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 Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Rise Of The Veritas

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Rise Of The Veritas Empty
PostSubject: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Rise Of The Veritas   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Rise Of The Veritas EmptyMon Jul 20, 2020 6:24 pm

---- Elsewhere ----

Gasping for air, Khrona awoke from what seemed to be a terrible dream in a state of panic and utter confusion, surveying the area completely. His location was unknown, but part of him knew that he was no longer in the Tree Of Life, yet at the same time, he still was. That state of panicked confusion calmed into just uneasy confusion, looking down below him to see his body lying flat on the crystal ground and Titania, Trinity, and Tigen all circled around him. Was he dead? No, he knew that this was nothing like death, for he experienced that too many times to not know what that was like... But the confusion also started to slowly drift away into a state of serenity and inner knowing that Khrona felt uncomfortable with. He stood to his feet completely, clouds rolling by naturally just as white as could be, creating a haze about the entire area. He started to understand just where he was.

"... You said to call your name, didn't you," he'd say, as he began to walk opposite the direction where the clouds rolled, following only a faint intuition, "So why did you bring me here if I didn't do that?"

God: 'Because this is what you want and what you need, and how it is you're going to receive it. You should be thankful to be so blessed.'

The same disembodied voice as before... It had been talking to him for quite a long time now, and quite often, he deemed it the voice of Insanity... But it wasn't, for it was something far more different, and someone who he now was beginning to see was helping him at crucial junctures of his life here... A guiding light to assist Khrona in his endeavors to keep him from falling.

He walked toward where it originated, even though the voice spoke from everywhere at the same time. He soon reached the Golden Gates bathed in nothing but the purest light.

Khrona: "... You know, I'm actually pretty excited. I've never had a chance to meet you or even know that I was talking to you... But now that I know that was you all that time speaking through and to me, I've gotta show you my eternal gratitude in person..."

He raised his hands up to the gates, and the light would begin to shine brighter, as if foretelling his coming and his next words...

Khrona: "Father God."

And upon calling His name... The gates opened, and the light consumed Khrona, snatching him inside and to the throne of God himself, the gates shutting behind him...

Brought to the throne, Khrona never would have imagined he would see the day, or that it would even happen, or that this being even truly existed... Though, no matter what, somehow, somewhere at some time, this entity was and would always be. Seeing him as he was now was more than a blessing that Khrona knew he was most unworthy and undeserving of having.

He bowed his head before the Hallowed Father out of respect and out of love, and presented a warm and serene smile. Of course, even Khrona was unable to look upon his face, for that was the will of God.

Khrona: "... I have so much to ask you, I can barely even believe that I am here right now..."

God: 'Don't worry, Khrona. You're here, but not here at the same time. Think of this not as talking to 'God,' but talking to the piece of me that is you, and the you that is me. It is your own Godliness through connection to God.'

It made sense, for it was more than... Well, audacious to even think that God would come and just pluck up Khrona just to help him out... But, maybe it was like that? Khrona wouldn't think about what it might be right now and simply what it is; that he was talking to God and this was the only time and chance he felt he might have had to interact with him.

God: 'You will only be able to ask me what is necessary, because I will only answer what it is you need. Your stay is only limited to what you are required, and not anything beyond that necessity. This is to help and prepare you for the last level.'

Khrona: "I understand. However, the only thing I really mean to ask you is... How is it that I can actually ascend to the Thirteenth? Titania, Trinity and I, I mean. That is... I know that everyone thinks I'm evil, insane, crazy, power hungry, vile, terrible, and everything else horrible in creation but... That isn't what I am at all, or not what I want to be..."

Falling to his knees now, tears came to his eyes, dropping down one by one to the cloud-ground.

Khrona: "... I'm sorry... I'm overcome with emotion right now... It just really hurts that people would think that about me when all I want is to be fully free... Truly free... To have my true self not bound by any restrictions or rules or... You know, limiters. Why do I always end up doing that wrong? I just want to have it correct for once, so I can be..."

God: 'It is because the final Restriction is a test of your own Control. Hence, it is the final restriction to see how well you Control your own power. You are already free, however you are not free from yourself. You do not know how to Control yourself because you have not yet Freed yourself from your own Control, and thus simply Be. If you must try to Control and Restrict yourself from doing things instead of simply Being that controlled person, you then will be hindering your own self. The only thing stopping you now from reaching the Thirteenth, you and your family, is you.'

That certainly clicked in Khrona's head, but of course it would if God was telling him. Of course he was going to make it as understandable as it could be in a way that the person he was speaking to could and would understand. This was a blessing.

Khrona: "... Yes... Yes! It... It makes sense..."

God: 'I know, but I am not yet finished. Once you learn to control all parts of yourself in absolute perfection, then nothing will stop you. You will be the master of yourself, which is the ultimate freedom. Your will shall be truly Free, and you shall achieve your True Form. However, do not forget your lessons passed... Always keep them in mind if you wish to keep that freedom. If you cannot exercise control when there is no one that can stop you, do you think that you will simply be allowed to harness that type of power? This is why Control is the final restriction, not Will.'

Khrona: "... Ah... I see... So even now, I have not been exercising the control I say I have... And so, I've been stuck in the loop of freedom and control. I am free to do anything I wish and will, however I must have the control to do what is necessary."

God: 'Precisely.'

Khrona: "... So I can't just use my powers all willy-nilly like I want?"

God: 'You can, however you will not be exercising that control.'

Khrona: "... So what you're saying is... I have to restrict myself again?"

God: '... If you have not understood now, then there is no reason for you to continue on. You are not holding back, you are doing only what is required. Nothing more, nothing less. You may have the power to halt the universe if necessary, but why would you do such a thing if not necessary? Control yourself, and your control will no longer be a hindrance, it will be a way of life. Discipline. Practice. You must let go of that feeling of wanting to do whatever you want to do, and simply be.'

How tragic... Part of Khrona wanted to go around having fun with his own abilities... But that was beyond destructive, in all honesty. He understood that much.

Khrona: "... Then... That is what I will practice."

God: 'When you truly learn Control, you will ascend automatically, just as you did before.'

Khrona: "... I understand..."

Though a bit crestfallen, he did know that this was what he had to do, and if God was telling him to get his act together... Then he really was doing the wrong thing here. He looked up to him, even though he couldn't see his face, and he smiled.

Khrona: "Thank you, God..."

God: 'You're welcome. But we aren't done just yet, my boy...'

It seemed like God had more in plan for Khrona than Khrona realized, though he heard that his being worked in mysterious ways sometimes. He was curious what else he had to say...

Khrona: "Really? You've already helped me to understand how to get to the Thirteenth... For real this time. So what else is there to know?"

God: 'That the Thirteenth is what makes the other Twelve. Because the last Restriction is that of Control, you must be in full and total control of yourself in every way, perfect and absolute. This means that you would no longer need the Geists to control your power, as you would have it all aligned as you see fit. And so, with that...'

Khrona: "... I would have no more Restrictions anymore, right?"

God: 'Exactly. You would simply 'be' yourself, with all parts of you naturally incorporated.'

Khrona: "Huh... So then, my masks would disappear?"

God: 'They would simply assimilate back into you, combining as one since your energy would have been completely aligned again.'

Khrona: "... I see... Then... What about my family heralding my power?

God: '... That is up to you to decide. It is no longer necessary to have others bind you or control you, because at that point, you will be in full control of yourself. So their purpose as your alignments would dissipate along with the masks.'

Khrona thought this one over... He definitely still wanted his children to have his power, but he did not want to be restricted. Maybe instead of being tasked with a duty, he could simply give it to them as a gift.

Khrona: "Can I just... Give it to them?"

God: 'Of course you can, you can do whatever you want. But what would the purpose of that be?'

Khrona: "... Just to have a special part of me inside of each of my children."

God: 'Ahahaha... I can relate. I see no issue with this, though in any case, I don't know why you felt the need to ask my permission. I gave people free will that I cannot tamper with, but consequence and judgment are a different story. Follow a path of Godliness, and you'll be just fine in your Thirteenth Restriction. It isn't about BEING God, or being a god, it's about the principles, the teachings, the lessons that are learned. The righteousness, the responsibilities and the understanding of all those things. Though others consider you a god, you are not godly. That will come with your final lessons, when you truly understand what that Control means.'

Khrona: "... Thank you. I will make sure to always live my life righteously and in Truth from now on."

God: 'You gonna control that Insanity?'

Khrona: "Yes sir!"

God: 'Good man. Now, last thing I want to leave you with... Is not to let the words, thoughts, feelings and actions of others get you so down. You have good intentions, though your methods tend to be a little skewed at times, however you still manage to find the correct path in the end... Even if you do all sorts of twists, turns and loop de loops. That is simply you trying to work out your own way. Many people feel like there is one way, and normally it means that is their way, and any way that is not theirs or that they feel is wrong is and should not be accepted, no matter what the cause. Even if they say the most terrible things about you, if you know you are not the person they speak of, then that is not you. However, be sure to always look over your own actions in case what they say is true. Always, ALWAYS reflect on what you do, what you think and what you say, because these are the things that will determine how you are perceived and what you want to be perceived as. Be mindful of yourself most of all, for if you have control over yourself at all times, then there is no way for anything or anyone else to take that away from you or tell you otherwise. If you live a path of knowing goodness and knowing righteousness, you will be rewarded. Do you fully know and understand what I am saying to you, Khrona?'

Khrona: "Yes. In fact, when I reach the Thirteenth, I think I know what it is I want to do."

God: 'I am pleased. Oh, and please don't let too many of them Tensei babies run around over here. Because you like the number so much, I want you to promise me that there will only be Thirteen Tensei TOTAL at a time. This doesn't include the spouses that marry into the Tensei family, but those that are BORN into the family. If you exceed Thirteen, then... Well, you decide what should be done. Deal?'

Khrona: "Yeah, I can agree with that one. I wouldn't want that many Tensei around, anyway... Yeesh. Wait, but does that include after they've reached the Thirteenth, as well?"

God: 'No, only on the plane of boundaries and restrictions may there be Thirteen and Thirteen only.'

Khrona: "Alright, cool. I can work with that. Well, it has been... MORE than a blessing to talk to you. In fact... I think this has been the happiest I have been, to finally know how to reach the end..."

God: 'Oh, but this is still only the beginning for you, my boy... Once you have control, you'll have broken free. The final breakthrough. And then... You will know what to do from there.'

Khrona: "I would imagine."

The two continued to converse for a little while longer, it being apparent that their time together would very soon come to an end. Khrona listened more intently to God more than he did to even himself, finding amazement and wonder in this being's wisdom and divinity. He was Khrona's role model~!

God: 'When you have Control, the other Twelve will fall into place more easily. You will have Control over your Mind so that it is yours completely, to maintain eternal clear thought with your thoughts being only yours.'

God: 'With a clear and Controlled Mind, you will next have Control over your Soul so that it is yours completely, not something that can be taken or overtaken and used to the whim and will of others.'

God: 'With Mind and Soul in your Control, you will have Control over your Body, more so than you do now, where there will be no trace of your physical form that is not under your own power at all times.'

God: 'With Body, Mind, and Soul in harmony, you will next have full Control over Energy and all energy and chakra that emanates from you and that is associated with you, coming from your Mind, Body, and Soul and expressed outwardly.'

God: 'With the Energies in check produced from your Body, Mind, and Soul, you will next Control all Reality that happens to you, for there will be nothing able to falter your reality when the Energy is in order.'

God: 'With your Reality established and Controlled from the Energy from your harmonized Body, Mind, and Soul, your Emotions will fall into place, never running wild with such immense power and using it for destruction in the heat of any moment, no matter how angry, sad, happy and all the rest.'

God: 'With the infinite energy from your Emotions, Insanity draws an infinite amount of power, and with those Emotions in Control, the Insanity will also be at your mercy, no longer able to run rampant because it is feeding from You, and Your Insanity is your own.'

God: 'With your Insanity under your control, you are Perfect, and are then harmonized within yourself, able to now interact with others. When you are Perfectly in Order, you will have Infinite Power. With your Power in your Control, you will be able to interact with others perfectly, with the clarity and full control of yourself. Interaction with others is also a part of control over yourself, for there will be no one who will be able to tamper with your Mind, Body, Soul, Energy, Reality, Emotions, or Insanity that you are comprised of, and this will show that you have control over all such Power that is You.'

God: 'With your Power controlled, Information and Knowledge will be bestowed upon you, and controlled properly to fit the situations that you are in. With your Controlled and Clear Mind, Body, Soul, Energy, Reality, Emotions, Insanity, and Power, you will be able to utilize all Knowledge and Information accurately and correctly in accordance to when and where it is necessary, thus issuing Control over it.'

God: 'With that Knowledge and Information, you will then be able to Control your Presence and your Judgment, able to accurately and completely correctly Judge others and decide where you wish to be at any given time, Controlling who you allow within your Presence and Judging them to see if they can be.'

God: 'With Judgment and Presence done, you will then move on to Control your own Potential, and shape your own Fate and Destiny that cannot be shifted or changed by the influences of others. You will Control all that is you, all that is effected by you and all that interacts with you, and thus have clear and accurate perception of where the best way to focus your Potential for all that you are to achieve your goal.'

God: 'Finally, with your Potential set toward your goal, you will Control all things to your Will and your Being. With this Control, you will be Truly Free.'

God: 'This is how the Control of the Thirteenth Restriction works and connects fully the other Twelve behind it. Presently at the Twelfth, you think you are free, however the Control is what connects all Twelve together to get that Thirteen, as you should be able to clearly understand from my explanation. As long as you maintain control, there is not a single thing that you will not control. You will control all things, even the Truth with Clarity. Such is the final restriction... Control, Truth and Freedom. So, with this... Do you understand?'

Amazing. Khrona didn't even think of this before. To have it all lined up and laid out like that just from going to the Thirteenth? He knew that it was amazing, but he didn't know that this is what its true capabilities were... Amazing. And now, his failed attempts in the past made much more sense to him now that it was explained to him in this fashion.

Khrona: "I do understand! And this is why the three times I tried to simply skip up to the Thirteenth before, I had to fall back to where I was! It is because without the lessons and the understanding of all Twelve..."

God: 'The Thirteenth is not fully supported. And you are not truly Free.'

No wonder. Well, Khrona knew exactly what he was going to do after this...

Khrona: "You just keep blessing me. Thank you... Thank you so much..."

This clarity... This understanding... It was everything Khrona could have hoped for. God, he was so happy. Tears of joy rolled down his face as he raised his hands up in praise.

Khrona: "Thank you..."

God: 'You are welcome. But now, that is all that was to be given to you. It is time for you to go back and do it on your own...'

Khrona: "I will. I definitely, absolutely will. I cannot express how much I love you..."

God: 'Because you lack that control. Don't worry, when you reach that point, you'll be singing my praises, too.'

Khrona: "Can we be really good friends?"

God: 'Of course.'

Khrona: "Wonderful. That makes me happy."

God: 'Well now. I believe your time is up. I hope to see greatness from you, Khrona. Remember this, and find Peace.'

Khrona: "Mark my words, I will reach the Thirteenth and Peace along with Titania and Trinity! That is a promise!"

God: 'A promise between you and I? Alright. Keep it.'

Khrona: "I will..."

With those final parting words, Khrona closed his eyes with a humble smile upon his face, being sent back to the Tree where his body lay... And this time, he would rise a changed man.

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Pandimensional God :: Void Bo$$

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Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Rise Of The Veritas Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Rise Of The Veritas   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Rise Of The Veritas EmptyTue Jul 21, 2020 1:45 pm

"I AM REBORN!!!" Khrona shouted as his body rose from the crystal ground, smiling still as devilishly as before. He eyed Titania, then Trinity, and most of all, his other half, Tigen. Ooooh, Tigen. "... The epitome of fun, spontaneity, randomness and unpredictability... Free Will in its purest form. I finally get it! I FINALLY KNOW HOW TO BE FREE!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!" It's a shame, because he knew it all too well in the past, but forgot it when he got control. Which led to Restriction. "Yes, I've been far too... Serious. When you can do anything... The sky is the limit. So, I've decided to become a Djinni-Monk. Kinda sorta, so to speak. I'm just going to call it that, I'll still be the same."

This man was clearly a lunatic.

"You see," he started pacing suddenly, as though he'd found out the secret of everything, "I control everything and I take everything I control with me. Which is me. I needn't tamper with the rest of the world, because what I control is me. There is nothing else that has the power to do that, and I've come to control every part of me, and didn't even know it! My Mind, my Soul, my Body, my Energy, my Reality, my Emotions, my Insanity, my Power, my Knowledge and Information, my Presence and Judgement, my Potential, my Will, my Being, my Freedom, my Existence... I Control All Things... And so, I may now see who and what I truly am! And be... Truth. I can finally be... True. True Self. True Form. True me."

Khrona: "But the last thing I needed to do was... Start over one last time. And this time, God helped me out!! This time is the last time I start over, because truthfully, I'm already done! Now I'm just walking around this planet for FUN! I can be here and at Peace all I want to!"

But... Something struck him. If he was done, then... He should have no more purpose here on this planet. Thus, he should not be here. Rather, he should not be a necessary factor here, and thus, would simply be something extra. "... Wow, that's heavy. Nobody needs me anymore? Nobody wants me anymore? I don't have a purpose here anymore? Well that means my purpose must be... To go to Peace." Looked like it was finally time for Khrona to go. "I'm only here because I want to be here... So I'm free to go at any time. That's the Freedom I have... I feel... I feel so liberated."

After all that had happened, Titania finally... 'Reanimated,' one could say, to the sight of her husband rising from his grave. She wasn't particularly worried about anything to begin with, which was part of why she didn't say anything... Just waiting for her crazy husband to get a grip on himself and get ready to go. "... So you're finally ready to go to Peace? We three have been waiting a long time. And every time we're about to go, you always do something. Are you SURE you're REALLY ready to go this time?"

Tigen giggled and laughed at the new Khrona, finding him to be much more fun than the last one. "HAHAHAHAA! YOU'RE LIKE SOME KINDA JOKER, AHAHAHA! TIGEN LIKES YOU NOW! More fun! Just like Tigen likes it~!" Still... That didn't excuse how everything else was. "Ready to stop being so lazy now~?"

Titania nodded her head in agreement with Tigen... "Yes, dear... Are you ready to stop being so infernal and lazy and start being serious, but fun, like you used to be?" She recalled her times as Misery and Despair quite well, despite that it was so long ago. Those were the days when Khrona wasn't so... Eh. "I really want us to go to Peace, so let's go. Besides, those Horsemen might be doing something. You and I don't need to be here. They don't need us, remember? To the rest of the world, we have no purpose. We have nothing to do. We're free, and the universe is letting us go so we can Be in Peace. Don't you want to go to Peace?" She hoped that he actually did get it worked out, because this wasn't about to happen again. The three of them worked too hard to simply get this far and NOT go to Peace. Uh uh, that wasn't happening.

The two of them were right. For so long, Tigen, Titania, and Trinity had been waiting for Khrona to get finished, because those three could not advance without him. Tigen was Khrona's other half, the one that was already Free; Titania was his other half, the one who he shared everything in equality; Trinity was his daughter, who needed his guidance. It was about time for him to stop being so lazy and selfish, and finally have all of them go together... "... Yes. I am finally ready this time. We're going to go for real." Khrona smiled happily, closing his eyes and outstretching his arms, grabbing the hands of Titania and Trinity... "... It is my will; our will... To go to Peace. Tigen, if you will?"

"AS YOU WISH, KHRONA~!!!" Tigen's dimension cutting sword, 'Munashiigen', warped into his hand, teeming with a surplus of Dimensional Energy. He pointed the blade up to the ambiguous space-like sky known as the Enigmas, the tip suddenly piercing through the fabric of space and time; through the make up of this dimensions, including its imaginary space. Phase Space had been severed, as Tigen called the name of his oldest dimensional techniques... "Dimensiaaaa... Ripper~!" A swift and decisive slash severed the boundary between the dimensions in two, connecting their spaces simultaneously. The light of Peace shone down on Khrona, Titania, and Trinity's head's, revealing a place of such unrequited beauty and unparalleled serenity, even the sheer glory of its presence was enough to bring any soul to tears of utter bliss. The ray of light that shone down hit only the Crystal Tree, which expanded such light out across the land; a spectacle to see. "Um... Does this mean that Tigen is gonna have to watch the Tree so it doesn't fall down when you three leave?"

"There it is... Peace..." From afar, it looked more glorious than anything even Khrona could have imagined, and felt even more magnificent. From simply the rays of what would be at the Thirteenth, Khrona could not control his tears. He was here; at the Thirteenth to Stay. "What we've been waiting for... The freedom... I can feel it now... I can feel the burning fires of my will expanding... Expanding to every inch of infinity and beyond to fill my full, true, complete form... My crystal body..." With the hands of his two most beloved; his wife and one of his daughters, the three would rise simultaneously with hands linked in a ring. "Thank you... God... Tigen... Titania... Trinity... Tensei family... Universe... Me... And everything and everyone else that made this freedom possible." As they ascended, they passed Tigen, and Khrona insisted on answering his question. "Yes, Tigen... Watch the Tree until the Twelve are located. I may still be the tree, but you must be my support until the rest of the Family Tree falls into place... This is your duty as my other half." With that said, Khrona began to transform yet again, his body now radiating with a serene light that filled the entirety of his being. He was now becoming... True. Though he had been in this form before, there was a new development, which expanded him even further... Further because this time, he was expanding to Peace. His wings became crystal, his body became cosmic, and he was taken... Taken straight to Peace with his Family.

Khrona: 'The time has come... And finally, it's over. I am eternally grateful for the events that brought me here... Farewell, planet. Veritas. Until we meet again...'

Gripped by the hand of her beloved, she joined her other with her dear, sweet daughter, who had remained silent among all that was going on. Just as Khrona, when bathed in the light of Peace, she was brought to tears. Truthfully, she never thought she'd see the day where Khrona would be at peace; where he'd have everything under control, including his Insanity. He'd really become quite the Keeper Of Insanity. "I'm so pleased with you... And happy for us." As they ascended, she turned to Tigen, nodding her head. "Thank you, Tigen. Even though you're the other half of my husband, I'll take over in being his other half. You should be free, just as you wish. And though you will always be connected to Khrona... It will be as your own person, even if you still are his Will." Things were starting to fall into place now. Khrona was now unified with Titania, Tigen was now truly Free, and Khrona, Titania and Trinity were going to Peace... Even if Trinity still had to come back due to obligations. "I also ask, since you are very similar to our daughter... That you teach her? Technically, even if you're a separate entity, you are still her father. She gets that random likeness from you, you know." She chuckled, knowing that no matter how separate they were, they were still one and the same, and now that they could agree, there was no reason for conflict. Titania took Tigen's original place and Tigen took hers. Equivalent exchange. "Because she is coming back. She is like you, able to traverse the dimensions as she pleases, and holds an obligation to the Veritas. What do you say, Tigen?" Her smiling face began to glow with light as they neared the portal; she, too, was reaching the Thirteenth here, and her body was filling up with the same magnanimous power that Khrona's had before. Also, just like Khrona, she did not stop there. This new transformation would be a symbol of her staying at the Thirteenth, and at Peace. Light shone from every part of her, just like with her husband.

Titania: 'This is it... No more waiting. It's happening... It's really happening!'

Trinity had no idea what was going on, but a lot had happened and what was happening now was like, the coolest thing ever. Her mommy and daddy had her hand, and there was some wicked cool place up in the sky they were going to that made her feel better than anything ever, and then there was that guy that was daddy but was like him projected in another form and he was pretty cool. She really liked him. She was surprised herself how long she was quiet about all of this, but when the grown ups were talking about reeeaaallly important stuff, it was probably good not to say anything, she thought. When her mommy insisted on Tigen training her, she was overjoyed!! "YEAH!!! Come on, train me! Please please please please!! You're like... Daddy before he was a daddy! That makes you SUPER AWESOME! Cuz Daddy as a Daddy is like "Grrr, Trinity, gotta be responsible..." but Daddy as a NOT Daddy is gonna be all "YEAH, LET'S GO DO EVERYTHING!!!' So, PWWEEEEEASE can you train me, huh huh huh? I mean, BOTH DADDIES!!!"

She had a lot to say, but it was difficult for her to be so quiet for so long...

"And... besides... If I can't be with Daddy and Mommy up in the sky for a long time... I wanna at least be with Daddy down here, too!!" She was going to have to grow up fast, because she couldn't stay in Peace forever. She could visit, but not stay as long as she was the Shinigami of the Veritas... She had to learn how to regulate souls and death and all sorts of complex godly stuff that she already had no idea what to do. She barely knew how or what to do with her powers, since she could do anything. The hardest part about being able to do anything is figuring out what you should do... And she wanted to be a good Shinigami. "... I gotta be... A good Goddess for this place!! Cuz um... If I'm bad, then everything else will be, too... SO PLEAAASE!?!?!?" As she reached the top, her form didn't change at all, like with her mommy and daddy. In fact, it wouldn't until she realized it. "... Huh? What? Why are you changing into cool bright light stuff? I WANNA DO IT, TOO!!!" So, she thought reeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly hard... And eventually, her body exploded in a cartoonish manner... And then what was left was a glorious outline of cosmic force.

Trinity: "Yaaaay~! I did it~!"

But she wouldn't be able to fill it up like her mom and dad could... Because it was only temporary. Just like them before, the outline of her True Form was only established, not filled, for she had a LOOOOONG way to go before she could FILL that thing.

Trinity: 'I've got to get stronger... On this planet... So I can be a good Shinigami and go to Peace just like Mommy and Daddy! And I can do good and learn a lot of stuff... I wanna make them proud and get a whole lot better!!! For them! For me! For the Veri... Uh... Ver... V... Ves... Veri... WHATEVER, THE WHOLE PLANET! UNIVERSE! EVERYTHIIING! I swear it...'

"D'aaaaawwww, you guys are so cuuuuuute~! Tigen is happy that Tigen could help!" He waved at the three of them as they said their final sentiments, only to be asked by Titania to teach Trinity how to use her powers in Khrona's stead. Technically, Tigen was obligated since he technically was her father, buuuuut... "HELLZ YEAH TIGEN IS GONNA TEACH TRINITY EVERYTHING!!! WE'RE GONNA HAVE A GOOOOOD TIME!!" That little girl reminded him of himself when he was just arriving in the Nightmare... Granted, he had no memory, but he had little to no control over his powers, even though he had so much. He had grown since then, and now it was her turn... Tigen fought to save his dimension and for his family all that time, and now it was safe. She was a good girl. "Soooo, when you get back, Tigen will be waiting RIIIIIGHT HERE. AT THIS VERY. SPOT. IN THIS TREE. FOR YOU. M'kay? So um... YEAH! HAVE A NICE LIFE IN PEACE, GUUUUYS!" His waving hastened with the steady increase of his energy. Tigen was happy that at least someone would go to Peace... Or rather, that someone had found it so that they could lead the way to it from within.

Khrona: "Thank you, Tigen... For everything."

Without him, they probably wouldn't have been able to get to Peace without destroying everything in the process. But now, only Trinity would get back. Also, he was going to show his daughter the ropes, and gather the rest of his family to help support the Family Tree. He was... Something special. Even Khrona couldn't believe that type of guy was within him all along... Or rather, he was without that type of guy all along.

As the trio made their final goodbyes, the portal to Peace closed behind them, and they could finally truly Rest in Peace.

Not too long after ascending to Peace and severing his connection with the planet would the real catastrophe occur. Though Tigen served as the one to stabilize the Tree Of Life in Khrona's stead, the Blue Moon, 'Aotsukiyomi', rested overhead. Before being talked out of it, Khrona initiated the Night Of Tensei once again, only this time with a more condemning outcome.

The moon that lurked above the Tree released its rays upon it, slowly drawing in the power of the First Restriction. Not only would Tigen feel his life sucked from him due to this power, but also the one who Khrona gave his trust in guarding this moon; Chroma Tensei. She would, wherever she was, slowly and gradually begin to wither and die, marking the First Night of the True Friday the Thirteenth. Once all the power was absorbed from the First Restriction, both the Blue Moon and Chroma would be destroyed, and the tree would slowly fall to pieces...

A very dismal serenity plagues the atmosphere, feigning peace in the most catastrophic of times in the Veritas. As the Four Guardians face Hades and the Ultima Weapon in the deciding battle of Order and Chaos at the mountain of death, Mount Mortis, tragedy has overcome the remainder of the Veritas, beginning with the Dusk. With their newly appointed Ruler so quickly leaving to enter the fray of battle as both Guardian and village leader, his village is left unprotected and without direction. Following this, the mysterious time traveling mage -- Khrona's brother, the Manna King -- returned to his old home only to find that the Insanity had consumed everything; just as he feared long ago when he and the leaders of the past kept it at bay. His will to bring peace back to a world now falling apart by the hands of his dear brother, Khrona Tensei, has stripped him of his formerly warm and endearing demeanor and unleashed his Heart Of Chaos, calling to arms any capable hands there may be in this time.

Meanwhile, at the source in the Dawn, the very Crystal Tree of Life that is commonly known as Khrona Tensei himself, he finally achieved his goal of utter peace and the reach of godliness at the Thirteenth Restriction, granting himself the gift of going to Peace; a realm outside of all others where he and his wife have disconnected completely from the planet. The Shinigami of the Veritas -- known as Death Goddess Trinity Tensei -- makes only a quick visit before returning to them with a message of absolute despair. With Khrona, the very Tree of Life itself gone, there is nothing keeping the Veritas sustained, and so...

The Tree begins to fall.
The world is about to end.

The tree loses its power, unable to sustain itself or any others within the Veritas any longer, and the protection of Khrona isolating this entire realm in its own reality separate from the planet yet residing in its same phase space is no more. As the tree falls, so shall the floating 'continental' land of the Dawn up above, as shall the Mezzo Terra in the middle, all upon the Dusk down below. As the tree falls apart, so does the world it holds upon its crystal branches.

As collateral, without the isolation of reality that Khrona once established around it, this world will recombine with the planet by, of course, slamming itself straight into the planet's reality at maximum speed. This catastrophe harbors the power to shatter the planet and obliterate its reality, causing everything to become nothingness on collision. When the tree falls, it will release this forceful wave that will cause everything to collapse upon itself as the two realities collide instantaneously. This calamity does not stop there, for after the planet is destroyed, all else shall be destroyed with it, the destruction spreading across solar systems, galaxies, universes, omniverses, dimensions, realities, and beyond, bringing everything to complete and Absolute Zero; true nothingness. The danger is not just for the planet, but for everything. Such is what happens when worlds collide.

Furthermore... All Tensei remaining, save for Trinity, shall be completely obliterated, for their 'Father' hath forsaken them. As the Death of the planet shall claim his victims, so shall the Death of the Veritas, in synchronicity. The Crystal Tree being also their Family Tree, with Khrona not there to support it, their family shall die out as the tree falls apart. When the age of crystal fully comes to a close, there will be not a trace of their DNA left in the land, for it all will be destroyed. Anyone and anything directly connected to the Tree shall also die along with the Tensei family. They shall be completely erased from history.

As the marker to such an extravagant event, Thirteen colored moons, known as the Thirteen Tsukiyomi  -- the Thirteen Moon Gods -- of the Night Of Tensei -- better known as the True Friday The Thirteenth, shall appear one by one to denote the progression of impending doom. One may think of it as a countdown of sorts. At the end of each of the Thirteen Nights, the respective Moon and Tensei whose power has been entrusted with it shall be destroyed, causing a part of the Crystal Tree to fall. You have only until the last moon rises and falls to enjoy the rest of your lives.

"Finally... We can start over... In Peace... This Night Of Tensei... Shall bring about a new Day when it finally ends..." -- Shinseigami (Khrona) Tensei; Lord of Terror.

Shall everything be brought to nothing and face its Death, or will they persevere and fight on for their Life? Is there any way to stop such a catastrophe from occurring, or is this a fate that must be accepted as written? Was everyone's hard work worth nothing, or shall they continue to fight to keep their world together? Will everything and everyone be destroyed, or can it all be saved? The better question is...


This Is What They Tried To Do About That.

"This will not do," Shade spoke quietly to himself, observing the cataclysm unfolding right under his feet. A great disturbance had roused him from his meditations in the Pale Forest, and he had soared high into the sky to see the Great Tree of Veritas decaying, threatening to devastate much of the lands below. For something that had appeared so mighty from its initial creation on mere weeks before, it roots were laughably weak. A fair representation of its creator. "Nothing shall go to waste." For the first time since arriving to the planet, the ancient Necromancer had to tap into his real power; the reserves of the local spirits he had been surviving on wouldn't be nearly enough to deal with this mess. As he unsealed his powers, the sky cracked with thunder as it was split by rushing waves of residual Qi that overflowed from his body. The sky then became a clear noonday; so dense was his Qi in the air that it pushed back the surrounding clouds, and emanated light.

The space around the tree was already greatly destabilized, making his next task much easier. Several spatial rifts appeared where his Qi meshed with the air, opening to portals to the Underworld - his personal kingdom within it. Almost immediately, thousands of undead constructs surged through the portals, descending on the tree as one massive swarm. Each was uniform in shape, resembling large house sized wyverns that were covered in smoke. They breathed hellish red fire, and together, they set light to the tree on a metaphysical level, steadily reducing the flawed creation to a sweet crisp. There was still the matter of the falling debris to handle, but he hadn't come alone, and it was nothing for him to summon more provisions to help him finish his grand feast.

Whilst everyone did what they did down on the planet, Khrona and his Family ascended to Peace.

From that world to this world... Glorious beyond words and beautiful beyond compare. No matter how many times it was said, that truth would stand just as true as these three did in the center of the 'Crystal Lotus', 'Shinbi'.

Khrona: "... This is... So surreal right now. I didn't think I'd ever get here, but... We're here. Just you and me. Here, we can sort out the Past, Present and Future in any way we wish. We have total and utter control... And we're connected to everything."

With even a simple motion, Khrona felt the entire cosmos shift with the turn of his head, planets swirling about his temple, galaxies gyrating about his wrists and feet... This was the final resting place, one and true.

Khrona: "... Ah... This is the life. Freedom... Ready for a cosmic kiss, bae~?"

Looks like even utter peace couldn't change Khrona's wacky personality, but it did accentuate it, now that the Insanity didn't completely and utterly overtake it. That was good; he could be who he truly was. His True Self.

Titania: "Yeah, me too... Even in the Dream World where I hailed from, it's nothing compared to a place where everything you can dream is actually... Real."

She was used to everything around her being nothing but a Dream in the world she came from, and in the world of Reality, those Dreams were not real, and vice versa. However here, Dreams and Reality coincided, just as all things that one believed opposing forces... Everything worked in synchronicity; together in harmony and in peace. This is what it looked like... A world where all was one, yet still maintained its own individuality. Not utter chaos. It was both Order and Chaos working together. How divine.

Titania: "*Giggle* You're so cute when you're not crazy. I guess it is about time we stopped being so serious... We've reached the ultimate playground. And for the moment, it's aaaaall ours. Might as well use this time we have to ourselves to do some fun things before we help the kids and anyone else who wants to get here to... Get here. Then maybe we can work on sorting out the events of history and stuff."

With her mind synched with Khrona's, she knew exactly what 'cosmic kiss' he was talking about... And would initiate it with the pucker of her lips, which moved the moon and the stars toward the shifting planets around Khrona, dancing in a swirling spiral of affection one may confuse with an entire galaxy... On every harmonic level, these two would feel and see each other; from the very Beginning to the very End, these two and all versions of themselves would simultaneously kiss... And the feeling of alignment between them... Nothing could describe it. So it materialized into a shape and form; an image projected into the expanse.

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PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Rise Of The Veritas   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Rise Of The Veritas EmptyTue Jul 21, 2020 2:21 pm

Even though it was only the outlined projection of herself, Trinity could still see what those guys were up to. "EWWWWW!! MOMMY, DADDY!! Stop... You guys are major nast-ay! >>; " She stuck her tongue out at them, then bolted off into some sort of cosmic threshold to play on the moon and bounce on the stars. "You guys are supposedta be paying attention to meeee while I'm here! I'm not gonna be here all day, you know... Hmph!" The cute little girl's voice carried for however far was necessary, as distance and time didn't matter here to them. Still, even if her parents were being nasty, she wouldn't get to have fun in Peace for a while, so she made the best of it. "Wheeeeeeeeee~! You guys gonna come and play or WHAT!??"

Khrona smiled at his dear daughter, pulling away from his lover for a moment to go enjoy the freedom of all with her while she was still here. His body flickered and flashed about the many planets and galactic clusters all around, all seemingly ill-proportionate, when in actuality, there were just planets the size of small galaxies in this world. His existence immediately adjusted itself to wherever he was and whatever he made contact with, allowing him to change size instantaneously as he hopped gently across the cosmos. Creeping up behind his daughter, he snatched her up, pulling her into his arms. "GOTCHA!!! HAAHAHAHAHAH!" Before granting her access to all the kissies she could ever imagine~! Muahmuahmuahmuahmuahmuah! All over, she gets all the daddy kissies!"Huahahahaha! Now let daddy get that tummy!!! *raaaaassssspppbeeeerrriiiiiiiiieeeees~!*" Next, he'd fling her clear across space, knowing that she loved to do things like that, deeming them 'fun.' She surely did get his 'Tigen' qualities within her. That's why... He was the one that had to raise her until she was of age.

Playing all by herself on the moon and among the stars, Trinity hopped and jumped all about, totally unsuspecting of the father lurking behind... And, to her surprise, she was captured!! "NOOOOOOOO!" she squealed cutely, wriggling about, "Daddy got me! Don't give me and kissies Daddy, nooooo!!" She struggled and squirmed, the feared Daddy Kissies coming her way... And, against her will, was she kissed to death. Hahah, death. That's who she is. But he wasn't done there; then came the dreaded raspberries!! "NOOOO DADDY NOOO-- *giggle giggle* HAAHAHAHAHAHA!! STOPPIIIIIT~!" She was having a whole lot of fun. But she wasn't ready for what happened next... Her daddy flung her clear across space. Oooooooh yes. "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Navigating across planets, over galaxies, around stars and under moons, Trinity went through a high speed cosmic flight with the utmost precision. Though, part of her wanted to crash. She did enjoy smashing into things, after all. "THIS IS SOOOO MUCH FUN, DADDY!!! HOORAY!!"

"Aww, look at my two babies..." Titania said to herself. She was warmed to see the family all together here. It was good that they could relax for once away from all of that stuff that was going on before, and now they could do so indefinitely; just the three of them. She sat down, waving her hand and drawing in one of the drifting galaxies, taking it apart and reconstructing it into food with a swirl of her hand in the opposite direction that the galaxy naturally flowed. She was going to make everyone lunch. As she made whatever came to her mind first for them to eat, her thoughts seemed to drift back to the planet, for some reason... In fact, they were drifting toward many things of the past; things they'd left behind. They'd exited that Creator's universe and created their own outside of it for themselves, but.... It still seemed like something was wrong. "... Dear... I think we're going to have to go back and sort things out in your timeline."

And that's when everything stopped.

Khrona: "... What?"

He turned around slowly, looking at her with the utmost confusion and disdain...

Khrona: "... You... You want to go back? I can fix my memories here. Do you know what going back means?"

It just couldn't happen. His memories of them were already slowly fading; that was a good thing. Some things were just better left forgotten.

Khrona: "I'm finally free of the Insanity. I'm finally free of those people. I'm finally free. There is no one who needs me, there is no one calling my name, there is no one saying something nasty about me, there is no one telling me that I'm terrible. There is only peace here. I think if I go back, I might kill them!"

The majority of them were insufferable, anyway. This feeling of peaceful blissful uncaring was... Gorgeous.

But, of course, Khrona being the person he was... Had to ask why. He was one to reason.

Khrona: "... *Heaaavy sigh...* Alright, lay it on me. Why do you think we have to go back?"

Titania: "You know it will all follow you. I know you know that. Right now, your body is taking in everything about itself up here. Everything. So wouldn't you have to take up those memories of the past, too? You'd retain memory of everything that happened, and it would just sit there in your head. This place was meant to sort things like that out. So why don't we?"

Even though she knew that would mean he would have to go back, at least he wouldn't have to live up here with those memories...

Titania: "Honestly, you'd just end up going to sort them out anyway in 'Memoria Aeternam', anyway, wouldn't you? Even if you aren't there... You'd still be interacting."

She knew he wasn't going to like the idea, but Khrona was one for seeing the bigger picture of things... The question really was, could he handle living with those memories? Was he satisfied with how his story was written? Even if he has gotten the end result... Could he live in Peace with what brought him here?

He couldn't even believe what he was hearing right now. Khrona remained frozen, a look of sheer perplexity upon his face at her proposal. His body shifted toward her so that they stood now face to face without him moving. He scooped up one of the treats she made, definitely not passing that up, and took a bite...

Khrona: "... You aren't even real right now, you know that? I can totally live with that. It may not be as beautiful as I would have--"

He stopped, knowing he had a thing for beauty. Sighing heavily once more, he shook his head, almost moved to tears.

Khrona: "Why must this be...? I told myself I wasn't going back anymore... That this was my last time... So why would you want me to go back? I'll have to be that damn tree again... I miss my Pit of Havoc, you know. I also kinda miss my Insanity. Hell, I miss when you were broken up into like, seven different maidens; Misery, Despair, Disheart, Doom, Pain, Friday... All of em. You're totally making me miss it."

Still, the weight of everything else did not add up. Everything here was waaay better than everything down there.

Khrona: "But I still can't figure out why I-- Wait... Wait a minute...!!!"

With the omniscient sight of the completed Dojutsu, he peered into the separate creation, down to the center point; the planet. There he saw the tree, the moon and those within the moon facing him. Outside of the tree, there was the Demon King and the Earth King next to Tigen. Within the moon, Linomaru, Bluenote... And even Chroma were facing him from the past. No wonder his mind was so stuck between staying and going; They were messing with it down there!!!

Khrona: "... Oh no. Oh HELL no. Why is Chroma doing this!? Isn't she-- ... Crap, lost her memory, didn't she?... Dammit... I left my mind to her... So if she's fighting back, then that means..."

He wasn't really at Peace with himself. He was still in pieces and not at Peace. And if that was true, then the same could be said for he and Titania and Trinity; they weren't going to be truly and fully at Peace until all of Khrona was at Peace, as well. So there still was one last battle to face...

Khrona: "... Goddammit."

Titania was totally following him all the way up to the seven maidens part. He just wanted to have several wives, that bastard. Even if they were all her, it still pissed her off. But, that could be overlooked for the greater good here.

Titania: "... We don't really have to go back, you know."

She conjured up a mystical creation for the both of them; something that would serve as the connection whilst they resided here. Two nice little keyboards.

Titania: "And that's not all..."

Behind her formed a nice sized television, an odd looking video game system, and two controllers.

Titania: "We can just play. That's what Peace is for, right? Just create your character... Or, in this case, choose any one of the ones you've already created... Put them somewhere, and play as them for a little bit. They're all you, right? But you also know what this means, right...?"

He was soooooo hoping that it did not come to this. No matter how he looked at it, he was going to have to replay his life. Even if it was going to look and function like a video game, it was still going to be very, very real. There was only one last realization he had to have for himself...

There was someone even above him right now. He was going to serve as the one above every part of himself, but who was above him? His own creator? Did that mean he wasn't truly free until he exited the realm of his own creator? What a messed up place he lived in.

Khrona: "... I'm going to get out of his head. One of these days, I'm going to just shoot out of there and appear somewhere else. Hell, I might even go destroy the planet to do it."

Why must he be so destructive?

Khrona: "... Sigh. I can't even say I'm being selfish, because it's all me. So no matter what path I choose, I'm being selfish. Do I want to live as one person, or live as many others? That's the battle I'm fighting. With me."

Everything was just so complicated now. He lived outside of that world, but still played a game that connected to it, because his memories lived there.

Khrona: "... Fine. I'll give it my all on both sides of the field. We'll see which one of me wants it more; do I want to come together and live here, or do I want to live as a family? At least it'll look cool while I'm playing."

He turned his head to her, sighing yet again. This was quite depressing, in all honesty.

Khrona: "... Sooooo... I'm getting Misery and Despair and all the rest back, if I'm really gonna do this. Kthanx."

Titania giggled at him again. He was cute when he was coming to realizations about things... Even if this one kinda depressed him a bit.

Titania: "Looks like as long as He is still here... So are you. Why don't you just go kill your creator?"

Of course that was only a playful suggestion, knowing that such wasn't possible. Unless Khrona became the creator and sustained everything.

Titania: "Oooor... You could help him. Perhaps that would make things prosper and stop making things bad? And what about the Insanity? It could definitely sustain the Veritas since you're not there anymore. I don't think Tigen wants to do it. Think about it like this... This could be your second chance to live your life correctly."

Though, if he messed with the timeline, then he'd inevitably change the outcome of everything in the future and simply place things in a parallel universe that was a different strain. So that just meant he was going to have to continue until the end.

Titania: "Are you really going to let that world be destroyed if you're going to keep playing in it? How long are you gonna put on the facade that you don't care and that you don't know? When are you going to give them the real answer?"

Khrona remained silent, turning on his gaming system, syncing his controller and keyboard, and turning on the TV. As he uploaded what he wanted for his characters, he took hold of his controller and began to play 'The Lost World' -- the planet he once lived on.

Khrona: "... When they get to my level; where I am right now. That's when we can continue with the story. Right now, as I am and as they are... That world can't function in harmony. Hopefully, by the time this is over..."

His voice was far more serious, as if everything he said before was just a side note in his head. Even now, he knew what he was doing. He was just doing it the Khrona way.

Khrona: "... I only hope they survive. If they really want to reach this level... Then I can't show them any mercy."

It pained him to say it, but it was true. How can one truly know and test their skill if the one testing didn't give it their all? No more holding back.

Khrona: "... I'll have to show them what the true power of my Insanity really is. I think it's about time to kick it into high gear."

He selected 'The Insanity', which was nothing but him within the Lost World. Right now, it served as the main antagonist and threat to all that they were. He kept telling them that he was going to have to play the bad guy...

Khrona: "Hey. Go play with Trinity while I show them how weak and feeble that world really is."

Despite how it sounded, Khrona said it with all the sadness in his heart, a crystal tear rolling down his face. If the center of it all was so very weak, how could it serve to hold up everything around it? If it was threatened just by this, then everything else would inevitably collapse if just the planet was destroyed. That was the downside of being the center; you had to hold everything else around you together.

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PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Rise Of The Veritas   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Rise Of The Veritas EmptyFri Jul 24, 2020 5:06 pm

-During the time of the First Moon, Within The First Moon-

The Blue Moon rested cozily in the sky just slightly above the top of the blazing tree, the spectral lights of Tigen radiating from the crystal bathing the atmosphere in a multitude of colors. As the moon continued to draw energy straight from the tree, more definition of its shape formed whilst it slowly orbited the top. The more energy it drew, the more things appeared on its surface, covered by the blue atmosphere. Within the moon resided an entirely different world; an entire omniverse completely different from this one compacted into a single point that made up the 'Mind' of Khrona preparing for departure from this world.

This place within seemed to be something of a distant memory, way back in the days of old in the village of the Reality. Isolated at best, the world looked to be very similar to the floating land mass that was the entirety of the Reality oh so long ago, as if to be some sort of replica of what once was.

What lay within the Blue Moon did not match the chaos that occurred without, and for those to see such beauty, they would have to be taken into the First Restriction itself.

Still running for hours on end, Bluenote started to smell the scent of the tree getting closer, but still she was miles away from the thing itself, though she was getting close. "Man my feet hurt, but I gotta keep going." Though all of the running took its toll, Bluenote didn't stop for a second.

In an instant, Linomaru smelled the sweet aroma of the Tree. It was truly a beautiful asset to allocate the world it fueled. It was wonderful indeed. Lin looked around; Khrona's words had faded into the shining light that had transported him here. "Well then, I guess this is the final chapter...." Lin would clench his fist; he looked at the Tree, placing his open hand ever so softly on the Tree. A smile reached across his face as he went into the fabrications of his mind. Linomaru began to remember the first day he had met the being known as Khrona... But that was another story... Lin had just been with a fraction of Khrona's soul -- it looked worn out; tired, even. But Lin knew it was Khrona. Lin had heard the final words of his friend, the message he had for him. "Alright... Here it goes... I just have to wait for everyone else to get here... Hmmm." Linomaru would see the girl running to the Tree... He didn't know her name; this would be the first time he had seen her... "Alright... Let's see what this means..." Linomaru looked to the moon. It seemed that this day was going to come... He would fold his arms and then rub his head. Lin had grown a lot since his Beginner days, but he met Khrona was when he became a Standard. From there sparked a bond like no other between the two.

Linomaru had all of his things with him; he went into the bag he had with him when he was with Khrona. He pulled out his famed snow white trench coat; it had been a while since he had this particular coat. This was his first trench coat he ever wore. Putting it on, his body jerked and the sound of lightning softly echoed from where Lin was standing. He rotated his arms in a small circle and stretched them high. He wondered what was in store for the group, but he knew that they were ready. "Okay... Looks like I'm all set... Just a few more things to get..." Lin then went back to his bag and pulled out six scrolls. They read: Yamaku, Hojenku, Seimaku, Yurikima, Yurigenma, and Hiroshima. Each scroll was a different color but all were the same size. Linomaru stood up and waited for the others.

Through his owns means, Momo and Chroma would manifest where the other were congregated. Momo stood at the ass of the mighty tree. As he stood here he could feel the ever waning spirit of the tree as if began to fade and crumble slowly... It was dying ever so slowly. This saddened Momo, but to the others, his subtle smile hid his flurry of emotions... He wasn't going to lose control again. His face turned to find the rather well-armed Linomaru and Bluenote. Momo merely had a simple rose that he held... A silver one, at that. The base of the tree had lost most of its luster, probably from the ongoing battle. Its once dazzling sparkle was dwindling away, bit by bit, it was leaving him... "Lin? Fancy meeting you here. I assume you're privy to some pretty valuable info, so what is the meaning of all this, if you know?" He'd hope one of Shabuto's closest friends was able to shine light on this situation.

"Alright, Bluenote... Lead the wa--" Before her sentence was finished and Bluenote took off; Momo apparently took charge of the situation and warped Chroma away without her permission. The two appeared at the very bottom of the blazing tree, waiting for Bluenote to show up. Chroma, still rather irate due to her pain, pulled herself away from Momo, as the dark slits that were her eyes finally opened only slightly, in all seriousness simply to glare at Momo. "... Do not touch me ever again. Do not do anything to me without my permission. Is that understood?" The deep abysmal black eye paled to the light of the gleaming white eye piercing straight through Momo's soul. It seemed like she was going to have this conversation with everyone she met... Just like her father was when he was younger, she did not under any circumstances like to be touched by anyone. That was why he wore gloves and those clothes and jacket, and such was why she wore her kimono with sleeves draped over her dainty fingers.

Nevertheless, many hours later, the tramping footsteps of Bluenote heavily pounding the ground could be heard from afar, her silhouette rising over the horizon. She should be here any minute. Moments later, a strange man appeared some ways away. It seemed that he hadn't noticed them. Chroma didn't take it upon herself to say anything to him, as she didn't know anyone besides the two people she made acquaintances with; Momo and Bluenote. She turned to Momo discreetly with her sleeve over her mouth, whispering to him, "... Who is that man--" but again, before she could finish, he had already gone off and done what he had to, reacquainting himself with the man nearby. Her question was answered from his outward friendliness to the man, but still her wishes were rather rudely ignored. She was finding it hard to believe that this guy was someone who was close to her father... Then again, she barely knew him, too. She hoped that he didn't keep such atrociously inconsiderate company... She considered him a regal, elegant and high-class person. Why would he allow such foolery...? No matter. Chroma would simply direct her attention to Bluenote, who should have been arriving any minute. She waved her arm up high, still covered by her kimono sleeve somehow, letting Bluenote know that they were all over here. "Bluenote! It's us! We've been waiting for you!" When she showed up, they could hopefully get started. Her life was kinda on the line here.

"Hm? They're already there! What the fuck!" Bluenote could easily see the arm of Chroma from afar, which left a question mark in Bluenote's head; she wasn't sure how Chroma and Momo beat her there. But then again, it just the norm for people to ask for things, then turn around and kick you in the face. As she got closer and closer, she came to a hard stop, just a few feet away from everyone. "You all can go fuck yourselves! I thought you guys didn't know where to go, but shockingly, you did, so I was sent off, thinking I was leading someone! Oh my god!" Bluenote was highly upset by all of this crap, but she soon cooled down before moving again, now that she was here with everyone known to man. Things could go forward, though she wasn't sure what to do as of now, so she waited for the little princess to give out some orders. "Ahhhehhhh!"

Linomaru would be a bit surprised that Momo had appeared with Chroma. He smiled at the two, but he didn't say anything. Not yet at least. He was actually focusing his attention to Chroma; he knew it was her because she resembled her father. He chuckled before he answered Momo. "Well, Khrona is leaving forever... Which is leaving the Tree to die... And from my studies of the Tensei Clan, so will they." Linomaru would walk over to the girl, crouching to meet her face with his. This was the first time he'd met Chroma, the daughter of his friend. It's sad that they met on such a day as this one. But still they have met, and he gave a smile before he introduced himself to the girl. He had heard her ask Momo who he was. "Hello, I'm Linomaru Hugo. Nice to meet you. You're Chroma right?" Linomaru would have a smile of assurance that warmed any soul; that was a gift he had. Then the girl running had finally come to a stop when she met with the rest. She seemed pissed at the two. She made Linomaru chuckle again. This was going to be fun. "You should really watch your mouth missy... Hehehe... I have some water if you want any... " Linomaru would snap his fingers and the bag would flop over and out rolled a flask of water; it stopped at the girls feet. Linomaru would stand up and you could see how tall he was over Chroma which was a very sufficient amount. A gentle sweet breeze with the aroma of the tree danced through the area; Linomaru would say his final words. "Chroma, I'm here to assist you in whatever you need."

A pool of blackness darker than the eternal void silently opened under the feet of Momo, unseen to the eyes of the panicked below the Blue Moon. As he spoke to this companion, against his will was he snatched down into the abysmal murk, the pooling blackness leaving only the faint 'plop' of his body sinking into the surprisingly thick, swamp-like emptiness. Twas his matron who sought his presence so suddenly, his 'owner' and teacher, the 'Sage Of The Black Swamp' beckoning him to her home, swiftly and silently. As quickly as this pool did appear would it converge in on itself, until not a trace of it remained, and the three who were left behind would stand in confusion of what just occurred with their dear friend... He had a more important issue to tend to...

Chroma remained calm and collected as the clearly pissed Bluenote said her vulgar, yet rather humorous, complaints. Chroma could see why she'd be so upset at the matter, but it was all said and done now, and the four of them were all here. "I was just as surprised as you were, Bluenote... But it does not matter now. We're all here..." When Lino came to talk to her, she was put... A bit off guard that he knew her name and acted so familiar with her. He was a little too close for her comfort; getting too fresh with her. Yet, even he mentioned to Momo that he knew her father very well. Was she really the only one that didn't know besides Bluenote? "Wait, you know my Father? He must have sent you here to greet us... There is no way you could have known that type of stuff about this situation..." Again, another pained memory throbbed in Chroma's head, causing her to jump back and slam her hands to her head in terrible pain. This one was worse than all the others, like thousands of jackhammers all driving at her brain in unison, yet with no synchronicity. "GAAAAH!!!!" she screamed in agony, getting now a lot of information about the situation randomly. Instead of just pictures, she was getting actual concrete knowledge, even though she shouldn't have known any of it. Linomaru was indeed very close to her father, as well, just like Momo. This knowledge made her a bit more open to him, but the pain in her head was not worth it... Maybe it was because she was closer to the moon. As the pain died down again, she lowered her hands and continued to speak, "... Nor my name... Linomaru Hugo, was it? Most pleasing to meet you..." she took a step back, however, closer to Bluenote, even though she didn't touch her, "... Even if you are just a biiit too close for my comfort." She rubbed her head again just for comfort, those random bursts of agonizing sharp pain getting on her nerves now. "Well, I guess it's about time we tackle this thing before it spiral-- Hey, wait..." she paused, searching for her fourth party member, "... What happened to Momo?"

"Meh." Bluenote just quit; she wasn't about to ask anymore questions from this point on, simply because she'd been left out of the loop from the get go. She turned her eyes towards Lino, who had made a comment and randomly threw her a bottle of water. This only kick started her already pissed off mode back on. She kicked up the bottle with her foot and caught it in her right hand. She looked at it for a second before throwing it back at Lino, but was aiming to hit him with the bottle. After doing that deed, she noticed Chroma's problem -- or whatever it was -- starting to act up again, for some reason she didn't know of. "Princess! What the hell's going on!? I'm still not too sure on anything, but you know what princess? Don't answer that, surprises are always best left unsurprised." Bluenote smiled a bit. She somehow cooled down again for some reason, and now all that was left to do was to follow Chroma. It was clear that she cared little for Momo, since Bluenote didn't know him, nor did she care to.

As the flask came flying towards him, Linomaru would catch it with his left hand, stopping the flask before it hit him. Lin would step towards Chroma when she winced in pain. He wondered what was going on, but she had recovered rather quickly, so everything was okay. Lin had stood to his feet and began to speak to the girl. "I'm an information ninja, young Chroma... This means I'm a walking ninja scroll, if you know what that is... I have hundreds of thousands of books on the planet and all of its Shinobi, and I live up there." He pointed to 'Hugo Manor', formerly 'Mahi Manor'. "... I can see everything up there. But my travels and soulmates help with that, as well." Lin would pull out a book from his ninja sack; it was very small and flat -- it looked like it only had a few pages in it, but it read, 'Khrona.' This book had everything there was to know about Khrona; it is a bit odd to have it on him, but they might need this. "You must have lost your memory... I can tell by the mind blast you just had... I know that happened because I have psychic abilities as well. Your mind is cluttered; it needs some time to get together." As Linomaru turn to look for Momo, he was gone just as quickly as he appeared. What happened to him? "Where did Momo run off to...? Oh well, it's got to be important... He'll pop up sooner or later." Lin looked back to the girls and smiled; it looked like just the three of them. "Okay, Chroma... Lead the way."

"Ninja... Scroll...?" Chroma had only vague knowledge of those things, but she knew exactly what it was. Her memories were getting foggy due to what she would suppose was this moon. She couldn't remember a thing. "Oh... Alright..." Part of her thought that they should be more concerned about what happened to Momo... He did kinda just disappear out of nowhere. But, he could teleport, as he demonstrated before, so perhaps he just did that when no one was looking. Hm... As Chroma cracked open the book, the words upon the pages would instantly become blank; every word, lost the moment she tried to lay eyes on it. Dropping the book in shock, she pointed to it, addressing Lino. "There's nothing in there! The information is... Disappearing!" Anything that was recorded about her father was being erased upon his leaving; it was definitely starting to effect reality more heavily now. Though she had a feeling not everything was written about him before, now nothing would be. Eventually, he would be removed from their minds, as well, she figured. Somehow, she knew... The Blue Moon of the Mind.


Chroma: "AAAUUUGHHH!!!"

That terrible pain returned to her once more... This was torment, pure torture... Why couldn't she control it?! She felt a special connection to the moon that slowly drew her in... And the headache intensified.

Much transpired between the efforts of the two parties assembled now at the Tree; where one dealt with the tree itself, those below sought to handle this hovering blue eye in the sky. The cool blue orb hung ominously above, silent as the night it brought and as cold as its icy color. As the night reached its peak, a reaction from within Chroma's pounding head drew interest from the Blue Moon, iris rays beaming down atop the heads of the lost souls below. Clearly, it held synchronicity with the Tensei who unknowingly served as the 'Insangel' to carry upon this Labor that was left behind. Only the first of Thirteen, she and those around them were absorbed by the sedative light, their forms altered to fit the same hue and composition during transfer. Thus, the three of them -- Chroma, Linomaru and Bluenote -- were instantly sucked into the depths of the First Restriction; the Restriction of the Mind.

Within, as stated previously, the world seemed to be composed of nothing but a single giant floating island reminiscent of the original Reality Village, with many intricate adjustments to the overall structure to fit the situation. On a deserted region barren of all life, curled up tightly under a spindly tree devoid of a single leaf upon its claw-like branches was a silverish-white haired boy bathed in complete and utter black, smoldering by the heat of the sun being absorbed by his darkness, head tucked in tight within his arms that rested atop his knees. He did not seem to mind the heat nor that he was covered head to toe in black, despite how much he was sweating. It was unknown how long he rested there, but he remained absolutely motionless; utterly alone.

Twasn't until a peculiar voice spoke to him from beyond that his head slowly rose, sad and tired eyes peering from the shadows up into the desolate expanse he heard this disembodied voice speak from. Was he going crazy?

"... What...?" he uttered quietly, unsure of if he was even being spoken to or if it was all in his head, "... You want me to put what on...?" To the normal person, the boy would appear to be mumbling to himself in a fit of insanity, though flung from nowhere, sliding 'cross the dry and cracked ground to his foottips; a mask of jesterly impression staring him in the face with empty eyes.

The boy stared back into those soulless holes, body cringing at the sight of the ghastly semi-semblance. Retracting his head with the likeness of a turtle quickly retreating to its shell, he spoke back to this voice no one else could hear, "... I can't wear that... It looks like... Masks you see at a theatre..." He paused, his curled body trembling a bit, "... Like in a... Tragedy..."

Still, ebbed on by the unknown, he peered from his shell back down into the gaping eyeless sockets, speaking now with a volumed, cracking voice, "... What...? I can... Stop suffering if I put it on...? No more terrible... Horrible..." His eyes no longer focused on the target, darting about in every direction madly, not even looking in the same direction at the same time. "Put me to sleep? Out of my..."

His head rose with a sharp *CRACK*, tilting slowly to the side and revealing a wide, shaky smile...

Khrona: "Misery?"

Then, to the other... *CRACK*, tilting slowly upside down...

Khrona: "And Despair?"

The boy's head now damn near upside down still attached to his neck, his unstable smile grew even wider, outwardly displaying the state of his mentality. With promise of eternal slumber fresh in mind, the boy rose slowly against the chipping bark of the dying tree, his image now coming into full visage; a young Khrona Tensei, before the Village Hidden in the Reality had ever come to be.

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick; the sound of a ticking time bomb returning to a state of normalcy, his head now in its 'correct' position, those unfocused eyes staring deep into the eyes of darkness, and the darkness stared back at him, soon becoming the eyes once filled with luster.

Khrona: "Sweet Dreams..."

With the Joker's smile did he don the Jester's mask, the young Khrona Tensei falling into a comatose unconscious consuming his body in a veil of dreams and nightmares; no longer was he the normal Khrona Tensei, but one whose mind made conscious whilst unconscious to soothe his painful psyche; the Cheshire Phantom, the Phantom of Dreams.

From his head sprouted the hat of the fool, upon his face, a peaceful smile no longer ridden with insanity, and his eyes, pleasantly closed beneath the face of the mask. Still bathed in a robe of black, the Cheshire Phantom rose slightly from the ground to his tiptoes, head wearily leaning from side to side.

Three gleaming rays of blue light struck the land softly with their presence, each taking form as the three transported from without to the inner sanctum of the still slowly constructing Blue Moon; Bluenote, Chroma, and Linomaru, within the desolate wasteland just beyond a lush forest. All they could see from here was the image of a swaying, wavering figure in the distance and a looming dead tree over him, claw-like and positioned as if to snatch him from where he stood and take him to the depths of hell any moment... A rather foreboding image with the silent stillness of the vicinity. Not even the wind blew.

Faced with the forest behind and the barren field in front, and the light of the bright sun in the clear blue sky, they had now truly entered the realm of the First Restriction. Twas up to them from here what they wanted to do.

Bluenote tapped her foot on the ground over and over again; she was clearly getting tired of doing nothing, her boyish personality kicking into high gear. Her blood was boiling for action, but as that was happening she overheard the name 'Khrona', which sounded very familiar to her for some reason. "Khrona? Khrona? Khrona! I remember now, but why can't I picture him anymore? Grrr!" Since she couldn't remember much about him, she got highly upset, however, she kept cool for the time being. "Hey, princess! What are we supposed to do?" However, before Bluenote could get an answer from the little princess, she noticed that the princess was in pain yet once again. Seeing this broke the glass that was Bluenote's anger. "Chroma!!! Stop being a Goddamn baby! I'm shocked that you're acting like this -- endure it! Are you really gonna let a little painful headache get to you!?" Once again, before she could get a response from Chroma, Bluenote was pulled inside of something or somewhere she couldn't make out. "Where the hell are we?"

Lin would be standing next to the girls; it seemed Bluenote was a bit impatient and her memory of Khrona was indeed slipping away by the minute -- then Chroma once again began to have another migraine attack. Bluenote started yelling at Chroma for showing her pain, and this made Linomaru's face go from calm to a bit pissed. He walked over to Bluenote and gave her a swift slap across the face, knocking her off her feet. "Shut up...!! How can you call her princess and treat her like that? Where is your respect? I come from a family were you never slander a comrade's name; you only speak the truth about them and wish them good health. I don't know who you are, but I don't like you. Why? I was just like you... I had no respect... I walked around thinking I was bad and no one could defeat me. Then I went to my first ranking; they tore me apart... I was in the hospital for weeks... I failed... For years, it killed me inside to know that... I failed three more times..." Just before Linomaru could finish, they were transported to another world. "Where are we??"

It was clear that the tension of this situation was getting to everyone; the three of them hadn't made any progress, they'd lost a member, and now it seemed like things were falling apart. Bluenote was angered because of her impatience, Lino was angered because of Bluenote, and Chroma was angered because of the throbbing headache that wouldn't stop tormenting her... It was almost enough to make her burst into tears... Tears of fury, tears of sadness, tears of pain... "ENOUGH!" she shouted, her eyes shooting open, as they rarely did. The moment this happened, the blue light from the moon above graced the skin of the three, shooting them up and into the Blue Moon. There, they appeared in a barren wasteland much different from the one before. Behind them was a thicket of forest... Before them was a silhouette in the distance under a lone dying tree... This place seemed almost familiar to her, but also as distant as a fleeting memory... After all the drama happened, it seemed that everyone could come to the agreement that they were all quite... Confused. "... I... I don't know where we are..." She touched her head, now which was slowly starting to recede in pain... "... But my headache is subsiding..." Her eyes returned to being closed tight as they normally were, though even through them she could see the figure in the distance. That swaying silhouette didn't sit right with her... He brought a heady sense of unease to her stomach and her mind, urging her to back away.

"... I... I think we should retreat into the forest and figure out where we are and why we're here... Besides... The person over there is staring at us and rocking back and forth... I do not think he is someone we should interact with..." The unsettled regal 'princess' as Bluenote called her turned around and started off into the trees, not getting too far before her head flashed with a multitude of images and information yet again, causing her to release a blood curdling shriek. "EEEYYYYAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!" Chroma fell to her knees, unable to hold back her tears any longer; it was much worse than before. "My... My head... My head feels like... it's going to explode...!!!" She knew now where they were and what this was, but at the cost of such information, it seemed like her life was shortening even more rapidly than before. Panting heavily, she managed to make out what all of it was... "... We're... Inside the moon..." She tried to call out to them, but she couldn't even bear to scream. Hopefully they came so that they could hear her... It was hard to move...

"What the fuck! How dare you slap me! I'll kill you...!?" Before Bluenote could finish what she was saying, something popped in her head, though she wasn't sure what it was or why she even felt it in the first place -- she didn't bother trying to understand what happened. So now all that was left was to pay Lino back tenfold for hitting her, but as soon as she moved an inch from the spot she was in, a voice spoke to her inside her head. It was quick and only said one thing to her, the random voice said 'It's fake.' Bluenote wasn't sure what was going on here, but it would seem as if it had something to do with Lino's slap he gave her, because she didn't start hearing the voice until after he hit her. Though she still wasn't sure on how a slap would cause her to start hearing stuff in her head, however, she still didn't pay that voice mind. She had to focus on the task at hand; in fact, she wouldn't even bother telling Lino how much she didn't care about what he said, simply because he had her all wrong in the first place. "Princess, what are you talking about? Who is that guy? And why do we need to run?" But as this was starting to become normal, her questions went unanswered for like the millionth time in a row, her question only went unanswered because the princess up'ed and ran off. And before Bluenote could follow her, the princess was outta sight, but not lost in the least bit. Bluenote quickly took off for the spot Chroma was in, leaving Lino behind. With the nose of a dog, finding the princess wouldn't be hard in any way.

And as she made her way towards Chroma, the voice popped back in her head once again, but this time it said more than it did before. It said, 'Questions yourself; are you even real?' This was quite the question to ask. Bluenote, however, did think about what the voice just said to her; she wasn't sure what it meant by what it said. But still, it would seem she understood the question it asked -- that's when her brain went into 'all shit overdrive', and she blacked out for just a second. Once she came to, everything became clear to her by questioning her own self among other things. She became self-aware of everything -- this was known as breaking the Fourth Wall. Though she had little time to enjoy this new found thing, since she was only a few feet away from Chroma. "Princess what's wrong!? How can I help!?" She yelled out as she made her way over.

Not too long did Cheshire wait before three new morsels entered his world. Gently rocking side to side, not unlike a willow in the breeze, the shadowed eyes and stagnant grin beamed 'cross the way at the trio that stared back at him...

Patient was the sleep-walker in the foolish pajamary, the sound of bells jingling and jangling with the rock of his carefree head. It wasn't until he noticed the visage of the girl who crept into the woods that he felt only a bit uneasy. Finally, a scream, and a terrifyingly eerie feeling of connection between he and she as her mind pulsated, a flash of information that he could see just as she. What could this be? A reason to investigate, definitely.

The wayward clown lightly kicked himself off the ground, dreamily drifting closer to the three at the other side of the wasteland. The two girls entered the forest, the minds of them both ripe for the picking... Only on the breeze of the wind would Cheshire pass Lino, and appeared right as one of the girls blacked out. Her mind, her mind overwhelmed, he could tell, with a surplus of thoughts and information. The two of them, in fact, had minds loosely intact; such was an effect of this realm. Though Khrona didn't know, Cheshire remained fully conscious... Consciously unconscious of all around him.

Cheshire: 'Silly girls, I'll be seeing you in your dreams...'

His voice carried on without his mouth opening, to the point where they both would hear him. Yet as Bluenote came to, Cheshire surely knew that this was the time to make scarce. Before Bluenote could even lay eyes on him, his body materialized beyond the leaves, the sound of wind blowing through the treetops, as if he were never there to begin with.

Cheshire: 'Your mind is open... I can see everything...'

To Chroma directly, and no one else. This unsettling feeling he got from her... He couldn't shake it at all.

Lin stood over Bluenote for a second before Chroma went running into the forest. She chased after her and just a moment later, a scream pierced through the atmosphere, and Cheshire flashed passed him in an instant. Lin tried stepping in front of the figure, but he was just too slow. "Damn..." Lin would ran into the forest at full speed... He soon came to meet the girls in the thickness of the forest. He stopped with a skid, his breath became steady as he collected himself quickly. "Are you girls okay?" He took a quick look around, stepping in front of the girls crouching just before them. Lin kept his eyes open for anything that was out of the ordinary. He looked to Chroma and tried to help her get things under control. "Chroma, take deep, slow breaths. I know that the pain is unbearable, but you can set your mind at ease. It is your mind, you have control over it.."
Lin would only hope his words were heard by Chroma. He went back on the defensive. "Blue, we have to get out of this forest, and fast. "

Chroma: *Pant... Pant... Pant...*

She was still quite short of breath. Though she desperately tried to catch her breath, the mind-blowing pain did nothing but continue to increase steadily, as it had been in its fluctuation. "It's... *pant... pant... it's no good, Bluenote... I can't... *pant... pant...* get up..." she'd say to Bluenote at her side. All of her energy was going into calming her mind, which couldn't maintain whatever great power pressed down on it. She was of no help to them; she didn't even notice Cheshire there near them, nor when Bluenote blacked out. She was too busy trying to make sure she could stay conscious. Vision blurred, arms trembling to keep herself up, it looked like she was going to pass out on the ground as well... But before she did, she heard that unknown voice in her head, speaking so intrusively she couldn't even bear how he was within her mind.

Chroma: "Get out...!! Out of my... Head!!!"

All this time, she didn't even notice when Linomaru reached her side; all she could see were the trees. The image of the three of them flashed in her head from all angles, as if she were watching them from a third person perspective...

Chroma: 'Linomaru...? When did he get there... And why am I seeing from this angle...?'

"Wa... Water..." she strained, trying to lift her hand to Linomaru, "Water... I need... Wa...ter..." Her consciousness faded in and out, slowly slipping between her grasp. She didn't know if she was dying or if it was simply from the pain, but whatever it was, she knew that it would be bad if something were not done. Hopefully, Linomaru still had that flask ready with some water prepared... Maybe it could help her catch her breath.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuu!!!! Bluenote had no idea of what to do at the moment. It only made her feel useless beyond useless, but it wasn't like she knew much on the subject. All she did was stand there; she didn't wanna touch Chroma, due to her being a little princess of the no-touchy law. So she was really at a standstill with this problem. She stepped back a bit, only to notice Lino, who had made his way over. Maybe he could help. "Help her, cause I can't, due to the problem we had awhile ago." With all that was going on, Bluenote didn't have time to focus on that voice she heard beforehand, nor did she have time to look into it. Since Chroma was having a mental breakdown, taking care of Chroma came first on her list, rather than worrying about that thing she heard.

Things swiftly turned south for the three travelers in the forest once their comrade was down. Looking at them from above, concealed by the trees, it seemed that they were panicked about their ordeal.

All three of them now stood in the forest, and as they were once at the entrance, when they next looked up, there would be no entrance nor exit; just trees and more trees for miles. In only a moment, they were trapped in the forest.

The girl with the headache, her mind was open, and her power felt very similar to his. What was she...? There should have been no one whose power even remotely compared to Cheshire's. Her open mind seemed to connect to his for a brief moment as well, and he could tell because normally this was an impossibility. She was more dangerous than he originally anticipated; even using his abilities on her mind was a bit unsafe. But from the looks of it, she couldn't handle too much psychic power on her at once. She was still fresh to its use. She and her two friends would now have to face the Cheshire Phantom's little Nightmare, for there was no escaping this forest for them.

All around them, the trees began to crack and rustle ominously, their branches taking on more claw-like shapes as the knotholes became ghoulish pointy mouths.

From the ground, their roots rose up, lashing at the three from all around without any sign of mercy. Still, Cheshire was nowhere to be found, but the sound of wind blowing through the trees did return... All too quickly, this became a scene from a nightmare... Their branches reached out to grab the three, and tear them apart limb from limb.

Lin would go into his ninja sack and pulled out the flask of water he had earlier. He would grab Chroma and put it to her lips. While the girl drank, Linomaru would talk to Bluenote. "My song of sanity is to protect those who can't protect themselves... And to do that, I had to open my eyes... I had to do things that no one would do to get power, but power isn't everything... It will never make you HAPPY... You see, I met a man who showed me that and still remained my good old self... Me and him are good friends..." Again, just before Linomaru could finish his sentence something happened. The trees would attack them. Lin would shout out "Hideiko!" and as the branches closed in, a force field would appear around the group, blocking them from being hit. Lin had activated his Gentai; he put up a shield, but it wouldn't last for much longer, so they had to move on quickly. "Blue we have to get out of this forest... I don't know how long this jutsu will last..." Lin stood up with his hands in a sign. When the trees reached for them, a force would push them back or set the branches ablaze.

Just when she felt weary enough to fall into a pit of unconsciousness, Chroma's face was grabbed rather roughly by the newest member of their little party. As she requested, he gave her water to drink, and before passing out, she guzzled it down, feeling at least a little more refreshed.

Chroma: '... How can I be so low... To be manhandled by someone trying to save my life...?'

She was not pleased with the person she was right now. In fact, Chroma could not stand to be this person that she imagined herself to be... So far, she hadn't done anything but get these two into trouble, first by bringing them here and next by leading them into the forest. She could not control these terrible headaches that plagued her, and before that, faced with her father, she could not bear the clan's Insanity down in part of her mind connected to the Pit of Havoc. She was weak. Terribly weak. And something about that just didn't rest easy in her stomach.

Feeling well enough to at least handle her own body herself, she smacked the flask from her lips and backed away, stumbling to her feet and breathing heavily. Between her breaths, she remarked, "Thank you... But don't ever touch me again..."

Something welled up inside of her at that moment watching the trees converge around them and Linomaru so effortlessly creating a barrier to protect them. She had no clue of what kind of power he had, but right now she just knew that it was better than hers. From this point on, she swore not to be a burden anymore to those around her; not her father, not her friends, not anyone. Her mind was made up.

"Hmph..." she grunted, getting the brunt of the pain of her great headache. Instead of falling to her knees, she focused on the throbbing, centering her mind directly on the vicious mind-blowing affliction. Somehow, something she should not have known revealed itself to her in her mind, opening a door to what those flashing images before really were. They were... "... Father's Mind... He wants me to use his power..." She couldn't quite put her finger on it, but she was sure that this was him; this great psychic power was the same she felt when she connected to him within the Trinity Plane, only now concentrated in her head, and her mind was simply trying to process that power all this time. It was too great for her as such a weakling, which is how she almost died, but as long as she focused... She could at least do something useful.

Chroma: "... Bluenote, calm down... This Linomaru fellow is correct. We need to escape this forest. As long as we are within these trees, we will most likely continuously be hunted by those nightmarish ghouls beyond the borders. While we can, we must think of how to escape as fast as possible. Do you have an idea, either of you?"

The pain slowly began to subside, though only as long as Chroma concentrated. She didn't have much chakra, but at long as this pain plagued her, she could Convert the energy of her pain into extra chakra, even if it wasn't a lot. It wouldn't work for too long, as she would eventually start outputting more chakra to Convert than she would be getting, but until that point, she could conserve the decent amount she knew she would need to escape... And most likely engage in combat.

Bluenote looked on as trees randomly started to attack; before she could do anything about the attack, Lino threw up a shield to keep everyone safe for a while. Now that she had some time to think, she couldn't help but over hear the little princess' statement. "What did you just say!? Calm down!? How could you possibly think I'd be calm at a time like this!? My body feels funny, my heart's racing, my blood is flowing -- in short, I'm all fired up!" Bluenote was twitching a bit; she was so hyped with adrenaline she couldn't stay still -- everything that was going on around her was just making her more hyper than before. The statement made by the princess was crazy; Bluenote was way too pumped to just sit back and do nothing, however, she hadn't forgot what Lino had said to her. "Ehehehehehehe! Ahahahahahahaha!!! Power!? No! I seek something far greater than power! Lino you don't understand do you? I'm not like all those other ass clowns out there who only want power, I have a much bigger appetite! Yes, much bigger!" As she talked small sparks of electricity would shoot from her head. These sparks at first seemed invisible at the time she was talking, but the more hyped she got, the bigger and more visible they became... But this wasn't a good thing, so to say; the sparks started to lash out violently, though the sparks wouldn't hit Chroma or Lino. They just flew past them. But there was one good thing about all of this; the princess was trying to find a way out of this forest. "Run, again! CHROMA!!!" Bluenote yelled Chroma's name before taking off; she ran out of the shield that Lino made to protect them. Once she got outside, she created two lightning blades and got to cutting. She cut every root, branch, and anything else that got in her way. "CHROMA, YOU LACK APPETITE!" Due to Bluenote's nature, running away wasn't her style. However, what Chroma and Lino didn't know was that she was acting as a decoy for them so they could get away. The sparks that were shooting out, were now being used as extra hands to give Bluenote a three hundred sixty degree attack and defense ability -- this seemed to be the plan. "Bitching!!!"

The ghoulish nightmares continued to converge on their location, their slender, rough claws all reaching simultaneously to grasp the three all in different sections of their bodies and pull them apart. The blood of the slain would become their nourishment and make them strong with nutrients soaked into their roots. They were rather thirsty, after all; their gnashing gnarled faces and bloodthirsty snarls expressed it clearly.

With every wretched crack of their wooden limbs drawing in, the three would know they drew nearer and nearer, just about to make contact with the most vulnerable; Chroma. Though before they could, their efforts were thwarted by the hastily expanded barrier by the man who nurtured her thirst, sending each of the nearest trees toppling over. With their height, the toppling timber lumbered atop each other, knocking a few down behind them like a domino effect, their crashes echoing throughout the forest. Startled birds fled from their treetop shelters into the sky, over the tops of the tall trees and into the clouds.

All seemed well with the nearest trees having falling over, though like zombies from a classic thriller, the trees would rise from the ground, digging their roots into the ground for leverage to pull themselves back upright, and immediately return to hunting their prey. The closest tree reached out to touch the barrier in an attempt to puncture it with its claws, though was quickly lit aflame by the call of "Hideiko" by the one Linomaru Hugo once more. Seems he was living up to his title as Expert protecting the young Beginners from harm. But the evil forest acted of one collective mind, it seemed, working in tandem, and when the first's arm lit aflame and burnt to ash, the entire forest knew of this as well.

Still, they pressed on.

Like they didn't even care.

Each one, one after the other, threw themselves full force at the barrier like crazed beasts, knowing that penetration of a barrier that burnt their splinters-for-arms to ash before it could even make contact would be no threat to the structure of the barrier individually. As each made contact, its entire body burst into flames, though did not burn away completely nor instantly. Like firewood, their bulky bodies would burn away slowly, and the more they piled atop and crashed into each other, the swifter the barrier would give under their weight. If not, at the very least, Lino would burn up more chakra keeping the barrier up with more weight pushing down on it, and somehow these things were intelligent enough to have deduced all of this collectively. Odd.

With only a single frame to escape, the riled up Bluenote took her chances and rushed from the protection of the barrier, straight into the burning woods. Eventually, the fire would spread from them and through the entire forest; across the grass and into the other trees, igniting them the same way. It would not be long before the whole wooded region was up in flames, the fire following the foolish girl. Of course, the flaming trees all around her jolted awake, their eyes bursting open the moment Bluenote passed each of their 'faces', which no longer resembled ghoulish trees, but now blazing demons from hell. All too quickly, this world went from strange forest to infernos of hell. Every one of the monstrous beings cackled violently, eyes bearing down on Linomaru and Chroma within the barrier they tried to crush, and the others extending flaming arms out to grab Bluenote.

Luckily for her, her slashes possessed such a wide coverage around her body that even as the burning hands of hell attempted to snatch her into their inferno, they were sliced to pieces by her frantic slashes. Though she was protected for now, it would not be long before she was lost and without the rest of her party, ready for the fiery demons to feast upon her roasted flesh.

Cheshure: 'You'd better run, girl.'

Lin stood there as the trees piled on top of his barrier with the weight increasing; it would start to become more difficult to withstand it all. Linomaru began to sweat; the heat of the burning trees was starting to get to him. Soon the forest itself was in flames; Bluenote ran past him in a all out electric blitz. Lin tried to stop her but she was too fast for him to grab. Lin had no choice now; he had to rid his shield. But he would give a blast of chakra to push the trees into the air and away from them. Lin would quickly pull out one of the six scrolls he had earlier. He would open the scroll and quickly bit his thumb letting a drip of blood hit the side of the scroll with words. Lin would grab Chroma and slam his freehand on the ground where he sat it.

Linomaru: "Summoning: Yamaku!!"

A cloud of smoke seeped out of the trees that were now piled on Linomaru and Chroma. It seemed like the two of them were crushed by the forest, but that wasn't the case... With a few of the trees falling off top, Lin and Chroma came bursting through the pile of now burnt bark. They were on the back of a dragon like beast; it flew quickly -- it was no bigger than an elephant in height, no longer than a horse. Lin moved up into the clouds and he then began to look for Bluenote. "If the girl only had patience... Chroma, can you see Bluenote??" Lin was high enough to see over all the trees. He would fly around high enough so the trees couldn't get to them.

Chroma didn't expect Bluenote to overreact to this situation as she did... Clearly, she wasn't one to handle pressure all that well. It all went straight to her head; heart racing, adrenaline pumping... Yep. Fight or flight sequence activated, and for Bluenote, it was both. "... W-wait just a moment, Bluenote...! I need you with a rational head so we can come up with--!!" But before she could finish, the rambunctious Bluenote already bolted out of the protection of the barrier, screaming madly about Chroma's 'appetite'. "... A plan... *sigh*" She had no idea what 'lacking appetite' meant, but whatever the case, Bluenote was now in danger. Even so, Chroma was able to recognize her efforts in luring a large portion of the now flaming monsters away. Now, however, the situation proved far more perilous than once before.

The demonic blazing trees stacked atop the barrier, fires raging throughout the once peaceful forest. Chroma gazed upon the scene in horror; looking into the faces of these horrid creatures -- even with her eyes closed -- being a terrifying sight to behold. Their grim, gnarled faces set aflame and hungry eyes penetrating the shield with their presence... It was a feeling of hopelessness. A feeling that they were going to be devoured, and that Bluenote had been lost. It wasn't until Linomaru -- though, against her wishes -- grabbed her, releasing the barrier and blowing the trees up into the air with a pulse of chakra. At least he was capable here.

Chroma: "Hey! What is with people and touching me?! I could have sworn I said not to touch me!"

Though, when Linomaru's dragon appeared in a puff of smoke from the unraveled scroll, Chroma was actually rather relieved to see it there. That's when she remembered that she bore wings of her own. Regardless of that suddenly remembered fact, she and he already burst through the trees and high into the sky upon this dragon's back. From up high, she could see the entire forest encased in hues of reds and oranges, black smoke filling the sky. Chroma peered down in search of Bluenote, but through all the black smog in the sky and the distortion from the heat of the trees, seeing would be near impossible for most people. "No... I can't see a thing..." She continued to stare down into the hopeless flaming mess, concentrating hard on what was beyond. Her mind, as if responding to her wishes, pulsated with pain once more. Even through the pain, Chroma did not break concentration, and converted the pain into chakra as she said she would do until she had a more suitable amount. Before too long, through the extension of her psionic sight, -- since she saw through her mind, since her eyes are always closed -- she was able to 'Remote View' beyond the smoke and flames down to the ground below, even through the solid objects.

"Wait... Wait a minute, I'm getting something..." With this new concentrated power, she looked up and down for Bluenote, finding mostly trees all running in a straight line toward something. She deduced that whatever it was they were chasing, it was probably Bluenote or leading to her. So, her eyes trailed the trees all the way to the very front, where Bluenote was indeed, hacking away at each tree that got too close. "There!" she cried, "I can see her down there! A little further ahead and about twenty meters East of us." Even if she wasn't in the fray... She was still of some use, at least. With just this little power, now they had a chance at saving Bluenote's life. If nothing else, she was useful in some way to someone. What a peaceful feeling...

"So it seems that I've got some new friends to play with. I hope you guys don't break like the last ones did," Bluenote said as she looked at the destroyed trees around her. This was indeed a good sight to see in her eyes as she ran through everything like a madman. She noticed that as she passed by certain trees, that they looked different from the rest, boy was she right about that. Before she knew it, hands shot from out of the blue trying to grab her, but before they could even lay a hand on her, they were cut down by her lightning blades. "Its not enough! I need more, I can't get my fill off of this! Bluenote came to a stop, before turning around to face the evil that was behind her. She stopped her lightning attacks; for some reason she didn't need it anymore. After coming to a stop and stopping her attack, she noticed that a large amount of energy was building up inside her -- this energy was overwhelming. Her body was starting to glow a bright purple; it was like someone was dumping loads and loads of energy into her body, though she wasn't sure what was going on, but it was starting to hurt her badly. "So much energy! Need to control it! Errrrr! Can't control it!!! Rwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Gwrahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" As she screamed in pain, the skies grew dark, the ground started to shake violently; her power kept rising rapidly. The worse things got, somehow her lightning started to hit by the ground. It would seem Bluenote's power was starting to act up, but without her knowing. "Rwahhhhhhh!!! Gwahhhhh!!! Grrrr!!! Ahahaahahahaha!!!" As she screamed, she started to laugh out loud evilly while her power was rising, until all of a sudden, she stopped, but the ground shaking, the dark sky, and the lightning strikes kept on. And for a few seconds, everything seemed normal, until in one quick go, she screamed one last time, but this time all that power that had built up released itself. The released power was so powerful, it seemed to warp reality. Since the skies went from dark to light, then back to dark again, the blast of power would've blown everything back with such force that it was like getting hit by hurricane. A bright light covered the whole area. Once the light died down, Bluenote could be seen floating about a huge hole in the ground, but she didn't look like she did before. "Ehehehehehe! No ones stronger than me!!!" This was a whole new take over, brought on by the over hyperactivity that got her pumped in the first place, and now with everything blown back. She simply flew up into the sky, though she had no idea that the princess and Lino were also in the sky.

The blazing timber tried desperately to break through the barrier, almost succeeding when the barrier gave in, only to be repelled by a pulse of his pure chakra that sent them into the air. It looked like the end for the two once the burning wood crashed down on their position, however Linomaru and Chroma shot through the fire and high into the sky upon the back of a dragon that flew through the heat and smog in the air. The two maintained their safety through retreat to the skies, and gazing elsewhere from the unknown reaches of the forest, did Cheshire Phantom lie.

He knew very well that even their fleet up above could not stop his forest from capturing them, as it would only take a wave of his hand to bring them back to the nightmare they were just in...

However, his unsettling feeling grew. It intensified once the girl Chroma used his psychic skill of Remote Viewing to peer through the trees, and it made him uncomfortable to see -- and feel, by the way -- this girl's mind using one of his mind's capabilities. The smile of the happy jester's grin languidly curled downward on one side, gradually shaping the face of the mask used in theatre to portray 'drama', simultaneously comedic as it was tragic.

As the single side of his face neared the edge of his chin, a loud, but very simple sound reverberated through the forest, even over the sound of the blazing, creeping trees.


A deep, long crack from his cheek to his eye visibly appeared on his face and his mask, as if they were one and the same. His head twitched as his hand shot to his face, fingers pressed against the groove of the deeply embedded crack.

Cheshire: '... Put a smile on your face...'

Cheshire: '... We will just have to turn that half a frown...'

Cheshire: '... Upside down...'

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick; until his head stopped rotating completely one hundred eighty degrees opposite of its upright position, fully upside down. It finally set into place with another loud *CRK!!* of his neck, the twisted face remaining the same even upside down. Like a typewriter, his head clanked back into place with a high-pitched *DING!*, his face returning to normal. Still, the crack did rest deep in his face, what seemed to be permanently etched into his being, even as his smile retorted to its normality.

Meanwhile, Bluenote continued to hack away at the fragile wooden arms stretching out to grab her, for they posed little threat to her at the moment. It was not until her body radiated with her dark purple aura that the entire section of the forest was wiped out by lightning raining down on their location. The crashing bolts wiped clean the many groups of nightmarish trees one by one, until the largest bolt brought the entire area to cinders. One would think that after this, the group would be safe for the moment...

... But they were dead wrong.

Bluenote's smoldering crater, that which cleared the trees, it remained for only a moment or two before the land's form began to return to its normal state. Within the earth, very faint, but intricate details in the charred soil coiled and twisted to the form of a mask-like face, almost identical to the Cheshire Phantom's. There lay only one ever so minuscule detail differentiating the forming faces within the earth and the one donned by Cheshire; a long, gruesome scowl filled to the brim with agony. As time progressed, more faces drew themselves into the ground around, all slowly protruding more and more from the surface of the earth, yet never puncturing through. It was as if this were the earth itself.

The more the imprint of a face bulged from below, the more intricate lines etched themselves upon them, like skin pulled further and further back, to the point where it looked ready to tear asunder. So too would the expressions of agonizing pain grow more and more grotesque, bordering unimaginability as they steadily continued to rise. Behind them, the craterous earth depressed by the destructive bolt before carried upward with each of the rising faces around Bluenote. The land continued to rise until leveled once more and grass broke out from every pore, until the land filled once again with green. Yet even as the land returned to norm, these figures continued to grow, their elongated shapes now reminiscent of the same trees blown to bits by the brigade of bolts before.

Once they reached the sky, far higher than any other towering tree, they quelled the luminescent candle that was the forest with a silent hussshhh... that rolled over it like a sea of suffocation, returning darkness to the now charred black forest. Now, there was only darkness; that which the sun could not even pierce with its rays. The overwhelming sensation of pain and agony proved intense enough to condense around them and bring an even further sense of impending doom upon the three wayward shinobi... Day had become night with only the sound of a phantom's whisper...

Down below at the base of these 'trees', the mask-like faces continued their growth; from stoic to agitated to pained to agonizing to excruciatingly tortured all through their protrusive development. Now they beckoned Bluenote with their silent shouts, strrreeeetching ever closer with an ever intensifying unrest. The remaining trees in the forest all followed behind the originals, mask-like faces all extending from all over their trunks as well. The ones below reached out with open mouths toward Bluenote, and the ones above reached for the now black sky where Chroma and Linomaru flew. The trees, all crying silently in unison, wore torture all over their protruding faces, gnarled with unimaginable suffering. Though not a single one could be heard, the eerie silence of the entire forest brought with it the sensation of sheer pain; their pain, emanating from every fiber of their being and magnified by the now night sky. The tension, the longing, the screams that could not be heard by the one before them, it all made the 'wailing spirits' within hunger ever more for Bluenote's body so that they could end their miserable lives. 'Let... Me... Ooouutttt....' they cried as silent as death, '... I... Can't... Smile... Anymooooooreee...'

The closer they got to their prospective consorts, the more mangled their horrifying faces became. Their eyeless sockets sunk deeper and deeper as their gaping mouths drew lower and lower by the second from either end, giving the image of the melting face with an unhinged jaw wailing with all its tormented martyrdom. As close as they were, one would be able to feel their very mind's being sucked from their heads by the vacuous gaping mouths and eyes of the abyss they would stare into; Bluenote, Chroma, and Linomaru alike. Staring deep into the darkness of each socket, they'd find their sanity ripped forcefully from their minds, cognition following right behind, sucked dry from their brains through their eyes, mouths and nostrils. Only upon that close encounter would they hear the sound of whispers in the silence pouring into the abyss that beckoned them closer so they could hear... Hear the words of the phantom's faces...

Cheshire: 'Give me your sanity... I've lost my own.'

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The beam of blue moonlight shot the Demon King through its portal and into a land he hadn't knowledge of. He knew Khrona to be a keeper of realities; within the infinite speck of the Tensei's mind lie the coding for a particular amount of creation. It was to this reason that the Demons, too, took to taking a close water over the mind of Tensei -- Khrona's had gotten far out of reach; though, he would save his words for Khrona himself. "... Flares?" On the floating island, the Blue Moon. Yet, he stood alone and sensed many other presences within the area. It would seem the path to Khrona would not be fought alone after all. With that, the Demon King took off in the direction of the nearest and brightest chakra source. It was clear a battle was being waged on the moon; the Demon King's eyes could see the sudden flares from the distance, but couldn't make out who and what was happening. Yet, with the speed he was moving, he would reach the clash within the moment.

In the charred sky the black smog thickened; Linomaru could barely see in front of him... They were in a mess in actuality; Linomaru had only one thing on his mind -- getting everyone to safety was his main objective. Lin would feel a psychic pulse that came from Chroma. 'It seems the girl is finally tapping into her powers.' This was a good sign. She had manifested her wings and began to fly herself. When she spotted Bluenote a large surge of energy came from her location. The grounds ripped and rumbled, the skies shook and rattled, the burst of wind forced Lin and his dragon to go into a backward spiral. Lin came to a stop just a few feet away from his previous location, still airborne. He would quickly rush back towards the girl, but was stopped... 'Give me your sanity... I have lost mine...' Lin would turn around, not looking at the faces. His dragon, in this case, wasn't so lucky. Its eyes met with the mask-like face and with a heave to toss Linomaru in the air, the beast had lost his sanity. "Don't look into their eyes..." Linomaru would activate his Gentai and began floating in the air; he kept his eyes closed and started using his other senses. He made his way to Bluenote; he stood right in front of her to block her vision of the vessels gathering a few meters away. "Bluenote, you have to close your eyes! These things want to take your sanity from you..." Lin would do a few hand seals; from the shadows of his neck and wrist would shine a bright white light. Soon white chakra would manifest around Linomaru, though the skies of black smog one could see a bright light -- a silver lining, some would say...

Linomaru: "First Seal... Seal Of Kokusai... Katon No Kage Jutsu."

Lin would thrust forward a single palm, a pulse of fire rockets shooting out of his hand right for a group of the souls. It set them all ablaze. Lin moved from group to group doing the same to each of them. He moved about it quickly using his speed; he finished them off in a matter of seconds. When it all was done, he landed next to the girls. He would smile even though it was not the time to... "We are going to get out of this forest." He would then feel another presence; Lin would only hope it was an ally...

The regal 'princess' -- as she was referred as by Bluenote -- continued to examine Bluenote from afar via Remote Viewing, quite able to see all that occurred so far away with utter clarity even with eyes shut tightly. She seemed fine defending herself for the moment, which took some of the pressure from the weight on Chroma's shoulders to save her. In fact, things seemed like they were going to go along just fine now. "Just a little bit more, Linomaru... We almost-- Wait." Chroma's attention drew up toward the sky, sensing something in the clouds as they thickened. Building electrical currents made her head tingle and her body shudder ever so slightly, before her brain deduced what was about to come from above. "Linomaru, there's lightning coming down! I think Bluenote may be out of control!" A burst of energy from their rather 'hyped' friend down below brought streams of purple lightning raining from the sky, callously cracking the forest with whips of plasmatic instability. Even through this lightning storm, it seemed that Chroma, Lino, and the dragon were alright, unscathed by any of the stray bolts. Still, this was no time for relief, for Chroma could feel a great buildup of energy right within Bluenote's locale. "There's one more! This one is going to be large!!" she shouted urgently, gritting her teeth with the sense of impending danger. However large it was, she hoped it didn't strike they that were highest in the sky back down to the ground. It was a disadvantage of being that high up; they were like sitting ducks.

This power exploded from Bluenote's body outward into the sky as a rather intense light beamed up into the sky from her position. Soon after, the residual force of this explosive surge hit the three airborne allies with a gust of wind one would think had been conjured by a brewing hurricane nearby, the dragon being blown aback quite a bit from that type of power. The unprepared Chroma rolled from the dragon's back and off of its side, -- for it wasn't much longer than a horse -- now plummeting to the ground. Her own dragon wings unhooked themselves from around her waist as a sash and extended to their 'flight mode', catching an updraft from the remnants of the burst and taking her up to where Lino and his dragon were now. It was only by the grace of some miracle that they survived. Seemed like Bluenote had a lot of power in her... But Chroma wondered how much she'd wasted already from going out of control like that. Side by side the two would fly on the wings of dragons, Chroma already recollected and ready to reassess their current situation. Bluenote had taken on some new sort of form for some reason, and now headed toward the sky. It wouldn't take Chroma and Lino too long to get to where she was, she thought, so perhaps it was best if Bluenote took to the skies, too, to make it easier? "There she is. It seems like she's safe..." Chroma sighed in relief, shaking her head, "I hope she didn't use a lot of energy..." The most important thing was that she was safe. Yet, even that safety didn't last her. Behind her, many trees with a multitude of terrifying faces grew up from the ground she destroyed and into the sky, much higher than the other trees around. The way they snaked up into the sky was really... Eerie to Chroma. It gave her a bad feeling. "Linomaru, I don't like the looks of those--"


Everything went quiet. Everything went dark. From those sinister stalks, a silencing whisper passed over the forest and quelled the raging flames, cleared the thick smog and blackened the light from the sun. So soon, day turned to night, with not a trace of light leftover to see. If it weren't for Chroma's unconventional means of seeing, she would quite possibly have been more afraid of being in darkness so thick one can't see their hand in front of their face, especially with the looks of the grim expressions on those trees' faces. Like corpses unable to rest, reaching out from under the earth in a last attempt at finding peace... The unified silence soon broke at the low, pained moans discordantly sounding off from one tree after another, but not ever above a whisper. Like being in a graveyard at night... Around her, she could feel oh, so clearly the rising pain and suffering pungent in the air. The sensation of the agony of others crawled up her flesh as if ever present, only intensifying once one of these wretched faces crept closer in the dark. That was how she knew they were coming... The more uncomfortable and pained she felt, the closer she knew they were. Again, if not for Chroma's sight beyond her closed eyes, perhaps the unknowing of what was coming toward her in the dead of black would have scared her out of her mind...

It wasn't long before Chroma looked into the face of one of the dreary eyeless faces... feeling her soul and her sanity slowly being ripped from her body. These mask-like apparitions were so inviting to her for a reason she could not understand. Though advised otherwise by Lino due to the tragic fate of his draconic ally, Chroma took no heed to his words, for she already found herself too lost in her own thoughts and in the pitch black eyes of the face before her. "... What is this feeling...?" she muttered to herself, a very unpleasant chill creeping up her spine, "... Why do I feel like I know this presence...?" This little altercation between she and the phantasmal face slowed her descent from the one Bluenote, the entire ordeal driving her mad with the feeling of 'Deja Vu', another innate psychic attribute coming into her control.

Chroma: "This presence..."

It felt the exact same as when she got her headache before and the images flashes before her eyes. In fact, it felt the same as when she was able to see far beyond what her sight should have allowed, and how she felt when she saw through her perpetually closed eyes. A mental power that projected itself beyond just her mind... She was spoken to now, and the words told her clearly of her gift...

Chroma: "... I'm... Psychic?"

Pain. Mind-shattering pain. How she'd forgotten something so crucial, the terrible unknown of being a psychic who knows nothing of their powers. The headaches from the lack of control. The overwhelming mental stress of not knowing what psionic power you use at what time... For such a powerful psychic as she gifted with the Mind of her Father, having no knowledge of this power may indeed be more detrimental than if she did. To have the mind of that man...

Chroma: "No! No, you're wrong! I am not psychic! These are just my normal powers! I won't fall for your tricks, Insanity!!"

The innate Insanity resting dormant in her being recognized that which lived within this face as that which was one and the same. They were drawn closer to each other, Chroma's mind and soul slowly draining into the mouth, eyes and nostrils of the face. This seemed like her end.

Sanity dwindling and power draining, another image flashed before her eyes now; the sight of her own face within the face before her. The sanity of her mind that held her Insanity back started to function as her cognitive source, since the face she looked into drew out the cognition of her 'sanity,' which caused the Insanity registering in her head to view it within the socketless face as one and the same. Like looking in a mirror...

Chroma: "... Is that... Me?!"

She began to panic, the feeling of her mind losing itself slowly settling in. She couldn't think... It was so hard to think... What to make of all of this...? Why was this...? She remained confused, growing weaker and weaker by the second, and gradually more insane. Yet... That was the power of her clansmen... Wasn't it?

Chroma: "... Hmhmhm~!"

That laugh... That infamous laugh. Signature to only them; a very clear indication to their growing madness. Inherent from her father, the fabled Tensei laugh meant one thing only...

Chroma: "... Don't you remember, daddy...? We never had any of it to begin with..."

The Insanity.

Though her mind robbed of sanity should have collapsed and shattered, it, in fact, became that much more fortified, almost as if waiting for this moment. Her eyes shot open with a flux of psionic force which radiated over the entirety of her head. With her eyes maintaining most of her chakra, it would seem that she was delving into her more private reserves. Her black eye could not be seen in the pitch of black, though her pure white eye resting just beyond the other side of the bridge glimmered and gleamed with the light of a beacon in the fog. As the white of her heterochromatic eyes flashed and glinted, the face before her would become even more grotesque; sliced and severed from every which way by an unseen force. It no longer posed a threat to her, for her Insanity was now in control of her actions. For a moment, her single piercing white eye was the only speck of light that cut through the darkness, all until Linomaru's fiery display. She stayed just outside of his light, letting not a bit of it illuminate her body, and she closed her eye, the only visible part of her body, as she faded away.

Elsewhere, a new presence emerged, entering the forest with great haste. She decided it best to watch him; to study him from a distance before he made his way to the heart of the battle. His speed was great indeed, able to reach the calamity in but a matter of a moment, but all the while he passed by the trees of eyeless faces, there was but one that appeared every now and then between the cracks with a single gleaming white eye piercing through the darkness, staring only at him. The one, Demon King. It was only but a moment Chroma was seen, before vanishing yet again as if never there in the first place. When Linomaru appeared besides Bluenote, Chroma was nowhere to be found. Only a single eye white eye opened up in the darkness behind them, followed by a gentle giggle, "Hmhm~!" and after that... The sound of blades cutting through the night from either side of them.

Chroma: 'Psychodynatheos; Psycho Sword Style...'

"This form feels good, it's been awhile since I've pushed myself to the limit, but now its time to find the princess and that random guy." Bluenote took a few seconds to check out her new look -- well not really a new look, but rather a transformation into a second level from her original flying form. After a few moments of checking herself out, she noticed that something was flying towards her. But due to her outburst, whatever it was got blown away in the aftermath of her transformation, though she didn't care too much in the matter, but she couldn't help but think that the princess was the thing that was approaching her. "God, I hope I didn't hurt anyone..." Not too long after talking to herself, Bluenote noticed that the skies were growing dark, faces were coming from above and below -- in short, all hell was breaking loose and Bluenote was in the middle of it all; she was hearing things out of nowhere. And before she could make a move, Lino popped in front of her saying. 'Don't look into their eyes'. Of course she had no idea of what was going on, but she simply closed her eyes very quickly. And after Lino did his part and took out all the souls that were attacking all of them, she was quite happy with this outcome, that is, until Chroma started acting crazy again . "Hey you! Guy... What's your face! I think Chroma is staring to menstruate again... And why are the attacks heading for us!?" Bluenote quickly took hold of Lino, and flew up into the sky, but not too high up, just enough to avoid the attacks and whatnot.

The longing tortured faces whispered their dead silent wails to those whose faces they gazed into, waiting to steal completely their peace of mind; their sanity and their souls with their vile lust for salvation. Aching, longing to be freed from the darkness that now swept over the forest entirely, the only way they knew was to feast upon the sanity of the others. The ones unlike them. For perhaps their happiness, their smiles, they were not there for show.

Unfortunately, a rather sad fate befell Linomaru Hugo's summoned beast, as it stared directly into the pitch black sockets that serves as the lack of eyes by the horrendously malformed, stretched face. The 'skin' that pulled formed wailing, ghastly frowns, yet to them, they were still smiling and trying to escape their fate.

Cheshire: 'Give... It... To... Me...'

To make an example of the beast was a warning to all who walked through this dark nightmare world; they had to watch where they walked, where they turned, and what they saw in the dark of the night. Through its curious, valiant gaze, its mentality drew out from its eyes and soul from its scaly lizard lips, casting it into a sort of erratic frenzy of one whose mind was clouded with uncontrollable, head-splitting thoughts; those that were not his own, yet were indeed produced by a malfunctioning brain, overwhelming all of the senses. Visually, vile visions veered across the eyes of the beast, throwing out its sense of sight and clarity. Physically, its state of feeling was that of the pain, agony and torture felt by the phantom face whose sanity-sucking eyes stole that sense of gentle calm in the dragon's scales... Now, it would feel to him that every minute scale attached to his body did not fit naturally, but was driven in and cut into its body like razor blades. The body, in all forms, was thrown into disarray, rejecting itself upon the lack of Sanity necessary to thrive as a typical being. The Dragon knew not what it was anymore, for it had no sound foundation of thought to understand. Its wings gave out, and it would fall to the ground... Writhing... Wriggling... Trying to grasp the function of each part of its body not wanting to work together. A total mental breakdown. Such was a testament to the great danger each of them were in. The ground around it took its writhing body down below the soil, letting the flailing beast decompose into the madness and 'rest in peace.'

However, there was one... One who stared straight into the eyes of the horrid visage and came out on top; a mind whose power thrived on inward Insanity and that held power far beyond the limitations of 'rational' thought, as many minds were seasoned to only think in. The one, Chroma Tensei.

Cheshire: '... Is that... Me?'

He could see, as he stared her in the face through the eyes of the 'Soul Seekers' -- counterparts to the 'Flesh Seekers' -- that in her head, there was sanity driven by such Insanity, held back in a similar fashion to how he functioned. Her words... What was it that she knew? It was like looking into a mirror when he stared this girl in the face... As if just her presence here were driving him mad.

Cheshire: 'Daddy...?'

Even now, nothing made sense to the hidden Cheshire Phantom. This girl whom he knew nothing about, yet held the most familiarity out of all the presences here; how she survived his gaze of the 'Soul Seekers' might, and how their minds somehow connected. It felt almost like her presence here was volatile to his own... Indeed, she was a threat far beyond that of anyone here, and he was just now beginning to realize it now. Her existence here... He was afraid of it.

Cheshire: 'I see... See through your eyes, my dear, as you see through mine. We have a channel, a bond, a link unexplainable... Let your vision become my own...'

Thus, through psychic 'Mediumship' and 'Channeling', he was capable of establishing a link through her rather open mind, without her consent. They shared minds as one, and in her crazed state, she would serve as his greatest weapon instead of the bane of his existence; turn your greatest weakness into your greatest strength. Yes... Yes... It was coming together. Through her eyes, he saw everything as she did, as she moved, whispering sweet insanities into her head feigned as thoughts of her own. He saw the presence of another that entered his dismal domain of darkness, one unfamiliar whose power far exceeded those that were here presently. This also brought him to a great unsettling feel.

Cheshire: '... Strip him of his sanity... Leave him no peace of mind... Hurry...'

The blissful cries of the Cheshire harbored more than the jovial whispers it let on... Somehow, behind the smile of the mask, there was pain. Torturous pain of having to look at them and smile. And so, the tension of pain heavy in the air, his innermost turmoil manifested once more after being incinerated once by Linomaru Hugo, as the Soul Seekers rising from the ground and distorting the natural land with their grotesque mugs.

Around the newfound member of the party, the Demon King, many a-faces would emerge from the trees and the grass, with wailing whispers waiting for him just the same. They stttrrreeetched from their prisons, taking with them the texture of the surfaces they emerged from -- some of grass, some of tree bark, and such -- and moved toward his face, as well, seeking his sanity and his soul. They reached upward for the now flying Lino and Bluenote, sprouting from the soil like trees once more. Even with the entire forest burned to ash, it would simply rise again, thirsty for their sanity.

Cheshire: '... Get them, my dear... Show them what it's like... Give them a 'Happy Ending...' Put these torturous smiles on their faces, too!!'

The Demon King's speed made closing the gap a relatively easy task, but now was the real show. He stood over a blackened forest in the midst of the blackened sky; his Origin Vision saw the light and sound of any given frequency, but this wasn't possible if another 'light' was overpowering the others. The shadowy darkness that, to the Demon King, came from nowhere, made it increasingly difficult to see anything; but, in the midst of the unyielding darkness, a few flickers of light could till be sensed. Their voices echoed through the foreboding darkness, creating sparks for the Demon King to see -- he only needed a bare minimum to make a move. As he spotted what appeared to be two chakra signatures, he prepared to make his entrance, but was cut off by the ghastly faces. This place was a nightmare, one that the Demon King was not too distant from. The faces reached out for sanity, for peace that they felt only capable of obtaining through force: by taking another peace in order to feel what they themselves had forgotten. Their whispers, soft and faint to the ears, were like the whines of a crying child: piercing through any silence of slumber to alert one of their undoubted need; however, the Demon King could not yield to these ghouls. "If its peace you want, find it yourself. Take a look into my eyeees," he said, giving the ghouls exactly what they asked for. They sought to extract peace, sanity, happiness, and so forth through the eyes of all who passed their glance -- but, what they would find was not entirely what they sought after. One look into the Demon King's eyes from such a drastically 'starved' place as these ghouls would shine a light like no other. These ghouls had lived within the dark for too long, even if they were created just moments before his arrival. Their ideal of taking one's happiness through the eyes was dead on, but the Demon King was an unyielding soul and had much to show any man who could bear his glance.

The ghastly faces would naturally feel as though they had won at first, staring into Demon King's soul and pulling out what they came for, -- his bountiful light -- giving them the impression that they had found 'it', but in their haste, they wouldn't realize just how much they had 'won'. Within his eyes lied the keys of the universe, the understanding of both light and dark... Freedom. The faces would begin to crack as the light from his eyes shined through the holes in their 'soul', bringing their true desire to the surface of their existence -- Freedom. "Can you see... Now?" he asked the ghouls as if they could speak while their eyes were filled with the bliss of truth and freedom, as slowly they began to fade and become nothing more than a memory. If the ghouls extracted sanity as an occupation, well then the only way to get rid of them was to give them what they came for -- peace of mind, the freedom of knowing they didn't have to be... Who they were. That is what the Demon King showed them; that is how he broke them.

As the night came in the little light that they had vanished with the sun. Lin's breathes became heavy, he had used up at least thirty percent of his overall chakra and twenty five percent of his white chakra to release 'The First Holy Seal Of Kokusai'. The atmosphere had a change, -- a shift, to say the least -- and an uneasy feeling began to set in. Lin could feel Chroma's mind being pulled away, then, in that very moment, she 'came back'... Lin had to think of away to get the three of them out of this hellish forest. He and Bluenote were sitting ducks in this blackened forest; he couldn't see in front of him -- even his own hands and feet were submersed in the darkness. This set an uneasy feeling in Lin. 'What is this... Is it happening again...? No... It's just a trick... It's always been a trick... My mind is playing games with me, it has to be...' Lin had a fear of the very thing that surrounded him... DARKNESS... Was the boy's weakness; it made him all the more insane. Lin's head would drop, his hair would cover his face, and his shoulders slumped; his stance became heavy... He would then feel a tug and he was lifted off of the ground by Bluenote. Beneath his feet would graze Chroma's attack, just missing him. Lin would remain motionless; --  lifeless, so to say -- he rested in the hands of Bluenote for only a few seconds before his head would slowly rise... "Put me down, girl..." Lin's voice had become a bit more stern, deeper, smoother; he had a cocky slur to his speech. The look in his eyes wasn't the one he always bore -- it read pain... Lin would begin to glow a bright red light, his body becoming as hot as fire itself. He would land -- surely because Bluenote would drop him, for his body temperature hand become as hot as fire -- standing right in front of Chroma. He would look at her directly; he could feel her chakra nature...

Linomaru: 'I... Can feel you over there... Chroma... Tell me, do you... Do you remember what I said to you earlier...?'

Lin took a stance. He had to get to her, but with someone else is controlling her, this would not be easy. He would rush toward her; he had tapped into the seal fully.. in the darkness is where 'PROJECT LH3467' slept... His awakening was was to never happen... On July seventeenth, his slumber was stopped by a clan of rebel ninja... They were known as the HUGO clan... This boy was a descendant of this clan... This was the first true feeling all men had... PAIN... An emotion most cannot feed off of, became his very strength. Lin did hand seals as he challenged the girl, around his palms would manifest a reddish-orange color; he would appear in front of her and give a downward blow to her. "Hugo Style: Force Palm Strike!!" The blow itself would rip through the ground from impact, making a small insert inside the rock below.

Chroma: 'This place... Is like a living nightmare, isn't it? I wonder if this is what the world is truly like...? All of your nightmares waiting just outside your bliss, ready to kill you...'

The thoughts of the girl lost in her own clan's Insanity raced through her head pulsating with psychic power, staring into the darkness and seeing everything as it was; nightmarish, hellish, and evil. They were currently enduring what many would call a living hell, and yet as she looked upon it, there was no fear of the world around her; there was fear only that she had not seen it for what it truly was all of this time. That is what terrified her the most.

Chroma: 'Daddy... Where are you...?'

Though she stood right before Bluenote and Lino retreating into the sky, she could not see them with her means of psychic sight. She saw through the eyes of the forest, through the eyeless sockets that served as the regrowing trees, and through the eyes of another hidden within the unknown. The 'boss' of this nightmare world, the one who conjured it up.

Chroma: 'Are these your nightmares, Daddy...? Is this what you see? Only hell all around you?'

Somehow, rationality found her way into her head as she spoke to her father, almost as if she spoke to him from the memory she lost. But, her physical form spoke a different story.

The single white eye gleaming in the darkness served as the only knowledge that Chroma was in the position she was in, which gave her away to the new burning Linomaru Hugo. To face him was instinct, yet somehow she felt as if she could not fight him.


Lino's 'Force Palm Strike' was met midway by a different force, halting it in the air. He'd feel it at his wrist, the feeling of two blades unseen holding his arm back as best they could, cutting at his veins as he tried to push them down. The strength of his strike was formidable indeed, as even if the initial strike was blocked, the force of it still surged through the invisible swords, causing them to crack.


"AUGH!!!" she cried immediately, throwing a hand to her head in pain, covering her white eye. A crack appeared in her 'Psycho Swords', which in turn hurt her very mind just a bit. The pain was sharp and piercing like a sword, and was a new shock to her system. She'd never felt it before. Yet, even so, her sight still did not rest on him, but on the one causing all of this madness to occur.

Chroma: "I... Know where you are..."

Muttering her words, she drifted dreamily away from the fray of battle, led by the connection of Channeled sight to where the Cheshire Phantom hid himself. Torn between her muggy memories of the past and the Insanity that drove her forward, she stumbled off into the darkness with no true concern for those around her. Her main priority was getting to where the Cheshire Phantom was.

Chroma: "Daddy... Daddy..."

She mumbled his name, almost incoherently, and trees would fall all around her for a reason she couldn't understand nor did she even care to. The psionic swords that followed her invisibly were not known to her, and served as an unexplainable phenomenon that merely 'happened' as she walked by, knowing not that this was the doing and projection of her own mind. She did not take heed to the word that she was indeed a psychic, rejecting that memory that the Cheshire Phantom tried to stir in her again. Now she would have to suffer the psychic's power knowing nothing of what she did or why; roaming the lands with headaches, driven insane by the strange forces happening and hellish sights seen to only she, living in fabrications of reality induced by her own mind... All of which she'd take after her father, just as he had done in this land of the Reality Village oh, so long ago. She continued her path toward him... Wherever he was.

Cheshire: 'What...?! What is this light!?'

Seeing through the pitch black sockets of his Soul Seekers of all that lay in their line of vision, those that met the gaze of the Demon King found a peace like no other... Vaguely familiar, yet still unknown. In their freedom of their prison, the Cheshire Phantom saw the glimpse of Peace he once knew.

Cheshire: 'The... The Paradise Peer!?'


Memory of that day tried so desperately to penetrate the masked face of the one who hid behind the jester's smile; memory that should not have been known to the one that existed in this state of being was brought to his mind from those of the 'future' in his eyes... That fateful day where he faced this man of such wisdom, and showed him the same thing that he expressed through the Soul Seekers' gaze. He had never forgotten this, and his vision sparked the memory of the future, that which one would call a Premonition of sorts to one that existed in the past. The past seeing the future whilst simultaneously, the future showed the past to the present. Existing on very opposite sides of that point on the timeline, that which existed before that pinpointed event saw it as the future and that which existed after saw it as the past. Thus, a new present was made... One that threatened to break this phantom free of his masked presence.

Cheshire: 'I... Remember... But this never happened... It hasn't...
Has it?'

Insanity. One who tried to comprehend an event that occurred in the future but registered as an event from the past would find that to be pure and utter madness, no matter how true and absolutely correct it was. These interlopers came from the future... And so quickly, how being called Daddy made sense to him. This was his daughter from the future. These were his companions in the future. They were fighting now so that their present would not be erased, and to come to the past, the memory contorted by the psychic superiority that served the boy behind this jester's face would start to...


Crack. Crumble. Fade. Bits and pieces of the substance this mask was made of fell as the fractured line continued up one side, over the eye and down the middle, barely holding together the constitution of the mask itself. One eye was open, yet the other, still lost in darkness; one side freed from the fake face, the other still hidden behind the comfort of darkness.

Cheshire: 'This is... My nightmare? Why are you all in my nightmares?! Is this all in my head?! But this is... The Reality Village!'

Yet, for some reason, he was alone here in the village of Reality. Memories of the future slowly returned to him... of Misery, of Despair, of Khrona's brother, of his brother's wife, of Zita... Those that stood beside him in the Village Hidden in Reality... But where were they now?

Cheshire: '... This isn't it. This isn't a nightmare... This is REALITY!!! And this is the HELL THAT GOES ON ALL AROUND ME!!! INSANITY!!!'

Split vision between the eyes of Chroma and himself allowed him to view things through her eyes, and she to see through his. Their minds were linked, after all, and though she did not seem to comprehend fully what occurred, she was able to use the power to see through his eyes clearly, just as he instructed. She approached him slowly, pained of the head and slicing down trees of the forest against her will... And the closer she walked to him, the more he felt he needed to stay hidden. But he did not. In fact, he did just the opposite, phasing out of a tree directly beside the girl, sporting the smile of the mask on one side of his face and the panicked frown of fright and confusion on the other. His single visible eye darted all about in every direction, trying to focus; up, down, left, right... Trying to find a way to focus on the situation at hand. Finally, his focus came on one sole target...

Cheshire: '... You...'

The single sanguine glimmer of his burning red eye, signature to the Khrona of the past, -- as hair predominantly covered one of his eyes always -- piercing the darkness in a similar manner to how the white eye of Chroma only cut through the dark, whilst the other eye stayed trapped in blackness. With his mask covering one eye, the twisted expression of calm on one side of his face, yet extreme discomfort and agonizing mental torture on the other portrayed the demented duality that writhed in his head as he wisped between the trees toward Linomaru Hugo; his new target. The phantasmal body of the Cheshire Phantom brought with it psychic waves of destructive force pulsating fervently toward Lino, carrying with it the same tormented cries once whispered by the Soul Seekers, revealed now to be the painful barely noticeable wails of Khrona's mind projected outward in the concentrated concussive psychic forces. Upon impact, Lino would be able to hear the whispers very clearly... As the SCREAMS that sounded off CONSTANTLY in Khrona's head!!!

Lin came down with his 'Force Palm', it was stopped by a sharp pain that shot through his wrist. A single splash of blood danced in front of him, dangling in the air as if it were hanging from a rope... In actuality, the pain itself made Lin go into a trance -- his mind went blank... PAIN... 'The Light... It's so warm...' Lin had felt it, the Demon King's gaze; it showed the Soul Seekers a place of freedom without pain or hurt. This fueled him, The light helped Lin snap back into reality... It felt so good to him, it sent a rush through his body; it gave him excitement -- it made his skin boil all the more so. The thrill, the LIGHT... It was enough to send Lin 'Boiling over'. His body immediately began reacting to it, his skin turning completely reddish-orange in color, like lava. His clothing became the same color of his skin, meshing together in a tie-dye type manner. Lin turned his focus to the on coming Cheshire Phantom. 'I see... You're the one... Who is causing all this...'

Linomaru: 'Kokusai Jin...'

Lin would have his Gentai activated in his eyes; it read 'Pain', yet, Truth this was the Power that the Hugo clan had bestowed upon them long ago... 'Kokusai Jin', a spell that effected the atmosphere; it slows down time, -- well, Linomaru's reaction time -- his overall speed is increased... His body became hot as the very core of the planet; his soul became that as well. 'Kokusai Jin'; meaning, 'Holy Flame' -- an attack that slows down the movements of a enemy to the user; it protects them with a force of positive energy if someone is trying to cause harm to the caster. It also allows Lin to use a single attack, known as the 'Holy Flame Of Love And Pain'.

Lin comes from a clan torn apart by the love of two rival families, Love... Was forbidden... It was not to be with an enemy, a lesser being from his proclaimed royal family. Ah how sweet it is... But the thought of losing the one thing Lin truly 'LOVED'... His home... Was in dear danger... This was his drive, his Passion.... He was close to death by the deepness of the cut he received to his wrist. Lin would lift his arm ever so graceful; he would take a knee just before the phantom was only meters away... Thrusting his open palms to meet the face of the phantom, he would release a blast of Holy Flame... But it didn't burn, it didn't set the area around it ablaze... No... it was aimed for the Cheshire Phantom, right for his mask -- Lin wanted to break it; maybe he, the phantom, was someone he knew... A good friend of his... But what is his name...?

Linomaru: 'I KNOW you... Khrona...'

Lin's attack didn't cause any damage to the phantom, only to the mask he wore. It stopped him in mid-attack; he floated as if he were flying, but Lin had caught him the moment he revealed himself to them all. The Cheshire Phantom only had to get close enough for the spell to take effect. Thus when he came closer to Lin, he was frozen in midair, his mind still intact with his body, but his sense of gravity was being controlled by Lin. Kokusai effects the heat in the air and around the body; Lin could control this using his mind. Lin had a smile upon his face as he spoke to the slim-bodied boy. He had a spell upon to protect him from whatever else the phantom would dish out... Hopefully breaking the mask had some effect as to what was happening here.

Linomaru: 'You're... My... Friend...'

Lin shined bright in the darkness, his chakra eating away at it, shining so bright that the Demon King and whoever else was there could see. This was the cause of Lin tapping into his prowess. A light that shines in the darkest of fogs; it would surely act as a beacon.

The wraith eased closer to Linomaru, bursting into an apparition of nightmarish essence before congregating back into his original form, flickering with a psychic instability that wracked the entirety of the nerves in his brain. Every last nerve clad in fear, the projection through his eyes now was a world falling to shambled that once served as a beautiful and prosperous land. Where one eye saw beauty, the other saw ruin.

Ever closer did the specter beckon to the heartfelt Expert overcome by the fires of his love. The transformation continued until completion, allowing the Cheshire Phantom to appear in a puff of smoke and dust staring the newly formed Linomaru Hugo straight in the eyes as he released the energy point blank at his mask.

Time came to an immediate halt.

Linomaru, though in a more powerful form, still had to face the might of Khrona's mind and punch through the Insanity ever present in that hellhole. The sanguine gleam one should know all too well by now enraptured Lino's sight, stealing his gaze just as his flames were about to make contact. The space between their locked eyes became distorted and time did not flow correctly for either of them. Lino was able to vividly hear the screaming now pounding about the barriers of his own mind from simply being too close to the Cheshire Phantom, in his presence. These screams, shrill and blood-curdling, belonged to a woman experiencing great strain, strife, torture, pleasure and satisfaction in an eerie harmonic fashion. Moans of passion tied with shrieks of terror or cries of pain set a very sinister mood to this conflict trapped in stasis.

A tug at his heart, a yank at his soul, and a huge snatch of his mind all at once were sucked into the abysmal black hole that served as Cheshire Phantom's exposed pupil. In dire fear and unparalleled uncertainty, he would draw out the sanity and the soul of Linomaru just the same way as the Soul Seekers did to his dragon before him. Would the fires of Linomaru Hugo strike the phantom's mask first, or was the gaze of the Cheshire Phantom himself enough to strip Linomaru of his soul and his sanity?


The frightened screech of the regal dragon-winged girl for the life of her companion as well as the fear of seeing this vicious attack coming at her -- as she could see through the Cheshire Phantom's eye as he could hers -- sent a sharp psionic slash through the air, taking the effects of the clash with Lino's attack in the stead of the psychic phantom, forcing her mind to take the pain of the attack. The sharp pain lashed into her head, filled with the spicy heat the heavenly palms had to flare.


Her hair aflair, burst high into the midnight air, flickering without a care, her mind now in a great despair...


The fire's light consumed her top, now existing as her threadlike growth from her scalp. Her mind, it would leak with no means of stopping, flashes of carnal flickering scenes tattooed just upon atmosphere of their heads, trying to slash and pound its way in every mind. The Psycho Swords could slay the barrier to any mind, including her own! So, in three small steps, she'd fall deeper into the Insanity and prevent the Cheshire Phantom from receiving the attack. This would leave Lino open to the unblocked perception of the Cheshire's smiling face plastered upon the broken smile on the other side. To Lino, it should have been like looking at a twisted fucked up face of a frightened little girl with a glowing white eye, and her face of fear would become his.

So swiftly, his mind and his soul could be stripped from his eyes as his final passing gasp escaped his mouth, gazing upon the last visual image he'd ever see again before his end. The Cheshire Phantom's smiling face could be seen vividly, a sinister glow vibrating around its form softly...

'I've already been here before...' she uttered in horror...

Was he speaking through the frightened girl, or were these her words...?

Chroma: '...'

Lin's attack was stopped by Chroma; he was left to stare the phantom in his face. Lin could see the very essence of his blackened soul, oh the pain at which he was exposed caused his body to go numb. His breaths became heavy, -- they straggled, even -- his vision became a blur; once again, Lin had become submersed in total Darkness. On the outside, Lin had turned back to normal, but he still had the first seal activated, though. The glare of the phantom was more than he could bear... Lin could feel some thing pulling him from reality... Something... No, someone lifting him off the ground... Lin would soon hear the harmonizing groans of pain and pleasure; it made his skin grow goosebumps, his spine tingle in a vibrating satisfaction... In the distance Lin saw her... Chroma... He saw her inside the stare of the phantom; he reached for her, but the farther he went, the more he felt this force pulling him in... Lin would feel something else -- something pulling into another direction... The laughter of a woman was heard in the darkness of the two forces that pulled and tugged him. Soon the laughter became a voice calling him to it.

???: 'Linny-chan, please come to me... Listen to my voice, Come to it...'

Lin didn't know who the woman was; her voice sounded so familiar to him -- it felt warm and welcoming... Much like a mother's voice, it was sweet and gentle. But Lin couldn't help but feel torn between the two. Lin would feel a pain shoot throughout his body, inside the dark abyss of his, Chroma and Cheshire Phantom's minds forced the boy to bury his face in between his knees. He didn't know what to do, so he sat there in complete darkness... In despair... On the outside, Lin would fall to the ground, his body lifeless to all who could see, the bright glow laid still in the night....

Linomaru: 'What am I going to do...? I have to do something, I have to bring Chroma back to the Veritas... What have I gotten myself into... I never meant for this to happen...'

Lin's body would be hit by Cheshire Phantom's attack, But his mind and soul itself where in another dimension; he had joined Chroma and the phantom in this abysmal blackness of their minds. When he looked up, he could see two things: a world of ruin and one of beauty... He had to make a choice go to Chroma and risk his sanity or leave her in this hellhole...

Linomaru: 'Chroma... If you can hear me... I know you're stronger than this... Please, we can't go home if you don't snap out of this...'

Cheshire: 'Yes... The bait...'

To save the little girl suffering before him drew him further into the darkness, allowing Linomaru to fully immerse himself in the cesspool of lost minds at Cheshire's stare. And now it would all exist in her head, his dear, sweet little girl. She was going to be complete. It was all too perfect.

As Lino remained trapped in the reflection of Chroma and the Cheshire Phantom's shimmering sanguine gleam, the literal slit in head serving as the leak in her mind still poured violently outward in the form of numerous psionic swords. The Psycho Swords would cut away at any mind it came in contact with, even her own! The only thing it could be filled with at that point was a sliver of Khrona's mind.

Cheshire: 'Yes... Take me into your head... I'll fill up the patch you cannot full to the top... I am your Daddy, after all...'

There was nothing Linomaru could do now. The Cheshire Phantom's sly cunning was simply too great. His plan would go off without a hitch and Chroma would absorb him straight into her head, leaving Linomaru sealed inside of hers and Khrona's minds. He would never escape, for when he exited the mind of one of them, there was still someone else's to exit from afterward. And, not only that, the two would be able to reset the barrier between him to ensure he never got out of the 'Pharaoh's Labyrinth'. Two minds constantly stacking more and more obstacles in his way each time, overlapping each other every time he broke out. Such was his fate now that his soul and his mind were snatched from his heart and head. Doomed to wander his eternal labyrinth for the rest of his days, sealed in between the two most powerful psychic heads. A never-ending training puzzle to play with; a psionic Rubix Cube that only gets better as it gets solved. Perhaps a form of infinite mental evolution.

Khrona: "Daddy is here..."

And it all started when the 'crystal child' awoke from slumber... Soon the other crystals would hatch from stasis as well. It was all going according to plan. And she wouldn't remember a thing... It would all be just like a fuzzy nightmare to her. Like nothing ever happened.

Khrona: "... Wake up, my dear...!"

Chroma: "Daddy?!"

The first thing she heard was the voice of her father, but all she could see was Linomaru Hugo trying to save her. Was he her father? Luckily for Linomaru, he was the first thing that she saw, and thus he was pulled into that empty space in the stead of the Cheshire Phantom. He was registered now as Chroma's father, and would thus be literally trapped within her mind as that singular piece that holds it together. Her memory altered again from what it was before, now even worse, followed soon after by a dreadful headache. It was almost like her memories were working overtime in her brain, and things were getting reworked now that Linomaru was in her head. She stuttered a bit, trying to figure out her name.

Chroma: "T..."

There it was. The big T. She was complete.

Chroma: "T... T..."

This was new to her, this name and this feeling. However, as Lino existed in her head now in place of where Khrona should have been, her memory was altered severely about her heritage. And so the mentally wounded girl sat in a daze, sounding out her name as she now knew it to be.

Chroma: "Ta... bi... tha... Hu... Go..."

A minor setback to the Cheshire Phantom's plans through sheer coincidence of events, but a setback all the same. Their minds may have been linked, but there were some things that she still had control over, such as a natural reaction to situations. Still, with this misfitting piece of information known as Linomaru Hugo stuck in her mind, Chroma-- er, 'Tabitha's' time was going to be a very hard experience. Especially with her 'father's' recent death. This story seemed almost reminiscent of her true father and the farce he lived for half his life, one could say, however...

She floated around in a daze, barely understanding of what had become of her or what was still going on. She was disoriented... But she could hear him. She definitely could.

Tabitha: "Nnn...? Hwha...? I hear... a voice..."

Lin had to get to her he had to save her, this was his duty as a shinobi of the dusk. He knew what he had gotten himself into, the phantom's stare linked his mind with Chroma's and Cheshire Phantom's. Consumed by darkness, Lin's mind would vanish, his being gone. His body laid there lifeless, motionless, as the world he knew was saved.

Linomaru: "Where am I?"

Lin had come to a place filled with doors, long hallways and a endless amount of stairs. Lin was the only person there. But he heard the voices of Chroma and Khrona.

He heard them from behind a single door that sat atop a staircase right in front of him. He walked up the stairs to only see though the eyes of Chro-- Tabitha...

Linomaru: "Am I in Chroma's mind...? No... Who is Tabitha...?"

Just as these question came to mind Lin would feel a sharp pain rush though his body and right to his mind. He would wince in pain, gripping the sides of his head. He would soon be forced to his knees. The pain was truly unbearable, But then it all went away, Lin could feel Tabitha, as if she was him and he was her; Lin spoke to her when he heard her question.

Linomaru: "Tabitha... I am... I am... Linomaru..."

Lin didn't know what he would do now. But he was going to find a way out of here, but how, this place was a endless maze of this girl's mind. He had a new purpose now.

A terrible setback, indeed. Though minor in flaw, in the grand scheme of things, this would make many things difficult in a few small places. It didn't matter; Chroma was what she was, and that was the guardian of the Blue Moon; Khrona's First Restriction. Whether she remembered or not, that fact still remained. Khrona would have things fixed up in no time.

However, before that could happen, he was going to need a way to salvage himself before this world fell to pieces... And returned to its proper place inside of Khrona. The Cheshire Phantom slipped silently into the empty vessel of Linomaru Hugo, granting it life and stability for the moment. Though upon doing so, he was forced to adopt an eerie form...

The once sienna tinted hair of Linomaru Hugo lost its color, yet gained a crystalline luster that allowed his hair to appear a translucent white, shimmering in the light. After losing his mind and his soul, it was time for the Cheshire Phantom to encroach. His clothes shifted to a more casual feel, letting the jacket shrink to something a little more snug. This was his new form; the form of the Second.

Khrona: "No matter. Incubation is complete; it is about time to hatch."

Linomaru would be sealed in the Pharaoh's Labyrinth for an eternity. But as of now, there were two other pesky beings to deal with, now that one was disposed of. Now the girl would have to be put in place.

There was a mask in his hand; shaped from the pieces of the crumbling First Restriction mask Cheshire, allowing to form in its place the mask of the Second Restriction; 'Spectre'. The man of many faces with so many masks; one may think him to be some sort of 'Phanuel'.

Khrona: "Hmhmhm... Now... Let's drop the First Moon on them."

Without warning, he expelled Chroma from the depths of the Blue Moon, firing her straight into 'Dusk City'. And what would follow behind her in a trail of her broken memories but a vicious Blue Moon prepared to ram itself straight into the Veritas. This land was going to be destroyed.

Now, only the Demon King and Bluenote remained to witness... The Fall of the First Moon. The real question is will they be able to stop it, or will they simply allow it to destroy the land and all its inhabitants? One moon has enough impact to totally incinerate the first layer of an entire planet... Imagine what thirteen could do. It was only a matter of time now...

Tabitha: "Lino... Maru...?"

Strange. The name didn't fully register in her head. Things did not make any sense, and she was not aware of who this male's voice was in her head. Her mind was, to be put rather simply, broken beyond repair at this point. And yet, even before she had the moment to fully grasp what was going on, she was expelled from the nightmarish world as a shimmering streak of light with broken memories trailing behind her. For the second time in her life, she was shot from the Tree Of Life reborn as someone new; but at the same time, she was no one new. She wasn't any different than before, she was still Chroma Tensei... Yet she'd live her life as Tabitha Hugo until her memories returned and her mind was fixed.

So the brilliant star streaked through the sky from the blue satellite, and where one may think stardust trailed behind as a clear-cut path for the Blue Moon to follow, the shooting star would make impact in 'Dusk City'. Namely, Hugo Manor.

Tabitha: 'What is going on...?'

Khrona: "... Right on time. As always."

He smirked, watching as he was to read his destination. Tabrith had a Christmas present coming to him, too... And now the Demon King and Bluenote would be trapped inside of the mind of Khrona as well...

Khrona: "Take this mask, my sweet. It will serve as your only fragment of knowledge about your past life..."

Just as the moon had been launched was it already prepared for impact. All part of his plan; there was no stopping it from the moment it began, and in an instant, it was already over. In that same instance, the body burst into an ethereal light that would be absorbed into the wide, slender grin of The Phantom's mask, 'Spectre'. The girl was about to receive her Christmas present, as well...

The light, sucked into the vacuum, trailed the girl behind her as a stream of broken dreams, like a shooting star through the sky. And that only meant...

Khrona: 'All yours, Tabris...'

---Outside the Blue Moon; Simultaneously as the events within the Blue Moon---

The Insanity was wreaking havoc on the planet and the Veritas, and its influence was being marked. In each place that it had ravaged the lands, Khrona would appear to instruct those who were afflicted on what to do next.

Things were getting a little bit hectic around these parts. The mind of Shin'Khrona -- Khrona's new form sent from Peace -- was freed from its First Restriction, as was it from the Insanity, so its presence actively flowed through his body that was the Veritas, helping as it could when necessary. What his mind was able to witness now was that the birth of the first 'Shinsanity' was going to be born with one of his most favored hidden Sisters; Serulenia. After absorbing her soul so long ago and having her be reborn from Khrona's mind, she served as an extension of it, even though she still was her own being. Just the same way as Malojos was. And now it was about time for that to pay off for them.

Khrona: 'Serulenia. It's Khrona. I am going to awaken your full potential as a Sister Of Insanity so that you can calm the Beast. Your dormant knowledge on the Insanity and 'Shinsanity' comes from me. Your mind dwells in Peace along with mine, which is why you are special... Why you were chosen. Know the power of True Sanity; Shinsanity, and call upon a legion of those who also know the Shinsanity. Fend off the Insanity from wherever it may rise... Water Goddess.'

Within Serulenia's being, the floodgates would open and immeasurable power should have surged, far greater than her already immense strength of being the 'Naiad Queen'. It was she that all this time was the 'Water Goddess' of the Valley Of Water, even if her powers were simply inactive... Shin'Khrona made sure it was going to be she who herald that power, and for situations just like this one, too.

Khrona: 'The Seventh Insanity, the Insanity of Balance, harbors the power of Water, as well as all other Insanities, thereby making it the Insanity that stabilizes and harmonizes all the others. Though all the Insanities work together, this one can be called the 'mother and father' of them all, that which keeps them together and in line. Thus, even though technically equal in power to all the others, it has the upper hand due to the versatility and natural ability to utilize ANY of the other Six Insanities that it wishes. Remember that and gather your forces wisely, Water Goddess Serulenia. Show me how you fight for Peace.'

Knowledge, power and understanding flowed into Serulenia from the recesses of her being that even she did not know existed, for Khrona's crafty self weaved her into this position longer ago than she even knew. A grand master spider creating quite the meticulous masterpiece. Crystalline threads swirled about her, protecting her completely from the fires momentarily, threading her in a beautiful chrysalis the likes of which no one had ever seen. It radiated with the gift from Peace; the power of Shinsanity that would overflow in her very being; a Shinsei special delivery.

Khrona: 'Use your power carefully, and do not allow yourself to be overcome by Insanity. Shinsanity is capable of completely purifying Insanity, but just the same, Shinsanity can also be corrupted by the Insanity's own influence, and if you succumb to THIS particular Insanity... Well, this is the worst of all. It is emotionless and apathetic, cold and heartless, having no care for anything at all. Total disregard for all things; utter apathy. That is why it is so dangerous, because friends, allies, lovers, homes, your environment, even yourself become absolutely worthless and you will take them all down as though you were the Black Swamp itself. Tread your waters carefully, Water Goddess, and assemble your army of victory!'

When the chrysalis shattered, Serulenia's full power would be on display for the world to see... And she and the Keeper Of The Beast could have a little heart to heart chat, he believed... Keeper to Sister. That is, if all went as planned... Sometimes things did not always go that way, especially with the Insanity being so cunning and this Veronica girl seemingly posing a threat to the Shinseigami's unraveling of his webs. Why is it that EVERY thing has to get in his way...?

The matron of the waters stood undaunted by the flames, her unmoving temperance able to weather the storm of the vicious infernos, but for just how long, she was unsure of even herself. Not that such trivial things mattered when the peace of the Oasis was threatened, or when those that she cared for were in immediate peril. In this situation, the flames seemed to engulf all of 'Nautilus'... She felt it within her for some reason, the power to feel the entire Valley Of Water as though it were part of herself, which was why she resided in its core within the Oasis Of Serenity.

Serulenia: "If you mean the young warrior known as Skye, whom I discovered within my waters of the 'Great Falls', then she is presently within my castle walls, safe from the embers of hatred flaring about. If you want her back, you must speak with her yourself. I shall do nothing but protect her from harm, as her decision is hers to make. Though I'd make a note that I am no more mortal than you."

Serulenia was able to live in peace for so long here because of her ties to Khrona, as she knew had to be the case considering that she knew she came from his head the day that she appeared in the Pit Of Havoc with him. They always remained close after that, and it was good to see that now that bond was coming back full circle here and now, granting her access into the family of Tensei. His inability to keep his thoughts in his head was her saving grace, and sometimes these acts of serendipity came only from a single and seemingly insignificant course of action taken in your life. A single thread in the tapestry knows not its purpose in the grand design, but it is just as important as all the others that make it up.

Thus, woven into the web of destiny by a slender crystal silk, the beautiful maiden was spun into a gorgeous crystal cocoon, a 'Chrysm' where she was able to hear the words of a familiar voice just as crystal clear as the threads that wound around her.

Serulenia: "... You have my word, Sir Khrona. It's been a long time since last we spoke, but I am honored to know that the one time we do in so long, it is for me to find out that I am going to play such an important role in your life. As family, and as one who protects the balance of the Insanities. Thank you very much."

The 'Chrysm' emanated a brilliant light from within, that which shone outward with such magnificence that it forced back the Insanity of Hatred with a flood of its light. This light pouring from the chrysalis and spiraled around her body, a normalized and stable reality splashing about as though serving as her aura of Peace itself. True Sanity; utter clarity that helped her see through the flames of the Insanity of Hatred and swirled around her land naturally. Though her castle remained as the only place that radiated that type of energy naturally among the Oasis, it didn't matter how much the Beast had taken over as long as the stronghold was maintained, and she did not part her waters for just anyone. Serulenia in and of herself was a fortress to be taken down, protecting the enchanted fortress that was her home, which held those children safely inside. Neither Veronica nor the pumpkin-headed fellow were getting anywhere beyond the front door of her absolute sanctuary.

Serulenia: "Now, I shall ask you only once more out of respect for your cause; who are you to disturb my peace and quiet, miss?"

She may not have been plagued with the Insanity, but she is the one that it was focused on, and thus the purpose that it was here. Thus, she was indeed the one who not only intentionally brought the being here, but allowed it to rampage as it may. Therefore, she was the one disturbing her peace, not The Beast itself. She had no qualms with that deity and from the looks of it, neither did it for she; it was just here trying to halt Veronica for someone else. The waters of the 'Insanity Of Balance' were able to match and receive the waves of all; the flickering light of fire or the thermal radiation that was the heat itself, those currents would match her flow as she matched its. Just as The Beast's energetic form radiated from the Pumpkin as a projection of his rise in power, the same would occur for Serulenia; a shimmering pearly-opal sheen flowed from her dress as divine in shine as a mermaid's translucent tail fin. Spun from the threads of her dress, the peaceful reality that was the original Oasis Of Serenity before the Insanity's appearance existed as an extension of Serulenia herself.

Being her own little world that she was, she kept the flames at bay with the flowing current of the wavelength of her stable reality. She did not oppose these flames, but simply held her strength within their flares; since they weren't the main target of focus, perhaps simply not getting involved with The Beast at all whilst it's like that is the best course of action; merely focus on Veronica, the oddball out. All she wanted to do was test the waters of her inherited strength in harmony with that of the Pumpkin. Meanwhile, she spoke to Skye with the same melodious serenity that seemed to roll from her lips and fingertips as though the cosmic ocean's current itself, speaking to her in an aqueous echo, "What is your decision, miss Skye? Shall you stay your decision, or go home to your mother sweltering in the blaze?"

It was all up to fate now to decide how the events would transpire from here... Serulenia was nothing more than holding her own and defending her stronghold.

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--- Back in Peace---

Khrona and Titania continued to oversee everything from Peace, keeping watch over the growth of the Blue Moon as well as the Insanity.

It was as her husband wished; she did indeed tend to the needs of her rambunctious new budding Goddess, who was in no way familiar to her powers. She reminded Titania of a young Tigen, and how she knew this was only through her bond with Khrona. It was a wise choice to have that being be the basis for the growth of their daughter. Just like her father; a ball of pure energy that bends to its own will, unrestricted and unbounded by anything.

Titania: "Alright then, sweetie. I want you to play with her before she has to go back down there, too. Don't spend all day with the Insanity."

She wisped away toward Trinity, who would frolic and play as she would. Even Titania was having trouble keeping up with her... Perhaps, only her dear husband could really do it with that much efficiency.

"Come here, little girl! Mommy is gonna get your bad butt!" she'd say playfully. She turned her head to Khrona deep in thought and said, "Don't forget to make our 'Fountain Of Dreams' in the 'Crystal City', and the 'Broken Home Orphanage' in 'Valparaiso'. I want to get the 'Wishing Well' and the 'Wish Shop' open, and I know you want 'Battle Orphans' for that land."

Just simple reminders for him in case he was going to forget down the line. Sometimes, he got a little lost in his Insanity and took his sweeeeeet time remembering things. Only sometimes, though.

Titania: 'Don't spend all day with the Insanity...'

Yeah, she was right about that. A soda appeared as a refreshment made solely for the pleasantry it had, not for the necessity of drink or thirst, as he clicked and clacked at his controller. He played 'The Insanity' quite well.

Yet, in his mind, he could see their confusion, their frustration, their total helplessness and distress despite how they tried so hard to find means to calm this terrible foe... Finally, they started to show up to end this calamity.

Khrona: "... Alright. Took them long enough. Now it's about time I start sending in backup..."

He'd been waiting to see some spirit and initiative from the sorry sack of unorganized atrophy that the Lost World was turning out to be. They'd become too accustomed to the higher ups protection, and sought no effort in doing things of their own to save their planet. Now that Khrona could see their means were true, he could act too.

Khrona: "Hey. Trinity. Or should I say, new Goddess Of Death. It's your time to shine again."

She and many of the other members of his quaint little family. And two people in particular that might just be equally as pissed with him...

Khrona: "I was almost starting to worry about them. It was really hurting my heart to have to do this for so long..."

Though, he had fun. But it hurt him more to see the state the Lost World was in rather than to wipe it off the face of existence. Regardless, the planet's natural defenses were starting to work themselves up again, as if waking from a long undisturbed slumber. That is to say; if one does not use what they have and exercise it regularly, it does indeed become weak and eventually useless. One could say that is how these 'non-leader' individuals were, and they needed to be brought up to speed. Power leveled. Gamemaster style.

Khrona: "Thank god I've been playing so many video games. Power leveling is easy now."

Anyway, some very precise, strategic moves were going to have to be made on his part... One of those being to use his dear daughter of Death to stir up the life in the other dormant Tensei.

Khrona: "I hope I'm making you proud, grandfather... I didn't want to have to follow in your footsteps, too, but... I promise you, the work of our family won't go uncompleted. We've come too far, and it's going too well. All according to plan."

Grimlock passed his will off to Khrona once Khrona understood it all... And this was indeed the end.

For perhaps the second, or quite possibly the third time, Khrona was going to look to God for some guidance. Though he REALLY hated to take some advice and time from Him, or in fact just feel the need for God's assistance made him uneasy, but it was an unease that quickly subsided. This child of the Lord did indeed wish to be independent of his rule, but it wasn't time just yet. Khrona hadn't fully learned all of his lessons, which was why he was back here...

So there he stood, in a burst of light, before the Almighty One Above All... With his head down low. He knew he was in trouble with his Father, and it was time for punishment.

Khrona: "... Yes, Father...?"

Khrona couldn't look to his heavenly Father in the face, not while there was sin in his being. No, he felt bad for what transpired, and knew now it was time to see what the correct path was. That was why he was called here.

And so, the Lord spoke,

God: 'My son... You know you have done wrong.'

That was without question.

Khrona: "Of course I know what I've done. However, it was in the name of--"

God: 'Be still, my child. I speak.'

There was a respectful silence.

God: 'I know your intentions are pure, you are not born of hatred, like the Morning Star of yore. You have not renounced me to be reborn in evil, as he did. You are one of mine, despite your outward appearance. You, however, are still so very young, so very naive... You are on the correct path, but as usual, your vision has grown skewed.'

Khrona raised his head, eyes wide and sad, "... Have I disappointed you...? You know that even though I want to be independent and be free... That I still love you and want to spread your holiness..."

God: 'I understand all. Someday, you will, too. And you will make me proud, and perhaps you will be able to be a True God. But before you can do so, you must atone for your sins. You know that there are consequences... And you know that there will be punishment for you.'

Somehow, Khrona felt like he knew already what he was going to say... Of course he did, it was damn near already in effect...

Khrona: "... Am I going to have to go back down there... And start over again...?"

The one thing Khrona was going to hate the absolute most... The WORST PUNISHMENT he could ever receive...

God: 'Yes. You will go down there and fix the mess you've made. There is a lesson to be learned for you and they. No longer must you terrorize them, but show them the Truth. By BEING that truth you wish to spread. You've already learned this; why do you shame me by not acting upon your inherently divine intuition?'

... Heavy. This was going to be... Sigh... HELL. Everybody's hell was different, but, even so, he accepted it.

Khrona: "... I accept my punishment. I know what I must do to remedy all the wrongs I have caused..."

Of course, even so, it was a necessary hill to cross; a growing experience not just for the growing 'Overgod' as he wished to be called, but for everyone.

Still, he looked at the holy Father with eyes shining as bright as his glimmering crystal wings refracting the radiance of his Father's light all about the Throne of Heaven. He gulped, almost shied to want to say this...

Khrona: "... I want to be the most beautiful angel... Like Lucifer was, but... I don't want to be evil... Is that so wrong? Will being the most beautiful being to ever exist lead me down the same path as he...?"

Tears welled up again in his innocent eyes, not wanting to suffer such a horrible fate... No, not like his predecessor... Never... Never...

Khrona: "Is that what will happen to me!? Will I be the symbol of scorn!? The iconoclast of all that is hated and evil!?!? WILL THAT BE MY FATE, TOO!?"

He shuddered at the thought; some stories stated that Lucifer's fall was willing, others state that this was his punishment for trying to overthrow God... But Khrona could find beauty in the story of Lucifer willingly taking on the hatred of al beings in order to see just who would give in to temptation... To see who truly had self control... THAT was a BEAUTIFUL position befitting of the most BEAUTIFUL being... To test if one's heart is pure...

But never would Khrona wish to overthrow God. Not his beloved Father. He just wanted freedom and independence, as all children would ever want. However, the freedom and independence from God would only mean that Khrona would have to be able to sustain himself in every way imaginable, and he was on the way to absolute perfect control over himself as an Overgod. But that would mean...

God: 'You must know and understand why, if you want to be free. To have freedom means to have that self control. Of course I will help you and be here for you until you no longer need it. But as you are, you will not fall down the same path as Satan. Remember, to be the most beautiful being, you must BE beauty in all its forms... You will find your way as time progresses, my son. Of this, I am absolutely certain.'

Those words... They were reassuring. Sometimes, Khrona did indeed think himself to be a vile being in classification synonymous to 'Satan'... To think that he may be the Devil himself... It made him shudder. He never wanted to be evil.

God: 'Use the power you have acquired and I have allowed you to keep and do good things. You are in control of yourself in all forms!! Do you know what you can achieve?! Pave your life to your perfection; you have all of yourself on your side, my son!! With righteousness and divinity, be the absolute BEST you can be! From the 13th all the way to the 0th, you can control yourself from any point! You even control your 'Creator' as he controls you!! That is a wonder no other can say they have achieved! So GO! Go back to that world and fix all that you have caused!! With all that you are, bring Peace to that world! Bring Order alongside your Brother and Sister! Your Family! Your Friends!!'

Those words of warmth and kindness could only have come from someone of the great wisdom that was God Himself... This was indeed why he was the 'Father Of All.'

Khrona: "... Thank you, Father. When I grow up, I want to be a Father just like you... I love you."

Khrona seriously needed to talk to him more. Not just for asking for stuff, -- like a spoiled child would -- but just to talk to the guy upstairs. He gets lonely, too. That's why he had kids in the first place.

God: 'I love you, too, my child...'

And those were their last words, before Khrona was returned to his place in Peace, watching the events transpire in the Veritas...

So his destiny was already set by his own hands; nothing could get in the way of helping him now. His wife, the beautiful True Goddess, Shinmegami, who rested in peace along the True God, Shinseigami, was correct. Instead of going around trying to use the Insanity... He was going to have to help all of his past selves, his memories, the parts of him that came before him, subtly. He had that type of power, to influence his Past, his Present and his Future as he saw fit. Befitting of one equivalent to 'Father Time'.

Khrona: "... So the Khrona of the past needs some help in his growth... What he needs is the help of one who knows Peace... For how can he quell the Insanity within him if he doesn't know Peace?"

It was a good thing that the final Khrona, the one who held the consciousness of all of the ones before and the one presently, was able to connect to his past life with such ease. Now he could start guiding Khrona down the correct path. You see, technically, this Khrona could reincarnate himself as any different version of himself -- that being either himself or any one of his family -- at any given time, establishing a link between he and they, no matter the dimension, circumstances or period of time. He existed as a God above the Gods; an 'Overgod', which could accurately control the outcome in any way he saw fit in order for them to get to where they needed to be. This was his own Order that his brother did not understand just yet... But he would be revealed to it as he confronted the Khrona that existed within the tree...

The thing that was good about this was that the Khronas that were born again would remember the mistakes of the past and not do them. And would be guided. It was a perfect plan, flawless in every way. It was like the protection of God himself was...

Khrona: "... I see..."

So he protects Khrona by allowing Khrona to protect himself in any way imaginable. That being... that Father God that is the father to all other Gods -- hence why they have taken his name... He was a being beyond transcendence, and Khrona would look up to him even now as he figured out the power of God he held within himself.

Khrona: "... So this was your final gift to me... The gift of helping me to help myself. To help me unlock my powers equivalent to yours in order to bring about your Order through my own Free Will and Absolute Control of myself... You just wanted me to want to do it on my own. Is this what you meant by... You being in everyone?"

That means that Khrona was one with God himself... It was all becoming so clear.

Khrona: "... Thank you. Thank you. Thank you... Thank you Lord. I will not fail you, Father. I have seen the wonders of your love, and by God, I will show myself your wonders in EVERYWHERE I ROAM."

He would Rest in the heaven that was Peace and use its workings of the Past, 'Memoria Aeterna, The Eternal Memory', Present, 'Peace', and Future, 'Belle Reve, The Beautiful Dream', to make this a Reality. Such was his power, after all. Since Khrona finally KNEW PEACE, he was able to SHOW PEACE to the Khronas stricken by Insanity before. He would guide his lower selves down the correct path using his omnipotent God powers.

Khrona: "... And somehow, I can just feel totally at Peace with myself."

Because he already knew that in the future, he and all versions of himself would find Peace... Together. He, his family... All that had 'him' dwelling within. He was indeed becoming like his Father... Already.

"... I understand..." moved to tears as he always was when he came to a very important realization in his life, this may have been the biggest one of all; to understand God's gift, his message and his mission. It was time to do things the right way.

Khrona: "I just... Understand..."

No, there was no religion involved here; no Christianity, no Catholicism, no Hinduism, Buddhism or anything of the sort. Nay, Khrona had grown FAR beyond organized believes. Those were only precursors; something to spark the growth of their teachings to help shape one into a fine being in likeness to the Lord. In truth, as long as one held a relationship, the path would be to him... Your faith ALWAYS lies in ONE, as he was the ONE that created ALL. So does that not mean that as long as you find the 'God' in all things, you will be led back to him? This was how Khrona could control all things about himself, as well.

"... Sigh. I love Revelations," he said with a smile, tears rolling down his crystalline cheeks with a shimmer, "And now... The Second Coming!!"

Naw, let's not go that far. Though, Khrona was coming back from Peace again... So technically...

... Hahaha, naw.

Khrona: "Button mashing time!!"

Since Khrona was destined to do everything to perfect correctness now, it didn't really matter what he did. He could dick around if he wanted. He closed his eyes streaming with tears of profound emotion and Revelation and pressed every button in perfect sequence. No matter what button he pressed, it led into something that fit in perfect design with the next, and the next, and the next, creating a PERFECT combo of a PERFECT stream of time that Khrona could PERFECTLY execute without even having to think. This was... How one travels on the waves of the universe; of connection to all things. His Spectra Wavelength and Godly Wavelength resonated on all waves, so it really and honestly didn't matter what he did at this point. Having perfect control over yourself in all forms was Awesoooooome~!

Khrona: "Dear, has Trinity grown up enough to have SOME functionality of her powers yet? I've been waiting for a bit and will kinda be needing her to reap some souls when she gets down there..."

---Crystal Tree, after calling Khrona back down from Peace in the Thirteenth to the Insanity in the Twelfth at the Crystal Tree by his brother and brother's wife, Immediately after his talk with God---

One could wonder how such a massive accumulation of Insanity would prevail in the midst of this great and overwhelming Order; a light that it seemed to know only in the Fifth Restriction, to which the likeness of Khrona brother, the Manna King's power reminded the Insanity of so... But was this power truly the Manna King's own, or the Destiny seen to the Insanity's favor? Surely, their eyes could not see that far into the future... Not yet, anyway. Perhaps, not even until it was being played out in the present.

Khrona: 'Yes... They are slowly beginning to grow... It seems like they've forced me to wake from my slumber and open my eyes...'

And so his eyes did swiftly come to a full opening, just as all such had occurred simultaneously between the three, resulting in an explosion of such grandeur one would wonder how the Insanity could survive... It would almost look like... his rebirth is what caused this explosion... Is this what he wanted? To the Manna King's and the Melodist's dismay, nothing had changed for them... But everything changed for him, to a degree.

Khrona: 'Now that my Mind is free... Let the real battle begin...'

The bulbous eyes' luminescence beamed through even the light of Order, akin to some sort of heavenly monstrosity awakening on a mortal plane. With a languid, distorted yawn within the Orderly incandescence, the glowering eyes unleashed the power of the First Restriction of the Tensei Dojutsu beyond the normal effects of Hyper Perception, known to Khrona as... 'Hyper Inception'.

This was the eye that penetrated the sanctity of all others; the 'Eye Of The Mind' that knew no bounds and no barriers... No mind was safe of this seizing's eyes utter rapture of one's Personal Space of their own mentality. And so... At the very moment all those occurrences happened in coincidence, the Order shone as a beacon to it all... This was supposed to happen and the Insanity was very aware of it all. When he gazed into the mirror just so slightly precluding these events, the outcome became instantaneous to free him. This was indeed the path he had chosen, after all; these two simply worked to make it happen, granting him the Destiny he'd already foreseen, without him having to even lift a finger.


Khrona: 'She is of likeness to Tensei... Just as grandmother was of likeness to Grim...'

It was clear from the fractions of the elements serving as different pieces of herself, just as Khrona's did when in the Sixth, of which he deemed the Melodist's likeness... This was all that could be thought upon his emergence, which was synchronous to the disturbing eruption of pure Order around his frame and freed the Melodist of her mental prison. Yes... Now things were beginning to become a bit more synchronized between them, these three... So similar was this to events of the past, yet different in many other ways. The outcome would truly be one that the Insanity... Rather, Khrona truly wished.

Khrona: 'We're flowing in good harmony. That proves that they are a little closer to the goal... I can hear the beats of their souls now, since the barrier of the Mind has been shattered...'

Yes, in his instruction, first one must break the mental barrier before moving on to the next. That 'Insanity' that Maze thought of was nothing more than simply evolution; Natural Selection, even, which it seemed that this being could spontaneously induce. The Melodist, who believed that she was the one who freed herself from the barrier, was indeed beguiled once more by the wily eyes of Khrona Tensei. In fact, that barrier that held her was nothing more than the same construct that he held his own mind within; his 'Personal Space' of his own mind. Naturally, the plane which he trapped her was nothing more than an isolated segment of his own specially created mental plane, where he waited for her to emerge of her own will. It was almost as if he knew what was going to happen, and when he broke free of his barrier, she simultaneously broke free of her prison. A coincidence? Never.

The 'Hyper Inception' was a tricky eye, that which allowed for him to perceive all forms of thought and consciousness completely, regardless of mental barriers or blockages, and to also be able to influence them subtly with direct eye contact or infiltration or interaction with minds. This not only kept the sanctity of his own mind protected, but also thwarted the opposition simultaneously and gets into their minds, even when they think they are protected. It is able to employ not only suggestion and basic mind-hacking and mind-shattering 'inceptions', but also always keep his stealthy suggestive influence a secret, even to those who can see into their own minds. It is known as the 'Eye Of The Mind' for a reason. All he needed was for someone to force him to open his eyes fully, that which both of them succeeded with flying colors in doing. How did she think he was speaking to her so casually?

It was not he who shattered his prison walls; but she and her hubby, from the inside and out, allowing freedom to this beast that once sat in Peace... To what they once thought they had destroyed and purified, they would find was far more pure than anything their combined energies would have touched beforehand. It came out, seemingly unscathed, born a new entity, one could say, unchanged yet completely new. Reborn. Again. Forced to move on to the next level. Again.


"I certainly did call it... When I sniffed out this single frame", spoke he from all around. The 'Wicked Whiff'?! No, he could not have seen that far into the future!? But indeed, he did, for his psionic mastery was unparalleled.

Khrona: 'Now, the real question is... Why did you wake me up?'

Crossing his arms, he stood unscathed amid the heavenly tornado of their combined forces, staring in disappointment with lids hanging low. No longer were his eyes blank and black like empty sockets, but shining with the ever present sanguine gleam signature to only he. The awakening of his mind fully was a... Tiresome process, but nothing short of what his infinitesimal power could muster. A sliver; a droplet in an ocean. It wouldn't be long now before the rest would come to be as well...

His smile of serenity finally faded, but only to a neutral expression; neither smile nor frown, but something in between. Only his eyes gave way to the waves of his mind and soul.

Khrona: "To try to face me with the power of Order is to renounce the Insanity that the Order possesses. I can't believe I had to tell you this... That even you are caught in the madness that Order brings."

The 'Theta Waves' released from his mind 'Exorcised' the effects of Order, purifying such an unholy existence from the sanctity of the Insanity's mentality, leaving him still unaffected. Yet, these mental waves seemed to resonate eerily with both Order and Purification, for whatever reason those two deemed the Insanity unholy was indeed quite the opposite.

Khrona: "The Insanity you see is nothing more than a servant of my absolute dominion as Overgod. It does not rule me, I rule it. Where you thought that my being was made purely of Insanity... You will come to find that I have already gotten myself in Order and placed the Insanity in Order, as well."

As he basked in the light of his own glory, now his brother should see... That the power of Order was completely useless, using just as much Insanity as the Insanity did Order. Order already poured from this Tree, long before his interference here, working in utter harmony with the Insanity, keeping each of their forces balanced and leveled between each other. Where one thrived in Peace, the other, in Chaos, working together to utterly control the functions of all things it interacted with; absolute and total control over itself in any and all ways, as had been stated numerous times. In doses of small or large, the Insanity was allowed to flow freely about the atmosphere of the Veritas by means of the absolute ruler of this tree, Khrona, the true beacon of such truth and clarity; Shinseigami. This energy that should have utterly incinerated the beauty that was the Crystal Tree left nothing but a light that paled in comparison to that which usually emanated from its interior when its former inhabitant acted upon this world.

"You've come to this place with intentions unclear. Have you no idea what you all are doing?", he muttered sleepily, "... Why can I not just rest in Peace already without having to come back down here...?" Of course, the rest of him that remained in Peace would speak to God about this; God always knew. One day, he would be independent of that being... Grown up to be his own God. Make his old man proud to not need him anymore, but to still love and cherish him like the Father he was. Oh, what a day that would be to return to the arms of his Father almighty and bask in that embrace...

Khrona: 'But, I digress...'

So too should have been so for the newly awakened Light Elemental that now stood before him, mind now freely returned to its physical container once more... That is to say, the epiphany that such purification would not occur to a being already pure and true. Her flames washed over the being already purified, counteracting the flames by simply flaring up the power of its own existence to match and subdue its effects. Absolute control over the self leads for many difficulties in effectiveness of other outside forces that cannot interact with the correct means, methods and fashions.

Many waves fluctuated now throughout the means of all these mixing energies; Insanity, Order, Purification, Flame, and the like. But the waves of Order that pulsated upward... Would begin to seemingly freeze over, as if continuing the process that the flood from before once implemented. What was going on? That flood had stopped, right?

Wrong. When the mirrors that were the walls of the tesseract itself fell to pieces, the flood of the mind did not cease. In fact, it continued to pour outward, resonating with the flames and the Order itself. With a constant flow, the flood of the mind fluidly fluctuated into the form of the flow of the soul, that which harbored Insanity... and Innocence, a power that the Order worked synonymously with. He set this transition up to perfection, and now they faced a different sliver of the himself...

Khrona: 'Ah. I knew I'd have to get those two out. Misery. Despair. My two loves... It's time to wake up.'

It's been so long... Everything was going perfectly. They did say that the eyes were the windows to one's soul, and those windows were wide open. Time to rest that big brain of his... And simply go with the flow.

Khrona: "Could you not tell that what lived inside of the Insanity's guise...? One that seeks to bring Order in a method not too different from your own..."

Of course, he knew what he was doing the entire time. He was Khrona, after all.

He leisurely bathed himself in the 'Crystal Lotus' as he awaited their recital, allowing him to wipe away the imperfections from his form. With a tired yawn from him just being woken up, he nonchalantly brushed the debris off his shoulder.

---Back at Peace, still overseeing, but now Split---

It was time.

From this point forward, it would be a straight shot to victory, no matter what. After inputting the legendary combo -- or perhaps, one could say, 'cheat code.' Heh, you never see those anymore. His eyes shot open, projecting the sheer might of his mind outward in a glowing spectrum of light... It resonated from the unification of the Soul Energy and the mind's waves, resonating in perfect harmony in their one accord, creating a beautiful resonance of unspeakable divinity. A heavenly light penetrated the barrier between Peace, Veritas and the Lost World to cast the Enlightenment of 'Nirvana' he knew upon the world, but more specifically on a single point. He was going to rebirth his body once more, as it was written.

Khrona: "... Alright here... You wake up in a forest, once prosperous, but now a smoldering wreck. You have no idea where you are or what happened, but you know for a fact that you are alone. The still-searing crater you have awakened in shows signs of familiarity. You know this place... You've been here before. You are greeted by a mysterious woman."

What was he doing...?

He raised a hand as a signal to his wife, Titania, who needed to set the stage for the first one Khrona met... Misery.

"Ready, Trinity?" he asked once again. She had been doing quite well here now, and it was time for her to go learn how to reap her first soul.

With a wave of his hand, they were let to go.

Titania minded the baby within the cosmos, letting her cultivate her wonder and her power as she saw fit as she played among the stars. Where the cosmos was her slide, the galaxy was her frisbee and the universe was her kiddie pool, Peace was the perfect place to raise her.

"... My baby is so cute..." she'd mutter to herself with glee as her daughter played.

Yet it wouldn't be too long before Khrona was ready for something new, to initiate the next phase of his plan. When his hand rose, she was immediately brought to attention, as if working in tandem with his motions. They were in perfect sync after all. It was time to bring back the Sword Of Truth... Misery Des Gloomi.

Titania: "You see a boy in the distance sitting sadly under a single hunched, leafless tree. The sun is beaming down on him through the cracks of the branches. A bolt of crimson lightning shoots from the sky and ignites your body in an array of sheer burning red flames hot enough to drive one mad. You realize your form is not the same as it was before; you are no longer a Voodoo Doll, but a voluptuous woman gazing at an interesting figure. Your name is Misery Des Gloomi."

Where Khrona acted on changing Reality, Titania worked better working with Dreams and Wishes, letting the Luck factor between she and Khrona to become the deciding force. Sandman and Dreamgirl working wonders.

Of course, as stated, the crimson bolt is fired from Titania's gaze down at the Point Of Interest below; Momo. He is the sole and lone target to be afflicted...

---Khrona, after sending down his Lowest Restriction from the Highest Restriction, and overseeing the Lowest from the Highest---

'You wake up in a forest, once prosperous, but now a smoldering wreck. You have no idea where you are or what happened, but you know for a fact that you are alone. The still-searing crater you have awakened in shows signs of familiarity. You know this place... You've been here before. You are greeted by a mysterious woman.'

Setting his gaze on this land, he could smell the burning still scorching from the impact of destruction. He could not help but feel this place familiar to him, but it was, in a way, a sort of Wonderland. Though the feeling of familiarity made him uneasy... Was this place Hell? It sure did reek of some sort of crisp creature.

But he wouldn't move an inch from his spot. There was only a single tree left relatively intact in the barren wasteland, and it was the one he sat beneath in the gripping shadow cast by the light of the sun. He simply left his head buried in his lap, trying to go back to sleep.

"This isn't happening..." he assured himself with sorrow. He did not want to believe that this place truly existed... This could not be the Reality, could it?

Plunging from the darkness and into the light, Momo would be revealed to a world not quite what he would have wished to see. This wasn't the Pit Of Havoc he seemed so interested in infiltrating, but a place he should have felt particularly connected to... And it was dying.

A burning, hissing, sizzling pit of fire. One might actually think this was the Pit Of Havoc with such intense heat polluting the air.

He would be able to see the other boy sitting under a tree with slender, claw-like branches appearing to hold the dark one in place like a caged crow captured by it. This is where it would all begin for Momo...

Dropping through the abysmal black, Momo would have readily awaited his arrival into the fabled Pit Of Havoc a place he had only gone once in his entire life. It was the place where the rawest form of Khrona could be found, The Beast... But for one reason or another he had not reached the pit, instead after falling through the black he was now falling into the Mystic Wood. He recognized it as such immediately through his bond, but what also hit him was the dying state. How come he had not felt this? Everything around him was burning and falling apart. His very own world falling before him. It must have been through the giving of his soul that his connection had been compromised if only but temperately. "What? What is this!?" he bellowed out in the fiery ambiance of the scorched wasteland. The tree he had befriended, the flowers he cultivated, the creatures of the woods that he shared, what had happened here? Was this a by product of the rising of the First Moon?! Thats when he felt it. A familiar chill of ghastly proportions. It was as if his very blood called out to what he would see was a figure cradled by a deformed tree of black. The boy before him, Momo could scarcely believe what was occurring before him... "K-Khrona?" He said almost in disbelief. His buttons eyes began oozing streams of blood, the likes to look like tears. He shielded his face from Khrona; how would his love expect him in such an hideous form? Granted it was a form he had taken to save the world around him, but not to feast his visage upon Khrona with.

Momo: "You... You really are here? Oh... For shame... For you to see me in such a way..."

Pieces of his straw like innards were poking through his 'skin'. His purple hair of yarn streaming down his face. But there were others things at hand, if this destruction carried on, Momo would perish along with the land. He had to overcome his insecurities and attend to the fate at hand. "What is the meaning of the Mystic Wood being in such a state? Did...did you do this? Khrona?"

Kaerei: 'You see a boy in the distance sitting sadly under a single hunched, leafless tree. The sun is beaming down on him through the cracks of the branches. A bolt of crimson lightning shoots from the sky and ignites your body in an array of sheer burning red flames hot enough to drive one mad. You realize your form is not the same as it was before; you are no longer a Voodoo Doll, but a voluptuous woman gazing at an interesting figure. Your name is Misery Des Gloomi.'

Kaerei: 'You will be hit by this attack.'

"... Huh...?" Khrona muttered absent-mindedly, refusing to lift his head, "I don't see anyone..." He clearly didn't want to. He was beginning to remember this place, even if he truly didn't want to. This world was like a horrible nightmare to him. He could hear the souls of the trees and animals screaming in his head, sufferings a hellish fate of incandescent flames upon his coming. He could see the faces that the forest spirits donned upon their tree trunks and the grass, all wiped away in the blistering heat. Why were these visions occurring...?! "... Not even if I close my eyes or keep my head in the dark... I still see them... I still hear them scream..." He shuddered, clutching his legs tighter. He'd never leave the comfort of this tree...

The walking cursed doll stared blankly at Khrona. His eyes rushing tears of crimson fluid that began to drop on the ground, each drop clinging to the scorched earth below. The grounds of the Mystic Woods soaking up his blood like a natural nutrient. The land was scarred, seared by whatever influence had caused this, but Momo's very blood was the purest of satisfaction and fulfillment to this land. But to see that Khrona had totally dismissed him brought another level of woe to this downtrodden soul. "You would dismiss me Khrona? After all I have given to be with you? To keep my promise to you?!" His face rushed with a ever growing flow of his Dawn speckled blood as it began to drop in thicker and richer amounts. It was an unthinkable and surely unforgivable sin. After all he had sacrificed to see his home saved, in the end nothing he possessed was enough. And Khrona, to merely dismiss his presence...? No... It would not go. "Is it this form? Can you not see past this? Can your perfect vision not see who I am Khrona!" His blood began to soak into the ground in larger amounts, from this soaking the grounds became subtly refreshed, though still burning there were parts where his blood cooled the rage of the flames and had begun 'tossing' the dirt of the expanse around him, saturating the earth beneath him in his influence. "Look at me Khrona! Look at what I have become for you!" He charged him, blood rushing from his button eyes clasping his cheeks in crimson sorrow. His purple yarn hair flared as his body began to shine bright. He rushed Khrona -- he would make him see, make him feel the pain that flowed within Momo's hollowed being. No amount of straw nor blood could free him of the void left by Khrona and his soul.

Momo: "You will not deny my being!"

He was within arms reach of the being that symbolized the very love he bore for all when suddenly a voice played in his mind.

Quote :
You see a boy in the distance sitting sadly under a single hunched, leafless tree. The sun is beaming down on him through the cracks of the branches. A bolt of crimson lightning shoots from the sky and ignites your body in an array of sheer burning red flames hot enough to drive one mad. You realize your form is not the same as it was before; you are no longer a Voodoo Doll, but a voluptuous woman gazing at an interesting figure. Your name is Misery Des Gloomi.

You will be hit by this attack.

Momo: "Y-yes... My Mistress..."

He could not disobey her orders, his being was hers -- whatever was left, he stopped in his tracks; upon doing so a bolt of crimson struck him from the heavens above. It was a power that was like something he had felt before, but something that sought to alter him yet again. He was going to comply going to let the wish of Kaerei remain absolute, but his eyes, they never left Khrona's visage. He couldn't do it, he just couldn't shake the rage he was filling, the pain that he was reviling in. Here he was, the very reason he sacrificed his soul. To see his face again, to protect his home. Everything just seemed to have been for nothing; Khrona was here, which meant he could stop the moons -- what's more, the Mystic Wood had become a hell on the planet. There was no purpose in Momo's sacrifice... Once again Khrona came here to play hero after fucking some shit up. No, this was unacceptable. Momo was tired of letting Khrona control his fate, even if it was never Khrona's intention. Momo always wanting to stay by Khrona side had in effect given him power over him... That would stop today. He loved Khorna, he'd never stop doing so, but the time to make his own choices came today... He would lead the Dawn in Khrona's stead... He would become the leader!

Momo: "Fuck this..."

He said as the bolt tried to alter his being once more, Kaerei's hand playing with his fate once more. He was tired of others having free reign of his destiny; today was the day that Momo lived and breathed for himself and his own choices...

Momo: "Fuck... This!"

The ground began to yield fruits to him, the blood having been filled with his raw emotions took effect in the blazing lands. Seedlings carrying the flaming essence along with them began to sprout all over, each arraign Momo's essence within them, the Fruits Of The Dawn Blood were about to be laid bare...


Momo's chakra would flare to untold heights, his very essence fighting against the proprieties of the crimson chaos that had struck him. Fuck his deal with Kaerei. In the end, the grounds in which it had been based upon had fallen through thus making their contract null in void. He was going to settle it all here. Everything he had ever wanted to say to Khrona would be done so here. His first defiance would be denying Kaerei her choice in this matter, defying fate as well. The seedling taking in this wellspring of Life that was the Dawn Blood began to sprout even faster and soon the blazing grounds began to crackle and break under and around Khrona as well giving birth to a plethora of trees, each leaf and flower upon them 'blazing' with the essence that had breached this land. Momo's blood; his life flowing through this budding forest. He began running towards Khrona, his body radiating the potent illustrious light of his chakra. He was not becoming Misery... Not today, not ever. He had wallowed in such an emotion long enough.

And once the sanctity of the contract was broken, would Momo cease to exist on the spot. He no longer existed to have a 'will' to break free with. Violation of the contract induced a rebuking of his power to Absolute Zero, where all values amounted to only Zero. Sad, but now even as a puppet he could not be anymore.

Kaerei: "You should have just let it happen... Your future would have been brighter..."

The voice of the swamp sage croaking in the back of his cotton-filled head would be the last words he ever heard before he ceased to exist right on the spot. Now, he would not live as Momo nor as Khrona's main maiden, Misery. He was no more.

This is when and where Kyoki was born -- offspring of this Insanity that was the violation of the sovereign Contract. But her time in the tale was not yet so; it was still Khrona's.

Through the struggle of the doll and his mistress, the former Momo's existence would be snatched up by the Zero World, leaving behind only the lifeless doll, now animated by nothing at all. It held no more power, no more life, no more will, no more motion; it was normal string and yarn.

However, with the impending strike before Momo's resistance, this lifeless doll's shape altered now as a red shard glowed within its chest. The physical form was not a matter, for it could be easily changed and rearranged upon contact. As it was written, the former Voodoo Doll body of Momo would become Misery Des Gloomi, full and proper, as if she existed here as who she was the entire time. Hair of yarn became beautiful locks of pitch black with tints of white, two large, red horns protruding from her head. A hellgirl, one could call her; high-class succubus with infernal power...

She stood over him now as the trees began to grow, the Mystic Woods returning to a more natural form. This was the perfect place for him to spawn at, and she was sent here as his messenger because she was indeed the first girl he met in all of this. She was his boo.

Misery: "... Hey. Are you going to get up?"

Spontaneous appearance and retaining of memory; it was weird. She hadn't been here in a long time, yet it felt like everything was flowing fluidly since the day she became Titania. Individual control over singular parts of herself, just like he was able to. Only now, she was aware. But was he? It looked like he was lost in one of his little insane fits he gets in. Oh brother. No wonder she was sent here to help him. For a guy that can do anything, he sure was helpless sometimes, and that was his own fault. But what could he do, she was the same. That's why a man needs a woman and a woman needs a man.

Misery: "I don't want to stay here all day. We have things to do."

Screams... Screaming, all around... Someone was calling his name not too long ago. The voice sounded familiar, the voice of a young man... Though when he peeked up through his arms, he could see no one and lowered his head again.

Khrona: "... It must be a hallucination... Another one of those... damnable..."

His mind was, one could say, falling apart at these terrible visions. He saw someone claiming to be his daughter, yet he remembered this to be true. He saw someone who claimed to be his friend, yet he remembered this to be true. It was all a dream, or made up in his mind. None of this was really happening... So why could he not rid himself of this godforsaken images? Fires... He looked up, seeing now a forest of pitch black, where nightmarish faces appeared in their dark trunks. In another flash, flames incinerated these wretched faces, and they wailed with woe and agony, begging for death. Begging for peace.

Khrona: "... What... Is... This...?!"

His eyes dilated at the sight of it all, he couldn't believe it. Yet, he looked into the eyes of one person in particular and somehow, the light he saw allowed him to see clearly, if only but a moment... And the nightmarish world faded away around him, revealing the image of an odd woman standing over him. At first, he could not tell who it was, but she was awfully familiar...

"... Um..." he muttered, wondering why she was there, "... Who are you?"

It was apparent that his memories hadn't returned yet; probably not unlocked by whatever means necessary, yet. When Misery looked upon his face, she would have seen that this was not the matured face of Khrona Tensei that she knew before. In fact, this was the silky smooth, almost babe-like face of the Khrona Tensei she met as her first partner... Like history was repeating itself. How old was he back then...? Perhaps not even thirteen years old yet, or just hitting the mark. She was going to have her work cut out for her...

Man, Khrona sure did do a number on himself. Back literally to the time period when they first met. He is a vampire, after all... In addition to every goddamn thing else he is. Altering his age is a simple feat.

However as she looked at him and listened to him speak, she realized that he didn't retain all of his memory, or there were parts that were still locked away. Even though she loved him, she wasn't going to go through the whole scenario with Khrona again. That took how many years to complete? No, that was just not going to happen. They didn't have time. The most important thing was getting his memory back and getting his head on straight before he accidentally let something else out or went crazy or something. Not that she could tell him about any of that until his mind returned to him...

What a pain.

Misery: "... Misery des Gloomi. You gonna sit there all day or are you going to introduce yourself to me so we can get out of this forest?"

That's right, the Mystic Woods were regrowing themselves, and that was both a good and a relatively bad thing right now. With mister broken mind over here, if they didn't get out of here fast, they were probably going to have to face some of his madness reflected in this damn forest... She hoped this wouldn't take too much time. There was quite a lot that needed to be done here to fix this mess... And they were only at the beginning.

Khrona: "... Wha...?"

Looking around in confusion, he saw that the barren wasteland that was around him suddenly started to sprout trees of eerie color. In no way could any of this be real. It had to be a dream; some sort of Wonderland, indeed. This girl who seemed to have some sort of familiarity to him, this was nothing but dream logic. A place once bare could not simply sprout life again. Yet he felt like this was all because of him... Why would he feel that way? Why was this all familiar, but his mind was so hazy? And what were those... Nightmarish images? Faces and masks and... Hm.

Still, he couldn't ignore the woman. She seemed like the type to make him do what she wanted whether he wanted to or not, and right now he didn't particularly feel like going through something like that. So, he quietly introduced himself...

Khrona: "Khrona..."

Still curled up, he wasn't entirely sure whether he should trust this mysterious stranger... No matter how attractive she may have been.

They really did not have time for this right now. She needed to get him out of his slump and up into action before the Red Moon rose... and as she looked up the grand trunk of the Crystal Tree to the sapphire orb in the sky, she could already tell that it was just about time for it to hatch.

"... Crap..." she muttered under her breath, before returning her gaze down to the one person who had no clue what was going on in the world right now despite how much he was effecting it. This was gonna suck.

Misery: "Come on. We don't have time for you to mope and be uncomfortable! You'd better open up fast or else..."

... *Sigh.* What was the point? His memory was shot right now. She was just going to have to get him up there herself... And get it back to him. That giant blue sphere falling from the sky... That was Khrona's mind in its prime, and it was about to make a full-speed collision with this world if this one weren't brought to it. He needed his mind; if he continues to lose his mind, then it would be over. The 'Red Moon' shards weren't even all in the correct place... All the Sisters weren't awakened yet... Things were moving too fast!! There was just no way.

Misery: "... Fuck it! Come on, Khrona! You and me, we're partners now. We're going to stop that thing behind you. So get your ass in gear!!"

Misery grabbed his hair, pulling his head up from his lap and up to see the shining falling moon. After letting him see, perhaps he wouldn't be so resistant when she pulled him up and dragged him toward the Crystal Tree. This was all part of his plan, after all, but if he couldn't remember how it was all gonna end and how it could be stopped, that was one hope of the planet lost. That couldn't be allowed to occur. So he was coming to this Tree. Everything had to be put back inside of him... He needed to be complete.

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PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Rise Of The Veritas   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Rise Of The Veritas EmptySun Jul 26, 2020 4:15 pm

--- Back on the Lost World, happening Simultaneously ---

While he didn't by any means own it, and he certainly wasn't even 'The Advocate' anymore, the Earth King felt a certain responsibility to this place that no one else could measure up to as a King, as a husband, and as something that was born to this world. It was his home; he had known many but there was nothing like the good old planet he lived on. He had lived on this planet for dozens of thousands of years and learned all its wonders... It was worth protecting. There were people he loved on this planet and the universe did not need to suffer the repercussions of the planet's folly. The Earth King knew this was only the beginning but he was already sick and tired of the trajectory of the Apocalypse. This was the beginning of the end, and the downfall of the Insanity was the first step to conquest on canceling the Apocalypse. The Destroyer appeared in the midst of the openings of several winding chasms, tornadoes swirled through their elongated passageways, making it impossible for anything to navigate through... This would be the Insanity's trap, and the Earth King was the cheese. Gaia was making some preparations; it was time for Tabrith to show.

And show, he did, in a matter of digital fabrication constituted of sheer lingering information that remained ever present through existence; matter, material, thought, knowledge, DNA, data in the raw... It all served as means of 'information' from which Tabrith could manifest instantaneously through such construction. It was only a matter of when, where, why, and what time. In this case, being guided by one who wished to also dive deep into the 'Infinite Sea Of Knowledge' of the 'Deus Ex Machina', this is where he was summoned directly on queue of when the information specified. It was almost like reading a book to the Grimoire. "Here I am, now shall you lead me to victory?" His perceptual form -- that which resembled the late Khrona Tensei -- buzzed and fritzed a bit upon such realization into this area, still just so slightly establishing a permanent form here. It was amazing what Cleff was capable of, in fact... Such is why he decided against malfunctioning again, for the planet's sake -- last time he did, the planet went down! Twice! A dangerous being the Destroyer had at his side, and so too could the same be said for the Grimoire, as well. A dynamic duo of destructive possibilities... Grouped with Gaia, mistress of the planet itself, how could they fail against the alien invader that threatened the land with total world domination?!

Tabrith's question was seemingly left unanswered for quite a while. These dark network of tunnels stretched tends of thousands of miles beneath the Lost World's surface and they seemed to infinitely rebound Tabrith's inquiry off of their channels and passageways... The only thing responding to him was a warm breeze, a whispering wind, a gather of sparkling glints that congregated in the vicinity.

While the Apocalypse hung in the air everywhere Gaia went was instantly calmed. The ancient limestone, granite, and stalactites that constructed this place had nothing to fear from the Horsemen so long as she was around; her heir brought with her the ambiance of new beginnings, hope for evolution, and a brighter tomorrow... She appeared, donning the perceptual form most liked by her champion and recognizable by Tabrith and the rest of the Tensei. A soft glow of white surrounded her, there were grey streaks in her long brown hair each strand told a story about the planet, triumph or tragedy. There was a crown on her head -- she hated going into battle without boasting some sort of status, and this crown was particularly special; yes, she had been preparing this area for quite some time and now that the Insanity's house warming gift was prepared. It was time to take her side among her allies. There were no words; the Earth King and Gaia rarely spoke in person, their connection let them finish each other's sentences and feel what the other was thinking before they even said it all was ready. She turned her head to Tabrith with a heavy sigh of relief, this was the start of a revolution.

She simply nodded.

The deal with Kaerei went south... The barrier around the Nightmare was beginning to be constructed; it was time to draw the insanity here. And now that Gaia was here, all of her and the area was properly prepared what better time than the present? "My Light of The World..." The Earth King's words landed softly like feathers; his smile was unmistakable happiness -- he had only seen Gaia in this form rarely. When they were in battle, or if they were making love. He liked her this way the most; she let her age show and it spoke for her. Not to mention she sported the crown bestowed upon her by the Earth King's clan. Just one last check in from Tabrith and this could begin. The Earth King shut his eyes and let his power flow; slowly the tunnels began to rumble and the presence of destruction filled the winding tunnels. This was a funeral for insanity. "Is it ready?"

Tabrith: 'Yes, it is. Shall we commence?'

Khrona: 'Do it now. Back to hell where you belong...'

He called forth Khrona's aid from his world of Peace, bringing instantaneously the might of the one above down to Tabrith, filling his empty vessel with the strength of Khrona. It was wonderful, to be able to wipe out all of these terrible afflictions in one go. It was good that he was here near to one that was once like a father to him, and now they'd fight alongside each other as brothers... For the first time ever.

Khrona: 'I'm grateful for the events that brought me here, Father X...'

And with that, he'd allow Khrona to overtake him, prepared to wipe the Insanity out of the Lost World.

There, in a magnanimous explosion of his sheer Soul Energy, would Khrona manifest in physical form upon the Lost World's plane, seeming to mirror the actions on the other. A Wonderland, of sorts?

Khrona: 'Huh...? What's going on now...?'

It was a weird sight. Somehow, he could see himself existing on the Veritas... But last he remembered, he was...

And there was... The Earth King?

Khrona: 'Wake up...?'

Khrona: 'Oh no... They... They woke me up?! Son of a bitch. That means that my brother is...'

Khrona: "... Oh... Hi Brother X..."

... And that also meant that he was going to have to meet with his Insanity...

The Goddess greeted him first. She lived a long life, and was used to being ignored and disregarded by the most mortal of men -- after all her presence and God-like forces were often taken for granted. If she was in any other form, or merely inside the Earth King, then she would probably have let it slide. But not this time... 'Khrona Tensei...' She address him directly. With nothing but a smile on her face, she addressed this sinner and all his insane compulsions with the utmost of warmth and reception. He was a grown man, but still very much a child left to the expanse of his mind and the trails of his heart. The Earth King and Khrona were more alike than any other members of the current 'Great Thirteen' -- the broken circle of protection that it was. But awaying the insanity was the first step to reforging the bonds. 'You've been a naughty boy.' Floating in this tunnel abyss, these three pillars of light conversed. Gaia adjusted her crown; she hadn't worn it for quite some time, and it was rather heavy.

It was most humorous as to how all the Tensei were one, but their separate quirks manifested in the most peculiar of ways. Tabrith would have most certainly addressed 'The Eighth Pillar' before anyone and all else. Khrona often forgot himself.

Tabrith: 'Have you come to set things right?'

Khrona: 'Red... Like roses...'

Khrona: 'Yes... Those morsels looked delicious...'

Khrona: 'I want those rosebuds within them... Give me their hearts to feast upon!!'

A meteor struck with the flare of a solar radiation, a hue so red one could barely gaze at the face of the being that stood within. Temper, the Flame; Keeper of the Insanity of Hatred and Anger. His aura did radiate with all the searing, caustic heat his presence did maintain at all times, not only bringing a demonic light to the cave's interior, but also peeled away at the layers of its skin, liquefying them into droplets driiipping their way down the cavern. Almost like it was going to melt. The Insanity's presence was already spreading.

Temper: "Were you fool enough to believe I'd miss the chance to kill you right here and now... You old fool?"

His expression remained just as grim as his temper, the light of his eyes somehow able to maintain their steady glare of penetrating hatred directly at the lot of them, to wipe them clean out of its sight in a matter of moments.

The Insanity: 'Eternal Damnation.'

That was all there was to it; a gleam and a shine, and all that heat would pour down upon them with the passionate fury of hell itself. How horrendous their sight was to him... If he didn't hate them so much, he would not be able to stand looking at them... So he'd simply burn them so he wouldn't have to waste his time. Such hellacious splendor to purge the feeble pawns. He had no time to waste dawdling with formalities. He wasn't much of a gentleman like Grimnyzmal.

So many rude interruptions of his Goddess... It was so disgusting and sickening that it simply made the Earth King sigh in agony. It just so happened that his verbal expression of his distaste for this situation and its lack of manners was coupled with The Insanity's appearance. The heat simply washed over the trio like they were rocks in a constantly flowing stream. They were unaffected, and simply didn't choose to acknowledge it. The Insanity chose a form that reflected the Earth King... Little did it know, the Earth King was something totally different. A being immune to running around in circles, he was an insanity-killing bacteria now, and no longer a virus. "You are going to need an awful lot more power to stifle the likes of us, whelp." It's all he said; if The Insanity wanted to whine like a puny God, then let him box with Gods...

He needed longer arms though.

Khrona: 'Yes... I know, Miss Gaia.'

He lowered Tabrith's head to the ground, a little bit ashamed. But of course, it was all for a greater purpose and a better tomorrow, even if he was putting at risk himself and others. Sometimes, that is what was necessary in order to get the results.

Khrona: 'That's why I've come back to fix it; this world. And my mistakes...'

It was eerie, her serenity seemed to be vaguely reminiscent of his own Goddess, Titania. Perhaps that was the purpose of a Goddess in the life of a God, for to the Earth King, it would seem she was acted as the 'saving grace' to his destructive tendencies, the same way Titania did for Khrona's. Khrona could see himself in everyone he met, and those relations are what helped him understand, cultivate and grow himself as well as maintain a healthy connection to all things. And that was why... He was here to tell them exactly what to do and exactly how to stop him. What better way to stop a person than to make them stop themselves, right? Khrona had enough of making everyone suffer. The lesson was learned, and his reign of terror could come to a close.

Khrona: "... We have to subdue it before it gets angry. He is Temper, the Keeper Of Hatred; the burning Pit Of Havoc that lives within my core. That's where The Beast lives, and the more you piss it off, the more powerful it becomes..."

One of the many 'infinite sources of power' Khrona's Insanities had to offer. He was only here to guide them, and Tabrith would do all of the work. This was Khrona's mind, here, for the true Khrona... He was dealing with other matters elsewhere...

Khrona: "So Earth King, whatever you do, make absolutely SURE that you do not anger him further. He can be easily defeated if he isn't allowed to embrace his Insanity."

--- Back at Peace, still preparing for the fullness of the Fall---

Trinity: "Ooo, Ooo, My turn, My turn!! Heehee!!"

She was excited about all of this, more than ready to get her first reaping done. Well... First real reaping. The first soul on his list belonged to Phena, who would die facing The Insanity. Time to go collect that soul~!!

"Gotta be careful not to destroy it, or else she won't be able to come back~!" she sang to herself. She was soooo ready. She wouldn't be able to come back to Peace after this for a while, so it was best to say her goodbyes to her family while she was still here.

Trinity: "Aww.. Mommy, Daddy... I'm gonna miss youse guys!! ;; "

She prodded both her fingers together cutely, trying to hold back her tears... and failing. She sniffled softly, hovering over to her father and mother.

Trinity: "MM!!!"

She suddenly sprang on her father, giving him a great biiiig hug and kiss.

Trinity: "Daaaadddyyyyyy...!! I'm gonna miss the you that's up here because the you down there will be not fully you... Myeh!"

Flailing her legs, she propelled herself further into her father's chest, nearly burying herself in it to show him more love.

Trinity: "MUUUAAAH! I love you, Daddy~!"

Titania was just as upset to see Trinity take her leave as Trinity was to go. Her daughter was about to get flung straight into that world of... Madness and be forced to kill mercilessly in order to learn her own powers. Would she fall to the madness of that world, or was she pure? Even Tigen had his darkness; the 'Nightmare Energy'. Though conquered, it was an Insanity necessary for his growth. But what of Trinity? Did she even have an Insanity within her? She was born of pure consciousness and light. Maybe that warranted what was going to come next... "I love you, too, Trinity..." she walked over to her husband and wrapped her arms around him, hugging Trinity simultaneously in the process. A nice family moment, indeed... But she felt something. A twinge in her soul like something connected had suddenly faded. Somehow it felt like a great evil was lifted from her spirit, which was a relief but... There was an eerie serenity that came over her that was more than unsettling. Someone must have done something somewhere.

Titania: "... Wait, dear. Do you feel that? That connection that's been severed? Somehow I feel eerily imbalanced... And sick..."

Like a bubbling black goo was gurgling in her stomach, eating her from the inside out. It felt absolutely dreadful. She pushed herself away from the two of them, clenching her stomach. Something was wrong; very wrong here.

Titania: "Gh..."

Khrona's daughter was simply too cute; the cutest thing ever! He could not wait for her to become a worthy Goddess of Death to exact just death to all, just like her grandfather, the former Shinigami before her. Hopefully she could grow up to be like him.

Khrona: "Aw, Daddy's sweet baby~! Give us a kiss, then~!"

But of course, that was already in the process, as Trinity gave her cute little baby kiss to her father. She was worried about the Khrona that was down there, who was slowly making the transition, however he would still remember, even if he now was 'restricted' for the last time. At least she would be with her mother and father, even if they were currently in 'pieces' for a little while on the Lost World's plane.

Khrona: "I love you too! Both of you!"

A nice, happy family moment... It was like seeing his daughter off on her first day of school! Simply adorable precious moments one could scrapbook!

He hugged both of his girls back, patting them both on their backs with tender love and affection, before he released them and took on a more formal tone. It was just about time for Trinity to take her leave.

Khrona: "Well, my daughter, I guess the time has come--"

Oh, but Khrona was far more correct than he currently knew at the moment, for the time truly had come for one lucky individual. The curse was about to repeat itself... to come in full circle. What once became of Dimensia may indeed become of his Peace, and an interdimensional wormhole would penetrate the solitude and sanctity of Peace and consume it completely from the inside out... Until it was nothing but a cesspool of black muck. He felt it, he knew it, he could see the gurgling goo welling up inside of the suddenly sickened Titania. That could only have meant one thing...

Khrona: "... Who the FUCK has been MESSIN WITH THE SWAMP WOMAN!?!?!?"

Uh oh. This was a mess most heinous. It seems like every time Khrona was about to achieve the 'good' or 'happy ending', something just came along to ruin his day. Was he destined to live a life of tragedy and melancholy instead of Peace? Sure did look like it from the way things were going.

He turned his head swiftly to the screen in the background, wasting no time in replaying the video. The Earth King. "Dammit, Earth King. Damn damn DAMN, EARTH KING!!!" Now Khrona had to work overtime to make some things right before everything literally fell apart. The Zero World without a functioning ruler would just consume everything and return all to nothing. FUCK.


But wait, Trinity... His head snapped back to her, who was about to make her first reaping of Phena. But the Zero World was a more urgent matter, and by default, she would be taken from Khrona, probably as compensation for the deal he made a while ago.

Khrona: "... You aren't going to get my baby. I don't care who has to take her place, but someone... SOMEONE is going to be the new Swamp Queen. Someone will take the curse..."

He had little time, for he knew if he waited too long, the Zero World would just begin to snatch up people at random looking for a being worthy enough to take the place of Kaerei. She wasn't dead, but to the Zero World, she was just as good as dead if she couldn't keep it in check. She must have been planning this from the very beginning...

Her freedom.

---Back in Peace, Khrona became frantic at the sudden loss of his wife from Peace and brought back down to the Zeroth in the Zero World.---

Khrona: "There's no going back... She's going to be loose... No, she IS loose... Even without a functioning mind, she still is the Zero World itself, and that world needs a ruler of unequivocal balance to maintain order and 'existence' in a realm of nothingness and nonexistence... A void."

But there was no one he knew who could suffer the burden in his family off hand. Corona was nowhere near strong enough. Tigen was currently holding up the Tree. Pumpkinhead... Hell, Pumpkinhead might actually work. Sure, he'd get pissed off, but he could be The Beast that is restrained by the pit... Would be a nice touch. But could he do the job? Probably not. He'd probably get really angry and break out, then take it out on everyone he saw. Just like The Beast. Uncanny.

But that was a different subject for a different day, for the frantic Khrona was actually in a bit of a bind here. Though normally there wasn't much that would worry him due to his absolute control, THIS was a matter that actually got to him because he knew that the Zero World had to be maintained. This worried him severely.

"... Uh... Uh..." he tried to think, but he was actually kinda flustered. This was more serious than anyone could have imagined. If they thought the Insanity was bad... They didn't know anything about what the Zero World would do. Either way, a few specific people came to his mind...


Zita was most fitting for the job, anyway. Not only was she the 'Lich Queen', so she could handle the soul of Kaerei within her, but she was a master of locks, chains, seals and restriction; queen of bondage. Her powerful soul down there should prove quite nice to the Zero World.



... But then... He thought....

Khrona: "... What am I doing? Why would I allow someone else to take this horrible suffering? If anyone should be down there to take her place... Then it should be me..."

A series of unfortunate events, indeed... For the greater good, Khrona would have to make the ultimate sacrifice...

"NO!!" shouted his pained beloved, clenching her stomach in agony. She couldn't allow Khrona to fail after they'd come so close. If anything, Khrona was the only one who could save the family now. He couldn't give up here. "... You... I will take your place down there... It doesn't matter who goes, as long as someone goes..." She didn't mind taking his place in the swamp, just as long as their family could be established. She wasn't sure if it was the Zero World that turned Kaerei evil or if that was just the blackness of her old and decaying soul, but perhaps with a new rule, the Zero World would become something better. "... I know it'll be just like... gh... Just like what happened between your originals... Between Shinsei and Shinrei... Grim and Grimnis... But you have to remember... I'm married into your family. So my powers are different from you and your family's..."

That's right. 'Malfortuna'; Bad Luck Manna. She was also Head Magistrate, and for a while, she was 'Friday', the Owl Witch of Dreams and Nightmares. She didn't want Trinity to be condemned to that place, either, nor did she want Khrona's sister to pay for her sins down in that wretched place. Titania was a loving woman, after all. But the pains of the rising goo inside of her stomach would corrode her more and more within... Soon, she'd be taken completely, unless someone else took her place first. It was painful, ceasing to exist from the inside out...

Wallowing in the despair of such a dire situation, Khrona was almost at his wits end about figuring out how to stop this madness. But then again, Titania was correct... She was different. And Khrona also knew that if someone was pulling the strings from the very top, then in order to get things to work, someone else had to be pulling the strings from the very bottom... Instead of working with evil, perhaps this would be...

Khrona: "... I see..."

Within her was the final fragment of the original Shinsei, who was Shinrei's lover. To send even a sliver of him back down there would probably quiet the longing frog woman... She wished for the body of the Earth King because of her desire to gain her husband back, and needed another 'doll' to do it... But in her thirst, her wish was granted, because she always knew what she was doing. She knew so much more than Khrona, despite how Khrona knew everything there was. And how? And why? Simply ageless age, more time spent existing and more time to simply sit down and think. Where Khrona's Pit Of Havoc and Trinity Plane served as places for him to think, the Black Swamp served the same purpose for Kaerei. Maybe she wasn't as purely evil as the family had been making her out to be... Because there was no way that she wouldn't have known the outcome of her transgressions.

Khrona: "..."

This made Khrona think. Think very deeply. Was this for the greater good, or was this another one of her tricks? Her final evil above all others? Or was this her way of leaving this world with a gift? It wouldn't be known until it was done, but all Khrona knew was that if Titania was going to go... Then she was going to have to maintain her Peace.

Khrona: "... And so, both of my loves shall be taken away from me at the exact same time... Where my daughter goes to face Death, my wife is subject to Nonexistence. When will this horrible tragedy end?"

But of course, sacrifices had to be made. It wasn't like he could not freely traverse the Zero World if he so chose to. As long as he wasn't bound there as its keeper, he was free to move through it as he pleased. He sighed heavily...

Khrona: "... If you go, I will make sure to get you back. Through the Seven Sisters, I will bring you back. You are the Red Moon, remember, my love?"

Titania: "Don't worry, my love... I'm part of you, remember...? You made quite sure of that..."

The black goop spurt from her stomach, the corrosive substance eroding her innards and her flesh as it poured down her sinuous drapery of woven Dreams and Wishes.

Titania: "... We'll always be together... Because... That was your wish... Right? And I am the Queen of Dreams... I'll still make your dreams come true... Because of our bond... I am your... Friday The Thirteenth Fairy... Aren't I?"

Friday Malfortuna The Thirteenth; a girl born of Khrona's dreams who seeped her way into reality through the combined efforts of their opposing powers. Where one may believe a dream to oppose reality, it actually does coincide, and helps the reality to prosper by making the dreams come true... Making them real. An owl on his shoulder the entire time, one could say; or perhaps a sword and scythe by his side. Such is the fate of Khrona, as he had seen when he accidentally created Serulenia and Malojos again from his dreams. It was why he didn't sleep, because when he woke up, something horrible was happening and he didn't know why. She knew because she was there the entire time, just as he had been with her in the 'Dream World'. Their story wasn't over just yet...

Titania: "... Over your shoulder... Just... Speak... And your will... Is done..."

Her body continued to fade from Peace, now afflicted with a horrible contagion that could not be silenced by Peace, and so was cast from its lands immediately and down to... the Zero World. A black hand of condemnation pulled at her very soul, which now eroded the parts of her that could not come free. Until she purified this heretic sin within her soul, it was going to eat away at her being until she was just no more...

Titania: 'Cuz I've got friends on the other side... And they're acoming... Mmmmmm...'

... She wanted him to rest in Peace. She wanted to give him a break. The Seven Sisters were to him as the Seven Keepers were to her. The spirits that, when collected and united, formed the Great Djinni... And on his side, the Great Fairy... He was given Dreams and in exchange, she, Life. And they would pour endlessly and infinitely into each other, birthing more dreams and granting more wishes through both the Life stream and Dream well.

However, even though they would always be with each other, a feat that somehow the original Tensei and Lilith -- or Shinsei and Shinrei -- could not accomplish, Khrona was still going to be rather lonely for a while.

Khrona: "Your wish is my command, my love... As yours is mine. We'll fix the world of plague. Because we were the only ones in our family to do it."

Though part of him was pissed, another part of him would be thanking the Earth King right now, as some events in the story were just destined to happen. He smiled warmly, letting a single one of his sacred tears fall from his eyes. A sphere of 'Liquid Energy' plummeted down from the branches extending from his eyelids, into the 'Fountain Of Dreams' and into the 'Spring Of Life'. Life back to the Dusk may be good... It was about to be ravaged by the Passing of Time. The Moons were moving rather quickly, and if the city was not maintained, it would grow obsolete, like Valparaiso or 'Mechanica's Factorial City'. Such was the curse of technology; if someone else or it itself is not constantly making itself better, then nature will outlast and evolve past its primary use and purpose, forcing the machines to become obsolete. Hopefully this spawn of the tree, the fabled Tigen, the Insanity's opposite, could help.

The falling Crystal Fruit streaked silently through the sky bathed in light, like a star in the night air, shining from up above. It gleamed with all the colors of the spectrum, harboring a Spectral Wavelength that could only belong to the Crystal Godsoul, Kamitamashii. It was a wavelength that harbored all wavelengths, all spectrums of light, vibration and utter waves to ripple across the wavering constellations in the undulating 'waters' one could say.

Khrona:: 'A falling star... A light for you that shines from the purest of crystals as the lamp that is his pumpkin-shaped head... I send to you, the PumpKing, my sweet Friday the Thirteenth Fairy.'

No longer would the spawn of the Tree reside in its container, for the light of the tree had faded. The Manna King and the Melodist, unknowingly, unleashed the 'Second Restriction' upon the land. And the tree would resume its deterioration. Though this deterioration was not as destructive as it once was. In fact, it seemed that it was calmly erasing itself from the bottom up. Or perhaps, was reconstructing itself from the bottom up. The heinous atrocities that plagued the Dusk, when hit by the dream-like ripples of the falling Crystal Fruit would come to a screeching halt, as the entire Dusk and everyone caught within it would be fall to the roar of time.

That city was condemned... And the bells tolled for it and those within. It would become a city fossilized by time; frozen by crystal. A city at the end of its days, it would serve as the eternal memory frozen over... The 'Crystal Goddess' and the 'Diamond Dragon' made quite the team. Their combined efforts utterly erased and purified the once corrupt city.

---- Back In The Fray, This Event Is Why The Insanity Has Gotten Upset---

Khrona: 'Heh. I knew it...'

The Insanity: "You... Did... WHAT TO MY WIFE!?!?"

And so the hate thickened, maliciously as the sheer unrelenting fury intensified. All of the hatred he had poured from the depths of his infernal heart, straight into the soul of the Earth King. It was going to burn for what had been done to Titania.

The Insanity: "AND YOUR BITCH, TOO!!!"

Her soul, her beautiful soul... Her rose that had yet to be penetrated by the inferno of hatred concentrated to a single point; the Point Of Interest, in fact. Once the eyes were locked, there was nothing else anyone could do.

The Insanity: "SHE'S ON MY FUCKING LIST!!!"

Just like all the others, he'd force from them a seed of Insanity, born of his Creation as a flaring destruction upon the land. So many of his children walked the earth already; might as well add to the collection and totally ravage the entire thing all at once.


Because it surely was going to be a long time before she made it out of that swamp. Kaerei was indeed an evil bitch. And the Earth King was stupid for going to her for anything. So this horrific glare of infinitely rising abhorrent rage maliced its way into the chest of Gaia, uncaring what entire universe it had to obliterate in order to erase her from existence, which is basically what the Earth King had done to him. A stare of hatred equivalent was only proper payment.


The blazing body of the burning man wavered and crackled with a heat intense enough to distort the entire image of his flickering form. He stared the Earth King DEAD in the eyes, looming over him like a wall of fire against a putrid virus. The beads around his neck gleamed with a fiery, passionate hate, about to unlock the gates of hell...

The situation was indeed dire, The Insanity was already angered due to Kaerei's loss of self. The Insanity needed something to hate, but it was wrong for it to hate the three standing before him. The Earth King's utter immunity to insanity carried over into Gaia who was already 'The Divine Anima'; there wasn't a shroud of evil that could stand in her presence and the influence of crazy that this being was trying to pour into her would be thwarted like a passing wind...

But his intent was felt. And it felt searing hot. But this heat is what simply made her stronger. Surrounding The Insanity were three lights of the highest countenance, and they did nothing but reflect the most loving comprehending rainbow spectrum like energies back at it showing him the error of Kaerei's ways and how she undid herself.

Not to mention, it showed him choice.

Gaia: 'Why do you bore your hatred into me so? When your mistress undid herself in your name? She wanted to leave this world... To leave you. These 'transactions' this 'eye for an eye' cannot exist in this world any longer.'

To properly transition into the 'new age' she could not have any one being harbor so much ill will towards any facet of creation. It was just unhealthy, and The Insanity had quite a tummy ache...

Gaia was going with what she felt was right. Conversing with him would weaken him, making him reason would be his undoing. She would scold the Earth King later for wanting the 'quick fix' to repopulating the Earth Clan... Which could only be borne through her proper loins.

'Good idea, Miss Gaia,' Tabrith would say, channeling Khrona's voice into her. 'Engaging the heat, no matter how intense, was always subject to piss it off even further. Talking to it calmly always helped, but the manner about doing so also seemed to have an effect on its anger...'

Khrona: 'Whatever you do, do not shirk it off. That'll piss it off more. Respect it as a creature of nature, a spirit of this element it portrays and the emotion it dons. Do not treat it as a threat or a nuisance. Try to understand it, but be careful. This one's always ready to destroy things from just the littlest thing that pisses it off, and it'll do everything to destroy its target...'

Both the Earth King and Gaia should have heard this, even though it wasn't spoken aloud. This was a message from Khrona himself, to help guide them to a peaceful defeat of this infernal machination of his own core.

But then, that's when he saw what it was about to do... That rosary around its next was the binding force that kept its power limited, and also the key to the Abyss Of The Beast... He was going to summon it and let that monstrosity wreak havoc as it may, indiscriminately among the planet. Oh no...

Khrona: "Don't let him open the gates of Hell. Don't let him summon The Beast!"

"I'm sorry..." the Earth King came outright and said it. He was honestly, truly sorry and the likeness of the legitimacy of his apology could be felt the more The Insanity tried to peer his hatred into his eyes and rip Gaia asunder from her foundations -- the more he tried to reap, the more the Earth King tried to till the soil... "It seems that even with our backs against the wall, we can do nothing but think for ourselves. But it seems that even in your anger and fury, you too are capable of love and affection, and so was Kaerei. She was loyal to you until the end, and you to her... So why express your love through hate?" That was the mystical question... It was most difficult to get the apologetic frequencies out through all this searing inferno of hell but the message would carry over. Even with the Earth King's newfound 'immunity' to insanity, his heart clouded his mind with doubt and fear, and that in itself made this area stifling hot. He could use a cold shower after this... But he was praying that this would not come to a battle.

But it did seem that All of The Insanity's attention was focused here. Should he fight, he would end up just like Kaerei. Acting on ones inhibition would not end will in this new age.

The Insanity: "Because... That is all you insidious VERMIN understand!!!"

Stage 2; Annoyance

Though massive this congregation of Insanity, twas not the all, though indeed the accursed inferno concentrated in its straight, deadlock glare would continue to draw in more and more of the infernal power generated from the blazing core of Khrona. The more he hated, the more powerful it became, and the hatred that spawned within could be induced outwardly... Or within. A furnace of infinite energy, burning whatever it had to keep its power going, be that energy be of negative or positive influence; everything burned under the blaze of this heat, given enough time and tender destruction. What Gaia did not seem to understand was that simply because the Insanity was using a technique did not mean that such a technique was only of Insanity. There was much more to this energy than that. Such was why it was so very deadly; as long as there was some way for it to hate, it could not be stopped. That was why Khrona locked this beast in particular up tight... Using its infinite energy as a powerful core. And yet, even so...

The Insanity: "SORRY!? You DARE apologize for what you have already DONE!?!?!"

... The heat intensified. Many had come to this demonic incandescence after just so happening to realize the error of their ways only when faced by the insufferable and irreversible damage this hellspawn of hatred was capable of. Just as its infinite energy could power, it could also destroy given the intent of its energy. Absolute mastery and control over energy was learned in the 'Fourth Restriction'.

The Insanity: "You must be a believer of the wretched saying, 'Better to ask for forgiveness than to beg for permission,' aren't you!? To simply do whatever you please and be expected to be forgiven!?"

The condemning glare of 'Eternal Damnation', though seeming to do no damage to the great 'Mother Earth' initially, would force her to feel more than just the heat after a while. Part of the land of the Lost World was already consumed by the Insanity, completely taken over and marked by its seal, meaning that the mighty planet was not fully immune to its influence; just highly resistant. This only meant... More Power!!!



Fires in his chest worked overtime, the burning sensation beating from his own heart releasing pulsating waves ten times-- nay, hundred times-- thousands... Millions... Worse and worse with every fluctuation, every beat, every undulation of the generator working overtime!! And the beam did redden... redden to the point where its form as scorching heat could no longer be discerned, for the very atmosphere of the air screamed in agony, burning away at the concentrated fury in the hateful eyesight of Temper. Now the cave, dripping profusely as though the land were made of a sinister hot candle wax, could barely hold its shape, and it too cried out with molten tears that evaporated before they even touched the ground. This entire cavern would be no more in a matter of moments, with the fires continuing to spread outward without even the slightest hint of ending. What kind of hellacious monster was this?!

Suddenly, random places on the planet would ignite. Forests, buildings, even large bodies of water; they too were feeling the heat now. This was because the 'Generational Curse' would strike anything and everything related to the target of the attack, as long as there was a connection -- especially through familial genes or energetic bonds. In addition to this, it was capable of creating and sustaining a powerful Curse or Sin upon one's own self, stripping them of immunity and casting forth the power of whatever the alleged 'Generational Curse' should be... Gaia was going to smolder. He did not want to even look at her ash, if any remained when he was done. If she did not, then her planet, her children, her husband... HE'D BURN DOWN EVERYTHING to make this Goddess incinerate!!


Like a heart attack, or heartburn of the highest caliber. Eternal. Unending. It caused him so much pain and so much strife; so much hatred and so much woe. The more he hurt, the more he hurt others... Because as they say, hurt people... Hurt people...

Before the Earth King, the blistering image cast by Temper's heat continued to stare him straight in his sinful eyes, so very aware that he had no true care, regret, nor repentance for what was done. Empty words... Empty like his eye sockets. Like his beloved's chest would soon be once he burned away her heart and soul as sacrifice for his loss. This tormenting flame could only be quelled through proper payment for such a blow to him... A blow directly at his heart, be it physical or emotional. The largest bead of the rosary continued to glow, as a pitch black hole emerged from the central lock, growing larger and larger... Amber eyes could be seen gleaming from the pit of blackness, with a stare just as crazed and intense as the Keeper who summoned him.

Khrona: 'That is why I am here...'

He's already talked to God about this, and whatever his Father said was absolute, once they talked it through. Khrona wanted to do this to repent. For all of his sins... All at once.

Khrona: 'To guide everyone through this hellish storm... And out of these dark days I've made.'

His voice spoke to Gaia and the Earth King from all around, even through the calamity ensuing around them. It was a peaceful, yet shy voice that held a conviction like no other. He wanted to make everyone happy for once... Since all he was capable of doing was making everyone sad. That is all that went on in this world, and he knew a majority of it, if not all was his fault and his responsibility to stop. No matter how he felt, it was just impossible to watch them suffer.

Khrona: 'As I said before, do not shirk it off. Fight, it, talk to it, as long as you acknowledge it as a being and the burning spirit it is... But most importantly, be absolutely truthful about everything. The slightest whiff of being untrustworthy will drive it insane.'

The Earth King was doing most of the required stages for The Insanity's early development. A metamorphosis was in process, after all; things were infinite and even The Insanity's power could grow... Surely its multitudes could not contain it to this feeble form?

Gaia was perplexed at this... After all she was supposed to be this Sentinel of peace and serenity. But, the world seemed dissatisfied with its condition. The world did not wish to be calmed -- it wanted to fight, resist, and rise up. The men were being the required boulders of this outpouring making sure that they endured the brunt of the insane waves because the 'Divine Anima' -- 'The Eighth Pillar', Gaia was working on a lil sum'n sum'n.

She smiled at the Insanity's attack on her very being. And it was not an attack as it intended. Surely, the likes of the Earth King who's utter masculine immunity was preventing the right amount of communication. The reason why The Insanity was lashing out in such a way was because it required a proper woman's touch. Akin to how Gaia dealt with the Earth King when he insisted on deviating from the proper path. How ironic, Gaia was being resistant to change this time around.

The Anima cried a single tear. She could not produce a flood to represent the detachment from the Lost World that she had obtained. The Horsemen had robbed her of her resonance with the planet, she too was now rendered immune to the circular frustration that she and her soul tie had so righteously. This tear had loads of backed up emotion within... The Earth Princess came first to mind. Not her daughter, but that bitch of a queen. The one who truly had the Earth King's heart. After all, it was he who chose to impregnate her instead of his true Goddess. It wasn't like the Earth King didn't love Gaia... Back then it was a choice of preference. There was something about her chaos that fueled him and he was her proper grounding.

When this tear plummeted into the dark depths of the 'Spelunker's Cave', Gaia let it build. While she relinquished it, the inner pain she felt was utterly ignited by the insanity on the planet. She had forcefully seized her grip back from the Horsemen. This liquid tremor resonated in her life partner...

Gaia: 'Earth King...'

It was a whisper.... As it got deeper and deeper into the winding tunnels of insanity it both swam towards the rushing outpouring that was The Insanity of all, and could only vibe with the Earth King in the way that he needed. The had never done this before, but it was required....

Gaia: "I'm taking your body."

Questions were always irrelevant between the two of them anyway. So she took it by force, it would ignite the fires within him. The 'Cosmic Power' generated between the two of them would have to fully show itself within her as it only could.

The pain hit rock bottom. And it ignited the entire place with its own flood of roaring pain and angst. The Insanity had gotten to Gaia; she had eaten it, filtered it though the Earth King, Tabrith, and Khrona and properly let the vermillion flames with crimson lightning wrap about her very essence... What emerged was something else entirely.

The fire now had crackling embers once again. She remembered, when she took the place as the 'Ninth Pillar'. She couldn't help but flood the universe with chaos. After all. It was peace time, but now it was war time. And Chaos needed to answer this new enemy that had claimed it's territory.

Chaos had reigned here first. And would remain... As is the custom. The old powers were awakening and from the embers a slow burn emerged. It's heat was central in the 'Spelunker's Cave', but focused and contained below. Gaia had utterly dissipated. She needed to return to the stream for some R&R; it was time for a new face. The Earth King was much less the champion, more so the vessel.

The fires rose now among the insanity's own outpouring and froze these flames in place. They were gathered, crystallized, collected, harness and out of the mold... As required, emerged 'Gi'Asa'.

She had conformed for long enough, and broke the mold. She was surrounded in the armor of her lineage, the Stream effectively flowed through her and didn't guard herself from the insanity but instead armed her for the fated contest. She stood in its presence with her hand rested on her right sword. Her face was covered in mask, her hair was a flowing silver yet... Cut. Quite fitting for the times. She didn't acknowledge the Earth King; after all, his immunity required the temporary bonding of the flesh. He would be comatose for a little while.

'Gi'Asa' -- the union of Chaos and Life, Creation, Love and all thereof created Desire. It was kept in check by those who had motivated her forth. It was a hardened existence that she led. After all, the times required a tough skin. She needed this, and wore it like battle armor. There was no inclination towards a preference to fight, or guard against The Insanity. She knew that these poor souls required protection... But the best defense is a good offense.

For some reason or another she had snuffed out the flaming outpouring of The Insanity from this vicinity. She shouldered the burdens of the downtrodden and would champion the battle until her soldiers could properly join.

It was obvious, that the mortal descriptions for her countenance, fury, and power could go on infinitely. But she decided to take all that she had been given, from here, the 'Flower Garden', inside the Earth King, and understood the insanity... She shouldered its burdens.

Gi'Asa: "Would you like to try and punish me?"

Her voice wasn't heard. It was a rhythmic intonation of The Insanity's outpouring. Her fire did not waft through the area so forceful... It was more of a phantom; an enigma. The only half to the puzzle.

"Oh dear," remarked the current herald of a bit of the Shinseigami's power, "It seems like things have gotten a bit more interesting." He couldn't help but comment as this new being emerged; it seemed to be using the power of the Insanity as its own, detaching its pieces and filtering it through Tabrith and Khrona who had absolute control over themselves and the Insanity and letting it be used through her. Quite the soul resonance, indeed, and a smart time to do so. Temper did not look happy at all about this.

Gazing at this new specimen, the three of them were all unaffected by the passionate fury. It seems that the protection of Khrona and Tabrith and the bond of said connection was keeping the Earth King and Gaia safe, for they were the ones that had control. But what was true for Khrona was also true for the Insanity, and it had full control over itself, as well. Tabrith was aware and was a little wary about this new being's conception. It was almost like a Shinsei.

Tabrith: "... Be cautious of taking in its power... It has total control over it, and at any given moment, if its power overwhelmed ours... You'll be the first to be swept up by its hand."

This was not a threat, but a warning out of utter truth; Tabrith, speaking with Khrona's words, knew exactly what the Insanity was capable of. Something like this wouldn't even be a bump in the road if it continued to grow more angry...

Tabrith: "Get it to burn itself out. Take it all out on you. Maybe that'll calm it down."

Though he couldn't help but think of something ominous about that... Tabrith himself was eerily unsettled about all of this. It made him shiver. That was a bad sign.

Still, they refused with their utmost to burn. They stood there nonchalantly, patronizing the keeper of the monstrous beast. It was so infuriating to see them there acting so casual about its power. Did they believe this force to be that weak?! Nay, then perhaps they needed a display of this raw power! Judgment would be swift, and punishment would come oh, so soon after... They even went as far as using his mirror self as a filtering system for its power! The absolute NERVE!! Naturally, the Insanity was pissed. And from the concentration of its own hatred, did its power grow.

If Gaia chose to send in the Earth King as the vessel for her raw power, then one of Temper's would be sent forth as well! It was only a matter of sheer coincidence one could say...


... That the 'Bloody Pumpkin' would appear.

The tip of his giant butcher knife pierced through the weakened state of the dimensional structure, jaggedly ripping through it with the trembling hand of murderous rage. From pitch blackness, a vibrant, sinister flame tore through the barriers between the realm of Shattered Dimensional Energy, or empty space, and the Lost World's atmosphere instantly. He had been furiously looking for a way out of that place and to his next destination, but every pitch black wall he cracked only ended up shattering someone else's realities and dreams, leaving only the image of a psychotic looming devil of unparalleled rage staring them in the face, wondering if they were about to die at the edge of his giant butcher knife and meat cleaver. This creature was a pure walking nightmare.

This vehemently burning force of nature recently reawakened as a Falshin hellbent on issuing brutal punishment to any and everything it deemed worthy of such pulverization. The slender, glazed eyes of pure ethereal energy narrowed even further once the others were in his sights. Yet again, he was in the wrong place; nowhere near Corona Tensei. He was already quite antagonized before, and as he stepped forth into the scarlet flames that nourished his very essence with the likeness of the sun and water to the plants, he took on the same madness... Pure, utter concentrated fury as the man casting the stare of malice at his foes. The grip on his abnormally large, blood-stained butcher knife tightened... To the point where the trembling fist quaked and distorted the very air around them.

He did not say a word.

The Earth King's body was surrendered to fuel the creation of Gi'Asa. So he floated in the darkness for a while, while she did the work... This body was sacrificed for such as this could be done at any time. How like the Insanity to ignore his true challenger perhaps this was his way of provocation. Either way Gaia had the Earth King to guide her while she was on the front lines for once.

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--- Back in the Veritas, where the Real Khrona's body was, the death of Titania in Peace caused death to search for her and Khrona in the Veritas. As Above Is Below.---

A fair breeze perused the once barren land springing to life again, bringing with it a foreboding force who immediately brought with his presence the tension of a certain-to-come death right behind. It would seem out of thin air that the boy would appear, but his presence would go unnoticed to the two conversing under the dead tree.

Mywt: "..."

I walked through that hospital and no one even knew I was there...

Every time he passed by someone, he brought upon silence and they would simply not see him nor notice his presence, almost as if the boy simply followed the path where there was only silence and was guided down it without knowing so. No one looked at him. No one spoke. No one even breathed; the child unknowingly walked in between the breaths of every person in the building as an underlying presence masked by all the others. But every time he appeared, someone died.

... Shouldn't my presence be more prominent in a room?

There it was. The 'Ambient Silence'; a presence that demanded Absolute Silence at all times of its presentation, at the penalty of 'eternal silence' -- death -- if not obeyed. After just unlocking the Chakra Seal upon his body through the interaction with the Dark King, the boy's power grew to match it, and he was on to look for one of the other Six Heavenly Seals to break upon his body. Now his very presence teemed from his body, creeping up on every being without being noticed. It was like the silent boy was never even there, but everyone would know he was coming because of the 'Ambient Silence' that constantly pulsated around his body.

... But what's the point in that? Then I will be noticed by some worthless pests...

He was not aware of his function in this world, and perhaps, even though he possessed the full knowledgeable extent, that is the force that drove his complete apathy for all things. Why would someone ever need a creation such as him? Why would anyone ever want something like him to ever exist? He could not believe in the slightest that anyone would. And yet...

Mywt: "..."

His presence still demanded 'Absolute Silence', forcing through its imminence an ominous calm to the situation of his amnesiac father's younger self and the descending blue orb. The sound of the falling moon fell on deaf ears now, for as he appeared in the vicinity of Khrona, the seal broke between Father and Son, and the boy's strength grew to match it, just as it did when he stood in the Dark King's presence. Two of the seven people required to meet with to break the Seven Heavenly Seals had been found and he now served as a mirror in return. He had no clue where he was going, nor what he was doing. Simply being tossed around carelessly in an arbitrary direction. But somehow there was always a charitable outcome on his part. He moved forward in 'Absolute Silence', prepared to claim his victims...

The reclusive, lost and confused young man was hearing nothing of what this girl had to say to him. He was going to sit under this tree and simply die here, or not die here, but he was going to remain in that position; head covered and legs tucked tightly between his arms' embrace.

Khrona: "Nothing matters anymore... So why should I even--"

But before the melancholy young man could finish, his head was rather abruptly pulled from its dark covering and into the light of the world, only to find a giant blue eye gazing down at him from above.

And after that, everything fell absolutely silent.

For but a single moment, there was absolutely no sound. Gazing deeply into the sapphire eye of the first moon, Khrona fell to the 'Shin Aotsukiyomi', and his entire life flashed before his eyes. He saw into his own mind by staring into his own eyes from a he from beyond this world and knew that somehow, it was simply time to do what he was about to do. The assurance of that situation was the next thing gleaming in the corner of his eye...

Quote :
the brilliant star streaked through the sky from the blue satellite, and where one may think stardust trailed behind as a clear-cut path for the Blue Moon to follow, the shooting star would make impact in Dusk City.

... A shooting star absolutely assured him that the time had come.

The lost child gazed into the sparkling stream of memories and dreams sprinkled like dust behind the ball of light whose destination was set for the 'Dusk City'. Somehow, as he stared into it, he was able to simply see everything as flashes of broken memories in his head. It was all starting to make sense about what was happening; Khrona's lost mind ran rampant across the Lost World. This was all his fault; all his mess. Now, sent down here by the he of above, Khrona was going to have to fix his past mistakes and help to save everything. Their time damn near did not exist anymore, and to make matters worse...

When he turned his head, death was right over his shoulder. His first son; he who would inherit ALL of Khrona's greatness and allow for Khrona to cease to exist as anyone but his son. The one who would take his title, and in fact, by default, already had. It was the same way that Tigen became the PumpKing, for that was the way of his people. They absorb the will of the one before them as they grow stronger than the one before. That was how to become head of the Tensei family, and that is what he had done! Though he knew that this, the being he stared in the face, of absolute perfect semblance to himself, -- save for the black hair -- this was what he was racing against. He was on the clock.

All such is what was realized in a single 'Moment Of Silence'.

Mouth still agape at all his mentality that just rejuvenated itself after looking into the moon, he knew that he was going to have to reach the Dusk quick, fast and in a hurry.

"... Then let's go," he responded quite decisively to Misery's frantic ranting. Where she tried to pull him in one direction, he immediately snatched her his way, giving a sinister signature sanguine gleam to his counterpart, before angelic dragon wings of the purest, most gorgeous crystal sprouted from his back, covered by the blackness of his blood -- so that other people were able to perceive their form, mind you. He took off without much more as a thought, leaving behind him a trail of viscous 'Life Energy' which forced the Mystic Woods to spontaneously evolve, just as he was capable of doing. The traces of this forcefully grew the trees even better than they were before, now with Doubt and Confusion lacing the forest in addition to the already ambiguous reality. Instead of a crater of unparalleled destruction, -- as Khrona's wings were capable of easily destroying planets -- instead of annihilation there was life and growth; a mystical forest completely regrown in the wake of his majestic wings. The evil Khrona... 'The Antagonist' that had just revealed himself openly to his rival would be lost in this questionable forest for quite a while.

Whether Misery knew what was going on or not didn't matter at this point, for she was going to be filled in later. She was one of the key components to the Second Moon after all, even if she didn't know it... But the First One had to be dealt with first. With his mind returned to him in a jumbled mess, using some of his psychic powers was going to be difficult until he could unscramble his head fully, which was probably why he did not just teleport there in the first place.

Khrona: "Misery, you're going to have to change to your weapon form. I don't know much about how to use my psychic powers... As all the Information comes with the Ninth Restriction released... But I'll help you when I think I can."

Right now all of the information in his head was 'Random Access Memory', meaning he couldn't specifically call upon information as he knew it because nothing in his head was where it was supposed to be. Though as we speak it was all getting sorted out, this was still Khrona's head, and even Khrona had trouble solving some of the problems he himself put before him. But everything would be put into place as he unscrambled it and solved the puzzle, so when he did get something, he would know how to use it. For now, he just soared down low to the ground toward the Dusk City...

As soon as he opened his mouth, Misery was just completely pissed at him. Of course, she would be, since she remembered going through this already. Khrona was lucky that she loved him... For whatever fucking reason why. Sometimes, she didn't know herself, but every time he showed her and reminded her why. In fact, now was one of those times.

A disoriented "Eh?" was all she could muster as she was yanked -- by Khrona, mind you -- in another direction of his own will. That was a miracle for this boy to have a will to do something, cuz when he did, it would get done. Now holding on to him as best she could over the sky, she listened to him as he spoke, still a little bit in a daze, herself by all of this. It was then that she realized... His mind was starting to return to him. His memories were coming back!

Misery: "Wa-wa-wait, so you're telling me you remember now!?"

Well, she couldn't lie, it made sense that if Khrona looked straight into his mind, he would be able to pull his memories from it. Maybe, if that was the case... He could just take it all back into his head and avoid the collision. Did he think about that, too, or was he simply acting on mental instinct? Sometimes, she couldn't tell. But it was a good thing that this guy couldn't be read. Builds their trust.

"Sure sounds like you do. 'Bout fucking time," she mentioned as she swung herself onto his back, taking a standing position as they glided over the horizon at supersonic speeds, "I was starting to miss the old you!"

She smirked, a little upset that she said that, but happy to be back where she loved to be the most, right behind him and having his back one hundred percent. Their resonance together left a beautiful red and black streak behind them to symbolize the intermingling of their souls. Looks like she hadn't even noticed Khrona's son's presence there, for some reason...

Creeping closer to the couple in question, during his approach his eyes met in an immediate deadlock with his father once his gaze averted from the moon, letting him bear witness to the one that just recently and instantaneously matched and combined his power with the one he had before.

Mywt: "..."

A 'Moment Of Silence' was shared mutually between the two before the elder of them burst into the sky with a flap of his great wings. The apathetic young one did not pursue with haste, as he knew his path was predetermined and inevitable.

... Don't you know it's pointless to try to run, father...?

Like a dream, the roots sprouted up from the ground in a magnificent display of beauty and life not unlike the wings of the one who produced this feat, till the forest grew over the line of sight beyond it.

As I watched the forest bloom around me, I could not hear a single whisper from the woods, for my presence demands Absolute Silence.

There was no sound; only silence, as is what the Ambient Silence's function was. There would be no questions to heckle or trick him and send him into doubt here, for his silence refuted it all by simply being as it was. He cast his hand, and a Rolling Silence marked a path for him through the woods. He did not need to see nor know where he was going, for the Absolute Silence would be the path that guided him. Moving quickly through the 'Rolling Silence', the boy took off in a black burst.

Not a single thing will deter me...

He had an acute perception of where his path led, almost as though being guided down a predestined course that he -- who lacked a brain to think, a soul to feel and all things required of a free will -- needed not pay attention to. His existence literally was pointless, as he was already walking a path chosen by someone else. He existed simply as an algorithm to do as it was told; almost like a computer program aware of its use. He did not need to try, for all would simply just occur as it was supposed to.

... For where there is life, death follows right behind. You cannot outrun your expiration... So it is pointless for everything to exist in the first place...

His legs carried him with an effortless speed through each of the winding branches, gnarled roots and twisted trunks that made up this beautifully misshapen realm. The ambiguity of the forest made no difference to him, as the Absolute Silence let no vibration, no frequency and no wavelength into motion within its presence. All would become flatlines or 'Deadlines' as he called them, completely neutralized, nullified and without functionality any longer. The boy most literally walked in darkness, unable to see a thing. He was en route, closing on fast on foot to his flying father.

Rocketing over the trees and down the sloped hillside, Khrona raced toward the city recently changed to a fine crystal, following the sparkling trail leading him in the sky. He sensed that his counterpart hadn't been deterred at all by his means to distract him, and his methods of movement seemed quite unrealistic. Already, he was picking up speed navigating through the trees and the ambiguous reality with no problem at all. His legs moved so fast so effortlessly, it was pretty unbelievable that something like this was able to keep up with Khrona in the sky on foot. The only person that this reminded him of was...

Khrona: "The Sky King!"

That's right! Khrona had a battle like with with the Sky King before! What was it that he started to do...?

Khrona: "Flicker in and out of reality at a high speed!"

The only way Khrona was able to keep up with the Sky King was to use his mind; the only thing that could match that awesome speed. He thought deeply, concentrating on his inner thoughts... Calming his psychotic mind.

Khrona: 'Think... Think...'

Speed was to the Sky King as Flicker was to... Tigen!! Tigen hadn't gone to get the Sky King yet! Now he remembered! The Crystal Fruit fell from the tree first, and that fruit was Tigen! It made impact in the Dusk, too, meaning Tigen HAD to be there! Might as well get the fastest thing to exist to help speed things up a bit... He was starting to remember some of the events from not too long ago before returning to this state of being, which was really helping him out a lot in his guidance down the correct path. If he could get to Tigen, he could send him to get the Sky King!

Khrona: "Misery. Hold off what's following us. I'll focus on steering."

Though he didn't want to ascend too high without remembering how to fly as proficiently as before, he might have to go up a little bit to get this guy off of their back. Wouldn't be long before they reached the Pale Forest...

Misery: "The Sky King? What the hell are you thinking about him right now for?!"

Then the wavelength shot into her head, too. Through their resonance, she was able to hear his thoughts in her head, and then able to understand his thought process better. But in doing that, it allowed her to feel the power of something else way off in the distance... Something she felt her attention being pulled to unyieldingly...

Misery: "... Wait. They fed The BEAST!?"

In a sharp gleam, a thin blade appeared in the palm of her hand in the shape of a kitchen knife piercing through her skin and into her grip. Turning the blade up toward the sky, she honed in on the concentrated wavelength of Insanity she was the Sister of. They might be able to put Khrona's soul back together really fast, too... One step at a time, though. She homed in on the Earth King and Gaia in the middle of the battle between her other half, Temper the Keeper of Hatred... Sounded like that was going bad.

Misery: "Grrhhhh...!! Just what the hell are you telling your peons to do with Tabrith, eh!? We've gotta go scoop them up, too!! GAAAH FUCK!!! Then where the hell is The Beast!?"

She swirled the knife in the air frantically, searching for The Beast's wavelength of pure hatred in its greatest concentration. That seemed to be coming from up within the Dawn. They hadn't left its perimeter yet, but they were doing so now quite quickly. She could feel the vacuum beginning to press down on her bones... Yeah, this was Khrona flying alright. There was no time to lose.

Misery: "Status Report; The Beast is still up here in the Dawn as a concentrated hatred bringing with it the fires that it seems Temper is feeding it through a battle with the Earth King, Gaia, and Tabrith. They keep pissing off the Keeper!! And if the Keeper's pissed, then the Beast is definitely murderous right now."

All of this was starting to hit her at once... It was like she was helping to unscramble Khrona's thoughts in relation to what was going on in the world... A Sister of Insanity, true and true. So, in correspondence to The Beast and Temper, the Keeper, then Misery, the Sister could get all the info on the situation all at once and share it with Khrona. She felt almost like... A piece of his soul.

Misery: "It's Stage Three. Must be disgusted with them. Fuck, they don't know what they've gotten themselves into!! Hrrrrr..."

She snarled under her breath, getting a little pissed off herself... But she knew that wouldn't add to the situation. She just had to try to keep her cool so she didn't feed the Beast... Sigh... So in that list of things to take care of were the Moon, the Mind, the Keeper, The Beast...

"... And what fucking thing that's 'following us...?'" she hissed with a repressed hatred whilst turning her head behind her. There it was running right behind them, lurking right over their shoulder. It was a creeping presence that she could not even feel, for it felt purely like nothing. Seeing that thing that looked like Khrona practically staring her in the face, she was anxious to get out of this predicament.

Misery: "FUCK!!!"

Her wavelength popped and crackled in a crisp crimson fire wrapped in pitch black flares. The combination of both her soul energies of Insanity and Condemnation into one thing; the 'Burning Condemnation'. In her hand, the 'Condemn Blaze' burned with the intensity of hellish curses, the energy of death and decay, and the fires of the Insanity of Hatred. She lobbed round after round of the wicked fireballs at the black-haired Khrona, arms blurred in the rapid movement. Each of the 'Condemn Blazes' scorched through the sky in the form of swords -- as Misery is a Sword themed weapon. She managed to maintain her balance on the accelerating Khrona's back, but also really felt like they should have been going to handle the situation with the Beast first.

Misery: "Khrona... We HAVE to deal with Temper and The Beast, too! What are we going to do about them?!"

She'd continue to fire these blazing swords at this guy as long as he was there, making sure never to cease until this creep incinerated!!

Misery: 'Ugh.. We're gonna need a miracle to fix all of this... Some 'Divine Intervention' or somethin... Sheesh!'

Continuing on his destined path, Mywt slipped through the trees with ease and into the face of Misery Des Gloomi. As she turned, she should have felt his presence, and a Moment Of Silence would be shared between the two. It was only immediately after which she fired off her infernal swords, all of which could not penetrate the perpetual noiselessness of this boy's infinitesimal apathy.

Mywt: "..."

Not a single sword comprised of wavelength would infiltrate my atmosphere. No wave, no vibration, no fluctuation may permeate my presence's demand for Absolute Silence; all such return to noiselessness. Down to Zero.

The boy's heritage was now being forged; he was of Grim heritage, and thus had an affinity to the Zero World. Her wavelength dissipated into nothingness, nullified once reaching a certain radius between she and he; a presence that brought nothing but silence. A nothingness most foul...

He quickly weaved in between his fingers a hand sign, seemingly archaic in nature and nothing of which this world had ever seen, as he was known to do. Between his intricately placed fingers, a quick flash of light traced a spider web laced through his digits. Though that quick gleam was the only precursor to the event, as its impression on the atmosphere left slits forming a web that literally killed the atmosphere, slashing and burning through it like a plague. Swiftly pulling his fingers further apart, the thread-like slits were pulled into a singularity with its center set on Khrona and Misery. The web would ensnare and slice through what it touched, erasing it on contact.

All of this was coming down hard on Khrona, and it seemed like more kept coming... More and more, there was something somewhere that he needed to fix. This was his problem, and it was time to stop it. But how were they going to do that if all of his powers were scattered about...? What was it that Misery said...?

Khrona: 'Divine... Intervention...?'

He remembered! A psychic technique of his that he was able to call upon the power of the 5th for guidance with total clarity! Opening his mind and conjuring a miracle!

Khrona: "Misery, that's it!! I know what to do!"

Seems like just the words were enough to trigger his Random Access Memory, which brought down the information of the 'Divine Intervention'. He was linked to Tabrith after all right now... And he had all the information locked in his head. It was a shame that he didn't get unlocked until the Ninth... He may have been the most useful right now. A Mind with no Knowledge has to Learn it all again. Oh well. Might as well make it fun if he's gonna learn all he can!

Khrona: "Come to me! Utter Clarity!! Divine Intervention!!!"

Immediately, the answer popped up in his head... The flickering of Tigen... The battle with the Sky King... And how he was going to reach Temper the Keeper so they could seal up The Beast!

Khrona: "Teleportation!!"

One of the most basic psychic abilities, and simplest to remember! Just be wherever you need to be, and as long as you could get the coordinates in your head, you could go there instantly! Coupled with the 'Cross-Dimensional Reality Awareness' that he was capable of, he would be able to easily flicker just a second or two into the future, just outside of the clutches of the web of silence, as many times as need be to evade it.

A halo appeared over his head for a moment after that, which he promptly snagged from above his cranium and pointed it in the direction of the Lost World... The Hyper Perception of his Dojutsu -- the most basic and standard of the Tensei eye levels -- was able to isolate and pinpoint the location of Temper's Hatred, and a crosshair appeared in the center of his halo once the targets were aligned. His free-fall down to the Dusk wouldn't take long at all.

Khrona: "Catch, Tabrith!!"

He'd say mostly to himself, knowing that Tabrith could hear him -- that was his Mind, after all. A direct link between those two meant that their minds were connected, and if that was the case Khrona could quite easily send Misery right down to his location to deal with Temper by herself. She was the Sister that balanced out the Keeper, after all.

Without warning, a vacuum greater in force than the concussive sonic booms undulating around Khrona's free-fall flight back down drew Misery into its center. This vacuous force belonged to the locked-on-target halo, which forcefully altered Misery into pure energetic wavelength form, blistering with flames of black and red hue. Released as a blazing rocket-like arrow of pure lightning, the crimson sword would leave a cleaving slit in the sky a piercing rouge hue as she was instantaneously transmitted from Khrona and to Tabrith.

Khrona: "The Sword Of Truth... Now let me go collect the others."

The Second Moon was going to be rising soon, and the other Six Sisters were of dire importance to it... Still, that didn't protect him from the menace that continued to lurk directly behind him. He was going to have to teleport down to his location at this point.

Khrona: "Catch ya later, son."

He smirked at Mywt, feeling as though he had thoroughly outsmarted his brainless and destiny-bound creation. Flickering through the future again only by a few seconds at a time, Khrona was able to simulate his normal 'Body Flicker' technique that required the use of his Reality Warping techniques that he didn't remember how to use yet. Thank god he was smart and resourceful enough and had enough control to be able to do the same thing with all of his abilities. He would be just ahead of Mywt and just out of his grasp, his next destination being... The crystallized Dusk City.

You can run, but you cannot hide. Wherever you go, I will be right behind. This is the absolute end of the line. Nothing can save you from death this time.

Almost like a haunting childish melody, it ran through his head silently, noiselessly, yet clear enough for him to understand what it meant. His ties to Khrona would take him wherever he would need to; wherever he was about to face the end of his days. On his own, Khrona could not meet his end by conventional methods and there posed only one other guaranteed way to erase him besides his own self, and this boy was the key.

So why do you continue such a pointless endeavor, father...?
Just let me consume you. This fate driven by destiny...
It makes everything pointless...

Mywt: "..."

And where Khrona was about to be struck down... No matter where it may be, there would be this man's end, creeping up right behind him in Absolute Silence, waiting to take him from this world. The chase was never ending, he would soon find out, if he didn't know then he knows now. Until he fell to Absolute Silence, that is.

--- Back On The Planet, Where Khrona Had Commandeered Tabrith, Tabrith Receives The Blue Moon From Here First. --

Khrona: "All Yours, Tabrith."

... And the gifts were received, a blue and red streak of light flashing within the eyes of the one harboring the power of the Shinseigami... In one hand, the complete mind of Khrona with all the information stored within him, and in the other, the Sword Of Truth.

Khrona: "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight."

'Just in time...' he thought in relief, gazing through Tabrith's eyes at everything that was occurring all at once. In only a moment, the Blue Moon that was the whole of his mind was placed within the container of all data; the Infinite Sea of Knowledge. With this, all of the knowledge that Khrona would have only had after unlocking the power of the 'Ninth Restriction' -- as Tabris was guardian of the Ninth Moon -- was granted to him all at once, allowing Khrona's mind to be unscrambled from the Random Access Memory it was allowed to pull from in order to remember things. There was no longer memory; only pure and utter knowing. And with the Sword Of Truth right beside him... He knew exactly what to do about this Insanity.

Khrona: 'And now that I remember everything...'

His Godliness, his powers, his identity and all solutions to these insane problems happening all about... Khrona was prepared. Even if he was still technically stuck in the First Restriction, it was like having a super scaled down version of all of his powers in every restriction available to him through the use of his mind.

Khrona: 'It is time to continue to give back to these undeserving souls... And save this planet from the havoc I have cursed upon it. I am doing so as we speak...'

The First Moon was being dealt with, but simultaneously, the Second Moon as well. With Khrona's mind connected to all data and all information, it was like resuming Godliness with infinite knowledge on everything, yet being confined to a non-Godly state of being. Even mister Shinseigami was going to have to be careful here.

Khrona: 'Misery... It's time to seal The Beast. You and the Keeper are in position. I will pave the way for you...'

It was good that they were both collected in the same place.

... And in steps all the hatred you could ever need.

The most powerful source of pure and utter fulminate fury one could ever need; this 'Bloody Pumpkin' would serve as a most perfect host for the sealing of the Beast within his being... To become the new keeper, the new Temper... Surely, a most perfect champion to rip them all to shreds. All he needed to do now was open the gate, for the energy source was already there to get it to the Tenth Stage with ease.

The Insanity: "Absolute Zero; Abyssus Las Betes."

Almost in perfect accord with the situation, when the 'Pumpkishin' tore his way into their realm, his unparalleled Insanity of Hatred magnified that of Tempers, resonating with his wavelength. This unholy resonance instantaneously amplified their powers to unbelievable proportions, which fueled the power of the Keeper of Hatred in order to have enough pure and raw anger necessary to fully open The Gate. It was like two being that got stronger solely by getting pissed off combined their respective furies to get something far more devastating...

The Beast.


Even now, they could hear the tormented, terrifying cries of the contained monstrosity prepared to tear its way out of the confines of its prison, all of which it was royally pissed to be contained in. Whenever it realizes it's in a box or a bind, it becomes more upset. The swirling bead upon the rosary around Temper's neck gleamed, undoing the seal of The Beast.

Stage 10; Hatred

Flares immediately erupted from the pitch black hole in the center of Temper's chest, easily and quite readily filled to the brim of its darkness with a crimson passion like no other. The fury of the already pissed of Temper combined with that of Pumpkishin and all other events that had transpired all about with this particular Insanity was all being focused into this one point now. All of the hatred found a way to be in one place.

A mighty conflagration spewed a burning arm from the opened gateway first, darkening the already intensely radiating aura of pure red all about this melting cave. Soon, even the dripping wax-like state of the rock disintegrated, no longer able to maintain a stable material state within the fires of this Insanity. The great arm crashed down before Temper and beside the aggressors in opposition, inadvertently casting a great flarestorm of sheer malevolence to wash over their poor souls and burn them all to a crisp. The same too occurred for the second arm to spurt from its confines, another equally as destructive wave of Madness overflowing from the opposite end. Nothing that could not handle these fires now would exist before their presence; as before, the land ignited with a hellish passion whose fires were beginning to lick at space, eating away at the layers of atmospheric protection this planet had against rays of the sun and other radiations within space. If this wavelength of madness were able to resonate with such powerful wavelengths in space, who was to say that this planet and all others in this solar system would not simply burn to a crisp right then and there? Somehow, the unity of the Beast and the Pumpkishin's powers did not seem too farfetched in this occurrence coming to be.


With a final roar as vehement as the flames that cast over it, the head of The Beast exploded from the opened gateway with the vigorous hatred of a crazed bull, the signature minotaurus cow skull donned upon the Beast's face flickering with instability as it blazed forward, ready to utterly mow down the lot of them all. It was short and simply; all would be consumed by these flames, for they continued to grow infinitely stronger than they were before. Everything served as a power source to continue to piss it off, and that only meant it was growing stronger and stronger and would probably never stop until this fury touched the edge of the universe, broke free and consumed another one. Such was how the conquest of Tensei power reigned when left unsupervised and out of control. Things like The Beast were set free.

The Insanity: "Pumpkin... Herald this flame and snatch the body of the Destroyer as your new host... And completely eliminate the wench to ensure he does not return!! Go!"

The face of The Beast, resonating with the Pumpkishin, caused its flickering face to undergo a twisted transformation... Something between the face of a bull skull and a carved, battered pumpkin. A crown of thorn-like horns spurted from the Beast's head and neck, assuming a more rotund skeletal form. It was clear that the face of hatred coming to consume them was not only just Temper's now, but was also the Bloody Pumpkin's. They would not survive.

A flash of crimson not unlike those seen many atime in these trying times of the Lost World bolted down from above and into the hand of Tabrith, the second of the two gifts granted to him from the gods watching over him. The sword in which he was to fend off the Beast with, the only thing one knew was a surefire way to subdue it, shot right into his hands, so to speak. A flaming sword fitted with the same fired of hatred that pulsated all around them, yet burned with its own intensity of Condemnation that the woman who assumed this form was known far and wide for in the past as Khrona's weapon... Misery Des Gloomi, the Burning Condemnation Of Truth. A sword, -- as she was always Sword-themed in all that she did -- rigid like a saw and large as the greatsword it was, the fiery red edge of this honed weapon gleamed and glistened with a malevolent sheen the more hatred danced about. It looked exactly like her evolved weapon form did when she was merely Khrona's original Soulmate, however the white parts of the blade were now red with the wavelength of Insanity and black with the wavelength of Condemnation. Thus; Burning Condemnation served as the mad product of both powers combined. The Sword Of Truth.

From the infernal appearance of the hellgirl of Khrona's fury, the sword's initial ignition flared up violently, taking in more and more of the rising insanity as fodder. The sword consumed this hatred in large quantities, and from the rising pure red flames, a slender leg solidified from the fires donned in a sleek, almost velvety black boot, followed by the rest of her body wrapped up tight in small and tight black and red adornments. The very last bit of the flames formed her hand, which gripped the handle of the sword and threw over her shoulder, smirking out of happiness and anger. Her eyes gleamed a similar color to the signature sanguine of her dearly beloved, showing her preparation -- as most if not all of those so closely related to Khrona had eye-type prowess.

Misery: "You guys ready for this...?"

Thankfully, she was on their side, not trying to spread the Insanity of Hatred about further, but to try to subdue it in order to help her lover... And the rest of the world. She guessed. Truthfully, Misery couldn't have given less of a damn about everyone else, but Khrona did so she supported him one hundred percent, as she always did. Even if a bit reluctantly. Gi'Asa was similar to she was, and it was only natural that these two joined forces to stop this creature before them. Tabrith was on their side and could work wonders as their guide if they let him, so all they had to do was follow instructions and do things as best as they could. Perhaps, a tutorial to fight the Insanity?

Her appearance, despite how nonchalant it was, actually helped to scale down the destructive might of the burning flames all around them and protected them from the rising intensity, allowing it to retain its bearable state and not consume everything as it tried so very hard to do. She casually walked through the burning hellstorm and over to Gi'Asa, standing in opposition to Temper, who seemed to be gradually merging with the pumpkin-headed foe nearby. Things were getting mad crazy over here.

Misery: "I'm gonna say this once so you don't get my appearance here twisted; I don't give a damn about you all or about your planet. I just respect my partner's wishes about saving your sorry asses from this fucked up fate he had for ya. So don't think for a second that I'm doing this because I like you all."

If it weren't for him, she would not care at all. Either way, she was here and Gi'Asa was her partner in arms for the time being whilst Tabrith was their guide. Can't go wrong, she hoped. Staring the Beast in the face without a hint of fear for her own self, she did wonder how she was going to fight this thing when it had already gotten so powerful.

Misery: "... Ugh, you already pissed it off this much... You all are such a pain in my ass!!!"

Oh well. No time to waste. This thing had to be stopped before it got powerful enough to eat their universe. All of Khrona's emotions were like that when they were out of control... Oi vey.

Ignored by the Insanity, Gi'Asa was; ignored by the Tensei, she was... Her anger began to rise and her deep crimson blood began to boil -- it ran in tandem with the Insanity's own power boosting it to the astronomical heights so much so that Gi'Asa had all forgotten about her host. Her life was no longer independent of the Earth King's, so he required protection. The appearance of yet another Tensei ensured that he would be safe, and with a flick of the wrist he was safely transported elsewhere, fiber by carbon fire. It appeared that the Earth King's body had utterly disintegrated in the loosing of flames and power that these Gods chose to display in their infernal might. The Destroyer was safely transported to a place where even the dimension hopper dare not tread.

The heat was rising, the ignited flames of vigor poured throughout the Spelunker's Cave and set the caverns ablaze. There was much death here to all the life that dwelled within and the denying of future lives to come. This in itself made Gi'Asa very upset; sad even... She had two short swords in her hands and pointed both towards the hell beast that emerged. Its appearance like that of a bull ready to charge, but she could see its pain and misfortune through that sass and bravado that The Insanity boasted.

The Ninth Pillar heeded the words of this angelic looking Tensei, and cared not for them the quicker this beast was put down the better. The quicker they felled The one formerly known as Pumpkinhead, the quicker she could make love to the Earth King. She needed to know just how durable his body was. And this hope, this faith, and this iron will powered her up even more. With the utterance of more words unknown to any and all creatures past, present, and future, she locked her power off from the Insanity and chose to instead leech herself to Shinmegami and Tabrith. Was it time to fight? She was unsure, part of her felt that more preparations needed to be made... The other felt like she should just rush this bull before it rushed them.

She spoke the mystical runes, the Earth King had unlocked the power of the 'Orion' in an adjacent time stream across the planet. With it came the knowledge of how to trap a 'Vorptal' like Pumpkinhead and seal entire areas of the planet off from the rest of the world like putting them in a box. So what if it pissed the Insanity off more? Shinmegami had the ability to transfer its infinite rise in power to their own and this beast needed to be contained. Acknowledging it as a threat stroked its ego...

Gi'Asa: "Bridge Shin'Tensei, Taiyero Ai Maximus."

The sound of a key turning a lock was heard, and nothing more. There would be no escape for these lot. If this was supposed to go another way then it would. Gi'Asa had taken the best course of action which was to eliminate the outpouring of the insanity and prevent the Horsemen's influence from feeding it. So she did...

There was no choice in the matter for him. Simply to be guided down this road of anger and destruction, pulled by the strings of the Insanity of Hatred he harbored within him and the Beast, within it. They were, more than figuratively speaking, one and the same now and it was against either of their wills, for simple contact with each other secured the resonance. The Bloody Pumpkin's influence now merged with the Beast, forcing a combination between he and the Keeper of Hatred, Temper. Without warning, the fiery pumpkin seeped into the physical form that was Temper, and the Beast's fires surrounded him as a sort of barrier. Its face became something of what resembled the combination of the Pumpkishin and The Beast, as did the face of the host, Temper. The Bloody Pumpkin was in control of this Insanity now, and so soon, he became its Keeper. Now, forced to face the one he knew for a fact was his counterpart in the matter as well as the host of another entite, Pumpkinhead could not find solace in this knowledge. He had become the Ifrit that was the Keeper of Hatred, and this Pumpkishin held that grandiose power only in conjunction to his already immense dimension-destroying strength. Only more rage could express all of his emotions; with sadness came his rage. With his discomfort came his rage. He was fit to be this Keeper and this being, and now it was time for him to act on it.

The fire took over his entire being, scorching his skin to a charcoal black. A darkness that lie dormant in the glowering flarestorm stood barely visible in all the wavering heat, directly before the two fighting 'angels of hope' and their electronic guide beside them, and now his intentions... Belonged to the Pumpkin.

The fires, now merged with the 'Nature Energy' belonging originally to Pumpkinhead, now became one of its destructive properties, just as the 'Flying Thunder God' from before had. Not only fire, but wind and lightning to add to his ferocious strength. Though his 'Nature Energy' took the form of plants and agriculture, in truth, its properties could be shifted to any one of the 'Forces of Nature', such as a hailstorm, an inferno, or a tornado, as examples. The 'Nature Energy' was much like his gifted brother's 'Liquid Energy,' which was able to alter its liquid properties to other forms just the same as the Nature Energy was. This was the signature capability of those of their kind; to manipulate such large and versatile quantities of energy and allow them to take any form they wish based on their level of control. Where Liquid Energy took the properties of any Liquid, Nature Energy took the properties of any Force of Nature. Thus...

The fiery maelstrom embracing his form escalated once more, its influence already far beyond the Spelunkers caves and having crept into other parts of the Lost World. The girl, Gi'Asa, she was the one that he was instructed to kill... And for some reason, just looking at her made him want to do it all the more. What was this primal rage? A sinful Wrath that came about upon embracing the fires of Hatred? Or was this always his feelings? Pumpkinhead was known to wrack his pumpkin head about these things, but even in the midst of that, without answers, he was only more pissed off. Perhaps nothing could teach this hellseed what 'Patience' was.

Still maintaining his silent fury, when Gi'Asa spoke, her voice ground his nonexistent eardrums to the point where he felt the immediate need to silence her. Without hesitation during the middle of her speech, he locked on to the resonant wavelength of her voice and traced it back to her voice box, and all through her vocal cords. With the deepening of his already furrowed pumpkin brow, a series of infernal explosions went off back to back to back in rapid succession, unrelenting in their destruction and growing ever more with the still ever rising hatred trapped within this being. If her head hadn't already exploded from the chain succession of explosions, then her throat was definitely going to be scorched to the point of her being unable to speak. Regardless of if her technique was pulled off or not was of no concern to this foul beast; he just wanted her to return to her state of silence so he did not have to hear her voice. He hated her voice with the passion of an exploding sun. His hand trembled with that fury, his gargantuan carving knife still prepared to rend through flesh and cut out the hearts or 'Roses' of those that got in his way. And consume them whole.

"Ah, such wonderful gifts," mentioned Tabrith, now awakened from mental slumber, his memory access no longer Randomized, "To give me the mind to accurately process all the information I have stored within me."

It was perfect; now his influence could spread to all of the main Insanity points at once, starting with this one. So states the nature of Tensei and of Earth Clan; the 'Wings Of Freedom' that had been established between them. It was time for Gi'Asa to face the Insanity with the correct means of defense; one of the slivers of the 'Omnipedia'.

Tabrith: "... Here... Have access to a sliver of my knowledge... As I said, I shall be your guide through this fight, and you may ask for my assistance in any way necessary to achieve your goals within the parameters you are allowed to receive. I will explain this setup process as we undergo the installation."

Pumpkishin's direct attack on her vocal chords was something of the Silencing effect, and if not dealt with she would not be able to speak nor conjure the power to cast anymore special attacks. She'd be restricted to fighting him physically.

Tabrith: "The Sister of Insanity is here to help protect you and fight alongside you. I am here to guide you and provide you with information about this threat. Using this power, you may change Insanity into Shinsanity; True Sanity that harbors perfect clarity, understanding and knowledge. Our goal is to change all of the Seven Insanities into Seven Shinsanities, and the process involves collection of the Seven Sisters and Seven Keepers. Debriefing on that shall occur once you are out of danger."

A screen immediately popped up before her eyes, in her head and where no one was able to see except for she and Tabrith itself, and the screen was not unlike the menu of a video game...

Tabrith: "This is called the 'Personal Image Creator', or 'PIC'. Here, you may choose your 'Class', which may also dictate your appearance, if you so choose, hence the name 'PIC'. Only I am able to grant others the access to this power to face the Insanity, and you are one of the select few to have been chosen. Congratulations, Gi'Asa, for receiving your 'Omnipedia' piece. You may allow it to assume any form you wish for communication; Book, cellular phone, computer and the like are all prime examples. Please, join Sister Misery in combat and choose how you want to fight back."

In the menu within her head, a screen popped up that would show her all of the available jobs to her at this moment.

Tabrith: "Think of this as a tutorial. Choose now and I will guide you through how to use such a class until you feel you are ready on your own."

It seemed that Gi'Asa had a moment to process the flaming pumpkin's attack on her throat. It felt like a large lump of a burning combusting nova and was slowly eating away and scorching her vocal chords. While this was a tutorial, death was very real here and luckily, the old bonds were not disheveled for the Earth Clan. Tensei proved that blood was thicker than water. A list full of choices appeared before chaos; she scrolled through them and decided to pick one that was best for the Earth King. Something that bolstered others and self, the Earth King was already an army of one, so the new beginnings required something to make others that same army to uplift all to his level and beyond...

Gi'Asa pressed the screen with her nailed fingers... The clock was ticking and the dry abyss of her throat was slowly encroaching upon her soul. As much as she wanted this to be a strictly Tensei affair, she was already involved and would assist in any way The Destroyer required of her.

Gi'Asa: "Rhh-Rhapso-"

It was becoming difficult for her to speak it just needed to be forced out through the pain, it appeared whispering was a lot less painful.

Gi'Asa: "Rhapsodist it is... And hurry."

Her Personal Image Creator, whatever Tabrith was sharing with her had to be something that allowed her to face The Insanity and heal herself and others at the same time. It was two versus two. Tabrith wasn't fighting and neither was Khrona. It was the Sister Of Insanity and the 'Blood Of Chaos' that would overcome Insanity... Ironically enough, this sounded like an ideal combination.

Back in the Veritas, with the Real Khrona, he had been sidetracked from his descent from the Dawn into the Dusk, getting caught in the Delta in between, where the Eternal Desert was, and also where the Insanity had struck yet another part of the Veritas. Whilst the Insanity in the Lost World was being dealt with by those that lived there and Khrona's Mind, Tabrith, of whom he was controlling mentally, the Real Khrona had to deal with the Insanity within the Veritas.

Only recently dispersing from the Desert Palace, The Insanity flickered in upon his throne high above the entirety of the Eternal Desert, staring at the expansive sands brimming with an accumulation of untold power. He knew what the secret of these sands were, and it was time to unleash them. The man who once lived in the Desert Palace... It was almost like he left things as they were in order for them to occur in this way.

The Insanity: "... The sleeping black beast of the Eternal Desert... Bound to the sands and buried under the granulated magic that is this terrain... Its only purpose to hold back one being only..."

That vile creature said to bring about the end to all that stood in its way...

The Insanity: "Omega Weapon. Awaken from your slumber..."

The Black Grimoire burst open with a surge of mighty mystical force, pages sent afly 'cross the covers in a vigorous storm. Ancient seals upon the book unlocked themselves, undoing many bindings that were placed upon the creature of the end. They could not destroy it; only put it to sleep, and that was only until someone else came along to wake it up. It was going to happen eventually... When it was time for the world to meet its end.

The Insanity: "Become one with me and my weapon of choice for destruction; the 'Deadliest Cannon' known as 'The End Of Days'. Combine our powers... And let us be an unstoppable plague of death and absolute despair upon this ugly, yet beautiful world..."

There was almost a tinge of sadness in his voice... Quickly burned away by his passionate destructive fury, though even the fact that it was there...

The Insanity: "... The Lord Of Terror awaits you. We must wipe this feeble existence off the face of the cosmos... And perhaps, to ensure it does not be reborn... Destroy whatever universes are connected to it. We will spare nothing. This accursed, sinful abomination... Must be put down..."

As the book continued to undo each of the many seals that served as the mystical barriers that kept people out of the sands, the inherent manna that was dormant within the Eternal Desert soon began to rise... All beings born of manna or with the use of it should feel the pulsations of this insane mystical force coursing through the veins of the world. The Eternal Desert held more sleeping mystical power than any realized... This was only the beginning of the end.

His Left Hand, that which harbored the power of destruction known as Absolute Zero extended outward toward the Eternal Desert, the Black Grimoire aligned in front of it. He called to his arm the Deadliest Cannon, The End Of Days and pointed it down toward the raging sands.

The Insanity: "The power to bring all things to the very end of their allotted time to be... Bypassing all forms of regeneration, reincarnation and rebirth, to the point in your life where you must cease to exist... That power combined with the power of the bane of all things..."

Immediately, such power was drawn into the core of the Deadliest Cannon. A black fog seeped through the granulated manna and into the barrel, fusing their powers as one... The same way he'd done previously with the ultimate weapon of the heroes. They were almost what one would call the equivalent to the soul blades of Edge and Caliber, yet in their own respect. The ultimate weapon of all heroes and the final weapon as the bane to all things that opposed it.

Now, even the Black Grimoire itself was being absorbed into The Insanity. It was growing even further... This was no longer just Khrona's Insanity, -- rather, ALL forms of Insanity accumulated into one -- but a being that had evolved the Insanity once again. He was simply...

The Insanity: "The Lord of Terror cometh to return this world to nothingness. Back to the Black Swamp with you..."

This process would be quick and simple.

"Äbsolute Zero; The End (Of Days)..."

The power of this emptiness, this nothingness, this void would be all encompassing... All consuming, just as the stomachs of those that managed its power was. The Devourists -- better known as the World Eaters, or even simply the Grims -- had come to this planet years ago seeking to consume it and bring it to its end. That never changed in the slightest, for their hunger had never been satiated.

But now...

An accumulation of pitch black converged into a central point, taking in every last drop of the Omega Weapon's essence from the Black Grimoire, which also seemed to fade away after this being done.

The Insanity: "The End Of Days shall consume this universe as a cloud of pure darkness... the Zero World shall rid this world of its underdeveloped vermin once and for all. This cloud shall be known as the 'Grand Columbus'!!!"

His other arm raised to meet the joint of the Deadliest Cannon prepared to release the storm of the 'Grand Columbus' upon the Eternal Desert and begin this chain of mayhem and erasure... Another sheer mass of Zero World would be created to help erase it all. And there would be no coming back once you were taken. It was truly and simply, The End.

The power of Absolute All that surged from his Right Hand combined with the power of Absolute Zero, easily creating a sort of yin and yang effect within the blackness. The two forces would work together in perfect harmony, covering all forms of the spectrum in order to perfectly eliminate anything that came in their way. This technique, that which harnessed the potent power of both Yin and Yang to utter perfection was the 'Grand Devaste'. The ammunition was set. Yet, he couldn't help but feel the need to add one more thing...

The Insanity: "Where flames of black and white shall scorch the land and erase all with their flames, what shall strike down all opposition will be the burning bolts of Insanity to skewer their very beings... 'Zephyr Kreuz', the 'Crimson Crucifixion'."

A mere jolt of red crackled from his eyes and into the barrel of the cannon, finishing the final touches of what would be the cleanser of this putrid and foul land. These people... These places... This government... This world... It all simply had to go. They were all so vile and putrid, like watching a garden of sinful roses bloom. Setting fire to this befouled garden of Eden should return purity and sanctity to such a sweet land... Rid of those who besmirch its gorgeousness.

The Insanity: "Even if this beautiful planet must be taken along with it... All of these hopeless, useless and pitiful beings have to go."

It was prepared to fire.

The Insanity: "The first example to show these fools that I mean business... Erase this desert, Grand Columbus, and all who are in it."

Crackling, teeming, bursting with a vibrant red, white and black energies, the cloud of darkness remained as condensed ammunition just itching to be let loose. Once it was fired, there would be no stopping it until there was nothing else left. One by one, the land would be picked off, never to return. People would be erased on the spot, never to return. Those that could not grow... Were going to have to go.

The Insanity: "Fire."

A thunderous, malignant bellow that sounded like the mournful cry of a wounded god erupted from the snout of his infernal weapon of devastation. The time to 'play' with them was no more. Its entertainment no longer existed, and now this place served no purpose and had to be eliminated. Careening through the sky silently was a darkness that seemed to have no true presence, but was the literal lack thereof. In the sky, it would look like a pitch black cutout of what a giant storm cloud would have been placed.

The Insanity: "Hear my Hell's Whisper in your ears and quiver, Veritas... Lost World. Wherever there is Insanity, that shall be a mark of the destruction. You will not survive..."

And all he could do at this point was simply watch. No one was going to be able to stop this now. Nothing could, now that the inhabitants of this world became so very hopeless... This Eternal Desert would be the first prize to be claimed as a trophy of his endeavors.

A convoluted mass of darkness... Pitch black ruination seething with the power of Yin, Yang and all the Insanity in between, heralded by an entity that did not exist yet still was. All that it touched would become nothing... A spectacle and a sinister omen to behold, when one saw this cloud of indomitable perpetual darkness close in on their land, they would simply know that everything below was going to be erased. This was not only the last and only warning of the Lord Of Terror, but also the promise of their demise.

The swirling abyssal airship of annihilation billowed through the skies as a rolling darkness, prepared to swallow up the Eternal Desert whole and leave absolutely nothing left. With the Black Grimoire harvested, there was no use for this place anymore... A waste of space and time, just like the rest of this world... Just like all of its people. A waste... And such waste would be collected and disposed of indefinitely. In a place where there is no existence, there is no waste of space because there is nothing there to begin with.

One could see spewing from its cut-out folds flashes of pure crimson, enough to bring light to the Desert of Darkness. For a moment, it all gleamed with a blood red hue, before a spiraling helix of Yin Flames and Yang Flames converged their black and white flares into a gorgeous, finely woven hellstorm of equivocation. All would return to Zero. All would burn away to nothing. Nothing would remain.

The Insanity: "Grand Devaste..."

In the midst of his descent, eyes clear and focused on the crystallized target below, the resident amnesiac continued to flicker about toward his destination. He could quickly make his way to the city and get some practice in with his newly remembered psychic techniques. He had enough at his disposal to easily quell whatever got in his way at this point.


Of course there was a catch. He wasn't ever going to make this easy for him, and Khrona's influence was fading...

Khrona: "Mmm... At this rate... Everything will--"

Ugh, even if he had the mind, the memory was still pretty jumbled. How was he going to deal with that...? And even worse...?

How was he going to deal with the rolling darkness forming under him?

His flying wasn't that good during his lapse in memory, and even doing basic maneuvers was pretty difficult to conceive right now. This sick black blob folding over everything it touched was growing far too rapidly... He was just going to crash.

"... No..." he uttered softly in disbelief, "... You must be kidding me right now..."

How much shit was the Insanity really doing...?

Regardless, he still tried to pull up. He even began to flicker again, attempting to Teleport on the other side of it, but as it currently stood, he couldn't warp more than a couple feet in front of him. Would that really be enough to clear the cloud of darkness...?

Khrona: "Come on... Teleportation!"

Try as he might to avoid the Grand Columbus, there was no stopping this boy from falling straight into the recesses of the flying Black Swamp. The 'Cloud Of Darkness' swallowed him up whole as he attempted to teleport around it...

He didn't make it.

Kaerei: 'Gekogekori... Come back to me... And remember everything, my child...
Into the Zero World you go...'

And that was all she wrote.


Looks like he couldn't teleport far enough with such limitations on his memory. He'd fallen straight into that cloud of darkness, not even clearing it a little. Stuck in a void.

Khrona: 'Back here again...'

But, last he recalled, he'd never been here before.

Khrona: 'This place seems familiar... This darkness seems all too inviting to my being...'

Why was this world so familiar to him? It was an eerie feeling... Knowing and Unknowing...

Khrona: 'Perhaps if I call upon... Divine Intervention again?'

And of course, the moment he thought it, it hit him square in the head; all of his memory rolled back to him in a flood, almost like a Sea Of Infinite Knowledge being sorted out in the correct fashion. Khrona remembered everything.

Khrona: "... No... No, this can't... It can't be right!!! I'm... I'm a God!?"

His eyes narrowed, veering into the abysmal blackness that went on forever, watching the events of the Insanity flash before his eyes.

Khrona: "That's... Is that ME?! I don't feel like I'm even consciously aware..."

Khrona's unconscious, the Insanity, did as it pleased, with no control and no reign. This was his fault, everything that was going on... He knew what the thoughts of the Khrona up above were and he also knew the pain of what he had to endure... With his memory restored, Khrona was able to connect with himself from his past life and his higher self all at once, allowing him to achieve a sliver of that power within the First Restriction.

Khrona: "... Shinseigami Khrona Tensei... I understand... I... I didn't even know..."

Somehow, he couldn't help but think that this was all part of his grand master plan; the one that he not only came up with, but hid from himself in order to ensure it went about smoothly. That Shinseigami was a great one.

Khrona: "Shin'Khrona... That's my name. Not my complete True Name, but the beginning of it... It will evolve as I do... Until I have set everything right."

Curling up into a ball, Shin'Khrona felt the pure, utter, abysmal loneliness that the Zero World had to offer... A realm of pure isolation from everyone and everything... He couldn't help but feel like he'd done this before... This feeling of...

Khrona: "Despair... I know you're in here..."

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Loneliness, anguish, sadness and despair. Facets of a world that held nothing within it. A palace; a realm of absolutely nothing at all. It beckoned his name in it's nonexistent ambiance. It craved his very being. It knew this being; it had felt its resilience hundreds of times before and knew that it must have it as part of it's nonexistent existence. Through the rumbling black mass of darkness, a swirling spire of unbound perpetual black would usher forth. It gurgled with an unpredicted vigor as it shaped into a single being. Momo, The Eclipse himself. Wrought from the never ending depths of the Zero World, he had come here to preform a task. His hair radiated through the blackness, emanating a soft lustful violet glow, his eyes an icy blue that upon seeing Khrona's frame shifted to a soft crimson. So many mixed emotions surrounded this meeting. And as Khrona lied there ready to be engulfed by the Zero World, Momo could not help but take a moment to admire the bodice of his love once more. "Khrona... Here you are once more... And here am I standing over you. And both times as they had come to pass you still cannot see me for me. But... In time you will." He walked over the black thicket of the Zero world gurgling beneath him with each step he took towards Khrona. He would kneel down placing each of his arm under Khrona's frame. A soft smile formed. "How long has it been since I've held you this close? Ages -- eons lost in time it seems to feel like." He turned his back to the place that once was. A single tear fell into the black and became nothing as it did. Slowly he began to descend into the thicket of the Zero World. "I'm sure she's down here some where, Despair has missed you, though not nearly as much as I. Come My love... Let us find her... In the realm of nothing..."

With that they were devoured by the pit of nothing. And along with their departure facets of the black swamp vanished...

Khrona: 'Momo...'

This familiarity, this presence within the infinite impresence, he could feel them all as one entite, yet he knew that Momo was nothing but a fragment of it now... Of the Swamp Hag he promised Momo to so long ago. Hearing his words whisper into his mind, coupled with the flooding memory of his own abrupt remembrance, he saw before him not another piece of the blackness but the form that was the one who sacrificed himself to save Khrona. Someone who loved him just as much as the Sisters.

Khrona: 'I'm so sorry... I remember everything...'

Momo held him close, and Khrona felt his tears... Embraced his sorrow. For Khrona, Momo sacrificed his own soul to the Black Swamp to become the pieces of the Red Moon for the Seven Sisters. Momo, by himself, was one of the sole saviors of this entire realm, and once again nothing but a person of the greatest loyalty to Khrona. He'd only seen such loyalty in times long since passed...

Khrona: '... No... I cannot ask you to help me any more than you already have. Now it is my turn to do something for you... To repay my debt to you.'

A catharsis of Khrona's sadness, his love and his repentance all conglomerated into a single point within his eyes, streaming from his crystal orb as a single 'Crystal Tear'. Rolling over his cheek and off his chin, it fell into stasis, solidifying and presenting itself before Allen.

Khrona: '... Perhaps this may be the first time I've seen it, but... I want you to use this. Use this and give yourself new life... As one of my own. A Tensei.'

For some reason, even through all this unbearable hurt and pain of knowing everything that happened... He was still able to smile, just from knowing that Allen was still there. Being in his embrace was soothing... just because of what it meant right here and now.

At the call of his name he halted. Khrona's voice trekked within the black ambiance like that of a soft captivating breeze. It locked Momo into place, causing a paradoxical feel of anxiety to emerge within him. The swallow of the Zero World was halted for but a moment... "K-Khrona..." He was awestruck he could only allow a chopped pronunciation of his love's name escape his lips. Momo looked down at Khrona's pale face. Albino-esque in appearance, he could see the purity within Khrona when no one else could. Underneath every ounce of black there was a sheet of white as glorious in it's luster as the winter's snow itself. "You can't possibly be serious... You..." he said to Khrona. For ages now Momo had been inducted into the Tensei as a mere extension of their grand scheme of being. A mere addition to the overall picture. Momo never complained about his figurative ties to the Tensei; just so long as he was near Khrona, blood and sweat never mattered. He was just starting to accept the fact that he could never be a part of this world again. But here as it stood now, in the midst of this decaying black, a single 'Crystal Tear' could change that all. He could once again live life, and what's more... He would be an important integrated facet of the main masterpiece of the Tensei Clan. It was an honor; a loving, gracious gift that even in his wildest dreams he could not have hoped for anything better. Emotion swelled within him. "Khrona, you shouldn't have. This is a gracious gift. I accept it with every fiber of what I once was..." He stood there, surrounded and shrouded by nothing, Khrona locked firmly in his arms. The laws of everything that was logical held no reigns within the Zero World. It was a fantastic occurrence and Momo found his love for Khrona blaze into a level that was nonexistent. The Crystal Tear was lifted by Momo through a bit of bloody maneuvering. Here in his hand he held the key to his salvation. The key to finally breaking free of his ties to the frog hag once and for all. He would not have to spend eternity as her doll any longer.

Shin'Khrona's eyes lowered peacefully, content with the outcome of this entire ordeal. Perhaps, through all that these two had been through, this was how this was supposed to happen. They say that good things come to those who wait, and Momo had been true to Khrona ever since he took them in. After first being inducted into the family, then being accepted as part of it, he was now truly becoming a Tensei. There would be a piece of Khrona within Momo forever more, being the sustenance for his existence. It was the only way to repay the one who saved Khrona's soul before; the only one who saved Titania from her fate. "... Thank you. I feel like that's all I can say." No. There was more. Khrona could say it with the utmost truth in his pure, crystal heart. "That, and..." Lifting his head to stare Momo square in the eyes reforming themselves from their bloody stitches, Khrona ran his hand through Momo's silky hair and pulled him close, lips pouched gently. A soft press upon the forehead poured all the gratitude and appreciation Shin'Khrona had for such loyalty even in these hard and trying times into and all throughout his shaping form, revitalizing his existence as something new.

Khrona: "I love you, Momo."

No truer words were spoken. It was funny how these things played out... So long ago, they were going through this same process. That was how Momo became who he was today; that fateful day when Shabuto was changed into Momo by Khrona's hand. Now it was happening all over again. Momo had another chance at life, and not to be a slave of death...

Though, not even that love could exist in a realm of nonexistence... Those bonds formed here would be snatched away just as quickly as Momo's form took shape in the black mass. The black hand of the new embodiment of this world; she who once was its harbinger, yanked at the ankles of the embraced soon-to-be Tensei with the vehemence of a hungry soul seeking solace.

Kaerei: "You know the rules..."

With the Crystal Tear serving as his new soul, Momo was stripped from Khrona's grasp, with barely even a frame to get their final words in before the blackness sought to expel him. He was not capable of existing in nonexistence, and thus would be reborn.

Kaerei: "... Gekoooo... You'll take his place, my dear, sweet child... He's been a wonderful placeholder... For a prize like you... GEEEEKOGEKOGEKOGEKOGEKO!!!"

With his memories and powers back, this new 'Shin'Khrona' would be the most useful in the endeavors of the Zero World... It was finally time for him to serve his time...

Khrona: "... Ugh."

Disgusted by her wily ways, even NOW after she should have stopped meddling, SOMEHOW, she just wouldn't stop. Family or not, she was one of the first that needed to be purified immediately before she got out of hand. She held one of the remaining six shards, and there were still six more Insanities to deal with... This world could barely handle Khrona's first one, the Insanity of Hatred... It had them all in a stupor. If he didn't act fast, they'd be taken over completely by his madness.

Perhaps... Momo could have been one of his shining rays of hope again. He already was for so long. Shin'Khrona was almost hesitant to ask another favor of him...

"... MOMO!" he shouted at the last second, before he could get completely swept away, "I told you about my time as The Phantom... I need you to become a Phantom of the Veritas! The 'Bloody Phantom' to help me save this world from demise!!" Phantoms... Phantoms would serve as his eyes and ears... Hopefully, his ghastly helpings had hands at moving things along before the world was consumed.

Khrona: "Do not reveal who you are to anyone! But look for other Phantoms... They will know! Find my daughter... Chroma! Find her again and go search for the shards of the Red Moon! Please!!"

He hoped that Momo got all of that before that abominable blackness took him away and spit him out somewhere in the Veritas... Shin'Khrona could only do this much until he dealt with the Zero World.

Khrona: 'I hope I'm not too late...'

He could feel it. The genuine sincerity of Khrona words reverberated through Momo's incoming being. Momo could feel the purity of Khrona's Godly soul creating within his body life born anew. His eyes no longer stitched creating. His flesh milky and warm once more. He could feel it, Khrona's touch. The softness of his lips, the tenderness of his care and affection for Momo. And with those special three words. He lit the light of life within Momo's once nonexistent being once more. Momo's bodice illuminated a furious violet light coupled with pink increments of love and red bursts of compassion all wrapped into one glorious maelstrom of emotion. Momo's eyes shed tears of utter joy and pure happiness. His emotions seeped from his tear ducts like flowing rivers of passion. But all too soon -- as it usually occurred between him and his love -- he was swept away somehow. That meddling maggot of a woman. She always found a way to spoil a good moment. Momo wished he had the task of dealing with her, but even he knew the limits of his power even if others did not...

Momo: "Khrona!"

The hand of the Zero World he was no longer, but now he was being removed once more; a forced reincarnation. The child of the Zero World was becoming one with the cycle of existence once more. But Khrona had taken his place. He heard Khrona's words. He had already known what Khrona would ask of him before he voiced his wishes. To undertake the alias of 'Bloody Phantom of the Veritas'... To find others of the sort... And find Chroma as well. Then off to gather the shard. He knew his task, as he was engulfed by the cycle he reached to Khrona.

Momo: "You have my word..."

That was all needed to be said. He knew that would make Khrona debacle with the frog hag all the more doable, knowing that he could rest his worries within the very capable arms of Momo...

The Bloody Phantom of the Veritas...

Once the boy became a disciple of the mask, his expulsion was all too swift. Though the words of Khrona reached him, that was all there was to be done, and he would be released from his eternal prison.

But at what cost?

Kaerei: "Gekogeko... You still thirst to search for the shard? Geko... The children of the Zero World still roam about... They are more your spawn than mine, you know..."

A little more docile this world of nothingness seemed to be, assured that the capture of Shin'Khrona in this state was nothing short of absolutely secure. Should he fight, he shall fail, for he existed in a pool of his own spiraling Fear... AGAIN.

Kaerei: "How many times does this make, child...? Is this the third that you believe so absolutely to be that of salvation...? Geeeekogekori... You cannot stop the world from being consumed by your Fear... You don't even know where the Keeper is... And what can you do, stuck here as you are? Even as the Veritas... I will soon swallow you whole. And I shall be the Veritas... It shall return to Zero from whence it came."

The plan was flawless; from the Earth King's interference all the way until now, it was within Kaerei's ultimate form of calculation. With the Earth King's help in abandoning her physical form, she could continue to scoop up those feeble existences roaming about and make them her servants, just as the mechanical defect had become.

Kaerei: "Two of your Insanities running amok... It is more than enough for them to handle. In fact, I believe that two more are contained somewhere, waiting to unleash their havoc... The Insanity Of Hatred faces the Destroyer... the Insanity Of Fear shall consume for me in his hunger... the Insanity Of Fun shall soon ravage the Chaos... the Insanity Of Love walks the desolate plane of Valparaiso... What of the other three? The Insanity Of Bliss and the Insanity Of Melancholy... They still have not awakened, and you have not awakened the Keeper to keep the one of Serenity in balance... Boy... You've already failed. Geeeekogekogekogekogeko!!!"

Part of her enjoyed watching her spawn suffer... But another part of her, lost in the existence... That other part wished for him to prevail. How could that exist in a realm of nonexistence? A single glimmer of hope...

Khrona: 'Thank you, Momo...'

He could never say it enough, and lowered his head in solemn solace for his brave and valiant efforts. Khrona could not let all of his work go in vain, nor could he let all of what he created fall.

Khrona: "I may have been a bit too hasty in my decision making before... But my evolution is far beyond that of the prehistoric beings that roam the planet's surface. I am greater than I was last year, and better than I was only moments ago, even now. I'll prevail to right all of my wrongs... Watch me. I'll overcome my fear once and for all, here and now."

His eyes narrowed. For so long, he's tried to deal with these damnable darknesses that cloaked his heart, eating away at his emotions. Each of them created their own individual Sins to quell, and each time he stopped them, they rose up again. When the Insanities themselves awakened, the Keepers were created to keep them in check. Then, to keep the Keepers in line, the Sisters joined through the eternal union of he and Titania. Even they were not powerful enough to subdue them fully. It was going to take Khrona -- Shin'Khrona -- to help deal with them too. Their powers combined could take on all of these ancient Tensei demons and bring them to Peace, where Khrona was now. It was part of the process of bringing all that he was to the Peace that his True Self found. Working from the bottom up...

Khrona: "... You can't hide it from me... Your desire..."

Khrona: 'Just like Brother X...'

He learned from the best.

Khrona: "You want me to succeed. There is a piece of you that does... Because that piece of you is me."

With the signature sanguine gleam of his piercing red eyes did he cut straight through the veil of darkness and toward the part of him missing from his soul.
The Red Moon shard!!!

Khrona: "You remember the Hyper Perception, right? The most basic stage of the Tensei Dojutsu..."

He snickered, catching a glimpse of the glimmering garnet crystal in the distance. The only fragment of hope that actually existed. Despair A La Discord.

Khrona: 'Omoshiroi.'

Locked. It was not going anywhere. A twinkling crosshair danced in the distance like a gleaming star in the cosmos of nothingness...

Khrona: "Just like old times, huh? I know so much more than when I came to face you a year ago. You're coming to rest in Peace along with me."

Things that he learned from last excursion; The Beast was sealed in the Pit Of Havoc's void and The Reaper was sealed in the Black Swamp's void. These were two places that had been purified... There was a pattern here.

Khrona: "I'll find all of the Zero Worlds and purify them. Just you wait. I've already dealt with the one in my mind... That's how the Psycho Mesa was born. You are the one in my soul... That which became the Fountain Of Dreams."

The Pit Of Havoc harbored The Beast, and that had been purified from the Psycho Mesa, which was Chroma's spring to protect... The Psycho Mesa was always a desolate wasteland of Khrona's mind. Then there was the Black Swamp. Titania took the place of Kaerei, changing the physical manifestation of the Black Swamp into the 'Fairy Spring Of Truth'... Which pumped its water into the Fountain Of Dreams up above. That means, if Khrona remembered correctly, the next Void he was supposed to deal with was the one that harbored... The 'King Of Melancholia'...

"But first things first, to grab the next piece. Think you can keep up with me this time? I know I'm like surrounded in your bullshit," he snickered to himself, not blinking even once, "... But I'm pretty sure I can out-think anything anyone can throw at me. Even you. Hmhmhm~!"

Khrona with some confidence, huh? What a long way he'd come since his very introverted, awkward and insecure sense of being last time he was in this form. He was going through the change all over again.

Khrona: "The Sky King can vouch for me... He's been a brother to me, too..."

When this Insanity first got started, Khrona was the one that tried to keep the sword from him. It was the Insanity of that weapon that brought Khrona his great strength, combined with the Sky King's pure awesomeness that helped give birth to the Khrona of then...

Khrona: "But this is clearly no time for sentimentality. I've got a lost little girl to save from the clutches of her own 'Isolated Soul'."

She put herself here by rejecting herself out of existence, and Khrona was bringing her back through the shard of the Red Moon; his and Titania's joined souls made through Momo's sacrifice. All was going well.

Khrona: "You've already given me the locations; you know I can handle the rest. I bet that just pisses you off, doesn't it~?"

He winked, ready to tackle his fear head on this time with a sinister, yet goofy saw-toothed grin donned upon his face.

Go time.

---Back in the Lost World with Misery ---

... Madness. All of it; glorious madness for the Insanity to relish in. The power of Gi'Asa as well as the Sister Of Hatred? Oho, The Beast would feast tonight. Where their powers seemed to hold similarity in that the Insanity Of Hatred became power for them, it was still also so that the two could just as easily succumb to the same influence they were trying to openly subdue. Such was a well-known risk of delving into the Insanity; being completely taken by its raw power. If either of them were to succumb, would it spell doom for them all. The stakes here were already high, and the randomly igniting fires around the planet were rising. The more they antagonized it, the faster their world would be swept away by the inferno that this being was, whether they quelled this specific manifestation or not. The flames were already sparked elsewhere, meaning more fires to put out. But for the Insanity, that just meant more places to burn to ash...

It was time to bat at the cage. Whether these two thought they had the answer or not, it would end up that The Beast's anger would not be contained... And when it found out that it was in a cage, that's when the real destruction was going to occur. Yes... All of the Insanities of Khrona... All SEVEN of them worked in tandem; one after another, powering the first and fueling the next as they each respectively generate their own infinite energies. They were a completely flawless, eternal system of perpetual energy that was made for the SOLE purpose of ETERNALLY perpetuating the madness... Pumping it through the world. Through their family. The Fear and the Melancholia only caused the Hatred to rise, and more Insanities were on their way! Even with their attempts to stop the resurrection of the seven ancient Tensei Spirit Animals and their respective curses upon the family, there was no halting the process of Insanity. Now it was time to see just who had trapped whom... In a cage match with the angriest being to ever be. A dimension shattering hulk of nightmarish fury, set solely on them.

The Insanity: 'They are trying to make you look weak. Obliterate them.'

And of course, that sparked more of the damnable hatred already burning within the pumpkin-headed vessel of rage. To stand before him and not be absolutely cremated in his presence? Then he simply did not hate them enough. And if he did not hate them enough for them to burn, ooooh, would his flames ENSURE to turn up the heat...

The Insanity had a way with poking at each and every one of the Tensei in their own special way, keeping it from truly being subdued as long as they and Khrona existed. Even Tabrith had very limited potency...

The Insanity: 'Look at how pitiful they are. As she whispers through the chokehold of flames, the Sister sits there and scorns their very existence. Tabrith, you will never allow them to see... Not as long as the Hatred holds them so tightly in its fiery grip!!!'

It brought a wicked smile to the face of The Insanity up above; contemptuous and malevolent, beckoning for more of their delightful suffering. Watching Misery submit was always a most delicious fit... But watching her fight back was also a sight to be seen. That would surely drive them all mad here! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Pumpkinhead: "Silence..."

The vicious palpitations churned from within their furnace, now far more demonic than before.

Pumpkinhead: "ALL of you..."

The tension of his hand gripping the trembling knife was already great enough to sever the dimensions in twain all around them; layer after multidimensional layer, and still rising in sheer intensity before he even had the chance to move. The sound of all of their voices made him absolutely FURIOUS to a degree he could not even conceive... And why? No good reason; it just stopped him from being able to fucking think. To be alone with his thoughts in his head; his most favorite thing to do... And to be interrupted certainly meant certain death.

With his free hand still mangling the entire atmosphere, he strangulated the dimensional bindings of the Spelunker's Cave, the blazing inferno only growing more tumultuous and terrifying with each passing moment his hand slowly crept upon its prey.

Pumpkinhead: "... Or else I'll destroy your entire F-F-F-fucking dimension in the palm of my hand..."

With the stutter of the infamous ticking timebomb's furious FFFFFF was the signal that the FFFFFFuse was lit. Soon he would be ssssssssizzling with every word he uttered, and at the ssssssnap of his fingers, it would all return to ash. The world's ticking time bomb was lit, and EVERYTHING would be taken as its prize; regardless of who or what it was. Including Khrona himself. What The Insanity did not account for was that this Pumpkin was a rogue. It listened to no one but itself and worked for a force beyond even The Insanity's control; himself. Even if he was connected to this being, it didn't define him, and he was always certain of that. But rest assured, one little slip of his wrist and everything would be burnt to ash and shattered to dust in the palm of his hand. Something that you never knew for sure what it was gonna do or why; something so unstable that nothing could EVER accurately determine what his outcome would be. That was The Insanity as a whole, but in this scenario, it was just the Bloody Pumpkin.

The same encumbering flames that sweltered Gi'Asa's throat would return to melting the very planet and its makeup as it stood; she was the combination of both the Earth King and Gaia, and as it stood, she was a hostage in the grip of the Pumpkishin. She was the earth; she was the planet; she was the Lost World, and that also meant that if she were to be lost, so would everyone and everything else. This was very REAL danger they were in, which was probably why the Pumpkin felt it so absolutely NECESSARY to think about this sort of situation.

Pumpkinhead: "... Listen to me."

Pumpkinhead: "Nobody."

Pumpkinhead: "Say."

Pumpkinhead: "A."

Pumpkinhead: "Word."

As silent as his fury was was as silently as space and time peeled from its bindings all around them, sizzling at his rising passion. He had no issue with killing them all. Helping them was only going SO far out of his way. Let's see if they will actually listen...

Naturally, Tabrith paid no heed to The Insanity nor anything that was occurring, as he existed outside of these trivial affairs and was not truly concerned for his own safety as the Pumpkin's very short fuse was lit. Urgency didn't sway the technological marvel, for it was all a simple matter of extremely fine calculation; even to Gi'Asa's very last word.

Tabrith: "An excellent choice. The Rhapsodist is the role of synergy and harmonization. By matching wavelengths with others, a Rhapsodist is able to bridge the gaps between two severed connections and restore harmony to a single team unit."

Almost too perfect for the situation at hand... But they still needed to finesse this situation, as the Pumpkishin was not a nice being to trifle with before, but now held all of Khrona's hatred, and the embodiment of ALL such scorn in his very being. How tormented the poor soul must be, to know that everything around him just continues to make him more and more exceedingly, excruciatingly mad. Especially if it chose to oppose him. Perhaps leaving this in the hands of the Gi'Asa and NOT the Great Destroyer was another most wise choice, and of course, as it would have been assured that the Earth King would have challenged this hellspawn all up and down the Lost World's universal threshhold. And that wouldn't have ended well for anybody, not even those two themselves. The two were good at doing one thing only; destroying what was in their way, no matter what it was.

However... Knowing the same bull-horned girl Misery, -- who ALWAYS stood in DIRECT opposition of the Keeper when she was mad -- things perhaps would not go so smoothly if she were to be enraged by him 'telling her what to do'. Just the same way as this rogue pumpkin could not be tamed nor told what to do, the respective Sister that meant to maintain energetic balance between the Keeper, herself and The Insanity could easily succumb to the hatred and let everything go up in a puff of smoke. Gi'Asa had two livewires to calm down; both completely unpredictable and immensely irate... Not only with each other, but with everything around them and every little thing that got in their way to piss them off further. It was really like deactivating two bombs at once.

Tabrith: "At your current level of usage, which would be classified as 'Beginner' due to this being the first time you are using this system, -- as it disregards your power level, but focuses solely on your skill level -- only three techniques are available to you at this time. Those are, the 'Anthem', which is a war-based song to raise one's fighting spirit; the 'Cantata', which is an invigorating song that will increase swiftness; or the 'Chant', a soothing, repetitive chant that concentrates and harnesses one's spiritual power. Choose the one that you believe would be best for this situation."

Deductive reasoning and an unsure rate of success; if she chose the incorrect skill at this crucial moment, all was lost. Granted, this was still only the TUTORIAL, but all the same, it had to show the same sense of urgency as would a situation scaled any higher. There was no time for this whole 'let's get adjusted' and 'let's make a plan' thing that so many insisted on doing. Random, completely unnatural and erratic DESTRUCTION on every scale of the term was occurring everywhere all at once in every way, shape and form imaginable... All known as The Insanity. If the Messenger of the Shinseigami and the 'Chosen Warriors' that were going to be selected could not be faced with such on-the-spot adversity, they would surely crumble to the might of The Insanity; something no amount of planning and thought could simply stop. Gi'Asa, as the first, and primary example of what they should be, had to show those warriors who were to come after her the way...

Tabrith: "The Shinseigami has faith in your power. That is why you were chosen to help stop this madness. Remember that, and do not falter. I will be here to pick you up, and he who holds me is he, from up above. Just as much as everyone else does he want this madness to end... Help him by believing in your own skill that he has seen within you."

That was all Tabrith could do for her at this point. Whenever she needed help, Tabrith would be waiting for her. This was now her situation to commandeer, handling as she saw fit.

But of course, the other resident hot-head of the scene, Khrona's widely known ill-tempered mistress of The Insanity, Misery Des Gloomi, had something else in mind. DAMN The Insanity. And the fucking Beast. And Gi'Asa. This fucking Pumpkin-headed-fucker just tried to tell her what to do.

Misery: "... Uh. 'Scuse me?"

And there it was... A silent rage sparked by the frayed wires of the other short fuse... And both were ready to go off. What was it about Tensei and these ill-tempered women? Was it a family curse to bring them in AND spawn them?

Whatever the matter, she was certainly NOT about to hear this asshole tell her what to do when she was sent here to stop HIS madness from destroying EVERYTHING. The horns were showing on both of them, and it was most certainly GO TIME. As though she lost all the composure of herself she gathered just to APPEAR there, would she have lost it all and let the Hatred consume her. How dare ANYTHING tell HER what to do.

Misery: "You wanna say that a little bit LOUDER, HUH!?"

The Beast stirred within her as well, as she, the Sister and he, the Keeper, were the two vessels that combined held the power of The Beast; Insanity Of Hatred, as a whole. That meant that just as great as he could get in his violent intensity, so could she, and at the drop of a hat, just like him. Now having lost sight of the safety of this world and everything around her, Misery's only concern was just what way she was gonna carve that Bloody Pumpkin's head apart!!

Misery: "I couldn't hear you over your own BURNING CONDEMNATION!!!"

The combined and evolved power of her soul energies of Insanity and Condemnation, the Burning Condemnation, rained fiery swords forged of the ever present Hatred lingering in the air down upon the wretched existence this asshole of a pumpkin, ready to skewer and scorch him from every which way in a hellfire storm of judgment. Once he decided to threaten her, she had to take it like it was a fight to the bitter end. If Gi'Asa thought she was being ignored BEFORE, then oooh boy, was she about to SERIOUSLY be in for some total seclusion. Nothing else mattered in the sight of the bull but the burning, fiery red target in front of her, as probably was the same in his eyes. The Beast at its finest.

Gifted with the power of the Rhapsodist, Gi'Asa was... The ability to perceive and direct the flow of energy when it was flaring up all around them threatening to burn the Lost World to a crisp was the best tactical plan, but she was faced with a threefold decision here. Her 'Personal Image Creator' illuminated the options of three techniques: Anthem, Cantata, and Chant. The Flames of Hell were immolating the entire world and it was Gi'Asa's duty to ensure that the Lost World survived and The Chaos blood pumped through it's veins.

This Goddess began to doubt herself; she could feel The Insanity leering at her. Fancying their connection, Chaos and Insanity; was her decisions truly influenced by him like some marionette? Her purpose was to ensure the fire never died and this planet kept rising but was that truly an insane ideal? Tabrth's words echoed in her head over and over...

Quote :
"The Shinseigami has faith in your power. That is why you were chosen to help stop this madness. Remember that, and do not falter. I will be here to pick you up, and he who holds me is he, from up above. Just as much as everyone else does he want this madness to end... Help him by believing in your own skill that he has seen within you."

This felt much like Armageddon than a fabled Tutorial -- lives were on the line...

Was she here to settle a family feud? Save the planet? Kill an enemy? Banish a hell beast? Sever ties to an ancient power stretching deep into the veins of the Lost World's blood?

Tabrith liberated from the Insanity by the 'Wings Of Freedom' was the only clear headed individual... And there was the Shinseigami... The one called Khrona. There was a directive here, and such a small array of techniques to choose from to facilitate this energy with The Insanity away from The Insanity towards a good decision. A proper analysis of the situation needed to be seen from the perspective of The Chaos Blood, the Lost World's unyielding knack for evolution, Gi'Asa. She thought she had came here for battle -- how quickly was she debased of her role and cast into another. Was she truly the right choice for this? The Earth King would fight any and all things until the end of the earth, but that would involve just that; THE END OF THE EARTH... Somehow, some way that needed to be preserved, and the one who held all the cards was the pumpkin.

The Insanity was in the background; like it or not, he was facilitating all of this. All the Tensei were bound to his influence. Every action thus far fueled the flames of calamity and catastrophe it was most bewildering to think that Gi'Asa had fucked up all the way until this point. But she shook her head in disbelief, perhaps her background role would benefit her...

Gi'Asa: 'My techniques may be minute, but just like the Insanity I can stake my claim in mixing things up for Good...'

The Pumpkin, he held all power in his hand. He could crush this dimension in an instant and with it all time and space would be erased but he hesitated, he even freed the vice grip on her throat... There was something in him that wanted to deny his connection to The Insanity. Perhaps that needed to be stimulated and counteract The Insanity's dark whispers. Gi'Asa's head shot beside her, the one called Misery was already on the offensive reigning down fire upon The Pumpkin?!

Despite her distaste for The Insanity she used it, added to it, and only saw her own end. Gi'Asa was truly thankful for her timely arrival and roundabout protection, but she stepped in the wrong direction.

This needed to slow down and Gi'Asa needed to act fast.

If the pumpkin were to be agitated and respond surely he would destroy this place; the course of action was clear... All she needed was an instrument. Gaia and the Earth King's past relations rested mostly all of the musical talent in the Earth King's fingers fancying himself a versatile man of many instruments, but Gi'Asa had a killer voice, a sweet song like honey, and she struck quite a chord...

A melodic ominous series of cadences that crescendos to a resonance with her gifted magical power tapped into the wavelengths of Hatred and Insanity and Chaos, not so much taking it as a directive, but leeching it; healing the infection and strengthening herself. She could feel her speed increasing leaps and bounds, time began to slow down her perception therein was widening -- she could go anywhere at any speed... While these were Beginner-level techniques, applied to her God-like status, the results were not too shabby...

Gi'Asa: "CANTATA!"

Every syllable was a different chord and the entire utterance of the word set the Rhapsody in motion with blazing speed hellbent on quelling the roaring flames. Gi'Asa couldn't help but think that every action she took fed the fires, but she believed that her course was one that could buy her some time and allot the Pumpkin to use his own head, free himself from the Insane course of action, and think...

She kicked it into high gear, racing past the one called Misery and unsheathed her blades with her quantum levels of speed never before seen or experienced. All was slow and the fires raining down on the Pumpkin were inches closer to him, closing his fist on this world forever... Gi'Asa took action and sliced her chaos blades through the fires of Burning Condemnation each and every one damn near instantly. Once in the background, ignored in this family feud, she was thrown into the spot light and the flames of death spelling doom on this world were promptly deleted from existing in this instance slicing it with chaos threw it into calamity rendering it a glitch in the grand design of the system and expelled these flaming projectiles from this plane. While Gi'Asa was confident that Misery could strengthen these fires and discount Gi'Asa as an ally, she just simply wasn't fast enough in this situation.

The armored crimson Goddess appeared in the midst of these two with her twin blades pointed towards the one called Misery... The effects of her spell still active yet wearing off. She shot her gaze back at the Pumpkin, smoothing things over.

Gi'Asa: "Don't get me wrong Pumpkin, I did not save you, I see now that you are no Puppet of The Insanity his children traipsed across the planet. You could crush us at any moment. I'd hate to disturb your peace and quiet by the rude badgering of this woman here. You know full well you can make your own decisions independent of The Insanity then make them... Do not let his whispers influence you."

Now to address the Sister...

Gi'Asa: "If you truly wish to strike at the true enemy then do not harm The Pumpkin. Do not fuel the flames... You must free yourself from your bonds to him and align yourself with freedom as the Pumpkin has. He did not threaten you, he merely wanted time to contemplate, and time is something we do not have."

She hoped she spoke truth. Her pale white eyes accented with black streaks running down from her cheeks leered into the woman called Misery; had she chosen well? The Insanity was having a field day watching all of them run amok in his little game, but Gi'Asa was not a pawn; neither was the Pumpkin, and neither was Misery... Tabrith had seen it, felt it, maybe it could be contagious.

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-- Real Khrona, Veritas, Zero World ---

"Geeeeeeekogekogekogeko!!!" it croaked from all about, amused by his sudden development, "Sit down and pay attention, boy... You may learn something..."

He still hadn't figured out just which of his dear 'Keepers' was indeed the true King Of Melancholia... The Wicked 'Loeci'. Almost like clockwork being kept in steady motion, the Zero World continued to spin the wheel... Just as long as that boy had the will... Would he truly be the one that would save them, or would he fail this time facing a greater enemy? Since he grew, so did his emotions... They were more powerful than they were a year ago, as well. All connected to Khrona grew with him; perhaps he hadn't noticed this just yet.

Kaerei: "You have to stop the true Lord of Terror... He's already been afflicted with the hunger..."

There was a fine line between Khrona's pride and arrogance, and due to the natural regalia of his family, -- especially from Kaerei's lineage -- his haughtiness may exceed the greatness of his mind. He might have still been a little green around the ears. It was time to observe more closely.

Kaerei: "Grimnyzmal... Consume him."

The entire Veritas would soon be fodder to Grimnyzmal the Abyzmal; Lord of Terror.
Sucked away to become one with the void...

Kaerei: "Tick, tock..."

Time to start the clock.

"I'm not afraid" Khrona said boldly, after already seeing what he needed to see within this world, "Because I've already found the single glimmer of hope here; Titania's Love."

No matter how much he continuously fucked up due to his Insanity, somehow, Titania always stayed by his side and helped him through. Hell, that's why those Sisters were there to help out Khrona's Keepers. Even now, as she was lost in the pits of Despair, she had home and that love within the shard showed it. Khrona couldn't let that go to waste... Not as long as she still had a sliver of love in her heart for him, it would always prevail over all the odds as long as he returned it. Thus, diving straight into the darkness was nothing to fear. This really was just like the last time he did this. Only he realized this a lot quicker now and didn't have to search for the answer.

All he could do was think of a single song that seemed to describe the oppressive force his Fear proved to have on him for so long, and now his new resolve to overcome it no matter the cost for this single shining star within the darkness. The hope that was this love. The Zero World wanted him to listen, but it was it that needed to do the listening for once... Shin'Khrona was perfectly in control this time, and nothing was going to deter him from his lover, his quest for Peace and the safety of the Veritas and all its people. He was finally reaching the final stages of his maturation... Finally.

His crystal wings spread from his back once more in a violent spurt, black ooze spewing from his shoulder blades profusely with no sign of stopping. The black liquid bathed the shimmering, almost completely invisible wings in a sleek black sheen, giving them a certain visibility even in the darkness of the same pitch. On these Black Crystal wings, he would soar toward what he knew was simply destiny at this point, leaving behind him a whipstorm of gale force winds helping to further his initial acceleration through the void. All the while, he sang this song... He just couldn't help it when it was stuck in his head...

This time limit meant nothing to him at all. He simply knew that he was going to succeed no matter what, for he was going to make absolutely sure of it. It seemed like a long way to go, even flying at such high speeds, but this would give him more of a chance to get reacquainted with his beloved wings arced over his comparatively minuscule frame. Like a sly eagle or a cunning hawk, once his eye was sighted on his prey, there was no escape.

Oddly enough, the lyrics seemed to match everything he was feelings and doing right here and now, and it was the perfect way to tell the hag how it was and how it would be. He only flapped harder and soared faster, a jet blazing through with the intent of slashing through this encumbrance with no hesitation and no fear whatsoever. Only pure strength of will and determination... and a shitload of trust for himself, the people who loved him, his love and his family; Titania and Trinity. They always came through for him... Hell, even Allen. All of their effort could not go in vain now. That is why Shin'Khrona couldn't stop now for anything, and Fear could not make him hesitate or take his eye off the prize.

Those times were so hard for him, but alas, they were no more. For once, Khrona was being decisive about matters such as these. Sometimes, you just have to go where your soul takes you, even without a reason why... You'll find it out later on. As they say, here's hoping... All of that is what made him Shin'Khrona this time around. The mark of the Truth; that it would all be done truly correctly this time and all would come to Peace...

His realization was far too late, for this 'Shin'Khrona' was already lost in the darkness of the Zero World. Even his single glimmer of hope that apparently shone bright in the swamp of pure pitch blackness, hope was not a guarantee, it was a belief. It was not certain that he would put in enough effort to prevail, and if he didn't... Even he could be swallowed up here and now.

Kaerei: "Oh dear... You've started up with that silly singing again..."

If all went well, the vessel would have already been en route to consuming the entirety of this world attempting to preserve itself eternally in crystal, ending Khrona once and for all.

"You have yet to even see the King Of Melancholies," the disembodied feminine voice croaked from all around, "...You have little time before that dark wolf devours you whole."

The curses of the demons, the angered spirit animals that were passed down to the family for generations and generations still had their curses active. They power had been misused, and now it was time for the descendants to suffer. If the paranoia didn't capture him, then the sadness of the Dark Wolf's solitary conviction would. No one could overcome all of them. All those of the past who ever attempted to walk down the Seven Paths in the past indomitably failed and were trapped in the voids of each respective beast. Kaerei... whether she would admit it or not... Lost to the Fear of Allsgrim, The Reaper. The same way that Loeci lost to the Melancholia.

Kaerei: "Hush up and listen... Before you, too, are consumed."

To instill the Fear into his heart... He would know this same emptiness, as well. He wasn't anything more than a boy, still. It began to eat away at him from all around, now finally indiscriminate to his personal being existing there. It was almost like a swarm of innumerable bats had suddenly appeared all around and commenced to tearing away at him... Bats of Nothingness, gifts from the vessel above and his insatiable appetite. He would soon become one with the nothingness, letting it consume his independence within the fear of the unknown. He did not know what was in front of him, and not knowing should have shown him that fear of losing hope. No matter how far he flew, it seemed like he was not getting any closer to his destination; a far off distant dream that he'd never accomplish. Was he really making any progress, or was this all another trick? He wouldn't know for sure... For the ambiguous nothingness held no depth and no space, so movement was, inevitably, impossible. He would be decomposed without even coming close.

Kaerei: "That is the true fear... Unknowing..."

If he didn't know exactly what was going on, how could he find the means to counteract? It was impossible to escape such an absolute fear...

Just an old woman lost to the Fear... He couldn't let she nor any of those lost to the legendary Tensei curses sway his thoughts and feelings anymore; he was the HEAD of the family and was going to get rid of every last ailment that plagued his family for generations with his coming. He was the end of it all. He knew that Despair was in there watching, simply doing nothing but rejecting his presence, disallowing him from continuing forward. Whatever Kaerei was trying to make him and her believe, he'd already captured Despair and forced her to succumb to the fear, but her Rejection is what kept her completely isolated and still pure. As long as he could get to her before she ate through the impenetrable defense...

Shin'Khrona just needed to continue reaching out to her, and eventually she would come around and see through the darkness. He had to get in contact with the shimmering light. But how? He realized that no matter how far he moved or how hard he flew, he still seemed to maintain the same distance, as if he weren't moving or the shard were eternally moving away. There had to be a way for him to get out of this... To stop being stuck and to not get caught in the loop of Fear... He could not get discouraged. Even if it looked like things were going nowhere, steady progress was always progress. A wise man once said, 'be not afraid of progressing slowly, be afraid of not progressing at all.' Though the process had been overwhelmingly slow, something in him told him that it was all coming to an end and that these horrific things needed to be conquered. These shards had collected. They wanted to be collected.

Reaching out to that poor, lonely, isolated soul, Khrona stuck his hand out in front of him and deep into the thick, swampy black murk that existed all around him, trying to swim closer. It was so hard and so resistant to everything that he did; was this Kaerei or Despair working this Zero World against his favor? Perhaps it was a little of both of them...

The feeling of many vicious teeth gnawing away at his wings proved rather awkward... He could tell that nothing at all was doing anything to him, yet he was still feeling the sensation as though it were happening. Was it happening, or wasn't it? The ambiguity of nonexistence and the complexity of existing within such nonexistence made the thick emptiness a difficult foe to quash. He was being feasted upon by some unwelcome leeches. Recently deceased, it seems.

That's right... They're feeding off of his reluctance. His fear. He wasn't trying hard enough if they were actually succeeding in consuming him. Maybe this is why he wasn't moving... That was it. He was just gonna give it everything he had!! No more holding back! Otherwise, he was moving too slow!

To make up for what he was losing here and now until he found a true solution to the problem, the material makeup of his existence continued to Manifest itself from solely his mind, as he was known to do so often in the past before he was able to potently control his power... Such is why Tabrith, Malojos, Serulenia, hell, even Omnia existed. If he could manifest full and pure living beings and Materialize other existences from where they were in the cosmos, he could do the same for himself with ease. Almost as if digitizing, Khrona's body separated its molecular structure with ease as mere pixelation, almost as if he were made of data originally to begin with. Being Tabrith had its benefits.

The pixelation of his body swerved through the murk much easier than his condensed physical form did, rolling through almost like a gas or pure form of energy unrestricted by the solidification of physicality. To freely alter his form yet constantly maintain just enough parts of him so precisely down to an atomic scale left him as a glowing gaseous glob of data snaking and maneuvering down the way toward the distant shard. With hope, this would surpass the consumptive nature of this world; as long as he continued to maintain all parts of him necessary through Manifestation and kept those atomic fragments separated, yet colonized to move as a single hive-mind, he wouldn't be able to be consumed gradually. No, a threat like this had to be extirpated all in one go.

He felt her right there, right before her; so very far away, but so near at the same time. Was he making any progress traveling this way, or did he need another method to maneuver through the murky darkness? Whatever the case may be, he was going to do it, whether this method worked out for him or not. He couldn't hear the voice of Kaerei anymore... He only heard the song resonating in his head. How much longer... How much farther...?

The boy's mind worked quickly, though well within realm of calculation for the Zero World's influence. Despite his median effort to materialize closer to the shard, he still was not able to reach it. Just out of its grasp, it still looked like the shard was miles away from where he was. Still it remained rather troublesome that he would not simply fall to Zero; he was such a tenacious boy.

Kaerei: "Sometimes I wonder where you can find that will to go on... Do you just make it up in your head and hope everything comes out okay? Does it always go as you say just because you say it? No. There are other wills that exist."

Now, even as he moved, it seemed like he was going in circles despite how he wished to go straight. There was nothing stopping him and nothing in his way, yet the absence of space being there kept him from progressing any farther than what the Zero World would allow. It seemed that in this world, the values of nonexistence could be picked and chosen to the will of the Zero World, meaning some things could not exist in one way and others, in a completely different but equally nonexistent way. Where there was nothing to stop him, there was also nothing for him to travel through... No way to move.

Kaerei: "Some may be weaker and may be easy to conquer... Others may be strong and difficult to get through to... Can you honestly say you're going to be able to do that alone?
Unlikely. However, you don't seem to be advancing. Geko... What's stopping you? Gekori... Nothing's in your way, you know..."

Beyond his clear intention to survive the Zero World just long enough to achieve his goals, if the Zero World did not allow him to do so, the consumption process would become more swift and far more drastic on even a powerful mind such as his. The Fear WOULD consume him, just as long as he stayed in the dark long enough for it to do so...

And so, it did. Gradually, and indeed, exponentially, his breakdown made its incremental rise. Where his prolonged stay may have first only consumed one pixel or atom of his being, it would quickly rise to two at a time... Then four... Then sixteen... And so on and so forth. He would have to keep up the Manifestation process and use up more energy as the rising grain effect of the consumption checkerboarded its way up his pixelated being. It also made him easier to break down, since he wasn't a solid anymore and his bindings were so loose. A downside to leaving a physical form haphazardly.

Kaerei: "Soon... You won't be able to resist anymore... And you'll be stuck here, motionless forever... Paralyzed with Fear... Only able to move when making an exchange... Something you know for certain will be made equivalently under your watchful eye..."

It almost seemed like the Zero World spoke from a not-so-fond first-hand experience... Kaerei's memories were still vivid, for even her consciousness remained in a world of nonexistence. She was the sole thing making this entire realm sentient for the first time.

Continuing forward with his eyes locked and unmoved from his target, it still seemed like Shin'Khrona was not making any progress. Even though he was moving, he was moving in an orbit around the shard and could not seem to simply move as straight as he wanted to go. What was this foolishness? Perhaps the ambiguity of this darkness was something he shouldn't have underestimated...

But he knew she was there. Why wasn't she responding? Could she not hear him? He couldn't hear the disembodied voice of Kaerei anymore due to his conviction and the song synchronously playing in his head, however he still felt like somehow his presence was being consumed by the Zero World! Was his Manifestation not enough? He needed to up his output if he was even going to survive here. Things had gotten very critical for him very fast... But there was one way to get through this.

He has the power to control the Nothingness as well, but only to a very limited degree when just using his mind. Accursed Restrictions. He was going to be rid of them for good; he was already rid of those damn masks... Almost. This time, when he made the jump, ALL of him would be there, not just his true self. But that self was there to guide him... Perhaps that's why this song just wouldn't get out of his head. It was put there for guidance from up above.

"... I'm going to have to take this risk," he said with an almost remorseful certainty. He hated when he knew he was going to have to do something that didn't have a sure fire outcome. But sometimes, even he had to take the leap of faith.

"DESPAIR!!!" he cried out immediately, circling around foolishly in the blackness, "Can you hear me!? It's Khrona!!! Where are you!?"

If calling out to her didn't work, he might have been stuck for a bit. No matter where he went or what he did in this place, he couldn't keep himself from the adverse effects this world constantly had active all around his body. He was going to get erased fully sooner or later. Hell, at this point, 'Teleportation' or use of the 'Nihility Opening' might quite possibly be some key psychic powers he would need to make it through alive right now. Once again, here's hoping...

The Nihility Opening channel opened up before him, right in front of the place where he was being blocked from. If it worked out correctly, the channel should have served as a warphole or simple portal for him to directly get in contact with the shard. But just in case...

Khrona: "If you can hear me, Despair, you have to stop rejecting everything!!"

If she was truly that isolated, it was because of the Rejection. She could keep herself perfectly fine and intact within the Zero World just from that wavelength alone. It could reject anything and everything as long as she had enough power to do so. If Khrona couldn't get through to her, then this was just the end.

Khrona: "If only one thing, do NOT reject me!! I'm here to get you out of this darkness you trapped yourself in! I'm here to save you from the Isolation, just like when we first met!!!"

That's right... It was the same way he met Misery, too... He was alone, scared and confused by a tree and she happened to come across him and assessed him as strong enough to be her partner. And with Despair... She was an isolated girl that tried her best but ended up inadvertently rejecting everything, and only Khrona was able to get through to her when nothing else could. Let's just hope that still held true... If she really loved him...

Khrona: "Despair!! Are you there!? DESPAIR!!!"

Quietly... Humbly... Forlornly... She sat in a cheerful sorrow within the darkness. A reddish-violet aura completely consumed her, blocking out the darkness, yet keeping the steady purple tint about her absolute area. She couldn't move... Trapped in a dome; a container of sorts. She didn't even want to move. There was no one around and nothing to see anywhere. She was the only thing that existed here, for some reason, and didn't even know how she really got here in the first place. Everything just... Went dark one day when she was left alone.

She felt like she wanted to cry, yet no tears were shed. It was a lonely existence... Comfortable, to some extent, to simply sit here and be by herself, but so terribly, terribly lonely...

And in all of this, all she could think about was how she missed Khrona... And Misery... And Chroma... That was her family before she went. She didn't even remember when the transition between the darkness of the Pit of Havoc became this unfamiliar darkness all around her that she felt the need to constantly reject. It all seemed to happen naturally, the events flowing right into one another. But now she knew she couldn't escape, wherever she was. She wasn't in the Pit of Havoc anymore, otherwise Misery and Khrona would still be there...

Despair: 'Sigh...'

That was all she could do at this point. How long had it been? Was time even still a factor? All such establishments for a set and sound reality were no more; it was almost like she was trapped in time, but time still kept going. It is relative, after all.

Giving up was more of a guarantee than a choice here. Even if her Rejection was capable of keeping her alive, she was a caged bird, trapped and with nowhere to go. Her dimensional dress could not get her out of here, for warping anywhere would send her into that unknown... And she didn't know what was out there. It was a bit terrifying, truthfully, so to keep herself absolutely protected from the unknown, she had to just keep on Rejecting everything... And live out the rest of her time here. At what cost, though? An eternal prison?

But... she did have hope in this hopeless situation. Despair normally was a positive pessimist; one who tried to make the best of the bad she saw in things, yet that ended up in her being a very depressing person to be around and bringing other people down when she spoke, no matter how politely and eloquently it was. A dark beauty that knew the bounds of sadness, but kept her head up with the eternal Despair that haunted her life due to that Rejection. Time and time again, it never failed... The only person who saved her from herself and this type of isolation so long ago was...

Despair: "K... Khrona?"

She raised her head quickly once she heard the faint sound of his voice, trying to find where it was coming from. It was the only thing she'd heard in God knows how long beside her own thoughts. She looked around, trying to hear what he was saying more clearly, but it seemed to be pretty garbled. How was he doing this?

Despair: "Where are you? I don't see you, and I can barely hear your lovely distressed voice..."

Just hearing his voice gave her faith, though. She rose up quickly, tracing the outline of her wavelength to find out just where he was trying to speak to her from. She could hear his words pounding at the barrier of her soul, yet unable to make it through completely. She was going to have to give him a hand.

Where the channel of the Nihility Opening opened up was right at the border of her dome, and that was where the could hear Khrona's voice. Immediately, she whisked herself over to the border in a wraith-like manner, floating gracefully over to the point, his words gradually getting more clear the less she Rejected them. She could almost make out...

Quote :
"If only one thing, do NOT reject me!! I'm here to get you out of this darkness you trapped yourself in! I'm here to save you from the Isolation, just like when we first met!!!"

It really was him! She couldn't see him, but she knew that it was him any day! The memory of that fateful day rushed back into her head immediately, and she remembered it held many similarities to this moment she was in right now... He tried so hard to penetrate her wavelength and get through to her, but at the end of the day, it wasn't until she met him halfway that he actually got her to pull her out. She had to open up her impenetrable defense and let something in, and she knew Khrona knew about that very well... It was what they had in common, which was probably why he was literally the only person that could ever resonate with her besides Misery, and she could only do that because of the time the three of them shared together, using Khrona as a filter between them.

Despair: "I can hear you, my sorrowful dark hero... Are you really here to get me out of this darkness?"

It was like a miracle; a dream come true, even. If Misery were there, it would be perfect. She always believed herself to be the one that Khrona paid the least attention to and loved to a lesser extent... Sometimes, she even felt neglected by him... But to know that he just couldn't live without her and had gone to such lengths revitalized that hope within her, even amongst the Rejection and the Despair of her wavelengths.

She started to reach from her protective barrier toward the edge, but just as she was about to pass through to the other side and out of her comfort zone... She stopped, hand almost retreating back to the ruffles of her elegant dress. She was scared of what may lie out there... That it may have been a trick or a charade, maybe that someone was trying to hurt her or that this was all a lie; why would Khrona ever come back for her? It had to be... She feared whatever it was on the other side, and after being alone for so long, even though she was desperate to leave, she couldn't quite do it yet. Something was holding her back... The Fear was holding her back.

Despair: "I... I'm sorry... This is all I can do right now... Terribly sorry... But I'm afraid that this all may be a lie or a trick... No one truly loves me, remember?"

She did believe that at a time, Khrona loved her, but not enough to go looking for someone as unimportant as she. This had to be someone's cruel joke... Again, she was Rejecting what it was on the other side.

Despair: "I'm sorry..."

Kaerei: "Geeekogekogeko... You see? Even she has a will just as strong... Strong enough to resist you... And now, your only hope at survival is gone... You're mine..."

That was how things were going, thus far. Despair knew nothing of the gravity of both 'Shin'Khrona's' heart and his words right now; she didn't completely grasp the sincerity of his heart due to her isolation... due to the Fear. Even if she wasn't able to be erased, she was still enraptured by this world's grace... Fear The Reaper. And this time, it looks like her Fear would be the Reaper for the boy...

Kaerei: "It doesn't matter if it isn't you... If one of the major pieces of the puzzle makes a mistake, Then it may end up the same way, anyway!!! Do you see now, you insolent brat? Now do you know the Fear of not being in control of everyone and everything?"

He should have been coming to a rather rude awakening here and now; other people that he let in had a heavy effect on his life unless he pushed them away like his fearfully beloved on the other side of the impenetrable wall. He had to have an indomitable will and unparalleled resolve... Clearly, his quest for Truth and Peace would fall short unless he could get through to her. There was no way he possibly could... She already fell to the Fear.

Kaerei: "Geeeekogekogekogekori!!!"

... And when he thought Despair would come through for him, she dropped the ball, everything falling to pieces right before his eyes. He had no time to try to convince her with something logical, but he didn't know any other way to get this message to her. But there was a spark, a twinge of something that he felt the same way he felt between he and Misery when they were fighting together beforehand... It was the same thing; the Resonance of their souls that stayed tried and true even throughout this horrible turmoil! He felt it, and even if she Feared, he had to get it through. He wasn't going to just give up this time because a plan had fallen through; he may have been fragile like glass at times, but crystal can be the hardest material if made completely and utterly pure. It was time for him to toughen up a little bit and bite the bullet a little bit. Sometimes, for the greater good... You have to take one for the team.

Khrona: "Dammit, Despair! Listen to ME! Don't listen to your fear and your doubt right now; that'll only fuel this horrible place and keep you trapped and me... Well, don't worry about me! I love you and always have! Please, just listen to me! TRUST me! BELIEVE me! Remember that I'm the only one who can resonate with you, and that means something special! Remember what it means to have a Soul Resonance, and feel that right now! Connect with me, and know that what I say is true beyond the wavelength of the words; listen to a wavelength that can never lie. One of Truth!"

He hoped that got through to her, because as he wasted his breath, he was wasting his time. He chose to solidify himself again so that she'd be able to HOPEFULLY see his face and know instead of seeing a mass of pixels... Hell, could she even see him through the Rejection? She was able to select just what was Rejected and what wasn't, and if she wasn't rejecting everything except the sound of his voice, then she definitely couldn't see him. But still... Faith. Faith. Faith. Faith. Even if he didn't know for sure, dammit, faith faith faith faith faith faith faith faith faaaaiiiiiitttth!! He had to remember that as he stretched his hand out into the Nihility Opening, trying to reach out to her...

Khrona: 'Here's hoping...'

With his whole heart, he sang out to her, loud and strong, trying to pass on through the wavelength of his love and truth all of the hope accumulated within him; all the conviction he had to pierce through the Fear with ease. She'd done so for him before in the last bout; now he was coming to return the favor and show her that her love for him was not for nothing. Who would have known that Khrona was a hopeless romantic?

He would not stop stretching his arm and reaching for the reluctant Despair; no matter what, not until she was free.

Her hesitation remained, and quite apparently at that. Despair's hand trembled with uncertainty, certainly unsure if she wished to proceed with a disembodied voice... No matter how familiar it may have been to her. The decision was a hard one and she was trapped in between, but this surely did seem to sound like her long lost love. He told her not to listen to the fear and the doubt, but that was so hard; to listen to something she could not see and could not trust for sure. Something that wasn't before her eyes and she had no proof of its existence or truth of its words. As it stood, it was simply someone outside spewing kind words... Perhaps, empty promises to trick her into leaving the safe zone. Nothing here was concrete... It was all an ambiguous mass of confusion to her!!

Despair: "How... How can I be sure? I need some way of knowing that it's you... or else, it could be anyone... or anything, for that matter..."

Knowing nothing of his situation on the other side, she only had his voice to go off of and couldn't even see past the violet walls of her barrier. There was a hint of urgency in the way the voice spoke, and that urgency is something she felt within her as well, but a decision couldn't be made from the information she had alone. They were at a standstill.

Despair: "... Really... I'm sorry, but there's no way I can trust you... I can't just believe blindly in something I am so unsure of..."

With Despair up at bat, it seemed to be nothing more than a swing and a miss, which would ultimately lead to Khrona or whomever that was on the other side to their demise. That feeling panged and jangled in her chest, jostling her heart and soul where they were affixed within her. It was weird; nothing, NOTHING could get into the heart and soul of Despair. It was too heavily guarded by the Rejection Wavelength produced by her Isolated Soul.

Her trembling hand migrated reluctantly to her chest, finding the words spoken somehow speaking to her on a deeper level than what was simply just words from beyond... But still, it wasn't enough for her.

Batting her beautifully tired, dark-ringed eyes, her gaze drifted off to the side as she gently caressed her chest... where her heart rested. She couldn't let herself go, but she somehow found it in herself to sing words she didn't even know...

Somehow, singing these things seemed to be the right thing to her at this point in time... No real rhyme or reason to it, other than it just felt completely right to her; like she was moving forward only because she was releasing this weird spontaneous song that popped up not from her head, but from the twinges in her soul... And it made her smile, even through her Fear and doubt. They were indeed unfolding in a way that was simply natural. Part of that was why she felt it was easier to believe in this voice; this song... And she continued expressing the way that she felt as truthfully as she could.

Her eyes watered only moments later, her ducts filling with tears of a a profound joy that she only knew when she met Khrona and he was not Rejected by her and she was not rejected by him. Vividly, that image flashed in her head of that memory and its parallel to the situation right now; all of it seemed right. This certainty didn't come from her mind, but was coming from the heart and the soul, something that couldn't be so easily swayed by the Fear. Clenching her hand hovering over her chest with a rising conviction, Despair followed that feeling pulsating from within... Followed it all the way to the next step, and the next verse of a song she knew nothing about.

So true were these words in such harmonious synchronicity to the truth of her feelings, it was almost like she couldn't help but continue forward on a sure-fire path she knew was there even beyond the uncertainty and ambiguity. She was starting to trust in the bond they shared and feel it, letting the path be formed by the slowly rising resonance of their souls in a wondrous Symphony...

Slowly, but most assuredly, the clenched hand of Despair reached out toward where the voice came from, where she felt the resonance growing ever stronger. There was no doubt about it; this was Khrona. Even if she couldn't see him, she knew that he was there. It didn't take much but a memory and her own rise in conviction, but powerful all the same and necessary to get them out of this situation alive. She took a shot in the dark, and with her final sliver of hope, her hand slipped out of the comfort of her boundaries and into the darkness beyond...

All Khrona needed to do now was to take her hand and pull her out of this isolated nightmare forever... Here's hoping.

Kaerei: "Gekori... Chaaaance..."

All according the plan. The boy drew out that pesky sliver of hope protected deep within, Rejecting the complete return to Zero. The present non-presence of the Zero World remained all around, and it only took a single slip into the darkness for it to snatch up its prey... Unlike Shin'Khrona, the girl was not able to regenerate portions of herself if she were snatched up. She was not of natural Tensei blood and did not have the power to rebirth herself without the boy's help. When her dainty little fingers revealed themselves, an unsettling force took her entire hand and ripped her from her barrier against her will. In only moments, she would be wiped away, no longer existing as anything but another Grim; another extension of the Zero World.

Kaerei: "You children are exceedingly simple and easy to manipulate... I hope you didn't expect to get far with that feeble mind, boy... Geko... Geko..."

For so very long, Kaerei had been able to get her will to be done through the Black Swamp, without having to so much as lift a finger. The same still held true now as her physical form was abandoned. Always had she been the Black Swamp; the messenger of the Zero World, but she wasn't its consciousness entirely until now. They were all too easy... It wasn't like she was one of the younger Tensei, who hadn't fully matured into their power yet; she was one of the two originals, and her level of control and knowledge of herself and her abilities outweighed the still growing weed... for now. If she were to allow him to continue to grow, he may actually sprout into more power than she... or even the original PumpKing. A disturbing thought, indeed.

Though Despair was being erased little by little, she wished to give Khrona no time to react and had to erase her on the spot. In order to stop this revival of the soon to rise Second Moon...

Kaerei: "Absolute Zero; Destruction"

When using ''Destruction,' what is hit will continuously be destroyed by its own self, by all energy, force and everything else around it until its value has become completely Zero and it is no more. From all around her, everything that existed would begin to destroy her, turning against her until her entire being was erased completely and she was no more. With herself being the only thing that truly 'existed' here besides Shin'Khrona, her own existence would soon be the sole cause of her own destruction. Her hope was lost, and so was his. It was tough to face, but he failed. All would return to Zero...

Khrona: 'Yes...! She can hear me!!'

The song was working, sustaining itself as the bridge of resonance through the Rejection. Shin'Khrona's wavelength was even able to resonate with Despair's Rejection, feeling the piece of him that lie within Despair through the piece of Titania that rested within him. It only took Despair's realization that there was some of Shin'Khrona within her to make it work. The Nihility Opening could connect through the Rejection and Khrona's hand could pass right through to Despai--


... Right out of his grasp. Where their digits almost locked in an intertwining of fingers, before a steady grip could even be maintained, something else snatched her up first. Why!? Why must everything torment him so?! Everything just wanted to make him work for it now. Make things more difficult than they had to be.

Khrona: "... Dammit all to HELL!! You're PISSING ME OFF!!"

It was getting really annoying now. His family was annoying. He couldn't wait until all of this was fixed... Then his family wouldn't be such a fucking burden and a thorn in his side all the time. Just had to fix these fucking curses... Sigh... Fear...

But he did not retract his hand. His eyes remained deadlocked on his target, not missing a frame of movement between her position. The destination's coordinates were set in his head and now all he had to do was go there. The Nihility Opening was already prepared, and he still reached out to Despair with no intention of letting up. He had to keep moving forward until he got to her!!


That's it.

Soul Resonance.

'Symphony Of Souls.'

Through this linkage amplified by the resonant bondage bridged by the wavelength of the song, Shin'Khrona's hand Manifested itself in the place of Despair's right hand, and her right hand would manifest itself in place of his. 'Apportation' in conjunction with 'Teleportation' allowed him to instantaneously switch the positions of two things in a seamless string of wavelength, almost like a download. And, with a Godspeed Thought process, it was far faster than an instantaneous exchange.

Khrona: 'The Right Hand of God... The Hand of Creation... Opposite of the Absolute Zero...'

Khrona: 'Absolute All; Ain Soph...'

Perhaps one of the best ways to get this horrendous nonexistence to back off from Despair in the shortest amount of time was to counteract its nonexistence with the existence of the Origin of All Creation. A glob of crystalline liquid globbed up in the palm of his hand, a Primordial Essence that merged itself with the Zero World and could control it at will. The technique 'Ain Soph' had a quartet of derivations that allowed it to accurately protect the girl from the Zero World's Destruction. This power gave Shin'Khrona, and through Resonance, Despair, the power to control all things as one thing, or Ambiguous Chaos. All three of them were going to be destroyed at once, or the Zero World was going to call off the attack in order to save itself as well as the other two.


It was clever of the Zero World to snatch her up right when she was ready to trust; that's the best way to break someone's spirits, is to crush their hope as soon as they believe they've found a way out. But the same thing could be applied to the forces of such merciless peril, and Shin'Khrona was skilled in throwing people into the brink of absolute despair. She must have forgotten that he was the Lord Of Terror. Speaking of which... He was going to need to get that Keeper of this accursed Fear...

What he was not prepared for, however, was the repercussions of using the 'Ain Soph' would do to him when used to oppose the Zero World instead of used in conjunction with it. The effects of 'Destruction' would effect all three of them; Shin'Khrona, Despair AND the Zero World at once. The Zero World would be filled up with Despair and Shin'Khrona, but at the same time the two of them would cease to exist. However, it would thwart Kaerei's plot completely, and all aspects of the Zero World would return to value. He wasn't even sure of what he was doing; Khronas from all around were helping to guide his hand when all seemed lost. A Khrona would never abandon another one in need. All he did know was, this feeling was terrible.

Khrona: "AAUGHH!!!!!"

The pain of being erased exponentially, bit by bit, returned to him... His flesh burst from his tissue, tearing away like bits of fabric on a worn piece of clothing, exposing his bare muscle and parts of his skeleton. Still reaching out to Despair with her arm, he continued to increase the resonance. He didn't know how long it would be until he was erased or if the Zero World would give in... It was all a gamble, but something he had to take a risk of. Besides...

Khrona: 'What's an epic battle without giving it all a chance?'

The girl who hoped for the best after hearing the voice of her savior was in no way prepared for the peril that came soon after; the rapturous force of nonexistence stripped her of her protective deep violent protection and out into the blackness of nothing. She was able to see nothing except the nothing; that and the glowing light of Shin'Khrona, the only other existence able to maintain itself in the nonexistence. However, she wouldn't be so lucky. Without him, all she could do was reject its influence and had no other form of protection otherwise; no rebirth, no sustainability of her own will nor ability to manifest her own form with her own power, as Shin'Khrona was. She could feel this darkness closing in on her from all around, just as sinister as death itself... If this was what it was like to die, to simply be consumed by an enigmatic darkness and cease to be, she surely did not want to experience it.

Gradually, she could feel pieces of herself begin to deteriorate, being broken down and assimilated with the nothingness, ceasing to exist. She was losing parts of herself... Her legs and her dress seemed to be the first things to go. This was a terrifying feeling; the feeling that there was no hope for her survival nor escape. She was unable to conjure any Rejection, for it would cease to exist if she tried to Reject the nothingness that she was already exposed to. Before, she produced the barrier of Rejection prior to her entrance, which kept her safe all the time she was within. Now, she was here fully and there was no hope.

So swiftly, everything this frail heart believed in was shattered to bits, and silently, she gave up on everything and everyone, willing to accept her dismal demise. She would no longer fight back; she would not struggle... Her Fear of being unable to escape paralyzed her and also destroyed her will to go on. She believed that this was the end of her, of her relationship and of her beloved... She could not trust his words when she was clearly forsaken by him.

Despair: '... I feel so... Betrayed...'

That was all she could feel as she lowered her head, closing her eyes. This was the end for her, she knew it... And though she was afraid, though she was hurting beyond belief, and though she could not trust anymore, she accepted that this was the end for her.

... But the words of that song still echoed inside her soul. His voice and his sincerity...

Despair: '... Well, at least I can smile one last time before we depart from each other forever...'

Conflicting emotions of wanting to believe the earnest Shin'Khrona and not believing him due to the actions that transpired welled up within her, but she could see that he was trying... at least. But it was all over. They were done for. She was too afraid to accept his words fully, even if they made her smile. This was a good way to end it all...

Despair: '... But I'll never get over how you betrayed me... That's why I can't fight this... I'm afraid that it will happen again... I'm sorry... I love you, but...'

... But...

She wasn't dead yet. She was still talking, even after it seemed her demise was certain. Opening her eyes, she looked up and saw a hand raised up against the darkness, gleaming with a profound light of the Origin of All Creation. It shone so intensely that it forced away the Destruction from her form momentarily, keeping it at bay with constant Creation. This hand was not hers, but the hand of Shin'Khrona. He was actually coming through for her...? Why was he trying so hard to save her? She couldn't even trust him, and she'd already given up hope... Maybe that didn't matter to him. He was pretty selfish after all. Was that a good or a bad thing? Right now, it seemed to be the only thing keeping them together and keeping the both of them alive; moving forward. Him standing his ground and persevering, for once.

Despair: '... Khrona...'

Bound by the Fear, she couldn't move, but she certainly could find the strength to act, at least. She wasn't entirely sure about how his arm became hers, but she could feel hers as his. He always made a way, somehow.

Despair: 'Even if I can't trust you... I'll at least keep trying until the end. At least we'll be able to go together... That makes me smile... A mournfully blissful experience...'

Their souls were intertwined, and if that meant anything right now, then perhaps the Rejection she could not muster for herself could be projected through Shin'Khrona. A shot in the dark, literally, but always worth a try at the brink of destruction. It was better than not trying and having everything fall apart. She almost regretted giving up so easily when he was trying so hard. It hurt her... Though granted, not as much as the sudden pain of being destroyed by being created.

It appeared suddenly as a powerful grip, continuing to rip apart her structure from the very smallest fibers of her being, yet with the intense pain as if she were being ripped apart over and over and over again. Every molecule, every atom, every quark and beyond being ripped from her shot that unbearable pain through her entirety. This was real pain.

What would have been a wail of excruciating pain as she threw her head back was nothing more than a silent exasperation, as though she were breathing her last breath. But in it, a torturous whisper slipped from her throat and out into the darkness, through the pain and out to Shin'Khrona. If she was going to try... She might as well do it right now. For him and for her; for they and their future outside of nonexistence. So she spake it; Abysmal Rejection passed from her lips and through her right hand, casting a barrier of Rejection out of Khrona's own soul, which would protect him from the effects of the Destruction as well as the Ain Soph.. By doing this, the resonance between them should have also cast the same Abysmal Rejection unto Despair, as she and Khrona's souls were connected. Where it would have normally also had the same effect on the Zero World via the Ain Soph, because the Zero World was nothingness and had neither a soul nor resonance, it could not partake in the fruit of the Rejection's protection, leaving it only to wrap around Despair and Shin'Khrona to keep them both safe from the effects.

If it went well, then the Zero World would have destroyed itself by forcing itself to be created, and cease to stop existing anymore... Thus becoming a new existence. Though only theoretical, it would at least keep Shin'Khrona and Despair safe, whether it worked or not.

... The two had a fate that was sealed, as parts of them had already been sampled by the Zero World. Pieces of them were already lost, and even if Shin'Khrona could survive, Despair could not. Granted, as unexpected as it was that the boy would have used their bond so resourcefully, it wasn't anything that wouldn't be dealt with soon enough. They were going to be consumed, as simply as that.

Kaerei: "Geko... Even the power of the Origin of All Creation cannot save you... From what has already begun..."

The Zero World felt no pain -- it felt nothing at all, in fact. It simply knew that it was being compromised by the power of this Creation; making something within the nothingness. More fodder, it seemed to be. Even if the Zero World was taken out, there were still vessels harboring its intent, and it would be reborn through the lingering Insanity about, and both Khrona and Despair would be lost. There would be no way to save this world without them, as they were key pieces to this puzzle that no one seemed to be able to solve just yet. They were all ill-prepared, and even the combined hair-brained schemes of them all were nothing that could sufficiently cease the spread of all the Insanity that remained. This defender of Peace, this Overgod of this world would be no more, and all that would remain would be his Insanity. Just as she planned.

Though, beyond her expectations was that the girl of broken heart, spirit and hope would rise up to the words of the one she believed to betray her. She was able to overcome the Fear... It was only natural that the Sister was able to resist it, but it was also natural that the Sister would succumb to it, as well. Just the same as the Keeper. Luckily, they were without the Keeper and could not silence this darkness without it, even with the power of the Sister and the Overgod. This may have ended in a stalemate.

Kaerei: "... You two are still so fresh. Even if you dispose of the Grand Columbus... I am ALL of the Zero World, and this mere cloud is but a fraction of it... You are aware of this, aren't you...?"

The dark cloud began to shrink, as with the 'Abysmal Rejection' protecting the two within the containers, even the pieces of themselves that were snatched up by the Zero World were not going to be of any use in collecting them. This was why she was the Sister, after all... She was able to counteract the effects. Such is why the Sisters were created.

The nothingness filled up around them, returning the space that was once consume back to the Eternal Desert.

Kaerei: "Count this as a victory if you wish, poor children... But the Fear will still spread... Just the same as the Hatred already has... And what's worse, the Melancholia still remains for you to suffer through... Won't that be fun to endure, boy? Geeeekogekogekogekogeko..."

Perhaps it was giving this victory to them. Another sense of false hope that this wicked nonexistence was so proficient in stirring within people? Maybe... It would be glorious to watch them bask in their happiness... And when this cloud returned, to watch it all be broken again. If they even managed to make it that far... The Melancholies were a terrible fate that would befall Shin'Khrona, and it tended to be worse than his vices of Hatred and Fear... A depression that forced him into submission. Yes... Then the other Insanities could spread uninterrupted with him trapped in his own abysmal depression. It would be fun to watch him struggle.

Kaerei: "... This was interesting... But even with this power, I am in no way worried nor concerned about your progression... You will not prevail... GEEEKOGEKOGEKOGEKORI!!!"

Those were the resting words they were left with as the black cloud dissipated completely and the Eternal Desert returned to normalcy. Whether it chilled them or not, the Zero World was still quite in motion... And would be for quite a while, the way things were going.

Reaching out into the darkness, both of their hands finally met. Somehow, through her 'Abysmal Rejection', she was able to reject the abyss that was this world of nothing that once kept them apart, distanced between each other indefinitely in a way that only their souls could find. Through the abyss, through the dimensions, through even the beginning of creation and the end of all, Khrona did not lower his hand until he reached out and touched Despair. And just like before, it only took a little bit of her reaching back for them to be complete...

Khrona: 'Just like old times... Only you... And Misery... Are my partners... Forever...'

Thanks to Despair, all of this horrible black was beginning to fade. Finally. Shin'Khrona was sick and tired of floating around in that darkness taking wild shots in the dark. The combination of their powers, though without much thought, somehow ended up in divine synchronicity with each others actions. The resonance of the souls was a powerful thing, and their bonds had been deepened for the entirety of their time being together... From the first time they met all the way up until now. Through all of the death and rebirth Khrona endured, through all the history he changed and all the peril his family put him through, one of two things remained and always would... Despair A La Discord, one of his pair of beloved mistresses. Even with Misery, Khrona was not complete unless there was Despair. Titania was not who she was without both components, just the same as Khrona would not be who he was if any of his pieces were missing.

Khrona: 'The Secret of the Red Moon... Though Seven Shards there are to combine... To whom are the two that truly make you complete?'

There was a weird voice that kept speaking to Shin'Khrona through al of that mess... In fact, through everything that he was doing since he woke up not remembering anything. Even after he remembered, his head still buzzed with traces of uncertainty and unfamiliarity, like he wasn't sure what about his mind was true and what wasn't, even though he was now able to discern it all. The same almost held true for this moment... But he realized that this was a puzzle that couldn't be solved by his mind. This was something his SOUL had to figure out!! As the darkness faded and the raging dunes whirled around them, Khrona took hold of Despair's other hand and stared her straight into the eyes, finally figuring out the lesson in all of this.

Khrona: "... Despair. You are no longer going to be one of the Sisters of Insanity. You and Misery... You two were the sole two beings that made up the whole that is Titania. I'm not sure if you remember, or if you even know what the hell I'm talking about... But know that you two are special. You two are two halves of the same whole, which is why you two are the only two that fit together in the missing piece of myself perfectly. Now, in order to fix this fucking moon..."

He knew it...

Khrona: "I only need you two."

Maybe it sounded like a whole bunch of crazy talk, but truthfully, this was something that he was just figuring out himself. These two were beings greater than the Sisters... And that means that the Seven Shards that made up the Red Moon was a lie. It was only two. Despair was saved, he was protected and now it was about time for him to make his way to someone he hadn't seen in quite a long time.

*Sniff... Sniff...*

The 'Wicked Whiff' of something foul; the next frame for him to catch down the path he needed to follow. He could smell the residue of that interesting lad lingering about in the grains... The one who just so happened to soak up some of the Insanity. A nice little sponge with a trail to follow right to where he needed to go.

Khrona: "Thank God that foolishness is over... Despair."

Even though he was going to hate to say this, he knew it was right about that time... Ain't no rest for the wicked, as they say. But doesn't that mean that there is no time for rest for the good, as well? Only if they're in pursuit and always en route...

Khrona: "... But I'm afraid I'm gonna have to part with you for a little while. I hope you can trust me when I say that I will be back. When I am, it will be with Misery, and you and she will become the Red Moon of my Soul."

The other Five of the Seven Sisters were still quite important, in the grand scheme of things... But not as much to the Red Moon as Shin'Khrona once thought. Sometimes, he believed he was leading himself on a wild goose chase. Then again, if that were the case, then those that were following him probably couldn't make heads or tails of the situation at all, eh? That's what made him laugh the most.

Khrona: "Keep my Right Arm as proof. Just for a little while, I'll let you hold on to the hand of Creation, and I'll keep your arm... And whenever you need me or I need you, know that we're always holding each others hand. And I'll never let it go unless you're in it."

Misery was brazen and sure of herself, so she didn't need reassurance like Despair did. Especially since she was an extrovert, as opposed to Despair's naturally shy and introverted demeanor. He slipped her a passionate, yet swift parting kiss to remind her of all the importance she held to him, and at that moment, the girl should have turned to crystal, rather, a Chrysm that would symbolize her eternal place in Khrona's heart; one of the two Piscean Twins; the first of the Piscean Chrysms, Despair of Yang. Where Khrona was the Pisces, Misery and Despair where the Chrysms, and their eternal bond would be symbolized by the crystal mistresses.

Khrona: 'I'll use the Hand of Despair well if you'll promise to keep the Right Hand of God safe, alright? Then... We'll complete your set and truly free the Seven Sisters.'

That meant... That two of them would have to take their place. Oi... Why did this all have to be such a fucking complex ass puzzle?! Is it really so hard to do!? Ahh... Oh well. This was for more than just Shin'Khrona or even Titania... It was for the entire Veritas, and for Vescrutia. Even if they didn't deserve it.

Khrona: "Be strong for me... Alright? I know you can do it; you've got the strongest defense to have ever existed. Hahaha."

Khrona: 'That's my girl, alright... Or, half of her, anyway.'

Before the trail got cold, Shin'Khrona Teleported away, following right behind the recently departed Vanguard... Those two were WELL overdue for a nice, good, talk...

... To put it simply, Despair was happy that she let go of her Fear and believed in Khrona... It actually made things better and got them through the time of darkness. Though the words of the Zero World should have been unsettling, Despair was in no way worried as long as Khrona was on the case. That man always got what he wanted, somehow, some way, and it was always the correct way, too. Nowadays, at least.

His words were indeed confusing, but through their resonance, she knew them to be true. Somehow, on a deeper and more cosmic level, things made sense to her in a way her mind wasn't able to comprehend, but soon would, she felt. Sooner than she thought. She felt like if she went to Misery, she would get the answers to the questions she had about this... But she could tell from a twinge in Khrona's soul that he had to go somewhere to find someone. She knew where he was going somehow, but felt deep within herself... That he shouldn't.

Despair: "... Khrona, all of that is dreadfully wonderful, but I don't think--"

Before she could finish, she found herself locking lips with her lover for the first time in a very, very, very long time... It was a joyous feeling that brought tears to her eyes... Tears that soon turned to Crystal as did her body. A mermaid-like tail extended from the tattered remains of her dress, and soon that tail split apart into the remainder of her dress. The mermaid tail was proof that she had become a Piscean Chrysm and was now one of the two Piscean Crystal Twins. Sudden and a bit overwhelming, she was at a loss of words for the moment... And in that moment, her beloved was gone, already on his way from the faint trail he sought. Well, he did have her arm... She was going to have to guide him just a little bit...

Despair: "... I'll take you where you need to go... I won't let anything distract you, dear..."

From her hand on his, she cast forth more Rejection to repel anything that got in his way and protect him as he would guide him unknowingly down the path he needed to take... Hopefully he'd understand when he got there. But as of now, her top priority was finding the Keeper of Fear and Misery. She knew that stopping the Insanity all by herself was foolhardy.

With a wave of her dress, she wrapped herself within its folds and warped off through the dimensions to where she needed to be. Her dress always came in handy for things such as that.

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PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Rise Of The Veritas   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Rise Of The Veritas EmptyTue Aug 11, 2020 1:33 pm

--- Elsewhere in the Veritas, the Insanity was growing larger, yet again, within the Tree, from one that had been afflicted. One that was mirroring the Bloody Pumpkin, the Pumpkishin, and feeding from its power -- the Pumpkinsin. Whilst the Pumpkishin dealt with Gi'Asa, Misery, and Tabrith on the Lost World, its Pumpkinsin counterpart went straight for the Crystal Tree.---

At first there was nothing, then, as it all seemed to be normal and good, the sky quickly turned black and red; in the center of the sky was a being of untold power. The head of this thing burned like the sun, as it slowly made its way towards the grounds of the 'Crystal Ridge'. Upon coming to the ground, the gravity in the whole area increased tenfold. The crystals around would start to crack and break; some just got crushed to nothing but dust. "I have come for you Khrona, now show yourself or have this place crushed under my boot." The flame-headed being finally landed on the ground; once touched down, it would simply wait for who it wanted to see.

The destructive display of this Pumpkinsin that plagued the body of this being served no severe harm to the land of Crystal. Where the pumpkin believed there was destruction, the Crystals stood fast in their fortitude, reshaping themselves once being obliterated by this herald of Insanity. Now that his mind was back, Khrona knew that he was indeed ALL of the Veritas, and that he could extend his will through any part of it at any given time. It was all his body. As of right now, in the First Restriction, he only had the mind to control this thing, and his soul was slowly growing to fit the part in the Second... No matter that situation, Shin'Khrona's mind now remembered just what it was, and it was here to halt one of the uprising Insanities rampaging about.

Khrona: '... Even this is my fault, isn't it? Then I will deal with it... Even if my powers are scaled down... This doesn't mean I don't know how to use them.'

It sounded almost like... The land itself was speaking to this hellish sin. Was this the resonant sound of the crystal, or was this Shin'Khrona's mind speaking through the Veritas? They were one and the same, after all...

Khrona: 'So like The Insanity, you are another piece of it I need to reclaim as my own... Before the Insanity takes over as me. Very well. What is it you seek of me, hellspawn?'

"So it's just like time. I see, I see..." Pumpkinsin watched as the area it thought it destroyed healed itself, though this wasn't anything new, for the most part. Watching on as the ridge fixed itself, Pumpkinsin picked up on a voice that seemed to be talking back to it. Pumpkinsin looked around. But there was no one around to claim the voice. "This again?" The voice was that of Khrona, but yet he was no where to be found. Pumpkinsin however didn't need to see Khrona, for it could feel his very being all around. "Show yourself or like I said, I'll crush this place under my boot! I won't talk until you face me face-to-face."

Khrona: 'You're a cheeky one, aren't you...?'

Almost chuckling at the insane ambition of this miscreant, he would indeed humor the rather bold Pumpkinsin that called him out.

Khrona: 'Then you'll pay the price...'

A single crystalline flower bud sprouted from the seemingly desolate crystal terrain, spiraling open as it blossomed forth. Layer after layer of the blooming petals spread wide, unveiling the shape of the pure crystal frame of the embodiment of the Veritas itself; Shinseigami Khrona Tensei.

Each of the several thousands of petals in bloom from the flower of enlightenment revealed their true nature as the many shimmering wings resting upon his back. A single stroke of lightning from the stars of 'The Enigmas' cast a divine light into the container, projecting the 'Spectral Wavelength' all through and from his presence, allowing the color of the crystal entity to paint his form. A raise of the hand called forth a tapestry of hoarfrost mist adorned as sinuous drapery born of the gelid air known to bring the 'Crystal Ridge' to a perpetual gentle chill. Winding and rolling to and fro round his curves, hugging them gently as his attire, he slipped his hands into the pocket dimensions serving as the pockets of his wear and hovered ever so slightly from the ground, barely brushing the surface. A smile of serenity and inner peace upon his face, the half-open, tired eyes of the Shinseigami batted here and their as he patiently awaited to see what this creature could want of him.

Khrona: 'You must seek purification from that which ails you, hm?'

"Wow, I must say, that was quite the intro, but again, it's nothing new when it comes to you. But I'm glad that you've shown yourself, Khrona! Zehahahahaha!" Pumpkinsin laughed ever so evilly; in fact, it laughed so much that it soon pissed it off. Pumpkinsin all too soon stopped laughing and quickly got serious; it was time to tell Khrona just exactly why he was called -- what was about to happen. "Look here Khrona, I have one thing to tell you, okay? Listen up, you're going to let me eat you, okay? Now I know what you're thinking, 'Why is Pumpkinsin doing this to me?' And I'm here to tell you it's because I hate you and I'm going to consume you for that reason. So be a good Tensei and let it happen. Should you try and stop me... Let's just say, you wouldn't wanna do that." Pumpkinsin smiled a bit as the flames that were its head burned a dark black color. Within a nanosecond the flames shot from Pumpkinsin's head and surrounded Khrona in a circle of black fire; it was time to eat up and the main dish was Tensei with a side of death. "Become a part of me and let my flames reduce you to nothingness!"

The oh so familiar arrogance of the Insanity wafted about the frosty air as both word and flame of the rather brazen Pumpkinsin. This was a sort of piety that Shin'Khrona knew the Insanity far too well for, and it came from Shin'Khrona's natural haughty nature. Here this mere sliver was seeking to become the new whole, the internal battle of Khrona now very indicatively becoming the outward battle of the Veritas -- as it was within him in its entirety. He expected this among the purification and was already prepared to counteract these slivers of Insanity in every way... Before the mass allowed them to evolve any farther.

Khrona: '... It is you that shall become part of me, my sweet... That fire that burns within you shall be rebuked...'

Black fires quickly spread around the crystalline construct, their malevolence apparent in their sinister light. He could feel the intentions of Pumpkinsin through natural 'Empathy' to everyone and everything around him. And where such feelings were so strong... He was able to use them as weapons of his mind.

Khrona: 'I may not have my full power... But my mind is more than enough.'

He outstretched his hand to the ebony flames, allowing them to gently lick the surface of his palm not unlike a well-trained hound, drawing in the fires of emotional fluctuation into the center of his hand. All such blackness quickly ceased its spread, now only a congregated mass of burning blackness flickering tamely within his grasp, sizzling through the cracks in his fingers. Tempering that flames decidedly fast, he clenches his fist and crisply Converted the stolen emotional energy of the fires into new energy, spiraling into the form of an ever-spinning lance.

Khrona: 'Ra Zen Gun Overload...'

Wasting not a moment after the fires were tamed and tempered, Shin'Khrona hurled the spiraling spear of mental evolution toward the flaming being, letting the sheer infinite spiraling evolution of his mind ravage what would get in this unstoppable energy's way.

"Oooh? I see you're still able to fight back, but sadly you're not strong enough to do me any harm. You can't beat me, for the orange is on my side and not yours." Pumpkinsin really didn't want to drag the fight out, but Khrona just had to go and not die. Pumpkinsin watched as he took the flames that were meant to kill him and turned it into something different, something that he would use to attack. "Khrona let me show you a little trick. You see that attack, it won't hit me at all, and I bet you already know why." There were many way to go about this move, but Pumpkinsin was going to play it simple and not go showing off flashy move and what not. The flames around it's head went back to normal -- just a normal flaming head. It would lift up its right hand and would tap the air and the tap would cause the air to move. Much like how a drip of water causes small vibrations once it hits a pool of water. It started to manipulate the space-time in the area via gravity in front of it; by manipulating the space-time, Pumpkinsin would be able to open up her most used move. "Wormhole." The area that Pumpkinsin tapped would open up and the spiral energy wold fly through it and once it did, Pumpkinsin would close the wormhole. Another wormhole would reopen behind Khrona. It would be nice to see how Khrona would deal with this trick again. "Khrona, please allow me to change forms, this form is just not my cup of tea. Not sure how Pumpkishin does it, but I need a normal body." Pumpkinsin took its right hand once more and this time it placed it's index finger upon it's flaming head, now it was time to take on a more normal form.

Pumpkinsin: "Change! Go!"

Due to its ability to control energy, Pumpkinsin had no problem changing its look for personal reasons. The body of armor that held the energy that was Pumpkinsin would start to glow really bright and it would start to change, bend, shift, and so on... Until it took on the form of a female body. This body was just the thing Pumpkinsin needed to feel epic and whatnots. And now that its new form was here, the next phase of the attack could be done. "Here we go KHROOONNNAAA!!!" She now took both of her hands and clapped them together, the very clap itself caused a loud boom sound, but that was just a start up. She'd now start to gather up energy in the center of her hands, within a few seconds a small black ball would be in her hands. "Pumpkin Seed Technique." Yes, the black ball was not a ball, but a seed of doom and so much more. The black seeds would break into smaller seeds -- one hundred in all. She would then throw the seeds up into the air and she'd then take control over their gravity and she would shoot off fifty of them at Khrona. If Khrona knew himself as well as he says he does, than he should know what this attack does, tho knowing really won't do much.

Khrona: 'Three... Two... One...'

Casually counting in his head, he awaited what would be a precisely timed counterstrike. He'd already remembered how to conserve his energy; he couldn't waste a single drop. The wormhole opening on either side allowed the thin beam to blast into the darkness before him and emerge from the shallow unknown behind Shin'Khrona. With a nonchalant, yet seemingly rather quick snap of his head boredly to one side, the spear of his ravaging, rapidly evolving psionic power spiraled straight past his neck and directly into the black sphere the moment it came into conception. This left no time for it to break into 100 more seeds, considering how fast the beam traveled. His innate Precognition was a useful skill on its own, able to get the young psychic out of many-a-situation with a simple knowing of one thing as an advantage; the only thing he ever needed to know to prevail. His mind was naturally surprisingly accurate.

Perhaps the Pumpkinsin would notice this as she spoke, or perhaps she wouldn't... But no seeds came out at all when she called for the technique. Shin'Khrona knew that this cockiness would be her downfall.

Suddenly, Khrona remembered this situation happening to him before... Replaying in his head just like a moment ago, frame for frame. It was a rather key point of 'Deja Vu', reliving the very moment he fired the 'Ra Zen Gun Overload' at her before, only over and over and over and over again... He just couldn't stop replaying it in his head, for some reason! As long as he remembered, he relived it. It wouldn't take long for Pumpkinsin's physical and mental being to be skewered to bits by the flurry of these psionic lances.

All the while, he smiled a serene and peaceful smile, letting his eyes lock on to the target with a signature sanguine gleam. There was now no escape from his sights locked on with Hyper Perception.

"Hahahaha-- huuuh!?" It wouldn't take long before Pumpkinsin noticed that her attack just wasn't happening. In fact, it was because of her own move that she was faced with this failed attack. And things didn't look up for her, in fact things only went downhill from there, because she was about to be blasted back by an attack she thought she'd gotten rid of. But it turns out she thought wrong, that spiral attack was coming at her fast, but she wasn't to worried about it -- or rather, she didn't freak out. Since the attack was moving super fast, it would be highly unlikely for her to dodge it or set up a counter for it however, that would be something a normal person would be stuck with. Maybe Khrona knew or her or maybe not, but either way the attack hit with all its force and it did blast her back a bit, but after a few seconds, Khrona's attack would simply stop; it still moved about, but it wasn't passing through Pumpkinsin anytime soon. The spiral attack was meet with the shield known as 'Gravity Aura,' which was something Pumpkinsin kept on at all times. This shield would be the reason why Khrona's attack didn't run through her like a hot knife, due to the fact the gravity aura shielded her from all types of attack. So now with a drill trying to push its way through her, she simply used 'Repel' and sent the attack backwards -- but she wasn't done yet. The attack was indeed a pain in the butt and now it was time to get rid of it for good. Much like the first time, she opened up a wormhole behind the technique, Allowing it to fly through it and once it did, she'd closed the wormhole and wouldn't open it again. "You got me there Khrona, I'll give it to you."

Now with all of that done, it was time for a more normal approach. Once again she summoned her some seeds, but not for an attack like last time. Oh no, she had a better idea; she simply infused a bit of her chakra into each seed and tossed 'em on the ground. Once the seeds hit the ground, they would crack and small roots would start to sprout out. These roots quickly became enlarged due to the chakra they were given within a few seconds. The seeds took form and stood up on their roots, when took the form of feet and the other roots would take the form of arms and a head, which oddly looked a pumpkin. There were ten of these things in all, each one linked to Pumpkinsin via chakra and each one having its own gravity aura. So now with a small army, she snapped her fingers and the ten pumpkin killers took off towards Khrona, each one coming in for its own attack, the pumpkin killer formed weapons out of their own bodies. So a sword hand or foot wasn't something out of the questions, Khrona was about to get gang banged.

Without his full power, defeating Pumpkinsin so easily was clearly out of the question, no matter how proficient he was with using his capabilities -- now. His mind was clear and open, able to access the information he needed thanks to the link with Tabrith -- which was the container for all the information his mind needed; the other half to his mind. Pumpkinsin did have the upper hand when it came to brute strength, but Shin'Khrona was not going to be deterred in the slightest by it. As long as his mind was building up its strength... awakening a little bit at a time...

The girl dealt with only one of the numerous fired Ra Zen Gun Overloads from Khrona's repetitious reliving of that same moment, meaning where only one was repelled and sealed off, there were countless others waiting to ravage the Gravity Aura to bits. It was strong enough to hold them all off at first, but as these lances of penetrating evolutionary mental force continued to rotate, they would eventually grow strong and fast enough to pierce through the barrier and completely rip to shreds the Pumpkinsin within. It was tough work, but Khrona was going to do it...

It was taking a lot of concentration, and it seemed it wasn't going fast enough. He narrowed his eyes, forcing them to bore deeper into the thick barrier, but found himself too late when more of those hellspawn seeds were created so fast and easily. Ugh, it was time for a new plan.

Khrona: 'Oh no... More of you cannot exist here in this world...'

The Pumpkinsin was trying to reproduce, and that was a big no-no. Immediately upon their sowing, with a precise control over his energy he knew he was going to need, the numerous mental javelins halted their ravaging conquest and immediately took off toward the smaller pumpkins, letting up on Pumpkinsin's Gravity Aura. With so much accumulated power from grinding at the first, they were probably readied and powerful enough to now more quickly punch through the Gravity Auras of the pumpkin sprouts and wipe them all out at once. There were more than enough of these spears for more than one to strike a single growing pumpkin, which created a higher success rate of them all being completely destroyed at once.

However, while those things were being handled, Shin'Khrona wasn't going to simply sit back and stare at the Pumpkinsin with a stagnant stare of serenity all day. As a serious threat, she was going to be treated like one, despite what the expression on his face suggested...

His eyes were still sleepy and tired, but seemed to harbor some sort of conscious awareness of sorts... Perhaps. In a glint of his eye, he scanned the aura of Pumpkinsin with his 'Radiesthesia' whilst simultaneously classifying which emotion it was via 'Empathy'. With this information, perhaps he could reverse the wavelength of the energy and 'Convert' it into mental energy the same way he'd done with the black flames before. His hand lit aglow with a 'Crystal Flame' not unlike the 'Clear Flame' that rested in the head of a focused Tigen, and post haste 'Teleported' before Pumpkinsin. However, for some reason, his presence seemed to daunt her from all around, as though she were surrounded, even though he was clearly right in front of her. He pulled his hand back and thrust it forward, prepared to Convert as much of Pumpkinsin's energy as he could in one go. He went straight for her chest, almost like he was trying to snatch out her very soul... Still keeping the same smile of serene conviction; unerring in every way.

"Man you killed my babies! Why would you do that? This is only going to feed my hate for you, you know that right? *Sigh* You really are one of the few people I hate the most, but I don't even know why I hate you though... That's the funny part, but enough talking. It's time to deal with this crap you're trying to pull." It was indeed sad to see her little pumpkins get killed off so quickly and without a bit of remorse from the killer. This however did more than make Pumpkinsin sad, it made her mad in which that madness became anger, that anger became rage, that rage became hatred, and that's when all hell broke lose. Pumpkinsin wasn't just about to let Khrona get away with killing her babies, oh no! She was about to give him something, but first she had to deal with the first attack that was still trying to make its way through her gravity aura.

Though the attempt was admirable, it would only be just that. Her aura could do so much more than just block things; it could also push things away. Which is what was about to happen. She juiced up a bit due to the increase in hate for Khrona and she used that boost to increase the aura, push the attack back just enough for Pumpkinsin to take both her hands and grab both spiral lances -- but wait there's more! Now that she had took hold of the energies, it was time to put them down for good this time. Since her body was covered in gravity, she'd be safe from the attack, -- since she was now holding it -- and with the attack in her hands, she focused the remaining gravity she had left and wrapped it around the energy. She then compressed the the attack via gravity, until it was nothing more than a small ball of energy, in which she would crush in her hands as if it were nothing. After doing that, she would place her hand out and call it quits -- not because she was outmatched, but because she saw no need in fighting Khrona any more. It was clear that she couldn't win like this, so why keep on going? She was hoping that Khrona would stop his attack. "Khrona I quit, this fight has lost meaning to me now."

With his eyes still very much perceptive of her aura and the rising hatred within her, knowing how his Insanities worked, this would prove to be a problem for his remaining Ra Zen Gun Overloads that still attempted to puncture the Gravity Aura. A huge spike in her power halted them from making any further progress without having to evolve even further, which meant that they weren't going to be piercing through as easily as Shin'Khrona anticipated. Facing his own Insanities proved to be a rather difficult task, but still nothing short of doable if he could just get the correct means. Fortunately, even with the drastic increase in power, the 'Crystal Flame' coating his hands would be able to extract that Insanity and Convert it into his own mental energy, slowly, but surely, and erode the souped up Gravity Aura with much more potency and swiftness than the previous spiraling beams of mental evolution.

Khrona: 'So, you've decided to give up, have you? A wise decision. Now, let me simply extract that hateful Insanity from your heart, hm? This will only hurt for a moment...'

With it, Pumpkinsin would revert back to a normal Chuu prior to her encounter with the Insanity Of Hatred, and she would be normalized completely, having no affiliation with the Tensei afterward. As it was said previously that Shin'Khrona's presence indeed surrounded her via 'Polylocation', one Shin'Khrona became multiple, each bearing the Crystal Flame blazing in hand. All such Shin'Khrona's immediately thrust their hands into the barrier, clawing their way into it with the utmost vicious bestial force, shredding away the Insanity of Hatred that powered it up and Converting it into more power to increase that of the beautiful clear fires. Since she had given consent of her surrender, the Insanity itself would put up no further resistance to Shin'Khrona's will and would be easily torn through by all of their claw-like fingers all at once, ripping the weakened Gravity Aura literally to shreds.

The exposed Pumpkinsin was now subject to the same fate as her Gravity Aura, for the boosted power of the Crystal Flames now harbored all of that power she generated within herself prior to her surrender. Even a single touch would allow the flames to reach deep into her heart and soul and strip the Insanity straight from her being without hesitation. Surrounded completely and utterly, there was nowhere to run from this fate.

Khrona: 'Don't move...'

Watching the events unfold right before her very eyes made her only feel like giving up was the right choice and that anything that happened, happened. It was then and only then when she noticed what Khrona was trying to do; he was going to take away her powers. This was something she couldn't allow, but what reason did she have for keeping them anyway? It wasn't like she really needed them, so why was she so hung up on keeping them? It confused her a bit and before she knew it, more Khronas showed up and went to town on her Gravity Aura, ripping through it like it was nothing. She could feel that her power was being absorbed by the flame within Khrona's hand, though she still didn't bother trying to fight back. Maybe this was for the best; maybe it'd be nice to go back to being her old self... Maybe leaving the Tensei alone was a good thing -- it all sounded like a good idea and one that'd work out... "Back to my old self, eh, Khrona...? Ehehehe..."


Just as she said that, a sudden heartbeat was felt. This heartbeat wasn't like any normal beat, it was like something was going on deep inside her.


It happened again and again, until her eyes went blank white and she was sent deep into her mind, however she wouldn't be gone for more than a second. In that short trip into her mind, everything started to come back to her. "Why are all of these memories coming back to me? I thought, I got rid of 'em... So why!? Why do I remember such things... WHY!?!" All the memories she remembered were all bad ones and not one good one; her whole life has been nothing but hell on earth -- nothing went right for her... Khrona would be able to see these memories through the link he shared with Pumpkinsin, since she was a part of him technically. Every memory was just one pain after another, and that's when it hit her -- the reason she came to the insanity; the reason why she couldn't go back to that life.


Pumpkinsin: "Now I remember! I remember why, I remember how people looked down on me! How they pushed me away! MY RAGE, MY HATE, MY INSANITY! IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF THEM! I HATE THEM ALL! I HATE THEM AAALLL!!!!!!!"

And that's when it happened, Pumpkinsin's body started to glow and the hate, rage, and insanity deep within her heart become fully complete. The once weak girl that stood before Khrona became a insane raging monster of a person, the madness starting to pour out of her body. It started to turn the very air red and things started to look different -- this was the true face of Pumpkinsin's insanity, something she could no longer hide. And something she wasn't about to let Khrona or anyone take from her. She could never forgive the people who tossed her aside, spit on her dreams, killed the very life she thought was so great! Pumpkinsin's body instantly became covered in a reddish dark sphere which would close her inside and she'd fold up like a baby in its mothers stomach. "Never forgive, never forgive! Never FORGIVE!!!!" In a flash the sphere blew apart, creating a city leveling shockwave, the wave would blast back everything. Once the sphere was gone, all that could be seen was Pumpkinsin standing up, but not fully. She was leaning a bit, before she leaned over to the other side and she did this over and over and over again. It was as if she couldn't stand straight up. But if looked at closely, one could see her hair was one half gray and one half red, the gray was the same gray as the Insanity itself and the red was the color of her own rage. Even though the two are one and the same, Pumpkinsin felt other wise about it, she was raging and insane. Since one can be mad and not insane and one can be insane and not mad. So now that this newer looking thing was out and fully awaken, it was time to push the knife deeper in the body. A halo formed above Pumpkinsin's head -- this was indeed a very bad sign.

Pumpkinsin: "Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona, Khrona... What do you want me to do? Who should I kill? What should I do?"

Over and over she said his name, Pumpkinsin was something beyond her own understanding. She was looking to Khrona for answers of what to do and so on. It was as if she looked to him for guidance, even though she was fully aware that she could do things on her own. She just, well... Looked to Khrona, for now.

The Insanity: 'Yeeeesss, my seed... Produce more power... More infinite power born of your own undying fury!!!'

The heart of fury that beat deep within the chest of the enraged Pumpkinsin, a seed of the original Pumpkishin that was proving most useful as another infinite fountain of power would be siphoned of her strength the more she produced, having it all drawn straight into the singularity that was the 'Great Hollow' where The Insanity faced now one who dared to defy the Insanity's great and absolute conquest. Her magnificent power, where once to be used to unleash on the wretched crystalline mannequin of Shin'Khrona would now be yet another infinite power source for The Insanity to cast upon the defiant Vanguard, ready to show him but a minute sliver of the awesome omnipotence that the Insanity was truly capable of.

The Insanity: 'You have served your purpose to me... And now your hatred shall return to me... To be used as I see fit.'

The girl possessed by Insanity was indeed in a bind facing Shin'Khrona, having all such power she was exerting not only drawn from her as it poured from her, but extracted from her just as Shin'Khrona sought to purify it. The girl would be returned to normal and the fragment of Insanity beating within her would come to a silent calm, allowing her to return to normalcy before ever being afflicted by this madness. It was much better than having a piece of the Insanity purified by Shin'Khrona, even if it meant losing a pawn for the time being... Besides, this energy could be put to better use, now that it had been stirred up to such magnanimous heights.

The Insanity: 'Your usefulness has ended.'

Twas the last the girl would hear of the Insanity's hateful cries inside of her head, before she would return to simply being Chuu. She was possessed by Insanity no longer. She was sucked dry, to the brink of death, leaving nothing behind... Not a sliver of her chakra prior remained, and the girl would ultimately die after the extraction. She would be no more. Not that the Insanity cared for her in the first place...

Chuu: "..."

She waited there for Khrona to say something, but from out of nowhere came the being Insanity, the being she fell in love with so long ago. She turned her head in happiness, but to her shock, she felt something being pulled out of her, much like the last time.

Chuu: "What's going on? Why do I feel that feeling again? It couldn't be..."

Pumpkinsin looked back at Khrona, but he was still doing the same thing, sitting around... So the feeling wasn't coming from him, so who could it be? And that's when she turned back to The Insanity and that's when it hit her. But she couldn't believe it -- she wouldn't believe it! There was no way that it was The Insanity taking away her power, something like that just didn't click with her at all, but who else could it be other then him?

Chuu: "It cant be! You wouldn't! Not after all I've done for you...."

It was like all the emotions she had sealed away were coming back, because tears started to fall down her face; the tears were blood red. One after another, her tears fell to the ground. It was just too much... She didn't understand what was going on, until the insanity within her was ripped out...

Chuu: "Wh... Why?"

Just as soon as her insanity was taken from her, she felt her chakra drop to zero and once that happened, Pumpkinsin -- or rather Chuu -- fell backwards on the ground. She wasn't sure why the Insanity betrayed her, but for once, she wasn't mad. In fact, she smiled and then broke off into a laugh; the sky couldn't have looked better -- it was a good run while it lasted.

Chuu: "Heh, Khrona I guess I'll see you on the other side, its been fun... Funny thing is, when you're about to die, you seem to see everything differently."

*Cough, Cough!*

The extraction process seemed to be going quite well at first, for with the girl submitting to Shin'Khrona, the Insanity was not hostile, for within her, that was not its will. For but a moment, these crystalline apparitions believed that the process really was going to be that easy...

But it's not that simple...

Why can't it be simple...?

As unpredictable as The Insanity is, a rather random burst of her own rage caused her power to spike without warning, fluctuating as the Insanity does in varying intensities. Unexpected to say the least, -- then again, it is Insanity and not something one can truly predict or expect to remain constant or consistent -- Shin'Khrona's Crystal Flames hands were forced back momentarily by the powerful force expelled by the possessed girl. The crystallized figured were blown aback by the sheer magnitude of the girl's explosive rage, sending numerous crystalline limbs and shards hurdling through the air. Each of the Shin'Khrona copies faded, save for one, which remained mostly intact as the original. Even it suffered a great deal of damage; missing an arm, part of its torso and many tiny fragments of crystal that served as digits and other minor details which made up its collective form. Yet, a small price to pay, and nothing that could not be mended from the shattered remains of the fallen copies.

Khrona: 'What... Is this?'

The rather confounded projection of the true Shin'Khrona found this sudden blast of energy astounding, and in fact when he was hit with the resulting shockwave, he was able to hear, see and feel all of Chuu's memories, thoughts and feelings without having to use any of his psychic powers. She'd tapped into a hidden connection between the two of them via The Insanity, allowing them to momentarily link minds with one another.

Khrona: 'Is this... A heartbeat?'

Each passing thump of the heart of fury within the Pumpkinsin's chest sparked a new string of memories and emotions swirling through Shin'Khrona's head; each of the horrible flashes of scorn and torment locked deep within Chuu's past before his eyes, all of the pain and suffering she felt throughout her entire life here on the planet now became Shin'Khrona's but for a moment's notice. He was able to feel her pain, know her ridicule and experience her strife first hand, all of which was how and why the Insanity had grown so potent within her. Really know how to pick your pawns, huh...?

Khrona: 'Oh no... She is going to become...'

The seed was going to sprout into one of the Keepers or Sisters Of Insanity! With so much innate Insanity teeming within her, it was only a matter of time before she--

Khrona: 'But... wait... Suddenly, her power is... decreasing...?'

Confused but for a moment, all of the Insanity she was pouring out from the depths of her heart was being absorbed by another force elsewhere, as the Radiesthetic eyes of Shin'Khrona were capable of seeing the energetic aura and its flow. Drawn from the girl down to the very last drop, Shin'Khrona watched as she fell limp to the ground, still feeling her pain, her sorrow, her sadness, her rage and all else that spun in a vile concoction within her unstable being. These were her final moments, and as the Insanity deemed it necessary to complete its grand master plan, she was callously stripped lifeless and left to die. The Insanity was a cruel and merciless being... And one never knew just what it was going to do at any given time. Even the death of its own soldiers was apparently not out of its twisted mindset; anything for it to get its way and continue on with its plan, apparently. No mercy in the slightest.

Khrona: '... No... I cannot believe this...'

The girl he wished to save and purify, taken in all but a moment's notice. The ruthlessness of the Insanity was unparalleled, and it seemed like it did not care who suffered at his hand as long as it got what it wanted. Everyone and everything was but a tool for its masterful conquest; just more players in its grand master plan that seemed nigh impossible to stop at this point.

The crystal Shin'Khrona rose up, drawing in the pieces of debris to reshape its form, hovering mournfully over to the dying Chuu. Feeling for her, even if it was only for a few moments, he watched as she breathed her final breaths, listening to the girl Chuu and not the seed of hatred, Pumpkinsin.

Khrona: 'I'm sorry... I was not able to save you in time... Your rage blinded you to what my true purpose here was... To save you from yourself... From the Insanity... But now...'

A quick flash of radiant light shone bright from the crystal copy with such an iridescence that the entire area of the Crystal Ridge they resided in glowed with a spectral rainbow; an aurora that swirled across the chilled region and brought amazing blends of all sorts of color all throughout the crystalline prisms. This miraculous light belonged to none other than the true Shin'Khrona Tensei, in the flesh, having come from the Chaos and back to the Veritas, once again sidetracked from retrieving Misery. Some things were just more important.

Khrona: "Chuu... You may not know as much about me as I do about you... But regardless, I am devastated to see you fall to such a fate so haphazardly..."

Since Shin'Khrona's mind was linked to the entire Veritas, -- only because he was still in the First Restriction, that which bound him to only the power of his mind -- he was able to mentally experience all that occurred between the two here despite where he was previously, orchestrating the battle all in his head even from beyond. Now, using that same power had he appeared before her in his true form, hovering over her mournfully.

Khrona: "I'm sorry... I was too late... I have been wrapped up in facing these Insanities that I believed I could stop this from happening without giving it my full attention, but I was clearly mistaken. And now..."

He knelt down beside her, lowering his head in shame, in sorrow and in regret...

Khrona: "... Now you've been lost... I am the worst..."

Khrona: 'I apologize with all my heart... Can you ever forgive me...?'

Chuu: "Huh? What's this?"

*Cough, Cough!*

Pumpkinsin -- or rather, Chuu -- watched as all the bright epic colors shone throughout and all around the Ridge. Chuu wasn't sure what was going on, that is until Khrona showed up in what looked to be the old Khrona she knew from way back when. It was quite a site to see, even though she was dying.

Chuu: "Khrona don't blame yourself, don't feel sad, this was because of my doing... *Cough!* I chose to walk down this path and I won't blame it on anyone else but myself. I could have moved on, but I didn't. I let my anger blind me; this is where it led me... *Cough!* But now I finally realize that being mad wont help anyone, so I forgive them Khrona... I forgive them, all of them... Even though they've done me wrong, I forgive them..."

She used whatever last bit of energy she had and lifted up her hand, she had a hand time doing that in itself, she gave Khrona a thumbs up.

Chuu: "And lastly... *Cough, Cough!* Khrona I forgive you, even though I don't blame you for this... You're a good person, so please look after Cynza... She's all that I have left now *Cough!*"

She coughed up quite a bit of blood, but for the first time Chuu's heart felt good, her rage was good, and everything felt great and nice. The smile was still on her face as she looked into Khrona's eyes, but it was time to move on to the other side.

Chuu: "... Kick reason to the curb and surpass the impossible! Never give up..."

And with that, Chuu took her last breath, before her eyes closed and her hand fell to the ground, as she waited to pass on with a smile on her face.

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PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Rise Of The Veritas   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Rise Of The Veritas EmptyFri Aug 14, 2020 5:50 pm

--- The Real Khrona, who was coming out of the Zero World and into a different, mystical and hazy realm ---

During his Teleportation, hot on the tail of Vanguard, Shin'Khrona found himself appearing in yet another... Pit of darkness. Granted, he could see things in this one since it wasn't a big ambiguous nothingness like that accursed Black Swamp, and his eyes were well adjusted to the dark, -- since he lived in a pitch black pit for a majority of his life -- but it was not where he intended to end up at all.

Khrona: "What the...? But how? My psychic powers are perfect now that my mind is bac-- Wait..."

He looked at his right hand, still dainty and as pale as the girl it belonged to, which radiated a faint violet glow. Some Rejection had been used... Despair is the one who brought him here. He could feel it in his soul.

Khrona: "... Dammit, Despair! Why would you...?"

Well, it had to have been for a good reason. Despair only wanted to help him.

Khrona: "But... Why here? Is this ANOTHER forest?!"

Shin'Khrona was getting a little fed up with all of these goddamn forests. And it seemed like every time he entered one, there was SOMETHING waiting for him... To do SOMETHING to him. It was really disturbing; things were waiting for him.

Khrona: "... Siiiigh... Well. If she really wanted me to come here... Then I might as well start walking..."

With head hung low, quite tired of being sent on these Godforsaken wild goose chases, he started off arbitrarily into the darkness, passing by tree after petrified tree to some random destination he wasn't even sure of where he was going to. As USUAL.

???: 'Hmhmhm... I've been waiting for you, Khrona... Or, shall I call you 'Alice?' This is your Wonderland, after all...'

Something lurked in the darkness with the young man, already affixed intently on his location; watching. A faint and rather negligible presence all the same, something sly and omnipresent. Waiting.

???: 'The boy has no clue that even this was foreseen in my plans... My calculations are absolutely purrrfect, after all...'

His maturation was going swimmingly, but now he faced perhaps the darkest times of all. The one who watched over him knew all things, and this boy was a prodigy of such talents... or, he would be when he truly finished awakening. A long, but very valuable process. He just needed a little push...

???: 'Let's show him the art of 'Profound Sadness,' hm? Hopefully he doesn't get trapped here... Like I have been.'

At that moment, a faint trace of light shimmered in the darkness, waiting for the boy to inevitably notice. Guised to be something 'not meant to be noticed', it was truly placed in that exact spot for those keen eyes to partake in locking with them. He would notice no matter what he did. There wasn't anything else to look at here.

???: '... Are you prepared, boy...?'

Khrona: "You've made it all too easy for you to be spotted, you know. I'm not so stupid as to fall for such mental games when I'm the master of mentality myself. This is no time to be so coy."

Shin'Khrona was already quite tired of being sent every which way, and another obnoxiously long and drawn out battle was not what he had in mind. Not only was it mentally stressful, but emotionally taxing as well, and that hag had a way with nipping at those things. She really needed to get out of the dark...

Khrona: "So, let's get this show on the road. Show yourself. Don't even waste my time. I'm not about to walk through the forest being led deeper in, being led astray or any of that garbage that would normally happen. Not getting me further down the rabbit hole, no sirree."

Khrona: 'Wait... Wait a minute... Isn't this exactly...?'

Khrona: "... FUCK, I'm already coming out here, aren't I?! GODDAMMIT. This is EXACTLY how it happened the first time! Fucking frog dropped me in the Swamp and I swam through until I could make out something through the darkness... Is she rebirthing me?! Seriously?! Is she doing this?! Ooo, I can't wait to kill her..."

???: "Paaaatieeeeence, dear boy... Something you've always lacked, But will soon know all too well... Such is the source of your Melancholia, hm?"

A wraithful green smog spilled from the shadows, illuminating just a hint the deep dark that was the Bleak Grotto the boy trod down, casting question after stupefied question into the abyss... Only a sinister, smug and rather prized cheshire smirk; a grin from ear to ear, followed so choicely by contemptuous, half-open eyes. In the teeth of this unsettling grin, a beautifully adorned pipe, as one would only see in their dreams.

???: "'Hello there, dear boy, don't be shy... Step right up, I'm a reasonable guy... Don't be frightened by the look in my eye... I'm just your average little kitty cat from out of the sky...' Neh~? Hmhmhmhm..."

Before too long, the intrepid haze gave birth to more of its slender form; a melancholic figure one may confuse to be some odd mixture of cat and man, lazing about in a tree, tail of ebon ringed with the same glowering green of his eyes and the smoke ensorceling its form...

???: "Have you any idea who I am, or are you still attempting to conceive me... From the depths of your mind?"

His presence reeked of a foul dream-like sadness, though it seemed to be nothing more than the natural essence that leaked from every pore of his being... A pure, embodied essence of melancholia, perhaps?

???: "But of course, why would I be smiling, yes? Hmhmhmhm..."

Words that seemed random to the poor boy were of a more alluring pleasure to those unseen; those he didn't care to take heed of presently. He was quite aware of how things were falling into place, but still so very ignorant to the sheer depth and complexity of it all... Oh, but once he knew, then the boy would be able to see true sadness...

This one can barely contain himself.

His eyes narrowed. Shin'Khrona had no intention of continuing to play this game with these... Family curses. They were rather unpleasant.

Khrona: "I believe the correct phrase is, 'how could you be smiling.' 'Neh~?'"

Clenching his right hand and gritting his teeth, he was full and ready to eradicate this harbinger of mental torture upon his face right here and now. The Melancholies in their physical form.

Khrona: "I'm not fucking stupid. King Kitsune. I remember everything I need to. Remember?"

A smiling apparition to hide that deep and dark sadness that bled from his essence. He stunk of the sheer smell of unhappiness, regardless of what his smiling facade wished to portray. When he realized who and what this entity was, he was not going to allow him to succumb to the sadness. He knew this to be true immediately.

Khrona: "Where is your true body hiding? Don't waste my time. You know how I HATE when people waste my time. Even if its me, in some form or fashion. I'm not exempt from my scorn."

King Kitsune: "A childish king you are... Despite your own regalia and that of your family... You are still growing... Still a child..."

The boys impertinence matched his impatience, but all was naught but whispers in the wind to the congregation of melancholic energy given this hazy form. The ever present grin widened with a low snicker, tired eyes barely able to drift from their position; lids unfit to blink.

"I see..." he began with a Viridian vaporous vowel 'I', followed closely by a chartreuse consonant 'C' casting a calm echo of his deep, soothing baritone voice through the dark, "... I believe I am not the one whose fallacies need correcting, don't you agree? I know my place in this world, but do you? Still, you fail to see the bigger picture..." A gentle inhale of his signature pipe, the 'Grand Duke', sent a sizzling slight hiss to fill the silent forest depths.

King Kitsune: "You don't even know who you are... Nor do you understand the vast knowledge you have within... Do try to do that first... Hm~?"

An overwhelming outpour of odorous olive overflowing from his open orifice obscured optics of his outline as it overcame his organic origin through the obfuscous opacity once more. T'wasn't long before the reeking repugnance rose into the rayless rift, reducing the royal rumination of his regulated reality to all but rendered rows of revenant recitations...

"Ooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrr..." the wreath of teeth cooed through a sly chuckle as a final exhaust erased even their existence in an emerald emanation, with an exasperated enunciation equivalent of every enumerated letter of the excerpt ere, "... Haven't you even noticed what or whose life you live? Certainly not simply your own... Though, that is most debatable..."

Mystic miasma meandered the muddle, marking the midnight with moss-colored residue as it migrated deeper, the voice beginning to fade...

King Kitsune: "Remember... Who you are..."

King Kitsune: 'Follow me to find out...'

Blah blah blah blah... This was taking an eternity. Shin'Khrona wanted to get right to the point of it all, not be lost in this hazy obscurity that this cheshire cat INSISTED on guiding him down. Obscure words, obscure shapes and forms, all hidden under his shapeless, shifting form in puffs of smoke. Maybe this whole 'over the top' thing just ran in his family. No wonder. Well, they were pretty haughty; the all of them. So it wasn't like he didn't expect everything they said and did to be over the top and unnecessary. Megalomaniac fucks. Though, he could say he rather enjoyed it when he was in the mood for it. Granted, now was not one of those times, simply because he couldn't allow himself to be trapped by the Sloth of the Melancholia. The longer he was here, the more he knew it would try to slow him down. He only crossed his arms and rolled his eyes after deciphering the encoding of this green apparition's speech, tapping his foot restlessly on the black grass below.

Khrona: "Let me guess, you're gonna tell me all about myself and my family to help me understand, and when I finally know the truth, it'll just make me a sad wreck like you, right? And then I will stop advancing and end up staying in one place for the rest of my days to ensure that my progression doesn't change anything else, correct?"

It was pretty simple, at least for him, to see where this was going to lead. He understood enough of all the infinite knowledge he had, and his mind was still working on deciphering the rest of it as it came to him and as he learned and evolved. That wasn't going to scare him into halting his exceedingly rapid growth. Not for a second.

Khrona: "... You are the embodiment of the Melancholies. As long as you show me where the hell your true form is, I'll follow you."

These green puffs of smoke and gas were getting annoying. They smelled of deep depression and sadness, a stench that was only foul because of its nauseating sensation, not because of the actual smell itself. In fact, it was pretty stale and had little aromatic value. He could smell the sloth, and it turned his stomach. As the teeth formed around him, his brows furrowed deeper, growing more and more annoyed with the situation.

Khrona: "Tch. I'm already stuck here, moving in this direction thanks to the Zero World... And besides..."

Unfolding his arms, he waved away the wafting green presence with the Hand of Despair, utterly rejecting its repulsive depressive force away from him with ease and giving a break to his senses, which this cat seemed to enjoy messing with. He wasn't even a cat in reality, he just had a cat-like energy. Hmph. Looking at this Hand of Despair softened his gaze and lightened his heart to the matter at hand, and of course, with a heavy sigh, he knew this to be the path of destiny. Even if he could alter it at a moment's notice, there were some things he knew he just had to do.

Khrona: "... Despair wanted me to see it. So I'll endure. Even though I know this is just another annoying Tensei thing."

It wasn't hard to alter or overcome the powers of Destiny; it was actually more difficult to accept it, in all truth. This was something he was going to accept, because it needed to be remedied and not altered to make the best of this situation. And with that notion, he followed the glowing green trail through the cave-like darkness of the petrified trees, glowing now the same faint moss-like green on their winding, stale trunks. This scenery did fit him to the T; a petrified woodland to symbolize his petrified, stagnant existence. Both of them held superior minds, and though they both probably thought 'I'm not the one being led, you are', they probably were both right in their own accord and they were simply weaving a story together by walking down the same path. If only these two weren't so arrogant and controlling, maybe they could see it a little more clearly. A vice of many Tensei men, gotta have it 'my way'.

Khrona: "Sooo... Lay it on me. What's your deal, huh?"

The boy knew all things yet still understood very little; something he would surely grow out of as time passed, and rather rapidly, at that. As the green smog parted into a stream of drifting green clouds of thought lighting his way, the child would hear from each one a passing thought of this hazeous entity.

King Kitsune: 'It isn't me who needs to figure out anything, it is you... It is almost like looking into a mirror, seeing you...'

A replica, of sorts, to whom this mystical mist once was. For all of the work that was put in, he would soon begin to see that this all was nothing but a wild goose chase. There was no perfecting the Tensei curses and all hope was lost. The Insanity was eternal.

King Kitsune: 'All working in tandem, all is connected in divine accord... Synchronously to this universe, in fact... The Insanities of our clan... They are eternal.'

Eager were they all, just like the Shin'Khrona, for he wasn't the first to figure out the secrets, nor would he be to remedy them. It was only natural for a Tensei to take on the Insanity in a quest to fix them all... Only for them to become one, themselves.

King Kitsune: 'To believe so foolishly that we were all not young once, like you... The Insanities are eternally intertwined; no one acts on its own... We were all once like you, all those that came before... And once we 'remedied' the Insanity that ailed us... Would we fall to the one we created ourselves...'

As time passed, each Tensei made their own Insanity, adding on to the string of family curses. To create and tame their own 'Spiritual Animal', then fall to its power and be lost to that Insanity it harbored. The Insanity was something that was far greater than the boy ever imagined, and fought until the bitter end.

King Kitsune: 'As time passed, we all failed. It began with the Fear and will end with whatever vile creation you have created... If you even make it that far. You walk the paths we once did because they are all connected... Following our footsteps exactly...'

It was apparent that Shin'Khrona had no idea the strength that the Insanity held upon this family. It was literally a part of who they were, and there was nothing that could change that.

King Kitsune: 'In all the time I spent waiting... Learning all there is to know from the Gods... Did you think I would not foresee even this far ahead?'

The first master of Numerology, the thoughts of this bleak cloud could make any calculation to an exact science as far ahead as he wished. He was able to accurately foretell all coming events and actions to the point where he was able to never make the wrong moves or choices, just like the boy.

King Kitsune: 'Now are you beginning to see... Just whose life you really lead...?'

Each thought bubble burst into a hazy explanation in Shin'Khrona's head. It was like it was a story being told, but it was so foggy that the explanations seemed to simply drift as they were coming and going... Almost like things were purposefully being left out.

He processed them with a vigorous intent, however. His knowledge of the Melancholies prior to his coming let him know that the primary focus of this energy was to simply slow you down. Keeping that in mind, he took the thoughts with but a grain of salt, no matter how useful they were informative-wise and in Shin'Khrona's efforts to understand.

Khrona: "Grimlock. I know this is you. You're the one who holds the Melancholia deep within you, and why? Because even you, too were lost to the Insanity! That's the mistake of every Tensei that I plan to solve! SOMEONE has to break the curse, and no offense, but all of you were weak. Giving in to your weakness is what brought you here, not inevitability. If you all wanted, each of you could have overcome it with no problem."

The reason why they were where they were is because they did something wrong, and it was passed on to the next child to fix, adding on a new Insanity for them to overcome. They were the ones making these things and making more trouble for generations to come, and by not fixing their mistakes, they only made matters worse for everyone else. They were all pretty selfish in their own ways.

Khrona: "I'm sure the master of calculations could have easily gotten through if he really wanted to. But knowing the outcome of the single path taken out of all the paths taken doesn't mean that it isn't constantly changing based on actions by you and others. You thought you could manipulate everything to go your way but did not realize that things such as will can play a part, and ended up losing yours."

That was his weakness, after all.

Khrona: "You learned from the Gods because you could not learn for yourself, and I won't have any part of not learning things for myself. I learn from everything and evolve eternally. You aren't going to slow me down to a halt, like you."

This Cheshire Cat -- or rather, Dark Wolf -- wanted Shin'Khrona to see his life as an equivalent to his own, and that was not the case. It was a trick of the Melancholies; to see yourself in something because you are able to see yourself in everything, acknowledge and accept that what you see that you don't like is yourself and accept that it is you without trying to fix it. That was where the two of them differed.

Khrona: "I may have many similarities to you, but we are NOT the same people. That is why I'm going to succeed in stopping our Insanity and purify us once and for all."

The ethereal fog grew lighter with each passing remark by the boy. He continued to follow the ectoplasmic train of thoughts until he was lead back to the source of the one creating them; a human-shaped fox-like entity harboring more canid features than a normal fox. His twin sister held more feline features. The body of the creature seemed lifeless, like it were in deep, deep meditation, yet it emanated a green aura that seemed to be the same as the drifting clouds overhead. Consciously catatonic. Where he would have simply led Shin'Khrona astray through the forest after he so naively followed the thought bubbles wherever they were taking him, his spirit was something that this creature could not overlook.

The faint jade light illuminated the dark forest the same shade as the cloud made its way to perfectly stilled vessel, growing ever brighter, the aura reacted to its proximity. Shin'Khrona would be able to see the beauty of this grove of darkness and all that it was, kept at a fair tint so one could enjoy the subtleties of this forest's form. The true Bleak Grotto.

It sat in the center of a pond, resting right above the water surrounded by floral accents such as lily pads, water lilies and lotus flowers. This realm was sacred and magnificent to lay eyes upon, yet a forlorn frown remained ever present upon his face; it did not look like the face of peace, but the face of deep, dark Melancholia, as though he were mourning at all times.

Finally, the cloud reached the somber deity, converging its molecules at a high speed and striking with a plasmatic bolt, leaving no trace of the vapor in its wake. The flash of green lightning struck life into the being, and its eyes slowly opened only to a halfway point as the crackle of electricity gently caressed the surface of the pond. This was the King Keaton Inari, Master of Melancholia.

King Kitsune: 'So... You believe you are the one? The savior of this damned clan of fallen Gods?'

The jaded jade eyes of this canid-fox-god shot an emerald glint of complete disinterest and a tired sadness at the boy, but also an eerie strength and resolve that seemed unyielding in its melancholic manner. To look upon this creature was to see in physical form what sadness was, and it seemed that it had no intention of letting up. Even if it could give up on everything else, for some reason, giving up on this sadness was not an option.

Stagnant he remained, moving nothing but his eyes, and with no intention of removing himself from that spot. Not even his mouth moved to speak; it was a miracle that this creature even allowed Khrona to see its eyes.

King Kitsune: 'Gaze upon my form and see the truth... Does this not but look all too familiar to you?'

He continued through the dark forest, the clouds now have nothing left to say to him. Perhaps that meant that they were almost there. That, or Shin'Khrona's speaking of the truth shut the damn naysayer up for a while. Priding himself on that, he smirked to himself and continued down the trail.

Eventually he was led to an opening in the trees, which revealed the beautiful grotto and all its grandeur. It was a glorious sight to behold; a sight that made Shin'Khrona want to just smile with serenity. Even the faint green light added its own charm to the place, and he couldn't help but be awestruck by the atmosphere.

Khrona: "Wow... This place is really gorgeous. And here I was thinking I was going to be taken somewhere absolutely horrible again. I was getting tired of that."

Once his eyes finished touring the scenery, a bright green flash caught his eye and drew all of his attention to the one sitting in the center of the pond, right atop the water. Truthfully, to Shin'Khrona, this world looked like the inverse of the wicked Black Swamp. Whatever the case, it wasn't until the being opened its eyes and flared its power that Shin'Khrona truly understood what was about to happen.

Khrona: 'The First Restriction!?!'

Yes, the very one and same actions Shin'Khrona did when he took on the First Restriction. However, something seemed different about it... Even so, to think that the Insanities were capable of going through the Restrictions was something he hadn't even fathomed; but then again, he knew that they were only up to the Sixth. No matter the thought at the present, for something far more pressing was realized by Shin'Khrona here; that this King Keaton was already in his complete form.

Khrona: "... No... So that must mean that you're..."

There was no way that the Master Of Melancholia could be wrong. At least, so it seemed from the information gathered. He spoke with a dark conviction that unsettled Shin'Khrona, as though he already knew the outcome of all that was... And this was just a futile effort. Maybe everything he said that was happening and would be was true... And Shin'Khrona had just been fooling himself the entire time.

He lowered his head in defeat already. It wasn't going to take a battle for him to realize what was happening. It all started clicking in his head one by one, and that's what started to get to him. A depression of his heart brought pain to his chest, as though the gravity inside the cavity were going to force it to collapse right then and there. His right arm immediately shot to his chest, clenching it tightly where the pain of his slowly breaking heart and spirit were about to shatter to pieces at these sudden realizations... But then, he saw the purple glow wisping about his right hand.

Khrona: "... Huh...?"

This distracted him from the severe pain for only a moment, and even longer once he heard that weird voice in his head again.

Khrona: 'Remember to not listen to all of his words. They are clouded by sadness. Remember the truth by looking at your right arm. Know the love of Despair. Know that she wanted you to come here for a reason.'

That voice kept talking to him at the most randomly crucial times, usually saying something very important. It was trying to guide him, he knew, but he wanted to know where it was coming from and why he kept listening to it when it didn't make any logical sense to do so.

Regardless of why it was there, it wasn't wrong before, and it wouldn't be wrong now. Everything he fought for and continued to fight for, this voice helped him realize when he faltered and allowed him to continue to persevere. There was something special about it.

The hand clenched tightly upon his chest loosened its grip, the aura of violet seeping inside and Rejecting that heaviness weighing down upon him. It was not supposed to be there to begin with. This relief gave Shin'Khrona the power to raise his head and look the Master Of Melancholia dead in the eyes with his signature sanguine gleam, and a slight smirk on his face as though he could overcome anything.

Khrona: "... Yes. I don't take back what I just said. Unlike you, I don't HAVE to ALWAYS look at and control the outcome of everything in order for things to go my way. I've got trust and belief."

Khrona: 'Titania... I'm trusting that Despair brought me here for a reason...'

He raised his hand from his chest and pointed toward the King Kitsune with his index finger, nulling the sadness within him and Rejecting its influence.

Khrona: "Now come on, give us a smile! Just like the one before!"

With this right hand that could reject and nullify anything and everything... There wasn't anything that was gonna get in Shin'Khrona's way to save Titania from her peril! That was an absolute truth!

Khrona: "Your depression isn't going to slow me down because this isn't gonna make me depressed. Only because it isn't happening. This time, I'm setting things right no matter what... And I'm here to convince you of that with all that I am!"

A formal challenge... If he failed, then he would be trapped here forever. That was an outcome that Shin'Khrona was going to make certain didn't happen, and reject all chains of events that would put him here, too. That was his determination, and he knew it was more powerful than this Slothful Melancholia.

King Kitsune: 'Still, you understand absolutely nothing... As is the limited capacity of a mere child...'

King Kitsune moved not an inch from his perfectly still meditation, gazing deep into the pools of conviction serving as the boy's gleaming oculars. That signature sanguine gleam of such smug assurance... How he failed to realize what was the truth of the matter.

King Kitsune: 'However. You will learn. I will teach you the meaning of maximum sadness...'

The kitsune's eyes tired, slowly fleeting to their darkness behind the shade of their lids, allowing perfect concentration to overcome his very being. Plasmatic sparks of various tints of green continued to gently crackle and spark above the pond's surface, a vile viridian vapor rising through the evaporation. Born of this gas and the electrical disturbances throughout the atmosphere were the energies of the same omnipresent sense of unrelenting misfortune that plagued the darker parts of the Bleak Grotto before; a single sinister smirk and a choice cheshire cheese, the cat-like kitsune was pulled forth from the languor of his physical form. It spake unto Shin'Khrona with the same sly tenacity it had done so before, opaque and obscure in every sense of the meaning.

King Kitsune: 'You like my smile? It shines brighter than the truth itself, can't you see... Of course, why would one so Melancholy be so happy?'

Looming over the boy, the gloomy wraith wafted on the breeze of his own gaseous accumulations, forming only a single claw into the form of physicality from the green mist slowly enrapturing the entire playing field. It drifted toward Shin'Khrona, more and more of this gas converging into a solid form as the claw elongated, as though it would snatch him up right from where he stood...

King Kitsune: 'Of course, you can have one too... Relax... Here, let me help you...'

Sick and twisted thoughts of pure torture crossed the mind of this sadsack... Such was how he maneuvered when he was unhappy. Everyone and everything had to be tortured, and just the thought of that is what made him... Smiiiile...

King Kitsune: "There we go..."

"But you know, my smile isn't fake, like yours," Khrona jested, I'm smiling because..." He smirked, revealing a dogged grin full of sharp fang-like teeth, "... I can't wait to tear you to pieces with my teeth!!!!" Somehow, Shin'Khrona felt surging within him the presence of another being... Someone very closely tied to him in the grand scheme of things, and to this apparition that was once known as Grimlock. Now he was beginning to see where he fit in here, and it was in the place of the original Dark Wolf, Grimnyzmal, where he would have been standing facing his brother. But Shin'Khrona had something else in mind entirely than to let the Melancholies get the best of him this time. The Dark Wolf's place and purpose... He'd take it into himself.

Khrona: "You're just the manifestation of my own Melancholia. And if I have to, I'll shut you up for good. I can't go around being sad when there is so much to be done to make everyone happy."

Khrona: 'So why doesn't it feel like I'm getting anywhere?'

The Melancholies always had that effect. To stop you dead in your tracks until you figure out the problem and how to get over it. If one never figures it out... Then they are cursed to be stuck there. Just like Grimlock. He may have known everything and how to calculate and make any outcome, but there was more to always getting what he wanted... Sometimes, getting what you want is not what is supposed to be to make things go the way they NEED to. This truth is what Shin'Khrona had to fight with, and he had to show these Melancholies that things would be brighter in the future... If they just let go to what it is that they want. Who knows? It might just return in the future...

As the green gas drifted across the area and creating quite the haze upon the battlefield, the long claw of the Cheshire Cat extended to Shin'Khrona's face. He did not move for fear, as to retreat from this creature was a chance for it to snatch you up.

"Tell me what it is that has made you so sad," he said brashly, crossing his arms with an unwavering, yet unnaturally relaxed conviction, "You said you would learn me. So start talking. Clearly, if I don't understand and you do, then you need to tell me the problem."

He remembered that talking to the Beast a long time ago actually helped to calm it down and release some of the inner emotional tension that it had... Fighting these things all the time was not always the answer, but sometimes it was. It took really good judgment to tell which times called for what; otherwise, the battles would go on infinitely, as these beings had an unlimited amount of energy. So he hoped that talking to this one was the answer and not a battle...

"Well? I'm waaaaaiiiitiiiing!" he said obnoxiously, tapping his foot impatiently like a certain blue blur everyone knows and loves. Shin'Khrona knew what he was doing now... This King of Sadness could not chase him out and make him falter, no matter how hard he tried. Shin'Khrona was the one in control, not his Emotions... His Insanities. A leap of faith... Let's hope that the sharpness of his fangs spewing out these words tore deep into the flesh of the Melancholies... And ripped him apart. Otherwise, he might be torn to ribbons by the sharp, painful claw of this apparition's grip on his heart...

The snickering grin of the Cheshire Cat gleamed in the mossy haze, laughing at the remarks of the boy in front of him, almost contemptuously. No sound was ever made outside of the head of both beings during their entire excursion save for the speech of this boy Khrona. In his Absolute Silence, words slid from between his sharp teeth and through the boy's ear, the claw before him drawing ever more near...

King Kitsune: 'Now you are beginning to see... And I see him within you... And all I can wonder is... Why was it not me?'

Just as the claw seemed ready to tear out the boy's delicious heart, as all of the Insanities of the Sixth relished the opportunity to consume the rare delicacies of prized meta essences of those they came across, the looming hand came to a halt at his conviction. There it was; happening again, just like with all the others. How putrid to think that something so simple, so juvenile, would be enough to put even the Master of Melancholia in his place... It disgusted him. And what irked him even more was that he remembered what happened last time... How? How was he able to remember so quickly when he should have started over completely? As the boy's impudence to stand unwavering did remain maintained, wayward would the wisping wraith become at his almost infuriating words...

King Kitsune: 'I am the elder... I am the one that knows and learned all things... I am able to make anything happen! And yet...'

As was the same with the Bloody Pumpkin and his saddened rage, the same held true for the Cheshire Cat, whose sadness could be fueled by rage and vice versa. Each of the Insanities worked together in a divine intertwining far beyond the normal conceptions of those around them, which was why they could not so readily cleanse the world of their presence. They were all deeply connected... Stemming from the same gnarled root...

King Kitsune: 'Even now, in another life... You are still the one that gets the recognition! You are still the chosen one! Time and time again, it always is you... Why not me...?'

This same cycle had been repeating since the beginning... Pumpkinhead and Tigen... Grimlock and Grimnyzmal... And now, Khrona was the one putting an end to the feud. Where the elder sibling falls and the younger prospers.

The trembling claw clenched, retracting back into the mist as the disembodied smile curled into a horrific scowling frown plagued with a mixture of sadness and anger untold. The very sight of it was abominable, and its twisted form etched wretched ripples in the once smooth and flowing cloud, expanding its rumbling gaseous form out into the abysmal beyond. It was becoming unstable...

King Kitsune: 'You are a Grim by nature... And a Tensei. You have both of our power at your disposal; something unheard of to those before you... You were the beginning of a new era... and all I can wonder is why... Why did it not work for ME?! I made no mistakes, all my calculations were perfect, literally FLAWLESS! Almost identical in our approaches, still, I was the one that ended up...'

The once harlequin -- shade of green -- cloud that tinted the 'Bleak Grotto' the same hue soon deepened in color, growing ever darker by the moment. Flashes of pure emerald filaments grazed the sky, no longer allowing this sadness to remain as calm and collected as it once was. From grass green to olive, then to pine, finally, the cloud reached a deep midnight green, the deep grayish black now beginning to show in the petrified woodland.

King Kitsune: 'Absolute Silence; Rolling Darkness...'

One may say that at the very flexing breath of his mind, a treacherous foul wind blew with enough power to rock the petrified woodland into a gentle sway, the cloud passing over every tree in the cave of petrified roots and vegetation. The dark green storm cloud rose higher into the air and loomed overhead everywhere, leaving nowhere to run for those below. Nowhere to escape its sights.

King Kitsune: 'Absolute Zero; Jade Amaterasu...'

With a single spark of his jade bolts of lightning would ignite the cloud in an all encompassing Harlequin Flare of a luminescent river of plasmatic tears. Every burning blazing bolt was just as silent as death itself, giving no warning of its combustion. Every strike, a surprise, and unknown from which direction. The vaporizing fulminous fragrance in the wake of the electric tears were not unlike the ones shown to a fellow lone wolf with a silent howl. A pure Cloud of Strife one could call this concoction, emanating an incredible vibration of sheer pain and sadness from all around. The radiant energies rubbing together so fast could only incur and forewarn of the ogrous gurgling deep within its bowels... the Black Storm that lived within the Cloud of Darkness...


King Kitsune: 'The one thing I cannot comprehend... Is how I could fail when I have done absolutely everything perfectly. It is supposed to be literally impossible for me to fail. So how did I...?'

And so, without warning, the first 'Blazing Bolt' was cast; a shimmering jade streak of what looked to be a flaming lightning wolf face directly from overhead, snapping down at the boy below with no hesitation. From that moment forward, the rest of the storm poured... Not rain, but the very same fiery lightning from every which way, all aiming to strike him down like thousands of ravenous wolves starving for their next meal... This was the fulminous River of Tears of the Master of Melancholia... No matter where the boy sought refuge, this hungry plasmatic pack of negativity would strike his mind down with all the torturous pain of this excruciatingly awful sensation of utter Melancholia sinking their fangs deep into his beating heart and thinking mind. To strike down his body, his soul, his mind and his emotions all at once and leave Absolute Zero in its strikes. Almost like another horrendous 'Black Cloud'; the 'Cloud Of Darkness'.

King Kitsune: 'HOOOOOOW DID I FAIL!?!?!?'

It screamed at again with its silent howl to no one... It could not even get a chance to see the moon, trapped in this petrified prison of eternal solitude...

Picking up right where you left off, you appear behind Shin'Khrona, wasting no time in getting him to bite the dust. Even through the cycle of rebirth through the Zero World, you have but a single purpose, and that is to proclaim the death of whomever you come across, wherever you go. In the Absolute Silence was the specter able to appear, doing nothing but that; spectating until the time came for his prize to fall to his hands. Such was to be pulled by the strings of destiny, having no will of your own, you only move where you need to be. You exist only to bring things to their end.

Mywt: '... So what is the point in living if nothing can be enjoyed?
It is pointless to want life... Because all I can do is cause death.'

You look around at the petrified forest and find that you've appeared in the midst of a silent storm... Almost too perfect to trap and ensnare your prey. In a realm where silence is golden and no words were spoken, cornering the elusive extension of life itself would be by no means an issue this time around. Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

The raging 'Jade Amaterasu' from up above scorched the silent skies, ready to strike Shin'Khrona down. Patiently, you await his demise to fall so you may swipe up all that he is. The cloud's mighty rumbling is the sign to what is soon to be...

Mywt: 'The one who is stricken by the Jade Amaterasu will die without question. No hesitation. No mercy.'

Mywt: "..."

The calm before the storm... Rather, the calm was the storm, and Shin'Khrona was about to meet his end here, being struck down by the bolts blazing from the sky. You are here to oversee death, after all.

Shin'Khrona snickered to himself playfully, having outsmarted the tricky fox at its game. Now it was time for Shin'Khrona to put everything in place just the way it needed to be.

Khrona: "Gotcha."

It looked like death was upon him, congesting the abysmal black of a sky within this petrified prison, as the fox so nicely described it. Exactly what Shin'Khrona was waiting for. Out of the corner of his eye, the same black shadow of himself from before was there standing right behind him, which was how he knew that he was going to die. Or rather, that he was supposed to. But he was betting it all that this scenario was going to draw the boy bound by fate back to Shin'Khrona's side.

Khrona: "Any last words...?''

Speaking through a sinister smirk as his calculations all fell into place, -- as per usual, mind you -- the blazing green bolts burst from the sky and rained down with the weight of the storm being released all at once. Thousands of bolts of silent fiery wolf lightning ready to rip him to pieces like starved beasts... But they would not be striking Shin'Khrona today, oho no sirree. For he knew what the boy Mywt did, and now that he knew, it was time to put two painful souls out of their misery once and for all.

"This is gonna be..." he began, watching it all flash before his eyes in a glorious harlequin flare, "... THE END."

The old switcheroo, plain and simple. In the blink of an eye, Shin'Khrona switched places with the newly spawned Mywt via 'Apportation' and Teleportation between the two of them. Timed with such precision that it would only occur when the lightning was just about to strike, Mewt would have written himself accurately into his own demise.

Quote :
The one who is stricken by the Jade Amaterasu will die without question. No hesitation. No mercy.

And Shin'Khrona knew that whatever Mywt 'narrated' came true. He was a living prophecy and all that he said would come to be, as he created them through his power of word. The 'Prophetic Word' was a powerful tool; even powerful enough to take the boy out of his misery. Shin'Khrona was so very sorry that he had even done that to him in the first place... But he would be unbound by Destiny soon enough. As long as Shin'Khrona had anything to say about it, at least.

Khrona: "Hungry for an identity, are you...? Sorry, but you can't have mine. Only I can be me because only I know what the hell I'm doing. Clearly. That's why I got to the top, and I can't stop until everything is completely at peace and fixed. Still, you're a really tough Grim to deal with, you know..."

Nothing a little time and well-placed thought couldn't handle. And if all were going to go correctly, then there was going to be quite the interesting reaction, conclusion and resolution from just a single tiny sliver of the changing of fate. Shin'Khrona never was one to listen to anything tell him what to do; he created his own destiny, and whatever HE said is what came true. Where did the green boy Mywt think he got his powers from, anyway? He hadn't even gotten a chance to learn how to use them yet.

In the cataclysm, Shin'Khrona's wings spread once more, catching the powerful silent gale force winds created from the impact and sending him speeding off toward the exit. Once again, he was on the run... And he couldn't help but be reminded of a rather invigorating tune all the while he navigated the trees, Teleporting wherever he may, since he was still getting his new wings broken in again. And he would sing, with a wink and that daunting sinister smile, a playful song that even in such calamity would make them realize that he was simply messing around with them right now, breaking the silence and keeping Mywt from getting near him. Ehe~!

All according to plan. Things would work themselves out from here. All he had to do was keep going... And not get caught, by any means necessary!

Already foreseen before its occurrence, King Kitsune's silent pain and infuriated sadness roared with the noiselessness of his lupine lightning strikes. The only outcome he was unable to see was his own failure, for such was meant to be an impossibility... and thus, his failure meant...


From even the moment all the way to his escape from the boundary, all went according to his plan; could it simply be that now since the boy was the head of the family, that meant that his power of influence was simply that much greater than his now, even freshly after being born again? An almost... terrifying realization, but all the same, given the chance to see something he would have never seen before... was a new experience.

King Kitsune: '... Hrroo...?'

For the first time, he'd seen something completely new; something he didn't know about. Something even his eyes had not been adjusted to gaze into. By ignoring his own failure or the possibility of its occurrence, he was unable to accurately see it coming, which was the chance that Shin'Khrona needed. Such is why it was never a good idea to get so arrogant with one's power that even the possibility of failure would escape one's mind.

King Kitsune: 'Hrm... Hrmhrm... Who would have guessed that my ignorance of my own demise... Would be the sole cause of it...? Just goes to show... If you do not look at all outcomes... You cannot accurately prepare for all situations. No matter how 'prepared' you may believe yourself to be...'

Striking down the boy Mywt was quite serious... For if Shin'Khrona knew of his capabilities, so did King Kitsune. The boy was going to become the new 'Keeper Of Melancholia'... The burden was no longer going to be his.

King Kitsune: '... Though I would not count this as a victory yet, dear boy... You haven't the slightest idea how the young one will take to his new given purpose...'

Accepting what was, as there was no other choice at this point, the physical form of King Keaton dispersed into pure energetic form, joining the lightning storm in the sky. Mywt, struck down by the bolts, would have the infinite power that this Insanity held within to stir his empty vessel once more, bringing about a new life within him and filling his void of an existence with a purpose to continue to go on. As was stated, this boy absorbed identities of those that were slain, and in this case, he absorbed the only identity that needed to be taken. Grimlock -- or rather, Loeci -- was free of being bound by this curse and could now assume the full form of Melancholia itself, the same way Kaerei became the Zero World. The next step for him... He was finally free.

Grimlock: 'Thank you...'

For once, a true smile appeared on his face, for the first and only time before his 'death and rebirth.' This type of freedom was all that he ever truly wanted... And at the same time, the boy was freed of his curse as well. Shin'Khrona was a marvel, indeed...

But that still did not mean that Mywt... Or whomever he would be after rebirth... Would be so accepting of what was occurring here. With a will of his own being given to him through this endeavor, he would be able to do whatever he wanted, no longer bound to move only within the silence or where 'fate' or 'destiny' forced him to be at. He could finally make his own decisions and choices. Would he appreciate this, or scorn Shin'Khrona even further? Well... Regardless, it was time for old Loeci to sit back and allow the new Dark Wolf to take over...

Grimlock: 'And somehow, things still seem to be going according to plan... Hmhmhmhm... Perhaps I should have put more faith in you before... You are my grandson, after all... Until we meet again.'

... And the legend of the new Dark Wolf was born that very night, at the stroke of midnight. The grim green light flashed where the hollows of the petrified trees hidden from the moonlight yearned for its luster just the same as the feral within... A wolf DEPRAVED of his natural source of power and HUNGRY for more, the only light this wolf could find was that foul dim... green... crosshair...

A light? Green light? Shaped like an X? Out of the darkness? He could not help but to simply go with wherever this green light was taking him, for when all he'd known for his entire time in existence was purely darkness and unknowing, being pulled along by the strings of destiny, when finally was he yanked by his own will; given his own leash to hold by himself and not some wretched 'god' or 'goddess' or 'natural force' or whatever goddamn godforsaken divine entity wanted to boast the title of 'all knowing' for him at that given moment, he FINALLY knew what it was like to be FREE...

Somehow, he couldn't help but feel like he was freed for two, though. Or perhaps even three; For himself, for Shin'Khrona and for Grimlock. A curse... Lifted...?

Mywt: "... Khrona..."

His first word ever to have EVER EEEVER been uttered from his mouth was who? The one and only, Khrona Tensei, or Shin'Khrona or whatever the hell he was these days. None of that mattered right now because this was a feral beast driven off the sheer madness of being trapped in sadness and darkness for however long... once a single WHIFF of the light to get out of this hell was within reach, he was in no hesitation to get out. Whether Shin'Khrona was his light to heaven or damnation mattered not a single ANYTHING to this beast because AT LEAST FOR ONCE HE WOULD SEE SOMETHING!!! SOMETHING!!! ANYTHING!!!

Mywt: "FINALLY!!!!!!"

An expression of gratitude, splendor, happiness, sadness; a catharsis of a pure and utter emotional storm formed in the wake of this mad mutt as the same convoluted plasmatic mass that once stirred at the accord of Loeci before, now to the whim of this new untamed animal. Such was the 'Black Storm' that had never been unleashed, but was now unlocked from his slumber and following the trail led by that single fucking light in his face...

Khrona: "I told you I know what the fuck I'm doing. You just have to let me work. Now if all of you goddamn Insanities would just trust me instead of always working against me, we can make this a smooth transition... Ya feel me~?"

The howl of that wolf and the acknowledged agreement of the one before let them all know that they were all finally thinking in the same accord... For once.

Khrona: "Come on, gramps... Why would I not have your back? When I said EVERYTHING was getting fixed... I meant everything. Now... Just try to keep up, will ya?"

With the spry young wolf bursting, most literally BURSTING with energy; a new vivacious light that it had never once experienced before, the pure FREEDOM that Shin'Khrona was able to provide for him, of course the thirsty young pup would want more. After tasting blood? Oh hell yes. All was to be expected. Now, if he could get this all just right... then the sound of this song would jingle in the ears of the fresh born young pup...

Don't know why people just don't listen to him... Gotta do all this shit just to set things right... everybody and their fucking GRANDDADDIES getting in the way all the goddamn time... Shin'Khrona sought to take this wild storm all the way from the depths of the Pale Forest to the expanse of the 'Western Seaboard' of the Chaos... Where he knew a different 'storm' was going on at this very moment...

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Carried on a silent wind all the way from the 'Bleak Grotto' to the 'Western Seaboard', Shin'Khrona felt the presence of a rather... 'Fun' Insanity of his, and one of his favorites due to the 'favors' she was capable of doing for people. This was an entirely different beast that lived within him... A foxy sex demon that he rarely if ever allowed to see the light of day. Oh, this one. A piece of Shin'Khrona that was always looking for a twisted, good time, ever since the day she was realized. Taomin. This insanity of fun was about to meet for the first time her twin, another piece of Shin'Khrona that needed her type of sedation in order to keep them BOTH in check. The two of them together would create a power untold, as they were the interchangeable twins of the Thirteen Tailed Inari. Many moons were going to rise and fall all at once... Only after the Second had come and gone. Their union would be the beginning of it.

Using his mind to keep himself steady in the air, Shin'Khrona eased its effects on is body in order to let his wings have a chance to attempt to fly on their own. He still needed to break that function in... now was probably not the best time considering the circumstances, but it was better now than never. The strength of his psychic power holding himself steady in the air lessened, and his wings flapped gently. Still harboring the same ungodly strength they did before, even the tiniest flap could knock down an entire forest, let alone keep him sailing over the sea that parted below him. It wasn't flying as much as it was gliding, but it kept him going.

Khrona: "Alright... I can feel her presence... I'm gonna have to scoop her up..."

Just like the former Dark Wolf, Loeci, Taomin was going to be changed into the Insanity Of Fun and become the new 'Kuroshiro Kyuubi'. That is, if Shin'Khrona's plan went smoothly. He had his own agenda here, and it was one of the first steps in ending the Insanities... Tabrith was handling the others. All Shin'Khrona had to do was find the Keepers and if he was lucky, the Sisters, too. The Insanities were spurting from both of them as we speak, but if he calmed just one of them, then they could go find and balance out the other. Then it would only be a matter of getting rid of the Insanities lingering about, for the spread would cease if the Keeper and the Sister were working in harmony.

Turning back to look at where the new Dark Wolf was, Shin'Khrona prepared to snatch up Tao whilst she was occupied with her... Sexual favors, as usual. A Nihility Opening appeared before him and behind Tao, Shin'Khrona extending his hand into the hole and snatched her up by her collar, pulling her through as he flew. For the moment, she was simply the Keeper, but there needed to be someone to take her place. These Insanities were going crazy doing whatever they wanted, and Shin'Khrona seemed to be the only capable party of keeping them in check and in order... That is why he came back, after all.

But now, it was time to convince one of the most reckless of all, Taomin, to get her shit together before the Dark Wolf came. And he knew just the way to do it...

Khrona: 'Taomin. Don't be alarmed or go ballistic or anything. You want a good time, right? I'll make sure you're satisfied for all eternity...'

That should have easily been enough, and it was true, too.

Khrona: 'I'm going to make it so that you can feel the pleasures of sex at all times. I know that's another source of your power. Trust me, you're part of me. And I know another part of me that uses that same sexual energy...'

A promise of eternal satisfaction should have piqued her interest, knowing her... and himself. Shin'Khrona was actually quite the sexual deviant, hence why Taomin existed... and Misery could vouch for it. Hmhmhmhm...

Khrona: 'So, whaddaya say? We have a deal?'

Zesu and Shiro were doing their own thing fighting that horrible plague of a creation in the distance... He'd have to leave them to that, he guessed. At least Tao wouldn't be bothering them. He waved at them with his other hand, then continued on toward his destination, where the Dark Wolf was sure to follow.

Boy, were those boys looking like mighty fine toys to play with... Just like all the other weak little wimps around this world. No one could satisfy her the way she needed, even Val had failed to fully and truly quench her sexual appetite any further than what they had, and the proof was how Tao craved more. When satisfied, her lust would come to a close and become nothing but sexual fun rather than a rambunctious THIRST. Still, no one was able to do such a thing, and she was beginning to think there was no one strong enough to do so at all. Didn't mean slapping some people around wasn't gonna be a means of temporary solace... as usual.

Yet in but an instant, the fox-driven sex demon was snatched up from behind and into the hands of someone that felt very familiar... Like herself, but almost like there was more to him than that. It was a weird feeling that stirred a horrendous sensual anticipation within her, lips already moistened by her wandering tongue...

Taomin: "You... I think I remember you..."

Something about his energy was... Rather delicious. She wanted to take him for a test run... He might be the one that'd put her in her place, she believed. The way he was talking to her almost assured her of it.

Taomin: "Looks like you're talkin' my language from the get go, boy... Show me whatcha got, if you even got anything to show!!!"

Tao was always one to take up a challenge, especially a sexual one. She knew she would not lose no matter who her adversary was when it came to sex. That was how confident she was in her skill. Wherever she was being led, with the promise of a fucking good time, there was no way she'd pass this one up.

The wild mutt continued to blitz blindly through the darkness, with its only lead being the playful singing green light... It was like a fairy of some sort, or a jingling bell... Perhaps even an angel trying to guide it to the right direction. Nothing else mattered to the Dark Wolf now as long as he had to follow this apple green apparition. The Black Storm ensorceled his very being as the agitated canine-fox felt the power of something else beyond the energy of this flickering light before his eyes... Something tasty... something scrumptious... Something eerily familiar, almost like another part to himself that he seemed to be missing. He could not put his nose on it just yet, but it almost felt like he would not be complete until he touched this light and whatever power was within... So he continued on, raining down terrible bolts of fiery jade all around. Picking up speed, his already ethereal form would seem to almost take to being an ectoplasmic bolt of emerald lightning, faster and faster in order to reach this seemingly unreachable light...

Shin'Khrona smirked. Seemed like both of the foolish crazed beasts had taken the bait. It was time to put these two sex-crazed halves back together as the one whole they should-- rather, they NEEDED to be.

"Good girl..." he'd mutter to Taomin, and simultaneously, looking back to the thirsty hound, "... Good boy..."

Though they were both foxes, one was more feline in nature and the other, more canine in nature. Both of them together would create that thirteen tailed fox god, but first he needed to take them both to the only place in the Chaos that was perfect for such a reunion... among other things necessary for their respective completion... the Golden Apple still needed to complete these two empty vessels...

Khrona: "Onward... To the Chaotic Palace... Tabrith, I hope you've got the rogue snatched up and prepared... She is the key to their connection, after all..."

So, Shin'Khrona continued with Tao in hand and Triste en route toward the 'Chaotic Palace', waving goodbye to his good friends Zesu and Shiro as they dealt with that horrible Insanity brewing. They could take him, surely.

It didn't take long for Shin'Khrona to reach his destination from the 'Chaotic Manor', nor was it going to be a hassle to get in since Tabrith was his mind. All he needed to do was waltz right in there and everything should have been set up... or, so he hoped. He didn't have any time to waste, and Tabrith certainly should have known that, being Shin'Khrona's mind and all. So, Teleporting right inside with Taomin in hand, Shin'Khrona reached the center room and dropped her before looking out the window at the Dark Wolf still causing such a calamitous stir behind him. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Khrona: "... Alright, calm down, pup..."

In a flash of lightning, Triste was Teleported inside of the Chaotic Palace as well, right in the center where Taomin was.

Khrona: "Alright, Tabrith. We're in position. Give it a whirl."

"Roger," responded the entire Chaotic Palace, as though it were a sentient being. Integrated with Tabrith himself as a whole, he instantaneously digitized beside Shin'Khrona, almost like an exact replica of him, or a mirror image. It was almost impossible to tell them apart, save for the fact that Tabrith wore all white and no jacket and Shin'Khrona ever wore his signature black jacket. If it weren't for that fact, one may believe them to be twins, even after Shin'Khrona's rebirth.

Tabrith: "The Golden Apple finally decided to stop being so difficult once she was assigned to her Moon. Mikou, as she was once called, shall be here shortly to complete to unification of the Black Storm and the Black Rose. The Dark Wolf shall receive his voice and the Goddess of Discord shall receive her Equilibrium."

Mikou was created for this purpose, despite her rebellious nature beforehand. She was an incomplete subject of Cleff's, which was how the Dark Network glitch came to be. Her Absolute Melodious Perfection was not absolutely perfect, and so only Discord reigned when she used her power. Now that glitch was fixed, and the Golden Apple could match the wavelengths of both Chaos and Harmony in complete Equilibrium.

Tabrith: "Come, Melody..."

She had many names; Mikou, Melody, Rhapsody and even Serenade, and all were different models and versions of the same being; Tron, the Golden Apple. Finally, Tabrith had tweaked her to the point where she was Absolutely Melodiously Perfect.

She should have been transported there instantaneously on the wavelength of his sound, not skipping a beat in her movement through the vibrations of sound. It wouldn't be long before the two sex-crazed feral beasts would get restless...

A flash of golden light spoken into existence through the voice of her father, the Golden Apple, still incomplete as of right now, Mikou, manifested into physical form before him. She said not a word, but awaited with a blank stare for her purpose to be fulfilled. No longer could she run away from him... It was a good run, but without the Dark Network to fend off Cleff's power, she was as good as caught no matter what way she looked at it. Time to quit running and face her destiny... the Tensei destiny...

Tao was getting impatient already with waiting, as she wasn't the type to wait for what she wanted, but to TAKE what she wanted when she wanted it. Whatever this guy promised her, it better have been WELL worth the wait.

Taomin: "... Hurry it up... I ain't got all--"

Cut off by the sudden appearance of two beings she felt an incredible connection to, she looked the boy of uncanny semblance to herself in the eye and relished in the connection... It sparked a sexual nerve in her like no other, and for the first time... She seemed to be paralyzed with anticipation and uncertainty. An overwhelming power overcame her, something of which she'd never before felt from any being. It was almost like... Staring herself in the face... Pretty trippy.

Taomin: "..."

Silenced by the Dark Wolf's appearance, it was only a matter of a mention of the Golden Apple that drew her attention straight to the blinding golden light, making her mouth water at the sheen of this glorious fruit of Absolute Melodious Perfection. This is what she was looking for... What she was sent to find by the Kuroshiro Kyuubi... Both of her prizes were standing right before her eyes, and all she could think about was that this boy, Shin'Khrona, was like fucking Santa Claus to her right now.

Taomin: "... Is... Is it fucking Christmas or something? My birthday or... Some other obscure holiday where I'd receive two badass gifts like this?! I didn't think--"

Well. He certainly did promise her... and he delivered FAR more than she expected. Guess it was good to be patient about this sort of thing instead of acting impulsively. She couldn't help but shudder with anticipation... Aaaaaallllll of her wildest dreams were about to come true right here and right now, and she could just FEEL it about to go down. The fox girl was almost unable to contain herself... As usual.

Still, Triste continued to run toward the green light flashing before his eyes, both agitated and saddened by the fact that he could not seem to catch it, no matter how fast he went. Dark Wolf Triste was beginning to give up hope on capturing the fairy of sorts when, out of nowhere it stopped, and grew brighter... and brighter... and brighter... Until the all encompassing harlequin flare brought light to his eyes once again, and like a newborn baby opening its eyes for the first time... The first thing he set his eyes upon was none other than Taomin, the Black Rose.

Just as she, he felt an eerie connection to her that sparked a sexual nerve like no other, but also a great many other things within him that he never felt before. The boy, who only knew emptiness and darkness ever since his creation by his father, Shin'Khrona, was exposed to a maelstrom of emotions and feelings so new that he barely knew what to do with them. The Black Storm surrounding him unleashed a thunderclap that should have sent a rather sensual chill up the fox girl's spine, for all he could think about for whatever reason was how many ways he was going to rip her apart with his teeth.


They were both silent as their eyes met, and could not seem to look away... not until the next best thing was called forth from the ether, the Golden Apple. Though the boy had a voice of his own now, he was still quite 'silent.' This Golden Apple, he knew, was the part of him missing besides this gorgeous vixen standing beside him. She was the other half of his body and this shining fruit was their voice. He wasn't quite sure what was about to happen... But he was absolutely certain that it was going to be a most magnificent experience. Taomin expressed his joy quite accurately, even though his face was marked with an unchanging nonchalant scowl. Something amazing was about to unfold...

Khrona: "Beautiful, looks like they're starting to realize just what's about to happen. All of their wildest dreams are about to come true..."

But just what kind of Insanity was this going to stir in this world...?

Khrona: "Call upon your other children, too. Cleff 2.0 and Rhapsody. Now that we have their attention and they are paralyzed by their own equivalence in power... It's time to contain and equivocate them."

Each of Tabrith's children were technically 'Grims' just like he was; extensions of the original Grimoire waiting to be filled with an infinite amount of energy just as Tabrith was. It wasn't until they were filled with only something as infinitely large as they were infinitely abysmal that they would be complete, and if that were the case, then Cleff 2.0, Rhapsody and Mikou would be able to harness either of their energies and become the respective 'Sisters' that belonged to either Insanity. This was a delicate and rather rapid process, but something necessary all the same before the Insanities got out of control like what happened with the Beast and the Zero World...

Khrona: "Whenever you're ready. They're in position."

"Naturally," cooed the instrument of such a composition, ready to orchestrate a beautiful symphony between all of these musical masterpieces. He called for the next two vessels, in order, "Come, Cleff 2.0 and Rhapsody." In a moment's notice, these two beings should have digitized directly beside their dear sister, Mikou/Melody, prepared to make their TRUE induction into the Tensei family. Tabrith was quite happy to see his children go off and actually become something more than just digital spawns of his own loneliness... They were finally going to be something greater, as he intended them to be.

Tabrith: "As quickly as the boy Triste had become the Dark Wolf shall he ascend to a higher role... as King Keaton. And likewise, shall the Black Rose ascend to fill her role... as Kuroshiro Kyuubi. And to take their place as Keepers and Sisters... My children."

And so too, would Grimlock be able to finally rest in peace, as he always wished. The time for his eternal melancholia would be no more, and he could be truly free of his burden once and for all. It was about time; he'd been living so long simply to ensure everything went exactly as planned... so that this new world that Shin'Khrona insisted on bringing about could indeed come to be. He knew ever since the beginning that his grandson would be the one to correct the wrongs, but he also knew that he had to be the catalyst for it, or else it would never occur. If he hadn't betrayed his beloved, his dear brother and his best friend so long ago when the original settlement that was to become the original Reality was first created... then none of this would be here.

Tabrith: "No longer will you have to pay the grave price of eternal sadness for your ultimate sacrifice for the prosperity of this world... Though highly misunderstood by the world, just as most of this family is, we will carry out your wishes... As we have been all along..."

"I told you, my name is Al Fine," replied a phantom voice from the shadows of the Chaotic Palace, "I never left this place. This is the only place where we are truly conceptualized."

Teeming with electricity, some of which sparked and intertwined with the green plasma of the Dark Wolf, Al Fine glared at the father he so despised with his arms crossed and his currents flaring, hovering over to him as he was called. At this point, he hadn't much of a choice in the matter. The same way Mewt, now Triste hated his father, Khrona, now Shin'Khrona, was the same way Cleff 2.0, A.K.A. Al Fine hated his father, Cleff, now Tabrith. The parallelism was uncanny, but useful all the same, it seemed. Nothing but pawns in the grand design... How he hated to be someone else's pawn.

It sparked a nerve to know that his sole purpose was this, and that his dear sister Melody was now void of any will to fight back. How could they sit here and do this to their children...?! It infuriated him... infuriated him... and saddened him all at the same time...

Triste: "... Not that you ever cared about my voice in the first place..."

The same as her brother, Cleff 2.0, she appeared from the shadows of the Chaotic Palace, digitizing where she was. Unlike him, however, she said not a word, accepting her fate just the same as Melody was. Al Fine was upset because he was being used as a pawn and had little to no choice in the matter when what he truly wanted was that choice to decide his own destiny and not be orchestrated by the two fathers here, just the same as the other boy. Rhapsody was the quiet, perceptive one; taking after her mother, Nirvana. She loved her father and understood his motives, even if Al Fine did not. She knew only good could come out of this.

"Just watch..." she muttered almost inaudibly, waiting for everything to go under way.

Khrona: "Alright. Everyone's in place."

Shin'Khrona rolled a bead of sweat off of his head, placing a hand on his hip casually as if trying to think. Taomin and Triste were subdued by each others power and the three children of the Data Realm were about to be Realized by taking their places... But in order to do that, much like Loeci, the two here had to first abandon their physical forms and become the embodiment of their own Insanities, where they would be able to conjure their own physical forms as they saw fit. And then, when that happened, their energies would react to the children and they would respectively become the new Keepers... And the Golden Apple would eternalize their union.

Khrona: "Okay. Thank you all for your cooperation. The other Insanities would usually fight me tooth and nail to keep me from fixing everything, but I am glad that you YOUNGER ones are more agreeable than the ELDER ONES."

Namely that old hag and the old man... the two ORIGINAL Tensei Curses, of Hatred and of Fear. Ugh. They were the most difficult of all time...

Khrona: "So let me explain how this has to go, so everybody knows what to do... First of all, Taomin, before you can get that great and eternal pleasure you want, you and the Dark Wolf over there are gonna have to die. But don't worry, when you die, you won't really die, you'll just kinda relinquish your energies and become even greater, becoming the Insanities themselves that you've taken on. So you know that black and white Kyuubi, Tao? You'll be her from now on instead of her body, and you know what Loeci is now, Triste? You'll be him. And he will become the Melancholia itself, just like Kaerei became the Zero World itself. And to take your place next in line as these beings... Will be two of three of Tabrith's children. Two of you will be the new Keepers in place of the old Keepers, Tao and Triste. That would be you two, Al Fine and Rhapsody. Melody... or, Mikou, over here, is the Golden Apple and will have shared energy between these two Insanities, allowing her to become the Thirteen Tailed Inari, Taijitu, to immortalize their union whilst allowing them to keep their separate forms. That way everybody wins. Sound like a good plan? Good deal over here?"

He gave them a rather tired thumbs up, making sure everyone got the gist of the plan. Shin'Khrona was going quite a lot trying to fix everything, and he was getting pretty tired after dealing with things nonstop. Not that he was running out of energy or anything, it was just... ugh. Just a lot going on at once and it was kinda taxing, even though it had no true effect on him as a whole. He was technically just putting himself in order, after all.

Khrona: "Now some side effects may be uncontrollable Insanities since the Sisters aren't here to regulate... But we can deal with that later. Just stick to the plan and everything should go smoothly... Especially you, Al Fine. I know what you're on."

Shin'Khrona glared at him, for he was the rebellious child that would probably be the one to fuck up everything if given the chance. Not that Tabrith nor Shin'Khrona would even ALLOW such a thing to occur. Not when they were so close to putting this to a temporary end.

Khrona: "Now. Everyone ready?"

Triste scoffed at Shin'Khrona's remarks, which only served to aggravate him further. He already didn't want to do this...

Triste: "Yeah, whatever... Just hurry up and get this dumb shit over with, will ya? Before I really do decide to be up and out of here..."

The intermingling electrical currents of he and Triste were interesting, however... That green lightning was something new that he hadn't experienced before... an energy that didn't seem to be only lightning, but a lot of other things... If anything, THAT type of energy being his is what made him want to see how this would go. He wanted to tinker with it a little bit and use it for himself... It felt really good.

Triste: "Well? What are you guys just standing around looking like dopes for? Hurry this up if you're trying to get it done... No one wants to be here all night..."

Rolling his eyes and placing a hand on his chin, he waited for this stupid foolish Tensei nonsense to be all said and done...

"Gladly..." Tabrith responded deftly, as his son made his reluctant agreement. That was as close to one as they were going to get out of him, but it was all for the best, as his beloved daughter Rhapsody said and already knew. She was the one that inherited his Data and Technology prowess, after all. Cleff 2.0 has the Electricity and Technology, but did not have the Data, and Melody has the Sound and Electricity, but did not have the Data.

"First... Let us erase those two who have agreed to our terms..."

In his hand, one of his famed Keyboards appeared, one which had the power to tamper with the very fabric of the universe, as he had done many times in the past (especially when he was corrupted) in order to make ends meet. He quickly Deleted Taomin and Triste as they were before, allowing the energy of the Insanities that they harbored within them to roam free. The two energies would be allowed to intermingle with each other, allowing for a glorious 'cosmic sex' to occur with ever fiber of what these two once were. The pleasure both of them were seeking was about to be fulfilled. The pure and utter freedom they both craved would be satisfied through this union with each other...

"Now, you two, do not fully integrate yourselves into each other just yet... Allow your individual energies to be taken into each of the respective children of mine, just like what was discussed..."

If their energies were too convoluted with each other, then the process would take longer because they would have to be diffused. It was like a science project messing with these two right now. But they would be together like they wanted to soon enough.

Tabrith: "Remember, Tao, you go into Rhapsody, and Triste, you into Al Fine. And then when that happens, combine together and allow Melody to have your combined energy."

Taomin: "Yo, come on, I'm getting restless over here--"

And just like that, her body was suddenly gone. She wasn't entirely sure... what happened, but the guy that looked like Khrona started tapping away on some keyboard and suddenly her body was gone and all that was left was a bright green apparition of herself. She looked around, trying to figure out just what the hell was going on and why she was still... well... conscious, actually. It seemed like she was able to sustain herself without a body without even realizing it, but she felt the power of that Insanity of Fun as her entire being now.

Taomin: "Wha... What the fuck!?"

Strange... She could still move normally... And she could still feel normally... in fact, everything was normal. It was like nothing had really changed about her at all except she wasn't physically physical, she was energetically physical. And that was pretty fucking bitchin, too. She could even feel that damn Kitsune more in depth now; not like they were two separate beings, but like it was an extension of herself.

Apparently, the same thing was happening to her other half, too, and to feel that energy of his in its rawest state was... pretty fucking hot. She licked her lips tinged with an electric excitement... a truly ecstatic ecstasy. She just couldn't wait to get her hands on him...

Taomin: "Wha? Oh yeah, the girl. Almost forgot."

Before she could ravage this dog, she was gonna need to appoint someone as the new Keeper by filling their energy with the energy of the Insanity of Fun. With a flick of the wrist, a powerful jolting gust of wind smacked the poor girl Rhapsody in the face, super charging her empty vessel with the Insanity of Fun, letting her become the new Keeper of Fun.

Taomin: "There. That's done. Now you do yours so we can get... to work... MMmhmmhmhm~...."

Just a little more...

Tsao didn't say a word as the entire process went down, he simply awaited the correct time to leap at Tao and tear her to bits. He just had to be a little patient... it was almost that time. As his body was taken from him randomly by means he was not entirely sure of, he remained ever patient and vigilant, standing before them now as a congregation of pure plasma of the Insanity of Melancholia. He felt the intertwining energies of he and Tao as well as he and Al Fine coming to a nice mixture already, and their mingling energies brought a smile to his face. As Al Fine seemed rather interested in his energetic makeup already, a swift bolt of lightning struck him almost immediately after their currents met with one another. He would become the Keeper of Melancholia now, taking the place of Triste who had all too recently just become the Keeper himself. Apparently, this was not to be his destiny for long, or so says the great Shinseigami, and he had no other say in the matter, as usual... But for some reason, if it meant being together with Tao, he didn't mind it this time around. This time.

Their energies met and it was like the start of a beautiful feeling he'd never believed he'd ever get to feel. Only a short time after being able to feel and Shin'Khrona allowed him to feel such wonderful things... It could almost melt all of the melancholia away. A sensual experience, where even the slightest touch created bonds and reactions that would have bonded their beings forever; the sensation was an almost indescribable and unbelievable pleasure, and the two hadn't even gotten down to business yet. The start of a gorgeous life...

"Mm..." he moaned slightly, getting accustomed to feeling things such as this. Stray bolts of electricity flared up and shot off around him as he became more and more excited, the Black Storm rising up now in a vicious anticipation for more... things would get steamy soon enough...

Melody patiently awaited her part in the carefully made piece, staring the two of them down as their energies began to intertwine. She was not hesitant in the slightest to snatch their lingering energies in the air as their combination started, drawing in the power of both Taomin and Triste together simultaneously. As they gave to her, she gave back to them, and the Absolute Melodious Perfection matched and resonated with their wavelengths in absolute perfection; she and they were now on the same accord, and there would be absolutely no room for any wavelengths that were not in perfect harmony between the three of them. All too quickly, it would seem like all three of them simple shared the same energy; a perfect resonance. The energy jangled within her being, allowing her to take on a new form... Sprouting from her back, one after another, were many colored fox tails up to about Thirteen tails, as well as fox-like ears. She screamed a glorious scream of both pleasure and happiness, allowing the two of them to partake even further in her Absolute Melodious Perfection.


Every wavelength was matched and synchronized, as Tabrith said, immortalized by the Golden Apple right then and there. In harmony, in discord and in balance, it wouldn't matter because these three would always be achieving a perfect resonance of more than just souls; it was a resonance of all that they were at all times... And the Golden Apple would be allowed to take on a greater form, the form of the combined Kuroshiro Kyuubi and King Keaton... known only as Taijitu the Inari, God of Foxes, Felines and Canines. This energy stirred her thirteen tails, and pulled her closer into the fray with the wild storm of energies... She was now the Voice of the once silent Dark Wolf, allowing him to partake in the Voice of God, and was also the balance for the anarchic fox girl who relished in Discord due to Eris that was within her, now being neutralized and filled by the Golden Apple's light. That sole Discordia was now shared by Harmonia and Concordia, allowing Taomin to match and achieve wavelengths beyond simple Discord, but also of Harmony and of Balance all at once, and Triste as well. The three of them together created the Perfect Resonance... and it was captured for eternity within Taijitu, the proof of their eternal union.

Khrona: "Yes... Yes... YEEEESSSSS!!!!"

Everything was going absolutely swimmingly!!! No room for imperfection here! Now that their power was immortalized, the two of them would serve as their own 'Sisters' to each other, neutralizing the need for any other. This was a reaction even Shin'Khrona was not expecting; for the Keepers to become dual purposed Sisters to each other?! And then, to have a BACKUP Sister or Keeper that could serve as either or within Melody-- rather, Taijitu?! BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL!!!! It was absolutely PERFECT!!

Khrona: "Oh man... I wasn't prepared for this, but dammit, I fucking love this reaction!!! THIS WAS A SUCCESS!!! A SUCCESS FAR BEYOND WHAT I COULD HAVE DREAMED AS SUCCESSFUL!!! DUAL PURPOSE KEEPER AND SISTER!? YEEEESSS!!!"

He almost blew a gasket right there; perhaps because of the AMP all flowing around willy nilly and such... He was able to feel everything that was going on, as was everyone else, since he was able to match any wavelength perfectly. It was a dream come true.


After being blasted with the huge burst of energy from Taomin, Rhapsody was sent flying to the other end of the Chaotic Palace, absorbing every last bit of it into her emptied vessel... Finally, she could be filled with an energy and could become realized beyond the conceptual chambers of the Chaotic Palace. She was finally a full and true Tensei... One known as Tron, she which held the Knowledge of Tabrith... the Wisdom. As it stood, there was no physical change within her, but she could feel the overwhelming sensation of pure Insanity simply teeming within her, ready to burst from every seam of her existence... The emptiness she had was gone, and it was filled with nothing... nothing but FUN!

Tron: "... I am honored to become the new Keeper of Fun in place of Taomin..."

A little softspoken, but still fun all the same. It would take her a little while to get fully adjusted to her role, but as long as she had her family by her side acting as both Sister and Keeper as she did, there was no way for them to be out of whack. Only Absolute Melodious Perfection between the three of them and their Insanities.

Tron: "... You've successfully tamed two Insanities at once... What a feat..."

Having the Knowledge of Tabrith, she now knew all things as well, just as Shin'Khrona and Tabrith did. Even if Al Fine-- rather, Terumi and Taijitu did not, at any given time, any of them could delve into her Infinite Sea of Knowledge and take from her what information they needed, so they would not be left out of the know as well. A small smile appeared on her face for the first time ever, as she was happy to be able to not feel so... empty inside anymore... Like she actually had a purpose now... Rather to just sit around and collect dust within the Chaotic Palace.

Tron: "Thank you..."

Terumi, still very much fascinated with the green sparks emanating from the boy of such similar likeness to himself, it was only a matter of time until the mingling sparks would end up reacting in such an explosive way and strike him down. Without warning, he was struck out of the sky by the green bolt, sizzling as he hit the ground. An instantaneous transformation at the reaction of such energies stirring within him, he would awake to find himself teeming with the same energy he was so fascinated with before... and surprisingly overjoyed by the feeling. It was stronger than any electricity he'd ever felt before, and filled him up to the point where he no longer had to recharge or even consume electricity from other sources. He was his own infinite source of energy, and it felt good to not be so empty inside anymore...

"... Mmmm" he groaned, getting used to having the feeling of... something inside of him, "... This feels... pretty good, actually..."

Even though he still didn't like being played like a puppet, in this instance, it was a good result, just as his sister told him it would be. If anyone, he'd listen to those two. Still, he looked to his father... well... both of them now... with a hint of scorn, pretty upset that not only were they right, but it was actually beneficial to everyone, apparently. Ugh.

Terumi: "... But this was a one time gig," he made perfectly clear as he stood up amidst all the intertwining Insanities all about, "You hear me? Don't expect me to come around and help you all again unless I want to. Especially now that I've got a will of my own."

There was no reason for the new Dark Wolf to remain here... And he truthfully wanted his two Sisters to come with him as he roamed the land. Since he wasn't confined to the Chaotic Palace anymore, he wanted to go EVERYWHERE... Rather, ANYWHERE to get away from those two crazy fucks.

Terumi: "Come on, Tron. Tai. Let's blow this joint."

The energy within him reacted to his emotions naturally, charging his body with a vibrant green plasmatic light. He was ready to take off in a flash of lightning and a roar of thunder in his wake. He was gonna tear up the town... the new Dark Wolf rises.

Tabrith shook his head, for Terumi... or Al Fine, if he still wished to be called that, was still so defiant... so rebellious. Looks like a change in his role in the world didn't change his personality much at all. Except he seemed a little happier, granted. Even as the Keeper of Melancholia, he had a different reason to be sad rather than to curse his own existence, like Loeci did. That was a plus, at least.

"Ah... What am I going to do with that boy...?" he muttered under his breath. He wasn't really concerned about what he did not, his purpose was fulfilled. Now it was time for him to live his life as he saw fit... And all of his children, in fact.

Tabrith: "Well, if you're so hellbent on leaving... then be off with you. You three are free to do as you please now. You are no longer condemned to remain in the Chaotic Palace... Not that Melody had been fond of it anyway as Mikou..."

And Tabrith was well aware that both Mickey and Melody were still very much within this girl's being, integrated into who she was. Now that she had both Tao and Tsao within her, she could very much choose to live the life of Mikou again, if she so chose, except now instead of having that nasty glitch within her, she'd be absolutely perfect.

Tabrith: "So... What is it that you two wish to do? Your brother is prepared to leave, and things are about to get a little hectic in here with this storm that's brewing between the two intertwining Insanities... Choose your destiny now and live it, now that you are no longer bound to remain here..."

Even though he didn't show it, this was a very especially happy day for Tabrith, as well... He was happy to see them finally be of use to themselves and others... and truly be able to live... It almost inspired him to shed a tear... but he'd leave that up to his organic self...

Tron, though torn between staying with her father and leaving with her brother, knew that her brother Terumi was going to need protecting and probably stability in the long run, as she counted as his Sister just the same as she was her own Keeper. These two had to stick together, and that was just how things had to be for the moment... at least until he was a little less wild and rebellious, if that were ever going to happen.

Tron: "Sorry, father... But I'm going with Terumi. I want to keep him company... and keep him safe..."

Who knows what kind of Insanity he would cause out on his own? Especially with the Insanity of Melancholia. If he ever got too lost in his own sadness or if anything randomly made him that way, it'd spark the Black Storm right then and there, and it'd be best not to unleash another Insanity about the world when there were already two major ones running amok and spreading seemingly without cease... It was the best decision for everyone.

Tron: "I am sure you understand and know my reasoning... Of course you do... So I don't even have to explain myself..."

She hovered over to Terumi and latched on to him, taking some of his charge so that when he bolted, she would too.

The Golden Apple hovered there blankly still, even as power poured from her being just the same as the others. Harmonizing and stabilizing them all with her sheer existence, the Absolute Melodious Perfection continued to pulsate throughout the Chaotic Palace with no sign of cease. This was her role for the moment... as a mere tool to be used by others, and a filter to provide this equilibrium, similar to the role of her father. Who would have guessed that out of the three of them, she would be the lifeless tool...? somehow, she knew that this was what had to be when she was being tampered with before... when she was in her incomplete form as Mikou, or Mickey as she preferred to be called. That was why she ran so long ago... That is why she did not want to come back. She and Terumi were not too far apart in their goals; both rather rebellious and longing to choose their own destinies, wherein the quiet Rhapsody simply went along with everything as it should be. Maybe it was because she had the knowledge of what was to come beforehand... she was the one gifted with the power over Data. Maybe she knew that rebellion would only slow down this freedom that they were being granted now...

A bit surprised at the words of Tabrith, she showed no emotion as she thought over what he said. Though she was Taijitu, she could still, if she chose, return to her days as being Mikou... She still had access to the very negative and discordant frequencies of the Dark Network, but now she also had at her disposal that which countered and that which balanced her once only destructive wavelengths. As she pondered what this meant, she realized then that this really was all for the best... He just wanted to complete them all this time so that they could be free. He wasn't trying to imprison them... He was just trying to finish them. She felt like a fool all this time... and now, she was even given the choice of returning to whom she once was whilst still remaining completed... She should have been happy, or even more than that, but all she could feel was this unwavering disappointment on her heavy heart... for causing so much trouble.

Taijitu: "..."

She couldn't respond to Terumi's request. Instead, she merely hovered off into one of the many rooms within the Chaotic Palace in order to be alone. Terumi and Tron could go off if they so chose, but Taijitu was going to stay here and... think about a few things. The door closed behind her, and that was the last anyone would see of her for a while.

Looks like Terumi got his answers from both of his sisters. Whatever. He couldn't stand being here any longer for some reason... He still hadn't forgiven his father about anything, even if it was for the greater good. Sometimes... sometimes the pain of what one has to endure is greater than the 'greater good.' Terumi just needed some time to himself.

Terumi: "... Tch. Let her sulk, then. Come on, sis. We're outta here."

And just like he said, in a flash of lightning and a roar of thunder, Terumi and Tron streaked across the Chaos skies as a green flare; where they were going was undetermined, but at least they were getting the hell outta here... Too much drama and emotional turmoil here for his taste. Time to get some well deserved fresh air... this wild wolf couldn't stand being caged any longer, and the freedom to roam the land was just what he needed.

Shin'Khrona chuckled and shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, smirking as he gazed at Tabrith from the corner of his eye, "Heehee, looks like you're having some daddy issues too, hm~? We scientists don't make for good parents, eh? And to think, I used to hate our kind with a passion~! Who would have guessed I would have ended up being one myself, hm?"

Yes, Shin'Khrona's unstable insane fits in the past tended to be triggered by his memories of being 'experimented' on in the past, but after he got over that, his eyes were opened as to why. He still wasn't fond of EVERY doctor or scientist, but at least he could respect their work... if they did it correctly. But he still didn't really like them. He knew what they were like... and some got so caught up in their work that they lost themselves, which was never a good thing. He hoped he did not become that much of a mad scientist.

Khrona: "Oh well, c'est la vie. All's well that ends well for the most part. Time for them to find their own way and not be held under daddy's thumb, hm? They grow up so fast... as they say."

He chuckled under his breath again before looking back up to the swirling mass of mixing Insanities still brewing up above... Now it was time to handle THAT situation...

Khrona: ".... Well now, with all the kids out of the pool, it's about time for the Adult Swim, eh? (wink wink)."

Shin'Khrona's work here was done, as he had a couple more things to do before he got side tracked or before some new Insanity started to show up and ravage the world... Again. He really needed to get to where Misery was, in all honesty, and he still had two more Insanities besides the two that were running amok... Chita had one subdued for the moment, so they could come back to that later, and this one was under control for the moment as well, so it could be returned to later. The most pressing ones where the ones that were NOT under control and most literally OUT of control. Those were the Insanity of Hatred and the Insanity of Fear, and the final two dormant Insanities, those of Bliss and Balance, still hadn't reared their ugly heads just yet. Until they did, getting to Misery was pretty much still top priority.

Khrona: "Hold down the fort and keep these two at bay. Continue to find heralds of the power to purify the Insanity and whatever else you're doing. I'll continue to handle things behind the scenes. Tag team twins!!!"

Tabrith wasn't one for... emotions or fun or anything, so he wasn't expecting him to indulge in Shin'Khrona's playfulness. He was the type that was 'all business,' or mostly business, relatively. That's what it's like to be a logical mind of pure data and information; he'd have to teach him how to have some fun when these issues were over. But until then, it was good that he was so serious and businessy, cuz sure as hell Shin'Khrona would be goofing off somewhere doing something awesome. It was nice to have a focused and sharp mind to keep him on track when necessary.

Khrona: "I'll catch you all later... And of course, I'll be watching through your eyes! So let's try to make Peace, hm?"

And with a final cheerful smile and wave of relief that this particular ordeal was over, he Teleported away to his next destination... Rather, just outside of the Chaotic Palace, since he couldn't Teleport THAT far as of yet. He was still pretty genin with his powers, even if his skill was godly. He'd make his way as fast as possible to where he could sense Misery's wavelength... and The Beast's Hatred rising...

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PostSubject: Re: Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Rise Of The Veritas   Feature Length: The End Of The Lost World; Rise Of The Veritas EmptyMon Aug 17, 2020 2:30 pm

--- Back in Peace, True Khrona is crying for the loss of his Goddess and his Peace, which he still maintains, yet is not happy within. ---

When his single Crystal Tear was shed, the causality its effect upon the Dusk would soon ripple outward and purify that land further, leaving it crystallized, if all went well. It seemed like Titania had her hands full down there with the falling of the First Moon... Nothing she could not handle on her own, as the Tsukigami, and also sharing Khrona's power. The two of them worked as a team to get these goals accomplished... And he knew the next step came with his First Restriction self and the Seven Sisters.

Khrona: "The Seven Sisters... Thanks to Momo's sacrifice, each of the Red Moon that you governed that makes up my soul... Is within each of them. Seven Shards. Seven Sisters. If we can bring all the Sisters together, not only can I be with you again, but the Second Moon will be completed and the me down there will have his Soul back... Oi... This process is a doozy."

Well, getting up here was hard enough, after all. What did he expect getting back down was gonna be like? What should have been a cakewalk was complicated by outside forces far too underdeveloped to understand. Boy... He couldn't wait until this world was ready. Then issues such as this 'fear' and 'insecurity' they had would be relinquished. A testament to how far in the past his primitive friends were. They were getting there, though. Maybe, when all of this is over... there could be Peace down there, too. But until then...

Khrona: "I've gotta do things this way. Sigh... How sad."

Collection of the Seven Sisters wouldn't be an easy process, but Titania was already handling her part with Tigen... Khrona might as well start doing his share with Trinity, then.

Khrona: "My dear daughter... It's time to play."

Tigen and Trinity... The Djinni King and Fairy Princess working as one. What kind of power could the two muster between them? Only time could tell... and it was, as always, short. Khrona seemed a little anxious; a bit worried, even though he knew it would all turn out fine, a bit excited, even though it was almost time, and a bit unsure, even though he already knew the outcome. Feelings like this were thrilling and fun! But more so... He couldn't wait to see how everyone else was going to react... Pupupu. Already caused such a stir within the masses... Wait until they get a load of this.

"I'M GONNA BE FLICKED!?" she shouted with glee, waiting for the day that she would be flicked like her brother-father, Tigen. Being Flicked was the most fun.


She was going to be trained by Tigen whilst at the same time living her life as the Friday The Thirteenth Fairy and Shinigami... Let's go.

Trinity: "Time to use my unlimited powers to help SAAAAVE THE WOOOOORLD and bring GOODNESS TO EEEEVERYONE!!!"

A cute little fairy. She condensed herself immediately into energetic form, comprised of the energies of death, consciousness and luck magic, assuming the form of a sphere of black and purple reminiscent of her mother's famous 'Phantasmagoria' -- from when she was the 'Friday Malfortuna'. Trinity was about to take over as the new 'Friday'.


This was the day she was waiting for...

His daughter was prepared. It was like she was living her entire life for this one moment... She was so cute.

Khrona: "Ahahah... The Quintuple 'F' formula, eh...?"

She knew about that formula he created and used for Tigen? She really was his dear, sweet daughter. He almost forgot about it himself.

Khrona: "You really want to save my life, don't you...? Alright, my sweet. Here we go."

The formula...

Khrona: 'Feel...'

The first, to feel the flow of all things within you, catch the wavelength of where you want to go and how to get there. The simplest of all, one must simply feel and resonate with what they wish to achieve and concentrate that force...

Khrona: 'Fun...'

The second, Khrona caught the wavelength of fun, inhaling deeply to draw in the universal spectrum of wavelengths connected to his Crystal Godsoul... The point had been scouted and located, and now he could feel where the fun would begin...

Khrona: 'Flick...'

The third step, and probably his most favorite, to condense that energy into a singularity and send it flying on that wavelength it had captured... Something he knew that Tigen taught Nero in their time together before he lost his body. Khrona pulled his finger back, positioning it in front of the condensed energetic form his daughter so easily and willfully assumed, causing all wavelengths to momentarily focus all their energy into that singularity. With a simple flick of the finger, she would be sent hurdling down at a speed beyond the comprehension of light, traveling along the waves of all creation and back down to that world separated from this world of Peace.

Khrona: 'Fwoom...'

The fourth step, also known as the 'Fly'. To simply ride the wavelengths wherever they will take you, as that is where you know you will be taken and you know your destination will be. All you must do is enjoy your time getting there. As a Spectral Flare, his dear daughter would fly through the the Lost World and bring about a just death to all she passed by... Just as Tigen brought Life and Fun to all he passed by.

Khrona: 'Free...'

And as he watched his daughter streak in an array of bespectacled violet and black, he'd shed a single Crystal Tear yet again, both happy and sad for this occasion. She truly wished to save him from the reaper's hand... Even if it was himself. She was still the Shinigami after all. She wanted her father to live... But her time was short to save him from his death.

Khrona: "Sayonara... My sweet Friday The Thirteenth Fairy... Daddy loves you..."

And now... It was all up to her.

---Now, the only one left in Peace, Khrona could cry all he liked, and let his Crystal Tears rain down upon the Veritas, polluted with Insanity ---

After sending his dear, sweet daughter Trinity, the new Shinigami, on her way to bring about a Holy Death to all deserving, the Shinseigami, Khrona, rested patiently in Peace for his beloved Shinmegami to return to his side. Having fallen to the horrible fate by both the Earth King and Kaerei, she was long gone and in the process of being reborn again as a new and more beautiful Goddess than before. And yet... The pain of patience seemed almost unbearable.

Khrona: "How long... Must I wait here for you, my love...? My beautiful Tsukihime...?"

It seemed like an eternity he'd been waiting already; not that time nor space were even relevant here in his world of pure and utter Peace. Yet, he was not peaceful in his heart... Probably why the Insanity still toiled about in his world below. All he could do was watch at this point... Waiting... And guiding his Ace as he may throughout the realm of the Veritas. It was almost time... Almost, he knew... But it seemed like an eternity still. Such was a repercussion of existing beyond liner time, or time itself, in fact. Beyond all creation, he simply had to stay and watch the events play out, guiding certain things by his hand as he may.

Khrona: "I know you're suffering just as much as I... And for you, my love, I shall show you proof of how much I suffer for our love..."

He gazed at his Goddess trapped down below in a world something like hell; having sacrificed herself in order to save this world. She couldn't watch Khrona simply obliterate all of the beauty he created. That is why the events played out as they did, and even now, he knew it had to be this way.

Khrona: "We're almost there. Just a little bit more... Dearly beloved..."

The Insanity could not exist here in Peace, yet Khrona himself was not peaceful. This caused the Insanity to exist down below and wreak havoc as it may, feeding not only off of his unsettled flux of emotions from the Sixth Restriction, -- as was currently where things were deadlocked -- but also from all Restrictions before and after; from One to Twelve, where the Insanity was still allowed to exist. Expelled from his being as a sentience all its own, similar to how he'd done with the Judgemaster so very long ago, -- if the history of the Lost World could remember such times -- yet still a rather vital and important connected piece of himself, it worked in the only way it new how; complete and uncontrollable Insanity, transcending even the complexities of duality such as Order and Chaos, Harmony and Discord, Peace and War, Light and Dark, Good and Evil, Yin and Yang. It functioned on all accords and could not be stopped by either or, as those down below seemed to think. They were still so very used to their simple and narrow-minded ways, and so they all struggled to face such a paradoxical phenomena...

Khrona: "... Not only do I suffer... But all those who are down below suffer because of my suffering..."

What he was doing was not right. Sitting up outside of it all and playing spectator. That was why he sent Shin'Khrona down there; the vessel of himself that he manipulated to his every whim. Though limited in his power, as by natural law of the Thirteen Restrictions, he had to undergo them all over again if he were reborn, he still retained all of the power of the Thirteenth, even if it was to such a minuscule degree. His greatest champion still walked the land in search of salvation against this horrendous creation, suffering such tumultuous and horrendous influences cast by the Insanity itself. He could barely watch himself suffer so much, but he knew it was necessary in order to bring everything anew... to make this world beautiful once again.

Khrona: "Sigh... How I miss them... My dearest daughter, Trinity... And my dearly beloved..."

The very thought of how long it would be before he would be reunited with them in Peace was heartbreaking; even for one in such control over himself. His glistening crystal orbs leaked rivers of the purest 'Liquid Energy', 'Lucicrystal', same as which was controlled by both his children, Tigen and Priere. These Crystal Tears streamed down his face at the thought of those two and how much he missed them... Sitting alone in Peace was not as peaceful as he believed, even if he truly was 'at peace' one could say.

Khrona: "Return to me, my beloved family... Return to my side... Shin'Khrona, the me reborn... Oh how I miss you... I miss you with all that I am... My love and my pain are nigh unbearable in this solitude... Let my eternally shed tears be proof of both my love and my pain for my lost family... My lost love..."

Khrona waved his hands over his face, siphoning the ocean of pure liquid crystal from his eye sockets and into the palms of his hands, contorting their fluctuating enigmatic shape into that of a translucent microcosmic cloud of 'Lucicrystal'.

Khrona: "The symbol of my unyielding pain, my eternal love and my indomitable spirit and reborn resolve, all compacted into one crystalline cloud. Shall it rain of crystal over your head... And whenever necessary, the Crystal Tears shall I send the Crystal Tears to you to be used to ease this suffering across the land... Cleanse this world using my tears and your resolve, and do so with the utmost of your love... Or the rain shall not come. Only love complete, true and pure will call down this divine flood... Or but a single droplet."

And still, with the crystal cloud complete, did Khrona still weep... The pain did not cease, nor did his love. For that is how much he did so love...

Khrona: "My sweet Tsukihime... My dear Trinity... This is all for you two... The two I love the most in this world... Even more than myself... My village... My people... Let this suffering redeem you... For I will suffer as long as it takes to produce as many tears as it takes to bring you home to me..."

As the mighty Shinseigami continued to watch the events transpire, he carefully selected just where the 'Crystal Cloud' needed to be sent and where Shin'Khrona himself needed to be guided. Though he had his own Free Will, Shin'Khrona freely moved by his own will to the Shinseigami's hand, as the two were one and the same; one at the highest high and the other at the lowest low, and the one at the bottom was destined to return to these heights when all was atoned for and corrected in this world.

Khrona: "Go to him, 'Crystal Cloud'. Help him through these trying times to save the lost souls of this world... To rid this world of the rampant Absolute Zero and to bring him and it to Peace..."

Extending his hands outward to the viewing chamber he was able to see all events that transpired in, the 'Crystal Cloud' drifted gently through the boundary between dimensions back into the realm of boundaries and limitations in order to reach Shin'Khrona wherever he was presently. All the while, with a smile on his face did the Shinseigami continue to shed his tears, unceasing for even a moment.

Khrona: "I can't wait to be with them again... Please... Hurry..."

When his beloved was reborn through the reunion of both Misery and Despair and her soul was complete, the Red Moon would rise and so would she. He simply had to be patient.

Khrona: "Soon, my love... Soon you will be reborn greater than you were before... Not as Titania... but as her highest form, someone greater. Tsukihime."

--- The Crystal Cloud of Crystal Tears would rain down first upon the recently fallen Chuu, who was slain by the Insanity that had been stripped from her when she was done being useful. From that, she would be purified by the rain that the True Khrona sent down to the Real Khrona in the Veritas.---

Regardless of the words spoken by Chuu, Shin'Khrona could not help but feel completely and utterly responsible. The Insanity was his burden that festered over the years and spiraled out of control, growing in power as he did. It was the curse of the Tensei, and he had not only one of the curses, but ALL of them bestowed upon him from the very beginning of his his family's existence all the way until now. All of that Insanity plagued throughout the history of his family tree now rested upon his shoulders, and he was not strong enough to keep it completely at bay as he thought he was so long ago... Now it, being a vile being that was Shin'Khrona himself, was plunging the world into a chaotic stupor, letting its influence run wild amongst his friends and family. He couldn't help but blame himself -- who wouldn't?

"Chuu..." he muttered, almost getting choked up at how well she was taking this, "... You are so much stronger than you ever could have realized... To endure all of that suffering and pain, that ridicule and torment... I felt it, I saw it, experienced it all for myself through a quick resonance with you..." Her hand reached up to him weakly, Shin'Khrona able to see how she could barely manage to raise it in the air, and somehow she found the strength to give him a thumbs up. She was quite the character once you got to know her, and even now she just wanted to be respected. In Shin'Khrona's eyes, her acceptance and forgiveness was more than enough to earn her respect... They say that you find out the true nature of people on their deathbed, and her true self was definitely shining brightly in Shin'Khrona's watering eyes.

Khrona: "... I always thought you were a great person. You always showed it to me... You annoyed me to no end whenever we interacted, despite how little it was, but you had a determination and strength within you that I'm not sure too many people have... To be able to get back up and try again in the face of adversity, when all odds are against you. Sometimes, even I have difficulty achieving that... Most honorable. Deserving of merit... And my respect."

Even in her lust for power, it was only driven by her longing to be accepted and respected, and even now she could accept and forgive those that wronged her, including Shin'Khrona himself. Though this didn't completely take the weight of the gravity of her death from his chest, it did bring him the joy to smile for her... And before her hand fell, he snatched it with both of his, holding it to his chest.

Khrona: "I wanted to help you... Always, I did. I could just never tolerate your presence. I was pretty selfish and spoiled back then... But what can I say? I was but a child as a Ruler. It's only natural for children in positions of power to be so selfish, especially from a haughty and regal background such as my own..."

Spoiled rich kids, now falling into the brink of despair...

Khrona: "But that is no excuse, merely the truth of what it was. And now, it seems like when I can finally have the chance to save you and help you like you always needed, you're--"

And just like that, before he could even finish his sentence, she took her last breath and her eyes closed. Her hand slipped from betwixt his grip and down onto the shimmering crystal ground, a smile of peace placed gently upon her face. It was a beautiful, yet tragic fate... And it was all Shin'Khrona's fault.

Khrona: "... I really am the worst..."

He closed his eyes as well, bowing his head in a mournful respect to the deceased girl, watching her soul escape her lips and get sucked away into the unrelenting grip of the Insanity. The once reddened skies were now glittered with the soothing sparkling aurora of Shin'Khrona's presence, not as bright nor as intense as the flames of the PumpKing, but still just as colorful; more subtle among the still air. To commemorate her beautiful death, it was only natural that a beautiful calm overtake the land.

Khrona: "... To think, the same place where my soul came to bring prosperity to you and Cynza long before... is the same place you would fall to rest. And just like rainbow flares were painted over the sky on that day... a rainbow aurora is set here on this one, just for you... and no one else."

His watering eyes, welling up with feelings he didn't even know he had for this poor girl, were starting to leak out, despite how hard he tried to hold them back. Even the bond he'd made with her, no matter how frazzled, was still pure and genuine. Losing a friend is never easy, and he indeed accepted this once pained vessel as a dear friend.

"My gift to you," he muttered under his breath, as Crystal Tears rolled down his cheeks, "... A gift you cannot even see nor experience on your own..." That may have been the worst part of all.

Yet, as the river of Crystal Tears streamed down his face and toward his chin, the droplets of liquid crystal did not fall down, but up, their particles collecting in the shape of a fluctuating translucent blob overhead. Shin'Khrona, not noticing a thing, as he still continued to gaze down in sorrow at the lost Chuu, didn't even realize that his tears had not once dropped down onto her body, despite how they streamed from his eyes. After a while, the composition of the blob grew more vaporous than aqueous, forming a Crystal Cloud over the two of them. The shine of the spectral aurora cast a glorious iridescence down upon the two of them, causing Shin'Khrona's head to jerk upward to see just where this magnificent light was coming from so suddenly.

Khrona: "Wha...? A Crystal Cloud...? My Tears, they..."

Before he could truly understand for himself what was occurring, that same voice from before spake unto him again...

Khrona: 'I have sent this cloud of Lucicrystal from me to you, cast through the boundaries of the dimensions and over your head, through the window that connects the both of us indefinitely. This is yours to use as you see fit, born of your Crystal Tears that shall only rain when your feelings of love are pure and true. Shall you now walk in the rain. Right what is wrong, as you have been placed down there to do. I leave the rest of the matter up to you. You may do with this gracious gift what you Will, for yours is Free. I trust you will not take such a thing for granted... You've shown me that you have grown far beyond the selfish soul you once were long ago. And for that, I am pleased. May this be a token of my undying love and gratitude. Use it wisely, oh young Shinseigami...'

And with that, Shin'Khrona sat there, nearly dumbfounded at what was going on, as usual when that voice started speaking to him out of literally nowhere, but somehow he knew exactly what he had to do. The Crystal Tears were capable of restoring life; rebuilding and rebirthing souls anew, even in places where nothingness existed. He'd done so for Momo when he saved him from the depths of the Zero World, and it looked like it was time to do it again for Chuu. If that was her wish, that is.

"... I understand," he said with a newfound knowing, wiping away the final Tears that fell from his eyes, "... I will bring her back to this world. Though she'll start from the very beginning, as all who are reborn shall, if she wishes to live then I will grant it to her."

Khrona: 'Be warned of the power of Crystal Tears and Free Will, Shin'Khrona, for if the girl accepts her beautiful death and does not wish to be reborn, the Crystal Tears will not work on her. Only if she truly wishes to live again will these Tears rejuvenate her life and start her from the beginning, fresh and new. That is one of the effects of Free Will; all things are a choice, no matter how absolute your power may be.

"Right," he responded firmly with a decisive nod of his head, the Crystal Cloud still gleaming with all the colors of the rainbow and some unknown to the normal eye. With that, a single Crystal Tear rained down from this cloud and onto the lifeless body of Chuu, waiting to see whether she would accept life or accept death. Her death here seemed to be a most beautiful end, and Shin'Khrona would understand if she did not wish to undergo rebirth again. Even he could not deny that this was a beautiful way to go; almost to perfection. However, just the same, new life brought so much promise and potential; to be wiped clean and start over new, to grow far better than she may have ever been in this life. Either choice would be understood. But right now, that was up to Chuu's will. He waited patiently for the result of his fruits of labor...

Chuu: "..."

Being dead wasn't all that bad in its own way, but it wasn't anything all that fun either. In her state of death, she couldn't really think or do anything whatsoever, but oddly enough she felt something pull her mind back from the dead, if only for a short time.

Chuu: "Huh? I'm back? No. This isn't life, its something inbetween, but what's going on?"

With her mind back for now, she knew there was some reason behind this... That's when she felt a strong saddening feeling deep inside her. A tear ran down her face mentally, then it did it physically and a voice was calling out to her, telling her to 'wake up', and that voice kept on saying it: 'Wake up!'

Chuu: "Wake up? Wake up!? I get it now!"

And in a bright show of colors, she opened up her eyes, only to see Khrona over her and crying his eyes out, which in turn made her happy.

Chuu: "Boys shouldn't cry fool, hehehehe~!"

In solemn anticipation did Shin'Khrona wait for the result of the Crystal Tear, be it rejection or acceptance, he would understand and accept it within himself. After all, for someone else, his wishes did not matter because they were the masters of their own lives, whether he helped them or hindered them.

It wasn't long after the glorious shine of the Crystal Cloud faded that the eyes of Chuu slowly opened, gazing up into those of Shin'Khrona himself. Looks like she accepted his gift of new life, and though she hadn't been reborn just yet, -- as many things were going to have to be reworked -- she was indeed living yet again.

Khrona: "... Ha... I don't cry for just anyone, you know. Don't think that this is common."

He could tell that this girl was happy to be back, and happy to have someone who cared for her other than her partner, finally. Shin'Khrona smiled warmly, welcoming the spunky girl back to this world, be she in between life and death or not.

Khrona: "But you know... Saving you from the clutches of death does come with a price. Dying is part of the natural order of things, and as a sacrifice of being reborn, you're going to have to start over from the very beginning. Wiped clean."

Whether she understood that or not before didn't matter, for even now she still had the choice of pursuing her new life or retreating back to death.

Khrona: "You can become an entirely different person, rework yourself the way you see fit, or restart as yourself from the very beginning. Or, you still may choose death. I'm here to help you with your decisions if need be, and you may ask me whatever you like. Choose a new name, keep the same name, get new powers or keep your originals. It matters not what you do with your new life, as long as you understand that you will start from the beginning."

That was the most important thing.

Khrona: "Ask me anything you wish and I will clarify."

Chuu: "Huh... Starting over, I see... Well that sounds like a good idea to me! I always wanted to redo myself into something better and cooler. So I'll redo myself and I'll combine all of my powers to make a newer power, something that'll help people."

Chuu sat up and rubbed her head; she was sure she understood what Khrona meant and whatnots, but she wasn't mad or anything like that. She was happy in fact; things were looking up for her, the world was never this blue in her eyes but now it was time to get to the new her.

Chuu: "Lets see here, my new name shall be Chuu Livewire something?, Chuu by itself is just waaay too old now. My powers shall be know as gravity manna. This power allows me to use gravity, but as manna and not jutsu and stuff."

She smiled. She had a good idea of how she'd look and whatnots, so now it was up to Khrona... Well it was time to see what he would do.

Shin'Khrona was pleased to hear that she was so lively about her rebirth, though he wasn't quite sure if she fully grasped the severity of starting over from the very beginning... However, the mention of the use of gravity did indeed spark a flame in his head that he probably shouldn't have been thinking of, but still happened anyway.

Khrona: 'Your sister. Though she is being freed by the Judgemaster, she still has not atoned. Let this be the mark of her atonement... This girl shall become her new 'daughter.''

Khrona: "Pettyyyyy."

Though it seemed he said that out of nowhere, he heard that voice as clear as day, and truth be told, that was a really petty thing to do to Zita, to stick Chuu on her... But that was DEFINITELY a punishment WELL worth her weight for her own atonement. And the best part was, she wasn't going to have a choice in the matter... As usual.

"... Uh. I mean..." Khrona coughed, eyes darting from side to side, "... Yeah. Sounds great. In fact, I think I know just the person who you should stick with for a little while... Someone who can REALLY help you with your gravity manna..."

A sinister smirk appeared on his face as he awaited her almost inevitable arrival...

And, on cue, as if recited into existence by the 'oh so mighty' Khrona himself, the great and powerful -- and power hungry; rather, STARVED -- Zita L'sia would rise from a conveniently placed wormhole from the depths of hell. Nothing flashy or extravagant like her little brother was accustomed to doing, mostly because she was still just as lazy as she was before she was sent down.

Zita: "... Why hello there, little brother~! How... NICE it is to see you again..."

Passing only a half a sideways glance at the trainwreck that was Chuu, she returned her attention in that split second of even gracing the mangled mass of lifelessness with her acknowledgement back to the important one; Khrona.

Zita: "You look... Younger. Must be that vampire reverse aging thing. Or maybe it's just one of your other innumerable powers, huh? Doesn't really matter."

As usual, she wasn't even going to give herself the chance to get tired of standing, and immediately took to her signature reclined position in the air, in a rather seductive and enticing pose fit for someone of her 'maturity.'

Zita: "Long story short; thanks for freeing me. Even though I'm still pretty fucking pissed at you for putting me down there in the first place, but uh... Water under the bridge. I guess."

She'd punish him later. Maybe in some sort of epic battle of sorts. Maybe.

Khrona snickered under his breath, seeing that his sister was looking just as (w)horrific as ever now that she got reacquainted with the evil lich power that came from her father. Yeah, he knew about that, too.

Khrona: "Oh, I wouldn't be thanking me just yet... Pupupu..."

She was only let off the hook for good behavior as well as a random fluke on Priere's part, but that didn't mean she was done atoning... Not until she did one thing...

Khrona: "This one's for you. The final part of your atonement."

He pointed casually to Chuu, trapped between life and death as the rainbow aurora continued to cast its soothing shine over the land.

Khrona: "Your new 'daughter.' You have to take her under your wing. Train her. Shelter her. Teach her. Stuff like that. Until she is capable of doing things on her own competently, this is your problem from now on. It's the price of getting out so easily and being free to roam around; now you've got a ball and chain around your leg."

"Not sure what's going on, or where that lady came from, but I heard all I needed to hear for now." Chuu laughed a bit; she heard that she had a mom, and that was the trigger that sent her into a happy state. She smiled ever so big, while looking at her new mommy. She knew that this was worth dying for, things were looking good for her, and she liked the luck she was getting, tho starting over wasn't the best thing in her mind.

But it was a small price to pay, for something like this.

Chuu: "Hhhiii mommy! Hugs?"

She placed her arms out, and waited for the hug from mommy!

Chuu: "Hehehe."

Pissed. That was all that could describe this moment in Zita; not only did she have a rebellious kid that never listened her, but now she was cursed with one that was lackluster in every way in her eyes, and already seeking some sort of affection that Zita rarely ever showed to any creature, even to the men she scooped up in her lifetime. This was not going to be pleasant.

She cut her eyes to Khrona, narrowing them with a fiery fury that was only quelled by her majestic and naturally collected womanly nature. A single leg rolled over her opposite knee gently, crossing her legs elegantly and seductively as she crossed her arms under her voluptuous breasts, perking up her great bosom even larger than before. With a sneer and a scoff, she muttered something to Khrona whilst completely ignoring the new deadweight that was to be attached to her for... However long this was going to be.

Zita: "... I'm going to get you, little brother... I hope you know that..."

Sibling rivalry at its finest... But what was the sibling rivalry of a Tensei and L'sia? Quite possibly something most would consider unnecessary, over the top and catastrophic, though they would consider nothing but good fun between the two. Then again, she was the eldest... By a long shot. But when it came to matters like this, Zita rarely acted her age, and only when it came to more womanly games did she truly fit her age and her form in the fray.

Her eyes snapped over to Chuu, whose arms were outstretched, and without so much more as a flick of her finger would a powerful sphere of gravitational force appear between Chuu's hands, controlled so precisely that it only draw in her two arms into its focal point and left the rest of her body unaffected, before locking them in place as they were.

Zita: "Ugh. Come, slave. If you're my new... Ugh... 'Daughter', then you're going to have to learn all the basics of living with ME. Number one, I don't want to hear any sass nor any backtalk. You'll be punished immediately if I do. Understood?"

The ONLY benefit she could find from this was to have a little whipping girl around the house that would actually DO things for her... Whilst she sat back and relaxed her lazy ass off, as she was so accustomed to doing. If she could train this little puppy right...

Zita: "Well. Thanks anyway, Khrona. For setting me sorta free, at least."

"Pupupu~!" Shin'Khrona always enjoyed things like this; granting punishment to people when he had the chance, because when they deserved it, he was ALL FOR dishing it out... And speaking of which, Chuu wasn't off the hook, either, for going to the Insanity in the FIRST goddamn place...

Khrona: "Oh, and Chuu. Your punishment in all of this. Until Zita deems that you are ready, you are confined to the walls of Castle L'sia. That means no going outside, no going out into the world, no anything. The moment you leave, you will be sent either to your death or back inside for punishment from Zita. Also, you starting over means you have NO abilities WHATSOEVER, and you must learn EVERYTHING you want to know ONLY from Zita. That is YOUR punishment."

It wasn't really as bad as it sounded... Well, it might have been, considering who he just confined Chusin with for however long Zita saw fit... Chuu wouldn't be free until Zita spoke it for herself, whenever that may be.

Khrona: "Now, since the two of you are pretty much stuck with each other for a very long, LONG while, I'd suggest you figure out a way to try to get along~!"

He knew that Zita was going to do something petty, as she was prone to do, -- hell, as basically EVERYONE in his family was known to do -- but he didn't really care because it'd be fun in the end. Right now, though, he had much more pressing issues to attend to... He STILL needed to get down to Misery and combine her with Despair so that the Second Moon could rise... And he could rise to the Second Restriction.

Khrona: "By the way, if you're interested to know, Nytoz still doesn't have a head official. I'd think the final addition to your little punishment is... That until there is someone that is capable of running that place, YOU will be the one to do so as the 'Great Fae', which is the new position of what the once 'Head Witch' was. Since the Grand Magistrate is... well, you know who, our union has altered the realm of the Witches into a combined realm of magical entities; HER people, so all of you are no longer just Witches, but Fae as a whole. And she is your goddess, but you are the Queen. Just letting you know, onee-chan~!"

Shin'Khrona snickered under his breath; giving Zita some WORK to do was going to piss her off further, but he also knew that she liked to be in control and in power, so she may not have been as upset about it as he was expecting as long as she had power and rule over something. She was still quite the power-hungry wench... Something that she and Chuu had very much in common, remarkably...

Khrona: "But um, that is all for you two. Chuu, you may now pass into the world of the living in a new body shaped to your choosing. Zita... You may go. I have some things to take care of, since my Insanities are still running loose and rampant all around... Oi..."

All of this was completely absurd... Well, not completely. Zita basically had a house slave for herself and rule over an entire realm of magical beings as their Queen, BUT, she still had to deal with this... Girl... And do WORK. Two things she wasn't looking forward to. But, she guessed that with her freedom came some sort of punishment, since she didn't really fully atone... At least there was some good to this. Her brother wasn't all as bad as everyone said, even though he was a friggin' bastard sometimes.

Zita: "... Hmph. Fine. I find those terms relatively acceptable. As long as this one here doesn't get too unruly."

She held her finger up again under her crossed arms, bringing the gravity orb restraining Chuu's hand up in front of her.

Zita: "Now, before you change your mind and add something else stupid to my punishment, I'm going to leave you to what you have to do and take my new pet with me. Come, poochie, let me show you to your new home."

And with a gentle 'come hither' of her single finger, Chuu was yanked against her will toward Zita, who opened up a wormhole via her own gravitational manna, which she hovered into along with her captive. She blew a kiss to her little bro and winked at him as the portal closed, leaving him only with the parting "Adieu~!" of her siren-like voice. Castle L'sia was her destination... No doubt in need of some sprucing up due to the long absence... Lord knows Chita probably didn't do anything... Lazy rebellious little tramp...

Once the two of them were on their way, Shin'Khrona -- Or, rather, 'Shinrona' -- could finally get back to completing his story... It was about time for the Second Moon to make its rise.

Khrona: 'It is finally time.'

With a simple sigh and a slight stare up into the still so soothing aurora in the sky, the Crystal Cloud would cast around his form as an alluring sinuous drapery; rolling over his shoulders and off of his nape, flowing over his hips and encircling his arms and legs, drifting off into an ethereal wavelength dispersing with the waves of the universe. His once black cape now cloaked with crystal brought forth the wings of a beautiful angel... Glistening gossamer beyond this world's comprehension. The iridescence of his crystal wings' shine brought forth a magnanimous light and wavelength that sent him hurdling off toward the other of his dearly beloved...

Khrona: "You're coming home... Misery..."

And he was off... Finally....

As the crystal angel took flight into the sky, catching onto the wavelengths left behind by his Crystal Cloud were the Crystal Tears being woven together into a glistening thread shining right beside him, almost wrapping around his entire form. What was spun into existence through weaving together the fabrics of space and time, Despair A La Discord... Rather... Despair Tensei. As usual, she smiled with a rather depressingly happy sort of way, and nuzzled up against Shin'Khrona as they streaked through the sky.

Khrona: "I am so dreadfully happy to see you again... Aren't you pleased that you waited? I can't wait to see Misery again, too..."

She wrapped her arms around his waist, letting the aurora of the Crystal Cloud splash in her face. She basked in the utter glory of the universal energies radiating from this crystalline vapor, and felt somehow at Peace being with Khrona again. That was all she ever really wanted... But she knew she wouldn't be complete without her Twisted Twin; she who would complete the Piscean Chrysms and form the Red Moon. For once... she could feel actually enthused about something... What a glorious feeling...

This was something he certainly was not expecting, yet at the same time... It seemed like it had to be this way. Despair waited for him, and he fought for her... The same way he was going to fight for his other dearly beloved. He could not be complete without her... They wouldn't be complete without each other... Because the three of them were never supposed to be apart. Misery was not supposed to be without Despair, and Misery and Despair were not supposed to be without Khrona. Otherwise... All three of them were not happy.

Khrona: "... Despair... I see..."

Now that she was here with him, he realized what happened before, when he was sent into the Melancholies. She was with him the entire time, making him wait until the right moment... Where everything could be in place exactly where it needed to be. She was there as his shield, which was why he held her arm. And now, she was back in it. Or, wait... Not yet...

Khrona: "Yoishop~!"

With a quick 'heave-ho' of his darkling darling with the Hand of Despair, he pulled her up from his waist and into his arm, holding her close as he zeroed in on the next target.

Khrona: "No need to be down there. My eyes are up here, love. And my lips are right here."

Planting a deep, smooth kiss to the lips of the gorgeous Despair in his arms, an ultraviolet hue radiated from the crystal clouds that streaked across the sky, leaving behind a streaming trail of aurora just as beautiful as the midnight sky.

Midnight Bleue.

Khrona: "How I've missed you, Despair... Now. Let's go get our Misery back."

As day turned to night at his movement through the sky, he would begin to swirl with his dear in his arm, relishing in the feeling of her being there yet again... And the two spiraled together into a helix of Midnight Bleue down to where he'd find the maiden of Nightmare Rouge waiting for them to become one again...

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