show you how much I have been paying attention to you..." He outstretched his hand, then opened it up before her, showing her Materios and Materios and Materios galore. There seemed to be multiple of every single kind of Materiso there was, save for two. "I have been collecting Materios for you. Each one expresses a different emotion I have for you and your accomplishments in your lifetime, and have been embedded with essences of my feelings. Use them in however way you want; embed them in your body, weapons, et cetera, et cetera." Khrona would wait for Chroma to take all of the Materios from his hands before he continued any further.

Seeing his fingers interlock, Chroma was once again, ready for the worst from her father. She was prepared for his disapproval, yet again, and her not living up to his expectations. Yet, instead... What she received was something far from what despair she expected. She got love and the symbol of his love in the years for all of her hard work embodied in each of these numerous Materios. It was at that point where she was at a loss for words, and her emotions would rush past even her psychic power and wavelengths suppressing them. "Oh... Oh daddy..." She couldn't hold her emotions in anymore. She was overcome with joy and relief, and most of all love for her father more than ever. All this time, she had been so wrong about what she should have been doing for him... And she would humbly accept those Materios.

Khrona couldn't help but smile looking at his daughter surpass even her own limits right here at this moment, all because of the familial bond that they shared. She had cut them off for so long to prove herself, but now she should see... She didn't need to prove herself at all. "And lastly, I have two very special, very rare Materios that I have been keeping safe with me... Right next to my heart. The Materios of Life and Death, the White and Black Materios." Khrona would immediately stick his hand right into his own chest without hesitation nor flinching, stabbing his hand deep into his own heart where the two Materios resided. He pulled them from his heart and placed them into Chroma's hands. "Do whatever you want with these, but know that every time you use any of your powers... Know that I love you and always have, and always will." He would closer her hand and close his eyes, reestablishing the 'Family Bond 'between the two, and he would smile. 'No need to hold back anymore... Chroma.'

Taking these two Materios in her hand held the utmost of feelings within them. She could feel a connection to her father like no other. And with that, she finally got it. She understood. She held those two Materios close to her heart and began to cry. 'I finally understand... You do love me. I always did live up to your standards... In fact, I surpassed them... And now... I am to keep on living... Taking your hopes along with me.' Tears flowing down simply would not stop, and before she knew it, she found herself jumping over the desk to hug her father. "I LOVE YOU DADDY!!!!"

Khrona smiled at her all the way, feeling just what she was feeling, except... He had felt this way ever since she was born. This overwhelming love that she was understanding just right now. He hugged her as well, letting her know that even with what happened to her, he always, always, ALWAYS loved her. "And I love you too, Chroma." Khrona took off his gloves, his jacket dissipated from his body, and for the first time in a very, very, VERY long time... He touched someone with his bare skin, only so that he could show Chroma his truest love... So she could feel it. "And now, Chroma... Go. Go protect this world with the same conviction I have. To know that the both of us are strong. Take my hopes and my power along with you, and let our 'Family Bond' never die again. It's time for you to help out, Chroma." He nodded his head to her and stared at her with eyes filled with pure motivation. "Let the world know who you are. Not just the daughter of the leader, or the daughter of Khrona... Let them know that you are Chroma, the Monochrome Princess."

Eyes still overflowing with tears, she took all of those Materios and nodded her head. "Yes, Daddy!!" She spread her wings, and for the first time, her wings were just about as large as her father's. She spread those black dragon wings, breaking through the entirety of the room, reminiscent of her own father's ascension from his office. With one large and powerful flap, she spiraled upward toward the sky, heading to the Psycho Mesa to take care of some important business.

Watching her spread her wings for the first time just as large as he, he saw the conviction and the life come back to her dead heart, and a tear rolled down Khrona's cheek. His daughter was finally grown up. "Ah... I remember when I first had such motivation... Go, my daughter. Let this world see that you are fit to be the new leader of the Dusk..." Another tear rolled down Khrona's cheek as he lowered his head, chuckling to himself. "... And now, it's my turn to go handle some business." He interlocked his fingers again, and like a sweep of shadow, his body dissipated into an innumerable amount of blackened particles which faded away into the Dusk...

... Some time passed, and eventually, there was Khrona's brother -- now known as the 'Imperial Wizard' or the 'Manna King' -- standing over the waters of Balneal, the City Bathed in Water; one of the new additions Khrona made to the village. It was his first time there, and he was thoroughly impressed with Khrona's renovation skills, just as with the Mezzanine. 'I had no idea why he had come here, these undiscovered lands just within the boundaries of Dusk jurisdictions. This was my first time here, the natural beauty of this place was so alluring, it radiated with calm aura and just made me feel at peace.' The 'Imperial Wizard', who seemed to conduct that feeling of calm stillness as he faced out toward the vast lands of mountains and rivers, made it seem as if he was just another part of the serene scenery. He found himself smiling as he took his place by his brother's work, looking out toward just what it was that they where protecting, and remembering the promise they made... 'We will return Order...'

In the reflection of the waters below, the man clad in silver and white should see his own covered face as he stared down below... Right? Even in the serenity of this crystal clear water, far more pure than most other water sources on the planet, he would be forced to see an odd murkiness on the surface of this water that proved to be an unnatural occurrence in this place... The water surrounding this blackness was crystal clear still, and this blackness seemed to have taken the place of his reflection. Was this hat he truly looked like? Was something looming over him? Was there an invisible force about or was something dark lurking beneath the deep? "Of course we will." Something spoke from the depths, as if having read the pure thoughts of the 'Imperial Wizard's forlorn longings. The black accumulation in the water started to grow a face now, the shape of the reflecting image now forming into Khrona, the leader of the Dusk. "But we don't have to do it in hiding anymore."

"We'll do so standing tall, and together," the softest voice spoke out from behind the man clad in both silver and white. Amidst all of the darkness that had befallen their village, there was little light to turn to, but every so often, a dim candle was lit in this sea of black; and it was none other than Khrona who had been lighting these candles, in the hearts of those he cared for. While there is still a majority of darkness hovering over the planet, the Android girl couldn't help but be drawn to this place; the place of the purest souls and hearts, and it was alongside her closest friends. With the way they were all positioned, it was almost as if the planets had aligned and something spectacular was about to happen. "In the face of disaster lies opportunity for renewal." Her hands were placed over her heart, shielding a bright light underneath. It was like this area had did nothing but put her aching heart at rest, like everything was now going to be alright. She would follow this feeling until the very end, and stay true to it, just as the other two with her would.

The Manna King could feel the waves of change radiate all around as the leaders of the Dusk now shared the same ground. It was a congregation that hadn't happened for some time. Khrona, his brother, the one person in the world who he could never hide himself from -- even as he stood now -- as nothing but a shadow of the Imperial Wizard. And the Android girl, the person in which he would never try to hide himself from... The echoing laughter of a pleased man came from within the helmet of our fair knight. He reached up, grabbing his helmet, taking off revealing the dashing young wizard within, able to show his face again at long last. "It's been too long, my friends..."

"But there is no time for formalities," Khrona said this with a sight into what was going to be and already was. He was experiencing the full effect of Grimlock's power first hand for some reason... "The state that the Dusk-- no, that is too general... The state of this entire existence is being threatened." Khrona closed his eyes and concentrated deeply on the matters at hand, feeling as though it was dire for the full extent of his psychic powers to think of a solution. It would take the combined efforts for the three of them...

The sheer occurrence of Khrona being in deep thought caused the waves in the water near them to ripple. While he may not seem like it, he puts a lot of time and effort in taking care of his fellow villagers, and that was one of the things the Android girl admired about him. It was now her turn to do the same. "It's not our jobs to safeguard existence, but I suppose we are the only ones who can do it." Once she closed her eyes and entered a state of psychosynthesis, the wind around them began to pick up rapidly, almost as if they were standing in the eye of a storm. She too began to plan and plot a way out of this abyss, and with the aid of her companions, it was inevitable.

"If it's within our power, then it is our duty..." The raising maelstrom around them was the perfect personification of the trio's raising conviction. The Manna King looked around to his peers, his friends, his family, as a feeling of confidence rose from deep within. He knew that in this great battle to come that his life would be in there hands and it was that thought that made him at ease... Because he knew there was no better group he would have liked to go into battle with. Slowly raising off the ground, the Manna King would raise through the spinning gale and to the cloudy sky about before vanishing, going off to where he was needed... To end this battle and take back his home, leaving only his lingering words behind. 'Together, we can protect everyone...'

Khrona smiled somberly to himself, closing his eyes and experiencing his brother's sudden influx of power and conviction. In fact, the recent reappearance of them both was rather surprising to Khrona. He only hoped that now that they were 'awakened' from their deep slumber within the Dusk, they could assist with the greater problems at hand. "... Good to have you back, my Brother of the Dawn... My Sister of the Twilight... Join your Brother of the Dusk in his fight against these evils... I couldn't do it alone." Khrona chuckled to himself under his breath, starting to fade away into the Dusk. This was their symbolic reunion, and Khrona was well aware. "... Let's do this together guys... It's show time." He'd watch his brother speed off, and he'd look to the Android girl, who was his biggest concern. She was still so introverted and inactive with the people than Khrona would have liked, but he knew that she was trying. "... And, Android girl... Open up a little. I'm sure the more you open up, the more you'll be able to do. Accept your title as the leader of the Dusk. And I'll see you then." And with that note, Khrona faded away just as quickly as he appeared. It was now the Android's turn... To make her new promise to this village. On the pure waters of the 'Valley Of Water' -- it was time.

With everyone full of promise and determination, the Android girl was left standing alone in the mellow 'Valley Of Water'. She was well aware of what needed to be done, but unlike her brothers of the Dawn and Night, she was more like Twilight. She flickered in and out of the village and only few of their residents even knew her. She was always locked up in her lab, trying to find the next thing to construct or plan out her next action. "If I were to accept my title as leader, will everyone be able to accept me?" She looked into the palm of her artificial hand. Of course, she was not human like her brothers and other than appearance, she had little in common with human beings. At the same time, she wasn't a machine. No matter the circumstance, she was always teetering between two halves and unsure which way to go... Until now. "It doesn't matter. I'll continue to walk on my own path, straight down the middle, and anyone who wants to follow behind me is welcomed. I cannot follow my heart like the Imperial Wizard, and I cannot follow my logic and mind like Khrona. However..." Her fist clenched with a newfound resolve, and with that came a promise. A promise to not only her friends, but to her village as well. "I can listen to both my heart and mind, and then I can feel what I should be doing. I will no longer pretend to be something I am not. I'll be what I feel I am; leader of the Dusk. And as leader, I feel that Grimlock has had his time and is long overdue. My villagers... My people..." She placed her clenched fist over her chest as she began to digitally fade away. "The time has come."

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break EmptyWed Jun 10, 2020 6:33 pm

Slowly approaching the home of the Count Von Khrona, Akira would reach into his pocket, pulling out a cigarette and placing it in his mouth. Soon after placing it in his mouth, the cigarette would ignite on its own without Akira moving so much as a muscle. Once it was lit, Akira would continue to approach the castle walking calmly. It was rather strange that Khrona suddenly wanted to speak with Akira, but whatever it was, surely it wasn't going to be easy. After getting close enough, Akira would knock on what seemed to be a door.

"Of course I'm home. Where else would I be without an office?" Akira would have only blinked once before the wispy black figure appeared before him in the doorway with the suddenly open door. He wouldn't have even seen what happened. "Akira Tsukishima. I've been expecting you. You're late. Heh heh." He casually leaned against the doorway, chuckling to himself a bit. "Come in. We need to talk."

As the black figure suddenly appeared, Akira would soon figure out it was -- Khrona, with another one of his flashy entrances. "Alright, well lets get this over with." After briefly speaking with Khrona, Akira would follow him into the building so that they may address whatever it was Khrona had to speak to Akira about.

As if walking through a curtain, Akira would pass through the blackness of the front door and into the main room, finding Manor Alexandros to be a less dark place than its owner. It was rather regal, in fact. The large mechanical door would silently close behind him. "Sooo... Let's get down to business. As you know, there are a lot of terrible things happening around the planet, and there's been a lot of buildup of insanity. Not only from me, but from the malice of every vengeful being on this planet. The insanity is at its highest it has ever been, and that's with me NOT contributing, but actually consuming it." Khrona hovered over to a chair taking a seat, clearing his throat. "In the Dusk, there have been a large deal of beings that have been exuding a large amount of insanity into this world which has put it into the state it is in currently. These beings are, the Falshin, The Spider Queen, the Deadgirl, myself, a few of my own shinobi and... Soul Demons." Clearly Khrona knew too well of Soul Demons, and they had been left alone for far, far, FAR too long now... "... Falshin, the Spider Queen and Myself have been taken care of... The shinobi are negligible... But the Deadgirl and Soul Demons cannot be overlooked any longer. The Deadgirl is something the Witches are dealing with now, but Soul Demons have been doing nothing but festering... They needs to be confronted immediately before they becomes more Falshin." Khrona narrowed his eyes at Akira... "... You can probably guess what I'm going to say, right?

"Yeah, you want me to take out Soul Demons before they becomes a bigger threat than they already are, right?" Akira lowered his head and exhaled before speaking again. "Well, I have been a little bored lately so I guess this fight is just what I need. So where do I find them and do you want their heads back, or something?" Akira began to chuckle after he spoke to the Count. This was surely a serious matter, but it made Akira happy to fight strong opponents, so all he could really do was smile at a time like this.

Though Akira's enthusiasm was great, this was a far more grave situation than he seemed to realize here. Khrona made no mention of the final being of insanity in the dusk, Kujata, for specific reason... Khrona himself had to go talk to him. "... Don't go alone if you don't have to. I wouldn't even think of suggesting you go fight Soul Demons alone. If you absolutely must, then go ahead, but if not... Take someone with." Khrona had dealt with Soul Demons all too much in the past. Their power was unstable and everything they did was completely random. It was difficult to tell what was they'd do next... "And make sure you be careful... Don't kill them if you can save them. They CAN be purified, after all." Hopefully Soul Demons wouldn't be that much of a bad battle for Akira... It was his Expert test.

"Well, alright Khrona, I will try to the best of my ability. But I may take someone else with me; possibly someone I've dealt with before... I know this battle won't be anywhere near easy, but if I go alone I may mistakenly kill them -- my persuasive skills aren't that good. Plus, I'm sure we can use them on our side." After that was settled, Akira began to think to himself about how he would convince Soul Demons to come to their side without plunging into a full on battle. After thinking to himself for a bit, Akira still had no idea how he would do it, but eventually he would come up with something. "Alright, I'll do it, Khrona! This shouldn't prove to be too easy, but I'm confident that I won't die. But I've decided to do this one alone."

Even Khrona himself was surprised at that answer. His eyes widened, and then narrowed a bit, and then they would finally come to a slow, calm close... "Alone? Akira, don't you remember what happened the last time you decided to go it alone? You became trapped inside of the Sepulchrum and a team had to come rescue you. Are you SURE you want to do this one alone? Think about this carefully before you go, because your next decision will be final..." Khrona suggested him taking another person or even two people, only because he knew the power of Soul Demons for himself. Akira should be very wary about this, and realize that it's not that bad to go somewhere with a team. He'd be on one soon enough, with Momo and Alex soon. Once they came back from their missions, that is. Khrona only hoped that Akira was sure. "If you are sure of your own power, then I am sure as well and will send you out alone, but I don't want you to make this decision foolishly. That's why I say think before you make your final verdict."

After hearing Khrona's proposal, Akira reconsidered taking someone with him again. After thinking carefully, Akira finally decided who he would take with him on this mission. "I would like to take Tamura with me." After making his final decision, Akira would fold his arms and look at Khrona once again.

'Oh, what an ordeal.' Khrona smirked, instantly hatching a devilish idea. He was so sure of this plan, he even started to snicker to himself a little bit. Tamura... "Tamura... Huh...? Hmhm... Alright. Go find him and ask him for his assistance. Tell him that he's... Relieved of his former duties. A special gift from Khrona for having accepting them even though he didn't want to." It was a reward indeed, for the first rule of being an Elite was that you had to take any mission assigned... Whether you wanted to or not, as long as it was for the good of the village. Tamura had proven that he could do that by supervising Alex, but now it was time for him to do what HE wanted to do. "I won't tell you where he is. Let's just say... It's part of your mission? Seek him out and take him with you to 'Medusa's Hideout'. There, you will find the soon-to-be Falshin..."

The snake in the grass... Khrona applauded Medusa for her work. It was a very nice plan that was hatched, leaving the 'Falshin Incarnates' to fester alone while she distracted the leaders with all of this madness... Yes, Medusa was the cause of EVERYTHING wrong with the Dusk, more or less. She released Grimlock, she got an organization of antagonists together, she released original Falshin, summoned the Spider Queen... Everything. Medusa was the root, and would still continue to cause problems as long as she lived. But her soul was starting to fade from this world... It was being consumed by someone just a bit more crafty than she... Oh, the irony. Medusa made a deal with the devil, and her soul was the price... And after so much work she had put in, too. This was just one big 'fuck you' to the Dusk, but they'd clean up her mess once and for all. In the end, the Snake was the one who brought about the Genesis, the change, the beginning, just like in an old story Khrona knew... She was wise. She knew that these things needed to be addressed, even if her intentions were for bad. So, all Khrona could say to her was... "Thank you." Though, Akira probably wouldn't know why he said that. Not at all. 'Hahahahahaha.'

It would seem that Khrona had a devilish plot in mind, but that's nothing new. Khrona always had a secret plan in mind, no matter the situation, so the evil grin and ramblings were of no surprise to Akira. "Alright Khrona, I will go seek out Tamura and request his help to take on Soul Demons." After finishing his sentence, Akira would pull out a cigarette as he turned towards the door.

Soon after, Khrona finds out that someone has taken on the name 'The Phantom' as an imposter and takes on the mission. It was PERSONAL. After having his secret alias so naively stolen by this creature, it was up to Khrona to uphold the TRUE name of what The Phantom was, and not what this fake was, meaning to besmirch that name. And so, Khrona would appear before the 'Darkness Lands', awaiting Linomaru to appear. "Why do I think that he's going to be late... Numerous times?" Of course, Khrona spoke past the limitations of his own world of this planet, something that very few, if any, could even comprehend. Such was the extent of his power.

Just as the young leader appeared, only a few moments would pass before a flash of light and the appearance of Linomaru would happen. Lin would be wearing his Expert Jacket, with a sleeveless shirt to show off his Gentai Seal markings on his arms and shoulders. Lin would look over to Khrona and smile. "Hello there, Lord Khrona... Sorry for being a bit late, I ran into a group of black cats and I had to take the long way to get here." Lin was a bit excited this would be his first mission with Khrona.

As the two appeared before the 'Darkness Lands' a loud roar would be heard in the distance, followed by a loud shriek. It was clear that the Phantom imposter had claimed another victim. It seemed that the beast had decided to take refuge in the depths of the 'Darkness Lands'. Its reason for doing this was still unknown, but whatever the reason, it couldn't be good.

The scream was only a signal to Khrona, and not much for cause of alarm. He slowly turned toward where it came from, placing his arms in his dark cloak. "Sigh... Now we give chase, the thing runs, knowing that its time has come..." Slithering from Khrona's back was a certain blackness, forming into the shape of his utterly immense wings. Without so much as a movement -- granted, if he did move them, they would blow down everything in the area -- Khrona was off, wisping toward the direction of the scream, a silent trail of his cloak flowing behind him, as if it was his feet. "... I certainly don't have time for this. But, I know I've gotta."

Lin would follow Khrona, moving just as quickly as he did. Lin would have his Gentai activated -- he was ready for whatever went down. Lin's tattoos would be glowing a light purple. "Where are you?" Lin said as he began to scout the area looking for the beast.

While the two grew closer and closer to the beast, trails of dismembered bodies would be seen all over the ground. It seemed that the Phantom imposter was only hunting and killing young, beautiful women. Although it's most recent victim would be seen on the ground still barely alive from the Phantom imposter's attack. Was this luck that she was still alive or some twisted plot that the Phantom had cooked up in its evil mind?

Khrona observed the body of the beautiful young woman, seeing that the fake Phantom had just struck and fled again. "... I'm going to find him. And I'm going to bring him back." For whatever reason, he was hunting down young women, and hunting down young women that were beautiful meant that Khrona had to do something that he hadn't done for a looooong time... Change into a girl again. Into 'Khrina'. Using his Anatomia, Khrona's body would quickly shift to that of his alter ego; of his womanly form, and he'd stand right beside the woman and close her eyes. With that, she expanded her psychic field all around the Darkness Lands to track the phantom wherever he may be, and then when he was found, release pheromones from his womanly body from whatever distance she was away from him directly into him to lure him to her without hesitation. If all went as expected, the phantom would be too busy worrying about how much of a beautiful woman Khrina was and how he had to kill her than whatever else he was doing. "I think I might have him, Lino..."

Lin observed the body of the beautiful young woman, seeing the same as Khrona. He would turn his head for a quick moment and as Khrona became Khrina; Lin would chuckle and smile. He began to say something, but he didn't. It made Lin chuckle a bit more after Khrina said 'I think I might have him'. It was odd to hear a woman who was just a man a few seconds ago speak. But Lin would only nod. "I'll be in the trees watching, Lady Khrina." With that said, Lin would vanish in a blur, and the hunt was on.

It seemed that the plan was working to attract the fake Phantom to their location. It was indeed growing closer, but something else was coming as well. What ever it was it was coming faster than the fake Phantom and the dark aura it was emitting was fierce. The bloodlust was could be sensed from miles away. The fog grew thick and the trees surrounding the area could no longer be seen. Khrina would be standing in a deep white fog barely able to see her hand before her face. If Linomaru wasn't careful, something could sneak up on him.

This type of mission was easy for someone like Khrona-- er, Khrina, and that being so, he-- er... She would have no trouble finishing it in moments. But. That's not what this was about. That wasn't the purpose of her coming along. "Linomaru. It's time for a change of plans." As the thick fog started to roll in, she walked closer to him, until they were face to face. Naturally, being a psychic of this level, this fog was nothing for Khrina, but the same couldn't be said to Lino. She had to make sure they were close, and he was able to see her. Afterwards, she continued. "I am relinquishing my control of this mission to you. I am no longer leader, nor am I responsible. You are now leader. Give me any order and I will comply." It was time to see how well Lino could function here. Khrina would not utter another word or do anything until Lino gave the command. It was time to test if he really had what it takes to be a true leader. If not... Then Khrina would pass judgment at the end of this mission as what to do with him.

Lin would be surrounded by a thickening fog that took Khrina out of his sight for a short moment. This made him come out from hiding to face Khrina. Lin had found her using his Gentai. "This fog is thick I can barely see you M'lady. If it were not for my Gentai, I would be able to break down the light particles in the atmosphere." Lin had a new Gentai he would be using for the first time granted to him by the Elders of his clan. But to continue, Khrina had just told Linomaru he was in charge of the mission -- it was a bit surprising, but he already had a plan in his mind. "Okay then, Khrina I'm going to have Nese go with you; you two are gonna draw the attention of the fake Phantom to you, while Nitos is going to be the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. I don't trust this fog... I'll be in trees like I was before. Khrina, you and Nese are to act as if you are lost amongst this fog. I'll be watching everything while I ready us an attack." Lin would then stand there with his soul partners and Khrina. "Vanish," was the only thing he said, signaling to begin the plan.

Through the fog nothing could be seen but in the distance loud crashing noises could be heard. The crashes grew more violent and more violent as they got closer and closer to where Lino and Khrina were located. Inside the fog, a pair of dark red eyes could be seen in the distance simply staring at Linomaru. Something about those eyes weren't right. Those eyes were teeming with bloodlust and evil intent. It was clear that whatever that was it planned on killing someone tonight. The loud crashes continued getting closer and closer but they were coming from a different direction from the eyes. That could only mean that something else was drawn to Khrina's feminine wiles. The loud crashes suddenly stopped and it grew silent once more. The pair of eyes from before had vanished into the depths of the mist. Heavy breathing could be heard approaching slowly to Linomaru's location from the right. A huge silhouette could be seen approaching slowly and breathing heavily as if it had been running for miles. The closer the creature got, the larger it got. Once it got close enough the heavy breathing would cease and it stood towering over Linomaru, not paying him any attention at all. It began to speak while staring off into the fog. "Nice..." it said, "Nice... B..." it continued, stammering a bit, "NICE BODY!!!" was all the creature said before it's eyes changed into two big hearts. The heavy breathing began once again. The fog had began to let up but as the fog began to leave the area the creature was revealed to be a ten foot tall male bull with an axe on his back. It seemed that this 'Beastkin' was lead here by it's perversion thanks to the massive amounts of pheromones that Khrina had released. "Where is that nice body?"

Extremely disappointed with the fact that what she attracted was a horny bull rather than the target enemy was no fun matter. She sighed, lowering her head and awaited orders from Lino on what to do. '... Should I dispose of this oaf?' Naturally, she spoke through psychic thought, and would be able to communicate with him that way. She really wanted to slaughter this cow, though... Really and truly.

As the fog, cleared Linomaru would roll his eyes as he saw the giant bull stand before him and Khrina. He thought that they were going to run into what they were looking for. This thing looked as if it posed no harm; it was just horny. "No. Let's see what he knows. Use your girlish charm on him. Be careful; we don't know what he can do. He may be the target... But keep an open eye for anything out of the ordinary." Lin said as he stood next to Khrina. You could see that the cow was much bigger than Lin, but not by that much -- Lin is six-foot-two, after all.

The mist cleared and the giant bull could be clearly seen standing there gawking at Khrina. When Linomaru began to speak, the bulls eyes changed from hearts into bloodshot red pupils. "SHE'S MINE!!!" The bull swung his mighty arm backwards at Linomaru faster than he could weave hand signs. The bull used enough force to send Linomaru flying backwards, crashing through the trees of the forest. After swinging his arm at Linomaru, the beast's eyes transformed back into hearts as he laid his eyes on Khrina's body again. It seemed that the bull's only interest was Khrina. Maybe it posed a threat to their mission, and maybe it didn't. But one thing was certain, and that was that this bull did not like Linomaru one bit. Seems like completing the mission with him around would prove to be virtually impossible. However, this beast may become valuable later on in the mission. The choice was up to these two if they were going to kill him or allow him to stick around while they searched for the phantom.

'... Sigh.' A creature which is probably filled with the most testosterone in all of existence... A bull man. His blatant jealousy and territorial attitude is a clear testament to such a thought, and, under orders, Khrina would have to use that to her advantage. Not like she wasn't in the first place. "...My..." She took a step closer to the very tall, very masculine bull, her jacket loosely falling off of her bare shoulders just a bit. The remnants of the mist trailed around her body in an alluring and mysterious fashion, adding to the enticing charm of her sexy step. She batted her half open, cunning eyes a bit, making it clear that she was looking this man-bull up and down... Very down... "... I never would have dreamed that such a fine specimen wandered around these parts..." She pressed up close to his abdomen, sliding her hands sensually up and down the arm he just swung about, as if she were impressed by his... Physique. "Please tell me... What on earth could someone like you be doing in this kind of place? I wanna know why such a... Hmhm... Catch is just wandering around so aimlessly in the dark..." It was almost scary how well Khrona-- Khrina was able to do this.

Lin would be surpised by the attack by the bull man and the hit would send him flying through a few of the trees, but he didn't go far. He would stand to his feet as he pulled Nese out of her hostler. "Look, Nese, it seems I can't get to close to Khrina without getting this thing mad. I want you to stay by her side at all times since this cow is a horny man-child. I want you to turn on your Gentai vision so I can hear and see what's going on," Lin said as Nese transformed back into her human form. She looked much different now that Linomaru has become a light user. With that said Nese would run over to Khrina and the bull. "Oh My, Lady Khrina is that you? I've been lookin' for you all freakin' day now and you're up'n the fores' hugged up with some man bull! I hope you can explain to yo' papa what you was doin' out here alone... With a big, strong man bull like this one here," Nese said as she walked up to the two of them. Her eyes would be the bright purple to show Khrina -- if she looked at Nese -- that Lin was watching everything that was going on with his Gentai. You could hear the obvious country accent in Nese's voice as she spoke to Khrina. Lin's plan was simple to get on the bull's good side. He would just keep a close eye on Nese and Khrina by using his Gentai to see through the eyes of Nese. This was the 'Gentai Eagle Eye'. Lin would just stand there and watch as the conversation continued.

"Oooohhhh That smell, it must be a nice body!!!" The large bull man quickly turned his attention to the new woman that suddenly appeared. As he gawked at the girl's face. He then gave into his urges and began to slowly look down to take a peek at her body. As he gazed upon her creamy smooth skin and her hourglass figure, he was quickly disgusted by the fact that she had small breasts. It wasn't shocking that the beast had an obsession for large breasts, but a pervert is a pervert. After becoming enraged the giant bull man quickly grabbed his mighty axe from his back and threw it into the forest with an unimaginable amount of force. The axe tore through countless trees before It crashed into a mountain in the distance and completely shattered it. "Your body isn't nice at all! You're selfish! Why don't you just grow a pair so I can have something to stare at!" After expressing his dislike of small breasts, the bull man extended his right arm into the air and his axe suddenly materialized into the palm of his hand. "Now the first woman over here is a real woman! Ooohhhhhh, nice body!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Completely ignoring the other girl the bull man was practically mesmerized by Khrina.

Khrina was able to tell that Lin was staring through Nese's eyes, and expected him to bring Nese in, considering that was the smart thing to do. But, this horny bastard simply couldn't be pleased... 'Should I just kill him? I think I want to destroy this entire area.' It would have been the most productive thing to do, save for probably seduce this bully far beyond what she wanted to do. Naturally, she would if she had to, but right now it was time to appease this bastard. "... Oh~! There you are~!" He was infuriated by the fact that she had small breasts, but she was well aware of something that no man could ever pass up... Khrina ran over to Nese and grabbed her hand, pulling her closer until she was embraced in Khrina's arms, not just that, but Khrina's hands were in places that one couldn't ignore... She turned to the bull-man. "Mister... I'm sooo sorry that my friend has small breasts... But she can make up for it in other ways...~!" Without warning, Khrina would kiss Nese-- no, not just kiss her; make out with her. With Khrina taking the lead of head sexy girl, her tongue would wrestle about with Nese's, her hands just above this girl's butt to keep their crotches close together. Apparently, this was something Khrina wasn't unfamiliar to. 'I think this guy might be the guy we're looking for. I think he kills women that aren't sexy, and is indeed this fake Phantom that stole my name. Can I destroy everything now?'

Nese would turn red as the bull said she had small breasts. Nese liked her breasts; she didn't see anything wrong with them. They were nice and perky; none of her past boyfriends have complained... But then something happened -- in an instant, Nese felt something slimy go into her mouth and begin to move around, and then she felt a force pull her in... It was Lady Khrina, and she had begun kissing Nese with such passion that Nese had no choice but to kiss her back. When it was over, Nese would look back at the bull man and lick the saliva off of the side of Khrina's face to intensify the moment. "Look I'm sorry fo' havin' such small breasts, but Lady Khrina and I always have fun wit'em! Would you like to see, Mr. Bull man?" Nese didn't want this to go anywhere it shouldn't so when Khrina asked to kill the bull man, -- which Nese wanted badly to happen because he said he breast were to small -- Lin would send the Message to Nese as he agreed with Khrina. "Okay Lady Khrina, take him out. If he's not the fake Phantom, we'll just continue to look for him," Nese said while she detached herself from Khrina. "Let's get him."

As the two women began to kiss one another, mass amounts of steam would escape from the bull mans ears as well as his nose. After watching them long enough, the bull man's head would burst into flames and his body would fall to the floor. It would seem that this was too much for him to handle and as a result, he would lay there dead due to his own perverted tendencies. It seemed that the bull man was dead, but a thick black liquid began to seep from the neck of the body that laid on the ground. At first there was only a small amount, then that small amount suddenly became a river of this strange black liquid. The strange substance would start to move on its own and would take a new form. It would seem that this was the Phantom imposter that they had been searching for all along.

"Looks like we finally brought it out." Khrina was more than happy about this, easily wanting this mission to be over rather soon. Altering herself back into male form, Khrina once again became her natural Khrona self. "Ah, that's better. Now... How shall we go about killing this thing...?" Khrona started to press psychic power on the black liquid to stop it from moving, whilst also trying to put it all in a sphere and crush it with his mind.

As Khrona stood there and began to control the black liquid with little to no effort, it would all be lifted into the air and created an orb. The orb of black liquid floated in the air and slowly began to condense smaller and smaller. Whatever Khrona was doing was working... Or was it...? This was all a little bit too easy... Or maybe Khrona was just too strong...

As the events occurred, Lin would appear as the black ooze came from the bull man and Khrina became Khrona. He watched Khrona turn the black ooze into a small orb, to say the least -- hopefully this mission was over with. Lin would have Nese at the ready for anything that could happen. When the job was done, Linomaru would turn to face Khrona. "Good, you're you again; it's odd looking at you as a girl... I have a question... is Khrina still PURE lord Khrona?"

After compressing the black liquid into a very tiny orb, instead of destroying it, Khrona would pull out a little jar with a black mass inside of it and place the orb inside the jar, where it would assimilate with the other black mass. The jar would then disappear as Khrona turned to face Lino. "That's a se-cret~!" Khrona smiled softly, turning back around. "Looks like this mission is complete."

It was now apparent that Khrona's psychic prowess was far too much for the Phantom imposter to handle. So with the black liquid gone and in Khrona's possession, the fake Phantom couldn't materialize, therefore the mission was now over.

Lin would smile and pat his old pal on the back. "Well looks like we're done. Time to go home yes?" Lin said as he began to make his way back toward the village. He and Khrona had much work to do..

Some time later, Akira returned to Khrona's place with good news to tell him about the mission. Hopefully he was home.

Of course he was home. He was anywhere and everywhere necessary to his own will. "Hello there, Akira. I presume the mission went well?" a masked figure garbed in all black said.

As the strange person appeared, Akira spun around to face the person. After looking at the person, Akira assumed that they were here on Khrona's behalf. "Yes, it did, actually. The mission was successful." Akira took close notice to every aspect about this new person as he stood there speaking. The fact that he knew Akira's name without personally knowing him made him shady with no questions asked.

The masked figure chuckled, easily able to see the disbelief in Akira's very heart and soul, which seemed funny to this masked Phantom. "Good, good... So where are the Soul Demons now?"

"Well now some are with Tamura, Preire, and another woman. The mission went without a hitch, so my mission is complete."

He chuckled again, nodding his head. "Well, it looks like your mission is accomplished. Guess that makes you an Expert of the Dusk now, hm? Hope you can live up to the title..." The Phantom smiled at him, his chuckle turning into a dreamy snicker, before he faded out of reality itself. "Don't mess this up~!"

"An Expert? AH, sweet I'm a rank higher. Well don't worry, I don't plan on messing this up at all." Akira began to smile and to celebrate, he pulled out a cigarette from his pocket and snapped his fingers to light it. He began to smoke this cigarette as the strange man vanished. After he was completely gone, Akira released his draconic wings from his back and flew away from Khrona's home.

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PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break EmptyThu Jun 11, 2020 6:43 pm

Konohana had brought Aliyah back here. The En Gulf, having been completely obliterated and tainted with Aliyah's anguish and hatred, stood again. How? It must have been Khrona's doing. However, as soon as her foot touched the ground, the lingering hatred, anguish, and sorrow made itself known again. They were concealed, but not erased. It would remain here, etched into the memory of the earth itself unless someone could bring her back from the point of Hatred that she was dangling from. For the time being, Konohana was absorbing the emotions around, her beautiful pink flowers starting to wither as she pushed the emotions into her own being, and therefore into Hatred as well. "Ugh..." Hatred writhed as the feeling was unpleasant. It was a joyous feeling, making her cringe. But she was starting to remember. The shattered pieces of her memories were starting to re-piece themselves together. "I'm...I'm Aliyah?" She groaned again and a small flare of joy spread over the Dusk, but it wasn't enough to reawaken her memories completely. It was to pinpoint someone... Someone precious to this Aliyah person. "Khrona..."

"Yes, Aliyah?" Khrona knew all too well what was going on, as he had to go through something similar with himself and Tabrith. Perhaps that story of yore would allow some insight for Aliyah and her own burning Hatred, which so obviously burned itself into the earth. But wait... How did he know? Rather, why did Khrona make it known that he knew? It was a well known fact that Khrona knew everything that went on around here one way or another, but... What was his significance in THIS specific situation? Hm... The black one appeared before her, almost like a shadow of Konohana, passing right around her like a dreamy wraith. He stared down at her and shook his head a little, smiling all the way.

'...Aliyah.' Why? Why did everyone call her that? Why did her memories say she was Aliyah? Who was she? It frustrated her even more, and she held her head in pain, her hatred growing by the second. Konohana flinched and vanished back within her tattered souls. "" Her eyes found his, and the small emotions that Konohana was able to piece back together found its way to the forefront. Her eyes softened a bit. He knew who she was, yet she still didn't. But she felt him. She felt her big sisters Despair and Misery. She felt the old part of herself that was Aliyah. "What's happening? Who is Aliyah...? Who am I...? Why...?" Her fingers trembled as the image of her mother, Rei'Hira, flooded her mind. Then the death of Leo at the hands of the Hexeyes. Her Hatred was building again. "...There's only pain..." Her voice was monotonous and her body stopped trembling. Her eyes seemed to glaze over once more.

Khrona stroked his chin with a hand that seemed disembodied, coming from the black tattered robed he always donned. This gloved hand tapped upon her own head, and then on her chest with a single index finger. "Haha. You tell me who you are. You have a lot of questions. Have you ever tried to answer them? I think only you can tell me who you are. Why would I be able to? I'm not you. Hahahaha." He seemed pretty relaxed about this entire concept, only because he had done it before many, many, many years ago... And it lasted for many, many, many years. That confusion. That hatred. That pain. That sorrow. But Khrona had no one to help him through, which was why it took him so long to break it. Aliyah, however, had Khrona, the master of this entire ordeal. "There is only pain? Do you know why that is? Come, tell me everything." Though Khrona probably already knew the answer. He picked her up with his cloak, cradling her in its warm and inviting darkness... Waiting for her to respond.

Hatred didn't feel him at first. She only felt the pangs of guilt, regret, sadness, and once again hate. But when she did feel him, something clicked. "I'm Hatred." She said, her voice once again devoid of emotion. "But... I used to be Aliyah..." So that's why they kept calling her that. A person she used to be; maybe someone from a past life that everyone remembered. But that wasn't her now. It couldn't be her now, Aliyah was a happy person, overexcited about everything, and always trying to prove herself to her loved ones, especially Khrona, Shinigami, and Tamura. That's not who she was... "She was running...Aliyah was running from herself... From the her that was hurting. She was running from me." Was that true? She couldn't be certain, she still only saw glimpse of this Aliyah person. A cheerful smile on her face, the tears that fell when she disappointed Khrona and Shinigami. The happiness she felt when she made them proud. There was nothing left like that within her... At least, she thought. She would disappear from Khrona's grasp and appear facing him several feet away. She looked at him. "You were a source of her happiness. Also a source of her ignorance."

'Now we're getting somewhere.' "Hatred, hm? And how did that come to be, madam? How did someone so kind and sweet become the pinnacle of Hatred and pain?" Of course, Khrona already knew. He wasn't asking these questions because he needed to know, but he was asking because Aliyah needed to know. She was indeed running away, running away from her problems again. It was so easy to do... But because of that, things like this Hatred fester up. And when they fester, they need to be released. "Happiness... And yet, ignorance. Tell me, why was I all of that? I would indeed like to be informed." He didn't mind her slipping from his grasp, and in fact, retracted his cloak moments later to normality, which still covered an overwhelming amount of his body. Even his legs were difficult to be discerned from his cloak.. If they even were discernible anymore. "Tell me all about it."

Hatred didn't falter. She was the truth that Aliyah needed to face that she refused on so many occasions. She was the truth that was born from Konohana, another shadow, if one would. "You were her idol, someone she looked up to alongside Shinigami. Through you, she searched for power in hopes of gaining recognition from you, even though she hadn't realized she already had. With her family here yet gone at the same time, her mind was desperate. Anything to forget the pass. You were her security blanket, one that she knew she would never be able to live up to. So she would have no choice but to continuously move forward to achieve that impossible goal. She was ignoring everything else around her and isolating herself from what could have made her truly happy. She drew Tamura in and forced herself inside of his life as a little sister. Then she vanished from his life. She made the Dark Apprentice fall in love with her and held him at arms length when he responded to her feelings. She was already broken, and you and Shinigami are the reasons. As long as you are stronger, she will never stop trying to surpass and impress you." Hatred made gear drive engine form from the building hatred around her. "She is merely a child who knows nothing of growing up. Of facing ones past and fears. That is why I was manifested. I am everything she has been running from. And I am to clear everything that has hindered her from here on out Khrona-sama."

Khrona's smile did not fade, nor did the rest of the expression on his face. He always knew that this day would come... From the moment he looked at her and smiled. "Haha, you were right, she was ignorant. But so are you, it seems. You're a part of her, and as such, you still don't understand what is right in front of you. Too busy looking too far ahead, don't you think?" Khrona flipped his cape, revealing his slender form now, and his attire which hugged his body ever so tightly... And that red core in the center. That core... Something was ominous about that core. "You sound so much like many people I know, myself being one of them. I used to feel the same about many people. But in the end, I only realized... What did their recognition matter if I couldn't even recognize myself? You have so much to learn. And that's perfectly fine." His cape soon rose from his body in the form of huge black draconic wings that towered over the poor boy, now allowing Khrona's full form to be seen. Hands in pockets, core ablaze, eyes a-piercing and wings expanded. "Allow me to be your teacher. You're well overdue for a lesson. Hmhm." Though his wings would expand for battle, a double of Khrona would appear before him, though one that did not sport these wings, nor the same attire. It was someone completely different, even though this person was exactly the same. Perhaps something similar to what Hatred was to Aliyah, in a sense? Of course this person was. It was Tabrith, the manifestation of all of Khrona's lost memories that he forcefully wiped from his mind and sent to hell. All the things Khrona couldn't deal with... All in the form of a copy of himself. A double. All of it. "If you can sense negativity like I know you can, this man is the epitome. Hatred, meet Tabrith, the manifestation of everything I ran away from in my life and sealed away. You don't want to see what he really looks like. Trust me. Just know that he and I have come to terms and are coming back to being the same being. I'm not running away anymore. I'm fixing all of my mistakes now. With him here, so can you." Tabrith simply stayed silent. Whatever he had to say, Khrona had already said it. They were one and the same; Yin and Yang. Ohhh, how it tickled him how he and Aliyah were so similar... Shame that she didn't see the same thing.

She could sense that Tabrith was another manifestation of emotions, just like herself. They were both unstable beings, yet Khrona spoke as if he had already accepted his other half. If he had, why hadn't they completely rejoined yet? Was it a two way street? Did Hatred need to accept Aliyah just as much as Aliyah needed to accept her? Khrona was right, she didn't know. She, herself had been thinking that if everything that hindered Aliyah's growth was destroyed, then she would be able to grow stronger and happier. But maybe Hatred was also a part of her growth being hindered. She ran from Hatred because of what she could do. There was no balance within herself until they both could accept each other. "... Spellbound." A fluctuation of manna pulsed out over the area and the sky began to darken. Thunder boomed high overhead as storm clouds rolled in with the force of a hurricane. Soon enough, a torrential downpour started, lightning flashing dangerously close to the two. The storm was building, and the feel of the water was heavy. Within this storm, Khrona would feel his energy and chakra being drained. With a flash of lightning the ground began to crack as well. "Show me the truth then, Khrona-sama." That voice was Aliyah's. It was a small spark of emotion that was able to pierce through Hatred. But it wasn't begging or admiration like how it used to be. On the ground at her feet would be the glowing scroll of one of her seals. Khrona had seen something like this before, however this one was much different. Blasting up like pillars into the sky were ice towers. From the four points around the entire En Gulf, the ice mountain began to rise again. this time, towering so high into the air, one could see all three kingdoms from its peak. Khrona, Tabrith, and Hatred stood with a frozen valley, large walls of ice on both sides of them. There was one cavern leading into the mountain behind Hatred and one leading into the mountain behind Khrona and Tabrith. They were higher in the sky than they initially were making the hurricane like storm whip even harder around, now with freezing rains, blistering winds, and lightning strikes.

Feeling the pitter patter of the rain above, and the soothing roar of thunder accompanied by the gorgeous flashes of lightning, Khrona extended his gloved hand to catch some of the drops of rain. His wings acted as an umbrella, and in fact, dropped Khrona's cane from within their blackness and right into his hands. This umbrella was just as dark as Khrona's attire, and his wings would shawp back into the long tattered coat Khrona was known for. "Tut tut, looks like rain. Tabrith, be a dear and handle that, will you? I will be over here." Under the umbrella, the negligible chakra drain would not even effect him, since this umbrella was simply an accessory and not Khrona himself. He didn't mind that the rain was draining his chakra at all, for it wouldn't really matter in the end... It was simply the fact that it was doing it. And so, as the rain literally passed through Tabrith's body, as if it could not even touch him, Khrona walked over toward one of the trees, squatting as if he were about to sit only for his jacket to assume the form of a regal gothic chair under him. With umbrella above and chair below, Khrona's gleaming red eyes stayed focused on the battle that was about to ensue. He always enjoyed watching Tabrith fight shadows of others. Seems like he only ever was summoned to do so. In the meanwhile, no drops of rain touched Tabrith. In fact, Hatred, Aliyah, and Khrona would not be able to even feel he was there, because he had no presence whatsoever. If they could not see him, they would not be able to know where he was, and he knew that as a fact; a reason why the rain simply passed through him, not draining a single bit of his power.

Tabrith: "You poor, unfortunate soul."

By this time, the mountainous icy regions would sprout from the ground, taking along with them both Khrona and Tabrith, though neither of them seemed fazed at all. In fact, the entire scene of Khrona sitting under the tree came with him atop the mountain, uninterrupted by the icy chill or any of the erratic weather Hatred so desperately sought to create. It looked peaceful, instead, and his tree stood tall and mighty.

Tabrith, hovering toward Hatred, hands in pocket, "I wonder if you'll really see it if you engage me. Come now, let it all out. That is what I'm here for." Both of their voices sounded exactly the same, both in tone and demeanor. These two were perfectly calm. Unworried. Unaffected. Just what were they up to...?

From the form of Hatred, a blurry mass would move from inside her, until it stood directly right next to Hatred. The form solidified, almost as if forming from a digital space into the exact form of Hatred again -- a clone. The clone moved forward through the storm just as Tabrith had, with no drop of rain or wind seeming to effect it. It held a replica of gear drive engine, using one of the imprint seals on it to make the weapon erupt into black flames. "Blackfire..." The clone whispered as the black flames were unhindered by the raging storm. The black flames lingered for only several seconds before they began burn bright white now. Without wasting time, the clone moved at mach speed, single step from its initial position to appear in front of Tabrith. The white flame covered blade was already on its course to cut the manifestation of Khrona, the blade and energy being able to due to not only Hatred also being a manifestation of emotions, but due to a combination of 'Blackfire' and 'Holyfire' that coated the blade. A slash from the blade would result in almost immediate death to anyone other than the person she knew she was facing.

Tabrith gazed, eyes half open, yet stare as sharp as a razor, and a smile as warm as a hug. His hands stayed gently resting in his pockets, observing the clone manifesting.

Tabrith: "A copycat? How quaint. Haha. The only question is... Which hand shall I use first...?"

Pondering the question, Hatred's clone moved at some sort of speed toward Tabrith, something he just did not pay much attention to. Stopping right in front of him, Tabrith continued to smile, staring just as calmly as when she appeared.

Tabrith: "Ah, I know... The First Arm... Sloth."

Lifting his hand slowly from his pocket and up to the apparently swift moving Hatred, though their movements did not sync up duration-wise, it ended up that Tabrith had somehow moved before her, and his influence had already been forced upon the area. Hand barely outstretched, the flames would fizzle out almost instantly, losing their drive to burn. Hatred would also start to feel that hatred within her quickly start to fade... Sloth. The hatred that powered her was becoming docile extremely quickly, falling prey to the Hand of Sloth. The blade would not even have the decency to finish its slash, it was so slothful now. Tabrith hovered to the side a bit, turning around and placing his hand back in his pocket.

Tabrith: "Calm now?"

The will to hurt him was fading from her, yet she was aware enough to know this wasn't what she wanted. She was hatred, the essence, the emotion, the power, the will. Even if he could suppress it, he could never rid her of it. She didn't like that he stood against her. When it was suppressed, the emotions would just rise again. Reversing herself several seconds in time, the slash would continue on its path. She disliked the Sloth ability since it reminded her of one of her one abilities. However, this was just the opposite of that, her actual 'dislike' of the ability made her hatred reach its peak while the Sloth attempted to make it fall to its lowest. "I despise those who patronize others." Tabrith would feel his very essence, whatever force that allowed him to be, with or without chakra, being drawn from his body, draining into nothingness around them. The pulse of emotions was emitting from the Hatred standing far off looking into the storming sky. By this time, two more Hatred's rose from the ground, several yards to the left and right of Tabrith.

Tabrith merely shook his head, Hatred only taking in something that wasn't there in the first place. Tabrith didn't feel anything. And she couldn't understand why. Try as she might, she wasn't quite grasping what she was up against.

Tabris: "How you try to exude power that doesn't even matter... I don't think you truly understand what I really am, do you? You and I, we are not the same. I do not think you really understand much of anything. As long as you don't... You will not be able to touch me."

Tabris noticed the lightning without looking up, placing his hand back in his pocket.

Tabrith: "Sloth knows not time, as it doesn't care. Nothing matters to Sloth. You've already lost if you do not know how to even beat my First Arm."

Her emotions were strong, but what did that matter if they couldn't do anything? And more clones would appear... Only for Tabrith to stay right in the same position he was in before.

The slash would connect as Tabrith seemed to not know what the 'dislike' in the air could do. This power pushed all forms of existence to the peak, meaning through the sheer emotion of hating him, she could cut him down by fighting against his 'Sloth'. Two more Hatred's rose, this time next to the real Khrona, facing the encounter. "As long as there is something to hate, she will continue to attack. And as long as she is allowed to hate, no matter how much he thinks it will never effect him, he will only push her to fall into more hatred, and force herself to rip reality just to hurt him."

The slash connected with Tabrith... Yet, it didn't touch him. It simply passed right through his body, as if it hadn't done anything at all.

Tabrith: "How long... Do you think we will have to do this?"

Khrona: "Until I get bored or until she understands."

Khrona did not falter either, he simply sat and continued to watch the battle rage on, paying no mind to the clones nearby physically. Naturally, he knew they existed, but he did not acknowledge them. He was about to speak, and only to Aliyah. "What is it you really hate? What do you hope to accomplish?"

The Hatred illusion that was attacking Tabrith would begin to fade away. She stood looking not at, but through Tabrith. She didn't move again, even as two more Hatred's began to rose to her left and right. They all stood still, none of them making a move anymore. The six Hatred's that stood around the field and the single one that had yet to move. They stood as the storm continued to rage.

Khrona sat, and Tabrith hovered; Umbrella in hand, and hands in pocket.

The hate that was directed at Tabrith would suddenly seem to fade, as if it had never been directed at him at all. The heavy power of detest would settle on Khrona himself, and everything that had just transpired would be forced onto Khrona. The slash that passed right through Tabrith, the extra draining effect of the storm and the draining effect of the mountain itself that Khrona had no doubt been feeling would all be thrust onto Khrona's being. With him so lax, not caring about what was going on, even the great leader of the Dusk had overlooked the ability of Hatred-Aliyah like she had wanted him too. Through time, space, and reality, the effect would happen, no matter what. It was not to kill him, only to harm him. What she had been aiming for the whole time. Pain of another and not of Aliyah... Was all of this worth it? Was she really going through this just to hurt him, even if just once?

Tabrith turned his head to look at Khrona, nodding his head at him. He chuckled to himself, as Aliyah had figured out a small portion of something in particular, but had no idea of the grand scheme of things. With Hatred slashing at Khrona, and the draining effects of the rain pattering over his umbrella... Khrona merely stared back at Tabrith, shaking his head in a happy disappointment. "Poor girl. Still don't fully grasp it all..." The blade -- just like with Tabrith -- passed right through Khrona. Didn't harm him. Didn't touch him. Didn't even make him flinch. There was only his half open, sharp gaze and his slight, dark and serene smile. Unchanging, even still. "Hmhmhmhmhm..."

"Why do you mock me? Why do you constantly stand there, taunting me? Taunting Aliyah? What do you wish to see? What do you want me to see?" Two more Hatred clones sprang forth. "Is it what's supposed to be real? What I'm truly supposed to hate? Should I hate myself? Should I not hate at all? How can you expect there to be an understanding if you aren't truly here? Making my hatred falsely aimed, yet just the mere thought of you makes that happen." 'And conflicts with Aliyah's admiration' is what she didn't say out loud.

"That's a lot of questions. I think you should probably try to answer them." Little did she know, the clones were already dealt with. Everything she dished out was already dealt with prior to. Khrona merely looked at Aliyah, smiling... Unblinking... Umbrella in hand. Tabrith, hands in pocket, staring at Khrona.

Hatred just folded her arms. How could she answer these questions? If she knew the answers, she wouldn't need to exist. Yet she was there. But Tabrith wasn't. Tabrith wasn't there but he existed. So why did she need to be there instead of Aliyah? Nothing made sense to her anymore. She didn't know why she hated in the first place. She was just hatred. She used an excuse to find something to hate, to find someone to hate. That was another emotion. It was Aliyah. While hate would do nothing but hate everything, Aliyah could pinpoint something to send that hate too. She wasn't doing this for Aliyah then. She was just another way for Aliyah to hide. "There are no answers... There were never any questions to begin with. Only more running. Just like you do Khrona..."

"Correction," he muttered through a very contained laugh, "What I used to do. I confronted all of my problems a long time ago. Maybe you should figure out what that Hatred really is and go deal with it, instead of running and hiding while it takes over. Hahaha." Khrona stood up, closing his umbrella, the rain clearing up instantly. He turned around and took a step, finding the ice having been gone as well. Tabrith turned his head now toward Aliyah, keeping the same facial expression that Khrona had before.

Tabris: "Anything you want to say before I go?"

There was nothing more for her to do. The mountain she created was nothing more than an illusion anyway. The storm wasn't meant to last as long as it did. Maybe this was a reason she was supposed to see to. "Don't leave me alone." Hatred spoke. Now there was loneliness. More of Aliyah's emotions, tainting what was supposed to be the pure embodiment of hate itself. Was she just an illusion as well. Nothing more than another persona of Aliyah's just like Konohana? Was this that Alraune, her evil twin's doing? " me..." Tears fell from Aliyah's eyes, not Hatreds. "Help me Khrona-sama... Guide me, just this once. Help me understand what I can't see. I'm so confused... So broken... I don't know what I hate... Why I hate... Why I run..." Hatred's visage would seem to appear next to Aliyah.

Hatred Aliyah: "You hate those who have wronged you... Who hinder you..."

Aliyah: "You hurt me, you wronged me! I don't hate what I love! I love Khrona, I love the Dark Apprentice, I love Tamura..."

Hatred Aliyah: "But you run..."

Aliyah: "Because I don't want to disappoint them, I don't want to hurt them!"

Hatred Aliyah: "You disappointed Khrona right now... You hurt the Dark Apprentice by pushing him away..."

Aliyah: "I hate you..."

Hatred Aliyah: "I am you..."

Khrona didn't take another step. He heard all she said, yet didn't turn around. Tabrith, who was the one staring at her, hovered over to the weeping little girl, ready to tell her, now that she cut the tough guy act. "Let me tell you." Their voices were simultaneous, yet one and the same. No difference in pitch, tone, anything. The same exact voice spoke at the same exact time to Aliyah, and to her Hatred, and to all her other emotions as well. "Your Hatred does not affect me because I do not acknowledge it. It doesn't exist to me. If your hatred was strong enough to even be deemed worthy of existence, it would have existed as more than an emotion. An emotion can only effect a person if they let it. But what will you do to someone who simply isn't affected by your hatred?" Her emotions were important to Khrona, granted, but her hatred was nothing but a hindrance, and Khrona would not deal with something that only aimed to be detrimental to Aliyah. It didn't exist to him -- only to her. He didn't see hatred at all throughout the entire ordeal... He only saw this Aliyah. The one that cries out to him right now, tears rolling down her face once she let out all of that hatred finally. All of that pent up frustration. "If you don't know why you do something... Then why do it? Answer me that question." He listened more to what she had to say, shaking his head. "No, you are the one who hates those who have wronged and hindered you. Did you not just wrong me? Did you not just hinder me? Yet, I sense no hatred toward you." The two crossed their arms, lowering their heads. "Wronged you? Hurt you? Simply because you cannot beat me? Or do not have the same 'power' as me? If all that you can see before you is 'power,' then you I have been mistaken about you this entire time. Shabuto... Better yet, Momo got over his power hunger. Before him, Alex Star. Both of them lusted for power, only to find that having that power meant absolutely nothing at all. Hatred was that power. That power you could not have, but so desperately wanted. You hated the power I had, wanting to show me you could do it too." Khrona shook his head as Tabrith started to fade away. "That's not the way to impress me. Not at all."

Finally ready to start back on his journey, Khrona started off toward the exit of the En Gulf, but before he got too far, he had one final thing to say to Aliyah... "Take a lesson from Momo and Alex next time you want to fight me, or anyone. Maybe then you'll find what you're looking for. You're right, you did disappoint me. But you only disappointed me by doing what you thought would not disappoint me. Stop trying to hard." And with that, he would take another step... But... He wasn't done even still...? "Oh, and last thing... I love you too, Aliyah." He smiled, chuckling to himself. "You're just too cute." With the sun shining down on him, Khrona raised his umbrella again, not wanting to be hit by the sun's rays. Eventually, he was completely gone, and Aliyah was left there with only what he said remaining with her. "Perhaps... You will see now that you are never alone..."

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PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break EmptySat Jun 13, 2020 8:09 am

Sena arrived at the 'Volcanic Plains' for one reason; that was to fight Khrona -- she needed to get in some training. So who better to do it with than Khrona? Yet, she couldn't help but think this wasn't this a smart thing to do. What if he went crazy insane batshit on her? A scared looked appeared on her face as she walked over to a rock, sat down, and waited for Khrona. "Sad face..."

From the top of one of the active volcanoes nearby, a sinister darkness began to overflow from the mouth and down the side, like molten lava. It rolled down thick and like gunk, rolling in and folding over numerous times before it thinned out at the base. It was this black liquid that took the form of the Dusk Lord, Khrona, leaving not a trace of any of that black substance anywhere upon taking shape. "... Why are you here? Better yet, why were you waiting for me?" Khrona, though he knew everyone, had no relation to this girl whatsoever, so he pondered why she knew him, and more importantly, why she wanted to see him. Last time this happened, Khrona got confessed to...

In a shocking fashion, Sena jumped up as she saw what was black liquid turn into a person. Her mouth dropped and a strong, strong sense of fear struck her -- but why? Was Khrona's appearance that frightening? Or was it something else? Sena felt like she'd seen a ghost. It was as if someone cut her tongue off; she couldn't bring herself to even move her lips, so she thought to herself, 'Why am I scared? What for?' That thought played a million times over in her head, but still she had no answer. So with a burst of energy, she opened her mouth, told Khrona why she called him; why she was waiting. "I... I was waiting for you to show so that I may train with you, maybe learn a few things in the process."

Khrona narrowed his eyes. Though he already knew of what she wanted, it was the fact that she said it and had no idea why that just... Irked him. "... You know nothing. How can you train what isn't there? Do you even really know who I am?" A threatening scowl curled downward on his lips, as if he were very displeased with what was transpiring. He scoffed, taking a single step forward and a bit closer to Sena now, his radiant aura now booming, as if beating against her own. "That's a rhetorical question. You're going to know by the end of this. And if anything... I hope you can take a lesson away from all of this. A lesson that can only be taught in this way..." Like thunder roaring, his wings spread outward gently, blowing back everything away from Khrona, almost taking up the volcano behind him from the ground. Sena should have been sent hurdling at something, and to her dismay, probably her death if she made impact with anything hard and solid. Khrona was not amused at all... "Get up. And show me. What you fight for."

"CRRRAAAPPP!!! What was that just now?! I didn't even see him throw any attacks, but how?! All he did was move his wings and I got sent flying!" Shocked, but not suppressed, Sena quickly signed, placed a fire shield around herself and she crashed into the nearby rocks. Not too much damage was taken due to her shield, but she did feel a little pain in her lower back. She picked herself up and looked at Khrona; she picked this place for a reason -- he would soon find out why. She punched the ground, started to absorb the thermal energy from it; once she gained the right amount, she pointed both of her hands at Khrona. "FORTH WAVE!!!" A massive, powerful blast of energy shot from her hands, aimed to blow Khrona away. Since the attack was an energy blast from her hands, she had to be still. Using her left hand, she curved one of the 'Forth Wave' blasts so there would be one going straight, the other curving to the left.

"..." Khrona followed behind her trailing body, taking a brisk walk toward wherever she was about to land. He could see that she protected herself from the impact, but that wasn't the least of her troubles with him around. He didn't mind the 'Forth Wave' attack at all, and in fact, when this energy smacked up against his black robe, it seemed to simply curve around him rather than harm him. "Thermal energy... Are you trying to show off? Is that your purpose of summoning me here?!" From just a twitch of his right wing, the energy blast would collapse on itself, inverting and hurdling back at Sena with all the force of Khrona's wing behind it, which should have been enough to blast her straight through the rocks and even farther along the molten crags of these 'Volcanic Plains'. And Khrona would be strolling right behind, coming for Sena.

"I told you why." Whilst being blasted back once again, Sena used another shield, but this time it didn't work. Though it did reduce the damage and impact of her attack, Khrona's attack still went through and she took some damage. After hitting another rock, she realized that she'd have to catch him off guard... Then it hit her! An idea that should work. Picking herself up, feeling even more pain than before, she placed her arm up, her hand up to her chest. Since the area was already hot, it would make this attack stronger. "Flame Mist." A thick, hot mist started to appear, and as it did the whole area would seem hotter -- viability was next to nothing. It wouldn't be noticeable at first, but the mist that was surrounding Khrona was cooking him. Using this as a chance to think, Sena came up with an idea; she signed and made four 'Flame Tar Clones'. Sena immediately gave them orders and they all scattered throughout the mist surrounding Khrona, but their movement couldn't be heard. And in a flash they all jumped, aimed to grab Khrona.

Khrona wasn't pleased. Yet, he could still smile. He could still laugh. Running his fingers through his hair, he closed his eyes, and he did laugh. He laughed heartily, he laughed loud, and soon, he laughed softly, as if a wonderful joke had just been told to him. "Ahahahaha! Ah, this heat... This heat makes my blood boil..." He must have been playing around. Khrona's blood doesn't boil, nor does it freeze... Unless... He wants it to. Khrona continued to laugh, waiting until the 'Flame Tar Clones' hopped in, trying to grab and restrain him, but before they could even touch him... They'd find themselves caught up in a mist of darkness. Like steam shooting from pipes with too much pressure built up, Khrona's Black Dragon Blood had indeed boiled over, spurting from his pores and releasing that black mist out into the atmosphere. The black mist immediately assimilated with the Tar Clones, altering their cells to make them part of the Black Dragon Blood as well, like a contamination. Before they even had the chance to touch Khrona, they would change into black vapor matching the 'Black Mist' coming from him. He shook his head, lowering his hands to about chest level, flickering through a series of intricate hand signs. "Black Blood Style; Bloody Wave..." His hand signs stopped now with his hands clasped together, the mist easily and quickly spreading outward across the atmosphere of the majority of the area, until it looked like a huge black cloud had simply blotted off this one specific spot from off the map. Nothing could be seen except blackness by Sena now, and the mist looked unyielding. No matter where she would walk, it would seem like this mist was simply eternal... An abyss with no escape... Not even Khrona was there.

That was the end of the battle. Khrona disappeared into the unknown, yet there was someone following his energy source.

Such a nostalgic feeling it was... For Momo to return to this place. The brights waters of the 'Oasis Of Serenity' glimmering in the fading sunlight. Ozmacron still boasted its greatness, eclipsing all of the Dusk... Momo hated him... He hated everything about him... Not only because he was threatening the Dusk... But because he... Had stolen Momo's title... A title he had been longing for since his previous life... 'The Eclipse Of The Dusk'. "I'll take down that creature... And in doing so... My title will be granted to me..." he said solemnly to himself. His eyes rested softly on the area; taking in the crisp, clean smell of the Oasis soothed his being... Calming his emotions... Rashimal pulsated within him and asked a question of Momo.

Rashimal: "Momo... What importance does this title hold for you...? Is it a power thing again?"

Momo snickered... He was a bit appalled that his friend assumed such a thing of him still... That title wasn't some power hungry antic that Momo wanted... No... It was proof to not only himself... But everyone in the Dusk... That even the underdog can become great through sheer determination. "Ridiculous... That title is my proof to every soul in the Dusk... My recognition... Showing and proving my care and zeal for this village... I shall eclipse the Dusk with not my greatness... But the greatness of my determination and vigor... The force of my faith is what shall eclipse the Dusk... And all who lay their gaze upon it."

"Take it down? You're rather inspired, Momo." As if speaking directly into his mind, an all too familiar voice reverberated through his head to fill every corner, almost like a whisper with clarity unparalleled. Moments later, everything would blacken, a great darkness sweeping over the entire oasis. The waters became pitch black, their reflections of the upper world becoming utterly nonexistent, and from this pool of umbra would form the shape of a man, and a single piercing red orb gleaming at Allen from afar. The shadowy cloak over the water's surface soon converged to that same point, the place where the darkness congested to take the shape of a man, until the waters were clear and the mass of black had fully taken shape. Another flashy entrance successfully executed by none other than... Khrona. "... It's been far too long since I've been here... I should really visit Serulenia some more... I wouldn't want her to think I harbored any ill feelings toward her just because I killed her once... Hmhm." His feet seemed to barely touch the surface of the water, not even causing the waters to ripple, he stood so gently. He started toward Momo on the land, slowly and with arms shrouded by his signature black tattered jacket. "You wish to eclipse a village that is already an enigmatic blackness? Heh. Oh, Momo."

"That voice..." Momo said as the reverberation occurred in his mind, the soft voice of his leader caressing his mind as he spoke to him mentally. Looking to the waters as everything was shrouded in blackness, Momo awaited Khrona to finish his flashy entrance... Khrona reminded him of a girl name Amanda off of a movie he'd seen once. Where she entered, no one could move until she moved again. It was rather amusing. "I'm sure she wouldn't mind... Khrona," he said, titling his head to the side, smiling whilst he chuckled a bit at Khrona's comment. It wasn't a literal eclipse he sought to bring about... But something told him Khrona knew this already... No, the eclipse he sought to bring... Had so much more meaning to it... A deeper connection. "Not literally, hehe... But I want the Dusk to know and dee my faith... My vigor... My bonds. And using the force of the three to do so is my declaration to this village... My proof," he said, his face becoming stern just a bit before returning to normal. He looked at Khrona and then to the blackness of his coat... It reminded him of the first poem he had ever written... The one that meant the most to him. "Blackness that covers the skies.... It covers the trees and even the hearts of man... Such benevolence... Yet such maliciousness... Thy Beauty is profound." He wondered if Khrona remembered those words...

Khrona closed his eyes and lowered his head, letting the collar of his coat hide the lower part of his face partially, and he would chuckle. "Of course I know that much. You must have forgotten who I am." After that little joke, though, Khrona fell silent, concentrating on the words Momo said to him. He was finally shaping his own thoughts and goals... But... "... Is that really what you see? If it is..." He paused, slowly turning his head away from Momo painfully. Through his strained expression on his face, Khrona turned his head back to face Momo, along with it, his eyelids lifting to their normal midpoint rather than fully open. "... Then let me see it too." Khrona's eye, though halfway open, pierced with a severity of a sniper, and gleamed with a red gleam like light reflecting off of blood. It was then that Momo recalled the first poem he ever made, which was dedicated to Khrona. "An Ode To The Dusk." Those words left his lips smoothly, though behind the collar hiding his lower face, a painful scowl... He knew what had to be done. This poem had a name now, and Momo should never forget the 'Ode To The Dusk'... Even if that's all he has left of it one day.

"An Ode To The Dusk..." He spoke as Khrona finished prodding about in Momo's mind for the Poem. The gaze he gave Momo excited him slightly... Taking his mind to a more... Foreign place. But nevermind that... Momo looked to the skies where Ozmacron now reigned... For now, at least. He looked back to Khrona, his soul brimming with some sort of emotion... Momo needed to test something out... Something he had the utmost pride in... "Khrona... Prepare Yourself..." Momo said, seemingly not moving an inch when he was actually a good twenty five to thirty feet away, the afterimage of himself fading away within a matter of moments... "You remember this place, right...? You remember what happened here... The day I failed your test... Allow me now... To redeem myself... By facing you now... As I should have faced you then." The water of the oasis began to rise forth, evaporating into a thick cloud of mystery as they did so. Momo looked to Khrona, his eyes burning passionately with conviction... He wanted it... Redemption from his failure... He didn't feel like he had fully earned it. And there was something else he needed to know about himself... Something that only Khrona could bring out of him.

Unblinking, unwavering, the eyes of the dormant Black Dragon yielded their same position, piercing right into the very heart of Momo. His willpower... His growth... Khrona could see it all. He could see everything. He could see anything. "I should be saying that to you, for I am always prepared..." How could Khrona forget that day? He was thinking about it from the moment he arrived here again. He knew that this was going to happen sooner or later... Khrona only hoped that it would happen before it couldn't happen again. His prayers were answered. He smiled at Momo, simply because he was pleased with him for his achievements so far... But those achievements would mean nothing if he didn't know how to put them to good use here and now. And so, that smile returned to a stolid face that wiped away all emotion, where everything Khrona wanted to express could only be found in those endless sanguine orbs. "... I am the Dusk. Heed my knowledge and so too will you become the Dusk as well... The 'Eclipse Of The Dusk'." It was by this time that the soothing waters of the 'Oasis Of Serenity' had become mist that shrouded the area like a veil. As the mist passed him by, the visage of his body started to fade away into the veil of the mist as well, cloaking him like his own 'Umbral Jacket'. Only a single eye could be seen clearly, cutting through the thick fog like a razor, with a sea of black flooding from its center and outward over the land. And so, that red gleam dimmed, until nothing was left but the silent mist.

Momo knew his choice of words carried a humorous tune to them... Hence he uttered them with the utmost seriousness. He knew Khrona; he could always feel him... Though Momo was far from psychic... It was like he and Khrona were one in the same sometimes... Two halves of the same coin... And so... "The Eclipse....." were the last words he uttered before that blackness came about the single red eye slicing through the mist... The blackness... It was beautiful. Khrona was using his own tactics along with Momo's as well. With a pulsing tap of his right foot, Momo darted into the air using his wind chakra to keep him afloat whilst the mist remained below. The sea of blackness and the beauty of the fluffy mist were spectacular... But the view could always be better... "..." He said nothing more, his palm splitting open, releasing a large chakra infused steam from the wound that intertwined with the mixture of mist and blackness. It covered the entirety of the mist expansion and began rapidly decreasing the temperature of the mist, making it almost like a potent liquid nitrogen aiming to lure Khrona out. Whilst this occurred, however, Momo allowed the slits on his back to ooze out his poisonous blood and create an overtone of his body though it was larger than his original shape...

It seemed like these two were looking at the same thing; the beauty of their techniques flowing in harmony together. The white mist hovering above the black sea. '... I am glad I picked this style to fight him... Let's see if he can manipulate this mist just as beautifully as he created it...' The area began to cool now, the atmosphere becoming chilly and constricting. The mist had now taken on properties of an icy cloud, probably in an attempt to lure Khrona out. That single red eye opened up again from the black sea, its very gaze cutting through the mist and awaying it from the area Khrona resided in. That red sphere was the only color this black mass had now, as his body was coated in a strange darkness that seemed to resist the effects of the cold, as did the now blackened waters that filled the space where the oasis water once resided. Khrona slowly walked to the left toward Momo, the mist parting around him as he walked, as if it didn't want to touch him at all. He slowly raised his hands up to about his chest, pressing them together and forming his hands into the sign of the Dragon. "Black Blood Style; Blood Needle." Three quick flickers of Khrona's hand, and they were back by his side, with an array of thick, long needles sprouting like weeds from the pools of Black Dragon Blood on either side of the walkway they were fighting on. There were so many... They all came at him one at a time, stabbing, jabbing and trying to impale him, and more importantly destroy that overtone around his body. During the onslaught of needles, Khrona continued to walk toward Momo's current position, his hands now slipping into the darkness of his own cloak...

It looked to be the perfect symbol from the sign of Yin and Yang, both representing their own vigor... But intertwining themselves... Marvelous. But though the Yin was winning, for the once white had been swayed to the blackness... Such was the fate if it could not sustain itself... Or find equality. The mass of needles coming for him were great indeed. But Momo knew that Khrona knew it took more than numbers to slay one's conviction. Momo calmed his being, closing his eyes as the needles darted forth quickly. He opened them, revealing his Dojutsu, the Chimegan. With that gaze, he released an unfathomably beautiful mist from his body, its vibrant flares of orange and blues and other colors of the rainbow spectrum illuminated the blackness, however slightly. Reaching out abroad the skies, the mist formed a mass around Momo that resembled Ozmacron, itself. Though it manifested itself at a slanted angle. This was not all. Momo spun... He spun around using his 'Legendary X Speed' to create a tornado-like mass of his mist and blood that swayed and deflected the direction of the needles in all types of different directions... But what's more, the highly toxic acidic properties dealt with each needle the tornado touched. And with a fervent stop, he sent the gorgeous mass of mist raging towards Khrona at an unbelievable velocity. It rampaged through with the greatest amount of majesty Momo could muster. The mist within the confines of the blackness resonated with the mist from the tornado kicked up as well, using Momo's will as a catalyst. The mist separated from the Black Dragon Blood. "The Serpent...." Momo said as the mist that was in the blood rose up with a swiftness in the shape of a flurry of cobra-like serpents all attempting to bite into Khrona. Their numbers weren't as great as their power, swiftness, and size.

The darkness dripped and dropped casually from Khrona's body and into the pools below, Khrona marveling at the spectacle that Momo decided to show him. He looked at his eyes, which were now different than they were before... Looks like he had been training quite a bit. 'A Dojutsu... How very quaint.' The swirling colors that made up this mist swiftly swirled into the form of a large and destructive tornado, which deflected the needle-like tendrils of black blood from harming Allen, whilst also having them slowly corrode due to the acidic properties his mist carried. This acid wouldn't reach even halfway down the dissolving needles before it would halt right in its tracks, and then be dispelled. The cells that were being corroded by the acid had been fortified by a thought by Khrona, who was able to activate his Anatomia in extended parts of his body just as easily as he was able to manipulate every part of his primary body parts. But the needles, nevertheless, would retract back into the black waters on either side of them. "... You've been training with the Sky King, I see. Many people do not get that privilege of attaining speeds that can only be reached and taught by him. You've been giving it your all, haven't you...?" A shadowy hand emerged from the depths of the robe of blackness, holding in its hand a single kunai. Khrona twirled that kunai in his hand slowly, chuckling to himself. "Hahaha..." His laugh sounded dry and tired, yet inspired as well. Soon, even that kunai was consumed by the darkness. "That's good to see..." He took a step toward the water, extending his hand out in front of him as the kunai dangled loosely in his grip, and simultaneously would his free hand emerge from the darkness and reveal the Dragon sign yet again. "... Blood Needle..."

Almost like it slipped from his hand, the Kunai plummeted straight down into the waters with a single, barely audible 'plop.' It didn't look like the kunai had sunken to the bottom, either... it looked like it had become one with the darkness itself. Barely any time had passed before that kunai became present again, one millionfold, shooting from the water like rain falling upward, with each kunai as a drop of this heavy rain. They swarmed, circling Allen and his tornado at speeds that caused these things to soon resemble black streaks in the sky, just like rain. Soon, the tornado would be dispersed by the force of the flying black streaks as well as the inconsistency of its spin, which forced it to become slower and slower, until finally coming to a complete halt. These ravenous ravens intended to rip Momo's body to ribbons, and Khrona would sit there and watch the entire time. He chuckled.

"Yeah he's really nice... He says we're friends... Family, even... Family..." Momo said with a silent whisper. The tornado was dispersed, but not as fully as Khrona might have first thought... The lingering force of Momo's blood were mixed in with this mist and thus, from even the tiniest of cells... He could multiply it... And so he did. The blood cells that formed fractions of the mist being began to split apart and multiply rapidly, mutating themselves with other germs and bacteria within the air, thickening and becoming a thick And goopy gelatinous muck. This muck retracted back to Momo in a flash, the bloody overtone surrounding him would flare with all it's might as the gook created four walls around Momo; left, right, behind, and top. The gook complemented the high defensive properties of his bloody muck, not penetrating his blood, but getting themselves caught in it. Momo then caused the wall to collapse inwardly, crushing the bloody ravens into nothing. But this was only the beginning. Now the multitude of needles that were coming straight for Momo would be met by and an incredibly powerful force... Momo's will. Momo had been charging a fair amount of his willpower -- his determination -- into his right arm... Now Khrona would get to see something Momo himself thought of and created completely on his own... The 'Bond Release'. "Of course I've been giving it my all... Didnt I promise you... That... I would?" 'I have... And I keep doing so...'

"Bonding Fist..." With those words uttered, Momo would release the charged fist of determination in the form of a massive fist of sheer will. The fist rained down upon Khrona, dealing with any stray blood needles that the collapsed blood muck did not. The fist came down, breaking the barrier of sound in its wake. The Force of Momo's will was his greatest asset as a fighter... His will placed him on par with any Beginner... Any Expert... Any leader, as far as that went. The palm sought to devastate everything that was below and around Khrona's area. Khrona, though, would probably find it hard to move about... The serpents he chose to ignore now wrapped themselves around his legs and made their way up his body, holding him as long as they could... Even if for only a second... The fist came down hard. "That's... Mine..." As that occurred, Momo began to sign, making three clones of himself as more mist came about... It quickly solidified though, becoming an array of scythes that each clone wielded. Their cores began emanating a white glow... Just like the ones that Khrona killed before. Though this time, the core of the clones were glowing insanely bright... The Yang planned on making its comeback... But Momo looked shocked at this. 'It... It's just like before... What is this?' he thought to himself... Though he had a good feeling Khrona heard him. Momo decided to go with the flow and allowed the clones to sign along with him... Readying himself for the counter he figured Khonra had constructed.

"I see..." Something that has become signature for Khrona to say; 'I see.' He does indeed see, which is his most prized technique. He closed his single open eye as the fist neared, breaking through all of the kunai and sending them flying off in arbitrary directions, some even back into the big black pool. This fist was swift, and the impact it made as it crashed down and made contact was intense, quaking the very earth around him and disrupting the waters momentarily. "So this is your determination..." As the debris cleared, Khrona stood there in the same position, only now, everything had been forced away from him. The mist, the blood, the snakes... Even the fist itself had been utterly destroyed by Khrona simply opening his legendary wings gently. That force alone was enough to trump even Momo's will. "Impressive how you have become able to manifest your emotions into combat techniques... When I was younger, I was able to do the same thing through my psychic power..." Khrona watched as the clones were created, and more mist spread around. He had unleashed his wings... He didn't do it for everybody. These were his most deadly weapons he had physically. As such, he raised them up just a bit, moving them slightly and gently as to not cause too much of an uproar and destroy the whole field. Instead, large and powerful gusts whipped and whirled around him as he gently moved his wings upward. "Black Blood Style..." His wings stiffened, as if ready to strike. "... Blood Wave!" He brought his wings down with a little bit more force than normal, causing both sides of the oasis to literally burst upward in a torrent of sheer black blood moving with such velocity that their force could have busted straight through several tens of feet of pure, solid metal. "How does your determination fare against this sort of attack...? Where everything is washed away...?" All of the clones would be destroyed by the power of the wave, and if not, Khrona's wings were right there to back him up. They arched over him almost like a dark umbrella, waiting for Momo's next move.

"Heheheheheehehehe..." A slight snicker came about Momo's mouth as Khrona blew away everything that had come forth. It's true, the manifestion of Momo's will... But not the will that carried the true power... The power that slumbered within him... The power Khrona might have just awakened. "Heheheheheheheheh!" he snickered again as Khrona made his compliment... People rarely got those out of Khrona, and the fact that Momo got one... Truly meant he was getting better... "True Bonds, Khrona..." He said as the cores from the clones left them and melded in with Momo's being. The strange rumbling of the white cores began to readily mutate Momo's blood from within his body. Every ounce of red... Was replaced by white... Even Momo's pupils had become white as well. Momo's determination... His will had manifested once more... But this time, it manifested in the form of something very close to Momo... His blood. It changed the force of Momo's blood completely. It was no longer poisonous in the sense that it corroded and made a person sick... "Can never be washed away!" With that burst of devastating conviction, the 'White Blood' pumped out of Momo from the splits of his Body. This blood was pure... Untainted... It did not infect... It erased. As Khrona's massive waves of black blood sought to engulf Momo, they would be met by not an equal force... Momo knew that even with this new ability that he could not overpower Khrona... But he could deal with it. Instead, they were met with a gigantic gaping maw of 'White Blood' that formed around Momo. As it touched the black blood, it completely erased it from existence... Not by purification... But by literally erasing it as if it was never there... Like an eraser.

"Family... Friends... You... Me... Us..." Portions of the White Blood covering him, Momo sped off backwards, retracting with him a large amount of momentum -- even the light had a tough time catching up to him... And just as soon as he moved, he was now a mere couple of feet in front of Khrona with another 'Bonding Fist' right in his face, point blank range... But this wasn't all... This was not one single attack... But two. "..." The force of the 'Bonding Fist' was magnified not only by Momo's will, but by the vast amounts of concussive force he had build up by means of his 'Wonderful Whiplash' technique he developed after his training with the Sky King. These combined culminating an attack from right in front of him would no doubt aim to at least allow Khrona to 'feel' Momo's determination... This all happened... In a fraction of a second... Leaving a blazing trail of white behind him as he went forward.

"Of course I know that..." Khrona only watched Momo take in those white cores, interested to see just exactly what they do. The black blood that made contact with Momo's white blood seemed to erase them after being touched... "... Don't you remember who I am?" Khrona was a little bit shocked to see that he had created a counterpart to the black blood... It was like an antibody that would rid Momo of distasteful abilities and protect him both without and within himself in a similar fashion as the Black Dragon Blood... Khrona smiled. "Heh. One has to be shown the darkness before they can see the light... You're a prime example." He said this more to himself than he did to Momo, but these sentiments in no way meant that Momo's 'White Blood' would go about unpunished. The remainder of the Black Dragon Blood shot up into the air, quickly mixing in with the water particles of the clouds, causing them to become black as well. Khrona's wings -- which never merged with the black blood, I might add -- were still arched over him, completely still. "..." He was waiting for Momo... And wait he did for only a moment or two before this swift shinobi damn near appeared before Khrona's face with a 'Bonding Fist' ready to go. "... I see..." Something Momo should have remembered about Khrona. He sees. No amount of speed could take Khrona by surprise... That had been shown with his battle with the Sky King. With a bright red gleam of his eyes, the entire area flashed red for a moment, before Khrona closed one of his eyes. Everything was moving in hyper slow motion now, as if it weren't even moving at all. Khrona slowly closed one of his eyes as the fist neared his face, slowly... "He only needs one..."

Placing a hand over his other eye just in case, the fist was damn near at Khrona's nose before another gleam of his eyes spiraled inward, and soon outward from Khrona's pupils, soon covering his entire eyeball in a swirling mass of pure spiraling energy. "Ra Zen Gun Overload." The thin spiraling beam from his left eye shot outward, utterly ripping through that fist and zooming right past Momo's ear. The very force of it passing his ear had enough strength to temporarily deafen him and violently disrupt his mind due to the dormant psychic energies spiraling intertwined with the energy. This beam utterly ripped through everything in its way; trees, rocks, houses, and even the dimensions and other anomalies. It literally tore open a portal in the multiverse behind Momo, but only for a moment before the slit sealed itself back up. But that wasn't it... That was just to make the opening. "Adaptation..." Khrona thrust his hand toward Momo's chest, specifically where one of the White Blood spots were, and to Momo's surprise, he should find that they did not and could not erase Khrona as they had done the Black Dragon Blood before him. Khrona merely stared at the probably disoriented Momo with cold eyes before tightening his grip around his shirt and flicker-spinning around, sending Moomo flying into the pit where the trench where the water once was below. "Ha... Hahaha..." Khrona couldn't help but laugh at this. He was having fun.

The force... The sheer force of it all was... In one word... 'Ridiculous.' Momo coudln't help but be hit by the deafening sounds of the overwhelming forces of the spiral beam. It was ridiculous, the amount... Power Khrona could put into an attack on such short notice was dumbfounding... Guess that's why he was the leader... But Momo had on more thing he wanted to show Khrona before this was all said and done... This was the last facet of Momo's growth... A power he kept even from Khrona... He was sent flying from the force of the spinning toss Khrona gave him. As he was flying, he was able to use his wind chakra in unison with the blood to form a rubber-like barrier behind him to break his fall. Getting up, he rubbed his ear getting rid of the ringing sound, smirking at Khrona. "Wow, Khrona... That was pretty badass." Momo rarely swore anymore and using that term made him quiver at the thought of vulgarity... But give credit where credit is due. Momo would now look within himself... Speaking to Rashimal... Going to the next phase of the battle. Cuts and bruises were all over Momo's body... It was time...

Rashimal: "So you're ready to use that technique...? Fine then... Show him, Momo... Let him witness the force you plan to eclipse the Dusk with..."

"Bloody Resonance..." Momo spoke softly as his glowing white body began to gleam even brighter, the white glowing aura beginning to wrap around him. The most pure and broad of colors began to envelope him... Forming a dome of sheer white around him and soon it disappeared, revealing Momo in a totally different form... But this being that emerged from the white blood indeed was Momo... Was it not? The splattered masses of White Blood filled the area as ridiculous amounts of mist and steam covered the area, so prudent... So thick, it was almost solid. There was no more restraint... Momo had one more thing to show Khrona... This would be the Eclipse. The White Blood that splattered everywhere melded in with the essence of the mist that Momo had bonded within in the 'Mysti Jungle', magnifying the White Blood's potency by fathoms. Along with this vast amount of wind and earth that were taken up with the eradicating blood formed an orb of colossal size and beauty "Bond Release... Ecliptic Majesty..." A New and devastating technique that housed every ounce of willpower Momo could muster... It housed his hopes... His dreams... His ambition... His strength. Momo brought the holy looking orb of devastation down upon Khrona with the mightiest conviction... This was the final thing he wanted to show Khrona... 'An Ode To The Dusk.'

The power Allen had achieved since that ranking exam before was impressive to Khrona. He seemed to have really been working on his mastery over his own abilities, especially his special ability, and the way he used it reminded Khrona of himself with his Anatomia and Black Dragon Blood. Sometimes, Khrona felt like he was looking into an inverted mirror, and staring up at this giant white sphere only confirmed this notion. He smirked. "... Seems like you're giving it your all. Hmhm. Admirable, but, there's some things you still need to learn..." Khrona closed his eyes, his smirk turning into a solemn smile, as if waiting for something as this huge white mass hovered above his head. "Never use all of your power so early in a battle..." All of Allen's determination and conviction was pressed into this transformation and this ability, meaning he was probably using quite a large amount of his chakra. He thought this would be the final blow, perhaps? Far from it. "Alway pay attention to every little detail..." As it bore closer, a tiny black droplet fell from the sky, now tarnishing this pure white sphere with this small, noticeable black blotch. Moments later, the clouds would roar with a violent insanity that quaked the earth with more power than even thunder could boom. It sounded sinister and mysterious, eerie and disheartening. And more black rain would fall from the sky. "And most importantly..." As the rain poured down, the white sphere would all too quickly become black, no longer able to erase the black blood that rained down away. What was once a light drizzle quickly shifted to a powerful downpour . A storm of insanity was brewing, and it didn't seem all too friendly. The 'Adaptation' Khrona used before worked for all parts of his body, be they still attached to him or not. "Never think your abilities are absolute. Not a single one of them." Khrona looked up to the sky, smiling big and wide, his maniacal cackle of insane splendor reaching high into the clouds and resonating with their destructive thunder. The bellowing insanity thunder caused everything to shake violently now, not just the ground itself. It was growing in power. "Bloody Madness..." All things under this dark cloud were completely drenched by its black tears, until the entire land was completely and utterly bathed in darkness. The Black Dragon Blood rose up like a flood in mere moments, piling itself high into the clouds. Before long, the pool and the clouds would touch, having formed a massive sphere of black blood and insanity that was the size of a large city, hovering with the entire Oasis within. What would sprout from the very top, high above the stratosphere, was the upper torso of Khrona, arcing over his black womb now like a monstrous mother. Spreading his ungodly dragon wings, he cradled the bulbous lower torso that was himself gently, and a giant piercing vertical red eye opened up in the very center. Upon closer inspection, Khrona's eyes seemed to have been completely flooded with black blood as well, streams of it rolling down his face, into and out of his mouth like eternal tears. Even the huge vertical eye shed tears of black blood, which dripped down to make contact with the land again. He knew what was going on within... And that knowledge made him fear for Allen's very life.

As the world around him was drenched into the facets of the Black Dragon Blood, Momo could think to do one thing... And one thing only. He couldn't dodge raindrops -- that, in itself, was a preposterous thing... He could only think to do what he always did in these types of situations. He thought of his friends... The erected orb of 'Bloody Madness' encompassed everything in the area. Momo could just run... He had the speed to dip off as soon as the drizzling began... But to run would disgrace him in ways he didn't even want to contemplate... And now... He thought of all his friends... The very people he lived for... The very reason he fought... The very reasons... He had come all this way. 'Lin... Dente... Sky King... Akira... Dark King... Cody... Aliyah... Vermilion... Alex... Khrona...' His body being effected by the extreme forces of the 'Bloody Madness' began to become tainted by its power. But even so he wasn't immediately effected by it thank to the very high resistance he had when he accepted Khrona's sane insanity into himself the day he became a Great Eight -- which, by Khrona's standards, should be stronger than the Bloody Madness' mixtures of insanity. Using the smallest of time he had before the massive concentration of insanity completely overtook him, Momo wept... He wept not tears of sadness, but of joy... For Khrona to have done this... To have used such an UBER technique meant... He had seen Momo... He had paid attention even more so than before... That was all Momo needed... That was all he wanted. Now he could flourish... And flourish, he did. He had used quite a bit of his chakra in order to show Khrona his eclipse. But he hadn't run out just yet... He had enough for one last move... One that wouldn't be on the grand scale of things like the eclipse... But it was just as useful. He went into a long drawn out battle with Khrona, but for what purpose...? He had a set amount of things he wasted to show him and didn't want to bore him with the formalities of slow battling...

'Will... Determination... Conviction... Faith... Friends... Family... LOVE...' Every last piece of Momo's very being -- his soul -- resonated within him all simultaneously. They reached a point in unison to where they manifested in a reality by means of his Bond Release all on their own. They shaped their own destiny their own likeness within Momo's remaining bit of chakra and thus, within his blood, granting him one final defense against this overwhelming force; they became... Peace. When one obtains a facet of true peace, a whole new world is opened up inside of them... True contentment and relaxation are powerful things and can combat even the strongest of forces... Such like the Bloody Madness. Momo's flesh had started to become susceptible to the effects of the Bloody Madness; slowly, his body giving way to the insanity... But the essence of peace had become manifested by means of Momo's willpower, and thus it began to deal with the Insanity effecting his body. Not only that, but the Bloody Madness around him began to calm, metaphorically speaking... It was as if Momo's manifestation of peace was taming the Bloody Madness... Forming it into sane insanity like that which he was accustomed to when Khrona first discovered it. The power of peace spread, but not too far, for Momo's chakra was severely lacking at this point. It created a tunnel-like opening in the orb of blood, drying it out like stone and crumbling it away. With his last tangible amount of chakra, he booster thrusted his body through the opening of peace and fell towards the ground, his body flailing widely through the air. He was tired; his body was aching and his mind was rattled... But his soul was proud... Not many could do what he just did... He was slowly, but surely gaining his title.

There were many things that could have been said and expressed here, but to put it completely simply; Khrona was impressed. "Looks like you've finally gotten the point." The blackness washed away, returning to where it once came. If both Momo and the Black Dragon Blood were on the same side, why were they fighting now? And the same with Khrona. "You pass." And so, Khrona started to clap his hands for Momo.

His body crashed into the ground... It hurtled a bit, but he was so tired he couldn't even feel the force of his crashing body. It started to heal though as time went on. He heard the applause from Khrona as the blackness washed away. Seems like he finally understood what Khrona was trying to get through to him... 'Finally...' "Heh...I'm... I'm so glad..." He said. If only THIS was his Expert test, then he'd been wearing the Blue proudly... But he had passed his test against himself and what he wanted to prove to Khrona. "Heh... What should I do now, Khrona-sama?" Momo asked, his bones snapping back into place slowly, but surely. His body realigning itself, healing up slowly. Now that he had passed, he wondered what was going to happen next... Now that he had proven to Khrona what he wanted to prove to him then... Back when he lived another life...

After a little while, Khrona stopped clapping, now, looking at Momo with a smile on his face. "What do you want to do? You've finally learned what I have been trying to teach you. Now, you are an Expert. So, what do you want to do?" It was that simple. Momo did it right this time. Because he did it wrong the last time. And every time you do it wrong... You have to start all the way back over from the beginning. So just do it right.

'Wait one moment... Did he just say what I believe he said?' Momo's eyes widened as Khrona uttered the words proclaiming him now officially an Expert of the Dusk! He could barely fathom what was going on around him until he snapped himself back into reality. "Khrona-sama... It's not funny to make such jokes..." Momo said, looking as his body began to heal more rapidly... He was hoping khrona wasn't pulling his leg about this... It just didn't seem real... But then again... Momo gave Khrona his all and got straight to the point... There were a slew of other things that he showed Khrona that he wanted to and now he had been finally recognized for his deeds... His growth. "You're not joking... This is real...?" Somehow, he stood off of the ground, looking to Khrona. He turned is back for but a fleeting moment. He looked to Ozmacron, his eyes gleaming as he stuck out is chest proudly, yet majestically, his light voice had trickled across the winds as he stood there for a moment... He had finally done it... But the eclipse was not to be made stagnant... He would continue to grow... To expand and rise as far as possible... Thanks to his will, his unwillingness to ever give in... Momo had become one of the higher ups of the Dusk. "Okay... I'm done now... Khrona, I know what i want to do..." He said, turning around to face Khrona... "One... I'm taking down that Falshin, as promised... Two, I wanna help take down Ozmacron, and three..." He said smiling... "I'm going to help everyone who is or was just like me... Lost and confused... I'm going to help them reach their full potential and then some...! The teachings of Bonds and their power shall spread throughout the Dusk like an infectious disease of untold majesty... It will be a beautiful sight to behold... Don't you agree Khrona?"

Khrona smiled, stroking Momo's face. "That's all I ever wanted." And without anymore words than that, Khrona would disappear, fading away into the darkness.

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break EmptySat Jun 13, 2020 11:00 am

Lin would be standing in the middle of the village, his mind set on one thing bringing Khrona back to his old lovable self. His friend had lost his mind sometime ago and Lin wanted badly to bring him back into the light which shined on his dark soul. Hope. Khrona's brother's battle with Zita would rage on, so Lin figured he was the next best thing to bring down Khrona. His friend. His teacher. His brother, in a way. "Khrona!!" was the only thing Lin said as he awaited Khrona to show. This would be Lin's true testament to his bond with Khrona. What will happen after this fight? Will Lin live and have Khrona's blood on his hands? Or will Khrona kill him and have Lin's blood on his hands? Those are the things Lin is thinking as he waits.

An exasperated sigh of the gentle breeze swept across the field, rustling the grass and the leaves of the trees, taking some across the greenery with it. A single black leaf hovered casually before Linomaru, lightly touching a single blade of grass... And that single blade of grass would become consumed by blackness as well. This blackness... It did spread across and over everything that it touched, like a disease. A contamination. A plague. The blackness curved and contorted, bubbling up and over itself, straight up into the shape of a large, dark man. His face was pale, yet not too pale as it normally was, and the rest of his body was shrouded by complete and utter blackness. Those two burning red moons revealed themselves to Linomaru, not even opening halfway, yet a single sharp smirk did slide across this shadow's face. "Why are you bringing me down, man?"

Lin wouldn't move nor flinch as this was happening, but he would give himself a bit of elevation so that the black whatever didn't touch him... Lin would just look at his 'brother' and see how dark his soul had become. It almost brought him to tears to see Khrona like this. A man who gave him enlightenment now lost in darkness. This, Lin couldn't bare to see. "Why are you doing this Khrona? What happened to you?" Lin asked, closing his eyes and lowering his head to where his eyes hid behind the bangs of his hair. "Why did you fall for Grimlock's tricks...? You were the last person I thought would fall for his game."

Khrona tried to restrain himself from laughing, letting out a little cutesy "Teehee~!" under his breath. "What are you talking about, Lino? I don't even know where you GOT all of that stuff from." Khrona was well aware why Lino thought the way he did, but Lino wasn't. That was the point of all of this, and Khrona was gonna have to show him one way or another. He shrugged his shoulders, snickering to himself, waiting for Lin.

Lin was a bit surprised at Khrona's response to him. Maybe there was more to the story than Lin thought it was. Rumors around the village where that Khrona had been brainwashed by Vanguard into joining Grimlock in his work to destroy the village and all of the planet. This, Lin couldn't have, and he didn't care if he had to do the unthinkable and face Khrona in a life or death situation... But this was the here and now. "Tell me why did you let your insanity take control over you, when you have had control for so long?" Lin had to find out what made the man who preached to him about protecting this village and the world in which they live on go mad again... The man who helped him get to where he is today.. Stood there unlike the way he was before.

Khrona stood there. He looked at Lin. He sighed. And he said... "Linomaru. Do I LOOK like I'm going crazy?" He paused. He waited. Then he spoke again... "Does it SOUND like I'm going crazy?" And after that, he waited for his response.

"Actually you sound pretty normal... Nothing out of the ORDINARY." Lin was now confused from what he was hearing the rumors and from what Khrona had just told him. It started to make no sense to him. He didn't know what to do now.... He would only have to ask questions, hopefully he would get an answer. "Why did you join the antagonist, Khrona?" Lin had to find out why.

Khrona scoffed, shaking his head. "What is an antagonist? Someone whose views are against those of everyone else. I'm only an antagonist if you deem me one. My views just shifted to something that went against the dark order of the planet... Only so it can shift into something new. I have free will to do whatever I want..." Khrona crossed his arms. "And this is what I wanted to do. If you have a problem with it, then we'll battle to see who is right. How does that sound?"

"Well... I don't Know what to do at this point, but you have become an enemy to the Dusk Village.... So I must treat you as one... I'm sorry," Lin said as a light breeze blew dust into the air. Just as it passed between the two, Lin had already drawn his sword and gave a powerful swing, unleashing a large, powerful wave of lightning headed right for Khrona.

Khrona closed his eyes and smiled, a single hand unfolding from cross his chest and up to his eye of insanity, what most would call the proverbial 'third eye.' As if taming the beast inside, he put but a single finger on his forehead and sighed heavily. "Stance Of... Regret." His smile quickly arced downward into a pained frown, another heavy sigh escaping as the lightning drew close. His eyes opened to the white light of lightning bolting him straight in his irises, zooming straight through his optical lenses and straight into his brain. So, his body began to bubble and broil... "Linomaru... I'm gonna have to ask you to pay attention, so you can thoroughly observe my melancholy of the absolute rules you so thoroughly try to uphold..." As if awakening an ancient sleeping beast that hadn't been touched in quite a long time, tendrils of Khrona's skin whipped from his body and out toward Lino with all the same speed and power of the lightning, sending what would seem like electrically charged jolts at him. If his eyes couldn't keep up, it would just look like Khrona's skin was standing on end all around his body, with Khrona himself twitching a bit every now and then. But it would feel... Like lightning striking... Hundreds of thousands of times...

Lin knew his opponent like his own brother; he had studied Khrona just as he studied every enemy of the village. He always had information due to his Gentai. Lin had always been watching... All those days sitting up in the 'Mahi Manor' looking over the village, he was doing more than just watching the clouds and the sun -- he was gathering information on everything that went on in the village and on the planet.... But that wasn't important now... Lin would quickly dodge all the attacks coming at him. He was waiting for an opening and when he saw it, he would then rush toward Khrona, knowing full well of his abilities. Lin would give a slash to Khrona's chest when he got close enough. But if anything were to happen, Khrona would see that this was just a clone of Lin as it would poof away when struck. The real Lin would on top of a building right above Khrona his Gentai activated as he would say, "HEAVEN STYLE: EXODIAN GATE!!" The gate would appear above the village much larger than a two story building; it would begin to open and pull everything in from buildings to small blades of grass. This attack was stronger than any of Lin's attacks it was just as powerful as the 'Trinity Wavelength' itself.

Khrona sighed heavily, thwaking away Lino's clone with another shot of his skin like a bolt of lightning, even before it could come close to slashing him. "... Lino... Just stop. You don't know what you're doing." Khrona closed his eyes for a moment and shook his head, waiting for the very moment Lino opened his mouth to utter the first syllable to crack him with a flick of his lightning fast jolting skin. It was so swift and so powerful, it slapped the words right out of Linomaru's mouth, refusing to let him even finish his sentence. "... Do you REALLY want to continue this? Honestly?" Khrona had no time for foolishness right now. They could have had a nice, simple spar... But when treated like an enemy, Khrona would have to act the part, eh?

Lin would be hit by the attack. He knew coming into the fight it wasn't going to be easy. He knew that he had to go all out on Khrona. He could play around with him and Khrona wasn't going to play with him. Lin caught himself. "I have to continue... It's for the better of the village... I'm sorry... If I die here, so be it... I am Linomaru Hugo, Expert of the Dusk and I will win this fight. Don't you see...? I have to do this... If I die here today, well so be it. I will not just sit here and watch my world become covered in darkness. I won't ALLOW it... And you're the one who preaches for the betterment of the village, but you want to destroy everything we have all work so hard to achieve... Like I said before, you are an enemy to the Dusk Village and I shall treat you as so." Lin would then draw his blades and go into his soul form. His hair and attire changed into the Holy angel form. Lin had decided to hold nothing back... And so he had to do so. Lin waited for Khrona to respond. He was ready for what ever Khrona had to dish out.

His Speech, His Will... His Determination. Khrona Could Finally See Something He Forgot Quite A While Ago... A Shame That He Did, Too. However, Now Is The Time To Rectify. "... Oh, Linomaru Hugo..." Like A Spiraling Abyss Of Pure And Utter Blood, Khrona's Twin Moons Revealed Themselves To Linomaru, Their Red Reflection Glistening In His Own Two Pools Of Insanity. "... How I Have Failed You..." With All The Blackness Of His Very Soul, He Turned Around, Pulled Himself Together, And Started Off In The Other Direction. "... I Could Not Even See This Much Until Just Now..." A Single Tear From His Eyes Fell To The Ground. And So Too Did The Infinite Tears From The Skies. "... You Always Know How To Try One More Time."

"Wait Khrona... You can make things right... Take control over the darkness. You've done it before, you can do it again... I know you can. You helped me defeat my shadows. So I'm going to help you do the same..." Lin would then activate his Gentai. He would appear right in front of Khrona and hold his hand out. "Khrona, come with me to see my elders. They can help you." Lin wanted to help Khrona and this was the only solution he had.

Khrona shook his head, still seeing that Lin simply did not understand what Khrona was trying to say. So, it was time to make himself clear. "... Lino. Let me make myself perfectly clear; I am not evil. The color of my name does not make me evil. The fact that you even think that way is appalling to me, and in truth, I don't know why I even made you an Expert if you think that way. And in fact..." Khrona shook his head, sighing heavily. "You have failed my test. I want to give you a demotion because of this." Khrona turned his head away from Lino, staring up at the sky above, that which set the mood for the stage they performed on. "... However. I will not. I will still consider you one in my own head. And that is what you will be to me. Only because you have proven to me that me giving you this title was far too hasty."

Sadly, he was right. Lin would stop and pause; he really didn't know what to say. He could only close his eyes in utter shame. Lin plopped to the ground. He was lost; he didn't know what to do or say... Hmmm... Sad.

The sudden plop to the ground resounded in the sharpened ears of this man of shadow, causing him to stop immediately in his tracks. Linomaru Hugo had fallen. With all the swiftness of the very sound that released from the impact did Khrona appear before him again, eyes agleam with a burning sanguine passion, one that foretold the coming of something great. Lurking from the blackness of his attire was a single hand cloaked in darkness, gently and warmly reaching out toward Lino with the utmost compassion, followed by words of the same consistency... "... I would never leave you in the dark. Come on, Lino. Let's do it right this time..." A smile... A soft, plushy smile that would counteract and dispel the look of shame on Lino's face. There was no way Khrona could let someone so important to him be left alone like this. Khrona knew of loneliness all too well, and never wished that same fate upon anyone. "... Together."

As Khrona spoke... A tear would roll down Linomaru's cheek. He was touched by Khrona's words; he couldn't help but cry. This was the first time he cried since the death of his wife and mother of his children. Lin had lost his way along time ago. But with the help of Khrona, he had came back to his old self.... But where is he now? "Together... Yes... Together..." Lin said as he sat up, looking Khrona in his eyes. He uttered the words, "Take me with you... I have nothing to lose."

"And everything to gain. Come, Linomaru. It's time for you to become one of the Eight." Something Khrona should have done from the start. Linomaru was one of the most loyal, dependable, and faithful ninja there was in the village, even if he got a little too carried away unnecessarily. He was more than qualified, however he just needed a bit of a push in the right direction. "Let's go get a Protector." With that, Khrona threw his cloak over Lino and warped them to the 'Eternal Desert', where Lino would have to fight 'Yomi' in the stead of someone less reliable...

The 'Eternal Desert'; a vast, seemingly endless space of pure and utter arid sandy land, teeming with the utmost of manna power that flows like raging waters through the channels of the soft, warm sand. Inhaling deeply, Khrona could smell the mixtures of manna, secrets, and even dark energies that ran rampant all throughout the course of the area's borders. This was going to be a learning experience. "Alright, Lino. Do you know why I have brought you here...?"

Lin would look around. He could also feel the manna flowing. This was odd; Lin seemed to be able to sense things he wasn't before. The Elder Dragon must have given him this ability. He really didn't know why Khrona brought him here. He said he was going to make him an 'Eight' but Lin didn't know what he was talking about then. "No, I don't know... But I guess to get a Protector," Lin said as he stood to his feet. He felt a bit stronger here in the desert. He liked it. Maybe he could come up with new Jutsu and skills here. It was all just overwhelming to him. But he had to become focused.

Khrona closed his eyes, eerily raising his hand to point out to the far edges of the desert plain. In the far off distance, there was a black blotch in the sky, indistinguishable in shape and in size however it hovered around like a vulture stalking its prey. "... There. That is Yomi. She is in dire need of being destroyed." He crossed his arms, starting to walk toward where Yomi resided in the skies. Linomaru had a challenge ahead of him, however he had Khrona on his side here to get him through it. "She is powerful, so I will be here to assist... But it's your battle. For the good of the Dusk." Despite how grave and dire the situation was, this was training in several ways; one personally, and another to become one of the Eight. They would continue to walk until they were in Yomi's vicinity...

Lin would nod and begin to follow Khrona. The area made Lin feel strong. He would look at the skies and see the black blotch; it reminded him of how 'THE VOID' looked not too long ago before he became an Expert. He would have a quick flashback of the day he defeated the DARKNESS. The day he was purified by the Elder Dragon, the images showed to him... "So this is Yomi... How long has she been here my Lord? I can feel how powerful she is just standing in this area," Lin said as he looked to Khrona. Lin did really feel how strong Yomi was, but he was not afraid... Just nervous... Yomi would be one of his strongest opponents to face. Hopefully he would win this battle.

"Quite a while." That's all Khrona could say about the matter. Just... Quite a while. This 'Yomi', this darkness that beseeched this area and tainted the beautiful desert skies with pestilence... She came forth. "... Ah. There she is, Lino." He nodded his head and faded away, leaving only these final words in his wake... "... You can do it."

Anyway, some time after that, Khrona would appear before Lino as an apparition, clearly bearing some news. "Good job. But uh, some things happened annnnddd... You've kinda been gone for a REALLY long time... I don't know if you noticed the changes, buuuut... They kinda happened. So good job for beating Yomi, but I think there are some things we have to do." Ooo, things. "You might have noticed that your soul is locked up. Yeah, that's kinda my doing, cuz you know people have been using the powers of their souls all wrong and I kinda... Don't want that to happen. So. To open them back up, you're gonna have to go back to the school. You AND your partners. With no abilities. Fresh. But that's on you."

"The hell was that? Nese and Nitos, why are you guys back in your human forms?" Lin would slowly float down back to the planet, right along with his soul weapons. Did he over use his Synchro? No the soul energy is an extension of one's soul. So in order for his soul energy to stop working, he would have to be dead. But then Khrona showed up and told Lin what was going on. Lin had no idea he had been gone for so long; he had no idea how long he had been actually fighting Yomi. The sun had set and the cool coat of the night sat in as Lin looked at Khrona. It would be silent for a few moments as Lin began to take everything in. "Ahh.. I see... Now... So the body I left is gone now... Lin, you have got a lot on your plate now... Very well then... Lord Khrona... Shall we continue this ROAD TO ENLIGHTENMENT?" Lin would then look at his soul weapons. They wouldn't say a thing, just give a nod of assurance. Nese then looked to the sky where the Mahi Manor was. "You know, I don't mind being just aa regular old gal... But I have a goal... And I have a duty to this village before anything." Nese would grab Lin's hand and stand by his side. "Lord Khrona, I know what to do next... I'll have to clean up my jutsu. Will you help me?"

Khrona shrugged his shoulders, chuckling a bit. "Yeah, of course. I'd love to. Anything to help you become better. You're an Expert, remember? We want you to keep that position, don't we? Hahaha." Hopefully, after this, Lino would understand everything he needed to about his role and himself, because Khrona was going to have to give him the 'up to speed' blaster when it came to techniques and junk. "Tell you what; I'll take you on down to my tree, special private training, and we'll get you all fixed up. How's that?"

" Well... Okay. Lets get started." The wind blew a gentle breeze as the sun began to fade. Lin gave a smile to his two soul partners. He was sure this was best.

Khrona took it upon himself to snatch these mofos up. Khrona then personally trained Lino for a while whilst he did other things simultaneously...

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break EmptySat Jun 13, 2020 5:02 pm

After dealing with Linomaru Hugo, Khrona got wind that the Soul Sanctum college was under heavy fire from the Dark King, who was searching for Shinigami. Being a man of great accord with Shinigami, he immediately made his way to the scene in order to manage the issue. Already there were the Earth King, the Dark King, Tear Lacrimoso, -- Shinigami's right hand man -- and Shinigami, himself.

As Khrona would appear, everything just seemed to stop. Why? Because this was not his fight, so why would anyone even think to attack Khrona when he agreed with them both? "Well well, this is quite a surprise. The Dark King and the Earth King in the Dusk? Something rather important must be happening. Why not put away your attacks and have a nice little chat with us, since you're here." Khrona hovered down atop the Dark King's 'Void Water', realizing just what the hell it did and knowing somehow and some way that even though it was there, it just would not do anything to him. He had enough power to counteract it if he HAD to, but why would the Dark King do that if he just wanted to come to an understanding? Of course. And the Dark King has that much chakra control to STOP whatever move he's using from destroying everything. It was admirable, actually. "Shinigami, Tear. Let me handle this one." He smiled at the Dark King and the Earth King, walking toward them a bit with open arms, as if he wished to hug them, and stood right in front of them, simply smiling. "Well. Let's talk, guys."

The Dark King's mind, being a dangerously fast thing, had a conversation with himself that, if he had outside of his head, could have taken moments, but in his head took smaller than was calculable. 'Khrona's come; this changes nothing, right? Take out Shinigami still stands? No, no, What if he has information I want? It'll be a hassle to pummel it out of him... But the Earth King probably knows where Death is... But on the other hand, he may not; Khrona being the head of the Dusk might be in the know on his location... So upsetting him may lose me information.. What a bother. I suppose I'll have to stop myself to make sure I can get information out of both of my leader friends... Yeah?Indeed, it's the best course of action.' Within a millisecond, the Zeus -- the Dark King's summon -- that imploded into a blackhole, would suck itself into itself and not the college into itself. It was even difficult with his mind powers to stop such an attack, but with the boost from Grimnyzmal's power inside of him over blackholes, it was manageable. However he was in the dilemma of being barely a centimeter way from slugging Shinigami with something he was going to wipe his existence with, so he willed away his gauntlet at the last moment and turned it into just pure chakra, now destabilized it wouldn't wipe the slate clean for Shinigami when his fist connected... However, he wouldn't be leaving uninjured -- in fact, quite the opposite. The fist connected and a blast of potent sealed chakra ignited and exploded forth, able to knock Shinigami miles away if he wasn't hitting him toward the ground. Lord Death would escape his namesake today, but he would be severely injured. "Sorry, even I couldn't stop that attack completely..." the Dark King said, hovering up there alone now, looking over toward Khrona, his yellow cat eyes beaming out over the top of the rim.

The Earth King was encircled in a surrounding revolving door of Dark Corridors. He felt a new presence enter the battlefield -- maybe more of Shinigami's goons? Impossible; none of them could stop the battlefield completely. This presence looked familiar, yet threatening. The Earth King had to see this for himself. He rose from his seated position on a swath of darkness and appeared next to the Dark King. What he was staring at was a grown man, no longer a child. Khrona. It seems he wanted a ceasefire... 'Bout time someone with some sense. All the Earth King wanted to do in the beginning was save his friend. 'Xashikta' -- the fusion of the Dark and Earth kings -- would appear behind the Earth King and wait. He wasn't going to put his arms down fully. "What is it?" is all he asked in response. Khrona's appearance here was puzzling nonetheless.

With all the calamity ensuing, the appearance of the man of blackness himself was a shock even to Shinigami. Almost like a savior to the Soul Sanctum in these trying times, Shinigami was grateful that at least someone was faithful to his cause. "Khrona--" Bam! Before Shinigami could even finish his thought, he had been hit with the devastating punch from the Dark King, which sent him flying back toward the partially crumbled Soul Sanctum. Before he went too far, though, he slammed his mallet-scythe into the ground to catch himself, leaving a huge cut in the ground as he did. When he finally came to a screeching halt, he let go of Tear -- who was in weapon form -- and realized what needed to be done. "... Tear-kun. Go to Khrona-kun. I will sit this one out..." Shinigami needed to see this, he knew, and he would watch patiently as he awaited the conclusion to this. Perhaps Khrona knew something that he could not.

Tear was devastated by the blatant assault on his valiant Lord Death, yet, in that punch to the face, he could only feel like Shinigami deserved it... The strength of their Soul Resonance was powerful, to say the least. So, as Shinigami wished, Tear assumed human form, nodding his head in respect to Lord Death and walking toward Count Khrona for what was to come next. "Lord Khrona... It feels like in all of my time being here, I simply never have seen you in person. You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." It was like Tear was looking into a mirror when he looked at Lord Khrona, however instead of being bathed in complete blackness, Tear was bathed in complete gray. "Hmhm. No wonder." His eyes immediately gleamed like mirrors, the reflection of the 'Silver Moon' above gleaming in his eyes, and then in Khrona's eyes. Tear looked over to the Dark King then, the glowing glare of his glistening orbs realizing something that no one else was able to see about them... the Dark King... the Earth King... Khrona... And all what they had in common. They were works of art... Beautiful. "... I love beauty," he said gently to himself. He was happy that beauty Death let him see this for himself. Shinigami.

When it seemed like everyone and everything had settled down, Khrona left his wings open and cleared his throat, smiling as he looked into Tear's eyes and seeing the Silver Moon... Turned red. He looked back to the Dark King and the Earth King, seeing the same beauty as Tear did. Of course he did, Khrona was the only other person who could appreciate it, it seemed like. In fact, he was so appreciative, he was almost hurt to see the Earth King cross his arms over his chest so cautiously, even still. But he didn't let that get to him; he simply smiled. "Oh, come now, Earth King, have a heart!" Khrona caught wind of the Dark King and the Earth King at the same time, his eyes gleaming a glimmering sanguine shine as he inspected both of them. He saw it all. "I haven't interacted with you two in quite a long time, actually, and normally, whenever we have an interaction, it isn't good. So, by all means, let's set the record straight this time, hm? I'll have to start this off by saying..." Khrona closed his eyes, shaking his head slowly and deeply. "... You will not find what you seek here. But we seek the same thing, Dark King. Keep in touch, and I'm sure you'll get your answers. I hope you're interested enough in this topic to pursue, hmhm~!" He winked at the Dark King, and lackadaisically drifted his sharp eyes over to the Earth King. "And you... I have a proposal. You two stop fighting with us, and we'll see to it that these little 'barriers' we have between us are all dissipated, hm? You won't have to even THINK you need to hold your hands over your chest to me anymore. Come on. I've opened up my wings to you, and I don't usually do that for anyone."

'Hm... Khrona... He must know something.' The Earth King didn't know what Khrona meant my 'holding his arms over his chest to him'; maybe Khrona was reading a bit too deep into this. Now that the Earth King had abolished his old way of thinking, everyone was trying to force their ideals upon him and show him something... Show him something that he already knew. How ironic. But he supposed the time for change, the time that he so righteously tried to bring about was here. "What is it you're talking about? You're talking in riddles," is all he said; he was still in his fighting mode, testing his new abilities on a lesser 'God Of Death' -- now that Khrona came to save him and his village perhaps Khrona didn't come here to fight.

In the flurry of confusion, the gray ashes of the Demon King came on a distant wind. The ashes, burning ever so faintly, began to form the shape and appearance of the Demon King. "Dark King..." is all he said, his aura waiting within his being and his mind focused on the only reason he appeared in this section of the Dusk territory. The Demon King, having lost his memory, was convinced the Dark King had something to do with this one way or the other. Knowing his belief would lead to the answers he sought, the Demon King dove into his soul in search of the Dark King's location. "... Khrona..." Soon, the Demon King was energetically aware of all parties' presence: Khrona, the Earth King, Shinigami, the Dark King, Tear, and some creature without a purpose... Or a soul, he would say. As the Demon King observed the presence of 'Death' and the Dark King, his lost memories would slowly return themselves. The Horsemen had come and the loss of his memories were of their doing, not the Dark King's. "..." The Demon King prepared to ask the question, 'What is going on here?' but as he prepped his mind for such, his soul answered the question with the information allowed.

The crackle of the flames tingled in Khrona's ear, signaling the arrival of the final guest in this entire interconnected ordeal. Khrona turned his head to the now present Demon King, eyes just agleam with their crimson passion. "Ah, Demon King, you made it! Now we can really get down to business." Khrona turned his attention back to the Earth King, shaking his head and laughing a little. "Oh, Earth King. You are too much. Lighten up, eh? It was only a joke. Can't you take one sometimes? Everyone needs to stop being so serious and just appreciate each other's presences..." Khrona immediately looked to the Dark King; looked to him as if the Dark King was just the key to everything -- like the Dark King was aware of all that went on. Even if he wasn't, Khrona knew of the Dark King's dire importance well beyond what what supposed to be known. And he smiled and laughed. "Dark King, I've never been able to say this to you, nor have I been around you long enough to ever get the chance, but... You are a beautiful soul, and your darkness is divine. Much like Tear, who bears a remarkable resemblance to myself, I am a connoisseur of beauty, and Dark King, by far, you are one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. In fact, all of you. Earth King. Demon King. Tear. Shinigami. I like it a lot." Khrona winked at the Dark King, turning his attention to the Earth King. "Earth King. Such is for the earth to return to their roots planted in the ground, hm? Haha. Earth King, I'm just really glad you got out of the goddamn house and did something fun for once. Just relax with us sometime Earth King. Learn not to be so... Serious. Hmhm~!" And so, he would turn his head to the Demon King, as Khrona need not address Tear and Shinigami. "Demon King. There isn't anything I can say to you that you don't already know that I think on matters with you. And as such, all I do have to say is... We're all here. What do you want to do? I'll show you what I want to do..."

Khrona smiled, stepping in the very center of the three people. The leader of the Nightmare, the leader of the Chaos, and the 'Lord Of Darkness' himself. They sounded so grim. But, what did it look like if the leader of the Dusk was making this proposal? All of these people, some of the most important people to this village... They were all so goddamn dark. "... We all have to do 'that.' 'That,' you ask? Of course, I mean none other than to combine. Release the boundaries that are our villages and combine into one." Khrona looked around to see just what each of their faces would hold... Shock, amazement, discontent, displeasure, or even just unsurprised. But Khrona would always be smiling. "Of course, I am a thoughtful man, and won't be offended if you do not wish to do so, but the thought will always be in your heads that this is what I want, and any time you want to give me an answer... I'm only one village away~!" It was only a proposal, not a conclusion. Decisions like this required lots of thought. But Khrona knew that it would be for the better... At some point in time. But it didn't matter, because they had all the time in the universe.

The Demon King had a knack for showing up in the middle of others' problems; he was beginning to accept that this was his fate and that he was entangled in the confusing web of others' bad judgment. "I am here to locate the Dark King, naturally in the midst of that I would find him side by side with the Earth King," he said, taking a moment to observed the Earth King and then back to the Dark King. As the Demon King stood in a brief moment of silence, he realized he went looking for the Dark King before he decided what he would do when he found him. Fighting was pointless and brought the Demon King no joy, nor any closer to understanding. However, he was here now and that was the only point worth mentioning -- the rest was up to fate. "Dark King, why are you even in the Dusk?" the Demon King asked softly, ignoring what ever Khrona said. Why would the Demon King waste time listening to words when he heard the heart and soul as one?

The Earth King scratched his head a bit, he was most certainly confuzzled. First the Demon King shows up; it was at that moment the Earth King thought this was going to be a two versus two in which Khrona and the Demon King would surely lose... But that was just his perception. His reality. Khrona calls everyone beautiful and now he wants to combine all their villages into one. Is that what all Khrona got out of his obvious change, that all is one? Did he forget the second part? "Khrona, take a step back and see what it is you're doing," the Earth King spoke up. He anticipated this conversation to instantly swell into a cocktail effect, which is why he felt like answering the Demon King's question for him on behalf of the Dark King... But the last time he tried telling someone the answers, he came off as forceful, so he wasn't going to walk into that mold again. "You want all our separate villages during their worst times to combine into one, monopolizing our issues into one big super problem... A monopoly? Do you have a plan? What's our name? What's the point? Why join all our villages in our darkest hour?"

The Demon King stopped in the midst of his thinking; he knew Khrona had planned to merge villages... But never did he expect to merge with the Nightmare. Why would the Demon King do something like that? Merging the Chaos with the Nightmare... The names alone didn't match and neither did the leaders. "What?!" he exclaimed, hoping that his ears were just off and that Khrona wasn't suggesting the most ridiculous idea ever. "I am sure you have your reason for suggesting such an idea Khrona, however I will not step into something I deem foolish. I have said this to the Sky King and I will say it to you; the Dark King and the Earth King only know how to be the Dark King and the Earth King," he said peacefully, allowing his arms to sink into the cloth of his cloak.

The Dark King mostly stood there nodding his head. He didn't really care too much for politics, so he was half paying attention. What he was truly waiting for was his recoil. He hypothesized stopping that attack on Shinigami would have a negative side effect on himself. He was about to speak when suddenly, his arm erupted and exploded completely. "Ah! There it is," was all he said as his mutation began to grow out of his torso, building him a new arm. "Merging the villages seems like a lovely idea; sign up, you two! There is no way Khrona here will possibly stab you in the back in the long run." He winked back at Khrona in a sort of mocking way. He felt different than the last couple times they met; in fact the last time they met was on the battlefield in which Khrona gave up and jumped into one of his attacks. However, he didn't have time to ask Khrona what he knew about Death's location, so he moved on to the Demon King, who was clearly livid with him. "Oh, Demon King, I was wondering when I'd see you again. You haven't tried to kill me yet, so... What is it you want?" His eyes narrowed under his glasses.

"I'm not going to kill you, Dark King,that would prove nothing and only move towards the opposite of what I hope to accomplish in this world," the Demon King said calmly, making no effort to focus on the Dark King -- or anyone, for that matter. The Demon King knew he could trust Khrona; their families had always been close at heart, dating back to the 'Founders Twelve'. The relationship between the Tensei's and the Demon Clan were of close brothers, canine in trust and virtue; however, the same lineage that bonded the Tensei's, connected both the Earth King's Clan and the Dark King's Clan. "We have been doing this for eons; same old tune. It's madness, Dark King..." he said, allowing a bit of his distaste for the Dark King's choices in the past few years. The Demon King knew he had his share in all of this... So he found it rude to bear fangs any more then he had. "I am tired. If this cycle of insanity and madness continues... The planet will inevitably fall... Then what will we say to ourselves?" Just then, between the Demon King, Khrona, and the Earth King, a thought crossed their minds and hearts at the same time. It was a sad feeling, very close to rock bottom... But... It was familiar...  It was fast and electrifying, slightly violet in color... It wasn't there for but a moment, but it was very noticeable to them. Then, just as mysteriously as it appeared, it vanished. Nothing was left but a space in them for new feelings to emerge. It was completely up to them what would come next. The Demon King's heart felt the vibration pass through his being, its origins foggy for a moment, but after a brief pause of silence he knew where this thought, this solemn feeling, found its origin. "Well?" he asked the group, hoping for a different answer than his heart had already warned him of.

The Dark King did not feel this ominous feeling that came over the others; he was, however, starting to get slightly annoyed. "Who cares what happens to the planet? I summon the Horsemen here and then attack the Soul Sanctum... And I'm going to leave here in search of Death with no more then a slap on the wrist for those crimes?" The Dark King walked right up into the Demon King's face and placed his gloved hand on his his collar. "I'm done listening to your logic," he said, now about to walk away from them all, but stopped and turned around to face them. "I'm glad you people are finally opening your eyes to your real heritage and all... Truly I am. But that being said, you know just how well we Dark Ones comply with it. So do whatever you have to; I'm going for Death... And that's my one and only goal."

The Demon King had no intention of starting a battle in someone else's land, but the Dark King was asking for it. His belief that he could just carry on around the planet as he willed it had gone far enough. The only reason the Demon King didn't strike him down now was because he knew it would solve nothing. The Dark King wouldn't have exposed himself if he was afraid of losing or being killed; it was obvious he was walking around without a care, and that is where the Demon King would start. "After the issue of the planet's safety has been resolved, I'll deal with your ignorance personally," the Demon King said, mostly to himself. He knew the Dark King wasn't listening to him, he had stopped that a long time ago. No, they were just arguing brothers, confused about the different sides of a coin.

"..." In a moment, the Earth King felt a sensation over come his heart; one very familiar to him. It came to him in a sharp splinter like sensation that caused 'Xashikta' behind him to burst into glistening diamond fragments. The Demon King's following statement almost led the Earth King to believe that it was he who defused the fusion of he and his step brother's -- the Dark King's -- hearts. He with that soul sword... Oh, how badly the Earth King wanted to test it's mettle against the 'Cosmos Destroyer'. 'What?' "I didn't do anything." The Earth King turned around and grabbed the Dark King by the shoulder. He was one of the few who could point him in the right direction, and turning his back on his fellows was the wrong way to go. "Dark King. This is OUR world..." Then he looked at the Demon King, then at Khrona, then back at the Dark King. "And it's going to shit. We need you to help us with all you've got. Just remember us as you continue your pursuits of the ego. That's all I ask." He then looked back at his other brothers. "Is combining the villages into one the right thing to do now?"

"No more doubt, sweets. What's our name? That is a valid question." The Dark King shrugged his shoulders as the Earth King grabbed one. He took a breath and fixed his glasses slightly. He then heard the Demon King speak to himself. 'Oh Demon King... by the time your backbone grows large enough to take care of me... I'll already be dead,' he thought to himself. He supposed he'd better stay and play along... He couldn't sense Death at all... It would be futile to search... He had to wait till he appeared. "Fine... But on my terms, Earth King. I require knowledge and training in the way of... The heart." He then looked at Khrona. "My apologies for getting into a tangent... Continue."

Patiently awaiting the three to settle a little qualm within themselves, Khrona thoughtfully placed a finger upon his own cheek, smiling and chuckling at the three heartily. This seemed like a terrible thing to do when in such a situation, especially with such dire things going on... Yet, he couldn't help it. All of this insanity in the air, it was so very... Nostalgic. How could he NOT enjoy this sort of atmosphere these Horsemen had caused? It was delightful only in Khrona's eyes. "Hmhmhm. You three are just the funniest people. I see that we are now all on the same page... More or less." He gave a glance at the Dark King, returning his wink from long before. "As stated before, I want to combine these three villages together. But there is a lot of shit in our way before we can do that, and I think this requires a lot of thought on each of our respective parts. We aren't comprehending the largest problem here... It isn't that we aren't together, it's the fact that we're apart. Each of us is a blackness that aims to consume this planet for our own... And now the battle is, who is going to do that first?" His leer slaughtered everyone in the vicinity, as if telling every single goddamn person they had just fucked everything up. "Will it be consumption by Power?" His penetrating glare forced its way upon the Earth King, spiraling deep into the darkest pits of his pure being, ripping everything else to shreds on the way. "Or perhaps, consumption by Death?" Eyes red as bloody murder, their vision tore their way straight into Shinigami's soul, with a ghastly look that would even terrify him. "Consumption by Solitude?" He gave the Dark King a black look. "Consumption by Greed?" He referenced Grimlock... "Or, perhaps my very, very, VERY favorite one... Consumption by Insanity." He stopped. A hand gently adjusted his collar and straightened his trailing black jacket, followed by his dreary eyes drifting up to the Silver Moon up in the sky, only for it to turn just as red as Khrona's eyes. "I'm giving you all a time limit. Fix every fucking thing wrong in your goddamn villages RIGHT. NOW." The redness bore over the area like a plague, roasting them all in its fiery wrath and encompassing grip. Those eyes the only thing redder, they slashed through the light of the flames and right into the eyes of every person in the area.

"This thing has a Dojutsu. I have a spiral powered eye beam. The Insanity from THAT moon -- known as the 'Akai Tsukiyomi' -- glares STRAIGHT into your eyes, minds and souls all at the same time. All fucking three of them. So, with that knowledge in your brains, I'd like to show you what I've learned I can do with that. I will use the infinite spinning power of the spiral -- the chakra that the Sky King helped me achieve by letting me ABSORB some of his power -- and the special Dojutsu's spinning eye movements; I will INSTANTANEOUSLY spin the Dojutsu as fast as I want to, allowing me to evolve it to a point where I can put you in ANY TYPE OF GENJUSTU I WANT. And there will be absolutely nothing you can do about it, and all I have to do is think about it. The Dark King has so KINDLY made it so that there is complete and utter insanity ALL over the planet, so I have a nice little regeneration hub here, too." A long-winded explanation, but a thorough one. Khrona wasn't going to let this slide. The Dark King came in his village and fucked up, and everybody else just so happened to just fuck up too on their way down here. The Demon King and the Earth King and their dumb shit, Shinigami and his foolish shit... It was... "Utterly and horribly disgusting. Every single last one of you. Now you have to go fix it before I just go FUCKING INSANE!!!" Khrona's finger was on the trigger every single day. At any given moment, he could just unleash all of this completely OVERWHELMING insanity of his everyday life onto this entire planet, just for this day. His insanity adjusted to whatever power it needed to be... And it IS limitless.  "I just need some help and some teamwork sometimes, ya know? Doesn't matter how I get it. Especially in such daring times..." Khrona adjusted his jacket around himself, and everything shifted back to normal as if nothing had happened at all. It was like a switch to Khrona; he could turn it on and off, and all he needed to do was have a single fraction of the thought of the thought's thought to pull it off. "... Again... My proposal is on the table. Do you want to help and clean up the planet, or do you just want to fight me?" Khrona smiled, somberly this time, shutting off those sanguine orbs for a little while... And he giggled to himself.

'Solitude, eh? Perhaps I should visit my husband...' the Dark King thought. "... You realize there is a likelihood for at least one of us to counter such a Genjutsu? Your arrogance is either a sign of your insanity or stupidity... The Dojutsu doesn't frighten me, it's a relic I've studied well..." It was true the likelihood of at least a few shinobi being able to counter any Genjutsu imaginable existed; no technique -- whether Taijutsu, Genjutsu, or Ninjutsu -- was perfect and without flaws, and this specific Dojutsu bore many flaws the stronger it got. The recoil Khrona would face for such a boost to the Dojutsu would cause such a recoil to himself... But he was probably too insane to think that far ahead... And the Dark King wasn't going to be the one to tell him. He looked around at the Earth King and the Demon King. There was no way those two weren't already working on a way to fix the messes on the planet. So threatening them to do so seemed a bit odd.. The Demon King is the ultimate 'Do-Gooder'; he will try and stop them no matter what. The Earth King, on the other hand, probably couldn't resist bumping a few heads together... And the Dark King, himself, stated he was going for Death... Already, they were on board so why threaten three people who, if turned on Khrona, could overwhelm him quickly when they were already working towards that? He was truly mad. "The world will stop these beasts; it's only a matter of time... But if you'd like to speed up the process Khrona... Tell me where Death is... And let's stop this game."

Khrona calmly laughed at the Dark King, brushing off his words like lent on his jacket's pitch black fabrication. Khrona was having lots of fun now... "One of you? Don't even try it. I know everything. I've planned for everything. Every single instance and outcome, I've prepared for. Now... You all have to make the choice of what you want to do. If you want to fight amongst each other, then allow me to fight with you guys, too. Against all of you. But if you really want to get something done... Just go do it. I'll be here to help you." Khrona giggled, almost like his daughter had been doing lately. He could see why, it was just so cute. "There is absolutely nothing you can do to evade this. Work together or be destroyed by not just me, but every other thing aiming to consume everything else. Dark King, you of all people should know. Quit playing so coy." The Dark King knew all along that this would happen, and Khrona knew, too. Why else would he ever do something as dumb as infiltrating the Dusk? The only thing NO ONE ever wanted to do?! "Death is everywhere, Dark King. You just have to follow the 'Angel Of Death'. Wherever she may be..." It was almost done.

'...' The Earth King was silent for a moment, lost in thought. "What's wrong? Isn't this what you wanted to hear?" he said to himself. 'I want it to come from my mouth," he thought. "The ego seeks such." 'I know... But you know what I mean. As soon as I get ready to leave everyone wants to change the world. Everyone wants to protect it.' "Can't you see they're learning from your example?" 'I don't need acknowledgement...' The Earth King scratched his head a bit. This was an awful lot to digest. A lot of thoughts raced through the Earth King's head. He knew he had to clean up the world. But the Earth King always thought he had to do it singlehandedly, which is why he sought power. To protect those who mattered most to him... To protect his pride. He didn't know, however, that his perceived selfish pursuits were doing harm to the planet. Doing harm to his brothers. Khrona's explanation was hardly thorough; it was obvious perception was still at play here -- the Dark King knew it and so did the Earth King. The one finger Khrona forgot to point was at the Demon King, who hardly knew what 'forgive and forget' meant. But the scars on the heart run deep. That much, the Earth King knew... Would the Demon King be able to finally see that he and the Earth King are the closest yet so far? But if the Earth King pointed any of this out, he would be perceived as something ill. So he rested in the fact that the Dark King knew, and the Earth King knew that it was obvious that this whole 'combining villages into one' idea was started by those two in front of them. A detail that was obviously hidden... But by no means over looked. Though, it wasn't important. What was most important is that they're finally beginning to move in the right direction. "I'm always down to save the world. But we have to fix our own messes first... That being said, my forces are at the ready to assist wherever we are needed. IF they're wanted. Our own forces of darkness don't hesitate to get all of us involved, so why not help everyone out where we can?" The Earth King was almost in his own head a little too much to hear Khrona's last statement. About how he knows everything... The Earth King and the Dark King hated arrogant statements like that. But it didn't matter. The Earth King knew what Khrona was saying... That this was destined. "Dark King... I'll train you in the affairs of the heart. Until then, let the others believe what it is they will. The world will correct itself; it's destiny."

The Demon King could hardly believe his ears -- was everyone on this planet going mad? Khrona was insane, the Dark King wanted to be taught how to use his heart... No doubt for his usually selfish motives... And now, the Earth King was beginning to make sense. "Khrona, do you and the planet a favor and shut up," the Demon King said, finally deciding on exactly what needed to be said. His words seeming to lack any of his typical emotions from before. His 'vision' clearly showed him where Khrona was coming from and where he was trying to go. He was beginning to think it would be easier for the planet if everyone just stopped talking. All they did was 'try' to fix things and tell one another who and how they were right and their way was just and righteous... No one thought of themselves as the villain... Everyone was the hero through their own eyes; yet, the only notable change was the severity of madness and destruction. In thinking this, he figured the best thing he could do was fall into silence... But that didn't feel like the right thing at the time. "Khrona, I am not threatened by whatever you have brewing in that corkscrewed mind of yours... I know full well what you are capable of and know everything you think you understand. I speak this, boldly, because it must be said. I will not be threatened to resolve the issues of this planet that we all created, especially when I have already dedicated my life to that slavery!" the Demon King said, allowing the disgust of the moment to seep out during the final bits of his words. The Demon King had said it all to often -- he was tired. He felt deep in his heart that he had already done this, fucked it up, and started over for eons... And that was a distasteful enough sensation to swallow. The answer was simple to the Demon King. "I agree with the joining together, but I will not repeat history anymore. You can keep yelling and bellowing your orders, but simply put, I could stop you singlehandedly. That is a promise that I hope you can see, Count Khrona. I, Us, We... Should be over this; if not, then fine. I'll just wait," he said, resolving that from here own he would keep his words to himself and resolve the chaos he had caused during his times of confusion. The Demon King wasn't arrogant, nor was he near blind. He could safely say he knew what he needed to do, and what needed to be done. He would just wait.

"No one knows everything about anything... Khrona, you'll learn that eventually the same way I did, and I'd sooner destroy your village than do anything to help it. If that ticks you off, then I implore you to cast your Genjutsu on me... I dare you... Give it a test run..." The Dark King rolled his eyes at this conversation; it wasn't up to them to save the world -- it wasn't up to anyone and Khrona or destiny were not allowed to force that upon the unwilling. "Alright, Earth King... I'll meet you later, I suppose. This conversation doesn't hold any benefit to my goal... Whenever you're done here, seek me out like only you can, alright?" He gave a flippant wave of his arm at them and opened a 'Dark Portal' on the ground behind himself. "And Demon King... I took the liberty of reading your mind... I was not the one who erased your memory; it was Death." He clapped his hands and the Demon King's memories would begin to return themselves slowly. With that, the Dark King took a step back and fell down through his portal which promptly shut behind himself.

Calmed, collected and in a form of trance-like serenity, Khrona looked to his brothers with cottoned eyes and a candied smile. In their own way, each of them had FINALLY agreed to work together, which was all that Khrona wanted. "Earth King... I already know that I'm arrogant. You don't have to point out the obvious so much. I'll be just as arrogant and haughty as I please! The same way you all ignore my words, I'll ignore yours, for it doesn't matter since all of us are FINALLY working toward the same goal TOGETHER rather than separately this time. Since we've all thoroughly verbally agreed to such terms... It looks like I can rest easy. The Dusk used to be secluded because I felt as though I needed to work alone to save this planet... And in fact, it worked all the way up to a point, just like with you as well... And that point WAS you all. So instead of going against each other when we all want the same thing... Why not just work with each other?" Khrona giggled at them again, all three of them 'huffing and puffing' about Khrona flapping his wings all over the place. He found it funny that they were just so silly and flustered. "And please, lighten up guys~. Don't take everything so damn personally, you dreary people." Look who's calling the kettle black. Hahaha. "Whelp. It's settled. I know what I have to do. Whenever you need me, guys, just drop by the Dusk. I'm welcome to all of you." He stared at the Dark King intensely, as to make SURE not to exclude him from this in any way. "ALL of you." He veered off to Shinigami, who was silent in the background. Khrona only smiled and nodded his head, then looked over to Tear. "... You can take it from here. I have business to attend to with a being trying to consume our planet. Ta~." And without so much as a single hesitation, the man shrouded in blackness dissipated into a flurry of dissipating black feathers. It was really almost time... He hoped they could do this in a month.

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The Mezzanine was just as it always was, quiet and relaxing. The residents that lived here went about their day to day lives with the same peace and security they always had at knowing there were shinobi out there to protect them. The crystal clear waters of the pool and the lavish areas for relaxing were being put to good use, though greatly under appreciated. However, these unaware people were about to experience a bad day. A low rumbling would be heard before long black vines and thorns erupted from beneath the Mezzanine. The vines began to twist and coil around both furniture and people, draining what made them be right out of them. Furniture began to turn to dust as people screamed followed the same fate. The vines and thorns crept up the Mezzanine like a plague, wrapping around the tall structures and bursting into windows. The defenses of the great place were all already neutralized, all forms of power and psychic energy being drained into the 'Soul Thorns' and making them stronger. From the entrance, Aliyah walked in, a smile on her face as she looked at her newly decorated home. "Almost perfect. There are a few places that could use a little more... I don't know... Oomph!" With her gesture, the vines shot upwards and tore through several floors of the Mezzanine before creating a single floor of intertwined thorns and vines. The tips of the vines formed into a throne. "Lovely." Aliyah scaled the vines as they continued to move throughout the Mezzanine and sat in the throne, crossing her legs. It was nice to be able to rest in her new castle after a long day.

A castle? In a place where such authority doesn't exist? Hmhmhm... How could he miss a chance like this? "Looks like a nice little setup you've got here. A shame that I just cannot let you mangle my artwork like this. Tsktsktsk." Staring up at her with a half smile on his face was none other than Khrona, the person who built this masterpiece and took honor in it. Why would an artist ever let their work be trashed by someone who doesn't appreciate its taste?

Alraune, still in the form of Aliyah looked down at Khrona with a smile. "Khrona-sama! What are you doing here? I thought you had gone into hiding with Despair nee-chan and Misery nee-chan!" Even to the all seeing eyes, she would be Aliyah. Because she was Aliyah, no difference at all besides personality wise. But even that wasn't entirely true since Alraune was just one of many parts of Aliyah. "Khrona-sama, I haven't mangled your artwork! I've improved it!" She stood from her throne, a hand on her hip as she gazed with a small smirk at him. This was an interesting development indeed. Of all the people she expected to come join her, never would she have guessed Khrona himself would show up though. "How is Meiun-chan doing?"

Khrona simply chuckled. It was cute, really, he thought. Then again, he always thought Aliyah was simply adorable. "Gone into hiding? Oh, no no no. I am never hidden. I'm always in plain sight. It's just that people refuse to see me, so they don't. Hahahaha!" He crossed his arms under his shroud of utter blackness, closing his eyes and shaking his head. "She is well, thank you for asking. She should really get out more, I must say, however." He chuckled again, remembering his times with Meiun... If Khrona wanted flowers and thorns all over this building, he would have just done it himself and asked Meiun to do it for him. "To the perspective of a fellow artist, one mangling the image of another person's work is simply reprehensible. Do you not agree? It is indeed my work, and being the person I am, I know how my art should come out. As much as I like roses and thorns... I don't want them on this building. And apparently, you do." His hands slipped from the darkness, shrugging his shoulders as if this sort of matter could not be helped. "Two conflicting views. If we cannot come to an agreement, there is another way to decide whose values are more important. I think you already know what that is, don't you?"

Her smile only grew and she drew gear drive engine, revving it to the max in a split second. This would be more fun than she had had at all since taking her little break from Grimlock. She had gone to see Gaia, but the poor old lady wasn't home. So instead of going back to Grimlock, she let him have his brotherly bonding time and decided to make herself comfortable. "My, it wasn't so long ago that we were face to face Khrona. You said my emotions couldn't effect you, which was partially true. My emotions of hate were not the strongest part of me, my will was. And I know this now. So instead of with my emotions, I'll show you my views. Not forced, but simply opinionated. Let's go to the roof." She offered before stepping into a time displacement and appearing on the roof of the Mezzanine that was also covered in vines and thorns. The roof of the ceiling wasn't even visible, it was like a floor of plants. "I'm done running after you Khrona-sama. This is something that I want to do, though it clashes with what you want. I'm not above placing my own needs above yours anymore."

Khrona simply shook his head, appearing at the top the moment she did. "Your needs are of a throne? So you take someone else's rather than go make your own? Hahaha, sounds like a kid who's just a little jealous if you ask me. Your will may be your strongest part of you... But is it stronger than even a smidgen of me? That's the real question, you cutie." Khrona's jacket took the form of a chair once again, and he would sit in it, just watching Aliyah with a smile on his face and eyes half open, that sanguine gleam connecting both his eyes and hers. "See? I carry my throne with me. Hahaha."

"Dear Khrona-sama, there are plenty of things about me that makes me far stronger than you. I was just too naive to see that at first. And I can build my throne wherever I want...I just wanted a place to settle down for a quick rest." It was almost a complete contrast to the Aliyah that Khrona had known, but it could have just been testament to the changes that she was forced to go through. A simple ruse to herself, yet something so beautifully crafted to others. It was all just a game of chess to her. "I was planning on making all of the Dusk into this beautiful castle. It's the least I could do for all that you have done for me." The air began to moisten around them. The plants fed on the water in the air, taking direction from it. The plants beneath Khrona would move outwards, away from him, before springing up into the form of a Maneater's mouth. Water pooled beneath him, sizzling with acidic poison.

"Huh..." He wondered if she was simply talking big to build herself up. His eyes slowly came to a close as his head did shake to and fro for Aliyah Rozalyn. "I'm disappointed in you. I'll have to convey that thoroughly." Khrona slowly stood up from his chair, folding his arms cross his chest as if blocking his feelings for Aliyah outward. So too did his smile quickly fleet, a condemning and disappointed scowl revealing the true feelings of Khrona now, and his eyes did open to connect to hers again, only this time, the calming leer was a destructively serene glare. All of his disappointment formed into that single, unblinking stare, focused by utter serenity. This was... "Stance Of Disappointment." With arms crossed, eyes sharp and mouth frowned, he could only look at her and shake his head. "I'll defeat you with the style I ranked you with. I have to put you back in place, lest you become the 'Kusanagi' of the Dusk..." Khrona couldn't have that. He hears frequently of how Kusanagi challenges the throne of the Chaos Village, and now Khrona was developing his. A shame that she was just so cute. His throne transmogrified behind him into the shape of his wings, which burst from their bindings only ever so gently, leveling the ENTIRETY of the building just with their gentle openness. The air was no longer moist. The vines were no longer intact. There was no rubble from the building. It was as if everything that could not survive Khrona's wings opening... Didn't. "Let me show you just how disappointed I am... And how melancholy I am to do this."

Fortunately, Alraune wasn't as naive as Aliyah to hold back against Khrona. The vines would recede just as Khrona wanted, only momentarily. With a vengeance, the earth itself revolted against Khrona and shot forth the deadly vines of her 'Soul Thorns' once again, backed up with enough energy that Khrona would not simply 'will' them away. They came from all sides of the Mezzanine, bursting through floors again, but instead of remodeling, they attacked Khrona, aiming to pierce through him like they easily pierced through the stone and steel of the building. Aliyah drew her gear drive, feeling the moisture leave the air, and tsk'd at her own carelessness. Why subtly attempt to fight Khrona with obvious tactics when the old way was much more fun. Revving the blade to its max once more, she moved forward, behind a wave of the thorny vines that attacked Khrona and cut clean through the air in what seemed an attempt to cleave him and his cloak in half. Gear drive at its maximum power could cut almost anything. With a small grin, the moment before impact, the blade would erupt in the black flames of 'Blackfire'.

Khrona shook his head slowly, living up to the feeling that his stance portrayed. "Oh, dear... You're going to do this again, aren't you? And I thought you learned the first time. Heavy sigh..." A simple, gentle beat of his wings blasts away all of the oncoming threats with the same force they all came to Khrona with. Aliyah soon would see her attacks burnt to complete ashes before Khrona, not even specks of their existences left in his presence. "You can't even see it yet, and I already made it so clear, right in front of your face." As she bore into Khrona's body, his eyes bore straight into her being with the 'Stare Of Disappointment', and the everlasting flames of the Blackfire became one with Khrona's body. The flames that once burned the fiery engine of her gear drive suddenly backfired on her, causing her entire weapon to incinerate, as would the rest of her body, in one quick dry puff.


That's the sound of her body turning to ash under the black flames of insanity... And she would fall into complete darkness, seeing only in this blackness a red moon with the Dojutsu cast on its face. The 'Akatsukiyomi'. Gently, like a simple melody drifting on deafening silence, Khrona's voice whispers and resonates within her mind. 'You're in a Genjutsu.' The red moon she saw quickly spiraled into several different evolved forms of the Dojutsu, all of different kinds, one for every situation by the power of the 'Ra Zen Gun Overload', and then soon into the eye socket of Khrona, becoming his piercing red eye. Aliyah would be left there, dumbfounded, with no control over the rest of her body. Her chakra was gone, her powers were restrained, and she was just a normal newbie. "Start over from the beginning. Beginner." Khrona smiled and chuckled. Hmhmhmhm~.

After dealing with Alraune-Aliyah thoroughly, Khrona returned to him home. The Lone Wolf stepped to where he felt Khrona strongest; at the foot of a massive construct, towering into the skies. The Lone Wolf stepped to the base with his arms crossed, looking up the length of the tower and not having any clue of how to enter. He twitched his eye in frustration, resorting to the only mode of communication he thought would reach the top. "ARRWOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~! KHRONA!" The Lone Wolf went back to his roots and let loose a howl with 'Fenrir' that echoed to the tip top most spire of the tower and far off into the planet's distance. The Lone Wolf's voice would be heard by Khrona if he had to lay waste to the entirety of the Dusk to make it happen.

A creak of the doors resounding as loudly and as clearly as the howl from the Lone Wolf foretold the coming of the Count that the Lone Wolf so solemnly requested. Standing amidst pure and utter intangible blackness, the seemingly disembodied head shifted his eyes toward the eyes of this wild wolf... And chuckled. "Well, well... What have we here? You could have simply just knocked." He shrugged, his smile growing a little wider now... "... To each his own. What brings this rebel of the Dusk to my doorstep, pray tell?" The appearance of the Lone Wolf so suddenly brought up many thoughts and questions... Most of which were along the lines of 'where have you been and why are you even back here now?' but surely all of these things would get addressed. Somehow, Khrona knew.

The pulse of power that spilled from the door Khrona stepped from was astoundingly different from the first time they had met. It was at that point that the Lone Wolf and Khrona crossed blades from the planet to the sun and back, only to come to a standstill. Shortly after, Khrona came to the Lone Wolf with a proposition; a Legend of the Dusk and a respectable position. Neither of those mattered to him now. The Lone Wolf had found new interests and holding this figurehead position was pointless for him. "I am no rebel, but I've come to resign. I'm as useless to you as Legend and the position is useless to me." Plain and simple.

'As expected.' "Is that really all? I thought we could at least talk a little more than that." Khrona was almost hurt that the Lone Wolf didn't want to interact with him. But, such is his way. He chuckled again. "Hmhm. Then consider yourself free to go. Keep in touch~."

With his business here taken care of more swiftly than he had anticipated, the Lone Wolf turned his back and began walking away from the Manor. He was heading to his next stop on the list of baggage to be left behind, but the Lone Wolf stopped. Something seemed unsaid, although the Lone Wolf was a man of few words. Khrona accepted his decision, the Lone Wolf wanted out, everything happened without a hitch or a fight and that was good -- a relaxing change of pace from his recent ventures to space and back. But the Lone Wolf stopped cold in his tracks and looked over his right shoulder to Khrona. "Why? Why did you choose me back then?" The Lone Wolf hadn't asked that question to himself or anyone else in his time as a Legend of the Dusk, but he never gave himself an answer. The Lone Wolf, no matter his rank or status, would always be the Lone Wolf. The 'Legend' title was little more than a collar for him, albeit comfortable and non-obstructive. It wasn't in his way, but he did nothing to live up to the title. Khrona gave it to him, but the Lone Wolf never understood why, quite possibly because he never felt a calling to it. Khrona was a strange man, one of many different faces; what would have made him feel that the Lone Wolf was a good candidate for a Legend back then?

There was a gentle song drifting in the air... A discordant tune that could only be paired with the confusion the Lone Wolf experienced once Khrona finished his sentence. He waited until the wild wolf turned to take his leave, and it was almost suspected that he would leave on such a note... Yet, the sound of harmony played in Khrona's head, and at the beat of the melody, the Lone Wolf turned his head for his eyes to lock with the sanguine glow of Khrona's two red moons. He smirked. "Is the wolf not loyal only to the moon? I like to think that I gave you at least a little bit of direction. Some solace for your loyalty to me, even though I never requested such from you. You understood my goals and respected them, so too did I do yours. I think that was all the communication that we needed, hm?" He couldn't help but wink, stepping forth to the Lone Wolf from his massive doorway. He looked up at the night sky and pointed to the moon. "Whenever you see the red moon, or hear of the name 'Akai Tsuki', let that be a reminder of me. You'll always be a loyal and valued Dusk shinobi, and that red moon is going to always be your reminder." The red moon held the same gleaming shine as Khrona's eyes... It almost seemed like it was pure insanity itself... That moon. Like the wheels of the Dojutsu...

"I never knew of any goals... You were leader... That was enough for me." The Lone Wolf's ear twitched when Khrona stepped forward and said 'Akai Tsuki'. It rang like a discordant bell trying to eat its way into him. Then those wolf senses kicked in and Khrona had stepped the line. He felt it crawl up his spine, that disgusting invasive feeling when someone licks the doorknob you're reaching for to exit a room. It's the only door out and you have to touch their saliva to get through -- just disgusting. The Lone Wolf felt it and his eyes narrowed, a deep growl escaping his mouth. He placed a hand on 'Lunaria' and turned his head forward, back completely turned to Khrona again. The temperature dropped around him drastically, leaving a cold mist around his feet. "That will be unnecessary... Khrona..." The Lone Wolf was painfully aware of the moon's destruction at whomever's hand and only one of them was red in his memory. With the 'Lunar Pendant' around his neck, there was no doubt in his mind that Khrona was a scheming liar. The Lone Wolf walked away with the mist following him just in case. He had no reason to stay, but Khrona clearly had other plans.

Through all the feelings rising up within the Lone Wolf, only one stayed constant within Khrona, and that was expressed through that smile and those lazily half-opened red eyes. "You haven't looked up at the moon recently, have you? Hmhm..." It didn't matter if he believed Khrona or not. He had the moon now, all for his beloved 'Tsukihime'... Who trapped him in a 'Tsukiyomi' far too long ago. He couldn't believe that he was still doing this, but... The best way to control a person is to let them do as they will for you by their own will. That 'Tsukihime'... He began to sing her melody.

"No, I haven't. There isn't one." After coming from the moon and being saved by Shino, the Lone Wolf had his fill of lunar gazing for a while. Them being destroyed didn't make looking at them any easier, but Khrona was speaking gibberish now. It put the Lone Wolf on edge; his words carried a disturbing frequency with them that he couldn't just ignore. But he didn't want to be caught in some bothersome situation; he couldn't pinpoint where the discomfort was stemming from. He didn't even know if he was being threatened or not.

Fenrir: "You may want to watch that one, boy. He's up to something..."

Lone Wolf: "There's nothing more to be said. We're leaving."

The Lone Wolf heard Khrona's bilingual rambling and kept walking. Whatever he was going through at the moment had nothing to do with the wolf so he chose not to overstay his welcome. The Lone Wolf made his departure with his hand gripping 'Lunaria', just in case. If he couldn't shake that impending doom feeling, he'd have to so something else about it.

After the Lone Wolf left...

Doooosh...DoooshDOOOSSSH!!! DOOOSSSH!!!

The foundation of the earth near the Manor was shaking with all the subtly of a small earthquake. Twas the soft pitter patter of a small and naive child, her manna totally unfocused and her might unknowingly unbridled. With each step, the ground quaked, and with each step, her mind wondered. What was she doing here...? Why had she come...? She wanted her mommy so bad right now... "Why, Daddy... Why would you do that to her...?" The midst of all her aimless wondering, the 'Bridge Of The Shadows' began to manifest within her gateway of a soul once more. The 'Shadow Dragons' began their soft whispers again...

???: "The creatures of this world always take the judgment of the divine into their own hands... Thus they act out of ignorance..."

Girl: "That still doesn't explain it... He killed her... Because of me..."

She crashed down atop her knees in front of the massive Guardian Summon, the seething energies of the sin within her growing with each tear she wept.

???: "She perished because your father could not fathom the majesty of your birthright...

???: "The mark of 'Kri'... Your destiny."

"Screw destiny! I just want my mom back... I... I just want to be..." she said, the force behind her crashing down rippling the ground like water, leaving a small, forceful crater around her. The energies of the shadow creatures ravaged her body... The more she denied... The more she feared... The more she looked away... The closer they came...

Khrona's door swung open, a smile on his face and a glimmer in his piercing red eyes that saw all that brewed inside of this girl's soul. It was... Cuuuute~! "Struggle?"

She noticed not the man... But the dragon within him... Her head shot up; face full of tears, she looked to the weird smiling man. The seething energies began to recline as she saw the 'Black Dragon' etched within his very make up. "Dragon?" was the only word she could utter... It was odd the girl didn't know much about the world, but that small part of her being was always so clear... She could always see a dragon no matter how deep into a person's soul it was... She could always feel the mystical energies that each dragon possessed... The 'Draconian Absolution' was powerful and useful, indeed. "... Everything has a struggle..." She said referring to the Black Dragon's comment... The dragon within her spoke out about this man who appeared from the force of the Guardian Summon.

???: "A soul clasped in perpetual insanity... Blackness that has retained it's closer...? That in itself..."

???: "Is noteworthy by the 'Seven' who embody the blackness of the soul... And all who rely on pity and selfishness."

"He... You're a dragon... Yet, you're a man... Yet you are madness... How is it that you have found unity in the chaos?" She only understood half of what she was speaking... The 'Seven' were allowing her to comprehend things her young mind normally could not... She was a fragile child tossed into the wilds and left to unleash fate upon the world... Yet she rejected fate and its wants and desires... And so did this man... But how?

Khrona knew that this was what this was all about. He was the keeper of insanity... "Simple," he started, "I just decided to be myself for once."

Her eyes widened... More so out of confusion than realization... Maybe because she kinda understood what he meant... But then again, it was only a vague assumption. "B-but how can you be you when there are eight of you...? How do you know which one is the real one...? The one you're meant to be...?" The small girl clung to her scarf as she glanced around the area surrounded by blackness... It was odd... She was actually grasping the reality of the question she was asking... The Dragons, however, were not as understanding...

???: "Stop listening to this damn guy and go about your fucking business... Or...!"

???: "Have you forgotten your true nature...? Your promise..."

???: "Your life... For our purpose... Closed and simple... You belong to us, child... This man will not tarnish that bond with his nonsense..."

"Sh... Shut up...! I wanna hear his response... I wanna hear what he has to say... So... Just shut up, will ya?!" It was unknown to her if Khrona could hear the conversation of the Eight within her... If so, then he knew what she was dealing with here... If not, it would look as if she was just talking to herself... The 'Spirits Of The Black Soul'... They did as she instructed and silenced themselves... But for how long?

Khrona laughed. Chortled. Chuckled... Then giggled. "Simple. If they are all me, then they are all just one piece of me, split up. Regardless of what they say they are, they all make up me as a whole, so no single one can exist without the others. Heh." Khrona was making wild... Shots in the dark about what was going on, as he didn't have eight people in his head... Anymore.

"One... One piece split up... Like a pizza pie with different slices?" She normally was a serious and brash individual, but her silencing of the 'Shadow Dragons' made it possible to just be herself... An eleven year old child... Lost and thrown about to the world... Carrying the weight of the world upon her shoulders... And its sins... "Unity... Maybe if I put them back together... I... Can be me again..." She said, looking down at the depths of the crater around her. Then back up to the man... "I'm... I'm Tarakini Ishmar... I'm originally from the 'Ardent Road'... But... I... I don't have a place to call home anymore... But it's nice to meet you mister...?" She spoke, still resting her heavy body on her knees. She was looking up at him... He looked so much taller than her... And that Dragon inside him was so strong... So powerful... She could feel it's pulsing... It was a bit enticing...

Khrona chuckled to himself about her. She was just so cute, trying to fit everything in. "Don't hurt yourself. Pieces to a puzzle; everything fits in its place that it goes in. You just have to figure out where everything goes." Then, she told him her little tidbit of information... Not too much, but just enough to get the job done. "Tara, eh? Well, did you ever try to establish a home back in the 'Ardent Road'? Or do you just wanna live here? Or in the 'Witch Province'? What, there're some options around here, you know." Anywhere she really wanted to live, she could live at, as long as she wished to create the establishment.

"No!" She said with a forceful tone of voice... One that spewed a small amount of 'Draconic Manna' that shook the foundations of the earth... Though it was on accident. She couldn't go back there... There was nothing but hate and vengeance in wait for her there... A vengeance she was not prepared for... "I... I'm 'upset' with my Daddy right now... He did some bad things to me and my mom... Things he's gonna pay for!" she said, thinking about the places he had talked about... She remembered the Witch Province... Her mother was a witch who originally came from the place... Tara wanted to master her manna and get stronger so she could rip the head off of every last 'Drake' member in that stupid clan... Each and every one... "Could... Could you tell me where this Witch Province is?" she asked, as her mother told her stories of it, but never mentioned its location. Tara was fully aware of her manna and the reason she possessed it... Now it was only a matter of growth...

This Girl, How She So Reminded Khrona Of Someone He Knows Fondly, Yet Has Not Yet Fully Met... She Is There, At This Crossroad Within Herself, Just As Khrona Once Was Not Too Long Before. Now That He Knew The Answer... It Was Time For Her To Learn As Well. "... I Will Take You. In Return, I Ask That You Look For A Woman Named 'Chita' Before You Look For Anyone Else. Is That What You Want?" Khrona Had To Get Out Of The Nasty Habit Of Hastily Doing Things Only Because He Knew The Answer... Others Had To Come To Know As Well. And That Takes Patience That Khrona Definitely Has Enough Of... Now.

"Chita?" she questioned as she looked, scratching the top of her head... She knew not of the person he was asking for her to look for but she figured he had good reason for her to do so. She nodded her head, her long twin green ponytails flowing gently, swaying along with her head movements. "Okay, so which way!?" She was a bit enthused to go look at her new home... Despite the terrors and horror that she was destined to bring about... She wanted to be controlling of her own fate... Something she still only vaguely understood.

Khrona smiled, stared deeply into her eyes, and raised a hand slowly up to Tara's poor little head, giving her a friendly pat of affection. "This way." With a single blink, Tara was gone, instantaneously transported to the Witch Province she so desperately sought. And once more, the blackness returned to its mansion of light. To bask in the light's glory... And enjoy his own blackness once again.

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break EmptyWed Jun 17, 2020 5:35 pm

After a great deal of time passed and Khrona found himself ready to face the threat that was Grimlock, he met him at his abode, which was an ancient household reformed from portions of the Enigmatic Ruins -- 'Allsgrim Manor'.

A sheet of blackness cloaked the abyssal atmosphere of Allsgrim Manor, adding to the extra grim decorum that draped over the entirety of the household. The man in black gazed in a refined awe at all that had been completed... It seems as though Grimlock really knew how to tidy up. "Mighty fine place you've got here, Grimlock, old bean." He spoke to him as if he were just another citizen in this world. In truth, that is what Grimlock is; just another person doing things their own way. However, now was the time of action, as the 'time' grew nearer and nearer. "... I already know you have been waiting for me."

There, sitting comfortably in a throne-like chair not too much unlike Khrona's own, was Grimlock, reading up on the final words in the Omnipedia he kept for so long. "Ah! The guest of honor has finally arrived! And right on time, I might add! Hm, someone must be just as punctual as I! That is quite remarkable. Though, considering your means... The numbers... I can see why a fight between us is simply pointless." Grimlock was well aware of Khrona's mastery over Numerology, and all of his other abilities as well. This is because the same abilities that Khrona shared, so did Grimlock. An odd connection, one might say... "I have been waiting for you to figure out everything, and it seems as though you finally have. Kudos. You are the only one I expected to do such, considering just whose lineage it is that you stem from." Grimlock knew quite a bit about Khrona... And in fact, everyone and everything currently on this planet, as well as the future and the past. He knew everything, just like Khrona did... But how? "Hmmm... Relatives should be showing up at any moment now..."

As if scheduled on arrival after Grimlock's words, a black hole appeared beside his feet, bringing forth his dear younger brother, Grimnyzmal, from the darkness of the eternal pit. He played a certain dirge upon his piano, 'Alticord', that set the mood for the room. "... Hmmm, so it seems he's here... The guest of honor..." Grimnyzmal smiled under his scarf, hastening the tempo of his rather dull dirge. "Our father should not be too far behind..."

On a single whim, the final member of the Grim Trio manifested before them out of thin air; it seemed as though all of them had their own way of 'materialization' by their own thoughts. A special trait of this family tree. "Ah, so it seems the guest of honor has appeared before my children... Wonderful. I was getting a little worried. Even though I already knew the outcome. Hmhm." The most regal of all of these 'Devourists' was here, and it seems like he has a plan. "My apologies for being so late, but a certain someone wanted to hold me up... I simply needed to distract her, since I know her processing speed is a little on the slow side. Hmhm..." Of course, she was already lagging so badly that she didn't even realize that Grim had already left their scuffle, and now she was trapped in her own perception of a battle. It was cute, really, how she wished to destroy all of the 'evil,' but she was so full of her own power, she was always holding her head too high... "Now, the Realm of Devourists, the 'Negaverse', is trying to consume them. Of course, we all know that this is something that simply cannot be, no matter how hungry we all are." Grim stared off to his children, Grimlock and Grimnyzmal, both of which were concerned about their insatiable universal craving. "... And you, my dear boy, are the one who holds the power to the 'Keeper.' Do you still have the ring the originator of the Void gave you?"

"Naturally." Khrona kept the ring, even though he despised the enchanted rings. However, if he could grant this will to someone who has none for the sake of the universe... Then, of course he would grant it. "So... I guess you three realize that it's just your time, huh? Sad that I have to see such wonderful relatives leave my side. I guess I was the only one born with a soul, eh? I'll thank my father for that one..." 'Shinra...' No matter. Khrona slipped his hand into his darkness, pulling out the Jade ring, void of any will or light. "This is it. The ring. You three ready to give it some will? We've got to hurry." Khrona let the ring hover from his grasp and into the center of the four, where they all would start the second part of 'The Ritual'.

"There we go." Grimlock smiled, adjusting his glasses just a bit. The shine from them illuminated the room for but a moment. His sharp smile and nonchalant chuckle were the signals that he was ready. "Well then! Let's get this show on the road, shall we? I'll begin!" Each of them had a special skill that called for the completion of this Ritual, and the first was Grimlock and his power over the Edge. He was the Grim that lurked in the shadows of the very edges of the Edge, having traversed up and down, and all around the ENTIRETY of it. Though Khrona had the power of the Edge on his side, he did not experience it first hand, as Grimlock had. "Dear boy, if you'll allow me..." He held up the 'Grand Duke', his mahogany pipe, placing it right in his mouth and near Khrona. With a quick puff, he drew in ALL of the power Khrona had over the Edge that tainted his being; the power of the 'Tainted Beast' itself that had festered within his body. Though it was not harmful to Khrona in any way, it was indeed a necessity to draw in all the power of the Edge. When such power was drawn in, Grimlock took the pipe from his mouth and held it above the ring. "With the power of the Edge, I relinquish all limitations... To erase the limits of the Edge itself, and to allow for infinite growth and possibility..." He tapped his pipe once, allowing all of that incredible power to pour into the very depths of the gem, which seemed remarkably receptive of these extremity. Of course, this needed to be first to release the limitations this Ring truly had, to ensure that it could maintain the rest of the unfathomable power it needed. "... To ensure that the bond it has is unbreakable. Boundary, release." And so, the ring shattered... And reformed, the power of the Edge now harbored within. It would not shatter again.

"... Brother...?" Grimnyzmal stopped playing for a moment, standing from his bench and up toward the Jade Ring. He looked to his scarf, 'World Eater', and unraveled it from his neck, wrapping it up in upon itself and sighing heavily. "Sorry, old friend, but it is for the greater good..." With a heavy heart, Grimnyzmal gripped his scarf tightly, charging it with all the power of the Void itself, known also as the Devourists power; 'Consumption'. "With the power of Devourists, let our wills be the essence that allows for this ring to harbor all of the potential of all things, with unlimited potential to draw in all things, even nothingness itself..." He dropped the scarf atop the ring, the black hole swirling into the gem, turning it black for a single moment, before it changed to blue, and then back to green. "... To ensure that its innards are unlimited... Consumption, release." And so, the Ring now held the power of the Devourists, as well as the Edge. "... Father..."

The final of the three Grims, and by far the most destructive in his Devourism, Grim himself; father of the Devourist planet in the Negaverse. He lifted a hand, gently collapsing his gloved fingers into his palm, save for his index, which pointed justly to the Jade Ring. He spoke, "Flames Of Eternity!" And his finger ignited with a spectrum of light; color bounding around from one side of the color spectrum to the next in a matter of moments. This flame seemed familiar to that of the 'Scarecrow' race, harnessing a rather similar energy to it as well. "Grant this power to this ring, that this flame will combat and withstand all that get in its way with the will to keep on going. May it burn through the physical, the metaphysical, and even the natural and supernatural; this flame shall burn with the ever eternal will of love for others. Come, Flames of Tigen! Ignite this ring's passion with your eternal undying will-flame! Release!" Tigen? No wonder. All of them knew all along. This was the day that Tigen was born. Khrona was the creator of Tigen. Grim looked over to Khrona, giving him a sharp glint and a nod of the head. "I believe it is your turn now, my dear boy. I believe your soul is big enough for the four of us."

It was time. Khrona nodded his head, Tabrith appearing behind him like an overshadowing projection of himself. Their twin sanguine eyes glimmered and glinted at the same time, sealing the spark of the flame within the ring.

Together: "Now, here comes the fun part..."

Tabrith progressively floated toward Khrona, his skin tingling and standing on end as if reacting to Khrona's skin, which was doing the exact same thing. When they were of close enough distance, their skins merged, and Khrona's body forced Tabrith's inside of him, causing a drastic alteration in Khrona's body. "... These parts of me... These things I tried to destroy... Forget..." Tabrith is a compilation of all of Khrona's most traumatic, repressed, and forgotten memories, which Khrona made a pact with to never forget. Because of this, Khrona technically made a pact with himself that he did not accept, however because he is accepting this part of himself now, Khrona will never forget himself again. His one weakness was finally covered; fixed completely. The ability to wipe out his mind. However, since Khrona cannot forget himself and his mind will not be wiped out, he is immortal. He is exempt from dying. Thereby making him... "A God. Who will soon break through the thirteenth dimension... Once I consume all of your data that you are willing to share with me." The one thing Khrona figured out. If nothing is still something that makes up nothing due to the numerological laws of this universe, even an empty void is comprised of numbers; the repetitious number zero. A black hole. "And now, my dear family, whom have made it their mission to make this day possible..." And Khrona's soul is big enough to fill all of them. For it will ever expand and grow to meet the desired power level of what it fights, matching wavelengths with its extreme flexibility. And so, his soul will grow to match the size of these infinitely growing black hole masses... And fill them, by first taking them in. "Absolute Absorption."



Khrona: "Delicious...~"

And grabbing the Jade Ring, which was completed with all such energies of the omniverse, Khrona slipped it on his finger and faded away. He had to keep it safe... And he needed to run a few more errands before his big departure... Sigh. This was going to be rough.

It was time. Very important final thoughts he needed to say to his daughter whilst he had the time before everything shifted. A big change was going on, and Khrona had been preparing for it for quite a long time now. Where everything was completely fixed. He had been weaving this perfect web for so long... And now, it was 'all coming together'. With the 'Eight Immortal Arms Of Tabrith' able to weave realities and dimensions together, Khrona and Tigen will be able to fight in synchronization. "Hmhm. How could I have been so silly to forget that I made Tigen...? Because I am Tigen..." The one Devourist that sparked a light of his own rather than waiting for his original to find him. Now they could both live happily together and as their own beings. But first... A grave issue had to be addressed with his daughter, who ignited her own spark, as well. "... Chroma..."

In a twisted flash of black and white, that which rippled the dimensional structure of the area just a smidgen, on a rather finely decorated Japanese pillow would appear Chroma, summoned by her father for whatever reason. "Yes, Father dear...?"

It was time to tell her the slowly growing truth, now that he had consumed all of the darkness into himself to make up for mistakes of those past... Grimlock... Grim... Grimnyzmal... Grimnis... Grimro... And all the other Grims from the Devourist planet, Allsgrim. "... I have found a way to fill the eternally burning darkness... And it requires using my own burning soul. My soul grew so large one day, it could fill the souls of anyone else. But the only way for it to fill is if I first fill it. To get everything... You put it into nothing." Everything already is and has everything, but the only thing that has absolutely nothing is nothingness itself... So when one puts everything they have into nothingness, it fills that nothingness and it becomes everything to them. "Because I have a soul large enough to not only fill my own nothingness... But the nothingness of all of the others in the universe... I will help them by making my soul that large... And filling those lonely, forgotten people's souls' with my own... To fill The Void..." Khrona wanted to do it this time... Do it right. "I'll become a God Of Knowledge, my daughter... If it means not forgetting a single person... I will stay here as a god and commit my entire purpose to helping those that were forgotten... And make sure they are never that lonely again." His emotions had grown so much. His feelings, ergo, his soul felt for so many people... Save for himself. But he had two that were going to come with him that would do that for him. "... Misery. Despair. My love is split into two. Return to your true form, you two halves... Of the same hole that is my heart." Misery and Despair would appear behind Khrona, coming straight from the darkness of his cloak. "... They will be the only ones that will come with me, you know. The Pisces Moons." The Pisces Moons... The Red Moon and the Blue Moon... "And I will go missing. For a very, very long time. I will make sure my presence is known by very few, with you one of the few that knows my secret..." He wouldn't let anyone else know. Not at all. "I'm going... Khronatose."

This entire explanation was new to Chroma, yet not unexpected, for some reason. It was a familial bond that they shared where she already knew something of this magnitude would happen once her father got this far, however he was not at the point where he could do anything and everything he wanted yet. He wished to get there, and she would help him. "Ah, I understand... Yet, this land still has no rule. Without you, this means I would have to take the place of being a leader, correct?" Part of her didn't want to do this. She knew what came with being a leader, and she also knew that it wasn't her style to do such things for everyone. She lived up to the more... Shadowy side of being a leader, and would probably never be there for her Dusk shinobi conventionally. She was more so... A traveler. She wanted to explore this land with her shinobi, just like her father, not answer questions and do paperwork all day... "... But I don't want to. So, what shall we do to remedy this situation?" She had an idea, and she knew her father was thinking the same thing... But would it really work...?

Khrona felt like it was time for the title to be given up, as well. Though this was a family run system, the family was tired of having the burden of being shadows, even if they were the ones that did it best. "In all honesty, we might have to just let this place run without a rule for a while... And simply show them how to make this land great rather than tell them. Our family is already in good with all of the officials of the Dusk, and the other villages, so this shouldn't be that much of a problem to become just a bit more secretive and seclusive, right?" He chuckled, knowing that this would cause a bit of confusion, but nothing they couldn't handle. "... Well. I know that to keep my powers in check, I am going to need to separate them into the forms of many masks... Those of which I will call 'Geists'..." He was The Phantom, after all. "... Each 'Geist' shall harness a piece of my power, that I will only be able to tap into when a certain mask is on. I will have 'Thirteen Geists'; one for every transformation and every situation necessary. No one will know my true identity. Only you will. Make sure it stays that way." He nodded his head and looked her in the eyes, to ensure that this stayed a secret between them. "... I'm still a leader at heart. And now, I've got the masks to prove it. Hmhm." Even as a God, Khrona couldn't bear to leave this world in disarray... Not without a little assistance, first. "So. I will go into my Solitary Confinement to mold my 'Geists'. You will not see me leave, however upon my return, know I will be back as your father, and not as The Phantom. You and Momo, uphold the face of the Tensei name, while I execute." Time to go save the world. "I love you, Chroma... You've made me happy already. I know you'll continue, even when you surpass even me..." He gave her a warm hug filled with all of his love for her, and an understanding to match. And, still embracing his dear, beloved firstborn, he slipped away into the realm of 'Solitary Confinement', located in the very depths of his mind, at the very bottom of the Pit of Havoc. 'Do Not Disturb.'

As if by some weird and odd twist of fate, Momo would have manifested himself within the manor... Within his home. It was one of those things he picked up from being around Khrona so long... Appearing in places when your presence my be needed... Or wanted, for that matter. But by the time he had gotten there, Khrona had already faded. He knew it...! He knew something was going on but he couldn't remember the whole things thanks to Chroma and her mindfuck. As he appeared from the shadows to see Chroma there alone, he spoke. "So... Was it as I thought, Chroma?" No need for 'hi', for she probably knew he was on his way here. He wondered though... Just why he had come... His connection to Khrona was powerful, indeed, and for one who could harness the power of bonds... Feeling this sudden shift in reality... Was nothing short of truth....

'... So. He's realized that the blood is in him now... That's a good start.' But Chroma knew that he wouldn't be doing what she and Khrona did. It would help in his assassination techniques, but only once he came to understand what techniques he needed and which ones he didn't. The whole family would have to help him with that. "... What? What are you talking about?" She feigned ignorance, cocking her head to the side with a lost look on her face. She stared blankly at Momo, awaiting his answer, and wouldn't utter a single word until it was given.

Though normally things such as these flew right above his head, this time Momo would not have any of this... Khrona's presence... His very being felt as if it had been wiped from existence... A clean slate. Momo knew not what had happened, but it felt familiar to him. His powerful brain began to pulse slightly and he would grip his head softly... It was then after a few moments through a small ounce of psychic revelation that Momo could faintly recall the events prior to Shabuto's reconstruction... He was confronting her about something dealing with Khrona, and from then, his mind went blank... This, in turn, caused his gaze to become firmer... What had happened to Khrona... What was happening to Momo? "Come now, Chroma, no need to play the ignorant sheep role... You knew Khrona was up to something, didn't you...? I came to the Psycho Mesa in order to find out, but I can't remember much else... I assume your hand played a role in that... What has happened to your Father?" Time to stop playing games... Mind games only worked on those who chose to accept and believe them... Momo was not one of those... Not anymore... He refused to live a life in illusion any longer... It was time for revelation... For truth... His truth.

Chroma: '... So he's done playing games, I see...'


Her heterochromatic eyes burst open, the black and white glare of such intensity changing the atmosphere of the entire manor. Chroma never opened her eyes anymore, unless she was prepared to have a serious conflict on her hands. "... I am a psychic. I can cut out the middle man and get straight to the chase... If you'd like to engage to see who is right and who is wrong... Then so be it." The entire manor grew dark, as if all of the energy had been forcefully drained utterly dry, and now all of it was being focused on Momo through Chroma's black and white eyes. Darkness shrouded her form, covering everything except her glowing eyes... Hell, even the black eye was consumed by the shadow, and now all he'd be able to see was the piercing white light in the darkness. "So will you step into the light, or do you want to remain in the darkness? The choice is yours. Make it right here and now."

Momo was amused by the sudden change in scenery. He had seen quite a bit and had witnessed Khrona's insanity firsthand... It would take a lot more than this to scare him or cause him to bow out... And so he closed his eyes... And breathed slightly... "You and I both know that it is only through the darkness that one can truly embrace and step into the light... As it is the same with the light and one's understanding of the darkness..." He had always hid himself in the shadows, afraid to face reality to face truth... Some things were better left unsaid... Unspoken... Unrealized... But whatever revelation needed to be grasped here was not one of them... And Momo could tell this... He felt it. "I have always existed in the dark... The blackness of my own heart... And it has led me all the way up to this point... And through that blackness, glimmers of the light have been shown to me... And their beauty is undeniable... And so..." He opened his eyes... They gleamed in the wonderful darkness around them. Their majestic purple glare shined so wonderfully in the darkness... He chose the light, for he knew that darkness all too well... And so his chakra flared. It soared beyond the brink of the manor and illuminated the manor with its blue beauty. Now the blackness that Chroma had created and the flaring beauty that Momo manifested intertwined with one another, combating each other's draining forces for dominance... As they did so, Momo was unaffected by it. "I choose to walk in the light... That was brought forth through the darkness."

"If you think your mind can handle the light of this situation..." She closed her single glowing white eye, letting the entire manor fade into complete and utter blackness, leaving Allen alone and lost in the infinite darkness... "... Then show me." Her voice whispered into his ears, yet echoed from all angles in an eerie fashion... As if a haunt were speaking directly into his brain itself. This was nowhere near his domain... In this pitch blackness, finding the light that hid itself against the darkness' background called for a very... cautious approach. 'You don't know what you're getting yourself into... Just stop right here.' This time, her voice sounded like many different whispers, instead of the same one drifting from many different angles. Where could she be, lost in this blackness...?

"Chroma, my mind has handled the greatest bringer of insanity and welcomed its embrace... So I'm sure..." he said; not for an instant did he let his own light dim. He allowed his chakra to wrap around him in an overshadow of his own visage. As she dispersed into the darkness around him, Momo merely smirked. "I have come too far to turn my back to truth now..." Momo never felt alone anymore... Not even when he was all by himself... He firmly believed in the bonds and the power they granted him as it coursed through his very being... He couldn't deny... There was once a point in the beginning of all this that he felt truly alone... The first of his kind... The only one of his blood... A single rose is a garden filled with lilies... But through his time spent with Khrona as well as all those who he had forged bonds with... He was never alone, and so... His own light would flare with a fortitude unknown to many. It attempted to pierce through the vast blackness around him bringing forth his own flare through the blackness... The force of his resolve as true as his name was Momo. "Mind tricks will not get you anywhere... I have long suffered through many things that have tossed my mind into the deepest reaches of the abyss... At the same time... They released me from my own destruction..." As his light shined forth, illuminating his body, Momo kept his gaze firmly upon the darkness. Her voice resounded within his mind... But it was only one... Momo would not be dragged down again my the doubts within himself... Nor his mind... He refused to allow himself to falter once more... His light would guide him... And so... He took a step, and with each one... His chakra... His heart... His LIGHT illuminated his path... "Now why don't you just come out and play, hmm?"

Even still, Chroma found it in herself to giggle, ever so lightly... Serenely... Deadly... "Hmhmhm...~" His own light burning inside of him burned bright, enough to illuminate his little area in this abyss... It was cute, she could admit, but nothing less of futile, she was well aware. 'A light in the darkness...?' Her mysterious echoing voice drifted from all sides of Momo as before, as if she were on all sides of him... Watching... Waiting... Craving... 'How... Admirably adorable. However...' The light itself projecting from Momo within, though strong in its own way, would feel the effects of the wavelengths around it take their course... Never give a wavelength user a light in the dark; something that one must learn the hard way, if not thought of completely through. '... I'm going to have to ask...' The darkness that surrounded this light, and so callously contained it in its place; this darkness belonged to Chroma. Every last inch of it. The light tried to pierce through, but the darkness pushed back with more force... More weight... More sheer, unbridled beastly power... 'That you turn out that light.'

Chroma: "Soul Terror..."

From every strain of darkness that there was, an overwhelmingly destructive burst of pure and utter 'Death Wavelength' would expel inward toward the light, trying to erase it and force it back down into Momo after its light had been eroded so very viciously. The power within him was literally being murdered... Dying... Being erased completely. By the explosive power of Chroma's very own 'Death Wavelength'.

Eventually, his light would be extinguished.

As would, too...

... His hope...

The sheer force behind her power was indeed impressive awe inspiring, even. But even still with this overwhelming force seeking to destroy his light... Momo could not... Would not bow down to anyone or anything that threatened to crush the everything he was searching for since his past life walked this world freely... "Unacceptable," he said, the light from around and within him dwindling by the second. Her power was indeed something to be fearful of... But no matter how fearful of it Momo was... He would not yield... His light... His hope... It would pierce through... And so... His 'Bonds' began to awaken... His light began to unravel even further...

He had a flashback of his time in the Omen Marsh, going toward the Valley Of Water. After the strenuous training he had undergone with the frog hag Kaerei, Momo eventually found himself wandering through the river infested area of the training area. Momo had a lot on his mind at the moment aside from that he was pretty tired from the constant slashing of his body the hag had put him through, and so he decided to take a break from it all. Walking through the area, it was strangely unappeased by the Horsemen's power... And Ozmacron just sat above him not doing shit either... He was such a lazy blob of nothing... No care, not a worry in the world... It must've been nice. "Sigh... Such a pain..." he said, sitting down beside a clean water bank and beginning to fold pieces of paper out of his notebook. Birds, planes, snakes... He created them all; they seemed to take his mind off of the immense feeling of loneliness he was feeling. Then when one got crushed by a neighboring animal, it kinda dampened his spirits even more... He would find himself dwindling in the past... A past he didn't even have... His entire life and existence period had been altered... The single reality he had existed changed in a matter of moments... He was alone now... He had nothing but the memories of his friends and the memories of the past couple of days to counteract the the depression that was overtaking him...

Momo: "I've spent too much of my life walking blindly through the darkness... Not sure what is was I truly wanted... But... I realized I just wanted a family..."

Momo had another flashback of his time with Khrona... Momo said nothing... Not at first... He merely listened to what Khrona was telling him... Or rather, what he was confessing to him. Momo could feel the swarm of emotions filling inside of Khrona's being... Then came Tabrith... A being who was an extension of Khrona... Yet he WAS Khrona. Momo looked to Khrona with woeful eyes, placing his arm on Khrona's shoulder... He could tell it was tough for Khrona to admit to his faults... As it would be with anyone. "Khrona..." He spoke with a tone so soft it was barely noticeable, As the manifestation of Khrona's unbridled insanity manifested in front of Momo... The Beast. But oddly enough... Momo did not fear its visage nor it's power... Instead... He understood it... He welcomed its presence and its place in Khrona's person and being... And from the looks of the healing taking place within the mesa... So had Khrona. "Everyone has pain.... Everyone cries... Everyone is awkward in their own way... The key is accepting yourself even if no one else ever does... For in the moment you do that... Everyone one becomes irrelevant... But at the same time, they become vital pieces to your puzzle..." Momo didn't know much... But he knew enough. Probably nothing Khrona didn't know himself... But he felt good sharing that with Khrona... "Thank You Khrona..." He said, looking to Khrona as he was now looking to Momo as well... Momo was thankful to be considered one of the 'strong' by Khrona. "Thank you for sharing with me a part of you... Now... Allow me to share with you a part of me by establishing this here and now... I Extended myself to you and to the planet wholeheartedly... For the sake of your being and the being of every living creature that calls this realm their home... Khrona, allow me to be your shield; to protect you from yourself and the enemies who would try you... Allow me to be your blade, that I might strike down your enemies if they dare to rise against you... Let me be there, Khrona... Let me be a part of your truth and you mine... Let me be your trust..." Momo was just speaking from the core of his being; he wanted to become not only a blade and shield for Khrona... But for the planet as a whole... But to do this, he needed two things that he did not currently posses... He needed knowledge and he need a means to become that shield and that blade.

Momo smirked, remembering these things... He knew Chroma could read his thoughts, so she more than likely was viewing these moments right with Momo... His light dwindling even more... "It was Khrona... Your father... My friend, who showed me just how many family members I truly possess... An entire planet's worth...! And with each one of them... There is a light within them... My light!" His power... His light! It began to fight against the pull of her darkness... The force of death that it brought about. Momo's energy skyrocketed using the force of his Bond Release to manifest the very essence of what Khrona gave to him... Hope. "So long as I hold true to the presence of hope that I have within me... No darkness will cause me to falter... No light will blind me down the path to enlightenment... I refuse to allow myself after all that I have sought to accomplish to be overtaken by any!" Momo's hand began to shine brightly amidst his light flailing in the darkness, trying to pierce through it. He withheld NOTHING -- not a SINGLE drop of his ability; his light. His Bond Release manifesting hope in front of him... And so his arms split and from them vast amounts of White Blood flowing from his being... He softly whispered... "I'm going to have to decline your request... Forgive my rudeness..." His eyes closed as all his light began to wrap around him hundreds of times over as he illuminated the area of himself... And now...

"Reality Bonding... White Wood Enlightenment!" A New technique for a new resolve from Momo sprung forth, a multitude of thick tree-like appendages manifesting. The White Wood, a perfect combination of Momo's White Blood and his newly developed 'Wood Release' ability. Using the prospect of the 'Wood Release' -- which is to use one's chakra to BECOME a life source for which things are to grow and form -- his light BECAME a source of sheer life, and with the force of his Hope... His reality... He now expanded the force of his life... His light. The tree-like appendages ushered forth their great might, slicing through the darkness her Death Wavelength with all their might, sticking themselves into the vast amounts of furniture, floors, and walls of the manor. They were still in a house, after all. And from each and every appendage a giant tree would spring forth ushering in it's own light... Its own life! The semi-forest of 'White Trees' began to use the ability of the White Blood that was embedded within them to erase the vast darkness. By covering the expanse of the darkness and the manor, they would begin devouring the darkness with their own resolve... Their own light -- one that branched off from Momo... The original... "I have friends and family who have helped me to combat the forces who would see me fail as I walked down the path of darkness... Now they all hold my hand as I strive towards the light at the end of the road of darkness..." His 'Reality Bonding' gave him the ability to manifest his bonds and resolves into existence. From that force... The force of his people -- his HOPE -- now manifested into existence and furthered the strength of all things attached to it that gave him this hope... Primarily his 'White Wood'...

Chroma: "..."

Chroma: "... ..."

Chroma: "... ... ..."

Chroma: "... ... ... Hmhmhm~..."

The great 'Soul Terror' pressed down hard on Momo's light, threatening to completely crush it, and let it wither away under Chroma's dark might... Yet, there was a new spark. Something within him that she'd only seen through her father's eyes. She could see it, feel it, and even giggled from it... 'Guess that is the light of a Tensei, after all...' Looks like Chroma may have underestimated his resolve just a bit. To think, she was a spawn from the one with the most resolve... And she could forget that those of his lineage could spark such a potential. However, even something such as this could be snuffed out by a tempered, controlled resolve... Focused into a single point...


That eye of pure blackness, the one which stood out in the abundance of the whitest light of the great 'White Wood' before her, it gleamed with an assortment of colors; colors both known and unknown to that of this world and then some. The 'Chromatic Eye' had been activated. "Sorry, Momo... You did well... However..." As per use, she cut off her sentence right before she finished, only so that she may show him an example of his error. The 'Chromatic Eye' fixated itself on his own Reality Warping technique, zeroing in on it, which was the foundation of this great forest. With just a glimmer, that reality was made null in the evil eye of Chroma, this forest now nothing but an assortment of white blood cells ready to be reaped. "There is still much... For you to learn..."

Never fight a Tensei with Reality. It doesn't end well.

The forest now exposed for what it was, and Momo's reality powers null -- as well as the rest of the trees' innate abilities -- the next step was to clean up this... Gunky mess from all over her nice, formerly clean house. "... To ashes..." And she blinked that one open 'Chromatic Eye', the entire tree going up in pitch black flames. It was the 'Empyrean Calamity' that was her strongest Fire skill, burning this forest to nothing but cinders in that one instant that she closed her eye and opened it back up. It was as if she had erased it from her own reality... Out of her sight, out of her mind. 'Sorry, but there are some things you just aren't supposed to know...'

And just like that... His efforts had gone to waste... All his ambition... All his belief ripped and burned asunder by her flames... At least, it would have been... But Momo started to make his techniques more subtle... More versatile... And just what happens when you burns a liquid...? It evaporates... "And what, pray tell, might those things be hmm...? The safety of one of my most dearest friends...?Tthe well being of those who have given me so much insight to a world that I once walked blindly upon...? I don't know how you came up Chroma. But..." Just as quickly as the blood was burned and evaporated it would have manifested into vast amount of mist... This mist that belonged to Momo... Gifted to him by the 'Tree Of Life' when he bonded himself to its life giving properties. Aa the mist sprung forth, it quickly spread trough it manor, infusing Momo with vast energies to replenish those of his own... The force drain was drawing energy from the great Alexandros himself by means of the force he used to power the lights and any appliances within... His energy. The mist would spring about forming into a multitude of mist creatures brought about through the life of the mist, itself. Serpents would reach for Chroma from all over trying to latch down upon her, their fangs imbued with the ever escalating force of the mist. "The way I learned from your father... Was that you never leave family behind... Never..." From her burning of the wood, she had giving him a more versatile hope. That hope was imbued with every single poison that was infused within Momo's being... For his very chakra was poisonous... Chakra that he had been flaring around to combat her death ability and had infused his Wood Release with... Facets of it were released and the mist only glorified it further. Momo's chakra now filled the manor and thus... Chroma had ingested the poison into herself... After all... She was breathing, was she not?

Red. Pure, blood Red.

In the guise of the mist, a piercing red orb could be seen, utterly penetrating through all of the cloudy veil that it was. Her face was unseen, her body was completely pitch black... And the particles of mist dissolved the moment they touched her black body. "Th-this summon... Alexandros..." The shadowy, crimson eyed fiend rose up in the white tapestry of poison, lurching forward as if holding back some sort of unladylike rage. How she tried... Tried so hard not to let it happen to her. But this rage... "... Is... MINE!!!!" The insanity in her voice... It was so pure, so destructive, so... So... Terribly terrifying. Just her furious scream forced all of the mist to every corner of Manor Alexandros that there was, threatening to be pushed back into liquid form... Terrified.

Every last molecule.

The power of Anatomia did not only mean controlling one's own DNA, but also that of others it comes in contact with... And with her body completely, utterly blackened by her own conceiving form of Black Dragon Blood, those cells would be scared to death of her. "This house... This... Summon... It was ALL a gift from my... My daddy..." Whirs and clangs could be heard echoing throughout the darkness of the great manor... The turbines of its engines kicking back up with awakened power... Chroma was summoning Alexandros, and the way she summoned him was to wake him up from his slumber. The white mist would be forcefully expelled from every crevice that Alexandros had, as if a huge puff of smoke had just exited from his head, shoulders and back... The cleansing breath of a monster awakening from a long slumber. "S-so... I'm going to tell you... Only... ONCE, for fair w-warning..." After that cleansing, refreshing breath, every opened door, window or even slightest crevice would slam and seal itself shut, with a thundering, quaking roar only overpowered by Chroma's next words... "If you're going to live here... Then... DON'T. TOUCH. MY. STUUUUUUFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!" And the sound indescribably brought everything to silence... There was nothing left, except for Chroma and hopefully, Momo.

Such power... Such rage... Momo couldn't even begin to comprehend the fury of the child before him... Though, in essence, he knew but a bit... This insanity... This fury... He felt it before. Momo though hadn't become the part of the mist per se, so as it was forced out of Alexandros by means of Chroma's unbridled agony, in utter fear of her, Momo himself was smacked with the force of her insanity... Though with every fiber of his capability held dear to the forced of peace within him, he held on. Next time he'd make sure not to touch her shit seeing as how she was so stingy with her things! The force of peace that he had obtained during a bout with her father manifested and wrapped around hm like a thick comforter of tranquility... It was Momo's only defense against her vast amounts of insanity and the only thing that preserved him alive in the midst of this all it was, similar in likeness to the insanity preserving the prospect of piece alive within an individual in order to keep them from going plum insane or being overtaken by its force... Only enough to leave Momo barely clinging to life...

Momo: *Pant... Pant... Pant...*

He was motionless before her... 'Damn, this girl could scream her ass off'... And even in the midst of her screaming... It was melodic to Momo nonetheless, and caused him to think of these words... Like the same he thought of Khrona... "She who slumbers in the depths of insanity, her voice like a Siren of Discord and Beauty... The slightest trickle in reality, she steps forth, her lungs filled with grace, and from a single breath, she ushers in a new age... Stingy, though with the possession of light, she shares with those who believe in it's warming embrace..." The force of peace left him upon the cold, harsh floors of the manor, almost lifeless before her... Yet even in the depths of her rampage... He held true to his words... And hope and peace still remained his light...

"~~~... Ahhhh....~~~" ... A pervading peace swept clean over Chroma, washing away the blackness of her body and restoring her true, semi-present form with the closing of both of her eyes. Her power was locked back inside of her head, as it was supposed to be, and a thin, gentle smile gleamed bright upon her serene, elegant face... "... Hmhmhm~!" That giggle. Even through all of that, she could giggle? Something so little to make her snap so powerfully, and now, it was returned to a giggle? Just like that? I guess it's the secret of the Tensei clan... Endure their insanity, and let them let it all out... And even then... She was still Chroma. "Oh, you poor, sweet soul... Your poetry is simply divine... I am a stickler for beauty, after all~!" She knelt down beside him, a traditional Japanese pillow manifesting under her knees as she stroked his hair, running her fingers through it so, so calmly... "... There's a reason why I fight so hard. And it's because of my father's will. If you were supposed to know, don't you think he'd just tell you, himself?" She giggled again, admiring his cute persistence... Even if it got him utterly obliterated in the end. At least he always had the drive... That's how she knew that he had the Tensei in him. He was like a brother to her now. "... But I'm so serious about touching my stuff. I'll let Alexandros fire all of his 'Ultimanna' on you next time you even try something like that, understand?" She gripped his hair tightly as she spoke, and pulled his face close to hers so that he would know exactly how serious she was. That insanity... Through the trembling of her own hand, Allen would know. And never forget.

"Duly noted..." he said as she picked his head up. With a couple of sighs, he eventually got up, his body aching form the aftermath of it all... But that struck home... Right in the heart... After everything he and Khrona had been through... He would up and leave Momo without a single word...? Not even a goodbye...? Did he no longer trust him...? It pained Momo to think such a thing, but the evidence pointed solely to that... Momo had always followed Khrona and eventually, he no longer followed, but led beside Khrona as his right hand, and Khrona, his... They had experienced so much together and at the end of it all... Khrona left him... Even still, though... Momo tried his best not to let loneliness overtake him... He still had people out there... But the one he cared for the most aside from Shabuto... Had merely faded... "If that's how it is... Then maybe I was the only one who truly valued our bond... We are family, Khrona... That includes you, too... I care for Khrona and wished nothing more than his best interest... Perhaps... This is it... Maybe... It's better for him... That I don't know... It hurts, though... To feel he could not trust me with this..."

"... Dammit, Momo." A swaying, lingering darkness within the insanity of the manor brought forth the visage of that black wraith... His twin red moons peer down at the stage below, and a huge, heavy sigh echoed through every vacant space in the household. "... You really just couldn't let me be, huh?" A foot materialized from thin air, as if floating gently down to touch the ground, the rest of the blackness fazing in behind it, until his entire body was complete; with wardrobe. "I'd hate to break this to ya, but I just can't do this. I wanted to go into hiding because I'm tired of people following me. Asking me for things. All the time. Haven't you ever seen me in my office?" Ah, Khrona remembered those days... The boredom. The sadness. The utter disgust and hatred... That was why no one wanted to run that fucking office, either. Misery, Despair, Meiun, Chomao, Tabrith... Every single last one of them just HATED to do that job. Khrona turned around, index and thumb gripping betwixt his brow firmly, as if agitated, yet also in deep, contemplative thought. "... *Heavy sigh...* I just feel like no one can do anything by themselves. Nothing at all. And now, I'm gonna make sure that they do. That's why I resigned. That's why there is no other leader. Because everyone makes me sick." He crossed his arms across his chest, nodding his head furiously in agreement. "They're all so bland and dry, without any substance. Just drone after drone after drone. And, every time I leave, no one can do ANYTHING by themselves without doing it WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! And then they complain about it later. Sick. Done. Tired. Finito." Making several throat-slashing motions with his hands, Khrona's body wisped over nearer to Momo, looking him square in his face with the utmost sternness. "So. Either the Dusk gets its act together and does stuff correctly, or you all die. I'm not protecting you all anymore. You all are sheltered and spoiled, and it was because of me. So now it's time for the most intense 'Khrona Training' of all, and I'm notorious for these. It's called... 'Do it correctly, or perish'." It was the sad, harsh truth. The Village of the Dusk was just a big, fat, giant disappointment. And Khrona couldn't take it any fucking longer.

Momo stood firmly as Khrona materialized and his facial expression was neutral. This was the reason why... "Alright, Khrona... That may be true for some within the Dusk... But me, personally... I don't need you for shit..." Momo said, placing his hands and arms in a folding manner... "I didn't 'follow' you home out of necessity or because I wanted something from you... I came here because I got a bad feeling about something concerning you, and because from day one you've been pouring the severity of not viewing myself as being alone and to embrace the Dusk as my FAMILY... That includes you to whether you resign or not... Or have I been mistaken about what the Tensei stand for as far as family goes?" Momo unfolded his arms. Khrona didn't say anything that wasn't completely true, but even still, Momo wasn't going to let him just waltz away again without him telling him. "So no... HEEEEEELLL no, I wasn't going to just let you be one... You're the LEADER... Or, were the LEADER within the village, so NATURALLY the less guided would seek the help of those who are... Yes, they can be complete idiots and ignorant to a lot of things, but that gives no one the right to straight up walk away... If anything, you strive harder to teach the ignorant of the things that they are ignorant of... You leaving is nothing more than a father who leaves his children to fend for themselves just when they need him the most... But your choices are your choices... I wont sit idly by and allow the Dusk to fall due to ignorance... So if I have to sit down and learn all the new shit, then so be it... But I take family seriously... I thought you did the same."

Momo was slightly disappointed, but in reality, he understood where Khrona was coming from. Whether he agreed with his methods or not wouldn't stop Khrona from the decision he was making. Would his decision have some casualties...? Naturally, for with great change comes great sacrifice... However, Momo was going to assist in any way he could... He... Wasn't going to abandon the Dusk and leave them to die... He had family here after all. "Throw them away if you want... I don't care... I stopped following you the day i was made aware of just how many family members I had... Once again including you... It was then after you welcomed me into the Tensei family that I ceased to follow behind you and began to walk beside you... Not as master and student... But as friends... A bond I'll never allow to be broken... And that goes for any other bonds I created within the Dusk..." Momo gave a heavy sigh, himself... It was a mouthful, but Khrona was free to do whatever it was he chose to do... If what he learned after his almighty Ascension into the unknown that the village he had been catering to was nothing more than a big waste of time... Then maybe he didn't know as much as he thought... They were not a waste of time... They were babes ignorant of their dire state within reality... But maybe... This could be the stepping stone into their awakening to the coffee beans of self sufficiency... Momo just didn't like the way Khrona put it.

Even through all of that, Momo was still thinking too deeply with his emotions. That was his problem before... That was Khrona's problem, too. He could only stare at him with a cold, chilling expression, partially upset that he couldn't see it yet. "You still don't get it... Stop thinking with your emotions and think with your head. This has nothing to do with you." Khrona's eyes narrowed... Yes, of course Momo's intentions were pure -- they always were -- but Khrona knew such vigor anywhere... This was the same Tensei vitality that, if not focused, would simply cause an insane amount of problems with persistence. Khrona was well aware. He was the most persistent of all. "... Stop being so selfish. Think about someone other than yourself, and maybe you'll be able to see why I have to leave." That was all he had to say. Khrona had to take this in a whole other direction, and that meant letting these toddlers learn to walk on their own, helping from the shadows. Like a true 'shadow'. "Maybe... If you knew beyond what you feel... And stopped throwing yourself blindly into other people's situations... Then this could have been far less hurtful than it is." Khrona closed his eyes, shaking his head solemnly... Somberly... "... Some people just need to walk alone sometimes. And if you have anything to say otherwise..." Khrona paused... He stopped everything that he was doing, suppressing for the first time all of the insanity that he was so prepared to simply unleash like a storm upon Momo. The insanity of his own ignorance. "... Then get stronger and convince me otherwise. Or take this village for yourself."

Momo thought fervently about being called selfish... That was partially true, he was acclimating everything Khrona was saying to himself and the Dusk... But Momo wore his heart on his sleeve and at times, it often clouded his judgment. "Alright, alright... Perhaps I was being a bit rash, but is only because I care to these people... But I understand why you must do this... To act as a true shadow... I will do my part in helping them to understand... Hopefully they all discover their light as well... Truthfully, though, Momo understood why Khrona had to leave. Momo didn't want Khrona to go... But the love he shared for him could forgo any reality or distance between the two... So he would have to be at peace and think more about the ones he says he wishes to help rather than his own agenda.

Khrona shook his head, starting to return to the Dusk that was the darkness of this manor... "... I once held my heart on my sleeve as well. And because of my foolishness of forgetting how and when to conceal it and protect it, I made decisions just like the one you have made today. And I paid dearly for it." He touched his chest, right where his heart was, and where his soul pulsated... "... But reaping what you sow allows one to learn. And grow some more. So... I must say to keep growing and keep sowing. Eventually, you'll do it right and learn what I have learned. That is the truth of the Tensei family." Without much further speech, Khrona was gone, back to the shadows... As the true shadow. 'Remember to call upon the Family Bond if you ever need me... Or ask those of my direct bloodline to call forth my power... If you ever want to see my face again...'

Momo head did not hang low in Khrona's words. He and Khrona were very similar... Hence one of the reason he had been accepted into the Tensei home. Khrona worked in very mysterious ways... Ways that often eluded Momo's understanding... But Chroma knew. "Alright Khrona... Go and do what must be done... Just... Just come back, alright?" he said as Khrona vanished into the dark, leaving him and his sister her to discuss anything else. "I suppose I've gotten my answer now, huh, Chroma?" Question now was... What was he now to do? He was an Expert of the Dusk... Perhaps there was nothing more to do than to wait for the need to arise... Perhaps it was time to pay Kaerei a visit.

Chroma continued to stroke Momo's hair, only until he started to speak, where her hand had retracted before it could be perceived. "... Poor thing. Hmhmhm..." Still, it sounded as if she were playing with him... "... Why don't you go out and see what's happening around the Dusk? I'm sure Father would love if you took over doing things of that nature..." She was just throwing something out there. She wasn't particularly sure of it, herself. Truthfully... She just wanted to have the house to herself so she could take a nap, or something. Hmhm.

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PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break EmptyThu Jun 18, 2020 2:56 pm

Traveling through the nearly pseudo-moist dirt that covered the grounds of the Dusk were Maruze and Shabuto -- a clone of Momo's past life. Maruze was a good mile ahead of Shabuto, but Shabu was keeping up with him as best he could. Hopping from tree to tree, preforming various flips and twists, this had turned into a rather fun run. As they neared the place of Manor Alexandros, Shabuto got a rather eerie feeling... It came out of nowhere and stopped short right at the door of the massive house. His breathing got a bit heavier for an known reason as his eyes shot opened once more revealing to him that his blade was within the manor... Wrath was calling to him... The spirit of the blade beckoning him... Shabuto turned to Maruze, who was already there before he even got there. "It's somewhere inside... Maybe Khrona picked it up for me... When I got erased..." It was a sad story alright... But one that was necessary for Shabuto to achieve the manner of growth in which he had undergone. He simply thought Khrona's name... Knowing full well he would appear at the mere thought... Shabu knew Khrona better than most... And so did his counterpart, Momo.

Being led directly to the very essence of where the blade lies, Maruze stopped right at the door of Manor Alexandros, waiting for someone to let him in. The Tensei family always seemed to be home and not home at the same time, answering their calls whenever necessary. This was the understanding he had from the deep, deep ties with their family. "..." He didn't say a word, but simply waiting for one of them to appear. They always knew... Somehow, they always knew.

'Looking for something?' The blade of wrath appeared right before Shabuto, from out of thin air, it seemed... No, there was a hand above, one that floated gently on its own... A master hand, one could call it; one that pulled the sword from whence it came. "Here it is; nice and fresh. Thanks for coming, you two. I've got important information, and I'm glad that you picked up on it." He snickered, knowing that everything was always going according to plan. This was going to help these two lost souls greatly on their way, and The Phantom always loved that. "... Hmhmhm~!"

"Man, that's creepy!" Shabuto would say, jumping back a bit as the blade and hand Manifested out of nowhere. Shabuto raised his hand to Wrath and he could feel the pulsating force from within the blade... Was this the spirit of the blade Maruze mentioned beforehand? Shabuto's eyes grew wide as his facial expression changed from surprised to shocked when he placed his hand upon the blade... He was a bit confused... Khrona and his tricks... But the feeling he was getting from this being wasn't... Wasn't entirely Khrona's... He grasped his blade, Wrath happily though and placed it on his person. "T-Thanks...? Information...? What kind of information...? Where's Khrona...? How'd you get my sword...? What the hell is going on?" And just like that, his facial expression changed from shocked to neutral. He wanted some answers from this person... Assuming it was a person. But he did that infamous 'Hmhmhmhm'... That was a habit that belonged to the Tensei family... Only Shabuto had picked up on having so many dealing with the Tensei family.-

The Phantom shook his head, snickering to himself. "I'll tell you a little tidbit for your troubles. The both of you, actually. Shabuto, you're part of Maruze's family. Also, your other half, Momo, part of my family. Go find Momo and bring him home, kinda miss him around here. We have a lot to discuss here." He looked over to Maruze, nodding his head. "And you. Your two sons are the answer you seek. Go seek out Tamura, and you'll find your Melody. Hahaha!" And that was all he could or needed to say before he vanished. These two should get the point now. 'Go finish up, guys.'

Elsewhere, The Phantom appeared, watching a battle between some of Khrona's old 'pals'...

'Oh, what fun~! To see them playing so cutely together... I wonder if they'll even notice that I'm here...' There was no shift in reality, yet what was real had visually shifted. On an invisible branch connected to an invisible plant, the cunning masked trickster did lay, watching the battle of such intensity transpire so viciously. He found it amusing, and in fact, wanted to join in the festivities. "... But it doesn't look like these guys are playing around. I guess they just need to be reminded of how to have some... Fun~!" Of course, the Lone Wolf seemed to know nothing of the sort... Fun. He was such an uptight wolfman, and the other two were rather uptight as well.  "... Besides... I'm interested in playing with all three of them! The Lone Wolf owes me another spar, I have yet to face Vanguard, and my souped up Dojutsu should be more than enough for that Elite from the Twilight to... Test his might against." Things were going swimmingly! And in fact, he swam off, fading away into the stream of reality, his very presence a mystery to even those who thought they were able to perceive... 'It's show time.'


Fenrir wasn't stalled even the slightest bit by Innisce's sneak attack. The chains were nothing more than paperweights and the being's blast, presumably of Decryption energy, washed over Fenrir without a hitch. It hadn't even touched him nor did it even make the beast flinch. It was a mirage and Innisce should have stayed as such, not proving to be anything more than a placeholder.

Fenrir: "These illusions bore me! Lone Wolf, if you would please!"

Fenrir laughed, knowing that he illusion was in that intermittent stage, almost not halfway real illusions that could still not really hurt you pretty imaginarily intensely for real. The Lone Wolf was at a juncture in movement: Does he rush in, or lay low until he's sure? It felt like the Twilight Elite was pretty ready already, just one more finalizing touch should do it.

The Lone Wolf was looking beyond the telekinetic power, beyond the darkness in front of him, beyond that piercing red eye, past all of that into the blue in the distance; that shimmering Azure Blue that was always in front of him. Looking right past it all, sword in hand, Fenrir stemming the tides for him. It was a bit of a chore, but the Lone Wolf was going to break through one way or the other.

"He said don't make an ass out of yourself..." Referring of course to the reckless assumption made by one of his high and mighty opponents. It seemed as if even with all the power to slay a God, not even Fenrir could curb his ego. After the vengeful blast washed over the mighty wolf titan, quite the fearful realization would present itself center stage... Literally. "I tried to warn ya..." Although he was standing tall and proud, Fenrir wasn't going to walk away from one of Vanguard's elaborate schemes unscathed. At the center of the 'God Slayer's chest, a purple keyhole outlined with a black hue would have permanently etched itself. It steamed with a shadowy darkness coming from its opening, seething with the manna ammunition that resonated within Vanguard's heart. All around where Innisce floated above, a flurry of sakura petals would rapidly whirl about its position until it removed the being's image from this existence completely -- revealing it to actually be Vanguard and his Lockpick in his hand. The Psion's positioning and overall appearance had been cloaked by Innisce, presenting itself to be more so a distraction than an actual opponent against the pact beast. Vanguard's blade could be seen seething the same black, smog like manna that printed itself on the hide of the haughty titan. However, the eerie crimson glow would begin to fade a bit from its original, powerful shine, but Vanguard had used his Dojutsu enough at this point. It was about time he wrapped things up. "Heh..."

The telekinetic energy that wreaked havoc upon this side of Emerald's Ascension would begin to let up in intensity the further the Lone Wolf immersed himself into his comfortable 'Azure Flame'. The blue flare of hope burned brighter as he persevered, misleading the Lone Wolf and the Twilight Elite deeper down the rabbit hole of Vanguard's advanced Dojutsu. Neither of them would catch its name this time around, but for recording purposes, the jutsu was named 'Merveillieux' (Mer-vey-euse); Blissful Sleep. Once the ex-legend exchanged eye contact with him at the bout's beginning, Vanguard had been able to literally weave a reality where the Lone Wolf's expectations were met. Using his mind to read into those desires and using his eyes to thread them, the Psion constructed for him a reality of a false victory that the Lone Wolf's subconscious mind could dictate... Under Vanguard's watchful eye of course. During the Dojutsu, the Lone Wolf's position hadn't moved since the start of the match; he had unknowingly buried himself within the Genjutsu by chasing that blue light of deception -- resulting in a open-mouthed bodily stasis. Summoning Fenrir to manually gouge him out of the clutches of Genjutsu was clever, but wasn't the smartest executive decision. Without the Lone Wolf to actively fight along side of the prideful beast, it was left vulnerable to Vanguard's 'Ultiga'... The effects of which shall be later revealed. Unfortunately, the price for underestimating Vanguard is far from cheap..

When he closed his eyes, however, the visage of him standing on the ground would fade, as well as the fake destruction brought on by the telekinetic maelstorm. In fact, everything had faded back to normalcy at this point, revealing the Twilight Elite still unconsciously beaten on the ground and the Psion floating high above Fenrir and his host. Had the Lone Wolf really been released from the illusion? How could he be sure? "You should've stuck your nose in somebody else's business..." Vanguard said, panting a bit with blood dripping from the darkness of his hood. His blade was no longer pointed at Fenrir, but it was still generating those deadly energies. His free hand reached toward his face, wiping clean some of the blood that dripped from his tear ducts. "You probably could've lived longer."

'Akatsukiyomi...' Such a technique had been coming in handy lately... And it was time for it to work its power once more. Before all three of them, an undetectable shift in reality occurred right before their eyes, and was in fact, the two twin Red Moons that the Lone Wolf should have been so familiar with before. This was set up from the very moment the Lone Wolf left Khrona's house that time before... And it was time to show him that this promise was going to be kept. "Didn't I tell you that as long as the moon was red... The Dusk would be right behind you? You said you would never look up at it... So I simply looked straight into you." The illusions were broken with just a glimmer of those beautiful sanguine orbs, their lustrous crimson shine shattering the effects of everything the opposing team attempted to do to the Lone Wolf. He was powerful, yes, but he didn't think about what he did... And that was why when he was going to make a mistake, The Phantom would be there to keep him from falling.

Well, with the Lone Wolf and Fenrir now freed and protected from the Genjutsu at hand, it was time to set Fenrir free of this cute 'Ultiga'. Khrona hadn't seen an 'Ultiga' technique be used since he fought his brother so long ago on the moon... Funny how the moon seems to play a very important role in Khrona's life. It was because of the promise made to the 'Tsukihime'. "Alpha..." He pointed his attention to the keyhole that threatened to be sealed by Vanguard's Lockpick and brought it to a halt with the sheer power of 'Genesis' itself. "...And Omega." The glistening gaze of the guised ghast rebuked the power of this seal with the divine power of the End, and the lawshifting power of the Judgemaster, himself. This old Phantom hadn't forgotten about any of his techniques... He just knew when and where to use them, now. And so, the keyhole would be wiped clean from Fenrir's body, with just a single stare. "Ultiga... A type of Ultimanna... Not as powerful as Alpha... And Omega itself, the sole opposite of that manna, and thus, Ultiga's powers." He came in more than prepared, ready to cover everything necessary to keep the Lone Wolf going. Even though he was by the Lone Wolf's side, he was also only in front of Vanguard's face, staring him down with piercing red eyes, as if daring him to try the same tricks on him... Waiting... Watching... Prepared for it, even. A single gloved hand rose to meet with his cheek, rubbing off the remains of whatever trickling blood streamed downward, and with that blood on his fingertip... He placed that single drop in his mouth and teemed with delight. It was as if he had just eaten a delicious delicacy; a pastry, even, that he just hadn't had in such a long time. "It tastes so good... Part of me wants to have a little bit more. The more you use that technique, the more your eyes bleed, don't they? Hmhm~!" He took a step even closer, when it seemed like he could get no closer to Vanguard, he made it possible, somehow to do so even more. And continued to stare deep, deep into his eyes... Past his eyes and into his very soul. Delicious... "Let's see if I can make you do it again, hm~?"

And as for the Twilight Elite... Hmhm... His eyes were strong, but could they beat the eyes of The Phantom? To the Twilight Elite, he would be standing right next to him, arm wrapped over him, loosely hanging from his opposite shoulder, as if they were just buddy-buddy about everything going on here. In his hanging hand, right before the Elite's eyes, a spinning accumulation of all of his chakra he so kindly spread out across the entire battlefield concentrated, swirling around this 'Cheshire Phantom's index finger. "Hmm... Shouldn't be so careless where you leave your chakra. Someone might just come take it for themselves." He expounded without words a dreamy laugh that seemed to echo in a monotonous stereo through the Elite's ears, almost... Taunting... "Hmhmhm... Well, old buddy... I've been waiting a veeeery long time for this one... You want to watch, or will you be taking part in this masterpiece?" Something somewhere told The Phantom that he was just going to watch. After all what are eyes good for but watching, right? 'Hahaha~! What fun~!'

"Rest yourself, young one," Chase whispered to Vanguard, letting their darkness take him just a little more. It closed his eyes for him, forcing them to rest his overly strained seekers. It wasn't what Chase had preferred to do, but it was what must be done to keep Vanguard's energy from getting him killed and to keep The Phantom as far away as possible. It was a strange one, appearing in just the nick of time to save the wolf from quite the untimely demise with its silver tongue and lavish voice, but Chase remained unflinching. "Curb your fires, stem your tides, center yourself." Chase pulled things back a bit for Vanguard, slowing the waves of telekinesis and conserving the rest of his chakra. If Vanguard were able to break free of his rage, he'd feel his energy centering in his stomach, slowing to a stoic halt. Everything around him would stop flowing, leaving nothing but dead space surrounding him. Chase could walk him through the rest of the steps if he was able to keep himself from lashing out.

The Lone Wolf was snapped back from the vortex in the blink of an eye, only to be staring at the back of 'Cheshire Phantom's head for a moment, only able to catch the last bit of its image before it disappeared from his sight completely. That left Vanguard in front of him, standing there like when they started. The Long Wolf was staring into that black hood again. Again...

Fenrir: "BOY!"

Lone Wolf: "It was fake!"

Pissed was all that the Lone Wolf was; he couldn't stand himself. He was indubitably caught in that mirage of a trap that was set for him. Walked straight into it and he knew how -- it was his eyes. It was always the eyes that got him caught. And if it was the yes, they needed to be dealt with. "All fake... They were lies!" In the same split moment, the Long Wolf moved his hand covered in ice to his face, staring right into the shadow of Vanguard's hood. Heart filled with rage at the illusion he fell for, all on the account of his eyes deceiving him, the Long Wolf dragged his razor sharp petals across his eyes, destroying his windows to the world with a harsh winter storm. The intense frost whipped across his face and cast his blood to the air in icy crystals of ruby, forming a single orb in his hand. His eyesight was gone and with it every weakness they carried with them. But he was nowhere near crippled. "Liar!" Filled to the brim with rage, the ring on the hand holding the small orb of blood ignited in an aquatic blue spark. The Lone Wolf's eyes were open again, now 'looking' at Vanguard with bloody holes of what used to be eyes. The 'Ark Of The Cosmos' around his wrist lit and in his heaving rage, the Lone Wolf let out a single cry.

Lone Wolf: "ARWOOOOOOO!"

It was a cry of rage, one calling forth the depths of his pain to deal retribution on his opponent. He didn't care who was in the way, who was in the area, who was behind him; he just wanted his pain to be felt. As far as the howl could be heard, the gravity shifted into a three dimensional vortex of the Lone Wolf's deteriorating enchanted flame, tranquilizing everything within ear or energy-shot. The field drew all strength in it into a single point of a dropping energy level right at the tip of the Lone Wolf's lips. Sound waves bounced away from him, but everything in its range was sucked into that one point. Vanguard was right in front of him, keeping himself from being drawn into a singularity must be some feat when staring right into the eyeless face of a cold, calming embrace. The peak of Emerald's Ascension warped into a curled tail of a construct, being drawn into the Lone Wolf's 'Zero Point Of Energy'. The temperature dropped drastically, only growing colder and colder as the fractions of seconds passed. It was a cry of the wolf, one that would be heard by everyone but could only be answered by very few, if the Lone Wolf even wanted it to be answered.

Confusion... Devastation... Rage... These confounded emotions boiled and festered within the heart of the boy, Vanguard. Before he could play judge, jury, and executioner, his will was halted by some phantom mediator. He was in some sort of quasi-suspended animation during the time the 'Cheshire Phantom' entered the fray; it explained the reason Vanguard's ability to retaliate was null and void. Although, he was still consciously aware of everything that transpired -- all the reality shifts and overpowering manna had succeeded in deterring Vanguard. The mocking mask that Vanguard was forced to stare at only intensified his unbridled anger, in turn feeding his darkness. But by the time he reached his hand at its throat, it vanished. His left hand met with nothing but empty space... "..." A clench of fist would be escorted by a ferocious snarl... From the darkness of his hood, a different glow would pierce its veil of mystery. Several ancient sigils could be seen slowly etching themselves where his forehead presumably was. To be so close... Vanguard almost lost his wits. His heart was on the verge of releasing a titanic discharge of wrathful darkness that could have very well ripped Vanguard -- as well as few unnamed casualties -- asunder. His blessing from 'War' thrived off of his thirst for conflict, igniting those unscaled infernos within. But before he could release that passionate apocalyptic roar of 'WHAT THE FUCK?!?' he was checked. He was interrupted again by that comfortable shade; that soothing embrace. His eyes wouldn't rustle as they were closed; he knew full well what was going on. His gnarly growl would smooth over into a brief series of deep breaths. Chase's words flowed sweetly through Vanguard's heart, calming him and guiding him as he'd been doing ever so brilliantly. Vanguard's blade would fade, along with the fiery orange glyphs that set ablaze the darkness of his hood and almost revealed his face. With a final inhale, Vanguard would slowly clasp his hands, centering them as well as his energy. He didn't even seem concerned of the Lone Wolf's electrifying roar of enchanted flame, or even aware of it for that matter. Nothing seemed to breach his space of peace.

'Did you forget, Vanguard?' The Phantom's voice still echoed... 'There can only be one Judgemaster at a time. If you really want it... You've got to take it from me.' He had been setting this up even before Vanguard knew it, himself. The Phantom winked at him, already knowing that everything he had planned even before Vanguard's very existence was coming together now to stop him. And not really to stop him, in fact, but to simply... Find a way to converse with him. 'We both want the same thing, and we both can have it... The only difference is, when you destroy someone, you can't bring them back. So I figure, why don't we strike up a little deal? You get to kill everyone, and I get to purge all the putridness from their souls, and make them anew? Then they will never be like they were before... They'll be... Pure.' Vanguard should have enjoyed the idea, since it didn't destroy his ambitions and it also didn't hamper The Phantom's. All he did was merge both of their ideas together and make them into one. But. He still caught wind of some other draconic force in the area... Some sort of serpent. It was nice, really, to have some company once in a while... A dragon of such power... Perhaps he would fuel the next level of Vanguard... He trusted that his 'twin' would be realized. "And you..." Manifested around the Lone Wolf, as if buddy buddy with him, he seemed absolutely and completely unfazed by his next attack, simply and only because of the knowledge he had of how to control his own powers completely. "... I told you that, as long as the moon was in the sky... You would see the moon again. Now it's etched into your brain. And you can and will never forget. Because if you do... I'll always be there to remind you. And if you can't see me, you can smell me... The moon that's in the sky." He laughed, remembering his promise to the 'Tsukihime'... He was going to have to go see Misery and Despair soon.

As for the Twilight Elite... Eh. He wasn't doing anything.

However, the three great ones that met here today would remember what had transpired. Both of them had been thwarted by The Phantom... He always appears when necessary, and when you least expect it. Out of nowhere, unable to be detected by any forms of presence. He was everywhere... And would be watching them everywhere as well. 'Whenever you two need a pick me up... I'm always gonna be here... Waiting for you guys to fuck up so I can have some more fun again...' He giggled. It was fun to him. This was his form of entertainment. Fixing situations such as these for the better. 'Heehee. Now, if you'll excuse me... I have a light to save. Find me, 'White Dragon', when you awaken from your slumber. And only then may we engage in combat. I see that you're not mentally prepared yet... Poor soul.' He shook his head, knowing that these two would just end up trying to kill each other again... But this time, the Phantom didn't care. Because all that died were going to start over from level one... And that would be the MOST fun.

The Lone Wolf's wolf's cry rang unanswered, echoing into the darkened skies and bouncing back to his ears with nothing but pain etched into the vibrations. The Lone Wolf stood there, eyes bleeding and voice slowly quieting. Those crimson tears tears rolled down his face and the vortex being drawn towards him slowly quieted as well, the whole of Emerald's Ascension seemed to be slowing to a tranquil standstill, its formerly emerald landscape scarred from the Lone Wolf and Vanguard making acquaintances. It stopped, the howl, the pull, the tension; it all swung to a complete standstill with the black orb floating right in front of the Lone Wolf's lips, shuddering. If he still had them, the Lone Wolf would have opened his eyes to look at his little creation, gaze upon its pitch black little glory, probably even crack half a smile if he was feeling really ambitious. His empty gaze never moved, but the sphere cracked. A tiny white sliver jaggedly worked its way around the sphere, breaking off into a million directions of more cracks and fractures, turning the whole of the pitch black orb completely pristine white. It shuddered more, seeming to reach critical mass before the Lone Wolf could only lower his head as if he were looking at Vanguard, those red walls of emptiness facing the opponent just as determined as before...

Lone Wolf: *Sigh*

He had come to terms with the fact that not only had he lost this battle, his mind, his eyesight, and any more reason to fight further, but he also lost control of the orb. Thus, it erupted into a new storm of blue fire, burning, freezing, calming everything within its initial range. The battlefield went up in a glorious cerulean-azure blaze with the Lone Wolf standing right in the middle, drunk from his ordeal. The Lone Wolf never fought a battle where he didn't give one hundred percent, but this particular battle strained his mind, body, and spirit far beyond anything he could remember in recent history. He stumbled, hung over from pure fatigue, fighting to remain conscious even now. But in the maelstrom of fire, he was sure to have escaped from harm.

Without a word, Vanguard raised his left hand to the ethereal explosion. The blue washed over and around his body, swirling about him not once touching his body. He couldn't move with all that fire around, but Chase wouldn't let this be his end. They had much more to do, much more evil to unleash on the world, much more... "Rebuke" Chase whispered to Vanguard, trusting that he would finish what needed to be done, carrying it out without a hitch. Chase knew, Vanguard knew, the Lone Wolf would know...

"... The Primate." It was almost like a reflex, but not quite that comparable. Those words rolled off Vanguard's tongue like they were rehearsed, like the introduction to a grand orchestration. The frozen wave of cerulean rage calmly brushed past Vanguard's fingers like a gentle breeze, his hand however never actually touching the blast. Instead, it sort of projected that radius of peace that pervaded around him and rejected the entry of the wrathful catharsis. The damage to the surrounding area however was critical. The green pasture upon which they waged war was replaced by a frozen tundra. The Emeralds Ascension would never be the same, for the damage brought upon it would make it forever unrecognizable. However, Vanguard refused to die here... Not in a fucking frozen wasteland... High in the sky, Vanguard's robe throttled in the wind from the force of the azure explosion, his left hand holding the fiery freezing energy at bay, while his other hand remained at his center. Erecting only his middle and index finger, Vanguard's eyes remained closed during this majestic last stand. He was channeling his energy and the energy of the Lone Wolf's attack peacefully throughout the entirety of his body, and catalyzing it within his abdomen. All of the energy that the Lone Wolf exerted in order to calm all energy had calmed within Vanguard's stomach... And now he was going to calm the Lone Wolf and Twilight Elite. A poetical beautiful end for the two of them, he figured...

Vanguard: "..."

With a deep inhale, Vanguard would thrust his right hand forward to reunite with his left, positioning them a in a 'cupping' style. And with a proud draconic roar, the psion would disperse the cataclysmic cerulean maelstrom with invisible flex of his chi. The colorless ancient chakra would split, depart, and absolutely extinguish the azure blaze, and run straight forward toward the Twilight Elite. The magnitude of the attack crushed the ice-frozen tundra below before it actually made contact with the planet, recreating this area for the third time in one battle. Once the chi blast physically reached the ground, not much of anything would be left. The Twilight Elite was the target of this technique, but the Lone Wolf could find himself suffering quite the fatal wound if he didn't get the fuck out of dodge. Vanguard would remain in the sky, slowly descending toward the ground. He was obviously winded, but the Twilight Elite had to be gone now...

The Phantom: 'Sigh.'

The Phantom: "Khrona Tensei."

His wings did spread, testing the waters of everyone's power level, the sheer force matching the levels of every single person in the vicinity and halting all where it stood by the use of his own Godly power. These glorious, demonic, magnificent black monstrosities loomed over the land and shrouded the area in complete and utter absolute darkness. The only light that shone was the light that was Khrona's own undying soul, the flame that could fill even the Void itself and keep going... His will of Tigen, able to bring warm color to even the 'Azure Flame's icy glow. "... That's who I am. I was trying not to say it, but I simply had to. My hidden jutsu that no one knows about..." He had been keeping this jutsu a secret for quite a while, after his father taught him how to properly execute and upgrade it. By using however much chakra was within him and matching it to all opposing forces, he forces upon a standstill in the entire area. But, the only way to match the powers of the Lone Wolf, Vanguard, Chase the Dracon AND protect the Twilight Elite was to use the power of a God... "... Looks like the (cheshire) cat's out of the bag... It's me..." He pulled off the mask, revealing his face in mortal form. The form of flesh.

With forlorn twin moons gazing deep into Vanguard's keen eyes, Khrona dropped the mask to the floor, seeing now that there was no more fun to be had. "... Guess I've got some work to do now. I didn't want to just reveal my identity, but... I had no choice. My time is up." There was no more time for fun and games for Khrona... A shame, really. Khrona just wanted to have a nice spar with Vanguard just one time before he left... "... I've obtained such power... So much, I cannot exist here anymore. But, before I left, I wanted to fight you just one time... In fact, I wanted to fight a number of people again before I had to go, just for the hell of it..." He looked over to Vanguard, sighing heavily, ready to spill all the beans to him. "The moment that I have to die, I return to being a God. But before I took such serious duties, I wanted to settle a few scores with some people, just for fun. Have a spar with you, Vanguard, as my twin... Test my might against the Lone Wolf again... Have a nice, engaging scuffle with the Earth King... Hahaha..." Khrona looked up to the skies blackened by his wings, then to the light around that illuminated everything in such darkness. To let everyone see this burning soul... The will of Tigen surging through his wavelength... Only to spark everyone else with just a flick. It was over for him. "... Maybe even a friendly tussle with the Dark King, too..." He smiled at the thought of that. The Dark King... What a complex, yet simple fellow... Khrona never had to have any TRUE fun with any of them, and now that he could, it was over.

"... But I blew it, trying to have fun in a serious matter. And now, I've forced myself into a situation I cannot escape from. Guess it really was my fault for not waiting... Again." The flames emanating from his soul, lighting up the umbral shade began to swirl about Khrona's cranium, forming a flaming halo of glorious rainbow light... Before the colors merged and became completely, utterly blackened with a bright, white glow... "Time to say goodbye." And he smiled, he waved, and a single black tear rolled down his cheek, the stain of his blackened blood like ink painting a dreadfully joyous facial expression. His beautiful, lonely, sanguine moons stared up to the single red moon up in the sky... And he closed his eyes, taking a deep, cleansing breath...

Khrona: *Ssshhhmmmmm...*

... And a sharp, disheartened exhale of blissful refreshment.

Khrona: *Siiiigh...*

'Guess that's what I get for trying to find the perfect end to this story... It's okay... I like this one, too...' This was the end of the line for Khrona Tensei... ... And he laughed. "Haha..."

"Khrona?" Vanguard was transfixed; no wonder he couldn't probe the mind of that mysterious Phantom -- Khrona's mental might matched his own and then some. He hadn't a clue why he impeded him up to this point, he saw the man as an ally and possibly something more. Why had he done this? For attention? Vanguard was sorrowed, dumbfounded by Khrona's insanity, but warmed by his words. 'Twins?' What had he meant..? And where was he going? "Wait, goodbye?! Where are yo-" He halted himself. He didn't want to further compromise his disguise with any emotional personal expressions. The identity of a shinobi is priceless, and he needed every weapon he could get if were too be successful. With a flick of his wrist a Dark Corridor was opened, sucking Vanguard through it and into the Realm Of Darkness. Things were getting too heavy, and his chakra was running low. The Twilight Elite's life had been spared for now, but not without a few fatal injuries for him to remember Vanguard by. He and the Lone Wolf both. He would return for the Elite... His fate had been prolonged, but not altered...

Still looking up at skies darkened by his wingspan, a flock of black bird-like shapes swirled about the atmosphere, changing between insectoid form, avian form and bat-like form. A new Melancholy had formed... "... Vanguard... Lone Wolf... Twilight Elite... I don't think you really understand... My ambitions..." His wings slowly, slowly, slowwwwly undulated, as to not destroy the area or harm anyone, as they usually did. Khrona's smile on his face directly conflicted with his melancholious gaze... As if longing for something... Something greater than this senseless destruction. "... No one has ever taken the time out to actually consider the ambitions of others... Too busy focused on their own goals..." He took a deep breath once more, closing his eyes, and intaking the natural ambience of the atmosphere... "... So allow me to show you the Melancholy I have... The Melancholy of the dark cry of a dying world... That I simply wish to save." The slight undulation of his wings brought life back to the Emerald Ascension almost instantaneously, bathing this land in utter black, only to cleanse away what had deformed its beautiful shape in the first place... Those who lacked control over their own power. Lacked power... Lacked consideration... "... The most important part of fighting is not who has the most power, nor who causes the most destruction..." His wings, for once, did not destroy anything that wasn't unnatural to this area's natural order... He'd finally learned how to control his powers. Absolutely perfectly. "... It's about who can control their power enough to hit their mark... And not cause unnecessary collateral damage." He learned this through experience, fighting with his dear brother, the Manna King... The Sky King... The Demon King... The Earth King... All of them, every battle, they all caused so much unnecessary destruction and calamity that someone else had to repair later... Why could no one just hit their target, and nothing else? Because they had to display their power... Not their control over it.

"How sad it has been, to watch the world fall into disarray and chaos from the destruction of its beautiful land... We flaunt our power so effortlessly, yet inconsiderately, paying no mind to what is around us. But is what we want really so important that we'd destroy what we live on simply to obtain it? Can we really find no other way to control ourselves?" Once the Emerald's Ascension was restored, his wings retracted, and the dark clouds parted from the skies, letting the sun shine down on this wretched land... "... No. I said no, at least. I wouldn't destroy anymore. I went and fixed my mistakes... Those places I destroyed so long ago... I've decided not to destroy anymore. I can control myself... For once..." He sighed a sigh that brought back the dark clouds and made the sorrowful winds blow in synchronicity with his own breath... And so, everyone would feel his pain. Everyone. Yet, they only felt the gentle breeze, guiding their sight to Khrona himself. Looking at him was enough for them to feel his pain. Projecting it right into their eyes simply by them looking at him, they would feel such heaviness on their heart... This heady feeling of despair... "... So whatever you all destroy, I've decided to fix. Since no one will fix their own messes... Simply because I'm tired of everyone destroying everything... And because I want to make this place better." He turned his back to them, all of them, and placed the mask back on his face. "... Even if it means doing it alone... In secret." He hoped that no one here would reveal his identity at all. Whether they did or didn't, it didn't really matter... But it would be nice to have a little fun while he completed his goals... Before he had to go for good. And so, with a final, final sigh... He was gone on the melancholy of his own breath. 'This is the extent... Of my Melancholies...'

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Break EmptyThu Jun 18, 2020 5:25 pm

It was already about that time again. The year had come and gone, and the end was nigh. Christmas was coming, but there was little Christmas cheer to be had this year thanks to the Horsemen about... Even Epic Santa was feeling the pressures of the Horsemen's presence, of which brought about The Phantom to attempt to bring back his Christmas cheer. One of the Horsemen confronted Epic Santa, but would he prevail over the Epic One...?

???: "Not in the slightest."

A dreamy figure lucidated itself into existence, swimming calmly, motionlessly around Santa's presence. It was masked and resembled something of a jester... a trickster... a dream?

The Phantom: "Looks like I made it just in time, huh? No pun intended. Hahaha."

He'd been looking for some fun lately, and fun always seemed to find the most unexpected ways of showing up. "Santa... I've missed you quite a bit. Remember your present that you gave me last year?" This phantasmal being pulled from within himself... A jar. A simple jar with seemingly no importance whatsoever. One would think that this was a joke. "I didn't forget. I was just waiting for the right time to use it." He placed the jar in Santa's hands, returning the gift that was given last year back to whence it came, with love and good cheer, tidings of great joy, for Santa to deliver to all people. It was a Jar that held infinite space within, and could contain literally anything within it. It had never been used, but the time for it was now. With a snap of his fingers, the jar split into four, as if made specifically for four very special individuals... "Merry Christmas, Epic Santa. And... Thanks for coming around every year. And not forgetting about us. Even if we forget about you." With a rather lackadaisical two fingered salute, this wispy illusion whispered away his final words in this matter...

The Phantom: "... Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe,
Help to make the season bright.
Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow,
Will find it hard to sleep tonight..."

He drifted around Manna -- his niece -- and 'The Melodist', his brother's wife, upon his departure, leaving atop their heads and on their cheeks warm kisses of love, as to let them know that their family was always here watching, and ready to help them out with the utmost love and care. And so, he whispered in their ears...

The Phantom: "...They know that Santa's on his way;
He's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh.
And every mother's child is going to spy,
To see if reindeer really know how to fly..."

He also drifted by Dente, knowing of his connection to another very special person in his life; 'Corona Tensei'. The warmth of this eerie breeze would bring the same spark as it did in his heart when he fought against The Ender... And that would be just enough. '... Take it home, guys...' And with a faint sayonara to all, and a Merry Christmas to their hearts and spirits, this Cheshire Phantom's work here was done. 'I've always believed in you... Santa.'

Elsewhere, at the exact same time, at the Dreamscape...

Shinigami would appear at the 'Great Spirit' thanks to the Demon King, gazing upon it with humbled, nostalgic eyes, as if he'd seen this thing before. "Ah... This great and powerful soul of Life, to counteract my soul of Death... How quaint to be here again after so long..." Shinigami laughed, feeling the warmth inside. "Demon King. Why have we come here, to this Great Spirit?"

???: 'A Demon... Huh. Guess that does include me now...'

A smile flourished from beside Shinigami, sprouting into the being of a new ascension known as Khrona Tensei. His being was made of pure and utter radiance now, as if utterly prepared to make this big jump. "... My beautiful Friday the Thirteenth Fairy... Let me give you life... through my becoming of Death. A new Shinigami... Who doesn't believe in the workings of Death. And a god of light... Who will finally experience life on this plane of existence after waiting for so long..." He was really going to do this... "... The Tensei will be all here... As a family... Like we've always wanted... And we get to fulfill everyone's dreams all at the same time." Khrona and his long lost lover, his Dream Girl, the Tsukihime Friday -- also known as 'Titania, Queen Of The Faeries' -- were about to fulfill Khrona's dreams of bringing to life 'The Friday The Thirteenth Fairy'... How does one give birth to a fairy...? Make love to the 'Fairy Queen'. "If it means giving up my own body, then so be it... Let these fairies be free." And he jumped into the 'Great Spirit'. 'Shinigami. It's time for you to die. You've come here because you've realized that your rule of order is over. It is finally time for a new Death.' Khrona was happy that Shinigami knew... It made him happy to know that things had turned out this way. Like it was all planned perfectly and beautifully. 'We'll all be... Free...' Little did he know, Titania did not truly exist, but was a creation made purely of Khrona's own conscious will to wish for his Dream Girl, Friday... Just as he willed to wish for his Daughter, Trinity.

Trinity: 'Huh? He's here?'

He had gotten into the world of the Spirits and Dreams... Sacrificed himself yet again for the sake of everyone else. Oh, her father... 'Daddy... You risked your life for that silly Pumpkin...? Hahaha. No, I know already. It's even more than that. It's so that I can exist too, right...? Not just as a being of consciousness...' He was going to grant everyone's wish. Because he had none anymore. He just wanted to help everyone else. '... To the very end... You did everything for everyone. You just wanted to make everyone happy.' With his power of a God, Khrona would be able to give everyone everything they wanted, simply because he wanted nothing else. His story was done. And finally, he got to finish it... Once and for all.

Trinity: 'Daddy... I love you.'

Shinigami nodded, closing his eyes and taking off his mask. "Ah... You'll finally give me a new face, then..." Before Trinity could be pushed out of the Great Spirit by Khrona, she first had to be accepted into Shinigami's very own soul. He outstretched his hand, ready to finally cross over into the other world. "I've been here for far too long..." He was the God Of Death. He was the one who chose how he died. So why was he staying here for so long? It was someone else's turn, and Khrona had proven to be the wisest in his decisions. So Shinigami gave up control to his will. "In my death, let me give your daughter life..." And Shinigami allowed himself to flow back into the realm of the Gods, and let the Daughter of Friday The Thirteenth Fairy -- known as Trinity -- take his place. The Friday The Thirteenth Fairy was also The Friday The Thirteenth Fairy, to avoid confusion about Khrona's Dream Girl and his Dream Daughter. Even Shinigami knew when it was time to let it go... He pulled Trinity's soul out and into himself, as his soul was transferred directly into Khrona. "Now, Khrona. Go work things out with Death itself. As God Of Death, I give you full permission." And those were his last words before his black body took the form of Trinity's shape... She was the new God Of Death; The Friday The Thirteenth Fairy, Daughter version. And the undying will of the Tensei lineage would exist in all dead beings. And give them life if they so chose to come back.

???: "... You have a brilliant strategy."

Watching her beloved sacrifice himself so willingly made her heart soar and cry all at the same time. It soared at the thought that he loved everyone this much, even though he was a man of such insanity... To be selfless when everything and everyone is a part of you... To give up himself... Sacrifice...

Titania: "... My dear... You've been waiting for me all this time... And now, it's time for us to be together, now that you remember how to do it..."

She joined Khrona hand in hand, their wills becoming one, yet they were still two separate beings. They were going to work together this time around. "To be the true parental Guardians of our children... Together." But, what of her twin vessels, Misery and Despair...? They were two pieces of each other shared by both Khrona and Titania. Their binding representation of their conjoined love on this plane of existence... Through Misery and Despair. "You made sure not to leave anything out, didn't you...? You were going to make SURE everyone got what they wanted... And to make me and yourself happy at the same time." Even she couldn't believe that this was happening. Yet, it was. And that was all the proof she needed. He figured it out.

Khrona smiled, hushing her for a moment. "Let me take it from here. I'll fix all of these nightmares... So I can make all of these beautiful dreams... Into reality..." That was his power, after all. Now he just needed to fix the Nightmares in the 'Dreamscape', which was the essence of these Nightmares. Nightmares... Pure negativity itself. "Demon King... I've heard your cries from another dimension... And the 'Dreamscape' has come into fruition. I've even found a way to make your wish come true... Those who enter the 'Dreamscape' will have to face their Nightmares and Negativity; things that were lost and forgotten... And overcome them to make all their Dreams come true." He just wanted to help everyone because he loved them so much. So he made the 'Dreamscape' for the Demon King, with the help of his dearly beloved. "Now we can all be happy... Like I always wanted us to be. Happy... Together... It will take time, but I'll help you... That's all I ever wanted... Was to help everybody..." He turned to Titania and gave her a smooch, smiling warmly at her for his next suggestion. "Now you go to the 'Mythical Haven' and become Trinity's 'Guardian'... And I will be Chroma's. Our perfect family is coming together..." His happiness was... Overwhelming...

She smiled at him, returning her kiss, the warmth transitioning between them was them sharing their energies... Their powers... Thoughts... Understandings... Everything. Instead of becoming one, they shared as if they were one, whilst still keeping their individual powers. "Yes, I certainly do understand... Then I will make this trip to her world. Come, Trinity..." She spoke directly into the flow of her consciousness. It was time for the 'Goddess Of Death' to gain the power of Wishes, Will, and Dreams as well. Titania fazed out, and toward the 'Mythical Garden'. Khrona could manage from here...

Trinity sighed in relief, happy to know that everyone was finally getting everything that they wanted. "Ah... Then by the power of the Thirteen... I'll tackle this job, Mommy!" And so, like her father, she wrapped herself in her own wings, fading herself out of the frame in an instant, only to reappear in the 'Mythical Haven' moments later.

Now, all that remained were Khrona and Tensei, the very spiritual bond of the entire Tensei lineage.

"... And so, when the Demon King appears... Let all of his dreams and wishes come true... In the 'Dreamscape'. I'll make sure to make it a reality with my power..." Khrona's God-like power joined with the power of Titania's wish-granting ability... They were here for this moment. Just for the Demon King. Just to tell them what he wanted the Dreamscape to do. "We've already made it happen. Just tell us what you want us to make it do... And we will do it." It was a gift Khrona really wanted to give to the Demon King on this day... Even if he was too busy with other things like appearing for other people to respond... And forgetting that this plane even existed... He was going to make his dream come true, just as he made his own come true with his own power to create his Dream Wife, Tsukihime Friday -- Titania.

A calm gray wind would blow past the area of the Great Spirit's resting place, the winds warm and serene moved across the land briefly before finally converging in the center of the family reunion. The winds slowly took the expression commonly referred to as the Demon King. His expression was as detached from emotions as always, besides his natural expression of solemn concern or worry. He often saw things very differently than most, if not everyone around him. This unintentional isolation of the companionship and understanding of what constitutes a 'friend'... Often made interactions with the Demon King difficult. "..." It was no mystery to the Demon King what Khrona and the others had done -- in the time the Demon King spent as pure energy, he could observe the past, present, and future of time simultaneously; the Demon King may as well have been there the entire time. "You all came to help, I see," he said with his usually calm demeanor, the one that seems to be getting him in all the trouble. It wasn't his intention to appear distant and haughty, he just had to maintain his presence in hindsight. Too many times had he watched wise minds wander back into confusion -- hindsight was twenty-twenty and the future was unsettling... Always shifting. "Life on this planet is changing Khrona. I have plans of my own, you know," he said, skipping past the pleasantries of 'thank yous' and getting right into position for the rest of the show. He settled on the ground, folding his legs as usual and encasing himself in the blue spherical aura of his Soul.

"This could have ended differently... Existence and its connection to us is very delicate; the lands of the Chaos is connected to my heart and soon, all of its inhabitants... Do you know what that means entirely?" he asked from within his sphere of soul. He needed to focus in order to finish the rest of his vision. Not to mention, he was sure Khrona and the others wanted their time to speak. Timing was everything in existence; this simple understanding was the easiest overlooked.

A tired... Oh, so tired... Loving chuckle. "Heh hah ha..." Khrona stepped out of the Dreamscape, rubbing his eyes as if he had been asleep for quite a long time. His body was nonexistent, yet his form existed as if it was. He could freely move about this world in any way he wished... And the best part about it was... "... We're finally in the heart of the Chaos. You and me, and the heart of both of our villages... If I am the soul of the Dusk and you are the heart of the Chaos... Doesn't that make us combined now?" They were family in more than one ways now. Khrona sacrificed himself just to be this connected to them. His entire family. "Demon and Tensei... I don't see any difference anymore... Save for names and individuality. So, if you like..." Khrona extended his hand out to the Demon King, for once, ungloved, and completely unafraid of physical contact. They were both in energy form, and as such, their touch would be of their two personal 'Great Spirits' connecting on the same wavelength. "... We can do this together. That's all I really ever wanted... So... What do you want?" The sign of a truce. Khrona wished to combine.

The Demon King acknowledged Khrona's invitation to a hand shake with his Aura; he wouldn't break his 'focus' once he started... The results of which weren't beneficial. In the time Khrona spent speaking to the Demon King, the Demon King reflected on the nostalgia those two souls had encountered in their times on this planet. They were brothers in the past -- fated brothers at that. The Tensei and the Demon Clan's lineage stretched far into the past, predating the recorded existence of Chakra, actually. In their times of the past, they had met as brothers, rivals enemies, and allies... Fortunately this time, they were brothers. "Your family has often sought the deep companionship of a brotherhood in the Demons; many wars were waged in the confusion that sometimes created... However, like I'm sure I said the last time... I will say it again, now isn't the time for that." The Demon King stretched his energetic presence across the Chaos, a feat he had been doing all too often in the last few months. A myriad of the Demon King's actions had been shrouded in mystery and wonderment, however, the time for disclosure was near and soon all would know exactly the future the Demon King wished to create. "You know we have always been one Khrona, though the illusion of separation and solidarity has driven that ever present fact out of commonplace in this world," the Demon King said, keeping a clear sight of that it was he was trying to create in the space Khrona and the rest of the family had prepared for him. "This place, with its permission, I will activate the dormant and awake the sleeping... Create the unborn and transmute the forgotten... 'Dreamscape', 'Dream Theater', 'Dreamsphere'."

Everywhere in the Chaos, everyone connected to the chaos would experience the sensation of bliss and truth. Generated from the Demon King's heart and reflected out through 'The Four Great Crystals' grounded into the core of the Kingdom, every beating heart would experience this if it were of their choosing to do such. "I am grateful to the events that have brought me this far... If only my mother were here to see it..." the Demon King said as he opened his eyes, having spoken the incantation for 'The Ritual' and released the energy through the necessary parts of himself and the conduits -- the Crystals and the Dreamscape. He could finally open his eyes to the dawn of the new world... Though he knew there were still much to be done, right now he would enjoy the bliss of his work. From the Demon King's energetic presence, a liquid energy would begin to spill from his aura, the essence of himself leaking from his heart and flooding the 'Forest Of Resonance'. The liquid, calm and serene, would drain the life of all the forest creatures and 'banish' any civilian life to a 'safe' location. The Demon King couldn't sacrifice human life or this Ritual; such could only be done by the self-sacrifice of nature. There was no gain without a loss -- nature knew this well and would willingly give itself to man in order to create a future where both could exist in harmony; such was the true blessing of love.

"Our lives are not our own... I think I understand that a little better, Khrona." The silvery liquid of existence filled the forest, encasing every speck of its mystical resonance in the awe-inspiring presence of the Demon King's essence. Now complete with this step, the Demon King could prepare for the next; grounding and containing such a presence... The harmony of man, nature, and the dawn of the new Era... "I have to do this next part on my own, Khrona... Please make sure nothing interrupts me." He spoke from his heart directly to his brother's; all in the forest was in complete oneness with the Demon King and his aura at this moment. Khrona and the Tensei, the spirits of the animals were all resting in harmony and for the second stage to go as intended -- interruptions were a no.

"... Heh." ... That chuckle. "Hmhm..." That giggle. "Teehee~..." That snicker. "Hahaha..." That... Laugh. The leaking pressure of trying to hold back all of that raw, unbridled insanity. A signature of the Tensei household now... "... Oh, Demon King... It would be our pleasure." How he always did admire the Demon King's manner of action. The way he carried himself was just so proper; something a Tensei could always be utterly respectful of. A brotherly bond that was held between any true relative of this family. They could always see... With the Hyper Perception of those Origin Eyes. "You have the entire Tensei dynasty on your side. Nothing will get past our minds combined." The sanguine gleam of those crimson pools forever looking toward the red moon. The Hyper Perception was active; ready to catch every frame in the omniverse, and beyond. "KHRONA TENSEI!!!" And with the power of the 'Family Bond', through the 'Will Of The Tensei', Khrona connected every mind that shared his hidden heritage. Every single creation, DNA strand that was connected to the Tensei's, wherever they may be... Whomever they may reside, and whomever's mind they had touched... Would they activate every single cell everywhere that had touched them, and instantaneously produce an 'Absolute Terrain' strong enough to block out all things from entering the vicinity of their minds. The Village of the Chaos is off the charts of the map, and so is the Dusk. 'There is no way that I'm letting anything in. Absolutely not,' they all would think in unison. As a family.

The Demon Queen, experiencing herself and her connection to the Demon King with her new state of self awareness, suddenly found herself awakening to his image in a new place, though she was also aware of herself elsewhere. She wondered how... She had gotten here. It was like... She had been called... Spirited away. She was... Supposed to be here... For something. "What a dreamy existence this is..." she noted to herself, then peering upon her love, the Demon King, she felt a rush of intense energy. She smiled; it was like the blessings of wind blowing across her face and filling her heart's sphere with light and love. The feeling brought her nostalgia and the remnants of dreams she had seemed to dream long ago. Her childhood when she had dreamed and Queens and Kings and true love stories prevail... It was then that she realized... Many things... Among them, how she had gotten here. Through the Demon King's heart... With a smirk and a conscious pulse of her own heart, she called out to him that he may see them meeting eye-to-eye and understand. She was here again, to assist him as she had long desired to. In this space, an idea was being birthed. It's energy fresh, ready; bursting with all its potential. It was merely waiting for a decision; a foundation. The Demon Queen, in her way, portrayed her idea to her love by way of poetry. Her emotions becoming currents of light to be felt and symbols within the space as physical representations of what she created within.

"How the sun and moon do meet
Through the illusion of Separate paths
How lovely again to see your face
Through the storms we have surpassed
And now see what it is that we create
The Sea, the flow of our love that peers
Upon, the reflections of us.
You within me, me within you
The light of Sun, and Dark of moon
Both Illuminate the Truth of all Within
The Dreamsphere."

Demon Queen: "Leap of Faith."

"You came...?!" the Demon King said with both the sense of surprise and great enchantment. In his prior statement, he knew only he, himself, could step into the full extent of this portion of oneness, but to see the Demon Queen step into this existence only sparked ideas the Demon King had almost forgotten. Her presence, bringing light to secrets hidden away in his heart, reminded him of the thoughts of 'The Twin Flame'; a fable in the Demon Clan's lineage about fated lovers, their sacred love, and its connection to the flame within all. It was this belief that unconscionably drove the Demon King to withstand all the storms in his life with the Demon Queen. As the nostalgia of their every beating moment through time played itself back to the Demon King in a dazzling moment of truth, he began to wonder something very special -- the importance of the Demon Queen in his life and why he thought he should never leave her side. He said this, "... I refused heaven until you could walk along side of me. This moment... It reminds me of a fable my mother told me when I wasn't tall enough to climb a tree." In a single beat of his heart, the silvery pulsing liquid rippled and expressed the most accurate portrayal of the fable and the connection the Demon King saw between it and his love, the Demon Queen. Even in this heightened moment of existence, Truth was a matter of interpretation. If the Demon King saw it and the Demon Queen did not, then it couldn't exist... At this present moment, it was just an idea depending on the Demon Queen's decision -- it would either remain a fable or become a realization of Truth.

Knowing that the energy used to turn on a lightbulb was less, the the moments proceeding after... The Demon King knew this possibility would need time, and as such, he only showed his vision to the Demon Queen, and then after, turned from her face to open the door. After stepping through the door, the one would become two, leaving his dear with the two choices. It was clear to the Demon King the moment before he entered the door that the Demon Queen would have to make a decision in response to his choice. He remembered as a child that he wanted nothing more then to find the fabled love of his past -- he also knew that if the Demon Queen were that person, then she would know exactly which door the Demon King was behind. Normally, the Demon King would have found such a decision to be hasty and rash, but in this infinite moment of time, in dreams... Why not ask the universe for a moment to focus on one's own desires? The Demon King believed he asked for nothing more than enough to get by. He only needed the strength to keep fighting the battle he believed needed to be fought -- the battle for peace and the freedom of happiness. So at this moment, he simply waited for his answer from her.

With eyes wide, the Demon Queen gazed in astonishment and utter admiration of the visage of loveliness that the Demon King had created for her to see. The image of two being swirling in a great passion together and around each other in a blissful dance skyward to the heavens within themselves and with each other, creating that heaven around them in vibrant color. Together their vibrations hummed in harmony, creating a melody -- in beauty -- fit of the fabled angels who sing ever in heaven of blissful existence the songs of their hearts. 'Angels...' she thought, and in realizing this nature within herself, suddenly felt the fluttering appendages of her own wings. Before, she had only ever gone into her angelic state to fight. Her wings were usually either black or white, but now... They were a deep but effervescent red. She wondered for a moment was this color meant in reflection of her transformation. Her heart's reply brought her the image of a physical heart. Beating within, blood coursing through its veins. Its color black in nature until it is exposed to the air, the true current of life and existence. Love...

She remembered her time as a vampire -- how she had come to forget what it felt to have a heart beating within. She realized that in her time with the Demon King and in his village she had come to fight and die for her love of him only to be resurrected by that very love which granted her this new conscious state of life and this beating within her -- the pulse of true unconditional love prevailing over all elements of storms wrought by confusion. This red, she realized, was the color of the passion that got them through it all and would lead them to creating their dreams... Together. The pulse of this truth surfacing within her brought her to an emotion so powerful that it was urged to flow as tears would. In this body of pure energy that she held now, it was instead expressed by a fluttering of feathers from her wings and of her own aura painting colors of vibrant pink and violent hues into the atmosphere. Awakening from this new realization, she was then able to see the doors set before her. She looked around to see that the Demon King's image was gone -- he was behind one of these doors, she was sure of. She urged to join with him again, but she must first find him. "How will I see you beyond a door...?" she questioned, on the verge of either a really sad or enlightening conclusion. "How? How can I see what my eyes do not?" She asked of herself. Hearts reply urged her then: to feel. She nodded at this thought, feeling the knowing of its truth. She closed her eyes and focused. She imagined herself opening up to all the energies around her, flowing through her -- all of it as a part of herself, omnipresent within reality. Each particle a sparkling speck of consciousness offering to assist. Humbly, she asked of them, "Show me the way."

When she opened her eyes, she found herself in an environment transformed. It was like the forest that she had visited when the Demon King revealed to her the truth of herself and she had spoken to her Father, whom she now realized was her family beyond the veil of physical existence assisting her in her process of awakening to such truth, encircled by trees of the greenest leaves bearing passionate red fruit and white flowers with yellow centers. Though this world was not cloaked in night, the moon and sun were both visible in a sky that swirled with soft flowing watercolor hues. And there were creatures now; beings peeking out from the trees as they stared at the Demon Queen, apprehensively approaching. She smiled to them. It occurred to her that they had been here, existing with her all this time even as she walked with clouded eyes "Forgive me, my friends," she spoke in gentle tone as she reached forward to caress the fur of a friend she had not seen in a very long time, his fur now black and white as the powers of yin and yang combined with grey eyes unclouded by judgment. The messenger of her 'Father' -- her guiding spirit, Setsuna. He kneeled to her out of respect and she bowed the same in return.

Setsuna: "It is my great happiness to see you returned to us, Princess. And now, you'll need this."

Setsuna tossed up his head a key flying from his mouth an into the Demon Queen's open hands. It was an intricately designed piece that resembled a skeleton key, the theme of its well crafted curves forming hearts around it held together by vines and blossoming roses. Setsuna then gestured at white door that appeared behind him just beyond waters edge of the river that flowed through the forest. The Demon Queen hugged this large creature, her friend standing as tall as she as she could not remember, ever embracing him before. 'Thank you,' she expressed in gratitude not only to him, but to all within this beautiful forest -- her sanctuary -- as she then walked forward to unlock the door that would lead her to her blissful future. Through the greatest confusions and darkness, through the lessons that life taught her of everything that brought her joy and pain -- everything that she had taken upon herself so that she could make the decision of truth of who she would be, who she would become, and how she would live. Her choice was now clear.

At the Demon King's right and left, the Demon could see two sides of the same coin -- himself. On one side was the representation of what would happen should the Demon Queen not choose the door with the Demon King behind it and on the other there was the path where she did chose him; both of them were staring at the man in the center -- the Demon King. "I see, this is time?" the Demon King questioned as the man to his right realized that the Demon Queen didn't choose him, and those the reality that would be shaped from that decision were and would be. Moments after this, the man at his left would create the reality of what would happen should the Demon Queen find him on the other side of the door. This was time -- the illusion of choice. It truth, the Demon Queen did both options and then decided which one she wanted for herself. Now the Demon King waited for her to open the door and actually make a decision; the moment of the here and now. "So, she didn't find me?" he asked slowly. With both realities having met their end, the Demon Queen must have made her decision already, and that meant she just wasn't the one he was looking for. So he turned around so that he could finish his work for the Chaos -- if his love wasn't the star he was looking for, then this existence could only be devoted to the dreams of the Chaos. "Demon Queen?!" he shouted with the same wonderment and surprise he had just earlier when she appeared before him. He found this moment to be awfully symbolic in the moment of his darkest hour... It was her face that brought him back to the light. "You chose... This... This dream, with me?" he asked in joy, expressing his emotions without a single thought of hindrance. "We are a fable no more my Queen! I have found my flame!" he exclaimed, extending his hand towards his flame. As, in this moment, she could finally create the sphere.

The Demon Queen took the Demon King's hand, the one she now realized had always been extended to her even when she was blinded by despair. In this moment, she realized that the thing that mattered most to her was now grasping her hand. She had searched for him, it seemed, all of her existence; someone who would love her the way he did. To be invited here to create their dreams together, and to make such a place as would be able to aid others in recognizing their dreams as well... Here, she was moved in emotions that could not be described by known words. She imagined in her heart an image that had she held deep within for a long while. An image she saw in a dream once that sparked a strong recognition with the very core of herself. Her interpretation of the origin of her self -- the nature of her existence; an embryonic black flame surrounded by a swirling aura of colors ever blending and newly creating within its infinite spectrum. Her core and her emotions coming together to create reality. This image and all it represented, she spilled from herself, relating her inner experience to the Demon King through the heart by which they decided to be bound so that they may together materialize this sphere of dreams, holding the essence of pure imaginative power and the wisdom of unified creation.

Khrona: 'And now, the grand finale... Hmhmhm. I've been waiting for this one for quite a long time...'

The combined resonating souls and minds of the entire Tensei family pulled enough power to call down the only member of the Tensei family that wasn't currently present... Trapped in the 'Dream World' with no exit... "You sent a piece of yourself to this world long, long ago... Friday, in fact, the Witch of Probability... A Baku who only let a fraction of herself out of the trap of the 'Dream World'..." With the Dreamscape finally completed, Khrona could pull her out with all the love of the family... A daughter that wanted her mother... And a husband who awaited his lover... Outstretching his hand, he slipped it into the Dreamscape, grasping the hand of the final person that mattered to him... "... My beautiful Tsukihime... Finally... You're here... Completely... And fully... I will give you form from my dreams and free you from your prison... You've been trapped for so long, waiting for this to happen..." Now, the Baku could finally have her wish of not being stuck on the other side anymore... Trapped in that realm of dreams only to be able to peer down... Only a piece of it... Being able to have fun on this world... "... I think I've been suffering more than you... All this time... Hmhmhm. They weren't ready for us before... But now, I think they just might be..." They had been waiting for this day for so long... And now, it was going to be so, so sweet... Delicious, even. 'Hmhmhm...'

Titania: "Our bond, sealed in blood... The unspoken pact... The unbroken love... Even if you had to go through such insanity of trying to get to me, you've finally done it, my love..."

Her hand, already outstretched, as if waiting, met with his, and the flame between their two souls was ignited once again. "With all the power of Dreams and Reality coming into harmonic togetherness.... Once and for all time.... No longer would we be separate in our ways, but together... Forever...." The two Wish-Makers were finally together, here to grant each others' wishes, since there was no one else on this plane of existence strong enough to do so... Except each other. "Through granting wishes through both Dreams and Reality... I guess this means that our family is finally complete, hm?" The only people that really mattered... She and he and their family. With Reality, Dreams, Consciousness, Probability, Possibility, Life, Death, Will, and Wishes on their side... They could shape this world however they wanted. She gripped his hand tightly, being pulled straight from the Dreamscape... Their dreams had come through. Finally... Finally... It was just such a happy occasion for these two... Finally... Finally... She slipped through the realm of dreams and into Reality... With her husband.


And so, she emerged. The Queen of the Faeries; the big Queen of Dreams. Titania Tensei, who would embrace her big Boss of Reality with a warm, soothing kiss... "We've come a long way, lover..." She couldn't help but smile... The eternal smile of the moon staring into his burning Twin Red Moons of Misery and Despair... The Akatsukiyomi. "... You got me good. And everyone else, too, you devil, you." But, they were both finally off the hook. Free of charge. Able to do whatever they wanted. "And what I love about you most... There's just absolutely nothing that can stop you from making my wishes come true... And the same goes for you..." Wrapping her dream-flowing arms around his neck, they would set into place like stilled water flowing on a gentle breeze... The winds of change and the changing tide were here to shape this new world... "... I love you, Khrona..."

Khrona: 'And... there she is. The only one who can stop me... So I can finally... Finally... Finally...'

Her kiss, the first thing that he felt, the first that he enjoyed... The first feeling that truly made him happy in such a long, long time... "So many who do not care about me nor us... And finally, now that we're together, nothing else matters... Hmhmhmhmhm..." The sanguine glimmer of his eyes... They would flash in the reflection of hers, as well. He looked up to the burning red moon and smiled... Big, wild and insane... "... Heehee. The best of the best... By the light of the moon..." He winked, wrapping his arms around her now, as well... "The time has come. Nothing else matters. So... Let's go have some fun, eh?" That devilish smile... And that snicker. Was this the plan all along? "Lord knows I've been absolutely bored to death... To DEATH. So let's fulfill both of our wishes, as wish-makers, hm? There's nothing we can't do. And I know you're the only one who cares! So, in the name of love..." He held his hand up, fingers prepared in a snapping configuration... "I love you, too, Titania. Hmhmhmhm..." And, in a snap, the two were gone.

Khrona: 'Let's leave these two to their dream... They'll take Chaos with them wherever they go... Hmhmhm.'

Where they appeared was befitting of their monumental union. "... Huh. I didn't expect to bring myself here." A beautiful, Edenous garden filled with nothing but pure serenity and bliss. Gorgeous. "... I guess this is where I go now when I want Solitary Alone Time, hm? Guess that means I've learned to control myself. Ahahaha..." He looked down at his hands, and Twelve Masks manifested before him. Each different pieces of himself that he had instantaneously created to sustain his power. "... A true masked man, huh? I won't let them see my face... Not unless it's my dear daughter..." He waited to make the 'Summoning Contract' with her. He wished to be her 'Summon' from now on. "... I guess I've ascended. Hahahahahahaha!" Pure. Bliss.

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