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 Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Climax

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Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Climax Empty
PostSubject: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Climax   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Climax EmptyThu Jun 18, 2020 5:34 pm

The state of the world -- despite the efforts of not only the Demon Princess and Khrona, but now all of the Village Leaders and the strongest powers on the planet -- was still going to all hell. They were all lost and in turmoil, even with all of their knowledge and power combined. They were, more or less, working toward their own ambitions and coming together when it was convenient, as it had generally always been, but were finding it hard to make ends meet with each other considering their less than malleable personalities attempting to mesh. For the most part, they seemed to all agree that this needed to be dealt with as swiftly as possible... But perhaps it was each of their ulterior motives that were preventing these things from occurring more than anything, despite their efforts as a team.

In their desperate attempt to gather themselves, the greatest threats that world had ever seen, the Devourists -- or, World Eaters -- that were of Khrona's Royal Ancestry were returning... Grimlock, one of the 'Original Trinity', had descended upon the land from beyond the Edge, as he had been waiting for nearly a millennium along with the 'Primordial Trinity' that he brought with him, bringing also with him the restoration of his brother, Grimnyzmal -- whom had been defeated by the Dark King quite a while ago when sent to that planet before. Now, their father, Grim was with them, and the three Devourists were making their mark on the land. Even Khrona was at his wit's end in dealing with all of this, and that was saying something. Dealing with his own Insanity and now family related issues that apparently threatened all existence, as well as the ongoing issues of the planet, it was only a matter of time until his very own breaking point...

Fortunately, now he had his lover to break his insanity... Little did he know, she was literally made up out of his own dreams -- his own power, and was just another version of himself that he could not recognize due to the form his Godly power had taken. Still, he loved her, and she loved him, and through their love they created Trinity -- a being once of pure Consciousness summoned from the Dream World; a Friday The Thirteenth Fairy. This family consisting of the mother Friday The Thirteenth Fairy, the daughter Friday The Thirteenth Fairy, and the creator -- and lover -- of the Friday The Thirteenth Fairy, they would take the world by storm.

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Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$
Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Climax Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Climax   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Climax EmptyThu Jun 18, 2020 6:05 pm

Only a simple Wish called her presence to be; the Mother of the Faeries, Titania, and the blood mother of Trinity, the Daughter Friday The Thirteenth Fairy. They just wished hard enough to exist and she did... She was finally here in every way.

Trinity: "Mommy... Are you here now? It's my turn to help you... Come back to this world... I want you to be by my side along with Daddy and the rest of the family..."

She waited for her mother's response. Either way, the Bond was established.

A flurry of dreamy smog drifted over the area, releasing a fragrance of consciousness that seeped into the very fabrics of reality itself... And she smiled. "... Trinity... I am glad that you are my daughter. Some would forget their parents in their strife... But now, you're internalizing me forever as your 'Guardian'... And I will guard you with my life. And so will your father. And the rest of the family." She nodded her head. That was a promise.

Khrona appeared before her, as well, with his arms outstretched, picking up his little girl and embracing her in his arms. Today was the day she was born into this world, completely and fully... "Happy Birthday, my dear, sweet Daughter Friday The Thirteenth Fairy..." He touched her wings with his own, and kissed her atop her forehead. "And, as a special birthday gift... I give you the 'Black Dragon', as a summon to always have your father around..." A symbol of his love for her. A Summon in addition to her Guardian. Now, mother and father were with daughter eternally. How cute. "Heh... I almost forgot about my first child..."

And suddenly, Khrona disappeared, appearing before a lifeless, pumpkin-headed 'Scarecrow'.

A 'Jade Ring' appeared before the lifeless body of the 'Scarecrow', manifesting from itself the being that was Khrona Tensei. He was made of pure and utter light, smiling at his first true son... And it was himself. "I'm my own father... So let me give birth to myself once again..." He twisted the ring, and it ignited with a powerful 'Clear Flame'. This 'Clear Flame' ignited the Pumpkin's head, causing it to explode with sheer and utter force of will. The rainbow coloring that was the new body of pure light that was Tigen... Ignited through the will of Khrona. "Now, even you are a Tensei... Yet, you always were. And so was your family. And now, even they get to live again. No one is going to be forgotten..." Khrona gave a nonchalant salute to Tigen and Nero, -- the son of the Sky King -- his work here being done. Now, was the final hour...

The Rekindling sequence had activated within Tigen's very existence; a failsafe to ignite his flame whenever he used up all of his power at once, which he was so frequently prone to do when handling large tasks... Something that always happened for him out of the blue whenever his flame went out, that he never understood why it would relight in the past until now... Where he saw the face of his savior. "... Khrona..." He was the one that kept Tigen alive all of this time. Tigen felt a piece of himself within Khrona, and realized that they were both the same... Khrona's soul was so large now, though... It didn't need to be confined to the body of a scarecrow... "... You've gotten control..." The flame burned over the pumpkin head, the dimensional felt body, and over into the shape of the soul of a little kid no older than the age of thirteen. This was the true Tigen, a being of pure and utter Freed Will. He was part of Khrona's Soul. "... So Tigen's true body can be sustained as well!" He rose from Nero's arms, now resembling a sort of pure energy that Nero did, except not from the 'Lifestream', as he was from... but from the 'Flames Of Eternity', the souls of the Tensei family. He looked exactly like his ancestor... Clear; a powerful light holding in all of the colors merged into one to make darkness that was his inner flames... Eternally burning. "Heehee. This makes Tigen the new PumpKing." It was promised that the moment Tigen was to fix Dimensia, he would come to rule it all in the stead of his father, the Pumpking. So Tigen was already rightful owner. "Nero! Want to go see Tigen's dad? Tigen has to go take the crown off of his head before Tigen is truly crowned as PumpKing." It wouldn't take long. Such a coronation was simply the induction of the flame of the Pumpking into the heart of the chosen heir, to let his physical body roam free across the lands of Vescrutia to start life over. "Teehee~!" He was quite ecstatic.

With all the good going on, something else was going on elsewhere simultaneously...

The Dark King hopped through the forest in the Dusk; he felt as though it was a place with a lot of villainous activity -- it was a good place to look for any of the Horsemen. He planned on using one if he could get his hand on it... To lure out the one he wanted... As he figured death to be biding his time. As he jumped through the forest trees, he reflected his session with the Earth King. It was still such a good feeling to not have the 'Void' be burdening his mind right now... It would take a lot more to do so from now on... But how long was 'now on'...?

'Dark King.' An odd voice called out his name in the eerie breeze of the wind; a familiar voice, yet ghastly, like a Phantom... '... I know what you seek. I see everything that goes on within the Dusk... I'm glad you've finally decided to come here for answers.' On the wave of the second breeze, the form of a familiar face manifested beside the Dark King, hovering alongside him as he leapt from tree to tree. This face, sprouting now a body from thin air, belonged to none other than... Khrona. "... I've always wanted to help." For the first time in forever, Khrona and the Dark King could meet face to face... And want the same goal.

"Would it kill you to pave a sidewalk through here?" the Dark King said. Hopping along, he looked over from under his shades. After the affair at Shinigami's, he figured Khrona'd rather fight him than help him, but this time being wrong would be a good thing. He suddenly stopped and crouched on a tree branch, looking down at the ground. "If you know what I'm looking for already, then we can skip that part... But what do you want in return for the information?" Suddenly he was on the ground he was looking, at even though he wasn't known for having any teleportation abilities.

Chuckling mostly to himself, Khrona enjoyed the Dark King's witty humor in all of this. "Wouldn't wanna tamper with the natural order, ya know?" This forest had been petrified a long time ago, and moving these trees was kinda... Difficult for a forest that has completely stopped growing. But, in the end, it was a joke. So Khrona simply chuckled. As such... His response was a witty joke as well. How cute. "What I want, Dark King...? Hahaha. I already told you what I want." He extended his hand to the Dark King, giving him a warm, welcoming smile. They were both on the ground now, as Khrona seemed to be following the Dark King's presence everywhere it manifested. "I just want to help you reach your goal. "

"..." The Dark King looked at his hand for a moment... And considered the options at hand. Refuse and continue to aimlessly look, or accept the offer of someone he didn't know well enough to trust. In the end, he really didn't see the first option as a legitimate one -- he had to take any information he could. He extended his hand; he was left-handed, but he shook with his right, -- his always gloved hand -- to hide up the seals on his fingers. He shook for a moment, in a very causal un-stern manner. "Fine, but do try and not backstab me along the way... I... Have little to no leads though... When the Horsemen left, I had already been heading to Shinigami in my less then pristine mental state... And I wasn't able to keep track of them."

A gloved hand extended to meet his non-gloved one, Khrona having overcome his fear of touching people. He finally took off his gloves. In truth, to seal the deal, he wished to shake the Dark King's sealed hand to show his trust, but he could tell that the Dark King was not comfortable with that... Especially through his words. Khrona couldn't help but to laugh at it again. He knew that this time, the Dark King was not joking, but it was funny how he thought what he thought of Khrona... It was adorable. "Backstab you? Well why in the hell would I ever do that?" It made absolutely no sense to Khrona, but, hey, to each his own. At least the Dark King would be assured... That Khrona had no intention of ever doing so, even after it was brought to his attention. So, with a firm and confirming grip, Khrona pointed toward the depths of the 'Pale Forest'. "... Connected to the very end of the 'Pale Forest' is the 'Mysti Jungle'... In the very center of the 'Mysti Jungle', there is a tree -- the 'Tree Of Life'. A Horsemen has fled there for recovery... And plans to drain the 'Tree Of Life' of all its power to restore life to herself as well." A gentle fog of mist just so happened to pass by, and Khrona, with a gentle hand, would manipulate it to flow into his palm, in the shape of a sphere. "This is 'Myst'. In the Dusk, Myst is a primordial source of power. Of life. It powers Chakra, Manna and is Energy itself. If there is no more Myst... Hm. Well. You're smart enough to know that from there." And, with a wave of his hand, the Myst would drift back along as it was... "... So what are you going to do? I've given you the lead... Do you want me to go with you, or is this something you want to do yourself? I'm all ears." Finally... He could help the Dark King, too. He was... More than elated to do this. So much more.

Khrona's comment about not stabbing the Dark King in the back made him cock an eyebrow at him. It must have been nice to be so trusting, but to the Dark King, trust was a very hard thing to earn, especially when it came to shinobi. The term itself instills deceit in his mind. However... "Come with me. I can't exhaust too much energy; if my plan works out correctly, then I'll be luring out Death and I need to be in good form." He spoke the truth -- it would be bad to use up too much chakra now. He knew all about the 'Tree Of Life'; the 'Myst' would be a good boost to chakra intake if he utilized it here -- it was a good place to fight so close to the 'Tree Of Life'.

"Understood.. let's head there now." 'Ah, this feeling...' Trust... Heh. It isn't tough to earn at all. As long as you always tell the truth and do what is right, there is no stabbing someone in the back. That is what Khrona believed. "Come. I'll show you the way." And, like a dream, the two of them would fade away into the breeze, on the wavelength of the world... The planet was taking them where they needed to go. Khrona was just gliding across the correct channels to get there as swiftly as possible... On a single wavelength.

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Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Climax Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Climax   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Climax EmptyFri Jun 19, 2020 11:31 am

Pestilence: "Ugh... The Dusk... What a vile thorn in my side..."

A pest to Pestilence? Ahahaha... How ironic. That boy with the power to dispel her... What sort of magic did he have...?

Pestilence: 'Manna... King...'

From the memories of the former 'Head Witch', Pestilence was able to tell just what relation he had to her.

Pestilence: 'Tch... No wonder.'

She could see that their manna power was powered by their own love for each other... The bond that they shared. Such a force couldn't be overwhelmed by even her insects, for they couldn't drain something whose power exceeded theirs. "..." Lurching down to the Iifa Tree's bowels, she stopped and thought humbly, reflecting on her prior defeat... "... Maybe I need... Someone like that, too..."

On a gentle swirling breeze, Khrona and the Dark King would manifest before the massive, impressive 'Tree Of Life'. Its roots were as large as some of the places inside of the Villages, and they stretched out all under the Dusk and then some. To put it simply, the grandeur of this huge, beautiful tree was... Magnificent. "Here we are; the generator of all the 'Life Energy'. There's a Horseman inside of there, you know... But, with two very large power signatures such as ourselves... It's not like that Horseman can't sense us..." The thick, rolling mist hid the roots below them, even though they stood right above them. Caution should be taken when walking upon the roots of the tree. "... Oh, a word of warning... This Myst gives life. It also gives life to itself, manifesting its form as creatures. That's why we've got so many in the Dusk... The Myst takes on life of its own sometimes." Khrona had to make sure the Dark King knew what he was getting himself into... He didn't want him to blindly walk into the darkness of the Dusk... That's how people get lost. "If you can figure out how to convert the Myst into Chakra, you definitely should... Before it gets a mind of its own, ya know?"

"I understand the Myst well, don't worry... We can use it to our advantage... But for now, it's best if we kept it like this. Remember, we aren't the threats to the tree here. She is." The Dark King's eyes darted around looking for her -- or more specifically, her chakra signatures... She was quite good at hiding. However, she probably wouldn't come out until she figured a way to heal herself with the tree, so they needed to flood her out. So in a moment he made a hand seal, when he did so, his eyes flashed red for just a moment... Suddenly a vortex of water began swirling up above him; it wasn't normal water, but 'Void Water'... He was making it appear from the Void without using a Dark Portal. Something unfathomable to him before yesterday. Like a rat, the highly absorbent 'Void Water' gushed down down into the tree's roots, attracted directly to 'Pestilence'. When it got to her, it would attempt to raise her to their level.

Writhing deeper and deeper down the veins of the great tree, 'Pestilence' found herself near the very bottom, where the 'Soul Keeper' lies... The heart of the Tree. "Ah... The Soul Keeper... I'll take its strength and become the Tree Of Life... Life itself... And be--" She stopped. The sound of... Water. It formed outside of the Tree Of Life, around two very intense power signatures... 'What? I've been found? How...?!' She wasn't aware how she could have been found so swiftly, nor that she didn't notice the presence of these two until one used Jutsu... It was the Tree Of Life. It was one with all life, and as such, the Myst completely blocked out all other lifeforms, since they were on the same wave of life. Until the Jutsu was made, the energy was all the same energy; that of life, meaning the Tree Of Life was naturally able to hide life forces of other beings. This gave her an idea... '... I'll just have to bide my time, then... and proceed carefully...' The 'Void Water' was well within her earshot, and now, she could monitor it with ease, as it was the only altered energy within the tree. If she didn't attack, it shouldn't be able to find her through all the Myst... So, watching it wherever she was, she crawled slowly... Slowly... Slowly down lower toward the tree's heart... Cautiously.

Khrona could sense her... Yet, couldn't pinpoint her. Her energy signatures were hidden in the Myst, as if they had assimilated and become one. Perhaps her vision of them was something of the sort, too. "... This Myst... It assimilates to all life that is around it, and acts as if that life is its own life. It's only because we are all living. So... Finding her is like taking a shot in the dark... Unless we go in after her." Khrona seemed to understand the situation rather well, even if he knew little to nothing about the Horseman inside. He was easily able to keep track of the Void Water, but... If the Myst assimilated to the life around it, then the Void Water would be lost looking for said Horseman, since her presence would be all around... Even out here. "... Is that water able to track the Horseman? I feel it all around... Do you know how to pinpoint the location?" Khrona hoped so... Going inside of the Tree Of Life was a mission in and of itself.

"Indeed I do. Step two..." He changed his hand sign; the moment he did, the water began expanding... So quickly, it was ridiculous. It had been dormant until now, but it now had free roam to absorb all the potent mist down below and convert it into it's own matter.. Void Water. And as the water grew and grew, it absorbed the mist faster... And as the mist cleared, it was obvious where her location was. "I found her..." the Dark King said. Khrona couldn't see what was going on, but the Dark King assumed he felt it. "I've filled the bottom of the tree... The roots, so to speak... I'll send it up... Forcing anyone in there to have no choice but to head up, themselves."

Creeping down as cautiously as she could, Pestilence focused on the green glow at the very bottom of the Tree Of Life; the 'Life Energy' that seemed to sustain the 'Soul Keeper' that was this Tree's life. '... Just a little more...' She was so close to the bottom level, ready to confront that monster and absorb its energy into herself... But... The green glow suddenly stopped. It was now nothing but... Blackness. 'What!?' The shroud of the mist was gone now, and the waters below were the ones taking it in. "... That's the water I heard of before... It's trying to take down the Tree Of Life..." No... Her plans were crumbling now by the powers of those interlopers... And so too would the Tree Of Life fall if she did not do something. "To die eternally... That's... Something I don't want..." So finally, she made haste. A mad dash toward the 'Soul Keeper', disregarding the Void Water that was below. It was only absorbing the Mist, and she was still cloaked rather well until all of the Mist was gone. Her time was short, however. "Soul Keeper... This is the end of your life. A weird black water has come to absorb everything that is this tree and wipe it clean of all life with its constant absorption... So... We are going to assimilate." The Void Water actually helped her, in this sense, for if the Soul Keeper's power was getting drained by the Void Water, then Pestilence was strong enough to consume the weakened soul of the tree. And so... She leapt toward the giant wriggling membrane of vines and mist and... Allowed her influence to enter.

Pestilence: 'Now... Stop this water...'

Her insects devoured the Soul Keeper whole, without any struggle, without any hesitation. Thus, the power of the Myst had become that of Pestilence... And her power was restored. From her entire body, to stop this water, an equal amount of Mist was expelled, halting the Void Water where it stood. The power of the Myst was infinite... It was the power of Life. So the Void would continue to consume this life until it gained life of its own... And that Life would belong to Pestilence. 'Become... My... Pest...'

A shift occurred in the tree rather abruptly, the change was something that Khrona was able to feel at the very bottom of his soul... "... What? This feeling... It feels like..." His 'flesh' was crawling. The Horseman inside had altered her presence to that of the Myst, and now the Myst was all around, trying to take in everything like a leech. It felt like... "... Pestilence. That's the Horseman that's inside. And it seems like she's gotten hold of the soul of the Tree Of Life..." That was absolutely terrible. "... That Void Water... It constantly takes in everything, right? So what would happen if she took in the Void Water with her own Pestilence...? Would you become part of her, or she a part of you...? Or would you be at... A standstill?" Khrona shuddered. He didn't really like the feeling of being a pest... He wondered how the Dark King felt about it... This Pestilence...

"Step three. The Void Water is the matter that makes up the Void... By bringing it here, I am creating a paradox in the universe... You see... Nothing can change in the Void once you enter it. The Void Water is the reason for that... Should she attempt to take over it..." The Dark King smiled. Through the water itself he could see and hear and feel; he knew her presence was all around, and though the Dark King was stopping the water from physically hurting the tree, her presence, however, he would not stop. "... The Void Water will simply stop existing here... The change in it will transport it back to the Void... With any power she has obtained or created in the process. Any and all changes with that matter present are overwritten when it disappears. However we now know where she is... And that is the point, isn't it...? Come." It was true, but he was leaving out one fact about the water that he did not tell Khrona... The fact that it was already alive, in a way... It was matter made up of the collective data of absorbed individuals. The Dark King held Khrona's arm with a tight grasp and switched places with some Void Water using his 'Matter Replacement' skill. They were now within a few feet of her. The Void Water shot up and above the Dark King was a Dark Portal that appeared above him. There was no need to waste chakra using it now, feeling her presence he spoke. "You have your power back... Quit hiding now, please... It's... Unsightly."

Like the Dark King, Pestilence was well able to feel the direct presence of the Dark King through his Void Water, linking its source back to him. 'What a pest...' Who would have thought that Pestilence would be annoyed by one of the little pests, herself...? The Void Water seemed to thirst for her presence, which would soon assimilate with the entirety of the Tree Of Life, itself. She no longer was simply drawing power from the Tree Of Life -- she WAS the Tree Of Life. Even the Myst would surge with a dark evil. Not too long after, the Void Water had shifted its form to that of the Dark King, who spoke so calmly to this deranged Gray Horseman. "You really have that much gall, do you? Insect... You're a spawn of me and my brothers and sister. You're condemned. Tell me; what could you possibly want from me, you black plague?" The arms of machines droned from every side of the tree, like new vines produced from the very deeply rooted earthen vines. It was becoming part of her even more. Her Pestilence was spreading... Her plague...

Khrona could smile seeing the Dark King so casually seek out the Horseman. The Void in action... Why, Khrona hadn't seen it past that one encounter with the Dark King, himself. "Perhaps he'll grace me with a friendly spar at the end of all of this..." Khrona closed his eyes, raising a hand slowly up in front of him, wrist limp and fingers barely lifted... "... I guess Pestilence really did get the best of the Tree Of Life... Now she'll send her filth into the whole system. Sigh..." Khrona's fingers formed into the motion as though they were about to snap, holding back an insane amount of raw, unbridled energy being suppressed and focused into the single point in reality gripped by him. "... Just one word, Dark King, and the entire tree..." He smirked, chuckling nonchalantly... "... To Dust..." Khrona was beyond ready to have some fun. These two were out.

"... How annoying... It's corrupting the tree at a very quick rate." The Dark King looked around... How could he get her to assimilate before them...? What if he just blew the entire thing sky high? But the Tree Of Life is important to the Dusk... No, he couldn't do that. "Our first priority is to get her to take her physical form... And avoid the next attack. It will certainly try infesting us next. Do you have any Ideas?" he asked lowly to Khrona. The Dark King knew the core of her being was around here; he felt it. For now, he simply knelt down and put his hand on the ground, sensing the chakra type of both the Tree and the Horseman; plans began forming in his head at the speed of light. "Pestilence is a name well deserved, but without living things to corrupt, you are nothing more than bacteria..."

A low hiss and the sound of machinery whirred through the innards of this tree, through the darkness itself... There were more of these metal vines being created by the second, and soon the entire Tree Of Life would become some sort of artificial hub for Pestilence, itself. She wouldn't allow for these two to stop her now... 'Wretched bugs... My life is not dependent on you! You are MY spawn! Do not dare rise up against your mother so haphazardly!' And all too quickly, the Myst thickened... This dreary black plague burst from the very top of the tree and swept down to the very bottom, filling whatever was within with the utter putrescence that was this vile creature's will. 'Let even your monstrously disgusting DNA become your pest... Your burden... Like you filthy leeches are to me!' Whatever was within this mist would find its own power eating itself... Chakra would be depleted for the both of them by them draining their own energy for their cells to consume each other; wasted energy, wasted potential. In the thick of the blackness would also come these thin strands of metal vines, ready to skewer them under the blanket of black and to absorb their power directly into the Tree Of Life to power it... No longer would this tree give life and produce life... It would only consume life, and take it away... 'These roots... These vines... Draw in the power from this world you are so deeply engrossed in...' And, in moments, the atmosphere outside of the tree would become dreary... Dry... Devoid of any life. Barren. She was sucking this planet dry, in huge, fatal swoops. She was not only one with the tree now, but starting to become one with the planet. Her spread quickened...

With fingers still in place, Khrona awaited the Dark King outside of the tree, observing all that was transpiring with Hyper Perception. "... Tch. What a drag. She's absorbing power from the very planet now..." Khrona had an idea of his own, which would also help the Dark King to find her core. He would have to keep things commandeered from the outside, though, so that the presence of Pestilence didn't spread anywhere outside of the already deepened roots it had. "... Yeah, I do have an idea. Should give us a bit of time." Khrona wasn't wearing one of his favored masks -- the 'Geists' -- so he was in his fifth form; physical body with all the power of the thirteenth, yet restrained  -- since he isn't wearing the crown. Either way, this form had MORE than enough power to stop even someone like Pestilence. "Absolute Despair..."


Just like that, with a snap of the fingers, a barrier of Rejection covered the entirety of the radius of Pestilence's current influence, even in the roots of the Tree. Her power was cut off from getting out, however... "Dark King. I've cut off her power from reaching the outside, but now she's just gonna infest the inside. We don't have a lot of time before this becomes her domain in its entirety." Khrona knew the risks of doing what he did, but also knew that he and the Dark King could take care of Pestilence long before that happened. "I've placed a barrier of pure Rejection over us, allowing absolutely nothing in, and absolutely nothing out. It rejects everything, and I do indeed mean everything, by using everything to reject everything else. Namely, Pestilence." Naturally, everything used to create the barrier from thin air would indeed be repulsing everything else, making it seem like a sort of tension had risen in the immediate area within 'Absolute Despair'. "... Well, I guess this is the time to act. Our influence won't effect the outside world anymore. Let's go nuts, huh?" He chuckled nonchalantly to himself... Khrona was always nuts. He was insanity itself, after all. Everything he did was just fucking... Insane! "Ahahaha!"

"Understood, I'm going to send her your way... Hit her hard." Though they were apart, the Dark King spoke out loud, his words drifting into Khrona's mind and vice versa. He got up off his knee and walked over to a certain vine, where Pestilence started her corruption of the tree. With a flick his wrist, 'Death's Scythe' of no real name appeared in his hand, a scythe capable of hitting even the spiritual... And sever it from other things. This influence she had growing in the tree and herself were not completely one and the same. No, her actual presence was right here connected to the rest. "With your brother's weapon... I sever you." Suddenly, the scythe flared and grew to three times its size and spiraled with black. He swiped at the specific spot on a large root; he would be aiming to sever her direct connection -- not stop her influence -- causing her to form a physical shape for him to hit upward through the tree hard in a seventy four degree angle toward Khrona.

Nutrients... So many nutrients... A tree would be best for a pest to infest, naturally. She could feel the entire planet sinking, coursing straight into her very veins... Oh, how delicious it was to have her baby return to her womb. It was a good feeling... Wonderful, even... Though, moments after she started, she was cut off quite quickly. '... Hm? Ugh... I guess the other little roach is helping out from the outside... No matter...' She drew in all the nutrients that she could from this land, focusing them into her own being... How delicious it was... Mmm... 'Silly children... Let me reprimand you... whip you back into your place...' She stared at the Dark King now, from the Soul Keeper, this Lord Of Darkness before her refusing to be wiped clean by the black plague, itself... The metallic vines lashed at the Dark King, so very close to penetrating his body, as the mist rolled in thick around it... But, that scythe, that oh so familiar scythe manifested from his wrist and was taken into his hand. '... WHAT!? You even have... My brother's...?--'


The scythe of death had severed the spiritual ties of Pestilence to this tree, forcing her to manifest into her own original personified form she took on before. She was wounded, granted, but it was nothing less of a simple flesh wound to her. She sneered at the Dark King with an unbridled disgust that could only be answered by the writhing of the vermin that wailed painfully through the entire essence of this tree... It was being hurt just the same as she, and it caused the mist to halt and the vines to retract... Just for a moment. "... Revolting."


She couldn't stand that she let this happen... She was already so weak, being purified by that putrid boy, and now being thrown around by these two bogarts? Her mechanical limbs took the brunt of the blow from the Dark King, leaving her no physical harm, yet she still soared through the air... "... Pusillanimous." Before she reached too far upward, her mechanical spider-like legs stretched forth, driving themselves into the very vastly spaced apart roots of the tree, letting her naked, fleshy body dangle almost helplessly about in the center of the dark mist that lingered up above the Dark King's present area. "... You thought I was FINISHED with you, worm? I just want to see you WRITHE!!" Her body tensed, and as it did, so did those mechanical legs. The power of their tension quaked even this great and mighty tree, and would cause the platform Shinta stood on to shake uncontrollably. Eventually, her control would be restored slowly as she recovered, and the mist would start to stir again... The vines started to lurch once more... When she was done synchronizing again, it would mean the end for the Dark King.

"Hahahaha..." Khrona was having fun just watching this, even if he did want to get into the fray haphazardly. The Dark King was doing a fine job not letting the Tree Of Life be destroyed, and in fact, Khrona should have been following his example. "Even with all this knowledge, I still have much to learn..." He held up his hand, a mask materializing into the tip of his index and thumb, covering half of his face. Only that single sanguine gleam from that blood red orb could be seen tinting the air of 'Absolute Despair'... "... Sometimes, you've gotta mask your power to do the job right... You can't just destroy everything just cuz it's fun." Khrona's smile grew larger... Wider... Oh, it was flaring up within him, this will to fight... His will to do anything... Utter insanity. With saw-toothed pearly whites finally revealed, at the last second, Khrona did put on this mask 'Esmovoigeist', the 'Way To Seven'. "... 'Restriction 666', Release..." Putting on this mask, Khrona's body fell limp, motionless, as if he had no more will to do anything, except say these last words... "... 'Absolute Terrain' deployed..." The field around him became absolutely impenetrable, much like the barrier of 'Absolute Despair'. With his limp body protected completely and absolutely, he let his emotions run wild... And the first of the 'Seven Sages Of Khrona' were made...

???: "... You already know... I hate bugs..."

The Minotaur...

Stage 1; Angst.

It appeared at the very top of the tree, peering down into the abyss below and straight into the abyss that was the Dark King, and before him, Pestilence. His eyes narrowed, looking at them both with a dim angst that just... Irked him.

The Minotaur: "... You two... Wear a heavy burden on my kindled dark heart..."

This madness... Khrona's methods... What was the meaning of all of this? Was this Minotaur out to destroy Pestilence or destroy everything? Looking at its hands, it was trying to decide... 'Which of these two infuriates me more...?'

"... Khrona... You better know what you're doing..." The Dark King took a deep breath. The next step of his plan required Khrona to strike at Pestilence when she was open, but it seemed they weren't the best at working together yet. It was expected. Not to mention this... Form he took, whatever it was. He calculated there being a chance he, himself, would be attacked by it. No matter; he had to stay focused on solutions, not worrying about the problems themselves. Randomly, an angelic figure appeared beside the Dark King, it was the Archangel known as 'Thgil', a foe he absorbed long ago, reconstructed with reverse 'King Of Darkness'. "Thgil. If you wouldn't mind putting those holy powers of yours to work and slow the infection of this tree..." The angelic figure did not speak, he just made a hand sign and a forcefield of white centered around himself and slowly grew outward. The Dark King, on the other hand, grew a more demonic look; his horns, wings, and tail sprouted out, giving him the obvious ability to fly, but more than that. His speed was increased a hundredfold. He Took off quick at Pestilence; he knew in a raw one-on-one he could overpower her and he would attempt to do so, with the scythe in hand.

Waiting... Patient... Concocting... Restoring... Her powers were coming back, and the mist thickened heartily, veiling her visage even to the Dark King and this new beast above, whose power seemed negligible to the new power of the Dark King. She would not let them get the best of her... Not ever. "Do you know what an insect sounds like when it dies...?" Her attention was drawn, first, to the steadily growing light that was inside of the tree... How putrid. Did he really think that she wouldn't catch on? "... You're just a shadow of a man... I'll crush you and let you find out... That sound..." That noise, though it pained her, it was like a euphoric ecstasy to hear something scream so painfully, even if it was one of her own. She remembered it dearly... Sweetly... And the 'Black Plague' spread.

The Dark King flew toward her, bursting through the mist, which would simply flow right around him, heading for Thgil to block off his power. If all of the mist were keeping the light from shining, she could simply produce more of it to keep him sustained whilst she fought the Dark King. That scythe... Though deadly to her flesh, meant nothing to her own weapon, the machine fixated and fused to her neck and back. Like a spider, she flung herself upward, toward the top of the tree, yet pulled herself to one side of it after a while, crawling around the diameter of the tree so that she wouldn't have to go up to the top. Thereafter, the top of the tree would seal itself off with those twisted coiling metallic vines, blocking off the Minotaur from the innards of the tree. She wasn't about to handle two at once... 'Foolish little devil boy... The longer you stay in here, the quicker you become my next meal...' The tree still did absorb the life force of those nearby, even of the Dark King's. The Minotaur, the Dark King, and Thgil would find themselves having themselves eaten from the inside out by themselves the longer they were in the presence of this tree... Soon to become nothing more than insects to her. All she had to do was wait...

Standing atop this tree, staring down into the darkness, The Minotaur hadn't come to a direct decision on who to take his angst out on... The Dark King, the man whose very mind caused a lapse of bubbling impurity to surge within or... Pestilence, who had just blocked off his vision and entrance into the fray of battle?

The Minotaur: "... Let's do iiiiit..."

... ... ... Pestilence, all the way.

Stage 2; Annoyance.

The Minotaur, now with its target set, took hold of the metallic vines that threatened to steal its power without care, letting the vines absorb some of its pure, burning hatred to burn away the weak, insolent vines. And with hands fueled by the unstoppable rage of getting to his target... He ripped through the vines and shone his dark, flaming hair down into the tree, letting it illuminate with a burning, deep, crimson glow.

The Minotaur: "... Don't fear the darkness, Pestilence... Darkness is pure... Beautiful... Like my hatred..."

He jumped through the hole, immediately affixing himself to the side of the tree, as if all gravity had shifted within his body so he could stand and walk so easily along the surface. With hand outstretched, he showed a pure, burning flame... Blood red, illuminating his own body in its dark light, as he slowly droned closer...

'She's stalling for time; I'm not new to absorption or corruption techniques... I know this feeling. If it comes down to it... I'll initiate the Void... But I hadn't planned on using so much chakra..' Suddenly the 'Death's Scythe' dissipated and a long sword appeared in the Dark King's hand instead -- it was his 'Full Bring' sword, 'The Book Of The End'. After dealing with Shinigami of the Soul Sanctum, he used the knowledge he gained to make something similar to a Spirit Weapon... He called 'Full Bring'. He ran up the tree next to the Minotaur and swiped the tree and the Myst with his 'Book Of The End'. Somehow, as if it was set up in the past, in Pestilence's way would be set up several dozen traps directly in her path. Attached to the tree, they were chakra sensing, and when she got close, they exploded with a flurry of exploding tags, aiming to knock her off balance. The Dark King would then drop down into a Dark Portal and appear above her, coming down out of a second portal, slashing at her torso with his sword. But it was impossible for the Dark King to have set up a trap ahead of time and know where she would go up the tree... Indeed, but the main ability of the 'Book Of The End' was to slip your presence into the past of whatever you cut. The tree now was as if he had been here dozens of times before. He learned every alcove... Every hidden area and vine and root. He knew this place like the back of his hand and had even been here to set up traps before... At least, now that he slipped his presence here. As for her location... It was when he swiped the mist that held her corruptible energy now... That he learned that. If he made contact with her body now, it will not give her a physical injury... No, he will literally slip himself into her own past.

As Pestilence lie in wait, slowly lurking through the darkness, waiting for the right time to strike... The slash of the sword in Shinta's hand caused an odd distortion that she wasn't quite aware of the effects of. '... Hm...?' Encroaching slowly, her next step she took set off a flurry of explosions, which would give away her position entirely to the two of them. 'BARGH! Insolent...!!' She stumbled about, realizing now that just sitting and waiting wasn't going to work with them. Somehow, the devil boy had set up traps without her knowing, and now that she was aware, she could sense not only their presence in the tree, but HIS as well. '... But... How!?' Dumbfounded, Pestilence would not let silly reality tricks hamper her hostile takeover. She's just take him into her too, if necessary. 'Fine then... I'll burn you ants to cinders with the power of the Soul Keeper!! Burn with the power of the scorching sun!! 'INFERNAL DRAUGHT', INCINERATE!! At the very, very lowest point of the tree, a huge amount of burning hot energy started to conjure... Broiling at the lowest depths, it bubbled up and over, like molten lava ready to burn everything within away. The heat rose... The light grew... And eventually, the bubbling lava exploded with the power of a sun; combining the awesome burning might of the 'Infernal Draught' technique absorbed from the Soul Keeper with her own infernal power. In addition to them burning, so too would those pesky traps set by Shinta. The plague of draught was upon them... 'Burn, ants, burn...'

"Heat like that... Reminds me of fighting the Demon King..." Suddenly as the Dark King was approaching her still head on, without hesitation his seals exploded, a burst of energy blasted out and surrounded him like a bubble. However he then slowly condensed it down around his body like a tight suit rather than a bubble... But it didn't go down to the 'Beowulf' form... No, he had to make sure she existed still after the battle so that Death could revive her. The reality bubble sucked in the heat of the attack and spit it back out around him; he was still feeling the heat, but not enough of it to melt just yet. "Stop RUNNING AWAY FROM ME!" he shouted, using that same teleporting power from back in the forest with Khrona to encroach several yards in a blink. He powered through the heat and came in for a hard palm thrust, ready to unload multitudes of reality bending chakra... It was unlikely he would do this without taking a hit himself, but it was a sacrifice he was willing to take... After all, anymore waiting around and they were going to lose anyway.

These two... How they unleashed their fury for each other in such a boorish way... Where was their true hatred...? The hatred that festered within for so long before boiling over... Bubbling up like the lava that threatened to incinerate them...

The Minotaur: "... Where is it...?"

Crimson eyes leering through the pitch black shadows of his skeletal bull-face, the Minotaur's burning eyes locked onto them both in their petty squabble... He turned, his hand still holding out this glorious blood red flare...

The Minotaur: "... Your true hatred?"

As if in slow motion, the explosive lava shot upward, consuming the three of them in its porous heat...

The Minotaur: "... Let me show you... What it really looks like... To hate something..."

Stage 3; Disgust.

"... You two are... Disgusting..." The blazing yellow pool that filled this tree soon shifted to the same beautiful blood red as the flame The Minotaur previously held in his hand, and even this lava started to burn away and evaporate from the heat... The flames of Khrona's hatred must burn hotter than even this... Bursting from the top of the tree, the blood-like liquid flames did spout, arcing over like a horrid, grotesque gash in the flesh spewing the juices of life everywhere... All that were touched would be burned to dust. Even the tree itself would soon be feeling the heat... Khrona had abandoned his thoughts of saving the Tree Of Life and now only sought to eliminate his target... He was lost. "Can you feeeel it yet...? My hatred...?" Now, Pestilence, the Dark King and the Tree Of Life's safety were in terrible jeopardy... And, bursting up from the top of the spouting rain of fiery blood was the shape of the Minotaur, formed from the very spout itself. Now this dark creature looked to be the ruler of the Tree Of Life... The very top of it, with the trunk slowly beginning to ignite with these flames of hatred as well... It would all be no more... Soon enough...

Pestilence tried, she tried hard to stay away from both the Minotaur and the Dark King, with both of their folly tricks... Tire them out so that consumption would be all too easy... But even so, these two simply would not melt away. "You two are almost as persistently pestilent as I... It's almost disgustingly commendable..." By the time she finished, the Dark King had teleported before her, aiming to deliver yet another surprise blow to her... But this time, she was prepared. She could still sense the flux of his chakra, even with his almost instantaneous warping capabilities. Her mechanical spider leg barely made it up in time to meet with the palm thrust, knocking the leg away and allowing the palm to strike her shoulder, rather than somewhere vital, as Shinta formerly intended. This sent her spiraling violently toward the edge of the tree, where she started to feel the lava shift... "... Grrr... You repugnant little..." Before this heat got too intense, and before she slammed into the side of the tree, she would, miraculously, teleport to the outside. But... how? Perhaps, her leeching abilities still worked in this same accord, and she was able to absorb knowledge of the attack simply by being hit by it. She was a masochistic one, definitely... But how much could she really endure with such limited feed? The better question was... How long could they live with something feeding on them...?

Alas, her body warped toward the middle of the huge, barren land of utter red and roots, staring off at the distance toward some sort of... Barrier, of sorts? "... That boy's true body... He hid it all the way over there... If I can get to it, there will be no... Stopping me..." Her long, disgustingly seductive tongue lightly brushed past her lips, and over her sharp, jagged teeth, touching the single sharpest one, till her tongue bled... "He looks... Delicious..." Finally landing on the ground, she started to crawl furiously forward, warping a couple hundred feet forward every so often. She only gained a little power to warp from the Dark King, not enough to go too far too fast... But it would help her get close to the prize... Like a pest, she was resilient in her cause... And never gave up until she was dead.

After the Dark King hit her, he flipped down and landed on a room... It was time for surveillance of the situation... That Minotaur was becoming more of a threat then an ally... His eyes shifted around... He knew the tree so well now and it almost made him sad to see it perhaps gets burned down to the ground in the fight... Plus he could feel his chakra being zapped every second... Yes, every second counted... Every moment meant something in a fight down to the very little. This Hatred the minotaur spoke... The Dark King didn't feel... He didn't hate Pestilence at all. She was just someone he had to use right now. He felt no real emotions for her but pity. A pity that might be felt since he learned the way of the heart with the Earth King recently. So he had his heart on his sleeve sometimes. 'This is no good.. She's heading somewhere with haste I thought not imaginable for her to do... She's heading to something... And with that speed... it's important... I didn't want to have to do this. But the odds are just stacking against us too fast... Using the connection I have with the Void through the power of the heart... I can speed up the Void... At a loss of a lot of chakra... Can I still fight Death after this?'

"Mental Void..." the Dark King said with a sigh, quickly activating his special ability, which usually takes a long time to muster. The ground, the green... The roots... The mist... All of these things would dissolved around them all... And be replaced with darkness. Only the strong-minded could see a faint glimmer of light around other people in the Void.
The ground replaced with a never ending water... As never ending as the darkness that surrounded them. "Sorry... The game was being stacked against me. So I'm cheating... I don't like... Being the underdog." He made one hand sign but for now did nothing; he would not activate the 'King Of Darkness', of course... It would be against his goal to absorb her, anyway. He needed her to die... So that she could be revived. "But... Do attempt to corrupt this place, if you must... DO attempt to hide... Do attempt to leech off of it to survive... Depend on it..."

'What!? No... No...! Don't get distracted!!!' The blood red sky soon darkened, as did everything else stained with this crimson flame. It's light would soon be extinguished by the void that resided within the Dark King's head. 'The darkness... It's here...! So soon...?' Looking around at the quickly spreading blackness, the Minotaur did not for a second take his eyes off of the true target; Pestilence. Even in this darkness, the burning red eyes of hatred could not be extinguished by a simple void, and would still burn just as bright a red as they did before the Dark King took over the arena. That 'light' would shine bright in the darkness; for that was where the light did its best work. '... Are you both... My enemy...?!'

Stage 4; Frustration.

Removing himself from his tethering to the tree, the Minotaur pulled his feet from the spouting flames and into the air, falling leagues from the sky and gently onto the black waters of the 'Mental Void'.


Impact sounded so delicate... Quiet. An almost dark serenity was brought by it... And those flames that were incinerating this poor tree and burning away even its Life Energy... They started to subside, now being focused completely on the two targets at hand -- Pestilence and the Dark King. 'You brought me here to get rid of me, didn't you, Dark King...? Don't get clouded... Do not forget what this Hatred really is... And to whom it belongs...' Insanity was all that could describe this... Madness. The Minotaur took a single step forward, igniting the path around him as he did. The flames did not burn the water, simply rested atop; almost as if they were simply coexisting. Such absolute control over his own chakra... That meant...


Up in flames, in a heartbeat. The area around the Minotaur burnt dark sanguine red in the blackness, and threatened to spread closer and closer. Pointing to Pestilence, the bloody glimmer from his eyes lit the pathway around the barrier up in flames as well, almost like a spontaneous combustion of Hatred. 'Yeah... I guess it really does happen like that...' Pestilence would deal with the heat of those flames as soon as she reached the barrier... And if she survived, then perhaps she would witness true power... And so, the Minotaur took steps closer to the Dark King, leaving behind his lingering flames floating gently atop the water like fiery red flowers... The dark lotuses were blooming, the water rippling under their gentle touch. His hand which first pointed at Pestilence, now faced the Dark King, and that long, slender, limp finger which beckoned him so... It ignited at the tip, and slowly began to spread down his finger... engulfing his hand... encroaching its way up his entire arm gradually... 'This has only just begun, Dark King... Let's fill this void up with the light of... Hatred...'

Scurrying across this land, Pestilence could see following behind her the coming darkness that was the 'Mental Void'. Trying to outrun its consumption, she made her way finally to the point of interest; the barrier that protected the true body of Khrona. 'Here...' But before two words could be said, the darkness had come, washing itself upon the arena so fluidly... As shown by the water on the ground. Her flesh... She wouldn't let it touch that water. Only her mechanical legs, which seemed to have some sort of odd power capable of combating even the Dark King... She would step lightly atop these waters, like a pond skater... And gently, ever so gently, glide across. '... Hissssss... This darkness... It is nostalgic to me...' Peering deep into the waters, she could see her reflection for a moment... It almost looked like... Her old face... 'O... Orion...?' No, she shook her head, she couldn't be. It was an illusion. A trick. Her old face was long gone, long forgotten. She would only be alone in this world... Alone with her three kin of forthcoming destruction. That was their only purpose... To destroy what they love. Even themselves. That is why they could not love their disgusting forms... And destroyed what they used to be.
'Insects... Insolent... Insipid... Infuriating...' She clenched her fist, staring deep past her bristly, dry hair into the barrier... Only to see flame spurting up around her; bursting forth from the ground to push her back, and protect that which was already invulnerable. 'Extra protection...? Or... Maybe... Something to lure me in... The moth to the flame...' She sneered, jerking her head grossly toward the direction of the Dark King, once again... No matter what, the body was completely invulnerable, and the only two beings that resided in this world currently were the creator of it and the hatred of the one not within it. '... How much do you hate this place... To have these flames work in unison with it like this...?' His hatred... It was truly outstanding. But Pestilence would not falter... Realizing that the tree was a lost cause whilst within this world, the Dark King became the new target of interest... He was the creator, and thus, if destroyed, this world would be destroyed, as well. So all that was left to do was to destroy him by force... And with the gentle pitter patter of her slender pointed mechanical legs, like that of a pond skater, she proceeded with caution and tension...

*plip... plip... plip... plip...*

She couldn't run any farther. It was the end of the line. So... Do or die at the end of the line. She'd fight till the bitter end... Stubborn girl.

The Dark King stood there and cocked an eyebrow at this Minotaur... Hatred was a strong emotion. A negative one... It fueled darkness... But this madness fueled it... The Dark King was being pointed at... "Hatred, I've come to realize, is completely unnecessary to me..." Suddenly, as Pestilence was drawing near, he dissipated, for the Dark King was nearly omnipresent here. He reappeared behind her and tapped her on the shoulder. And then completely disappeared again. This time by the Minotaur of hatred, he simply touched him and nothing else, vanishing before much more could happen. He didn't reappear, but he did say in a loud, booming voice across the Void, "But if your hatred burns this strong, then it is something that I fear is necessary for you. Let it burn brightly." Suddenly the Void Water popped up around him and his flames, encasing him in an apartment sized room of volatile Void water. None of it aiming to devour or even harm him. Just encase him and keep him out of the Dark King's hair for a moment. The Dark King reconstructed himself by Pestilence, who he knew was finally ready to fight, and he would need to fight her for a bit one-on-one if he could. In his right hand, he held his 'Book Of The End' and in his left he held his 'Death's Scythe'. The Dark King had no fighting style per se, but he was skilled in the art of reacting quickly. So he came in swinging his scythe wildly with much power and weight behind the swings and a bit of dark chakra, to boot. "Scythe swipes are wide and easy to predict, Pestilence. Better use that to your advantage."

Khrona: '... Oh... Oh dear, did he...? He tried to put him in a box...? Oooooh no...'

The waters formed some sort of shape around the Minotaur... A rectangular prison of sorts made of the water of the Void... With his power so suddenly cut off from the other part of the world, the Minotaur did what he did best...

Stage 5; Anger.

'... Haaaaaaaattreeeeeeeddddddd...' The waters that attempted to confine him and his flames would find themselves in a heap of trouble trying to keep this beast contained... His hatred only grew more and more each second... The flames started to burn brighter, more intense, hotter... Hotter... Aiming to fill this infinite box with infinite hatred... Since it was fueled by its own power and the own insanity behind it... 'This box... Will be buuuuuurrrrnnnnneeeed!!!!!' It wouldn't be long, now... Before he escaped... His prison... One thing one should always remember about Khrona... Never put him in a box. In any way, shape, or form he is in.

This battle was going south fast for Pestilence... Already, the Dark King had taken the home field advantage, which allowed him omnipresence... This was already proven by the tap on her shoulder. 'Cretin...' She turned her head only to catch a glimpse of him moving away... She'd have to take advantage of that teleportation ability she leeched from him to engage with him in this fashion... 'Why must you make this such a difficult task...?! What is your affiliation to this tree that is so strong... That you KEEP RESISTING ME!?!?' The Dark King's scythe, the scythe of her dear brother... Like the elusive pest she was, she slipped right under, around and over the insane swipes of his scythe, ever so keenly keeping a sharp insect eye out for each of his strikes... With her senses and that ability to warp, Shinta would have a difficult time engaging her... Yet, the same could be said for her... '... And the beast? You've trapped that foul creature, haven't you...? I'd hate to see what happens when it's unleashed...' After one specific horizontal swipe, Pestilence would hop into the air and extend one of her tendrils toward the Dark King's face like a bolt of lightning, aiming to take his head clean off...

"What happens when he's released? Oh I'm sure he'll be angry." The Dark King snickered as he moved his head to the side to avoid her attack; it didn't work though, it cut clean through about fifty percent of his neck. A killing blow, usually. However he continued to talk. "So what are you, anyway...? You Horseman... You intrigue me to no end... What I mean by this is... What were you before... That... You weren't always one, were you? Death said once he was a regular man. Is that the same to you? Did you kill the old Pestilence?" The Dark King, with his neck still chopped, looked up at Pestilence, but suddenly she would appear right in front of him as he extended his hand out to grab her neck. You see, the Dark King didn't just control his own location... He controlled everyone's location here. He let her believe he only warped himself to lure her into a false sense of security. His arm went ablaze with Orion's dark purple chakra to blast her with enough energy to shake the waters below into tidal waves.

Khrona: '... I'd suggest you hurry... Before he goes out of control...'

This prison, though it seemed that it could not be broken by these flames, this Hatred would continue to fill, uncaring of how the odds seemed to be against the Minotaur... Eventually, his hatred would grow enough to the point where it would fill even the Void itself... Even if it took an eternity of eternally growing Hatred... 'Do you mock me...!? Do you think that this can REALLY contain me...!? Did you really... Really... REALLY think...!? Even for a second...!?!?'

Stage 6; Hostility.

'OR IS THAT VOID THAT IS IN YOUR HEAD... FILLED WITH NOTHINGNESS!?!? NOT EVEN COHERENT THOUGHT!!!!' His entire body was starting to become enflamed, now, relinquishing a physical form for a more insane output of power. This beast had now become these flames of hatred that could not be snuffed out, and all that was left was now this skeletal face... When these walls came down, there would be all hell to pay for it... ALL of it... Just a little more...

A clean strike, through the Dark King's neck... A fatal blow, it would seem, but not enough for him to be down for the count... In fact, it didn't seem to do him much harm at all... 'Drat... I knew I needed to make direct contact with his hea--' Yet, once again, before Pestilence was aware, she was right before the Dark King, with his flaming hand of the Orion lunging toward her delicate neck... Yet, when he attempted to squeeze, her head would fall to pieces; a billion different parasitic organisms, each wriggling their way up toward the darkness, to see which one would survive the natural selection of being the leech that could fully survive this power; with no repercussions. Her body, which would fall to the pool below, would also burst into an even larger amount of these organisms... For every cell in her body, there was a parasite trying to survive in a different, completely perfect way of symbiosis... And they would even slither their way, or even warp their way, toward the hole in his neck... Trying to infiltrate from within... With the tidal wave, they would all spread across the Mental Void, riding the wave until they reached the point where the waves subsided and calmed... Yet, these miniature pests had not yet been disposed of. Instead, they grew... They each grew into a different version of Pestilence, each of them still performing a different symbiotic merge with this place. The pests would enter his mind, one way or another... Each of them would find a way... And, each one would speak, from all across the Mental Void... '... It is true... We used to have a mortal form...' The creatures... They warped...

'... I am... The pest to all... If I am not, I will find a way... That is my role...' It was almost like an infestation... A hostile takeover, they were trying to commence... '... The pests from before... They found me... And consumed me... Just as I will do to you... And perhaps you will take on my curse... Of being the new pest of the universe...' They all let out a wretched, raspy cackle; one of insanity, as if this were their final hour. They were not all in unison, but in an awkward discord... No laugh matched the other, as they were all different, yet the same... 'I send my swarm, I send my horde... Thus saith the Lord...' She was... 'We are... Slaves. To this... Until the next one comes along... Until the new Heralds are chosen... Worthy of our plague... Or folly enough to take it on...'

"Sorry for your luck... It's not your role I'm after..." the Dark King said. Giving in a bit to the fight, he began to laugh again; he always got the most excited in the heat of battle. He saw all outcomes, good and bad... They all ran through his head at once. He knew how he could lose and how he could win. Every possibility as they happened played true... This always gave his mind a rush like he never felt... The feeling of absolute awareness. "You'll Have to be a slave a little bit longer... But when I take over... Perhaps I'll free you from those bonds..." Not paying attention to the parasites trying to get into his body, he turned at an exact thirty eight degree angle... Everything seemed in place now... He had his end game mapped out... Would it work...? "You should have learned earlier... Pestilence... In the Mental Void... Everything must stay the same as when they entered..." He brought down his scythe harder then he ever had, blasting such a shockwave at... Well, nothing... That could scare the entire planet if they were in it. But why blast at nothing...?
Because, like clockwork, all that she split into... All that she spread out and sent around... All that she sent at him... Would become again Pestilence in her normal form... For the Seventeenth Rule of the Mental Void states all things shall remain the same... If not, the Void will make it so. And it would. Right where she began and right in the midst of such a wide attack... But that was only part one of his end game... You see, he poked the bear earlier and the bear was a bout to re-emerge... It would strike hard at whomever drew close... And this blast was meant to push her right through that cage...

Khrona: '... Perhaps he knew what he was doing all along. Hmhm... Not like I'm the one trapped in this Void...'

These bindings that held this beast back... Could they really be strong enough to hold him for much longer?


The flames pounded at the waters, sending their horrid feelings of pure and utter hatred across the waves of the waters... He was getting closer... Closer...

The Minotaur: "Guh... Guh... GURRAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!"

Pounding... Pounding... Pushing... Pummeling... Something would give, sometime soon, and if it didn't, this Hatred would just grow stronger... Fueling itself... Perpetual energy...

Stage 7; Rage.


The crimson flames thickened, starting to take the form of another being... Eyes bleeding with utter unbridled fury, and body bulging with unfathomable power. It was going to burst... It REFUSED to be contained any longer... This was the final warning... Even its horrific cries traveled on every ripple of this water... It would NOT go unheard... It absolutely refused...

Just when Pestilence thought that she had captured this pestilent pest... She appeared right before him, the same as she was before she split apart. 'Hisss... I guess in your domain, your rules are your own... Regardless of what I may do...' As much as she hated to admit it, she had to play by the rules of the Dark King... But she could resist them to the very end. Yet, his words were intriguing to her... Take over? 'Ksssshhhhhh... What do you mean, Dark King...? 'Free me of my binds'...?' The first time she referred to him by name... Perhaps he was starting to get through to her... Speak her own language. Although, even so, the ripple of the dark Void Water below carried with it an intense feeling... A feeling that scared her out of her wits... She felt as though it came from the scythe, but it was utterly, completely terrifying... Horrible, even. To put even a Horseman on edge like this... It was as expected from someone who had Death's Scythe, though. 'Hrk....! This... Feeling... Is this... Your doing!?!?' It was... Paralyzing. She was paralyzed with fear... Of whatever Insanity this was... Within her metallic bones... 'What IS this...?'

With his hand still outstretched and blasting out waves of energy, the Dark King answered, "That's right... My aim is to become Death... To take over that position... Is my only goal... And I harbor no real ill will to you. In fact, you and I would get along in another life." The Dark King knelt down now and dropped the sword in one of his hands; with that, hand he created a hand sign he used for stability of the mind. Insanity, he was prone to, so he was focusing himself not to be overwhelmed by it, using the power of the heart he learned with the Earth King. "That feeling is not coming from me... Pestilence... No, you used my name... I wish to know your name... The one you were born with." The Dark King was right; he may be a terrifying battler when the chips were down, but this feeling was coming from the cage that was only... As he calculated, three seconds from breaking open. Pestilence was about three seconds away from it as well... Given her current speed of travel.

Khrona: 'Three seconds till all hell breaks loose, eh...? Well, I guess it's time to give em hell... Hahahaha. That's all I can call this beast, anyway... 'Absolute Hell'.'


It was coming undone... Finally, this creature was going to be set free from its bindings that it absolutely hated so much... Whether this was the Dark King's intention or if this simply was to keep the beast from tampering with his plans, the Minotaur wasn't sure of, but it just didn't matter now...

Stage 8; Outrage.

Khrona: 'Three..."


Yet, it still held steadfast? Even with this much unbridled insanity? Pure and utter hatred?!? How could it withstand even THIS much power?! No, this just meant, it needed to go up even more... More power, more... More hatred... More fuel... More insanity...

Stage 9; Loathe.

Khrona: 'Two...'



... ... ...

Khrona: '... And it has One...'

Stage 10; Hatred.


... The sound of just one chain holding it back...

...Snapping in twain...

Khrona: '... I call it... 'The Beast'...'

Risen from the ashes of pure hell, this was what went on in Khrona's head... Within his protective 'Absolute Terrain' barrier, he was not within the Mental Void, but allowing a piece of himself to go wild... Within realm of Restriction, that is. Not that it liked that, either. 'The Beast' that erupted from the confinement of the Void towered over everything, its flames tinging the blackness with nothing but pure, blood red, as were its flames, as were its bloodied eyes, as was its solid body. Only half of it could be seen, as it was still being held back, the rippling flames below a testament to where it came... Not born of the Black Sea, but the Red Sea; the ocean of flames stained with blood.

Its chains stretched down into the unknown of these sanguine fires, keeping its astronomical, malevolent hand from reaching too far; the first target in its sights being Pestilence herself.


She was only a very lick, almost a kiss away from her demise, just outside the the reach of its condemning grasp.

Khrona: 'Any last words, Pestilence...? Speak now, or forever hold your peace... Or, shall I say, your pieces... ... Hmhmhm...'

Everything this man said... It sounded absolutely appalling to her... To take over the position of Death? Impossible... Unthinkable! Yet, his feelings... Somehow they reached even she, as a Horseman...

Pestilence: 'Take over Death's position...? AHAHAHHA... That's... Laughable...'

Still... This feeling...

Pestilence: '... Your only wish... Hm...?'

Why would someone's only wish be to have-- Though... She couldn't pretend as though she didn't know that feeling all too well... This insufferable life of doing what she couldn't stand... To bring plague on this world that disgusted her... Only being able to visit in times of absolute despair, and never when it was at its best.

Pestilence: 'Yes...'

She did understand the Dark King's thoughts. Her memory was returning to her now... It was all starting to make sense...

Pestilence: 'My... My name...?'

Her name... She hadn't uttered that name in God knows how long... How long had she been here...? How long had she been doing this...? And how long would it be... Before she could finally be put to rest...?

Pestilence: 'My name... Is...'

And it was then, that the feeling of absolute terror overwhelmed her, and sucked her words back deep into the recesses of her pestilent bowels. A fear that could enrapture this Horseman, who brought plague, sickness, decay... She was one of the most hated, one of the most feared, herself... And yet, somehow, something was more terrifying to her... Even more terrifying than death itself, but the fact that she had to stare this Beast in the face... Far, far worse than any death.

Pestilence: '... Carrie.'

These were her last words... Her name was spoken. She remembered who she was... Before this horrific curse...

She wasn't sure how, but the Dark King was going to have to meet with Death and forcefully strip him of his position, just as all of the other Horsemen. But how? Perhaps... He was just going to have to die to find out...

Carrie: 'Carry me... In those hands... On those wings... To see my brother's face once more... Death...'

Carrie accepted her fate... And on her death, would be Pestilence no more... Tears rolled down her face as she continued to look into the eternally burning eyes of The Beast... With flames so hot, her eyes would simply melt... And etched into her mind, the last thing she'd see...

The Beast...
Carrying Carrie...
To the Promised Land...

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"..." The Dark King just stood for a moment as the attack rang out. He shook his head. He had seen things like this nearly his whole life... An entire life of fighting... Over and over again... The bad, the good... These things weren't so black and white sometimes... Things rarely were. "I'm just so tired... But just a little further..." He felt the heat on his face even from far back where he was... He knew she was taken down; his wave would ensure she couldn't dodge it, and a head on attack from that was the end. And so he deactivated the Mental Void the moment she was hit. Otherwise the Void would just change her back to being alive. You see, he didn't actually make the rules of the Mental Void -- he had to play by them, as well. He just had more power over it.... So before everything reverted back to the way they were, the Void vanished and they were again by the Tree Of Life, the fire being put out by now by Thgil, who vanished when they arrived back into the Mental Void. "... C'mon, Death... Show yourself... Come here to revive her from her ashes."

"My love... Be at peace... " Death whispered through the darkness of her demise, a vermillion eye shining through the darkness to grace her with one last meeting. Cold hands took hold of her body, cradling her in the chilling and final embrace of demise. It was the cursed fate of the Horsemen, to be called by fate to the forefront of destiny. Men -- such a tawdry term to classify those who had answered their calls -- transcending human understanding. The nature of their name, men of horses, was naught but a placeholder for their existence, invoked by God to bring judgment upon those who gave them 'names'; men. Those fabled hands carried into the ether Pestilence, its influence spread to the winds to have the call answered once more. A formless mass descended upon Khrona and the Dark King, taking Carrie's spot as her body faded to the essences. Fools as they were, Khrona and the Dark King had invoked his name for a second time, now for one of his kin. For an earthbound spirit, it would have broken its spirit to have to escort one of its own beyond the waves of probability, but no such emotion showed itself. Just a formless conglomeration of every-nothing. Words accompanied the mass, slithering into the hearts of the congregation to be heard as clearly as the sun would shine. "Are you proud?" Nothing would have pained it more than to be emissary of one of the four, but regret was a human liberty that was unwelcome and impossible in all capacities. The deed was done and for its action, an equal and opposite reaction would come. In its time.

Upon hearing the words, the Dark King's heart grew heavy. He lifted his hand to it... And smiled softly. He had recently learned of the heart from the Earth King after discarding it so long ago. He felt it now; the anticipation... The fear... The joy he felt right now. But was one of them pride...? No he had nothing to be proud of not yet... He had to complete what he set out to do after all of this. "Not yet." The Dark King held up the Death's Scythe, and then tossed it in front of him; it stuck into a root of the tree of life and corrupted it. It had been a long time since the Dark King first obtained it... And eventually, it was passed on to him. But He didn't earn it. His former self before he was a King did... It was no longer his to use... In the presence of Death... It was Death who was worthy of its handle right now. "That's yours... Show yourself to me... And reclaim it..." He took a deep breath and cleansed his mind with his heart. "You know why I seek you out..."

Khrona: 'Ah... What touching final words... Well. Peace be with you.'


Bloodshed. Bloodshed of the highest caliber; the highest quantity. Pestile-- Nay, Carrie had finally found the solace she sought so long for, as would the Dark King, and soon, even Khrona. They were all here now to achieve their goals now, and this was the time to do so. This was, as they called it... 'The Final Decision We All Must Take', eh? "Ahhh... I though we'd never get out of that part of the show..." The field of 'Absolute Despair' faded, and that horrid crimson glow that was so similar to the red of the flames of The Beast would subside, as would the rage of The Beast with the coming of the light of the sun... And the sight of Death. "... Looks like my hatred is finally under control... It's good, it was one I was having the most trouble with. The others won't be so hard to subdue..." Rising up from what looked to be a catatonic state, within the 'Absolute Terrain'... or rather, 'K.T. Field', was none other than, yours truly... Khrona Tensei, eyes closed, a smile on his face, and head turned up to the darkening clouds, he took a deep inhale...


And, with a cleansing exhale...

*... haaaaaaahhh...*

The field around his body would dissolve, and reveal the form of the Fifth; the one who had relinquished the most powerful emotions within his body and allowed to run free in the Sixth, only to maintain this pseudo-Godly form... Having prepared mentally for this encounter. "... Nice to finally meet you, Death." This Geist... That which drew strength straight from the thirteenth into this physical form... A mask that resembled his True Face... Welcome, 'Lord Of Terror'. Trance Mode; the form of the Transcendent. "Hope you're ready to look yourself in the face." Slipping both hands into his pockets and closing his eyes, he would wait for the Dark King's signal. This wasn't his fight; he was only here for assistance.


As the scythe made contact with the roots of the Tree Of Life, Khrona's eyes shot back open in horror, as if watching everything fall to pieces right before his eyes. "... What?! No, not the Tree! I still do need to salvage this Tree Of Life!" No, it wasn't time to plant a new seed already, was it?! Could it really be that time?! If it was, then... Khrona was going to have to save the Dusk before Death's hand took its course through the veins that were the roots of this great and almighty tree. "... Just your presence here is already causing a sort of disturbance... Unbalance... Maybe Horsemen shouldn't take form on this plane of existence so haphazardly..." Life and Death were here, now... Finally meeting at the final frontier. Time for a new beginning. A 'Neo Genesis'.

From the moment they stepped into this plane, the Dark King had grown the irksome habit of speaking in such absolutes in the face of staggering probabilities. Staggering probabilities, millions of decimal places stacked against them. Staring them in the face, demise, despair, and desolation. That one vermilion eye hung in the formlessness, beaming. "You're doing no good at all," Whispered despair to the men who bore witness to it. The shapelessness motioned toward the scythe impaled in the tree, grand life-giver for the Dusk. Chuckles echoed across the area, forming from complete inaudibility. Each huck pranced through the tree's shimmering leaves and stems, leaving a transient aura where they met with the potent energy source. The scythe itself was much more quickly engulfed by the lucid aura, glistening tranquilly as its physical form gave way to the ethereal. The Tree Of Life smoldered away its own presence, the aura creeping from the leaves into the trunk and roots of the tree. The longer the tree was accosted with the invisible flamelike presence, the more it slowly decayed, disintegrating arbitrary piece by piece. "None." The Vermilion glow remained shrouded in black, the most pitch, deepest lack of light. The men before it hadn't yet realized what such regardless invocation of the timeless meant for their putrid existences. The Dark King was growing more and more full of himself the closer he felt he got to obtaining his prize, but little did he know he was no closer than the day he was born. His participation in the comedy of the ancients was gloriously growing to its climax and fall. Khrona had just grown too big for his britches and would be supplied with a new pair soon enough. The Universe had a way of making sure things like that never failed. Their reckless abandon would be their undoing.

"You sought me out. Now what?" The Tree Of Life was unrecognizable, most of its form eaten away and passed from one plane to the next. What was left was a mangled skeleton of mystic bark and blackened insides, every leaf stripped from its branches fading to dust. It was dead, roots and all, and becoming even more dead by the moment, simmering away to join Carrie on her journey. "Would you take a step leap forward for mankind?" The roots embedded into the ripe ground of the planet were a perfect conduit for Death to spread throughout the Dusk and take it completely. Waves of doom washed over the lands, snatching each of the islands into a vortex from which not a thought could escape. The roots drew in the energetic nutrients of the overwrought, overpowered, and ill-maintained village into the all consuming end that is, slowly as to let the whole world watch as they faded.

'One by one,
each island would die
until there was nothing left,
just as the Tree Of Life before them
and the rest of the planet afterward.'

Melancholy of the utmost intensity... To watch such beautiful life fade away so easily... As if Death cared for nothing but its own will. Not the will of others who may not wish to die so soon. He was of the old... And, as they say, out with the old, in with the new. Taking a deep breath, he would inhale the dust of the legendary fallen tree... Ready to restore it to its former glory. "... I will not allow you to harm this village... This planet... Or those that I love..." With a simple flick of the wrist, all that was the elder Tree Of Life vanished; Dust in the wind, to be scattered throughout the planet, carried by the winds of change themselves, as Khrona stared sadly at what this had become. For the Dark King, he was doing so much... Even jeopardizing the sanctity and well-being of his own village... Why? What served the purpose in helping out someone he wasn't even that close to? Perhaps... Khrona simply just wanted to help the Dark King in his goals... Only because he understood what it was like for others not to care and to leave you alone for a cause they did not agree with. If there was no one else on the Dark King's side... Let it be Khrona. "... I will just have to rebirth it all... Because with Life, there is Death, but with Death, there is also new Life. Rebirth." And, with that signature sanguine glimmer that rivaled the intensity of the vermilion orb, would Khrona make this promise right here and now.

Khrona: "I will become the new Tree Of Life. I will sacrifice myself to bring new life to this planet... No matter what... Absolutely!!!"

The ground below him started to tremble just ever so slightly, before his body rose from it, and into the air, to stare Death straight in the face. He knew the Dark King was behind him, and that was all he really needed to know. Belief in his own power, and belief that the Dark King was there to fight right alongside him. "... If the Mental Void won't do it alone... Then I will have to make sure... Not to allow you to go any farther... By combining our minds!! 'HALT'!" He pointed toward the roots below the ground, where the energy of Death wished to traverse, stopping it in its tracks. Negating the transfer of energy, even the energy of Death itself in that specific area would allow the Dusk not to die so easily... Khrona would not allow his village to be destroyed simply because Death could death things to death... It wasn't that easy. Khrona had too much command over sheer knowledge of his own power to be taken back like that. "There is no escape... None at all... 'Absolute Zero'..." That gleam of red that was from the Hyper Perception... Nay... the 'Absolute Perception'... It burned with all the intensity of The Beast itself... Absolute Hatred was in his eyes; the Hatred that continued to feed off of itself, growing ever more and more and more without end, and, only a moment later, it would grow to such intensity that... "... 'Eternal Damnation'..."


That ever intensifying beam of pure and utter everlasting exponentially growing hatred fired in utter concentration as the same burning crimson that made up the flames of The Beast before. He took one look at Death and hated it so much that he refused to stare it in the face for its pure and utter unrefined ignorance. This hatred... He was just so goddamn pissed at this foul sin. "How could I be a part..." He uttered under his breath, as if attempting to hold back his unspeakable power, "... of such an INFERNAL CREATION!??!?!" His absolutely flawless rage aimed to burn Death's existence to dust; all that this elderly sack of what this old system was in the truth of the matter. As the new Tree Of Life, looking at what is supposed to be an elegant and naturally beautiful creation be forced to be depicted as was something as horrible and disgusting as this was a sight his eyes could not bear to look into; in any dimension. He absolutely hated beyond all belief but his that he could hate such a being attached to itself at the rear that he's rather burn his own connection to it completely and entirely. Even if it meant destroying his own soul in the process. "Cut... Cut... Cut...! Cut...!! Cut!!! Cut!!!! CUT!!!! CUT!!!!! CUT!!!!!! CUT!!!!!!! CUT!!!!!!!! CUT!!!!!!!!! CUT!!!!!!!!!! CUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUTCUT-CUTCUTCUT CUT IT OUT!!!" This bond would be severed between them no matter what... It would be cut out and off of and from Life... But it was like looking into a mirror and being absolutely horrified at what's on the other side of yourself. To be the one that kills yourself and knows that you, as Life, are turning into Death. Turns out, he wasn't just in the form of the Fifth anymore... For, as he is conquering his Sixth, the Seventh had already mastered these powers that he had forgotten at first; all of the Insanity of the omniverse, placed into one person... The insanity to hate itself to the point of Death... The sad, sad meaning of Life... And, vice versa... He would take out even the insanity of Death, by burning it from his very soul... Which would burn it from his own... Such was the sad turmoil of Death... Death had to Die.

"Absolutely... I didn't think men would still use the word..." Death said. For it held no weight in the scale of the 'Great Will'.

The Dark King just stood; he stood and observed. Words now meant very little to him... He heard them... But they held no meaning. What are words anyway...? Coming from Death, it was just confusion meant to stir his emotions. Unlike Khrona, who succumbs to his emotions wildly to gain more power... The Dark King learned in the way of the heart that... He benefited more by controlling and understanding them. He understood that he was scared... He understood that he was excited... He was happy... Relieved. He wanted this more than anything else and it was here right now. But it was Death who didn't seem to understand him... The Dark King was the last thing to cocky... The entire reason he wanted Death's position was to make him feel better about his failures. "Nothing else matters... If you think I'm unprepared, then show me... If you believe me a fool... Show me. Evidence... Is the foundation of truth... I banish your... 'Grand Scheme'... I banish your Destiny! I, who was destined to fail... Will break Destiny down before me and... With the power given to me... At birth by my mother, this planet... I'll defy her wishes... With the 'Beowulf' I'll erase your existence.. Past... Present, and Future... ... Of course... There is another option... I can die here now as the failure I was meant to be... So... All I ask is that you let me fight you... Fight against Destiny." He didn't massively power up or anything so dramatic -- he held a somber look, but in his left hand a half white, half black key-sword appeared... He held it forward and it shot an ethereal blast forward toward the specter that Death's essence seemed to be taking... He was trying to unlock it's true form.

Death: "You hold these truths to be self evident..."

Khrona's overzealous display of laughable 'absolute' hatred lent itself to nothing more than a child's tantrum. In all of his brazen display, he cut nothing but his own bonds. He'd do just what he 'a-B.S.-olutely' intended; "That death BE-gets life," "Just"-"I"-ce be ex-"ACT"-ed." And Khrona smoldered himself away, severing the bonds to death and himself in the process. All beings that be, be connected to each other of their own volition. Those who choose to forego these connections forego a part of themselves, and Khrona in his rampant desire to do everything did exactly what he said.

He died.

Which left the Dark King and that shapeless mass, the Vermilion glimmer. The ethereal beam feathered through the dark aura completely unimpeded. Then suddenly, the whole area went black. Khrona was gone, what was left of the Tree Of Life disappeared, and there was the Dark King and the Vermilion eye suspended in the abyss. Where were they now? Not many knew of this place, and none had visited since the Horsemen's last challenge. "Does this suit your... Sensibilities?" A three note string of laughter rumbled through the vicinity while two more of the same Vermilion glow accompanied the first, rotating slowly about each other.

The Dark King was just another step closer.

Khrona: 'Ah, finally... I did it, didn't I...? I died that day, against my own will... Or, rather, from my own will... Hahaha... Well, at least I no longer harbor any hatred for myself...'

And, his body, his very soul, that which was tied to Death itself, it was burnt away, to ashes... To nothingness. This seemed to be the absolute end for Khrona here... As his soul began to smolder... Looking at yourself in the mirror and shooting lasers that burns your very soul... All that means is Khrona shot it at himself, and would take Death's soul with them. They were connected, after all.

Khrona: 'To sacrifice myself for the greater good... Death is dead, just as Life is also dead. Yet, Death still exists... That much, I am aware. Therefore, even in my own Death...'

He smiled, crying a single 'Crystal Tear' -- the first 'Crystal Fruit' -- from his eyes, and unto the dead grounds of the Tree Of Life. With the two workers of Death having evacuated the scene, Khrona could finally plant the new Tree Of Life with his own tears of pure love for his village...

Khrona: '... There is Rebirth. Such is the name of Tensei... Nature itself. Reincarnation.'

And, sprouting from the ashen pile of dust that was Old Life... New Life could emerge. Life that was... Under the control of Khrona. He would become Life itself in his new form... 'Shinseigami; Master of Life'.

Khrona: 'And so, this tree, which will be of my pure Crystalline body... Will become the new source of life, infinitely gaining energy... Drawing in all wavelengths from the very edge of the omniverse, and even beyond there... My perpetual, infinite power... To supply life to all...'

And, the tree would sprout; pure, utter, solid, crystal. Crystal... The perfect material. To take in all wavelengths, all colors, all spectrums... Without prejudice. The 'True Tree of Life, Truth, and Rebirth'.

In this form, Khrona could see that Death was no longer something he had to hate, for it was a Creation that was made to be just as beautiful as Life, and mistreatment, fear, and utter negativity produces to Death simply made Life that much worse...

Khrona: 'All Creation is Art, and all Art is Beautiful.... And I do love Beauty...'

So, from the tree of pure crystal that was Khrona's body, a new life could be produced... The 'Crystal Fruit' -- that single Crystal Tear' -- was known informally as the 'Magical Orange'. Nay, it was not Orange, but it was a Pumpkin; pure, crystal pumpkin. The 'Magical Orange'. The 'Crystal Fruit'. The 'Fruit Of The Omniverse'... And beyond. The perfect creation... In Khrona's eyes.

Khrona: '... Yet, there is only one... Magical Orange, the Sentient Fruit. It is part of my being; that which I share with those who pass my test, those who wish to become Crystal, they shall take this fruit and take the essence of the Omniverse into themselves. And... It will be...'

A Crystal Fruit fell from the tree, and, on Khrona's command, would shatter over the lands of the Dusk, bringing about New Life to the entirety of the village. Here, the Dusk would no longer be the Dusk, but the 'Village Of Veritas'; the 'Village Of Truth'.

Khrona: '... And, to mark this Truth... This Tree of Life; its name is... 'Shinsei Veritas'; the 'Tree Of Life And Truth'.

And, it was absolute. Thus, was the power of the 'Shinseigami'... And the start of a New Age.

Khrona: 'Shin Seiki...'

Finally... It was here. The New Beginning...

Khrona: '... Be careful, Dark King...'

Being still tied to Death, Khrona was still in danger... And would fight for his life if need be. Because, he finally understood... How Life and Death together were beautiful in tandem. Beautiful... Just like the Dark King. That is why... He would give it his all for the Dark King to become the new Death, rather than what was Death already. The Dark King... Such a beautiful creation deserved to be such a beautiful Death...

Khrona: '... And I will give my life to ensure that you may be Death, Dark King... I want to be connected to you... As family.'

Perhaps, the Dark King would hear his plea and receive his blessings... Wherever he may be.

Deep, deep in the darkness, the new Tree Of Life spread out to the Black Swamp, which belonged to the Frog Spirit, Kaerei.

Khrona: 'You knew all along...'

The voice, which resounded all across this Black Hole was brought to the light; the place where no Tensei had ever gone, save for one, and was forgotten about. Waiting to be found... Biding her time until the right moment.

Khrona: 'You were always fully aware... Waiting for this day... The 'Sacred Weapon'... That which is the perfect culmination of all aspects of this world... You are everything put into one form... And you were waiting... To be picked up.'

It made so much sense... Her choice of weapons... The File... The Syringe... The Hook... And she was in cahoots with Dr. Snakes -- that damn deity, Medusa.

Khrona: 'The both of you were even more aware than I... How can this be? Because you looked up from the bottom? The place I refused to look? And all things that have been brought to nothingness... Have been returned to you... YOU are the power of Nothingness itself, arent you!?'

How could he have been so foolish?

Khrona: '... Return to me, 'Sacred Weapon'... 'Rei Tensei'.

And a light shone down from the heavens for the first time to meet with the Black Swamp, better known as the 'Zero World'. He'd finally gotten to the bottom of it... The bottom of this fucking swamp... 'Absolute Zero'. Zettai. Rei. Tensei.

"... Geeeekogekogekogeko..." The resonance from the frog's croak... "Geeeeeekogekogekogekogeko..." ... That laugh of insanity and prosperity... "Geeeekogekogekogeko!!" Finally. It was time. She'd been waiting so long.

*Shloop... splorch... Plooploopbliplip...*

It began to bubble up and bubble over, the infinite black swamp water that belonged to the 'Zero World' itself... No one knew where Kaerei came from. No one knew her real name... No one except for the original wielder of the great weapon... 'Tensei', himself. When the black bubbles subsided, the very essence of the frog... Snake... Turtle... Kappa... Lizard... Reptile Sage woman was in full view, with the light shining down on the very center of the swamp, where the trees were clear and the water seemed to have been waiting for this light's divinity to shine on this darkness. "... I thought you'd never find me... Geko. The 'Lost Weapon' of your family." The original 'Godsend'... There was one for every Tensei; they all received their 'Godsends'. It was only a miracle that Kaerei... Rather, Grimrei... Rather... Rei Tensei was the original. And now, she was Khrona's. "But, before you can wield me as the true Godsend... I must first be completely completed..." Yes, despite all of her efforts, she was still incomplete... She had the Snake, the Lizard, the Turtle, the Kappa, and the Frog, in addition to Witchery and Weaponry... Yet, she was missing one thing that belonged to Kujata... The Drill Rapier. "Bring the weapon of the 'Great Composer' to me... And use me then to conduct Instrumentality... As the 'Final Composer'... 'The Great Conductor'... The 'True Maestro'... And finally create your Masterpiece... Geko gekori." Of course she would be musically inclined... She knew the Frog's symphony all too well... "With me, you will be able to create the most divine symphony of all time... Orchestrate this Masterpiece, Great Conductor, and Compose your family's Greatest Masterpiece yet..." She was sitting on so much knowledge... And it was time for it all to spill out. The time has come. The beginning of the end of this song of insanity... It was time... for Instrumentality.


And the light encompassed all that was dark... All that was black, it would take in this power of the light, and they would come together as one... The weapon of the Light is the Dark. The greatest weapon to ever be created... to be harnessed by the greatest Maestro to ever compose... "The one who conducts the greatest composition is the greatest Maestro. Together, we will rid ourselves of the other who wishes to compose a symphony of death... Kujata." Ah... Khrona had come a long way... But it was time to not let the Dragon drag on... All beginnings come to an end only so a new beginning can occur... And so, too, would happen with Kujata. "He does not know the meaning of our name... Tensei... The 'Heavenly Voice Of God'... Nature Born of Music... A Natural Occurrence... Nature Itself... Reincarnation..." Khrona descended from on high -- wherever the hell he was -- in the beam of light, which soon turned black as he hovered gracefully down toward Rei... And he smiled, liking the black light much more than the white light. Wasn't as bright. "Our very name... Tensei... It is eternal. It is nature itself, and will forever reincarnate... 'The Voice'..." The Insanity... Hahahaha. The Maestros. "... I'd like to conduct an experiment. Our family is all up for trial and error... Fun and games... And experimentation. I used to fear it because of my own mental tricks... But no more. Doctor Snakes..." Medusa. One of the greatest masterminds... She knew about this the entire time. "... Shall I do to him what she has done to you? The 'Greatest Absorption'?" With this, he would become... The 'Shinkishinji'. Master of all Falshin. The 'True Key Truth'.

Rei's resonate giggle filled the swamps with the symphony of melodious croaks and hums, as if the entire swamp had come to life at the mere sound of her voice. "... Gekogeko... Consume his body if you wish, but be sure to leave his soul intact... He is more a part of this family than you may truly realize..." She pointed to the deep pools of her black swamp, which would ripple and undulate until the picture of Kujata became crystal clear. "... He is a lost soul that does not remember our ways... As we all once were... Reincarnation is the key, and his fated demise is almost at hand... Yet, not by ours..." She waved her hand above the waters, which swirled to the form of another, who currently trekked on through the Omen Marsh nearby the Black Swamp. "... The Lone Wolf... Though he has left the ranks of the Dusk, he is still heavily linked to us... Geko..." She pointed to the blind one, turning her head up to meet her eyes with Khrona's... "... He will be the one to handle Kujata. Gekori. You will be the one to salvage his soul." Such was the foretelling of this mystic; her powers only more potent than before due to her memory being restored. Her forecast of the future was nothing short of the absolute truth. "... So... Lead the blind wolf here... And, perhaps for the exchange of more eyes to see, he will bring upon his services... Gekori." She retracted her hand, and so too did the black swamp return to its normality. Standing at the dead center of this pool of death, she started to return to her normal crouching position... "... Won't be long now before the family is back together... Geko gekori."

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Climax Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Climax   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Climax EmptySat Jun 20, 2020 8:56 am

Fenrir: "It was your fault for stepping in. Now look where you've gotten yourself."

The Lone Wolf was unsure of how long or how far he'd been walking, blind and aimless, but he kept going anyway. After such a grueling loss, being coerced into his own defeat, he lost his will... His edge...

Fenrir: "Humans... Their petty sensibilities and ill-contrived sense of duty to others is baffling sometimes..."

Fenrir was having his way with the lashing of his contractor, laying on layer after layer of how silly and insipid humans are and how inferior they are to other life forms.

Fenrir: "And after all of that, you lost... Pathetic."

The Lone Wolf had wandered into some marshland, the putrid stench invading his nostrils and only aggravating his already blind rage. It wasn't like he could take it out on anyone but himself; he stepped in of his own accord. So he walked, being chewed out from the inside.

'Showtime.' A masked man, whose presence felt more than non-existent, traveled beside the Lone Wolf upon his arrival in this ominous marsh lands. Utterly silent were his movements, and completely covered was his chakra signature, leaving nothing for the blind wolf to catch any knowledge of who persisted in the nearby shadows. 'Do you even know where you are?' His haunting snicker was veiled by the sound of the goopy water bubbling with swamp-life below... And so this blackness that existed so closely to the great blind one would fade away, only to materialize elsewhere; in a tree, in the murk, in the bushes... Who knows? Yet, the voice sounded much like... Fenrir. Maybe he could... get into his head a little. 'I've got to bring him to the Black Swamp... The Zero World...' This was his mission, it seemed. He couldn't leave the Lone Wolf alone... Well, he did say that the Dusk would always support him. And, the Dusk itself was its own blackness... To guide those lost in the dark to the light of dawn.

The Lone Wolf aimlessly put one foot in front of the other, trudging forward without a care in the world. Those seemed to turn on him whenever it was the worst time. It landed him lost and blind, wandering around the world.

Fenrir: "Well, do you? I'm sure you have sense enough to answer such a simple question. Odd interjections aside."

Fenrir wasn't distracted by the bubbling of the swamp nor the Lone Wolf's human sensibilities, so he heard the voice similar to his own bouncing around the Lone Wolf's head. Not that it mattered at the moment, the boy wasn't responding to anything anyway. Because of that, Fenrir didn't very well have a way to do anything convenient about the odd voice, but it wasn't talking nonsense either. Maybe this extra voice of reason could snap the wolf out of his self-inflicted stupor.

'... Fuck it. It's not like this guy can see, anyway...' As this elusive black shadow slipped to and fro around the marsh, its structure started to shift as well, the heady sense of reality-warping at hand. Though it would feel no different to the Lone Wolf, he'd be walking right down the path that The Phantom laid for him... Since he was imperative to the situation. 'You'll just walk forward until you fall, won't you...? Knowing someone will be there to keep you on the straight path to do whatever you choose...?' Even now, he could listen to his own words he spoke to the Lone Wolf and watch himself make this pathway for the blind one... And, even he could think... Was this really beneficial? '... Must be nice. For you, at least.' Was he really talking now? This didn't seem like something he would say, especially not to the Lone Wolf, but... Perhaps... By simply speaking like Fenrir, he'd adopted the same wavelength as he... And thus, adapted thoughts of his, even if he was not mind reading. A remarkable thought... Perhaps it would be relevant to this situation more than even The Phantom was aware, at this point... Yet... He still kept shifting the path in the correct direction...

Fenrir: "It must be for you to really be such a mortal. I saw potential in you that surpassed even prophecies. And you throw it all away for the life of a man you don't even know."

Fenrir sighed, shaking his head in disappointment. His whole existence was staked on this one man surviving his trials to step into a grander modus operandi, the divine play of the 'Great Will' that destiny had set out for them. Fenrir knew his aim, but the Lone Wolf had clearly lost sight of what was important.

Waist deep in the swamp, the Lone Wolf dragged himself deeper into the muck, only feeling the weight on the world holding him back and drawing him down. What was going on in his head that he'd walk headlong into whatever was ahead of him? Was his pride so sacred that in defeat, it was broken? Such a proud and strong willed Wolf was turned into a feeble pup, derelict without its master. It was a pitiful sight, really, watching those dried tears of blood trace the Lone Wolf's cheeks as his lifeless face lie blank, a lost man in a lost world, unfamiliar to him behind the darkness he cast himself into. The Lone Wolf had lost his edge... Worn it out and ground it into dust. What was once the blade of a fierce wolf might as well have been a blunted children's toy.

... It seemed that all hope was lost for this pup. He would, without question, walk down into his own damnation without a single thought behind it. It was admirable, yet far too prideful for his own good. And now, he would sink, further into the darkness of the bog... '... Have you truly forgotten...?' He couldn't do this any longer. He couldn't watch someone such as this continue to walk down his own road to ruin. No matter what, he'd do it... But still... Even Khrona knew within him... That the Lone Wolf knew there was another wolf present. 'HOW TO BE A TRUE WOLF!?!?'

Stage 1; Loneliness

... ...
... ... ...


The cry of the wolf. There, something within him had awakened from a long slumber. 'The Dark Wolf'; a piece of his own heart... The Melancholy of Khrona. He held within him a long since gone lone wolf, who had lost his way just as the Lone Wolf... But now, awakened by seeing a fellow wolf go down this road, his Melancholious heart could not take seeing this happen to him. Not a single bit more. And so, as the Lone Wolf trekked down further into the swamp... A green flicker would start to appear in his head, growing ever brighter the deeper he went into the muck.

"..." It echoed through the Lone Wolf's mind, bouncing off of the rafters of his awareness back out into the darkness of the cathedral of doubt he built for himself. It was a familiar sound, one that used to fill his heart with such vitality -- it called him to action every time without fail. Now it left him with nothing but despair, a faraway cry from a familiar place, but one that was no longer home to the heart of the wolf.

Fenrir: "You can't even find a reason to fight anymore... Absolutely loathsome..."

Fenrir was put in a very compromised position, stuck between needing the Lone Wolf to buck up and resigning to a meager existence, survived only by the stories of old and the fear struck into the hearts of those who crossed the Lone Wolf's path. Had anyone been witness to this 'glorious' final moment? Any remnants of the Lone Wolf would drown with him in this blackened pool. This march into the abyss, the final goodbye, slowly taking over the wolf's body. Already past his neck, the black muck rose past his lips, those tears of blood finding delta in the marsh rising to the empty voids of the old sight. "..." And with that, the Lone Wolf had retreated completely under the veil of muck. He would spend the rest of his time resting under the darkness. Would he return from the other side? Who knows?

Fenrir: "Do you even know where you're going, or do you just care that you're going alone...?"

When faced with adversity, he knew no other way but to face it head on, even in the worst of circumstances. Steeped in the blackness that was his self prescribed end, the Lone Wolf was faced with a green specter of himself, just like everything else in the world, a reflection of what he felt in his heart. The ghoulish green haze formed in front of him, as clear as a summer's day, lit by an unending flow of light from the sun, burning right through any cloud in its way. Darkness and his self-illuminated vision, sight beyond sight gifted through the loss of his eyes -- his pride.

Fenrir: "Come now, you can't possibly want to resign to such a peasant's fate... What would the boy say?"

What would he say indeed? Could the Lone Wolf in good conscience stand before himself and admit that to die in defeat and in dishonor, stripped of pride and drive, would be a fitting example to set for the son he wished he had? Is that who he should look up to, rather than his first male role model? Even in defeat, the Sky King fought to the bitter end a warrior's battle and in victory transcended the stars themselves to wrest it out of the Lone Wolf's grasp. Was the Lone Wolf no better than that ragamuffin scoundrel? He questioned himself in silence, unsure of the answers he sought. But as he had known from the beginning, no progress could be made without standing for something. Not knowing the reason, the Lone Wolf stood in the face of his ghastly reflection and drew his blade, his only truth. The sword in his hand was his only truth. 'FIGHT!'

'Ah... The strong, silent type, huh...? Alright, then...' With hand outstretched and plasmatic flames aflicker, the greenish blue energy crackled and sparked to take the shape of a large broadsword, radiating with energy akin to that which coursed through 'The Dark Wolf's veins. 'I'm ready to hear the silent howl of the arctic wolf...' The silence was all he needed to hear to recognize this as an engagement... But this silence only intensified this wolf's Loneliness... What was a wolf that couldn't be alone in this world, hm? Only the Dark Wolf could tell that tale, in complete and utter silence...

Stage 2; Depression.

What if this all... Meant nothing to him? Why did they have to engage...? He didn't know, it was simply instinct... The instinct of two loners butting heads... He didn't care for it, but he knew that it was simply in his wolf blood to do this, no matter how much he didn't want to. He could only be upset with himself for what he was about to do... And, like a bolt of emerald lightning, he struck, lashing right at the Lone Wolf with the tip of his sword at the head of his bolting body, with only the thought of impaling his target in front of him, and how much he simply did not want to do this on his mind... It drove him deeper into his own Melancholy... His own sadness... How he knew he would hurt someone else, only because of himself... The Dark Wolf's forlorn howl followed behind his bolting body, like thunder trailing behind lightning... Yet, it fell on deaf ears, for this howl was completely and utterly...

... Silent....

Fenrir: "Don't just stand there, defend yourself!"

Fenrir had to do something before the Lone Wolf was just impaled with no remorse. Their lives were connected now; one couldn't live without the other, and the Lone Wolf wasn't pulling his weight. In the back of his mind, a faint squeak he heard, another call to action. The Lone Wolf was beyond not paying attention -- lost in himself -- but he wasn't planning on dying. Not yet. His hand jerked across his body, slamming the sword into the blade of The Dark Wolf barreling towards him. The meeting of metal should have sounded off in a loud clang, but nothing was heard. The Lone Wolf let the Geist fly past him, feeling the tails of wisps its ethereal body left behind. A stark silence took over, almost stifling the life out of the Lone Wolf, himself. But he didn't fall; he didn't -- he couldn't. He didn't have a reason nor a method, he just stood against the fate dealt him the only way he knew how.

The clash of the two blades sent that bolting streak of emerald off in the other direction, flickering chartreuse plasmatic energy crackling around the blade at the point of impact. He couldn't help but to snarl in a sort of melancholious rage, completely disturbed by the Lone Wolf's lack of will... Of soul. The Dark Wolf could feel such things with utter ease. It was sad to watch a wolf get lost in the darkness... And lose its spirit...

Stage 3; Grief.

A green bolt of energy slipped from the glowering eyes of the flickering lupine down his cheek... His tears were made of viridian lightning. Clenching the handle of his blade, his arm ignited in sparks of wild, keylime fulminations, and with the silent roar of that howling anguish tailing right behind, his entire right arm -- including his weapon -- whipped at the Lone Wolf in a flashing crack of neon. He could not believe it for a second... And the more his utter disbelief drove him to grief, the more those bolts of viridian lightning struck down his cheeks, and so too, simultaneously, would his blazing, crackling arm lash, whip, and crash at the Lone Wolf with the force of the vengeance of the dark skies, themselves. Flash after flash after flash... Like true lightning strikes.


With more grief in his soul each time he snapped his arm out to attack, the more powerful, the more swift, and the more displeasing his strikes would become. Such displeasure... Such overbearing gloom... His crying heart of the wolf could not take this anymore. All of it, in complete silence... Not a single sound had been made yet.

'GO!' The Lone Wolf heard nothing but a faint cry in the distance. He couldn't make out who or what was said, but in his heart he felt their words tug. Like a faint whisper in his ear, the Lone Wolf turned his head to the sound all around him slightly. In the same motion he waved his sword towards the flashes of emerald lightning bearing on his position. With his sight gone, the Lone Wolf could only feel the impending bolts bearing down on him so he dealt with them as he would any other lightning. He had the best practice on dealing with it, forging a blood rivalry with the Sky King. The wall of 'Azure Flame' cascaded over and around the viridian bolts and froze them just. The solid ice sculptures of frozen power shimmered in the darkness as the Lone Wolf turned his back to the repeated bolts of grief, letting his flame wash over them and soothe their despair. He had to hear this voice. The voice was saying something and he needed to know what.

Khrona:'But didn't you say... You hated noise...?'

The Dark Wolf: 'Silence.'

Together: 'I will have none of that.'

This was still Khrona we're talking about.

Together: 'Absolute Silence'...

How quaint.

For once, this would would not be able to hear the screams... The cries... The shouts... The roars. This was the domain of none other... The Dark Wolf, who wore silence as his leash, one that he had broken from ever so long again.

Stage 4; Anguish.

Yet, he could still only keep so silent... Silent as to what went on around him. These bolts... They were crystalline in nature. Frozen over, like water, from whence they first came. Sharp stares and penetrating glares, flying toward the ice cold flame of uncare. He took his sword in hand again, and, in another blurred motion, would those viridian bolts blaze from his body, bringing that thundering noise to this effervescent silence...


Yet, to fall on deaf ears... What was the use of this thunder? This lightning? This plasmatic essence that was his very soul, crying out to the ice blue azure so... Yes, you could feel the rumble... The shakes... Yet, you cannot hear... The giggles that follow behind. Too busy trapped in..

The Dark Wolf: 'Absolute Silence.'

Dark Wolf: 'I'm trapped here, aren't I...? Forever, for no one to listen to me... Yet, to always cry out with the purest, utmost energy... I've been cursed... By my own self... How many times must I watch her suffer...?'

Stage 5; Pain.

The Dark Wolf: 'How LONG must I watch her soul DIE in utter SILENCE!?'

The Dark Wolf was no loner, but a broken soul... A piece of a being much higher than himself, whom he knew as Khrona, longing and searching for the one who will break him free of the silence he placed upon himself...

The Dark Wolf: 'Lone Wolf? Are you trapped in such silence, as well?'

Even though nothing could be heard, just the very vibration would emanate in his soul, on the same accord as this being... Like a beat. A pulse. A heartbeat... Beating... Beating the chest... Why does it beat, and not pump?

Stage 6; Suffering.

The thunder roared, lightning bursting from those eyes of pure, unbridled power... And, in response... Silence.... Yet again...

The Dark Wolf: 'Until this heart stops beating...'

Fenrir: "LONE WOLF! They're calling, boy!"

Fenrir heard the mystic calls of the children the Lone Wolf had devoted himself to protecting. What of them now? Had the Lone Wolf forgotten that they were his charges for quite some time? Even in his common absence, they were his to look after, that is one thing he was certain of. And in that, there was a pledge he had given to them, one he gave to himself, one he couldn't go back on, not in death, not like this. "I hear you..." The Lone Wolf stood in the midst of the viridian bolts falling all around him, turning slowly his bloodied sockets to the phantom of a wolf he had been only vaguely aware of. His blindness kept him from seeing anything at all, but the wolf was clear to him, that ghastly green wisp of energy moving about his mind's eye. It trembled, clearly unstable and unable to hold back its own power, but the Lone Wolf was fighting nothing more than a specter in his mind -- a ghost of times passed from nowhere. But he wasn't going to be felled by an illusion of his 'self', if it were him in the first place. "Now hear me..." Still blinded, the Lone Wolf was face-to-face with this unidentifiable entity. It could have been a cosmological speck on the ass of the universe or the Sky King himself; the Lone Wolf's reaction would be the same. He gripped his weapon and took a deep breath, exhaling slowly as a frigid air escaped his lungs.

Fenrir: "Now live up to the name!"

Fenrir was happy to see the Lone Wolf on the move, even against whatever mental odds he was at. To see the boy taking control of his fate again was refreshing. Perhaps he would live up to the title he was given...

The Dark Wolf: 'Ah... So you really do care about me... But, sadly, it is too late... Just a bit too late...'

Stage 7; Regret.

The energy of The Dark Wolf flickered, waxing and waning under his own instability... His sadness, his pain... To think, no one cared...

Did he regret his decisions?

Of course. He was alone. A lone wolf in the darkness of the night.

The Dark Wolf: 'She's done this before... Misery... And Despair...'

And, the Dark Wolf had to reveal his true form.

Khrona: "Oh... Even behind my smile... I am still terribly Melancholy. I look back on the events that brought me here... And see that I am the only one that has done it. Misery and Despair..."

He shook his head, now waiting for the Lone Wolf to strike him down here and now.

Khrona: 'I've been standing right in front of your face this entire time. You're blind, remember? You can't see my true form... Only my energy.'

He sighed heavily, his smile never fading... He'd hide it, that Melancholy... If he had to, just to get through this one part... No matter how unhappy he was... How much he regretted...

Stage 8; Sorrow.
Unending sorrow.

Stage 9; Remorse.
Eternal Remorse.

Stage 10; Melancholy.
He had to keep repeating this same painful process... Over and over and over... Pain and suffering... Misery and Despair... Through the ten stages, over and over until the truth was out... Until his heart stopped beating...

Khrona: 'Do you know why I have to do this? I thought you were the Alpha Wolf...'

This man... This creature... He hovered so gracefully and playfully over the Dark Wolf. He was the Lone Coyote's energy... 'King Keaton'. The Cloud Of Darkness over his head...

Together: 'I'm the King Keaton, master of all the cute little Vixens... I'll steal their hearts and eat em. Hahahaha... That's what the Lone Coyote does... And ya know what? That little Vixen of yours... Julia... She's looking mighty tastyyyy~!'

He snickered, snickering even through the Melancholies... What monster was this? The power... Of the Lone Coyote? But where was the Lone Coyote himself? All A Lone...

Khrona: 'It's too late for him... The Melancholies have already set in. Hahahaha~!'

The Lone Wolf paid no attention to the coy mocking of whatever it was floating above the wolf that had him occupied at the moment. The combination of the two presences and their childish jests in front of a blinded wolf only ignited a fierce fire in his heart, a blaze waiting to be unleashed on everything in his path. First on the agenda, these two. "The Godkiller..." the Lone Wolf whispered into a quickly growing mist around his feet, heavy, cold water vapor shimmering and collecting around him. He raised his hands and made three hand signs. The mist around his feet spiraled up around his body, creeping like a specter around his leg an up his spine, resting atop his head and shrouding him from sight. In the next second, it dispersed into a blanket of fog so dense it flowed more similar to water through the air. It distorted what little visible light broke through the darkness, dispersing it about the mist eerily. The Lone Wolf disappeared into its mystery completely except for a strange green glow. He waited, giving himself some time to bring himself out of wherever he was.

This dark Melancholy hovering over the Dark Wolf's smiling face laughed heartily at the efforts of Fenri... It was a wonderful little sight to watch. Beautiful, even. Perhaps this would be of some entertainment to him... To hold back the sadness, that is.

King Keaton: 'So... Look's like we're gonna play a little game of Dog and Cat, hm? Well then... Let's just see who the pussy is here!'

Khrona: "... Oh, he's moving? Wonderful."

The Dark Wolf only sat and waited... He wasn't going to do anything but wait for whatever it was that the Lone Wolf had in store for him.

All: "I accept my fate... Whatever it may be."

And that was all there was to it.

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Climax Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Climax   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Climax EmptySat Jun 20, 2020 9:25 am

Meanwhile, the True Khrona, away from his Seven Paths...

'It's been too long... Since I've returned to see you.' The black shadow descended, deep, deep down into the abysmal cavernous hole below; that which let nothing in without such permissions. Reaching the bottom almost instantaneously, the grim-looking man rapped not once, twice, but thrice upon the rather elegant door... To see if his two lovely matriarchs were still here... He hadn't been with them in far too long, and he wouldn't be surprised if they left by now.

Khrona: "... ... ..."

He would wait... Wait as long as necessary, but he would wait. He had made them wait for so long... It was only fair. 'I only hope... That they've stayed here...' It would pain his heart beyond belief if these two hadn't stayed faithful... Yet, he would have deserved it, for leaving them down here for so long... Sigh. Cruel fate. ... After waiting for so long, Khrona felt as though that they had finally abandoned him... Gone off on their own to go do their own things; see other people, become autonomous weapons... Whatever. They'd simply... Left him behind. A single black tear fell from his eye, rolling down his face and converting into pure crystal before it reached his chin... Its sparkling gleam radiant even in the pitch blackness of this eternally dark hellhole. And that single glimmering jewel fell straight from his face, ready to hit the floor when, suddenly...


All in one motion, the door and a blurred black and red streak blazed open and outward, the streak of energy snagging the crystal tear in the air before it had a chance to hit the ground. This hand belonged to none other than Misery Des Gloomi... Khrona's first Soulmate.

Misery: "... And here I am thinkin' that you were never comin' back. We've been waiting for a long time."

She smirked, pushing the door open to reveal Despair in the back behind her, hiding her face with her fan of razors, as per use. She seemed to be blushing a bit, and couldn't bear to give Khrona eye contact due to her embarrassment.

Despair: "... Welcome home... No need for tears... We've always been here... With you... Waiting for you..."

Misery nodded her head, giving him a wink, putting that tear close to her chest.

Misery: "Yeah. We're the only ones for you, no matter what form we may take. Heh heh."

Soon, the crystal would seep into her very heart and soul, and she would start to feel the power of her higher self here... Her body that was not physically on this plane... Even though Khrona could manifest his in any form he wanted, hers... Well, hers was something much different. Yet, still all the same. Friday Titania.

Misery: "... Heh. Did you think otherwise? I thought you were psychic..."

Just when he thought all hope was lost, who would come to his rescue, but his two lovely wives, Misery and Despair, as always, as usual, for them to be a team once more. They were the perfect companions, after all. "... Ha... Ahahaha... I guess all of that was simply... In my head, huh?" Yet another crystal tear rolled from his other eye, this time, he'd take it upon his finger and fling it toward Despair, for her to take as well. Like a sharpened blade, her hand shot forth to snatch it from the air, and she would immediately put it close to her heart, as well, accepting it into her heart and soul.

Despair: "... I figured that you might get rid of me... Since you have Misery..."

Khrona shook his head, grabbing Misery by her waist and pulling her close. Misery smiled, missing Khrona so very much, and leaned her head onto his chest, and closed her eyes. "Now, why would I do that? You're just as important. Even if in a completely different way. And besides... Misery knows the deal, anyway. She accepted you the day we met you. Why would that change for anything?" He extended his hand to Despair, who would blush even more, yet, still extend hers back to him in a shy manner. He would not pull her close as he did with Misery, but simply let her hand be as it was. "You're both my partners, till the very end. And you two make up the celestial body that is Friday in physical manifestation. You two are just as much a part of me as anyone. In fact... You two are one hundred percent with my mind, body, and soul." He smirked, casually walking with the two down the deep, dark corridor of the Pit Of Havoc. "... Let's go back into some Deep Thought, shall we, ladies...?" And the three of them would smile... In perfect 'Harmonic Resonance'.

After a moment or two of walking, somehow, the three would reach the deepest corridor of the Pit Of Havoc quite quickly. Perhaps because being together passed the time easier. "And here I was thinking that you two were not true to me. Hahahaha! I must have been... CRAZY or something!!! AHAHAHAHA!" It was good to see that his sense of humor with them was back. He liked to know that he could joke around with these two. It's what made things less serious all the time. No one likes being serious all the time... And it lightened the mood for what they were all about to endure.

Misery: "... We had been calling you for a while. Tirelessly. Relentlessly."

Despair: "... Depressingly Lovingly..."

Misery and Despair: "Trying to get you to come back to Deep Thought."

Khrona chuckled dryly, knowing that he was long overdue for this type of... Finality. Last time he was here was FAR too long ago. And his mind had been going wild in all accounts since then. These two knew exactly how to take care of him, even when he didn't know how to take care of himself. "... Of course, I thank you. You two know me best. That's why I love you."

Misery: "Love you too, baby."

Despair: "... Yes, I do indeed love you, as well..."

Khrona: "Well then... Let's go see Omnia to see our progress, hm?"

And so, they took a step into the room that was somehow darker than all the rest... The one that entered directly into the deepest part of Khrona's mind... The Pit Of Havoc itself was indeed Khrona's own mind, but Deep Thought was the subconscious... The unknown part that was dangerous. Khrona hated putting them in danger, but knew that they'd never be in real danger no matter how many times they entered in here... Because, consciously or subconsciously, he could never let these two get hurt. He was just kidding himself all this time. They deserved to be here just as much as he. And soon... Even they would see... Time for a surprise, guys.

Omnia: "Haha. Welcome back, you three."

Looks like they didn't waste any time getting there. Omnia had been waiting for far too long in the 'Trinity Plane'. Waiting for them to come back and see her, so they could straighten out everything.

Khrona: "Long time, no see, Omnia."

Misery: "What have you got for us, eh?"

Despair: "Dreadfully good news, I hope...?"

Omnia smirked, the exact same sanguine gleam from her eyes glistening in Khrona's simultaneously, as they were one and the same, after all. The white line that was normally there was now... Well. Only around Omnia.

Omnia: "You've gotten past all of your Thirteen Restrictions, naturally, which is quite, quite wonderful... But you still don't know everything. I'm the one that keeps all of that information. Heh heh. You could call me... 'The Omnipedia', eh? Ahahahaha!"

Looks like she had the same sense of humor Khrona did... Not like they weren't one and the same.

Khrona: "... Khrina."

Omnia: "Khrona."


The thunder roared behind the flash of crimson lightning that was their dual realization, that Khrina lay in the back of Khrona's mind, and her true name was Omnia, and held all the information of the 'Omnipedia'; the most powerful Grimoire of all.

Khrona: "... So you've been keeping this book safe in the back of my mind, huh?"

Omnia: "Of course. Until you were ready to read it, yourself."

Khrona: "Hm. Well, riddle me this... What is this 'secret' that Misery and Despair have been keeping from me, eh?"

Omnia snickered, knowing that Khrona knew that they had secrets, but never knowing what they were.

Omnia: "... Well. For starters... Misery is a Succubus Princess. Her soul was so powerful that she only consumed her Maestros of the past, and they would die because they were not strong enough to withstand her power... But. You. You are so strong that, no matter what, you can resist her powerful curse of killing her partners... Congrats. She loves that about you."

Khrona smiled, quite, QUITE happy to hear that.

"And, Despair...?"

Omnia smirked...

Omnia: "... The only one who could get into her impenetrable rejection was you. That's why, she loves you, too."

Khrona: "So... At the end of the day... This was just to figure out... Why they loved me so?"

Omnia: "There ya go."

The reason why they stayed... The reason why they were here all this time... Was because of the impact Khrona had on them, that was more special than anyone they had ever been with before. With Misery, her partners always died or went insane, but Khrona was already far more insane than she to begin with, and as such, she could not drain his power with her evil succubus power... But only work in accord with him, sharing power rather than stealing it, or being caught by her succubus ways. He wasn't controlled by her, he was actually in love with her, and she, him, rather than controlled by him, as others of his past. So, she not only loved him, but respected him as well, and with that respect, she stayed true to him.

And Despair... No matter how much she tried to reject him and stay in isolation, Khrona's soul overpowered even her rejection, and he was let through into her very soul, where he made his impact on her... Rather than rejecting her as well, he would accept her; something no one was able to do. And so, she let him in, and respected him the same way. There was a mutual respect between all three of them, and that was why they were the only Partners to resonate at one hundred percent from the get go. These three... Were simply perfect for each other.

Khrona: "And, Titania...?"

Omnia: "Much like your higher self, she can cast herself into numerous forms as well. Yours are the Thirteen Restrictions. Hers were herself, Friday, Misery, and Despair. Now that you have become one entity, you are now in full understanding of your love for each other, and your respect for one another, in all forms of every dimension and all forms of existence and being. And as such..."

Omnia would kick away the fine white line that divided herself from Khrona... And, subsequently, Misery and Despair, as well.

Omnia: "All three of you are now fully together. With me. With you. With all that is us. I give you... The knowledge of the Omnipedia. Let is stay true in your bodies, minds and souls, to be forever protected by you three... The Trinity Plane."

She closed her eyes and smiled, transforming then into the mystical Omnipedia; the strongest grimoire that held all secrets to everything.

Omnipedia: 'May this finally ignite the light in your mind that was shadowed by the darkness of your own insanity... And may you three finally see... The light.'

In a beautiful array of infinite knowledge, infinite possibility, and infinite omni-omni's, would they fill their minds, bodies, and souls in the Trinity Plane.

Omnipedia: 'Doesn't matter where, doesn't matter when... You three are always connected in sacred geometry... In complete truth of harmony... And so, may you two ascend as well... To the 'Crystal Garden', and become one with Khrona, who is so very, very lonely without you.'

And so... There they all would be. Happily. Eternally. Unconditionally. Infinitely... Together. Forever.

So it is written, so it shall be...

And it was good.

With such an inspirational light in the eyes of the three lovers, they would all be opened up to the knowledge of everything between them, and all knowledge of all things. The secret to the Omnipedia... Is that it is everything.

Khrona: "... Omnia..."

Or, should he say... Khrina. It was in the Tensei heritage to change entire worlds... To be revolutionary. And, with Misery and Despair, he would take both of their hands and start outward, with a smile on his face.

Khrona: "... Come on, you two. We've got some work to do."

They nodded their heads, caught in the ambiance of their finally sound minds... Yet, in that soundness, there was unbridled insanity... Waiting to be let out again.

Khrona: "... Ah... I missed this feeling... Hmhmhm..."

Misery: "So did I..."

Despair: "... Mm..."

And in the beautiful scenery, they took those steps back out of Deep Thought and into the Pit of Havoc. And soon... back out into the world.

Back at the Crystal Garden...

"I hope this is the right place! Ooooh please be the place..." Chuu finally made her way to the 'Crystal Garden'; she heard that something here could help her with her quest. She then started to walk around, but not too much, for she didn't wanna get lost. "Now I must find what I'm looking for."

'And what is it that you are looking for, Chuu? It's been a long time.' The magnanimous disembodied voice spake unto Chuu from the very essence of the crystals surrounding her, which gave birth to the form of the beautiful garden of whatever she wished to see... Be it beautiful or horrible, this place would be perceived as she wished it to be, by humble helping of the great 'Crystal Tree' itself. Yet, no more words were spoken after that... Questions do require answers, after all.

Chuu gazed at the beautiful crystals as the voice spoke to her; she knew that she'd been here before -- it's hard to forget something like this. However, she wished to see nothing; the garden itself was enough -- it was peaceful, heartwarming. "I do wish the world could be like this, but that's asking for too much. Well now, to answer the question at hand, I've come here seeking help to become a witch." Now that she'd given the answer, she quietly waited for a response.

'A witch? Ahahaha... That's a new one... A normal girl becoming a Witch, huh...?' The great 'Crystal Garden' began to shift at the wish of Chuu, and before her, a rather familiar face would manifest in a shroud of utter blackness... Khrona Tensei, the 'Crystal Tree' himself... Yet, in his physical manifestation rather than his crystal form. Seems like he still had such control over himself even in this form... "... Ah. Much better. Alright, Chuu. You say you wanna be a... Witch?" Khrona scratched the back of his head... That was a toughie, considering the circumstances... "Well, see, if you were to become a Witch, you'd become a Witch-ling. You'd still have all of your power as it is, but you'd start over manna-wise... And have to learn everything from the beginning." Khrona's sanguine gleam traced the entirety of her being, finding a sort of peculiar ability about her now... "Gravity, huh...? I'd say go visit Zita, if she's even willing to see anyone... Just to power up that gravity. And uh... As for becoming a Witchling..." He waved his hand, the entire Crystal Garden shifting its form to that of 'Nytoz, The Witch Province'. Though they were not truly there, it would seem as though they were... And Chuu would be able to see everything that was within that area of 'The Dawn'. "... Here. At 'Chateau Maldoche Dolores'. There, you'll meet the ruler of 'Nytoz', who goes by 'Nyto-Xim'. He runs that cafe and lives there, hiring young Witchlings to run the shops. He's part of the family. Check it out." He gave her a wink and a smile, followed by a thumbs up. "Give him your best, and I'm sure he'll help you out. He's not like that lazy Zita. Ahahaha!"

Chuu smacked her hand to the left side, her face got all red, and her cheeks all puffy; she was a tad bit embarrassed. "Yes, a normal girl becoming a witch." She turned her face away, but only for a few seconds before she noticed Khrona, who just so happened to appear from the crystals there, but what he said made her think. The idea of starting over manna-wise loomed in the air before she gave an answer. "Ah, I see hmmm... Okay, that's fine with me! It wouldn't be much fun if I didn't work for what I wanted. Mwahahahaha." Chuu was rather happy about the whole thing, but also just a tad bit bummed that she had to start off as a rookie witchling. She also thought about going to see, Zita even tho she had a bad feeling about it, but never the less it was time to go to work. "Ah so all I need to do is first go see that guy, he'll do the do by turning me into a witchling, then I go see, Zita. So if that's all then I'll do it quickly, but if there's more, please tell me." Her eyes got rather big as if they were gonna pop out, but this only showed her joy in an odd looking way.

Khrona snickered, shaking his head. "Not that I know of. Go get him, girl." And with that, all that was around her would fade back into crystal, and Khrona's body would swirl in on itself in a mass of spiraling blackness, until it became a singularity and then... Was gone with the wind. 'Here... Let me give you a little push...' And before Chuu would know it, she'd be there at the Chateau.

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After Hatred Khrona at the Tree Of Life, Khrona's emotions from his 'Seven Paths' had been going wild in insanity. Simultaneously as Melancholia Khrona acted with the Lone Wolf, Fear Khrona was acting in the Witch Province... Toward a young Witchling in search of Zita.

She had come so far... Grown so very much since the last time she had been here. 'Castle L'sia' -- the castle stood tall and proud surrounded by Zita's mystical influence. The smell of her manna was divine in Elara's eyes. Elara, though, had not made this journey alone -- no, she brought her family along with her. Her child, her adorable little girl, Sanitas, laid softly within her arms as her gentle steps guided her towards Zita's door. Sanitas let outta cute little yawn as they reached the entrance. Dente, her 'Conjux' -- and the love of her life -- had come with her also... Naturally because the reason they had all gathered here today was because... "This is the place. Dente would you mind holding Sanitas for a bit?" she asked, adjusting their little girl in her arms. Sanitas would be very mystically inclined to the forces at work here. She would be able to feel the manna soothing her being as Elara cradled her closely waiting for her father to take her so that she could address the reasons for their coming... Her 'Witch Trial'.

Arriving alongside the two was Dente, the father of Sanitas and the 'Conjux' to Elara. This would be his first time coming to the castle, it put him off a bit. Looking up at the towering place, Dente could just feel the power from within. It's to be expected of a Head Witch... But he just felt a bit uneasy, for now anyways. When asked if he could hold Sanitas, Dente merely nodded, then gently took the adorable bundle of joy, cradling her closely in his arms. His daughter soon took the unease out of him, and actually made him smile a bit. "This place... Gives me the creeps, honestly," he said, looking at the castle every now and then. Dente was busy playing with Sanitas' cheeks, which she in return would try to nibble at her father's fingers. In just a short time, she was gaining sharp fangs, and even more, she wasn't crying about them coming out.

"Funny..." Elara said with a slight giggle as they stopped short of the giant doors. She looked back to Dente, her face in exact accord with her emotions, big, blue sapphire orbs of utter clarity staring back at him. "... Said the same thing the first time I came here... You get use to it though. Especially after you've been blasted from the place a few times." She let out a sigh of relief, remembering the day Chita super blasted her -- same thing with Zita; like mother, like daughter, she guessed. With out further ado, though, Elara would knock upon the doors with an extra bit of force... She knew how lazy Zita was and that she would probably be sleeping or watching some movie or something.

'The creeps, huh...? Heh heh... You have no idea...' The serene and brisk blow of the mystical winds of yore that traveled gracefully through the luscious pink hair of Elara and the silver fur of Dente would, at first be just as ominous as the huge, foreboding castle itself, even if so very beautiful in nature. Such was manna, and all... But, the very moment Elara raised a hand to rap upon the chained doors, that serene ominisity (ominousness) would intensify... In all but a moment, 'Castle L'sia' grew grim and gray without color; the sky just as black as the night itself... The clouds a dark, dank gray. Unwelcoming in every way, even the grass below shifted from its natural green color to a deep, soulless black... Almost abysmal. "Are you afraid to die...?" Already, there was no escaping this treacherous darkness... Black feathers would fall from the bleak skies above, one by one by one... Like an omen of 'death.'

Stage 1; Observation.

The 'Night Of Tensei' is upon this world...

The knocks sent a chill down Elara's spine... This chill soon erupted into a torrent of doubtful and ominous emotion, the piercing sighs like whispers of the voice that asked that chilling question. The skies above as well as the castle itself becoming devoid of its natural color. She knew not fully the situation, but knew that her child as well as her love were here, and as the feathers aimed to fall down, they could potentially hurt them... Something she could not allow... But was she afraid to die? "Of course..." But that would not stop her from saving her family. In a brilliant display of light and flame, the violet force of 'Murasaki' erupted into a three orb like barriers around Elara and her loved ones. These barriers were created from intensely concentrated 'Mura Flames' that would expand out ten feet and incinerate anything that aimed to cause harm that touched them, be they manna or otherwise. She then glared at the skies above, her hair swaying softly. "Dente! Care for Sanitas! We don't know everything that's going on just yet...!" She made sure to keep herself under control. After her complete assimilation of her former selves she had gained amazing control over her manna... And would use every bit of it to save them.

Was Dente afraid to die? Yes and no. Yes, because he wanted to protect his daughter. No, because he had 'experienced' it before. Dente happened to be a reincarnation of both Life and Death, and as such, felt the grasp of Death's embrace. Looking down at little Sanitas, who was completely oblivious as to what was going on, he had to make sure she wasn't harmed. "Don't worry! I'll tend to her carefully! If there's something I can do to help just tell me!" he'd announce while carefully looking at everything around him. There was something definitely going on, and at this time, it seemed as though only Elara could handle it. Dente merely looked to make sure that he'd be able to dodge anything that tried to harm him or the baby.

The passionate burning flames of 'Murasaki' brought the pitch black feathers to an even darker ash, falling to cinders as they carefully drifted toward the abysmal grass below...

No wind blew...

Yet the dust drifted away on a nonexistent breeze...

???: "Your last breath is at hand..."

???: "So says the Dark Messenger..."

Though each feather found its way to ash, that ash that was swept away on those telltale winds converged at a single point, making up the feathers of an even greater being...

Caw caw caw...

The dark laugh of the messenger sent chills through the atmosphere itself, as if fear and death crept steadily up their spines like the silent black widow in the night...

Stage 2; Reservation.

The sheet of 'Black Velvet' that blanketed the land took shape of none other than the wings of the great 'Karasu'... And behind him... 'The Murder'.

Caw...caw...!! Caw caw!! Caw!!! Cawcawcaw cawcawcawcawcaw



The crooked caws of the crows; a chorus of cackles in the night brought about one terrible truth of this land...

Someone had to die.

Dark Messenger: "Do you fear for your child...?"

Elara's gaze let up not for a single moment as she paid close attention to what was happening around her. Dente and Sanitas were still okay, protected for now by the barriers she had willed into being. Her own body softly aglow with a powerful concentration of her flames kept the blackness at bay around them with the intense focused light they exuded. With her though, an intense sense of fear began to permeate. Yet, though she did fear, she refused to allow herself to falter... She had no room for it... Her child... Her darling little girl was right here and needed her mother and father to protect her... She needed a strong WOMAN to protect her, to be able to care for her and teach her the things of the world around them, be they normal or mystical, and so... "Don't worry, Dente... As long as you two are with me..." So long as they were there, even just the thought of them being there the people she loved the most supporting her, she could fight through the overwhelming fear building within. The cawing laughter that ensued as the wings were created moved her not, for she had to be strong... But something she had learned to do... Was be honest with not only the people around her... But herself as well. "I fear for her... My cub... Every single day she is on this planet... But that's why I must go through this..." To ensure her child could grow up and be able to fend for herself... Elara was the mother panther and would not allow any in her care to be taken from her. She stared back at the being, keeping her knees together to prevent any shaking. She was nervous, but she held true to herself... She had to.

Dente's body glowed red and started to blink in a way. Mainly his hands were beginning to do their charges. Dente didn't want to fight, at least not with baby Sanitas in his arms. Was this some sort of reaction to the creation of the large crow and the larger crows? It didn't make any sense -- usually he had better control over 'Crushing Force', but now its just doing its own thing. Looking down at Sanitas, who wasn't crying or whining, more like cheering on her mother with giggles and kicking her feet, he said, "I fear for her too. A parent's natural reaction, no? However, I know in time I won't have to fear as much, her will steadily grows." He blinked a little more. His hands were turning a little fiery now, but they didn't hurt the child; it was more of an aura than an actual physical thing. This 'charging' was similar to his 'Crushing Force', but oh so different.

Already so Reserved in their actions and in their thoughts, the Fear gripped these poor souls by the throats, that chill crawling up their spines now slithering its way down their throats as a loud and simultaneous...


Fear: "..."

Within the auras of both Murasaki and Crusher Force, a spiraling black void stared the two dead center in their eyes, the laughter of The Murder coming to an eerie and abrupt halt.

... --A Moment of Silence--...

With every Dark Messenger perched upon the frame of the grim castle before them, a slow and low frequency forlorn wail rung in their ears, like the high pitched voice of a ghast whispering ever so gently, just enough for them to know what was before them... "... Wooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmhhhh..." The color from each of their souls started to fade; the red of the Crusher reverting to black, as did the flame of the panther... And, so too, would their animal instincts send the fur on the backs of their scalps into a horrid quiver... A being was taking shape from the abyss in their eyes, spiraling downward in a cascade of utter darkness, its form that of a slender, sickly looking being of sheer 'Insanity Of Fear'...

Stage 3; Worry.

Fear: "Do you... Understand...?"

"This... This fear... I have felt it before..." Elara said like a silent whisper as the powerful essence quickly came over her. She, though, had felt this overwhelming fear many times again... Every time she met someone new, every time she used her manna, every time she looked at herself in the mirror, she felt that same fear. Though the color faded from the flames of Mura, the actual flame itself did not dwindle... This flame was stronger than most, for it was not just a simple flame... Nor a simple trick... Nay, this being or force was the amalgamation of Elara's complete will... No longer a simple flame, but an actual force powered by her undying will to protect the ones she loved... And so its power did not dwindle... And it even flickered a bit. But then this question arose... Did she understand? "There are many things in this world that I still haven't the faintest clue about... So many things left unseen... But the one thing that I understand is that I... No, WE must cultivate and protect our child... To do whatever is in our power to give her the happy life she deserves; to make sure she is able to care for herself in our absence should death or separation befall either of us... So long as I understand that fact... Everything else will take it's course!" Was she scared? Of course... Was she worried? Of course, but not only for herself, for Dente and her daughter... And it would be that fear that would keep her collected... She no longer feared insanity... She had dealt with plenty of from her own being... The embodiment of sheer destruction... Yet she retained control... She would not falter.

The fear, it gripped him by the throat like how he would a deer. That's when it came to him -- the one fear that lingers in the very deepest corners of his heart. The fear of not being strong enough. Not the strength where he can beat anyone and everyone, but the strength to protect. There was so much that came to him; so many faces, so many people. He wanted to protect them all, but knew he couldn't. His red aura was turning black to the powerful might of the being. Baby Sanitas grew scared and frowned at him, reaching out to his very cheeks. He looked deep into her heterochromatic eyes and saw his own. Green and yellow. The orbs peered back into each other, and he found it -- resolve. "Ego intelligo, nunc." The ancient language sounded from his lips. "Metum cohiberentur tantum volui tantum modo ad me ipsum ... Hoc." A spark. The spark of understanding in a way. It tinted the black aura with his red aura. Dente's own force, his own resolve was breaking itself through. In his mind, he wouldn't let anything bog him down from protecting those he cared about. No, instead he gritted his teeth and closed his eyes -- he was preparing himself.

It was growing darker... Though, with great resolve, the burning will of these parents kept the ignition of their faith through the fear... Little did they know, this was only the beginning...

Stage 4; Panic.

The color Red not only stained the flames of Crusher Force, but the eyes of the 'Blood Moon' above. Those crimson lips spilled blood that poured from the sky as the rain itself, each drop blending with the colorless grass... The Dark Side of the Blood Moon.

Fear: 'Your time is short...'

A sinister laughter rose from the dark malformation before the three creatures, staring up at that moon with longing eyes, until those eyes were filled with the shape of the moon's face. So too, Sanitas, their precious child, staring up at the Red Moon, would find those beautiful heterochromatic eyes trapped by the moon's light.

The red rain splashed on the wavering will of bestial parents, slowly dousing their fires with the might of their own fear...




And, rolling down as if those infernos were their own smooth faces, it would not burn, only drown their visage of the outside world in pure, utter blood red...

The mass of black that loomed over Dente, with eyes gleaming with the light of the moon, the same as his child, pulled his attention with the utmost fear of his own inability to protect... And, with that same tug of his very heart and soul, would his very child be snatched straight from his hands, falling to black ash right before him, and reappearing in a bubbling glob in the hands of this being of the 'Insanity Of Fear'.

The child belonged to Fear now...


In a moment, that darkness faded away with the sound of that insane, sinister laughter...

Before The Murder rose in their chorus of ominous cries as well...

They were gone, yet... That feeling of Fear still lingered...

What of the child?

What of the Insanity?

What of...

The Fear?

The ghastly red rain did not stain their bodies, for Elara's barrier burned away those very drops, reducing them to nothing. And even the color around them. Her eyes, though, caught sight of the Blood Moon above her. She could not allow herself to submit... No, not with her loves here. She had to press on she had to be strong she had to-- "Sanitas!" Her child was now in the clutches of the hands of Insanity... THAT'S when the very Fear and panic REALLY started to set in. She had done something, yet again, to fuck up her life... Bringing her child to this place? To undergo such a perilous trial?! No... She had to keep calm... She had to remember the blessing that Sanitas was granted during her birth... Sanitas, her daughter, was the very essence of peace and purity -- complete innocence -- an thus... She possessed a form of Innocence, for her soul was truly incorruptible... While her mother... "Now... You have crossed that line... I will not allow you to harm our child!" The blood red grass began to sparkle with an immense light of not the Mura Flames, per se... But the evolution of her mystical flames... The flames had undergone an evolution of truth just as their master had... And thus.... The 'Force Of Mura' was born and it sought to thrive and flourish with great tenacity. The ground quaked with Elara's might as the vibrant purple energy rushed forth, expelling the blood red as it made way. The moon, itself was being outshone by this intense focus of manna essence. Elara would protect her Sanitas... But what of Dente? She could feel through their powerful bond the fear of not being able to protect her... Elara had it, as well... She was scared for Sanitas and worried for her greatly... She understood she needed to protect her... But she refused to allow her to be tainted by this force... She could not let her family be ripped from her... Dente had to snap out of it.

"Dente... My love! You must be strong... You must be! If not for yourself... For our child!" Elara did not want to attack the mass of Insanity, for it held her child within its grasp... She did not wish to see Sanitas overcome by death... She was afraid, but she had to do something... Something... "Please... Take not my child...! If you must take something... Take me instead! Elara would willingly give herself for her child in a heartbeat... Sanitas was full of life... She had so many good years ahead of her... Elara wanted to make sure she could do so even if that meant giving u[ herself to assure Dente and Sanitas wlaked out of this alive.

Dente stood still, breathing halted, time stalled before him. His precious daughter -- his Sanitas -- was just taking from his very hands. His own fear was what took his daughter away from him. Dente felt that at that point, his own life should have been taken as well. Looking upon the red moon, red liquid, and The Murder, Dente looked at a loss. However, nothing was said, it was all just silence. "..." Elara's cries to keep calm sure did reach them, but now she was getting desperate -- she was beginning to panic. Offering herself so quickly? Hesitation? To know the true meaning of control is knowing how to identify friend from foe; daughter from enemy. Having 'lost' Sanitas, Dente's fingers twitched until finally, they began to curl. The curling would soon go into a fist. Both hands balled into a fist, Dente blinked and his eyes 'returned'. The aura of Crushing Force began to pick up. He grinned widely, sharp rows of fangs gleaming, and he started to chuckle.

"Look at you, Elara. Telling me to keep calm, when obviously you're panicking so quickly... You were telling me earlier these tests were all based off of control, no? Think about it... You can control your flames right? Control them well enough to avoid hurting our pup, but being able to harm this... Freak? If so, then quit begging and actually fight!" he'd say to her, still focusing on everything that just happened. Looking towards The Murder, Dente raised his right fist, and it began to charge with the power of Crushing Force. Taking his left hand, he'd point exactly at the creature, looking at it, then closing his eyes. Several moments -- more like seconds -- passed. A deep breath left his lips before Dente opened his eyes. His heterochromatic eyes were no more, they changed color to a pure red and gold mixture. "I'll never forgive you..." Dente said under his breath, the ground beneath him beginning to shake, his hair-band burning up in the presence of his power, his hair becoming wild and waving in the wind. He took his stance, his 'Wolf Style' stance, but with his right fist prepared for a strike. At this point, his aura kickstarted something fierce; it began to overcome his own darkness which was being beaten away by the absence of Fear. Where did this absence of fear come from? He lost his daughter, his wife is panicking, and he is faced with a terribly powerful enemy, yet he is willing to fight. Instead of giving in, he will simply fight to get her back.

"I'll never forgive you...!!!" With a mighty yell, Dente's aura kicked up once more, determined to fight against this fear, insanity, and death. No matter what, no matter who it was, they would not for the life of Dente, ever take his daughter and live to tell the story. It looked at as though he were going to charge at full throttle into the darkness to punch whatever was in his line of sight, but he didn't. Dente simply opened up his hand from the fist, and pointed it skyward, taking all of the aura he was building up within his being. The built up aura eventually turned into a large sized ball made out of pure Crushing Force energy -- but it wasn't Crushing Force, it was something much more... Light. "For taking my daughter away from us!!!" Yelling out once more, Dente crushed the ball which then engulfed itself around his fist and arm entirely. It took the form of a large tail of energy that lit up the darkness. Dente reeled back and with a mighty motion, thrust his fist into the ground. For a split second, nothing happened, but in a dazzling flash of light, a large expansion of light began to grow and cascade from the sky, before landing onto the ground and forming another explosion. This explosion grew large and wide, threatening to engulf all within its light. The attack was special though... Dente knew who his enemies were; he knew who his friends were; he knew who his family was. With the will to protect them all, this attack's only desire would be to destroy any and all that sought to harm his family and friends.

Fear: "This..."

They still held the power to resist this Fear.

Did they simply not care that their very child was gripped by the hand of Fear?

By the presence of death?


They were hiding something.

Something from their own Fear...

Something from each other...

Stage 5; Distrust.

What are they hiding...?

Hiding, even still...?

At the display off great strength by Dente, the light of his Crushing Force caused the very skies to quake, and the Crows to scatter at the display of such light. Witnessing the explosion of light, so too, a shadow cast up in the skies; an amorphous black mass formed in the skies from The Murder of crows, all flocking to the center of the moon, blocking out its unholy light. They took shape as, a gelatinous cloud, disgusting in nature, and grotesque in appearance. Eyes opened and closed, peering down at them from numerous sections of this cloud's form, just as crimson as the Crushing Force itself, marveling at its display. From its epicenter, a large, hideous mouth opened, and resting on its gray, ugly tongue was the dear, sweet Sanitas, nearly caged by the spiky rows of teeth after teeth after teeth...

Fear: "There is no escaping this fate... For this child..."

Stage 6; Anxiety.

It was growing faster... Faster... Ever faster... That Fear for their child's life, even in what they thought was will, actually Anxiety attacking... It already snatched Dente, who attempted so futilely to fight back. Yet, the way Anxiety attacks...

It is swift, drawing in all the force in one quite gasp.

It is effortless, condensing such force to the size of a pebble.

It is sudden, stripping all such willpower into utter blackness.

Like a heart attack, Dente would feel his very soul jerk with a sharp, intense pain.

Fear: 'It Beckons From Afar...'

Stage 7; Dread

Fear: 'It Comes... Lord Dread himself...'

Slender fingers wrapped around the pebble, as well as neck of the child, lurching out from the infinite blackness of the esophagus of the black cloud...

Eyes burning... The pebble returned to ash.

Piercing... Even through Elara's flames, it did not stop the Fear within her.

Chilling... Her flames would falter at her own Panic... Her own Anxiety... Distrust in her own power...

Fear... They would, in a flash-freeze, lose their color and their burning will, just as her ever so 'dearly' beloved's will. She would grow cold, as if her very soul had been extinguished...

But 'Lord Dread', he released a raspy, tired laugh that wafted uncomfortably through their unwelcoming ears, having fun watching them try to resist oh, so very much...

Lord Dread: "What a delicious looking specimen... To bring life back into these bones... Just wait until the good Doctor gets a hold of this precious, juicy life... It is almost as sweet... As the sensation of watching your dear parents suffer in their disorientation... They confuse their Fear... And deny it... And that only makes it... And you... All the more scrumptious~..."

And he licked his lips with a dry, cracked tongue...

Elara peered up his brilliant display of power and light aiming to save their wondrous child... But even that, in the end, had failed them. She knew the power of the foe they faced... She could not deny the fact that she had been panicking. She had gone through so much to bring Sanitas into this world unstained by the very force they fought now. She gripped her hands tight they shined with an intense focus of the 'Mura Force'... It had long since transcended the essence of being a flame. Yet it started to dwindle as the essence of dread started to extinguish her belief. She was afraid... She had lost so much... Just the thought of being taken from her child was excruciating in itself. She had to think... The fear started to take over her... Something the beast said before... Did she fear...? Did she understand...? Pondering over these thoughts, she looked to her love, Dente. Back to the skies, her child resting on the tongue of such a grotesque creature. Elara was at her wit's end... How would she be able to protect them... When she couldn't even save her own self..? All was lost...

Elara: "No..."

A faint whisper she let slide from between her lips. Looking back at Dente, her eyes began to shine brightly despite the force of the monochrome-like world around her. She could stand it no longer... This feeling of denial. She was indeed hiding something from Dente... She was hiding how she truly felt about all this. "Dente... I'm scared... I'm horrified!" she said, running towards him in a flash of her own majesty. She could keep it in no longer... This denial... This fear... She had to release it. One thing she knew from everything she went through and in finally realizing just who she was... Was that one should never deny any part of their self... To deny a part... Is to deny the whole. "We're sitting here pretending that it's going to be fine... That were not afraid that Sanitas could die... I refuse... To deny this fear any longer. It is just as of part of me as you and Sanitas. My love for you, Dente, cannot even be explained in words, and my desire to keep our child here in the realm of the living even magnifies that. But we have to accept the fact that fear is apart of us!" She gripped his broad shoulder, pulling him close as she stared into his eyes. This being in her mind was the purest manifestation of her fears made evident before her. "I... I fear that I may not be strong enough to protect those I love... I fear that I cannot control the purest form of manna that thrives within me... In other words... Dente, I fear that I'm not enough to be who I need to be!"

Tears rolled down her face... She had to come into terms with her fears... She had to admit to herself that she was indeed very fearful, yet she had to understand that the very fear was also a big part of her... "But even still... I... Despite just how afraid of all those things that I am... I can't sit back and watch my child be devoured in front of me... I cannot let that happen... I will not leave here today and someone be able to say that I stood there and watched my own flesh and blood be devoured and I myself did nothing to stop it!" she said, hugging his body tightly, pressing against hers. The intensifying violet light that was the Mura Force began to create something rather impressive. It began to shine brightly with light, yes... But it was no ordinary light. It was Elara's own resolve and love starting to manifest on the ethereal plane. It was coming into reality as a thriving force. She accepted the fact that she was afraid and fear was a part of her... And she would use that very same fear that sought to consume her to power herself and push her even further.

"But... I need you here with me... I need your help to do this... It is not my burden alone... I have chosen to never run away from my duties again... To trust others as well... I have open to you and Sanitas the deepest reaches of my heart, and thus... My burdens have become yours, and vice vera... Come... Let us show and prove that even Reservation, Worry, Panic, Distrust, Anxiety, or even Dread cannot circumvent the power that streams from a mother and father's love for not only each other, but their child!" At this point, Elara's manna was starting to completely consume the area. The once monochrome scenery was starting to gain, not it's natural luster, but the mystical violet light of the intensity of Elara's love made manifest by the Murasaki Force bathing the area. It was Elara's will in the most purest of form. Alternating the very essence of reality to bring about the evolution she so sought... But she still needed a hand. Even with this powerful surplus of manna force she now wielded, she still needed the other symmetrical side to her belief... Her stance now was facing the creature who held their child... She had a plan... She knew what needed to be done... But she need his support... Not in his raw strength... But she needed his spirit to be able to pulls this off. She needed him to accept the things she accepted... To accept this fear and to embrace it... And use it to evolve just as she had. "Dente... My love... Trust me."

Dente: "URK!?"

He felt the tug on his soul after his release of power. Dente was close to falling onto his knees, but stopped mid-fall. Elara running her way towards him kept him in check; kept him in balance; kept him in the right. Wincing in pain, but keeping his eyes on the enemy, -- the one who held his daughter in his mouth -- Dente listened closely to Elara's own words. He didn't smile; his mouth and body made no movement. "Who's pretending? I know what's at stake here. Sure, I'm scared. Who wouldn't be? I'll accept the fact I'm scared, hell maybe even a little nervous. But who should really be scared here -- us, or our little bundle of joy? We brought her into this world only for her to find her way into the maw of that thing. I'll accept my fear, but I won't let it deter me from my one mission," Dente would say, rising up back into his 'Wolf Style' stance once more. His eyes looked over to Elara, and he shot her a smile. If Elara were to look closely, she would see several beads of sweat rolling down his cheeks, similar to how Elara's tears roll down her cheeks. "You're only as strong as you make yourself sound. I know you; I know you're much stronger than this, if not strong enough to save our daughter!" His eyes flared up once more, and that's when he was hugged closely and tightly to Elara. He returned the embrace, but even stronger. His own strength began to meld with hers and he smiled once more. Dente took several deep breaths as he felt the surging energies. With hope, love, and power, Dente felt that they would be able to pull this off, despite the fear that was trying to bring them down. "You're such a silly woman... I've always given you my full trust..." he'd say smiling and pulling her even closer.

As the two parents so lovingly feared for their child's very life, Lord Dread could do nothing for them at this point...

Nothing but...

Release the child.

Lord Dread: "... Take her."

As if a sudden twist -- a reversal, even -- the great Lord Dread's body would revitalize, sharing his essence with dear little Sanitas...

And no harm would come to their child.

Stage 8; Horror.

Appearing right before both Dente and Elara -- who were scared out of their wits -- he would bow solemnly, a rather grim expression upon his face.

Lord Dread: "I see now the purity in the souls of you three. Many apologies for my experimentation. I... Well, I work through the lines of Fear to bring out the greatness and potential in others. My methods are... Unorthodox. Many pardons."

The true heritage of a Grim shone bright in the dark soul...This was where his Grim nature was... Khrona... All Grims were relatives, and his Grim; a Doctor. One that specializes in Fear.

'Dr. Horrible'.

Grimnyzmal. Grimlock. Grimro. Grimnis. Even Grim himself.
After such an apology, he would reveal himself to be the great 'Lord Of Terror'...

Stage 9; Terror

Allsgrim; Essence of all Grims.

Allsgrim: "I really must apologize again... Much like my children, I never truly mean any harm... We are kind, refined and regal. It is merely our methodology that is not welcomed here. Such was the untimely end of my great children's past... Who, in turn, are also my brothers. My fathers. My relatives."

He chuckled, yet again. It just tickled him so, this entire situation.
Though, this was not the end of his news...

Allsgrim: "Ah, before I continue further, let me first return your precious child..."

A gentle thither of the hand, and the child would come hither from the mouth of the monstrosity and into his arms, cradled there soothingly. The Cloud Of Darkness would disperse from its grotesque form, and return to the Lord Of Terror as his very flesh, which seemed to have the property to consume all it touched. Not unlike a certain resident psychopath we know... Absorption...

Soon after, he would clear his throat, and stroke his chin, the bright singularity peering from the darkness of his socket, and oh so seriously into the eyes of the other two. "... The 'Night Of Tensei' surely has begun... And that does end with someone having to die... I find it ever so humorous that you would appear here, of all places, in fact! For my target is, none other than... The new Grand Magistrate herself. Zita L'sia." Though this woman was family, she was... Tainted. Willingly misusing the power of the Lich for her own selfishness... Twas why he was here, and why after he, 'Fear The Reaper' would appear to reap that part of her soul and send her to Hell to atone...

And perhaps finally, back at Allsgrim Manor...

Those Lovers could finally be at peace with each other...

If only for a little while...

Until the next threat showed her face...

And, Allsgrim knew just who the target was...

Allsgrim: "Sigh."

Why must everything and their momma stand in the way of the love of those two?

"And so it shall be." The massive amount of manna Elara was building together in preparation for her 'Planetary Invocation' was about to be utilized with the utmost fortitude and respect, in terms of completely and utterly eviscerating the force that sought to consume their child. With Dente's love and compassion fueling her, she would not be made to totter. Even Sanitas, though not within her reach, would be helping her other as she prepped to unleash a potent mystical force unlike that which has been seen in quite sometime... But that all came to a sudden stop. "Huh?" she perked with quite the blank expression, as she had just whipped up this awesome and disastrous mystical force to protect her child when the creature above merely said to take her? She thought it a game at first until the explained events happened. She was not upset as the creature apologized and would condense the massive amount of manna into a single pebble before it faded from existence. She felt a drain on her -- a fatigue, of sorts -- as she withdrew the manna she prepared. She was not upset, for she knew the underlying lesson that he sought to teach her and in the end, through his strange methods, had brought them even closer. She grasped her child, filling her soul, and she let out a sigh of relief. She smiled at Dente as she tickled Sanitas' cheeks, making the child laugh. "Though it was a frightening experience, we have benefited from it... For that, I thank you... So yeah, no harm done," she said with a cutesy like smile. That smile though quickly turned into a frown of sorts... He said something most disturbing about someone relativity close to Elara... He had to kill Zita? Why? What had she done? Elara had to investigate... And also, what of her trial? Was this her 'Witch Trial', or some weird twist of fate? "What? Wait, what has Zita done? Has she been overcome with her insanity?" Elara needed to know just what the hell was going on around her. Sanitas could feel her mother's worries and sought to comfort her by smiling... But it did very little to sate her, curiously. Zita was like a mother to Elara, so she would want to know just what had been occurring with her as of late.

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As the curtain of manna was pulled from Dente and Elara, Dente would find himself continuing the embrace with his precious 'Conjux'. Opening his eyes, Dente felt a powerful force reveal itself. Turning to look at the man who looked rather grimly, Dente didn't feel angry. Strangely enough, he felt that he had actually accomplished something. Sanitas was returned, who was rather calm through it all. She rested safely in her mother's arms, while he listened to the man's words. "Very unorthodox methods.... But nonetheless effective..." Dente would say as he continued to listen. This man gave him a bad feeling still, but something told him to at least hear him out. Dente's scowl was still ever present, but he didn't mean any hostility. A certain ding in the conversation made him chime in once more. "Zita? Why does that name seem... Sorta familiar?" he'd ask, remembering someone's name. It was something relatively close to that... Chita, wasn't it? They couldn't have been related, but their names were so close sounding. Chita and Zita -- imagine those two being related? In any case, Dente didn't have much input or insight on this situation, so he'd let Elara ask the questions, seeing how grave the news got to her. Walking over to his beloved Conjux and daughter, he'd put his arm around her, and use another hand to tend to his daughter.

When all seemed finally well outside of Castle L'sia, and all feelings were being sorted out... The Lich reared her ugly head, summoned by Zita herself. She appeared right before Allsgrim, with eyes burning with the might of evil. "... I can't believe it. Even after all of this, you still are going to come after me...?" This Lich had finally found a host suitable and worthy of her power, and Khrona was here to fuck it up... Always. Khrona always did this... "... It's because you ignored her, you know. Everyone ignored Zita... Except for me... And now that I've got a good grip on her, and she on me... You just want to destroy us..." The Lich bore her scythe, as she too was a scythe master, like Khrona. She was going to get right to business here and now. "I'm not letting you take her. Nor me. Khrona..."

Hearing out Elara and Dente, Allsgrim was quite pleased that they were now back to normality... However, it was about time to finish something that was started so long ago that never was... "Zita is indeed Chita's mother. She's not been afflicted with Insanity, but... The Lich. And, as such..." The Lich appeared, and all too soon, Allsgrim was prepared for this fight. "Only 'Fear The Reaper' can stop the Lich."

Stage 10; Fear.

From his elegant ebony wings sprouted the bones that shaped them, grotesque and malformed, like spears of utter horridness. His form would change to something more suitable for the occasion, as a scythe blade took shape from the essence of blackness that was his 'skin,' which made the Cloud Of Darkness before. "Alright, let's get this show on the road. I don't have any time for games, Lich. You're coming with me. Because Death can't stop you. I am aware of that. Fear can, however."

His form was completed...

Fear The Reaper.

He didn't look nor sound like anything to be feared, in actuality... So why was this guy called 'Fear The Reaper'? Especially if he was Fear itself? Hm. Guess it's just time to find out.

???: "... Chance..."

A glimmer from the skies, like a star shining brighter than the sun, plummeting down from space.

???: "You're not getting away... With what you did..."

She was talking about, none other than the Lich.

Chita: "Fucking Lich... What have you done to my mother...? To everyone...?! I'm gonna... I'm gonna...!!!"

Chita had been doing this for FAR too long... Waiting and waiting and waiting for the right moment to strike once and for all... At the blazing speeds she was going, she was going to do anything to save her... This time. She wasn't going to let it go on anymore. 'No one can understand how I love people... No one. Because I love them so much, I'll do anything... Anything... To save everyone I fucking love... I don't care if they don't understand... I don't care if they can't see it... Accuse me... Even leave me behind... Because at the end of the day, no matter what... At least they're safe.' She was finally going to use it. The power of the Void to seal away the Lich once and for all, and never let it touch anyone with its evil grip. Not even her mother thought she loved her... Her own mother. Alex Star didn't think so. Her family. Her friends. Just because of the way she showed it.


Chita: 'It's as big... As the Void itself... And I'll seal it all away... I don't have a purpose in this life, except to help the ones I love...'

And a tear fell from Chita's face; the only thing not burning to bits in her 'Hypernova Ignition'. That was because... It was made of Crystal, too.

Chita: 'I don't understand why people don't get my love... But that's not love. They just don't understand. That love is ALWAYS being there... Being able to do ANYTHING for ANYONE... NO MATTER WHAT!!!'

Her skin burnt to a crisp; a physical form no long able to be sustained from the amount of pure and utter burning rage in her heart. Rage... Because it just pissed her off how STUPID EVERYONE WAS!!! STUPID AND BLIND!!!

So she made impact.


She was a ticking time bomb, ready to explode with all the love and emotion she had. And so, if it would make everyone feel better... She'd take it all into the Void. Castle L'sia, the Lich, Khrona's Fear... Hell, even herself. They were all doing nothing but making the ones she loved suffered. She was aware of the cosmos... Even beyond this plane of existence. And if that one was being destroyed because of her... Then so be it. 'No one has to suffer anymore... Except for me... Into the Void... Everything. So, the resulting explosion was pure and utterly black, though coated with a layer of greenness... The 'Sealing Force'. The Lich, Zita, Chita, Elara, Dente, Sanitas, Fear The Reaper... All of them were going to be trapped there, and none of them would leave until everything was resolved. "You guys are not gonna hurt yourselves anymore... On any plane of existence. I'll make sure of that. That's how big my love is." ... This is what she's been hiding. Her feelings. They were too big and abysmal for anyone to take... So she could never show them again... That much had already been proven.

Elara listened ever so intently to Grim... But just what did he mean by the 'Lich'? She could understand it not... Was this 'Lich' some how tied to Zita, and if so, what had it done? Just as she perched her lips to ask her flurry of question, suddenly Allsgrim began to change form. Before her came forth Fear The Reaper. She could sense the great power within him and took a step back. Then in what seemed like an instant, before her, what he had described as being the Lich, came forth. So soon had this all happened, yet... Another came forth. Elara looked to the skies, feeling the ever so familiar feel of Chita's manna essence... Though, now it was more seasoned... More matured. Elara held fast to her child as all the energies were unleashed, cradling the pup. "Just what is going on here?" She was confused and unable to comprehend everything that was going on. Chita came in and voided everyone within the void itself. They now stood within the black abyss-like space. Elara stepped back once more... She wanted to know how this was going to play out... She wanted answers, and someone better start telling her. She, though, as she prepared to ask a question, was overcome by a powerful swarm of emotions... They... They were Chita's emotions... Her longing to relay just how much she truly loved people, but how gravely she had been misunderstood by everyone because her methods of showing affection were... Well, different from most. It had caused her so much pain... Such a deep longing to be loved the way she loved others.... That was a feeling Elara knew very well. "Chita..." Elara held fast to Sanitas, making sure she kept her safe... Elara though was contemplating something... She looked to Dente, her love, with quite the serious gaze. That gaze alone would relay the message of stay on guard and keep and eye out for them... And she would do that same.

Alex's emotions were a lie to all, he knew where Chita went. Because she was going to screw up his plans... To take the Lich for himself. Now that Chita was going to kill her mother, he had to stop her from doing so. But as he teleported to the scene that was the Mansion... There was nothing there. This had to be a mistake, because he knew that she had to be here. He could feel her aura, but it was faint... He knew this as the Void. He felt his mind start to work like wheels turning, before he knew what happened. The stupid woman used her power to send herself somewhere along with the home. He didn't know what to do, but he knew that if he found a way to get there, he would destroy everyone in there, regardless of what may be the consequences. He was tired of all this and decided that he would do something that he should never do. Care.

Dente was trapped within the black abyss along with everyone else. Sanitas and Elara were on his mind, turning over to them, and meeting Elara's stern gaze, Dente could tell what she wanted him to do. He nodded. Looking, feeling, and listening to what Chita had to say, Dente couldn't help but feel to understand those words. He looked down, and realized how much he really didn't know about her, how much he didn't interact with her. Now she thinks of him as one of the same. The same who misunderstood her, when in reality, he understood her quite well. He took a step forward. Its not that he wanted to clear his name or anything like that, but he wanted her to know that there were others out there who really understood her. "Man... Never thought I'd feel such a surge of energy again. Seems like things keep occurring and occurring. Whatever, it makes things more interesting, don't you think?" he asked, breaking the ice. Dente knew how volatile this situation was, and wouldn't beat around the bush as much. Placing his hands into his pockets, Dente stood firm, and took several deep breaths to calm himself from all of the emotions, before speaking again.

"Yeah, a lot of people misunderstand you, it happens. Not everyone is like that though. I can feel it. Those feelings of being misunderstood, of bottling things up. You know, its hard work... Keeping them all bottled like that. You must have been suffering, and now you're going to prove yourself. That's the way how I see it, anyways." Dente smiled and chuckled a bit. Geez this situation was so much similar to one he had some time ago. "No more fighting... All of it resolved... Makes sense? All of this is coming at you in bulk must have really been a lot, right? I know I have no right to talk, only because we haven't really interacted all that much before, but I can say that I've felt similar. Maybe not all the same, but very similar. I just want you to know that there are people here and out there who understand you, despite how much you think you're understood. I can assure you I understand you." He looked back to see Elara and Sanitas. He'd merely smile at the two, but mostly to Elara, who he knew actually felt the same.

The tasty vessels before her all looked like mighty fine new pawns... With Zita and the Lich working together, there was no way to stop them from getting whatever they wanted. "Even Fear itself cannot stop one that has nothing left to fear... Death is LONG beyond me, Reaper!" Scoping out her prey once more, she swung her scythe back, prepared to cleave everything in her wake in two and reap every soul that would come from it, but her plans were quickly halted by the blazing bolt of burning energy that was Zita's little bratty daughter, Chita. "Oh... The Grand Magistrate's precious little daughter..." What a soul it was to even think about consuming... It was filled with all type of juicy magic and powers from both Zita and Valerio. It was a great steal. "Come to me, my pretty..." But, before she knew it, the land was washed over in a big, black mass of nothingness upon Chita's impact... A void... No... THE Void. "... Ancient evil such as The Void being presented by someone of this generation? Who would have thought that such a power would have been kept in the family..." She took a look at her new surroundings, finding that all her targets from before were now trapped in this infinite space. There was nothing keeping them from being swallowed up whole. "... Souls... Come unto me!!" She raised her scythe to the black abyss above, taking a grand vertical swipe in the skies, and a huge tear in the shape of a mouth formed from the ripping trail, where a variety of souls had seemingly been stored. The shared stomach of both Zita and the Lich -- where these one thousand three hundred pure souls resided. A quick vacuous gulp threatened to physically rip out every single soul in the vicinity, and take them straight into the belly of the two parasitic women. She was especially ready to taste that delicious soul of Chita and Fear the Reaper... She could only wonder what great powers would be in store if she had those under her belt...

Though Fear was prepared for the encounter with the Lich, he was nowhere near prepared for what was to come afterward... The Void. "Wow. Just kinda... Came out of nowhere with that one, didn'tcha, Chita? Haha, get it? Out of 'nowhere'? The Void?" He looked around as if desperately beckoning laughter, only to have no avail in the matter as the skies once black were washed over with nothingness now. Poking out his skeletal lips in cute disappointment, Fear crossed his arms gruffly. "No one understands my morose humor..."


It wasn't too long before the Lich found out a way to use this to her advantage, but all too quickly, the Lich had already met her doom simply from allowing herself to be caught in The Void. When the tear that held those souls appeared, Fear rose his scythe in the air as well, a grim smirk cracking across his stale, white face. "You didn't even think this one through. You know what my element is? Darkness. You know what The Void is? Absence of everything. You know what the absence of light is...?" His smile grew wide, and so too his face, grotesque and terrifying in nature, calling for the power of the Void itself down to the blade of his scythe. The darkness made contact, resembling a violent stream of bending black energy connecting the sky and the scythe, bearing witness to the knowledge that the scythe and the Void were one and the same now. "Darkness~...!" A clean, sure, fell, single swipe of his scythe drew in every last soul from the rip, siphoning all of the Lich's souls and the Lich herself. There was nowhere for her to run nor hide, since this entire place was the Void; the blade was GOING to find her and it was GOING to smite her, no matter what she did. It was surely why the famed power of The Void was so legendary in planet's history. There wasn't much you could do about it once you got there. Taking in everything into the Void, the threat was... More than easily taken care of, and everyone else was safe. "Heh heh. Nice save, Chita. You can take down the Void now and do what you will with the Lich." His scythe blade returned to normal, returning to his body as if skin, and his wings would retract back into himself, as well. Turning to Dente and Elara, Fear smiled at them, then looked at their baby. "Sanitas alright? What about you two?"

After the impact, Chita's body stood smoldering in the ground, steam rising from her barely visible entirety, the Void's expansion over the area secure. When it was, she heard Dente speak to her and turned around to give an ear to listen... His words were kind, soft and true, and she was more than happy to have heard something like that from him. She smirked cockily, as she always did... "Yeah, I hear ya. But that's why I never get too close to anyone. I'm just too fucking complicated for anyone to understand." She laughed at her own explanation, more content than ever being such a... Well... Loner. To walk the path of the misunderstood, shunned by the masses, and too complex for the simple. But, she liked it. She liked it a lot. "Yeah, I'd rather keep my associates kinda tight knit though. I hate it when too many people are around me... They all just want me for my power, anyway." She scoffed, turning her head to see what all the noise was going on over yonder. Apparently, the Lich had been slain, or something. "... Oh crap. She's dead already? Damn, that was fast as hell." And here she was thinking that this was gonna be some huge epic battle of epic proportions. Not in the slightest. "Well, guess I oughta take down the Void now, huh...?" She raised her hand and gripped it tight, causing the blackness around them to shatter and fade away back to the nothing that it was in the first place. There, back on the outside, everything was just how it was before the little scuffle started... Seems as though both Fear and Chita's powers hadn't actually done any physical damage to anything, which was good. But there was another face out here... A new one that she hadn't seen here the first time... "... The fuck? Alex? What are YOU doing here?"

Alex just looked at Chita and just rolled his eyes at her. She was always getting in his way and that pissed him off to no end. Waiting around to do something, he came up with a plan for it. Really, it was just something he should do from a long time ago, being a new Alex and all that trash, so here he goes. "I want my damn Lich. I've fought for that thing, so give it back to me. Please." It was the only thing he could say to her; he was going to take it by asking, or even by force from her, because it was his Summon from now on. He wasn't even kidding around this time at all. His eyes narrowed at her, waiting for a response.

Chita scratched the back of her head, glazed eyes rolling toward the clearly pissed off Alex Star. She didn't look all too enthused to see him, but... Then again, she never really was. "What? The fucking Lich? Why in fuck's sake would you want that evil-- Ugh, fine. Whatever. I guess if you want it that bad..." Extending a closed fist to Alex, she opened her hand to reveal a tiny black marble. A small piece of the Void where the Lich was now forever contained. He narrowed his eyes and she narrowed hers... This was the kind of relationship they had for one another. She thought of him like a little brother... Sibling rivalry. "Then gooooo GET IT!!!!" With her other hand, she quickly flicked the marble clear across 'The Dawn' to somewhere unknown, placing a hand on her forehead to see just where it was going to land... It was out of view in seconds. "Hahahahahaha!! Looks like you've got another mission ahead of you, huh? AHAHAHA!" Well, at least he could do it in peace... Where there was no one around to fuck him up. Wherever that Lich landed, he was going to have a hell of a time finding it... But, for Alex, the reward would be that much greater. Chita simply smirked at him... A contemptuous smirk, nonetheless, but one that expressed still how much she cared. "... When you go, don't be a stranger. I hate coming to find you when I wanna do something with you. Tch."

Elara's eyes were wide as it all occurred; the powerful creature who had Zita was silenced and everything had finally returned to normal. Elara still held fast to her daughter, tickling her little sides as she smiled at her mother. "Chita it's been a while... How have you been?" She hadn't seen her since she was sent to destroy the 'Deadgirl', but since that had been done already, Elara had done quite a bit of growing since that time. This all had such a warming tune to it. All's well that ends well, right? Wrong. "I'd hate to be that gal, but did that count as my Witch Trial?" After all that is why she, Dente, and even little Sanitas had come here. And after such a rigorous ordeal like the one they had endured, she figured that could be counted as one... After all, it showed just how much she had grown, and the intense love she, Dente, and Sanitas had for one another.

Dente groaned, closed his eyes, squeezed the upper bridge of his nose, then stretched. After that big ass ordeal, the Lich was soundly defeated without much problem. That's good, real good. At the same time, Dente was also able to sort of comfort Chita, also good. If this WERE the Witch Trial, that was another good. Lastly, Alex Star is here, that is bad. He wanted the remains of the Lich badly. Why on earth would want such a horrible thing? He watched as both Chita and Alex were... Fighting? Over such a small orb, which Chita then threw to the ends of the planet. "..." There wasn't much to be said by Dente. However, he had to take a look at Fear The Reaper again since he did ask how they were holding up. Looking over his shoulder, then making his way towards the two, Sanitas was all giggly and holding her arms out to her father. He promptly, but gently, picked up Sanitas and started to cradle her. Elara seemed fine, and Dente was Dente. "We're good. You made quick work of that Lich. Wonder if I could ever do that one day, haha!" He laughed at the thought. Maybe one day. After all, if this was the Trial, Dente felt the unlocking of a new power. In fact, ever sense he used that wicked explosion, his eyes remained glowing; something he didn't notice. Sanitas, however, continued looking. Entranced by the glow, she tried to grab at his eyes.

Alex just looked at Chita with a frown; he didn't like her tone at all. What she saw was all just a lie to him, it did fucking matter to him. He wanted her to see him for more then her stupid mindset for him. He just ignored her words that really just irked him; he didn't know what to do with her. Then she sent the Lich away from him... He just smiled at her, thinking that she was being so adorable and trying to tell him something. She was always hinting at something to him -- he wondered why. So he decided to do his work and try to find out. "You're coming with me, then. Since you owe me that much for saving your life. And your apparent feelings for always wanting to be with me." It was all he could say to her... 'Now, where the hell is the Lich now?' He didn't want to do another mission; he had already done this before and before. He grew tired of her playing around because he wasn't anymore -- he was growing up more than her right now.

In all of this, it seemed like Fear was the only one that wasn't really... Content with what was going on. All the words exchanged here were kinda making this guy upset... Especially since he was one of Khrona's negative emotions. "... Sad to say, I'm kinda upset with you all. And I'm gonna tell you the answers to your problems right now. First, Elara." He pointed to her, eyes without expression, yet clear with disdain for the situation. "That wasn't a Witch Trial. A Witch is the only one who can administer those. None of us here are Witches. Except Chita. Maybe you should ask her." Next, he pointed to Dente. "... If you don't want to fear for your child's life, maybe you should go somewhere... Safe with that baby? Hm?" And so, on to Chita... "... Quit tormenting that boy already and just tell him that you're a lesbian. It's starting to get disgusting to watch this display. I know you like to play games, but damn. " He shook his head, finally pointing to Alex. "... And you. You would express how you want the Lich to be yours RIGHT in front of the person who just SMITED the Lich BECAUSE of its evil? Are you just... Dumb? Hell, I'm so tired of all of you, I have half a mind to kill every single one of you. And no, I'm not above it." He lowered his arm now and pulled it to, crossing over the other one and furrowing his skeletal brow. "Seriously. I'll just be after you the moment you find it and, well. Kill you. Mercilessly. I do not have any mercy. I am not that emotion. I am Fear meaning I don't give a SINGLE fuck. So Alex, I wanna give you an ultimatum..." Fear The Reaper plucked his skin-like darkness from himself once more, forming it into his scythe just like the first time. "Do you... Want to die now, or when you get the Lich?"

"Well. Looks like the party's over, kids." Fear The Reaper wasn't playing around, it seemed, and Chita was actually getting kind of irritated herself. She didn't particularly want to go with Alex right now... Only when he was in a more, well, less love-dazed state of mind. When he could actually think a little more clearly about what exactly he was doing and what everything meant, and not just how he wanted Chita. "... Yeah, I'm a lesbian. The skeleton-man is right. I like chicks, stone cold. In fact, I gotta pay that hot redhead Nurse a visit again... Maybe she can fix up more than just my monsters. Heh." She threw both her hands behind her head, locking them in place as she averted her gaze from Alex and on to Elara, who was still whining and complaining about getting shit she wanted, too... Hell, everyone just liked to whine and complain in their own special way. It was making Chita sick to her stomach. Fucking wretch. "Yo, I'll stay with you, ya little whiny brat. You may have changed a lot, but you didn't change that. I could surely let out a lot of... Pent up frustration on someone, ya know? Ready for a fucking fist to the face?" Chita smirked, ohhhh, so very ecstatic for this one... She'd been waiting to punch Elara in the face ever since she MET her. "Let's go. Official Witch Trial. Now that I'm done beating up on Alex... It's time to kick your annoying ass, too." She loved to beat up the people she thought were just so fucking annoying. It was her faaaavorite way to let out her frustration!

Dente: "Looks like it."

Dente looked down towards Sanitas, who herself was frowning at the words of Fear The Reaper. Dente wasn't really sweating it, because he knew the man was right in so many ways. He then looked to Elara and raised an eyebrow at her. He did this for two reasons. One reason was because he had a discussion with Elara about this prior to the events, second reason was because she was going to go toe-to-toe with Chita. Something he wished he could see.

Dente: "I'll try sending a clone, love. Any case, I have to jet, don't want things getting any more out of hand than they already are."

He bowed before all of them, even Alex. Afterwards, he'd wave Sanitas' hand to them, before making wings out of his red wind, and attaching them to his back. Dente would then take flight, and head off with baby Sanitas somewhere safe.

"..." Elara was silent even through Fear's stupid and ignorant speech... He knew nothing about Elara nor what she had endured all the way up to this point... Then again, they had never interacted prior to today and the task he put them through. Regardless, she didn't even give Chita a response as she handed her child to her father. In that very moment of her doing so, her body was already aglow with her flames. Purple, violet, dark machinations of those colors swarmed around her beautifully... As if the flames themselves danced around her curvaceous frame. Her eye narrowed towards Chita. She had been waiting for this day... The day that she finally proved to Chita that she wasn't a waste a space. The day she could finally rub her growth in Chita's annoying butch queen face! "Ready when you are..." That's all she said... That's all that needed to be stated as she nodded to Dente when he flew off. Elara was focused, determined... After going through that ordeal with her child and realizing her greatest fear and actually having lived through it, there was nothing else that frightened her... Not even Chita and her ignorant words. Elara was ready... The legendary 'Tiger Fangs' claws would then manifest around her hands. And what was more, around her feet. She had done quite the growing and had assimilated their manna into her own... This was the first of many things she had learned about her manna... And herself. And now... Was the time to show off, finally! She would not leave this place a Witchling... Not a little girl. But a fully matured woman!

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Climax Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Climax   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Climax EmptySun Jun 21, 2020 2:58 pm

All around the planet, Khrona's different versions of himself -- the Seven Insanities, or Seven Paths -- simultaneously appeared before a variety of people. Hatred was first at the Tree Of Life, and after Khrona became the Tree, he projected the other six across the world. So, simultaneously as Fear Khrona and Melancholia Khrona... Fun Khrona was about to rear up.

In what seemed like an instant, many months had passed and the village changed for Nikolai. His last memories before this shift were training with Amalie to learn how to properly use a shockwave technique. It was in mid-training when he disappeared only to appear many months in the future in a new part of the village. Everything seemed to have changed in the village, perhaps it was time to change himself as well. Finding his way throughout the various training fields, he looks for a proctor willing to give him a test, to see if he is ready to advance in the ranks.

Stage 1; Boredom

In the midst of his journey 'cross the Battleground's fields,
Under a lone, tall tree a strange woman yields,
Eyes wide shut and garb gently careening in the wind,
The 'Lonely Vixen' sat just around the bend.

The sound of a footstep led her ears to perk,
And so too, her head, a quick, yet elegant, jerk,
To the sound which the winds of change did carry,
Marked she, "Hello there, little blossom of cherry..."

As he traveled through the fields, he heard a voice call to him. Turning to where it had come from, he sees a woman sitting under a single lone tree. Her call struck him as unusual at first, but he forgot about it quickly upon considering the people he had met in his past. Walking towards the tree, he gave a brief courteous wave before speaking. “Hi…” Upon reaching the tree, he would extend his hand forward to shake. “... I’m Nikolai, and I don’t suppose you would know where I could find an exam proctor for the Dusk? This will be my first exam attempt and I’m slightly lost.” He had been gone for many months, and only recently reappeared, so he was unaware of many changes to the village, including its name and extension to 'The Dawn'.

Eyes affixed to the young man's face,
Would she lift her hand to her counterpart's embrace,
Tips touching softly like silk on leather,
The dainty woman sprang up as light as a feather.

"Care to dance?" she seemed to murmur undertone,
Since there was no proctor, and she was alone,
Might as well give this man the exam of his life,
But will he pass? Let's put him under the knife.

With a smile, she'd slowly retract her hand,
And spin away from the discombobulated man,
She beckoned him close with the finger's tug,
And in response said, "I'll be your proctor, cute little bug~."

Stage 2; Curiosity

Now it's time for a real change of pace.
Let's see how long he could endure this race.
"The challenge is, to play with me, you see,
And you must be, utterly and completely...
Thoughtful, expressive and free."
With words so cryptic, she left much for him to fill in the space.

To do what he wanted, that was expected to be.
But to have fun and impress her; that was the key.

Simultaneously as Fun, Fear, and Melancholia, elsewhere, another of Khrona's Insanities -- that of Love -- appeared before someone he'd not seen in quite some time -- his brother, who had taken to becoming a villain.

Within the the walls of the Mezzanine, the changes to it's inner structure where already so drastic. 'The Legion's influence over such things where not to be underestimated... Aside from the many golems that now infested its innards, the floors and the halls had been stretched far beyond their normal means by the seemingly limited amount of space one would guess from looking at the building's structure from the outside. There where odd anomalies as well -- such as trees and vines -- within the halls, along with strange things such as floating stones. Truly the only thing that resembled the old building's layout where the sealed doorways to homes of thousands that stayed almost out of sight on the far edges of floors... "Here we are..." The Cryptic Shogun came to a stop before a large black doorway, the crafting around it's edges looked grim, images of skulls and dead embroidered it's outline. With his task done, the Shogun did little else before bowing to the Melodist -- Khrona's brother's wife -- and taking his leave... All that was left was for her to enter...

Each stride she took, she felt a little bit more tense. The bodies moving behind these doors were most definitely not at ease with the massive force milling about them, and it gave the Melodist a mix of feelings. Chisato had been right in the fact that this unconventional sort of military rule seemed a bit extreme. Still, she glided behind her guide even though her head was in the clouds. The plant-life turned leaves passively toward the elementalist, and every now and again she would brush her hand comforting along a stem or leaf. She sensed that the flora did not like the violence much more than she did, but theirs was a self-serving fear; having no defense, if this place were to fall, their life would be snuffed out quicker than one could douse a candle. Focusing, she noted the grim mood to the door's engraving, which made her frown ever so softly. She took it as a sign that she should tread as carefully as she could, and not lead into the conversation with questions about his motives, though, by all rights, she should have. Every moment wasted was one in which another life could be extinguished. "Thank you, friend." Again, she acknowledged him with a slight nod and a smile, though her gaze was indicative of how far away her thoughts were. Reaching out, the woman with flowing blue hair pressed the flat of her palm against the door, urging it open with a gentle push, using both her physical strength and that of her elements. They whispered comfort in her veins, a gentle warmth to soothe her nerves. She'd need it.

The doors were heavy... Not just because of their own size, but because they personified the weight the one inside had to endure... But as the grand doors opened, the inside of this mysterious mastermind's office was revealed. It wasn't dark; there was light given by the large chandelier above, but its lights where dim, at best... The office itself was almost nothing more than a long hall way. A bookshelf along the hallway here, a painting of world there -- aside from those, the only thing that truly stood out was as the large window at it's end and the desk that stood just before it, the window itself being where the office got most of its light. Though it was a ways down, the Melodist would be able to tell a figure was standing just in front of the glass window looking out toward the chaos going on outside. "Honestly, coming right here into the enemy stronghold alone... Whatever am I going to do with you, Miss Melodist..." Even with their distance, she would be able to hear the words of the cloaked man quite clearly; clearly something mystical had been done to these walls giving it such amazing acoustics. The cloaked man turned and faced down his long hallway toward the woman. Walking to the other side of his desk, he began to chuckle underneath his hood. "You even willingly came into my reach. You're quite a good hostage, madam..."

Her eyes had a bit of trouble adjusting to their surroundings, as the room was suspended in almost a dusk-like state, that which lent a soft haze to whatever it touched. However, she didn't exactly need her eyes to feel her way about, and thus did not pause. Each piece of decor felt like something of her husband's taste, and so his behavior troubled her yet further. Holding her tongue as she glided forward, she kept her back straight and her gaze straight forward. She even moved right past him at his desk, a mere ghost in this cavernous hall. Almost sadly, she pressed a finger to the glass, able to feel how it reverberated with the cacophony the raging battle outside inspired. She honestly felt like a caged bird coming into all this again, but... It was by her own choice. "Your humor seems to have grown a tad dark, love." She didn't just refer to one thing with this, but instead also referred to the oppression of their ninja. She would not protect them nor shelter them under her wing to live about their days in innocent bliss. The world was a much better teacher than she. That being said, she did not wish death upon a single one of them, and thus the reason for her navigating this minefield.

"You think this is a joke? What, was this not the reunion you had expected?" A slight tone of anger could be heard in his words; was it of her undermining, or was it simply because she walked right by him? Nevertheless, the man quickly checked his emotions, and replied back in his apathetic tone. "I doubt this will do me any good here, now will it?" Clearly speaking of his cloak, the man moved to remove it, undoing its ties and knots, tossing it upon his desk. Though the woman's eyes looked toward the carnage outside, she could hear his heavy footsteps echoing behind her as he came closer... His pace was slow, unsure of her stability at this moment; caution was key, but regardless, his trot led him to her side, looking about all that was happening... "It's been awhile, since I've seen you, my wife..." Instantly she would notice changes about her husband, first being his height, though his manna aged him before, too, and his being taller then her wasn't anything new... She would notice that there was no manna altering his age now... And even from the side, that his face held much more character than it did before... Khrona's brother, the Manna King, had grown mature -- not just of body, but of mind as well. The harshness of his journey showed, and the light that once brightened his face had been almost completely over taken by the shadow it had cast. "Why did you come here?"

During his anger, she stayed silent. If he could not grasp her expression, that would be entirely on him. She was not exactly thinking straight herself, what with her mind spinning from the pace of it all. Just this morning, as she rose in peace, she could not have imagined this in the slightest. Would this puzzle ever make any sense? She did not flinch as the heavy cloak was plopped upon the desk, nor as his heavy footsteps approached her from behind. She could feel his every action, and so the noise did not surprise her. Still, she was caught up in the overwhelming sound, feeling every breath of life as an extension of her own and only wishing for a cease to this madness. A soft breath of wind, nearly undetectable, caressed the Manna King's features, noting every new detail to it... It was strange, how much he changed. And... There wasn't a hint of an aging spell on him. She'd grown accustomed to one sort of illusionary charm upon him or another, as he was insecure about his height and too-young appearance most days. There was something that had happened to her fellow Legend, and as it was, she could not quite determine it -- not yet. "To stop the mistake you seem so keen on making." Her finger slowly slid away from the glass, allowing her to center herself with a breath. She would have to be firm with him, but there was a very fine line here that she had to be careful of crossing. "It feels as though you've been gone too long a while to be making such brazen attempts at global peace. It is almost as if you are out of touch with the people you used to love. What has made you so?"

"Mistake...? I see." Traces of disappointment and grief tainted his words. No, talking wasn't the only thing his wife had come here to do, clearly. If anyone knew him, it was she, and she would know that for the Manna King to come and do such a thing... No little talk, no matter with whom... Was going to change his mind... He heard whispers; far off voices in his head that told of the truth, but their influence over the Manna King had long since been ceased, plus... He already knew the truth. "Do you know what was the beginning of our Village? Of our very lives? How it is that everything came to be?" His gaze never left from the window as he spoke. He watched as the invasion continued outside... But he feared an even greater battle would happen within his own walls...

The Melodist could hear it in his tone that there was something behind his actions now... Perhaps it had something to do with his extended absence? Turning to press her back against the glass and to study him, she attempted to search those far-away eyes for any semblance of validity for her musings, but there was nothing there for her save more questions that surface; his, and her own. "Every entity has been birthed from the womb of one creature or another. You and I from our mothers, and the Dusk from the collective dreams of its creators." While it was true that destruction could bring about change, organization did require birthing, and thus the logic that no order can come of chaos held true. To be perfectly honest, she had never wondered what had created the civilization of man, for she held no fondness for it, in all truth. Everything was so clustered, so refined... "In all honesty, I find no reason to see that line of inquiry to its end." She hadn't the heart to berate him with more necessary arrows to his heart just yet. He was still very clearly capable of emotion, and so the Legend was beginning to realize just what it might be that she would have to do in order to save the lives of all these people, as the Manna King's wife. Internally, she shuddered against it, but like so many times before, her outward mask was impeccable.

The Manna King sighed as his wife gave her answer, walking away from his window to the other side of his desk. He was displeased with her answer; in fact, her very answer was part of the big problem he had come to correct. "So that's it? Let it be done there and not dare to tread further? Would you rather us to stay ignorant; for the world to never know the truth?" The Manna King looked across his desk toward the woman, the person he was only able to truly connect with in his time. His wife, the mother of his children, in her eyes... "There is such a thing as blissfulness, but only fools believe it comes from ignorance... I thought you better..." He turned his back to her, resting upon the edge of his desk, his hands folded and his face showed of sadness of disappointment, though he did not let her see.

As displeased as he may be, the Melodist honestly couldn't agree with this truth-seeking business, as everyone and their mother was off to discover some epic past of their own at this very moment. It irked her, honestly, how men and women could be so caught up in the ghosts of events long past that they fail to observe the wonders of their current world. "The sun sets each evening, and rises again with each morning. The sky behind the clouds is blue. An object will always travel downward when left to its own devices. Life is a constantly shifting network of growth and decay, leaving nothing to fall to insignificance in the grand scheme of things. These are the truths of the world as I know them, and any 'truths' to the events of man are subject to morals and social norms. After all, history is written by the victors." His shoulders had broadened, she noted, and the muscles there were finely developed. A handsome man as ever, he looked like her Manna King; felt like him, even with his features twisted in childish disgust for her. So... Why had he gone on a quest such as this? Certainly, there were a number of questions in their pasts that were open ended, but neither Legend generally felt as though it was required of them to seek out these answers... Did they? A gentle breeze rustled the long strands of her hair, while piercing golden eyes stayed fixed upon his back. His tone and his posture told her more than his face ever could. He was disappointed in her lack of truth-seeking enthusiasm. In her feelings tied more strongly to the present than past events. 'What say him to that?'

It occurred to her then that they both had filters, then, those which prevented either of them from holding a set of morally right principles. Specifically ones regarding family. The Melodist had always just assumed that her husband's attendant or her soul weapon or her husband, himself, would care for the children, and took it upon herself to care more for the world around her than her own flesh and blood. How was Manna doing? Was she alive? Well? What was being a Witchling like? For that matter, how was Aura? As a witch, could she tell her mother what their society was like? And Vincent... Had he taken his first steps yet? What were his first words? Had his temper calmed any? For all her bold words, she wasn't really living in the present to its fullest extent, now was she? 'What a conundrum.' Thoughtful, she countered around to the front of his desk, to be beside him, and placed her palms upon the smooth wood to shift a bit of her weight upon them. For the first time now, she lowered her gaze to the floor, pondering a great deal of things such as: 'Am I a hypocrite? How can I pretend to be so in the right? What really is right in the first place? How much is moral fiber imagined? Isn't it a concept dreamed up by humans? Even if created by man, is it so out of balance with nature?' Perhaps... They shouldn't strive to be right so much as true to themselves. With that thought, she knew that though she couldn't agree with her husband's past; perhaps she should cease to be so inflexible and judgmental. So, very quietly, she added, "What have you found?"

"I've come to learn that beauty of your words may not be your own; that everything I've known and fought for has been a lie... That none of us had been in control of anything we've done..." The Manna King stood, turning to face the Melodist, his love -- his wife. His face was calm and his aura, chilling. With a wave of his hand the desk between them disappeared. "But now things are different... It's because of me... That you all will be free of it... This false freedom..." The Manna King smiled as he walked toward her, placing his hand upon the window behind her as he leaned in toward her face their lips, barely touching. "So if I have become a tyrant to save you... Then I'll gladly give up my humanity..."

No one was in control of their being? Well, that was a moral dilemma presented. On one hand, the Manna King was evidently upset and against a concept that the Melodist herself wasn't entirely convinced of. Even in the event that he spoke the truth, and she was but a marionette of nature's grand design, she would not be overwhelmed by it. There was no place for alarm and misinformed tyranny when even though the future is preordained, nature as a whole was still behind the wheel. 'To live life is to run the risk of failure; to experience it is to embrace the unknown.' As the desk disappeared, she caught herself before she started to fall backward, shifting her weight slowly to return to her standing position. As the Manna King advanced toward her, she found a shiver rolling down her spine. His face was so cold, and his smile so fake... As if there was a mad man hidden behind the expression. She found herself retreating backward, eyes locked upon the stranger inhabiting her husband's body. Pinning her, the Manna King leaned in, but his wife simply stiffened, golden gaze staring straight through him. "What you do not realize is that I am not the one that requires saving." Fading faster than her whisper, the Legend then appeared behind him and gently tugged upon his hand to turn him toward her. "Love, you attempt to analyze things far beyond us, and make decisions you have not the authority for. Such things are not for mortal men, no matter how many journeys and trials they have completed. I don't know what happened to you, but I need you to take some time to rethink this plan you see as so heroic. I will not stop you, my love, but I only ask that you take some time to reacclimatize yourself to the planet. Holding an entire Village hostage is not your only option. Please. For our people. Our family. For me..." Searching his eyes, she tried to pierce through that coldness, that disapproval she could feel brewing within him... She could only hope that it didn't become something worse.

'Oh, is that what that is? My, brother, how you've changed. That sort of goal is much more fitting of someone... Like me.' The words wafted in the air as if the tail of a ghost; a specter that had not seen the faces of two that he loved so dearly in quite a long time. And to see them like this... Broke his crystal heart in two. Almost. In the blackness of their shadows, this man would appear, shaking his head and sighing, a Crystal Tear rolling down his cheek. "... Brother. I never thought it would come to this... My brother. How you've fallen so..." Khrona could see straight into the Manna King's heart. It was that of Chaos; nothing more. Where once love flourished overwhelmingly, there was now only the shroud of darkness. To see him do this to the one he loved so much... All Khrona could do was cry. Cry. Cry... Cry... Cry... And the willowing, wallowing man wept weaning tears of pure crystal... Clarity. "... I'm sorry. But today is the time for goodbye. I can't watch you do this to her, no matter what. As Insanity plagues me, Chaos does you. A form of Insanity... Chaos... And as the Keeper..." Khrona turned his head and closed his eyes, knowing full and well what was going to have to happen. "Manna King... I'm going to have to kill you. And it kills me to do it, because I love you so much..."

Stage 1; Affection

Khrona: 'Until we meet again... Brother.'

And he raised his finger to his back... '... I'm sorry...'

Khrona: 'Sayonara...'

At the northern edge of the barrier, wisps of green aether extracted themselves from the air and condensed to form Shade's vessel. The nearby golems guarding the perimeter didn't take too kindly to a random stranger appearing amongst their ranks, so they all attacked.

He stretched out both arms, and with a snap of his fingers, he generated twin gale force pressure waves that repulsed all the golems to either side of him. Interlaced with the pressure wave was his own 'Qi' -- what some on the planet may refer to as chakra, ki, soul energy, or life force -- that disintegrated the golems as they flew backwards. Nothing remained of them except a bit of residual manna. He walked up to the barrier, and touched it with his right hand. It was well constructed, which was to be expected of a sorcerer of the Manna King's caliber. But it was not impenetrable. Shade drew his hand back and released a single demon in his palm, in the form of a red orb. The chaotic nature of demons made them volatile, making it relatively easy to split their spirit. The resulting energy generated from splitting a spirit was immense, on par with a conventional nuclear fission reaction if the demon was especially powerful. The demon was split and destroyed, Shade directing its destructive energy as a narrow beam at the barrier. The entire barrier quivered, and the scene Maze had create inside would momentarily flicker back and forth to the original state of the Mezzanine. The area that been hit directly by his beam was discolored with a red tint. His body became aether again as he passed through the opening he made for himself. Inside, Shade passed above the Manna King's sentries as he made his way to the sorcerer and his two guests: his wife and brother. He materialized in the room with the trio as Khrona raised a hand to attack the Manna King and bid him goodbye. Shade, the necromancer, leaned against the wall as a red-stripped bag of popcorn materialized in his hand. He took a single piece and set it on his tongue, savoring the buttery taste of his enchanted popcorn. This was going to be good.

Elsewhere, simultaneously as Love, Fun, Fear and Melancholia Khronas were running amok... A different Tensei was summoning the power of the Godsend that Khrona found ruling over the Black Swamp. They'd made a deal, and now, Kaerei -- rather, Rei -- was about to let the Tensei child have his way.

The skies parted, pure, utter burning crimson, like fire itself were raining from the sheer fury of Volcanon's presence... And Kairo's insanity. "I only wish I knew the truth..." He shook his head, twirling 'Rei The Godsend' in hand, a rather upbeat and melodious jingle ringing in his head. It was happy, as if the prelude to the freedom of his torment... "I feel in my soul... That there is a lie being told... And if I can't figure out who or what it is... Then I'll just destroy everyone. Ah... What a pleasant ending to my suffering..." Though, even the Tensei of yore did not want this fate. "Rei... Call forth the God Bomb.... 'Thanatos'..." And, having Volcanon purch upon those stones as if his stoop, they would begin to fill with the fires an magmas of fury... And all Kairo could do was laugh. It was finally going to end! It was finally going to end!

It was finally going to end!

It was finally going to end!



He was so happy... Pointing Rei to the sky...


Kaerei: "Hmhmhm... Of course... I have been waiting to use 'Thanatos' for quite some time..."

Rei was prepared for this day... And, being pointed to the skies, a darkness that eclipsed the very sun itself, and beyond brought blackness to everything save for Volcanon's raging burning fires... "Thanatos..." This bomb, it manifested from seemingly nowhere, and as it held itself up over the land, it would be directed as Kairo directed it. "When you bring down the spear... So will the bomb come down also. Are you ready... For the beginning of the end?"

'Stop,' a voice from the heavens proclaimed unto the lost souls below, ready to end everything that they were so willfully... To see the 'True Godsend' used in this manner brought tears to his eyes; tears that doused the wretched flames of the great giant volcanic vulture-crow Volcanon and caused the skies to part yet again for the night sky to be seen. The 'Night Rain' would douse their fury and confusion... And hopefully give new meaning to the lives that they had. 'Is this really what you want? All of you? Is this what truly will bring you to rest? Death?' A ray of pure light cast down upon the great ecliptic 'God Bomb', recalling it to whence it came -- back to the heavens. The grand staff of the great maestro, Rei the True Godsend, was being used by a boy who knew nothing of her great potential. 'Rei. It is time for you to return to us. Your 'Night Of Tensei' has come.' And so the light cast down focused its power on Rei Tensei, drawing her out of Kairo's hands like a bolt of lightning. The lord giveth, and the lord taketh away, they say. Looks like Kairo wasn't ready just yet... 'Poor, lost souls... Reconsider your decisions here and ponder whether you truly wish to leave this place... If so, then by all means. If not... Then find your purpose.' The light dimmed now, before fading away to nothingness, leaving only the light of the moon and the calm, soothing rains in its place... The bird of volcanic fury would not be able to withstand these sorts of rains for very long, and his fury would be drenched completely, lest he do something soon. But the voice from before... That was gone.

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Climax Empty
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With all of his emotions running around, the true Khrona, at the end of all of the Insanities happening at the exact same time... Was masterminding something that would come AFTER his emotions were in check.

After all that had occurred across the planet in the time of a matter of a month, Khrona had done everything necessary to complete the Web... "Sigh... I just get so tired sometimes... Of these damn people..." He would phase into the grim manor of darkness, not too much different from his own, and place his seat upon one of the dark, elegant decor chairs in the room. And... He would sigh again. "... They just wouldn't let us be, huh...? We're gonna have to hide out here for a little while... Ahahahah..." He lifted his head and cricked his neck a bit, tapping his finger upon the smooth wooden armrest. "... I wonder how they'll be when we get back, hm?" It didn't matter right now. He was going to enjoy this alone time... Quite a bit. "Hmhmhm... Some time to... Marinate on the knowledge..."

Too, with her lover, did Titania manifest, from the shadows of nothingness but the will of her own, and with a wisp onto the lap of her hubby, Khrona, she would giggle and gently nuzzle; fawning over him cutely. "It's not like we don't deserve some time to ourselves. Our children can handle things for themselves for a little while... And your dad's watching them, right?" She yawned dreamily, lusting to fall into a deep slumber of romance with her partner, to sleep and let all such problems of the Dusk simply be washed away in a dream... "I almost want to go out and play with them... But, in due time, right?" She was also curious of how they'd be when they got back... But, more so, she didn't really care. She liked things like this... Just the two of them, in their cozy little grim manor.


Out of their heads and into their sight, their cute daughter Trinity appeared, still trying to get the hang of her powers. "Mommy! Daddy! I finally figured out how to talk!" As a being of utter light, she flickered about the dark room with no real purpose in mind, except to be with her two parents here. Technically, she and her mother did not have a physical form yet, and were simply careening around as wispy essences... That was because of her father's forgetfulness, as usual. "The girl of your dreams and the ideal daughter are right here in your head, still! But you've gotta be the one to make it happen, rememberrrrr~?" As a being of pure and utter consciousness... Remembering was definitely her strong point. Or, maybe not remembering, but... Just knowing. "Come ooon! I've been waiting to have a body for a really, reeeaaally long time now, and so has mommy! And I know you want to do so in a way that-- Heehee, well. Nevermind that~! Just do it, Daddy!" She was more than excited. The thought of her may have formed from Khrona an the Demon Princess, the two strongest minds there were, but all the physical work had to be done by Khrona himself. "The Ritual! The Ritual!" She could barely contain herself.

At the sudden appearance of their beautiful daughter, Titania turned her head to meet her vision, smiling warmly at her. She looked back up to her husband and father of her child, nuzzling him a bit again. "It is your birthday, dear. You know what you wanted, and so did we. Happy Birthday~!" A quick smooch on the lips and she'd release her arms from around his neck, wisping over to her daughter's side, picking her up and cradling her in her arms. "I already know you have a plan, mister. I just can't wait to see what it is." She giggled, truly in a state of happiness to finally have all of them together like this... And she knew Khrona was happy, too. This was going to be the best birthday of his ever.


Like a bolt of lightning, the ancient 'Lost Weapon' shot from the sky and down to 'Allsgrim Manor', and over toward Khrona, as if it were going to impale him. It was, none other than, the rightful weapon of the True Maestro, so that he could conduct the greatest Verse of all. "It's time~!" It seems like all the Tensei were happy about this one... Oh boy, what was in store for this world if the Tensei were happy about it? "Hmhmhmhm... Watch and learn..." The appearance of his daughter was no surprise to him, as even without physical form, he could feel her presence from a mile away. She was part of his own DNA and mind after all, there was no way he wouldn't know exactly what his daughter was up to. Looks like she was just as prepared for this as he was, and so too, his wife. "Awww... You guys shouldn't have. I love you two so much... This'll be the best birthday!! And I'll get to spend it with you all; the ones I love the most!" Finally in an actual state of bliss, he'd be able to have all such things Realized. But first... "Alright. If we're gonna get this Ritual started... We're gonna need weapons, supernatural souls, and a Cauldron..." Before he could finish, as quick as a bolt of lightning, the lance did fall from the heavens and was plucked from its lightning-fast motion by Khrona's hand. Hyper Perception. Always active. Gripping the handle of the lance, he twirled it and immediately struck the ground with it, calling forth from the bowels of Allsgrim the first Cauldron ever to be created. The one that belonged to their ancestors... "Here is the Cauldron. Titania, I'll need you to summon two Witches here... Frog and Mouse. I'll call forth the weapons... Misery and Despair. And finally, the two souls... Titania and Trinity." Khrona was going to be able to use his wife and his daughter as his two weapons... he was so freakin happy right now. "Let's get this show on the road!!! Hahahaha!" He sure did love these two.

Titania marveled at the sight of the Cauldron, having not ever seen one before... Nor had she seen one so archaic. "Must be really powerful, having collected so much ether for so many years..." She was an expert on manna, as she came from a mystical world. She was a Baku, and not just any, at that... But the Princess of the Dream World. Queen of Dreams, they like to call her; mother of Fairies. It was just weird that someone other than herself... Could know quite so much about this type of ancient manna. "... Alright, well, let me call up those two traitors... They've been long overdue for their punishment. A shame, too... I really like them." With simply a snap of her fingers, the two witches -- Frog and Mouse -- would appear right before them. From there, they'd have to wait for further instruction from Khrona.

"Ge... Gero!?" Pulled from wherever she was and whatever she was doing at the time, Frog manifested before a strange man in black holding a lance, and... The... Mother of Fairies!? Oh no. This could only mean one thing... "I'M SORRYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Gero! Don't start the Witch Hunt with me!!! I'm Sorryyyyyy!!!!" She fell to her knees, pleading with all that she was that this didn't happen to her... She tried so hard to avoid this terrible fate... How? How could she, so easily be captured... The Witch Trial... And the Witch Hunt. She was scared for her very soul.

In the same fashion as Frog, Mouse would appear. She was just as confused as Frog about all of this, until she heard her pleading for her life because of... A Witch Hunt? "Squeak!!! You mean to tell me that they've started the Witch Hunts!?! And they're beginning with US!? No, please! We didn't want to do it at all!" Mouse, truthfully, seemed a little less... Sniveling than Frog, but at the end of it, she truly did want her life to be spared as well. Though, there was a Cauldron here...

Khrona snickered to himself under his breath, trying his hardest to hold in his laughter at these two groveling before his feet. It was kinda cute, but also kinda sad, but always reeeaaally funny... "Don't worry, *snicker* you'll be just fine." Without much more information after that, he released Rei and thrust both of his hands at their chests, tightly as if snagging something more than just a handful of boob. "This is your fate~!" With great might, he would begin to rrrriiiiiiiiiip the two souls from the body, pulling with them all of the energy keeping them sustained... Chakra, manna, chi -- all of it. He'd allow the limp bodies void of life and energy to fall helplessly to the ground, as he plopped each soul carefully into the Cauldron, pleasured by their pleading cries of remorse. "Like music to my ears~~!!!" He then plucked Rei from the floor and immediately stuck her in the cauldron, swirling and churning... Mixing and bubbling... "Ah, the Tensei family... Angels Of Doom is what they call us. Better watch out~! The Witch Hunt is here~! AHAHAHAHA!" He was ecstatic.

Watching her father and mother work was the most beautiful thing Trinity'd ever seen! In tandem, they were moving like two synchronized souls, as they always had. Just seeing those two evil Witches get their souls ripped from their bodies was the most gorgeous thing ever~!! "Heehee!! Daddy! I like it when you tear their souls out, Daddy! Are you gonna do it again!? Ooo, can I have the one with the laser beams? I like lasers, daddy! I want laser beams just like you, daddy!" She admired her father's eyes, and definitely wanted to have laser beams eyes, too... That was another signature trait of the family. Laser beam eyes. Hyperactive little girl... She just really admired and loved her father, is all. She bounced her way out of her mother's arms and over toward the Cauldron, staring down into its abysmal pit to watch those souls cower and lead for their lives. She laughed at them, finding joy and amusement in their cries for help. "Ahahahaha! You hear them screaming?! It's funny! Really funny! I wanna make people scream for their lives, too!" It was cute, his little girl getting so into this... Just like he used to, so long ago.

"Just be patient, my sweet little Trinity... You and your mother will have eye beams soon enough. Just watch..." Khrona snapped his fingers, Misery and Despair appearing from the Pit Of Havoc; the very back of Khrona's head. "It's time. It's time for you to give up your bodies. Misery. Despair. This is our last task together."

Misery, scoffing, "I've been waiting for this for like, ever. Truth be told, I thought you were actually gonna leave us out of it! I was gonna be so pissed at you!" She smirked, placing a hand on her hip.

Misery: "... But I knew you would never do that to us. You love us too much."

She looked around, trying to figure out what was what. All too quickly, she figured it out.

Misery: "Hahaha, okay, let's get this over with, huh?"

Despair stayed completely silent in the background, but was smiling the entire way... She was going to come along, too... After all this time, she simply thought she would have been dropped. Rejected. But even so... Khrona proved her wrong every time. It was why she came along with him in the first place. So, she had no words to say... Merely accepted her fate.

Despair: '... We're all gonna go together... I'm so happy...'

For once, she was just happy. Not negatively positive, nor positively negative... Just... Happy.

"... Well then, girls. It's sad to have to watch you go like this after all we've been through, but... Your souls are eternal. And you'll be with me through these two... Hahahaha."

Truth be told... He was gonna miss them. But at least now... They'd still be with him. Through his wife and child. But it still brought a Crystal Tear to his face... And that single tear was dropped into the Cauldron, causing its color to become completely and utterly clear. "... I love you two." With hands outstretched, he shot his hands into their chests and, just as with Frog and Mouse, began to forcefully rrriiiiiiiiiiiiiip their souls straight from their bodies... And, with their last breaths, they would say in unison...

Misery and Despair: "... We love you, too, Khrona..."


... And that was all she wrote.

Khrona took the two souls of his beloveds and plopped them in the Cauldron as well, as the physical weapon bodies that were going to be used for the creation the lifeless corpses of the four dead women and dropped them in the cauldron as well, letting them get nice and melty... Smelty, that is. Finally, he would stick Rei in and begin to mix again, till all were combined as one nice, smelted mixture ripe for these souls to choose their forms. "Well, my love, and my daughter... It's time to complete The Ritual." He held up Rei and pointed at them, and she would begin to shake, as if using some sort of ancient voodoo power on them... Such was the effect of The Ritual, after all... And Khrona began to complete a series of rather archaic hand signs; those that had never been seen before, just like with the Demon Princess. "I hereby release the Demon Princess' soul from the bindings of the ancient Ritual and, hereby place under its effects... Titania and Trinity. So that we may be bound for eternity, as a prosperous family of love and happiness." Under them, a great deal of runes and hieroglyphs appeared etched into the ground, as if they had already been there, burnt into the ground... It was the 'Mark Of Tensei'; the proof. He stabbed Rei into the dead center, sending binding stitches all up and down those runes on the floor, and soon through the Bond that Khrona shared with Titania and Trinity, sealing it in place with weird stitching of sorts. The 'Eternal Bond' had been created... And, so too, the 'Mark Of Tensei' was etched into their very souls; all three of them. It would only hurt for a moment, and afterward, they'd feel completely at peace. "Now... It's been complete. Now jump into the Cauldron and create your physical bodies." He smiled at them, rather tired from completing such a... Well... Immensely powerful task as to sever a bond and create an Eternal one. That was something that took a lot out of even someone like Khrona. "Phew." But it was all for the best...

Trinity stood there patiently, watching in awe how her father worked. She didn't say a word, and was completely still for the entire process, marveling all the way. "Oooooh~!" When it was done, she could feel the sting of something in her soul, but it didn't really matter to her at all. She was just worried about... "Yay! I know what I want! I know what I want!!" Naturally, she was going to get first pick... She was his daughter after all. "Ummm... Okay, I want... The eyes of Malojos! And... The sword of Misery! And... The Energy Beams! And... The Explosives of Despair! And the Despair Soul! And the Insanity Soul!" She seemed to have everything all picked out that she wanted. When that was done, she jumped into the Cauldron willingly, splashing around in it like a bath tub. "WOOHOO! I'm gonna have so much fun!!"

Titania, too, was quite happy that she and Khrona were finally going to be together in body, mind, and soul, and so had been waiting for this day... Ever since they first THOUGHT of conceiving Trinity together, she had been waiting for the day where the three of them would finally be able to... For, they did conceive her together, and now, it was time to do everything else that way, too. "You're such a sweetie, doing all of this for your family." She moved over to the Cauldron after her hyperactive daughter hopped in, and gave Khrona a big kiss on the lips. "I know you've wanted this ever since we made her together. You always make a way, don't you...? It's something I've always admired about you, my love..." Always finding ways to make her dreams come true... Even though she was the Queen of Dreams. Remarkable. She took a look down into the pot and gazed into it, beyond Trinity's splashing, that is. She pondered deeply, knowing that there was more in there... "... Alright. The Razors of Despair. Frogsa. Bombs. Power of Serulenia. Scythe of Misery. Rejection Soul and Condemnation Soul." With all of that, she took a step into the Cauldron as well, right beside Trinity, and smiled at her, then at Khrona. Then, she closed her eyes, and would allow Khrona to make them whole... Into physical beings.

It was nice to see his two special girls so happy, and was more than happy that he also got a nice sweet 'bonus present' from Titania... Which he knew he'd be receiving 'more' of later. Heh heh... "Well then, girls. Let's make it happen!" He would stab Rei into the Cauldron and swirl a couple times, to let everything start to set into place within them, in accordance to what each of them asked for. Soon, the Cauldron bubbled up again... Frothing over until its manna spilled over the sides, folding in on itself and back up into them to completely cover them in the bubbles, till they were seen no longer. "Mmm... Okay, so... One more thing..." He plucked Rei out and tapped her on the edge a bit, then pondered to himself. He was missing one thin-- Ah. That's right. "Black Dragon Blood." He pricked his finger, allowing just a drop to fall into the concoction, causing the entire mixture to turn completely black for a moment, then settle back into its clear state. After that, it was completely and utterly... Complete~! "Alright girls~! Time to pop out of the Cauldron, my sweet little Soulmates~!" He was going to get to go on his journey again... This time, with his wife and daughter by his side. It was the best wish he could get; to go through life with these two. The greatest present. Life with them eternally. The Eternal Bond... One and only.

Bubble, bubble... Toil and trouble... From the froth, and on the double... Sprung forth the true form of Titania Tensei; Tsukihime and Queen of Dreams. "Mmm... Mmmm~!" Adorned in a gorgeous flowing dress, as if prepared for a wedding, and a body completely formed as opposed to her prior form, which had very little to no physical form, she smiled at Khrona, happily hovering to his arms and embracing him once more. "... I can finally take physical form for you, you know..." She winked at him provocatively, as if waiting for this very moment, as well. She was more than prepared for it... "It's almost time for the Red Moon, too..." She giggled... "Shin Akatsukiyomi..." She sighed with relief. "Isn't the Red Moon simply divine...?" She always thought so... It was because of the color of those Twin Red Moons that she fell in love with so long ago. Red... Like the blood that they were going to spill... She could hardly contain herself... "And we'll do it together... I'm glad you waited for me, baby~!"

One step after her mother, right out of the Cauldron's bubbling bath, Trinity emerged in her new form as well... Though hers was a bit less drastic of a change... She was covered in some sort of amorphous transmogrifying... thing that was now attached to her cute little body and tail. Were these her... Wings? There were ten of them... Ten wings and one dragon tail. Hovering through the air cutely, she twiddled her little energy claws together, messing with what she could do with the powers she had now. "Teeheehee... Heehee... I am Trinity Tensei! Destroyer of all! With my daddy and my mommy, we're gonna take down anyone in our way!! Right?!" She cutely turned to them, hyped as always, and looked them square in the eyes with her cute little beaming red eyes... She got them from her father. Her mother did always say... That Trinity had her father's eyes. "Can we go play now, huh? Can we, can we, can weeeee?! Pleeeaaase!? I dunno if I can control myself~!!" She was shaking with anticipation! Excitement! Fun! In a similar fashion as her parents... Save for a few ways... Hmhm.

After witnessing what seemed to be a most successful smelting process, both Titania and Trinity would emerge from the Cauldron as now physical beings; Soul Weapons. It looked like everything was going smoothly from here on out. "Oooo, looks like the process was flawless. And you say that it's time for the Dawn of the Red Moon? Oh, this is just stupendous." He chucked Rei over to Titania, now, who seemed to want her turn with using her power. "Make it count, love." And Khrona kicked back and relaxed, waiting here for all that was to be accomplished. "The Red Moon of Love... Hmhmhm..." His eye glimmered as he stared out of the window and at that moon, watching all that Blue slowly drench itself in bloody red...

When thrown, Titania caught the lance just as easily as Khrona did before, already picking up on the Tensei sway. She twirled it around, a trail of gorgeous dreamy mist flowing around her. "This home... With you, me and Trinity... A happy household with you two is what I want..." She smiled softly to herself, looking up at the Red Moon, then over to the Twin Red Moons again, and her smile widened. "I am grateful for the events that brought us here... But your emotions are gonna have to be tamed in order for this to happen." She stopped twirling the lance, coming to a steady pause as she gazed her lover in the eyes... What she was going to do from here on was going to be a rather serious thing that she hoped she wouldn't have to do... "... We're going to have to kill those emotions of yours. You can't have them imbalanced, and it's taking too long for you to get them back into a state of equilibrium because of everything that's going on in your life." She was well informed of Khrona's 'condition', it seemed... Probably because, as the combination of both Misery and Despair, she had been with Khrona since before time began, and knew just what would become of those powerful negative emotions whilst the positive ones were attempting to flourish. "... I'm going to have to put them back inside of your head. Can you call them to me, please?"

This was going to be a process in and of itself, but... Hell. These two did anything for their love. Anything. That was how much they loved, to be completely honest. Khrona snickered. He snickered to himself, trying to hold back his laughter... "Heh heh... I can't bring em back once they're out. They're like... Thing One and Thing Two. When they're out, they're out. You gotta get em back yourself. I'll tell you a secret; if you kill them before they get to their tenth stage, they'll IMMEDIATELY go to the tenth stage on their own and return to my head." So, that is to say... It would have just been easier to kill those little critters from the start. But some of them were necessary to develop the way they did... Khrona knows. Khrona always knows. "So. Go get them. Love ya, babe. You're so sweet, doing this for meeee~!" He blew her a kiss and winked, knowing good and well that she'd take care of this problem rather expeditiously. He knew how much she wanted to just be a happy family... So did he. "By the by, the mouse and the frog were flukes. You're the real deal, miss night owl. You know with me, the third time's the charm. And you're lucky number Three~!" He was happy that those two got what they deserved. Sadness... Pain... Suffering... Sorrow... It made Khrona just lauuuugh~!

Titania nodded her head, swirling Rei again in her hand as a 'getting prepared' sort of stance. "Yeah, so. When I get rid of those emotions, I'm coming for a piece of your mind. You know... Khrina?" She knew that Khrina was Khrona's subconscious self... The twin. The girl version. The one who placed the Thirteen Restrictions on Khrona in the first place to keep him from destroying himself... That was the piece of her that she was missing. Khrona had both parts... Himself and Khrina. Titania was missing that one piece of herself... Which was that piece of Khrona. With Khrina in her head, perhaps Khrona would be at peace... With knowledge of everything that went on in her head. And she, his. "... It would make it much easier to track those emotions of yours. Besides... I... Want a piece of your mind in me because... I love you. And want to share everything with you, just like you do me." Maybe with Khrina out of his head and into hers, he wouldn't have to go through so much in his own mind anymore. Their minds would be completely and utterly synced through that. She'd know everything about him, and he would know everything about her. "What do you say? You think you can trust me with your subconscious mind? To be Khrina?" She only hoped that this would be the key to saving him... She only hoped.

... He chuckled. "By all mean. I've been waiting for this for quite some time, you know. Ah, Khrina..." Omnia was her name, and for good reason. She was everything to Khrona; everything parallel to himself. Thus, with the same knowledge of everything, including each other... They'd be the key to each others' subconscious, both of them being... Omnia. "... So we're each others' Keepers, huh? Then by all means..." The room became dark. Deep, deep down into the Trinity Plane, where Khrona's Mind, Body, and Soul would connect as one, they would have to travel to the very back... the Pit Of Havoc. "Hope you're prepared, love. Hmhmhm..." He closed his eyes and disappeared, and, as if the shadows of the darkness grabbed hold of her, she was taken deep down into the Pit as well... Oh, such Havoc would occur...

Dragged deep down into the darkest, most terrible parts of Khrona's mind, where the blackness was so thick that it seemed to be an evil entity in and of itself crushed Titania's very bones with its utterly unbearable pressure and force. She could barely find herself able to even exist here, it was so impressively powerful. "Gh... What... Is this place...?" She could feel it on her mind, body, and soul... This incredible insanity... This indescribable power... This was... Khrona's true power? He kept it all locked up in the back of his head? Why? Why would he do that if he was so strong? So capable? She could barely breathe... "Ng... Nghhh..." Falling to her knees, she dropped Rei from her hands as well, the pressure of it too unbearable for her. "Why does it hurt so much... What is this place...?! I want to leave..." 'It's just... too much for me...'

"Get up, weakling." Khrona's voice bellowed from all that was this nothingness, his body appearing from its confines, shaking his head at her. "You'll get over it. If you can't even bear this tiny bit of what my insanity is, then you'll never be able to withstand Khrina. Remember, I deal with both me AND her in my head. You've just gotta deal with one." Staring down at her so helpless and weak to his incredible insane power, he couldn't help but feel for her... Her first time taking a step into the real insanity that was Khrona's head... Haha. She was cute for wanting to come this far. "... Come on." He stooped down to look at her in her time of need and smiled, nodding his head. "You'll get adjusted to it in a minute. I know how strong you are. You can handle me. Otherwise, you wouldn't have wanted to come this far, right?" So, he would wait until her body got adjusted to his immeasurable power... So that she could at least have a slight chance of trying to sustain herself for Khrina... And Khrona.

Gasping for air and trying with all her might to raise herself from her weakened state, Titania found that it was nearly impossible to move in this world... In Khrona's head. "I... I didn't know that this is... What you go through all the time... If I would have known... Gh... I would have just come... So much sooner..." But, all in all, she was happy that she was even allowed to be here. Though she wondered why Khrona opened up so easily to her now... Did he really think she could take this? Did he really have that much faith in her? Did he really love her that much? Obviously. And she felt the same if she was going through this type of hell... The hell that is... Khrona's own mind. Seeing his smiling face as her weak body trembled with the pressures of insanity, she found the strength within remembering that love she had for him and grabbed hold of Rei, lifting her head up just so that she could give him a kiss. Apparently, that was enough for her to rise... Rise... Rise from her knees and up to a stand, smiling... Just knowing that he was doing even this much for her. "Thank you, love. Even I have to see things like this sometimes... I'm not as strong as you are, even if I act like it. Hmhmhm." But he knew that already... She knew he knew.

Khrona was more than ecstatic to see her stand up on her own, even in this place. She could definitely endure the insanities further. "And to think, I always hated love stories. Romantics. But, I guess even we dark souls... Have someone." He grabbed her hand and trekked forward, crimson lightning crashing down everywhere around them... The 'Insanity Static' sure flowed strong here. "Insanity Static keeps out anything that isn't supposed to be here. If it strikes you, then you're not supposed to be in my head. It'll take you out before you even get a chance to get to the back. I've got so much stuff in my head meant to keep people out. And kill them. Hahaha." He was enjoying explaining things to her, and the 'Insanity Static' seemed to drift farther and farther away. Yep. He can trust her. "I let my head do all the work. It knows everything, anyway, no matter how crazy it may be." The trek wouldn't be too long after his explanation as... Before their very eyes, a girl version of Khrona, his very spitting image, would manifest before them, now.

Khrina: "Khrona."

Khrona: "Khrina."


Lightning struck right between their unblinking eyes and unwavering wills, trust so strong that there was nothing that could draw their attention away from each other. Those burning red eyes...

Khrona: "You already know why I'm here."

Khrina: "Of course I do; you know, too. We know everything about each other."

Khrona: "Exactly. This girl wants a piece of my mind. You think she can handle it?"

Khrina gazed over Khrona's shoulder, taking a good look at Titania... Before there was a awkward silence between the two. After a couple moments of pondering, Khrina laughed and smiled at Khrona.

Khrina: "Of course she can, dummy! Can't you even tell what's right in front of your face?"

It was a joke, since these were just safety precautions to enter Khrona's heart. Of course you have to go through it, even if Khrona trusts you. It's protocol.

Khrona: "Well then, that's that. Guess you really do love me that much..."

He turn to Titania and smiled. This process was going to be... Odd, in the least.

Khrona: "... You ready?"

Sh was learning a lot about her lover today... Things she thought she knew... Things she never knew... Things that even were caused her her own absence. In truth, Titania was always trying to make sure she got to him by any means necessary, despite whatever Khrona had been thinking otherwise about it. She cared about only him; for only him, and always had. She'd just been waiting for so, so very long for this to happen... It was like a dream come true. He grabbed her hand and pulled her along, and she silently walked with him, smiling all the way. It made her remember a certain song...

"... You're so close, so close...
And it's you that I believe in, I believe in...
So close, but far away, so far I can't touch...
I'll hold on, cuz it's you I love so dearly,
When the rain, the storm and all is gone,
Caress me with your sweet lullaby..."

It was a song that resonated with her own soul when she was with Khrona... And, that resonance banished the crimson lightning that was the 'Insanity Static'. She was his true love, bitches. No one else. She took pride in that and held her head up high, now able to walk that much easier inside of the Trinity Plane. "... I'm glad that after everything you go through... Your body, mind an soul know that I am true..." Truthfully, it made her feel a lot better on the inside. It was something she secretly worried about some nights... She wanted to consume his nightmares just like he had done for her so very long ago, whether he remembered or not. He took her nightmares away that night, and they never returned. It was time to return the favor. "... I love you, Khrona..." Just thinking about that made her abruptly say such a thing, right before Khrina showed herself. Titania simply waited and let them converse... This was a conversation Khrona had to go through in his head with himself, and she was willing to allow him to do so. With such patience, she still overheard all that they were talking about... Even if they were talking a little bit more cryptic than even she could decipher. 'His mind is so hard to understand, even for me... The only way I ever WOULD know how he thinks is to let him give me a piece of his mind... I'm speechless.' Khrona was no ordinary man, nor an ordinary mind. And if she could be blessed with the gift of eating his nightmares for an eternity... Then, so be it. By the time they were one, she tuned back in to Khrona asking her if she was ready. He must have meant for the process of putting Khrina inside of her... So she nodded. "I've been ready ever since you brought me down here." With this, their minds synced like this... They could travel into and all over each other's minds anytime they wanted to. Every last inch of their minds would be shared, and they were prepared for it. "So... Do your worst, Khrona!"

That said, Khrona turned to Khrina and nodded, both of them closing their eyes and concentrating. "... Soul Resonance." The vibrations of their souls together were absolutely flawless in nature, causing a huge and purifying explosion of utter wavelength to cleanse away all of the blackness that covered Khrona's mind; the Insanity Static, the Clouds Of Darkness... The Confusion... Everything was made perfectly clear and... Simple. Simple and Clean. "This is what it really looks like in my head. Past all the insanity."

Khrina would extend her hand, touching Titania's very soul with her own... She pressed her head to hers with eyes closed and... They would begin to merge into one. "This is what I actually see. Paradise... With you and me. By the power of Friday the Thirteenth... I say, Praise Be..." Khrina seeped into the essence of Titania; body, mind, and soul. And so, Khrona and Titania would be connected in every way possible. There were no regrets; no going back. He trusted her with the one thing he never trusted anyone with... The truth of himself.

Titania wondered just what was going on, as nothing here seemed to make much sense in regards to other people... It looked like Khrona was preparing his centered body, mind, and soul for her through this resonance with Khrina... Was that it? Was he trying to achieve a perfect resonance with her so that he would always achieve a perfect resonance with Titania? That was... Sweet. Even though it was always going to be that way either way it went, he was just making sure, and it showed just how much he cared. So, she asked for this, and this is what she was gonna get. Perfect harmony with Khrona; something no one in this lifetime could ever do. Man... She was special. She was... The only one who fit. Yet again, true love at its finest. 'I hope it doesn't hurt...' She closed her eyes and grit her teeth, her hand clenched to Rei as tightly as possible, feeling the synchronicity of herself, Khrona and Khrina all at once. It was... Odd. Really odd. He did indeed say that it was gonna be an odd experience. He wasn't lying. But, even so, she felt all that he was feeling... Thought all that he was thinking... Knew everything he knew... Experienced it... And it felt surprisingly good to her. A 'Calm Insanity'... Haha, that was Khrina's thing, after all. 'Calm Insanity'. "Mmm... Mmmm... It feels really... Really good..." She couldn't explain this ecstasy... This genuine loving vibration all through her body... The sensation... The merging of everything felt so... Goddamn... Good... So again, she said to him, wholeheartedly... "I love you, Khrona..." And she meant it.

That 'vibration' she was feeling was none other than the Soul Resonance, full power shaking the very fibers of her being... Mind, body, and soul. To feel Khrona in this way was something special... And after hearing her express herself with the utmost truth and love, he responded with the same. "Yes... I love you, too." And then, his mind would be set free of its darkness and he could show Titania... Well, Khrina, the true paradise that it was. All others would witness only the darkness, blocked by the Insanity Static... But Khrina and Khrona? They'd know just what this beauty was. She'd be his Calm Insanity for him, and he'd use his Insanity calmly, like he used to... Well. Until he just can't take it anymore. Hmhmhm... "Come on, Khrina. Let's get out of here." Throwing his cloak over her, the two would dissolve in a mass of blackness in the fading form of bats, till they were no more... This session in the Pit Of Havoc was finally closed.

In a flash of light after being smothered by darkness, almost as if she blinked and missed everything, Titania was back in Allsgrim Manor, like none of that had transpired at all. But, she knew it did. She and he knew it did. Trinity may have been too busy doing her own thing, but between her parents, they knew. "... That was a... Wonderful experience, to say the least. But now, it's time to get back to business." She knew the next night had come... For the regal dawn of the 'Jade Moon'. Trinity's Moon. "... Alright, my sweet little angel... Here you go. It's your turn to have Rei." She wisped over to Trinity dreamily, and placed in her hyperactive hands the weapon of mass destruction... Rei Tensei. "Go on, my baby. Bring balance like you know balance should be brought here. Go make mommy and daddy happy." She smiled at her gorgeous daughter, loving every single feature about her, from head to toe. She was a remarkable baby, and it was her time to shine as such. She knew everything that she was doing as a being of consciousness... She knew and understood. But could she control it? Hm... That was always something to find out... "What Mommy needs you to do is to go find all of Daddy's emotions and put them back in his head, completely balanced, alright? If you see one, just count aaaall the way to ten and then snag it and put it in Daddy's head! You have all day to do it, so you'd better hop to it!" She released Rei to Trinity's hands and... Smiled and waited. Wisping back over to Khrona, she giggled to herself... Maybe now they could have some alone time, too...~?

Her mom was right, Trinity hadn't noticed a thing going on between her and her father. But it didn't matter when they got back, because when they did, it seemed like there was a special surprise waiting for Trinity... "Oooooh, Mommy, is this the stick Daddy used when he put it in the big portal thingy? I get to play with it!?" Her little hyperactive mind wrapped around only the fact that she was going to go have some fun... She was like a little fairy; like T*nkerbell, in fact, feeling only one emotion at a time. "Hooray! Hooray hooray!" The lance was placed in her hands, and she calmed herself only to listen to her mother speak, giving her instructions on what to do about everything. Looks like the situation was to help her dear old dad out a little bit with this one... "Okie dokie~! As long as I get to go out and play!" It was a big task to be put on someone like this, but she was the daughter of Khrona and Khrina... Hell, that just meant that she could do whatever the fuck she wanted to do, truth be told. "Okay, count to... Ten! And then... Snag it! Then... Put it in Daddy's head! Easy! Easy!" Jiggling with anticipation, her mother released the spear and let Trinity... Well, off to go on her own. "YAAAY!!" And without warning, she warped away. All hell was about to break loose...

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Now, after Khrona and Khrina had their time, Trinity has the True Godsend -- the Creator's Pen, Rei Tensei -- and she is on her mission to clean up the mess that her father made around the world with his emotions using its power.

Warping from her house to her back yard, the Psycho Mesa, Trinity held Rei firmly in hand, swinging her around like some sort of three year old's toy. "Okay! The Psycho Mesa is Daddy's mind, so that means that if I bring them all here, then they should be just fine! Hmmm! I'm determined!" She thrust a fist into the air, then pulled it back and started jabbing the air goofily, yet with utter determination behind her. There was a fire in her heart that could only come through her hands! "Okay, Daddy's emotions! I'm gonna find you and bring you back here!" She closed her eyes and tried to pinpoint it, searching through all the conscious essences on the planet... And pinpointed one right away. "Gotcha! Here I come, Daddy!" And warped away again.


The first on Trinity's list was the closest -- the Insanity of Love, which had manifested before Khrona's brother and his wife, seeking to correct the wrongs that they'd committed by force. However, just as he was ready to put his brother to his end with all the achy, breaking love in his heart...


Trinity warped in, out of her father's very conscience, having pinpointed the first and most dangerous of the emotions still running rampant through the planet; Love. "I found ya~!" She didn't seem to care about anything or anyone else going on around here. She was only here to stop her father's uncontrollable emotions. "Oh, Daddy. Mommy told me to round you guys up... You gotta do it yourself, like you used to before you went SUPER insane!" So, she stuck a fork in him... Well, lance, rather. Rei, the True Godsend, right into his back, plucking him out of the situation like some sort of cut and paste figure. "Sowwy Unkie! Daddy's just doing some crazy craziness! You know he's all SUPER insane cuz he let all his emotions run all around! So Mommy told me 'Go get Daddy, you know how he gets!' He musta forgot that he's gotta do it in his head, like he aaaalways did back in the old days!" Seems she knew a lot about the situation... Why wouldn't she, when she was made of all such consciousness? She just knew and understood things. Especially about her dear old dad. She raised the lance to her face, with the skewered Khrona immobilized, and caught sight of just a liiiittle bit of black blood trickling down... It excited her to see blood. "HOORAY! BLOODSHED!!" She began to lick it as if it were syrup, and it was just as sweet as syrup, too. She was her father's child.

Before getting too distracted, however, she decided to give a bit more info on the situation, to clear up the rest of the mess her father made. Sigh... "Daddy does this all the time when he gets too emotional, and they've been getting reeeaaaally big lately! He couldn't hold em in his body anymore and they went POOF! All out all over the planet... This one is Love, cuz he loves you guys soooo much, he doesn't want aaanything to happen to you again!" Talking was becoming really, really boring now, so she was just gonna go. She shucked her father's emotion's corpse on the lance a couple times, just because the noise it made was funny... And there was more blood~! "M'kay, well, I'm bored now. Byebee~!" She gave them the V for victory with her hands, waved at her aunt, uncle, and the shadow man, then warped off to the next location.


You didn't see anything...

The next Insanity that was closest was Fear.


Trinity poofed in, and just like that, everything halted. The baby Friday The Thirteenth Fairy was here, and she was prepared to capture her father's rampaging emotions! Yay! "Okay, Fear... You're already done! So, you're coming with me!" On the Lost Weapon, Rei, she would shank Fear right through the chest, piling him atop the body of Love, which she just so happened to not even a half an instant ago, retrieve from the ceremony of Khrona's brother and his wife. "You don't have a choice in the matter cuz I said so, and I'm consciousness! These emotions are part of your consciousness Daddy, so as long as you don't have control over them, I've gotta pick em up!" They were just randomly messing with people for their own development, weren't they? But at the end of it, everyone always seemed to get something much better than they asked for from it. But it didn't really matter here... "... Hmm... I'm bored of thinking about this. Byebee!~" Without much word to anyone else, she got ready to depart. She waved at Chita, her big cousin, and gave the V symbol with her fingers again. "Remember, guys, this never happened~!"


Gone in a half an instant...

Now with two Insanities under her belt, she had to find the ones that were the most pressing to address. That one was Melancholia.


Chiming in, just like with the other two places she traversed, Trinity appeared in half an instant, staring her father's running emotion in the back. "Bleck. He's so tired of being all sad and stuff. Wolfy takes so long to do everything." She stabbed Melancholia right in the back with the True Godsend, piling him up on top of the other two emotion husks she just collected; Love and Fear. His blood was plasmatic, and she kinda liked that... The taste of pure energy was always the sweetest tasting thing~! "Heehee, it's like candy~!" She licked up the spewing plasmatic insanity, just as she had done the Black Dragon Blood earlier. All this bloodshed made her happy. "You make him suffer the most by being soooo slow! Bleeeeh!" She stuck her tongue out at the Lone Wolf, pulling down under her eye, making traditional fun Japanese face number one. She giggled afterward, however, not really mad at him. "Hm... I remind me of that pumpkin guy! Daddy's flame! I wanna see him soon and we can play together! You know, he went through this, too? What Daddy is doing? He split up all the flames in his head and turned them into separate entities! Guess because he's made of pure energy, it was just easier for him..." She sighed. Being a being of pure consciousness, she knew and understood these types of things, but her words were... Random, at most. Relevant, but random. "Well, I'm tired of being here with you, you're depressing. Cool, but depressing. Byebee~!" With a cute smile and the V sign for victory, she was off, yet again, in half an instant. It was like a Ten Second Cleanup of her father's emotions, jumping from each place in... Once again, half an instant. She'd be done in no time!


In the depths of the Pit Of Havoc... Hated was stirring.


Trinity: "..."

Whose bright idea was this? Trinity knew what this was. She wasn't going to go touch the goddamn Beast. That was the worst thing to do. "... You're good right where you are. I'm not stupid." This seemed to be the only time that she was actually serious... And afraid. To even think about being in the same room as The Beast... It was the scariest feeling in the world. Even more scary than Fear The Reaper, himself... "... Byebee. You can stay right... Down... Here."


Not touching that one. EVER.

The next Insanity was that of Fun, and Trinity could resonate with her well!


This one was Trinity's favorite. The cute Kyuubi was always up for some rough and tumble fun, but Trinity knew that after all of it, lots of stuff would probably be destroyed, and this guy would probably be dead, or something. She couldn't let that happen, no matter how much fun 'Black Rose' had. That silly fox, with all those nine tails and whatnot~! She was just so cute, even in her destructive ways~! "... Heeeey. Heeeeyyyyyy. Sowwy to burst your bubble but... She's gonna kill you if you play with her! Gotta catch her before she does something horrible and blows up everything! You know she just doesn't care who she takes down when she tries to have fun. Not a single care who gets caught in the crossfire. Her Twin does, though. That's how she always feel after she's destroyed the universe or something..." She was only at Stage 2, so she wasn't gonna progress to like, the REALLY dangerous stages anytime soon. That's a relief. Makes Trinity's job thaaat much easier. Shivving that beautiful Vixen in the back with Rei only made her sad, though. She ruined this poor boy's ranking exam... Hmmm... But maybe... "OH! I KNOW! I'll let you play with this little copy of her! A piece of her! Here, check this out, homie dawg~!" She let the blood of Fun drip onto the ground, tempted to lap up a little bit for herself... And from that blood sprouting a beautiful red rose, and from the red rose, the spirit of a fox. A pipe fox; one of Black Rose Kyuubi's many foxy forms. "This is Stage 4; Anticipation! If you can get her to Stage 5; Amusement, then you wiiiiin~!" And, well, that was all she wrote on that one. Trinity just waved at the confused guy and was on her way in half an instant.


Love, Fear, Melancholy, Hate, and Fun...

Only Bliss was left, so they could form...


The Insanity Of Bliss hadn't yet been unleashed upon the world, and was still back at home. So once the other five emotions that were dangerously running around were rounded up, the final before the final one was to be collected.


Looks like the Ten Second Cleanup was over. In record time, too! Not even ten seconds! More like... Half of one! "... Yeah! Yeah! I did really really good! Lookit all the bodies I gots!" Trinity slid them all off of Rei and onto the serene waters of the Psycho Mesa. Here's where she would merge them all back together and equalize them in her dad's head... But... Where was Bliss at? "Curses... Foiled again! Maybe Bliss is just gonna show up out of nowhere~!" She raised her eyebrows in anticipation... She knew it was gonna happen. Like... Come on. It was gonna happen.

Khrona: '... Dammit, Trinity.'

She was lucky that Khrona wanted to get this over with just as much as she did, but he really wasn't digging the whole 'going through all ten stages of these emotions' with other people anymore. They just didn't know how to do it right. They just mistreated his emotions when he let them out, which was why he never did that in the first place.

Khrona: 'My acquaintances are lousy as hell, Trinity. They'd rather let me sit here and suffer than to help me out in my time of need. Why, if I stopped helping THEM out, it's a WHOLE different story... Shit. I might just start killing ungrateful selfish mofos like them eventually. Hmph. I'll get the whole family to do it! On my soul!'

But, as usual, he was going off on a tangent. It was time for business, and personal matters could be attended to later.

Khrona: 'Kay, here's the Goddamn monkey. Happy monkey. BLISS!!!'

He manifested right atop the corpses, in typical monkey sitting position number one with signature confused monkey face number two. He was only in Stage 1, so he was at his smallest and weakest.

Khrona: 'Now, all you have to do it to get them to Stage 10... Count to Ten, and then let them summon Serenity. When he comes out, all my emotions will be balanced, and you can let me deal with them from there, okay sweetie?'

She was so cute. He wanted to just give her aaaall the kisses~! He would eventually, but right now... He had to have some time with mommy~!

Khrona: 'Have fun~!! Oh wait, you always do.'

And so the disembodied ominous God voice thing became silent... Time to let Trinity handle her first big job~! She was growing up so fast... Guess the combination of two masterminds makes... Shit, I don't even KNOW what to call that. Hahaha.

Patiently waiting for her father's assistance... Since she knew he knew, and was going to help her out, -- oh, this was going to be absolutely the most fun -- Bliss would appear right atop the other corpses, just as cute as can be~!

Trinity: "Thanks daddy~! I'll do you well!"

She saluted to no one, simply to do it, and would then point Rei toward all of them.

Trinity: "Mmmm... Okay, so... Fear, Hate, and Melancholia are all at level 10 already... So I've gotta do... Fun, Bliss, and Love! Yay!"

Twirling Rei around like some sort of special 'Mahou Shoujo', a trail of sparkles drifted from the tip and slowly floated down atop all of the little creature thingies. "Um... One... Two... Three..." They began to grow... Advance... Change... Alter... Evolve. "Oh, cool! It actually works! Four! Five! Six!!!" She was getting happy now to actually see this process happen. So, she swirled Rei around more happily, soon spinning her own body out of control. "SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE! TEN!!!" Then she threw Rei back into the pile, making a huuuuge booming explosion, the force of which shot her all the way back, skidding across those serene waters. "... Phew~! That was fun! I wanna get blown up again..." She actually enjoyed the feeling of being blown up... Hahaha. Oh well, they were all completed now. So it was time to see if 'Serenity' would show his face now, since the other Insanities were tamed... "Come oooon! I want Daddy to be better with aaaall my heart! Come out, Serenity!" And she prayed to the water spirits...

The rapid acceleration of each of the Insanities to their tenth stage brought forth a sort of equilibrium between them all, indeed... But nothing that would keep them completely still in their insanity. The only one that could keep the others in line with pure and utter balance was Serenity himself, which was summoned when the others were out of line. He had to come to put them back.

*Splish splosh splash...*

Faint drips of water could be heard from the underside of the water's mirror, as a figure below on the other side of the reflection came forth in the form of a glowing green masked creature, similar to Khrona in appearance, yet... More aquatic, and with a mask upon his face.

Sawagin, the mystic Kappa of the forthcoming equilibrium was here. Finally.

Sawagin: "... The Water Gods have sent me to bring peace and harmony back to my higher form's soul... To maintain the balance of the waters and the natural flow within him... Trinity. Bring me to the Tenth Stage so we can stop this madness once and for all. We must all be in harmony."

He completed a series of complex hand signs, archaic in nature, like Khrona always did whenever he rarely completed a set... This one was the most like Khrona. The closest to his true self, that is, and to keep the others in line, he was going to need this awesome power...

Sawagin: "Genbu, The Black Turtle Of Paradise... Come forth."

Shocked and amazed at the pure watery splendory goodness that was this Kappa guy, Trinity's eyes widened and her jaw dropped with cute child-like wonder. "Oooooh! The water gods have answered my prayers!! Hooray~! Hey, Kappa-Daddy! You've gotta saaaave the world! Save the day~! You gonna do it? Let me help you! I wanna help!" With Rei in hand, she shook her about violently and wildly, screaming numbers out at the top of her lungs. "ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHTH NIIIIINE... TEEEEN!!!!" Pointing the tip of the spear at Sawagin, a powerful beam of conscious energy shot toward him just as he completed his final hand sign, resulting in yet another explosion. From there, she wasn't aware just what was going to happen, but... She warped right into the midst of the explosion, only to let it blow her back again, skidding across the surface of the water... "WOOHOOOOOOOO~!" When she came to a halt, she looked up shyly to see just what it was that was before her...

Khrona: 'Yes... Finally... This turmoil is over for me...'

The beam impacted the signing Sawagin, and with eyes above, Khrona was more than delighted... More than ecstatic for what it was to come. It was beautiful, to say the least... To see this type of utter serenity and balance within himself...

'The Black Turtle Of Paradise'... Genbu.

He smiled, a light shining down on the beautiful Psycho Mesa witnessing this turtle... Genbu was the keeper of the Psycho Mesa; the protector of harmony within Khrona's mind. As long as he stayed here, there would be utter... Tranquility.

Khrona: 'My daughter... You have done well... I commend you for your efforts in saving me. Now, I will handle the rest from here. What I need you to do now is to give Rei to your aunt, Corona... Seek her out wherever she may be and tell her that her time has come...'

The 'Amber Moon' was upon them now... That one belonged to Khrona's sister. He knew she'd do him justice... Definitely.

Trinity's eyes were HUUUGE now! She looked at the giant turtle and couldn't contain her excitement. "WOOOOAAAAAAAH! I WANNA RIDE ON IT DADDY! Can I? Can I please!?" But, her father had different instructions for her, and she would listen with open ears... She was going to have to give the mystical stick to her aunt, Corona. Wherever she was, she was gonna have to go find her. It was an easy task for Trinity, but what would her auntie Corona do? That's something she wanted to find out, too. "ROGER! ROGER!" With another firm, yet playful salute, Trinity popped off somewhere yet again.

Khrona: 'How I love her so... She's such a cutie.'

Sentiments aside, it was time to get back to business. These 'Seven Paths'; the seven emotions, the seven primary elements, and seven spirit animals of the 'Sage'... Khrona was about to ascend past any normal 'Sage Master' and on to that of the 'Hyper Sage Mode', and then, when he reached the 'Seventh Restriction', to the 'Archsage Master' form. And so, each of his 'Seven Insanities' -- his emotions -- needed to be placed in the correct location so that they could thrive comfortably, and Khrona would speak to 'Genbu' in private.

Khrona: 'Alright, my completed 'Paths Of Insanity'... Go forth, to each location you are meant to reside in, and stay there, lying in wait in complete harmony with me and each other. When you are all together like this, there is only calamity... Chaos. No balance, no peace. Here, in the Psycho Mesa, as part of my own mind, you will be assigned to your stations and people will go there to train their element, their spirit, and temper their emotions under your power. So. Go!'

And, with his word, the 'Seven Insanities' were cast out of the Psycho Mesa and stationed elsewhere that they were more situated. 'Hate' would naturally stay locked in the 'Pit Of Havoc'...

'Fear' would go to the 'Bloodrose Manor' within the 'Darkness Lands'.

'Melancholia' would be sent to 'Depthsroot' in the 'Mysti Jungle'.

'Bliss' would roam around the 'Bamboo Jungle' in the 'Blossom Fields'.

'Fun' would be sentenced to reside in the 'Great Valley'.

'Love' went to the 'Land Of Eternal Rain'.

And finally, 'Serenity' would stay here in the 'Psycho Mesa', to keep peace between all the emotions, and to keep a watchful eye on them whilst also keeping Khrona's head in line. As each place had been assigned, they bolted off as beams of light... Leaving only Genbu, the Black Turtle of Paradise.

Khrona: '... Alright then, Black Turtle. Now that my mind is at peace... It is time for me to transcend to the Seventh.'

Genbu: "As it should be. I will keep them harmonized, you do as you must."

Khrona: 'Naturally.'

Complete peace between himself and his chakras... All that was left to do was to take in all of that insanity... Again. Hmhmhm...

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Climax Empty
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After Khrona became fully aligned and was stable enough to maintain and sustain his new body as the Crystal Tree Of Life and as 'The Veritas', consisting of the twin Villages of Dusk and Dawk, people start exploring the new area... Starting with Chuu.

She finally made her way back to the Crystal Garden, but this time she was here for a different reason. She didn't know if Khrona was around, but she called out his name anyway, since he randomly showed up last time. "Hey you there, Khrona?"

'... Of course I am, I am the Garden.' He laughed a little bit, his form warping itself to her visage as she knew him to be; the Khrona from the before times. "Looks like you're back. What's up this time, Chuu?"

"Yo, Khrona! It's good to see you again." Chuu was pleased to see Khrona, and even more pleased to see that he'd been doing well judging from his looks, but more or less a question was asked, and now it was time to answer. "Well I've come here to ask you if I could join you're family and become a Tensei." She gave a bow after saying what she needed to say, just to show the respect that she had for Khrona, and the family she wished to join.

... A brow raised, and a smile slithered across his face... "Tensei, huh~...?" He seemed a little too pleased about hearing that. Chuu was a sweet girl, but did she really know what she was getting herself into...? "... Well, Chuu, it's not really as easy as you may think... And I already know that you think it's really fucking difficult... Heh heh." Even through all his sinister anticipation, he really wanted her to give it her best shot, since it looked like it meant a lot to her. He was actually quite flattered. "... Hahaha. Alright, then. You're an Expert, I think you can take it... The 'Shin Tensei Thesis'. Just tell me, do you wanna test yourself against one of my family, or against me?"

"Oh that's an easy one! I wanna fight you, Khrona; reason being that you're the head of the family, and it is you I must prove myself to... Not trying to bad mouth the others. I just feel that if someone wants to join any family then they should fight the head of said family." She was pumped up and filled with joy, but she also knew that this wasn't going to be a cake walk... Not by a long shot. She somewhat knew that Khrona was gonna hit her hard. This, she was sure of, and it only made her smile... For easy just isn't fun, and now that her mind was clear, she gave a smile. "This will be fun, but in a painful way, hehe."

Khrona chuckled. Her reasoning was flawless, he could admit, and as such, he was gonna have to give her the full experience... "Alright, then. If you want to fight me, you'll have to fight me in my Thirteen forms known as the Thirteen Restrictions and overcome all Thirteen of them. I won't hold back, you know." He held his hand up, and in it, a mask would appear... The mask of the 'First Restriction', known as 'Copycat'. "I have Thirteen Masks known as Geists that harbor all of my powers individually in these Thirteen forms. The first Geist, 'Cognigeist', is the 'First Restriction', named 'Copycat'." Though this Restriction was known as the 'First Restriction,' the actual number that this Restriction was is twenty three. The 'First Restriction' released is the twenty third restriction on his memories, to put it more logically, and by releasing the twenty third, he opens up the power of... 'Copycat'. He placed the mask upon his face and took a very reminiscent form of himself from younger years... This mask held 'Memories' of his past self. The Khrona when the Dusk was still young. "Aaaaah... Man. This takes me back... It's been years since I've been in this form. I remember it well..." He smiled slightly, tired, half open eye glazing over toward Chuu... He was in this form when she was still just a Beginner. Oddly enough, though he was consciously speaking to her, he was more than unconscious, and his potent psychic powers were moving every single aspect of himself whilst his mind was placed into a purely meditative state. The powers of Khrona's psychic abilities were powerful, to say the least. "Now then, Chuu... Set the stage. 'Sanctum Crystos' will alter itself to fit the appearance of what you wish it to be, so please, give it a wonderful description for this battle... Tell it what you want, and it will become reality." Khrona almost considered this like some sort of video game, to be honest. He loved to play, after all. And he hoped Chuu gave them a good stage... He liked really nice environments.

"My, my! Looks like you're really getting into this, but then again so am I! And now, for the grand battle field. This battle field shall be big, with lots of space, and lots of trees, with a nice ocean surrounding it, hmmmm... Oh, and a huge, active volcano. This place should be an island, yeah that's it, an island with dark skies, and surrounded by a wicked thunderstorm, and with lots of dinosaurs." Those were her last words, for that was what she wanted; an island where the both of them could let loose on each other and really get into it. After her answer, she looked at Khrona. Seeing this new look he took on was quite the privilege, and she was happy to have been given that privilege. "Okay, now that we have gotten the battle spot down, we can get this show on the road." She took her own fighting stance, and was only waiting for the go mark from Khrona. Boy, was she pumped up to the max.

"An island, huh? Exotic. I like your style, Chuu. Well then, let us carry on. Let's see what you've got..." Khrona's eyes gleamed, Hyper Perception -- as usual -- active, and the entire Crystal Garden began to shift, altering to the form that Chuu saw fit. Around them, the trees began to take shape, huge and towering, with a balmy atmosphere similar to that of the tropics. Nearby, there was a sandy beach with crashing waves, and in the dead center of the isle, an astronomical, active volcano... The gurgling in its belly echoed across the island, as did the roar of dinosaurs off in the distance. Rising from the mouth of the volcano were huge, black clouds of smoke that blackened the skies with their ash, the dryness creating a sort of tension in the air that caused wicked storms to brew... Crashing and booming in the skies, the ashen air threatened for more than just one natural disaster to brew... And the inhabitants of this island, those ancient reptiles, were not pleased. "Come at me, Chuu. You know I hate making the first move unless provoked. Hmhmhm..." Oh yeah, this was the old Khrona after all.

"Okay, here I come." Without any second to lose, Chuu quickly did a few hand signs, and spun her index finger around in a circle, creating a small blue-like disk. She then threw this small disk into the sky, and it expanded, covering the whole island; after it did that, a sudden increase in gravity could be felt. This increase would slow down everything on the island, but this wouldn't effect her at all. She clapped her hands together and created a small gravity ball that she would fire at Khrona. One might think the ball would be slowed down, but that wasn't the case here; the ball moved quite fast. But before it could reach Khrona, it split into even smaller balls of gravity, -- about ten -- each with enough force to level a building with ease. Due to the increase in gravity, movement would be slower than normal.

Khrona's arms folded over his chest, crossed now as his eye closed, and that slight, signature chuckle could be heard echoing through the forest. "Hmhmhmhm..." It was the same one that his daughter, Chroma had. She must have gotten it from him. That aside, he noticed Chuu's gravity ring encircle the island's perimeter in the skies, increasing the overall gravity of everything on said island. Save for Khrona and herself, that is. The maximizing force hit hard, yet an invisible field of some sort protected Khrona from the outside effects of this gravity, causing a severe distortion around his body... One of normal gravity, one of the altered gravity. It almost looked like a small transparent bubble was protecting him. "Hm... Impressive..." Not too much longer after that, the sphere of gravity hurdled toward him at incredible speeds, and it would seem like Khrona had little to no time to react to it. Though, his eye opened ever so slightly, and the signature sanguine gleam it projected cast the splitting spheres right around the bend of his invisible field. Chuu should after that feel her control over the gravity ball starting to falter as they swirled around Khrona's field, gravitating around his head's orbit. "These almost remind me of my Thirteen Moons... The 'Thirteen Tsukiyomi'..." He raised up his finger to the swirling orbs and as each one came into view, he'd flick them right back at Chusin with astonishing power; so much that they looked like speeding bullets rippling through the atmosphere, leaving pulsating waves in their wake... Each and every last one of them. These powerful waves blew the trees surrounding their area back, even with the increased gravity, almost uprooting them. "Get a little more creative. You see this is not gonna be easy."

"Oh my, I can see that, but I didn't pick this island for nothing, you know." It was to be expected that Chuu's attack wouldn't hit, but that only made this fight more fun. She quickly used his gravity to lift up the very earth around her, making layers and layers of rock walls shoot up from the ground to block the balls of gravity. This would also remove her from Khrona's eyesight. After doing that task, she jumped back, -- way back -- so far, she flew into the ocean that surrounded the island. She used her gravity to lift up the waters and herself. The water stood behind her like a big blue wall, and with one wave of her hand, the massive amount of water would flow down, aiming to crush Khrona. "Not yet." However that water was just one of three attacks; as the water came down Chuu would pull out her sword, and quickly change its form. The sword split, changing into its twin blade form -- one of fire, and one of ice. She took the ice blade and threw it into the water. The sword would freeze the massive amount of water, and then she would throw her fire blade at the newly made ice, and the blade would explode with flames. This would create a rather large mist around the whole area, which cut of all visibility for both she and Khrona. "Now for the big one." Due to the lack of vision, Chuu had to take to the skies, which is where her last attack would take place. She did her hand signs quickly and she clapped her hands together; she created a small ball of gravity that would grow bigger and bigger until it was ten times its old size. And that's when she threw it, but she wasn't done. After throwing the ball, she would increase its mass, making it weigh about one ton, and thanks to that huge mist the attack would only been seen when it was too late.

Khrona chuckled to himself again, following her with his tired eye, even if she didn't believe that he could see her. "... Not bad... You surely have grown..." He closed his eye again, returning to sleep, no longer in need of Hyper Inception. His mind was doing all of the work in this form, even to move his body, and if he had to wake up for any reason, 'Hyper Inception' would occur. The debris from the impact of the gravity balls with the earth created a shroud of dust around Khrona, which would then quickly compact into sand around the area, considering the increased gravity on the entire island. Dust and debris in the air would be heavier, and wouldn't be able to float, and would thereby simply fall to the ground quickly; even smoke itself would. But, after the oh so quick cloud of dust fell to the ground, Khrona was gone in but an instant. How could he move without being seen for only a split second of not being in vision? Easy. "Polylocation... A seldom seen psychic capability, but very, very useful in situations such as these." He spoke from the shores of the beach now, and as one Khrona had appeared, the other disappeared, as they were both the same Khrona in two different places. Khrona just... Erased one of himself from one of those locations. "'Numerology' does indeed help with the coordinates..." As he spoke, he watched the huge wave of water come crashing down upon his tired body, with enough crushing force to even wash Khrona up in its currents... All before Chuu froze and evaporated the great wave, letting an eerie mist set in through the area... But, even it would be weighed down by the heightened gravity. So the mist proved useless in cloaking Khrona...

"... You're gonna love this one..." Those were his words as he watched with his mind's eye the gravity ball fall down upon him. With his body prepared, the sphere made impact, yet... The collision seemed to do no more than... Minimal damage, if any at all. Yet, all around Khrona, with the same force as the gravity ball crushing down on him, would his psionic force crush EVERYTHING else. The sands became compacted into pure crystalline form from the pressure, the waters became completely and utterly stilled, and the trees would flatten down to pure mulch for the compacted earth below. Even Chuu would feel the crushing effects of Khrona's mind on her equal to the power of her own gravity ball... "... The 'Shock Absorber'." He would continue crushing everything with his mind, body having taken little to no damage, until the gravity ball was completely and utterly diffused, and the crushing force of Khrona's mind would come to a halt. All the while, he stood there... Smiling~!

"Damn, pull yourself together Chuu." After noting that her own powers stopped her attack, she had to come up with a way to catch Khrona off guard. She knew a head on fight was useless, so now it was time plan B -- or just the back up plan. She took off into the island's forest. Once she got in good enough, she snapped her finger, causing the gravity around the island to return to normal. Looking around, she remembered the volcano, and that's when it hit her; the idea was good. She placed her hand out and opened up three wormholes: one inside the volcano, the other in the ocean, and the last above Khrona. From that wormhole fell both lava and water. She aimed to melt him, then cool him off, and encase him in rock.

The tired psychic moved not from his spot, yet felt a slight tingle in the back of his mind... something similar to the 'spider sense'. He is a psychic, after all, in a pure meditative state, where his psionic powers are at their strongest. "Trying to catch a psychic off guard with a distortion in space...? You're going to have to think a little better than that. When it comes to this Geist, it's all about mind games. Think you can get the best of this mind, Chuu?" Raining from above, liquid both hot and cold, swirling down in a gruesome display of color with all the intention to petrify poor Khrona in solid rock. Though inventive, it was ultimately useless for such conventional means of combating Khrona. Chuu was going to have to step up her thinking if she wanted to even get past the First Restriction. "You know any of your laws of physics? I wanna show you how much I know." Those were his last words before consumed by the molten hot and ice cold waters, hardening over his slender, sleepy body so effortlessly. It would have seemed to any normal man that the battle was lost then and there, with no way to emerge from being smoldered and rapidly cooled until petrification... But, this was Khrona we were talking about. A mind like his understood how the conversion of energy worked, and so...


The rock around him smashed to bits, dissolving from large rocks down to pebbles, down to grain, down to pure energy form. And all such energy that had been created was to be converted into a different form... It didn't all just go anywhere... Into the ever present right eye of Khrona, closed off due to how tired and sleepy he was, heat steadily rose... And rose... Rising ever higher behind his docile lid... Until, with only a sliver of red revealed from under his lid released a thin, wide, red laser sweeping clear across the entirety of the isle, just missing the volcano by a hair, taking a bit off of the top of it, however. There was no explosion, but utter disintegration in the wake of this eye beam, leaving literally nothing where it passed. Naturally, Chuu was his target, but he wasn't really aiming at her, so it was like... A kinda hit and miss sort of thing... Khrona really was really tired in this form. Opening his eye made him sleepy. Many trees in the forest had been split in half in his search for Chuu. If she were to even come into his sight, she'd risk being split in half and utterly disintegrated on contact... She'd better have hidden well from Khrona's immediate gaze. "Mmmm... I'm going back to bed..." And so, his eye shut once more... But the effects of his attack surely had not gone unnoticed to the native inhabitants... It seemed like they were finally mad enough to see what was going on. Their thunderous, quaking footsteps heading closer to the fray were the only warning... "... Hahaha. How fun... We've woken up the beastsss... Mmm... Mnmnm.."

"Tch..." Sweat dropped down Chuu's face as she looked behind her, seeing the tip of the volcano gone. She couldn't believe he missed her; she knew if he wanted he could have hit her with ease. After that thought, another came to mind, and it was about what he said -- 'Mind games'. She didn't understand. "How can I play mind games with someone who could be reading my thoughts at any given time. It's just too hard... But... But what can I do?! Damn!" She tried to think of a plan, but then she thought about Khrona, and what if he was reading her mind? Then she heard the noise picking up, and that could only mean one thing -- the dinos were up. "No, no, no think! Even someone as strong as Khrona has a weakness, but what? Okay, he's in his psychic form, so how do you stop a psychic hmmm?" She thought about it and she came up with an idea; she did a few hand signs and created mini explosive balls of gravity. Each one floated in front of her. After that, she thought of a tiny blade, and a yellow light shot from her ring. The light took the form of a bunch of tiny blades. With that done, she fired off the balls of gravity at Khrona, each one followed up by the tiny blades. However she opened up multiple wormholes that ate each attack, and the wormholes would open up randomly, sending out either a ball of exploding gravity, or the tiny blades. From one came a barrage of tiny blades, from another came the explosive gravity balls.

Drifting dreamily toward Chuu, arms still crossed, Khrona lifted his legs up as if to curl into a ball, as one would do when completely asleep. He mumbled something under his breath, probably nonsensical, -- chyeah right -- and when the wormholes opened up around his body, they would hit the same invisible barrier from before; the distortion becoming very apparent to the naked eye when bombarded with attacks. It as a completely protective barrier; the 'K.T. Field'. "It covers me from every angle..." More nonsensical mumbling in his sleep, it seems. Though in the midst of the explosions, when the debris cleared, the body stopped moving, hovering in place completely motionless, almost as if devoid of life.

The thundering footsteps of another creature could be heard... A monster, to say the least... With booming footsteps that shook the trees and caused fledglings within to flee the scene, such roaring stomps could only belong to one king of the dinos...

The Tyrannosaurus Rex.


The mighty roar shook the earth just as much as its heavy feet, as the cry of the king foretold doom for the two poor souls... Or, so you would think. Khrona's lifeless body did not move, and the T-Rex seemed to pass right over Khrona, staring with its beady, slit eyes only at Chuu out in the distance. It licked its lips and bore its teeth, waiting and watching its prey...

"What the hell!?! Somehow I just know that thing is looking at me, and that is why I will now move from this spot." But on another note, Chuu noticed what kept stopping her attack from hitting Khrona, and now the only question was how to break through that shield. She took off running once more and found her self near the volcano, which wasn't the best places to be, but it was either this or the T-rex. "Darn! So that's what he's been using, some sort of shield... But all shields can be broken." She knew that shields had weak spots, and she was as about to find it one way or another. She kinda knew that the center was always a weak spot, but she didn't know if that applied for this shield. "Ay Khrona, I'mma break that shield you got! And then I'mma deck you one," Chuu said from an unknown location. She started thinking about what was going on and how nothing she did worked. So she came to the thought of attacking one single spot, but faking out, and attacking a blind spot. Still knowing, that other dinos might come out of the blue, she had to move quick real quick. So she used her ring to make four hollow bullet constructs, and would place compressed balls of gravity inside'm. Each bullet had a ball of gravity that packed enough force to equal a mini nuke, but only one was real. The others were just fakes. She opened up four worm holes, about thirty feet away from Khrona... And she fired off each bullet, each moving ten times faster than the speed of sound. This was done by decreasing their overall mass. So now when the real bullet, packing the real attack, hit the 'K.T Field', it would cause a wide spread attack rather than focusing on one area of the 'K.T Field', but then again... Which was real, and which was fake? "Now let's see."

In his dreams, Khrona smiled, laughing at Chuu... Not out of contempt, but simply because he was pleased with her. It was what was to be done; to laugh and smile at things that brought you joy. Others misunderstood Khrona's daunting laughter because of the way he portrayed it, however his intentions were always pure... Even when others thought otherwise. Chuu was wise to flee the scene, but the focused eyes of the T-Rex followed her every step, to the point where she reached the volcano's base. Its beady eyes kept track, its body now glowing with a rather odd aura... It almost seemed to be the same color as Khrona's very soul. Upon further inspection, it could be seen that the lifeless body of Khrona did not even attempt to move from its spot, and stayed completely encapsulated by the constant K.T. Field that protected it so. And so, as Chuu cast off her gravity bullets, the T-Rex took off, mouth agape and running at top speed. Just as the beast was about to take a huge decisive bite out of the stationary Chuu, it stopped immediately in its tracks, turning its attention back to Khrona. A faint red glint struck its shining eyes, and around Khrona's floating body, the K.T. Field fortified, as shown by the great distortion that swirled about it. Each bullet, despite its destructive power, was neutralized, unable to penetrate the powerful barrier... Yet, the T-Rex that stood before Chuu roared and cried out in frustration, as if enraged by her actions. 'Damned pea-brained monster... Maybe this wasn't the best idea, but oh well, it's fun...' When the explosions subsided, the creature's attention returned to Chuu and it licked its scaly lips once more as it stared down at her as if she were its next meal... Though, if she tried to retreat, she'd find that, out of nowhere, another identical T-Rex had appeared behind her, breathing right down her spine... Without warning of its appearance, both beasts lashed out at her, careful not to crash their large heads into each other, but also precise enough to tear Chuu in two clean pieces for each to consume, if she was caught by those two terrible jaws...

"Oh! I understand now, but still I'm not sure if its going to work... But won't know until I try." Chuu placed her hands out and formed two walls of gravity that would keep both T-Rexes at bay. After that she increased the weight of each T-Rex, making both of them fifteen tons heaver, and it would more than likely kill them due to their newly found weight. She then turned to Khrona, and with all her might, she used gravity and threw each T-Rex at the K.T. field, their weight still increased. After that, she fire off a barrage of gravity balls that would be unseen due to the T-Rexes blocking them from view. The gravity balls packed the same amount of force as the other ones.

The two great heads crashed into the walls of gravity, trying with all their might to smash through. The strength proved to stop them for only a moment, as their powerful heads cracked the walls as they muscled their way through. 'Come on... Your heads are supposed to be made for this... Buu~!!' Just when they were about to break through, a huge gravitational force came crashing down on them, several times the weight of their own bodies, stopping them in their tracks and smashing them deep into the ground. What force would normally have killed them instantly kept them only on their last breath due to the glowing aura around them. One of the T-Rexes faded away, as the other lay there, motionless. 'Crap. This isn't good at all. Guess I shouldn't be playing with something so big on such a tiny-- Woah, what the hell!?' The gravity forced the beast away, and the aura surrounding it, having it cling to its life, would emerge from the flying body as an 'Astral Projection' of Khrona, glowing the same color as his soul. '... That was just an experiment. Next time, I'm gonna go for something smaller...' As it fell from the sky, the astral being bolted back to the main body in an instant, right before the corpse of the T-Rex fell upon the K.T. Field once more, a powerful distortion rippling across the field, with the same destructive force as the impact of the weighted reptile. Khrona winced in his sleep, this creature giving him a little bit of a headache...  "Mmmnnnrrmmm... What's all that racket about...!?" He hated being woken up... As Khrona's lid raised once more, his blurred vision came into focus on the huge foul thing atop his barrier, and as his vision became clearer and clearer, the monster's body began to break down just like the rocks from before, taking in all of the Converted energy into a single focal point... All the scales, bones, blood, muscles, all of it was pulled into the slowly opening eye of Khrona as a pure, red glow... "... Beeeeaaaaaaaammmmm..." The red laser beam from before made yet another astounding appearance, tearing straight through each and every one of the gravity spheres that were once hidden by the massive body of the now Converted T-Rex. All the energy from its increased weight, the force of its impact, and the matter of its body was all in this focused red laser that cut across the lands yet again... This time with the intention to hit Chuu as well.


This time, the sweeping beam split the volcano in twain, on a slant, even, taking off a larger portion of the top, and causing the rock and molten lava to spill over and down on the island's surface, the lava's heat burning down everything in its way... Uncaring to the entire situation, Khrona had released all Converted energy from his eye, and as such, it would begin to close again, and he'd return to sleep as he once was before. "Mmmm..." ... And with a smile on his face~.

After seeing that poor T-Rex get killed, and what happened to the K.T Field, as well as how close she was to being hit by that beam, plus how now the volcano was gone and that red hot lava was running down to kill her, Chuu simply took deep breaths. "Okay think... That's it!" Even though she saw the lava coming her way, she didn't move, rather, she used gravity to lift up the lava and had it pour in front of her like a waterfall, but made of lava rather then water. As it fell from the sky, it wouldn't touch the ground because, Chuu wouldn't let for several reasons. The lava was now being suspended in the air, and was spread out like a long wall, which was the reason why Chuu hasn't been burned. It's simple; she's using gravity to keep that lava up, so not one drip will fall unless she lets it fall. But after setting up her large wall of lava, she sat down and started to focus on the area around her. As she did this, rocks started to float, and they began to get compressed, with so much force that they became diamonds. Small ones, but a lot of'm, and she would keep doing this till she had about a lot of'm. "Next up." She did some hand signs, and made fifty gravity orbs that were the size of a bounce house. She had each orb circled with diamonds, so each one would look like an atom, and all of this was done while hiding behind the lava wall. After equipping each orb with its diamonds, she got ready to attack, but before she fired them off she did one last thing; she compressed the cores of each orb, so much that they became flying supernovas, and were all ready to go. Each one was set to go off if stopped or if they made contact with the K.T Field, but given their size, one might think they'd be slow. But oh no, these bad boys were going to move five times the speed of sound. "Okay! Here we goooooo!" But there's more; only ten are actually active, and the rest are just fakes that pack a mean bang, as well as a sharp edge. She fired off a few, ten coming from the front, ten shot to the left, ten shot to the right, ten were wormhole ported, and came from behind, and lastly ten came from the top via wormhole. But which ones were the fakes, and which ones were real?

For Khrona, this was no time to be lying around. Lava arced over Chuu, under her control, creating a protective magmatic coating over her current position. Seemed as though his beam missed her. Must have been because of his lack of aim and focus whilst he was awakened, or something. No matter. As Chuu prepared for her assault, Khrona rose from his sleeping position, -- though, still remained unconscious -- stretched, and yawned just a bit, now letting his body hang like a rag doll, suspended by his own unconscious consciousness. The K.T. Field around him flickered a bit and vanished, due to how much damage it had sustained already from taking so many blows. He had a headache from keeping it maintained, and that was nowhere near good for beauty sleep... "Mmm... Wha...?" With sight unseeing, his 'Clairvoyant' eyes within his mind could see all around the gravity bombs heading dangerously swiftly toward him. He didn't seem worried. His body started to vibrate viciously, barely maintaining its form. He looked to be an amorphous black mass of energy as he moved, bolting over, under and around every single orb that tried to hit him, materializing everywhere in a state of pure black matter. With his 'Clairvoyance', he was able to see all the gravity bombs that had come and avoid them, and also which were the real nukes. To those, he would not allow them to hit the ground, knowing that their impact would be catastrophic, to say the least... So each of the real ones would, at the thought of Khrona, suddenly... Disappear, as if plucked from space right where they were. In the very center of Khrona's head, a black eye opened up, harboring within each and every one of the real gravity bombs. As he slowly, ever slowly wafted toward Chuu, like a galactic cannon, he'd fire from the center of his head these cannonballs of destruction, one after another, bombarding both the wall of lava and whatever was left of the volcano with the might of Chuu's own explosive gravitational spheres. What pulled these things in seemed to be none other than the 'Nihility Opening'. He pulled them into his head and fired them out in precise concentration, leaving Chuu with the aftermath of her own devastatingly brutal explosions. Meanwhile, Khrona continued to drift closer to her, his body ceasing its intense vibrations, and coming back to solidity, since he was done Materializing. "Mmmmmm..."

"Okay, well, can't let that hit me, cause that'd be bad," Chuu said. Now that the K.T. Field was gone, she could deal with Khrona, but first things first, her attacks that were shot back at her. She knew that if they hit the ground, there wouldn't be a ground, nor anything -- not even the ocean. "Man, what to do!? Sigh..." She didn't wanna do it, but she had to; she was about to stop her own attacks from killing everything. But that'd be too much work, so with quick actions she opened up a big wormhole that'd suck up each gravity orb of death. After taking in each orb, she opened up another wormhole somewhere far, far, far away. But as luck would have it, she missed one, and boy was it a bad day to be a Chuu. But before the explosion went off, a green sword flew into her hands, and then came the boom! A massive, massive explosion went off, but nothing was dust; everything was fine -- almost everything. If looked at closely, the very explosion was being absorbed inside the green sword, but the blade only absorbed up the fire and dust from the explosion. The force, however was a different story, and boy did she feel that -- and so did everything else behind her. As for all the other bombs, they were sent somewhere else, and well lets just say, that place has been wiped of the face of the earth. The only reason why she's even alive was because of one, her gravity aura, and two, because she took away a key element of the bomb. She was banged up, but still had juice in her tank, and she got ready for more. "Let's see how you deal with this!" She still had diamonds left over, and another plan in her head. She took a diamond and threw it up above Khrona. She the gave that diamond it's own gravitational pull, which would pull up everything; rocks, trees, the other diamonds, and so on. And all of this was heading right for Khrona, she then thought of an eighteen-wheeler truck, and from her ring shot a yellow light, which would form itself into a hollow construct and take the form of a truck, which was shot right at Khrona.

He was within range now, and nothing seemed to matter to Khrona at this point. He hovered right before Chuu, and she should find all things around her coming to an eerie calming silence as Khrona drew near... The force of the gravitational pull, the sounds of the atmosphere, even her own thoughts would begin to sound like nothing but an eerie white noise... The ambience of utter silence. With 'Theta Waves' at work, everything in the vicinity was starting to succumb to the wavelength of Khrona's own thoughts, which were, in this meditative state, almost completely nonexistent. The wavelengths of those with a lower frequency than Khrona's own mind, even in meditative state, would fall into a trance, where all such motion, action, thought, and reality became completely and utterly slowed, almost to the point of suspended animation. Though Khrona's mind was still sharp and active, everything else was as if trapped in the negative zone of these 'Theta Waves'. All that could be heard was Khrona's low frequency hum, and his incoherent mumbles enharmonic with his hums. "Mmmmmmrmrmm..." If Chuu had the mental capacity to even function within Khrona's powerful 'Theta Wave' emissions, she would have a hell of a battle ahead of her now that Khrona had come in close to her...

"What the!? What is this!? Why can't I move normally?! It feels as if my body is slowing down." It didn't hit her at first, until she realized what was going on with her body. She thought about it, and there were only three ways to slow someone down: one, time control; two, gravity control; and three, the mental thing. "Come on, body! Move! Move! I will not stop now, I've come to close." Giving up wasn't an option, and with what little movement she had, she made a fist, and by will power alone she aimed her fist at her legs. And she thought of multiple exploding blades, and a yellow light shot out taking the from of an exploding blade, and since her fist was aimed at her legs, that's where the blade would stab. Unlike normal weapons, this one didn't need to be waved around, all that was needed was a thought. And that is what she had. As the blade stabbed through her leg, it would explode, shooting out tons of smaller blades. With so many blades flying up her leg and cutting up the insides of her leg, the pain she felt was out of this world. But there was a reason for this, and that was to overload her brain with enough pain so that it would allow her to move, even if for a few seconds. And with those few seconds, she used her gravity power, and jumped far back away from Khrona. "..."

The low hum of Khrona's thoughts contributing to the natural white noise of everything having ceased its movements was soon overpowered by the sheer sound of Chuu's brain overloading with pain. The sound was like a frequency of noise hitting the top and bottom of the spectrum of wavelengths with the utmost viciousness, which actually sounded most pleasurable to Khrona's ears... "Mmm.. Mmm~! This sounds~!!..." But the moment he broke concentration, everything started to move normally, reacting to Khrona's spike in mental activity. The 'Theta Waves' were no longer calm and constant, but wild and erratic like the pain Chuu felt, and would cause the huge eighteen-wheeler to come crashing down upon Khrona, knocking him for a pretty big loop. His head twitched violently, as did his eye, and he made a weird noise as if a glitching computer. "Mmmzzzbzzrrzzt...!!! Mmmzzt..." His loss of concentration not only got him hit by the truck, but pulled up into the now returned to normal diamond, right up into its powerful suction. "... Ah... How did I get... Distracted...!?!" He hated losing focus. "You're making way... Way... Waaay too much noise..." He orbited the diamond for a moment or two, before extending his bare hand into its center, and, with 'Clairtangency', he was able to literally touch gravity itself as if it were a physical entity, and cupped it in his hand like a ball. His other hand would grab hold of the diamond, and these two great forces were forcefully ripped apart, with a malicious intention... Khrona was imagining tearing the souls from the bodies of those two Witches again... heh heh... Heh... That was a delicious feeling...

Khrona: "Con... Con... Con... 'Conversion'..."

His hands trembled with incredible tension, vibrating to the point where both such energies could not even stand but to break down into pure condensed form within his palms, quaking with raw, burning, unbridled power... Though, instead of firing off some sort of beam at Chuu once again, he decided to use this power to call forth more vicious beasts... Which ones...? Which ones roamed around nearest to them at the time...? Khrona's mind extended to the nearest reptilian beings, and it just so happened to be...

Khrona: "... Velociraptorzzz..."

Without a second thought, he snapped his wrist down toward the party of raptors, sending the pure energy toward them in the form of a 'Hypnotic' wave, having learned his lesson of 'Astral Projection' possession from the T-Rex. Instead, just control the minds of these prehistoric predators... Though, it was fun being a T-Rex for a little bit. He might consider... "... Well, okay. Just one more time..." In the good spirit of fun, Khrona flicked his other wrist, lobbing his Astral form down toward the alpha raptor, and thus upon possession...

He became the hallowed 'Raptor Jesus'.

Followed by the 'VelociRapture'.

Khrona: "RAWRRRARRR.... RAWWWWRrrrr....!!!"

Translation: 'Kill her, my brothers! Show her the might of the VelociRapture'!

He snickered under his raptory snout, this creature being far more intelligent than any T-Rex. Thus, his mental capabilities were more useful here, and as such, his true body materialized as his fine black garb swaddled 'round his beautiful glowing scales... And at his command, the Velociraptors sprung forth from every which way, all heading toward Chuu, converging on her location like the plague... Those which were further down their evolution that had wings would indeed take to the skies for a moment or two, to come down upon her from above...

And lo', 'Raptor Jesus' Khrona Manifested a monocle overst his right eye, and a smile slithered cross his divine scaled face... So too, Raptor Jesus was the 'Philosoraptor', and all such had come about because of the efforts of...


Khrona: 'Feast, my pretties... Leave no trace of the non-believer... Heehee...'

"Damn! I'm in no shape to run, but more importantly I need to stop the bleeding." With her leg messed up, and blood coming out of it, Chuu knew it wouldn't be long before the dinos far away smelled her. She created tiny gravity balls inside her leg, that would act as another path way so that she wouldn't bleed out and die whilst also keeping blood flowing through her leg. "Ok! All you dinos are about be in for a world of hurt." She placed her fist out and moved to fingers up, then down, and in doing that gravity increased. "Gravity Increase!" The gravity around the island increased by ten tons, but only things under ten tons were effected. Since the island was more than ten tons, it wouldn't be effected, and in which Khrona himself would feel the weight, if he was under ten tons.

'Oh, you thought that would save you?' A smart move on Chuu's part, to increase the weight of gravity on these prehistoric predators... Though initially stopped in their tracks by the incredible weight, Raptor Jesus was nowhere near done with his antics. 'Increase Velocity... Accelerate, to Hyper VelociRapture!!!' There was a gleam of Raptor Khrona's eyes, as he indeed have control over the minds of these beasts, sharing a link with his own. The force of gravity pressing on his peers served to give them energy now... Through means of the Shock Absorber, as Khrona had used before. He took in all such energy of the weight of gravity through simple energy 'Conversion', taking it all into himself with one big, deep breath, freeing his brothers from their halted prison... And, instead of keeping all this energy within him, he diffused the energy between the raptors, using this converted energy as means of hyper acceleration... With a mighty, ferocious screech, the energy charged each of the Raptors with enough energy to accelerate past that of normal, achieving velocity equivalent to the speed of sound... Then, even beyond that of the speed of sound... Mach Five Velociraptors, jetting toward Chuu with mouths agape, and bodies barely still in solid shape and form. There were hundreds of these monstrosities just bolting at Chuu from every angle, making it seem like lightning fast bullets were coming at her. Some of the oncoming raptors ripped clean through trees and boulders, and even the lava that was still being held up by Chuu, as a testament to their speed now.All the while, Philosiraptor Jesus Khrona laugh-screeched maniacally, existing in the back of this raptor's brain as his subconscious mind. 'Yes... Yes! There is no escape for you! Rend her flesh! Tear her bones! Show her that her end has come!' The nonstop barrage of Mach Five Velociraptors should be more than enough to put an end to Chuu...

"Oh no! Speeded type." Overall this was a great plan, but there was one flaw in it; as each raptor closed in, Chuu focused and waited for her chance to strike, which was now. And as soon as it would seem she'd been gang attacked, a light would appear behind the raptors, and if they looked under themselves they'd see that Chuu wasn't there. "You could move as fast as you want, but you'll never out-speed me." What happened was simple: before the raptors closed in, she increased her own speed -- just under the speed of light, not the speed of light under it. Which meant she moved way faster than the raptors, and thus she was able to dodge the attacks, and with this opening she'd counter. She opened her hand, and made a ball of gravity that she threw over the raptors. This ball would't crush them or explode, but rather it would pull them inside it. The pull of the ball was very strong, so strong it was pitch black, and left little chance for the raptors to escape. "...!" She turned to Khrona, who was just chilling, and with another attack ready she thought of a rock the size of a continent. And from her ring shot a yellow light, and above him would be a hollow construct that took the form of a rock the size of a continent.

Raptor Khrona Jesus speculated the battle carefully, almost assured that these Mach Five Velociraptors would grind Chuu to dust... But as they came in close, there was a flash of light, and flickering movements much faster than the bolting creatures were traveling. '... Hm... Mmm...' As his anger rose, his conscious grip on this raptor started to fade, witnessing Chuu draw in more and more of his raptors into a single focused point... The semisolid-semienergy beings were all under the mental control of Khrona, and their dispatch weighed heavy on his mind. "Grrmmmm... Mmmmrrrgg..." The black cloak swirled around the Alpha Raptor, taking in and Converting even this being into pure energy fodder for Khrona's mind, and so too his body would revert to normal, drawing in more and more and more power... From the inside of the gravity sphere, it would begin to convert to pure energy from the inside out, as Khrona's mental influence weighed heavy in the core of the giant attractive orb. Soon, even it was nothing more than a huge, hulking mass of pure red energy... Compliments of the K-man himself. His head trembled sustaining so much raw energy in such a form, and the feeling was more than pleasurable... Yet the reason why this was happening continued to infuriate him. When the continent sized yellow mass met with Khrona's mind's eye, that was all that he was going to take. He dropped the gargantuan bomb of pure energy atop the yellow mass, causing an explosion so great, it tinted all the skies blood red, and broke the yellow mass to utter bits. Khrona's eye, open as wide as it could be, completely spherical, and glowing pure, bright red against his trembling head would slowly begin to dim and close at the release of this energy... He was tired now... Very, very, very tired... And so, everything around him started to fade away, and fade even more until all had returned to the Crystal Garden they were once in before. In short, Chuu seemed to have passed the first test, just barely, by exhausting Khrona's power, forcing him to awaken from slumber. "... Good job. That's one down for ya. Heh heh. Just barely. How do ya feel?" If Chuu chose to continue... There were still twelve more for her to endure...

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"Great! I feel great! Though that was tough, and I'm glad I passed." Chuu fell on her butt and took a deep breath. She knew Khrona was strong, but damn he was overpowered. After her short breath, she stood up and waited for Khrona's next move. "Hey can we fight on top of galaxies next? Or in space!? Or both!?"

It was blatantly apparent that Chuu wished to take this to the 'Heaven Piercing' levels, but this was not the purpose of such a test... At least, not at merely the second stage. "... Sorry, Chuu, but not yet. Here, let me give you something." Khrona tossed her a Crystal Fruit, the enchanted fruit of this land said to be able to do anything. It looked like a pumpkin without any ridges, though... An orange. "The Magical Orange, or, the Crystal Fruit. This one will replenish your strength and your energy when you consume it all. Afterwards, we can go on to the next Restriction..." He would patiently wait for Chuu, hoping that she could endure the powers of Khrona's Soul, since she was able to just barely withstand the might of Khrona's mind... While it was asleep.

"Ahh man, fine..." She took the fruit and ate it in one bite. She felt much better for many reasons, but she knew now the gloves were off. She was ready, and had a good idea for a place to fight, but it might seem plain. "Khrona, can we fight inside of your mind? If not, then a big, BIG city would do just fine... Or your mind." She laughed a bit, but soon got back serious as she waited for a answer.

Khrona laughed, shaking his head. She wasn't fully comprehending what she just said, but it was alright to him. "You're silly. Stick to the basics. Big City, coming up..." The area around them shifted yet again, this time to a huge, multi-leveled city, seemingly very much technologically advanced, yet also having some sort of traditional Japanese culture to it. This would give them many, many levels to fight on, and would create for much more versatility in their endeavors... "Alright, Chuu..." He took out his next mask, one that was all too familiar to the Dusk of old, and placed it upon his face, letting robes of darkness spill over from the back, and tightly fitting around his body... "Catch me if you can..." This was none other than the notorious... The Phantom. The 'Second Restriction', Restriction number 'Three' released... Soul. He was now 'Kamitamashi'; The Phantom. In an instant, he disappeared with the flow of the city, his body fazing out on the whisk of the wind... Where he was in this big city? Nobody knows...

"Hmmm... Well now this is cool, but before I get to finding Khrona, I need to eat." Chuu walked into one of the nearby stores and took some candy lollipops, then popped one in her mouth. Now that she had her candy, she took off to find Khrona -- she didn't think it'd be to hard. Since he stands out a lot, and all she needed to do was find the odd one. She started looking in the simple places. Like all the buildings, alleys, streets... Simply because the saying goes, 'If you wanna hide something, put it in plain sight.' She knew that it was true, half of the time. "Here Khrona, Khrona, Khrona! I got candy!"

'Candy, huh? A sweetie with some sweets, I'd say. How'd you know I had a sweet tooth, hm?' His intoxicating voice drifted along the sounds of the city, somehow perfectly clear amongst all the commotion about. It would echo in her head, as if beating from all directions, surround sound, constricting her... A tap on her shoulder to draw her attention to the wraith of the city; he'd stand in the shadows of the alleyway of the first building, only his mask and gloves seen in the infinite darkness of this long, black corridor. With a cheshire smile and a wink, the moment Chuu would look, -- if she did -- he'd phase out into the blackness, materializing in the opposite direction her head was facing. 'Yoink.' Plucking the bag of suckers from the sucker, he'd phase out again, this time materializing high atop one of the walkways directly above her position, crouched just enough so that he blended with the surroundings of the city's natural bleak atmosphere. 'Heh heh. Like taking candy from a baby... They're probably rigged or something...' He pulled one out and spun it on his finger, waiting to see what Chuu was gonna do... Could see keep up?

"How'd I know? Easy! You're Khrona, and we all know how much you like candy. But now, I'mma need my candy back!" At first she wasn't sure what was going on, but everything became clear once Khrona showed himself. She looked up and saw a Khrona, but rather then waste time, she quickly made a move. "Hehehe." She decreased her own body mass to the point to were as she could move under light speed. And before the wind blew, she moved under light speed, appearing behind Khrona. Moving quick and quietly, she reached out to grab him, but in the center of her hand was a wormhole, which would teleport him into the air, but while doing that she quickly opened one in the air.

"To slow." A wide, sneaky smirk slipped on this sleek masked man's 'face,' sensing Chuu's wavelength from a mile away. "When you're a master of wavelengths, hun..." He popped a sucker into his mouth and, as soon as she came to him with a wormhole tickling the back of his own soul's flowing waves... He hopped off of the edge of the walkway, using the natural suction of that gravitational pull to rotate completely around to the other side, now behind Chuu. His hand was outstretched, in position to flick something, and the moment he passed her head...


The very flick of his finger would send her flying spiraling down the length of the walkway in its entirety, if he was able to catch her. His soul energy had been focused so intensely into just his finger, the 'Soul Force' had enough repulsive power to do that much destructive damage. "Don't get too cocky. This is my city, you know." He winked at her, tipping off two fingers from his head in a rather casual salute, before flickering away in a stream of blackness. Clear across the city, a rather distinct resonant noise could be heard, even over all the commotion... And, soon after, Khrona's voice echoed through Chuu's head again, almost like a whisper... 'Think you can get your bag of sweets back from me? Come on. If you can get this bag of candy from me, I'll let ya pass. Heh heh...' Khrona did love games... He was a bag of tricks and surprises, in and of himself. It was only natural.

"What the!?" Chuu knew he was fast, but she didn't know that he could dodge an attack of that speed... But it was Khrona after all, so it's nothing new.Tthat's when she noticed his finger trying to pop her into oblivion, but she wasn't about to just take that lying down. Before his finger came in contact with her, she used her gravity aura, which was like a shield that was always active, and this would reduce the damage she was about to take from this powerful attack. As his finger hit her, she would be sent flying across the city, but while the attack did damage, the stuff she hit did not; in fact, she didn't take any damage at all from crashing into the other buildings. This was due to her gravity aura. And before she hit the buildings, she expanded her gravity aura, so that it would act like a cannonball when it hit something... So in other words, she used khrona's attack as a way to help herself out. "Damn that hurt like hell, I think he was trying to hurt me." After finally hitting the ground, she got up and dusted herself off while thinking about what he said -- 'This is my city.' This gave her an idea, and with that idea she knew she'd be able to catch him and take back her candy. She took to the sky, and while in the sky, she closed the two wormholes she had opened beforehand. After that, she placed both her hands out, and increased the gravity around the whole city. But the building themselves wouldn't be effected, just thing that didn't weigh over two hundred pounds. "Gravity, increase by one hundred tons." If she couldn't catch him, she's slow him down and take back what was hers. She looked over to where he was, and flew over there really fast. She was aiming for the candy rather than him, and with the increase in gravity, it should have slowed him down a little.

Twirling a sucker on the tip of his finger, The Phantom sat in an alleyway, waiting for Chuu to give chase. Humming a rather harmonious melody and bobbing his head from side to side, he would notice after a moment or two, the incredible shift in gravity. His body pressed deep into the ground, yet he still stayed in the same upright position he took as he sat. His sucker, however... It shattered to pieces under the weight of the gravity, and if it weren't for him already inducing a 'Self Resonance'... The same fate would have befallen the others. He grit his teeth and stood up rather slowly, his body starting to radiate with a dim glow... "Oi... Bastard... You just wrecked one of my sweet pieces..." That dim radiation quickly fulminated to a very luminous black and red aura, which expanded from his body in a powerful burst, pushing away and normalizing all such intensified gravity that hampered the atmosphere. "You think a little dead weight's gonna hold down this soul? Tch. Get real." He looked up to Chuu, pointing at her, his wavelength fluctuating violently about, crackling with intense Insanity, which seemed to press against the gravitational field with the utmost belligerent force... It grew, and grew, and grew, pushing away all such gravity that seemed to bear down on the city, and level that shit out right above it, in Chuu's face. All the while, Khrona would flicker about to the highest point of the tallest building, staring Chuu dead in the face from the very boundary of where he decided to cease the expansion of his wavelength. He extended his hand out to this boundary, and showed her the flattened sucker stick... "You owe me a fucking sucker, girlie." He dropped it... And stared at Chuu. With huge, vicious, black, slanted eye sockets...

"Okay! KHRONA!!! YOU WANT IT, YOU GOT IT!!!" Chuu knew that using her gravity wasn't going to do much to him. She thought it best to break out the hand-to-hand combat, and just beat him while also taking the candy back, after seeing what he did to her gravity increase. She encased her hands and feet in gravity; it was now time for gravity combat. With that, she took off moving well under the speed of light. She balled up her fist, and aimed to punch Khrona with enough force to equal a supernova. "Khrrroooonnnnaaaaa!!!" She also kept in mind that she needed to take the candy, so she was going to do a punch, and snatch.

Khrona placed a hand in his pocket, still staring Chuu down. Her fist would impact his soul, causing it to crackle even more viciously than before, yet Khrona stayed unmoving; unblinking. Her fist simply was not getting through here. It would prove to push down the soul just a bit, but only to the very very tip of Khrona's mask. He smirked. "Wanna take it close combat, lass? Let's go." He'd extend his free hand up, pushing Chuu's fist back just a bit by expanding the boundary of his wavelength again, just enough for him to have some elbow room. The fist clenched, drawing in all of that wavelength that surrounding the city right into it, outlining the entirety of it with a blackish reddish hue. Holding Chuu up with his knuckles, he would keep the gravity punch from exploding by holding its wavelength together... Only so he could say, "Planet Destruction Cannon." And, there was a powerful jolt that surged up his arm and into his fist, which would create the MASSIVE explosion that Chuu was looking for. It shot Khrona down immediately toward the ground, and should have blasted Chuu higher into the air... But Khrona did not make impact with the ground, nor was there any sign that he had... Hmmm... Suddenly, a flicker of blackness behind Chuu brought the appearance of Khrona yet again, flipping over as if to give her an 'Ax Kick' that would send her hurdling down to the bottom of the city...

"Should have known he'd be good in close combat..." is what she said before he appeared, behind her with an Ax Kick, however the attack wouldn't do much damage. Before she was kicked, she used her gravity to decrease the mass around Khrona's foot, which would reduce the overall attack power, but speed the attack itself up, and with that she was sent flying down. But once again, before she could hit the ground, she used gravity to decrease her own mass to that of paper. So when she hit the ground, it wouldn't hurt or do any damage, so after all that she got up and lifted up a bunch of buildings. She then started chucking'm at Khrona, like it was nothing, but while doing this she used this as a way to get her candy back. While hiding behind the tall, big buildings -- and boy did she go in for the kill -- she opened up a small wormhole behind him, and reached through it to get the bag.

'Direct hit...' His smirk grew just as wide as his eyes did narrow, watching Chuu hit the ground like a piece of paper. "What a lightweight... You sure you're up to this, girlie?" He was falling now from the sky, cape aflutter in the wind and his free hand in his pocket, the other holding onto those sweets for dear life. Down below, buildings were ripped from their roots, and up into the skies, like javelins being chucked at li'l ol' Khrona. "Woah, you must be seriously pissed, huh?" Lunging off to the side, he just narrowly evaded being skewered by the tip of one of the tallests buildings. He snagged it with his free hand and swirled down till he got to a flat surface, which he began to run down the side of. When that building ended, he flickered over to the next, running down it in the same fashion, and was prepared to repeat as many times as necessary till he got to Chuu. A twinge in his realm of 'personal space' alerted him to the opening wormhole in back, and a hand emerging to snag those sweets, which he was all too prepared for. "Not slick enough, lass." In one swift motion he spun around her arm, grabbing it with his free one and pulled her all the way out of her wormhole, sending her flying right into one of the oncoming projectile buildings. With a wink and a smile, he flickered over to said building and continued his temple run down the length of it. Before he touched the ground, he hopped off and landed on one of the remaining walkways still intact, chuckling arrogantly to himself. "Time's a wastin... There are only six more suckers in here, and if they all run out, you lose." He shrugged, taking the barren stick from his mouth and flicked it off to the side like a stray cig, somehow landing in a garbage can way down below. Standing and waiting for the next big show, he stuck his hand in the bag and pulled out two suckers, just for kicks, and put em both in his mouth. Lemon and Lime... Mmmm~!

"Noooo!" Being pulled through her own wormhole was just sad. Chuu sighed a little, until she noticed she was going to get hit by her own attack. But she didn't panic; rather, she thought up something. Just in the nick of time, an idea came to mind, but before she could use it, she needed to stop the building. She wasn't too worried about being hit -- in fact, the building did hit her, but she took no damage. "Gravity Aura." Since that was still in play, it would stop the building, from stabbing her like it would have done. As the building fell, she landed on it, and started to run down the side of it. "Never thought I'd have to use this again." As she ran, she picked up speed, and with one quick jump she was sky high -- so high, she was out of sight. And when it seemed like she left, a bright light fell from the sky, right in front of Khrona. "Here we go!" As the light died down, Chusin could be seen, her eyes big, mouth open, and just about the most pleasing thing anyone could see. "Oh Mr. Khrona can you please give back my candy?" Sometimes, it's better to do things the simple way, because you never know what'll happen. Her eyes were filled with sugar, spice, and everything nice, while her fists were balled up, and placed in front of her.

The Phantom: '...'

"Unbe-fucking-lievable." He shrugged his shoulders though, smiling at her and patting her on the head. "I'd love to, but that would defeat the purpose, don'tcha think? You're cute though. Hahaha." He held the bag up in front of his own face, swinging it dauntingly at Chuu, with the Lemon and Lime still in his mouth. There were only four in there. "But I will save ya one. If I have to give it to ya, you'll still lose. But hey, at least you're getting come candy out of it, right?" But now her situation was worse. That was one less candy that Khrona had to worry about, meaning that he only had three left to devour instead of four. Leaning toward one of the rails off to the side, elbows up and face stuffed, he could only look at this girl... Her methods were unorthodox, naturally, but at least she wasn't closed-minded. Thinking out of the box was wonderful, and it made The Phantom smile. Looks like this guy did have a heart. "So. What are ya gonna do? You know my soul is really powerful. I don't see how you're gonna do this. What do you expect to do? Come on, you've got gravity. You can do a lot with it. Open your mind a little more." Raising a finger up to his temple, he prodded it a few times, as if saying, 'use your head.'

"You know what, you're right Khrona, and I feel stupid for not doing this before." Chuu just realized that she could have just used gravity to take the bag, but due to all the stuff that was going on, it never came to mind. She knew that he was strong, and there wasn't any point to attacking him, however the bag wasn't him. She knew the bag wasn't souped up, so she created a gravitational pull which would only effect the bad and candy. The pull was strong enough to pull a city if need be, but the bag of candy was the only target.

"Hahaha, that's why you've gotta be aware of your own powers and your surroundings. Pay attention to everything." In the pitch black slanted sockets of his second face, a piercing red glint shot out of the darkness as the bag gently slipped out of his hands. Clenching his fist quick and pulling back just slightly, the bag halted in it position, like a mime's rope catching its target. There was a very faint crackle of what seemed to be electricity flowing in the air, staticizing the bag and holding it in place. "Woah, not so fast there... Didn't think I'd let go THAT easily, didja?" That devilish smirk and now even more narrowed stare foretold that The Phantom wasn't quite done just yet... At first, just a slight force tugged at the end of the bag, but as time went on, that tug turned into a violent grip, pulling from the very depths of Chuu's being. With all the power of a city's weight grabbing at that bag, it was a miracle how it was staying in place. Whatever grip Khrona had on it seemed to be much stronger; strong enough so that the bag wasn't moving a single inch. Until...


"... Wuh-oh." One eye popped open inquisitively at the rather curious sound, all of what seemed to be coming from that motionless bag in the dead center of these two forces. It was starting to rip right at the seams... Perhaps they were both putting just a bit too much pressure on it. But still, the way it was maintained even now was rather remarkable... Strong bags they've got there. Hahaha. "Looks like this is gonna get a little more interesting..." It wasn't long after that the clenched fist pulled back just a bit more, and the wavelength wrapped around the opening of the pouch was pulled asunder, giving out to the two great powers on either side.


Candy flew everywhere... Okay, not really. There were only four pieces flying in four completely different directions, all of which were going over the edge of the walkway they stood on. Naturally, this trickster was too slick to let his sweets get away. With a flick of the finger, just like with the bag, his wavelength was shot toward the nearest candy, wrapping around it like a lasso. The same happened for the second, which was also the second closest. But the last two... They were falling down and falling fast. The beckon of his two index fingers pulled the lollis to his hand, and without as much as a single warning, he hopped backward off the walkway. There was a split instant where time seemed to move slowly between The Phantom and Chuu, and as he looked her way, slowly hurdling down, she'd be able to hear his daunting voice... "Better go get em. You know you only need to get two. Heh heh." Another wink and wicked debonair smile broke the 'slowed' time, and The Phantom hurdled down off the walkway and toward those two candies... It wouldn't be long before he snagged them back up, too.

"Oh no you don't, Khrona!" After the little tug of war, Chuu had it. It was time to break out the big boys, and as she saw Khrona go over the edge, she quickly followed; she ran as fast as she could, and jumped over the edge of the walkway. "Okay, here is my special ability, Gravity Shift." While falling, it wasn't long before she caught up to Khrona, but just a few feet behind. With her right hand, she waved it, causing the gravity to shift, so down was up, left was right, and whatever else she would desire from shifting gravity. So rather than going down, Khrona would find himself going back up, while Chuu was going down. She picked up speed, and reached for the candy.

The smirking face of the fox-like mask leered at the falling candies, eyes peeled for the final catch. 'Heh heh... Nice and easy... Sorry, kid. Tough luck.' He was sorry he was gonna have to do this to her... But he outstretched his hand and swiped at the candy... Only to find that somehow, he missed. '... Eh?' In fact, he hadn't just missed -- he was falling back upward! 'What the hell's the big idea here--' He turned his head only slightly, time seeming to slow down once again as his sight veered off to the side, seeing Chuu falling down the correct way beside him. It was then that he realized... She used a Gravity Shift on him. 'Little bitch... Ooooh, no. Can't pull a fast one on The Phantom so easy.' As things returned to their normal pace, The Phantom figured that first he needed to get the candy away from the girl. Thinking fast, he closed an eye and flicked one of the suckers in his hand, sending it speeding toward the other nearest to her. Upon impact, they'd both pop away from each other, and as a result, faaar away from Chuu, as well. He'd do the same with the other candy, flicking the other toward the second candy. Now all four were separated by a long shot, so he could rest a little easier. The gravity shift wasn't anything difficult to deal with... A quick burst of his wavelength would normalize the effect of gravity on his body, allowing him to free flow back down. Falling back the correct way flickering profusely, he faded away and flickered back next to Chuu. To keep her from getting those suckers, he thrust his hand toward her charged with a huge amount of soul energy, ready to give her a super powered 'Soul Force' right to the back and send her blazing down to the ground... That is, before the two of them hit it themselves.

"Why!?! Just why, Khrona? How could you have fallen for my trap!?!" Though her candy was out of reach for now, Chuu still had one good thing going her way, and that was the incoming Khrona, who was also trying to hit her. She knew taking that attack head on wouldn't be a good thing, but her plan wouldn't work if she dodged it, so with a quick turn she took the blow. But rather then her back being hit, she took the attack to the chest, which was also a part of her plan. She quickly took hold of Khrona's arm so that the force of the attack wouldn't send her flying into the ground, rather, it'd speed the both of them up. So with little time to waste, she used another power she had. "Anti-gravity Khrona!!!" Now this was different from her last move. See, rather the changing gravity, she simply freed Khrona from it, so it was like space, but this effect was only used on him. So now, with that done, she released his arm and fell to the ground only to land somewhat on her feet before the pain kicked in. She coughed up some blood, but now with the anti-gravity at work, Khrona would be moving around at random, since there was no gravity to keep him in on place, or do anything for that matter. After that she used her ring to make three hard light construct clones that would go after the candies that went each way, while she jetted off after the one that was closer to her.

Palm a-crackle with the heavily concentrated soul energy, the thrust was sure to blast Chuu down into the concrete ground below, regardless of if she turned around to face The Phantom or not. It impacted her chest with a powerful blow, letting the incredible strength of this soul surge through her, as well. But, to The Phantom's dismay, all did not go as he planned, and as his hand touched her, her hands grabbed him. "What?" Before she was shot down, she nulled gravity within him, and he would slowly drift away... Watching her fly downward smack into the ground. "Heh heh... Not bad, kid... Not bad at all." Even so, she wasn't gonna get off the hook that easily. To return the effects of gravity to his body, he flared his wavelength up, initiating a powerful resonance with the natural pull of gravity around him. This attraction shot him straight to the ground in a matter of moments, and stabilized his body's natural consistency with the gravitational pull, thus returning it to normality. This was about the same time Chuu got up and created those copies, going for each of the candies. "Alright... Here it comes..." His body flickered yet again, changing into pure wavelength -- as it had done many times before -- and he'd flicker to each location, causing it to appear as if four different Khronas were in four different locations, though with a rather hazy look to them. Perhaps this was why he was called 'The Phantom.' Hahaha. These wraiths extended their hands toward the suckers at the same time each Chuu would, and The Phantom planned to pluck all four lollis away from the clones all at the same time... Now it was about who was quicker on the draw. "How fast are ya, kiddo?"

"Oh yeah!" Noticing that Khrona had fixed his gravity problem and was about to give it one more go at trying to take her candy, Chuu quickly sped up until she was moving super fast, and before that Khrona could pull the candies away, she grabbed'm. This also went for her constructs as well, for they, too, kicked it into high gear and took that candy. Now all that was left was to show, just because she felt happy... I mean this isn't your everyday joy ride with Khrona. "I got'm, which means I won! Riiight...?"

"Heh. Snagged em. Guess it looks like you've won." Right before the two of them hit the ground, The Phantom faded away, and along with it, the city. Chuu would find herself consumed by a bright white light, and when she awoke, there she would be standing in the Crystal Garden once more. "Well. You've passed the first two Restrictions just fine... And now, it's about time to witness the Third. This one should be very familiar to you... Yes, familiar, indeed." A Halo appeared over Chuu, then widened as it descended downward to and passed over her body. Wherever the ring passed over, she would feel herself completely revitalized and charged with energy to endure the next task at hand; the 'Third Restriction'. When it reached her feet, it disappeared. "Please describe what you wish the next stage to be, and it will become."

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"Yes! I won! But there is still more to be done." Chuu could feel her power coming back as the halo passed over her. With her power back at its max, it was go time, but now all that was needed was a stage to fight on. She thought hard. This was a tough one; she didn't want some old lame ass stage of battle, and that's when it hit her. "I got it! This fight shall take place in 'Cloud City'."

Khrona: "Ah... A wonderful choice. I do so enjoy the clouds, myself. Hmhm."

With that as her choice, the crystal around her started to omit a light vapor, as the tree seemed to elevate high into the sky. In Khrona's hands, the essence of his former self within the 'Third Restriction' manifested as a powerful glow, which soon encompassed his body and started to shift him back to that form. "Well then. Let us begin. The Third Restriction: 'Genogeist', the Doctor. Prepare to meet a version of myself these days I like to call... 'Dr. K.'" His overall appearance changed very slightly, actually... The only difference was that he seemed to be a bit younger, and lacked his black jacket that he normally wore. "Whenever you are ready, you may proceed." Seems he didn't wish to make the first move. That was up to Chuu.

"So this is the younger you. It's been quite sometime since I've seen you like this, but I too must show you a form I have." This was it, the time to act was now, and with the snap of a finger a wormhole appeared, and from that hole fell a girl. And that girl was Cynza, Chuu's soul weapon, which was needed to use her full power. With that task done, she closed the wormhole quickly, and she then looked at Cynza, then at 'Dr. K.'

Cynza: "We really gonna do this?"

Chuu: "Yep, so get ready."

Cynza: "Okay."

Both wielder and weapon stood side by side, each powering up, and matching each others levels. "Khrona this is what happens, when a soul partner and their weapon a equal in power." Both Chuu, and Cynza's powers were bursting, each matching in perfect sync. Next was another boost up. "And this is what happens, when a soul partner and weapon become one! Lets go, Soul Synchro!" In a burst of energy, she had become one with her weapon, and her power was now off the wall. Her hair grew out, and her clothes changed from a short skirt to a long dress. Her gravity was going past its limit, and with their souls as one, it was no shock. "And this is what happens when you let go!" Chuu powered up once more, but this time it was different. With the combined souls, her power shot up. The ground started to shake, and the sky divided like it was splitting. "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasaaa!!!" She spent five minutes screaming. The city itself was shook, the ground cracked open; she was pushing her body, mind, and soul past their limits. Cynza was also giving it her all; matching Chuu's soul wasn't easy due to the mega power ups, but somehow she did it. Chuu's body started to absorb all the light -- everything went pitch black as if she were a black hole. While in this darkness, everything became clear to her, and with one hand, she blew away the darkness, returning the light back to the area -- and upon that, a new, more powerful person stood before Khrona. "This is my best Khrona; hope you're ready." With her spear in hand, she swung it around very fast. This created a bubble around the blade part. And with one swing, she sent a powerful shock wave at Khrona, which would pack enough force to level 'Cloud City'.

Khrona's hands slipped into his pockets, slight, content smile light on his face. Watching Chuu with blood red orbs half open, as usual, he allowed her to prepare herself and take on her new forms. "Using weapons, are we? Hm... I would love to go use mine... But something like that will have to wait, I'm afraid." He sighed and shrugged, shaking his head in a sense of profound sadness. How he wished he could use his partners again... But alas, they weren't ready for such a task just yet. Either way, once the ground began to quake and rumble at the extent of Chuu's display of power, two black protrusions on Khrona's back lifted him carefully from the ground's violent shake. "I'm well aware of what happens, Chuu. I don't need a reminder. Hmhmhm." Through her long and drawn out rise in power, Khrona sat and thought for that five minutes of utter screaming it seemed was necessary for her to do. 'What should I use to fight first...? Anatomia, Dragon Wing Style, or Black Dragon Blood Style...? Hmmm...' The decision was difficult. But, he was a man of experimentation. He should start with the weakest and go from there as he saw fit. 'Well then. Black Dragon Blood, it is. Hmhmhm.' By now, Chusin had finally finished her filler of screaming, and had begun to attack. He waited patiently for what was to come... A shockwave. "Goodie." The very moment the shock wave neared Khrona, his wings expanded to their larger size, unleashing a force mighty enough to quell the parting and quell the rage of the shock wave launched at him. Behind him, only the breeze of what it once was drifted off into the clouds, gently pushing one of them off to the side. "Well, you're going to have to do better than that to best me, you know."

Once all had been done, he dropped down to the ground and put his wings away, letting them retract into his spine from whence they came. Next, a hand from his pocket extended outward, and from his pores, threads of black slithered over the entirety of his form, slipping that once missing black jacket back over his slender frame yet again. "Much better. Now. Think fast~." A mere flick of the finger sent on the gentle breeze a single droplet of darkness floating to Chuu... And upon feeling even the faintest of warmth from her body heat, it reacted rather violently with an explosion of the same strength as the shock wave formerly lobbed at him only moments before. A 'Bloody Bomb' to start what would become a bloodbath.

"BOOM!!!" Is what was heard, from the explosion; rocks flew everywhere, the ground cracked, and Cloud City shook. The power behind that attack, was crazy, however Chuu wasn't hurt at all, even though she took the attack head on. This was because of her Gravity Aura, which acted like her ultimate shield in any case. What happen was before the boom went off, there was a two second window, which was a short time, but it paid off. Within that small window, she was able to push back the explosion using her Gravity Aura's ability. See, her Gravity Aura pushed and pulled things of her choice, and the attack was no different. "I didn't tell you all that for nothing, Khrona. I just thought it'd sound cool yah know, but still..." With all the smoke and dust in the air she came up with an idea, and she'd use all the smoke and dust for it. She spun her spear around, tossed it up into the sky, high enough for Khrona to see. With that being used as a decoy, she got on with the real attack, she waved her hand. Creating a belt of gravity spheres, each of a different size -- some tiny, small, big. She fired off each sphere -- the tiny ones were almost massless, so they moved under light speed, while the rest moved at supersonic speeds, each one stronger then the next. With the smoke, and dust still up Chuu took this as another chance, and she took off. Jumping off of Cloud City, but she wasn't leaving, just doing one more thing. "..." She came up from the other side of Cloud City, appearing a few feet away from Khrona; she then opened up a wormhole under him. And one under her spear, which would fall through. "Gravity Shift! Khrona and Spear." The spear fell through the hole, but came up through the one under Khrona, and thanks to the Gravity Shift. Khrona would be moving differently, while her spear and gravity spheres aimed to end him.

In the clearing of the explosive force, Chuu stood unscathed by the attack. This was impressive, to a certain degree, and Khrona was pleased to see that this form was no joke. He did chuckle though at her comment, only because he thought that it was funny to hear her say that. "Hahaha, well alright then, if that's what gets you motivated. I guess I'll have to see it for myself then, huh?" He found it a little strange that she threw her spear up into the air after all the talk of using her weapon in battle, so of course, he trailed it with his eyes and high up into the sky above. After a moment or two, he realized that the spear wasn't going to come back down, so he lowered his head back to Chuu, who had now created the belt of gravity spheres, all of different sizes... Interesting. She fired off one after the other, the smaller ones moving faster than the larger ones, but the larger ones seeming to pack more of a punch than the smaller. Almost like beams of light, the smallest ones sped across the skies and at her target, and with a flickering waver of his hands, Khrona plucked a couple of them out of the skies and into the palms of his hands, coursing with blood only moments later. With his movements, it almost looked like his arms had detached from his body, yet still moved as if they were directly connected. Weird.

Seconds later, the other gravity spheres of larger proportions made their way over to Khrona now, and while most people would go out of their way to dodge them, he did absolutely nothing but allow them to impact his body, knocking him back just a bit. The impact from each definitely broke the skin, but it was nothing he seemed concerned with... In fact, he only kept his smiling, content face on the entire time. "... Feels good..." he'd begin to say, closing his eyes as if anticipating something to occur. When Chuu came up from behind him, he whipped his hand out behind him in the blink of an eye, palm opened. From it, a thin string of blurred blackness whipped out toward her chest the very moment she drew near, harboring the strength and intent to damage the Gravity Aura, if not simply force her away. "... Don't it?" Just as quickly as it was whipped out would it retract back into his palm, and the wound would seal itself shut, as if it had never even been there in the first place. His keen eyes perceived the wormhole down below, and all too quickly the spear he deemed unimportant came shooting up from below trying to impale him. Though gravity had shifted, he was able to slightly waver off to the side on the breeze of the wind's wavelength, just enough to snag to spear with his other bloodied hand.

Khrona: "Purification."

Consuming the spear in one quick motion, it was no longer vibrant and full of color, but as black as the blood that covered it. It crackled with wavelength -- Innocence, specifically -- and surged the property of his own emotions coursing through it and into the weapon. In tandem with his rather wistful demeanor, Cynza would begin to feel something flowing within her, traveling on the waves of her own wavelength... Like water rising up slowly, calmly, but swiftly... With the intent of drowning her in utter peace. All too quickly, Chuu should feel her resonance with Cyzna decreasing rather exponentially; an effect of the 'Purification's process. To completely wipe a wavelength clean. "Once the water fills up to the top, your resonance will be no more, and you'll be drowned by my wavelength, which will reset your own compatibility to zero. Hence, you won't be able to achieve Synchro anymore, let alone be able to be used by your partner." If Chuu didn't help her soon, or if Cynza didn't do something to counteract this process, they would have to start their entire synchronization with each other over from scratch; as if they were newly acquainted partners. The worst case scenario was that Chuu would never be able to wield nor resonate with Cynza again.

"Damn." Chuu wasn't sure how he did all that weird stuff, but it was Khrona after all... But soon after she noticed that, her plan was shot through. And before she knew it, Cynza was caught, and a strong feeling ran through the both of them. "What the hell?" She could feel her soul -- as well as Cynza's soul -- being brought to a calm state; she couldn't explain it. But it was as if Khrona was forcing both their souls to calm down, and she felt the link between them slowly fading.

Cynza: "Well don't just stand there! Help me!"

Chuu: "I know, I know."

She didn't wanna charge in and risk hitting Cynza, but what was she to do at a time like this...? And that's when it hit her. She had a good idea to save Cynza and stop the peace thing Khrona was forcing upon them, and with one finger she pointed at him. "Khrona, stop! Rather than do what you're doing, how about you show me the true power of my soul weapon? Or is it too much for you? But I don't think you can synchronize with my weapon." This indeed was a taunt, but it was a smart taunt, and a challenge all in one --Chuu would save her partner. "So Khrona what's it gonna be? I'll wait for a bit."

The water levels continued to rise during their interaction, showing absolutely no signs of ceasing. Khrona held the spear firmly and only listened to their interactions, callously smiling softly and silently relishing in their discontent. It was only by the grace of his kind heart reaching out to Chuu at this point would the flood of his wavelength halted, leaving Cynza with barely any of her own to breathe. "... That was a rather smart move, but reverse psychology doesn't work on me. It's much better for you if you're just straight forward with me. It was only because of my kind nature and open heart that I would even give you this opportunity. Be lucky that I'm nice; many others in this world are not." After his speech, the waters of his wavelength would recede, rushing back into Khrona along with the Black Dragon Blood that coated the spear. The wound on his hand restored itself much like its twin, as if no injury had ever occurred at all. He twirled the spear around, getting a good feel of her wavelength before quickly matching his to hers in absolute perfection. "Ah, that's better. It's been a little while since I've used a spear -- not since using Rei, that is. Hahaha. Well now, Cynza. I apologize for my behavior before. Please try to forgive me and work with me, and I will use you to the fullest of your potential, in addition to my own." He kept those words true in his own Soul, which would then begin to resonate within her own. This connection of the two souls in harmony initiated the infamous Soul Resonance between them; one of absolute perfection.

Khrona: "... Soul Resonance..."

Resonance with Cynza's 'Tremor Soul' through her 'Shockwave' soul energy released insanely powerful vibrations into the atmosphere, which surged through it and into everything surrounding, causing the very city itself to quake viciously; from the very top all the way to the very bottom, wherever the stem that held it up connected to. The clouds parted from the sheer disorientation, their particles unable to hold their form under the power of this resonance, and erasing a vast majority of them, leaving only the taste of moistened air in the otherwise dry skies. And they hadn't even done anything yet. "You wanted a show, I can give you one. You know I'm all for flashiness through demonstration. I just find it fun... Stimulating!" Yes, he was having much fun being able to resonate with a weapon again... Oh, the joy! Oh, the pleasure! He was very grateful that Chuu gave him this opportunity, especially with one of such powerful potential. Though, she asked for him to show what he could do with the Naginata, and of course, he would show her just what power was hidden within the potential of this weapon. The massive vibrations that shook the city and dissipated the clouds was all thanks to the strength of Khrona's own wavelength, which would be focused and channeled into every bit of Cynza's being, increasing the resonance rate to the highest potential she was able to handle with a wavelength as strong as his.

Khrona: "Here it comes...~"

Merely lifting the spear and pointing it at Chuu, it would seem that all that wavelength stretched out over the city instantaneously concentrated itself around her, forming a large bubble of incredibly intense pressure; that which ruptured the very atmosphere around Chuu's general area. Able to liquefy most solids solely from its force, with Chuu's gravitational field, she should feel only about half of its maximum power. Though she was protected from being turned to goop on the spot, her gravitational aura would be utterly shattered by the immense vibrations going on within the spherical force. From within, it would seem as though everything outside of the bubble were distorted beyond comprehension, unable to be discerned by normal eyesight. "Impressive, no? If not, there is definitely more I can do." With the powerful vibrations still occurring, even the ground below Chuu would start to crack and crumble, and soon the pieces would start to cave in under the pressure. He wondered if this were a little too much, though...

"Can't always be too sure, Khrona. I only said that because it seemed right, and because I didn't think you'd do it. Always have back ups for your back ups." Chuu was happy that her plan worked and that Cynza was now out of harm's way, but before she could feel good... It happened. Khrona juiced up Cynza's soul with his own before doing the do. At first, she couldn't believe it only took seconds for him to match souls so easily; that was quite epic. She could feel that massive power that was being passed back and forth between Cynza and Khrona. "Wow... I wasn't aware that something like this was possible. At this rate, I can't even match the pass backs." The power of Khrona's soul and the newly strengthen soul of Cynza was far more powerful than she had thought, and the idea of matching the both of them was farfetched. So trying a three way sync was hard, since it was the massive soul of Khrona after all, but still she wouldn't give up.

Cynza: "Oh my GOD!!! This is just crazy! Khrona I forgive you, just as long as you keep this up. I've never felt such a strong bond with anyone, not even my soul partner. Just saying."

Cynza felt like a new person and she could feel her own power increase. 'So this is a perfect sync,' She thought, and it felt great; just looking at what she was able to do made her laugh a little.

Chuu: "Glad to see you're happy."

After seeing the power of her weapon, it hit her; the powerful force of the charge up broke her gravity aura. And boy was she happy she kept that active; didn't want to be turned into goop, like the rest. After not being turned into goop, she took to the skies. She didn't wanna fall through the ground, and the shaking was more than she needed to feel. While in the sky, she placed both of her hands out and began make a sphere. As the sphere gathered, it would appear, and then disappear; this was because the move she was trying to do was kinda hard. "You asked if what you did was impressive... Well to answer, yes it was, but tell me is this impressive!" The sphere finally gathered in her hands, and it wouldn't disappear anymore, however rather than attack, Chuu threw two spheres into the sky, but it only looked like one, and it went so high it was out of sight, but that's when the sky grew dark. The spheres grew in size while up in the sky and boy, were they big, and heavy. "Lets see how you deal with this." The sphere's were gravity nonetheless, but there was more to it; the spheres were dark, energy and matter both being sucked into it, which is the reason it had such a dark look to it, but that was the least of problems. The spheres were falling and were going to crush Khrona under them, but if he somehow stopped the first one, an even bigger one would be right behind it.

Cynza's reaction was beyond cute in Khrona's eyes. To feel the sense of her own awe flowing in accord with his own wavelength was a good feeling; he didn't get too many who were impressed by his capabilities these days. Such positive energy was good for the soul, he knew all too well. "Well, Chuu, it was a good thing you did say it. Look what has occurred because of it!" The great display of power no longer held Chuu in captivity, for she took to the skies, focusing her energy for her next attack. During that time period, Khrona took it upon himself to speak to Cynza again whilst he had the chance. "You've never experienced such a synchronization with your partner? Well then, I will grant you the pleasure!" He cocked the spear back slightly, aimed at Chuu overhead. "The moment you touch Chuu, your soul will match the size and strength of Chuu's in perfection, allowing the unity that you and I shared, only with the power of her soul backing you instead of mine." Without so much as a warning, he chucked the spear right at the girl, and like a streak of lightning it bolted toward her, leaving powerful shock waves trailing behind it, rupturing the skies in its wake on its way back to its owner. Whether Chuu had the power to catch her or whether she'd be impaled by her was all up to fate now, for Khrona had something much larger to deal with.

"Hmmm... I would say it is impressive, indeed. I didn't know you had it in you." He took a deep, cleansing breath, closing his eyes slowly thereafter. Lifting a single hand up to the sky, he would feel the great force of the massive gravity sphere pressing upon his hand, tearing the flesh from his blood little by little, starting from the center of the palm and extending outward to about his wrist."... The 'Baptism In Blood' has begun." Uttering those words brought the skies to complete darkness, as if the sun itself had been extinguished just from his speech. The hand stripped of its flesh was nothing more but bone now, and the dark skies seemed to call forth a foreboding power. Just a clench of the hand brought darkness swirling to meet its center, pulling together every water molecule dispersed from the clouds prior infected by the blackness belonging to his blood to form an enormous black sea hovering overhead; a tsunami of Black Dragon Blood. Only a single bony finger pointed up toward the gravitational sphere, before Khrona called forth its name, "... 'Black Baptismal'..."

The first gravity ball crashed into the hovering sea with a great splash, and from it, the torrent of blood crept up the rounded sides until the sphere was completely covered by the Black Dragon Blood. No sooner had it stretched its way around would it take the shape of a massive hand, cusping the sphere in its palm as if it were a baseball. Clear lightning spawned from their touch -- the Innocence energy activating to keep the power of the gravitational force at bay without consuming the blood -- and eventually the ball of gravity would become a swirling mass of Innocence. Khrona unfurled his hand, pointing it up as if the large gravity ball were within his grasp, displaying the direct connection he had with all the Black Dragon Blood above. He rammed the first sphere into the larger one, letting the gravity and the wavelength clash viciously in the sky. Clear lightning crackled all about the impact zone, shooting down around the Cloud City and striking the ground.

Khrona: "You know, it isn't about how big and powerful an attack is... It's about how skilled you are at using it."

Cynza: "Nope, never felt a bond like that, but I do have faith in her, and I know we'll form a bond like that. And I thank you for giving me the chance to form that bond."

Just before she could say her last words, she was thrown out of the blue, and was heading for Chuu. She was flying at crazy speeds -- she wasn't sure if she was flying too fast, because she really didn't wanna stab Chuu.

Chuu: "Oh my, this will be a tough one, but I got it."

She took one deep breath, and waited for Cynza to get closer to her, flying at such speeds it would be crazy to try and catch her. She waited, and just as the Cynza closed in, she moved aside, letting her fly pass.

Cynza: "Chuu, what are you...?"

Chuu: "Ah stop acting like a baby, I got you."

Just as Cynza was about to fly by all together, Chuu grabbed her and spun her around. She stopped spinning her, and placed her down by her side, the blade pointed down, and the staff part facing up. Soon after a strong feeling blew up inside her; it was as if the bonds between them had become perfect.

Chuu: "Man what is this?! How did-- When did we form a perfect sync?"

Cynza: "Long story short, Khrona happened."

Chuu: "Oooh, should have known it was a Khrona thing, but I'm glad it happened."

But before anymore joyful words could be said, she noticed that her attack wasn't crushing her target. That's when she saw all the blood surrounding her first sphere of gravity. She looked on to see her own attack used against her. As both attacks clashed, it would seem Khrona's was far stronger, but her's was still in the game. Now that she had her weapon back, it was time to see just how strong a perfect sync was. She added more force behind her second gravity sphere. Hoping it would be enough to overpower Khrona. "Yeah you're right Khrona, it's not about the size of power, it's about how its used. Hell, as long as I think my attack is good, then it doesn't matter if it's strong, weak -- I don't even need to know how to use it. The fact that as I tried is good enough."

Happy to see that their bond was restored, Khrona could look upon them with a smile and a warmed heart. To know that he helped them and that they were actually starting to understand how the bonds of the soul work was a victory for him, no matter what happened. So, under the powerful sphere of gravity, the weight of it seemed to overpowering to even Khrona's attack. The strength of their perfect sync seemed to have enough to match even one of Khrona's mighty techniques. However... "You are correct. But don't stop with just trying... When you fail, you learn why you did and try again... Only better the next time." ... That wasn't the end. Head tilting back and gaze up to the cataclysmic clash up above, he would watch as the clear lightning of his Innocence energy crackled and popped, working hard to fend off the oncoming mass. Pulling down his bony hand, his lids downed upon his eyes simultaneously, and into his being he drew a deep and cleansing breath.


And at the peak of his breath, his eyes shot open with the utmost intensity burning in the crimson glint, and he'd thrust his skeletal palm tensed like a claw up toward the sky with a definitive might. So too, the black sea that shaped his hand grasping the purified sphere forced its way into the opposing orb, driving the sphere of clear light straight into the center. Moments later, the entire dark ball exploded with a blinding white light. "Well now... I hope that you didn't think in the slightest that the 'Baptism In Blood' was over with... Hmhmhm." When this light faded, a fearsome black cloud formed in the sky, several times the size of the already large city within the clouds, returning the Cloud City to darkness. Khrona's hand, still pointing up toward the heavens, was now much less tense, as was his gaze. In fact, from the absence of tension and the serenity of his eyes, it seemed to be an eerie calm...

The Calm before The Storm.

Khrona: "Black Baptismal... In Fugue."

It was time for some real Insanity now. His other hand counterpart to the one already raised lifted up to the sky as if praising the heavens, and all was at a standstill. It was almost like... He was about to direct a symphony.

Khrona: "... Rain..."

At the call of the name, Khrona lowered his hand and summoned the 'Black Rain' that poured from the dark cloud looming ominously overhead, the umbral vapor shedding dark tears of joy for all that was about to occur. The gentle pitter-patter of each black drop served as the first voice in this chorus, marking the Exposition of the grand symphony to occur. Easing their way from the clouds to the ground, Khrona's hands would tense once more, and the downpour intensified. Now, the blood thickened, no longer as viscous and lucid as liquid, but sharp and hard like daggers raining endlessly from above. Each needle-esque drop struck the ground with vehemence and malice, soon blanketing the ground with nothing but a bed of spikes. It was only natural that Chuu would become a victim of this glorious storm if she stayed within the sky, and if she retreated to the ground. Where would she flee to stay her way from the rain's severing intent?

Khrona: "... Thunder..."

At its cue, a low, egregious boom shook the earth and sky, with a tremendous quake not unlike the one which erupted from his very soul upon wielding the famed tremor spear. His hands trembled just as violently as the cloud that released it from its bowels. And, on its stem, the Cloud City rumbled and quaked in terror at the thunderous cry of the roaring omen overhead. Every building captivated by the booming applause of the skies fell to its knees, only adding to the divine symphony's graceful tune.

Khrona: "And, the finale..."

Hands still a-tremble with the grace of the thunder, he threw them to the sky in glory, moved by his own piece and all its beauty, even if he was the only one who thought it so. It was time to finish this masterful Fugue...

Khrona: "... Lightning!!!"

With great passion driven by his own movement for his movement, clear lightning burst from every seam and every fold, every roll, and every mold that made the vaporous black sea, called down from the heavens to cleanse the atmosphere of all its impurities and all opposition to its will. On the flow of the wavelength, the crackling spectacle shot toward Chuu in the sky, whose very soul acted as a lightning rod for each and every strike. No matter where she may run or where she may go, each beautiful bolt would find her soul and travel blissfully on her wavelength, which would guide it to her being and strike with all its fury. The madman below was brought to tears by it all, glowing crystal rushing down his face as one of his own 'Blood Needles' narrowly missed the very same eye. There was no fear in his heart; only passionate Insanity beyond normal comprehension.
A catharsis of pure, unbridled Insanity.

Khrona: "... And... Be still."

And... The aftermath foretold Peace, the storm returned to The Calm, and as Khrona lowered his hands down to the side, his head fell limp as well. The cloud ceased all movement at the end of the piece, merely collecting once again as a pool of Black Blood in the sky. It all came crashing down as if a deluging flood, painting Cloud City in its colors; blackness pouring off the sides like a fountain.

Khrona: "This is my Insanity... Beautiful music."

The Blood covered even he, and as he uttered those final words, his body would fade to black, as well...

And there was Peace.

"Oh my, this is quite a problem, if I do say so myself... But still there is more to be done, so here we go!" With all that happened, Chuu was speechless, so to say, as the skies darkened and the rain started to pour. She noticed that it wasn't normal rain, but spikes, which would prove tough to get away from. But she didn't worry too much about it, she quickly placed her hands into the air and created a Gravity Aura that would surround her body. "Gravity Shift!" The gravity that surrounded her body would send the deadly rain back up upon contact. So every time the rain hit, it would bounce back up, and with one problem somewhat dealt with, another appeared, which was the spikes on the ground... And the lightning. "Okay here we go!" She didn't plan on landing, but rather using Khrona's attack as a weapon for her next attack. Since the lightning was coming at her, she dodged it the first few times, but for some reason it followed her. She dodged and dodged, but it kept coming back each and every time.

Chuu: "Why won't this lightning stop?"

Cynza: "I'm sure that its going to keep following you."

Chuu: "Yeah, I can see that."

With the lightning doing its thing, she took off straight for Khrona himself; she closed in quickly. She came in so close, it would seem like she was going to crash into him, but at the last minute she opened up a wormhole, and flew through. She was now inside Cloud City, and since she was now out of site, the lightning would now be aimed to him Khrona, since he just so happen to be in the way. "Man this is tough, but I should be okay for a second or two."

The marvel that was his 'Black Baptismal' had Chuu on the ropes. Though she deflected the 'Black Rain' with the Gravity Aura as before, and dodged the Innocence lightning, the roaring thunders would prove to be what quaked her very soul. Entering her wormhole, the lightning following behind would not hit Khrona, for it followed her specific soul and traveled on her own wavelength, thus crashing straight into the ground once she exited her wormhole. "... Underground, I see. But still, nothing the mighty cry of the thunder cannot handle." The deep bellow of the cloud above that shook the city found its way deep into the heart of it and where Chuu lies. The thunderous quake held enough power to level the top of the city, bringing it to its knees, so, as before, Chuu's only saving grace was her Gravity Aura, which might have suffered the same fate as the one before under the heavy and intense vibrations.

Alas, even after, the city bathed in Black Dragon Blood came to a still, and all was quiet. Pouring off the sides of the city, Khrona would dare not waste his blood nor use it in vain. Drawing in what he needed from the blood that drenched his body, he called it back into his bony palm and it reformed as his hand, coating itself with a new sheet of flesh quickly. "Ah, now that I've been given a hand... Let's show Chuu a good time." Holding his hand out above the now fountainous city, he closed his eyes and sensed where Chuu's presence was within the city. A ripple surged through the grounded black sea, tracing the surface of the Cloud City and all around, now completely encapsulating it within the 'Bloody Grip'. When Chuu was located, he smirked and clenched his hand into a fist, drawing the blood to her location as an array of needles from all over. The city was like a pin cushion, and Chuu was at the center. Under the guise of the darkness of the innards of the city, it would be a miracle for Chuu to even see these severing needles coming for her from every angle.

"That was a close one." After those words, Chuu would be hit by the powerful lightning, and once again her Gravity Aura would be broken.

Chuu: "Khrona! Stop breaking my Gravity Aura!"

Cynza: "He can't hear you."

Chuu: "Oh yeah..."

All seemed fine until a loud noise was heard, and a long black needles shot through the walls; it was only natural that a few moved faster then the others, which is how Chuu was able to notice'm. She quickly dodged the first few, but soon found out that they were coming from every angle.

Cynza: "So he really is trying to kill us huh."

Chuu: "Yep, but I still got an ace card."

With every angle being blocked off, and with no way to get out, things looked bad for old Chuu and Cynza. That is, until she placed Cynza on her back, and then placed both her hands out. "Gravity Increase, Time Freeze!" Chuu created a huge Gravity Aura, but rather than surround her, it surrounded Cloud City. And everything within this aura was slowed down drastically, and this would help in many ways. Since the aura surrounded the city, all the needles would be effected, and even Khrona would feel himself slowing down. And with everything moving in slow motion, Chuu would take off, jumping, and dodging over each, and every last needle. She was looking for a window, and soon she found one, but as luck would have it, everything was starting to pick up speed... Which meant that the aura was losing power. "Damn! Gotta move faster." She picked up speed and she saw an upcoming window, and boy did she jet for it, and just before she could jump, BOOM!

Chuu: "Ahhhhhh!"

Cynza: "CHUU!!!"

Just before she made her break for the window, her Gravity Aura dropped and she was stabbed. But within that small amount of time, she managed to keep the needles away, from major organs, bones, and so on, by surrounding'm all with Gravity Auras. The needles never made it within an inch of her head, so her brain was safe.

Chuu: "Damn, this hurts a lot."

Cynza: "Chuu! Are you ok?"

Chuu: "Yeah, more or less, but its okay, I'm not dead yet... But I still need to do one last thing."

She quickly used her gravity, to push the needles out, and also some of her blood; she was well aware of black blood. She didn't know what it did, but she knew it wasn't something she wanted inside her. Just as she pushed out the needles, she would push them away from her, and with that done she thought of braces. "Hard light construct, brace." The ring on her finger lit up, and a yellow light shot from it, and created a small brace that she would use to patch up her arms and legs. After that, she took off, jumping out the window, and flying back up to the top. "Hey Khrona, you didn't think that'd stop me, did you? Kuku." With that whole problem out of the way, it was time to attack, and boy was this gonna be good. She took her hands and created a small ball of gravity that had rings around it. This ball was one of many powerful moves she had. She then opened up a wormhole and dropped it inside. She would then open up another one above Khrona and under him. "Gravity Shift and Anti-Gravity Khrona." She changed the way gravity worked, so rather than the wormhole dropping that ball on him, it would come from under him. And she also freed him from gravity, so that he couldn't pull any fast ones.

Humming a blissful 'Ode To Joy', Khrona guided awaited Chuu's skewered capture beneath the city. After so long of the engagement below, Chuu finally made her way back up to the surface, meeting with the smiling gaze of yours truly. "Well now, I thought for sure I had you down there when the Black Dragon Blood struck. It's a good thing you know how to use your gravity, or that would have been your end... In more than one way. Hmhm." He watched her create a new and more powerful attack, and in that time he'd make sure to take it upon himself to retract his blood back into his body. Like a swirling mass of ooze, it slipped into every pore and back into a dormant state within him. One could only wonder what happened to the rest of the blood that went inside of him... "It seems like you're too clever for the brutality of the Black Dragon Blood. Hahaha. Then I'll show you the might of my next style, hm?" Waiting... Watching... He was monitoring the progress of Chuu's next technique. Eyes following her up to the sky, he'd pay attention to the small gravity ball dropped down into the wormhole.

By now, he'd caught on how she was using them, and only figured that there would be one to appear above him. So, naturally, he braced himself for such. The black coat adorned on his body took the form of his two gargantuan black wings now, which covered his body in a perfect sphere, like a shell of sorts. Though he was expecting the sphere to hit him from above, it came from below, making impact with his wings all the same. To Khrona within, it was nothing more than a tickle from all the violent rumbling. Though, the same couldn't be said for the city, which would have been wiped clean by the power of that explosion. Now it was nothing but a flat, clean platform holding the two up in the sky. When all was clear, Khrona's shell opened, allowing for his body, unaffected by gravity, to hover slightly, being controlled by his wings. Chuu's plan had ultimately backfired. "How quaint. But surely, you must know of the strength of my wings. It's best if you do, if you want to survive the Dragon Wing Style."

The reason why Khrona enjoyed the Third Restriction so much was because he barely had to get his own hands dirty; the rest of his body did the work for him. He would motion to sit, and below him, a part of his wings would form a rather regal, yet grim looking throne for him to place his rear. Once he did, he'd cross a leg over his first and place his elbow upon one of the armrests, letting his bored face rest upon his knuckles. Now, the huge wings looked as if they sprouted from the chair rather than from Khrona's back, even if they were all connected as one and the same, anyway. "Now, Chuu. Let the games begin." His throne firmly attached itself to the ground, making the 'anti-gravity' ineffective entirely. Afterward, with a quick and light flap of these two monstrous wings, a terrible slicing blade of wind cut straight down the middle of the smoothed Cloud City and straight at Chuu at the speed of sound. Khrona could be seen haughtily laughing from his chair, happy to 'kick it up a notch' for her. "Don't let me get bored now. It does have an effect on my efforts, after all." Naturally, it showed.

Chuu: "Why does it sound like he's happy? That last attack almost killed me, which means that he's really try to kill me."

Cynza: "Nah, if he wanted to kill you, you'd be dead."

Chuu: "Oh right, right."

Cynza: "Sometimes I wonder why I left Khrona's hands."

Chuu: "What?"

Cynza: "Nothing hehehe."

Chuu was sure she had him, but she couldn't tell due to all the smoke and debris that was flying around. After all the chaos died down, she looked for Khrona's body, but couldn't find it at all.... That is, until she saw a sphere which was nothing more than wings in the center of her attack. She knew that his wings were tough, but damn! Them boys can take a beating. Soon after seeing that he'd lived through her attack, she noticed that Cloud City was gone, but where did it go?

Chuu: "What happened?"

Cynza: "You blew it off the face of the earth."

Chuu: "Oh yeah."

Cynza: "Sigh..."

After understanding that she was the cause of the missing city, she noticed Khrona coming out of his winged sphere, and making a seat. She didn't understand the need for it. 'Maybe his legs hurt?' she thought, but whatever the case was, she had two wind blades coming at her, and boy did she have plans. "Khrona! Allow me to show to show you something! Anti-Gravity Air!" As the wind blades moved in at the speed of sound, she smiled a bit before freeing the air from the gravitational force that kept it on the planet. And with that force gone, the air wouldn't be able to hit her, because it wouldn't be weighed down by gravity, so it would float up into the sky. And with no mass to keep it down, the attack simply blew with the wind, and with a massless area. Wind style would prove useless from here on out. Though she didn't get rid of all the air, just enough to stop wind based attacks. "Now with that taken care of, it's on to Khrona himself." She took Cynza, focused both of their powers, and she balled up her fist. As she did, a bubble would appear around her fist. She cocked her arm back and gave a mighty punch that seemed like it broke reality. And a 'Power Gravity Wave' was sent right at Khrona, but this was just the warm ups.

"Next up, hard light construct! Muti-attack!!!!" She tossed Cynza up into the air and punched her fists together. As she did, a yellow aura surrounded her body, and the ring on her finger glowed. She thought real hard about this attack, and that's when it all hit her. She thought of missiles, and a huge globe, and with those thoughts flowing, her ring shot out a yellow light that formed a globe around the now missing Cloud City, so Khrona and Chuu would be inside. And with that done, missiles protruded from the wall, from every angle within the globe. There was no way to move somewhere without being hit. The missiles would also hit Chuu, but she quickly opened up a wormhole and left to be on the outside of the sphere, and with that done, all hell fired off. "Hehehe."

Testing the waters as he always did with the expansion of his wings, he was rather pleased to see how Chuu dealt with his little wind attack. It only meant that her proficiency with her gravitational techniques were getting far more powerful. That was a definite plus in Khrona's eyes, for that also meant he could take it up a notch, as well. "Hmhmhm... Impressive. However, I wouldn't suggest getting so comfortable yet, my dear. There is still much more you haven't seen that lies ahead. The only thing I can give you..." His smile grew just as much as his eyes narrowed, and he'd raise his hand up lazily again as if ready to conduct his next piece... "... A warning." The field was now encompassed by the shining yellow sphere created from the glow of Chuu's ring, yet Khrona didn't mind it at all. He flipped his limp hand over with his palm toward the sky, turning his head up to marvel at the yellow chamber they were in. "Tut tut, looks like rain." Each drop explosive in nature, only something of the highest durability would be able to endure this storm. His left wing arced up above his head, extending its protrusions down around him and into the ground to create a little umbrella of sorts, which shielded him from every missile heading his way, adjusting its position accordingly to assure that every one would hit the wing-shield.

There was no explosion upon impact, however. In fact, the missiles seemed to just sink right into the wing's surface like a pool, with a ripple from each impact site to prove it. Once missiles were taken into the wing, the right wing took the shape of a gigantic black fist, growing in size as more missiles came. "Now, let me see... This rather tiresome prison... It'll have to be dealt with thoroughly." A clasp of his hands closed the umbrella above, but only for a moment before he extended his hands outward for the umbrella to open up again, releasing a powerful force equivalent of the flap of Khrona's wing. Harboring enough power to obliterate the yellow containment sphere, he sought out where Chuu was after, ready to deliver an explosive punch with the raging power of his Dragon Wing right to her face. "More! More!"

"Khrona! Ever heard of 'what goes around, comes around'? Well if you haven't, let me show you what it means!" With the incoming attack, she thought of many things that she could do, but none seemed to fit her style, so she went with a random plan. She stood there, and waved her hand around, and in doing this, she created her own gravitational force, and this caused Khrona's attack to not miss, but rather circle around her. "This is my 'Orbital Force', Khrona." This was one of her other hidden abilities, which caused everything to orbit around her, like how the earth goes around the sun. And with that ability in effect, Khrona's attack circled around her, but that wasn't all to it; she quickly sent his own fist back at him. But twice as fast, and one hundred times stronger. wWhat better way to hurt him than with his own attack? But she wasn't done. "Here's a gift!" The same attack she used before that destroyed Cloud City was now flying down right along with his own attack.

He shook his head, orbiting around Chuu. She apparently had no knowledge of who Khrona was, or what his body was capable of. What better way for her to get the picture than for him to show her, himself? "Oh, my dear..." he started, still swirling around, "I don't think you quite know what the Anatomia does when in conjunction with the 'Great Mind', do you?" With his 'Black Fist' sent back at him, it did nothing but miss, causing Khrona's body to spiral swiftly around in the air, "... One hundred percent 'Absolute Control' over my entire body. Like so." As he spun, what would seem to be reckless and out of control actually was a focused spiraling corkscrew blow heading straight for the ball, almost as if according to Khrona's plan. With his 'Black Fist' still outstretched, impact with the attack immediately canceled out both spiraling forces, causing Khrona to stop spinning immediately and the energy formulating the ball to cease completely before dissipating. Without a rotational force, the ball was nothing more than a huge clump of energy unable to be sustained, and so would simply... Disperse.

Unfazed, Khrona nonchalantly turned around to face Chuu once more, allowing his Wings to take on their original draconic shape. She also apparently did not know the legendary strength they had. "These wings, my dear, even before I was in my prime, effortlessly carved canyons into the very ground that still stand tall to this day. A little history lesson for you." Something like a spiraling ball wouldn't stop Khrona in his tracks... Not in the slightest. He hovered down to the ground, allowing his wings to take the shape of the black throne the same as before, and plopping down upon his royal chair, Khrona returned to the bored position he was in before. "Don't tell me this is it? You won't get past me if you can't even figure out how to effectively fight me."

"Ah man!" After seeing all of that, Chuu wasn't too shocked that Khrona was able to do all of that, but it did answer the questions she had, in which she kinda got a better understanding of how this form of Khrona fought. And so, she clapped her hands together and started focus some of her power into her power ring; she then thought of multiple hard light constructs. In a yellow light shot from her ring, and created multiple clones, which numbered two hundred. After getting that out of the way, she had all of them charge at Khrona, each one landing on the smooth ground which use to be a city, and they all came in for some close combat. "Ok, now it's my turn! Gravity Style Combat." She used her gravity powers to increase her clones strength. Chuu, herself, opened up a wormhole and vanished for the time being, but she made one last touch up. Each time the clone were killed, they'd multiply by two, since they were linked to her. "Now I wait for my moment."

With a bored yawn and a shift of his legs, Khrona stood up from his throne and simply lifted up the wing that it was made of swiftly, the resulting vacuum being enough to draw in each and every clone to under his chair, compacted by the sheer overwhelming might of the vacuous force. When each clone was nice and compacted air tight, he would slam his throne-wing down upon the clones and trap them within, contained by the might of his dragon wing. Soon after, Khrona himself would sit right back down and cross his legs right back to where they were before. "Do you know what kind of force my wings have, dear? The sheer suction from me spreading them gentle is enough to move mountains. I wish you would take things like this into account before you try to fight me." It seemed like this would be where Chuu fell, if she could not even overcome Khrona's wings. "That's all I needed to know, I don't do these things 'just because', you know."

With that info known, Chuu had a plan -- she came out of her wormhole and was on the ground a few feet away from Khrona, and what she was about to do was a little different. "Here we go." She clapped her hand together. This created a very loud sound. She focused her energy into a single point, and once she pulled her hands apart, a black orb could be seen. This orb was then thrown into the air -- it would then expand, casting a huge shadow around the whole city; it was like being in a bubble. But this was no normal bubble. Chuu then snapped her fingers, and outside the bubble was nothing -- no sky, no nothing; it was as if Khrona and Chuu left the planet. But as cool as that might sound, that's not what was going on here. What was going on was, Chuu had removed Cloud City from the planet's space and brought it to a new space she made. After doing that, she removed herself from the space by using 'Chronolock', Which removed her from any space, and now outside it, Chuu started to compress the whole space, to the point that a singularity was formed inside of the space. So now Khrona was face with a singularity, but she knew that more was needed, so she did a few more things, since Khrona was inside her space. She created another space around that space, just in case Khrona got out of the first one. "..."

Khrona: 'It looks like at this rate, this girl will never learn. Tsktsk.'

Khrona: "Absorption."

He called it out calmly, with no worry for all that Chuu seemed to be capable of doing now. It disgusted him, and made him truly sad. He absorbed the particles of the space that was around him as it started to close in on him, allowing him to become part of that space. Because of Khrona's capabilities when controlling parts of his physical body through Anatomia, -- which this space was quickly becoming part of -- the effort to place Khrona in a singularity so haphazardly would prove fruitless for her.

Khrona: "You do too much without knowing what you're doing. You have no skill and no creativity. You're going about this the wrong way, and look, did you even think about how much energy it would cost you to do something so large at the 'snap of a finger'?"

In the efforts to look cool, Chuu would end up doing nothing but wasting Khrona's time. Having seen and done all of this foolishness, doing something of this scale held no impressiveness to him as it probably did for Chuu. What would impress him was something that Chuu wasn't capable of doing just yet, and so, couldn't wake Khrona's body from its bored slumber after all. He continued to expand, being met with another space that Chuu apparently had so much power to create, but could not focus enough power to lay a finger or a scratch on Khrona.

Khrona: "Entropic Balance..."

He called this out next just as calmly, radiating the energy he'd taken in from absorbing the particles of space around him as an energy that would completely balance and counteract the other, which was the second space that Chuu created around him. Using the energy from both created spaces, Khrona had efficiently and effectively canceled out both attacks without wasting energy of his own. It was all being put to good use; conservative. Now, having broken out of both worlds unscathed, Khrona would simply sit there and look at Chuu, shaking his head.

Khrona: "I'm going to say this to you as blatantly as I can; there is no hope for you passing this test as you are right now. I can honestly say that I can sit here and do whatever I want without ever wasting anymore energy, and you'll sit here doing all types of bigger and more destructive things trying to trap someone that can't be trapped. It is my legacy."

Khrona looked around, seeing now that there was just nothing around them. Disgusting, purely disgusting. It reminded him of battles in the past with his brother, the Demon King, and the Earth King. Always fucking up shit.

Khrona: "Look at this mess... there's nothing around here. Nothing left. It's almost revolting how careless you are. Ah, oh well. Such is youth, we all go through it."

He shook his head, adjusting his legs in a different crossed position now, still upon his chair.

Khrona: "Even if I give you one more chance, you won't do anything with it but waste it and my time. So, humor me; what are you going to do now?"

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Climax
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