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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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 Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall Empty
PostSubject: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall EmptyWed Jun 24, 2020 5:56 pm

It had only been just recently since the destruction of the old 'Tree Of Life' that was within the Dusk, which turned out to have the 'Tree Of Death' growing under it for a long time.


Quote :
In the remnants of the Lab of the Twins, which became the 'Leader Building' in the future of which there was an unknown broadcast from, a 'Time Displacement' would begin to occur, forming into 'The Phantom.' "Yikes. I had to go through all types of hell to get here..." Naturally, he spoke of the 'Ambiguous Chaos' that he had to fight Maruze within in the Past-Presently-In The Future in order to make sure he could get here in the past from the future, and simultaneously in his daughter's hellacious toybox, of which this place was scrapped. "So, let's see, if this Time Displacement is correct..."

-Working his ancient chakra techniques, Aeragon began to revert Tama back to her natural age and disappeared with her.-

"If she was about 22 during this time, and it's only been a few years in time lapse of the 'Reality' into the 'Veritas'..." Then somewhere during that time, The Phantom had time to enter into that Time Period and do what he pleased. "... With numerous years to spare, at that, mind you, to make the renovations." He chuckled, looking around, "Gotta make the Dusk look like what it is, not what it was, even if it is that way right now, yeah?!" Anomalous Time Travel was the shit, when you had the right connects.

K.T., on the other hand, had different plans in mind... When he altered his own coordinates, he utilized the link to The Phantom that had been transported to the past and altered his Time, as well, to meet up with him in the Dusk of the past...

"Our time is short..." said a rather familiar voice, similar to that of the leader of the Dusk at the time, yet with a flair of one from another dimension as he appeared in a spacio-temporal flux from within The Phantom, stepping out from the shadow of the darkness and into his own form independently of The Phantom's, as though shedding the shadow like molting skin. "... So let's make haste to the Tree Of Life, shall we...?" It was in its prime... And Kujata was more than happy to finish the job by beginning the chain of events that caused all of this to occur in the first place. "Hmhmhm~..."

"Chyeah. You look just like him, don'tcha?" It was clever of him to use the Anomalous Time Displacement to return to the Past along with The Phantom at the exact same time. They had some work to do. "They'll never know the difference. Trust me." Not that they did all the years in the future. Their success was already certain. "But that's why we can't be caught. No one can know who you are nor that I'm The Phantom from a different time period. So, you can't run into the REAL Kujata, you understand? And I can't run into my old self..." Fortunately, that wouldn't be difficult at all. 'The Seed' could be planted inside of the Tree Of Life and they could move out and be done with their mission and back to the Veritas in no time.

"... Should we deal with the Forbidden Girl, too, while we're here?"

"Yes. Let's deal with all these old hats in one fell swoop..." If this was the correct time period, then Taomin, Cleff and Luminon should still have existed, and those were the three necessary components here. "Also, we'll need to collect the Falshin; rather, the seed of the Insanity. Without him, it won't be possible to awaken the Horsemen, now will it...?" The 'Headless One' needed to be awake first before the other Four could return. And the first mark of their awakening came from 'Pestilence', if he knew his history. The only way Pestilence could have come about would have been if the 'Headless Horseman' released her to consume the Tree Of Life long before they knew that she was there. "We have a mission to accomplish. You deal with the Tensei and I will deal with the Insanity. Find them and meet me at the Tree. Luminon included."

Kujata started out of the Lab of the Twins rather casually, as if knowing that there was nothing and no one here that could stop this from occurring. They were so blind and conceited that, well, they wouldn't even notice something like this happening right under their noses. They didn't in this time period, which was how it was allowed to occur in the future. "We are geniuses..." he muttered to himself, flicking his hair in a playfully haughty manner. "Hmhmhm~!" He casually strolled through the Dusk and off toward his destination.

"You got it, Kujata~!" he said with a chuckle, hopping backward and flickering off in a blur. It was time to assemble the progenitors to this entire little scenario... The most useful.

It was a prime target for the Horsemen, Pestilence, known otherwise as 'Conquest,' yet through the efforts of both Khrona and a very unlikely partner, the Dark King, the 'Tree Of Life' revealed the Horseman, Death, and was taken down, along with the old life of Khrona Tensei.

Due to the nature of the Tensei, as well as the Tree Of Life, itself, when Khrona sacrificed himself to save the Village, he became the new 'Tree Of Life' and merged with the seed of the old one, and thus started on his path to growth into the Veritas he had seen in a vision before his passing and reincarnation. As the Crystal Tree grew, so did a new body within it, which was kept safe, along with the Dusk Village as it grew. From the branches of the new Tree Of Life that was Khrona came two other land masses: the 'Mezzo Terra' and the 'Dawn', both of which grew greater and stronger as Khrona's new body and the Crystal Tree did. Whilst Khrona tended to the new villages as one superterritory, the Veritas, and cultivated a new body for himself, he would watch over everyone from within the Crystal Tree as the Crystal Tree and bring new life to the Dusk along with the Dawn... Yet, this new air of purity brought calamity to the planet, which was already long lost to the tainted wickedness from the Horsemen... and much conflict arose from the new purified being that was known as 'Khrona Tensei.'


Quote :
When the time was right, Kujata planted the seed of the Tree Of Death in the ground. The ground was very dry and barren, not able to support life, but the seed would begin to absorb the Life of the planet itself, allowing both of them to become symbiotic; the Insanity and the Seed. This would be where the Tree Of Life would sprout. However, once it grew large enough and became empty, the Tree Of Death would be left in its place; an empty shell that was devoid of life. This would occur after Khrona left, and would be when Death ruled over the planet of the planet.

"Headless One..." he called out, letting the Insanity spread through the barren soil of the Pale Forest, a mist rising up from it, "... It's time for you to be born..."

"Heh heh heh..." a faint chuckle from a dry, raspy voice crackled, drawing forth the power of the Tensei, "... Nice work, kid..." With the power of the Tensei as well as the Insanity in one seed, the Seed could sprout into Two Trees; one of Life, harboring the power of the Tensei, and one of Death, harboring the power of the Insanity. From there, the Tree Of Life would sprout in one part of the planet... and the Tree Of Death would spread to a different part. "Once the roots wrap around the planet... The Tree Of Life that sustains the planet will meld with and absorb all the Life Energy of this realm... And the Tree Of Death will..." That one, which is the Void... "... Release Insanity."

All of the energy on the planet, once the Veritas left, would be nothing but Insanity. All Chakra would belong to the Horsemen, with which the Headless One would be in control of. It would be naught but the Insanity. "... Eventually, the use of Chakra will kill them and this planet. I see you've thought farther ahead than we realized... Heh heh heh..." The seed would start to absorb its nutrients. "... When the Tree Of Life grows, the Tree Of Death will grow in another place... A place unknown... But it will be releasing Insanity as a Beacon... Heh heh..." The Falshin had ways of living eternally. And this was one of them. "The Dragons... Will be my nutrients... For they are the most susceptible... To my influence..." The ground suddenly grew a reddish tint, showing that it was active. "... Now... We must wait for the others..." This was the birth of Tatari Tensei; the Insanity and the Headless Horseman.

At every turn, it seemed that his original curse of Insanity had been getting worse and worse through his growth in power, no matter how much he tried to control it. He was maturing as a being, and the pollution of the air whilst he was in such a state was causing the Crystal Tree itself to become tainted, and pour out Insanity in the form of Khrona's projected images, himself. Try as he might, with the polluted air of the planet, he couldn't contain himself. Yet, this was but another sacrifice he had to make, serving as a filter for the Dusk and Dawn, in order to keep them protected from the Horsemen. For the sake of his villages and his people, he had to take in all of that wicked, filthy energy and drive himself to the brink of insanity just to save himself, his people... And his family, who tried desperately to keep him from collapsing and killing himself and everyone he tried to support. It all started with the end of the Thirteen Moons; The Final Nights Of Tensei.

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Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$
Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall EmptyWed Jun 24, 2020 7:36 pm

Khrona could see what his own Insanity as well as the poisonous energy of the planet, afflicted by the Horsemen, was doing to him and his own land, despite how much he tried to fight it. The only option after that was to go inward, into himself, and deal with the Insanity and all that poisonous energy being Absorbed right at the root... And also, to take back his sanity from the being that kept trying to keep it from him... The Insanity, itself.

Insanity: 'So you've finally decided to accept it... I am proud of you. Face it with all that you are, and remake the name of Insanity. Young one, become a legend...'

Opening his eyes to see the beautiful crystal around him, the man of Complete Insanity set his sights on the glorious home around him; the land of the Tensei. Where all things were good, were of peace, were of utter clarity and happiness... He created this place, yet there were none who could enter. Not even himself.

Khrona: "... I made this place... And I can't even enjoy it."

He was the only black spot in this realm of utter serenity; the speck of dust that stained the stainless crystallized grass.

Khrona: "... It all bends to my will, but even I am not able to be here... I am the Shinseigami, aren't I? Even I have to follow my own rules..."

Under the cloak of Pure Insanity, he smirked, letting nothing but those glowing red eyes be revealed from the shadows....

Khrona: "To draw in all insanity within myself... Why would I burden myself with such a task...?"

Sometimes, he wondered this, but he always knew what the real answer was... It was so this would not happen again. He was lost to Insanity; beaten by it so many times in his life, yet he never stopped pursuing the path to completely force it to submit to his will.

Khrona: "Perhaps, if I am the one who kills it... This insanity won't be so chaotic anymore... And it can stop being viewed as such a bad thing... And finally be seen as something to help. I will use it as my weapon. My partner. Insanity..."

But before he could do that, he had to face that part of himself... The Falshin. Absorbing all the insanity to have ever existed... It was a large task, and that also meant harboring that Goddamn Falshin within himself.

Falshin was reborn.
Within Khrona's soul.

Khrona: "... Come out, Falshin; God of Insanity. It's time to be slain once and for all. The Android girl wiped you out of everyone and everything... Except for me. Only I am strong enough to do that; even she did not have the power. So..."

Just then, the violence of his silent soul began to quake the very fabric of all things, as if beckoning the destruction of all. He was going to put everything at stake for this one; Insanity was in everything. It needed to be tamed.

Khrona: "Show your face... And let me take your title... as GOD OF INSANITY!!!"

There was no more time to run away from it... He had to look himself in the mirror... And see what he could become, so he would never make the mistake of becoming it.

Khrona: "I'll do a much better job than you... I promise you that. You were too weak to handle it, and now the insanity is you... You do not control it. It controls you. Through Fear. So... Let me SHOW YOU HOW. IT'S. DONE!!!"

An evil wind blew through the holy Sanctum Crystos, the Crystal Garden falling to a crippling madness at the very breath of this creature. Sprouting from the cosmic egg that was the soul of the ignorant Khrona, the Falshin of old had returned to this world for the third and final time...

God of Insanity; Falshin.

Falshin: "Hahaha... Khrona, my old friend... We meet once more... For the last time, I surely hope."

The tattered appendages of skin stretched out toward one of the crystallized trees, surging impurity and darkness into the divine perfection that it was... Pulsating. Red and black. The shade of Khrona's soul.

Falshin: "Sigh... I did think I had more time, too... That your soul would develop to become a true 'Cosmic Egg'... And I could consume you just as the Insanity consumed me... Heh heh hah hah... Oh well. This will do just nicely, either way. As you currently are, God or not, you cannot defeat me... Lest you destroy yourself and all Insanity along with you... As its Keeper."

To Keep all Insanity within himself was a powerful task, and that only meant that Falshin had a safe haven within the strongest soul to have ever existed... This soul is the one that would consume all things; even a God, himself. That is what Falshin wished for; to consume everything and make everything his own.

Falshin: "This Universe... This Existence... This Reality... This... Absolute Oneness of all things... It will be within me. And I will use you, one who knows how to use the insanity to push yourself further, to do so..."

Falshin himself could not accomplish this, he would silently admit... But Insanity lived on. This was no true Falshin... This was Insanity itself fighting Khrona.

Insanity: "... You know the rules, Khrona... You have to start over one last time... But as you always say, third time's the charm, is it not?"

A wide, gruesome grin spread cross the Falshin's face... His horrible teeth seething with utter black insanity...

Insanity: "It will consume you, too. There is no escaping it. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, as they say."

He licked his lips, drawing that darkness back within him... He was taking over Khrona's soul bit by bit... And the longer he held on to this Insanity... The more it would consume him.

Insanity: "Finally... I've FINALLY gotten you, Khrona!!!"

That malicious wind passing through the clear trees and blowing over the shining grass, it was here to paint this world black and smear its darkness to a land that drew in all light; all wavelength. Of course, it had to be the Insanity of the Falshin rearing its ugly head, this time with nowhere to hide. "... I've figured you out finally, Falshin... Or shall I say, Insanity... You may think you've won, but I've survived this long with you within me, haven't I? If you couldn't consume me then... *snicker*... Then what in God's name makes you think you can have me now?" This was almost a joke to Khrona. He looked at Falshin and saw the shadow of what he once was as a young boy... Hopelessly lost to this overpowering and overwhelming insanity. Yet, somehow, he was able to stuff it all in his soul and never let it come out. It had been festering a long time... "You see, if I drew in all the insanity... And kept it for myself... You'd have nowhere to go... Nowhere to hide... Nowhere to reincarnate... That's right. I plan to make sure you absolutely cannot reincarnate. As Tree of Life and Rebirth, you know. That is my duty."

A warm, nostalgic smile spread to counter that maddening grin of the all too lost Falshin... And his eyes would close as he breathed in deeply the familiar air he once knew before. Utter Insanity... Mmm, it brought back memories. With a long, heavy, cleansing exhale, the black insanity he breathed in came out as a pure, clear wavelength... And with it, Khrona's piercing red eyes opened up only slightly, cutting through all the darkness lingering about and into the eyes of Falshin, himself. "Ahahaha... Haha... I've missed this scent... I've missed all of this... The very smell of insanity is enough to get me just a little bit excited for a bloodbath... Just like old times." Though, he felt a little empty here, without Misery and Despair... Without his brother, his brother's wife, and Zita... The Android girl and her Creator... The Demon King, Sky King, and Earth King... Even the Dark King and Vanguard, though their interactions were brief, but heavy. Somehow, he created bonds with every last one of them, be they family or friend... It wasn't like he could tell the difference with these guys. There wasn't one, really. Ahaha. Haha...

Khrona: "... So you wanna play by the rules, then? That means, you'll actually stay dead this time? It isn't like you'll be able to run from me after this... I am your Keeper, after all. I'm just trying to see if I have the power to Keep this promise... Because, as it stands... You'll consume everything. You are my soul, and I've been denying this for a long time, but... I've gotta get rid of you how you are. My soul is the God of Insanity... Heh. A shame... To have to see it go."

He crossed his arms, letting the blackness that was his own cloak flutter and converge with the Wavelength of Insanity locked in the air. flowing on the current of the universe, and back into this tree. With all the Insanity to have ever been trapped here... How would too beings that feed on it defeat each other? Easy. One was going to have to consume the other. Like the end of its own tail. 'Ouroboros... Absorption, or Consumption?'

Khrona: "Give me the word, Falshin, and I'll take you down to the beginning."

Twisted and maniacal was the laugh that gargled its way out of the mouth of the dastardly demon God before the great Crystal Tree. His resolve was so pure and so clear, but all that was so pure could be tainted by madness; by Insanity. Such was its nature.

Falshin: "Hahaha. You fool. You're willing to risk your power... Everything, even... Simply to defeat me? You must already be lost! Gripped by the madness! Ahahaha!!! To even have the RISK of me corrupting this tree, as Pestilence had done for you to take this position... Do you really not care about what happens to this place? Your branches and roots extend out to everything now... And you'll risk it all? Borderline stupidity."

Of course, that line was very thin, and difficult to see. Maybe it had gotten past Khrona's 'all-seeing' eyes, hm?

Falshin: "... Haha... And you'll do me the honor of letting me choose the stage? Not like it matters..."

He extended his arms, letting the world take shape as he saw fit; their arena now setting under the light of the luminous full moon, the blooming sakura trees welcoming the spring air to their tired branches from the long, harsh winter, as the river flowed quietly in the night's warm breeze.

Falshin: "Is this suitable enough for you, Mister Madman?"

All he could think about in this beautiful scene... Was how he was going to burn it to the ground. How beautiful could he create this world, so he could ultimately destroy it in the end? That was all he wished for... To destroy this beautiful world he created and plunge it into madness, just like him...

Khrona shook his head, his will nor his belief never leaving him for a second, despite the circumstances Falshin made ever so clear... Those that he was already so painfully aware of.

Khrona: "Well, you know... What's an epic battle without giving it all a chance, right? Hahaha..."

He hadn't said that in a long time. Perhaps he was back in his right mind... Rather, his right state of Insanity. Falshin was the only stupid one here. As if mirroring the madman on the other side of him, his arms would spread out wide, and he'd take another deep, long inhale of the insanity flowing about and breathe out perfect clarity. He watched as the world around him started to shift to this most beautiful and serene surrounding; something he never would have guessed Falshin to create.

Khrona: "Huh. Funny. I'd expect you to create some sort of twisted world of destruction and chaos for us to fight on. Heh heh. Guess the only thing you're thinking of is how you can destroy this place to make it look like how you want it, hm? Cuz there's no fun in breaking something that's already destroyed. Heh heh. Sick bastard~."

Truthfully, Khrona admired that much about him. He has a passionate art about his destruction, and Khrona could always appreciate the passion of another... Even if, in this universe, that passion was discordant to the natural flow.

Khrona: "... I just don't get it. Was it you who made me like this, or was it me who spawned you from myself? Either way, its weird... Having to fight an incarnate of Insanity made from my very own soul."

But, biting down on his bottom lip, he closed his eyes and tilted his head up to the cloudy skies.

Khrona: "First Restriction: Cognigeist; Restriction of Mentality."

With a snap of the fingers, he wiped his face downward, falling into a deep and almost comatose -- 'Khronatose' -- slumber; such was the placing of the first Geist upon his face... 'Cheshire', otherwise known as 'Copycat'. Though he was completely unconscious, he was also completely and utterly consciously aware of all his actions and goings on, focusing his psychic power with his own consciousness whilst he rested. His body took on a far more familiar form; one from many years of yore.

Khrona: 'Mmm... What a nice blast from the past... I remember when I used to walk around like this... When my psychic powers were most powerful... Ahahaha.'

Besides Khrona obtaining his original pale flesh rather than that blackness of Complete Insanity, there seemed to be little to no difference in his appearance... Save for his eyes, which were completely closed. He definitely was asleep... Or in pure meditation. Zen.

Khrona: "... Mmmrmhm..."

He was mumbling something in his sleep. His body was completely limp, yet standing up as if it were functioning with the utmost normality. His mind was sustaining him in this state... Completely and fully. Incredible.

With the First Restriction released, Falshin would begin the Path... How dreadful.

Falshin laughed at his 'mirror image' before him. It was almost like he was looking at himself in the past. It wasn't like these two weren't similar in almost every fashion; like he was made to be the next Falshin, or something.

Falshin: "Hmhm... Yes, it is past your bedtime, isn't it, little one...? You're about one thousand years too early to pull one over on me. You're like a carbon copy anyway, wouldn't you say? Haha... Have you ever even taken a look at yourself long enough to realize what you have become? What you are? What you have always been?"

That gruesome smile faded at the soft kiss of midnight's lonely breeze, the sakura trees rustling sweetly with the light brush of their tips. The two crazed deities' eyes met, locked in a terrifying combat that none could comprehend for just a moment before both would find their eyes closed; Khrona's by his lids, Falshin by his appendages. The mark of the Falshin glowed bright on his mummified face, and the sakura petals hovered gently down past his face.

Insanity: "... A fake..."

The very whisper of insanity kicked up a powerful, yet silent tailwind that blew past the Falshin and across the arena, carrying with it the beautiful falling petals in a swirling mass of bliss and serenity. Not even the slightest tint of darkness could be traced in this graceful display, but the beauty was all the more satisfying for Falshin to see... To see it rip through this poor boy's mind and break it with the false grandeur of peace and happiness; oh, how it would be glorious, indeed.

Soon after, he clasped his hands together, as if in some sort of divine prayer, and breathed in deeply, pulling from the heavens an eerily calming wind that caused those trees to sway yet again... gently... calmly...

Khrona: 'Mmmmoummaaantaaaiii...'

A guise of beauty was all that it was; a simple guise. Those words did not waver Khrona's mind in the least bit. He knew who he was, and being called a fake would not even be allowed into his tempered mind.

The Absolute Terrain expanded around him, and in total calm, the 'gentle' breeze that impacted would be shown for what it truly was on contact. Bashing, thrashing and utterly crashing at the seemingly impenetrable field, Khrona in his own state of Zen could not be penetrated in the slightest by something as weak as an untrue insult. He only stood there, eyes closed and body completely limp, yet unnaturally still. It was hard to even tell if this man was still breathing at this point, or was his mind also sustaining his own life?

Khrona: 'Mmmmm...Mmmmou...Maaan...Taiiii...'

His mantra for keeping himself in a state of calm in such a delicate situation. Surely, the insanity weighed heavy on him, as it always did, but it was definitely not enough. The pittering and pattering of the battering petals sounded to him like the cute drops of rain falling elegantly from the skies, and in his dreams, it was raining... Raining to bless his assured victory. So, a smile, a simple, slight smile grew on his unconsciously conscious maw, all before his mouth opened up just a bit and unleashed a resonating sound in perfect melodious harmony... Synchronous to his own mind's state of utter calm.

Khrona: "Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh..."

The sound of an angel singing but a single note, taking in and Converting the energy of the 'fake' calm to 'pure' serene energy, and concentrating it all into his open mouth. A crystal clear laser of finely focused energy burst from his gaping maw, so swift that light could not catch; so melodious that sound could not comprehend; so destructive that peace simply stayed as it was all around it. The trees did not even sway at the might of this great beam of energy.

Khrona: 'Had to see if I was still in tune... Looks like practice was A-OK. Hmhm... I wonder what Falshin is doing...'

With his Absolute Terrain still holding up strong to protect his body, it hovered slowly toward his target, whom he hoped to have completely obliterating with such utter true serenity...


Eyes peeled on the energy of pure 'clarity,' moving so very fast that it seemed nay impossible to avoid, a rather simple gleam of his three eyes of Insanity erected a burning red barrier before Falshin, diffusing all such serene energy back to insanity; bolts of red and black shooting from all around and up toward the skies. Behind it all, and even over the gnarling and horrific sound of discordant ugliness this 'harmonious' voice made on impact with it, Falshin's laugh could be heard piercing through.

Falshin: "AHAHAHAHA!!! Surely, you jest, Jester. You are still trying to play Heavenly Host over there? Laughable, at best!!! Look at yourself... Wrapped in darkness, swirling with insanity... No Godly being would even accept you as you are. You're a just a demon pretending... Especially with such a technique of Evangelical heritage."

His laugh overpowered even all the might that this greatly focused blast was, leaving nothing but the black and red static crackling about in the slowly twisting atmosphere.

Falshin: "You're not just copying me now... You even went so far as to take something as divine as that for yourself? Hahahaha!!! You need to wake up and look in a mirror, Dark One! Your fate is ME!"

More petals fell from the trees now, slowly becoming bare on their once proud and beautiful branches. The tickled Falshin lowered his barrier, conjuring pure black flames of Insanity within the 'hands' of his bandages behind his body. Flare after dark flare were lobbed relentlessly toward the 'divinely' covered deity, with all intentions of burning his barrier of peace to the ashes of insanity from whence they came.
Peace to pieces.

Falshin: "Come out of the dark, Dark One! Oh, mighty Lord Of Terror! Demon God of Insanity!! Quit pretending to be something you're not and SUBMIT to your DESTINY!!"

Now ceasing his merciless assault, he combined the black flames to a centered point above his head, pressing his still clasped hands together even harder, producing larger and more destructive black flames stained with the eyes of Insanity on them.

Falshin: "To the might of a real God!!!"

The fire was large enough to bring darkness even to the beautiful moonlit night, eclipsing the white light in pure blackness, and so too would all things become tinted and tainted in black, as the final petals fell from the leaves of the trees...

Insanity: "Submit."

His appendages reared back and threw this great fire down at the lowly Khrona, to burn he and this entire beautiful realm to nothing but ash; ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Back to the pit of insanity whence they were born. Into Falshin's stomach.

Khrona: 'Oh no... I should have known that this would have been ineffective...'

Maintaining some sort of calmness within himself, the Absolute Terrain held strong for the first few devastating blows of those flames, however after a great deal of them were volleyed and crashed into his protective chambers, it would begin to crack.


A thin black line slithered down the surface of the once completely clear barrier, like a twisted snake of lightning splitting off into the multiple heads of the fearsome Hydra. It was going to give soon.

Khrona: 'I'm not pretending... Why does he think I'm pretending...? Maybe he sees something I don't... He is part of my soul, after all...'

The once collected Khrona started to fail in his meditation, his body slowly lowering and dragging across the ground. All the while, more and more dark fires blasted away at the barrier, and the crack only grow bigger and wider; the noise of it growing louder and louder in Khrona's head.

Khrona: 'The sound of glass shattering... Vision going white... Or black...? Is this what it's like... To have your mind broken'

It wouldn't hold out much longer...

Khrona: '... Am I really just... A copy? A thief?'

At that very moment, the last shot of the seemingly endless barrage of fire shattered the barrier to bits, burning it all away to nothingness and exposing Khrona's lifeless body, halted in its own thought. There was no motion, no action... Only the somber and heady feeling of failure radiating from his head. This barrier was not of his own creation... He realized that now.

Khrona: '... It isn't... My own... Technique...'

To think that he had actually stolen something like that from somewhere else brought him shame... Sadness. Infinite darkness. His mind grew black in its normally completely conscious sight, and the last thing it would see was the huge ball of black fire consuming everything in utter darkness...

Insanity: "FWOOM!!!"

... All up in flames in an instant...

...Or, so it seemed.

Out Of The Dark of the all consuming evil black fires would there be two gleaming sanguine lights that pierced the darkness and brought what seemed to be a devilish light upon the land... Followed by a smile so wide it touched each eye from point to point. The flames parted around this malicious light, and the burning silhouette that was revealed only refracted the flames; not to be touched by them in the slightest.

Khrona: "... Oh, Falshin... You must have forgotten who I am..."

He woke up.

Khrona: "... Were you so careless as to look into these eyes? MY eyes?"

Before Khrona went to sleep, the two of them exchanged stares to each other, in which Falshin fell prey to the First Restriction's form of Hyper Perception; the 'Hyper Inception'.

Khrona: "You know the ONE thing that you never do when I'm in this form?"

He giggled, snickered... Holding back that Insanity as best he could through the only means he knew how; laughter. Laughter at how God-fucking-damn funny it was. How hilarious it was to think that something so weak would have even been attempted to use on Khrona.

There was only another bright red glint from his eyes, and he would be there, looming over Falshin with bright red eyes glaring dead center into his, and down into the very pit of his soul of Insanity, body barely stable... Shaking... Shaking violently. He was holding back all of it, focusing it all in a glare and a smile... Only letting those slight snickers and laughs out for what he just could not contain within him.

Khrona: "I didn't FORGET, FALSHIN. I just have MORE CONTROL NOW."

These eyes... These eyes were going to bury Falshin in the ground. To suffocate him and his flames with the terrifying glare of pure, utter, unbridled Insanity.

Khrona: "I just don't have a REASON to do this... Unless it's to look at your DISGUSTING face. So, are you AFRAID?!?! TERRIFIED!?!?"

Eyes appeared from all around, parting the skies and looming over Khrona himself; smothering the flames with just the weight of their unholy stare. Crush... Crush... Crush... CRUSH!!!

Falshin did not flinch after seeing those eyes come from the darkness. In fact, he was all but overjoyed at the fact, and he knew that his victory had been assured. He stayed silent, allowing this monstrous sin to stare him dead in the face; crushing him with the very weight of his stared. It almost broke his back, forcing him and the flames all the way to the ground, and even below... But nothing could wipe that smug smile off his face.

Falshin: "Of course I am afraid of you... You're terrifying. Don't you see? Everyone feels the same about you. Including your own self. Glad to see you haven't forgotten yourself, Lord Of Terror."

He was shaking... Quaking, even, in the pure and utter dreaded terror that pressed down on him from up above.

Falshin: "You're an oppressor. You say you have such control... But look at how you handle the things you hate. Is that The Beast talking? HahahahahaHAHAHAHA!!!"

Those words barely escaped his chattering teeth, but they managed, somehow. Even if he had fallen prey to the likes of the 'Hyper Inception', it was doing nothing now but draining Khrona of his own power... He was awake in a form where his practice was to be asleep. Such failure made Falshin cry out in a horrifyingly terrified splendor!!!

Insanity: "YOU CAN'T CONTROL YOURSELF, KHRONA!!! JUST LOOK AT YOU!!! We haven't even gotten that far in, and you're already letting it get to you! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! You'd let me win so easily!?"

With that, Falshin forced his slender, decrepit body up from the ground, slamming his head directly into the face of Khrona. His eyes could not focus, and Insanity seemed to run rampant coursing through his veins. He drew it out of Khrona and into himself, now growing in strength...

Insanity: "Don't you see...? You are still so blind..."

Now, their stares were on equal levels, and they were literally head to head; eye to eye.

Falshin: "Look at yourself... Go back to sleep. This is no place for children with a bed time... It'll haunt you even in your dreams."

Their smiles even matched; tooth for tooth, yet Khrona's seemed much more sharp and pointy in comparison to the gritty teeth of Falshin.

Insanity: "... Face it... You cannot defeat. Face reality... That is your forte, isn't it? You'll fall to your own Insanity... Just like me. Down the path of the Buddha, I fell... At the end of the Path you seek, there is no light... ONLY DARKNESS!!! INSANITY!!!"

One maniacal laugh, synchronized with one of Khrona's giggles of Insanity, unleashed Falshin's long, spiraling tongue and aimed directly at Khrona's head -- tensed up beyond the hardness of metal.

Insanity: "DIE!!!"

An attack directly at his brain in this form... Would kill him instantly.

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PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall EmptyWed Jun 24, 2020 8:19 pm

It was true. Everything Falshin was saying was completely true. Khrona had heard these things before, actually... From a number of people, in fact. He heard it so much, he was starting to believe it himself.

Khrona: "... Wh... What?"

Darkness... Darkness... Khrona knew of it all too well. Was it so strong on him that he could no longer pull himself out of it and into the light? He was trapped here forever, destined to become a Falshin the same as Falshin... His eyes started to close now, and he would start to fall back into his deep, meditative slumber.

Khrona: 'I am not... Worthy of this...'

As his eyes shut, the he saw only the tongue extend from Falshin's mouth, pointed directly at Khrona's head. Maybe he had given up, or maybe Falshin's will was just more powerful, but at that moment, the blast shot directly into Khrona's face, and a loud cracking sound echoed throughout the burnt sakura garden. It was Khrona's face; rather, his mask, breaking at the final shot. Disheartened Khrona flew back with great force, skidding across the ground, pulling off the 'essence' of this reality with the crack of his mask. It would all return to crystal, as it once was before.

Khrona: "..."

He had nothing to say. Already, he was defeated, and his first mask was broken... Falshin literally destroyed the First Restriction.

Silently awakening from slumber, Khrona immediately manifested the second Geist into his hand; 'Spectre' the 'Poltergeist'. It was the Second Restriction, that of the Soul. Even if his mind was broken, his spirit was still hot to trot. He set the rather ghastly looking mask upon his morose face, and from it spewed a surplus of blackness that tightened itself around his skin, sprouting also a long and tattered black hooded cape. This was his form as the Essence of the Dusk itself; Kamitamashii, The Phantom.

Khrona: "You've got some nerve thinking it was over so soon. Heh. If you wanna beat the great and powerful Khrona, you've gotta do more than just crush his mind. Gotta crush his spirit, too."

Adjusting his gloves to a perfect fit, he clenched both his fists and smiled big and wide. Around him, the scenery changed to that of an old and abandoned Amusement Park, with the two of them in front of a giant Carousel.

Khrona: "I'm gonna take you for a ride, spunky. Hahaha!"

Seems like Khrona's soul had more flavor than his mind. Though... How would his soul fare fighting against his own soul? Only one way to find out.

Still, Falshin's gross smile did not falter. He could laugh silently at Khrona, who was all but pathetic at this point. Retracting his tongue back down into the bowels of himself, he simply stared at him off in the distance.

Falshin: "... Aw. That must have hurt. Did it hurt your head, or hurt your feelings? You must remember not to get caught in those distractions."

The scenery shifted around him, but it made no difference where they were or what the scenery was; it was all going to end the same.

Falshin: "Without the security of your already feeble mind, what good do you think your soul will do against one who is so far ahead of you? I'm on a wavelength that you cannot even comprehend. You cannot see the whole picture. You are limited in your sight. There is only clarity in my eyes. Don't you understand yet, you babe?"

Yes, it was true... Falshin's sight was beyond sight itself, something that no mere 'Spiritual Perception' could be on par with. He saw everything about Khrona's own 'soul', and despite how 'godly' his soul and wavelength were, they still paled in comparison to a true great one.

Falshin: "You would want to ride the only attraction that goes in circles..."

Khrona: "Oh Falshin..."

Echoing throughout the mass that was a being from above; something that spoke through the clouds and into the calamity below. His wavelength was resonating with everything that made up the length of his most powerful Kamitamashii, consuming the planet in its immensity.

Khrona: "You're gonna have to fight like I'm the Final Boss or something. Final Boss."

Khrona may be looking himself in the face, but Falshin was looking right back in the same mirror. He was going to keep fighting him and keep breaking him down, until the Insanity was simply no more.

Khrona: "I don't think you fully grasped the concept of you fighting me. It means one of us is going to give up their soul to another. And I'm not going to turn into an ugly crazy Falshin motherfucker."

It wasn't about trying to take Khrona's soul at this point... It was about trying to surpass his limit. If they both looked into the mirror and saw themselves; one of them was lying to the other. But, they were both the truth until one was defeated. So, the truth of the matter is that... Khrona was not going to lose to Insanity.

Khrona: "Do you still want to continue down this path? Demon God?"

Insanity: 'That's right. This is God's Demon Form.'

That voice echoed from all around; was it really Khrona talking to him, or just another one of his illusions of grandeur?

Falshin: "You're already lost. You hide behind the size and power only so the truth does not come out; you have no skill. None whatsoever. That 'echoing voice from up above...' You think I would be ignorant enough to not perceive that as your soul?"

It was already a failed attempt. He was deluded by his own massiveness, forgetting that Asura was, not only on the same level, but had already done this.

Falshin: "There is no sense talking to you. You're an idiot for even trying this."

In Falshin's eyes, it was high time to take the 'mighty and powerful' Khrona down a peg where he belongs, before he continued to make a huge ass of himself.

Falshin: "And to top it all off, you aren't even trying."

Khrona: 'Disappointing.'

Two black holes glared maliciously at Falshin, desperately holding back a devastating creature behind that ghost-like second face of his. The Phantom smirked, slightly enough to show that he was aware that Falshin was talking, but not large enough to a point of expressing actual care for the situation at hand. Creaking eerily in the distance behind the Falshin, the Carousel's only and rusted gears came to a turn, slowly starting up the ancient machine. Atop one of the horses, whose face was worn out from centuries of erosion, sat the good spectre himself, a nonchalant yet piercing stare shooting at the laughable Demon God before him.

Khrona: "Man, I really did think you wanted to have some fun for a little while. Looks like you've lost your fighting spirit, Falshin."

Didn't really matter to him. Again, Khrona was just trying to get the the Eighth as fast as he could, so that he and the other parts of the Three Peaces could be together as one, without Insanity trying to creep its way up.

Khrona: "Now I'm just gonna kill you. Soul Resonance."

Without so much as skipping a beat, the Carousel's tune weakly cried out in accord with Khrona's soul. In fact, all of the things in this theme park started to rise from their rusted grave sites and up into prosperity at Khrona's command. He was resonating with everything that was within realm of his wavelength all at once; and this covered the entire planet. He figured, this should be enough power to absolutely kill the Falshin for good, since he was so eager to die.

Khrona: "Soul Null."

Only a snap of the fingers forced the great power drawn in from the Resonance all into focus on one, tiny, minuscule being. A stormy eye broke the shadowy clouds in the sky, and shone down a light from the stars so pure and bright that it absolutely nulled out all that it gazed at in a simple flashblink of light... Like a laser, of sorts. Falshin was literally erased from the sight of Khrona's soul.

Khrona: "What's that they say...? Out of my sight? Out of my mind?"

It was a shame, really. Khrona wanted to have more fun with him, too.

Staring into the black holes that stared right back at him, Falshin hailed this moment Khrona so foolishly bestowed upon him. As he said before, this was a battle he could not win, especially not with that sort of effort.

Falshin: "Khrona... It almost saddens me to see you do this. I hope you know that sitting there in the dark, much like you, I had the chance to think about a lot of things, including the nature of the world itself."

Looking on at the eye up above with the audacity to stare in the face what it was coming down upon him, his great, large smile shortened to a perturbed frown. Wide eyes shrunken by the lowering of his lids, this did not seem to impress him. Not at all.

Falshin: "And after lengthy consideration, I realized something; when all is said and done this world is a unknowable place."

It was at that moment his wavelength expanded around him, forcing back that light with so much sheer and utter insanity, it resonated with the essence of the beam bearing down on him. On the same vibration, on the same wavelength, the Insanity only found a way to match the power of the great Kamitamashii.

Falshin: "On the surface, all appears rational, orderly. But what lies beyond that thin veneer of reason? Stability and reality?"

Eventually, that 'light' became just as red as Falshin's tainted soul, spreading out and over everything Khrona once commanded. It was at that moment that nothing was harmonic, and all things fell to utter vehemence.

Falshin: "Or chaos and madness?"

The Carousel swirled out of control, the Ferris Wheel wheel spun about in a maddening 'rage,' and the coasters nearby flew off their tracks and into the air like evil serpents protecting the skies.

Falshin: "What are we really made of in the end? Is there truly any meaning to the lives we lead? Or are we nothing more than hollow vessels?"

The beam still insisting upon wiping the Falshin from the earth completely reddened now, right back up to the star in the back of the eye's gaze, allowing blood to spill from the opening and close the hole. Red sea merging with the clouds, it converted to red rain passing its showers across the land and staining the ground with blood.

Falshin: "These are questions we can never answer, because we cannot hope to see beyond the world's fragile layer of skin. So we live our lives filled with uncertainty, never knowing who or what we truly are or what the future will bring, all we can do is imagine."

If he didn't realize it now, then he was never going to understand. There was no absolute here; there was only an infinite that one has no control over. Thus, that eye that cried tears of blood that brought unerring sadness and pain to the soil, it would split into three; three terrifying, horrifying eyes that gazed down at Khrona and showed him the fruits of his labor.

Falshin: "Life becomes an unsolvable mystery with any number of twists and turns awaiting us."

His smile returned, though much more composed than before. It seemed like the Falshin was happy to regain control over the situation, and now Khrona was the tiny, minuscule creature being looked down upon by the three great eyes of his own true soul.

Falshin: "And that's enough to fill any soul with terror!"

'In a simple flashblink of light', the eyes weighed heavy their gaze on Khrona, crushing his body with their overbearing presence. At the backs of each of their abysmal, pulsating pupils came an energy drawn from the wavelength of the cosmos, focused into three separate red beams harboring the intent to erase Khrona and all that he was, and return him to the insanity whence he came; to become with Falshin and the natural order once more.

Khrona: "... Oh. ... ... What?"

Perhaps Khrona spoke too soon in all of this. Falshin's speech... It spoke to him. As though he had endured that same pain, as well... The pain of having to wonder like that; about everything that went on, and what it was that would be the outcome. It was that which made Khrona look up to the sky, and see that divine eye looking down split into three. Three eyes harboring equal power to the one that just gazed down at Falshin.

Khrona: "... A... Amazing..."

He was terrified by that kind of power, that type of capability. In a moment, Falshin could take control of so much that took Khrona this long to even be able to understand?! What was this... This monster...?!

It wasn't long before those eyes stared back at him, and made his soul quiver. The radius of his control was gone. Everything except the space that the eyes did not invade had been instantaneously commandeered by this... This... Madness! His only hope was to hop off of the Carousel and onto the ground, as even the machinery lost control. Was this a testament to Khrona's own lack of control? Was the Falshin... The equivalent to that?

Khrona: "Fine, Falshin. I really didn't think there was a way for you to get out of that one... But I guess I underestimated you. But don't think you won't be doing the same for me. Heh heh..."

Khrona may have been terrified, but all he had to remember was that this was his own power. Falshin was nothing but Insanity itself, trying to take over Khrona like it did that physical remnant before him. He couldn't falter now... No matter what. He just needed to take back the power and control that was rightfully his own, and not the Insanity's.

Though it seemed all too late for him, as the flash of the three eyes bore a vaporizing red gleam made to wipe away Khrona thrice the power used to 'nullify' Falshin's being. There was only one thing he could do at this point and, though it was a long shot, it was what was necessary to get back on even terms with his oppressor.

Khrona: "Hyper Reflection."

In the back of those two black holes, there was a flash of red; a flash of red bright enough to match the power of the converging beams all in such close proximity. The resulting conflict between both powers neutralized them both, but not before a climactic and consumptive explosion spread dust and debris clear across the mad circus. The silhouette of The Phantom still remained in the cloud of smoke, but it had indeed taken quite the toll on his very being.

*Pant... Pant...*

Khrona: "There, Falshin..."

*Pant... Pant...*

Khrona: "Evened the playing field..."

*Pant... Pant...*

When the smoke cleared, the ripped and torn clothing that once covered the Phantom's essence showed through, revealing nothing but surging wavelength inside. The accumulation of all such wavelength created the physical form that was this being, and now the presence of his soul matched Falshin's. The sky on his side was filled with serenity, whilst on the other side, chaos continued to rage on in the dark clouds.

Khrona: "... I'm not just gonna... Give up. If you want this soul, you're working for it."

Yeah, sure, he was saying it through his tired teeth, but at least he wasn't lying. Both their overall presences here were nulled out by each other, yet at the same time, they were both in control of what went on around them. The two men that controlled everything except the other. Such is the effect of a fight between two like them.

Khrona cracked his knuckled and cricked his neck, bouncing around a bit. If they couldn't overpower each other, they had to fight on the same level, and on the same level, blow for blow, Falshin just wouldn't be able to keep up.

Khrona: "Catch a good look of me now, cuz you won't be seeing me again... I have to repay you for making me use up so much of my power so soon... With, ya know, death."

He snickered... Even in the heat of despair and infinite possibility, he was heated and ready to go. Perhaps, it was a matter of not understanding all the possibilities, but picking one and working toward it. In the end, it would become, as long as enough energy is given to it.

A balance of the universe...

So, they stood now, eye to eye and matched in power. Neither of them had more control than the other, and the two stood as equals. This meant that the only thing left to do was find out who was the most prepared. Khrona thought that Falshin was the one who lacked control, but in actuality, it was him. Falshin looked to this whelp with the same disgust he looked at him with, yet with a different intention and a different purpose. As Khrona saw this being as one of horror and evil, Falshin saw Khrona as one of no control, of ignorance and of fraudulence.

Falshin: "... At least you're starting to understand... That I am at the end of your path..."

He shook his head, letting their souls battle it out above as their bodies would fight below on this plane. The flying serpentine coasters fell to the ground as the rest of the attractions returned to silence. With a deep and exasperated sigh, he aligned his chakras and centered his soul, gazing at Khrona's eyes through the blackness of his mask.

Falshin: "Do you know why you hide your face, boy? It's because under it, you don't even know what you look like. You have no form. You are far more disgusting than I am; something definite. Something real. That is why you are the fake here. You will come to understand a lot about yourself in your endeavors with me... I only hope your weak and feeble existence is able to endure it. Once you find out the truth... You will cease to exist."

His hands took their positions in his most ancient Mudra, 'Anjali'; the 'Seal Of Benediction'.

Falshin: "You've already gone so far down... Without even knowing what you've gotten yourself into. You want to know the truth of your faith? It is right before you."

Eyes closing and head bowing, as if in prayer, two very large ancient runes drew themselves in the atmosphere around him, taking the form of vertical eyes drawing in the energy from around him just as before. From the pupils, those same piercing red beams burst out and toward Khrona, filled with such insanity it seemed as though the beams screamed in pain trying to keep it all focused into one single beam. It had all the strength to blast Khrona just as before, only this time, as they were in utter equivalence, if he were to take this hit, Hyper Reflection would be more than useless, save for draining himself.

Falshin: "Do you even know the Mudra? The Seals? How to regulate your chakras? How to center yourself? I am APPALLED at how you could even get this far! How can you be where you are with absolutely no training? You disgust me."

These eyes would follow Khrona wherever he may go, and also the beams, which would erase everything in their all powerful gaze.

Insanity: "Out of MY SIGHT!!!"

Things were intensifying rather quickly... Not only could it be seen that Falshin was no longer simply mocking Khrona in his effort, but he was starting to say something that was more than just blatant negativity. There was truth in his words, even if Khrona didn't see all of it. He could not decipher just what was true and what he could let go, but there was something... Better figure it out before it gets to him again. That Insanity.

Khrona: "You're Insane. That's something I've gotta get under control, and that's all I care about. Maybe you're the one that doesn't understand... You might have been right at the end of your path, yet you decided to turn away from its teachings in your own misunderstanding. Because of your own Fear. That's when the Insanity consumed you!"

Fear... And Insanity... Those two things made up Khrona's soul for a long time... Falshin was the other half, the product of it all and... This is what they became? At the end, were these things still eating away at him?

Khrona:"... Mudra...? I don't have any idea what those are... Those hand sign dealies?"

Sorta like those Hand Signs the shinobi used... Interesting. There were one hundred eight of them, he knew. How? How did this knowledge come to be within him? Was it being siphoned from Falshin himself, and all that he knew? Or were missing fragments of Khrona's memories piecing themselves together as he saw things that made sense? That triggered something within his soul...

Khrona: "One hundred eight... Falshin, haven't you realized that in your endeavors, you went down the WRONG path! One hundred eight is the Master Number of this reality!! As there are one hundred eight Mudra, there are also one hundred eight possible feelings that correspond with them, all of which require balance... One hundred eight Earthly Desires that need to be cleansed, lest you fall off the path!"

Falshin was right about one thing; Khrona was beginning to understand. It was about this time that the runes were drawn in the air, and the piercing red eyes. In a flickering blink, it seemed as though Khrona had been vaporized right on the spot, the remains of black matter whispering away with the scream of the twin gazes.

On the motionless Carousel, however, that black material flickered back to the form of The Phantom, who gathered that the eyes were following him and wiping out everything in the process.

Khrona: "Dammit, Falshin... Does everything have to be destroyed...?"

Maybe this is what Khrona would become if he fell off the path... If he failed, like Falshin did. It wasn't about who was going to win; it was about whose influence was greater. Who was more disciplined. Who believed more what they said to be true.

Khrona: "Tch... I just never needed to use those damn signs before, it came natura-- SHIT!!"

Looks like he was talking too much. The beams were coming his way, disintegrating everything as they led up to the Carousel. His wavelength crackled like lightning in his hand, surging through the great old machine as he touched it to power it up, turning those rusted gears just one more time. Standing atop one of the horses, he pushed off the platform with his foot and kicked the machine into high gear, letting his wavelength take full control. In a few moments it gained enough speed for him to take aim at Falshin and let the momentum shoot The Phantom toward him like a bolt of lightning, straight between the eyes and the beams that came from them... Right into the face of the Falshin.

His hand was extended, in the position of a finger ready to flick something. Atop his forehead, right at his Third Eye, The Phantom would let go to flick Falshin clear across the way with a powerful 'Soul Destruction' blast at the tip of his finger.

Khrona: "Think, Falshin. You must be forgetting some things! Your mind must be clouded by your own fear! I know there are many things you know that I don't, but there are lots of things you're forgetting that are very important for completion! Just think a little bit, wouldja!?"

Hopefully that would knock some sense into him so they could stop this fighting... And he could just submit to Khrona.

A black bolt shot straight between the two vicious beams that ravaged the amusement park, and before the eyes of Falshin was the apparition that made up this unholy energy... The face of The Phantom.

A single flick of the finger sent his head arcing back, slamming square into the ground maximum impact. Yet, with his arched spine and hands still clasped together firmly, another wicked smile grew on his face.

Falshin: "Keheheh... You are the one that misunderstands. I already know this. I already endured this. Only a fool would think that there is light at the end of the tunnel. There are only more paths open to fear for!! The more you understand, the more you know, the larger your FEAR becomes of how much you REALLY take effect on everything!!"

Creeping up from below, he slowly slithered back to an upright position to stare the Phantom in the face. His sleek, white, smooth second face. Deep into the pit of despair, those three vertical eyes did stare, and the mark of the Falshin imprinted itself in that darkness... That mask would be destroyed here.

Falshin: "You are not paying attention to detail!! To fight someone who has mastered wavelength with a wavelength... Why, that's the most absurd thing! I can match you in every way imaginable. If you were smart, you would have realized this by now... But I guess I did get a little bit in your head last time, and broke your brain!! Kahahaha!!"

He forced the pressures of insanity onto the soul again, revealing to Khrona the light that he so desperately searched for.

Falshin: "I am trying to warn you... For your own good! I know of the Master Number! I know of the one hundred eight! I know all of this up and down, studying for countless years along your ancestor when he was the Shinigami! Did you REALLY think I was as FRESH as you!? YOU must be insane here!!!"

With the Phantom trapped there by the weight of his own soul binding him in place, Falshin raised his clasped hands to the air and breathed in deeply once again. Crimson lightning flashed and struck down upon his fingertips, which would control the wavelength with such precision and mastery it would seem to be a bladed weapon in his grasp.

Falshin: "Face facts. I am the one who knows what I am talking about. You are the child. You are the one that misunderstands. You are the fool who blindly walks down the same road I once did. I look at you... And I see myself when I was as fresh as you are now!!! And in this time, I intend to stop myself from ever going down this road by eliminating the possibility here and now!"

He swung. With the sound of the painful thunderclap, he swung with the wrath of the gods; the power of all the combined Falshins that he was, simply to strike down Khrona here and now.

Falshin: "Accept your fate for once..."

Trapped, once again.

In a pool of Insanity not unlike ones he fell into before; vast and black, filled with a hopeless infinitum that held what seemed to be an eternity of pain and suffering. Another loop filled with the same old inequities that plagued him before... Again and again, he would fall into this loop.

*Crk... Crkkrk...*

Yet, again and again...


He would prevail.


Pieces of his white face fell to the loathsome ground below, fading back to nothing from whence they came and into the Insanity.


Somehow, the boy's crushed face and mirrored heart, hopes and dreams falling and fading away did not stop him from advancing; from leaving the bottomless hole of hopeless Insanity. The Darkness.

Khrona: "Gh... The only reason you're even where you are... Is because you gave up."

Smitten by the charge of pure crimson lightning coursing through him and shattering his Second Form, Khrona fell to the ground once again, which had taken its original crystalline form after his mask was blown away.

Khrona: "... For me, you are my end... The end to this nightmare... This constant battle... This eternal struggle... This neverending loop... You are the end of it. I can finally see the end of the YEARS of incredible Insanity I've endured... And even if I haven't harbored it for centuries like you have... I've been FIGHTING it for as LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER!!!"

His fist pounded into the ground, shooting himself up to his feet with the utmost vim and vigor, as if he hadn't just been struck down by Asura in all his might. Opening his fist, a swirling mass of energy took shape to his Third Restriction; 'Genogeist' the 'Doctor'.

Khrona: "The difference between you and I is that you got as far as you did and you GAVE. UP. That's what's driving ME insane... The fact that YOU GIVE UP SO DAMN EASILY!!!"

Screaming at the top of his lungs with the utmost conviction, a different sort of 'Insanity' brewed within Khrona now... Something he hadn't called for in a very, very, VERY long time... Not since the Reality, in fact... Innocence.

Khrona: "And it's driving me absolutely FUCKING INSANE to see you like this!!! You couldn't just get it through your thick little stubborn head!"

Yes, the Innocence... The silent wavelength that worked in the background to help Khrona keep himself stabilized from time to time. Khrona's brother and his wife were the ones to help him realize this one, and if it weren't for the good old 'Chill Pill' he got from his brother way back when, this energy would have died out a long time ago.


This mask was made to channel that Innocence and surge it through the veins of a Khrona known to very few; one of complete and utter soundness of mind. He remembered that, the 'Full Sanity'. It was a required stage of his life so that he could learn how to manipulate the Innocence with the same proficiency as Insanity, and now was the time to show what he learned.

He firmly affixed this mask to his face, allowing his body to take shape to a Khrona more familiar to the Late Reality and Early Dusk; something he called nowadays 'Dr. K', or 'Dr. Lightning'.

Khrona: "Hmhmhm... Much, MUCH better..."

The pieces of his broken mind and fractured soul joined together as one in sacred harmony with his body, allowing it to be the 'glue' that held them together along with the Innocence. A face like this, he hadn't taken on since... Well... That 'Modern Epic' between himself, his brother, and the Demon King when he discovered his many different transcendent forms.

Khrona: "I hope you haven't forgotten what this face looks like, Falshin... Because if you were around when I used it... You would have been destroyed by now. Hm... Wait... Weren't you, back then? Your first death, I mean?"

He laughed that loathsome laugh of the Tensei... Right in Falshin's dirty face.

Khrona: "Do me the honors of setting the stage for me, hm? Perhaps a throwback to fit the times, eh?"

It did seem to be that day. The Day of Memories.

Black Friday (Theme)

Pandora's Box (Theme)

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall EmptyThu Jun 25, 2020 3:05 pm

After watching his face fall to the floor, a smile of the utmost happiness and splendor plastered itself on the slender, pale face of the Demon God, followed after by a familiar snicker of Insanity.

Falshin: "Keheheheh... You've finally fallen, Khrona? Even with a soul to match mine, the Insanity has finally pounded itself into your brain? This is something you CANNOT overcome. Something that CANNOT be changed. It is by order of Nature itself that-- ... Hmm!?!?"

... Still, he arose. After being crushed TWICE by not heeding the words of chaos, he STILL chose to get back up? And with what words of utter audacity?! That Falshin was the one who was in the wrong here? That he was the one that had given up?

Falshin: "You're just a boy who refuses to see the truth! Stop creating your own reality and accept what is!!"

Though, there was something protecting him. Something in his soul that kept him from being battered to pieces by the overwhelming power. Something that allowed him to stand back up even after drowning in the pit of despair. Innocence? In THIS being? No. Falshin would have easily sensed it. Not that it mattered, anyway...



But there was something...

Unsettling about it...

Falshin: "... I gave up?!"

Suddenly, his words were meek. Fleeting, even. Retreating back to his once loud and obnoxious mouth and deep into his stomach where his former partner resided.

Falshin: "... Well, I..."

Teeth chattering, knees shaking, this overwhelming will to go on terrified Falshin more than the Insanity did... This boy just wasn't going to give up.

But. Even Falshin's will to break him down was strong enough to survive, even amongst his own fears. In fact, his own fear of Khrona is what drove him further to want to destroy him... He always destroyed whatever scared him.

Falshin: "No, you're wrong... You just can't accept it, just like I said. If you won't save yourself the trouble by heeding my words, then I'll just break down that Innocence, too! And when I do, then you'll see what I said was absolutely correct!"

Throwing his hands out to the side, the atmosphere shifted yet again, though to a more subtle and ambient place. Under the twinkling stars of twilight, with the glittering lights of the cityscape matching the starlight up above down below and each skyscraper at a humble peace on a seldom heard quiet city night.

The two were atop one of the smaller buildings meant for the leisure of loitering and taking in the beauty that was this magnificent urban wonder.

A velvet wind blew through his black hair drooping over his lackluster gaze, almost as if his spirits were being trampled on by the very presence of Khrona's being there.

Falshin: "... You're just speaking madness now... You're crazy, Khrona..."

Such beauty... Such charisma... Such serenity... This place was created in perfect harmony and splendor... It was a wonder to Khrona how a being so foul could create something so magnificent. Maybe because all he saw was how ugly it was in his thirst to tear it down. Maybe all he wanted to do was destroy the most beautiful things. He hoped that wasn't it... It would be a sad thing, in actuality.

Khrona: "Falshin... Look at this world around you. The one you created of your own mind... This cannot possibly just be a battlefield to you. A place meant for only destruction... Is it?"

If it was true, he would have to feel sorry for Falshin and himself. To know that he was so far gone that he couldn't even tell what Peace was anymore.

Khrona: "The way I see it... You're nothing but a fallen angel. Once of high power and esteem, but fallen from grace, be it by choice or not. You may remember the power you obtained from your teachings and have all the knowledge, but did you really obtain the wisdom? The pure understanding of each lesson learned? Did you ever learn your lesson?"

Somehow, Khrona felt that it was no use talking to Falshin here anymore. Gazing up at the glorious constellations and all their spectacular light, he closed his eyes and breathed in deep the air of the silent ether, as if drinking from the cosmos itself, and he smiled slightly. His eyes calmly opened to about a half point simply to stare at Falshin with their piercing red gleam, letting the summer wind blow through his black tattered jacket. This form... Was one of his favorites, he had to admit. It was the most familiar to him.

Khrona: "Come now, Falshin. Let's work this out like gentlemen, hm?"

This was how he got through this Insanity before... With utter serenity amongst the turmoil...

Khrona: "You know what they say; A sound soul resides in a sound body with a sound mind. Hahahaha."

Khrona's mind, body ,and soul all working as one... This was his favorite form because this is the only time all three were in perfect accord amongst their formerly chaotic imbalance between each other. Now... He could think clearly and enjoy the eerie calm... Or the utter calamity around him. 'Heed the Chaos, and then drown it out...' Water is his element for a reason...

There was nothing left to listen to, for Khrona's words were nothing but madness now. Nothing left to heed or to recognize. Only to absolutely ignore.

Falshin: "... You're a fool. These material structures are nothing of pure beauty. Listen to yourself, speaking this madness. How could an ignorant child know anything of true beauty? It does not exist on this filthy plane. Why do you not understand this by now? How many times must we go through this?"

Sullen eyes lain on the picture perfect beauty surrounding him, all he wanted to do was bring it to ruin.

Falshin: "... My Insanity is inexhaustible, you know. Infinite. Godly. There is no way for you to even hope to defeat me. I am undefeatable. I cannot fathom why you would still try, but I will eliminate anything that wishes to get rid of me. It's... Scary. If everyone and everything wishes to disrupt my presence, then erase them. You don't understand. You can never hope to contain the Insanity... It exists within all things. To place that burden upon yourself... Is pure madness."

The fact that Falshin was even still trying to reason with a madman... Pure madness. There is no reason to reason with an insane person; only to kill them.

Falshin: "I will show you how scary this Death we know is..."

Yet, he didn't move. He looked at Khrona and almost felt like he couldn't, or shouldn't move. Fear? Insanity? Likely.

So he'd stay right where he was and fall silent.


Khrona: "Now I get it. You're just afraid. Of Death."

That was all the information Khrona needed here from Falshin's ramblings. It was made all too clear here. Death was something he did not know, and he was afraid of what he didn't know. Afraid of anything that could kill him. So he thirsted for power; the power to become immortal. To never be defeated by any being. To never die. This overwhelming, eternal fear of anything and everything that would lead to his death was his own driving force, as opposed to Khrona, whose driving force was to constantly better himself for himself and those he cared about. Khrona wasn't afraid to die. Maybe that's something else that made him so insane..

Absolutely No Fear.

Khrona: "If you're already scared now, you're not gonna like my forms after this... Remember this; for you, this is the final Fear you have to overcome. Me. I'm your Final Boss. So treat me like one. Oh, and guess what? I have Thirteen Forms you have to defeat. You're only at Level Three."

Something he yearned to do with all his very being was to unleash those monstrous, massive, menacing black wings from their confines once more, letting their very presence bring about terror to his adversaries. It felt sooo gooood to give them a stretch after so long of them being contained... Confined... Hidden. They hadn't turned to Crystal yet, but he always enjoyed their foreboding allure in this form.

Khrona: "Yes~!... Ooohohooo YES~!!"

Though grim and intimidating, these were the black wings of an angel unfallen. Towering over every building and over the entire city, their void-like darkness encompassed all that this was. As they spread, the powerful galeforce winds normally able to level this entire city simply with their awakening only caused the winds to navigate to and fro through each crevice of the city's limits. He seemed to have enough control not to let his wings destroy everything in their wake again just by opening and moving slightly, as they used to before. Having this type of control was... Just fucking great.

Khrona: "Finally realized that trying to talk to me is useless, I see. Good. Many people have to find it out the hard way... When my mind's set on something, there is no talking to me. No convincing me. Only I can do that, and even I have trouble getting that task accomplished. Hmhmhm..."

Hell, he was just like his old self now. Boy, did he miss these marvelous wings of his... Something that made a Tensei who they were beyond their powers were their wings.

Either way, Falshin was prepared for a fight, yet unwilling to make the first move. Naturally, Khrona didn't mind at all. In fact, he was ecstatic to simply have the chance of wailing away at Falshin, as he thought it was just so much fun to do to Khrona in his last two forms.

All he had to do was stiffen his wings, and the very tension of these draconic spectacles unleashed a force so mighty, tornados stilled their movement to make way for such a great power... And all such intensity of this wind was focused only on Falshin, with all the intention of crush him to literal dust, pulverizing him on the spot. And yet, not harming the building in the slightest. It was all on Falshin.

Falshin: "Afr-r-aid...? Of... D-Death...?!"

Death was scary, indeed. Something unknown beyond the world of the physical; where one does not know for certain what happens to their own soul. To the souls of the one that they love. If memories continue on. If all that has been done here even means anything in the world beyond. Yes, it was a very scary though, this Death... And with the God of Death always looking him in the face for one thousand years, it was a fight he had to endure in solitude. Fighting Death tooth and nail.

Falshin: "... Madness... Only... Madness..."

A smile, not unlike the ones before. Wide, gross and ugly. He gulped. Was this smile simply a defensive mechanism to hide his fear? To tell himself to get over it? No, not at all. There was no way that he could die! Never! Never ever! He was the most powerful being there ever was! Insanity lives on in everyone and everything; it is eternal and inexaustible! He could spawn from any and every creature again and again at the blink of an eye, and consume them easily. Such was the nature of Insanity. It was consumptive and unable to be controlled.

But if that was the case...

Then why was he so worried about Khrona?

Falshin: "Th-Th-Those... Wings..."

All eyes laid on those huge black wings that blotted out all source of light from the heavens... Like a roadblock between the world beyond and this one. Why? Why was he so afraid of someone he knew the Insanity would consume and control, especially if he took on the burden of drawing in ALL insanity into himself?! He surely could not control all of the insanity within everyone and everything, right? Was it all just thirst for power simply to allow himself to be the new undefeated God that none would ever hope to surpass?

... No. That wasn't it.

Falshin could see it plainly in his soul.

It was to make sure that Falshin never returned.

Falshin: "Wretched-- GUHHHHRRRGHHHKKKK-K-K..."

The weight... The sheer weight of it all, forced down upon his head as if holding the universe atop his shoulders... Why didn't the Insanity feel this heavy before?! Was it because Falshin really wasn't in control of it... The Insanity controlled him?! He was nothing more than a... A pawn...?

Khrona: "For every Sura, there is an Asura. You are a natural force of Chaos in constant battle with Devas. The one before you is a Deva on the verge of becoming even greater. A being from the life force itself, you are the culmination of all Asuras. As such, what do you think the being before you is...?"

It couldn't be. He wouldn't allow it. What was that voice? Was that the voice of the beyond...? Was he truly killing the Falshin once and for all?

Insanity: "NO!!!"

Under all that crushing force, a powerful rune formed between Falshin and this weight right before it crushed him to dust, forcing it back with all his might and ensuring his victory among death. He survived.


This conviction within him drove his Insanity further, allowing his rune to fend off the impressive force just enough for Falshin to bolt out of the way and off of the building's top and on to the next. There he stood, teeth grit and eyes so tense, they were starting to shake.

Falshin: "If it has to be that I must destroy you to get rid of this... Insatiable fear within me, then SO BE IT!!!"

His mouth opened unnaturally wide, and from the back, released a powerful and large beam of pure red energy... Still screaming with the concentration of Insanity within. In it lied the fears, anxiety, unending questions and power thirst that dwelled within Falshin... This... This... Everlasting pain of his, all directed at Khrona in this powerful blast.


The beam grew in size, in focus and in power, its blood red tint staining the darkened city with its crimson glow. It was almost like the city had been bathed in blood, this deep red was so luminous... Perhaps this was the extent of Falshin's pain. As one continues to ascend, the turmoil of repeating the same process in greater intensity only served to make or break those who endured. Falshin was, in common terms of this world...


Beyond repair.

Khrona: "Seems like you're falling behind now, Falshin. I've returned to the point I was at before I started this... 'Journey,' as people call it. And now I'm back to my old self again. Hmhmhm..."

A little sad to see his little rodent get away, Khrona's eyes followed him all the way to the next rooftop, where those 'questions' Khrona knew all too well were plaguing the rupturing mind of the mighty Falshin. All he could do at the matter was sit and chuckle to himself. It was funny, really... To watch him go through such...


Khrona: "Feels gooood, don't it, Falshin? The questions? The unknowing? The uncertainty? The sheer feeling that you could die at any moment? It's... Revitalizing, to say the least~."

It was clear; his shaking, that is. Rattled by it all, it shook every bone in his messed up body... And Khrona could see every last tooth vibrating under the pressure. He didn't move, though. He'd let Falshin have his own little... Time to himself. It was like the point in the anime where the main character had to figure out how to defeat the last and most powerful boss. For Falshin, that is. For Khrona, it was more like the main character waiting to destroy one of the free-roaming monsters in a video game or something.

Khrona: "But, I guess you simply can't handle it. We're on the physical plane and you've already cracked... Think about what you'd have to endure on the next plane of existence! Hmhmhm... The pressures of insanity are far beyond just here, and you're already broken beyond repair? At least I know how to fix myself. Though, I guess only one who really knows how to control the Insanity would know how to do something like that, hm?"

With wings still looming over the city, he decided it was time to stop being so cocky and bring his wings back down. He was simply having a little fun because he missed them oh, so much. A Tensei losing their wings is... Is... Well, unheard of!!

Khrona: "Oh well. I always tell everyone the same thing... No matter how far I go, I always know how to bring myself back. Hmhmhm~."

It was then that the huge red beam pierced through the night sky, and directly at Khrona's chest. Yet, he seemed to do absolutely nothing to avoid it, or even attempt to block it. The blast was simply neutralized as it touched his body; as if being dissected and broken down by an odd distortion around Khrona's body. It was almost like...

Khrona: 'Absorption~~!'

Khrona: "Oh, boy~! It's been TOO too long since I've been able to feel Absorption again~! Oh, happy daaaay~!"

His voice was as joyous and melodious as an angel's, chirping in the calamity as if it weren't even happening. Maybe Khrona was relishing in it... Falshin's instability. Khrona was finally starting to remember his true self, not the one that was forced on him by Falshin's insanity.

Khrona: "Remember my first form, when I was singing all perfect and stuff, and you kinda... Ya know... Threw my voice into discord and turned it into pure insanity? Yeah, this is what we call payback. Divine Retribution, I say. Hmhmhm."

Even as the beam grew larger and more powerful, all that happened was that the distortion around Khrona formed into electrical looking currents surging all through his body. He was instantaneously converting the Insanity into serenity via Innocence. The anxiety... Restlessness... It was all amounting to nothing but energy for Khrona. Yet, in the midst of all of Falshin's Insanity, Khrona's next words seemed to pierce through the screaming he enjoyed hearing so much... And those words were;

Khrona: "I just want to be complete."

Split right down the middle, the red beam was put out of its misery and was no more. The instantaneous surge of Anti-Insanity nulled every last bit of it, and shot that weapon of Falshin's straight back down his throat. Khrona smiled.

Khrona: "To be complete, so I can stop focusing on myself and use all that I am to help and protect those that I love. Those that I care for. The only reason I ever focus on myself is for my own stability, so that I may do for others in a sound and harmonious environment. So, when I am complete..."

His foot touched down on the surface of the rooftop and his wings shrunk down to a more suitable size for movement. Walking to the very edge, he stood atop the railing without fear of falling, nor of concern about Falshin and his next attack.

Khrona: "... I will be free. Free of these restrictions I've placed on myself. In utter control of myself. Without that control... I'm no good to anyone. And I'll just end up looking like you! AHAHAHA!!"

It was true. His final and Thirteenth Restriction was that of Control. And he'd do whatever it took to get there, within realm of reason for his own goals and accomplishments. So, with that, he took a step off the edge, fearing not for his life and letting his black dragon wings spread. For the first time since the Reality, he was going to use his wings to fly. That's what they were there for, and they needed a good stretch. He just had to remember that.

With his hands in his pockets and a rather uncaring disposition, he flew straight at Falshin with the intention to ram him with those wings... And by now, everyone should know the deadly strength of Khrona's wings. Hmhmhm...

Khrona: 'It's good to be back to my old self... Now I can actually do this process correctly. Thank you for making me do it over... The correct way. With love, Khrona T.'

Falshin: "W...Why...?"

Insanity: 'Because you're too weak.'

It was unbelievable how this being could resist the Insanity to even this point. On the physical plane, it was supposed to be nary impossible for one to resist the temptation of Insanity to this degree, especially with this much power. To be able to not only harness it, but convert it through the use of wavelength? There was more to him than Falshin realized.

Falshin: "H...How...?"

Insanity: 'Because you're a pawn.'

These answers in his head; all the answers to his questions were being answered, but... They couldn't be the truth, could they? Were they really what was happening, or were these delusions created by Khrona in his arrogance? Though perhaps... They were not delusions at all.

Falshin: "Is... It possible?"

Insanity: 'It is inevitable.'

His powerful beam split in twain as if it were nothing by the power of this wavelength caused even Falshin to choke on his own beam, which was forced back down his throat against his will. The impact of his wavelength shot him clear over the next couple of buildings, skidding along the tops of those to come, till he finally crashed into one clear across the city's limits.

Falshin: "But... Why is this happening...?"

Insanity: 'Because you are the weakest. Demon Gods come and go, figuring themselves to be the strongest. Every last one. And they may be, among the weak men they torment. But among the deities up above... You are below. Another here was one who became a Demon God. Anyone plagued with Insanity may become a Demon God. You are not unique. You are not special. You're a failure in the eyes of Insanity. Destined to be a roadblock. For those who wish to ascend higher.'

The truth of Falshin... In the eyes of Insanity itself. All that he was... All that he thought... The answers came to him now, from his own head. But were they lies, or were they truth? Well, the truth was that he was getting thrown around by Khrona. And, if the shoe fits...

Falshin: "No... No... It can't be..."

Insanity: 'But it is. There is no question. There is no doubt. That is what you are. The falsehood. The lie. And he has overcome it. So now, your usefulness in the chain of Insanity... Is over. And that is the Truth.

Falshin: "No... I won't accept it..."

Insanity: 'You have no choice in the matter. You're going to die. And he will be the one to kill you. So that a new Insanity may sprout from you. To test this entity further. Farewell, Falshin.'

And the voice left him, not to answer another of his questions ever again.


There was no answer.

Falshin:"HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME!?!??!"

There was no answer.

Falshin: "... Fine... If that is the way this must go... THEN I'LL USE ALL THE INSANITY I HAVE TO KILL YOU, SO I DO NOT HAVE TO DIE!!!! GIVE ME MOOOORE POWERRRR!!!!!"

From there, a rather ugly transmogrification ensued. His body paled even more, now a bluish hue, and his normal, slender, frail frame burst outward and hunched over like a gruesome great ape. Black blood spurted from his skin and around his body, as if attempting to retrain it, but instead took shape as a sort of tribal armor, the same as his appendages wrapped around his face like a helmet, where only his three eyes could be seen peeking out from the slits within. His mouth expanded to its horrific size, unhinging as he let out a terrible, blood curdling scream. His body having undergone that terrible, painful transformation from taking in even more from the pool of Insanity from up above, as if granting his wish to become more powerful. Though the voice spoke the truth about Falshin and his purpose, it did not mean that Falshin could not still attain more power to make that truth into a falsehood.

Falshin: "If I couldn't destroy you by breaking your mind and hampering your soul... Then I will DEFINITELY do so by BREAKING YOUR BODY!!!"

Khrona swooped in now on those huge wings, and as he did, Falshin lifted his big, great arms up to meet the lessened wingspan of Khrona, prepared for him to head straight into him. At the point of impact, Falshin grabbed hold of the wings as tightly as he could, and even still, he was taken off his feet, but sustained as minimal damage as he could. Now, they both were off in the skies.

Falshin: "Huahahehehahahha!!! You see! I told you I was most powerful!!! I will continue to gain more power and become even greater than ANY Demon God!! Than ALL Insanity!! Than YOU!!! THAN GOD HIMSELF!!! HUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

With his new strength, he pulled downward with all his might to steer Khrona into one of the buildings they flew above, and as he did, he'd let go and kick off of his body onto the side of the one nearest to, just to give him the extra push into the building. He attached to the wall like a spider... A big, ugly, gargantuan spider... And crawled along the surface and around the corner.

Insanity: '... He is the most persistent of them. Perhaps, that was the truth he needed to hear. To kick him into gear.'

The voice of Insanity worked wonders; able to get the truth to one who only believed what he wanted to hear. Now he ascended, solely for the purpose of stopping Khrona.

Insanity: '... I'll tell you no lies; that is for you to do. I'll tell you only the truth when you need me to. Repeatedly, as that is Insanity. The answer will always be the same. That is the Truth. When you want some answers, yet are not ready to hear, let those lies guide you to the Truth of my words, when you're ready to listen. Though you may change the outcome, you do not change what is inevitable. Not as a pawn, that is, with no control over his own destiny. I control you, as long as you let me. With Love, Insanity.'

Soaring toward Falshin on his great black wings of terror, Khrona felt in his soul the sifting thoughts of Insanity through Falshin's head, driving him mad with questions of truth and lies.

Khrona: "Sigh... It's always the hardest for the negative to accept what they are. Maybe he'll get it when I 'destroy' him."

Chuckling to himself flying past the last few buildings and into the clearing where Falshin resided, Khrona could see the horrific transformation he was undergoing after pulling in so much more Insanity. Disgusting, really, but it actually made Khrona wonder if that was all there was to him.

Khrona: "So he can pull even more power from the Insanity... Forcing his own ascension and evolution just to prove he is not weak. Just because he is not ready to die. If only he could see that he is doing everything for the wrong reasons..."

Insanity was blinding, Khrona knew all too well, but this transformation might make things a little more interesting again. If Falshin could force his ascension like that by drawing in more Insanity, he wondered what other types of forced ascension he could do just to spite Khrona's own. Maybe he could keep up on the planes past the physical Third... He had a stronger will than Khrona gave him credit for. Such is why he is the culmination of them all, he guessed. Perhaps he'd take on a greater form of deity, since he thirsted for power so much.

Khrona: "... You look like a monkey. Did you evolve or devolve, simian?"

He pulled a hand out of his pocket and touched his lips gently, laughing to himself before crashing into Falshin. To his surprise, however, Falshin had a strength that was capable of withstanding a direct hit, more or less, without taking much damage. Of course, this was nothing that would stop Khrona's powerful wings.

Khrona: "Get offa me."

Of course, before Khrona could react, Falshin already granted his wish, pulling him down and forcing him to fly directly into one oft he buildings, where Khrona only encased himself in his wings and crashed straight into it, causing the building to tilt on its side. Opening his wings cleared all the dust in an instant, revealing Khrona sitting on a black protrusion from his wings that resembled a chair facing Falshin. He saw the vermin skulking away, crawling across that building and out of plain sight, and at that, Khrona could only sigh as the top of his wings domed around him took the shape of a rather massive, demonic looking cannon.

Khrona: "If you really want to devolve, then I'll turn you back into paramecium with my 'Degeneration Cannon'. As they say... Ashes to ashes..."

The barrel of the cannon drew in great energy from Khrona's now glowing body, harnessing he pure power of the degeneration of cells to the point where this energy would become a beam fired from the tip. Khrona loved beams. He extended his hand out nonchalantly, whilst the other lazily supported his bored head donning that ever so slight smirk and piercing sanguine gaze. His glowing eyes locked onto Falshin even through the building, and at the point of his finger, the 'Degeneration Cannon' fired away.

Khrona: "... Dust to dust."

The sheer force of it blew the building already tilted by Khrona's impact back even further, as the great beam struck the building harboring the filthy Falshin and almost instantly degenerated it down to the point of its most primordial form. If Falshin were still attached to this building at the time, he'd suffer the same fate, and his body would be nothing but a single-celled organism waiting to be erased from this existence.

Khrona: "Hmhmhm~!"

Hooked onto the side of the wall and slinking around to the other side, he heard his adversary crash into the building adjacent. A garbled, distorted laugh croaked from his gaping maw, neck forcefully twisting his head the incorrect was like he were the product of a four year old's broken toy. Staring at Khrona even through the solid walls of the building, his three vertical eyes set on the huge cannon formed from the top of his wings, now aware that it was time to move.

At the exact moment of fire, Falshin hopped from the wall he was attached to and off into the sky, letting the appendages extend to the nearest buildings and allow him leverage, as if he were a spider. All four settling themselves on four different rooftops, Falshin's body surely did look like an arachnid's crawling along the tops of the buildings casually. Cleverly moving just enough to center himself above Khrona's head, twisting his tongue, this time spinning profusely as if it were a drill. Not too long after, the rest of his body joined in, beginning to spin just as fast, until even his bandages were spinning in a spiraling formation.

Falshin: "I'm sure you know... About Spiral Power, don't you? HuahahahHAhAHhhaAH!"

Without warning, his wavelength burst from the conical backside of his body that shot him down at Khrona at a high speed, drilling through the building with enough power to leave nothing in its wake. It was being broken down by the sheer force of his spin, which continued to rotate faster and faster and faster to ensure he completely pierced through Khrona and break him down to nothingness as well.

All the while, more and more appendages swirled around his body, causing the drill to grow larger and more powerful as it spun. Appendages extended from there to attach to more rooftops, as well, and it seemed that before long, Falshin's reach touched about half of the city, and this huge, oppressive drill was going to grow large enough to drill it all down into the ground... With Khrona as the focus of it all.

The building degenerated by Khrona's rather vile cannon held no prospect of the Falshin as a single cell. With him seeming to have narrowly escaped the beam, Khrona's wings reverted to normalcy, and he'd watch Falshin extend his appendages across the city's scape.

Khrona: 'He's absolutely lost it. He's taking in far too much Insanity all at once... Perhaps, that was his problem the first time.'

Lost in thought, before he knew it, the Falshin had become some sort of large arachnoid drill by encasing himself in his swirling appendages. The Insanity spiraling around him and bursting from his end propelled him down upon Khrona like a high powered rocket, leaving him only able to take the hit with his huge wings.

Extending them both up to meet the point of the drill, even with all its might, it did not penetrate the great sturdy wings of Khrona. Though... The oppressive force did manage to push him down, even if it could not penetrate.

Khrona: "... Falshin... Listen to me. If you take in too much Insanity, you won't be able to control what happens to yourself. As of now, I'm just trying to help you out. My methods are a little unorthodox, I admit, but... Now I am trying a new one. Trying to talk. Trying to... Reason."

It was new to him, this 'talking' and 'reasoning', for he was a private and secretive person that normally only worked in the mystery of his own darkness. Though in the past it always got things done, he wasn't aware of the bigger picture, surprisingly.

Khrona: "If you lose control, you no longer will be yourself... You will just be another pawn of Insanity. Never your own person. Listen to me... I know you because I endured what you have. You aren't the original Falshin... You're MY Insanity. MY Fear. MY Hatred. MY Pain... The culmination of those emotions I so wrongly imprisoned and released without control in the Fifth Restriction... I let them run wild as the Sixth Restriction, and now, those Seven Insanities... Are you."

Yes, Khrona was becoming more and more aware of the situation, finally. Whatever he wasn't dealing with within himself, he was being forced to deal with now FACING himself. Falshin was the form of the lump sum of all Khrona's Negativity for a reason. It was because... He was afraid of becoming those things that he hated so much about Falshin. Resentful. Overbearing. Power-hungry. Delusional. Taken advantage of.

Khrona: "... But. No more."

The building around him broke down being drawn into the powerful drill of Falshin, which even forced Khrona all the way to the rubble of this debris, but even then, he was not going to falter.

Khrona: "I am no longer afraid of becoming that because... That isn't me in the slightest. Even if it is, it is my choice not to become that. It is part of me, but it isn't me as a whole. So I can say that though I am afraid of becoming it... Hate that I would... And am sad because I have been there... That doesn't mean that I'm not going to face it and make sure I know that it will NOT control me! It will NOT consume me! And I will be MORE than happy to PUT YOU RIGHT BACK IN YOUR PLACE IF YOU EVER TRY TO TAKE CONTROL OF ME AGAIN!!!"

Looks like 'Falshin' got him started. Khrona took a deep, cleansing breath to keep himself at bay, but it didn't stop the overwhelming passion and sincerity of his words. That side of himself was not him as a whole and could not nor would it function on its own, lest it wanted to simply destroy itself and Khrona altogether. So, with all his might, he spread his astronomical wings and let loose all the power of the Third in one powerful burst and shouted, "EXTINCTION!!!!"

Everything within the great force of his wings would find its DNA split, atoms and molecules ripped apart, cells erased, and voiding all existence of that world created on the spot. There was surely nothing that could survive this; not even Falshin. And the world would revert back to crystalline form, and he could only hope that this was the end of the Falshin for good.

*Pant... Pant...*

Khrona: "Come on..."

*Pant... Pant...*

Khrona: "I'm not letting a virus..."

*Pant... Pant...*

Khrona: "Rise up in my body..."

*Pant... Pant...*

Khrona: "Especially not if..."

*Heave... Sigh...*

Khrona: "I have full and total control of everything about my physical self!"

Spinning out of control in a desperate attempt to drill Khrona into the ground, Falshin got that hateful self of his down all the way to the very bottom, trying to tune out that madness he was speaking.

But he was failing at it.
Even over his own noise...
He could still hear the passionate cry of Khrona...
The sound of the Truth.
And surely enough...
It hurt.

Falshin: "No... No!! I will not be consumed! I can feel it trying, but it isn't... I won't... Not unless... You are the Insani--"


The sound of being erased in all physicality in an instant. At Falshin's acceptance of what was and what is, his body was no more. Completely and utterly wiped from existence... Yet, not Khrona's, for some odd reason. All that he was, it was nothing but a lie. The illusion of himself was wiped clean as the world returned to crystal.

Though, with the illusion wiped away...

The true face of Insanity could finally reveal itself.

Insanity: "Hahaha... Well done, Khrona. Or, shall I say, Doctor? You've fixed the Insanity of your own physical form, but now, you are faced with reeaaal Insanity... Falshin was only a pawn, as I said, to fuel the true birth of Insanity; something you cannot control. You were correct in knowing that this Insanity still lies within you as something greater than this tangible realm, but even more than that... It is Nature, itself. Something you know nothing of how to control within yourself nor the outside. Look around."

The crystalline atmosphere, once beautiful and flawless in its creation, was now tainted with a darkness unlike any other known before. Even the 'Falshin's presence did not distort the very harmony of the crystal world as it was now. What was released from Falshin's body was pent up madness, swirling into the form of a black sphere contained by a very ominous red energy. And even if Khrona could 'erase' his body; he could not 'erase' the Insanity that had already claimed him long ago. Such was the Insanity that is Falshin's pure soul; True Insanity.

Insanity: "This is the Insanity that still resides within you. Impure. Unclean. Uncontrollably consuming you from the inside out. You took a small victory over the Falshin, for a far greater task has now set upon you. With me released, even the Forces of Nature are against you..."

Culminating and broiling over this huge tree was now a huge, devilish cloud of black and red, crackling with crimson lightning similar to that before. The once beautiful tree was now becoming just as black as Death itself, omitting a demonic red glow.

Insanity: "There is nothing you can do to stop this as you are. So, Doctor... Shall you take on the next step in your advancement? Become the Witch Doctor of the Void? Hahahahaha! Your 'Sage Mode,' as you call it? Hahahaha! The Fourth Restriction, I believe..."

The cloud continued to grow in size, aiming to cover all of the Dawn in its grandeur. Its spread seemed unfathomable, as if all the Insanity attempted to be contained within the treetop had suddenly seeped out like a gas leak. It was vile and dark, and pulled itself toward the unsuspecting villagers, who seemed calmed at the knowledge that 'Insanity' had departed long ago.

Now, no longer contained within Khrona, it spread back into Nature itself, readily poisoning the atmosphere's natural energy like a virus. It aimed to threaten all that was 'natural' and associated with nature and bring out its Insanity, thus plunging the world into Chaos. This was Khrona's Insanity in its prime, oozing from the roots of the Tree Of Life as if it were oxygen into the air; as if it were life essence itself.

Insanity: "With the Insanity free to roam, it will repopulate in the world again, bringing forth new seeds... new incarnates. New creatures teeming with power that is born of you... Even if you are able to control yourself, you cannot stop nor control that which is natural. As it consumes you... It will consume everything you are connected to... Until this entire planet is plunged into the Chaos of Insanity!!!"

Khrona was far too reckless and hasty in the destruction of the Falshin, for now he had something even greater to maintain. Unless he could hold it all together, there was no way for him to prevail.

Insanity: "You will submit to the Insanity... I will make certain of this."

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PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall EmptyThu Jun 25, 2020 5:36 pm

The sight of the realm reverting back to its crystal state and no sign of Falshin was actually the most relieving thing Khrona had seen in quite a while. Though a little disappointed that he only got up to the Third Restriction, he was happy that the Insanity would finally be quelled within him.

Though to his dismay, it wasn't over just yet.

In Falshin's place, a swirling black mass swaddled in a bulbous red shell manifested from the abyss, contaminating not only the Crystal Tree, but the skies above it. The great black that it was blotted out the very light from the sun, and all returned to dusk.

Khrona: "... No. Just... Ugh. Noooo."

More pissed than shocked by this endeavor, Khrona crossed his arms over his chest and stared directly into this soul-like entity and listened to it speak... Knowing that deep down within him, he had no choice. He wasn't going to let untempered insanity run wild to destroy the world; not as the true Keeper Of Insanity, that is. That wasn't happening, no way, no how.

Khrona: "... Nature, huh? Well, you're right in saying that the 'Fourth Restriction' gives me complete control over energy... Pure energy. Natural energy. Nature itself. So if that's what it's gonna have to take to stop you, then, naturally, I'm going to stop you. No matter what form you take."

A lone hand outstretched to The Insanity, calling forth from the Forces of Nature a powerful Geist imbued with the tempered and harnessed power of Khrona's own energy harmonized with all around it. The mask of the 'Witch Doctor'... The 'Fourth Restriction'.

Khrona: "The Forces of Nature do not side with anyone nor anything. They simply wish for things to be restored to balance. I disrupted it with all this that I've done, so I'm taking responsibility for it here and now. If I want to control myself, to control this power, to control Insanity itself, then I'm gonna have to do this and go through controlling Nature, too. It is in my name, you know."

Carefully placing the mask upon his face, it took to his body similarly to the Second, encasing it totally in a skin tight blackness only divisible by the white skeletal mask upon his face. His wings retracted to his back, there taking the form of his tattered cape. Truth be told, it almost looked identical to The Phantom, save for the altered cape and the changed mask.

"The Fourth Restriction: 'Energeist' the 'Eclipse', Restriction of Energy."

Only moments after assuming the form of the Fourth would he flicker over toward the wisping tail of the dark cloud still connected to this portion of the tree and grab hold of it with a hand crackling with Insanity Static.

Khrona: "Oh, no ya don't. You aren't going anywhere."

He knew that he was going to regret this one, but it was better than letting this terrible miasma of Insanity roam free... It was right about being harder and harder to control, but it didn't faze him one bit. With all his might, he ripped the cloud from the skies and back down into the cover of the trees, where the crystalline leaves would turn a terrible bloody red as the trunk was now completely and utterly blackened. It looked absolutely horrendous, however as it was now, the environment was safe.

Khrona: "I won't let you contaminate the planet. Especially not in the form when I'm most harmonized with it. Hahaha... Consider this a present to protect the planet. Happy Earth Day."

He cracked his knuckles and looked around, searching for some sort of physical form that The Insanity was going to take for him to combat... Even if he was unsure how this battle was going to turn out, at least he could say that he kept it at bay as long as he could before it seeped out into the open. But, he didn't intend for that to happen, because this Insanity, as he said and would continue to say, is going to be controlled. No matter what.

The Insanity was in no way concerned about Khrona's insolence. In fact, being able to touch the piece off him resisting its control would make it easier to put an end to his cute little rebellion.

Insanity: "Hahaha... So your solution was to tether me down to yourself, hm? You think you can handle the Forces of Nature all on your own, boy? Even in this state, it is a laughable attempt. Look at you... Ready to fight Nature itself, when you aren't even aware of how to do so. How about you stop messing with something beyond your feeble and widely limited understanding and sit down."

Forced to the floor against his will, The Insanity commanded his will like a misbehaving puppy, and Khrona would have no choice but to sit at the authority of Insanity tethered to his being.

Insanity: "There is more to this than you realize, my new pawn. Since Falshin is no longer here, you have now taken his place under my rule. Perhaps you will crack under the unrelenting pressure, just as he did... And then, when I have full control... You will be my greatest weapon."

The dark cloud lowered itself, setting right above Khrona's head. As the culmination of everything that was Insanity, it spoke to him directly in his very essence, deep within his mind and his soul.

Insanity: 'Since you still seem resilient in this more than hopeless attempt, I will inform you of what must be done. As there are Seven Insanities that are your own emotions, each emotion harbors within it one of seven elements, which makes up the whole of your seven chakras; your energy. To align them, you must endure the trials of mastering each one on your own. If you fail even one, you will become imbalanced and I will consume you completely without question. HmHaaha! Do you still wish to continue? Or shall you submit to me now?'

A scoff a the remarks of The Insanity showed Khrona's utter disbelief in its words now. It was just another trick to make him lose control over himself; to shatter his mind and his spirit, as Falshin tried to do. Khrona wasn't buying it one bit.

Khrona: "I'd rather have you connected to me than to roam free. You may be spreading fast, but faster than I can handle. You're not so-- UGH!!!"


That's what they called this feeling.


Utterly against his will, he was forced to sit and gaze up into the miasma's abyss, where he saw nothing but the darkness that he knew so well swirling about within the confines of this cloud. Finally realizing the gravity of the situation, he looked around and saw the state of the Crystal Tree... There was almost nothing left of its glorious beauty, and it was almost completely filled with this horrific haze. Maybe he didn't realize it before, but the Insanity was correct... At least about this.

Khrona: "... Huh... Well, I'm going to harness your power no matter what. I cannot afford to lose here. There's so much at stake... Lots of stuff on the line. Especially myself. And I've gotta be totally in control of my amazing power if I'm gonna use it to save my village, my friends and my family in this severe crisis. I'll master the control of my chakras. I'll balance them out in perfect harmony. You aren't going to stop me."

The feeling of this cloud in his mind was nothing unfamiliar... In fact, it was resonating with the Insanity Static that constantly flowed through his head normally. They seemed to be one and the same. Strange... He thought that this would have felt a little more invasive, but it was actually pretty comfortable...

There, he sat in a meditative state, homing in on the highest concentration of the cloud and appeared there.

Khrona: "So. How do we get this started, huh? I wanna breeze by this so I can get to one of my favorite restrictions... The Fifth!"

Once he was in the Fifth, he was in total control over this world... A God-like state where he pretty much could do whatever he wanted to do. That type of power would allow him to endure the rest of the trials with ease... He hoped. In this meditation... He wished to go into a Transcendent Mode -- Trance.

Khrona: "I would presume I start at the very bottom and work my way up, right? Gotta fight some sort of... Creature or... Elemental or... What?"

He was definitely eager about this one. He was ready to get this over with once and for all.

Insanity: 'So eager... Yet, so foolish. Yes, you begin at the bottom, with the First. The Root Chakra of the Earth Element... The Chakra of Life.'

From the eager child's very feet, energy spiraled outward slowly, like a pool of pure ether growing ever larger; ever more vast, the extent of the spiral never ceasing in its travels. For all that his feet would touch, he would feel everything connected, as if becoming one with it.

Insanity: 'The Base. The Ground. All things solid and physical. That which gives you the strength to work lovingly on the physical plane; the very Earth itself, which births the life of physicality from the great Kundalini, the Void of the Self. It harbors the sense of self-preservation and survival, ruled by the mighty Saturn that brings Order to the Chaos.'

The spiral under his feet would expand further, uncoiling and beginning to round itself in the grand spectrum to the shape of a planet of unknown immensity. It was completely bare.

Insanity: 'This planet... This place is as large as all that you are. In fact, it is all that you are. Think of it as the physical form of all things combined into one planet. Also, because it stems directly from your Root Chakra, think of this planet as such. The Root physically governs sexuality, mentally brings stability, emotionally governs sensuality and spiritually gives a sense of security. Therefore, control over this will give you the grounding you need in all aspects of the most basic self.'

With the planet completely formed, Khrona would be the only being that existed here, and the sole protector of this place, since it was his physically formed everything.

Insanity: 'The only thing you must do... Is protect this place and keep it in Order. Allow the plants to grow. Creatures to thrive. The planet and life to flourish. To maintain them and sustain all life that is here. That is a simple task for one as 'mighty' as you, correct?'

Standing in the great Void of Self listening to the ramblings of The Insanity, Khrona scratched the back of his head, wondering when something was going to happen. Feeling something weird coming from his feet, he looked down and saw a steady stream of uncoiling spiraling energy slipping from himself and outward to create the planet he now stood on. Naturally, he took in more of what The Insanity was saying once this happened, waiting and listening patiently until it finished all that it had to say. By then, the planet was complete and Khrona felt his connectedness to it as it pulsed with life...

Khrona: "Give, protect, maintain, and sustain life? This task seems almost like something that the Tree Of Life would do... Well, I guess that is me, huh? This must be like... Training. So my legs are my roots, I see..."

Though they weren't dug into the ground, he could still feel the presence of life pulsating from the planet and back up into himself, then back down into the planet. This was his own Root that he had to maintain.

Khrona: "... So I'm the one that has to create life here? This planet is a living entity of all things... Everything given life... And without me, since it is everything that is me, it will die. Gotcha. Time to go beautify this lonely world."

It seemed like a simple enough task. All he had to do was use his control over the elements through Geokinesis, Botanokinesis and Biokinesis; Control of the Earth, Plants, and Life. Hands brought down on the fresh soil quickly, his energy flowed in the surplus in high concentration from his body and all the way through and across the planet, allowing life to manifest from the barren earth. Here, the grass grew, trees sprouted up and into the air, flowers of the utmost radiance bloomed and the wonderful greenery and the aromas it brought spread across the surface of the planet in its entirety.

Immediately, Khrona was drained far beyond what he thought he would, and found himself weakened simply by doing this. He not only was giving up large portions of his own life energy and feeding it directly into the planet, but he was also causing everything on it to grow and feeding his life energy into them, as well. It was more taxing than one may originally anticipate, especially when this planet harbored everything. By doing this, however, he was able to gather the immensity of it all, and realized that this is similar to what he had done when he initiated the Thirteen Tsukiyomi. He connected himself to everything that existed beyond the planet, extending his branches out to the farthest reaches of the omniverses and beyond. Here is where he would feel the underlying effects of his actions... When he had to sustain these things with his own life force.


Khrona: "... Hey..."


Khrona: "You didn't tell me this would be so..."

*Cough Cough Cough*

Khrona: "... Draining..."

Already, he was weak. He was tired. And all he did was give these things life. Arms shaking and body quivering, he felt like he was going to collapse.

Khrona: "It feels like... I'm sustaining life for like..."

*Cough cough*

Khrona "... Everything..."

But this wasn't going to stop him. Before he coughed again, he breathed in deeply, gaining all the strength to pull his hands from the soil and back up above, plopping back on his rear. Feeling a little better, he realized he was giving too much of himself up to the land and not maintaining balance within himself and the planet. Such a circulation had to be done in perfect harmony, lest he find himself sapped by the soil. Maybe this is why plants grow so slowly.

Either way, realizing this, he sat down in humble meditation yet again, and concentrated on circulating pure life energy through the planet and through all the living things there, allowing them all equivalent and constantly circulating life connected through the oneness of everything as it was. Life... That is how they were all connected. Through Life itself.

Once he realized and regulated the flow of Life, he breathed in deeply and exhaled a cleansing breath of air, now feeling totally at peace.

Khrona: "Theeere we go... Alright, what next?"

It was honestly rather serene, sustaining life like this... It wasn't so hard at all.

Khrona: 'Haha. This Tree Of Life training was going to rock. Haha. Get it? Rock? Earth? ... ... ... Mm.'

The cloud loomed over Khrona still, pleasured by watching him struggle at his attempts to sustain life here. It was a far greater task than he seemed to understand, just as The Insanity foretold.

Even in this stressful time, however, Khrona seemed to somehow manage to maintain the flow of life throughout the planet, and sustain it within himself whilst also allowing it to circulate through everything else. It was an impressive feat for a first try, though nowhere near worthy of praise considering his power.

Insanity: 'What next, you ask...? Hmhmhm... My favorite part in all of this...'

A pulse of red flashed from the innards of the cloud and into the soil, to be soaked up like rainwater, as if nutrients for this beautiful creation. Suddenly, in all the serenity that Khrona brought, there was Chaos. Madness. Insanity. Destruction. A large, red crack streamed down the very center of the world, stemming off into more planar rifts that ruptured the surface down to the very center. His world was falling apart; splitting at the seams.

Insanity: 'Hmhmhuahahaha! It is not enough that you must maintain it, you must control the earth as well! Or else allow it to be destroyed by the great power of the Chaos of Insanity!!!'

Plantlife started to wither just as quickly as they had been filled with life and vibrance, and calamity would shatter that world to pieces...

Calm... Peace... Serenity...

These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect world, but The Insanity purposefully dropped an extra ingredient into the concoction...

The Insanity itself.

Thus, the Chaos of Insanity was born! Using its destructive nature, all of Khrona's hard work maintaining and sustaining life and the Order of Insanity started to fall to shambles.

Khrona: "Oh... What? Oh no... Son of a-- CRAP!!"

The piercing red glow that split this world down the center, then off toward every living thing existing here not only broke Khrona's divine focus, but threatened to destroy all the work and energy placed into the creation and maintenance of this wonderful place. Naturally, he was not going to allow this to happen.

Khrona: "Self-preservation and survival, huh...? Okay, bring it on!!"

Unerring in determination and will, Khrona had to use the combined efforts of his Geokinesis, Botanokinesis, and Biokinesis to ensure the utter safety, stability and security of his everything. Though he was still tired, having regulated the life energy coursing through it all gave him enough energy to at least move about freely. If this place were destroyed, all the contained energy would simply disappear and go to waste. That wasn't happening.

Khrona: "I'll put this crumbling mass back together again. Just watch me."

First thing's first, the drifting debris. He hopped up to the nearest floating mass of land and scoped out the smaller portions that he wasn't going to be able to hop on, or that would take too much time to collect. Extending his hand outward and focusing on the energy he placed into this land, he drew it all into a collection focused on one point and slammed them together, before slamming that collection of earth into the huge land mass he stood upon. That mountainous piece of earth would be forcefully meshed into the grassy terrain, and in a moment's notice, he'd be making his way all the way to the top of said mountain.

Next was to scope out the next large piece of land and do the repeat the process. It was a piece of land not as large as the one he currently stood on, but still large enough to harbor a mountain or two. Springing forth with all his might, the seismic force omitted from his jump forced the hovering land mass he once stood on straight downward, crashing into another land mass and connecting to it. Smaller mountain ranges were formed from said impact.

Hand extended, Khrona was drawn to the next land mass through his attraction to the minerals and energy within. On contact with the grass, he completed a hand spring onto his feet and extended both arms up to the heavens yet again. Another large collection of earth drew to the center, forming yet another mountain to slam into this surface. He looked around to see just what else was around, and all that was near him were more large land masses both smaller and larger than the one he was on.

Khrona: "Hmmm... Come on, think... Not like I've got a lotta time before the Insanity does something to piss me off-- Aha! Roots!"

There was still plantlife on these masses of land, and that would help with the connection of the larger portions. Slamming his hands down once more, the energy within him resonated with the flowing energy of life within the roots of the numerous trees and plants growing here, and they would extent out from the soil and off to the nearest land, piercing its soil and pulling the two pieces together whilst also holding them together.

Khrona: "Yes!! It worked! And I feel like more energy is surging through me, too..."

Yes, the energy... Instead of being wasted and lost in the abyss, it was being drawn back into Khrona and into the connected pieces of the planet yet again. Plus, Khrona felt as though he had more control over everything he was doing the more he did it... More grounded and secure in his actions.

Though he was skeptical at first, The Insanity's intentions seemed to be less destructive and more... Instructive. It was the culmination of all Insanity; both Order and Chaos, rather than just one. If Khrona could find the Order in the Chaos he created, then there would be harmony in this planet.

Khrona: "Whatever. I'm not done yet."

He extended his hands again, this time teeming with so much energy he began to shake. He was controlling so much power and with such ease, he was beginning to wonder if the alignment of all his chakras would be so easy...

Khrona: "Is this all you've got, Insanity? This is no sweat at all! Kinda..."

Toward the 'Motherland,' as he'd call it, he pulled the drifting land mass that had connected the others through its roots, and when it drifted closer, he would connect that portion back to the Motherland as well. Wiping just a tiny bit of sweat from his brow with only his index finger and flicking it away, he scratched the back of his head as he stared off at the other land masses he still had to pull back...

Khrona: "... Sigh. But it is tedious. Better get to work..."

The Insanity relished in Khrona's adversity, for it was rather fun to watch him leap around putting the pieces of the puzzle back together again. Soon he'd realized that those huge mountains he created were missing pieces to the puzzle, and that without them, this mass would never become perfectly spherical again. He could force the pieces together as much as he liked, but the original shape of solidarity would be filled with holes and spaces.

However... His impertinent endeavor seemed to bring about the creation of something new; more beautiful than the last. With both plant and earth formed in a beautiful harmony... Hm. He was shaping it in the way he saw fit as 'beautiful' rather than what was 'perfect' in shape. Perhaps his form of 'beauty' was 'perfect' in his eyes. Though, the product was widely incomplete.

Insanity: 'You must have been more of a fool than I realized to have thought that this was going to be the only thing you had to do whilst maintaining the Order of this broken sphere. Behold; your Second Chakra. The Sacral Chakra of the Water Element... The Chakra of Order.'

That single sweat drop fallen from his body expanded now into a beautiful drifting pool of perfectly cleansed body of water that swerved and navigated through the other floating land masses, till it seemed like an astronomical river drifted about. All such water was pulled directly from Khrona's pores; the liquid within his body to expand this body of water to just what it needed to be. It would continue to grow and siphon Khrona's liquids and life energy just as the Earth did before it. As the earth was made of his body, the water was made from his sweat and tears... Solid and Liquid.

Insanity: 'This Sacral Chakra harnesses the power of creative forces into all aspect of being; the High Soul's procreation. It grants the ability to direct the Self toward devotion and the seat of creativity, and represents emotional depth and instinctive feeling. With it, all things liquid may take form and shape to whatever they wish to be, birthed from the very Waters and being absolutely fluid nature, and one may drift on the wavelength of all things. It harbors the sense of sexual energy, ruled by the beautiful Moon, the undisputed master of waves.'

Continuously expanding at Khrona's expense, the body of liquid threatened to drain him dry if he did not find control over it, whilst also having to keep the pieces of earth from drifting off into the Void, never to return.

Insanity: 'This Water... Think of it as the liquid form of all things combined into one from you, that which allows the sustenance of life and the medium for it to do so; a channel of life's energy. Also, because it stems directly from your Sacral Chakra, think of this water as such. The Sacral fluidly represents one's emotional makeup, unconscious habits, rhythms, memories and moods. Therefore, it brings intuition and inspiration as well as instincts, and it sets the subtle beat for the rhythm of life. It is the flowing 'inner' that maintains the physical and solid 'outer.''

Soon, even the large body of water started to disconnect and drift away along with the still very many pieces of land.

Insanity: 'Physically governing reproduction, mentally bringing creativity, emotionally giving joy and spiritually bringing enthusiasm, 'Water' truly is the greatest medium of waves. You look a little thirsty, boy. So do the plants. It seems that they need this water just the same as you. Hmhmhm...'

On each of the land masses, including the Motherland, the plants were starting to wither and fade. They could not be sustained on just Life Energy alone, and needed a better way to absorb nutrients.

Insanity: 'Remember what happens if you fail even one of these... You become mind under contract of agreement through your will. Hmhmhm...'

Things were going to get hectic fast. How it loved such things.

Khrona: "Oh, on to the next Chakra? Cool, this one was-- Paaah..."

Instantly, he felt beyond dehydrated, weak from thirst, and brittle from the lack of buoyancy in his body. That single sweat drop that came from him was now yet another thing leeching from his own life essence, having extended into a very large and very consumptive body of water. The larger it got, the weaker Khrona felt, and on the drifting land mass, he fell to his knees, gasping with parched lips like a fish out of water.

He listened to what The Insanity had to say about this specific chakra, however... The Water was a medium for life, and he could definitely understand why. Here he lay, withering on the grass and beauty of nature around him, and so too, his nature would begin to wither with him.

Barely finding it in him to talk, he had to find a way to get to the water. Perhaps, a quick drink would replenish him, and he'd be able to give the thirsty plants a drink, as well. But he was so weak now; weaker than when he sat and gave his life to the planet... It seemed much easier then than now, for whatever reason. Perhaps because he is naturally one that is of the 'Water' element.

Khrona: "Eeeaaaarth..."

*Pah... Kwah...*

Khrona: "Help meeeee..."

With what little strength he had left, he used it to create a small hill under his body, just enough for him to start sliding down and toward the edge. He knew he wouldn't make it initially, so with the dying grass below his body, he'd have them stand upright and carry him off toward the edge. Still, they were just as weak as he, and once they were as close as they could take him, even the grass crippled under his weight. Alas, Khrona lay, barely filled with life or motion, hand hanging off the very edge of the drifting piece of earth. Mouth still agape and agasp, he took in a deep, cleansing breath and used all his strength to pull himself more over the edge... But even that was not enough, for only half his body dangled off the side. It almost seemed hopeless now...

Until he saw, almost like a miracle, the land drifting toward one of the broken pools of water nearby. He wasn't going to touch it, but this land mass was, and he figured that if the soil soaked up the water, Khrona could absorb the water as well. Naturally, this is what occurred when the water splashed onto the dry and cracked earth, bringing the moisture it needed to restore life and color to its form. So too did Khrona place his hands on the moistened earth and absorbed some of the water that was left over into himself, granting him the energy to move once more.

Khrona: "Hoora--*KWAH...*"

But he was still parched. Oh, so parched. Smacking his lips, he attempted to salivate, but to no avail. They were still as dry as a desert. Though, with the energy he did have, he pulled himself to his feet and hopped off of the floating land mass and into one of the larger pools of water, soaking up all of it like a sponge.


It felt like falling through a pool that cleansed away all of his stress and all his strife; the silence of the pool rather soothing... Ambient... Revitalizing. With this, Khrona's energy spread on the wave of the waters and drifted out toward the other bodies, pulling them in and connecting them with ease, as opposed to the difficulty he experienced connecting the earth. There, the creation of a watery web had been done, and each large body of water was connected by a river that extended from Khrona's own self.

Khrona: "Feeling refreshed and feeling good! Now I've just gotta get those earth clods drifting away..."

Like a wavelength, Khrona transitioned through the channels of the water he was connected to and out toward the farthest land mass.

Khrona: "Looks like my Root's a little weak... Not very grounded. But that's why I've gotta use the water from the Sacral to nourish it and feed it life!!"

Within the body of water, he extended his hand and pulled the land mass from drifting out into the Void and directly into the water, where the dry earth moistened and the withering plants exuded life once more, just like with the other land mass. Khrona climbed to the top of the huge piece of land now and searched for others that were nearby, yet again. Pulling them close with another tug, the roots from the plants would connect and secure them in place, whilst the steady stream of water flowing into them would quench their thirst.

Khrona: "With Aquakinesis, I can just have this piece of land follow the current to get back where it needs to be... It's a set pathway, opened up through this new awakening! Yes!"

Things were becoming clear and easy for him once again. He pointed down the channel, and the land masses sucked in the water like a rope they were tethered to, drawing themselves closer and closer to the Mainstream, which is what he'd call it. Along the way, Khrona stood atop it and manipulated the debris that were too small to be collected into more mountains, pieces of land and the like and connected them to the larger piece, as the roots below pulled in all other land masses nearby and secured them in place. The steady stream of water spread to each of the other withering continents, until they exuded vibrancy just like the others. Eventually, they'd reach the Mainstream, which Khrona would then control to drift down toward the Motherland and act as fluid under surface for the earth above to drift on and constantly gain their steady stream of life energy from. Now it was starting to really take shape.

Though there were no more land masses near the eternal abyss, there were still quite a few drifting off on their own. Even if all the water was secure, it was harder for someone more naturally in tune with the flowing, fluid water to control the solid, concreteness of the earth. But, as they say, slow and steady wins the race.

Khrona: "This is getting a bit intense now... But it's all good now that the Mainstream is here with the Motherland."

With this water here to drink and circulate, Khrona shouldn't have to worry about being too tired anymore. From the Motherland, he manipulated the channels of the Mainstream to extend to each of the remaining pieces of earthen mass, and like the first, they'd feed on the water, slowly making their way to the Motherland.

Khrona: "In a little while, this planet will be completed again... Wonderful. That was... Tiresome work."

As tired as he was, he decided to take a dip in the Mainstream for a second to relax a bit. So, in he went, and he'd drift on the soothing waves, waiting for the slow land masses to make their impact again.

Insanity: 'So very quick to relax, aren't you? Have you not even realized that there is nothing keeping the Mainstream and Motherland tied down?'

Another pulsating flash of red brought calamity yet again, for the waters of the Mainstream drifted apart and toward the abysmal void yet again, this time taking the clods of earth connected to each pool with them.

Insanity: 'You must understand the Third Chakra to center this atrocity. The Solar Plexus Chakra of the Fire Element... The Chakra of Wisdom.'

The Motherland also seemed to drift away from the Mainstream, as there was nothing holding it together nor pulling it toward a centered point. Thus, more Chaos in what was once still beautiful, yet widely imperfect.

Insanity: 'The Core. The burning will. The center of it all. It is the chakra that brings about the assimilation experience, the digestion of all energies and transfusion of one's own personal power, be it negative or positive. The core of anything is vastly important, as its own health influences the health of all that is connected to its energies. Without a strong core, everything it holds together is weak and feeble. It is what allows manifestation from the ether, from energy itself. What you manifest is up to you, as it shows your own individual charisma, your ability to grow, to learn and live well.'

A little irked at how well Khrona was doing, he could not put such things past him. He was much greater than Falshin, most definitely. A deity that could barely manifest his own reality... He was so weak.

Insanity: 'It is the life force, the energy that the water channels and the earth receives. Light. Heat. Will. Fire. With its eminence, it draws in all things necessary for the sustenance of itself and all connected to it, as the center of everything. When it is fed well, it will produce greater energy. If poisoned, it will become weak and unable to sustain. Mars governs the eternal flame with passion, pure force and drive.'

All of Khrona's work seemed to be coming undone without this great foundation of a core. The Order only knew Chaos without its Core.

Insanity: 'Physically governing conversion of matter into energy, mentally bestowing personal power, emotionally granting expansion and spiritually being all matters of growth, the Sun of the chakras uses its great will to pull the others and hold them together with individual ego and self expression. In this, you are beyond weak. You have no grounding; barely having a form. Do you honestly think you can sustain the form of something without physical shape, as you do?'

Perhaps, this Khrona would not understand what The Insanity was talking about, for that was the form of Khrona that resided on the outer plane of the Tree. The one trapped by the Insanity of the Seventh Restriction. Without this core, there was no form. And that much was apparent in the disarray here.

In his quaint little pool of relaxation, swimming and drifting off on the soothing waves of the Mainstream, Khrona listened rather lackadaisically to the words of The Insanity once again, more or less still just basking in the waters that were rising from the large body. He hadn't really noticed until it was brought to his attention, and he would gaze off into the black expanse to find that it was right... Everything was just drifting away. Again.

Khrona: "Son of a BITCH!!!"

He was getting pissed at all of this going on. After all his hard work, nothing would just stay together and stay in one spot... None of these things were focused on one thing. It was like The Insanity said; they had no center. Thus, they had no focus.

Khrona: "You pieces of shit are really getting on my nerves..."

To call his own creation shit... Man, he must be getting really upset here. The water around him began to boil, and so too did the atmosphere become less cold and void an more filled with light and heat. Eventually, the water evaporated into steam, which then became clouds hovering over the land mass. These clouds brought rain pouring down to the now thirsty land, and soon, the connection to Khrona and the Mainstream was, not only destroyed, but irrelevant. Thus, the land mass drifted back off toward the void yet again, without a care.

Khrona: "... What the fuck!? You selfish little... Tch..."

His anger was rising. Emanating from his body was a powerful heat; a bright and consumptive light in the dark, which drew in more of the floating debris to fuel the flames. As it did, his anger grew even more, and eventually, it started to become the 'center of attention,' that rage within. It drew in the small particles and debris and burnt it to a crisp, only to grow larger, brighter and even more consumptive. Eventually, it started to draw in everything to fuel its flames... Land masses both large and small and pools of water from all around. The pieces of land that were drawn in were instantly burnt now, no matter how large they were, and the flames grew larger and larger.

Khrona: "Let's see how you like it when you're totally burnt to a-- ... Wait... Wait!!"

The fire burning around him couldn't be stopped now. It seemed to have a will of its own, a craving for everything around it to simply burn up to fuel itself; the only thing it cared about. It needed things only to consume and digest, not to circulate and grow.

Khrona: "Wait! Stop!! If you consume everything, you'll just burn yourself out when there's nothing left!!"

The fire didn't seem to care. It only listened to its own will and own way, which was growing away from Khrona. This was his rage... His anger... It consumed everything and burned bridges rather than helped to create. The greatest difficulty with the powerful fire is learning to control it to keep it from burning up everything... Until there is nothing left but the cold void you started out with.

More and more land masses started to drift in faster and faster, and the small pools of water could not get in close to douse the flames, for they were simply too small.

Khrona: "At this rate, all my work will be destroyed... But... To counteract the hot, gotta have some cold, right...? Something like... The water of the Mainstream!!"

But, as it was, the water would only put out the fire rather than control it... So, since this was Khrona's own anger, he was going to be the one to control it, before it burnt up everything in its path. He loosed all that fury and fed it t the flames, deciding to be the one that sustained them inwardly rather than allowing things outwardly to feed it. Feeding the fire negative energy so it may draw into itself for more food... And when contained, control it by feeding it positivity.

As Khrona kept the negativity within him, the flames began to consume it inwardly, as well, folding in on themselves trying to get every last scrap of it. When the fires were condensed as much as they could be, they formed a plasmatic sphere of pure and utter burning light around Khrona, where he would then trap it in place with the positive energy to erase the negative that was fed to the flames. There, the raging fires calmed and became peaceful. Twas only Khrona's burning will, his soul, which would attract the land masses more calmly now. Still, he ran the risk of burning up all of the land masses, so there had to be a way to cool this fire to the point where it could still take in energy, but not burn up everything...

Khrona: "The Mainstream."

With a clear head not befuddled by the rage before, Khrona could easily control the Mainstream and coat it over the raging burning light and allow it to shine out through the crystal clear waters and out toward the individual land masses, drawing them in as focused beams through the water's crystal clear coating. Since Khrona was adept with water, he could control the wavelength of light as well as use his Pyrokinesis and Photokinesis to steadily channel the combined forces of the Core and the Mainstream to the Motherland, and let the earth gently float along the water's surface.

Khrona: "Phew... I thought that one was gonna be bad. And it looks like I lost a little bit of my work here, too... Oh well. Nothing that can't be fixed."

Here, the balance between the three forces would be able to keep them all sustained, maintained and at peace... The Core kept them all together as well as heated the waters so they weren't so very cold, plus allowed for the water to evaporate and become clouds and rain, the water could spread the channeled life energy it was gifted with to all the land with natural water under the earth and overhead with the clouds, and the earth could produce the material needed to fuel the fire at the core.

Breathing deeply and heavily, Khrona was relieved to see that the land masses were starting to gravitate more gently toward the Core. Hey, it had its own gravitational pull now. Good job, Khrona!

Khrona: "Well. All's well that ends well. I'm gonna lie down and rest before I die or something."

Yes, he was nice and cozy at the center of his planet... The center of everything. Even if he couldn't be seen, he knew that he was at least keeping everything and everyone together with his great and powerful sheer will. He was well deserving of a nice nap, right...?

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PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall EmptyThu Jun 25, 2020 6:06 pm

The little ecosystem Khrona created was nice and all, but in no way was it time to relax, even now. A Khrona lay down for his nap, the air around him would start to burn away and become minimal, leaving nothing for anything to breathe.

Insanity: 'So impudent, even now. You seem to think it amusing to stop so soon, when you have only just now awakened and aligned THREE of your SEVEN chakras! Even now, you are not even halfway there, and this is not even the hardest part. Here, I will consume you... For you and your planet lack the oxygen necessary to BREATHE.'

As The Insanity said, the trees began to wither again, though they were well fed with both light and water. The waters began to recede. The fire began to shrink. All these things needed to have the breath of life to also sustain themselves, and without it, they all would suffocate and return to desolation, as many who had failed before had done to their planets. They weren't uninhabitable for no reason.

Insanity: 'Perhaps with the Fourth Chakra, you will understand this better, you twit. The Heart Chakra of the Wind Element... The Chakra of Love.'

The pressure from the gravity of the Core's existence was getting to be a little to much for it to handle. Hence, the 'gravity' of the situation brought on a lot of 'pressure.' This powerful crushing force drew in as much oxygen as it could to fuel itself from the outside, which would cause things up above to collapse and pressurize as well.

Insanity: 'The Core may be the center, but if it is not taken care of... It collapses on itself, taking everything with it. There must be more to sustain it. That is why this Chakra releases the stress of emotionally suppressed trauma. It is the Heart and Soul working together in their own consciousness, and expressing love in action. Since the Core needs so much positivity to keep itself sustained, feeding it too much negativity will, in essence, destroy the planet. Thus, this 'love in action' is necessary.'

Even Khrona would be able to feel the pressures forcing their way on him, attempting to crush him under the weight of his own ego; his own gravity. His soul was trying to destroy him with its massiveness... And this was The Insanity's favorite part of the show; when the soul crushes the body by collapsing in on itself. Hmhmhm...

Insanity: 'It makes up all that is gaseous, all air, and the flow of the wind. It is faster, lighter and more transparent than the water, allowing for it to spread the waves of light and life above the earth and sea and into the skies, till the water joins up in one of its many forms; the clouds. This chakra is associated with a gradual increasing consciousness, and is the center of unconditional love. It is the 'breath of life' that nature brings from the earth when properly cared for, and this life is breathed also into the water for its tender care and nutrition, and also into the fire for its warmth and steady loving light. It is the love that exists within to be given back to everything. If that love does not exist within, then the breath of life cannot be given back and circulated in the cycle, and it inevitably collapses when things continually take and take without giving back to what has given to them.'

As it stood, even clouds could not form in the sky due to the lack of oxygen. There as no air, so there was no breath. Without breath, there was no life. There was no give, there was only take, until one could give no more. The Core, the Center, the Ego, being the main entity which takes without giving, would inevitably consume everything in its entirety, and, once again, burn itself out. The thought of having a lack of life angered it, and from the mountains below connected to it would it spurt forth its anger explosively, threatening to consume all the life that resided up above. It was hungry. It was thirtsy. It couldn't breathe. So it would consume in its fit of negativity.

Insanity: 'Naturally, from what you may have already experience, physically, this chakra is governed by circulation, emotionally grants unconditional love for the self and others, mentally brings passion and spiritually exudes devotion. Ruled by Venus, that which brings Beauty, Harmony, Love and Serenity, it governs higher vibrations of emotions as opposed to Mars, which governs the lower. It is a being of acceptance, aesthetics and appreciation, as Venus is responsible for moving beyond the self to acknowledge the life all around and accepting that the individual is apart of a greater whole. Acceptance leads to appreciation through which we constantly grow. Above all, Venus values true love and its shared sense of oneness. Makes the world go round, as they say. Hmhmhm.'

Let's see how long Khrona can hold his breath... The more he withholds, the more the gravity of it all crushes him to bits. The Insanity wanted to see his soul crush him so very badly... Especially with how insanely large and powerful it had grown to be. There was no way possible he could have that much unconditional love.

Drifting off to snoozeville, Khrona was lulled to sleep by the warmth of the controlled Core, cooled by the water and secured by the earth. Here, it was paradise... Paradise for a being that was alone, rather.

He could hear in his dreams the words of The Insanity... But they didn't really dawn on him until he shot up from his slumber gasping for air that he didn't have, and found the Core trying to crush him at its epicenter.

Khrona: "Gurk... Grak... Wha... Ghh...!!!!"

Barely able to speak yet again, Khrona tried to lift himself from his position, but only found the force getting more and more intense the more he tried to move. The Core was trying to take in everything, and with Khrona being the center of creation, he was the core of the core.

For the fourth time and probably not the last at this rate, all of his work was coming undone by some freak force of nature. All of this stuff was really hard to sustain life... An entire existence... An omniverse all in one concentration. Hell, it was more taxing on himself as the creator than anything. What was more important was... How was he going to get some air here?!

Thinking as quickly as he could, he would simply take oxygen from up above and suck it all in and keep it to himself so that the core could keep everything together. Clearly, the Core was the most important here, and if it was properly sustained, then everything following it would be fine as well. That is to say... If Khrona were taken care of properly, then he could take care of the planet afterward. To do so, he would need as much air as possible So, with a deep, powerful inhale, Khrona took in a vast amount of the oxygen from the trees and the water, sucking it into the Core of the Planet, and then even further into himself. Using Aerokinesis, he could circulate the air within himself and continuously purify it so that he never had to actually exhale nor breathe ever again, and everything could find its peace.

Khrona: 'Okay, now that I've got this under control... I can go up there and fix the problem.'

But, as he was about to move, another problem arose... The pressure of gravity was STILL forcing itself on him. He couldn't move in the slightest. He could feel the planet dying with all of his senses, and that made him rather weak, truthfully. His body felt brittle and crushed, his blood and bodily fluids felt thin and without current, and his core felt heavy and with a lot of stress. Not only was Khrona not doing well in taking care of his planet, but also, himself. It made him a little sad.

Khrona: '... All of these things are fundamentals of life, it seems... What happens with me also happens on the larger spectrum of things... Any and everything connected to me feels the effects of it. Man... If this is what happens with only a planet, imagine what would happen if I actually extended myself out to everyone and everything else...'

But, he had already done that on the outside, he was aware. That time with the Thirteen Tsukiyomi affected more than just himself; but everything he connected to, which was everything to the ends of all things. He found a way to connect, but it was dangerous because he wasn't aware of how to take care of himself.

Khrona: '... Well, if I'm connected to everything and I have this great power, I'm gonna use it to ensure the healthy and productive growth and cycle of harmony in the spectrum of all things. And if that means I have to assimilate my power with other forces, so be it. I will lend my power to everything I am connected to, and draw power straight from the Heavens! I will have to learn to take care of myself so I can learn to take care of others as well!'

But to take care of himself didn't just mean to take in everything, like he was doing sitting at the center of the world. No, it didn't mean being in the spotlight, being the center of attention, receiving gifts from everyone and everything nor did it mean having unfathomable power. It meant to keep things in Order, and to fix the Chaos whenever it arises in that Order, until absolute Perfection and Harmony occurred.

Khrona: '... Alright then. I will not allow my hard work to go to waste. I will not allow my planet to die. I will not do so. I love it just as dearly as I love my village, and none of that is dying today!!!'

By sheer force of will, he lifted his hand and forced away the weight of gravity trapping him in solitude and trying to crush him with its pressure. Such was the effect of Gravitokinesis. Rising up from the concentrated fires of the smoldering Core, through the cool, yet drying receding waters of the Mainstream and high above the Motherland that was the earth, Khrona exhaled gently, allowing the gift of life, the breath of the creator to circulate through the atmosphere once more. The moment he did, it was as if he blew away all the troubles that once crushed this planet, and it became light and 'airy' once again.

The plants and trees quickly consumed Khrona's breath, perking up and breathing out their life through their roots and down deep below the earth to the planet's core, where it would take in the breath and cool itself down. Without sucking everything in attempting to gasp for air, the waters would stop receding and would become warm again, allowing for clouds to form and ride the currents of the wind up above the earth and rain down for the plants to receive their water in their thirst once again.

Khrona: "... Phew."

With that, Khrona was able to breathe rather easily, as well. In fact, he could breathe clear and refreshing air, and could see that his planet was also doing the same. Breathing fresh, clean air. Drinking pure clear water. Warmed by its own inner heat. Stabilized by its solid earth.

Khrona: "That's all four elements here, Insanity. This planet's self sustaining now. Got its own real ecosystem and whatnot, able to keep its own life going as it pleases, eating when it wants, drinking when it wants and breathing clearly. Heh heh heh... It was hard to keep it all together, but now there's no more elements. So what are the last three chakras all about, huh?"

This time, Khrona didn't want to take a break. In fact, he was kinda eager to see what was next on the list. Not only was this planet sustaining itself, but it was sustaining him and vice versa. It felt good to be taken care of, ya know?

Khrona's work was actually impressive in the eyes of The Insanity now, though still nothing worthy of too much grandeur.

Insanity: 'So, you've passed from the lower vibrations into the higher... Gaining control over the four primary elements of life. Good for you, want a medal? Think you're the Avatar now, or something? You must not forget that there is much more out there than just the four prime elements. You still have three more chakras to unlock, Captain Planet.'

The cloud lingered off toward the void; the wide expanse of sheer and utter blackness without light.

Insanity: 'As you go higher up, you will notice higher vibrations. You started with the Earth, moving up to something less solid, Water, which then led to something even less tangible, Fire, to something not even visible, Air. Now you must move on to the Fifth Chakra... The Throat Chakra of the Sound, Ether, and Metal Element... The Chakra of Power.'

Sound was the next thing that was experienced here, as it traveled even through the darkness and all about the cosmos of the Void for all things to pick up on its ever traveling vibrations. Here, sound reached out from beyond the little world that was Khrona's own planet, and this sound interacted with the life force that it exuded.

Insanity: 'The power of Sound and Ether; the ability to verbalize. It expresses the truth through spoken word, and manifests reality through that truth of the Voice. The one Personal Truth and The Truth are what make up this chakra of all Sounds and all Energy within the Ethereal realm, and as it echoes off into the abyss, it carries back wishes on its waves. The sound is very resonant, and it is most associated with Metals.'

An eerie noise, one of such high frequency this planet could not comprehend. The newness brought fear to the planet, and would throw its natural, peaceful ecosystem into disarray yet again through the unknowing of what was beyond the darkness. That which it could not see nor comprehend, simply because it did not exist in its world.

Insanity: 'This planet has not manifested Metal yet; it is far too new, too fresh to understand all the sounds that the universe makes. All the entities that reside outside of its own little world. Never did it need to interact with anything outside of itself, because it only wished to sustain its own life. Now... It wishes to communicate with the foreign object it fears, simply to know what it is, why it makes that noise and how it functions, and how to communicate with it.'

The plants now stopped growing. The waters stopped flowing. The Core realized it was no longer the 'Center' of attention, and this brought on a new emotion it could not fathom. Curiosity. Instinctively, it attempted to move itself and attract itself to whatever it was that made this resilient sound in the abyss... And would start to pull itself into the Ether as well. The Planet was on the move.

Insanity: 'Physically governing communication, emotionally bringing independence, mentally enabling fluent thought and spiritually finding stability, this Chakra harbors the intent of securing the personal beliefs and sustenance of the self in the entire spectrum, and interacting its views with other things. Reason, logic and all forms of communication are properties of Metal. With Mercury as its ruler, which also has a metal named after it so, it commandeers communication in all forms. The champion of logic and reason, Mercury rules rational thought. Learning styles and overall intellect is also a reflection of Mercury, in general. Thus ends the cycle of preservation of life, and on to the creation of intellect. The planet as a living being is now intelligent.'

Without a care, this Planet, with its newfound intelligence, would hurl itself straight into the Void without knowing what was within, or whether it would come back. It would throw its own life away without concern for itself, only to try to understand what it was that made such a sound. Khrona had some explaining to do.

A parent of a planet could only marvel at their creation from the outer limits, shedding a tear at the beauty that it was and the love that he felt for it. Gorgeous~!

Khrona: "Aww... My little baby is all self-sustained! It's so beautiful! And this energy travels from me into my baby and back into me! Perpetual Energy, hooooo!"

Certainly, this was the secret to Perpetual Energy, but this was not the secret to communication with other worldly beings. That sound, though known by Khrona easily was something new to his new born planet. Thus, it caused the babe to drift off head first straight into the Void of the Self, thinking it was fine sustained all by itself.

Khrona: "NO! WAIT! DON'T GO! You won't be able to find your way back!! You might be completely destroyed by what's out there, and you have no way of protecting yourself!!"

Naturally, the planet wouldn't listen to Khrona's all, for it was too interested in what it didn't know from the great beyond rather than what it did know as a Creator.

Khrona: "... Dammit."

Somehow, he knew that simply calling it wouldn't bring it back, though. Now that meant that he was going to have to find a way to bring it back.

Khrona: "... Well, it's attracted to the sound of metal... I'll just have to introduce metal to the planet so I can show it exactly what it is. But first... I've gotta stop it from jumping STRAIGHT into the Void..."

But how exactly could he do that? Well first, he would have to use all that he knew from before. He closed his eyes and centered his first four chakras, connecting them to the four primary elements that were the fragments of his being that made up this planet. Using that as means to tether himself directly to it, Khrona would open his eyes, which were perfectly crystal clear hidden under his mask, and extend his huge wings outward. With a single flap, he'd pull as hard as he could, keeping the planet at bay for only a moment, before he needed to flap again to keep it in the same spot. Every couple of minutes, he'd need to flap his wings once to ensure the planet didn't go on the move again.

Khrona: "... Ugh... Alright... That part's done... This thing is... Heavy... I guess it is an entire omniverse concentrated into one planet... I keep forgetting that it really is that freakin huge."

Now all that needed to be done was to get it to stop looking for that sound. Echokinesis and Audiokinesis should do quite nicely for this one. The only thing big enough to even release that type of sound were Khrona's wings, and he couldn't do that without creating the metal first.

Khrona: "... This one's too much work for my taste... But I gotta persevere, gotta persevere..."

Through the connection he had with the planet, he pulled up one of the mountains from the Motherland, some of the lava from the Core under it, a small portion of the Mainstream, and lastly, just a tiny bit of wind. With the lava from the core, he dipped the mountain into it and let its hard, rocky form become molten and malleable. Using the great power of Gravitokinesis, he pressurized the heated earth to a powerful, hardened form in the shape of a tuning fork, which seemed to resemble a type of lance. Then, he allowed it to slip through the cooling waters of the Mainstream, where it would take on its metallic form, and finally, the winds would cool and smooth it out to perfection. Thus, the first metallic substance was created from this planet.

Khrona: "... Now THAT's done, too. It should know what metal is now when I link the metallic substance into the natural flow of life, but... How's the planet gonna make that without my help?"

He was suddenly jerked from his position by the planet rearing up again, and flapping his wings, he would bring it back to a halt before it could go any farther.

Khrona: "Eh... Well, this place is rather intelligent... So I guess I should just communicate with it through the sound of my voice..."

But right now, he needed it to hear the sound of the metallic tuning fork so that it would be led back away from the Void. With the little time he had before the planet would start moving again, Khrona flew down to the earth and tried to smash the fork on one of the mountains. All too quickly, the mountain would fall to pieces.

Khrona: "... Fuck. Right. Metal's harder than rock. Goddammi-- Woah..."

The Planet was on the move yet again. Khrona needed to hurry this one up.

Khrona: "... Uh... Uh... Think fast, think fast, think-- Got it!! I'll just make another one!!"

He took off as fast as he could in a single flap, leaving in his vacuum the fallen pieces of mountain, water from the Mainstream, more lava from the core and more wind in the wake of the vacuum's pull. He reached the outer limits again, undergoing the same process as before to create the second tuning fork. Before the Planet got too far off, Khrona slammed the two together and allowed their sound to resonate and reverberate from within him and out from his wings and space. Using Echokinesis and Audiokinesis, with a single flap of his wings, he focused that sound all directly at the planet so it could hear and would pay attention to Khrona, which it did once it realized the sound was coming from him.


Using Metakinesis in conjunction with the resonance of his own chakras in correspondence with the planet's elements, Khrona could focus the vibrations of sound through the forks into himself and finally back into the planet for it to discern them and the process as it saw Khrona do so, and have its intellect grow in total. Now, with the power to create Metals and the knowledge of the sound Metals create, it started to create organisms from its four elements in shape of Khrona to create more metals to omit the same sounds.

Khrona: "... Well that isn't what I expected, but... Alright. Mission accomplished. Problem solved."

He was actually really, REALLY tired now... This was getting to be a little more than he thought it would be. He definitely wanted to rest.

Khrona: "Must... Persevere... Must... Persevere..."

The cloud of insanity shone down its joy on the tired Khrona, for seeing him work so hard and come out so battered and beaten from it all was pleasing. He was being worn down, and two of the most difficult chakras remained yet to be opened.

Insanity: 'Tired, are we? Hmhmhm. Caring for a planet is not so easy, is it, Tree of Life? As all new life, it starts out as an infant. Its growth is solely up to you. And look, it's made little clones to try to create more metals, just like you. It is extremely intelligent, it seems, compliments of yourself. Heh.'

The little Khrona Clones continued on with their creation of metals, yet as they proceeded, they were not aware of when to stop. As such, the earth started to become tilled by their hard work, and the age of metal soon overpowered the age of the earth's natural beauty. Very quickly, this world was becoming more and more cold and metallic, with no real way of communicating with the higher being that was Khrona.

Insanity: 'Eventually, these little 'spawns' of you will end up running out of resources. They'll continue to take and take and take attempting to be just like you, since they were born in your image. Hmhm. Soon, both you and your planet you created will be extinguished, as will the lives of your little mini-mes that siphon your life energy as well.'

The world quickly spun into Chaos, yet again. The introduction of a new material to this world without the knowledge of its full potential only made for their new intellects to try to develop the use of it for themselves. Since they were only as intelligent as their cute little babe of a planet, finding out such things would take them quite a long time... If they even had that long to live before they killed themselves off.

Insanity: 'Seems like they need a bit of help here. Perhaps if you look at your Sixth Chakra... The Brow; Third Eye Chakra of the Light-Yang and Dark-Yin Elements... The Chakra of Imagination.'

Naturally, they were imperfect copies considering the data gathered from the planet's limited understanding, but they were still images of him that worked tirelessly to create more metals. Eventually, the planet became sick. Polluted. Dark.

Insanity: 'The Light of all Knowledge and Understanding, yet the Dark of the Unknowing and Misunderstanding. Opposites, polarities. Things of that nature. It is one of the highest vibrations beyond that of sound, and in it, the light clears the darkness that resides within the subconscious mind and allows the channeling of psychic intuition. A regal or 'purple' balanced state of mind, where one is able to see the divine perfection in all things. It is pure devotion. Naturally associated with all things psychic, it allows for the mind to see and interact as it pleases with all things around it, and draw in the understanding and light that once darkened the ignorant minds of those with their 'third eyes' closed.'

These individuals below, as well as the planet, were vastly 'in the dark' about the being that existed outside of their visage. That which had created them, that which sustained them, that which had such level of power and control... They wondered now just exactly what was it that worked up above and gave them these gifts? They were beginning to question it.

Insanity: 'Hmhm. Looks like they're starting to look for you and your guidance. Of course, this chakra opens up the inner knowing and reflection of how things are, allowing one to exceed conscious barriers. For this reason, the sixth chakra is connected with higher levels of wisdom and a level disposition. It symbolizes expansive and original thinking and the wisdom and understanding of all things; ideology and philosophy together as one. Truth and Dream becoming Reality.'

Down on the planet, there were those that used the metal creations as 'weapons,' from their instinctive lower chakras guiding them beyond their actual control, and some that used this metal to create. Either way, there was now more Chaos than ever before. Not only were these creatures killing each other, but they were killing their world and all through the use of the metal that was introduced by the higher power that was Khrona. Some worked for the Light, yet were blinded by its great power, and some were trapped in the Dark and did its bidding blindly as well. None had both working together, only one or the other.

Insanity: 'These creatures seem to not understand the balance of both light and dark. Yin and Yang. They think that because one is opposite, it opposes, rather than conjoins with it to work together and create what they wish. That is what happens when your will is split. Your 'Creation' has learned how to 'create' on its own without fully understanding what it meant to 'create' as well. All things 'created' must know of the full spectrum, lest they fall into Chaos. Perhaps you will also understand now what it means to 'create' without fully knowing how to maintain your 'creation.''

To watch one's own child create such destruction... Calamity... To reside in such darkness, as if still lost in the original Chaos that the world once was... Drifting away without guidance... They were all 'miniature' planets, now, far too ignorant and fresh to understand what they were doing.

Insanity: '... They need to guidance of a parent, Father Khrona. Hmhmhm. Well then. Physically, one must learn to balance the higher and lower selves to maintain this chakra; the light of the highest and the dark of the lowest to maintain divine Order. The inner spirit of this chakra allows one divine psychic intuition, which guides them always in the correct direction and down the correct path. Mentally, this chakra deals with visual consciousness; to see from the mind's open eye. And emotionally, this chakra deals with utter clarity on the intuitive level. The Void of the Self, the Kundalini, is almost awakened, and is able to see the end of the path... And thus, walks down the road to that path with absolute clarity and knowing. This chakra is ruled by Jupiter, of the storms. Jupiter has dominion over one's ideal greatness - the higher vibrations of one's thoughts and ideas. The ability to see what is unseen comes from the belief in existance beyond that which can be proven and is ruled by Jupiter's benevolent force. Thus... It is what you make Real. What is True.'

Those below... They were lost souls searching for the same guidance that Khrona had been looking for long ago. Did he really have the power to help all these beings without wearing himself out and throwing the planet back into Chaos? It seemed like this time, if he didn't, not only would these miniature versions of himself wipe out the planet, but him along with it...

Insanity: 'Your efforts have been impressive, I must admit... But it would take a miracle to save all these lost souls, as well as the planet's and those creations that are created from the created beings every waking instant of time that passes by. I sense no hope for you. You've done well, but this is the end.'

The cloud seemed a bit forlorn about this, for some reason. Though he wished to reap Khrona of his will and make him a slave to Insanity... The other part of him wished for Khrona to succeed in these endeavors and become something greater than just a mere slave.

Insanity: '... You had better hope that Fate is on your side, boy. Go forth and become a legend. If you can..'

For the first time, Khrona listened to the Insanity completely focused and with open ears. He could only watch in horror as his world started to fall apart, to shambles once again, even after all he had done to sustain it. The imperfect copies of himself... The spawns... The clones... Of course they had the potential to be as great as he was, but they were just so stupid and fresh... They knew nothing. How would they listen to him when they were so savage and stuck on such lower vibrations? Did he have enough time, or would they destroy the planet and himself before such things happened?

Khrona: "Why...?"

He was hurt by this. Watching it all. Enduring it all. Feeling it all. Knowing it all. He was absolutely hurt by it, down to his very soul.

Khrona: "... Why...?"

He could not help but continue to ask himself. How did it get to this point when everything seemed to be going so well? Why was all of this happening? How could he fix it?

Khrona: "... ... Why?"

Continuing to listen to the Insanity, he finally knew how it felt to watch something he loved so much be destroyed like that. Though... There was a side of him that rather enjoyed that feeling. The killing... The destruction... The blood... The rage... Those primal, instinctive emotions surging through the planet and into those spawns, it was directly affecting him as well...

Khrona: "Huhhh... The fate of the world seems to be not only in my hands... But in the hands of my children, as well... Whatever their state is is also what makes my state... I have to instruct them and communicate with them before they turn me into some mad beast... Driven by the Chaos of Insanity..."

This seemed rather familiar, actually. Blood and darkness... To give in to those primal instincts and let his body take over from here... To start over by simply going crazy and wiping everything clean... Yes, he had that power... He had that knowledge... He had that primal urge...

... But.

Khrona: "... No..."

There was something else at work here.

Khrona: "... I will not forsake this realm."

Something even more powerful than Khrona's primal urges.

Khrona: "... I know I can do this. I simply have to use all of my powers... To fix this mess I've made yet again."

Those chakras within him were being aligned...

And his Third Eye opened.


Khrona: "No matter how hard it gets..."

He understood now that these creatures existed without guidance and balance, just as the planet did. If he could talk to the planet, then he could also balance out the beings that resided on it, for the planet would only spawn those that had its own understanding and wisdom. Thus, it was time to accelerate the knowledge and the growth.

Khrona: "... No matter how much I have to put into this..."

He outstretched his hand, pulling in Light from on high and into his Third Eye, the one which would never close. In his right hand, there was an accumulation of all forms of light of every single vibration there was; all spectrums of it. All vibrations placed into one thing, and continued to be pulled from the Void. Soon, this light would become so bright that it would reveal the dark that covered the outer limits of the Void; the rest of Creation by Khrona's own will.

Khrona: "...No matter WHAT I have to do..."

All the fleeting darkness was pulled into his hand, mirroring the force and size of the light. As a mirror to the great light, it reflected the light on its face, to reveal just what it was that this darkness truly looked like; to reveal what the darkness was hiding.

Khrona: "... Even if I have to give up all the energy I have..."

There, in both hands opposing each other, there would be a Sun and a Moon.

Khrona: "... I will make sure to correct my mistakes. Unlike the world I come from, a widely forsaken land... I will not let my efforts go to waste."

The light grew so large that, in fact, it was larger than this planet, as to give the planet something to see as it stared off into the Void that was no longer filled with darkness. In fact, more light similar to it could be seen out in the expanse... And the planet would be able to view these things from its position. With the moon, the lump sum of all of said darkness, partially illuminated by light and partially hidden by darkness, it would become a mirror for both the Sun and the planet, showing what happens when the light goes away and also what happens when the planet decided to move.

To keep the planet from drifting too far off, the powerful pull from this light kept it within its grasp, allowing it to drift off and see what it wished to see whilst also being safely restrained and guided. The Sun itself would also be able to move around throughout the cosmos to give the Planet something new to see every so often, until it and its inhabitants were able to explode an even wider expands than the one they were granted... When they were 'old enough,' that is.

Khrona: "That was only... Part one... To show the Planet... That I exist... Phew..."

He was getting tired, though. Very tired. Doing that took quite a bit out of him, and he was in need of a rest already. To regenerate his body, he would fall back to slumber in the core of the planet, where none of the ignorant masses could see. Before he did, however, he flung the two tuning forks to either side of the planet to give himself and the planet a way to communicate through vibrations whilst he slumbered. Thus, whatever was projected from his mind would also be released through waves from those metallic forks for the planet to hear and to distribute the knowledge through its children, as well.

Khrona: "Insanity... Is it time to rest yet...? I feel like... I have no energy left within me..."

It was true. Khrona's physical body was becoming lifeless, for the extent of all his life energy was being expended into the maintenance of the planet. Thus, Khrona's soul became the planet itself, whilst his mind stayed constant and his body would wither...

Khrona: 'In... Sanity...'

There, Khrona fell again, now to the state of the First Restriction; Cognigeist. Speaking to the spawns through the planet, he would inform them of what was going on... But it would take far too long for this process to bring him back, even if he wasn't truly 'dead.'

Khrona: 'How... Long... Must I wait... For it all to get... Better...?'

Insanity: '...'

Utter silence. The Insanity did not speak; simply watched, awestruck at the will of Khrona. He seemed to understand just what all of the alignment of all the lower chakras meant, and connected them all in equivocation with his Third Eye. With that, he fixed the problems of the world he created by giving himself up and staying here to guide them as a psychic force. The Insanity knew that this process would take beyond mortal life to undergo; millennia, even, before the change was actually predominant over this planet. They simply had to wait it out.

Khrona: '... Unless...'

Insanity: '... Khrona. That was well deserving of my praise. You are truly a being worthy of opening the final chakra, and I will indeed explain the process to you. Listen very carefully, for what I tell you, you must also relay to the planet and your children. The Seventh and Final Chakra to be opened is the Crown Chakra of the Unity and Consciousness, Space and Time, Heaven and Void... The Chakra of pure Understanding and Will. Even your name, 'Khrona,' means 'Crown.' Looks like you're living up to your name and your potential.'

Here, the beings started to understand. They could hear very faint, but very distinct whispers from on high; or rather, fermenting from the atmosphere. Khrona's thought waves... His pure consciousness roaming about the land, free to all that would receive it into their wills, even if it were only a few. With that, he would be able to protect them and cover them from the horrors of that world, and assist them in their change if they so willed it to be so.

Insanity: 'The personal identification with the infinite of all things. The oneness and connectedness to everything, to God. Serene Peace. Divine Wisdom. Utter Clarity. The 'Halo' as they say. As a symbol of self-knowledge and spiritual consciousness and unity, one may work toward the common goal of all things united. The seventh chakra is able to give access to the infinite intelligence that exists in the universe and is one's key to opening the door to it. Share that with your creations and all others you are connected to, and you all will be able to bring harmony as one united collective, yet still maintain your own individuality with understanding. It is directly connected to the cosmos and creation, allowing those who have opened to create as they will without limit.'

All that Khrona thought, it would come into fruition in due time... For it takes a while for a seed to grow in the dark... And the light must first touch it and nurture it with the elements of life, so that it may grow just as Khrona had. The Tree of Life; the Crystal Clarity.

Insanity: 'It is manifested on the mental plane as the vibration of thought-energy. On the physical plane it is represented by nuclear energy (energy derived from the atom as fundamental building block of the universe). On a metaphysical level it is the particle-wave - those substances, such as white light, that display characteristics of both matter (particles) and energy (wave-forms). On the astral plane it is spirit energy - the divine essence of the soul that connects to the cosmos and to the Creator. On an esoteric and philosophical level it can be viewed as acting force behind universal will or Karma - the flow of energy that keeps the universe in balance. It is what you wished for and what you willed; it has become reality. With this blessed and divine power governed by Sol, the 'Sun,' it signifies the identity of all within the cosmic plane. It is the point from which the soul (sol) enters the body and it's astrological placement indicates why it chose to be born. The sun's radiant energy and gravitational pull are the forces that created our solar system, set it in motion, gave it life and sustain it. Just as the Moon revolves around the planet, like all things in a galaxy, revolves around the Sun. And even beyond that, all things revolve around a greater light; a higher consciousness... The Supreme Being. The Almighty.'

Everything, eventually, would come into play here. However, it was up to Khrona to ensure that this is what happened in the station that he governed; on his omniverse of his own creation.

Insanity: 'Khrona... You may have awakened, but you are not finished here. It is time for you to do this for your people, as well. With all such divine power, you are able to now TRULY ascend fro the Fourth and into the Fifth, where you may regain control of the emotions running rampant in the Sixth and quench the Insanity of the Seventh... When those tasks are complete, may you humbly transcend to the Eighth, and beyond.'

Now that he was on this level, The Insanity held him in high regards for proving his worth. Though there was still one more need that had to be met before completion...

... Yes... He could feel it now... All the wheels were turning... All the spirals were connected and ascending... The double helix within was in full spectrum, and above the planet, a Halo formed.

Khrona: 'Ah... Yes... This all makes... Sense now...'

The light from up above; the Wisdom of the Divine... The great Understanding that Khrona knew would now shine down on his children and onto his planet, which had become a heavenly creation. Though it was not perfect just yet, it would be at the end of time; rather, the end of time for the Dark Ages.

Khrona: '... Well. Might as well speed things up a bit, with all this control I have. I'll have to explain it to them like this, then...'

With all such control over Space and Time, he would simply initiate a powerful quantum leap known to many as the 'Timeskip.' Instead of existing outside of time, however, he would exist within this accelerated space and time, and allow for the qualms of this world to be put at ease however long it would take to do so. As such...

---Quantum Timeskip---

At the end of it all, Khrona awoke from his slumber, manifesting himself back into Reality with a Halo donned atop his head. He sat now at the center of the Crystal Tree, where the blackness that once plagued it had gone away.

He looked up to find that large crystal ring, the Halo, and which sat atop it, a crystal lotus of a thousand petals. The Halo, which he could place upon the back of his head like a hollowed (Hallowed) Sun, was that which symbolized his Crown and his ascension in the physical world. Not only did he draw in power from his 'True Self,' but also from on high; from God.

Looking all around, he could see that the Crystal Tree birthed his new physical form in opposition of the energetic forms he took on before. When he was in the Fifth before, he had no knowledge; no control over his powers... And his Emotions in the Sixth ran wild. Now, after undergoing that... His Emotions and his Insanity could be put under control.

Calling forth a mirror in the crystal, he gazed at his new appearance... He remembered when he could take on this form only for short periods of time. Now, he was able to maintain and sustain himself in it; Transcendent Mode.

Khrona: "... Insanity. Where are you?"

Insanity: 'So. You chose to do it like this, then... Time is of the essence. As long as it gets done... And with you, that much is inevitable.'

Only moments later, the voice of The Insanity faded, and the realm would be consumed by a white light. There, as if waking from a deep comatose slumber, was Khrona, now in a form void of a mask and infinite in power, and to mark it, the large Halo hovering above his head. He successfully transitioned between the Fourth Restriction to the Fifth. Correctly this time, thus allowing him to reap the full benefits of this form. The Insanity was beckoned, summoned back to this plane of existence by Khrona's voice, and now instead of a dark cloud looming overhead, it took the shape of a crystalline orb. Khrona's Soul.

Insanity: 'Yes, Khrona? What is it you require? Has the transition left you a little... Weary?'

For the moment, the Insanity was subdued, but this was in no way the end of it... Not just yet. Even in this form, Khrona still had a great ways to go.

Gaze veering off into the beautiful crystal world, he understood that even though he was at the Fifth, he hadn't yet set foot out on the outside world. He would not truly manifest until that was done and he took those first few steps into the Dawn.

Khrona: "... Well, yes, I am a bit weary, but... Moreover, I have already figured out just who and what you are. You are myself of the Seventh Restriction desperately crying for help, aren't you?"

He walked forward toward one of the crystal landscapes, climbing atop and plopping down to stare up at the moon up above.

Khrona: "Tell me. What will become of you when I set foot out on the land? Will you disappear? Will you return to me? Or will you simply exist as my own Insanity separate from my physical body?"

He knew the repercussions of ascending to the Fifth, however... With his emotions under control, perhaps he would be able to express them freely without seeming so deadpan, and without the help of the Insanity.

Khrona: "... I want to have my emotions in order. Every last one of them I do not want to be a cut and dry type, nor do I want to be overly emotional. I want you to make sure that my emotions are in check before I take off. Alright?"

His belief in the matter was spot on, in a sense. Though 'The Insanity' was the Seventh Restriction, the accumulation of all Insanity, it still wasn't completed until the Sixth was in total order. Right now, The Fifth was the vessel that the emotions and the soul could not reside in under they were in perfect order, like the body and mind were in.

Insanity: '... Of course I am the Seventh. You know yourself better than anyone. It is perfectly alright for you to set foot out into the world... But with your emotions as they are, you will have to deal with your Sins to even out your Virtues and bring your emotions into perfect balance. Once that occurs, I'll be able to ascend beyond Absolute Insanity and become the Eighth. If you wish for those emotions to be released... Then you may deal with them as you see fit, however they will come to you for equivocation... Those Seven Deadly Sins. That is the only warning I have about those emotions of yours... And that will be the last time you will have to deal with them.'

After all was said and done, The Insanity simply faded away. It was at Khrona's beck and call to when he needed, for it was him, simply on a higher plane of existence, but... It was still worried about what was to come when he dealt with those... Sins.

The Insanity's ominous warning would not go without heed; Khrona knew the deadly strength of his emotions. His Sins. But he also knew the great power of his Virtues within, and with them, he would allow them to conquer his Sins and bring about Balance. The harmonization of his emotions was just as important as his mind and body, and with those emotions sorted out, his soul could be at peace, as well.

Khrona: "... Thank you, Seventh. It seems as though now... I simply must go out and wait for my Sins to catch up to me. Quaint."

Though he wasn't looking forward to it, he was indeed looking forward to using his powers again. It was something he was actually really excited about.

Khrona: "With all this divinity, I will use it justly and responsibly. Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Wrath, Greed and Sloth. All will be halted by Humility, Kindness, Temperance, Chastity, Patience, Charity and Diligence."

With all said and done... He took a step from the Crystal Tree and out into the Veritas once more. Khrona had returned.

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PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall EmptyFri Jun 26, 2020 9:25 am

Whilst the True Khrona rested within and at the top of the Crystal Tree, writing not only the Story of all that was occurring and having it come true, but also recording all of the 'Lost Data' of the Tensei to the fullest extent, the energy that was being filtered by the Crystal Tree itself in order to keep the Dusk and Dawn free of the filthy and tainted energies of the Horsemen and any other wickedness that was on the planet at the time was taking a toll on his Mind and Spirit, even if his Body was being kept together by the combined efforts of he and his family. Because of this, as the True Khrona was kept hidden and locked away, his Lower Dimensional Manifestations were running amok on Vescrutia, trying to keep his Insanity in order as he basically sustained all life around him in purity and safety. He, himself was being corrupted and tainted, and even though he was trying to fight it, the Horsemen's power was still great, even through his Absorption and Filtering through the Crystal Tree.

Back in his Office...

A young boy at quite a young age had newly entered the Feudal Japanese building. He figured he had to talk to someone about him getting to join a fighting force of some sort, or if he had to, he was willing to start at the Academy. Therefore he followed directions to an Office, where he'd knock on the door before entering. The boy was wearing a long black coat with a Hood, chains hanging on both his right shoulder and his left hip. The boy took off his hood, in respect to the one who owned the office. "Excuse me, I am new to this area. I was wondering if you had any places open for me to Live or some place I could work... My skills harbored as a shinobi are greater than any of my other talents, but I have a fair interest of being a Librarian, if there's a place open for that..." The boy would immediately bow his head, seeming to have forgotten something. He went silent as he then looked back up at the man. "Oh, I forgot to introduce myself... I'm Sakachi Zakutski, of the Northern Countries..."

As the breezy wind pick up the leaves from the grounds, the leaves danced in circles above the air in front of the entrance of a Oriental Japanese Building. Footsteps could be heard tapping on the rocky stone pattern grounds; Phena finally arrived to a place that she wishes to visit for a long time. For so long, as a Beginner, she wanted to see what it was like at the leader's place. From the very entrance of the place, Phena saw a young male wandering also. "Hello, you have a new face that I've never seen around here before."

Sakachi's red eyes glowed at the girl who had just walked over to present herself to him. He narrowed them at her as he then observed her clothes. She was definitely a Beginner of the town, however, she probably knew everything a lot better than he would himself. Therefore, he eventually decided to present himself. "You are... A Beginner, no? Well, it's a pleasure to meet one... I've been seeking to join the Order here, so... It'd either be to the Academy or get myself into a group. That's why I'm here, I guess..." As he finished up his sentence, he'd be checking inside his wallet, to see if he was able to buy an apartment where he could live for the time being. He wasn't short on money, but he wasn't exactly rich either. He frowned a little at his savings, as he then looked at the girl again, sweeping his hand over his pale forehead and his white cold fringe, letting it fall back down over his face.

His glimmering red eyes clashed with Phena's dark red colored eyes, they both having similar appearances. Phena gave off a gasp. A little time before that, the young male seemed to spoke of something. She took her time to calm down. This male in front of her, seemed to be a bit troubled. "Indeed, I am a Beginner here. Did I hear your name earlier? Sakachi was it? You seem..." Phena was speechless. Her eyes wander off staring at Sakachi's hands. He seems to be getting something. From that point, Phena suddenly concentrated her mind with Sakachi's. His mind echoed with something -- home, house, living quarters -- and Phena giggled a little as if she was in her younger age. " need somewhere to live? You are like a child who can't find your parents, poor you. Let me show you the way after what you need to finish here." Phena came closer to the door, thus, using her fist to knock on the doors. And then she turns to the young male, smiling.

Sakachi's eyes narrowed at her as she mentioned that he was like a boy who couldn't find his parents. That made his mind tick immediately. It hurt more than anything, really. He just turned around, getting ready to leave, all until he just stopped at the door, and took a quick breather. 'Calm down...' How could she know? That's true, no one here knows about anything that happened up North. He turned around and nodded, his eyes now glowing with the bloody red color. "It'd help me a lot, if you did... Thank you... But I need to speak to the leader of the town, Veritas... Do you know if he or she is around?"

"Of course I am... I'm everywhere... All the time..." The forlorn disembodied voice sounded more disheartened than anything, the low, yet powerful voice echoing through the entire room. Black velvet fell from the atmosphere, the dark matter forming the cloaking robe of grief that wrapped around the form of something unseen, as if still manifesting. From the pitch black abyss sprouted two full concealed arms, those which would rest upon their elbows at the old, dusty desk, and from the fingertips... The long, slender pale face of the once former leader, Khrona Tensei, half his face covered by his long, white hair. Only one piercing red eye could be seen... Tired looking, to say the least. This sad, tired eye looked upon the two shinobi... One new, one old. Quaint. "... You say you're looking for work in a library, hm...? Sad to say, we don't have one of those here..." His eye now drifted off to the side, vibrating a bit... Holding back all such powerful insanity... "... But, as the leader, I can definitely arrange it. There's a nice place to live that'll adjust to your comfort... I made it. It's called 'the Mezzanine.' Not too far off from here..." With a stale face, his unblinking eye soon hovered to Phena's position, locking on securely. "... You're just his little helper, aren't you...? *Sigh*... What is it, little phoenix girl?"

The boys red eyes would grasp the image of the once former leader, examining him closely with his narrowed eyes as he then was quite surprised as to how welcoming he was. He nodded and bowed his head deeply. He'd close his eyes, keeping one arm in front of his stomach as he bowed. He then looked up at him yet again, as he then would ask. "Thank you so much... Is it an apartment building, or...? Where can I find it?" He seemed rather desperate to lighten his load and start earning his part of the area. He wanted to make a name for himself. Maybe not as a Great Shinobi, but maybe as a great Librarian.

"Hmmm you're the leader, or rather known as of now the 'former'." Phena heard the very voice of the leader within the place. Quite a moment Phena had seek for. Bringing herself here was nothing but being a visitor who comes and goes. "I've come for no certain reason, but it seems like we have a visitor who is... Lost perhaps?" Hearing upon the place called 'Mezzanine', Phena had been there before. She certainly knows her places and ways of getting there. Twice as wise and helpful, she spoke to Sakachi in direct; "Dear Sakachi, he speaks of the Mezzanine, the place that you are to be now. I know the way and I will show you, so let me escort you."

Sakachi looked at her and nodded for a moment. He then thought of all the other things he should talk to him about. He shouldn't waste his time and his trip over here, so therefore, he decided to look at him and ask, "If you could, I'd like to fix up a library where I can store unique books and diaries that me and my comrades obtain from our missions, so they can be used for future purposes and missions... I'm a collector of books and I have a storage outside of town where I have a few diaries that could be of use for present Operations." He'd bow down to the face of him once more, as he then asked with a motivated tone... "If you decide not to help me make a library now, I will try to prove the worth of my information to you with time... I would prefer me having something to prove. It'd help me earn my keep, after all, I am new in town, and I'd like to make it worth your while..."

"... Lost..." Khrona's tired eye slowly came to a close, and his expressionless smile curved down just a bit to form a slight frown. The room quivered just slightly, its stability in reality starting to collapse... But only for a moment, and not before returning to normal as Khrona opened his eye. Heaving a heavy, crestfallen sigh, he extended a hand and slammed it upon the desk, wiping it cross as if brushing off the dust. In its wake, the image of the village came into vision, complete and in full. Another signature glimmer of that gleaming red eye brought a specific section into focus... Which seemed to be the 'Wind Shrine', located in the 'Avisora Paradisia' in the Dawn. "... If you really want to prove your worth to me... Then you'll go on one of my famed deadly and dangerous missions. Phena, you are to accompany him. Find yourself an Expert or two and you're set; you'll be needing to slay that Goddamn 'Wind Guardian'. The dragon that protects the place, but has become corrupt in its time there. I need a new 'Wind Guardian'." The tightly gloved finger tapped upon the still mostly cobwebbed desk, somehow, none of the dust clinging to the special material. "I wouldn't normally send you on this dangerous of a mission, but... We're in a time of crisis. And, naturally, this would prove a lot to me about you if you could actually hold your own in a team." Plus, the little phoenix girl was with him... Somehow, he trusted her. "I'd say to get as prepared as you can... This is a wind dragon, after all." He had high hopes for these two... But, Khrona always had high hopes for people, and they could very rarely live up to his expectations... Mostly because he sent them on these deadly and completely absurd missions. But, if they succeeded, it always made them that much stronger. "So, whaddaya say?"

Sakachi listened as Khrona declared a mission to prove his worth. Indeed, it was dangerous, and Sakachi understood that. Therefore, he crossed his arms and began to think a bit for himself. The skin of a dragon was tough, but it's blood could be used for his Jutsus. Though he'd need to break through the skin with his blade before even hoping to use it. His Jutsus wouldn't be powerful enough to break it's skin alone, by far. Dragons were usually quite resistant against manna and Jutsus, which is why he figured he'd need to derive a strategy against him. He then let his arms fall to his sides, nodding as he looked at Khrona. "I accept the mission. A party of Experts and this girl right here, correct? That will have to be enough, though I'll have to pick the Experts wisely... The dragon will most likely be resistant to Jutsus, especially to Wind-Style Jutsus... So I'll need a group of Weapon and Taijutsu Users... So we can keep up with it's speed and take as little damage as possible as well... We might just be a thorn at it's side at first, but it should grow to be a major pain after a while..." Having explained the base of his strategy, he was set to begin his search for the remaining Experts to join his team. However, there was one personal thing he wanted to add, for his own security. A book on dragons, or maybe a diary of when Khrona created the dragon, so he could gain knowledge over any possible weaknesses which would be open for them to use. "Master Khrona, I ask you... Are there any books on this dragon, or maybe a diary of yours that you made while the dragon was created? Something so I can assure myself of it's weaknesses and resistances... With that, I'll be able to make more rational decisions which can help aid me and my team..."

The tired eyes of Khrona widened upon his hearing of the marvelously thought out plan of this new villager... Khrona was more than impressed... "Hm... And to think, I didn't think there were people who still had minds worth reading these days... Heehee." His intellect gave Khrona new hope for this village, as if a new light had been ripped from the ignorant masses of darkness that plagued this planet. Harsh, yes, but untrue? Not in the slightest. Sakachi might be someone who could be his new prodigy... He would see once he went on his mission. "Of course... I have everything you need, since you asked so kindly." Casually flopping his hand out toward Sakachi, from his palm, an entire pamphlet on the great 'Wind Guardian' would emerge, as if made specifically from the same cellular makeup. "DNA powers are cool. Haven't had a chance to play around recently, ya know." It was Khrona's knowledge created instantaneously into physical form, all prim and proper and wrapped in a bow~! "Consider this a freebie, from yours truly. Because I really wanna see your capabilities. So I'll give you the equipment you need, to an extent."

Sakachi would accept the pamphlet with a great bow to come afterwards. He would remain that way as he would speak. "Thank you so much... This will aid me greatly, I swear I will not let you down." His eyes were glowing with his motivation to prove himself. Finally, there was someone willing to watch him. Someone who wasn't thinking of abusing his power for anything else than the good of everything around. He smiled inside himself as he looked at the pamphlet that he had been given. This would surely give him the keys to finding the dragon's weaknesses. With it, the casualties should be minimized. He nodded as he figured he should take it home to his new apartment. "I will have a good night's rest with this at my bedside. Shall I return it to you when I am done with the mission?" He'd take a quick read through the pages. Everything was here, and not only that, but much more. It seems that the dragon was more of a hydra creature. It had multiple heads, and held the power of wind within it's grasp, just like he expected. Like any dragon, it's scales absorbed lots of damage, especially such from manna and poisons. The only way manna would be usable would be first to break through it's skin. He figured if he had enough power to break through, then it should all work out. Then he could either finish it off, or at least nullify it's limbs, leaving it open for a finish. However, he dared not to take any rash decisions after just having opened the book. Peoples lives would be at stake, and even though his conscience was large enough to take a few deaths, he didn't want the thought of it. Therefore, he wanted to plan this as perfectly as possible. He shut the book and look at Khrona, waiting for his answer.

Khrona's formerly disdainful expression faded away with a faint sway of his hand before his face followed by the ever so slight shake of the head. He smiled now at Sakachi, letting his pearly whites be seen just a bit. More than promising... "No, no, not at all. Keep it, as a reference. At this rate, you'll be Librarian of this place in no time. If you survive, that is." And boy, was Khrona going to have fun watching that battle... He did hope that no one died, and that very skilled people would watch over those two Beginners he assigned... He was all for the Beginners learning from their higher ups, especially when he found some with the balls to go do it... Most of the others are just pansies who can't look death in the face... Buu. "Good luck. Anything else before you head off? Remember, this is your only freebie until I see what you're made of..."

Sakachi nodded at his little present, especially with the way Khrona called him a Librarian already. But he didn't lose focus. He looked at the book with a serious look, knowing he's going to study it harshly to know exactly what he can do. "Thank you again. I don't need anything more... Now I just need the time to study." He turned halfway around, so he could look at the door. He then turned his head back to Khrona, with a small smirk to his face. His red eyes were glowing with confidence in that he might actually be able to do it. He figured that if he made a small mistake, he'd rather take the fall himself. "Thank you, goodbye, Lord Khrona. Phena, I'll see you later, won't I?" He turned around and walked for the door, sliding it open, giving one last smile against Phena before he headed further against the Mezzanines. He had some reading to do. But he was ready for it!

When that was finished, Khrona returned his form to the Crystal Tree that he resides as.

With Khrona trying to maintain and sustain himself and his sanity, the parts of his energy that slipped out started to become more and more tainted, and it became more and more apparent to the people on the planet. Even so, as long as the planet was filled with wickedness, that was all Khrona could filter out toward them until he was fully purified. Still, it seemed like there were some people who couldn't tell this was because of the Horsemen amplifying his Insanity, and this is where people who did not understand Khrona started to really misunderstand his intentions due to his afflictions dealing with the tainted energy.

"KHRONA!" Nero laughed as he sat on the top of the Lone Wolf's house, kicking his legs off the side. The Lone Wolf wasn't in, nor was Julia, which just left him with Tigen's Scarecrow body flopped across his lap. It never ceased to amaze him how small Tigen's body could just fold into. The whole husk fit in Nero's pocket like a pencil. 'I hope he's not as weird as I've heard...' Nero didn't know Khrona from experience and he didn't remember him from the future, so this was a completely new experience. Not that he had expectations, it's just natural to expect something. If Khrona was anything like his imagination, Nero was going to be in for a ride.

At the call of his very name, the skies painted an icy, sparkling blue quickly distorted to a twisted, malignant black. It was like a cloud of darkness rolling in from the abyss, purple and red lightning crackling all about its presence. The looming darkness cloaked the formerly beauteous skies with its wretchedness, swirling into a shallow convexity that soon funneled down to the ground... It was like a fierce tornado being formed. The outer layer of this shadowy murk bore two huge bulbous, luminous orbs that seemed to pose as eyes. Glowing with a purity of white just as snow, a sullen smile of the same color split through the blackness, which now began to take definite(?) form. "... Why... HAve yoU bEckoNed me...?" Pulling the gloomy vapor from above, two appendages down below took their shape, yet still managed some sort of instability, even in their defined(?) form. So too, the torso, and the appendages thereafter... They maintained a general shape, yet pulsated with a foreboding instability. The white optics shrunk down to the size of normal sockets, inserting themselves within, and the disheartened cheshire smile slithered cross his mug. Body acrackle with bolts of insanity, the body(?) of Khrona had finally been realized... Just a huge condensed mass of 'Pure Insanity'... How delightful...

Nero looked on with disdain as this amorphous mass of lightning and darkness converged over his head. He raised an eyebrow and leaned backward slightly as the mass gained 'shape' in the strangest way. For loss of all other words, it was pretty fucking gross. "Um... Nevermind, I'll come back later." 'No way I'm leaving Tigen with that...' Nero was nervous of course, face to... Face with whatever it was that Tigen said was his creator. If this was Khrona, Nero just didn't trust it. They had almost been devoured in Tigen's home dimension, 'Dimensia', by some unknown force. Now this rather unfamiliar force wanted to be left with the husk of his friend? Nah, that's not even what sounded like anywhere near a good idea. Nero wanted to play it safe so he stood up slowly, watching the cloud overhead do its crazy thing, and hopped off the roof of the Lone Wolf's house. Maybe Khrona could pull himself together next time or something.

The undulating being in anthropomorphic shape only watched as Nero stood, glowing eyes taking notice of what it was to come. A feeling of uncertainty... Of discomfort... Of displeasure... All from watching him take his form here? "I... dO not UnderStanD..." The sad, sad look of gloom furthered now into disappointment, and even further as the inverted crescent smile dropped from his face... Crestfallen, to say the least. 'Why does he flee from me...? Did he not beckon me...?'

Insanity: 'You can stop him. He is in YOUR territory...'

Khrona: 'You know that is not the way. Just because I have the power to do something...
Does not entitle me to do it. You are well aware. So don't play dumb.'

Insanity: 'He is afraid of you... And why? Because you look a certain way...? Is that not justified? To show him that appearances mean nothing? In the eyes of what is truly beautiful?'

Khrona: 'Do not act as if you don't know. We can sit here all day and argue, and the result will always be the same. I'm not going to make him do anything he doesn't want to.'

Insanity: '... You're correct. There is no point in having these conversations.'

Khrona: 'I wouldn't go that far. But, I guess I should at least try... Maybe he'll understand if I... Try...'

"...Wait." Though gentle in nature, the voice bellowed across all such crystalline essence, and the calm shaking of the gorgeous clear structures made a light, beautiful twinkling sound to accompany their glitter and sparkle. Perhaps... He could get his attention. 'Maybe... Someone will stop running from me... Maybe... This child will understand how much it hurts... Or... Maybe it'll just go over his head... As it does all others... Heavy sigh. Diamond. Crystal. It's time.' It was all too clear that Nero had no intention of returning. Though it made no sense to him, it was perfectly clear why he would take off like that. He was still only a child... "... Of CoUrse... he wouLdn't undErstanD..." His memory, once foggy, now slowly returned to him... This is what it was like long ago, with that boy's father, and with the others. This wasn't uncommon for Khrona; this type of treatment. In fact, back in those days... He used to laugh at them for thinking so foolishly. So why would it bother him now? More importantly... Why did he allow it to? "EveryThIng about mE has grownN... AnD if they coUld not handle me thEn when I was... In my OriGinaL form... What in GoD's name did I ThINK for a MomENt that they would be able to GraSp a sliver of UNderstanDing of me nowadays?" That mass of vibration, unable to keep a steady shape, eventually molded itself into a purely defined(!) form. It was solidified insanity; something that looked similar to the original form of Khrona. Bathed in nothing but substance darker than blackness itself, the only difference now... Was that even as a solid, he was still energy. 'Pure Insanity'. 'Drawing in more and more and more, from clear across the cosmos... This insanity...! This glorious insanity...!!'

Khrona: "This... I remember now...! This Insanity...!!"

He almost had a right mind to call forth Misery and Despair. But those two were long gone. Though, they lived on in his wife and his daughters, Trinity and Chroma. "Yes... It is time! To go COmPletely FUCKING inSANE!!!" Nero was to thank for this one... For more than one reasons. Yes, he indeed was a hero, that boy... Even if he didn't realize what he'd done. "My Hero~!" Cackling laughter filled every crystal molecule throughout the entire Nexus... It was just so freakin beautiful. "IT IS TIME!!!"

Insanity: 'Yes. Draw it in, as much as necessary... But be careful. To draw in too much will lead you astray... But remember... Have fun~.'

Formerly docile, those clouds ensorceling the airs and contaminating the skies stormed and BOOMED with the ferocity of Khrona's ever growing insanity!! So reminiscent of days of yore, it brought him back to those olden days... And, a single slight exhale of pure blissful serenity brought down the sheet of umbra from up above... The very clouds descended to meet Khrona's favor. Funneling down, down, down atop him, he looked up to the Eye and the Eye back down to his own, exchanging bright-eyed smiles and twisted cheshire grins. Snickering... Laughing... Cackling.. 'Kehe... Kehehehe....' He was trying to hard to hold it back now... What was it that he did? That he did when he was... Ah, yes. '... Hmhmhm...' That laugh. That one, right there. It was all too funny; too rich. He couldn't thank Nero enough for this one. Someone had to make him snap. "Alright, then. Second form... Complete Insanity~!" And so, the funnel touched down, swirling around the man of solid insane energy, as if trying to take him up to the heavens... Yet, to their amazement, he would pull them down from the skies with an outstretched hand, a piercing sanguine gleam of crimson eyes, and a wide, pointy-toothed smile damn near poking his eyes out from edge to edge. A wave of the hand threw the great power over his body, wrapping it around like a sort of cloak... Oddly familiar, to say the least... Reminiscent of his cloak, when his body was still made of skin and bone. It was one and the same, though this time, not made of blood nor made of his own draconic black wings... But of pure, utter, unbridled insanity itself. His First Form was now what clothed his Second... And it was rather stylish, at that. "Yeah, there we go... Complete Insanity."

Khrona: "I've been waiting a long time for this one. Heh. Heh heh."

Insanity: 'Be careful. Proceed not into the Final Form too soon. You are more susceptible to the Dark Insanity. That is the only warning I offer. Proceed to the last... When it is only ABSOLUTELY necessary. Remember the Absolute.'

He looked like death... As grim as the Reaper, to say the least.

Khrona: "But not like Fear The Reaper. That was my last restriction. Hahaha!"

But, he did learn something from Nero's oh, so quick attitude about running away... Fear The Reaper was still strong within the hearts of these poor, unfortunate souls... To be afraid of a being that meant them no harm simply because of appearances... It is to be expected. Thus, a different approach was necessary. "What was that thing... I used to do...? It was like, smile, or something... Or... Be nice or... Pleasant, or something...?" Oh yeah. Covering it up. It was difficult to do now than it was back then, but it was always difficult back then, too. Guess it never got easier trying to hold all of it back, or hide it from those who weren't prepared to see it... He couldn't forget lessons of the Sixth...

Insanity: 'Don't let it all out. They aren't ready.'

Khrona: "Sigh... It seems like an ETERNITY I'm waiting for them to get ready. But, patience is a virtue..."

But now, he was faced with a different problem... Where was he to go? No one could even fathom his presence right now... Should he just go home? To those that actually could?

Khrona: "... That's the best idea you've had all day. HA! Alright, back to the wife and kid. My other two little girls are all growed up~! Heehee."

And, passing on a shadow of a doubt, he vanished, only to appear back at his humble abode...

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Though Khrona felt like his ability to unlock his next form of his ascent was a good thing, because of his tainted affliction, he was spiraling into a fit of Insanity. Though it was controlled, this was what the coagulation of the filtered energy from the wicked energy of the Horsemen polluting the planet was doing to him. Even though he was trying his hardest to become pure and clean, their power was too much for even him to sustain without turning into something horrible, like them. But at least he could return to his family and keep his village safe, even if it cost him his own purity in the process. He would protect them all...

Khrona: "Alright, sweetie, I'm home."

He knew she'd been waiting for a long time for him to return... He'd been gone for so long, yet again, as he always was... It killed him on the inside, but they both knew that it was something he had to do... At least, for a little while longer. He assumed his 'natural' form, not all that grim shit that was for the outsiders, and sat down upon his rather regal throne. It was gonna be boring with everyone acting all frumpy and stuff, buuuut... Gotta take the good with the bad. Oh well. He always had his family. "How's everything been, love?"

From down the hall and to his lap, she wisped forth like a dream, happy that her lover had finally returned. Khrina was getting so tired of being in this place by herself. They both hated when they had to be apart, but... There were things that separated them, even now. "I've missed you... As usual. Hmhm." She blushed a bit, not particularly enjoying showing signs of weakness to anyone; even to him. "But things have... Definitely been, as you know. Our little Death girl has been doing her duties... Trying to live up to be a great Shinigami. Hmhm... You're helping her along nicely, aren't you, Mr. Weeping Willow?" She dabbed his nose with her finger playfully, giggling lowly to herself. Though his demeanor was far greater than grim, she always knew just how to put an actual smile on his face.

"You're so cute," he chuckled as she giggled, the two playing around just a little. How funny it was that she, the Queen of Dreams, was a real thing. One would think that she would be a dream, herself. But Khrona sees right through those types of illusions, for what she truly is. He knew it's what she loved about him. "Hahaha, I want my daughter to prosper. You know that as well as I." He began to stroke her hair, feeling what she was feeling... The happiness of not being alone anymore. They were always lonely when apart, but when together... It was gorgeous. "I plan to stay here for a little while longer than usual. I miss you more than I can bear. I know you already know this, but everyone out there is becoming more and more insufferable as time progresses. I just don't know what's wrong with them anymore, ya know?" Leaning over to meet her eye, he kissed her forehead and continued to stroke her beautiful, elegant hair. "So, I'm sending them out. Maybe it'll make this process a little bit easier, hm?"

'Oh, Khrona...' She smiled up to him warmly as their eyes met, and he kissed her forehead like he always did. It was his way of putting her mind at rest when he was there, so that they may snuggle and love... She wrapped her arms around his neck and closed her eyes... It was like a dream come true. Perhaps, instead of a dream... This man had made her dreams into Reality. Such is what happens when Dreams and Reality mix... The woman and man of their dreams become reality for them both, and they may simply... be together. It warmed her heart. "I do understand, dear. This world is coming into a time of serious turmoil. You know... The End of Days is here. Everyone is going through their own suffering. Even we are... But, we'll pull through. We all will. I know we're strong. Sometimes... We've got to help them out, though." She knew Khrona wanted to do it... That's what made him so noble, even if no one else could see it. His methods were unorthodox and insane, to say the least, but there was a method to his madness... Taking it from another Doctor, this Doctor was a mad genius. "... So you've got them under full control now? That's wonderful dear... I'm happy to hear. Now you can stay here with me and be alright! Just wait until Trinity gets back to hear..." Their little family was coming together quite nicely. And here she thought she was going to be alone forever... But, that's what he thought, too. Strange how fate and destiny work together sometimes... This is the best way she's seen to date.

... How he loved seeing his beloved so happy. "Yes, indeed. Well, now... I guess all we have to do is watch as it all transpires. Let's have a looksee, shall we?" He raised his hand up, casually flicking his finger seven times in arbitrary directions. Though it seemed as though nothing happened... There was a great shift in energy on the planet. "... So. Now we've got them roaming about... And 'Complete Insanity'... Maybe I'll be able to get to the Eighth soon.." He turned to her and kissed her forehead again. "And you and me and Trinity... Will be together."

Nodding her head and waving her hand, a cloud of smoke appeared that parted to reveal the world as they knew it to be, looking out to see just what was to be of the planet now that they were back on the prowl... "... Don't do too much, dear. You know what happens if you stray from the path..."

'Ah, some alone time.' It was good. "Thank God..." It is time.

The two of them had been alone together for quite some time, but now, the call from above had informed Khrona in the Seventh that it was time for the 'Absolute Insanity' to end... And for 'Perfect Insanity' to prosper. He looked to his beloved and smiled, rising from his seat. "... Alright. Today's the day. Finally... The time has come for our true union and reunion. We've leveled out our forms through The Insanity and now we can be Perfect together, and share that Perfection with our Perfect daughter. We'll never have to return to the Seventh or anywhere below... We'll simply be at Peace from the Eighth all the way down, and the three of us can ascend to the Eighth together!" It felt like it took an eternity to get here... And, in a sense, it kinda did. The Infinity Trinity would soon be here...

The two had been in the house for a long time, it had been a while since they were actually able to get out together. This was going to be the most fun she could imagine; going out with her lover! And the news about ascending to the Eighth only made it better. "So we're becoming Perfect, then? And then, Trinity as well?" They all were going to have to undergo the Thirteen Restrictions again, but in that time, it would be much different than it is right now. It would be a much happier and less chaotic time. "That's wonderful... To be in perfect harmony like that. From the bottom down, we are in sync, and from this point and beyond, we will be in sync as well. Together at all points in history... You're a crafty one. How are things going with our ancestors?"

"Yep! Absolutely Perfect, hahaha! And to celebrate such a feat... I want to have a ceremony for our ascension and unification." Ceremony... Hahaha, not really. Khrona didn't really enjoy big get togethers. "... But only between you, me, and Trinity. And uh, let's kinda do that here, yeah? Keep it on the hush hush, where no one can get us." Sometimes, Khrona felt like everyone else was like the paparazzi... And they just popped up out of nowhere trying to get all up in his business. Though, it's probably payback for all that unwelcome thought invasion Khrona did to people back in the day... Hahaha. "So... What do you say?"

After all that which happened in the 'Nytozpear', Tigen was still thoroughly pissed; big, bulbous and about to make a Big Bang. All of that was a lot to take in; enough to make someone want to explode. He warped directly in front of Khrona and Khrina... Pissed. "What do you have to tell Tigen, huh...?"

Shinrei appeared right beside Tigen with a worried expression on her face. Shinsei had officially merged with Lilith, but things weren't the same over on this end... Shinrei hadn't yet merged with Tigen. She stayed silent, though, waiting for Khrona to defuse the situation... "Time to cut the middle man and get to the scoop. Tigen, I'm trying to reunite our family as one. To do that, I have to fix the mistake that your mother and father caused, who are my ancient ancestors. You are MY soul, and because of your standing with them, you have the power to Create."

Khrona: 'Hm... How can this be sped up...?'

"With the power to Create, you have to be successor to the throne of Pumpking, which is why your brother didn't. When he was spawned, you were spawned from him as 'twins' technically, but of course Pumpkinhead kept more of the power to Destroy. That wouldn't fly. Your father had this darkness in his soul that he couldn't live with, so it ended up within his offsprings and yaddayaddayadda... Basically, the only way to fix the dimensions and get everyone and everything back together is to first of all, make a soul with no darkness. That's where you and Shinrei must fuse, just like Shinsei and Lilith. Shinrei and Lilith are pieces of Khrina over here, whilst you and Shinsei are pieces of me. Instead of sacrificing Pumpkinhead, Shinsei and Shinrei both switched places to become the piece of each other that the one was missing so that the darkness within their souls can become pure. Those souls belong to me and Khrina. When our souls combine, we will be uniting the trees of Knowledge and Life, thereby allowing the souls of our offspring to have knowing and understanding; their own Wills so that no one ever has to break off pieces of themselves anymore. Instead, they will share the same DNA, own their own Souls and Wills and all be able to live freely." That was quite a lot, but Khrona was starting not to care. Time was of the essence, and this process was making things sooooo slow... "In short, there will be peace and understanding within our family and those to come, and if it is the will of others, to teach them. So, in short, no one's really gonna die, they're just gonna be within me and Khrina, and we're gonna go to Peace so that the world can prosper. Therefore, I need you to hop in that Cauldron with the Clear Flame and become the Dimension's Keeper you were born to be and merge with Shinrei to become the Pumpking. You won't ever be lonely cuz Khrina's complete soul will be there with you. Make sense? Any flaws? You all good?" Khrona hoped he covered everything... He didn't want to do this again by any means..

Tigen listened to Khrona, unsure if he was still pissed or not. As the speech went on, things started to make more sense to him, and he would gain the understanding of what was going on... In a whole lump sum of things, basically. "Ooooh. That's not so bad, teehee." Tigen stopped swelling and started to deflate back to his normal size, the redness of his flame returning to an array of different colors. Tigen didn't mind if this was his purpose or anything. Hey, it actually sounded pretty decent. "Welllll, thanks for clearing it up, Me! Oooo, and speaking of Clear... Tigen's gonna go Clear Flame Mode for the first time in ages! Teehee~!" Utter clarity not held back by emotions; recognizing them, yet only expressing them as they need be rather than as he felt them. A sort of calm, serene feeling... Yes. That's how the Clear Flame went. In a flash, all the colors of his flames united, making his body quite transparent now, to the form of nothing but a glowing outline and eyes. His demeanor changed drastically, however, as he seemed to know a lot more now that he was focused... Such must have been the clarity behind each emotion. "..." He was silent, though, feeling no need for words. He took Shinrei's hand and hopped into the Cauldron, waiting to see what was going to happen...

... This all had to be planned. Things were working out far too smoothly for it not to be... Shinrei showing up at the proper time, Khrona being the one to defuse Tigen... a Cauldron being there for their convenience... Oh well. Shinrei was just happy knowing that she'd finally be reunited with her lover and her son. Soon, the other members of her family would follow... However for right now, these two souls were being bound as one as she slipped into the Cauldron, merging with Tigen as they traveled... "... A most... Comfortable feeling. Peace..."

Once the two of them slipped into the Cauldron, Khrona could feel the merge of Shinrei and Tigen within his own self, and through the connection of Shinsei and Lilith, he also felt and knew all there was about Khrina, and she would, him now, as well. It was a magical moment, yes, and through the shared Perfection of the Seventh, Khrona and Khrina would move up from the Pure Insanity stage to the Complete Insanity stage, having 'Completed' each others beings. "Phew... I wish we had time to relax, but we've been doing that for months, my dear. Quickly! To Lilith!" He looked down in the Cauldron and called out to Tigen. "Thanks, Tigen! I'm glad you understand now! Glad you didn't explode, either! But um, I'd suggest heading back to Sophia and Dente, since you kinda... Know everything now. Alright?" Khrona hated to make people wait... That was why he was going through this process so swiftly... He really did want to get back to his people, but he could only do so with all his attention if he and his family were in... Peace. "Come, Khrina!" He grabbed her hand and phased out. Hasty, hasty~!

The mutual feeling of connectedness between Khrona and Khrina was wondrous... Everything she ever dreamed. Now, not only in consciousness did they know everything, but in soul, as well. A little halo appeared on her head just the same as Khrona's as the ascension from Pure to Complete Insanity overcame them. But they weren't out of the Seventh just yet... "Yes, lovey~! Heeheehee~!" She was so giddy, things were going so well now! But Khrona was in a hurry, so she didn't want to keep him waiting. Her hand was grabbed and it would seem they faded off to appear at Lilith.

Meanwhile, whilst Khrona and his Dearly Beloved were off dealing with their own personal matters, it seemed like there were some of the Villagers of the Dusk that were starting to question the sanctity of the Veritas, as well as the planet as a whole. The affliction of the Horsemen had gotten so bad, the Insanity was incurring something inside of people who even decided to step outside the boundaries of the Veritas, which was safe and isolated as a purified reality, and into the planet, which was more than putrid. It showed, and Khrona was becoming displeased, which stirred his own affliction even further, which may not have been good for the Veritas he was trying to keep clean.

The day was cold and windy as Lin made his way to the Tree Of Life.... The temperature wasn't a problem. But Lin had a plan and today he; would go through with it. It begins in his home... The Dusk... "Oh... How good this is going to be." Lin soon would come to the roots of the tree. He looked at it. His friend... Was here... Well, his former self. "I am sorry I have to say this... But your dream of a new vision of hope and love for this village will not happen... You have changed the village to better us, but how could you want to make something better when it was already great...?" Lin placed his hand on the body of the tree. He could feel it living... Feeding the village life... Lin would then activate his Gentai. "I am sorry, friend... But your new self isn't you. I want Khrona... Not some wannabe. I know this sounds foolish and makes no sense, but soon it will all make sense." Lin smiled as he called for Khrona... Khrona Tensei. He had a message for him

At his touch, energy surged through the gnarls and knots of the tree's crystallized base, up through the branches and down into the roots. Awakening from slumber at the call of his name, a being descended inside of the tree's translucent crystal bark and halted before Linomaru, eyes burning with the familiar sanguine glow as all knew it to be.
The eyes of Khrona Tensei. 'Linomaru... That Khrona you seek is nothing but a memory. If I may separate myself from this entity now, the villages would die... I am the only thing with enough power to sustain it.' This was Khrona's sad truth. He'd given up his own life to sustain the villages on his own life force. He could send out as many different 'memories' of himself as he wished, but his energy was contained within here now, and that would be until something else took its place. 'The being that held this job was once the Soul Keeper, the 'Soul Divider'; something that trapped souls into the tree before and regulated their flow outward into the world via the Myst... A filter. Here, my soul stays trapped, eternally regulating the souls of this world instead of letting them roam free. The only way for me to return... Is to free my memories. However, that is not what you came here to learn of, is it?' Khrona knew that there was something else on Lino's mind... Something that he felt was incredibly important in all of this. So, it was natural to oblige. 'What do you seek?'

The wind blew as Lin's hand came to rest at his side. Lin had no question, he had no problem... Just his message he wanted to deliver to Khrona, himself. Lin would close his eyes and look up at the sky. He couldn't help but think of how wonderful this climate was. The Veritas was truly beautiful around this time. "I seek nothing... But I do wish to tell you something I think you will be hurt to hear..." Lin put his head down, his mouth was only thing Khrona could see. Lin hadn't been happy for a long time. He began to change once again. He didn't see the world as he once did. The Elders of the Hugo Clan called to him and showed him 'the light'. "So... I'll be very quick... Khrona, you were my friend and teacher... You showed what being a Dusk Shinobi is all about. But I must tell you this... I am unhappy... I want things to change around here... So I hereby..." Lin would rise his head up, his deep forest green eyes becoming a lifeless blue color, he looked as if he had no soul. Linomaru looked Khrona in his eyes as his voice became stern and deep, just as his glare did. "Wage War... ON ALL OF THE PLANET!!! AND I WILL START WITH THE DESTRUCTION OF THE VERITAS."

These words from Lino, they were indeed surprising, though Khrona was not as hurt as he might think he was. Somehow, he knew it would come to this, with all the chaos lingering about... Even the Insanity was still lurking. Until Khrona could get it all under control, that is. 'Wage war, you say... Is there any particular reason why that is?' He had a sneaking suspicion that it had something to do with his clansmen... With his Gentai more so, after what he saw with it so very long ago. Perhaps it had overwhelmed him. 'And... Are you aware that if this is done, there is a high chance that you will be hunted and killed?' Yes, 'The Hunt' was still in effect, even if it was going slowly, at best. A great many people were on 'The List'. Perhaps not enough attention had been brought to it, so no one knew. That was Khrona's fault.. But even so, it was not time. He only needed to wait for this. And perhaps, Lino would be the one to bring it about, with whatever reason he wished to wage war on the planet. Though, it wasn't hard to see why he saw this place not as the home he knew before. Khrona felt the same, and desperately fought to make it so... However, that could only come after those memories were freed. Maybe Lino would be alive to see that, and not have to fall from grace...

Khrona was right, it does have something to do with the Hugo Clan. Lin had gotten a visit from 'Hyrugon'... In the Hugo Clan's native tongue, it means 'Grand Elder'. In this visit, Lin was chosen to complete a task and that was to show all of the planet the Light in which they are looking for to save them from the DARKNESS within. "Yes, I wage war... I won't say I don't fear death, because I do... I will say why though... I have watched my home become a shit hole... Wars are here left and right. Someone new comes to try and destroy the villages of this planet and fail... But why does this happen...? Because they underestimate all of you... They don't understand how powerful you all really are... They were foolish... But I am different.... I have the information... I have every move planned out... And this is step one... Inform Khrona of my plans... I will destroy the Veritas... Then I will cease control over the Nightmare and Chaos... And then the planet, herself. I don't need the universe, I just need the home of it's greatest problem." Lin turned his back to Khrona and began walking away. As soon as he was a few meters away Lin would stop and look at Khrona one more time. He then linked with Khrona telepathically. 'The days of pain will be great... But it is only to make peace for this beautiful planet. Humans are too foolish to understand this... But the beings like you and I... Have seen the light, and with purity I shall save the universe from the planet virus known as US!!!' Lin would then take off into the skies... He had another he had to see.

Khrona remained silent, watching with mournful eyes and a heavy soul Lino fly off into the clouds to go down the same path that Khrona tried to avert him from all this time. '... There are those who learn from watching. There are those who learn from listening. And then, there are those that learn from doing. But all learn from experience.' Though this time was none for it, a smile stayed constant on the face behind the crystal. Slight and sleek. 'Hmhmhm... If only everyone learned from watching and listening. But then... Some things wouldn't be as exhilarating and fun, now would they?' The words of a crystal child coming of age... Soon enough, he would emerge. But as for now? War was the emergency. 'I'll relay the message. Hmhmhm...' And his image faded away on the wavelength of his own laugh... The Tensei laugh... 'Hmhmhm.'

The energy of Khrona found itself hovering over one of the newly shaped lands of the Veritas -- specifically within the Dawn -- which had manifested into something that was like an infant. It was the land itself given sentience through his own energy, and was now like a child to him. It was unexpected, to say the least, but it made him curious to see what sort of new life roamed around his body, as well as what other 'children' would be formed from the 'Crystal Tree Of Life' as one of the 'Fruits Of Life'. Thus, in his intrigue, he touched down to meet with this babe; the one known as 'Magnus Ignis'.

As important as its existence may be to the upkeep of these lands, its core maintaining the balmy heat that called near-constantly to the pleasant spring rains, it became increasingly apparent that it had no respect as an individual. Those that claimed to worship 'Magnus Ignis' were only really grateful for its flames and warmth, rather than who it might be; it was comparable to how one might pay thanks to the only cow of a starving household, her milk being life-giving, but she herself is a simple, dumb beast. Upon its last village visit, ----- it did not feed very often, and was careful to allow the locals enough time to prepare -- it heard whispers that questioned its sentience.

Villager 1: "Is he just a puppet? I doubt this is a God."

Villager 2: "Perhaps an avatar, then? You know Gods cannot walk among us."

Villager 1: "It never once spoke. He is like a summer storm; a way to convey the Gods' emotions."

It made its flames flare, knowing that it was with disbelief they contemplated its intelligence. Though innocent to the world, it was still conscious. Learning.

Unfortunately for the village, when the flames in its core flared as they did then, there would usually be damage to the nearest humans and their structures. There was no satisfaction for it to be found in the horrified eyes of the gossipers, their cheeks instantly reddened by the heat. Their kind turned on them in defense of the injured, and it was not a pretty sight. The 'Great Fire' rose with the rest of their offering in the palm of its hand and exited the way it had come as the gossipers were dragged off to face the justice of their kind.

Sitting complacently in a nest of charred earth, it dragged a dark finger through the surrounding soot. With no knowledge of where it had come from, could it truly ascertain who it was? How could it respect itself as an individual, as it so demanded of those surrounding it, if it did not know the basis of its foundation? It couldn't. The notion was null and void.

'You're plagued with uncertainty, are you not?' A disembodied magnanimous voice spake unto it from above, parting the lofty ashen clouds resting peacefully in the sky to shine the light refracting from the Crystal Tree. This voice carried on the waves of light only served as a catalyst for what was to come, as from the skies in a flash of black lightning would fall a being just as shapeless in form as its own identity.


Violent impact that shook the earth, yet left no trace of its falling. Smoldering like hot molten rock, the formless being swelled to the shape of a sphere before popping and overflowing like a bubble filled with goo. It sucked itself back into its own being, rising from the heated earth not unlike a simple souffle... And just as fragile, as well. A chaotic energy swirled about, smothering its face and suffocating its neck with its powerful grip, hiding the would-be identity of this creature all but its glowing white orbs in the shadows of the hood of Insanity. Soon, the rest of the black mass settled of a semi-definite shape; that of a slender man reminiscent of the one this realm once knew as 'Khrona Tensei'. This was his form now... And he could hear the cries of a being broken from himself plagued with the insanity of unknowing, just as he once was. Now looming over Magnus Ignis in an almost foreboding way, this reaper-esque apparition knelt down beside the lonely flame and stared at it from under his hooded cloak of swirling Insanity. If he had a mouth, it would be smiling as he asked it but a single question. "... What's eating ya?"

Uncertainty was a good word for what it felt, especially when it heard the voice from nowhere and everywhere at once. Eyes shaded by rocky brows, Magnus Ignis turned very slightly to the increased source of light. It was not often that it was able to see the shining tree, shimmering with all sorts of colors, but when it did, it was near-always awestruck. Such size was beyond its comprehension, and it was no small creature by any means. The same remained true now, as it was eerily uncommon for the clouds to part as they did, for the rain felt attracted to its heat. The soft hiss of steam as droplets collided with its molten core filled the momentary silence, the sound answering none of the questions it currently posed. Who had spoken? Was it Magnus Ignis that he was addressing? How had he found it?


The ground rumbled beneath its behind, warranting the flat of its palm to take on a portion of her weight to keep the Great Fire's balance. Its eyes had not been able to keep track of the object to make such an impact, but it could only assume that it had been something to fall from the giant tree, for why else would the clouds part so? Something seemed familiar about the chaotic goo, and thus its flames did not flare defensively until the bubble decided to pop. Licks of fire began to warm the earthen plates that decorated it, oozing light from between the cracks. The immediate area around it swelled with blistering heat. There was something that could not be trusted in the way that the emerging being seemed to fight against itself, smothering and shaping the form it was to become. It came closer then, but slowly, as if to seem less intimidating. As he -- as its voice defined it -- crouched, Magnus Ignis could more clearly see the white orbs that remained the only thing for it to focus upon in the darkness in his hood. He questioned it, but it could only stare at those white orbs, speechless. Well, in the sonic sense, at least. Created without vocal cords, it was like this that it was known as a dumb beast, possibly only a puppet upon the hand of whatever God so happened to be worshiped within the settlement that Magnus Ignis paused to rest and replenish itself.

However, this was the first time that a being had ever bothered to inquire how it felt, rather than what it needed, or wanted. A strange experience and a challenge which the Great Fire was determined to overcome. To acknowledge his question, the light within it flared for a brief moment, but it was in its gaze that it attempted to convey itself. Or, rather, the lack of knowledge about itself. It occurred to it that just as the locals had proclaimed it an avatar, this gargantuan man who apparently managed to loom over it could very well be the tree -- still visible by way of parted clouds overhead -- that it had looked upon with admiration far too few times. Well, that was an interesting thought, though not a question it could simply ask. Perhaps he would reveal himself by way of one-sided conversation if it simply continued to acknowledge and be grateful for his presence. T'would be a terrible loss to accidentally shrug off such an interesting man, one that would not treat it as a God, -- proxy or otherwise -- but rather an equal.

Light... It is a form of communication among wavelengths. A higher vibration than sound. Only very few can actually 'hear' and communicate with the light itself. He noticed it, definitely, in its 'silent' proclamations. Confusion plagued it, as if a lost child searching for their parent. He could sense it. He could feel it within it. This all came from the flare of its light within, which told more about it than a voice ever could. Such is why sound is on a lower vibration than the light. "... You know, you and I are very alike." It gazed up at the portion of the Tree seen from the parted clouds, shining beautifully in the sunlight stuck up above, and he could not help but take note of its admiration. That hole in the dark clouds seemed to be the only way that light touched down here... In this land whose light was eternally fueled by this entity. "... I come from that tree. But only as an apparition. A projection of the memories of the being that makes up that creation. Formless... Shapeless... Having to give myself definition. They say it's a gift, but... At times, it's a curse. Not being able to take your own form. Not being able to know what form to take. I've heard many times to 'Shape yourself' and 'Pull yourself together', but that uncertainty... That overwhelming uncertainty... Well, let's just say that's how we're alike."

If he had a mouth, it would be smiling right now. He wasn't sure if he should touch it, but he extended his black claw-like hand out to try. From it, a surging wavelength shot from him and toward Magnus Ignis' flaring innards to try to match and communicate with its. 'I don't want to hurt you. I just want to see what's got you so down.' The wave, it was sincere... It was warm... It was inviting. Something sound waves had difficulty portraying were feelings... Rather, they had difficulty portraying them to the best extent possible. That's something that a wavelength could do easily, though. A feeling, that is.

Of all the things in life that Magnus Ignis enjoyed, answers had to be the most satisfying. Though he puzzled it with his opening remark upon their similarity, his explanation was thoroughly sufficient. A part of it sympathized with his lamentations, for though it shifted through a host of forms, it knew what it was that made it: what forms felt comfortable, and with which it wished to be identified with. It felt itself leaning toward him by marginal degrees, tucking its long legs beneath it. Its fascination was trance-like in nature as it analyzed his speech patterns, his movements, and the shapes that made him up. The Flame was all the more glad for the chance to observe the foreign talons of his hand then, discovering him as quickly as he exposed himself... But there was a disconnect there. From where his sharp, menacing talons should have inspired a touch of fear within it, he gave off any impression of warmth and welcome.

Certainly, it shied away from the touch of his soul at first, but only for fear of invasion. It made its molten skin squirm to think of something worming its way to its core, holding the whole of its flames in its hand to become the sole decider of its fate. His words, and reassurance to itself that the tree -- as he said he was a memory of -- would not harm it allowed it to relax enough to allow him to proceed. The light within it faded to a passive, deep red, just as it was at rest, though a hint of orange remained to convey its interest. He seemed to be able to understand its light, and thus Magnus Ignis took it as a cue to continue its communication through it, even though it would be a matter of mere moments before he connected with whatever soul it was that it possessed... And when he did, there would be one permeating thought to flavor its sadness. 'I am alone in all sense of the word.' Physically, mentally, emotionally abandoned. The former did not bother it, as it was meant to be a solitary creature, but rather to be stunted in its growth by the absence of a mentor was positively crippling. Incomplete, it felt as though it would be forever to be used as naught but a battery, undervalued and eventually replaced by a bigger, brighter flame, forged by whatever lost art had been used to create it.

There, they met.

Two souls vibrating on the same wavelength, as if of the same kin. There were traces of mutual understanding between their feelings, even before these gentle waves reached the center of its core. Exposure. Fear. Misunderstanding. Yet, there was solace within it; like it could trust this interaction between them. This feeling. He said nothing more once its flames softened their light, almost like the light retracted into itself for only a deep red to be left behind. Though that deep red felt just as warm as he did. He knew that color all too well, within his own eyes long before, when he had a shape and a form. How he longed for what it had... And he delved deeper.

Khrona: 'Alone... Hahaha. Who are you telling? I no longer have friends nor family. I am forced to stay at a distance from all that I love due to my current state... No matter how much I want to connect with them once again as I am doing with you now. Though I know I will be with them soon, even knowing is cannot measure up to the feeling of complete and utter loneliness and disconnection... It's disheartening, even to one who knows his destiny is all that he could have hoped.'

At least Magnus Ignis could be content with this complete and utter loneliness. Someone who was born knowing more than that found it hard to accept it yet again... Especially when he had finally gotten out of that pool of darkness not too long before returning once again.

Khrona: '... I feel like I'm more connected to you than I actually know... Like you understand me better than anyone I've come across... Haha, but that might be true in the sense that everyone I've come across aren't deities, huh? Hahaha...'

Though true, there was something more about it. Something more than familiar, even... Like it was a part of him; a child, in fact. Lost and alone in the world without guidance, just as he. Something in him wanted to take it in, but he knew that the Magnus Ignis was the entity that sustained this plane. Still, he wanted to do something for it... To keep it company. '... I know you're the Magnus Ignis. But do you have something you... Prefer to be called?'

'I have no name but what I am called.' Curious, how discontent he was with loneliness. Was Magnus Ignis unnatural in a way? He had identified it as a deity, the same as himself, and it gave it great joy to be identified as a part of any group and accepted by another person. Even if he were to leave it right then, Magnus Ignis knew that such joy would not wither within it; simply because he was not there to confirm its belonging did not falsify the fact. 'Is this not the norm?' All this time, the Flame had simply identified the giant before it as 'The Tree', or its avatar. Was it not more fitting to have a name suited to one's station than one arbitrarily assigned? In its eyes, being one whose position seemed so stagnant, it was unthinkable to make for itself a name.

Forgetting that Magnus Ignis was born a deity and into this lonely title and position, it was perfectly content with all that this was, without wanting to know nor having ever experienced anything more. To it, this was all there was to its existence. Though he wanted to take it from this and show it something greater, -- as with any being content with their lives as they were -- he ran the risk of showing it a glimpse and opening up that new world of emotion that he wasn't sure if it was prepared to endure. Even the native beings that roamed their own specific planets and planes of existences, there were those that were happy with where they were and there were those that wanted to know and do more. Almost like a newborn child, what would be the consequences to such an action? Would the fires of the Magnus Ignis spin out of control in an emotional maelstrom? Would it be able to endure going back to this loneliness and confinement once it knew more? Perhaps it was better if he simply let it grow as it wished, rather than doing something to harm the natural balance of that.

Khrona: 'Ahaha, ahhh... Sorry. I wasn't born a deity, you know. I kinda had to... Ascend here. Hell, I wasn't even born normal entity. I come from a very long line of very, very powerful entities and beings. I considered that 'human-like' state as a larval stage; the stage for growing into something greater. Or, deciding if I wanted to.'

Yes, that form of himself... The one known now as the 'Third Restriction'... Simply a being born of the physical plane, evolved from what was once known as a simple idea; a thought, on the first dimension, growing its own will known as a soul from the second, and then finally, on the third dimension, the physical plane, it was born. Now, that was... A memory. Or perhaps, it isn't, but just something within him needing to be sorted out; to find its place in the grand spectrum of its entirety. Looking to Magnus Ignis with a concerned stare, only able to be discerned by the wavelength of the light of his glowing eyes, he slowly lowered his head to rest upon his arms, which were wrapped around his knees casually and pulling them inward. It was remarkable to see two great beings sitting about and just chatting. To the outside world, this form of communication would look something of the sort like simple flickers and flashes of light, with a hint of distortion in each wave; no longer needing the lower vibration of sound to converse. It was probably more than shocking to see such communication for a being that did not understand the nature of it. He kinda hoped they weren't scaring anyone...

Khrona: '... When I came here, I sensed some sort of discontent within you. What is that about?'

A larval state... So, perhaps every human that currently appeased it had the potential to be it? It seemed, from the way that the being before it described, that it would be a long and arduous process, but nonetheless, it was possible if they had the right heritage. It knew precious little about heritage, and only knew that the tiny babes in the arms of their mothers were sired by various males about the village, and inherited a secondary name to transcribe the male history of their line. In doing so, it became marginally easier to trace back blood through the ages. Presumably. Then again, the Tree did also say something about deciding if he wanted to become something more. With the awe and reverence that it was shown, it could see why becoming a deity would be too much for many to handle, or even wish to handle.

As he moved to a more comfortable position, Magnus Ignis slowly let its gaze drift from him, for his stare was much too intense for its liking. It did not otherwise move, but the depths of its core brightened momentarily to display its uneasiness. Of course, it would pay attention to when he 'spoke' next, but for the moment, it was content to watch its faithful companions of flame flicker about them. 'I have no idea of my origins, and thus have discovered I have no way to identify myself. Certainly, I may be known as others see me, thus by way of name mentioned before, but I have no way to define who it is that being Magnus Ignis makes me.' Great portions of rock making up the features of its face slid over their magma casings, their formation resembling as much of a frown as the tight-knit plating allowed. 'Just as you have a physical identity crisis, I feel I have a... Historical one.'

As it averted its gaze from his concerned eyes, he wondered if his stare was a bit much for it at the moment. His attention now on its core, -- which noticeably brightened -- he read that wavelength of emotion from its light to note the uneasiness flowing within it. Perhaps this type of question was too personal for it? Still, he listened to its response, which made things all too clear of its discontent.

Khrona: 'Historical identity crisis, huh...? Well, I'll tell you a story of what I know; everything here was created from the Crystal Tree. It grew from the depths of the underground and into the sky, and then extended its branches even farther than imagination! Splitting the lands into three separate portions connected by a nexus of its crystalline branches and roots, the three portions of the land known collectively as the Veritas were called separately the Dawn, which resided in the sky, Mezzo Terra, which resided in the middle ground, and the Dusk, which resided under the Mezzo Terra at the tree's base and roots. The tree split apart what was once only the Dusk to create these lands to resemble the land that came before it; the Reality. Much like the Dawn, the Reality floated about in the sky, yet had no definite settled landscape, and drifted about endlessly in a space unknown. Until it made its way to this planet and made impact.'

Though the story was long and in reverse chronological order, it seemed that mentioned everything.

Khrona: '... I guess since everything here comes from the Tree, I would feel a connection with you, anyway... But it's just strange, because I feel it more powerfully than within anything else... Weird, huh?'

He lifted his head now to rest his chin on his arms and stare blankly off into the 'Wildfire Woods', the gorgeous trees ablaze with their neverending flares.

Khrona: '... I don't know how much that helps you. But... That's what I know.'

Naturally, he did hope that it took some sort of information from that, even if it was just a little bit. He didn't want to feel like it was completely useless talking to it about this subject matter, especially after he made it 'go there.'

What an odd little story. Piece by piece, it made all the sense in the world, but the moment it attempted to grasp at the bigger picture, the pieces of the tale fell away into nonsensical whimsy. It knew that there were many stories told about how it came to be, but no two were alike. If everything came from the Crystal Tree, it too, by default, should also come from him. Deep within its core, there was an aching to reach out and simply touch him, be it by his avatar or no. As if maybe, he had the answers locked away to only be revealed by their physical contact... But in its experience, its touch was not revealing or creative, but rather destructive and cruel to any living creature. It supposed that it could cool its fingers to a point of no longer being a threat, since that feeling within it would not rest. His gaze was turned away from it now as it retracted a good portion of its molten blood from its fingertips, storing the heat so deep that its touch might only be as warm as a human's bath. Magnus Ignis hesitated as it extended its hand, uncertain of what this might hope to reveal. They were already connected in soul, so what would this possibly hope to do?

Magnus Ignis: 'I... I want to see you. I wish to journey to your base, but is that possible?'

Perhaps the connection they could have now wasn't strong enough to explain the feelings they had now, but this urge was so strong...

Magnus Ignis: 'These lands would be able to survive without me for as long as it would take to venture there, wouldn't they?'

Khrona: 'Not unless you can divide your will, as I can. If you leave this place completely, this land will lose its life.'

As he spoke, his form began to change... Nothing definite, yet nothing abstract, either. Pulled from his own immensity, he shrunk down to merely the size of a small child, resembling such, as well. The Insanity that was all that he is became less destructive and now, more definite in its own appearance.

Khrona: 'Ah... Looks like I'm finally able to take shape. One of my lower Restrictions must be giving me form now by altering his actions.'

Though he still was not complete, he was still purified of most of his iniquities that plagued him before as a swirling dark cloud of glop.

Khrona: 'Think of me as... The Soul of the Tree. My true Body is the Tree itself, but that is only a cocoon. A fragment of the completed form, a lower Restriction that manifests itself on a physical level, is the Body and the Mind. The Restriction in between out connection are the Emotions that must be sorted out. In short, you could say... I'm all over the place; literally! Hahahaha!'

It was difficult trying to piece himself together when these parts of him were disconnected so. The fragment of the completed one was going to be the one that brought them all together soon... But as for now, these things were all still separate in form, even if they were connected in persona.

Khrona: '... If it would make you happy, I can bring the fragment of the tree to this plane? Or do you wish to learn to split yourself up?'

As it stood, there were already beings that were created from Magnus Ignis, but did it have sentient control over them? This all seemed familiar... Yes, his memory was returning, thanks to the efforts of the 'Fifth'. That planet that he created; the one that harbored its own sentient life... It was a newborn babe, much like the Magnus Ignis, with no guidance and no knowledge, yet all the potential to become something greater. He remembered from centering his chakras that when the planet started to create life from itself, the Spawns of Khrona, without fully understanding and knowing what it was that it was doing in such procreation, it only led to more Chaos. A child creating and taking care of its own children... Without full understanding nor knowledge of its own self. He could see now that the Magnus Ignis was one of those 'beings' similar to the planet... And he had to think; did he really want it to 'create' more beings without fully understanding what it meant to care for them? Perhaps... It was he who was most naive. This land was new, and it was fresh. Beings created here were also of the same fresh understanding and knowledge, no matter what their intellectual capacity was... They had to learn, first.

Khrona: 'Those are your options, then. If you wish to learn, I will teach. If you wish for the Tree to come to you, then I will bring it.'

A decision. These are the things that make one's life either easier or more difficult; better or worse. It was important for growth and for learning. Perhaps, if the Magnus Ignis were given more choices... It would stimulate her growth exponentially.

Khrona: 'The choice is yours.'

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall EmptySat Jun 27, 2020 8:37 pm

On the winds of change, here to cut the pacts between the two beings of Khrona's mentality at the Crystal Tree was Tron T. Tensei -- Cleff's female version of himself, created as a harbinger of The Insanity for when Cleff was 'Corrupted' -- wielding the Keyboard she created long ago; the one that was able to influence all things that happened on the planet, as were her own powers.


Quote :
Cleff, who was watching all of the copies that he sent out, would ponder a deep and dark question... Why does he not have complete and utter control yet? When will he? He needs it... He wants it. Now. He would unhook himself from numerous cords and begin to float toward the window, looking out at the darkness of the Chaos. For this to work, Cleff needed lots of power... Granted, Cleff could supply, but that didn't mean that he did not want to fuck some people over. As such, having complete and utter control of the Chaotic Palace, Cleff would make the palace root itself deeeeeep into the ground, releasing many cords through it. There, the cords would release a special energy that leeched on to any electricity and sucked it into the palace. As such, Cleff was proceeding to steal the energy from the entire village. He laughed maniacally, and laggingly, then proceeded to parasite the Chaos' power for his own experiment... A digital keyboard would instantaneously appear in front of him from what seemed to be literally nowhere, and it would follow him as he floated "Ththththis board here... This keyboard... It must be upgraded... To weapon ststandards... Cl-Cleff will assist with this... Hmmmhmhmhmhm I wiiiiiiiiwiiiill make this theee the the the the ultimate keyboard of epepepepic proportions... The Ultima Board." Cleff would then use his ERROR barrier and cover the entire palace with it, thus making it absolutely impossible to get into there because of the ERROR's special ability to nullify and erase everything. Nothing would be getting in for a looooong while. Cleff could work on his masterpiece in... peace.

"... I'm here. We're going to settle this once and for all, Khrona. I'm here to cut these ties. As your 'Shinkishinji'. You needn't be both anymore... You be the Tensei, I'll be the Falshin!!!" Looks like Cleff actually wanted to make things right. Giving all of the collected and still growing Knowledge and Information from all multiverses... From anywhere, everywhere and in everything... She wanted to fill it all within Khrona's head to finally give him peace. "I originally thirsted for Knowledge and Information, but I see now that I don't need it. I was selfish and... Well... I'm tired of being a Falshin! Using this keyboard, I'll make sure that I cut that Pact and establish a new Bond between us... And become your Guardian of Knowledge and Information, rather than siphoning it!" These two could share this knowledge, even if it meant giving up life as it was for her... "This keyboard in my hands... No one knows this but me, but... I destroyed the planet once before! I know you know, because you witnessed it! You were the one that helped fix it... Fix me... When I was corrupt..." Tron's form started to melt away... Melt away to her true form... That of the original Cleff; the one from the beginning... Save for his wings, which he now had far more than could be counted. "So please, Khrona... I want your suffering to stop... I know you know and you know I know... So let's just know together! We can both stop suffering, here and now..."

Within Khrona's open arms, he would place the True Keyboard, entrusting this awesome power with Khrona, now. They were going to be one and the same, so it was only natural that this power he hid away within the 'Chaotic Palace' for so long... Be placed within hands capable enough to work it. "... I realize now that I am your parallel. So, it's best if I just live within your soul... Or maybe even your head. Hell, I don't think it matters... Mind, Body, and Soul... They're all one thing when it comes to you, Khrona." He giggled a little, knowing so much that he did... "... I guess you could say... I'm your brain that lives outside of your head... And you're my soul. So, we're just coming back together. Under this moon; -- the Ninth Moon -- the moon of Understanding. Love. And Knowledge." He pointed Rei at Khrona, smiling all the way. "I came here to release you from your suffering, as well as release myself. To correct mistakes of the past; that is what these moons are all about, right?" Instead of pointing to his soul, he would point at Khrona's head... "... Let's create an 'Eternal Bond'. But first... I've gotta get rid of that other one... The fake me."

Tabrith was just a placeholder for Cleff; A doppelganger of Khrona's. The true Tabrith was T-CLEFF; Tabrith Tensei. He was going to erase his old bonds with Khrona and create a new one -- as his memories, as his knowledge, as his sea of information. This was Cleff's resolve here; to take on his true form, as all the other Tensei had done before. "By the light of the 'God Wind Moon'... As 'Free Will' itself, I give you this power, Khrona... And cut away your plague of the Pact, and establish, in its place, a new Eternal Bond." And so, Rei struck Khrona's very head, blasting away the effects of the Pact... Only to rewrite in return, that which Cleff had spoken unto Khrona now. "With this, I grant Khrona all such knowledge, information, understanding and wisdom that I have collected, and for me to be the protector of it. I hereby announce myself Khrona's Guardian; as my true form! T-CLEFF -- Tabrith Tron Tensei!!!" The bursting energy of Rei shot from he to Khrona, and back again, then up to the light of the 'God Wind Moon'... There, Khrona's Mind, Body, and Soul would be filled with all such power Cleff had been drawing in... Storing... Holding hostage within his body for so long. He was a Grim, after all, and not just any, but THE 'Grimoire', sacred text among the Grims. "May his mind be at ease from now on, and his thoughts, completely stable... So that he may finally have peace, and keep his thoughts to himself from now on, only releasing them as he sees fit..." And so it was decreed... So it shall be.

'Aaaaaaah...' It was like the weight of the omniverse had been lifted from Khrona's mind, and now, with this peace of mind, just as he had peace of emotion and body, he could finally say... "... Thank you. This curse we placed on me so long ago is lifted, Tabrith. We can finally... Be at peace." As his new Guardian, Khrona trusted all information and knowledge with Tabrith, as he had done before, and the 'Eight Arms Of Tabrith' would return to their rightful owner. "No longer do we siphon, but we share our thoughts and our memories; our experiences and our mentality. You and I have always been one and the same. I was just born with your soul. And you, without it. But as we can see, it is finally at peace; we'll share a soul, you and I. We'll just share."

Tabrith nodded, happy to take the burden he placed on Khrona away from that suffering soul... "Well now. I guess I must return to being... Rather emotionless, huh? Pity. I was having fun. I thought I'd have a little more time to have fun, but not at the expense of you." He touched his chest, allowing his body to manifest into the shape of Khrona; from long since past. "It's alright, I've had my fun. My will indeed lives on in my children... And perhaps, the birth of my final child... Tron Tensei, to go along with Rhapsody, Melody and Cleff 2.0." Melody... He wondered how she was doing... Ever since she reverted from her form of Mikou to Melody, he hadn't really seen too much of her... It was time for him to gather his children at the Chaotic Palace, anyway. "... Hmhmhm... Seems like Khrona simply leaves his mark everywhere... In the Chaos, there is me, here, there is you, and in the Nightmare, there is Tigen. The Hollow version of you, the True version of you, and the Spirit version of you. Body (you), Mind (me), and Soul (Tigen). Ahahaha... Ingenious. I don't know how we do it." It seemed as though by sharing Knowledge and Information, Tabrith was able to share Khrona's soul as well... His feelings... His thoughts... It was a wonderful experience, to be able to feel all of this. And, a Crystal Tear fell from his eye, as he was no longer a Falshin, even if he was the Shinkishinji... And he smiled. "Thank you, Khrona." And, in a mass of data, he faded away... "For everything... Even making a fickle wish such as mine come true..." Though, his wish was Khrona's wish, after all, since they were of the same will. Funny how these things worked, eh? Hmhmhm...

Khrona shook his head. The final thought he had that couldn't stay within the confines of his mind WAS the thing that put the curse on him in the first place. First and last, as they say. "Oh, Tabrith... You always find a way out, don't you? Well, at least we'll both be at peace now. And I can return to how I was BEFORE we made that pact, eh?" Khrona seemed infinitely better already, for whatever reason. "It's nice to finally have some thoughts to myself... The only ones to share them with being you, Khrina, and Trinity... And you're the only people that need to know what I'm thinking. Ahahaha!" He waved as Tabrith faded, knowing that he had his own business to attend to... Now that he was done tending to Khrona's memories and thoughts and the like, he could have his own life and own purpose. It was a happy ending all around... "... But there are still more moons to come..." Khrona closed his eyes, knowing that the 'Tenth Moon' was a very important one... Where his Freed Will, Tigen and his 'Crystal Daughter', -- from another dimension and in the future -- 'Luci' would pave way for utter Clarity in this world... "... Be strong, you two. Your time has finally come..." They had two nights, in fact, and they shared them both. It was all coming to a close... "... Soon. Soon my moon will come, and at the rising of my moon, there will be... The End."

Ominous, to say the least... Yet, he faded away without saying anything else. Now that his thoughts could remain secret to him once again... Everything after would be a wonderful surprise. 'Hmhmhm...'

Chroma had been waiting patiently for a very long time; With every passing moon, she would anticipate her own... With her eyes completely closed, she stared up to the sky at the moon, as if waiting for Tigen's signal... "Hmhmhm..." A gleam from the cosmos just as bright as the glint of her father's eyes brought forth from the darkness of space a single beacon of hope; a blinding beam of light cast down from the heavens and into the outstretched arm of Chroma Tensei. It was, of course, the True Godsend, resting softly in the sleeve of her elegant kimono. Her slight, beautiful smile grew just a bit, her anticipations coming into fruition, now, like a dream come true. "It is finally time for... The song." She lifted Rei into the air, and began to ascend, herself, drifting slowly... Slowly... Slowly up into the macrocosm that seemed to beckon her so. All things had been harmonized for this exact moment... The moment where all Tensei were in harmony, and all things would accommodate such absolute perfection. The chorus of the angels was complete, and all were about to achieve the perfect Soul Resonance to generate enough power to call down her Father...

Khrona Tensei.

And the True Friday The Thirteenth Fairy.

Chroma: "... Places, everyone... This song must be absolutely perfect if our resonant voices of perfection are to reach the ends of the omniverse, where these two reside outside of our very existence..."

That said, she tapped Rei against the moon, and called for attention... All Tensei had to be at attention for this to work.

"... Is everybody ready?"

0th Moon; Grimoire

Immediately, ascending up at the tap of the moon, Tabrith looked down upon the planet with gleaming red eyes, much like the form of his counterpart. From here, he could visibly see the Crystal Tree, and he shook his head solemnly, chuckling lightly to himself. "... It'll grow soon. I guess since I was the one who called for the Night Of Tensei this time..." He placed his hands in his pockets, turning his attention back to the conductor, Chroma. "... I would be the first to appear." He started to hum, setting the tone for all Tensei to follow with 'Absolute Melodious Perfection'... "All together now..." And with deep, decisive breath, he called for the Dawn of the 'Zero Moon'...

Tabrith: "Shin Reitsukiyomi..."

From the bowels of his infinitely large stomach, his voice rang throughout eternity... Omnitranscendent Sound and Absolute Melodious Perfection created a reverberating wavelength resonating out to all such souls. This was the beginning of the perfect Soul Resonance. This sound traveled through the Family Bond, calling every Tensei's soul in accord... The summoning of the Final Moon; Khrona's Moon.

1st Moon; Shinsei

"Ah, Grimoire, looks like the Prophecy is coming to be... Hmhmhm. Infinite Sea of Knowledge... Dead Sea Scrolls..." He chuckled, manifesting from the fabled land of Dimensia, the First Dimension. He crossed his arms over his chest, his body, the 'Flames Of Eternity', bringing light to the darkness of space, even brighter than the sun that tried so hard to match his glory. "So it is written, so it shall be, and all that jazz, hm?" Nevertheless, the tone had been set, and for all other Tensei to follow, Shinsei would come into perfect accord with Tabrith, and sing his song as well, calling forth the power of his moon; the 'Blue Moon'.

Shinsei: "Shin Aotsukiyomi..."

The 'Blue Moon' took shape before him, harmonizing with the infinite abyss of the 'Zero Moon', which none could witness in its eternal blackness. They resided right next to each other, and the light of the Blue Moon gave light also to the Zero Moon, letting it take on the same shade of Blue. His Moon would come into perfect resonance with that of the Zero, and so, the Zeroth and First Moons were connected enharmonic.

2nd Moon; Shinrei

Right beside her husband, manifesting from the tip of the True Godsend, Shinrei's Flame Of Eternity shone bright next to his, joining hands in the essence of love -- for the correction of their mistake so long ago was coming to be, and so too, these two to be together in all ways yet again. "Through the love of those two which we reside... We two may finally sing as one... And also, our children... So that we may call forth The One..." She smiled to her husband and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath, and from deep within her, her voice rang out like a dream, harmonizing in utter accord with those two before her, in perfect harmony, to call forth her own moon... The 'Red Moon'.

Shinrei: "Shin Akatsukiyomi..."

The thought of such peace of mind, peace of body, and peace of soul for such an eternity put her weary self to rest... Khrona and Khrina... Their conjunction is what caused this to be possible. Each moon contributed to this finality, and, so too, would the 'Red Moon' of Love that formed before Shinrei. Beside her husband's Blue Moon, the Red Moon manifested, and its light was taken into the visible Zero Moon. The Zeroth, First and Second were now here, and the Zero Moon now swirled with the twin colors of peace and harmony; Red and Blue. "... Never have I or will I see anything more beautiful than what the Zero Moon shall become when all moons come into equivocation... The Equinox..." She closed her eyes, letting her song resound in the souls of them all... The love of partners, the love of family, the love of all... It would flow through the Family Bond.

3rd; Trinity


From the randomness of somewhere, little Trinity appeared where she was needed, right beside the soul of her great grandmother; Shinrei, who her mother had fused with, just as Khrona fused with his great grandfather, Shinsei. Trinity giggled to herself, vibrating at such a high speed that her body ignited in its form of the Flame Of Eternity. There, she flickered all about, more than ecstatic to finally get to create her moon for one of the most important parts of the story!!! "Hip hip HOORAY!!! Trinity's here to SAVE THE DAY! Let's bring some Equilibrium, Tranquility and Balance to EVERYTHING with my Jade Moon!!!" She was just so cute. But, even she knew the importance of this, and she calmed her free, hyperactive spirit... To the point where her Father's dark and twisted seriousness could be seen within her... So, on the wavelength of perfection, she called forth her 'Jade Moon', and sung out...

Trinity: "Shin Hisutsukiyomi..."

Trinity's body suddenly halted, and she focused her own consciousness to stabilize and keep harmony and serenity to the powerful buildup of energy that was the resonance of these souls. She closed her eyes and all that hyperactive energy within her would be used to keep everything in utter, complete balance, even for those to come. This caused the Jade Moon to manifest beside the Red Moon, and the Third Moon would gleam just as green as can be. Such marked the creation of the Third Moon. Its light was taken into the swirling concentration of Red and Blue, letting that Jade Green into the mix. Somehow, the three colors did not meld, but harmonized in their swirling mass of concentrated energy.

The three moons swirled around their abysmal epicenter and... Resembled a Dojutsu, of sorts... But it was far beyond that. It was nothing like it. But the orbit of the moons accelerated... Faster... Faster... Faster...

4th Moon; Corona

... A bright flickering distortion twisted space between the other Flames, igniting the spark that was a newly birthed Flame Of Eternity; Corona Tensei. Taking the place of her former, Pumpkinhead, she sighed heavily, her shining red wings lighting he rest of her body aflame with the 'Sacred Fire'. "... Pumpkinhead, once again, gave himself up for the greater good... He took my place in Hell as Atonement for me... And granted me his gift of being the Flame Of Eternity..." She closed her burning eyes, clenching her fists tightly at the thought of what he did... He was always so pissed because he was always sacrificing himself for the sake of the greater good... "... I'll get you out of there, Pumpkinhead... Just you wait. You won't have to suffer anymore..." Her words, echoing straight from her heart formed the Voice and the Will to sing her song... The song of the 'Amber Moon' of Justice, Punishment, and Retribution. 'Pumpkinhead...'

Corona: "Shin Kohakutsukiyomi!!!"

She pointed her hand up, and her 'Four Swords Of Divine Punishment' would appear before her; 'Sacred Fire', 'Divine Wind', 'Pure Water', 'Blessed Earth'... Each of them focused their powers into a single point, creating the 'Holy Light' in its purest form. It took the form of a single sphere, which Corona snagged from the midst of the tips of these four weapons and lobbed it right above the Zero Moon. The 'Fourth Moon' of Amber glistened with a blazing light like that of the sun, orbiting around the sphere vertically rather than horizontally, like the other moons. Its Amber gleam was pulled into the center point, coating the entire Blue, Red, and Green sphere with that light, till those colors were completely covered by the glow. Her song that rang out to the heavens with her eternal burning fury lit each soul ablaze with the power of Justice... But, to temper this flame, she honed her fury, and focused it down to the harmonious wavelength through the Family Bond... "... For Pumpkinhead..."

5th Moon; Riviera (Goddess Of Destruction)

From the depths of the eternal 'River Styx', Riviera, known as the 'Goddess Of Destruction' to the Tensei family -- more specifically, Chroma Tensei -- sprung like a soaring kite, and assumed her position right beside the other Flames. "Allow me to bring some peace to such a vibrant flame... Calm..." She closed her eyes and brought her hands to the center of her chest, a noise beginning to resonate from the depths of the flowing waters of death within her. It started as a low, calm, flowing hum... "Lemoria... Leshura'ht..." A mantra of calm... From her life prior. She still remembered, and would never forget something so important... "... The Fifth Moon of the White Rain..." She opened her eyes just barely, eyes gleaming pure white, and her song started to rage like the torrents of a powerful tsunami.

Riviera: "Shin Shirametsukiyomi..."

'White Rain'... Tears cried from the ends of the universe; rivers upon rivers, for the sadness of the Angels of Doom... The River Styx that bent and curved from all points of life, allowing every soul to pass down to the underworld. She cried for them, the river of tears... Such is why this Moon is the 'White Rain'. "Lemoria... Leshura'ht..." A lament for all things, and so between her centered palms it appeared, a pure white orb, aqueous in appearance, yet still maintained in its perfectly spherical shape. She let it drift off on the last hum of her song, riding along next to the 'Amber Moon' before. It wrapped the Zeroth Moon, lit ablaze by the prior Moon, with its calming waters... Chilling this blazing sphere. Through the wavelength of the Family Bond, it did drift, and she continued to weep for the next moon to come...

6th Moon; Melody

At her call, the mute mistress appeared on the wave of the song of White Rain, and opened her eyes to see the beauty before her... Incomplete, yes, but still magnificent to behold. A silent giggle escaped her mouth... It was time for her to speak again since being blessed with the Three Voices, even if they did not belong to her. She opened her mouth, and the Voice of 'Harmonia', 'Discordia', and 'Concordia' whispered out into the cosmos, to where they would find the three daughters; Chroma, Trinity and Luci. With her voice no longer restrained by the voices of her Tensei sisters, she could finally start to sing her beauteous song of 'Black Rain'...

Melody: "Shin Kurametsukiyomi..."

The shadows of the 'White Rain', mirroring each and every dropped, took the shape of the 'Black Rain Moon', and right from the mouth of Melody, herself. Her magnanimous voice brought forth this great moon of Atonement and Repentance, and she continued to maintain the tone that her father, Tabrith created. The Moon traveled to the opposite side of the orbit of the 'White Rain Moon', and together, they wrapped around the orb in a lovely liquid flow; like Yin and Yang flowing together on the waves of harmony. This was the extent of her voice... The song of the 'Sixth Moon'... She let all that she had resound in her song, and drift further on the Family Bond, making way for the Seventh to occur...

7th Moon; Grimnyzmal

"From the darkness and into the light... A Grim has become a Flame." His speech left his throat in a light chuckle, more relieved than anything to be here, of all places... Where the Flames Of Eternity have gathered. With Zita condemned to becoming a Grim, and Chita wishing to stay below as the Body... That only left 'Master Nytoz', as he called himself, as the new Flame. "Well then. Allow me to join the chorus..." He got right to work, clearing his throat and closing his eyes. He was more than grateful for the events that brought him here, to sing among the masses of the Tensei family as one of the Lights... A Lantern... A Flame. His unerring Faith depicted itself within his Moon, as not only a symbol, but an example for all Tensei to witness and maintain. This Faith that all things are possible, even what you believe is not. But to have Faith in the impossible is what makes that impossibility possible... That is why his voice was here to sing out loud his Faith in his family and all that they stood for... In his decisions, and in Khrona.

Grimnyzmal: "Shin Shigaitsukiyomi."

An 'Ultraviolet Moon', to cast its rays to all things unseen, and make them seen by the light of pure and utter Faith and a prayer. He sang out loud and he sang out proud, his very being here a miracle in and of itself. Though he had many to thank, all such thanks would be placed in his song of harmony... In his spirit lies his Faith. And he witnessed it with his own two eyes under the revealing light of the 'Ultraviolet Moon'. Carried on from his wavelength, that spherical moon formed, its rays being taken into the blackness of the swirling white and black mass, tinting it purple, as the representation of darkness. A visible color rather than something invisible... Yin and Yang, Light and Dark; the dark now had its own light, and that light came from the power of the Truth, Faith, and Love in tandem. He cast his Moon now into the others, it taking position right beside the 'Black Rain Moon', yet opposite the Amber moon. This was to pave way for the next set of moons, which seemed to be of utter and dire importance to the finality of it all...

8th Moon; Shinra

An unexpected essence appeared to join the Tensei chorus; not one of the original bloodline, but one married in through the bond of her husband, Shinra. 'Twas Shia the Godsend, a being blessed to Shinra to fight to the ends of time with. Little was known that he gave up his position as a Flame Of Eternity for her, so that he may stay as a normal human body. He was a noble man all the way to the end, it seemed. "Shinra... You granted me this gift by giving yourself up and staying as the man you made yourself to be... As your wife, your weapon and your partner, I will sing your praises till the end of time..." Her words were just as melodious as her voice; it seemed as though she sang merely by speaking. "To finalize and eternalize all such Bonds... With the Strength, Fortitude and Finality of the Eighth Moon... the 'Silver Moon'..." Outstretching her hands as if to join with the other Tensei Flames around her, she opened her mouth and let something more beautiful than what was just spoken flow out from the pits of her own heart and soul... The blessings of this moon.

Shia: "Shin Gintsukiyomi..."

With all the love for her husband, she took on the strength of the Moons prior, and let each and every bond be solidified, as well as each one to come under the perfect Soul Resonance of everyone under the Family Bond. "With this strength... I will hold us together under the Silver Moon!!" A silver sphere began to take shape before her chest, growing to match the sizes of the others, and was lobbed into the revolution outside the boundaries of the first two orbiting rings of moons. It was starting to look like an atom now...

The Zeroth Moon, now resembling Yin and Yang, harbored now a silver crease down the middle... A binding substance that held them together in utter fortitude; their strength and bond with each other as permanent and final as it could be. Their eternal loop of trying to find each other had come to an end, and the silver lining between them was their knowledge that the other existed. This stability led them to the next moon...

9th Moon; Deus (God Of Destruction)

"... Ah, crap. Looks like I got sucked into all this, too?" With spring-loaded hands in pocket, he shrugged his shoulders, shifting around a bit trying to get adjusted to this new form... "Whoever that 'Dizzy' guy was, his attributes are gonna take some getting used to... Man." But, all that aside, Deus -- formally known as the 'God Of Destruction' to Chroma and the Tensei -- was here as a Flame Of Eternity, so he rubbed his neck and got over how he got here and simply took it like a man and started singing.

Deus: "Shin Kamikazetsukiyomi... Or somethin'..."

He really didn't want to do this, but despite his tsundere attitude, he knew that he was a Flame for a reason, and it was because of what happened in Hell that one time... Tch. All for the moon of Understanding and Knowledge and Love and all that gook... But he still sang. He sang just as hard and as loud as anyone else, despite how much he tried to not be into it. The trick to his moon was, he understood it all. And he was assigned to this one because of all that it stood for... Knowledge. Information. Memory. Love. Understanding. And dammit, he wanted EVERYONE to know about it, no matter who they were. It would travel and resound to all the Tensei to let them know just what this was, as well... Just what lies in the backs of their minds. All the knowledge of their subconscious. All the information of the atmosphere. All the love hidden in the shadows of their existences... No matter who they were or what they acted like.

So, from deep within him, he sang... And pulled a single hand from his pocket, and in it, the winds of the cosmos blew, converging from every edge right into the palm of his hand... The breath of God; the 'God Wind Moon', right in his hand. It was an airy sphere, teeming with Manna... Ethereal in all ways. "... I guess even I have a Voice to sing with... So, I'd better use it for something productive and join the freakin choir..." He snickered, letting the 'God Wind Moon' drift off to where the third orbit that the Silver Moon was in, protecting the inner two, as well as the Zeroth Moon. It took in the God Wind and, like a kiss from the almighty, it swaddled Yin and Yang with its love and understanding, to bring them even closer together under its powerful force. "... Come on, guys, hurry it up... We ain't got all night, ya know..."

10th Moon; Pumki

Birthed of the essence of every star every known to be and become, formerly known as Luminon, he was reborn from each and every star's will, to conceive the true form of Luminon; Lumiel, under the name of Ruby Lumiere. Taking on this form to hide her presence as a Flame Of Eternity did not bode well, as she was, naturally, summoned here on this night for this purpose... "... Even I couldn't hide from my destiny..." She sighed. She had grown so tired of being Luminon... Well, Lumiel. For once, just once, she wanted to be just someone who could have fun and not always be on duty. Her Original Self -- Pumki, Tigen and Pumpkinhead's sister. "... But I know it's for the greater good... I'm probably preaching to the choir on this one..." She smiled and giggled to herself. "... Probably. *Giggle giggle*... Most DEFINITELY! We Tensei have it hard out here!"

She stuck out her tongue and put up a single hand, with her index finger pointing directly at the Zeroth Moon's core... Retracting her tongue, her cute and fun face took on a more serious and righteous form, reminiscent of her former persona; Luminon. She opened her mouth and the goofy tone from before was no more, as it was time to sing among the choir, and bring forth the 'Liquid Crystal Moon'...

Pumki: "Shin Ekishoutsukiyomi..."

She waisted no time. Her song was powerful, yet calm, but completely decisive in nature, as all actions of Luminon were when she existed as him. Her finger concentrated a piece of energy from all such stars, into that singularity that was the tip, and with a light sparkling brighter than what would seem to be all things, she wrapped around it a coating of pure and utter Liquid Crystal, to cast this light out to all things in perfect harmony of every wavelength, traveling down the Family Bond just as absolutely as all the rest...

The light of each star, of each Flame was here, and she flicked the magnanimous 'Liquid Crystal Moon' off into the third orbit along with the others, protecting the two inner rings. The Zeroth Moon took in the Liquid Crystal properties, coating itself with its cooling presence, right over the God Wind itself. It was completely transparent, like a window, or a protective seal keeping all that which was within it still ever within, not to have the crystal shattered from being solid, but to be malleable because it was liquid, never to shatter, never to break. This was the extent of the 'Tenth Moon'. With the Eleventh, they would almost have completion...

11th Moon; Tigen

He had been standing on the moon for quite some time, waiting for his time to join in the chorus. With a giddy giggle and a goofy smile, Tigen warped over next to his little sister, Pumki and held out his hands. "Finally... Tigen's turn! Alright, Eleventh Moon of of True Fire and Ice; of Light, Order, and and Darkness merged into one, Tigen is gonna SING!!!" He wasted no time and jumped right on the band wagon... It wasn't like Tigen hadn't been waiting for what seemed to be an eternity for this. He was the Flame Of Eternity for Khrona, besides Shinsei himself. So, Tigen centered all the Flames within him, causing his own flaming body to become a burning spectrum of all light, all colors in one Flame, flickering and alternating between them all... His high vibrations and incredible wavelength took in the Family Bond with harmony, and he would begin to sing the praises of this 'Eleventh Moon'...

Tigen: "Shin Shinhitsukiyomi~!"

At the call of this moon, in his hands would appear two spheres; one of complete and utter cold, and another of complete and utter heat, both burning at the complete end and complete top of temperatures; pure entropic completion going to the absolute hottest of hot and absolute coldest of cold. He started to pull these two spheres together, their very essences causing friction within the cosmos that shook the dimensions, till Tigen forced both the cold sphere and heat sphere into one glowing blue sphere lit aflame with all the colors of light around it... This moon resembled a Soul in appearance, its flickering wispy tail of color transcending normal light, and becoming completely clear... And, so too would Tigen. He was going into his 'Clear Flame' form, as he had done before in the past... The perfect harmonization of all colors of light; Crystal.

He focused this sphere and pointed it at the Zeroth Moon, firing it from his hand at light speed. Instead of orbiting the Zeroth Moon like the others, it crashed directly into it, becoming one with it on the spot. It would encapsulate the Zeroth Moon within itself, and the Eleventh and Zeroth were 'one,' yet separate. The Liquid Crystal froze over, yet immediately lit aflame through the power of the true Fire and Ice moon, and it looked now like a completely crystallized soul with a clear crystal flame burning around it. The 'Eleventh Moon' was protecting the Zeroth with all that it had... Taking the power of the Family Bond and strengthening its power as well... That flame was the most gorgeous fire, the most gorgeous Flame Of Eternity he had ever seen... But there was still one more moon for this to be completed. So, Tigen turned to the current conductor, Maestro Chroma and cheesed, giving her the V for Victory!!

Tigen: "Come on, girl! Join the choir!! We've been waiting to hear you sing since forever!!!"

Tigen's song granted every Tensei crystal wings, sprouting from their bodies to amplify the glow of this beautiful flame across the macrocosm and beyond even that... They projected this perfect wavelength and perfect song so that EVERYTHING could hear the beauty behind it... Because they wanted to share it with every being. And with the arrival of the next moon... That would be possible. And Khrona's true form would be born...

12th Moon; Chroma

She smiled at the beauty of what was coming to fruition... The coming of the Crystal Tree of Life and Truth's true and completed form... These moons took on the form of the legendary Sephirot; the Ten Emanations of the Divine; all Divinity. With the Zeroth and the Eleventh as one, and the other ten moons orbiting, the symbol of the Tree of Life had been created in the cosmos, and its power was beginning to awaken. "Hmhmhm... Father... Finally, you can awaken from your slumber... You've been asleep for so long... Lying in wait..." She pointed Rei at the orbiting moons, halting them in their tracks in the exact points they needed to be. "Well, no more..." As each moon took its position, there was a buildup of a grandiose amount of energy... Beyond the number of man and even greater than what could be held in everything that this creation was... Yet, such energy was honed and focused into each moon, staying completely stationary; stagnant and without motion.

That is when Chroma dropped Rei and took her seat in the chorus, right next to Tigen, her body igniting with her own perfect Flame Of Eternity, which looked exactly like her body as it was. She parted those two elegant lips and let her Voice ring, to call upon the Dawn of the 'All Moon'... All moons coming together as one...

Chroma: "Shin Omnitsukiyomi..."

The moon of Omnipotence, Everything, Anything, and Nothing... All as one. The moon of True Doom; before the True Apocalypse. And, she would sing out in accord with every other Tensei, seeming to keep all their voices in line at the very end... She was the lead singer, it seemed.

Her gorgeous voice, more beautiful than any other, connected each of the points of energy between all the moons with utter harmony and balance, letting their energies flow through the perfected wavelength of the Family Bond with ease, taking now the shape of the legendary Tree Of Life's sigil; the true Sephirot. Their harmonized energies would focus now to the Zeroth and Eleventh, as the Twelfth Moon, which was the connection of each and every moon, concentrated into that single point...

Chroma: "Welcome home, Father..."

With all of this Divine power, from the center of the Zeroth... The Twelfth would overlap its power, and pave way for the Thirteenth to be born... The moon of Khrona Tensei himself.

13th Moon; Khrona (Tensei)

'Finally... I've waited so long for this day... Thank you, my family... I love you all so very much...'

That voice resounded gently amongst all things, as the Zeroth Moon suddenly began to vibrate violently. On the planet, the Crystal Tree itself would also begin to shake, growing larger and larger to meet the point that this Soul resided in space. From the crystal clear flames of this new moon, the Zeroth would take in all the other powers, and have enough strength to form the legendary Thirteenth Moon; the True, Complete Full Moon of the Tensei. The Pure Star Moon. So, that voice did speak out from within the newly created Thirteenth Moon, calling forth its utter completion by name.

Khrona: "Shin Shinseitsukiyomi..."

Sprouting from the core, birthed of pure and utter crystal, the body that took in all vibrations; all light... All wavelengths. And this moon, this Thirteenth Moon that harbored all the powers of the others... This was his soul. The others, they were parts of his body; his chakra points. His power.

His body grew larger and larger, and so too, did the Crystal Tree, till it was large enough for the entire galaxy to witness Khrona sitting atop his tree in utter peace and smiling, the other moons floating around him and orbiting the soul that rested right in his crystal chest, shining so brightly that it caused his normally invisible body to cast the perception of Khrona himself unto everyone and everything... Even to this day, Khrona had a thing for the flashiest of appearances. Some things never change. Hahahaha.

Khrona: "Ah... It feels so good... To be free...

He opened his eyes and watched each of his little moons, his little energy points, his little souls, his little families, his little everythings just hover about so calmly... And he smiled and he chuckled. A gleam of his sanguine eyes; 'Shin Zettai Omni Perception', cast his vision out to the expanse, to see where these points were to go next. "... You all sound so beautiful... And, all in perfect harmony... Perfect accord... I love you all. But, we aren't finished just yet... This is only the Dawn of my moon. Nowhere near the completion. He placed a finger to his chest, letting his Soul cast itself out to each and every moon, like veins... "Now that I am tethered... It's time for the true Friday The Thirteenth. Call forth the Bodies and let them cast these Souls out into the expansive all of all, and let these moons grow into their own alls at the very edge of every everything... This is the end of the Night Of Tensei! 'Insangels', Come Forth!"

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After Assembling The Outside Of Khrona's Body And Stabilizing The Full Form Of He And The Crystal Tree, The Rest Of The Family Would Stabilize The Inside, Allowing The Fullness Of His Form Within As Well As Outside His Body, Once Khrona Was Summoned From The Thirteenth Moon.

1st Moon; Cleff

After making the call, he would raise his finger to the Blue Moon, -- the First Moon -- aim at some arbitrary position in the atmosphere and, with a single decisive flick, that orb was sent spiraling off faster than light could keep up with, as if instantaneously warping to its decided location.

Khrona: "The first Moon has been launched... The Crown; to the top. Such is the Moon of Truth, become now my Crown, to bring in all Truths unto me... With the Divine Will to create and the Infinite Light of the Creator... I say I am that I am, and let that Truth resound."

So, the moon would take its correct place in the spectrum of all things, rapidly and exponentially expanding from moon, to planet, to sun, to galaxy, to universe, to multiverse, and so on and so forth and beyond, infinitely taking in all truths to spread such wisdom to Khrona... The First Moon had been set in place.

2nd Moon; Tsukihime

A faint giggle from the Queen of Dreams, and her wispy body manifested behind his, her arms wrapped around his neck lovingly, and her face nestled cozily into his nape. Khrina stared into the eyes of her beloved, and soke unto him... "Hmhmhm... Time and time again, I am the one to prove my love to you, and I exceed with flying colors each and every time... That is because the truth is, that it never changes." She winked at him, letting one of her arms flop down lazily toward the Red Moon, her finger fixed to flick it to the ends of all just as Khrona had done to the Blue Moon prior. The decisive launch of the Second Moon called for Khrina to speak out the macrocosm, as the moon reached its destination almost instantly.

Khrina: "The Second Moon... The Understanding, to the Left Brain. Such is the Moon of Love, become now the Left Eye of Khrona, connected straight to his very Heart. With it, bring all Understanding into his mind, and create the infinite sanguine flash in the vessel of understanding... With me as its protector, I give birth to the emotions, reason and understanding of the Love of the Creator... And let his Heart and I become one."

She kissed him, drifting away slowly on the tethered wavelength that connected the Red Moon to him, till her body was nothing more than a dream... Resting now upon the Second Moon's red light. Just as the first, and all others to come, it would take in all things in its correct place on the spectrum, transcending the form of a moon, and up even beyond the multiverse, infinitely taking in the Understanding of all such love that would rest in his heart. The Second Moon had taken its place.

3rd Moon; Trinity


Trinity: "Is it my turn again, Daddy!?"

Here she is... That hyperactive bundle of joy, whose minuscule form peered up at the huge cosmic entity that was her dear old dad. She clasped her hands together, shaking uncontrollably, ready to ignite again... And warped off to the Jade Moon now, grinning as hard as she could. A mere blink of those eyes trying to hold back that outrageous insane energy transported the Jade Moon in its respective point on the spectrum.

Trinity: "Umm... The Third Moon... The Wisdom, to the Right Brain. Such is the uh... Moon of Peace! Tranquility! Equilibrium! And Serenity! Turn into the Right Eye of Daddy, connected to the very ends of his big ol' brain! With it, bring all Wisdom into his mind, as the first unbounded jade flash of an idea before it takes on limitations; the Divine Reality! Heehee... With me protecting this one, I give birth to the first revelation; creation from nothingness!! In the oneness of his consciousness!!"

After speaking those words, she exploded. Literally, burst on the spot. She appeared at the same instant in the spot where the Third Moon resided now, having undergone the immeasurable changes of travel, as the other two before it had done. Trinity giggled, watching as the infinite Wisdom started to flow in... And flow and flow and flow... Right into his head! The Third Moon was set in place~!

4th Moon; Grimlock

He graced this existence with his presence, no longer as a Grim, nor as a Grimlock, but as a freed expression of his own will, enslaved no more by the dreaded mistakes of yore. "Haha! It seems as though all of my years and years of suffering for my crimes has finally paid off! This is what I was truly waiting for! THIS is what I wished to bring about, my boy!! We will finally be FREE!!" As an enthusiast of the current event, he stood atop the Amber Moon and stared up to Khrona and all of his magnificence, shedding but a single Crystal Tear for what was occurring here. "Never in my life did I think I would be able to witness this happen... I thought that all of my work would go towards nothing... Even with knowledge of all numbers, something that transcends even Numerology and numerical value cannot be predicted, even by these eyes that molded your own!" He chuckled heartily to himself, before clearing his throat and closing his eyes... "Now then... Let's get down to real business, hm, dear boy...?" He grinned lightly, pointing off to what seemed to be an arbitrary location...

Grimlock: "The Fourth Moon! The Knowledge, to the Central Brain... That is to say, this Moon of Justice, Punishment and Retribution, shall become the stable Central Mind of Khrona. As such, it shalt bring forth all Knowledge to his head, which he may use for Justice, Punishment and Retribution under the divinity of this moon; as the Central state of unity of the Ten Sephirot, the Tree of Life. I will watch over it and ensure that such Punishment is dealt in only Justice, and Retribution be entitled to those who have been marked as the Punished. So it shall be."

With a snap of his fingers, the coordinates of this Amber Moon traversed all such other coordinates, trying to find and maintain its stability in the entire spectrum of things, growing to its fullest form, as the others had. From there on, infinite Knowledge flowed to the center of Khrona's thoughts, branching out to meet with the other two parts of his head, as well as the Crown itself. The Fourth Moon was set...

5th Moon; Tear

With 'Soul Transmission', this unlikely character appeared in a beam of light atop the Fifth Moon, with eyes just as lucid as the crystalline body of his 'higher self.' Though only a fragment of what is actuality, and somehow an elder to his full bodied self, Tear was ready to contribute to the masses once again, as he always was. "... Ah, I always saw and loved the beauty in all things..." With hands in pocket, he merely closed his eyes and allowed for his wavelength to expand and merge with the White Rain Moon. His soul was the fragment of Khrona that shaped a body around itself; Tear was always called 'hollow' on the inside. But, he was far more than that; though created by this entity, he was his own person and lived his own life and was happy about that.

Tear: "... The Fifth Moon... The Kindness, to the Right Arm. With the power of giving, let it shape the Hand of Creation, under the Moon of the Dark Messengers, granting the Gift Of Death to all. With the loving grace of free giving; the love of God, let this inspiring vision grant all gifts of creation, even that of Death itself, unto all... I shall watch over this moon and carry the will of the Gift Of Death and all things else unto others... As one of the Dark Messengers..."

He blinked, Soul Transmission instantaneously transporting the White Rain Moon to its position in the grand spectrum, ascending to the level which it needed to be for its grand composure. As the point of the Right Arm, it would form as such, drawing in the infinite power of creation into it, and soon, the Fifth moon would fall into place as well.

6th Moon; Cleff's Kids (Rhapsody, Melody, Cleff 2.0 -- Tron/Tabritha, Terumi, Taijitu)

A beautiful sound drifted cross the silent space, bringing on its current the cute little Rhapsody, with no smile on her face and her unpatched eye shifting down to the surface of the moon. She was not much of a talker, in actuality, however she knew that the Black Rain Moon called for her attention. She opened her mouth, binaric code taking physical manifestation from her mouth, and eventually, into words, followed by sound once conversion had been completed. Once that occurred, 'sound' flowed from her mouth like water.

Rhapsody: "This is the Dawn of the Sixth Moon, which harbors Severity in the Left Arm. As the Moon of Atonement and Repentance, let it set the tone for the strength, judgment, intention, withholding and awe of God. The power of the Destructor from Creator is at Hand, to bestow Atonement and Repentance to all through divine destruction. As correspondent of this Moon's power, I will watch over this awesome destructive might in his Left Hand. Thank you. End."

Once she finished, she waved her hand, changing the Moon into pure data. It would take its place on the spectrum of things and bring the infinite Severity of destruction to the Left Hand of Khrona. The Sixth Moon, set.

7th; Chita

... From the Void, this banging bitch emerged, and onto a moon that she knew barely anything about. She scoffed, knowing she was only here because of that crap Khrona pulled when she was born... Probably some finagling of Zita and that Nytoz guy... Yeah, her purpose here was pretty much just by stroke of luck... "... You always find a way, don'tcha..?" She shook her head and smirked. "Whatever. I'll help ya out, then... Since, apparently, I got sucked into this against my will, anyway." She laughed heartily, knowing that she was more than happy to do this for Khrona. She couldn't wait to see the awesome transformation at the end, either... So, she she started to draw in power into her gauntlets, condensing the power of The Void and the Raging Star into her respective hands... And started to speak.

Chita: "The Seventh Moon... The Beauty, in the Torso. Moon of Faith, shine the beauty of all things, and maintain the symmetry and balance between Kindness and Severity in compassion, both internally and externally. Spinning all Creation and Destruction at your core, the Beauty of Faith and balance of all and oneself combine. I'll watch over this beautiful moon... And practice the Faith of its power!"

She looked at her two hands; one burning with the heat of a star, and the other, with the coldness of the very Void itself. Her smirk grew to a wide grin, and she would crash her hands together in a violent display, the resulting explosion and implosion causing the Moon to transcend to its point on the spectrum, now drawing in the infinite Beauty into the core of Khrona, and balancing his mighty power of Creation and Destruction in both his hands through Absolution. Seventh moon's all green here.

8th Moon; Shinra

This man, having walked up the Family Bond on foot, using pure and utter chakra to see and manifest the physical shape of this connection, he reached what seemed to be the endless path connected to his moon in space. How he was able to sustain himself and breathe? On pure chakra alone.

Shinra: "... Hm. I am proud of you, my son... For achieving such great things. Make sure, above all else... You use this power for the correct purpose. I will not endorse foolishness, nor will I tolerate it. Heed my words and take them into that infinite knowledge of yours and remember; you are never to high and mighty to be knocked off of your pedestal, if you are not true of heart and just of reason. If this should happen, and it is not anyone else... Know that it will be me."

With that said, he stared his son straight in the eyes, unwavering and unblinking, to show his own absolute conviction in the matter, before clasping his hands together and centering his chakras.

Shinra: "The Eighth Moon... The Victory and Eternity, to the Right Leg. As moon of Fortitude, Strength, Patience and overall Finality, place all such power into that Right Foot of his, bringing him Eternal Victory as he places his foot down in absolute might. Let him keep his head clear, as to not get clouded by visions of grandeur... And bring about Eternal Loss in the stead of Eternal Victory. As his father and protector of the Silver Moon... I will watch over him and ensure that he may keep his soundness and reason, even with such grandiose power."

He opened his eyes, and with his body teeming with raw chakra, he spake out his very name to the cosmos...

Shinra: "SHINRA TENSEI!!!"

And the grand power of the 'Eoforce' harbored just enough strength to blast Shinra and this moon to the very ends of everything, to the point on the spectrum of all that this moon, now transcending, needed to be. It would draw in all such infinite Victory and Eternity, using the powers of the Silver Moon to maintain it. So, the Eighth Moon had been put into place...

9th Moon; Tabrith

"Ah. I suppose it is my turn again, then. This time, for a more important role than simply being the catalyst... Hmhm." His face, barely filled with expression, gazed up at his mirrored form, with hands still in his pockets, and a face turned up to the gods watching over... "Well, let's get started." He lifted his hand up to the heavens, appearing beside his own moon, beginning to speak.

Tabrith: "The Ninth Moon... The Foundation, to the Genitals. With Knowledge, Understanding, Information, Memory and Love, allow for the clear connecting to the task to accomplish, wholly remembering and maintaining coherent knowledge. Know that you, as the centered Foundation, hold up the rest of those higher than yourself with just as much prowess and importance as the two powerful legs you rest between, that protect you. The base of the Tree of Life... As your servant, I will rest here and never allow you to forget your awesome power again."

He smiled, grasping his hand, causing a shift in boundless energy that took the transcending moon to the point on the spectrum it needed to be. It would draw in infinite Foundation to hold up all other things; even those legs. Such was the incredible power of the Ninth Moon... Perhaps, even more powerful than any other... Such is why it is the God Wind Moon... Hmhmhm. It is set.

10th Moon; Luci

From the Crystal Tree, she arose, with hair gleaming and a body almost as radiant as the crystal itself, and she shone proudly in these dark lands, arms crossed over her chest as usual, and upon the Liquid Crystal Moon, she would sit, a Throne appearing under her and freezing over to create her icy seat. "... You know what time it is. Hmph." She scoffed at the world, yet turned even a slight smile up only to Khrona.

Luci: "The Tenth Moon. The Glory and Splendor. As moon of Clarity, become that which holds up the body just as sternly as the Right, and let Victory and Eternity support Glory and Splendor, and vice versa, and to all others above, hold them up just as steadily and true. To know when to back down, to retreat, and to bring about Withdrawal and Surrender in utter Sincerity. Not all battles are won by stepping forward... Sometimes, it takes stepping back and taking a 'loss' to achieve the truly desired victory..."

Luci saying these words was rather out of character, but... They held true even to her. She took them to heart, even if she didn't show it, and snapped her fingers, taking her moon to its rightful place on the spectrum of all, allowing it to transcend as well. It would take in all such infinite Glory and Splendor, and she would sit there with her eyes closed... Finally humbled for once in her life. And so, the Tenth Moon was set...

But, she wasn't done there. She had a hand in the creation of the next moon, as well; the Eleventh, as the Fire and Ice moon. She snapped her fingers again, as all Ten of the moons upon the Sephirot had been created, with the Zeroth-Eleventh-Thirteenth being the final one. She, as did Tigen, Chroma, and Khrona, had to align the moon that beat within the very chest of the crystal Maestro, and with a snap of her fingers, she caused that soul to start expanding... "It's all you now, Tigen..."

11th Moon; Tigen

"Roger, Roger!"

Tigen saluted cartoonishly, reminiscent of how Trinity behaved in all her naturality, and focused himself on the now expanding Zeroth-Eleventh-Thirteenth Moon. He concentrated his flames, achieving the fabled Clear-Crystal Flame yet again, and controlled the burning clear fires of the wisping soul to absolute perfection as the liquid crystal sphere began to expand... And he spoke with a definite and bellowing Voice...

Tigen: "Behold, the Eleventh Moon... The Kingship. As the Moon of Light, Order, Balance and Darkness that make up the essence of this soul in perfect harmonious accord set in the Mouth and through it to all things, let it grow... Grow, the soul... Grow, the body... Grow, the mind... As the Crystal Heart, Crystal Body and Crystal Tree extend their roots, veins and wavelength to everything... And, so too, the speech from the Voice of God bring divine revelation in Absolute Truth. Let we Luci's, that Female Vessel for the pregnant nurturing of the Male Lights of the emotional Sephirot come into action... And become the Crown Will source for any subsequent lower level in Creation, accomplishment and realization of the Divine Plan. That is; let the two who protect this moon' the Fire of the Eternal Soul and the Ice of the Crystal Vessel become one and project the image of... Shinseigami, Khrona Tensei!!!"

His body flickered vivaciously, soon to be taken into the Zeroth-Eleventh-Thirteenth Moon as the one who protects it all with the ever burning Flame Of Eternity, as the Pumpking...

Tigen had merged with Khrona's soul.

Tigen: "... Chroma! Finish the harmonization so that Khrona may be completed!!"

The final hour was at hand... The Sephirot was complete and the Twenty Two Channels were about to connect everything in every was through Khrona. The greatest Absorption... The perfect Soul Resonance...

12th Moon; Chroma

Patiently waiting right beside her father, as his first child, she sat with eyes closed, hovering on a traditional Japanese pillow, sleeve covering her face cutely. She witnessed all that had come to be and waiting for her right time to act yet again, as the final Moon to end them all and set into completion the Thirteenth... And thus would set into motion Shin Friday The Thirteenth; the eternal Friday the Thirteenth. She giggled and smiled, waiting until Tigen called out her name to turn to the soul before her and say, "Oh, is it my turn already?" For the first time ever since her transformation, Chroma would open both her eyes completely, unleashing a might so powerful held back by her shut eyes, that it split her body into three parts; One completely white, one completely black, and one both white and black. These were the Chroma's X, Y, and Z; Chroma of Life, Chroma of Death, and Chroma of Life and Death. The three of them held hands in a circle, omitting an odd, yet extremely pleasant frequency from themselves, that which would resonate and flow with the current of the Family Bond, down each and every one of the Twenty Two Channels connecting the Ten Points. With all such points connected in perfect harmony, in unison, they would amplify each others' resonance and wavelengths, feeding power straight from every single one of the Moons to the Thirteenth, which was Khrona's soul.

Chroma: "The Twelfth Moon... The Omnipotence. By the power of this moon, which harmonizes all moons through Everything... Light, Neutrality and Darkness... Life, Death and Rebirth... May they all combine and share their power, for it all to be drawn into the Zeroth, which is now the Eleventh, to become the Thirteenth..."

Each Chroma spoke in unison, their great circle now beginning to spin. They would, as they spun, create a Halo over the growing Tree of Life, which, before, was only a sapling, and caused the great Crystal Tree of Life, Truth, and Rebirth to grow; Its branches would extend out to all things, everything, and connect to them through its branches, like the veins of a body, coursing with the energy of all. With the branches extended, the total innards of the body had been completed... Now, all that was left was the crystalline frame and the blood, which was all energy itself.

Chroma: "Father... Assume thy true form... I can barely wait to lay eyes upon it for myself..."

13th Moon; Tensei (Khrona)

'... Thank God. Finally, I can put an end to this madness and get something productive done...' Apparently, that was all he could think of at the end of all of this; the shaping of his entire being had finally come to completion, even to the point where every single minute strand of DNA from himself through the Tree of Life had connected to everything... Where his soul grew so large that to sustain itself, it needed to cycle power between all creation itself. Yes, this is what Khrona had been waiting for... And, for what? That was his little secret... 'Hmhmhm...' That laugh... It vibrated up every branch as, as his crystal body expanded... Infinitely larger, and larger and, then, even larger so! Would it ever stop? No... It was taking in everything... From his Halo down to the very soles of his feet, he was filled with everything... And he just... Thought about it, in the grand scheme of things...

Khrona: 'You guys are my organs now... My cute little cells and molecules.. Atoms and quarks and... Hmhmhm... Everything. And I can sees it all...'

He existed now in a new state of beyond, known to most as 'Heaven.' Here, would reside Khrona, Tigen and the Friday the Thirteenth Fairy, as, that is what he willed to be.

Khrona: 'I guess this is why my name is 'Khrona,' huh? The Crown! Hahahaha!'

From his laugh, would he manifest The Friday The Thirteenth Fairy in her youngest state; Bunnybee, as in his soul resided the Magical Orange... Rather, the Crystal Fruit, Tigen. Khrona was going to bring up everyone... Somehow, some way... And these two were going to help.

Khrona: '... Only if they want it, though... I just... Want to help. As always.'

And as it shall always be.

Khrona: 'Aaaand here we... go.'


Bunnybee: "BWAH!!! Took you fuckin' long enough, Khrona!!! I've been waiting FOREEEEVER!!!"

She crossed her arms and stared him down, jaded eyes gleaming with their awesome glimmering glint. Her giant, white fluffy bunny ears twinged a bit, just because they were a little stiff from being out of motion for so long. Figureeess.

Bunnybee: "Alright, so. I'm runnin' the show from now on, you got me?! You can have all that phenomenal cosmic power bullshit if you want, but what I want is for this goddamn invasion to happen... I've been promising mom for a long time I'd get it done, and DAMMIT, IT'S GETTING DONE RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!!"

Looks like Bunnybee started off not playin' no games. That's how she always is, though.

Bunnybee: "So. Whatchoo wanna do, huh?"

Khrona: 'Ahhh... Sorry, sorry... Alright, wait, let me stop talking like this, too... No need to be so ominous anymore.'

Khrona's Godly voice suddenly toned down to a normal tone, though he retained his form as the magnanimous tree.

Khrona: "There we go. Alright, Bunnybee. We've been trying to make this happen for a long time. It's gonna take a lot of doing, but I know we can make it happen. You wanted an Invasion, you definitely got one. Heehee. Not like I don't support it; I made you, after all~!"

He loved his greatest creation... And would do anything to grant her wish!! She was the embodiment of his beloved Dream Girl, after all.

Khrona: "But I guess we're gonna have to go on the low key again, huh? I mean, I did just do like... the ABSOLUTE most. Did you see that?"

Khrona poked his Third Eye, projecting the image of all that had just transpired into the Crystal ball (Crystal Fruit) between them. It was really epic to watch, actually, despite how rushed it was.

Khrona: "If I wasn't on such a time constraint, you know I would have made it the most flashiest, grandest thing this place has ever seen... I love to do it up like that."

It was good he could stop being so serious for a little bit. Here, he would just sit back, relax, and go back down there and go handle that business that needed to be handled... Waaaay waaay waaaay down wherever the planet was right now. Phew.

Khrona: "You'll have fun there, you know. I swear."

She was barely paying attention to all that jibber jabber...

Bunnybee: "Eh, well, Khrona, you've got some shit to do, I've got some shit to do... Might as well go get our shit together before we even do anything... So, we can just chill here and you can like, send a memory of yourself somewhere in there, or something or other... I don't fucking know how your badass powers work; that's YOUR thing. I just know it's... Fucking badass."

A chair appeared for her to sit on, and she, well, did.

Bunnybee: "I'll make my appearances every now and then when I get bored or something. So uh... Yeah! Let's get crackin!"

And, with that said... She got up and walked off in some arbitrary direction. Hell, she could do what she wanted to do. Khrona had her back.

Khrona: "... Sigh."

Khrona shook his head. He created a work of art, definitely. He smiled, though, because that... That right there... That girl was gonna be big.

Khrona: "Well, better get back down there..."

He closed his eyes and... Well. Went there.

The end.

Once the Thirteen Moons had passed, the Tsukiyomis they brought about would also come to pass, and Khrona, who had obtained all such omnipotence necessary to ensue with such a task, would return back to the humble planet, relieved to be back here.

"Phew... That was quite a lot. Next time it won't be so difficult to go to my completed form..."

He said this, but he knew that there were actual tasks at hand he needed to complete before he could actually go back up there once these moons had passed... In actuality, he was still only at the 'Seventh Restriction'. He only got a glimpse of his omnipotent power... Just a glimpse.

Khrona: "... Of course, for my family and those to come, I want to teach them how to use their God-given power of the Tensei heritage... I might as well write a book with all the knowledge I've received, eh?"

Truthfully, Khrona would sit in what was his old office, now known as the 'Tenseinium', and tap his foot impatiently...

Khrona: "... No matter how many times I go up there... I'm never really there until I actually go through the tasks... Fine. I'll play by your rules... But when I get up there... Goddammit, it'll be so savory sweet..."

He crossed his arms and sat, his robes of darkness forming a throne under him as he motioned to sit, not ever letting him fall out of the 'Rhythm' of everything. A desk appeared before him, just as before, and he would open up the Omnipedia and tear out a single page... And, from it, he would expand and bind it with his own flesh and blood, being the Tree of Life and all... It would just make the paper and bindings.

Khrona: "... The Tensei's Grimoire... Family... When you descend... I want you to know how to use your powers the correct way... So I will write the instructions. Hmhmhm... Yes... It will be most grand."

So, he got to work. As usual...

And He Writes The Story Of His Ascension.

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall EmptyMon Jun 29, 2020 8:24 am

The first step out into the world was also the first step into Khrona's own emotions, which had grown in power along with him. Now, they were of equal, or even greater strength than the newly emerged being of Crystal, and in order to keep the rest of the Veritas from being overrun and destroyed by them, he had to tame them... Each Beast that was within each Element of each Emotion... Starting with the Beast King; The Beast, Itself.

Insanity: 'It is time to try again. Farewell, Khrona. This may be your last chance. But know and remember this; Third Time's the Charm.'

Khrona. Here, yet again, for the first time in quite a long time. The Pit Of Havoc, where all his Insanity used to lie; pressed upon the ceiling, stained upon the walls, etched into the floors of this pitch black bottomless hole, aching to get out. Though it all belonged to Khrona, this labor once fell on one solitary soul locked away deep in the confines of his very soul. Such is the Pit Of Havoc; as it had always been, whether the others noticed it or not. "... I guess I should apologize for leaving such a heavy burden on only you..." He could hear the roars... The screams... The pained cries of Hate locked away at the back of himself for years on end. Building. Growing. From more than just a being on paper into something far more terrible. "... Is it because I neglected you? Is it because I locked you up in the deepest, darkest part and never let you out, even when I let out all the others?" Furious... Maddening roars... Soaked with the gravity of harboring most of the Insanity for a very, very long time. "... You... Must hate me just as much as you hate everyone and everything else, huh?" Step after step, he made his way down the longest corridor nearest to the very back of his being; almost as far back as the Trinity Plane, where he endured Solitary Alone Time. "... I even kicked you out of Solitary Alone Time... Something that we all agreed on together to partake in, no matter what... I... I'm sorry..." To treat a piece of himself like that... It was almost sickening to think he could emotionally abuse himself just as badly as someone on the outside. They do say that one beats themselves up the best. Finally reaching the last lonely bloodied and battered reinforced door, bars upon the window and teeming with a horrendous and maddening red glow, one that would make those around him vomit with utter fear for their lives... He stood before the door.

Khrona: "Menace, The Keeper. Show your face. I am here to unleash him from his confinement."

???: "Heh heh heh... Finally got the balls to trust 'The Beast' off of its leash? I'm touched."

A being stood before him, seemingly from out of nowhere, the clear Guardian of the Gate. He was called 'Menace, the Keeper,' as in, 'The Keeper of Insanity' formerly. Now he is just.. 'The Keeper' of 'The Beast.' He was damn near identical to Khrona, just as all his fragmented pieces were. Naturally, with only minor and key details off in their appearances. Menace stood at the same height, yet his skin was pale and gray, similar to what the Khrona of old looked like. His piercing crimson gaze met with the sanguine gleam natural to his counterpart, followed by a wide and daunting smirk.

Menace: "I guess you must finally remember who we are, huh? Glad to hear it. It's been... Torture down here. I'm sure your Shadow will be happy to see you. Or, should I call it the 'Mask?' Heh heh..."

Staring at Menace was almost unsightly. It reminded Khrona of those horrible old days when his Insanity was the most unstable... And he had those terrible fits of utter uncontrollable rage. To even think that The Beast had been let out like that brought back a flood of memories.

And the The Gate wasn't even open yet.

Khrona: "... Look, Menace. You know as well as I do that unleashing The Beast could mean doom for this world. I chose to release him first because he is the most troublesome here... Save for that accursed Shadow. The others are child's play compared to those two. Working hand in hand, like they always have... Tch."

The rage was welling up within him... It was already so great; like working a muscle that hadn't been used in a long time.

Khrona: "... Just open up The Gate so I can tell him The Truth. You know that's what always calms him down when he's been put in a box... I'm surprised he's been contained for this long without breaking out..."

But, he did have his moments. Khrona remembered all too well... It almost destroyed everything he held dear to him when The Beast slipped out only a hand to kill Pestilence. Not only was the old Tree Of Life destroyed, but Khrona had to take its place, and now also, the Dark King was dead after encountering Death. All of that started because he released The Beast the first time, and that was only letting off one of his many, many chains... What other madness would occur by releasing him fully?

Menace snickered fiendishly, letting his dry, raspy voice echo in the abysmal darkness of Khrona's being.

Menace: "Heh. Alright. But you know once I take him off the chains... I don't have any control over him anymore. Keep that in mind."

As a version of Khrona that was indeed 'one' with 'The Beast', this was the current state it was in calmed whilst locked away on the other side of 'The Gate'. Menace was the Keeper because it was the only sliver of that creature that held it back. He was indeed the Binding Chains on The Beast. 'The Menace'.

Menace: "Even if I am the one holding it... Well, myself back... I wouldn't mind letting it loose for once. Even if it means I've gotta go, too. I want to see that blood crazed destruction... I wanna do something more than sit and yank the chains whenever it gets free... I wanna go WILD!!!"

These were the secret thoughts and feelings of 'The Beast' placed into a form of coherency, since that thing seemed to always be in a bind fit of malicious wrathfulness and hatred. Though, there was one thing that stuck on Menace that he couldn't figure out...

Menace: "... And besides all that... What are you gonna do about Misery? She is the 'Sister Of Insanity' that sticks to The Beast, after all... And beyond that, what if 'The Truth' doesn't set it free of this Deadly Sin of Wrath?"

That was the real question here. If it couldn't be stopped even by 'The Truth', then... Would they just start over again until they got it correct?

Menace: "Why should everything else suffer... For your own transgressions?"





Khrona: "... Those Questions..."

And so his eyes did gleam, glowing bright with their signature sanguine gleam, its light enough to break through the darkness of the abyss and saturate the black pit with the same crimson glow of the Insanity itself. Here, it was almost as if looking the very same beast he wished to keep contained dead in the face; though for some reason, there was a lot more pure terror behind it. Perhaps because he was already fully aware of how his emotions worked, and if he chose to... He could walk away and leave The Beast there for an eternity.

Khrona: "... Aren't they what got you here in the first place...?"

Not even questioning whether this was a good idea or not, he was absolutely sure that releasing 'The Beast' was the best thing to do. There were some things that needed to be questioned, and some things that did not. Those things that should be questioned should be done in the correct fashion, at the correct time, in the correct place. The horrible thing about 'The Beast' was... When it was out, there was no more time for questions.

Only answers.

Khrona: "You of all people should know not to test my patience... And this is the ultimate test of my Patience... My Trust... To release 'The Beast' and test not only him, but myself."

The reddened aura bursting from Khrona's body... That unfathomable, immeasurable, infinite and abysmally large energy rampaging from his very soul and out into the atmosphere... Yes, that was his lack of control over The Beast already. He could feel it; that was it, right there. Anything that was unworthy of that trust of this creature born of Hatred would fall to its undying flame... Those who lie were crushed mercilessly, yet those who spoke righteous honesty knew nothing of its tales.

Khrona: "Don't make me have to tell you twice. Don't say a WORD about Misery. She knows how to handle this situation just as well as I do. Just do what the fuck I tell you to do... AND OPEN THE GODDAMN GATE!!!"

Of course, it was up to Khrona to do this himself. Menace was just what his name stated; a menace. A failsafe to keep the creature in check. Something that shows its blatant mistrust in itself. And that trust was 'The Truth' that 'The Beast' was searching for; someone to trust its actions and let it out of its cage. Out of its chains. Off of its bindings and out of its restrictions.

'The Truth will set you free...'

With the 'Hand Of God' manifesting before him, Khrona extended his arm out and grabbed hold of the lock, the bars AND the seal placed upon this doorway. That which kept him from a part of himself, no matter how horrible it was. He loved it even if it was a creature hellbent on causing suffering and pain. It didn't matter. It was who he was. And if he really wanted to... If he really put forth the effort...
It could change.

If it was trusted.


The call of the sacred Pit Of Havoc; the Abyss of the Beast... That which allows it to come forth from the darkness of the Abyss it crawls in and out of its prison into the world. With all that he was, he tore this dreadful Gate blocking himself from his long tortured and imprisoned piece of himself, crushing the golden gate in his grip, letting the divine energy blocking it off disperse to nothingness. With open arms, he awaited to see what he had become... He waited to see the face of...

The Beast.



Menace: "... Heh heh heh... So I guess you really are back... Welcome home, Khrona. We've missed you."

Menace stood there, arms crossed over his chest, leaning against the gate within the palm of Khrona's hand. Pulling with tremendous force tore The Gate from its placement in the abyss, and though seemingly infinitely long and infinitely high, it all got scrunched up and burnt to ash in high mighty grip. With The Gate gone, so too did The Keeper perish, for he was The Gate's embodiment.

In the darkness, unseen deep within the void of self, the roars of Insanity bellowed.


The sound of every step grew louder and louder by the second, rhythmically paced as if drawing ever closer.


The cry of The Beast. The Abyss's tint soon changed from black to a deep, blood red, and the feeling of pure and utter hatred overcame the area. It oozed from this creature even before it appeared, with such an overpowering presence it could drive the mightiest souls mad. The force of this soul pressed up against Khrona, exuding now a heat strong enough to melt the sun. The extent of the built up hatred that The Beast had felt for so long.


The tempered cry of pure animosity marked the coming of the great evil. Engulfed in a mass of black and red flames, its menacing glare loomed down upon the one who trapped him here for so long.

Khrona Tensei.

Demonic flames parting from his face down to about its upper torso, it towered over the tiny, frail man and extended its arm out to grab him, instinctively halting as it came close due to years of pain and torment from being bound by those chains. This was the state of pure and unbridled Hatred.

The Beast.

Khrona: 'The chains... The chains are broken, you know... You are free...'

Shocked that it was no longer bound and no longer felt the pain of the terrifyingly long and thick spikes tugging on its bones as it moved, it felt just a bit at ease. Yet, this also made it want to go absolutely wild. Just as its hand was about to reach out to Khrona again, a voice called out to him from the Abyss.

???: "HEY! What the hell are you doing?!"

It was a woman's voice, and a rather stern one, at that. Someone who wasn't afraid of what The Beast could do. Someone who knew how to handle this sort of creature, even in its Insanity. Someone who stuck by it in all of the times it went off the handle. The one. The only.

Misery des Gloomi.

At the sound of her voice, The Beast halted yet again, even going so far as to retract its hand back to its normal position. It was out of respect for her, that much was clear, that it wouldn't do anything that it would regret later on. To keep it from destroying something.

The fine woman skimpily dressed in her traditional completely black attire walked straight past it and to Khrona, her thigh high black boots' steps resonating in the abysmal void. Standing right before him, she merely put a hand on her hips and stared his square in the face with eyes burning just as deep a red as his own.

Misery: "Long time, no see. You thought you could get rid of me so easily? Tch, yeah right. Don't think so, pally. Especially when I'm a fragment of her."

Misery was part of Titania -- or, Khrina, now -- as were the other Six 'Sisters Of Insanity' that paralleled the Seven Insanities of Khrona. Pieces of her emotions split apart and placed within Khrona's own through their eternal connection with each other. They were created from Khrina and placed within Titania once she accepted Khrina, and therefore harbored the female forces that conjoined with the male forces belonging to Khrona. Without Khrina, Titania was nothing more than a fairy tale. This 'Sister Of Insanity' was Misery; the only person who had the Patience to deal with The Beast was someone equally as easily flipped off the handle as it.

Misery: "Looks like you've stopped letting loose so much, huh? Sucks. I kinda liked it when you sent 'The Beast' out on me."

She winked at him and licked her lips. Truthfully, she did miss Khrona and being his partner quite a lot... It wasn't like she still couldn't be, it was just that it wouldn't just be her and Despair anymore. The other Sisters were here, too.

Misery: "So. What made you release 'The Beast'?"

The Beast. A being of destruction. Born of the fires of Hatred and meant to consume all things in its everlasting fires. Like a demon in his own belly, he could feel the release as a boiling bubble within him.

Khrona: "This feels... Familiar..."

That fire in the core of his being... It was like the fire from the core of the planet during the alignment of his chakras. Yes, this beast did indeed rest in Khrona's belly, so to speak. In his core; the Solar Plexus.

Khrona: "Yes, I know this feeling... The Insanity of Hate. To defeat your deadly Wrath, I must exercise inner Patience."

Staring into the eyes of the monster only brought back memories of the final battle with Falshin... And how he could barely stay his Insanity long enough to endure the treacherous engagement with him. Though that was merely Khrona's mirror image; his dark side that needed to be vanquished, this now was something evolved. Something greater. Within him, that Hate that was trapped within the core of his being towered over him, consumed by its own Hate for himself and everything else.

Khrona was well prepared to allow The Beast to take him as its prize, for he knew that the best way to stop it was to let it burn itself out. Besides... Better Khrona than any innocents. However, he truthfully was unsure if he could quell The Beast's Wrath, for the Insanity of Hate was that anything that it hated only made it more powerful... And it hated almost everything.


The familiar spunky voice of a rather dark, hot-headed mistress resounded in the dark and halted The Beast with only a few words. Khrona was awestruck and wide-eyed, overjoyed at seeing the first person he ever met who accepted him; the first person he did not and could not ever hate. Former Mistress and Soulmate, with a soul of Insanity equal to his;
Misery des Gloomi!

Khrona: "M-Misery!? So your soul lies here with The Beast? But I thought you returned to Titania--"

Though, it all made sense. Just as Khrona was a piece of the greater being; just as The Beast made up only a small portion of his soul, Misery was the equivalent for Titani-- Er, Khrina. Even so, he smiled upon seeing her face, immediately leaning toward her with a kiss.

Khrona: "I stopped letting loose because The Beast went out of control... And almost destroyed everyone. So I trapped it and chained it up, only letting myself lose control when absolutely necessary. But even now... The Beast has been finding ways of getting out. Guess that wasn't the best decision in the world trying to keep it contained and lying to it, huh?"

He should have known that provoking it by putting it in a box and lying would have done this. It hates those things most.

Khrona: "I let it loose so I can finally deal with it the correct way and stop its wrath from destroying me and everything else. I've come to regain control."

His hand outstretched to hers and he'd give her a grim smile, one just as fiendishly loving as way back when they roamed the earth together as partners.

Khrona: "And I'd absolutely love it if you were the one to help me center myself, my love. For old time's sake."

Misery scoffed playfully, rolling her eyes and returning his kiss with only a peck, trying to play coy as usual, even though she knew she didn't want to. Hand still on her hip skeptically, she listened to Khrona's responses and realized that she and he were going through the same thing together, losing control over their emotions like this.

Misery: "You know, The Fallen One, L'sia, was her true form. As it stands, we're currently both trapped in the Sixth with our emotions, losing control over em. If you've come to regain control, then we're gonna do it together and let our emotions sort themselves out as one unit."

She smirked now, grabbing Khrona's extended hand, starting to take on her new and impressive weapon form; a sword much larger than the one used before, though of the same caliber nonetheless. Consumed by the red tinted light, she'd start to take shape.

Misery: "Stupid. Why wouldn't I work together with you when I've been missing you so much? Besides; we can kill two birds with one stone this way!"

The last thing she'd do before transforming was wink and him and playfully stick out her tongue, licking her lips before finally assuming her full weapon form.

Misery: "Ah~! I really did miss you, baby~! Now lets put him in his place and get ourselves under control, eh!?"

All the while, The Beast could see now that the one he respected was in cahoots with the part of him that he hated, which threw him into a frenzy of blind rage and confusion. With a roar that shook the ethereal void that was this world, it would all ignite with the dark flames of its greatened rage. And it grew... And grew... And grew... Until it towered over them with all the size of a city. It was monstrous, to say the least, and with things continuously fueling its flames of hatred, there seemed to be no way to stop it.

It raised its mighty fist to these ants and brought it down with great force, trying to smash them to pieces under its terrible strength. Upon impact, flames would erupt from below, bursting upward into the air and burning away everything in its sight. All things that it hated that met with these flames would be smitten by its burning fist. This was no time to play games with it.

Khrona: "Aw hell yeah."

Suddenly, Khrona seemed much more like himself; his old, maniacal, dark, loving self. Even in all of his divinity, he was still the same person, after all. Just because he bettered himself did not mean that he didn't remember where he came from, and that would have to be used to keep 'The Beast' under control.

Khrona: "Well now, love, I like your new style! Let's settle our Hatred and Anger once and for all; I'm sure the other emotions are gonna love to see The Beast when it's tamed by the two of us together!"

His and her hatred and anger confined into one large monstrosity... Boy, they'd gotten themselves into some deep shit. Despite how nonchalant these two could be, their deep inner fury was nothing to mess around with. With this rather fine looking blade in his hand, Khrona would initiate a Soul Resonance not unlike what they used to do, its power able to repulse the fist of The Beast for a mere moment as they hopped back into the flames behind them.

Khrona: "... Alright, let me see if I remember how to do this..."

Raising the sword high into the air, he channeled their combined Insanity soul energy to coat the edge of the blade, which screamed with the crazed cries of both of the insanities of their soul.

Together: "Zero Sanity!!!"

Ah, yes, how reminiscent... Their first technique learned and used together; Zero Sanity. Bringing down the powerful blade from above him, he'd slame it to the ground, releasing a vicious crescent blade of pure insanity flying through the air. As it flew, it distorted the atmosphere around it; flames contorting to meet its form and shattering in the vacuum of the flying blade. The same fate belied The Beast upon contact with the projectile.

Khrona: "I haven't used that one in a while."

Misery: "Who are you tellin'? Hahaha! Now, let's give him hell!"

Fist blown back by the might of their resonance, The Beast drew only a great deal more hatred from their bond, and the fires that swirled around the abysmal void only intensified, growing larger and burning with a greater passionate hatred.

With a robust roar from deep within its bowels, the very power was enough to disrupt the wavelength of Insanity hurdling toward him at such speeds. When it neared, he'd snatch it out of the sky like a delicate creature resting between its almighty grasp. Just a clench of its fist crushed the soul energy to goop in his hands, which oozed through his fingers like blood. Its hatred grew... And its body grew even more... Unable to be quelled by their feeble attack.

It reared up yet again, this time with both fists raised high into the air. With all its might, it sent its fists crashing down upon Khrona and Misery, a sea of flames roaring from below its impact and up into the sky. The flames of hate rained down upon the land like smoldering comets to burn those two away to nothingness.

It seemed like their attacks only made it hate them more.

The impressive force of The Beast's roar blew Khrona back a bit, the smell of burning charcoal and gas causing his eyes to narrow. Feet skidding just slightly backward across the burning black land and the blade of Misery scraping cross the ground in tandem, they could feel their wavelengths wavering by the disruptive forces of Hatred and Anger.

Khrona: "Ugh... It feels terrible... Like there's a rift between us trying to shake apart our resonance..."

Misery: "Yeah. Kinda makes me wanna be pissed at you for being gone for so long."

It seemed that as the hatred of The Beast grew, it directly affected these two as well, and was a driving force to split them apart and make them weak. Even so, Khrona was confident that the Insanity projectile would make its mark and do some sort of substantial damage to the monster before them.


His eyes widened at the sight of The Beast merely plucking their attack from the sky and crushing it between his fingers, like it was nothing more than a rodent in comparison to his fiery grip.

Khrona: "... Misery."

Misery: "... I saw."

Khrona: "... Are we really that rusty?"

Misery: "Ugh, don't think about that right now, it'll blow our synchro!!"

Khrona: "Tch, touch-y! I just thought we could do a little better, even after so long..."

Misery: "Oh, don't start Khrona! Just shut the fuck up, okay?"

Khrona: "Look who's talking. You're the one that doesn't know when to shut up."

They continued to bicker and fight with each other, as though The Beast had taken yet another chunk of their resonance and burnt it away upon melting their last attack. Fighting this creature seemed far more dangerous than they once thought it to be, and even though they had the answer to the problem at hand, it was up to them to come together to actually make it happen.

Twas only moments later that The Beast reared itself back up, flamed raised with the upheaval of its humongous arms into the air to come crashing down on the two bickering 'partners' in the midst of their little 'lover's quarrel'. With his Hyper Perception eternally active, he hopped backward yet again to avoid the massive fists and save them from being crushed by their own Hatred and Anger.

Khrona: "... Okay, this is stupid. We can't fight against each other, it only makes us weaker and him stronger."

As he spoke, the sea of flames rose from the impact, shooting up to the sky and raining down like a meteor storm. Each individual sphere already held great size, and they were shooting down so fast it was like rain.

Khrona: "We've got to find a common ground, we've got to calm him down, let his flame fizzle out. The only way I really know how to do that is with The Truth."

When a cometine (comet-like) flare shot down from above, Khrona would strike with Misery, splitting it in half in a flash despite how large and heavy this sword was, allowing the parted flames to meld back into the flaming sea around them.

Misery: "Shit!! That's HOT!! It hurts, Khrona!!"

Khrona: "What? It does? Dammit, even touching the flames is bad, then..."

The only think keeping them from actually touching the flames now was their resonance, which forced the flames of Hatred away from them enough for them to stand on the black void-like land. Fighting was no good against 'The Beast'. Only peace and patience would solve this problem.

Khrona: 'Patience... How on earth am I supposed to do that?'

He did admit, being in such a situation was a little bit fun. It reminded him of the old days, when he was just a fresh wielder out in the world... Those were good times, at least. It made him laugh and smile in the midst of all this calamity, and suddenly hopping between the falling flaming masses seemed much easier now. Khrona worked best when he wasn't stressed.

Misery: "Heh. Now that's the Khrona I know. What's gotten into you now?"

Khrona: 'Just reminiscing on when you first became my partner. Doesn't it remind you of those times?"

Misery: "Well yeah, those were the good old days."

Khrona: 'Yeah. Made me feel a little better about all this. So I could flow on the rhythm of the universe, like I used to way back when.'

Misery: "Heh. I gotcha."

That was one thing that they could agree on; them being partners was a good thing and brought them good times, and good memories. That was enough for them to work through the flaming meteors without getting hurt, and for their bond to wavelength to grow a little stronger.

After dodging so many, Khrona found it easier to think and stay calm, realizing now how to carry out his plans... And that was to not let his anger get to him. So, once the cometine flames ceased, he paused right before The Beast and gave a slight smirk with those tired, half-opened, gleaming red eyes.

Khrona: "So, Beast. I think it would be in your best interest to stop now. You wanted your freedom and you have it, right? So why try to turn on the ones who gave it to you if we trusted you with it in the first place?"

Khrona returned to being the cunning and sly devil that he was. That was something Misery loved about him in the past, even if he couldn't control himself sometimes, he could always find a way to take control of the situation at hand. By any means necessary.

It grew.

Their anger and frustration, hatred and pain were all nourishment to this creature, even if it fueled those same things it hated within itself. All it cared about was destroying those who it thought wronged it in the past; robbed it of its trust and incurring its terrible Wrath. The intensity of the flames proved worthy in weakening their bond, taking in their disruption between themselves into its own body until even they would be consumed by its all-consuming lake of fire and the flaming comets hurdling from up above.

Still, the two remained before it, and now, seemingly more jovial about the matter than before. It couldn't stand looking at how happy they were now, for this was a situation not to be taken lightly in its eyes. How, after so much anger, pain and hate, could they find happiness in this endeavor against it? It did not understand the will of ants, but surely it would burn and crush them all the same.

Raising its hand before itself, it tensed its fingers, causing the flames of the entire area to rise and brighten. Slowly, as it drew its fingers toward the palm's center, so too would the flames concentrate around Khrona and Misery, creating a huge and intense pillar of fire swirling up into the blackness above. Its heavy concentration threatened to burn away their resonance with a higher intensity, thus making them even more feeble than before. It would only be a matter of time before their soul energy burnt to ash and moments later, so would they.

But, over the roar of the pained flames of hatred did The Beast hear the words of Khrona speaking to it directly, asking it a question it seemed barely capable of answering. It thought for a moment, then spoke its Truth unto them;

The Beast: "Wretched fleas, thou hast forsaken me. Freedom may be what I have obtained in form, yet nigh in spirit. What bound my being t'were not the chains 'round mine neck nor shackles upon mine wrists, but the bountiful, boundless fires raging deeper and hotter than the Flames of Hell itself. Pray, I speak unto you my screaming pain, the Insanity which lay deep within. A scar, a hurt, a mistrust of all as to not feel such dread again."

The prophetic words stemmed from the deepest emotional turmoil that The Beast felt constantly; betrayal, mistrust, abuse, being taken advantage of, dishonesty, uncertainty, pain... And most of all, that undying hatred.

The Beast: "How can one trust a being hell bent on causing a piece of itself such terrible feeling; so much as to cast it away into the Abyss and never look upon its face with happiness, nor with love, nor with light? Thus, Hatred lies in the center of your being; undying and unbecoming, locked away from the world above. 'Lo, I spake to you mine deepest inner turmoil, and if it means victory over this eternal struggle of hate and be hated, to free me from myself, then I will do so with no hesitation.
You cretins must meet your end. So I may not suffer a moment longer."

The flames reddened now, no longer flames, but a huge concentrated red beam rising from the pits of Hell below, burning, burning, burning away the scourge of the soul; Khrona and Misery. Be it self loathe or self hurt, The Beast only wanted to rid himself of it all.

Things were starting to come together now. It wasn't The Beast that was a monster to begin with; it was Khrona who made him into such a thing by locking him away and letting that anger, hatred and pain fester and grow. The Beast wasn't the one in control here... It was Khrona. And now, as for all his sins, he had to pay the price and repent. It all started here by talking to The Beast.

Khrona: "Oh... I-- Hrk!!"

He was starting to feel the heat of the fires closing in now, slowly burning away the resonance between he and Misery, trying to destroy their bond that they had together. Though they did have their rocky times and their tough battles between themselves, those were the times that made them stronger later on. Letting his head drop down, his silvery-white hair drooped over his eyes as a feeling of hurt and sadness loomed over him now. He was beginning to reconnect with that part of him, the part that was The Beast. To understand why it felt the way it did, and what caused it to be there. It was not only Khrona that did this, but Misery as well.

Khrona: "... I... I never understood..."

Gradually, the flames started to encroach on the two of them, dangerously close to the shining hairs of Khrona.

Misery: "Khrona!! What the HELL are you doing!?"

Khrona: "... No, it's alright, Misery. I've caused this part of me to suffer long enough. You contributed to it as well, but it was mostly due to my own lack of self control. Now, at the very core of what I am, this Beast is tormented by my own actions. This is my way of atoning. My way of saying 'I'm sorry'."

Khrona always was the overdramatic type. The fires grew even more intense now, to the point where they were no longer flames, but a single red beam with the intent of burning even their ashes away. Misery couldn't believe what she was hearing right now.

Misery: "WHAT!? So you're just gonna let us go, just like that!?"

Khrona: "It's the only way it'll make him feel better..."

Misery: "No, stupid, you've got to--"

Khrona: "I have to free myself of this struggle. And that means freeing The Beast, too. I'll have to just... Let go."

Misery: "... Fine. If you think it'll work, I'll trust you. I hope you know what you're doing."

All he could do was smile at her. When it mattered most, she always did come through for him. That was the bond they shared. Now it was time to come through for her. Something in him told him that embracing these flames would be okay, and that The Beast's peace would mean his peace as well.

Khrona: "Let this be your knowledge that you can trust me. I'm sorry."

And. He'd let the flames consume him...


Just like that.

Malice fragrant in the glow of the piercing red beam, The Beast seemed to stop at nothing to ensure their erasure. To finally be free from all of this pent up fury would have been the most wonderful feeling; not to harbor so much sheer, uncontrollable hatred and scorn for himself and others. Yes, it seemed that its dream would finally come true...

Yet, as it heard the final bickering cries of Khrona and his madam, actually being able to hear for itself what his thoughts were, his intense fury soothed to a warm glow. For the very first time in quite a long time, The Beast could look upon something and harbor no Hate toward it.

The Beast: "Do mine ears deceive me, or is this spoken verily? Your intentions are to truly free me via your own life? The greatest sacrifice..."

And so, just as they were to return to ash in a second, it only took that same timeframe for The Beast's rage to be calmed. The flames below him consumed him, though this time not in a fit of blind rage, but as a controlled way of burning the rest of his grotesque form to a state of nothingness. He was returning to his original form. 'Temper', the Keeper.

A man of lightly burnt skin, flaming hair, and thirteen large flaming prayer beads donned upon his neck known as 'Patience'. With the mark of 'The Beast' upon the largest middle bead, all such Hate and Anger would willfully flow into the beads and stay, sealing themselves there under the command of Temper.

Temper: "... You've returned my trust to this scornful place through Patience and the 'Sword Of Truth'. If even you can be patient with a foul beast like me sleeping within to change it into something better, then I will do the same for others."

He did not smile. He did not unfold his arms. In fact, he constantly looked rather... Menacing. But his voice spoke nothing but words of truth, even if stern and scorching like the Core of Fire he was.

Temper: "Through Patience, I will keep us together. Centered. I will speak the Truth and allow my belief in others to gradually return from here."

Without much more to say, he took a seat right before Khrona and Misery, legs folded and arms cross, flames of righteous Truth flaring up around him.

Temper: "I shall stay here and meditate. Mediate. And if, with my Six Siblings, you find yourself in a bind, heed my name; 'Temper, Temper.' And they will know my silent fury through you."

With this, Khrona successfully freed The Beast from his bindings. He was free.


The sound of flames fizzling out overhead, rather than burning these two to ash. Khrona opened his eyes to see what had become of him, only to realize he was still in the same place, totally unscathed by the tenacious flames of hatred. He looked up to The Beast, then all around the area to find those flames fading in the same fashion. His words had gotten through.

Khrona: "... What are you...?"

Misery: "He's letting his Hate burn itself out."

In a flash of black and red tinted white light, Misery assumed her human form again beside Khrona to watch The Beast return to normal before them. The two gazed in awe at the drastic transformation that ensued, as well as the sea of flames that were once his body seal themselves away within the thirteen beads around this rather large and menacing man's neck. Cautious as to what he may be, the two did not speak until they were spoken to by the malicious man referring to himself as 'Temper.'

Khrona: "Your Wrath has been calmed through our Patience? Does that mean that you're going to keep control of The Beast from now on?"

Khrona smirked, once again getting someone else to do his dirty work for him, as per usual... But, something seemed a little off about this feeling. A sort of accomplishment that didn't come from knowing that Temper was going to keep that Hate and Anger under control, but knowing that it was he who gave Temper the strength to do so. In the end, Khrona was the one in control, as he knew so before. It was always up to him when it came to his own emotions. So, he wasn't getting someone else to do the 'dirty work' for him, so to say. He was actually learning to do this by himself in his own way. Yes, that was that warm feeling he had within, deep down in his core... Control over his wrath.

Khrona: "I am glad to have helped you find this peace within yourself and to calm that burning fury within you, Temper. Take care of The Beast, for I know you will treat him right. You are one and the same after all, just like you and me. Hmhmhm."

He laughed, relieved that this situation was compromised, and so quickly, too. Hate was one of the most terrible to engage with. Though, as Khrona turned to the fragment of Fury that belonged to the woman he loves, he crossed his arms and furrowed his brow, confused on what to do about this situation.

Khrona: "... If you are staying here, then... What of Misery? Can she come with me, or do you need her to keep you company?"

He grabbed her hand, a bit concerned for her fate. After not seeing her for so long, it was almost unbearable to part with her another time. He got a little choked up. Naturally, Misery saw this and felt the same, but wouldn't express it in the slightest beyond a small smirk, closing her eyes and quickly turning her head away from him so she wouldn't have to look at him and get all mushy the same was he was. But she definitely held his hand back. She held it tight.

Sitting in utter solitude, eyes closed and already in deep meditation, the flames curled over Temper and took the shape of The Beast around him; like some sort of aura to show that The Beast was not truly sealed, but his power was harnessed. Tempered, they could say.

Patience: 'Worry not for The Beast, for he sleeps of his own will, no longer imprisoned by his own Hate. As you have found control and trust, so has he, and we shall reside here together, strengthening this great power within you; maintaining the greatness of your core.'

The flaming apparition spoke with both the voice of Temper, The Keeper and The Beast simultaneously, proving their connectedness; their bond. At the inquiry of Misery's fate, the projection of The Beast smiled at them.

Patience: 'Rest easy, young one, for Misery shall accompany me here. Your core and the core of your lover are synchronous in nature, which is why she was even here in the first place. To maintain that balance, she must stay here with me. However, just as I am always with you supporting you, so too shall Misery be. Just as you can call upon my name in your journey, the same goes for the Sword of Truth. Your combined righteous fury harbors undying passion behind that powerful burning force, and together you shall not fail.'

Temper extended his hand from the aura of fire surrounding him to Misery now, beckoning her to return to her place to balance them out.

Patience: 'We'll keep The Abyss Of The Beast; The Pit Of Havoc safe. We will create a home here as we see fit, from these tempered flames...'

From around his body, the flaming aura expanded now, starting to give shape to the formless pit of darkness, bringing its light to the abyss. They would call it their home.

A relieving sigh was expelled from him once Temper told him just what would happen, and he could be at ease knowing that he could not only call upon these two at any time he wished, but also that they would reside here in harmony and that The Beast was finally content.

Khrona: "Ah, then that's wonderful. I am grateful for the events that have brought me here. And, as such..."

He squeezed Misery's hand just one more time, pulling her close and giving her a deep, passionate kiss. For old time's sake. Flames around them sparked up at the intensity, and things got a little hot a little fast...

Though soon after, Khrona and Misery looked at each other lovingly in the eyes and let each other's hand go simultaneously. With no words exchanged, that look and that kiss were enough for the both of them at this point, and they could let go with ease. Misery turned to Temper, knowing that he was simply this part of Khrona as she was that part of Khrina, and grabbed his hand, being pulled into the flames.

Misery: "... Don't be a stranger. I do miss the completed 'you' sometimes, you know."

She smirked before sitting down right next to Temper, giving her power to the flames of The Beast, as well. Eventually, a sword would generate in this flaming apparition's hand, which was the 'Sword Of Truth' that was Misery's weapon form.

Khrona could smile warmly at them, watching the flames expand to start the creation of a place all their own. As he felt better, he knew that he was on the path to completion, and before he would know it, he'd be completely done and could move on to the Seventh... Doing it correctly this time.

Khrona: "Remember to keep that burning Wrath under control, and with Patience, use those flames in utter control. Heh. But I guess that's more for me than it is for you two, huh? Ahahaha!"

He slipped his hands into his pocket, lids sinking upon his tired eyes. He knew of the next one he had to face; one that was much more mentally unsettling than The Beast... And that was Fear, The Reaper.

Khrona: "... Temper. Where would I find Fear at? I think it's about time we pay him a visit..."

At least with control of his Wrath, fighting Fear wouldn't be all too difficult... He hoped. He wasn't even aware of where he put Fear when he collected his emotions. Truthfully, he only knew where Hate and Tranquility resided. But of course, his inner selves knew this pathway of connectedness better than he, and this was about him discovering what his inner selves already knew so he could make utilize their knowledge on the physical plain.

Khrona: 'Fear The Reaper... How am I going to deal with that...?'

With the return of the Pissed Off Mistress of Hatred (not really her real title), her seat beside Temper brought harmony to the Pit Of Havoc. Even under his menacing and vicious persona, Temper could smile just a little for only a moment or two.

Patience: 'Just as you, I too am grateful for the events that brought us here. Were it not for you, we would never be free... We would never know harmony. Know this, Khrona; your presence within shows your concern for your own well being. And by the end... You will be at peace. The worst of it will be done.'

To be at perfect harmony with himself... He'd be able to influence all things around him to his will. Yet, even then, The Seventh would be an even greater challenge, for he'd have to know the energies from beyond, as well. If only he knew...

Patience: 'Fear The Reaper... If you seek to find the Master of Fear, you must go down to the very blackness of the Zero World, where the Fear rests. Go back to the beginning... Into the Void. The Abyss. The Chaos. The Darkness... The Zero World.'

A hand somberly lifted, pointing behind him and deeper into the blackness. There, one could see no light, not even from the brightly glowing flames around Temper and Misery.

Patience: 'The blackness of yourself, that Void, is connected in all ways. It is empty space, until you choose to fill it. Such is what we are doing here, with the flames. Filling the empty space with something So do not be afraid of that darkness... For it is only something that needs to be brought to the light.'

With that said, Temper and Misery started to fade away within the flames, with Misery waving sadly at Khrona.

Patience: 'Be well on your journey... And let not the Fear overtake you.... It is a master of trickery and deception... And will stop at nothing to ensure that you submit to its will. Stay strong in the darkness, for that is where Fear plays. In the unknowing of the unknown.'

Misery: "Don't worry, there will be someone important there to help you. Another Sister Of Insanity. Just trust in her. Heh heh. Trust me."

She winked, and the two faded away, leaving Khrona alone in the Void...

Listening to Temper speak so ominously about Fear put Khrona in a state of a bit of unease. Rubbing the back of his neck uncomfortably and with an eyebrow raised, he was starting to reconsider his thoughts on his own abilities.

Khrona: "Man. For a being who knows how to control every aspect of himself perfectly, there sure is a lot about myself that I don't know. Guess that's why it's out of control. I can only control what I know about."

Saying that to himself brought a state of reassurance for a moment, but... Looking off into the darkness, he still felt a little shaky.

Khrona: 'Fear... What lies within you? What is within the unknown?'

Part of him wished he could be like his planet right now... Wanting to drift into the abyss. But, at the same time, this uneasiness would bring him caution, and he'd be very aware of all things that were around him.

Khrona: '... Snap out of it, Khrona. It's only you. There's nothing to fear about you...'

That's not what people used to say about him. Maybe there was something about himself that he was very unaware of... Something that struck fear into the hearts of others, and now he'd be able to see first hand what it was.

Khrona: '... Am I really that frightening?'

He was going to have to look himself in the face, no matter what he looked like. Perhaps that was the unknown...

Khrona: "... Thank you both. I'll be on my way now. Into the Unknown."

He slipped his hand on the back of his neck into his pocket and lowered his head, treading the terrors that lie ahead...

In the Black Swamp.

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall EmptyMon Jun 29, 2020 3:17 pm

From The Abyss into The Void, Khrona traversed the infinite blackness of empty space carefully, watching every step he took. Though there was nothing here, the ominous and eerie ambiance of silence was starting to get to him here. It made him feel alone... Utterly alone.

Khrona: 'This loneliness... It makes me feel so cold... Where have I felt this feeling before?'

He shuddered at the thought of such solitude. He hadn't been alone like this in quite a while... Alone to just be with himself. Perhaps that loneliness of being by himself gave him this uneasy feeling.

Khrona: 'That's right... It was Solitary Alone Time, wasn't it? I used to close myself off to deal with my problems. But, even back then...'

Looking around, he started to realize that this place was indeed just the same as the Trinity Plane before he knew what it was. Infinite darkness, where he knew not where he was nor where he was going. Even now, the Trinity Plane was Solitary Alone Time. But was he really there or was he somewhere else?

Khrona: '... It didn't feel so terrifying to be alone with myself.'

Temper did say that all parts of this Void of Self were connected... Empty space is as empty space is, and traversing through it would only lead him toward where he needed to go. Yes, he had been here before; this was the path taken within the Trinity Plane. Even if there were no things around as land mark, he was aware that this blackness was one and the same.

Khrona: 'But does it lead to the same place? Ugh, it feels like I've been doing this all my life!!! Going back in here and not knowing where I'll end up...'

But he always ended up right where he needed to be.

Right at the correct time.

Khrona: '... But that's enough for me to persevere.'

And he trekked on, waiting for this darkness to clear. Or worsen. No matter what his fate was, he knew that at the end of it was where his Fear resided... In the Zero World. At the beginning.

???: "Are you afraid of the dark, Khrona...?"

Something whispered to him from the depths, its barely audible voice reverberating in the pit of nothingness and all around him, growing louder only because of how it echoed in this void. Though there was nothing there, nothing to be seen, something was always there, watching him in the black deep.

???: "You aren't alone... You're with me... Don't you remember me? Or... Have you forgotten me by losing yourself in others?"

It was sinister, this dark whisper, with different pitches and frequencies... Almost like discordant thought.

Noise. Noise. Noise.

Noise in the Harmony.

Discord in the Peace.

???: "You've been going in circles, haven't you? You have no idea where you're going... Face it. You don't care where you end up, no matter how terrible it is. As long as you aren't alone... Like me."

The echoes of a lonely, unfortunate creature continued to resonate in this area. Khrona was traversing into a part of himself even he did not know existed; the place where his Fear resided.

???: "You're such a pitiful creature, you know... To let anyone and everyone walk all over you... Just so you won't be alone. They're using you. Abusing you. Even the ones you love most. Even your very own Creator... You're just a tool to be used. A slave. Like you've always been... A pawn."

Continuing his trek down the silent and dark road, all seemed well for him when he was alone... Something that hadn't been for a long time.

Khrona: 'Huh... I could have sworn there was a reason why I didn't like being alone, tho--'

Khrona: "GAH!!"

The evil whispers of his innermost fears rushed past him and into his head like a tidal wave of deadly poison; something he had completely forgotten about being alone with himself. These words... These thoughts... Where did they come from? Why were they here in his time of peace?

Khrona: "Ugh... It's... It's you, isn't it? I understand now..."

These words... Poisonous, black words... They were sent here to destroy him. Were these words why people feared him? Is it because his tongue is as black and as poisonous as his the brain that concocts them? But why...? Why...?

Khrona: "... You're the one that's been provoking The Beast... Not even just The Beast... But me. For years. You're that huge cloud of Negativity I once knew, from oh, so long ago..."

But it felt stronger somehow. Or maybe Khrona was just weaker.

Khrona: "Why do you say these things? Why do you want to ruin what it is that I have? Why do you seek to destroy me?!?! Don't you know that THIS is why I hate coming to see you!? You never have anything good to say!!!"

His hands instinctively forced themselves upon his ears, and he started to walk faster, trying to drown out this Insanity. This is how it always started, this is what he knew to be true. It only took one evil seed to grow a Dark Garden of poisonous roses. He didn't want to be here anymore.

Khrna: 'The faster I walk, the faster I can get out of here... All I have to do is ignore them like I always do, and they'll eventually go away...'

Negativity: 'Yeah... Yeah, that's it. Just ignore the Fear... And it will eventually just fade away back to the recesses of the unknown whence it came... Yes... Go away... Go away...'

The daunting whispers converged all around him, their combined noise creating a sinister, distorted laugh in the unknown. Indistinguishable words were uttered and garbled, save for a few select insults and threats on his very life. They were laughing at him... Taunting him from beyond his knowledge.

Negativity: "Hahahaha! You're still just the ignorant child you were before if you cannot figure it out by now!! Face facts. There is nothing for you out there. The only thing you can trust. The only thing you can be certain will always be here for you... Is me. For I'm you."

A sharp and loud thud could be heard behind Khrona; the sound of a corpse falling lifelessly to the ground behind him... His last breath slithering up his leg. The atmosphere grew slimy and grotesque, and no matter how much he tried to drown it out, these words and this feeling simply would not go away.

Negativity: "Destroy you? You think I want to destroy you? No, boy... I wish to help you... By getting rid of those awful things in your life that will only do you harm. Cause you more pain. Cause you to suffer even more. All a person needs in this world... Is themselves."

The ground under his feet lost its stability, changing into some sort of weird and viscous fluid. Something thick and heavy, staining his shoes in a vivid red.


From that corpse.

Negativity: "You cannot escape... I'm with you wherever you go... Once you opened that door, there was no way you were going to shut me up again. I'm here to stay..."

The laughter continued on, but still as distorted whispers...

Only whispers...

He continued to walk. Further and further, yet going absolutely nowhere. Walking in circles, even though he could have sworn he was walking in a straight line... Where was he? When would this end? Why was it following him?

Khrona: 'Because it's all around me, isn't it...?'

Yes, he could feel this thing looking at him... Breathing down his very neck, waiting for the right moment to strip him of his mind and of his will. This Fear... It wished to trap him here forever. Khrona was too smart to be caught off guard by this, even if he was a bit unsettled by its presence.

Khrona: "You aren't going to get me so easily. Even with your cute little parlor tricks."

Referring to the corpse and the blood. They both knew that Khrona had seen and endured worse than that. He kicked the corpse away and splashed through the vivid red pool below, seemingly without care. He did, however, take his hands from his ears, knowing that it would just do nothing at this point.

Khrona: "I want to get rid of you. You're seriously irking me right now with all these petty games. I don't have any time for them, you know. I know how this works. You're going to try to keep me here until I crack, aren't you? Just like I used to do to those who lurked into the Pit Of Havoc. To protect myself."

Khrona stopped and looked around, searching in the abyss for any trace of something real.

Khrona: "Alright, alright. Just come out here and face me! I came all the way down here to see you, and you can't even return the favor with some courtesy!? And here I was thinking that you were so alone... You must not be that lonely if you can't even come out to play!"

He looked the place all up and down, yet still found nothing. Only darkness. Blackness. Empty space.

Khrona: "Heh. Coward. You must be afraid of me."

Negativity: "Face you? Hahahahaha... FACE YOU?! Did you ever think for a moment... To take a look at whose corpse that is...?

Though in the darkest of black in the deepest of depths, a phantom light pierced through the abyss and onto the face of the deceased, who harbored the image of Khrona upon his face. Bright and shining like a mirror 's projection, the spilling pool of red grew larger and larger, never allowing Khrona to let out of his sight the vision of his dead body spread across the ground... Festering in its own fluids.

Negativity: "They're running you ragged... Working you to death. This is your fate, you're aware... No matter where you may run or hide. You'll be worked till your very last breeeaaaath..."

Like the final breath taken from the corpse below, the air in the atmosphere suddenly thinned, a quick and sinister vacuous force reaching deep into Khrona's lungs and sinking its invisible claws deep within, puncturing the airbags with no remorse. It pulled with all its might the body's oxygen tanks from their rest with such strength and tenacity it would feel as though they were being ripped inside out. Compressing from outside like deflated balloons, the quick wisp of death beckoned Khrona's breath to come along to its alluring call, drifting on its silent wavelength in the shadows.

Negativity: "Nay, my boy, I am not afraid of little you... I fear more for your own safety... And what they do to you. For at the end of the day... Your corpse is the only one left on the ground. And no one even cares enough to pick it up."

Blood continued to spill across the floor, sliding across the nonexistent flat surface faster than Khrona could move his feet. Still skeptical about the entire matter about the corpse, he turned his head around behind him and stared down into its face, waiting for the phantom light to shine upon it.

Khrona: "Let me guess; my lover or my family, righ-- ..."

He fell silent staring himself in the face. Unsure of what to make of it all, he simply watched his own corpse fester and rot, unable to look away from the gruesome sight. Then came those poisonous black words again, trying to cloud his judgment and destroy his will. He wouldn't allow that to happen no matter how troubled he was.

Khrona: "No. That isn't-- Pwah...!!"

A terrible pain in his chest, like the wind had been knocked-- no, sucked straight from his lungs, leaving not a single pocket of air within. Unbearable and painful silence overcame him as his hand shot toward his chest, unable to call back the air stolen right from his mouth. Terrible, horrible pain, and not even the ability to cry out because of it. He fell to a knee, reaching up grasping at nothing, trying to find a bit of life to pull back into his inverting innards.

Khrona: 'Why...? I don't understand... If you fear for my safety, then why... Are you putting me in such danger and peril?'

He could think as loud as he wanted to, but he was unable to speak his mind to the great darkness. Dropping to his other knee and hunching over, he caught himself from falling with his free hand whilst his other stay locked on his chest. All he could do was look into the mirror upon the face of his corpse and stare down into his bloodied reflection below. He was forced to look at himself here, weak and crippled by his own Fear. It was killing him slowly... Yet, he couldn't help but think...

Khrona: 'They aren't making me work... I'm doing so of my own will...'

His eyes widened in horror, vision starting to blur from his own suffocation. Yes, he was dying... Or maybe, just falling into a deep slumber...? A coma...? Khronatose, yet again...?

Khrona: 'I'm... Killing... Myself...'

Somehow, he managed to stay conscious. Barely, but surely still conscious. If he lost here, that really would become his corpse. A terrible premonition of the future.

Negativity: "Yes... To your knees... Why would you choose to kill yourself over those who don't even care? You've done this before. They already have you bowing to their feet. That 'family.' Those 'friends.' That 'village.' You're giving them all that you are... And in return, they give you this horrible fate. This crippling Feeeaaarrr..."

It was all but surprising to see him hang on so resiliently. Khrona always was a persistent one. Even without the breath to speak or the power to stand, he still managed to keep his consciousness and composure, even if weak. It was almost puzzling how one could look at their mangled bodies before their very eyes and still wish to continue down that path.

Negativity: "What do you hope you accomplish by doing this...? It will all become null and void, into the darkness... Give up right now. It isn't worth your life. Trust me."

A great force weighed heavy on Khrona's back, its sheer crushing presence enough to bring any man's will down the the very bottom. It was the backbreaking weight of everything resting upon his back, upon his shoulders, so comfortably and carelessly standing atop him like a slave. Needles stuck into his spine from the tyrannical foot pressing down on his natural curve, and the ears above waited to hear that all too pleasant sound of bones snapping and a spine cracking. The eyes only watched with an insidious lust to see his pained and aching face; to see him at his very lowest.

Negativity: "Even though you have nothing more to give, you still continue to give in. If you can give in so easily, why can you not give up with the same ease? Can't you see that they only see their own benefit? And will walk all over you to get it? Even your own Creator does so. For He knows what lies at the end of your journey. No one cares about you in the end. Face it. And Accept it."

The distorted whispers were no longer so faint, but now distinct and demented voices speaking at several different tones and volumes. Pounding upon his head and on the doorway of his ear, they sought refuge in his mind, where all things would become reality.

Still managing to hang on, but surely not for long, Khrona tried to think long and hard about what he could do to breathe for just a second... He wanted to take a breather from all of this for just one moment..

Khrona: 'Please... Just give me a break... Just for a little while... I'll fix it all, I swear!'

But that disembodied voice wasn't even listening to him now. It didn't even answer his prior question... But, maybe it just couldn't hear his thoughts.

Khrona: 'Get out... Of my head...'

The weight of the world sat atop his back, forcing the once great man to the crawl of a babe, which he couldn't even find it in himself to take the very first step to maintain. His shaking arm and weak knees proved that he was not ready in the slightest to take care of so many; not at all. He was the support, yet he couldn't even support himself on the bottom to lift his people up to the top. And even so, was it true that no one that he cared so much for cared the same for him? Was this their way of stepping all over him and his kindness?

Khrona: 'Yes... It has to be... That's the way it makes sense to me...'

Suddenly, the pain intensified. Needles pressed down into each and every vertebrae in his spinal cord, injecting their darkness into him under the weight of the mighty foot above. It was like they were going to tear him apart, vertebrae by vertebrae, until he was nothing but a spineless pool of blood... Just like the mangled body he couldn't bear to look away from. The end result of all of his efforts.

Khrona: '... But... Even if I have nothing else to give...'

His eyes faded into black, no longer able to see the bloody mess before him. Shutting off his sense of sight gave him one less thing to worry about as his body came to a sort of ease. The demented voices and discordant sound around him also started to fade away, being blocked out by the shutting down of his sense of hearing. Even if they pounded vigorously on his head trying to get in, he wouldn't allow this into his body no matter what; through his Sight nor Sound.

Khrona: 'I still haven't given it my all... Unless I've given my body, mind, and soul as well! It's not to 'give in,' it's about what's 'given!''

Suddenly, the weight on his back wasn't so heavy, and he found the strength to rise to his feet. Shakily, granted, but risen all the same. His hand lowered from his chest, knowing that something in direct accord with his body would take care of him for him if no one or nothing else would. That was his Mind and his Soul. His very Being. His Will. And with that, he was granted the power to speak once again.

Khrona: "And I haven't given enough unless I've put even my own flesh and blood in it!!"

Without the ability to see or to hear, he still had his other primary senses still intact. His taste, -- rather, his tongue to speak -- his touch to feel, and his nose to smell. Those would guide him in these trying times. And he smiled up at the darkness with eyes just as black, snickering to himself covering in a bloody mess. He licked up that which was on his face, finding the taste of blood to be oh, so pleasant and sweet.

Khrona: "And if you thought you could trick me with this blood here, then you're wrong!! You must have forgotten in your time of sleep... MY BLOOD IS BLACK!!!"

... There it is. That old sense of self he once had... Yes, from the darker days; the grim times. Where Khrona was feared as the tyrannical madmen he once was. If Fear wanted to play these types of games, then so be it... But Khrona knew the Fear game all up and down, inside and out. And he was definitely curious to see what was inside of Fear's intestines...


As always, just when Khrona was about to be pushed down to the darkest pits of despair and forced to submit, he finds a way to rise up and overthrow the oppression of Fear and whatever else plagues him at the time. It wasn't anything miraculous; he always knew a way out of anything he got himself into, without question. The challenge that Fear knew was, his ability to maintain it.

Negativity: "You're making a mistake. It comes as a flood, you know..."

A low rumbling in the distance, rippled the pool of blood that was once stilled under Khrona's feet, quickly picking up in volume and velocity as the shadows arced over the horizon. It was indeed, as it said, a flood from beyond in the form of an enormous tidal wave. Yet, as it neared, there was something odd about its makeup... The demented voices continued.

Negativity: "A swarm, in fact. Of tiny parasites feeding off of you... Buzzing in your ear for more, more and more of you!"

Upon closer inspection, one could see that the very droplets of liquid that made every molecule of this tsunami was an insect. A parasite. A bug. The low rumble was nothing more but the concordant buzzing, each a minuscule cry for something to eat.

Feed me...!

Feed me...!!

The noise they created stirred a sick and discomfortable vibration unlike any other this man had ever felt before. Something so low it almost reached infrasound, and he'd be able to feel them crawling on his flesh long before they even neared his already nearly corpsen skin.

Negativity: "And behold, they shall be a blight upon the land... And everything they touch will wither and die... You'll suffer the same fate as the Tree Of Life with Pestilence... For that Pestilence has returned to your tree stump!! And it threatens to consume you from the bottom up!!! From the inside out!!!"

The great wave crashed down on Khrona, drowning him with each and every ungodly pest that plagued this water-like accumulation. In the ocean of verminous creatures, their host would be targeted and quickly preyed upon, starting just as was stated; from the bottom up.

Negativity: "You'd let these insects walk all over you... But they are mere bugs in comparison to your own grandeur. Why would you let the small, the weak and the meek control you? Why would you ever go down to their level and become one of them? You'd rather sacrifice your own body for them... You are just as much a pitiful fool as they are."

The sensation of billions upon billions of tiny, disgusting legs crawling across every piece of flesh, every hair, and trying to enter every orifice they could find along his body, wherever it may be... Even the thought was as chilling as their wretched feet. Scouring for their feast. Khrona was the sacrifice to appease the vile beings.

Negativity: "Let them taste of your flesh. Drink from your blood. Feast on your fruits and bearings... Like the little leeches they are. I see now that you do not care for yourself. Just like they do not care for you. So give them your all and receive nothing in return... Until there is nothing more of you to GIVE!!"

The feast begun. Tearing away his clothes with their tiny, yet powerful mandibles, they'd take piece by piece of his flesh from his bone for sustenance of their own lives. For the meat that was simply too resilient to rip from him, they'd cut out with their gnashing teeth. Those with the thin needle-like mouths made to drink from his blood thirsted for that luscious taste; one of the most delicious types of blood out there as a delicacy before them. They'd drink and drink with no conscious mind of what they did to the one that provided for them, for they only knew how to take of this creature and not give back to it. No matter how fast his skin regenerated or his blood respawned itself, there was always a parasite there to take from it the moment it regrew.

Eventually, they grew tired of even the generous offer of his outter body and craved entry within. Through his muscles and tendons, they'd snap and snare their way loose into it, burrowing down until they'd reach the bones and organs of their host. It didn't matter if it were his eyes, mouth, ears, or even if they had to make a hole in him themselves, they'd tear him to pieces to ensure that their life went on.

Negativity: "So what say you now, great sustainer of life?! Do you FINALLY see that bottom feeders will only rend your knees and empty your pockets trying to scour their way up to your level?! They know NOTHING of giving back! Will you continue to give them this pathetic life that they cling to so helplessly!? Or will you finally realize that these creatures are here to destroy you!? To bring you down!! And that they are BELOW you for a REASON!!! You are supreme in power if you rise above these insidious pests!! They are NOTHING without you! So let them know what Despair REALLY IS!!! The unbearable filth that these creatures are!!!!"

Something was coming. He could feel that ominous rumbling deep in his very bones. Even though he could see nothing and hear nothing, the vibrations emitted from their low frequency was unmistakable...

Insects. A swarm of them.

It was the most horrible thing Khrona could ever imagine... A swarm of the thing he feared the most out of everything. These little pesky, hungry creatures searching for him... Only him. He couldn't see them nor could he hear them, but that crawling sensation all over his body petrified him in sheer and utter terror. His flesh crawled and his blood bubbled, yet his legs did not move nor did his mind let him run. Fear found a new way to stop him from growing, and it was no longer with the Fear of the unknown weighing down on him, but the Fear of being consumed by it. His worst nightmare coming to life all around him and he didn't even know for certain if this was a trick or if this was real. But, even so, his resolve was not broken.

Even without his two most primary senses, he could still hear Fear speaking to him on the lowest vibration of his soul. It was a sick feeling in his stomach that made him want to wretch, but even so, he stood his ground as the buzzing vibration grew.

Khrona: "No. You're wrong. These creatures are not as parasitic as you may think; they are simply doing as nature tells them to survive. It is up to the one supporting them to always give them enough to sustain them, and as they grow, I grow as well."

He stood strong, and though he was petrified, he wouldn't falter. The wave of insects hit strong and hard, knocking him off his feet, and he'd feel their feet creeping over every hair on his body. It was then that he realized that his worst Fear had become a reality, and the one thing he hated most was now sprawled out all over him. Blind and deaf to their doings, and now mute out of the sheer terror of them getting inside of him, he wouldn't open his mouth anymore. He was silenced yet again by this plague... Failed.

Cold. Dark. Alone. And surrounded by his worst Fear. He couldn't see them. He couldn't hear where they were coming from. Drifting in the void of insects, he felt them trying to enter his nose and into his brain to consume his insides.

Khrona: 'They're all over me... All over me... They wanna eat me... Wanna eat my brain... My... My soul.. They're going to eat my soul out... They... What's that? My intestines!? They're in my stomach, aren't they!?? Trying to eat my organs piece by piece...'

Khrona curled into a ball as a desperate attempt to keep them all away, even so much as to close his nose and ear holes as well. Even with four of his senses under control and blocked out to keep his fear away, if these things were touching him, there was no hoe.

Khrona: 'They're touching me... Touching me! Touching me touching me touching me touching me touching me touching me touching me touching me touching me touching me...'

He was reverting... Back to that Insanity he knew long ago... Where he feared to touch anyone or anything. This was one that only the original leaders of the original Reality knew, for Khrona was at his most neurotic. Maze and Zita, his brother and sister, knew this Khrona best. But, there was one more person who knew him just as well as Misery...

Khrona: 'I can't do this anymore... I feel them tearing at me, trying to pick me apart with their teeth!!! I know this feeling... I know this... I know...'

He knew this feeling was... The feeling of absolute despair. Something he could never escape from; something only to fear.

Khrona: 'Maybe if I stay put, they'll go away... I'll just keep giving them what they want and... And...'

He even tried to wrap himself in his wings to keep himself safe... But to no avail. These creatures picked apart even Khrona's immense wings like they were nothing, leaving only huge skeletal draconic bones in their place. Picked clean.

Khrona: 'Ugh... It didn't work... I feel it... I feel it... I feel...'

Hours of this same process. To regenerate his own skin with his Anatomia, only for it to be consumed again by the neverending bugs he detested so. When would this cycle end? When would this loop be erased? Was he just... doomed?

Khrona: 'This must be... Despair... Being alone... like this... is the worst Despair...'

But he thought for a bit... Despair. Despair. There was something he did when he was faced with his Fear and when it tried to throw him into despair every time. A resonance within his soul, so to say... Something... Something... Something even more familiar...

Welling up within him, that familiar sensation brought light and hope to his seemingly unending situation. Though the darkness of Fear caused him and his senses to regress back inward, there was one sense that would always pierce through when Khrona was in need. The Sixth Sense; the Third Eye.

Khrona: "Rejection."

That eye opened up, drawing in the wavelength of a more familiar time that always kept him safe; one from his dearly beloved that traveled alongside he and Misery way back when. This magnificent reclusive mistress was none other than Despair a la Discord, and there was nothing that ever got to her. Using her Rejection Soul, he channeled it through his soul and out around his body, forcing the huge sea of insects away with an almighty push. A red dome shaped over Khrona for miles, keeping the bloodthirsty flesh-craved pests at bay.

Shuddering from the very thought of those things being on his body, Khrona was still petrified, but simply needed to be by himself for a bit to regain his own composure. Even so, he was able to speak up for what he believed in as he recovered. His words were shaky and were forced through chattering teeth, but he still made sure to get them out.

Khrona: "... ...E-e-even if they do try to take advantage of what I give... I-it is only because they are ignorant to what they truly do... Thus, it is up to one of r-r-r-rationality to provide them rations; just enough for them to live comfortably until they have learned to sustain themselves."

A deep and cleansing breath brought the well needed break between his words so he could continue on with his dialogue to the Fear.

Khrona: "If I always give them everything, they will never have room to grow. I may always be their provider, but one day, they will learn to provide for themselves. Right now, they're like children."

This was only a temporary fix. The bugs would remain there until he actually dealt with them... But at least in isolation, he could do so with a sound mind.

Khrona: "Insects and Humans are not that different from each other, just as the Humans and the Animals are not. There is constant evolution and adaptation, and that is called metamorphosis. As I see it, they are like babes even still in a larval form of being. But even now, as they learn to sustain and provide for themselves, they grow from that larval form into something capable of exploring even further than their own boundaries allow. Just as I had to learn how to evolve, so must they, for even now I am still evolving; growing to fit my true form. What is a man but a child of a God, after all?"

Sitting down in the center of the chaotic peace, he would simply allow for his Third Eye to call out to the soul of the Sister of Insanity that resided here, knowing that she would be able to help him. All the while, he kept his steady barrier of Rejection strong, continuing his words to the Fear.

Khrona: "You wish for me to know of despair? I already know of that despair. It's the thing you fear the most, Fear. Being alone. But what you must remember is that no matter what, you are never truly alone unless you bring it upon yourself with your own actions. By getting rid of the things that Fear the Unknown, you never let them grow to explore the Unknown and overcome that Fear. That's why I've placed you here; you're a blight and a darkness because you're something I need to overcome to see the light. And I always see that light through that Despair. Never is it anything that will hurt me, for my own personal despair is my own undoing; my own isolation. My lack of will to go on. My Fear is my Despair, and that's why she is here with me, even when I thought I was alone."

Yes, Despair a la Discord... The Sister Of Insanity that resided here in the Fear. He could feel her soul here, and knew she would come for him in this isolated space. She was the only one who knew of this type of endeavor all too well, especially with her worst fear always happening around her until she met with Khrona.

Khrona: "So it doesn't matter how much you try to strike Fear into my heart, I will not succumb to it anymore. Not as long as I know she is with me, and no matter what you do... You can't scare Despair."

Fear: "Time and time again, boy... Your impudence never ceases for you... It is something worth my Envy... To see you able to progress forward no matter what stands in your way... Whilst I am trapped here at the bottom, trying to pull you down with me!!"

Envy... That is what drove this Fear. Envious of the life that Khrona led whilst this being was trapped in eternal darkness. Perhaps this Fear wished to see the light as well. But it was nothing more than a pipedream.

Fear: "So if I must be cast in eternal darkness, a hopeless void never to see the light of day... Then so shall you. If I cannot experience what you experience, then we both shall know this same darkness. There is no hope. There is no light. There is only... Despair."

Little did Fear know, it was correct. Despair was here in the darkness, waiting to shine her dimly lit, extremely grim light.

Despair: "Oh my... How dreadfully wonderful..."

Rising up from the black cesspool of horror below Khrona, guided by the light of his opened Third Eye connecting both of their souls once again, she followed the only wavelength that could resonate with her own without being Rejected all the way to this specific point of interest she'd been called to. With tired eyes mirroring Khrona's and a grim smile all her own, this overwhelmingly negative, yet somehow unbelievably positive being emerged to Khrona's aid.

Despair: "I've found my beloved old partner... Khrona."

In all the chaos that went on around her, she seemed widely able to ignore it to see what was truly important to her. Though he was cold, alone, shaken up and terrified by these insects, he was still there trying to overcome this Fear of his for himself and for her. Even if he didn't fully understand that. Though it made her feel very bad that he was being put through this, she couldn't help but be happy that he was here.

Despair: "Your senses are shot, aren't they...? How positively terrible... You've been rejecting everything just so you can overcome your darkest fears... Poor baby..."

Like a mother, she'd take his head to her bosom, coddling him gentle and lovingly, as she always used to do when she and Misery accompanied him on his journey. She laughed a little to herself, happy to see the one she loved so dearly had changed so much, yet still hadn't changed one bit.

Despair: "It is... Relieving. To see that I am still needed here... Even if you cannot see me, even if you cannot hear me, even if you know not my fragrance... Know my touch. Know my feeling. See me with your Third Eye and open it up to the light within this darkness. Let my Kindness be the light that extinguishes the darkness of Envy... So that you will know the Truth..."

She hugged him tighter, happy just to feel his presence here. It had been so long... So very long. She could not touch anyone. She could not be near anyone. She could not love anyone else, even if they loved her with all their hearts, for hers belonged to Khrona Tensei; the man who surpassed her Rejection to see her for who she really was. The only one who accepted who she really was. And she returned the favor to him even now.

Despair: "Rest In Peace, my love... You're safe with me... We can overcome your Fear together... And show it the light of Kindness and Truth that it needs here..."

And at that moment, even Fear fell silent.

Sitting in complete and utter solitude, Khrona thought long and hard about the best way to overcome his Fear; the perfect way for him to get rid of all of those bugs. Rejecting them would only keep Khrona bound in place for all eternity, letting the Fear bind him, even if it wasn't actually getting to him. He wouldn't be able to progress forward anymore, and not only that, neither his nor anyone else's wishes nor dreams could come true.

Khrona: 'I am the other half of my lover. Where she brings dreams and wishes, I make reality and absolution, and that creates the Truth necessary to bring the village to Life. If I am stuck here, then there will only be Dreams and Wishes, never able to come to Reality as Absolute beings...'

He was getting frustrated. Very, very frustrated. Scared, even. Was it that he couldn't do his job correctly? Was he bad at being the support of everyone's life, even his own lover and child? Without him, they were not possible...

Khrona: 'Am I going to be trapped in my own Fears at the very bottom of the pit of darkness? Doomed to eternal isolation with what I hate and fear the most... This is... A prison...'

All hope seemed lost for him, and not even Despair would come to save him. Here, he was trapped without the light of hope nor the darkness of despair. There was no way to get out of this one. He was simply... Completely... Utterly... Trapped.

Khrona: '... I'm doomed, aren't I?'

He was ready to give up and give in... Yet again.

Khrona: 'Do I always falter so... So easily? I tend to lose to myself more than to anyone or anything else...'

Thus, the barrier started to shrink. As he accepted the Fear within himself, the Rejection started to break. It was hard to hold back this powerful flood. Fear was trying its damnedest to break through and make Khrona just as alone and miserable as it was. Why was it so envious of him, especially if it was just a piece of himself? Like with Hate, had Khrona done something wrong to it that caused all of this to occur?

Khrona: '... I guess... I did lock up that Fear instead of dealing with it... Rejecting it all instead of finding the root of it...'

Fear wasn't talking, but there was the touch of someone who was. With his feeling and his sixth senses the only ones still active, he'd shied away from the being touching him at first, thinking that those insects had gotten through his barrier... But, this feeling was warm. It embraced him and accepted him, whilst also rejecting his fears away.

Khrona: 'This light... I can see it... With my Third Eye open...'

To look upon this warm, gentle glow, he saw only the soul to whom it belonged to. This powerful soul of great Isolation... Harboring more Rejection and Despair than Khrona had ever seen before.

Khrona: 'Yes... I know this soul... I know this feeling... Someone whose warmth lies at the very core of her isolated being... Someone who knows this lonely isolation just as well as I do... My other beloved...'

Khrona: "Despair a la Discord."

Knowing she was there brought a smile to his face, and back to his senses. She was the first thing he saw when his vision returned, and her sweet, yet depressing, loving, yet grim voice of hope within the despair was the first thing he heard. The smell of vanilla fresh in the morn, and to let her sweet name roll off the tongue. She was a pleasure to each and every one of the five senses, and to the sixth, a sight to see; a great and powerful light hidden by the guise of darkness.

Khrona: 'Just like... Me.'

Despair: "Yes, my dear... Just like you. You must have forgotten in all the terrifically terrible darkness surrounding you..."

Khrona: "Yes... I did. This darkness was cast upon myself as a shade so I wouldn't have to deal with it. But just pushing it off to the side never gets anything done. It'll just come up again later."

Standing to his feet, he'd pull Despair up with him, standing right beside him and scanning the area for the complete situation.

Khrona: "So it's time to finally deal with it. The correct way. Despair, I will need your help."

Despair: "Horridly glorious... Hmhmhm~!"

Khrona: "Good. But what I want you to do Despair..."

Inhaling deeply, Khrona clasped his hands together, starting to center himself. Drawing in energy from all around, a slit appeared at the top of his head, which started to slowly, very very slowly widen and open. Though spiritually his Third Eye was open, physically it had to open up as well to show the light to his inner darkness.

Khrona: "... Is hold them off. I will show me the light if you can hold off my dark long enough. Please. Draw out my pesky and cowardly Fear, The Reaper."

He winked.

Khrona: "My Fear will be the death of me if I don't deal with it properly, right? Hmhmhm."

She smiled at him and placed her fingers on his lids, closing them for him before giving him a great big hug, allowing their souls to resonate once again.

Despair: "Naturally, Khrona. As long as our souls are connected, which they shall be for eternity... You and I shall work as one to overcome your worst Fear... Especially since you already helped me with mine long ago."

This wasn't unfamiliar to her, for she had the same Fear of being alone. But, no longer. It was just time for her to show Khrona what he already had shown to her. It lay within her, even if he didn't see it yet.

Despair: "All things come to the light eventually... Hmhmhm..."

And they let down the barrier...

Awaiting the darkness of the Unknown...

To flood them now...

In his silence, he could feel his firm grip on his host slipping away faster than he could retaliate. Weakened by his words and his will, Fear silently awaited a chance to strike again in the shadows. Though he was patient and quiet, it bred nothing good, but his own Despair siding with the opposing forces of Khrona. That left him drowning in his own despair, wollowing in the cess pool of Insanity he called his home.

Fear: "It is so easy for you to say when you have someone with you even now... Even in the darkness where you should be utterly alone, you STILL find someone to be by your side!!! Where is MY love!? Where is MY Kindness!? This is why I Hate you so much, I just want you to DIEEEEE!!!"

All of the things he was saying to Khrona before were true of him, and though he wished so strongly for them not to be true, they were. Fear of becoming the things that he hated, the things that he disliked, the things that trapped him at the very, very bottom... These were things he could not overcome. That jealousy drove him to Fear and oppression, attempting to rule over Khrona with an iron fist, like he used to. Yet, those black and poisonous words were fading away, somehow...

Fear: "G-g-g-Go!!! My insects!!!"

The barrier was let down, and that was their chance! Striking with the speed of a viper, they all converged on the two, ready to rip out their insides and lay eggs in their eyeballs. Their horrendous buzzing, gnashing and screeching created a chorus of discordant and distorted sound, similar to how the now panicked voice sounded.

Fear: "Wh-what is a man, you say?!?! AN INSECT!! Devour, Devour! I WILL EAT YOU!! GARRLLALRLGHAH!!!"

Now it sounded more like the bugs were talking rather than Fear. Perhaps now it was starting to understand what it felt like... To fear for its very own life.

Amidst the chaos and discord, at the very center stood Despair, protecting the sitting Khrona. It wouldn't take much of her power to get rid of these bugs, nor did she care how long it took for Khrona to power up. She would simply enjoy this time for what it was, and welcome these insects with open arms.

Despair: "Oh, disgustingly beautiful creatures of the lowest level of living... I welcome you into my world... Of Rejection and Despair."

Elegantly she hovered off toward the oncoming creatures, beginning to twirl to increase the power of her own Self Resonance. As it grew, purple lightning sparked about her body, coursing through her dress. Razor blade extended from the hem of her dress as she spun around, and then from her fingertips to form a sort of metallic fan. With her face hidden shyly behind it, her dark and tired eyes were the only things visible.

Despair: "Behold... My Great Depression, little ones~...!"

She seemed pleased about such a technique, continuing to spin faster and faster. As she spun, her cloak-like dress extended out over the mass of darkness and brought upon it the power of the Great Depression. The powerful purplish gray lightning struck every single last one as far as her infinitely expanding dress went out to. This strike of her Despair soul energy stripped them of their powers and their will, leaving them without meaning to their existences.

Despair: "Mmm... The sound of beautiful silence..."

Under her dress, as everyone knew, was an eternally open dimensional rift, which was always odd to say the least. It sucked in all of the insects and collected them into one gigantic mass, sealed off by a sphere of Rejection. By then, she placed the giant purple sphere beside Khrona, coddling it from outside.

Despair: "Though we do not wish to touch you, you are still precious creatures necessary for growth..."

Even if they were malicious, she was still kind to them. Perhaps it would calm their Envy to have someone here with them...

The insects that once sought to consume the two beings now found themselves retreating after seeing what the shadow of Despair's dress did to their brethren, and like a single mind, they'd all start to retreat. Their individual shape started to lose its form, meshing into a rushing current of pure darkness trying to escape her presence. Yet, it was brought to an uneasy calm; a loss of will to do anything at all, and thus this darkness was forced into the ultimate standstill.

Unmoving, it was drawn helplessly into the abyss that was her dress and collected in an embarrassing imprisonment all too easily, and the darkness that made this Fear became displeased.

Fear: "You're going to get rid of me, aren't you...!? You're going to... Kill me...!! Or are you going to erase me completely? I will not allow... This to happen."

The segregated darkness grew grotesque features within its containment chamber; three large vertical eyes, a mess of various sized distorted mouths filled with terrifying saw teeth and abysmal innards. Some tried to smile, yet ended up converging on themselves and falling into an endless inward spiral, consuming themselves before creating another mouth somewhere else on the mass.

Fear: "Why... Are you still being so nice...? The darkness is all around... you exist in the darkness... The unknown... So you should be feared... So if I exist in this darkness... Why do you not fear me...? Why do you not leave me alone...? I am still in control... All around you..."

As it said, the realm was still covered in Fear. A mouth opened up nearby, threatening to consume her. It was reminiscent of the powers of Grimnyzmal; a connection to Khrona's Grim heritage even though he was born with a soul. Slits scattered all across this darkness, revealing more eyes and more mouths to talk and to speak to them. The whispers, demented shouts and echoing cries of malicious thoughts and terrifying expressions of its own doubt were spoken through each of the different chattering mouths. None of the eyes were able to focus on one thing, reminiscent of Khrona's old self where his eyes lacked focus or direction when he entered his state of Insanity; fearing for his own safety around everything save for Misery and Despair.

Fear: "What if... Since you are unknown, I cannot trust you... I cannot know for certain... What you are going to do... So I will know... For certain... What I am going to do... I cannot exist with something that I do not know... What... Will... What... if... What... I..."

The eyes darted all about faster and faster, emerging from their sockets for the mouths to snip their optical sensors from the black holes that they once filled. The swirling chaos of what was seen sent them into a flurry of confusion, with the black hole sockets becoming mouths just the same as the others. They were unable to understand.

Fear: "Why is it that you can be so kind to me, even if you do not know what I will do...!? If I am a monster!? Why is it that I cannot have that peace!?!? Why must I fear for what you will do and live in this accursed darkness!?!? Why am I SUFFERING AND YOU ARE NOT!?!?"

The Fear... All it wished for was peace of mind. Something to assure that all of these doubts and evil whispers of its own delusional void were fixed and filled. But they couldn't be, not at this rate. So the darkness continued to grow... And consume...

The silly creature took on a multitude of shapes and forms it thought she wished to see, or that it wished to be in an attempt to scare her, but to no avail would it succeed. Her worst Fear was that Khrona's Fear would not understand what was going on. That was why Khrona was centering himself behind her; so that this part of him could finally get through the darkness.

Despair: "Because, my dear... when there is Absolute Understanding... Absolute Knowledge... and Absolute Reality... Then there is nothing to Fear. The end result is, our souls fit together completely and perfectly. Nothing can change that. And because of that, we will end up together no matter what; every part of us."

She embraced the sphere, drawing back the soul energy of Rejection from it and back into herself, setting the darkness free to merge back with the other shapeless malformity that it didn't wish for them to see.

Despair: "Until you take on your true form, you will never understand that there is nothing for you to Fear... Even if you are Fear itself. You are your own Reaper, and the Reaper to those who succumb to your will... But all you want is company, don't you? Not to be gotten rid of, correct? If Khrona lives with No Fear, then you... Do not exist anymore, you feel."

She shook her head, drifting back over woefully to her concentrating master. At her presence, he would begin to speak.

Khrona: "Just as I told Hatred... If you do not trust me, you will not see the light. At the end of it all... We get what we want. Every last one of us. In perfect harmony and understanding."

Hopefully these sentiments from the bottom of Khrona's being would be able to reach the Fear even in the shroud of its own delusional darkness.

Khrona: "Whatever you fear, there is nothing to fear of it. If you believe in me... You will have what you want the most. Can you relinquish your fear of the unknown and simply show your true form to us? Only then will you be able to see the light."

Khrona needed to get 'Fear' to trust him somehow... Even if he had to call upon Temper to do so. His words would get through this madness. All he wanted to do was reveal the Truth.

Fear: "I... I..."

At a loss of words, Fear was not even able to understand where this great fear came from. There was nothing that gave it the thought that such things were going to occur, except for its own thoughts and feelings. These two were starting to make sense to him, and the darkness started to take form.

Fear: "No! Even if I am lonely... I know that there can only be... One of us!! And one of us ends up alone and with nothing!! I don't want to be alone anymore!! I..."

In the shape of a rather regal, yet skeletal man, donning beautiful black wings, it was what many had come to know as 'Allsgrim, the Lord of Terror.' However, there was something odd about him... Almost like he had scared himself to death, even when there was nothing to fear.

Fear: "The... Darkness of my people... The abyss... The void... Will it not... Consume?"

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He was starting to wrap his mind around it all, yet there was still delusion. The darkness swirled like a tornado above his head, spiraling upward and connecting with the cloud-like resin up above. This darkness was his own doing; expanding from his hollowed out third eye socket.

Fear: "I am... Not Allsgrim... I am... Fear, the Reaper... The root of all inner Fear... I need... I need... Help me... I'm killing myself..."

This was his true form. A dying old soul clouded by its own dark thoughts, which eventually shut out the light of everything, and leaving him with nothing in the bottomless abyss of the Zero World. The reason why he was here was not because of Khrona, but because of his own doings, and the Envy he felt was nothing more than his doubts taking the form of something that wasn't ever there to begin with. It was only there once he made it there, and the moment he got rid of it... It was as if it never existed. Because it hadn't.

Fear: "I... I do not trust you yet... Make me whole again... Show me the light... I am no longer afraid of not knowing. Because I already know that such a fear is nonexistent. I want to be complete. I will accept being alone... I have put myself in this position with my actions... But I will not trust you until I have proof."

This was punishment; this unknowing. But to end his punishment placed upon himself, all he needed to do was see the light and know for himself the truth. Only then would he be able to trust Khrona and Despair.

The skeletal man before them, the once proud Allsgrim, suffered the same fate as many when they succumb to the darkness of Fear; their own death. He was dying, slowly but surely, and destroying everything good around him for fear of something bad trying to take it away from him. Instead of trying to work through it, he simply allowed it to consume him before it even happened, if it even did. He had no trust in what was higher, he could see nothing that was higher, and thus, all that was known to him was the darkness of Absolute Zero.

Khrona: "... If you need to see the light, then I will show you. With your uncontrollable Third Eye collecting eternal darkness, that was your Devourist power. But now, it is time to reveal the Light to it."

At that moment, Khrona's brain lit up, letting all things in all of creation to be known to him at that exact moment, drawing this wavelength of knowledge from everywhere so that he may know the truth immediately. This light, The Truth, it was not anything but what was, absolutely and truly.

Khrona: "Let us align our Third Eyes so that you may see that what I say is for real. Let's have a look..."

With a deep and cleansing breath, all that he was came to a serene inner peace and calm, showing the absolute clarity of all things as they were through the power of light itself. Otherwise known as...

Khrona: "Eternal Peace... Nirvana."

At that moment, the Third Eye of Khrona opened up completely, releasing a concentrated beam straight at the empty socket that belonged to Fear. With his eye shrouded by darkness, he was unable to discern the truth from lies, and was also unaware of what was going on around him, whether it was bad or good. It was only natural for something negative to label what it saw as negative, and thus nothing good was allowed to happen to him. Through this connection, he would tell him otherwise.

Khrona: "Temper, Temper... Keeper of The Beast... Harbinger of Hatred... Patron of Patience... Let your light along with the Sword Of Truth carve out the darkness and fill Fear with the knowledge and discernment... Of The Truth."

Calling Temper from the Abyss of The Beast, he'd connect those two voids and allow for him and Fear to speak amongst themselves. Despair only waited and watched, stroking Khrona's hair softly and lovingly, waiting for everything to go into harmony.

Fear: "Is there no one who loves me truly? Is there no one for me out there? Am I destined to eternally be... Alone?"

It was this thought that opened the darkness up to the light from the Third eye of Khrona into the empty Third eye socket of himself, forming a sort of connection. All around them, the distorted and malformed Fear, this Unknown, this Chaos, part of it started to take shape.

Fear: 'What is this light...? What is this feeling in my head...? It is almost like...'

Only moments later would Temper appear before Fear, towering over him with his large and menacing body, and his equally powerful stare gazing straight down into his black soul.

Temper: "..."

He was silent, though this feeling of pure and utter hatred could be felt coursing through Fear's deadening body, and it made him shudder... He knew why this man hated him so much, and why he was looking at him like that. Fear was the cause of a majority of The Beast's hatred for himself and his own suffering... It was all Fear's fault.

Fear: "Wha... Why are... Have you come to eliminate me!?"

Still silent, Temper closed his eyes and shook his head. He uncrossed his arms and took Fear in his arms, simply and merely hugging him.

Temper: "There is nothing else to do... But hug such a pitiful creature. I shall have Patience with you, for I understand why you went down this path. It is for the same reason why I mistrusted him before."

Taken aback by the sudden hug, Fear was paralyzed with something other than Fear for once. It felt like an actual connection to Temper rather than just control over him, and this connection actually felt good... The same way the feeling with the Third eye's light felt to him.

Fear: "You mean... You aren't mad at me?"

Temper: "You were just lonely. Sad, to say the least, but true. Loneliness is a killer. However, Khrona is correct. You don't have to be alone anymore... If you accept your true form. If you accept the truth of what is and figure out that there is someone out there just as lonely as you, only because she wants you. But she cannot if you continue to push her away. Her Rejection comes from Isolation. Your Rejection comes through Fear. Just as though Misery's and mine came through Anger and Hatred."

Fear: "She's... Lonely? As lonely as I am? Then why would she Reject everything el--"

Temper: "Because she only wants you. You are the one meant for her. She knows this well, and only wants you. Now it is time for you to wake up and see; to accept that. You aren't alone anymore. And it's the Truth. So let your delusions of Fear go. And start using them to your advantage... Lord of Terror."

Fear couldn't belief it for a moment... But at this time, this specific time, something beyond his own feelings gave him completion.. Solace. Despair... Yes, Despair. It made sense now...

Fear: "Ah... Well then. I guess there is nothing to Fear. Hmhmhmhm..."

Now he was starting to sound more like his normal self. With that, he embraced Temper and chuckled lightly to himself.

Fear: "I've been a fool all this time... Let me get rid of these silly delusions and use them now to my own advantage, hm...? Thank you, Temper..."

Temper did not smile, nor did he show frustration. He simply let Fear go and dissipated into flames, leaving him with only these sentiments as he left;

Temper: "This world of nothingness... Connect with me and we can create this world in our image."

With that said and done, Fear returned to the Zero World, taking in all such light that Khrona was giving to him with total acceptance.

Fear: "It all makes sense now... I trust you, Khrona. I have no fear of what you do nor what is to come. I will support you and strike fear into the hearts of the unjust. With eyes of light and flesh of darkness, mayb I not forget this again.. And act with Kindness, not Envy with this power. To make them Fear to stimulate growth, not to hinder it. Yes... That is what I am here for. To harness this power and provide and stimulate a healthy growth."

The swirling darkness from above was drawn back into Fear The Reaper, contorting around his bones to shape his body. Eternal darkness may have made up his form, but it was only because it held within eternal light that could only be seen through the three eyes of clarity. He had become his true self... The true Allsgrim, Lord of Terror.

Allsgrim: "Ahhhh.... These vibrations, these waves, this light... It is all so clear to me now... I can read the universe as I see fit. The Raper lives within me in harmony, ready to take the souls of those ho are unfit to endure... Sad, but true. Darkness, Fear, Death will consume the weak. And will empower the strong to grow above it."

Allsgrim did not smile, but took a seat upon a chair which formed below him from the shadows of his skin and cloak. He was prepared to sit here and endure a lifetime of loneliness, if necessary. Here, he trusted Khrona and if this was his fate, then so be it. It was for the betterment of all that made up this madman. Hmhmhm...

Once Fear understood everything through the shared light of utter Nirvana shared from Khrona through Temper, the Kindness shown to the Envious Fear brought him to his true form... Allsgrim, Lord of Terror.

Khrona: "Ah... So you've returned to balance. Now you understand why it is you have this power and what it is supposed to be used for. You were always so skilled and tactful, Allsgrim. It was a shame to see you become so weak."

Khrona's Third Eye stopped emitting light, and he would open up his primary eyes before standing to his feet. The world around him was changing; no longer a formless mass of chaos trapped in darkness, but actually growing will to that of what Allsgrim wished it to be.

Khrona: "The Robe Of Clarity, Despair."

He extended his hand toward her, and she'd grab hold of it gracefully. With a slight tug, she twirled into Khrona's arm, staring deep into his eyes, giggling lowly. With a depressingly blissful sigh, she responded to him.

Despair: "Yes, my dear...?"

Khrona: "As you know, you are to stay with Allsgrim. Not only are you the only thing elegant and regal enough to meet his standards, but you also share the same Fear of loneliness through Isolation and Rejection. Though this is a very deep piece of myself, you two will be happy here alone with each other."

Despair: "Hmhm... That much, I was aware of, my dear. I was simply waiting for you to figure it out... It didn't take too long, did it?"

Khrona puffed out his cheek, but definitely gave her a wink and a soft kiss, always enjoying her company.

Khrona: "Allsgrim. Take care of her. You know why already, if you love her as much as I. And you should; you're me."

Swirling her out of his arms and toward Allsgrim, Khrona let Despair go for the last time. Now, both of his former weapons, Misery and Despair, were gone... Yet, still were with him. It made him happy to let go, but also to still be with them. If he ever wished to see them again, he could simply call them or any side of himself he wished.

Khrona: "As promised, Allsgrim. There was nothing for you to Fear after all. Except for your own Fear consuming you. But you are not weak; you simply fell prey to a moment of weakness. And that is why I had to get you out of the Void."

With Fear dealt with... The last negative emotion Khrona had to get in line was... Melancholy. Oh, what a trip that would be...

Getting himself situated, his body finally solidified to its permanent true form, which allowed for Allsgrim to conquer his power over Fear. All things unknown came into his power in the palm of his hand; the darkness of space would bend to his will. With thanks to Khrona, he would leave him with a few words of wisdom, which he hoped he took to heart.

Allsgrim: "Let the darkness not cloud your mind and change it into the Void, but let it draw in all light and know what lies beyond the black Unknown."

Allsgrim extended a forlorn arm toward the 'Robe Of Clarity', Despair, and took her swirling into his arms almost the same as Khrona had done before. Exchanging grim smiles, the two of them finally knew this happiness in their isolation, as long as they had each other, they would be depressingly happy. And they were both fine with that.

Despair: "It took you much too long to realize this. Come... Let's show them the beauty of the darkness..."

Allsgrim: "Most definitely, my sweet. Let us dance through the cosmos and let out will create the sparkles of light to guide our feet."

And so, the two would begin the 'Black Waltz' all around the void, revealing what was hidden behind the darkness. Illuminated by a crimson moon thanks to the connected light of Temper, the world began to form with beautiful night lilies, sakura trees and grimroses from everywhere they stepped. These flowers sparkled in the light of the night, like stars all their own. Eventually, the blackness was filled with hues of gray, violet and other very cool, very dark colors. This was what the culmination of the cosmos looked like from a larger view; as each one of these glowing flowers in the Forbidden Garden.

Allsgrim: "With my gratitude and my thanks, I will also tell you one last thing... How to escape this Forbidden Garden. As you walk, you'll find a portal of complete blackness, where no light is able to enter nor escape. This is a Black Hole Pool, which will take you straight to the other side... Where you may meet with the Melancholy."

Despair: "But be warned, dearest... Melancholy is a master of the tongue, and with its profound sadness, it brings down the will to continue on. He has lost all hope, and inadvertently brings others to his level of hopelessness with his words and ways. Do not fall... As he has..."

That was all the two said as they danced off into the night, almost like two dreams coming together to satisfy the other's needs. Yes, just like Temper and Misery, Allsgrim and Despair were a perfect match. The Third Eye Chakra could turn in harmony now, and with Kindness, the light in the dark could always be seen by these keen eyes...

Kindness: 'Good luck with the final part of your negativity... Khrona... And whatever you do... Don't give up.'

Khrona was happy to see that his Fear finally was under control, able to discern truth from lies and the shapes within the darkness. He was happy to know that the eyes of light and the Robe of Clarity would ensure that he never fell so weak again. The world he and Despair created was beautiful... Khrona always was fond of such darkness.

Khrona: "... Well, my two grim companions, I will call upon your power if necessary, just as with Temper. I will heed these words as I encounter Melancholy..."

Something tells me that this guy might be the worst one of all...

With a quick wave to the dancing couple, Khrona trekked off in the direction where Allsgrim pointed, eventually coming across the Black Hole Pool.

Khrona: "A black pond... Just like he said."

The heady feeling of sadness and the lack of will to do anything started to come over him, and it was reflecting in his actions.

Khrona: "... Weird. I get a lazy vibe from this... I definitely must be on the other side of the Melancholy."

So, without further ado, Khrona hopped into the pitch black pool and into the darkness that was this new void...

Out of the Black Swamp's Water...

From the depths of Absolute Zero and into the Black Swamp Water, Khrona navigated his way in the Black Hole Pool up to where he thought the exit was. Swimming in the black, tar-like water yielded no sort of light to guide his way, only more abyss just like the other two areas. He was getting tired of swimming in the Void, truth be told.

Khrona: 'Ugh, seems like everywhere I go, these emotions are clouded by darkness, unable to see the light... I hope Melancholy isn't like that...'

The lack of scenery in Khrona's life got very tiresome very quickly. But, from what he was told, this would take him to the surface of the Zero World; the Black Swamp, where the Swamp Sage lived.

Khrona: 'But I wonder why Melancholy chose to go here...?'

They did say he was hopeless... Perhaps because of his hopelessness, he didn't amount to anything. Hence, the Zero World.

Khrona: '... My emotions are just so sad and alone. I... I didn't know I was such a terrible person.'

He almost lost the will to keep going... But pressed on anyway. At least to get out of this godforsaken gunk.

Khrona: 'Almost there, almost there... Just go toward the light...'

There was only a sliver, but in this thick and murky water, it was clear as day. He swam as hard as he could, even if the murk tried mercilessly to keep him down. He wasn't going to get caught here, no sir. That determination got him up to the top, sprouting his head through the darkness and into the light.


The Black Swamp. The Zero World. It looked rather peaceful, actually. Gloomy. Foggy. Filled with ancient plants and animals skulking around in the murk. It wasn't... That bad.

Khrona: "... Better than being in the Abyss."

He shook his head and pulled himself out of the thick swamp water onto the land, where he was actually happy to stand on again. To feel the grass, even if moist and gunky, was a pleasure. Ohh, it was good to be out again.

Khrona: "... Now to find Melancholy. Maybe Kaerei-- Er... Shinrei will know."

It was gonna be a difficult story to tell... He hadn't been here since he was asked by her to harness the power of the original Lost Weapon herself. And that brought on something absolutely amazing. So maybe she could do something about Melancholy... Maybe.

Khrona's travels in the Black Swamp did yield some oddities almost immediately upon his arrival. A plasmatic distortion appeared in the trees as he walked, almost like a will-o-wisp watching him at the corner of his eye. The faint snickers and giggles rose up within the swamp's grog, bringing an eerie and unpleasant aura within the atmosphere. Never coming into full view, this wisp flickered away if it ever felt as though it were going to be seen by Khrona, but its snickers still remained regardless.

Traversing the nice, gloomy swamp kept Khrona feeling refreshed all around. Staring at the tall, looming trees, Khrona couldn't get over the fact that he was FINALLY out of that darkness and back somewhere with some substance.

However, as he walked, he could feel the presence of something else watching him... Slipping in the corner of his eyes and into the trees, disappearing when he even thought about turning to look at it. Something was definitely following him, yet he couldn't put his mind on just what it was right now. The snickering and giggling was rather annoying, though.

Khrona: "Show yourself, Melancholy. I know it's you. I don't have time to play games with you, for this is a very delicate situation."

He didn't stop, for it almost seemed like the flickering wisp was guiding him, but at the same time, it was following his movements. The only thing it could be was Melancholy, and it was best of Khrona got this done as fast as possible before its negative effects took their toll on this world...

Still flickering from tree to tree trying to remain inconspicuous, the tricky plasma was already found out by that keen Khrona, which only made his snickers grow louder.

Melancholy: "Awww... You ruined my fun..."

In a tree conveniently placed right in Khrona's path with a very, very low and long tree branch, the wisp flickered in and took its shape as a very dark, rugged creature with huge, menacing claws, and a deadly depressing smile on his face. Energy trailed from his bushy tail, making this creature still look mysterious despite his appearance.

Melancholy: "Looks like you've caught this King Kitsune rather quickly, huh...?"

There he lay, lazily on that branch, barely moving and barely wanting to move. Here, the two could converse as much as they could on whatever it was Khrona was here for, which only made this King Keaton snicker some more.

Melancholy: "What brings you to this hopeless place, my boy...? Do you seek to resolve a pointless issue with a pointless solution?"

Already so dismissive to Khrona, it was like he was trying to get rid of him before he even did anything... Aye, there was no changing this guy's mind. He already had whatever it was set in stone that there was no point. No hope. No resolve. But he could still snicker at it.

It didn't take much for the flickering wisp to reveal itself, merely to call it out in its travels brought it out to Khrona quickly. That was easy enough. However, it seemed pretty odd that he'd come out so easily, and also that he was so dismissive to Khrona. It was almost like he didn't want the problem to be solved. Maybe that was the difference between this one and the other two; it didn't have any problems with Khrona, it simply didn't want anything. This might be tougher than Khrona originally anticipated...

Khrona: "You haven't even heard what I want yet, so how can you say that it is so pointless? What I want is to stop the Melancholies and bring you to balance, so that we may all function correctly and ascend to a perfect harmony, for the greater good. Is that pointless?"

Khrona couldn't stand looking at his dreary, yet still smiling face. It was almost like it was fake... A facade placed upon him to throw Khrona off. Why would the King of Melancholies have such a smiling face...?

The incessant snickering and giggling continued, the King's eyes rolling lazily over to meet with Khrona's now, his half-assed smile still maintained to perfection, almost as if it were preserved this way.

Melancholy: "Kehehehe... You're so cute, trying to dig deep into something you cannot control. It's a hopeless effort, nonetheless. Have you ever even truly taken a look at yourself before?"


Melancholy: "You know, we were all quite balanced before you came in starting to muddle things up. You're doing more harm than you are good, son. Turn around right now, and it'll all work itself out. I mean, just look at how you handled the others..."

Somehow, Melancholy was able to see what transpired in that dark void, and in fact, was rather disappointed in Khrona and how those situations were handled... Even if his face was filled with giggles and smiles.

Melancholy: "It was lazy and hastened simply for the satisfaction of getting things done... Wasn't it? Each one of them wanted something. Had some... Ulterior motives, am I correct? And, once they were fulfilled, of course they'd bend to your will..."

His smile darkened now, and so did his lids lowering over his eyes. His gaze suddenly became more keen, almost as if he were piercing right into Khrona's soul; not like he wasn't used to doing that to other people.

Melancholy: "It's time for you to take a look at yourself. What will you do to persuade someone who doesn't want anything? The one who has no hope? The one who wallows in silence and solitude far worse than the others? Uncaring. Apathetic. Slothful. I want nothing, not even to change. So your efforts are ultimately, fruitless and pointless. As I said, no?"

Giggling... Snickering... Laughing under his breath. It almost was like... He was now laughing at Khrona for all that he thought he was doing before, only to be halted right here and now with no hope of continuing. Just to watch his face crack and for him to slip into eternal loss of will to go on. Only then would everything return to balance.

Looking at this creature's face was unpleasant to Khrona. It was unkempt and wild, as if he simply didn't care about how he appeared... Or was too lazy to do anything about it. Bushy, wild and probably dirty from existing in this swamp, Khrona was starting to get a little queasy looking at how stoic and carefree this being was. Lost in his own carefree attitude that there was no care for anything... Not even himself. Is that what Khrona had become? This was just another part of him, after all...

Khrona: "... I've been looking at myself all day and night. That's all I can do is face myself. And truthfully, I didn't like what I saw. So I sought to change it. And I can say honestly that as I look at another piece of myself, I do not like what it has become. Whatever has made you this way, the same way something made the others the way they were, it can be remedied, and I will find it. You can't stop me."

That was something that stayed true throughout what the King Keaton said to him. Each one of the emotions Khrona dealt with before had something that Khrona did to make them that way. With Hate, it was to lock him away and bottle him up. For Fear, it was to ignore him and reject it. But what was... Melancholy's?

Khrona: "You know why it had to be done that quickly! It was because if I didn't, they'd spiral out of control and destroy everything around them! And the same goes for you! If you sit around and let the world go by, it'll leave you behind... Or rot and wither."

All his talk about not wanting anything and how he didn't care was rather frustrating... Khrona knew that he wouldn't fight, and he knew that all he was going to do was go on and on about how hopeless everything was. And his giggling and snickering like it was all just so funny... Like it was all okay... It was really getting on Khrona's nerves now.

Khrona: "You've just given up on everything, haven't you? Can you honestly say that you'd really give up everything you've worked so hard on, just like that?! Isn't that the same as running away!?"

Somehow, Khrona's blatant idiocy had gotten to this King Kitsune, causing his perfectly chill and mellow face to slip into a state of discomfort. With his high seriously blown here, he sneered and narrowed his eyes at Khrona, and found it in himself to shift his position, for he was suddenly very uncomfortable in his original position.

Melancholy: "You're so impertinent and impetuous, you can't even see it all, can you? Well, I wouldn't expect you to be able to see the end result of all these efforts, anyway. You can look at yourself till your blue in the face and still never understand why you are what you are. You can't stand who you are, so you think changing yourself into something you're not is better? You really have it messed up, kid."

Something was still unsettling about this position he was in, and he couldn't seem to shift himself to find a comfortable spot now, no matter how much he twisted and turned.

Melancholy: "Tch. This tree branch just got uncomfortable. I'm outta here..."

In a burst of cold fusion, the King Kistune flickered away like a stream of ectoplasm through the leaves in the trees, searching for a new place to lay his head that was comfortable and sweet. All the while, his voice could be heard speaking to Khrona, almost like a guide through the forest to his new location.

Melancholy: 'They were beings that dwelled in the Chaos, as you could see. Me, on the other hand, I have no such interest in destruction or grandeur. In fact, I don't really care about anything. It all returns to nothing, anyway... This solitude. So hey, might as well embrace it, huh?'

The voice came from rather deep within the swamp land, almost far enough away for Khrona not to be able to hear it... And it almost seemed like it was still traveling, unable to find that perfect spot of comfort.

Melancholy: 'Who says I've given up on everything, just because I don't care? I give nothing, I take nothing. I simply stay as I am and the world will take care of me. Why work hard on something only for it to be destroyed, right? All that you can do is learn to be comfortable by yourself.'

The words were drifting away far swifter than expected. Even now, if Khrona couldn't keep up, this keen King Kitsune would escape into the grog of the swamp....

Khrona: "So you just want me to become complacent, is that it?"

Talking to this thing was like talking to a kid that refused to stay put. Now it was off somewhere else... It was almost like it was avoiding confrontation now because its point had been compromised, and its position was no longer stable. It seemed to care about the comfortability of its position in these trees. It also seemed metaphoric in nature to his speech... If he was comfortable on his position, he wouldn't care. Yes... That meant Khrona was actually getting somewhere here.

Khrona: "Do you even know where you want to go? What you want to do? What you want to accomplish? I'm not changing who I am at all, I'm just getting myself in order!"

He followed behind quickly, rushing past each tree with numerous turns and curves, over vines and under branches, following the flickering light and the sound of its voice no matter where it went. No matter how far it was going, Khrona could still hear and still follow... Though it seemed like he was being taken in circles.

Khrona: "This world is not about being by yourself! Don't you get it yet, or are you still stuck in the past, when you were a child? You're supposed to grow up sometime, you know, not just run away when the going gets tough in life!"

Khrona wasn't fond of running away when it came to a lot of things, but it seemed like this part of him still found it useful to run away from problems that were too difficult rather than to deal with them as they come. He couldn't roll with the blows. But it didn't matter because there was one thing about Khrona that this Melancholy should have known to be true; no matter how much you run or how much you hide, Khrona always finds you. You do not, can not and will not run away from him, no matter what.

Khrona: "Come back here and face me, King Kitsune!! This isn't a game; you're really going to destroy something important with your foolishness!!"

He didn't even know if that suspicious being was even listening... The only way to talk to him was to corner him, or something. But he was still on the move... Ugh. What an annoying emotion...

Melancholy: 'No, you're wrong. You'll just work yourself to death for something that'll only be brushed off, pushed to the side, and left for dead. In all the effort you put into something, it can be much more easily destroyed than it can be created and maintained. So stop doing anything and just be at peace with what you have and what you are. If no one likes it, then so be it. Just do you and don't care what others say or think. Isn't that what you used to believe in, or have you forgotten that, too?'

It was at that moment that the voice faded away, even beyond what Khrona could hear, no longer leading him into the jungle. Now, Khrona would be lost and stranded in the thick and expanding Black Jungle, to be forever lost and eventually forgotten in the expanse. It seems like the King Kitsune led Khrona all this way on purpose, just to get him lost.

Though, in the distance, cutting through some of the thick vines was the silhouette of a woman. Her voice came to be heard just like the Keaton's before, only this time it was coming toward him instead of away from him.

???: "Goddamn vines... I can't believe I got stuck here in this stupid jungle... Ugh. Led here by that damn wolf-fox thing.... I must have been majorly stupid to be led astray by that thing... Ugh!!"

From the sound of it, she'd been in here for quite a long time, and was constantly searching for a way out of this depressing jungle. Somehow, she'd avoided giving up hope and continued to press on, but even so, it sounded like she was just as annoyed and frustrated as Khrona was talking about that Kitsune.

After a few hacks and slashes, she made her way to the clearing that Khrona was in, and laid eyes upon him with a bit of unexpected shock, but it wasn't apparent on her rather stoic facial expression. Yet, her face was definitely familiar to him; she looked exactly like Misery did when Khrona first met her, and had her same attitude, too.

???: "Oh... It's you. I didn't expect to ever see you get lost in here. Guess that bastard got to you, too, huh? That's almost pathetic."

Cold, uncaring and straight to the point. She seemed to have given up hope, as well... But there was something different between her and the Keaton, even though they were in the same boat.

Pain: "The name is Pain von Bleak. Sister Of Insanity. I'm coming with you because you know the way to that dog. Now, get me out of here."

Quick, cold and straight to the point. Just like the original Misery.

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PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Fall EmptyTue Jun 30, 2020 11:13 am

The voice was fading, deeper into the dark forest, way past what Khrona was able to keep up with now. It was running away from what Khrona was saying, trying to get him lost just so he wouldn't have to hear him anymore. That made Khrona's head itch with frustration.

Khrona: "Grrr! You just don't get it, do you?! If you build something strong enough and work out the kinks, eventually it will not be able to be destroyed, no matter what! It's all about how much effort YOU put into it! So stop running and..."

Melancholy was gone. He didn't want to hear the truth at all... Or maybe he just didn't want to put any work into this. Khrona hated lazy people, but couldn't be mad at him because naturally, he'd been in that position a number of times.

Khrona: "... Maybe I have been acting like that... I'm gonna have to shape up and find that Kitsune, and start doing more for my village. Starting with those monsters..."

He would have to take in those Final Fantasy critters and convert them into planetary critters. Not something that was difficult, but something that should be taken note of for later. Yes. Most definitely.

In the midst of this clearing, though, a woman cut and slashed her way through the vines and into the area so that Khrona could see her. To his surprise, she looked remarkably like Misery from before, and in fact, he could have almost sworn from her demeanor and speech that this was her... Until she said he name was Pain.

Khrona: "Uh... Hello. You look a lot like..."

Pain: "I know who I look like, that isn't the point right now. Get us to that Kitsune."

She was brash and cold, straight to the point and honest. It was kind of refreshing to have someone like this around, even if she did seem like a bitch.

Khrona: "Fine, you bitch. That dog's been pissing me off, too."

And so, the both of them started off back into the jungle, unaware of where nor how they were going to find the Keaton.

Khrona: "But I don't know where he is nor how to find him. You seem like you've been here for a while; do you know anything?"

Her deadpan facial expression stayed staring straight ahead looking for her target, but she definitely heard what Khrona had to say. She just didn't wish to answer him immediately.

Pain: "... No. I don't even know how long I've been in here."

This girl was definitely not expressing her fullest emotions, Khrona was aware. Perhaps... This was her way of showing her Melancholy? Not showing any emotion at all.

Khrona: "... Dammit. Well then, we'll just have to wait for him to give us a clue. Apparently, he's telling me not to care about what other people think. I used to think like that, too, but in the end... I became selfish and slothful. I think this guy might be the culmination of that."

Pain: "Definitely. He's been corrupted by his own Sloth. Show him what the fruits of labor can bring."

Her 'to the point' thinking actually made this a little easier for Khrona... She was truthful and straight forward, which meant that he could get this done faster with her by his side. He was happy that this Sister of Insanity knew how to deal with this; just go do it.

Khrona: "You're right. Let's go."

Though the voice was silent for a while, as the two started to converse amongst themselves, it was still listening. It heard everything that they had to say and what they felt about the situation in its entirety, and part of the King was upset that Khrona found Pain. That accursed Sister Of Insanity from the rogue lover... Even she was trying to make sure that everything was thrown out of whack.

Melancholy: 'The only way to live peacefully is to be happy with what you have. Don't strive for anything and you can never fall. Don't do anything, and you'll never be disappointed. Don't give and don't expect anything in return. Learn to live only with yourself, cuz that's all you're gonna have in the end.'

He couldn't stand that these two were talking down about him so nonchalantly, as if they knew just what he was about and what he was talking about. They didn't know anything except what they thought they knew about the situation, and it didn't sit right in King Keaton's position. So, he continued on deeper into the jungle, still talking.

Melancholy: 'I am not selfish! I am not slothful! I am just happy where I am; with nothing, in solitude. Don't you see how free I can be by myself? Don't put any responsibilities on me because of something you think it should be...'

As they walked through the thick vines and trees and conversed between each other, the voice picked up yet again, speaking what it felt on the situation. Both of them turned their heads simultaneously, locating where it was coming from instantly.

Khrona: "There he is."

Pain: "Trail it."

Without any hesitation, the two were off, still following the phantom voice into the deep. Trees, fog, bog, murk, swamp... They trekked through it all, listening intently and closely to every word that was said.

Khrona: "You know, the funniest thing about the Melancholies... I always get done with them the fastest out of all of my other negative emotions. I can see why. Heh heh. It just takes a little bit of well thought out thoughts to get over it."

Pain: "Naw, ya think? That's what always gets us into this mess in the first place; you not thinking these things out."

Khrona: "Shut your face, okay? I don't need you telling me to think about my feelings before I feel them. Besides... He just sounds like a lonely little kid who can't take responsibility for anything, and instead found solace in solitude. Isn't that right, King?"

Now Khrona was snickering back at the once laughing disembodied voice. To think that the ghastly memories of a child would have an effect on him now. All that Khrona and Pain wished to do was to help this guy grow up... And maybe then, Khrona could stop being so childish when it came to responsibilities, too.

Now they were really getting on this Kitsune's nerves. No matter how fast it traveled, they were still on its tail, and it couldn't find a decent comfortable position in one of these trees anymore... Not with them and their racket. That left only one thing to do...

Melancholy: 'Fine. If you won't listen to me... Then how about I take you to the King Of Melancholia, himself? The Lone Coyote!!'

That was the only place of comfort for him nowadays, anyway.

Melancholy: 'I'm only the manifestation of his energy... His real body sits in the middle of the Swamp with the Sage. I'll just let him deal with you...'

The wispy, flickering plasmatic energy sped off into the darkness, leading them to yet another clearing, only this time with a huge pitch black swamp no different from the Black Hole Pool that Khrona found within the Forbidden Garden... Only bigger. Here, the light would shift into a being locked in total meditation, adorned with many rare jewels and gems, sitting at the edge of the Black Swamp. The moment this energy slipped into him, it awakened the Lone Coyote, who stared deeply at Khrona and Pain, with a face just as bland and unchanging as Pain's. This was... the Lone Coyote's True Form. in the Flesh.

Melancholia: "... I see that you still don't fully understand my motives, nor what you are getting yourself into... You must not know the fate of someone who puts their all into something... Only to have it crushed to bits in the end."

His voice was rather bland and dreary, seeming to be the true feelings of what the Keaton was trying to hide before. Here, Khrona would obtain the true answers he sought... Instead of the lonely and wistful expressions of who he was before.

Melancholia: "... I will show you hopelessness, and ensure you that the only way to be at peace... Is to be alone.

They stuck to him this time, not letting up for even a moment as they tracked him. Through his speech, they were able to discern that he was going to take them to where he truly resided, which was located at the center of the swamp.

Khrona: "Good, then maybe you'll finally see what I'm talking about if I talk to your true self..."

Pain: "You should have done this ages ago, instead of running away. I don't have time to wait for you. I'm doing this for our sake, anyway. Spoiled brat."

So, they entered the clearing where the flickering light had taken them, only to lay eyes upon an eerily serene and gloomy place. It harbored the same black water as before; with no reflection and seemingly no bottom. On the other side, there sat a rather majestically adorned creature who they could only presume was King Of Melancholia, the Lone Coyote.

Khrona: "You're really depressing, you know. Maybe you should actually try to listen to what I'm saying instead of dismissing it so fast because of your past hurt."

Pain: "Yeah, it's not like you're the one that was forgotten, or anything. Not like me."

Khrona snapped his head over to her with a shocked expression, but didn't say a word. 'Forgotten'... Yes. Maybe she was forgotten in the past. The old Misery, before her entire demeanor changed... He slowly turned his head back to the Lone Coyote, now feeling a bit down thanks to Pain.

Khrona: "... I don't want to be alone. I want to be with my family and friends, and care for my village. That's what I want. Why do you want to be alone so badly?"

The Lone Coyote shook his head solemnly, breathing in a deep and heavy before releasing a forlorn sigh of distress. Looking at Khrona was more than disheartening to him, and to see Pain here in this form was even worse.

Melancholia: "No. It is you who will see... What the Truth is of this matter..."

Rising to his feet, bandages blowing in the eerie wind, he started toward them, slow and steady, almost like he barely wished to traverse even the shortest of distances to get to them. He seemed weary, tired and dreary.

Melancholia: "There is something you are going to have to deal with. Something you haven't yet realized because of your fickle love. There is no such thing as true togetherness; there is only one and the other. At any given time, you can be discarded. You can be grown out of. You can be forgotten. There is nothing that keeps you bound to one being, nor is there anything that keeps that being bound to you. In a world of free will, anything is possible... And in that, there is only one person who you can rely on. That is yourself in your own solitude."

For some reason, he couldn't look Pain in the face, yet he could speak to her whilst his eyes veered off into the black hold pond beside him.

Melancholia: "You. You're nothing but a woman who is lost. One who knows of this solitude and secretly fears that it will happen again. You are miserable because of how you had been forgotten before, and in your solitude, you only found solace in your tears. The both of you wish to be alone. If it weren't for that truth, this loneliness would not exist. Your family. Your friends. Even your village... They can all abandon you at any given time. What you must learn to do in this inevitability... Is learn to be at peace with only yourself. Do for you and no one else. Only then will you understand the true happiness you have within you that no one else can bring... Even if you are forgotten and discarded by those you love in an instant."

He halted just before them, closing his eyes. He was clearly tired from moving, and chose to sat down before he made it to them, facing the Black Swamp.

Melancholia: "This is the only place for me. The Zero World. A place where all of it amounts to nothing, because that is what it all is... Worth nothing. You're still only a boy... Looking at this world and at your love with a boyish heart... But an adult knows that nothing lasts for ever... So why even bother in the first place?"

His words were heavy... Just as Allsgrim warned. They were cold, they were dark, and they were filled with pain and sorrow. It was almost like he was speaking from past experience... Maybe he was holding on to something within him that made him this way. Though... It wasn't like his words were untrue. This was difficult...

Khrona: "... Hm... I can say that my love is not as fickle as it used to be. Nor am I as wishy-washy as I used to be. You seem to know more than you are letting on... And whatever you're withholding must be the driving force behind this overwhelming sorrow you feel."

Khrona hoped that whatever it was that he was holding on to... Could be taken care of with ease. Whatever it was, he could feel that same sadness and same hurt welling up within him, to the point where he was actually starting to question everything he had worked for so far.

Khrona: "Hmmm... I guess... Just because they can do it doesn't mean that they will. And it isn't an inevitability that they do abandon you... It's just a matter of what is best for them and what they want. I don't think that means that you're... Forgotten. Unless... You were forgotten...?"

He wondered... Could that be what he was holding on to? Whomever it was that had forgotten him, was he secretly so hurt by it that it cast him into this state of sloth and languor?

Pain: "If you didn't have a worth, would I have wasted my time coming to see your sorry ass...?"

Again shocked by her sudden outburst, Khrona snapped his head over to her with a look of surprise on his face. She was... Well, she was right about that, too. Whatever it was that was going on with her, it seemed to be a perfect counter to whatever it was that the Lone Coyote was going through. Even so... This was a matter of getting him out of his rut... Otherwise... The Melancholies would plague Khrona and become his downfall. Profound sadness and the unwillingness to go on... And then, from it, doubts, fear, anger and hatred would all go unsynced again. That was something he definitely didn't want.

Khrona: 'Not again... Must persevere... Must persevere...'

The Lone Coyote was silent for a while. Uncertain of whether this was because of sheer unwillingness to speak or because he was stumped was only brought to avail when he decided to speak again.

Melancholia: "You really do not know who I am, nor who I used to be, do you...? You cannot even recognize one that you were so familiar with so long ago. You do not know how to love. How can one who has never experienced it know anything about it? You know this pain just as well as I do... The one of being cast off. Forgotten. Alone. You may not know where it comes from..."

He turned his attention to Pain, still not opening his eyes to stare her in the face. Something about her seemed more familiar to him than meets the eye... Like she was more than just the 'image' of Misery. She was the culmination of something else, as well.

Melancholia: "... But I do. What is best for them is only them looking out for themselves. You are in no way a part of their grand plan. In the end, no one truly wants you for you, nor will they stay with you simply because of their feelings for you. They're just as fickle and as folly... And as quickly as the winds change their currents, their feelings can be changed in a heartbeat. More than likely, they will. Perhaps you should ask Pain about this. I grow weary."

Just like that, he tired himself out and fell into a slumber-like meditative state.

Pain: "... Bastard. Running away again, even without any running. You won't sit here and deal with it, will you...?"

Just as the Lone Coyote fell to silence, Khrona also grew silent, too, taking in what he was saying straight to his now aching heart. It was almost like he was feeling whatever it was that the Lone Coyote was putting out there, and realizing where it was coming from. For some reason, he couldn't look at Pain... Maybe she was the key to all of this, and not Khrona, this time.

Khrona: "... Well. He did say to talk to you..."

Pain: "... I don't know when he became such a bitch."

Khrona: "So you know why he's like this?"

Pain: "... I know what happened. That's it."

Khrona: "Hm. Then you should start talking, shouldn't you?"

She paused, slowly turning to face Khrona now. She knew that he was gonna make her spill the beans because he was too much of a lazy asshole to figure out the words to formulate them himself. So, she might as well do it.

Pain: "He wasn't always this lonely, melodramatic sadsack known as the King Of Melancholies. He once was a great and free spirit of energy known as the Dark Wolf. He did as he pleased, looked out for himself and led his own pack. He knew how to do for himself, yet he also had the power to endure others, as well. Even if he was lonely, he wasn't ever alone. Until..."

Khrona: "... Until you, right?"

Pain: "... He fell in love. I'm the combination of both of those women. Misery and Despair equals Pain. When he fell in love, he just changed, and he was callously discarded. Not forgotten, but discarded. He was no longer strong nor proud, but a puppy clinging to the one he loved most. Once he was abandoned and forgotten... He fell into this state of eternal Melancholy, doomed to wallow in his own solitude, sorrow and regrets of the past. He became so depressed that he lost the will to do anything, and without that will, he has convinced himself that he wants nothing for himself. But I know that isn't him at all."

Khrona fell silent again. That sounded very familiar, this tale... It was something that did indeed weigh him down on the inside.

Khrona: "Then... He's still holding on to that pain."

Pain: "Yeah. I'm that Pain. And until he actually starts to listen to me, he's never gonna get over the past so he can become the once proud Dark Wolf I knew. The one with ambition. The one with passion. The one who worked for something because that's what he liked, not because it was for anyone. He's lost sight of the balance of doing things for himself and others. And, as much as I'd hate to say it... I'm sad to see him like this. I want him to be able to do both again."

She lowered her head, staring at him in his 'meditative' state. She formed a slight scowl and narrowed her eyes, not wanting to look at such a pathetic man she used to love.

Pain: "It almost makes me wanna cry, I'm so sad."

Khrona nodded his head, understanding now just what it was like to have to look at the one you love fall so very hard. The Lone Coyote was nothing like this Dark Wolf she spoke of... And if that was the case, then that only meant that they had to find what sparked the light inside of him.

Khrona: "Well... What can we do to give him that edge again?"

Pain: "How should I know? I'm not him. If I knew, I wouldn't be in this mess right now."

This was the greatest predicament. It wasn't like this was just some battle that could be concluded just by a fight. This was something deeper rooted... Something that needed to be overcome through actual deduction and not by overwhelming force. Hm...

The Lone Coyote remained silent and unmoving, yet he could hear all that they were saying. He had no intention of speaking to them, nor did he to come out of where he was. He was perfectly fine, only having to sit around and be to himself. Though, as she recalled the story, plasmatic tears started to roll down his cheeks. He could only hope that they didn't notice this, and would keep chattering amongst themselves. It was just a lot to deal with at this time. Sadness was... All over his face.

Khrona slapped his hands on his head, trying to think about just what it was that could bring the light to him again. It was brain wracking, to say the least.

Khrona: "Ugh, stupid, stupid! With all the powers I have, I can't even think of one to use to help bring hope back to this hopeless pup?"

Pain: "... Maybe it's just not time. It'll probably come when you've gotta use it."

Khrona: "Sigh... Fine. I guess so..."

Instinctively turning around to look at the subject of the matter, Khrona was a little puzzled to see the glowing plasmatic tears rolling down his face. He didn't know why he was crying, but it was probably due to them conversing.

Khrona: "... So you've been listening to us, huh? Well that's good. It's written all over your face. But one thing I cannot seem to grasp is... If you're so content with being alone and doing nothing, then why are you so sad? Especially if memories of the past are brought up."

Pain: "... You still won't let go of what happened, even after all these years, Lone Coyote? It's turning you into a rotting, pathetic bum. Get over it so you can get that ambition back... That ambition that I actually loved about you."

If Khrona knew himself for anything, it was that trying to change his mind about something he believed very deeply in was not something that was ever easily done. Under no circumstances were his beliefs compromised. So convincing this Lone Coyote might be something only Pain could do for him here... If Khrona knew his emotions correctly, that is. So, he silently let her take over, and would see if the Lone Coyote would speak up afterward.

Sadly, the Lone Coyote could not stay silent with them any longer. They were hitting home with their points and it was starting to really get to him... Enough for him to actually rise from his position and open his eyes to stare at Pain, letting the plasmatic tears overflow.

Melancholia: "Don't be so coy, Pain. You forgot about me the same way I tried to forget about you. So, the best thing to do was to simply realize that I need no one. I only need myself. Isn't that how you feel, Pain? There is no worth in anything that I do. Not when I am doing it alone. There is no worth, because just as I have been discarded by the both of you, everything that ever had any value can be taken away in an instant. There is no point to ambition. There is no hope in passion. They are all things that come and go, just like you and just like that old version of me. This is the new me, now. The Lone Coyote... Silently howling to a black moon."

He was tired... Oh, so tired. Doing this much was far too much for him right now.

Melancholia: "There is no point to this. I'm going to go back and rest..."

Pain: "You're wrong. I didn't forget. You just changed for the worst. But maybe it was my fault for not being a little more considerate, but that's in the past. What you should be doing is trying to work to get better instead of being content with your hopelessness."

Khrona: "She's right. You aren't the Lone Coyote. Being alone isn't the answer. What you want most is back here, but you have to be willing to work and be ambitious, just like your old days as the Dark Wolf. Listen to us, Lone Coyote. You are not happy here, no matter how much you try to convince yourself that you are. There are more good memories in doing productive and fun things rather than being a stick in the mud. Don't you remember any fun times? Any at all? Or does your hopeless heart only remember your sadness, and not the good in the situation?"

Khrona stepped toward the Lone Coyote and grabbed him by his bangles, lifting him up to his feet whether he liked it or not.

Khrona: "You and I are the same. I don't want to be like this, nor do I want to see any part of myself in such a sorry state. I want to see the old wild and free you. I'm starting to remember what it was like to be wild and free, and remember a time when all of those things you find 'pointless' had purpose!! Remember the original purpose!!! Remember YOUR purpose!! And maybe then... You'll be able to accept that this is not what you want!"

Khrona stared into his eyes with a dark passion, burning with the fury of Insanity deep within his soul. This was something that only his perseverance would overcome, and he wanted oh so badly to ensure that this Melancholy went away for good, so that happiness could finally come for the both of them.


Silence. Yet again, that was his only way to cope. To fall into silence and retreat into himself for solace. Here, he didn't have to listen to what they were saying, nor did their words have power over him in any way. He was by himself, and that was where he was the most at peace...

So, what was this overwhelming feeling of discomfort?

Certainly, their words couldn't have gotten through. He was the one that was forgotten here. He was the one that had to find solace in solitude. He was the only one that was there for him when he needed it most; the only one who actually showed true care and love for him in these trying times.

Yet somehow, those words got through... Echoing in his dark void within himself.

Quote :
Pain: "You're wrong. I didn't forget. You just changed for the worst. But maybe it was my fault for not being a little more considerate, but that's in the past. What you should be doing is trying to work to get better instead of being content with your hopelessness."

Changed for the worst...? No. Not in the slightest. He will always be who he is, and this is just who he is. He has never been anything nor anyone different. He is already the best he can be, and that 'best' is not accepted, so there is no point in trying to convince someone who will not listen of what is or not.

Quote :
Khrona: "She's right. You aren't the Lone Coyote. Being alone isn't the answer. What you want most is back here, but you have to be willing to work and be ambitious, just like your old days as the Dark Wolf. Listen to us, Lone Coyote. You are not happy here, no matter how much you try to convince yourself that you are. There are more good memories in doing productive and fun things rather than being a stick in the mud. Don't you remember any fun times? Any at all? Or does your hopeless heart only remember your sadness, and not the good in the situation?"

That name... the Dark Wolf... Memories of those days... They were almost peaceful... but even so, the pain from that time is all that surged through his mind, blue and green bolts of plasma sparking in and out of his mind caused by a terrible storm. Being snatched up to his feet by Khrona didn't help at all, but only threw him further into the swirling storm of his own emotions.

Melancholia: "NO!!! You know nothing of those times! If you did, you'd understand how I became who I am now!! You'd know the pain of what it's like to have a wolf fall from grace as Alpha!! And now, all I can see is Misery and Despair! Pain and Suffering! So if I must suffer, then so shall you!!!"

His eyes burst open, glowing with the same plasmatic energy that surged through his head, now starting to envelop his body. Lightning ripped and roared around him, snapping at Khrona's hands to detach his grip. Slowly, the Lone Coyote would hover from the ground, letting the electricity coursing around him shoot toward the nearby trees, burning them to a crisp and striking them down with a great roar.

Melancholia: "Those times are Dark! Those times are bleak! Those times are Melancholy!! And to sit here and say that there is or was a purpose to them is only fooling yourself!! That part of me before was only a child's pipedream! When will you ever realize, Khrona...? There is NO HAPPINESS in a HOPELESS WORLD with HOPELESS PEOPLE!!"

Great green flashes erupted from his eyes, cascading down his cheeks and striking the ground with an untold electrical sorrow. These somber green bolts of lightning were drawn to the two standing before him, ready to smite them where they stand and bring about a pointlessness far beyond what they had ever felt before. Utter solitude by being cast down into the darkness; alone and cold from the fusion of said bolts taking away their very life essence, wisping away their will to live in only another flash. The same fate befell the trees that were struck, which withered under each strike of lightning they took.

But even so, the memories continued to flood the Lone Coyote's head, bringing his hands up to try to hold it all back. Throwing his head back up to the light of the moon, he couldn't bear but to witness how putridly alone he was in this world, remembering those times of happiness that were stripped away from him like some cruel joke. And so, he let out but a single, powerful and morbidly melancholy cry to the only thing that understood his miserable loneliness just as much as he.

Melancholia: "ARRRWOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOHOOHOOoooohoohooo....!!!!!!!

His electrified howl shot streaks of light clear up to the glowing moon, changing even its light to the same somber green... Green streaks continued to bolt down his face and onto the ground like the very rains themselves... Bolt after bolt after bolt came tumbling down to the ground, leaving in their place shining green tears in the smoldering zone of impact. He was accepting that he was too far gone... Too lost to do anything about his horrible condition any longer. He was doomed to be this pathetic, lazy, willless sloth... and watch his world come crumbling down around him as he could do nothing but stare at it... And cry.

Melancholia: 'The greatest Melancholy of all... Watching all that you are and that you value... Amount to nothing...'

When his eyes shot open, Khrona knew that only one of two things were going to happen; either the Lone Coyote was going to change his ways, or he was about to go against everything Khrona said. Before even speaking on what it was, the Lone Coyote answered for him with his repulsive lightning forcing his hands from his bangles as he ascended to the sky.

He was jolted backward just a bit closer to Pain, sighing heavily as he turned his weary eyes over to her.

Khrona: "Sigh... Yep. He's regressing. He has no hope for himself..."

Pain: "I guess it all really meant a lot to him..."

Khrona: "Yep... And now he has nothing. Not even his old self..."

Their conversation was cut short by his tantrum of tears raining from the sky like lightning. The bursting air was cold and lonely, showing that this lightning was no ordinary electricity. Cold fusion, or ectoplasm? Regardless, being hit would be much more devastating than if it were just normal lightning, and as each bolt hit the trees, the two watched them wither and fade away almost on contact.

Khrona: "... But this can't be it, Pain. We must persevere. Listen to what he's saying... At least now he's acknowledging the past rather than living in complete hopelessness about it. Maybe if we bring it up, he can deal with it more easily."

Pain: "I only hope you're right. I'd give anything to see the Dark Wolf I fell for all over again."

Khrona: "Naturally. But first... We've gotta dodge some lightning."

They nodded their heads as a bolt came their way, both of them hopping to opposite sides and watching carefully for when the next rain came. With each bolt that looked as if it were coming their way, they'd hop to the side, shouting out things to the Lone Coyote so he could hear them when the bolts cleared.

Pain: "Listen, Lone Coyote!! The reason why I did what I did wasn't because I stopped caring, it was because of how you changed!! If you were still the same Dark Wolf then, maybe it wouldn't have happened the way it did! Though I admit, I was a little cold and unreasonable."

Khrona: "Yes, please understand us! You have to first accept that you changed you who were and are not the same as who you once were! You're no longer that proud, strong Dark Wolf that led the pack so many years ago! Right now... You're just as hopeless as all of the people you say inhabit this hopeless world!! So if you actually want to return to that greatness... If you actually want to be happy again... REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE!!!"

Another barrage was coming. The two ran as fast as they could around the black pond, meeting up at the other end and dodging the final bolt and rolling into one of the withering trees glowing with the plasmatic energy. Careful not to touch it, they rose to their feet and Pain stepped forward to continue her final thoughts.

Pain: "Yes, go back to the beginning!!! Strive to be the one you once were!! It pains ME to see you like this, regardless of how I acted and how I expressed myself!! I see now that was wrong and... And..."

She gulped, finding it hard to actually express her emotions from deep within... even so, she knew it might be the only way to get him to understand; to hear it from her own mouth.

Pain: "I am very sorry that I hurt you. I think I could be happy again if you'd just be who you were before... I know it's still in you... But you have to want to work for it within yourself. You have to accept who you are now and go find out how you can become who you were again."

The two fell silent now, wondering if he even heard a word that they said. It looked like he was in quite a frenzy, especially from such a powerfully mournful cry he released to the very moon itself. Now they had to sit there and have hope for the hopeless... And pray that he would change.

Khrona: "Even if you don't have hope for yourself... The two of us will ALWAYS have hope for you. If we didn't, we wouldn't still be trying for you, even now!! Can't you just see that?!"

Maybe their words were pointless... Maybe their efforts were hopeless... But what they knew was that they saw their target and they were not going to stop until he was brought to the light again. They would persevere with the utmost Diligence, no matter how long it may take.


Lost in his own tears, in his own little grim world of darkness, secluded from reality and the truth, he was trapped in his own sadness. Who would have known that such Melancholy would have the power to even overtake the one who controls its power so thoroughly? This overwhelming power... The overpowering energy... It was even enough to get the once proud Dark Wolf.

Melancholia: "Wha... What are you... Saying...?"

Murkiness in his head started to clear away as the poisonous fog from the bolts of cold fusion evaporated in his mind. The powerful cloud of negativity started to vanish and reveal to him the Truth of what was... And what is to be.

A powerfully bright light overcame him, and in its clearing, he could see the figure of a very dark and grimly clothed being that seemed very similar in stature to him. This man covered in darkness still exuded an unspeakably powerful light from himself, and as he stood in the shade of a large weeping willow, a gentle wind blew between them. The Lone Coyote, a bit confused and stuck in a daze drearily lurched toward this spectacle of a creature, and with each step back into the past, the vision of him became more and more clear.

Khrona: "Heh. It surely took you long enough to find your way home, lost little puppy. Good thing I've been looking for you all this time, or else I fear you'd never find your way home to me."

The way he spoke, it almost seemed like he knew everything about the Lone Coyote, but of course he was aware of why this was. The reason behind it was that this figure was none other than the true King Of Melancholia... The Dark Wolf. The only one the Melancholies couldn't break, but only make him stronger with his incredible inner light and undying perseverance for what he wanted.

The Lone Coyote looked to him with a forlorn gaze, unable to even be happy to see him. He was... Beyond disappointed with himself for what he had turned this proud wolf into.

Melancholia: "Dark Wolf... You mean, you've been here all this time trying to get me back?"

Khrona: "How could I forget about one of the most important parts of me? The one that realizes that everything isn't okay, so I can strive to make it better. Heh heh."

The Lone Coyote was brought to silence, yet again. He looked up to the Dark Wolf with a sad and sorry stare, very upset with himself for being so foolish all this time.

Melancholia: "... So it was true... I have been nothing but a pup all this time... And here I was thinking that I was the Alpha Wolf... When in actuality, I've been doing nothing but making this terrible for everyone and everything... Including you and myself. I... I just feel so ashamed..."

The Dark Wolf's slender, yet warm smile widened a bit as he ruffled the hair of the beautifully adorned Lone Coyote. He snickered to himself, not because he was laughing at his failure, but laughing at how blind he had been to what was going on.

Dark Wolf: "Ah, don't even sweat it, kid. I've been here helping ya out whenever you did need it, even if you couldn't tell on your own. The trick is not to put up a front of how happy you are, but to actually embrace how sad you are and look for a way to make it better. You were the one that sniffed out the flaws and the sadness that came around, and together, we used to make all things possible with our pack. I'm guessing that you lost confidence in yourself when you tried to go it alone, huh?"

The Lone Coyote stayed silent, but looked away solemnly and lowered his head like a child being scolded by a parent, and the words actually be taken to heart.

Dark Wolf: "Don't worry. No real damage has been done, and that's because of the stellar pack that's still with ya today. But you have been so caught up in your own loneliness, you haven't even realized who has still been there for you in all of your sadness and turmoil, have you? Right by your side all these years, waiting for you to return to your former glory."

It was at that moment that the final bit of darkness in the Lone Coyote's mind was cleared away, and he realized just who it was that loved him the most. The ones who never gave up. The ones who never lost hope. The ones who were always there to bring him back up even when he thought there was no one. In all this time, he had been so foolish and so blinded by his own darkness... That he couldn't see the light that was all around him.

Melancholia: "You are right, Dark Wolf... And... I... I must humbly apologize for what I've put you through. I've already made such a mess... I don't even know how I can clean it all up... I'm just a failure... One who doesn't even deserve your grace..."

The Dark Wolf rolled his eyes and smiled at the overdramatic Lone Coyote, knowing he had always been like that.

Dark Wolf: "How many times do I have to tell you not to worry about it, kid? We've got this. Together. As long as you remember that you and I are Alphas together, and that we're supposed to work as a team to get what we want done, you can't lose. You aren't a failure. You just got caught by the melancholies of this world and never had the power to get out. Even when you're caught... You always have to have the power to get out. Diligence. Always work out a Master Plan. Remember those? Ahahahaha!"

He ruffled his shaggy blue hair again before tilting his head back upward and staring at him with his own dark, yet hopeful eyes. The Dark Wolf really was a powerful light in the darkness, even if he looked like he was completely void of said light altogether. Knowing that there was still time to fix things brought happiness to the Lone Coyote, and he would finally smile at the Dark Wolf and open his arms out for an embrace.

Melancholia: "... Let's ride again, Dark Wolf."

Of course, the Dark Wolf reciprocated and hugged him back, as the light started to overtake this beautiful area yet again.

Dark Wolf: "Naturally, Lone Coyote. And tell our lover, Pain... She doesn't have to be sad anymore. Your Will and your Hope have returned the light within."

And so, they'd fade away, back into the Zero World, where the Lone Coyote's calamity still ensued.

Melancholia: "HURK!!!"

His hands shot to his chest as the green lightning omitting from his body started to alter its colors several different shades of purple, blue and green, burning a hole within his chest. With his Will being restored, he was starting to transform back into the Dark Wolf, which looked to be a very painful and saddening process. But even still, he spoke out to the two down below, at least letting them recognize that he heard what they said and that it was working.

Melancholia: "You... Two... I finally am able to... Remember... But there is still something else that I need to make this... Complete..."

He extended his hand to Khrona, releasing a powerful bolt of lightning that barely missed his head. His energy was uncontrollable in his incomplete state, but even so, he wasn't going to hurt them.

Melancholia: "The... Ring... That Valerio gave you... A long time ago... I need it to complete what the others used to refer to as... Zero Point Breakthrough."

Even though this was similar in fashion, it in no way was actually a 'Zero Point Breakthrough.' This was merely the power of a being at Absolute Zero breaking through the limit of nothingness and out into value once again. Piercing the heavens. Breaking the limits. Overcoming the restrictions. Tipping the scale. Defeating oppression. Doing the impossible. From this moment, it would be called...

Dark Wolf: "Shin Zettai Zennou Toppa!!!!" (The True Absolute Almighty Breakthrough)

All he needed... Was that ring to complete it.

Khrona and Pain stood there in a stasis of uncertainty, hoping with all their might that their words would get through the the rampaging King of Melancholia. To bring hope back to the hopeless, to bring light back into the void of emptiness that was his heart and soul, and to bring passion back into his life was what they desired absolutely the most, only to help this lonely wolf break through his own unbreakable prison.

Khrona: "Lone Coyote... No... Dark Wolf!!! Have our words gotten through to you!?!?"

The spectrum of color that his lightning took was clearly evidence that something spectacular was happening within him. Even his voice was starting to change... Something that chimed with positivity, even if bathed in darkness. The ability to press forward and persevere, even in these times... It was returning to him. And upon that return, they could both visibly see the great transformation he was undergoing back to that being that knew what the Lone Coyote had forgotten so well.

Pain: "You were right when you said that you were forgotten... You forgot the ONE part of yourself that made you who you are! The thing that made you the Alpha!! Dark Wolf... Please. I promise I won't leave you alone again... Just show me that you still have the power to pull through within you even now!!"

Just then, a purplish green bolt of lightning shot past both Pain and Khrona's heads, yet Khrona remained unflinching to that light. He knew that this power was uncontrollable and unstable right now, for the metamorphosis into a being of newness and harmony, the rebirth of a lost soul was a powerful creation indeed. Even though his eyes stayed intense and burning, he was smiling with the same smile as the Dark Wolf from before. It was only then that their likeness was remembered within Khrona.

Khrona: "... I almost forgot to believe in myself. But now, I see that it was one of the most important things... So, if you ask for it, then..."

Khrona dug into his pocket, pulling out the enchanted ring that Valerio gave to him a long time ago; never worn, never engaged. He finally got over his hatred for it and would put it to good use.

Khrona: "Then break through this Void, Dark Wolf. Come out to the world once more and ride free!! Take it, and let your will burn through!! That undying Will of Tensei!!"

With pinpoint accuracy thanks to the signature Hyper Perception gleam of Khrona's eyes, he'd fling the ring straight into the storm that was the Lone Coyote and wait for him to let his will be...


Khrona: "As a Tensei, a being of evolution... Reincarnation... Rebirth... And a prominent force of nature, I will not allow you to stop growing here, when there is so much more out there for you!!! So many more happy times that you were about to give up on... And with your Pain of the past, let you and her continue on to the future!! DO IT, DARK WOLF!! BY THE POWER OF THE THIRTEENTH!!! Shin Zettai Zennou Toppa!!!"

Right then and there, Khrona vowed not to speak anymore blight upon himself nor those who he cared for most. Never to bring them down, but to build them and himself up, and even if it was little by little, to ascend upward with temperance, patience and diligence. He would never lose to himself ever again. He'd always continue on with good words and good thoughts... Unlosing.

Dark Wolf: 'They never gave up on me... Even when I was lost. So, how could I sit here and not do the same? If they've been working this hard... Then I will, too. Finally, I see the error of my ways.'

The Dark Wolf smiled at them, electrifying tears still rolling down his face. Something about the sadness of seeing what he was and now becoming something greater brought him a sense of happiness, even in all the melancholy of the darkness still around him. He was the only beacon of light, so he had to make sure that light never got extinguished again. Thus, he caught that ring, and in his hand, it ignited.

Dark Wolf: "Yes... Yes...! I won't forget again, I assure you!!! Pain, my love... Let's get out of the darkness of the Zero World and head to a better tomorrow!!"

Looking at Khrona's smile and powerful eyes, he knew right then and there that this was where the Dark Wolf was hiding out, waiting to return to the part of him that was the Lone Coyote. The ring burning in his hand grew brighter and brighter, unable to contain the power of the Dark Wolf any longer. So, it burst, releasing from it the imprisoned soul energy that existed within. It spiraled its way into the chest of the Dark Wolf and into Pain, filling the voids within their hearts whilst simultaneously connecting each other yet again, and finally mending up the place where that black hole once was. The empty space was finally filled; another Void was completed.

The power of the Dark Wolf coursed through his veins, allowing the once untamed plasmatic energy to strengthen and become disciplined under the will of the Dark Wolf, and would finally take his form before the two of them. Still crackling with several shades of purple, green and blue, he hovered down to the Black Hole Pond and merely touched it, allowing that Void to be filled with this unparalleled energy teeming from his very essence. He walked across and toward his love who stood at the edge of the swamp water, each step sending a ripple across the now glowing murk and creating something new in the infinite expanse below.

Dark Wolf: "I'm back, love. And for the first time in a long time... I feel complete. I feel refreshed. I feel... Renewed. But I won't be truly complete without you by my side, you know. Heh heh."

He extended his hand to her and pulled her back to him and onto the water, welcoming her return to him and the welcoming of her happiness once again.

Pain: "... I've missed you. Seriously. Don't ever leave again... Alright?"

Even though she wasn't for this type of thing, she did grab his arm... Pulled herself close to him... And buried herself in his chest, smiling shyly out of happiness. It was weird because using those muscles on her face was really hard considering how long it had been since she smiled. But it was well worth the wait.

Dark Wolf: "Yeah, I know the feeling."

Though few words were exchanged, the two of them knew exactly what was meant, and it was the most they really needed to say. He cuddled her and stroked her hair like he used to, before looking up to Khrona and nodding his head.

Dark Wolf: "Looks like you did it again, guy. And you know, if you do for me, I'll do for you. Your Throat Chakra's open and harmonized with the other two, and I think from now on, you'll won't be speaking that sad tune anymore. As long as you don't forget me again. Ahahahaha!"

The Deadly Sin of Sloth had been overcome, and from now on, they could be Diligent in their efforts.

Dark Wolf: "Heh heh. But you really aren't done yet, you know. You're only halfway done. Even if things are looking exponentially better... The other Four emotions are in pretty bad shape, even if they are on the more Positive side. You're gonna have to show them the dark to their light, since they're kinda... Blinded by it, you know. Just as we can be blinded by darkness can they be blinded by light. So uh... I'd say get to is as soon as possible, but I know there are other things that have gotta happen, right?"

There was no mystery to how the Dark Wolf knew about all of these things... He was part of Khrona, after all. Every one of those emotions were connected, and Khrona was connected to them all. However, with the wheels of the Root to stay grounded, the Third Eye to see clearly and the Throat to speak truth and good, the other ones wouldn't be so hard to overcome. And Khrona's path would be clear and full of ease... Finally.

Dark Wolf: "I'd suggest you go get em quick if you wanna get to the Seventh faster. It's not like it'll be hard after this point, ya know?"

But, it was only a suggestion. At this point, it wasn't like the Dark Wolf was gonna steer him wrong. He was the Throat for a reason, ya?

Khrona: "Ah, finally... The metamorphosis is complete. All the things that once weighed me down are finally starting to work in harmony."

Khrona was really happy, now, truthfully. This type of peace with all of his negative qualities, and knowing that he had control over them now gave him a pervading sense of utter... calm. But even so, the Dark Wolf's words were not untrue, and this was no time for Khrona to be getting relaxed, even if he knew that times of happiness was upon him. To get too caught up in his own happiness would only lead to him getting careless, and that was through those other Deadly Sins of his Positive emotions.

Khrona: "... At least they'll be easy to deal with. Don't worry Dark Wolf, Pain. I'll get them all fixed up for us. And then we'll truly be one with the Seventh. And then, after that... We'll be able to go on to the Eighth with our love and our daughter. Haha... That'll be the day."

That was Khrona's ambition. To get to that point. But it would still take a bit of doing, for there were things that needed to be taken care of before that, outside of himself. And that was with his own village.

Khrona: "I have a sneaking suspicion of where the next one, Fun, resides... Always blowing along with the wind and never really caring where she goes. Tch... I'll set her straight."

To think, Khrona had a girl as a part of him. Better get in touch with his feminine side... the Fun side. Hahaha.

Khrona: "Take care, you two. And remember... Fight the power. I'll keep the power of the Shin Zettai Zennou Toppa on my side... Maybe make it into a BEEEAAAM! You know I love eye beams. Heh heh."

With that, he gave them a quick and cool salute of his two fingers on his forehead, then he would fade away to take care of some business before he actually went to go find 'Fun.' It wasn't like that was gonna be hard, that little Vixen...

As Khrona departed the swamps, the two would give him a simple wave, ready to guide him throughout his travels.

Pain: "Go do what you do best. Get shit done."

Dark Wolf: "Hahaha, it isn't like we are off the hook either. Pain, the Choker-Ring of Harmony... It might be time for you to take your place back around my neck."

He winked at her, for she knew exactly what he was alluding to. She scoffed at him playfully however, pushing away his face.

Pain: "You mean, as your leash, you dog? Hmhm."

The Dark Wolf smiled and licked his lips, whilst Pain wrapped her arms around his neck and fell on top of him. The two of them crashed into the now filled waters behind and sunk happily into the deep...

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