The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension
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The Veritas; The Crystal Dimension

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 Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; End

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; End Empty
PostSubject: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; End   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; End EmptyTue Jun 30, 2020 11:18 am

With the long journey of Ascent, Descent, and the cleansing of his 'Negative Emotions' Hatred, Fear, and Melancholia, Khrona would emerge from his own Negativity as a new man -- now completely cleansed of all of the filthy energy that was once being absorbed in him through the Crystal Tree. However, even as he was, completely purified and had saved himself and the Tree that protected the Veritas, nothing had changed OUTSIDE of the territory of the Veritas, which caused him great concern. The rest of the planet was still afflicted, and the poisonous tainted energy from the Horsemen was getting thicker and worse over the planet every single moment. Even if Khrona was able to cleanse himself this time, as the forces of wickedness got stronger, he needed to, as well, in order to make sure that what happened before didn't happen again. The only way he felt that he could do this was to venture back out into the planet, itself, and begin to clean it up bit by bit, just like he cleansed himself and the Veritas. However, before that could happen, he needed to have someone in charge of the Dusk and the Dawn that made up the Veritas in order to ensure the safety and regulation of the people while he was away. And so, for the first time in history, Khrona would sponsor a 'Vote' for a new village leader that would take his place, since his former partners had gone AWOL. Thus, the first ever Dusk and Dawn Village Leader Vote would go under way...

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; End Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; End   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; End EmptyWed Jul 01, 2020 6:49 pm

Descent upon the lands from the city above the clouds was a memoir from long ago, gracing itself upon these lands directly from the Tree itself. A large, yet modest addition to the Mezzanine -- one of Khrona's largest contributions to the people of the old Dusk village -- was the recreated 'Cantina' from a Reality of olde. Altering its shape to meet the times, the old school 'Cantina' became the new and beautiful 'Cantina', where all could socialize, chill out and eat to their heart's content at any time they wished. The perfect hangout spot, right next to your perfect house. Serving as a teahouse, a cafe, a hangout and a performance area, it was a quaint little quadruple threat with a badass balcony and rooftop area for enjoying the weather. On the front of the door, it also had in bold print 'COSPLAYERS WELCOME', as if to say that this place was rather open to hiring people to work here that also liked to cosplay. Tre chic, non? However, the purpose of its arrival was for something even larger than giving the Veritas villagers a new place to relax in all of the chaos that was going on... It was also so that the Crystal Tree could announce a certain event that was to come.

A bright ray of light shone down from the clouds, and in the center of it was one of Khrona's many, many memorial forms, which stood atop the rooftop cafe portion of the Cantina. He cleared his throat and adjusted his voice as much as he could so that everyone who wished to hear of this call would indeed do so. "People of the Veritas! One and all! I am here bearing not only the gift of a new place to relax beside the place to rest your head, but also to make known something very crucial to the Dawn and the Dusk.... So, if you are interested, I must ask that you come visit the Cantina for the grand opening, and I will give you further instruction from there." With the word brought out to the entirety of the Veritas, and anyone of it, -- hell, and even those not of it -- it would only be a matter of time now to see who would show to such an extravaganza...

The Cantina it brought back old memories for Lin and Nese; it was as if they were back at home in the Reality Village. Lin walked in and smelled some of the same things he use to as a kid. He smiled as he walked past the bakery and stood right in front of Khrona. He would Look at his old friend. Yes he had harsh words for him. But this isn't the time nor place. Lin had envisioned a new Dusk -- a new World.

"This brings back memories doesn't it Lin?" Nese said as she grabbed his arm while they walked through the Cantina.

Linomaru: "..."

"Linomaru, What is there something wrong?" Nitos said as he seen that Lin hadn't responded to Nese.

Lin had a lot on his mind. He was focus and he didn't want to be distracted by the on goings of the people around. Khrona welcomed everyone to come enjoy themselves, but the treat was just beginning. "We have to stay focused, guys. I am not the only one here. But it is up to the people who they want. But I won't count myself out not now, I've come too far to just quit."

Dente the Wolf, not a native of the Dusk, but rather of his own home, Kilimagroth, entered on the scene. This place was quite vibrant; there flocked many of faces, all enjoying the festivities and food that was going on. It didn't happen often, but Dente smiled a small bit. There was peace among the village, and he was sure glad to see the people enjoying it. Wandering the area just to explore what caused this great change, there came an announcement.

Dente: "The Cantina, hm? Sounds like something is going down over there. Luna, Causa."

With those two names uttered, his soul weapons came to his side immediately.

"Yes Dente?" Luna said in a soft, but cheerful voice.

"You called?" her twin sister, Causa said in a rough, but caring tone.

"You two see what I see?" he'd ask, pointing towards the Cantina and the sign talking about Cosplayers on the front door. All three of them shrugged; they didn't know what a cosplayer was, so they thought to go ahead and check it out. Entering the place, Dente looked around the area, seeing all the different people wandering and chatting each other up. In the distance, Dente could see Linomaru Hugo -- a man he hasn't seen in a long time -- standing in the front with a proud look on his face.

Dente: "Let's go join him in the front?"

Luna & Causa: "Sure!"

With that, the three gently shoved their way through the crowd, and managed to squeeze their way to the front within a few minutes. Standing to left side of Lin, Dente patted his shoulder, and smiled at him.

Dente: "Didn't expect to see you here, Lin. How's it going?"

And thus, a hammer would appear before Khrona and seconds after this hammer manifested itself, the Master Guardian would rise up from the ground. The Master Guardian and his very burly-like body would loom over most of the people in the cantina. He would look about before causing the boards behind him to rise up to form an extravagant throne, something that could hold his tremendous three hundred fifty pounds of muscle. Khrona was here; this would be a good time to meet the guy. "With the Commander residing in Kwandrivia and Billiam in Mylania, I can do things how I see; I was sick of watching over them anyways," the Master Guardian would say to himself. In reality he was talking to himself, in his head. He missed them, but was lying to himself by saying he didn't; after all, who was he gonna toy around with?

The resident poison ninja would silently walk into the area with his eyes closed simply using his soul perception to allow him to see which way to walk without running into anyone. He was not here for power nor for a title, he was simply here to do what he could to make this village a better place for both its inhabitants and his own family. The poison ninja would simply leaned against a nearby wall, waiting to see what would need to be done.

Waiting a little while for some to show up, once he was addressed by a few and noticed those familiar -- and some unfamiliar -- faces, Khrona thought it was about time to interact a bit. He propped himself up and off of the high pedestal and down into the crowd, landing gently on the tip of his toes, rolling down to a steady stand. "Well hello there, you all. I'm glad you could make it to the grand re-opening of the Cantina. I'm waiting for more people to show up before I actually announce why you all are here... So, until then, feel free to mingle and eat to your heart's content. Eat, drink, be merry!" He turned to Linomaru, someone he wasn't... Prepared to see here since his declaration of war on the planet. This was an odd turnout, indeed. He seemed alright in the head, but you never know. He'd be watching Lino... "Lino? Well, isn't this a surprise. Last I checked, you were out for blood. Hmhmhm..." A newer shinobi also showed his face here with his two weapons; someone he knew through his sister, Corona. He wouldn't let them know that he had been watching them, but was definitely certain that this guy was a good and loyal person. It was nice that she finally made a friend. He turned his head to greet the other person and his weapons, nodding his head and smiling warmly. It wasn't long after that a hammer fell from the sky and summoned some... Guy in an extravagant display, as if he were trying to steal the spotlight or something. Khrona didn't care at all. He had never seen nor heard of this person, but he seemed like he had a good heart and had a lot of determination. That was always nice to see in his people. He decided it was best to welcome these people specifically, since they were newer. "Hello, and welcome to the Cantina. Please, as I said before, make yourself at home."

Finally, showing up just as silent as ever, one of Khrona's best operatives for the longest of time... The poison ninja. It was good to see someone else dependable here. As usual, he kept to himself near the wall. Khrona remembered when he first came to the village, and only spoke through his little hand puppet... He's come a long way since then. "I'll give you all that are here a little hint on the surprise, since you were so generous as to make it here early... This get together has something to do with the fate of the newly established twin villages." He gave them all a little wink and chuckled lightly to himself, as he was prone to do when he was up to something... *wink*

As Dente came to Lin, he said nothing, his eyes remained on Khrona. Lin was watching him just as Khrona watch him. His eyes focused on him. Then Khrona came down ever so gentle. He spoke to Lin.

Quote :
"Lino? Well, isn't this a surprise. Last I checked, you were out for blood. Hmhmhm..."

Linomaru: "Hmph... Well I don't want blood, I want change. If blood is what it takes to change the world, then so be it. But I have had sometime to talk with myself. I have spoken to my elders and... I can't stand by them with what they wish to do..."

Linomaru: 'I'm well aware of why you have gathered the people here. I do still have my Mind linked to yours. That's how I stay in the know...'

Linomaru: "I don't wish to wage war on the Veritas. It is my home.. It is the DUSK. And I am it's keeper. You thought me that. So I will protect her like always. But my family and my Village are hard to choose from, so you must know why I said what I said and why I am here today. I have different views and goals than what The Elders have. I will try everything in my power to stop them... But the Veritas has to be ready."

Lin then allowed Khrona to walk away -- he said what he had to say. Lin was torn; he had a battle within going on once again. But this time the choice he makes could end his life. Lin chuckled as Khrona went around greeting and such. He didn't know how this would look, him showing up here when he just declared war on all of the planet. But his mind had changed he didn't see the TRUE LIGHT until that faithful night in the Manor.

"Lin.... Do you think Khrona will allow you to do it?" Nese asked as she looked at the people, beginning to show more and more people.

Linomaru: "I know my friend... He understands my struggle more than anyone else here in this village. He is YIN and I am YANG.Two halves of the same whole. He is my other half. We complete each other just by knowing each other as well as we do. Ha... Now that I think about it... I was created from DNA, I wasn't born, so my next goal is to find out whose DNA is inside me exactly. It isn't just my Mother and Fathers; there is more. The only question I have is where did the Elders come from and why do they live in me?"

Lin would then look at Dente and smile. Dente had grown so quickly since he last saw him, and so did Luna and Causa. Lin wants to continue Dente's training. He is Lin's only operative at this moment being apart of the 'Trinity Core'. Maybe after today Dente could be some help to Linomaru. "Dente, how are you pal...? I haven't seen you in a long while. Hello Luna and Causa, I am Linomaru; I am head of the 'Trinity Core' and a Head Expert here in the village. It is finally nice to meet you two."

People sure had their ways of making themselves known. Dente turned only slightly to see the man who created a throne to sit upon. A little too haughty for his liking. When turning back to face Khrona who was standing in front, Dente caught a glimpse of a man standing near a wall. To Dente, they were the only 'outstanding' -- as in, they stand out, haha -- characters that stood out from the rest of the crowd. Nodding at it all, Dente turned back just in time to see Khrona greeting both him, and the twins. The three of them returned the gesture with a soft smile, and respectful bow.

Dente: "Is... That him? The main man?"

Causa: "Looks like it; quite the looker, I must say."

Luna: "Hehe, he has to be married."

The three of them chuckled lightly, and Dente was actually honored to be greeted by the man. Seemed like Khrona and Lin had some sort of history, as seeing by the banter that was being tossed back and forth. He didn't know what to really make of this, but just decided to quietly listen until the two were finished. Dente stretched himself out, and continued to scope out the place, wondering if the place could get anymore vibrant. When Lin finally directed his words toward him, Dente nodded in agreement.

Dente: "Truer words couldn't have been said. How are you holding up, Lin?"

After Dente spoke, the twins turned to Lin, and bowed as a response to his greeting. They weren't ones to interrupt a conversation, and would just kindly listen to the two speak with each other. But while they were talking, Khrona was winking about something. Something he said about deciding the fate of the two new villages that sprout up. Those being the Dusk and Dawn, which together formed the Veritas. Dente obviously was curious about what the man meant, but decided that he'd ask his questions, or have his questions answered in a bit.

The Master Guardian would, after summoning himself, get up; he made his way to the Cantina's barkeeper and got himself a glass of their finest dark ale. After this, he proceeded to give them their money and a tip, then made his way back to where his Hammer and Throne were. Before making it there, he would introduce himself to Khrona. The Master Guardian would first take a sip pf his ale before holding his hand out to shake Khrona's. "I don't think we have met, yet. My name is Master Guardian, most where I come from have come to call me Master, but that would be inappropriate here. Would you care for a drink?" Master Guardian would ask.

"Hmm...this place certainly has that type of feeling I need..." From above, a young female was flying in the mid air, from there she sees the streets covered like brightly candles. She would take a safe landing on one of the cafe's outdoor businesses, but feathers fell off from her wings, leaving people from below either feeling nothing, shocked, or confused. A waiter walked and asked her what she wanted, in which, she wished for a cup of tea. Upon the streets of endless lights, rolls of shops, and never ending of the curious and greedy people, Phena appears to be sitting on her seat at one of many tables with opened umbrellas. Carefully with eyes closed, she blows gently over the hot cup and sips her tea. A sudden wrath of winds blew past her, and so she opens one of her very eyes giving a wink expression. It seems like there is a commotion going on. In the view, Phena saw the people she knew before. Dente was around, so it seems that this place is getting popular anyhow. In a short matter of time, she would get up and walk over to Dente. Phena smirked; she started speaking with a soft and sharp clear tone, "Well o'my Dente... 'Tis been so long, hasn't it?"

At the bunch who had found themselves accumulated here so far, Khrona was a little bit surprised at the rather minimal turnout. Maybe if he simply said what it was that they were here for in the beginning, things would have ended up differently. Oh well, this wouldn't be the end of this little excursion... Khrona always had plans on top of plans to get his goals accomplished. Though, most of his attention went towards Lino... He was unsure of his condition, and of how stable he actually was... Oh well. 'Well, Lino... If you insist on doing things in this fashion, then by all means. I simply hope you are prepared for whatever lies ahead... Especially if you get chosen for this position. All of the village will then be influenced by your clansmen's disposition, and will throw the entirety of our village into a state of war with the rest of the world. Make sure you think deeply on that." Their minds linked, the message would relay from Khrona to Lino before Khrona closed off his mind to his and started toward the Master Guardian again, since it seemed that Lino had something to speak on with Dente and his weapons. This Master Guardian man seemed rather rough around the edges, but also like an okay sort of guy. When he extended his hand, Khrona reciprocated by shaking with his gloved hand and firmly shaking to establish a bond through meeting. "Nice to make your acquaintance, Master Guardian. My name is Khrona Tensei, if you weren't already aware." Not long after, the little phoenix girl made her way down from the skies and into the Cantina as well, though her attention was primarily on Dente, so Khrona wouldn't bother to interrupt right now. Since everyone was mingling and chatting it up, he reckoned that having a sit down with this Master Guardian guy wouldn't be such a bad idea. With a shrug of his shoulders and a slight smile on his face, he nodded his head in agreement to the request. "Of course, I'll take a drink with you, my good man."

Khrona walked toward the bar section of the Cantina from which the Master Guardian once came and sat upon one of the spinning stools embedded into the ground. He tapped the table to get the barkeep's attention and once grasped, would place his order. "Two rounds, on the house, s'il vous plait?" It wasn't often that Khrona enjoyed any type of alcoholic beverage save for the finest champagnes and wines or some sort of sake or vodka, but it was always nice to have a good, friendly ale with someone. At least, for a little while. "I wonder if even the barkeep could use some staff... Hmhmhm. Well, nevermind that. Tell me a little about yourself, hm? Might as well kill a little more time before I go up and make the grand announcement, eh? Hmhmhm." It was always good to make friends.

Dente was ready to hear a response from Lin, but was suddenly approached by Phena -- a friend who he hadn't seen for a long time, now. A real long time in fact. Turning to face her, she'd probably already notice the height difference. Dente grew a bit since the last time they saw each other; his eyes were less heavy, and that scowl seemed to be disappearing. Another change that could be noted, was that he was smiling for once. Nodding his head toward the young phoenix girl, Dente turned towards his two soul weapons, and brought them closer to meet her.

Dente: "Hey there Phena! It has been a while... Say did you get shorter? Haha. All jokes aside, I'd like you to meet my soul weapons. The one to my right is Luna, and the one to my left is her twin, Causa."

The twins both bowed in respect to Phena.

Luna: "Pleasure to meet you."

Causa: "Yeah, good to see another friend of Dente's."

"Indeed, growth does matter in the flow of time." Phena could feel Dente's energies; they were intense and felt more like his wrath. Dente finally was stronger than she is -- somehow, she felt proud and sorrow at the same time. After all, Phena helped him just a little in the past. Just glancing over Dente's shoulders, she sees two figures known as his soul weapons or some sort. They both introduced themselves to Phena. A sort of sharp aroma coming from elsewhere that is not too far off from where she stands strikes hard into Phena's senses of smell. Her dark red eyes wandered off to two male figures. 'It seems like they're drinking something.' Phena was curious enough so she decided to walk over to them. Giving them a surprise, she clears her throat as an interruption. "Ahem... Why hello~!" These two people, -- the Master Guardian and Khrona -- Phena did not know much of, but each had different power levels or characteristics. Tilting her head, her dark red eyes changed to bright glowing red colors -- this is how she studies people's 'inner' energies. Phena's senses to the other one has been cut off. Sadly, she was disappointed. Giving a gentle sigh, Phena asked, "Dear sir, who might you be? Your presence is gone... If I'm right."

The poison ninja would only simply chuckle listening to Khorna as he spoke for a moment a gave his little 'hint' to those already there. The poison ninja would also take a moment to look toward Linomaru having full knowledge on his declaration of war on the village. Although at the same time, the poison ninja knew that Linomaru was doing what he thought was best for his family and clan, so while the poison ninja would keep and eye on him, at the same time he knew no one was currently in danger due to Linomaru's presence. The poison ninja would then walk over to the bar and order himself something to drink before causally sitting down and simply enjoy his drink.

Lin would see Phena come floating down. He smiled; even Phee was able to show. This day couldn't be better. Lin now had the nerve to do this. It seemed Khrona was busy, but still watchful as always. Lin had also grabbed the attention of the poison ninja -- an Elite of the village; he and Lin fought once upon a time. They have both grown so well. Lin walked over to him. "Hello... How are you on this fine day? How is Kohana? I haven't seen her since her ranking exam. I was her proctor." Lin gave Kohana a ranking exam where she show promise and skill much like her father did. She did good in Linomaru's book.

"We have. Grown so much since our little spar back in the day... It's amazing isn't it?" Drifting in on a passing wind, Tamura would just appear through a no-smoke Body Flicker, in a chair with his arms folded and his legs crossed with his boots resting on the table before him. He cut the manifestation of Khrona here a glance, knowing that the man would know why he was here, before he closed his eyes and held his head down. Beside him, appearing a couple seconds after through the same means, was his faithful wolf companion, Okami, who rested her head in the lap of her owner.

With everyone going about and doing their own thing, Dente and the twins would take a trip to the bar. Once there, Dente started to think on what to drink. Wine was always a good choice, but recently he'd grown dull of it. Wondering what to order, one of the twins had a good idea. Why not some sake? "Eh, why the hell not? One sake bottle please?" Dente would ask the bartender. The bartender would ask if they wanted any cups, and Dente and the twins nodded to him. He'd tell them one moment, and went over to go get their drink.

Luna: "C-Can we really handle sake?"

Causa: "Awww don't pussy out, sis! This is just sake! The drink of the Gods! You gotta hold your alcohol like the proud werewolf you are!"

Dente: "Causa has a point, you know. Haha!"

Both Dente and Causa shared in on a laugh. Luna's face flushed, and she began to softly push her fingers together. Luna could hold her alcohol really well, she was just worried about Causa in all honesty. None of them were lightweights by any means, its just how rowdy Causa could get.

The poison ninja would lightly laugh as he would slightly move his gas mask to the left to drink from his cup without releasing any poisonous gases from his mouth. He was already aware that Lin was the one who had given Kohana her ranking exam due to her telling him all about it. Once Lin mentioned how much they have grown, the poison ninja could not help but laugh very clearly even through his gas mask. "Yes, it is how much has changed through the years... How much we have grown and changed through the years."

A tingling sensation of incoming new presences came to place. Phena was startled when she first saw new faces who are entirely new. Somehow, she wondered and wondered due to the fact of the increasing visitors at this very moment. Like a predator, Phena seeks to know these people, strike them down like a prey, just trying to do her job of protecting the people whom she knew in the same place and time. "Hmph... What's this?" Snapped out of thoughts, she stayed where she was. Phena tried to stay hidden in the crowd. With her sharp listening skills, Phena searched the echoing of many voices, then concentrated to the very people whom she was interested. Quite a ninja she is, really...

Or not the ninja she hoped to be, as Aliyah would be behind Phena, capable of cutting her in two without so much as letting her register the heated depth of her breath on the back of her neck. Yet, Aliyah simply walked right past Phena, having no interest in striking her down, not even for the short laughter it would have brought her to see the look on her face. "Quite nostalgic to be among so many of my peers again," she said as her gaze washed over everyone present so far. She knew of every single last one of them, but had only personally met very few of them.

The Master Guardian, with Khrona, made himself and themselves to the bar. His throne would fade back to where it had come from. He would sit down after he had and taken another swig of his ale before answering the next of the questions. "A little about myself..." the Master Guardian would say before taking another swig of his ale, which would soon be gone, but thanks to Khrona, there would be more. "Well, In terms of powers, I have augmented strength -- a strength that adapts to what comes at it. I can lift a building if needed, or just my hammer. Speaking of the hammer, this here is the Killer WarHammer," Master Guardian would say, calling it forth. It would vanish from where he had it before and it would re-materialize right beside him. "This particular weapon and I are connected; with this hammer I have access to all the force and rage that Planet Earth had while humanity so foolishly destroyed it. This force allows me to harness any planet's gaian forces and bend them to my will. It can also use its own power, but why do that when many other planets have gaian forces of their own? As for myself and where I come from..." The Master Guardian was then interrupted by an 'Ahem' from a girl who was eager to talk to Khrona. Upon this he simply took another drink of his ale finishing it off.

Poison Ninja: "Yes it is how much has changed through the years... How much we have grown and changed through the years."

Lin would smile, he hadn't seen the poison ninja for a long time. But he did always stay in the know, like always. Lin would take a seat next to him and order a cherry berry soda. Lin wasn't a drinker; he saw no point of drinking. It was a way to deal with your troubles. Lin did meditation for that. "Ahh... Refreshing isn't it...? I've never seen your real face now that I think about it. And you haven't seen my clan markings have you? I've always had on my trench coat like today..." Lin would then look over at Khrona; his smile went away. For some reason he couldn't help himself to look away. In the poison ninja's eyes it may look like he was planning to attack, but that wasn't the case -- he was just wondering when will Khrona make this announcement he had for everyone in the Cantina. He did gather everyone. Lin began to sense the wavelengths and chakras of others as they appeared. But one in particular caught his attention and he was sitting right next to Khrona bantering about himself. Lin would only keep a watchful eye on him. He would also send Nese over to them.

"Lord Khrona, How are you on this fine day?" Nese said as she walked up and spoke to Khrona. She had a smile on her face ever so gentle. This would be her first time speaking to Khrona. Wonder what could they talk about.

"Augmented strength, you say? And a warhammer that harnesses the rage of planets? You certainly are an interesting fellow." It had been a while since Khrona interacted with the outside world, so seeing and hearing about someone and something new for a change brought a good feeling inside of him. This man was strong, most definitely, however where there was strength, there was always room for improvement. Khrona only wished that he became a top-notch member of his establishment, which, with the right fine tuning, he could be. He was only allowed one sip of his beverage before being approached by the little phoenix girl. She was a quaint one, indeed, especially with her realm existing up on the Dawn alongside it. He had yet to explore her territory, but would love to when he had the time... And when things here were in order. She seemed not to remember him, though... Perhaps because of the 'appearance' he took on. Nothing more than a memory long before her time. It was only natural that she knew nothing of how he looked from back then. Her attention was taken to another figure, the same which Khrona silently acknowledged from his chair, which he rose from only moments after. "It is I, Khrona Tensei. Hard to tell, I'd wager. No matter in it all, It's about time I give the grand announcement as to why you all are here." An even greater shock to him was to see that Aliyah had shown her face in the midst of it all; someone whom he hadn't seen nor heard from in quite a while. He believed that she had gone AWOL -- considering she did so quite often -- and didn't expect such a return. Nevertheless, good to see her face. This was becoming more and more interesting by the moment...

Just as he stood, Nese approached him to speak with him. A rather odd engagement, considering they'd never spoken before. He wondered why, but didn't think too much of it. She seemed to be just the shy type. "Hello there, Nese. I am wonderful, thank you for asking. However, the idle chitchat will have to wait; it's about time I inform everyone of why I have gathered them. We can speak at a better time, most definitely." With that, he patted her on the shoulder and smiled at her, knowing that they could have a deeper conversation soon. When and where was up to her. Either way, there was a speech to give.

Walking up to the stage where performances and shows were meant to be held, Khrona cleared his throat and held his hand up for everyone's attention, as well for silence. When all was quiet and all were attentive, he would begin. "Welcome, all! My beloved residents of the Veritas, hailing from the Dusk and the Dawn! It's about that time I tell you why I've summoned you all here! That is not just for the grand re-opening of the hotspot of the village when it was the Reality, the 'Cantina', but also something far more important. That is... The time has finally come for new leaders and legends to be elected. And this shall not be any normal election, mind you... This shall be an election through Judgment!" It was probable that they didn't know exactly what he meant by that, but Khrona had this all planned and coordinated in his head, and had it gone over countless times in his head. "As you all should know, the twin villages are a mess. As the Tree Of Life, yes, this is my fault, however I cannot make the village better if it is constantly sapping away at my energy the moment I try to get something done. That's why I need you all to be able to do that for yourselves. Strong leaders to maintain order, peace and prosperity to all, whilst I provide for you! For this utopian dream to come to reality, it will take the effort of all parties pulling their equal weight until it has been realized! As such, the action that will be taken is... That all of you will be sent on missions to bring peace and order to the lands, and you will be judged by your performance and effort! A great misconception is that the leader simply must be an extremely powerful person in order to be great... Well, you're absolutely incorrect. That is why I want to show you JUST what type of rigor it takes to become one. The trials you face may be difficult, but it is most important that you do your very, very best at ALL times!"

He took a short pause and a deep breath to calm himself down. Whenever he got passionate about his people or his village, he got a little intense. Even if before he didn't seem like the type to care, -- especially when he was young -- he always did his best and stuck around even in the worst of times like a true leader should. His methods and ways of showing care were unorthodox, and to a degree, still are, but for the most part, are effective. "My apologies. I get a little passionate sometimes. Let me continue. Ahem... The voting and judgments shall be done by none other than you all in participation, as well as myself. You all will evaluate everyone's individual performances save for your own, and vote for who you think does the best. I will do the same. In this matter, I will trust the judgment of each and every one of you. Do me proud by doing your best and being truthful with yourselves and each other. A real leader also knows how to give credit and appreciation where they are due." As usual, Khrona's announcement was long-winded and probably filled with many minor details that people didn't quite grasp. He had just grown accustomed to having to explain himself on a great deal of what he said, so he was already prepared. "Before I step down and allow this party to continue... Are there any questions, concerns, or the like? Speak now, or forever hold your peace."

After Khrona's speech, the first hand to be raised, and the first voice to be heard, was Tamura's -- the man who had been specifically hired by Khrona, in secret, just moments before this. He placed his hand down on the head of his pooch and took his booted feet from the table, almost wanting to kick it over in the process. "Yeah I got something like a question. Fuck this party. Tell me my mission so I can go." Well perhaps those were more along the lines of statements, but he was dead serious. In fact, he almost didn't want to say what he said and instead wanted to just go off and do his own thing beforehand so that when things supposedly 'got started' he'd already be done. Merry-making could be done after the important stuff was taken care of, not the other way around. That was why, as Koudo believed, Veritas ninjas were so soft compared to the warriors of both the Chaos and the Nightmare. "In fact, never mind, I know what I'm doing already," Tamura corrected before standing and whistling a tune that couldn't be heard by normal human ears. It was such a high pitched frequency that if it could be heard then it'd probably cause severe headaches. After, he disappeared in a poof of smoke and his dog companion followed suit.

When Khrona walked towards the stage and began his speech, the Master Guardian would turn in his chair to face the stage and listen. Peace, prosperity, and order; those were words and ideals the Commander spat out all the time. Master Guardian knew how to get those sort of things, after all he did help for the Treaty the Commander all so obsesses over. 'The Commander, he would be the best to represent peace, order, and prosperity but his face isn't the most liked in this realm... That, and he's in Kwandrivia,' Master Guardian would think to himself while taking a small sip of the ale Khrona provided him. Master Guardian had always used the Commander as a puppet of sorts, without the Commander knowing as a peace enforcer and representative of order and sanctity. But now it was the Master Guardian's turn. Master Guardian thought for a while, other than that, he had no questions he would ask.

'Sigh... He's so impulsive. Hmhmhm, not like I can blame him. If I were him, I'd be in a hurry, too. In fact, I am...' Tamura's outburst got the spotlight centered on him, but only for the moment that he was there. His eagerness to get things done as all hell broke loose somewhere else in the Veritas. This village had always been a place where antagonists thrived, but no longer. This world would be cleansed, and it all started with Tamura here. Once he departed, the spotlight returned to Khrona, who could only applaud his initiative. "Hm. Hmhmhm. Well then, I guess we should all follow Tamura's example. He seems to know exactly where to go and what to do, and just how to do it from the start. I will be meeting him at the 'Water Shrine' for his evaluation. Those of you who wish to accompany certainly can, however those who wish to stay and watch here will be provided with a screen." Khrona snapped his fingers, manifesting a huge screen up above, as if for watching sports at a bar, though upon it would be the live view of the 'Water Shrine'. "Here, you will see everything that goes on. Evaluate him on a scale of zero to one hundred, everyone. The Cantina will be the base of operations for this entire event... Also, collaboration about him is welcomed, but do not let it effect your personal evaluation. Voting will be done once everyone has participated in their own event. So, let's get this show on the road." He bowed and stepped from the stage and back into the crowd. As he walked off, he made sure to mention... "If there are any questions or concerns, be sure to talk to me. I'll be here with you the entire time. Now, please, continue to have a good time. I'd suggest you relax and prepare yourself before departure... These events will be intense, people." Now... let the games begin.

Lin would raise his hand. It seems Khrona had finally revealed as to why he had gathered everyone here. The selection of the next leaders and legends of the Veritas twin villages of Dusk and Dawn. "I have something to say... I know the people of the Veritas have heard many things about me, but I will tell this; they are untrue... And I, Linomaru Hugo, wish to be your leader. So I will take the leader trials... I hope with that I have you all behind as I do this task." That was all he had to say Lin would then walk up to the Khrona and stand along side his friend Khrona and look at the people in the Cantina. Lin knew what he was doing, so he looked to Khrona. "Like I said before Khrona... This is my home and I will do everything in my power to help them thrive and become a village of greatness..." Lin said as he walked with Khrona and moved through the crowd of people. His soul partners Nese and Nitos would accompany the two of them. Nese would look at Khrona... He was so different, yet still the same to her. She never had spoken to him before a few moments ago but she could tell he did really care for the village and his passion had rubbed off on Lin. No wonder why Lin feels that way about him. Nitos, as always, never really paid to much attention to things he was always in his own world. Maybe that was because he was from THE VOID. He was focus during battles though. But Nitos is three souls in one. So maybe that's why he is always off it a bit.

From the long speech from Khrona, the loud and arrogant out burst from Tamura, and then Lin's overall statement toward the crowd about his intentions the entire time this was happening the poison ninja would remain completely silent as everything occurred only causally taking a sip from his drink from time to time during each person speaking. The poison ninja honestly could already tell Khrona's intentions behind this gathering so when he spoke to the crowd, the poison ninja's suspicions where confirmed. However, this did not change anything in his mind, and he would simply remain silent until it was his turn to try at his chance to become a legend or possibly leader.

The sensation; the very feeling from before when she sensed his intense energies that were not too far different, but the exact same amount left in Phena's small memories from the past. A temptation. She gasped just a little -- not in fear, but in shock instead. Distracted again, she turns around with widened eyes. As her glowing red pupil eyes slowly changed back to dark, perhaps turned off. Phena began to speak. "It was you from before? Interesting... You look way too different from there to here. So your name is Khrona? My name is Phena, pleasure to meet you~" Her emotions changed again, from negative to positive. Phena had heard rumors of this Khrona, but rumors may not be always be forever true. As she heard Khrona snap his fingers, a sudden screen appeared in front of the rest of the crowds. It seemed like he was giving out a mission. Phena had a flashback of her journeys and trainings, now that she finally could be a little stronger. It is time for her to give her herself a test. "I see, well then I will go. Linomaru, would you like to be my guard? Or rather let me be your back up... Perhaps even better."

Momo had come late to this arrangement but that was due to getting himself together. From outside the cantina a being would step froth cloaked within his trench coat and his mask placed properly upon his face satisfying his unnatural urge to feed. His eyes, dazzling with sparkling blue energy looked lie blue crystals. He had heard what was to come but had come here for a different reason entirely... His love... Khrona was here. The radiant feel of his madness had brought back memories to the young boy. Memories of items before he was as he was. Memories that shown that he was a part of a family within the higher branches of the beloved Veritas... The Tensei. "To think... That after everything that has happened, I'd be here in front of him again... And what's more... Dente and :in are here as well," he said from within the mask; a slight smile of excitement and comfort was brought forth. He had not seen them in quite sometime, and with his recent 'change', it would be more interesting to see them now more than ever... Khrona more so than others... He wondered, though... Was he still Khrona's Momo? He reached for the knob his heart throbbing in anticipation and nervousness a bit with each second it took to enter. Pulling back the doors he saw them there. Khrona and quite a few others. Some new faces, others, old friends, but all allies, so his mind was at peace for now. Walking in under the guise of a normal being, -- be that his chakra was masterfully hidden through the intense training he had endured -- his physical form was obvious enough to tell he was here... Momo had finally come into the fray.

"Dente... Lino... Khrona," he said, stepping forth; everyone had gathered here and it was revealed that a leader was needed for the Dusk and Dawn. He thought this task to be far off from him, as he was not ready to bear such a burden, lest he ran the village into the ground -- not through his lack of understanding, but through other aspects. But he was ready to live up to whatever task that would be presented to him for the betterment of the land he had come to love so intensely. Still though, the village was in need of service and he would gladly once again, place himself where he was needed... As the Bloody One of the Dusk.

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Suddenly, everyone else had become quite eager as well. Yes, this was a good thing, but patience is also a virtue. There was a reason why fate chose Tamura to take the reigns first, and as such, everyone else merely had to sit back and watch for the time being. "Hold, hold, all. Just chill out for a bit, kay? I'll tell you guys where you need to go and what you need to do when the time comes. Right now, all you need to be doing is watching Tamura on the big screen and evaluating him. Don't get too hyped up just yet and waste all of your energy; just stay calm, relax, and build your strength for when your time comes." Of course, Khrona was well aware that there were Beginners and Standards here, but even so, they knew what the stakes were for this trial, and if they felt they could do it, then more power to them. Even a Beginner has potential, and nothing is impossible in Khrona's eyes. Besides, if everyone isn't given a fair chance, no one can call this place a village of fairness, correct? Sometimes brains and tactics outweigh brawn and overall power. It's not about what skills you have or how powerful they are, but how you use them. "I'd also suggest thinking of what you're going to do when your time comes. Because each of you will have your own individual missions. There are definitely enough things roaming around for each of you to have your own specific missions." Though, Khrona couldn't be so heartless as to allow the Beginners and Standards to go out on their own against their will.. As such, they'd have a choice. "Oh, I meant to say, you Beginners and Standards, because of your rank, have a choice in the matter. You can either go on your missions alone and strive for becoming a leader to legend, or you can go as a group and get a collaborative Rank Up if completion is successful. You will still be evaluated by your peers to see if you pass or fail, however. I'd suggest that you all make your decisions now." It was only moments later that Momo would walk through the doors of the Cantina, and Khrona would take his seat beside the Master Guardian once more. "Ahaha, and speak of the devil, another Beginner here. Better finalize your decisions now." Returning to his beverage, Khrona took yet another sip, looking for Nese. "Nese? Would you care to speak with me and Master Guardian here?"

It wasn't soon before Master Guardian finished the rest of the ale he was drinking and decided he would like to get something to eat. Thus he would make his way back to the bar where Khrona was. Resting both hands atop it he would look down upon the bartender. "What kinds of food do you serve here?" Master Guardian would ask the barkeeper; it had obviously been a while since he ate something normal. After being told a few things and whatnot, Master Guardian would choose some french fries, a burger, and another pint of ale. He would then take a seat back where he was when he first started talking to Khrona.

'Things were already underway, eh? That man known as, Tamura, was already off on his mission. The En Gulf... The Water Shrine?' Something was indeed cooking down there. A thought -- or rather, feeling -- deep down within Dente, told him that he should probably stay out of the way on this one. Tamura looked as though he could handle himself, despite the fact Dente really wanted to help. Until then, he'd just sit and watch the big screen, waiting for his trial to come up whenever it did. What was odd about this, is that Tamura requested his mission, but all of a sudden knew what it was...

Dente: "Clairvoyance...?"

Luna: "Hm? Dente, did you say something?"

Dente: "No no, just talking to myself. Pour us some more sake, will you Luna?"

Luna: "Right away, dear."

Dente at this point was lost in his thoughts. However, the arrival of another -- a few others -- intrigued him greatly. A small child with a gas mask... And Aliyah, the one who helped in the birth of his newborn child, Sanitas. After seeing her, Dente immediately thought of Elara and Sanitas, thinking about how long he's been out, but there were just things he had to do. He was doing these things for both of them, so he couldn't fail -- not ever.

"Well, Khrona, you now me better than anyone else; I'm always up for a challenge." Momo was not the ignorant child he appeared to be and was well aware of the status of the village. He had recently suffered a relapse in his memory, gaining back the majority of what he had went through in his existence prior to the one he lead now. Though the body of a child was visible, one of the most impressive minds still resided within his body, and thus his capabilities had not been made stagnant... Not entirely, anyway. It was odd though, for Khrona to address him a simply a Beginner; he hadn't gotten entirely used to his current status yet and in truth, no longer sought to. The world around him... He at first wanted to view it from the stand point of a child, but his desires had been altered slightly due to his rapidly maturing mind and soul. He still could witness the world, but from the viewpoint of something higher. The things Khrona had taught him in the past life as Shabuto and in the life as Momo stained his conscious and made his next decision for him... After all, he was still to become the Eclipse Of The Dusk; this goal had not changed, but had grown even stronger, for now he would eclipse the Veritas as a whole. His ambitions were his own, but the end result benefited the entire Veritas for the better. "The world has changed very little and very much at the same time. Make no mistake, I know the risk of my decision, but... You can't become something as great as in eclipse by tiptoeing around danger and greatness, now can you? A lesson I learned form you Khrona-sama."

He walked closer to Khrona, whose feel, though still insane, was a lot more subtle than before. Perhaps it was this connection to being the Tree Of Life that has granted him such a feel. Nonetheless, he was the Khrona that Momo knew. He would bear his task alone... For an assassin worked best under the cover of the lonesome shadow anyway. He sat next to Master Guardian and Khrona, shooting the Master Guardian a nod of meeting, acknowledging he was there. He hadn't addressed Dente yet; even with his regained knowledge of his past, he knew it would probably not be believed who he was in his current sate, but that was about to change... Very soon. "Whatever my task for the position of legend is to be, I'll gladly receive alone. After all, I'm going to fill the Veritas with the eclipsing might of the Ode To The Dusk... You remember it, right Khrona? The poem I wrote with my own blood as my vow to the Dusk. To become a pillar of strength and guidance as well a symbol of growth... And we both know of that growth, don't we Khrona?" Getting comfortable, his eyes were fixated on Khrona; seemed he was still as obsessed over Khrona's figure as before, but nonetheless his words were genuine, and being the psychic Khrona was, that much he'd be able to tell. "Though this time around... I'll spread the words of that poem across the Veritas as a whole. Pretty good plan, hmm?"

From Tamura's outburst, Aliyah had been waiting. She had initially come to see what this was about, but her earlier intuitions to just go and take care of business won out. Before Tamura would even finish speaking, she would have already left to the Water Shrine, unknowingly deciding to do a mission that was apparently meant for him. However, before she left, she would gaze at Khrona, and through their souls call out to him; 'I am still here, Khrona. I am the same person you remember, yet, I am a greater person than who I wanted to be. We need to talk, but not now. I have a village to protect.'

Lin would just stand there after he said what he said. He was behind the village. He only hoped they were behind him. Tamura was already on the move. Lin had to be calm. His turn was coming up. Nese, on the other hand, would join Khrona and the Master Guardian. She kindly smiled before speaking to them both. She looked at the Master Guardian, though he was much bigger than she was, she herself only five feet tall. "Yes, I will join you two. It seems Linomaru is occupied by the telly." You could tell Nese was of British origin by her accent she spoke with. She often tries to hide it but it does slip out, like just then. She would blush from embarrassment she looked away but then back up to them. "I'm sorry. This native language isn't too good, I can't seem to get the new style down. But Linomaru is teaching me, and so is Nitos. " She would then look at her Master, Linomaru; he was uneasy and she could see that, but it was only because of the choice he made. "Lin is a good soul and he is a wonderful man, but sometimes I wish I knew what he was thinking." Lin was then approached by Phena, a young Beginner. He would smile at her, but he felt he didn't need her help. But Lin is a nice guy. "Well Miss Phee, you may accompany me. I shall watch your back as you watch mine. This village is both our homes so we will protect it together. After all, it takes a village to save a village. No one can do it alone."

After Linomaru agreed to pair up, she heard the words 'no one can do it alone'. Quickly, Phena had a better idea. She thought that if two wasn't enough, maybe some more added could be a wise thing. Teamwork. She appeared closer to Linomaru, her voice reaching for his ears. And so she spoke, "Wouldn't it be much more wise if we have more than two people to join in? Building a network of connections that could act like a strength you know..." Phena walked back, pointing at Dente as if she was sending some sort of signal. Gathering her focus, Phena sends waves of thoughts into Dente's mind. 'Join me and Linomaru...'

A man with red hair slowly made his way onto the scene. Not attracting too much attention to himself, he looked around for a bit and noticed a few familiar faces. After entering, Akira smirked then found him self a decent spot to stand in away from the masses. He stood there for a while not saying a single word, just watching the people in the room to see what was going on. There were quite a few people here, but Akira wasn't here to partake in this particular event. "This should prove to be interesting." Akira folded his arms across his chest and remained silent.

Khrona casually stayed his seat near Master Guardian, trying his damnedest to just be 'one of the villagers' for once. Before, he was a recluse that did for the village in solitude of his own insanity and fear, and eventually became the one who did for the village in excess whilst everyone else kept away from him. Once the Lord of Terror and pinnacle of fear, it was hard for someone who was known for his masterful extravagance to simple 'blend in' to easily. He was an over-the-top sort of guy, -- always had been, always will be -- but at least now he was learning how to tone that down, even if he still was the center of attention to the majority. It would only be a matter of time, but it seemed that it was going swimmingly, even if it was taking a while. He never wanted to be so far away from his people, but he never knew how to... Interact. "Ah, that poem... Of course I remember. It was beautiful, and in fact, I might have something for you to do in the future... But, that aside, Momo, I am aware of your goals and ambitions, and have been ever since I took you in at my doorstep. Though I know your training in the Swamp has granted you greater potential than most Beginners... The jump from that rank to legend is a great one, for a legend proves to be the most legendary of the legendary. The only way I could see you making it in such a short time would be to climb to the top of 'Mount Mortis'... Also known as 'Legendary Summit'." He paused dramatically to let the effect of 'Legendary Summit' sink in. In that time, Khrona would also take another sip of his beverage. With every sip, he only prayed for the juicy blood red wines he was so used to indulging in... Or the fine champagnes that soothed his tension... Dammit. Should have just asked for wine. Or, blood or something sweet like that. Oh well, this was still good. As Master Guardian ordered his meal, Khrona also stopped the host and asked for a bit of calamari; fitting for watching Tamura engage with the Kraken on screen. He laughed a little at what was transpiring, finding it all humorous... Not because he was looking down on Tamura, but simply because of his twisted sense of humor. "Hahaha, look at the way he flipped on that tree! It was funny. Sorry, I notice little things like that. This is a dangerous situation, and I should be more serious. Hmm..."

'Seriousing up' his face a little bit, Khrona returned to what he was saying about 'Mount Mortis', the Legendary Summit. "Ahem. But yes, Momo, 'Mount Mortis'. It's a mountain with four different regions meant specifically to hone the spirit, and when you die within Veritas territory, if you wish to 'come back to life', you are sent on the trials of Mount Mortis to see if your soul has what it takes to reincarnate. If your soul reaches the top, then you're able to choose to ascend to a higher plane of existence, or return to the realm of a living in either a new or your old body. As for the living, the trials are much more intense, since living beings are not supposed to actually be there. You'll be trapped on Mount Mortis with the mountain constantly trying to capture and imprison your soul, and the higher up you get, the more intense the trials become. If your body, mind, and soul are powerful enough to endure and you make it to the top, you will be considered a legend. Naturally, not many have returned from Mount Mortis after they are sent; living or dead. Hmhmhm." About this time, Aliyah's soul called out to Khrona, who would hear her cry just as he heard all souls. He said nothing to her, but sent her a warm feeling of acknowledgement to show that he received her will and was aware of her intentions. He had something for her, when the time was right. "Those of you who wish to try for legend can either engage in a mission I have for you, which will also make you eligible for the role of leader, or... Take on Mount Mortis, which will guarantee you a spot at legend if you make it to the top, regardless of the votes. Each option has its perks, and each has its downfalls..." But Khrona would have to leave it at that, for Nese seemed to want to finish their conversation from earlier. That was all good, since socializing wasn't exactly something Khrona got to do often. This was the first time he actually got out and had fun in God knows how long... Hahahah. "It's fine, Nese, I'd be able to understand you either way. And yes, Lino is going through a lot. I am aware of his... Situation, even if the rest of the world isn't. I would make sure to keep close to him, though... I don't think that little outburst from before about 'waging war' came without some adverse effects..." Lino's ancestors... Being a master of DNA, Khrona knew that there was something boiling between their blood, and Lino would be part of it. Even if he was fine now, there was no guarantee that he would be later. Perhaps, him looking to be the leader would only lead them down a road to ruin... Not that Khrona would allow such things to happen.

Pondering the outcome, another seldom seen face popped in the door. Twas none other than Akira. "Hahaha, look who's decided to join the party. A lot of stragglers making their way in. No matter; this was meant to be a get together and an evaluation of your next leader. So, the more, the merrier! Have a look at the big screen and see what your fellow villager is up to." Khrona pointed to the screen, live with Tamura plastered all over it in his mission within the Water Shrine. Everyone was meant to watch it and evaluate him so that they could see how well he'd do in this whole event. This was to see who was going to be their next leader, after all. Khrona figured that it should be of dire importance to actually take note of what was going on. Wouldn't want just anyone to be their leader.

What more could Alex ask for? He was just minding his own business, walking into the place where everyone just wanted to join for their own reasons. Some joined to try, others because they want to be the leader, and others are just here. Alex had his own reasons, along with his no reasons. He was here to try and finally realize his goal. One of them anyway. He had come in late, but that was because he was still doing many works in progress on his current Masterpiece. He stood in the corner, analyzing everyone with his eyes, just to see who they were and triggering a stronger process within his mind. He wanted to be sure of a few things and even his own mind started to see things in his puzzle-like head. What's more, he wanted to know what he had to do being that he just got here. What sort of task would be given to them and would it be used to alter them in the process?

"Legendary Summit..." Eyes like those of a graceful hawk in the sky, Momo listened intently on Khrona's words, every sound like a chord being played in the most lovely of fashions. Mount Mortis, a place he didn't know much about; it wasn't in his memoir of the Dusk and since the Veritas had manifested, there were a lot of places he hadn't been that he was surely going to -- after all, you need to know the place you want to eclipse. The land of the dead sort of speak is what Mount Mortis sounded like. He wondered... Could he bring the soul of another here to...? No. Some people are better off left to rest in peace, after a life of pain and suffering and trials... Three, in that person's case. His eyes turned to the screen looking at Tamura perform his duties accordingly. He was resourceful and diligent, not to mention he studied the creature beforehand no doubt. Before Momo set out, he would need to ask some question about Mount Mortis, like its inhabitants... And the depths of these trials. "Mmhmm, that guy, Tamura, was it? So far, so good... Let's see the extent of this test though. I'm most curious about him..." Perhaps it was curiosity, or perhaps it was infatuation -- or perhaps both~! Regardless, Momo was not so quick to put another before his beloved Khrona in the seat of leader, but his feelings aided if Khrona had an inclining that this person might be right for the job. He'd at least watch. Nevertheless, his mind was concerned with the Legendary Summit, a place that deemed those who were true legends as such... He knew of his potential, he knew the heights of his ambitions and goals... And he knew that he could never live with himself if he didn't at least go and give it his all. "Mount Mortis, the Legendary Summit. Tell me, Khrona, what you can about its inhabitants and what have these trials entailed before? Mind, body, and soul, you said... In what ways?" Any knowledge would be accepted best to go as prepared as possible however grand or little the info given would be -- some was far better than none at all.

As everyone continued to watch the screen, Akira began to make his way to a table to the left of Khrona to take a seat. Seeing more familiar faces as he made his way through the room, Akira felt more at home than he did when he first walked in. Finally arriving at the table, Akira took his seat and looked over to the large screen where he saw Tamura inside of what seemed to be a water shrine. A small grin appeared on Akira's face as he saw what Tamura had to do on this mission. "Hmph." Akira pulled out a cigarette from his pocket and slowly placed it in his mouth. He then snapped his fingers and a small blue ember lit the cigarette. Exhaling a puff of smoke, Akira leaned back in his chair and placed his hands in his pants pockets while looking up at the ceiling.

Lin would see how excited his last words made Phena. He then noticed the girl inviting Dente to the group. In all honesty, Lin was going to have Dente accompany them anyway. He didn't want his star pupil to get seriously hurt or even worse, die. Lin looked at the screen again and then he would feel the presents of Momo, Akira, and Alex come in all of a sudden. It was crazy how many people were finally showing up. The leader trial and the Legendary Summit. "Dente... Haha... That's my student, Miss Phee. I was going to tell him to come anyway. Yes, Dente is strong but... He still has much to learn... I've been there... I can only show him the way to greatness..." Lin would place his hand on the head of Phena. He was much taller than her. He stood at about six foot three. He was taller than Dente as well. Lin would walk over to him and smile. "Well Dente, would you like to join us on the trial? I know you are more than capable to handle yourself, but I would like to see how we would work together. After all, we will have to do so either way. In any situation."

Nese would take her attention off of Lin and back at Khrona. She would smile. It seems that Khrona does understand Lin and her. "I have to tell you something... Tasha looked at our souls one day while me and Lin were fighting... She said she could see our souls pulling apart from each other... Why is this happening? Our fights never have done this before... I burned him yesterday when we were training. And both our Gentai energies rejected each other. But he and Nitos are intact still... Why am I being torn from him and not Nitos?" Nese would look at Khrona. Of course, this wasn't the time nor the place to talk about this, but it had been pondering in her head for the longest. Just as she finished, Nitos would walk up to them, his hands in his pockets, his face blank; no emotion.

"Well I can tell you that, but you know why... And I don't think you want Khrona in your personal life... Nese, you care too much for the boy... You act like his mother when you are something else to him... Lin has two soul partners but our souls don't sync when we are being used together.... Maybe that's why, though.... Two soul weapons and he has to use us separately to get soul synchro... It's weird. When I was Sito, Mito, and Hito we didn't have this problem; you matched perfectly with my sway souls. But you can't match with me... Hmph... Maybe you should just let us do the battling and you do what you want to do... Be his wife." Nitos would order a glass of ice shreds and walk away back to watching the screen in the middle of the crowd in which he had just come from. He said what he had to say. He didn't care if they hurt her in which they did. Nitos' heart is cold like his soul. He was three souls that became one through the Elders. He has the same skills as the Elder Dragon Of Ice... The Hugo Clan's main advisor...

"He is right. Though I have seventy nine souls collected and he has ten, his power is much stronger than mine. But his soul is uneasy too. He can't show emotion, or one of the three souls will take over and he would split back into them... Three wonderful souls became a cold one. It is cramped inside him... I'm sorry for bantering..." Nese said, her accent heard clearly now. She felt very comfortable around Khrona.

Finishing up the last of his beverage, Khrona turned to the screen to see what had become of Tamura. Seemed like, after a most destructive display, he finished the mission. Just then, Khrona's sushi order appeared on the table. How rather... Uncanny, no? Hmhmhm. "Mmm... Delicious. Itadakimaaasu~." With chopstick in hand, he plucked the sushi from his plate and delicately slipped it into his mouth. "To perfection~!" Naturally, everyone was going to get riled up again about the whole incident of who was next, but before Khrona would answer any questions and continue on with the next assignment, he was going to ask for evaluations. "Alright, everyone! Listen up! Tamura has finished with his trial, as you can all very well see, so I am going to need your evaluations of his performance immediately! I won't assign a new mission to anyone until I have them all in!" That said, he turned to Momo and cleared his throat, now prepared to answer his question. "Now, about Mount Mortis... It's base is divided into four different sections, each of which spiral slowly up the mountain and to the top. The first is the Southernmost region, Rigor Mortis, which is has a constant, powerful pressure looming down upon it, which tries with all its might to crush the body. This place trains the body with the incredibly high gravity, which has the sole purpose of burying and physical being six feet into the ground for all eternity. Spirits tend to place tombstones here for those that do not make it. When forced underground by the pressures of Rigor Mortis, your soul is squeezed out of your body and into the sky. The graveyard." He'd let that first area... 'Sink' into Momo's head. Hmhmhm. And, of course, anyone else who was listening. He noticed Alex Star made his way in here. That boy had come a long way since he was first brought into this village, but was he really prepared to endure a trial such as this? Well, if there were Beginner and Standard who thought they could, Alex definitely should too, right? Hahaha.

"The next on up is... The Easternmost region of Mount Mortis, Pallor Mortis. The air is stale, the ground is pale, and everything seems to be one bland, bleak color. The pale, tasteless, colorless atmosphere drives one mad, and the atmosphere is so very dry and thin that oxygen is scarce. It is very difficult to breathe or to tell where you are going, and is easy to get lost in this colorless maze. Those who suffocate here take their very last breath, and their souls are taken up to the ring of souls in the sky. It's definitely something that'll test your wits." With his chopsticks, he grabbed another tasty little sushi roll, plopping it in his mouth. How Khrona loved seafood~!

"Next on the way up is... The Westernmost part of Mount Mortis, and where the River Styx begins and ends. Lacus Mortis, the 'Lake of Death.' Lacus Mortis is a deadly body of water that weakens the body and soul in attempts to pull it right from those who are even to be touched by these waters, altering itself to become a sea of liquid made to be what their weaknesses, fears or simply what CAN kill them is. Something that tests the will of the soul. And finally, the northernmost and closest to the top..." He paused for dramatic effect, but it really wasn't necessary here.

"... Algor Mortis, the coldest region. The atmosphere is as cold as death itself, and, if the freezing temperatures don't kill you, then the sudden flash-blizzards and the spirits that love to frolic here will. The coldness is said to rob the body of all life, and forcefully strip weak souls from the body. Those that are experiencing spiritual, emotional or mental turmoil should be careful here. If frozen by the harsh conditions, the soul is plucked and sucked into the stream of souls above. Since it's the closest to the top, it's the area that's most dangerous. Those are just the four regions of the mountain, not including the very top, Formorti Zenith, which, once you go up, you also have to find your way back DOWN from, lest you stay trapped up there forever. And there's also... What happens if you 'fall' off the path. You'll be sent down to Nadir, where the souls who failed to learn their lessons or who refuse to let go, are in denial of their undoing, reject their fate and are generally unwilling to atone are trapped, closing themselves off from everyone and everything and blame others for their own messes. Those who are placed here or have fallen off the mountain must work their way up from the very bottom up the spiraling mountainside to the very peak, however the lowest point is the hardest point... So, don't fall~!"

That's all Khrona had to say about Mount Mortis, and as he did, he took another bite of his delicious sushi. It was then that Nese came to him, concerned about Linomaru. "... Well, Nese... I can honestly say that this is a very serious matter between two partners. If there is anything at all causing you two to disconnect on a more personal level, and I mean beyond petty squabbles and silly fights... Then it will naturally effect your synchro. And if you do not solve your personal issues between the two of you out, then he may not be able to use you as his weapon any longer." By then, Nitos walked over, seeming to sense Nese's disdain. He was emotionless, so the way he gave his information seemed a bit cruel, but in the end, it was only the truth, and now Khrona could see just what was going on. "Ah, so that's it... You two definitely need to resolve that before you go on a mission together at all. It's much too dangerous to risk a shaky resonance between each other. And as for Nitos... If he is able to make more room within his soul, and learn to open up without giving in to his emotions, then that will definitely help him become wonderful again. He simply needs to work on settling those three souls within before he is able to express himself. Sounds like the three of you are having a lot of issues that you should have definitely thought to take care of before agreeing to take on such a dangerous task. Sometimes, to do good for the village... You have to be at your best, too. Many people can't tell the difference between being selfish and doing what's best for the village, but I know Linomaru just wants to do his best. He may be impatient and rather hasty, even so much to where he isn't really thinking about himself... But for a selfless person, only selfishness can balance them out. Trust me, I know. Otherwise... I wouldn't be here today."

Khrona and Lino were similar in this aspect as well. They both wanted to give their all to the village, yet didn't do much for themselves to ensure that they were as best as they could be. How could someone at their worst do what was best? Personal time was just as important, but not to be overindulged in, lest one become egotistical and arrogant. Everyone needed to learn something. "... I feel like if you three actually go settle and resolve these issues and get these misplaced emotions and energies within all worked out, you'll be an even greater service to the village later on. Don't you think so, too?" His voice was warm and caring, for Khrona was quite compassionate, despite popular belief. "Just because I was vicious and powerful, it didn't mean I am unapproachable... It only means that I want my people to do better for themselves and for the whole of things. Then, this place can become truly great... And I can smile happily at the fruits of all of our combined efforts. It would no longer be my village... But truly OUR village. Made and maintained together, from all parts and portions. The Village of Truth." And that's the goal he held true to himself, deep in his heart. That's why he was going through this... And was putting them through all of this, as well.

The door would suddenly come crashing open and as it did, a skinny brown-haired kid would enter the Cantina wearing a mask. This was Bill, or rather the Commander, except that it wasn't the Commander. The Commander was in the Kwandrivian realm at the moment exploring and tending to things. Bill was the Commander's leftover body; it was also here because Vanguard had done something to it and this didn't allow the Commander to take this body to Kwandrivia when he left. Right now this was the Commander's personality and what not before he became an emotionless drone that despised changing. This guy wasn't afraid to call people out, be a cocky bastard, or do things how he pleased. He was here to become leader, something he'd always wanted to do since the Deep Village was around. "I'm here to do this leader business, and ain't no Master Control gonna stop me this time," Bill would say beneath the mask loudly. He wanted attention, and lots of it.

Just as expected, Tamura won, and just as the Master Guardian thought, the Commander would show up. Except that he lacked any sign of being connected to the Treaty and he wore some mask, and gave off Ki signatures reminiscent of Billiam and the AI's. Master Guardian would quickly get up and walk towards where Bill was, pushing people out of his way as he did so. Master Guardian didn't say one word, make one noise, or anything; he just pushed his way through and placed both hands upon Bill's left arm easily covering his upper arm with his hands. 'This is wrong,' Master Guardian would say inside his head. After a few seconds, Master Guardian would look upwards. 'The Commander fled, like the coward he is, but something else is wrong,' the Master Guardian would say in his head again. He would then proceed to drag Bill towards where Khrona was -- after all, he did blatantly shout that he was here for the leader position. After Master Guardian did make it to Khrona, he would finally speak. "This Khrona, is Billiam, or as you knew him, the Commander... Or, he was. Something is off and with power like yours, you might be able to find what is wrong with him," Master Guardian would say, not knowing Vanguard had put some sort of memory seal upon the Commander that would allow Vanguard at any point to control him. Heck, he could even be under control right now. But Master Guardian didn't know; he'd never met Vanguard or had much experience with Psion's memory altering -- Revil was the only one he knew who could and even Revil's weren't this good. Master Guardian would let go of Bill in a sort of push motion to push him in the direction of Khrona. Master Guardian was a frontal person who liked to get things done, completely unlike the Commander, who dragged stuff on. 'You may be of use again, Billiam; something is keeping you from returning to this body, and I want to know what,' Master Guardian would think to himself. He wanted the Commander to come back and take these leader tests. If Bill's problems couldn't be solved, then the Master Guardian would have no use for him, and he would ignore him.

Momo kept his eyes upon the screen displaying Tamura's mission. He exacted his position with precision and vigor. He was confident in his abilities and knew what to do in the situations given to him. Things Momo had picked up on for sure. To take down a Guardian in pretty much one fell swoop was a very impressive feat, even for one of his stature. He led his team with great fortitude and played on their strengths and the weakness of his opponent. Very resourceful indeed; that man was a very likely candidate, though Momo worried a bit about his character. If he was an approachable person. Could the village look to him to give a damn about their problems...? He possessed the smarts, yes... But what of the compassion and the understanding? Who knew...? Momo had not talked to him formerly, but from the way he spoke could he only be masking his care? Perhaps Momo didn't know him intimately to gauge that as a truth or not... But he would to gauge these things for himself. "I see, these trails sound very difficult... Nonetheless, they will not deter me from my ambition Khrona, of this I know you're sure," Momo said as he began calculating his vote for Tamura. "I ask that you escort me to the base of the mountain when you're ready... For I am." His dream to spread his majesty... His vigor... His ideals across the Veritas with the power of his Ode could not be stopped. He couldn't be talked out of it either; he would either accomplish this task... Or die trying. As an assassin, death was not something he feared... But understood and respected. Tamura made no mistake, chose every best possible action, and executed his plans perfectly... It was a flawless victory... And since this was based solely of his mission... Momo would give him a total... "I say based of his performance... A ninety five to one hundred is in order... Don't you, Khrona? But as for his knack of selflessness... I'm not too sure about it... Do you think he's leader material...? Not in terms of strength; he clearly has that... But compassion?"

Lin would look over to Nese. It seemed she and Khrona were talking. He wondered what could they possibly be talking about for all of this time. He had watched Tamura's match. It was same old Tamura. He was flawless. But he did lack one thing, and Lin saw it... "Yes, he did do well, but I have to agree with Momo... I see him as just getting the job done. He lacked compassion. But I am just voicing my opinion... So seventy one out of one hundred." Lin walked over to Khrona, Nese, and now Momo; he would look at the three of them. He remained silent as he just took a seat on the side of Nese. He didn't know what she and Khrona were talking about, so he decided to find out what it was. "Nira Esa Su Elija... What are you and KHRONA talking about... Is it me? Or is it us...? Our relationship...? It hasn't been the best, but if you are to talk about this, now isn't the time. I will be more than willing to talk about it, but not here." Lin would order another soda. He then looked at Nese and saw she was uneasy. Lin knew this would effect resonance with Nese. He couldn't take that risk. "I am going to leave... Nira, we have to reconnect; our souls aren't syncing. Khrona, I will return, but not anytime soon. Please tell Phena I have left to find myself..." Lin would place his drink down. He wanted this so bad, but he wasn't ready. Neither was Nese. If he couldn't do it with her, he didn't want to do it at all. Lin smiled; if Nese had problems, as her Master, he had to fix it. "Nitos, come, we have work to do. Khrona, if I may request something of you...? What advice can you give us now?" Lin looked at the screen once more. 'In order for me to be my best, we must all be ready... Nira, you are my best friend; I only want what's best for you.'

As time flows freely, Phena was extremely excited earlier but now she became bored. In fact, she was a little hungry just by staring at Khrona, who was eating. While everybody was either chatting or watching, Phena headed over to the food area where she would grab a bowl with chopsticks and moving on to pick some rice, chicken meat, vegetables, and certain ingredients to make sauce from a small lively market. She knew too well of cooking; it was part of her habits and knowledge that young women should be skilled. Setting the bowl in the center of the table along with other things aside, Phena saw a fountain not too far from where she was. With her palms set flat upwards, the water suddenly was dragged from the fountain. Shuffling the amount of water of her palms, the water was cleansed; therefore, it was ready to use. Phena poured the water into the bowl. Carefully, she also cleaned the fresh rice. Lifting the bowl up with a finger touching from the bottom of the bowl, Phena was firing up the rice with her fire manipulation skills; thus, cooking it literally. When many people passed by, they thought that she was doing some sort of show based on cooking. Once the rice was done, she moved on to the sauce preparations. It was simple, mixing all sorts of ingredients and pouring the sauce right on to the freshly made rice. Phena was only half done with this recipe. With the vegetables washed from the cleansed fountain water, she summoned one of her weapons; Suishou Hikaru, the Crystal Radiance; Crystalizing Blade Sword. The weapon's size was perfect; not too big or small. It would be weird if she summoned a long sword that was used to make food in public. Finally with the chicken meat chopped into smaller strips, Phena again burns the pieces gently. Dropping it right along with the rice, sauce, and vegetables... The meal was completed. A small amount of people who was watching her this whole time clapped quietly and walked off. "Finally! Better than what he is eating -- just joking! This will make me feel full anyways." A full meal certainly does make Phena full. She continued to do whatever the others are doing, watching and talking of course. And eating.

The poison ninja would be among the people lightly applauding once Tamura had completed his mission at the Water Shine. While it was strange that there was a poison ninja at the location and a poison ninja here, it was obvious one or the other was simply a clone and details on the matter were not really important. Now all the poison ninja had to do was give his evaluation of Tamura out of one hundred -- a very large range, to say the least. While it appeared many people where simply looking at the strength and speed Tamura was able to complete his mission with, the poison ninja was looking at a completely different perspective of Tamura's mission. The poison ninja was not simply evaluating once Tamura entered the battle, but when he first arrived and how he interacted with those who where there. While, in all honesty, the poison ninja could see Tamura possibly becoming a leader or legend, there was simply something about the way Tamura interacted with others that rubbed the poison ninja the wrong way. Whenever listening to Tamura talk, the poison ninja always got the feeling he is talking 'over' a person rather 'to' a person. "Well, I must say, that was interesting to watch, so I will give Tamura around sixty nine out of one hundred."

So far, only Lino, the poison ninja, and Momo responded to the evaluation portion of the whole ceremony. Khrona was a bit displeased that no one else seemed to be partaking, however all those that gave evaluations naturally had to give them in the end, as to make things completely even and fair. "Momo, if you wish to take on the trials of Mount Mortis... I won't stop you. I'll only advise against it for your own safety. There is a time to be fearless, but there is also a time to be smart. Having the confidence to do something does not always make the outcome favorable, and sometimes doing the smart thing is the best decision. These types of elements are key for any leading position, be it legend or leader, and even for the Elite and the Experts. The process of Ranking is not meant to dictate your power, but your overall understanding of your role and your skills. To say that you have the power to be a legend, yet not the wisdom to accompany it will only lead you to fail at your position. To balance overwhelming power, you also need incredible wisdom and the courage or love to protect. As it stands, you have only the love. You lack the wisdom and power, which is fundamental in growth throughout the ranks." Though Khrona's words may have seemed rather harsh, they were nothing but the truth of the matter, and such was required for such a serious and dire thing. Momo's life was on the line, and for him to so carelessly want to throw it away to have such power only showed how green he was. He was ripe, but not seasoned for the job. Not quite yet. "My words are not just for you, but all those who have come here in the same like-mindedness. I will not stop you from aspiring this position, for it is of your own free will to do so, and I will not impede on it. That is why I have said nothing until now, nor did I turn you around when you stepped forth. Your initiative is what I like, however, in my eyes, it has been put in the wrong place. Proceed if you will, for what I gave you was simply fruit of knowledge. It is up to you whether you take it, or whether you leave it. You will need the experience in life. Trust me."

With that said, he would respect Lino's decision to stand down in the Leader Trials, and such an action only proved how much he had grown, in Khrona's eyes. In fact, Khrona was so pleased, he could not even hide his widening smile. "Take after Linomaru Hugo's example. He used to be just like you, Momo. In fact, he still is. I have never seen someone with more love for this village, but what good is it without the proper skills and requirements to protect it, but a wasted effort? To let someone die who could have been great... That is a waste to the village as a whole and a disappointment to the self that knew you could have become something greater. A real leader knows when and what to do at what time. The time for Lino, which he has decided in his heart, is to train and become even greater. As it stands, just him knowing that means that he is far more prepared to become the leader than he was only moments before. I hope you all understand." Khrona swiveled around in his chair, now ready to evaluate Tamura. He was expecting the higher ups who had more understanding than Momo to give him their scores, and each did have their individual score for a specific reason. It was only natural for them. Though, each man had his own reasons. "Eighty eight out of one hundred." It seemed rather high, given how critical Khrona was about such things, however it must have definitely been for a good reason. The poison ninja and Lino had lower scores, however -- as stated, they had their reasons, as well. Perhaps they graded more heavily on things than Khrona, and that was to be expected. That was why there were many people rather than one person here grading, for it was about what everyone could see as a whole rather than what one person thought individually. "Are there any more people giving evaluations, or is it only the poison ninja, Lino, Momo, and myself? Those who seek to participate must evaluate, or else you are not eligible. I hope I make myself perfectly clear." How odd for Khrona to take such a responsibility now... Only after he had resigned as leader. If only he had such wisdom before... Perhaps the state of things wouldn't be so... Yeah.

In the midst of things, a stray wanderer, whose genetics seemed awfully familiar to Khrona, barged in and caused a greater commotion. Seems like the Master Guardian fellow knew him personally, and was inquiring on Khrona's assistance. "Um... What is it that you want me... To do?" Khrona had a lot of power and could do a great many things, but he was more concerned about focusing his large scale power on the specific problem rather than just doing something that may or may not damage the long term effect of things. That was another issue of acquiring incredible power; learning to control it to do only the job, and nothing else. Such was what control Khrona aspired for, and when he reached the Thirteenth... Such would be obtained.

Akira: "Ninety out of one hundred. He displayed incredible power and handled the situation without taking damage. He proved his dominance over the powerful beast with great ease; it is clear that Tamura is cut out for the job. Also with that attack, it was clear that he wasn't using his full strength."

After speaking, Akira placed his feet up on the table while spinning a monster capsule on the tip of his index finger. A grin appeared on his face as the capsule continued to spin.

Akira: "Hmph, I'm surprised that all he did was destroy the shrine."

"Fix him, or send him on his way," Master Guardian would say before thinking another moment. "Seventy five out of one hundred; legend material, but not so much a leader," he would add.

"I don't need fixing, the planet does. I don't know who you're looking for, but they aren't here, nor are they inside me," Bill would say. Of course, he was none the wiser that Vanguard had tampered with his memories and body making it a puppet. That was the reason the Commander fled to Kwandrivia after all.

Khrona sighed, scratching his head, wondering if Dente, Phena, and Alex Star were going to give the evaluations now. Whilst he waited, he might as well tend to this poor unfortunate soul in need. "Fix him, you say...? Alright. However, we won't do it here..." His head turned to face Bill, eyes agleam and focusing on him intently. "Omoshiroi..." Calling forth one of his divine techniques, Khrona's gleaming eyes pinpointed the problem within Bill, which would be viewed to others as a bright and shining X-shaped crosshair on the center of his head, never leaving that spot no matter how much he moved. The 'Point Of Interest' was locked on by Khrona's sights. Now, since this was neither the time nor the place, Khrona would have to deal with Bill within another area... Most likely the Crystal Tree itself. He extended his arm toward Bill's head, positioning it in the motion to flick with his middle finger and thumb locked and loaded. Mustering up great power, Khrona flicked the spot on his head with the X shaped light, sending him flying backwards so fast, his body warped through space. Where he'd end up was the exact destination Khrona wanted; the Crystal Garden within the Crystal Tree. "... He'll be dealt with there. As of now... Are these all the evaluations so I can get on with the next trials?"

"Ninety out of one hundred. Added nice flair to everything, giving hope to a new land where it isn't tainted by an evil presence no longer. Tamura did well, and I applaud him for that," Dente said quite calmly. He liked the way how Tamura worked, as well as the quickness and efficiency. Sure it was a very destructive way, but Dente was sure Tamura could easily diffuse a situation without causing a whole lot of destruction. Smiling, Dente enjoyed this. Maybe he'll get to blow a few things up with his fists.

With only a couple of bites till she officially finishes off her meal, Phena held a foam cup with ice cubes filled in it. She put the cup's edge to her lips, swallowing some chilly ice cubes, quenching her thirst from eating the meal. Phena got off her chair quickly, using her leg to kick and place the chair back in place. Walking off with the cup of ice, Phena could hear many voices; it seems like there is a voting going on. Playfully, she ate some more ice. Slowly as the ice went down her throat, Phena adjusted the atmosphere around the places; it became cold and foggy. It seems like she did this on... Accident. "Oh... Excuse me, I've been a little busy earlier. Let me give you a seventy five out of one hundred to be exact. I have no reasons..." After she finished her evaluation or rating, the atmosphere became normal. Phena would be seen sitting on one of the big tree's branches covered in leaves, as if she was hiding from the crowd. From there, Phena continued to attend her focus to watch the events and such.

Momo spoke not during Khrona's dissertation about leadership, power, and the understanding of your role and your skill. He took Khrona's words to heart and would use them as a basis for his choice. "Fearless? Is that what you think Khrona?" he asked softly, letting his words trickle into the ears of the other who happened to be listening. Momo was far from fearless; he might not wear his fears on his sleeve like most, but that did not mean he bore none, himself... He had not chosen to do this out of ignorance of the trail's difficulty nor because he was overconfident in his abilities... He had a goal... And ideal. To eclipse the Veritas. And what better way than to become the first Beginner to ascend to the legend position through the grand trials of Mount Mortis. This meant more to him than simply proving his mantle, however... He had students out there, and family who looked up to him. To accomplish this would give way to showing his loved ones that nothing was out of their grasp; that belief in family and yourself will take you where you need to go. "I'm flattered that you see such a quality in me Khrona, really, but... I am far from fearless. I have many fears, one being to never realize the fruits of my ambitions and failing all my students and loved ones... Including you, Khrona. As thought by the first, herself, one must acknowledge and respect fear, but one must also be able to rise above it and use its force to instead push them farther rather than cause them to cower in it. What you should know about me by now is what I lack in power, I make up for in sheer will and courage... Whether that will be enough in you eyes, I do not know, but to me... The people here... They are MY charges and they deserve a person who can help battle the terrors this world... They deserve a force that can outshine any other... They deserves an Eclipse..." he said, leaning forward in his chair placing his hands under his chin, his peering blue eyes aimed straight for Khrona. "My power though not in brute strength; instead, in my ever growing desire and courage to protect these people when they need be. To give them a model to follow so that they to may lead others to follow their hearts and dreams as well. I might not be perfect... Or have all the overflowing Knowledge and wisdom of the Great Tree Of Life, himself, but... I was taught by him... And many others like him. My rank determines not my wisdom, Khrona... That, you know, for I was not always a Beginner... I am Momo, former member of the Eight Guardians... That wisdom is still within me and still grows." He started to play with a straw in a cup, keeping his train of thought. "You said that the legends are legendary people who have completed a legendary task... To accomplish this is what is required for my goals to be realized... I am not ignorant of it's dangers... But legends are not birthed through playing it safe... It means putting your life on the line for your ambition, your dreams; testing the extent of you courage and will, and coming out on top as a beacon to the people you cherish or otherwise... That, to me, is a legend... That, to me is legendary... And that is what I will accomplish..." He wasn't budging on this one... He hadn't been foolhardy out of wanting to be this all powerful shinobi; he was doing this for a cause one that meant everything to him.

Lin would see Phena in the tree. He was looking for the girl. He wanted to tell her he wasn't able to do the Leader Trials and the reason why, she saying her rating showed him where she was. He would walk over and stand under the tree she was sitting in. "Phena... I am sorry to say this but... I will not be taking the Leader Trials... Me and my soul partner Nese are not in sync and I don't want to risk you or her during a battle... I only wish the best to you, if you continue with your trial... But I must be going now... I will return when I am at full strength and my soul is at peace again... I will be back and I will be able to protect the Veritas and all of it's people." Lin would look at Phena with such determination and ambition, he only hoped he influenced her with his words. Lin would then walk back over to Khrona and who else was around him. He would then take a bow to show his respects to everyone and with a wave he began walking out of the Cantina. His hands in his pocket with Nese's arm wrapped in his along with Nitos walking in the same fashion as him, the three would be on their way out. "To the people of the Veritas.... I am Linomaru Hugo... I want to be your leader but I can't, for I am not ready now... But soon, I will be... I want to protect this village with all of my heart and all of my soul... I will give her my all and she will give me what I need to do so... She is my Love and I am her Keeper.... So I will return... And I will be able to protect her..." Lin looked at Nese and smiled. "It's all I ever wanted to do but... Me and my soul weapons have a lot of reconnecting to do and I don't want our downfall to cause any harm to this great village. So... I will not take the trials. Not now, at least." Lin would look at everyone in the crowd and he would have a serious look on his face and in his eyes. His words were true, his heart was pounding, but that only made his words more so true than ever. Lin loved the Veritas with all his heart and he wanted nothing but the best for it.

Well, Khrona couldn't wait any longer. It seemed as though everyone in participation had given their evaluations, and that was what Khrona was waiting for. 'Damn... That took forever. Next time, I'm just gonna wait until the end to ask them for the over all score...' With Bill effectively flicked to the Tree, Khrona had to deal with him there whilst also dealing with other things about the village, plus within the Cantina, here. His eyes were so weary... As if he were always in a state of perpetual tiredness. Constantly using up his seemingly limitless energy, it was still a tiring effort, even if he couldn't run out. He listened intently to the words of Momo, finding that he knew exactly what he was doing and could hear the passion within his words; the same passion shared by himself and with Lino. Yes, he could always tell who had that burning spirit of Truth within to protect the village... And that's what made him smile. "Well then. There's nothing more to be said. You've made up your mind and I support your decision. When your time comes... You will be taking the trial of Legendary Summit; Mount Mortis." Both a warning and a remark of congrats, Khrona couldn't help Momo anymore in that regard. He'd have to pull through it with his own power. Unless there were others who wished to take the Mount Mortis road to legend as well. "In any case, we are still in the midst of this Leader Trial, and so, since everyone's evaluations have been established... It is finally time to move on to the next round!" Linomaru was heading off, having realized that he wasn't prepared. Khrona couldn't help but want to ready him, personally... Considering all they had been through. "Lino. Before you go, I have two things to say; one, leave a clone to evaluate the other members. And two, if you seek personal training in those endeavors of the soul... Allow me to be the one who teaches you. It would be my pleasure." He gave a warm smile to him for a moment before returning his attention to the matter at hand.

"Alright. Now... The next trial is for the Wind Shrine. The Guardian of the Wind, the Dragon resides here. I am already aware that there are very few wind users in my ranks here... However, I will not let that stop us. Out of those who are present, I say that who should be Akira Tsukishima, considering his draconic heritage..." Khrona smirked a bit, proud to see a fellow beastkin of the dragonborn heritage. "... Much like myself~... However, I am unaware if you are actually here to participate or not. If it is so that you are not here to participate, then I will leave the duty to... Dente." Khrona's decision seemed to be a most callous one; to leave Dente, a mere Standard, the mission of undergoing the trials of the Wind Shrine plus the task of destroying the great Guardian of Wind. Khrona did not doubt Dente's abilities nor his intelligence, but the power of such a dragon was not to be underestimated. It was a very dire, very grave situation.

After hearing Khrona recommend him to go slay the Wind Guardian, Akira began to grin. However the grin would soon disappear and his face would soon return to normal. "I'm honored that you would recommend me for the job Khrona, but I'm gonna have to decline. Wind is not my domain. If it had been either fire or earth then sure, I woulda taken the mission. Thanks anyway, however. I didn't come here with the intention of participating anyway." Akira got out of his seat and sat on the table With his arms folded across his chest, remaining silent just as before.

Lin would be stopped by Khrona; he had told Lin to leave a clone for the other evaluations of the other leader candidates. Lin would nod an okay and in a puff of smoke a clone of Lin was there. "Lord Khrona... I will accept your offer. I will be at the 'Sacred Temple' awaiting your arrival." With that said Lin would vanish in a ray of blinding light along with his soul partners. Lin had to be at full strength if he wants to be a leader in this village. He has to show that he will give the Veritas his all. Lin had always wanted to be trained by Khrona; this was perfect. He will give it his all.

"My, my, this is a rather impressive group, but I'm a little p'd that I wasn't invited... Khrona..." A voice belonging to one hell of a woman spoke. Her sweet, stern, yet serene voice fluttered through the expanse of the Cantina as she, herself, manifested with the coming of a warm, gentle breeze that still had the force to ruffle the hairs of those within the area. Granted, she and Khrona had probably never met face to face, but she knew of him through the ties of the Tensei and her father... After all, her father was a Tensei, and she was one at heart. Regardless, she had come at the right time... The Wind Dragon was next up on their little hunt and she had already volunteered to take the creature out with the help of Akira -- who she hired -- and a few Beginners, but it seemed that plans had changed and it was up to Dente, her child, to take on such a foe. "Oh... Dente How are you dear? And a few others as well... How do you all do?" she asked politely as Ahriman manifested out of her shadow and promptly bowed to them all. She pulled up a seat next to Dente and casually folded her legs.

Dente's ears wiggled slightly when his name popped up. They wiggled even more the minute his mother entered the Cantina and addressed him herself. His head propped up, he wasn't quite buzzed or anything like that, but he did of course feel some of the sake hitting him. Turning in his chair, he looked as the eyes fell upon him, and he was chosen next to fight a Guardian. Dente himself wasn't one to actually use the Wind Element, but he did use it a lot better than his Earth Style.

Dente: "Luna, Causa, we're up."

Luna: "Yes Dente."

Causa: "On it."

Turning to his mother, -- whose name was Sophia -- he nodded towards her and kissed her cheek, not really caring that he was being affectionate in front of others. Standing up from the bar, Dente approached the area in which Khrona was currently announcing from. He had a small smile on his face, the feeling of fighting such a great being would be... Exhilarating. Nodding toward the figure that was the leader, Dente would take several deep breaths to calm the nerves. "Didn't think I'd be picked so quickly. Nevertheless, I am honored for your choosing." Both Dente and the twins bowed slightly in respect to Khrona, as they stood before him.

Khrona figured that Akira didn't want to participate, however, it was always good to ask. Either way, it was fine. Dente would simply fill the role, though... Was it really wise to send a Standard? Lino was already on his way, and Khrona would have to send yet another memoir of his own self out to greet him... How tiresome. Still, it was what he did for his village, despite it all, even if he had his own things to do. "Well then, Dente, I guess it's time--" Just as things were about to get under way, Sophia burst in. "The whole village was invited. You were surely welcome to come in... As you just did. Though, as for being nominated in the Trials, I think not. It's much too late for that." Though, Khrona had a suspicion that she wasn't after that. He knew from Trinity that she had been assigned the mission to fend off the Dragon, however with the way things were going, it seemed like that was something that was abandoned, as was the original Kraken mission. But, she hadn't given up on it. Maybe she knew of the benefits of slaying the Guardian...? "I am glad that you take honor in this mission, Dente. I only hope that you will do well. Whenever you are ready to embark on the mission, go to the 'Wind Shrine' in the 'Empyrean Islands' of 'Avisora Paradisia'. I will appear only after you arrive." Already, the destination appeared on screen, showing just what it looked like to those who hadn't ever been there or seen it... To help get a feel of what it looked like when he got there. "Good luck... And, I'd suggest stocking up and preparing before you embark. Items tend to come in handy sometimes when facing a foe more powerful than yourself. Your equipment is just as important." There is sometimes hidden strength in these sorts of things... And Khrona really wanted Dente to be prepared. Like with Momo, he was only giving suggestions based off the dangers and peril of the situation. He didn't want to see any of his people die, after all...

Gaining the mission information, while also seeing a little conversation between Khrona and his mother, it seemed as though Dente was just about ready to go. Go prepare, that was. He would heed the leader's advice, and felt the same, honestly. Turning toward the exit of the Cantina, Dente was going off to go see his Conjux, then out to get some other things that could help him along the way. As he walked to the exit, he'd turn to his mom, and smile at her. "Wish me luck." And with that, he was out of the Cantina, and now on the journey to get himself prepared. It shouldn't take long, and he'd be at the Wind Shrine within a reasonable time.

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After Bill had been teleported out, Master Guardian would then write the busy Khrona a note. On this note was written. 'I would like to be sent with another Beginner, one that does specialize in brute force and power attacks. If not, then send me alone,' Would be written. He would cause the note to float towards Khrona using some air manipulation thanks to his WarHammer.

"Right... I have things I need to take care of first, after that I will be on my way there..." It was then that Momo started to disappear. As black smoke started to engulf him, soon he would be no more and on his way to finish anything else he had going on.

The Lin clone would walk over to Dente and smile. He would speak to Dente, "Good luck out there... Listen to the song of the WIND and you will win." That was all the clone said a bit of advice for his pupil.

Aliyah had wanted to speak up earlier, however, she found herself simply observing everyone and everything still. It wasn't redundant; It was what she was planning to do either way. She didn't want to 'evaluate' anyone since their actions would be enough to show whether they were ready or not for the position they were aiming for. Not only that, but voting was simply a diplomatic farce to her, especially in this situation where diplomacy was not the thing being evaluated in the first place. This wasn't a social gathering for her. It wasn't a place where she came to say whether or not someone's performance was subpar or acceptable. They were facing real threats to the village, and that was something she could not overlook. She simply wanted to get out there and take care of the problem. Yet, she knew that Khrona, or even Tamura could take care of all the threats if they so wanted to. It was just in her nature to not be able to relax while there was a presence of danger, even if it was only just that. "One hundred of one hundred," Aliyah whispered only for Khrona to hear as she held her head in frustration. Tamura had what it took to be leader, though others would want a leader based off of more than just their capabilities. Yet, in times like these, they needed a powerful leader as well and Aliyah would have no problem following in Tamura's footsteps.

After the preliminaries of the Leader Trials, it seemed like morale was lowering in the Veritas due to the effects of the Horsemen, as well as Khrona's own ascent. Despite how he was doing his all to keep the village and the people safe, no one seemed to care about that, and only looked at how much power he had, rather than what he was using his power for. That brought him into despair, but he couldn't let anyone see. So, he retreated, once again, into his lair... Where only his family could find him. In his despair, all he could think was... He needed more. More power. Power to lead. Power to protect. Yet, the more power he obtained... The more he learned of despair, from both above and below.

It was drowning. Drowning in this unspeakable, belligerent darkness where no light could shine through. All such weak and feeble flickering, wavering candlelights could not even hold themselves alight to the unerring pit of havoc that was the silence of the Unknown. 'Lo, Khrona Tensei would sit in solemn silence, mind cast into the Pit Of Havoc for Solitary Alone Time within the Trinity Plane. With his dearly beloved by his side, he thought tirelessly of what it was he could do about this... Terrible situation befalling the all. "... I haven't even gotten to my True Self yet. This is taking far too long, my dear. Even my own spirit, Tigen, has not been able to retrieve his body from Nero... And he was supposed to be our only hope. The Light that could not be extinguished. There is nothing he can do now without his body... Nothing that those without the eyes to see nor the feelings to touch can fully comprehend. To think that even I would have underestimated the power of such pure atrocity..." At this rate, Khrona's growth would take much too long for him to awaken, especially with him feeding the outrageously large amount of energy necessary for him to grow. All his nutrients went to the village and holding it up, and very little actually went into his own growth. Eventually, the Crystal Tree would fall, and the village along with it. "... I can only sit here and wait because I'm bound to my own rules... Until I reach my true form that is trapped within here, I can do nothing at all." He tapped his finger upon his chair's armrest, pondering away. To act now would create a causality within all realities that he could not bear to risk... Such was the effect of the growth of his power. No longer did he simply affect his own realm, but all of them, for his connection to every version of himself directly in every alternate plane caused incredible shifts when they all acted in tandem. Thus, every move Khrona made from now on had to be delicate and precise... Until everything was back in Order. "To choose your path yet still be forced to follow a specific... Is that really freedom? Of course... Because, no matter what, your destiny is what you make of it." Though, if everyone acted in a way that effected the Destiny of all... Then they would all be forced down the road to ruin. And they would have to start over yet again, from the very beginning.

"... Extinction... The failsafe for any race that progresses down the road to ruin... Bah. When will they LEARN!?" His gaze drifted toward his window's sorrowful pane and up to the Full Moon, knowing that it was yet again... That time. "... Dear... The Night Of Tensei is upon us... And Friday The Thirteenth is here yet again..." He knew what he had to do, even in all of his Insanity. The only thing left to do... Was to create someone to take Tigen and Luci's -- rather, Priere's -- place. The two of them did not want to have to suffer that fate... The fate they knew all too well of being the bane of existence... Luce and Luciel... To ask them to bear that burden was unheard of.

Khrona: "... We have to make another child. This one born of all oneness that is myself; the absolute oneness of all realities, dreams and consciousness..."

It was sad, really... To bear only one son so that he may endure this fate... It brought tears to his eyes simply to know that it had come to this...

Khrona: "Call upon Trinity. It is time... The Last Time..."

Khrina always hated to see her husband in such a rut about these affairs, knowing that he couldn't do anything about it. He and She, their True Selves resided here in the Manor, watching and waiting for them to sprout within the Tree of Life and Truth. Though their powers were awesome and grand, the two ultimately could not act until they completed the Thirteen Restrictions, which they were doing simultaneously. Trinity, a being of pure Consciousness, did not need to undergo the Thirteen Restrictions because she was born into her True Self, and would progress on her own.

Khrina: "Do you really think you can take it? Do you think he will be able to? I mean, if anything, he'll always have his family, but..."

It was like a mother to be concerned for her own child, even if he was merely just a thought. By him simply being a thought between the two of them, he was already in existence, though had no consciousness and no form. That is what Trinity would do.

Khrina: "Sometimes, people need a little help finding their light... You know our son will be alright, even if he does become such a scorn... We'll always love him, and his family will always treat him the way he deserves, even if the ignorant masses don't. When they grow, they'll be able to see him for the great being he is just as we do now. But... The saddest part is..."

She paused, drifting over to Khrona and staring up at the moon as well, well aware that it really did come to this... And she was just as pained as he was.

Khrina: "He can't know a thing about it. I don't want him to act out because he thinks we don't love him... I don't want him to go through so much pain and hurt just because of these people... Is there another way, Khrona? Anything at all?"

Her arms flowed round his neck like a gentle stream as she buried her face in his neck. As much as she disliked showing her true emotions, when it was just these two, it was alright with her. She really wanted this process to be... Better for everyone.

Khrona: "I know you dislike that we have to do this, but it must be done. For the greater good... You know it pains me just as much to not even give him the knowledge of--"

Just then, it hit him. Why couldn't they give him the knowledge of it all? He could endure the Thirteen Restrictions whilst also knowing exactly what he's doing to make the process easier. The only thing is...

Khrona: "I have it. He won't have a Voice."

It sounded rather far-fetched, but with Khrona's Hyper Perception and amazing mind, he'd already gone through every last intricacy of this decision within his head more times than numbers could keep up with.

Khrona: "Absolute Silence. Not a single wavelength, frequency... Nothing. All things will fall silent in his wake. He he will be so apathetic that to him, everything is pointless, purposeless or worthless, and only things of value will be spared being 'silenced.' But, of course... There is still the only thing left. Free Will."

That was literally the only thing that Khrona could not bypass. The Will of Tensei.

Khrona: "... The only way this could work is if... Without his voice, he also had no soul. No will of his own. Not a mindless servant, but..."

It was almost to much to bear for him. Could he really not trust his son with the gift of a Soul, even before he was born? No. Khrona had to give him fair share. Though he may be silent, he would still have will of his own.

Khrona: "... No. I won't dictate his life. You know how powerful the words of a Tensei are, even if they can be undone or overwritten. I want him to make the choices he wishes to make with the knowledge he is given. With that, he will be able to roam as he pleases, and do as he wishes. I must have trust."

With his wife buried in his neck yet again, he unhooked her arms from round his neck and pulled her to her feet, passion burning in his eyes.

Khrona: "Call Trinity. For real, this time. We're doing this. Once she makes that being into consciousness... We'll need to put him in a body. You know what to do from there. All the same materials Tigen was created from. Fabric of Space, Stitch of Time, Three Halos of Light  -- with Magnificent and Reflective energies coursing through -- and a place for that light to rest. Where Tigen and Priere have failed... Mywt. Mywt Tensei will prosper."

It was surely a shame that he had to be created for such a purpose, but as long as he knew what he had to do and had the will to do as he pleased, even without a voice, then his fate and his destiny were all up to him.

Khrina: "... Alright. If you think it's best..."

Drawn to her feet by her lover's grip, she swirled out of his grasp and toward her seat, wherein she would call upon the grace of her dear daughter, Trinity Tensei.

Khrina: "Trinity, you cute little thing! Mommy needs you~!"

Obtaining the Fabric of Space was not that difficult, considering her dress was made of the same material as Despair's was. She miraculously tore off a piece of it and handed it to Khrona, now simply waiting for Trinity to appear with her share.

The moment she was beckoned, clear across the infinitum, she appeared in the room with a reality-shifting *Poit!* Naturally, she heard the cry of her mother and wanted to see just what was up.

Trinity: "Mommy Mommy Mommy! Daddy! I missed you guys!"

She naturally snuggled in her mother's bosom, cuddling and nuzzling cutely to stay warm. She was almost lulled to sleep immediately upon arriving there, and she cooed happily.

Trinity: "What's uppp~...?"

When his daughter appeared, Khrona smiled, it having been a long time since he'd seen her. He wondered where she went whenever things happened, considering that she wasn't exactly fit to run Mors yet.

Khrona: "Well, my sweet little girl, I need you to obtain a Stitch of Time. Just pull a completed thread from the True Timeline so he can be linked to All Times. Therein, the Fabric of Space will then be linked to All Time and All Space as well. As for the Three Halos..."

Tigen always used his halos as his 'Magnifiers,' as he called them, which would do all sorts of things about his body, and didn't even stay aligned above his head. They usually resided with two beside and one on top. But, such was his will.

Khrona: "... I have those. I'll create them from the Crystal Fruit upon the Crystal Tree; One for Knowledge, One for Life and Truth and one for Fate and Destiny."

With a snap of his fingers, a Crystal Fruit appeared in his hand, perfect and beautiful in nature. A glint from his eye sliced the fruit in three perfect portions, by which Khrona fashioned into three perfect halos and charged them with a beautiful light.

Khrona: "Alright. Now then, Trinity, your turn. When you obtain the Stitch of Time, I need you to link his consciousness with All Consciousness. After that, we'll place all of the materials in the Cauldron to birth our final child... My son."

Trinity: "Roger that, daddy! One Thread of Fate, Stitch of Time, Bucket of Destiny, coming up!!!"

... That wasn't what he asked. Oh well. She *poited* away again, and in an instant was back with an ethereal sort of thread.

Trinity: "True Timeline, last stop!! Let's go, into the pot!!"

As hyper as ever, Trinity took the thread and hawked it into the Cauldron, bouncing up and down in the air waiting for her mom and dad to put their parts in so she could see her new brother!!

Trinity: "I'll give him some consciousness! See, watch!!! Mmmmmmmmm....!!!!!"

Scrunching up her face and concentrating deeply, she exploded with light. Literally, exploded. And it all poured into the Cauldron, not too long before she reformed in front of them.

Trinity: "Phew! That was fun! Now hurry up so I can see my bro-bro!"

She was the most impatient of all. Of course she would be, considering she came from a family of all girls. It was refreshing to have another male in her life, especially one that would be her broski~!

Khrona sighed, knowing that Trinity got her impatience from him. He made his way over the Cauldron with all of the materials in hand... And of course, plopped them in.

Khrona: "Now, we wait. Shouldn't be too long now. As much as I would have liked to bear a child in the 'other' means, we do that for pleasure. This way is much faster. Hmhmhm."

He looked up to the grandfather clock in the distant corner of the room to check the time. Five minutes was almost up...

Khrona: "... Four... Three... Two... One... Ding ding ding~! He's done, everyone!"

Khrona stuck his hand deep into the Enigmas to pull out who was inside, ready to bear witness to his new son...

The feeling of a callous hand driving itself in the back of my head... All of his intentions are coursing in my brain. I can feel the knowledge pulsating within... All this power... And yet...

I can't find any point in all of this.

Mywt: "..."

Rising from the ethereal pool of the Unknown, pulled forth into this world and birthed from a sinister concoction, the boy would take his first look at his family. First, his father, the madman behind this experiment. Second, his mother, who he felt the essence of wishes and dreams... Not of this world. Finally, his sister, Goddess of Death and a connection of the One full consciousness. Yet, he couldn't stare any of them directly in the eyes.

These people... They're my kin. They feel love for me, yet, knowing what my purpose is, can I really return this feeling? Do I even have any feelings? I was already created without a voice. That says enough about it all.

This being was a different one, for he did not think, nor did he speak... He narrated his life through Prophetic Word. What was text is what became. Prophetic Word.

Khrona: "SUCCESS!"

Plucking the boy from the Cauldron by his head, Khrona stared at him with love and affection, yet also sorrow and discontent. He could feel all that his son was feeling, and knew just what he was... Expressing. There was a bit of concern on his face for the fate of his dear Mywt, and how he would develop...

Khrona: "Hello Mywt... I am your father, Khrona. Though, I know you know that much already. As much as I'd hate to say this... You know what you must do. I just want you to know... Before you go off on your own... That we love you, despite what you have to do. And it won't always be like this."

Khrona could only hope that it would be soon... Soon that they would all wake up and save his son from this terrible fate that he was born to have. The enemy of all... Maybe it was something that was too cruel for anyone.

Khrona: "... The more you slay, the more power you gain. So..."

Khrona could see that Mywt did not want to stare him in the face, nor any of the people in this room. Who could blame him?

Khrona: "What are you gonna do?"

Khrina watched as her dear son was pulled out of the Enigmas, naturally a little worried about the finished product. Already deathly terrified for the fate of her little boy and what havoc he would cause, she stayed completely silent and stilled her tongue. It hurt her most to see him avert her gaze... Almost like he detested her. Straight from birth, and he already had such profound darkness within him... Was this really a good idea?

Trinity MARVELED at the sight of her new brother! He wouldn't look at her, but she didn't care because now she FINALLY had a big-little brother~!!

Trinity: "YAAAAY! Brother~! Brother~! Brotherrrr~!"

She immediately latched to the top of his head like some sort of brain squid. She nuzzled his hair and played in his three halos, enjoying them like some sort of baby toys.

Trinity: "I'm gonna love you forever and ever and we're gonna have the best time and you're my beeeest friend!!!! Don't you want to play with me, Mywtie Cutie brother pootie~!?"

Crawling from the Cauldron and fully into this realm, he stood and stared down at the floor, completely and utterly silent. He took their words and feelings with him as he headed toward the door...

Mother... Father... Sister... At least I know that they'll always be here. But what is the purpose of knowing if you can do nothing with it? What a bleak world this is... To seek out such a horrible ideal for nothing. This place is pointless. I only wish I could have this blissful happiness that my sister has... Ignorance is bliss, they say. But this whole place is ignorant, yet they aren't happy. So there's no point in even that. Maybe one day they'll actually know something... And find purpose in this worthless realm.

Mywt: "..."

He plucked his sister from his head and placed her in the Cauldron. Still making no eye contact with his mother or father, he walked slowly out of the door to meet the world with the end...

Khrona crossed his arms and tilted his head to the side. Though he knew what he had done was fated, he still had just a little inch of worry within himself that something horrible was going to happen. Nothing that was outside realm of possibility, nor nothing that couldn't be fixed, but just something damaging to everyone else...

Khrona: "... Do you think this was the correct thing to do, or should I have just let everything fix itself naturally?"

Not like it mattered now. What was done, was done.

Khrina hurried over to the cauldron, pulling Trinity from the cesspool of abysmalness and into her arms. She could tell that Khrona was just as worried as she was, even if it was only just a little bit. Though, such feelings were perfectly normal, even if they knew the outcome. Turning her head to Khrona with a look of concern, she answered him...

Khrina: "It was fated, dear. That's all there is to it."

Trinity wasn't worried like her parents. She was happy, especially since she knew the outcome. That's all that really mattered to her, in truth.

Trinity: "You guys worry too much, you know it'll be fine~! Now come on, let's go DO SOMETHING! Mywtie Cutie is, so we should, too-tie~!"

And with that, she would *poit* herself away.

Khrona, who was worried about the artificial creation of his only son, would find himself contemplating both that and his feelings within the confines of the planes of his own mind; the Psycho Mesa, where he went for deep meditation in clarity and purity, unlike when he went into the Pit Of Havoc for contemplation in darkness. He sought an answer for this, and would go into Deep Thought, as he usually did, in order to accomplish it. He found only a single solution; to deal with his 'Positive' emotions the same way he dealt with his 'Negative' ones to clean himself.

The Psycho Mesa; a place paramount in mental and spiritual growth thanks to the efforts of Khrona's very own mind and Insanity. This would be the most suitable place to go for this, after all, considering this is were the big boss, Balance lived.

Khrona: "Genbu... Come on out. We've got to pick up the pace a little bit. I've got to get those positive emotions in check, fast. They won't be nearly as difficult as those Negative ones, but I've gotta blaze through the Sixth Restriction and make my way through the Seventh, all the way to the Eighth so me, Titania, and Trinity can do our thing. Time isn't on our side anymore."

He crossed his arms and furrowed his brow, losing patience with the entire process, now. He needed to become pure Information as quickly as possible to make some 'things' happen, and that was all the way in the Ninth!

Khrona: "Tch. Goddamn stupid protocols..."

From below the placid water's surface rose the great turtle of Tranquility and Serenity, both of which stood atop Genbu's back, staring down at Khrona from up above. Seems like the light had returned to his eyes once again.

Serenity: "So you've finally come..."

Tranquility: "Knowing the consequences of what you're about to do?"

The two of them smiled simultaneously, the light reciprocating within their gaze just the same as his. It seemed like he was ready to continue at all costs.

Together: "Even if it means doing it all one final time?"

Khrona: "I don't have a choice in the matter, even if I know that I do."

It was funny how 'Fate' actually worked. Khrona would have to tweak that around a little bit when he got the chance... Naturally, that would only be after... The Thirteenth...

Khrona: "I'll be free of the burden of the Thirteen Restrictions the next time. I'll be free to do as I please. Because when I reach the Thirteenth... I'll finally fully awaken and assume my TRUE form! I was gonna start over one more time whether I wanted to or not! So what I'm gonna do is... Ask you two to get this show on the road and get Fun, Bliss, and Love in check so we can make the necessary preparations for the Seventh!! This time, I'm not moving backwards -- I'm moving FORWARD!"

Khrona wouldn't allow any mishaps this time around. The stakes were far too dire here. This was the be all, end all right here, and with his son being the final soul... The 'Prophecy' could be realized.

Khrona: "So tell me, what do we have to do?"

They nodded their heads in agreement, smiling at him, then looked to each other. With this, 'Hyper Sage Mode' would be completed. His energies were already balanced, the only things that weren't were his emotions. That was an easy fix as long as he kept that balance within him. This was proof simply by these two being present.

Tranquility: "Then there is nothing more to be said. What you must do is..."

He raised his hand, calling forth from the depths of the water the Kyuubi, 'Black Rose', and her Sister Of Insanity, Gloom.

Serenity: "... Stop the Gluttony of Fun and show what true Temperance is with Gloom. Then..."

She raised her hand, calling forth from the depths of the water the Black Dragon and his Sister Of Insanity, Disheart.

Tranquility: "... Acquire Chastity over the Lust of the vicious Black Dragon and return Light to his Black Heart of Crystal with Disheart. And finally..."

He raised his hand once more, calling forth from the depths of the water the Monkey King and his Sister Of Insanity, Doom.

Serenity: "... Destroy the Greed of Bliss and bring the Charity of making others happy with Doom."

Together: "Once those are done, you will be at perfect balance and harmony with your Male and Female spirit, which is you and your lover. Rather..."

Tranquility: "Serenity..."

Serenity: "And Tranquility."

Together: "Perfect, Harmonious Balance. Then, and only then, will your Insanity manifest in its true form, and no longer be a blight upon the land, but a beacon of hope within your soul."

The two of them crossed their arms in unison and smiled at him.

Together: "Think you can manage that?"

Khrona shook his head, chuckling to himself as he mimicked their movements and crossed his arms as they had done before. He seemed more than confident in his ability now.

Khrona: "Most definitely. Watch and learn."

He cracked his knuckles, pointing first to Fun, seeming to know all he needed to about them since he embraced Fun most of all. Even if it was his more 'feminine' side, she was still one that needed to be put to rest before she stirred up more calamity in her careless nature.

Khrona: "A being of wind, one that knows and rides on its trails everywhere you go, right? And, to think, spreading fun and excitement all around would be beneficial to the rest of the world... But, in actuality, sometimes you may be the only one having fun. A glutton of fun, that is, to endure every single day, every single waking moment of your life. What may be fun for you might not be for others, and to incessantly partake in such jovial affairs would indeed tamper with the effects of another's life. Sometimes, things that are unfun must be done to progress, and the fact that you don't do them are a prime example of why this one..."

He pointed now to Gloom, one who was devoid of such fun due to how much was taken in by the Black Rose. She consumed the fun of all others to make more for herself, even if the others were ready to stop.

Khrona: "... Is so down in the dumps. You've stolen her fun from her to make more for yourself, and as enjoyable as it may be for you, it has actually had a negative effect on her. Look at her; lonely and sad. To take in all the fun means to rob others of theirs as well, and that is why you need to learn when to stop."

Khrona figured that talking to these parts of him was much easier than talking to the negative aspects, since they always wanted to fight. However, it could also go in a way where the positive ones were so selfish with their own positivity that they wouldn't want to stop for anyone... And that would just piss Khrona off.

Khrona: "So, you think you can learn to stop hogging all the fun and try to spread a little fun to others in the way they want, too? Eh? Eeeeh? You know it isn't just about you, after all."

He turned to meet the gaze of the others, a sinister and most serious expression connecting with their eyes...

Khrona: "That goes for ALL of you..."

The being of fun -- the Kyuubi known as Black Rose -- continued to whip and whirl around, barely listening to the words of Khrona. Doing her own thing was what she did best, and taking others into consideration was rarely seeen in this being. All of her efforts were to see if others could accurately play with her, and it seemed as though no one could.

She did pause, though, at the notion of Gloom by Khrona. She was indeed very sad and very lonely, missing out on the joys of life that Black Rose seemed to be taking for herself. She was confused, really, but wondered if what Khrona was saying about her actually added up. To quell her suspicions, she would hover over to Gloom and talk to her.

Black Rose: "Is what he said really true? Do you really feel like I'm taking all the fun for myself and you are left lonely and sad?"

Gloom was silent for a bit, staring off into the pool of water below. She seemed to be quite the quiet type, one that didn't express herself very much. However, when confronted by Black Rose, she looked up to her with a lonely expression, almost like she hadn't moved for days.

Gloom: "I'm always left out of your fun... And I sit here waiting for the day that it is my turn... To have fun too..."

Black rose was astonished to hear the truth for herself. She figured Gloom was just the type to always want to be by herself and didn't enjoy fun. Then, she realized other things as well.. Things that only made sense when she realized the error of her ways. Whenever she did have fun with someone, it was rare that they actually had fun, too... She always had such a good time, yet others were suffering because of her fun. Was that really the case here? Gloom was the proof of it. The Kyuubi had a lot to.. Think about now.

Black Rose: "... That's true, then... I really have been as selfish as Khrona was saying... I guess I have been a Gluttonous spirit..."

Grasping Glooms hands and bringing them up to chest level, she lifted her head up to stare Gloom straight in the eyes to portray her utmost sincerity in the matter.

Black Rose: "Alright then. It's settled. What do you want to do for fun? Anything at all. Just name it and I'll make it happen."

Gloom's eyes widened, never once thinking that such an opportunity would be presented to her. For the first time, she felt like she could smile a little bit.

Gloom: "I want... To fly around on the wind... Just like you."

The Kyuubi laughed a little, feeling more than foolish for not having realized how selfish she was being before. It's no fun to be the only one having fun in a situation. She had to learn to let others have a turn, too.

Black Rose: "Of course. Let's go."

Wind whirled under Gloom's feet, lifting her into the air. The two of them took off toward the skies of the Psycho Mesa, flying around at the speed of the wind. Gloom felt within er the power to smile, even if just a little bit, and say to Khrona and Black Rose...

Gloom: "... Thank you."

Now there were only two more to go.

Khrona: 'Well, that's one down...'

Those two were cute. But... Were they like... Lesbians or something...? Well, whatever. Time now for the next set; Bliss and Doom.

Khrona: "... Hmph. So, you, monkey man... You're just as bad as Fun over there. You aren't a glutton of fun and take it from everyone else, but you're greedy and don't let anyone have any happiness to begin with. You feel like as long as you're happy, everyone else doesn't need to be happy because then you won't be happy. Well, just like Fun, you need to give others a chance. You aren't the only person in the world, and if you're the only one happy... Then there's no need for anyone else, right?"

He looked over to Doom, who seemed more than fed up with his behavior. It was clear on her face.

Khrona: "People get tired of not being happy, and eventually, you'll be the last one here and then you won't be happy being by yourself. In fact, you'll be so miserable, you'll wish you'd have just let someone else be happy in the first place. You have to trust, you know. Otherwise... It'll just end up miserable. Do your best to give happiness to others. Be more Charitable in your bliss, eh?"

Khrona's positive emotions were just so selfish. Man. He couldn't even believe it for himself.

Bliss's turn. The Monkey King, Bliss; a being almost as carefree as Fun. So much so that the happiness he had, he felt only should be for himself, and would never want to let go of the happiness of being on top. The king of the swingers, the freest of free with the world at his fingertips. But even this old Monkey King had an ear open to Khrona's words.

Monkey King: "Woah. You're telling me that I'm like miss Fun over there and being selfish with my happiness? Nah, that's not it at all. People should learn to be happy for themselves, like me, or else they don't deserve to be happy!"

He laughed and carried on, lazing about in one of the trees, just as carefree as can be. Enjoying the time he had to himself, he was a perfectly content monkey man, not even giving a second thought to what was going on. But that didn't mean that this mistress Doom wasn't prepared for a fight for her own happiness.

Doom: "Hey. Lazy ass ape... I want to be happy with you, you know, but I can't really do that when you don't even give a crap about my happiness. You only care about you, and that's not gonna swing anymore, ya got it?"

The Monkey King opened up an eye and looked down to the griping Doom below, brushing her off.

Monkey King: "You say you want to be happy with me, but you won't just do it. I don't know what you're problem is, but you've gotta get over it if you wanna be happy with me, doll face. Come back when you're ready to mellow out."

He turned his back to her, looking off into the distance of the Psycho Mesa. Doom, on the other hand, was still quite pissed.

Doom: "You think that just because you're happy that I should be, too?! Well some of the things you do don't make me happy, and that's why I just can't do it!! You think it's so easy, but if you were in my position... You'd be miserable being with someone like you, too."

Now that stung a bit. The Monkey King rolled back over to face her, mouth agape and his feelings bare. He couldn't believe that she just said that to him.

Monkey King: "You... You really think I'm causing you that type of unhappiness just because I'm happy? Do you just not want me to be happy or something!?"

Doom: "It's not that, but I just want to be happy for once, too! You're the one that's always happy... So why can't you just let me be, too? Is it really that hard to give up one moment of your own happiness for me to have some, too? Did you ever even think that maybe... If I was happy, you'd be even happier, or that I'd make you happy, too...?"

He fell silent. Her logic did make some good logic... And in fact, he was pretty wrong for trying to always be the one that was happy. Inconsiderate to other people's feelings because he couldn't endure being unhappy for too long. Well, what did you expect? It was in his nature.

Monkey King: "... Yeesh... You really feel that way about it, huh...? Well then, I guess it can't be helped..."

Shrugging his shoulders, he propped himself up to his feet and hopped down in front of Doom, holding a hand out to her.

Monkey King: "Tell me what will make you happy. And I'll do everything in my power to make it so. Even at the cost of my own happiness."

Doom could tell that he genuinely wanted to make her happy, despite his actions before. He was starting to learn what it meant to be more charitable with his feelings. She smiled at him, shaking her head and hopping into his embrace, cuddling his neck.

Doom: "Stupid. I just wanted you to consider my feelings. That makes me happy. Just... Consider me sometimes instead of always thinking about yourself. Alright?"

The Monkey King at first didn't understand her, but quickly grew to know the meaning of what that 'happiness' was before. Knowing that she was happy did make him much happier than before, and from now on, he'd make sure to acknowledge what would make her happy before he just always thought of his own happiness.

Monkey King: "Hahaha. Well then, I guess we can be happy together now, right? I told you I'd do anything, even if it was just putting my own happiness on the line. I am the King after all! Gotta learn to make other people happy, too!"

It was a warm feeling between them... A very warm feeling that made the both of them not want to let each other go. They could stay like this for a while... Together.

Khrona: 'Only one more left...'

Suddenly, Khrona felt an overwhelmingly warm feeling within himself. A sort of Bliss overtook him that was equivalent to that which both the Monkey King and Doom felt with each other. Proof that the connection was true. He smiled, knowing within the true meaning of happiness... And with his lover, he'd know it just as well.

Khrona: "And then, there was one..."

Not soon forgetting this feeling of Bliss, he had to set his sights on the final emotion... One that he knew all too well, for it was the one that was the most powerful of all, equivalent to Hate... Its counterpart, Love.

Khrona: "... The Black Dragon."

Khrona was formerly known to the work as the Black Dragon, and even to the Sky King when he, Misery, and Despair combined their powers to become it. But, the Black Dragon was incomplete in its form, and now, it was simply one of the Seven Paths, with 'Red Velvet' and 'Blue Velvet' taking the places of Misery and Despair. Things were about to get interesting...

Khrona: "... Lust and Chastity, huh? Love, you are frequently confused with your own carnal lust... Be it for sex, be it for emotions, be it for attention... But you find it difficult to keep yourself under control without those things. You're not selfish, like the other two, but simply misunderstood. The others were selfish and didn't pay attention, but you... You're different. That's why I can speak with you so gently. You've sealed your heart away because it's been hurt. It's fragile, yes, and it's been damaged to the point where sometimes, you thought you couldn't repair it... So you created this giant, hardened, bestial exterior we know as the Black Dragon... Blackheart. Your heart isn't black because of what you lust for. It's black because you can't find the light in what you love for. Try to forget about your serpentine lusts for a bit and go for something above your animalistic heritage, just like the others here..."

Khrona pointed to Disheart beside him, the only one that knew of the same pain as the Black Dragon, and instead of closing off her heart, she completely took it out.

Khrona: "She has no heart because of how she got tired of the pain. However, you're the one that rekindles it. You must think of more than lust with her and show her your true love that you feel, that which is hidden under your callous and scaly black hide... Show her the pieces of your heart. The burning will of fire to go on... Red Velvet. The chilled crystal soul that keeps things together... Blue Velvet. And finally, the truth behind your dark form... Blackheart, the true Dr. Snakes. Disheart will pass your tests and experiments with flying colors and bring light back into your heart, if you'll just open it up and try to see for yourself... Close off that darkness in Chastity and reveal that which you keep as a precious jewel... The Crystal Heart."

Khrona couldn't be more sincere to the Black Dragon. He and The Beast were the ones he was closest to, which was funny because they were both on the very opposite ends of the spectrum of Khrona's emotions. Hate and Love, the two most powerful save for the middle that harnesses all their power; Balance.

Khrona: "... Open your Heart. You know how the song goes..."

Khrona cleared his throat, ready to sing again with the Voice of God. This song got the Black Dragon through many a situations before, especially when it came to this type of situation...

Khrona wanted the Dragon to remember... Remember the lyrics to that song... And try to feel the burn of the Will.

Khrona: 'Come on, Blackheart... I know you can do this... Just... Remember...'

The Black Dragon. The end all of this mayhem and darkness. Within this being of indomitable darkness was a heart of pure light, held together by the soul of crystal and the will of fire. A fragile creation that none could ever touch; the precious treasure of the Black Dragon, far more rare than any Black Diamond. The beast did not know if it could trust her, this Disheart, for how could she love truly if she had no heart to do so? Khrona said to remember the song...

Blackheart: 'The song...'

He spread his massive black wings, eclipsing the light of the sun with only his great, black body. Darkness trailed below him, bringing all into a pit of despair in his wake. An all-consuming force, the Black Dragon left absolutely no light in his path...

He saw nothing behind him, for there was nothing left. This reign of darkness left only a black void in his wake, that which took in everything yet put out nothing. A being that only and continuously takes... Consumes... A Devourist.

A prophecy of his coming... The thunder, rain and lightning... The boom of his voice, the rain of destruction, the light of his eyes; to the creatures below him, he looked to be a terrible thunderstorm. With a flap of his wings, tornadoes effortlessly destroyed cities and killed millions... Everywhere he went, he left destruction merely by existing. His shadow was a forewarning of the dangers of destruction below. He never knew that this was what he caused... Perhaps, this girl was tired of the destruction... Maybe that is why she tore out her own heart... The pain of destruction was too great.

The Chaos in everyone... This is what he was doing. Bringing that Chaos to order, because the other side of him... That darkness... That carnal lust... It was not love, and ultimately, it would destroy him. To act upon the impulses of a dragon was destructive in nature, such was the way it went. He had to look into his own darkness to see that, and how much it hurt the girl with no heart...

This destruction was causing her so much insufferable pain, so she stood by the Black Dragon by taking out her heart. Was that the extent of her love? How could he have been so blind before? It was the lust, filled with evil... That is why he was going through this. No words were exchanged between the two, but simply knowing this and finally understanding made just their eye contact word enough for them. One with pained eyes looking up to another with pained eyes... He saw her true cry for help and knew that it was time to give up this darkness... This destruction... and show her what True Love really was.

Swirling down from the center of the great beast was a black tornado, which meant no harm to Disheart below, but brought her into its calm; the center. There, in the midst of darkness, a waning light more pure than any other ever witness was escorted down in the hands of a serpentine woman. She was elegant and beautiful, holding between her hands the light that existed within the chaos and calamity of the darkness.

It was the Crystal Heart of the Black Dragon. The heart was mostly black, that light within so dim it barely illuminated the heart, and it was turning Black. There were traces of cracks and signs that it had been broken many times before, and this time as it was put together, it was slowly healing, but the light inside escaped so much that now it could barely sustain itself. That will was fading. This was the true heart of the Black Dragon... And he-- well, she was offering it to Disheart to replace her own.

The lonely snake woman smiled at Disheart, presenting the heart right before her. Like an egg, it was broken in two, and the Crystal Heart made up of the Heart of Fire and Heart of Ice took physical form; 'Red Velvet' and 'Blue Velvet'.

Red Velvet and Blue Velvet stood there before Disheart, each of them giving her a respective 'run down' of the situation. Her heart was gone, but they could fix it. Both of them placed their hands on her open chest, letting the Dragons of Fire and Ice seep out of them and into her cavity, where they would form an equivalent crystalline heart burning with a burning will inside of it. These were pieces of themselves being used to restore her heart, whilst also giving away the treasured Crystal Heart. They would become two halves that combined into one.

The dragons created within her had to be tamed by her. They were, indeed, the two pieces of the Black Dragon that held his destructive nature, and only her love could tame these beasts of lust and desire. What the Black Dragon had to figure out was that she had already given her heart to him as a sacrifice, as testament of her true love, but he didn't realize that he also had to give his heart in return. He tamed Red and Blue Velvet a long time ago, and now Carnage and Frostbite needed the same discipline as the Velvets. Her heart was going to die otherwise.

Disheart, whose pain was unbearable and unimaginable, to give her heart to a beast that knew nothing of how to replace that gift, had it stolen from her... However, now she was receiving his as he came to understand his own wrong, and that meant that she was going to have to free him. That brought a smile to her face that was seemingly frozen in an eternal state of sadness, and her heart started to take shape around them; pure crystal, the same as his.

Red and Blue Velvet smiled at each other, nodding their heads and turning to the snake woman behind them. She nodded, as well, and finally, between the two Crystal Hearts, the Black Dragon was starting to fade away. Their hearts were finally in sync. And so, they sung out in unison, their souls matched on the same beat. A Soul Resonance... a Soul Chorus.

To tame those two dragons, Red and Blue Velvet were necessary; the heart of Disheart. Between those two, the ferocious dragons were put at ease by Red and Blue, and somehow, the two pairs formed bonds on that day. Their unison gave birth to another creature known formerly as 'Blackheart', but was now 'Lightheart'. The combined form of the two of their hearts as one.

Lightheart: "There... That's much better now. It may have been a long and arduous process, but it's finally done."

She looked to Khrona as all the darkness fading, the eclipsing wings no longer blocking out the light of the sun. The Crystal Heart shone brightly between the both of them, Lightheart being their product.

Lightheart: "You two can finally move on to the Seventh; your forms a s Perfect beings."

Tranquility and Serenity nodded their heads, for it seemed like every one of the Insanities had been balanced, and could now open the pathway as the Seven Heavens... The pathway to the Seventh Heaven.

Tranquility: "I'm sure that Khrina..."

Serenity: "... Will love her Ring."

The same 'Ring of Light' over Khrona's head would soon also belong to her, and they would be joined through the holy matrimony of both these rings of perfection.

Together: "It'll be the greatest gift; your unison."

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PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; End   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; End EmptyMon Jul 06, 2020 6:00 pm

After resolving the issue with the Blackheart and bringing it into the Light, Khrona was feeling better about himself and wanted to spread the love around the village, in high hopes that it would boost the slowly declining morale. With this, he ended up taking a trip to the Witch Province in order to enjoy the scenery of the flowers, only to come across a rather peculiar 'Rozu'.

It was quiet, not too many sounds being made whilst the world slept. Be it midnight, the white rose and his companion Shiro would have graced this beautiful land with their combined presence.

Rozu: "Mhmmm. This place is simply wonderful... I love cherry blossoms."

Shiro: "I suppose they're okay... Nothing to really gawk over."

Rozu Would chuckle. It seemed Shiro still tried to be quite the tough guy, never letting anyone into the deeper things about himself. It was to be expected, though he would open up to Rozu on occasions; after all, they've saved each others lives quite a few times and helped each other out through many wars.

Rozu: "Must you ruin all art with your bleak speech, Shiro? Here... Try and enjoy this breeze at least."

Shiro scoffed, hands in his pocket; he walked somewhat closely to Rozu. Their bond was... Unorthodox, to say the least, but their understanding of each other was unparalleled.

Shiro "...Feels nice... So Rozu, what are we planning on even doing in this village? The rest of the Fuma have all started to congregate within another area; one that isn't here -- are you going to abandon them?"

Rozu stopped short of the cherry blossom tree ahead of him. He sucked his teeth yet did a slight head turn to Shiro's direction. His green eyes narrowed as he glared at him softly.

Rozu: "Abandon them? Never, though they outright deserve it for the atrociousness they committed against me... Nevertheless, a Fuma always shields their blood. But they have no use for us currently. My sister has already given us leeway to go about life as we choose so long as we stay away from the wolves of 'Killa Mountains'..."

Turning his gaze back upon the tree, gawking at his wonderful display of beauty, a stump was around the way and he walked over and sat upon it. Folding his legs over one another he gave way for Shiro to sit, but Shiro chose to stand instead.

Shiro: "That only vaguely answers my question Rozu. What are you planing to do for this village? Suck up its resources?"

"My, my, just stuffed with questions, are we, Shiro? I've grown accustomed to you being... Silent," Rozu said with a teasing chuckle. One that irritated Shiro a bit and caused his face to reddened a little. But nonetheless he wanted an answer, so Rozu sighed and gave him one. "Fine, fine... If you must know, I have been contemplating on finding a few of the residents and asking them about the current state of the village. All over this place I can sense incredible powers of evil and darkness and surely where there are those there are powerful soul demons waiting to be reaped by moi. So when we leave here... That's where we'll be going. Satisfied?"

Shiro: "Yeah, sure... If that's what you want, Rozu. At least he's been paying attention since everything as come up..."

Rozu: "Good now, be a doll and get me a seed from one of those trees, please."

He did so reluctantly, walking over to the tree in search for one. Rozu wouldn't do it, that's for sure... Someone like him getting dirty would just be awful.

???: 'A seed is what he seeks, a seed is what he gets. However, not from the tree in which he seeks... Hmhmhm...'

A thin beam of light fell straight from the sky, piercing one of the Sakura petals upon the tree and striking the ground below Shiro's feet. It was like a simply speck of rain falling from the sky, and, save for the faint glow it had, would not be anything of a spectacle; nothing noteworthy to catch anyone's attention.

That is, until it grew.

If Shiro noticed its fall or not, the seed embedded within the soil sprouted up as a pillar of light, its stem sprouting vines, roots and petals akin to arms, legs, hair and clothes. Bathed in such a magnificent light, the eyes of the being within were a piercing red, and the smile donned upon the glowing being brought a radiance that paled his shining body.

Khrona: "Ah... I haven't been here in a while. I suppose I was well overdue for the Witch Province, hm?"

Speaking to himself, the figure was now revealed to be not a plant, but a man, and one of flesh and bone, at that -- or so it seemed. With his silvery-white hair rolling down over one of his eyes, as usual, this phantasmal man gazed deeply into the eyes of the one Shiro before him, smile never wavering. His tired eyes were eternally opened only halfway, letting only a sliver of that piercing red light gleam from its confines. Just as serene and mysterious as his portrayal was, -- as Khrona did indeed enjoy making the most extravagant appearances, a well known fact -- his voice was just as calm and placid.

Khrona: "And who two do we have here, hm?"

Shiro indeed caught wind of the sudden beam of light; his eyes were trained to catch even the smallest of changes -- after all he and his Master were war veterans. Taken back a bit, he took a few steps back, and that was when the seed of sorts started to grow. Shiro would jump back beside his Master whilst Rozu stayed calm, keeping his same graceful gaze upon the growing manifestation of a man before him.

Rozu: "Well, that was quite a fancy entrance. Might I ask the occasion?"

Shiro: "Rozu, I'm getting a weird vibe from this guy... Don't--"

Rozu: "Oh, come now, Shiro! Don't be rude. He might be a native of this village. Oh where are my manners? You asked a question first. I am Rozu... Rozu Fuma, and this here is my 'Soulmate', Shiro. Be nice to the man, Shiro, and offer him a stump, would you?"

Shiro: "Pleasure... There one right across from us if you'd like to sit there."

The man chuckled at the two, who seemed taken aback just a bit by his appearance, but such was only natural for an unexpected arrival such as his. "Hmhmhm. Khrona Tensei; the pleasure is mine, Rozu and Shiro. I simply do enjoy making good first impressions." Once being offered a stump, Khrona took to it slowly, sitting down properly among it... Though, not too long after, his black robe took the form of a throne of sorts over it, lifting Khrona to a more comfortable position that he was more accustomed to. Gazing at the two from the corner of his eyes, his gentle and mysterious smile never wavering, he would rest his head among his loosely clenched fist, proceeding to continue their engagement promptly after. "From the manner of your speech and your fine etiquette, it seems that you are of regal background, much like myself. It isn't often I see such things in this place, after all. I simply came here to visit... An old friend of mine." The 'Eldest Sakura Tree', located at the end of one of the many passages of the Sakura Trail. This place was gorgeous and great for relaxation, which Khrona was well in need of, considering the current... State of affairs he was involved in. "What has brought you two unfamiliar faces to these lands?"

Rozu's gaze was much like the one he donned usually; stern and regal, which most would identify as him being a snob... Which was only partially true, however he understood when someone of a regal background was before him, and this Khrona Tensei was such a man. "Well I am honored for my first encounter with one of this village to have been one who appreciates the more... Delicate way of living." He pondered over the feel he was getting form Khrona. There was a serious surplus of some foreign type of energy. It was extremely potent yet it seemed sane? Madness and Malice, yet it was... Tamed, to say the least. Just what was this creature before him...? From the regal appeal, he looked to be a construct of art... That in itself piqued Rozu's interest. "Hmmm, that depends... Do you want the short version? Or the long tale?" He chuckled slightly and wondered if Khrona even had time to hear his old boring tale.

"Please. Indulge me. It isn't often that I'm the one on the other end of the 'story-telling.' I am here to relax a bit, anyway." He finally closed his eyes, grateful to Rozu for not considering him a snob as well, considering that many who did not know of regalia would immediately take his actions the wrong way. He simply... Took joy in the finer things in life, even if he could also appreciate the thoughts and likenesses of other people. Khrona was a complex person; being regal at one moment, and then totally and completely crazy in the next. A master of many faces, one could say. "I'd also like to hear from your Soulmate, as well, sir Maestro. And, perhaps, if you have heard of the Academy that hones the skills of wandering partners, hm?" It was a miracle that someone didn't know of Khrona's name in this place. Either Rozu was completely sheltered or completely new, and either one was fine. Making friends with people who weren't going to run in terror or marvel in awe was more than refreshing. 'Maybe it is nicer to get out than I previously thought before... No matter. I'll always enjoy the comfort and solidarity of my home, even if I have come to appreciate these qualities outside of it. Balance is key, I've come to learn. Hmhmhm...'

Save for his eyes closing and lips moving, Rozu's form did not shift at all; not in the slightest. "An academy, you say? For Maestros and their partners? Fascinating. After this little tale, we will definitely inquire about that." After all they had been meaning to discover more about Shiro and his ability to transform into a weapon. Unique in his own way. He was also curious as to who this Khrona was, such regality surely was birthed from some form of a high position or standing within this village. Food for thought, no less.

Shiro: "An academy? Rozu~! Perhaps it is there that we might..."

Rozu: "My thoughts exactly. This 'Khrona' could prove to be a very important ally; he seems genuine enough, but we can never be too careful. Though I am curious to see what this academy is like."

Rozu paused, then spoke to Khrona. "Well regarding my tale as I said before; my name is Rozu Callidan Fuma. I am of the esteemed and recently revived Fuma Clan. A legendary clan of demon hunters who have served this world long before these villages had come into play. Though our original lore in regards to where we originally come from has been lost in time, it is known that our clan's lifespan has been since the beginning of the first demons to arrive... And the first mortals to stand against them." A calm and rather inviting demeanor was about him as he spoke, the wind swaying his golden hair. His piercing yet inviting green orbs of clarity examining Khrona with each second... Such an enigma... But back to his tale. "Since the times we have shielded the world though through the intense wars with the wolves of Kilimagroth, we lost a many of our brothers in arms during these great wars. I was on the battlefield; through my efforts, I was granted the title of 'The White Rose Serpent' for my prowess and strategic ability... Not to mention my rare ability to manipulate the force known as the 'White Sand'. Though this particular war was brought on by a woman who I'm sure you've heard of... Seeing as how she's made a name for herself within this realm... Sophia, a former Goddess Of Death. She fell in love with one of the Wolves of Killa and bore a child; this, of course, was strictly forbidden. When it became known to the Elders of both respective clans, a great and terrible war ensued one that caused the death of the Wolfehearts' leader 'Manafang' to be sealed away in death by Sophia's hands no less and the death of our former clan leader, and my and Sophia's mother."

He shifted the way of his legs and arms, adjusting himself accordingly. Insects began to flock near the blossom tree where he was. How he feared the germs touching him; he began to emit a small veil of light chakra and wind chakra to create a field of purity to purify the air around him. He'd hate for his cloths to stain. "After a while, the clan lost it's once known stability and scattered amongst the planet, becoming lowly Vagabonds. Unlike most clans, however, we have not a single special ability per se, but those who are within the Fuma all have a knack for slaying demons and are well versed in the arts of Demonic and Malefic Purification. But the most notable of all the abilities are the ones who are of the 'Highest Order Of Blood' within our clan... Their fondness for wind manipulation... And the ever so rare evolution of 'Sky Manipulation', though only direct blood can achieve such a state of ascendance. Funny how a clan of death could ascend to one of life... Yet even still there are those of us..." he said as his head looked towards the ants of the ground... "Some of us, despite our loyalty to the clan, are forced to still be seen as ants beneath the Elders' feet; out efforts go for naught... At least, that's how I see it. Regardless, we live by our creed. The Fuma are a clan of fearsome loyalty... We never turn our back on our blood." He quickly looked back up to Khrona, noticing that he had let his guard down slightly through reclaiming of certain events in his own life... The fact that his mother and sister never valued him for the great individual he was. Which is part of the reason he had not returned with the rest of the group. He didn't need to hear Sophia preach her foolishness, he need only serve and fulfill his own goals and assist when those goals of he and his sister.

Rozu: "Yes, but enough about that... How about the exciting story of how me and Shiro became partners?"

Shiro would grunt a bit, taking a moment to get his own thoughts in order. Despite his tough guy attitude, he hated to see Rozu grow through the things he had, and this story telling was only bringing back up those memories. To prevent him from suffering any further, Shiro decided he would tell the tale.

Shiro: "No Rozu, I'm sure you've bored him with your blabbering long enough. I'll tell him about it... If he cares to listen?

He directed the question towards Khrona, lest he had any objections to his proposal.

Khrona listened intently to their story, comparing it with his own knowledge of the land in and of itself. Rozu seemed to know of Sophia, who happened to have made that special contract with one of his own family, which is how she became this 'Goddess Of Death.' It was clear that Rozu did not know of anything beside what went on within his clan and the one they were at odds with, naturally, if he knew nothing of Khrona and of Sophia's contract. Seems like not many people actually knew the full story... It was to be expected of a race so extensive...

Khrona: 'To expand the allness of knowledge across every single being... Only bits and pieces... No matter...'

They were demon hunters, and that was to be expected if Sophia was part of their clan; that energy that was within them... It could prove to be useful. Though, Khrona could only think, 'Where does it stem from? Who is their originator?' Just as he was the 'origin' of the Tensei, despite his 'vessel's' position in the linear time of history. 'Sigh, what a world... What has it all come to...?' He really did need to meet with that 'Tree Of Knowledge', and converse on what should be done. Maybe there wasn't anymore time to wait, for his children were waiting for things to be set right, now that he and she were back as one combined force, despite their 'physical' separation. Even their true firstborn child was the testament; the start to the true Tensei heritage. Things needed to be set into correct order, rather than what chaos they were in now... He'd have to apologize to his beloved children later, but they'd be reborn... Such was the nature of a Tensei.

However, Khrona was far lost in thought thanks to Rozu's own story sparking a recollection of his own endeavors. Seems like even if he tried to relax and brush it all to the side, it would still haunt him until it was completed. A shame... He really didn't want it to end like this, especially not before his Village was stabilized. Perhaps this union between he and his lover... And the True Tensei they bore... That was the catalyst long ago. And now, this was not just a test for him, but for all in his village. How unfortunate. It already pained his aching heart beyond what many could bear, even if he never showed it on his serene and smiling face. Those who were the most peaceful tend to bear the most inner turmoil and burden. Such conflict could only be placed upon one of such power... His own powers were even testing his position. Cruel fate.

Khrona: "... Hahaha. Sounds like a most... Interesting development between your people. I'm glad you mentioned Sophia; she and my family are rather closely knit... You didn't think she obtained that power of Death on her own, did you? But, it was for the greater good of your people, as you know... And I'm glad to know that it was the right decision."

He opened his eyes now, gazing up at them and adjusting himself to an upright position. As usual, everything stirred in that brain of his... Utter calamity was brewing all around him, some of which he was the cause, and some of which only came naturally due to the efforts. Either way, he was to blame. Better he be the burden than anyone else who couldn't take such punishment. He'd be done atoning soon... And he could finally be truly happy, along with the rest of his people. That was all he wanted now...

Khrona: "... Though, I'm afraid I simply do not have the time to listen to another story. I must be making my way to the object I came here for... That old friend of mine, you see... It is most dire and cannot be put off any longer, I've come to understand."

He rose from his throne, allowing as he stood for it to take shape back into his long and flowing black tattered jacket. The red core on his chest, formerly hidden by his attire, began to glow, informing him of what was to come. He couldn't conceal it any longer...

Khrona: "... I will leave you with the tidbit of information you need to hear, however. Down below on the landscape directly lower to the Village of the Dawn, there is the Academy. 'Mors Academia', on the 'Mezzo Terra'. Take the 'Crystal Nexus' down, and it will guide you to that land, for they are all connected by my branches and leaves."

Quickly silencing himself, he chuckled lightly, not wanting to give away too much information too soon.

Khrona: "Seems I've said a bit too much. However, if you wish to learn of who I am... I'd say ask anyone, or ask me yourself... And go to the Crystal Tree that holds the three lands together as one. Now, if you'll excuse me... I'd hate to cut our meeting short, but..."

His body, like an apparition, started to fade from the area as he started to walk down the 'Sakura Trail'. The wind blew, and the rest of him was whisked away on the breeze, leaving only glowing sakura petals that were graced by his energy left behind. Khrona was off to the 'Eldest Sakura Tree' to speak to the original Grand Magistrate, herself... Lilith, the 'Tree Of Knowledge'.

After his most pleasant meeting and conversation with Rozu, and quite a bit of inner contemplation, Khrona reached the end of one of the many paths of the Sakura Trail, this one in particular leading to the Eldest Sakura Tree... The embodiment of the original Mother of All Witches, herself. The one who gifted them with magic... Lilith, the Tree Of Knowledge. "... It's been a while since we've spoken, Lilith. In fact, it was in another life of mine... But twas me, nonetheless." He paused, lowering his head. The two great trees were now in the same place, even if this Khrona was merely a fragment... The Tree Of Life and the Tree Of Knowledge... Both of them had to be in accordance if this were going to work. "... As you already know, I've come here to ask something even I am unsure about... Will you care to listen, or, even answer?" He gazed up at the most beautiful petals that covered the skies, tinting the entire area in a glorious, soothing pink. Fitting of the energy of what was formerly a Witch, and the Mother of them, no less. Last Khrona saw of her... she was the tree sitting in Tigen's backyard in the original Nightmare Village; that Sakura Tree that spoke wisdom to all who came. She was much more friendly when she was in his care... Perhaps because it was her son she was working for. Things hadn't changed; this was her son, so to speak. Maybe... She really would talk to him. This part of the land, Nytoz, was named in her honor... Lilith meaning 'Of the Night.'

There wasn't an answer from her... Who could blame her, after she was condemned to such a fate for her children...? The Witches not only would succumb to the darkness of the 'night' and 'insanity' much more easily than other beings due to the manna, but also were slain by order of Shinsei, which was something of an extension of himself. These generational curses and old-timey wars between them were really becoming a pain, now.

Khrona: "... Our families have had their differences in the past... In fact, since the beginning of all things... But finally, it's come to a settlement between us. Your children are dwindling, even if that was the former intention... Angel and Demon, or rather, Beast, have been at odds for too long. As the Witches are more in tune with the Beastial side of things, and the Men, the Godly, if we actually decide to set things right... Then we can both live on this world in peace."

Khrona had to be the representative for his family. No matter what, the two lived on the same planet, and in fact, they were both coming together either way, so there was no reason to fight against each other and continue something that served no purpose and had no meaning anymore.

Lilith: "So... Now you wish to propose true equality between us, and not subservience?"

The tree seemed most skeptical. Manna poured from her petals, illuminating the pink tinted atmosphere with the true violet hue of a seasoned Witch's soul. Manna rained down upon Khrona, enriching him with such knowledge, and he would speak back to her.

Khrona: "It was never my intention to force subservience to you, the Witches or the Beasts! This was all the doing of an ignorant man long since past... The former 'King Of Dimensia', the original PumpKing's decree! However, my will, Tigen is slowly consuming his and taking his rightful seat on the throne! We've interacted with the Witches for quite a while, and now we know..."

Lilith: "That it was not we who were inherently evil, but our lack of control over the powerful Manna we bore?"

Khrona turned his head away, finding himself a bit foolish to talk to her with, for once, such limited knowledge. Such was what happened when one spoke to the Tree Of Knowledge. What the Tree Of Life had was the immortality to learn all things, but the Tree Of Knowledge already knew, yet had not the great power that the Tree Of Life did to control such power. They needed each other, he knew, and so did she.

Khrona: "... Yes... I am finally... Aware. But you do know that our system--"

Lilith: "Requires you to not only slay Witches, but also the Animals or 'Monsters' as you call them, that naturally inhabit these lands. Of course I know. The question is... Do you know what you wish to do about that?"

That was something that was even enough to stump Khrona... He had to think about this one... he really wanted this eternal conflict with the Witches to end, once and for all, so that all could live with harmony. Hm...

A great number of possibilities ran through Khrona's vast mind, each of which had its pros and its cons, yet to him, it didn't seem like the most 'perfect' solution to such a situation. In fact, he felt as though it wouldn't change much of anything, in the long run.

Lilith: "I have a proposal, if you cannot seem to come up with one of your own."

Khrona: "... Yeah, that might be the best thing. What do you suggest?"

Lilith: "Well, as you find the Witches to be 'evil' and 'demonic,' and find beasts to be 'lower' variants of being, how about we actually try to work together to prove to the rest of the world that this is not so? We will allow you the knowledge of our manna, and you will allow us the teachings and interactions of your people. A Witch does indeed need one of yours to reproduce."

Khrona: "But... What if... Things end up like how they did with my father...?"

Shinra Tensei and Eva; two that were once deeply and madly in love, only to have Eva succumb to the more primal urges of destruction that the manna naturally brought. Insanity; something that Witches found nearly impossible to control, thanks to the complexities of Manna, especially when innately within their blood. She fell, just as most Witches do, and did not ever return from the darkness...

Lilith: "Did you ever once think that to have faith in the Witches would also bring forth the dawn of a new era? To teach them the ways of the Soul, whilst they teach the ways of Manna... It would be Life and Knowledge working as one. Wherein the Manna, most destructive and primal that interacts with the lower levels of the being would make yours more in tune with nature and the animals, with the power of the Soul, they would be able to control themselves and keep themselves from succumbing to the Insanity, as they do now. Thus, the same would occur for the Witches, if taught the ways of the Soul, to help guide their Manna to the proper channels of their body, and make them much less destructive and inherently bestial. It would be the most perfect combination of spirit and nature. Do you not agree?"

Unsurprisingly, her wisdom exceeded that of what Khrona deciphered for himself. It was... Actually, absolutely perfect. Though, there only left one problem...

Khrona: "And what of the whole 'Killing Supernaturals' to obtain the manna to change the soul of a Weapon into that of an Angel?"

Lilith: "The same effect can be brought upon through simple Resonance, dear Khrona. Think of the 'Insangel', your youngest daughter. Demon and Angel finding common ground within the Human. In this case, consider Witch and Weapon finding common ground within the Mortal being. We not only teach them Life, but Manna. This would help to bring more to the Witch Province and help our population flourish once again..."

Khrona: "Would that mean that I would have to allow Khrina...--"

Lilith: "Not at all, you silly boy. However... You would have to provide sacrifices for the sacred love you two share."

'Sacrifices...' Khrona knew exactly what Lilith meant by that... It was something he was not looking forward to, but in the end, would keep all things moving in perfect accord. He sighed heavily, knowing it would come to this...

Khrona: "... Ah... The final test of love... And the final atonement before I can become pure and true... The sacrifice of my children."

He looked up to Lilith and smiled. Even though there was pain in his heart for what he had to do, he also knew that he would be graced with the same fate as well, and would be reborn as one of the 'new' beings that were at the harmony he agreed on. Knowing that made him smile... He was going to have to die, too. Again. But he was already aware of that long before he came to Lilith... He was just happy that his childrens' deaths wouldn't be in vain.

Lilith: "Though, the hardest part will not be telling them that they must die, but how it must come to be. Will you, under divine will as their father have to do it, or will they choose to do so on their own? I suggest you have a meeting with them... And talking things over."

Khrona: "... You're right, Lilith. And, on behalf of my family, I do indeed apologize... I wish for us to assimilate our roots and become one; where I am life, Khrina shall become knowledge, and our testament; Trinity. Though, I'm sure you already know that--"

Lilith: "You and She were the ones to free us all from this curse, anyway. Your love is pure and strong. Nothing would break it. Now go. When you have ascended past the Seventh, we will combine, and we will assume the form of the 'Eighth'. From there on, you must wait for your children to fall completely before you awaken in your true form... And are birthed back into this land as one of the new."

Khrona: "Then our family will be complete, and this village will be at peace... Finally... To know the joys of freedom and completion... Of true happiness..."

Khrona: 'This is what we've been waiting for, my love... My family... My people... My village.'

The Knowledge that was granted from this tree long since thought to be the 'Root Of All Evil' since time immemorial was the one thing that would bring peace to the land. Looks like they really couldn't live without one another, so why not live in peace and harmony? Especially since that 'evil' wouldn't be 'evil' afterward. Though... Neither would that 'good' be 'good.' At least, not without knowledge and choice of the matter. It was a oneness that would keep everyone's individuality and continuity in the land. A delicate process... But one that was going as planned. Phew. Hard work.

Khrona turned away from the Tree, ready to fade away yet again, keeping such information locked in the mind of this memory, this Phantom, this 'Geist' that was known as the 'Seventh'. It wasn't a mass of darkness anymore, like the first time... Though he still needed to settle those emotional issues in the 'Sixth'. Perhaps, since he was more in tune with his primal side, those 'Spirit Animals' would be quicker to listen.

Before he left, however, he stopped and turned right back to face the tree, knowing that he couldn't take his leave without paying proper respect.

Khrona: "Thank you. For everything."

Lilith: "Thank you for cooperating. It takes the energy of both Male and Female to produce, you know."

Of course he knew; that was what he was settling within himself now. A Yin and Yang sort of balance that needed to come to all things that had life; even a planet, even a reality, even a consciousness. With a nod of his head, he finally felt like he could take off doing something great, even if the news he had for his children... Wasn't so.

--- Short Time Skip ----


His formerly silence flame ignited itself before the Tree Of Knowledge instantaneously from the Tree Of Life. There, the man who existed of his own sheer will stood before the being that existed harboring all such knowledge. There couldn't be 'truth' without the 'knowledge,' correct?

Shinsei: "... Lillith. You really are that tree of Knowledge, huh...? Got a hole inside of you that a Grim can't fix?"

L'sia, the Fallen One. To fulfill her own wishes, dreams and desires, she had to fall prey to the age old family curse and split herself into two beings; one of the light and one of the dark. Grimnis and Lilith...

Shinsei: "... I've come to apologize, my Lily. My great grandson has taught me a valuable lesson... And I've come to right my wrong for his sake. For his future, and all those to come."

A proud man, through and through, a man also knew how to accept when he was wrong and know how to fix what he has caused. He was finally ready to accept that after so long... Eons. Millennia. Centuries.

Shinsei: "... I apologize. I want to reunite with you. That is my last will and testament. I want to fill that hole inside of you with the final piece of myself, so I may shed my light within you. I've come to say that I love you, my Lily..."

Shinsei stood tall and strong before this tree, never bowing to her, but still letting her know that he was deeply apologetic. Shinsei would bow to none, but respect only one as an equal... Haha... An equal...

The tree's light shone, igniting the sakura petals up above with a burning purple light, as if the very tree itself were on fire, but did not burn. This was a reminiscent feat, but nonetheless, the soul within speaking out to the soul without. Their wills were communicating.

Lilith: "Shinsei... To finally come admit that you were wrong after all these years... My. That Khrona really does have some awesome power."

The two of them shared a laugh together, something that hadn't happened since the beginning of time. It was a good feeling, indeed...

Shinsei: "Yes, if it weren't for him and my son within him, hell, I might not have ever come back here! But then your daughters would have remained separated instead of completed. I um... Apologize for the Witch Trials back in the day... You know, when everyone ate Witch souls to take their manna power instead of just being at peace with them... Yeah, that was because of my own petty little... Yeah."

In turn, all of that was actually quite a horrible sounding feat. He was the Shinigami for quite a long time, never having to give up that title until just recently for Khrona and his family. Now he was also giving up his title as PumpKing, and finally, willfully giving up the last part of himself he never wanted to give up.

Lilith: "I have missed you, despite all of our quarrels. You must know by now that your light is the only light that will fit into me and complete my soul."

Shinsei: "Yes, that much, I do know. That's why I had to come here before it was too late."

His eyes closed, though he still stood firm and tall; he knew what would happen if this did happen, and he would endure the risk of destroying everything... But he had faith in the one who would become the new Shinsei... The Shinseigami, the one who even surpassed the original.

Lilith: "Our combination will send a light out to the entirety of the darkness; from end to end, and illuminate the way within the dark. But releasing such power would..."

Shinsei: "Destroy the world... Well, this world. Yes, I know. That's why what we're going to do is... When I merge back with you, instead of letting that energy expand and consume this world...

Lilith: "To drop that energy inside of the Cauldron and let it light up the darkness between the 'Edge Of Dimensions'. Seems like we truly are on the same page, for once."

He was growing weaker, ever so small, feeling now as if he were about to wisp away right here and now. It must have meant that Tigen was becoming a fine young man, and he could finally pass on with no worries.

Shinsei: "... Ah. Seems like my last will and testament has been spoken. I won't be here for too much longer."

He chuckled, extending his arms to the tree...

Shinsei: "So are you going to take me in or what? I want this to happen the correct way this time, hm?"

Lilith: "You're a silly, silly man. You knew how it would happen to begin with. Even if you thought you didn't. At least this time, no one will be lonely. And everyone that will come after your son... that Khrona... Will be complete, as well."

Shinsei: "... Darkness is common in the light, if it never acknowledges that it's there. How can a light shine brighter if it thinks that there is only what it can see and nothing more? If I would have given them a chance... Maybe they would have grown their own wills instead of having to use mine. Maybe if I knew..."

Lilith: "If you understood. You know everything. You just didn't understand your power. You were a very lonely being."

He closed his eyes, his flame lessening to nothing but a candlelight, now.

Shinsei: "Take me in, and I'll see you in the next life... Peace..."

The shining purple flames atop the tree drew in the light of Shinsei, finally accepting his will and he, hers. With that, the Tree Of Knowledge burst with Life, and soon, Witches would prosper again... This time, without such large holes in their souls.

Lilith: "Thank you so much... I was tired of seeing my daughters die... With this, our contract is broken. They are free from the curse, as well..."

Lilith only wondered how Tigen was going to take this... He was that energy that was meant to destroy the world when this knowledge was brought to him. Besides that, it was about time for Khrona and Khrina's ceremony to occur. That would make them all happy... And Tigen should be falling into the Cauldron before he explodes.

*Shinsei Had Just Been Done Dealing With His Adoptee, As Well As Tigen, When Khrona Came To Collect Tigen.*

Shinrei: 'Looks like I got here exactly at the time I needed to... Khrona is rather good at this. I wonder about his skills...'

A black pool of liquid opened up on the floor of this... World, and from it would emerge Shinrei, just as Tigen spoke of his father. It was time for things to be settled here and the final pieces of his memory to return to him... His knowledge of all things.

Shinrei: "... Tigen. Your father... And you..."

The final piece to the story... Everyone was going to learn everything today on this day. This was the first time... The first time everything would actually be completed.

Shinrei: "... You are a soul. One and the same. You are his spirit and a piece of his will... Just like your brother, Pumpkinhead."

This seemed all too convenient... Like some sort of story being put together where all the pieces were jumbled up until one point... Up until the climax.

Shinrei: "... Our race are beings of light; those without bodies. Pure free will, able to do as we wish and do as we will no matter what. However, not knowing we can simply will ourselves to do anything... We instead created 'bodies'. I sewed them together and your father gave them pieces of his will... Those who he didn't give will were born without souls, the 'Grims'. He couldn't stand looking at a soulless creature..."

Things were getting harder... And harder to speak upon... But she knew it was just best to keep on going before anyone had a chance to say anything, to avoid having to stop and let the heavy, heavy feeling set in. She pressed on.

Shinrei: "... Your father wished to create everything in his own image; a foolish thought, to say the least, not allowing for diversity or will of their own... There was a hole in his heart that was filled with nothing but darkness. He was incomplete. Thus, every being he created was born with that darkness in themselves... the Distortion of the Soul. This is because even I was born of his soul... I was the piece of him that couldn't go back to him... Because he wanted company so badly..."

How cruel...

Shinrei: "Now, we've been suffering from the beginning of time until now, unable to be complete... And he figured such would be different within his children... But what he doesn't get is that until I become one with him again, he will never be complete. His presence is fading because you are taking over as PumpKing, and you will soon be the only trace of him left. You will be all that he is, simply because you 'wish' to be just like your father... It's a righteous thing, but the only flaw is that you will have that darkness within you as well if you are just like him... And his final wish was that we fix our mess... And fill in the darkness within each other."

Fitting two pieces to the puzzle in opposite places to ensure that they fit together perfectly.

Shinrei: "... Your father and I... Are going to die for the first time. And then... You will be the true PumpKing; full and complete. You'll be better than your father; something that even you didn't know. We all wanted you to be better than him... That's why we sent your brother with you..."

Pumpkinhead knew all along, from beginning to end. From the moment Tigen got to the Nightmare Village so many years ago to this point... Pumpkinhead was the one who wanted most for Tigen to get better. If not, he would have felt it was a waste for Tigen to become the PumpKing... instead of him.

Shinrei: "... So don't worry about us anymore. He would have liked to see you one last time, but... It has to happen like this, or else things will never be corrected."

She lowered her head, knowing that Tigen wanted to see his father more than anything before he passed... But some things simply could not happen. It was against his father's wishes.

Shinrei: "... I'm sorry I had to tell you this so suddenly... And like this... I wish there was a better way..."

The presence of a familiar force came over Tigen, leaking up from the pool of darkness. It was his mother~! Hooray~! Tigen hadn't seen her in forever~!

Tigen: "YAY! MOTHER~! Tigen missed you! Tigen wanted to hear about Tigen's Fa--"

The mood shifted before he could even finish his sentence. He was let to know the truth of the matter in a way that was so fast and... It was a lot to take in. A soul? He was a sentient soul? And he was absorbing his father into him as he grew more powerful? What is this...?

Too awestruck to speak, his flames dimmed in color, physically displaying his utter shock. Not only was she telling Tigen everything, but also, on her deathbed? AND his father's!? He hadn't even gotten to see his father again before he did this, and his mother was talking about merging with him... But then, would she really be with him, or would he just... Feel her?

Tigen: "Tig...Ti... Tigen doesn't... What are you...!?"

Everyone knew. Everyone, except Tigen. They didn't know how to 'will' away their darkness or change shape into a new form, but they knew about these events that Tigen apparently didn't even know at his own birth. And they thought it was just so convenient for him to know now. The flames started to sputter and spark, growing larger and redder as time was passing... Tigen was... Angry... Very, very angry...

Tigen: "Tigen... Why would you...!?!?"

A Red Giant... He was going to explode.

Shinrei: "I'm sorry Tigen, I really am, but it had to--"

This was the problem with dealing about creatures of pure and Free Will... If they had Free Will to do anything without first establishing and knowing their Consciousness, then they would not only get lost and never know who or what they are, losing all of their memories... But they would also have the power to undo anything and everything that anyone else ever wished for... Completely destroy everything. Tigen's will was that strong, however... He wasn't fully conscious until he was connected with Shinrei. It looked like he was rejecting her, as it currently stood...

Shinrei: "Souls are... Stars! You know, the ones up in the sky?! That black 'space' is the 'Edge Between Dimensions!' As the 'Dimension's Keeper', you have to fill up that space and be the guiding light! But if you become a Red Giant and explode from getting so angry..."

He'd blow himself to pieces and just repeat the cycle all over again. His energy had to be concentrated... She had to do something...

Shinrei: "I beg of you, don't explode! Remember what happens when you get this upset... And don't blow up! Try to think Clearly... Clearly... Clarity... Crystal Clear..."

Her only hope was the Clear Flame at this point; a failsafe at keeping Tigen from blowing up before. Long since past, even when he fell prey to the Nightmare Energy, he was the only one who ever manifested the Clear Flame.

Shinrei: "Try to understand... Try... Before you react..."


Heated. Steaming. Furious... Pissed.


He didn't care if he exploded. He was going to burst into so many pieces of himself... Particles! No, no... Atoms! No no... WHATEVER was the smallest unit ever to ever exist, Tigen would split himself up into all of that! In fact, he was so angry, he just might create a...

Tigen: "Big... B-B-Bang..."

A ticking time bomb. His red body started to swell, becoming more and more bulbous like that of a bomb; spheres are said to be able to contain the most pressure, after all. He grew... And grew... and grew... He was so angry, he couldn't even remember how to GET to the Clear Flame state. Everything was in danger... Tigen wanted to destroy everything.

Khrona: 'Hold, Tigen. Before you explode, why don't you try to get some understanding about the situation, hm? Come see me... I'll tell you everything and why. Just do not blow up under any circumstances... Alright?'

The ominous voice from above... Of course, it had to be Khrona defusing the bomb. Oh well. Besides, there were certain things that needed to happen that would ensure that everything else went absolutely smooooothly.

Khrona: 'And as for you two, Sophia and Dente... Give me a moment or two with Tigen. Afterward, I'm sure he'll want to teach you.'

The voice of Khrona directed itself back to Tigen...

Khrona: 'What do you say? If you're game, warp to where my voice is leading you. Shinrei, follow. We'll get this little issue straightened out... Trust me.'

Sophia: "Well well well...This is all rather...informing to say the least."

To think things within the Tensei had grown just that much more complex, but needless to say, she could understand the complexities of the Tensei. So in respects, Tigen was Sophia's 'Brother' and was steadily merging with her father's will, who had nearly faded from this existence... The thought of that saddened her, but she understood all too well the trial of the ascended and even the most challenging and heart wrenching of things must take place for the betterment of all... "Please Tigen, try to calm yourself... Rage won't solve it, but go with Khrona he'll make it all better," she said though still curious as to how she and Dente were going to get the training they needed... It was of great importance that they did. "Khrona... As you know, we're attempting to prepare for the mission through means of strengthening our skills as Maestros. If we go to Mors, will we be seen?" she asked, making that their next stop if need be.-

Tigen: "What...? WHAT!!? WHaat are you...?"

Distortion... Distortion everywhere... This world was becoming a distortion to him... Unable to see clearly... Unable to think clearly... Unable to be clearly... This was a terrible feeling to come back into.

Tigen: "Fine... Tigen will... Listen to you..."

Tigen: 'Tigen will... Tigen will... A wish will come true if someone will... make it happen... Tigen will... Tigen will...'


----Return To Normal---

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; End Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; End   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; End EmptyWed Jul 08, 2020 10:00 am

Khrona: 'Okay... Make this quick.'

Khrona and Khrina appeared at the Tree Of Knowledge, Lilith. Khrona looks up to the tree and sees all the flaming colors, knowing that Shinsei is merged back with Lilith. That was his assurance that it was time.

Khrona: "Alright. Lilith and Shinsei are set. Tigen and Shinrei are set. Our souls and our minds are connected... So now it's time to merge the Trees. But first..."

Khrona pointed to Lilith.

Khrona: "You're going to have to go back to her and become the Tree of Knowledge. Let her become your soul and stuff. Alright?"

Khrona: 'As fast as possible, dear.'

Khrina in Khrona's hand, she listened to what he had to say and stared up at the tree as he pointed. She was going to have to return to Lilith, only she'd be in control of the soul this time rather than Lilith of her. And, with no darkness within her anymore, she wouldn't become L'sia. Bangin.

Khrina: "Okay, sweetie. This'll be pie. Oh, Lilith~!"

Lilith: "My, you two took forever. I almost didn't think you'd come in time. There is still a Deadline out there, you know. He's trying to stock up. Hahaha, oh well. Welcome home, Titania..."

With Lilith, Grimnis, and Shinsei all merged as one, they collectively made up the soul of Titania, just as Shinrei, Allsgrim, and Tigen made up Khrona. The tree bore her light down on Khrina, and she'd assimilate with it, causing the Tree Of Knowledge to turn into Crystal, just the same as the Tree Of Life.

Khrina: "Ready! We have a little bit of time to spare!"

Khrona: "Right!"

Khrona flashed through some eerie and archaic hand signs, as he usually did when he ever did ANY hand signs at all, and pressed his hands against the Crystal Tree Of Knowledge. Solely through his will, he would move the roots of the Crystal Tree Of Life to the Tree f Knowledge, waiting for her to reciprocate.

Khrona: "With this, I band together our union in harmony with Body, Mind, and Soul! Let the great Trinity be merged between two beings with this! The Tree Of Life and Tree Of Knowledge are now combined as one!"

All sorts of impressive things happened. But no, seriously, the roots connected them now, and the two trees were bound.

Khrona: "Hurry! Your turn! And remember... Trinity!"

Khrina: "I already know! I'm going as fast as I can! We might be out of time!"

She merged her roots with his as well, solidifying the bond of the two trees in perfect accord. With that done, they could ascend to the Perfect Insanity... The final stage of the Seventh.

Khrina: "I'm afraid that's all we can do right now... We'll finish up soon!"

Then they wouldn't have to rush, either...

Khrona: 'Ah... Much better...'

This feeling of unity was more than Khrona could have ever felt in his lifetime. With this, he really did know that he actually found the answer to the problems... The way for all to be happy and at peace... And perhaps, it all started with himself, as selfish as that may sound. Because there was no other way for him to be happy but this way, it would seem. And that would lead to utter... Destruction.

Khrona: 'Still, you're just a child... Do not worry. By the time you reach the Eighth and learn all you need to ascend to the Ninth... You will be ready. You and your family, that is. You will soon be recognized, and soon be able to achieve your true self... You and your family. And be at Peace to pave way for the future... Instead of going alone... You shall go together...'

This knowledge flowing into him was that of himself, Khrina and all those behind them from the past. They now held and shared the information and lives of themselves from every existence past, simply by merging together with their 'originals'. This breakthrough... Would pave way for the future... For their child.

Khrona: "I see... So you two weren't real. That's why you came from that land of dreams; so you could become real here with me. As it stands, you currently have no life, merely a dream. And my daughter, merely a consciousness. You wish to be connected as well..."

The roots sprouted up from the ground as he peered into his beloved's eyes. He was happy to understand and know that her love even transcended these dimensions. She wished to be connected that badly, and so did he. Therefore...

Khrona: "... As Tree Of Life, I will grant that wish. You two will be given true life, as I will be given true connectedness. We shall all be connected, then..."

The roots shaped themselves into another trunk, spiraling up in the center. A new tree was being born now... Something that was a physical symbol of their connection.

Khrona: "This time... We have stopped growing apart. So let's not do it ever again... And finally grow together!!"

A new tree, which would bear the fruit of both Life and Knowledge as one... Consciousness; the light of the soul and the will to know that it exists... A fruit that will bear the power to give Will to those without.

Khrona: 'Dimensia... Will it actually be populated this time...?'

It was now time for these two trees to truly bear a child... This is their seed. This is their fruit.

Khrona: "Trinity, the Tree Of Will! It is time now to truly be born!"

It all made sense... No longer would anything need a piece of himself to exist, for as long as both Life and Knowledge produced offspring through a new tree... They could birth Wills of their own.

Khrona: "Yes... A will is made from perpetual energy... Yet knows nothing of how to generate it, itself... This is the end of that unknowing. We'll be able to teach them how to manifest themselves... That's what this larval state as a 'vessel' is for! To learn how to shape your own form!"

The knowledge... The happiness... Yes, they were doing something good. However, there was still a bit of tragedy that had to ensue... How unfortunate...

Khrona: "My child..."

Trinity: "WAHOO~! YOU DID IT, DADDY~!!"

As the connected roots spiraled upward into a definite shape, at the top, branches sprouted outward and a river of light shone bright, connecting each of the branches at the tip where leaves would normally form. It looked like a burning soul atop a tree.

Trinity: "Now we can REALLY get things going, huh? Heeheehee~!"

Trinity's form burst from the Light, immediately taking shape as if it were of her very own will to do so. She looked exactly the same as before, as if nothing had changed. She already established who she was before; it was only now coming into true fruition as the fruit of this tree.

Trinity: "Hooray, hooray~! Now we're gonna be together~!!"

A halo appeared over her head; the only distinct change in her appearance. The slowly ascended up to meet with both her mother and father's.

Trinity: "Forever~!!"

It wasn't clear whose wish this was... But perhaps this was a shared wish between the three of them. The three halos connected, and in their center energies started to form very similar to the ones created by Tigen's three magnifiers. These halos combination formed the Infinity Trinity, and thus spiraled down enough perpetual energy to cause these three beings to their next form... The 'Eighth Restriction'; 'Restriction Of Power'. Now all three of them had achieved their Perfect forms together; Khrona, Khrina, and Trinity... Father, Mother, and Daughter.

Trinity: "We're gonna be happy now!"

Khrina smiled at the joyous occasion of their unity. Of course, she knew that this unity brought great happiness... But soon, there would also be great pain and sorrow. A great fight. A great strife...

Khrina: "... They'll never be able to trust us, you know. No matter what... It seems that trust is the hardest thing to maintain when things look grim..."

Knowledge poured into her the same way as Khrona, ready to accept just what they had to do...

Khrina: "... They will turn against us. And our family... We must save them through this Insanity..."

Though her feelings were true, se couldn't smile at it right now... The climax had begun.

Khrina: "We'll only know in the end... If we were right or not. As long as there are people who wish for something different, we have to be stronger than their ill will... Even if it is only for ourselves."

She drifted over to Khrona and Trinity, grasping her child and floating right into the arms of Khrona.

Khrina: "... But I trust you. I trust us. So let's save our family... And show them this Insanity we've endured..."

Khrona: 'Ah... 'The Eighth'... Wonderful feeling...'

He smiled. Even if his beloved could not smile, he could, simply because of her faith in him. Simply because of Trinity. The reasons for such a complexity was simple beyond all reason, but that established such great and beautiful power...

Khrona: "The energy from the those before... The restrictions one through seven, to achieve our Perfect forms in the Eighth... Tree perfect beings have to be enough... Everything doesn't have to disappear... We don't have to start over, but we do have to fix this terrible mess we've caused..."

He closed his eyes, petting her head calmly, already knowing what this was...

Khrona: 'Tigen... Are you going to be...?'

Khrona: "... We have to press forward! And not lose sight of the future! Even if we get to the end that is at Peace, it will not be complete until all things have reached the end as well! And that end is one that everyone is happy with... Not just a few of us. So we endure going through this. Conflict, war, pain, suffering... It's all just to find the perfect end! Where everyone gets what they want... And gets to live on in harmony, even after the 'end.' That 'end' is convergence into one, but maintaining individuality... It IS possible! It IS so! To have everyone united, yet still their own individual beings! That is what a Free Will is capable of! Maintaining its OWN existence without the help of another! Not to NEED anyone, but to WANT their company, and for them to want it in return..."

There was no margin of error here... It was perfect. Even if the process could take... Lifetimes.

Khrona: "That is why, even if it is only us... I wanted to do it with you and my family. I can stay there alone as long as you are there, and wait as many lifetimes as necessary for any and everyone who wishes to come to join in. To unify the dimensions back with 'Dimensia, The First Dimension'..."

Will they allow it, or will they fight? Ahahaha, who was Khrona kidding?

Khrona: 'It's only natural for these beings... To want to fight. They'll fight us tooth and nail... So, instead of forcing them... All we can do is wait and defend ourselves. They don't want 'Peace' just yet...'

Khrona: "... Come. Let's go. Our children need to know... Insanity."

Engulfing the two within himself, Khrona instantaneously disappeared, returning to the Tree Of Life to finally begin... Again. Again. Again...

Immediately returning from the Tree Of Knowledge, -- otherwise known as the Eldest Sakura Tree, Lilith -- Khrona held the light of Knowledge in his mind, yet the burden of bad news in his heart. This was his punishment, he knew, and also his atonement, but also, the start of something great.

Khrona: 'But will my children only do for themselves... Or will they be open to do for the well-being of all...? It isn't like they won't be reborn... They'll just have to start over...'

Not like Khrona hasn't done it like, a bajillion times already. It was the destiny of a Tensei. And hell, at least their souls wouldn't be going off to a form they didn't want to take, like most people. They'd be able to manifest their forms in any way they saw fit. They shouldn't be selfish when something so great is upon them.

Khrona: '... Oh well. They still were children, after all. Better break it to them lightly...'

Khrona: "... My children... I call for you at my sacred Crystal Tree... Come, meet me here, for we must converse of the fate of the Veritas..."

Though he spoke at the level of normal speech, his voice would carry straight into their connected minds, bodies, and souls, extending to his seeds from across the timeline; the Original Tensei... The Shinsei.

Khrona: "Mywt, Corona, Chroma, Nytoz, Shinsei, Tabrith, Loeci, Charon, Shinrei, Shinra, and Parasce... You all have been chosen..."

It was odd, this calling, for not only were Tigen and Luci left out of the bunch, but also Trinity and Khrina, and others that were part of Khrona's body upon the Tree Of Life... He even left out the 'Accursed One', Taomin, plagued with the Tensei Family Demon, Eris Tensei. There was a method to his madness, and a special reason that these eleven were selected. Khrina and He were the ones that would be taken last, once they bore those eleven over again... And restart the cycle.

Called back to the land from which I wasn't even born... A soul plucked from the ever abyss of the Cauldron. How could I be called born from the Tree of Life when even my birth was unnatural? I may be of his flesh and heritage, but I am not truly... His son.

Appearing in the Crystal Tree when summoned, Mywt Tensei stood before the apparition of his father he so callously cast aside. He knew he was related by blood, but in no way felt the trueness of being his spawn. There was something odd about this life he led, and his being called here today... Something terrible.

Mywt: "..."

The second to show to this little gathering, as she was already within the Tree's perimeter, was Corona, Khrona's sister. It was odd that he called his 'children' and his 'sister' was labeled as one of them. Must have been something she wasn't quite getting yet.

Either way, a strange new... Person was here; someone she'd never met before, but knew shared her blood. He was mysterious and held a very dark sense of self about him... She could barely sense his sense of self at all, actually. Like he didn't care about anything...

Corona: "... Um."

His presence put her at a state of unease, but looking to her brother's face, she could tell that there was something much more pressing.

Corona: "What is it, bro?"

Chroma: 'The time really has come, hasn't it? I've been waiting for this day...'

Fading in from the atmosphere, reminiscent of how her dear Father travels, Chroma appeared beside her aunt, Corona, and between her and her brother, Mywt. She didn't know Mywt, but knew of his origins, and felt no unease from his being here. She was actually more worried about what would happen afterward.

Chroma: "... I am here, Father..."

She may have known what was going on, but did the other members of her family? Most likely not...

The next who was called, Nytoz Tensei, formerly Grimnyzmal, and a piece of Khrona's own literal self. One could call him his 'son', or one could call him his 'brother.' In fact, one could actually call him his 'uncle' or even his 'grandfather'. It didn't matter in the cosmic scale, which was how such a family was judged, by now. Linear time converged with non-linear time... What a mess it was, to be completely honest.

He was pleased that such confusion and chaos was going to be put to an end.

Nytoz: "Yes. I am here."

However... What would become of his realm...? And what of his sweets shop...? What he was not certain of was what came after this. After everything was 'corrected', that is.

A burning light within the Tree shone outward, casting this light before the those who had entered, and before the projected form of the Tree itself. This was its soul, so to speak, though this light was nowhere near as magnanimous as the one that belonged to it currently ruling over the First Dimension, Dimensia. Tigen...

The light took form as a large, burning crimson man. He was made out of nothing but sheer will and soul, his form only taken simply because he willed it to be. Though, he was much smaller than before; it was to show that Tigen really was taking in more and more of his power and gaining more and more control. Eventually, they would completely switch placed, and Shinsei himself would be nothing more than a single flickering candlelight. Such was the way of the True Successor to the throne, even if he was indeed the first.

He was silent, but sound in thought and in spirit, only standing directly beside Khrona with his eyes closed and arms crossed, blazing body shining with a multitude of glorious colors and lights.

Tabrith: 'Looks like you finally came to terms with what had to be done... A shame that it actually had to come to this. But, you are beyond the knowledge of mortal life and death, as is your family. This shouldn't be much of an issue to you.'

His very mind, something that pledged servitude to the Chaos beforehand, and what is the text which held all knowledge and the being which stored all information, Tabrith, formerly known as Cleff. Khrona's Brain. It would appear next to his 'Soul' that was Shinsei, or what was his Soul in transition, for Shinsei to Tigen. They were all undergoing a powerful, and most necessary, metamorphosis. This only meant that the Age of Crystal was coming to and end more quickly than expected...

That was a good thing, right?

Tabrith: "Seems like it's about that time... Right, 'Father'?"

The Body, the Mind, and the Soul did not work on the same level of Linear Time, however, after such a metamorphosis and transition into the correct line, all things would work in harmony, and the chaos of the past would be no more. The body, mind and souls of all that were he would be at one, working together, yet still maintaining individuality through consciousness and will. A wonderful installment that Tabrith could not help but smile at. The end was just the same as the beginning... But the new beginning would not hold the same ending, nor the same fate as what was before.

All was going according to plan. His appearance here only noted it; all his work during his time as 'Grimlock' led up to these final moments... It was why he was the Master of Numbers, after all. This entire realm was nothing more than calculations and digits to be manipulated to his will. He was not an evil man, but a cunning man who wished for the good of all, even at the expense of his own reputation, name and will. Seems as though history was repeating itself in his own kin... his 'grandson', or, his 'brother'. Whichever one wanted to call him at this point. Oh, the chaos of beings on high attempting to be classified in this world on high...

Loeci: "So, I presume there was a reason for us to be called. Please; enlighten the family, Great Tree. Hmhmhm..."

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The guide to the mountain of the dead and the ruler of the Lake of Death and its River Styx, here at the Tree of Life. Must have meant there was something existential going on. Maybe things were going to change now.

The rest of the family was here, and unlike a majority of them, he did not harbor the power to 'know' beyond knowing. A curse of his fated duty, and punishment for his prior undoing. Oh well. Atonement was near.

Charon: "... It would be more than beneficial for you to start talking. Or, are we going to wait for the rest of the members so you don't have to say it twice? Hell, you almost called the whole damn family..."

He didn't exactly seem enthused to be here, especially not after being the one tasked with taking Eris and Zita to Hell. They were gonna be pissed next time they got to a family meeting. He actually hoped they weren't attending this one...

From way down below, crawling up the center of the tree from the very depths of below, a beautiful, yet accursed woman leapt through the shimmering leaves and onto the crystal ground, immediately crouching to a squat on the ground. Seems she couldn't get out of some old habits she had.

Shinrei: "... So, you're finally ready to restore order... Geko. We thought you'd never start..."

Seemed about right. She and Shinsei were the ones who started this horrible fucked up mess, after all. It was up to SOMEONE in the family to break the generational curse placed on them since the beginning of creation. They were so tired of it affecting their children, and had seen quite enough of it. One grave sin led to billions upon billions of years of heartache, suffering and accursedness for the rest of their family, which they could do nothing but sit and watch as punishment for their actions. Enough was definitely enough, and she was happy that, out of everyone, it was Khrona who was doing so, even if everyone played a part in coming to this moment. They'd finally lift it... Finally... They'd be pure once again...

He walked through the trees, the mere man among gods, with only in his mind the thought of why he was summoned. He was in no way a 'child' of Khrona, and in fact, was completely the opposite. He was his father, and was nothing of a god, even if he held such power in his own chakra pool and control. He was just a mere man who mastered the ways of pure chakra over his lifetime, and learned to use it to his will. So why was he being summoned as a 'child of Khrona'? And, in fact... Why was he attending the 'ceremony of the gods?'

Shinra: "... My son. What is the meaning of this? Why have you gathered us all here? And why me, as well, one of mortality and a humble humanity? Please... Let me understand what you know so well."

The 'Forgotten One' appeared before him; no form, no shape, simply as a mass of pure energy once known to this world as 'Ozmacron'. The other two of the 'Forbidden Trine' already achieved new forms; the 'Lost One', 'Ender', and the 'Fallen One', L'sia were no more. She, Parasce, the Forgotten One, was the final of the three to reach reform. Perhaps it was for the best.

She spoke no words at her appearance, but merely hovered over the man she once loved, Shinra. How foolish she was in the past to be lost to the manna... But it was one of the precursors to this event, here and now. They were not ready back then, one thousand years ago. Now, it seemed as though Khrona and Khrina were ready to lift the curse... And free the Witches of their evil, whilst also rebuilding the severed ties between the two. She was grateful for the events that brought her here, and would accept her fate, whatever it may be... All was up to her son, now. Khrona.

Eleven Tenseis later... They were all here, finally, each with their own individual knowledge or unknowing of the situation at hand. Before, Khrona never informed them of what was going on; they simply acted on the 'Will Of Tensei', the Family Bond that connected them, which brought Khrona up to the level he was now.

This time, however, it was of dire importance that he tell them just what was going on, for going in blindly would only end with more unnecessary chaos and dark feelings. He worried only truly for Mywt, the one he could feel such unsettling energy from...

Khrona: "Welcome, family. Brothers, Sister, Children, Parents, Grandparents, and First Ancestral Race. I've called you eleven here simply because you are the immediate bloodline of the Original Tensei family; the True Tensei. I have assembled everyone from the absolute First, stemming from the First Ancestral Race that belonged to the First Dimension, to the very last, which is my own newly born son, Mywt. Though I may be only one of this family, I also know how to free us from this chaos and calamity, and stop the terrible war between us. We are all one and should work as such."

Looks like this was the prelude to one of Khrona's signature speeches and dictations...

Khrona: "We have those that hail from God and those that hail from Grim. Those that are Angel and those that are Devourist. Man, and Beast. I have spoken to one other of the First Ancestral Race; a being known as 'Lilith', the former Mother of All Witches, better known to most of you as... A half of The Fallen One."

L'sia. A mixture of Lilith and Grimnis, and the true first Grim to ever exist beside Allsgrim, who later became simply Grim when Grimnis was split. Those of the F.A.R. knew all of this all too well.

Khrona: "However, she has agreed to cease this madness and come to a truce, as have I with she. There will be peace among this family and among this world, and we have finally found a way to do it. We're finally going to clean up the mess that SOMEONE..."

He shot a DIRECT glare at his Ancestral Father, Shinsei, who indeed was the original Allsgrim and PumpKing, Ruler of the First Dimension. He and his completely racist and womanizing ways got them here, and now Khrona had to fix the mess that wouldn't have ever even happened if he would have just gotten along with his EQUAL to begin with.

Khrona: "... Created for us to fix over the course of several lifetimes. There will be no more deception. No more corruption. No more darkness. By harmony of I, Khrona, the Tree of Life and Truth, as well as Lilith, soon to be Khrina, the Tree Of Knowledge Of Good And Evil, we will be... One, in holy matrimony!"

The wedding of the Queen of Manna, Witches, Dreams, and Wishes and the King of Reality, Will, Soul, and Mind... A testament and a forever oneness that would bring this land of duality and polarity to peace and accord.

Khrona: "Then we can actually weed out the TRUE evils of this world and bring them to rest, instead of quarreling between ourselves for something PETTY."

He shot a glare back at Shinsei, narrowing his eyes. Times have certainly changed since then, and it was a DAMN good thing. Otherwise, it would just end up the same as before. But, here came the bad news...

Khrona: "... However... To do this, you would all have to become... My children, like Trinity, Tigen and Luci, and be born into this world through means of our union. Meaning..."

Sighing heavily, he knew that some were aware of what was going to happen, but others, not so much. Just because everyone in the family could use one hundred percent of their brain didn't mean that everyone was a master psychic.

Khrona: "... You're going to have to die as sacrifices for the greater good."

He wondered what the elder members of the family would say about this... And, in fact, how they'd react to it.

Khrona: "But I mean, it's not that bad. I do control all souls, and all you'd do is just be reborn in the image you see fit. Really, the only reason you'd be dying is so that you'd bear the fruit of both trees; the Immortality and Wisdom of moi and the Knowledge and Understanding of her. You'd finally be COMPLETE beings that were in their TRUE forms, which was anything you wanted!"

It actuality, it would do nothing but help them out. He knew that Chroma, Shinsei, Shinrei, Loeci, Tabrith, Nytoz, and Parasce would understand... But what about Charon, Mywt, Shinra, and Corona? They were the ones he was most... Troubled about with response.

Khrona: "So... What say you all? Are you all willing to sacrifice yourselves to bring upon this great change, knowing that you will simply be reborn in a form that you saw fitting to you?"

... I can't believe what I'm hearing. He foolishly created me, only so that he could send me out to my death to be created again? Is there really such a lack of purpose in my own life, to think I could be toyed with so easily? My life is just as pointless and meaningless as any one of these ignorant fools out here that defile this world without a care... So... Why should I care about this? There isn't a single person who gives a damn about anything but themselves... This world is hopeless...

So it's much better to just spread despair... I don't care what happens to me, but I refused to be used as some puppet...

Mywt: "..."

His unerring silence thickened the air, tension rising beyond levels known before. Even if he felt nothing within him, his mind ran wild with thoughts of betrayal and disdain for his own life. To be sacrificed so casually... Khrona must really be someone selfish to even consider doing that.

Things would be much easier if we just used our immense power to kill everyone... As a family. Then we wouldn't have to worry about fixing their mistakes anymore, or our own. It's not like they're worth anything, anyway... If even our lives have no purpose, then what are those of the ones sheltered by this Tree? Nothing... It's all nothing... It all returns... to nothing...

Rejecting his father's will, Mywt turned away, fleeing the Crystal Tree. He would do things his own way from now on. To him, everything without worth or without point... Shouldn't be allowed to exist. Including himself. His only driving force was to get rid of all life; mass extinction, before he would also get rid of himself. Maybe then there would be change in a world started from scratch.

Khrona: "Oh, son of a bitch... MYWT!!!"

But, Khrona's cry fell on deaf ears. This boy was too young to understand just what it was that occurred, and of course, in favor of his creation, he saw no point in it. Now Khrona was reeeaally starting to regret that decision he made before... It was gonna take hell on earth to make that child see things Khrona's way. And there was no telling what destruction and calamity he would cause that was far more unnecessary... Sigh. Now he was going to have to convince Mywt otherwise, or else the process wouldn't go correctly at all. The sacrifices had to be willing, or their souls would be reborn corrupt.

Khrona: "... Deeefinitely should have just waited before I had another kid. Especially one whose purpose is to be extinction... Dammit. DAMMIT!! Just when I thought EVERYTHING was gonna be FINE!! UGH!"

Though, if he were to die by the hands of another, that would be the equivalent to agreeing to the terms of death through combat. Just as long as Khrona or any other Tensei didn't to it themselves. If no one could convince Mywt, it might have to end with that...

Khrona: "... Sigh... Well... Anyone else object to it, or...?"

Hopefully the others weren't going to make this process harder than it needed to be. Just having Mewt was going to be hard enough. He needed all the 'Original' Tensei bloodline to be in accord for this to work. The other Tenseis would be fine, just as long as these guys were dealt with.

Corona was fixated on the actions of Mywt, technically her 'new' nephew. She didn't know what was going on with him, but she knew it was hard to take this type of news when bonds had been established on this plane of existence. She felt this way for Dente, someone she promised to be the Guardian of... Her only real friend. Already, she knew she would let him down if she died without finishing a fight with him, and if they didn't complete some epic journeys together. So soon, her life was coming to an end again, even though it was just beginning... As Megaera, she didn't really do much... And before that, she was killed as a baby. Seems like she couldn't catch a break when it came to this whole 'life' thing...

Corona: "... I object. Brother, I want to live this life as long as I can. I haven't had a chance to live any of my past lives, and I've already been through three of them. I died once before having the chance to live, as a figment of your own insanity... I died a second time in Hell, being reborn as Corona... And now you want me to undergo it again, after I finally though I had a friend? You've got to understand how I feel..."

Unlike the elders, she hadn't done anything to mess up her own life. She was simply suffering because of the long-term effects of their decisions. She knew that Khrona was trying to fix them, but... What about the life she had here? Would it just... Go to waste...? Not again...

Corona: "I just can't accept it... I want to be the Guardian of Dente. I don't think I can do this... There are other people involved besides just the family..."

But... Would she really sacrifice the fate of all just for the sake of one? Or, two? She and he? Was that a form of selfishness, or a form of nobility? It was all so confusing in her head... Why did Khrona have to spring this on her at such a crucial juncture in her life!?

He knew it... Corona was gonna object to it. But, for her situation, he didn't really blame her. She hadn't matured either, and didn't know the responsibilities that sometimes fell on us to ensure a better future for those to come, even if it means cleaning up the shithole of messes that their ancestors made.

Khrona: "Corona... I can say that your actions and feelings are selfish, but they are not wrong. You haven't even had a chance to live, but I am also asking you to give up something each Tensei knows is so very precious... The gift of life. However, just as life is a gift, sometimes, so can death. The 'Gift Of Death' allows us to restart life fresh and new; have our souls cleansed and sent out into the world once again to bring harmony to the chaos that those before us have done. As a Tensei, you'll be reborn with your memory and your will; your Soul is different from the others out there. When they die, their souls are either consumed or renewed to the point where they do not even remember their life before, and that soul is lost. You, however, will be gifted with the power to make anything of yourself..."

He hoped his words were getting through to her. She was an angel who loved music, so maybe...

Khrona: "... Perhaps a song will help you. This is something that helps me make these crucial decisions at times... Where I can choose to either be selfish and allow the world to suffer, or be selfless and allow prosperity. There is a time for suffering and time for prosperity, for some people only learn the correct way and the lesson they need through such suffering, even if it is terrible to endure watching..."

Khrona knew that all too well. Just undergoing this process and watching his family, especially his dear son, Mywt, suffer such turmoil was enough to bring Khrona to the point of tears all the time. But he had to be strong and keep the serene smile for them. They were almost there... To a point where the suffering would finally be at an end... And so, to get through to her, with the Voice of God and all such harmony, he began to sing...

He continued to hum the song, repeating the lyrics all throughout, teaching these words to Corona and hoping they would stay with her in her mind, in her heart and in her soul.

Khrona: "... I do not want to intimidate you, I do not want to force you to do anything you do not want to. I just want you to think about the bigger picture... Every decision you make, every action you take has its consequences, good or bad, and these consequences not only affect yourself, but all those around you and involved with you. Just like our Ancestors were so foolish not to understand..."

He shot yet ANOTHER glare at Shinsei, not wanting to let this go. I mean, this was EONS upon EONS of suffering on his ENTIRE familial line for something stupid. It was hard for Khrona to fully let it go, even if he was forgiving and already in the process of fixing. It was just a reminder not to be that goddamn stupid again. But, even though they were born with such responsibility, they were still babes in spirit, and through their children, they have grown. Finally.

Khrona: "... So I just ask you to think about it before you make an absolute decision. Is that so much to ask?"

The words of Khrona resonated true within her, making her second guess her original thoughts, opening her mind to a new realm of thought. She never once thought of the gravity of her own actions on the situation, and now, this made her actually consider it... The effect of one person on the entirety of all... It was actually much more of a huge responsibility than she was prepared to realize it was, and it scared her... To the point of shaking.

Corona: "... My decision... Is that important...?"

Was she really being so selfish? Khrona wasn't exaggerating, even though he was known for being over the top and overdramatic at times... This was a serious issue. He said he didn't want to scare her, but that was natural for this type of situation. Maybe she wasn't as mature as she thought she was.. She always wanted to do things on her own and without the help of others, but without Khrona's knowledge... She would have probably doomed the family again. Maybe... Maybe this was what she needed to know. Maybe this was supposed to be an experience that would help her to open up to receiving the will of others. Thinking that was calmed her down and opened her mind even further... To the point of understanding and clarity in her head that she needed to make her decision.

Corona took a deep breath, exhaling, going through the process of the entire thing in her head just one more time, to make sure it sounded alright. When she was confident that her plan was solid, she looked to her brother with a face of absolute certainty.

Corona: "... Alright, Khrona. I'll do it. But only if I'm assured... To be able to take this form again when I am reborn. So that I can still be friends with Dente and be his Guardian... As long as this complies with my wishes, then I'll accept being sacrificed for the fate of the world."

She stood by her own beliefs even so, though still did what she had to for the family. She realized that with simple thought, she didn't have to give up either, as she originally thought she would. Just goes to show what a clear head and full understanding can get you; the correct answer that works for the good of both. That is, if what Khrona said actually will work that way...

Oh, how relieving it was to hear that from her... And how it did him happy to see his dear sister actually learn what it meant to be responsible and do things on your own. It wasn't to simply reject help and assistance and to become so full of your own power and wishes that you become arrogant, egotistical and overall, conceited... It was to use your own power to come up with a solution that was best, and to make the decision of what you TRULY wish to do for yourself, and to accept the will of others, as well. It warmed his heart to see his sister so confident and mature now.

Khrona: "That makes me happy to hear, and I am pleased to inform you, you will be able to take the form you wish in your 'true form' awakening. So, if that is what you truly wish to be once you are reborn... Then this is who you will become. The only difference is, you will no longer be my 'sister,' but my 'daughter'. Blood, all the same, and a figure a change in title wouldn't mean much to one of such cosmic knowledge. We are all family."

Both his wishes and his sisters would be realized in full... That was a nice thing to know of. He nodded his head and gave her a big hug. They never hugged anymore, and rarely even saw each other.

Khrona: "... I'm so pleased with you, sis..."

The Tensei Family would be able to shape the future this way, and help those to come.

He let go of her though, and looked around to the others, inquiring yet again if they had anymore objections. So far, it seemed like Mywt was the only one, but that didn't necessarily mean that it would stay that way...

Khrona: "Is there anyone else?"

At the ask if anyone else had anything to say, Charon raised his hand up casually, almost like he'd been waiting forever for it to happen.

Charon: "Yes, over here. Will I still be condemned to this form and my duty, or can I... Not do that, after this whole sacrifice business?"

He really seemed to not want to only be used for ferrying souls to Mount Mortis, even if the Lake Of Death was pretty cool and the River Styx connected everywhere.

Charon: "And, will my atonement be... Well... Complete, I guess? I'd much prefer to go into a new life with a clean slate, thank you."

Everything else didn't seem to be of a concern to him, but if he could choose his form, maybe he could choose his place here, too... Or maybe Khrona would 'Zeus' him, and assign him some craptastic job, or something.

Khrona sighed.

Khrona: "No, you don't have to do it if you don't want to. And yes, you'll atone fully, starting off with a clean slate. Because I'm asking you to give up your lives, you will be able to do whatever you want with them in the next, once you are reborn. And I hope with that, this settles all questions...?"

Maybe now he could get to who wanted to go first... Hmm?

Khrona: "Well, is that all, or can we get to who's going first, now?"

Shinra, being a patient man, waiting for a while in the silence to see if anyone else would step forth before him. He wished for everyone to get their concerns out of the way before he dealt with his own. He was a respectful and righteous man, after all. When no one came forth, he stepped forward and spoke.

Shinra: "Yes, my son... I have a question, which, it seems will be the final, since no one else has stepped forth. That is..."

He looked down at his hands, glowing with chakra in the purest of forms. He knew all that he went through for one thousand years to master these levels of chakra so, and did not want such mastery to go to waste.

Shinra: "... In all my years, I have worked hard to get where I am. I have rightfully earned my impeccable control over Chakra and my godly Chakra Pool that I am legendary for. What shall become of this? Will I be able to carry it over to my next life, or will I be forced to start anew? I am no god, like the rest of you... But I am certainly one who is equally part of this family. I would hope that I was treated with the same such respect, even if I am only a normal man."

Hmmm... This was something Khrona hadn't really prepared for. It was true that his father spent his lifetime, far beyond that of any other human, learning to control his chakra, and from that control, he extended his life and longevity by that much more, to the point where he could sustain himself purely on chakra alone. He was a being of enlightenment, and to take that from him was not right at all, especially not after he worked so hard.

Khrona: "Well, you'll be able to choose your form, so I'll reveal something else that will become of you all; The Thirteen Restrictions. Placed upon each of you will be these 'Thirteen Restrictions' to help balance your power. Father, you'll be the only one allowed to open up any of the Restrictions at any given time you wish, which will bring you more and more of your chakra from the godly Chakra Pool you possess. The others, who are godly in nature, will need to learn to control their power through the Thirteen Restrictions. So, your manliness grants your wish as you wish."

Now, with his father out of the way, that pretty much summed up the Q and A portion of this little get together. Now, maybe... He could get to who was going to volunteer for what.

Khrona: "... Alright. So, if there are no more questions, concerns or discrepancies... Who wants to be the bearer of bad news and Fall first?"

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; End Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; End   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; End EmptyWed Jul 08, 2020 5:49 pm

The stubborn old flame, slowly losing his will to go on grew smaller and weaker, knowing that his time was finally up. In the end, even he was going to have to go, if they wanted something better. His ways just weren't the 'correct' ways... Maybe his trusted son, the new Pumpking could fix this mess he caused...

Shinsei: "... I will go first. Even though that interdimensional black hole has finally stopped eating away at me, it doesn't stop what's happening with Tigen..."

Soon, that boy would suck up every last drop of his power, and the original Shinsei would be completely consumed... He would become one with Tigen again, and this time, Tigen would be in control of things. To be reunited with his son again... That actually sounded rather wonderful.

Shinsei: "If I'm doomed to go out, I might as well go out with honor instead of waiting for this one's soul to gobble me all up. Hahaha."

Throughout the whole conversation, he caught the hint that his decisions in the past definitely messed up some things... But with Khrona here, things would definitely turn out for the better... Even through this most crucial time.

Shinsei: "... So. What is the plan, mister 'big man in charge?'"

Khrona: "Go talk to Lilith. She knows what must be done. Here, I'll work on merging Shinrei and Khrina back into one being. Then... Everything can fall into place with our marriage... in our Perfect forms... the Trinity Infinity."

Such was the 'Eighth Restriction' of the 'Three Peaces'. All that was needed was for the three pieces to get into their proper places, and everything else will fall right into place as it may.

Shinsei: "... Shinrei, we'll talk here."

Seemed simply enough... But some things needed to be taken one step at a time before they actually came to be.

Shinsei paused, rather disturbed by the mention of that woman... Lilith... How long it had been since he'd actually been in contact with her...

Shinsei: "... It's time to give up those old ways and show her the light, huh...? Guess this is the end for me... I'll have to use the last of my power to... Fill up the last little bit of darkness within her... And, simultaneously..."

Shinsei shot a glance back at Khrona, smirking now that he caught on to what was going on. They were both going to erase the darkness between them by filling the final 'hole' with a piece of each other. That's where they fit, and that's what would complete them... Like perfect pieces to perfect puzzles. Those two were going to be Perfect, and thus, so would their child...

Shinsei: "I've got to say, Khrona... This Master Plan of yours does indeed seem to pan out absolutely flawlessly. I'm happy... I didn't want our family to suffer anymore. Especially not you and her."

Reminded him too much of himself. But he knew that things would be different this time. Khrona wouldn't succumb to that darkness and neither would Khrina, as long as Shinsei and Shinrei filled the final piece of themselves and completed their souls...

Shinsei: "I'm coming home, son... Or should I say... Father?"

He closed his eyes with a smile on his face, his body fizzling out and warping elsewhere with one quick *Fwip!*

With her orders to stay at the Tree Of Life, it would seem that Khrona had something important to say to her. Somehow, she felt as though she already knew what it was, though.

Shinrei: "What is it we have to speak about? I already know we must move as fast as possible."

Just in time. He felt himself starting to ascend to the Seventh, whilst simultaneously at the Tree Of Knowledge, Shinsei was speaking to Lilith. Things were going perfectly.

Khrona: "I need you to take Shinsei's place being combined with Tigen. Tigen will never be complete without his final piece, and Tigen should not end up like Tigen's father..."

Hahaha. It seems like even Khrona couldn't help but speaking in the third person when it came to Tigen.

Khrona: "... That darkness within him is a missing piece that only you can fill, otherwise history will just repeat itself and he'll end up just like his father. I'll handle things with Khrina... You handle Tigen. I hear he's within the Nytozpear... talking to that adoptive daughter. You should hurry and complete him. This all must be done in unison, you see, if it is to be perfect."

Khrona: 'Everything must be conducted perfectly... Orchestrated to the utmost perfection...'

Khrona: "... You did say I was the True Maestro after all, didn't you? Hahahaha. I'll conduct a wonderful symphony, then. One that is more beautiful than anything ever imagined."

Shinrei: 'To Tigen... huh. All of this is the most ancient of voodoo... Souls trapped within doll bodies... Was that what became of us? Did he seal away our darkness and I trapped souls in voodoo dolls? What a scary thing...'

Shinrei: "Alright. I will go."

She understood now that it wasn't about trapping a spirit in an artificial body, but to let that being of pure Will figure out what it Wishes to be, then Be what it Wishes and Will become. To take the form it wishes... Just like Khrona was trying to do.

Shinrei: "... This will fix my mistake, too, huh? I guess my sons and daughter of the Light have burnt up their bodies I tried to confine them too... Somehow, I knew that would happen eventually. Even if it's for billions of years, something made of pure Will will never stay trapped where it is unless it wants to... Or doesn't know how to get out. How to Will itself into a new form. They'll learn that secret..."

She understood now. Receding into a black pool that appeared under her, she gave her dear 'son' an appreciative nod of the head and was off to see Tigen. With this knowledge, she could teach him how to take on a form of his own will... Rather than stay confined to the shape given. That is what Khrona wished for with the rebirth of his children... To give them their own will rather than just a piece of his own, so that they could be their own person yet still be connected to him. They would share power instead of siphon, and the cycle, the endless circle of life could finally come to an end... So True Death could be found in Peace. Oh, Peace... She couldn't wait to get there.

Khrona smiled and nodded in return to her. She'd be free of this curse, too, just like he said.

Khrona: "I'm glad you finally understand that knowledge you have, great grandmother... Or, should I say, mother? Hahaha."

It didn't matter what he called her, for she was his first ancestor through and through. But now a stronger will was going to bring them all back together and let them find out their own way. That was Khrona, Khrina, and Trinity.

Khrona: "Knowing that, the trees really must already be unifying... If even she is starting to understand."

Now, it was Khrona's turn to make this happen... Picking up right where they left off...

Khrona: "... Khrina and I in Allsgrim Manor... We did it. We finally caught up, and now we can really be together... The three of us."

He muttered it under his breath, but he knew the rest of his family could hear him. What some may consider selfish actually simply fulfilled everyone's wishes, including their own. That's what a true Master Plan does... It fulfills EVERYONE'S wishes, not just a set group. But, these things of course have to coincide, or else it won't fit together. That is why it had to happen this way... One mind at a time.

-- Minor Time Skip --

After the unification of Khrona, Khrina, and Trinity and their subsequent ascension into the Eighth Restriction, Khrona was prepared to undergo the next portion of this entire ordeal.

Khrona: "... Alright, we have returned."

Beside him, Khrina (Now Titania) and Trinity (now Trinity) would appear, the three of them having taken on rather... Divine forms.

Khrona: "And it's time for us to get this next part under way. The rest of you Tensei will have Insanity within you lying dormant awakened, as it has either been locked away or you have 'failed' to control it. When you're reborn after your sacrifices, each of your Great Minds will have upon them the Thirteen Restrictions to control this Insanity caused by your ever growing power. However, right now... I will simply show you what it's like..."

Whomever the next volunteer wished to be, Khrona was going to awaken their sleeping Insanity and show them the truth that lies deep within themselves... That which wishes to be resolved, but cannot, for it is locked away in the darkness... How sad.

Immediately after Khrona finished speaking, the hand of this rather 'Grim' being rose to the air lackadaisically, showing his eagerness, yet also his lack of interest in the entire event.

Charon: "Uh, yeah, can I go first? I really don't want to do... Well, this anymore. Come on."

Charon Tensei, one that was charged with ferrying souls to Mount Mortis or the Underworld or Hell or whatever he was doing rowing up and down the River Styx to atone was rather tired of his position. Of course, he deserved it, but that didn't mean that he wasn't ready to be done with it.

Charon: "The next like is waiting for me, and I wanna do it right, this time."

Khrona: "Go right ahead..."

Khrona's eyes gleamed, peering deep into the darkest part of Charon's mind, soul and heart, where the Insanity of his own inner self lay locked away. Opening the door to that Insanity, it would unleash itself, flourishing into something he could no longer ignore...

Khrona: "... And so, a new Insangel is about to be born..."

Khrona crossed his arms, hoping that the world was prepared... Even if it didn't matter.

The Insanity of Charon Tensei... A woeful darkness that scarred him from times past as Grim, and even before as Allsgrim. That darkness that Grim held true is what caused him such pain and sorrow, even if he did not readily express it... He was a lost piece of his former self, Allsgrim, who was nowhere near complete as the original Tensei. As such, his Insanity was not knowing his own purpose... Being lost between the darkness and the light, eternally wandering the boundaries of the void of his world to keep all those trapped within the world of Allsgrim.

As Charon, his job was to lead the lost souls to their destinations in the afterlife, through the River Styx. However, he was also a lost soul, himself, and could not find his way back... As a lost being, this Insanity finally was able to unleash itself after Khrona unlocked it, and all that Charon held in his head would be questioned by himself...


The Insangel of the Lost.

Charon: "Great, I'll just--"

An abrupt halt in his sentence caused by the influx and outpour of Insanity within, dormant for many, many years, ever since the time as Allsgrim. He could not remember who he was or what his purpose was, now. His true identity was wrapped in shadow... A black fuzz in his head that seemed to also hinder his own mind's freedom of travel. He didn't know where he was going nor what he was doing... He was truly...


Charon: "..."

He fell silent, no longer knowing what the point of his existence was. To guide lost souls for eternity...? But, what was he doing for himself...? All he could do was travel up and down the River Styx, never free to do what he wanted... Now, within himself, he was lost down that river of the dead... Trying to find his way out lost between Life and Death.

Charon: "... What am I... Doing?"

Completely disoriented and discombobulated, Charon turned around, eyes wavering, trying to find something to focus on... Something with clear direction for him to go. Nothing made sense anymore... This was true Insanity... The curse of the Tensei.

Charon: "I'd better find my way back home... I don't know where... I'm pretty... Lost..."

In a bolt of lightning, he shot from the tree and down to the planet, Fallen from grace and doomed to aimlessly wander the lands with no knowledge of what he was supposed to do. His individual Insanity...

It's hard being a Tensei.

---- Minor Time Skip ----

The soul of Charon, as promised by Khrona, returned to the Tree of Life, right before Khrona.

Charon: "... That was not fun."

And the worst part was, he had to do it all again.

Charon: "... But next time, it'll be better. Next time's the real deal anyway. For all us Tensei."

With the soul of Charon having returned to the tree, that marked One of the Eleven Tensei needed to be slain in order to truly bring Rebirth to not only the clan, but to the Veritas... The Witches... Everyone. They were willing sacrifices to the promise of Khrona that they would be resurrected as his children, and finally there would be order.

Khrona: "... You've done well, Charon. Or, whatever you wish to be called now. It's your choice. Make yourself in the way you wish, and when you are reborn through me, you'll be able to go through the Thirteen Restrictions to help harness that Insanity that overcame you down there."

The overwhelming Insanity that he held was nothing but his own inner turmoil. The Insanity brings out the worst in those only so that they may overcome it and find their best, then control said Insanity as their own whilst also mastering themselves completely and fully. Such is the power of the legendary Great Mind of the Tensei.

Khrona: "So rest here and get your life together... And then, when all are ready to be reborn... The time will come."

After watching such a display by his kin, Nytoz, as a gentleman through and through, would insist upon going next.

Nytoz: "My boy... Please. Allow me to be the next to go. Bring forth the Insanity deep within me..."

Though he was already aware of his Insanity... That which brought him so much hunger in the past...

Nytoz: "... This planet must remember me... Even if it was not of my own doing..."

Back then, he could not control the hunger he had; the one that sought planets, galaxies, existences... Something that his brother, Grimlock found a way to quench. Yes, he was not nearly as powerful as his elder brother... But that control would come once he learned to overcome that insanity.... The Insanity of Hunger...

Khrona: "Ah, well then... It can be done..."

Just as with Charon, Khrona's eyes gleamed for but a moment, pinpointing and illuminating that dormant Insanity within Nytoz, that which he had been suppressing for quite a while now...

Khrona: "... I hope you know what you're doing..."

The Insanity of Nytoz... An Insanity that stemmed deep from his very being. Eternally trying to fill a black hole within himself that never would be filled. His own hunger for other beings, for things more powerful to satiate his appetite, be it a planet, a galaxy or even an entire universe, his stomach was not satisfied. This was a hunger that nothing could ever quench but his own satisfaction for himself, and despite how he felt he needed to consume to fill himself, the black hole would ever continue to consume, just as power consumed the power hungry and taste consumed the gluttonous.

Thus, a new Insangel was born; one who governed over the hungry, be they for power, for appetite, for thirst or for anything that they quested for in attempts to fill a void within themselves that it just would not, no matter how much they tried to. He was...


The Insangel of the Hungry.

He didn't wince, only closed his eyes and embraced his long lost feeling he had been forcing down for so long. Now, it no longer would stay buried at the bowels of his being and forced itself up to the surface. For the first time in quite a long time... He was hungry. Yet again.

Nytoz: "... Ah. I remember this feeling well... I'm very sorry everyone..."

His eyes opened dramatically, his Third Eye in the middle of his head gleaming the same crimson red as Khrona's eyes, almost as if reacting to their sight in a sort of correspondence. He bowed to Khrona humbly, arm over his chest as a noble gentleman's would be. His scarf wrapped over his face hid his mouth, though a rather ungentlemanly slurp seemed to escape...

Grimnyzmal: "... I'm hungry..."

From below, a large mouth formed, within it, pitch blackness, and around the mouth, huge pointed teeth. It rose from the ground and completely consumed Grimnyzmal, taking him from the safe haven of the tree and into the world he once knew...

Just as Grimnyzmal left in his abysmal black hole, guess who appeared in his place~? That's right! It was none other than the cutest and most adorable thing to ever exist ever; Trinity Tensei!

Trinity: "WAAAAAAAIIII! Daddy, Daddy! I have returned to do my mission!"

With a goofy, yet somehow cute smile on her face, her arm transmogrified into a rather menacing looking scythe. The scythe of the reaper.

Trinity: "As um, Shinigami, it is my sworn duty to um... Make sure all the souls are in the right order and stuff and um... You guys gotta die and stuff!"

She grinned real big, cocking her arm back in an arc that would get every last Tensei save for her parents, and with one fell swoop she sliced through them all against their will, enforcing her powers as Shinigami to revoke their souls from their bodies and kill them on the spot! In that one fatal slash, all of the souls of the Tensei family would rise from their bodies, which crumbled away to dust drawn back into the light of their souls. Each one was different in their own way, but either way, they were all dead and reaped.

She turned around to face her daddy and smiled adorably at him, jumping into his arms and playfully wiggled around.

Trinity: "Daddy daddy daddy! Trinity did it! I reaped their souls, Daddy! I used my Shinigami power and made them die~! I'm gonna go do that to everyone! Hooraaaay~!"

She was actually quite happy about getting her first true duty as a Shinigami correct, especially when it helped move things along for her family. She was lucky she came from a family that could do whatever they wanted. It made her smile~~!

Khrona: '... Sigh.'

Khrona: "... Trinity..."

A hand slowly drifted to his forehead, squeezing the top of the bridge of his nose in complete awe of what happened. He wasn't even... Sure how this came to be. But now, as he promised, they were all dead and could be remade in their own image. This is not how he expected things to work out...

As his daughter hopped in his arms and she was so proud of what she had done, Khrona almost felt bad about what he was going to do... Burst her cute little bubble.

Khrona: "... Trinity, dear... You know you can't just go around abusing your powers as Shinigami and as a Tensei. Truthfully, you're a being that can do virtually anything, as am I and your mother. However, just because we are does not mean that we do. As a Tensei, it is imperative for all of us to learn how to control our god-like power so it is not misused or abused, and so we do not fall to our respective Insanities, which is why I have created the Thirteen Restrictions for us."

Wiggling around, he didn't know if she was actually paying attention or not... So as she wriggled about, he grasped her tightly and looked her straight in her eyes, hoping that she knew how serious this matter was.

Khrona: "Are you listening? This is very important, since you have such power at your disposal. You can't just go around killing people just because you have the power to do so. That doesn't make you responsible with your power, nor does it make this world flourish. I am happy that you're trying to learn to take responsibility, but if you're going to do so, I'm going to have to show you how to do it right... And it seems that the only way to do so is through the Thirteen Restrictions."

Even she, a being that was just as perfect as he and his wife could not escape this fate. However, she was already at the 8th restriction along with them, coat tailing her way up to the Thirteenth. As it currently stood, all 3 of them were going to redo it once they reached their True Forms, however... At least the three of them would be at Peace when they did so.

Khrona: "You're going to have to ascend to the 'Ninth Restriction' with me and your mother, so we may transfer all information between the three of us, so we may all know everything. Then, combining all three of our powers, we will create the Judgemaster to judge the souls of the world. Okay? To do that, the three of us are going to have to achieve a perfect resonance together, combining all of our powers to create the Judgemaster out of Life and Death itself. Alright?"

Seems things were hastening at a speed even Khrona wasn't prepared for. Their meditative resonance would shoot them up to the Ninth, which would thereby instantaneously spawn the Tenth for each of them, Khrona's being the Judgemaster. Then... He could start judging souls. That was going to be a very difficult task for everyone to deal with, rest assured...

Finally, in the wake of the aftermath, the dearly beloved of Khrona appeared like a dream beside him, witnessing the deaths of her kin right before her eyes. Yes, it was tragic, but something that had to be done. Now that the 'Trini-T' was left; Tensei, Titania, and Trinity, the 'Three Peaces' were going to have to converge here and ascend to the 'Ninth', subsequently unleashing the 'Tenth' and 'Eleventh Restrictions' as a result.

"Dear," Titania began, knowing of what needed to be done, "Shall we finally release... The Insanity? Once we achieve the Ninth, it won't be able to afflict us anymore, and in the end, it will truly become our weapon of reform. Our savior and our masterpiece. I think this land has started to settle in complacency due to your absence in guidance." She plucked dear sweet Trinity from her father's arms and into hers, ready to reassure that her father's words were to be recognized with the utmost seriousness. "Listen to your father, Trinity. He knows what he speaks of. He will guide you down the correct path, so heed his words. He only wants what's best for you and everyone else. If you're a reckless Death, then won't you haphazardly kill those who are not yet meant to die, just as you did your family?" Though, in truth, they kinda had to die... But it was about the morals of what was going on that she needed to see. Oh, how much training she needed. "So calm down and just resonate on your father's cue, alright?"

Once she was done with Trinity, she returned to Khrona, the God Of Insanity, who Kept it all within himself as a mean to tame it, wondering if he would indeed unleash it to the world yet again...

As he evolves, so does the Insanity he is meant to Keep... Maybe it'll be too much for them...?

The hyperactive Trinity squirmed and flailed in her father's arms, playing around whilst he spoke. Though it didn't seem like she was listening, she did hear what he was saying. As for if she actually was paying attention to it was a different story...

It didn't take long for her mother to appear and scoop her up, advising Trinity to calm herself and to really take heed to her father's words.

Trinity: "Okay Daddy... I will try my best to keep from killing people and... stuff..."

She had a loose understanding of what it was she was supposed to not be doing, but clearly, using her powers willy-nilly wasn't a plus in this sort of situation.

Trinity: "Well... Will you help me daddy? Hmmmm? Pleeaaase?"

Now she wriggled in her mothers arms, as though she wanted to go be with her father, yet didn't take the last effort to jump into his arms. She kinda liked acting like a baby still... Well, she is one, after all.

Trinity: "Will going to the Ninth help us too? Huuuh? Huuuh? What do I have to do Daddy? Hmmmm?~"

Again, Khrona was forced into hastily doing things to complete something for the sake of others, and thus, he was going to have to make this move along rather quickly. Oh well, at least Trinity was listening to him now and not playing around.

Khrona: "Alright, here we go. You two, let us link souls in resonance. After that, it shouldn't take too long for us to become completely perfectly synced."

Curse him for being forced to do things correctly. Sometimes, he felt as though he were a slave to the damn protocol of the Thirteen Restrictions. Oh well, he was almost there, and through this he'd get through three more of them rather quickly. The last two were Restrictions he had to figure out on his own.

He grabbed Trinity and Titania's hands and began to connect their souls together through wavelength. Because they were already connected in other ways as the Three Peaces, this connection would only further synchronize them from where they already were.

Khrona: "You two, as we resonate, you must stay very, very quiet and focused..."

Truthfully, he was talking more to Trinity than to Titania, but at this point, Trinity might just stay focused enough to do this.

She nodded and said nothing, merely grabbing Khrona's hand and linking up with him. This sort of resonance would connect them perfectly in every way, yet still allow for the three of them to maintain their individuality in this connection. They would have to continue to resonate for quite a while whilst this happened. He also asked them to stay quiet in this... Perhaps it was so that their souls really could link up. She'd simply speak to him through there.

Titania: 'How do you expect us to bring about Life and Death? I suppose that you and Trinity will be using your combined power to do that?'

Naturally, to call upon the Judgemaster, it was imperative to convert the essence of Life and Death into that form. As it stood, the Judgemaster was dormant within Khrona still and needed a way to be brought into existence again. However, was it best for him to place this power in such a being? Perhaps he should simply keep it within himself? Sometimes, she really didn't know what her dear lover was doing...

Titania: 'Don't you think that instead of unleashing the power of the Judgemaster and separating yourself again, you should merge with it and simply become the Arbiter Of Souls?'

Trinity did as she was instructed and held her mother and father's hands, linking up with them through the power of resonance. She simply matched whatever her mother and father were doing, just because she was coat-tailing along with what they were doing anyway by default. She was fascinated by the whole thing, but knew that it was time for the adults to talk.

Trinity: 'Wow~! I can hear you in my head and stuff! Cool~!'

Besides... She was too busy marveling at these types of things to really be concerned with their endeavors right now, anyway.

Titania did make a good point. No productivity ever came from Khrona extending pieces of himself. It only made things far more troublesome. However, in this accord, if he were to take on the form of the Judgemaster, then Titania and Trinity would not be able to go on to the Tenth, nor the Eleventh once they reached the Ninth. That is what he wanted, which was why he was doing things in the way he was in the first place.

Khrona: 'I'll deal with it this time around. Next time will be the final time for me and for you two as well, so it is better to just do just finish what we started, no matter how much we delve into this. We can fix it in the end.'

That was the sole reason why Khrona even continued doing what he was doing, which it seemed like no one really liked. It was because of how he wanted to get to the end so he could change things in the new beginning and make them much better. Everything was already messed up now in the end of things... There was no point trying to make it better, but to continue on swifter towards the end.

Khrona: 'The faster we get to the end, the faster we can do it correctly the next time. Don't you see? If you combine with me just for a little bit... Then once I reach the Twelfth, so will you two, and you will have Wills of your own to do as you please. Simply, I'll be closing the gap for you two by letting you join your powers with the Judgemaster and Arbiter. Does that make sense?'

As usual, Khrona's words made sense and seemed to be well thought out in this regard. If they all combined their powers, then as he ascended, so would they. Truthfully, she felt a little bad about being a tag-along like Trinity, but knew that for right now, this was the only way. It was what was best this time around.

Titania: 'I understand. I guess all we can do now is simply maintain a resonance and allow the Judgemaster to handle the rest.'

Trinity was doing her own thing, marveling at such simple things because she was a child. It was cute, but the time for playing was over for a while. Not that Trinity would know that.

Titania: 'Trinity. I need you to be focused... Connect the power of Death with your father's power of Life and our combination will summon the essence of Life and Death itself, which used to be the Lost One. Perhaps we can even guide him down the correct path... that Lost One.'

The Forgotten One was already taken care of; Parasce Tensei. The Fallen one, L'sia, was another story. That one... That was her jurisdiction. To bring herself back up after she had fallen... Maybe that's something else Khrona was doing for her. To ensure that she didn't fall again, he would bring her up with him. Still thinking of others, huh...? He must have seriously been trying to make up for his past, too... They were both quite severely tainted in their own respect... But perhaps that is how you shine light on the darkness... To dive right into it without fear and let your light shine through, no matter how dark it gets. Even if Khrona fell sometimes, at least he always made sure to have that light still shine for the right reasons, be they for himself or for others. What an interesting man she was in love with...

Trinity really didn't care about the details. She just wanted to get this over with and have fun as much as possible.

Trinity: 'Okay Mommy~! One Death, coming up~!'

Between the two of them, she would synchronize the power of Death, creating a large black cloud over their heads made up of the pure essence of Death itself. It shared a link between Trinity, Khrona and Titania, resonating with them as they with it.

Trinity: 'Okay, Daddy! Your turn!'

Once Trinity connected the power of Death, it was Khrona's turn to bring about the power of Life to connect to it. Focusing on his daughter and his wife, he synchronized the Tree of Life's energy with their own, causing the black mass hovering above them connected to their souls to shine with white on one side, as if becoming the Yin-Yang symbol. This was Life and Death itself, their purest essences hovering above their heads and waiting for them to shape its existence into something tangible. Such was what happened with these metaphysical things.

Khrona: 'Alright, everyone. I will transfer my power as Judgemaster into this energy; the combination of our own. Death, Life and the Union of it in harmony. With this, these energies will become the Judge of the souls of this world... As we ascend to the Ninth Restriction, this energy will become our combined Tenth and Eleventh and bring justice to this crumbling village. To save it... We'll have to clean it up.'

He placed his energy in this creation, now... And his family... Titania and Trinity were the last hope for salvation for Khrona and the Tensei family... Just as he was for them and his village.

Khrona: 'I've gotten this far and it's yielded some good results... Even if it is going slowly, I can see a change... That just means that I'm on the correct path, even if sometimes I may doubt myself... Myself won't let me falter. Or anyone connected to me. I am this village, it is my body, and if I choose to grow, it'll grow with me. I must persevere... I must continue forward... We must do this, my love; my daughter... If we ever want to see the Veritas flourish. Sacrifices have to be made...'

Of course, he knew this all too well. This was a delicate time where it could grow or it could fall, and his actions may be the most indicative to this potential growth. So, he still needed to tread carefully...

Khrona: '... Perhaps it's time to release... It... As well...'

There. This pure essence of Life and Death that swirled between the three great beings brought forth both terror and hope upon the rest of the Veritas Village, as though all actions were synchronized in full. A struggle, a battle, one which threatened life with death, and death with life. Which would win? Perhaps there was nothing to win... But everything to provide a steady growth... Separating the boys from the men. The weak from the strong. Life and Death worked together... It was those below that figured they worked in opposition.

In the midst of their harmony, the Yin-Yang energy of Life and Death started to spin, taking shape into something that seemed to be a large and knightly figure. Clad in a slender armor, hair standing on end with immeasurable power, the Judgemaster was brought back into existence from the power of Life and Death itself. And it looked just like Khrona. "I have returned," he spoke with a stern and absolute voice, bellowing throughout the tree, "And I command thee to release thine innermost Insanity upon this world. I know my mission. I know my purpose. It is time that you know yours." This creature was... Khrona. And it was Khrona looking back at himself in a previous form. A weaker state. How he disliked seeing himself in such a form, but knew that at this point, there was nothing he could do about it. Things had already begun, now. Without waiting for them to respond, the Judgemaster took off, already knowing that his will shall be done in absolution.

Khrona: 'Huh... Seems like the manifestation of the Judgemaster... And the harmonious ascension from the Eighth to the Ninth... And subsequently, from Ninth to Tenth and Eleventh has gone smoothly... Now, I must leave things in the hands of the Judgemaster for a while... And when his will is done, we will be able to ascend to the Twelfth and become Free Wills; Flames of Eternity.'

Things were looking up now. Finally, the end would come to this horrible and tumultuous suffering that Khrona endured here, and the beginning of a new era could begin. One of beauty and adventure... Of thriving and understanding, not just mindless slaughter. At least, he hoped so. They were still Shinobi, after all, even if they were going to have extra jobs up their sleeves.

Khrona: 'Hm... I figured I was going to have to release the Insanity. Oh well, it isn't like it wouldn't spice some things up already, most definitely. I just hope that this and the Judgemaster don't go too overboard...'

Thus, in the deepest recesses of his very being, Khrona unlocked the door to the Insanity he kept dormant within. It slept soundly, like a bear in hibernation awaiting the warm kiss of spring, but the moment the light hit it, it would arise with a hurried vengeance, as though it could not believe that this chance was being given to it. To be free among the world again... The pure and unbridled Insanity.

Khrona: 'No need to fear, this time... It is completely under control. All we need to do is maintain resonance, alright Titania? Trinity?'

A cloud of darkness spattered with a blood-tinted shade congregated over the Crystal Tree, not unlike the one many moons ago. It quickly spread across the skies and searched for unsuspecting prey to its mental terror... Yes, it was unleashed upon this world yet again! But, was this time really so different from before? It seemed that it was for Khrona... Perhaps he really did have it under control this time.

*Crackle crackle... ssssssizzzle...*

The release was evident in the sparkling blood red electricity crackling among the crystal. A faint sanguine gleam, not unlike the eyes of the beholder, tinted the atmosphere, as well as a deep shade of gray. Almost black. A cloud of darkness known all too well by the Tensei Family, what one may call both their curse and their redeemer released itself from the prison of the innards of one Khrona Tensei, the new Keeper. Unlike Asura, he was passing with flying colors in containing and controlling this pure Insanity, and would not fall and become a Falshin, as long as he kept this up.

Insanity: '... You've released me... It must be under rule of the Judgemaster, hm? Wonderful... I've been waiting for this. It is time to pay your original 'First Child' a visit... She won't be the 'First' for too much longer, though... But her power is just as important. Far greater than one may realize...'

The black cloud loomed over the Crystal Tree just as it did long ago, only now Khrona's control over it was virtually absolute. There was no sense of danger when it came to him... And now, because of it, this land could change from both ends of the spectrum...

Insanity: 'Send her. Send her into the world and let her be driven by The Insanity... Just like you were, Khrona Tensei...'

'Her...' Khrona knew exactly who the Insanity was referring to. The cloud drifted cross the land, though instead of appearing as a large and ominous cloud, it assimilated with the very atmosphere to cloak its own presence. Now, the world would live, breath, feel, know Insanity, just like before when the Kishin was alive... The question was, could Khrona control the Insanity when it lived outside of his body? Perhaps...

Let her know true Insanity... That girl...

Chroma Tensei.

There were many things going on between these three and their resonance, causing disturbances all up and down this reality. With the manifestation of the Judgemaster yet again, Titania's memories as Misery and Despair started to resurface, remembering the times when Khrona first became the Judgemaster. This power... This feeling... These memories... It really was refreshing.

Khrona: '... I guess you're finally ready to be serious about things for a while, huh? Everything is starting to finalize as we near the end...'

It wasn't too much longer after that which Khrona unleashed the Insanity from himself back upon the world, controlled to his will to enable the steady and harmonious growth on both ends of the spectrum, as he knew was necessary. As long as he controlled the Insanity, things would be fine, she thought...

Khrona: '... It wants Chroma to go first. She may be more like you than you realize, dear...'

She was their first child, even if she wasn't born the same way Trinity was. In truth, she was neither living nor dead, but something in between. At least she wasn't stuck and knew her place in between, unlike the Lost One. But now... Perhaps Chroma could have a true life the way she wishes?

Khrona: 'We just have to maintain our resonance. Let the Judgemaster, The Insanity, and Chroma do things for us for a while. Hopefully, things will be done correctly this time... But in Chroma's case, we're going to have to damn near wipe her clean, save for the innate knowledge of her heritage. And even then... I don't know if we should put her through what you went through... Not even giving her knowledge of her name...'

She remembered that Khrona didn't even become a Tensei until he found out his name on his own, and that took years to do. Were they really trying to make Chroma suffer like that?

Titania: '... No, we can't let her suffer like that. Wiping her of all other things is fine, but let her at least know the ways of the Family and our name. Tensei. It bears a weight that she will have to carry throughout her new years...'

Even so, she was going to shape herself in whatever way she wanted to.

Titania: 'I trust her to do it correctly. Please, dear... Let her do it.'

And, there it goes...

The Insanity released. Judgemaster was off to do his will. The Trini-T would remain and hopefully guide things to order from this place. The Insanity requested Chroma's presence... Chroma... Yes, she would be the start, wouldn't she? History has a way of repeating itself...

Khrona: 'She will be fine. Have faith in Chroma. All she needs is the bare minimum... And see what unique fruit she bears as she grows. Let her find her way from wherever she may end up and leave her with Jutsu up to her own liking and knowledge. I want to see how well this goes before we ensue with anything else...'

Hopefully, if all went well, she would be the beginning of the new Era of Tensei... Though, naturally, would have the hardest time adjusting... Poor girl.

Khrona: 'Chroma. Come. It's time.'

As she was summoned, she came. Nothing but a wisp; a white light surrounded in black flames, nothing left but a pure soul. From Trinity's escapade, she sentenced to death unexpectedly, and now the Rebirth promised by Khrona would come from both he and Titania's combined power.

"Yes, Father..." she asked calmly, her flamed flickering back and forth. She was in her purest form as a Flame of Eternity, waiting to rebuild herself in the way she saw fit... She was happy to go into the world in the way she wished, even if it meant having to start over.

He smiled, a tear in his eye for what was to come. For a while, these two would be separated. Even though she would know of her family, Khrona would not be the one to see her. Still, he knew that when the time was right, he would communicate to her through the Family Bond... or through Insanity.

Khrona: 'It's time to go, my dear... Time to start over... I'm sure you're prepared, aren't you...?'

He was happy that she would be the first... She was his first child after all. And she was taking on one of the most difficult tasks between them all... But the other Tensei could follow in her footsteps. The Thirteen Orphans...

Khrona: 'You shall be the first of the Thirteen Orphans... You will not see me for a while, but I will keep in touch on a need-to-know basis. Please... Bring goodness to our name. You will need to set such an example...'

A Hand Of God manifested before her, setting in place directly beside the soul in a position to flick it. Once the hand was set, Khrona smiled and turned to his beloved daughter, opening his eyes. He was already doing so much, but for her, he could do just one more thing...

Khrona: "I love you, Chroma. Make me happy."


Those were the last words she would hear from her dear father before she was sent speeding back off into the world like a beam of light across the skies. Now, she could do things on her own in her own way... And make her own name for this family...

Khrona: 'Good luck, my dear...'

He returned to his position in the resonance between he, Titania, and Trinity. He was already lacking due to all that was happening outside, but of course, those two were making up for it for him.

Khrona: 'I'm sorry, you two... You know how things get... I had to send my little girl off to Prom. Ahahahaha!'

The love for his children was unparalleled... This Tensei... He was different from the original. With this love, he wanted to change their name into something great... But first came the complete fixing of the old. The new was slowly beginning to integrate its way in. Things were still on track. He was glad.

Khrona: '... We're making good progress. Things will change soon. I know it.'

Though Titania did not doubt that their changes were for the good of generations to come, she could not help but be concerned about what was to become of this day and age...

Titania: 'Khrona... What will become of us? You and I? Trinity is already safe, but... As they are being reborn, we are still beings of the old. Will we... Perish, if we continue? Or will we be reborn, as well?'

It was true that their powers gave them the capability to come back if they truly wished for it, but would it be for the best? As the three continued on, she couldn't help but wonder these types of things... About what would become of the keepers of this great world.

Khrona: 'Ah... A wonderful question.'

He was prepared for what was to come. In fact, that was what this was for; his entire plans, his movements across the world, even though he was stationed right here as the Tree. He knew what he was doing, always.

Khrona: '... We will become one with this world. The binding presence between ours and the others; that which is the Veritas as a whole. That is why our powers of Dreams and Reality must be used together. We are going to be at peace, holding the bonds between our worlds, hand in hand, with our children upholding the goodness of our name. With our villagers upholding the will of the Veritas... And keeping our teachings and beliefs, as well as their own, intact and ongoing.'

This has always been his dream, but he was not meant to fulfill it... Simply to pave the way for those behind him to do that. Khrona was meant to be the end of an impure era.

Khrona: '... We are simply too much for this world to handle. So, to bring this world to peace, sometimes... Sacrifices must be made for the greater good. This time, the sacrifice is our physical being here. We are no longer meant to be here. We've overstayed our welcome.'

Titania: 'I see... I definitely understand. Beings such as us... Were never meant to walk among them. It's a lonely life, but one we must look upon with eyes of happiness... As long as we are together, I am happy. As long as they prosper, I am happy. We were meant to make this place... They were meant to walk upon it.'

The sad truth of the matter is, they once were able to play on such a place, but now they no longer could. They were forced into a position by their own power to become something that could not exist within, but outside of it all. What most want, they were about to achieve, and what they were about to achieve, they no longer desired for themselves.

Titania: '... So what do you plan to do, Khrona? Until we get ready? I fear that others will try to stop us...'

It was only natural for that to occur. Could they continue on, or would they be forced to stay here and exist in a place where they no longer had purpose? How cruel a thought for one to force someone to stay somewhere that they no longer had a purpose or place in... A place where there is literally nothing for you. Only solitude. If only they understood... But such things would never stop the ideals of another. Not unless they truly understood.

Naturally, Khrona was well prepared for that. In a world where he had no purpose, in a world that tried to cling to him and force him to stay, the only thing he could do was be the sole opposition to the opposition...

Khrona: 'I will have to fight them all for these goals. For, in their eyes, it may simply be for a selfishness that only exists within their hearts... For me, it is for a selflessness that will bring about something great. But to do that, we must leave this place... We must escape, you and I. I will make this way, even if I have to make it by going all the way down deep into the depths of Insanity. The only reason I know I can come back is... Because I am tethered to you and Trinity here in the Tree of Life. With my leaving, the Age Of Crystal will fall, and this Tree Of Life will disperse, becoming nothing more than a memory. When this tree falls... That will be our ticket to Freedom. To Peace.'

But there was something that Khrona did understand about this place... That no one acted unless their hands were forced. And if he forced their hands, then they would act, and that action would bring Khrona to the promise land.

Khrona: 'So I alone have decided to become the enemy of all. To free myself, free my family and free my people from myself. I've existed far too long, and this is the only way to go.'

He was fully aware of his fate. This was why everything was set up for this moment... the final battle. The final World Eater comes to consume the world for the final time. He knew they would protect this place, no doubt. This was a battle was destined to win... Only because he had decided to lose.

Khrona: 'So I hope you can forgive me... And don't think any less of me... Well, who am I kidding? You were the one by my side all the time. In fact... Would you care to join me, my dear, in this dance of death? As Misery and Despair, one last time?'

Titania: 'My love...'

She was touched that he would ask her to do such a thing, for she was getting rather bored and lonely not being with all forms of him, like she used to. Misery, Despair, Disheart, Doom, Gloom, Friday, and all the others were here at Khrona's beck and call.

Titania: '... You know I wouldn't miss helping you out for the world. It'll be just like old times... You and me versus the world. Only this time, there won't be a Maze we have to go through slowing us down! Hmhm~!'

Khrona's brother was the key factor in keeping the Insanity down within Khrona, but now he was gone and that factor was lost. Even he had succumb to it now, for it was too much for him to handle. This was a job no one was capable of except the Keeper Of Insanity; Khrona Tensei.

Titania: 'Make sure to give them hell, mister bad guy!'

Khrona: 'I was hoping you'd say that.'

Khrona had waited as patiently as he could for a very, very, VERY long time for this... Even though he didn't want to kill anyone, he definitely did want to let it ALL out. To go absolutely wild! Completely and truly INSANE! And now he could, with no strings attached! This was going to be the most fun~!

Khrona: 'I have faith in them to stop me... It's the only way.'

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PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; End   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; End EmptyThu Jul 09, 2020 10:49 am

After deciding to no longer hold back for anyone, Khrona went out to be the 'Bad Guy' of the planet and release the full power of his 'Insanity' on the toxic world. Unfortunately, he didn't come across anyone that was threatening nor an enemy to him in his endeavors, for, it seemed like everyone was rather enjoying he and the Veritas. Because he was very insistent upon being nice and pleasant, it seemed that it would take a bit of doing.

After Tamura made a quick stop at home to drop his tired weapon partners off, and pick up his little sister and Okami since they could watch them, the trio went off on an adventure. Well that was the excuse he told Yui to get her to actually want to live the house instead of snuggling up with and bothering Maina and Naina. Okami was just along for the ride because, well, why wouldn't she be? They came to a beach side cliff that over looked the 'Sebben Seas' and gave a clear view of the divide on the horizon. Tamura thought this be the perfect spot to sit and rest, and so he did while Yui and Okami did the same. Yui plopped herself down in the lap of her older brother and Okami laid at his side. Gently, he stroked both their heads before raising on of his hands and moving it around in circles. Water from the 'Sebben Sea' rose and formed a circle before him and Yui and on it was the image of what was happening at the Cantina, after everyone had already evaluated him. Tamura didn't really care to hear the scores, just the overall results on the contest. The only reason he was watching was because he had to evaluate the other contestants.

"What are we watching?" Yui asked in her meek little voice, almost so quiet that Tamura didn't hear her. He wrapped his arms loosing around the little girl.

Tamura: "If all goes well, your older brother's inauguration."

Yui: "In... Inagura... Inaguray..."

Yui tried pronouncing the word herself, but was having trouble. She didn't have any formal education, just what Tamura, Maina, and Naina taught her when she was interested in learning. Her eyes widened, and blanked out as she racked her brain trying to figure the word out, eventually devolving to simply going...

Yui: "Ehh.... Ehh..."

Tamura couldn't help but chuckle a little bit. "Don't worry about the word so much okay. If things go well, then I'll get a new job."

"A new job?" Yui asked, looking up at the bottom of Tamura's chin. She knew his job now caused him to travel a lot, and the reason she knew that was because he was never home when she wanted him to be. "You won't have to leave?"

Tamura: "Not as frequently; probably not at all."

Yui: "So we can play?"

Tamura: "As much as you want."

Yui smiled brightly. If it meant she could see her brother more, then she was fine with whatever this 'inaguraytion' thingy was. She slid herself backward more into Tamura and watched the screen too. She didn't know how it worked, the image projecting in the water, but it was amazing.

Okami only rested her head on her paws and closed her eyes, completely indifferent to what was going on. No matter what Tamura did, she'd be there at his side. He, after all, saved her life and they'd been inseparably ever since.

"What a nice family reunion you've got going on here. Mind if I interject?" The phantom voice spoke out to Tamura, but of course, it was one all too familiar to him -- Khrona Tensei. Of course, it wasn't too long before that resonant voice was joined by the projection that cast it, seemingly back for another roundtable discussion with Tamura. "I've come with another proposal, as I'm so very known for doing." In his hand, the sacred tome that Tamura inquired about before leaving the once proud Water Shrine, and it still glowing with that soothing aura. Even here, it was replenishing and revamping the battered Water Shrine into something much better; something made also from Khrona's very energy, since he was the one in possession of the 'Blue Grimoire' at the moment. Before he continued, he took a moment to notice the others in the area. The wolf Tamura had as a companion, Okami, and a little girl that Khrona was unfamiliar with. It was only polite to speak. "And who might this adorable seed be, hm?"

Tamura didn't mind, so much as he felt it coming. There always seemed to be something, but he didn't mind it because Khrona usually came with something interesting to offer. The most interesting was the proposal for Tamura to try and take over as leader for amnesty.

Though Tamura was expecting it, Yui wasn't. When she heard the voice, and didn't see the body she began to panic, and when the body faded in out of nowhere it threw her into a frenzy. She turned and dug herself into Tamura, who wrapped his arms around her to calm her down while looking over at Khrona. Okami, opened one of her eyes and looked at Khrona as well.

Tamura: "This is Yui, my little sister. Her village was destroyed a while back, and I took her in when I passed through since she was alone and scared. She's really shy."

Tamura wasn't why he gave Khrona all that information when all he needed to do was tell him her name and why she reacted to his appearance the way she did. He just kinda shrugged it off, while he rocked Yui back and forth in his arms. It was so much easier to calm her down when Naina was around. She was more like the girl's mother than an older sister.

Tamura: "So, let me guess. You can't think of anyone better than me to become the 'Guardian Of Water', right?"

Though he sounded cocky, and the smirk that he displayed played towards this as well, Tamura was just asking a simple question. He had, after all, just defeated the Water Guardian, so it was only made sense that he took over, right?

Hearty laughter, all around! Khrona was always laughing when it came to Tamura; he had a style tat Khrona really did enjoy. Something all his own. The strange cackling man with the glowing book would definitely... Scare most people, especially when appearing out of nowhere like that. Khrona never really found it frightening, but then again, he frequently scared people shitless back in the old days as 'tyrant' simply by being. Sometimes it's difficult to break old habits. "Acute as usual! How I like your style, Tamura! Hmhmhm. It isn't often that people are able to anticipate me. It's actually rather refreshing." To the girl, who probably suffered from trauma, considering her backstory, Khrona had to bow his head deeply and apologize. "Yui, is your name. What a beautiful, gorgeous name. It brings me fond memories... I humbly apologize for frightening you; I know I'm a bit of a grim looking person... But don't let it fool you!" It was probable that simply speaking to her wouldn't ease her, but Khrona's voice was serene and calm. Though... It wasn't unlikely that she would think him a pedophile from his manner of speech. Many, many people seemed to frequently get the wrong idea about Khrona, and he couldn't blame them considering all the horrible people and things that went on. It was natural to loop the good with the bad based off of appearances alone... But it was his hope to change that. Soon enough.

He returned to eye level with Tamura, and as usual, his tired, piercing red eyes were only a sliver of a bit open. Testament to his seemingly eternal overtime work. Twas a gift and a curse, one could say. "Well, yes... I spoke to the 'Weapon Of Water'... And it was pretty upset about your little escapade at the former Water Shrine. However, granted your great aptitude, I figured it a wonderful opportunity for you to become the 'Guardian Of Water'. Much better than having a being such as the Kraken take over, right?" He was smiling, but he was serious. The Four Guardians were vile beings that relished in their absolute control and oppression of others via the four elements. Yes, they were great protectors of the 'Four Weapons', but they were ancient beings set in ancient ways. Behind the times, most definitely. "It isn't a task I would trust to anyone, given the circumstances..." If one of Evil were to become one of the Guardians, it would affect said Weapon, and it would terrorize this land with the utmost might of the element it possessed. There were already enough problems to worry about without some giant destructive elemental weapon causing mass genocide, as well. He'd much rather mister family man do it.

Khrona speaking to her definitely eased the shy girl's jitteriness. Tamura felt her body relax in his arms, and she turned her head to take another look at Khrona. Now that she could actually see him when he spoke, she was all good. He didn't look as grim as he thought in her eyes. In fact, she saw some kind of... Shimmering light around him. Was he an angel? She couldn't tell.

Tamura looked down at the girl in his arms who met his gaze before he looked back at Khrona. Though Yui was okay now, in Khrona's company, she was still very shy. She only ever spoke to Tamura, Maina, Naina, Sai, and all the animals that Tamura kept as family. It took a very long time for her to warm up to other humans, considering what happened to her home and family before Tamura. Being only five years old, she was a strong one.

"Water is the element of Change. I daresay I did that shrine a favor blowing it up. Out with the old, in with the new," Tamura said before he placed a hand to the top of Yui's head and stroked it. He knew she probably had no idea what was going on, but in time she probably would. She, as Tamura had seen, was a water user deep down as well. And if she chose to become a warrior, or was just interested in learning, then he'd help her tap into it. "If I take that book from you, I won't be confined to that Shrine will I? Yui doesn't like when I'm out too long." And he didn't like being away for too long. Not many knew this, but the reason why Tamura even came to see Khrona was so that he could live a slightly better lifestyle for Yui and he could stop his partners from worrying, mainly Naina.

Khrona was pleased to see that the shy little girl was no longer afraid of him, and in fact found it a miracle that he didn't scare someone. Maybe his own sociability was starting to improve, which was something he wasn't able to do over the course of the years connected to this planet. It made him just a little bit happier amongst the calamity of the world... "Hahaha, don't I know it? I am a Water element, after all. It's in my nature. And, even though the end result of the Water Shrine was ultimately an improvement..." He paused, letting his face take a more serious expression. Eyes growing intense and his serene smile fading, the signature sanguine gleam was a dead giveaway to how important Khrona felt his next words were. "... It still does not mean that you did not harm the land. I do not mind that you did, I mind that you did not think twice about the long term effects. If no one or nothing was able to replenish the Water Shrine's beauty, would destruction have been most favorable? A leader must know how to take even his land into consideration, for even if you are also protecting the people, what good is it if they haven't a home to lay their heads?" Of course, Khrona had that experience of haphazardly destroying things in the midst of his own power. He saw such as either a lack of control, a lack of respect, or a lack of attention, all things that are terrible qualities of a leading official. "... I was a terrible leader in my time here. I lacked control, I let my own emotions frequently get the best of me, and I constantly destroyed the land for frivolous displays of power. I was just a child unable to see past his own selfish desires..." Seems like this sort of thing really got to him, and most definitely prime reason why he didn't wish for the same thing in any other leading officials.

"However, that is in the past, as is this situation. I only wish you to take the wisdom I pass and keep it within you for the future. Whether you choose to or not, naturally, that is up to you." Khrona looked at Yui now, his face softening to greet her with a stare of compassion as Tamura stroked her head. It was just so cute how he loved his dear little sister, and she, him in return. Made him wish that his sister, Corona, was like that. But that was neither here nor there. Khrona's family... Was nothing of the type to show such affection in such a way. "Miss Yui, I ask that you take care of your older brother here. I request some things from him, but I would never ask him to do anything that splits up the family. So you don't have to worry." A subtle answer to Tamura's question, and indirect, at that, but Khrona knew why he asked it, anyway, and that was strictly for the sake of his sister. He continued speaking to Yui, masking the speech to Tamura in his words to her yet again. "This book holds great power of water, which I want Tamura to maintain. I trust him with this remarkable power more than I do anyone else. However, I also wish to entrust a special task to you, as well... And that's to keep your older brother in line. You are his reason for most of his efforts, after all, so I want you to make sure he's always doing what's best. Alright?" He extended the book to her so that he could show her just what it looked like, whilst also offering it to her at the same time. "If your brother accepts this position... Would you care to do the honors of giving this to him? With it, he can become the most powerful water user there is, and perhaps even teach others how to master their elements of water, too. Be it for combat, for healing or for helping. Not everyone is meant to fight, you know." Khrona had high hopes for what the Water Shrine was to become, -- the 'Water Sanctuary' -- and have it be a place for those seeking guidance in their watery abilities to have the peace of mind of such guidance, and even a place to rest their heads. That was Khrona's dream, at least... To help guide this land to prosperity and harmony... Completeness.

Tamura understood what Khrona was trying to tell him, but he did scrunch up his nose while keeping his lips zipped. He really hated lectures, but knew they always had a point to them and a feeling that the person giving them wanted to portray and pass on. There were a couple constants Tamura met in his life where when they spoke to him it seemed like all did was give lectures. He just took as a fact of life, and took the information portrayed to him with a grain of salt. Whether he felt the same or different, he wouldn't say, but he understood and that was all that mattered. "Sure, using the Lightning God was a little excessive, but I wanted to get it done quickly. Just as bad as you wanted me to get it done quickly." That was all Tamura said on the matter. Though Khrona and Tamura reacted may react to many things in the same way, and seemed a tad similar, there were very key differences between them. Where Khrona said he struggled with his emotions, Tamura had his pretty much down to a science. He rarely got really upset, or angry, because he knew the type of power he held and knew that those types of emotions would cause him to use his power in the wrong ways. When he did feel those types of things, then he channeled them to make himself more powerful and not to play into the hands of the person that made him feel that way. Training under the Earth King, the man he looked up to most besides Maruze, had taught him this lesson.

Yui stayed cradled in her brother's arms like the five year old baby she was, and looked at Khrona with one eye while she held tightly to Koudo's sleeve and head half her face behind his arm. Khrona was very threatening to her, but she was just terribly, terribly shy, and Tamura really wanted to get her out of that before he enrolled her in school somewhere. Though it probably wouldn't be done if he continued to try and spoil her, the dotting brother, but she wouldn't even allow herself to be spoiled. While Khrona spoke with her, the grip she had on Tamura's sleeve began to loosen and she moved out of Tamura so that her other eye could be seen partially by Khrona. The promise of never asking her brother to do something that would break up the happy home she'd come to know, understand, and love eased her nervousness, and Tamura nodded his head as a sign that he understood what Khrona was trying to say without saying. She slowly took her hands from Tamura's sleeve and reached for the book, but hesitated and then stopped. "... He won't leave? ... We can play?" were the only two question she asked. It surprised both Tamura, who looked down at Yui, and Okami, who lifted her head up and looked at the display with both eyes open now. Had she seriously warmed up to Khrona that quickly?

Khrona did always loved Tamura's knack for getting business done. He would give him that. He could feel they had come to an understanding, internally. These calming feelings seemed to spread between the three of them, as Yui started to open her heart a little more to the once frightening Khrona. He wished truly that more people were like this little girl... Maybe then, he wouldn't be so terrifying to the world. "All that you like," he said in response to her latter question, chuckling to himself as he did, "I wouldn't want to take what's most important from you." It dawned on him here that perhaps this is what his younger sister felt before... That there was no one there for her, or that the only thing that bound them together was simply their name. He was too busy being an official that he perpetuated something he was so disgusted in about his own family... Their distance in emotions. Sure, they were there when it came to protection or when they needed something, but the tender love and care necessary for most to grow with a healthy heart and mind was lacking. Naturally, he was so wrapped up in himself, he couldn't even see it. These two taught him a valuable lesson today and only reaffirmed his feelings for what he had to do now. If it meant reuniting his family... He would become the Father they needed him to be. And this time, they would all be taught correctly, so yet another of the generational curses could be lifted, and they could all find harmony.

Khrona: 'Maybe then... I will be able to find Peace...'

That was his last request... To be free and in 'Peace'.

His own sentiments aside, he kept the 'Blue Grimoire' extended to the girl, and with her hopes reassured, perhaps she would be able to accept her dear big brother becoming someone even greater than he is now. As she grew older, perhaps she would be able to see it for more than it was right now, and be able to look back on it with a happy heart... Hopefully as one of the proud villagers of the Veritas.

Yui looked up at Tamura with an uneasy glance, but he only looked down at her with a soft smile. Though it was Tamura's decision to make, really, he was leaving it in the hands of one of the people he was gaining power for. Yui was still innocent and and her mind wasn't clouded by all the things happening in the world now. All she cared about was losing the family that showed more love towards her than her old one did.

Tamura closed his eyes and waited for her decision. She inched her tiny hands closer to the book being offered, and finally took it within her own hands before pulling it in and placing it down in her lap, which was also the lap of Tamura. She took his hands and placed it down on the book as well almost like she was asking him to read her a story from the light blue grimoire. Just by touching the book, both Tamura and Yui could feel the full might force that water possessed. "Oh, Khrona, how're the trials going? Who's next?" Tamura asked, probably pretty out of the blue because this thing here wasn't even finished yet. He was just curious to know who he'd be evaluate. It showed, in his face, that he was uninterested in his own score.

It was a picture perfect moment, one could say. One that could only be initiated through honest and pure emotions. Such was one of the incredible gifts of Truth, that purity. That honesty. Those feelings. If only everyone knew... Khrona nodded his head in correspondence to their conjoined decision. Sometimes, making decisions as a family brought upon a bond that doing it alone could not ever imitate. This was why he did what he did as he did. "I thank the both of you. I rather appreciate it." It was true, for not many would accept such a task with an open heart, and keep only in mind the sheer power they would obtain from it rather than the powerful role they would play. That was the difference between the Four Guardians and what Khrona hoped would be the new Guardians. "As for the trials... Eh. It's a sort of 'hit and miss' type of deal. I figured it to be from the start, but that is my style... To experiment and make things better next time." Funny thing, Khrona had become the very thing he once hated and feared from the depths of his heart... A doctor. Scientist. Professor, of sorts. Just like the rest of his family...

Khrona: 'But I will not walk the same path as they. What they were striving for has finally come within me, and though their research has destroyed their lives... It only paved the way for something better. Finally, I can see this and receive their will... To finish what they started. Shinrei... Grimlock... Father...'

Perhaps, family plays a bigger role in one's ambitions that one originally realizes, even if they are not the sole purpose. Just being here and seeing it for his own self was enough to help Khrona understand something his big brain already knew. He was a visual learner, in most cases. "At the very least, the Veritas will be rid of all its former plagues. It may be a small start, but it's something. Be not afraid of progressing slowly... Be afraid of not progressing at all." Words Khrona lived by, even if he did still have tendencies of impatience within him. He just liked to get things done. "Linomaru as dropped out of it, and I presume there will be others, as well. However, I'm not upset by it, and in fact, more pleased than anything. They are beginning to recognize what they need to do to live up to the title and position they are filling, and not simply trying to acquire the grandeur and power that it brings. That shows me that they are indeed progressing, even if slowly." Khrona turned his head and looked off to the sea, finding it a most soothing sight... He did so love the water. His hands slipped into his pockets as a sign of contentedness, and his tired eyes closed to simply allow him to take in the atmosphere. "This Village will prosper soon enough. I may have failed as a leader, but I will not fail as a guide. A teacher. A provider. That is my role now, as the Tree Of Life; to not only sustain life, but to give it. Sustaining life does not just mean to feed the masses with bread and meat, but to teach them to live by themselves, give them wisdom and guidance to prolong their lives and make the best of it. Otherwise, how can I even say that I have given them life if they aren't living, you know? Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime. I want to teach them to fish."

Such was his role over the village, and with that, many other things would flourish from it. He sighed heavily, opening his eyes and shrugging his shoulders, quite fine with knowing his story wasn't done just yet. "But, hey, I digress. I know I get all philosophical and metaphoric a lot these days, but I don't wanna 'be that guy' all the time. I know that people must get tired of it eventually, even if I mean well. Hahahaha." It was all part of the role he had taken now. With great power comes great responsibility... And being the Tree Of Life brought upon the greatest responsibilities Khrona had ever faced before. But to see the seeds in his village sprout and flourish into something even greater would be the most prosperous reward. Their happiness... Their freedom... But it all seemed so far away from now. That's why he had to keep living. Just for a little while longer.

Tamura listened intently to what Khrona was telling him while Yui climbed from out under the book and walked over to Okami, who she pet the head of. "Well, whatever happens, happens." That's all Tamura said on the matter because he didn't really think there was anything else that he needed to say. Everyone was entitled to their own opinion and viewpoint. Everyone saw the world differently after all. "So, what do I have to do with this book? I'm not really into the idea of carrying it around everywhere."

"Mmm..." Khrona frequented within his own mind and soul quite a bit recently, since his body was the Tree for the time being. His mind and soul were these apparitions walking around; memories -- or 'Geists', as he called them. And he was a naturally reclusive person, so it wasn't out of the ordinary for him to do this. When Tamura spoke of the Grimoire, he was automatically pulled from within back to the matter at hand. "Oh yes, how foolish of me. Well now, you can go about it in any way you like. Read from the Grimoire to directly obtain its power, and then once you gain the wisdom and energy within each page and each text, it will more or less merge with your own chakra and assimilate to your own wills and desires. So, basically, it's up to you. It'll return to its true form only after you are slain or relinquish the title of Guardian of Water to another, or unless it's like... Pulled out of you, or something. Otherwise... Go nuts." Such was the joy of how energy worked... And nature and all that jazz. It can take any form or shape it desires, if one knows how to use it correctly. "Well, is there anything else on your mind before I take my leave and let you two be rid of me for a while, or shall I be on my..." Trailing off at the end, he remembered something rather important that he almost overlooked. "OH! Man, I'm really not in this world right now. Hahaha. Yeah, so, the Weapon Of Water is going to come see you, or you can go see it at the former Water Shrine. You can call it up whenever you want, but you know it's kinda important that you two... Have a little chat. Just letting you know." Otherwise... Khrona seemed to wrap up everything. Now he just wanted to know if Tamura had anything else on his mind.

Well that made this all the more easy. All he had to do was read the book and its knowledge would embed itself into his chakra and what not. That was pretty awesome. Tamura flashed through a couple hand signs before his hands were engulfed with a orange glow, one light orange and the other dark. He touched the light orange hand to the book and the dark orange hand to his temple. When the circuit was complete, the information within the pages of the book were 'downloaded' into Tamura's hand and then the entire book was as well, suddenly disappearing. "Ah, I'll call it up later. I'm pretty sure it'll scare Yui more than you did and I didn't bring her a change of clothes," Tamura said with a shrug. He would let Khrona go now, and it was nice speaking with him, but now Tamura just wanted to relax while watching whoever was suppose to go next in the Leader Trial.

Khrona: 'It's good to see that things are coming along nicely...'

The ever weary Khrona kept his smile to the both of them, taking a hand from the depths of his pocket to wave farewell to them. "Goodbye, you two. Stay gold." He laughed to himself, remembering something special... "I'll be off now. Yui... Make sure to take care of him. And next time I see you, I want to play, too, alright?" He closed his tired eyes and turned around, leaving the two to their family time. He was about to fade away as he had simply appeared before them before, but remembering how Yui reacted... Well, he figured it more... 'Appropriate' to wait until he was out of sight, at least. Sometimes, he forgot how intimidating he was... Even if he didn't intend to be.

Khrona: 'The past is starting to make sense... It'll pave the way for the new future.'

Tamura gave a half-hearted, but friendly, salute with his index and middle fingers to Khrona before he turned his head to look and see what Yui was doing. She was so busy petting Okami, who was loving the attention, that she hadn't paid attention to Khrona's first goodbye. "Yui," Tamura called to her and she turned around immediately in time to hear Khrona's specific goodbye to her. She closed her eyes and smiled real big like.

Yui: "Okay~!"

And she was right back to Okami, who gave Khrona a nod of her head, before he went on his way.

Tamura, himself, reclined until he was laying back in the grass and moved his finger to pull the screen made of water up over his head so he could see it while he laid down.

It took a few minutes, but finally the next candidate was chosen after Lino chose not to participate and Akira turned down the chance to kill a Dragon. Tamura knew Akira was a 'Dragon Slayer', he could smell it on him, and he knew that his friend knew he was a dragon. Still, even with being from completely different cultures, they were friends and could keep peace between one another since they had quite a bit in common.

Yui crawled under her brother's arm after she was done playing with Okami, who had snuggled up close to the other side of Tamura and rested her head in his lap, and shook his side to try and get his attention from the screen he was keenly watching.

Yui: "Onii-chan, Naina's singing."

Tamura: "Oh, feeling sleepy?"

Yui: "Just a little."

"Alright, give me a second," Tamura said before pointing two of his fingers at the screen hanging above his head and moving his fingers to the side, cutting a small piece of the screen off. On it, a picture of Naina manifested before the sweet sounds of her beautiful melodic voice came pouring through. It wasn't loud, so that Tamura could hear the festivities on his screen, but it was loud enough so that Yui wouldn't be forced to listen over the sounds of Dente's mission.

Yui smiled happily and stayed where he laid. Her picture wasn't moving, but just having Naina's voice when she wasn't around was enough for Yui.

Tamura knew, pretty soon, Yui would be asleep, but he would keep the song playing for his own relaxation. He loved being able to hear Naina sing, though she didn't do it very often. Whenever he asked her too, she would tell him it was embarrassing. "So the Wind Guardian is next huh? Well, I hope it's over quickly." Was all Tamura said about the match.

All the while Tamura was away, after he'd rested up a bit, it seems like he'd let a friend of his know about the meeting between himself and Khrona. She did not seem pleased, and sought out the truth from Khrona, himself.

With her goal in sight and the only thing she'd allow to be in mind, she continued to hover at a moderately fast pace toward the base of the Crystal Tree, more than ready to talk to that damned Khrona. To think, she simply went along with what he was doing so blindly... That wasn't like her at all.

Just as Priere reached the Tree's presence, her collar was snagged by Tamura, who rather roguishly pulled her toward him. This was probably the most emotion she'd ever seen from him in their time of knowing each other... Guess that's another addition to this mysterious chain of events. He never talked to her like that at all... Was she really that annoying? "It's just that..." Her sentence started to trail off as she was getting to the point, her eyes following that trail down to the shimmering ground. Definitely a lot of reluctance to speak her mind to him, and for obvious reasons. This was probably the first time... The first time she actually felt this type of feeling...? 'It's too much... I can't... I feel... Hot...'
She was never fond of the heat, naturally, so this overwhelming sensation of the temperature rising around her and she, the mistress of cold not being able to control it was an even greater shock to her. It all just infuriated her. "Get away from me, Tamura!!! I don't wanna hear it!" Her hands glowed with the light of her manna, clenching into a fist and shifting her dress from its icy solidity to a pure liquid state. Apparently, her dress had been made of crystal as well, taking in and projecting light in a certain way to give it the appearance of real fabric. Slipping out of his grasp quickly, Priere turned away and looked up to the tree, finding Tamura's presence simply unbearable right now. In her chest, she could feel this heat rising... And it was starting to effect her breathing.

Priere: "Just... *pant* Just... *pantpant*... Call Khrona already!! I can't talk to you... *huff* Right now."

She grabbed her chest with her other hand, trying to steady this heat... Why was this happening... Why here? Why now?

"It's just what?!" Tamura didn't even know himself that he could get this angry. There were bouts before where he'd reached around this level, but never to the point where he was ready to physically assault someone. Priere's new passive nature was really pissing him off for some reason. She wasn't the Priere that he remembered, and he supposed that was his fault for leaving her alone. But people changed regardless. "Tch." He sucked his lips and shook his hand free of the water that was left when Priere slipped from his grasp and sharply turned his head away from her while stuffing his hands in his jacket's pockets. If she wasn't going to tell him, then he wasn't going to pry. However, he just couldn't stand to look at her or be around her when she was like this. "Khrona. Get out here," Tamura said-- No... Yelled as he stood before the giant crystal tree.

'My... There's so much tension between you two. I guess that's to be expected. Hmhmhm...' The voice carried on from the innards of the tree and reverberated through the crystallized ground below their feet, soothing and filled with an eerie calm that wished to wash over these two with its sound. Only moments later, a glowing silhouette descended from on high within the tree, its form that of a man bathed in pure light with burning red eyes. Twas none other than the soul of the Crystal Tree itself; Khrona Tensei. "No need to yell. I needn't such hostility in my presence. Not that I would have expected to see this face before me at all... Tamura." The glowing red eyes narrowed to inspect the man up and down before shifting over to his daughter. The two knew very little of what was about to ensue here, however be that as it may, it would be grand nonetheless. "Why have you summoned me here?"

"Save the whole high and might crap, I'm here to talk business," Tamura responded sharply. The feeling of calm that tried to wash over him only served too aggravate him even more than he already was, almost like there was a primal rage brewing deep in his guts that he wouldn't be able to control if it was let loose. The only person that could truly calm him was his soul mate Naina, and she wasn't here right now. He clenched his fists tighter in his pockets, and held it in.

Khrona laughed again, a little louder this time, well prepared for such blatant rage directed toward him. He'd be getting a lot of it soon, and between Tamura and Priere, there was already much of it brewing just right now. Though, he didn't mind, for they were right to feel this way. However... He was surprised to hear from Tamura's mouth that he thought Khrona was acting 'high and mighty'. If even Tamura felt this way, then it was definite that he was not the only one. It almost hurt to know that this was how he was considered, but... Such is for the greater good. *tree shrug* "Then speak it. It's not like I came to you, now did I? I'm always listening, if you're willing to talk. I'll also speak if you're willing to listen."

Holding it back was presenting itself to be harder than he thought it was, that was why Naina always tried to keep him calm no matter what the case. He knew exactly what was causing this, the part of his DNA that he chose to ignore. Any powerful burst of anger or sadness, it fed on it and tried it's best to break Tamura's suppression. But he wouldn't let it. "Your village is a mess." Was what Koudo chose to lead with.

A final laugh released, even louder than the first two, and this time with all the jolly of a hearty old man. In truth, Khrona was more than refreshed to hear this from the mouth of someone else; he thought it was just him who saw it that way! Leave it to Tamura to give him the truth of the matter... Perhaps that's why he was so fond of him before. "What else is new? The village is only as good as its people, and all of them seem to be lazy good-for-nothing moochers leeching off of my energy. I mean, to think, the thanks I get for saving their home from total collapse, right? Heh." Seems like the best way to get Khrona's attention is to be as truthful as possible, and informal. Made things go a lot quicker and cut out all the bullshit in between. Ah... Sweet and straight to the point. "... However, what I must ask is... What do YOU plan to do about it? I've done all I can. I've provided as much as I can. However, it seems like what I'm currently bearing trying to live up to this position as the 'Tree of Life' is being widely taken advantage of. If it continues... I can promise that it won't be a pretty sight." He turned his head from Tamura, knowing exactly what he was going to have to do... Something he never thought he'd have to, nor that he'd ever wanted to, but... Sometimes it came to that.

"Jack shit. It isn't my problem." Tamura gave his answer. He formally deserted the Dusk before it became the Veritas and so the problems that went on inside had absolutely nothing to do with him. If it was falling apart then it was falling apart. If people were taking advantage of Khrona then they were taking advantage of Khrona. None of that had anything to do with Tamura, so why should he do anything about it and he wasn't even formally employed by this village anymore.

There was no laughter this time, for he took no merriment in that response. All he could do was shake his head and cross his arms, which seemed to converge into his body of eerie light. "Then why would you bring it up to me? I know you didn't just come all the way here to say 'Your village is a mess' and not do anything about it, too." These were the types of thoughts that brought fury to Khrona's very soul, though he was well understanding of why Tamura acted the way he did. "Nevertheless, you are correct on this matter. However, if things don't start to change soon, then... I'll just have to erase it all, and take anyone in my way with it. I can't sit here and provide for them and receive nothing in return; I'll wither and start to provide less and less for them." He wondered why Luci -- rather, Priere -- was so quiet during this... Considering that she seemed so inspired to talk to him before, and now sat out on the sidelines. Probably lost in thought, or simply didn't want to be in Tamura's presence after that little spat. He wouldn't delve into it; she's come to her senses soon enough. "Do you have any suggestions, or did you just come here to rub it in my face?"

"A little of both," Tamura said with a shrug of his shoulders. Obviously he'd come here for a reason besides rubbing in Khrona's face that his village was falling apart at the seams and wouldn't last much longer. It wasn't even about leadership anymore, because no really paid attention to that. What the people really needed was a dictator... or for the place to fall apart completely. Tamura didn't care which. "If you want me to care, then hire me."

Khrona: 'Ah... Those were the words I needed to hear. Hmhmhm...'

Hidden behind the light of his glowing 'body' was a wide and thoughtful smirk, that which matched his perceptive eyes. This means that he and Koudo were on the same track, however he knew that Koudo's services wouldn't come without a price. He was indeed a mercenary, last Khrona checked. "Hire you? Hahaha, and you'll work for me for free? Unbelievable! Ahahahaha!" Good to see that his sense of humor was still intact. Khrona couldn't help but look over to Luci, knowing that this as just about the time where she was going to fit into all of this... And all of her questions and troubles would be completely answered. "So, what do you want in return?"

"I usually let the client name the price. If I don't like it then I'll tell you." Mainly, Tamura just needed to be able to raise his little sister without worrying about her safety. That was the reason for why he agreed to give being a ninja for a village another try. Obviously the stakes were different now though, he wasn't driven by an ideal that was pushed on him by someone of an older generation, but by his own ideals. He took a glance out the corner of his eye towards Priere, following Khrona's wandering red eyes, and he sucked his lips just looking at her and turned away. Just a shell of her former self.

In the midst of their conversation, yet again, Priere was lost in her own head, deep, deep, deep in her own thoughts and feelings. Perhaps this all felt so new to her because before, she had both Blue and Signis there, and all three of their feelings and emotions were combined, even if they were separated. It was new to experience this without someone here to comfort her, without someone here to guide her, and without someone here to work it out with. But maybe that was all a part of growing up; learning to make your own decisions... Most of the ones she made were influenced by Signis, even if the end result was always Priere's choice. Back then... They worked as a unit. But now, it was time for Priere to get more connected with herself.

Priere: '... Yeah. I bet that's it. I've got to be strong. No matter how tough it gets out here, or how alone I am.'

Yet, even now, her chest continued to tighten under the intense heat of whatever it was blazing in her chest. Constricted in every way, she hunched over in pain, gritting her teeth and grinding them against each other trying to bear this ungodly pain. She managed to look up and out of the corner of her eye, noticing that Khrona and Tamura were still chatting about something... While she was over here trying to keep herself from dying.

Priere: 'Couldn't hurt to at least... Listen to what they're talking about...'

So, she started eavesdropping. Zeroing in on the rather 'personal' convo between the two, she could hear that Tamura was talking about ... Being hired again!?

Priere: "WHAT!?"

Even through the terrible pain in her chest, something was able to bring her upright with a burning fury in her eyes. The pain of the fires in her chest didn't even matter to her anymore, for she was too much appalled and what she was hearing right now. It was just about time to interject on this matter. "Why do you want to work for him?! He's up to something, you know! Look at him, I just know it!" Priere hovered off to Tamura's side now, staring Khrona directly in the face with her arms folded and dress flared. She wasn't gonna accept any of his bullshit anymore, and wouldn't let Tamura get roped into whatever crap he was pulling. "Besides, why do you even WANT Tamura anyway, huh? And moreover, WHY did you make ME the Guardian of the Crystal Tree, huh!? What's this all about?! Start talking; I want answers NOW!" Though she was going through a lot mentally and emotionally, it didn't stop who she was from sneaking through for very long. You are who you are, and it'll seep through no matter what happens.

"Name my offer, huh? Well, well. Looks like the ball's finally in Khrona's court. Hmhm... Hmhmhmm...." Taking advantage of the frame he was given, Khrona figured that it was best to lay it on Tamura simple and clean-like. "Well, you see... The Dawn and the Dusk--" Before he got too far in his most likely long-winded explanation, he was cut off by Luci, who, as expected, hopped up right at the time where Tamura offered to give his services to Khrona. It was cute, really, how the two of them could be so oblivious to their destiny. Such is why they were both here at the same time, and how the two of them were so very, very, very important to Khrona and each other. "Hahaha, cool it, Luci. You might overwork your heart, there. It's already about to burst out of your chest. Ahahaha!!" Oh, he just cracks himself up. But it was true, whether she knew or not. Within her, there was a metamorphosis brewing... "So, since she's back in the picture, let me clarify a few things to make this explanation much simpler... Heh. Okay, so, the Dusk and the Dawn are in need of leadership roles; a leader or at least some legend to help guide these poor, unfortunate souls lost without the guidance of myself. Looks like I babied them a little too much, and now they're trapped as little larva. I'll take responsibility for it, but now they can no longer be strapped to my teet... So, Tamura, what I need from you is to take one of those positions, if you please?" And to the most impatient and impetuous Priere... "... And you. You're the Guardian because of how very important you and your power of 'Absolution' is. 'Absolute Value'. In short... You're going to have to keep things in order through destruction, with a burning fist and a cold heart. Which means... You need to get that in order." Hopefully all of this information shed a little bit of light on the situation for the both of them, and now they'd understand the gravity of it all... At least, to a degree. He couldn't tell them everything all at once. Not yet.

Tamura pulled his hands from his pockets and folded his arms as he listened for the situation. When he was talking business, or money was on the table, outside distractions didn't bother him, Priere, and he remained focused on what he'd come for. He wanted to be employed again, and he wanted his soul partner to be happy as they raised his little sister inside the safety of a village instead of living on the outskirts of the slums. At this point, the objectives were named and the stakes were understood. Khrona wanted someone to take a position of power, and he figured that Tamura was the right man for the job. He wouldn't tell him no, for leader and legend got paid the most out of all and could take the more dangerous of missions if they so chose to keep the gold coming to themselves. He also figured that the connections that came with being a leader or legend could become very useful resources. He'd be a fool not to take the job. "So which would you prefer I take? Dusk leader? A legend? And how do I get the position without raising too many suspicions or are you living it up to my discretion?" Tanyra asked after Khrona finished explaining what it was that he needed for Priere. Tamura didn't particularly understand it himself, but he chose not to ask questions related directly to that. Instead his mind formulated a different question. "If I take over the Dusk, why don't you take the Dawn Priere?"

She listened intently to what he had to say, just to see if all of it actually added up. Surprisingly, what Khrona was saying actually did make sense to her, all the way down to the burning in her chest, which was starting to hurt her again now that she noticed it. Her breathing became heavy again, and she started to break out into a sweat, clenching her chest again.

Priere: "*huff* Take over a... Village?! *Pant... Pant* That's absurd... I couldn't..."

Quote :
You're going to have to keep things in order through destruction, with a burning fist and a cold heart. Which means... You need to get that in order.

That... That was starting to sound a little appealing to her. She'd be able to whip all of these sissies into shape with an iron fist and a cold heart... But it seems like as usual, Khrona knew all too well of the condition that plagued her. This burning sensation in her chest must have been in her heart... and it definitely wasn't cold at all. It seemed far more detrimental than what Khrona was making it seem... It actually looked like this ailment might even be able to kill her. Guess it was destined for things to end up like this...

Priere: "... Fine. I'll consider... *huff* The Dawn. But how do I fix this... *pant* ... Insufferable burning?!"

She couldn't do anything if her heart was burning her to pieces. What to do, what to do...?

Well, this was a doozy. Nothing that couldn't be fixed with a little elbow grease, however...

Khrona: "I'd prefer if you took to becoming the leader of the Dusk. Seems more like your style, since Dusk City is nothing but a huge hi-tech town that is powered by the perpetual energy of the Myst coming from my roots. It's fitting. Though, about getting to said position..."

Khrona kinda already started with that, holding a sort of 'vote' of who should be a nominee for the position. And naturally, there were many people who were at the site probably wanting to vote for themselves, or that didn't understand what was going on.

Khrona: "... You're going to have to endure a vote. Fair's fair, after all. On the Mezzo Terra and right beside the Mezzanine, there's a Grand Opening ceremony that I'm currently conducting about the voting of who should become the new leading officials... So you'd probably have to attend that ceremony and get the full scoop, then survive the voting process... But from the looks of the competition, I don't think it'll be all that difficult. I'm not really for democracy, but eh."

He shrugged it off, plain and simple. Sometimes, gotta take one for the team, even if you are the Tree of Life. That's how he got in this godforsaken position in the first place... Taking one for the fucking team...

Khrona: "And as for you, Luci, you're going to have to endure the Thirteen Restrictions to get your powers under control, before they start eating away at you and inevitably destroying you. They almost did the same thing to me. A Tensei undergoes the Thirteen Restrictions to ensure that they maintain absolute control over themselves and their own powers as they grow more powerful and endure their 'metamorphosis.' Otherwise, you'd just die, without question. So... I'm gonna have to slap the big Thirteen on ya. Kay?"

With how far she'd progressed so far, it was the only way to keep her from destroying herself and everyone around her. Tensei were complex beings, naturally...

Khrona: "So? What say you two?"

Tamura could stomach the election being put to a vote, and there was always the legend position to fall back into. He like to keep his options open, after all. Now that everything was explained enough, once everything was fully settled then he would begin the process of moving his family back into the village. For now, they would be fine waiting a few more days where they were currently residing. "Are you sure that this is what you want me to do? I can't say that I'll be your puppet if this happens." Which was true. Tamura had free will, ideals, and goals all his own. If he did become leader, then he would try his best at leading, though he knew he really sucked at it, and he would do it his way. He turned his head towards a guesstimate of where the Mezzanine, using his chakra sensing to see if any of the chakra signatures that were there he recognized. There weren't many, and he recognized only once. Turning his head back to Khrona. "Lino's there huh. If you're sure about this, then the deal is struck."

The being of light shook his head at Tamura, chuckling to himself, as usual. It seems like he was almost missing the point of this entire thing, for Khrona in no way, shape nor form wished to control people. Ah well. It was a misconception that came with his actions and great power, who could blame him for thinking that way? "Tamura, really... I have no intention of controlling you or anyone, for that matter. I simply do all that I do for my land and its people, even if it doesn't seem that way. Free Will is all what I'm for; in fact, the Will of Tensei dictates this. Naturally, my presence here is for guidance and clarity, not for control and dictatorship. You may run the land you are in control of however you like, and I will simply support you by providing what you need, if I feel it is of use and of benefit. That's all I want to do is provide, as long as I am given the proper treatment and care. That isn't so much to ask for sustaining an entire reality's existence, correct?" In fact, Khrona was basically asking them to live life. Such is what the Tree of Life would want; for others to have life and use it wisely and productively for themselves and others to help the world go round. Even if this being of light and life was the darkest man to have ever walked the land, save for the Dark King. Funny and ironic how things work, eh?

Khrona: "And as for you, Luci... The Night Of Tensei is upon you. The true Friday The Thirteenth."

Khrona's eyes started to glow within the tree, which then caused the tree to glow a magnificent spectrum of colors; all those of the rainbow and all those beyond what most could comprehend of the light spectrum. This overwhelmingly beautiful glow would be the light of thirteen spheres circling around the tree up above, each a different color and serving a different purpose.

Khrona: "The Thirteen Tsukiyomi of the Thirteen Moons... To bear down the seal of the Thirteen Restrictions upon your very being... Let this power bring yours into Prime Order, and allow for a steady and prosperous metamorphosis into your... True form."

And so, Thirteen rays of light cast down from each moon and straight into the blazing heart of Luciel Tensei, silencing her burning soul and sealing it within the confines of her frosty crystal heart. Afterward, just as quickly as they appeared, the moons would disperse back into the tree.

Khrona: "Kay, it's done. Now, if you want to go about getting Blue and Signis back, you're going to have to take Ruby and Saphira to the Oasis of Serenity to see Serulenia. Whenever you're ready, that is."

Khrona was interested in this installment, however... Wondering just how Luci felt after such a transition.

Khrona: "And, please do tell me... How do you feel, my dear?"

She was silent throughout the entire process... More because she couldn't breathe than anything, but in the end of it all, she was actually rather uncertain of what was going to happen to her. She still didn't trust Khrona, even if it looked like he had her best interest at heart... Something about him still didn't sit right with her. Perhaps because she still didn't know everything she needed to. Like, why or how she was brought from 'Escellsia' to here, and how he is truly her father. He'd have to spill the beans before she left here.

Priere: "Well I--"

Before she could get even three words out, the light from the moons coming from the crystal struck her very soul, silencing the burning will within her down to nothingness. She couldn't feel the heat anymore; only coldness, all around her. This sense of cold was a rather pleasurable experience, since she wasn't really fond of the heat at all. But... Something was different. She couldn't feel... Well, anyone. Or anything. It was all just one big mess of coldness. The light from the sun felt cold. The heat from Tamura's body felt cold. Her entire being felt... Just absolutely cold.

Priere: "... Don't call me Luci. My name is Priere."

Even her voice was cold and distant, as if she had no more interest in anything at all. What was this? Even though it was so pleasurable, it felt... Lonely. But this time, she didn't really care. Were her emotions wiped clean with the seal of the Thirteen Restrictions? Now that she thought about it... She couldn't feel too much within herself, either. This was a rather weird installment... This must have been the labor she was going to have to endure... Finding herself. *Sigh*...

Priere: "And tell me how I'm your daughter if I come from an entirely different existence than you. Plus, my father's name is Valorius, and yours is Khrona. Make it make sense before I decide to resign as your little 'Guardian'."

She looked to him with a glassy, distant stare, as though there was nothing in her eyes but an endless expanse of utter frosty coldness. Oh, this was going to be one hell of a trip...

Once the dets were set in stone, Tamura saw no need for him to stick around. His fury hadn't quite cooled itself, the deep rumbling primal rage continued to try and break surface. He knew that he needed to get home, into the arms of Naina so that she could do what she did best. It would have to be quick though because he had to head right back out and to the met up Khrona was having about the positions. He wondered how people would react to his appearance. Some probably had no idea who he even was. He took one last look at Priere, not completely disgusted by her anymore but still slightly disappointed. He sucked his lips one last time and turned to walk away towards his bike. Once he'd gotten there, he performed one hand seal and touched his hand to the bike, causing it to vanish. Then he began to perform the hand seal again so that he too could disappear.

Between he and 'Priere', there was an awkward and long silence. It was not until Tamura had actually fled the scene that Khrona would start to answer her question, for it was something that was on the hush-hush.

Khrona: "... I am one with all forms of myself. Through my becoming of the Tree Of Life And Truth, I have extended myself to all other versions of myself across all forms of reality and unreality, connecting us all as one being. Though we are all one and the same, we all share key differences that make us individuals, even if we are connected. Valorius just so happened to be one of these individuals."

For a while, even Khrona was not aware of how the workings of the all worked, though in his process of ascension, many answers were brought to him beyond the understanding of most, which thereby allowed him such potency. There was not a single piece of himself that he was not in tune with, nowhere, no place. Every last trace of his DNA anywhere was connected and working in unison toward a greater goal... which would soon be accomplished.

Khrona: "There isn't a scrap of DNA kin to mine that I haven't resonated with and connected to myself. Thus, when the realm of Escellsia started to crumble... To save you, I brought you here on my own whim without your knowledge. Your purpose could not be fulfilled over there. That reality was destined to fall due to the pretenses of which it was created, sad to say. Though, this makes you an irregular here, much like Tigen. You were neither born of the reality of this planet nor the Reality, and neither was he. As it comes to that, that's all that you need to hear..."

He couldn't tell her the rest, for it was far too risky for her to know. But for now... This is what she had to deal with.

Khrona: "... I apologize if that was not what you wished for. In the past, I tended to do things against others' will for my own sake or for what I thought was correct... In the end, that was a mistake of my own that I needed to see was wrong in and of itself. This world is made of Free Will. Instead of making you do it, I should have merely given you the choice, since that is the gift you were given by God."

Khrona nodded his head to her, and turned away, his light starting to fade...

Khrona: "... I must leave you now. Farewell, Priere... And do not let that cold heart cloud who you are... but bring out the true you. Remember that..."

And the light faded, and the tree grew silent and dim, shimmering like all the other crystalline obstructions nearby.

Khrona's explanation of the matter was thorough and actually made sense in the whole of things. Maybe she could trust him just a little more now. He seemed genuinely apologetic for the mistakes he made in the past. Nobody's perfect. However, even in knowing and understanding his feelings, she felt no different. She didn't need to feel anything to make sense of the situation.

Priere: "Apology accepted... Don't let it happen again."

As he began to fade, she also turned around and started on her way, not yet ready to see Serulenia, but more so ready to find out a little bit about these Thirteen Restrictions. It should all be documented in her Crystal Grimoire, as was everything about her. It updated itself automatically. On her way to the Mezzo Terra, she'd read up on what was going on and figure things out on the way. Her mind was set only on business.

But, the words of Khrona did stick with her, resounding in her head... Not to let the cold heart cloud who she is... Though she didn't understand the meaning just yet.

Priere: "I am who I am. Nothing more, nothing less."

She crossed her arms and faded away into the mist.

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After the little talk with his daughter and their trusted associate, Khrona continued on with his new duties as 'Tree Of Life,' just the same way as he had done when he was just a normal vessel as 'Ruler' of the Dusk, even in his plotting to become the bad guy.

A burst of flames appeared in front of the Crystal Tree, and from that fire came Albel with all his goodness. After making his appearance at the tree, he walked up to it and gave a knock.

Albel: "Anyone home?"

Khrona: 'Well... This was a rather unexpected development. A being long inactive in this village suddenly coming to be... How quaint. Let's see what he wants...?'

In a flash of light, Albel was taken to the top of the tree and to the Crystal Garden, where he could speak directly with the tree itself, in a projected form known as 'Khrona'.

Khrona: "Mmyyeeeees? How can I help you, mister long-time-no-show?"

Albel: "Woo! That was cool, but where am I...?"

Albel was brought in so fast, he didn't even understand what happened at first, but soon enough everything became clear to him; he had been brought up to the top of the tree by a force he couldn't see. Once he got all that together, he noticed that Khrona showed up in front of him. At first glance he didn't know who the man was, until he felt that Khronaness coming off of him, and that's when he knew.

Albel: "You look different, hehe, but I know what you're thinking, and I am so sorry that I've been gone for so long."

Albel wasn't happy about his long trip, but the best thing he could do now was say sorry; it's not like he wanted to be away for so long, but he was back and was here to stay.

Khrona: "Uh huh. Well, I'm glad that you're back and I hope you'll be of help to the village in its most trying times. I need more dependable people around here."

Though his appearance was unexpected, he was... Welcoming to Albel's appearance. It was nice to see him again.

Khrona: "Well, what brings you here, otherwise?"

Albel: "I got ya Khrona, but now for my reason for being here; I've heard that you started a family that goes by the last name of Tensei, and you have a group called the Shinsei. Now I won't say who told me, but let's just say they're really close to you. Now I've come to see TIGEN for some hardcore training, and after he trains me... Well, read my mind, and once you get the answer, just nod your head, hehehe."

Albel laughed a little, though its been awhile since he's seen Khrona and even longer since he'd seen TIGEN! He still found meeting either of them to be just funny, while also being very cool, but now all he had to do was wait.

Looks like word spreads fast when you're the Crystal Tree, but a bit of Albel's information was a little skewed...

Khrona: "Well, I didn't start my family name, I just found out what it was and... 'Located' some lost members. We're a really complex family."

Complex was right... Everything they went through was... Well, let's not get into that. It's rather existential and cosmic.

Khrona: "But I founded the legendary 'Shinsei' group, named after the man of my First Ancestral Race. I think it's rather fitting. Hmhmhm."

Oh, that Khrona. But a meeting with Tigen, the PumpKing, ruler of Dimensia, was a pretty bold step here. And sudden, too. Albel must have had big things in mind, especially after coming back so soon.

Khrona: "Huh. It isn't often that anyone requests Tigen anymore. He's been really lonely waiting for everyone to work things out. I'm sure this will be fun for him."

Tigen was indeed Khrona's soul, after all. That guy still needed a body... And unlike Mywt, his body was more flimsy and less 'put together', even if it was of the same material. Khrona would at least give him a head when he came back.

Khrona: "Oh, Tigen~..."

Albel: "Wow! That's some family you got there, but I'm happy you found out who you really are."

Albel gave a thumbs up to Khrona. He was very happy to see that Khrona found his whole family, -- or just half of an even bigger one -- but he couldn't help hearing about how lonely Tigen was; it kinda hurt him in a way. He wasn't aware that TIGEN wasn't doing anything with anyone, but now that Albel was here, he'd make sure to keep his friend happy and all that good stuff.-

Albel: "I can't wait to see him, I bet he's changed to hehehe."


A magnificent light shone from the innards of the tree, spreading a light so glorious that it lit up the entire Crystal City, bringing a spectrum of color vibrant enough to fill any heart with life and vigor. This light, this pure and utter badass and undying Will was none other than that of Tigen; the life of the party!

The light took shape as a multi-colored flame standing before Albel, with a huge, bulbous head reminiscent of a pumpkin, only with a wispy flaming soul-like tail at the top. Flaming scarf round his flaming face, Tigen held up the V sign in front of Albel.


How Tigen missed this... Simply... Being.

Albel: "Awwwww yeah! What's up, my pumpkin!?"

Albel couldn't help but give a happy pat on Tigen's shoulder. It'd been a long time since he saw this guy, and as he thought, Tigen's looks did change a bit; not as much as Khrona's, but just enough. He smiled ever so big and he quickly jumped back a few feet from Tigen. He took his hand, balled it up, and came in for the mother of all fist bumps.

Albel: "Show me your bump!"


Tigen readied his fist, cocking back with a smile on his bulbous and scarfed face. When Albel's fist came in, Tigen's came to meet him right in the middle, the collide sending a burst of wicked colors and fanciful explosions all around.

Tigen: "Bump-a-dumpy-bump-bump, homie~! Tigen is happy that someone wanted to see Tigen!!! But why did you want to see Tigen?"

As he always loved to do, he hovered all around his point of interest, floating upside down, right side left and left side up; all sorts of ways all around, occasionally warping every now and then. Didn't make any sense why this guy would wanna, but call his name and he does appear! He's like a genie!

Albel: "Hell yeah! But the reason I called for you was because I wanted you to train me so that I may become your student and learn everything you know."

Albel said what he had to. He was very serious about this stuff, even though his face didn't show it... Or maybe it did, but the happy look he had stayed on his face as he waited for Tigen to respond.

Tigen scratched his head, letting it swirl and swerve around in a rather confused fashion.

Tigen: "Student? Tigen isn't a very good teacher... Tigen doesn't really... Lead or anything. Tigen doesn't really know how to train people."

The light being was more than... Befuddled by what was the exact thing Albel was trying to get from him.

Tigen: "Tigen can... Try...? What is it that you want Tigen to teach you?"

Albel: "Really!? Oh boy, you really don't get out much do you? But anyway, I'd like you to teach me everything you know, like how to control dimensions, and use the pumpkin jutsu -- stuff like that. In short, I want to learn it all, and become the best of the best."

Yes it was a lot to ask, but that's what he wanted to learn from Tigen, though he also knew that it'd be tough to learn most of the complex stuff Tigen knows, however he wasn't going to give up whatsoever.

Albel: "There you have it."

Tigen: "Whaaat? You wanna learn that stuuuff? Tigen can't teach you that unless you've already got those powers and stuffs."

It was a hard, sad truth, but these 'jutsu' that everyone else did were innate abilities for Tigen. He did them naturally as a part of his very being and lifestyle, so to go through the complexities of the basics was nothing he was capable of doing. Especially since most of what he knew was what others called... 'Special Ability?'

Tigen: "Tigen can't help you. Sowwy. Tigen doesn't use Jutsu; Tigen's um... What was that work you people use for energy again...? Um... Chakra. Yeah. Tigen's always in the state of... Being pure... Chakra, Tigen guesses that's the best way to put it in you guys' terms! Teehee~!"

To control the body and mind to open up said chakra point, Tigen knew nothing about. He had no chakra points, even in his old body. He had nothing that had to do with an old body. He was pure will, pure energy in and of itself, just like the rest of his people. For them, teaching people of the flesh was probably impossible.

Tigen: "You miiight be out of luck. Wanna go for something else, hmmm?"

Albel: "Damn, that really sucks ass... WAIT! My powers can grow, Tigen! I want my fire to be able to self sustaining, like the sun! I want to be able to use fire to its absolute level."

Since Tigen couldn't teach him how to use his powers, Albel thought, 'why not master his own powers, and go on from there?' So that was the new plan.

Albel: "Sooo?"

Albel was asking for a lot, and with that, the reason why he wanted to do it seemed to be a little... Skewed. Tigen could see it in the way he was asking and what he was asking for. He shrugged his shoulders and shook his head, not able to do fire, either.

"Tigen doesn't do fire. Tigen may be made of flames, but it's all part of Tigen's own body. Teaching fire would be more fitting for someone liiiike... That Chaos guy, the Demon King! Or... That Kusanagi guy!"

He warped in a chocolate bar, biting into it with his flaming bulbous head. The chocolate was burnt to nothingness instantly, as if becoming assimilated with Tigen's own flames.

Tigen: "Maybe you should figure out what you're actually doing before just looking for training. Tigen doesn't think you really know what you want... Besides power. And having power hungry people isn't gonna flyyy~! Maybe chocolate hungry people, like Tigen!"

Even in his current state, Tigen had matured, even if he was still fun loving and lovable. He grew with Khrona and own his own, to maintain his title as the PumpKing, after all.

Khrona continued to attempt to sustain the Veritas, keeping up what he had to do in order to keep others alive. The light that shined from the tree when he turned into Tigen projected the image or 'Light' of Khrona down into the land, unto the next target put in the 'spotlight' of the Crystal Tree's focus.

A ray of light from above and a powerful negating force brought all things in this specific area to a complete halt. The 'Fox Spirit' would be calmed and subdued, being drawn back into the wind from whence she came. Whatever this light was and whatever was coming down from it, it was apparently ready for them to cease.

Khrona: "Ah... Wonderful, wonderful."

The sound of clapping was heard as the figure descended from the clouds and down onto the land, rather casually dressed, in fact. With a halo upon his head and his black jacket flowing in the wind, the smiling man with the sanguine gleaming eyes would touch down right before Nikolai and immediately slip his hands into his pockets. Once they were concealed, everything seemed to return to normalcy.

Khrona: "My apologies for cutting you short. My name is Khrona Tensei. There is something else I would like you to do that will be the 'second half' of your ranking exam, so to say. It is an arduous task, but you will be rewarded greatly for it. Will you be willing to accept it, or will you accept my judgment of your rank right here and now?"

In Nikolai, he saw a hidden potential that could be honed early if he was willing to go through what Khrona wished for him to do. It was something important and beneficial... To the both of them, whether Nikolai knew it or not. As he was getting ready to try a new combo to end the fight, a ray of light would shine from above and negate the forces in the area, as the fox disappeared. Looking to the light Nikolai would see a form within, descending to land on the ground right by Nikolai. Something about him seemed vaguely familiar but Nikolai was on edge having just been fighting. His guard though dropped with the being’s introduction. This was Khrona? Stuff really had changed during Nikolai’s time away. He had only met Khrona very briefly one time in the past, but that could very well explain the familiar feeling he had. “I’ve been gone for a while, so I guess a mission could give me another reason to see how everything has changed. I’ll accept whatever this task is.”

Khrona smiled, calling forth a special 'weapon' to his hands in the form of a very long and elaborate lance. The Lost Weapon and original Godsend, Rei Tensei. "Wonderful. Glad to hear it." He tapped the lance on the ground, opening up a dark portal in the ground -- pitch black in nature, almost like a bottomless pit of sorts. He opened his eyes and stared straight into the eyes of Nikolai, suddenly becoming intense, yet still half open. "This pit... Leads straight to Hell." Even with his serious eyes, he was still smiling warmly, through the sanguine gleam of those orbs. Part of him was curious... To see just how Nikolai would react. "Down there, you must go find one of the most powerful Witches to have ever existed, who has been trapped down there to... 'Atone' for her crimes." He chuckled to himself, remembering just what she did. It was a shame, but he figured that she'd be pleased to hear something like this. "She uses gravity manna, and can assist you in your endeavors. Go down there and train with her. Tell her that teaching you will count as her 'atonement,' and she'll be returned back up here. And if I hear good word from her... You'll be promoted. Sound good?"

His eyes drawn to the pitch black portal that formed, Nikolai was intrigued. A pit to hell, seems this ranking exam has changed quite a bit since the beginning, but oh well guess he might as well do as others have told him, and ‘go to hell’. “Okay, so just go down there, find the witch and learn from her?” He takes a step toward to the portal before stopping to turn to Khrona again. “What is her name anyways? Might help me find her.”

His enthusiasm and determination were always a plus in Khrona's handbook, considering that not just anyone would agree to go down to hell to meet a Witch that was condemned there for some crimes she committed, especially if she was one of the most powerful Witches of all. He was brave, but even so, there still was more for him there... "Zita L'sia. That is her name. And I'd advise you to be careful around her... She's got a little 'quirk' about her that she hasn't quite fixed yet, but she will before you leave." Khrona nodded his head in appreciation toward him, smiling warmly for Nikolai's bravery. "I thank you for your services. This should take you straight to the 'Shallowed Acheron'. Peace be with you." These days, Hell wasn't referred to as such anymore... It was called by a different name; Makai. It was good that things were picking up down there... Hmhmhm.

It wasn’t bravery that drove Nikolai, so much as it was boredom. The world had changed so much, and the mention of going to hell seemed like an interesting proposition. So with a nod, he stepped into the portal to be teleported to the 'Shallowed Acheron'. As a portal appears in the 'Shallowed Acheron', Nikolai steps out of it not knowing what to expect to find in this 'hell'.

Zita: "Man. I can't believe I got sent here to 'atone.' I don't know how long I'm going to be here, and even worse, I'm just someone's summon until the atonement is done with... Hmph."

The lovely mystical mistress, former Head Witch AND Grand Magistrate of Nytoz, Zita L'sia, hovered along the barren ways of the 'Shallowed Acheron' in a slightly reclined position, seemingly formally relaxed, even in her rather crucial situation. She wasn't one to show much worry, or even work herself up over such matters, even if they were matters that were of the most dire concern.

She had been wandering around for weeks here, not able to find anything to 'atone' for formally, and was now beginning to be a little bit weary of this entire ordeal. Whatever the case, she figured it would be best to stop rather than to keep wandering aimlessly.

Zita: "... Oh, woe is me. Will I ever find a way out of this boring hell?"

Just as she called out up above, a portal appeared before her and dropped out a strapping young man. With her cougar eyes set to pounce, the thousand year old witch with the eighteen year old image hovered over to Nikolai, quite interested in his appearance here...

Zita: "Well, well~. Hello there, you cute thing~! And who might you be, appearing before me so suddenly?"

As Nikolai made contact with the lower world, Khrona's voice beamed into Zita's mind directly, filling her in on a bit of the details.

Khrona: 'Zita... This is your chance for atonement. I have sent Nikolai for training for a ranking exam. It is up to you to finish this...'

Vague and left up to interpretation, Khrona's voice faded from her mind, now allowing Nikolai to speak for himself. Khrona was simply the verification that this was all not a lie or something, and this was actually for Zita to take seriously... If she wanted to return to the Veritas, that is.

As Nikolai dropped from the portal, he hears someone speak. Turning to face the voice, he sees a lady hovering nearby. Definitely not what he was expecting one of his first sights in ‘hell’ to be. His mind still adjusting to this, he replies. “Uhhm…I’m Nikolai. I was sent here by Khrona as part of my ranking exam. Do you by any chance know anyone by the name…” Tapping his hand up to his chin he tries to remember how Khrona had pronounced the name. “Oh! I believe it was…” Snapping his fingers as he remembers, “Zita L'sia!”

As the boy was speaking, Khrona's voice popped into Zita's head. She was actually quite pissed at him and that side of the family right now, but it wasn't like she didn't need this... So she could forgive that side for the moment. Khrona's words coincided with Nikolai's, confirming that what they were saying was actually true... Unfortunately. "Zita L'sia, huh...? Yes, I am she; former Head Witch and former Grand Magistrate of the Witch Province, Nytoz, of the Veritas." She did indeed want to go back up... She was getting a little homesick... So she might as well give him this training. Her legs shifted, one crossing the other, as she lay her head bored on a loose knuckle. "Ranking exam, hm? Fine, I'll continue it for you... But you're going to have to show me that you're worth my time, first." Even if this was her ticket out of Hell, she wasn't going to just give him a rank. She wanted to see what he was capable of, first. "... So. Go ahead... Show me a little something, hm~?"

After Khrona had finished up with his last client -- the long-absent 'Albel', who had been politely sent on his way -- the next person seeking the Crystal Tree made his way to the Crystal Garden that was the new meeting place of Khrona. It was like his new office.

Billiam would suddenly find himself inside the Crystal Garden. He would look around before tying to find an exit. He, of course, didn't want to be changed; Billiam wanted to be Bill and nothing was gonna stop that, unless it was forced. "I don't need this Commander guy coming back," he would say to himself while searching for an exit.

"There is no exit when you're in my domain. Sorry, but that's the way it goes in the Crystal Tree." A rather casual, yet serene disembodied voice spoke out from within, creating without, an image of Khrona from the vibrations of his voice and memories. "I'm Khrona. I hear that there's something that needs to be fixed about you from that Master Guardian guy. Let's have a little chat, hm...?"

"Nothing needs fixing. I was a members of the Deep, I was never some Treaty leader or whatever he said it was. Oh and a chat would be fine," Bill would say.

Khrona: 'I hope this isn't some sort of 'Kill Bill' sort of deal here...'

Bill felt like there was nothing wrong with him, and to him, that was probably so. At least, in his eyes. That was the reason for the eyes of another.

Khrona: "Deep? Man, that was quiiiite some time ago. Maybe you're behind the times, huh? What's this 'Treaty' you're talking about? In fact, just tell me everything. What the hell is going on here?"

Better to be simple and clean; straight to the point.

"The Treaty is some crap the Master Guardian was talking to me about, something about me being the Commander and leading it, some sort of Hero of Man or something stupid like that. I'm clearly Billiam, and I clearly fought alongside Miles Seiler. Hell we even owned a Dojo in the Deep," he would say.

Khrona shook his head.

Khrona: "Why? Actually, better yet, do you even know why, or are you just telling me stuff?"

Perhaps if Khrona delved into his mind...

"Why? You mean why do I want to be myself and not be some other guy? Because I am me, and I want to be me," Bill would say.

This was getting relatively nowhere. It seemed to Khrona that he was who he was already, with or without the other one. So... What was the issue?

Khrona: "Are you not who you are already? Or are you not complete?"

"I'm fine. It's the villages and that Master Guardian guy who aren't. And why does this band say I'm part of some Nightmare village. I was a Drifter... Oh and what went down with the Deep? Where's my dojo and where's Miles?" Bill would ask. It was clear that this was the Bill whom the planet came to hate oh so long ago. It was also clear that Bill had no care for anyone but himself and Miles...

This was clear to Khrona that 'Bill' was not whole. His memories were torn, and he seemed to be living in the past... Yet, still in the present, which is his future. There was a reason why he considered himself 'fine' and everything else 'not.' However, there was still great flaw in that... "You consider yourself fine and other things around you as 'not fine'. However, everything around you considers you 'not fine' and themselves 'fine.' Did you ever even recognize the possibility of yourself being the one that is 'not fine?'" Now, perhaps we could get somewhere. "Sometimes, even if we consider ourselves fine the way we are, it is not so. That is why we are able to realize ourselves and what we do. If you are not aware or conscious of your actions or your placement... Don't you think that could cause some difficulties to others? To only think about yourself?" Though, it might be a little early to speak on that. This man clearly just needed someone to work things out with... And no one wanted to do it. They simply wished to tell him he was wrong without showing him. A grave misconception of most who deem themselves 'correct'. That is how beings consider themselves 'perfect' -- not knowing the error of their ways. If one believes they are without error, then they are not perfect. However, a being that readily considers that itself to be an error is what some would call 'perfect'. To consider its own actions... Rather than just doing things without thinking of the effects. "Tell me, why do you think that everything else is not fine?" Khrona deliberately did not answer the question about the band. Such knowledge would come with more information revealed between the two of them in this conversation.

Easily confused by the comments about being fine and other seeing him as not fine, it quickly confused Bill, and when that occurred, he just dismissed it as Khrona trying to put him down in ways, even if he wasn't. To Bill, his actions were always the right ones, regardless of others showing him otherwise, or even giving him real proof of those errors. "Everyone isn't fine because they are always fighting with one another. My short time on this planet told me that. It also told me each and every Ruler is corrupt and useless and only cares about themselves and the title they posses. In my eyes, you're all wrong because you can't settle things without vaporizing the person who doesn't agree," Bill would say. "None of you leaders get along... Well, you do on the outside, but deep down there could NEVER be an alliance, because if one leader from the Twilight even tried to change something in the Deep... Or whatever it's called now...  The Deep's leader would have a shit fit and there'd be all out war. You're just headed down the same paths that humanity did and they lost their planet because of it," Bill would add.

Khrona: 'Ah, a legitimate complaint, then. Heh heh... Is there really something wrong with him, as the other one said, or is there actually nothing the matter?'

Khrona didn't blame him for getting confused; Khrona had a manner of speech that was easy to get lost in if one wasn't paying close enough attention. Sometimes, he even got lost, himself. A lot went on in his head...

Khrona: "Then you shouldn't judge them, the same way you do not want them to judge you. Do you know why they must fight? A difference of opinion does not mean that someone is right or the other is wrong. That is another grave misconception that people around here have. I don't want you to fall prey to that."

It was terrible; the concept of 'who is right and who is wrong' caused more conflict than most other things... Mostly because people had such a narrow way of thinking, they could not see other people's ideas and let them flourish. Oh well... Such things could always be remedied in the future.

Khrona: "Also, the 'corruption' of the leaders is a... Matter of opinion, as well. One would have to understand what we have to deal with..."

Though, Khrona couldn't say that they all hadn't had their little 'power hungry' phases; it was part of growing up, especially with a lot of power. Such is why they had to learn 'Self Control', which is something even Khrona is still going through, to control this limitless power he had access to...

Khrona: "... Sure, together we may be a little egotistical, conceited, power hungry, destructive, non-caring, narrow minded, contemptuous, 'holier than thou' and all the like, however... We are growing or have grown out of it. We were still children... Well, most of us... And such things are part of growing up. Learn from your mistakes, and have those who follow you not make the same ones. Such is what mistakes are for; to be learned from and for the knowledge of what not to do. I had to learn the hard way..."

Khrona was guilty of being rather conceited in the past due to his reclusive nature; he was a naturally self-centered person, since he was an introvert and disliked other people. He had to think of himself and his family, though through extended time as a Ruler, he grew out of it to see how his people needed him, too... If only the Bill knew.

Khrona: "I understand what you're saying, Bill, however, I beg you to not only reconsider, but to simply trust me. We may not be a true 'alliance' yet, however that comes with the new reform. Something I must say is that humans were far too ignorant to use the intelligence they were gifted with. They were their own downfall for falling prey to the darkness..."

That darkness... It did indeed threaten the planet. As long as Khrona was the Tree Of Life of the Veritas, it would be nonexistent, or at least very limited.

Khrona: "... In any case, you have made many observations, and of course they have been considered... If by no one else, then definitely myself. That is the only reason I'm giving all of my energy for this... And making my family suffer so for the good of the people..."

He sighed heavily, not even wanting to think about that...

Khrona: "But soon, all of that will be over. Though, I should probably warn you about the climax... Heh heh. It will be one to remember. Best get ready."

But, wasn't there something Bill was here for?

Khrona: "... So, were you simply here to tell me your opinion and things I already knew? Or is there something... Else?"

"I was brought here because Master Guardian wanted his Commander back. I'm not that guy at all. Besides, anyone who gives themselves a title of power and doesn't have power is trying to piss people off," Bill would say. Bill would look around at the area again then focus his eyes on the sky.

"Live and learn, they say." Khrona shrugged. "So, if he wants the Commander back, and he sent you here to become the Commander, but you don't want to be the Commander because you aren't him, then what do you want me to do about it? Naturally, I can pull the Commander from the realm he is in individually. I can turn you into him. I can destroy you and have you reborn as him. However... Will I? That is an entirely different story. That's more up to you than it is to me." Khrona had a lot of power, but unlike many who achieved great power, he wasn't going to just go around showing off. If he knew he had power, what was the point of showing others that didn't care? He had it for his own reasons, at this point, and those included recreating this reality he made... Into a place similar to what this 'Bill' was looking for. To a degree, that is. "So, what is it that you, personally, want here? Naturally, I was informed that there was something amiss with you and to fix you. Of course, if you don't believe that, then there's nothing for me to fix. Thus, if there is, then there is no point to you being here. So... Tell me, is there anything else, or are we truly finished here?" It didn't seem like much got accomplished save for a little exchange of words, which Khrona honestly didn't mind. He loved conversation, and even if it was with this odd fellow, it was nice to hear what he had to say and his thoughts on everything. Company was always good.

"I want, power, fame, and status, but who doesn't? I also seek true immortality. I am Bill, not this Commander and whatever the Master Guardian was saying about me being this other guy is not true. All I know is, I was with Miles one moment and here the next. I have no memories of before meeting Miles and no memories of what went down after fighting Master Control," Bill would say. Bill was telling the truth and all he knew. All he was in this world was a body left behind by the Commander because Vanguard tried to make the Commander his puppet by altering his mind. So to escape this, the Commander made Bill as a fake to replace him. The Commander was in Kwandrivia and Bill was here. He was a being built off some memories the Commander chose to leave behind. "If I really am some other guy, and me, or both, there could always be some way of separating the two, or one, or whatever, and bringing forth a whole new being... Or something. I'm just not gonna lie down and die, not before I achieve my dreams... If I really have any." Bill was now starting to doubt his entire being, but this would only last seconds before he dismissed it.

Khrona: 'A memory, much like my forms... Though, unlike me, not projected or connected with the other versions. Hm.'

Khrona: "Well then, I believe I can assist you. All of those things, I can grant you, though I can say, I do not believe you will enjoy the benefits nor the process. You sound like a human, asking for such frivolous and childish things so haphazardly. Snicker snicker."

Though, Khrona knew many people who wanted those things... And for all the wrong reasons, too.

Khrona: "Remnants of the past living in the future, which is the present... As I thought before... Left behind after such a split, huh? Must have been quiiite some time ago, if you only remember up to Master Control."

Boy, those were the days. No wonder he was so out of the loop about how the Rulers were maturing, if they hadn't fully already. And, in fact, how the Rulers of old were coming to an end...

Khrona: "... You've been gone for some time. This world is reforming right before your eyes. But, alas, that's not the point right now. The point is, your memories are faaaar behind the times, and apparently, so is your existence. You've already made it clear that you are not the Commander and I guess you don't want to be him... You don't really have any goals or ambitions or anything... Existing here as you are doesn't seem as though it will work out for you. Too much has happened."

Bill would step back a few steps; the last thing he wanted was death. "So you're saying I have to stop living?" he would ask, quickly looking for an escape.

Khrona laughed, knowing that such a limited option seemed to be the only one. That was simply not the case. "Ahahaha! Not at all, dear boy! You can keep on living, if you like... There are indeed methods of keeping you intact whilst also bringing you to the speed of this world..." But, Vanguard did do some damage to his mind... "... Though, the sanctity of your mind may be a little more difficult. There are a lot of cosmic things that play into this, but nothing too... Farfetched. However, there are definitely risks that differ for each scenario. Consequences, of course. Only natural for every situation... Be they good or bad. Whether you like them or not doesn't matter, since it's really up to what choices you make. Whatever you decide... You must stick with it."

"Of course I want to keep living, I don't care what it takes," Bill would say, tossing the Nightmare headband aside.

At the utterance of those words, Khrona's eyes dimmed, revealing just how deeply, utterly tired they actually were. The rest of his face followed this grim transition, and his lighthearted smile of serenity then became one of absolute seriousness and intensity. "... So be it." To live by any means necessary... This process would be nothing fun. "You want to live your life with a completed being, then we shall strip your knowledge from the realm beyond and return it straight to your head. As a result, the influx of knowledge will reactivate innate knowledge within your cellular structure directly from your brain, and your form will shift. Thus, your body will 'transition' through the events of this planet all the way from what you currently remember to what you should remember, as if you experienced it all in a flash. The stress will be quite taxing on your very being, and accessing your power will become quite difficult for a long while. Are you sure you wish to proceed...?" His gaze was unblinking, straight into the eyes of Bill. This was a serious matter, and Khrona intended to express with just his face how dire this process could be...

"I've already lost all my abilities, friends, rank, and past; what could possibly go wrong?" Bill would question.

"What an unfortunate fellow... Then, you must not have much else to lose, but your own self..." The somber lids of Khrona closed slowly, and with it, the Crystal Tree began to glow. It was nice to be able to rest these tired eyes for a moment, even if he was still at work. Clasping his hands together as if in a form of prayer, the light from the tree brightened gradually. "... Start over from level one... As if you had observed all such events, yet did not partake..." His hand signs shifted, as if in a form of meditation. The somber expression rose at the same rate as the light, and as the light grew, his face returned to its serenity. "You will begin in the Veritas as if you were fresh, though retain the knowledge of the events of this planet... How many years of languor will your sleeping mind awaken from...? How tired it will be after watching all the occurrences in complete silence... In complete peace... You must know..." A rhetorical question, as the light suddenly became unbearable; too much to even see what was right before his eyes. The light of one coming to consciousness, as if an infant coming to understand its own life. "... Nirvana..." There before Bill, all such events of this planet would become clear to him, speeding straight into his mind and flashing before his eyes. He'd experience years worth of activity in only moments; piece by piece, event by event, only as an observer and not as a participant. His brain would accelerate, directly connecting to the Commander from beyond, drawing in even his innate knowledge. This was a delicate process that Khrona absolutely had to have complete and utter control of, else he cause Bill's very head to explode from so much 'light'. It was a very dangerous and delicate process, even if it was very beneficial. Even so, Khrona maintained a sense of complete calm and serenity; inner peace to maintain such a steady flow... He didn't want to hurt or even kill Bill at all.

As the various memories flew through Bill's head, he would feel a sensation as if he was seeing things before death. His entire being was somehow created. He didn't know how nor had time to think of it. He was just reborn of sorts. Reborn as 'the False'. Behind his mask was a man who looked like the Commander, but wasn't. If he could he would ask Khrona to make him look different. This is what Bill -- or now 'the False' -- wanted to look like. He wanted in no way to resemble the Commander.

At the moment all such knowledge required for Bill up to this point flowed into his head, Khrona let not a single iota of information press forward, not even the information of what would happen beyond this moment, and Khrona's eyes shot open, the light instantly fading from the tree. There, in the midst, there was the False, who apparently took a form similar to the General. It made sense considering the terms of his update. "... The deed is done. How do you feel in your new state of being?"

Without warning, the knowledge of the Commander's Treaty, Technology, Crystal, and most to all of the Commander's knowledge would suddenly flood away and be replaced with filler. This was because the Commander was a 'Multiversal Singularity' and those were one of a kind; it was impossible to copy a 'Multiversal Singularity', so anything pertaining to the Commander was replaced with other memories, be they horrific or lovable. Still, the False was its own being, memories and personality. "I feel like I could do anything, just as before," the False would say. His body was that of a forty to fifty year old human male with gray hair; he still wore his mask, but he also wore full armor and donned a shield and sword. He had all but one ability and that was the 'Dragon Decapitation Strike', just as he did when he was with the Deep.

The Commander would find himself before Khrona, instantly he would call forth his weapon and eject its Core Blade from the Shell Blade. The Commander would scan this new guy he'd never seen before. He had the same general makeup as him, but other than that, nothing was the same, as one can't copy a Multiversal Singularity. Although this guy did look like a much older version of the Commander. "The Dusk," the Commander would say looking at Khrona, "You've pulled me back, why? Has this world given me another chance, or will it ignore me as it did before?" the Commander would ask, not caring who answered.

Khrona laughed. He laughed and laughed and laughed, actually a bit pleased to see the Commander back in action. A Multiversal Singularity... Khrona was returning to such a state in his transition these days. It was nice for someone to simply have been born that way, though. Hahaha... "It was a request. Naturally, the results were because of how your body is composed... But a part of you wished for this to happen. Hmhm." Khrona pointed over to the False, a 'copy' but 'not copy' of the Commander. It only had likeness to him and definitely held no exactness. "Ignore you? I wouldn't go that far. Things were merely... Hectic back then. Though, it isn't like things aren't the same even now... But we're in the final stages. And by the way, this is no longer just the Dusk... This is the Veritas now."

"I would like to take a ranking exam; I must attain my old rank as soon as possible," the False would say. Naturally he was hastily trying to do things. It was his nature. "I wished to help the Nightmare, but they didn't want my help. I was best off a Drifter..." the Commander would say. "Veritas means truth, and I don't see truth anywhere, otherwise you Khrona, would step down and let another have the chance to become leader," the Commander would say.

Khrona sighed, waving his hand around nonchalantly. "Been there, done that. I'm not leader anymore. I thought I gave you all that information? There's a Leader Trial going on right now as we speak. Don't get so caught up by the power; there's a process that must be worked with before things like that can happen." Already, that False guy was asking for a ranking exam. Khrona wasn't in the mood to do it at all, but it wasn't like anyone else was going to, with all the hectic chaos all over. "Trust me, I know what I'm doing. I've already gone over those types of thoughts and considerations within infinitely large numbers of possibilities many a time in my own head, and after careful analysis, I'm actually implementing this plan. My methods may seem unorthodox now, but the end result will be grand. All I need from my people is trust and support. That will get things completed fast." He looked to them both, knowing that they wanted to get things done quickly, just like Khrona did. "... Something the all of us know all too well about."

"Ah, maybe I should register my abilities and weapons before I try and do anything. Can you direct me to where I do that"? the False would ask.

"I would like to register to take these tests to become leader," the Commander would say.

Khrona shrugged. "Just write them down somewhere and they'll be... Taken care of. Hahahaha. And as for you..." The Leader Trials... The Commander was bold asking for them, especially in a state of complete freshness. "Sorry, but protocols don't allow that. You would have to be an active participant before the first round started, and it's already the second. Ya know?"

"Will do," the False would say. "Now where's the exit to this joint?" he would add.

"I'm sure an exception could be made. What's one more person but another possible candidate?" the General would mention.

Khrona shook his head. "No exceptions to the Leader Trials. That is final. However, you can undergo the secondary way to become a leader... And that is to endure just five of my Thirteen Restrictions." As for the False... "... Here's the exit." Consumed by a flash of light, the False would go wherever he was... Trying to go... So that Khrona and the Commander could finish their little chitchat.

"And these restrictions are?" the Commander would ask.

"Different versions of myself; forms of myself from the past, and also forms that I have yet to achieve. Basically, what one would consider an even split of all my power. Something we Tensei keep on as limiters, till we can control our powers fully. Think of them right now as just memories of myself... Until I reach my true form in the Thirteenth." Khrona crossed his arms. "Each of them is exceedingly more difficult. And you want to take them on?"

"Fight a Ruler, one whom probably and for sure uses attacks meant to overpower others with ease, fill the entire space time continuum with death, and overall obliterate things. I've seen what Tigen did to my 'FAITH' with little effort, what's to say you wouldn't do the same to me? I know many a people who would want me dead or gone," the Commander would say.

Khrona shook his head and shrugged his shoulders, chuckling a bit. "I wouldn't kill you, nor anyone who hadn't the intention to kill me, or was evil or something. That's art of me having learned to control my power; not to use too much to cause unnecessary destruction, but to use just enough to get the job I need done. You should trust me, for I bear no ill will... Even if others do."

"It's part of my job as the Supreme Representative of the Treaty to always have trust and to see the light in someone. I can take this test, even if I rank up to Standard I would still be satisfied," the Commander would say.

"Then, simply do your best. I will evaluate you from there." Khrona smiled, letting his sinister, yet serene eyes set... "... And what of the False one?"

"This False one does not concern me," the Commander would say, placing the Core Blade into the Shell Blade forming his weapon.

Khrona shrugged again. "Hope he doesn't get into too much trouble... Hmhmhm. Well, anyway. Might as well take you to the First Restriction at the bottom of the tree, huh?"

"Yes, I'll do my best," the Commander would say.

"Then, here we go." There was another blinding light before the Commander was taken down to the base of the tree; the First Restriction.

The Commander would appear there with Khrona; it was test time. He stepped back, dispelled his weapon and waited for the signal to begin. Hell was probably about to break loose upon the Commander.

As they appeared inside the crystalline tree, the area seemed not that much different from the Crystal Garden up above. However, the atmosphere was indeed very, very different... The Blue Moon that hung over their heads was the sign that they'd reached the First Restriction. And Khrona smiled. "Welcome to the First Restriction. This Restriction is that of Mentality, so I will be testing you on various matters of your own mind. Please... Think of where you wish to engage, and the Crystal will take those theta waves and mold them into reality. They take in all forms of wavelength and project such reality through what they take in. Crystal is indeed amazing, don't you agree?" Khrona chuckled, waiting for the Commander to 'Select A Stage.'

As soon as the Commander was given control over where the battle was to take place the entire field would begin to pixelate. After a second or two they would find themselves in space; asteroids were floating all around, and in the background there was the Faith of Heart, Planet Nchuleft and it's terrestrial moon, Aquire. Both Aquire and Nchuleft were lit up with the lights of billions of people, space behind them and surrounding the planet was filled with ships, colonies and everything that a capitol world should have. "Nchuleft and it's moon Aquire, Zion System, Local Cluster, Milky Way Galaxy, Treaty Capitol World. This is my place of residence, my people and only a fraction of the empire and civilization I oversee," the Commander would say, floating in space amongst the asteroids. The asteroids were the battlefield; there were small ones and then one larger one. There, the Commander floated.

As the realm took shape to what the Commander desired, Khrona couldn't help but remember Chuu asking to fight him in space. Seems like people simply had a thing for fighting in the outer limits, and Khrona shrugged, as usual, letting it be. "Quite an impressive destination. Clearly, this place is very vivid to you, considering the extensive detail." Good marks already, though things had not even begun yet. Khrona looked over to the gorgeous planet and planted himself on one of the drifting asteroids nearby the Commander. Integrating his own reality into Khrona's... How very quaint. "Well then, my good man... Whenever you are settled, feel free to make the first move. I, on the other hand, shall assume my form of the First Restriction..." In the distance of this impressive atmosphere, a perfectly spherical glowing Blue Moon shone bright in the darkness, seeming to still stay true to its form even in the shift. A symbol that they were still simply within the First Restriction, no matter how large this world the Commander created was. In Khrona's hand, a mask known as a 'Geist' formed, specific to this form he insisted on taking. This Geist, Cheshire -- The Dream, or Copycat -- was placed firmly upon his face, allowing him to take the form of his First Restriction; Cognigeist, the Restriction of Mentality. Suddenly, Khrona's form shifted to one of very old stature... When he was the original Ruler of the Reality. The original Khrona. His entire demeanor changed then, to seemingly something far more insane... His eyes grew dark, as though what only remained were just the pitch black sockets, completely unconscious and working solely from his psychic mind. There was no light here, and his tired lids drooped down over the darkness, covering them completely. He was asleep, but stood straight up.

Khrona: "zZzzzzzZzz..."

Khrona: 'Let the games begin.'

The Commander would begin to float backwards from where he was, he hoped he didn't have to use the 'Tachyon Accelerator Beta' right away, but since he had limited offensive skill, he probably would have to. With the signal to start, the Commander would open up by firing off four 'Hammer Head Missiles' -- these were ones meant for smashing through defenses or providing the person behind them with a moving forwards shield. They did not explode like normal missiles, they were just defense mechanisms. The Commander would travel behind them, matching their speed, and as he went, he would call forth the weapon he had and hold it to his side. There was some distance to close.

As the missiles neared, the sleeping Khrona fell backwards, inadvertently pulling the entire asteroid he stood atop of with his mind as he did, thus the entire thing rotated till he was at the bottom. Still stuck standing in place, the missiles definitely missed him with that rotation, and if they could home in, they'd have a ways to go around this large space rock. He mumbled something in his sleep, but most of his words seemed to be completely incoherent.

Khrona: 'ZzZzzZzz...'

It didn't seem like he was going to attack at all; just stand in place as he was.

As the missiles missed their mark, they would phase away into pixels; the Commander, however, would keep going. As he blasted past and underneath the asteroid, he would fire four more missiles upwards at the asteroid. The first two were 'Hammer Head Missiles' while the second two were 'Gravimetric Torpedoes'. The Hammer Head Missiles would slam into the asteroid with great force, breaking it apart from sheer impact force; this would allow the 'Gravimetric Torpedoes' to detonate within the cluster creating a gravity distortion that would pull everything, asteroid and possibly sleepy Khrona First Restriction into it. The Commander would quickly turn around while drawing the Core Blade from the Shell Blade and with a vernier burst would instantly head towards the SKFR.

Khrona continued to stand on the asteroid motionless, almost as if he were in a meditative state in his sleep... Which, he was. The asteroid was broken by the missiles, spreading debris all over, but the portion that Khrona stood on did not move, nor did it drift aimlessly into space. It simply hovered right side up, with Khrona perfectly straight atop it through all its movements.

Khrona: "ZzzZZzZz..."

The next two missiles that harnessed a powerful gravitational pull drew in all the debris from the shattered asteroid once it exploded, threatening to take in everything into its pull... However, Khrona had something else in mind. Once the gravitational pull entered the vicinity of his mental field, which seemed sort of personally small whilst his eyes were closed, the energy released was instantaneously Converted into mental energy for Khrona to harness for himself, nullifying the pull from effecting Khrona and the piece of the asteroid he stood on. This looked as if it were a strong distortion in space around him that contorted the image of his body for as long as the Conversion process took, but once the energy was fully converted and stabilized in a matter of a moment, the distortion instantly faded as well.

Khrona: "Mmm... Mnayh... ZzzzZzz..."

Khrona did nothing else afterward... Or, at least, he wouldn't have if the Commander hadn't sped toward him with his blades drawn. When Khrona sensed him come into his radius of personal space, he opened his mouth for a mere yawn.

Khrona: "Uuuwaaaaaahhh~!!"

It seemed harmless, but deep within Khrona's mouth, it was pitch black. The 'Nihility Opening', which harbored the power to pull Something out of Nothingness, or channel Something through a connected portal of Nothingness, -- as a testament to Khrona's Grim heritage at work -- plucked one of the larger asteroids literally from where it was and was forcefully ejected from Khrona's mouth like some sort of bazooka. The incredible force and speed instantaneously ignited the giant asteroid, turning it into a dangerous Meteor the moment it left Khrona's mouth, aimed directly at the Commander. Khrona could be heard mumbling something in his sleep, whilst also giggling.

Khrona: "Heehee... Bazookaaaaaarrmmmmnmnm..."

He slouched over, as if he were trying to keep himself steady after firing off that meteor from his mouth. He was really, really sleepy, it seemed.

There was now a mach speed asteroid heading the Commander's way, this was nothing though. Four Hammer Head Missiles would be fired, and right after they were, the Commander would quickly pulse vernier to his left only to watch the meteor smash right through them. Maybe 'Sledgehammer Missiles' would have been the better choice, but that was too late. With that, the Commander would flick a volley of 'Ice Shards' towards Khrona while at the same time launching his 'Binding Tethers' towards an asteroid just behind and upwards of where the Commander was. These 'Ice Shards' were infused with spiritual force that had the ability to negate and pass through attacks; if not an attack, the missiles would phase through shields and armor defenses, negating the armor or shields for a short time leaving the person defenseless. Of course, the Ice Shards themselves could still do damage. The Commander would vernier right up to Khrona and take a good old swing at him with the Core Blade, his Shell Blade was ready to defend if needed.

The sleepy psycho continued to slumber soundly upon the asteroid, slumped over and trying to hold himself upright with his unconsciously conscious mind. In his peaceful comatose meditation, he felt a volley of spiritual shards speeding toward him, barely knowing what he should do to deal with these types of things in this state. He was open, he was defenseless and he was indecisive about his actions, just like he was so very long ago when he first became the Ruler of the Reality. "I don't know how... To deal with these things..." he mumbled wearily, as if reliving his life of the past when Misery and Despair were there to help him out of his insanity ruts. His body would have to act upon that insane instinct again... However, with the conscious guidance of his unconscious mind, his next course of action would lead down a very favorable trail. His single hand raised wearily as though it could fall back down at any minute, though when the Ice Shards came his way, he sleepily flung his arm out to the side in a wide arc. It fell carelessly back to his side as though nothing had happened, though when the shards came into the vicinity of where his arm's wingspan arced, they disappeared without a trace. Every last one. Their spiritual presence had been taken and sealed away in isolation, not to return unless on Khrona's command. "Ah... That onezzz... Astral... Trapping..."

In no time, the Commander followed up with a swing of his Core Blade, which Khrona's body sleepily -- yet eerily accurately -- slighted just in the nick of time. The Commander fell backwards now, completely breathless and completely still, hitting the asteroid's surface with a great thud. It wasn't too long before his body started to drift off into space due to the lack of gravity on such a piece of space rock... As soon as the body struck the asteroid, the Commander would release two more 'Explosive Missiles' that would, upon being called forth, rocket towards that very asteroid and explode. The Commander's barriers and shield would protect him from asteroid fragments. With that, he would fire his binding tethers at a nearby asteroid and use them to pull himself towards the drifting one. Far off, about forty kilometers in each direction from the Commander, six 'Nodes' would be called forth and would float in space; nothing more nothing less. Right behind and in front of the drifting one, two Gravimetric Torpedoes would form and detonate creating two Gravity Fields that would pull anything nearby into them. The Commander would, like he was before, be going straight towards the body with intent to slash it.

When the missiles detonated, Khrona's body was drawn in and slashed. From that slash, nothing came out, but the body completely disappeared.

As the slashed body of Khrona disappeared, the Commander would vernier backwards slowly. He looked about the area using his 'HUD' to scan the surroundings to see if Khrona was hiding anywhere. As he floated there, things in the area would begin to change. Thanks to the 'Nodes' he placed earlier, he was able to control matter through the area using his 'Hologram System', and because of that he would begin using some fancy stuff. As the Commander floated there waiting for Khrona, the battleground would begin filling with Hydrogen Gas. This gas would freeze into tiny little crystals as soon as it hit the cold vacuum of space. But that wasn't the point, the point was that it was there. From there, the Commander would dispel the Shell Blade and wait for Khrona to show himself.

On the ground of the nearby planet, the sleeping beauty would lay casually on the cold ground, seemingly unaffected by the change in terrain or space. Slumbering peacefully, he curled up a bit, dreaming about something going on in outer space...

Khrona: '... Mmm... Space commander...? Mmnhnm... Ice crystals...? That's pretty weird...'

With no clue as to why he was even thinking of such things, the sleeping Khrona yawned slightly, putting all those pedestrians that were within his immediate area to sleep instantly under the power of his mind's great 'Hypnosis'. Once asleep, the bodies gradually shifted to become the exact images of Khrona himself. Once they finished, some would yawn, using the same Hypnotic power as before to put others on this planet to sleep, and they would undergo the same process. Naturally, the intention was for this to go on until the entire planet was consumed by sleeping Khronas, so that the Commander would not know which one was which.

Just like that, the Commander would be alerted to Khrona appearing on Acquire Moon. Soon, the Commander would notice that people were being transformed into Khronas. When Khrona did appear, the Commander would have himself warped to the surface of the moon. Upon arriving, the Commander and billions of Khrona's would be in the middle of a busy section of the city. He looked around and saw all his people infected, infested, tainted by Khrona. The people he vowed to help protect with the infinite Earth Alliance Navy. "If this were to be the real place, I would be lost as what to do without Revil," the Commander would say, almost stunned from the thought of this really happening. The Commander cared for his people, and he did so a lot. "But this, this entire projection belongs to me," the Commander would say, causing 'Neural Disruptors' to appear behind each person and instantly detonate to both scramble their mind and paralyze them, hopefully breaking even these projections from Khrona's mental grip. From here, the Commander would have to wait. The Commander was a mid-range fighter and would have to wait for the real Khrona to appear.

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PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; End   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; End EmptySat Jul 18, 2020 3:36 pm

During the time of the Commander's test with Khrona's mind, the actual Khrona would finally realize what had to be done in order to be an actual villain. He had to truly walk the footsteps of his ancestors and embrace his 'Devourist' heritage... And return to the Darkness after having found the Light.

Watching over the Veritas with eyes all-seeing and mind all-knowing, Khrona continuously attempted to remedy the seemingly ever flowing issues and fallacies of his beautiful village, alongside his lover, Titania and his precious daughter born by her, Trinity. The three of them -- once harmonizing themselves and becoming Perfect in the Seventh Restriction -- have combined their powers to transcend that perfection and share it amongst themselves, ascending to the Eighth Restriction. Through this, the Tree of Life, Truth and Rebirth, Khrona, the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, Titania, and the newly sprouted Tree of Consciousness and Will, Trinity, have decided to take a hand in reforming this land from which such a high demand has been requested.

Khrona: "... It seems as though things are moving far too slowly to their taste... I almost feel like I slave to their needs..."

He smiled, knowing that was nothing of the truth, since he wanted with all his heart to give them what they wanted. Though, the normally serene smile of Khrona faded after a few moments of thought, knowing very well what had to happen. His people weren't the only ones suffering...

Khrona: "... First, my children... Now, my people... I will continue to endure such pain in order to create a better place for them to live. But to do that... I must do something terrible."

Khrona lowered his head, finding that this was the only way to make this seemingly infinitely long transition go at least a little bit faster... He was going to have to take away their light. As hard as he fought to prevent having to do this, he now had no other choice. To them, he would seem to be the ultimate bad guy... But that was yet another pain he was willing to endure for their sake, even if they did not or would not understand just what he was doing yet.

Khrona: "... I am so, so very sorry... But it is simply something I must do..."

Though it hurt, it was indeed only with the utmost and righteous intentions that he conjured such energy between his hands centered before his chest. The Crystal Tree glowed with light, as did Khrona's halo atop his head, drawing in the light from all across the Veritas. He couldn't help but chuckle, knowing that he was returning this village to the Dusk it once knew before after giving it a glimpse of the Dawn... Maybe that was his mistake in the first place... For thinking they were ready...

Khrona: "Sink into Darkness, my people, but know that I am still here with you all the way..."

From anywhere he absolutely needed to take away from their access, he would draw in that energy, linking them all to the unfathomable light conjured between his palms. As he did, the tree only grew brighter and brighter and brighter, eventually releasing a light so magnificent, none could compare. When all the areas Khrona needed were connected, he would bring upon them 'Perpetual Darkness'; an eternal night that would know no end -- a void that would bring upon no light and an abysmal space where those pieces of this land once would remain...

Khrona: "Perennial Eclipse..."

The stern, heavy words followed by a decisive clap of his hands, crushing that beautiful light between them and instantaneously calling forth that abyss upon his land. Even the Crystal Tree itself grew dark. As Khrona opened his eyes to see the land as it was, he could barely look at how hideous it had become in just an instant. Black holes covered his lands that looked to be specific sections of the world that were utterly wiped clean from existence, leaving nothingness in its way. Even he wouldn't be able to look at that darkness for too long.

Not wanting to view it for even a second longer, Khrona was overcome with a determination like no other, spinning around to face the two who could help him rebuild this land; Titania of the Fae and Trinity of the Maestros. Khrona would handle those that were neither.

Khrona: "Come, my family. We have much work to do. I can't have them sit in the dark for too long. Besides, knowing them... I'll be getting a slew of negativity in no time soon."

Though, with the other Tensei actively working out their issues, these members of the Veritas should have quite a bit to fill their shoes whilst this family worked. Everything they did... They did for their family and their people. They could not completely do for themselves just yet... Even if they were getting things done for themselves in the process.

Khrona's image faded away and the Crystal Tree started to glow yet again... It was working hard and tirelessly, as usual. Oh, Khrona...

Soon after what he had done, Khrona spake out from the Crystal Tree a public address that all should have heard, with the voice of the booming presence.

Khrona: 'We are the Devourists. The World Eaters. And this is the End.'

Khrona: 'Where you all may have thought that you rid this planet of their influence, they have come again. We have sent envoys to this world and the one connecting on several different occasions, this is the very last one.'

Khrona: 'That is me, Khrona Tensei.'

Khrona: 'We, the World Eaters, known to this realm as the Devourists, sent in the past to this planet one named Grimlock and one named Grimnyzmal to consume this rather wretched piece of existence. Yet, due to my own circumstances, they have failed in their endeavors to consume this planet. Though the last of our pure bred heritage is no more, I alone was the last true born Devourist. However, unlike the others, I was born with a soul.'

Khrona: 'This soul is what kept me from succumbing to my inner darkness many times ago, to keep me from completely Absorbing this plane of existence and all its power. But, even with that soul, even if I make the choice to be good, it simply does not stop my destiny.'

Khrona: 'To be labeled as a Bad Guy.'

Khrona: 'And, though I have fought valiantly not to fall to this destiny as my grandfather, Grimlock, did in the past, I realize that his decision to oppose all people is what made my world, the original Reality, now the Veritas, what it is today. He wished for the World Eaters' hunger to be satiated. For it to be quenched finally, an unquenchable hunger that cannot be filled, no matter how many planets, -- or, in Grimlock's case -- galaxies, and universe have been consumed. We are not evil, as Grimnyzmal has come to say many times in the past, we are simply hungry.'

Khrona: 'And finally, I have figured out how to stop that hunger.'

Khrona: 'That is through my children, the rest of the Tensei. There has always been a split in my family between the Light and the Dark that demanded they be conjoined once again. An envoy of this Light, a 'Flame of Eternity' you may known as 'Tigen' was supposed to be that savior. He is my soul, yet, even as King Of Dimensia, he is not powerful enough to quench my hunger. That is when I decided that no matter how good I try to be, I simply must be the sole bad guy... The enemy of all. And since that is my fate, I shall become that enemy of all people, of all beings, right here, right now.'

Khrona: 'I, Khrona Tensei, claim now to be everyone's enemy.'

Khrona: 'Though, my children, the reborn Tensei Clan, has nothing to do with this. They are purified from that evil curse, and should be in no way incorporated with my actions. They are finally pure, so do not wipe them out. Just as Grimlock had to do in the past for the betterment of his family, I am doing the same. Sometimes... You just have to become the bad guy for the greater good.'

Khrona: 'I thank you all for your time.'

Some time after the announcement that Khrona had become the 'New World Enemy', a rather rambunctious friend came to greet him, seeming both pleased and also very displeased. He'd been long since involved with attempting to swoon his daughter, Chroma, yet this time, it seemed like the relation was simply to get to Khrona... On both ends.

Chroma and Kusanagi would arrive at the 'Lava Pits' in silence. Kusanagi had by passed all previous expectations of Chroma and had focused on his next goal. At this point, he was thinking of the words spoken by Chroma only a bit prior. The 'Chrono Cause' was part of his being, and he could see that his actions had multiplied the futures where a meeting with her father was imminent. Either way, he had come to far to go back now. Not that it would matter. Even with the infinitesimally small percentage of success, the chance of success was still there. Without a single word to Chroma, Kusanagi unleashed the power of the 'Embodiment', drawing out the very source of power that lay within the hollowed land of the 'Lava Pits'. Every crevice, every molecule, every life would begin to slow until they utterly stopped, frozen completely as Kusanagi absorbed all the heat of the area. A frost so cold that even snow would not be able to fall in the absolute zero that was created sent a chill that would kill anyone who even dared to take a breath within the land.

It was a brand new Ice Age.

The heat that was taken, concentrated around Kusanagi, faded as well. The raging temperature -- the heat that made the Lava Pits so dangerous in the first place -- was reduced to nothing. With it done, he simply awaited the ensuing storm that would follow.

There was one and only one reason why Chroma followed Kusanagi, and that was because she knew deep down that he'd do something beyond stupid here. There was no reason why a fire user would go to the 'Magnus Ignis' with no intention unless that intention had something to do with these types of actions. She smiled big and wide, her eyes opening only slightly to look upon Kusanagi's condemned face one last time... Snickering to herself. "Hmhmhm... I knew you'd do something stupid..." All too quickly, the projected memory of her body faded away, for she and her family's souls rested safely in the Crytsal Tree until they would reform again; their visages outside nothing but these projections of their past selves. Now, Kusanagi was left alone to face the consequences of his actions, calling down the will of the land itself. "This place would have been fun for Luci..." Those final fleeting words were all that were left... For now, Chroma was nothing more than an observer of the Reality of the situation. How very fun.

Khrona: "Absolute Zero: Jade Amaterasu..."

These words surrounded the land of 'Great Fire', filling the Lava Pits with the essence of the Crystal Tree's spoken word of Absolution. Once the image of Chroma faded for the final time, the skies drew dark and foreboding clouds over the land of Great Fire; darker than what the normal ashen skies were used to. It was a sinister feeling, as though Insanity had been spread across the land just as in times of old. And yet, even still, there was a certain calm... The calm before the storm.

A jade green cross-like gleam shone from the top of the tree, releasing a thin, yet powerful beam of pure energy from the top. It brushed over the ground and across the land, instantaneously melting this ice in its path whilst simultaneously igniting the rest of the Lava Pits in a beautiful fire of the same color. All too quickly, the land returned to what it once was, regardless of the effects Kusanagi had taken prior to. As the land once red was illuminated in such an illustrious jade green, the voice spoke out again.

Khrona: "A beam that burns away all possibilities except my own... It must be clear to you that I'm not fond of your actions here, Mr. Kusanagi."

Moments after this omnipresent voice spoke unto him, the clouds parted to reveal the light of the skies shining down on the land lit a gorgeous blaze. This was a fire Khrona could muster seeing; one that was not true fire at all, yet burned with the same intensity. He slowly descended in a point predetermined by the ray of light from above, landing right before Kusanagi; the one who attempted to hostilely take over this land without Khrona's permission.

It seemed odd for a man clad in nothing but black to cast himself down in such a splendid way, but Khrona always was one for flashy appearances, even before becoming the Tree Of Life. It was something he was known for, in fact. His hands crossed upon his chest, he shook his head with a rather disappointed face.

Khrona: "Mr. Kusanagi, how disappointed I am in you, trying to take my land for yourself so casually. I don't do that to you or anyone else's land, now do I?"

He was not only not a resident, but also did not undergo the correct procedure for such a seizure. He didn't have the same benefits as the natives to this land did... Not all the same generosities of the oh, so kind Khrona Tensei. "I'm sure you know," he started, opening his eyes to look upon Kusanagi, "That I want to know just what it is you would do something like that for. Is this an act of a hostile takeover? What is it you need this land for? I'm a very understanding person if you can get your reasons through to me." Khrona uncrossed his arms now, opening them wide as an expression of welcome, accompanied by a rather serene smile on his face. He was indeed a man of peace and compromise. "So... Why not start talking, hm?"

Kusanagi didn't face Khrona nor his spectacular entrance. He had seen it billions of times and could recount it more than that. The land was set ablaze again, but Kyo had already taken the heat initially. The reality had passed, and time was severed from that point on. He would hold onto that little piece of time for the moment. "Khrona... Or is it just Tensei now?" Kusanagi said with his hands in his pockets, still observing a timeline where more of the 'Ardent Road' continued to freeze over. It was a mere step away, yet this timeline seemed the most interesting. Khrona would just follow him into the next one anyway. "You and I both know talking won't accomplish anything right now, and if you say that I have to explain myself, then you already disagree with what I'm doing. What I find justifiable, you may not. A compromise wouldn't be made from words alone." A flourish of heat, far hotter than what could be produced from anywhere on the Ardent Road began to congregate around Kusanagi. Like a smoldering blanket, the heat covered him in a burning orb, invisible to most eyes, and did just what it was meant to do; burn. "I have no want for any of your land, nor do I want hostilities with you or your family. I merely have goals to achieve and this area simply happened to be involved with it."

Khrona's image wavered a bit for a moment, as though it were effected by the heat released from Kusanagi. Indeed, one would naturally feel something so hot when standing so close, even if the effects did not do what was intended; burn. Khrona was well aware of the situation and what it meant to get involved... And he scratched the back of his head, wondering if this was the best time to do this. "Father Tensei, to be exact," he joked, though his words still held quite a bit of seriousness. He was about to father his own clan that had already fathered him, as was the nature of the Tensei... It was even in the name. Reincarnation, natural force... These people rebirthed themselves from the one that was most evolved, and continued their genealogy until one surpassed that greatness again and rebirthed them better the next time around. Thus, the strongest of the group, known as the Father... Would also become the weakest, down the line. But, to these godly beings, that sort of thing didn't matter. So, he could do nothing but laugh at calling himself 'Father'.

Khrona: "Oh, come now, Mister Chrono-Crusader! I know you know that each timeline yields different results, just as each reality, each dimension and all the like. They stem off like the branches of a tree, and my branches reach every one. I'm sure there's one piece of myself out there that will listen... It might even be me!"

He paused, eyes gleaming their signature sanguine hue, Hyper Perception active and prepped for what was to come.

Khrona: "You never really know."

Kusanagi said he wished for not a shred of his land, yet it got in the way of his goals. Even so, there was quite a bite of calamity ensuing that he knew his Shinobi could deal with. Kusanagi and his flame was not one of them. This was something that Khrona felt only he could deal with at this point, and if it meant keeping the Lava Pits and the rest of the 'Magnus Ignis' lit with the spirit of fire, then so be it.

Khrona: "The core of this land, the 'Magnus Ignis' is a piece of me, you know. A god created from my roots that brought the infinite heat to the land of Great Fire. There's no way I could let such a crucial part of myself be extinguished... It's almost like letting someone willingly puncture a lung or stomach, wouldn't you say?"

He gestured toward his stomach as if he had an ache, but it was impossible for Khrona to feel pain. He'd already mastered Anatomia.

Khrona: "So... What are you going to do?"

Kusanagi smiled, for the first time since entering the Veritas. It was a genuine, honest, smile. There were still people out there who could surprise him, and apparently Khrona --Father Tensei -- was one of them. The orb of heat wasn't meant to effect Khrona from the beginning and only continued to burn away everything that was directly around Kyo, not even in a five meter radius. It was just meant to effect Kusanagi, and in his space, it would. "Then I apologize, sincerely." Kusanagi's response was to the extent of damage -- or at least the hindsight -- that would have potentially be done to Khrona. With his words, Kusanagi synchronized the current timeline with every single last timeline within the first through sixth dimension, at a point where Khrona and Kusanagi could observe every timeline as if they were actually within each and every one of them. Every single possibility, even those that didn't exist in their current timeline became possible to them both. "I speak on behalf of all of me and to all of you. I don't wish any ill will between us, nor did I intend to blemish a part of you. The things that I must do for my family to grow -- just as you do Khrona -- require me to do things that others won't like. Our confrontation here was no mistake either. We are the 'Phoenix Of Ivale', burning down into ashes, just to arise even greater. Much like... A Tensei." Kusanagi's smile didn't falter, even as he faced Khrona.

"A Phoenix... Versus a Dragon? Hmhm. Hmhmhmhm." Interesting... Though, the Black Dragon couldn't call himself much of a Dragon anymore. Either way, Khrona was prepared. He bowed humbly to Kusanagi, -- as a sign of respect for his endeavors -- but still stood right in front of him, showing that there was no passing by Khrona if he wanted to get this goal accomplished. Through all the merged timelines behind them, they two of them met at the Seventh; or, what Khrona referred to as the 'Seventh', which was the state of Perfection for he and the Tensei who made it to the Seventh Restriction. Such is what Chroma spoke of before. "I accept your apology and in return, still mean you no bad blood. I am simply protecting my home, my land, my people, and myself, you could say. There's no real away around this. In all of these infinite possibilities the two of us are able to travel... We have met at this singularity simply because this is the only one that goes this specific way. All that branch from it, we shall make only once you show me how much you want it. Hmhmhm." It was a good thing that Khrona mastered the Seventh when he did a while back. As of now, there was still trouble in reference to the power, but... He knew that the other two of the 'Trini-T' would hold him up. That's why there were three of them. "Will you show me this resolve, Kusanagi? Or did you rise from the ashes only to stand in front of your obstacle all day?" Perhaps, the Tensei could be compared to both Dragons and Phoenixes... It would explain why their association with such was always so close.

"The most Grand of Chaotic Destruction." Kusanagi spoke words from an ancient literature of his cursed decent. 'Dragon Bane', a legend foretelling of the battles between Dragons and Phoenixes, where the Dragons were the hero. It made Kusanagi feel like his role in this was fitting; like Chroma had been right, and she would gloat if she knew what he was thinking. At Khrona's words, the heat around Kusanagi would push itself outwards, a pulse of heat with the power of an exploding sun. However, it would burn nothing as it travelled. It merely continued to expand from Kusanagi, with no indication to what its purpose, its sole focus was. With the expanding bubble of heat, Kusanagi finally turned around to focus on Khrona. His hands moved with efficiency as he created two clones on either side of him. Both of them moved away with a speed matched by few, backwards and away from both Khrona and Kusanagi.

"Ah, so it's finally begun, hm...?" Khrona would say, quickly darting his arm through the air to his side. Radiant energy begun to accumulate in his palm, taking the form of a single mask in his hand; the Seventh Heaven. "... Well, I'm already using up a lot of energy, so... Allow me to revert back to that 'Perfect Form' Chroma spoke so much on." With Hyper Perception active, the signature sanguine gleam was soon covered by the light of the mask in his hand passing by his face just as the energy released by Kusanagi blew around him.

Khrona: "Restriction 777, Seventh Heaven, Release. The Seventh Restriction; Insanigeist... The Restriction of Insanity."

The Geist merged with Khrona, allowing him to take on a form of the past, aligning all Seven of his chakras in absolute perfect alignment known to him as the 'Seven Heavens'. His physical form 'ignited' with pure energy, turning his very essence into nothing more than Pure, Unbridled, Tempered Insanity.

Khrona: "First form; Pure Insanity, Unleashed."

No sense holding back by wasting time with the Controlled version of the first form. He liked the Unleashed version, anyway, even if it was quite dangerous. His body flickered only once, his distorted, yet physically maintained form of pure energy appearing beside the clones as streaks of black lightning; Insanity traversing the natural wavelengths of the atmosphere at will.

Khrona: "WhereWhereWhere do you think you're gogogoing...?"

He was interested in seeing just what Kusanagi had in store, whilst the main body stood and gazed up at the sky with huge, bulbous eyes filled with a void of light, a wide and sinister smile etched onto his face.

Seeing Khrona's form, Kusanagi was instantly on guard. There was no time to wait around and judge Khrona's strength; He was going all out from the get go. That worked better for Kusanagi and meant that he didn't need to hold back either. The already intense heat that had engulfed the area would reach temperatures that caused the air itself to begin to ignite into infernos, snuff themselves out, and then ignite again. The Insanity from Khrona was not something that Kusanagi even dared underestimate, yet, he was not deterred in the slightest from seeing this through to the end. "Synchronous, Chrono Ignition." His voice would be a whisper, though he knew even through the pure insanity, he would be heard. It wouldn't matter though. The 'Embodiment Of Flame' activated with a vengeance, building up a sheer wall of force that was meant to combat Khrona's essence as Insanity, literally attempting to force his essence down and bring him to his knees. It was the full force, enough to at least give pause. Kusanagi put his hands together, as if praying, and a crystal clear orb of light surrounded his body. A small shell of white flames coated it, making it seem as if Kusanagi had a white aura about his body. The clones that had back stepped away had no chance of outrunning the new Khrona. The first would simply ignite itself as the insane body of Khrona appeared in a black lightning. It exploded with the force of a bomb strong enough to shake all of the Ardent Road. The second clone would use the time to continue its travel backwards. With Khrona being so close, he would see that the Clone that did not detonate also had its hands in a praying position.

Khrona felt nothing through the Embodiment, simply the pure ecstasy of the Insanity it held, and the Insanity of all things swirling within and without. Kyo's flames tames those of the Ardent road for the time being, igniting them with his own, but in this form, Khrona was in no way worried about the effects of nature in the slightest. Kusanagi would soon see why.

Khrona: "No sense gegetting so flashy~y~y. Haha."

The first Kusanagi clone that exploded was greeted with an enormous black claw, which grabbed the exploding energy and suppressed it with its own concussive force, keeping the Ardent Road quiet from its shakes.

Khrona: "We don't want to disturb the wildwildlife, right?"

Once the explosion was at bay, neither growing nor faltering, the large claw, an extension of Khrona, swirled itself in the opposite direction, changing the entire makeup of the energy into Khrona's own. The claw completely consumed it by then, assimilating to become part of Khrona's hand. When the black claw opened up again, it was several times larger, and had grown in power equivalent to what was Absorbed. In a flash, it shrunk back down to normal size, and through his toothy smile, Khrona belched, waving his hand casually at Kusanagi. "Good eats. Got anymore? I think that clone looks mighty tasty..." he said, peering past the original Kusanagi, "Go get em, bbboy." Pointing out the target with a finger, another distorting flash of black lightning struck beside the second clone, opening a portal to a pitch black abyss once it hit the ground. The faint sounds of roaring and gargling could be heard from way down below, but nothing could be seen just yet...

Khrona wondered just what Kusanagi was doing in such a position of prayer, and what these white flames were surrounding him. They were pretty. But he didn't move yet. He was rather interested in seeing what would happen here, actually. What is he, crazy?

Khrona: "Yes. Haha."

The last clone opened its eyes at the last minute, showing that instead of the bright orange that indicated Kusanagi's flames, they would be shining bright white, like the aura like flame surrounding the true Kusanagi. Its body would form into light and shrink down into a ball. Kusanagi had converted the energy of the clone from being normal fire into his 'Harmony Chakra', a serious threat to Insanity as it was meant to balance alongside Kusanagi's 'Chaos Chakra'. The light would burst, just as the previous clone, and send out hundreds of dazzling lights. The abyss that appeared would be peppered with the 'Harmony Chakra'; Kusanagi's 'Swallow Storm'. Every piece of insanity that it touched would be faced with not only the Embodiment Of Flames property, but the sheer essence of balance as well, dwindling it all down to a neutral state; not calm, not insane.

"Keeping me on my toes..." Kusanagi said as he finally opened his own eyes and kicked off the ground towards the original body. He was a bit above Khrona, his fist cocked back and emblazed in white flames; the 'Harmony Flame'. An image of Kusanagi would shift backwards from his position of attacking. It was the same wispy aura that had surrounded him before, moving back towards the original position that Kusanagi had been in just moments before. With the attack on Khrona, Kusanagi merely brought his enflamed fist down with the will to smite Khrona deep into the mantle of the planet, the force of an atomic bomb following behind the 'Harmony Flame'.

Khrona's smile widened. He was impressed to see that Kusanagi understood the balance of Harmony and Chaos, however... Khrona had long since known of these endeavors, and was fully prepared for what was to come.

Khrona: "O-Oh? That's interesting. But you know, I'm prepared for anything and everything, yaaah."

The lights raining down on the abyss filled with the power of Harmony would indeed hold the capability of satiating the Insanity, though it didn't mean that there was not an 'Insanity Of Harmony', known to Khrona as the 'Insanity Of Order'. However, what it was aimed for was a beast-- nay, 'The' Beast -- ridden with nothing but chaotic energy, even if Khrona had counterbalanced it to his own will. It was still a primarily Negative. Thus... It was time to use an old favorite of Khrona's that he used on the Demon King and the Manna King many years ago, when he first invented them.

Khrona: "Give em hell, Beast. 'Entropic Chaos'..."

Deep within the bowels of the pit, a dark rumbling shook the ground with a sound of a frequency so low, it could barely be heard to even the beings that lived down below. The pitch black Abyss slowly, but surely grew redder, ever redder as the energy brewing down below came to a fount. A great and mighty roar, one that struck fear into the hearts of both god and demon alike, harbored a beam of pure chaotic energy, drawn from the force of all things chaotic opposing the forces of balance erupted from the pit, letting all creatures, both good and evil tremble at the might of The Beast that had awakened. His roar made Khrona IIiiiiIIiiItch with excitement~!

Due to the opposing forces, as the beam sprouted upward and connected with each light of Harmony Chakra, it would grow weaker and weaker, until every last Harmony Chakra blast was quelled, inviting also the end of the 'Entropic Chaos' technique. Steam seared from around the edges, the Abyss itself barely able to contain such energy scraping its rims... And it was an endless void. Such is the power of Chaos backed by the Insanity.

Khrona then faced Kusanagi, who now decided to take things into his own hands, eyes growing ever more intense along with his wide, pointy-toothed smirk of Insanity, "Oi... Did you think I was bluffing before? Haha. But of course, I couldn't havhavehave one..." Khrona's black claw suddenly teemed white, with energy similar, yet quite different from the Harmony Chakra; that of Balance. "Without the O-O-OTHER!! 'ENTROPIC BALANCE'!!" Kusanagi's fist would meet with Khrona's open palm, and instead of deterring the Insanity, as he so thought it would, the 'Entropic Balance' would balance out his Harmony Chakra to the point where it had absolutely no effect, subduing the resulting force that would have probably obliterated the Ardent Road simply from impact.

Khrona: "Good thing in-in this form I learned to control the power of all energy... Or else this world would be screwed, eh? Haha."

Though, with the power both nulled and equalized, it was Khrona's chance to take it in for himself.

Khrona: "Metaphysical Absorption~!"

His original Anatomia ability, Absorption, which everyone knew and loved, had grown so vast that it could even consume metaphysical objects -- both real and unreal -- and take them into himself for energy. Also, whilst in the form of pure energy himself, it only meant that he would adapt and convert said energy into more Insanity for himself.

Once he finished, he slung Kusanagi with his arm extended like a whip, lobbing him toward the other projection of Kusanagi standing in the original Kusanagi's position.

Khrona: "Hahahaha-- URK!!!! Ooorrrgg... Maah... I feel sick... I forgot, I've gotta be careful with what I absorb, or else I'll..."

Well, he knew the repercussions of using too much Insanity and taking too much outside energy in. Though he could take in any type of energy, the weakness came from taking in too much of it where it wasn't necessary. He could feel it backing up... his stomach bubbling just slightly. "Hachacha... Caaalm down... Caaaaalm down, Khrona... D-D-Don't get too hahasty now..." he twitched, holding his stomach a bit. It was best if he didn't touch Kusanagi for a bit... Or take in any energy...

Whilst Khrona was dealing with beings that sought to oppose him, having feigned being the 'World Enemy' and taking the fall for the sake of the greater good, it seemed like there were some who were able to see more deeply than that, which was not what he was expecting. One of his closest pupils, who had recently become part of the family, could see the light inside of the Darkness that Khrona was portraying himself to be, and wanted to know more about the light... And seemed to completely bypass the darkness.

The area clad it what seemed to be an eternal crystal that radiated a very outgoing brilliance as it twinkled in the morning sky. Everything reflected off of everything giving this place a beauty that was simply profound. In all this gory white clarity a single puddle of black would manifest. From this puddle of black the frame of one who was quite familiar with the Tree of life would manifest. Like a child being birthed forth he came to be as the blackness began to fade to nothing. Standing amongst the purity he almost felt unworthy to be here. Had Khrona not been someone so special to him, surely that feeling would have come to be. "So this is what your body looks like... Huh, Khrona?" Momo said as he waited for Khrona to come, he knew he would feel him as he always had...

Khrona: 'Yes, of course. For the moment, at least.'

The disembodied voice responded as if already having known of his arrival; always listening to what happened within his crystalline leaves. Mirroring the appearance of Momo, a pool of Black Dragon Blood formed in the ground, the slender body of the one and only sprouting to its shape from the abysmal excess. Skin and clothes wrapped around to hold the shape of the Black Dragon Blood, returning Khrona to a state of 'normalcy' to Momo. The man clan it all black at all times, barely revealing even a piece of his body, save for his face.

Khrona: "Guess it's been a while since you've really seen my physical form, hm? Beyond the Restrictions, I guess."

Distant memories of an old life... How nostalgic, but at the same time, disheartening. There was always an air of melancholy that drifted around Khrona, even in his best of times. It was all in his head, after all.

Khrona: "You want something, of course. No one ventures to the Crystal Garden otherwise. There is no reason to."

"Well this new form you've taken on is rather, well, dazzling, to say the least." Momo stood before Khrona with his same smirk. It had been a bit of time between their last real talk alone. Not since Khrona came clean to him and started rebuilding the village from those war torn battled lands he hit with his insanity long ago. "Hmph, Can I not just come and chat with an old friend... After all," He said after Khrona appeared within his black blood. Momo had tangled with the Black Dragon Blood before. It was a powerful force to be reckoned with and a rather fun opportunity for other Blood users to test their gusto. His eyes narrowed upon Khrona's rather slender frame. He enjoyed the scene. "We are family, right?" He chuckled after that placing his hand gently under his chin, tilting his head to the side, letting his short purple hair fall where it may.

Khrona chuckled at Momo, placing a hand on his chin and tilting his head to the side, letting his white hair drift from covering one eye to the other, slightly reminiscent of Momo's actions. "Hmhmhm... That's what I said, isn't it?" He had to recall those times from long ago. Khrona invited him into his house and allowed him to live there in the Manor Alexandros, and even took him into the Pit Of Havoc -- albeit, not too deep. He didn't want to kill the boy, after all. These were things Khrona never did except for people who he thought he could trust. "Why is it that you're asking me this? Beating around the bush, I take it?" There was clearly something on his mind. Khrona could, of course, tell such a thing. He closed his eyes and straightened his head, simply smiling and waiting to hear what it is that brought Momo to the Crystal Garden atop the Crystal Tree.

"Haha. Hard to work around you... Same as ever, I see," Momo said, tossing his hands to the side arching them up and hanging his hand down a bit as he chuckled and sighed simultaneously. He knew Khrona hadn't forgotten, but even more so he knew Khrona didn't want the run around, so Momo would have to just come straight out with it. "Fine, fine, I'll get right to the punch then..." He would have touched a crystal plant, placing a drip of his chakra within it, feeding it his essence and saturating it's growth causing it to morph and grow into a nice plump crystal lilypad that he sat comfortably upon. "Well, There have been quite a few things to have happened to me recently, most of which are the reasons behind why I am in this child-like state you see before you." His rather large garb seemed to be unfit for his body since the change. "One of those reasons would be my desire to see the world from the eyes of such a state. I was born into power, so to speak, and because of it, was already keen to many things of the world. I never got to experience them first hand having already had ample knowledge of them... It was then I renounced my title as an Expert and a member of the elite. Shabuto had given me this form and sealed away my memories. But due to several disturbance within the village and on the planet period, some of my old mistakes brought back those memoirs, releasing the seal and returning me back to normal... For the most part."

He sat in a meditative state, twiddling his fingers. The next part was a bit embarrassing, for it didn't really highlight the mind frame of an elite all to much, but everyone went through a stage of selfishness once or twice in life. "One of those faults would have been my visit to the land where the Myst resided. As you know my special ability allows the birth and manipulation of mist, steam, vapors, and such. In an attempt to further my own bloodline, I merged my body with the Myst, but due to my lack of an full understanding of the what exactly the Myst was and capable of, I didn't know fully what I was getting into. But after I did it, I began to understand exactly what it was and what I had done... I had merged my body and soul with an 'Envoy Of Life' and it's ability to birth it through its supreme mystical origin and being... Though... What I did not know was how much it would have changed me..." His eyes drifted from Khrona; he knew he was gonna get it for what he had done. He could feel that piercing gaze even without eye contact. "I thought it would only effect my blood and my ability to manipulate my special ability, but it did far more than that. When the original Tree Of Life died... I felt... It... I felt myself also about to kick the bucket, until you yourself became the Tree Of Life, which not only saved my life, but changed it. My entire genetic code had altered and advanced... Your actions changed me... But into what, I'm not completely sure, but there is a very powerful Light within me... I also noticed My Wood Release had become incredibly powerful as well. Something happened to me... It was as if I became attached... And evolved." Though it was a mistake of the past, Momo had come here to find a way to right his wrong.

Khona listened intuitively to Momo's story, feeling as though this wasn't something he didn't already know. Perhaps it was due to the Myst within him. Technically, he carried a seed from the old Tree still within him... Perhaps that meant that Pestilence could re-emerge? No... Khrona may be the new tree, but to do that, he had to first purify the old one. "You sure did quite a lot, huh?" For some reason, Khrona didn't seem mad, like he'd normally be about this type of situation. Usually, this meant there was something that worked to his advantage, or it was a problem easily remedied. "Well, not to worry. Unless the Myst has tainted your mind, you won't become a slave to the circle of life, like myself." Odd that he'd call something like that being a slave. Perhaps Momo really didn't know what he had almost gotten himself into, like Khrona did... "Of course, you know, as Tree Of Life I have all DNA and genes within my roots, naturally. It's the final advancement of my Anatomia; to branch out into all species -- all creatures -- and be connected to them in physicality." But of course, he'd done much more than that, either way... "Anyway, that aside, of course you went through a shift. Everything did simply from my presence. However because you took in the Myst directly... You've become something special. Hmhmhm." Khrona opened his eyes and walked closer to Momo, placing a hand on his head gently.

Khrona: "A 'Dawn Blood'."

'Perhaps becoming the Tree Of Life quelled some of that cray-cray.' It was but a swift thought that caused Momo to chuckle. Though he remembered Khrona was a seasoned psychic and probably caught wind of his thought. He did, though, wince as Khrona outstretched his hand. He was preparing to undergo some horrific type of punishment for what he had done. But what happened kinda surprised him. "Say what, now?" he said as Khrona softly patted him on the head. 'A... A Dawn Blood.' He had heard it somewhere before, but only once, and that was after the power of the 'Dawn Chakra' exploded and ransacked part of the Village, but Momo tended to it and healed it, making it four times as prettier than it was before. "But, just what is a 'Dawn Blood'?"

"A Dawn Blood," Khrona started, now knowing so much more about so many things, "Is like a sapling from the Tree. A sprout that is part of the very makeup of the Dawn itself. Naturally, the same goes for those of the Dusk, as well. But a Dawn Blood..." Khrona's hand brushed down the back of his head, tracing the flow of Momo's smooth hair down to his neck. The piercing sanguine gleam of those crimson orbs would give rise to the dormant power of Momo's Dawn Blood, as a demonstration of Khrona's direct control over his very life itself. "A Dawn Blood is someone connected to the sacred grounds of the Dawn Village. Your Wood Release has become more powerful because your blood runs deep in the trees of the Mystic Woods... You are them and they are you." Sadly, Khrona knew only of this Dawn Blood, for the energy of the Myst hadn't gotten into the blood of another just yet. Though perhaps Momo could be the start of this strain due to his little mishap with the Myst... Yes, he'd begin a whole new branch of the Tree... A fine specimen. "As one with those trees, your power flows through them, and theirs into you. You must protect that forest as though it is an extension of your very self, which, at this point, it is." Momo was becoming more like the Swamp Sage every day... Kaerei -- or rather, Shinrei -- had long ago undergone the same fate of merging with the Black Swamp. Eventually, her energy blended with its, and the two became indistinguishable. "Perhaps, you'll end up like the Swamp Sage... Hmhmhm..." But he knew nothing of the consequences. Not until he learned the benefits, at least.

"I suppose I should take that last bit as a compliment." Momo chuckled. It was to be expected though, he was her only protege, though his body would tense up slightly as Khrona ran his finger against his flesh. He could feel his blood stirring, hissing in anticipation... But more so, he felt something... Unlock within his blood. His eyes would widened just a bit as he felt the sudden connection Khrona informed him about. "The Mystic Wood, a name I have never heard of... But just the sound of it feels as if I've been there... Hundreds of times over." No doubt the work of this newly established bond that was formed between he and it. The very essence of life resided within him and branched out into where the Myst resided heavily, the Mystic Woods. He was now a extension of the village in one of the most literal means possible. He could here now that faint whispers of the trees trying to call out to him. The animals that resided there also seemed to call out to him. "So protecting this land is more of a duty than before, hehe. It seems now that I truly have no choice; if I want to stay alive I have to assure the life of the Dawn now. That is a tremendous honor."

"Wonderful." Khrona smiled, lifting his hand from Momo's back. His sinister glare warmed a bit as his hand drifted now to the front of Momo's forehead, motioning as if marking a specific spot. "Now, the thing is... Since you are a part of me, you're going to have to listen to me and do my will. If not, you're going to be exterminated by me. It's a price you have to pay when you're so heavily involved with other people, you know? So... As a Dawn Blood, you must do only what is correct and what is good. If you ask for help, I will surely assist you. I'd rather do that than see you mess it all up. Anyway, monitor the land, understand your area. Understand the nature of it, yaddayaddayadda." Clearly, Khrona was tired of having to do things like this, but it couldn't be helped. He got himself into it, and now, just like everyone who came into great power, he was going to get put to work. "Do you have any questions?"

"Only do what is good?" Though Momo never felt as if he was evil, he did have a rather sick and twisted way of doing things. He wondered if doing things that way could be considered evil or bad if it was the enemy. He wasn't to sure what Khrona's definition of 'Good Vs. Evil' was, but he would surely inquire about it now before the thought slipped his mind. "Yeah define what you mean about 'I must always do good, and nothing evil.'"

There was a long silence between these two... For once, Khrona could not answer his question at all. Normally, he'd have a way of elegantly evading the answer by giving something vague, like some sort of politician, but this time... There was just no answer that he could give him. 'Looks like I'm going to fall, too, huh...? Insanity... You won't stop until it's done, will you...?' Khrona's motivation. No matter, at this point. Perhaps Khrona needed to take this dive... For if he wanted others to have faith in him, then he needed to have faith in himself again, too. Even if it meant diving deeper than he ever had before. 'The Judgemaster, Arbiter Of Souls will be here soon...' His eyes narrowed, these thoughts coursing through his head. No one would be able to understand until it was all finished... No matter how bad things got. "It isn't something that I can define. Only something that can be done. What is good and what is evil... That is up to you to decide. I will only guide you in the right direction. I try not to force things upon people, but that doesn't mean that I won't execute the necessary consequences of anyone's actions..." Khrona extended his arms, allowing his giant black draconic wings to spread outward, which quickly became devoid of all color, becoming as crystal clear as the tree itself. A magnificent light shone from behind him, power as radiant as his aura, and he would say these last words to Momo... "This is your time, right here, right now, to turn back. For me to undo these things placed upon you. I give you this chance and this chance only is guaranteed, for in the future, I may or may not do so again. So, I ask you... Is this really what you want to do?"

"Turn back?" Momo's head would then lower, letting his hair cover his face, hiding his eyes from view. His fist would tighten as the words he spoke to Khrona quite sometime ago began replaying in his mind. His teeth would grit together; it was almost insulting to Momo that he'd even extend this courtesy to him. Like a slap in the face... "Yes, Khrona... Bring all that you are upon me and tear my lowly understanding asunder... But in doing so, relinquish to me everything that you are... So together we can save this crumbling world!" Those words would echo as his body began to tremble cloaking him in a devilish violet chakra. "Cover me in your madness... Engulf me in your majesty! Allow me to do what I want... Allow me to become a tool of your insanity...! I want to understand your force and by doing so... We can make the changes that are needed in the world." The cloak of chakra would then began to elevate in it's quantity, engulfing him in it's translucent allure. "And then you said... Is this... Truly what you feel? Is that your true resolve?" The cloak would pulsate with an intense amount of force as his resolve and anger started to grow in strength... "Then I said: 'Of course Khrona! I'm appalled that you even have to ask...' Or can you not feel the swarming flurry of emotions with this heart of mine... This heart that you had given to me!? The chakra would thicken a bit, becoming even more powerful as Momo continued and recollected the things of old. Those secrets that he had shared with him. "All those things we shared that day... But out of them all, do you remember my pledge?" His head would lift, but what Khrona would see would not be the angry face of an insulted man, but the warm and wholesome smile of a friend. "Thank you for sharing with me a part of you... Now... Allow me to share with you a part of me by establishing this here and now... I extended myself to you and to the planet wholeheartedly... For the sake of your being and the being of every living creature that calls this realm their home... Khrona, allow me to be your shield to protect you from yourself and the enemies who would try you... Allow me to be your blade that I might strike down your enemies lest they dare to rise against you... Let me be there, Khrona... Let me be a part of your Truth and you, mine... Let me be your Trust..." Momo extended his hand to Khrona, his power starting too liquify around him as it slowly began to fade. "Hmph, think twice next time you ask me something like that; turning back now would be turning my back on my promise... Not just to you Khrona, but to the planet as a whole."

'Looks like that boy's resolve was still the same as it was even back then.' But just the same as back then, Khrona was going to have to do something that he was probably not going to enjoy... "At least you're still serious about doing it... But of course, there are still certain protocols that must be taken, which is the only reason why I asked..." Maybe, if he knew what was coming next, just maybe he would have taken heed to Khrona's advice. Or, maybe it didn't matter what the consequences were as long as he did this. Perhaps this time around, things could be different for him... He hoped. Under Khrona's guidance, that is. "... Well, you asked for it, and here's what you get..." Khrona's hand hovering casually before Momo's forehead took the position as if about to pop him and, right in the spot he marked before, would muster a great deal of energy into his left hand... "... To be stripped of the light of your own mind. To know Perpetual Darkness; the Perennial Eclipse." The same technique that he used to strip the light from the land and disallow anyone from accessing specific parts of the Veritas was the same technique he was going to use to strip Momo of his knowledge, understanding, and memories. A single flick of the head would send him hurdling at the speed of light straight out of the Crystal Garden and into the Mystic Woods like a streak of lightning in the sky. Of course, his form was protected, but in that light, his mind would sink into the darkness of unknowing. He would know and understand nothing about himself, his abilities or what power he had. Those things were blinding, and he now took a position where he could not afford to be blinded in the slightest. Abilities, Soul Energy, Techniques... All would be trapped in a darkness that only Khrona could relinquish from his mind. He was forced into the Woods with only the clothes on his back and the instincts of the forested land. "... And you'll remember nothing of this day..." Slowly, Khrona's hand lowered back to its side before he placed them both into his pockets. If things went well with Momo, perhaps the same would be for the others. He sighed, shrugging his shoulders, a little displeased that this was going to take much longer than he originally intended. It sure does suck having people to provide for. They're such a huge burden and can benefit nothing in return. 'I wouldn't mind cutting them off again... But, in the end, perhaps they'll just die. Maybe that is what I need to do. Let them die on their own.' Some just clung to the past too much for the future to take effect. He could only turn around and slip back into the recesses of the tree, back into the deep thought he most always was in...

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It was here that the Dawn Blood was granted to Momo and his bond with the Dawn and the Veritas, through the Dawn Blood, would be sealed. This would be where the 'Dawnblood' tree would grow, harboring all of the 'Dawn Blood' that flowed. Yet in order to harbor such a title, he needed to be trained rather strictly, and deep within the forest... Where he would live. The growing of a Tree started long before it was actually a tree... sometimes, even before the seed was planted.

All the while that Khrona was cultivating yet another tree in the suddenly growing Garden around the Tree of Life, it seemed like someone finally decided to check out whatever had been being thrown around about the 'Wind Guardian'. The last person that was sent didn't come back, so it was clear that this was a threat necessary to be handled. Strangely, it was by an adoptive member of the family, who was part of a different village entirely.

Elsewhere, the newly named 'Fire Guardian' was asserting some authority, claiming the Dawn for himself... Or rather, for the one controlling him.

With what would normally be a rather flashy and extravagant appearance, Khrona simply appeared before the Commander, the Melodist, -- his brother's wife -- and the Fire Guardian's corpse in the blink of an eye, hands in his pockets, not wanting to use too much power since he was in deep concentration back at the Tree. Some things had to be cut, admittedly, but he was still able to make his appearances every now and then. Though, after this, a sort of thing like this just may transfer over to the Judgemaster's jurisdiction...

Khrona: "Well, well, well... What do we have here? Awake from your hibernation, sleeping beauty?"

It was a joke, of course, but also a way to express both his disdain and concern for the Melodist and her actions. He hadn't seen nor heard from her in all such trying times of the Veritas at all, even though she was supposedly one of his rather elite and 'Legendary' members. Oh well. Not like any of them were around, anyway.

Khrona: "I suppose that you had a nice and enjoyable time out? Boy, I would love something like that..."

Seemed like a far off dream to him... Oh, the thought of Peace... He closed his eyes and thought of a better place, only elongating his already serene smile. With a deep, invigorating breath, his lids lifted briskly, letting the gleaming crimson orbs rest upon the Melodist's face once more. It simply had been too long.

Khrona: "Ah well. Ahahaha."

He couldn't figure out why the Commander was here, though... Could have sworn they were... Doing something... Ah well. Ahahaha.

It was obvious that Khrona could detect her even as in tune with the earth as she was. While he posed his first -- obviously rhetorical -- question, she rose from the ground with her head bowed, blue hair tumbling over her shoulders in gentle waves. She shifted to a low bow, and remained so until after he had finished. Her skirts gently rustled in the breeze, in time with her soft sigh. "My apologies, Khrona... Even in my first major appearance since my absence, I am uncertain whether I have truly succeeded in restoring whatever faith this village has left in me. You felt the transferral of that soul, and witnessed the escape of the weapon, did you not?" She paused, before continuing. "As they would not be an immediate threat, I am uncertain as to whether pursuit would be necessary." The Melodist had not been witness to the collection of grimoires which made an individual a Guardian of an element, and thus wasn't entirely certain what it was that had made this Fire Guardian so bold. In fact, with the transferal of a soul just prior to his death, she wasn't entirely certain who had truthfully orchestrated the poorly thought out attack on the Veritas at all. Left with only a split second impression of the soul, she could only be certain it wasn't a Fae... However, it felt much different than any soul she had come across in her time.

The Commander simply stood there to listen -- actually, this wasn't the Commander. This was a clone created by the Hologram System using the real Commander's 'Funnels'. He wanted to aid the villages, not a single one, but them all; he didn't want to join any, just help them all.

Khrona shook his head and chuckled to himself, for seeing his brother's wife react so formally was something he wasn't accustomed to. Perhaps it was because he was generally a very informal person, and that should definitely change when it comes to these sort of matters. It was pleasing to see that she understood this type of situation as she did, and it made Khrona... Think about a few things. A hand slipped from his pocket and onto his chin, yet the serenity of his smile remained stagnant, responding gently to the Melodist, "Worry nothing of it and simply continue on the right path. Things like that will return in time and with hard work." Another light chuckle escaped him, finding her attitude quite appealing so far, but as for the concern of the other matters... His head lowered now, and his eyes closed. "I did indeed witness the transferal of the soul, however. Seems like attacking the body won't do much unless you are also directly striking the soul." It was lucky for him that his village specialized in attacking the very soul of others; directly at the core of their beings. This slippery snake wouldn't be able to slither out of their grasp for long as long as the correct precautions and methods for dealing with her were managed. Thus, Khrona didn't really have much of a worry when the time came for confrontation again... His concern was mostly with finding the being and the affiliation with the 'Red Grimoire'. "Hmm... Though it would be smart that they would lay low for the moment; it is still quite the predicament that such a person is in possession of one of the very powerful elemental Grimoires... The 'Red Grimoire' of the Fire Element."

He was aware that she didn't know of these things due to her absence, and the lack of common knowledge about the Four Sacred Shrines among the original Dusk Villagers in the first place. Even Khrona had only recently come to knowledge of such things, and this was only after he became the Tree Of Life. And because of a great many... Temporal things that occurred. "You see, the Four Primary Grimoires grant one complete mastery over their respective elements, allowing them to basically control said element in whatever way they see fit. In addition, the one who possesses it is known as the 'Guardian of the Shrine,' be they a 'Guardian of Chaos' or a 'Guardian of Order.' As such, they guard the secrets of the Shrines... The Weapons." He didn't particularly wish to go on much more about it, for many were... not fond of the 'long-winded Khrona speeches', so he'd simply cut it short right here. "I want you to retrieve the 'Red Grimoire' from this person at all costs, and if you can, capture or destroy the soul of whatever this being is." He turned his head to the Commander, dropping his hand from his side and opening his eyes with the utmost sincerity, "And you. I want you to go along with her. Show me your worth. Melodist, keep an eye on him and train him. Do not let him die under any circumstances. Alright? Can you two manage that together?"

Of course, it wasn't all that surprising that years of isolation and training had been able to surpass a wielder of grimoire based power, but it was a revelation that the Melodist privately noted; if another guardian got out of hand, it seemed as though she would be morally obligated to put a stop to their abusive nature. There can be no balance when greed sinks its claws into a matter. Upon receiving her mission, the legend bowed deeply once more, but found it deeply disturbing that her ex-leader would also instruct her to educate a Drifter, who served no purpose in their village, and owed them no allegiance. "Respectfully, I must ask you to reconsider the secondary task which you have given me. I feel morally disinclined to offer my knowledge to any individual whose allegiance lies outside of the Veritas, for fear of that knowledge becoming a weapon against us." Reasonably, the only just cause then would be an equal trade; the Melodist would instruct this stranger only if he agreed to join and defend the Veritas with his life, just as the rest of them were expected to. However, she did not feel as though she had the authority to make and enforce such a demand over the entire course of the proceedings, thus requiring Khrona's direct order. The clock was ticking, however, and she would object to Khrona's next decision, no matter what it was.

"You are correct in that my allegiance does not lie with the Veritas, nor does it the Nightmare or the Chaos. My allegiance is to the people of the Treaty, and the ideals and goals of that treaty. Those goals which make a Representative of the Treaty. As these goals say, I cannot lie my allegiance to any one factions on a developed planet. I must do my best to help unit the factions of a planet into a united government. Which means, my allegiance lies in the whole of the planet, and not that of a single faction. To ally with a single faction would make me a bad Representation of the Treaty," the Commander would say, hoping all this stuff about the Treaty didn't seem like some sort of lie. "I wish to avenge a friend of mine. He was dear to me..." the Commander would add.

Khrona pondered the Melodist's words, as he thought about this entire ordeal before... About being too open to the other villages, even though they were in alliance. Perhaps that simply meant that he was indeed too lenient in his endeavors before, and should buckle up on security. "You have a point, my old friend. And because of that..." Khrona's eyes gleamed at the Commander, Khrona raising his hand to him as though a means of attack, "As of this day, we, the Veritas, shall close our doors to the other villages. We shall become secluded once again, as we were in the past. Naturally, this was for good reason, and now, it is being reinstated. At least, by me. Hahaha." A mass of radiant energy accumulated in his palm, threatening to end the Commander right then and there. Yes, Khrona was not the type to do this to people so cruelly, but it seemed like nowadays, his patience had worn so thin that it was almost time for him to snap again. His brother's wife may have been the only one who knew of this past Khrona that well, for he was the one that lived when the original Reality was born... "Get out. And spread the word."

What was Khrona doing...? Trying to start a war...?

As soon as Khrona his brother's wife were finished with the Commander, the Commander, not being the actual one, would pixelate into data returning the energy and Funnels to the Commander whom was being tested by Khrona at the Tree Of Life. After this, Khrona and the Melodist were free to talk.

Meanwhile, in the Dusk, there was another great occurrence. Someone had decided to finally take the title of being the leader, just as with the Dawn, seemingly relatively around the same time. Despite all that was going on with the Tree, there were good things finally starting to occur in spite of it. Yet, some were still wondering about the past that needed to come to an end for the future to occur... And how could the former leader ever miss someone so important take his place? On such a happy day, all important people had to be there... And even Khrona, himself, had a way.

"It going to be strange... With Khrona gone now..." Of course Momo would be here, standing amidst the reaches of a single bed of flowers that grew just outside the Region they were in. His eyes saw and his ears heard the new standing of the leader... Tamura.

Momo: 'His words... They are true... And heartfelt.'

"Perhaps I misjudged him... What do you guys think?" Momo said, bending down, picking up one of the plants whilst channeling a drip of chakra within in order to keep it alive whilst separated from the ground. He took a whiff and the little plant shivered as in agreement with him. He could discern the speech of the plants and they spoke to him as well. He could feel the sincerity in Tamura's voice... As a sapling, he was keen to the emotions of many living beings these days. He would vanish now into the ground after being engulfed by a large venus flytrap plant. He would then moment later appear in the crowd...

*clap Clap CLAP*

The sounds of clapping cold be heard coming froth from Momo as he traveled smoothly through the crowd to get a better view of the leader. He had strength Momo knew that for the Trial watching... He had smarts... And now Tamura had shown his ability to show compassion and understanding which, at the time of his Trail, Momo questioned whether he could produce such qualities... But there is always one emotion that ties all hearts to one... Pain. "So long as you keep those words near to your heart... As a Standard of the Dawn, it would be my honor to assist in your efforts to help us protect what is precious to us."

"With who gone, Momo?" The voice of Momo's beloved rung sweetly in his ear, biting it erroneously with with the vibrational sensation of his words. Standing right beside him, with his body in the shape of a normal member of the crowd, clapping his hands was none other than Khrona Tensei, masking his presence to the point where none could discern him except for Momo, whom he willingly allowed to feel his presence. "Yes... It is good that he is the new leader, isn't it? I do feel as though he'd do a wonderful job being the very heart of this village... It suits him, don't you think?" He continued to clap, and as Momo walked, the disguised Khrona would do so right along with him, hidden by the movement of the crowd. Speaking right after Momo, just as warmly as before in his ear, a sense of pleasure overcame him, which carried in the gentle whisper of his voice... "But I haven't gone anywhere, you see... In fact, you're going to see a lot of things about me. A lot of terrible... Horrible... Nasty things, to be exact. Hmhmhm..." To think, the one who wanted the change and prosperity of this village was the same one who turned against all in it, and of this planet...

"You of course; you are no longer the leader of the Villages remember?" Momo said with a chuckle as Khrona manifested beside him. He had grown so accustomed to Khrona's feel it was like second nature to him at this point. Their souls were in sync on many levels... Most of which many could not fathom. And that is why when Khrona spoke of him seeing terrible things... Momo knew he meant business. "That is does; it's very seldom one witnesses the upcoming of a new Ruler, especially one with such a level head." His eyes didn't leave his visage of Tamura; he didn't have to look at Khrona to envision that look upon his face... He often kept the same look -- one that Momo had visualized hundreds of times over within his own mind. "What type of things, Khrona? Albeit you were not always the most gracious when it comes to dealing with your enemies... Though I wonder, who have become your enemies now?"

He played off a loud chuckle at Momo as a laugh of relief and joy to the new leader, raising his hands in praise as he did so, before lowering them back to the norm. As though he continued to speak these alleged words of praise and happiness to Momo, he whispered again in his ear, "Of course I know, that was rhetorical." He smiled and chuckled softly, almost unnoticeably. It would seem from his secretive movements, as well as his disguise, he did not want to be seen here nor noticed by anyone, especially not the crowd. "Yes, indeed... In fact, I believe that the only other village to have named a new leader since the beginning was the Nightmare. We have done so in the past when we combined forces with the original Deep, but... Now, this is something different. Choosing a new leader entirely, not just merging of the two tops of the other villages." A sight to behold, Khrona definitely thought. However, this in no way concluded his own motives. In fact, this gave him what he needed to start. Only one village needed to be in power for Khrona to gain the ability to move around, as the Twin would soon come to the same fate. It was how mirrors worked, even if this was a rather... Skewed one.

He shook his head to Momo, patting him on his shoulder in a friendly matter and sighed heavily. With his next word, his voice became dark and sinister, teeming with an Insanity built up over a very, very long time. This Khrona was the one from many years ago; the one who carried the burden of darkness, of Insanity. This was the real Khrona, coming to be.

Khrona: "Everyone."

Khrona wished for the word to marinate in Momo's mind, simply for the satisfaction of his reaction, and so he could actually grasp just what was happening. "However," he said after the long pause, "... My family has nothing to do with this. They are being reborn as we speak, where the darkness does not overwhelm them. I want you to stay close to my beloved daughters, Chroma and Trinity, and protect them. Protect them and all else in my clan. I hope that you and all the others we have kept over the years will now keep us in these trying times. I hope I can trust you." Though odd for one who just declared all his enemy to say such a thing, this must have been his final request. He family after him, the reborn descendants, were nothing like him. They held the Grim heritage, but they also held the strength to quench that insatiable hunger, something that Khrona simply could not do right now. They were the light of the future for his clan, and if he could get them to grow again from the beginning... Then this time, their future would prosper. But before that, his own tirade had to end. The symbolism of this ceremony and the one soon to be for the Dawn was that end. The end of the old and beginning of the new.

The new age that Khrona desperately worked to achieve for his village; his family.

"I see..." It was quite the troubling thought, to think that Khrona had turned himself away from the faces of all those he loved dearly. Something was going on, something that Momo wasn't completely sure of. But Momo had been by his side from what felt like eons upon eons. He had seen many of Khrona's perplexing ways, and he had known that in the end through his unorthodox ways that it all worked out in the end. He had faith in Khrona, and would never turn his back from him... No matter what. Because in the end, if Khrona ever got truly out of it... Momo would be the first to appear to cut him down. "If that is your wish Khrona... I'll shepherd your flock; of course you can trust me... But." His smile left but for but a fleeting moment's this thought ran over his mind... "What will become of you... At the end of all you have sought?"

A sound hum of relief escaped Khrona's mouth, his hands slipping into his pockets as he was prone to do when he was comfortable and casual. It was good that even in his own Insanity, there were those who would uphold was was right, even if someone they admired strayed away from the 'normal' path of what was right. This was Khrona's last fight to fight, and the end all, be all of all that he'd come to fight for. There was no way he was letting it out of his grasp, no matter what.

Khrona: 'This must be exactly what they felt like before... Yet, no one understands the motives of a genius sometimes... Rather, a mad scientist.'

Either way, he was going to have to start soon, and he was going to have to move through the darkness to get things moving again. So, as his visage slipped away in the corner of Allen's eye, he'd leave him with these last words;

Khrona: "Only time will tell."

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; End Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; End   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; End EmptySun Jul 19, 2020 6:04 pm

Some time during the inaugurations -- both formal and informal -- of the Dusk and Dawn respectively, the first seed of Khrona's Tree, Chroma Tensei, who had not only been reborn, but had also lost her memory, came stumbling back to the Crystal Tree with a friend, of whom had led her there.

After leaving the 'Flower Garden', Bluenote had followed a strong scent that led her all the way back to the village and to this random place; she wasn't sure where she was. But she did know one thing: the scent stopped here, so with the trail followed and ended, she simply waited for Chroma to arrive, though it would've been better if she was carried here. "Wow, this is some place." The sight was just epic; Bluenote hadn't seen anything like this before, which made seeing it a very big deal. Her eyes grew big, her tail waved back and forth, her ears twitched a bit -- she was indeed happy.

Some time after Bluenote arrived, in the trail of her dust was Chroma, clearing it away with her wings as she soared straight through. They traveled all the way from the midpoint of the 'Tri-Village Alliance', over the 'Crystal Nexus' connecting the three sections of the Veritas together and up into the Dawn, all the way to the Crystal Garden within the Crystal Tree. Bluenote had quite the nose if she could smell that thoroughly, but in truth, Chroma found herself just a bit exhausted, especially after just getting out of a battle with Bluenote just before. She had quite the physical stamina for these situations, which Chroma could say wasn't her own personal strong point. Either way, they had arrived, and Chroma marveled at the sight -- even with her eyes closed -- of the absolutely magnanimous beauty of such a radiant tree. "This tree... This city... It is simply... Beautiful..." Even though she could not remember it, she felt as though she was very closely connected to this tree... Like she'd been here before... It was strange, really, but she almost felt like a real part of it. "... So this is the tree you were speaking of. It is indeed more beautiful than anything I have laid eyes on..." Something about her being here made her think that this just might end up being the place she needed to be. She could feel it deep down within.

After leaving the Nightmare, Tactical Arms made his way to the Veritas. Tactical Arms had advancement on his mind; he wanted to slay someone -- a certain Gorgon. First, he had to join the Veritas, and he needed Khrona -- or someone -- to allow it. Upon entering, Tactical Arms would look about the area; it was nice indeed, but he wasn't here to take in sights. He noticed two people standing some ways away and walked over towards them. After waiting for a break in the conversation Tactical Arms would speak. "Where can I find the person who runs this Faction? I would like to join it," Tactical Arms would say.

"The hell?" Before Bluenote could even answer the princess, some random guy just showed up asking questions, in which she had no idea of how to answer... But in any case, this just pissed her off. She looked over at Chroma, and given her senses, she could tell that the little princess was exhausted. Bluenote was gonna take her to the tree, until that guy showed up.¤ "Princess, let's just wait for a second, I'd rather not do anything while that guy is around." So she sat on the ground and waited; this really did put a bump in the road.

"Well that isn't very nice, now is it?" As usual, the disembodied voice spoke out before the body actually appeared, speaking to them all in the normal serene voice. In a flash of light would come Khrona, the Crystal Tree itself, appearing before the three of them. "Hello, all. Welcome to the Sanctum Crystos." Among those three was his beloved first child, Chroma Tensei, who didn't even remember her recent expulsion from the Tree. Though he didn't expect her to come back so soon, it was probably for the best considering what large change of events were about to occur... "I am Khrona Tensei, as you may or may not know, and I am the one who runs this 'faction', as you call it." He figured that his appearance and his name was a dead giveaway. "What is it you each have sought of me? This is the very last time I will receive visitors, so make sure you make the most of this."

As the light calmed and Khrona made his appearance, Tactical Arms, who had been with Billiam, would recognize Khrona's name easily; it was his new appearance that threw him off. "I want to join this village. One year ago, Gorgon and his little man eating sword attacked my master during a training fight. He killed him without reason. I am here to gain power, power that I can use to avenge him," Tactical Arms would say. Just when he did, a small black pidgeon would come flying down and land beside him. "Trading sides already, you tin trashcan?" The bird would question.

As they intended to come here alone, some sort of mechanical thing came up toward them and requested to know the leader of the faction. Of course, Chroma knew nothing of the sort, but was indeed calm and kind enough to answer him. "My, Bluenote, do not be so rude." She turned to him and bowed humbly, smiling warmly at him and replied, "No, I do not know who the leader of this place is. I barely know why we are here. I am sorry that I cannot be more of service to you..." With another bow, a disembodied voice spoke to the three, a voice so very familiar that Chroma had no choice but to turn around and open her eyes in awe, searching for the body. In a flash of light, that body appeared before her very eyes as the one thing she remembered almost as clear as day.

Chroma: 'The voice from before... Father.... And that must mean...'

He said his name. Khrona Tensei.

Chroma: "You... You are my father!?"

Bluenote: "He showed up all randomly, how was I suppose to act? He's a random mech guy, but oh well."

After that, Bluenote turned to the tree, seeing it glow so bright, -- which was quite the sight indeed -- but soon after the glowing stopped, she noticed a man came out of the tree. This kinda freaked her out, but maybe that's how these things worked around here. Upon looking at this guy, she picked up on the scent that led her here. And that's when it hit her; this was the guy, Chroma's father... Though she only knew that cause she heard the princess say it, but she was gonna act like she already knew this beforehand. She then took one finger, and pointed at Khrona. "Princess! This man is your father! Khrona Tensei!!!!! Mwahahahahahaha, I knew it!" After say that a random explosion went off behind Bluenote.

Listening to the words Tactical Arms had to say, Khrona placed a hand on his chin and pondered the situation as best he could. "Hm... Power, eh...?" Though he thought long and hard, he ultimately ended up shrugging his shoulders and shaking his head. There was nothing he could do about such a request. "I am very sorry, but I cannot give you power, and your quest for simple power will bring you no promise here. In the end, you'll become tainted, corrupted, and hunted." That was all he could say about it, most definitely.

On the flipside, his daughter, Chroma, seemed to be taking all of this in shock, coming to realize that he indeed was her father. "Yes, I am. I'm actually surprised you made it back here so fast. But it is because of that little girl over there. How cute, you've made a friend!" He smiled at Bluenote, then turned his attention back to Chroma. "Though, it is fated that you come here. I must tell you something very important. I am about to fall from grace, and it is up to you and the rest of the family to uphold the goodness of the family name. I have left all that needs to be known in a Grimoire that has been passed down for generations, holding everything there is to know about our clan within. I want you and the family to protect this sacred tome and grow stronger. Refine your abilities, make new friends and keep this place alive. Though your memories of your heritage shall be restored, your abilities shall be blocked until you relearn them. I want you to learn them correctly and teach the others -- especially your baby sister, Trinity -- of the goodness of the Tensei. Do not follow the example I am about to set, but always overcome the Insanity. As for me... I am the last of them. And so, I must do this." He bowed to her courteously and nodded his head. For this, he wanted to make things quick and simple. "You may not understand now, but you will soon. But what I want you to always know is that I love you, and I do this for the sake of our family. As I have always done."

There are some things some people just have to do.

Khrona: "You there, Bluenote. Yes, I know your name, don't ask how. But I would like you to continue being Chroma's friend. It may help her, since we Tensei tend to go through overwhelming loneliness. And you, Tactical Arms. I'd say the same for you, but you only seek power. My only advice to you is to not lead your life down the path of revenge and try to make something of yourself, not seeking power, but seeking purpose. Either way, these are only words I share and nothing I can make you all do. But I will reiterate, this is the very last time I will allow visitors."

That was something he was quite serious about.

Khrona: "... In any case, Chroma. I love you dearly. And I want you and everyone else to prosper. Do not let it die... No matter what..."

With that said, there was nothing else for Khrona to say, despite him just appearing not too long ago. There were more pressing issues to attend to.

Khrona: "Goodbye, you three. I hope you will take my words to heart. They may help you along the way."

And with that, he disappeared, and all light from the Crystal Garden would fall to darkness.

She was... Stunned by the entire thing. To the point where she could barely even close her eyes. All of this, what he said, this burden being placed on her even now... Why was all of this happening? 'I... I don't think I could ever take your place running the family, father... Please... Don't go...' But no matter how she pleaded in her head, this is what was happening. She was instructed to protect the family, and so, Chroma would become the leader of the Tensei in her Father's place. What a large burden to put on someone so young, so quickly, who did not even have the basic knowledge of the Tensei. 'No... This is the only time I've gotten to see you... and now you want to leave me? No... No...' Tears rolled down her cheeks in disbelief. It was all happening so fast, without warning, without preparation. Why was he doing this, if he loved her so much? But in the end, she knew there was nothing she could do, and she would simply have to accept this title as the leader of the Tensei. For the greater good. 'But I'm just not ready...' Falling to her knees as the light dimmed, it faded away, and her last words, through all the sadness, through all the pain and through all the shock as she closed her eyes were...

Chroma: "... I love you too, Daddy..."

Seek not power... Tactical Arms was born a weapon; a weapon's meant for slaying -- a weapon of power, Tactical Arms did not know much else. "My purpose is to fight, other than that, I was born with nothing but the goal of slaying Gorgon," Tactical Arms would say to himself, watching as Khrona faded way. The other two were still here, maybe he could ask one of them for some guidance. "Chroma, Bluenote, will one of you two like to teach me, or guide me to someone who can?" Tactical Arms would ask.

After hearing all that, it made Bluenote happy, until Khrona started saying all of this crazy stuff and dumping a big task on poor Chroma, and a rage built up inside Bluenote. "Khrona!!! How could you say all of that and then go and leave like its nothing, and just after seeing your on little girl! I can't forgive you, I won't forgive you!" Bluenote knew all to well how it felt to be alone. Though she never got to know her parents, she could still understand Chroma's pain; this had to be one of the most heartless things she'd seen. "It'll be okay, princess." That's when she heard something; she turned to Chroma only to see her crying and on the ground in pain. Bluenote quickly ran over to Chroma and took hold of her. "Don't cry princess! I'm here for you, I'll always be here for you, no matter what... So let all your tears out, let all the pain out -- I'll take on your problems."

Even in her emotionally broken state, Chroma couldn't help but feel love for her father and trust that his words and purpose were true. Even though she hated not to feel as elegance and beautiful as a woman should, she could not stop herself from crying, like she did the Insanity. As Bluenote came toward her and tried to hold her, Chroma immediately rejected her, pushing her away viciously. "I told you not to touch me!!" For the first time, she raised her voice. She did not consider it very ladylike at all, and in fact, nothing that she was doing was rather regal anymore. "Leave me alone..." Though she was already tired from this trip, she quickly spread her wings and flew away from both Bluenote and Tactical Arms, flying off toward another area of this village, clueless as to where she was going.

After being ignored by the two of them, Tactical Arms would float off the ground. He would then transform into jet mode and blast into the sky heading towards wherever the leader might be.

Bluenote: "But princess... All I was trying to do was help."

Being pushed away by Chroma was not shocking at all, just odd, given her state of mind, but even though she was pushed away, she had to stay by the little princess. It was the least she could do. So she took in a sniff and took off by foot; she had to follow Chroma, just in case something bad happened, since sadness can quickly turn to anger, then to rage, and lastly hate, and that's when problems start.

Bluenote: "I won't leave your side Chroma."

All the way from the Crystal Tree, an emotionally stirred Chroma floated tiredly through the skies, barely able to keep herself up. Her inner turmoil weighed heavy on her heart and soul, Insanity running rampant in her head. Tears continued to fall from her face, this weight becoming too much for her to even fly anymore. With each flap, she could barely keep herself risen, and began to descend despite her tired wings' flaps.

Chroma: "*Pant...* *Pant...* Please... Don't give out on me..."

But pleading would not help her this time around. Slowly, but surely, she neared the ground against her will. She traveled far for being so tired, having flown over the Myst ridden land of the Dusk; a home she felt she once knew. Where the Myst was thickest, she saw many great shrouded by its presence, and it seemed to be the place of her inadvertent landing. She continued to flap her hardest, but finally, her wings could only give under her own fatigue.

Chroma: "... No...!"

Swiftly, she fell from the sky, just above the Mysti Jungle and into the Myst shrouded trees. Her fall was broken by not only her wings, but also the branches of the trees that snapped under the force of her fall. Soon she slammed straight into the ground, tired and battered, barely able to move. All she could do at this point was pant heavily, for she was tired, oh so tired...

Chroma: "This... Is not how a woman... Should act..."

And slowly, her vision began to fade...

The young woman found herself awakening to a world of mystery and darkness; one of pain and sadness, fear and deception. This world was mysterious to her, yet somehow familiar... Like she'd been her before a very long time ago. In the abysmal pitch black, she found the strength to push herself to her knees, looking around with open eyes for signs of anything tangible in this realm. "Where...? This is not where I landed..." Still, the familiarity was far too striking, even though nothing resembled anything here. With a will bet only on the feeling that this place was somewhere she'd been before, she forced herself to her feet, still a little tired from everything she'd endured before. Slowly, ever slowly she drifted into the void, simply walking arbitrarily where she believed to be straight ahead, using nothing as a clue. Somehow, still, she felt a connection... A connection not only to herself, but to her father.

Chroma: 'Father...'

It hurt just to think about him right now. She knew that she hadn't been abandoned, but could not help but feel that way, as though there was some pain from before she could remember uncovered from the sight of him before. How she loved that man so, yet alongside that love, she felt a pain its equivalent. It hurt... Hurt like someone constricting the veins to her heart, suffocating its breath, its flow... This pain was something that had could not be healed so easily. Continuing her aimless wandering toward nothing in particular, she clenched her chest at the sharp increasing pain growing tighter and tighter... To the point where she could barely breathe. Collapsing to the ground yet again, she was helpless to this power of pain...

How she wanted to die, so.

His dear daughter wandered so aimlessly in the abysmal void of the unknown, looking so very scared and pitiful. How Khrona remembered his days that he looked exactly like that, barely able to withstand the pain deep within his own self; within his very heart and soul trying to be comprehended by his unstable mind. The event at the Tree was the catalyst for her inner struggle... The call for the Insanity to rise up again. The pain she felt was nothing he had not known in his youth, -- despite still being so youthful -- though he had to play such a wretched role in her story this time, despite how much he loved her... Oh, cruel fate.

Khrona: "Chroma, my sweet. Has the pain become too unbearable yet?"

To ask such a question seemed more than ill-fitting for a father, rather than 'are you okay' or 'let me help you' or something along those lines. Now that he knew why he had been put through his trial, the only thing he could do was to give her a bit of guidance that he never got.

Khrona: "If it hasn't then... You'll never find your way through the world you've inherited from me."

Chroma: 'What...? Who is... It's that voice again...'

The voice of the one she loved most, more than anything in this world, speaking to her yet again outside of her vision and her reach. Her chest tightened in tandem with the hand clutching it, throwing her in an inner frenzy of terrible suffering. Her body cringed like a dried grape in the sun, coiling to the point that her kimono covered knees reached her lightly silked chest. Still, she could not stand.

Chroma: "What... Do you mean... Father...? This pain... It's unbearable... Like I'm going to die..."

Life was fleeting in the eyes of Chroma, who no longer saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Here she lay, in the cesspool of the eternal darkness, suffering, pained and with only her Father watching her struggle from the unknown. She could only wonder why he would do this to her... Did he truly want her to die?

Chroma: "F... Fa-- *cough cough cough!!*"

Speaking was no longer an option for her. It would seem that this overwhelming pain would rob everything of her before she took her very last breath...

Chroma: 'Why won't you help me... Father...? I'm so confused...'

She could not imagine how it hurt him to watch her suffer like this. He had no choice in the matter if she wanted to get through this alive stronger than she was before, though. This was the only way to teach her from within, and that was with this Insanity.

Khrona: "... This is the world of pain and suffering. A world that will torment you until you are strong enough to overcome it. This is a place inherent in only the most powerful Tensei, a realm I have created from the peak of my Insanity to come when I needed to deal with it..."

The memories of this abysmal world where there was nothing, but everything all at once. To see it so barren again made him feel right at home in Solitary Alone Time. Mmm... A good feeling. This pain was far too familiar. He'd gotten accustomed to not feeling it before, and now as it returned, it was so very refreshing.

Khrona: "The Trinity Plane, known also as the very deepest part of the Pit Of Havoc. This realm is a place where the mind, body and soul are completely harmonized... And also where the Insanity is most powerful. To deal with it on the outside, you must calm it in all parts of yourself, or else you'll lose. Do you want to die here, Chroma?"

He would not blame her if he did. There were countless upon countless times where Khrona thought it best to take his own life from himself. The sad truth about that was, until she learned to fully control her power, she could not orchestrate her own death. She would be forced to exist in this world against her will, no matter how much she wanted to die, unless someone had the gall to kill her. And even then, the Insanity would kick in and do its job. How sad a life.

His words did not stop her pain, not even for a moment. In fact, she could feel herself coming to the brink of death, then simply not succumbing to its will. It was a terrible, horrible feeling, as if being tortured by some sick being that wished only the ill-will of Chroma's very life. She simply could not figure out why anyone would create this place at all, and why anyone would wish this upon themselves or anyone else.

Chroma: 'Why, Father...? Why?'

She did not want to deal with the Insanity, nor did she want to endure this place. All she wanted now was to know the sweet pleasure of a silent death; something swift, something elegant that would allow her the passing of this world to the next, and hopefully a smooth reincarnation into a body that harbored no Insanity at all. She wanted nothing to do with this... Nothing at all...

Chroma: 'I don't like this... I don't like it at all... Is this what you always went through to get to where you are...? To get to that place I admire...? I don't like it, Father... I don't want to feel this pain anymore... I just want you to love me the same way I love you... I just don't know why you won't show it... Like you show it to Trinity...'

And the pain worsened. What Chroma once thought was unbearable had suddenly become even more than that, opening her mind to a new kind of horrendous pain like no other. One that harmed her emotions down to her very soul, and expressed that pain in synchronously in her body and her mind. A pain so unbearable that these three places could barely comprehend all at once... Staring up into darkness, she could not tell if she was dead or alive. She couldn't scream, yet she could feel the feeling as though it were lasting a lifetime. There was no concept of time here. No concept of reality. No concept of space. A world of only Insanity.

Chroma: 'No more... No more... No more... No more...'

Stuck between life and death; that was her curse. The Insanity of Life and Death as the 'Insangel Of The Conflicted'. Was she dead... Or was she still alive? Either way, she hoped she was the opposite of whichever one she currently experienced; this pain was far too great to burden any longer. Yet, she couldn't figure out if she should be wanting to live or wanting to die. It made her sick to her stomach...

There. That's how she knew she was ready. That was the pain that he knew she needed to comprehend to endure being within the Trinity Plane; that feelings of such stress on every single fiber of your being that you could not tell if you were even still of this world. That was the Insanity he was waiting for.

"My dear," his voice called out, now more gentle than any flower's touch, "I have always loved you and have never forgotten about you. You are my very first child, after all." A radiant light reached out to her in the darkness, forming the shape that was the Father she was so very loving toward; Khrona Tensei. "There hasn't been a single time where I haven't loved you the same way you loved me. I know your admiration for me... And this is your chance to surpass me; correcting the mistakes of the Tensei name I have besmirched it with." Khrona turned his hand upon her face, stroking her cheek with the back of his hand, trying to calm her down. The Insanity within her was powerful, for that type of pain was something he would not wish upon anyone... But it was something that many Tensei wished upon themselves. They were a self-destructive people by nature. Such was how their Insanity worked... "The Insanity can be both a useful tool and friend of a Tensei and his worst nightmare and the greatest hindrance. Just as equally as it can help, it can hinder and cause you pain that is only curable by your own control. Otherwise, you will destroy yourself. I used to be afraid of everyone... Until I realized that the person that was the scariest was the one everyone else feared... Myself. Sometimes, I did not even trust myself to be alone with myself." His hand moved to her beautiful silvery white hair, the same as his, like locks of silk spilling over her elegantly pale face. He ran his hand through her hair, kneeling down to get even closer to her as he spoke. "That is why I never let anyone come in here, unless I knew they could withstand it. Otherwise, they would have died. No one is ever allowed in the Trinity Plane unless you say so, for it is the place where all parts of you connect, and where that sort of pain and suffering is the most. It's feeling all forms of pain all at once in every different different part of you. Use it to your advantage to solve your problems and quell your Insanity... Use it for whatever you wish, but this is where I went to deal with things."

How sad. His hand stopped suddenly from slipping through her hair, and Khrona would stand just a bit, hunched so his arm would extend to hers on the ground.

Khrona: "Do you understand? If you do, you should be able to stand."

Chroma: "R-Really... Father...?"

Once she gained the assurance from her father, the pain started to subside. When she heard the words that opposed her troubles, it was almost as if that was the only thing she needed to chase her inner turmoil away; just that recognition and reassurance. Her chest was no longer tight, her stomach no longer churned, and her body no longer felt so weak. She grasped her Father's hand, pulling herself to her feet, and though she was still a little shaken up, she was at least better than she was before.

Chroma: "... I'm glad, Father... I just... I just wanted to know that you loved me... And I guess this is your way of showing it..."

Still, she was wary of his words due to what he said at the tree. He would be going away no matter what. Maybe this was his way of making up for that scenario.

Chroma: "But why am I here? What is the reason you brought me to this place? What am I supposed to do here?"

He didn't expect her to understand the meaning of this place so soon, but he did expect her to get it eventually, just as he did. Down the line, when she became more in tune with herself and her own Insanity, she would know.

Khrona: "That is up to you. This place is for whatever purpose you want; it is you. The most important parts of yourself all connected in perfect harmony. Use this place however you will. I used it to hold back and control my Insanity, to hone my capabilities and to understand myself. I usually went every month or so, or simply whenever my Insanity would get to be too much for me to handle contact with others. But that does not have to be the case for you. Use this realm wisely, however it best fits with you. Always remember that this realm is you, and you mustn't let anyone who is not fit to be here inside, family included. If you want to talk to me, you may come here, but... First you have to understand how to get back in here."

He chuckled, knowing that was going to be a journey for her... Oh well, at least they'd be connected.

Khrona: "That is all I can say. Remember the Family Bond and you will be fine. Now, as a final parting gift for now..."

He quickly embraced her tightly, hugging her in a way that she wouldn't remember; for it was many years ago that she was first truly hugged in this way; with all the love of her father.

Khrona: "I love you, Chroma, and always will. But now, I must go."

And with that, in her arms, he'd fade away once again.

Khrona: "This is something... You must learn to do on your own..."

It sucked that again, she was going to have to leave him, but this time, she felt a little better about it. With one last hug, she returned his words, "I love you, too... Daddy..." before he disappeared, leaving her in the dark once more. This time, however, she didn't feel so lost. "Understand myself, huh..." she pondered, looking at the blackness. "This must be my own self not knowing myself, and when I know the three parts of myself in tandem... Then this world within me shall manifest." It seemed simple enough in theory, but to discover one's full self would take a lot of time.

Chroma: "... It's for the sake of my family. And in honor of my father. I will carry on his will and make the Tensei family great..."

She closed her eyes, the darkness fading from around her and returning her to the Mysti Jungle where she landed, now standing in the center of the path, right under the tree that she crashed into.

Chroma: "... Hm. That motivation really got me going. But still, I'm pretty drained..."

She opened her wings, which were also pretty tired.

Chroma: "... Man... I hate walking."

But it was inevitable right now. So, wrapping her wings around her waist once more, she started trying to find her way out of the Mysti Jungle.

After having a bonding moment with his dear daughter, Khrona, still taking care of his 'villainous' scheme, would confront the lord of the dead, who had just recently resurrected, risen from his grave...

The wailing souls of those forever lost within this land, unable to return, refusing to accept their fate, or just lost in this land of oblivion; a lone flame lit a small area. This small, feeble flame, was black in coloring. A black flame that spilled forth evil, power, and purpose. At first, it had a steady expansion. Growing to the size of a mere basketball, the flame suddenly crackled with dark purple lightning, followed by a release of wicked energy. In the form of a shockwave, this energy shattered the souls resolves, their lingering sentiments. Pacifying them in a most brutal way. As this occurred, the flame grew to a gargantuan size, burning the area around it, and searing it to a crisp. From this flame, a stone chair followed by the illuminating eyes of the one who sat in it.

???: "..."

Hades, who had seemingly disappeared at the start of this entire cataclysm, was back. The Four Guardians, their lives extinguished, but their ancient tomes in the hands of others; they sought the 'White Grimoire', the 'Enchiridion'. Not only the powerful grimoire Hades himself had, but also the legendary 'Ultimate Weapon'. Despite the name, it was not merely just a weapon that was made up of hilt, scabbard, metal, and immense power, but a construct. With his powers entrusted upon him by Grimlock, Hades dutifully protected these items of immense power. However, his job was far from over. Once again, the Lord Of Souls himself is once again being summoned by the very man who freed him all that time ago.

Hades: "So once again, it is time."

A powerful voice boomed and echoed throughout the area. The baritone couldn't be matched by any other. His voice commanded obedience, death, and a command to give up all hope while in his presence. Covered in a robe as black as midnight, a scythe wrapped in rusted chains, nestled on his lap, Hades in his floating chair waited patiently for Grimlock. Even with his arrival, the powerful flame that was created to bring about his presence hadn't subsided. No. Rather, the flames were feasting on the souls. Burning them, tormenting them, charring them to perfection. Of course, a sick pleasure could only be derived from doing such a heinous act upon those who only seek rest. The blood red orbs that served as eyes for Hades, scanned the area. Quite the cozy location. Grimlock always knew how to accommodate his guests perfectly.

Hades: "Grimlock, old friend, I have answered your call."

Khrona: "Sadly, that man is no more."

As usual, he chose to speak before he appeared, the disembodied voice echoing eerily about the mountain's peak. It belonged to one Hades had never been in contact with, but would see the Grim likeness within him right away. A single foot stepped before Hades from out of literally thin air, followed swiftly by the rest of his body, appearing more and more as he walked a little closer, till finally the man clad in a deep abysmal black stood face to face with the great Hades himself. Another master of souls.

Khrona: "However, you'll be pleased to know that I am of his lineage... And here to complete his mission. I mean you no ill-will, Hades."

The dark flames robed his presence, extending outward and burning away the souls from the halo at the top. Apparently, it was a feast for him. Couldn't blame him; they were quality souls, after all. He chuckled, bowing his head in a regal manner akin to whom he should refer to as 'grandfather' -- Grimlock, himself.

Khrona: "I am Khrona Tensei. Pleased to meet your acquaintance."

Hades: "Ah, I see. I had hoped to say my goodbyes, as well my thanks, but I'm almost certain he knew."

By his tone and continued manner of speaking, Hades showed the blackened figure who went by the name of Khrona that he perceived him as an ally. Of course, in order to actually show his hospitality, the Lord Of Souls took both of his chained hands, placed them on the brim of his hood, and slowly slid it off. Long golden locks tumbled, or rather cascaded from the start of his head, and down to his chest. Finally, his facial features were revealed. Blood red eyes, skin as white as snow, a pointed nose, thin pursed lips, and a face of a handsome young man.

Hades: "It is my pleasure to be acquainted with you, Khrona. As you already know, I am Hades."

He extended his right arm forward, opened the palm of his right hand, and was ready to shake Khrona's hand. Hades' face was serious, as the duty he is about to do is of the utmost importance. Once their greetings were over, the lord of souls knew that the man before him held an important message, and mission for him to carry out.

As the great Hades revealed his true image to Khrona from under the shadows of his hood, he was rather surprised to not see a bony, skeletal figure, or some sort of ethereal formed being of darkness. No, this man was of flesh and bone, tangible in every which way. Perhaps that was settling to him, he didn't know why. "Pleasure's all mine," he'd say as their hands met with a firm shake, "And naturally, as you must know, I'm here on business." His hand retracted then retreated behind his back, coupling with the other behind him as he started to pace up and down before Hades, clearly in deep thought. "You see, the Guardians have been slain," he started, keeping a steady rhythm about his pacing, "And of course, were also replaced. Now, these 'Guardians Of Order' seek harmony in their domains and are coming here with their respective 'Weapons Of Chaos' to seek out you, holder of the 'White Grimoire'." Khrona knew the legends of the Grimoires; in fact, the Grimoires now were similar to ninja scrolls in manner, harboring all types of information about damn near everything one could ever imagine. However...

Khrona stopped directly in front of Hades, turning his charcoal black head to meet his gaze, eyes intense and burning and said, "Naturally... They will be here to destroy you. As fair warning, I would suggest that you prepare yourself. They are no pushovers, dear Hades." Though Khrona was in no way disturbed by Hades' capability to defend himself, he was a little bit about just what the four of those people combined could do, along with their weapons. "Simply wanting you to be ready, is all. They want the White Grimoire."

Hades took his own retracted right hand, rubbed his chin, then nodded. So that was their game? Bring order about the lands, finally gain the White Grimoire and put a stop to all of this chaos? Well if that was the ultimatum, then of course Hades would need to have himself fully prepared. A subtle "Hm," left his lips, and he looked into the burning eyes of Khrona. A man such as himself surely had some sort of other plan hidden beneath all of this, and Hades wondered just what exactly is his plan for these 'Guardians Of Order' should they succeed in taking the grimoire.

Hades: "Naturally, I must use all senses of my power should they come here in combined forces. Do not worry, Khrona. I'll put a stop to these new 'Guardians', and take their lives in the process. I have one question, though. What will you be doing while their attention is towards me?"

His scythe pulsated with a black outline, for it was ready to taste the blood and power of these guardians. Hades himself was indeed ready for any sort of battle to the death appear at any moment. They weren't going to get the grimoire from him, he'd make sure of it.

Khrona: "Ah, a wonderful question, my good man, and certainly within my calculations."

His manner of speech and his 'within calculations' thought process was definitely fitting of a man kin to Hades' dear old friend, which may be one of the many reasons why he concocted such a mad thought.

Khrona: "You see, if their power is indeed overwhelming to even you... Then I will take your place and see to it that they are... Rewarded for their efforts."

In all honesty, though there was the matter of the White Grimoire being in Hades' hands, the 'Black Grimoire' resided where the 'Omega Weapon' rested... And last Khrona ever heard of that, it was deep within the Eternal Desert where a certain mage once lived.

Khrona: "... I will retrieve the 'Black Grimoire', though I shall be with you in the shadows to see the outcome of the event. How does that sound, my good man?"

Hades: "Hm, that was all I needed to know. I shall not fail you."

With that, Hades took up his scythe, slammed the end into the ground, and radiated forth a dark and repulsive power. Should this be one of the battlegrounds, so be it. The Lord Of Souls was ready for the soon to be confrontation. Placing his hood back over his face, Hades exhaled a poisonous miasma that soon started to flow froth from the tip of the mountain, down to the base of it.

"Excellent," Khrona would say, fading away into the darkness. Just as the poisonous mist spread, he completely disappeared, letting all the chips fall where they may.

Khrona's dealings with Hades only led him to collect the 'Book Of Death', the 'Black Grimoire', which had been kept hidden for quite some time from the rest of the Tensei. It was a family heirloom that needed to be collected to complete this madness that was their family lineage...

Khrona: 'We're almost done... Almost there... I only have to be this for a little while longer... Just a... Little while...'

Thoughts rushed through his head as he appeared at the beginning of the Eternal Desert, a storm of sand being carried on magic winds. His form took shape around his thoughts, becoming the pitch black figure wrapped in ambiguity that he showed himself to be before everyone. His new cloak. His new guise.

Khrona: 'Then I'll be able to give myself a true face... A true form...'

Though shrouded in evil, what was is that truly lurked inside this mysterious mass of horridity...?

Khrona: "... Just one more Grimoire... The Black Grimoire..."

The other holders -- Vanguard of the Brown, Tamura of the Blue, Akira of the Red, Sophia of the Green, and Hades of the White... They would settle that. And he, he would take upon the 'Forbidden Book'...

Khrona: "... This is where it all started after all. This desert."

Alex was doing his best to do his side job, being that he was going to search the desert for 'Artifacts' for his future experiments. He was rather the calm one and this was really what he did for fun. Tomb raid; going on journeys that could be fatal and expecting more for himself. Life wasn't so hot anymore; it was like a side dish served cold and very little taste to it. 'I would have rather stuck to my past killing people, but it was the only enjoyment for me.' Maybe this was the time that was needed to think of a different route. He doubted that he could find anything on this dig, but he would try nonetheless. Alex looked around the Desert -- it was his training ground from when he had fought the Earth King. He lost but he had allowed him to live in exchange for the battle. It was a long time ago, but he was getting stronger... But for what? Just because he was getting nowhere in his life at the moment, maybe it was time to change. Taking the very first step onto the desert for his travel.

The black shadow felt another presence nearby, one belonging to someone rather familiar in his eyes... A certain Star that seemed to shine bright in his eyes at the time of conception into the village, yet now seemed lost in a large, bleak world. Just the same as the shadow man was now.

Khrona: "... Hm. A most peculiar person..."

He of course, decided to intercept. Somehow, he could feel his presence fading, his form starting to lose its original shape with the first step he took. Already, the black apparition was becoming no more, but not without getting his will out to the young one traversing the coarse desert sands. Taking on the form of a dark cloud, he lifted to the skies, unleashing an ominous wind bringing forth a message to the young traveler...

Khrona: 'The Desert Palace... The Black Grimoire... The Omega Weapon... Ultimate treasure... Within the Desert Palace...'

The storm seemed to set in the sky, though slowly started to drift away, as though being wiped clean. The dark whispers that would ring in his ear... These were the words he hoped would push the convenient lost Star into the sands to find the Desert Palace... And what lie beneath the sands of the Eternal Desert.

Alex was already on his way onto the sand, when he something caught his attention. 'Treasure? Book? A Weapon?' What the hell was going on at this moment, it was different from anything else he knew. Well treasure never really just appeared to him, so this could either be a trap or someone really wanting him to do something. There wasn't much for him to do, but it was something to look into for himself.

A desert palace was the key, he had maybe seen one, but maybe it was just hidden within the sands. Of course it would be something like that within this desert, so he started his path for anything that looked like a palace. Not much info on it; maybe it was a secret within this planet -- it would be interesting to say the least.

With Alex sent on his mission, the dark clouds finally faded from the sky, yet the roaring sands did not die down in any way. It seemed to be that today was one of the days that the sandstorm raged across the Eternal Desert. How unfortunate for the poor boy. With vision slighted, he would have to traverse the vast desert in search of the palace, with no clues as to where it may be or how to get there. Without a way to find it, he would probably be there for days. And the storm raged on...

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With Alex Star sent out on his way to retrieve the Black Grimoire for Khrona, the man in black would take this time to pay a visit to the 'Flower Garden' to express just how serious he was about being a 'villain.'

An angel strolled around, taking in the sights of the planet. It had been a while since he just relaxed and enjoyed the world. Peace was something scarce in his time -- always on the move. Eventually, he came across the 'Flower Garden', one of his favorite spots. He sat in the middle of a field of Moon Lilies and flopped back.

Out from the nature's scenery, common grass with flowers and many trees were blown by a trend of wind. It was a practical day where there is partial sun and clouds with an average temperature. Gathering of many living things would live in harmony along with that of Mother Nature, some could be unseen or seen and could be heard not too far off and away. Deep down where thick, high bushes were, a mild voice or humming could be heard behind it. As sudden steps stepped in the fresh grass, chopping sounds are made to notice. Phena approached out of the bush; she was sitting on top of a bear, as if she was surprising somebody out there, but there wasn't anyone at all. However, she wanted to discover more of this spot and location. So, Phena decided to get off of this bear, gently petting the head, and head over to the center of the place. Phena also continued to hum a short song, fetching the birds that flew above her to land on her shoulders to sing a same similar song. There she would find a young man, who was seen clearly laid down on the ground. Phena was curious enough to know of people and many things, she wanted to speak with him anyway. Sincerely, she sat on her knees next to him. With a smile, she spoke. "Hello, what a wonderful day, right?"

"Hmm?" The angel's vision shifted from the clouds above to the young woman before him. A new face; something that has become very common too him lately. He pulled the scarf down from around his mouth and smiled. "Indeed it is. A rather relaxing one." He scanned the woman over, not sensing any forward hostility, but still slightly on guard. He sat up to fully be face to face with her. "I am an angel. And you are?"

"My name is Phena." The air was starting to get a bit chilly after she spoke. It seemed like she was shocked of something. Not long after, there was something that made her cheeks blush. As she looked at him, whose face was covered by a long clothing or scarf, Phena blinked every three seconds and eyes wandered to the side. There was something that was bothering Phena. Or maybe this was an attack? It wasn't fear that struck her, though, nor was it even terror. Her lips started to twitch and tremble. "... W-what's this feeling just now?" As she thought, Phena stumbled to speak more. She stuttered violently to the angel. "S-So... W-where are you from? L-like you know..."

The angel pointed in the direction of the Chaos before realizing that was an answer, but a gesture, since there was a lot in that general area. "I'm a resident of the Chaos, Miss Phena." The angel did a slight bowing motion to Phena. As he looked back to her, he noticed her eyes. They were a deep orange, -- a rather interesting eye color -- although he had seen a few interesting eyes. "And were do you call home?" Of course he had noticed the stuttering, but he would simply not say anything. He just wondered why Phena appeared nervous

"I see. Glad I'm meeting someone from elsewhere. I'm from the Dawn." She stopped being on alert mood from the situation earlier. Calm like the silent seas that stood frozen upon time, Phena giggled silently. She could feel the very presence of this person; so warm touching and it just felt so right that the meaning of safe was reality. Everything felt as if it was just a dream. What's better is the light that is shown from the sun's rays. It was too cool and warm. Too Perfect. Time flew just as Phena suddenly fell into deep sleep. The sun slowly went down, giving a little dull red orange color that was a sign of what is about to be the between paths of afternoon and night. Phena felt a little chilly so she decided to curl up on the grass. When she moved, the crickets started to make chirping noises and fireflies flew out flashing away their sparkling lights. She started to make some unknown mumbling. It looked like Phena was dreaming of something elsewhere in her mind. "Mmm... Hmm... Huh?"

"A member of the Dawn huh?" The angel stared back at the sky, watching the clouds roll past. It was a moment that had become such second nature that he became unaware of time passing. He broke free of his trance like reflection, hearing the young woman shifting beside him. He turned to see her curled up, sleeping cozily. A smile crossed his face as he took notice to the fireflies buzzing around. He snapped his fingers and created a small star to float around him. It slowly makes its way to Phena, floating above her head. "I didn't know I was so boring."

As the light came off from the angel that flew to Phena's face, it became more bright as he spoke. Somehow, it did wake her up but she was half asleep still. Phena took a quick yawn and started to stretch as she sat up. The daylight became more dull and darkness stretched to consume more of it. More breeze kicked in as Phena was about to speak. "So... How long have I been... Asleep?" She started off by being lazy; couldn't get up much. Moments later, she would finally get up. Having no where to go as of now, Phena wanted to stay here with this man. Everything was absolutely peaceful. "It's getting a little late, when are you going to leave?"

The angel stood up and stretched. He was aware of how late it was getting, so maybe it was to head somewhere else. Still, he really didn't know of too many places that had a certain... Vibe with him, so he figured he'd just head back to the cathedral. "Guess I should be heading back pretty soon. It is getting rather late and chilly." He pulled his scarf back up around his mouth and looked to Phena. Although it may not have been seen, it was clear that the angel was smiling. "And what are your plans, might I ask?"

"To die," said a voice calmly from the unknown. A swirling darkness converged in the general vicinity of the two, taking the shape of a pitch black void of a figure radiating with an aura of crimson, eyes burning through as the only light in such darkness. A mystery among men, this figure held no clues as to who he may be or where he came from; simply a mass of collected evil. "Same as your plans. I've already prepared your schedules, you know."

"Well I haven't thought of--" Phena was about to respond back but somehow halfway of her statement has been cut off in a rude way. Although, she couldn't really sense or had knowledge of the presences from the surrounding area; it seemed like there was an unknown figure somewhere. Something about this was making Phena quite thirsty to fight to it. As her eyes wandered to that of darkness, sudden bursting flames engulf the very pupils of her eyes -- it shone so vivid and brightly that even the night's darkness could not handle it. Phena smiled and spoke the same manner as the presence did. "Hmm, quite surprising that you are something. So you want to play with us? Perhaps that is a good time for me to try something new, rather, not so boring, huh?"

Hearing the voice and feeling the pure evil intent, the angel's Dojutsu spiraled into activation, shining a bright silver. 'Well then, this was a rather rude way to interrupt his break.' And here he was having such a relaxing time with a new friend. No matter. If a challenge called, he would answer. The angel allowed the celestial energy to spiral around him, changing his hair to it's trademark silver. "Really? 'Cause that wasn't in my plans. I guess you are mistaken." The angel looked to Phena, taking note of her change as well. Seemed like she would be a great ally in this moment. "Phena, I think this... Thing needs to learn some manners. What do you suggest?"

"No, I really don't think I was..." the voice'd say, bending down and picking a flower. He looked at it, sighing to himself. "But there's no point in me trying to convince you. Better to just do it." He threw the flower off to the side, planting his hand firmly upon the luscious ground underneath. Squeezing his hand tightly, he tugged hard on the very earth, as if trying to tear it from its bonds. Yet, what came as his hand struggled up from the ground was not solid earth, but the pure chakra -- the pure essence of life that granted these flowers their very breath. He pulled and tugged, and life around them seemed to wither away as he did, becoming void of color and vibrancy. With a forceful and rather decisive pull, the energy disconnected from the ground, swirling within the dark man's hands. In a circle of about a twenty foot radius around them, all life had ceased, and the plants immediately withered... And died. "Now, you might have wondered what the purpose of that was. And now, I'm going to show you." Turning his head to the swirling mass of life energy from these flowers, his burning eyes shot a slender beam that ignited it, creating a tender clear flame that burned away all their energy. "Souls are used for energy. Life is used for energy. With this, I can make sure that whatever I set on fire burns forever. Catch." He tossed the clear fire at Phena and the angel, with no distinction between who it was aimed at. "If it touches you, it'll continually light your soul on fire, and chakra will be unable to flow in your body because of the flame's constant burning of your energy the moment it exits. So doooon't touch it." Though, he knew if it touched the ground, it would just burn the rest of the flowers as well, and burn the two of them anyway. So it was a win-win situation.

"I see..." Phena saw how different forms of life and death were occurred as he molded and gave off his powers. Giving off a quick smirk, Phena summoned her rarely used choice of weapon, -- Suishou Hikaru -- a pair of blades appearing in each of Phena's hands. They shimmered off some bits of cracked crystal dust. She twirled them with her fingers, grabbing it to hold it in place, the blades changed its appearance. Harden crystals molded the tips of the blade, they started to grow off, giving the blades a longer edge. "You're lucky that you have that type of ability." The guy gave off a flame. As he said that it wasn't any type of normal flame, Phena was a little concerned. It reached towards between the angel and herself, unsure of where it's going, Phena shifted her energy into something else. Somehow it ended up almost reaching Phena. She hummed another song.

*Thud... Thud... Thud...*

Her heart pounded off energies, the beating pulse with same sounds as the song that she was humming. A sudden burst of flames and light coming from Phena surrounded the area. Wind blew strongly like storms as the air became hotter while the grounds became icy cold. Her appearance changed, with more radiant and long reddish orange hair, taller height, and elegant curling symbols appeared on her arms, shoulder, and chest. As the flame reached to the closest inches from her, Phena touched it, held it and absorbed it. As she absorbed it, the symbols on her skin changed color, too, just the same color as the flame was. It seems like the guy's power was negated, but it started to sting Phena's core of energy just a little and it was all gone. "Nice try, but I can't seem to last long of this... Form."

"You should watch what you eat, little bird." A tall oriental man in a dark green great coat materialized between the pair. He placed a gloved hand gently against her lower back, and extracted the peculiar fire from her system. In the palm of his hand, he extinguished the flame in a perfect vacuum devoid of matter and energy. "It's dangerous to set such things loose in the world, sir," he said as he looked into the burning eyes of the black man before them. Around the man, he could clearly visualize the twisted aura about him, disturbing the careful balance of the surrounding environment. If the necromancer didn't know any better, he could almost be confused for an escaped denizen of the Underworld. "So you're the one that continues interrupting my meditations."

"Yeah, so?" the shadowy man said, remembering this person from before. He crossed his arms and closed his eyes, tapping his foot rather impatiently. "You wanna see something really dangerous? It's to die for." He pointed a finger at Phena, now harboring no concern for Shade -- the Necromancer -- or the angel, and spoke the special words, "Omoshiroi..." eyes bursting open with an intent focused completely on the little phoenix girl. Immediately, in the shadow man's line of vision, an X-shaped crosshair of light focused directly upon Phena's forehead, sealing her in his sights as long as she was his 'Point Of Interest.' No matter where she went or what she did, as long as his focus was on her, there was nowhere she could escape to. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. "I wasn't going to kill you before, I was just teasing... But now, there's more unnecessary... Stuff here. That makes me unhappy. Looks like you really must like her, or she really must want to cling to the only little life she has." He casually walked closer to her, the dead flowers beneath his feet rejuvenating as he walked, their color restored and life breathed back into them from under his very feet. "Besides, you called upon the forces of evil to help you... And what about the 'so called' forces of good here with you?" A glance at the angel. "Yeah, I know, you're like 'look who's calling the kettle black', but it's like... Come on. You, Asian Necromancer guy. What is your purpose here, anyway? Do you even really have one, or are you just like, a pawn or something?"

Before the angel had any time to capitalize on the opening he saw, the man in the dark green coat had made an appearance. He seemed to be on the angel and Phena's side... For now, at least. The angel stepped in front of Phena, the celestial energy flaring up in response to this mass of evil stepping closer to her. He held up a hand as a silver seal appeared in front of him. "What is your point here? Surely we have no personal quarrel with you." He spoke in a calm tone, but his eyes would give sight into his true emotions, the fire in them reflecting his rage. He kept the two men in his sight, hoping things would settle down without him having to do something drastic

A grasp of feeling felt sharply as another person came in -- it was the same man who sort of helped Phena on her battle with granny Suzume. What's more is that he suddenly took some of the absorbed flame's energies within herself. Lucky enough, Phena survived only in a matter of time. She looked at Shade for a couple of seconds, smiling and speaking to him. "I cannot thank you enough for helping me so much, I must say you are really something that makes me feel... Safe--" That was when she was struck in the forehead by some sort of force of energy, like a needle harshly stabbed in the arm or something. Phena fell on her knees and held her head, moaning just a little. She started rubbing her forehead, just afterwords. As the presence spoke, Phena disagreed to every word, and seeing how his powers are just that strong, her eyes cried in fear and pain. "What... Is this... That feels so...?"

"I'm here to protect an investment," Shade said, addressing both the black man, and Phena's partner. "But I am also here to investigate a disturbance. It appears the raging bull has made his return." Despite the change in appearance, the necromancer knew it was the same entity that he had encountered in Dusk during the Manna King's brief conflict with an opposing faction. "And what of you?" Shade asked the black man as he watch Phena crumple to the ground in agony. "How does one such as yourself like to spend their time these days? Playing God to little boys and girls?"

The flaming eyes of the shadowy figure narrowed; hearing all of these words from these three people was definitely making him sick. "It doesn't matter if you don't have 'any personal quarrel' with me, you simply get on my nerves. I can honestly say..." Turning his head to both the angel and Shade, who were within such proximity of each other, he halted his steps just a ways before reaching the little phoenix girl, clenching his fists tightly. "... That I have no reason of being here other than just wanting to kill something. Someone. Anyone. Anything. Looking at you three makes me sad. Agonizingly sad." His clenched fists soon trembled, as though there was a massive buildup of power he tried desperately hard to keep in. An influx of emotions combined with his innate capabilities, all wrapped up in the Insanity encasing and blackening his body. "And to you, Mr. Wasabi, I wouldn't expect you to understand. No one does, so why would you be any different? You are all the same. The same where, you cannot understand... How could you? I'd give anything to set it right, yet a joke like you would definitely consider this to be funny business, eh? Child's play? Lives being fun and games?" Again, a 'look who is calling the kettle black' sort of statement, only to be supported by the rise of his trembling hand to the X-shaped crosshair of light upon the little girl's forehead. "Then I bet it will be hilarious if I just got rid of your precious investment right now, since this is all just fun and games to be played with, right? Right?!" His sadness made him angry. His sadness made him hurt. His sadness was another part of his Insanity running wild inside of him, unable to be contained any longer. "But do you know what stops me? It's everything I know. What I know is what keeps me from killing, and keeps me from dying. Do you know what it's like to want to die so bad, and have NOTHING IN EXISTENCE THAT CAN GIVE THAT TO YOU!? Not even yourself..." A being that death cannot stop, that must simply wait in eternal contentment and simply watching as everything goes by... He couldn't stand being in that accursed prison of a tree for any longer. "Ah, well. Nothing I can do except do something I can't do. For some reason, I just can't kill anyone. So what does it matter?"

The angel kept his hand up, the seal waiting to release the power inside, but he chose to hold off on that action. He listened to what this being had to say. Was that all he wanted? To die? How long had he been around? The angel couldn't understand it. The times that the angel had died, his will kept him alive. But was this the effect of a life without the counterbalance of death? "... Just undo what you've done here, release whatever that is on Phena. We don't want to do this, you have no reason. And from what I can understand, you don't want to."

With a sigh, Shade raised four wooden constructs from the ground, made from grass. They turned out to be large chairs, positioned behind each person present. The necromancer plopped down on his resting his cheek on his right fist, clearly looking bored with the angry black man. "I didn't come here to try to understand you at all, but indulge me. Tell Doctor Wasabi what's going on with you right now. Maybe I can help you with your problem?"

He listened... Listened to what they had to say, yet could not say anything in return. It all sounded like garbled gibberish to him, just like the words in his head. Voices... So many voices, and all were his own, all talking, all at once. From every time, every place, every respect; all at once, just... Just... Madness. "I've gone... Mad... With power." It was apparent, and he knew the consequences of his actions while he did them, but what was it really that made him so lividly insane? It could not simply be that madness that power brought upon him? No, he was always Insane, but this time, it seemed like it almost spiraled out of his control... "I... I can't control it anymore. There's only one way, and I can't get to that point of total control!!! I must control myself absolutely if I am to end this madness!!! Without it, I feel like... I feel like..." His hand snapped back from Phena's face, gripping his head and lighting aflame. He wished so badly to simply blow his own head off. "But wait, there is a resolve! I'm married to the Queen Of Dreams! The Wish Maker! The Fairy Queen! But I want to do this myself... What do I do when there is nothing to be done!? How can I be patient?! How can I simply wait here!?!? WHAT DO I DO!?!?" No matter how he looked at it, he could not find Peace. Peace was where he wished himself to be; completely and utterly in Peace. And so... Silence... He sat in the chair provided ever so kindly by the oriental stranger, face buried in a palm. "... I'm bored. Bored with watching how slowly things are moving. Bored with doing nothing in a world where I can do literally anything I please. What is there to do when you can do anything and everything but be bored, since no one else can? I want freedom from my prison... Freedom that cannot be obtained because I'm stuck by the laws of this land... Even if I make my own, what good are they if I still exist here? There is no point to anything... I'm simply so very... Sad. I cannot find freedom as long as there is something holding me down... as long as I am Restricted... DO YOU KNOW I PUT THESE ACCURSED RESTRICTIONS ON MYSELF?! Ugh..." Throwing his head back and kicking a leg up over the other, the clearly irate black man sighed, now in a blissfully melancholic calm. "I see no beauty in anything. Everything has lost its touch... Like it just doesn't matter if anything is dead or alive... You know, it gets to me sometimes. I'm even confused as to why I'm trying to be evil, knowing good and well the 'bad guy' role doesn't suit me. It just... Throws itself upon me. Like I have to be that guy. And it makes me so mad I could... Blow up the little phoenix girl's head. No matter what I try, I am always the bad guy. I just can't stand it. Is that just my destiny? I can't even fulfill being the bad guy. There is no purpose to me." A swirling mass of pure and utter Chaos and Insanity. Hooray.

Enduring the very pain from his power that had struck upon Phena, herself as a target was starting to feel more neutral. However, the angel and her movements seemed quite too slow against this man. Thus, there were plenty of chances of whosoever's death could be the outcome. May that be herself for now. Phena responded back to the man. Every word came out in a slow way, because she was just enduring the pain along with that uncontrollable form. "Is that so...? That is something that I had experience just for a little amount of time in the past..." She coughed a little, then continued off. "...You see, everyone's paths are a natural. It is sad to say that many have troublesome goals of their lives... Causing a disruption to where they will either meet their final fate and such. Just like the flowers...That you put those flames into. And eventually they will be free... Into what is the unknown deity of peace. Right now, you are like a flower that is burnt by those flames... Perhaps somehow today or tomorrow and or in the very future... You will find a way to be free. I cannot explain much anymore, this pain... Can you not--" Phena was knocked out, exhausted from bearing two things at once. As she fell aside in her curled sleeping position, her form was disappearing yet she was returning back to normal.

The angel finally dispersed the seal, seeing now that things were beginning to take a calmer tone. He snapped his fingers and encased Phena in a dome of celestial energy that would both protect her and treat any injuries she might have had that he knew nothing about. The angel sighed and shook his head. "You don't have to do things alone. It's what the bonds we make are for." He looked up to the dark night sky, closing his eyes. "As far as the bad guy role... You can't do things that don't feel like you. Believe me, I know." He looked back at the man, a semi-smile on his face. "You can only take the path that doesn't force you to lose yourself. Otherwise, who are you?"

The seriously irate man of darkness thought deeply on his own thoughts and the words of the two whom he knew would speak to him. The more he thought of his own past and his own ambitions, all he really needed to do was stop being so chaotic and simply let this 'chaos' fall into place. "... Wait... I am already free... I did already free myself, didn't I? I'm only a slave once I think I am, and... And... I became lost in my own shadow, instead of realizing that there was nothing wrong in the first place..." Freedom. Sweet, sweet freedom. Not from others, but from himself, the only one that still sought to enslave him. The Insanity that created such darkness released its grip upon his body, harmonizing with himself once again as its Keeper. As the blackness faded, the true form that Shade seemed to know beforehand would be revealed; Khrona Tensei. Though his body still stay garbed with blackness, his body was no longer a mass of insanity and a chaotic mess; it was the form in which he chose to give himself. "... Ah... Thank you all. Even you, evil guy. It seems like even in all of you, your hearts are in the right place, if you took time beside yourselves to help someone that was clearly suffering." It was about time for him to rejoin Titania and Trinity in the Tree of Life, for they were all quite ready to make the transition from the Eleventh to the Twelfth, and hopefully make a smooth progression into the Thirteenth. He spread his large draconic wings, which what one would normally find as black were now a beautiful crystal that refracted such radiant light, they would be believed to be the wings of an angel. Even the night sky would brighten a bit as these wings were illuminated by the light of the moon. "Your kindness shall not be forgotten. All of you." A glance at Shade. "But, for now, I must rest... I must sleep... And eventually, those embodiments of Insanity will also fall away to nothing. Hahaha... I guess it was just the right time." With a single flap, he shot off toward the tree in a streak of light, feverishly transitioning between the colors of the entire spectrum of light. That shadow that gripped him... Was finally wiped clean. This was the precursor to the new slate for the Thirteenth... The Rebirth.

After some quality time with everyone out in the planet, Khrona returned to Titania and Trinity, who were still quietly waiting for his return so that they all could proceed to the Twelfth as planned.

Khrona: 'Well, they did it. And surprisingly quickly, too. I wasn't expecting them to get rid of my darkness that fast. Haha. Hahahaha.'

Seemed that it wasn't all as bad as Khrona originally thought it was going to be. Even in all of his Insanity, he could keep himself from doing things he knew was wrong. Seemed like he had a level of control that was getting progressively better.

Khrona: 'With this, we're at the Twelfth Restriction now; Free Will. All we have to do now is get to the Thirteenth, and that can happen anytime we want. I'm glad they figured it out.'

BUT, after much time of being the 'bad guy' and letting loose his pent up Insanity so it could once again be regulated, Khrona was actually kind of glad to be back home. He didn't have to do anything, he didn't have to cater to the needs of others... In fact, for a while, he could just rest with his loving wife and daughter.

Khrona: 'When the world comes to Order... Then we'll be able to truly step foot into a changed land; a beautiful and glorious place. We're almost there... Everything we've been working for... It's right in our sights...'

Now the hardest part was... Waiting for everything to fall into place. Tragic, simply tragic.

Titania: 'Boy, that was quick. We didn't even get to do much of anything. Hmhm.'

Regardless, she knew what was needed to be done had been completed, and the Three Peaces were prepared for the final part of the journey... For all of them to reach the Thirteenth; to find Peace.

Titania: 'And you didn't really do much but threaten them in one of your little fits. Was it really so simple?'

Maybe perhaps because things were getting better all around that this went more smoothly than normal; no bloodshed, no unnecessary overwhelming destruction... It was a relatively peaceful resolution. That pleased her.

Titania: 'All that's left to do is to wait... It may seem like it'll be a long time, but we have each other. And now we can see if the planet is actually going to grow. At least before Death and all them come stomping around all over the place, doing all the extra crap. Those horsemen are just like your four--'

Ah, but she didn't say anymore about it. It was time for them to be silent and simply enjoy each other as they made it to Peace. God help those who would stay here...

Khrona: 'Yeah, well. Trinity's birthday is coming up. You know what that means, miss Wishmaker.'

He stepped over to his spot near them and sat down, closing his eyes.

Khrona: 'It means that me and you are gonna have to make her Wish come True. Hahaha. Cuz you're the Wishmaker and I'm the True... Ah, you get it. Well, anyway. That means that once her birthday hits... We're going straight to Peace!! All three of our Wishes will have come to pass with our Birthdays!!'

It was true; Khrona's birthday was first, and he got his wish, Titania's was next, and she got hers, and finally Trinity's birthday... And naturally with her wish, they were going to be a happy family that can rest in Peace.

Khrona: 'But I will contain myself for five days. And then after that, everything else will simply be good as gold.'

The waiting was almost done. Just a little bit more... Khrona could do it now that he was at the Twelfth. Definitely. He already learned this lesson and this time, he wouldn't forget no matter how Insane he got.

During his time of meditation whilst awaiting his next time to strike, Khrona traversed into an alternate reality where he would test out his new abilities in preparation for what was going to happen on the planet.

In the unknown reaches of vast, open space, -- quite similar to where the most powerful of Overlords meet -- a being from a world beyond insisted upon appearing dead center, where all things seemed to float freely in their own manner, governed by no predetermined order or rule. This 'land of the free,' as one may call it, was known to Khrona as the 'Alternate Reality', where nothing was shaped until predefined by the rules of someone else's will. This was not the planet to him, nor any of the other very many realms he had ever been to, but a place where nothing mattered and nothing counted... A 'Test World', in his eyes.

Khrona: "... Hm."

Looking around, things held quite the different proportions than what were normally maintained on the planet, for there were planets that were as large as stars, and stars as large as galaxies, though also some as small as planets, and galaxies that one could fit into the palm of one's hand, if they so chose. Empty, yet full, and teeming with the light of the cosmic energy all around. It was pretty beautiful, though he'd seen it so many times before.

Khrona: "... Doesn't matter, I'm going to test some things out here, and it'll help me to work out some... Kinks."

Shuffling his hands, he knew exactly what he was doing. All he needed now... Was someone to share this world of unlimited freedom with for the moment, until the time it was scrapped at the end.

Not too far off in space opened up a rather large wormhole, one that could fit at least two people inside, and out of this wormhole came a girl that many had come to know... But none more so than Khrona himself. She appeared in a white jacket, her hair floating about randomly. Once out, she closed the wormhole behind her; after that, she took a good look at the universe that stood in front of her. There were so many colors -- her eyes shined brightly; this was truly a site to behold... But as she looked on and about, she noticed a rather large energy coming from the center of this verse. So without any feather gazing, she took off in search of this energy, though she had a good idea of who it was.

"Hmm." Whilst taking in the natural beauty of the land around, Khrona just so happened to have his wishes answered, and for a little stray bird to wander into the plane of Alternate Reality. Chuu, no less. Time to act out his part, and do it with style. Running a hand through his hair flowing with the cosmic waves pulsating about the open space, he began to 'aimlessly' drift toward her, pretending to simply 'wander and stumble upon' her here. "Oh, dear me, who might you be floating about in big ol' wide open space? I wouldn't think that anyone knew of this place except for me..."

"Hmmm?" She wasn't sure who the man was, but the energy he was giving off was indeed what she felt before, and to add that he was getting closer to her just by floating like a boat on water. "Well I'm Chuu, and who might you be?" Though this guy was floating towards her, she didn't bother to moving, but rather she to floated towards him -- for what reason was unknown at the moment.

The girl drifting toward him seemed drawn to his energy, which has a power that seemed to be unable to be contained and controlled. That was Khrona's issue elsewhere, as well... Though, the sole purpose of why he was here. Not that he would let her know of his intentions here. She looked like a girl that he knew, though... But nevermind all that. "I am Khrona," he'd say, crossing his arms and legs leaning back to a comfortable hovering position. It wasn't often that he had to introduce himself, so it was a bit refreshing. "So, may I ask again what brings you to this place? You surely didn't answer my question before, Chuu." Though his hair gently swayed back and forth not being tied down to gravity, it still managed to cover only one of his eyes, as it normally did. His black jacket swirled about his body, folding in on itself and into new shapes as it branched outward, almost like a flame or an intangible will that could not decide on a set form. This made his body look rather wispy, and almost formless.

"Well wouldn't you show up if someone entered your home without asking Khrona? This is my home, -- the center of the universe itself -- so the moment you showed up, I had to make my way over to check out what was here." She smiled a bit, but also wasn't as dumb to believe this guy just so happened to 'show up' out of the blue, which quickly led her to believe that something wasn't right. Normally she'd never come back to this place; simply, this place was always empty and void of all things, so seeing someone was rather odd indeed, and so she had to ask a question. "Why are you here? Khrona..." she would ask, while she came to a stop.

The man robed in a thick blanket of blackness narrowed his visible gleaming red eye as a grin one would consider 'fiendish' grew upon his face, though it merely was to show his calculation and rising excitement. Suddenly, things got a little more interesting to him. "Oh? Your world, you say? Why, all of this? I never would have imagined I'd stumble upon something like this so suddenly..." Playfully, he turned his head to either side, getting a glimpse of the spacial plane in its entirely, summing up its range in its entirety with a stare all around. His grin, once toothy, would now shrink to a simple slight smile once his attention was focused back on Chuu herself, and his legs which were crossed switched their positions. "... Though, I guess I ought to be a little more frank with you... I wanted to conduct an experiment. A test, if you will, of my level of control and understanding. And I figured, what better way to do such a thing than to fight someone who was somewhere even remotely on my level, eh?" Though she wouldn't understand why, he chuckled to himself, his smile becoming warm and glowing with sentiments of home. A deep inhale through the nose and closing of his eyes followed, as if taking in the nostalgia straight to the head, before exhaling sharply and returning to his interaction with her. "Do you mind," he'd ask with a flop of his hand forward, as if extending an offer to her on the proverbial 'table', "Or are you afraid we might destroy your nice little world you've cooked up here? Hmhmhmhm..." Though he was a good guy, when he was excited, he tended to seem a bit more devilish, despite him not being such a person. It had been a long time, and he hoped there was no disappointment...

"Well you found it, so it's not a problem... But this test you want conduct, will it destroy or cause any problems to my home, cause it's the only one I got so far." The idea of this test seemed a little odd in more ways than one; Chuu wasn't sure what he was getting at, but it wouldn't hurt to tag and play along with him, however this didn't mean she trusted him. "So, what is this test about?" It was very important that she knew this answer, so that she'd better herself for what's to come after. Aside from that question, she sat down, as if there was a char behind her. Once she sat down, she crossed one leg over the other, and placed her hands together, under her chin, and she just looked at Khrona with a dead eye to eye look. "..."

Khrona shrugged his shoulders, a crooked smirk on his face as he did so, and he would respond with a rather comfortable "It shouldn't, as long as things don't get too... Out of control, if you catch my drift." Entering an alternate world that Chusin was the ruler of was pretty interesting to say the least, but he knew that just because one ruled their own space it didn't mean anything if they didn't know how to protect it. That is how other worlds get conquered. The Chuu that existed in the other world was, to say the least... Less than knowledgeable about these types of things, so Khrona was intrigued about what this alternate Chuu who owned her own private space was capable of... "The test only consists of me trying to refine my own 'labeled' techniques so that I, myself, may get a better grasp of how I want to use them. I find great importance in knowing how to use my techniques more than just having them, since usefulness is more important than acquisition. What's the point of having something if it isn't useful or meaningful to you, right?" Eh, maybe she wouldn't understand. "... Anyway, what do you say, hm...?"

"I see, I see, well if that's how you want to go about it, then I don't mind, so let the test begin whenever you want." She didn't move from the spot, all she did was switch legs from right over left, to left over right. It was rare to hear such words; Chuu never dreamed that someone could be so smart. The way Khrona spoke was so neat -- he wasn't one of those empty speakers who said one thing, but couldn't go through with it, or failed to do what they just said. He was different, which made Chuu smile a bit. This was truly a rare site, but even with Khrona's words being so forward, there was still a slight chance he could turn out to be a empty speaker. "Sooo, Khrona? Are you taken?"

He cackled heartily at her advance, though not out of disrespect, simply because it was unexpected and refreshing. "Well, well, my dear, I am a doctor, after all... A mad scientist, if you will. And to think, I used to hate them, but I'm the epitome of one, myself. Hmhmhm..." Strange how he became such a thing he used to hate so much. Even so, the reasons why he hated them would not be done by him. Such is the purpose of the next generation; to help learn and fix the mistakes of the one prior to bring about a better world. "... Besides, I haven't heard someone ask me if I was taken for quite a long time... In fact, I'm usually always taken." He shrugged, "I do apologize. But anyway, it's about time we begin, right? I am a man of my work... I do so hope you can hold your own." Slipping his gloves from his fingers gently, Khrona threw them carelessly before him to float about in space, growing slightly larger the longer they flew away from him. These white gloves soon lost their physical form, growing so large that they were now several times the size of Khrona himself, being made of an unknown condensed energy. "The 'Hands Of God'... Known commonly back in the day as the 'Reality Hands'. Do you like them?" As he did with all battles, a quick sanguine gleam of his eyes, which suddenly radiated a very slight bright red glow signaled the activation of the Hyper Perception. Simple customs of preparing for a scuffle, is all. Interlocking his fingers and cracking them forward before releasing, the 'Hands Of God' hovering behind him would imitate this action as well, before Khrona took on the pose of a conductor about to orchestrate a grand symphony. "I hope you'll like my beautiful music. I try to make everything I do a magnificent work of art... When I'm inspired, that is. So I hope this will give me the inspiration I need. Hmhmhm."

"That is very good, don't see to many doctors around these parts, so it's a breath of fresh air so to say. But it does suck to hear that you're taken. I could've used someone like you." A small sigh could be heard; Chuu was heartbroken -- she didn't think someone would've claimed such a prize for themselves. She did get lonely more than people knew. "So, 'Hands Of God', you say? That's quite a title. I hope they live up to that title." Chuu simply kept looked at Khrona. She still didn't bother to move; it wasn't that she was being cocky, but rather simple, she saw no point in using up energy when it wasn't needed. And the second part was that she could freely use her powers mentally, but what she really wanted to know was who would make the first move. "Hehehe."

The two hovered softly in the comfort of deep space, with nothing but the light of the cosmos around them to illuminate their playing field. Unfortunately, Khrona did not want to make the first move, as he rarely enjoyed doing such things, though in a situation where he was the one who proposed such an engagement, it only made sense for him to start the show off. "Sweet sorrow, indeed..." he'd say as the Hands lurched forth. The right menaced the atmosphere in a claw-like fashion hurdling toward the stationary Chuu. To grasp her in its palm was the goal, and to crush her indefinitely would be the result. The left circled its prey like a vulture waiting to strike, all the while Khrona himself remained just as stoic as Chuu. "Well, don't just sit there... Let me have some fun!" he chuckled.

"Well, if you want me to move, then I'll try." Chuu wasn't one to use energy, since she normally just floated about in space, so she rarely had to do any moving; this would be the first of a few times that she moved on her own. As the hand closed in to grab her, she took her very on hands, and placed them on her lap. After that, she thought of a Hypercube, and a yellow construct cube appeared around Khrona's incoming glove. Unlike her other world self, this Chuu didn't need a ring to use her powers; she was able to make hard light constructs just by thinking about it, not to mention that this Chuu also had a parallax inside her. But anyway, the cube would act as a prison, and would keep the glove a bay for now. "Lets see if this holds it."

"Hm... An unexpected move from the start..." The smirking foreigner snickered, even if his Hand Of God was so suddenly in a rather nasty situation. To have a hand stuck in a Hypercube meant that it was contained in an unlimited number of dimensions within a confined space dictated by the boundaries of said Hypercube. Meaning, it covered every single dimension there was with no means of escape, no matter how many dimensions were traversed. If Khrona were to gaze into any other dimension in this exact coordinate, a Hypercube would be surrounding said coordinate plane to contain the Hand Of God. "Delicious." It was clear that Chuu was not going to move until she was made to, and Khrona could definitely do something about that. She'd learn the hard way one of the many things that should never be done to Khrona... And that was putting him in a box... Giving him boundaries. A simple 'Snap' of the fingers from the contained hand released a ripple through space that severed the ties of reality within the Hypercube, confining it to only a normal cube. With his point isolated through the severing of reality, he 'Cut' his eyes toward the cube of light, and it would split in half as though sliced by a razor to free the Right Hand. "Ah, the 'Reality Break' style... I invented it when sparring with a very dear brother of mine... Kin, if you will. Made specifically to, well, tear up reality itself. I try to use it in small doses, because naturally that kind of effect can ripple if it isn't... Dealt with." The hands retreated at Khrona's will, now that he knew Chuu had the power to instantaneously generate such constructs with her mind. This meant that Khrona's would have to be ready to react to anything and everything the moment it was even thought. How he absolutely adored it!!

"Well, I've had just about enough of getting my feet wet," he remarked rather casually as the two hands drifted to either side of Chuu, "Are you ready to dive right in?" Both hands straightened up, palms facing Chuu on Maestro Khrona's signal, and with the tips of his index and thumb touching and pointed up to the sky, he hovered toward Chuu. Gracefully, his arms did sway, calling upon the natural wavelength of the light of the stars nearby to flow dreamily about his body. The large sphere that was once a great bright burning ball of light had now become a stream whose waves, turns and curves rolled to this grand conductor's every hand movement. The energy grew brighter, swirling and swiveling about his waist, his arms and his head, creating a number of different shapes and symbols among its fluid transitions... Khrona deemed it art, to have the light of a star create such a spectral display. Glorious~!

"Oh, I see, well that's nice; didn't know you knew how to control reality." Chuu was indeed shocked to see such power. This was really something to take in, but she wasn't about to be starstruck from one showcase of power. Rather, she'd kick it up a bit, so with a quick idea of a few things, she came to think up of two sun sized planets, which would appear as constructs. They would appear on both right and left sides of Khrona, and with the simple use of her gravity, she'd cause each planet to ram into each other. She was aiming to make some good old Khrona meat. "Hmmm, this might have been too much. I didn't wanna go destroying him, but maybe he's not dead." After her attack, she lost all sight of Khrona, due to the planets being way too big for her to see past, and she didn't wanna wast energy looking through her attack.

"Hmmm?" Khrona continued hovering closer, still continuing to manipulate the star into different illustrious designs. The light danced between his fingertips and laced the rim of his jacket, bringing that divine luminescence to his clothes for an added effect of fun. He in no way seemed concerned on Chuu at the present, for his dancing starlight took up a great deal of his focus. It was just so cool~! "Look at it go~! It's just so beautiful!" He swirled around, the light tailing his fingers and spiraling around his body. Just a moment before she completed her thoughts, Khrona smirked and commanded all energy within his grasp to "Halt." As he spoke, the waves of thought projected from Chuu would reach a border juuuust before touching Khrona's body, though the two sun sized planets surely did manifest... Only, within the space dictated between the palms of Khrona's two Hands Of God... Though, if not shrunken down, they'd have probably completely consumed and destroyed Chuu just a moment after she thought about it. "Hmhmhm... You should probably know that you cannot outthink me. I'd been reading your thoughts in your head like a book while you were busy trying to come up with something to construct, and as soon as you did... I trapped you!" It was only common courtesy to explain just what was done, for some reason. Happened quite a bit in Anime Khrona had seen, and manga and stuff, so he figured he'd better stay true to it as he carelessly hovered about a certain perimeter around Chuu.

"Here, let me shine some light on this situation..." he said, twirling his finger. The string of starlight he had under his control spun from around his body and to the tip of his finger, converging into the form of a sphere, greatly resembling the star it once was before its energy was dissected... However, proportionately, it was exceptionally minimized. Once the light shone, it illuminated what seemed to be a barrier around the entire area within the palms of the Hands, extending from fingertip to fingertip, as a large sphere. The light did not shine past this sphere, only coated it, just the same as Chuu's thoughts not passing that certain boundary. "Do you see how the light doesn't shine past a certain point? Well, that's because the two Hands Of God on either side of you..." and of course, he pointed to the two hands that he placed there only moments ago, "... Are currently completely stopping the transfer of energy. It's one of my fun techniques of 'Absolution' that I like to call 'Halt'! Or, 'Null Transfer'. This means that no energy can pass through on either side, which is why my light doesn't go through, either." He continued to hover around, showing her just what the perimeter of the barrier was. It could be thought of like two hands holding a basketball, with Chuu inside. "Sadly, my hands have to stay in place... Bummer, huh? But with those two giant planets you thought of, you'll be the one destroying yourself! Hahahaha!" Oh, what a riot. This test was going by smoothly so far. "But I really hope you aren't down for the count... I've got a lot more I want to experiment with! I've gotta get these things done perfectly my dear."

"So you wish to crush me with my own attack? That's very thoughtful of you Khrona, but do you really think I'd be crushed by my own attack?" Chuu was stunned to see her thoughts read, her attacks sent back at her, while being put in a prison that seemed to work just like a kinetic prison. In which it used the inside force to make it stronger or something of that nature, Chuu couldn't really think clearly at the moment. "Well now I gotta go and get out of here before I get crushed to death. So this thing only stops energy from getting out and in, but what if I split this prison apart? Since its made up of energy, I'll use that ability." Since using energy was out of the question, Chuu would just have to split the atoms of everything within eight miles, which wasn't too big of a reach. But it would prove useful in the long run, Chuu clapped her hand a few times before placing them upon the prison she was in, and with just enough force being put out. She started to split the very atoms that made up the prison, since she couldn't blast her way out of this, she'd just get rid of the thing another way. And within a few seconds, she fully let loose a tad bit of her power, which would completely destroy the the prison, and everything else within eight miles by splitting the atoms that made it up apart. This would mean the sun size planets she made would've been split into nothing -- even Khrona would be hit by this attack, if he didn't move or do something.

"Oh, that was quite a burst, gotta make sure not to do that again." A quaint thought by the mistress within the prison, though not crushed to her doom as previously believed, she seemed to have figured out a way out of his sphere that nulled the transfer of energy. At least she was starting to think. "Now you're cooking," he said, positioning his fingers in a snapping motion. The light of the star followed behind, the energy pulsating through the fingertips of his thumb and middle finger, ready to make his motion. Still, he was a little sad, because the destruction of an atom surely meant that everything within visibility would fall apart simply from its structure collapsing, causing a reaction in everything else connected... Such destruction. When Chuu was finally prepared and split the atoms of the spherical barrier, to combat the reactive explosion, Khrona snapped his fingers and released the energy stored within from the star. This resulted in a supernova whose sheer force was able to counter the power of the eight mile atom splitting.

With the Hands Of God freed from their stationary position, they warped from their positions to in front of Khrona, acting as two very large shields to keep the explosion at bay. Carried swiftly across the open space, Khrona was thrown into a nearby planet, which he quickly took refuge behind. "That was quite an explosion... I wonder how she fared through it..." Curious, indeed. Regardless, the Hands grew large, proportionate in size to the planet they were beside, and one gripped it tightly like a baseball. Khrona, still conducting this little symphony in his own way, decided to show a little more movement in this wide open space. There was simply too much of it for them to be confined to just one area. "Baaaatter up..." He clenched his hand in correspondence to the one that held the planet, and assumed a pitcher's position, leg up, eye aimed for Chuu. "Omoshiroi..." he called out, using the power of the 'Omoshiroi' -- or the 'Point Of Interest' -- to pinpoint and get a dead lock on Chuu's head... That was his target, and once his sights were locked, an X-shaped crosshair of light shone on her head with the same glint of his eyes. "... Aaaand here's the pitch!" with his sights set, target locked and hand piping hot, he took an exaggerated step forward, and threw as if releasing a ball from his hand, and the Hand that held the planet mimicked his hand's movements. The planet blazed through space like a meteor heading straight for Chuu's head.

Oho, but he wasn't done playing yet.

The next nearest planet, he'd pluck up with his other hand, nonchalantly making a flinging motion over his shoulder with a single eye open looking at Chuu, and of course, the Hand followed, shooting yet another planet hurdling through space. Like a streak of light, he and his hands hopped over to the next nearest object, which just so happened to be another star. With his Hand, he spiked it like a volleyball toward Chuu yet again, really starting to have fun with this now. "... I can see why Tigen loves to do random stuff now. This is actually pretty invigorating~!" Next up on his list... A super huge meteor. A single eye open and arm outstretched, he aimed at Chuu with his fingers set aaaand...
*FLICK!!!* Sent that meteor barreling through space, as well. "Ah, I should really be ashamed of myself, messing with the natural order of things like this... But dammit, it's just so fun~!" He clapped to himself, thoroughly enjoying his efforts, regardless of it they worked or not. Much fun, much fun!

"Didn't see that one coming; this is going to to hurt, or prove tough to deal with." Within a flash of light, Chuu was engulfed in the supernova that was made by Khrona. The explosion was great, loud, and reach half way across space, in which looked like the end of Chuu. She somehow wasn't killed in the blast; this was due to her quick thinking and acting on her part. Just as the supernova reach her, she manage to create a gravity field around herself, which would shield her while also causing her to be blown across space by the impact of the supernova. So after all of that, she found herself flying all crazy like, with no idea of where she was going. Until she crashed into a planet not to far away from her old spot, but rather then crashing and stopping on the planet. She flew right through it like a bullet, thus destroying it as she went by. After about a good five minutes of random flying, she finally got ahold of herself, and stopped herself altogether before she could catch her breath. She noticed something far away was flying dead for her, though she couldn't make out what it was. It seemed very big as it closed it on her, and that's when she noticed something else flying along side it, but faster. "What the hell!? Are those planets! I can't believe he'd do that!" Seeing the flying planets closing in, Chuu smiled a little; she'd soon take off towards the planets flying at her as the both of them closed in on each other. Chuu came to a stop and placed her hand out in front of herself "Stop!" With that being said, the planets stopped right in front of her. This happened because, she just took control over the motion of gravity, in which the planets flew in. The bigger ones were easier to stop than the little one, but she pulled it off.

Now that she stopped them, to big claw like hands shot from her back, and gather up each planet thrown at her, and once in these hands. They were crushed down to the very core, in which was now just raw energy sitting in Chuu's hands, but this was only the fun part. "Time for a big one!" Chuu looked around a bit, before opening up a massively huge wormhole, in which she used her gravity to pull out a star, but not just any star. She pulled out the mother of all stars; she pulled of the a star so massive, it made everything seem tiny. This star was known as Nml Cygni, biggest star known. Now with a star this size in her hands, she had everything she needed to attack back, she also crushed this star down to its very core, but it took a lot longer, due to its size. Once she had it down, she fused it with the other cores she got from the planets Khona gave her, however fusing these two wasn't easy; it took more force then she thought it would. And within a few minutes, she finally fused them and created something so powerful, it couldn't even be named. "Khrona! Eat this! Big Bang! Storm!!!!!" She fire all that energy in a single massive blast that traveled near light speed, so it'd reach Khrona in a flash. This attack packed enough power to destroy multiple galaxies. "Haaaaa!"

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PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; End   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; End EmptyMon Jul 20, 2020 6:12 pm

Clapping his hands gleefully, the giddy Khrona payed no mind to Chuu, having too much fun for himself to even care. Though she was a powerful adversary, she hadn't really shown Khrona any reason why he should worry. "Ooo... I wonder what I should do next?" he pondered, one of his formerly clapping hands raising to his chin thoughtfully. In the time he was going through all he could do in his head, Chuu, on the other side of this Grand Universe, seemed to have pulled out of nowhere a star so large and so bright, it could be seen easily from even Khrona's distance away. He was utterly shocked by such a feat, but more excited than anything to experience something so large and powerful. With his Hyper Perception, Khrona could see even to such a distance as that to examine just what Chuu was doing exactly, and found that she had caught and crushed the astronomical objects launched at her down to their very cores; the source of their energy. "Ah, so that's your game, eh...?" Another sinister smile and his gleaming red eyes still locked onto her head as a target, Khrona watched as she began to compress the star down to its core, as well. Because of its mass, it was taking her a long time, it seemed, giving Khrona ample time to do... Well, just what he wanted to do. "This energy reaction... It's the same as the birth of the universe. Ahahaha! I love it!" To fight against this type of power, Khrona would have to use his real hands. His right hand rose beside his head, signaling the Hands Of God to yield and fall back, whilst his left hand... His left hand clenched suddenly, drawing in a power neither positive nor negative, existing without existence, and being something though nothing at once. An energy that brought all things to the equality of nothingness, the point of zero...

As he accumulated what he needed, Chuu unleashed her large scale attack that seemed to fill her side of the endless space with such energy. Though beyond astronomically large, it was incredibly slow; slow enough for Khrona to have much more than enough time to call upon his power and unleash it before the attack could even get near him. How lucky; something like that would have surely put a strain on him if it were executed much faster. "Absolute Zero..." he began, loosening his left hand and raising it up aligned to his chest. With his Hyper Perception, he perceived the exact center point of the entirety of this attack, and pointed to it with the index finger of his outstretched hand, and his voice suddenly became quite heavy and serious, "... Final Omega." At the center, a gleam of something neither light or dark appeared at the center, an X-shaped crosshair just the same as the light still marked on Chuu's forehead, only colored pitch black. Just as the 'Big Bang Storm' was reaching the height of its power that was slowly filling the entirety of this universe, Khrona would speak to Chuu through the crosshair on her head, since she was eternally marked at Khrona's target. "You know, as I've come to understand from my own endeavors, if a power ever gets too large that it takes up all of its universe, it will either break out..." he paused dramatically, as if anticipating what would happen next. Chuu's consumptive blast, though formidable, had been infiltrated with a seed of 'Absolute Zero' deep within. As the power steadily tried to rise, the 'Absolute Zero' would force it to fall under its own growth, hollowing the energy sustaining it out and collapsing it due to inability to keep itself stabilized, "... Or fall apart and collapse upon its own weight and power." Passing the halfway point of the universe, the attack gradually began to shrink and shrink and shrink, now nearing Khrona as nothing more than a tiny beam, that inevitably shattered. Nothing was left of what that energy was, as if it hadn't even been there in the first place.

Khrona closed his eyes now and took a deep breath, but still continued to speak once he exhaled, "*Sigh...* That's what I like to call the 'Great Fall'. Almost happened to me, too, I'm afraid..." However, he broke out, thankfully. Enduring it was hell, but he made it. "Nevertheless, I had no idea you knew how to do so much. But still... It's not enough." With a snap of the fingers, the Hands drew forth once more, instantaneously warping to Chuu, who was still the target marked indefinitely.

Khrona: "Here's what mine looks like. 'Absolute All; Grand Alpha'."

The Right Hand suddenly burst with energy equivalent to the explosive power that birthed all things in a single universe into existence with its force, pulling energy infinitely from that power as to never have the explosive might of the Big Bang to end. But, unlike Chuu, he had the power to generate this power infinitely, and so...

Khrona: "Absolute Zero; Final Omega."

His Left Hand caused that power to instantly collapse, never growing past a certain point, thus having infinite Big Bangs happening in a contained space, and the energy being recycled back to the Right Hand to birth energy from nothingness in an infinite loop. Thus, in theory, Chuu would suffer feeling the blast of the birth of the universe and the end of it forever, stuck in the middle of the Very Beginning and the Very End. "I guess you could call it... Eternal Infinite Big Bang Storm, eh? Hahahaha! No, but their alternate names are 'Great Big Bang' and 'Great Collapse/Fall'. I like giving my moves cool names... It's really fun. Especially if they fit juuuuust right..." Perhaps he shouldn't have been so lax about this...

"Oh!" After seeing the bright show that Khrona made, Chuu was stunned for a few seconds, but that's when she started to notice everything that was going on. From what she was seeing, it seemed like Khrona had some sort of plan in mind, however, she had no idea what it could be. "Yeah, I'm full of stuff." Seeing her attack fall apart in front of her was just depressing in every way possible -- it was like all that work just went down in flames. But there was one good thing in all of it; she forced Khrona to use some of his actual power, and that made her smile a little bit on the inside. But just as soon as things seemed normal, those two hands popped up on both her sides. This all happened so fast she wasn't sure what to think. Until she felt a large energy build up. From the feeling of it, it seemed much like the same energy she used to attack Khrona with. That's when it hit her. "He's about to hit me with my own attack!" In the short time frame, Chuu placed both of her hands out, having one face each glove. "Space powers away! Pulse Paradox!" In a flash, a black sphere covered up the whole area around her and the gloves, just as soon as the big bang went off, however, since the sphere was black, the inside couldn't be seen, but as one would think Chuu was being blown to bit, she was however laughing out loud. The reason for this was simple: the big bangs felt like feathers rubbing on her tummy, so she laughed for that reason, since it made her feel good. "Oh boy, please stop!" She couldn't stop laughing. Now the reason she's not being blown to pieces is simple: inside this space she made, she was in control over everything. Better put, she simply created a paradox inside the sphere. When it was made, this paradox simply turned a killer attack into a tickle attack, since a paradox is, in short, making logical things illogical -- which is why the big bangs weren't hurting her, but rather making her feel good. But now it was time to stop playing. With a few waves of her hands, the big bang was turned into paper, so rather than being energy shooting out, it'd be paper. "Now I leave." Chuu teleported outside of the space she made, and once she was outside it, she destroyed that space, along with everything that was inside. Now with that done, she took her hands and grabbed space as if it were a solid; with a few twists and pulls, she opened up a huge hole in front of her. "Eat this." From this hole came a four 'Defusion Beams' that were all aimed at Khrona. The beams could defuse anything they hit, as they reduced things to nothing. And also from that hole came four huge beings that stood in front of Chuu, while she watched to see if their attack would work.

At the far edge opposite of Chuu, Khrona continued to float aimlessly in space, waiting to see the product of his attacks working in tandem. Whilst he waited, Khrona panned about the open space for a seat to rest his weary rear upon, finding solace on the moon of a nearby planet. He nestled himself comfortably in a crater, getting a clear view of the other end of this space where Chuu would suffer such a calamity. Kicking a leg up over the other and reclining peacefully into the cushion-like crater, he prepped his peeps for maximum pleasure.

... ... ... ...

... He waited and waited to take a gander at the grand explosion, coming to the rather disheartening conclusion that... It wasn't happening, nor going to happen.

"Hm..." he pondered, rising from his reclined position, "... What gives? That should have been the brightest star in the sky," he said with just a hint of concern. "No, this won't do. Let me have a look at this..."

With a glint in his eyes drawing its focus still to the 'Point Of Interest' -- 'Omoshiroi' -- still targeted on Chuu's head, he basically instantaneously zoomed in his vision clear across the grand universe in a moment's notice, gazing upon a large black sphere suddenly generated where astronomical catastrophe should have ensued. Looking even past that, to where Chuu was, he could see her... Laughing at his attack?! Oh, no no no, this certainly would not do at all. His eyes quickly scanned what this black sphere was, perceiving it to be a paradoxical space that Chuu constructed around herself and his Hands. Apparently, whatever it was that she did to it, the effects were that his attacks 'tickled' her. "... How rude. I guess if she has time to laugh at my attacks..." his eyes glimmered with the signature sanguine gleam they always did quite frequently, as Khrona rose from his comfortable chair, "... Then I must not be giving her enough of a challenge. I guess it's about time to put in some effort..." Khrona locked his fingers, stretching them out and away from him to crack them once again like he did near the beginning of their conflict, then shook them out to get a bit more flexibility. With his Hands contained, his first thought was to break them free of their prison, but before he had the chance to do so, the black sphere was scrapped, and so was everything within. "... Curses. Now I'm gonna have to call some new gloves..." He raised his hands to summon more Hands on deck, though he paused in the midst, taking an interest in his own. He looked them over front and back as though he'd never seen them before, and the more he looked, the more devilish of a grin stretched across his face. Oh, the excitement~! "... Or, I could use my own. I guess since the gloves are off... I can give the boys some time to be free!"

Around the same time Khrona had such an epiphany, four beams hurdled through space toward him from an open hole created by Chuu. "Oh, what fun." As they sped to his quiet little moon, he waited until just the right moment to flap his wings, sending him blazing through the beams and the moon careening away into its planet with a massive wave of force stripping the crust of it from its surface. 'Crap, that was really destructive of me. Sorry, innocent people on that planet.' No matter. A flash was all it took, one that the entire universe could see, as though light connected from one end to another in a fiery display, and in the wake of its vacuum, the four beams conjoining into one. He hovered before Chuu just as she called her 'peeps' from the giant hole, and decided to land on a floating asteroid nearby. When the light and sound finally caught up with Khrona, his two hands already shone with a mysterious light.

Khrona: "Absolute Zero; Rapture."

In utter synchronicity of his words and the light and sound traveling behind him, he literally snatched the newly formed giant beam from the four that once were with his right hand, and the sound from his explosive warpspeed flight with the other, the power of the 'Rapture' allowing Khrona to strip or snatch the power of what he touched, and this time, that snatch was from Chuu. The power of the 'Defusion Beams' rested in his hand, and at the sight of the four large beings, he figured it was good to give them a nice, warm welcome. Rocketing off into the sky off the asteroid he landed on, he cocked his hand holding the beam back, feeding the 'Defusion Beam' more power. The energy was almost exactly the same as his 'Degeneration Cannon', so an influx of power to give the attack a little boost would be nothing to him. Like Zeus lobbing a mighty bolt of lightning, Khrona hurled the beam in hand down upon the four great beings and it screamed through space breaking down all in its presence to nothing, having grown large and consumptive enough to encompass every last one of them.

For Chuu, he had something a little different in mind, involving the sound clasped in his other hand. Grasping it tighter with a stern vehemence, the waves of sound compressed in his hands into another bolt of light, its power crackling viciously and unstably. Khrona popped his Halo off from above his head and placed it in front of him, aligning it with the giant X-crosshair still quite visible on her head, making a targeting system similar to a sniper rifle's crosshair. Arm cocked back like a gun ready to fire, the halo targeting piece would exude a more magnificent light.

Khrona: "Absolution; Hallowed Vibrance."

Flinging the newly forged light straight through the bull's eye of the halo, once it passed through, it was bathed in a light far more magnanimous than itself, coating it and expanding its strength fathoms more than it was just one moment before. The slender beam had now become a gargantuan cosmic ray, whose light harbored such numerous vibrations that all other sound and light was drawn into it, feeding this horrible creation's power. Everything it touched was incinerated down to the very last atom; gone without a trace. After launching and magnifying such an attack, Khrona wiped his head with his arm and sighed heavily, smiling triumphantly to himself for a job well done as he lowered himself back down to that asteroid from before. "Phew. I guess when the gloves come off, these hands just go right to work!" There was a significant difference between everything that happened for his last attack and this one, including his own movements and structure. From that point to now, one observing could definitely tell that the gloves were off.

After Khrona had spent his time in an 'Alternate Reality', he returned from his meditative state at the sign of the rise of the 'First Moon'; the 'Blue Moon'.

As Khrona, Titania, and Trinity continued to maintain their steady, absolutely perfect harmony with each other and all other things, even after ascending to the Twelfth Restriction, Khrona's eyes burst open on this particular night, bringing their eyes into a synchronized stare with each other. Khrona was fully aware of what tonight was, and it was so interesting that it would happen a year after his daughters birth, in her zodiac sign... The Blue Moon. "... The First Moon; The Blue Moon of Truth has risen tonight." Even though he spoke this time, they maintained their balance and connection, no longer needing to sustain such incredible concentration. As of now, it would all simply be, and maintenance was unnecessary for the three beings. Khrona looked up to the full moon, filled with such a hue of blue... "... When the moon is full twice in one period of the zodiac, it is considered a Blue Moon. The first of the Thirteen Restrictions is a Blue Moon of Truth. Trinity was born under this zodiac only a year ago, and it is under her birth month that such has come to be. These are all the signs that I need to show me that it is... Time." Khrona said this quite often, and in fact, with as often as he said that 'it was time,' one may think of him to be some sort of figure associated with such... Hahaha... Well, his name was quite close, and so was the one-- "... Nevermind all the details. The time to act is now. Tonight is our sign, for in the next True Friday The Thirteenth, on the day of the angels' birth, shall we reach the Thirteenth Restriction and be born for the last time." It was pretty random for him to simply start talking while the other two were in perfect calm, not to mention with a typical long-winded 'Khrona Madness' as it had been coined, but he continued. "I have been long waiting for this day to appear, and now that it has, we shall use this small frame of opportunity to advance... To PEACE!!"

With her husband's rather abrupt awakening from their meditative stasis, Titania slowly opened her eyes, listening to the 'Khrona Madness' all the way into full awakening, nodding her head slowly and smiling at him. "So it's finally time, and so soon? I wonder what we're going to do about this world falling into darkness and chaos... If we leave, what will those effects be? Especially when they lose the protection of the Tree..." These three -- though mostly Khrona -- were indeed the Tree, and if he was gone, this world would suffer the harsh calamities that he had been shielding it from all this time... There would be nothing to stop the forces of evil from ravaging the lands when that happened, and no one to rebuild and reshape if such were to happen. Would they be ready in such a short time? "... Are you sure they'll be prepared to face that? And wouldn't we be... Abandoning them, so to speak?" In her eyes, they were all just barely functioning, even with Khrona's protection and guidance... To leave them so abruptly would either be exceedingly good for them, or exceedingly bad. Everything would either continue to grow, or immediately collapse under its own weight without the support of the branches. "Not to mention, the crippling Insanity you're going to leave behind. And also... you know your brother has returned. You know how he is. What will you do about these things?"

... Khrona sighed so very very heavily, not wanting to even THINK about those things...

Khrona: "... Ugh, you know, you have a way of just pissing me off when you remind me of things like that... Goddammit, it's like nothing ever wants me to reach Peace. This is the last jump we have to make and we're done, but no matter what, I'm just too heavily tied to this world right now."

His impact on everyone and everything was exceptionally large, being the Tree Of Life. If he suddenly disappeared, then the immeasurable hole that would have to be filled in his place simply would not fill, and everything would simply collapse upon itself. That's what happens when you take out the support of anything; everything that it supports fall apart.

Khrona: "... It's not like I can just... Disconnect. The only thing that would have to happen is... I'd have to die. If I die, I'd go straight to the Thirteenth and to Peace instantly, and you two would come with me. But the simple fact is, I can't just die. You know that. It has to be legit, or else I'll just be put right back in the same position I was before my death. And you KNOW I hate that... Ugh. And I tried the whole 'being evil' thing, and that didn't work out. Death itself can't even just tell me 'Hey Khrona, you're dead.' Hell, my DAUGHTER is death itself. This is a dilemma I've been facing for quite a long time now. It'd be easier if I could just kill myself, or if one of you two could. Hm..."

But the night of the Blue Moon was calling him...

Khrona: "... Alright, well, I know this may sound a little selfish, but... The longer I stay here, the more people are gonna keep binding me to this realm. That's what happens when you become a giant figure; it becomes harder for you to die and rest in peace because there's always someone who is gonna bring you back. Even if I go to Peace, I'm almost absolutely CERTAIN that I'll be back here... Though I wouldn't mind for a visit..."

Still, the Khrona was now getting off subject.

Khrona: "Ahhh!!! That doesn't matter right now!! I'll simply do it now and see what unfolds!!"

He pointed his finger up to the moon, directing their power to the blue moon in the night sky, and as it hovered up above, he called out to it...

Khrona: "Shin Aotsukiyomi... The First Moon; Blue Moon of Truth! Let the Night Of Tensei begin again!!"

"Not so fast, Khrona!!" Out of nowhere, a flame suddenly ignited of its own will, sparking to life and taking the shape of a tall being with large, bulbous glowing white eyes. Though his burning ethereal body was crystal clear, it omitted an aura of rainbows and a colorful spectrum beyond that which had ever been seen before, similar to how the Crystal Garden functioned when it was being perceived. This was a force most familiar to the land of the planet, though not at all to Khrona, himself... "Tigen is here to stop you from doing... That thing you're gonna do again!! You know, with the moon and stuff!" Pointing dramatically at him as if this were some cheesy anime, Tigen's spectral aura washed over the tree and bathed it in beautiful colors~! It was becoming one with his light. "Cuz if you do it, it's gonna... Destroy everything! And Tigen doesn't want that to happen..."

Khrona: *Sigh* 'And heeeeere we go...'

Khrona: "Oh, what, now you're here to stop me, too? Can I PLEASE just leave?"

Khrona crossed his arms and tapped his feet, looking at this flaming entity flickering before him. Their flames were quite similar, actually.

Khrona: "I've made it this far, I can't get out any other way. I'm tired of being tormented by being here. Why the hell can't I just rest in Peace, huh? Is that so much to ask for without someone coming to try to stop me?"

"Weeeeell..." Tigen prodded his fingers together, staring off to the side shyly, "... You know, you're not done yet... And stuff. Tigen didn't want to have to be the one to come and tell you, but you three aren't ready yet... You're being really, really selfish, you know!" His flame flickered to a flurry of more intense colors, numerous hues of greens and blues, to express both excitement and sadness at the same time. An emotional flux of energy and wavelength, pulsating in such a fashion that they became visible all throughout the tree, and igniting the branches. "If you leave, everything will die... Cuz you're the Tree of Life! And you gotta find something else that will be life... Or else there will only be death! You can't just leave things unfinished, because then they'll really feel like you... Incomplete and unfinished and undone... You of all people should know what it's like to be... Incomplete..." Tigen spoke as if he knew from experience everything that Khrona was going through, somehow. This only intensified his sadness.

The words of this flaming entity stuck in Khrona, speaking of incompletion and unfinished business... No matter what way he looked at it, he was trapped here indefinitely until his work was done, and his work would not be done for quite a long time.

Khrona: "... That's why, my boy, I'm going to destroy everything and leave it at that."

Khrona: 'Wait... What? Did I really just say that?'

Khrona: "... No... No wait, I mean..."

He grasped his head, the flame atop it flickering viciously, trying its best not to be extinguished. Across his body, light would fade away to nothingness, blackening his being just like before. A darkness like a plague branched out from within the tree, starting to turn the beautiful crystal into horrible darkness, just like before.

Khrona: "... What... The hell...?"

He was finally going to see it first hand. See for himself what it was that he was really fighting now. Something that was far more twisted than he realized before... This wasn't the Insanity, this wasn't Falshin, this wasn't anything like anything he'd faced before... This was the fullest version of himself and all other things accompanying it. This was literally everything against him. And he realized that he was part of that everything that was against himself. He was cut in half, and his other half stared him straight in the face right here and now, meaning...

Khrona: "... So. I'm the bad guy here? *sigh* ... I fucking knew it."

"Yeah..." Tigen's voice carried on in a sad, yet still singsonging fashion, before he finally looked at Khrona with puppy dog eyes, "... It's nothing personal or anything, but you can't just destroy everything just to get some rest... Tigen knows you've been trying hard, but that makes you super wicked crazy... If you go to the Thirteenth and you can't control yourself, or you can't be stable, you'll fall apart. Just find a better way to control it...?" He scratched the back of his head... Energy... Thingy in confusion. Hell, he wasn't even all that sure about what it is they were really talking about, but Tigen knew that it was reeeaaaally important... "... Oh, Tigen knows! Tigen knows! Just go visit Peace for a little bit and figure out what you have to do to get there! Take a vacation... Just beeee in Peace, you know? Tigen's not mad at you or nothin for being insane, cuz Tigen is insane too... Teeheehee!~"


Tigen: "But there's just something that Tigen does that you don't do that makes Tigen's crazy all good and your crazy all... bad. Yeah, so just go chill out in Peace and Tigen will take it from here, Tigen guesses?"

Khrona: "... Where the hell have you been all this fucking time I've been going ABSOLUTELY OUT OF MY MIND, HUH? That was actually a pretty decent idea."

He was a Freed Will after all -- he and Tigen were equivalent. So, he was able to freely travel anywhere he chose to go at any time, meaning... He could have just gone to Peace whilst in the Twelfth and been there like that.

Khrona: "Oh, but wait, who's gonna be the tree while I'm gone? Wasn't that the... Well, the initial issue, or something? And then what about Titania and Trinity? How is this gonna work out? If I leave, everything's gonna die. Those two are indefinitely tied to me. We're right back at square one. Which was the reason why I was hastening the process, which would end up destroying everything anyway from me moving too fast. So, in reality, we didn't really solve anything. You kinda just talked around until we went full circle, and realized we had the same problem as before."

Khrona: 'Is that... Insanity? Is that what I go through in my head? It doesn't seem nearly as pleasant as a conversation with this guy, either...'

Khrona: "Anyway, what do you have to say to that one?"

"Aw crap, you're right! We're right back at the beginning! Buu!" Tigen pouted, crossing his arms and swirling into a number of different shapes and forms that portrayed his feelings in numerous fluid dimensional shifts. Curling in and out and all about, in his thoughts, he folded in on himself whilst collapsing and reforming all at once, desperately trying to think... "Hummmm....!!!!" Eventually, when the idea formed, so did his body and his shape, as if being shaped along with the idea into stability, in which his form became that of Khrona... Only, filled with colors. "AHA! Tigen has it~! Tigen will take your place and keep your body warm for you! Tigen can't really interact with everyone very well without a body, even though I can, but... Because their eyes aren't adjusted to looking at something like Tigen, Tigen pretty much ends up looking invisible. Especially without Tigen's scarecrow body..." He kicked the air, a sphere of energy resembling a rock forming and dissolving in the air only moments after it left the tip of his foot. "Huh, actually... Tigen's never really been in a real living body before... It'll feel all... Weeeeiiird~! *giggle giggle*" Little did he know, he had definitely been in a living body before, even if he didn't recall at the moment. "Anyway, you like Tigen's new plan~? Huh? Do ya do ya do ya?"

"Hmmmm... Not a bad idea..." This was the first time Khrona was so agreeable... Must have been because he was talking to himself. This would probably look horrendously insane to people who were around, if anyone were around to see this, since Tigen just said that he appeared in a way that others could not perceive. "Tch. Dimensia. Insanity. I'm so dumb!" But no, that was a different thought for another day. "Well, yeah. I think passing the skin over to you for a bit would be alright. I'll go to Peace for a while and you be the Tree Of Life for a little while." Titania and Trinity were awfully silent... Then again, this was a rather personal conversation between Tigen and Khrona, so he could understand. It's rude to interrupt others' conversations. "Well, my good man, you've got yourself a deal! And if I can get everything sorted out, I won't destroy the world!"

Tigen: "HOORAAAY! Now Tigen gets to be..."

Then, he really thought about the situation. Khrona would be leaving to be free, and Tigen would be...

Tigen: "... Stuck in a tree. >>; "

Now that, indeed, was not kosher in the slightest.

Tigen: "WAIWAIWAIT! Tigen changed Tigen's mind! Tigen didn't realize that Tigen wasn't gonna be free if Tigen did this!! Tigen would be bound by those stuuuupid Thirteen Restrictions you made up! WAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! NO DEAL, NO DEAL!!"

He cried now, forgetting completely about the destruction of the planet. Oh well, plenty of other different dimensions to live in. He basically completed his mission by saving Dimensia and becoming King of Dimensions.

Tigen: "... *sniff* ... But still... Tigen has lots of friends in this place... Like the Sky King! Tigen doesn't want everyone to be... all dead."

That was the only predicament.

Khrona scoffed, growing just a tad bit pissed with his light body over here.

Khrona: "... So we're back at square one again, huh? And don't call them stupid, they're supposed to help people like us get control over our godly powers... You BARELY know how to control yourself. Hell, if you didn't just go with the flow of things, you'd be more problematic than me. Tch."

Khrona crossed his arms, turning his back from Tigen. Calling his Restrictions stupid... It would be their saving grace in the end of it.

Khrona: "... That's why you haven't reached the Thirteenth yet, either. In fact, the Twelfth is the highest anyone has ever gotten, and I plan to be the one to get to the Thirteenth. But to do that, everything must be absolutely perfect! If there is even a single flaw in this design, it will all fall apart indefinitely! I can't leave until everything is balanced... In equivocation. If I can't align the parts of me equally, the pathway that opens the final Restriction will stay locked... And I'll never gain FULL control over myself to reach my True Form."

He turned back to face Tigen, now with a sly smirk across his face.

Khrona: "Any bright ideas now, hm?"

Just like that, at Khrona's snappy comment, Tigen snapped right back. They were both rather emotionally unstable, but Tigen had more violent mood swings than Khrona... Well, that was to be expected; he was always like that, even when he was only a very small will. His flame's color shifted to a burning red that brought tension to the dimensional structure it burned around, as if the heat were conjoined with the atmosphere itself.


He pouted too, crossing his arms and turning away from Khrona as the redness lit up the sky.

Even so, he listened to Khrona, trying to still come up with a way so that the world would not end simply because he went to go find Peace for himself. That was a rather hard Cruelty of Fate right there, being stuck between your own happiness and the good of all people... But it was clear that Khrona was starting to lose sight of that 'good of all people' in his desperate want to leave. So complicated.

Tigen: "Hmmmmmmmmm....!!!!!!!!"

Tigen thought some more, trying to figure this sorta thing out... It was a really difficult situation. But then, he got it.

Tigen: "... Hey! Hey why don't you just pass on your powers to the rest of your family! Then, the Tensei family as a whole will be dedicated to holding up the Tree of Life and keeping you and Titania at Peace! You can keep your powers and whatevers, but you'll be directly connecting it to the other people in your fam so that they can be the ones that'll uphold the crystal instead of you by yourself~! They'll be like... Ya know... Place holders! Same powers, same jobs, same family, same energy; different wills, different souls, different minds, different people! It'll be like... A FAMILY BOND!!!"

Tigen clapped his hands, happy that he came up with something so wonderfully put together~!... somehow.


The red flame died down and returned to the cool spectral vibe that it normally was when Tigen was cool in his emotions.

Khrona: '... Pissed.'

Though hesitant to say it, Khrona knew that such an idea was... Actually quite perfect. In fact, he thought that he had something like this done quite a while ago... But, of course, that was only the Beta, and it ended in an entire omniverse being destroyed on his account... Oh well.

Khrona: "... Sounds pretty... Damn good, Tigen. >>; I hope you're not the part of me that everything goes right for. I'd be pissed if everything good ended up with you and everything bad ended up with me."

Then again, that's how it is with angels and demons, apparently. Those in the light have everything good, and those in the dark have everything bad. How fucking terrible.

Khrona: "... Anyway, if THAT'S the case, then EVERYONE is gonna have to chip in to become the Twelve that hold up my-- Wait, Twelve?"

He'd seen this before... Constellations? Zodiac? Olympians? It was always Twelve of them, and he never understood why twelve was the number... Oh well.

Khrona: "Anyway, yeah, I'll just give them the power of my Thirteen Moons and fuse the power with my Geists. Instead of having three people rule over my moons, I'll make it only one person assigned to a moon. If each moon is a respective collective omni-universe bound in one spiraling spherical form to denote a single point in my power, then that would mean that each of them would need to be able to match and sustain that single point in power in order to hold their point and ensure that the point stays together as one thing. So, in order to hold something like that together AND in equilibrium with all the others, everyone must be equally powerful in Twelve different aspects... Sigh. This is going to be a killer."

Khrona scratched his head. He'd gone over the details so many times in his head, but when he went over it with his other half, too, -- and not his lover, mind you -- then things seemed to fall into place much... Better.

Khrona: "I feel like I've already set the stage and scattered the correct pieces... Now I've just gotta put them together in the right order. Oi vey..."

The tediousness of such a task never ended.

Khrona: "But you're going to help me, other half. Heh heh heh..."

Though it all seemed good on paper, sometimes actually doing something can be more difficult than one expects.

Tigen: "Hmmm... Um... Wait... WAAAAIIIT! Tigen thought of something else..."

Warping behind Khrona, then in front of him upside down, Tigen pondered, his body rotating around and around.

Tigen: "Um... Um.. The THING! The Thirteenth! That's what you gotta get to so you can have control... Riiiight? But if you go to Peace without having your Control, won't that be all... Bad? You gotta get to the Thirteenth first and THEN go to Peace..."

This was more trouble than it was worth sometimes.

Tigen: "Soooo... Whaddaya do about getting to the Thirteenth? You're in the same boat Tigen is being stuck as a Free Will... Or um... Lantern... Or... Dimensian... Dimension? Teeheehee, that's clever..."

Fumbling over his own thoughts quite similarly to his twin flame before him, it was very clear that they were both two halves of the same whole.

Tigen: "Aaaaanywho, you've got the Free Will problem now~! So until you figure it out, you're stuck in the Twelfth~!"

Sad, but true. Oh, this is gonna be a loooong process.

Khrona: "Wait... Wait, what?!"

The ultimate contradiction; Freedom and Control. Now it was starting to make sense why he wasn't progressing, and that was because he was already free. Yet, still, he was restricted...

Khrona: "... So I lack control because I'm free? No... No that... So I put myself in a position where I can NEVER REACH THE THIRTEENTH!?"

This couldn't be... This was not happening. All of his work was not done simply to end it all right before he got to the finish line... No... No, this is not happening.

Khrona: "If I become controlled, then I am no longer free, and I am bound by Restrictions again, even if I think I am not. I am bound by the Truth... I am bound... NO MATTER WHAT I TRY TO DO, IT SEEMS LIKE I'M ALWAYS HELD BACK, LIMITED, BOUND AND RESTRICTED!!! How...? How do I become UNRESTRICTED!? UNBOUND!? UNLEASHED!?!? TRULY FREE!?!?!?!"

This was nothing but a false sense of freedom, this power... No matter how high he climbed up the ladder, breaking limit after limit, to no end to the limits that he would and could breakthrough, there was simply no end to the restrictions. When he reached a new level, there was simply a new set of rules. When he gained new power, there was only much more he had to be careful of with it. Even if he reached the highest of the heavens... There would be nothing there for him but a new limit being placed upon him.

Khrona fell to his knees, no longer wanting to endure this horrible affliction known as Restriction... It grew upon his mind like a terrible curse. Self afflicted Insanity that he could no longer endure.

Khrona: "Where does it end...? No more... I want to be free... I want to be FREE, DAMMIT!!!"

God: 'But you're already free.'

Khrona: "NO!! This isn't the freedom I want... I WANT TO BE TRULY FREE OF ALL RESTRICTIONS AND BOUNDARIES!!!"

God: 'You know, you're really starting to sound like an Anime character. You know how this ends.'

Khrona: "Crap, you're right... There is no end to this... Is that freedom? Knowing that there is no end? That it is limitless, no matter how many boundaries I break through?"

God: 'Without boundaries, restrictions and order, there is only chaos. Do you want Chaos? Do you want to be One with All? Or do you want All to be One with you?'

Khrona: "Look, you bastard, I couldn't care less about any of that! What I want is to get to my Thirteenth Restriction and be free of all limitations, all boundaries, everything! I don't want to erase them, I want to PERSONALLY exit them myself, being able to do whatever I want!"

God: 'That's a goal that will leave you rather lonely, you know... Do you want to be lonely? Isn't that something else you've tried to escape?'

Khrona: "..."

God: 'That's what I thought. With all the power you have, you are here at the final juncture. To reach the Thirteenth, you must figure out the lesson, just as you had to with all the others. Only then will you be Truly Free from All Things, as you so wish to be.'

Khrona: "... Truly Free... And what about Peace?"

God: 'You and Titania will leave to Peace together. You will Rest in Peace. You will Leave in Peace. You will Be in Peace, completely and utterly free, truly and eternally. You will be unlimited, unbound, unleashed, unrestricted, as you so wished, you and she. However, you cannot be trusted with such Freedom... If you do not know Control. That is your final lesson, and the hardest one for you, Khrona... Control.'

Khrona: "... Yeah, I know."

God: 'I know you know. But if you want to REALLY know, then you must come speak with me personally. Would you like to do that?'

Khrona: "... Yes."

God: 'Then, whenever you are ready, call upon my name... And I will bring you here to speak to me.'

Khrona: "..."

And with that, Khrona fell silent, body limp and plopping to the ground. It was almost as if he'd entered a catatonic state where he was utterly motionless. His own Insanity had taken him... Or was this really Insanity?

Tigen: "Oh... Aw man. This is bad... Why did he pass out? Tigen has a bad feeling about it..."

So, Tigen being Tigen, he prodded Khrona's motionless body, insisting that he get up.

Tigen: "Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Wake up!! Tigen says to Wake up!"

To the silent duo, Titania and Trinity, Tigen turned to them, just in case they knew something about what to do here...

Tigen: "Uuuum... You guys know how to help him? Huuuh?"

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