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 Silent Blue

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Friday Malfortuna III :: Tensei no Tsuki; Goddess of Despair, Doom and Gloom

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PostSubject: Silent Blue   Silent Blue EmptyTue Jun 23, 2020 2:25 pm

Name: Hisui Shizuka
Nickname: Silent Blue
Age: 16
Height: 5'6
Weight: 108 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eyes: Crystal Blue

A shy girl who loves music and art. She rarely expresses her true feelings to others, except through music. She is known to play the flute, piano, and violin, however she wishes to learn more. Because of her family's special talent, they are naturally skilled in music, though very few actually pursue careers in it. They simply play for their joy and love of music. She is known to be exceptionally talented because she does not express her emotions outwardly, which makes her the pride of the family. However, she does not like that much attention or pressure and wants to play simply for her personal joy and love of music. She wants others to know her emotions when she is playing. Because of the pressure put on her, she left her family in search of her own passion. She roams around with a fiddle and a flute, expressing her passion only through song, and that has gotten her the nickname 'Silent Blue.'

She has special abilities that are known as the 'Rhapsody In Blue'. The first ability is called 'Ao Gakushou' (Meaning "Blue Movement"), which allows her to accurately express feelings through energy, however only when she is playing music. The energy from her body is transferred into the instrument she plays with and is transformed into what she feels as long as she is playing or holding an instrument. Different instruments give different effects.

The second of 'Rhapsody In Blue' is known as the 'Aotsukigan' (meaning "Blue Moon Eye"), which is a Dojutsu that allows her to see sounds and freely alter energy once in the form of music or sound to have it take different forms when she plays. It is coupled with the 'Ao Gakushou' and the two abilities are completely connected to each other, as one will not work without the other. Her eyes glow a beautiful blue when in use.

Her weapons that are her violin, the 'White Noise', and her flute, 'Blue Dream'. She also has a few hidden ninja tools.

'White Noise' is an ivory violin that she plays normally to express intense or vivid emotions. When using her special power, it delivers fast attacks. She also may use it as a bludgeoning weapon. She hides ninja wire in it to attack and cut people.

'Blue Dream' is a flute made of a special metal called 'Blue Silver,' which is basically a metal that has very good acoustics and vibrancy. It plays music much more loudly and fluidly than normal flutes, due to the metal's conductivity of high vibrations. She normally plays very gentle and peaceful songs, though she also tends to play joyful tunes, as well. She is known to hide poison needles within it. When it hits other metals, it makes a powerful vibration that naturally repels the clashing metal, and because it is very durable, she may sometimes use it as a means of physical attack. This flute has the power to concentrate vibrations and can create great concussive forces when struck with enough power to generate that type of sound vibration.

Finally, she wears 'Metal Fingertip Claws' sometimes to play or to fight. They are also made of 'Blue Silver' and when they strike her flute, they may create large sound vibrations due to being made of the same material. They work similarly to the flute, however because they are not conical, they cannot focus the sound waves into forceful blasts. They are able to be used as normal claws, though.
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Friday Malfortuna III :: Tensei no Tsuki; Goddess of Despair, Doom and Gloom

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PostSubject: Re: Silent Blue   Silent Blue EmptyTue Jun 23, 2020 3:32 pm

First Movement: This Is My Amusement

This part of the amusement park lie abandoned. Rusted carousels, a ferris wheel, and what seemed to be the remains of a rickety roller coaster's tracks dipped and swirled over head. "I can see this place... I can see what it used to be." V formed a seal and a blue glow could be seen under his mask. He was gazing into the grid of time where this place was once prosperous and lively. 'Maybe I, too, would have had fun here. If my upbringing was as normal as these sheep.' He stopped his gaze, looking on what remained; it wasn't long ago when he was here. It was here where the young boy and a friend stopped a hungering warlock feeding on the lost souls of children lost here. A good deed, for sure, but he had freed all the spirits within, and with it came the union of another family member. V sought to make this area another base of operations. He was mostly a wandering soul, but every rolling stone needed to rest.

In the midst of ruin, where it seemed that all hope for merriment and fun had long since abandoned this old part of the park, the sound of a fiddle resounded in the environmental decay. Bouncing with a vibrancy that held no synchronicity to the deterioration, a sliver of hope lost within a whirlwind of sadness reached out to the ends of the recreational slum with every note played. The movement of a lonely girl treading through the dismal land of children's lost hopes and dreams longed to bring life back to a place already snatched away to ever growing decay. A loneliness that, from the way it was played, the composer knew all too well... Past the crumbling coaster and to the rotten carousel, the girl and her ivory violin continued to make beautiful music as a cry for the land.

'Music.' A sound so beautifully melancholy that it seemed to perfectly accent the nostalgia a lost child may have for the sort of normalcy he could experience in a place like this. 'Music was supposed to be harmless. Right?' His butterflies seemed to think so. Two technicolor insects danced about his shoulders and neck in time to the sounds.

???: "Where's that coming from?"

???: "Whoever is playing is pretty good."

V: "I didn't know the planet had traveling singers."

???: "Over there!"

She pointed in the distance. A wave of blue swept past the carousel. V pursued. He tread lightly, letting his mind analyze the possibilities. Being raised in death and battle and taught the harsh lessons of carnage and warfare, V didn't take any chances of this person being friend or foe despite her way around a stringed instrument.

The girl continued to play, so very engrossed in her melancholic melody that she noticed no other presence here, nor was she expecting such in this part of the run down old theme park. Though the enjoyable part of 'Armadillo Park' remained up and running, in the hustle and bustle of the amusement that other's shared, she could not find the same joy. The roar of the coasters, the screams of the people, the laughter of the children... No, her style was more befitting of this place. Perhaps why she was drawn to it, and urged to play so very soulfully in a place that lacked that life. It held a beauty that others would overlook in a heartbeat. Every stroke of the strings held more passion than before, drawing inspiration from the rusty old merry-go-round that could be inferred had stopped running quite a long time ago. She played; played with such vivacity, such severity, that the movement even began to move the rickety ride in a whirlwind of blue... Creaking into motion, and barely stable, somehow even this old hunk of junk could spin one last time by the grace of the piece the lonesome girl played. Though the movement was slight and jerky at best, it was still something this object hadn't seen since someone actually gave a damn. And it brought a smile to her face. Slight, and barely noticeable, but a smile all the same, to see it have one last go round, even if it fell apart afterward.

It seemed that his presence wasn't noticed yet... All the more time to observe about this woman. Not many people just take walks through abandoned areas like this one. Especially when the main attraction was on the opposite side of the park.

???: "She's not bad looking, V."

???: "Maybe we finally found you a girlfriend!"

V: "If all women act like the two of you, me and my left hand will suit me for the rest of my life."

Sure, Mos and Moro were pretty... But God were they annoying. If they weren't talking about their changing hair color, it was about what they were wearing, and so on. Such cacophony was saved for those who aspired to be husbands. Not V. This woman however did indeed look comely. She was much older for sure. Maybe three to five years. She must have been born with an instrument in her hand, for her musical cadences and arpeggios seemed effortless. Until, a swath of blue energy -- like what he saw earlier -- blanketed the carousel and spun it lightly. So it wasn't effortless. She uses energy. Sound energy. How sadistic, to disguise such a beautiful creation and weaponize it. V wondered if the woman was as manipulative as he assumed. He thought of her baiting foes with her beautiful music, doing some fancy sound work and beheading them. Maybe he could observe a little bit more.

As the carousel stirred in harmony with her music, the rusty old metal could barely hold, and the creaks grew loud and obnoxious. Still, she did not pay it any mind, already far too in depth in her piece to stop now. Though, try as she might to continue this movement, the carousel could no longer hold its own, and parts of it began to collapse. At the very peak of her composition, it came to an abrupt halt with the fall of the old machine. Just as quickly as it rose, it had fallen silent, and not a single note left the ivory violin after that. All she could do was watch as it all came down right in front of her, not even bothering to step back out of harms way in case metallic shrapnel or dusty debris skewered the air in the midst of destruction. When it was all said and done, she didn't know what to do or how to feel, yet somehow, an overwhelming emptiness and feeling of incompletion overtook her... And the last note to be played; a dismal D-Flat. Hisui's arms fell limp soon after, barely holding on to the fiddle and bow, eyes wide and blank at the sight of it all. With no idea how to feel or what she felt, she slowly crept down to the ground and loosely embraced her coupled knees with her arms, burying her face in the comforting shelter of darkness her body provided for her...

V: "An actress as well? Maybe she knows I'm here."

Mos: "I don't know... She just looks..."

Moro: "Sad."

That much was certain. After bringing the carousel to life once again, it fell apart. Just like the girl, she seemed to have an attachment to the merry-go-round throughout time. And to see it fall like that broke her. It almost made V feel sorry for her. He wanted to approach, mask off and apologize. He feared what the girl would see in her own reflection. He might scare her. So V took the kind route. There was something about seeing a person sad that spoke to him... A small figure entered the scene; he wore the typical style Standard ninja garb with his mask lifted over his face. V decided to make this a rare occasion. This girl posed no immediate threat. "Did you used to play here as a child?" With the way the girl crumbled after the fall of the carousel it looked like she might have.

She remained silent. She was not ready to talk yet, nor did she know that another lurked so close nearby. A sense of embarrassment came and went through her, nothing more than a passing feeling normal to most seen in such vulnerable states. A minute or so of utter silence went by, and the remnants of the crash reverberating through the land finally settled, along with the debris. When all was quiet, she raised her head, though not to look at the new face in the vicinity, but to what the remains of the collapsed machine held. Seemingly indifferent to the mask toting boy's presence, she gripped the ivory violin tightly and walked slowly to one of the wooden horses immediately in her vision. Utterly crushed by metal, gears and more wood, only its head poked out from the wreckage, with a large crack split straight down the middle of its face. She stared for a while at it, that specific horse with its head split open, lifting her hand to its face and stroking it with a sorrowful compassion. Finally, she turned to V, her crystal blue eyes somehow gleaming in this dark time, and not a single trace of an emotional expression on her face, and responded to him with a prolonged, but swift "... No."

That was it. She was definitely a woman of few words. Especially for something that V felt warranted a maskless approach. He immediately regretted the unveiling of his disguise.

V: 'So that's how that feels.'

Moro: "She may be even more soft spoken than you!"

Mos: "You're going to have to try your best to get information out of her."

V: 'Let's see...'

"I can bring it back," He replied. It was true, he could... This carousel seemed to be the source of the woman's sadness.

Her eyes remained locked to his as he spoke, unblinking and unwavering, yet glowing with an unknown something... But even that was short lived, for her eyes reconnected with the buried wooden horse, stroking its snout as though mourning a living being. Her face showed nothing of this sadness portrayed, and thus brought uncertainty in how others understood her, as was clear from V's response. He did not know what to say or what to do, and it was natural to want to make others happy when they were sad. "... Why would you do that?" she asked quietly, yet still loud enough for him to hear. They weren't too far apart, and even her soft voice could carry in the silence. Though faint, it was distinguishable. She did not understand why he was here, but did not care to ask about it. He must have had his reasons to be away from the excitement of the rides and the fun, and perhaps it had to do with the mask upon his head. Maybe. He was interested in her, however the feeling was in no way mutual. So there was no reason to ask or speak beyond what response was necessary...

He wanted to get more information out of her, really. But his intentions and his face were controlled, not letting on anything more than the fact that he was concerned. V knew how to control every reaction he gave off to not bestow any unnecessary factoids about his true intention. Learned in the 'Ninja Academy'. It simply looked like he was legitimately concerned. "I see no beauty in death, and besides, it's nice to help people who are feeling sad. Your songs will be filled with life instead of tragedy then, wouldn't they?" The child did not expect an answer -- at least not one that would aid him in his reconnaissance -- but it would be nice to flex his power as she had so graciously done hers a few minutes ago.

'No beauty in death...' The words echoed in her head looking at that horse. 'No beauty in death...' She stared intently at the split in its head, eyes slowly panning up to the rest of the calamity. 'No beauty in death...' She looked at it all as a whole now, a collection of death that nobody cared for. The boy clearly understood nothing of what her music meant, though that was to be expected. He had no idea what transpired in that moment between she and the carousel, though that was to be expected. How could he know something she could not accurately express to him in words and could not be narrowly defined by action alone? The only way she knew how... "... People take emotions for granted," she'd say with a bit more volume, but only to ensure clarity of being heard, "... That's why you don't understand. I see it in your voice..." The 'Ivory Violin' glistened in the light as it rose to meet her chin, her bow prepped and resting gently on the strings soon after. Hopefully she could show him how she truly felt, because right now, he had no idea. Improvising a melody on the spot, once the notes left the strings of her instrument, wings spread from each and every one; those of a swam of butterflies. With their course predetermined, carried on a concentrated vibration pathway to their target, the fluttering beauties circled and surrounded him in the tittering jaunty flow of her improvisation. To those without the eyes to see energy, the butterflies would simply appear as a shimmering gust of wind swirling about a general vicinity. The wind picked up with the tempo of her piece, enough to lift the boy off the ground and into the air. How she wished that everyone could see the butterflies that she saw... But she knew that most people would only hear the song and see the wind.

V was more than welcome to a demonstration of how ignorant he was to her ideals. Until they were forced on his person... "Test your japes on someone else, woman." It sounded like a much older fearsome man spoke. The child didn't take too kindly to being violated by butterflies. He already had enough of that twenty four-seven, and so his power wafted through the area, pulsating outwards from his person, killing these insects no matter how beautiful the sound. She seemed to live an insane life. What she lacked in words, she expressed in music. Everything she saw must be some sort of reflection as to what was inside. "For someone who seems to introverted you surely lack a respect for personal space."

Up and down the fluctuating scale she played, searching meticulously for the correct melody to express how she felt. Through improvisation, she merely meant to test the waters, and find out how she truly felt about it, herself. The carousel... The horse... The boy himself... Those jittery butterflies, though beautiful, were a swarm of uncertainty, doubt, and embarrassment; butterflies in her stomach. It didn't take long for him to tire of her playing, killing the music with a voice of dominance. Each butterfly spiraled down from the sky like the dead leaves of autumn hitting the bare grass of green, the energy maintaining their construction fizzling out and away into nothingness, as if their very souls had fled their fragile corpses. Not a single one remained, nor did any trace that they'd ever been there, and the song slowed almost to a halt. Recomposure, recomposition... She needn't speak a word to him. How could she express something to someone who could not understand the only way she knew how to communicate? Every word he spoke, she saw it in a way that further proved her point; she could see his speech, and it looked most uninviting. Already, he'd established a boundary that disallowed the communication.

This time, the movement transitioned into a melody of incredible passion, picking up so fast and so loud that one would think she were going to burst. A great surge of sound spread from all around her, carrying this passion as a concussive burst toward V. In her eyes, wings of all different varieties spread from the music, no definite singular constitution, but all taking flight at the same time to the same target. The passionate force they carried resembled the same that brought that old carousel into motion before, booming with life and vivacity. '... You surely lack a respect for personal space...' His space was violated by her music. That was her first mistake... To let someone like him hear her play. It was easy for him to show concern on his face, though, like she said before, people take emotions for granted. It was no wonder why she relished in such apathy for others; there was simply no way for her to connect to them with her own expressions. She wondered how many more were like him... And how long it would be before she found someone who could understand.

V hit the nail on the head. She couldn't find the words to express how she felt, so the music that followed V had to listen to intently... He decided to let his guard down and let his eardrums ride the emotional tide spread out before him. A lot of jumping around searching for the correct words, to say. She seemed displeased with his display at her butterfly like demonstration. You would think if she lacked the words she could perhaps choose a much kinder vocabulary. But the melody changed tone of building passion and fervor.

V: 'What an odd reaction.'

Mos: 'She's targeting you!'

V: "???"

He noticed a bit too late as he was sent spiraling backwards and sent skidding across the ground. V slowly rose to his feet, dusting himself off. If the butterflies were an attempt at communication, then this was a sign of... "I see. I've offended you. I'm sorry. Perhaps, I should take more time to listen to what you say." It made sense now. V simply took for granted that she could express herself with words... Who was to say she couldn't do so in song?

The song being played gradually grew softer and softer, as though it were coming to an end. Though simply an improvisation, it still portrayed something. Hit with the initiate force of the wings, as the music died down, so too did the wings fall to simply feathers, disintegrating into nothing just the same as the butterflies upon their death. Her song had now come to a close. She remained silent for a while, lowering the ivory violin from her chin and back down to her side, giving V the same stoic expression she donned before when their eyes met. "... You may have gotten that much," she started, taking one last look at the carousel, "... But you still can't tell me why I played for that carousel." Even for someone so introverted and outwardly simple, complexity danced within, just like a piece of her music. It was too much to expect someone so young to understand, anyway. For people like that, she had to settle with only the acknowledgement, because that was all they could do. "... I'll find someone who understands..." she'd say under her breath, turning her back to V and starting to walk deeper into the ruins of the amusement park, "... Eventually."

That was true, V couldn't sympathize with someone who had no sort of attachment to this broken carousel. "I'm sure that will be the person who is touched enough to bed you."

Moro: 'RUDE!'

V: 'Please. Just because she can speak with a violin doesn't mean she can go pushing people around.'

V called out to her while she was shuffling away. All the while he walked towards the destroyed machination; the cause of all this insanity. "You might want to learn the language... Around here, knocking someone on their ass is an invitation for battle." He slid one of his arms out of his hoodie pocket and gripped the main contraption, lifting it in the air with a grunt. He held it over his head, a once grand mechanical piece of art whose shadow drowned this woman in darkness as if she stepped into a home. The rest... Spoke for itself. Where V decided not to. A taste of her own medicine. He simply crushed her with it. She looked feeble enough, her beauty was simply a testament to how fragile she really was. A china doll now broken under the very cause of her emotional outburst. "The language of battle is a different language entirely. But you know actions speak louder than words, don't you?"

On a course set for nowhere but another place to find expression in her own way, she heard V speak something that held... Truth to it, in her ears, even though such things didn't concern her at the present. In the midst of her step she paused at the sound of his next words, for she saw within them a return address to the 'invitation' she apparently sent him. Calmly, her arms rose again, preparing for what she was expecting to come next. Hearing the sound of something heavy rising, and only moments later a shadow pour over her, she prepped her bow simultaneously and closed her eyes... Waiting for him to drop the beat and set the tempo for the course of this battle. With all the intention to crush her to death, she struck the strings of the fiddle with an overflowing passion, a torrent of sound rolling over the machine like an ocean's wave carrying a ship off course at sea, slamming it into the coaster nearby. This music played was overwhelming from the start, like a flood of emotions happening all at once, raging and uncontrollable... Was she upset with him? She turned to face him again, her eyes slowly opening up to look at him, her expression still having not changed the entire time. The flow of the song shifted quickly from fluid and overbearing to tense and repetitive, and in tandem would the flood transform, taking on a more solid and definite shape; a fist. She continued to play the same note, sending the compacted sound careening at V, its concussive force now matching solid rock to give him a clean, tough punch. He'd already become so hostile toward her from a misunderstanding on his part from miscommunication on hers. Now, she stood there fighting for her life.

V had hoped this woman came with a safety word, because he was going to beat her into the floor until she said something along the lines of 'stop'. He slowly slid his hands back into his hoodie pocket after the carousel got swept away. It was unlike him to show his strength so early, but if he hit the woman on the right side of her head with enough force... She would forget, and an entirely different melody would be ringing in her ears. Yes... Irony; he wondered how that sounded in the Mixolydian mode. His mask was placed right back where it was, over his head obscuring the vision of V's face and plunging his voice in pitch to where it belonged by the time the woman had swept his friendly invitation elsewhere V roared in primal fervor.

V: 'Read this wench for me.'

Mos and Moro formed their headphones around his ears and a modest power swirled around V, a brooding storm, a suppressed volcano about to burst -- a bad omen. It had a dark purplish texture with the likeness of glints of glass floating through it. It was his energy. If Mos and Moro could warn him about the oncoming projectile earlier then they could warn him about incoming attacks. This silly wench's insanity gave away all her strokes.

Moro: 'Another projectile.'

V: 'Copy.'

V stood firm. It appeared as if he was going to take the blow head on until out from the earth to hands made of stone appeared to intercept the attack. While her projectile shattered the barrier, V was no where to be found. His 'Wind Body' technique allowed him quick and deadly silent movement like a true ninja. If this wench had a good ear it would do her no good now, there was a visage behind her; an assassin. V's mask crept up from behind like something out of a horror movie, followed by a spear of stone through her back that ran crimson when it came out her abdomen. He avoided the vitals. He wanted to make her suffering last to see what sounds she would play for her death.

The primal roar released by V now frightened her, putting her on edge about his actions and his motives. Energy swirled about his body, visible so that even she could see it radiating from his body. The repetitive, strong strokes immediately transitioned into detached, light, high-pitched repetitive strokes, to correctly portray that feeling of fear and unease. The collision of the two fists did nothing to ease her from edginess, as when the two forces were destroyed, V was nowhere to be found. Panicked, she looked around for him, her tempo speeding up, only to notice at the last minute that he appeared behind her without her knowing. As a last ditch effort, she hopped to the side to avoid harm, but it was too late to avoid being hit. The spear skewered the side of her torso, doing less damage than V intended, but still a solid strike altogether. The initial shock and pain was expressed as a high pitched shriek from the strings of the ivory violin, resulting in a powerful high voltage electrical blast that electrocuted everything in a thirty foot radius around her, gradually growing weaker as the sound spread further, till it died out some ways away. Blood spattered on the ground, dripping steadily from the large gash in her side. Panting heavily due to the pain, she winced a little trying to keep it together and continue playing. It was then that she realized that this little boy was a psychopath trying to kill her. Playing so much nonstop also left her rather drained quite early on, expending so much feeling in the form of energy. Since she got there, she had been playing nonstop, and it was starting to take its toll on her reserves. Falling to a knee and her side still dripping with blood, she felt it necessary to patch up her wound before anything else happened... Not that this maniac would want her to escape alive, for whatever reason. "Have I..." she said weakly, still managing to play a sad, lonely tune, that flickered around her body "... Offended you?" She could not understand how it escalated to this already, nor why this was happening at all. Perhaps he could only express his feelings in this way, just like she could only do hers in her own way. The music spread out to now finally fit the atmosphere of the amusement park ruins... Sad, lonely, and filled with death.

Humans were all the same inside; filled with squishy gelatinous mush. They were soft and easily broken. This girl was no different than the multitudes. Once the spear punctured her tender flesh, it rippled easily through the rest of her and out her side. It seems she has a low tolerance to pain. She will not fit in the ninja world. When did V just snap? Earlier he was trying to be kind and warm... It was probably when she pushed him away into the ground and she strutted off like she was better than he was just because he was trying so hard to understand her. Well it seemed as if she was trying desperately to understand the language of battle... To no avail. All her techniques were reactionary instead of instinctual, like her blanket of electricity was a response to V violating her personal space and inflicting on her pain and agony. All sorts of debris swarmed through the area in response but V was still there, bits of his flesh burnt off revealing one of his many trump cards -- his skeleton made of diamond, an excellent insulator for earth's natural enemy, electricity. Unlike soft humans, V was a demigod on the inside. Born of Destruction and Chaos.

V: 'Ah, here's the song I wanted.'

This sad song, quite different than before when the girl was remarking the carousel rather than her own pain. V felt sorry for her. "You will not survive long here if you cannot speak the language of battle, control your emotions, and dig deep." V slowly removed his hands from his hoodie pocket and placed them on the ground causing restraints of a peculiar looking substance to form around the girls legs and wrists they were glowing white crystal, diamond his greatest weapon other than his gargantuan strength. He didn't want her getting away... He had a valuable lesson to teach her. The woman began to rise slowly off of the ground, V disregarding her wound though she seemed exhausted from energy consumption.... He approached her -- this lesson would be swift.

Mos: 'V, Dont!'

V: 'Why?'

The memory hit him like a freight train. He was much older then, clad in silver skin, and there was a girl chained to a diamond wall -- much like his girl here -- and he used his strength to torture her... To poke holes in her with his index finger until she died. Surely the woman would be totally confused but there was a sudden shift in mannerism in V. "I am not the destroyer." So he undid the shackles and let the girl fall into his arms, he lay her down with her head on a stone which felt comfortable like a pillow and turned away. To know that he almost committed an act that 'he' did so long ago left a bad taste in his mouth. Battle was one thing, but that was unspeakable evil... V needed to rectify the situation. Surely she thought he was insane, the way he flipped flopped in and out of different feelings. He didn't care for her opinions or her sympathy; for all she knows he just saved her life, from himself.

V: 'That girl in my memories...'

His butterflies returned to their forms and perched on either of his shoulders.

Mos: 'The one called 'Destroyer' committed the deed.'

V: 'But I am of his blood. Even how his head pushes my actions.'

Moro: 'Thats why you have us!'

V: '...'

Hisui could not comprehend any of what had just occurred. When and why did he feel the need to kill her? Her question left unanswered, she continued to play the sad song that showed everything her face could not. As she continued to play, her body flickering with the melody, she observed his skin burn away from the electricity, made of diamond. Previously, she thought her own power to be a grand phenomenon of nature, but this was something far greater. To think, she'd come so far from home to find a place that she could learn to express and have her feelings understood, only to find a place that was more cruel than the pressure from her family she sought to escape. The language of battle... Was that all they knew here? All that was spoken? To reach her dream, it was apparent that she would have to best more deranged killers in this world that only knew blood and sorrow. Hopefully, she was stronger in spirit than they... So that she would not crack under a pressure far more intense than the family's. "... Maybe... It will mold me into a diamond... As well..." A diamond meant to shine, not to destroy... Though, with the shackles forming about her arms and legs and her song ending abruptly, her life would probably end up the same way. Her face remained the same, indifferent to the actions of the crazy boy, but inside... Inside there was something no one could know without the music.

He crept closer, the intention to kill still very apparent within him, yet when he met her face to face, she looked upon him with the emotionless gaze unchanging, and saw in him a realization of something she did not understand. Whatever it was, it completely changed his song and his tune, and she was released from his cruel prison and into his arms, then onto a rock below. Perhaps he felt no need to continue further, for blood loss would surely take her soon enough, or maybe he wished nothing to do with her death. She said weakly, "I didn't mean to offend you... Just for you to know how I felt about that beautiful carousel..." No matter what, this was his doing, if she died from loss of blood or immediately by his hands. She figured he could live with it, but from the look on his face, she wasn't so sure anymore. With her blood stained ivory violin in hand and weary eyes blankly staring at the boundless sky above, she only took one thing from this encounter; do not open up to anyone. Everyone is cruel and emotionless, waiting to take advantage of you and kill you. Emotions are not welcomed here, even if they show upon your face. They are fake. Simulated. And one's true feelings... Shall always be taken for granted.

To the introvert, only more of a reason to be even more reclusive. She was the only person she could trust, and her beautiful music now would be only for her. Nothing good had come from this encounter, only pain and sorrow that would continue to be passed on from one person to another. Luckily for her, she had another instrument, more compact and that required much less body movement to play. Her flute of 'Blue Silver', the 'Blue Dream', drawn from under her shirt and pressed onto her lips. She blew gently so she would not agitate her wound, though the sound omitted swirled around her, coating her in a blue aura that temporarily halted the wound's flow and produced large blue angel wings from her back. Though she expended a lot of energy in her emotional stir, she had enough to do what was necessary to survive. Taking one last tired look at V, she took off toward somewhere unknown and out of 'Armadillo Park'. From that moment, she decided that she never wished to see his face again, nor the sight of his mask. She needed to find someone who knew and understood more than battle... Perhaps a fruitless effort in the world she lived in.
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Second Movement: Somehow...

Somehow, she still found the strength the play, mustering up the energy necessary to take the shape of the beautiful blue wings upon her back. The sad song carried in the wind like the chirps of a fragile, injured bird attempting to find its way back to the nest. She flew as far as she could in an arbitrary direction, clearing the trees to gaze upon a beautiful bed of flowers that called out to her for rest. She didn't know her way around this new land at all, and there didn't seem to be anymore deceptive psychotic killers lurking about here, so she decided to descend upon the vast meadow and rest for a while.

When her feet touched the ground, the blue aura surrounding her body dispersed, all save for the area around her wound, which had gradually been healing whilst she played. It was consuming a lot of the energy that remained in her to focus it on sealing up her large gash, but energy could be replenished easily. Without knowing the way to any facility of treatment, this was the best she could do for herself... And besides, the fear of what would happen if she went there also lurked in the back of her mind. Maybe they were all like him...

Her first impression of this place was terrible. Beautiful land, but terrible people. If only the decent folk of her home could live here, then she may be able to muse them with her music and show them that she didn't need to pursue a career, and simply play for the sake of expression.

But that was nothing but a dream... And this was reality. She got down on the ground, spread out across the flowers, still tooting her pipe in a melancholic manner. Hisui was just going to have to go it alone and get stronger on her own. There was no one here she could trust, after all, and defending herself was necessary in case she came across another maniac... That had to be her next move, and fast. If only this wound would heal more swiftly...

What is that sweet sound that Jade hears...? 'The notes sing sweetly to me and more importantly... My energy.' In the distance she picks up on the song being played by the mistress in distress. Curiously, she changes the direction of her attention towards the source of the sweet sound. Jade can't be found; her mantra repeats in her head as she makes her way towards the sound not making a sound -- or more so, no sound escaping her footsteps. This sound... Jade can feel it... Sad? The sound the woman made was absorbed into Jade's energy reserves as it was fed into her sword and she understood the sound possibly as no other could as it flowed through her very body. The veil that she used to evade the eyesight of the people that parade around was surrounding her as it usually does; a form-fitting cocoon of her energy that repelled the photons of light to bend it around her, but absorbed the vibrations that flowed through them. She blended perfectly -- or rather, she was outside of view -- as she approached and the obstruction of the garden finally gave way as her eyesight came upon the girl. 'It's a person, a girl... Hurt...' She paused in her steps as she gazed and thought, listening and feeling the precious sounds she made. 'This girl is wounded beyond her skin... Jade will wait, Jade will listen.' She made the decision thinking she didn't want to invade the space of the wounded -- they often take out their hurt on their surroundings. Besides, the ambience of the music was something Jade rarely enjoyed and she didn't take it for granted.

The soft whistle of the Blue Dream glided upon the gentle breeze through the field of flowers, carrying off over the horizon. The flowers danced gracefully in harmony with her melody, the longer she played the less sad it sounded, transitioning fluidly into a song of humble serenity... Peaceful and relaxing. As time passed, her tension from the stressful encounter was too carried away on the soothing wind, and the wound upon her side sealed itself completely.

Even so, the pain still remained in the side of her torso, and Hisui wished not to move too much and cause her body anymore stress than it had undergone already. This time to herself in a beautiful meadow was enough.

Still, long after her wound healed, she did continue to play the Blue Dream, lost in its wondrous sound flowing on the gentle breezes. Though she would still expend her energy as a cost, that isn't something she cared about, for the sweet sound of this music and the shape it took once the sound left her flute was more revitalizing than anything that would restore her energy. At a certain juncture, the sound swirled with the wind into the shape of a flock of birds, soaring through the skies in unison, creating many different patterns and intricate designs in the sky. At another part, the sound waved with the wind and produced fluttering butterflies and buzzing ladybirds hovering up, down and in between the flying bird sound-chakra constructs.

As the energy gracefully soared about the sky, she only wished that others could see things the way she did. The Aotsukigan allowed her to see sounds and freely alter energy once in the form of sound that she could visibly see, and when that energy took shape as lovely creatures of nature such as this, she wished with all her heart that people could hear and see the same way she did; this beautiful music and spectacular show. 'Maybe if that boy could see... He wouldn't have to hurt anymore...' A passing thought in the midst of her play, but something she wouldn't dote too much on. He was nothing but a psychopath already broken by the world he lived in; his mind and soul were stained in blood and darkness. It would take a miracle for someone like him to understand...

And upon that thought, her song came to a close, and the flittering constructs of her own chakra were blown away with the wind. She rested the flute upon her chest and continued to stare up at the sky, expressionless, yet thriving with untold emotion within. 'I hope I can become a beautiful diamond... Not one that is flawed and shattered...' It would take her a while to get over that traumatic experience, even if she had already put herself at ease about it. All that could be done now was to sit and feel the wind and flowers. It was still a good idea for her to learn to defend herself with this power... At least until she knew she was strong enough to defend herself.

The music was so melodious -- so lovely -- and flowing to Jade's ears as she laid on the flower bed. 'Hmm...' Her eyes were blinking to keep herself out of a slumber. 'It changed. Is she okay??' She thought to herself, looking at the girl she had seen. She looked more peaceful even to the eyes now without the sorrow music playing around her. Jade hopped to her feet and zipped to the cover of another tree; a closer tree. She looked around at the girl -- Jade's never met someone so serene. It looked so beautiful, the little energy constructs fluttering away, blowing gently in the wind. Jade zipped to the cover of yet another closer tree. Jumping from tree trunk to tree trunk using her control to stick herself to it's side and effect nothing but the wind. She was always this cautious; she was not to be caught off her guard. 'Jade can't be found' -- her mantra since she was little and hiding for her life from her father's enemies. Old habits die hard. And it always came in handy, so it really never died. She peeked from behind her tree. 'Maybe I should say something. But your cover.' She was hurt, and her music plays so wonderfully. Jade hid behind the tree contemplating before she finally came to the conclusion, her veil fell shimmering down across her form revealing the skin tight leotard like assassin-wear she always wore.

Taking a deep breath she began to step from behind the tree, eyes downcast and a bit shifty; this was a big step for Jade and she probably wouldn't have made the decision it if hadn't been for the lovely sounds that thrummed through her body. She approached the girl and when she was close enough, she bent down, keeping her feet under her as she sat. "A-Are you... Okay?" Voicing her worry that she had felt within from the music that she had so intimately felt, she met the girl's eyes once before shifting like she was uncomfortable and looking down at her hands in her lap.

The girl maintained a constant, dreamy stare up at the clouds, panning over many different shapes and figures as they rolled across the the sky. As the wind blew, her eyes were able to see it as streams of energy whipping and whirling about, only because of the whistling sound it made as it passed over the meadow. How long could she truly stay at peace like this, simply feeling the breeze, watching the clouds and smelling the flowers? Inner turmoil within her welled up suddenly; thoughts racing, uncertainty rising. She had no place to go, no bed to sleep on, no food to eat, and knew no one. Besides that, anyone could be just as insane as the psychopath she met earlier on. Her survival here would be minimal unless these things were acquired... The pains of hunger did start to get to her. It wasn't too long after that a girl crept up on Hisui, who remained lost in thought about her basic needs of survival. When the girl's face appeared over hers, asking of her status, Hisui only blinked, staring straight into the girl's eyes with her normal expressionless face. She slowly rose up to an upright sitting position, still looking at the new face, and soon after, stood to her feet.

"... I am fine," she replied softly, almost as if she didn't wish to speak, "... Who are you? Why are you here?" Hisui was not one for many words except for the ones that counted. She held great suspicion about this girl despite her outwardly caring demeanor; it could all be a trick just the same as that masked boy who feigned concern for her back then. Grabbing Blue Dream and placing it beside her, she remained ready this time, having learned that in this place, there was never a time she should let her guard down to anyone. She was officially shut in.

Jade looked from her hands up to the girl's face, unexpectedly finding the girl looking to meet her eyes. She would be met in a mutual stare as Jade searched for her words. She didn't speak much to people -- having been pinned up in her father's house, she didn't develop good social skills; wonderful manners, though. Mostly the people she came face to face with were either about to be bleeding profusely or already doing so -- it was simply the family business. The only reason Jade found herself face-to-face with this young woman was that she couldn't simply walk away once her music and energy flowed through her with such emotions she had never felt from another. "I... Couldn't help myself... Your music" She had no clue what to do at this point; maybe it was pointless to express her gratitude at feeling and hearing the music that the girl played so casually. She looked away at a nearby flowerbed absentmindedly. 'What did you expect a big hug?' The girl was a bit thought-ridden and didn't expect much else to come from this. "... Maybe... Maybe I should go." She began to think the approach was a bit uncalled for a felt a tad foolish at thinking her songs as an invitation. 'Not exactly, but I'm new at this.' Her feet began to shuffle from beneath her and she stood bowing once before backing up and finally turning before she disappeared behind the tree that she had appeared from. She was still there, however with her face in her hands, embarrassed. Sliding to the bottom of the tree, she brought her knees close to herself and embraced them, her veil cloaking her, once again disguising herself as a thick root of the tree. 'Why aren't you leaving? I don't know... Maybe I can hear a bit more of her music... Before I can never feel graced with it again.'

Unblinking, Hisui read the emotion filled in the sound of the girl's voice. Uncertainty, awkwardness, the feeling of solitude... Not so much unlike Hisui herself. Though she could not bring herself to speak up on matters of those, what widened her eyes in pique of interest were this girl's words about her music. Something in the way her words flowed out from her lips jauntily, yet sincerely drew out a bit of curiosity in the normally introverted Hisui. Could she have really accurately felt her music the way she intended to portray it? Was she also able to see the way sound moved and flowed in an emotional flux just the same? She extended her hand to the turning girl, "Wait..." she cried softly, "... What about my music...?" Though the equally mysterious girl already drifted away with no answer, Hisui thinking she did not even hear her question. With the feeling of only a single soul to connect to slipping just through the cracks of her lightly parted fingers, Hisui's arm slowly retreated and lowered back to her side, her eyes soon following to the ground.

Hisui: 'Lost, yet again... And alone.'

She gripped Blue Dream tightly, knees gradually bending to lower her body back to the ground and upon the field of flowers... And another wind blew 'cross the land, her long, jet black waterfalls of her silky hair pouring over her shoulders as the gust kicked up. Placing the flute to her lips once more, she began to play a song that simply came to her on the spot; one that expressed her deep, silent loneliness in a world unknown.

Jade kept walking; not that she didn't hear the girl, but to turn around would be to risk further embarrassment. Besides, it would show hesitation and probably make her more nervous. Perhaps if she had seen the girl's outstretched hand it may have swayed her mood, but her vision was already elsewhere. As she sat there she was indeed graced again with the girl's musical embrace and Jade was filled with the emotions that were conveyed fluidly through her notes. 'Listen, you made an impression.' It seems she was a bit lonely after all, Jade was in the same boat. Out in the world to make her own way now that she had came of age and learned all she could from staying in her parents house, Jade's head raised up out of her hands as the music flowed through her body. Her music... "...It speaks to me." Her voice wafted from the tree, through the tree; her energy could throw her voice almost however she liked and right now, it surrounded the lonely girl after her song came to its end. Jade answered her question with an encompassing warming voice that she would never had been able to do with the nervousness that came with their first face to face meeting.

Hisui's eyes fluttered open softly as her lips gently grazed the silverish-blue metal with a twinkle. She was afraid that she might have been hearing things now. Her music seemed to attract all sorts of odd, but glorious things. Birds and sunshine or clouds and rain, it was all depending on how she was feeling that day. She stopped mid-breath in order to listen again, registering where it came from with her sight in a crisp cerulean sheen. She picked up that it had come from one of the trees. She didn't know how to feel about all of this happening at once, this girl doing all sorts of fantastic things. Her eyes lit up in the light, but her expression remained blank as she lowered the flute from her lips. There was a moment of silence, a sort of acceptance and coming to terms with the situation that was simply occurring and allowing it to come and pass. She'd play along; perhaps even literally speaking. Perhaps that was her way of working up the nerve to respond... "... Speaks to you... how?" Though slight, and what would first seem like a gentle passing of the wind, her voice wafted back toward the tree on a stream of soothing sound; a river of rhythms also wanting to speak their voices to this girl. Maybe Hisui had someone that she could talk to, already. Especially when it came to talking as minimally as possible with her real voice, which could never seem to reach out and touch someone before. A girl could dream, could she not?

Jade looks up from her knees. She was had been feeling the somber embrace of loneliness, she heard the stream of the girl's reply overtake her. 'She wants to know how? She wants to know how.' There wasn't much she could do in the silence, and the meaning was so much more than words. Jade peeked around the tree for just a second before replying in the same fashion. "Let me show you." She spoke from her hiding spot, she wanted to demonstrate just how she felt about the music she was so intimately hearing. Jade wouldn't get anything wrong when she heard the music once more.

'Let me show you' echoed in Hisui's head like music to her ears, yet her face remained completely stolid. There were many things running through her skull at present, but none quite like the eternal melody she heard in her ear. It moved her like clockwork the longer she listened to it. It was something that kept her from ever losing track of her way after all this time by herself. "... The Seed..." she muttered under her breath, turning her head slowly. What she heard next was the sweet serenity of a silver plant pulsating under her feet, of which to normal people would simply look to be a normal lily. In Hisui's eyes, it looked different. She could see the energy that was trapped within it and knew that it had to be released somehow.

She took her flute, the Blue Dream, and touched the plant with it, suddenly feeling a great tingling sensation run up her spine and straight to her head. Immediately, she felt like she could hear a new tune, but one that was coming from her heart instead of her head. "... Moonflower Reqiuem..." she cried, playing a beautiful melody from her soul, partially already composed, but missing just a few finishing touches. With it, she gained access to the hidden strength of her Ao Gakushou, which immediately evolved as a special ability and into a powerful 'Legendary Art' before her very eyes. As she played, it would seem as though the power and support of an entire family -- or perhaps numerous choirs all as different instruments and voices -- would flood from her body as the entire song. A dark silhouette, one that was missing from her for a long time, would appear before her and stare her in the face, smirking. To look the dark woman that looked exactly like her in the face frightened her, but before too long, that pale, colorless fairy would slip into place and fill herself within the body of the young Hisui, who was now finally ready to accept and awaken her true self.

She suddenly stopped playing, yet the music that she had once released from her flute and into the air didn't stop flowing. Eventually, Jade would be able to hear it as it progressively grew louder and more distinct, never stopping from that point forth. It flowed from her presence like background music constantly in play, yet there was no real physical change in her that was noticeable at all. Whatever happened, though, which would remain completely unknown to anyone who didn't know her true background story, caused the effects of the song to be released, which caused the strange girl to start to phase out as the music from the 'Moonflower Requiem' hung grimly in the air.

"In This Town..." She turned to look the other person that reminded her of herself in the eyes, continuing to chant. She walked up closer to the girl, bringing with her a grisly darkness like that of the reaper's right hand from just her being present before Jade, and finished with a loving whisper as soft as a candle being blown out in the night, "... Everyone Hail." Her head completely disappeared the moment those words left her lips, and the Headless One stood before the young girl. The Dullahan remained motionless for a moment, the rest of her body eventually fading away leaving no trace of herself or her presence in this place any longer once she got her heart back, there being no reason for its presence to even remain. Her slowly dissolving body completely faded away like a phantasmal dream, taking every last bit of herself from this place and carrying it off to somewhere unknown.

The End.
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Interlude: Numbah Thrii; Queen of the Underworld

"Yeah, nothing big, I just run my own underground group on 88th Street in the Dusk. That's it. Whole life story. Fuck with it."

She was brought from 'The Lost World' to 'The Veritas' after picking up the gift left in the planet by her lover that brought she and Friday back together. Also goes by 'Frigg'. She is practicing to master her powers as well as to help run and sustain the underground organization that her lover started as some sort of Phantom syndicate. The 'Metal Pumpkinhead' that was placed inside of the Void in her heart became the 'Pumpkinheart', which is kept by her 'Second Restriction' self for safe keeping. Though she sometimes is known to wear the 'Pumpkinheart' on her head as the 'Metal Pumpkinhead' and assume her 'Phantom Form,' she usually keeps it in its proper place inside of her as her heart. A large, gaping hole known as 'The Void' appears in her chest when she puts on the 'Metal Pumpkinhead,' and she becomes the fearsome 'Iron Maiden'.
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